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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 7
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 25/04/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 7
No Pages: 4
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PRINTED BY « iJVB FOR T. E. DICEY, m SUTTOJV, R. SMITHSOJY. VOL. 93. SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 1812. Nc o, t Heady Money is expected \ with Advertisements. S i Circulated through every Town and populous Village m the Counties of Northampton Bedford, Buckingham, ; ! Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. - p _ . S Stamp- Duty - 3 « f. i r RICE 0%. < Paper and Print : 3d. T Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, April 21. FRENCH Papers to the 16th inst. have arrived in town. An article from Munich of the 3d inst. mentions the arrival of General Prince Bugration on the frontiers of Gallicia with a corps tfurmee. This is the first notification that has appeared in the French Journals of any prepa- rations for war on the part of Russia. Some idea may be formed of the scarcity of provisions in France from a Decree published in The Monileur of the 27th ult. directing a gratuitous daily distribution of 2,000,000 rations of soup, to he allotted amongst the different departments in pro- portion tn their wants, and exclusive of tbe ordinary aid afforded to the indigent class, aud for this purpose placing at the disposal of the prefects tbe sum of 22,500,000 francs. It appears, that on the 14th inst. Bonaparte was still in Paris, nnd the advices add, that a Russian messenger was expected with dispatches, oil the contents of which the departure of Napoleon was 6aid in a great measure to de- pend. The arrival of this vessel proves that no embargo lad been laid oil the ports of France on the 13th inst. An Heligoland Mail arrived yesterday, but it had no news of the least importance. The Helenailoop of war whifli is arrived at Scilly, sailed from Jamaica on the 15th of February, touched at the Ilatannah, and sailed from thence on the 4th March. She brings intelligence that the differences between the Island of Cuba and Mexico have been completely settled, and that trade had recommenced with the Mexicans. The Helena has on board 25,000 dollars, consigned to different mer- chants in London. His Majesty, according to letters from Windsor, gains bodily strength every dav— he lakes his meals regularly, assists in dressing himself, and takes exercise in his rooms whenever he is disposed to walk. So great is the accumulation nf private business in the House of Commons, that the number of private committees which sate last Monday amounted to 47. In the House of Lords on Thursday, Earl Stanhope ad- dressed their Lordship? in a pathetic speech, on the hardships to which the tenantry of Ireland wereat present subject, from tbe system of letting farms to what are called middle- men; or, in other words, those who rent lands between the land- owner and the tenaU who tills the soil. His Lordship com- mented on the abuse of right and justice by which this system was supported, nnd pointed out instances where the same land was often raised six times beyond its originally deno- minated value. One case he mentioned where the original landlord lelt a farm at .£ 90 a year, which, bv process of time, and the intervention of middle- men, was lirnught up to no less than =£ 750 a year ! All this while the original landlord was receiving no more than bis =£ 90 a year The grievance did not end here, however, for Ihe unfortunate man who tills the land is liable to a distress, not only tn his own immediate land- lord, but to all the landlord's middle- men over him, so that he was every day liable to four times the rent that he had originally contracted for. This latter grievance hit Lordship wished to remedy, and he therefore moved, " For leave to bring in a bill tn better the condition nf the British nnd Irish Peasantry; for," said his Lordship," ( lie measure ought to rxtend to both parts of Ihe United Kingdom."— The Lord Chancellor observed, I hat the question was ceita inly one which was entitled to the utmost attention; and accordingly the Bill was received and read a first time. There are orders now in England, it is said, for at least 30,000 crates of earthen- ware for America, to be executed whenever the intercourse may be renewed. Saturday se'nnight, the Lord Mayor went, attended by the Governors of Bethlein and Bridewell Hospitals, the Sheriffs, & c. and, at three o'clock, laid the first stone of the new Bethlem Hospital, on thesciteof the public- house, formerly the Dog and Duck, in St. George's Fields. Tlie procession passed over Blnckfriars Bridge, and returned over West- minster Bridge, and through the Strand, to the City. On the 25th of February, on board of the Blake, in the harbour of Port Mahon, in the Island of Minorca, Lord Henry Lennox, third son of the Duke of Richmond, a pro wising youth, in his 15th year, having gone aloft to assist in * furling the sails, while the ship was coining to an anchor, unfortunately fell into the sea ; one of his comrades swam to save him, but be was found lifeless, A plant which grows in abundance in every field, the dog's tongue, eynoglosome officinale of Linnaeus, has been found to possess a very valuable quality. If gathered at the period when the sap is in its full vigour, bruised with a hammer, and laid in a house, barn, granary, or any place frequented by rats and mice, those destructive vermin shift their quarters. The success of this method is equally ^ speedy and infallible. Fatal effects from Joking.— At Beccles Sessions, a melan- choly circumstance was witnessed. A young man named Hubbard, from Debenham, had been committed to Wood- bridge Bridewell, upon suspicion of having stolen a saddle from Mr. Thomas Darhv, of Kenton, which, in fact, had hoen taken off Mr. Darby's horse, by some other person in a joke, thrown into a rivulet, and afterwards taken up and car- ried hotne by this young man, who willingly restored it a3 soon as he knew the owner. Upon his commitment, his young wife, who was far advanced in pregnancy, was taken very ill, and remained during his confinement, in a wretched state of uiind, continually calling out for her husband. Alas! she never saw liini more. On the night previous to these Sessions, at which an ind ctment was to have been preferred against him, she died, in a state of distraction, leaving her disconsolate husband in prison, to bewail her loss. As soon as the affair was made known to the Magis- trates, they humanely directed the recognizances to pro. secute to be withdrawn, and the young man to be immedi- ately restored to his disconsolate friends. A horrid murder was committed on the morning of Sun- day se'noight at Hanketow. near Nantwiclt, in Cheshire, on Mr. Morrey, a farmer, who was found murdered in his bed, with his brains beat out, and his throat cut frnmearto ear. On the neighbours being called in, bipod wns traced from the bed room ot the deceased to that of a servant man iu s the house, named John Loinas, who, on his guilt becoming apparent, confessed that the murder of his master was deter- mined upon between his mistress and himself; that in the night they fell upon him with an axe, and beat hiin about the head, nntil they thought him dead, and struck out one of his eyei; they then left him, hut he was yet living; they returned to their work nf blood, and again retired, under the persuasion that he had breathed bis last; they were still disappointed, nnd although the wife pressed the man tn g-, and finish his matter, he said he could not resume his task ; and he refused, until she removed his scruples, bv furnishing him wilh a razor; then the work was Completed. He stated, that he had been urged to the crime bv his mistress, who wanted him to marry her. The wife on being charged with Ihe horrid deed, cut her throat with a razor, but nntdangerously. The Coroner's Inquest have returned a verdict of Wilful Murder against Lnmns, and agaipst Edith Morrey, a verdict of abetting, aiding, assisting, comforting, and maintaining J. omas, in the commission of the said Murder. The young man is nineteen years of age, the woman forty. Union Hall— Wednesday Robert Davis was brought before the Sitting Magistrate, charged with stealing a quantity of turnip tops from the field of a farmer at I'. uxtiin. The prosecutor stated, that the depredations of this description, committed on his property, were beyond conception. The prisoner was convicted in the penalty of 40s. and costs, which noi being prepared to pay, he was committed, under the pro- vision of the Act, which is imperative, to the House of Correction for one month, to be kept to hard labour, and once during the time to be privately whipped. It may not be useless to stale thr. t persons guilty of this petty theft, are, for the second offence, liable to a longer imprisonment, and a whipping, and that the punishment upon H third conviction, is transportation for seven years. Mr. ABTL begs leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry, nnd Inhabitants of Northampton and its vicinity, that he receives orders for that valuable periodical work, Ackermann's Re- pository of Aits, fife, with any number or volume of which Ihey may be supplied on the shortest notice. This miscellany, which particularly recommends itself to the fair sex, and which is stamped by the experience of more than three years w ith the character of the Mirror and Oracle of fashion, and the repository of those elegant arts and accomplishments which embellish life, may truly be pronounced the cheapest, as well ( is the most elegant of our periodical publications— See tiyertisemcnl, second column of lust page. BOARD OF AGRICULTURE, Sackville. Street, London, April 17,1812. THE BOARD of AGRICULTURE, " takitig into Con- sideration the Deficiency of the late Crop ot Wheat, and being satisfied that a great Increase of Human Food may be obtained by a more EXTE N D E D C ULT I V All ON of POTA- TOES, they strongly recommend to Landholders and Farmers a more extended Culture thereof ( more especially for THE PRESENT . SEASON), iu all Soils aud Situationscalculatcd for that Purpose. With a View of facilitating the Culture of Potatoes, they submit to Landlords the Propriety of permitting their Growth, to such an Extent as the The Board likewise N! where prohibited by existing Leases, Circumstances of the Case will admit of. earnestly recommend to Lords of Manors and their Copyholders, to grant Portions of Waste for the Purpose of Potatoe Gardens, to the Cottagers in the Neighbourhood ; and they are also ot Opinion, that Labourers, Farm- Servants with Families, and the Inhabitants of small Towns and Villages, should be encouraged to cultivate Potatoes on Land that would otherwise be under Fallow. By Order of the Board, JOHN SINCLAIR, President. RUSHTON ASSOCIATION, For the Prosecution of Horse nnd Sheep- Stealers, and Felons and Thieves of every Denomination. HE Annual Meeting of this Association will be held at the CULLEN'S ARMS, in RUSHTON, in the County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 7th Day of MAY next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, when and where the Members are requested to attend, to examine and pass the Treasurer's Accounts, and transact the other Business of the Societv.— Dinner on the Table precisely at Two o'clock. THOS. MARSHALL, Treasurer and Solicitor. Kettering, I6t/ i April, 1812. G E1) D1N GTO N A SSOCI A TI O N, For the more effectually protecting the Persons and Property of the several Subscribers from Horse and Sheep- Stealers. Felons and Thieves of every Denomination, anil fur ulti- mately prosecuting to Conviction such Offenders. THE Annual Meeting of this Association will he held at the, DUKE'S ARMS INS, in GEDDISGTON, in the County nf Northampton, on SATURDAY the 9th DayofMAY next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon j when and. w here Ihe Members are requested to attend, and pass the Treasurer's Accounts, and to transact the other Business of this Society. ( jjT Dinner on the Table precisely at Two o'clock. THOS. MARSHALL, Treasurer and Solicitor. Kettering, 16 " ntl Fiue Shillings the Groom, , rpHORN.— He was got by Beningbrougb, Grand Sire. A King Fergus, by Eclipse; his Dam Cous'tantia, hv Wal- nut; his Grandam, Coutessina, by Young Marske; his great by Old To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, rpWO TAN YARDS, in full Trade, situate in BY FIELD I- and NEWNHAM, inthe County of Northampton, the Properiy of Mr. WM. COX, late of BYF1 ELD, deceased; together with two DW E LL1 NG- HOUS ES, and \ ppurtenances theieunto belonging ; and about 80 Acres of LAND. For further Particulars, apply to Mr John Baldwin, of Newnham aforesaid; Mr. Richard Tew, of By field ; Mr. Edw. Harris, of Preston- Capes, or William Hitchcock, of Chipping- warden Grange, Gent, in the said County of Northampton, Ex- ecutors of the Will of the said Mr. Wiliiam Cox. Byfield, Mirth 12r£, 1812. N. B. It is particularly requested, that the Butchers will send in their Goods as usual, . Grandam, Tuberose, by Herod, out of Grey Starli Stalling. THORN is full 15 Hands high, perfectly good tempered, sound and free from Blemish. The Money to be paid at the Time of Covering ' N. B. Most of the Mares pat to Thorn last vear hav^' proved IN FOAI,. " r To COVER, this Season, 1312, At One Guinea each Mare, and One Shilling the Man, SAMPSON and ELEPHANT; two capital Brown Cart Colli, rising three Years old, the Property of WILLIAM BLISS, of BLAKESLEY, Northamptonshire ; thev stand nearly 16 Hands high, remarkably short- legged, and full of Bone; they have proved themselves sure Foal- getters. N. B. The above Colts are Twins, and will be at Home during the Season. The Money to be paid at Midsummer next. And To be entered 1 LETT, 1 immediately, AConvenient, comfortable, and modern HOUSE, gen- teelly furnished, in the Centre ot tire Town of WEL- LINGBOROUGH, in the County of Northampton; a Con- veyance by tbe Door to London every Morning. The House com- prises a good Cellar, two Parlours, two Kitchens, two Staircases, Store- Room and Pantry, on the Ground Floor ; a handsome Drawing- room, 2t> Feet long, two Bed- Rooms, and Water- Closet, on the first Floor; four lied- Rooms, and tvvo large Closeis, on the second Floor; and one Attic, 40 Feet long, on the third Floor, which mishr be made into three Bed- Rooms, if required; Stable for tour Horses, and a good Chaise- House may be made. The Furniture is new and elegant, every Room furnished with Articles appropriate for its Use ; consisting of Persia, Brussels, and Kidderminster Carpets; Eliptic Sideboard, fine Wood; Patent Dining Tables, with Breakfast, Pembroke, Sofa, Card, Loo, Quartetto. and other Tables; Canvas, Venetian, and China Blinds; Mirror, with Chimney, Pier, and other Glasses ; the much. approved Mahogany and Drawing- room Trafalger Chairs, and Grecian Couch, beautiful French Window- Curtains, made with Italian Drapery ; elegant Beds with the Roman Va- lence, and Feather- Beds of the best Quality. For further Particulars, enquireof WI LLIAM SPONG, ofWel- lingborough aforesaid, who is very solicitous his Friends and the Public should make an early call, as he flatters himself they will be highly gratified with the great Convenience in the House, and the fashionable Manner in which it is tnted up. N. B. The Tenant will have no Parochial Taxes to pay. Wellingborough, April Ifiii, 1812. JUPITER WILL COVER, this Season, at tbe WHITE HART INN, SOUTH- KILWORTH, near Lutterworth, at Two Guineas and a Half each Mare: the Money to be paid at the Time of covering. JUPITER was bred by Colonel Thornton, got by Jupiter, outof Tbatchella, and is own Brother to Norval, late the Property of Robert Andrew, Fisq.; Jupiter the Sire was got by Eclipse, out of the Tartar Mare, which was the Dam of Venus, Mercury, Volunteer, Queen Mab, & c ; Thatchella was got by Highflyer, Dam by Marske, out of Wildair's Dam by Steady, Partner, Greyhound, Makelest, & c. JUPITER is a brown Hoise, wilh black Legs, and freo from white or any natural Blemishes, and has Hnne, Sub stance, and Action equal to any thorough- bred Horse ill the Kingdom. He is a very sure Foal- Getter, his Stork is very large, and so highly approved, where known, that it needs no Comment. Good Grass, for Mares and Foals, at 5s.; for Mares, at 4s. per Week. Mares covered by Jupiter last Year, that prove barren, will be covered this Season at Half- price. ApritZbth, 1812. ADividend aiising from ths Estate and Effects of the said JOHN BY WATERS is intended to he made, at Ihe FA 1. co N INN, in SAINT Nuors, art THURSDAY the 30th Day of APRIL instant, in the Afternoon r Notice I. Y therefore hereby given. That all Persons « hn shall not tin or before that Day have delivered to Mr. Charles Banks; of Hail- Weston, the Assignee of the said Estate nil, 1 Ejects, or lo Mr. Day, Solicitor, St. Buckingham and Winston) Batter IFn^ gout in full ' Trade, To be DISPOSED of by PRIVATE CONTRACT. RPHLI GOOD WILL of ihe CARRYING BUSINESS, i. with the WAGGONS, HORSES, HA RNESS, BUTT E R- FLATS, CLOTHS, & c. belonging to the BUCKINGHAM and WINSLOW BUTTER WAGGONS, which now, and for several Years past, have regularly started twice a Week from Buckingham, tlnoush Winslow and Aylesbury to London. The above is a very desirable Opportunity fora Person wishing to engage in ihe Carrying Business ; the Concern being supported by a considerable Number ot Centlemen, Dairymen, and t'rades- > r'j 1 men of the greatest Respectability, and is now in full Trade.— Neots, an Account of ( heir respective Debts, and executed the The Horses principally are young, well seasoned, and in high Deed nf Assignment, made from the said John Bywatcrs to ( joiictition. he said Charles Banks ( which Deed is lodged at the Office of the said Mr. Day, for ( ha( Purpose), will be excluded ail Benefit therefrom ; and after the said 30th Day of April such Persons as shall have executed Ihe said Deed, may receive his or her Dividend by applying ( o the said Mr. Day. St. Neots, April 1th, 1812. FREEHOLD. To he SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, S trail FARM, situate at WILD EN, in the County comprising a good Farm- House and Hotne- l or further Particulars, and to treat tor the same, apply to Mr. THOMAS INGRAM, the Proprietor, at Winslow, Bucks ( who has taken a Farm to which he intends shortly removing), or Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, Solicitor, ot the same Place. The Purchaser may, by applying to WILLIAM LOWNDES, Esq. of Whadd<> n- Hall, be accommodaten with ihe Premises now occupied by Mr Ingram, situate in Winslow aforesaid, which consist of a very convenient and roomy Dwelling- House, with a large Yard and Garden, extensive Barns and Stables, and other necessary Outbuildings; also, three Closes ot rich Bedford; comprising a good Farm- tlouse ana nome- 1 " ld '' a5," re Ground, containing about six Acies and the Whole ' , '),,.„,. , 1 OR A f j together forms a most pleasant and comfortable Residence, with stall, two Acres of excellent Pasture and 26 Acres of good ve8rv sl|| tabl(. Convenience tor exercising the Carrying Business inclosed Awit'le Land, Ijin ' h A of near to the Homestall, in two Closes, Tithe- free, and Part of which theLaud- Tax is redeemed. Six Hundred Pounds may remain on the Premises at Interest. For further Particular.-, or to treat for the same, apply to Mr. JOHN SKINNER, the Proprietor, on the Premises; to T. BAGGER, Auctioneer, Potton, Beds. Cupitul Freehold Mansion, Fuddock, and Premises. To be SOLD by AUCTION, liy Mr. SPONG, Atthe Hind Inn, in Wellingborough, in ills County of North- ampton, 011 1 uesday the 19th Day ot May next, at Five iu the Afternoon, \ Most capital and complete RESIDENCE for a genteel j J^' ,'^ 7' ' tS\- Family ; comprising a Mansion, detached from other 1 * Buildings, and situate near the Ceotie of the Town of W E I.- ' LI NO BORO UG H, with a beautiful Garden, and Paddock adjoining, within a walled Fence, planted with triiucd and standard i'ruit- frees, of the finest Sorts, in full bearing. The House has in Front a l. nidsomc Court, with pallisade- i Fence ; the Enttance- Hall of about 16 Feet Square, is very complete, with handsome winding Staii- Case at the Extremity; Dining, Room and Drawing- Room on the Right and Left, of good Height and Dimensions ; and Gentleman's Dressing. Room or Study ; remarkably j, ood Kitchen, with Larder adjoning, and all other Conveniences ; excellent roomy Cellars; Drawing- Room or Ladies' Dressing- Room on the second Flair, hand, sornely lilted up, commanding a View ot the Coun rj> ; four excellent Sleeping- Rooms with Closets, and a small sleeping- Room for a single Person ; Laundry, Water- Closet, auo five Attics.— The Out- offices consist ot a Boot. House, capial Brew- house, with Reservoir tor Water, 111 which is a Pimp and inexhaustible Spring of remarkably fine Water; Stablefor three Hoiscs, with lar^ e Loft and Corn- Bin over it ; Wood41ouse » > r Barn, a Part of which, if wanted, may oc formed intta Stable for three or four Horses, and double Coach- House. The House stands elevated, is in good Repair, and mist sub- stantially built, and is a leinarkably pleasant and chcciulTown Residence. ' Wellingborough is a particularly good Market. To> n, and well supplied with all Kinds of Provisions; it is 10 ' liles to the Eastward of Northampton, aud u7 from Loniloi, trom whence it lias a daily expeditious and sale Coach, , ud the Leeds Mail passes within five Miles ; it is also a good Sporting Country, within four Miles of ihe Pytchley Hounds, and an easy [ distance from the Marquisof Tavistock's Hunt. To View the Premises, apply to Mrs. CORKIE, at ihe louse, and for Particulars, to Messrs. HUDSON, Solicitors, Wiling, borough. RAUNDS, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Sometime in June next, unless an acceptable Offer is pre viously made, AVery eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, Tithe- free, situate at RAUNDS, near Thrapston, in the County of North- ampton ; compiising a convenient Homestead, and about 80 Acres ( more or less) of good Arable, Grass and Meadow Land, divided into convenient Closes, and now in the Occupation of Mr. John Driver, whose Term therein expires at St. Thomas next. For further Particulars, apply personally, or by Letter, Post- UTCHER. Solicitor, Northampton. To COVER, this Season, 1812, Thorough bred Mares, at Three Guineas each, and Half- a- Crown the Groom ; all others at One Guinea and a Half each and Hatf- a- Crown the Groom, To Builders, <$ c. To be - SOLD by AUCTION, By Air. THOMSON, On Monday the 27ih of Apiil instant, on the Premises, at FINE DON, inthe County of Northampton, ALarge Quantity of BUILDING MATERIALS; con- . sistingof prime hewn red Stone, a laige Quantity of Walling Stone, paving Bricks, Slates, Plain, Pan, and Ridge Tiles, a Quantity of Yorkshire Pavement and Pebbles, old Irop, Oak Couples and Principal Timbeis, Spars, Beams, Tiacings, Flooring Boards, Doors, Door- Cases, Window- Frames and Glass, Fire- Wood, ami a great Variety of other useful Articles. The Sale to commence at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. To be FOR READY MONEY. SOL I)' by AUCTION, By RICHARD SMITH, On the Premises, at GREAT- OAKLEY, on Monday the27th Day of April, 1812, rplIE following LIVE and DEAD STOCK, belonging to 1. Mr. WILLIAM LANG HAM ( who is leaving his Farm), viz. 50 Couples, 53 Lambhogs, a Six- year- old Cart- Horse, a Four- year- old Ditto, two Iu- foal Cart- Mares, an aged Mare ( in Foal), two yearling Cart- Foals, a Cow and Calf, two milch Cows, three Two- year- old Steers, a Two. year- old Bull, two yearling Steers, three weaning Calves, Sow with live Pigs, two Narrow- wheel Waggons, a Dung- Cart, Harness for four Horses, Ploughs, Harrows. Field- Roll, three Dozen of Hurdles, arid other Implements of Husbandry. The Sale to commence with the Sheep punctual'y at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. PAPER MILLS. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By JOHN AGO, At the Crown Inn, in Evesham, in the County of Worcester, between the Hours of Three and Six in the Afternoon, on Monday the 27th Day ot April, 1812, subject to such Con- ditions as shall then be pioduced, VLL that eligible and commodious PAPER MILL, situate on ihe Banks of the River Avon, in tbe Parish of NORTH and MIDDLE - LITTLETON, in tbe County of Worcester; with a Dwelling- House, and several Tenern uts. lately erected, for the Convenience of Servants; Garden, Stable, large Yard, and six Acres or thereabouts of capital Meadow Land adjoining tbe said Mill, and certain Neights and Ozier- Beds, with a valuable Right of Fishery in the River Avon, late in the Occupation of John Gould and his Undertenants, held under a Lease gianted inthe Year 1801, for seventy Yeari, if three young and healthy Persons should so long live, at the annual Rent of =£ 31 10s. clear, the Lives are all in being and in perfect Health, and the Buildings in good Repair. This Mill contains two Vats and Vathouses, wjith leaded Stuff- Chest, & c. ; three Dryers, one perfectly modern, with I2- Feet Shutters; two Soils, one finishing Room, one Rag- Room, and two Store- Rooms, with other necessary Accommodations, all in good Condition. And also all that most desirable and convenient MILT., situate within a small Distance of the fomi- r, lower down the River, but in the Parish of HAKVINGTON, in the County of Worcester, lately erected and fitted up on a new and un- proved Principle, by the said John Gould, for the Purpose of manufacturing unfinished Paper, called Packs, with Right of Water, and of a Main Wheel at fixed Times, in common witli the Corn- Mill adjoining, belonging to Mr. Edmund Smith, held under Lease for thirty Years trom Michaelmas, 1802, granted by th.' said Edmund Smith, at the clear annual Rent of =£ 50. This Mill contains one Engine- House, one Stufl- Chest, leaded; one Vat- Hog and Pot, a Patent Hydraulic Press, ( by Btammb), Engines, & c. for raising Water, for the Use of" the Mill, and other necessary Accommodations, all new. These Premises have, under the Denomination ot Harvington Mill, for neatly a Centuty past been celebrated in the Retail Hand. Paper Trade, and have a regular and advantageous Custom in the neighbouring Towns equal to the Employ of two Vats in common Paper at the same Markets; considerable, Quantities o line Paper manufactured at the new Mill have usually been dis- posed ot ; and from its Proximity to Birmingham, Warwick, Coventry, and other large Towns, there is already established a good Connection tor the Purchase ot Rags. The Premises are well situated for Water Carriage to Bristol, Sfourport, Stratford - upon - Avon, & c. Vessels passing these Mills in their Way to the above Places ; and Goods may by this Mode, and by Land Carriage from Harvington be conveyed to any Part of the Kingdom. They are distant four Miles from Eve- sham, 11 from Stratford- upon- Avon, and seven tiora Alcester, and the Roads good. For further Particulars, apply to THOMAS BLANEY, Esq. Evesham ; Messrs. PHELPS & SAVAGE, of the same Place ; and Mr. CRESSWELL, Solicitor, Stratford- upon- Avon, lour, black Legs, without while, rising six Years old, stands 15 Hands 2J Inches high, full of Bone, good tempered, and ftea from all natural Blemishes. Ned was got by Teddy the Grinder, Dam by Precipitate, Grandam by Woodpecker, great Grandam Everlasting, by Eclipse, great great Grandam Hya: na, by Snap, outof Miss Behea, by Re- guhis, Ned is Btother to Discount Everlasting was the Dam of Skyscraper, Goldfinch, Top- gallant, Leviathan, Brown George, and Lazarus. At three Years old Ned beat Mr. Lloyd's Fun, the Ab. Mile 100 Guineas ; at four Years old he beat Gen. Grosvenor's Truinp across tbe flat, SO Guineas ; a Sweepstakes of 50 Guiueas eac h, first three Miles of the B. C. beating Weaver and Hylas: at War- wick he won the j£ 50furall Ages, beating Prisoner, Whiten- ase, and Doubtful. — For the Truth ot this, see the Racing Calendar. Ned will be at the Angel Inn, Harborough, on Tuesdays j at the Hind, Lutterworth, on Thursdays ; sleeps at the Croivn. West- Haddon, on Thursday Night; at Northampton, on Satur- days; sleeps at the Coach and 1 torses, Brixwortli, on Saturday Night, and at Home the Remainder ot the Week. The Money to be paid at tlie last Rouud. Good Grass tor Mares at the usual Prices: 1812. DOUBTFUL, the Property of Mr. DAVID FALKNER, of GREAT - BASCORD, near Banbury, Oxon, will COVER, this Season, thorough- bred Mares at Ten Guineas and a Half; and Mates not thorough- bred, at Two Guineas aai l ive Shillings each, as usual. DOUBIEUL is a Bay Horse, 15 Hands two Inches high, ha was bred by Mr. Alderson, of Richmond, 111 Yoiishiie ; he was got by Constitution; out ot Stately's Dam, by Am. ran- tlius; Granclam, by Silvio; great Grandam, Daphne, by Regulus; which was got by the Godolphin Arabian; his D » in, Grey Robinson, by the Bald Galloway; Grandam, by Sn. tke, out of OldWilkes, a Danghterof Old Hautboy. — DOUBTFUL is own Biotfaer to Washington, who won the Two- year- old Stjke, at Catheric- Brig, Yorkshire; and afterwards Mr. Alderton refused 1,800 Guineas for him.— Doubtful has covered four Seasons in the North, his Stock has been sold at a great Price, and was never trained until he was six Years old.— In 1806 he won a Stakes ot 130 Guineas, w Northampton, beating Picca- dilly and six others ; he also won a Slakes of 190 Guineas it Warwick, and a Plate =£ 50 the next Day ; in 1807, a ahoit Tune after covering, he won =£ 50, beating Miss Coiner and twoothers, at Warwick.— For the Whole of his Performances, see Racing Calendar. He will attend at the following Places, every Week during the Season:— Saturday, at the White Beir, Shipstone ; Sunday, to Gaydon Inn; Monday, through Southam, to the Black Horse, Matton ; Tuesday, through Dunchurch and Daventry, in his Way to the Bull's Head, Weedon; Wednesday, 10 1 he Horse Shoe, Daventry; from thence to Wardington that Night, or early the next Morning; Thursday, to the l'hree Swan,, Ban- bury ; and to the Red Lion, Aynhoe, that Night ; Fudjy, to the Crown, Bicester; thence to Vliddlcton. Stoiiey ; and Hop. croft's- Holt, in his Way Home the sai'. ie Night. ( t3* The Money to be paid at the Time of Coveting, or at Midsummer next. Good Accommodation for Mares at a reasonable Price. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. J All VIS, At the White Horse Inn, in Banbury, 011 Thursday the 30th Day of April, 1812, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, in Lots, AMESSUAGE, situate in the Town of FA RNBOROUGH, in the Comity of Warwick, and in the Tenure of Edward Webb. Also, a CLOSE of PASTURE LAND, containing, by Es. timation, about eight Acies, situate in the Parish or FARN- BOROUGH aforesaid, and late in the Occupation ot Mr. JOD. I Savage. , Itamediate Possession may be had of the Close. Further Particulars may be known at ths Offices of Messrs. APLIN, in Buiibury and Chailburv, 1S12. TO COVER this Season, at Mr. G. HULL'S, HILLMORTON, WARWICKSHIRE, E S P ER S Y K E S, The best bred EnglishStallion now living ; Blond Mares, Five Pounds each, and Five Shillings the Grooin ; all uthers One Guinea and a Half, and Five Shillings the Groom. He was got by Old Espersykes, own Brother to Priestess ; Dam by Squirrel; Blank, Cliilders, Grantham, Paget, lurk; Betty Percival, by Leed's Arabian; Spanker, Sic. — lie won the King's Pi ne at Newmarket, carrying 12 Stone, beating the Duke of Bedford's Dragon, and four others; he also beat Corianderal Huntingdon, where he won four successive Years. Old Esp. ersykes was got by Matchem; Datn by the ( lower Stallion; Regulu » , Hip, Hartley's Blind Horse, Flying Wig, & c. & c. ESPERSYKES beat the Duke of York's Mock- Doctor, Mr. Laxon's Smack, Lord Sonde's Ampthill, and Rot- io ; Mr. Wilson's Sugar- Cane, Mr. Galey's Tofts, Mr. Brest's Austria, Mr. Ilerick's Brown Charlotte, Mr. Pearson's Rover, and Little- Pickle, Mr. Handsley's No- Pretender, Mr. Caul's Alderman, Mr. Robinson's Young High - Flyer, Sir F. Standish's Fairy and Amelia, Mr. B .- ton's Michael, Sir C. Bunbury's Robin Grey, and many others.— See the Racing Calendar,— The Money to be paid at Midsummer next. GOOD GRASS FOR MARES. " The Northampton Mercury'; anil General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham* Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Ox foul, ' and Hertford. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. LONDON, THURSDAY,' April 2.3. ffSWO Aliholt Mails arrived yesterday, liy which advices I have been received from Sr. Petersburg!) to the 29th ulr. • id from Oottenburgh to the L"> th inst. The accounts from ' he Russian capital mention it its currently reported tber<, that ' the Enipemr was preparing to set out for the " armv, and that lie was to be accompanied by Generals Benigsen, Kutusow, De Tolli, and some other of the nicest distinguished Russian commanders. Bonaparte, ft was said, had proposed a personal interview, to Alexander, but this had been declined by the latter. The exchange at St. Petersburg!) had been at lad. but the latest accounts left St at 14jd. The accounts from Gotteuburgh say, that it was reported that a trratv of alliance, offensive and defensive had been concluded between France and Austria, and that the latter was to receive lllvria and Silesia as a compensation for providing an armv of 100,000 men. Sweden had been invited to join the confederacy with 35,000 men, in return for which Finland was to be restored, and a part of Russia" was to be given to her as far as the Ladoga Lake ; but she is stated to have declined the proposition. Preparations are - aid to be making at Stockholm for the public reception / if Mr. Thornton. The meeting of the Swedish Diet at Orebro had been postponed to the 16th. The miblic must be aware of the alarm occasioned the Dissenters by some laie constructions of the Test Act. An evening paper savs:—" On the 10th inst. Mr. Perceval ad- dressed a letter to the Committee for managing the affairs of the Dissenters, in which he intreated them to take no steps on the subject of the new interpretation of the Tole ration Act, until a case now pending in the Court of King's Bench should lie decided— adding, that if the decision was againV ' he Dissenters, be would support the bringing in of a law which should place them on the same foftting that they tvefc r. nnifvlv supposed to possess by the existing Tolera- tiort Act.— Mr. Perceval concluded bv requesting that the lett'e,' might not be published; adding farther, that be was re'adv at any rime to receive the Committee." F",' m most parts of the country letters have been received ffm piaming nf the exa gerated statements of disturbances inserted in some of the London Papers. A petty disturbance » r Manchester, rsrrird on chiefly by women, and easily quelled, has been magnified into alarming riots.— Birmingham is perfectly tranquil, and so is Sheffield.— At Middleton, how• ever, some lives were certainly lost in an attack upon a factory The following letter from Liverpool nf the 19th inst. not only tWws How tittle dependanre should be placed on the accounts . given in many nf IbeLotidon prints, but also cleaily points « uit the base motives of the writers:—" II is with great sorrow. Slid with siillVreatcr indignation, that 1 vieiv the attempts of Cine nf the London papers, to excite a riot in towns where there is not tile smallest disposition, and where the greatest quietness exists, lis. is the case with this town. I have been Induced to make these observations, from seeing a paragraph A few davs bark iti that paper, stating ttfat great numbers of troops were pouring into Liverpool from all quarters, owing to tlie disposition in ihe people to riot. I do positively affirm, and wirt greal sincerity and truth, it is a falsehood ; and tn far from being the case, that tile people were never more peaceably inclined tHan at present. As for the troops, 1 must state that only one regiment of Militia and a troop of Horse are quartered in the tdwn; and that the greater part nf the former and the whole of the latter, were sent to Manchester fit 1lie commenceinenl of ihe riots there, and are not yet retained. Although great quantities of corn are exported from hence In Bri- fol and other parts, and this well known to ( he people, > et it excites no murmurs.' 1 In a cnuse tried a few dayS since in the C urt nf King's Bench, for the recovery of Some stolen Bank- notes, Lord KRenborough stated, that Bank- notes, which can lie proved to have been stolen, and have been duly advertised as such, may bvlaw be recovered from the innocent holders of thein, who thus, through ignorance or inattention, become the ' real losers. The immense tract of waste land, generally known as Euigshot Heath, will soon bearm » rk » of cultivation and im- ' jjrovr- ment. The land- owne s of the parish nf Windleshaui litre laudably set the example, and their bill has, it is un- • - food, nn « sed the Commons; other parishes will follow, 4!< l it is « up'io « ed hat 30 or 40, OCOacres of land will thus t NE Hundred and fifty- eight prime Maiden OAK TIMBER TREES ; the'above Timber is now blazed and numbered, and worthy the Attention of Builders and others. May be viewed by applying to Mr. BELL, Meppershall, of whom Catalogues may be hid ; also at the Swan Inn, Hitch.' n ; White Hart, Ampthill; Place of Sale ; or of Mr. Wood, Land- Agent, & c. Leighton- Buzzard. » SOLD by AUCTIO N, Head Inn, in Towcester, on Tuesday the To the GOVERNORS of the GENERAL INFIRMARY at NORTHAMPTON. My J. ords, Liuliet, and Gentlemen, IN Consequence of' the lamented Death of my late Partner', Mr. HARDEN. a Vafaney of SURGEON to theGENERAL INFIRMARY occurs. I take the Liberty of sol'citing your Patronage aud Support to succeed hiiu, having been near twenty. Years in the Profession ( many of which I was connected with Mr. Harden), therefore hope my Pretensions are notVithout Foundation.— Should I be for- tunate enough to succeed, the important Duties annexed to the Situation shall be executed with the utmost Fidelity and Attention, by, My Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen, Your most obedient humble Servant, WM. PERCIVAL. Northampton, April Y9th, 1812. To be At the Saracen': 88th Day of April instant, at Three o'clock in the After noon ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), A EL that LIFE ES TATE and INTEREST of a Person ' t Bow of the Age of 43 Years, of and in all those THREE several CLOSES of excellent ARABLE, PASTURE, and MB ADO W G ROUS D, containing upwards of 26 Acres and a Half, with Barn, Cow- House, and other Buildings standing thereon, situate iu the Parish of BLAKESLEY, in the County of Northampton, lately iu the Occupation of Win. Bodily. 3 r ( tt* Immediate Possession may be had, and the Life is an insurable one. Fur Further Particulars, apply to Mr. KIRBY, Solicitor, Towcester ; or Mr. JEYES, Solicitor, Northampton. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LOCAL MILITIA. 1\ TO" I ICE ii hereby given to all and every the PER- J: R> sons p. \ unii in in th.. LOCAL MILTTI. i n f Urn County rrf H UCKl VG / f / t 4f, and who were traind and exerotsed with the. said Local Militia in the last Year, that they ore required to appear personally at the Times and Places hereinafter mentioned, for the Purpose of being trained and exercised for the. Spac• ef fourteen entire Days, exclusive, of the t'jys of arrivi' g at. and Departure, front, and inarching to and from the respective Places appointed fnr Exercise. And Nn'ice. is hereby further given to nil and every the. Loral Militiamen of thesaid County of Ruckinglittm, who hr. ve. hern enroll tl since the Expiration o f the Period for Training and Fxerci. se in the last Year, and mho have not h cn trained and exercised with Ihe said Local Militia in any prccedinv Fear, that they are required to appear personally a' tbe Ti- ncs and P'aces hereinafter also mentioned, for the Purpose of being trained and exercised as aforesaid, for the Space of twenty- one entire Dans, exclusive of the Days of arriving at, and Departure from, and marching to and fr^ m the * nid Places appointed fur Exercise, as aforesaid ( that is to say ) : — The SOUTHERN REGIMENT. Ttir Person' enrolled for the Southern Regiment, and who wert trahied w h the said Local Militia in the last Year, are to jissrtmbleat HIGH WVCOMBR, AMERSHAM, and OHESHAM, or. SATURDAY the IBIII Dav of MAY next, at the Hour of Ft'I' ll in the Forenoon, being the Places fppointed for the Exercise nf the said Regiment. And the Men who have not bei'H trained in ; inv preceding Y-' ar are tn assemble at the above- named Plarcs. on SATURDAY tlie 9th Day of MAY nex', at tiie HniVr of F'levrn in the Forenoon, being the seven l) n> s next prrleding the assembling of tint Rest of the said Regiment The MIDDLE REGIMENf. The Persons enrolled for the Middle Regiment, ate to as- semble at MISSENOEN, WENOOVER, and AVUssHtlttY, on S/ TUJRIIAY the ISIh of M A Y next, at the Hour OF Eleven in the Forenoon. Anil the Men who have not been trained in any preceding Year, are to assemble on SATURDAY the Stli Day of MAY next, at Ihe Hour of Eleven in lln- Forenoon, being the seven Days next preceding the assembling of the Rest nf ; lie said Regiment. The NORTHERN REGIMENT. T'LR* Persons enrolled for the Northern Regiment, are to asseiahle at BUCKINGHAM and NEWPORT- PAGNEIL. on SATIUD. AY tlie 16th Day of MAY next, at the Hour of ElrvrnIn tile Forenoon. And the Men who have not been Iraiivd iu any prerrding Year, tire to assemble on SATURDAY 1he9: h Day of MAY next, at ihe Hour nf Eleven in the Forenoon, being the seven Days next preceding the assembling • f Ike Rest of the said Regiment. Aud Notice is hereby also giye » , that if any I ore! Militia- man ( not labouring under any Infirmity, incapacitating him. aud of which Infirmity, a Certificate under the Hand of a regular Medical Practitioner will be required to be. transmitted to the Head Quarters of the Regiment to which such Person may belong} shall not appear at the Times and Places so appointed for training and exerrise as aforesaid, he will be deemed a Deserter, and if not taken until after ihe Time of ruch Exercise, will be liable to forfeit and pay the Sum of £ 20. ; and in Default o f Payment thereof, to be committed i*. the Jlouse of Correction to hard Labour, or to the Common Gaol of the said County, there to remain without Bait or IHninprize for the Space of six Months, or until he shull have • pui'l the said Penalty. And Notice is hereby also further given, that no Person enill have Leave of Absence during the said respective. Periods of training anil ixercise, except in Cases of the most urgent A ecessity. By Order of the Vice Lieutenant of the County of Buckingham, ROBERT MILLER, Clerk of the General Meetings. . Buckingham, April 20, IS12. To be S O L 1) by AUCTIO N, By Mr. SI'ONG, On Thursdav the 91st Day © f Mav. 1812. and two following Days, at the MANSION, in ITNEDON, in the County of Northampton, late in tlie Occupation of the Farl of E G MONT, rjplll". major Part of tbe elegant, modern, and useful 3 FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS; consisting of Four- post, Press, Sofa, and other Bedsteads, with various Furnitures; ten Feather- Beds, Blankets and Qnilts, Windnw- Curtains ; • nmplete Set of Mahogany Diniftg- tabies, with circular Ends, 15 Feet long by 4 Feet 3 Inches wide; Pemb'oke, Card, two Library, and other ' Tables; Sideboard, Harpsichord, Spinet, Cabinets, double and sinele Sets of Drawers, Tier and Swing- Classes, 40 Mahogany Chairs in Sets, bla< k Cottage Ditto, Sofas, and Easy- chairs, Eight- day Clock and Time. Piece, China, Class, and Earthenware, Turkey and other Carpers; 14 seasoned Hogsheads and Brewing- Vessels ; Mangle, with Mahogany Top and Bottom ; Marble Slabs, jind a Variety of other Articles, which may be viewed two Da> s previous to the Safe, by applying to W. MOON, upon the Premises- N. B. Catalogues may had in due Time at the George In, Northampton ; White Hart Inn, Kettering ; George Inn, Thrap. ston ; Green Dragon, Higham- leriers j and of the Auctioneer, at Wellingborough. ' Mr. W. PERCIVAL, SBKGKON, BEGS Leave to solicit the Friends of his late Partner, Mr. HARDEN, and the Public in general, to continue to liim their Patronage and Support, aud hopes, by strict Attention and Assiduity in the Duties of his Profession, to merit their future Favours. To be peremptorily SOLD by AUCTION, By MASON & SON, At the Red Lion Inn, in Banbury, in the County nf Oxford, on Thursday the 14th Day of May. 1812, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as wdl be then and there produced, ACapital ESTATE ( the greater Part Freehold, and small Part Leasehold), situate in the Hamlets of OVER. THORPE and NETHERCOTT, in the Parishes of WARK- WORTH and Ml D DLETO N- CHE N L Y, in the County of Northampton, or one of them, and late in the Occupation of Mr, Richard Wise ; comprising a good Farm- House and Homestead, with Barns, Stables, an excellent Malting, aud other attached and detached Out- buildings, and 73A. SR 17P. by Admeasure- ment, of very rich Grazing Land ( including about 13 Acres which are in Tillage), conveniently divided into nine several Closes or inclosed Grounds, which are well watered, and the Fences in good Condition, and there is a Quantity ot thriving Timber growing on the Piemises. The above Estate is l'ithe- free and the Land- Tax low, issituate within one Mile of Binbury, and Part thereof adjoins the I'urn- pike- Road leading from Banbury to Daventry. For a View of the same, apply on the Premises; and for further Particulars, to Mr. BUSWELI., Solicitor, ot the AUC- TIONEERS, in Northampton. N. B. Possession isajr be had at Michaelmas next. HP HE C l DIN/ GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTHAMPTON, APRII, 18ih, 1812. Office of one of the SURGEONS in OR- ARY tn this INFIRMARY being vacant by the Death of the late Mr. JOSEPH HARDEN, Notice, is hereby given, That a SfEciAi. COURT will be held at the Committee Room, jon SATURDAY the ninth Day of MAY next, al Twelve o'Clock at Noon, to proceed to the Election of a proper Person to fill the said Office, By Order of the Committee, NORTH AM PTON", Chairman, GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTHAMPTON, APRIL 18tli, 1812. THIS is to give Notice, That on SATURDAY the 2d Day of MAY next will be held a GENERAL COURT, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, to take the Reports of the Committee concerning the present S'ate of this Society ; and such Persons as wish to serve the Infirmary are desired to send their Proposals, sealed up, lo the Secretary, on or before Twelve o'clock, on that Day; incntinning at what Rate they are willing to furnish Ihe following Articles, for the ensuing Quarter, viz. Butchers' Meat, Flour, Bread, made of all good Wheat, in Loaves of 14 Ounces each, Candles, Rice, Sugar, and Soap, in order that the most reasonable may be accepted.— Audit is further requested, I hat the Bills due by the Infirmary to the 2d Day of May next may be then sent in to beexamined and discharged. By Order of the Committee, W. INGMAN, Secretary. To be ^ pWO COUPLE and a LEIGUTUN- BUZZARD, 21st April, 1812. Mil. WOOD most respectively informs the Public, That a PART of the OAK TIM HER,. advertised for M- E on TyEsDAY next, at SHEFFORD, namely, a small SpiniiT, called HOO SPIN NY, is disposed nf by Private. Contract; hut the Sale of the PRIME TIMBER in NUN'S WOOD, advertised for Sale on that Day, will be held at the Time arid Place first mentioned. valuable Freehold and Leasehold Estates, desirably situate al Adslock'i'olltj, adjoining the Turnpike- Roud leading from Buckingham to Winslow, uilh immediate Possession. TO be SOL I) by AUCTIO N, By T. WOOD, On Wednesday, April 29th, 1812, on the Premises, precisely at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one Lot, unless disposed ot by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, ALL that, old- accustomed and Avell- frequeoteil INN, the - PUNCH BOWL, commonly called the FOLLY; com- prising a substantial Freehold Hriek- built Dwelling- House, consisting ot a Parlour, Tap- Room, comfortable Sleeping- Rooms, convenient Kitchen and Brewliouse, capital and exten- sive Cellarage, Stabling, Hovels. Pigsties, extensive and well constructed Malting and Malt- House, capable of making 15 Quarters Weekly, with suitable Store- Rooms, large Garden and Orchard thereto adjoining, containing by Estimation, one Acre, now in the Occupation of the Proprietor; also, a Freehold Brick buiit Cottage ar Tenement adjoining, in the Occupation of Widow Stevens, all which Premises are in the Parish of A DS TOCK, together with three Closes of Tithe- Free rich old Sward and Arable Land ( Part Freehold and Part Leasehold, tor the Residue of certain long Terms of Years, in the shortest of which nearly 300 Years are unexpired, extremely well fenced and watered , situate and adjoining the above, in the Parish of PADBURY, containing by Admeasurement 28A. 1R. 2P. on which there is a Cow- House and fiatn of three Bays. This Estate is very desirably and contiguously situate, ad- joining the London Road leading from Buckingham to Winslow. The Fixtures, Brewing Uteusils and Casks to be taken by the Purchaser at a fair Valuation. For Particulars and to treat for the same, apply on the Pre- mises; to Mr. HERNE, Solicitor, Buckingham ; Mr WILLIS, Solicitor Wipslow; or to Mr. WOOD, Land Agent, & K. LeightorkBuzzard. WOBURX AND BROUGHTON ROAD MEETING npi! K next Meeting of the Trustees of tbe Wobu- n A and Bnuigntoii Turtjpike- Roads will be held at lie MAGPIE IVN, iq WOKURN, nt Twelve o* Clock, on TUESDAY the 5th Day of MAY next, lo peruse and pass Ihe Surveyors and Treasurers Accounts; and on other Matters • relating to the Tru- t. SAMUEL DAVIS. Ampthill, April 20th, 1812, APRII. 15th, 1812. THAT most desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at DUNSTABLE, iu the County of Bedford ; consisting of a capital Mansion- llouse, Lawn, Garden, Farm- Yard, and every oilier Requisite ; with G4 Acres of Arable and 53 Acres of Pasture Land, more or less, contiguous thereto, now in the Occupation of Mrs. Buttfield, under a Lease expV ing at Michaelmas next, will be Snto by AUCTIO N In Juue next, unless previous! v disposed of bv Private Contract. SOLD, HALF of DWARF FOX HOUNDS.— For Particulars, enquire of the Huntsman at STA N KORD- H A LI,, near Welford. A PUBLIC 1IUUSE TO LHTl, And may be entered upon immediately, ALL that compact and well- accustomed" PUBLIC HOUSE, the DAVENTRY ARMS, situate in the HICH- STKEET, in the Borough of I) A VE NTR Y. — For furtlier Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. WILLIAM GODRICH, in Daventry aforesaid ;— the Coming- in very easy. To Wheelwrights, ,. S- c. To be S O L D by A U C ' 1' I O N, By JOHN DAY A SON, ( Under a Bill of Sale), on Friday the 1st Day of Mav, 1812, on othe Premises of Mr. JOB REEVE, in F ENN Y- S TR AT- FORD, Bucks, A LL the STOCK in TRADE, TOOLS, & c.; comprising C\ upwards ot 1,400 Feet of Ash Planks ot various DimenI sions, Oak Planks, Elm and Beech Timber, Boards, tcc ; 10 Dozen Reasoned Oak Sp > kes, fourteen Dozen Ash Fellies, Axletrees, Hubs, Mould- Boards.. Shafts, Waggon- Sides, Scant- lings, & c. ; two Timber- Chains, Pit, Cross- cut and Hand- Saws, Working- Tools, and vj'ious other Articles. Also, all the HOUSEHO LD- FURNlfU R E, as Bedsteads. Beds, and lieddmg; Tables, Drawers, Chairs, & c. Sec. The above Slock is worth tbe Notice ot the Trade, beins prime seasoned Stuff of the first Quality, and will be laid iuto convenient Lots. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock precisely. Freehold Tenements, in Stony- Stratford, Bucks. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY SON, At Mr. JAMES FOX'S, the. ROVAL OAK PUBLIC HOUSE, in CA I. VERTON- E N D, on Saturday the Set i lay of May next, at SIX o'Clock in the Evening, ill the under- mentioned Lots- Lot 1. A TENEMENT, with Barn and Garden sti- joining, in the Occupation of John Lepper. 2. A TENEMENT, with Garden belonging and adjoining tt » Lot 1, in the Occupation of Jane Austin. 3. TWO newly erected Brick and Tile TENEMENTS, adjoining the other Lots, with Garden belonging, in the Occu- pations of Joseph Marsh and Richardson. For a View of the same, apply to the Tenants-, and for farther Particulars, to M » . CONCAVE, Solicitor, or the Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford. Salcey aud Whittleaood- Forests, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAY Sf SON, By Order of his Majesty's Honourable Commissioners of the Navy Board, on Wednesday the fitli of May, 1812, at the Rose and Crown Public- House, in Hartwell, To be S O L I) bv A U C T I O N, By THOMAS HAGGER, At Two o'clock, oil Tuesday the 28th Day of April, 1812, at Six Mouths' Credit, \ 1, L the valuable LIVESTOCK, IMPLEMENTS, and / \ other E FFECTS, of Mr. Wm. SKINNER, at SANDY- WARREN- FARM, Beds. Valuable Live Stock, Household- Furniture, Implements of Husbandry, Sj- c. & c. To be SOL I) bv AUG ' I' I O N, By R. GLEN 11 AM, ( In Monday anil Tuesday the 27ih and 28th D^ vs of Aprii, 1812. onthe Premises of Mr. THOMAS SMI 1 H. of ROCK- INGHAM, ill the County of Northampton ( wlio is leaving his Farm)'; r j MI E LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMEN TS of HUSBANDRY, 8 Sec. Sec.; consisting of Waggon- Horse, Captain, three Yearsold; Gilbert, Ditto; Dragon, seven Years old ; Boxer, eight Years old; Tinker, aged; Mare and Foal; Smiler, tive Yearsold; Whitefoot, In- foal, seven Years old ; In- calf Cow; barren Ditto, 30 Lambhogs, capital Boar, In- pig Sow, three Store Hogs ; Six- inch Waggon, equal to new, Narrow- wheel Ditto, good as new, Ditto, Ditto, very strong Tax- Cart, with Harness complete. Six- inch Cart, Narrow- wheel Di'to, Ditto, Plough, Ditto, Ditto, Gate- Harrow, large Ditto, Ditto, two small Harrows, two Ditto, ' fw ® - horse Roil, single Ditto, Win- nowing- Fan, eight large and small Sieves, in Lots, Set of Draught Tackle, wilh Levers, two spiking Chains, Slide- to- Waggon, Wiieclbariow, four capital new Oak Boaiding- gates, with capital Oak Posts and Stays, tive long and short Ladders; Strike Measure, Pair ot Malt Kerns ; 20 Sacks, in Lots, two Grub Axes, Bar of Iron, Quantity of Horse Tethers; Ditto Carpenters' Tools, three Sets of Hopples to cast Horses, Cross- cut Saw, two very long Oak Planks, large Quantity of Wood and Board; Ditto Trays, five Stone and Wood Pig- Troughs, Scythes, Forks, Rakes, Shovels, and Spades, Tackle complete for Horses, with every other Implement of Husbandry, too tedious to mention. Also, on Tuesday the 2Sth Day of April Ins'ant, will be SOLD by AUCTION, onthe aforesaid Premises, The neat and useful HOUSE HO 1. D. F U RN ITU R K ; con- sisting of Four- post, turn- up. Stump, and other Bedsteads, with Morine Furniture, Wool Beds, Blankets, &' C. square, oval Dining, Tea, Dressing, and other Tables, several Sets of Oak and Ash Chairf, Chests of Drawers, 10 large anil small Linen Chests, in Lots, I, arum, several large and small movable Cupboards, Seatwith three Drawers, Kitchen Dressers, shelves, and Pewter Ditto,' l'wo- fold Screen, Fire- Range, Fender, and Fire- irons, Quantity of China, Glass, Delph; and Earthenware, Tea- Boards and Waiters, Trass and Iron Candlesticks, Wind- up Jack, with Lead Weight, Spit, Rack- Irons, and Pot- Hooks, 1' air of large Steelyards, Variety ot Tin Articles, five large Pewter Dishes, 27 Ditto Plates, eight large and small Brass Pots and Pans. DAI RV UTENSILS.— Cheese Tubs-. Butter Bowls, Milk Ditto, Cheese- Vats, Barrel. Churn, Cheese- Press, Cream Tins, Pipkins, I'ancheons, Salting- Trough, & c. & c. BREWING- U TEN SI LS Halt. Hogshead- Copper, Washing Ditto, i2- Strike Mash- Vat, Cooler, gathering Tub, with several other Tubs to correspond, three capital Hogshead Barrels, three Half Ditto, two small Ditto, and three Buckets. Bacon and I'ancheon Cratch; Quantity of Glass Bottles, 90 \ arge and small Stone Bottles, in Lots, Quantity ot Medicines, two- Folio Volumes ol the English Herbal, sundry other Books, and a Variety of other Household- Furniture, Sec. Sec. R. G. will thank his Friends to attend each Morning at Ten o'Clock, on Account ol the great NambSI of Lota to Ue sold in • ach liny. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By IIA SON 4- SON, At the Sign of the Green Man, in St. James's- End, in the Parish of Duston, near Northampton, oil Thursday the 21st Day of May, 1812, at Three o'clock in tlie Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced, unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, ot which due Notice will , be given in a future Paper, rI"< IIE following vety valuable FREEHOLD and TITHE- FRE E ESTATE, situae in tlie Parish ot DUSTON aforesaid ( in three Lots) : Lot 1. All that most desirable, substantial, Stone- built Sashed and Slated MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, or INN and TOLL- HOUSE, known bv the Sign nt tlieGREEN MAN, now in full Trade, and injhe Occupationof Mr. Thomas Hunt, together with the TOLLS belonging to the same, which pro duce a considerable Annual Sum. The Premises are in complete Repair, and; comprise a spa. cious Hall, Kitchen, Bar, commodious Parlours, excellent Vaul and Cellar, which will contain upwards of 20 Pipes and Puncheons, five c; ood lied- Rooms, with Closets, three ceiled Attics, Cheese- Chamber, and other Apartments ; paved Couit- Yard, Stabling for 30 Horses, good Lofts and Granaries over the same, capable of stowing 400 Quarters of Corn, Brewbouse, Dairy, Scullery, Lead Pump contiguous to the House, Farin- Yard, new Bam ot three Ba\ s, with other attached Buildings, and a fertile Garden surrounded by good Walls. And also a C I. OSE of exceedingly rich PASTURE LAND adjoining, containing by Estimation, one Acre ( more or less), and now also in the Occupation of thesaid Thomas Hunt. This Lot is well adapted for Business, the Stabling fit for capital Hunters, aud the Land- Tax is very low. Lot 2. All that CLOSE of exceedingly rich AR ABLE LAND, called LITTLE BULLVV CLOSE, containing by Estima- tion, five Acres ( moreor less), now also in . the Occupation of Thomas Hunt, adjoining the Daventry Road, and situate near , the Turnpike- Gate, with a Number of thriving Trees and ex- cellent Fences. Lot 3. All that other CLOSE of very rich ARABLE LAND, called the CONDUIT CLOSE, containing by Estimation, eight Acres ( moreor less), now also in the Occupationof thesaid Thomas Hunt, and situate on the East Side of the Daventry Road, opposite the Abbey Walls, with good Fences, and a Number of thriving Trees growing thereon. N. B. The Land- Tax of Lots 2 and 3 is redeemed. The Tenant will shew the Premises; and for further Parti- culars, and to treat tor the Purchase in the mean ' Time bv Private Contract, apply to Mr. BUSVTELL, Attorney at Law, or the Auctioneers, in Northampton. Valuable Builaing Materials. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By T. WOOD, OnThursday May 7th, 1812, on the Premises at LEIGHTON- BUZZARD, precisely at E leven o'Clock, in Lots rrilK OUT- OFFICES and BUILDINGS of the 1- MANSION- HOUSE ; consisting of plain Bricks, Sashes, Floors, Oak Girders and Frame Floors, Doois, Quantity of Lead, Sec. Sec. For Particulars, apply to Mr. Woo ® , Land- Agent, & c Leighton- Buzzard. Freehold Cottages, Milton- Bryant, near Woburn, Bedfordshire. To be SOL D' bv A U C T I O N, By T. WOOD, On Monday the 11th Day of May, 1812, at the Grevhound Public- House, Milton- Bryant, precisely at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one or more Lots, as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, r SIX substantial FREEIIOIB Ilrick- built COTTAGES TENEMENTS, in the several Occupations of Henry Spacy, John Eavestalfe and others, at the Yearly Rent of £ 3 per Annum each, with Barns and Gardens thereto belonging pleasantly situate in the Centre of M I L T O N - B R Y A N T aforesaid. May be viewed by applying on the Premises; and further Par- ticulars may be known of Mr. EAGLES, Solicitor, Ampthill; or Mr. WOOD, I. and- Agent, & C. Leighton- Buzzard. ALL tbe SLABS and OFFAL PIECES of TIMBER, lying at the Saw- Pits at LYTHICK- CO? P ICE, in SALCEY FOREST. Also on the following Day wilt be SOLJO by AUCTION, at the the Rein Deer, in Potterspury, near Stony- Stratford, A11 the S L ABS and OF F A L PI E CES of I I MB ER, lying at Kitlake, Long Coppice, and Bears Watering Coppices, ia WHITTLE WOOD FOREST. p late I Catalogues will be ready for Delivery five Days before Sale, NI", AT MR-' THORN'S. Purveyor, in OUWStrattord ; Places of Sale ; I aH" at the Auctioneers', in Stony- Stratford Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock. ' I aluubte Irish Linens, 4" C. warranted free, from Damage. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By JOHN DAY ^ SON, On Fridav the 8th Day of May, 1SI2, at the COCK INN, in STON Y- STRATFORD, Bucks, removed there tor Conve- nience of Sate, To Eligible Copyhold and Freehold Estate, be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. WOOD, IN LOTS, At the Eagle and Child Inn, Leighton. Buzzard, the latter End of May next ; COMPRISING 50 Acres two Roods of Arable, Lev, Meadow, and Pasture Land, lying dispersed til the fertile Fieldsof BILLINGTON and STANDHRIDGE, near l. eigh- ton- Buzzard, now in the Tenure of the Proprietor, and imme- diate Possession may be had. The Day of Sale and further Particulars may be known of Mr. WOOD, Land- Agent, Sec. Leighton- Buzzard. Tor SALE by AUCTION, By MASON Sf SON, In the Month of May next, if not previously disposed of by Private Contract, rpiIREE newly erected Brick and Sashed MESSUAGES, I one fit for the Reception of a Family immediately, tiie other two unfinished, most " pleasantly situated in WOOLMONGER- SXREET, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON. Also, to be Lett, A rich and fertile ® A RUEN, 81 Feet by fiO, nearly opposite the same. Further Particulars may be known by Application to Messrs. AISEY& SON, Solicitors, Northampton ; or to the A UCTIONEERS. Freehold Messuage, ljidbrook, Warwickshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. MARTIN, At the Bell Inn, in Ladbrook, in the County of Warwick, on Wednesday the 13th Day of MayT! 812, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless disposed ot in the mean Time by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, ALL that FREKHOI. D Brick, slated, and sashed MES- SUAGE or DWELLING - HOUSE, situate in the pleasant and healthy Village of l. ADU ROOK, with a walled Garden, Orchard, Cdach- House, Coal- House, and Stabling for three Horses, thereunto adjoining and belonging, late in the Occupation of the Proprietor, Mrs. Mary Burgess, deceased; containing in the Whole 3- 4tl1snf an Acre( moreor less). The House and Offices are newly built, and no Expense has been spared to make them complete and comfortable ; on the Ground Floor there are two neat Parlours, Kitchen, back Kitchen, Cellar, and Pantry; on the first Floor two good Bed- Rooms, with a neat Dressing- room; and over these are two Attics equally g" od ( in all ot which are neat Grates}, which, with the Fixtures, may be taken at a Valuation ;— theieare also two Bed- Rooms tor Servants, over the back Kitchen. The House is not far distant from the Church, and the Situation in other Respects is particularly rural ? rnl pleasant, distant two Miles from Southatn, where there is a daily Post; seven from the celebrated Leamington Spa, II from Warwick, 12 from Banbury, and 15 from Coventry, all goad Market Towns. • N. Ji. A Coach to and from London to each of the above Places passes the Door three\ Tjnies a Week. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. THOS. ARCHER, at the Bell, l. adbtook. A Person in the House will shew the Premises. On the two following Days will be SOLO by AUCTION, on the Prem'ses, All the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE of the said Mrs. BURGESS; consisting of an extensive, neat, and valuable Selection: comprising Four- post Mahogany Bedsteads, with neat Furniture; tine seasoned Goose Feather- Beds, Mattresses, Wilton and other Blankets, Counterpanes, and Iled- Covers, Bed- Room and Patlour Carpeting, Mahogany and Fancy Chairs, Wash- Stands, Dressing- tables, Dressing- glasses, double and single Chest of Drawers and Book- Case, with a Quantity of printed Rooks, Upon various Subjects ; neat Sofa, fashionahle Parlour- Chairs, Fiie- Screens, Card. Side and Claw- Table modern Set of Mahogany Dining- tables, with circular Ends, rich Wood ; Pier- Glasses in burnished Gold Frames ot large Dimensions; Pier- Barometor ; with an Assemblage of neat China, Glass, Staffordshire and Queen's Ware, Kitchen- Requi- sites, seasoned Casks, and numerous other Effefcts, which wiil be expressed in printed Particulars, and distributed at ihe prin cipal Inns in Sourham, Coventry, Daventrv, Warwick, Banbury, £< 11, Ladbrook, and by the Auctioneer, ki Southam. Buckinghamshire truly desirable Freehold Estate, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. WOOD, At the George Inn, Littte- Brickhill, Bucks, the latter End of May next, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract; CCOMPRISING a most convenient Farm- House and V requisite Out- buildings, together with 90 Acres of Tithe- free Sward and Arable Land, most pleasantly, as well as advantageously situate in the Parish of BO W. B R1 CK HI LL, in the County of Buckingham, now in the Tenure of Mr! Bodily, at a Rent capableof Increase. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. For a View of tl; e Estate, anplytoMr. BODILY; and to treat for the sa.- ie, apply to Mr. Wooo, Land- Agent, & c, I. eighton- Buzzard, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen.- The precise Day of Sale will appear in a future Paper. To be SOLD" by PRIVATE CONTRACtT" T^ HE following FREEHOLD COTTAGES situate at I G R E E N FI E I. D, near Silsoe, Beds • — A plastered and thatched COTTAGE in good Repair, with Wood- Batn ami Cow- Hsuse, laige Yard aitd Garden, with 12 thriving Elm and Ash Trees, and sundry Fruit- Trees in the Occupation of Wm. Barnes. A substantial Brick, Stone, and thatched MESSUAGE with good Garden, Barn, and sundry Fruit and thriving Elm Trees late in the Occupation of Thomas Adams. A Brick and tiled MESSUAG E, with Barn, fertile Garden * nd sundry Fruit. Trees, in the Occupation of Wm. Btittidge * The above will he sold singly, if required; and to treat fot the same, apply to Messrs. Fusas & PHIFFS, Auctioneers, Esute- Agents, See. Clophilland Ampthill, Beds. For the Benefit of Creditors. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. CHENEY, Upon the Premises, at the BULL INN, at CO L D- ASHB Y, in the County ot Northampton, on Thursday the 30th Day of Aprii, and Friday the 1st Day of May, 1812, ALL the valuable, genteel, and useful HOUSEIIOT. D- FURN1TURF, BREWING- UTENSILS, COPPERS, Sec. Sec. and other EFFECTS, the Property of EDWARD CHENEY', wlio lias assigned all Ids Estate and Effects to Mr. John King, Batcher, of Cold- Ashby, and Mr. John Cook, Farmer, of Maseby, in Trust for the Benefit of themselves and all and every other ot his Creditors. Notice is lereby given, that the Deed of Assignment is in the Hands of Mr. John King, Butcher, aforesaid, for Execution by the Creditois, and that the Money arising under the Trust ot the said Assignrent will be divided among such of the Creditors woo shall execute the same on or before the 12ili Day of May next, and all others will bj excluded the Benefit arising there- from; and ( II Persons who stan I indebted to the said Edward Cheney", art requested forthwith to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Johi King or to Mr. John Cook aforesaid, on or before the said 12lti Day of May next, or they will be sujd for the same withuit further Notice. The HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, kc. consists of Four- posUand Hilt- headed Bedsteads, with Morine, Check, and hand- some printid Linen Furniture; Feather and Flock- Ueds, Quilts, Blankets, led and Table Linen, Oak Dining," Tea, and common Tables, Kitchen and Parlour Chairs, Chest of Drawers and Boxes, a ; ond 3.)- Hour Clock, Kitchen- Range, Bath- Stove, Grates andFire- Irons in general, good Smoke- Jack and Wimseyj Clipboard!, Pots, Kettles, Culinary Articles in Tin, Brass, Copper, Sc. ; Pier and Swing Dressing- glasses ; an Assortment of Eartheiware and Glass, Glass Bottles, Sec. Sec. ; plated Cups audTankards, a good 105- Gallon Copper and Grate, Iron Furnace nd Grate, a Two- quarter Mash- Vat, Deal Cooler, Buck anc Wort Tubs, Sec.; very sweet. Iron- bound Pipes and Hogslieai,. Half- hogshead anft smaller Casks, a Two- quaner Corn- ijilin four Partitions', and sundry other Articles. The Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Cl- ock. N. B. The Household- Furniture, Beds, Bedding,, and Linen, will bs old on the first Day's Sale. \ Valuable Assortment of IRISH LINENS ( mostly fine); consisting of 6- lth and 5- 4th Sheetings, Yard, wide and 7- 8th Cloths,- Damask and Diaper Table- Linen, French arxl Irish Cambrics, & c. & c. These Goods are the real Property of a Gentleman for wlio= e Use they were purchased at the Manufactory, are worth the Noticeof the Public, and will be Sold in single Pieces. Catalogues may be hart, six Days before Sale, at the Auc- tioneers', in Stony- Stratford. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock. Millinery, 4' C. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By JOHN DAY S,- SON, On Friday the 8' rh Day of Mav, 1812, at the COCK INN, in STON Y- STRATFORD, Bucks, removed tlieie for Conve- nience of Sale, UPWARDS of 100 Lots of modern MILLINERY GOODS, the Property of a Per on who has entered into a different Business; the Stock consists of Straw and other Bonnets, Tippets, Veils, Parasols, Velvets, Muslins, white and black Lace, Fans, Silk Purses, Ribbons, Feathers, Stavs, Shi es, and Millinery in general. The Stock is fresh and good, and will be laid into convenient Lots. Sale to commence at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely. WHHTLEWOOD FOREST, Northamptonshire, Apkii,, 1812. OARTICULARS of BARK of Trees to be felled for the .1 Navy, Sec. to be SOLD by A U CTION, by Order of the Right Hon. Lord Glenbervie, William Dacres Adams, and Henry Dawkins, Esquires, Commissioners of his Majesty's Woods, Forests, and Land Revenues, By JOHN DAY A SON, At the Saracen's Head Inn, Old- Stratford, on Tuesday the 5t! l of May, 1812, in the following Lots; ( pr The Sale will begin at Twelve o'Clock. Lot 1. Ninety- eight Maiden Oaks for the Navy, in North Linshire Coppice, numbered 1 to and 9S, at per Tree. Lot2. Fifty- seven Maiden Oaks for the Navy, in Kings and Bears Coppices, numbered 99 to and 155, at Der Tree. Lot 3. Fifty- five Maiden Oaks for the Navy, in Bearswatering Coppice, numbered 156 to and 210, at per Tree. Lot 4. Seventy- one Browsed Oaks for the Navy, in Linshire Coppice, numbered 211 to and 281, at per Tree. Lot 5. Sixteen Browsed Oaks for file Navy, in Kings and Bears Coppices, numbered 2S2toand 297, at per Tree. Lot 6. Twenty- six Browsed Oaks *> r the Navy, in Bears- watering Coppice, numbered 298 to and 323, at per Tree. Lot 7. One hundred and seventy- two Sapling Oaks for Sale, in llearswatering Coppice, mimbeied 1 to and 172, at per £. Lot 8. Three Browsed Oaks for Sale, in Bearswatering Coppice, numbered 173 to and 175, at per Tree. Lot 9. One hundred and four SapLngs for Sale, in Kings and Bears Coppiccs, numbered 17S to and 281, at per £. Lot 10. Eight Browsed Oaks for Sale, in Kings and Bears Coppices, numbered 282 to and 2;> 9, at per Tree. Lot 11. Forty- two Saplings for Sale, in Linshire Coppice, numbered 370 to and 411, at per^. Lot 12. Three Browsed Oaks for Sale, in Linshire Coppice- numbered 112 to and 414. at per Tree. Lot 13. One Maiden Tree for Repairs, in Bearswatering Cop- pice, numbered 1 ; two Maiden Trees for Repairs, in Bears Coppice, numbered 2and 3; and three Maiden Trees for Repairs, in Linshire Coppice, numbered4 to and 6, at per Tree. Lot 14. Twenty- three Maiden Trees to be lopped for Browse Trees, in Kings and Bears Coppices, numbered 1 to and 23, at per Top. Lot 15. Thirty- four Maiden Trees to be lopped for Brows* Trees, in Linsliire Coppice, numbered 24 to and 57, at per Top, Mr. CAFIS, of Shrobb- Lodge, in Whittlewood Forest, Acting Deputy, and the Keepers of the respective Walks, will sheiv the Trees to such Persons as ate desirous pf viewing the same. Catalogues may, be had of Mr. Capes, at the Place ot Sale, and of the Auctioneers, Stony- Stratford. CONDITIONS OF SALE. The Lots will be sold to the Highest Bidder ( the Officer of the Forest reserving the Right of once Bidding, it lie should consider the same under the fair Value thereof;, and if any Disputearises on the Bidding, the Lot will be put up again tor Sale. The Trees will be felted by and at the Expense of the Commis- sioners of Woods, Sec. and Care will be taken to cut down the Trees as the Sap shall run. The Bark to be stripped and taken off tbe Trees at the Expense of the Purchaser, and not of the Crown. The Purchaser of any Bark upon apy Lot or Lots or Trees, to pay down, at the Time of Sale, .£ 20 per Cent, onthe Value of the Bark so purchased, and the Residue of the Money in good Bills, payable in London, at two Months' Date, and to remove the sameoiu& f the Forest at his own Expense, cn or before tne 1st of August r. ext. No Deputy or Officer of the Forest concerned in the Direction and Mauagem- nt of the Sale, will be allowed to bid or become a Purchaser, either by himself or any other Person, in Trust for him at such Sale ; aud if any Collusion is practised or per- mitted in this Respect, on Proof thereof the Persons offending wi'll be punished. No Fee, Perquisite, or Emolument whatever shall b* de- manded or taken by any Officer OT Peison concerned in eon- ducting the Sale, or in any Respect in tbe Execution of the Service; and every such Person who shall demmd, take or receive any Fee, requisite, or Emolument whatsoever, on Account of such Sales, will, on Proof thereof, be punished. The Northampton Mercury ; arid General Advertiser for the Coiutiks of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, II tinting,! > ii, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and FFrrtfov< f„ rr* r. r R. COM FIELD BEGS Leave to inform his Friends, that in his next Lecture he proposes to treat 011 the ELEMENTS of ASTRONOMY. Lecture on Tuesday Evening, at Half- past Si* o'Clock. Horse- Market, Northampton, April25, 1812. Fine Ale,' London Rattled and Barrel Porter. JAMES DURHAM begs respectfully to acquaint his Friends and the Public that he has received his usual Supply nf LO X 00 V PORTER ( Truman, tlanburyb Co.' s); being of excellent Quality, he flatters himself will meet the Approbation of those, who may pleane to honour him with their Commands. J. I), has also on Sale a Quantity efOto and MILD ALE, and good TARI. E BURR, which he continues to sell on the luost reasonable Terms. N. B. Gaud Stables and a Coach- House to lett, enquire as above. Mercer's- Row, Northampton, Wth April, 1812. ~ J. BO'F'FRILL RESPECTFULLY informs the Public, that he has just received a fashionable Assortment of H ANGING PAPERS and BORDERS, from Ihe first Houses in London, which are now ready for Pale, at his Warehouse, HIGH- STREET, LUTTERWORTH. PATTISHALL. AN Advertisement having appeared in the North- ampton Mercury of Saturday the 18th Instant, setting forth that some malicious Persons did in the Night of Sunday last the 12th, or early on Monday Morning the 13th Instant, enter the Premises of ( he Rev. THOMAS WELCH, in the • Parish of PATTISHALL. iu the County of Northampton, and tatc down three large Ash Timber Trees his Property. In answer to the above Advertisement, I hereby publicly declare that the Trees therein mentioned were cut down in the Day Tin.? by my Order, with the Leave nf the Landlord and Proprietor of the Trees, obtained iu Consequence of a . Request made to his Steward by the Rev. Thomas Welch. April 23d, 1812. JOHN PIRKINS, WANTED T » the MILLINERY & DRESS- MA immediately, INERY & DR Apply to M. LOE, Drapery Two APPRENTICES to ING Businesses. Northampton. WANTED, All APPRENTICE to a DRESS and MANTUAMAKER. Apply to Mrs. EATOM, Market- Place, Stony- Stratford. To Drapers, Grocers, Q c. TlTANTEt), for a Youth lb" Years of Age, A S'ltu- » v at ion as au APPRENTICE to a DRAPER, or to GROCER, DRAPER, and CHANDLER. Address to J. C. Post- Office, Northampton. WANTED, A steady active LAD as an Apprentice to a GROCER, & c.— For Particulars, enquire of S. DAVISON, sfOlney, ( if by Letter, Post- paid). J. K N ! 0 II T, Linen and Woollen- Draper, Haberdasher, Silk- Herccr, Hatter, and Hosier, D R A P ER Y, NO RT11A M PTON, MOST respectfully begs Leave to acynnilit his Friend? and the" Public of NORTHAMPTON and its'Vicinity, flint he has just arrived from LONDON with an extensive and fashionable Assortment Of entirely new Articles in the above Branches; comprising 4- 4ih and 9- Stli Towd- priuled Caiijblics and Jaconets, plain and fancy Mtlsliris of every Description, worked l. euos, elegant coloured and white Robe Dresses, rich plain anil twilled Sarsnets. Regency Silks, Italian Nets, large printed Silk Shawls, superbly rich Damask Ditto, plain and figured Silk Handkerchiefs, Parasols, Dialers, w ith a great Variety of- modern Articles adapted for the present Season. J. K. has also laid in an entire new Stock of plain nnd superfine Cloths, printed Quillings, Velveteens, Corduroys, Patent Cords, & c. ; Irish Linens of Ihe best Fabric, French Cambrics, Sheetings, Hosiery, Hats, aud Gloves, with every Article inthe above Branches. J. K. having made his Selertion frotti Houses of the first Repute, he feels confident thai his Purchases will prove worthy the Attention of his Friends and the Phblic, and insure him a Continuance of their Favours. IV CHEAP BARGAINS. THE remaining Part of the STOCK in TRADE of GEORGE EDMONDS; consisting of Pearl, Corral, and other Necklaces; Bracelets, Brooches, Ear- Rings, Lockets, Crosses, Seals, and all Kinds of Jewellery and Perfumery; plated and black Articles of every Kind; Cut- lery, Tea- Urns, Tea- Trays, Waiters, and Bottle- Stands; a Varietyof Tortoiseshell, Ivory, and other Combs, Toys, & c. ; is now selling olf in the MARKET- SQUARE, Northampton, considerably under prime Cost. As it is necessary to raise a large Sum forthwith, his Daughter is authorised to sell the Goods and to receive the Money for the Trustees. A Variety of Scotch Gingham Umbrellas, Fancy Silk Parasols, Fans, Gentlemen's Gloves, Ac. Ac, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE SOCIETY FOR the EDUCA L LON of the POOR in the PRIN- CIPLES of the ESTABLISHED CHURCH. Annual Donations. Subscriptions. Amount nf the Donations & Sub- Linen and Woollen J) rapr. ry, jtukerAfishery, tthi! Hosiery, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. } LCLURD PEARSON § QUIRHII. L ( Successor to Mr. Donrt), begs to acknowledge with Gratitude the Favours lie has received from his Friends and the Public in general; and at ihe same Time respectfully informs them, he i- just returned from LONDON, having purchased a Varietyof ArJ,' fies of the ncwesi Fashion; amongst which is a good As- sortment of twilled and plain Salsnets, Italian Nets, fancy Muslins, Prints, rich Shawls, fancy Waistcoalings, Ac. Which will be ready for thei(^ Inspection on W nn N kso A V next. N. 11. A YOt) TH of respectable Connections is waiiied as an A f » : Mt ENTICE ; a Premmn will be expected. Market- Square, Northampton, Aprit. 2 » th, 1812. Agricultural Tr/ iplement Manufactory. IN Consequence of the Decease of JOSEPH HAVFOTIP, of HATHERN, in the County of Leicester, who with WILLIAM DAVENPORT had made Ihe various Branches of Implement Making their chief Study for many Years, JOH. V HANFORD ( Son of Ihe said laie Joseph Han ford)' and WILLIAM DAVENPORT take this Opportunity to inform the Public that the Business will be continued by tliein, and return their most grateful Acknowledgments ( o those Noble- men, Gentlemen, and Farmers, who have for many Years honoured them with their Commands, and hone by their united Exertions in their Business to secure the continued Favours and Patronage of the Public. J. H. and W.' I), assure the Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Farmers, who may honour them with their future Favours, that every Attention will be paid to execute their OrJers in the best and mufct expeditions Manner. Ilathtrn, near Loughborough, Leicestershire, April 16th, 1812. -—•— ••' • —. — i School Assistant uanled immediately. AYOUNG M AN of unexceptionable Character, well qualified to teach Writing, Arithmetic, and English Grammar, and whose religious Principles are strictly agree- able to the Established Church, mm hear of a comfortable Situation by applying tb JOHN PUODEPHATT, Master of the Free- School at Dunstable; if by Letter, Postage must be paid. WAN I ED in a House of the first Respectability ill Town, Two YOUNG LADIES as IMPROVERS in the MILLINERY and FANCY- DRESS LINE.— Likewise one APPRENTICE.— Every Attention will be paid to the Comfort of the Young Ladies intrusted to the Care of Air. and Mrs. RANDAL, and a moderate Premium expected. For Particulars, apply lo Mrs. RAND\ L, Oxford House, 432, Strand, London. WANTED, A PARTNER in the FELT- MONGERY BUSINESS, where the Situation aud Connexion is most eligible. Enquire, if by Letter, addressed B. T. Post paid, at the Printers*. To Plumbers, Glaziers, and Painters. AGood WORKMAN may meet with constant Employment, and good Wages, by applying imme- diately lo T. ANGLE, Plumber, Glazier, and Painter, Dunstable, Beds. To LINEN WEAVERS. ' ANTED ' immediately, A J OURNEYMAN WEAVER.— Oue that understands his Business well may have constant Work and good Wages, by applying to J. SLAWSON, ( rthliugborough Bridge, near Higham- Ferrers. w To l'AVIORS. XXTANTED, seveial good WORKMEN to pave VV the Public Streets in the Town of NORTH AM PTON. N. B. Pebbles taken at Nine- pence per Cwt. For Particulars, enquire of L. KIRSIIAW, Surveyor, Gold- Street, Northampton. WANTED, by a YOUNG MAN of respectable Connections, who writes a fine Hand, is Master of Accounts, and is otherwise calculated for Commercial Con- cerns, A SITUATION, in any Capacity where he can rxercise the above Abilities to the Interest of his Employer. He can give undeniable References for Character, & c. Applications made to ROBERT BLUNT, Paulerspurv, Northamptonshire, will be immediately atteuded to. WA, NTS a Situation, A middle- aged single MAN, as an UPPER- SERVANT in a Gentleman's Family, capable of undertaking the Whole of the Business in that Department, where the Family is not too large. - He can bring an undeniable Character from Places where he has lived, in one of which he was upwards of five Years, in another seven. 4 Por Particulars, enquire of Mr. SIIELTON, Newland, Northampton. WANTED, in a small Family, A COOK SERVANT. One that thoroughly understands that department, upon Application to Mr. TUCK, Wellingborough, may hear of a Situation, where liberal Wages are given. WANTED, in a small Clergyman's Family in the Country, A good plain COOK; also, A HOUSE- MAID, with good Characters. Apply to Mr. DASH, Bookseller, Kettering; if by Letter, Post- paid. One Hundred Guineas Reward. or Stolen, between London and Leek, from Waggon, which left the I" OST Messrs. PICK FORD'S Fly former Place on the 16th instant, TWO BALES OF SILK. Oue Bale directed J. Gaunt, Leek; containing 15His. of Beugal Raw Silk, marked on the End of the Bale, Lot 3736. The other directed for 14SZ4s. Jon: CY L FF & Co. S FRS 11 Phillips, Leek, containing pore Skain Silk. Lot 126T. CYL E M 12 Shoilld the above Rales have been lost from the Waggon, any Person delivering them to the said Messrs. PICKFORO • hall receive TWENTY GUINEAS Reward ; but if stolen, a Reward of ONE HUNDRED GUINEAS will be paid « m Cnnvfctinn of the Offender or Oll'enders, by the said Messrs. PLCKFORD. Northampton, April 25th, 1812. criptions before advertised.... =£ 1536 18 0 =£ 312 7 0 Mrs. Cartwright, ... 5 5 0 3 3 0 Lieutenant- General C'artwright. ... 10 10 0 2 2 0 Rev. P, Thornton ... 3 3 0 1 1 0 Sir Wm. Dolben ... 5 5 0 0 0 0 Lady Dolben ... 5 5 0 0 0 0 His Grace the Duke of Grafton. ... 52 10 0 0 0 0 The Earl of Westmoreland ... .50 0 0 5 0 0 Rev. Thomas Wright 0 2 0 2 2 0 Mr. Alderman Francis Osborn . ... 5 5 0 0 0 0 Right Hon. Lord Boston ... 10 10 0 2 2 0 Rev. Miles Walker ... 0 0 0 1 1 0 Mr. Alderman Thoma* Armfield ... 5 5 0 1 1 0 Rev. C. A. Wheelwright..,.. ... 1 1 0 1 1 0 Rev. H. R. Kra; ip ... 0 0 0 2 0 0 Mr. Job.' Lewin ... 2 0 0 0 0 0 Leonard Burton, Esq.- ... 10 10 0 2 2 0 Rev. M. Jackson ... 0 0 0 1 1 0 Rev. John Wright ... 2 2 0 1 1 0 Rev. George Rooke ... 0 0 0 2 2 0 Rev. J Vye ... 0 0 0 1 I 0 Samuel Blencowe, Esq.. ... 10 10 0 1 2 0 PRIOR'S- M A RSTON, 23d April, 1812. WHEREAS my Son, WILLIAM REYNOLDS, sometime ago married, since which he has not been employed by ine in any Monev Transactions, or in buy ing or selling of Cattle, or iu making . Any other Contract w hat- soever: And I hereby give Notice, that I will not be accountable or answerable for any Debt or Debls which, since his Marriage,' he lias contracted, or shall hereafter contract, w hether in my Name or his o, vn.— As Witness iny Hand. THOMAS REYNOLDS. OAK TIMBER SALES. To be SOLD, On Monday the 4th of Miy next, ami following Day, ALarge Quantity of MAIDEN OAK TIMBER TREES, in l, cts, standing in BADBY WOOD, FAWSLEY PARK, HOCSTAt- F SI'INNIES, and HENWOOD. Further Particulars will appear in next Week's Paper. Fates ley, April » 6th, 1812. To be Toxccesler Association. WHEREAS some evil- disposed Person or Persons did, late on SATUR DA Y NIGHT, or early on SUN DAY Won XING last, steal, tale, and carry away from a Close of Turnips, in SHOSELY, in the Parish of Easton- Neston, called the BRICK-^ ILN- HILL, in the Occupation of Mr. THOMAS COOK, A FAT WETHER SHEEP, ins PROI'EllTV. The Sheep, no Doubt, was killed in the Pen, ill the Close; Mood being found therein.— The off Ear had been cropped, und a reddltd Mark had been made across the Loins, which Vias not very legible. Whoever » ill give Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or tliey may be prosecuted, shall, 1111 Conviction, receive a Reward of TWENTY POUNDS, of Mr. COOKE s and a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS, of the Trea- surer of this Association, over and abovethe Rewards allowed by Act of Parliament; and if more thau one Person were concerned in the Felony, and either will impeach his Ac- complice or Accomplices, he shall, on Conviction, be eiititled to the above Rewards, and Interest will bo made to procure his Majesty's Pardon. J. M. K1RBY, Treasurer. Tsucetter, April tint, 1812. ' lo be SOLD by AUCTION, liy Mr. FO R ES, At the White Horse Inn, in Kingsthorpe, in the County of Northampton, on Friday the 8tb Day ot May, 1812, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon ( either together or separate, as shall be then agreed on), ALL those FOUR FKEEKOLB MESSUAGES or TENE- MENTS adjoining each other, with a Barn, and Piece of • Gulden Ground, contiguous thereto, pleasantly situate in the Village of KINGSTHORPE aforesaid, in the several Occupa- tions of William Pell, Thomas Hopper. John Gammage, aud / Stephen Gaudern. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. MAUIUM, Solictor, Northampton, Notice to the Creditors of RICHARD MARRIOTT, « Bankrupt. 1MIE Commissioners having at their Meeting held on the - 24th Day of March last, ordered a Dividend ot 5s. in the Pound to be paid unto all the Creditors ot the said Bankrupt ( not included in the former Dividend, but who had proved their Debts at the above Meeting); and a further Dividend of Two Shillings and Sixpence in the Pound to be pai l unto and amongst all and every the Creditors of the said Bankrupt who had then proved their Debts: Tile surviving Assignees of the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects, give this public Notice, That such Dividends will be paid at the TOWN ami COUNTY BANK, in NORTHAMPTON, on the several Days, and in the Manner following, viz. :— To such of ihe said Creditors whose Surnames re- spectively begin with either of the Letters A, and B, on Monday the 27th Day of April instant ; to such other of the said Cre- ditors wjiose Surnames respectively begin with either of the Letters C, D, E, and F, 011 Tuesday tho 2Sth Day of April Instant; to such other of the said Creditors whose Surnames respectively begin with either of the letters G, H, I, J, K, and L, on Wednesday the 29th Day of April insiant; to such other of the said Creditors whose Surnames respectively begin with either of the Letters M, N, <), P, Q, and R, on Thursday the 30th Day 1 t April Instant; and to sitch other of the said Cre- ditors whose Surnames respectively begin with either of the Letters S, ' I', U, V, W, X, Y, and L, on Friday the 1st Day ot May next, or on any following Day or Days, except Saturdays and Sundays: And that no Person who shall come to receive such Dividend on the Behalf of, or as Agent for, any ot the Creditors of ihe abovenamcd Bankrupt, will be paid, unless he shall have been previously authorized, or shall then produce a proper Authority to receive the same ; and that any Pers > n coming either in the Capacity of Executor or Administrator to receive such Dividend, will be required by thesaid Assignees to produce to them the Probate of the Will, or the Letters ot Administration by which they are respectively appointed, prior to their being paid ; and it is expected that each Creditor will produce 011 Application tor his or her Dividend, the Notes, Receipts, or Accounts upon or under which their respective' Debts were proved, By Order of the said Assignees, RD. BUSWELL, their Solicitor. N. B Payment will commence each Day precisely at Nine o'Clock in the Morning, and continue without Interruption until Five in the Evening. f- T THE CREDITORS ARE RESPECTFULLY REQUESTED TO PROVIDE THEMSELVES WITH CHA'NG E. To the Creditors and Debtors of THOMAS JONES, of BYFIELD, iu the County of Northampton, Shopkeeper and Tailor. II ERE AS the said THOMAS JONES hath conveyed and assigned all his Estates and Effects ( both real and personal), tn Mr. Thomas Bartlett, of Banbury, in the County of Oxford, Draper; and Mr. Henry Stone, of the same Place, Grocer, iu Trqst for themselves and all such other of the Creditors of the said Thomas Jones who shall execute the Deeds of Conveyance rind Assignment, within three Calendar Months from the 14th Day of this instant April; Notice is hereby gioen. That the said Deeds are lodged nt the Office of Mr. Lovell, Solicitor, iu Toweester, for the Signatures of the said Creditors, and that all such of tliem who shall not execute the same within the Time aforesaid, will be excluded all Benefit arising therefrom.— All Persons indebted to Ihe said Thomas Jones, are required lo pay their respective Debts to the said Thomas Bartlett and Henry Stone forthwith, or in Default thereof they will be sued for the same without further Notice. Towcester, AprHZith, 1812. ~ RISELY ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Annual Meeting of the Truslces of ihe RISELY DISTRICT of the Turnpike- Road, leading from the South'- End of Brown's- Lane, in the Parish of Greal- Staughton, in the County of Huntingdon, to Hie Bedford Turnpike- Road, iu the Parish of Lavendon, in ihe County of Buckingham, will he held at ( he FIVEKINGERS, in RISELY, 011 WEDNESDAY tlieSOih Day of M IY next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon.— Dated this 15111 Day of April, 1812. WM. DAY, Clerk to Ihe said Trustees. To PRINTERS, & c. N eligible Situation now offers lo any Person desirous of engaging in Ihe PRINTING, BOOK- SELLING, BINDING. STATIONARY, and PAPER- HANGING BRANCHES, including a small CIRCU LATING LIBRARY. The Business is capable of great Improvement, aud the present Slock is very small but well selected. For fuither Particulars, apply to Ihe Printers of this Paper; if by Letter, addressed N. T. Post- paid, or tliey will not be attended 10. w SOLD by AUC T I O N, lly P. WESTON, On the Premises, at WHISTLE*- WOOD, near BRACKLEY, Northamptonshire, on Friday the 1st Day of May, 1812, ABOUT 400 capital OAK TREES, which will be divided into Lors, for the Convenience of Purchasers; and several Lots of ASH POLES. In the Afternoon of the same Day, will be SOLD in Lots, the BARK of the said Timber, at the House of Mr. Stephen Payne, atthe Green Man, Brackley- Hatch. N. B. The said Timber to be paid for on the Day of Sale, otherwise it will be re sold. Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock exactly. FOR TILE BENEFIT OF CREDITORS. BYFIELD, Northamptonshire. To be SOL D by AUC T 1 O N, SyR. U. BLABY, On the Premises, 011 Friday next the 1st Day of May, 1812, ALL the valuable 11OU S E II0 L D- F U It N I T U R E, BREWING- VF: SSE1. S, COPPERS, sweet Iron- bound BARRELS, and sundry EFFECTS of Mr. 1HOS. JONES, of BYFIELD, Tailor, Draper, and Grocer, together with the STOCK in 1 RADE belonging to the said Businesses ; who hath assigned all his real and personal Estate and Effects to Mr. Bartlett, Draper, and Mr. Edward Stone, Grocer, both of Banbury, in the County of Oxford, for the equSil- Benefit of themselves, and all other his Creditors who shall sign thesaid Deed on or before the 13th Day of May nex1, at which Time a Dividend is. intended to be made : the Deed is in the Hands ot Mr. Lovell, Solicitor, fowce. ster, Northamptonshire.— 1 h Stock consists of a considerable Variety of Drapefy and Grocery Goods, several Pieces of Cloth, Counters, Shelves, Drawers, Scales and Weights, Sic.— The Household Goods comprise Tables, Chairs, Chests of Drawers, Looking- glasses, Beds, Bedsteads, and Bedding ; polished Rang', Craue, anil Fender. Fire- Irons, Copper, fin, Pewter, Glasses; Earihenware, and a general Assortment of useful tlouseh > ld furniture. The Sale will begin at Ten o'Clock precisely. The DWELLING- HOUSE and PREMISES will be sold in the Evening. ; comprising a gout Kitchen, two ditto Shops, Pantries, Cellar, three good Sleeping. rooms; large Garden, Yard, Barn, and Well of excellent Water, with a good I'uinp therein. N. B. All Persons who are anywise indebted the Estate and E fleets of the said Thomas Jones, are forthwith requested to pav their Debts to the said Mr. Bartlett, or Mr. Stone, before the said 13th of May next, or they will be sued for the same, with- out further Notice. Maj.- Gen. Kempt lei lhi « attack, which ( vent out from the right of the first parallel ; he was . unfortunately wounded in crossing the river Rivellas below the inuqlatlon, butVotwith- stan'iing this circumstance, and the obstinate resistance of the enrirlv, 4he castle was carried b\ escalade, and the 3d division established in it at about h ilf- past eleven. While this was going on. Major Wilson ofthi? 48th regi- ment, carried the ravelin of St, Roque hy iUe gorge, with a detacluh^ n. t 0/ 2.1) 0 men of theguiiM in the ir- nchf- s, and. with the rt » sista'rt? e of M , jor Squite of the engi. ieets, established himself within that work. The 4th and light divisions moved to the attack from the camp along the left of the river Rivellas and nf the iniinda- tion. They were rot . perceived by the enemy till they reached ( he covered way, and tin* advanced guards of the two divisions descrnded with oil I difficulty, iuto the dilch, protec- ted by the fire of the parties stationed on the glacis tor that purpose ; and they advanced to ihe assault of the breaches, led by their gallant oftirers, with the inmost intrepidity; hut such was Ih. i nature of the obstacle's prepared by the enemy at the lop and behind the hreache*;. and so determined tiieir resistance, that our troops could n^ t establish themselves within the place. Many brave Officers nnd soldiers were killed or wounded by explosions at ihe top of the breaches ; oihers who succeeded 10 them were obliged to'give way, having found it impossible to penetrate the obstacles which the enemy had prepared to impede their progress. These attempts were repeated ( ill after twelve at, night, when, finding that success was not to be attained, and that Lieilt.- Gen. Pictnn was established in the castle, I ordered that the 4lii and light divisions might retire 10 the ground on Which they had first assembled for the attack. In Ihe mean lime Major- Gen. Leith had pushed forward Major- Gen. Walker's brigade 011 the left, supported by the 33th regiment under Lieut.- Col. Nugent, and Ihe 15th Portu- guese regiment under Lieut- Col. De Regoa; and he had made a false attack upon the Pardelaras with the 8th Cat; adores under Major Hill. Major- Gen. Walker forced the barrier on Hie road of Oliven^ a, and entered tile covered way on the left of Ihe bastion of St. Vicente, close to ihe Guadiana.' He there descended into the ditch, and escaladed the face of the bastion ^ f St. Vicente. Lieut.- Gen. Leith supported this attack by the 3Sth regi- ment and the 15th Portuguese regiment ; and our troops being thus established in the castle, which commands all Ihe works of Ihe town, and in the town; and the 4th and light divisions being formed again for the attack of the breaches, all re- sistance ceased ; and at daylight in Ihe morning, the Go- vernor, Gen. Philipon, who had retired to fort St. Christoval, surrendered, together with Gen. Veilande, and all the staff and the whole garrison. Total British loss during the siege— 60 officers, 45 sergeants, 715 rank and file, killed ; 251; officers; 178 sergeants, 14 drum- mers, 2564 rank and file, wounded; 1 sergeant, 32 rank and file, missing.— Total Portuguese loss during Ihe siege— 12 officers, 6 sergeants, 2 drummers, 1S5 rank and file, killed, 55 officers, 38 sergeants, 3 drummers, 6S4 rank and file, wounded; 30 rank and file, missing. Return of Ordnance, Ammunition, and Small Arms found in the City of Badajoz. Spanish Brass Guns— 39 twenty- fonr- pounders, 19 sixteen- pounders, 17 twelve- pounders, 3 nine- pounders, 12 eight- pounders, 4six- pounders, 39 fnur- pnunders. Spanish Brass Mortars— 7 twelve- inch, 5 ten- inch, 7 six- inch. Spanish Brass Howitzers— II eight- inch, 9 six- inch.— Total — 172. Ammunition and Small Arms— 54S1 muskets with bayonets, 163,000 musket- cartridges, 10 tons of loose musket- balls, 12,000 lbs. of gunpowder, 23 650 twentv- four- p. « nnder round shot, 3.200 eighteen- pounder ditto, 12,847 sixteen- pounder ditto, 3,167 twelve- pounder ditto, 22,850 eight- pounder dilto, 50 six- pounder ditto, 20,200 four- pounder dilld, 311 twentv- four- pounder grape shot, 10 cighteen- pounder ditto, 60 sixleen- pounder dilto, 36 sixteen- pounder case shot. 183 fonr- pounder ditto, 150 sixteen- inch shells filled, 70 sixleen- inch empty shells. 63 twelve- inch ditto, 165 ten- inch ditto, 100 eight- inch ditto, 75 six- inch ditto, with a quantity of ma- terials for itlaking gun- carriages. The 48th regiment appears to have aufif red more severely than any other oorps employed. 1 lie following are the names of the Officers killed and wounded: Capt. Brookes, Lieut. Chilcutt, and Ensign Barker, killed;— wounded, Lieut.- Colonel F'rskine, Major Wilson, Captains Bell and Turnpenny, slightly ; Capt. French, severely; Lieut. Brook, severely; Lieutenants Stroud, Cuthbertson, Rohinsou, Armstrong, Wilson, and Pountney, slightly ; Ensigns Thatcher, Johnson, Bourkej and Thompson, slightly. ^ sW^ VvVkVXVW-'— PRICE Sat. Bank Stock ....... 3 per Cent. Red. .. S per Cent. Cons... 4 per Cent. Cons..'. 5 per Cent. Navy .. Omnium Cons, for ac. India Bonds2 1M n. I, Tu 595811 594 595 60J Jt I 74*| 90| 91J STOCKS. Wed; 595 fr'- H 7- n, 90JI s. I p. 591 S0J 7 U or* 60* 1 — t- xc. " tilIs, i p. rini. ~ s7 60} 74* 9Qi 60i Fri. 5SIJ SCJ mi mi A] O A K S, With I. op, Tops, und Bark. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS 11A W, At CVERSTONE, near Northampton, on Thursday the SOtlt of April, 1812, ABOUT EIGIIIY OAK TREES. The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneer at Ben- jamin Thoqipson* s Cottage at Ten m'Clock,. To be S O L I) by A U C T ION, By J. DURHAM, For the Benefit of Creditors, on Thursday the 30th of April, 1812, and following Day if necessary, on the . Premises, at DUNSTABLE, BEDS, ALL the neat and genuine HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE and EFFECTS of SAMUEL 6HATTOCK 5 consisting of well- scas6ned Feather. Beds and Bedding, two handsome double Chests of . Mahogany Drawers, Mahogany Dining and' ether Tables, Mahogany and other Chairs, Pier and Dressing- glasses, two Eight- day Clocks, Linen, China, Glass, and every other K ind of Furniture. — A fine Collection of Paintings, by the firtt Masters; and upwards ot 100 Books, by the most esteemed Authors. Catalogues may be had at the sevetal Inns in the Neighbour- howl; at Mr. Shaw's, Printer, St. Albans; and of the Auc- tioneer, Dunstable. N. B. With a View to selling the Whole in one Day, the Public are respectfully informed, that the Sale will begin pie- oisely at Half- past Nine o'Clock. The LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY, of FRIDAY April 24. Dorrning- Strcqt, April 24. C\ PTA1N Canning, Aid- de- Camp to General the Earl of Wellington, arrived last night at this office, bringing dispatches, addressed by his Lordship to ( he Earl of Liverpool, from which we have extracted the following par- ticulars:— Iu the dispatch of April 3, his Lordship says,— We opened our fire on the 31st of March from twenty- six pieces nf cannon, in tile second parallel, to breach the face of the bastion at the south- east angle of the fort called La Tri- nidad ; and the Hank of the bastion by which the face is de- fended called Santa Maria. The fire upon these has continued since with great effect.— The enemy made a sortie upon the night of the 29th, but were immediately driven in with loss. Marshal Soult broke up in frnnt of Cadiz 011 the 23.1 and 24th, and marched upon Seville with all the troops which were there, with the exception of four thousand men. In the dispatch of April 7, his Lordship observes,— my dis- patch of the 3d iustant, will have apprised your Lordship of the state of the operations against Badajoz to that date, which were brought to a close on the night of the 6th, by ( be capture of the place by storm.— The fire continued during the 4th and 5th, against the face of the bastion of La Trinidad, anil the llank of lite bastion of Santa Maria; and on the 4th,. in the morning, we opened another battery of six guns, in the second parallel, against the shoulder of the ravelin of St. Roqua, and ihe wall iu its gorge.— Practicable breaches were effected in the bastions above mentioned, in the evening of the 5th ; but as I had observed that the enemy had entrenched the bastion of La Trinidad, and the most formidable preparations were making for the defence as well of the breach in that bastion, as of that in the bastion of Santa Maria, 1 determined to de- lay Ilia attack for another day, and to turn all ihe guns in the batteries in the second parallel on the curtain of La Trinidad, in hopes that by effecting a third breach, the troops would be enabled to turn the enemy's works for the defeuce of the oilier Iwo, the attack » f which would besides be connected by the troops destined to attack the breach in the curtain. This breach was effected iu the evening of the 6th, and the fire of the face of the bastion of Santa Maria and of the iiank of the bastion of La Trinidad being ovarcome, I determined to attack the place that night. I had kept in reserve, in the neighbourhood of this camp, the 5tli division under Lieut.- Gen. Leilb, which had left Castile only in the middle of March, and had but lately ar- rived in this part of ihe country, and I brought them up on that evening. The plan for Ihe attack was, that Lieut.-' Wen. Picton should attack the castle of Badajoz by escalade with the third division; and a detachment from the guard in the trenches, furnished that evening by Ihe " 4th division under Maj. Wilson of the 48th regiment, should attack the ravelin of St. Roque upon his left: while the 4th division under the Hon. Major- Gcn. Colville, and the light division, under Lieut.- Colonel Barnard, should attack the breaches in the bastious of La Trinidad and of Santa Maria, and in the curtain by which they are connected. The 5th division were to occupy the ground which the 4th and light divisions had occupied during the siege, and Lieut.- Geu. Leiih was to make a false attack upon the outw ork called Pardeleras, and another 011 the works of the fort towards the Guadiana, with the left brigade of the division under Maj.- Gen. Walker, which he was to turn into a real allack, if circumstances should prove favourable ; and Brigadier- Gen. Power who invested the place with his Portuguese brigade on the right of th'e Guadiana, was directed to make false attacks on the tOle- du- pont, the fort St. Chris- toval, and the new redotibt called Mon- c< rur. The attack was accordingly made at ten at night.— Lieut - Gen. Picfon preceding, by a few minutes, the attack by the remainder of the troops. LONDON,, April 24. Between twelve and one o'clock on Sunday a Flag of Truce arrived in Dover Roads, with a French Ofiicer of distinction, who was the bearer of dispatches directed in the first instance to the Naval Commander on the Dover station. Th ® French Officer was not permitted to land, hut the dis- patches were immediately taken to the Admiral, at Deal, by whom they were sent post to town, and were addressed, ive understand, from the French Foreign . Minister to his Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: It is sup- posed that the dispatches contain a pacific overture from Bonaparte, previous to his commencing war against Russia; but it is feared that it is not of that conciliatory nature that will lead to peace, or even to a negociation for that desi- rable purpose. The dispatches which are however impor- tant, were laid before the Prince Regetif 011 Monday, and a Cabinet Council was summoned to consider of their con- tents. The French Officer who came with the Flag of Truce returned immediately after delivering the dispatches, to Calais. Government have published a declaration on the subject of the Orders in Council, in reply to the report nf the French Minister for Foreign Affairs 10 the Conservative Senate 1111 the lOth'ult. relative lo Ihe Berlin an! Milan Decrees. This declaration, which has no reference to ( lie dispatches received on Sunday, as above stated, truly observes, that ( he enemy, by the demands he thus makes, requires 11 that Great Britain, and all civilized nations, shall renounce, at his arbitrary pleasure, the ordinary and indisputable rights of maritime war; that Great Britain, in particular, shall forego the advantages of her. naval superiority, and allow Ihe commercial property, as well as the produce and manufactures of F ranco and her confederates, to pass the ocean iu security, whilst the subjects of Great Britain are to be in effect pro- scribed from all commercial intercourse with other nations; aud the produce and manufactures of these realms are to be excluded from every country in the world, lo which 1 he arms « r Ihe influence of the enemy can extend."— Such are the demands, to which the British Government is summoned to submit,— to the abandonment of its most ancient, essential, and undoubted maritime rights. Such is the code hy which France hopes, under the cover of a neutral flag, to render her commerce unassailable by sea; whilst she proceeds to invade or lo incorporate with her own dominions, all States that hesitate to sacrifice their national interests at her com- mand, and, ill abdication of iheir just rights, to adopt a code by which tliey are require, I to exclude, under the mask of municipal regulation, whatever is British from tlidr do- minions.— The Prince Regent, . on a review of these circum stances, expresses his persuasion, that the American Govern- ment, 011 being wade acquainted with the determination of France to adhere to the principles of tile Berlin and Milan Decrees, actuated not less by a sense of justice to Great Britain, thau by what is due to its Own dignity, will be dis- posed to recall those measures of hostile exclusion, which under a miscoRception of the real views and conduct of the French Government, America has exclusively applied to Ihe commerce and ships of w- ar of Great Britain. Nothing sutely can he better calculated tn remove all ddubts, and set the question completely at rest, than Ihe concluding declaration of the Prince Regent :—" That if at any time hereafter the Berlin and Milan Decrees shall, by some authentic dot of the French Government, publicly promulgated, be expressly and unconditionally repealed ; then and from thenceforth, the Order in Council of Ihe 7th dav of January 1807, and the Order in Council of the 26ih day of April, 1809, shall without any further order, be, and the same hereby are declared from henceforth to be wholly and absolutely voked," & c. & e. Last night a Mail from Anholt arrived, with letters and papers from Gotteuburgh to the 18th inst. The paper communicate a report that the attempt made by Bonaparte to induce Sweden to join in the war against Russia has failed, and that a treaty of alliance, offensive and defensive has been concluded between Russia and Sweden. In the House of Lords on Tuesday, Lord Doiioiighmore brought forward his motion for taking into consideration the Catholic claims, which was seconded by the Duke of Sussex and supported by the Marquis of Wellesley, Lords Moria Grenvdle and Holland— and opposed hy Lords Redesdal Liverpool and the Lord Chancellor.—( I11 a division then appeared contents 70 ; Proxies 36 ; 102— not- content 103 Proxies 71; 17- 4— majority against the motion 72.— And on Thursday in the House of Commons Mr. Grattan move " that a committee be appointed to consider the state of the laws inflicting disabilities 011 his Majesty's subjects pro- fessing tiie Roini} n Catholic Religion," when, after several members bad spoken, at half- past two o'clock the debate was adjourned till this day. It will afford considerable gratification to our readers to learn, that a vessel has arrived at this port laden with grain from lhe Baltic, whence we hear that 100 cargoes are ex- pected.— l'yne Mercury. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, ApmL -- » < t i ^ , BIRTH.] Or, Tuesday last, at Soutmvici- Hall, in this county, the I. ady of George F. Lypn, Esq of a daughter. MARRIED.] On Wednesday se'uiiiglit, at Long- Clawson; Leicestershire, Thos. Barium-, Esq to Miss Haidv. Monday last, at Leominster; Herefordshire; Mr. W. Emery, of Bedford, to Miss Mary Wykej fourth daughter of A. Wykc, Esq. of the former place. ' Tuesday, at St. Sepulchre's, in this ( own, Mi- tlaiiev, of Leicester, to Miss Mary Capp, youngest daughter of ibe late Mr. Capp, of Loughborough. Same day, at Brixworth, in this county, Mr. El worthy, proprietor of the Leicester accommodation post- coach; to Misst Hafripshaw, of the former place. Wednesday last, at Mear's- Ashbv, in tills county. Mr; T„ Knight, woolstapler, of Rarenstfiorpe, to Miss Bryan, of the former place. , Lately, at Wappenham, Mr. Wright, draper; KihAorthj Leicestershire, to Miss Eliz. Bloxliam, youngest daughter of Joseph Bloxham, Gent, of the former place. DIED:] On Thursday se'nnight, of a rapid decline, aged 20 years,. William, the youngest sou of Mr. Inkersole, banker, St. Neots, ITuntingdonsliiris. Sunday se'onight, at Great- Adduigton; in tin's county, Mr. William Hudson, many years Head clerk at the Police office, ' Worship- street, London. Tuesday last, at Dallirigtori near this town, after a lingering illness, which he bore with christian fortitude, Mr. Jamas West, aged So, Lieutenant in the Central Northamptonshire Local Militia. Yesterday, after a long illness, sustained with christian resignation, Miss James, daughter of Mr. jaines, shoe- manufacturer, of this town, On Tuesday last were deposited within the church of Sti Giles, in this town, the remains of the late Mr. Harden, a surgeon of eminence and extensive practice. His funeral was alteuded hy a very numerous and most iespectable assemblage of the Governors, of the General Infirmary, who bore living testimonies to his assiduity and skilful services for the space " f30 years in that charitable and humane institution, and who a grateful acknowledgment of them paid this last tribute of respect to his memory. The procession was solemn and im- pressive, it drew forth that general lamentation which must ever accompany the departure of a good man from this ransitory life; it filled Ihe pious with the hope of a blessed mmoftajity, and evinced that CHrlsfiah virtue is not suffered o sink into the grave unnoticed. Such are ihe testimonials of good works, they outlive monuments of brass and sculptured marble; ( he contemplation of them supports the upright iu he last hour, and their remembrance soothes the affliction of the nearest relations and dearest friends. The Right Hon. the Earl of Northampton has been pleased to appoint the Rev; E, Watkin, of this town, onouf his. Lor '. ship's chaplains. The Lord Chancellor has appointed William Buswell, of this town, attorney at law, to be a Master EitraOrdin ary in the High Court of Chancery. William Margetts, Esq. was last week sworn in one of the Aldermen of the borough of Huntingdon, hi the loom of the late George Maule, Esq. T he Earl of Pomfret, besides his Lordship's liberal donation to the National Society, for the Education of the Poor, has accepted ( lie office of Vicc- Prcsidetu to the Northamptonshire Auxiliary Bible Society, which has now the patronage of thirteen noblemen. The friends of the proposed Auxiliary Bible Society who are Ministers of the- Established Church, are now exerting themselves in introducing the subject to their respective congregations, and have began to make collections iu behalf f the institution, Iii addition to what we have already announced, we have to state that after a very impressive sermon recently delivered by tlie Hon. and Kev. i Littleton Powys, at the parish church of I'ltchinarsb, a collection of no less than ^ f30. was immediately made, to the great credit of the cause itself, as well as of the contributors to its success.— The Sanle Subject Ins also been successfully pleaded by the Rev. B Hutchinson, rector of Cranford, who, in a population not exceeding 200 souls, collected the suin of of 17 2s. We expect to be able 111 our next to announce the intended day of the General- Meeting, which will probably take place bsst'ore the expiration of the month of May, The - Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge distri- buted last year 10,224 Bibles— 16,212 Testaments and Psalters— 20,552 Common Prayers— 20,908 other bound hooks, and 145,123 small tracts. And from July 1810, to Nov. 1811, the same Society has received an accession of 1,300 members. Rugby School.— The successful candidates for the two chief prizes at this school, were Messrs. White ( the English jfiie) and Daiidridge ( the Latin). The candidates for the ' esSer pri2es, were Messrs. Morgan, Rust, Bedford, Fitz- gerald, Stafford, 4and Douglas. Mr. Dous; las is the young gentleman, who so eminently distinguished himself last June meeting in speaking. A few days ago an inquisition was taken at'Lidling- ton, in the county of Bedford, before 11. A. Reddall, coroner of the honour of Arripth'ill, upon view of the body of" William Brandon, ased 11 years, sou of Mr. Brandon, of the White Hart inn, Dunstable, w ho befng upon a visit at a relation'* at Lidlington, rode the preceding day to Mr. Franklin's, a fanner of that parish, and on endeavourilig to open a hand- wale, the horse's hind legs slipped off a narrow bridge al- ibiing, whereby the animal fell backwards into the ditch, which was about three feet deep, and half full of mud and water, and the l id being thrown under the horse, which could not get our, was suffocated.— It is supposed he was in the ditch nearly ball' an hour.— Verdict, Accidental Death. —— ( Jji"" To make room for the important news arrived hy to- day's post we are obligated 10 omit the invertiou of several advertisements, which did not come to hand till this morning; ( he occasion we trust will be a sufficient- apology to- our adver- tising friends, as well as induce them in future to send their favours earlier in the week. Corn- Kxchange, London, Friday, April 24. We had not many arrivals of Wheal either 1111 Wednesday or to- day, but the quantity leftover frmn Monday furnished 11 tolerable supply, and which was iu part taken off ou Wed- nesday, at a small advance. The trade this morning « m » not quite so brisk as on Wednesday, but there was 110 de- cline in the prices. Northampton —- Saturday. Wheat 112s. Od. tol36s. Od, I New Oats". 59s. Od. to 42s. Od. Rye — s. Od. to — Od. Beans — s. Od. to— s od. Barley.. .65s. Od. to 69s Od. NewBeans 60s. Od. to Sis. od. Oats — s. Od. to — s. Od. | Peas . . ..— s. 0d. to — s. 0d. By the Standard Measure. Leight. on- Buzzard— l'uesduy last. Per Load of five Bushel's. Wheat .- 80s. Od. to 8Ss. Od. | Beans. . SSs. Od. to 44s. Od. Rye 4Ss. Od. to 50s. Oil. | Hug peas Ms. Od. to 45s. Ud. Per Quarter. Barley.. 60s. Od. to 68s. Od. | Oats .. 40s. Od. to 50s. Cd. Market- Harhorough—' Tuesday, lust. Wheat .. 130s. Od. tollls. Od. Batley . .. 78s. Od. to80s. Od. New Beaiu63s. Od. to70s. Od. By the customary Measure. Old Beans — s. Od. to — s. Od. Oats — s Od. to — s. 0< l NewDitto 38s. Od. to 40s. Od. Banbury, Thursday last. Per Bushel. Wheat.. 16s. Od. to 18s. < Yi. I Hog Peas — s. Od. to — s. 0d Beans... 8s. Od. to 9s. Od. | l'er Quartet Barley.. 74s. Od. to 80s. Od. | Oats ... 40s. Od. to 50j. Od. Bread 2s. 9d. the Halt. peck. Flour 105s. per Sack. LIST' of FAIRS from April 27, lo May 9, v. tihi a th4 Circuit if this Paper. W. ApriI28. Potion. 29. Market- Ilarborough ( two days), aud Sctyhull. Burn/ mm. Coventry, and TVcst- IItddon. Mariatc, and Thrapston. Buckingham, Chipping - Norton, Ivinghoe, Oakham, and Rtsboroagh. Banbury, llcnielhempstea. il, JJigham- Ferrers, Hallcughtvn, Hanslope, Loughborough, Lut- terKortti, St. Scots, Winslow, IVeldon, Yaxley, jtylesjury^ aud Market- thnicurth. Tu. F. May 1. s. ——- 3. M. 4. Tu. 5. W. 6. Th. 7 F. 8. < The Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser for the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick. Oxford, and Hertford. : - - - . ----- • •: - • ; • I 1 ,• Jntcriplior. on a Monument in ' the Church of PRESTON- DEANERY, near Northampton. in melancholy tribute to departed worth, THIS 8 TON I? RECORDS the terrible destruction ot Hit Majesty's Ship " HERO," of Seventy- four Guns, • which was wrecked on the Haak Sand, off the Texel, 24 December, 1811,, find • fall her brave Officers and Crew, in number about six hundred men, Not one survived ! She was commanded by Captain JAMES NEWMAN NEWMAW, Eldest Son of CHARLES NEWMAN, Esq. of thi « place, by ESTHER, his deceased Wife, taiece of the late Sir JOH;, LANGHAM, Bait, of this County. A dejected Widow, and an afflicted Father, Both deprived of their best comfort, Bear testimony to his Virtues " With grateful though embittered recollection. In disposition, generous yet just, and gentle yet intrepid, In manners, animated and engaging, In temper, frank and placable, • Renevolence Was so naturally the inmate of hit bosom, That, if displeasure entered, i t was repelled as an Intruder. Zealous in the duties of his profession of Arms, But delighting in the enjoyments of Peace, lie was not less the firm opposer of his Country's Foes Than the cordial advocate of his own Friendsi He fulfilled, iodeed, so estimably all the relations of life in which he Was placed, That he is equally to be regretted A » a Son; a Husband, a Brother, a Friend, an Officer, and a Man ! Having Cassed above Thirty Year3, Exposed to the perils of tempests and of battles, He had nearly reached the highest naval rank, And was within a few hours' sail of his native land, When a dreadful storm and a dangerous navigation Consigned hin to an unhallowed grave, At the early age of Forty- six. Slav the followers of such an Example be numerous,- The victims of such a Fate be sparingly devoted ! G. E. pHE ATTRACTIVE Scheme of the LOTTERY to draw I the 30th Instant, presents a greater Chance of obtaining CAPITAL PRIZES than was ever known, being only 12,000 Tickets, and containing Prizes of =£ 20,000 I 10,000 I =£ 4,000 15,000 | 5.000 | 3,0) 0, & c. Sec. J. St V K VV RIGHT, sole Survivor of Sir James BRANS. COMB, & Co. recommends an earlv Purchase to prevent the Disappointments many of their Friends have heretofore expe- rienced at their old Offices, where their well- known Success for many Years is beyond all Precedent. Tickets and Shares are selling by W. Bi RBSA LI.,— Northampton, E. BATES,— Kettering. MERRIDEW & SON,— Coventry. SWINNEY SC FERRELL,— Birmingham. S. F, BAXTER,— Bicester. T. ChENEY,— Banbury. —— evT/ i/ iliM* UNIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE. CtMRRiBGE, April. 17. The following Gentlemen were dn Friday last admitted to the undermentioned degrees:— Master of Arts, the Rev. C. A. Wheelwright, of Trinity college.— Bachelor's of Arts, C. J. Lyon and II. Mann, of Trinity col- lege : R, D. Beamish, of St. John's ; T. Wood, of Magdalen ; W. Fulling, ( if Sidney; L. Armitstead, and W. R. Crompton, » if Jesus college.— Mr. E. Iiliek, B. A. of Clare Hall, was Jeiterday elected ti Fellow of that society. OXFORD, April 18. Yesterday, a convocation of members yjftnis University was held, to consider the propriety of pe- • tiltonihg Parliament against the Catholic claims. Two peti- tions were submitted for their approbation; fhese having been read, were, after a strenuous opposition, carried in the affirmative. Wednesday last, the Rev, James Ford, M. A. fellow of Trinity college, and in the preceding year senior Proctor of Fhe University, was admitted Bachelor in Divinity. o— TO the PRINTERS. GENTLEMEN.— Having observed in your last week's paper the agreement of the nobilityand gentry, composing the Grand Juries at the assizes at Stafford, Worcester, and Oxford, to petition the legislature to pats a general act for inclosing the waste lands throughout the kingdom, I must beg leave to sav, that it does those gentlemen the highest honour, and that they merit the thanki not only eif the poor, but the public at large, as the greatest general benefit no doubt would lie experienced from carrying so salutary a measure into effect. Presuming oi the event, it is hoped that the great land- ow ners ( vill per- mit their lands, w hen inclosed, to he put into the mosf pro- fitable state of cultivation for the supply of the country, both with meat and giain ; which Ihe present prevailing system of confining the tenants to lay down too great a proportion of jrass prevents. As a rase in point, I might instance a lord- ship in my own neighbourhood of about 1,600 arrei of prime land wholly laid down to grass, although a great proportion * f it L good convertible tarnip land, which might, without prejudice to the landlord, b? cultivated as arable, and pro- duce annually 3,000 quarters of grain, without lessening the stock of catlle or produce of meat; as the turnips, straw, and fresh seeds of the Ullage land, would continue to maintain as larje a head of live stock, and the land would at Ihe same time produce a most valuable acquisition to the supply of bread corn I am fully persuaded, that if this maxim was more atleeded to, the coantry would have no occasion ever to fear a famine, or to be dependant on foreign supplies; and the poor and middling orders of people would not feel, as they do now, any pressure from the high price of bread.— 1 will not trespass further on the lime of yonr readers ; but I could licit withhold the tribute due to the gentlemen of the grand juries above- mentioned, for their determination to sub mit to government a measure so well adapted lo increase the produce of the land we live in, aud therehy alleviate the dis- tresses of those who are not in afflueKce; and of submitting, from my own observation, a system of management of land comprehending equally th » benefit of the landowner, the tenant, and the kihgdoni at large. lam, Sirs, your obedient servant, 16/ A April, IS12. —" I. S. To the PRINTERS. SIRS,— When the price of provisions is so extravagantly dear, every method of relieving the wants of the community is inost desirable and praise- worthy. In my opinion all oc- cupiers of land, by allowing to their poor neighbours au extra quantity of ground to that generally assigned for a winter potatoe crop, for the purpose of planting early potatoes, will, by such means, very greatly relieve their wants, by affording an abundant supply of that useful vegetable many weeks before the next harvest can come into use. Your's obediently, AGRAllIUS. ^ JCSSCSSK? « • The efficacy C* f Dr. JAMES'S POWDER, and ANALEP- TIC PILLS in the Cure of Rheumatism, so remarkably exem- plified lately in Ihe Case of a Gentleman in Dublin, was completely established some Years ago by two Gentlemen labouring under a similar Complaint, Mr. Arthington, of Leeds, in Yorkshire, and Mr. William Barton Borwick, of ( iray's- Inn, London; who were recovered from the most deplorable State, aud lived many Years afterwards in perfect Health, affording universally their Testimonies of the Virtues of these Medicines. In slight and recent Attacks of the Rheu- matism the Analeptic Pills will readily effect a Cure, but in violent Paroxysms, attended with Inflammation and FeVer, the Powder should be freely administered. They are also equally excellent in Gouty and Bilious Affections. On the I st of May will be published, , At R. ACKERMANN'S RFPOSITORY of ARTS, 101. Strand, and may be had of all the Booksellers in tbe United Kingdom, ATOUR in SEARCH of the PICTURESQUE, by the Rev. Dr. SYNTAX, a Poem in 30 Chapters, printed with a new Type, on large Royal Octavo Vellum Paper, and hot- pressed, Price, with 30 coloured Engravings, 21s'. or without Engravings 10s. 6d. On the 1st of April was published, Price 4s. No. XL. of the RE POSIT ORYof ARTS, LITERATURE, COMMERCE, MANUFACTURES, FASHIONS, & c. & c. Each Number of this splendid Work contains from six to eight superb coloured Engravings, any oneol which is worth the Priceof the Whole, and nearly 70 Pages of the most interesting Letter- Press, embracing the most extensive Variety of original Information on Literature, Morals, the useful and polite Arts, Fashions, See. so that it may be recommended with Confidence as the cheapest, most amusing, and instructive Periodical Miscellany in the World. A few complete Sets, containing upwards of 270 Plates, may be had in Boards Half- bound, or in single Numbers, Price 4s. each. N. B. Advertisers will find it highly to their Interest to make kne vn their new Inventions, Manufactures, Sec. i « this Wark, as it is the only monthly Publication which goes into the highlit Circles of Society, and has a most extensive Circulation. On the 1st of Mav will be published, Price one Guinea, a Book of PROGRESSIVE LESSONS on the Art of LANDS- CAFI PAINTING in WATER COLOURS, by an Artist of tbe first Eminence; containing seven plain and seven coloured En- gravings, with about 30 Pages of instructive Letter. Press, adapted to the Capacity of tbe very first Beginners. TheCOQUILLA NUT, a Non- descript in Botany, from the Interiorof Africa, is now manufactured, at . Ackermann's Repo- sitory of Arts, into the following useful Articles, unrivalled for the Beauty. of their Colour and Appearance : Sand, Pounce, and Cotton- Boxes, Wafer- Seals. Egg- Cups, Nutmeg- Graters, Bell- Pulls, Salve- Boxes; and for Amusement, Humming- Tops and Devils on Two Sticks. R. Ackermann's SUPERIOR WATE R COI. OURS, pre- pared under his immediate Direction, need no stronger Recom- mendation, than that they are tlmost universally used by those Water- colour Painters who haveof late Years produced the first- rate Master- Pieces in the Art. They may be had in single Cakes or Boxes, from 4s. 6d. to 10 Guineas, at Ackermann's Repository of Arts, Strand, London, and of all the Booksellers and Siationers in the United Kingdom. STEWKLEY INCLOSURE. WE, the undersigned Commissioners, named and appointed in and by an Act of Parliament made aud passed for INCLOSING LANDS ill the Parish of STEWK- LEY, iu the County of Buckingham, do hereb'y give Notice, That all aud every Lease or Leases, Agreement or Agree- ments subsistiAg between Landlords and Tenants as to all Lands, Tenements, Tithes, or Hereditaments ( except such Parts of Buildings, Houses, Yards, and Rick- Yards, as according to the Custom of the Country, going off Tenants are allowed to hold, for the Purpose of spending or making off their Crops) shall become void and cease from the 6tii Day of April last past ; and that all such Parts of Buildings, Houses, Yards, and Rick- Yards shall be given up on the 12th Day of May next, ensuing; aud further, that, all Person, having Claim of Allowance, or Satisfaction on Account thereof, may deliver the same at the Office of Mr. DAVID LEEWILLIS, our Clerk, situate at Leighton- Buzzard, Beds, on or before Tuesday the 28th Dav of- April next, ensuing.— Dated thisOth Day of April, 1812. E. HOKWOOI),' JOHN DAVIS, JOHN FELLOWES. THRAPSTON TURN PIKE- ROAD. THE Yearly General Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road, leading from Market- Harborough, in the County of Leicester, to the Pound in the Parish of Brampton, in the County of Huntingdon, will be holden at the WHITE HART INN, in THRA PSTON, on MONDAY the 4th Day of MAY next, at Eleven o'Cloek in the Forenoon.— And at Ihe same Time and Place, new Trustees will be elecied and chosen, in the several Places and Steads of sach Trustees as shall be then dead.— Given under our Hands this first Day of April, 1812. THOS. MARSHALL, WM. MARGETTS, their Clerks Euse from Lameness- arid Pain, in a few Hours. rpHF. BRITISH OINTMENT for CORNS, prepared by I W. NAYLOR, Chvmical Colour- Maker to His Majesty. This most excellent Ointment never fails curing bard or soft Corns in a very short Time, and gives Ease in a few Hours. No other Trouble is required in using it, than rubbing a little on the Corn, Night and Morning, with the Finger. The Pro- prietor begs Leave to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is not, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Public. By Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Co. No. HI, Bow Church- Yard, London ; and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Tomalin, Daventry ; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Mather, Wellingborough; Palgrave, Bedford; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; and by one Medicine Vender in every Market Town. Price 2s. 6d. Duty included. I T C H, PE it ever so inveterate, perfectly cured in twenty- four Hours, by an Ointment called TYCE's OINTMENT, which is agreeable in Smell, does not contain a Particle of Mercury, or any pernicious Ingredient, but is so Innocent that it may be used with the greatest Safety on Persons of the most delicate Constitutions, pregnant Women, and Children at the Breast. The superior Efficacy and Reputation of this Ointment having induced some Persons to counterfeit it, the Proprietor finds it necessary to caution Purchasers to be particular in ask- ing for Tyce'i Ointment One Box, Price Is. yd. will cure one grown- up Person, or two Children. Also, at the same Place may be had, TYCE's INFALLIBLE CHYM1CAL LOTION for the same, by the Use ot which Persons may cure themselves with so much Secrecy as not to be discovered even by a Bedfellow, being without Smell or Stain. Price 2s. 9d. each Bottle. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hatton. Garden, London ; and, Retail, by the Printers ot this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; Mather, Wellingbo- rough; and all Venders of Medicines in the Kingdom. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting. f the Trustees, appointed by Act of Parliament for repairing the High ways from Old- Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to the Dun Cow, in Dunchurch, in the County of Warwick, will be held by Adjournment, at the WH > AT SHE AIT I NN, in DAVENTRY, on TUESDAY, the 5th Day of MAY next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at which Meeting the TOLLS to arise for one Year at the Toll- Gates hereunder mentioned, will be LETT to FARM to the Best Bidder, in Manner directed by the Statute made in the 13th Year of his Majesty's Reign, for regulating Turnpike. Roads, which Tolls produced in the last Year, Over and above the Charges for collecting the same, the several Svifhs following, that is to say, Tbe Gate at Old- Sttatford ,£ 5SS Tbe Gate at Stow. Hill 5SQ Tbe Gate at Drayton. I. ane 595 And will be severally put upat such Sums as the Trustees shall direct. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidders must forthwith pay £ 50 in Advance for each Gate, and produce sufficient Sureties, and give Security for Payment ot the Residue of the Rents, at such Times and Manner as the Trustees shall direct. And Notice is hereby further given, That the Trustess will at the same Meeting, take into Consideration, and determine upon the Propriety of erecting a Ticket- Gate, or other Turnpike- Gate, or Bar across the Turnpike- Road at Stow. Hill, South ot Hey- lord- Lane; and alsoerectinganother Ticket- Gate, or other Turn- pike- Gate or Bat, across th? said Road, at some proper Place between Foster's Booth and Towcejter.— Dated the 2d Day of April, 1812. EDMUND BURTON, Clerk to the said Trustees. Bedfordshire Freehold Estate for Sole. \ Most desirable compact Tithe- free FREEHOLD ESTATE, / A " situate at LIDL1NOTON. in the Countv of Bedford, nearthe Turnpike- Road, between Amothfllapd Woburn; con- sisting of 33 Acres ? Roods of rich' A table and Pasture Ljmd, and which will b; SOLD by AUCTION in- September next, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given. The Premises are now in the Occupation Of Mr. William Sinfield, and Possession raav be had at Michaelmas next, For Particulars, apply to Mr. THOMAS EVANS, Land. Surveyor, Ampthill, who is authorized to treat for the same. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS to arise at the several Toil- Gates upon the Turnpike. Road leading from Maulden Wood Corner, in the County ot Bedford, to West Wood Corner, in the Parish of Knotting, in the said County; and upon the Road leading from the Town of Bedford to Woburn, in the said County of Bedford, will be LETT to the Best Bid- ders, on TUFSBAY the 23th Day of APRIL next, at the SWAN INN, in BEDFORD, between the Hours of" Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon and One in the A fternoon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of his Majesty's Reign, tor regulating Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls produced last Year, ex- clusive ot the Expesse of collecting them, as follows: — £. s. d. , I. idling! on Gate 175 0 4 Ctapbatn Gate 428 0 0 Houghton Gate 208 5 2J Hj- wnes Gate 65 Id 4 And will be put up at the respective Sums. Whoever happens lo be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time pay dow » in Advance the Sum of =£ 10 per Cent, in Part of Rent, which is to remain in the Hands of the Treasurer to the Trustees, until Security is. given ( within a Time to be limited) for that Purpose, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct; and upon such Security being given, the Deposit Money to be re- turned, but if Default be made in giving such Security, within the Time to be appointed by the said Trustees, then the Deposit Money will become forfeited to the Trustees, and the Tolls lettto a new Bidder. THOMAS KIDMAN, Clerk to the Trustees. Bedford, Marchlbth, 1812. On THURSDAY next the 30th, HPHE Whole of the present popular LOTTERY will be " determined. There are only 12,000 Tickets, all different Numbers, and the following Grand List of Prizes: — SCHEME. s =£ 20. n-", n 15,000 10,000 5.000 4,000 3.000 4.000 4,000 3,000 3,200 3,000 2,41) 0 2,000 2,500 2,800 3,000 RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & CO. Contractors with Government, respectfully beg Leave to solicit the Patronage of the Public towards the Scheme of the STATE LOTTERY, containing only 12.000 Tickets, which will be drawn on Thurs- day the 30th of this Month— April. sen E MB. .... is £ 20,000 SIR, To Mr. SPILSBURY, Soho Square. A T the Age of 45, I was afflicted in some Parts of my -£" li Body with Scorbutic or Scrophulous Ulcerations; my Arm, Knee, and Leg, ' were very much ulcerated, and com- pletely incvjiable of Action. After try ing every Thing recom- mended by the Faculty, I was induced to take your valuable Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, and persevering according to Directions, became completely well ; and for these ten Years have not had any breaking out. Anv Person wishing Informa- tion respecting my Case, or Operation of the Medicine, I will cheerfully give it to them. I am, Sir, See. Norwood, ' W. GIBLING. Mi- cb 24, 1812. SPILSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS are sold in Bottles. Price5s. 6d. double Bottles 10s. largest £\ 2s. Com- pound Essence 8s. Duly included, at the Dispensary, 15, Soho Square, London. — All Letters asking Advice and enclosing one Pound must be Post- paid. Sold by the Printers ot this Paper; Mr. Okely, and Mr Palgrave, Bedford; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, and Mun. i, Kettering; Tomalin, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Corrall, Lutterworth ; Loggin, Aylesbury and leighton; Baxter, Bicester; Beesley, and Rusher, Banbury ; Cripps, Abingdon ; and bv most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country. WYMAN's ANTIBILIOUS PILLS 00 justly esteemed for their easy and certain Operation 1 • in removing all Bilious Complaints, Obstructions in the Liver, Indigestion, Sick Head- Ach, Jaundice, Sec. They are an excellent Remedy for Persons of Bilious or Costive Habits ; for Persons of sedentary Lives, where sufficient Action of the Bowels is not kept up ; also for Persons who have impaired their Constitutions by free Living; and in eatlv Attacks of the Cout are peculiarly useful, by alleviating the Severity of the Fit, and shortening Its Duration They have been found highly useful preparatory to, or. during Sea Bathing. These Pills require no particular Regimen or Confinement, mid do not con tain any Mercurial or Autimonial Preparation. Prepared and sold by W. Wyman, Surgeon, Kettering. Sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Sutton, No 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; and. Retail, by tbe Printers ot this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Sanderson & Beale, and Mather, Wel- lingborough; Tomaiin, Wilkinson, and Bates, Daventry; Reeve, Higham- Ferrers ; Yorke & Summers, Oundie; Beesley, Ban- bury; Barringer, andlnwood, Newport- Pagnell; Queneborough, Dunstable; Alsop, Luton; Harrod, and Bull, Market- Har- borough; Inns, w. i Gallaid, Towcesler; Sceley, Buckingham; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Palgrave, Bedford; Gardner, Biggies, wade; Richardson, and Rogers, Stony- Stratford; F. Wheeler, Aylesbuiy ; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton ; Ward, Hinckley ; Eaton, Thrapston ; Jacob. Peterborough ; Roberts, Southam ; Minrpe, Warwick; l. uccock, Kimbolton; Emery, St. Neots; i. oveil, Huntingdon; Tapp. and Perks, Hitchin ; Wallis, Olney ; Howell, Rugby; Warde, Stratford- upon- Avon; Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; and by every Vender of Mcdieines in the Kingdom. Price 2s. 9d. per Box, Duty included, lie caretul T » ask tor IVIMAK'J Anti. bilious Pills, ' 1 Prize of.. ... =£ 20,000 1 15,000 1 10,000 1 5,01) 0 1 4,000 1 3,000 2 2,000 4 !."!!!!!! 1,000 6 S~' 0 8 400 10 300 12 200 20 ..... 100 50 50 70 ...... 40 100 30 124 25 2,000 ..... 15 15,000 10,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 4,000 4,000 3,000 3,200 . 3,000 . 2,400 . 2,0', 0 . 2,500 . 2,800 , 3,0v0 . 3,100 . 30,000 1 Prizeof... ... =£ 20,000 ... 1 15,000 ... 1 10,000 ... 1 ......... 5,000 ... I 4,000 ... 1 3,000 ... 2 2,000 . . 4 1,000 ... 6 soo ... 8 400 ... 10 3: 10 ... 12 2" 0 ... 20 100 ... 50 50 ... 70 40 ... 100 30 .. 121 25 .. 9/ 00 15 .. 30,000 Persons in the Country may be supplied with Tickets and Shares, by sending their Orders, with Remittances, to SWI FT te Co. the Contractors, No. 11, POULTRY, No. 12, CHARINO- CROSS, and No. 31, ALDGATR HIGH- STREET, London; who sold in the last Lottery, drawn 21st of January, No. 5.497 A =£ 20,000, in 16 Sixteenth, No. 995 A 4,000, in 12 Shares; Or by Application to their AGENT, Mr. J. WEBB, BEDFORD. =£ 120,000 • 12,000 Ticket*. The Tickets in this Lottery are all of different Numbers ; and the Whole Lottery will be determined in one Day. Ticicr- is and SHARES are selling at NORTHAMPTON, bv J. ABFL, Bookseller, BANBURY, J. G. RUSHER, Printing- Office, Bridge- Street, For Richards*, Goodluck, & Co. of Cornhill, and Charing. Cross, London, WJio sold in the last Lottery, drawn 18th of February, 1812, No. 3,486, a Prize of £ 20,000, in 11 Shares jBy Divine Providence, rpiIF. CORDIAL BALM OF QUITO, Price 2s. 9,1. i, - 1- the best Remedy in the Universe for Nervous Complaints, the most powerful Restorative and re- animating Balm of Life and Health, and the safest and best Medicine in the World. Those who have impaired their Health by a Residence in hot and unhealthy Climates; the Young of either Sex, whose In- firmities threaten premature old Age, a Life of Misery, and au early Dissolution; and those more advanced in Years, whose tottering sapless Frames appear withered and almost worn out, are the more imme lliie Objects of this soothing Balm, the benign Influence of which may be extended to the whole Class of Valetudinarians. For in all Cases and in all Ages, wherethe Solids are relaxed, where the Constitution has received a Shock, or is by anv Means debilitated, this RESTORATIVE and RE- ANIMATING BALM of LIFE and HEALTH will produce the happiest Etlects. The cold and tremulous Nerves will be warmed and steadied ; the relaxed Fibres will be braced and rendered firm ; the Muscles will be invigorated; theSinew^ will be strengthened; the emaciated Limbs will becovercd with firm Flesh ; the exhausted Vessels will be replenished ; the impoverished watery Blood will become rich and balsamic, and its languid Circulation restored to the sanative Impetus; which the true Criterion ot Health; the languid drooping Spirits will be revived and exhilarated ; Digestion will be prom » tcd ; in short, the Tone of the Nerves will be restored, and by these Means the Whole Constitution will be renovated. Feebleness, Lassitude, Anxiety, Melancholy, and all the deplorable Symp- toms of Disease will vanish; and Strength, Ardour, Serenity, and every Evidence of renovated Health will be the happy Result of taking this inestimable Balm in due Time, according to the Directions for Use which accompany each Bottle. The Cordial Balin of ^ uito is sold. Wholesale and Retail, by Weston St. Co. 229, Strand, London ; and Retail bv the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Edge, Northampton; aud all respectable Medicinc Venders, Price 2s. 9d. per Bottle. DIXON'S ANTIBILIOUS PiLLS BILIOUS Complaints are known to make greater Jnroads on the Health and Constitution than any other, and they become particularly aggravated where an Attention to the Habit is neglected, and where the Source of the Evil is allowed to accumulate, which is the Causeof Nervous Disorders, attended with Indigestion, Complaints of the Stomach, Head- Ache, Heart- burn, nervous and bilious Fevers, alarming Symptoms in Pregnancy, Liver Complaints, frequently ending in Dropsy, Consumption, and Death— Mr. Dixon, Apothecary, for his Researches in the Qualities ot vegetable Remedies, has formed a Combination in his ( DIXON'S ANIIHILIOUS PJLLS) which prevents the Excess of Bite accumulating, and removes the above Complaints, however long their Continuance, or obstinate their Nature; they are also recommended to those who live too freely, and Persons going Sea Voyages. Sold at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, Coiner of Paternoster. Row, London; by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, North- ampton; Loggin, Aylesbury; and most Medicine Venders, in Boxes, at 2s. 9d. To Messrs. Rowlund Son, Proprietors of the Masassar Oil. G ENTLEMEN, rAift greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of your MACASSAR OIL, for the Recovery of my Hair, Which has been extremely thin tor these eight Years psst, and obliged me to wear a Wig, and to use many Preparations, for a consi- derable Time, without any Sign of its recruiting. Hearing ol the Excellency of your Oil, I determined on trying it; in a short Time my Hair began to thicken, and, by using it regularly for six Months,' 1 was enabled to leave off my Wig, and have now to boast of a fine Head of Hair, which astonishes every one. I shall continue the use ot it, as it not only thickens the Hair, but 1 feel considerable Pleasure in my Head after using it. — My Daughter has received astonishing Benefit from using the Macassar Oil.— You are at liberty to publish this Note, and may refer any one to your obedient Servant, WILLIAM HENRY JAQUES. Baker- Street, Portman- Squarr, JuneVtth, 1811. Messrs. Rowland !)• Son, GENTLEMEN, duly 1811. I write this as a convincing 1' rosf of the Efficacy of your MACASSAR OIL. For neaily three Years my Ifesd was quite bald, the Hair came off after my Illness; during thit Time 1 tried several advertised Preparations to no Purpose. Your Oil being in high Estimation in this Place induced ine to try it; and in a short Time my Hair was wonderfully recovered, and I have the Pleasure to assert, the Oil contains those Virtues you express in your Bills and F « says ; in short, my Hair never was so comfortable, is tree from Dandiitf, feels extremely plea- sant, possesses a sttong Curl, and is extremely thick. I shall make it my Study to recommend it, and you have my free Will to publish this Note.— Your obedient humble Servant, CHAS. EDM. COI. MAN, Canterbury, Kent To Messrs. A. Rmvland & Son, Kirby- Street, Helton- Garden, London. The above Testimonials, selected from an immense Number, also the illustrious Patronage of their Highnesses the Princess of Wales and Duke of Sussex, and many Families of high Dis. tinction, are irrefragable Proof's, of the superior Excellence of the Macassar Oil. View Rowland's Essay in the Hair.— Sold in Bottlesat3s. 6d.— and=£ I. Is. each, by the Proprietors, Rowland Se Son, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London; and by Ap pointment, by the Printersof this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Per- fumer, Northampton; and by all Perfumers, Hair- Dressers, See. in everyl'own throughout the Empire. Bewaie of servile Imitators, as the Genuine Macassar Oil is signed on the Label in Red Ink, " A. Rowland & Son."— Of whom may be had, a most important Discovery under the august Patronage of her Royal Highness the Duchess of York; also sanctioned by his Excellency the Duke Del lnfantado, and many Families of high Distinction, ALSANA EXTRACT, or the ABYSSINIAN HOT A NICA I. 81' E CI FIC, for eradicating all Disorders of the TEETH and GUMS and rendering them ex trenicly beautiful; it imparts a beautiful Fragrance to the Breath, and immediately expels the Tooth- Ache. Its Properties are sanctioned by the most eminent Physicians in Great- Brita: France, Italy, and throughout Europe.— Sold at 10s. 6d. per Bottle, or small Bottles at 4s. 6d. cach.— Also the Alsana Pow- der for cleansing the Teeth, at 2s. 9d. per Box.— Sold by the Proprietors 35 abuve; and by all the Agents as above. ] THE GENUINE Dr. JOHNSON'S GOLDEN OINTMENT, Prepared by WILLIAM SINGLETON, NO. 2, UNION- PLACE, LAMBETH, Surrey. "' HIS Ointment is an effectual Remedy in Inflam- mations, Films, Specks, or any other Disorder inci- dent to the Eyes; having completely eliected Thousands of Cures when all other Means had failed. ( pT Purchasers are requested to see that the Bill of Di- rection given them with this Article, has the Proprietor's Name as is under- written: All not signed are Counterfeits, This Ointmen^ .. . 5No. 2, Union- Place, prepared by me, S " m- Singleton, £ Lambeth. Sold. Wholesale and Retail, by Messrs. Dicey Sc Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, and at their Warehouse in North- ampton; and, Retail, by Robins, Daventry; Inns and Gal- lard, Towcester; Flarrod Harboroug'n ; Inw'ood and Barringer, Newport- I'agnell; Mather Wellingborough ; Collis & Dash, Kettering ; and by all other Venders of Medicine in the King- dom; Priue2>. per Pot with full Directions. BUTLER'S VEGETABLE TOOTH- POWDF. lt TS allowed by several Physicians to be the only Remedy for Diseases in the Teeth and Gums, and to preserve them in the highest State of Perfection to the latest Period, it being composed of Vegetables, will render them beautifully white, fasten such as may be loose, keep those that are decayed from becoming worse, eradicate the Scurvy, and cause the Gums to adhere to the Teeth, render them of a healthful red. and the Breath delicately sweet, and prevent that dreadful Malady the Tooth- Ache, Gum- Biles, and swelled Face. Sold at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, London; by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Balaam, Northampton; Loggin, Aylesbury; and most Medicine Venders and Perfumers, in Boxes at2s. 9d. each. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. HP HE greatest Blemish to Beauty is superfluous Hairs on I the'Face, Neck and Arms. — HUBERT'S ROSEATE- POWDER immediately removes them, and is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use, Price 4s. or two in ent Parcel, 7s. Sold by the Proprietor, No. 23, Russel- Street, Covent- Garden, London; Printers of this Paper; Seeley, Buckingham ; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Barringer, New port- Pagnel 1; Norris, Bedford; Mather, Wellingborough; York & Summers, Oundle; Jacob, Peterborough; Freeman, Uppingham; Corral, Lut- terworth; Tomalin, Daventry; Rusher, Banbury; Lovell Huntingdon ; Rowell, Rugby; Higgs, Harborough; Gregory Leicester; Stevens, Bicester; and by one Person in every Town Lucas Ward Spilsburv, of Fetter- lane, London, grocer, April 21, May 9, and 30, at Guildhall. — Attornies, Messrs. Sykes & Knowles, New inn. James WilUins, late of Hacknev, Middlesex, mariner, d See. April 25, May 2, and 30, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Mes. rs. Nov Se Hope, Mincing- lane. David Rankin, late of Liverpool, cooper, d. & c. May 7, 8, and 30, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Attorney, Mr. Keight- ley, Liverpool. Robert Little, of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, linen- draper, d. & c. April 28, May 12, and 30, at the George Inn, Newcastle- upon- Tyne.— Attorney, Mr. Seymour, Newcaslle- upon- Tyne. Thomas Fitch, ot Love- lane, Aldermanbury, London, silk- manufacturer, d. & c. April 25, May 2, Sc 3J, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Parton, Walbrook. William Sea, of Milton, Kent, coal- merchant, d. 8c c= April 25, May 2, and 30, at Guildhall, Loudon.— AttornieSj Messrs. Flinde & Son, Milton. John Greatorex, ot Tottenham- court- road, Middlesex, wine and brandy. merchant, d. & c. April 25, May 2, ind 30, a? Guildhail.— Attorney, Mr. Steventon, Percy- street, Rathbone- place. Joseph Baskett, of Sheffield, Yorkshire, file. maker, d. & c. April28, 29, and May 50, at the Tontine Inn, Sheffield— Attor- ney, Mr. ' Thompson, Sheffield. Francis Wrignt, late of Rathbone- place, Oxford- street, Mid- dlesex, upholsterer, d. Sec. April 28, May 9, and 30, at Guild- hall.— Attorney, Mr. I'earse, Salisbury- square, Fleet- street. James Peter Collins, late ot High- street, Southwark; Suirjrj grocer, April 21, May 5, and 30, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Lane, Bedtord- row. James Tennant, of Wigmore- street, Cavendish- square, Mid- dlesex, stay- maker, d. Sec. April 22, May 3, and 3u, at Guild- hall.— Attorney, Mr. Taylor, Fore- stieet, Cripplegate. Reuben Cox, of George- street, Depttbrd, Kent, dealer and chapman, April 22, Mav 2, and .'}'), at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Eyles, St. GeorgeVcourt, John- street, St. George's in the East. Richard Porter, oV Derby, straw- bonnet- manufacturer, d.& c. April 6, 7, and 28, at tbe White Hart Inn, Leicester.— Attorney, Mr. Bund, Leicester. Thomas Lumley, ot Harrow- road, Paddington, Middlesex, stone- mason, April 28, May 7, and June 2, at Guildhall.— At- torney, Mr. Pitnnan, Paddington- gieen. William Royston, of Macclesfield. Cheshire, ironmonger. May 7, 8, and June 2, at the Macclesfield Arms Hotel, Mac- clesfield.— Attorney, Mr. Grimsditch, Macclesfield. Jolln Coates, of Bromyard, Herefordshire, currier, May 14; 15, and June 2, at the Falcon Inn, Bromyard.— Attornies, Messrs. Wormington Sc Dangertielil, Bromyard. Matthew Roger Barker and John Noon, of Leicester, worsted- spinners, April 27, 28, and June 2, at the White Hart Inn, Leicester.— Attorney, Mr Lawton, Leicester. Thomas Bell, of Alnwick, Northumberland, scrivener, May 15, 16, and June 2, at the White Swan Inn, Alnwick.— Attor- nies, Messrs. Lambert, Alnwick. Thomas Hill and Humphrey Wood, of Queenhithe, London, oil and colourmen, April 2S, May 6, and June 2, at Guildhall. — Attomies, Messrs. Bovill Sc Tustin, New Bridge- street, Blackfriars. George Noel, of East- Stonehouse; Devonshire, lime burner, May 5, 6, and June 2, at the King's Arms, Plymouth.— Attor- t- s, Messrs. Gregg, Plymouth. Joseph Worhall and John Thurston, of Catherine- street, Strand, Middlesex, upholsterers and cabinet- makers. May 2, 9, and June 2, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Vincent, Bedtord- street, Bedford- square. John Swan, Robert Anderson, and George Swan, of Wap- ping- wall, London, merchants and coppe'- smiths, April 28, May 6, and June 2, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Kearsley & Spurr, Eishopsgate street- within. George Alexander Wvlie, of Warnford- court, Throgmorton- street. London, merchant, April 25, May 2, and June 2, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Bell & Broderick, Bow- lane, Cheapside. Joseph Coopey, of Churchdown, Gloucestershire, horse- dealer, April 30, May 1, and June 2, at the Ram Inn, Glou- cester.— Attorney, Mr. Ward, Gloucester. Henry Furber, of New- street, Covent- garden, Middlesex, hardwareman, April 25, May 2, and June 2, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Barrows & Vincent, Basinghall- street. William Mitchell, of JudJ- street, Brunswick- square, Mid « dlesex, May 2, 9, and June 2, at Guildhall,— Attorney, Mr. Turner, Percy- street, Bedford- square. James Cass, jun. of Rochdale, Lancashire, woollen- manu- facturer, May 6, 7, and June 2, at the Roebuck• Inn, Roch- dale.— Attornies, Messrs. Shuttleworth, Rochdale. Henry Smithers, Henry Keene Smithers, and George Buck, of Newport, Monmouthshire, coal- masters, April 15, May 12, and June 2, at Guildhall, London.— Attornies, Messrs. Collins it Waller, . vpital. square. John Robinson, of Kingston- upon- Hull, draper and tailor, April 24, 28, and June2, at the White Hart Tavern, Kingston- upon- Hull. John Crowther, of Manchester, victualler. May 4, 6, and June 2, at the Bridgewater Arms, Manchester.— Attornies, Messrs. Halstead Sc Ainsworth, Manchester. Bankruptcy enlarged. Simon Joseph, of Portsea, Hants, slopseUer, from March 21 to May 9, at Guildhall. Bankruptcies superseded. John Fairweather Harrison, John Breaker Furze, and Thomas Blake, ai Southwark, merchants. John Fairweather Harrison, of Fenchurch- street, London, banker. John Mavor, sen. and John Mavor, jun. of Leadenhall- street, London, merchants. John Clark, of Brunswick- place, Deptloid, Kent, mealman. John Crowther, of Manchester, innkeeper. Dr. WIIEATLEY'S Invaluable Remedies for the certain and speedy CURE OF THE ITCH. AN OINTMENT which cure9 in four Hours, and does not contain the least Particle of Mercury, or any perni. cious Ingredient whatever, and so perfectly innocent, that Children at the Breast may be cured without the least Hazard It is of an agreeable Smell, requires no Confinement, and there is no Medicine of the Kind which cures in so short a Time.— Price Is. 9d. a Box, Duty included. Likewise his CHYMICAL LIQUID, as perfectly safe as the Ointment, and as certain in its Effects; it has no Smell, rior does it in the least soil the Linen ; a Circumstance which renders it highly valuable, and to some Persons abundantly pre ferable to any Ointment whatever. Price 2s. 6d. a Bottle, Duty included. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey Sc Sutton, Bow Church Yard ; and also by the Printersof this Paper; and Retail by Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Tomalin, Bates, and Wilkinson Daventry ; Mather, and Broughton, Wellingborough ; Fisher, Higham- Ferrers, Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; Sharpe Warwick; Roberts, Southam; Price, Leicester; Harrod, Har- borough ; Munn, and Collis Sc Dash, Kettering; Rooe, Stam- ford; Eaton, Thrapston; Yorke & Summers, Oundle; Jacob and Horden, Peterborough; Lovell, Huntingdon ; Hodson, Cam bridge; Palgrave, Bedford; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Queiieborough, Dunstable ; Perks, and Tapp, Hitchin ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Jones, Oxford; Richardson, and Rogers, Stony- Stratford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Wheeler, Ayles- bury; Beesley, and Rusher, Banbury ; and by every Vender of Patent Medicines in the United Kingdom. LONDON MARKETS. Com? Exchange, Monday, April 20, 1812. The arrivals of wheat were not very large to- day, but having a considerable quantity left over from last week, they together formed an ample supply. Part thereof was from North Britain, and as more is expected from thence and Yorkshire, it tended to a reduction in the price of from 3s. to 5s. per quarter, and Flour for the best marks sold for 110 more than 110s. per sack. Barley, Rje, and Malt, all nearly keep their last reported prices ; nor was there any material alteration in Peas and Beans of the several kinds. The supply of Oats was not great, and the demand con- tinuing, we have placed them Is. and 2s. per quarter higher, the result of a progressive intermediate rise between last Monday and to- day. Wheat 80s. toliGs. Fine 124s. tol32s Superfine Fine White - Rye Barley Malt White t'eas Boilers 134s. tol36s. 138s. to — s. 68s. to 76s. .54s. to 70s. .92s. to 100s - 68s. to 78s. - 80s. to 88s. Suffolks — s. to — s. Giey Peas 54s. to 64s. l ine . . — s. to 66s. Beans... 60s. to 66s. Fine . . — s. to 68s, l icks 5S » , to 64s. Oats 40s. to 465. Polantts 48s. to 50s. Poiatoe omo — s. to 52s. ' N CONSUMPTION CURED. Cases of approaching Consumption, HOPE'S HECTIC PILLS'have never been known to fail. In the more advanced Stages, the most unexpected Cures have taken Place, even after their remained no apparent Possibility of Recovery; and in the most deplorable and complicated Cases, Life has been lengthened after all other Medicines had ceased to act. Those who are satisfied that in regular Practice there is no Remedy for Consumption, will feel it their Duty to try this Medicine, which is compounded with a Drug, never before used. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by G. Walker, 106, Great Port- land- Street, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton; and may also be ordered ot any Person who soils Patent Medicines. Price 2s. 9d. cach Box. ( J5T Just published, An ESSAY on the CAUSES, PREVENTION, and CURE, of CONSUMPTION ; in which the Dangers of Bleed- ing and Starving are explained. By L. HOPE. Price 2S. , Anti- Impe. tigines, or Solomon's Drops, ( Without Mercury, or anv deleterious Preparation), FOR the Core of the SCURVY, SCROFULA, LEPROSY, and all DISC) RDERS originating in an impure State of the Blood. These admirable Drops strengthen the Constitution, purify the Blood, and promote the Circulation of the Fluids; to effect which is evidently the Work of Time, and steady Per- severance in the Use of Medicines adapttd for those salutary Purposes. To Dr. SOLOMON, Gilead- House, near Liverpool. SIR, Norwich, March$ ib, 1806. My Son has for three Years been afflicted with that distressing Distemper the Leprosy, and having consulted many eminent in the Faculty, without any Benefit accruing from their Prescrip- tions, I at length despaired of his Recovery — Fortunately 1 consulted a Friend, who advised me to make Trial of your Anti- Impetigines, which 1 accordingly procured at Messrs. Stephensons and Matchett's, the happy Efleets of which 1 soon discovered— suffice it to say, that he daily grew better, and now his health is perfectly re- established. By publishing these few Lines, and makng known the Case ofniy Son, and the Effects of your incomparable Medicine, you will considerably oblige. Sir,' Your very humble Servant, E. BERRY. This celebrated Medicine is sold, by special Appointment of Dr. Solomon, in Bottles HaU- a- Guinea each, or four in one Family Bottle for 33s. on which 9s. are saved, by tbe Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Northampton; Collis Sc Dash, and Munn, Kettering ; Higgs, Davison, and Harrod, Harbo- rough ; Beesley, and Marriott, Banbury; Inns,- and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham ; Richardson, Stony- Stratford ; Edge and Mather, Wellingborough ; Tomalin, Bates, and Wil- kinson, Daventry; Okely, andl'algrjve, Bedford; Geard, St. Neots; Lovell, Huntingdon; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swinfen, Leicester; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; Loggin, Ayles- bury and Leighton ; by the Printers of the Country News- papers ; and by all Venders ef Patent Medieines in the United Kingdom. Average of Wheat, 129s. 9 : J.— 2s. 2d. J higher than last return. Average of Flour 109s. 4d — Os. 2d J lower than last return. Fine Flour, — s. to 110,.— Seconds, 100s. to 105s. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. James Bradley, of Scarborough, Yorkshire, merchant, dealer and chapman, May 11, 12, aftd 30, at t& e Blacksmiths' Arms Inn, Scarborough.— Attorney, Mr. Travis, Scarborough. Charles Flude, of Wevmouth- terrace, Hackney, Middlesex, bill- broker, d. Se c. April 25, May 9, and 30, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Annesley Se Bennett, Tokenhouse- yard, Lothbury. Robert Rodgers, of Clare- court, Drury- lane. Middlesex, broker, d. & c. April 21, May 2, and 30, at Guildhall.— At- torney. Mr. I'opkin, Doan- stieet, Soho. Edward Rogers, of Orange- street, Leicester- fields, West, minster, victualler, d.& c. April 21, 28, and May 30, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Popkin, Dean- street, Soho. George Palmer Carruthers, late ot the Strand, Middlesex, lot- tery- office- keeper, d. Se c. April 25, May 2, and 30, at Guild- hall.— Attornies, Messrs. Turner Sc Pikei Bloomsbury- square. John Giaham, of Gloucester- street, Queen- square, Middle- sex, tailor, d.& c. April 25, May 2, and 30, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Tilson & Preston, Chatham- place, black- friars. Joshua Smith, of Birmingham, grocer, d. Se c. May ], 2, and 30, at the Swan Hotel, Birmingham.— Attorney, Mr. Webb, Birmingham. , Richard Holcroft, jun. of Warrington, Lancashire, draper, d. & c. May 11, 12, and 30, at the Mosley Arms Inn, Man- chester.— Attornies, Messrs. Hewitt & Kirk, Manchester. John Clemence, ot Northumberland- street, Marv- le- bonne, Middlesex, carpenter, d. & c. April 25, May 9, and 30, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Chapman Stevens, St. Mil- dred's- court, Poultry. Henrv Rideout, of Woolwich, Kent, cheesemonger, d.& c. April 25, May 2, and .30, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Dawes, Angel- court, Throgmorton- street. William" Bishop, of Bishop's- Castle, Shropshire, mercer, d. & c. May 19, 20, and 30, at the George Inn, Bewdley, Wor- cestershire.— Attornies, Messrs. Clarke & Pardoe, Bewdley. William Bowler, of Manchester, broker, d. & c. May 7, 9, and 30, at the Mosley Arms Inn, Manchester.— Attorney, Mr. Starkie, Manchester. Robert Foxton, of Manchester, butcher, d.& c. May 4, 5, and 30, at the Coach and Horses Inn, Manchester.— Attorney, Mr. Basnett, Manchester. William Rumfttt, ot Duke- street, St. James's, Westminster, tailor, d.& c. May 2, 9, and 30, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Dawson & Wratislaw, Saville- place, New Burlington- street. Samuel Part, James Leigh, and Richard Part, of Tilsdley with Shackerly, Lancashire, cotton- manufacturers, d. Se c. May 13, 14, and 30, attheBiidge inn, Bolton.— Attorney, Mr. Boardman, Bolton. Charlotte Veal and William Peachy Veal, of Petersfield, Southampton, brewers, April 29, 30, and May 30, at the Red Lion Inn, Petersfield.— Attorney, Mr. Hector, Petersfield. Thomas Dodgson, of Cheapside, London, warehouseman, April 25, May 2, and 30, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Lux- more, Red Lion- square, Holborn. Seth Wade, of Rawden, Yorkshire, grocer, d. & c. May 7, 8, and 30, at the Bull and Mouth Tavern, Leeds.— Attorney, Air. Wainwrisht, Leeds, PRICE Carraway .... Coriander .. _ _ Red Clover White ditto 90s. Od. tol68s. Od. White Mustaid Brown ditto 16s. Od. Turnip 20s. Od. OF SEEDS. .. 65s. Od. to 80s. 0d.> ... 35s. Od. to 40s. Ud.( 7Us. Od. tol! 2s. Od.( per cwt. 10s. Oil. to 14s. Od to 22s. Od to 26s. Od 0d! ^ Per bush ditto. PRICE ot HOPS. BACS. Kent 41. 0s. to 61. 6s. Sussex 31. 15s. to 51.12s. Essex 41. Ids. to 51.12s. POCK ETS. Kent 41. 10s. to 71. 10s. Sussex... 41. 10s. to 61. 6s. Farnhaai 101. Os. tolll. 0s. SMITHFI ELD. — MONDAY, April 20. ( To sink theollal— per stone ot 81 bs.) Beef 5s. 4d. to 6s. 6d. 1 Veal 5s. Od. to 7s. 01 Mutton ... 5s. 8d. to 6s. 8d. | Pork 5s. Od. to 6s. 4d Head of Cattle this Day — Beasts, about 1,880— Sheep and Lambs, 12,720. — Calves, 100— Pigs, 280. NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKETS. ( By the Carcase, J Beef. 4s. 4d. to 5s. 4d. 1 Veal 4s. Od. to 6s. 4d. Mutton 4s. 8d. to 5s. 8d. ) Pork 5s. Od. to 6s. 4U. PRICE OF TALLOW. Town Tallow 81s. 6d. Yellow Russia 79s. Od. White ditto — s. Od. Soap ditto Melting Stuff. Ditto rough .. Graves Good Dregs .. SOAP- 11s. Od. 63s. Od. 42s. Od. 20s. Od. 9s. @ d. Yellow,. 92s. Cd St. James's Market.. 4s. ! M. Clare Market 4s. l0d. Whitcchapel Market 4s. 8d. 14s. 3d. Average per st of81b. 4s. Mottled.. 102s. Od. RAW HIDES. Best Heifers and Steers, perst. 1 Ordinary-. 2s. Od. to 2s. 2d. 3s. 2d. to 3s. 6d. MarketCalt Cs. Od. t » 17s. Od. Midlings.. .2s. 6d. to 2s. Sd. | Eng. Horse 13s. Od. toios. Od- Sheep Skins 3Sd. to 60d. PRICE OF LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 50 to 561b. each j 21d. to 23d. Ditto, 56 to 661b. each Md. to ifid. Merchants' Backs 21d J to 22d l Dressing Hides I9d. to 20d i Fine Coach. Hides ... 20d. J to 22d. Crop Hides, 35to40lb. tor cutting 16a. J to 18d. J Is to 501b J9d. to 22d. Calt Skins,^ 30 to 401b 3dd. to S6d. 50 to 701b 38d. to 42d. 70 to 801b 3Sd. to 40d. Tanned Horse- Hides, 19d. to 21d. Small Seals ( Greenland! 33d. to 36d. Large Ditto, 120s. to 160s. per Dozen.— Goat Skins, 34s. to62s. I ... EJ-— ... • 1 NORTHAMPTON: Printed and Published by and for T. E. DICEY, W. SUTTOX, & R. SMITIISON.
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