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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIV    Issue Number: 3428
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 29/06/1812
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIV    Issue Number: 3428
No Pages: 4
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. VOL. LX1V. No. 3428.] MONDAY, JUNE 29. 1812. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for inwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY, and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded bj the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers It mav also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. Pevensey Tythe. IHEREBY give Notice, that I shall attend at the New Inn. in Pevensey, on Monday the 6th day of July next, at nine o'clock in t!> e morning to receive the TYTHE of that parish which became due at Lady Day last. J. HOPER. Lewes June 19, 1812. NEWHAVEN PIERS. IN pursuance of an order made on the 6tli day of April last, hv the Commissioners and Trustees of tbe Harbour and Piers of Newhaven, that £ son, part of the principal due from them, should he paid at Mid- summer, 1812, under such an arrangement as should give, to each creditor a due and proportionate chance of payment; I Iterehy give notice, that at a MEETING of the said Commissioners and Trustees, to be holden at the White Hart Inn, in Lewes, on Monday the ^ qth dav of this instant June, at twelve o'clock at noon, it will be settled by the drawing of lots to what creditors the said sum of £ 5mtfhull be paid, and that the credi- tors who shall in conscqneiicebecome in. titled to rereive the uiJocy, will be required to prodnr^ sthcir securities. GEORGE HOPER. Lewes, 19 June, 18l2. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL persons who have any'claims 011 the Es- tate of Mr. W. Pellett, cutler, of Brighton, in the county of Sussex, deceased, are requested to send their respective accounts on or before ihe ' j- uli of July next, to Mr. J. G. Merle. Auction Mart, Brighton, im- mediately after which they will receive a full share of the composition arising fro- n the sale of Mr. Pellett's effects. And those who stand indebted to the estate, are desired to pay the same immediately to Mr. Merle, who isdolv authorized to compound with the Creditors. Signed. RICHARD PELLETT, Executor- Witness, J. GIBBONS MERLE. Brighton, June 15, 1812. BLUE COACH- OFFICE, BRIGHTON. Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone New Accom- modation Coach, SET5! out from the general BLUE COACH OFFICE, No. 51. East- street, Brighton, every Mon- day, Wednesday, arid Friday Mornings, at Eight o'clock, through Lewes, Uckfield. Tunbridge Wells and Tun- bridge Town, to tS> e Coach- Office, in Bullock- lane, Maid- stone, and returns from thence every Tuesday, Thurs- day and Saturday Mornings, at Half past Six o'clock. Performed bv the Publick's obedient servants, THOMAS CROSSWELLER, " j WILLIAM PATTENDEN, Brighton. JOHN ATTREE, And JOHN GREEN, Maidstone. N. B No parcel whatever, of more than Five Pounds value, will he accounted for, if lost, unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly. BLUE COACH OFFICE, BRIGHTON. rpHE Original Eight, Ten, and Eleven o'clock I. Coaches to London, set out from the General Blue Coach Office, No. 44. East- street, to Hatchett's White Horse Cellar. Piccadilly; Blossoms Inn, Law rence- lane, Cheapside and George and Blue Boar, Ho1- born ; from whence they return every morning.—. Per- formed by the publics obedient servants, CROSWELLER. CUDDlNGTON, ALLEN, and Co. N. B. Elegant Night Coaches, carrying four- inside, with four horses, guarded and lighted, in eight hours, every evening at half- past nine o'clock. The above coaches call at the George Inn, Borough, going in and coming out of town. *** No parcels whatever, of more than five pounds value, will be accounted for, if lost, unless entered as such and paid for accordingly. London Waggons from Hatchett's New White Horse Cellar; Swan, Holborn Bridge ; and the George Inn, Borough, every Wednesday and Saturday noon, to the above, office, and returns every Monday and Thursday. Portsmouth, Chichester, Arundel, and Worthing Post Coach, evervmorning at seven o'clock, fromwhence passengers are conveyed to Bath and Bristol in 24 hours. Lowes accommodation Coach, everv morning and evening, after the arrival of the above Coaches. Hastings new Light Coach, 111 ten hours, through Bexhill, Eastbourne, Bletchington, Seaford, and New- haven, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morn- ing, at seven o'clock, to the Swan Inn, Hastings, and returns every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at the some liour. Transplanted Yellow Swedish Turnip Seed. Bennett and Son's Patent Machines for sowing Seeds. CCHITTY and Co. beg most respectfully to . acquaint tile Gentlemen Farmers, that they have now for sale, about ten sacks of Seed of the above description, grown by Messrs. Smallpiece, of Guildford. By Chitty and Co. thev may ilso be supplied with Bennett and Son's Patent Machines for sow- ing Seeds, by which a considerable saving i » msde, particularly!" Turnip and Rape. The advantage at- tending the use of these machines being generally acknowledged by all who have made trial of them, thev only- beg reference to those Gentlemen who liave them in their posession. C. C. and Co. being appointed sole Agents for these Machines in this county, the readiest method of obtaining them, will be by application at the Star Lane Brewery, Lewes. WORTHING MARKET. NOTICE is hereby given. That the Commis- sioners of this Market will at their next MEET- ING, to be holden at the dwelling- house of George Wingfield, the sign of the Royal George, in Worthing, on Friday, the 3d day of July next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, proceed TO LET TO FARM BY AUCTION, the TOLLS of the said MARKET, from the 2d day of Jolv instant, for one, two, or three years, 11s shall be then agreed upon, subject to the directions contained in the act passed in the 49th year of the reign of Ins present Majesty, for building and regulating the said Market. The Tolls are now let at 276I. per annum. The per- son who h.-. ppens to Ire the highest bidder, nrnst at the same lime give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Commissioners, for paying the rent monthly or quarterly, as the Commissioners shall direct. JOHN WATTS, Clerk to the Commissioners. Worthing, I5th June, 1812. PHOENIX FIRE- OFFICE. RENEWAL Receipts for " Policies falling due at Midsummer, are now in the hands of the several Ageuis nf ihe Company. * Insurances of every Description are effected on the most moderate terms. . stock on a Farm may he insured in one Sum without the average clause, at 2s. per cent, per arm. Pet- sons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or up- wards. will run be charged for the Policy : and all en- dorsements will be made gratis. By order of the Directors, H. A. HARDY, Sec, of Country Department. OFFHAM AND DITCHELLING ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, that a general meet- ing of the Trustees of the intended Turn- pike- road from Offham to Ditchelling, in the county of Sussex, will be holden at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Thursday, the 2d day of July next, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of no- minating and appointing an additional number of Trustees, to act with those nominated and appoint- ed in the said act. Also to receive a particular estimate from Ed- ward Savers, of the evpences of completing the said road, and to consider and decide thereon. The Subscribers to the said Road are requested to pay one moiety of their subscriptions to Lewis Whitfeld, Esq. the Treasurer, at the house of Messrs: Whitfeld and Co. Bankers, Lewes, on or before the 2oth d3v of July next, and the remain- der on or before the 20tb day of January next. It is proposed immediately to borrow the further sum of One Thousand Pounds, at five per cent, on security of the Tolls of the said road, and persons willing to advance such sum, or any part thereof, will please to communicate the same to Messrs. Langridge and Kell, Solicitors, Lewes. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LET. ~ NOTICE is hereby given, that the next meet- ing of the Trustees of the Turnpike- road, leading from the Town of Brighthelmston, through Cuckfield, to the County Oak, on Lovel Heath, in the county of Sussex, is appointed to he held at the King's Head, in Cuckfield, 011 Wednesday the 8- h day of July next, at the hour of eleven in Ihe forenoon, at which meeting between the hours of twelve and two of the same < lav, the TOLLS ar ising at the several Toll Gates on the said road, called Preston, Stone Pound, Saint John's Bar, Ansty and Ansty Side Gate, Slough Green, Hand- cross, Ifield Bar, and Crawley Gates. WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidder for one year, from the 29th day of September next, in the manner directed hv the act passed in the 13th year of tiis present Majesty's reign " for regulating the Turnpike- roads," and will be put up in two lots, viz Preston, Stone Pound, Saint John's Bar, Ansty and Ansty Side Gates in the first lot; and Slough Green, Hand cross, Ifield Bar, and Crawley Gates, in the second lot; which Tolls were let the last year at the seve- ral rents or sums following, viz Preston, Stone Pound, Saint John's Bar, Ansty and Ansty Side Gates, at the sum of 19301. and Slough Green, Handcross, Ifield Bar, and Crawley Gates, at the sum of 19001. and will respectively be put up at those sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must pay into the hands of the Treasurers of the said road, two months tent in advance, and also give sectn ity, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said road, for the due payment of the remainder, at such time as they shall direct. SAM. WALLER, Clerk to the Trustees of the said road. SUSSEX.— To be Let and entered on immedi- ately, until the 1st of June next, an elegant and large Cottage, neatly furnished, with a beau- tiful proportioned eating and drawing room, nu- merous bed- chambers, and all domestic offices, gardens, coach house, stables, wi'b about 21 acres of pasture land, called MADEHURST LODGE, « U tuate in a beautiful country. S miles from Arundel, and 9 from Chichester — Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. SUSSEX-— To be Let, for one or two years, DALE PARK, a large and elegant Mansion, very handsomely furnished, with coach- house, and numerous stabling, extensive pleasure- grounds, gardens abundantly supplied with fruit and vegeta hies, green- house and grapery, together with land ami the extensive manors, the whole fit for the re- ception of a family of the first distinction. The situation is particularly healthy, the prospects are bold, varied, and extensive, embracing hill, dale, and sea views of uncommon richness.— The pre- mises may be viewed front 11 to 4 by tickets, and further particulars had of Mr. WELLER, Chi- chester. TO BE LET, and entered 011 the first of May next, \ Compact and convenient Family House, called Mill Hall, most pleasantly situate at Whiteman's Green, in Cuckfield ( within three quarters of a mile of the church) with the garden and meadow adjoining, containing together near two acres of land. The tenant may also be accommodated with more land, a » hort dis- tance from the house, if required. For view of the premises, and further particulars ap- ply at the office of Mr. Waller, Solicitor, in Cuckfield. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, in the Marine Village of Goring, A Commodious HOUSE, fit for the reception of a genteel family, comprising an entrance hall, two parlours, kitchen, and wash- house, a drawing room, three bed chambers, and three good allies, and an ex- cellent walled garden, together with seven acres of rich pasture land, if required. For particulars inquire at Mrs. Stafford's, Marine Library, Worthing. Goring is most desirably situate for a Marine Resi- dence, the surrounding country most beautiful, aud the distance only three miles from Worthing, TO BE SOLD OR LET BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, With immediate possession, AValuable Freehold SHOP and Premises situate in the county of Kent, with an extensive trade in the Grocery, tea dealer, and cheesemonger line, 111 the wholesale way, established with a good connexion for these years. For further particulars inquire of the Printers of ibis Paper. TO BE LET, For a term of years, and entered upon at Michaelmas THE FARM, called MAYFIELD PLACE FARM, situate in the parish of Mayfield, in Sussex, aud close adjoining ihe town there, consisting of a Messuage, with a Cottage, Barns, Stables, Oasthouse, Granary, Bullock Lodges, and other convenient Outbuildings, and 203A. 2R. 3UP. more or less, of arable, meadow, pas- ture, hop ground, and woodland. This farm is free of great tithes, atid the whole thereof ( except two pieces occupied by Mr. John Paine) is now in the occupation of the executors of Mr. John Soper, deceased, under lease, which expires at Michaelmas next,( old stile.) Also part of KNOWLE FARM, situate in Mayfield aforesaid, within a short distance of the town, consist- ing of a barn, outbuildings, and several parcels of ara- ble, meadow, and pasture- land, containing together by admeasurement 5lA. 0R. 3ip. more or less, now in the occupation of Mr. John Rose, under a lease, which ex- pires at Michaelmas next, ( new stile.) Further particulars may be had 011 application at the office ol Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Mayfield. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, STONEHOUSE FARM, a very desirable Free- hold Estate, in lire parish of Hellingly, in Sussex, consisting of between r> n and 60 acres of very good ara- ble, meadow, pasture and brook land ; the whole being a compact farm of itself, within a ring fence, and com- prising a farm bouse, barn, stables, aud other convenient out. buildings, is well watered, has good gardens and orchard well stored with young choice fruit trees, lies contiguous to the road, and is situate very near the church ; may be entered on at Michaelmas next. Further particulars may he known by applying to Mr. Comber, the proprietor, on the premises. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD PIECE OF WOOD LAND called Whorne Wood, containing by estimation, 78- acres, situate in ihe parish of Ewhurst, in the county of Sussex, adjoining the turnpike road, leading from Crips's corner to Rye. Immediate possession may be had, and ihe Timber and Underwood to be taken at a lair valuation. Robert Sellens. lire Woodreeve, near Crips's Corner Gate, » ill shew the land. For further particulars and treaty, apply at the ffice of Messrs. Lucas Shadwell, Bishop and Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings Desirable Residence and Land. Hurst Green, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ARespectable and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, with offices, chaisehouse, stables, and good garden, & e. together with eight acres of exceed- ing rich meadow land, forming a lawn or paddock round, and in front of the house, belted in on each side with fine growing timber, and comnnnding most plea- sant views over a rich and extensive country to the south, being port of Barnhurst Estate, situate at Hurst Green, in the county of Sussex, The house presents a neat and modern brick elevation, comprising a neat en trance hall, ascended by a flight of stone steps, two lofty roomy parlours, kitchen, back room, and four bed chambers, of good dimensions, wash- house, bake- house, & c. paved yard walled in, arid domestic offices. The entrance gates adjoin the London road. The sale of this properly offers a most desirable opportunity 10 any person wishing a respectable aud pleasant country residence, with lire advantage of meadow land, to which more may be added if required'. The neighbourhood of Hurst Green is very respectable, and is distant from Battle eight miles, from Hastings if> miles, from Hawk- hurst 4 miles, from Cranbrook a miles, from Maidstone 22 miles, and from London 48 miles, to and from whence coaches & re repeatedly passing through Hurst Green. For further particulars, and to treat for the same, ap- ply to Messrs. Swatland and Kincaid, Solicitors, Cran- brook, Kent. freehold Estates, Land Tax redeemed, and in part free of Corn Tithe. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Desirable Freehold Estate, called MARTINS V and LODGELAND, situate at Broad- street Green, in the pleasant village of Hooe, in the county of Sus- sex, within three miles of the sea, of which, and the adjacent country, the situation commands a beautiful and extensive- prospect. This estate comprises a sub- stantial messuage, with a detached dairy, oasthouse, barn, stables, carthouse, yards, garden, orchard, and divers pieces of arable, meadow, pasture, and brook- land, containing together by admeasurement 53A. 3R. 3t> P. Immediate possession may be had ot the house aud buildings ( with the exception of the barn) and about twelve acres of the laud. The barn, and 2t> acres of ihe laud, or thereabouts, are under lease to Mr. James Cooper, and the remainder is included with other lands, in a lease to Mr. John Pocock, which leases re- spectrvely will expire at Michaelmas next. N. B. Ihe portion of this estate called Martins is subject to an annual quit rent of 3s. 3d. to the Manor of Hooe, and Lodgeland pays Is. itjd. annually to ihe '- nine Manor; but by the custom of this manor, only- one heriot accrues 011 the death of a tenant, for any num- ber of tenements. Also a valuable Freehold Farm called DOWKES, other- wise HUNTS, principally free of corn tithe, situate in Hooe aforesaid, contiguous so the above, consisting of a Messuage, barn, stable, and other buildings, and 47 A. SR. .4 P. of exceeding good arable and hop ground, how in the occupation of Mr. Pocock, under a lease expiring ai Michaelmas next. N. B. I bis farm is subject to ail annual quit- rent of 3s.. I oil. to the Manor of Hooe. Broad- street Green is distant six miles from Battle, nine from Hastings, ten from Eastbourne, and • ii front Lewes The purchasers of the respective lots may he accom- modated wilh a reasonable proportion of ihe purchase- itiotrey on mortgage, if required. The premises may be viewed on application to Henry Porter, esq. at Hooe Lodge ; and for further particulars aud treaty, apply to Mr. Benjamin Blackman, jun. of the Grove, in Hooe; or at the office of Messrs. Lucas, Shadwell, Bishop, and Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings. CAPITAL STOCK FARM. Crowhurst and Catsfield, between Battle and Sea- ford. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ripiIE following valuable ESTATES, compris- ing an excellent firm- built Farm- house, with suitable offices of every description, capital walled gardens, with fine young trees, excellent farm yards, brick- built barn, oast- house, granary, stables, ox- ranges, cow and cart houses, poultry ditto, with extensive detached garden and orchard; to- gether with 972 statute acres of exceedingly rich land, in a good state of cultivation, nearly in a ring fence, " o acres of which is of rich pasturage, well supplied with water, 25 acres ditto coppice, and the remainder arable, and the fine young timber and tillers, which is to be included in the pur- chase; also about the centre of the estate is an- other barn, gate room, ox ranges, & c. with iwo well- built cottages and gardens; So acres of re- above property is copyhold of inheritance, the the mainder freehold, and in the occupation of Mr. John French, under lease, five years of which is unexpired One moiety of the putchase money mav remain on mortgage. The above would form a most delightful sana- tion for a sportsman, a spot abounding with game, the coun'rv around is picturesque with beautiful views over a fertile country, Battle Abbey, and adjacenr. The land is particularly favourable for the growth of every kind of grain, suirounded by good Markets, and a great contraption for every article in the neighbouring towns, and extensive barracks, and only three miles from the sea, three miles from Battle, 6 from Hastings, 13 fiom Hails- ham. and 27 fiom Lewes. The estate may be viewed by applying to Mr. J French, the occupier; and for further particulars apply to Mr. Sam. Heather, Huston Farm, near Storrington; particulars also may he had at the Auction Mart, London; or Messrs. White and Son, at their office. North- street, Chichester, or High- street, Arundel, who are authored to dis- pose of the same. TO BE LET OR SOLD, In Westham- street, A HOUSE, either with, or without,. about three i X acres of ground. The premises contain two kit- chens, a parlour, forrr bed- rooms, and two garrets, with a two- stall stable, and a good supply of excellent water. Immediate possession will be given, and only a part of the purchase- money required at present. Application lobe made to Mr. E. Geering, Westham A Capital FARM, on the SOUTH DOWNS TO BE LET BY TENDER, For nine years, from Michaelmas next. FIELD PLACE FARM. in Goring, Tarring, and Durrington, near Worthing, consisting of an excellent Farm- House, two Cottages, with good Barns, and nil other useful Buildings, and 361) Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, equal 111 goodness to any in the county of Sussex, and lying almost within a ring fence, together with the great tythes of that part of the Farm which lies in Goring. All now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Henty, whose term will expire at Michaelmas next. The Farm may be viewed on application to Mr. Whitington, nnd further particulars may be known, and the proposals for letting seen on personal application to Messrs. Hoper and Son, at Lewes, to whom all tenders are to be delivered, on or before the 4th day of July next. Eligible South Down Farm, at Findon. TO BE LET BY TENDER, On Lease for Seven Years, from Michaelmas next, AFARM, situate at Findon, near Worthing, consisting of a good farm- house, yard, barns, stables, cow- houses, & c. anil about Ion acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, together wilh near 500 sheep- leases on tire Tenantry Down, closely adjoining, the whole in lire highest state of cultivation, and now in the occupation of the execution of the late Mr. Wm. Tate. The tenant, to pay all the taxes except the property tax. The nature and situation of the farm renders it parti- cularly well worth the attention of any Gentleman who may he desirous of engaging in agricultural pursuits for amusement as well as p ofil, aod be might also lie ac- commodated wilh an excellent aud convenient dwelling- house, fit tor the reception of a respectable family, wiili coach- houses, stables, pleasure and kitchen gardens, or- chards, and additional meadow land, iu the deliglufnl village of Findon, adjoining ihe farm, and belonging to the same estate. The farm may be viewed by application to Mr. Tay- lor, the Bailiff, 011 the premises; and further particu- lars known by applying to Mr. Geo. Tate, of Shoreham, or Mr. C. Raine, Solicitor, No. 5, King's Bench, Inner Temple, to whom all tenders are to be delivered sealed, on or before loth July next. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. TWO valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, and other lands, containing 360 acres, most desirabls situated near the pleasant Town of Biddenden. with immediate possession, or at Michaelmas next; in one or three lots ; LOT I.^ A very desirable Freehold Estate, known bv the name of SUMMERFIELD HOUSE and CASEL DEN's OAK FARM, til for the. residence of a Gentle man Farmer, together wilh three barns, oast- house, a cottage, a bailiff's bouse, and'other outbuildings ; 11- 2 acres of excellent meadow, arable, aod hop plantations in a very high stale of cultivation, including 20011 oak trees. This estate is pleasantly situated only a quarter of a mile from the pleasant towo of Biddendeu, aud three from the populons town of Tenterden, in a respectable and wealthy neighbourhood. LOT 2. A capital Freehold Estate, known by the name of ONGLEY FARM, desirably situated in ihe parish of Biddenden, consisting of a substantial farm- house, two barns, oast- house, and other outbuildings, together with 130 acres of rich meadow, arable land, and hop plantation, in a high slate of cultivation, in- cluding 2740 oak trees. I. OT3. All that desirable Wood, containing 118 acres, tithe free, adjoining the above farm, situated in. the centre of two extensive preserves, abundantly slock- ed with game, which is hold under the Dean and Chap- ter of Canterbury, at a reserved rent of 5l. per year. Sixteen years of the lease is unexpired, and is renew- able ( for ever) every seven years, upon paying a fine, ( the last renewal cost 60I.) The New Canal will pass through the estate, which will much improve the value, and the London Coaches also pass by part of the estate. It is intended to include all the fine growing oak limber in the purchase, aud will be sold at a price that will produce the purchaser, if It t, near five per cent. exclusive of the growth of timber, which will alone clear ihe amount of the pur- chase money in a few years. For further particulars ( if by letter post paid), apply to Mr. Wildes, Solicitor, Maidstone; Messrs Atkinson and Co 50, Chancery- lane, London; or to Mr. Potter, Red Lion Inn, Biddenden, who will shew the different estates. Eligible Farm, situate in Henfield, within nine miles of Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Sometime iu July next, unless previously disposed of by private contract, ACopyhold Farm, called the HOLE FARM, consisting of 11 farm house, and about 60 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, situate in Hen- field, with an unlimited right of commonage on Hen- field Common, now in the occupation of Wm, Dawes, who lias had notice to quil at Michaelmas next. The farm lies within a ring fence, adjoining the turn- pike road leading from Brighton to Henfield, artd is most desirably situate in a picturesque and fertile coun- try. Further particulars mav be had by applying to Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning. Sales by Auction. Capital Mansion House, and Land, at Salehurst, in the county of Sussex. By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Mart, on Tuesday, July 7, 1812, at twelve, un- less p eviously disposed of by private Contract, AMost desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE. and Ferme ornee, called HICHAM, containing about 109 acres of arable, meadow, pasture, wood, and hop grounds, in ihe highest stale of cultivation. The Mansion is modern, m an elevated siiuairurr, aud con- sists of a breakfast parlour, elegant dining and drawing- room, tile two latter overlooking a lawn of upwards of 24 acres,, interspersed with tine growing timber, and commanding most extensive and beautiful views ; live best bed rooms, four servants' rooms, ami oilier suit- able offices, together with hot houses, coach- houses, stables, barn, oast- house, aud other recuisite out build- ings. A daily coach passes through Salehurst. which ii distant from London about 50 miles, 15 from Hastings, aud about ihe sa « ne dislarice from Tunbridge Wells. The estate may be viewed wich tickets, which wilh printed particulars, may be had of Messrs. Crowder, Lavin, and Garth, Solicitors, Old Jewry, and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent Road, or at their offices in the Auction Mart, . vhere a plan of the estate tnay be seen. Printed particulars may also he bad at the George Inn. Battle, and Robertsbridge; the Queen's Head, Hawkhurst; Crown, Seven Oaks; and White Hart, Bromley. EXTENSIVE FREEHOLD ESTATES, on the Brighton- road, Sussex. By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Mart, London, on Wednesday, July 22, at 12, in thirteen lots, AVery extensive and highly improvable Free- bold Estate, called, ihe HIGH BEECHES, and BLACKFOLD ESTATES, most desirably situate, for above one uirle adjoining 10 the turnpike- road leading from London 10 Brighton, 33 miles from London, two from Crawley, 20 from Brighton, aud five from Hors- ham ; comprising above ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED ACRES, lying within a ring fence, near Handcross, and abound- ing ivltb black, red, and almost every olli.- r description of game, and is at present* in ihe occupation of Wil- liam Coomber, and Gaiford, who have received nonces to i] u 11. This estate is peculiarly adapted for tin encouragement of the growth of oak aud oitier tim- ber, artd ihe road- cnmimticatiitg therewith beir- gr commonly excellent. Ii will be divided into thirteeu lots for the convenience of purchasers. To be viewed by application to Charles Bartley, at Peas Pottage- gate, adjoining ihe eslare, of whom print- ed particulars may be bad, also at the King's Arms, Croydon; White Hart, Reigate; George, Crawley; King's Head, Cuckfield ; Castle, and Libraries, Brigh- ton; Star, Lewes; Dorset Arms, East Grinstead; Dol- phin, Chichester; of T . C. Medwin, Esq. and ai ihe Anchor, Horsham; of Messrs. G. and J. Smallpiece, Guildford; aod of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent road ; or ai their offices, in the Auction Mart, London. SUSSEX.— By MR. WELLER, Towards the close ol June, A Truly valuable estate, called, GRAVELLING . WELL, ihe residence of the late John Miller, esq. and consists of two hundred and seven acres of arable and meadow land, a genial, pleasant, and healthy soil, anil seated itt the centre of the grounds, a house on a moderate scale, which might be enlarged and im- proved at no great expence, gardens. pleasure grounds, orchards and fish ponds, ami cold bath,' with barns and granary, and all useful outbuildings. The situation fur a Gentleman agriculturist is most desirable, the views aie enchautingly picturesque, famed for the sports of the field, being only two miles from the Duke of Rich- mond's kennel, it- proximity 10 Chichester, is one among the many advantages which cannot be bin very inadequately desciibed in the space of an advertisement Further particulars will be published, and maybe bad . it lire principal lnns of the neighbouring Market Towns; of Messrs. Johnson, Price, and Freeland, Soli- citors; at lire Auction Mart; and of Mr. WELLER, chichester. Early in July. In Lots, A DESIRABLE ESTATE, consisting of a neat Collage, wilh ai! agricultural buildings, logetner Willi SO statute Acres, of rich arable tn, nl meadow land, ilit extensive, forest rights, the cottage is sealed Vn a line sloping ground, uitli'a vale below, uell fe, lured with timber, a bold and uniuiei rupled view of t!* fc ocean, the Isle of Wight. Needles, aud Channel, only two miles from Lymington, ihe residence aud property of John Biggs, Esq. Five acres of rich meadow land, within a quarter of a mile of Lymington, a most enf ban. Ill" spot for build- ing, the marine and land views lorni a landscape of unrivalled beauty. A delightful residence, with excellent gardens in Church- street, Lymington, iu the occupation of Atwood, Esq. Further particulars may be known by applying t9 Mr. WELLER, Chichester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY R. JONES, At the George Inn, Robertsbridge, 011 Friday, the 3d day ol July, 1812, at five o'vlock in the afternoon, if lint previously disposed of by private contract, of whirl),. should it happen, notice will be given. • LOT i. \ BOUT 27 acres ot valuable Freehold meadow, hop, and arable land, with a good barn, lodge, and closes, lying wnhm a quarter of a mile of the Town of Robertsbridge, on the high turn- pike- road from London to Hastings, in a situation truly desirable for building, having the advantage of goijd roads, a fine view of ihe surrounding country, and most excellent water, wijh a Coach to London every ilay ( Sundays excepted). The land- tax ou this property lias been redeemed, and ihe poor rates are moderate; possession may ho bad at Michaelmas next, or sooner, if required^ on agreeing with Mr. Henry Bourne, lire proprietor aud occupier, for the crops, & c. the timber arid underwood to be paid for according to u valuation, in the usual manner. LOT a. A Leasehold Cottage, in two dwellings, with garden ground to each, and a plot of meadow land, situate near John's Cross, 111 the parish of Mountfield, 011 the turnpike- road from Robertsbridge to Hastings, now in jhe occupation of Thomas Starr, and John Huntly. These premises are held under tly? Earl of Chiches- ter, as Lord of the Honor and Barony of the Rape of Hastings, for a term, of which it) years will be ueex- pired at Michaelmas next, and ave subject 10 an annual quit rent of ios. Robertsbridge is distant 50 miles from London, 6 from Battle, artd 14 front Hastings. The land may be viewed, on application to Mr. Henry Bourne, at Robertsbridge, of n- lr - ru also further parti- culars may he known; likewise of Mr. Tilden Smith, Vinehall; Mr. James Bourne, Tunbridge, Kent; and it the office of Messrs. Lucas Shadwell, Bishop and Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings. Marlborough Wood Estate, in the parishes of Pembury and Brenchley, in Kent. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called MARLBOROUGH WOOD FARM, consisting of a comfortable farm house, with Ihe requisite outbuild- ings, and 147 acres of arable, meadow, pasture, bop and woodland, in the parishes of Pembury and Brench- ley, in ihe county of Kent. The premises are situated about 36 miles from Lon- don, and four from Tunbridge Wells, op the turnpike- road leading from London to Hastings, in a country abounding with game, and highly deserve the attention of any Gentleman desirous of possessing a compact estate, in a beautiful aud healthy situation. The bouse and about 95 acres of the land, are 011 the left, and . V2 acies on the right hand side of the turn- pike- road from London to Hastings ; and the proprietor will have no objection to treat for the sale of lire pre mises on each side of the road separately. Immediate possession of the whole may be had. For further particulars apply to Mr. Camfield, at Groombridge, near Tunbridge Wells; Mr. Joy, Bed- ford Hotel, Covent Garden, London; Mr. John Sutton, Pembury; or lo Mr. Lingard, Solicitor, Tunbridge Town, The Bailiff, on the premises, will shew the estate. Cosham and Chichester Turnpike Road. | THE next Meeting " f the Trustees-. of'this 1 Turnpike Road, will hi- lVcjd at the Bear Inn, i" Havant, on Tuesday. 2* d day of July next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. vyhen the expediency of advancing ilie present Toll of Ninepence on Coaches ami Post chaises drawn by three horses, to One Shilling, wl'i be considered. THOS. RHOADES, Clerk lo the Trustees. Chichester. 20th June* 1812- ANGMERING. INCLOSURE'. WE, tlie Commissioners named anil appointed » V iii nud liv a certain Act of Parliament, lately made aiid passed. iniitl- d. " An act for inclosing the open and common fields in the parish of Angmering, oiheiwise East Angmering, with West Angmering an- nexed, in the county of Sussex." do hereby give no- lice, thai we shall hold our next meeting « • the Crown Inn, ill Arundel. on Monday the y" 7th day of July next, at ten o'clock Mi the forenoon, and then and there read over and execute the award made by us, in pursuance of the said act, which in the mean time may be perused In any proprietor of lands interested in the said inclo sure, on application to Messrs. Holmes, Solicitors, at Arundel. Dated this 25th day of June, 181- 2. THOS. HOPCRAFT, CALEB RICKMAN, GEO. HENTY. BOARDING^ SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES, HIGH STREET, LEWES. THE Miss RIDGES' return their grateful thanks t. i their friends and the public in ge- neral, foj past favors ; and inform thein that on Tuesday July 21st, their school will be again open- ed for the reception of pupils H. ROSCORLA'' s ADADEMY ~ ~ ST. THOMAS'S SQUARE, LEWES. TWENTY TWO YOUNG GENTLEMEN comfortably tlccotrmiddaltfd. H ROSCORLA icf. urns thanks to his friends lit for slmCtiniijng bis' mode of education, and if his exertions to fix' In hi. pupils'* minds, principles will! li will wear well through life, be crowned with success, it wiVI be a very pleasing consideration to him, that Ins labour- have not been in vain. This Academy will recommence " n Tuesday, the 2] st of July.—- » » Vacancies for two Gentlemen. CLASSICAL AND ENGLISH SCHOOL, HORSHAM, SUSSEX. YOUNG Gentlemen are genteelly boarded and - S- cdiKsied ] rf Messrs. . and ihe Rev. JOHN THORN- TON', in English, Latin. Greek. French, Writing, Arith- metic, Merchant s Accompts., and ( lie Mathematics. The terms are ' Thirty Guineas- per annum, and Two Guineas entrance. I.; n l> Young; Gentleman \ Vi! l he ellb-. ved a separate bed. Parlour Boarders Forty Gui- neas. Geography, Dancing, Drawing, and, French, each One ( Guinea per quarter, and Half a Guinea entrance. The School opens on Monday, JULY 20, and every Gentleman on entrance is expected to bring six towels. Academy, Pulborough. MR. BILLING'HURST begs. to aequaiht his friends and the public that the comprehensive j, Inn of instruct ion adopted in bis Seminary, « ill i on 111 i :| i • to he pursued, subject to such imp'ovemeuts and varia- tions ; is time and < itcuniMauc. es may point out* The terms are as under: Writing, Arithmetic. Merchants* Accounts, English Grammar. Geography< History, & c & c, and also washing, fl;> guineas* per annum. . Latin and French each 15s. per quarter. A < course of Lectures oh ihe Globes ; and the Theory '. rod Practice of Surveying each, three guineas. The use vf the Library one guinea per annum. The Young Gentlemen take tea morning and evening. Each pupil is requested to biing 4 towels. The present rcress will terminate the 21st. of July, Pulborough, 3.4tli June 1812. Academy, • West* Tarring, near Worthing, Sussex. MR PHILLIPS begs leave to take this oppor- JL\ . X tunity of acquainting Ins friends and the public that bis Seminary, for young gentlemen will re. open after the - present recess, on Tuesday, the 2s'd instant, when the same care, attention and liberal treatment of tlie youths, so highly approved of will he- continued Terms for youths nailer ten years of age 2o guineas per annum, and for those ten years and upwards, 22 guineas per annum. Navigation, French, Latin, Music, Dancing and Washing are extra charges. TO BE'- LET, And eriU'rf d upon vmrriefliatelv* A Compact aud convenient FELLMONGERS, YARD, situate at Lindfield, Sussex. For further particulars enquiry of, Edward Colbran, Lindfield. To Publicans, Boarding Houses, Cooks, Waiters, Wine Merchants, and others, TO BE LET, And may be entered upon immediately, THREE genteel elegantly fitfeduj> READY- FURNISHED HOUSES, adjoining, and two others, with coach houses and stables, within 3o yards, the whofe belonging: to a Gentleman leaving Brighton. It is presumed'' that the above property stands in the very first situation in Brighton, either to 1 t off as Lodging houses;, or to carry on the Boarding house, and Wine trades. An industrious couple is sure to make. a fortune in a few years, if experienced in cookery and tlie wine business. For parti'culars'enquire of Mr. LEE, Printing Office, High- street, Lewes ; Mr. Hunt, upholder, St. James's- street, Brighton ; or of Mr. Walker, 13, New Steine, Brighton. ' , SUSSEX. — About 3 1 I miles from London. TO BE LET, For n term of Twenty- one years, BROOKLAND's FARM, in the parish of East Grinstead, ill the' occupation of Mrs. Fry, who quits ut Michaelmas, 1st i, com prising Ms statute acres, more or less, of. pasture, meai| ow, arable, and woodland, wttli'a-' Dwelling house, and all necessary outbuildings, about a mile' llMd a half from the Market Town ol'- East Grinstead, to be taken on lease, with the usual covenants; tenant to do ttll necessary repairs, landlord assigning rough timber. Written proposals ( post pa'. d) may be sent t « j Mr. Whishaw, 33, Castle- street, Holborn ; or Messrs. W. & E Ellis, Solicitors, Hatton Garden ; Mr. Bankin, Soli- citor, East Grinstead ; and Mr. Ready, West Hoathly, Sussex. WINCHELSEA, SUSSEX. MR. PRICKETT has the honour of respect- fully informing the Public, that he has, with the concurrence of all ihe parties interested, received in- structions to rfisposv of the Freehold Property at Win- chelsea^ ort Wednesday, th^* 29th of July, 1812, at- 12 o'clock, at the Auction Mart, London, in thirty lots-} ; vnd he isaow enabled t< » assure the public that 110 fur- ther suspension of the sale wHl take place. The mn\ property consists of several capital an^ truly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate in the Borough Town of Winchelsea, in vhe county of Sussex, comprising that justly esteemed nnd highly celebrated residence, called the FRIARS, in every respect suitable for family of eminence, with pleasure grounds and gardens, together with several closes of. exceedingly rich and piotiuble land ; aho a well- established Pubic House, ' aw* I diver' oilier tenements* the whole contain- ing. upwards of acres, a great part of which js tithe free, and' free from', parochial, rates ; likewise the Tolls of the' Ferry, in the occupation of mo- t i* esj> ect- able tenants, at short holdings. Mi1) he viewed, and pnoted descriptive parnculars had, at the New Inn, Winchelsea; the George, Rye-, Swan Inn Hastings; Ship, Brighton: New Inn, East- bourne the Kentish ' Tavern, ' Tunbridge Wells ;, Star, ! Maidstone Fountain, Canterbury 5 of, Mr, Lloyd, i t " No. to, and < » f Mr. Laomer, at No | JV Gray's Inn ire 5 of Messrs Foster. ' Cook, and Frere, Lincoln's ut ti e Auction Mart • aud ot Mr. Prickett, Sur- Highgate, Middlesex, Sales by Private Contract. COPY HOLD ESTATE, BUXTED, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ACopy'hold Cottage or Tenement, and garden, with about seven acres of good meadow, unci two acres of wood land, more or less, thereto belonging, well stocked ttitb thriving young timber, ctilled PICK- ERINGS. situate, lying, and being, on the south part of Hayer's Wood Common, iu the parish of Buxted, in ihe county of Sussex, now in the occupation of Mr. John Stapley, near Hayer's Wood aforesaid, who will shew the premises. The above estate is holden of the Manor of Fram field, and i- s subject to a small quit- rent of one shilling and eight- pence per annum. For further particulars apply to Mr. John Stone, Schoolmaster, at Horstedkeynes, Sussex. TO BE-: SOLD BY PRIVATE CON TRACT. AFREEHOLD FARM, called North Lands, situate in the parish of Cuckfield. in Sussex, con- ! sisting of a FARM HOUSE, and convenient Outbuild- ings, and i- 2( i Acres, more or less, of Arable, Meadow, Pasture and Woodland. The Premises are free of great Tythes, are well stocked with growing Timber, and are now in the oc- cupation nf Richard Marshall, whose term will expire at Michaelmas next. The Farm may be viewed oil application to the Tenant; aud further particulars known by applying to Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors Steyning. To be SOLD~ by PRIVATE~ CONTRACT, ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, Barn, Oasthouse, Farm, Lands and Premises, known by the name of Ponts Farm, containing by admeasure- ment, 63A. 3it. HIP more or less, situate and lying in Burwash. in the county of Sussex, adjoining the turn pike road leading from Tunbridge Wells, Lamberhurst. and Wadhurst, to Heathfield, Lewes and Brighton, now in the occupation of Mr. John Jenner, the Proprietor. The whole of the premises are Freehold, lie very com pact, and are pleasantly situated. For particulars and treaty, application to be made to lie made to, Mr. Martin. ° f Battle- Capital Freehold Residence, and Sporting Ma- nor Farm, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, By Messrs. DRIVER, AParticularly valuable and extremely desirable Freehold Estate, Called THORN HILL, most delightfully situate about two miles from East Grin- stead, in the county of Sussex, in an excellent sociable neighbourhood, of the first respectability, and in a particularly fine sporting country, comprising a new sub stantial stone- built residence, with every convenience fit for the immediate reception of a large family, most agreeably placed on an eminence overlooking a great part of the estate, and other rich and extensive views ; together with nearly 350 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, well ornamented with handsome timber aud woods, and uncommonly well supplied with game of almost every description. The greatest part of the estate is in hand, and in a high state of cultivation, arid the remainder is in the occupation of Widow Fos- ter, upon a lease, of which about six years ore unex pired. There arc two farm houses and homesteads upon ihe estate, and immediate possession may be had of the mansion ;. ud lands iu hand. Printed particulars may be had of Messrs. W. and J. Allen, Clifford's Inn; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors end Land Agents, Kent Road ^ or at their offices in the Auction Mart, London. Aldwick Place, near Bognor. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, Willi immediate possession. A Very- valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, com- J. jL prising that much admired and truly desirable Marine Villa, called ALDWICK PLACE, with suitable attached and detached Offices, walled Garden, clothed with fine young scarce Fruit Trees: also another Kitchen Garden, in excellent culture, standing for two Carriages, excellent Stables, for '. six horses, with bay lofts over. Farm yard, Barn, enclosed Cow- house, with four stalls, Piggeries, three Poultry houses, and Sheds, also a Farm House, with numerous Bed rooms, several sitting ditto. Laundry, Dairy, and Wash house, with a Pump of excel lent Water: ' lit Apartments are well calcu- lated, an have been usually occupied bv ihe servants. Also three im Insures of rich pasture Land, ( partly Tythe Free) of a luxuriant soil, and fine herbage, con- taining Forty- Acres, ( he the same more or less) with the valuable Elm Timber, which is to be included in flic purchase; encircling the house is a beautiful Lawn of Twenty- Acres, declining to the sea. with bold and uninterrupted views of the" Ocean. The other part of the Estate iu the rear is screened by charming thriving Plantations of Forest and other trees, in great perfec- tion, and Walks round the greater part of the Estate. The approach to the House is by Aldwick Green, by a private Carriage road lo the House, wbitb is a regular and modern structure, built with grey stork bricks, with two wings, possessing accommodations for a family of respectability, a Viranda iu front of the lawn and sea, leads to a breakfast parlour, dining room, drawing room, and library of good, proportion : abave are two front chambers, and a dressing room and three back chambers:— the Offices consist of a spacious kitchen, scullery, and pump of excellent spring water, servant's hall, butler's- pantry, larder, wine and beer cellars, above are two maid servant's rooms: detached knife house, aod other requisite out buildings. — The appropriate and modem Household Furniture and Fixtures 10 be in- cluded in the purchase. Aldwick Place is only one mile from that fashionable and much frequented watering place, Bognor, only five miles from Chichester and sixty- six from London. The Estates may be viewed by- Tickets, and feather particulars known by applying to Messrs. White and Son, North street, Chichester, to whom all Letters must be post- paid. A valuable Brewery, . Malt house, Dwelling- house, and two good accustomed Public Houses. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, ALL. that Messuage, or Dwelling- house, with the yard and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate iu Tower- street, together with a Brewery, well contrived for business. A Malt House, and stable adjoining thereto, in the occupation of Mr. William Cobden, the proprietor. Also all those two well known and good accustomed Public Houses called the KING op PRUSSIA, and the SUN, situate respectively in Little London, and the West Street, together with the yards, stables, und ap- purtenances to the same, . belonging, and now in the several occupations of John Leggatt and William Ink- son, or their assigns. N. B. The Messuage, Malt- house, and premises, in Tower- street, are, freehold, except the Brewery, which is held by lease under the Vicars of the Cathedral Church of- Chichester, fur 40 years, from Christmas, 1801, renewable every 14 years) at an annual quit rent nf i3s. 4d. and also two capons, or two shilling's in lieu thereof, The Messuage and premises in Little London also are freehold, except a very small part held under the custos and poor " of St. Mary's Hospital, for - 1- years, from Lady day 1809, ( renewable) at an annual quit- rent of Us. The Messuage and premises in the West- street, are held by lease for the residue of a term of 2,1100 years, granted in the ajd year of the reign of Queen Eliza- beth, at a nominal rent. ; These Public Houses are in fall trade, and equal, in that respect to any in the city. The whole of the above d. scribed1 premises are 111 good repair, and a good retail beer, malt, and spirit trade, will be given up to the purchaser. I he brewery utensils, fixtures, & c. are to be taken by the purchaser at 11 fair valuation. All Tenders are to be delivered, sealed, 011 or liefore the 2111I1 of July next, to Mr. Wil- liam Cobden, the proprietor The purchaser will lie required to pay immediately into the hands of Mr. W. Cobden, a deposit of I5l, per cent iu part of the pur chase money, aud to exei lite an agreement for pay ment of the remainder, upon the I lib day of October next. The Vendor will be at the expence of making out titles, and the purchaser is to pay for lii's convey- ances. Further particulars may be known by applying to the said William Cobden, or Messrs, Rhoades aud Son, So licitors, Chichester. ' • Sales by Auction Freehold Premises. -— Cliff, Lewes. BY VERRALL AND SON, On Saturday, the 4th of July, tsi- 2, at the Dorset Arms' 111 the Cliff, at 7 o'clock 111 ihe evening, ( in one Lot ) ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, or 11 DWELLING HOUSE, Shop, Bakehouse, Wood house, Stable. Yard and Garden, and a small Cottage behind the same, desirably situate iii the centre of the Cliff, Lewes, in the occupation of Mr. Jeremiah Steel, the proprietor, who has carried on the business of baker and pastry cook for about 4n years, and who is now about tn retire. The Premises are now in full trade, and immediate - possession may he had. Further particulars may be had of Mr. James Berry ; or of the Auctioneers, Lewes, Sussex. NINFIELD, SUSSEX. TO BE. PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES THOMAS, At the King's Head Inn, at Ninfield Stocks, on Friday, the 24th day of July, 1812, between the hours of four and six in the afternoon, unless an acceptable offer be previously made to purchase by private con- tract, A Very handsome modern- built Freehold XA suage or Tenement, with a. very convenient detach ed building, comprising a stable and granary, and about two acres nf freehold land thereto belonging aud adjoin ing, tastefully laid out and converted into a beautiful garden, planted with choice fruit trees, now about ten years growth, situate in the parish of Ninfield, and county of Sussex, within a short distance of good turn- pike roads., five miles from Battle, four from Bexhill, nine from Hastings, 12 ftoiii Eastbourne, and 21 from Lewes, aud commanding a beautiful view of the Sea and South Downs. The land lax is redeemed. Further particulars may be had ou application to Mr. John Ellis, the proprietor, on the premises ; Mr. Martin, Solicitor, Battle; or Mr. Morgan, Solicitor, Hurstperpoint*. v Securities- upon the TOLLS of the Turnpike Roads from Brighthelmston to London, thr. ough- Cuck- field; and Brighthelmston Town Debentures, bearing 5 per Cent. Interest. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, At the Old Ship Inn, Brighthelmston, 011 Thursday, the ad day of July, 1812, at six o'clock in the after- noon, in separate lots: ON Security of the Cuckfield Turnpike Tolls, bearing an Interest of 5 per cent. LOT 1 i'soo 2 100 3 loo 4 loo 5 125 Brighthelmston Town Debentures, bearing an uteres! of 5 per cent. 6 ' 7i> 8 mo mo 1 0 loo 11 — 100 12 loo 1 3 loo For further particulars apply to Mr. Stephen Wood, Mr. William Tuppen, or Mr. John Roberts, of Bright- helmston; at the Old Bank, Brighthelmston; or of Messrs. Mitchell and Co>. Bankers, Hailsham. Royal Circus, and Grove Cottage, Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. R. ATTREE, At the Circus, rin Monday, the bib d ly of July next, at twelve o'clock at 110011, 1 LOT 1. ALL that Cottage, commonly called £ X GROVE COTTAGE, pleasantly situate on the west side of North Row, commanding a good view of the North Steine, together with the piece of valuable building ground, 011 the east side nf the Cot- tage, and adjoining ihe turnpike road. The above pre- mies are part leasehold, for a long term of years, and the remainder freehold. LOT 2. All that Leasehold Building and premises, situate mi the North Steine, Brighton, commonly called the ROYAL CIRCUS. Upwards of years of the lease are yet unexpired. The premises are in good repair, aud might -- e open , d the ensuing Season at a small expence. For further particulars apply tn Mr Bull, Lano Agent, Carlton Place; the Auctioneer; or Mr. Thos. Attree, Solicitor, Brighton. Immediately after the above will be sold in lots ( unless taken by appraisem. nt). The Chandeliers, Furniture, Scenery, Machinery, Dresses, & c. of the Circus. Staplefield Place, hear Cuckfield, Sussex. Genuine Modern, and Elegant Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. DRAWBRIDGE, On the premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 2d and 3d days of July. 1812, THE whole of the Houshold Furniture, china, & glass, and valuable collection of prints, elegant chimney aud pier glasses, handsome convex mirror, & c.& c. Excellent cabinet furniture, double and single chests of drawers; a handsome glazed gothic front book- case, lin d with green Persian; capital register and other stoves, brewing and washing utensils, & c. Sale 10 begin each morning at. twelve o'clock. Catalogues to be had in due time, at the principal Inns in the neighbourhood, 6d. each, ( to be returned to purchasers.) 1 HENFIELD, SUSSEX. The latter' end of July, or the beginning of August next, unless - ala acceptable offer should be made in the mean time,- AN excellent Family House, called Shiprods, with cottages stables, coach- house^ barns. and other build ings, a garden walled in, an orchard, and 222A. 2R- 23P. of arable, meadow, and pasture land adjoining, situate in the parish of Henfield, in the county of Sussex, now iu the occupation of Mr. Henry Burtenshaw, under a lease, which will ( fxpire a^ Michaelmas next. The above estate ^ tejdcept a^ out 40 acres, part thereof, which are leasehold tor ihe residue of a term of 5oo years) is freehold, is in good repair, is. full of thriving young timber, abounds with game, is situate near a navigable river, adjoins the turnpike road leading from Horsham to Hurst, aud is within a short distance of the turnpike- road leading from London to Brighton ; and the land tax til- reou has been redeemed. Hen field is'situate 10 mile's from Brighton. The purchaser may be accommodated with part of the purchase money on mortgage, if required. The tenant will shew the estate; and further parti- culars may be known by applying to Mr. Faulconer, of Lewes. SOUTH OF CHICHESTER. BY WHITE AND SON, On Wednesday the 8th of July, Id I 2, between the hours of five and six in the evening, at the Golden Fleece Inn, East street, ACapital and very valuable estate, consisting of a compact FARM, of 5S acres, which has been recently chalked and manured, and lies very compact, within a ring fence, situated at Birdham, late the pro- perty of MR Christopher Florance, deceased. Also a roomy Farm yard, well supplied with water, a recently erected barn, stalling for five horses, double cart- house, piggeries, fowl houses, and various out- buildings. A. Dwelling house, large and productive garden, ex- tensive orchard, planted with fine young fruit trees Im- mediate possession will be given, of the fallow ' land, and of the remainder at Michaelmas next. The above property is Leasehold, under the Dean and Chapter of Chichester, for three healthy lives. , Printed particulars will be delivered in due time, at the principal Inns in the neighbouring Market Towns j at . the Libraries, Brighton, Worthing, Bognor, and Tun bridge Wells ; Auction- Mart, London ; and by ; Messrs. White and Son, North- street, Chichester^ or High street,, Arundel* " s Sales by Auction. Rustington. By Mesrs. WHITE and SON, On the Premises, ( Unless Previously ' Disposed of by Private Contract,) On FRIDAY, i! iel7th of July, isl- i, at three o'Clock in the afternoon. the fbllowinK desirable ESTATES, In one Lot, ACOMFORTABLE DWELLING- HOUSE, in good repair ; situated neat Rustington Mill, in the occupation or Mr. George Downer, the proprietor; comprises the follvwing apartments : a Parlour, Kitchen, Wash- house, convenient Cellars, Pantries and Dairy, three Bed Chambers and a Servant's Room— a large Granary, Stable, aud detached Wood house, and Hog- pounds; together with an excellent Walled Garden, cropped with Potatoes, and a pump of excellent Water ; also Half an Acre. of rich Arable Land, ( more or less) now in Oats —^ The Granary may at a small expence, be converted into a Cottage, and Houses of that description are much wanted irr the Neighbourhood. — i- The Fixtures in tiie Dwelling House to be taken at a fair valuation, and the CROP OF OATS to be included in the purchase The above Estate is Copyhold, subject to a small Quit Rent, heriot Best. Beast. — For Further particulars apply to Mr. George Downer, Leominster,' or to Messrs. White and Son, North- street, Chichester, or High street, Arundel. At the house of Edward Strange, called the Market- House, Tunbridge Wells, in the county of Kent, on Friday, the loth day of July, IS 12, between the hours of four and six o'clock in the afternoon, ( unless . previously disposed of by private contract^ of w hich . due notice will be given) ADesirable Freehold Farm, commonly called PARK CORNER, consisting of arable, meadow, pasture, hop ground, at, id woodland, containing by esti- mation 18 acres, more or less, ( well stocked with tim- ber and j fellow) with: a farm- house iu two dwellings, barn, and other buildings, garden and orchard, situate at. Park- Cornet, in the parish of Rotherfield, iu the county < tf . Sussex, about four miles from Tunbridge Wells, late in the occupation of Edward Fry. • * f'htf purchaser may have immediate possession, on taking the growing crops, and other effects on the land, at a fair valuation. For further particulars apply to Mr. Stone, Solicitor* Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, who is authorised to treat by private contract. By MICH. HARRIS, At the Crown Inn, Hailsham, on Wednesday the 1st day of July next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ANewly- erected MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, . with the Carpenter's Shop, yard, saw- pit, garden,, and premises thereto belonging, or therewith used, situ- ate near the Town of Hailsham, adjoining to the high road leading from that town to Battle and Hastings, and now in the occupation of Samuel Burten, as tenant by the year only. And also a newly - erected Cottage, with the Carpen- ter's shop, garden, aud premises thereto belonging, ad- joining to the before mentioned premises, aud now iri the oecupaliou of Peter Carey, as tenant by the year only, I he above estates ( which arc copyhold. of inheritance, held under small annual quit rents, and subject to small stinted heriots and fines), are well " worth the attention of a cooper, or hollow- ware turner, being w. II calcula.. ed for. that business, and there being no person carry i; i£ on the bailie business within the parish. Further particulars may be hud oil application to Mr. Samuel Sinnock, Hailsham. Freehold Farm, near Cuckfield, Sussex. By Mr. GRANTHAM, At the Talbot Inn, at Cuckfield, on Friday, the loth of July, at one o'clock, in one lot, AMost valuable anil highly improveable Free- hold Estate, called NORTH LANDS FARM, aud ABBOTT" s FARM,( free of the tithe of corn and grain, and exonerated from Land- tax), situate at Brook- street, otf the New Brighton- road, near the market town of Cuckfield about 4o miles from London, and 15 from Brighton aud Lewes, 111 a most desi: le country, pos- sessing the finest and most extensive views, and in an excellent ' neighbourhood. The estate consists of , good substantial farm house, barn, stabling, and convenient out- buildings, orchard and garden, d- lached farm- bouse, barn and shed, at Abbott's Farm, with ny acres of ex- cellent arable, meadow, and WOOD land, in high condi lion and cultivation, well stotked with . a quantity of thriving oak timber, for which the soil is pec uliarly adapted. The premises are held by Mr, . Jennings upon an agreement, which expires at Michaelmas, i8U. Printed particulars and condition^ of sale maj be had at the Auction Mart; of Messrs-. Knapp and Hughes, solicitors, Haberdashers' Hall, London; aud of Mr. Clutton, Cuckfield ( where plans may be seen at the Inns at Brighton, Lewes, Uckfield, East Grinstead, Rei- gate, Crawley, Horsham; at the place of sale; and of Mr, Grantham, Park- bill. Croydon. By PLUMER and SON, At the King's Head Inn, in Billingshurst, on Thursday, the - 2d day of July next, at three o'clock in the after- noon, AComplete Freehold Brewery, Malt- house, Dwelling- house,' and six acres of land, situate in the pleasant village of Billingshurst. in Sussex. The Brewery comprising a roomy and convenient Brewhouse, office, compting house, a substantial and roomy malthouse, barley and malt lofts, large and cun venicnt store rooms, cellars^ and all ntiii r necessary buildings, with stabling for ten horses; an extensive yard, a large garden walled in, and a neat cottage and good garden for the use of the Brewer or Clerk. In one store- room there are eight vats, containing lluO bar rels, and in the other store- room 14 vats^ averaging It) barrels each. The Dwelling- house has been lately built with bricks and tiles, and has every convenience, for a family. The Land is of the first quality, and only a short dis- tance from the brewery. The trade of the brewery is respectable and increas ing, and immediate possession may be bad. The premises may be viewed by applying to Mr. Stepney, nf Billingshurst; and further particulars known on application tn Messrs, Grinsted aud Lanham, Hors- ham ; Mr. Stanford,- of Ashurst; or Messrs. Marshall and. Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By PLUMER and SON, At the Swan Inn, tn Horsham, Sussex, on Tuesday the 7th d ay of July, 1813, between the hours of three aud five in the afternoon, A . cjL LAND, comprising a farm house, barn, stable, hovel, cart bouse, and 70 acres, more- or less) of ara- ble, meadow, and coppice land, well - stocked with thriv ing timber, situate near Holbrooke Lodge, io the parish - of Horsham af - resaid, within miles of the town, from whence there is a very good road, now iu the oc cupation of Mr. P. Kempshall, tenant at will, who will shew the premises. The limber and tellows, to lie taken at a valuation. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Henry Wells, Rickfold Farm, in Nuthurst, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. At the Six Bells Inn, at Northiam, Sussex, on Friday, the 45th day of July, 1812, at three o'clock in the Afternoon. AVERY compact desirable FARM, consisting of a Farm- house, Barn, Oasthouse; Cottage, with other convenient Buildings, and several Pieces or Parcels of Arabic, Meadow, Pasture, Hop and Wood Ground, containing by admeasurement, one hundred and ninety Acres, little more nr less, situate in the Parishes of Berkley and Northiam, near Rye, iu the County now iu the of Sussex, called nr known bv the name of Stents, and occupation of Mr. Samuel Baker, who lias notice tn quit at Michaelmas next. N. B. One hundred and four acres of the above are Freehold, and the remainder Copyhold, lint subject onls to small quit rents, and fines, and heriots certain, and the Land Tax is redeemed. The Estate uiay be viewed by applying to Mr. Baker, the Tenant; and " further particular! knoivit by enquiry of Mr, Barton, Solicitor, Battle. Sales by Auction 1 By MR, NEVE, I' At tlie Woolpack, in Tenterden, oil Friday the 3d day July next, between the hours of three aud five o'clock in the afternoon, unless in the mead time disposed of by private contract, of which public notice will he . given, LOT I. A Convenient HOUSE, in two dwellings, XV a barn, waggon' lodge, and four pieces of arable, pasture; iiiid woodland, containing by estima- tion twelve acres, more or less, called Rugden, sifiiate in the parish of Wittersham, in the Isle ol Oxney, in the county of Kent. LOT 2. Five pieces of excellent fresh Marsh Land, containing thirty- two acres, more or less, in Smallhith Marshes, iu Wittersham aforesaid, and exonerated from Land Tax. Both lots are in the occupation of James Harris, of Wittersham, Esq. and possession may be had at Michael- mas next. Half part of the money may remain on SO- curity being given. .13151-, To treat by private contract, particulars may he known by applying ( if by letter- post paid) to the- pro prietor at Wittersham ; or. the Auctioneer, Tenterden" Sussex. — Capital Marsh Land, near the, town of Winchelsea. By HENRY EATON, At the New Inn, Winchelsea, on Monday, the sixth day of July, 1812, at three o'clock in the Afternoon, in six Lots. LOT 1. FOUR PIECES OF MARSH- LAND, called X t'lp outer Pilrags, tlie inner Pilrags, the great Pound Piece, and the six Acres containing, by dmeasurenient 36A. tk. top. LOT - 2. Four Pieces of MARSHLAND, called the Little Pound Pieces; the ten Acres aud the Horse Brook, containing bv admeasurement 23A. 211. OP, LOT 3. Three Pieces of MARSH LAN D ( heretofore in two Pieces) called the House Field; and the thirteen. Acres, RONT- aiuiiig by admeasurement IS A, IR. 2P. LOT 4. One . Piece- of MARSHLAND, cuiled the Winchelsea Salts, containing by admeasurement ISA. 2it. 25P. . . , v , ,, r • • 1 ots Ir- 2,3, and ^ adj nip together, and are situate ' on the ' east side of the R. M. Canal, in .. the Parish o'f Icklesham, and within a quarter of a mile of the town of Winchelsea. LOT 5. A Piece of LAND . called the Colts, situate oft ilie east side of the New Harbour, and containing, by admeasurement ( exclusive of the road oil the wall) 12A. FA. SR. LOT ( j. Four Pieces of MARSHLAND, lying oi » the west side of the R. M. Canal, immediately under the Winchelsea Cliff, iu the Parish of Icklesham, con* taming by admeasurement I3A. 2R 2P. The whole of this Estate is in the occupation ot Tenants by the year from Michaelmas. John Sinden, the looker at Winchelsea, will shew the several Lots; aiid Particulars may be had at the Office of Messrs. Lucas Shad well, Bishop aud - Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings. STOLEN or STRAYED, front Bolney Com- O mon.— A Black MARE PONEY, about i. « | hands high, Willi a short sprig tail, rather ewe necked, aud has been wrung on the hack. Whoever will bring the same to Phillip Barber, Miller, at Bolney, or give infor- mation, so that lie may have it again, shall lie hand- somely rewarded for their trouble. PHILIP BARBER- Shortly will he published, A N ADDRESS to the Gentlemen of the West- - LA. ern Division of the County of Sussex, on an Act of Parliament, lately passed, for repairing the Road from Storrington to Ball's Hut, iu Walberton, in ilie county of Sussex." With obsi rvations deiaon! tfating » its advantages and disadvantages, . By A FREE HOLDER. TliU. day is published, price 5s. ( id. or on line papcr. price 8s. ' I THE_ READIEST RECKONER EVER IN- 3. VENTED, for assisting the Tradesman, the Mer- . chant, the Gentleman, & c. iu finding the amount, at any given, price, o! any Number from One to Ten Thou- sand. The whole constructed and separately calcu- lated, by STEPH SIMPSON and EDW. WISE. Accountant.. London.! Printed for Sharpe and Hailes, at ihe Mu. seum, opposite Bond street, Piccadilly ; and sold by W. Lee, Lewes. On July lit Wilt Of published, in One Octavo Volume, Price One Pound Eleven Shillings and Sixpence in Boards, G- ENFINLAS a- d . iher BALLADS, with J THE VISION -•• « DON RODERICK, a Poem, by Walter Scott. Esq. mustrated with engravings from the designs of Reihard Westall, Esq. R. A. ° *** The Illustrations may, he separately purchased. Price Fifteen Shillings in a Portfolio; Proofs oil Quar to Paper, Price One Pound Ten Shillings, t + t This Volume forms a fourth to Mr. Scott's Poems, The Lady of the Lake, Marmion, and The Lay of the Last Minstrel, already published, with similar Embellishments. London: Published by Sharpe and Hailes, at the Museum, opposite Bond street, Piccadilly; and of W. Lee, Lewes, To Gentlemen and Artificers concerned in Building. This Day was - Published, the Nineteeth Edition, price 4s. carefully corrected to March, tai- CROSBY'S BUILDER'S NEW PRICE BOOS for I0I- 2, containing, every requisite information to Gentlemen engaged in Building, as well as the various Artificers employed, with ihe Prices allowed f., r Labour by the first Surveyors. Al- o the present Value of every Thing necessary tor erecting and completely finishing Buildings of all Descriptions; Method of Constructing Ovens; Properties of Limes, and Composition of Cements ; Tables far measuring Timber aud the various Works; Copious Abstracts ot the Building and Paving Acts; Estimate for building n third rate House, uud many other useful Calculations. By, JOHN. PHILLIPS, Surveyor, Author of The General History of Inland Navigation, assiste'd b, eminent Surveyors aud Builders! London', Printed il tV B. and It Crosby aod Co. Sta- tioners' Court, Slid sold by J. Baxter, Lewes ' ; ' VttlrfVe iilso'iu'av be had, COATES'S PRACTICAL LAND SURVEYOR in Seven i5ii Parts^ silt win g iHiti Method of drawing red ti no- or augmenting Pans, with many Wood Cuts Price 3s. till. or o i fim Paper. 5s. tjd. boards. PHILLIPS'S GENERAL HISTORY OF INLAND NAVIGATION, containing a full and clear Account of the Canals finished, as well as tuose no* in hand — His. tid. boards. , < u. The GREAT RESTORATIVE to HEALTH, ~ Mann's, Approved Medicine, SOLD in bottles ? t 2s Od and 4s. 6d, each, dti- O iy included, engraved on the stamp, •• THOS. MANN, HORSHAM, . SUSSEX," to couuten'eit which ig felony. As Coughs and Colds are so prevalent at this season of iii- year, uo family should lit- a moment without this medicine. To Mr. Mann, Druggist, & c. Horsham. Sussex. SIR, Having lost two daughters and a son, in a de- cline, and our daughter Martha. Dewdney being dan- gerously ill with the same alarming complaint, that we had given over all hopes of her ever getting better, but by taking \ onr APPROVED MEDICINE, she is recovered from her dangerous state, restored to a good appetite,' and cheerful spirits, ( Signed) RICHARD DEWDNEY, ANN DEWDNEY. Warnham. near Horsham, Sussex, Dec, li, isuo. The above is since married, has two children, and en- joys the blessing of health at this time, June isi- 2. Many Ladies and Gentleman havr iotely received great relief trom this mediciuc afflicted wiVli coughs, colds, & c. al- o many families wiih ilie hooping COUGH, among whir- It were three children ef Mrs. « Bowring, of Reigate Surrey, afflicted with that complaint to a tery alarming degree. in January I8M, are nil recovered by lukiol Mann's Approved Medicine, attending to the direction » given toi that complaint. • Sold . by A. Lee, School Hill. Lewes.' alid all other Venders^ and may be had of the Newsmen. Postscript. FROM SATURDAY'S. LONDON GAZETTE. Carlton- House, June 23, 1312. HIS Royal Highness having been graciously pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to deliver the custody of the seals of the duchy and county palatine of Lancaster to the lit. Hon. Charles Bathurst, the oath of Chancellor of the said duchy was, this day, by his Royal High- ness's command, admininstered to him accordingly. BANKRUPTS. JOHN TUPPER, of East Donyland, Essex, maltster.-^— Samuel Ella, of Loughborough, Lei- cester, hosier. Alexander Gordon, of London, merchant,,—— r— James Fitch, of London, wine merchant.---—— Joseph Braham, of Manchester, Lancaster, broker. Mary Cox and John Cox, of Emsworth; Southampton, innkeepers. Mark Moor, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, chinamen.— John Drane, of Ealing, Middlesex, baker.— Wil- liam Simpson, of Westminster, Middlesex, coal- merchant.— Edward Thomas, of London, printer. — John Henderson, of London, surgeon and apo- thecary.— Thomas Blackburn; of London, master- mariner.—•— John Heiden, of London, dealer and chapman.— Joseph Edwards, of London, apothe- cary.— William Pool, of London, coal- merchant.— Henry Marsh, of London, victualler. LONDON, ( SUNDAY) The following notices were posted, on Saturday morning, at the New England Coffee- house, in the City — « OFFICE FOR TRADE. , Whitehall, June'^ Ts'ij'. " Mr. Lark is directed by Mr. Rose, to ^ c(| uaiu't Mr. Elwall, that, under the Acts gfanlltig tfie' bounty ill printed Licenses, the exportation must he made out of Great Britain, which, according to usage, must, in the case of the port of London, be a clearance from Gravesend" " Whitehall, June 26, 1812. " Mr. Lack is directed to inform Mr. Elwall, that Licences will be prepared forthwith, for the protection of American \ cssels, hound from this1 kingdom to the United States, with cargoes the property of British or American subjects." An Anholt Mail arrived on Saturday morning, with papers of recent dates. An article dated Got- tenburgh the 15th states, that no battle had yet taken place, that the Russians do not mean to advance, and that the French were not sufficiently strong to attack them. The two Emperors were employed in reviewing their respective armies; and it would appear, that a negotiation was still in train between them. A French General returned on the 28th May, from Wilna, the head- quarters of Alexander," to Dresden, with a reply to a commu- nication from Bonaparte ; but the latter, having previously left that city, the General followed him with his diapatch'es. Previous to the departure of Bonaparte from Dresden, it is said he appointed the Archbishop of Mechlia to an Embassy of im- portance. The Dublin Evening Post, of Tuesday last, con cludes a comment upon the late Aggregate Catholic Meeting, held in that city, with the following ob- servation.;— Upon the spirit and splendid eloquence of a Finlay and an O'Connell we could dwell with pleasure. To Counsellor Finlay, as the Protestant advocate of his aggrieved countrymen, the thanks of Ireland are particularly due. Ireland has thank- ed him 1— and she hopes to see him, at no distant day, with all the force of his great eloquence and exalted talent, advocate her cause, and maintain her rights in the Senate. To dwell also upon the admirable Report's made by Counsellors HUSSEY and O'GORMAN would be also gratifying to our feelings, but want of room impels us to point at once to the unanimous Resolution of the Catholics of Ireland, not to receive from England any thing short of their unqualified rights. They will not stoop to compromise!!! Unconditional emancipation can alone satisfy the Irish People They are not to be turned from their great consti tutional„ purpose by the shallow artifice of a pro- mised neutrality.'.' They are not to be duped by a Cabinet intrigue, nor are they to be fooled or stop- ped in their course by a flimsey half- measure mo- tion, which appears calculated to embarrass,/ not to give either life, or vigour, or triumph to Their cause. To be put upon an equal footing with their Protestant fellow- subjects, is all the Catholics of Ireland require, and they look for the attainment of this unconditionally ! ! To this end the people should attend to the earnest recommendation of the Aggregate Meeting, namely, that counties, cities, . and great towns sheuld meet for the purpose of preparing local Petitions, as " the reiteration of an universal application to the Legislature is one of the most effectual means of success." On the inquiry into the late fire at Plymouth Dock- yard, it was ascertained, by the testimony of those who saw it at' its commencement, that it broke out in one particular place in the attic story of the warehouse for ropes and hemp, where no fire has been ever allowed to be kept on any ac- count.— Against the suspicion that migh^ adse <> i the place* having been wilfully set on fire, it has been remarked that the preceding day was very hot, and accompanied with very strong and vivid lightning, which was observed to Hash forcibly on that part of the building. ^ The extraordinary will of Mr. Wilkinson, the late wealthy Ironmaster, in South Wales, is now under the adjudicature of Judges, in Serjeants' Inn, in which case many difficulties arise respect- ing the residuary Legatees; for, after specially bequeathing between three and four hundred thou- sand pounds to two persons, he directs that the remainder of his property, nearly as much more, shall go to his illegitimate offspring, without men- tioning either their names or their numerical amount; to whom, therefore, and in what portions, this vast sum shall be decreed, is the question now pressing for determination, the Chancellor having declared himself incompetent to decide it. LEWES, JUNE 29, 1812. The Earl of Moira, we understand, declined engaging Bishopstone- place, on account of its containing uo apartments suitable to the ac- commodation of his upper servants. From Bishopstone, his Lordship proceeded on to East Bourne. The changeable weather continues greatly to harras our nay- makers. They can make no pro- gress whatever towards the stack. The Archdeacon's Visitation for the Deanries of Lewes and Pevensey, held here on Tuesday last; was very respectably attended by the neigh- bouring Clergy. The Rev. Dr. Brodie, vicar of ^ East^^ Bourne^ detiverect art;, excellent discourse on the occasion, in which lie was not unmindful of his brethren ; but we were sorry to learn, :, tl) at his voice Was not sufficiently audible to be distinctly heard by them all. The attentive auditors of the Reverend the venerable Archdeacon, were much impressed with his plain, forcible, and sensible charge, principally pointed at the extensive utility of Dr. Bell's plan for the instruction of the children of the poor, which is now rapidly spreading, and will soon, in all probability, become general throughout the country. Yet, though the scheme is highly patronized, and actively pro- pogated, it is, by no means, perfect. It ought to be made a national establishment. A national establishment of national schools has rendered Scotland the most orderly and moral country in Europe ; before which, it was, with a few " ex- ceptions, the most barbarous. Why not extend this great blessing to England? It is the opinion of the most able men, that national education ought to be conducted upon the principles of na- tional religion." All church and school establish- ments ought, therefore, to be intimately connect- ed ; and when this system of education becomes more perfect, and generally enforced, it would be well if the clergyman of the parish was the superintendant of the parish school, and the clerk the schoolmaster. Of all important measures of domestic policy, that of establishing parochial schools, would be the most important, and the most beneficial; for the ignorance of the poor is the root of all those evils for which our poor laws are foundin- sufficient to alleviate. PUFFENDORF, in his Jus GENTIUM, says, that a wise legislature finds it easier to prevent than to punish ; and the jurisprudence of this country well knows, that it is entirely owing to the want of moral and religious instruction of the poor, that the. cri- minal law is rendered necessary for the punish- ment of offences. Some obstacles may present themselves, but under all the circumstances of the case, let us look forward with confidence, that the most effectual mentis of our na- tional improvement, through the channels of national instruction to the poor, will be zea- lously supported by every true and steady Friend of the National Church; and not to them only, but to all those rational minds of whatever per- suasion, who think it the duty and essence of a National Church, to watch over the instruction and morals of the mass of the people. Some gentlemen are laudably exerting them- selves in the promotion of a subscription, for the purpose of raising a sum sufficient to purchase a GOLD CUP, value one hundred guineas, to be givento be run for, on the second day ofourensu- ing Races, after the manner of that given last year, and should they accomplish their design, they will be adding much to the celebrity of our turf amusements, which certainly bring pleasure and profit to the town and neighbourhood. FAMILY LONGEVITY. There are now living withing a few miles of this town, three sisters, named Stanford, Walder, and Hover, whose united ages amount to 242 years, the first being 76, the second 78, and the third 88. They have borne 34 children, and the eldest even, is yet abje to walk many miles a- day. Last Monday they were to have dined together, but the untowardness of the weather, prevented their meeting. Their maiden name was Hobden. The interior of the parish church of Cuckfield, has just undergone a complete alteration and repair, and it is now as elegant and convenient a place of worship as any in the county. A new Weighing Machine, of an improved construction, by Mr. Arnold, of Tottenham, was last week erected near Offham Turnpike Gate, by order of the Trustees of that road. On Saturday last, Mary Tester servant to Mr. Wicker, of Chailey, near this town, was committed to Horsham jail, charged on suspi- cion of having wilfully and feloniously murdered her bastard child, of which she secretly delivered herself, and placed the body in a box, which she kept concealed in her chamber, until she found an opportunity of burying it in the orchard, where it remained four days before suspicion led to its discovery. The Coroner's Jury, on view of the body, returned a verdict of— Still- born, as 110 marks of violence appeared. The unfortunate girl, immediately after her delivery, attended to her domestic concerns, as if nothing had happened to her. The same evening, John French, a labourer, of Mayfield, was committed to our House of Correction, charged with feloniously stealing, taking and carrying away about one pound of bacon, half a pound of butter, and some bread and cheese, the property of Mr. Thorndicraft. One day last week as two little boys were playing together at Hastings, the eldest threw a stone at his companion, which unfortunately struck him 011 the head and caused his instant death. On Friday, the 19th inst. as a man named Heygate, was preparing to explode some chalk, in Willingdon chalk- pit, the touch paper, which, he had just lighted, was blown, by a sudden puff of wind, immediately upon the priming, which flashed in his face ; but, providentially without communicating to the powder in the chalk, in the event of which the . poor man would, inevitably, have been blown to atoms. Last Wednesday, a male Martin was taken alive from a vermin trap, in the Hammer- pond Wood, Maresfield, by a man who, on Satur- day, exhibited it as a show, in this town. The Martin, which is of the weasel tribe, may be styled the most beautiful of all British beasts of prey. Its head is small, and beau- tifully formed ; its eyes are lively ; its ears are broad, rounded, and open; its back, its sides and tail, are covered with a finedowjny fur, with longer hair intermixed ; the roots of an ash co- lour, the middle of a bright chesnut, and the points black ; the head is brown, with a slight cast of red ; the legs and feet a chocolate colour, and the throat and breast white. Gesner tells us, that he once kept a tame Martin, which was very pretty and playful ; it went about the houses of tbe neighbourhood, and always re- turned home when hungry. The one caught as above, is now in the possession of John Newn- ham, Esq. who, we hear, intends having a com- modious cage erected from its occupancy. On Tuesday, the 16th inst. a Woodcock was shot by Mr. John Dendy, on the premises of his uncle at Shipley, in this county, a circumstance that does not often oecur at this season of the year. Mr. Dendy flushed his bird in a ditch nigh to the farm- yard. BRIGHTON; JUNE 29,1812. Our Town is Selling fast, and many of the principal houses appear to be occupied. The unsettled weather of yesterday was, in a great degree prohibitory to the pleasures of our fashionable promenades. Our Races, it seems, are fixed for Friday, Saturday, and Monday, the 24th, 25th, and 27th of July, and we are glad to hear that the Earl of EGREMONT has accepted the Steward- ship. As some of the best horses are named for the above Races, extraordinary is expected. Ladies Wilson and Redesdate ( the mother and sister of Mrs. Perceval), the Misses Reid, & c. have been enjoying the charms of Worth- ing for some time. The Duke of Brunswick's two sons are also enjoying that healthful spot. Among the many patriotic acts of the EARL OF EGREMONT, none shews his philanthropy more, than in covenanting with the tenants of his mills to supply the town of Petworth with flour, according to the average price of corn sold in that market; but in some way or another the good intention of his Lordship is frustrated. Although central, that market is higher than Arundel, Chichester, Midhurst, Haselemere, or Godalming. The fault must be either in those persons who give in the price of corn, or those who calculate from that data. It is to be hoped, his Lordship and the Magistrates will probe where the fault lies ; indeed, it becomes their especial duty, having recommended the parishes in their division, to make allowances to the poor, according to the mode settled by the Vestry at Petworth ; and therefore, the little tradesmen and others, with large families, are grievously affected both in the consumption of flour, and paying to the rates which rise in pro- portion to the advance of flour. ! >' The following is a Copy of the Address pre- sented by the Corporation of the City of Chi- chester, to his Royal Highness George Prince Regent of the United Kingdom of Great Bri- tain and Ireland :— May it please your Royal Highness to permit his Majesty's loyal subjects the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, and Burgesses of his ancient City of Chichester, to approach your royal person with our most sincere expressions of condolence on a late deplorable event, which has deprived your Royal Highness of an upright and intelligent Mi- nister, and society of a worthy and amiable man. Educated, as we have happily been, in the mild principles of Christianity, we cannot but con- template, with horror, the perpetration of a crime, which, under all its circumstances would have dis- graced the darkest ages of Heathen Superstion. With what a mixture then of surprize and indig- nation must we reflect, that it was daringly com- mitted, amid the refined scenes of civil life, in the face of a humane and enlightened people, and with- in the very walls of Parliament. Trusting, how- ever, that the general effusions of sorrow which have followed ibis foul and most unnatural murder, may tend to efface the stain which must otherwise have indelibly marked the British Character, we de- voutly wish, that Providence may still continue its protection to this highly favored country, and that its choicest blessings may attend your royal person and government. Our Theatrical Corps commenced their sum- mer campaign on Saturday evening, with the comedy of the Rivals, and the musical enter- tainment, called The Review; or Wags of Windsor, with the pleasing prospect of success, the house being tolerably well attended in the boxes, and amply in the gallery. The favorites of the last season were warmly greeted on their return ; and much applause was bestowed on the performances, which, however, had nearly sus- tained an untoward check, from the non- arrival of Mr. Herring, announced for the part of Acres, and Caleb Quotem, both of which, for- tunately for the manager, were kindly and most happily sustained by Mr. Beverley, who, by mere accident, happened to be in the town, on healthful recreation. He was deservedly ap- plauded, and loudly encored in his song. It is in contemplation to enlarge our Market- place, by the purchase of Mr. Tilt's vault, which bounds it on the south. Last Monday the two fishermen, Bishop and Allen, who, after a fortnight's imprisonment, had been liberated from the galling shackles of a press- gang, by the express command of the PRINCE REGENT, arrived here, to the great joy of their familes and friends. They report that the gang, to enforce immediate submission, levelled pistols at them on boarding their boat. They, however, were not ill- treated on board the prison- ship, at Portsmouth ; and as a sort of recompence for their loss of time, protections have been granted them, to remain in force, during the war. On Wednesday two men were taken up at Pease Pottage Gate, charged with having cir- culated forged Bank of England notes at Craw- • i ley. On searching them many notes of a simi- lar description were found on their persons. They were taken to Horsham for examination, and we understand, were committed to the County Jail at that place, for trial. • Last Friday the remains of the much- lamented Mr. William Pollard, late proprietor of the Marine Library, in this town, who died on the 20th inst. weie interred in the family vault with Masonic Ho- nours. The Royal Arch Companions, and Brethren of the Royal Clarence Lodge ( of which he was a Member) in ( he Regalia of ( heir respective Orders, preceded by the Prince Regent's Band, moved in solemn procession with the Body, and a long train of mourners, from North row, a little before four o'clock to the Dead March, in Saul, and as the mournful spectacle passed, taking its course by the parade through the New Road and North- street, to the Church, the pathetic strains of the finest band in the kingdom, the appropriate insig- nia of the Brotherhood, together with the estima- ble and spotless character of the deceased, drew tributary tears from all degrees of persons, who thronged the streets, and windows contiguous to its passage to the burial ground, which, with the Church, was crowded to exeess; but by the atten- tion of Messrs. Newington, Moorey, and others of the Parish Officers, the circumference of the vault was so welt kept, as to enable the Minister, and mourners to perform, without interruption, the last* rites to their departed* friend and relative. On their retiring, Mr. Scott, the worthy acting Master of the Lodge, in the centre of an oblong square, formed by the Brethren, at the entrance of the mansion of death, most impressively pro, nounced a funeral oration, on the rare qualities, piety, and resignation of the departed Brother, through a protracted and painful illness, of nearly five years continuance ; and with the customary ceremonies " Consign'd his mortal part to rest etenal." The grand and solemn sounds of the Prince Regent's Band, were an addition as handsome- as unexpected, application having, in the first in- stance, been made to Colonel Morrison, command- ing the 89th Regiment, for his. band, which was, refused, on the score, that a Regimental Band was never allowed to perform at any other than at mi- litary funerals, although innumerable contrary instances were opposed to his unkindly and ungra- cious veto. On the negative being made known to Mr. Kramer, page, and director of the Prince's Regimental Band, HE, most kindly volunteered his services, and with the other musical gentlemen, many of whom, as well as himself, are of the fraternity, gratified the feelings of the deceased's relatives; the Brotherhood, the inhabitants, and the visi- tors, by a conduct, which we feel proud in say- ing, will be sanctioned and approved by his Grant: Master, the PRINCE REGENT of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. DIED. On Wednesday, se'nnight, Mr. Hum- phry, Taylor, aged 94 years, the oldest native of the town. TO THE PRINTERS OP THE SUSSEX AD- ' VERTISER. GENTLEMEN, BEING out of England at the time the two following Notes passed between my Mother and Mr. Robert Ranking, Surgeon, of this place, and conceiving my Sister, to have met with a most unwarrantable insult from Mr. R. I am induced, in justification of her conduct, to lay the corres- pondence before the public ; and especially, as it has been reported, that she has acknowledged her- self guilty of Mr. R's accusation, which is totally. without foundation, as the reply to Mr. R. will prove. I am, Gentlemen, Your obedient, humble servant, JOHN BECKETT, Lieutenant Royal Navy. Eastbourne, June 25, 1812. • ( COPY) 10th of April, 1812 Mr. Ranking lias been informed, this morning, by Mrs. Titley, that a note which was, some short time since, sent from Mr. Titley, by his servant^ to Mr. R, and by mistake brought la Mrs. Beckett's, was opened by some one of Mrs. Beckett's family, and read ; that it was then closed again, and given to tbe servant, with the information that Mr. Ranking lived next door. As Mr. R. had the account from the servant herself, he cannot but consider it correct, as he does not see what motive the girl could possibly have to frame such a story. It was one of the junior part of the family, as the girl at first thought it was Mrs. K front the note being opened by her. Mr. It. begs therefore to say, that it is a liberty believer will submit to from any persiin ; and hopes it wilt never occur again ; as if it should, it it will be noticed in a more serious manner. Friday morning. ( COPY.) Mrs. Beckett and family have perused, with surprise, Mr. Rankings note, received this day. Mr. R. having accused some part of Iter family, of having been guilty of opening a note addressed to him, she feels herself impelled to reply to bis observations. The circumstance Mr. R. alludes to, is, principally this, Mr. Titley's Ser- vant came to Mrs. Beckett's door, with a folded paper, which was delivered to Miss Beckett, ( the bearer not staling for whom it was intended,) and it not being SEALED, or DIRECTED to any person, Miss B. opened it, and to her surprise, finding the paper contained a note for Mr. Ranking, immediately returned the same, and acquainted the person it was a mistake, as the note was intended for Mr. Ranking, who lived next door. Mr. Titley's servant having stated to Mr. R. that some part of Mrs. B.' s family opened and read the note, and clofed it again, is as notorious, as it is unjust and fatfe\ and Mrs. B. regrets to find that Mr. R. has, in one or two instances, been too credulous to the vile and malicious insinuations of a servant maid. Mrs. B. trusts Mr. R. will do her the justice to entertain a more honourable opinion- Friday evening, 10th April, 181- 2. ' Sussex Auxiliary Bible Society. THE next Meeting of the Committee of said Society, will tie holden at the Star Inn, Lewes. on 6th day, called Friday, the 3d of 7th month, called July, 1813, at twelve o'clock precisely. WM MARTEN, Secretary. SUSSEX SOCIETY, For the Education of the Infant Poor in the prin- ciples of the Established Chinch. THE General Meeting of the Subscribers to the Western Division of this Society, will be hol- den at the Half Moon, at Petworth, on Thursday, the gib of July, at twelve o'clock, when a. Report of the Society's proceedings will he made, and a statement of the accounts, See. of the year will be laid before the meeting. CHAS. PILKINGTON, Secretary. Chichester, June 25, 1812. N. B. All Subscribers of One Guinea annually, or Benefactors to the amount of Ten Guineas, are qualified to attend the General Meeting. Institution for the Relief of distressed Families of Clergymen, within the Western Division of the County of Sussex. rT', HE General Meeting of the Governors for the present year, will be held at the Half Moon Inn, Petworth, on Thursday, the ninth day of July, 1812, for the usual purposes. WM. LEEVES, Treasurer. LEWES RACES. GOLD CUP. THE Inhabitants of Lewes, and its vicinity, are respectfully informed, that a COMMITTEE has been appointed to take into consideration the most efficacious means of collecting the Subscriptions for tbe Annual GOLD CUP given to be run for, on the SECOND day of Lewes Races ; and. they have thought it most expedient to go front house to house to coiled the Subscriptions, and have accordingly appointed a per- son who will call on or about Tuesday next, for that purpose. N. B. Gentlemen living in the country, and those who may not be at home, have an opportunity of sub scribing, as the book will be left at the Banking- house of Messrs. Whitfeld and Co. Lewes. ' '''}" "'' ' WANTED, a CURACY, in SUSSEX or KENT. Letters addressed to Rev. J. G. DUR- HAM, Rolvenden, Kent, will be duly attended to. WANTED, a Youth of respectable connec- tions, as an Apprentice to a Draper and Grocer. For particulars apply to Mr, James Redman, Ditch- eling. A premium will be expected. WANTS a situation as HOUSEKEEPER, in a small family, a middle- aged woman,— has no objection to a Farm- house, having been used to one. Apply to Mr. Spaikes, linen- draper, 12, Maiket- place, Brighton. LANCING SOCIETY FOR PROSECUTING THIEVES AND OTHER OFFENDERS. THE next Meeting of the Members of this So- ciety will be holden at the house of James Lee, bearing the sign of the Sussex Pad, in Lanc- ing aforesaid, on Monday the 6th day of J uly uext, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Bv order of the Societv, " HEN. BROOKER, Clerk. Brighthelmston, June., 26, 181- 2. NOTICE is hereby given, all persons that stand indebted to the " late JAMES HOLLAND, of Storrington, deceased, Sadler and Harnessmaker, are desired to pay the amount of their respective debts to Widow Holland, and John Trnwer, Executors to tbe late James Holland; and all persons that have any elaims or demands 011 the late James Holland, are de- sired to send iu their accounts, in order to have them settled, C. HOLLAND, J, T!! A\\ Eli. Storrington, 26 June, 1SI2- > >'• • A J. EX. CHEALE AND SONS, SOUTHOVER and UCKFIEL1), RETURN thanks to Gentlemen, an< l to the - Public in general, for the encouragement'tin y have received since commencing the bus'iue. ses of Builders and Machine Makers, of most descriptions, which they have now ready made for » aie, via:. Patent and common Mangles, Winnowing Machines- and Chaff Cutters, Turnip Cutters, Cheese Presses, Box Churns, and other < hums of different descrip- tions, Iron Pumps from 12 feet to 200 feet, to work liy one person. N. IJ. The above are ori the best and most improved plan, and are insured to answer. STRAYED, Into Crightling, about the isth of ibis month, ABlack and White Beagle BITCH. The owner by paying for keep and advertising may have her again, by applying to Abraham Baxter, Gamekeeper, Rosehill. 1 ' Amicable Society, Serjeant's Inn, London, Instituted by Queen A tie, 111 1706. THE Directors have the satisiaction of inform the Public, that alter a very careful and strict examination of the . circumstances which have occurred during the experience of more than a century, the So- ciety has been enabled greatly to increase the benefit. Originally insured to, the present Members, by the pro- gressive advance of each " Share to 200). besides such contingent additions as may lie produced iu the year lit which the death happens. The Directors have likewise the pleasure to state, that under the authority of lite supplementary Charter which his Majesty has been recently pleaded to grant 1 lor extending the benefit, of this Justication, they are etrublcd to offer to the. Public the means of effecting Insurances from 200l, to 3000. at the various ages from 8 to 67, whether for the whole of life, for any number of years, or 011 any contingency depending on life or survivorship, at considerably reduced Premrimus. . At this Office the various . kinds of Insurance are en- titled, in proportion to the amount insured, to put net- pate in the advantage of the contingent, additions to the claims arising by deaths in each year. By Order of the ' Court of Directors, J. PENSAM, Register. *,•* Plans of the Institution, with tables of the rates of Insurance, may be had at the OFFICE of this pa- per. Mowing Grass, Framfield' Place. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On Saturday, 18th of July, as the Star Inn, in Lewes, at six o'clock in the evening, by order of the Trus- tee? of the Kev. Rich. Rideout, in several lots, A BOUT Seventy Acres of good MOWING, GRASS, now standing at Framfield Place, near Uck field. Further particulars will be given in next week's paper. Brighthelmston — Worth the attention of Per- sons wishing to make an addition to their Income, TWO HOUSES, in RICHMOND PLACE, Brighton, elegantly furnished, and all en- tirely new, to be Let, or the Lease and Furniture Sold, on snch easy terms as will insure'a profitable income. " V > Enquire of Mr. Stone, boot maker. Great East Street; or Mr. Benjamin Hunt, upholsterer, St. James's Street, Brighton. LEWES WINDMILL. ' TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, A VALUABLE WIND CORN- MILL, with . the lease of the ground and premises there to be- longiug, granted for 99 years, at the low rent nf Three Guineas, of which term 88 years will he unexpired at Michaelmas next. The Mill is situate in the parish of Saint Michael, in Lewes, adjacent to and communicat- ing nearly at the centre, with the High- street, was built- by Pilbean, of the very best materials, has been Since used as a Public Town Mill, and is one of the most complete buildings of that class. Immediate pos- session may bo had. The interior of the Milt may be viewed, and the sti- pulations of tbe lease examined by applying at the office of Messrs. Langridge and Kell, Solicitors, Lewes t » whom all tenders are t » be delivered without delay.' TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, Land Tax redeemed, TWO valuable Freehold Farms, called COLD HARBOUR, and FINCH GREEN', adjoining each other, situate in the parishes of Penshurst and Cliddingstone, in the county of Kent. Consisting of two good Farm houses, three barns, oasthouse and lodge, all in good repair, and I114 acr'e « , ( Tittle more or less) of rich arable, meadow, hop and woodland. Also a Freehold Cottage, 111 three tenements, with a garden situate at Smarts Hill, in Penshurst. The Farms are well planted with timber, which is particularly good, and a great part of it it fit for felling. This estate is well worth the attention of a sports- man. as it lies in the centre of very fine preserves, which will always ensure an abundance of game; there is also a pack of excellent hounds kept by a neighbour- iug gentleman. The property is subject to a quit rent of 79. 2s. to the Man or of Penshurst Halemote Penshurst is about 28 miles from London, six front Tunbridge and Tunbridge Wells, and five from Seven Oaks. The farms may be viewed by application to Wm. Hollemby, the tenant, whose lease expires Michaelmas 1813; and further particulars may be known, and a inisp of tbe estate seen, by applying- at the office of Messrs. Jones and Bostock, Solicitors, Tunbridge Wells. MARKETS . b • Friday, June The market this day has but few arrivals of Wheat, and the supplies on hand but inconsider-, able ; little of prime quality, which lolntainf some what better prices. Barley, with malt, supports the last quotation, As also white and grey Peas — Beans of each description rather dearer. Owing to a continuance of. short arrivals of Oats, this ar- ticle is again quoted somewhat higher. And Flour ' at the last prices. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN. Wheat 106s. 135s. 152s. Tick Beans - 7k$. 7Ss. Fine ditto 154s. 15Ss. Ditto Fine - 73s. 74s. Rye - - - 80s. 92s. Oats - 5Ss'. 56s.' fids. Barley - - 6ts. 70s; Poland ditto- 62s. 63s. Malt - - 96s. 102s Potatoe ditto — 64s. White Peas 82s. 8Bs. Rape seed - 74I. sol. Grey. Peas - 72s. 78s. Fine flour ,115s..'! « « » « Beans - 73s. 79s, Seconds - I 10s. I 15s. SMITHFlELD- MARKET, JUNE 26 This day's market was . not well supplied with different - kinds, of Cattle. Pork is dearer; Beef,' Mutton,- and Veal, are cheaper; Lamb supports las't price, and the trade for the most part was not over brisk— The sales in the Hay- Market were somewhat dull; Straw has got up in. price; Hay and Clover have fallen in price— The following prices and ntun- bets are an accurate statement. To sink' the offal, per stone of sib. Beef 4s.'. 2d. to 5s. 4d. 1 H? ad of Cattle, this day Mutton 4s. ii) d. to 5s.'( K | Beasts . . : . 410 Lamb 5s- fid, to 7< l. 6d. • Sheep - - -. 7,400 Veal 5s. .08. to 7s. 0d. • Calves ... - - - 82 Pork 5s. 0d. to 6s. 8d. Pigs ,- - - - - 210 PRICE of CORN.— Lewes, Saturday, June 27. Red Wheal ,> - - ,£ 6.16 0 to 7 4 0 J. LEIGHTON. Inspector. From Tuesday's London Gazette. War- Office. . June 23, 1812. IN consepuence of lie gallantry displayed bv th*< 2d Battalion of the 4Vth regiment in ihe lefence of Tarifa, bis Royal Highness l!> e Prince Regent lias been oleased, in the name and on the behalf nf His Majesty, to anprove of the word ' Tarifa" being lim ue inmn. the colours and aj>- poititmehts of the 4~ th Regiment. BANKRUPTS. , Thomas Nightingale, Watling- street, London, Warehouseman.— John Newton, Stockport, Ches- ter, groer.—. John Mason, Liverpool, merchant.-- W. Russell, Ipswich, Suffolk, maltster.— James Pitt. Swan- street, Minories, London, butcher.— Jas. Fowler Portsmouth, merchant.— T. Homes, Warwick, grocer.— Thomas Carter, Charles street, Middlesex, master- mariner.— G. Hayley, Plymouth Dock. china- man— T. Pott, Tamworth, War- wickshire, innkeeper.— T. Irons, Bilston, Stafford- shrie, woollen- draper.— James Rickards, Newgate- street. warehouseman.- John Thomas, Bristol. tai lor. — Francis Ward, Great Portland- street, linen- draper. . Supplement to the London Gazette Of Tuesday the 23d. of June. At the- Court at Carlton house, 23d of June IS 12, present, His Royal Highness the Prince Regent in Council. Whereas his Royal Highness the Prince Regent was pleaded to declare, in the name and on the be- half of his Majesty, on the 21st day of April, 1812, That if at an\ trine hereafter the Berlin and Mi- lan Decrees shall, by some authentic act of the French Government, publicly promulgated, be ab- solutely end unconditionally repealed, then and from thence forth the Order in Council of the 7th of January 1307, and the Order in Council of the 2f( th of April I"'), shall, without any further or- der, " be. and the same are hereby declared from thenceforth to he wholly and absolutely revoked : And whereas the Charge des Affaires of tile United States of America, resident at this Court, diil, on the 2<> th day of May last, transmit to Lord Viscount Castlereagh, one of his Majesty's Princi pal Secretaries of State, a copy of a certain in- strument, then for the first time communicated to this Court, purporting to be a Decree passed by the Government of France, on the 28tb day of April 1811, by which the Decrees of Berlin and Milan are declared to be definitively no longer in force, in re » ard to American vessels. And whereas, his Royal Highness the Prince Re- gent, altongh he cannot consider the tenour of the said instrument as satisfying the conditions set forth in the said Order of the 21st of April last, upon which the said Orders were to cease and de- termine ; is nevertheless disposed on his part to lake such measures as mav tend to re- establish the intercourse between Neutral and Beligerent Nations tfpori its accustomed principles— His Royal High- ness the Prince Regent, in the name and on be- half of his Majesty, is therefore pleased, by and with, the advice of his Majesty's Privy Council, to order and declare, audit is hereby ordered and de- clared, that the Order in Council bearing date the 7th day of January 18( 17, and the Order in Coun- cil bearing date ( be 26th day of April 18119, be re- voked, so far as may regard American vessels, and their cargoes being American property, from the 1st day of August next. But whexeas bv certain acts of the Government of the United States of America, all British armed vessels are excluded from the harbours and waters of ihfc said United States, the armed vessels of Fiance being permitted to enter therein ; and the commercial intercourse between Great Britain and tile said United Stales is interdicted, the commer- cial intercourse between France and the said Unit- ed States having been restored; bis Royal Highness the Prince Regent is pleased hereby further to de- clare, in the name and 011 the behalf of his Majesty, that if the Government of the said United States shall not; as soon as may be, after this Order shall have been duly notified by his Majesty's Minister in America 10 the said Government, revoke, or cause to be revoked, the said Acts, this present Order shall in that, case, after due notice signified by his Majesty's Minister in America to the said Go- vernment, be thenceforth null and of no effect. It is further ordered and declared, that all Ame- rican vessels, and their cat goes being American property, that shall have been captured subse- quently to the 2( ith day of May last, for a breach of the aforesaid Orders in Council alone, and which shall not have been actually condemned before the date of this Order ; and that all Ships and Cargoes as aforesaid, that shall henceforth be captured un- der the said Orders, prior to the 1st day of August next, shall not be proceeded against to condem- nation till further orders, but shall in the event of this Older not becoming null and of n* effect, in the case aforesaid, be forthwith liberated" and restored, subject to such reasonable expences on she part of the captors as shall have been justly 1 ri" r » ii rt p^ Provided that nothing in this Order contained, respecting the revocation of the Orders herein- mentioned, shall be taken to revive wholly or in part the Orders in Council of the 1 lih of Novem- ber IS < 7, or any Order Order not herein mention- ed, or to deprive parties of any legal remedy to which thev may be entited under the Order in Council of the 21st of April, 1812. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent is hereby pleased further to declare, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, that nothing in this present Order contained, shall be understood to preclude bis Royal Highness the Prince Regent, if circum- stances shall so require, from restoring, after rea- ' sonable notice, tiie Orders of the 7th of January ] S(> 7. and aflth of April 1809, or any part thereof, to their full effect, or from taking such other mea- sures of' retaliation against the enemy, as may ap- pear to his Royal Highness to be just and ne- eessarv. And the Right Honourable the Lords Commis- sioners of his Majesty's Treasury, his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, the Lords Commis- sioners of the Admiralty, anil the Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, and tlie Judges of the Courts of Vice- Admiralty, arc to take the neces- sary measures herein as to them may respectively appertain. JAMES BULLER. LONDON. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY JUNE 22 There being no business before the House, their Lordships adjourned. TUESDAY JUNE 23. Marquis Wellesley gave notice of a motion on the Catholic Question, similar to that of Mr. Canning, in the Commons. Wednesday next. — Adiouned. HOUSE or COMMONS. MONDAY, JUNE 22. Mr. Canning rose, and moved his promised mo- tion in favor of the Catholic cause, and concluded an elaborate speech by proposing the following re- solution :— That the House will, early in the next Session of Parliament; take into inmost serious consider- ation ill-: stale of the Laws affecting his Majesty's Roman Catholic subjects in Great Britain and Ire- land, with a View to such a final and conciliatory adjustment as tnav be conducive to the peace and Strength of the United Kingdom, to t lit; stability of the Protestant establishment, and to the general satisfaction and concord of all classes of his Ma- jesty's subjects." After a very long debate Mr. Canning's motion was carried by a . Majority of 235 to 106. TUESDAY, JUNE 23. Wr. Whitbread, postponed his motion ori the Toleration Act, to Wednesday next, in expecta- tion that Government would take the subject into consideration, on which Lord Castlereagh observed, that Government had already done so.— Adjourned. On Tuesday, at two o'clock, his Royal Highness the Prince Regent held a Privy Council at Carlton House, which was attended by—- The Lords' President of the Council, the Lord Privy Seal, the First Lord .. f the Treasury, the Master- General of the Ordnance, the Secretaries of State for the Foreign War and Departments, and the President of the Board of Controul. The Earl of Buckinghamshire had an audience of ' he Prince Regent, and resigned the seals of the office of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Mr. Bragge Bathurst is appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, in the room of the late Mr. Perceval. The Duchy of Lancaster is worth .£' 4000 a vear. Mr. Bathurst is the brother in- law to Lord Sidmonth The following account of a splendid victory in the Mediterranean was pompously announced in some of the evening prints of Tuesday, in which it was stated to have just been received in town by exsress :—- " BRISTOL, June 22.— A letter has just been received by one of the most respecsable merchants in this city, from bis son, who is Second Lieute nant of the Cracker sloop of war, informing him they spoke the Endymion frigate on the 18th inst. which had lost her mizen- mast in the Chops of the Channel, bringing an account that Sir Chas. Cotton has succeeded in cutting off four sail of the line of the Toulon fleet, which had been » ut manoeuvring, and had met unexpectedly with a violent north- easter. Rear- Admiral Joachim Gar- riere is among those taken. The names of the ships are, the Ville de Milan, 80 guns, Austerlitz, 74. Theseus. 74. and La Junon. 74 suns." The writer of this Letter appears to have been most unlucky iti the exercise of his fancy ; for he has not even chanced to stumble upon a single particle of truth in the whole detail. The Cracker, which is not a sloop, but a gun brig, has no se- cond Lieutenant, but only one Lieutenant who fs also her Commander, and she is at present in ihe river Thames refitting. The Endymion is also in Plymouth harbour, laid up in ordinary, and dis- mantled. Sir C. Cotton has been dead these three months, and has not been for these two veats past in the command of the Mediterranean fleet There is no such officer in the French service as Admiral Joachim Garriere; the Auster- litz is not a 74, but . a three- decker, of 12 ) guns We are concerned to state, that the Lord Mayor, after inspecting the Returns this day, ordered Bread to rise three pence per peck. The gaming house, No. 40, Pall- Mall, was en- tered by a numder of police- officers, on Thursday night ; Paul Rewbell, the master, and several others, found at play, were taken into custody, and conveyed to Bow- street, and there held to bail ; some military officers were amongst the de- linquents, but most of them escaped ; on the po- lice- officers first entering the room, a general scramble followed for what money was on th* ta- ble ; near 5001. is said to have been carried off by one HONEST man or another. At the Camp on Kersal Moor, near Manchester, a solemn and impressive act was witnessed on Sunday se'nnight. The Roman Catholic part of the Louth Militia, with other soldiers of the same faith, were brigaded on the ground, and marched round an altar, raised for the purpose of celebrat- ing Mass.— The religious duties of the day were also gone through by the Stirling Militia, in ac- cordance with their tenets, of the Scottish Kirk; and by the Buckinghamshire regiment, who are of the Church Establishment.— The sight of so manv hundred wariiors, with their wives and children, on their knees, supplicating the Almighty for their Country and themselves in a way most congenial to their inborn feelings, imposed a religious silence, and interested every spectator. The b neficial effects of the repeal of the Orders in Council ate already apparent in the impulse given to the Woollen Trade. Bales of Cloth which have been stored in the warehouses of the American merchants for months, in some instances, we may say for years, ate now in transit to the place of their destination; and we are pe- culiarly happy to state, that there were more pur- chasers in the Leeds Cloth Halls this morning, than there has been any market- day since the enactment of the celebrated Orders in Council. •--( Leeds Mercury.) APPRENTICES.— No apprentice enlisting for a soldier, can be claimed by his master, unless his indenture was made for seven years ; and it is also necessary that such apprentice be not above the age of 14 years, at the date of such binding.— See 52 Geo. III. c. 22, § 84. The most recent intelligence from the coast of France continues to mention distutbances through- out that country, on account of the dearness and scarcity of bread. In Britanny. it is stated, that it had risen from four to fifteen sous per pound.— Farmers are afraid to bring corn to market. A mob had destroyed tvbat was brought to Morlaix on the 5th inst They were quelled by the military. Valentine Jones, who was committed to New- gate for three years, in June, 1809, for peculation has had a dctaitider lodged against him by Govern- ment for 121,3311. 10s.' I Jd. Bonaparte has presented to the city of Florence the statue of Venus dc Canova ; it has been plac- ed in the Imperial Galley among the Chef- d'ou- vres of antiquity. A melancholy instance of Ihe deadly qualities of the Hemlock- Dropwort ( Anantbe crocata of Lin- neus)' occurred' lately in the parish of Penmon, in Anglesey: four children walking by the side of a ditch, observed the roots of the plant, which are whitish oblong bulbs, about the size of a goose- berry, and by their appearance were tempted to taste them; but only one of them swallowed two of the bulbs* on their teturn home the unfortunate girl, seven years old, was violently convulsed, and died in half an hour. There is now standing at Crendon, in the county of Bucks, belonging to Mr. William Cotswell, ( if that place, a bean rick 18 years old, in the midst of which grows a fine poplar tree, rising 0 feet above the roof of the rick. Several stalks have lately been diawn from the rick, th » beans of which prove perfectly sound. Death of an aqed Female.— At Budock, near Fal- mouth, aged 113, Mrs. Mary Harris; she retain- ed the perfect possession of her faculties to the last, and has left two daughters, one aged 70, the other 80 years of age. VOLCANO IN THE WEST INDIES. Extract of a letter from St. Vincent, dated 1st May, received, bv the ship John Campbell, ar- rived in the Clyde, on Saturday morning, froth Grenada.—" Having been informed that you had not sailed from Grenada by tile April fleet, I hasten to give you sdme account of a, most alarming cir- cumstance which took place here, last night and this morning About sunset, on Thursday even ing, we observed an immense quantity of fire and smoke to proceed from the volcano, and continued till one o'clock this morning, when a most tremen- dous explosion took place, and continued till four, throwing up immense quantities of stones and ashes all over the island. On the estates, in the vicinity nf the mountains, the ashes are said to be from two to three feet deep ; and ; and that two of the principal rivers have been dried lip and new ones formed ; md that many of the estates in that quarter have been mnch injured. One white per- son and six negroes have been killed. Although Kingston is at the distance of about twelve miles from the volcano, the inhabitants wer# so alarmed that many of them went on board of the vessels in the bay ifor protection, and it was not until past eight o'clock, that one person could distinguish another, in consequence of the atmosphere being darkened by the quantity of ashes. 1 am much afraid ihat the extent of the damage sustained is not yet known." The Ariadne, Bird, which arrived on Monday at Greenock, from Demerara and Barbadoes, has brought part of the dust that fell. It is ( if a sub- stance equal to the finest pulverised sand, and near- ly as soft as flour. • It was reported last evening, that Martinique and Guadaloupe have disappeared. The rumour, we believe, bar. no foundation but the volcanic eruption in St. Vincent's. Ship letters of Thursday morning announce the arrival of several vessels from Barbadoes, St. Tho- mas, St. Kits, and other West India Islands, but thev do not mention any farther particulars respect- ing the volcano which broke out in the island of St. Vincent on the 1st of May. The intelligence brought by the ship John Campbell, is the latest that has been received. The noise so much re- sembled the roaring of cannon, that the Com- mander of the Forces was persuaded an enemy had landed, and to repel them assembled all the mili- tary. On tlie O h May, when the John Campbell passed the island, the lava was observed discharg- ing itsoif into the sea. Sir Joseph Banks, while observing lately the motion of a snake along the floor of his library, discovered that it was assisted in advancing bv its ribs, which served the purpose of feet, the points of them touching the ground, and by those means facilitating its motions. Mr. Home, t' whoi. he fact was made known, availing himself of the oc- casion, to observe more minutely the peculiar con struction of the ribs of the snakes, and" the man- ner thev are adapted for this hitherto unobserved purpose of moving tliei- bodies. COUNTERFEIT BANK NOTES.— Weextract the following cutious and scientific article from an American paper :— The public lose much l> y counterfeit notes, and there is no way of securing them against such losses, so long as copper plate prints « re used. What one artist has done, another of equal - kill uliv imitate, or the original artist may for fraudulent purposes, copy. I offer lliem a method that 1 have invented, by which plates can lie produced that can neither be imitated by the artist who produced them, nor by any other. The method is by rising glass plates. In common notes there is, besides the words and characters that go to compose the note, some emblematical representations, sueli as a coat of ariiie, a building, a landscape, & c. all evidently wrought by hand. Now in the glass plate notes," let there be tire usual words, & c. hot instead of the emblematical parts, let there be a variegated representation which shall he the work of chance. Let the etching tie per- formed by tire chemical action of a mordant. The graver then by which imitations can he so dexterously executed will lie rendered in this case quite useless. A glass plate will give fifteen or twenty thousand impres- sions good proof, white the copper plate will he worn out with foor thousand. Copper can lie engraved in a hundred different way,' while gloss can be only engr* ved in two ways— with fluoric acid, and with a wheel. The variegated marbling produced on glass by a che- mical agent can never be imitated by any thiug else— even the same person cannot produce two similar plates. Can the imitator, batcd on glass, resort to copper and apply the graver? Can he ( suppose him to imitate the print exactly) make a complete counteraction ? No— the glass differing in its nature from Clipper, and the manner of operating, upon thein bring different, those differences must produce very different effects— but stiil, could they he the same, the impressions would have a different gloss, and ail appearance in every way different. I therefore declare to all Banking Compa- nies in the United States, that if they will adopt my method, the public will no more he defrauded, with counterfeit notes, and their notes shall, on account of that security, obtain a currency and a credit which thev ranotir orliei-. iise steniilre J. BOUDIER, Artist at Pittsburgh. A few days ago a house in Littleworth Drove, Deeping Fenr Lincolnshire, had nearly been burnt down under the following circumstancts :— The occupier, Mr. Clarke, accidentally left a pair of spectacles in the window, which were full in the sun, the reflection set fire to the window- curtain, and before he got home ( which was in a few mi- cutes) they were entirely consumed, and the ceil- ing had just taken fire; he, however, prevented further damage. Monday se'nnight an inquest was held at Sedgley, Staffordshire, on view of the body of Thomas Worfon. The deceased, a youth, between 17 and 18 years of age, was found suspended on Friday by a chain, fastened round his neck by means of a ring atid a noose. It is not known how the acci- dent happened; but it i » conjectured that the stool upon which the deceased used to sit while working the whymsey, suddenly slipped from under hiui, and that in attempting to save himself from the fall, he got entangled in the chain, which hung from a piece of timber across the whymsey. Verdict, died of strangulation. TO THE PRINTERS OF THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. GENTLEMEN, ICannot dissemble my surprise that ACADEMI- cus should enquire with respect to the success of tile INTERROGATIVE SYSTEM OF INSTRUCTION. If it not speak for itself, a late writer ill the Monthly Magazine has done it ample justice. Nothing can he more rational or more certain than its object and utili ty. It applies the established modes of teaching writ- ing and arithmetic to other important branches of edu cation. Its principle is that of compelling youth to think upon what they learn ; to correct their parrot- like practises; to work at the several subjects of their studies; and to prove, by actual performance, that they understand what is taught them. How could a child learn to write or cast accounts by mere rule, with- out exercises and examples ? Yet many other subjects have long been attempted to be taught only by rote, and Messrs, Blair, Goldsmith, Barrow, and others, have ' performed the important service of enabling Schoolmas- ters to teach those subjects also by means of practical exercises and questions. BLAIR'S UNIVERSAL PRE- CKPTOR lias been deservedly called the SUN of School Books, and the analogy is correct; for, in a few years, it will diffuse as much light in our intellectual world, as, the visible San diffuses ttiagh the material creation The British Geography, and the oxecllent little work csilled Modals « r Letters, have also great merit; but one cannot speak too highly of Adair's Questions on English History, and of Barrow's on the New Testa- ment; by vhrch latter work children rtiay be made td think on religious subjects, and to comprehend the ele- ments and | irinciples of our holy religion.— In regard to the actual effects of this system on young minds, I can aver that tfce progress of young persons is, beyond com- parison, more rapid than under any other; but it also possesses the pre- eminent advantage of makit'. g the student think for himself, and the acquisition in conse- quence becomes solid, and the impression lasting. The Tutor's Key relieves the tutor from all difficulty aud anxiety iu the use of these excellent books. 1 am Sir, Your very obedient servant, AN OLD SCHOOLMASTER. June 56,18T2. Wholesome, Agreeable, and Cheap Beverage. PITT'S SUHERIOR GINGER BEER, is re commended to the Nobility, Gentry, and Public at large, as possessing the above qualities to their fullest extent. The Proprietor of this very grateful beverage, encouraged by the great demand which he had for it last year, and by the recommendation of many of his friends, is induced to give it general publicity, and to affix the foi- 1 iwing prices, which he flatters himself will be approved :— Pitt's superior Ginger Beer in quart stone bottles, at 14s. per doz. bottles included. Ditto, in pint stone bottles, 7s. 6d. per doz. bot- tles included Ditto, in half- pint stone bottles, 4s. ( 3d. per doz. bottles included. 3s. Cd. per doz. allowed for empty quart bot- tles— is for pintJitto— 6d. half- pint ditto. A liberal allowance made to innkeepers, pastry- cooks, & c. All orders addressed to CHARLES PITT, Druggist, Lewes, will be punctually at- t nded to.— Fine Spruce Beer and Soda Water. HOPE INSURANCE COMPANY - FIRE, LIFE, and ANNUITIES. Capital, TWO MILLIONS— Office, Ludgate Hill, London. PERSONS insured with this Office, whose Po- licies expire at Lady Day, are respectfully in- formed, that Receipts for the Renewal of the same arc noiv ready tor Delivery at the Office, and with the re- spective Agents of the Company throughout the Untied lv I ixritmN WILLIAM BURY, Secretary. N. B. Policies of Insurance, which expire at the ' hove period, should be renewed within Fifteen Days hereafter. The following Agents are appointed by this Office iu the Counties of Sussex, Hants, Surrey, and Kent, of whom Proposals may be had gratis; aud every infor- mation obtained. Mr. J. Moore, Crawley. Rt. Hicks, Tooting. Thos. Gibson, Lewes. H. Luker, Walton upon Clavton and Hide, Shore- Thames, ham. Wm. Walker* Walworth. Benj. Challen, Petworth. J. Waddington, Croydon. Chas. Smith, Steyning. J. Wilkinson, Elstead. John Wicking, Lindfield. . J. P. Norris, Richmond. J. B Phillipson, Brighton. R. Greaves, Dorking, G. A. Henessey, Chichester. R. Constable, Wandsworth. Win. Sharp, Portsmouth. W. Ede, Clapham. Clement Sharp, Romsey. Sam. Walker, Brasted. Jas. Hardley, Newport, , A, Gould, Rochester, Isle of Wight. R. H. Christian, Deal. Jas. Johnson, Alton. G. Hampshire, Deptford. T. Sutton, Southampton. W, Ranwell. Woolwich. Rt. Perkins, Lymington. S. Bracey, Margate. Ed. Tory, Christchurch. J. Hagell, Canterbury, J. Roach, Cowes, Isle of A. Nettlefold, Bromley. Wight. T, Fisher, Gravesend. J. Earle, Winchester. J. Morphew, Dover, f Greenwood, Egham. I —— King, Sheerness. Rich. Walter, Godstone. I — Turner, Hythe. H. Walker, Hampton Wick. | Royal Exchange Assurance Office. JUNE' ISI2. ' THE CORPORATION have reduced the Pre- miums oil Farming Stock, from 2s. 5d. per cent, to 2s. per cent, and existing Insurances, covering such property, will he. reduced as they become due, upon application to the Agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 25th instant, are hereby informed that receipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents under- mentioned, and the parties assured ar- requested to ap- ply for the renewal of their Policies on or before the 21st day uf. I one next, as the usual 1.1 days allowed for pay ment, beyond the date of each policy, will then expire. SAMUEL, FENNING, inn. Secretary. SURREY. CROYDON, J. and C. Strudwicke DORKING, Samuel Deudy EPSOM, J. Scott. FARNHAM, W. Cock GUILDFORD, Winkworth and Cooper KINGSTON, W. Strange REIGATE, W. Moore SUSSEX. ARUNDEL, William Olliver. BATTLE, William Ticehurst. BR1GHTH ELMSTON, John Mills. CHICHESTER, Henry Hobbs. HASTINGS, William Gill. HORSHAM, Humphreys and Turner. HAILSHAM, Wm. Martin. LEWES, Henry Brown. MIDHURST, John Geeriag, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Holt. RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe. N. B, Fire Polices will be allowed free of Expence, where the annual Premiums amount to Us. or up- wards'. This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES, being found to be advan- tageous to persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others ; Tables of the Rates on such Assu- rances, and for the grunting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And, for the greater conveni- ence of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by special agreement) the Assurance ou Lives to the age of 75 years. This day is published, iu two volumes, with a portrait, price 1 os. in boards, MAXIMS, OPINIONS, AND CHARACTERS, from tlie works of the Right Hon. EDMUND BURKE. To which is prefixed, an Eulogy on Mr. Burke, by the late Dr. Laurence. Printed for Sharpe and Hailes, at the Museum, op- posite Bond- street, Piccadilly ; and sold by W. LEE, Lewes. This Day is Published, in Six Cabinet Volumes, with twelve elegant Vignettes, from the designs of Stothard, Westall, Cook, & c. Price One Pound Ten Shillings boards. ELEGANT EXTRACTS, from the most emi- nent British Poets. Also, in Six Volumes, embellished ill a manner cor- responding with the above, Price One Pound Ten Shillings in Boards. ELEGANT EXTRACTS, from the most eminent Prose Writers. * « * Complete Sets, in Twelve Volumes, in a variety of uniform and elegant Bindings, suitable as presents for young persons, are kept constantly ou sale at the publishers, Sharpe and Hailes, at the Museum, opposite Bond- street, Piccadilly ; and of Mr. W. Lee. Lewes. Interesting to the Public in general CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. THIS elegant preparation having risen to the highest repute, is earnestly reeomniegded to those Ladies, who, from repeated and difficult labours, are ifflieted with weaknesses and infirmities; in which rases it strengthens th'e stomach, the weakened organs, md the whole constitution. Those who in an advanced life feel the consequences nf youthful excess, or unfurtitnate youth who have brought on themselves a numerous train of evils, willj by the use of this must valuable restorative, find them- selves restored to health and strength, and the melan- choly sy mptoms removed, wliijh are the general etfecis of such Causes. The Cordial Balm of Gilead is a most noble medi- cine, composed of some of the choicest bafcrapis ai>|) strengthened iu the whole Materia Medica. The pro- cess is long aud laborious, and requires the most nice and minute attention. It assuredly affords the niost permanent relief m those unhappy youths, who have been deluded at ail early age into a secret and destru(> tive vice, trow common among- tlteni. as well as to per- sons of all ages aiflicted with nervous disorders, pro- r ceeding either from an immoderate use of tea, hard drinking, heat of climate, excess of grief, dissipated pleasure, bad lyings- ill, immoderate course of the menses, & c. This Balsamic Cordial is peculiarly adapted to weak female coussitutions, as well as to phlegmatic habits tti general: it acts powerfully as « nervine, not only to the weak stomach, but to the whole nervous system ; cor- rects a vitiated appetite and digestion in the fir> t pas- sages, and assits wonderfully in recovering the tone of the urinary and genial organs; hence its efficacy in tlie most obstinate seminal complaints iu men, and corre- sponding weaknesses in women. Persons entering upon the holy slate of matrimony, should consider, that " where the fountain is polluted, the streams that How from it cannot he pure." The blessings of health are nu sooner lost than painful ex. perietire teaches the inestimable value of it, nud the unhappy patient looks around, too often, alas 1 in vain^ for the means of its recovery ! The utility, therefore, of this medicine is too obvious to need further comment. Prepared by Dr. Solomon, In Ins. U'd. and 33s. bot- tles ; the latter contain four of the former, by which the purchaser saves nine shillings. Every genuine bot- tle has a stamp, which hears the Proprietor's name and address, ' » " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," to imitate which is felony. The ANTI IMPETIGINES, or SOLOMON'S DROPS, for purifying the blood, aud restoring the system wheal impaired by the iniprudeut use of Mercury, have been found the great and only restorer of health and vigour in disorders where salivation has repeatedly failed.—-— Price los. tjd. Family bottles 33s. The ABSTERGENT LOTION, for removing eruptions from the surface of the human body.— Pints 4s, tid. Halfpints ys. Qd. duty included.— Also, The DETER- GENT OINTMENT, fur old sores, & e. at 4s. ( id per box_ Also, just published, price 3s. A new Edition, with Addition", of A GUIDE TO HEALTH, 111 a variety of complaints, some of which are irected 011 under the following heads, viz. Advice to nervous patieuts, asthma, barren women, deficiency of natural strength, female complaints gouty spasms in the stomach, hypochon- driac complaints, internal sinking, loss or defect of me- mory, rhttimatisin, scurvy, scrofula, turn of life, vene- rea I diseases, weakuess iu jouth, & c. By S. SOLOMON. M. D. Sold by W. Lee, Lewes; likewise by the principal Venders of Patent Medicines throughout the United Kingdom, FROM INDIA. Under the Patronage of their Royal Highnesses the PRINCESS OF WALES, AND DUKE, OF SUSSEX", MACASSAR OIL FOR THE HAIR. ' • To Messrs. ROWLAND and SON, Proprietors of the MACASSAR OIL. THE virtues of this Oil. extracted from a tree iu the Island of Macassar ia the Fast Indies, are far beyond eitlogium, for enereasing the growth of hair even nil bald places, to a beautiful length and thickness, preventing it falling off or changing colour, to the latest period of life, strengthening the curl, bestowing an in- estimable gloss and stent, rendering ihe hair inexpressi- bly attracting ; nourishing it after sea- batbing, travel- ling in hot climates, violent exercises, for which it possesses admirable qualities, promotes the growth Of whiskers, eye brows, & c. In fine, it is the first produc- tion in the world for restoring and beautifying the hair of Ladies. Gentlemen, and Children. Such celebrity- has it attained, that it is daily honored with' the sanctions of Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of the Navy, Army, the Faculty, and public at large. It is innoxious, ex- tremely pleasant in use, and soiled u> all climates.—- Price 8s. 6tl. ins. fid. jitid one guinea each. Sold wholesale and retail by the proprietors Rowland and Sou, Kirby- street, Hatton- Garden, London; and bv special appointment, by Mr W. Lee, Printer, Lewes". Gregory, Lamin, Saunders, Phillipson, Mrs. Howard' aud at the Libraries, Brighton ; Binsted, Chichester ^ Wyatt, Little Hampton, and by all Perfumers and Me- dicine Venders, in every town through . rul- tlie Empire- Beware of servile imitators, the genuine Macassar Oil is signed on the lable in red ink " A. Row land and Son," of whom may be had, a most important di. covery^ utl„ der the august patronage of Her Royal Highnes the DUCHESS OF YORK, also sanctioned by His Excellency the DUKE DEL INFANTADO, and many families of high distinction ALSANA EXTRACT, or the Abys- sinian Botanical Specific, which surpasses all European preparations for eradicating all the disorder* of ihe TEETH and GUMS, and rendering them extremely beautiful, imparts a beautiful fragrance to the Breath, and immediately expels the TOOTH .- ten. Its properties are sanctioned by the opinions of the most eini. rent Physicians in Great Britain, France, Italy, aud through- out Europe, and of the late celebrated JOHN HUNTER. Prepared and Sold at los. ( id. per bottle, and small bouies .1,. ( id each ; » l- o, the ALSANA AROMATIC POWDER, for cleansing the Teeth, at •> » . (, d. the htx, by Rowland and Son. and by all their Agents as above. To Messrs. Miller aud Stedman, Mereworth. Gentlemen, THE efficacy of your Antiscorbutic Drops having proved highly favourable in the case of Henry Terry, a lad of about seventeen years of age, who h id, for a considerable time, been laid up with a most violent scorbutic leprosy, so as to render him unable 10 work, or even 10 dress or undrew himself without assistance, having marry places broader than one's hand 011 different parts of hi- body, it was ivell known 1 luil he bad tried much medicine, without gaining any benefit until we the parish officers of Plaxtol, in the parish of Wrotham, in Kent, ordered him to apply at Mereworth, 011 February ( i, is 11, for your Antiscorbutic Drops, which proved to have the desired effect, 10 the admiration of all that knew bis deplorable situation. We think it will lie for the good of mankind to make this known, and in some measure show a mark of gra- titude to the inventor of so excellent a medicine. May 4. 181- 2. The above Medicine may he had of Mr. ARTHUR LEE, School Hill, Lewes; Battle, J. Cuthbert Heathfield, J. Ellis * Beckley, S. Colbran Horsham, T. Mann Bexhill, T. Wedd Lamberhurst. J. Gibbs Burwash, G. Gilbert Lewes, Pugh & Davey Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Lindfield, W. Durrant Cuckfield, J. M'George Maresfield, J. Maynard Dallnigton, J. Pardon Peasmarsh, E. Bannister Ditcheling, J. Browne Rye, M. Coleman Eastbourne, T. Baker Cook and Son E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Sandhurst, J. Beach Edlenbridge, W. Corke Seaford, J. Brooker R. Parsons TunbridgeWells, J. Sprange Groombridge, T. Kelvick Uckfield, J. Pocknell ° Goudhurst, . J. Couchman Udimore, R. Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, T. Bull Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew W. Noakes Hastings, J. Barry Winchelsea, R. Maplesde J Norton Wittersham, J. Wood. Privted and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth Mr. WHITE:, Arundel. Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM; PALMAR, East- Grinsted Mr MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen.
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