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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1139
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 30/05/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1139
No Pages: 4
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SiBH NUMBER 1,139 I SATURDAY, MAY 30, Y BW Ml T9 AUCTION AT NEWRY. At ONE o'clock, on THURSDAY 4th June neitt, at the Stores of LAWFORQ, TRONSON & CO. Mer- cijanu'- Quay, in order to close Sale6, 37 Bales of ALICANT BARILLA. Very first quality, and in nice order; and \ 5 Hogsheads Prime Wrappery TOBACCO. A » , this Sale will be without reserve, it will be found worthy of notice. ROBERT MOLLAN, B= oker. Maj 26. ... ( a EGS leave to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that SJ) he ha ® commenced in the above Line, and from his knowledge of the business, and stria attention to the interest t< S his. employers, he hopes to be able to execote any busi- ness entrusted to him, to their satisfaction. Any Orders left for him at Messrs. Tnos. MANN & Co's Office, No. 71, Douegnll- street; or at his House, No. 5, Lancaster- street, rear of the Lancastrian School, will be carefully attended to. ( 24ft) Belfast, May 23. FRFENCH EVENING SCHOOL ON THE Lancastcrian System. . " R. flEMPSEY having always had a wish to promote L the instructions of his Pupils, so as to reflea credit on- himseff, and satisfaaion to his benefaaors, has, with study and attention ( for the great improvement of his Scholars), formed a Class, which is to be condudeJ on the LANCAS- TRIAN System. Young Gentlemen whom nature has deprived • It J a L L- m lis oKita of a clear Utterance, will, by this method, be able to write and under. • - though not able to converse, which is ttand the Languagi so necessary for commerce. Mr D. returns liis'sincere Thanks to all his Friends, for their very liberal encouragement since his residence in Bel- fatt, and hopes for a continaanceof it. For the better accom- modation of his Pupils, he, as wall as his Mother, has re- moved to No. 23, Donegall- street. Belfast, May 4. The Class will open on the tst of hme next. N. B. For further information, please apply as above. ( 116 TO LIGHT THE TOWN OF BELFAST FOR THE ENSUING SEASON. ni'U- IF. POLICE COMMITTEE do hereby give Notice, JL that they will receive Proposals from any person who is willing to enter into a Contraa, with sufficient Security, to Light 700 Lamp*, of more if required,' from the first August next until the 12th May ensuing. The Contraaor will be furnished with 12 Tons prime Ifurtring Oil, at the late of » £ 3J per Ton. Proposals to be made in Writing, Sealed, and indorsed " Proposals for Lighting," and free of Postage The Con- trafinr will be declared on the 1th July next. AH particulars relative to this business may be known, on appluanon to JAMES HYNDM AN, CI. ERK. No 17, Doncgall- street— May 25, 1812. Wanted also, a person to furnish Lamp Hkds, Burners, & c. by Contraa, and to Paint the entire Heads. 565) T TO BE LET, ktHE HOUSE and l. AJfD, near Malone Turnpike, late- ly occupied by Mr. FAB. ttu. vi, and immediate pos- tal given.— Apply to Jenny- Mount, March 90. JOHN THOMSON. ( 859 FIRE ARMS, HARDWARE & IRONMONGERY. ARRIVED, per the Kelly, Neptune, and Fanny, to the Subscribers, considerable additions to their Stock in the above Line, which they are enabled to dispose of very reasonably. HULL & STEWART, 25, Bridge- street— May 22. AN APPRENTICE wanted.— A Fee will be expeaed. GROCERY & FRUIT SHOP. IV ILL [ AM CLOSE jn » FSPF- CTFULLY acquaints his Friends and the Pub- ' L V lie, that he has commenced the above Business, At No. 3, High- street, two doors from Corn- Market, and hopes, from an unremitting attention to Businees, to merit a share of public patronage. He is at present well supplied with the following Goods, viz. Very Fine, Fine, and Second Scale Sugars, Doubles, Singles, and Housekeepers' Lumps, Hyson, Souchong. and Congou Teat, Muskatell, Bloom, and Sun Raisins, Figs in Frails and Casks, Shell Almonds, Lemons and Oranges, & c. fife. The ohnve are of the best quality, and being purchased for Ready Money, he is determined to s « U cheap for the same. 190) Belfast, May 15, 1812. UNFURNISHED LODGINGS TO LET. ADVERTISEMENT. To it Let, Jor a Term of Tears, and Immediate Pos- session given, A NEAT Comfortable HOUSE and GARDEN, in the town of MAO « CKA » * I. T, with a small FARM, con- venient. The above would answer a genteel family. - p0r particulars, apply to Mr. HAMILTON, on the Pre- • . . ( 33) MAfiseaAFitT, April 24 imses- A FEATHER BEDS BY PRIVATE SALE. FEW FEATHER BEDS, with Bolsters and Pillows to match, engaged to be of the best quality, the pro- perty of a respeaable Gentleman leaving this Country, and removed inio Town for convenience of Sale. Persons wanting the like, w; ll please make immediate ap- plication to JAMES MILLER, Pot'. inger's- F. ntry ; or, Mr. JOHN BAIN, Wilson's- Court, adjoining the Chronicle- OfEce, either of whom will treat for the same. . Terms— Bank Notes ( 254) May, 1812. DOWNSHIRE ARMS, BANBRIDGE. O. BOYLE, ETURNS grateful Thanks tothe NOBILITY, GUNTHV. and Pun Lid rn general, for their kind support since his enmmencenient in Business, and now takes the liberty of announcing to thase liberal Patrons, that he has removed to THE NEW INN, which:, from the elegance of its Apartment', he will have in his power to accommodate those who may honour him with their company, in a style, which, he flatters himself, will give sktisfadtion. His STABLES are finished in a superior manner; and Hay and Oats of prime Quality — Larder well supplied; and will always be particular in having choice Wines.— Good Beds— Post Horses and stout Chaises, with steady Drivers, on the shortest Notice. 267) BAN- BRIDGE, May 24, 1B12, HOMRA GLEN HOUSE & FARM. To lit Let, or tie Interest in tie Lease SolJ. rfHE above FARM, situated in the County Down, with- JL in one mile and a half of Hillsborough, and two of Lisburn; is held at a low Rent, under the Manauis of DOWN- SHIRE, for due young life and 12 years: it contains , v; A. 2R and 7 P. English Measure— The House and Of- fices are large and in excellent repair, and the Land is in the very best condition, the greatest part of which was manured and soiled last season. The HOUSEHOLD FU* « NU » IT, STOCK, and FASMIHO U r EN sr- J, may be had at a valuation, and immediate pos session gven.— Apply to Major GATB « , the Proprietor or at the Office of this Paper. SJ y) H « mra- Glen House, Jan. 4. LANDS FOR SALE, IN THE COUNTY OF DOWN. fTTtHE ESTATE of BLEARY and BALLYNAOAR JL RICK, the Property of WM. MACNAI1A » A, Esq. as formerly advertised in this Paper. Application, to be made to Mr. R. MACNAMARA, of Gilford, who will furnish Rentals, and give any necessary information to Persons inclinable to Purthaae— Also, to OiORGE GR0Z1F. R,,. Ej< j. TFOUWUEFC- asreet, DUBLIN. ( 830 MILITARY PROMOTIONS. PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. WAX- OmaS, May 19. Sd Regiment of Drsgoon Guards— Cornet and Adjutant G. Towell to have the rank of Lieutenant; Cornet F. Byrne to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Stuart, who re- tires. Sd Regiment » f Dragoons— R. T. Fawcett, gent, to be Cor- net, without purchase, vice Kelly, who resigns, ljth Regiment of Light Dragoon*— R. Milligan, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Rottpn, promoted. 14th Ditto— Serjeant- Major—— McCarthy, from the 16th Light Dragosns, to be Quarter- Master, Vice Jameson, de- ceased. 18th Ditto— Capt. the Hon H. B. Lygha to be Major, by purchase, vice Pelly, promoted. 18th Ditto— R. Curtis, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase lit Regiment of Foot'— Capt. G. Marlay, from the 25th Foot, to be Captain of a Company, vice Mitchell, who exchangee • Lieut. J• Alstone, from the Royal East Mid- dlesex Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase. • 4th Ditto— Lieut. V. Htint to be Captain of a Company, vice Bellingham, killed in afiion.— Tohe Lieutenants, En- sign R. Arnold, vice Stavely, killed in aaion ;, Ensign R. Muihollan!, vice Shepherd, dead of his wounds ; Ensign W. I. onsdaie, vice Hunt; Ensign J Bushel!, by purchase, vice Kieley, who ret ires—- To be Ensigns, Volun- teer H. Andrews, vice Lonsdale; Volunteer B M'Croban, vice Bushel). 6ch Ditto— Lieut. W. Russel, from the Stafford Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase. 7th Ditto— Capt. G King to be Major, without purchase, vice Singer, killed in action; Lieut. J W. We- ks to be Captain of a Company, viee Kin..'* Lieut H. English to be ditto, without purchase, vice Cholwich killed in aaion ; Er. nign H. S. Nooth, from the Dorset Militia, to be Lieu- tenant, without- purchase. 12th Ditto— Ensign A. T. Walsh, from the 44th Foot, to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Edwards, appointed t* the 5th West India Regiment Hth Ditto— Lieutenant T Hurring, from the East Essex Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase. 18th Ditto— Ensign and Adjutant J Hanimill to have the rank of Lieutenant; Ensign E. Piggott to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Molohy, who resigns; R Uniacke, Gent, te be Ensign, viee Piggott 22d Ditto— Ensign R. Kiernander to be Lieutenant, with- out purchase, vice Norton, promoted; Ensign R Collins to be ditto, vice Poole, promoted; R. Kyffen, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Kietnander. 23d D: tto— First Lieutenant H. Johnson to be Captain of a Company, without purchase, vice Maw, killed in aaion; Second Lieutenant W. A Griffiths to be First Lieutenant, • without purchase, vice Collins, killed in aaion; Second Lieutenant J. Clyde to be ditto, vice Johnson; Ensi£ <• D. penham, from the Portuguese service, to be Second Lieu- tenant, vice Griffiths, promoted; Volunteer G Toole, from the 39th Foot, to be ditto, without purchase, vice Clyde. 35th Ditto— Captain J. J. Mi'ehell, frem the l> t Foot, to be Captain of a Company, viee Marlay, who exchangaa 27th Ditto— Lieutenant p, Bass to be Captain of a Compa- ny, vite Jones, killed in adion; Ensign S Hastings to be Lieutenant, vice Levinge. killed in aClion; Ensign J. Hill to be ditto, vice Simeoe, killed in aftion To be Ensign-, Serjeant- Major • Smith, from the 52d Foot, vice Warrington, dead of his wounds; Ensign D. Denovan, SEA'BATMLVG IOTEL, NEWTO V. TNG LENS. DAVID STEP HE V BEGS leave to inforln the Public, that in consequence of the great difficulty he has experienced in procuring Hay for his Stables, he proposes accommodating BATHERS in his HOTEL, for the ensuing Summer;— but, again No- vember next, he shall be fully provided to meet the accom- I modation of Travellers, when be hopes for the honor of II their countenance and support. 2S9) NEWTOWNGLENS, May 25, DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. I ' HE PARTNERSHIP hitherto carried on under the 3 Firm of REYNOLDS, DOUGHERTY, & YOUNG, the WOOLLEN- DRATER? BUSINESS, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. NATHANIEL YOUNG having withdrawn from the :' irm, the Business of that House will in future be carried on under the Firm of REYNOLDS, DOUGHER- TY, Sc CO. All Debts due by the above Firm, will be dis- charged by REYNOLDS, DOUGHS* RT, & Co. and all Debts due to them are requested to be paid as soon as possible. 204} COLERAIN, May 15, 1812. Tn the Matter of WILLIAM IIANNA, a Bankrupt. } T ' HE COMMISSIONERS JA- named and authorized in and by a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued against WILLIAM HANNA, of Newry, in the County of Down, Merchant, will meet ( pursuant to adjournment) at the Royal Exchange, Dublin, on the 19th day of June next, at TWO o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of re- ceiving the Proof of Debts, and of making a final Dividend of said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects.— Dated this 14th day of May, 1812, GEORGE OGLE, 219) Agent to the Assignees BUILDING GROUND. To be Let, in Great Edward- Street, in Front of the New Shambler, i FEW LOTS of GROUND— one of the best Situa- 1 tions in Belfast for Building, with Vaults complete. A long Lease will be given. Eor particulars, inquire nf Major FOX. ( 261 STALLIONS, IPO Cover this Season, at NEW- GROVE, near Ballymena, t at One Guineas each Mare, and Five Shillings to the Groom:— RUM BO, By Whiskey, out of Sp: netta— for his pedigree at large, and performance on the Tdrf, see the General Stud Book, and Racing Calendars. Also, at same place, at One Guinea eacji h/ tire, and Half- a. Crown to the Groom, HERCULES, ? A well- bred Suffolk Punch, imported from the best stock in that Country. Gras3, & c. for Mares, at Is. Id. per Week.— All demands for Covering and Keep, to be paid before the Mares are taken away, as the Groom is accountable. ( 694 YOUNG SWINDLER WILL Cover Mares this Season, at the Ma* eVt « of DowNSHiRE'sStables, HILLSBOROUGH: Bred Mares, Four Guineas, all others, Two Guineas; Half- a- Guinea to the Groom He was got by Swindler, dam by Tugg, grand, dam Harmony, by Eclipse, gr- at- grand- dam Miss Spindle- shanks, by Omar, Sterling, Godolphin, Arabian, Stannidn, Arabian, Pelham Barb, Sp. it, Wbite- legged, Lowther Barb, Old Vintner Mare, & c.— He was a famous, true Racer; for his performances, vide Hook Calendar, of 1808,9,10, aud 1 1 Good Grass for Mates, at IJI \ i. per night, and all ex pences to be paid befow die Mam we r- niavcd, y » 21 from the Portuguese service, vice Hastings; N. M'Nicol, Gent, without purchase, vice Hill, promoted S2d Ditto— R. Gardner, Gent, te be Ensign, by purchase, vice Roberts, who retires. 33d Ditto— Lieutenant J Caftierort, from the Royal East Middlesex Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase. 34th Ditto— Ideutenant P Jones, from the Denbigh Mili- tia, to be Ensign, without purchase. S6th Ditto— Lieutenant H. O'Bre, from the 101st Foot, to be Lieutenant, vice Bowers, who exchanges; Ensign W. Peacocke to be ditto, without purchase, vice Robison, who resigns; Volunteer R. Jones, from the 32d Foot, to be Ensign, vice Peacocke. 37th Ditto— W. Moir, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Dale, promoted; Lieutenant J. © ttey, from the Royal East Middlesex Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase. 38th Ditto— Serjeant- Major A. Veitch, to be Ensign, vice Evans, killed in aaion. 39th Ditto— Lieutenant H Smith, to be Adjutant, vice Lord, who resigns the Adjutancy only; Ensign T. Wil- liams, to be Lientenant, without purchase, vice Whalley, placed on half- pay; }. Kingsbnry, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Williams. 40th Ditto— To be Lieutenants, Ensign A. Wilkinson, vice Greenshields, killed ill aaion; Ensign R. Taaffe, vice Street, dead of hU wound3; Ensign J. Foulkes, vice Ayl- iilg, killed in aaion— To be Ensigns, Serjeant- Major J. Powell, vice Johnstone, dead of his wounds; H. Queade, Gent, vice Wilkinson; Volunteer I. Robb, vice Taaffe ; Volunteer J. A. Widenham, vice Foulkes. 4lst Ditto— Capt. G. Maiquis. of Tweeddale, from the ! 5th I. ight Dragoons, to be Major, by purchase, vice Grant; J. Geale, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Maclean, promoted; Lieut. S. Biddulph, from the Stafford Militia, to be ditto, without purchase; I , ieut. J. P. Vickery, from the Royal South Gloucester Militia, to be ditto 42d Ditto— Lieut. H. Maxwell, from the 26th Foot, to be Captain of a Company, by purchase, vice Anstruther, pro- moted. 43d Ditto— Major D. J. Hearn, to be Lieutenant- Colonel, vice M'I. eod, killed in aAion; Brevet Major W. F. P. Napier, to he Major, vice Hearn: Lieut. T. Rylance, to be Captain of a Company, vice Napier.— To be Lieute- nants, En- ign W. Havdock, vice Harvest, killed in aaion. Ensign W. Williams, vice Taggart, killed in aaion ; F. u- sign Folliett, vice Rylance.— To be Ensigns, Volun- teer R. O'Connell, vice Havelock; C. Campbell, Gent, vice Williams; B. H. Edwards, from the Portuguese ser- vice, vice Folliett. 44th Ditto— Ensign R Grier, to be Lieutenant, vice Un- thank, killed ill aaion; Ensign D. Carey, to be ditto, vice Argent, killed in aaion — To be Ensigns, Ensign Horner, frem the Portuguese service, vice Grier; Volun- teer Strong, from the Ist Foot, vice Carey; N. T. Kingsley, Gent, without purchase, vice Walsh, promoted in the 12th Foot. 45th Ditto— Lieut. F. Powell to be Captain of a Company, vice Herrick, killed in aaion; Ensign R. M'Gibbon to be Lieutenant, vice Powell.— To be Ensigns, C. Mac- donald, Gent, vice G. Macdonald, killed in aaion : Volun- teer — ilea, vice Golland, killed in a& ion ; Volunteer . Crauford, vice M'Gibbou. 47th Ditta— J. Uniacke, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Hill, promoted. 48th Ditto— Lieut. W. W. Cheslyn to be Captlin of a Com- pany, vice Brooke, killed in aaion; Ensign P. M Dou- gall to be Lieut, vice Chilcut, killed in aaion; Eilsign W Norman to be ditto, vice Cheslyn — To be Ensigns, Volun- teer Foley, from the 24th Foot, vite Barker, killed in aclion f' H Le Mesurler, Gent vice M'Dougall; Ser- jeant- Major W. Wetherall, vice Norman 52d Ditto— To be Captains of Companies, Lieut: J. M'Nait, vice Jones, killed in aaion; Lieut. E. Langton, vice Mad- den, killed in aCtion; Lieut. W. Rentall, vice Poole, kill- ed in aAion; Lieut. H. Dawson, viee Merry, dead of his woiinds.— To be Lieutenants, Ensign G. Hall, vice Booth, killed in aaion ; Ensign R. S. Hallett, viee Royle, lull- < ed in aCtion ; Ensign W. R. Nixon, vice M'Nair; Elision Gi Gawler, vice Lan^ tonj Endgn N. jfopfeaHyvftiiiRin'- tall; Ensign C. R. Buckle, vice Dawson.— To be Ensigns,. — u Snodgrass, Geut. vice Hall; 1. S. Cargill, Gent, vice Hallett; Volunteer T. Gottinghaiti, vice » ixon ; — F/ aser, Gent, vice Gawlef; W. Hdnter, Gent, vice Sue kle, promotedt W. C. Yonge, Gfflit. vice Nepjln, pro- moted. 54th Ditto— J Reia,. Gent. to'be Ensign, by purchase, vl Potts, promoted. 60th Ditto—( Japt. C. C. tiacon,. from the half- pay. nf the 92d Foot, to be Capftin of a Company,' vice Campbell, who exchanges, receiving the difference; Eilsign W. Taaffe to be Lieut, vice Sterne, killed in adtion; Serjeant- Major G. Si- rehe to be Ensign, vice Tasffe. 68th Ditto— R. Ball, Gent, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Lord C. Spencer, appointed to the 95th Foot. 71st Ditto— Ensign W Peacocke to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice Persse, who retires. 73d Ditto— Lieut. W. Keys, from the Derby Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase. 74th Ditto— Lieutenant T. Shore, from the Royal East Middlesex Militia, to be Etlsigu, without pilrchase. . 7th Ditto— Lieut. W. S. Farmer, fron the Glamorgan Militia, to he Ensign, without purchase. 90th Ditto— Lieut. H. Tomkinson, from the Stafford Mi- litia, be Ensign, without purchase. 81st Ditto— Lieut. T. B. Ball, to be Captain of a Company, vice James, dead of his Wounds; Ensign S. Steele, to be Lieutenant, vice Ball. 85th Ditto— J. Hale, Gent, to be Ensigrt, by purchase, vice Grant, promoted. 88th Ditto— Lieut. W. Mackies to be Captain of a Com- pany, vice Lindsey, killed in aCtion— To b# Lieutenants, Ensign J. Christian, vice Mansfield, killed in aaion; En- sign J, Darcy, vice Macalpinc, kill- d in aaion; Ensign J. Moriarty, vice Cotton, killed in aaion; Ensign R. Edgar, vice Mackies— To be Ensigns, J Sanders, Gent, vice Christian; W. M'Clintock, - vice Darcy; Volunteer H. Fawcett, vice Moriarty ; Volunteer G. Bunbury, from the 94th Foot, vice Edgar. 95th Ditto— Brevet- Major Cameron to be Major, vice O'Hare, killed in admit—.' To be Captains of Companies, First Lieutenant M. Hewan, vice Diggle, killed in aaion ; First Lieut. E. Chawtier, vice Cameron— To be First I. ieutenants— 2d I. ieut. R. Cochran, vice Hovenden, killed ill aaion; Second Lieut J. A Ridgeway, vice Carey, killed in aaion; Second Lieut. J. Fry, vice Allix, killed in aaion; Second Lieut. A. Scotr, vice Stokes, killed in aaion ; Second I. ieut. J. P. Gairdner, vice Croudace. kill- ed in aaion; Second I. ieut. W. Haggup, vice Hewan; Second Liaut. G Vickers, vice Chawner— To be Second i. ieutenants, Ensign J. ord C. Spencer, from the 68th Foot, vice Cochrane; Volunteer Lawson, vice Ridgeway; J Hill, Gent, vice Fry ; F. Mansell, Gent, vice Scott; V. WJebb, Gent, vice Gairdner; A Campbell, Gent, vice Haggup; D. Ferguson, Gent, vice V. cker.-. 96th Ditto— Ensign J. Pratt to be Lieutenant, vice Clifford, deceased; J. O'Connor, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Pratt. 98th Ditto— P. 1). Daly, Gent, to be Ensign, without pur chase, vice Wilson, who resigns 101st Ditto— Lieutenant W Bowers, from the 3Gth Foot, to be Lieutenant, vice O'BrC, who exchanges; W. Carey, Gent, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Parker, who resigns. 103d Ditto— Lieut. N. A. Jagger, from the East Es- ex Mili- tia, to he Ensign, without purchase. 5th West India Regiment of Foot— To he I. ieutenants, with- out purchase— Lieut. J. Edwards, from the 12th Foot; Lieutenant A. De Spil'ebanr, from Dillon's regiment, vice Finney, appointed to the 11th Veteran Battalion. 8< h Ditto— Lieut J. Blood to be Captain of a Company, without purchase, vice O'Farrell, placed upon half- pay. ; Royal African Corps— J. Sutton, Gent, to be Ensign, with- out purchase, vice Mackay, promoted. 1st Garrison Battalion— E. Waller, Gent, to be Ensign, vice : Hamilton, who resigns. BREVET.— Major W Brooke, of the 48th Foot, to be 1 Lieutenant- Colonel in the Army; Captain C. Ellicombe, o! the Royal Engineers, to be Major in the Army. The King's German Legion— 1st Dragoons— U. Baron Bar- ner to be Cornet, vice Naterman, promoted; A. Baron Munchausen to be ditto vice Lovetzow, promoted. 2d Ditto— To be Corsets— V. Baron Massow, vice. Fumetti, promoted; Troop- Serjeant- Major E. Meyer, from the Brunswick Cavalry. 2d Light Dragoons— F. Von Forer to be Cornet, vice Grahn, promoted. 1st Battalion Light Infantry— E. F. A. Koester, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Heise, promoted. 2d— Captain P. Hurtzig, from the 6th Battalion of the Line, to be Major, with temporary rank, vice Best, promoted. 1st Battalion of the Line— Cadet- Serjeant W. Meyer, to be Ensign, vice Best, promoted. 2d— W Dawson, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Hesse, promoted. 3d— Ensign J Brinckmann to be Lieutenant, vice Borgstedt, deceased. 5th— H. Llewellyn, Gent, to be Fnsign, vice Lehman. i, pro- moted. Cth— Lieutenant C. Anthony to he Captain of a Company, with temporary rank, vice Hunzig, promoted in the 2d Light Infantry; Ensign C. Polchan to be Lieutenant, vice Anthony. To be Ens gns— Ensign L Benne, from the Garrison Company, vice Depps, promoted; Lieutenant Schafer, jun. from the retired list of the Brunswick Corps, vice Sander, promoted. 8th— Brevet- Lieutenant- Colonel C. Best, from 2d l. i » ht Battalion, to be Lieutenant- Colonel with temporary rank, vice Lasperg, deceased; Lieutenant —— SchultZ, jun. from the retired list of the Brunswick Corps, to be En- sign, vice Ziermann, promoted. Dillon's Regiment— H. S. Maxwell, Gent, to he Ensign, without pilrchase. Meuren's Regiment— Lieutenant P. D. D'Orsonnens to be Captain of a Company, without purchase, vice D'Orbe, who retires upon half pay. CONTINENTAL HOSTILITIES. By a Prussian vessel, arrived iri the river, We li. We received Frankfort Gazettes to the 12th iiist. inclu- sive. A collision has actually taken place bet. vee'n the Russian and French troops, iri which the latter claim the advantage :— WARSAW, MAY 2.— A courier lids arrived heh with intelligence of a rencontre having taken phde irl the neighbourhood of Ra'dzilow, between A detach- ment of tiie allied troops and tjje Cossac[ ties. It ap- pears that the latter crossed the Bobr, and attempted to advance along the left of the Wysa, for the pur- pose of plundering the villages, when Col. WenzloV attacked them with Polish and confederated troops, and put them to the rout, fie afterwards puisuetl them across the Wysa, killing and wounding 96 at' of them, and making 22 prisoners. It is said that the Russian commandant of Gonidz has disavowed this act of aggreSion, and requested the particulars, in order to transmit - them to the Emperor. The nia'- ch of tfaops through this place continues'. daily. Out contingent of 30,000 men aw in the fiekl. LF. IP. SIG, MAY ' They write frtim Eltring, th it the troops of his Majesty the Emperor, and tho: l- of the Rhenish Confederation, form a segment of a circle, extending from the Rehrung to the borders o'f Austrian Gallicia— in some parts, the farces of France and her allies ate within four miles of the Russian corps of observation. There are various rumours in circulation ; but hope9 are still entertained of an ad- justment. It is certain, that whatever affairs may have occurred, they are not authorised by the Con:' mariders. PETERSBURG!!, APRIL — There have been somi modifications in the late l.- vies oftroopb— it beinij found impossible to raise the required number, many males have been taken under the ige of 18 and above that of 40 years. Three corps of reserve have be'ed formed j one at Pskow consisting of 10,000 troops { another between Tharmapol and Shitomie, of 12,000j and a third at Biallistock, of 14,000, which will be augmented. They are well equipped. The Sen ium meet every day, and their deliberations continue many hours. Official communications have been m. lde to them of the number, state and disposition of the, troops on tm; frontiers. A coi'don of troops have been post- ed along the Bobr and Nurzuk Rivers— tile towns' along tiiat fiontier are well fortified, and strongly gar- lisoned. It is said that the Emperor Alexander late- ly consulted Gen. Benings n on an important State afflit-, and that this veteran officer recommended strongly to his Majesty to cultivate peace. FUAN'KroKT, MAY 13.— The Russian Court Ga- zette of the 4th ult. contained an Ukase,- forbidding the departure of the inhabitants settled on the Wes- tern frontiers to the interior. Tiiey ire promised protection from any predatory foreign force, and in- demnification of all losses, an account of which they are directed to transmit to head- quarters. They are likewise ordeivd to supply horses and waggons fortfw \ conveyance of troops and stones, and a certain quan- tity of grain, SCc. for which latter they ate to be paid. Another Ukase of a date prior to the above, forbids subjects of Russia serving in the armies of j foreign Continental Potentate, under penalty of confiscation of property. A third Ukase directs the return of all Russian subjects f'loni the dominion of any Continen- tal power, within a limited time, under penalty of re- ceiving no indemnification for loss of property, whicTx they may sustain in consequence of remaining. COPENHAGEN, MAY 8.— A corps of 6,000* men have been ordered to assemble in Holstein, under Gen. Muller, to guard the Coast against all inSult on the part of the English. The troops who were permitted to return home, at the commencement of winter, arc to oin their regiments without delay, circumstances hav- ing rendered their services indispensably necessary to jheir country. FROM THE DUBLIN GAZETTE. DUBLIN CASTl E, MAY 22. His Grace- the Lord Lieutenant has been pleas- ed to sign Commissions for the following gentle- men to be officers in the undermentioned Yeoman- ry Corps, viz :— Loyal Tulloiu Cavalry— Abraham Jones, Esq. to be Cap- tain, vice Colclough, resigned. Kilnoe Cavalry— Cornelius O'Callaghan, Esq. to be Cap- tain, yice John O'Callaghan, resigned. I) rumbo Infantry— Andrew Durham, Esq, to be First Lieu- ten int, vice Smyth, resigned. Doivnpatrhh Hangers— Wm. M'Cltit\ e, Esq. to be Third Lieutenant, vice J. meson, resigned. Maryborough Infantry— Stephen Sheffield Cassan, Est}, to be Second Captain, vice Halpin, deceased. Cahir Infantry— Henry lames Hughes, Esq. to he Second Captain, vice Burke, resigned. Cronbane Infantry— Richard JohnsOtl, Esq: to be First Lieu- tenant, vice Blood, resigned. Edward Johnston, Esq. to be 9ccond Lieutenant, vice Mills, resigned. I. ougbrea Ctanriciarde Infantry— Thomas S'nadWeH, Juil. Esq. to be First Lieutenant, vice Dolphin, promoted. Uttglisb Infantry—- Smyth Berry, Esq. to be Fiist Lieute- nant, vice T. Berry, resigned. Parsonsto- am Infantry.*- Second Cap'ain P. B. Warburton to^ be First Captain, vie* t'lliotf, deceased. First Lieutenant Bartholomew Warburton tb be Second Captain, vice B B. Warburton, promoted. Second Lieutenant Wetherlbck Hobcrt to be First Lieu- tenant, vice Warburton, promoted. Third Lieutenant Samuel Criimmer to be Second Lieute- nant, vice Hobert, promoted. Samuel Warburton, Esq. to be Third Lieutenant, vice Crummer, promoted. Carey Cavahy.-^ lienty Clarke, Est}, td be first1 Lieute- nant. Francis Turnly Horde, Esq. to be Second Lieutenant. Carey Infantry.— R S. Dobbs, T'Nq. to be Captain. - Bdrfiond A M'Niel to be first Lieutenant. TempUrkoi* e Infantry, 93 Company —' ThDSiill Bert'et, Esq. • to be First Lioitp- ant, NATIOVAII DEBT.— An Account of the Reduc- tion of the National Debt, from the 1st August, ; 1? 86>, to the 1st May, 1812 ! Redeemed by the Sinking Fund.. i=£ l94,0( W, I8: J Transferred by Land Tax Redeenied, 24,023 477 Do. by Life Annuities Purchased... 1,748,989 On Accotint of Great Britain... Ditto in Ireland Ditto of Imperial Loan Ditto of Loan to Portugal..!... ....£ 219,775,649 9,450.0 r- f t... 1,280,343 118,563 a Total ,=£ 230.624,559 The sum to be expended in the ensuing quarlcT *• is ^ 3,584,4- 77^ 1^. A comet was seen from the Madras Observa- tory on the 2d of OiSober, but which had been discovered at Calcutta on the lShh of the preced- ing month. The Mirror of the 25th of Septem- ber gives the following aceodnt of this pheno- menon " Last Thursday evening, a conr? t great apparent magnitude was seen in the t: cinv of the square of Ursa Major, a few degrees abo the horizon. It was also distinflly visible the t following evenings; but from the cloti. ly we- the? that has since generally prevailed in the evening, it has been scarcely visible since Saturday*. It ; » -, supposed to be the same comet that was srf. n « c « veral evenings in May and June last. Ft' m apparent size, it must b? considered as dj. tematkable of all the comets that have bee. i seen • in modern times j its nucleu: appears to the ; ikei' eye of the size of a star of the second magnitude* A whimsical accident took place yesterdn the Levee. The twb great State Lords White staves, the Marquis of Her: ford an* Ef of Cholmondely, being tired standing on the 1 gs in the Levee R - om, sat down together!^ an or- molu table. ' The weight was too great ' the flimsy French, labric. It broke down, brought the Lord Chambeilain, and Lord StjeW ard of the Household, with a crash to the ground? At that instant Lord Sidmouth ran up to assist the mighty Peers, when at the instant an inkstand broke and dashed all its contents over the Lord, President's hands. He held- them out as a pite- ous sight; but immediately said,, with good ha- ( mour—" Well! this is^ nh^ ky-— tnoughi at least I should Lave gone out ef office wrtfe ctc : hands." s. m II BELFAST' COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE. « * tt -• O./.' s- • ' ' U ' " LONDON, Monday, May \ 8. . V. \ ( From the Pilot.) We understand,' from good authority-, that the ' ar- rangements for tlie fornratioh ef the new Admini- stration are completed to the following extent:— The Marquis of Wellesley to he first Lord of the- Trensurv; Mr. Canning Secretary of State for Fo reign Affairs ; Mr. Huskisson is to be the Chancel lor'of the Exchequer ; Marquis of Lansdown, Earl of, Moira, and Lord Holland, to have Cabinet offi- ces,. Ear] Grey and Lord Grenville having declined accepting office themselves. We have not yet heSrd the precise intended distribution of offices atnong the three last mentioned Noble Peers ; but it is supposed . that Earl Moira will have the office that he formerly heid. Master- General of the Ordnance. Mr. Tier- trey is to be President of the Board of Contiotil.— Earl Hard wick is spoken of as the new Lord Lieu tenant of Ireland. Mr; Whitbread has been men- tioned as Secretary of State for the Home Depart- ment. Earl Temple is to have bis former office of Paymaster of the forces, and Lord G. L. Gower is also to have a high place. Marquis Wetlesley, in pursuance of the command of the Prince Regent, commenced on . Saturday, the applications to tnose eminent Statesmen of other parties whom it was most desirable to associate w: tl> himself and Mr. Canning in the arrangement of a new Administration. The first per* on » applied to were Earl Grey and Lord- Grenville, to whom the Noble Marquis expressed his \ y* ilihsrness to act in a situation subordinate to them. To this very liberal and patri- otic deference and condescension in the person en- trusted with the formation of the new Government, Earl Grey and Lord Grenville answered with corres- ponding disinterestedness and regard to the service of the country; and although they declined coming themselves into office, they declared they had no ob- jection. to the acceptance of the propositions by those who have hitherto been connected with them; add- ing, that they would give their support to the Ad- ministration that should be so formed ; reserving, believe, some particular differences of opinion upoR Ceitain prominent points. As it was wished to form the new Administration on the most extended basis, Mr. Canning made an application to Earl Liverpool, and some other mem- bers of . the. existipg Cabinet ; but it is said that alt tlie,. members of that Cabinet, with the exception of Lotd - Melville, have pledged themselves never a « vain to Sit > « a Cabinet with Marquis Wellesl. ey. The reason . assigned for this determination is, according to one • statement, " the conduct of the Noble Marquis to- wards Mr. Perceval, as explained in the stntemei* re- • cently published by the Noble Marquis, of the causes Of his rftignatiap., and the disresptct shewn by him to the memory of that Minister, in the publication c> f t'lat statement since-. his death." BEl. F AST-- COURSE Ofi EXCH ANGE; fie. Mat- 29.— Belfast on I. imdnn ( 21 ds.) 9-} fi'j. per cent, • Belfast on Dublin ( fil d » .) 1 pe- cent. Belfast on Glasgow 8 8 J per cent. / Hnn, Mar 28 — ftj per eesjr. Gov. Deh 73 —; ' S per tenr. Ditto 101^$ F. HBiSih, J\, fjT 2( 5-—' cent. Consols 5< i » $ MAT 2B — Dublin f . on. 9 1 MAT 26,— l. nnjmDubs <>| -•-•"'•—" r'r = r~ 7-. — ARRIVED. ^ M A U. S" FAVCR OUR LAST. . 3 Bv Do « AC » A!, rt*'—••—• » "' S BY DUBLIN... out O 0 BELFAST, , Saturday, May 30, 18 < 2. The arrangements for a Change of Ministry Continue to agitate the public opinion in London, and much difficulty seems to exist in the forma- tion of the. New, Cabinet. The following extraifls from the Packet by JSsfreti, contains the latest in- formation on . this and other interesting subjects: FA C KETIIT £ X P H ESS.. • Lnndon Tuesday, Mtty 28. Tlie negociations for the formation of a new ' C;. jhinefbave'' not yet Come to any decisive or sa- tisfactory result.'— On Sund « V sight Lord Wei-, Jesl- efr went tm Crrlt^ n- house, and delivered into the hands of the Prince Regent the answers which be had received from the heads of parties to the propositions. wliich he had made fo them respec- tively.,' as thf t » a, sis for forming a new Administra- tion. His Royal Highness appointed the Noble Marquis to eome to him the next day tor receive his pleasure on the answers, and did not at that time enter into the subject.— YesjeVday afternoon L, ord Eldon and Lord Liverpool had each an widience of his Royal Highness', ^ rh; ch lasted a considerable time. After which, Lord W^ llesley was admitted, and had A conference, which last ed till half. past five o'clock. Mr. Canning was then sest for,. and had also an audience of the Piince. ' , .... We ba* e every reason" to believe, that,, as. we ted yesterday, Earl Grey and Lord Grenville echoing themselves tn come into office without a mere enlarged coincidence with their views, particularly upon the Catholic question, than the Noble Marquis proposed, Jiad left their friends at liberty to accept office, declaring that they would give the Administration which should be so form- ed, the best support that their ' principles would admit. A proposition was, in consequence, made the Marquis of Lansdriwne and Lord Holland, and to the Earl of Moira ; arid some conferences look place, which have not yet come to any cer- tain ffesult :> Hut it is feared' thai they will termi- nate without bringing aboat the wished- for union. There are many who infer from the long - audi- ences given'yesterday to the Earl of Liverpool and Lord Eldori, that either the existing Ministers, notwithstanding their recent defeat in the House of Commons, will still be. desired to drag on the i Government wit^ sach. aid as they can get or i glean asiy where ; or at least that they will be con * wiled with th* view- to rsstrift and limit as much J as possible: those measures W conciliation,. wlvcE alitiouch inevitable, are granted with the reiufl' ' aSnct'tra^ * raiser Has In \ aftin^ with bis a OFFICIAL DISPATCH From Lord Wellington to Don M. ?. Fori a z, dated Head quarters, Fuente de Guinaldo, May 6. " Nothing important has bccurred since I trans- mitted your Excellency my last dispatch. " No movements of importance have taken place in the South. The information T receive from Gallicia informs me thatEspozy Myna has fought the enemy since the end of March with much success, frustrating all the endeavours made by General. Dorsenne with an infinitely su--* perior force to destroy the'corps under his- com- ij mand ; since which he has again succeeded in an- attack made on the 6th April, against one of the; enemy's convoys, on which occasion he took a; large sum. of money. Lisbon Gatttte, May 12. f ISBCTv, MAY 1&.' The Army has begun to move South. No ac- counts have yet been received from General Hill; RETURN OF THE FRENCH SQUADRON FR. OM TFtE WEST INDIES. It is with great regret we lay before our readers the following account of the success of a French Squadron on its return from the West Indies. We trust they will yet be forced to disgorge their plunder by some cf our squadrons j—. " ftYMO'tTTH, MAY 24. • " Arrived this morning the ship Patent, o£ Lou- don, Captain M'Masters. She sailed from hence a short time since for Jamaica, but on the 17th inst- in lat. 39. long. 14. she fell in with the ene- my's squadron, consisting of the Ariadne, of 44 guns, Andromache, 41 guns, and the Mameluck, of 16 guns, under the command of Commodore Fertier. This squadron left Nantz on the 9h January, and a few days after chaced the Surveil lante frigate into Corunna, since which they have been to the West Indies, but did not touch at- any of the Islands. The object- of the croise appears to have been wholly plunder, in which they have unfortunately but too well succeeded, as will ap- pear by the following list Of vessels captured ; the greater part of them had valuable cargoes. The enemy either burnt or sunk all of them, after taking out the most valuable things on board. LIST OF THE. VESSELS CAPTURES; Feh. 21. Generous Planter, of London, Turner, for Ma- deira and Jamaica. £ 2. Sampson, of Hull, I. ulte, for Lisbon and St. Crnix. 23. Boston, of Liverpool, Hughes, from Cork for Tortola. ' • March 2. St. Harmony, a Portuguese, for Lisbon. 3 Schooner Polly, an American, from Boston for Gin. daloupe. * 11- Brig Amethyst, an American, from Amelia Island to Martinique;' brig Three Friends, of Bristol, Godfrey, from J St. Crol*, to ditto. 1 - 1 Aln » zo, an American, Saunders, from' St. Croix for Portsmouth. 21. Emilie, a Swede, Loekness, from Liverpool to Ame- lia Island. 2! » . Brig Adventure, tin American, Curtis, from St Croix for U- isron. • ; " ' f April 2. The Henry, of Liverpool, M'Dowell, from De- m « rn* a fnr London.... 10. Pizarrn, an American, from Madeira for New- York. 15. Prince Regent, of London, Free, front Martinique for Liebon. 20. Two Portuguese brigs, one from St. Mary's and the other from St. Saivadore to Lisbon. 26. Brig Hippy Couple, an American, from Baltimore to Oporto,. May i. Ship Isis, an American, Donaldson, from Rhode Island to Gibraltar. ..'' 2. Sally schooner, an American,. from Majorca to Boston.' 4. Ro; arin, of London, All' n, from Lisbon to Tobago'. 1. Jk - Spanish packet from Cadis to Havaiuiah, with dis- patrhts. 11. The Mary, an Amtr cin, Craycroft, from Havamiah to Smvrna, with a most valuable cargo. " . " The first vessel captured by the . above Squad- ron wis the Nancy of Guernsey, Captain Childs, from the Braiils, bound to Guernsey. They captured also two other American ships, whose names I cannot learn. The ship Patent, who brings the above news, was given up as a cartel, and bas on board about 150 of the crews of the above- named vessels. The Patent left the ene- my's Squadron on the 18th inst. in lat. 40. long. 14— Next day fell in with the Achates, and gave her in'elligence; a few days after fell in with two frigates, the iSem- ilamis kii'd the Andromache, and since, that With the Helicon gun- brig ; so that if the enemy attempt to get into any of the Wes- tern ports, it is to be hofSeii they will be intercept- ed. Some of tiie masters think they will proceed North about, and endeavour to get into the Tex el or to Norway ; others of the masters think th y' will keep to the Southward to await a ga'e Qf wind, and run fur Bourdeaui, or some of tlie Western ports.", • • v- This" djy'atriv# « r'a ' Mail from Heligoland,— The Diana was informed by some fishermen at sea, that theref hAs been 4 dreadful battle between the French and Russians; but they could not give any particulars as to time or place, or any other circumstance connected with it. Letter? to the- 20th inst. we. re yesterday receiv- ed from France. The arrival of General Lefeb- vre was no longer attempted to be kept a secret. That Officer, after his disgraceful breach of pa. trole, wait landed at Boulogne by one o! our own countrymen. TaEATBBj— Last nigbt, the Comedy of, Th Witt, with the admirable Piece of Pmonatimt, and tha Day afltr tU H'fJJing, both said to Be written by Mrs, C. KIMBLE, and advertised f » r her Benefit, attracted to the Theatre a very crowded wadreiid- e. The part of Albina. Mafidevii ( written for Mrs. JORDAN, and' resigned by that Lady to Mr* C. Kem » le>, was perfectly well adapted to the playftl taan- Ber, arfd natural feeling of Mrs C. KIMBLE. Tr e number of persons disappointed of places, for the last: three sights, have, by their particular request, induced Mrs, KEMKLE to perform one night longer than at first intended. To- night, therefore, We see her advertised for the SMicr'i i Daughter, in which she is said to be vely suecessluli and ! with that indefatigable tad- faudable spirit with which she j- aiftualty labours for the interest of the Theatre and the s^ ris- i fc& iou- the Public, af^ e again, petfofms is'Shr inted- ude, Ol Pcrtoitatiu*, and J'he LONDONDERRY, MAY 26. £ From the Derry Journal.'] On Fiiday last his Majesty's armed ^ choottef- Barbara, commanded by a Lieutenant Morgan, appeired upon our cbast and commenced a series of the most CrtVe'l a£ tj » oT oppression ever witness, ed. by Impressing a number 6f fishermen, a chiss of People respeCted and protected by all G overn- ments whether friends or foesv Next day, the Schooner came to an anchor' in Moville bav, where four outward ' btfund American vessels had jcome tp anchor w; ith their legal compliment of passengers, '. in '. order to make the necessary- ar- i rangements, previous to their pMcSeding to sea.; Lieutenant Morgan immediately commanded the boats of the Nepean Revenue Cutter to his as- sistance> :' nnd, sending - a gang on- board each of;,: the American's, had a great many of the passer-' gers dragged from their births and conveyed on. b(* 4rd the Schoohe't. ' I'he distressing scene which-,' presented itself on board, the vessels, when famt- i lies found their'relations torn from the. rn, can: ral most respectable Merchants at a Public Meet- nardly-. be. imagine^, and is bevocd pur . a^ iilts'fs tp Meeting, met'with universal approbation, and Vvas ordered to l> e~ forwarded by Mt1. Schoales, the chairrrtan, to his & race the Lord Lieutenant, and to the^ Rt. Hon. Sir Geo. F. H'll, our City Re- presentative, for the purpose of having it laid before the Lords of the Admiralt)'.— Want of room prevents us from giving, at'length, tbe sen--' timents of the various ge^ stemen who spoke on ? this interesting occasion, and also front inserting the Memorial.'' . '• ij It appeared to be the Universal opinion of the'J Meeting, ir>' which we most heartily concur, that the whole proceedi' g Or" Morgan was the un- authorised act of an indiv idual, and that it is only necessary to make the facts known to the Govern-' ment to procure immediate redress ;, an< j we feel the inmost confidence that the unhappy ^ offerers • will obtain every possible reparation for the in- jury which they have sustained. , The above t9 taken from .. the Dnrrj, Journal,. which in this case speaking fhe opinions of .- eve irtg, we though• it right to lay before our Readers, describe. The newsr reached D - nyJate - on Sa- i| as having considerable weight, on a subjeCt pecu- tnrday night, but* it gained no credit, no one wotild believe that sucK a'Cts dare be attempted by any man in the service of the, best of Rings and freest country on" ear'h. It proved but too true, however, and nycer before did. any occurrence ex- cite so strong a sensation in this City. A meet- ing of the merchants was cal'ed at the Ballast- Office, at one o'clock, yesterday, but such was the general anxiety, that most of them were in attendance half an Jiour before theappointed time. When the wished- for hour arrived, Adam Schoafes,' Esq.' was. tihanimpusly called to the Chair, and Mr. George Foster stated to the meet-, ing such parts of the disgraceful transaction as came within his ioowledge. He- had been at Mo- ville for the" purpose'of transacting t( ie business of the ship Bristol; and, on the evening of Saturday, being on shore, Jiis attention was drawn to the ships . in the bay by tbe most heiv (. rending cries of wrimen and children. - He wished to go on board the- Bristol,- tut conld not procure a boat until about ten o* cffck, when the Mate of the Mary came on sjiore and conveyed him to the Bristol. The fitsf. objeft which attracted his no- tice was an old woman, of the .' name of Fulton, who had got twoeof her teeth knocked out,, and two of her ribs br « ken by the hilt of a sabre while clinging trr her sj? rr,. jU the ruffians were draggipg him- into the boat. Oil Sunday Mr-. Foster went on board th'e schooner, atcompanied by Captain Barker, of the Brist< 4. They begged leave . to takedown the names of tbi- impressed passengers, th, * they fr ight dispose- of their e'othes and pro- perty, agreeably to their wishes, which was grant- ed by Lieutenant Morgan. In the- mean time two marines walked the deck with drawn sabres, which they freely applied to the shoulders of the passen- gers. One, unfortunate wretch leaning over the bulwark, for the purpose of requesting one of the seamen, alongside, to' setid him his clothes from 1 '• n board the Venus, to which li « belonged, when he was perceived by the Li « nenant,.. and ordered j to be flogged, . ant! the order . was immediately ' obeyed, by the boatswain, who was repeatedly encouraged by Morgan, trt makehjm feel the rope's end, that he might learn wliat naval discipline was. A lad of the name of Fnion corroborated Mr. Foster's statement of what passed on board the Bristol, He is tlie son of the old woman who was so brutally treated while endeavouring to save his brother. He feigned illijes. s. and pjssed himself for. thahnsbar. ck of his sis'er. S » irne of the schooner's men. wished to pass him by, while o hers threateped to drag him out of his birth.—• One of them stabbed bis bed with his cutlass, and laid it twice across bis. throat. They left him for that time, however, and before the boat returned again he h id dressed in woman's clothes, in which he escaped to the s. heire. I- Je said he was thus se parated from his family and friends, destitute pf money and even' clothps, and forced to seek his livelihood by labour, to which he was unused. This young main's simple narrative sensibly af- fected the hearers, Mr. W. M'Collev witnessed a similar seene on board the Mary. He. was himself- ordered into the bo . t, 1 tit the Mate asserted that he was Super- cargo of the ship and nephew to the Captain, upon which he was allowed to remain. Mr. Thomas Davenport said, that he conceived there was sufficient evidence before the meeting to warrant them in concluding that an aCt of unpre- cedented and unparalleled aggression had been committed ; and, as there could not be a doubt that his Majesty's Government'wotild be forward to redress the injury, and compensate, as far as possible, the injured* lie begged leave to move " That a Committeet » f five be appointed to frame Memorials to his Grace the Lord Lieutenant and Most Honourable Privy Council of Ireland, and to tbe Lords of the Admiralty, on the subjeCt of the la'e impressment in this harbour." Mr. A'cheson Smyth' said, that he conceived it better to request the Mayor to convene a Com- moil Hall to . take tbe- stlbjeCl into consideration. It was not a question -' eortbned to the Merchants alone, the community \ » t large were interested in it, and he thought that the whole Cityr. and even the country shouid pt'ibjkly express ttiOir'ftbhor- rence of such an outrage. Besides, the memorial would go forward w'fth, greater weight from the Citizens at large, bacfeed by the s; gnauiretof the Mayor.. . , ...... ' '' Mr. Davenport, in reply, said, that the objeCt of the Meeting was tiV obtain redress for the un- fortunate sufferers, not to excite popular feeling, which was already , suJScjentVj.. aljye to tiie indig- nity which the liberties of the people fead ^ jstaiin- cd; ' and as to the weight or respeCtabilHy tti be conferred by a'Town Meeting, fie thort^ it.;' very differently on the subjefl f . the. re^' peiti- ve signa- tures of- the. reapeCtabfe Mercbafits of Derry would be known and appreciated by many of those to whom the Memi- fiat ' Would be addressed ; and, for his parr, he had never seen a Town Meeting of half- the respectability of that now assembled. Mr. Macky, Mr. Nicholson', and die pi, atarity pf the meeting, were ot ftpijiipn that a Memorial Should be immediately fo » warded from the per- sons then assembled •, but, that a town Weet& g should afterwards be convened agreeably to'the ^ 1ideas of Mr. Smyth. ; + A Cotiimittee of five vas then apnomfed to ! prepare the Memorial, whi « lv bebjf rfadW ilte'i, liarly interesting, not only to the mercantile world, but to the community at large. We would hope, for the honour of. the service, however, that the above may prove somewhat exaggerated, and, in the mean time, we deem it bur justice to th « Offi- cer above- mentioned, to publish the - following affidavit of the Mate of the Nepean, taken before the Mayor of Deny : Haying this day seen an erroneous, scand;&) U3, and false statement of tbe conduct of Lieut. Morgan; commanding H. M.' s Schooner Barbara, relative to the impressment of the people from on board the' American ships jn this harbour, and more particular- ly the Bristol, I think it my duty to step forward and make affidavit of the facts which came within my knowledge. I was ordered to board the } 3iistol, and to impress all the single yot'mg men from her, and by no means to take any married man, and in the course of the evening I was assisted by his master and gun- der, and that: no violence was made use of farther than the service Veqfuired ; ' and farther respecting- Mrs Fultori having been abused, it is utterly false ; I Was the person wh » gave her son to her, being impelled thereto by her frantic and distressed appearance; and in five other instances I gave back young men to their wives and relatives.— And the statement of their usage on bo. wd the Barbara is utterly, false, as I re- mained on board, the Barbara until she was out of the harbowr, and in no instance saw any inhuman u? age by Lieut. Morgan or any of his Officers ; and I am perfectly'assured thru Lieut. Morgan is incapable of behaving in any point unbecoming a Naval Officer and a Gentleman ; and in every. point which came within my knowledge respecting- the usage of the people impressed they were well treated and by no means ill used, and'the pau agraph which appeared in the Londonda ry Jr/ urnal is a false and an unjust at- taek on the character of a brave voting Officer. AVTHONY CAItttOLL, First Mate of II. M.' s cntizer Nepoaif, Sworrf before me at my Office in the City of Lon- donderry, this 27th day of Mav, 1812. JOHN CURRY,. Mayor. ' On Saturday last, the Londonderry regiment, com- nvi'nded by Lieiit.- Col. Heyiand, were reviewed by MajoV- General Michel. After having gone through their various, movements'with the utmost precision, the Major- General ordered the Commanding Officer to form square. He expressed himself rrot more- gra* tified at ' the State of discipline in which lie that day found the'corps, than at their regular and orderly conduct in quarters ; and he had also ' the pleasure to add, that from their numerous out detachments he. Had not received a singly complaint of irregularity or- improper conduct, which evinqed a proper attention on the part of tbe officers, and're flee ted credit on the men. Last week the sloop Wooisije, co. it loaded, from the Clyde, bound for Belfast, was lost at. Red- bay, on the coa- st of the county Antrim, wh^ p two of the hands perished, the master bi ing happily saved. The sloop had sprang a leak, which notwithstanding the exeitions oi those on board, continued to gain so much upon them, that the master determined to run her ashore for the preservation of their fives. On pproachitrg the shore, they were hailed by a man on the beach, who- by stgrrs directed them to make for an opemn- g a iittfc to windward ; but in endeavouring to alter the vessel's course, she gave a lurch and im mediately went down. The master gut up the rigg- ing, 3. id with a line Fastened himself to the top- mast, which, reniained of the Water ; he continued in this perilous situation for about two hours, when he was relieved by a boat from the shoie. The Treasurer of the Belfast Charitable So- ciety acknowledges the leceipt of £ 10, which Mr< Stockdale, of London, very handsomely present- ed to that useful Institution* IBELFASrjSHjjP NErtS. - The coppered and armed brig Levant, M'KiSbin, for London ;. and Britannia, Aberdeen, for Liverpool, sail first fair wind; 1 The armed brig Viae, Montgomery, . ii loading for Lou- don, to sail in. a few days. ,. The. armed, brig Venus, Pendlerop, is lojtling at Lojjdon, for this Port, to sail first fair wind The Ceres, Savage, from henc^, arrived safe at Liverpool ^ fitl) instant. The Cunningham Boyle, Bell, for Liverpool, is detained' here by contrary wind's orily. The aimed brig Lagan, Horirine, is loading for London, to sail in a few days. The armed brig Donega- 11, CowtenajT, is loading at Lon- don fnr this port. , The Margaret & Nancy, Qalbrawli, loading for Glasgow, clears to- d.'. y and sails first fair wind. The Diana, M'Calhm, is loading fur Glasgow,, to sail in a few days. The Dispateh, Jameson, for Dublin, clean to sail 2d June. The Bet eys, Neilson, at Glasgow ; and the Bee^ Rankin, at Dublin, are loading for Belfast. ARRIVED. Belf..- t, Maclean, from Jamaica ( last from Cork), TC hhds 6 tierces Sugary 1 punsbeon, 5- barrels. Caster Oil, 115 tons I. ngwopd. Turk, Haynes, fiom Alicante, 240 bales Borllh, ISO bundles Cane- Reed*..' 7S quintals Corkwood. • Princess Royal, Heath, from Alicante, . S90 bales Barilla, 75 pipes Wjne,. 108 quintals Corftwoed, 18- i bundles Cane Reeds. Providence, FsH, from Sicily, S » 64 santars BaiMla, 200 hags Shamac. Queen. Princess Royal, and Favourite, from Cardigan with 260,000 Slates -..• » ', p. Cstti ins'ant— Hibernia, ghaw, tor Derry. • ' Goldvit tlfeee, R. ussel', f< V Newfoundland. ' M » ry, Galley, for Ar. tigua. Eiizi-. h€ th,' Hanu4, for Jamaica. - W- rd Duiic « ti.,. Crosljii « , tor -^. J i On Tuesday the 30th ult. the S nate of the University of Glasgow, after tire usual private and public examinations, conferred the ' decree - hi Doctor in Medicine on' Jon. v NICHOLSON', of Drumondoney Dramara, near Drgmure,- County of Down.* 1 . Married. oil Monday last,. Mr. A. R. BUSKE, - to'- Miss both of I. arm*. PUBLIC MEETING. I request- a'Meeting of the prteci- pal'InhabitanM of this Town, at the Exotm^ tSfvon TUESDAY nex- at TW » XVE o'CIock', to.- rteelv^ t- lie R& pO'rt of the Committee for regulating the Night- Watch jrand tcf- tOnsider tire, most effectmil means of bating a Court- Hotise and pface.' of Cofifitiement'ergcr^ *' F also hofVs'ftw.' tbe it; en' 3anVe of the Collectors for receiving Suisct- i^ j- Qns'^ o^ iurchase provisions for the Poor.' Vvvhf'n tie Joiift . Cbmmfuees of tl . Poor, House and Hr> as « of Industry will retfeive the reports ' of'their prog'iess,' ir. oidcf'to cap- y that busi'nt? ss intq effecf.', ,.' . ' * tii6MAS \* EMerm . M » y. 3Wk,: » ls{ „ f ' Bclf*> t. \ JBI'IiLi-'- AS'l.', < - / i. Oatmeal Whtjat..... Barley...... O4W... First Flour Second ditto Third ditt< y,„ Fourth dinu........ Fifth ditto 8ran Firkin flutter. i,. Rusi'an Tallow,,,. ,92 llu< ios Ayres do ... tji Urazil do 0 Rough Tallow 9 Rough Lard 7Q Beef..., 60 Pork 45 Salt Skins .'.... 55 Cow Hides as Ox ditto 45 9 0 0 I 1 SUiRXiETS. t 4, per cwt. 6f 112^, Bank Notes. 1 Horse ditto.... Calf Skins ( Slinks). Veal- ditto. ..•..-....-..; Fresh Butter Scale ditto Potatoes Liverpool Coals.... Cumberland- ditto. Scotch ditto... Scotch malting. ... v —^ __ ^ Weight of Bread this Week at . the Public Bakery— it Loaf, ( U. lay Sib. 12oZ*-^- Brown dittok( l>. l,/ l < 0 i per lb. of car, ? jier stonC, - 0 0 — 0 0"^ d- ditto..." 28, - 0-— - 6- 7- f) .'.. 28 O — 0 0 ( ftr t0< l ting. dcpq 3S, O— O ojf. LISBURN MARKETS, K:, 1. i. ' i.- « - Oatmeal Oats Potatoes Beef-.... Mutton*..: Veal Pork. :..,.. i. amb Butter...„„.. ypercsv". . 4: J f'jiertwS tTiatb*- per H>- o( 1( 5 aii 6 ft S> - per quarter^ 1 4 y per Ihs of JO e TO CORRESPCTNPCNTS, A Killu'ltagh Reformer is totally unfit J'nr ins'.- rtftin. XVe shall attend to the Comuluriieations of Ari^ agtws. irinHERE will be. a DINNER 4t'Vhe NF. LSON - eXdl* ^ L 011 the 4th of Jiuje, to celeWate, His. ^ 1/ ijbj 1 v' » Birth- Day. ( 309) ' May- 27,1818, THEAT^ BELE'ASF. - This PRESENT EVENING, Saturday, May. SO^ i'jpHF. Public are xgspeCtfully. informed, tli^ t il KEMBLE's Eng; ag4iru; rus io Epytand- iriiyi « t, i> g. of her reniaining one day Wnger in Belfast,' sfie has kindly c ni- sei- ted to perform THIS. EVENING ( SATURDAY, jy^/ 30th), in the Coirtedy of 1 ' " J THE SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER. frank Heartall...^ ...,,. Mr. ' l_'., i, ijy r. Widow Cheerly:'. ..... Mrs, C. Ksmbj.^.. To which wili be added, by th » p. nrticu- lar request ni irtauy Families disappointed of Places on iormer - Nighty Interlude of PER Sa. NA. TI O N, Written by Mrs. C. KE.-. IBXS. Lort Henry...... * Mr. Tar » Julia Mrs. G. Kl To conclude with the Farce of THE W E D D 1 N G - D- A Y. ( iVhh a S'mgJ. • Lady Contest ( With a Song)..'.'-..^ Mrs C. 1- CtMnt. r, - . That the Entertainments miy'conclude by JI, the Cort'afo will rise precisely at* 7 s'Clodc. * 1 ( SIS rt> TS « ' Gentkmttn, Clergy. and FfeeftiddcJ^ OF THE COUNTY OF DOWN. GESTLEMES— The very flattering offers of / up, port which I have received, indtfee t) ie to think that in declaring myself candidate for yrnir Comity, it will not be considered as an intrusion Mi di^ tnrbance- of its- peace, a patter very far from my thoughts,-^ Having made use of the short tifrie-' i'it which the present vacancy- has" been talfceft- of, flb ascertain the wishes of- some very respectable Jtidfi' vidtuls, 1 have found th, em tftianimously favour* able to the making an offeroi- my hsroble services at present, which I now dd j at thbsame time de-- claring, that I come forward not to serve thf vic- w* of any Man, or set of Men in particular, but t » maintain and support the prosperity and dignity of this great County as far as is in my power, to. gether with the tj » e interests of the Unit& J Kin,^ dom.— I am to lament, that the short intervij tween this and the day of election, together \ jiik my present state of health, will be the means of." preventing my waiting- on, or even writing to majiy thousand Electors, amongst wbofl1! j have reason to believe/ are some of my best and warn*, est friends.— I trust they will excuse me, hoping that I shall have tbe pleasure and satisfaction of meeting them on the day of election-. t :.:. . ii I have the honour to be, ' * Gentlemen, ..' " •'*?•' • Your very faithful and obedient huwbje serv^ n^ ".-'';- '.•< « ROBERT WARD;.: IM %," t!? li^ * • BELFAST COMMERCIAL CiniOtfiCLE Mfc, & M-: MAYWOi) D • gnj ESPECTFUI. f y inform their Friends and the Pub- jOu lie, that their BENEFIT is appointed foi- FRIDAY ' Evening, June 5, wlwa will be presented ( nerer ailed here) an udmired Comedy called OURSELVES { Or, THE INDEPENDENT IRISHMAN. Aajffrformed at the Theatre- Royal, Lyceum, London, with the most unbounded applause. * ND or THI fur, J~) artcingand other Entertainments. 7* 0 conclude with-( first time hers), a laughable Farce, called ^ THE LITTLE HUNCHBACK; Or, A FROLIC IN BAGDAD. Written by JOHN O'KRRFTE, ESQ. Author of the Agree- « Ue Surf! iter, & c. ' tickets to be had at the Theatre, where Places for the , Byxes may be taken; and of Mr. and Mi's. MAY. WOOD, j J* o, 1.2, Castle- Court,- Ca » t! e- « treet. ( 314 j1 NEW- ALICANTE BARILLA, CORK- WOOD, icc. HOLMES BARKLIE, HAVE FOR SALE, 210 Bales New / Meante BARILLA, " 3 Tons Bay of Rotas CORKWOOD, and IfiO Bundles CAME REEDS, Sow Landing, from on board the Turk, Cap'amH > t- vEs, from ALICANTE. ( 291) Belfast, May 29 WELSH SPATES. '• JPHF. CARGO of the Neptune. CAPTAIN GEORI-. E, now 1 Lying at the Custom- House- Quay, near the I. oug- Biidge, w'll be sold on desirable terms for a few days, dc- - Jiverahle at tie Vend. " T—- L - Belfast, May. 29. AUCTION OF Russian Yellow Candle TALLOW. 1 Q i ^ A8RS- of vetv superior Quality, will be Sold by AuSimr, at the Stores of SAMUEL BROWN, No. 7, Calender- » rcet, on SATURDAY, fit!) June. Sale to commence at ONE o'CIoak precisely. ' Termaat Safe. ' 288 — . . • :— i- FRESH TEAS. \ ylLLlAM M'CLURE is at present Land- A Small PARCEL, m L Frtan on board the FACTO*. May 28. JOHN GORDON ITS Landing pet tbe fACTflR, from LONDON, and has - it for Sale, TS Chests Fine and CorH- non Congou and $ « uclong Tea r, 12 Hhils. Rifined Single I* af Svgar, Do. Jamaica Scale Dim, 10 Barrels Green Coffee, 60 Ditto British Amber Rosing 70 Bales Alicante Baril'a, So Kegs Scotch Blacle Soap, • 10 Casls Boston Pearl Ashes, Jfoopt Iron, Tin Plates, Shovels, And a Variety of Goods in the GROCERY LtNK, he will Sail rth moderate Terms. 405) Belfast, May 29, 1812. WHEAT & BARLEY u FOR SALE. ABOUT 200 Barrels pf Kiln- dried Y.'.- IEAT, from I. K MVBICK, and 200 Barrels of BARLEY, Fresh and in feood Condition—— Apply to JAMES M'MASTER. \ . Belfast, May 27,. 1812. ' JGLASS, PAINTS, OILS, COLOURS. Hj'HF. SUBSCRIBER is always Supplied with every Article " II of the above, f om the best Markets, which he is en- iWed to dispose of on as moderate terms as any House in - the kingdom, for good Payments. « JOHN CUDDY. Church lane— Belfast, May 29. . . ($ 02 HUGH & JOSIAS MOORHEAD. > EG leave to inform their Friends- and the Public, that tltey have now ready for Sale, Roll Tobacco, Pigtail, # Sriujf, Of their own Manufaihinng, the Quality of which they. VipeJ on trial, will be sufficient recommendation. SIJJ Belfast, May 2*— 16,^ North- street. WANTED, A CAREFUL SOBER JOURNEYMAN TANNER, A capable or conducing the Work of a email Tan- " YariSfcar parriculais, apply to WILLIAM SIMMS. toy 30. ( 29? ARCHIBALD Sc, DANIEL M'DONNELL ARE lauding, from on board the F^ citr, from LONDON and have on sale, B5 Chests Souchong, Fine and Common Congou Teas ; And, by the Diana, from GLASGOW, Candy, of very nice quality ; which, with Rfjinetl and Scale Sugars— Alicante Barilla— Pimento — Spanish Flora Indigo— White Ginger in Bags and Barrels— Black Pepper— Cassia Lignea— Cloves— • Klttmegs, And a general assortment of GROCERIES, SHCES, and DYE- wooca, they will dispose of on reasonable terms. May 25. lS_ 63): j FOR NEW- YORK, The American Ship BELftARIUS, ( Burthen 350 Tons,) M. MORGAN, MASTER, Now in this harbourj and will sail fot New- York on the fj- h June • For Passage, apply to Captain MORGAN, at Mr. FrrzUMDNj's, Waring- street; or, to HOLMES & BARKLIE. Belfast, - May 29. ( 287 FOR SALE, The Brig TURK, of Poole, Burthen per Register 138 Tons, Well found and Armed, and sails fast, having jnade her passage from Alicante to this port in 22 days. For Inventory and other particulars, apply to-' Captain HAYNES, jan board the Vessel; or to HOLMES & BARKLIE. Belfast, May 29. . ( 290 FOR CHARTER, The Brig SWALLOW, Burthen 125 Tons. . Now discharging a Cargo of BARILLA, tic. at Donegill- Quay.— For particulars, inquire of C4PT. WHEATLY, on board, or at t{ ie Office at ROBERT BATT & CO. jfclfa*, May 28, •(£ « , SALE THIS DAY. w AUCTION OF DAMAGED SUGARS. N SATURDAY the 30th inst at ONE o'Cloifc, at the Stores of JOHN BELL & CO. Donegall- quay, will be Sold by Auiftion, for account of whom it may concern, Eight Hogsheads Muscovadt Sugar. Terms at Salic. 895) Belfast, May 3W ALICANT BARILLA BY AUCTION. ROBERT BATT £ 5* CO. ILL Sell by AuSion, oh MONDAY Yhe 8th of June, at their Stores in Calender- street, at ONE o'clock, 200 BALES NEW ALICANT BARILLA, Of fine quality, now landing out of the Brig Jwito, from Alicanr. ( 29S AUCTION. DAVID BIGGER WILL Sell by Public Auflion ( for account of the Un- derwriter's), on SATURDAY the 30th ins-. ant, at tjie Custom- House, TEN CHESTS TEA, Damaged « n the board Saint Patrick, from LONDON. Sale to commence at ELEVEN o'clock. Terms— Ready ' Money. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. Belfast, May 20. ' ( 308 OLD COGNIAC BRANDY. TO BE SOLD BY A U C 11 O N, On MONDAY the 1 st yune next, at tbe Hour of 0 \' E o' Clock, a! my Office, No. 17, Djn'gall- street, IC'OUR PIPES GENUINE OLD FRENCH BRANDY, II now IR the KING'S S I ORES, the like of which has nut been on sale in this country for many years. Samples on view, and Terms at Sale. JAMES HYNDMAN, Public Notary, Commission Broker, and Au< 3iooeer. 310) ' • 1 TO BE SOLD. ' ABAROUCHE JAUNTING CAR nearly new, with Harness complete— Apply to Mr. Atf? r » on, Chronicle OJTi- e. ( 306) May 28. . A MOST DESIRABLE SITUATION- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On lie Premises, at tbe Hour of TIVO o'Clock, on MON- DAY ttjc 8/ i Jay of June next, '' P'HE Interest in the LEASE of that commodious DWEL- L l. ING HOUSE and Premises, at present occupied by Mr. DANIEL, MATUIRWS, in the Public business, together with the TWO HOUSES adjoining thereto, situate, lying,- and being in Ball) m. icarret, in the County of Down, within 15 minutes wa k of Belfast. There are 50 Years of the Lease unexpired, iwith a Clause of renewal, at the small year- ly rent of £ 5, 7s and now let to Tenants at will, produc- ing a clear Profit Rent of 3i 4i There is also a good G \ RDEN in the rear of said Premises. These Houses are newly built, and two Stories high. They derive a peculiar advantage, in as much as they are the only Concern be- tween Belfast and the New Bridge, entitled to the Small Spirit Licence — For Terms and Title apply to JOHN & THOS. CUNNINGHAM. 298) TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At tie Cust M- Honsn of I. ONDOND SRRY. on TITES- DAY, 2d June next, at tbe Hoar of TWELVE o Clock, • JT'fc HULL of the Ship Jane, of PmuDEipau, now " lying stranded at Tti < e., together with herTACKLE, FURNITURE, and APPAREL. After which will b " Sold by Inch of Candle, a quantity of ROLL TOBACCO, SNUFF, CHOCOLATE, a small Quantity of TEA, and about 1000 Pieces of NANKciEN, condemned for breaches of the Revenue Laws. CUSTOM- HOUSE, 1 LONDONDERRY, May 27. J ( 307 MARTINS, HARRISON, &€( J>. ARE landing, per the Ann, from LONDON, and Betseys, from GLASGOW, ' 135 Chests Teas, assorted, 20 Hogsieads Lump Sugar, ' 50 Puncheons Jamaica Ruin, 3 Hogsheads Scotch IVool Cards. AND HAVE ON SALE, 300 Bales Meant Barilla, 100 Ditto Lisbon Miserable, 30 Puncheons Whiskey, 50 Barrels New- York Pot Ashes » 50 Kegs New Mustard, 50 Boxes Button Blue, 4- 0 Barrels White Ginger, , With PIMENTO, INDIGO, NUTMEGS, STARCH, AMERICAN ROSIN, & c. & c. Sec. will be sold cheap. 2? 1) Church- lane— May 26. JAMES HAMILTON, " J "[ pURSUANT to the Plaintiff] f - J. Decree of his HUGH EDWARDS and Others, /- MAJESTY'S Court of Defendants. \ Exchequer in Ireland, * . —— made in this Cause, bearing date the, 19th February, 1812, I will, on FRIDAY the 12th day of June next, at ONE o'clock in the after- noon, at my Office, Inn's- Quay, Dublin, set up and Sell by Public Cant, to the highest and fairest Bidder, AH that and those, that Part and Parcel of LAND, situate in the Tewn- landof LISNESHERRAGH, containing 10A. 1R 20P Plantation Measure, formerly in the possession of ARTHUR GRAIMGER.— Also, all that other part of LISNESHER- RAGH, containing 20A. OR. 2IP. like measure; formerly in the possession of THOMAS BUSBY.— Also, all that other part of LISNESHERRAGH, containing CA. 0 17P. like measure, formerly in the possession of JOHN WIN res, all situate in the County of Down ; or a competent part there- of, for the purposes in said Decree mentioned— Dated ehis 27th May, 1812. WELLESLEY. For information, with respeiS to Title or otherwise, ap- ply to JAMES ARTHUR, l'taintiff's Attorney, 49, Capel- street, Dublin. ( 303 FOR LISBON . AND CADIZ, , THE FINE TAST- SAILINO * RIG THOMAS• JEFFERSON, JAMES SAVAGE, MASTEK, Will commence Loading on MONDAY the First day df June next, and will positively sail for the above Port in I en days after. F » r Freight or Passage apply to THOMAS HAYES. Belfast, May 28,1812, s ( 299 FOR CHARLESTOWN, THE FINA FAST- SAILING AMERICAN SRIG MARK, NATH G. HILLARD, MASTER, Burthen 300 Tons, Will be clear to sail on the 20th June, as the greater part ol the Passengers are already engaged. Early application is necessary.—— Apply t » , WM. CR. AlG> Lime Kiln- Dock. Ma* 29. 1812. { 300^ ALICANT BARILLA BY AUCTION. GREG & BLACKER WILL SELL BY AUCTION, at their Stores, in Ann- street, on MONDAY the 1st of June, at the hour of ONE o'Clock, 148 Rales, first Quality, Just Landed out of the BRITANIA, from LONDON. MACF- AxtANj Auaiorteer. Belfast, 25th May, 181 » . (* 82 SUGAR? BY AUCTION. JAMES CUNNINGHAM C& WfLL commence Selling by AUsSion, at their Stores, 95, High- street, on TUESDAY the 2J June,, at TWELVE o'Clock, 300 Hhds. and Tiertes of Muscovado SUGAR, of nice Qualities, just landed from AN TIOUA — The Tierces are convenient Packages for the Country.— Terms at Sale. 282) Belfast, May ' IS. — !—— . \ '' ' .1 ' • . '. ' ' ' ALICANT BARILLA BY AUCTION. JOHN MARTIN y CO. mrtLI. Sell by Auflion, on FRIDAY 5th June, at fhe V ' Stores of Messrs. M'CTTRRE, BA^ U » , & WHI I LAS, Donegall- quay, at TWELVE o'Clo- k, 500 BALES ALICANT BARILLA, Of prime Quality, and in fine order.— Terms at Sale. MACFARLAN, Aufiior. err. Belfast, May 26. ( 066. ; ... - 1 • ., •' ,1.——— l'. l. „,;>,, ,-— .--•' '',-- I - I- SALE THIS D$ r. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On tie Premises, at ONE oCfock, an SATURDAY tie SO/* of JVIay, if not previously di'poied of, HpHAT well- known and generally adtnifCd Residence of 1L FOUNTAIN VALE. This Concern, situate on the Lisburn Road, and only ten minutes walk from the HeKast Exchafi£ e, possesses in reality all the advantages- of To- aril and CountVy : it consists of a verysuljsrautial Family Hou- e, in complete repair, two small detached Cottages a Srabhe, a convenient Shad*, a very extensive Orchard in *, ill bear- ing, with other suitable portions of Meadow ar, d Aralve Grounds, all in the best state of Cultivation, and well ma- nured.; held under a long Lease, arid capable of great im- provement. For particulars apply to JOUN M'CVLLOOH, North- street, Belfast, wjio is autborij-- d to treat for the Sale thereof. 20) May 30. ALICANTE BARILLA. HENRY JOY TOMB br ROBT. HOLMES 4RR landing our of the /. 7W/ 111, direift from ALICAMTE a Quantity of NEW BARILLA, which, with the fol- lowing Goods, they will dispose o( on reasonable Terms :— Pine. Norway, Oak, As%, Black Birch, Maple, & Claret, Red Port. Muscatell, Sherry, / Teneriffe, Lisbon, t and Madeira, - fe g Sheet Lead, Quebec, ahd Mem el Staves, Sicily Barilla, 883) Beech Timber, Deals and Plank, Laths, Treenails, Masts, Spars, Poles, and Hand- spokes-. Belfast, May 26, 1812, TO FARMERS, A RRtVED to E. LINDSAY, per the FACTOR, from • AI. LONDON, a few Sacks of . A" • • rf'lSS. s alleged to sow Peacys Perennial dive. from one to two Bushels of this Seed an Acre. A few Hundred Weight of Red ar* l Yellow CLOVER on Sale, with TURNIP, CABBAGE SEED, & c. Belfast, May 25. A lv X AN 1) 1. It LANDING, 11 AS L ERR - 53 278) BLEACH- MILL MACHINERY, & c. TO nn SOLD BY AtrkTION, at the Hour . f ONE o'Ctvk, on MONDAY the 1>( of June, at the Bleach- Green of the late jAMRs RvttElt., Esf 1 ttrramare, ALL the MACHINERY of Said Bleach Green, capable of finishing Eight Thousand Pieces of - Fine Linen in the Season, with an extensive range of LAPPING- ROOM PRESSES, and a good SCREW PRESS, & cs—' The whole in complete repair, having been ere& ed within these few years.—' Terms, Ready Money. ( a37) May 22. NEW TEAS, & c. JAMES GARDNER HAS tlii » day received, per the FACTOR, from LON- DON, 27 Chests Tihe 8c Common Congou I'ea, I Rale black Pepper ; Attn HAS Oft SALE, 10 Hogsheads Scale Sugar, 50 Barrels British Refined Rosin, 20 Casts Cud Oil, Scotch Molasses in Puncheons, Jamaica Green Coffee in Barf eh, Spanish Indigo— Cheshire Cheese, c5Vs Which, with an Extensive Assortment of Grbund DYE- WOODS, fresh from his Mill, will be sold cheap. 272) 174, North- street— M « y 27. ' jpHE SUBSCRIBERS have for Sale at their Stores, No L 6, Custom- House- Quay, Richmond Leaf Tobacco, Cotton- Yarn, Amber Rosin, Scale Sugars, in Hhds. and Tierces, £ jic. taV. Jamaica Rum, Archangel Malts, 2 itf 3, stained, Montreal Pot Ashes, Honduras Mahogany, GILLtES & STOCKDALE. 279 JUST ARRIVED TO CRAWFORDS, WALLACE, fc? CO. QRIHE CARGO of the Ship Eli- abeth, GEORGE HANSA, - L Master, from JAMAICA, consisting of Scale Sugars, in Hhds, Tierces, and Barrels, Rum, in Puncheons and Hogiheads, St. Domingo Cotton- Wool, Do. Mahogany, in Legs of large dimensions, Pimento, in Bags, St. Domingo Logwood"•} WHICH, WITH Alicant Barilla, Teneriffe Winer Jamaica Coffee, American Pot and Pearl Ashes, Dublin Seasoned Melcil'tallow, Norway Dealt, Prime Mess Pork, Do. Beef, in Tierces and Barrels, and St. Ube's Salt, Castor Oil, White Gingtg, & Corkwood, They will dispose of en reasonable Terms. 183, Belfast, May 15,1812. FOR GLASGOW, THE DIANA, JOHN M'CALLUM, MASTEE, ( A constant Trader), Now loading, to sail in a few days, FOR DUBLIN. the DISPATCH, JAMI80N..... S.......".'... 2d June. for Freight, apply t » GEO. MONTGOMERY. The BETSEYS, NUTIWN, at Glasgow; and the BEE, RANKIN, at Dublin, are loading for Belfast. 312) Belfast, May 29. NOTICE TO PASSENGERS. HT'HOSE who have engaged theit; Passage ,1 in the American Brig NERINA, Capt. _______ JAMES STEWART, for NEW YORK, are requeued to- be on board at Warrenpoiiit, on MONDAY the first day of June next , a » she will jail first fair wind after ANDREW AIKEN. NEWRY, May 27. ( I92 NOTICE, TO PASSENGERS, ripHOSE who hare engog- d th" ir Passage ' JL in the American - Ship ONTARIO, Capt. • CAMI'BELL, for PHILADELPHIA,, ate requested to be on board at Warretipoint, on MON- DAY the 8th day of June new, as she will sail firit fair wind after. vc - ... ' ANDREW AI& EN. - NEWR- jF, May 5V. > * , i - w . ' -. i- • .( aa: per the ANN, from LON- DON, Chats Cone, . u and Green TEAS. • . > 69, Waring- street— May 26. WM. PARK & WM. TELFAIR leaVe to acqtalat their Friends, that they have taken into Partership, Mr. THO. VtAS CLARK, who has lived with. them this considerable time past, and that the business will be conducted under the firm . of, • William Park, William, Jelfair, tV Co: Wrne- ccllar- Entry, Miy 22. ( 2^ 4 BLEACHERS' SMALTS. GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. T. 1TAVE for Sale, a Parcel of Real DUTCH BLEAfcH- M ERS' SMALTS » of very fins Quality t ALSO, American Pot and Pearl Ashes, Alicant Barilla, Refined Saltpetre, American Rosin, Fine and Common Congou Teas. 994) Belfast, April 16, 1812. DEALS. ~ \ CARGO of remarkably good Nine and Six Feet DRONTHON DEALS on Sale. , Apply to LVLE & RIDDEL ; or < '. JOHN LYLE, Belfast, May 13 No 4, Chiehfster- tjuay. tf? J. l. YLE continues' to be well- supplied with Southern and other FLOUR. ( 177 WHISKEY ® JOHN MARTIN &. CO, I1AVE FOR SALE, One Hundred Puncheon$ Cork and Dublin Whisker/, Which they will sell on moderate Terms. 226) Ann- wreet, May 20. JMVISQN & RiK. FO K1LD HAVE RECEIVED, per the ' BRITANNIA, from LONDON, Fine and Common Congou, Souchong,") " pj?^? and Green J ' Refined Sugars, in single I, oaves, Brazil, Nutmegs, Cassia Ligneat . Mustard, and Cloves. ' PER MARGARET K NANCY, PROM O- LASOO*, Refined Sugar, Candy and Molosses, AND HAVE ALSO ON SALE, Very Fine, Fine, Second Scale, J VDO and Refined J ' Candy, Molosses, Miserable, White Ginger, East India and Spanish Indigo, Ground Log wood, Green Copperas, Starch, Refined Saltpetre, Alicante Barilla Ashes, tffe. lye. iffc. All of which will be disposed of on moderate Terms. 189) 106, Hijjh- screet— May 14 1812. COMPLETE SUMMER ASSORTMENT. m; Kx% Tailor, Merchant NO. 125, HIGH- STREET, HAS just received, an ELESANT AsstjntMENT • Hf London Superfine Cloths, Catsimeres, Stocking Webs, Wenstcoaliiigs, and Cords; Which, with every Article ill the Trade, hp svill sell chfcap for good Payments. A Scut of Clothes at Six hours notice. Habits, Pelisses, and Children's presses, Kin.; hours do. All Rinds of FASHIONABLE CEO TmiS ready made, A Neat HOUSE, at No. 3, Wine- Cellar- Enir;,, to tot. May 25. P t;>" teThe Public art respe& fully inform. ' erf, that the following REGULAR TRADERS % Will sail for their retf- M ive ttrU, tvith the frit fit Wind after tbe dates Mentioned i FOR LONDON, The armed brig LAGAN, HONIUNE., 30ch May. The atrned bHg FACTOR, M'Niece...... 14 daj's after. FOR LIVERPOOL, The CUNNINGHAM BOYLE, BELL... In a few days. The EANN MARTI* Eight days after. FOR BRISTOL, The new brig DRAPER, M- MITILTN 10th Jufle. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST,, The MINERVA, COORTENA*.., 25tH May. The CERES, SAVAGE ,.... Eight days after. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig DONEGAI. L, COI- RTENA » , 30th May, The armed brig GEORGE, CAUOB 14^ D « Y « after. For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER and WILLIAM OGILBY, Abafeurch- Yard. Getitlemefl who have Linens fo forward, will- please send them to GEORGE LANGTRY 17 Afew Merit? Lads'wanted'Apprentice* th » S « u BfiGS leavf to appriie the Nobiliry and Gentry, he has just received from LONDON, aii Elegant Assortmei t of t. adies", Gentlemen's, and Children's STRAW an* BEA- VER BO'NNETS, SILK and STUFF llATS, of the first style of t^ ashidn, vii. Superfine Straw, While, Slack, and Drab Beaver Bonnets, Hick, Reals, fa* Co.' i Superfine London Stuff Hals, Dunnage & Larkin'i Improved Elastic Paten'. Water- Proof Silt' Hats, A ' quantity of Wilhw, Bktck Chip Hats, Chip. Bonnets, and Willow Hats; Feathers, Leather. Caps, iyc. Which he offers for sale on the most reasonable terms. N. B. The very lowest price first asked for ev. ry article, attd no abatement. 213) 104, High- street, May 19, I81i WILLIAM PHELPS ' IOTAS just received, a Parcsl DUTCH SMALTS, fin. iiJI. Quality, which he will dispose of on reasnnibk- : ctms. ( 211) May IS. • * ; TOBACCO, COTTON WOOL, a ASHES. Hhds. Virginia I. eafTobatctj, 40 ef which are of prime quality, 120 Bales upland Cotton Wool, 46 Barrels first, sort Montreal Pot Ashes, 42 Ditto, Ditto, New York Ditto, 35 Ditto, Ditto, Ditto Pearl Dmi 70 Bales Alicant Barila, of superior quality, On Sale on moderate Ternie for good payments, by TtfOMAS BELL, • May 20. ( 2CS) 34, North- setter. GEORGIA COTTON- WOOL, ORLEANS * Do. Do. POT ASHES, SICILY BARILLA, LEAF TOBACCO, For Sale, on Reasonable Terms) by JAMES KENNEDY, Belfast, May lg. Donrgall- Quay. ( 212 JAMES LENNON HAS on Sale, at the Stores of Mr. M- CAPIN, Tomb's" , Quay, as per Agnes, di « eA from SLrrio : 557 Barrels Kiln dried Oats, 35 Tons Oatmeal, and HM) Bags First Flour, Which he wi. l dispose of on moderate Terms, ( 194 MASONRY. rfr- HE Brethren of Ulster are informed, that the nerft • I Meeting of the GRAND LODGE OF ULSTER will be held at the Donegail Afms, Belfa- t, on Wednesday, Sd June next, at high meridian— A full Meeting is e* pe&- ed, as business of the first importance is to be transaifted, ttahiely, the election of Grand Officers, the Reports oi the Cbhithittee of Finance, arid the Building Conurtjf or the Masonic Hall and Orphan School, to be tece; v 1 and other matters which require mature deliberation— Signed by Order G. 1). I RAVIN, May 2J. BRAKD SECRETARY, OLSTCR. -- -• Of. Ths Pubh'c are fespedfuily infprm- , » >-> td, that it is intended the following AVi W* N- E' TRADERS limit tail at tbe xnder mentionedperiods: FOR LONDON, The artned brig LEV ANT, M KidalN.. First fair wind. The armed brig VINE Seven d'^' s after. 13" These Vessels being armed and completely well found, Insurance by them Will consequently be effetied on the most reasonable terms. FOR LIVERPOOL, K the BRITANNIA, AWERB « « N....^ - First f. it wlrtl. The NEPTUNE, DAVIDSON St veil day* after FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST.' The KELLY, M'ILWAIN6th J FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The artned brig VENUS, PENOL « T<> h.... First f. ir tviild. For Freight, ™ Lbndon, apply to Me « rs. WM. St JOf- j* WHARTON, Nicholas' Lane ; or, in Belfast, to R. OREENLAW, Agent, ' who will receive an'. forward LINEN CJ. OTH auJ othrfr MERCHANDIZE vith care and dispatch. A few Stout Lads wanted as APPRENTtCh. s . a the Sea. ro whom liher. l htimuraifttiienll He fivm PLLFF. FOR NEWCASTLE & DELPHI A, The Ship ONTARIO, CAPTAIN CAMPBELI,*" A capital Vessel, of aliout 4^ 0 Tons burthen— high an4 fdomy between Deck", daily expired at Warrlnpomt, arj Will sail for the above Port in three weeks afler arrival. . Fot- Pasiage apply to ANDREW AIKEN. NEWRY, April 25. " , , , — SHIP NORTH- STAR FOR NEW- YORK: NOTICE. THF. PASSENOERS that hiV6 t! on- - I tft> 2ed w go by the abov? Ship, it<% . equested to be ort bdatd on MONJMi't first June, as the Ship will proceed on her Voyage first fa- vourable Opportunity after"! " jj WM. MACKY. ' BELFAST COMMERCIAL' CHRONICLE .• in . iin.^. 11 .... •! « __. - w——^ t - i, .. I. I i._ • i • • . i.^. niii'fcfc^.^ a. A BATH I NG. f To tic EDITOR of tic BELFAST CHRONIC; I. E. SIR— As the season for bathing rs now ap- proaching, probably a few observations relating to the management of that operation, partly ex- tracted from the works of a Lite eminent phy- sician, and partly the result of my own expe- rience, may not be unacceptable, or altogether useless, to some of your numerous readers They chiefly apply to salt- water bathing: 1. The morning tide is incomparably prefer- able to the evening ; and an empty stomach to a full one, for this healthy operation. 2. Th& timc allotted ftjr stripping, Immersion, and'resuming the dress, should rarely exceed 20 minutes; if it can be done in 15, so much the better. 8. The blood should be moderately heated, both before and after the bath, by walking or other suitable exercise. 4. Notwithstanding the absurd and sillv pre- judices to the contrary, the body should, on emersion, be instantly and briskly rubbed with a elarse cloth, till perfectly dry. Let every one who regards his health, attend particularly to this; for, notwithstanding, it is admitted that salt water does not so readilv give sensible cold as fresh, yet, it is certain, that the damp absorbed by the linen, on being put on a wet body, and lying against the skin, is attended with the most dangerous consequences, and has often laid the oundation of a consumption or inflammation of • he lungs, when the patient is perhaps totally ttnorant of the cause of his disorder. This per- nicious practice is of the very same nature as sleeping in damp sheets, with the difference., in- deed, of. air and exercise to assist in couilteracting the iniutious effects it would otherwise be attend- ed with. Attention to this point is most essentially ne- cessary with children, as their- tender frames are ss able to contend with so hurtful a practice, an those of adults : yet, strange to tell, with icse it is most neglected ! I have been often lied with a mixture of grief and indignation, at seeing the clothes of tender infants hurried . on their » * et bodies after bathing, which cannot fail to give the poor innocents a fit of the cholic, or a severe cough, or possibly throw it into . convul- sions; yet there is no persuading their mothers or nurses of the impropriety and danger of doing so. The notion from whence this practice arose, very probably originated in the supposed fact of the body absorbing the salt water, and the salu- rious effects of such absorption upon the system. Not to mention that the doctrine . of absorption has been controverted by some very eminent phy- sicians, yet assuredly the proper time and place or receiving such beneficial effects is during im- Bcersion, and not by the application of wet clothes, " hich, checking the perspiration, not only coun- racts the benefit oi bathing, but saps the con. j utior., and lays a foundation for a numerous ain of diseases, V By a proper attention to the precsding obser- " us, sea- bathing may be used with equal plea- ar. d advantage.— I am, Sir, your obedient ant, , BLNEVOLOK. Belfast, May 28, 1812. THE ASSASSIN BELLINGHAM. p » or \ UTtM rnoM tone ORANVILIE LLVCSON GOWTR, TO V1IC0UNT CAI + LSREAOH. Stanhope-, trift, May 17, 1P12. Ml Losn— It appears upon the trial of John Bellinghaai, for the murder of Mr. Perceval, that the prisoner in his de- fence endeavoured to justify that atrocious ait, oil the ground of his Majesty's Government having refused to compensate him for the injuries and oppression he statrs himself to have suffered io Russia, during the time I had the honour of re- presenting his Majesty in that country. lie complained - art'xulaily of my conduit, and that of Sir Stephen Shairp, Majesty's Consul- General, as having sanctioned, l> y our silence, and nigle. il to interfere in his behalf, the unjust treatment, as he considered it, of the Russian Government. I was subpoenaed by the prisoner to attend the trial , 1 did attend, and e* peCtcd anxiously to be called upen, to state, upon oath, all I could recolleCI of the circumstances of his case in Russia. In this expedition, however, I was disau- ointed : my testimony was n » t called for ; r. nd after having eard the must serious accusations of gross negleCt of duty d want of common humanity; brought forward by the prisoner against myself and Sir S. Shairp, I haul not the op- portmiity afforded me of publicly refuting those charges.— Although 1 am perfectly aware that the assertions <•, a man, standing in the situation of Bellingham, can, unsupported by any other testimony, have no weight whatever with the aofcer and reflecting part of the public, yet 1 should be want- ing, I think, to the intertsts and noaotir of the Government of this country, as v » eU as to my own chara& er and reputa- tion, if 1 did not endeavor to do away any posa: bl « misap- ' tirehensien upon this subjeA, by as ample a ktatement of the , rcumstances, jis my memory of transactions which passed will allow me to futnlsl). As you, my Lord, are the head of that department, un- der which I was employed, I conceive it to be my duty to address this statement to vour Lordship. In the year 1805, I remember receiving a letter from John Bellineham, complaining of his being detained in pri- son at Archangel, and claiming my p- oteflion, against what he conceived to be the injustice of the Constituted Authori- ties of that Port; I remember that immediately upon the receipt of this letter, I consulted with Sir Stephen Shairp, who agreed not only to write a letter to the Governor- Gen- eral, requiring an explanation of the circumstances which Bellingham comphiued, but also to his own mercantile cor- respondents, British Residents at Archangel, for their opi- nion of the conduit of the Russian Government towards the Complainant. It appeared from these inquiries, that Bellingham having been engaged in commercial business with the house of Dorbecker and Co. pecuniary claims were made by each parry against the other, and that these claims had been hy the Governor- Gen ' ral referred for decision to four merchants, two British merchants b ing appointed on the part of Bel- lingham, and two other persons on the part of Doibecker. By the award of those arbitrators, Bellineham was declared to be indebted to the assignees of Dorbecker the sum of two thousand roubles. This sum Bellingham, notwithstanding this decision, refused to pay. It also appeared from the communications received from Archangel, that a criminal suit had been instituted against Bellingham, by the owners of a Russian ship which had been lost in the White Sea. They accused him of hating written an anonymous letter, that had been received by the Under- writers in London, in which letter it was stated that the in- surance of that ship was a fraudulent transaction ; and pay- ment for the loss ef her had been in consequence resisted.— No satisfactory proof was adduced against Bellingham, and he was acquittedof this charge. But before the termination of this suit, he attempted to quit Archangel, and being stop- ped by the police, whom he resisted, lie was taken to pri- son ; but was soon after liberated, in consequence, I be- lieve, of a second application to the Governor from Sir Stephen Shairp. About this period f quitted Russia : and I havt no re- collection of hearing any thing more of John Bellingham, till after my arrival at St. Petersburg)! upon my second em- bassy. He came running into my house one evening, and solicited me to allow hini to remain all night, in order to avoid being retaken into custody by the Police, from whom j he had escaped. I complied with this request, though I ! could not, upon any ground, assume to myself the power of protecting him from legal arrest It appeared that the award of the Arbitrators of Archangel had been confirmed by the Senate, to which body Bellingham had appealed; and he was, in consequence delivered over to the custody of the College » f Commerce ( a Tribunal established for the special purpose of taking cognizance of commercial matters relating to British SubjeCts, and whose authority was recognized m the Commercial Treaty between the two Countries) there to remain till he discharged the debt of two thousand roubles. This custody B- as not very striCt, for he was allowed to walk wherever he pleased, attended by a Police Officer, be- longing to the College. He came frequently to my house, and at various times received from my Private Secretary small sums of money, to support him during his confine- ment. Confined as he was by the legal authorities of the country, I could on no pretence make any application for his release: but 1 remember well, in conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, expressing my personal wish hat the Russian Government, seeing no prospeCt of. retover- ng the sum of money required fiom him, would liberate him from prison, on condition of his immediately returning to England. Very soon after this conversation, all diplomatic intercourse ceasod between the two Courts: and the course of public events necessitated my quitting Ru= sia in the abrupt manner with which vour Lordship is well acquainted. I am, my Lord, with reaped, Your Lordship's most obedient, Humble Servant, ( Signed) GRANVILLE LF. VESON GOWER. The Viscount Castlereagh, & c. & c. & c. ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION OF WESTMINSTER ELECTION. London, Monday, May 25. The Fifth Anniversary of Sir Francis Burdett's return to Parliament for the City of Westminster was celebrated on Sa'urday, at the Crown and Anchor Tavern, Sir Francis Burdett in the Chair. A little after five o'clock the Hon. Baronet en- tered the room, accompanied by the Hon. G. H. Hutchinson, M. P.; E. BloufSt, Esq. of Stafford- shire; W. Fawkes, Esq. of Farnley, York; G. Johnson, Esq. Scat borough, York ; H. Clifford, Esq.; C. A. Thomson, Esq.; Major Cartwright; William Bosvitle, Esq. ; Henry Hunt, Ewj. of Bristol; Montague Burgoyrie, of Mark Hill, Essex; C. and H. Wolselevs, Esqrs. Staff irdshire; — Kinnaird, Esq.; Alderman Wood, & c. & c. When an assemblage of nearly 50p Eledtots of Westminster sat down to dinner.— Immediately after tlfe removal of the cloth, The Regent— and may lie bear in mind the declaration of the Prince of Wales* ' that the Crown is held ui trust fot the benefit of the People,"— was drank with three, and loud applause.—- Tune, " God save the King." Sir F. Burdett then rose and said, that although, in the toast he Was about to propose, he necessa- rily felt deeply impressed with the virtues a< ul abilities of the person to whom it related, still he thought the exercise of those virtues and abilities was too recent in the recolleflion of all those who were present, to render it fit or necessary for him to go info any common- place eulogium on the merits of a departed friend ; although, on such an occasion, it certainly would be excusable. The worthy Baronet then gave—' " The memory of that trtle Patriot, tf'hri for upwards of fifty years advocated the People's Cause, John Horn Tcroke " [ With three ]— Tu « e, " The Dead March.'* Mr. Sturch then said, by permission, or rather at the request of the Stewards, he rose for the purpose of proposing a toast. In giving it, he would detain them for one moment to express the pleasure he felt at seeing so numerous a company asfembled on this occasion; among whom he ob- served so many of those faces which were familiar to him, persons with whom he had the honour to be associated live years ago— persons who, in common with himself, had supported their present independent Representative against the power of corruption, and of undue influence.— fHear, hear.) They had abundant reason to congratulate them- selves on the choice they had made of the Hon. Baronet; even so lately as Thursday evening, he had, in his place in Parliament, promulgated doc- trines which cleafly proved his invariable cunsti- | tutional feeling. Mr. Sturch concluded by giving | " Westminster's Pride, and England's Hope— Sir Francis Burdett."—[ Which was drank with three times three, and the most unbounded applause.}— Tune, " Btitons strike home." Sir Francis Burdett immediately rose, and said; he should be insensible indeed to any of those com- mon feelings which necessarily operated on the human breast, if he did not feel, in the strongest degree, gratitude towards the Eleflors of West- minster, and devotion to their and the public in- terest for those genuine marks of affeCtion and esteem, which he had so uniformly received from them ( Hid the public at large. They formed an I additional stimulus fer his adherence to that prin u ciple of public duty, which luj secured him a re ward, that, after the gratification of his own mind, after the feelings of his own heart, w> s the most pleasing return which could be ir. ade to him for his exertions— he meant the approbation of the Electors of Westminster.—( Hear.) Calamitous as was the situation of the country, he conceived little sa'isfaftion could be derived from reflecting on public affairs. But he confessed he felt very great satisfaction, in having an opportunity of ad- dressing so respectable, so numerous, and so en- lightened a body of his Constituents. Those sen- timents, which, unfashionable as they appeared to be in many other places, where one should sup- pose they would be received with congenial feel- ings, he did experience much gratification in avowing, before an assembly where public virtue, public feeling, and the consideration of public duty, were not extinguished.—( Hear, hear-) It was often his lot, in the performance of his duty, to address a number of Gentlemen, whose feelings appeared to . be of a very different description.— Paying the EleCtOrs of Westminster this compli- ment, if, indeed, " it could be at all so considered, he begged leave ( o observe, that it was a very- in- different one, and therefore, they must place it on the ground of his not having been in the habit of addressing assemblies in a complimentary way ; such, howecer, as it was, he trusted thev would receive it as it was intended.—( Hear, hear.)— Their fellow Eletfor, Mr. Sturch, had repre- sented his ( Sir Francis's services, in a light ex. tremely flattering— at the same time, he was per. feCtly aware, that in his representations, more ought to be attributed to his partiality, and to the indulgent medium through which he was inclined to view his exertions, than to any possible advan- tages which he could render to his Constituents, or to the public in general, under the present cir- cumstances of the country. The worthy Gentle- man had alluded to what passed on Thursday last, itl the House f Commons, and had done him the honour to agree in his sentiment— that, with- out certain great public measures, the old sham miserable pretence of benefiting the public, by any change in the Administration, would be found illusory. Now, the measure he proposed, and on which he would stand, was this— thai no Admi- nistration should be formed, except on the prin- ciple of redressing the giievances of ^ he public ; of cutting off and stopping the profligate expendi- ture of public money ; for instance, the paying of unmerited pensions, and the granting of sinecure places to worthless individuals; that no Adminis- tration should be tolerated that did not proceed on the broad basis of universal rights, that would not oppose the rights of the Constitution being withheld from any description of person-, on ac- count of religious opinions— together wi: h this principle, which could alone secure the continu- ance of the'benefits he had mentioned, or of any others which an Administration might bestow on the country—" a full and fair Representation of the People id Parliament," ( hear)-' o which ht? thought they were as well entitled as the King was to the Crown. It was part of the compact, t was, part of the oiiginal agreement when the Monarch ascended the throne— and the people ha I as full and complete a right to it., as any in- dividual had a right to his private estate; and in one point of view, the claim might be considered more powerful, because it was most essentially cotinefled with the happiness and prosperity of the country. By the recognition of that right alone could be supported tiie boast which they were so fond of making, sometimes, he belie ved, without much consideration, that this was a free and in- dependent nation. He had always believed and maintained, that the great Constitutional bulwark of a Parliament fairly chosen by the people at large, was not more necessary to the due admi- nistration of- the Laws— the safety of the cotintrv, and the security of the people in general, than conducive to the greatness and permanency of the Throne. To illustrate this point a little, he would just call their recolleflion to the transactions which had lately occurred. They were told in tire d tily papers, that the Administration was put an end to; and that the King had sent to my Lord this, and Mr. such a- one, to frrm a new one. Now, those persons to whom he was obVged u> apply, are, or suppose they will be, able to manage so much Parliamentary influence ( that i=, to com- mand so many votes from rotten boroughs), as would' enable an honest King, and an honest Minis- ter, to carry on the Government of the Country. ( Loud laughter.)— It appeared to him that the King was degraded by such a proceeding as this. In point of fail, he was not the King— there was a Sovereign over him, whose will he was obliged to complv with, and to whom he was obliged to sacrifice ( that he might be allowed to goon at all with his Government) the best interests of his people.—( Hear, / jear. f— For' his own part, he should call the afl of the Sovereign, in thus send- ing to such and such persons to form an Admiais- tration, a periodical abdication of the Government by the King.— ( Isiudcheering.)—' The great object which he ever had in view, was- to endeavour to bind together the interests of the King and of the ople ; that they sjiould be strong enough, united, to put down that borough faction, which, he again assertedv stood as Sovereign over both-— to cuff down those otols and unclean birds that impudent- ly seat themselves, cheek by jole, on the same chair with Royalty.—( Great app/ aute.)—- In following this course, though he was well aware that he was not likely to obtain applause of that description of persons who usually surrounded a King, and, for their own private purposes ( and, generally to their own rnin) misguided and mislead him— but he had this consolation in his mind, that he was doing that which every honest subjeft wpylcLdo for his King— he was supporting his interests as much as those of the people at large. Sir Francis then, in an animated manner, called on the coun- try Gentlemen to come forward, observing, how- evier, that if they did not chuse to shew themselves the advocates of their own and country's rigms, he had no doubt but the people, dettrmined to be free, would aft for titertiselves, and become their own leaders. " The Navy— the bulwark of a free nation." Sir Francis, previous to giving the health of Lord Cochrane, stated thai, illness prevented him from attending. '' Lord Cochrane, asd his sble exertions agamst England's Foreign and Domestic Enemies." "•' I he Army of England, and may it never be employed bat against the Foreign1 Enem^," Sir Francis Burdett then read a letter from Mr. Brougham, apologizing for his absence, which was occasioned by indisposition. " Mr. Brougham, the able opponent of the Orders In Conncil." , " The Htm. C. ftutchin* Mi, and K- iends of Freedom in Ireland." Mr. Hutchinson returned thanks in an energe- tic speech, in which he took occasion to contrast tbfe growing interest which the people of vthis country take in the affairs of Irelaod, with their former apathy on the subject. The band then played Erin go- bragh," and " St. Patrick's Day in the Meriting," with great spirit. The Chairman then gave, * The Independent Livery of London, Friefid5 to Parlia- mentary Reform"— with three. Sir Francis Burdett then proposed, " The health of Mr. Alderman Wood"— with three. Whish was received by the company with rap- ture. Mr. Alderman Wood expressed the sincere gra- titude which- he felt for the distinguished honour conferred upon him by so respectable a meeting; and he also felt himself fully justified in returning them the thanks of the Livery of London, friends to Parliamentary Reform. Sir Francis Burden then proposetS, " Mr. Fawkes, and the Hampden CluV Which was drank with three. Mr. Fawkes, after returning thanks for the honour done him,. addressed the company at some length, on the necessity of a Reform in the Representation of the People. The next toast was, " The veteran Advocate of Parliamentary Reform— Ma- jor Cartwright." Which was drank with great applause. Major Cartwright retimed thanks for the hon- our done him by the Meeting, and shortly enforc- ed the necessity of a Reform in Parliament, as the only remedy the country had left for their numerous present grievances, and their best se- curity against illegal power in future. The following toasts were then drank with great applause : " The Abolition of Flogging— May the Defenders of the Land be relieved from the ignominy of the Lash." " The Liberty of the Press-. it is like the ajr we breat'ne, if we have it not we die." " Repres^ itation without Rotten Boroughs, Soldiers with- out Barracks, Defence without Foreigners, and Legal means of suppressing Riots, without Military Executions" About ten o'clock Sir F. Burdett left the Chair, and the Company shewed him every demonstra- tion of respeCl as he passed, and departed shortly after him. MR. WORTLEY. The Hon. 8- uart Wortley, who made the Mo- tion in the House of Commons for an Address to ih" Pilnce Regent, praying his Royal Highness to take such measures as may be best calculated to f> rm an efficient Administration, is- second son to late Statesman, the Earl of Bute; his pre sent manly conduc't leads us to quote, what his friendt the late James Boswell, Esq. says of him, in hi, life of Dr. Johnson, and in his Letter to the People of Scotland :— " For sterling good sense, discernment, honour, loyalty, and conviviality, no mail can surpass my Honourable Friend. He distinguished himself as a good Officer of the Bedford- shire Militia, had taken a public spirired resolution to serve his country in its difficulties, by raising a regiment, and tak- ing the command of it himself." This, in the heir of the immense property of Wortley, is highly honourable. To find that pa- triot again, when the fire of youth has been damp- ed by time, so energetic for the welfare of his country, is truly cheering, and does honour to himself and the nation at large. LIST OF THE MAJORITY ON MR. STUART WORTLEY'S MOTION FOR AN AD- DRESS TO THE. PRINCE REGENT TO fOJtM AN EF- FICIENT ADMINISTRATION. Abercrombie, Hn. J Grattan Rt. Hn H Adair, R Agar, E F Anstruther, Sir J Antonie, W L Althorpe, Vise. Astiey, Sir J Bagenal, W Barbara, G F Baring, A Bewicke, C Bennett, Hon. H Biddufpb, R M Dinning, Lord Blanchard. B P Bourne, W S Bouverle, H « n. B Brand, Hon T Browne, A Buller, Sir A Burdett, Sir F Greenougb, G B Grenfell, P Grosvenor, Gen. Hamilton, Lord A Harvey, E Hibbert, G Hippisley, Sir J C Horner, F Howard, H Howard, Hon. W Howorth, H Hughes, W L Huskisson, W Hussey, T Hutchinson, Hn, C Jackson, J Jacob, W Jekyll, Jos. Knight, R Knox, Hon. T Burrell, Hon. R D I. amb, Hon. W Bu- ke, W Lambton, R J Calcraft, J X. angton, \ V G Canning, Rr. Hn. G Latouche, R Canning, G Leach, J Cavendish, Lord G Leigh, R H Cavendish, H Lemon, Sir W Choloner, R J. emon, J Cockerell, Sir G Lemon, C Cocks, j Coke, T W Coke, E l. estcr, B L Lloyd, J M Lloyd, Sir E Colborne, R W K l. ongman, G Combe, H C I. yttlrfon, Hn. H. Cotes, J Macdonald, James Cuthhert, J R Madocks, W A Daly, Rt. Ho. D B Martin, H Dent, D Martin, R Dickinson, W Msthew, Hon. M Dillon, Hon. H A . Maule, Hon. W Drummond, H Meade, Hon. J Duncaimon, Vise. Mexboro", F. arl of Mildmay, Sir H Miller, Sir T Milton, Vise, Montgomery, Sirll Dundas, Hon 1. F. den, Hon, G Ellis, C R Ferguson, R C Fitzgerald, RtHnM Moore, P. Fitzgerald, Ld. H. Monck, Sir C F> I7, patrick, RtHrR Morpeth, Vise, Fiitroy, Lord W Mostyn, Sir T Foley, ) Folkes, Sir M Folkestone, Vise. F. irbesj Viae. Franklaml, W Myers, T Neville, Hon. R Newport, Rt. Hn. Sir John North, D Freemantle, W H Nsrthrey. W Giles, D Nugent,. 1 erd Gordon, W OTlaru, C Gawer. Tirl 0 « H W CXtuver, Lord a L Osborne, Lord F Ossulston, Lord Parnell, H. Perin, H Pelham, Hon. C Pelham, Hon. G Piggott, Sir A Prendergast, M Pochin, C Pollington, Vise. Ponsonby, Rt. HoB. George Ponsonby, Hon. G Ponsonby, Hon. F Ponthieu, f de Powei, R Poyntz, W S Prittie, Hon F Pym, F Quin, Hon. W Ridley, Sir M Romilly, Sir S Saville, A Sebright, Sir J SHarpe, R Shipley, W Sinclair. G Smith, G Smith, J Smith, A Smith, W Somerville, Sir M Staniforrh, J Stanley, Lord Stewart, f Swati, H Talbot, R W Tar! eton, B Tavistock, Marc}, of Taylor, W Taylor, M A Templeton, N Tempt-, Earl Tieruey, Rt, Hn G Tigbe, W Tiacy, C H Tremayne, J H Trench, F Vanderheyden, D Vernon, G G V Waipoie, Hon. G Ward, Hon. T W WarrenJer, Sir G Wharton, T Whithi- ead, S Williams, Sir R Wortley, J A S Wynne, Sit W Vt Wy/ vnc. C W ^ rotieslsy. II LIST OF THE MINORITY. Ferguson, J Moncaster, Lord Adams, C Allan, A Fitzgerald, W. Arbuttuwt, Right Forrester, C Murray, Sir I Nichdlj Sir J Hoti. ® ' Foster, Hon. T No- I C. JN Attersol, French, A Norton, Han. G<- n. Babington, T Gell, P Odell.' W k Bagwell, W Gibhs, Sir V Owen, John Bailliev G - < Giddy, D Ri « « t, Hoo^ B Baker, J Gipps, G Palk, Sir t. Barry, J Gooch, T S Peele, Sir R i' fpele, R Pliipps, Hon E Grant, Right Hon PJom.- r, Sir T > Beresford, I. on! O Goulburn, H Beresford, J P . Grant C Benyon, R Bernard, Viscount Blackhurne, J Bootle E W Bouverfc; C H Bowyer, Sir ( 5 Brad. haW, Hon. A C Sir W Graham. J Graham, S •. Hall, B iHuine,' 1 Hamilton, Hani Headly, I. ord Erpdriok, Hon. W- Herbert, H A, . Broaden, J . Brooke, Lord Browne. I H Bruce, J - Burghersh, I^ 6rd Burton T Calvert, J Campbtfl], Gen. A Campbell, A Hill, S r G F Hnbhosj^ 3 H" dson, i Holaies, W . ttrfutflotf^ J, A Houston, A Pole, Sir C P. lie, W VV" Porcher, I O Porter, < T. . ft mner, J jRapisbtJttom, I Robinson, Hon. t Rccnfort,- G Rase, G H Ryder, Rt Hjr, R Scott, Rt Hn. Sir W Seymnur, Lord R , Shawe, Sir J Sheldon, R Carew, Right Hon Jenkinson, C Howard Hon. F G Simeon, J Hutitingfie. ld, Lord Singleton M Ji nlcinsan, Hon. C Slo. ine, W - R J Caatleteagb, Vis Ch<* mondeIey, J Clerk, Sir y Cl. ve, H Clonmell, Earl of / ocelyn, Lord Joddrel, H Jones, G Keene, \ V. • King, S « | I P Kingston, J Cochrane, Hon. G Lascelles, Hon. E Cooper, li Synge ' r - " Cottrell, Sir J Courtenay, J P Crickitt, R A Croker, J W Curtis, Sir W Davies, R H Daavkins, J Desart, Earl of Disbrowe, E Duckett, G Duigenan, l) r. P Dundas, Rt. Hn. W Mainland, J Dufferin, Lord Manning, W Smith, T A Smith, i Sneyd, R Somerset, Lord A . Stewart, Sir J -, Sullivan, Rt. Ho. / Sjmner, G H Shiffner, Las.- elles, Hon, H St. Asaph, Lord Lefevre, C S Thomas. G W Leigh, J H i. eycester. H Loft us, General J. ong, Rt Hon ^ C Lungfield, M Limine, Lord" l. owther. Vis. J. uttrell, J F. Lushingcon, S R Lygoo, Hon. W Egerton, J Eliot, Hon. W Fllite, W Ellison, R Estcourt, T Eyre, A H Farquhar, J Marrvar, J Mellish, W Milner, R P Moreton, Hon. E Montague, M. Moore, Lord H MoorsonijAdmiral .. - iu_ jn. • Thornton. S Thornton, II Thornton, R Thymic, Lord J Townsend, Hon W Tvrvvhitt, Sir T Vansittart, G Vereker, Colonel Wallace, Rt, Hp. T Walpule, Lo: d ' W » rd, R Wed'ierbuni, Sir D Wtmyss, W Wharton, R Wilberforcei Williams, R jun. Wood, T ' Yorke, Rt. Won. C. The population of New South W^ s ' s mated, at the lowest calculation, at 20,000 souls. The following is an average of the price of provisions at Sydney for several months:— Wheat- en bread, V2\ d.\ Indian corn bread, B\ d. per, loaf; beef, 1/. 4d. and mutton and pork, Is. 6d- per Ib.- f potatoes, 16*. per cwt.; fowls, 2s. Sd. eacli; and ' i'vs, Ss. per dozen Jamaica rum and Hoi- ' a^ s gin, each 27s. per gallon, wholesale.' Notice to Distillers and other Dealers in Spirits% The Commissioners of Inland Excise and Tajtes in Ireland, hereby give Notice, that by an A- ft 52d Geo. III. chap. 4( 5, passed on the 5th day of May instant, an additional d. uv Is. Cd. British, per Gallon, is impound upon all. Spiies ! » *•' « in Great Britain or Ireland from Corn or Grail: oialitil. unmalted, in stock on the grh of April, 1- Slii, ,. n, l :. h..-> m. order to secure said duties, every Distiller, Importer, i)>- s, Seller, Retailer, Re&' fier, and Compounder o£ Spirits, v.;. , on the said 8th day of April, shall have had in hi , her, or their possession, in any warehouse ( other than I is M warehouses, or under his Majesty's locks), store- room, y, cellar, vault,. or other place, or in the custody or ptws » v; igu of any other person, for his, her, or their use, any Spirits, liable to the additional duty, are required within St. days after the said 5th day of May instant, to deliver at the Office of the ColleCtor of Excise of the District in which said Spirits shall have been on said 8th day of April, a juit; true, and particular account, in writing, of the quantity of all Spirits which on said ,! ay shall have been in the custody or possession of such Distiller, Importer, Dealer, Seller, Re- tailer, ReCtifier, Compounder, or other Person, in every such warehouse ( ether lhan as aforesaid), storehouse, room, shop, cellar, vault, or other place, or ip the custody or f; os. session of any person for his, her, or their use, describing th: places in which the same shall be, and the situation thereof | an, 1 every person delivering such account shall make o? t! w, or, if a Quaker, a solemn affirmation, before a Chief • Commissioner, or Sub- Commissioner of Excise, as to the trnrh of such ac-' count, and every person, as aforesaid, negleCling to deliver, or causing to be delivered the accounts aforesaid, within the respective times aforesaid, and to make such oath or affir- mation, or delivering, or causing to be delivered, a false, or untrue account, forfeits One Hundred Pounds;— and ail Spirits of which such account shall not be d, livered, an, l the vessels containing the same,' shall be forfeited, and nuy be seized by any Officer of Customs or Excise : And; that every person chargeable wiih the said additional duty, who shall remove any Spirits on which the samte shall have been charged, without having paid the said duty, or iajMose stock account there shall appear any decrease of SucliT^ irits, without having obtained a permit or permits, for the. re- moval of the quantity deficient, forfeit the sum of =£ 20, to- gether with a sum tqiul to dotible the amount of the said additional duty chargeable on the Spirits The Commissioners further give notice, that, the said ad- ditional duty ie not chargeable upon any per- on who chall not in the whole have had thirty gallons of Spirits in stock, custody, or possession, on said 8th of April, nor upon any Spirits which shall have been aftaally compounded helore the said 8th of April; and the said penalty for a decrease not to be infliCled on any Retailer who shall satis'aClorily prove that the same was wholly occasioned by. the removal of Spirits out of his stock, in such small quantities as not to require a permit for the removal. And the Commissioners hereby require the several DHftit- lers, aaid otinrj^ jersons aforesfid, chargeable with the sail additional duty, to, deliver their accounts forthwith, pur- suant ( a the pruv- sipns of the said ACt, otherwise that tliey will be proceeded4against for the penalties and forfeiture*, thereb/ imposedtftfr default of so doing. By order of the Commissioners,. GEORGE WALLER. Exsise- Ojfict, Dssf.' in, May ii, 1^ 12. N. B. The Traders Upon application at the ColleChjrV Office, will be furnished with the forms of accoui. cs above Uuiled to. N tice to Retailers oj Spirituous Liquors. The Commissioners of Inland Excise and Taxes in Ireland, hereby give Notice, that by the ACt of the 52d " George the Third, chapter- 36, the Act of the 50th of the King, chapter 4ti, and the Bounties thareby given to Retailers of Spirituou* Liquor?,' are repealed, from the 25th of March last— hut a saving is made for the payment and allowance of any Bounty to which such Retailers shall, urrder the provisions of the said ACt of the 50th of the King, be entitled ; for the quarter ot the year ending oo the said 23th of March, or foi any pre- ceding quarter. By Ordejof the.- C^ mmisslonors, GEORGE WALLER. Tmsfx- GGte, Duiiin, May, 1812. BEL FAS Ts Prjnte'd and Published by DRUMMOND A « naa, 30H, fat St- li acj the other Proprietors, every AUnJay, WtdnuUt^ » n, l Saturday.- - Price of the Paper, when sc'tir to" ajiy'cp% i; t lie-— Mr Jas. Anderson, bookseller, Kd& btiighl
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