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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIV    Issue Number: 3426
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 15/06/1812
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIV    Issue Number: 3426
No Pages: 4
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. Printed and published by and for Willtam and Arthur Lee. VOL. LXIV. NO. 3426] MONDAY. JUNE 15. 1812. [ PRICE SIX- PEN. This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY ° and HAMPSHIRE ; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. 18 12. Sussex Agricultural Society. A Ta generAL MEETING of the SUBSAI- JTX tiers of the Sussex Agricultural Society, to arrange the Prizes niui Premiums for llic present year 181- J, held : it the White Hart Inn, Lewes, The Right Honourable the Earl of EGREMONT, President; The following Resolutions were agreed to. I. That an agreement lie drawn up, by which Sub- tc- rilrers shall engage to continue llieir sullseriptlnii* for four years certain, and that the smile shall lie left for signature at the bank of Messrs. Whitfeld aiW Co; That three Judges for the tattle, aiwt three for the sheep, be n| i[> ointcd liy the Committee, who will luffct on the Day <> f Shew, at the White Hart Inn, l. ewes. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; ami that the Committee do consist of all the Subscribers ; seven ti. whom shall form such Committee, if more shall not at tend ; hut no person shall act as Judge, nor vote in tli.- Committee on any question in which lie shall be in- terested ; and that two of the three Judges for each kind of stock shall be of this county. III. That the Judges be requested, in making I heir decisions, to attend particularly to the until loess of hone, lightness of offal, symmetry of shape, lo the ani- mal-, and fineness and weight of wool in ihe sheep, lo which they adjudge the prizes ; to insert in their award the name of the breeder and pedigree, as stal. d in the certificate, and to withhold the pri » e or premium, mi- le. s the animal or animals shewn, shall lie deemed by them to possess soIfirUot merit lo he entitled to ii. IV. That the diiioer be on table at three o'clock pre- cisely ; ami I lint all the stock to which prizes are ad- judged, shall remain in the field for the inspection of Subscribers, at least one huur afier ihe decision of the Judges shall he declared. V. That the Candidates for the several prizes for > tdci>, must give notice iu writing, staling the exact description and the number of animals intended to be shewn, to Mr. Molineux, of Lewes, the Treasurer, oo or before the Saturday preceding the Day " f Shew. This regulation does not apply to Candidates from other arottii lies. , VI. Thrfl three Stewards for the manageti| ent of thr bo. ioe » s oo tne day ' if Ihe Cattle Shew, he appoiond wn the J7l1i day oi July uey, for which purpose a ge- neral thirling o'f ihe Society will be held at the While Hart Inn, itl one o'clntk. PRIZES AGREED ON. CATTLE. 1. A Piece of Plate to the Owner of the best Bull, t » o V ears old. •• A Piece of Plate to tlie Owner of the best Bull, ihie* old. a. A Piece of Plate to the Owner of the h » - t Bull, four \ ears old or upward-..— Subject to the following conditions, viz. That if either of ihe Bulls shnH re- main in ihe possession of lue owner, ihe subscribers, tin 11 ii g the course of ihe year ensuing, shall he permitted Co » i ml twenty cows, paying for each ok k GUINESES, for the u> e of the bull; in > ase nini e than twitaly sijhstri- ber » shall applv on ihe Day of Shew, kite pretcicuee lo l> c deciderl by lot. 4. A Piece of Plate to the Owner of the best Heifer, two years old. 5. A Piece of Plate to the Owner of the best Heifer, ihftTL* y ars old. ti. A Piece of Plate to ihe Owner of the best Cow, tour tens old or upward". Subject to the following conditions, viz. That ihey idi. ilf eai. ii have pre. doccd a living calf, between the 1st January and the 1st of April preceding, and shall be in milk at the time of Shew. 7. A Piece of Plate to ihe Owner or the best Yoke of Working Oxen, til* ihe siime age, from four to siv years old. . . No prize to be giveneto any bull, heifer, cow, or ox, if fed at any period within the last six j> ninths, wit/ 1 corn, pease, oil- cake, linseed, or fnitt dressed with linseed or other oil :—* nor will # 111/ bull, heifer, cote, or 01 be permitted / « be shewn J'. ir the prizes, but such as shall be led to the place of shew by a strong rope or chain, and shall be afterwards sufficiently secured so lis to pi teen t the possibility of breaking loose. SHEEP. 8. A Piece of Plate to the Owner of the best South Down Ram, one year old last Itiuibiug time. 9. A Piece of Plate to the Owner oi the best South I) own Ram, two years old last l iinbing time. 10. A Piece of Plate , lo ilie. Owner of ihe best South Dowu Ram, tbree ye^ ojd last lambing lime. 11. A Piece of l'late lo the Owner of the best South Down Ram, two years old last laiubing tune. 12. A Piece of Plate lo she Owner of t . e best South Down Ram, three yearn old lasi l imbing lime. Bjj1 The Rams shewn for the Prizes Nos. 11 and 12 • hall h? « e worked not less than one month in the Au- 1 muu of la'I y i ;< r in the flock, consisting of not less than 3oo Ewes, and shall have returned lo tlje ( lock, on or before I lie lifHi day of April, and continued villi it till the first day of July, having been kept jin the same food as the flock whilst with it, anu whilst not with it on grass, h< iy, turnips, cabbage, or other loud green. If any of the rams shall remain in possession of the owners, the subscribers shall he permitted ^ o scud r> u ewes to each ram during the mouth of October next, paying for the use of the ram TWO GUINEAS, for each ewe sent to Ihe rains which shall have gained ihe Prizes NOS. 8, 9, and IN, < iud ONE. GUINEA for each Ewe iieutto the Flock Rams which shall have gained the Prizes Nos. II and 12. The Owners not lo be jicrmitted lo put aey ewes lo the rains before the 1st tif October, nor a greater number than will make up one h iudred and twenty, including those scut by the Mthscriliers to this institution ; the subscribers to take away their ewes on or be/ orc llic I4th of Novem- ber. lo ca, e that niore< hau fifty ewes to each ram should lie ottered to be sent by the subscribers, the preference lo be decided by lot, as in the case of the cows. I;[. Two Pounds to the Owner of the best South Down Ram Fleece, properly washed, in weight uijd quality. 14. One Pound to the Owner of the second best. No fleeces to be permitted to be shewn for the prizes for fleeces, but such as arc the produce of the rams shewn for the South Down Ram Prizes. Thecandidates for the South Down Ram Prizes ( whether ihey are candidates for the prizes for fleeces or not) to send all their Jlecces, ( proper- ' if washed J marked in the same manner as the rains, to Mr. Bull's Wool Warehouse, before eight o'clock in the mor/ iing of the Day of Shew, with their names affixed. The Fleeces of all the Rams shewn for the Prizes, must be pro- duced in the field before the Prizes are adjudged to the Rams. 15. A Piece of Plate to the Owner of the best Lot of .12 South Down Ewes, . viz. four of one year old, lour of two years old, and four u{ lluee years. A Piece tif Plate to the Ownerjof the second best Lot of 12 South Down Ewes, of tlii same description as Ihe former, 17. Two Pounds to the Owner of the third best ditto, » 4 » The two and three year old Ewes must have produced and reared a Lamb, which had not been weaned before ihe 24th day of June, preceding the day of shew ; nil the Ewes must have been kept iu • tie flock, and folded till within tlircn davs of the Miew, and t e Sheep must be divided and placed in different pens according to their ages. 18. A piece of Plate to the Owner of the be. I Boar. 19. A Piece of Plate to the Owner of ihe best Sow that shall have produced one or more farrows of pigs. Each candidate shall, produce a Certificate of the age, as near as possible of his-' stock shcwn, ike pedigree, when it can be ascertainedt with the name of the breeder, and an account of the man- ner in which the stock has been kept for the last four months preceding the day of shew; and al- ia confirm to every other particular reyuirddby the Society in tlw foregoing resolutions. Each candidate may shew cattle, sheep, or pigs for all the prizes, hut shall be entitled to Ha more than one prize for each sort of stdck,— i. e. for bulls, heifers, ciiws, oxen, rams not kept with the flock, rams kept with the flock, ewes, boars, and sows. No animal witich has gained two prizes shall be entitled to be sheicn again for any of the above prizes, ^ or shall any animal gain more than one prize at any one shew. The cuttle, sheep, and hogs are to be brought into the field, by eleven q'clock; such cts come after that hour shall not be entitled to- any of the prizes.-—[ See regulation respecting South Down Ram Fleeces). 20. A Piece of Plate lo the Owner of the most ex. lensivelv useful, new or improved agriculipral imple nieui, which alter sufficient trial in this county, shall he found lo perform us work iu it manner superior to any io common use, of which superiority a satifactory eerulicate innsl lm produced. ' Ihe implement lo he produced in lite field on the Day of Shew. 21. A Piece of Plate to the person who shall raise the best cultivated piece of Turnips at the least expeuce, not being less i'ban live acres, and who shall be willing to give eiery information io the Society, of' the luethxd ofittltitre and expeuce. No ct. iirr. unc tail year fir this prtTr, f The Claimant for this premium to give notice tn the Treasurer on the 2tst of September, the day id- Lewes Fair; and Judges to be appointed oo thai day to examine ihe crops. The Show of Cattle will lake place between Brighton ami Lewes Races, of which notice will he given iu ) he Lewes Journal. Promiums for the deserving and industrious Poor. 22. Twenty one Pounds to five labourers, or Widows of swell Labourers, who shall have brought up and sup- ported to tile age of two years, ihe greatest nuni'ice of I hildreti fwithtn the last fifteen years) in habits of ni- dtistry, with the least proportionate relief front ijie parish, Hie. To the most deserving, Six Pounds. Second, - - 1' ive PSumls. Third, - - Pour Pounds. Fourth, - - Three Pound*. Fifth, - - Two Pounds. Sixth, - - One Pound, Certificates to be signed by two or more of the principal inhabitants of the parish or parishes where the claimant ha » resided during the bring- ing up of his or her family ; ailt} if any claimant* are possessed of property, such property, with the manner in which they obtained it, shall he stated iu the certificate. 23. Ten Pounds to four Wives or Widows of Labour- ers, who shall have done the most work in husbandry, between the 2d day of October 1811, and the 2( 1 day of October IS 14. The number of days and the different kinds of work in which the women jjhalliiave been em- ployed, with the number and ages of their children, should they have any ( whiih will be takep into tons)., deration) to be staled in the certificates from their em- ployers, viz. To the most industrious, Four Pounds. Second, - - Three Pounds. Third, - - Two Pounds. Fourth, - - One Pound. 24. Six Pounds to three Honshold Men Servants em- ployed iu husbandry, under ihe agent' twenty five years, who shall have received wages during the greatest num- ber of years ( not less then five) in the same service, and shall produce satisfactory certificates from their mas ters, of their continued good behaviour, viz. To the first, - Three Pounds. Second, - Two Pounds. Third, - One Pound. Ten Pounds to three Labourers, who shall, with the assistance of their wives aud children, under len years of age, iu voi king by laslf, or otherwise, during the next harvest, earn the most money, not less than six pouud » 5 ii) proportion to ihe prices at which tjiey shall have taken tlictr work, and the length of time they shall have worked. Certificates to be signed by their employers, viz. To the first, - Five Pounds. Second, - Three Pounds. Third, - Two Pound?. 20. Six Pounds to three Women Servants in every kind of service, oud. er the age of twenty five years, who shall liuye received wages during the., greatest number of years ( not less th^ u live) iu Ihe same service, aud shalj have produced satisfactory certificates Iron) their master or unstress of their continued good behaviour, viz. To the first, - Three Pounds, Second, - Two Pounds. Third, - One Pound. 27. Six Pounds to four Labourers in husbtndry, hav- ing been married, who shall have lived ihe greatest number of years ( not less than seven) iu the same ser- vice, and who shall bring satisfactory certificates front their employers of their continued good behaviour, viz. - To the first, - Three Pounds. Second, - Two Pounds. Third, - One Pound. No person who has received any premium from the Society for bringing up u family with the least proportionate relief from tne parish, or for a long continuance in one service, will be en- titled to any premium on the same ground, nor will any jrremium be given, unless the claimant shall be deemed by tlie Society to possess suffici- ent merit io be entitled to it. It is requested that each claimant will observe, that every particular required by the Society, in the fore- going resolutions, must be expressed iu the certificate. Many inconveniences having arisen front certificates being incomplete, the Society have ordered some print- ed founs to be prepared, which may be had at the hank of Messrs. Whitfeld and Co. or at the oltice of Mr. Gell; aud such certificates must he delivered to the Treasurer before 12 o'clock q « the day of the distribution 0/' the pctniu 111s. The day for distributing the premiums to the Indus, irious Poor, will lie fixed oil the day of the Shew of Cattle, aud advertised in the Lewes Journal. The Society beg leave strongly to recommend the establishment of ploughing matches in parishes, or 10 small districts, as a measure which might be extremely beneficial to the agriculture of the couiity : and much more conducive to the object itl view than that hitherto held uc'iir Lewes, The Society hope that the beneficial objects of their establishment will he so apparent as 10 induce a consi- derable addition to their subscription before itteif next, meeting; and if the support which they receive shall be sufficient lo render ilieir fund, at least for some years, a permanent one, aud tn enable them to extend their premiums for the improvement of agriculture, and ihe- encouragement of ihe industry and sobriety of the labouring poor, and by thus promoting the comfort aud happiness of the most deserving amongst them in proportion to ( heir merit, to excite, in tiieni an emlila- lion, in their proper pur- uits, ihe Society flatter tin ijt. seines that they will have rendered no inconsiderable service to ihe county of Sussex ; and that their time and the subscriptions of those persons who, shall honour them with ilieir support, will not have been mispent. Add, 111 order to advance the same desirable object by all other probable means, the Society beg leave strongly to recommend lo all masters and mistresses, not to hire Any servant without the product!.> u of a sa- tisfactory written character from Ills or her last place of service. Subscriptions are received at ihe Bank of Messrs. Whitfeld and Co. Lewes where tliose Gentlemen who neglected to do it, are requested to pay iu their sub- scriptions for the former year. THE General Meeting Of the Governors of ( lie 1 Society, established fur tire Relief of the Wi- dows ami Orphans of Indigent Clergymen, within the Archdeaconry of Lewes, and the several Pecu- liars in the Eastern Division of the county of Sus- sex. is appointed to be held at the Maidenhead Inn, in Uckfield, on Thursday the 35th June iiijiant, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon- JOS. SMITH, Treas. SHORTGATE. TURNPIKE.— A Specral Meet- ing " f the Trostees of the above Turnpike is appointed to he lieUrik the Black- boy Inn, in Fram- field, on Monday, ilie2!)! h instant, at 11 o'clock in ihe forenoon, when ihe creditors of the said Road are desired to attend with theii bills that thev maybe inspected, and nut in 1 course of pay- ment. JOS. SMITH, Clerk. Lewes, 1h June, ] Sl2. Arundel Rape. NOTICE is herebv given, that the COMMIS SIONERS of SEWERS for the Rape of Arundel, will assemble at 1 he Swan Inn, Pulbo, rough, on Monday, ihe 15th day of June next,, at nine o'tflock in the forenoon, and front thence proceed down and on the river Arun to Arundel Bridge, and that the said Commissioners will af terwards at three o'clock in the? afternoon of the same day, assemble and hold their Meeting at the Crown Inn, Arundel. WM HOLMES, Clerk to the Commissioners. Arundel, 28th May, 1812. RAPE SEED. FLINT, BROWN, and Co, inform the Public ihey have at ilieir Warehouse, Lewes Bridge, a quantity of RAPE SEEI) for Sale of the best quality, N. B. Fine seafom d Christiana Deals, Timber^ Coals, Sec. ,\. c. on the best terms.— Lewes, May as, H| 4. THE Creditors who have proved their dents X under a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded aud issued forth against Richard Ockenden, of Bo- peep, near Hastings, in the comity of Sussex, Inn- keeper, Grocer, dealer and chapman, are desired lo meet the Assignees of the estate and eflects of ' he said Bankrupt, on Wednesday the 17th day of June instant, at the house of Thomas Huggins, bearing thesign of the Grenadier, in the parish of Hailsham, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon, to assent to, or dissent from, the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending anv suit or sui » s at law, or iu equity, or otherwise concerning the said Bankrupt's estate and effects, and on other special affairs. BLUE COACH- OFFICE, BRIGHTON. Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone New Accom- modation Coach, SETS out from the general BLUE COACH OFFICE, NO. 51, Easi- street, Brighton, every Mon, day, Wednesday, aitd Friday Mornings, at light o'clock, through Lewes, Uckfield, Tunbridge Wells, and Tun- bridge Town. to ihe Coach Office, in Bullock- lane, Maid- stone, and returns from thence every Tuesday, Thurs- day and Saturday Mornings, at Half past Six o'clock. Performed by ihe Pubjick's obedient servants, THOMAS CROSSWELLER, " j WILLIAM PATTENDEM, > Brighton. JOHN ATTREE, And JOHN GREEN, Maidstone. N. B No parcel whatever, of more than Five Pounds value, w) ll be accounted for, if lost, i) uless entered as such, aud paid for accordingly. STORES FOR ORDNANCE BARRACKS. THE Right Hon. and Hon. the principal Of JL ficers of his Majesty's Ordnance, do hereby give notice, that ihey are ready to receive Tenders from any person or persons who mav be willing to agree 10 sup- ply the Ordnance Barracks at RINGMER, with COALS, MOULD CANDLES, DIPPED CANDLES, STRAW ( for Bedding) BIRCH BROOMS, aud HEATH BROOMS, for One Year, from the 1st of July 181- 2, to the 3oth June 181.1. Particulars may be { yiiown 011 applieatiou to Mr. Biggs, Ordnance Barrack Master, Southover, Lewes. Such persons as may l) e desirous of furnishing either, or all of the above Stores, are desired lo send Tenders, for each article separately, addressed EXACTLY as follows :—" To R. H. Crew, Esq. & c. & c. Office " of Ordnance, Pall Mall."—— Ordnance Barrack De- * 4 partinent.-" *** No Tender will be received after th, e l6tb of June 181 STORES FOR ORDNANCE BARRACKS. THE Right lion, and Hon. the Principal Offi- cers of his Majesty's Ordnance do hereby give notice that they are ready to receive Tenders ( Von) any persoi) or persons who ipay be willing 10 agree to sqp. ply the Ordnance Barracks at and near to Eastbourne, with COALS, MOULD CANDLES, DIPPED CAN- DLES, STRAW, ( for bedding) BIRCH BROOMS, and HEATH BROOMS, for one year, frnn) l) ie 1st JulytBia, to the . loth June ISI3. Particulars maybe known 011 application 10 R. S. Baie, Esq. Ordnance Barrack Master, Eastbourne. Such persons as may he desirous of furnisliing either, or all of the above Stores, are desired lo send Tenders, for each article separately, addressed exactly as follows: " To R H. Crew, Esq. & c. & c. & c. Office of Ordnance, " Pall Mall.— Ordnance Barrack Department.'' No Tender will be receixn4 after the Jijth June 181 j, TO BE LET. And entered on the first of May next, A Compact and convenient Family House, called Mill Hall, most pleasantly situate at Whiteman's Green, in Cuckfield ( within liiree quarters of a njile of the church) with the garden and meadow adjoining. Containing together near two acres of land. The tenant may also lie accommodated w ith more land, a short dis- tance from the house, if required. For view of the premises, aud further particulars ap- ply at the office of Mr. Waller, Solicitor, in Cuckfield. A Capital FARM. on the SOUTH DOWNS, TO BE LET BY TENDER, For nine years, from Michaelmas next, FIELD PLACE FARM, in Goring, Tarring, mid Durrington, near Worthing, « '< » nsiitin<£ of sin excellent Farm. House, two Cottages, wnl » Barus, » « nd nil other useful Bu » l< liu « j; s, ami , il><> Anvs of A ruble. Meadow, aud Pasture Land, equal in goodness to any in the county of Sussex, aud lying HIIUOH within a vinjr fence, together- with the great tythe-, of that j> aft of the Farm which (\ es in Goring. All now iu#* he occupation of, Mr. Samuel Henty, wh « » > e term will expire at Michaelmas m The Farm may in* viewed on application to Mr. Whitington. and further particulars may t> e known, and tlie proposals tor letting seen on | ier « . qnil appliratum to Messrs. Hoper and Son, at Lewes, to wlmm tenders are to be delivered, on vr lu- fore ihe 4th lay of July next. TO BE LET, For the residue of a term of years, of whwh four will he unexpired, at Michaelmas next, with a prospect of renewal. ACapital MANSION HOUSE called MUNT- HAM, with The Offices. Gardens. Pleasure. Grounds, and several Parcels of t; ood Land adjoining. Containing In the whole abunl eighty acre* ; piioly ' In/ residence of Wm. Frankland. Esq. and now of Mrs. T. Richard- on. Muntham is situate n\ the niost beautiful part of the South Downs, within miles of Worilnm;, M of llri^ Uiou, and ," io of London, and is a de$ ijuble residence for a family of distinction. A large sum Has lately been laid out in I( S- I i'ir- 1. The neighbourhood is respectable mid the roads « (> ed, The deputation of a large Manor, ahouudiag wilH game, g; oes wilii tl( e place. Immediate possession inay lie had, if rerpiired, and the tenant may he accommodated with a <; reai [ iari of the furniture at a fair \ aluatiol). The place may be viewed, ac, d furthor particulars known on application | o Messrs. Marshall ao< l Verrall, at Steyning ; and they, or Messrs. Hoper and Son, at Lewes, will be ready to treat with persons ( leairous of liiriut;. • I'"!" a term of years, and entered i| pou tit Michaelmas THE FARM, called MAYFIELD PLACE FARM. situate iu lite parish of Mayfield, in Sussex, aiu?- close niii' 4,1 he town there, consisting tif a Messua^ e^ will! , a- Cottage, Barus. Stables, Oasthouse, Granary. Bullock Lodges, and oiher poqvenieut t) uih^ iUlinj; s, and ^ na. A, ' 2a. 3np. more or less, of arable, meadow, pas ture, hop ground, and woodland. This farm is free of fjreal tithes, and tlie > t hole thereof ( except two pieces occupied by Mr. John Paine) is now in the occupation of the executors of Mr. John Super, deceased, ( iiidcr lease, \ yhicli expires ai Michaelmas next, ( old stile ) Also (( art of KNOWLE FARM, situate iu Mayfield aforesaid, within a short distance of the town, consist iuiy of a barn, outbuildings, and several parcels of ara- ble, meadow, and pasture land, enntain'h,* io » ether bv admeasurement "> I A. OR, : II P, more or less, U,|. v in ihe licciipatiou of Mr. John Rose, u. ider a lease, which ex- pires ai Michaelmas next, ( new stile.) i'" i| rther particulars in iy be had 111! application at the office of Mr. Stone. Solicitor, Mayfield. TO BE LET OR SOLD, IN Westham street, A HOUSE,. either with, nr without, about three acres of ground. The premises contain two kit- chens, a parlour, four bed- rooms, and two garrets, . villi two- stall stable, and a good supply of excellent water, Immediate possession will lie given, ai| d only a pari of the purchase- money required at present. Application lobe made lo Mr. E Geering. Westham Eligible South Down Farm, at Findon. TO BE LET BY TENDER, On Lease for Seven Yciirs. from Michaelmas next, AFARM, situate at Findon, near Worthing;, consisting of a good farm- house, yard, banis, ^ tablesj cow- houses, ( See. and about loo acres of arable, mcatloiy, and pasture hind, tog « - t her u nlj near .> tin sheep leases on the Tenantry Down, closely adjoining, ihe - whole in ihe highest state of cultivation, and now in llic occupation of the execniii. u of the lale Mr. Wm. Tale. The t uaiit, to pay all ihe taxes except the propCriv tax. The nature and situation of the farm renders it parti- cularly well worth the attention of any Gentleman who may be desirous of engaging in agricultural pursuits for amusement as well as ^ ojit, and he might also be ac commodated svilh an excellent and Convenient dwelling- house, lit for the reception of a respectable family, iviih coach- houses, stables, pleasure and kitchen gardens, or- chards, aud additional meadow land,' in | hc delightful village of Findon, adjoining the farm, and belonging to the same estate. The farm may be viewed by application to Mr. Tay lor, the Bailiff, on the premises} and further particu- lars known by applying jo Mr. Geo. Tate, of Shoreham, or Mr. C. Raine. Solicitor, No. a. King's Bench, Inner Temple, to whom all tenders are to be'delivcred sealed, on or before loth . le. lv next. Valuable Lot of Marshland in Romney Marsh. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, And citlei'ed upon immediately, or at Michaelmas ne* t. AMost desirable and valuable ESTATE in Old Romney, comprising a Messuage anil out- buildings, and several pieces of exceeding good Marshland, containing altogether by estimation 48- 5 acres, extremely well watered, anil in fnost excellent condition, in possession oi" the propiieKrr, who from ill health is about to retire from business. l'<) r particulars inqtiiie at the ofljce of Messrs. Woollett and Dawes, Rye, who are authorised to treat by private contract. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, And entered unop at Michaelmas next, \, DESIRABLE FARM, a few miles from LX. HASTINGS;, comprising a Messuage, Build- ings, and several pieces of exceeding good arable, meadow, pasture, marsh, and hop giouod, con- taining, by estimation luQ acres, ( of which about 4- 2 acti's ate good l> rook or marsh, land) si'. uate in Westfield, in Sussex, in the occupation of Mr. Tilden Smith, who quits at Michaelmas nexti The farm is Freehold, ar. d very Con)| iact and kindly for Corn and Hops. Mr. Smith the tenant will shew the Farm. For particulars inquire ( if Mr. Tilden, at Win- chelsea; or at the oflK'e of Messrs Woollett and DaweS, Rye. TO BE LET, AND entered upon the loth Oct. next, SHIP- RODS FARM, in ihe parish of Henfield, consisting of an excellent house, with al! conveni- ent buildings, and about 9211 A. of arable, meadow, and pasture land. Ti e Farm maybe viewed on ftp. plication to Mr. H. Burtenshaw, the piesent tenant, •>. n ! further |>: i! ticulais may be had on applying; personally, to Mr. Faulconer, of Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, STONEHOUSE FARM, a verv desiiable Free- hold Estate, in the parish of Hellingly, in Sussex, cousis| iog of between 5o aud IV'stcres of very good ara- ble, meadow, pasture, and brook land ; life whole being a compact farm of im If, wiibiii a ring fence, and com- prising it farm house, ham, siahles. aiid other coovttiieut outbuildings, is well wateiid, has good gardens and orchard well stored with young rh'nief fniit Irees, Contiguous lo Ihe road, and is situate very near '. lie church; may be entered ou at Michaelmas next. f ueihcr particulars may he known by applying to Mr. Comber i'ie proprietor, nil the premises, WOO D LAND. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD PIECE OF WOOD LAND called Whurue Wood. com. lining liy estimation* 7rt acres, situate iu ihe parish of Ewhurst, in ihe county • if Sussex, adjoining tlie turnpike road, lead pig from Crips's corner to Rye. linniediate possession may be had. and ihe Timber and Underwood lo he ta^ en at a lair valuailml. Robert Sellens. the Woodreeve, near Crips's Corner Gate, will shew the land. L'of f. irillcr particulars and treaty, apply at the office of Messrs, Lucas Shadwell, Bishop and Thorpe, oliciims, Hastings. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ATHIRD SHARE in the .. Id - established BREWING and SPIRIT TRADE, at Stor- rington and Lindfield. The Buildings, & c. ne- cessary forcairving on the business are mostly new, and consist of a Dwelling- house, ( vyitbagar tlen) excellent Brewhouse atld Malthouse, at Stor- rington ; and a b'ewhouse and nifalthmttp, at Lindfield, vyitit about Qo acres- nf Land. Thers are also Eisht well- accustomed Public- Houses, belonging to the concern. Mr J. Skinner, of Ashington, will shew ill* preiflises at Storrington ; and further paiiiculais mav be known of Mr. F. Bennett, the propiietor, Lindfield. Possession may be bad < it Midsum- mer next. SUSSEX, To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, Willi possession at Michaelmas next. Adesirable COPYHOLD ESTATE called . DOWNLAND ( scarcely inferior to Frcehohi) consisting of a Genteel Dwelling; House, » n( i about acres of Pasture Land., , clo'( . Piant? « tp » ns, 6cc. and two Orchard> well siockcd, < lelU; nitHliy -; inau* ti mj an ciniiK tice w ith a lawn in tVnni. ct> nini ind 1104 heau « tifp} ami extepsiyj; yievt's yf | he South Downs and sur- roanding country. The Prem ises are half a mile from Uckfield, and the same distance from ihe London Turnpike- road s » lier « i coaches pass daily ; distant from Town vj u » ilc-> Lewes Hastinjjs - ii). The House comprises, 4 best Bed Rooms, Drauinu and Ami rooms, 4 Attics, two Stair- cas « - s, entrance Hitll^ Oiijim and Breakfa- t Pa,! rfoiir>, Store- roouj. J. auotlry, PantritM, j^ iichen, VVash h< » » ise, Foojinah^ roou>, L) itiry1 Green- houftC, NVatcr- closet^ aud every oihe; ccpiyctueuce. Coach hopse and Stables f « » r three HorsePii » ^ ery9 Cow house and other Out- Buiidin^ s.— Capital Yard f\| C Poultry, and a good Garden partly walled. The whole in perfect repair, well provided with har4 and soft water. Laud Tax redeeoiecj. The premises are occupied by D Langton. Ksq. the proprietor, who will shew the Estate, and ol' whon^ further .^ articulav. s tnay Lie had. Letters to be postpaid. SUSSEX. Freehold Estates, Land Tax redeemed, and in, part free of Corn Tithe. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Desirable Freehold Estate, called MARTINS and LODGELAND, siti} » te at Broad street Green, in ihe pleasant villa^ i q'f Hooe, ju the county of Sus- sex, within three miles of ihe sea, of which, and the. adjacent country, tlie situation coniuiands leiiutiful and extensive prospect. This e- tate coinprise. s a sub- stantial niessua « e, Mitl) Jj detached dairy, oasthopse, harn? stable.^, car^ ho^)- e, yards, g. irden, orchard, and divers pieces of arable^ nie; pjow, pustitrc, and brook- land, Containing together Ijy adine. isuieup'iit 53A. 3Kt lintin diuie possession may W hud ot the lious « and buildings ( with the exception of'the barn) and about twelve acres of tlie laird. TIk' bapi, and Jti acres of the land, or tbercybojus, a^ e under lease to Mr. James Cooper, and the remainder is included will) other lands, it) a lea* e to Mr. John Pocock, which leases re- speejivply will expire at Michaelmas next. N. B. The portjon of tins estate called Martins subject to au annfial quit- rent of 3s,.;; d. to t) ie Manor of Hooe, aijd Lodgeland pays Js. annually to t^ ij saine Manor j but by tiie custmp of this ujanor, only one hpi'iot accrues oif t|> e jleatbofa tenant, fpr auj nuui- ber of tenement. 4lso a rahiabie Freehold Farm called DOWKES, other- wise HUNTS, pnocipally free of corn tithe, siio. ne in Hooe aforesaid, contiguons so the above, consisting of a Messurge, barn, stable, and other hnihhns » *, and 47A. I4K- of exceed^ t)^ jjoocl aranle and L » .> P ground, now in tlie occupation of Mr. Pocock, under a le. aije expiring at Michaelmas next. N. B. This farm is suljjett t « an annual ( jnit- rent of 3- s. tod. to the Manor of Hooe. Broad street Green is distant six miles from Battle, nine iruii; Hastings, ten from Eastbourne, and front Lewes. J be |) itrohasers of the respective lots may he accom- modated witli a reasonable proportion of the pllrchu^ e- money on nrortjra^ ', if rpouuied. Tlie premises may be viewed on applicntioij t' » Henry Porter, esq. at Hooe Lodge ; 4nd for furtbrr pariicaUinj and treaty, apply t « » Mr. Benjamin Blackman, jun. of the Grove, in Hooe; or at the office of Messrs. Lucas. Shudwell, Bishop, at) d Thorpe, Solicitors, Hh? I n<> s, DAY and MARTIN beg leave to acqqaint the Public that j » v attending t » » the following parti- culars they will avoid belli;* iu by ? l' « -' V'^ companions that are ofi'ered as ihe genuine BLACKING. pr « jiaredvliy them at 97. High Holborn, London. Alter ti e worjj iJlackiug iu the tjrst Jine of tin1 labels tin- riimiii 1 leits have a sm ill ( as) some have the same before* the wor<| MADE in . the next line} and iniinediat. ely before the Number t)/. Purrih « » « s should observe that the whole address is clear and tfisiiuct. Sold by Baxter, Lewes; Virgoe, Eastbourne ; and Blaker, Brighton-. Pri. ejB ( id. per battle. POLING INCLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby si- en, that the Commis- _ sionersnamed and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament for Inclosing Lands, in the Parish of Poling, in ihe County of Sussex, will meet at the Crown Inn, Arundel, in itie county of Sussex, on Wednesday, the lstof July next, at ten o'clock in tlie morning, when and where nil persons having claims in, 1ft, or upon tlie lands by the said Act directed to he divided and al- lotted, are required to di liver in the particulars of such claims. Dated litis Mth June, 1813. SHAWES, LE. BLANC and SHAWE, London, Solicitors to ilie said Act. N" OTICE is Wfehv given, that NEW EN DEN FAIR will W kept on Saturday, the twentieth instant June, ii consequence of Appledore Fair falling, tliis year on the22d. It is expected there will he a large show of Welch and Country beasts. Newenden Fair from this time will be kept as usual on the twenty- first day of. June-. Transplanted Yellow Swedish, Turnip Seed. Bennett and Son's Patent Machines for sowing Seeds. CCHITTY and Co. beg most respectfully to . acquaint the Gentlemen Farmers, that they have now for sale, about ten sacks of Seed of the above description, grown by Messrs. Smallpiece, of Guildford. By Chitty and Co. thev may also be supplied with Bennett and Son's Patent Machines for sow- ins; Seeds, bv which a considerable saving is made, parlicularlyin Turnip and Rape. The advantage at- tending the use of these machines being generally acknowledged by all who have made trial of them, they only beg reference to those Gentlemen who have them in their posession. C. C. and Co. being appointed sole Agents for these Machines in this county, the readiest method of obtaining them, will be by application at the Star Lane Brewery, Lewes. THE creditors of John Keeping, late of Pep- A pering, in the parish of Burpham, in the county of Sussex, Maltster and Brewer, are desired to meet at the Crown Inn, Arundel, on Thursday next, the ! 8th instant, at three o'clock in the afternoon, on particular business. Also the creditors of Thomas Dearling, Farmer, late of Bognor, in the parish of Fiddleworth, at the same time and place. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against Joseph Back, of Brighthelmston, in the county of Sussex, brick- maker, dealer, and chapman, and he being- declared a bankrupt is hereby required to surrender himself t « the Commissioners jn the said commission named, or tin; major | iart of them, on the l6th and 17th days of June instant, and 011 the 14th day of July following, at the Star Inn, in Lewes, in the said county, 011 each day, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and make a full dis- covery and disclosure of his estate and effects, when and where the creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts ; and at the second sitting to choose Assign nees; and at lite last sitting the said Bankrupt is re- quired to finish hi * examination, and the creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of bis certi- ficate. Ail persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have'any of his effects, nre not to pay or deliver the same hut to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but gue notice to Mr. George Gwynne, Solicitor, Lewes; or to Mr. George Palmer, Solicitor, Doughty- street, London. WHEREAS 01- Saturday, the 30th of May last, ( Mayfield Fair Day)" a BROWN MA RE, of the saddle kind, about I3| hands high, with a switch tail, &<.. was left at Mr. Henry Hallett's, of Mark Cross, in the parish of Wadhurst, under circumstances that led him to suspect she was stolen; the owner, there- fore, by applying to Mr. Hallett, as above, may have lier again, on paying the expence of keeping, crying, - and advertising. " IN SUSSEX. — A FARM TO BE LET, ELIGIBLY situated about 50 miles from Lon- ' don, with 400 acres of arable and fine pasture land, and convenient accommodation for the residence of a small family. Possession at Michaelmas. For particulars apply to Messrs. Baker and Dimond, 22, Bedford- Place, London. TO BE LET, and entered on immediately, in A a principal town in Sussex, a good - accustom- ed BOOKSELLER'S, STATIONER'S, and MU SIC- SHOP1, the Slock to be lalcn by appraisement. Part of the money may remain 011 Security if de- sired.— For reference apply to Mr. Lee, Printing- Office, Lewes; arid if by letter, postage- paid. SUSSEX.— To lie Let and entered on immedi- ately, until the 1st of June next, an elegant and large Cottage, neatly furnished, with a beau- tiful proportioned eating and drawing room, nu- merous bed- chambers, and all domestic offices, gardens, coach house, stables, with about 21 acres of pasture land, called MADEHURST- LODGE, si- tu, lie in a beautiful country, 3 miles from Arundel, and 9 from Chichester. — Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. Shortly will be published, AN ADDRESS to the Gentlemen of the West- ern Division of the County of Sussex, on an Act of Parliament, lately passed, for repairing the Road from Storrington to Ball's Hut, in Walber- ton. in ( he County of Sussex." With observations • demonstrating its advantages and disadvantages, By A FREEHOLDER. To Bankers, Merchants, and Retail Dealers. Just publi- lied by 14. and It. Crosby and Co. 4, Sta- tioners' - Court, Paternoster row, London; and sold by J. Baxter, Lewes. 1st. A new edition of I8, oon copies, carefully corrected, price is.( id. in sheep, is. calf. COLLINS's Complete Ready Reckoner, con- sisting of tables accurately cast up, of any quan- tity of goods from a farthing to a pound, at one view, adapted to the use of wholesale and retail dealers. To which is addled, tables of interest, commission, broker- age, weights and measures, duties and stamps iu use, time of transfer, dividends due, ic. a list of bankers, nd commercial tables. The most correct and useful book of the kind ever published. By THOMAS COLLINS. " A very pretty edition of a very useful little book, which is neatly and correctly printed; such a modest volume must be very acceptable to those who require its assisia- uce."— Anti Jacobin Review,. Oct. 1808, ad. Stenhouse's Tables of Interest, Commission, Brok- • erage.' aud Exchange, at all the usual rates, to which is added, a number of useful commercial tables, adapted for bankers, merchants, and wholesale dealers. Neatly and correctly printed, royal Svo, price boards. 31. Mitchel's Tables of Interest at Five per Cent, from 1 to 3, on'il. for I to 9( i days, and I to 1- 2 months, for general use, wiik commission tables from l- 8tli ti> 5 per cent. I - Mini.. : ts, 4th. Crosby's Merchant's and Tradesman's Pocket Dictionary in all the various branches of commerce, particularly the established laws of shipping, customs, ( duties of agents, assignments, arbitrations, bankrupts, parish matters, wills, deeds, and almost every occur- rence in fife,— Price Qs. boards. ** This is one of the most wanted and useful Diction- aries we have seen; the vast variety of subjects it con- tains will he found necessary and convenient for every person, from the peer to the menial servant."— Anti Ja- cobin Review, October 18 « S '' tli. A New System of Short Hand, by wkieti more may he written in one hour, than in one hour aud a half . by aov other system. By SAMUEL RICHARDSON, late Teacher at Ches- ter, Liverpool, & c. Fourth edition, < V « , boards, 8s. 6th. A New Introduction to the Italian Method of Book keeping, by the Rev. R, TURNER, corrected by W, MALHAM, is. SUSSEX.— To be' Let, for one or ' two years, DALE PARK, a large aiid elegant Mansion, very handsomely furnished, with coach- house, and numerous stabling, extensive pleasure- grounds, gardens abundantly supplied with fruit and vegeta- bles, green- house and grapery, together with land and the extensive manors, the whole fit for the re- ception of a family of the first distinction. The situation is particularly healthy, the prospects are bold, varied, and extensive, embracing hill, dale, and sea views of uncommon richness. — The pre- mises may be viewed from 11 to 4 bv tickets, and further particulars had of Mr. WELLER, Chi- chester. SUSSEX. ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, 276 Acres, Manor Farm, Tythe free. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, AValuable and compact Freehold Farm and premises, called CHURCH FARM, in the parish of Brede, in the county of Sussex, pleasantly situated oil a navigable branch, leading from Rye Harbour, about six miles from Hastings aud Rye, nine from Bat tle, in a fine sporting country and extensive manor ; receives quit rents from the different tenants, and is tythe free: comprising a roomy, good, and substantial Mansion- house, and gardens barns, lodges, oast and other convenient out buildings, together w ith about 2/ 6 acres of exceeding good and fertile brook, meadow, arable, pasture and hop lands, very kindly for hops, corn, hay, & c.. capable of great improvement. The premises nifty be viewed by application to Mr. Hen. Richardson, of Brede, or Mr. Geo. Case, of Herst- monceux, who will treat for the same. Possession may be bad at Michaelmas next, aud part of the purchase- money may remain on security, if required. Letters, post paid, only will he attended to. Sales by Auction. EXTENSIVE FREEHOLD ESTATES, on the Brighton- road, Sussex, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Mart, London, on Wednesday, July 23, at 11, ill thirteen lots, AVery extensive and highly improvable Free- hold Estate, called, the HIGH BEECHES, and BLACKFOLD ESTATES, most desirably situate, for above one mile adjoining to the turnpike- road leading from London to Brighton, 33 miles from London, two from Crawley, 20 from Brighton, and five from Hors- ham ; comprising above ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED ACRES, lying within a ring fence, near Handcross, and abound- ing with black, red, and almost every « ther description of game, aud is at present in the occupation of Wil liam Coomber, and — Gatford, who have received notices to quit. This estate is peculiarly adapted for the encouragement of the growth of oak and other tim- ber, and the roads commuicating therewith being un- commonly excellent. It will he divided into thirteen lots for the convenience of purchasers. To be viewed by application to Charles Bartley, at Peas Pottage- gate, adjoining tlie estate, of whom print- ed particulars may be h id , also at the King's Arms, Croydon; White Hart, Reigate; George, Crawley; King's Head, Cuckfield ; Castle, and Libraries, Brigh- ton; Star, Lewes; Dorset Arms, East Grinstead ; Dol- phin, Chichester ; of T. C. Medwin, Esq. and at the Anchor, Horsham; of Messrs. G. and J. Smallpiece, Guildford; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road ; or at their offices, in the Auction Mart, London . Valuable Sale by Auction, on the premises, at Cor- sica Hall, near Seaford, in Sussex. By Mr. LAMBE, On Wednesday next, the 17th of June, and following days, on tlie premises, at Corsica Hall, near Seaford, in Sussex, under writs of FIERA FACIAS, directed to the Constable of Dover Castle, ALL the valuable HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, plate, and plated goods, china, glass, wines, li- quors, capital billiard table, fixtures, & c. also all the Farming Stock and Utensils, crops 011 the ground, a quantity of bricks, coals, timber, & c. The furniture consists of several four- post and tent bedsteads, with dimity and other furnitures; prime sea- soned feather beds, mattrasses, quilts, and counter- panes; very excellent mahogany goods, iu double nod single chests of drawers, oval fronts, inlaid, & c. sets of dining parlour chairs, dining, card, Pembroke, and round tea tables; set of large dining tallies, with ends . corner wash- hand stands, night commodes, & c. folding screen, covered with handsome gilt leather, also a capi- tal billiard table complete. Drawing room set of ten and two elbow japanned chairs, scroll backs, and cane seats, with cushions and cases to ditto; a sofa with case; set of very handsome window curtains, for four windows, made up in the most fashionable manner, with drapery vallance, lined and fringed, and japanned cor- nice in suite ; very large chimney and dressing glasses, iu gilt and mahogany frames; steel and green wire fen ders and fire irons; carpetting of different sorts; excel- lent kitchen and washing requisites, & c. The fixtures, of several excellent register and Bath stoves; large brewing aud washing coppers; two very large kitchen ranges, with ovens, & c. smoke jack; ma hogany side boards, as fixed ; dressers, meat safes, & c. The plate and plated goods, of candlesticks, gravy, table, and tea spoons ; forks, fish slice, soup ladle, toast rack, snuffers pan, cream jugs, waiters, butter knives, & c. The plain nud cut glass, in decanters, water gob lets, wine glasses, tumblers, rummers, cruets, salts, with plated stands, & c. A very handsome long dinner set of Wedgwood ware ; a very handsome long set of breakfast ditto, and variety of other china, & c. A quantity of wine, liquors, some linen, & c. The Farming Stock consists of several useful horses, a cow and calf, sundry waggons, carts, ploughs, rollers, rakes, wattles, harnesses, and variety of other articles used in the farming line. Also two hay stacks, one straw ditto, a very large quantity of manure, some corn, & c. Also all the crops on the ground of wheat, barley, oats, beans, tares, seeds, and grass. A large quantity of excellent brick, coals, and useful timber. Tlie Public are respectfully informed, that the effects will be sold without the least reserve, and in the follow- ing order. Ou Wednesday, tlie Houshold Furniture, fixtures, and the billiard table.— On Thursday, the Remainder of the Furniture, with the plate and plated goods, glass, china, linen, & c.— Aud on Friday, the Farming Stock and utensils,' bricks, coals, timber, wine, liquors, and the crops 011 the ground. The sale will begin each day precisely at eleven o'clock, aud continue until five in the afternoon. Royal Circus, Brighton. By Mr. H. R- ATTREE, On the premises, 011 Monday, the 6th day of July next, at twelve o'clock at noon, ALL that Leasehold Building and premises, situate on the North Steine, Brighton, commonly called the ROYAL CIRCUS. Upwards of 90 years of the lease are yet unexpired. The premises are in good repair, and might be open- ed the ensuing Season at a small expence. For further particulars apply to Mr> Bull, Land- Agent, Carlton; Place ; th8 Auctioneer; or Mr. Thos. Attree, Solicitor, Brighton. Immediately after the above will be sold in lots ( unless taken by appraisement), The Chandeliers, Furniture, Scenery, Machinery, Dresses, & c. of the Circus. HAILSHAM TOWN. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Crown Inn, in Hailsham, 011 Wednesday, the 17th of June, at four o'clock in the afternoon, AFreehold convenient substantial- built DWEL- LING HOUSE, and premises, desirably situate in the centre of the Town of Hailsham, in the occupa- tion of Mr. Long, Surgeon, comprising two front par- lours, drawing room, kitchen, pantry, scullery, three excellent cellars, seven sleeping rooms, convenient clo- sets, a detached brewhouse, coach house, and a three- stall stable; a roomy back- yard, and a large walled in garden well planted. Early possession may lie bad. N. B. Further particulars may be knouu of Mr. Long, the proprietor and occupier; or of t'he Auc- tioneers, Lews*, Sussex, Sales by Auction TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION; BY VERRALL AND SON, In Twelve Lots, at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Satur day the 2oth day of June, 1812, at six o'clock iu the evening subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, several Freehold Estates, dwelling houses, and premises situate 111 the Borough of Lewes, and ill the parishes of Chailey, and St. John under the Castle of Lewes, in the county of Sussex. LOT I. A FREEHOLD FARM, called Wallin- 11 gore, or Warningore Farm, situate in the parishes of Chailey, and St. John, Lewes, consisting of 11 farm house, barn, buildings, closes, and about 136 acres, one rood, and If. perches, he the same more or less, of arable, meadow, and wood land, together with about 79 acres, three roods, aud 3.1 perches, be the same more or less, of sheep down, 011 the South Downs called Warningore Down, as the san.-- are now held in tlie occupation of Mr. Richard Burtenshaw, 011 a lease for seven years, from Michaelmas 1811, at the rent of I' 355 per annum. N. B. The new Turnpike Road from Offham to Ditcheling, opening an easy communication Ironi the farm to all the neighbouring towns aud markets, will adjoin the estate. LOT - 2. An undivided Eighth part of the Royalties, Rents, and Services of the Manor of Houndean, in the county of Sussex, extending into several places within the parishes of St. Ann's, St. John's, and All Saints, in Lewes, Southover, Kingston, Balsdean, Barcomb, Chailey, Newick, Wivelsfield, and Balcomb, aid of tlie | waste lands belonging to the said manor, with the ex- J ception of the waste lands lying within the parishes of St. Ann and St. John, Lewes, the annual quit rents of the whole manor amount to til. Ss. 7d. or thereabouts, exclusive of fines and heriots. LOT 3. One Eighth part of a messuage, barn, stable, and outbuildings, with about 1911 acres of arable, mea- dow, wood, aud heathy land, called Lodge Farm, part of the desmesues of the snid manor vf Honndean, now in the occupation of Messrs. Reed, uuder an agreement for a lease for 12 years, from Michaelmas tstu, at au annual rent for the whole Farm of A' 43. LOT 4. A Freehold Messuage or dwelling house, yard, garden, and premises, and a right of way and use of a well of good water, in the adjoining yard, in com- mon with the occupiers of lots 5, 6, 7, 8, <), 10, 11, and 12, but 110 further use of the yard than to and from the well, situate on the north side of the high street, nearly opposite Keere Street, being the easternmost house in the parish of St. Ann, Lewes, m, w in the occupation of Mr. Sacre, as tenant at will. LOT 5. A new built Freehold Messuage or dwelling house, shop, and premises ou the north side of the high- street, iu the Borough of Lewes, adjoining lot 4. 011 the west, with a right of way and use of the well, and also the use of the yard, wherein the same is situate in common with the tenants and occupiers of lots t), 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, aud with lot 4, as to the use of the well only, being the westernmost house in the parish of St. Michael, Lewes, now iu the occupation of . Mr. Cooter, gardener aud green- grocer, as tenant at will. LOT 6- A Freehold Messuage or dwelling house, shop, large cellaring, and roomy premises, lately fitted up and repaired at considerable expence adjoining lot 5, 011 tlie west, with a like right of way to and use of the well and yard, as lot 5, situate on the north side of the high- street, of the Borough of Lewes, being tin- south west corner of White Lion Lane, iu the parish of St. Michael, Lewes, now in the occupation of Mr. Cook, as tenant at will. LOT 7. A Freehold Messuage or dwelling house, roomy and old accustomed Blacksmith's Shop, and con- venient shoeing- house, attached to each oilier, now iu full trade, iu a most desirable situation, adjacent to the high street, being the second house therefrom, on the west side, at the entrance of White Lion Lane aforesaid, adjoining lot 6, on tlie south, with a like right of way 10 aud use of the well and yard as lots 5 and ( i, situate iu the parish of St Michael, in the Borough of Lewes aforesaid, and now in the occupation of Mr. Gurr, blacksmith, as tenant at will. LOT 8. A Freehold Messuage or tenement adjoining lot 7, on the south, situate en the west side of White Lion Lane, iu the parish of St. Michael, within the Borough of Lewes, with a like right of way to aiid use of the well and yard, as lots 5, 6, and 7, now iu the oc- cupation of Richard Divall, as tenant at will. LOT 9. A Freehold Messuage or tenement adjoining lot 8, on the south, situate on the West side of White Lion Lane, in the Borough of Lewes, with the like right of way to and use of the well and yard, as lots 5,1), 7, and 8, now in tlie occupation of Richard Miles, as tenant at will. LOT 10. A Freehold Messuage or tenement adjoining lot 9,011 the south situate 011 the west side of White Lion Lane, iu the Borough of Lewes, with the right of way to and use of the well and yard as lots 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, now in the occupation of Jane Denman, as tenant at will. LOT 11. A Freehold Messuage or tenement adjoining lot to, 011 the south, situate 011 the west side of White Lion Lane, in the Borough of Lewes, with the like right of way to and use of the well and yard, as lots 5, G, 7, 8, 9, and 10, now in the occupation of John Pierce, aged 64 years and upwards, who holds the same for bis life, at the nominal rent of per annum. LOT 12. A Freehold Messuage or tenement adjoin- ing lot 11, on the south, situate on the west side of White Lion Lane, in the Borough of Lewes, with the like right of way to and use of the well and yard, as lots 5, ( 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and II, now in the occupation of William Brown, as tenant at will. N. li. Lot 4 is subject to a quit rent of 6d and lots 5, 6,7, 8, 9, 10, II, and 12, together are subject to a quit rent of Is. 11 Jd. payable to the Lords of the Borough of Lewes, For any further particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. Langridge and Kell, Solicitors, Lewes, where a map and the lease of Lot I, may be seen. A Particu lar hereof may also be had at the Office of Messrs. Ellis, Solicitors, Hatton Garden, London. Reversion in Freehold Marshlands and Upland, in Wartling and Pevensey, in Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday, the 27th day of June, 1812, at five o'clock in the afternoon, unless an acceptable offer is made in the mean lime for a pur- chase by private contract, THE Reversion or Remainder in Fee expectant JL 011 the decease of the Survivor of two persons, one of ulVoin is aged 77 years, and the oilier 64 years, ( subject to the payment of loool. within twelve months next after the decease of such survivor) of and 111 Seven Pieces or parcels of exceedingly good Freehold Marsh- land, situate in the several parishes of Wartling and Pevensey, i: i the county of Sussex, called by the names of Old Court and, Harding's Brooks, containing by ad- measurement 68 A. OH.. 41*. more or less, aud now IU the occupation of Mr. Palmer Stone. And of and in a Freehold Messuage, barn, lodge, garden, and two pieces or parcels of rich Meadow or Pasture Land, at a few rods distance only from llie above Marshlands, called Late Apps's, containing to- gether by estimation 22 acres, more or less, situate iu the parish of Wartling aforesaid, aud now also 111 the occupation of Mr. Palmer Stone. N. B. The above seven pieces of Marshland are ex- onerated from land tax. Henry Ashdown ( ihe looker) who resides in the mes- suage called Apps's, will shew the above estates; aud for'further particulars apply to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Mayfield, Sussex. LEWES WINDMILL. ' ~ By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, Lewes, 011 Saturday, the 27U1 day of June instant, at six o'clock in the afternoon, subject lo such conditions as will then be produced, AValuable WIND CORN- MILL, with the lease of tlie ground and premises thereto belong ing, granted for 99 years, at the low rent of Three Guineas, of which term 88 years will be unexpired at Michaelmas next. The Mill is situate iu the parish of St. Michael, in Lewes, adjacent to and communicating nearly at the centre with the High- street; was built by Pilbean, of the very best materials, has been since used as a public Town Mill, and is one of the most complete buildings of that class. Immediate possession may he had. The interior of the Mill may be viewed, and the stipulations of the lease examined, by applyiug at the office of Messrs, Langridge and Kell, Solicitors, Lewes. Sales by Auction. I Capital Leasehold Premises, for a term, iff 21 year at a low rent, extensive and well esta- blished Wine, Spirit, and Beer trade, a neat private residence, at Brighton, in Sussex. By Mr. FAIRBROTHER, At Garraway's, on Friday, June 19, at 12 o'clock, by order of the proprietor, in two lots, THE important well established extensive and X highly valuable concern, in the joint trades of a WINE, SPIRUT, BEER, CYDER, and PERRY MER CHANT, with a most commodious residence, and capa- cious vaults, capable of conducting a concern of the first magnitude, situate at Brighton, in Sussex. The business has been established for several years, and con- ducted wiih the utmost liberality, and attention, and every accommodation will lie afforded to the purchaser as to the time and. mode of payment, The premises arc well situated for letting, being in Manchester- street, agreeably removed from, yet possessing a view of tlie sea. The purchaser may be accommodated with any part of the stock ill trade, an! d houshold furniture, at a valuation, and early possession may be had. To be viewed 20 days prior to the sale, particulars bad on the premises, Steine Hotel, Worthing; King's Head, and Talbot, Cuckfield; Star, Lewes; King's Head, Horsham ; at Garraway's, and of Mr. Fairbro- ther, No. 9, Beanfort Buildings, Strand. SUSSEX.— Capital Marshland near the Town of Winchelsea. By HENRY EATON, At the New Inn, Winchelsea, on Monday, the GIB day of July, 1812, at three o'clock iu llie afternoon, in seven lots. * LOT l . FOUR pieces of MARSHLAND, lying - L- 011 the west side of the R. M. Canal, im- mediately under the Winchelsea Cliff", iu the parish of lckleshain* containing by admeasurement I3A. 2R. 2P LOT 2. Four pieces of MARSHLAND, called the Outer Pilrags, the Inner Pilrags, the Great Pound Piece, and llie Six Acres, conttiuiug by admeasure- ment 30 I it. lop. LOT 3. Four pieces of MARSHLAND, called the Little Pound Pieces, ihe Ten Acres, and the Horse Brook, containing by. admeasurement 23A. 2It. 0P. LOT 4. Three pieces of MARSH LAND, ( heretofore in two pieces) called the House Field, and the Thirteen Acres containing by admeasurement 18A. lit. 9p. LOT 5„ One piece of MARSHLAND, called the Winchelsea Salts, containing by admeasurement I5A. 211.25F. Lots 2, 3, 4 and 5, adjoin together, and ore situate on the east side of the R. M Canal, in the parish of Icklesham, and within a quarter of a mile of the town of Winchelsea. LOT 6. A piece of land called the Colts, situate on the east side of the New Harbour, and containing by admeasurement ( exclusive of the road on llie wall,) I2A. . IB. 5p. LOT 7. Several pieces of MARSHLAND and Out- lands, or Salts, lying at the back of ihe. beach between llie entrance of the New Harbour and that of ihe Old Harbour, in the parish of Icklesham, and containing by admeasurement 233A, Itt. 2op. together with the beach interspersed therein, and that extending to the high water mark. The whole of this estate is in the occupation of te- nants by the year, from Michaelmas. John Sinden, the Looker, at Winchelsea, will shew the several lots, aud particulars may be bad at the office of Messrs. Lucas, Shadwell, Bishop aud Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings. HANTS.— BY MR. WELLER, On the premises, 011 Friday, the 191b of June, at 12 PART' of the truly elegant arid fashionable Fur- niture of FREELAND HOUSE, HORNDEAN, belonging to a Gentleman quitting his residence, com prising a field bedsted, with corded dimity furniture, flock mattrass, prime goose feather beds, bolster aud pillow, blankets and counterpane; a real old japan'd cabinet, mahogany lobby aud dressing chests of draw- er.-, painted dressing tables aud glasses, drawing- room suite of furniture, 12 elbow grecian chairs, japan'd rosewood, with antique ornaments iu basso relievo, aud burnished gold mouldings; a pair of very large loung- ing sofas, with squab cushions and feather pillows ; a pair of large beautiful French window curtains of print- ed calico, the style perfectly chaste, with elegant dis- posed draperies, trimmed with a Parisian fringe, pole cornices, bronzed with burnished gold ornaments, ihe eases of the sofas and chairs are ou suite ; a pair of rosewood chifiouers highly finished, mid inlaid with brass bronze ornaments, rosewood savaco sofa tables, Ottoman footstools, 18 ebonized Grecian eating- room chairs, with brass mouldings ; a capital set of dining tables; a French window curtain. uf grey moreen, with black velvet style, handsome draperies and fringed fan. tieul chairs, with black morocco squabs; a particular neat book case of wainscot 14 feet long 7 feet high, Willi a return book case five feel long; Brussels and Kidderminster carpets, mahogany card, Pembroke, and work tables; back aud pole screen; an elegant hall- light in brass burnished frame, a time piece, a large mangle, kitchen, washing, and brewing utensils. Catalogues may be had 111 due time at cjd. each, at the King's Arms, Godalming; Anchor, Liphook; Dolphin, Petersfield ; Ship and Bell, Horndean ; Messrs, Mottley and Co. Portsmouth ; Bear, Havant; at the Libraries, Brighton, Worthing, and Bognor; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester. HANTS. — By Mr. WELLER. Oil the premises, on Monday, the 22d of June, and fol- lowing days, , ^ THE genuine and entire ttuly fashionable Hous- 1 hold Furniture, choice Wines, and oilier effects, tlie property of JOHN CROSS, Esq. quitting his resi- dence at Petersfield. The furniture comprises elegant four post bedsteds, with very rich printed calico, dimity, and other furni- tures ; ihe appendages of llie beds of ihe first quality ; beautiful rosewood and mahogany wardrobes, chest of drawers, dressing tables, a drawing- room en suite; a Grecian sofa, 12 chairs of japan'd' rosewood, aud bur- nished gold; real rosewood sofa and card tables; a large French window curtain, with tasty draperies, Brussels aud Kidderminster carpels, a very fine toned piano forte, with additional keys, by Broadwood ; a large palmaletta sideboard, 12 mahogany eating- room chairs, Grecian shape, highly finished and covered with red morocco; a pair of magnificent pier glasses in two plates, neat carved frames, 111 white and burnished gold, the extent of which is 9 feet 5 inches; large concave mirrors, a mahogany library book ease, dumb wallers, hall chairs, a time piece, paintings and prints, with china and glass ; 25 doz. choice old Madeira; 4o doz, old crusted Port; 35 doz. Bucellas; a hogshead of prime old Port of the favourite vintage, with the usual kitchen, dairy, and washing utensils. The effects may be viewed oil Saturday preceding the sale. Catalogues may he had at 6d. " ach, indue time. King's Arms, Godalming; Anchor, Liphook; Dolphin, Petersfield ; Ship and Bell, Horndean ; Messrs. Mottley aud Co. Printers, Portsmouth; Bear, Havant; at the Libraries Brighton, Worthing, and Bognor; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester. SUSSEX. — By MR. WELLER, Towards the close of June, ATruly valuable estate, called, GRAVELLING WELL, the residence of the late John Miller, esq. and consists of two hundred and seven acres of arable and meadow land, a genial, pleasant, and healthy soil, and seated in the centre of llie grounds, a house on a moderate scale, which might be enlarged and im- proved at no great expence, gardens, pleasure grounds, orchards and fish ponds, and cold bath, with barns and granary, and all useful outbuildings. The situation for a Gentleman agriculturist is most desirable, the views are euchantingly picturesque, famed for the sports of the field, being onlv two miles from the Duke of Rich mond's kennel, its' proximity to Chichester, is one among the many advantages which cannot be but very inadequately described in the space of ail advertisement. Further particulars will be published, wd may be had at the principal Inns of the neighbouring Market Towns; of Messrs. Johnson, Price, and Freeland. Soli- citors; at the Auction Mart; and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester, Sales by Auction, HANTS] t By, MR. WELLER, Early in July, in Lots, A DESIRABLE ESTATE, consisting of a next Cottage, wi> ll all ? agricultural buildings, together with 80 statute Acres, of rich arable aud meadow land, with extensive forest rights, jYte cottage is seated on a fine sloping ground, with a vale below', well featured with timber, a bold and uninterrupted view of the ocean, the Isle of Wight, Needles, ai^ Channel, only two miles from Lymington, the residence and property Of John Biggs, Esq. Five acres of rich meadow land, withiA a quarter of a mile of Lymington, a most enchanting spot for build- ing, the marine aud land views form a landscape of Unrivalled beauty. A delightful residence, with excellent gardens in Church street, Lymington, in llie occupation of —— Atwood, Esq, Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. WELLER, Chichester. . To Drapers, Taylors, and Others. BY ROBERT BROOKE, On Monday next, the 15th June, ( uuder an Execution from the Sheriff'). A LL the STOCK in TRADE and HOUSHOLD - FURNITURE, of Mr. John Manby, taylor, & c. at Newhaven. The Stock consists of several Pieces of superfine! and second Cloths, great Coating, & c. a good Assortment of Corderoys and other Breeches Pieces. Kerseymeres, Nankeens, Velveteens, Quiltings, Marseilles and other Waistcoat Pieces, large and other flannels, a quantity of ready made Cloaths, Sailors Jackets, Trowsers, & c. several gross of gilt, plated, and Metal Buttons ; Silk Twist and Thread; sundry fine new Mens ' and Boys Hats, & c. & c. The Household Goods consist of. a very handsome Mahogany Escrutoire » Mahogany Dining and Pembroke Tables, Goose and other Feather Beds, Bedsteads, & e. Linen, China, Pier and oth^ r Glasses, baking, boiling and other Stoves; tree Drawers, with Cupboard ou the top. Drawers, Walnut comer Cupboards, Pictures; aiid Kitchen, and other icqnisiles in general. The Sale of ihe Houshold Goods wil! begin at nine in the forenoon and continue until the whole is sold. Post- Chaises, seasoned Post- Horses and suitable Harness, Wines, Household Furniture. Plate, Linen, China and Glass. CHICHESTER. BY WHITE A ND SON, On the Premises, under an Execution, 011 Monday, the 13th June, 181- 2. and three following Days, THE EFFECTS of Mr. James Binstead, at the Dolphin Inn .— The STOCK IN TRADE comprises four well built Post Chaises, a Sociable, with suitable Harness, in good condition, an excellent Single Horse Chaise nearly new, with shifting Head, mid Harness, ten clever well seasoned Post Horses, in excellent condition. The HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, PLATE, LINEN, and CHINA, comprise twenty - two four post and field Bedsteads, with cotton, dimity, and morine Furnitures, and window Curtains to correspond • two portable Chair Beds, wiih squabs complete; twenty prime well seasoned Feather Beds, Hair and Flock Mattrasses, Palliazes, fine Witney Blankets and Coun- terpanes ; thirty pair Sheets, and table Linen; one hundred ounces of Plate; Pier and Dressing Glasses of various dimensions; 111 Mahogany, double aud single Chest of Drawers, Dressing Tables and Bason Stands; sets of Dining, Card, Tea, and Pembroke Tables; two side Boards, sets of Chairs, japanned ditto ; two neat Sofas, Brussels, Wilton, Venetian, and Kidderminster Carpets, Hearth Rugs, Floor Cloths, a valuable eight day Clock iu Mahogany Case, a Time Piece, a Mangle, Linen Presses, Hall Lamps; also the Fixtures 111 the Coffee Room, Register, Romford, Pantheon, and other Stoves; Fenders, and Five irons; two Coppers, a Smoke Jack, sixty dozen Wine Bottles, with an extensive as- sortment of Kitchen Requisites, & c. & c.; also 2 dozen port Wine, 3l dozen Claret, 15 bottles Champaigne, 15 ditto Sherry, 15 bottles Madeira. The Household Furniture, Plate, Linen, & c. will lie sold the three first days, and llie Stock ill Trade ihe last day, Thursday, the 18th of June. N. B. Catalogues nlay be had at fid each ; at tha principal Inns in the adjacent Market Towns; place of Sale; nnd of Messrs. White and Son, North street, Chichester; or High street, Arundel. To Carriers and others .— Hailsham, Sussex. By M. HARRIS, Before the Crown Inn, Hailsham, on Wednesday, the 171I1 day of June, H12, at three o'clock iu the after- noon, LOT 1. A Six- inch wheel Waggon, with iron JTX. arms, skidpan, double rods and hoops. LOT 2. A six- inch wheel Ditto, nearly new, with dou- ble and single rods. LOT 3. A narrow wheel Ditto, also five pair of har- ness, and a set of hand bells. Battle, Sussex. — Copyhold Estate, Fixtures, & c. By M'. HARRIS, On Thursday, the ( Kill day of June, Igisj, at Mr. Long- ley's, King's Arms Inn, Battle, at two o'clock iu tUa afternoon, A COPYHOLD ESTATE, comprising a good XA Dwelling- house, shop, aud garden, conveniently adapted for many trades, and most eligibly situated, adjoining the George Inn, Battle, ill the occupation of Mr. Barber. Also at three o'clock, ou the premises, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, A stove, roasting jack, copper, coal grate, dresser, counter, lead cistern, iron furnace, and sundry other ar- ticles. N. B. The estate is holden of the Manor © f Battle, and subject 10 a fine at llie will of the Lord ; further particulars 011 the day of sale. Desirable premises at Hailsham, Sussex. By MICH. HARRIS, At the Crown Inn, Hailsham, oil Wednesday the 1st day of July next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ANewly- erected MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with ihe Carpenter's Shop, yard, saw- pit, garden, aud premises thereto belonging, or therewith used, situ, ate near the Town of Hailsham, adjoining to the high road leading from that town 10 Battle and Hastings, aud now in the occupation of Samuel Burten, as tenant by ihe year only. And also a newly- erected Cottage, wiih the Carpen- ter's shop, garden, and premises thereto belonging, ad- joining to the before mentioned premises, and now in tlie occupation of Peter Carey, as tenant iiy the year onlv, I lie above estates ( which are copyhold of inheritance, held uuder small annual quit refits, and subject 10 small stinted heriots and fines), are well worth ihe attention of a cooper, or hollow- ware turner, being well calculat- ed for that business, aud there being no person carry- ing on the same business within the parish. Further particulars may be had on application to Mr. Samuel Sinnock, Hailsham. Freehold Farm, near Cuckfield. Sussex. By Mr. GRANTHAM, At the Talbot Inn, at Cuckfield, 011 Friday, the loth of July, at one o'clock, iu one lot, AMost valuable and highly improveable Free- hold Estate, called NORTH LANDS FARM aud ABBOTT'S FARM, ( free of the tithe of corn and grain, and exonerated from Landtax), situate at Brook- street, on the New Brighton- road, near the market town of Cuckfield, about 40 miles from London, and 15 from Brighton and Lewes, in a most desirable country, pos- sessing the finest and most extensive views, and iu an excellent neighbourhood. The estate consists of a good substantial farm- house, barn, stabling, and convenient out- buildings, orchard and garden, detached farm- house, barn and shed, at Abbott's Farm, with 119 acres of ex- cellent arable, meadow, and wood land, 111 high condi- tion and cultivation, well stocked with a quantity of thriving oak timber, for which the soil is peculiarly/ adapted. The premises are held by Mr. Jennings upon an agreement, which expires at Michaelmas, 1812. Printed particulars and conditions. of sale may be had at the Auction Mart; of Messrs. Knapp and Hughes, solicitors, Haberdashers' Hall, London; and of Mr. Clutton, Cuckfield ( where plans may lie seen J: at the Inns at Brighton, Lewes, Uckfield, East Grinstead, Rei- gate, Crawley, Horsham ; at the place qf sale : aud of Mr. Grantham, Park- hill, Croydon, • I . - - •' I . Ill' Postscript. FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. Carlton House, 11th June, 1812. THIS Gazette contains the appointments of the following Noblemen and Gentlemen :— Ear! Harrowby, to he President of the Council— Earl Bathurst and Viscount Sidmouth, to be two of his Majesty's principal Secretaries of State— Earl Li- verpool, Rt. Hon. N. Vansittart, S. Barne, esq. and the Hon Berkeley Paget, to he Commissioners for executing the office of Treasurer of the Exchequer. — Rt. Hon. N. Vansittart to he Chancellor and Un- der Treasurer of the Exchequer. BANKRUPTS. W. Cuudy, Norfolk- stieet. denier. J. Nott. W. Smith, and J. Clarke, Duke- street, hat- makers. J. Simeon, of Portsea, slopseller. J. Gordon, Hunter- street, broker. W. Ingeltharp, Portman Mews, hncktieviman. T, Par- ker. Kent- road, stationer. J. Jenks, Holborn, victualler. J. Wright, Huddursfield, York, tinner. James Primet, Newington Bulls, bill- broker. T, Furuivall, of Lynn, Norfolk, glans • man, T. Eaton, Penketh, Lancaster, por- ter- dealer. W. Whitehead, South Anston, York. corn factor. W, Reymill, Banbury, Oxford, currier. Joseph Graves, Kingstone upon- Hull, victualler. J. Emery, of Petworth, Sussex, vintner. C. Cole, Kidderminster, ca- binet- maker. J* Clarke, Loughborough. Leicester, gro- cer. G. Hollis, Monmouth, farmer. R, Ingleby, Spring- field, Flint, lead merchant. T. Edwards, Halifax, cali- . co- bleacher, T. Hadwen, Kendal, Westmoreland, inn- keeper. A. Aaron, Duke's Place, spectacle'maker. G. Gardener, St. John- street, . Middlesex, ironmonger. LONDON, ( SUNDAY) t Mr. Stuart Wortley's motion, on Friday night, produced a long and important debate. Lord Milton moved an amendment, upon which the House divided, when there appeared Ayes, 164, Noes 230, leaving a majority in favour of the new Ministers of 125.— The gentlemen forming lists for the enduing Loon, waited upon the Minister on Friday to receive his proposals ; the Bidding is to . take place on Tuesday— The correspondence be- tween Marquis Wellesley, Earl Moira, and the " Other parties concerned in the late negotiation re- specting a new Ministry, has been published. It is very long, and refutes the the falshoods and mis- lepresentations, which this extraordinary negocia- tion Ins given rise to.— Private accounts from the western part of Yorkshire, upon which the great- est confidence is placed, aie of a very alarming na- ture. They state, that the malcontents hold night- ly watches on the tops of the hills, lighting bea- cons, or making some other sorts of signals; and when the cavaliv are proceeding t^ surprise them, rockets are thrown up to give not ice of their ap- proach, and tlie assemblage is of cours£ dispersed, before the troops can reach it. A meeting of the Lieutenancy was fixed for Friday, at Wakefield, at which every Deputy Lieutenant was urgently re- quested to attend, on the ground that the most im- portant business was expected. There is a great . destruction of framing machinery, and nightly de- predations on every building that has lead upon it. — By an Anholt Mail which arrived this morning it appears that Bonaparte is prepared for negocia- tion, as well as for war. He is attended at l3res- den by as many ministers as generals; but neither war or negotiation has vet commenced. LEWES, JUNE 15, 1812. The public mind being, at this moment, alive to the relations between England and America, the following remarks will, perhaps, prove acceptable to many of our readers:— The ignorance of the people of this country on the state of American a ft a i i s, is truly lamentable. The bulk of thepeo. de is here meant ; whether commercial or independent spectator of the state of afl'airs, with which Europe is now so unhappily agi- tated, it really seeins .. s if our once uniled brethren on the other side of the Atlantic, were as little known as some of the savage tribes in the interior of their vast continent. Whenever the American name is mentioned, there is generally, in the dis- cussion, a kind of virtuous reserve affixed to the country ; and the illustrious names of a Washington, an Adams, a Hamilton, seem to spread a kind of leverencc in the argument; but it is now high time that the eyes of our fellow countrymen should be opened on the true state of the present order of things in that couniry ; in short, it seems as if the English, in their political speculations of Ame- rica, were constantly thinking of that period of its federal government swayed by those persons just mentioned, which continued for about twelve years, in the course of which, that country made a most rapiil progiess in prosperity and reputation. But the state of the case is now far otherwise. There is an anti- federal spirit, or a French party, now harrassing the American States, with a most turbulent, democratic faction, composed of ad- venturers from all countries, men of desperate for- tunes and ruined characters ; leaders of the rabble, with whom they familiarly mix, whose manners and address they affect to imitate, and whose services they command whenever they find it necessary to raise a clamour, or collect a mob. The brutal clamour and activity of this faction, in 1800, raised Jefferson to the presidency. Those who in- timately know Uiis gentleman, describe him, as being in the strict sense of the phrase, a modern philosopher-, of the schools of Voltaire, Rousseau, Volney, and the rest of the ILLUMINATI, whose maxims of civil- society reform, have severed the bonds of the old national compacts, for the intro- duction of a heterogeneous mass of principles un- der the name of universal liberty, universal phi- losophy ; which all the horrors of the French revo- lution, and the total annihilation of liberty by a military despotism which it engendered, have been insufficient to drive from his preconccived idea, that virtue could exist only in democracy. French regicides, Irish rebels, and malefactors of every kind, who had fled from the offended laws of their country, deodands of the gallows, who had left their ears on the pillory- posts of Europe, found an asylum in America. Fugitives from all parts of the world, were received with open arms, by this patron of cosmopolites. Whole shoals of this de- scription, flocked to the President's standard; many of them were admitted to his confidence; some were employed in the inferior departments of Government; some were thrust into the Congress; and to others was intrusted the conduct of the press, that great instrument of factions in America. A democratical journal is published in every little town; in some of the larger, eight or ten, all teem- ing with abuse of England, and of the old federal party, who are reproached for a supposed attach- ment to the land of their forefathers. Mr. Maddi- son has imbibed these principles and followed up the views of his master. His policy is said to be as fluctuating with every breath of news that is wafted from Europe across the Atlantic ; and that all his political projects vibrate to the feelings and the sentiments ofa'setof adventurers in the seaport towns, then withoutcharacterand withoutacountry; appealing to the opinion of the mob, and then un- bending to that opinion. In one word, America is, by the representation of men of unbiassed judg- ment, of known ability and integrity, and inti- mately acquainted with its present state, said to be as much swayed by the clamorous rabble, and the democratic clubs of the seaport towns, as the Di- rectory of France was, ill the very worst periods of the revolution, ii . . i ., • vl- i-, • •' the. ipreseM partiev and of the government in America, we can easily account for the loudness of the WAR- CRY, which is now raised there. We trust however, that there is equal truth in the assurance, which we have re- ceived from the highest authori'y, that the respect- able part of the United States desire nothing more anxiously than the preservation of peace with England. The THIRTIETH Anniversary of SIR HENRY BLACKMAN'S Knighthood, was celebrated on the 4th inst. at his house, in this town, when a sump- tuous dinner was served up on the occasion. The paity present was composed, principally, of those whoj in 1782, accepted the invitation, from an un- derstanding, that it was to be repeated annually, for FORTY YEARS; and it is most singular, that twenty- seven of said fortv years, should have rolled round, eie the terrific finger of Death was raised, to beckon one of those highly favored Sons of HY- GEIA, from the festive board. Two have since been, in like manner, summoned to their graves, leaving to regret their loss, nine survivors, most of whom, having safely passed the danger of their grand cli- macteric, indulge in the hope, that they shall live to meet, on the LAST day appointed for holding this memorable celebration. The united ages of the two elders of the party, amount to 166 years, one being 84, and the other 82, the latter of whom ( an experienced chorister) after dinner, sung the " Huge Bowl,'' in allusion to one on the table, presented to some of Sir Henry's ancestors, by King Charles II. with as much spirit, force, and eltect, as at any former period « > f his life. The day passed off with the utmost hilarity and good hu- mour. The Visitation article in our last should have stood as follows :— The Rev. Matt. D'Oyly, M. A. Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Lewes, will hold his next Visitation for the Deanries of Hast- ings and Dallington, on Friday, the 19th of June inst. at HASTINGS; and for the Deanries of Lewes and Pevensey, on Tuesday the 23d, at LEWES. The Visitation for the Deanry of South Mailing, will he holden in the Cliffe, on Tuesday July 14. Last Monday Mr. Vansittart, the present Chan- cellor of the Exchequer, was returned, without opposition, for that most ancient, most honorable, and most independent Borough of East Grinstead. At the Prince Regent's Levee, on Friday, Lieut. Colonel Cripps, of our Local Militia, was pre- sented to His Royal Highness, by Colonel Graham, Yesterday se'nnight Mr. Huntington, preached at the Jirah Chapel, in the Cliffe, to a congrega- tion consisting of not less than 2000 persons. Eve- ry avenue to the Chapel, was crowded with audi- tors. The Sussex Militia, last. Wednesday, quitted their stations at Ashby- de- la- Zouch, and adjacents, and marched fur Sutton Common, about midway between Litchfield and Birmingham, whereon they encamped on the following day, thereto re- main, until further orders arrive. Last Saturday Capt. Shiffner's Troop of Yeoman- ry Cavalry, were inspected on our Downs, by Lieut. Col. Lyon, before whom they practised some manteuvres he had not before seen them perform, and verv much to his satisfaction. Indeed, their performance, altogether, he said, was such as would have done credit to a regular corps. The Colonel afterwards dined with the troop at the White Hart Inn, where loyalty was the order of the day. After the - disturbance that took place on the 30th ult. between our Eastern Local Militia, and an Irish Regiment, in Battle Barracks, as stated in our last, the Irish fell out, and fought amongst themselves, and one man, we are sorry to observe, lost his life in the aft'iay. Report said, that the deceased had been thrown down, and stamped upon until his bowels protruded ; but this was false, as on opening the body for the satisfaction of the Coroner's Jury, there appeared no marks of violence, whereby to ascertain the cause of the poor man's death. The attendant Surgeon thought it might have been occasioned by excessive drink- The Hastings regiment of our Local Militia hav- ing compleated their 14 day's training and exercise, were disembodied on Tuesday last, previous to which the following Brigade and Regimental Or- ders were read :— [ BRIGADE ORDERS.] Hastings, June 8. Major- Gen. Brown feels extremely gratified at having the honour of bearing testimony to the im- proved state of the Regiment of Local Militia, com- manded by Lord St Asaph. The Major- Gen. requests his Lordship will be pleased to convey to the officers, non commission- ed officers and soldiers, his entire approbation of the verv soldierly manner in which they have conduct- ed themselves, during the whole of their present training; and he will feel it this duty to report on the attention paid by the field officers to the gene- ral discipline of the battalion, in the most favouta- 1) 1- tc'ms; as also the good conduct of all the of- ficers in the discharge of their duty. The Major- Gen. hopes Col. Lord St. Asaph will do him the honour to accept bis best acknowledge- ments, and to receive his congratulations on the appearance the corps now makes, which must con- vince him that were they permitted to remain lon- ger embodied, they would yield the preference to none of their class of soldiery. By order of Major Gen. Brown, G. J. ROGERS, Major of Brigade. To Col. Lord Vis. St. Asaph, commanding Hastings Rape Local Militia, & c:. & c. & c. Battle. [ Regimental Orders] Head Quarters, Battle, June 8, 1812. The Commanding Officer requests the Officers will accept his best thanks for the attention they have paid to their duty, during the time the Re- giment hath been embodied for exercise this year, and desires they will communicate the same to the Non- commissioned Officers and Men, of their re- spective companies, for their attention to their duty in the field, and orderly conduct in quarters. Asa proof of their good conduct the Commanding Officer has great pleasure in observing, that he has not had one complaint of any man's miscon- duct. The Commanding Officer desires the Officers commanding companies, will return his thanks to the Non- commissioned Others of the Royal Dub- lin Militia, and other regiments who have assisted in drilling the Local Militia, for their attention, and the good example they have set, in every re- spect, to the Men of the Local Militia. The Captains will, in compliance with the 134th clause of the Act of Parliament, apply to every man of his company, whose time will expire early - in the ensuing year, and enquire if he is willing to continue his services for four years more, and for what sum ( not exceeding two guineas) he will so continue; and will deliver a list of such men to the Adjutant. The hay harvest has commenced in this neigh- bourhood, and the swarth was never known to fall heavier over the scythe. The wheat continues to present a very promising appearance. Mr. Poole, of Hodshrove, had a piece out in ear, before the end of last month. On Saturday se'nnight as two l. nls were bathing in the Winchelsea Canal, one unfortunately ven- tured beyond his depth, and was drowned; the other, in'his endeavours to save his sinking compa- nion, would have shared the same fate, had npt a man, who was brought to the spot by his cries, plunged into the water, and rescued him from his perilous situation. The draughts of Mackerel at Hastings, this sea- ion, have been greater than for many years past. They sold at one time as low as 5s. per hundred. >> Yesterday se'nnight a complete peal of Oxford treble bobs, containing 720 changes, . was rung on sixbells, at Uckfield, by the Chailey and Waldron Society of Ringers. , On Friday a fox was discovered skulking to cover, in a furze- bush, on the Downs, near Exceat, by a Gentleman who immediately lodged an infoima- tion against him, in the neighbouring villages, from whence a brace of grehounds, two beagles, and a spaniel were dispatched to find and give chase to poor revnard, who was soon roused from his den, and killed, in good style, by one of the greyhounds, to the admiration of those present, who triumphantly bore away the brush of the wily, but ill- fated fugitive. ' A. B. Has been received, and shall have a place as soon as we can make mom for him. Our Readers shall have a smack of OFFHAM ALE, when we can conveniently serve it up, if it does not, in the mean time, turn sour, BRIGHTON, JUNE 15, 1812. " The Advertisement relative to MUNTHAM HOUSE, should have been withdrawn this week, but the order arrived after our Paper was at the Press. The several places of Divine Worship, were yesterday very numerously attended ; and in the evening, the Steyne presented a very grand dis. play of beauty and fashion ; but the town, though it has of late, certainly experienced a considerable influx of company, is not so bustlingly gay as we could wish to see it. The most prominent departose of the past week, was that of Capt. K y, R. N. and family, who suddenly disappeared, without taking any formal leave of their old friends-, possibly, owing to an affair of honour, which the captain had upon his hands. His invisibility in the field, seemed to astonish even his second, who was punctual to the appointment. The supply of mackerel during the whole of last week was most abundant, and, consequently, many of these delicious fish found their way to the tables of the poor. We have now paid due attention to OBSERVER'S favour, and feel obliged by the receipt of it ; but as we have had no opportunity of seeing— THE BooK— or, of reading—" LITERATURE, THESPI- RIT OF THE BOOK," we are cut off from the exer- cise of our own judgment, respecting the pertinence and propriety of the writer's observations, without which we should not think ourselves justified in giving them publicity. Besides, it is a very delicate subject to touch npon. Two men, named Allen and Bishop, belonging to our fishery, were impressed from on board a fishing vessel, at sea, on Thursday morning, by a Tender which had come out of Bosham, the night preceding. So unprecedented an occnrence could not fail of causing an uncommon sensation in the town, and much consternation among the whole body of our fishermen.— Several respectable inha- bitants have humanely interfered, and made re- presentations of the circumstance to the proper quarter, in order to obtain their release, which, vie have every reason to suppose, will prove effectual; and especially, as both the impressed men have very large families. We take this opportunity of contradicting a statement, which has been published, purporting, that there were more fishermen at this place than were nececessary for the due manning of the boats. This we are authorized to state, is not the case. Indeed, at the present moment, there are several boats lying idle from the want of hands to work them. This fact of itself, is sufficient to prove the erroneou ness of the statement in question. A School for the education of poor children up- on Dr. Bell's System, is about to be established at Steyning, and for the benefit of which the Rev. T. F. Hooper is to preach a Sermon, on Sunday next, at the church of that town, which will, doubtless, be productive of a liberal subscription, for the furtherance of this benevolent and laudable undertaking. BOXING.— A few days since, two doughty Knights oj the oven, having previously disagreed about their own immediate concerns, met in the most conspi- cuous part of the town of Worthing, and having once sparr'd a little with gloves, before the sable Molineux anil Co. they now resolved without gloves, to treat their neighbours and each o//; er, with a second exhibition of their taste and skill in the elegant fancy. The combatants ( one a true- bred Englishman, the other an Hibernian) set in, full hot, and after much kneading and rolling, these men of dough at length yielded to the solicitations of their friends, and gave up the fight ; not, however, without dreadful threatenings to peel, and slice each other when opportunities should offer. A game of cricket, more interesting to the ama- teurs of that manley amusement, than any that has taken place in this county, for some years past, will be played on Highdown Hill, on Thursday the 23th instant, and following days, the Weald of Sussex, with four picked men given, against the Coast, with five picked men given, for ,£ 100 a side. This grand match will, no doubt, attract the attendance of a great number of spectators. BIRTHS. On the 5th instant, at Chichester, the Lady of Capt. C. W. Wall, of a son. Lately, at John Lewis Newnham's, Esq. New- timber- place, the Lady of Thomas Crosse, esq. of a still- born daughter. MARRIED. On Thursday last, at Whyke, near Chichester, by the Rev. W. Walker, Charles Sey- mour Birch, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to Margaret Jane, second daughter of E. Maxwell, Esq. of Whyke. ROYAL BRITISH INSTITUTION, FOR the Education of the Children of the Poor, estab- lished in the City of Chiehester, January I, 1811. At i special meeting of the Committee of the above Institution, convened for the purpose, and holden on the loth June, 1812 : — Resolved, That the thanks of the Committee be given to the Mayor and Corporation of the City, for their li- beral donation of FIFTY POUNDS; and particularly 10 SAMUEL COBBY, Esq. the mover of the said vote, for his unsolicited exertions on this occasion. Resolved, That the President and Dr. Sandon be re- qnested to . wait on the Mayor, and on Samuel Cobby, Esq. with a copy of these resolutions, and that the same be inserted in the Lewes, and Portsmouth Papers. Signed. JOHN BARTON. Secretary. TO Carpenters, & c.— WANTED, an active, steady good WORKMAN, who can produce a • good character for honesty, sobriety, and steadiness, as general FOREMAN, to superintend and work, at a new building, in the neighbourhood of Chichester. Any such person may hear of a good situation, by ap- plying to Mr. Elmes, Architect, at Binstead's Library, East- street, Chichester. If by letter, post paid, WANTED immediately, in a small family, a COOK, who perfectly understands her business in all its branches. She must have an undeniable cha- racter from her last place. Inquire at Newtimber- Place. WANTED immediately, a steady, middle- aged Woman as LAUNDRY- MAID, at a tavern where there is not much ironing required ; she must be without incumbrances, and have an undeniable character.— Apply at the Old Ship Tavern, Brigh- ton; or to Mr. Arthur Lee, School- Hill, Lewes — If by letter, post paid. WANTED, an Apprentice in the Drapery and Clothes business. A premium will bp ex- pected. Apply to Mr. Langridge, Union- street, Brighton. WANTED to keep, in very good grass, in the levels, in the parish of Henfield, ten or twelve horses, at 7s. per week. Apply to Mr. Pattenden, George Inn, Henfield, CRICKETTING EXTRAORDINARY. NOTICE is hereby given, that there will be a grand, MATCH OF CRICKET played on Hi Oil DOWN HILL, near Worthing, for ONE HUNDRED GUY - NEAS a side, on Thursday, the 95th of June, and follow ing days, the WEALD OF SUSSEX, with four given men, against the SEA COAST, with five given men, the names of the given men as follows:— Lambert, Beldham, John Wells, Howard, T. Walker, Bennett, Robinson, Bent- Icy, and Small. The particulars as to the players on each side, shall be given in the next week's paper. The best of accommodations on the hill on each day, by WM. BALCHIN, from the Crown Inn. HORSHAM INCLOSURE.— WE THOMAS HOPCRAFT, WILLIAM CLUTTON, and GEORGE SMALLPIECE, the Commissioners for inclosing Horsham Common, in the County of Sussex, do hereby give notice, that we intend to meet at the King's Head Inn, in Horsham aforesaid, on Monday, the twentieth day of July next, at eleven o'clock in. the forenoon, to receive the particulars in writing of objec- tions of any person or persons, Bodies politic or cor- porate interested in the said Common to any of the claims of rights therein delivered to us, and no objec- tion to any'such claims will afterwards be received, Dated this ninth day of June, 1812. THOMAS HOPCRAFT, WILLIAM CLUTTON. GEORGE SMALLPEICE,. ALL Persons indebted to the Estate of Mr. James Stalling, late of Worthing, iu the county of Sussex, cabinet maker, builder, and auctioneer, deceased, are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their respec- tive debts into the hands of Mr. John Markwick, of Heene, near Worthing ; or to Mr. Watts, Solicitor, Worthing: And all persons who have claims on tbe said estate, are required to deliver in the same to Mr, Mark- wick, or to Mr. Watts, without delay, in order that they may be discharged. Worthing, June l2, 1812. The Creditors of Richard Randall. WHEREAS, Richard Randall, of Ditchelling, in the County of Sussex, victualler, hath as- signed over all his Estate and Effects to Trustees, for the benefit of his Creditors in general. All persons", therefore, who lntve any claims or demands on the said Randall, are hereby informed that the deed of assign- ment now lies at the office of Mr. George Gwynne, Lewes, for signatures; and unless such Creditors as have not yet signed the same, do execute it within.. one month from tbe date hereof, they will be excluded all benefit under tbe said deed. All persons standi',' indebted unto the Estate, are desired forthwith to pay the sauie, or the payment thereof will be enforced by law. The Houshold Goods and Effects of the said Richard Randall, will he Sold by Auction, on Thursday, 18th June, on the Premises. Lewes, 13th J June, 1812. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL persons who have any claims on the Estate of Mr, William Pellett, cutler, of Brighton, in the County of Sussex, deceased, arc requested to send their respective accounts on or before the astli of July next, to Mr. J. Gibbons Merle, Auction Mart, Brighton, immediately after which ihey will receive a full share of the composition arising from the Sale of Mr. Pellett's Effects. And those who stand indebted to the Estate, are desired to pay the same immediately to Mr. Merle, who is duly authorized to compound with the Creditors, Signed, RICHARD PELLETT, Executor. Witness, J. GIBBONS MERLE. Brighton, June 15th, 1812. STOLEN from the high road, in the parish of Brede, on Monday night the sill instant, a dark brown PONEY MARE, about 12 bands high, blind of the oil' eye, broken winded, a few small saddle spots, a small sore on the off side of tbe jaw ; the hair has been dipt from the hand side to let ber blood ; has no mark of white on her except tbe saddle marks: Any person who will give information, or restore the said Poney to Stephen Furner, of Brede, shall be rewarded for their trouble, and all reasonable expences paid ; and on con- viction of the offender a rewind of Five Pounds. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Crown Inn, in Horstedkeynes, on Friday, the 26th of June inst. at two o'clock in the afteruoop, AFreehold Messuage or Tenement, now divided into three dwellings, and Cottage, with a barn, orchard, three gardens, and four pieces ur parcels of excellent meadow land, containing by estimation live acres ( more or less) situate near the parish of Horsted- keynes aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. E. Well- fare, June. and others, tcnattts at will. Further particulars may he known upon application at the office of Mr. E. Verrall, Attoruey- at law, Lewes. TO BE LET OR SOLD, And entered upon at Midsummer, AVery neat and commodious Dwelling- house, situate near the Church, at Hellingly, Sussex, con- sisting of 3 Parlours, 4 Chambers, with convenient Closets, a Kitchen, Pantry, Wash- house, Pump bouse, Coal- bouse, and Cellar. Excellent Water. A good Garden, and a fine Piece of Water and Shrubbery before the House. A Coach three times a week, within half it mile. Post every day. ' 20 miles from Brighton, li from Lewes, 8 front Eastbourne, 16 from Hastings, and is from Bexhill. Apply to Mr. C, Longharst, Livery Stables; Royal Crescent, Brighton; Mr, G, Peckham, Cliff, Lewes, or Mr. T. Vine, Hawks Hill, Hailsham, A moiety of tbe purchase money may remain on good security. -- TO BE SOLD.— A new NARROW- WHEEL- ED WAGGON ; also, a second hand six- inch WHEELED WAGGON, in good condition. The Waggons may be viewed, and the respective prices known, by applying to Mr, Burgess, Wheel- wright, Laughton Pound. CAPITAL STOCK FARM. Crowhurst and Catsfield, between Battle and Sea- ford. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE following valuable ESTATES, compris- ing an excellent firm- built Farm- house, with suitable offices of every description, capital walled gardens, with line young trees, excellent farm yards, brick- built barn, oast house, granary, stables, ox- ranges, cow and cart houses, poultry ditto, with extensive detached garden and orchard ; to- gether with 272 statute acres of exceedingly rich land, in a good state of cultivation, nearly in a ring fence, 70 acres of which is of rich pasturage, well supplied with water, 25 acres ditto coppice, and the remainder arable, and the fine young timber and tillers, which is to be included in tbe pur- chase; also about the centre of the estate is an- other barn, gate room, ox ranges, & c. with two well- built cottages and gardens; 80 acres of re- above property is copyhold of inheritance, the the mainder freehold, and in the occupation of Mr. John French, under lease, five years of which is unexpired. One moiety of the puichase money may remain on mortgage. The above would form 3 most delightful situa- tion for a sportsman, a spot abounding with game, the country around is picturesque with beautiful views over a fertile country. Battle Abbey, and adjacenr. The land is particularly favourable for the giowth of every kind of grain, surrounded by good Markets, and a great consumption foe every ijrtjcle in the neighbouing towns, and extensive barracks, and only three miles from the sea, three • piles from Battle, 6 from Hastings, 13 fiom Hails ham, and 27 ftom Lewes. The estate may be viewed by applying to Mr. J. French, the occupier; and for further particulars apply to Mr. Saiii. Heather, Huston Farm, near Storrington ; particulars also may be bad at the Auction Mart, London; or Messrs. Whits and Son, at their office, North- street, Chichester, or High- street, Arundel, who are authorised . to dis- pose of the same. MR. WELLER most respectfully informs the Public, that the' Sale of Woodmancot I anil, and Aldwiek Manor, nre unavoidably POSTPONED, i) ty- lilllw Twenty, fourth instant.— Cbuhesier. . June ' By Mr. WELLER On Wednesday the 17th of June, 1812, between the hours of six and seveu o'clock, at tbe Golden Fleece 1 '- fun, Chichester, : • •! • • LOT 1. THE GRASS on the Water Meadsw, adjoining Mr. James Gates, on the east, and Mr. Newland on the north, and also by the Turn- pike ; a meadow adjoining Mr. Hardham on the east., containing IflA. oli. 10P.— LOT 2. The hnvel, meadow, and the meadow adjoining Mr. Wakeford's brick- yard, containing 21 A. aR. 27P — Lor 3. A Meadow in Crunk- ed Clay Lane, adjoining Mr. Newland on the; north and west, containing 4A. ill. iyP.— LOT 4. A Meadow on the south side of the Turnpike Road, near Mr. Fowler's tenement*, containing 3A— All the above lands hftj si* tuate at Fishbourne — LOT 5. A Meadow adjoining Mr, Wolferston's Foundry, leading towards Stockbridge Toll gate, containing 12A.~ Further particulars may be known by applying to Messrs. Johnson, Price, anil Freeland, and uf Mr, WELLER, Chichester. N. B. Miss Sarell's.' House will be sold at the Fleece, . ustend of the Dolphin. ' BY MR. WELLER, ' By order of the Assignees in J. Mr. Bartlett, on Saturday the 20th of June, at twelle o'clock, THE remaining part of the Houshold Furniture, A manufactured a id unmanufactured Stock, in the various . branches of Upholstery and Cabinet article-, of the best description, consisting of printed calico furni- ture, fringes, bed ticks. Brussels and Kidderminster carpets, imperial angqla and com. nun hearth rugs, hair and flock uialircases, prune seasoned souse and oilier fealher beds, blankets, Marseilles ipnlls and counter, panes, printed Hour chilli', paper hangings and burders, matting, horse hair aud ducks ; m mahogany, d'aweis, dining, 100, card, wink and Oilier tables, sofas, chaise hinge, fautie 111 chairs, carved bed pillars, portable desk.-,, btdeu, dressing tables, music stools, work lables aud chairs, japan, Roman, be, jure and other choirs, 1 huuney, pier and dressing glasses, Hispartona, Honduras ma- hogany in plank, board and veneers, rose wood, eoouy^ aud other hard wuod-, American birc,;, beech, deal » i & c. & c. Catalogues may be had at is. each, at the Libraries, . Tunbridge Wells, Eastbour e, Brighton, Worthing, Brtd Bognor ; Messrs, Lee, Lewes ; Star, Shoreham ; Crown, Arundel; Half Moon, Petworth ; King's Arms, Godal ming Mr. Knight, Kingston ; Auction Mart, London Anchor, Liphook ; Dolphin. Petersfield ; Messrs. Mot- tley, Portsmouth; Crown, Gosport ; Dolphin, South- ampton ; George, Winch.: » ier ; Antelope, Salisbury ; Bear, Havant , Black Dug, Emsworth ; and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. Valuable Meadow Land, near Chichester, By MR. WELLER, ( By order of the Assignees of . Mr. Roper,) on Thursday the 24th June, between the hours of six and seven in the evening, at the Golden Fleece, Chichester, THE following Freehold and Leasehold Estates, situate in the plea- ant village of Fishbourne ; Lot 1. A most excellent Leasehold Meadow, bounded by Mr. J. Diggeus, on the North, and Crooked Clay Lane on the South and West containing 3A. iR. lop. —• Lot - 4. A Crop of Grass thereon,-— Lot 3. An excellent Freehold Meadow, bounded by the Crooked Clay Lane 011 the south and west, the Rev. W, Walker, on the north, and Mr- Quantock on the east, containing 3A, I U. loP. — Lot 4. The crop of grass thereon.—# l. ot 5, An exielleut Freehold Meadow, b uuidrd by ilie » let> e lauds on llie norlll aod ei. st, by Crooked Clay Lane, by Mr. Fosbrook, on ihe south, aud by Mr. Raper, on iti « west. Also another excellent Leasehold Meadow, cal- led The Gaston, bounded on the east by Mr. Fosbrook, an the south by Mr. Beoham and Mr, Johnson, measur- ing 8A. 1R.— Lot 0. The crop of grass thereon. l, ot - t An excellent Freehold Meadow, buunded by the i, Q lands on tbe north, and by Broad Clay Lane on 1I14 west, and by Mr, Raper's lands on the south ami easi, containing 4A. 14P.— Lot tf. The crop of grass thereon — Lot 9. A Leasehold Meadow, bounded by Broad Clay Lane on the west, and on Hie south tiy Mr, I up- per's liind, mi the east aud uorlh by Mr. Raper's, and containing 8A, ill. 21 P. Lot 10. The crop of grasd thereon. The Timber 011 the respective lots to he taken at a valuation, and possession given ui tue Mimical Mi* chaelmas next. Further particulars may be Known by applying to Messrs Johnson, Price and Freeland, anil of Mr. Wel- ter. Chichester. LEWES - SUSSEX. Valuable Table and Bed Linen, late the property of a large Family of Destination. separating, By Mr. J. G. MERLE. Of the Auction Marl, Brighton, on Tuesday and Wed- nesday, June the 4,14 and i4th, ISI- 2, at the lar„ e room of 1 be Crown Inn, Lewes, whither ihe ^ uidt have been removed fir the cnuv< nieijce of s. tie AMost valuable and useful selection of TABLE( and BED LINEN, comprising some fine stout and elegant damask table cloths, Irotn ^ yardti long, some with napkins to curre- p , ud ; noe and ele guilt damask napkins; line and stotu Holland aud Rus- sia sheets, all nearly equal 10 new. being, purchased fur an intended establishment and never been iu use, which will be snld wuhuut the least reserve, and will he found well worthy the attention of tiie Nobility, Gentry, |„ M Keepers, & c. as such goods are seldom offered for pub- lic sale. The sale to begin at it o'clock precisely, and the goods may be viewed previous to the sale. Catalogue* may be had al the place' of sale, or at the Auction Mart, Brighton, Cow Stock, and Young Draught Horses, By PLUMER and SON, At Hills Place Farm, in the parish of Horsham, on Sa- turday the 37th June, 1812, ALL the valuable Sussex- bred COW STOCK, consisting of t> cows and calves, 3 cows, 1 heifer in calf, 10 cows in full milch, and 1 ihorougb- bred Sus- sex bull, two years old. Any persons wishing to improve their stock will find them worth notice. Also 4 young draught horses and harness. To begin at two o'clock. By PLUMER and SON, At the Swan Inn, in Horsham, Sussex, on Tuesday the 7' h day of July, 1813, between the hours of three aud five ill the afternoon, AVery desirable Freehold Estate, called RAPE- LAN I), comprising a farm house, ham, stable, hovel, cart- house, and 7.) acres, ( more or less) of ara- ble, meadow, and coppice land, well stoeked with thriv- ing timber, situate near Holbrooke Lodge, in llie parish of Horsham aforesaid, within oi miles of the town from whence there in a very good road, now in llie or cupatton of Mr. P. Kempshall, tenant at will, who will shew the premises. The timber and tellows, to be taken at a valuation. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Henry Wells, Rickfold Farm, in Nutburst, Sussex. At the Six Bells Inn, at Northiam, Sussex, on Friday, the 25th day of July, 1812, at three o'clock in the Afternoon, j. AVERY compact desirable FARM, consisting of'a Farm- House, Barn, Oasthouse, Cottage, with other convenient Buildings, and several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, Hop and Wood Ground, containing by admeasurement, one hundred and ninety Acres, little- inure or less, situate in the Parish of Northiam. near Rye, in the County of Sussex, called or known by'the name of Stents, and now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Baker, who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next. N. B. One hundred and fnftr acres of the abnve are Freehold, and the remainder Copyhold, but subject only 10 saiall quit rents, and tines, aud heriots certain, and the Land Tax is ivuceni'd. The Estate may be viewed by applying In Mr, Baker, the Tenant; and further particulars kuowu' by enquuy of Mr. 14art. 111. Sohcitor. Battle. 1 PRICE of CORN— Lewes, Saturday, June 1.3 Red Wheat • - - £ > 8 O to 0 lsi 0 White Wheat » •> 7 0 0 to 0 o FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. MALTA MAIL. GIBRALTAR, MAY 16. SOULT continues in motion, without iis being clearly urideistorid what be is about. Viger V. Casas Viegas, has been re- occupied by an enemy's battalion, and lliis morning 200 of their horse made a lecniinnitiitig in the environs of Tarifa; after pushing as far as Ogen, iliey have atjain re- tiied. Nothing new has occurred. A party of the hus- sars. of Castile, which the General yesterday sent to the Vensa de Ogen, for the purpose of recon- noitring, fell in witli some of llie enemy's scouts, whom thev engaged, killed the Captain command- ing. arid have brought his epaulets and five pri- soners to head quarters. Lord Wellington was expected to arrive at Bada- joz between the I 2th and 15th iust. The private tellers mention his Lordship's determination of sending a considerable body of hoops into this province, and, it is added, that preparations on the most extensive scale are making for the cam- paign, both at Badajoz and Elvas. The Spanish troops in our neighbourhood arc understood to have received orders to set themselves in motion, with- out delay, for the purpose of co- operating with the Allies. HOUSE OF LORDS. MONDAY JUNE 8. Marquis Wellesley entered into an explanation of the words he had used in a former debate, namely, " dreadful personal animosities " The no- ble Marquis said he had used them advisedly, and applied them to the Earl of Liverpool and his Col- leagues, as they refused to form part of any admi- nistration under hnn. Lord Harrowby replied with much warmth to the noble Marquis. Earl Grey entered very candidly into the rea- sons which influenced the conduct of Lord Gren- ville and himself.— Adjourned. TUESDAY JUNE 9. The Royal Assent was given by Commission to several public and private Bills.— Several witnesses were examined on the petitions against the Orders in Council. Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, JUNE 8. Lord Castlereagh stated that on account of the failure of Lords Wellesley and Moira in the for- mation of a Ministry, Lord Liverpool had been re- instated First Lord of the Treasury, with instruc- tions to form a new Administration.— Adjourned. TUESDAY, JUNE 9. Mr. Whitbread presented a petition signed by several merchants and manufacturers against the Orders in Council — Adjourned. A Gentleman HI rived'on Monday, in town, di retlv from Paris, ami is the bearer of a very singular and important document, indeed, trans- mined to that capital from Poland, could we but persuade ourselves to believe ill its authenticity. It is a proclamation by Bonaparte, nu the com- mencement of Ibis new war. Here it follows:— PROCLAMATION. Frenchmen !— 1 am again compelled to make war ill llie North. " Soldiers !— I will conduct you against the Russians. In the beginning of July, I shall be at St. Petersburgh, " hen 1 will point out to the Emperor Alexander the 11at boundaries of Russia. Poland shall be the barrier, that Cabinet of St. Petersburgh mav no longer harm it." TO THE POLES. " Poles I — I have given you a king: I will ex- tend your limits: your country shall be enlarged bevotrd wllat it was in the times of Stanislaus. The Grand Duke of Wurtzburgh, our Uncle, shall be your king. The king of Prussia has evil ced his friend- hip for us. He has proved by bis conduct his attachment and fidelity to the common cause; and lie has put his troops at our disposal:— unite yourselves with them— do not revive the aniienj hatred between you, but sup- port ihe glory of your ancestors:" Such is this instrument, of the genuineness of which we have before hinted our doubts, though it is most credibly attested. If it were true, in- deed, it would be a fit companion for the procla- mation by the Emperor of Hayti, which we pub lished yesterday; but there Is ample space enough to forge such an instrument between Poland and Paris.— Globe. The Earl of Moira on Tuesday received from his Royal Highness the Prince Regent one of the vacant blue ribbands, and kissed hands on the occasion. ' Were this honour to lie attended by a dereliction of the principles which the Noble Earl lias uniformly espoused, it would fill us with regret but his lofty spirit, seated in a heart of honour, will not allow us to enteitaiu any doubts or suspi- cions on that head. s The Recorder of London made his Report to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent <- f the convicts under sentence of Death in Newgate, when Neil Dally, George Smith, and Thomas Flannagan, for forgery, were ordered for execution on Monday next. FIRE AT PLYMOUTH- DOCK YARD. Early on Monday, this town and neighbour- hood wtre thrown into an alarm bv the beating of drums, 8rc. A little before four o'clock, a watch- man stationed on Bunker's- hill, an eminence at the end of the yard, saw some smoke issuing from the tiles of the East Laying Ropehouse, which in a few minutes afier buist forth in flames with in credible fury. Assistance came from all the ship- ping in Hamoaze, from the Marine Barracks, and the respective regiments in garrison, together with the gardmen, who were all actively employed in working the numerous engines, removing whatever stores, Sec. were in danger, and by making a sepa- ration* ill Ihe building on each side the fire, to pre- vent its spreading further. Every possible exertion - was used by ihe officers and men, who, in about three hours, succeeded in getting the fire com- pletely under, and stopped its process. About ten yards distance from this building, another ropehouse ( West Laying Ropehouse) similar in size and description ( ISO fathoms long) runs paral- lel with it. and contains cellars with immense quan tities of pitch, tar, and cordage, which most hap- pily escaped the fire, owing, perhaps, to the calm- tiffs; of the morning. Had the flames communi- cated to this building, from its proximity to other stores and piles of timber, she mischief might have proved incalculable; at present the damage may be roughly computed at thirty thousand pounds. Opinions differ respecting the real cause. Above the ground and middle stores is aloft, which is ap- propriated to women working of common twine, See. which, it is said, contained a small quantity Adriatic hemp, which must have heated and taken fire. Others assert that there was no hemp in the central pan which first took fire, and that if must have been done by some vile incendiary. On Sa- turday night it was particularly examined, and down to this morning ' he door had all been Incited, jet the fi'C broke out in the middle of this im- mense range, destroying at least 120 fathoms, and leaving the ends standing. Our Huddersfield correspondent, under date of1 t'e 4th iust. says— The Luddites continue active i stealing fire- aims in this neighbourhood,, no* a night passes but we hear of them prowling in great numbers, throwing the peaceable inhabitants into the uimost consternation, demanding their fire- arms, and threatening them with instant death on refusal.—( LEEDS MERCURY.) On Wednesday, was committed at the Town- Hall, Plymouth, by the Rev. Mr. Justice Williams, James Gilson, first mate of the Queen transport, for the wilful murder of Patrick Fitzgerald, a bov about 14 years of age, during a voyage to Port Mahon, in January last. ' Phis murder seems to have been of the most unprovoked description. During their voyage, a signal was made to the transport by the convoying ship to carry more sail, which was answered by the former: but in lowering the pennant, it became entangled in the main stays, and Fitzgerald was ordered by Gilson to proceed aloft in order t. i clear it. Fitzgerald, unused to the sea. did not execute the task so quickly as Gilson wished, ill consequence of which fie was directed to stand on the maintop- gallant yard for several hours, by way of punishment. The weather at this time being peculiarly incle- ment, the boy, terrified by his situation, and shi- vering with cold, cried most bitterly, when Gilson went up himself with a rope to beat him; but the bov, in endeavouring to avoid him, lost his hold, fell into the sea, and was drowned, without any effort beiug permitted to he made by Gilson to save his life, either by lowering a boat or putting the helm about. Gilson is to take his trial, we ap- prehend, at the next Admiralty Sessions. SINGULAR CHARACTERs DECEASED. Lately, in France, Sonnini, the celebrated tra- veller.— On Sunday, at his house in Bath, Capt. Edgecumbe. lie " was an officer who attended the great circumnavigator Cooke, in one of his peri- lous voyages.— Rev. Favell Hopkins, of Hunting- don, aged 87. Tho'possessed of considerable fund- ed property, he almost denied himself the common necessaries of life, and had more the appearance of a wretched mendicant than a respectable clergy- man. Walking one Sunday to do duty at a parish church in Cambridgeshire, he saw in a field a scare- crow, and going up to the figure, took off its hat, examined it, and then his own; when finding the advantage in favour of the former, he fairly ex- changed the one for the other.— A few days since. Sir Francis Molyneux, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod. Bankrupts from Tuesday's Gazette. William Senior, Billingborough, Lincoln, corn and coal- merchant.— Joseph Johnson, of Ollerton, Chester, cheese- factor.— William Mason, Clare- street, Middlesex, victualler.— Benjamin Cock, of Deptford, coal- merchant.— Samuel Slyth, sen. and Samuel Slyth, jun. South Molton- street, Middle- sex, chinaman.— John Crow, jun. Cambridge- place, Middlesex, paper- hanger.— John Loathis, Holborn, harness- maker.— Charles Dransfield, of Union- street, London, grocer.— Peter Leonard, Fleet- street, London, haberdasher.— John Wil- liams Martyn, of Cornwall, victualler.— Thomas Freer, Leicester, ironmonger.— William Williams, Witlench, Worcestershire, money- scrivener. Robert Stevens, Cannington, Somersetshire, baker. — Henry Kernot, Thavies Inn, London, money- scrivenery. KENT.— PENSHURST, JUNE 8. GDOUBELL's IMPROVED SYSTEM of EDU- • CATION- from the plans of Dr. Bell and Mr. J. Lancaster. G. D. begs leave to return his sincere thanks to his fiiends, who have so liberally supported his improved system of education, and thinks it his duty to inform the public of a system calculated to render so much general good, and having stu- died for some years the best methods of forward- ing youth in the various branches of learning, he can now assure the public from experience, that they learn much faster than under the . old accus- tomed methods of teaching, and as the system is so different from the usual modes, be solicits the inspection of such parents and guardians as are desirous to place youth in some such sort of situ- ation. Particulars as to terms, & c. may be had by let- ters, addressed ( post paid) to Mr. W. Drawbridge, Lindfield, Sussex; Mr. C. Doubell, Longfield, Surry; and at Mr. G. Doubell's, Penshurst, Kent. OFFHAM AND DlTCHELLING ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, that a general meet- ing of the Trustees of the intended Turn- pike- road from Offham to Ditchelling, in the county of Sussex, will be holden at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Thursday, the 2d day of July next, at twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of no- minating and appointing an additional number of Trustees, to act with those nominated and appoint- ed in the said act. Also to receive a particular estimate from Ed- ward Sayers, of the expences of competing the said road, and to consider and decide thereon. The Subscribers to the said Road are requested to pay one moiety of their subscriptions to Lewis Whitfeld, Esq. the Treasurer, at the house of Messrs Whitfeld and Co. Bankers, Lewes, on or before the 20th day of July next, and the remain- der on or before the 20th day of January next. It is proposed immediately to borrow the further sum of One Thousand Pounds, at five per cent, on security of the Tolls of the said road, and persons willing to advance such sum, or any part thereof, will please to communicate the same to Messrs. Langridge and Kell, Solicitors, Lewes. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LET. NOTICE is hdrcby given, that the next meet- ing of the Trustees of the Turnpike- road, leading from the Town of Brighthelmston, through Cuckfield, to the County Oak, on Lovel Heath, in the county of Sussex, is appointed to he held at the King's Head, in Cuckfield, on Wednesday the 8th day of July next, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon, at which meeting between the hours of twelve and two of the same day, the TOLLS arising at the several Toll Gates on the said load, called Preston, Stone Pound, Saint John's Bar, Ansty and Ansty Side Gate, Slough Green, Hand- cross, Ifield Bar, and Crawley Gates, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidder for one year, from the 29th day of September next, in the manner directed by the act passed in the 13th year of his present Majesty's reign " for regulating the Turnpike- roads," and will he put up in two lots, viz. Preston, Stone Pound, Saint John's Bar, Ansty and Ansty Side Gates in the first lot; and Slough Green, Hand- cross, Ifield Bar, and Crawley Gates, in the second lot; which Tolls were let the last year at the seve- ral rents or sums following, viz. Preston, Stone Pound, Saint John's Bar, Ansty and Ansty Side Gates, at the sum of 19301. and Slough Green, Handcross, Ifield Bar, and Crawley Gates, at the sum of 19G0I. and will respectively be put tip at those sums. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must pay into the hands of the Treasurers of the said road, two months rent in advance, and also give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said road, for the due payment of the remainder, at such times as they shall direct. SAM. WALLER, Clerk to the Trustees of the said road. ALBION FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, New Bridge Street, London ; Empowered by Act of Parliament;. AGENTS : Portsea, Mr. George Levi, Grocer Seaford, Mr. S. Cooke, Porter- merchant. Lindfield, Mr. M. Pierce, Stationer. Romsey, Mr. R. Sweeper, Silversmith. Guilford, vacant. Chichester, Mr. James Farenden. Newport, Mr. Wm. Wood, High- street. Insurances falling due at Midsummer should be renewed within fifteen days from that period- Abatements are made, according to the rlan which originated with this Company, on the Pre- miums of all Fire Insurances out of London. A large advantage is allowed on Life Insurance; and every facility is afforded by which the interest and convenience of the public may be promoted. WARNER PHIPPS, Secretary. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN npi- lE greatest blemish to Beauty is SUPER- FLUOUS HAIRS nil the Face. Neck, and Arms, — HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately re- moves llreni ; it is an elegant article, perfectly inno- cent and pleasant to use, pricc 4s. or two in one parcel 7s.— Sold by the proprietor, No. 23, Russel- street, Co- vent- Garden, London; wholesale and retail, by W. Lee, Lewes;— retail by Mrs. Gregory, Brighton; Baker, Eastbourne; Norton, Hastings; Pike, Romney; Rea- der, Cranbook: Sprange, Tunbridge- Wells; Verrall, Uckfield; Goldring, Petworth; Binsted. Chichester: Blanch, Arundel; Stafford, Worthing, and by most Booksellers, Perfumers, and Venders in lite United Kindom. Good allowance to dealers. The GREAT RESTORATIVE to HEALTH, is Mann's Approved Medicine, SOLD in bottles ? t Qs Gd and 4s. Gd. each, du; ty included, engraved ou the stamp, " THOS. MANN, HORSHAM, SUSSEX," to counterfeit WHICH is felony. As Coughs and, Colds are so prevalent at this season of the year, no family should he a moment without this medicine. A REMARKABLE CASE. To Mr. Mann, Druggist, & c. Horsham, Sussex. " SIR,— We think it our duty, for llie good of the public, to give you the following account of the good effects of your Approved Medicine, on Samuel Walker, a Labourer, in this parish, aged about forty years, who was taken very ill in September last, with convulsion iTtu, attended with a violent cough, shortness of breath, a violent fever, and a great discharge of nauseous mat- ter, that scarce any could hear to he ne ir him ; and spitting of blood, great pains in all his parts, his legs and face swelled to a vast degree;— We applied to seve- ral eminent Gentlemen of the Faculty, hut in vain ; his disorder increased, till he was so weak as to be scarce able to walk; we expected every week to be his last.— But hearing of many, and knowing of some effectual cures performed by your excellent Medicine, we pur- chased a bottle at Mr. Wise's, Tunbridge, in taking of which, he found great relief, and by taking four bottles of the same, he is, by the blessing of God, restored to perfect soundness, and able to maintain a wife and three children by hard labour, and says he has not been so well for seven years. You are at liberty to make what use you please of this our testimony; we are willing to attest the same npou oath, if required, or to answer any letter on the same— As witness our hands, this l0th day of May, 1802. ( Signed) " J. Palmer, " W. Gregory, Overseers. " R. Manwaring, f " Brenchley, Kent." Mr. Mann was informed by one of the above Gentle- men, that the alnive Samuel Walker was in perfect health, I lie 27th January, 1812. Such numerous in- stances of the efficacy of Mann's Approved Medicine, 111 restoring such multitudes from the brink of the crave to perfect health; it strengthens the coat of the stomach, helps digestion, creates an appetite, and re- animates the whole frame.—. Recommended by Physi- cians, and patronized by Ladies and Gentlemen of the first distinction. Sold by A. LEE, School- Hill, Lewes, and all other Venders, and may he bad of the Newsmen. Interesting to the Public in general. CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. THIS elegant preparation having risen to the highest repute,> i earnestly recommended to those Ladies, who, front repeated and difficult labours, are afflicted with weaknesses and infirmilies; in which cases it strengthens the stomach, the weakened organs, anil the whole constitution. Those who in an advanced life feel the consequences of youthful excess, or unfortunate youth who have brought 011 themselves a numerous train of evils, will, by the use of this most valuable restorative, find them- selves restored to health and strength, and the melan- choly symptoms removed, wlliah are the general effects of such causes. The Cordial Balm of Gilead is a most noble medi- cine, composed of some of the choicest balsams and strengthened in the whole Materia Medica. Tile pro- cess is long and laborious, and requires the most nice and minute attention. It assuredly affords the most permanent relief 10 those unhappy youths, who have been deluded at ail early age inlo n secret and destruc- tive vice, now common among them, as well as to per- sons of all ages afflicted with nervous disorders, pro ceeding - either from an immoderate use of tea. hard drinking, heat of climate, excess of grief, dissipated pleasure, had lyings- in, immoderate course of the menses, & c. This Balsamic Cordial is peculiarly adapted to weak female constitutions, as well as to phlegmatic habits 111 general: it acts powerfully as a nervine, nut only to the weak stomach, but to the whole nervous system ; ciir- rects a vitiated appetite and digestion in ihe tirsi pas- sages, and UKHits wonderfully in recovering ihe tone of the urinary and genial organs; hence its efficacy in the most obstinate seminal complaints in men, and corre- sponding weaknesses in women. Persons entering upon - tjie holy state of matrimony, should consider, that " where the fountain is polluted, the streams that flow from it cannot be pure." The blessings of health arc nil sooner lost than painful ex- perience teaches the inestimable value of it, and the unhappy patient looks around, loo often, alas ! in vain, for the means of in recovery ! The utility, therefore, of this medicine is too obvious 10 need further comment. , Prepared by Dr. Solomon, in ins. Ixl. and :;:! » . hot- ties ; the latter contain four of the former, by which the purchaser saves nine shillings. Every genuine bot- tle has a stamp, which bears the Proprietor's name and address, " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," lo imitate which is felony. The ANTI- IMPETIGINES, or SOLOMON'S DROPS, for purifying the blood, and restoring the system when impaired by the imprudent use of Mercury, have been found the great and only restorer of health and vigour in disorders where salivation has repeatedly failed Price Ins. Gd. Family bottles 33s. The AUSTERGENT LOTION, for removing eruptions from the surface of the human body.— Pints 4s. ( jd. Halfpints as. gd. duty included.— Also, The DETER- GENT OINTMENT, for old sores, & e. at 4s. ( id. per box. Also, just published, price : 1s. A new Edition, with Additions, of A GUIDE TO HEALTH, in a variety of complaints, some of which are Irected 011 under the following heads, viz. Advice to nervous patients, asthma, barren women, deficiency of natural strength, female complaints, gouty spasms in the stomach, hypochon- driac complaints, internal sinking, loss or defect ot me- mory, rheumatism, scurvy, scrofula, turn of I if-, vene- real diseases, weakness in youlli, & c. By S. SOLOMON, M. D. Sold by W. Lee, Lewes; likewise by the principal Venders of Patent Medicines throughout ihe United Kingdom. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Talbot Inn; in Cuckfield, in the county of Sus- sex; on Friday the 26th day of June, 1812, at twelve « i* ctlicit at noon, THIS FOLLOWING FREEHOLD AND COPYHOLD ESTATES, In Twelve Lots; LOT 1. \ FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TE NEMENT, with the Tan yard, barns, buildings, out- houses, drying houses and sheds, and 64A. 1R. UP. of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, well watered, and divided iiitft convenient inclo sures, called STAPLEFIELD TAN- YARD and FARM, situate at Staplefield Common, adjoining the turnpike- road from London to Brighthelmston, 3' 7 miles from the former, 17 from the lattei, 7 from Horsham, and three from Cuckfield, and now in the occupation of Mr. Ed- mond Greenfield, on lease, 17 years of which will he unexpired at Michaelmas; and two freehold cottages and premises adjoining, in the several occupations of Henry Knowles. and William Gibson. LOT 2. A Copyhold Estate of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Twineham Benefield, called MORRIS'S, comprising a ham and yard, and four several inclosures of arable, meadow, and woodland, containing by ad- measurement ISA. 3tt. situate at Staple held Com mot) aforesaid, adjoining Lot 1, and in the occupation of the said Mr. Greenfield, on lease, 17 years of which will also he unexpired at Michaelmas next. LOT 3. A Copyhold Estate of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Cuckfield, called EAGLESFORD, comprising a barn, hovels, and yard, and 1- 2 inclosures of arable, meadow, an/ l pasture land, containing by admeasure- ment 4o \. OR, IOP. situate at Staplefield Common afore- said, adjoining Lots 1 and 2, also in the occupation of ihe said Mr . Greenfield, on lease, 17 years of which will also remain unexpired at Michaelmas next. LOT 4. A Copyhold Estate of Inheritance, held of the Manor of Twineham Benefield. called NORTHALL, comprising a farm- house, barn, stable, hovels, and other outbuildings, and () OA. 1R 3op. of arable, meadow, pasture, and woodland, divided into suitable inclosures, situate in the parish of Cuckfield aforesaid, adjoining the neiv turnpike- road from Staplefield Common lo Bol- ney, in tin- occupation of Mr. Henry Mitchell, . MI lease, la years of which will remain unexpired at Michaelmas next. I- OT 5. A compact and desirable Freehold Farm, corn tythe free. Called GRASS LAND, comprising a farm- house, barn, stable, and other convenient outbuildings, and fj. JA. ; tit. 71'. of arable, meadow, pasture and wood- land, divided into 13 inclosures, well watered, situate in the parish of Cuckfield aforesaid, in the occupation of Mr. Henry Sayer, a yearly tenant. Lu rU. A Copyhold Estate of Inheritance, held of tin- said Manor of Cuckfield, once called GARRETTS, lint lately CRIPPS's, orpart of CRIPPS's, romprisinj; a Dwel- ling house, barn, and hovel, aud eight inc Insures of arable, meadow, pasture, and woodland, containing by admea- surement a< iA. ill. 71*. siiu. ite in Cuckfield aforesaid, adjoining Lot 5, and in. the occupation of the said Mr. Sayer, a yearly tenant. Lor 7. A Copyhold Messuage or Tenement, garden, and ( 11 w* of meadow land, containing two acres, more or less, called LONG ACRE, situate within half a mile of the Town of Cuckfield, held of the Manor of Mar- shalls, in the several occupations of Michael Field, John Purvey, and Mr. Thomas Francis. LOTS. A Freehold Messuage, divided into three te- nements, with gardens and orchards, containing one acre of land, more or less, situate iu the Town of Crawley, an miles from London, iu the several nccu pations of James Woodgeare, Thomas Dedman, aud Penfold. LOT '). A Copyhold Cottage, garden mid close of meadow land, containing 1 A- 3N. 3SP. situate ai Staple- field Common aforesaid, in the occupation of Wm. Jupp, a yearly tenant. LOT 10. A Copyhold Cottage, garden and premises, situate at Staplefield Common aforesaid, in the occupa- tion of James Holden, a yearly tenant. LOT it. A. Copyhold Cottage, garden, and premises, situate at Staplefield Common aforesaid, in Ihe occupa- tion of James Hayler, a yearly tenant. I- OT 12. A Copyhold Cottage, garden, orchard and premises, situate near Lot 4, iu the occupation of Wm. Still, « t yearly tenant. Lots i), 10, and 1 1, are held of Ihe Manor of Cuck- field, utid Lot ii>, ot'ihe Manor of Twincham Benefield. The Land Tax of Lots 1 and 5, is redeemed. The Tenants wilt shew the . premises in their respec- tive occupations. Printed particulars mav he had 14 days previous to the sale, at 11m Auction Mart, London ; the George Inn, Crawley; King's Head Inn, Horsham; While Hart, Reigate; Tyger Inn, Lindfield; at the Place of Sale; of the Printers, Lewes; and at the office of Mr. Waller, Solicitor. Cuckfield ; where plans m^ v h*- Wholesome, Agreeable, and Cheap Beverage. PITT'S SUPERIOR GINGER BEER, is re commended to the Nobility, Gentry, and Public at large, as possessing the above qualities to their fullest extent. The Proprietor of ibis very grateful beverage, encouraged by the great demand which lie had for it last vear, and bv the recommendation of many of his friend*, is induced to give it general publicity, and to a( li\- the fol- I ming prices, which lie flatters himself will be approved :— Pitt's superior Ginger Beer in quart stone bottles, at 14s. per doz. bottles included. Ditto, in pint stone bottles, 7s. ( 3d. per doz, bot- tles included Ditto, in half- pint stone bottles, 4s. Cd. per doz. bottles included. S3* Ss. ( id. per doz. allowed for empty quart bot- tles— Is. for pint ditto—( 3d. half- pint ditto. A liberal allowance made to innkeepers, pastry- cooks, & c. All orders addressed lo CHARLES PITT, Druggist, Lewes, will lie punctually at- t: tided to.— Fine Spruce Beer and Soda Water. FROM INDIA. Under the Patronage of their Royal Highnesses the PRINCESS OF WALES, AND DUKE OF SUSSEX MACASSAR OIL TOR THE HAIR. rF, HE virtues of this Oil. extracted from a tree 1. iu the Island of Macassar in the East Indies, are far beyond enlogium, for eucreasing the growth of liair even 011 bald places, lo a beautiful length and thickness, preventing it falling off or changing colour, to the latest period of life, strengthening the curl, bestowing 1111 in- estimable gloss and scent, rendering the hair inexpressi- bly attracting ; nourishing it after sea bathing, travel- ling in hot climates, violent exercises, for which it possesses admirable qualities, promotes the growth of whiskers, eye- brows, & c. lu tine, it is the first produc- tion 111 the world for restoring and beautifying the hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children. Such celebrity has it attained, that it is daily honored with the sanctions of Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of the Navy, Army, the Faculty, and public at large. It is innoxious, ex tremely pleasant iu use, and suited to all climates Price 8s. Ciil. ins. ( id. and one guinea each. Sold wholesale aud retail hy the proprietors Rowland and Son, Kirby- street, Hatton- Garden, London; aud bv special appointment, by Mr. W. Lee, Printer, Lewes; Gregory, Lamin, Saunders, Phillipson, Mrs. Howard, and at the Libraries, Brighton; Binsted, Chichester; Wyatt, Little Hampton, aud by all Perfumers and Me- dicine Venders, in every town throughout the Empire- Beware of servile imitators, the genuine Macassar Oil H signed on the lable in red Ink " A. Rowland and Son," of whom may be had, a most important discovery, un- der the august patronage ofller Royal Highnes the DUCHESS OF YORK, also sanctioned by His Excellency the DUKE DEL INFANTADO. and many families of high distinction ALSANA EXTRACT, or the Abys- smian Botanical Specific, which surpasses all European preparations f, ir eradicating all the disorders of the TEETH and GUMS, and rendering them extremely beautiful, iiuparts a beautiful fragrance lo the Breath, and immediately expels the TOOTH ACH. Its properties are sanctioned by the ' opinions of the most emi cut Physicians in Great Britain, France, Italy, aud through- out Europe, and of the late celebrated JOHN HUNTER, Estate Agency Office, South- Sea Chambers. Threadneedle- street, London. MR. WHITWELL, Estate Agent and Auc- . tioneer, respectfully informs Gentlemen in the profession of the Law, and others, he has in liiti Offices particulars of various Freehold landed and other Estates for sale by private contract, in Bed- fordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Lin- colnshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, Sussex, Mid- dlesex, Isle of Wight, and Principality of Wales. Auctioneers, Surveyors, Professional Gentlemen, in general are requested to inform Mr. W. of any estates in their hands for sale, as such communi- cations may pvobably promote the views of the parties interested. HANTS. Freehold Marine Villa, Garden, and Pleasure Grounds, near Gosport, Hants. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION; BY HOGGART AND PHILLIPS. At the Auction Mart, opposite the Bank of England, London, on Friday, the 19th June, at Ii o'clock, ACommodious FREEHOLD VILLA, called LITTLE GREEN, in the rural village of Alver- stoke, nbout mie mile aud a half frnm Gosport, and fc short distance from the sea, the late residence and pro- perty of the Rev. F. CLIFTON, deceased, with an ele- gant lawn, and shrubbery walks, tastefully disposed and in high perfection ; an excellent garden, abundantly- stocked with choice fruit trees, and a rich paddock; containing together about five customary acres. The house is iu excellent repair, suitable for Ihe immediate reception of a family, and contains nine bed chambers, dining and drawing rooms, detached coach- house, stab- ling, aud domestic offices, welt supplied with water. To be viewed and particulars had of Messrs, Collins and Hewson, Solicitors, and of Mr. Hicks, Gosport; at the Crown, and Fountain, Portsmouth; Dolphin, South- ampton; Bugle, Newport; Hotels, Cowes and Ryde; George, Winchester; Coach and Horses, Titchfield; Red Lion, Fareham; at the Auction Mart; and of Messrs. Boggart and Phillips, ( j- 2, Old Broadstreet, near the Royal Exchange, London. Valuable Leasehold Farm, and extensive Sheep Walks, near Croydon and Coalden, in the county of' Surrey. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs, HOGGART and PHILLIPS. At the Auction Mart, opposite the Bank, 011 Friday, June 19. at 12, by direction of Ihe Proprietor, rpilE ROQUE FARM, in the occupation of A Mr. Henry Gravener. situate about three miles from the Market Town of Croydon, and 1 - 2 from Lon- don, iu the county of Surrey; consisting of upwards « t FIVE HUNDRED ACRES of rich arable aud pasture land, 111 a high state of cul- tivatinn, and lying nearly in a ring fence, together with a right on au extensive and valuable sheep- walk of upwards lino acres, with a good Farm, Cottage, barns, stabling, aud out- buildings, in good repair, aud plentifully sup- plied with' excellent water; the purchaser will be ac- commodated with immediate possession, upou a valua- tion beiug complete'! of the growing crops - the live and dead stock may he taken 111 the same way, or the same will lie sold 011 the premises. To be viewed, and particulars had, 15 davs prior to the sale; at the Greyhound, Croydon; White Hart, Reigate; Bell. Bromley; at the Auction Mart ; and of Hoggart and Phillips, 02, Old Broad- street, Royal Ex- change, London, Capital Mansion House, and Land, at Salehurst, in the county of Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At tfi'c Mart, on Tuesday, July 7, 1812, at twelve, un- less previously disposed of by private contract. A Most desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, and Ferme ornee, called HIGHAM, containing about my acres of arable, meadow, pasture, wood, aud hop grounds, iu the highest slate of cultivation. The . Mansion is modern, in an elevated situation, aud t » u* si- is of a breakfast parlour, elegant dining aud drawing- room, the I wo latter overlooking a lawu of upward* nt 24 acres, interspersed with line growing timber, and commanding most extensive and beautiful views ; tive best bed room*, four servants' ruurys, and olhee suit- able offices, together with hot houses, coach- houses, stables, barn, oast- house, ami other requisite out- build- ings. A daily coach passes through Salehurst, which is distant from London about Go miles, IS from Hastings, and about the same distance from Tunbridge Wells. The estate may be viewed with tickets, which wilh printed particulars, may he had of Messrs. Crowder, Lavin, and Garth, Solicitors, Old Jewry, aud of . Messrs. Driver; Surveyors and Laud Agents, Kent Road, or at their offices in the Auction Mart, a here a plan of the estate may he seen. Printed particulars may also he had at ihe George Inn. Battle, and Robertsbridge; the Queen's Head, Hawkhurst; Crown, Seven Oaks; and White Hart, Bromley. Houses and Gardens, Shoreham, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, At the Star Inn, New Shoreham, on Tuesday, June 10, 1812, between the hours of three and four o'clock in the afternoon. " LOT I. Two COPYHOLD MESSUAGES or TE- NEMENTS, situate iu the High- street, wilh a large Garden, well stocked with fruit trees, now in the occu- pation of Messrs. Grinsted and Gates, at thu low rent of £ 17 per annum. LOT - 2. A Freehold Messuage or Tenement, situate in Post Office Lane, with a small enclosed garden behind the same; mid also a Copyhold Garden adjoining, well slocked with fruit trees, lately iu the occupation of Mr. H. Hannington, deceased. LOT 3. A large enclosed Copyhold Garden, adjoining to Lot - 2, well stocked wilh fruit trees, also lately iu the occupation of the said Mr. Hannington. LOT 4. All those spacious premises, situate in Ihe High- street, now used as a plumber's warehouse, sail- makers loft, and cooper's shop, iu the several occu- pations of Messrs. Innot, Allever, and Lashmar, lo. getber wilh large vault under the same, and au ex- ivnsive wharf or yard, bounded by llie river, and which is now in hand. LOT 5. A convenient Dwelling House, adjoining Lot 4, in the. occupation of Mrs, Mary Hannington, con- taining kitchen, wash- house, t hire silting rooms, and three chambers, together with a small enclosed yard, aud u spacious wharf adjoining to llutt of l. ot 4. The two last lots are Copyhold of the manor of Shore- ham. subject to small lines, Lot 4 gf 8d. ami Lot a of 4d. on deilh or alienation. Further particulars may he known hy applying to Mr. Attree, at his General Estate anil Agency- Office, North- street, Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By CHAMBERS and MICHELL, At the Dolphin Inn, Littlehampton, Sussex, on Satur- day, the i3oth of June, 1 si 1- 2, between the hours of la a and four in lite afternoon, ALL that desiiable new- built FREEHOLD MESSUAGE and SHOP, now iu full trade, it » the general line, in llie occupation of Mr. Jones, Dra- per, & c. containing on the ground tloor a very large and compact shop, with two large circular bow win- dows and sash doors complete ; also a kitchen, parlour, skullery, and a pump of excellent water; two large cel- lars under the shop and parlour;—- an the one pair of stairs are tive very good bed rooms, stair- case and laud- ing ; likewise adjoining the house a butcher's and tay- lor's shops, and one l- irge warehouse behind. The above premises are remarkably strong built, with substantial brick walls, and stout oak timbers, and are particularly well situate. both for a wholesale aud retail trade, lying near the quay, which renders it far supe- rior to any oilier situation in the place. For a view and particulars, apply 10 Mr. Jones, Dra- per, & c. on the premises. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth Mr. WHITE, Arundel, Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM; PALMER, East- Grinsted Mr MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen.
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