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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 11
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 23/05/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 11
No Pages: 4
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s jg PRINTED B¥ JYD FOR T. E. ID 1CJBY. IF, SUTTON, JYD R. SMITMSON. VOL. 93. SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1812. No. 11. Ready Money is expected ) with Advertisements, i S Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, £ " l Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. 5 p„, rlf \ Stamp- Duty - 3d. i 1 RICE 0%. t prtprrana Print 3d. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, May 19- YESTERDAY a Cadia Mail arrived. The advices are to the 5th instant. The enemy still remained in their lines before Cadiz, and continued at intervals to throw shells into the place. A report prevailed when the packet sailed, that General Ballasteros had defeated a corps of the enemy on the 22d ult. and taken 700 prisoners. Strong expectations were entertained at Cadiz, that Lord Wel- lington would come to their relief, and raise the siege of the place. Corunna Journals arrived on Saturday to the 9th instant. They contain a dispatch from the gallant Mina to General Metidizabel, informing him that on the 9th ult. at a short distance from Victoria, he defeated a body of the enemy, consisting of 2,000 infantry and 150 horse, with the loss of 500 killed and 150 prisoners. A convoy which this corps was escorting fell into his hands, and lie' had the further satisfaction of releasing 400 Spanish prisoners. Mina took J? 0 laden waggons, and among the spoils we e 250,000 crowns in specie, and General Dorsentie's baggage. The Spanish Ifegency has declared in a state of blockade all the ports of the Peninsula which are in ( he possession of the enemy. All vessels found trading with them, without n license from the Spanish Government, are declared liable to capture and condemnation. Two Anholt mails arrived last night, with letters and papers from Sweden to the ICth instant. The French took possession of Pillau nn the 22d ulr. and, it is understood, that they subsequently proceeded to occupy Elbing and Koningsberg. On the 21st ult. the Emperor of Russia left Sr. Petersburg!), to put himself at the head of the army. Evnaparte remains at I'aris. Accounts from Copenhagen state, that serious distur- bances had broken out 111 that capital mi account of the scarcity of provisions. Marshals Macdonald and Victor have arrived at Berlin, making no less than six French Marshals on their way to the Russian frontiers. The French privateers in the Baltic continue to be captured by the Swedish cruizers, and therefore the two Powers may be considered as virtually at war. The private letters from Gottenhurgh continue to hold out the expectation of a speedy conclusion of peace between this country, Sweden, and Russia. Further pftrticulars of the conspiracy at St. Petersburg hare transpired, and it appears, that the plot was wholly French, and that the design was to repeat what was practised in- Spain, to convey into France the Emperor, and all the Members of the Imperial Family. Curious Coincidence.— The F. arl of Chatham died in the House of Lords on the Uth of May, 1778; Mr. Perceval, Chancellor of the Exchequer, was shot in the lobby of the House of Commons the lltb- ofMav, 1812. Mr. Perceval's funeral took place on Saturday morning. At nine o'clock the procession moved in the following eider, from Downing- street— Mutes and attendants oti horseback— hearse and six with the body— six mourning roaches, followed by 25 carriages, the carriages of the Ca- binet Ministers, relatives of the deceased— his own carriage, & c. The body then passed over Westminster Bridge to be interred at Charlton, near Iilackheath.— Inscription 011 the rolfin, after his name, & c. " Fell by the hand of an Assassin in the Commons House of Parliament, May 11, A. D. 1812, in the 50th year of his age; born Nov. 1st, A. D. 17( 32." The Assassin Bellingham.— After his conviction and 011 his return to the cell allotted him in Neweate, be civilly re- quested the turnkey to furnish htm with tea. He was in- formed that nothing was allowed by the sentence hut bread and water. There was a pitcher of water readv, and bread was immediately fetched him, ol which he ate a large quan- drinking plentifully of the wator at intervals. He re- ^ ntedly said, in the course of the evening, that he was perfectly happy, and his only uneasiness arose from an anxiety to be out of existence. He went to bed, quite composed, and slept very soundly all night. O11 Saturday momma he was still composed, and again requested to know if he could have some tea for breakfast, instead of bread and water; but which could- not be com- plied with. He was afterwards attended by the Ordinary of Newgate, and seemed perfectly resigned to his fate. yesterday morning, between nine and ten, the Ordinary again attended him in his cell; he appeared rather dejected, hut dwelt on the promises of the Gospel, and hopes of a blessed immortality, through the mediation of the Redeemer. He was particular in his inquiries as to the hour and place « f execution; and remarked that—" life had been a weary pilgrimage to him— the bliss fleeting and illusory; the misery permanent and real; ill laying it down, he had no vain regrets to make." In this strain he continued the conversation for some time, but could not be brought to make any acknowledgment of the heinousness of the crime be had committed. Previous to his trial, money to a considerable amount had liren sent to him, but from what quarter is not known ; and a I. adv going to Liverpool was admitted to him on Thursday, to be informed if he had any message or letter to send to his wife— he wrote nothing, but once or twice afterwards wished that he had sent for his wife from Liverpool, in order that he might have a parting interview before he left the world. Various accounts are circulated of this man's former h ibits of life. The following is from a Morning paper of this day.—" By all that we have learned of his earlier life, he appears to have been a turbulent, untractable, profligate adventurer. His expertness in commercial transactions had early iu life procured the confidence of some respectable houses engaged in the Russia trade, lie went to Russia, drew bills on his principals to the amount of ten thousand pounds, never made any shipments, but squandered the money. He was preparing to return to England, when he was arrested in Russia for private debts. Lord Levestin Gower, who was applied to by him for his liberation, found fhat the matter was not witlrn his province, and of course left it to the Russian tribunals. Bellingham never had any capital of his own. llis conduct to his wife had been for many years neglectful and uiiaffectirumte. They have lived separate fur a considerable length of time, and Bellingham seldom visited her but for the purpose of obtaining money, which he spent in Lcudon in urging his claims on Govern- ment. Ilia wHe is a milliner iu Liverpool, with three children. f'. recution.— At eight o'clock, Bellingham mounted the drop with a firm step, butwhen he surveyed the preparations for terminating his life, he turned pale, and while the Ordi- nary was reading prayers to him, his knees began to totter. The instant that he got on the platform the cap was pulled over his face, and he indicated no desire to address the spectators, as was expected by every one.— In about half a minute after the cap was pulled over his eyes the drop fell, and he was launched out of this world. The- crowd was not so very great as was expected, partly, perhaps deterred by the remembrance of the fatal catastrophe which took place at the execution of Holloway and Haggerty ( to remind the unthinking of which, printed placards were humanely put up at the ends of the Old Bailey), and partly by the badness of the morning, as it rained incessantly during the whole time. There was no improper disposition evinced by the mob. Some of them said, when Bellitighain appeared on the Scaffold," God bless you !" and it is hoped, more from a Christian spirit, than from an approbation of his drepdl'yl offence. It having been the prevailing opinion that Bu'llitigham would be executed iu Palace- yard, being as near to the spot where his offence was perpetrated as possible, numbers of persons went down to that place and that also might have contributed to lessen the numbers of those collected ut the Old Bailcv.— There were no extra- ordinary preparations made to guard against the violence of the people in his behalf, if any such spirit had been indicated; only the usual number of constables were out on the occasion. The body having hung the accustomed time was out ( down, and delivered over to the surgeons for dissection and atftcrwards to be anatomized. Hie crowd quietly dis persnl, who had witnessed the execution; but many others came to view the body while it remained suspended. Parties « . rbor « were stationed on the Surry - side of Black friars bridge, and others at Islington, Grav's- TNN- lane, and different outskirts of the town, to have been in rearl ness to act, should any disturbance have occurred. Since his condem- nation, all means of self- destruction had been withheld from Bellingham, and he was refused to be shaved, which made him complain that he should not appear like a gentle- man.— He was attended yesterday by the Ordinary, and two other clergymen. The China fleet, which Isas just arrived, has about 12 or 14 millions of dollars on board— 000,090. Sir Frank Standish, Bart, died suddenly on Saturday morning: he was a celebrated breeder of running horses, and a considerable sportsman on the turf. Epsom Races.—- On Wednesday the Epsom Stakes of 10 » s. was won by the Duke of St. Aihan's Cambrian, beating two others. The \ Vnodq. ote Stakes of SOgs. was won by Mr. Lail- broke's Selim filly, beating several others. — Thursday, the Derby Stakes was won by Mr, Ladbroke's Octavius, by Orville, beating Lord Egremont' « Gohanna, Sir J. Shelley's Comus, and ten others. Gold Cop of lOOgs. value was won by the Duke of Rutland's Sorcery, beating Lord Lnwthei's Varietv.— Friday, the Oaks Stakes was one bv Mr. Hewit's Manuelln, beating Lord Egremont's f. by Gohanntj, Mr. Wilson's Lady Sophia, General Gower's Sister to Maid of Orleans, and seven others i— 100 to 4 against the winner. The Town Plate of £ 50 was won by Mr. Blake's Sprightly, beat- ingMr. I. adbroks's Schoolboy. The Gold Cup not run" for for want of horses. — Saturday, the Headlev Stakes of 50gs each, was won bv the Duke of Rutland's Ptolemy, beating four others. The Hunters' Stakes of lOOgs. was wou by Mr. Foster's Under Sheriff, beating four others'. When we snore in our sleep ( which by the bye is a very vulgar custom), we are said to " sleep to some tune." A person who adventured in. the late Lottery purchased his ticket in consequence of a dream, and by it obtained Fifteen Thousand Founds! This it must be allowed was really sleeping to some tune. The most genteel amongst us, we imagine, would have no objection to snore, provided they couid dream of the lucky number which is to have a Capital Prize on the King's Birth Day. Ox FORD, May 16.— On Wednesday, Mr. Sargeant, of Queen's College, was eletted Scholar of that Society, an Mr. Mitchell's foundation. rpHE SUN LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, having I- established Offices in Corrihill, and Craig's- Court, Cha- ring- Cross, London, for granting Annuities, effecting Assu- rances on Lives and Survivorships, and the Kndowment of Children; Tables of Rates, and other Particulars, may be had at the above Offices, or of any of the Agents for the Sun Fire- OPjce. New Northamptonshire Sheep. MESSRS. ROBIN SON & BLISS beg Leave to inform their Friends and the Public that their JUNE SHEW of RAMS will commence as follows: Mr. P. t. iss of Ansos, SHEWS his on MONO vv June 1st; Mr. ROBJVSON, of WELLISGBOROUGH- LODGE, on June 8th ; both of which will continue until Julv Sth, as usual. JOS. ROBINSON. May 6th. 1SI2. WM. BLISS. W. GRIMES INFORMS his Friends and the Public, That his annual SHEW of RAMS for LETTING, will he at BAOINTON, on MONDAY the lstof JUNE, 1812, when'he hopes to be favoured with their Company. The Whole of the Sheep are by Rams from Messrs Stuhbins & Stone. BAOINTOPJ is situated three Miles from Coventry, eight from Warwick, and nirie from Southam. RAMS. WUMBERS'S SHFAV „{ RAMS for LETTING . at WA PPEN BURY, in the County of Warwick, commences on TUBSIIAT THE KA will be glad to see any Gentlemen who will favour him with their Company. Wttppenhuw, Man 9, 181?. RAMS. HRORBINS'S annual SIII-. W of RAMS for . LETTING, at BAR FORI) near Warwick, com- mences on MONDAY, the First of June, when he will be glad to see any Gentlemen that will favour him with their Company. Barford, 15tk May, 1813. RAMS. AMUEL BENNETT, TEMPSFORD, desires to nform his Friends and tiie Public in general, That lie intends SHEWING his RAMS from FRIDAY the 5th of June, to the 4th of JULY. Tempsford. May gl. sf, 1812. SAW inf REWARD. Great- Brickhill and Little- Brickhill Association. WHEREAS on Saturday Night or early on Sunday Morning, the 16th or 17th of May instant, was stolen nut of a M E A now, called CLAY POI. K MEADOW, belonging to Mr. Tuns. FOUNTAINE, Senior, of STOKE- HAJIMOND, n the County of Buckingham, A Fat South- Down LAMB, Any Person who will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may be brought to Justice, hull, on his or their Conviction receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS out of the Fond of the said Association, and a further Reward of TEN GUINEAS will be giveu by Mr. FOUNTA I Ji E. Stoke- Hammond, May- 20th, 1812. TIIRAFSTOW, May Sth, 1812. WPORTER & PALMER respectfully inform the • Public, that their WAGGON continues to set off every Monday Morning for Cambridge, through Huntingdon ; arrives at Cambridge Tuesday Morning, and returns to God- mnnchester the same Night ; lays at Thrapston on Wednesday Night; at the Fleece Inn, Northampton, on Thursday and Friday Night; delivers and takes up Goods at Blisworth, on Friday : returns to Thrapston on Saturday ; takes up Goods at Northampton and Wellingborough. By this Convevnnce Goods may be forwarded ( o all Parts of Norfolk, Suffolk, Isle of Ely, & c. ; and by Canal from lllisworlh to most Parts of England and Wales. London Goods delivered at the Catharine Wheel Inn, Bishopsgafe- Strcrt. on Saturday Morning, directed by Porter & Co. from Cambridge, will be delivered at Thrapston on Thursday Morning, on such Term* as will give Satisfaction.— Cannot be accountable for small Parcels above Five Pounds Value, nor for Damage of Goods that are left in their Hands mure than fourteen Day| i Prime Swedish Turnip Seed, T? ROM transplanted Turnips of the best Quality, raised - I byTHOMAS ROBlNSON, of KITTIRINC, may be had of him at One Shilling per Pound. BEDFORD, MAY 15, 1812. Warranted Yellow Swedish. Turnip Seed. TEMERY begs Leave respectfully to inform the • Agriculturists and Farmers of BcpronnsifiriE and the adjoining Counties, thev mav he supplied by him with the true YELLOW TRANSPLANTED SWEDISH TURNIP SEED, grown bv J. W. AXIEN, Esq.— It may also be bad at the Swan, Hitchin •, Cross Keys, Amplhill ; Wrestlers, St. Neots ; and Wheat Shenf, Woburn; at a very moderate Price, for ready Money onhj. N. B. An APPRENTICI; wanted in the Grocery and Tallow- Chandlery Business. . Northamptonshire and Warwickshire Association for prosecuting Felons. THE Annunl Meeting nf this Association will be. held at the Fox INK, CBABWEMOI, on TUESDAY the 2fith Instant. RICHARD GRIFFIN, Treasurer. May 13 th, 1812. Dinner at Two o'Clock. Woburn Association, for prosecuting Thieves, THE Annual Meeting of the Members of this As- sociation will be he'd at the GEORGE INW. at WOPURN, on FRIDAY the ' 29th Day of this instant MAY. at which Meeting the Attendance of the present Members and of such other Persons who intend < « become Members is requested.— Dinner on the Table at One o'clock. I{. A. REDDALL, Treasurer. jroburn. May Uth, 1812. Bedfordshire Association for prosecuting Felons, 8? c. THE General Annual Meeting of the Members of this Association will be held at the SWAN INN, BEDFORD, nn FRIDAY the 29th Day of MAY instant, at One o'clock, to pass the Treasurer's Accoupts, and to fix the Subscription for the Year ensiling. Til EE I) PEARSE, Treasurer. Bedford, 9th Mav, 1812. Bedfordshire Freehold Estate for Sule. AMost desirable compact Tithe- free FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at LI Dl. l NG TON, iti the County of Bedford, near the Turnpike- Road, between Ampthill and Woburn ; con- sisting of 32 Acres 2 Roods of rich Arable and Pasture Land, and which will he SOLD by AUCTION in September next, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given. The Premises are now in the Occupation of Mr. William Sinficld, and Possession mav be had at Michaelmas next. For Particulars, apply to Mr. THOM AS E V s, Land- Surveyor, Ampthill, who is authorized to treat for the same. Freehold Estates, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by A U C TI O N, By Mr. SCOTT, On Fridav June 5th, at Twelve o'Clock, at the Mart, in two I. ots, by Order of theTiustees under a Will, " UVOFur. iimr, ii DAIRY FARMS, very desirable, in a healthy, pleasant, and elevated Situation, within one Mile of the populous Village, in the Parish of Toddington, four from Woburn, six from Dunstable, eight from Ampthill and Leighton, by good Roads, and 40 from London. Lot 1 comprises 91 Acres one Rood and two Perches of rich GRASS LAND, arid some ARABLE. I. ot 2 contains 61 Acres three Roods and two Perches of Ditto — Each Farm is compact, inclosed, and well timbered, with a comfortable Farm- House and convenient Building-, lett at low Rents, to Mr. J. Mead, and Mrs. Beale, respectable old Tenants from Year to Year, who will shew the Farms21 Days before the Sale, when printed Particulars may be had at the Office of this Paper ; Sow Sc Pigs, Toddington ; Crown, Dun- stable; White Hart, Ampthill; George, Woburn and Luton; Angel, St. Albans ; the Mart, and at the Office of Mr. SCOTT, 28, New- Bridge- Street, Londtn. To N, A1 be SOL 1) by A U C T I O By M, tsr*. BERRY & HAYWARD, At the King's Head Inn, in Aylesbury, Bucks, on Saturday the 6th of June, 1812, at Two o'Clock, in one Lot Very valuable ESTATE, situate at WEEOON, Bucks, _ three Miles from Aylesbury, in the Tenure of Mr. George Thome, on Lease which expires at Michaelmas 1814, at a low Rent, held under new College for f. ives; containing42 Acres or thereabouts, of very excellent Arable ytd Pasture Land, a good Farm- House, with all necessary Farm Buildings ; and a Cottage and Orchard, in the Occupation of Mrs. Harding. May be viewed by Application to Mr. THORNS, on the Pre- mises', where Particulars may be had ; also at the Placeof Sale, the Inns in the Neighbourhood, and of Messrs. Btasv and HAVWARD, General Agents, Avtesbury. A] Freehold Land, iiuleott, Bucks. To be SOLI) by AUCTION, By Messrs. BERRY <$• IIAYU'AIW, At the Great Room, at the King's Head Inn, Aylesbury, on Saturday the 6th of June, 1812, at Two o'Clock, in one Lot, FREEHOLD ESTATE, of ARABLE LAND of very excellent Quality, lying in the Parish of HULCOTT two Miles from Aylesbury, calhd H. gwav I'iece-, containing by Admeasurement ( be the same tnoieor less) 16 Acres, two Rood and 30 Perches, Tithc- free, and exonerated from Land- Tax, has been inclosed upwards of 30 Years, and the Fences are in good Repair..— Condition's will be produced at the Timeof Sale. To view the Premises, apply to Mr. JOHN SEAMONS, Hul- cott J and printed Particulars may be had at the Place of Sale, and the Inns in the Neighbourhood.— For further Particulars apply to Mr. A. C. STONE, Solicitor, or Messrs. BERRY and HAYWAKD, General Agents, Walton- Terrace, Aylesbury, where fljiis may be seen. BedJ'onlshire Freehold Estates,— Woburn Sands, in the Parish of Aspley- Cuise, To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By ANDREW GARDNER, On Wednesday the 3d Day of June, 1S12, at the Sign of the Red Lion, at Hogstye- End, at Three o'Clock in the After- noon, in three Lots: Lot 1. T^ OULL compact Stud and Plaster TENEMENTS, J ' with a Wood Barn and Garden to each, in the Occu- pations of Win. Goodall, Tbos. Atterbury, Wm. Garret', and Thos Hayman, as Tenants at Will, at the yearly Rent of £ 14. Lot 2. Two substantially built Brick and Slated TENE- M E NTS, with Wood Barn and Garden to each, and which, at a small- Expense, may be converted into a pleasant and comfort- able Resilience for a small Family, in the Occupations of John Hull and Saml. Benbow, Tenants at Will, producing the Annual Rent of =£ 9. Lot 3. Three well- built Brick and Tiled TENEMENTS, with Word Barn and Garden toeach, next to Aspley- Lane, now in the Occupation of Wm. Lovel, Wm. Maplev, andWm. Garrett, as Tenants at Will, at the yearly Rent of =£ 10. 13s. 6d. The Whole of the above i. ots are well supplied with Water from a Spring and Pump adjoining, and are pleasantly situated facing the Turnpike- Road, near the new. Lodge, WOBURN SANDS.— For furthet Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr. DAY, Solicitor, or of the AUCTIONEER, botli of Woburn. Fuluuble Freehold Estate, in a high State of Cultivation, Tithe free, situate at Puilton, iu the County of Warwick. To be peremptorily SOLD by AUCTION, By EDWARD LEES, On Wednesday the 27th Day ot May, 1812, precisely at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the House of Mr. Arnold, the White Lion Inn, in Pailtnn aforesaid, subject to such Con- ditions as shall be then produced, ALL that desirable and truly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the delightful Village of PAI [. TON aforesaid; comprising a Farm- House, with Barns, Stables, Hovels, Cowsheds, Pigsties, and other Conveniences attached thereto ; also two Messuages or Tenements adjoining the said Farm- House, now in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. Benj. Hopkins, under a Lease which expires on the 25th Day of March, 1SI3, and divided as follows :— A. R. P. Hom- stead and Orchard.. Home Close Great Close Second Ditto Harborough Meer Middle Close Second Middle Ditto Top Close 1 3 12 .8 ti ... 6 9 30 0 20 16 13 I 9 4 WILLIAM OLIVER F. TURNS his sincere Thanks to his Friends and the ^ Public f « r the aianv favours conferred upon him. and respeetfnllv informs them, that he has declined Business m Favour of his Son, who he trusts will merit a Continuance of that liberal Support which has " been afforded to himself for upwards of thtrtv- five Yertrc. Stony- Stratford, Jpril30th. 1812. JOHN OLIVER, TJNEN and WOOr. LEX- DRAPF. R, RESPECTFULLY acquaints his Friends and the Public, thnt he hns succeeded to the Business of his Father, and hopes to be honoured with a Continuance of that Support so long experienced bv hi'tt ; to merit which no Efforts on llis own Part shrill he wanting. The old Stock will be sold off considerably under Prime Cost. WILL WANTED. ANY Person being in Possession of a WILL made bv JOSEPH WALKER, Esq. of Birmingham, and late of Moulton Park, near Northampton, deceased, ore re- quested to rive Information respecting the same to Mr. R. W. GEM, Solicitor, Birmingham. \ T a numerous Meeting of the Noblemen and Oentle- men educated at RUGBY SCHOOL, holden on W DAY the 20th of JUNE, IRK), at the Free- Masons' Tavern Great Queen- Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. STEPHEN R U MB OLD LUSH 1 NGTON, Esq. M. P. in theGhair ; The following Resolutions we'e unanimously agreed to : — THAT in Order to testify the Feelings of affectionate Attach- ment evinced by every Pupil of the much- lamented Dr. JAMES, a Monument be erected to his Memory, by Subsctipt on THAT to facilitate as much a; possible the Means of attaining the desired Object, anil to cirrv it into Execution, in a Manner adequate to the Worth of Dr. JAMES, a Committee be imme- diately appointed to manage the necessary Arrangements. The following were accordingly elected Members ot such Committee. The P. ev. Warden of Merlon Collece, Oxford. Rev. I) r Wooll, Head- Master of Rugby School The Rev. Mr. Heyrich S. R. Ltisliir. gJon, Esq. M. P. I ieut,- Colonel Colquitt G. W. Marriott, Esq. The Viscount Valentia. M. P The Hon and Rev. Dean of Windsor The Hon. Mr. Eardlev The Hon W. Booth Gt'ev, M. P. The Hon. Charles Bagot, M. P. The Hon. W. H. I. yttelton, M. P. The very Rev. Dean of Lincoln THAT Mr. WRATISLAW, as Secretary to the Committee, be directed to address an official Letter to the Trustees of RUGBY SCHOOL, inclosing a Copy of these Resolutions; and requesting their Petmission to place the Monument in the Chapel, about to be erected, or in some other convenient Part of the new Buildings at Rugbv. THAT these Resolutions. be generally advertised and circulated bv the Committee, and Subscriptions be received by Mr. WnATtstAW, Saville- Place, New Burlington- Street; Messrs. HAMMERSLEY, Bankers, Pali- Mall; Messrs. HOARE, Bankers, Fleet- Street: and Messrs. BUI LIM, Bankers, Rugby. Th « following is a Statement of the Subscriptions reported at the last Anniversary Meeting, and those subsequently received £. s i. The Viscount Valentia 21 0 0 Hon. and Rev. the Dean of Windsor ... 21 0 0 Hon. Mr. Eardlev 21 0 0 Hon. W. Booth Grey .. 21 0 0 Hon. W. H. Lvttelton 21 0 0 Hon. Charles Bagot 21 0 0 Uev, Dr. Wooll 21 0 0 S. R. I. ushington, Esq 21 0 0 The very Rev. Dean of Lincoln 1010 0 The Rev. Warden of Merton Col. Oxford 10 10 0 Rev. Mr. Heyrich 5 5 0 G. W. Marriott. F.- q.-. o 5 0 S. Hallifax, Esq 5 5 0 Major Gibbarit 5 5 0 Rev. Richard Stevens .. 110 Rev. ' ftiomae Mo/ rio--- 2 2 0 Rev. Mr. Smyth 110 F. Thackwray, Esq 2 2 0 Rev. Robert Knight I 1 0 Pudsev Dawson, Esq. - .5 5 0 Rev. E. Stafford 2 2 0 Charles Montieth, Esq 5 5 0 Rev. Mr. Noel 3 3 0 Thomas Caldecott, Esq. 5 5 0 Abraham Caldecott, Esq. 3 3 0 Rev. Robert Marriott.. 3 3 0 Rev. J, Marriott 2 2 0 SirHames Fellowes .... 5 5 0 Lieut.- Col. Colquitt.. 10100 Henrv Grimes. Esq.... 5 5 0 William Palmer, Esq... 5 5 0 Thomas M. Parker, Esq. 2 2 0 Rev. G. Loggi. 3 3 0 Robert Viner, Esq 5 0 0 W;: llden ILmmer, Esq.-. 3 3 0 Rev. H. B. Harrison 2 2 0 William Grant, Esq ... 2 2 0 £ s. J. Thomas Coltman, Esq... 2 2 0 Rev. William Bi'ch 3 .1 0 Thomas Haves. Esq 3 3 0 H. P. Standley, Esq 2 2 0 Rev. Dr. Pritchett 2 2 0 Rev. Dr. Sleath 3 3 0 Rev. D. Twining 1 10 J. Twining, Esq 1 1 0 J. Westwood, Esq 5 0 0 Colonel York 5 5 0 Rev. G. Chandler 3 3 0 ( haries Bucknell, Esq.-. 2 1 0 S. Bucknell, Esq 2 2 0 Rev. P. Homer 3 3 0 R- v. J. Parker 2 2 0 Rev. J. Biddulph 2 2 0 William Little, Esq 3 3 0 Rev. C. Palmer 3 3 0 W. Butlin, 2 2 0 Rev. J. Sleath 3S( I Rev. H. Wise 5 5 0 Charles Butlin, Esq 1 1 0 Rev. Dr. Ingles .5 5 0 S. Kentish, Esq 5 5 0 William Heyrick. Esq..- 5 5 0 Rev. James Hedges 1 1 0 Rev. H. R Harrison... I 1 0 J. H. Thursbv, Esq. -. 1 1 0 Major- Gen. Kerr 5 5 0 Charles Hunt, Esq L 1 0 Walter Fell. Esq 2.2 0 J. J. Blencowe, Esq... 2 2 0 Rev. Mr. Sheath 3 3 0 T homas l. evett. Esq 3' 3 0 Christopher Wren, Esq. 5 5 0 J. Claughton. Esq 5 5 0 Robert Belt, Esq 1 I 0 T. Phifpott, Esq. 2 2 0 Rev. W. Harrison 1 1 t) Rev. R. Ord 1 1 0 The next Anniversary in London will be on THURSDAY the IRth of JUNE, at the FREEMASONS' TAVERN, Great Queen- Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, LONDON; and the following is the List of Stewards : — Rev John Bartlam Right Hon. Lord Proby Sir Henry Neltborpe, Bart Sir James Fellowes Rev. Henry Harrison 61 1 13 The Pavments are easy, and the Land adjoining the Town Street of Pailton, is in all Respects calculated for Building. The Tenant will shew the Estate ; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. THOS. MARIER, ot Attleborough; Mr. DANIEL W HADcocK, of C hi 1 vers - Cot on; or to Mr. GIOROE GREEN WAY. Solicitor, Attleborough- Flall, Warwickshire, where a Phn of the Estate may be seen. Vuluuile Manor, Mansion- House, Salt- Marsli, and improve- able Freehold Estate, near Colchester. To be SOLD by AUG T I O N, By Messrs. HOPCRAFT, SVN, S>- HEMMING WAY, At the Three Cups, in Colchester, on Saturday the 20th Day of June, 1812, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon, in several Lots, un- less previouslv disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice willbegiven, rpHE valuable MANOR of FINGPJNGIIOE, extending I over a large Tract of Countrv, abounding with Game, with the ROYALTIES, COPYHOLD COURTS, FINES, HER- RIOTS, QUIT RENTS, and IMMUNITIES ; together with valuable Ovster Layings, in South- Geydon, and North- Geydon. A capital MANSION- HOUSE, called FINCRINOHOJI- HALL, with suitable Offices of every Description, Gardens, Pleasure- Grounds, and Plantations, and nearly 800 Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Lands, including upwards of 300 Acres of rich Salt Marsh Lands, in the Parish of F1WGRINGHOE, divided into sundry eligible Farms, properly subdivided, well watered, and capable of very considerable Improvement. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. Mr. Horct AFT will attend at the Mansion- House, on Mon- day the 1st Day of June, and the following Week, for the Pur- pose of shewing the Premises; and tor further Particulars apply to Messrs. Hopcraft, Son, and Hemmingway. at Crowton, near Brackley, Northamptonshire; Mr. Burton, Solicitor, Daventry; Messrs. Kinderlev tind Long, Solicitors, Gray's- lnn, London; Mr. Mason, Solicitor, Colchester ; and to treat by Private Contract, apply to Mr. Hopcralt, Mr. Burton, or Messrs. Kinderley and Long. Printed Particulars may be had at the Three Cups, Colchester; Black Boy, Chelmsford, Golden Lion, Ipswich; Hoop, Cam- bridge; Angel, Bury- St.- Edmunds ; Fountain, Huntingdon; White Hart, Newmarket; Fountain Canterbury ; King's Head, Maiden ; Blue Posts, Withani, and Spread Eagle, lngaiestone. John Plomer Clarke, Esq. Frederick Thackwray, Esq. Thomas Coltman, Esq. J. WRATISLAW, Secretary. Tickets te he had at the Bar of the Tavern; and it is requested Gentlemen, intending to dine, will be so good as to leave their Names, before ' Tuesday the 16th of June. Valuable Freehold Estate, Tithc- free, Land- Tax redeemed. To be SO LD by AUCTIO N, By Messrs. R. 2$ E. BL/ tlSY, At the Rose and Crown Inn, in B\ field, on Monday the 25th Dav of May, 1812, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, in two Lots : . Lot 1. \ Very compact MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, /" V Willi an exceedingly good Garden, Outbuildings, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate in the populous Village of BYF1EI. D, in the County of Northampton, and now in the Occupation of Mr. W. Saul, as Tenant from Year to Year. 2. A very rich CLOSE of ARABLE LAND, situate near to the Town of Bytield aforesaid, containing seven Acres or there- abouts, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Tew, whose Term expires at Lady- Day next. For further Particulars, apply to Mr, ROBERT ORTON, Weedon ; or Mr. OAKDF. N, Solicitor, Daventry. THEATRE OF. ANATOMY, F. l nkeim- Street, Great Marlborottgh- Streel. rrMlF. . Summer Course of LECTURES on ANATOMY I PHYSIOLOGY, and SURGERY, will be commerced on SATURDAY, the 6th of JUNE, at Seven o'clock in tiie Morning. By Mr. BROOKES. Anatomical Converzationes will be held Weeldy, when the different Subjects treated of will be discussed familiarly and the Student's Views torwardid.— To these none but Pupils can lie admitted. Spacious Apartments, thoroughly ventilated, and replete with every Convenience, will be open at Five o'Clock in the Morning, for the Purposes of Dissecting and Injecting, where Mr. Brookes attends to direct the Students, and demonstrate the various Parts as they appear on Dissection. of An extensive Museum, containing Preparations illustrative of evety Part ot the Human Body, and its Diseases, appertains to this Theatr-, to which Students will have occasional Admit- tance— Gentlemen inclined to suppoit this School by con- tributing preternatural or morbid ' Parts, subjects in Natural History, Sec. findividually of little Value to the Possessors) may have the Pleasure of seeing them preserved, arranged, and registered, with the Names of the Donors. TERMS. For a Course of Lectures, including the £. s. d. Dissections, 5 5 0 For a Perpetual Pupil to the Lectures and Dissections i 10 10 0 / The Inconveniences usually attending Anatomical Investiga- tions, are counteracted by an antiseptic Progress. — Pnoils may be accommodated in the House.— Gentlemen established in Practices rfesirousof renewing their Anatomical Knowledge may be accommodated with an Apartment to dissect in private^ Leighton- Buzzard.— Desirable 1 ' r finises. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In June next, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, ANeat well- built Brick and tiled DWELLIN^- HOC^ SE - Consisting of twogood Parlours, four excellent Bed- Cham' bers with Closets; aKitchen, and Cellar; alsoa Brick and tiled Warehouse, Stable, Barn, and other suitable Out- offices, with a large and well- planted Garden, drying Ground and Yard plentilu'ly supplied with Water, situated in ihe West Street ot the Market Town of LEIGHTON- BUZZARD. » .** Farly Possession mav be had. For further Particulars, apply at the Office of Mr. DAY Solicitor, Woburn; or of Mr WM. WYKES, High- Street Leicester; and for a View of the Premises, to Mr. SMITH* Leighton- Buzzard. Herts.— Capital Freehold Family Mansion, Manor, una Estate, in the most beautiful Part of the County, within 16 Miles of London, principal Part Tithe Free, and Lani- Tui redeemed, To be SOI. D by AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Cartway's, London, on Thursday, May 23, at Twelva o'Clock, in one Lot, THE capital MANSION, MANOR, or reputed MA\ TOK I and ESTATE of WALL- HALL, the Property anil Re- sidenceof the late GEORGE WOODFORD THELI. USSON Esq. M. P. decsased, situate near ALDENDAM, between Elsme, Watford, and St Albans, in a most beautiful and re- tired Part ot the- County of Hehs, within IS Miles of London. The Mansion is an elegant and spacious modern BuiMing, with castlezed Roman Cement Front, of the best ' l'aMe and Work- manship, delightfully situateon a gentle Eminence, commanding Prospects ot great Beauty and Variety, and containing ample Accommodation for a Family of the first Respectability, witli well arranged Offices of all Descriptions, spacious Yards ex- cellent Stabling tor 10 Horses, Coach- House, & c; Lodging- rooms and Lofts over, a plentiful Supply of excellent Spring Water, and a large Reservoir for Rain Water; Lawns, Pleasure- Grounds, Shrubberies, and Plantations laid out with infinite Taste, two Kitchen Cardens, wailed round, well stocktd with the choicest Fiuit- Trees, Hot- Houses, Grapery, feathery Flower- Garden, Pheasantry, Dairy, Ice House, spacious Farn - Yard, Bailiff's- House, and capital Farm Building, of all De- scriptions, screened from the Mansion by Plantations.— The Mansion is surrounded by upwards of 330 Acres of excellent Pasture, Meadow, Arable, and Woodlands, laying particularly compact; the principal Part laid out in the Park Style, and ornamented with handsome Timber, and is app i ached by ex- tensive and beautiful Drives, also ornamented with handsome Trees and Plantations, with two Entrance Cottages and Ga'dens ^ u' ihere are also two other L'ottages, with Gardens & c — the Estate is bounded in Part bv the Kivcr Coin;, fiHe TR,', ut Stream, which, as well as an extensive Piece of clear runninz Water, branching from it, lately made at a great Expense, and winding beautifully through the Grounds, are in full View from the House, lt is situate in a Neighbourhood ot great Respecta- bility, and abounding with Game. The Whole is Freehold and the greater Part Tithe- Free; the Land- Tax is redeemed — May be viewed, with Tickets, and bv applying t0 Mr THOMAS SMITH, the Bailiff, at WallHall, where Particulars may he h id- ar. dat the Essex Arms, Watford; Red Lion, Elstree • White Hart, Edgewarc; Abercorn Arms, Stanmore; White Hart St. Albans; Bell, Hertford; ot Messrs. Oddie, Oddie and Foster, Solicitors, Carey- Street, Lincoln's Inn ; Mr Shaw Architect, Gower- Street ; at Garrawav's, and of Mr Robins' Warwick- Street, Golden- Square, London ; where a Plan of the Estate rr. ay be seen. Hemel- Hempstead and Bovingdon, Herts— V sirable Free- hold and Copyhold Estate, Farm- House, Brick Cottage, and Buildings, and upwards of 85 ARCS of rick Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, principal Part in a Ring- Fence. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garrawaj's, London, on Thursday June 11, at Twelve o'Clock, in Lots, ADesirable FREEHOLD and COPYIIOLII ESTATE, Land- Tax redeemed. Lotl. A COPYHOLD ESTATE, equal toFrchold, Fine certain, Moor End Farm, a compact Farm- House and Offices, large Barn, Cart Shed, Stable, Cow- House, Calf- Pens, Piggeries, & e. all incomplete Repair, a good Garden, and sundry Inclosures of rich Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Laud, containing upwardsof 63 Acres, in a Ring- Fence, situate at H E M E L- HEM PS'L'E A D, contiguous to the London and St. Alban's Roads. Lot 2. A FREEHOLD M E A DOW, containing one Acre and two Roods, situateon the opposite Side ot the Road to Lot 1. Lot 3. A Compact COPYHOLD ESTATE, Cold Harbour Farm, situate on the Topof the Hill on SHOT HANG E R COMMON, commanding beautiful and extensiveViewsofthe Country, with a substantial Brick Cottage and Out- buildings, good Garden, Orchard, and Arable Land, upwards of nine Acres and a Half. Lot 4. A compact COPYHOLD ESTATE; comprising three Inclosures of rich Arable Land, containing nine Acres, two Roods, situate near F ELD EN- FARM, in the Hamlet of BOVINGDON. Lot 5. A COPYHOLD ESTATE; comprising two Pieces of Arable Land; containing one Acre, and 10 Poles, situate in FE I. DEN - CO MMON FIELD, with a Right of Common over the Whole Field. Possession of the Whole may be had under Arrangements at Michaelmas next. The Lots are in the Occupation of Mr. THOMAS JOHNSON, who will shew the same, and of whom Particulars may be had ; at the Sun, Hemel- Hempstead ; King's Arms, Berkhampstead; George, Aylesbury; Red Lion, Wycombe; White Horse, Ux- bridge; Essex Anns, Watford; White Hart, Edgware and St. Albans ; of Messrs. JON Esaud Cm EN, Solicitors, Salisbury- Square; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Roams, Warwick- Street, Golden- Square, London; wherea Plan of the Hstatemaybescen. OXFORDSHIRE. Capital Dairy and Feeding Van/ is, ut Godding ton, live Miles from Bicester, six from Buckingham, eight from'Brackley, and 12 Miles from Aylesbury, u 11 good Market Towns. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N By Mr. WHITE, At Garraway's Coffee- House, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill Ion- don, on Thursday May 28th, 1S12, in four Lots: A" Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, divided into four capital Farms, containing nine Hundred and thirtv- six Acres, one Rood, and fifteen Perches of AR ABIE, PASTURE and MEADOW LAND, situated in the well known rich ar. d fertile Parish ot G OD DI NGTON, in the County of Oxford, ip the Occupation of respectable Tenants at Will, at Rents amounting to =£ 2,260 per Annum, as follows: Lot 1. Poodle Farm, with a capital Farm- House, Dairy, Barns, Out- houses, Yards, Gardens and Orchard, two Cett; ges & c. containing 296A. OR. 32P. little more or less.— Mr. Wm! Collingridge, Tenant at Will, at =£ 520 per Annum. Lot 2. Tomkins's Farm, with a good Farm- House, Dairy, Barns, Out- houses, Yards, Garden, three Cottages, See. conl taining 97A. 1R. 16P. little more or less.— Mr. Thomas Tomp- kins, Tenantat Will, at =£ 300 per Annum. Lot 3. Lower Farm, with a capital Farm- House and Dairy, requisite Out- houses, Carden, Barns, Yards, four Tenements! & c. containing 235A. OR. 2SP. — Mr. John Paxton, Tenant at Will, at =£ 6- 13per Annum. Lot 4. Upper Farm, with a Farm- House, Dairy, Out- houses, Barns, Yards, Garden, five Cottages, & c. containing 307A. 2R. 19P. — Messrs. James and Henry Collincridce Tenants at Will, at ^ 800 per Annum. This Estate is particularly eligible and important to a Pur- chaser, the Whole of the Lands lying compact, and the Farms beinglet to Tenants at Will. For a View of the Estate and Farms, please to apply to Mr. PAXTON, at Goddington, of whom Particulars may be had; also at the King's Arms, Bicester; the George, Aylesbury ; the White Hart, Buckingham; the Crown, Brackley; of Messrs. Mills, Robinson, and Young, Solicitors, Parliament- Street ; at Garraway's, and of Mr. White, Storey's Gate, Westminster. A valuuble Freehold Farm, Public House, two Cottages, also thirty- seven Acres ( more or less) of Leasehold Land, situate at Toft, Cambridgeshire. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By T. HAGGER, At the Eagle and Child Inn, Cambridge, on Saturday the 30th Day of May, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ( divided into small and convenient Lots); COMPRISING a good Freehold Farm- House, fourBarns, Stabling, Hovels, Wheat- Case, and Dovecot; about 140 Acres of rich open Field and inclosed Arable and Pasture Land, with the usual Sheep- Walks, and three extra Common Rights; also two Freehold Cottages, with Pasture Closes and a Com- monable Right to each ; and 37 Acres ( more or less) of Lease- hold Arable and Pasture Land, held under St. John's College, Cambridge, 17 Years of which are unexpired at Michaelmas, 1812.— Also, all that good- accustomed Freehold f'ublic House, called the RED LION, situate at the CROSS, TOFT aforesaid. Actes, with a Commonable Right, and five Acres ( moreor less) of open Field Lands attached ; in the Occupation of Mr. Ftichard Carrtngton, Tenant at Will. Immediate Possession may be had of the Farm- House, Fal- lows, and Pastures, and as Toft is now under an Act ot Parlia- ment for inclosing, it is presumed that any Purchaser of an ad- joining Parish may by Request get his Allotment ot Land con- tiguous thereto. Half the Purchase- Money may remain on each Freehold with Interest; and printed Particulars had 14 Days before Sale at the Crown, Royston, Caxton, and St. Ives; George, Huntingdon; White I.' on, Buckden ; Bull, Sr. Neots; Red Lion, Toft; Eagle and Child, Cambridge; at other neighbouring Inns; and ot the Auctioneer, Pot'. on, Beds. The Northampton Mercury and ( general Advertiser for the. Counties of Northampton, Beafohl, BucVitigltatfi, Il, mtitt£ tl » i|; .1/ INILLJ. i- t'U- u^- J——••—- .' jifiii 1 1 1 . I. I. II. J. a.- I• m. n-> E. MWT, 1mi ••'. J't. VM• Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, an' Ifertfort!. I Wednesday'and Thursday's Posts. LONDON, THURSDAY, May < 21. N this Night's Gazette, a reward of / 1000 is offered for the discovery of the persons concerned in writing the following threatening letter^ together with promise of a pardon. to any one of them making sjich discovery, except the person who actually wrote the said letters; • « Provisions cheaper — Bread or Blofd- ti11 your master lie is a iamn'dunworthy scoundrel, aud if he don't . attend to the above, Death shall be his portion, and thst soon, it's cpme to the point now, and we are determined to strike the decisive blow. May- IS. 1? Vo, x Populi." Addressed to Col. M'Mahon, Carlton- House, Pall- Mall. " George Prince ot Wales. Take care of yourself for your life is in danger, you shall meet the same fa'e as Mr. Percival if Billenghall is hang before this reach you. You blackguard you shall be shot b fore three months ise/ ttpnJif liellenghall is hung you shall he shot as sure as *' t remain, an enemy of all the dammed Royal Family." Addressed to His Royal the Prince Regent, Windsor. Paris Pnpers of the date of 10th inst. have been received. They confirm former accounts of the departure of Bona- parte. for the Vistula, and give some details of the progress of his journey. Maria Louisa accompanies him to Dresden, where they are to be met by the Heads of the House of Austria. Every appearance forebodes a most vigorous and tremendous campaign 111 the north ; the military movements are continued in ail directions, and there seems 110 doubt that the Austrian army which has been collected is destined to co- operate with the French in this aggressive warfare against the already insulted Emperor of llussia. Bonaparte is collecting the whole of his disposable force for this service; even the Neapolitan territory has furnished a contingent for ihe purpose, and Murat himself is on his way to take a command in the Grand Army, under the im- mediate personal supei intendance of'Napoleon. American Papers have been received to the. 18th ult. TheGovernment of the United States appear to have as- sumed a tone somewhat pacific towards this country, and it now appears that there will be 110 war between the two countries. Commissioners are on, their way to England to adjust the existing differences; there is every probability of the Non- Importation Act being repealed ; and the American Executive i » said to have, formally disavowed the procedure of taking possession of Amelia Island. By a Mail from Anholt we received this morning Swedish Papers to the 16th inst. One of them contains a long list of regulations for the recruiting of the Swedish array, which is prefaced by nn observation, that, in the present day, no state is safe without a military force. Mr. Vansittart was announced last night, in the House of Commons, Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the room of Mr. Perceval. The ncgociation of Ministers with the Marquis Wellesley and Mr. Canning has been unsuccessful ; they had an au- dience of the Prince, which it appears was only for the pur- - pose of explaining the reasons why they could not acquiesce in the proposed conditions; because they thought the system hostile to the true interests and glory of the Crown, and to the strength, safety, anil happiness of the people. The proposition to these two Leaders was exactly similar • to what was made to Earl Grey and Lord Greilville in Fe- bruary last. The negociation was carried on in writing— and separately so that the questions and answers in the one corres- pondence and the other differ in manner, though the same in substance—- That of Marq « is Wellesley declares, that in } iis mind, three most important points ought to be stipulated liv men yvho meant honourably to discharge their duty to the Prince and People— 1. That the Irish people should be conciliated by granting to th » Catholic body their claims.— 2d. That the war shorrld he prosecuted with more vigour; and, That the Administration should be strengthened bv some of those leading men who were known by the name of the Prince's early friends: and this he thought as necessary to the Prince's own honour, as to the strength, character, and success of the Administration. Mr. Canning did not stipulate for anv of the persons alluded to by the Noble Marquis, but was equa'ly strong in the maintenance of the principles he has espoused.— They both declared, 011 finding that the Roman Catholic Body was not to be conciliated, that'he proposition to them was totally inadmissible; but disclaimed all idea of personal objections to acting with any tnen. Mutual declarations of nn amicable nature took pla- e between Mr. Canning and Lord Castlereagb, so that the objections of the Noble Marquis and Mr. Canning ap- peared to be altogether on the ground of public principle. It is supposed that the Bishop of Chester, Dr. Sparke, vtill be translated to the valuable see of Ely.— Dr. Law, brother to Lord Ellenborough, is expected to be the new Bishop. SWEDISH TURNIP SVEL-. D. Warranted true Transplanted New Seed. to TOHN .1 Up KINS begs Leave to recommend, those FARMERS who are desirous to obtain a Go00 and SUPERIOR ARTICLE, that they may be supplied with any Quantity, at ISd. per Pound, by sending their Orders as early as possible to Mr. John JunKi \ s ( the Grower) Sioiv ; or Mr. KIRBY, Seedsman, Northampton. Stoic, May 12, 1812. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. rr< IIF, ALTUORP, NORTHAMPTON, AND A. WYMl'. RSLKY TROOPS, are requested to assemble on theMARKET- Pi, ACE, ai NORTHAMPTON, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon of WEONESDA V, the ' 27lli of M AY Instant, for ( he Purpose of being trained and exercised under their own Officers, in Pursuance of the Provisions of the General Volun- teer Act. The above- mentioned Troops nil! remain in Quarters, from Wednesday the2Tth of May, to Thursday the 4th of dune, both Days inclusive. Jlfnu 16< A, 1812. SPENCER, Colonel. RUGBY SCHOOL. rjMIF. Anniversary Meeting at RUGBY SCHOOL, J. will he hidden on the NISTII Day of J USE, being the second Tuesday in that Month.— The Ladies and Gentlemen who intend to favour the Meeting w ith their Company are requested to be at the School- House by a Quarter1 before On « ' Clock, at which Time the Delivery of the Prize Conclusi- ons and Speeches will commence, and after w hich no Person an he admitted. The PUBLIC Rfitmir. su for the Inhabitants of the " own will be on Monday the eigUh, at tr Quarter before Ten ' Click.— The preceding Rehearsals are to lie attended otilv by Invitation. GEORGE H ARTOPP, Esq. ) „ MAJOR PALMER. $ Stewards. Ordinaries, ttr. lls, and Public Breakfast as usual, in the new Assembly- Rooms, at the Sptinit) EICLE INN. rpiIE G A reuues Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. entlemeirof tffc ie D AVE NTT, Y TROOP are equestrd to meet in Inspection Order at FIFFSMV- PARK, 011 WEDNESDAY the 27th Instant, tit one o'clock in the Afternoon. T. R. THORNTON, Caplain. May 18th, 1812. N. B. The said Troop will be ill Quarters at Daventry from Thursday the 2Sth inst. to June 4th inclusive. T BIGGLESWADE ASSOCLA HON, For the PROSECUTION of FEIONS,& fc. IIE General Annual Meeting of this Association will he held at the ROSE INN, in BIGGLESWADE, on FRIDAY the 5th Day of JUNE next, when tile Treasurer and Solicitor's Accounts will be passed, and the Subscription fixed for the ensuing Year. — Dinner w ill be 011 the Table at Two o'clock. WM. CHAPMAN, Solicitor and Treasurer. Biggleswade, May\ 8th, 1812. ILUNTINGDONS1HRE ASSOCIATION, For ' the speedy Apprehension and effectual Prosecution of Horse and Sheep- Stealers, and Thieves o f every Description, for Offences ioithin this County or elsewhere, within 15 Miles from the Town of Huntingdon, on the Persons or Property of any of the Subscribers. NOTICE is hereby given. That the General Annual Meeting of this Society ( now consisting of 212 Members) will be held at the FOUNTAIN INN, in HUNTING- noN, on EBiujythe 29th Day of Hiv instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, to settle and pass the Treasurer's Accounts, appoint a new Committee aud Treasurer for the Year ensuing, and to transact all other Business relating to this Society. ftjf- Dinner will be on the Table at Two o'Clock. N. IS. By the present Regulations, all Subscriptions must he paid to the Treasurer at this Meeting, or within Ten Days after, under the Forfeiture of One Shilling, and the Privation of any Benefit from the Fund of this Society. WILLIAM MARGETTS, Huntingdon, ! 9 TO THE ABOVE BUSINESSES. TEN GUINEAS REWARD. SUPPOSED to have been lost off Messrs. Pkkfords' Waggon, which left BASINOHAT. I.- STRUET, LONDON, on the 25th of March last, on its VVav to MACCLESFIELD, A TRUSS of BRUT! A SILK, Gross Weight 61lbs. packed inaCoarse Wrapper, and directed upon a Card, " Messrs. Swanwicks Sf Co. Macclesfield." Whoever has found the said Silk and will restore it to Messrs. Pickfords, as above, or to any of their Agents at North- ampton, Leicester, Loughborough, Derby, Ashbourne, or Macclesfield, shall receive the above Reyvard. Cold- IIigham Incisure, in the County rtf Northampton. \\ 7" E> llie undersigned . Commissioners, named and » * appointed in and bv an Act of Parliament, passed ill the fifty- second Year of the Reign of his present Majesty mtitled " An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of COL f>- H I GIL AM with GRIMSCOTE, in the County of North- ampton, and for extinguishing the Tithes thereof and of POTCOTE ill the said Parish," do hereby give Notice, That we shall hold our first Meeting for carrying the said' Act and Ihe Act passed in the forty- first Year of his said present Majesty's Reign, therein recited, into Execution, on MONDAY the FIRST Day of JUNE next, at the House of Nathaniel Horn, known by the Name or Sign of the CROWN, in the Parish of COLD- IIIGHAM aforesaid. And that at such Meeting a Banker or stich other Person or Persons as s'hull be approved by a Majority in value of the Proprietors who may then be present, will be appointed, into whose Hands all Monies to be raised by Virtue of the said Arts will be deposited. Given under our Hands this sixteenth Day of May, one thousand eight hundred and twelve. WM. COLLTSSON - THOMAS EAGLF,. To be LETT or SOLD, \ Very desirable SITUATION in the GROCERY LINE situate in St. PETER'S PARISH, BRACKLEY now in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Eyre, who is declining Business For further Particulars,; apply to the aforesaid WM. EVU'I Grocer, Brackley. To To be LETT, And map be entered upon immediately, or at Midsummer next, \ New- built DWELLINO- HOU- iR, /" I fronted ; consisting of a good Cellar, Parlour, Kitchen, Brewhoase, four Bed- Chambers, andother Offices, and a Garden well planted with Fruit- Trees, standing near to the Chester Turnpike- Road, and a small Distance from the Fox and tlour. ds, DAVENTRY, in the Occupation of Samuel Baseley. Enquire for Particulars as above. Towcester Turnpike Road. I^ J OTICF. is hereby given, That the next Meeting of J.^ the Trustees appointed for putting into Execution the Act of Parliament, for amending, w idening, and keeping in Repair, the Road leading from Towcester, to the Turnpike- Road in Cotton- End, in the Parish of Hardingstone, in the County of Northampton, will be ho den by Appointment, at the DtiHE of GRAFTON'S ARMS, in B LIS WORTH, in the said County, on MONDAY, the EIGHTH Day of JUNE next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of auditing the Treasurer's Accounts, and for transacting; other Business relative to tile said Road. By Order of the Trustees, Mat) 23, 1812. WM. Tit. SMYTH. JTkadihn, near Stony- Stratford, Bucks. To be SOLD by AUCTION, liy JOHN DAY SON, pn Wednesday the" 27th of May, 1S12, at the Sign of the HAUNCH OF VENISON, in WHADDON, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one Lot, rgiWO MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, situate near the 3 t'lace of Sale, adjoining each other, with Barn, Yard, and Garden, and a Close of rich Sward Lam! adjoining, con- taining one Acre and a Half or thereabouts, with several thriving Timber Trees growing theteon ; with a Right of Common in W haddon Chase. The Tenements are in the < iccupations of Thomas Kimlkiier and John Pain, Tenants at Will, Immediate Possession may be had of the Close. ForaVtewot the same, apply to the Tenants ; and for further Particulars, to the Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratfofd. Bedfordshire eligible Copyhold and Freehold Estate, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. IVOOD, In Lots, on Tuesday, May 26th, 1812, ai the Eagle and Child Inn, I. eighton- Buzzard, precisely at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon ; ( COMPRISING 59 Acres two Roods of Arable, Lev, V Meadow, and Pasture Land, lying dispersed in the fertile B1 t. LI NGTO STA IDG E, ) Freehold Land. be SOLD by AUCTION, By SAMUEL DUDLEY, On Thursday May 28, 1812, at the House of Mr. Rowland known hv the Sign of the Punch Bowl, Adstock Bucks ' AN inclosed CLOSE of rich PASTPRE LAND; ct.... taining by Admeasurement, three Acres, three Roods and three Potes, with sundry thriving Elm and other Trees crowing thereon; situate, adjoining the Turnpike- Road, leading from Wmslow to Buckingham, now in the Occupation of Mr. Thos Bowler.— Immediate Possession maybe had. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. HEi » u, Soi;<.; tor. Buckingham, or the Auctioneer, Winslow. To Wheelwrights, Carpenters, and others. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Bv THOMAS HUGHES, On Thursday the 28th of May, 1812, at the House of Mrs. Hughes, the Windmill Public House, at Cuttle Mil], in the Parish of Paulerspury, in the County of Northampton, under such Conditions as will then be produced, ALT. that capital FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWEL- LING- HOUSE, with the Wheelwright's Shop and Out- buildings, and a large Piece of Garden- Ground and Orchard thereto belonging, situate and being in the pleasant and populous Villageof PAULERSPURY aforesaid, and in the Occupation , of Jenkinson Inwood, the Proprietor. This Estate is Freehold, and most eligibly and conveniently All to draw the4th of J UN'E, the KING'S BIRTH- DAY, — his Firm of BitANSCOMB & Co. have beeh very suc- cessful. having shared and sold Prizes of. , =£ 26,000 j =£ 20,000 | .£ 10,001) | =£ 5,000 | 4c. Tickets and Shares are selling by Mr. W. BIRDSALL,— Northampton, T. CHENEY,— Banbury. S. F. BAXTER,— Bicester. W, EDWARDS,— Oswestry. K. BATES,— Kettering. MERRIUEW Sc SON,— Coventry, SWINNEV ( V FERRAM,,— Birmingham, B. PARTRIDGE,— Brjdgenorth. BUCKS! Redemption and Sale of the Land- Tax. OTICE is hereby given. That such Persons who are Inclined to Redeem or Purchase their Land- Tax, may now do it for little more than twenty- two Years Pur- chase, at the present reduced Price of the Stocks, though worth twenty- eight Years Purchase or more when redeemed ; and that without incurring any Expense. And all Persons who neglect to redeem their Land Tax, leave the same open to be purchased as FEB FARM RENTS by any Person or Persons whomsoever. Proprietors of landed Estates will do well to consider the Inconvenience they may be under by suffering other Persons to obtain * Rent Charges on their Es! atc « , in Consequence of neglecting themselves to redeem their own Land Tax; and a mure eligible Opportunity of purchasing Rent Charges is seldom offered to Persons desirious of investing their Monies in that Way. All that is required of Persons wishing to redeem or purchase Land Tax, is to send a Schedule or Description'of the Estate on which the same is charged, either to Mr. Chaplain, at the County Hall, A vle-- bury, yyhere Attendance is daily given, or to the Commis- sioners for Sale, at the Places uli the Days and at Ihe Times following, viz..— IVinsloK— At the Bell Tnn, on Thursday, the 4th Day of June next, from Nine till Twelve o'Clock.. Buckingham— At lite Cobhain Arms, on the same Day, from Two til! Six. Stony- Stratford— At the Cock Inn, on Friday, the 5th Day of June, from Nine till Twelve. Olney— At the Bull Inn, on the Bams Day, from Three till Six. Newport- Pagnell— At Ihe Swan Inn. on Saturday, the 0th Day of June, from N ine tilt Tw elve. Little- Hrickhill— At the George Inu, on the same Day, from Two till Six. Chesham— At the Ceoige Inn, oil Monday, the 8th Day of JnHe, frpm Nine,- till Twelve. Iligh- Wycombe— At the Red Lion Inn, on the same Day from Three till Six. Great- Marlon— At the Upper Crowu Inn, on Tuesday, the 9th Day of June, from Nine till Twelve. Eton— At the Christopher Inn, on the sailie Day, from Two till Six. Beacon- field— A t the Saracen's Head I tin, on Wednesday, the 10th Day of Juue, from Nine till Twelve. By Order of the Board, ACTON CHAPLIN, Clerk to the Commissioners for Sale. Aylesbury, Mayi, 1812. HKARSE Axrs MOURNING COACH. P A 1. M E R, LINEN ASD WOOLLEN - DRAPER, JFE. B E D F O R D, RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public, that in Consequence of the Inconvenience he has experienced for want of a MODERN HEARSE and MOURN INC. COACH being kept in the Town, be has been induced to purchase Carriages of that Description, which he intends keeping in neat and good Repair. , Mr. Palmer embraces this Opporlunity of returning his sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public for the many Favours conferred oil him, and assures them, that no Efforts on his Part shall he wanting to deserve a Continuance of that Support yyhich he hqs so long experienced, A great Variety of fashionable Goods, suitable for the pre- sent Season, selling on the most libera! Terms. i : —— Old Netting, for preserving Seed and Fruit from Frost, Blight, and Birds. CGENTLEMEN, Gardeners, and others supplied bv T the Hundred Weight, Half- Hundred, or Net. — Inferior Old Netting for Bakers, at 20s. the Hnndred Weight, at GEORGE GIMBER'S, New and Old Net Warehouse, No. 10, Crooked- Lane, near the Monument, London'. — Also Strong Netting to any Depth and Length required, at 7d. Ihe Square Yard. Horse Nets in great \ 4arieiy of Colours, and . nn an improved Plan. Lr. iOHTON- Bi'ZZARD, April 3d, ltfl- 2. rP, HE Public are most respectfully informed, that the A INN BUSINESS at the EAGLE A N D CHILD, at LE IGHTON- BUZZ A RD, will be continued, and every At- tention paid to afford superior Comfort and Accommodation to those Friends who have « ir may be pleased to honour it yvith their future Favours. The above INN i> to be SOLD, and may be entered upon immediately. To treat for the same, please to apply to THOMAS WOOD, House and Estate Agent, Leighton, Bedfordshire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CON TRACT, AFREEHOLD HOUSE, lately built, Iirick, slated, ami sashed, with a pleasant Garden, situate at WALCOT, in the County of Leicester. Two Coaches to and from London pass daily.— The House is built in a good Stile, and would be a desirable Residence for a small genteel Family, being only two Milesdistant from the Market Town of Lutterworth. For a View ot the Premises, and to treit for the same, apply to Mr. WOOD HO USE, at Waleot. Immediate Possession may be had. A STALLION ' " ~ To be SOLD by AUCTION, On the Market- Hill in Olney, at Three o'Clock in the After- noon, on Monday the9fjth Instant, ABay HOUSE, got bv Repeater, out of a Blood Mare. He is remarkably handsome, and full of Bone, lias covered a ftw Mares the last two Seasons, most of which have produced very fine strong Foals, and promise to make good Hunters. He has been hunted, and rode with Troops, and was the Property ot the late Mr. John Morgan. Vlney, May 15lb, 1S12. Freehold Estute. at Husband's- Bosworth. To be SOLD bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. HOLLO WAY, On Friday the 29th of this present Month of May, at the Bell Inn, in Husband's- Bosworth, in the County of Leicester, at Two o'clock in the Afternooa, ACLOSE of exceedindv rich PASTURE LAND, lying near the Town of HUSBAN'D'S- BOSWORTH aforesaid, containing by Estimation seven Acres ( more or less), and now in the Occupation of Mr. Watson. For Particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN BERRY, Conveyancer, Market- Harborough. May list, 1812. To be RE- SOLO,- Pursuant to a Decree and Order of tile High Court of Chancery, made in a Cause Ficlikn against Iligglnson, before Robert Steele, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the Public Sale Room of the said Court, in Southampton- Build- ings, Chancery- Lane, London, on Friday the 12th Dav of June, 1S13, oetween the Hours of Two and Three o'Clock iu the Afternoon, in two Lots, A Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE,; consisting of the Rec- t\ toryand Advow » onof G R ET WO RTH, anda valuable Farm, with about 310 Acres of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land I let to yearly Tenants); situate at STUTSBURY, in the County of Northampton, the Propeity of the Rev. William Higginson. Printed Particulars to be had ( gratis) at the said Masters Cham- bers, in Southampton- Buildings aforesaid ; of Ttiomas Wyatt, Esq. New Inn, London ; Messrs. Shawes, Le Blanc and Shawe, New- Bridge- Street, London; Mr. Blandford, Solicitor, No. 2, King's- Bench- Walks, Temple; Mr. Townsend, Solicitor, Staples Inn, London ; and ot Mr. Wykliam, Banbury ; and Mr. Poole, Southam, Warwickshire. Fields of BILLING ft) N and S1 A NDBR 1 IK, fc, near Leigh- situated for any Person desirous of carrying on theabove or anv ton- lsuzzatd, now in the Tenure of the Proprietor, and nnine- ) other Business to Extent. To seethe Estate, apply thereon ; and for further Particulars, it the Officeof Mr. Lovut, Solicitor, in Towcester. Eligible Freehold Estate. To be S O L D bv A U CTIQ N, By JOHN DAY 4 SON, At the Cock Inn, in Stony. Stratford, in the County of Buck- ingham, on Thursday the lltli Day of June next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the following Lots : Lot 1. 4 Substantial well- built Brick and Tiled MES- r\ SUAGK. pleasantly situate in the HIGH- STREET of STONY- STRATFORD aforesaid; containing three good sitting Rooms on the Ground floor, Kitchens, Cellars, and other Conveniences, four good Bed- Rooms on the first Floor, with Attics; a good Garden walled round and planted with Fruit Trees, and Stable Room for six Horses, with convenient LoftS over the same. Lot 2. Two C LOSES of exceedingly rich P ASTURE LAND, situate in the Parish of WOOI. VF. UTOM, in the said County of Buckingham, and adjoining the. Town of Stony- Stratford, containing together by Estimation nine Acres and a Half, be the same more or less. Lot 3. Two other CLOSES of exceedingly rich PASTURE LAND situate in the said Parish of WO LVERTON, adjoining Ihe two last- mentioned Closes, and containing together by J- lstimation six Acres and a Half; be the same more or less. ' The House and Premises are in very good Repair, and are fit for the Residence ot a genteel Family:' The Whole Estate is in the Occupation of Mrs. T. Godfrey, who will give immediate Possession. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. J. F. CONGREVI, Soli- citor, Stony- Stratford. diate Possession may be had May be viewed by applying to Mr. FRANCIS SCOTT, Billing- ton, of whom Particulars may be had ; Messrs. WILLIS, Soli- citors, or Mr. WOOD, Land- Agent, & C. I. eightonrBuzzard. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Truly desirable Freehold Estate, situate al Borc- Briekhill, in the County of Buckingham, one Mile from Fenny- Stratford and Little- Brickhill, and three from II oburn, To be SO I. D by" A U ( J I' I O N, Bv T. WOOD, On Wednesday, May 27, ' 1812, at the George Inn, LITTLE- BR1CKH1LL, Bucks, precisely at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ; ri HIE ESTATE consists of a substantial Brick- built Farm- ® House, convenient Barns, Cow- House, Stabling for eight Horses, Cart and Cattie- Sheds, Wood- Barn, Pigsties, and other suitable Out- oflices, together with 90A. OR. 21 P. ( by Estimation) of rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, now in the Occupation of Mr. William Boddily, and Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. The Whole of this Estate is. Tithe. free, except about 10 Acres, which are in the adjoining Parish of Wavendon May be viewed by applying to the Tenant, of whom Parti- culars may be had; also at the George Inn, Little Brickhill; Swan, Fenny- Stratford; George, Woburn; Red Lion, Dun- stable; and of Mr. Wood, Land Agent, Ac. Leighton- Buzzard, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen. Under a Commission of Bankrupt. To be SOLD by ' A U C I I O N, By T. WOOD, On Triday May 29, 1812, on the Premi es, of Mrs. MARTHA NASH, ol H ARLINGTON, Beds, a Bankrupt; CCOMPRISING Bedsteads, and Furnitures, Feather and > Flock Beds, Sheets, Blankets. Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Bureau, Chairs and ' fables, 30- Hour Clock, Deal Dresser and Shelves, Kitchen Requisites, and Bath Stove ; an Assortment of Drapery and Grocery Goods, Sec. See. Sc. The Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock precisely. Immediately after the Sale of t'. ie above, will be Soi. n by AUCTION, at the Carpenters' Arms, Harlington aforesaid. The LIFE ESTA TE of the said Bankrupt, of and in a small FREEHOLD MESSUAGE and PREMISES, situate in the Centre of HARLINGTON, late in the Occupation of Mrs. Nash; consisting of a Dwelling- llouse, Shop, l'jntrv, and Cellar; Sleeping- rooms, Butcher's Shop, and Fasting Pens; Barn of two Bays, Cart- Hovel, Wood and Coal Barns, with Gardens; arid an Orchard of Sward Ground adjoining, planted with thriving Fruit and Timber- Trees, containing about one Acre. The above Premises ate in complete Repair, and immediate Possession may be had. Further Particulars may be known of Mr. WOOD, Leighton- Buzzard. Household- Furniture, Books, und other • Effects. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAY « SON, On the Premises of Mr. DAVIS, in the Market- Place, in STONY- STRATFORD, Bucks, PART of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, LIBRARY of BOOKS, and various otlier EFFECTS. The Day ofSale with Particulars in next Week's Paper, I" 1 L. ive and Dead Farming- Stock, Impltha. £ in Husbandry, Household- Furniture, Brcwing- Ulemils, dml Effects. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. WOOD, On Saturday Mav Sflth. 1812, on the Premises of Mr. RICHARD DllRRANT, leaving his Farm at WHIP. SNADE- HALU near Dunstable, Beds; HE HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE consist* of Bedsteads and Furnitures, Feather and Flock Beds, Sheets arid Blankets; Windsor and Chamber- Chairs, Mahogany and other Tables, Kitchen- Requisites in general, Deal Dresserand { Shelves, Kitchen- Range, Milk- l. eads, Churn, large Salting- Tub, lined with Lead; 6' 0- Gallon Brewing- Copper, 13- Bushel Mash- Vat, seasoned Iron- bound Casks and Tubs. The FARMING- STOCK comprises five useful Draught- horse'', oni Mare and Foal, a Three- year- old Colt ( bv Agrimony), one yearling Filly, capital Road Horse, one barren Cow, one Sow, nine Store- Pigs, 8 > Fowls, 13 Ducks, and three Turkeys ; one Narrow- wheel Waggon complete, four Ditto Carts, Wheel, Seed, and other Ploughs, Harrows, llarn- Tackle in general, Corn- Bins, Ladders, Hurdles, Wheelbarrow, Quantity of Sacks, Harness, complete for eight Horses, Saddle and. Bridle, Grinding- Stoneand f rame, stout timbered llovel- l'rame, Stump of prime Upland and Meadow Hay, with numerous other valuableArtiel s. Ths Sale will commence at Ten o'Clocl: precisely on Accou it of the Number of Lots. Sale to commence al Six o'Clock in the Evening. Towcester, May 15th, 1812. C A LI) EC OT ft- II ALL, near Atherstone, Warwickshire. Moit superb and elegant Household- Furniture, Linen, China, Glass, very superior old Wines of various Sorts, and valuable. Effects, To be SOLD hv AUCTION, By EDWARD NEALK &• SON, On Monday the 1st Day of June^ 1812, and twelve following Days, Saturdays and Sundays excepted, ALT, the modern and elegant HOUSEHOLD- FUR- NITURE, in the MANSION, at CAI. DECOTE; com- prising most superb and elegant Four- post Bedsteads, with Ma- hogany rich carved Feet. Posts clothed with rich Chintz Fur- niture, elegantly trimmed, and lined in^ tlie first Style of Elegance, beautiful scarlet, Chintz, and otlier Window Curtains, elegagtly trimmed, with neat Gilt and Japanned Cornises; capital Goose Feather Beds, superfine Blankets, Marseilles extra Size Counterpaines, beautiful Wardrobes of superior Wood and Workmanship, beautiful Mirrors, neat D etsing Stands, costly Mahoganv Patent Dining, Card, Pembroke, Billiard, and other Tables, elegant Mahogany Side- Boards, beautiful Turkey, Brussels, andotherCarpets, excellent well made Grecian Couches and Sofas, elegant Drawingi- room Chaiis, Scroll Elbows, Rose- Wood Ground, and neatly gilt, Hair Cushions, and Chintz Covers, very handsome Mahogany Chairs of fine Wood, Hair stufled and Satin Hair Seats, beautiful Time- Pieces in Tortoise- shell, and other Cases, grand Pianofortes and Harpsichord by the first Makers, costly Cabinets, ri$ h Alabaster Vases and Lamps of rich Scul- pture, superlatively elegant Dinner, Dessert, and Tea Servicesof el - gant China; handsome Mahogany Chests of Drawers, neat Japanned, Bamboo and other Chairs, a capital Patent Mangle { bv i.' ttker, London), some excellent yvell- seasoned Beer- Casks, I3fi Gallon- Copper, , With Brewing- Tubs to corres- pond, Dairy UtensilS, Kitchen " Requisites in general. 12 Sides of Bacon and 10 Hams, with other EfT'- crs. too numerous to insert. Mav be viewed on Thursday the. 28th DayofMay, and follow- ing Davs rill the Sale ; Catalogues may be had on the Premises, at nvo Shillings each I without which noPerson can be admitted) ; also at the principal Inns, Hinckley; Red I. ion, Atherstone; King's Head, Coventry ; principal Inns, Nuneaton ; and of the Auctioneers, Lutterworth.—: Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock each Morning. To be S O L D bv A U C T I O N, By K. JARVIS, On Monday the Sth Day of June, 1812, at the Red i. ion Inn, in Adderburv, Oxon, AMANOR and desirable ESTATE, TITHE- FRES, situate in ADDERBU RY- WEST, in the County of Oxford ; comprising a substantial Stone- built, Sashed, and Slated Man- sion, Coach- Houses, Stables, and other Out- buildings, Shrub- bery, and Serpentine Gravel Coach- Road, through handsome Iron Gates to the Front of the House, Pleasure and Kitchen- Garden':, well planted yvith ornamental and choice Fruit- Trees; also, 27) Acres or thereabouts ot rich Meadow and Pasture Land, the g- eater Part of which adjoins th" Mansion and is divided into several Closes, being Part Freehold, and Part held for three Lives Hurler the See of Winchester. The Dwelling House comprises a Dining- Room 19 Feet six Inches, by If! Feet six Inches ; a Drawing- room 18 Feet nine Inches; bv 15 Feet, with Marble Chimney- Pieces ; Study, 15 Feet by 12 Feet, with Diamond Paving, Butler's Pantry, Hall, spacious Kitchen, Brewing and Wash- House with Laundry over, six capital arched Cellars and Dairy, four large sized commo- dious Sleeping- rooms, with Dressing- rooms and Closets, six pleasant Bed- Rooms in the Artie, and other Conveniences.— The Mansion, late in the Occupation of Fiennes Wykham, Esq and ihe Land, ot John, Falkner, of Adderbury aforesaid. Adderbury is a pleasant and populous Village, three Miles from Banbury ; the Mail- Coach passes through Addeibury and Oxford to London every Day. Possession of the Mansion, and about four Acres of Land, may be had immediately, and of the Remainder at Lady- Day next. For a View of the Premises, applv to Mr. WM. BARRETT, of Adderbury aforesaid; and for further Particulars, to Mr. PETIR BICKXLL, Solicitor, Banbury. Desirable Freehold Residence, and modern Household- Furniture. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. BEDFORD, On Tuesday May 26, 1812, on the Premises, at Eleven o'Clock, by Direction of the Executor, Freehold l^ nd. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. THOMSON, At the Admiral Nelson Inn, in B'ixworth, in the County of Nnr'liampton, on Friday the 5th Day of June, 1812, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, ^ SEVEN Acres ?. f prime ARABLE LAND, lying in the Lordship of BRIXWORTH aforesaid, near the Town, adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Northampton to Market- Harhorough, and now in the Tenure or Occupation of Mr. Samuel Potter. For a View of the Land ; apply to the Tenant, and for further Particulars, to the Auctioneer at Wellingborough. Freehold Estute, and extensive Premises, in the Town of Huntingdon. To be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, Althe Crown Inn, in Huntingdon, on Saturday the 6th Day of June, 1812, between the Hours of Seven and Eight in tlj^- E veiling, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be thf|> and there produced ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract ot which due Notice wi 11 be given), \ LL that most excellent, well established, and convenient Situa. ion for a Tradesman, in anv Branch ot Business; situate in the HIGH- STREET, in the Town'ot HUNTINGDON; consisting of a capital SHOP and excellent DWELLING. HOUSE, with every Convenience adjoining, large and extensive Slaughter- Houses, Yards, Garden, Stables, and necessary Out- buildings, wherein the Butcher's Business has been carried on for many Years, as the same are now in the Occupation of the Proprietor, Mr. MATTHEW EDIS, who will shew the Premises. Theabove Estate is Freehold and the Land- Tax redeemed. Part of the Purchase Money may ( tfrequired) remain on Secu- rity of the Prem: ses; and for further Particulars, apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to Mr. SAMUEL WELLS, Jun. Solicitor, Huntingdon. HTIIE n^ at and modern HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE I of the late SYLVESTER A DDI N GTON, Esq. at his late Residence in SI LVER STREET, BEDFORD; consisting of Four- post Bedsteads, with Maho,; any Feet Posts an, l white Dimity Furniture ; Tent and other Bedsteads, Feather. Beds, Bolsters and Pillows. Mattresses, Blankets, Quilts and Coun- terpanes, Carpets, Dressing- tables, Chamber- Chairs, Maho- gany Wash- hand- Stands, & c.; six Mahogany Chairs, and two Elbow Ditto, with Horse- Hair Seats; handsome Mahogany Cellaret Sideboard, very capital Chimney Glass, in Gilt Frame, two large Mahogany Dining- tables ( fine Wood), good Oak Dining- table, Carpets, Heartii- Rugs, & c.& c.; Kitchen Chairs, and Tables, Mahogany Butler's Tray, Meat- Screen lined with Tin, an Assoitment of Kitchen- Requisites in Copper, Brass, and Tin, large Iron- bound Tubs, Washing- Trays and Stools, Hair Lines aud Clothes- Hotse, large Water Tub, Fatting- coop, Ladders, & c. Also, will be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Rose Inn, Bedford, at Seven u'Clock in the Evening of the same Day. unless pre- viously disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given. The la'te RESIDENC E of the said SYLVESTER ADDINGTON Esq. ; comprising a substantially built Brick and Tiled Dwel ling- House, in complete Repair, advantageously situate near the HIGH- STREET, BEDFORD, containing a handsome Dining- room, a Breakfast Parlour. Kitchen and Back Kitchen, on the Ground Floor, four good Sleeping- rooms, with convenient Closets, and two Attics; a dj- v Cellar, a Tyvo- stajl Stable, with capital Loft over the time, a Yard, and pleasant Garden at the Back of the House.— The Land- Tax is redeemed. Catalogues will be ready for Delivery one Week previous to he Sale; and tor further Particulars relative to the Estate, and to treat by Private Contract, apply to the Auctioneer Bedford. S \ LK POSTPONED. To be S O L D bv AUCTIO N, By P. WESTON, At the King's Head, in Svte. ham, Northamptonshire, on Mon- day tl'ic lat Day of June, 1812, between the Hours ot Three and Five in the Afternoon, unless sooner disposed of by Pri- vate Contract, under such Conditions a » will be then and there produced, A LL that large and commodious MESSUAGE or TE- J-\ N E ME NT, now used as a Bakehouse, witlv Stables, Barn, large Yard, Garden and Orchard to the same belonging; situate in SYRESHAM, in ihe Couety of Northampton, now in the Occupation of George Kendall, with Right ot Common to the same. Also, a COTTAGE adjoining the said Dwelling- House, in the Occupation of John Bull, with a Butcher's Shop, and other Conveniencies belonging thereto, in excellent Repair. The above Premises are Copyhold, held for' Lives, under Magdalen College. For Particulars, apply to Mr. BERRY, of Whitfield; Mr. • COAXES, Carpenter, at Syresham; Mr. THOMAS, Solicitor, Brackley ; or the Auctioneer, Hinton. freehold Estate ut Syreshum. To be SOLD by ADC T I O N, By P. WESTON, On Wednesday the 3d Day of June, 1812, at the Crovvn Inn, in Brackley, io the County of Northampton, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, under » ucli Conditions as yvill then be produced, \ LL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, or FARM- j \ HOUSE, andOUT- BUILDINGS; and also all those four several C LOsES or inclosed GROUNDS of ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, with the Appurtenances thereto adjoining and belonging ; containing by Estimation, or being commonly reputed to contain 14 Acres or thereabouts ( be the same more or less) situate and being at CROFIELD, ill the Parish of SY R E- SH A M, in the County of Northampton, aud in the Occupation of Mr. George Tanner. This Estate is Freehold andTithe Fiee, and there is a Right of Common, without Stint, attaching to it, in and over the exten- sive Forest ot Whittleburyi or Whittlewood. To see the Estate, apply therein ; and tor further Paiticulars, at the Office of Mr. LOVELL, Solicitor, in Towcester. Valuable freehold and Tithe- Free Farm, exonerated from JLtmd- Tux; and a Public- House, al Tempstord, Beds. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. STANTON, At the Sun Inn, at Biggleswade, Beds, on Wednesday June 10, 1812, at Two o'Clock, in three Lots: Lot 1 {" 10MP1USES a good substantial Brick- built Farrn- Vy House, tiled, with two good Rooms in Front, small Back Room, four Chambers, and a Cellar, situate fronting the great North Road, on the South Side ot the Turnpike, at TEMPSFORD, in the County of Bedford, with a convenient and well arranged Homestall, and suitable Offices detached, two fine Orchards inclosed on the Road- Side by a Brick Wall, to. gether with about 173 Acres of rich A'able, and Pasture Land, conveniently disposed, and well fenced, in the Occupation of Mr. John Emery. Lot 2 comprises a well- accustomed Freehold Public- House, known by the Sign of the SWAN, adjoining the Farm- House 1 Brick- built and Tiled), containing three Rooms in the Front, four Chambers and a Cellar, Back Yard, Shed, antf Garden. Lot 3, An old Farm- House, now lett in thtee Tenements, and 1A. 2R. 19P. of excellent Pasture, situateat LA MB- PI T. END, near Tempsford. N. B. The Wholeot the Estate is lett on Lease to Mr. John Emery, for a Term, of which four Years are unexpired at Mi- chaelmas next, at the low Nett Rent of .£ 180 per Annum ; but immediate Possession may be had of the Public- House. (£ 3" Tempsfoid is a pleasant Village, most advantageously situate at the Junction of the Navigable Rivers lvel andOuze, affording an easy Communication from Lynn to the Towns of Bedford, and Biggleswade, and particularly convenient lor Mar- kets, being distant from St. Neots only five Miles, from Big- glesyvade six, from I'otton five, and from Bedford eight. Particulars may be had at the Falcon Inn, St. Ncots ; the Swan Inn, Bedford ; the George Inn, lluckden ; the Cock Inn, F. aton ; the George, Baldock; Swan, Stevenage ; the Bull, Hertford; the Swan Public- House, Tempsford; at the Sun, Biggleswade ; George, Potton ; of Jos EPH E A BE, Esq. Hitchen ; at the Auction- Mart, London ( where a Plan may be seen; of the Auctioneer, Hitchin, Herts, and No. 23, Birchin- Lane, London. CAPITAL LIBRARY. BJilir IS JUKE, Will be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. COMBE, At Vie Assw> tni. r- ROOMS, LEICESTER, ALTBRAUY of choice and valuable BOOKS; comprising, with many others equally rare, Dugdale's Warwickshire. Baronage, and St. Paul's ; Strype's Memorials, Annals and Lives ; Chauncy's Hertfordshire ; Rudder's Gloucestershire ; Thoroton's Nottinghamshire; Pennant's London, Wales, and Scotland ; Rushworth's Collections, 8 Vols.; Bayle's Dictionary, 10 Vols.; Macklin's Bible, fine Impressions, bound in Russia ; Basket's Bible, ic. & c. the Whole forming an uncommonly fine Collection ot the best English, French, and Italian Authors, and worthy the Attention of literary Collectors. They are all the Property ot a Gentleman, and are brought to Leicester for the Convenience of Sale. Catalogues to be had of the Booksellers in Northampton. To be S O L D by AUG T I O N, The latter End of June, 1812, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract .( together or separate y ), R| MIE FREEHOLD FARM, called the TITHE FARM, situate I at NORTON, in the County of Hertford, now in the Occupation of Mr. Wm, Salt, Tenant at Will; comprising a Farm- House, two Barns, Stabling, Coyv- House, with other requisite Offices, all built within a few Years; and 143 Acres of good Arable Land, Tithe- free, . and Land- Tax redeemed, and subject only to a Rent Charge ot =£ 1 10s. 4d. per Annum.— Possession of which may be had at Michi- elmas next; together with the tex Presentation and Perpetual Advowson of the l iving of the Parish ot Norton, to which 60 Acres of excellent Land has been allotted within a tew Years ; the present In- cumbent is 60 Years of Age. — Norton is w ithin one Mile of Baldock, three from Hitchin, both good Market- Towns. _ For further Particulars, apply to MECCY k CHALK, A'JC. tioneers, Chelmsford. The Tenant will shew the Lands and Piemises. The Northampton Mercury; £?;; NEN » \ Y Ihe 27th of MAY for that Purpose, when n Meeting will be held in the Cou NTY- H ALL, NORTH- AMPTON, for the Formation nf this Society, and receiving Donations and Subscriptions iu Aid of its, Funds. May nth, 1812. ( j^ f The Chair will be taken at TWELVE o'Clock. Ladies will be admitted, and suitable Places provided for them. Subscriptions. £ 387 11 () NOR l'H AMP I ON SHIRK SOCIETY, FOR the EDUCA TION oT the POOR in the PRIN- CIPLES of the ESTABLISHED CHURCH. Annual Donations. Amount of Donations and Subscriptions betore advertised £ 1,776 15 0 Mrs. Hackett 5 0 0 Rev. James Morrice 3 3 0 Rev A. D. Mcrrice I 1 0 Sir Robert Gunning 21 0 0 George Gunning,- Esq. M. P 10 0 0 Charles Hoare, Esq 10 10 0 Henrv Hoyle Odie, Esq 10 10 0 Mrs Har en I 1 0 Rev. Matthias Slye 0 0 0 Rev. H K Homey, being a Col- lection aftrra Sermon at King's- Cliffe V 8 8 0 Lady l'ocock 21 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 1 1 0 3 • 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 In Consequence of Ihe above Requisition. I do hereby appoint a public Meeting of the Inhabitants of this Town, to be held at th » GDIIDIUMI, on THURSDAY next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. JOHN CHAMBERS, Mayor. Northampton, May 23d, 1812. 2~ tb. E E. P A I N E M BRACES thia Opportunity of returning W • re Thanks to' her Friends, in the TOWN and COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON, for the Patronage and Favours she has many Years experienced; at the same Time begs Leave to inform them she is returned from LONDON. With ,1 FASItlOHABT. E ASSORTMEKT of .1/ J L T. I V R 11 Y GOODS, which will be READY for SALIIIH MONDAY next, MAY 25th, 1812. Drapery, Northampton. MLOE, embraces the present Opportunity of re- • turning her most sincere Thanks to her numerous Friends, for the very liberal Encouragement she has hitherto met with, and assures them it will be her constant Study lo merit a Continuance; at the same Time begs Leave to inform them that she is now in LONDON, where she will select the NT. irr. sT Anrrcr. KS f r the present Season, in the MILLI- NERY and DRESS LINE; also a GREAT YARJETV~ of STRAW BONNETS, & c. which will be ready for SALE nn FRIDAY, the 29th Instant. N. II. TWO APPRENTICES rrjnrcn tMEDIATELY. J. LOE, begs Leave to offer his grateful Acknowledg- ments to his Friends, who have so long and liberally supported him in the HAT BUSINESS, and assures them it will be his earnest Endeavour, by offering Goods of the best Quality, and on moderate Terms, to insure their future Favours.— An extensive Assortment of Ladies and Children's FANCY BEAVER HATS constantly kept. *** JIats cleaned, dyed, and altered to the most fashionable Shapes. , Haberdashers, Hotter*, and Gl< rers. MESDMS. FORSTER & BARRETT inform the Ladies and the Public iu gcneial, Miss F. i, returned from LONDON with a fssniojim. il ASSORTMENT of OOOOS in the above Line, which tliev flitter themselves will merit their Attention thev are likewise off- ring a large Assortment if Indies' fashionable Stay?, no low Terms: fancy Trimming « , I'ariwh, . C'mbi ellajs, l. uiHes and Children's Shoes, and a Varietv of Articles that shall meet their Appro- bation, and insure the Continuance of the Palronage and Favours they h: ive been honoured with. LADIES' DRESSES, 1' EI. ISSKS, FENCERS, and ' MANTLES made in the ino^ t fa. diionable Manner. Market- Sr/ itare, Northampton, Mtt] n9$. 1212. TH ic r. rxcnr. v co Is I'ANY. Til EATR E, NORTH A M PTON, PLAYS on Monday 2.511], and ' Wednesday On Friday 29ih, hv Desire of Mrs. HOUVERIE, The Comedv of The BELLES STRATAGEM, And the Farce of FLY BY NIGHT; or. LONG STORIES. Oil Snturda'v SOlb. the new Comedy of The GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY, And the celebrated Melo Drama, in two Acts, consisting of Dialogue and Action, called RA YMON I) and A G. N ESi Or, i'he BLEEDING SUV, Taken from the Romance of the Monk, written bv M. G. Lewis, Esq. Author of ihe CaMle Spectre, Alfonso, Adelgitha, Src. The Music by Reeve, Mazinghi, & c. This Piece is prepared with verv appropriate Scenery, Machinery, Dresses, ( ic. Sketch of the Scenery, Inside of the Collage, inhabited by Baptista, the Captain of Ihe Banditti, The Bed- Room, Portrait of Ihe Bleeding Sun, Grand interior View of The Chapel of . Santa Marie, in which are solemnized the Nuptials of Raymond and Agnes, where the Spirit of the Bleeding Nun appears, blessing their Union. Davs of Playing, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. PRI ME JjVVKDISH TURNIP SEED. PARTICULAR Care has been taken to collect the above from I lie best Assortment, which is ready for Sale at one Shilling per Pound Wholesale, and 14 Pence pet Pound Retail, hv S A ML! ET, 8H A R M A N. Hard, rick, 19th May, ISli ) P it 1 C E Sat. k Stock ' -— i ' Hoi i per Ceut. Red. .. 3 per Cent. Cons 616-' 4 per Cent. Cons | 741J i < per Cent. Navy .. I si| i} Omnium .. I —— Cons, for ac i 61 or S TO C K V1on I . . India Bonds. — parlp. —. Fyc BiJIs^ Id. 1 T„. TMi. Hoi. 2Hi 1 " 59| t*' ' 101 ' ii" l j T'i 74j 9IJ9J 91V SOJ- il Clill 91* 60ii ITi/ mersley Association. WHEREAS, on SATURDAY NIOHT, or early on SUNDAY MORNING last, some Person or Persons did remove, and wilfully destroy a GATE, in a Cr. osE, called IVESTOS-/ LITIDCE - f'/ Er. o, in Ihe Parish of C A S T I, F- ASIIBY, in the County of Northampton, belonging to the Right Hon. the Earl of NORTHAMPTON, a Member of this Association. Whoever will cause lo be brought to Justice the Person or Persons who committed the above Offence, so that he ortliev may lie prosecuted, shall receive a Reward of ON 1. GU1 N 1. A, of Mr. CHARLES MARKHAM, Attorney, in Northampton, the Treasurer and Solicitor of this Association ; and shall also on Conviction of Ihe Offender or Offenders, receive a further Reward of ONE GUINEA, of Mr. THOMAS SCRIVEN, Agent to the said F^ nrl. And if more lhan one Person were concerned, ami either will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices, he shall be entitled to the same Rewards, and Interest will be made to procure his Majesty's Pardon. Northampton, May 23, 1S12. NORTHAMPTON, May 22, 1812. THE Gentlemen of tbeTroop of NOR I HAMPTON VOLUNTEER CAVALRY are requested to assemble, in Exercising Order, on the M ARKET- HILI., in this Town, on THURSDAY next, the28th of MAY, at Half- past Eight in the Morning. WILLIAM KERR, Captain- Commandant. N. B. The Roll will be called precisely at Nine. ~ To BUILDERS, & c. " To he SOLD, AROUT 30,000 good BRICKS, in the Parish of " WEF. DON- BECK, io tha- County of Northampton. F'or further Particulars, enquire of J. SMITH, Queen's Head, Weedon. Valuable Effects. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSHAW, AT HIS COMMODIOUS AUCTION ROOMS, THE GOAT 1 v v. Northampton, On Tuesday the 26th of May, 1812, at Ten o'Clock, AValuable ASSORTMENT of JEWELLERY, DIAMOND EAR- RINGS. COLD and SILVER WATCHES, Suites of PEARLS, SNUFF- BOXES, Table and Dessert SPOONS, LADLES, GRAVY- SI'OONS, MEAT- SKEWERS, PUNCH LADLES, an EPERGNE, kc. Likewise, a Quantity of Damask Table- Cloths and Napkins, Huckaback Ditto, tine Holland Sheets, Pillow- Cases, & c. Sec. Also a Quantity of modern HO US EHO LO- FU RNITU R E ; consisting ot Mahogany Feet, reeded, and catved Four- post Bedsteads, a Sofa, Cellaret- Side- Board, Mahogany Trafalgar and other Parlour Chairs, Set of Mahogany Dining- Tables, fineWood, 12 Feet 6 Inches by 4 Feet six Inches; Pair of Card- Tables, bord'- rcd l. oo- Tabic, Bureaus, Keather- Beds. Mattresses, japan- ned Chairs, Eight- day Clock, with various useful Articles. Mav be viewed on the Morning of Sale. N. B. The Public are resp ctfully informed that the Sale of the JEWELLERY is postponed to a future Day, of which due Notice will be given. RAUNDS, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSHAW, At the White Hart Inn, in Thrapston, on Tuesday the 9th Day of June, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be produced, in the following oi such other Lots as may be agreed upon :— \ very eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, TiTHF.- FR. EE, situate / V at RAUNDS and R1NGSTEAD, near Tbrapston, in the County of Nerthamptpn. In RAUNDS. A. R. p. Lot 1. All those Three several Closes of good Arable Land with their Appartenances, King in the Parish of Raunds, in a Field heretofore called Woodway Field, next the R » ad leading to Hargrave, and containing together ( more or less) 30 3 20 Lot 2. All that Closeofexcellent old inclosed Pasture Land, called the Homeclose, with the Homestead, Rarns. Stables, and other Outbuildings thereto belonging, lying in or near the Town of Raunds, and adjoining to a certain Lane, now or heretofore called Hackney Lane, containing together ( moreor less) 3 3 0 N. B. An excellent Spring of Water runs into the Farm- Yaid. Also Three other Closes of good Arable and Pasture Land, with their Appurtenances adjoining to the said Homeclose, containing together ( more or less) 34 0 8 I. otS. All that Orchard or Piece of Ground, lying in the Town of Raunds, opposite the above- mentioned Homestead, containing ( more or less}* 0 10 Lot 4. All that Close or old inclosed Piece of Pasture Land, with the Appurtenances, at the Towns End of Raunds leading to Higham, called Higham- Lane Close, containing ( more or less) 0 3 0 Lot 5. All that Close or inclosed Piece of rich Meadow Land, divided into two Parts, with the Appurtenances, lying in the Meado. v of Raunds, near Cotton Bridge, containing ( more or less) 10 2 24 In R1NGSTEAI) OPEN FIELDS. Lot 6. One Land abutting on Ringstead Ridgeway, near Grantham Green Furlong, containing ( more or less) 0 1 0 Several Pieces of Meadow Ground in Ringstead Great Meadow, near Carloe Close, containing together ( more or less) 0 3 0 ABSCONDED from his Master's Service, on Sunday Morning last, the 17th of May instant, WILLIAM BETTL. ES, APPRENTICE to JOHN FOUNTAIN, Wheelwright and Pump- maker, Northampton. The said W. Bettles is a Native of Bedford, and is supposed to be in thai Neighbourhood. — He is about 17 Years of Age, about four Feel two Indies high, and of a dark Complexion. Whoever will give Informal ion of the said Apprentice, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall receive ONE GUINEA Reward of the said J. Fountain ; and whoever harbours or em- ploys him a tier this Notice, will be dealt with according to Law. To be LETT, And may be entered upon immediately, A LL that good- accustotned [' L'BLIC HOUSE, known by ./" i the Sign of the BULL, with the Brswhouse, Stabling for five Horses, and Butchcr's Shop adjoining, situate in COLD- AsHBY, in the County of Northampton, and now in the Occu- pation of Mr. Cheney. The Brewing- Vessels and Casks are to be taken by the in- coming Tenant at a tair Valuation. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, Mr. THOMAS GKOSI, ofHarleston, or Mr. BUSWELL, at Law, Northampton. apply to Atturney To Plate, Plated Gqyds, Jewellery, Ac. be S O L D l, v A U C T ION, By Mr. PILKINTON, At the BULL INN, STONY- STRATFORD, on Monday and Tuesday, the85th and 2( ith of Mav. 1812, UPWARDS of 400 Lots of valuable CABINET and PLATED GOODS, Class, China, and Japan Ware, Gold Rings, Gold Seals, with Cornelian, Topaz, 3nd other Mount- ings; Gold Ear- Rings and Wat,: h- Kevs; real Jet in Gold Mountings for Brooches, Ear- Rings, die. See. ; the Whole is the Property of a Centleman giving up Business in London, and will be sold without Reserve And on Wednesday and Thursday the 27th and 2Sth, Upwards of 30;) Lots will be SOLD a' NE VV PORT- PAG NELL; • t o ! KM> P- VENOOH8, & c. Valuable Woodland Properly in Northamptonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, fly Mr. PII. KINTON, At the Sarncen's- Head Inn, in Towcester, on Monday the 8th Day of June, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, sub- ject to such Conditions ot Sale as shall be then and there produced ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will he given), ~" MIE Beneficial LEA-. E of all those COPPICE WOODS 1' situate and beirtg in the Parishes of ABTHORP and W API* EN II AM, in the County of Northampton, and known by the Names of Bucknells, Tries bayes, and Squirrels, with their > ppii'tenar. ces, containing 583 Acres, twoRoods, and four lurches ( be the same more or less), together with the present Stock of Wood growing thereon. N. B. There are 132 Acres ready for cutting the ensuing Season, and particularly adapted for Hoops, & c. & c. These Woods'are desirably situated, being near the Grand Junction Canal, and neailv adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Blisworth to Brackley. y for viewing the sanfe, apply to the Wood- Keeper, at Silver- stone ; and for further Particulars, and to treat tor the same, to Mr. PILKINTON, Land- Surveyor, Northampton; or at No. 3, Old Fish- Street- Hill, London. Northampton, May Sth, 1812. William Cox Orlingbury William Tebbutt Wellingborough George Clark Holcot Charles Neal Wellingborough Samuel Coles Ringstead Thomas Herbert Ditto lienjamin Cranboro Eatl's- Barton Thomas Amsket Ishnm Daniel Parrott Wellingborough Robert Wcckley Scaldweil ) i, a » c Deacon Thomas Panter Corporal Joseph Seal Corporal Thomas Hoar By Orsler of the Right Hon. Charles, ampton, His Majesty's Lieutenant of the County of Northampton. CHAS. MARKHAM, Cleit of the Central Meetings. Nsrtb, im$ tm, May 1$ f, 1812. 17th 4th May Kt F G Ditto 14th Ditto 17th Ditto Ditto Ditto 1st F G Ditto 17th Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 9th May 5th May 9th May Eail of North- To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ACLOSE of very rich OKAZING LAND, situate in the Lordship of SPRATTON, in the County of North- ampton; containing in Statute Measure 8A. l'R. 9P. and now in the Occupation of Mr. Peter Martin, who is under Notice to quit at Old Michaelmas next. The above Estate is Tithe- free and the Land- Tax redeemed. For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mrs. MARTHA BROWN, of Spratton, aforesaid, Widow; or Mr. BUSWELL, Attorney at Law, Northampton. To be HOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DENNIS, On Wednesday June 3d, 1812, on the Premises nf Mr. THOS. DADFORD, in the SOUTH- QUARTER, NORTHAMPTON. SUNDRY UNREDEEMED PLEDGES, the Property of the said Mr DADTOKD, pledged in the Months of A pril May, June, October, and November, 1809; June, Juh August, September, and December, 1810; and Februarv, March, April, and May, 1811 ; consisting of Men and Women's Wearing- Apparel, Plate, Watches, and other Elfects. Total 81 1 12 N. B. The above Estate adjoins to good Roads, at easy Dis- tances from Thrapston, Oumlle, Kettering, Higham, and Wei. lingborough, and is now in the Tenure of Mr. John Driver, whose Term therein expires at St. Thomas next, and all the Hedges and young Quicks growing thereon are in a very tlouiishing Condition. For a View of the Estate, apply to Mr. DRIVER, the Tenant; and further Particulars may be known of Mr. BUTCHER, Soli- citor, in Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By J DVMBLETON, On Thursday next the 28th D » y of May, 1812, upon the Pre- mises at THEDAVINTRY ARMS INN, DAVENTRY, ALL the neat and modern HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE BREWING- UTENSILS, and other EFFECTS, of the said Inn ; consisting of excellent Featherand Flock- Beds, Four- post and other Bedsteads and Furniture, Sheets and Table Linen, Mahogany Dining and other Tables, Oak Ditto; together with numerous Articles of Household- Furniture, consisting ot Pewter, Brass, and Tin Ware; alsothreegood Brewing and other Coppers, Mash- Vat, Coolers, and Beer- Casks; together with every Article ol Household- Furniture in general. Sale to commence precisely at Ten o'Clock on Account of the great Number of Lots. Floore, near Daventry. To be S O L D bv AUCTION, By J. 6,- K. LOVE DAY, At the White Hart Inn, at Floore, in the County of North- ampton, on Tuesday the 9th Day of June, 1812, precisely at Five o'Clock, under such Conditions as shall be then produced, in two Lots: Lot 1. A FBEEHOIJ) MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with X"\ the Gaiden, Out. offices and other Appurtenances to the same belonging; situate at FLOORE aforesaid, and late in the Possession of Mr. Henry Sharp, deceased. Lot2. A CLOSE of exceedingly rich FREEHOLD PASTURE LAND, situate in FLOORE aforesaid, containing five Acres or thereabouts, late in the Occupation of ihe said Henry Sharp, but now of Mr. William lladland. For a View ot the Premises, apply to Mr. JAMES PHILLIPS, of Hoore; and for further Particulars, to Mr. TIDMA<, Solicitor, Warwick; or Mr. BURTO. V," or Mr. OAKDBK, Solicitors, Dayentiy. To be SOLD bv AUC'IION, By R. JARV1S, On Wednesday the 10th Day of June, 1812, at the Red Lion Inn, in Brackley, Northamptonshire, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, \ L1. that very desirable FREEHOLD Stone and Slate D W E L LI N ( 5 - f 101 J'S E and A P P U R T E N A N C E S thereto belonging, in good Repair, most eligibly situated in the Cenir of the respectable Town of BRACKLEY aforesaid, now in the Occupation ot Mr. Wm. Eyre, who is declining. Business. The Premises comprise a large Cellar, Grocer's Shop, two Parlours, Kitchen, Pantries, three good Bed- Rooms, and Attic Yard, in whicji is a Well with Pump, neat Garden, Warehouse, Stable and two. liarns; also a Dwelling- House adjoining, in the Tenure of Mr. Win, Heath, Tailor; comprising a good Cellar, Parlour, Kitchen, Shop, Pantry, Garden and Barn thereto beT longing ; also three Cottages adjoining the above, in the several Occupations of Thomas Evans, James Durrant, and Deborah Bull, Tenants at Will. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. Em, and lor further Partiaulars to the Auctioneer, Banbury. T. ONDON, May 22. MR. Stewart Worlley made bis Motion yesterday for " an Address to the Regent, to take such measures as would enable him, under the present circumstances of the country, to form a strong and efficient Administration." It was carried by a majority of four. A subsequent Motion for such Members of the House as were Privy Councillors to carry up tlie Address, was negatived by a majority of two; and the Mover of the. Address, and Lord Milton the Seconder, were ordered to present it.— The old regular Op- position took no part in the debate, at least they did not speak upon it, but confined themselves to a silent vote. Courier Office, half past Sic o'Clock.— We have just learnt that his Majesty's Ministers have all sent in their resignations this afternoon. It appears from the French papers that Bonaparti's late decree regulating the circulation of grain, has been followed by another fixing a maximum for the price of corn. Jn the six central departments of France, no wheat is to be sold at a price above 33 franks the hectolitre, which is equal to even bushels and two thirds of ibe old French measure, and for which the maximum is about 29 shillings. It would seem to admit of little doubt that Bonaparte speedily dis- covered that bis first project failed of answering its purpose, and that this decree, fixing a maximum, is resorted to as a more violent effort to obtain the Same end.— Bonaparte it must be acknowledged lias done some tilings which have been thought impracticable by men of great discernment. He has, however, great advantage in his unlimited power and unity of action. But it certainly will be very surprising if be succeeds in keeping dawn the price of grain by estab- lishing a maximum. It is contrary to all reason and even all experience. It will be extremely important to watch the progress of his efforts. A Morning Paper says, that " on Tuesday last the Ame- rican Mission here communicated to Ministers a dispatch which they bad received from the American Minister at Paris, containing the formal renunciation, by the French Government, of the Milan and Berlin Decrees, as far as regards America; and which document of renunciation is j dated as far back as April 1811. This Official Notification was made by the French Government to the American Minister in consequence of our Declaration, that whenever these Decrees should be repealed, our Orders in Council should also cease." The fact is, that after having for two years refused all explanation or official document, even to America, Bonaparte conies forward, in May 1812, with a Decree, antedated to the Wth April 1811, referring to Nov. 1810, from which period, he says, bis Decrees have been repealed, as far as they relate to America.— But our De- claration required, that they should be repealed, not merely as far as they affected America, but " absolutely and unconditionally." The Russians are said to have given, as their ultimatum, that they will not enter into negociation with the French, till the latter have completely evacuated Prussia. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY IHEXING, hjr 23. MARRIED ] On the 6th instant, sit Chaicomh'e, in this county, the Rev. Nathaniel Humtiev, rector of Thorpe- Mandevilip, to Miss Bull, daughter of the lute Aibaii Bull, Gent, of the former place. Friday se'nniiilit, at Banbury, Mr.* T: fchenejr. printer, cf that place, to Miss E. Robins, of IJracklev. Saturday list, at Leighton- BuKard, Beds, Mr. John Warner; of Berrvstead- IIouse, Bucks, to Miss Belgrave, of the former place. Thursday last, at Leighton- Buzitard, Mr. . Tame; Mont, of Eaton- Bray; to Miss Coleman, of Billiugton, near the former place. Lately, in Tendon, Mr. Burhidge, salesman, of Long- Buckiiy, to Miss Tomalin, of Pattisliall, both in tins county. DIED.] On the 8th instant, at Willougby, Warwick- shire, Mr. Joliii Clarke Wagstaffe, aged 25. Tuesday last, at Hardingstone, near this town, Mrs. Timms, relict of che late Mr. Thos. Timms, of that place. A few days ago, at Warwick, Dr. Watson, formerly of Wellingborough. On Monday last, pursuant to public notice, a numerous meeting of the electors of this borough was held ut the Guildhall, Wor tlie purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of nominating a proper person to succeed in Par- liament our late worthy and deeply lamented representative Mr. Perceval. The Mayor having stated the object of the meeting, Mr. Justice Smith rose, abd expressed the heart- felt rcgrin he experienced from the melancholy cause of their being called together, and was perfectly assured that every one present as well as the whole town, and the country in general, would long and deeply deplore the irre- parable loss they bad sustained by the atrocious assassination of our ever to be lamented representative. Ue was sure while they bad in contemplation the best interests of tiie town, they would be anxious to testify their respectful regard for the wishes which the late lit. Hon. Gentleman would hai e entertained could he have foreseen thepresent occasion; and h< i was confident that no successor would have been more conge- nial to his wishes than theyoungNobleman ( his relative) whom he should now have the honour to propose to them. IJR felt, and he was persuaded the feelings of the town were with bim, that they could not seltect a more proper person to put . into nomination than Lord Compton, whom, without further t observation, he would now move should be waited upon, to request his Lordship's compliance with the solicitation of f' tlie town to become one of its representatives in Parliament. Mr. Justice Osborn having seconded the motion, which )• • met the unanimous approbation of a very crowded meeting, - ' a deputation was immediately appointed to wait upon his Lordship at Castle- Ashby, the seat of his noble Father. The gentlemen were received on the occasion with thr, greatest- attention, and bis Lordship not only declared his utmost willingness to comply with the wishes of the electors, but expressed in the most handsome manner the high sense be entertained of the honour and flattering respect they had shewn him — In consequence, how ever, of the ill state of his Lordship's health, greatly increased by the dire calamity which gave birth to the solicitation, a personal canvas was dispensed with. The election will take place on Tuesday next; afterwards the friends of LordCompton will tline to- gether at the Angel inn.— A paper now lies at the bar of ihe above inn, for the subscription of the names of those Gentlemen who intend to be present on the occasion. We are persuaded that our readers of this town, & c. will experience great consolation on being informed that they will speedily have an opportunity to evince their feelings of affectionate and respectful attachment to the late Kight Hon. Spencer Perceval; as we are well assured that a sub- scription will be opened for the purpose of erecting a mo- nument in All Saints Church in this town, to tlie memory of that greatly good and truly virtuous man. Our readers Will see bv the advertisement inserted in this day's paper, that owing to the Stitli of May bting appointed by the High- Sheriff for the purpose of considering an address to the Prince Regent on the subject of the much- lamented death of Mr. Perceval, the General Meeting of the County Auxiliary Bible Society is necessarily postponed till Wed- nesday the 5: 7tii of May ; and it is hoped the friends of tlie institution will communicate this change as widely as pos- sible, to prevent the inconveniences » hicli may result from anv mistake. The friends of the measure for educating children in the Principles of the Established Church, according to the Madras System, will be glad to hear that the institution in this town for that purpose is in such a state of forwardness, that the school will probably open early in the next month. On Thursday the Western Regiment of Local Militia of this countv commanded by Lieutenant- Colonel Clarke, was reviewed by Major- General liebow. The General on his arrival at their field, inspected the arms, accoutrements, and clothing of the regiment very minutely; after which they performed a great variety of evolutions with that facility, steadiness, and regularity which would line done credit to an experienced regiment of the line. Their firint; was equal to any we ever recollect to have heard. The General paid the Colonel a most flattering compliment on the ap- pearance of ibe regiment, and the high stale of their pro- ficiency in military discipline. The exemplary good conduct of the men for general sobriety and peaceable behaviour deserves the highest encomiums, and will assuredly on reflection afford them the most pleasing satisfaction nn returning to their homes, and accustomed pursuits. The first division marched from hence yesterday morning, and were followed by the second division this morning, to be disbanded at Daventrv, having completed their stipulated term of military servitude. On the regretted Fate of the Right Honourable Si- Excm PKFXIVAI. ASSASSINATION ! direst liend of Hell I How thou hast triumph'd F. ngland's sorrows tell ! The blow which reae. h'd the virtuous Statesman's heart, Is felt in both our Isles, in every part. F,' e « those who, faction- blinded, view'd with hate llis energetic wisdom guide the state, Still willingly confess that private worth In PEHCEVAL exalied noble birth. Most mourn tile Minister 1 all weep the Man ! Yet few more ripe t » quit this earthly span. Where weariness has rest his spirit Bed— For friends surviving he our sorrows shed ! And thou, fair Mourner, who in wildest grief, Thinkest nought earthly can impart relief: Yet to this balm thy widow'd heart incline, A Nation's deepest sympathy is thine. For thee, for us, in holier hope we bend To God who reigns supreme, Affliction's surest friend. Northampton, 18< 9. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, Alay VI We have had since Monday considerable arrivals of Grain of the various sorts.— Wheat has in no degiee. improved in price, but gave way Is; and per quar. er this morning.— The demand for Barley, except for grindiag, beiu^ over, that article must he placed 3s. and 4s. per quarter lower than stated on Monday, and remains almost without buyers. — Saturday. Beans ... 68s. 6d. to 72s. Td. NewBeans — s. Od. to— s. Od. Peas ....— s. Od. IO — s. od. Northampton Wheat 119s. Od. tol34s. Od. Rye s. — Od. to — Od. Barley... 68s. Od. to 76s. Od. Oats 4Ss. Od. to 50s. Od. By the Standard Measure. Banbury,— Thursday last. Per Bushelt Wheat.. 17s. Od. to 20s. I Hog Peas — s. Od. to — s. fd. Beans.. 9s. Od. to lls. | Per Quarter. Barley.- 76s. Od. to 80s. 0d. | Oats... 55s. Od. to 60s. Cd. Bread 2s. lOd. the Half- beck. Price of Grain at Leighton- Buzzard and Daventry Markets, nearly the same a last week. LIST of FAIRS from May 25, to June 6, within, the Circuit• of this Paper. M. May ? 5. Rowell, and Sutton, Warwickshire. Th. 88. Banbury. F. 29- Coventry, and Chipping- Norton. S. 30. Hitchin. M. Ju » e 1. I eicester, and Toddington. F. 5. Ilrixworth. Bicester, and Biggteswa h, S. 6. Daventry. The Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, ItintiA^ ifon, Lvice< t.' p, Warwick, Oxforl, and l l m f o r d. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons who have any. Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of WILLI AM ELMES, late ol PAVENTIIY, in the County of Northampton. Whitesmith, deceased, are desired forthwith to deliver an Account thereof to Mr. John Hall, or Mr. Moses Miller, both of Daventry siforesaid, the Executors named in the Will of the said Wm. Dimes, or to Mr. Oakden, Solicitor, Da'ventry.— And all Persons who are indebted to the. said Fstate and Effects are required to pay their respective Debts immediately to the said Executors or the said Mr. Oakden. ' Daventry, 15th Man, 1812. T.< the Debtors and Creditors of MATTHEW HARRALD. XTTHEREAS MATTHEW ITARRALD, of HAR- VV ROI. O, iti ( lie County of Bedford, Victudller, hath, by Indenture bearing Date the Eleventh Day of May instant, assigned all his personal Estate and Effects to Wm. Wriotton. of Harrold aforesaid. Gentleman, and Samuel Bonfield, of the same Place, Miller, in Trust for the equal Benefit of such of his Creditors as shall execute the said Deed of Assignment, within two Months from the Date'thereof. Notice is therefore hereby given, that the said Indenture of Assignment now lies itf the Office of F. , T. Budd, Attorney, Bedford, for the Signature of such of the Creditors of tbe said Matthe w llar- rald, who mav be willing to accept of a Dividend to arise from the Sale of the said Effects, and who are respectively required at the same Time to deliver in an Account of their Demands with the Nature of their Securities.— And all Persons who stand indebted to the said Matthew Harrald, are hereby desired to pay their respective Debts to the said William Wootton, and Samuel Ronfield, without Delay. By drder « f the Trustees. FRANCIS JOHN BUDD. Tleilford. May 1 3th, 1813. _____ PURSUANT to a Decree nf the High Court of Chancerv, made in a Cause of Jlderman against Alder- man, the Creditors of ROBERT ALDERMAN, late of FARNDISH, in the County of Bedford, Gentleman, who died in the Year 1197, are forthwith to come in and prove their Debts before John Springett Harvey, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers in Southampton Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London, or in Default thereof, they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Decree. rJAHF. Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, I bearing Date theSgth Day of December, 1S09, awarded aud issued forth against J O H N IUTCHCOX, of BROUOHTON, in the County of Oxford, Miller and Mealman, intend to meet on the Eighth Day of JUNE next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, at the WHITE LION INN, in BANBURY, in the Anid County nf Oxford, in order to make a first and final dividend of the Estate aud Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit nf the said Dividend.— And all Claims not then proved - » ill be disallowed. " LITTLE LOTTERY. SWIFT and Co. ( tbe Contractors) respectfully inform the Public, that the Little Lottery wiH be drawn on the KING'S BIRTII DAY. There are only 9,000 Tickets, with tbe following GRAND SCHEME To COVER, this Season, 1812, At HARLESTON- PARK', near Northampton, At Tiro GVIXEAS the MARB, and Fiue Shillings the Groom, rllORN.— He was got by Beningbrough, Grand Sire, King Fergus, by Eclipse; his Dam Constantia, by Wal- nut; his Grnndam, Contessina, by Young Marske ; his great Grandam, Tuberose, by Herod, out of Grey Starling, by Old Starling. THORN is full 15 Hands high, perfectly good tempered, sound and free from Blemish. The Money to he paid at the Time of Covering. N. 11. Most of the Marcs pat to Thorn last year have proved IN Fo* t. OTICF, is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Old- Stratford, iu the County of Northampton, to Dunchurch, in the County of Warwick, will lie held by Adjournment at the WHB( T SHEAF INN, in DAVENTRV, on THURSDAY th' lllh Day of JUNE next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of taking into Consideration the Propriety of erecting a Ticket- Gate or other Turnpike- Gate across the said Road, upon some proper Part between Weedon and Daventry ; and of erecting another Ticket- Gate or other Turnpike- Gate across the said Road between Braunston Wharfaud Dunehurch. By Order of the Trustees, EDMUND BURTON. WE' v T ai 1 Prize of .. . 1 1 1 1 3 4 4 B .. 12 .. 20 .. 30 .. 40 .. 60 .. 106 .. 1,310 .. £ 11,000 is s£ 20,000 10.000 10,000 5,000 5,000 3,000 3.000 2,080 2,000 1,000 3,000 5 0 2,0f! 0 400 1,600 300 1,800 200 1,600 100 1,200 80 1,600 50 1,500 40 1,6 0 30 1,800 25 2,650 15 19,650 Tickets and Shares are selling at Swift & Co's. Offices, No. 12, Poultry; No. 12, Charing Cros.; and No. 31, Aldgate lligh- Stree' London, and by their Agent, .1. WEBB.— BEDFORD. Another Proof of the Micacy of that most excellent Medicine, the COIlf) IA r. HA LM of QUITO, which is an infallible Cure for all Nervous Disorders. To Mr. WITHERS, Chymist, Strand, London. SIR, p "| Y Wife was • fflicted with a severe Nervous Fever, _ , _ attended with a vio'eiv heating of the Heart, Lowliess Of Spirits, pud dieadful sick Head- ach, which reduced her so much that she became unable to speak or walk for several Weeks and would frequently faint and remain in that State for a considerable Time, together with a Swelling in the. Neck Dun "> g winch l ime 1 had the Advice and Attendance of several Meii'cal '-". en. " ho aficr trying every Means in their Power gave her over as incurable and I expected every Hour would haw- > » e i her last, when I fortunately saw your Balm of Quito adv rti ed in t' e Gl- is. ow Courier, and as the last Resource, I resolve- 1 she should make Trial of it, and therefore bought a small Bottle of Messrs. Baxter and Co. and gave it according to th Directions, and astonishing to relate, before she had taken the Whole of the !' o: tle I perceived a wonderful Change for the Better and ay her taking three more Bottles, two small and one Half- guinea one, she recovered her Speech and was able to go about as usual ; and 1 have no Doubt but that a few more Bottles will restore her to her former State of Health. You are at 1 iherty to publish this Letter for the Benefit of others, ' and am. :• ir, vour obliged humble Servant, Ch'gow. March 30, 1809. MURDOCH M' DONA LD I'. S Further Particulars may be known by Application to Messrs. Baxter and Co. Glasgow. . The Cordial Balm of Quito, a safe and certain Remedy for Nervous Bilious, Gouty, and Rheumatic Disorders, Lowness of Soirits Loss ot Appetite, inwaTd Decays, Fainting Fits, trembling or Shaking ot the Hands or Limbs, Shortness of Br » ath Consumptions, and everyKtnd- of Debility or Relaxation in Persons of either Sex and of every Age, is Sold by Weston & Co Successors to W. Withers, Chymist, 229, Strand, London; Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Edge, North- ampton, and all respectable Medicine Venders, Price 2s. 9,1. per Bottle. . " WYMAN's ANTIBILIOUS FILLS SO iastlv esteemed for their easy and certain Operation in removing all Bilious Complaints, Obstructions in the Liver, Indigestion, Sick Head- Aeh, Jaundice, & c. rhey are an excellent Remedy for Persons of Bilious or Costive Habits ; for Persons of sedentary Lives, wheie sufficient Action of the Bowels is not kept up ; also for Persons who have impaired their Constitutions bv free Living; and in eatlv Attacks ot the Gout are peculiarly useful, by alleviating the Seventy of the Fit, and shortening its Duration. They have been found highly useful preparatory to, or during „ require no particular Regimen or Confinement, and do not con tain any Mercurial or Antimopial Preparation. Prepared and sold by W. Wyman, Surgeon, Kettering. Sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Sutton, No 10, Bow Church- Ya « I London; and. Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Sanderson & Beale, and Mather, Wel- lingborough; Tomalin, Wilkinson, and Bates, Daventry; Reeve Hicham- Ferrers ; Voil e & Summers, Oundle; Heesley, Han. kury- Barrinrer, andlnwood, Newport. Pagnell; Queneborough, Dunstable; Alsop, Luton; Harrod, and Bull, Market- Har- b H To COVER, this Season, 1812, Thorough bred Mares, at Three Guineas each, and 7fnlf~ a. Crown the Groom ; all others at One Guinea and a Ilalf each and llnlf- a- Crown the Groom, ' TPUIAT noted llace- Horse, NED, late the Property of 1 his Grace the Duke of Rutland, now of D. Hamshaw, Great Bovvden Inn, Leicestershire; he is of a dark brown Co- lour, black Legs, without white, rising six Years old, stands 15 Hands 2J Inches high, full of Bone, good tempered, aud free from all natural Blemishes. Ned was got by Teddy tbe Grinder, Dam by Precipitate, Grandam by Woodpecker, great Grandam Everlasting, by Eclipse, great great Graridam Hysena, bySnap, outof Miss Eelsea, by Re- gains, Ned is Brother to Discount Everlasting was the Dam of Skyscraper, Goldfinch, Top- gallant, Leviathan, Brown George, and Lazarus. At three Years old Ned beat Mr. Lloyd's Fun, the Ab. Mile 100 Guineas ; at four Years old he beat Gen. Grosvenor's Trump across the flat, SO Guineas ; a Sweepstakes of 50 Guineas each, first three Miles of iheB. C.' bealing Weaver and Hylas -. at War- wick he won the .£ 50 for all Ages, beating Prisoner, Whitenose, and Doubtful — For the Truth of this, see the Racing Calendar. Ned will be at the Angel Inn, Harboruugh, oil Tuesdays ; at the Hind, Lutterworth, on Thursdays; sleeps at tbe Crown, West- Haddon, on Thursday Night; at Northampton, on Satur- days; sleeps at the Coach and Horses, Brixworth, on Saturday Night, and at Home the Remainder of the Week. The Money to be paid at. the last Round. Good Grass for Mares at the usual Prices. Turnpike Tolls to be Lett. N- OTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the — . Trustees appointed by Act of Parliament, for repairing the Turnpike- Road leading from Kettering Toll- Gate, in the County ot Northampton, to Newport- Pagnell, in the County of Buckingham, will be held at the HIND INN, inWiuino. noRouoH, in the said County of Northampton, on TUESDAY the second Day of JUNE next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Fore- noon of the same Day ; at which Time and Flace the TOLLS arising at the TOLL- GAT E erected upon the said Road, at the South- end of WELLINGBOROUGH BRIDGE, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION for one Year and eleven Months, to tbe Best Bidder, between the Hours of Eleven and Four of the same Day, in the Manner directed in the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty K ing George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads ; which Tolls were lett in the preceding Year, clear of all Salaries for collect- ing the same, for the Sum ot two Hundred and Eighty- four Pounds, and will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens ta be the Best Bidder, must forthwith give Security, with sufficient Sureties, for Payment of the Rent at such Time or Times as shall be agreed on between him and the said Trustees.— Given under my Hand this first Day of May, in the Year of our Lord, 1812, JOHN HODSON, Clerk to the said Trustees. Turnpike lolls to be Lett. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from Wendover to Buckingham, in the County of Buckingham, will be held at the BELL INN, in WINSLOW, in the said County, on WEDNESDAY • the 27th Day ot MAY next; at which Meeting, the TOLLS arising at tile several Gates upon the said Turnpike- Road, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, between the Hours of Eleven and Two of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign ot his present Majesty King CJeorge the Third, for regulating Turn pike- Roads ; which said Tolls produced the last Year ( c) earot the Expenses of collecting the same), the respective Sums herein- after mentioned, that is to say, Walton Cute, with tbe Weighing Engine .>£ 933. Holmai's Bridge Gate .£ 381. Buckingham Gale _.,.._ ..£ 335. and will be respectively put up at those respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satis- faction ot the Trustees for Payment ot the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct; and it is required that such Bidder or Bidders do produce in Writing the Names ot his or their Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees at the Time of Bidding, and pay down in Advance, into the Hands of the Trea- surer, one Month's Deposit, if the Security should be approved of, andexecutean Agreement to pay tile Remainder Monthly, as the same shall become due. LANCELOT WY ATT, If'in 5 No. 2, Union- Place, prepared by me, j Wm. Singleton, ^ x! ambeth. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, and at their Warehouse in North- ampton; and, Retail, by Robins, Daventry ; Inns and Gal- lard, Towcester; Harrod Harborough ; lnwood and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Mather Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, Kettering; and by all other Venders of Medicine inthe King- dom; i'uue 2s. per Pot with full Directions To Messrs. Rowland 4' Sun, Troprieturs of the Maeassar Oil. GENTLEMEN, rAm greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of your MACASSAR OIL, for the Recovery of my Hair, which has been extremely thin for these eight Years past, and obliged me to wear a Wig, and to use many Preparations, for a consi- deiahle Time, without anv Sign of its recruiting. Hearing ot the Excellency of your Oil, I determined on trying it; in a short Time my Hair began to thicken, and, by using it regularly for six Months, I was enabled to leave off my Wig, and have now to boast of a fine Head of Hair, which astonishes every one. I shall continue the Use of it, as it not only thickens the Hair, but 1 feel considerable Pleasure in my Head after using it. — My Daughter has received astonishing Benefit from usiug the Macassar Oil.— You are at Liberty to publish this Note, and may leieranyone to your obedient Servant, WILLIAM HENRY- JAQUES. Baker- Street, Portman. Square, June Tub, 1811. To Messrs. A. Ilotclund .$• Son, Proprietors of the MACASSAR OIL, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London. GENTLEMEN,-. 1 take the Liberty of addressing my Thanks to you for thegrear Benefit I have received from your truly valuable MACASSAR OIL. Having had the Misfortune to lose almost all my Hair at the Age ot five- and- twenty, in Consequence of a Fever, which is very prevalent xn this Country. 1 was lately induced, at the Instance of a Friend, to make a Trial ot your excellent Specific. 1 can only say the Effects weie most sur- prising, for in a very short Space of Time, my Head, which - was before entirely bald, was covered with Thick and strong Hair. 1 am now fifty Years of Age, and would scarcely have expected that alter having wore a Wig for five- and. twenty Years of my Life. I should ever be enabled to throw it entirely aside. I think ii but Justice to yourselves and the Public, to add my Testimony to the Virtues of your truly estimable Oil. You have my full Permission to make this Lettei public, or refer anv one to me for Proof of the Merits of this invaluable Dis- coveiy.— I am. Gentlemen, your obliged and obedient Servant, WILLIAM CHARLES 1' RIDEAUX. Sfihby, Lincolnshire, March 21, ISO. The above Testimonials, selected from an immense Number, are irrefragable Proofs of the superior Excellenceof the Macassar Oil. [ View Rowland's Iissay on the Hair). — Sold in Bottles at 3s. 6d.— 10s. 6d. and =£ 1. Is. each, by the Proprietors, Row- land & Son, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London; and by Ap- pointment, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Per- fumer, Northampton; Swinfen, Leicester; and by all Per- fumers, Hair- Dressers, & c. in every Town throughout the Empire. Beware of servile Imitators, as the Genuine Macassar Oil is signed on the Label in Red Ink, " A. Rowland & Son."— Of whom may be had, under the august Patronage of her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, his Excellency the Duke Del Infantado, - and many Families of high Distinction, ALSANA EXTRACT, or the ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECI- F1C, for eradicating all Disorders of the TEETH and GUMS and rendering them extremely beautiful, and immediately expels the Tooth. Ache.— Sold at 10s. 6d. per Bottle, or small Bottles at 4s. 6d. each.— Also the Alsana Powder for cleansijig I the Teeth, at 2s. 9d. per Box, a bcautilul Preparation. Lord < 5- Co's. Real Japan Liquid Blacking, I^ OR beautifying BOOTS and SHOES with the utmost . Ease and Elegance; and their ACIDULATED CREAM, for eradicating all Stains of Ink, Copperas, Dirt, & c. from BOOT TOPS, SADDLES, and the like. Sold, Wholesale and for Exportation, by the Manufacturers, 32, Charles- Street, Hatton- Garden, London; and by Mr. Gal- lard, Druggest, Towcester; Marshall, Leather- Cutter, New- port- Pagnell; and Gregory, Currier, Leighton- Buzzaid; as. d Retail by Mr. Win. Marshall, Chymist, Northampton ; Hall, Market- Place, Banbury ; Wyatt, Boot- Maker, Oxford ; and many respectable Venders in Town and Country. BEAUX1FU L WOAl EN. r| MIE greatest Blemish to Beauty is superfluous Hairs 011 8 the Face, Neck and Arms.— HU BE RT'S ROSEATE- I'O W DE R immediately removes them, and is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use, Price 4s. or two in one Parcel, 7s. Sold by the Proprietor, No. 23, Russel- Strect, Covent- Garden, London; Printers of this Paper; Seeley, Buckingham ; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Norris, Bedford; Mather, Wellingborough; York & Summers, Oundle; Jacob, Peterborough} Freeman, Uppingham; Corral, Lut- terworth; Tomalin, Daventry; Rusher, Banbury; Lovell, Huntingdon ; Rowell, Rugby; Higgs, Harborough ; Gregory, Leicester; Stevens, Bicester; and by one Person in every Town. LONDON MARKETS. Corn- Exchange, Monday, May 18, 1812. The supply of Wheat for this day's Market was not very con- siderable, nor was there any improvement in prices"; our figures will therefore remain nearly as on this day se'n- night.— Barley has gradually declined in price ; aud Malt, like wise, has undergone a similar depression. — White Peas have varied but little in value.— Grey Peas scarce, ami their price nominal.— Beans, of the two kinds, have pro- gressively acquired the prices annexed to them in our cur- reucy below ; and Oats ( uotwithstanding some fresh arrivals) have, from the demand, acquired more money than on this day se'wiigbt. TN X HECTIC CONSUMPTION CURED. Cases of approaching Consumption, HOPE'S PILLS have never been known to fail. In the more advanced Stages, the mast unexpected Cures have taken Place, even after their remained no apparent Possibility of Recovery ; and in the most deplorable and complicated Cases, Life has been lengthened after all other Medicines had ceased to act. Those who are satisfied that in regular Practice there is no Remedy for Consumption, will feel it their Duty to try this Medicine, which is compounded with a Drug never before used. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by G. Walker, 10S, Great Port- land- Street, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton; and may also be ordered of any Person who sells I'atent Medicines. Price 2s. 9d. each Box. ( PT Just published, An ESSAY on the CAUSES, PREVENTION, and CURE, of CONSUMPTION; in which the Dangers of Bleed- ing .- nd Starving are explained. By L. HOPE. Price 2s. Wheat 72s. toll6s. Fine 118s. tol32s. Superfine 136s. tol38s. Fine White 140s. to _ s. Rye 72s. to 82s. Barley 60s. to 68s. Malt 81s. to 93s White I'eas 72s. to 82 » . Boilers 84s. to 90s. Suffolks — s. to — j. Gtey Peas 70s. to 76 » , Fine — s. to 78s. Beans 68s. to 76s. Fine — s. to 78s. l icks 68s. to 74s. Oats 46s. to 55s. Polancts 67s. to 69;. Potatoe uitto....— s. to 6Ui. Average of Wheat, 129s. 8^ 3— Is. ldj. higher than last returu. l ine Flour, — s. to llOs.— Seconds, 100s. to 105s. Average of Flour i09s. 2d}.— 0s. ldi. lower than last PRICE or SEEDS. Carraway 65s. Od. to 80s. 0d."\ Conatider 35s. Od. to 40s. Od. f Red Clover 60s. Od. tolOOs. Od. ( percwt- White ditto 9ds. Od. tol35s. Od.) White MustaiU 12s. Od. to 18s. Od. > , , Brown ditto IBs. od. to 24s. 0d.$ Per ° ush- Turnip « 4i. Od. to 28s. Od. ditto. i> KICL or BAGS. Kent 31. 15s. to 61. 6s. Sussex 31. 10s. to 61.12s. Essex 41. 10s. to 61. Os. HOPS. POCKETS. Kent 51. Os. to 71. 15s. Sussex... 41. 10s. to 61. 6s. Farnham lOI. 0s. tolll. Os. SMITHF1ELD.— MPNDAY, May 18. ( To sink the offal— per stone of gibs.) Beef 5s. 4d. to 6s. 6d. I Veal 6s. 0d. to 7s 84 Mutton ... 5s. 8d. to 6s. 4d. | Pork 5s. 4d. to t> s Si Lamb 6s. 8d. tp 8s. Od. Head oj Cat! It this Day.— Beasts, about l, 6Ui— sheep and Lambs. 11,000.— Calves, 100- Pigs, 270. NEWGATE MARKETS. AND LEADENHALL ( By the Carcase.) Beef 4s. 8.1. to 5s. 8d. | Veal 5s. Od. to 7s. 4D, Mutton 5s. Od. toos. lOd. j Pork 5}. 4d. to 6s. Sd. Lamb "' 8s. 0d. to Js. 4d. For Pimplfs, Blotches, Freckles, Ring- IVorms, Black- Worms, Car- buncles, tse. tbe greatest Clearer and Beautijier of tbe Face, is undoubtedly TYCE'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS; WHICH are seriously recommended to all Mothers Guardians, the Faculty, and Public in general, as a certain Cure for foul Humours of the Blood, pimpjed Faces, . Surfeits, Scurvy, Scrofula, Scald- Hcad in Children, Sore Eyes, Sore Legs, Venereal Ulcers ( when Mercury has failed), festering and other Eruptions on the Skin, whether from Inoculation ot the Small- Pox, Cow- Pox, or any Cause whatever, etiecting the same, in less Time, with greater Safety, and at a smaller Ex- pense, than any other Medicine yet discovered. Price 2s. 9d. or rive Bottles ( value 2s. 9d. each) in one, for 12s. The following Case is a strong Proof of the superior Efficacy of these Drops:— An Infant, aged four Years, the Son of Mr, Bimutt, Miller, of Whitchurch, had a violent Scorbutic Eruj « . tion all over his Body, particularly the Face, insomuch that a Swelling on the Side of the Nose, the Size of a Pigeon's Egg, entirely closed one Eye, and much affected the other. Having had all the Medical Assistance possible for eighteen Months without Relief, he was induced, through Recommendation, to try these Drops, which had the desired Effect; and in three Weeks the Child was perfectly cured, the Sight of the Eye re- stored, and has continued in perfect Health ever since. This Infant had been inoculated for the Cow- Pox, about three Months prior to the Appearance of the Eruption, Many other remarkable and well- attested Cures, which are too long tor Insertion in an Advertisement, maybe seen in the Bill of Directions round each Bottle.— Be particular in asking for Tyce's Antiscorbutic Drops. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, London; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; Mather, Welling- I bororough ; aud all Venders of Medicines in the Kingdom. PRICE OF TALLOW. Town Tallow 75>. 6d. Yellow Russia 75s. Od. White ditto — s. Od. Soap ditto 74s. Od. Melting Stuff 63s. Od. Ditto rough 42s. 0d. Graves 20s. Od. G00O Dreg; Ss. Od. SOAP— Yellow., 85s. Od". St. James's Market.. 4s. 4 « f, Clare Market 4s. 5d. Whitechapel Maixet 4s. 4d. 13s. Id. Average peist of81b. 4s. 4d. i Mottled.. 100s. Od. RAW HIDES. Best Heifers and Steers, perst. I Ordinary.. 2s. Od. to 2s. 2d. 3s. 4d. to 3s. 6d. MarketCalf 0s. Od. tol7 » , Ik!. Midlings,.. 2s. 8d. to 2s. l0d. [ Eng. Hoise 13s. Od. tolas. Ou. Sheep Skins — d. to d. PRICE or LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 50 to 561b. each 21d. Ditto, 55 to661b, each "]? 4d. Merchants'Backs 21d. Dressing Hides Il8d. Fine Coach- Hides igj. Crop Hides, 35to40lb. tor cutting.. is to 501b i9d Calf tkir s, SO to 401b " 8d tC to 701b 38d. 73 to 801b 3Sd. Tanned Horse- Hides, ) 9d. Small Seals ( Greenland) 33a.' to 23d. to 25d. to 22d. to 19d. to 20d. I6d J to lSd. i ' " to 21d ; to S6d. to 42d. to 40d. to 21d. to 36d. Large Ditto, 120s. to 180s. per Dozen.— Goat Skins, 34s. to 62s! "" " "' '.'.., NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and foe T. E. JDICEY, W. SUTTON, & R SMITHSO. W
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