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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 12
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 30/05/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 12
No Pages: 4
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in Jl liiJlliMfc \ iniTU 1 I U 1 < 1^ ^^ % • r'T" f > xb PR I A'TED ' BY ^ jYD FOR T. E. DICEY, W. SUTTON, * AJ¥ D R. SMITHSOJV, VOL. 93. SATURDAY, J a AY 30, 1812. No. 12. Ready Money is expected ) with Advertisements. S S Circulated through every Town and populous Village I Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; in the Counties of Northampton. Bedford, Ptuckingham, ? Put t of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. ^ T1 C ,1 S Stamp- Dut- v - PRICE 64. ( PAPERANRT MNT 3< U 3 A. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE, of Saturday, May 23. Cttrlton- House, May 22. HI'S Royal Ilishness the Prince Regent was this day graciously pleased, in the name and on the behalf of liis Majesty, to confer the honour of Knighthood on the following persons, viz. Sir Samuel Hood, I/ ord Viscount Strangford, Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, Sir William Carr Beresford, and Sir Samuel Auchmuty. The Gazette announces the translation of Dr. Bowyer Edward Sparke, Bishop of Chester, to the Sec of Ely. —— RICHARD BIUNSLF. Y PORTA!,. BRANDY- MizRcn. i vr nni> TEA - DEALER, I) A V ENTRY, OF. TURNS Thanks to his Friends in general for At. their liberal Patronage since his Commencement in Trade, and begs Leave to inform them at the present Season, that be can supply them with Genuine H KR UFORDSHllUS CIDKR and PERRY, and barrelled and bottled BROWN STOUT, of the first Quality. New Northamptonshire Sheep. JYJESSRS. ROBINSON k BLISS beg Leave I LONDON, TUESDAY, May 16. A f. isbon Mail has arrived since our last, by which letters snd papers have been received to the 11th inst. The head, quarters of Lord Wellington were at Fuente Guinaldo, and nothing material had occurred. A strong expectation con- tinues to prevail at Lisbon that an attempt will shortly be made to raise the siege of Cadiz, and drive the enemy out of Andalusia. Accounts from the interior of Spain repre- sent the French armies as every where diminished by deser- tion, and crippled by the want of supplies. In consequence of the American embargo flour had risen in the Lisbon market to 22 dollars per barrel, hut a succession of further arrivals from America hnd reduced the prices. Another Lisbon mail also arrived this morning. The advices it brings are to the 10th inst. but tbev are not of importance. The army is said to be advancing to the southward. A dispatch fiorn Lord Wellington of the 6th, states that Epo* y Mina has obtained some fresh advantages ever the enemy. It is stated by a Gehtleman who quitted France, by the Wasp, that the severities practised under the late conscrip- tion, had excited some murmurs In Paris, which reached the ear of Bonaparte, just before he left his capital. On this occasion, it is said, the French Ruler, to shew his con- fidence in his good citizens, ordered his horse, mounted, and proceeded through the principal streets of Paris, unaccom- panied by a single attendant. Some letters have been received by a Swedish ship, from Norway, which state a circumstance not easy to be ex- plained: It is said, that an edict has been received there from Frahce, under which the burning system is to be intro- duced into that part of the Danish dominions which has been practised hitherto, only within the immediate depen- dencies of France. What act of Denmark has given to France this extraordinary jurisdiction is not declared, but the effect has been, that very large orders for British woollen manufactures ha\ ebeen countermanded. This morning an Atiholt Mail arrived, by which advices have been received from Gottenbtirgh to the 19th instant. T hat nothing may be wanting to complete the humiliation of the unfortunate King of Prussia, hi* Majesty has been obliged to appoint a French General Governor of Berlin. The whole administration of the Prussian capital is vested in his hands, so that if Frederick William appears there, it can only be in the character of a private individual. It is probable that he will not be suffered long to enjoy even a nominal Sovereignty. The accounts received from Turkey, by way of Vienna and Presburgh, state, that the Russians were making preparations for their departure from Belgrade Two divisions nre said to have quitted Moldavia, and passed the Dniester. The fortresses of Pokow and Smolinsk were being provisioned in the greatest haste, and 2000 peasants were daily employed in repairing the fortifications, which tia I been neglected since the tieiice of Tilsit. Wheat has become Exceedingly scarce throughout Hol- land, iu consequence of the enormous supplies sent to France. The recent decrees, too, affecting the corn trade, have produced the mischievous consequences which every man of common sense might expect. 1 he farmers in France, Flandeis, and Holland, notwithstanding the seve- rities denounced against them in those violent measures, had discontinued to furnish their ordinary supplies to the market?. Distressed Manvfurturers.— This day a numerous meeting was held at the Freemason's Tavern, for the purpose of taking into consideration the best means of affording relief lo the distressed poor in the various manufacturing districts • if the kingdom. The Duke of York accepted the invitation to take the chair, at half past one, and was attended bv the Dukes of Kent, Cambridge, and Rutland, by Lords Teign- motith and Grosvenor, and by Messrs. Wilherforce, Babiug- ton, II. Thornton, Stephen, and several other Members of Parliament, desirous of promoting this laudable object. Books were next opened, and the Haines of all the principal individuals present, were registered to compose an acting committee. Hie subscription raised on the occasion was considerable. A gentleman from Birmingham, after dwel- . ing upon the distresses of that town and neighbourhood, recommended that the higher orders should introduce the fashion of wearing buckles and metal buttons, which would greatly relieve the manufacturers there. The Royal and other Noble persons present indicated their approbation of the proposal. Sunday Mrs. Perceval and her children attended Divine Service at St. Martin's Church. The text selected bv the Clergyman wnsj " Thou shttlt do no murder.'' The discourse revived sensations that excited the most poignant sympathy in the congregation, and had the most marked effect on Mrs. Perceval and her family. It is stated, that the day before Mr. Pcrceval met his death ( Sunday), he enquired of his valet what engagements he had for that day? He answered, none. " What not any one to dinner ?"—" No."—" Then I am happy, for I shall have a pleasure I very seldom enjoy, of dining with my family alone."— It so happened that all his children dined at home that day. In the evening he called for a prayer book, and read the service to b'rs whole family. At the usual hour Mrs. P. ordered the children to bed, hut he begged her to give them leave to stay up a little longer, as he so seldom had the enjoyment of their company altogether. When the time expired he kissed them all, and gave them his blessing verv remarkably. A Sunday passed in this manner must be remembered by his relict with satisfaction, though tinged with the severest sorrow. Dumfries, May 10.— One dark and mysterious circum- stance, connected with the assassination of the Prime Minister, we cannot omit to mention, as, however strange and unaccountable it may appear, we can safely pledge our <> o n credit, and we are authorised likewise to pledge the credit of a much respected and highly judicious ctericulJ'riend, in vouching for its truth. On the night of Sunday, the 10th instant, 21 hours before. the fatal deed u as perpetrali d, a report was brought, it is not yet known from what quarter, to Eridekirk, a village about two miles from Annan, that Mr. Percexal was shot in his way to the House of Commons, tit the door in the lobby of that House.' This most remarkable fact the whole of tlie inhabitants of that village are ready to attest, as the report quickly spread, and became oil Monday the universal topic of conversation. The clergyman to whom we have alluded, and who allows us to make use of his name, is Mr. Yorstoun, Minister of lloddom.— This gentleman, with a laudable zeal, went to the spot, and cart- fully investigated the rumour, with the view of tracing it to its source, but has not hitherto been successful, although hp bus obtained the most satisfactory proof of ir » having existed at the - time we- have mentioned.— Dumfries and Galloway Courier. As Bellingham's irons were knocking off, previously to his going out to execution, he asked, " Do you think, Sir, that the Prince Regent intends going into the City to dine with the Lord Mayor?" Some discoveries, it is said, have recently been made, which have tendered the departure of Lucien Bonaparte from this country a measure of indispensable necessity. OD Friday last was committed to Bnditiili gaol, William Bowden, labourer, for the wilful murder of his wife, by stabbing her in several places. The inhuman wretch was in the act of burning the body with turf, when a neighbour calling at the door, and seeing him much agituted and con- fuied, insisted on going in, by which means this horrid murder was discovered, and the perpetrator was appre- hended They resided at a email house near Redruth, to inform their Friends and the Public that their JUNE SHliW of RAMS will commence as follows: Sir. BLISS of ADSON, SHEWS his on MONDAY Jnne 1st; Mr. Ronrxsos, of WECLIXGBOROUOH- LODOE, on June 8th ; both of which will continue until July 8th, as usual. JOS. ROBINSON. May 6th, 1812. WM. BLISS. HEARSE COACH. R AXD MOURNING PAL M F, R, LIUEN JSD WOOLLEN - DRAPER, t^ c. !! K n F O R D, ESPECTFUI. LY informs his Friends and W. GRIMES NFORMS his Friends and tbe Public, That his annual SHEW of RAMS for LETTING, will be at BA GIN" TON, on MONOAY the 1st of JUNE, 1812, when he hopes to be favoured with their Company. The Whole of the Sheep are by Rams from Messrs Stuhbins & Stone. BAOINTOW IS situated three Miles from Coventry, eight from Warwick, and nine from Southain. RAMS. W UMBERS'S SHEW of RAMS for LETTING * » • at W APPENBURY, in the Couuty of Warwick, commences on TUESDAY the Second Day of JUNE, when he will be jflad lo see any Gentlemen who will favour him with their Company. Wappcnbury, May 9, 1812. HBOBBINS'? • LETTING, s IA MS. S annual SHEW of RAMS for at BARFORI) near Warwick, com- mences on MONDAY, the First of Julie, when he will be glad to see any Gentlemen that will favour liiirt with their Company. Harford, I5fA May, 1812. the ^ Public, that in Cnnsequenre of the Inconvenience he has experienced for want of a MODERN' HEARSE and MOURNING COACH being kept in the Town, he has been induced to purchase Carriages of that Description, which he intends keeping in neat and good Repair. Mr. Palmer embraces this Opportunity of returning his sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public for the many Favours conferred on him, and assures them, that no Efforts Oil his Part shall be wanting to deserve a Continuance of that Support which he has so long experienced. A great " Variety of fashionable Goods, suitable far the pre sent Season, selling on the most liberal Terms . To Gentlemen, Farmers, and others, interested in the Manage- ment of Live Stuck. DICEY, BUTTON, & SMITHS ON, PRINTERS, NORTHAMPTON, beg l eave to inform the. above they have just received a fresh Supply of B- ELLAMY'S RE. N'fORATI V K MEDICINE for the Cure of the SCO U RJ NO IN VCATTLE, which has been proved by the first Agri- culturalists and Breeders of Cattle in the Kingdom, to he the only efficacious Remedy extant for that Disorder; upwards of 1,000 Head of Cattle have been cured within a short Period, by its salutary Properties. A further Proof of the above Assertion may be seen at the Venders of the Medicine in the following Places who have just received a Supply :— Djcey, Sutton, and Smitlison, North- ampton ; Page, Perfumer, Oundle; Price, Printer, Leicester; Ward, Stationer, Stratfnrd- on- A von; Rotten!!, Stationer, Lut- terworth; Drewry, Printer, Derby ; Hall, Printer, Worcester; and most other Medicine Venders. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of Trustees of the Turnuike- Rmid leading from ( T> T M! L RAMS. SAMUEL BENNETT, TF. MPSFORD, desires to inform his Friends and the Public in general, That he intends SHEWING his RAMS from FRIDAY the 5th of June, to the 1th of JULY. Tempsford. May 21st, 1SI2. WYATT'S Annual SHEW of IlAMS for etting by Auction, will be held on FRIDAY the 5th of Jtins, 1812, at JIANWELL, three Miles North of Banbury. NEW NORTHAMPTONSHIRE S1IEKP. WM. 1JIOGINS respectfully informs his Friends ahd the Public, that his June SHE W of RAMS will commence on THURSDAY the 11th Day of JUNE next, and continue until JULY 11th. Whiston, Mayilth, 1812. rpiIR Charity for the Relief of the WIDOWS and A ORPHANS of the POOR CLERGY in the Diocese of Peterborough, has this Year been much improved by a con siderable Addition of new Subscribers, viz. ITtltittebormzh Volunteer Cavalry. HE Gentlemen of the WELLINGBOROUGH VOLUNTEER CAVALRY, are requested to meet upon their usual Parade, in WEr. t. iNnBnitotir. it, on the. 1st, 3d, and 4th nf June next, under the Provisions of the General Volunteer Act. JOHN NEWTON GOODI'ALL, Cap tain- Command ant. Head- Quarters, Wellingborough, May 28. 1812. BIGGLESWA~ OE~ AS50ClATION, For the PROSECUTION of FELONS, Sfc. HE General Aimual Meeting of this Association ill be held at tile ROSE INN, iu RlGGr. NSWADE, on FRIDAY the 5th Day nf JUNK next, when the Treasurer and Solicitor's Accounts will hi passed, and the Subscription fixed for the ensuing Year. — Dinner will he on the Table at Two o'Clock. WM. CHAPMAN, Solicitor and Treasurer. Biggleswade, Mat)\ Blh,'\ H\ 2. ' GOVERNMENT LIFE ANNUITIES. nPHE following is a short Scale of some of the Rates 8 upon which Government are now granting LIFE AN. NUIT1ES:— They are payable Half- yearly at the Bank of England, the same as the Dividends, and mav be received by Power of Attorney ; but thev can only be purchased while the £ 3 perCent. Consols or Reduced Annuities arc at, or above ( it), and under 81. When £ 3 per Cents, are fin and under 61. For j£ 100of Average Rate per Cent. Stock, for < 6100 Money. A Single Life of .15 receives 4 12 0 7 12 1 40 4 17 0 8 0 4 45 5 3 0 8 t() 3 50 . ... 5 12 0 9 5 I 65 6 2 0 10 1 8 60 fi 15 0 11 n 2 65 7 11 0 .. 12 11 7 70 9 4 0 15 4 I .75 & upwdsll 11 0 19 1 10 Allthe Intermediate Ageswill receivein Proportion.— Annuities are granted on Joint Lines also. Particulars may be had ( gratis) a « the " Government Life Annuity Office, Rank- Street;" or by Writing to the " Supet- intendant," if the Postage be paid. LITTLE LOTTERY. SWIFT and Co. ( the Contractors) respectfully inform the Public, that the Little Lottery will be drawn on the KING'S BIRTH DAY. There are only S. 000 Tickets, with the following GRAND SCHEMA 1 Prize of. 1 ... £ 1 >, 000 10.000 5,000 .' I. tvio .. is =£ 90,000 10,000 I 1 1 3 4 4 fi 8 12 20 30 40 60 106 LS10 Tickets and Shares are selling at Swift & Co.' s O'Rces, No. 12, Poultry; \' o. 12, Charing Cross; and No. 31, Aldgate High- Street, London, and bv their Agent, J. WK1VI!, — Pr. DFoR n. 9,000 .. 1,000 .. 5 0 .. 400 .. 300 .. 200 .. 100 .. 80 .. 50 .. 40 .. 30 .. 25 .. 15 .. 5,000 3.000 2,000 3,000 2,000 I, fi00 1. S00 1,600 1,200 1,600 1,500 J, R00 1,80( 1 9.650 19,650 The Duke of Grafton Earl Pomfret I. ord Compton , Sir Francis Shuckhu'rgh Rev. Dr. Smith Rev. Dr. Lamb Dr. Rattray ^ The High Sheriff Thomas Ree\ e Thornton, Esq Jlenrv Olway, Esq... Beriah liotfield, Esq • Charles Tibbits, Esq Christopher Smyth, Esq Mr. Alderman Smith, Daventry Rev. W. S. Willes ". Rev. Isham, increased Subscription Rev. H. Knightley Rev. C. Rose Rev. II. Smith Rev. T. Cile Mrs. Clarke, Weltnn- Place Mrs. Ashley, Ledger's- Asliby 0 It) 1 1 1 1 if. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 FreehoU Estate, Ihirrobi, Beds. To be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, WITH I MMEDI AT F, P O S S" E S « I O N F ATI. that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, known by the Sign of the Swan, with the Buildings, Yard, Garden, and Premises thereto adjoining and belonging, iate in the Occupation ot Matthew Harrald. The above Premise; ire phaSMflv situated in the Centre of the Town of HARROLD ^ foresaid, anil would be an eligible Situation for a Person wishing to carry on any other Trade with the Public Business, for which the Premises are Weil adapted, the Buildings being large anil the Yard extensive. This Kstate might also be rrtade a genteel Residence for a private Family. HARROI. D is pleasantly situated at easy Distances from the Towns of Bedford, Olnev, a.^ d Wellingborough, and to each of which Placcs are excellentTii- npike- Roads. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. WOOTTON, of Harrold aforesaid, or to Mr. BUDD, Attorney, Bedford. A To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, FRri'tior. ii HOUSE, lately built, Brick, slated, arid sashed, with a pleasant Garden, situate a? WALCOT, in the County of Leicester. Two Coaches to and from London pass dailv.— The House is built in a sood Stile, and would be a desirable Residence for a small genteel Family, being only two Milesdisrant from the Market Town of Lut- erworth. For a View ofthe Premises, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. WOODHOUSS, atWalcot. Immediate Possession mav b* had. 35 J S1VF. WRIGHT, with Thanks for the Public Favours, recommends the SMALL LOTTERY nf only 8,000 Tickets, presenting a greater Chance « f obtaining Capitals than usual, as it contains Prizes of i' 20,000 I £ 5,000 I £ 2,000 1 & c. Sc. 10,000 I 3.000 | 1.000 I All to draw the 4th of JUNE, ( he KING'S RIRTII- DAY, — his Firm of BRANSCOM B & Co. have been very suc- cessful, having shared and sold Prizes of = C^ 5,000 I -£ 20,000 | y? 10,000 I y: 5,000 | Sic. Tickets and Shares are selling by Mr. W •• BIRDSAI. L,— Northampton, T. CHENEY,— Banbury. S. F. BAXTER,— Bicester. W. EDWAnDS,— Oswestry. E. ISAtfcs,— Kettering, MERRIDEW Si SON,— Coventry. SwissKY & FERRAI. I,,— Birmingham. I'. P A trt a i nt; E,— Bridgenorth, Leigltton- Buiinrd.-~- Desirabie l're/ nises. To be S O I, D bv - A UCTI O N. In June next, unless previously disposed of bv Private Contract, ANeat well- built Brick and tiled DWELLING- HOUSE ; consisting of twogood Parlours, four excellent Bed. Cham- bers with Closets ; a Kitchen, and Cellar; also a Brick and tiled Warehouse, Stable, Barn, anil otiier suitable Out- offices, with a large and well- planted Garden, drying Ground and Yard, plentifully supplied with Water, situated in the West Street of the Market Town of LEIGHTON- BULZARD. + Parly Possession maybe had. for further Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr. DAY, Solicitor, Woburn; or of Mr. WIW. WYKES, High- Street, • Leicester; and for a View of the Premises, to Mr. Sum:, Lelehton- Buzzard. Towcester Turnpike Road. '^ T OTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of 1^ 1 the Trustees appointed for putting into Execution the Act of Parliament, for amending, widening, and keeping in Repair, the Road leading from Towre. tCr, to the Turnpike- Road in Cotton- End, in the Parish of Hardingstone, in the County of Northampton, will he hoiden by Appointment, at the DUKE of GRAFTON'S ARMS, in BL1SWORTII, in the said County, on MONDAY, the EIGHTH Day of JUNE next, at Eleven o'clock 1u the Forenoon, for the Purpose of auditing the Treasurer's Accounts, and for transacting other Business relative to the said Road. By Order of the Trustees, May 23, 1812. WM. TR. SMYTH. Freehold Land. To b « SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. THOMSON, At the Admiral Nelson Inn, in Brixworth, in the Countv of Northampton, on Friday the 5th Day of June, ' 812, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, SEVEN Acres of prime ARABLE LAND, lying in the Lordship of BRIXWORTH aforesa d, near'the Town, adjoining the Turnpike. Road leading from Northampton to Market. Harborough, arid now in the Tenure or Occupaiion of Mr. Samuel Potter. For a View ofthe Land ; apply to the Tenant, and for further Particulars, to the Auctioneer at Wellingborough. To be RE- SOLD, Pursuant toa Decree and Order ofthe High Court of Chancery, made in a Cause Fielden against Higginson, before Robert Steele, Esq. one ofthe Masters of the said Court, at the Public Sale Room of the said Court, in Southampton- Build- ings, Chancery- Lane, London, on Friday the 12th Day of June, 1812, between the Hours of Two and Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in two Lots, Valuable FREI. IIOID ESTATE; consisting of the Rec- a; tory and Advowson of G R KT WO RTH. anda valuable Farm with about 310 Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land I let to yearly Tenants); situate at STlJTSBU RY, in the County of Northampton, the Property of the Rev. William Higginson. Printed Particulars to be had ( gratis) at the sa; d Masters Cham- bers, in Southampton- Buildings aforesaid ; of Thomas Wyatt, Esq. New Inn, London; Messrs. Shawes, I. e Blanc and Shavve, New- Bridge- S'tieet, London ; Mr. Blamlford, Solicitor, No. 2, King's. Bench- Walks, Temple; Mr. Townsend, Solicitor, Staples Inn, London; and ot Mr. Wykham, Banbury ; and Mr. Poole, Southam, Warwickshire, To be S O L 1) by A U - C T I O N, The latter End of June, 1812, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract ( together or separately), R| PHE FREEHOLD FARM, called the TITHE FAUM,- situate a at NORTON, in the County of Hertford,, now in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Salt, Tenant at Will; comprising a Farm- House, two Batns, Stabling, Cow- House, with other requisite Offices, all built within a few Years; and 143 Acres of good Arable Land, Tithe- tree, and Land- Tax redeemed, and subject only to a Rent Charge of £\ 10s. 4d. per Annum.— Possession of which may be had at Michaelmas next ; together with the next Presentation and Perpetual Advowson of the Living of the Parish ot Norton, to which SO Acres of excellent Land has been allotted within a tew Years ; the present In- cumbent is 60 Years of Age. — Norton is within fine Mile of Baklock, three from Hitchin, both good Market- Towns, For further Particulars, apply to MICGI & CHALK, Auc- tioneers, Chelmsford. The Tenant will shew the Lands and Premises. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CON I RACT, \ CLOSE of very rich OR A ZING LAND, situate in the Lordship of SPR AT TON, in the County of North- ampton; containing in ^ tsrute Measure 8A. 1R. 2P. and now in the Oocooati » of Mr. Peter Martin, who is under Notice to qui1- at < l| d Michaelmas next. The above Estate is Tithe- free and the Land- Tax redeemed. F t fur'lter Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, anplv to Mrs'. M. ARTNA BROWN, of Sprarton, aforesaid, Widow; or Mr. KUSWEM.. Aforney at Law, Northampton. SALE POSTPONED. To he SOLD hv AUCTION, By P. WESTON, At the King's Head, in Svresham, Northamptonshire, on Mon- dav the 1st bay of June, 1SI2, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, unless sooner disposed of by Pri- vate Contract, under such Conditions as will be then and there produced, A LI. that large and commodious MRS- STJAGE or TE- f\ N f. M E NT, now used as a Bakehouse, with Stables, Barn, large Yard, Garden and Orchard to the same belonging; situate in SYHFSHAM, in the County of Northamotnn, now in the Occupation of George Kendall, with Right'ot Common to the same. Also, a COTTAGE adjoining the said Dwelling- House, in the Occupation of J" hn Bull, with a Butcher's Shop, and other Conventencies belonging thereto, in excellent Repair. Tlie above Premises are Copyhold, held for Lives, under Magdalen College. For Particulars, apply to Mr. BERRY, of Whitfield; Mr. COATF. J, Carpenter, at Syresham : Mr. THOMAS, Solicitor, Bract: lev ; or the Auctioneer, Hinton. Freehold Estate at Syreshum. To be SOLD by AUC T I O N, By P. WESTON, On Wednesday the 3d Day of . Tune, 1S12. at the Grown Tnn, in Brackley, in the County of Northampton, at pour o'Clock in the Afternoon, under such Conditions as will then be produced, \ LL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, or FARM- t\ HOUSE, and OUT- BUII. DINGS; and also ail those four several CLOSES or inclosed GROUNDS of ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, with the Appurtenances thereto adjoining and belonging ; containing by Estimation, or being commonly reputed to contain 11 Acres or thereabouts ( be the same more or less) situate and being at CROFIELD, in the Parish of SYRE- SHAM, in the County of Northampton, and in tbe Occupation of Mr. George Tanner. This Estate is Freehold andTithe Vice, and there i « a Right of Common, without Stint, attaching to it. in and over the exten- sive Forest of Whittlebury, or Whittlawood. To see the Estate, apply thereon; and tor further Paiticulars, at the Office of Mr. LOVFLL, Solicitor, in Towcester. the pitte- ttoad leading from Old- Stratford in the County of Northampton, to Dome hunch, in the Countv of Warwick, will he held hy Vdjnnrnment at the WHEAT SIIHAFINN, in DVYENTRY, on THPRSDVY the 11th Day of JUNE next, at Eleven o'dretc in the Forennon, for the Purpose of taking into Consideration the Propriety of erecting a TTcket- Gate or other Turnpike- Gate across the said Road, upon some proper Part between Wee'don and Daventry ; and of ejecting another Ticket- Gate or other Turnpike- Gate across the said Road between Brannslori Wharf an 1 Dunchurch. By Order of. the- Trustees, EDMUND BURTON. LEIGIITON- BI/ ZZAUD, April 3D, 181- 2. THE Public are most respectfully informed, that tli3 I V N BUSIVE^ S at Ihe EAGLE AVI) CHILD, at LEIGHTOX- BUZZ A R D. will be continued, and every At- tention pe* id to afford superior Comfort and Accommodation to those Friends who have or may be pleased to honour it with their future Favours. The above INM is to be SOLD, and may be entered upon immediately. To treat for the sa^ e, please to apply to THOMAI WOOD, House and Kstate Agent, Leighton, Bedford- hire. " To be LETT, And may be entered upon immediately, or at Midsummer next, ^ New- built DWELLING- HOUSE, Brick and Sasli- ' » fronted; consisting of a good Cellar. Parlour, Kitchen, Brewhnuse, four Red- Chambers, and other Offices, and a Garden well planted with Fruit- Trees, standing near to the Chester Turnnlki-. !< oad, and a small Distance from the Fox and Hounds, DAVENTRY, in ( he Occupation of Samuel Bastley. Enquire for Particulars as above. To be SOLD by PRIVAT E CONTRACT, AMESSUAGE or TENEMENT, YARD, OUT- BUILDtNGS, and FOUR CLOSES of etreedingly rich PASTURE LAND, situate at NEITHORP, near- Banbury, in the County nf Oxford; containing together. 38 Acres, or thereabouts, and ti- iw in the Occupation of —— Rogers, as Tenant from Year to Year. And also all those THREE CLOSES of very good TURNIP- LAND, with the BARS thereon, situate at THORPE- MAN DEVI LLE, in the County of Northampton ; containing together 22 Acres or thereabouts, and ninv ill the Occupation of—— I. iunell, as Tenant from Year to Year. The above Premises are all Freehold and Tithe- free. Tor a View of the Premises, enquire of the Tenants ; and for further Particulars, of CHARLES WYATT, E- q. Ban- bury; or HENRY ROI. I. S, Solicitor, Prisrs- Marston, War- wickshire, who is authorised to sell. CALDECOTE- HAI. L, near Atherstorve, Warwickshire. Most sup'rb and elegant Household- Fufnitnre, Linen. China, Glass, very superior old Wines of various Sorts, and valuafla Effects, To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By EDWARD NEAI. E 4- SON, On Monday the 1st Day of June. IS 12. and twelve following Days, Saturdays and Sundays excepted, ALL the modern and elegant HOUSEHOLD- FUR- NITURE," in the MANSION, at CAl. DEOOTE ; co- a- prisir. g most superb and elegant Fuar- p- jst Bedsteads, with Ma- hngany rich carved Feet, Posts clothed with rich Chint. i Fur- niture, elegantly trimmed,. a; id Jiixd.. i; i. . the fir. it Jit} 12 .41 £ Elegance, beautiful scarier, Chintz, and other Window Curtains, elegantly trimmed, with neat Gilt and Jabanuetl Cornises; capital Goose " Feather Beds, superfine Blankets, Marseilles extu Size t.' ounterpaines, beautiful Wardrobes of superior Wood anil Workmanship, beautiful Mirrors, neat D etsing Stands," costly Mahogany Patent Dining, Card, Pembroke, Billiard, and other Tables, elegant Mahogany Side- Boards, beautiful Turkey, Brussels-, and otherCarpets, excellent weil made Grecian Couches and Sofas, elegant Drawing- room Chairs, Scioll Elbows, Rose- Wood Ground, and neatlv gilt, Hair Cushions, and Chintz Covers, very handsome Mahoganv Chairs of fine Wood, Haft- Stuffed and Satin Hair Seats, beautiful Time- Pieces in Tortoise- shell. and other Cases, grand Pianofortes ami Harpsichord " by the tirtt.. Mukers, costly Cabinets, rich Alabaster Vases an! t Lamps of rich Sculpture, superlatively elegant Dinner, Dessert, and Tea Serviccsof elt. gant China ; handsome Mahogany Cltests of Drawers, neat Japanned, Bamboo and other Chairs, a capital Patent Mangle I by tinker, London), some excellent well- seasoned Beer- Casks, 136 Gallon- Copper, with Brewiug- Tubs to corres- pond, Dairv Utensils, Kitchen Requisites in general, 12 Sides of Bacon and 10 Hams, with other Effects, too numerous to insert. May be viewedon Thursday thc2S'h Day of May, and fellow- ing Davs till the Sale ; Catalogues may be had on the Premises, at two Shillings each ( without which nol'erson can be admitted) ; also at the principal Inns, Hinckley; Red Lion, Atherstonc ; King's Head, Coventry ; principal Inns, Nuneaton ; and of the Auctioneers, Lutterworth. — Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock each MorniiiE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R. JAR VIS, On Wednesday the 10th Day of June, 1812, at the Red Lion 1 nn, in Brackley, Northamptonshire, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, A 1,1, that very desiral le Fiir. nioin Stone and Slate Oi DWELLING- HOUSE and APPURTENANCES thereto belonging, in good Repair, most eligibly situated in the Centre of the respectable Town of BRACKLEY aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Eyre, who isdeclinin£ Business. The Premises Comprise a large Cellar, Grocer's Shop, two Parlours, Kitchen, Pantries, three good Bed- Rooms, and Attic, Yard, in which is a Well with Pump, neat Garden, Warehouse, Stable and two Barns; also a Dwelling- Housc adjoining, in the Tenure of Mr. W111. Heath, Tailor; comprising a good Cellar, Parlour, Kitchen, Shop, Pantry, Garden ar. d Barn thereto be- longing ; also three Cottages adjoining the above, in the several Occupations of Thomas L vans, James Durraut, ai-. d Deborah Bull, Tenants at Will. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. EY*£, and for further Particulars 10 the Auctieneer, Banbuiy. Hemel- Hempstead and Boring/ Ion, 6ertf— Desirable Free- hold and Copyhold Estate, Fnrm- Hcnisi, Brick Cottage, and Buildings, and upwards of 85 Acres of rich Meadow, Pasture, anil Arable Land, principal Part in a Ring- Fence. To be SOLD hy AUC T 1 O N, By Mr. ROBINS, At Cartway's, London, on Thursday June 11, at Twelve o'Clock, in Lots, ADesirable FREEHOLD aud COPYIIOID ESTATE, Land- Tax redeemed. Lotl. ACOPYHOLD ESTATE, cqnialtoFreehold, Fine certain, Moor End Farm, a compact Farm- House and Offices, large Bam, Cart Shed, Stable, Cow- House, Calf- Pens, Piggeries, & c. all incomplete Repair, a good Garden, and sundry Inelosures of rich Meadow, Pasture, and Arable I. and, containing upwards ot 63 Acres, in a Ring- Fence, situate at H E M E L- Hli M PSTE A D, contiguous to the London and St. Alban's Roads. Lot 2. A FRESHOI. D M li A DOW, containing one Acre and two Roods, situate011 the opposite Side ot the Road to Lot 1. Lots. A Compact COPYHDI. D ESTATE, Cold Harbour Farm, situate on theTopof the Hill on SHOT HANG E X COMMON, commanding beautiful and extensive Views ofthe Country, with a substantial Brick Cottage and Out- buildings, good Garden, Orchard, and Arable Land, upwards of nine Acres and a Half. Lot 4. A compact COPYHOLD ESTATE ; comprising three Inclosures of rich Arable Land, containing nine Acres, two Roods, situate near FIIDIN. FHK, in the Hamlet of BOVI NO DON, Lot 6. A COPYHOLD ESTATE; comprising two Pieces of Arable Land; containing one Acre, and 10 Poles, situ » : e in FELD. EN- COMMON FIELD, with a Right of Common over the Whole Field. Possession of the Whole may be had under Arrangements at Michaelmas next. The Lots are in the Occupation of Mr. THOMAS JOHNSON, who will shew the same, and of whom Particulars may be had ; at the Sun, Hemel- Hempstead ; King's Arms, Berkhampstead; George, Aylesbury; Red Lion, Wycombe; White Horse, Ux- bridge; Essex Arms, Watford; White Har-, Edgware and Bedfordshire Freehold Estates,— Woburn Sands, in the Parish of Asplctj- Guise, To bs SOL 1) Ly AUCTIO N, By ANDREW GARDNER, On Wednesday the 3d Day of June, 1812, at the Sign of the Red Lion, at Hogstye- End, at Three o'Clock in the After, noon, in three Lots: Lotl. pOUR compact Stud and Plaster TENEMENTS, 1 with a Wood Barn and Garden to each, in the Occu- pations of Wm. Goodall, Thos. Atterbury, Wm. Garret', and Thos Hay maris as Tenants at Will, at the yearly Rent of <£ 11. Lot 2. Two substantially built Brick and Slated TENE. ME NTS, with Wood Barn and Garden to each, and which, at a small Expense, may be converted into a pleasant and comfort- able Residence tor a small Family, in the Occupations of John Hull and Saml. Benbow, Tenants at Will producing the Annual Rent of £ 9. Lot3. Three well- built Brick and Tiled TENEMENTS, with Wood Barn and Garden toeach, next 10 Aspley- I. ane, now in the Occupation of Wm. Lovel, Wm. Maplev, and Wm. Garrett, as Tenants at Will, at the yearly Rent of .£ 10. I3s. 6d. The Whole of the above Lots are well supplied with Water from a Spring and Pump adjoining, and are pleasantly situated facing the Turnpike- Road, near the new Lodge. WOBURN SANDS— For further Particulars, apply at the Office'of Mr. DAY, Solicitor, or of the AUCTIONEER, both of Woburn. To be SOLD bv AUC T I O N, By Mttsrs. BERRY S,- HAYWARD, At the King's Head Inn, in Aylesbury, Bucks, on Saturday the 6th of June, 1812, at Two o'Clock, in one Lot, A Very valuable ESTATE, situate at WEEOON, Rucks, / V three Miles from Aylesbury, in the Tenure of Mr. George Thorne, on Lease which expires at Michaelmas 1814, at a low Rent, held under new College for Lives; containing!? Acres or thereabouts, of very excellent Arable and Pasture Land, a good Farm- House, with all necessary Farm Buildings; and a Cottage and Orchard, in the Occupation of Mrs. Harding. May be viewed by Application to Mr. THORNE, on the Pre- mises, where Particulars may be had ; also at the Placeof Sale, the Inns in the Neighbourhood, and of Messrs. BERRY and HAYWARD\ General Agents, Aylesbury, Freehold Land, Hulcott, Bucks. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Messrs. BERRY 4 HAYWARD, At the Great Room,, at the King's Head Inn, Aylesbury, 011 Saturday the 6th of June, 1812, at Two o'Ciock, in one Lot, \ FKEI UOI. D ESTATE, of ARABLE LAND of very - iV excellent Quality, lying in the Parish of HULCOTT, two Miles from Aylesbury, called Ihgixay Piece-, containing by Admeasurement ( be the same more or less) 16 Acres, two Roods, and 30 Perches, Tithe- free, and exonerated from Land- Tax, has been inclosed upwards ot 30. Years, and the Fences are in good Repair.— Conditions will be produced at the Timeof Sale. To view the Premises, apply to Mr. JOHN SEAMONS, Hul- cott; and printed Particulars may be bad at the Place of Salo, and the Inns in the Neighbourhood.— For further Particulars apply to- Mr. A. C. " MO^ E. Solicitor, or Messrs. BERRY and U VYTVAXD. General A jcr. ts, Walton- Terrace, Aylesbury, where Plans may be seen. I'uluuble Freehold Estate., at Cdiftnn, Warwickshire, two Miles from Rugby. To be S O L D bv A U C T I O N, By EDWARD NE. 1LF. Sf SON, At the George Inn, in Rugby, sometime in June next. Particulars will appear in a futura Paper, VLL that desirable and truly valuable FRF. EHOI. D ESTATE, situate in the Lordship of CLIFTON, iu the: County aforesaid ; comprisinga substantial Brick and Tile Far. n- llous". Barn, Stables, Hovels, Cow- Sheds, Pigsties, exceedingly good Fold- Yard, with an excellent Well of Water, and Pump in the same ; a productive Garden, well fenced and wailed, planted with choice Fruit- Trees, together with about 6.) Acres ot" Arable, Pasture, and Meadow Land, Well fenced arid watered, iu a high State of Cultivation, lying adjoining the Turnpike- Road from Clifton to Hillmorton, and now in the Occupation of Mr, WM. CORNISH, the Ownef. This is a most desirable Estate, as the Payments ari yery easv, and the Oxford Canal joins the Estate. . For a View of the above, apply on the Premises ; and for further Particulars, apply to Messrs. CALOICOTF., and BP. M.-, Solicitors, Rugby ; or the Auctioneers, Lutterworth. Floorc, near Davcntn/. To be SO I. D bv A U CT I O N, By J.!>- R. LOVE DAY, At the White Hart Inn, at Floore, in'the County of North- ampton, 011 Tuesday the 9th D iyof. Tune, 1S12, precisely at , Fiveo'Clock, under such Conditions a: fthall be then produced, in two Lots : Lotl. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, wtth £ X ' he Garden, Out- offices and other Appurtemn'cei to the same belonging; situate at F LOO R E aforesaid, and'lat- i in the Possession of Mr. Henry Sharp, deceased. Lot 2. A CLOSE of exceedingly rich FRES- HOOD PASTtkR': LAND, situate in FLOORE aforesaid, containing Jive Acrei or thereabouts, late in the Occnixuiou of the said Henry Sharp,, but now of Mr. William Hadland. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. JANUS P » ir. i/ ir » , of Floore; and for further Particulars, to Mr: TIPVAS, Solicitor, Warwick; or Mr. BURTON, or Mr. Solicitors. Daventry. Valuable Manor, Mtitiiion- House, Sult- Alursh, and ilnorova- able Freehold Estate, near Colchester. To be SOL I) hy A U C T 1 O X, By Messrs. UOPCRJFl', SON, S>- 11 KM MING WAY, At the Three Cups, in Colchester, on Saturday the, 20th Day of June, 1812, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, in several Lots, un- less previously disposed of by Private Contract, of wh. cli due Notice will be given, rpHE valuable MANOR of ITNGRING1IOE, extending I over a large Tract of Country, abounding with Game, with the ROYALTIES, Cop Y HOLD CD URTS, FINES, HER. RIOTS, QUIT RENTS, and IMMUNI ITES ; together with valuable Oyster Layings, in South- Geydon, and Noitii- Geydon. A capital MANSION- HOUSE, called FINORINOHOF- HA LL, with suitable O Ifices of every Description, Gardens, Pleasure- Grounds, and Plantations, and nearly SOil Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Lands, including upwards of 300 Acres of rich Salt Marsh f. ands, iu the Parish of F1UG Rl NGHOE. divided into sundry eligible Farms, properly subdivided, well watered, and capable of very considerable Improvement. Possession may be ivid at Michaelmas next. Mr. HOPCSAFT will attend at the Mansion- House, on Mon- day the 1st Day of June, and the following Week, far ihe Pur- pose of shewing the Premises; and lor further Particulars apply to Messrs. Hopcratt, Son, and Hemmingway. at Crowton, near Brackley, Northamptonshire; Mr. Burton, Solicitor, Da rentry ; Messrs. Ritiderlev » nd Long, Solicitors, Gray's- Inn, London; Mr. Mason, Solicitor, Colchcster; and to treat by Private Contract, apply to Mr. Hopcraft, Mr. Burton, or Messrs. Kinderley and Long. Printed Particulars may be had at the Three Cyps, Colchester; Black Boy, Chelmsford, Golden Lion, Ipswich ; Hoop, Cam- bridge; Angel, Bury- St. - Edmunds • Fountain, Huntingdon; White Hatt, Newmarket; Fountain Canterbury ; King's Head, Maiden ; blue Posts, Witham, and Spread Eagle, Ingatestone. The Northampton Meicury ;- and General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, jkdford, Bucktugharti, Uuathigdoa, Leicester, Warwick, O. vfor. i, itud Hertford. NORTHXMFTONSIITRE SOCIETY, ]? OR the EDUCA TION r> f the POOR in the PRIN - CTPTJES of ti. o ESTABLISHED CUUR. CH, Northampton, Mat) 28, 18f2. The COMMITTEE for establishing and reg. ulatitig the CENTRAL SCHOOL in this Town, have great PJea- » ure in being able thus early to acquaint the friends of this Institution, that a very suitable ami commodious SCIIOOL- Jtdov, 011 the Premises lately occupied hy Mr. OAKLEY, in St.- GiLEs's STREET. being now ready for the Reception of Children, and a Mas'tet having been procured from the >' atii) nal Society in London, the opening of the said School Will take Place on THURSDAY next, the 4th of JUNE ; on which Day the Master will attend there, between the Hours of Sight in the Morning nnd Five in the Afternoon, in order to Teef ive and enter the, Names of the Children of this Town and Its Vicinity, not under the Aje of Five Years, whose Parents or Friends are desirous of . ending them to this S< 6ool, where they will be educated Gratis. '-.., . Those therefore who wish to obtain this Education for " their Children, rtlnst apply to the Minister of iheir Parish, or a Subscriber to this Institution, for Ticket* of Admission, which will be received at the School by the Master, who will ex- plain also the Honrs nt- which the School will begin and end, and other Particulars thereof. Annual Donations Subscriptions. Amount of Donations and Subscriptions before advertised £ l-, 8ci8 8 0 £ 101 2 0 Charles Newman, Esq 3 0 0 g 0 0 • William liirdsal! 0 0 0 1 1 0 Rev. William Philpot 0 0 0 1 1 0 A Friend to the Society 0 0 0 1 1 0 Rev. Wauchnpe." 5 5 0' 110 Mr. Biovon Drage 1 0 0 0 0 0 Kev. H. K. Bonney, being a Col- lection aftera Sefmonat Nassington 6 15 0 0 0 0 Ditto, after a Sermon at Yatwell 2 17 0 0 0 0 The Names of Miss and Mr. W. B. Wright son were last * veek inserted Wright, through a clerical Error ofthe London Hankers. -— ~ — To the. Debtors nnd Creditors of RICHARD ROGERS, of the Ttmn of NORTHAMPTON, in the County of North- ampton, Currier. WHEREAS the Said RICHARD ROGERS, liath conveyed and assigned all his Estate and Effects ( both Teal and personal) to Robert Hawkins, of Wellingborough, in the County of Northampton. Currier, and James Taylor, of Bearbinder l. nne; in the City of London, Merchant, in Trust for themselves add all such other ofthe Creditors of the aaid Richard Rogers, who shall execute the Deed of Assignment Within Uvo Months from the Date hereof; Notice is hertby given. That the said Deed is lodged at the Office of Mr. Jeyes, Solicitor, Northampton, for the Signatures of the said Creditors, and that all such of them who shall not necutethe same within the Time aforesaid will he excluded all Benefit arising therefro^ n. - All Persons indebted to the said Richard Rogers, are required to pay their respective Debts to the said Robert Hawkins, or James TaUor, forthwith, or in default thereof, they will be sued for the same without further Jfotiee. SO/ A May, 1812. GRAND JUNCTION \ VlIAlih JOHN HEWITT begs Leave to inform his Friends and tile Public in general, That he is now selling at the above Wharf the Best WE ONES BURY COALat ISd. per Cwt. delivered in Northampton, at 16d.— All Orders will be punctually attended to, and grate, ully acknowledged. Northampton, May 29th, 1812.; GENERAL INFIRMARY, NOR I'll AMP TON, MAY 23d, IS 12. SEVERAL Parishes having sent to this Infirmary more IN PATIENTS than they hy the Statutes have a Right to do, the Committee think proper to apprise those Parishes, that their ln- patieuts above their Number will not be received iu future.—" By Order of the Committee, WM. 1\ C. MAN, Secretary. HP HE TOWCESTER TROOP of YEOMANRY, JT are requested to meet on HEATHENCOTE GREEN, on THURSDAY the 4th Day of JUN E, at Twelve o'clock in the Forenoon. J. MANSEL, Captain. Cosgrove, MayiSth, 1812. ' l" OR SALE, j. 2000 Gallons Old Tom Gin 9 1500 Old Jamaica Rum 14 80 Very due Old Cogniac Brandy 36 380 Dozen Very fine Port Wine 44 ISO Old Sherry ot the most supe- rior Quality 44 fa Fine Old Diy Lisbon 44 60 — Teneriffe 44 45 Rich Mountain 42 280 Cockagee Cyder 8 15H0 Ripe Stout 7 15 Very curious Rum Shrub.. 40 44 Red and White Noyeau 50 314 Very curious Crusted Old I'ort Wine, six Years in Bottles 52 114 Curiously fine Old West- India Madeira 54 34 Very old and cuiiously fine Fast- India Sherry 60 1200 Gallons British Hollands, superior to most Foreign 18 A LLCOOIV, Drew, Pelisse and Corset Maker, RESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies and her Friends iu general, that slw; is retufued from LONDON with a Variety of FASHIONABLE DRESSES, CORSETS, TRIMMINGS, & c. which are now ready for Inspection. Two Apprentices wanted immediately. Market- Square. Northampton, May 30. 1812. J. 0 per Gallon. 6 0 0 per Dozen. 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 6 per Gallon. FOREIGN- WINES AND SPIRITS, Wholesale and Retail. GEORGE HARRISON, with Thanks for Favours received, informs his Friends and the Public, he has received a fresh Supply of excellent LONDON PORTER, which with every other Article he is determined to sell on such 7' erms as will insure him future Flavours. Ham fnn, Northampton, MaySOth, 1812, HEREFORIISIURI£ CYDBR nud PEKRY IN any Quantity. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, a HOUSE, in the DRAPERY, enquire as above. M. Market- IlarboroUgh, May ' 29, 1812. and C. CHURCH respectfully inform their Friends and the Public, that they will have ready for Shew on Monday ne* t, a Variety of FASHIONABLE FANCY - DRESSES, PELISSES, CORSETS, and ge- neral MILLINERY, which C. CHURCH has JU- t select.- d from Houses of the first Respectability in London fur l'aste and Fashion, dnd which they hope will obtain their Approbation. RUGBY SCHOOL Meeting of the Noblemen and ( ie. ntlcmcn educated at Rugby School. rpiJE next Anniversary will be on THURSDAY the 1 18th of JUNE, at the FREEMASONS' TAVERN, GREAT QUEBEC- STREET, LINCOLN'S- 1 NN- F'IELDS, LOKUON. Dinner ou Table at Si£" o'clock. STEWARD*. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, At GREAT- ftlLLtXG. near Northampton, AB \ Y COLT, one Year old, by Waxey, out of LittU Sally, hy Buzzard, out of Totterella, the Dam of Pavi- lion, York, Set.— For Price enqu, ire of JOHN BOWMAN, Groom to R. C. Elwes, Esq. at Great. Billing, where the Colt is to be seen. Malt, Household- Furniture, Farming- Slock, fyc. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Jiy Mr. KIRSHA W, On tHe Premises, at the OLD Bui Public- House, PISFORD, near Northampton, on Wednesday next, the 3d of June, AQUANTITY of exctitSST MALT and HOPS; HOUSE- HOLD- FURNITURK ; consisting of Four. post and othef Bedsteads, with various Furnitures, Beds and Bedding, Pier aBd othtr Glasses, two Fight- Day Clocks, Chests of Drawers, Boxes, tables, Chairs, Kitchen and Scullery Utensils in Copper, JSrass. and Pewter, wind- up Jack, wi, th a Variety of useful Articles ; a Cart, Ploughs, ar. d Harroufs; one Draught Mare ; Part of a Rick of Hay, Ditto of Stj- aw, Malt- Mills, and Harness 5> rtwo Horses; a Sow and two Pigs, a Ditto, and a Yelt in Pig, Sec. Sec -- The Sale to begin at Ten o'CloCk. Ripe Burton Ale 8s. 6d. per Dozen. rOHN SHEPHERD & Co. respectfully inform WINE- MIRCHANTS, INNKEEPERS, and the Public in general, that they have always the above Quantity of Goods for Sale, at their Wine and Spirit Commission Warehouse, No. 18, Cullum. Street, Fenchurch. Street, London, which they oiler at the abovtj low Prices, in Quantities of not less than two Gallons. or on ® Dozen, to be taken away at the Expense of the Buyer, and paid for at the Time of Purchase. Wine and Spirit- Merchants. Innkeepers, and others, residing in the Country, may have their Orders executed ; and by re- mitting the Amount, the same shall be forwarded, attUeir'Ex- pense, by any Conveyance they advise; and the greatest De- pendence may be placed on the Quality of the Goods. J. Shepherd & Co. pledging themselves that the above Arti » les are all of the most genuine Quality. To TURNIP GROWERS. TRUE YELLOW SWEDISH TURNIP SEED, raised direct from transplanted Turnips by Mr. ROPER, on his Farm at POTTERSPURT , which he warrants to be pure and unmixed, is sold at his own House, and on his Account by Mr. Kiglitley, Grocer, Northampton; Mr. Willsher, Tow- cester j Mr. Kendrick, Davenlry; and Mr. Prigoiore, Brampton Gate) of whom may be had, the TRUE NORFOLK WHITE ROUND TURNIP SEED from transplanted Turnips in that County. Mr. R. has likewise some very superior GLOBE TURNIP SEED, for early growing, quick in Growth, and to a large Size; and sjime strongly recommended YELLOW TURNIP SEED, warranted to stand the Winter equal with the Swedish, and being quicker Growers, do not require to be sown so soon. RAVNDS, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSilA IF, At the White Hart Inn, inThrapston, on Tuesday the 9th Day of June, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be produced, in the following or such other Lots as ihay be agreed upon : — Avery eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, TITHE- FREE, situate at RAUNDS and RINGSTEAD, near Thrapston, in the County of Northampton. In RAUNDS. A. R. P. Lot I. All those Three several Closes of good Arable Land with their A ppurrenances, lying in the Parish of Raunds, in a Field heretofore called Woodway Field, next the R ® ad leading to Hargrave, and containing together ( more or less) 30 3 20 Lot 2. All that Closeofexcellent old inclosed Pasture I. and, called the Homeclose, with the Homestead, Barns, Stables, and other Outbuildings thereto belonging, lying in or near the Town of Raunds, and adjoining to a certain Lane, now or heretofore called Hackney Lane, containing together ( more or less) 3 3 0 N. B. An excellent Spring of Water runs into the Farm- Yard. Also Three other Closes of good Arable and Pasture Land, with their Appurtenances adjoining to the said Hqmeclose, containing together ( more or less);., 34 0 8 Lot 3. All that Orchard or Piece of Ground, lying in the Town of Raunds, opposite the above- mentioned Homestead, containing ( more or less) 0 10 Lot 4. Ail that Close or old inclosed Pi'ce of Pasture Land, with the Appurtenances, at the Towns End of Raunds leading to Higham, called Higham- Lane Close, containing ( more or less) 0 3 0 Lot 5. All that Close or inclosed Piece of rich Meadow Lfind, divided i* to two Parts, with the Appurtenances, lying in the Meadow of Raunds. near Cotton Bridge, containing ( more or less) _ 10 2 24 In RISC, STEAD OPEN FIELDS. Lot 6. One Land abutting on Ringstead Ridgeway, near Grantham Green Furlonc, containing ( more or less) 0 1 0 Several Pieces of Meadow Ground in Ringstead Great Meadow, near Carloe Close, containing together ( more orlessJ.^ j 0 3 0 WELFORD ASSOCIATION, For PROSECUTING THIEVES, ! fc. THE Geperftl Annual Meeting of the Members of this Association will beheld at the TALBOT INN, in WELFOIID. in the County of Northampton, on MONDAY the 8th Day of JUNE next J when and where the Members are requested) to attend to pass the Treasurer's Accounts, and transact the other Business nf this Society. RICHARD BUSWELL, Treasurer and Solicitor, (£ T Dinner on the Table at Two o'clock precisely. Northampton, May 29th, 1812. SOUT11AM' ASSOC IATION, " For the PROSECuffON of Flil. ONS. THE next Annnal Meeting nf this ASSOCIATION, will be held at the RED LION 1 NN, in SoUTJIAM, on TUESDAY, the23d Day of JUNE next, QCf Dinner at Two o'clock. ROBERT POOLE, Treasurer and Solicitor. Southam, May 28( A,' 1812. " " NEVVPORI- PAG.\ ELL BR 1DGES. " NOTICE is hereby given. That a General Meet- ing of the Trustees appointed by and acting in the Execution of the Act of Parliament for taking down and re- building certain Parts of North Bridge and Tlckford Bridge, in the Parishes of Newport- Pagnell and Lathbury, in the County of Buckingham, will be held at the SWAN INN, in NF. WPORT- PAGNELL aforesaid, on Tuesday the second Day of June next, at Eleven o'Clock in the forenoon. — Dated the 26th Day of Mav, 1812. W M. LUCAS, Clerk to the Trustees. Total 81 1 12 N. B. The above Estate Mjoirts to good Roads, at easy Dis- tances from Thrapston, ( kindle, Kettering, Highatn, and Wel- lingborough, and is now in the Tenure of Mr. John Driver, whose Term therein expires at St. Thomas next, and all the Hedges and young Quicks growing thereon are in a very flourishing Condition. For a view of the Estate, apply to Mr. DTUVTR, the Tenant; and further Particulars may be known of Mr. BUT « HER, Soli- citor, tin Northairrpton. Brampton, Hunts. Tn be SOLD by AUCTION, 9y Mr. P1ERSON, On Monday the ISth Day of June, 1812, and the four following Days, on the Premises of the late JOHN RICHARDS. Esq. Major- Commandant of the Hunts Volunteer Cavalry, by Order of the Executors, ALL the modern and elegant HOUSEHOLD- FURNI- TURE, LINF. N, CHINA, choice Collection of BOOKS, See. valuable PLATE, WINE, SPIRITS, ALE, double, barrelled GUMfby Rkbards), CHARIOT, PHAETON, GIG, HORSES, FARMING- STOCK., IMPLEMENTS of HUS- BANDRY, HAY, GROWING CROPS, & c. and other E F P E CTS.— The Furniture comprises Mahogany Four- post, Tent, and other Bedsteads, with Chintz, Morine, and Cotton Furniture ; excellent Down and Goose Feaiher- Beds, Pillows and Bolsters, Mattresses, Blankets, Arc. & c. ; large Pier and other Glas. es, M. ihogany double and single Chest of Drawers, Basin- Stands, Night- Slides, Wardrobes, Dining, Card, Pem- broke. and Dressing- Tables, Chairs, & c. ; Mahogany Sota with Cushions, black and Gold painted Chamber and Claw damask bottomed Chairs; good Assortment of Kitchen- Requisites, large Quantity of Pewter, Kitchen- Rarree, excellent Eight- day Clock and Time- Piece ( by Thomas Hogshead and others) ; Cop- pers, Cooler, Mash - Vats, and Brewing- Utensils, several Puncheons of sound Ale and other Beer, with Casks, Bottles, & c. See. Sec. The Plate consists of upwards of 1,200 Ounces, the greater Part of which Is entirely new ; the Linen, which is very good, of 26 Pair of fine Irish and other Sheets, 28 elegant Dainask Table. Cloths, Napkins, Towels, Kitchen Linen, Sec. The Library, containing upwards of 800 Volumt- s, is in very excel, lent Preservation, elegantly bound and Gilt lettered, and among the very valuable Works are those of Sherlock, Walpole, Ward, Littleton, Pope, Sharp, Warburton, Grey, Milron, Newton, Sliakspeare, Robertson, Blacksrone, Burn, Const, Jacob, Williams, Lock, Johnson, Swift, Clarendon, Voltaire, Addi- sont Sterne, Thomson, Anson, Kitchin, Pecker, Caintten, Bailey, Rapin, Fleetwood, Banyers, Ovid, Highmoore, Arc Sec. The Hooks, Wine, Carriages, Horses, and double- barrelled Gun, will be sold on Wednesday the 3d Dav's Sale.— The House will be open for Inspection on Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th Days of June, and the Sale will commence each Mornine at Ten o'Clock. " Catalogues to be h? d at the George Inns, Kimbolton and Buckdcn; Hoop, Cambridge; Crown, St. Ives; Cross Keys, St. Neots ; on the Premises; and of Mr. Pierson, of Kimbol- ton, seven Days preceding the Sale. Mr. PISRSON respectfully informs the Puhlic, the elegant and modern built Mansion- House, Otlices, Sec. late the Resi- rienceof Major Richards, and also the Whole of his verv valuable Estates, situate in the fertile and pleasant Parish of BRAMPTON, • vill be Sold by Auction. yyuculars auid Tiime of Sale will be advertised ii » a short Time. To be LETT, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, TltlE Great TI THES of, 1,593 ACRES of ARABLE, L GRASS, and LEY GROUND. Ditto sf 81 ACRES of MEADOW GROUND. Ditto of 105 ACRES of OLD I NCl. OSURES. Together with a capital F A RM- HO US E arid HOM ESTE A D, and 83 ACRES of ARABLE, LEY, MEADOW GROUND, and old IN CLOSURES, all situate and being. in RINCSTEAD, near Thrapston, in the County of Northampton. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. WM. NEWTON, at Drayton- House, near Thrapston. Drayton- House, May 28, 1812. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 s 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 0' 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 N OR TH AM PT( INsllIK E . , AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY, FORMED at NORTHAMPTON on WEDNESDAY the 27th of MAY, » ince which Time the following Do- nations and Subscription* have been received, in Aid of the Funds of the British and Foreign Bible Society :— Annual Donations, Su& s. His Grace the Duke oi Grafton .£ 100 0 0 £ 0 0 0 Earl of Poinfret 50 0 0 0 0 0 Earl Spencer 26 5 0 5 5 0 Wm. Hanbury, Esq. M. 1' 26 5 0 5 5 o" Lord Ca; ysfort 21 o 0 0 0 0 Lord Alttiorp .21 0 0 3 3 0 Peter Denys. Esq High- Sheritf 21 0 0 0 0 0 Geo. Freke Evans, Esq 20 0 0 0 0 0. Collection at the County. Hall Doors 35 11 10 0 0 0 Hon. and Rev. Littleton Powys, Collection at Tichmarsh 22 8 10 0 0 0 Rev. R. A. Hannaford, Collection at the Parish Church of Aldwinckle- All- Saints 20 0 Parish of Cranford 17 5 Mr. M. Smith, Northampton 10 10 Mr. Jos. Hall, Ditto 10 10 Mr. S harm an, Wellingborough . . 10 10 Mr. J. C. Gotch, Kettering . 10 10 J. Hunt, Esq 1( 5 ] 0 Mr. Joseph C'oxe 10 10 Dowager Lady Carbery 10 0 Rev. S. Hodson 10 0 Mr. Geo. Gascoyne, Stan wick ..!'".'.. 19 0 A. Rodick, Esq 5 5 Rev. Reynold Hogg 5 0 Mr. Samuel Anthony 5 0 Rev. T. S. Grimshaw 6 5 Rev. Dr. Gillhee, Barby 5 5 Mr. John Harson 5 0 Rev. J S » Pratt 5 0 Rev. Wm. Bosworth, Rothwell 5 5 Ditto per Servant Maids 0 10 Mr. Adam C'orrie, Jun. Wellingborough 0 0 Mr. Richard Buswell 5 5 Mr. Thomas Elliott 5 0 Rev. Mr, Durham, Towcester, and Friends 7 0 Rev. J. Gardner, Collection at the Meeting at Potterspury 3 12 Rev, Mr. Longman, Collection at Hargrave 3 Mrs. Frances Young, Orlingbuty 3 T. E. Dicey, Esq 3 Mr. W. Southwell, Clapton 3 Rev. J. M. Longmire, Hargrave S Rev. C. W. Fonereau 2 Mr. John Lewin 2 Mr. Wm. Brooks, Norton 2 M rs. M, Kelley, Northampton......... 2 Messrs. Pereival & Son 0 Rev. R. A. Hannaford, Akhvinckle 0 Mr. Thos. Turland, llugbrook 0 Mr. John Watts, Kislingbury . 0 Mr. John Shaw Smith... ; 0 Rev. Mr. Watson, Daventry 0 Mr. P. Phipps, Towcester 0 Mr. Thomas ShepparJ, Ditto ..'. 0 Mr. Robert Cockerill, Jun. Ditto 0 Mr. Robert Heygate, West- Haddon 0 Mr. Samuel Soams, Wollaston 0 Mr. Benjamin Stiecvenson 0 Mr. Campion, Oundle 1 Mr. Geo. Watson, Dunchurch 1 Wm. Lucas, Esq. Holywell 1 Mr. Thomas 1' ottim, Barby 0 Mr. Win. Barker, Esq. Ditto 0 Dowager Lady Lilford, 0 Hon. Miss Powys.... 1 0 Hon. Miss E. Pewys 0 Hon Miss C. Powys 0 Mr. Pumphrey, Worcester 0 Rev. Mr. Wetherall 0 Rev. A. Buller, Breughton 0 Mr. Blott, Higham 0 Miss Blott 0 Hannah Middleton 1 Maria Middleton 1 Mr. Benjamin Middleton 1 Rev. Mr. l'opc ... 1 Mr. Manning, Moulton 1 O'O Rev. Joseph Pratt 0 Rev. John Hinde 1 J. W. Roberts. 0 Mr. Samuel Smeeton .... 0 0 0 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 3 2 1 1 1 0 5 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 r 0 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 Right Hon. Lord PROBY. Sir HENRV NKLTHORPIS, Bt, Sir JAMES FEI. LOWES. Rev. H. B. HARRISON. Rev. JOHN BARTI. AM. JOHN PI. OMEKCLARKE, Esq. FRED. TIIACKWRAY, Esq. THOMAS COLTMAN, Esq. J. T. WRATtSLAVV, Secretary. Tickets to be had at the Bar of the Tavern ; and it is re- quested Gentlemen, intending to dine, will be so good as to leave their Names before Tuesday the 16th of June. Agricultural Concern. JEDGE with Confidence again otfers to the Public his . much. approved and elficacious PO W Dp R, which has now beep used for a Number of Years by some ofthe most respectable Breeders and Feeders in the Counties of Northampton. Leices- ter, Norfolk, Lincoln, Buckingham, Bedford, Warwick, Kent, Essex, Sec. Sec. with the most successful Ellect in annoying the Fly, and thereby preventing its striking either Sheep or Lambs in the Hot Months. Experimental Decisions have given it an indisputable Superiority over like Preparations; and the Re- spectability of Numbers of Gentlemen who have used it, whose Names are inserted in the Bill of Directions, renders further Comment unnecessary. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Mr. JOSEPH EDGE, Chymist, Northampton, and at his Shop at Wellingborough on Market- Days; and by Appointment by the following Persons, in Packets of 2s. and' 4s. eadi, the former sufficient to dress 40 Sheep or Lambs, and the latter 80 :— Mr. White, Wisbech; Mr Sander- son, Thrapston; Messrs. Barringer & Son, and Mr. Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Mrs. Hine, Potton ; Mr. E. Hutchings, Stony- Stratford; Mr. Samuel Blower, Yardley- Hastings ; vir. R. Tandy, and Mr. Richard Humphreys, Sherrington; Vii Gregory, Hanslop ; Mr. Rowell; Kilgby ; Mr. Parker, Market. Harborough; Mr. Cheney, Ndseby ; Mr. I.. Freeman, Br* x worth; Mr. Smith, OJney ; Mr. S. Inns, Towcester; and Mr John Creed, I Brighton- Buzzard. 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0- 0 0 0 Mr. Josiah Smith 0 A A Gig. To be SOLD, Handsome well- made GIG, iti thorough Repair, hung upon Curricle Springs, and runs « ell.— There is a Side- bar to attach occasionally, for the Convenience of adding an Out- rigger if required.— To prevent Trouble, the Piiseis 30 Guineas. Farther Particulars may be obtained bv Application to the Printers, If by Letter, Post- paid, to fi. G. To be SOL D, ~ ANeat low green CHAIR, nearly as good as new, together with Harness for one Horse, made in London.— Price of the Whole35 Guineas. Enquire at Dallington- House, near Northampton, or of the Printers, If by Letter, Post- paid, to C. R. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DENNIS, On Wednesday June 3d, 1812, on th: Premises of Mr. THOS. DADFORD. intheSoUTH- QiiARKR, NORTHAMPTON. SUNDRY UNREDEEMED PLEDGES, the Property of the said Mr. DADFOHD, pledged in the Months of April, May, June, October, and November, 1809; June, Jul), August, September, and December, 1810; and February, March, April, and May, ljU ; consisting of Men and Women's Wearing- Apparel, Plate, Watches, and other Effects. Sale to commence at Two o'Clock. Valuable Freehold and Tithe- tree Farm, exonerated from Land- Tax; arid a Public- House, at Tempsford, Beds. ' To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SI'AN TON, At the Sun Inn, at Biggleswade, Beds, on Wednesday June 10, 1812, at Two o'Clock, in three Lots: Lot 1 / COMPRISES a good substantial Brick- built Farm- House, tiled, with two good Rooms io Front, small Back Room, four Chambers, and a Cellar, situate fronting the great North Road, on the South Side ot the Turnpike, at TEMPSFORD, in the County of Bedford, with a convenient and well arranged Homestall, and suitable Offices detached, two fine Orchards inclosed on the Road- Side by a Brick Wall, to- getlier with about 173 Acres of rich Arable, and Pasture Land, conveniently disposed, and well fenced, in the Occupation of Mr. John Emery. Lot 2 comprises a well- accustomed Freehold Public- House, known by the Sign of the SWAN, adjiining the Farm- House ( Brick- built and Tiled), containing three Rooms in the Front, four Chambers and a Cellar, Hack Yard, Shed, and Garden. Lot3, An old Farm- House, now lett in three Tenements, and 1A. 2R. 191'. of excellent Pasture, situateat LAMB- PIT- END, near Tempsford. N. B. The Whole ot the Estate is lett on Lease to Mr. John Emery, for a Term, of which four Years are unexpired - at Mi- chaelmas next, at the low Nett Rent of £ 180 per Annum ; but immediate Possession may be had of the Public- House. ( f^" Tempsfotd is a pleasant Village, most advantageousjy situateat the Junction ofthe Navigable Rivers lvel andOuze. affording an easy Communication from Lynn to the Towns of Bedford, and Biggleswade, and particularly convenient for Mar- kets, being distant from St. Neots only Hve Miles, from Big- gleswade six, from Potton five, and from Bedford eight. Particulars may be had at the Falcon Inn, St. Neots; the Swan Inn, Bedford ; the George Inn, Buckden ; the Cock Inn, Eaton; the George, Baldock; Swan, Stevenane ; the Bull, Hertford; the Swan Public- House, Ternpsfordj at the Sun, Biggleswade; George, Potton ; of Josr. m EADE, Esq, Hitchen ; at the Auction- Mart, London ( where a Plan may be seen; of the Auctioneer, Hitcliin, Herts, and No, 2S, Birchiu- Imne, London, Mr. John Dent. Rev. James Blackett, Northampton Mr. Geo. Barnes Rev. Joseph Whitehead, Spratton Mr. VVm. I. antsbury, Ditto Mr. John Hollick, Ditto Mrs. S. Hod son r... Rev. Wm. Ellington Mr. Thos. Grose, Harleston Mr. John Grose, Ditto Mr. Thos. Goodacre, Northampton, - Mr Henry Simcoe Mr, John Capon Rev. Clias. Marshall, Brixworth Hon. & Rev, 1,. Powys Mr. Geo. Baker Mr. Josiah Denny, Sen. Barby Mr. John Salsbury Mrs. Longmire Mr. Yoik, Hargrave Mr. Bateman, Ditto Mr. judkin Mr. Blott Rev. 1. Gardner .. 0 10 w HERE AS Mr. WILLIAM BURN ILL, <~ AIDKRTON. near Towcester, Farmer, hath by an Indenture beating Date the 27th Day of this instant May, assigned all his Effects and personal Estate to Mr. John Roper, of Pntlerspury, and Mr. T. Tarry, nf Paulerspury, intrust for the Benefit of such of his Creditors who 3hall execute the same within two Months from the Date thereof, Notice is therefore hereby given. That the said Indenture is left at the OlEre of Mr. Kirby, Attorney, of Towcester, for the Signature of such of the Creditors who wish to partake of the Benefit thereof, and that all Persons who have nny Demand upon the said William Bumill, are requested lo send the Particulars thereof to Mr. Roper, Mr. Tarry, or Mr. Kirbv, t » one of whom also it is expectelall Debts due to the said William Burnill, will be forthwith discharged. Towcester. May 29th, 1812. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons who stand indebted to . the Estate and Effects of JOB REEVE. Wheelwright, of FBNNY- STKATFORD, are requested to pay Iheir respective Debts to Thomas Linnell, » f Water- Eaton, or George Osborn, of Tod- dington, or Mr. Day, Solicitor, Woburn, Beds, or they will be sued for the same; and all Persons having any Claim or Demand on the said Job Reeve, are desired to send in their Accounts immediately, in order that the same may be examined and discharged. Wll. BY LIME KILNS. Y\ T CIIALONER AND R. JOHNSON, most * » • respectfully inform the Public, that they have entered upon the LIME KILNS at W1LBY, late in the Occupation of John Tipler, where they will sell well- burot Lime, full Measure, at the following Prices : — Lime for Laud at 2s. 8d. per Quarter. Lime for Building 2s. lOd. per Quarter. Wilbu, 29th May, 1812! LOS T, " ROW- ELL FAIR, on Monday last, & QU O i UPPOSED Valuable Library oj Books, neat Household- Furniture, Side- board of modem Plate, Bed and Table- Linen, mat tkruble- scated Gig with Harness, and other Effects, To be SOL D by AUG 1 I O N, By : JOHN DAY & SON, By Order of the Executor of the late Rev. THOMAS WIN- FIELD, RECTORY- HoUSE, at F1N M E A R. mear Buckingham, Particulars, with the . Days, of Sale, will appear in next Week's Paper. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY 4 SON, Ori Wednesday the 3d Day ot June, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. Stevens, at LOUGHTON, near Stony- Stratlord, SUNDRY EFFECTS, late the Property of Mr. RUTLAND, deceased, removed for Convenience of Sale ; comprising one Six- inch Cart, Gears for six Horses, Ladders and Hurdles, Wheelbarrow, Chum, five Milk- Leads, Milk- Kivers, Pans, & c. ; a Lead Pump, Stone Trough, S. iws, Axes, & c. ; two Donkeys, See. ; several Lots of Household- Furniture, as Bedsteads, Bed, Tables, Chairs, Pewter and Brass, with various other Articles. The Sale to begin at One o'Clock precisely. Household- Furniture, Books, i$- c. fyc. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAY 4- SON, On Thursday the 4th Day of June, 1812, on the Premises of Mrs. DAVIS, in the MARKET- PLACE, STONY. SIRAT FORD, Bucks, PART of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, upwardsof 200 Volumes of BOOKS, & c.— The Furniture comprises Bedsteads with Furnitures, Feather- Beds, Counterpanes. Blankets, Sec. ; Mahogany and other Tables, Chairs, Sec. ; Buieau and Bookcase, one Oak Bureau; Roasting- jack, Crane and Pot- Links, Washing- copper, Sec. & c. — Books, in the Arts and Sciences, History ofthe Bible, History of Englan Ele- ments of Natural History, Dictionaries, Sec. Divinity, N vejs, and numerous other Subjects. Sale to commence with the Furniture at Eleven o'Cl - ck pre- cisely, and with the Books at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon. red Tape, containing various CASB NOTES of considerable value, and several Memorandums. Any Person delivering the said Case with its Contents to Mr. J. BROWN, of Loddington, near Kettering, or Mr. GAURARIJ, Solieiior, Olney, Bucks, will be paid a Reward of TWENTY GUINEAS, and all Eipenses attending the Deliver'v. 28< h Mi, 1, 1812. TEN GUINEAS REWARD. SUPPOSED to have been lost off Messrs. Piekfordi* WAGGON, which left BASINGHALL- STBEET, LONDON, on ths 25ih of March Inst, on its Way tn MACCLESFIELD, A IHUSS of BRUtlA SILK, Gross Weight 64ll> s. parked in a Coarse Wrapper, and directed upu,: a Card, " Messrs. Sraimirks IX Co. Macclesfield." W hoe « er has found the said Silk and will restore it tn Mifsru. Pick fords, as above, or to any of their Agents at Nortb « ampion, Leicester, Loughborough, Derby, Ashbuurne, ur Macclesfield, shall receive 1 he above Reward. ; •. COVE it, ' Ins Season, 1812, Thorr- '- . bred .' lares, at Three Guineas each, and lfalf- a• Cr ' Kv the Groom ; aV ' tiers at One Guinea and a Half each and 11 nit- si-( ? , ri the Groom, HAT noted Race- IT. NED, Lite the Propert-,- of ; s GiaCetiie Duke i-' Jutland, now of D. Ilamshaw, Great Bowden Inn, Leicestershire; he is of a dark- brown Co. lour, black !. r; s, without white, rising six Years old, stands 15 Hands - jj Inches high, full of Bone, good tempered, and free from all natural Blemishes. Ned was got b> Teddy the Grinder, Dam by Precipitate, Grindsm by Woodpecker, great Grandam Everlasting, by Eclipse, great gr? at Grsr. dain Hysena, by Snap, out of Miss Belsea, by Re. gutUs, Ned is Brother to Discount Everlasting was the Dam of Skyscraper, Goldfinch, Top. gaii- antj I. eViathan, Brown George, and Lazarus. /. r three Years old Ned beat Mr. Lloyd's Fun, the Ab. Mile 1: • Guineas ; at four Years old he beat Gen. Grosvenor's Trump ? crocs the fiat, 50 Guineas ; a Sweepstakes of 50 Guineas each, first three Miles of theB. C. beating Weaver and Hylas : at War- v. rck he won the £ 50 for all Ages, beating Prisoner, Whitenose, and Doubtful.—- For the Truth of this, see the Racing Calendar. Ned will be at the Angel Inn, Harborougli, on Tuesdavs ; at the Hind, Lutterworth, on Thursdays; sleeps at the ( Irown, West- Haddon, on Thursday Night; at Northampton, on Satur. days; sleeps at the Coach and Horses, Brixworth, on Saturday Night, andat Home the Remainder of the Week. The Money to be paid at the last Round. Good Grass lor Mares at the u< ual Prices. T Total £ 581 3 0 76 2 6 ' To be LET 1, or SOLD, rpilRKE ASSES, with Foals, one and three Days JL old. — Enquire of T. TITE, Mayorhold, Northampton. Vuluable Rams of the New iMCestershire Breed. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. BOOTT, At Loughborough, on Tuesday the 9th Day of June, 1812, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, EIGHT valuable yearling ltAMS, and four RAMS of different Ages, bred by Mr. TOMALIN, late of Knight- Thorpe, near Loughborough. Particulars and place of Sale will appear In nejrt Werk's Paper. Genteel Freehold Residence, Olney, Bucks. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By ROBT. ANDREWS, At the Bull Inn, Olney, on Tuesday the 9ih Day of June, 1812, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, under such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, ALL those extensive and FREEHOL. BFREMISES, eligibly and advantageously situated in the Centre of the HICH'. STRSET, in the Town of OLN E Y, and Countv of Buckingham, now in the Occupation of Mrs. Hull and Under- Tenant; com- prising a neat Stone- built, sashed in f ront, and tiled House, with front and back Parlour, and Kitchen ; three Bed- Cham- bers, and Garrets over them ; also a long Range of Buildings, formerly used asa Plumber and Glazier's Shop, with other Out- odices, and excellent Garden well planted with choicc Fiuif Trees, with sn Entrance into the back Street. The above Premises form a desirable Situation for a small Family, or any Person requiring Room for Trade. May be viewed by applying 011 the Premises; and further Particulars known of the Auctioneer, Olney Hosiery, Men and Boys' Hals, Smock- Froeks, read,- made Clothes, Millinery, i$ c. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DJY SON, On Monday the 8th Day of June, < 81S, at the Sign . f the PACK. HORSE, in YA RDL1: Y- GOB10 N, nerrr Stony- Stratford, removed there for the Convenience of Sale : rIM1E Sale composes a Number of Mei: and Boys' Hats, four Dozen Pair of Stockings, ready made Coats, Waist- coats, Jackets. Smock- Frocks, Sec. ; Millinery, as Bonnets, Caps, Siik and other Handkerchiefs, Ribbons, Gloves, Fans, Parasols, Muslins, Trimmings, Feathers, Mulls, black and white Laces, with numerous other fleets. The Whole is the Property of Persons who have declined Business, and are to be sold Without the least Reseive. . The Sale to com'tnincS'at'Eleven o'clock precisely. Eligible'- Freehold Estate. To be SIM; D bv AUCTION, " , By JQHjN DAY 4 SON, At the Cock I rill, in Stony- S. tratlprd, the County of Buck- ingham, on ' it;: t « e ilt- R. llav. « f. June next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in ths ioitowhig Lots: Lot 1. \ Substantial well- built' Brick and Tiled MES- SUAGE, pleasantly situate in the HIOH- STREF. T of STONY- STRA I FORD aforesaid; containing tluee good sitting Rooms on the Ground Flojr, Kitchens, Cellars, and other Conveniences, four go-. d Bed- Rooms on ti e first Floor, with Attics; a good Garden walled round and planted with Fruit Tiees, and Stable Room lor six Horses,- with convenient Lofts over the same. Lot 2. Two C LOS ESof exceedingly rich PASTURE LAND situate in the Parish of WO I. VF R. J'ON, in the'said County of Buckingham, and adjoining the Town of Stouy- Stratford', containing together by Estimation rii'nc Acres and a Half, be the saipe more or less. Lot 3. Two other CLOSESof exceedingly rich PASTURE I..- VND situate in the said Parish of. WO LVE RTON, adjoining the two last. mentioned ' Closes, and ccr, a :, , g together b> Estimation six Acres and a Half, be th. L s. rj: more or less. The House and Premises are in very good . pepair, and are fit for the Residence ot a genteel Family. " The Whole Estate is in the Occupation of Mrs T. Godfrey, w'iir vill give immediate Possession. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. J. F. CONCREVI, Soli- citor, Stonv- Stratford. A genteel Freehold Residence. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By ROBERT ANDREWS, At the Bull Inn, Olney, in the County of Buckingham, on Tuesday, the 9th Day of June, 1812, at Fiveo'Clock in the Afternoon, AVery neat and genteel DWELLING- HOUSE, and PREMISES, Stone built and Tiled, pleasantly situated in EMBERTON, near Olney, in the County of Buckingham, and in the Occupation of the Rev. Mr. MITCHELL, the Pro- prietor, who is leaving that Part of ihe Country ; comprising a large handsome Parlour, and Sitting- room in Front, a Front and Back Kitchen, with Cellar and Pantry., Sec and six very good Sleeping- rooms, Sec. a very neat Garden in the Front of ihe House, pleasantly laid out, and planted with Shrubs and Ever- greens ; also a large Garden at the Back ofthe Hou e, which has been lately planted with choice Fruit Trees, Sec, a Coach. House, Stable, Coal- Shed, and other useful Buildings — The Whole of the Premises have been fitted up at a considerable Expense, within the last 18 Months, and is a very pleasant Situation for a small genteel Family, adjoining the Turnpike- Road to London, where the Wellingborough Coach passes every Day, Sundays excepted. May he viewed, by applying on the Premises ; and further Particulars known of Mr. Coocn, Attorney, Newport. N. B. Part of the Purchase- money may remain upon Security oi '. he Premises. To be SOLD by TENDER, for Ready Money, HPWELVE WALNUT TREES, growing at BENE- FIELD, near OUNDLE.— The Tender FLI be made in Writing, and delivered, sealed lip, to Mr. Beikelv, who will atteod at ( he Swan Inn, in Oundle, from Three to Five in the Afternoon of Saturday the 11th Day of July next, for the Purpose of receiving the samo. The ' frees may be viewed by Application to EDMOND DOLBY, of Benefleld ; and fuit'her Particulars maybe had from Mr. BF. RKELY, of Biggin, near Oundle. Applications by Le; - r, to be Post- paid. New- built Smock Windmill, with Land, 4c. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, Uy JOHN DAY 4- SON, On the 22d of June next, if not in ihe mean Time disposed ot by Private Contract, ALL that capital new- built SMOCK WINDMILL, in complete Repair, and. in full Trade, with a CLOSE of rich ARABLE LANI.) adjoining, containing six Acres, situate in POTTERSPURY FIELD, near Stony. Stratford.- Also a MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with Out- buildin. es, Yard, Garden, and Orchard adjoiriiiic, situate in YARD LEV- GOBI. ON, and near the said Mill, with the growing Crops of Corn, Sec. For a View ot the above, apply to Mr. GREGORY, the Oc- cupier, at Yardley- Gobioil. The Estate is Freehold, and early Possession will be given. Further Particulars may be known, by applying to Mr. MARK HAM. Solicitor, Northampton. CAPITAL LI Bit A It Y. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, Vv T. COMBE, At the Assembly- Rooms, LEICESTER, On Tuesday ihe9ih ot June, 1812, and two following Days, \ LIBRARY of choice and valuable BOOKS; comprising, with many others equally tare, . Dugdalets Warwickshire, Baronage, and St. Paul's ; Strype's Memorials, Annals and Lives; Chauncy's Hertfordshire; Rudder's Gloucestershire ; Thornton's Nottinghamshire; Pennant's London, Wales, and Scotland ; Rush- vofth's Collections. 8 Vols.; Bayle's Dictionary, 10 Vols ; Ma^ klin's Bible, fine Impressions,' bound in Russia ; Basket's Bible, Sec. Sec the Whole forming ail uncommonly fine Collection of the best English, French, and Italian Authors, and worthy the Attention of luer. trv Collectors. They are all the Property ot a Gentleman, and are brought to Leicester for the Convenience of Salt-. Catalogues to he hod of the Hauls sillers in Northampton. Desirable Residence. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. SPONG At the Hind Inn, in Wellingborough, in the County of North, ampton, on Thursday the 18th Day of June, 1812, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, A Large well- built MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, I V pleasantly situated at the upper End of the Town of WELLINGBOROUGH, with a Garden and Close of remark, ably rich Pasture Land adjoining; containing about two Acres, on which are several thriving f ruit and Timber 1' rees. The Home comprises an Entrance. Hall, two good Parlours, two Kitchens, and large Cellars, four excellent Sleeping- rooms, on the second Moor, and thr- e very good Attics. The Out- offices consist ot a Brewhouse well supplied with Water, two remarkably substantial well- built Barns, two Three- stall stables, and a Box, Poultry- House and Piggery, and all other Conveniences. The Premises have been recently put into complete Repair, and lorm an eligible Residence lor a genteel Family. Possession will be given at Michaelmas next. To view the Premises, apply to Mrs. THOMAS, at the House ; and for further Particulars, to Messrs. HODSON, Solicitors, Wellincboioug'h. Freehold Land, Sicanborne, Bucks. To be SOLD bv A U C T I O N, By SAMUEL'DUDLEY, At the House of Mrs. SIMMONS, the OLD WHITE HART, SWANBORNE, on Wednesday the 10th of June next, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the undermentioned Lots: Lot 1. \ FREEHOLD CLOSE of rich PASTURE LAND, A Desirable Estates, r- i tig, Northamptonshire. To be S O L I) !> V. A U C T 1 O N, By BRAMPTO. NA- HATES, Early in the Month ot July next, at the White Hart Inn, in Kettering aforesaid. Notice of the Time ot Sale will appear in a future Paper, \ LL that desirable, COMSOLD ESTATE, together with the newly erected Warehouse.., Out. houses, and Appur- tenances; situate near the T>; nti, e of the MARKET- PLACE. in KETTERING aforesaid, ami' now in the Occupation of Mrs. Ann Smith, Ironmonger, Grocer, And also all those tour sev -.;.'. other MESSUAGES or TE N E M E NTS, with the Warehouses, Out- houses,- and Appur- tenances to the same belonging, near ; r adjoining ths above- mentioned P remises, and now lett to Tenants at Will, Kettering, May 28, 1812, containing by Admeasurement three Acres, be the sime more or less, with a Numbei of Elm and Ash Trees growing thereon, now in the Tenure of the Proprietor, and im- mediate Possession may be had. Lot 2. A capital BARN, to be sold in Lots for the Conve- nience of the Purchasers. For a View ofthe samo apply to the Proprietor; and for further Particulars, to the AUCTIONEER, Winslow Valuable Freehold, Inclosed, and Tuhe-/ ree- l'arm, at Nui tti- Marslqn, Bucks.— With early Possession. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Bv SAMUEL DUDLEY, On Thursday the 25th Day of June, 1812, precisely at Five o'clock in the Afternoon, at the Hell Inn, in Winslow, Bucks, in one or more Lots, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, ADesirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at NORTH- MARSTON, in the County of Buckingham; consisting of a Messuage or Farm- House, with large and commodious Yards, Barns. Stables, and other necessary Out- buildings and Appurtenances thereunto belonging; and several Closes of rich Grazing, Arable, and Pasture Land, situate near, and adjoining thereto, conveniently subdivided tor Occupation; containing by Admeasurement one Hundred and five Acres or thereabouts, now in the Tenureof M'- GEORGE CARPENTER, the Proprietor, who will shew the same; also two Cottages or Tenements adjoining, occupied by John Cox, and John Ftnter, Labourers. Toe above Estate is Tithe- free, in good Repair, been inclosed nesrly 40 Years, is well fenced, in a high State of Cultivation, situate about seven Miles from Aylesbury, and three tronx Winslow ; and an early Possession thereof may be had. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. CARTENTER, on the Premises; of Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, Solicitor, or the Auctioneer, both of VVinslow aforesaid. Leasehold Sporting Manor Farm, Herts. To be SOLD bv A U C T I O N, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Mart, London, on Friday June 26th, 1812, at Twelve, unless an acceptable Offer is previously made by Private Contract, \ Singularly valuable and desirable LEASEHOLD MANOR. c\ FARM, with a most comfortable genteel FAMILY RESIDENCE, delightfully situate at STUDHAM GROVE, about three Miles from Market- Street, and four'from Dun- stable, in the Centre of several Packs of Hounds, and in an excellent Sporting Country, abounding with Game of almost every Description; together with a caoital Farm, in the highest State of Cultivation, containing about Three Hundred Acies of rich Arable, Meadow', and. Wowi Land, in the Occupation of Mr. James Walters, and held for a long unexpired Term ; Pos- session may be had immediately. — May be viewed by Applica- tion to the Tenant, of whom Particulars may be had ; also at the Sugar Loaf, Dunstable; , Market- Street; Wool. pack, St. Albans; Essex Aims,' Watford; and of Messrs. Ifrivet', Surveyors and Land- Agents, Kent Road; or a: their OHrtes, in tlie Auction- Mart, London, The Northampton Mercury; anil General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedfonl, Buckmghair, Huntingdon, Leicester. Warwick, OK ford, and, Hertford. • • • : ~ " ••— 1—- Mr. PERCEVAL'S MONUMENT. AT a Meeting of several of the Inhabitants of this Place at the George Inn, ou Wednesday the 90th of May instant, it was suggested that a MONUM ENT should be erected in the Church of ALL SAINTS, in this Town, to the Memory of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, his Majesty's late Prime Minister, and for six teen Years the faithful Repre- sentative of tills Borough.— At another large Meeting on the following Tuesday, at the Angel Inn, this Suggestion met with general Approbation, and it was formally and unanimously resolved, that Books should he immediately opened at the Town and Cnuntv Bank, for the Purpose of receiving Subscriptions towards the Monument.— In a General Assembly of the Inha- bitants In Ihe Town- Hall, on Thursday lasf. i to form an Address of Condolence to be presented to the Prince Regent on the Assassination of his upright and faithful Minister, fhe Snbject was again briefly discussed, the Proceedings of Tuesday sanctioned by the unanimous Approbation of the Meeting, and the following Committee appointed to super- intend the Execution of this Testimony of unfeigued Respect Bod ardent Affection: The Mayor ami Justices of Northampton The Town and Countv Members of Parliament John Reauclerk, Esq.' Deputy- Recorder George Gunning, Esq. M. p. Dr. Kerr Mr. Justice Smith Mr. Jmtice Osborn . Tnhn Armvtage, Esq. Mr. Locnrk Mr. C. Hillvard R. Mainwaring, Esq. Christopher Smyth, Esq. Rev. S. Parkins, Clerk Rev. C. II. Tuffnell, Clerk Rev. J. Watts, Clerk T. Butcher, Esq. Mr. W. T. Smytb Mr. Markhnm Mr. Scriven Mr. C. Whitworth Rev. J. Stoddart, Clerk Mr. G. Smith Mr. Brown Mr. Abbey Mr. Smith? nn Mr. Alderman Birdsall G. Flesher, Esq. Mr. Alderman Ereemaa Mr, Howes Mr. , Teye » Mr. CJ. Osborn, Jon. Mr. Alderman G. Osbont ( tf On Monday next, at Twelve o'clock, a Meeting of Ihe Committee will be held at the Guildhall, when it is hoped that every Gentleman will punctually attend. NORTHAMPTON, MayS9th, 1812. GRAND JUNCTION WHARF, COTTO v- fewn. GBROWNF, begs to inform his Friends and the . Public that he is selling the Best WEDNESBURY COALS at Fifteen- pence per Cwt. no Weighing charged. Delivered in Town at Si xteen- pence per Cwt. N. B. G. BROWNE will thank his Friends to enquire for CntaiE! WATSON, at the Wharf: or any Orders left at ft. Browne's, four Doors below the Eleece, Bridge- Street, will be duly attended to. . Northampton, MayWlh, 1812. THEATRE, NORTHAMPTON. . The last, Week but Tiro. ON MONDAY, June 1st, by Desire of PETER DENYS, Esq. High Sheriff, will be performed, the new historical Plav called THE ROYAL OAK ; Or, KING CHARLES PRKSERVF. O. To which will he added, the new musical Farce called THE BOARDING HOUSE, Or, FIVE HOURS AT BRIGHTON. On TUESDAY, JUKI 2d, bv Desireof THE OFFICERS Of the NORTHAMPTON, ALTHORP, and WYMBRSLEY TROOPS of YEOMANRY CAVALRY. The Comedy of the SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER; And the Farce of RAISING TIIE WIND. On WEDNESDAY June 3, by Desireof the OFFICERS and TROOP of the NORTHAMPTON VOLUNTEER CAVALRY, With Performances as will be announced in the Bills of the Day. A Play on Thursday June 4. On FRIDAY June 5th, by Desire of The Worshipful the MAYOR and CORPORATION, Sbakspeare's Comedy of AS YOU LIKE IT. And the Entertainment of ROS1NA. A Play on Saturday. The Last Night on Friday June 19th. L A W. WANTS a Situation, A YOUNG MAN about 19 Years of Ag", who has been in a respectable AT- TORNEY'S OFFICE, in the Country, for the last four Years. — Satisfactory Reference can be given as to Character, and Security if required. For Particulars apply to the Printers, if by Letter, Post- paid, addressed L. W. WANTED, A JOURNEYMAN GROCER and TALLOW- CHANDLER— A good Workman may have constant Employ und good Wages by applying to Mr. THOMAS BUTCHER, Tring, Herts. ffjj" A Dissenter would be preferred. w KING, ANTED, An APPRENTICE to a BUTCHER.- A Premium will be expected.— Enquire of Mr. S. Butcher, Yelvertoft. YTTANTED, as GROOM, A middle- aged MAN, v v who has had the Care of Hunters.— He must be a tingle Man, and have an unobjectionable Character. A pplv to Mr. HIGGIN'S, Hind Inn, Wellingborough. Marl. et- Harborovgh and IVtlford Turnpike- Roads from. Northampton. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Roads will be held at the Mouse of Mr. CHARLES HII. L, the RED LION INN, in BR IX WORTH, in the County of Northampton, on THURSDAY, the 11th Day of J USE next, at the Hoar of Eleven in the forenoon. CHARLES MARKHAM, Clerk to the Trustees. Northampton. May 30th, 1812. To the Worthy and Independent Electors of" the Town oj NORTHAMPTON. GENTLEMEN, ICannot sudicientlv express my Gratitude for the Honour you have conferred upon me, by electing me the Successor to your late d< eply lamented Representative. I hope I shall never lose Sight o f the bright Example o f Integrity und Patriotism which he displayed on every Occasion. Warmly attached to the Constitution and the Rxtablishment, shall constantly endeavour to support both the. / tights of the Crown and the Liberties of the People, and to shew myself not totally undeserving af the high Trust you have com- mitted to my Charge.— I cannot conclude without repeating my Acknowledgements for the very handsome Manner in which yon have conferred so distinguished an Honour upon trie, which will always be deeply impressed on the Mind of. Gentlemen, Your much obliged humble Servant, COMPTO X. THE MANSION- HOUSE; & C. AT DUNSTABLE, in the Occupation of Mrs. Butfield, advertised to he Sntn by AUCTION in June next, if not previously disposed of by Private Contract, is disposed of. Mail 23 ( A, 1812. U1 • ION VON, May 29. P to a late hour last night, nothing definitive had been agreed ou with respect to the formation of a new Ministry. The propositions which the Prince Regent com- manded the Marquis Wellesley to make both to the heads of Opposition and to the Members of the present Cabinet, having failed of success, his Royal Highness on Tuesday sent for F. url Moira, with whom he had a long interview, and that Noble Earl is believed to have been commissioned bv his Royal Highness to make fresh proposals to the heads of the various parties, as he has since held repeated confer- ences with Lords Grey and Orenvi, lie, the Marquis Wel- resley, & c. and overtures have likewise been made to the^ leading members of the present Administration; but no Ministry appears to be in any degree formed.— Yesterday Earl Moira had an audience of the Prince Resent foV a considerable time at Carlton House, as also had the Marquis Wellesltv.— Lords Sidmouth, Eldon, Westmoreland, Liver- pool, Miitgrave, Melville, and Buckinghamshire, Mr. Ryder, & c. & c. likewise attended at. Carlton House, and most of them had audiences of the Prince, His Royal Highness holds a Levee to- day, and it is believed that bei'ore the week- ends this long- protraeted negotiation will be brought to a conclusion. We Iravc the satisfaction of announcing the total de- struction of a French squadron which lias recently com- mitted so many depredations, especially oil American vessels, " while Englishmen were asleep in their ports!" This squadron, consisting of the Andromache and Ariadne, of 41 guns each, and 450 men, with the Mameluke brig, of 18 guns and 150 men, were intercepted by the Northumber- land, which had been stationed for that purpose, with the Growler gun- brig, off the port of L'Orient. On the 22d instant they hove in sight, when Captain Hotham, with that coolness, judgment, and intrepidity, wlrch belong peculiarly to British' naval officers, placed the Northumberland iu the very mouth of the harbour ( in which was a French 74 gun ship), within her own length of a reef of rocks, and within range of three heavy batteries.— The two frigates and the brig ran, with nil sails set, within the rocks and the shore, where they all grounded within two cables' length of the Northumberland, and in this situation siie poured upon them her broadsides, till she had the satisfaction of seeing them all on fire, and witnessing thtjr blowing up with tremendous explosions, not a vestige of tlietn remaining. All this was effected with the loss only of five seamen killed, and twenty- four wounded. At a late hour last night, regular sets of the Muniteur and other Paris Papers arrived to the 24th inst.— They are completely silent respecting the affairs of the Peninsula. The French troops continue their march towards the Vistula, and the Emperor of Russia, whose departure from this capital was before known, is stated in an article from Berlin tw have reached Velna. Authentic accounts of a dreadful earthquake in Caraceas, in Spanish America, have been received, and we are con- cerned to state that the visitation has been truly awful; at Caraccas not less than 5000 hves have been lost ; at La Guayra the calamity has been equally dreadful ; but what may have been the extent of the evil in the interior is not ascertained. This dreadful event took place on the 20th of March last. PRICE STOCKS. Sat. i Mon. Tu. Wed.- Thu. Fri. Bank Stock T. m 1 — 223J24 Hoi. 3 per Cent. Red. 6ojJ6n 60 liOiil mu OOiil 3 per Cent. Cons — 60* 60J 60J M i 611 4 per Cent. Cons... mi '/ 4* 74* 74 • Ibi 75H75 5 per Cent. Navy .. 929 IS 91?, J. 91* 91 911921 9- 21 Omnium - ... i Cons, for ac 1 m 6i> t 61 61W 6I. H ' India Bonds. — par p.— Exc. Bil Is. Id. In. To IIOOP- VENDOUS, & c. Vuluuble Woodland Property in Northamptonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. PIT. KINTON, • Atthe Saracen's- Head Inn, in Towcester, on Monday the 8th Day of June, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, sub- ject to such Conditions ot Sale as shall be then and there produced ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), rpHE Beneficial LEASE of all those COPPICE WOODS I situate and being in the Parishes of ABTHORP and WAPPliNHAM, in the County of Northampton, and known by the Names of Bucknelti, Pries- hayes, and Squirrels, with their Appurtenances, containing 58' JAcres, twoRoods, and four Perches fbe the same more or less), together with the prssent Stock of Wood growing thereon. N. B. There are 132 Acres ready for cutting the ensuing icason, and particularly adapted for Hoops, Sic. Sec. These Woods are desirably situated, being near the Grand Junction Canal, and nea'ly adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Blisworth to Brackley. For yiewing the same, apply to the Wood- Keeper, at Silver- ftone; and for further Particulars, and to treat for the same, to Mr. PI IKINTON, Laud- Surveyor,' Northampton ; or at No. 3, Old Fish- Street- Hill, London. Northampton, Mai/ 8th, 1812. To be SOLI) by A U C T I ON, In July next, if not disposed ot by Private Contract, rpiIE FEE SIMPLE and INHERITANCE of all that I valuable and compact FSTATK at RADFORD, in the Parish of Knstorte, in the County of Oxford, late in the Occu- pation of William Phillips, deceased; within about five Miles of the Marker Townsof Woodstock, and Chipping- Norton, and nine Miles of Banbury; consisting of an exceedingly good and commodious Farm- House, with all necessary and convenient Out- offices, Barns, Stables, Cow and Waggon- Sheds; and also of two Hundred and ten Acres, or thereabouts, of rich Arable, and Pasture Land ( divided into about fourteen Closes or incloscd Grounds), in high a State of Cultivation. The Whole Premises may lie entered upon at Michaelmas next and the Purchaser may take the Crops and Stock at a fair Valu- ation.— Land- Tax redeemed, and Parish Rates moderate. The House, Building- Gates, Sec. ( having lately undergone a thorough Repair) arcin good andTenatitable Order. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. MORDAUNT, Hethorp- House, and to Messrs. API. IH and SON, at their offices in Charlbury, or Banbury, where a Plan ot the Estate may be seen.— The Servant at the Farm- House will shew the Premises. Oil the Mayor putting the question, the shew of hand was unanimously in favour of Lord Compton. Lord Compton, in n short hut appropriate speech, stated, that in rising to address the meeting, he knew not whether the predominating feeling of his mind was that of gratitude for the distingnished honour which they had just conferred upon him, and of which they had enhanced the value by their manner of cofffering.,. If, or that of grief for the fatal event which had caused the vacancy in their representation. Poig- nantly however as he deplored that event, he felt gratified in being deemed worthv to be the successor of a man, of whom not merely the public measures had heen approved bv the general voice of the country, but of whom the private virtues had extorted the meed of praise even from his political antagonists. He could not give them a better pledge for his future political condnct, than his warm approbation of the principles of their late Member. He concluded by returning thanks to the Aentlemen who had canvassed for him. and assured the electors that nothing but bodily indisposition, aggravated by severe domestic affliction, should have prevented him from waiting personally upon them. have allnded von will oo doubt have anticipated to he the word 11 Patriotism."— I do not however understand that word in a vague anil indeterminate sense ; and that I . may not be considered as raising an objection merely foi the sake of op- position, I will- define the word in I he sense in which I mean to apply it, before I mike any further observations.— The meaning of the word " Patriotism" I define to be " a zealous attachment to the constitution of I he country."— This defini- tion I believe will not be disputed, and as I have ever con- sidered that many of the political measures of the late Chan- cellor of the Exchequer were in direct violation of the prin- ciples of that constitution, it is impossible that I can consent to an address- so directly at variance with my judgment. ( Murmurs)— If those symptoms of disapprobation are intended to challenge ine to particularize the instances upon which I form this opinion. I shall willingly relate ihem. In the year 1809 a charge ( much hissing, with cries of question, no politics, question). . Clamour i. s not argument ; and I am not to he deterred bv noise and violence from doing my duty—• ( still the noise continued ; Mr. Dickins spoke to order; . and recommended and hoped his worthy friend would not proceed in the line of argument which he had commenced, To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By THOMAS HUGHES, On Thursday the 4th Day of June, 1812, PART of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, BREW- ING and DAIRY- VESSELS and UTENSILS, and PART of the FARMING- STOCK and EFFECTS, of Mr. WM. BURNILL, at A LD I; RTO N, rear TOWCISTER, in the County of Northampton, who is leaving Part of his Farm. The Farming- Stock and Effects consist of two Narrow. wheel Wag- gons, two Narrpw- wheel Carts, two Ploughs, one Pair of » mall Harrows, and Iron- Work for one large Harrow; Gearing for five Horses, one Roll, 17 Dozen Hurdles, Sheep- Cribs, two ladders, two large Corn- Bins, one large Oak Horse Trough, one large Hovel Staddle, with Stones and Caps, Timber to Hovel, Oak, one Sow, and six Pits.— Also, Part of the Household- furniture; c » nsiiting of a Hogshead and five Half- hogsheads, Brewing- Tubs, three Milk- Leads, a Quantity ot Pewter, two Four- post Bedsteads, and Tables, with sundry other Eflccts. Sale to comsaence at Ten o'Clock. In consequence of the notice given in our last paper for a wl, iol' appeared to be unpleasant to the meeting).- Mr. II. re- ' -- • Toesdav, for the pur- s » ' ned — After what has passed I shall readily desist from a NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 30. MARRIED.] On the 1.2th inst. at Dublin, Justinian Isham, Esq. eldest son of Sir Justinian Ishain, Bart, of Lamport, in this county, to Mary, eldest daughter of the Rev. I). Close, of Elm- Park, in the county of Armagh. Monday se'nnight, Mr. Underwood Denton, of Holcot, in this county, to Miss Spokes, of Weston Mill. Tuesdav se'nnight, at Thorpe- MaiideviRe, in this county, Mr. Richard Archer, of Flecknoe, in the county of Warwick, to Miss Martha Adkins, only daughter of Mr. Wm. Adkins, of Thorpe- Ma ndeville Grounds. Friday. se'unight, at Hackney, Middlesex, the Rev. John Jerard, of Coventry, to Miss Davies, daughter of J. Davies, Esq. of the former place. Saturday last, Mr. William Dicknsou, tailor and salesman, of Banbury, to Miss Cheney, of the former place. Tuesday last, at Hardingstone, near this town, Mr. James Nicholson", of the White Hart, Cotton- End, to Miss Yorke, of the same place. Wednesday last, in London, Mr. Samuel Roberts, of Weston- Underwood, Burks, lace- dealer, to Miss Filby, daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Filby, of Croydon, Surry. Thursday, at St. George's Bloomsbury, J. P. Vincent, Esq. of Chaticcry- lane, to Miss Parke, daughter of the late Samuel Parke, Esq. of Gyzonby. Lodge, Leicestershire. Lately, the Rev. David Hughes, of Engliihcome, near Bath, to Miss Ilughts, of the same place. DIED.] On the 12th inst. at Penzance, in Cornwall, where he went for the recovery of his health, Sir William Langham, Bart. ofCottesbrooke, in this county, in the 16th year of his age.— The title and estate descend to James Langham, Esq. ( now Sir James Langhaui) the brother of the late Sir William I. anghain, Bart. Sutulav last, Mary, the wife of the Rev. G. Tahonrdin, of Bentley, Hampshire, and mother of Mrs. Hillyard, of this town. Wednesday last, in the 37th year of her age, of a linger- ing and painful illness, which she bore with great christian fortitude and patience, Mrs. Peach, wife of Mr. George Peach, of this town. Same dav, at Burtnn- Lattimer, in this county, in the B4th year of her age, Mrs. Frances Robinson, widow. On Tuesday last came on at the Town- hall, agreeably to public notice given by John Chambers, Esq. Mayor, the election of a Representative, in Parliament for this borough, iu the room of the late Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. The business of the day having been stated by the Mayor, Mr. Justice Smith rose and observed that the object of the Meeting this day was to choose a successor to a man who had not left his equal behind him; but though it was im- possible fully t- i supply his Inss, he had great pleasure in having it in his power to recommend to them a near relation of their departed representative, a young Nobleman of a family which had long been distinguished for their attach- ment to the town of Northampton, and to the Constitution of the country, and of which the members had repeatedly represented that town.' After this plain unvarnished state- ment, he conceived it unnecessary'to add any thing further. He should therefore now propose, that Lord Compton be chosen one ' if the representatives iu Parliament of the Borough of Northampton. Mr. Justice Osborn seconded the motion. Dr. Kerr said he cou'd not refrain from rising to bear hi5 testimony to his personal knowledge of the moral and religious principles of Loid Compton, to the soundness of his political opinions, to his attachment to the liberties ofthe people, and to the just rights of the crown. General County Meeting to he held on Tuesday, tor the pu pose of presenting an address to the Prince Regent, on the assassination ofthe Right if oil. Spencer Perceval, a numerous body ofthe principal Noblemen and Gentlemen of this county assembled in the County- hall. The H gh- SherilT having taken the chair, addressed the Meeting to the following effect:— . I take leave thu; publicly to embrace the earliest oppor- tunity of expressing my personal acknowledgments to the President and Committee of the Auxiliary Bible Society, for their having politely and condescendingly postponed their meeting till to- morrow; and I beg to assure the Duke of Grafton and the Committee, for whom 1 entertain the greatest respect, that had I been aware of this day having been appointed to take into consideration the important objects of their laudable institution, I should not have chosen it for the consideration of the address. My Lords and Gentlemen, I have had the honour of convening this Meeting in conse- quence of a requisition which I hold in mv hand, signed by several of the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and Freeholders of this County, upon a mo « t melancholy and mournful event ; it is for the purpose of expressing oar horror, and execration of a most atrocious net of murder perpetrated on the person of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. The duties of my oflice as Sheriff of the Connty having placed me in this Chair, in point of strict order, perhaps, I ought not to speak on the subject about to be discussed; hot upon such an occasion, I hope I, shall be permitted to express my feelings of condolence for the afflicted family of so virtuous and estimable a man: and also my regret at the great loss sustained by the country at large, and this town iu particular, where he was so much and s » justly beloved. The sentiments expressed in this requisition appear to me so unexceptionable, that I confidently anticipate the' address to he founded upon it will produce the most cordial unanimity and harmony. The requisition having been read from the chair, Mr. Cartwright began by assuring the meeting, that nothing hut a strong sense of duty could have induced liirn to'come forward on this occasion ; a duty which we owed IN Mr. Per- ceval, but more strongly to ourselves, ottr coantrv, and the w » rld. He said we were assembled for no party purpose, for no political object; but to express our indignation at the foulest act of cool, deliberate murder, that ever stained I he page of history, or blackened the annals of mankind; and when he reflected that he was addressing a British audience, and the inhabitants of a liberal nnd enlightened county ; and above all that there were then present at the meeting some of those who had first selected Mr. Perceval for public life, and to whom Mr. Perceval had himself declared that he was pri- marily indebted for his political eminence, he could not thiuk if necessary to say much to obtain their consent to the address which lie should read to them. He knew there were those w ho thought the atrociousness - of the act very sufficient to ensure its general execration; but it was his opinion that the country was called upon to express their abhorrence of it. It was the act of an individual, and we were bound to shew tfmt it was so by disclaiming it. He had no intention to mix politics with the discussion of that day ; hot he thought, as a great public and private character, Mr. Perceval was entitled to every mark of respect the country could pav. Where, he said, was there ever an instance of private and public virtue so happily united as in Mr. Perceval? Where was there to be found a brighter assemblage of every quality that adorns domestic life, than in Mr. Perceval? Where greater and more splendid public talents than in Mr. Perceval? But he would unt go into his character, he was too well known in this county to make it necessary, and— To know him and to love him were the same.— The very leader of his parliamentary opponents had declared, that amidst all the violence of political con- troversy he retained for Mr. Perceval the ardour of private friendship; while the most eloquent of the speakers of the present day had borne testimony to his instantaneous adoption of the virtuous side of every question, which seemed in hi in rather the dictate of instinct than the result of deliberation. 1 f there was one man more humane, benevolent, and unassuming than another; one man more patient of injuries, more willing to forgive them, and therefore, it might have been thought, less obnoxious to the calamity which befel him, than another; one man w hose heart and hand were more open to distress than another's; it wai Mr. Perceval. " He bore hisfaeulties so meek, and was So. clear in his great office, that his virtues Do plead like angels, trumpet- tongued, against The deep damnation of his taking off." Thus, though unprepared, he fell well prepared, and is doubtless removed to those regions of endless bliss " where the wicked cease from troubling, and where the weary are at rest." Lord Lilford, as one of those who signed the requisition, felt it necessary to stand forward in support of the propo- sition, but regretted the unavoidable absence of another noble Lord ( Milton) much inore conspicuous in talents and parliamentary consideration, who was proposed to have seconded the address. He felt it however doubly incumbent on hitn to stand forward as having had t! ie misfortune of dif- fering on political grounds with the lamented object of that day's meeting. He was not loth to give a proof that poli- tical feelings did not necessarily mix themselves and interfere with the best affections of our nature. He felt that we were called on by the address to the expression of a feeling which must be unanimous, viz. that of condolence with His Royal Highness on the premature loss of an ahle and upright servant, and of our jibliorrence aud detestation of a nwst foul and atrocious act. There are moments in which the impulse of natural feeling may be as safely trusted as the results of deliberate judgment. He conceived Ihe present to be. one of those cases. After the able opening of the subject from Ihe chair, and the manly and feeling address of his Hon, Friend, he should add but a few words. There had been within the knowledge of most who were present, certain rumours ( for rumours only they could be) of symptoms of a most offensive and barbarous joy which in some places had been witnessed on thi « ( occasion. He would not and ceuld not believe that a Christian people could deli- berately feel ( whatever the delusion of the moment might have heen) any other emotion than that of horror at an act so un- christian as a deliberate murder. In that sense there- fire he deprecated the idea of applying to such an act the character of a national ' crime.' • He should be a very inadequate panegyrist of the public and private virtues of Mr. Perc « val ; Ihey had been so forcibly and so feelingly enlarged on that he should hot further attempt it, but barely express as a member of a Christian commu- nity, and as a member of Society, hi? entire concurrence in the address. Lord Althorp expressed his own hearty concurrence and that of his father ( Lord Spencer), who was prevented by puhlic business from personally attending, in the sentiments of the address; guarding at the same lime against this concurrence being interpreted as in any dtgree an abandonment of his former political opinions. Mr. Hill— It is with great relucfance* and concern that I rise for the purpose of opposing an address on an occasion on whirl) I feel extremely anxious to concur with the friends of the Right Hon. Gentleman, whose melancholy and untimely fate we all most sincerely deplore.— No man, I am sure, is more desirous to preserve the harmony and unanimity of this meet- ing upon so solemn an occasion ; but I feel it impossible, con- sistently with my opinions upon the political measures of the lale Right Hon. Ihe Chancellor of the Exchequer, to give mv assent to the address in the precise form in which it now stands. If the address now proposed for our consideration had been dictated in the same spirit as the requisition to the Sheriff for the purpose of convening this meeting, I should have felt no hesitation in giving it my support.— To every term of con- dolence, to every expression of horror and detestation of so foul and so atrocious a murder, I most readily give my un- qualified and derided approbation.— But there is a part of that address to which I feel myself called upon to object; and as that part consists only of a single word, I should feel very happy if those who are friendly to the address would consent, b\ expunging that word, to secure the unanimous vote of this meeting, — It would, I should have thought, have been de- sirable to the friends of the Right Hon. Gentleman, whose la- mented fate has been the unfortunate occasion of this meeting, to base proposed such an address as, while it marked in the strongest terms the atrocity of the act, would have been una niinously approved.— It would, I should have thought, have been gratifying to their feelings to have witnessed a general competition in expressing the honest indignation, the sincere grief which so foul anil atrocious an act has excited iu every class of society, rather than to have promoted a discussion upon the political measures of their much- lameuted and ' very amiable friend,— The objectionable word to wbich 1 line of argument which I was about to adopt, verv tntich against my inclination, nnd which I should have adopted only iu con- sequence of considering myselfurged by murmurs of disappro- bation to support my assertion by facts. — My opposition to this address arises ftlom a sense of duty, aril I am desirous to discharge that duty in a manner as littl" distressing as possible to the feelings of others.— But consistency of character is a very important consideration, even at a time when we are under the influence of oar feelings.— No one feels a greater ahhprrence of this unexampled act of atrocity; hut I cannot, consistently with the opinions I have entertained relative to the Measures of the late Right Honourable Gentleman, suffer my feelings to betray my reason and judgment into an appro- bation of those measures Which I have always condemned.— And is it nossible to consider the word Patriotism, applied as it is in this address, in anv other sense than as an approbation of that Gentleman's puhlic conduct ? I have stated my reasons for opposing this address, and shall only add upon that subject, that if it is persisted in as it now stands, I shall think it ray dutv to dissent. To every > ther p- irt of the address I ant prepared to give mv most hearty and > nost cordial approbation. I will readily join the supporter: of the address in offering condolence to Ihe Prince Regent, to the afflicted family, and lo my country ; and no one I am sure will hesitate to subscribe to those expressions of horror and detestation which an act so atrocious, so detestable; and so diabolical must naturally and universally excite. Nit one, I am certain, will refuse to sanction such expressions by the sin- cerity of liis own feelings. Happily for this country such acts of horror, such deeds of blood, are as rare as they are atrocious, and I feel happy in congratulating iny country upon this deed being the isolated, tbe solitary act of a self- devoted and distempered enthusiast. Neither the nati- onal character nor the me t- ures of the Right Hon. Gentleman are involved in this transaction. The national character cannot suffer from the act of a distempered individual, however atrocious and criminal. And the Right Hon. Gentleman him- self has fallen a victim to the private malice and revenge of an individual, whose distempered imagination had wrought him to a determination to avenge upon some one of tfie members of his own Government, Ihosp sufferings and misfortunes'which his own misconduct had brought upon him in a foreign country. — { Much of the latter part of this speech was delivered amidst almost general disapprobation.) Mr. Carter then rose, and expressed his astonishment, that, in an assembly convened for the purpose of expressing the obvious seotiments, which the best feelings of their nature suggested, upon a crime of unparalleled atrocity, even one prrs' 01 shoijd be found sufficiently cool to enter into minute verbal criticisms. Whether Mr, Hill's definition Of patriotism was correct, or whether right intentions were sufficient to constitute a patriot, he did not think it material to enquire. He did not possess that unenviable abstraction from the feelings of the moment, which would enable him to meet Mr. Hill on his own ground. He should therefore only put it to those who heard him, whether the present address was at all more strongly worded than its object required — whether they should do wrong in applying the term patriotic to the conduct of a man, to whom even llis opponents allowed Ihe praise of having always meant well— or whether they would at the suggestion of a capricious caviller wish to approach the Prince Regent of the country with a mere milk and water address. The Chairman then put the question, and tbe address w. as carried with only a single dissentient voice. We never remember to have witnessed a more numerous and more highly respectable meeting, than that which as- sembled in our County Hall on Wednesday last, in order to form an Auxiliary Society iu aid of the British anil Foreign Bible Society. Every part of the hall within the view of the © boil- was completely filUd. TKero was ill the ball A great number of Ladies of rank and distinction, among whom we noticed the Dowager Lady Lilford, Lady Carbery, the Hon. Mrs. L. Powys, and the Hon. Misses Powvs. " Soon after twelve o'clock the Duke of Grafton took " the chair as President of the Infant Society, and in an impressive' speech declared his unqualified approbation of the principles and objects of the Parent Institution, and hi-, conviction of the expediency of establishing ail Auxiliary Branch in this and every county. He also adverted to several facts within his own observation which at once evinced the im- portant services already rendered to the country by the Society, and the necessity which there still existed for its further exertions. The Hon. and Rev. L. Powys, in a feeling and impressive speech entered more largely into the nature and character of the institution, and read letters from Lord Spencer and some otner of the Vi5e- PIesidents who were prevented by various important engagements from attending the meeting, but who all strongly expressed their cordial wishes in behalf ofthe society.— lie concluded with moving in a series of resolutions the formation of an Auxiliary Bible Society in this county. Mr. Powys was followed by the three secretaries of the Parent Institution, Messrs. Owen, and Hughes, anil Dr. Brumnstrk, who severally addressed the meeting, in speeches replete with argument, eloquence, and information. Lords Pomfret, Althorp, Sir Win. Wake, W. Hanbury, Es p M. P. and George Freke Evans, Esq. severally supported the. object of the day. To this list of names, we have to add those of Mr. Prebendary Pratt, and Messrs. Grimshaw, Toller, Dr. Gillbec, Buller, Biundell, Lotlgmire, and Horsey. Of the speeches of those gentlemen, we hope to be able to lay before the public a copious account in our paper of next week. Referring such- of our readers as wish for infor- mation on the nature and views of the Bible Society to this account, we shall not venture any remarks of our own, and shall merely state, that Messrs. Grimshaw, Buller, and Poller, were appointed Secretaries to the new Institution, and Messrs. Smith, Hall, & Co. Bankers, the Treasurers. A handsonrfe subscription was immediately entered into, and we have the satisfaction of- stating that his Grace the Dnke of Grafton subscribed ^ 100, and Lord Pomfrct £ 50, before they left the hall. Books are now open at all the banks in the county, for receiving donations aud aiiuual subscriptions. On Thursday last, pursuant to public notice, a very respectable and numerous Meeting of the inhabitants of this town was held in the Town- ball, to consider of an Address of Condolence to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent on the atrocious murder of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, the late representative of this town. The business of the day having been stated to the Meeting by the Worshipful the Mayor, Dr. Kerr rose and declared, that, in proposing to the meeting to attest in an address to the Prince Regent their warm attachment to their late member.' aud their detestation of the atrocious crime by which thev had been deprived of him, it was not his intention to delineate the character of Mr. Perceval. Indeed, after the very eloquent and feeling man- ner in which the task had. been performed, in the presence of most of those who then heard him, by the worthy representa- tive of the county ( Mr. Cartwright), it would be presumption in him to attempt it. After the very able speech to which lieal- luded, it was not necessary for him to inform the meetiug that Mr. Perceval displayed ill private life every quality which could adorn the parent, ( he husband, the brother, or the friend — that he was pre- eminent iu sweetness of disposition, urbanity of manner, in every accomplishment which characterizes the gentleman and the christian ; that in public lite he united with the most unbending firmness in the discharge of his duty, a can- dour and moderation which conciliated even his opponents; and here he ( Dr. K.), lnth as he was to enter upon controversial grounds, could not help recalling to his hearera. the time when Mr. Perceval stood forward in the defence of his agnd sove- reign at the moment when the severest of human calamities rendered that sovereign unable to defend himself; when platted in a situation of almost unparalleled difficulty, hesucceeded, in spite of obstacles which would have appalled any less dis- interested statesman, in carrying through parliament a series of measures which at once secured the. prerogative of the crown, aud the rights of the subject. But there was a reason which rendered a delineation of Mr. Perceval's character peculiarly unnecessary ; he was addressing an assembly among which were to he fsund many of the personal ftieiuUof Mr. Per- ceval ; ( Here Dr. Kerr was so much affected as to be unable for some moments to proceed) ; Hut he found he must quit the subject. He should only assure the meeting, that in framing the address which he had tn propose to them, while it had this town should he the most forcible that could he select.- , ev.- ry expression that could' feaVOii. tllly off.- ul those « h « differed from him in political opinions ( for he knew there « ere some who disapproved of the minister, though there could be none who did not love the man), had been'most studiously avoided. Mr. Just ice Smith, as seconder of the address, concurred must cordiall y in the ealngv pronounced by Dr. Kerr on their much- lamented Representative, tfe too, he w. n proud to say it. had had the honour of being the friend of Mr. Perceval, and could bear testimony to those virtues which rendered him ths charm of the domestic circle. In political sagacity Mr. Perceval may passihly have hnd hi « equal among statesmen of former times, but in the qualities of the heart, lie was bold to say, that he was unrivalled. Mnst of those who heard him would remember that- forone and twenty years ( from 17SG to 1807) Mr. Perceval had sat in the very place in which they were now assembled, as Deputy- Recorder of the town ; and never had there been a period in which justice had heeu more ably, more impartially, more leniently ndmini- ifefi .1. It was now more than sixteen years since they had first refit rued Mr. Perce- val as their Representative, and he had far more than reflected back the honour which'they had at first conferred upon him. It had long been their just boast, that they had been the instru- ments of tisheting into public life one of the most upright and able statesman w hich the page of history will have to record. It was therefore uatural that the inhabitants of Northampton Should fee! the late fatal event tnore keenly, and express their feelings upon it more forcibly than those of any other town; when this was considered, he was convinced that there was not one person in the meeting, who, in- tead of objecting tn the address as being too strongly worded, would not be more likely to complain that it gave too feeble and inadequate a representation of his mingled sentiments of horror and regret. Mr. Ulack'tt said that the murder nf any one whose family is large, and whose respectability is great, appears truly horrid. But when we recollect that we have met this day to deplore the murder of a mun. whose loss tinder any circum- stances we should justly have regretted, hoiv is our horror heightened! The late Right Hon. Gentleman, from what he h id heard, and from a number of speeches delivered in the House of Commons that he had read, always appeared lo him to be a man of integrity.— Surely this til arming murd » r ought powerfully to affect the inhabitants of this town. If Northampton does not feel on this ninineatou- » cen « inn, wh " ill? or who ought? particularly ivlter- ww- t.'. count, the hig- h respectablliti Id n hlch thev lifcve been rniiei by the superior talents and high o!' i: • . possessed. — Mr. B. then said, that having b on ram- ;;. uglit, , . had untforml. vcultivated ons. of the b- st of Pr! nei;:< • , y • - t the fear of God, and honouring the King, are itisepar ii>: nected, and he hoped as this is the principle upon which . • ru present acted, he should continue so tri do to the latest moment of his existence. The utility and propriety of presenting un address to the Prince Regent will strongly appear, when we view the peculiarly trying situation in w hich liis Ri val High- ness is tibhappily placed— his Royal Eather labouring under a dreadful disorder, and a variety of other things of an exceedingly painful nature presenting themselves to his view . These being seriously considered, as well as the incomparable excellency of our constitution, is it not the hounden duty of every to « n and county throughout the kingdom to unite cor- dially to the utmost of their power in support of our Govern- ment ? He then concluded with declaring that the riddles* had hfs" most cOrdi. il approbation, and Imped that every gentleman present would entertain a similar opinion on th* occasion. Mr, Hall requested heraiglif. be permitted ta express hit abhorrence of the diabolical act which deprived the King and Prince of a faithful servant and minister, his country of a great and good man, this town of a Representative it revered and loved, aud a beloved family of- the rnos. 1 affectionate <>£ hasbands. and fathers. He said, he conceived that crimes rose inatrocity in proportion to the magnilu le and fatality of their consequences; if then the murder of a traveller by an hig! - wavmiin excited our horror, surely this unparalleled assas- sination of a Prime Minister should call forth the loudest execrations of every Englishman, and should fill liim with ap- prehension, lest an everlasting stigma should be'fixed on his couutry. He doubted not this address would have the appro- bation of every hand and heart pri sent; ami though iie did not approve nf Mr. Perceval's political conduct, he would not cavil at^ i word iq the present address. He remarked tittK if the lale administration was compared to an archj Mr. Perceval was the key- stone; no sooner did the statesman fall than the arch and abutments felt together. Here was a proof of his great talents and the high estimation in which lie was held. He would recommend to tiie attention of all present a lesson taken out of a book so ably and nohlv supported on the preceding day in another place, " Let your moderation be known unto all men." It was to be regretted there were immoderate men on both sides, but he thought every man who had learnt this lesson well might support this address. The question was then put from the chair, and the addiess unanimously agreed to. Our Readers will he happy to perceive' by an advertise- ment in our paper of this day, that in consequence of ilia uilaiiimous resolution of a large meeting of the inhabitants j) f this town, books have been opened to receive subscrip- tions towards the erection of a monument to the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. Iiy paying such tributes to the memory of eminent departed excellence, we not merely evince that we are not ungrateful to our benefactors, but we hold out a lesson to future Statesmen, that integrity and patriotism are the sure and certain guides to tiie only species of political eminence really worth obtaining, that which is founded upon the approbation of the wise and the good. We are happy to be able to state that several hand- some subscriptions have already been received at the Town and County Bank;— the batnee of subscribers and the amount of their subscriptions'will appear in futtire papers. The High Sheriff has left printed plans of the intended alterations in the Couuty- Hall, with Mr. Wm. Tyler Smvtii, the Under Sheriff, for any Of the Magistrates who may wish to apply fur theiii. Agreeably to the hope held out- in our last paper, the subscribers and Supporters of the institution fbr educating gratis the children of the lower classes in the Principles of the Established Church, will have the satisfaction of seeing in the second page of this day's paper, that the school is to open on Thursday next, ( he 4th of Jiine. It is stated that the Earl of Bridgewatcr gives the whole weight of his extensive influence, in Hertfordshire, in sup port of Lord Qritnbnine's interest. By the Local Militia Act which has been passed this SenMKi, it is provided, that those men, under the age of SO, and not having more'than two children, who are willing to extend their services to another, periniiuf- four years, shall receive two guiiieas bounty on tlwur enrolment. The half- yearly Leicester and Northampton Union Canal Meeting was held at tiie jjtmm Iqn, Market Harborough, on Monday se'nnight, when a report of the increased Tonnage of this valuable concern gave universal Satisfaction. Shares are how sold from 19 =£ 400. Mr'.' Siniih, of Lichnclil, proposed, iu lieu of dividend, that life'Committee be re- quested to purchase Exchequer Bills t'o'be'appi'oprjated for the redemption of ( he Company's- Stock, at the discretion of the Comiiiitteey'wliiclt was immediately adapted. Oil the evening of Tuesday' se'nnight, there .". was a most tremendous and violent ( tempest io the town and neighbour- hood of Cambridge. The lightning was remarkably vivid soon after sunset, and at about ten o'clock a very heavv shower of rain commenced, accompanied by awful peals of thunder, artd almost i'lcessant flashes of lightning, which lasted till midnight. The tempest was also violent in the Isle of Ely: at Witcham, a barn ( in which was a quantify of wheat) and a beau stack, were'destroyed by the lightning; and two horses were killed near the Cross Guns at Gtiyhirn. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, May 29. We had rot miich'Wheat either tin Wednesday or to- dav, nnd iu consequence of the Foreign being taken off by Govern- ment, probably for the use of our army in Portugal, Fine. samples fully maintained Monday's prices, but there tvae no briskness in thesales of those of inferior quality.— Oat? were Is. per Quarter cheaper; but Tick Beans that were bard and handsome, were rather dearer.'— Mult likewise, revived something on Wednesday. Northampton Wheat 122s. Od. tol32s. Od. Rye s. 7Sfld. to 80-. Od. Barley... 60s. Od. to 70s- J> d. "" Od. to 50s. Od. By the Statu Oats 47s 1— Saturday. Beans — s. 6d. to — s. Od. NewBeaus 68s.' 0d. to70s. Od. Peas ... ..— s. Od. to — . Od. ard Measure. Market- Harborough—- Tuesday last. Wheat .. 120s 6d. tol38s. Od. Barley . .. 74s. Od. to82s. Od. New Beans— s. Od. to— s. Od. By the customary Measure. Old Beans — s. Odv to — s. Od. Oats — s. Od. to — s. Od. NewDitto — s. Od. to — s. OJ. Uavnl ru— Wednesday last. Wheat .. 112s. Od. tolS6s. Od. Rye — s, Oi. to — s. Od. Barley ... 67s. 0d. to 76s. Od. By the. cu » tv Oats 48s, Od. to 56s. 6d. Beans 70s. 1 . Pease — s. Od. to 72s. Od, MAN VIC. I- - LIE, . been cousidereil desirable that the language which came from I S. LIST of FAIRS' from June 1, to June 13, vnthin the Circuit of this Paper. M. June 1. Leicester, and Toddington. P. 5. lirixworth, Bicester, and Biggleswade, — G, Daubntrii' Ths Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser for the Counties 6f Northampton, Bedford, fiuckiapam, Huntingdon, Ibicester, Warwick, Oxford, ant Hertford, H - i - rrirr. r in mmorv of the lit. Him. StaifrCMt PEKCEVAI, Chancellor of the ' Exchequer, imd Premier of the United Kingdom of Great- Britain and Ireland, zyho was shot in the Lobby of the. House of Camiitons, May 11'?', 1812. " OW shall tlie Muse with equal grief bewail Thv ill- t, im'< l fate, lamented PERCEVAL > How shall the nation the sad tidings bear. Or GEORGE'S Sons repress the well- earn'd tear ! Britannia weeps ! die < veeps, aghast and wan,. Th' illustrious Statesman, and the upright Man! The firm supporter of his Country's cause, The guardian of Religion's sacred laws Appall'd, I see the dire Assassin stand, " With fell revenge and murder in, his hand! Too well he knew to send the fatal ball, Too well, t' insure thy deprecated fall ! In that proud moment, when with heart elate, Rig with the cares and int'rests of the State; When to the Senate quick thy steps inrlin'd, To pour the treasures of thy well- stor'd mind} Til ( hat sad moment, overcharged with ills, The fiend of Britain his design fulfils ! In that dread moment, unsustain'd by all, ] saw thee struggle, nnd I saw thee fall ! O fatal hour! from thence for ever lost The foe's worst terror, and my Country's boast . Lung shall thy Country in sad anguish mourn. And weep, dependent o'er thy woe- worn urn! Britannia's self shall weave the chaplet fair, Aud pay the tribute of an annual tear! And, grateful, ' midst her choicest fav'ritcs shall Enrol the name of her lov'd PERCEVAL j Shall hid her sons to higher honours rise, Alike iu action, aud in councils wise! ' E. H. H. CAMBRIDGE, May The Rev. J. Davie, Master of Sidney SHSH- X college, was on Wednesday admitted Doctor in Divinity. The Bev. II. Baulton, of St. John's college, was rin tjje same day admitted Bachelor in Civil Law.- And Mr. T. Hatch, of King's college i Mr. II. Tracy, of Queen's; J Gordon. Esq. of St. John's ; E. Halton, Esq. and Mr. J. Palev. nf Magdalen, were admitted Bachelors of Arts. OxFonn, Man 23. On Tuesday last the Prizes were adjudged to the following Gentlemen ; — THE CHANCELLOR'S PRIZES. T. atin Bssan —" Xenophontis res bellica » , quihus ipse interfuit. narrantis cum Cfesare comparatio"— to Mr. John Keble. B. A. late Scholar of Corpus Christi college, and now Fellow of Oriel college. ,, English Essay—" On translation from Dead Languages — 1 to the same Gentleman. . T. atin Verse.—" Coloni ah Anglia ad Amsrieam missi — to Mr. Henry Latham, undergraduate of Brasenose college, sift ROG4R NEWOIGATE'S PRIZE. English Verse—" Apollo Belvidrre"— to Mr. Henry Mil- man, undergraduate of Brasenose college. On Wednesday, the first day of Act Term, the following Gentlemen Were admitted to degrees.:— Bachelor in Civil I. aw. — Rev. Harry Farr Yeatinan, of Ballinl college, Grand Compounder. Masters of Arts.— Rev. Henry George Liddell, of Rrase- jin » e college. Grand Compounder; Rev. John Moore, of " Worcester; Rev. Wm. Edward Honey, and Rev. Peter Johnson, of Exeter; Mr. Edward Carilwell, of Brasenose; Rev. John Hill, of Edmund hall ; Mr. Allan Stewart Laing, and Rev. Henrv Turner Drydeu, of Trinity; Rev. J. Birt, Rev. Phipps Gerard Slatier, and Mr. John William Mackie, of Christ church; Rev. Francis Wm. Johnson Vickery, of University; Mr. Charles Barier, of Ball in') college. Bachelors of Arts. — W. Davits, Esq. of Worcester college. Grand Cnmpounder • Mr. Honrv Faulkner, and Mr. David Lewis, of Magdalen hall; Mr. William Toms, of Exeter; Mr, William Crawley Brnnt, of Oriel; Mr. Wm. Hesketh, and Njr. f has. Gaunt, of Brnsenose ; Mr. Henry Richardson, Mr. John Jones, and Mr. Walter Williams of Jesus; Mr. Charles Thomas Patrick, Mr. Joseph Fletcher, and Mr. Wm. Borrows, of St. Edmund hall ; Mr. Edward Law, George Henry Dashwood, Esq. nnd Mr. Thomas Henry Riseoe; of Christ church ; William John Manscl, Esq. of University ; Mr. Mnrmaduke Tkeakston, of Lincoln; Mr. George I'icard, of Merlon ; Mr. George Peche, of Pembroke ; and Mr. Wjn. Wakefield, of St. John's college. On Thursday the following were admitted. Masters of Ails.— Mr. Martin West, and Rev. George Gutiuing, of Merton college. — Thursdav, April 30, the State Lottery finished,' drawing • the following Cap; tal Prizes were sold iu 64 Shares by Richardson, Goodluck, If Co. Remember the King's Birth- Day, H1CH is next Thursday, the 4th of June— for on that important Day the present excellent Little Lottery will be drawn— with only 8,000 Tickets, there are Prizes of =£ 20jl00, £ 10.000, =£ 3,000, =£ 3.000. .£ 2.000, £ 1,000, =£ 500, £ 400, =£ 300, See. & c. fee. being the greatest Chance ever known— purchase a Ticket or Share before the Birth Day of your King, and crowned with Independence you will have joyful cause to Remember it for ever •' w WOBURN SHEEP - SHEARING, JUNE 15th, 16th, and 17th, 1812. MORNING. EVENINO. Shew of South- down"| f Tups. j I Ss'e ° f South - down Shew of Merino Titos. ( MONDAY, j Ewes. Shew of Hereford and f June 15. 1 South- down Tups lett. Devon Cattle. Prize Wethers. Prize Theaves. Prize Boars. Ploughing, Implements. Prize Wethers dead. Sheep- Shearers. J No. 5.518 11,518 11.433 2,401 10,609 2,740 3,238 Tickets and Shares for lli< Prize of =£ 10.000 5,000 S. 000 300 S00 200 200 State Lottery - to bo. drawn the 4th of Jnnc, are now on Sale at the Offices of Richardson, Goodluck & Co. Corner of Bank Building, Cornhill, and facing the Kind's Mews, Charing Cross, London, and by their Agents n the Couutry. A FINAL NOTICE To the Creditors of Mrs ANN CLARKE, of SILSTON, in the County of Northampton, Widow. Dividend arising from the Estate and Effects of the said ANN CLARKE, is intended to be made, at the Saracen's He id lun, in Towcester, on Friday the 5th Day of June next, in the Forenoon, Notice is therefore l> erely given. That all Persons who shall not on or before that Day have delivered in to Mr. William Jakeman, of Floore, Farmer, and Mr. William Wjiglilon, of Syresham, Farmer, the Trus- tees of the said Estate and Effects, or to Mr. Lovell, Solicitor, Towcester. Account of their respective Debts, and execute the Deed of Assignment, which h lodged at Mr. Lovell's Office for that Purpose, will be evcludcd all Benefit therefrom ; and after ihe said fifill Dav of June, such Persons as shall have execute, I the said Deed may receive his or her Dividend by applying to the said Mr. Lovell, Towc. ester, May 20(/ i, IS 12. FROM IN DIA. A BEAU IT FUL PRODUCTION Under the Illustrious Patronage of their Royal Highnesses the Princess of WALES and Duke of SUSSEX, and most of the Nolnlity. MACASSAR OrL for the HAIR. The Virtues of this Oil, extracted from a Tree in the Island of MACASSAR, in the East Indies, are far beyond Eulogium for increasing the Growth of Hair, even on Kald Places, to a beautiful Length and Thickness ; preventing it fallingoffor changing Colour, strength- ening the Curl, bestowing an inestimable Gloss and Scent, ren- dering thellair inexpressibly attracting, promotes the Groiuth of miskers. Eyebrows, & c. In fine, it is the first Production in the World for restoring and beautifying the Hair of Ladies, Gen- tlemen, and Children. Such Celebrity has it attained, that it is daily honoured with the Sanctions of Royaltv, Nobility, and Gentlemen of the Navy and Army, and the Public at large. It is innoxious and suited to all Climates. View Rowland's Essay on the flair.— Sold at Ss. 6d — 10s. 6d — and large Bottles, containing eight small, at =£ 1. Is, each, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND & SON, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London; and by their Appointment by all wholesale Perfumers, Sec. in London; by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Per- fumer, Northampton; and by all Perfumers, Hair- Dressers, and Medicine Venders in every Town throughout the Empire. Beware of servile Imitators, as the Genuine Macassar Oil is signed on the Label in Rid Ink, " A. Rowland & Son." — Of whom may be had, a most important Discovery under the august Patronage of her Royal Highness the Duchess of York ; also sanctioned bv bis Excellency the Duke Del Infantado, and many Families of high Distinction, AI. SANA EXTRACT, or the ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECIFIC, for eradicating all Disorders of the TEETH aud CtJMS and rendering them ex- tremely beautiful ; it imparts a beautiful K'agratice to the Breath, a; id itifmediately expels the Tooth- Ache. Its Properties are sanctioned by the most eminent Physicians in Great- Britain, France, Italy, and throughout Europe.— Sold at 10s. 6d. per Rottle, or small Bottle., at 4s. fid. each. — Also the Alsana Pow- der tor cleansing 1 lie Teeth, at 2s. 9d. per Box.— Sold by the Proprietors as above; anil by all the Agents as above. fSale of S ® uth - down ) Ewes. TUESDAY, ! Sale of Merino Ewes. June 16. ) Merino Tups sold. Sale of Hereford and ^ Devon Cattle. ") fSale of South- down I WEDNESDAY, J Ewes. Shew of Hereford and ( June 17. 1 Sale of Hereford and Devon Cattle. J ' (. Devon Cattle. TJREMIUMS given to promote the IMPROVEMENT X of LIVE STOCK, Sec. Sec. 1. — For Long- woolled Fat l- Vethers. 1. To the Person who shall breed the best Two- shear Long- woolled Fat Wether, a Pieceof Plate, Value Ten Guineas. 2. To the Person who shall breed in Bedfordshire, the best Two. shear Long- woolled Fat Wether, a Piece of Plate, Value Five Guineas.— The same Person not to have both Premiums. The Name of the Breeder, together with the Place where bred, to be duly certified. The Wethers, with the Certificates, to be produced on Tuesday, between the Hours of Nine and Ten, at Woburn- Abbey ;— They will be sheared, weighed alive, killed, and weighed dead, and due Attention paid to Wool, Carcase, and Tallow. 11 — For Short- wool!' ed Fat If ethers. 1. To the Person who shall breed the best Two- shear Short- woolled Fat Wether, a Pieceof Plate, Value Ten Guineas. 2. To the Person who shall breed in Bedfordshire, the best Two- Shear Short- woolled Fat Wether, a 1' iece of Plate, Value Five Guineas.— The same Person not to have both Premiums. The Name of the Breeder, together with the Place where bred, to he duly certified. The Wethers, with the Certificates, to be produced on Tues- day, between the Hours of Nine. and Ten, at Wobnrn- Abbey : — They will bo sheared, weighed alive, killed, and weighed dead, and due Attention paid to Wool, Carcase and Tallow. Ill .— For leng.- uoolled Thfavts bred in Bedfordshire. 1. To the Person who shall breed in Bedfordshire, the best Pen of three Long- wool led Theaves, a Picceof Plate, Value Ten Guineas. 2. To the Person who shall breedm Bedfordshire, the second- best Pen of three Long- woolled Theaves, a Piece of Plate, Value Five Guineas.— The same Person not to have both Premiums. The Sheep to be shewn in a Store State, and to Vie produced at the Abbey on Tuesday, between the Hours of Nine and Ten with Certificates that their Theaves were bred in Bedfordshire, spe- cifying the Parish, and Name of the Breeder; also that they have been regularly kept with the l-' lock until the Time of their being sent to be exhibited 1V. — For Short- woolled Theaves bred in Bedfordshire. 1. To the Person who shall treed in Bedfordshire, the best Pen of three Short- woolled Theaves, a Piece of Plate, Value Ten Guineas. 2. To tl\ e Person who shall breed in Bedfordshire, the second- best Pen of three Short- woolled Theaves, a Piece of Plate, Value Five Guineas — Ths same Person not to have both Premiums. The Sheep to be shewn insi Store State, and to be produced at the Abbey on Tuesday, between the Hours of Nino and Ten, with Certificates that their Theaves were bred in Bedfordshire, specifying the Parish, and Name of the Kreed- r ; also that they have been regularly kept with the Flock until the Time of their being sent to be exhibited. V.— For Boars. To the Person who shall pioduce the best Boar, not exceeding two Years old, a Piece of Plate,' Value Five Guineas. The Boars, with Certificates, to be produced at the Park- F'arm on Tuesdav. VI .— For Sheip. Siearers. To the best Shearer, Five Guineas; second- best, Four Ditto; third- best. Three Ditto ; fourth- best, Two Ditto; fifth- best, One Ditto. If more than ten Candidates, to draw Lots. The Trial to be made on the Wednesday. Candidates to give Notice on the Satur- day before the Clipping, V11 — For encouraging Improvement in Implements of Agriculture. To the Person who shali produce the best and most useful newly invented Implement, the Sum of Twenty Guineas, As' it is the Intention, in giving this Premium, both to encourage, and to introduce to general Notice, such Improve- ments in Implements of Agriculture, as appear of real Utility ; it will be lett to a Committee to decide— 1st, Which Imple- ment produced deserves the Pref- rence; Silly, Whether any of them merit the Reputation that the Acquisition of a Premium might confer. The Implements to be jrought to the Park- Farm on Tuesday, and the Claimants to give Notice at or before the. Arrival ot their implements. VIII. — For Ploughing. To the Person who shall produce the Plough which shall plough a Robd of I. and in the best and most husband- like Man/ ier, a Pieceof Plate, Value Ten Guineas. To the Ploughman holding the same, Two Guineas. Due Consideration wiJl be paid to the M « rit of the Imple- ment, to the Time of performing the Work, the Force em- ployed, and the Cleanness and Depth of the Furrow. Claimants to give Notice on M_ onday Evening, or bt- fors Ten o'clock on Tuesday Morning. IX. — For Shepherds. To the Shepherd, in Bedfordshire, who slrtll have saved the greatest Number of Lambs, oil the 1st of June, 1812, in Pro- I portion lo the Number of Ewes, being not less than 100, put to the Ram the preceding Autumn, Five Guineas. To the Shepherd who shall have saved the next greatest pro- portionate Number, Four Guineas. To the third. Three Guineas; to the fourth, Two Guineas; to the fifth. One Guinea. Certificates to be sent in on the first Day of the Woburn Sheep- Shearing, 1812, signed by the Owner of the Flock, and two other respectable Witnesses, stating the Number of Ewes tupped, the Number of Lambs saved on the 1st of June, and the Age of the Ewes, viz. the proportionate Number of Theaves, two Years old, three Years old, and full- mouthed Sheep. X. — For the best cultivated Faints in Bedfordshire. To the Farmer, in Bedfordshire, the Land in whose Occupation ( not being less than Two Hundred Acres, nor less than One Hundred and Fifty Acres Arable), shall be adjudged to be cul- tivated in the most judicious, clean, and in every Respect hus- band- like Manher; the Nature of the Soil, the Time of his having occupied it, and the Condition when entered upon, being taken into Consideration, Fifty Guineas, or a Pieceof Plate of that Value. XI. To the Farmer, ill Bedfordshire, the Land in whose Occupa- tion ( being less than Two Hundred Acres, and not less than Fifty Acres Arable), shall be adjudged to be cultivated in the most judicious, clean, and in every Respect husband- like Manner; the Nature of the Soil, the Time of his having occu- pied it, and the Condition when entered upon, being taken into Consideration, Thirty Guineas, or a Piece of Plate of that Value. It is required that the Farmers, who may be Candidates for these Premiums, do give Notice ! o the DUKE ot BEDFORD, of their Intention, on or before the 15th of Julv, 1811, that their Farms may be inspected by such Persons as the DUKE niay appoint, at such Periods as may be judged necessary, previous to the Sheep- Shearing 1812. They mus; also state the Nature of the Soil of their Farms, and the System of Farming they practise. WOBURM ASSOCIATION, For PROSECUTING Til! EVES WHEREAS ON Thursday Night the 21 st, Or Trulai farning the 22d Instant, a Vat Four- tooth SOUTH DOWN RAM. with t he Wool oo* marked No. 21, and much reddled on the Breast, belonging to Mrs. WRIGHT, of AsFf- EY, was stolen out of a Clover- Field, in her Occupa- tion, adjoining the Rev. T. T. Wei lings, Long- Fen. Whoever will give such Information to Mrs. Wright, or Mr. Reddall, of Woburn, as shall be the Means of discover- ing the Oflender or Offenders, shall upon his or their Con- viction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS, of Mrs. Wright, and a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of this Association; aud in Case more than one Person were concerned, if any one of them will discover his Accomplice or Accom- plices, he shall receive a like Reward, and Interest will be made to procure a Pardon. R. A. REDDALL, fVohum, May 271812. Treasurer. N Turnpike Tolls to be J^ ett. OTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Li Trustees appointed by Act of Parliament, for repairing the Turnpike- Road leading from Kettering Toll- Gate, in the County of Northampton, to Newport- Pagnsll, in the County ot Buckingham, will be held at the HIND INN, in WELLING- BOROUGH, in the said County of Northampton, on TUESDAY the second Day of JUNE next, at Eleven o'clock in the Fore- noon of the same Day.; at which Time and Place the TOLLS arising at the TOLL- GATE erected upon the said Road, at the South- end of WELLINGBOROUGH BRIDGE, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION for one Year and eleven Months, to the Best Bidder, between the Hours of Eleven and Four of the same Day, in the Manner directed in the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads; which Toll's were lett in the preceding Year, clear of all Salaries tor collect- ing the same, for the Sum of two Hundred and Eighty. four Pounds, and will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must forthwith give in ths Y'ear of our Lord, IB 12, JOHN HODSON, Clerk to the said Trustees. CONTRACTS FOR COALS AND CANDLES. Commissary in Chief's 0$ ce, London, ,13th May, 1812. WANTED for the Barracks in the under- mentioned Counties in South Britain, for the Barracks- ill North Britain, and in the Islands of Guernsey, Jersey, and Altler- ney, such Quantities of COALS and CANDLES as may from Time to Time he required by the respective Barrack Masters for the Time being. The Deliveries to commence as soon after the 25th June next as the respective Barrack Masters shall require, and to continue until the 24th of June follo'wing. Proposals for supplying Coals, made separately for each County in South Britain, the Whole of the Barracks in North Britain, and likewise for those in the three Islands of Guern- sey, Jersey, and Alderney, sealed up, and marked " Tender f'Sr Coals," will be received at this Office until Twelve o'clock Oil Wednesday the 3d of June; the Parties tendering ob- serving, that in those Counties where both Sea and Inland Coals are used, the Proposal must particularly express the Price of each Description. Proposals for supplying Candles, sealed up. and marked " Tender for Candles," will be received until Twelve o'Clock on Friday the 5th of June; but no Proposal, either for Coals or Candles, will be noticed, unless made on or annexed to a printed Particular, and the Prices inserted in Words at Length; nor unless a Letter be subjoined to such Proposal from two Persons of known Properly, engaging to become bound with the Party tendering, in the Sum expressed in the Particulars, lor the ilue Performance of the Contract. If Tenders are sent by Post, the Postage must be paid. Particulars of the Contracts m? iv be had on Application at this Office, between the Hours of Eleven and Five ; to Deputy Commissary General Lindesay, Edinburgh ; Deputy Coiumis- ary General Lutyens, Guernsey ; and Assistant Commissary General Lnmout, Jersey. COUNTIES. LINES'S BANKRUP l'CY. r|~", HE Conttmssioiiers in a Commission of Bankrupt 1 bearing Date the 25th Day of May, 1811, awarded nnd issued forth against HENRY LINES, now or bite of Kvoos, in the County of Northampton, Grocer, Shopkeeper, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 2'* d Day of June next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, at the Saracen's Head Inn, in Towcester, in the said County of Northampton, to make a first and final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt ; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to cotne prepared to prove the same or they will beCxcladca the Benefit of the said Dividend, and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. J. M. KIRBY, Solicitor. ' Towcester, May 23d, 1812. NOTICE TO DEBTORS and CREDITORS. WHEREAS CHARLES SAUNDERS, of Pailton, in the Parish » f MONK'S- KIRBV, in the County of Warwick, Saddler and Collar- Maker, has made an Assignment of all his Estate and Effects, to John Johnson, of the City of Coventry, . Saddler, and John Hayes, of Pailton aforesaid. Schoolmaster, in trust . for the Benefit of all his Creditors; — therefore, Notice is hereby ginenf that all such Creditors as are desirous of receiving tile Advantage of the said Assignment must execute the same within one Month from the ? 5th Day of May instant, or they w ill be excluded from all Benefit arising therefrom.— The Deed lays at the Office of Messrs. Caldecott and Benn, Solicitors, Rugby, for Execution. All Persons indebted to the said Estate, are requested to pay their Debts forthwith to the said Trustees, or tliey will be sued for the same without further Notice. Rugby, May 21, 1S12. TJ the Debtors and Creditors of MATTHEW ILVRRA. LD. of HAU- ctualier, hath, by Indenture hearing Date the Eleventh Day of May instant, assigned all his personal Estate and Effects to Win. Wootton, of llarrold aforesaid, Gentleman, and Samuel Bontield, of the same Place, Miller, in Trust for the equal Benefit of such of his Creditors its shall execute the said Deed of Assignment, within two Months from the Date thereof. Notice is therefore hereby given, that the said Indenture of Assignment now lies at the Office of F. J. Budd, Attorney, Bedford, for the Signature of such of the Creditors of the said Matthew Ilnr- rald, who may be willing to accept of a Dividend to arise from the Sale of the said Effects, and who are respectively required at the same Time to deliver in an Account of their Demands with the Nature of their Securities.— And all Persons who stand indebted to the said Matthew Harrald, are hereby desired to pay their respective Debts to the said William Woottou, and Samuel Bonfield, without Delay. By Order of the Trustees, FRANCIS JOHN BUDD. Bedford, MayUth, 1813. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. L Persons who have any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of WILLI AM ELM. ES, late of DAVENTR. Y, in the County of Northampton, Whitesmith, deceased, are desired forthwith to deliver an Account thereof to Mr. John Hall, or Mr. Moses Miller, both of Daventry aforesaid, tile Executors named in the Will of the said Wm. Elmes, or to Mr. Oakden, Solicitor, Daventry.— And all Persons who are indebted to Ihe said Estate and Effects are required to pay their respective Debts immediately to the said Executors or the said Mr. Oakden. Dacentry, ISiA May, 1812. Hcssc/' s genuine, and original Drops, and pursing Uemedy, Prepared by Shaw & Edwards, 6( i, St. Paul's, f. ondi. o, from the original Recipe,, which they bought of J. Wesse!, on the 17th of January, 1803, which Recipe is in their Possession ONI. Y. | N his Majesty's Navy and Army, these Drops hare for H Yean past mrntained their Character as a Siiecific for the Scurvy, Gravel, Dropsy, Strangury, Weakness and Obstructions in the Urinary Passage, and General Debility; but particularly for their absolute and speedy Cure of the Venereal Disease, from the slightest, to its most malignant Symptoms: as a Re- storative for general Debiliiy, Wessel's Jesuits Drops have been long known and esteemed:— Such as have the Misfortune to be troubled with stubborn Gleets, Seminal EH'usions, or any Weakness of the Kidnies, Ureters or Kladder, Diabetes or Dif- ficulty of making Water, will find in the Wessel's Jesuits Drops a safe, cheap, effectual, and immediate Cure. Sold by Shaw'fc Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, London. CAUTION — Each Bottle is inclosed in a Government Stamp, with the following, " SHAW and FDWAKDS, Successors to Joseph ffissel." I he numerous Counterfeits imposed on the Country Venders, as well as the Public, render this Caution highly necessary. Price, 2s. 9d. ; and the larger Bottles =£ 1. 2s. Sold by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northamp- ton; Fliggs, Harhorough ; Loggin, Aylesbury. and Leighton ; Tomalin, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Gallard, Towcester- and Poulters & Knighton, Stony- Stratford. J. J lilt J^' CULUI !> UflU Kyrcuiivrx V> ILJLI^ VV 11.1 WHEREAS MATTRTEW HARRALD, noi. ii, in the County of Bedford, Victual A. th< Berks Chester Cornwall ( including Scilly) Cumberland Devon Dorset Durham Essex Hants Hunts Isle of Wight Isle of Man Kent Lancaster Middlesex Norfolk Northampton Northumberland Nottingham Somerset Suffolk Surry Sussex Warwick Wilts York North Britain Islands ofGuernsey, Jersey, and Alderuey. r rMl E Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, A bearing Date the28th Day of December, 1809, awarded and issued forth against J OH X 11 ITCH COX, of BROUGHTON, in the County of Oxford, Miller and Meatman, intend to meet on the Eighth Day of JUNE next, at Eleven o'Clock iu the Forenoon, at the WHITE LION INS, in BANBURY, in the Mlid County of Oxford, in order to make a first and final Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the 6aid Bankrupt ; when and . where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend.— Aud ail Claims not then proved will be disallowed. HAZARD, BURN Is and WARNERS, STOCK- BROKERS, 13 ESPF. CTFULLY inform the Public, that Tickets and \ J Shares for the ensuing Lottery are now oil Sale at their Office, No. 93, ROYAL KXCHANOE, London. In this Lottery, which consists only 8,000 Tickets, the Capital Prizes are nearly as great both in Number and Value, as in the last, consisting of 12,000, and the Drawing ( which will be determined in One Day,) will take place on the 4th of JUNE, the KINO'S BIRTH DAY. In the Lottery just concluded, th: tallowing Capital Prizes weie Sold and Shared at the above Office, viz. No. 1,205 2,800 9,722 1,268 4,609 2,873 =£ 15,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 500 300 200, & e. & c. Just published, at It. ACKEUMANN'S REPOSITORY OF ARTS, 101, Strand, and may be had of all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom, A TOUR IN SEARCH OF THE PICTURESQUE, by t\. the Rev. Dr. SYNTAX, on large royal Octavo Vellum Paper, and hot- pretsed, Price 10s. 6d. or with thirty coloured Engravings, 21s. On the 1st of June will be published, Price 4s. No XL! I ( which completes the Seventh Volume) ot the Rti- osrroRY OF ARTS, SCIENCES, LITERATURE, FASHIONS, & c. containing besides the usual interesting Embellishments, a beautiful Frontispiece engraved by ACAR, and a general Index to the Volume. In this popular Work, the useful is so happily combined with the elegant and the agreeable, as to render it not only an indispensable Appendage to the fashionable Toilette, but also a most desirable Addition to the Library of the Gentleman. A few complete Sets sf this Work, from its Commencement, containing nearly 300 coloured Engravings, are yet on Sale; and such Purchasers who choose to return their Numbers to the Publisher, may be accommodated with the whole or any parti- cular Volume, half- bound Russia, in Exchange, on Paying 4s. 6d. per Volume for the Binding. Letters, Post- paid, duly answered, and Orders from the Country, accompanied with Remittance, punctually attended to. SIR, To Mr. SPILSBURY, Solio Square. BUITER'S VEGETABLE TOOTH- POWDER IS allowed by several Physicians to be the only Remedy for Diseases" in the Teeth and Gums, and to preserve therr. in the highest Stateof Perfection to the latest Period, it being composed of Vegetables, will render them beautifully white, fasten such as may be loose, keep those that are decayed from becoming worse, eradicate the Scurvy, and cause the Gums to adhere to the Teeth, render them of a healthful red, uu l the Breath delicately sweet, and prevent that dreadful Malady the Tooth- Ache, Gum- Biles, and swelled Face. Sold at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, London; by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Balaam. Northampton; Loggin, Aylesbury; and most Medicine Venders and Perfumers, in Boxes, at 2s. 9d. each. Ecauty restored, and Health preserved. rixj cure Eruptions in the Face, Skin, & c. without I impaiiing the Constitution, is that excellent and unprece- dented Preparation, Mrs. VINCENT'S GOWI. AND'S LO- TION. The following Note from a Lady ot Rank is a proud Testimonial of its superior Excellence: | No. 49, Charlotte. Street, Portland Place. I^ dy Catharine Lennox presents her Compliments to Mrs. ' Vincent, and has the Plea- ure of staring, that, by the of two Quart Bottles of her GOWLAN. D'S LOTION, she is perfectly cured of a violent Eruption upon her I'ace and Arms ; she was recommended by her Physioian to make Use of the Lotion, whicl has exceeded her most sanguine Expectations'. Mrs. V. Is at Liberty to make U; e of hc- r Name, as having experienced its healing Virtues ; and l. ady Lennox will also recommend it as much as possible within the Sphereot her Acquaintance. Sold by Mrs. Vincent, No. 6, Davies- Street, Grosvenor- Square, London ; and by the Printers of this Papet, Edge, and Ab? l, Northampton; I nwood, and Barringer & Son, Ncwport- Pagnell; Palgrave, Bedford; and by all respectable Venders of Genuine Medicines, ill Quatts at 8s. 6d. ; Pints is. 6d. ; Half. Pints 2s.. 9d. To prevent Counteifeits, it is necessary to observe M. E. Vincent, signed upon all that is Genuine. Likewise is sold as above, VINCENT'S RESTORATIVE TOOTH- POWDER, for preserving, re5toring, and beautifying the Teeth, and curing the Scurvy ii » the Gums, Price 2s, 9d. each Box. AT the Age of 45, I was afflicted in some Parts of my Body with Scorbutic or Scrophulous Ulcerations; my Arm, Knee, and Leg, were very much ulcerated, and com- pletely. incapable of Action. After trying every Thing recom- mended by the Faculty, 1 was induced to take your valuable Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, and persevering according to Directions, became completely well ; and for these ten Years have not had any breaking out. Any Person wishing Informa- tion respecting my Case, or Operation of the Medicine, I will cheerfully give it to them. I am, Sir, & c. Norwood, W. GIBI. 1NG. March 24, 1812. SPILSUURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS are sold in Bottles, Price 5s. 61 double Bottles 10s. largest =£ 1 Is. Com- pound Essence 8s. Duty included, at the Dispensary, 15, Soho Square, London.— All Letters asking Advice and enclosing one Pound must be Post- paid. Sold by the Printers ot this Paper; Mr. Okely, and Mr. Palgrave, Bedford; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tomalin, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Corrall, Lutterworth ; Loggia, Aylesbury and Leighton ; Baxter, Bicester; lieesley, and Rusher, Banbury ; Cripps, Abingdon ; and by most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country. THE CORDIAL HALM OF GILEAD, PREPARED by SAMUEL SOLOMON, M. I). Gilend- S House, near LIVERPOOL, is universally acknowledged to be peculiarly efficacious in all inward Wastings, Loss of Appe- tite, Indigestion, Depression ot Spirits, trembling or shaking of the Hands or Limbs, obstinate Coughsr Shortness of Breath, and Consumptive Habits. It thins the Blood, cases the most violent Pains l'n the Head and Stomach, anil promotes gentle Perspiration, Sec. To Dr. Solomon, Gilead- House, near Liverpool. SIR,— Mr. SMITH'S Daughter, of Ifton, near Chepstow, three or four Months ago, was so dangerously ill that her Life, was despaired of, being severely afflictgd with that dangerous and alarming Complaint, St. Vitus's Dance, for which various Remedies were tried without Benefit; at last she applied to me for one Bottle ot the Cordial Balm of Gilead, after the taking of which she called again at my Shop, and assured me, it had effectually removed her Disorder, and was of Opinion that one Bottle more would restore her to her usual Static of Health. 1 remain, Sir, your obedient Servant, W. MORRIS, Jun. Chepstow. This celebrated Medicine is sold, by special Appointment of Dr. Solomon, in Bottles Half- a- Guinea each, or four in one Family Bottle for 33s. on which 9s. are saved, by the Printers ot this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Northampton; Collis Si Dash, and Munn, Kettering ; Higgs, Dawson, and Harrod, Har'oo- rough ; Beeslev, and Marriott, Banbury; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge and Mather, Wellingborough ; Tomalin, Bates, and Wil- kinson, Daventry; Okely, and Palgrave, Bedford; Geard, St. Neots; Lovell, Huntingdon; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagr. el!; Swinfen, Leicester; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; Loggin, Ayles- bury and Leighton ; by the Printers of the Country News, papers; and by all Venders of Patent Mcditines in the United Kiiigdom. Sy 11EU MAPI'S MS, Palsies, nnd Gouty Affections with A< their usual Concomitants, Spasm, or Hying Pains, Fla- tulency, Indigestion, and general Debility ( originating in what- ever Source), are relieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's Es ence of Mustard Pills, after every other Means have failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard fused with the Pills, in those Complaints where necessary) is perhaps the most active, pene. trating, and effectual Remedy in the World, generally curing the' severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES, in less than Half the Time usually taken by any other Liniment or Embrocation ; and if used immediately after any Accident, it prevents the Part turning black. Prepared only, and sold by R. Johnston, Apothecary, No. 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, at 2s. Dd. each Box or Bottle. They are also sold by the Printers of this Paper; Higgs, Market. Harborough; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Tomalin, Daventry ; Mather, Wellingborough; Baxter, Bicester; Marriott, Banbury; and every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. The Genuine has a black Ink Stamp, with the Name of R. Johnston inserted on it. I T C- 11, BE it ever so inveterate, perfectly cured in twenty- four Hours, by an Ointment called TYCE's OINTMENT, which is agreeable in Smell, does not contain a Particle of Mercury, or any pernicious ingredient, but is so Innocent that it may be used with the greatest Safety on Persons of the most delicate Constitutions, pregnant Women, and Children at the Breast. The superior Efficacy and Reputation of this Ointment having induced some Persons to counterfeit it, the Proprietor finds it necessary to caution Purchasers to be particular in ask- ing for Tyce's Ointment. One Box, Price Is, Sd. will cure one grown- up Person, or two Children. Also, at the same Place may be had, TYCE's INFALLIBLE CHYM1CAL LOTION for the same, by the Use ot which Persons may cure themselves with so much Secrecy as not to he discovered even by a Bedfellow, being without Smell ot Stain. Price 2s. 9d. each Bottle. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, London; and, Retail, by the Printers ot this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; Mather, Wellingbo- rough; and all Venders of Medicaics in the Kingdom. Rev. THOMAS SCOTT'S BiBLE. On the Ist of June will be published, Part 1. Price bs. lo be continued Monthly, and No. 1. Price Is. of a new Edition of RPHE HOLY BIBLE; containing the OX. D and MWTES- TAMENTS, according to the Public Version ; ' with Ex- planatory Notes, Practical Observations, and copious Marginal References. By THOMAS SCOTT, Rector of Aston- Sand- ford, and formerly Chaplain to the Lock Hospital. TO THE PUBLIC. More than 20 Years have now elapsed since the first Edition of this arduous Undertaking was completed ; and the Author has been, in a very uncommon Degree, favoured by Divine Providence subsequently to superintend three Editions ot the Work. During that Period he has employed a considerable Part of his Time in improving on what may properly be called the first hasty rough Drift, and many Years have almost wholly been devoteil to it. Of these Improvements the Marginal Re- ferences, an Undertaking which exclusively employed the Au- thor full four Years as his unremitting Labour, may be considered as the Chief; but his Studies having led him to a:-> ply to th- original Languages, and to a Variety of Sources of Information before unexplored by him, he m'. lst think that the Work has been very greatly improved in all Respects; and he- trusts that it is beco. ne, in a considerable Measure, more'adequately en- tilled to that favourable Reception by which it has been hitherto distinguished. As very few complete Copies are remaining, the new Edition will proceed with all possible Dispatch, but to accommodate those Persons to whom it may be convenient to take the Work in smaller Portions, it will be published in Parts and Numbers : each Part to consist of J8 Sheets, and the Numbers of four and three Sheets alternately*. London : Published by L. B. Seeley, No. 169, Fleet- Sireet; J. Hatchard, Piccadilly ; and Kobert Baldwin, Paternoster- Row. To the PARALYTIC, OF the Efficacy of RYMER'S TINCTURE in PARA- LYTIC AFFECTIONS the following interesting Letter, from the Rev. RICHA RD JORDAN, to Mr. Rymer, is an additional Proof: — College- Yard, Roch, ster, Feb. 4th, 1S12. SIR,— In the Month ot March l » st 1 was seized with a Para- lytic Affection in the light Side of my Head, which occasioned Distortion- of the Face on that Side, but did not extend lower than the Jaw. My Head was so tender with Respect to Noise, that 1 was unable to bear Sounds, particularly sharp ones, such as the Rattling of Plates and Dishes. The Talking loud didalso give me much Uneasiness, and occasioned a great Confusion in my Head. At the. Commencement of this Complaint bleeding with Leeches at the Temples was had Recourse to, and with Benefit; I always felt Relief from it. This Practice I still continue at Intervals ; but the Intervals are now greater, and the Quantity of llfood taken at a Time less than at the first, so that 1 hope ill Time to get rid of the Necessity ot bleeding, at all. 1 am now, by God's Blessing, very considerably recovered, lean walk with tolerable Ease two or three Miles, and have been able, for these six Weeks past, to do the Duty of my Church. But still 1 have the Remains of that Tenderness of the Head as to Noises ; and am still subject to a Degree of Confusion, if engaged ia Conversation with Persons whose Voices are loud and sharp; or ina Room where man) are talking at the same Time.— During my Illness I have taken, 1 believe, about thirty l'bials of your Nervous Cardiac Tincture, and I am persuaded that it has been very beneficial to me. Sometimes, however, I have found it difficult tobe procured, and at all Times a very expensive Medi- cine,* • I see by your printed Cases which accompany the Medi- cine, that my late Friend Colonel Flolwell, of Southborough, near Tunbridge- Wells, used to receive the Nervous Tincture from yourself, in Packages from Reigate; I am therefore Induced to write to you to request you to send me some in the same Way, by the Rochester Coaches. 1 conceive that by having the Tincture from yourself immediately, 1 shall reap the double Ad- vantage of Economy, and Freshness of the Medicine,— May I therefore beg the Favour of you to inform me what Quantity of the Nervous Tincture you can send me upon receiving a One Pound Note inclosed ina Letter. In Consequence of my using it some of my Friends have been induced to try it, and speak highly of its beneficial Eftects. 1 beg the Favour of an early Answer, and am, Sir, your obe- dient humble Servant, RICHARD JORDAN. * Mr. Rymer will attend to the WISHES of such as cannot do without it. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Mr. Ryiner's Appointment, fy Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, Lon- don ; and by the Printers of this Paper; and Retail by every Vender of Patent Medicines in the United Kingdom, in Bottles at 3s. 9tL— 7s. 6d.— Hs.— and in Pints at 27s, by which theic is a considerable Saving. BANKRUPTS required to SLRRBNBER. Joseph Parker, of Lower- Mitton, Worcestershire, iron- founder and woollen- yarn- manufacturer, dealer and chapman, June23, 21, and July 4, at the Stourport Inn, Stourport.— Attor- nies, Messrs. Clarke & Pardoe, Bewdley. John Kneller, ot Gosport, stable- keeper, d fe c. June 2, 9, and July - 1, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Harvey, Cursitor- street. Nathan Hyams, of Duke- street, Aldgate, London, fish- monger and coal- merchant, d.& c. May 30, June 9, and July 4, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Isaacs, St. Mary- Axe. Charles Davis, of Birmingham, shoemaker, d. & c. May 29, 31, ami July 4, at the Royal Hotel, Birmingham.— Attorney. Mr. Mole, Birmingham. William Campion, of Mumby. Lincolnshire, shopkeeper and miller, d. & c. June 12, 13, and July 4. at the George Inn, Spilsby.— Attornies, Messrs. Beurne Sc Co Alford. Wastel Cliffe, of Westbromwich, Staffordshire, dealer in iron and steel, d. & c June 19, 20, and July 4, at the Royal Hotel, Birmingham. — Aitorney, Mr. Meredith, Birmingham. Joseph Brommage, or Lower- Mitton, Worcestershire, vic- tualler and coal- dealer, d. Sec. June 23 , 24, and July 4, at th « Stcirport Inn, Stourport.— Attoinies, Messrs. Clarke & Pardoe, Bewdley. Thomas Shepherd, of Portsmouth, mealman, June 30, 11, and July 4, at the Crown Inn, Gosport.— Attorney, Mr. L'om- pigne, Gosport. Thomas Hart, of Bristol, wharfinger, d. Sec. May 29, June 9, and July 4, at the office of Mr. Frankis, Bristol.— Attorney, Mr. Frankis, Bristol. Alexander Mein and Owen Pell, of Liverpool, merchants, June 16, 17, and July 4, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool. — At- tornies, Messrs. Orred & Baines, Liverpool. David Maurice, of Marlborough, Wiltshire, linen and wool- len. draper, d. & c. June I, 15, and July 4, at the Castle tun, Marlborough.— Attornies, Messrs. Griffiths& Co. Marlborough. Peter Begbie, of Broail- street, London, insurance broker, d.& c. May 26, June 6, and July 4, at Guildhall.— Attomies, Messrs. Swain, Stevens, Maples Se Pearse, Old- Jewry. Samuel Kettle, of Edleston, Cheshire, dealer and chapman, June 16, 17, and July 4, atthe Crown Inn, Nantwich.— Attcr- nies, Messrs. Edleston & Elwood, Nantwich. R. Cooper, of Dean's - buildings, l ock's - fields, Surry, baker, June 2, 9, and July 7, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Long, Elm- court, Temple. J Potter and G. Brown, of Breightmel, Lancashire, whitsters, June 18, 19, and July 7, at the Bridge Inn, Bolton.— Attorney, Mr. Boardman, Bolton. E. ~ ' and , Attorney, Mr. Sandwich, Hull. G. H. Hoad, of Eareham, Southampton, yeoman, June 29, 30, and July 7, atthe Red Lion Inn, Fareham.— Attorney, Mr. Paddon, Fareham. R. Coleman, of Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, shopkeeper, June 6, 8, and July 7, at the White Hart Inn, Bristol.— Attoi- nies, Messrs. Daniel Se Sons, Bristol. H. I. eadbetter, of Ince, Lancashire, innkeeper, June 17, IS, and July 7, at the Bticki'th Vine, Wigan— Attorney, Air. Gaskell, Wiga. n. J. Gaskell and T. Newcumb, of Nottingham, auctioneers, June 18, 19, and July 7, at the Red Lion Inn, . Nottingham.— Attoinies, Messrs. Bolton & Payne, Nottingham, S. Jarrett, Whitchurch, Shropshire, biazier, June 17, IS, and July 7, at the White Lion Inn, Whitchurch.— Attornies, Messrs. Knight Se Brookes, Whitchurch. T. Moody, jun. of Skaith, Yorkshire, draper, JuneS, 9, an> i July 6, at the Angel Inn, Ferr) budge.— Attorney, Mr. Fret- well, Thorne. G. Butters, of Drayton- in- Hales, Shropshire, skinner, Jure; 15, at the While Lion Inn, Whitchurch, 16, at J. Swu, chat's. Turnhill, and July 7, atthe White Lion Inn, Whitchurch.— Attornies, Messrs Knight & Brookes, Whitchurch. T. Watford, of York- street, Kotherhirhe, victualler, May 30, Junes, and July 7, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. lngoid, Prin- ter's- place, Bermondsey. E. Cole, of Colchester, Essex, grocer, June 8, 9, and July 7, at the Red Lion Inn, Colchester.— Attornies, Messrs. Francis Sc Son, Colchester. W. Twemlow, of Manchester, draper, May 30, June 13. and July 7, a*. Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Adams, Old- Jewry, J. Kerrison, of Old- street- road, Middlesex, bricklayer, May 30, June 9, and July 7, ar Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Wilson. King's- Bench- walk, Temple. T. Perkes, of Hillhampton, Worcestershire, dealer, June 9, 10, and July 7, at the Greyhound Inn, Worcester.— Attorney, Mr. Mence, Worcester. Bankruptcies superseded. Thomas Day, of West- Cowes, Isle of Wight, merchant. W, Nuti, Gt Leicester, grocer. Twell, of Kingston- upon- Hult, linen- draper, June 2, 5, I July 7,_ at the White Hart Tavern, Kingston- upon- Hull.-~ LONDON . MARKETS. Corn- Exchange, llondm/, May 55, 1812. Some vessels with Foreign Wheat ( estimated " at upwards of 5,000 quarters) have arrived, and, with a moderate supply of our own growth coastwavs, have occasioned the Mealing Trade to become heavy, and prices this morning were 2s. and 3s. per quarter lower than on this day se'nnight. Barl# y has been on the decline since our last, and is down 5s. per quarter. Malt likewise scarcely maintained its ptice. White Peas, and the two sotts ot Beans, were also heavy, and rather lower. Oats continue in demand, and hence nearly last weeK's terms were obtained for good Horse Corn, and this notwithstanding several considerable arrivals have lately come in. Sutiolks........— s. to— s. ( hey Peas 70s. to 76s- Fine — s. to 7bs. Beans 70s. to 74s- Fine — s. to 76s. Ticks 68s. to 73s. Oats . 45s. to bis. Polands 56s. to 5Si » 1' otatoe ditto — s. to 69i- 0s. lower than last return. Seconds, 100s. to 105s. Wheat 68s. tol 10- Fine 120s. tolSOs. Superfine 134s. toI36s. Fine White 137s. to — s. Rye 72s. to 82s. Barley 52s. to 62s. Malt 82s. to 92s White Peas 70s. to 82s. Boilers ,. 84s. to 88s. Average of Wheat, 129s. — f me Flour. — s. to 110s. Average of Flour 109s, 5dJ.— 0s. 3di. higher than last Carraway Coriander .... . _., Red Clover White ditto White Mustard Brown ditto Turnip. PRICE OF SEEDS. 65s. Od. to 80s. Od.} 35s. Od. to 40s. 0d.( 50s. Cd. tolOOs. Od. f Percwc » 100s. Od. tol30s. Od.) 12s. Od. to 18s. Od. > , 18s. Od. to 24s. Od. 5 l'e, bu* -.... lis. Od. to 28s. Od. ditto. PRICE OE BAGS. Kent 41. 10s. to 71.1Cs Sussex 41 10s. to 71. ( is Essex 61. 0s. to 61.10s HOPS. POCK ETS. Kent 11. 0s. to 71. 0s. Sussex... 31. 15s. . to 61. 6s. Farnhaui 91. 9s. tolli. lis. SMlT'Ht l ELD. — MONDAY, May 25. ( To sink the offal— per stone of Bibs.) Beef 5s. 8J. to 6s. 8d. I Veal 6s. 8d. to 7s. Sd Mutton 6s. Od. to 7s. Od. j Pork 5s. 4J. to 6s. Lamb 6s. 8d. to Ss. 4d. Head of Cattle this Day — Beasts, about 1,575— Sheep and Lambs, 9,000 — Calves, 120 — Pi;,' S, 260. NEWGATE AND I. EADENHALL MARKETS. ( By the Carcase.) Beef 4s. Bd. to 5s. grt. I Veal 5s. 4d. to 7s. te Mutton 5s. 4d. to 6s. 2d. j Pork 5s. 44. to bs. Si Lamb .'... Ss. Od. to 7s. Sd. Town Tallow Yellow Russia White ditto Soap ditto Melting Stuff Ditto rough G raves Good Dregs PRICE OF TALLOW. ... 73s. 6d. .. .74s. 6d. ... 74s. fid. ... 72s. Od. . .63s. Od. .-. 42s. Od. .. .20s. Od. . _. 9s. Oil. St. James's Market.. 4s. 3d. Claie Market 0s. Cd. Whitechapel Market 4s. 3d. 8s. 6d. Average per st of81b. 4s. 3d, SOAP — Yellow., 86s. Od. Mottled. .100s. Od, PRICE ot LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 50 to 561b. each 2Id. Ditto, 56 to 661b. each 24tl. Merchants' Backs 21d. Dressing Flides 18d. Fine Coach- Hides 19d. to 23d. to 25d. to 22- 1. to 19d. to 20d. CropHides, 35to40lb. tor cutting 16d.$ to 18d. i 4sto 501b lSd. to 21d. 3 Calf Skir s, SO to 401b 23d. to S6d. 50to 701b 3Sd. to 42d. 7D to 801b 35d. to 40d. Tanned Horse. Hides, 19d. to 21d, Small Seals ( Greenland) 33d. to S& L Large Ditto, 120s. to 180s. per Dozen. — Goat Skins, 34s. to 62s. ••'"•" '"'" ' .••.'•...'... NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and for T. E, DICEY, W. SUTl'ON', & R. SMITHSON.
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