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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 951
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 15/04/1812
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 951
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES\ Vol 19.] N°- 951. Wednesday, jr ft CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. April 15, 1812. Price Sixpence Halfpenny. This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties OF ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. CENTRE REGIMENT OF SHROPSHIRE LOCAL MILITIA. A COMPANION TO THE BIBLE. plain, TRAINING AND EXERCISING. " VTOTICE is hereby given to sucb Pel- sons as are J3I enrolled in tlie CENTRE Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia, That they are to assemble at SHREY^ S- BCRY, in the County of Salop, on MONDAY, the TWENTY- SEVENTH Dav of APRIL, 1812, at Ten o'Cloek III the Forenoon, to be Trained nnd Exercised for the Space of Fourteen Days, exclusive of the Days of Arrival at, and Departure from, and Marching to and from, such Place. NOTICE is hereby also given to the Non- comnnssioned Officers and Drummers on Permanent Pay, enrolled in the said Regiment, Thai they arc to assemble at the PLACE AFORESAID, on MONDAY, theTWEN'l IETH Day of APR! L, 1812, atTen o'clock in the Forenoon, to be Trained aud Exercised for Twenty- one Days, exclusive of the Days of Arrival at, and Departure from, aud Marching to and from, such Place. And NOTICE is hereby further given. That every Person ( not labouring under any Infirmity incapacitating him) who shall not appear at tbe said Times and Place, is deemed a Deserter, and, if not taken until after the Time of such Training and Exercising, forfeits the Sum of TWENTY POUNDS, which if not immediately paid, he will be committed to the Common Gaol, there to remain, without Rail Or Mainprize, for the Space of Six Months, unless he shall in the mean Time nay tbe said Penalty ; aud that every sncli Defaulter will be proceeded against with Rigour. The Serjeants will attend at the Times and Place afore- said, to deliver out Billets. By Order of the General Meeting of Lieutenancy of the Couuty ofSalop. LOXDALE. N. B. Necessaries to the Value of Half a Guinea will be issued at Shrewsbury, to the Non- commissioned Officers, j Drummers, and Privates, that were Trained and Exercised last Year, and are not provided with the said Necessaries, : and the Money will be accounted for at Ihe Expiration of j the Time of assembling to such as come provided with i Necessaries. ' IFrekin ; REGIMENT OF SHROPSHIRE LOCAL MILITIA, j TRAINING AND EXERCISING. NOTICE is hereby given to such Peisons as are enrolled I in the WREKIN Regiment of Shropshire Local I Militia, That they ale to assemble at LUDLOW, in the \ County ofSalop, on SATURDAY, the SECOND Dayof j MAY, 1812, at Ten o'Clock iu the Forenoon, to be Trained i and Exercised for the Space of Fourteen Days, exclusive of : the Days of Ai rival at, aud Departure from, and Marching to and from, such Place. j NOTICE is hereby also given to the Non- commissioned ! Officers and Drummers on Permanent Pay, and Recruits, i enrolled in the said Regiment, lhat thev are to assemble at the PLACE AFORESAID, oil SATURDAY, the TWEN- i TY FIFTH Day of APRIL, 181- 2, atTen p'Clock in ( lie 1 Forenoon, to be Trained and Exercised for Twenty- one Days, exclusive of ihe Davs of Arrival at, and Departure from, and Marching to aud from, such Place. And NOTICE is hereby further given, That every Peison ( not labouring under any Infirmity incapacitating him) who shall not appear at the said Times and Place, is deemed a Deserter; and, if not taken until after the Time of such Training and Exercising, forfeits the Sum of TWENTY POUNDS, which if not immediately paid, he will be com- mitted to the common Gaol, there to remain without Bail or Mainprize, for the Space of Six Months, unless he shall in the mean Time pay the said Penalty ; and that every such Deftmlterwilt be proceeded against with Rigoiiv. The Serjeants will attend at the Times and Place afore- said, to deliver out BilletB. By Order of the General Meeting of Lieutenancy' of the County ofSalop, LOXDALE. N. B. Necessaries to the Value of Haifa Guinea will be issued at' Ludlow, to the Non- commissioned Officers, Drummers, and Privates, that were Trained aud Exercised last Year, and are not provided with the said Necessaries, and the Money w ill be accounted for at the Expiration of the Time of assembling to such as come provided with Necessaries. Just published, neatly half bound, Pricc £ 2. 2s. £ 3. 12s. 6d. coloured ; THE SCRIPTURE ATLAS, or a Series of elegant MAPS to illustrate the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT, drawn from the best Authorities, Ancient aud Modern, by eminent Artists. Kj- This Work is eniineiitly qualified to afford Informa- tion and Giatification to Persons of Piety, liberal Educa- tion, and refined Taste, therefore it is presumed there are very few Persons who will not aVail themselves of its As- sistance. London ; printed for Mathews and Leigh -, and sold by W. EDDOWES, Shiewsbury, and all other Booksellers. STATE LOTTERY, ~ CONTAINS only 12,000 TICKETS, all different Num. bers, the whole to be determined in one Day, the 30th of APRIL. TO PROPRIETORS OF CART STALLIONS. APREMIUM of Ten Guineas will be given liy the Anglcsca Agricultural Society, to the Person who will shew at Llancrchymedd Fair, on Ihe 6th of May, the Stallion best adapted to the Agricultural Purposes of the County of Angleseu, and will engage that he shall attend regularly during the Season at Llanerchymedd, aud Llan- gefni Markets. N. B. Similar Premiums will be given by the Carnarvon shire Agricultural Society, at Carnarvon, Pwllheli, and Bangor. 1 .. 1 .. 1 .. 1 .. 1 .. 1 ., 3 .. 4 .. ti . 8 . 10 .. 12 . 20 . 50 . 70 . 1110 . 124 . 2,000 , 12,000 Tickets. SCHEME. . of £ 20,000 is jf2B, 0< l0 15,00( 1 15,000 10,000 10,000 5,0110 5,000 4,000 , 3,000 , 2,000 . 1,000 4,000 3,0U0 4,000 4,000 50( 1 3,000 400 . 300 . £ 00 . 10( 1 . 5tl . 40 . 30 25 . 15 , 3,200 3,000 .. 2,400 2.000 2,500 2,800 ... 3,000 3,100 .. 30,000 £ 120,000 TO BE SOLD BY P1UVATE CONTRACT, ADESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of ! same Manner 1 I026. a Messuage or Farm House, with Outbuildings, ! called PANTYCRAY, and another small Tenement called j TYRYCU, together with ( io Acres, or thereabouts, of good j and improvable Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Laud, situate 1 in the Parish of Llanwyllielan, nearly in the Centre of tlie I County of Montgomery, now in the Occupation of Mr. Benjamin Richards or" his Undertenants.— The Premises ; j tire about 2 Miles distant from Llanfair, 8 from Pool and Newtown ( all good Markets), and 6 from the Canal at ] Berriew.— The Tenant will shew the Premises For further Particulars apply ( if by Letter, 1 .__.„_ ....... to Mr. WILLIAM JONES, Gartlimi^ near Welsh Pool -. Mr. OWEN, Foxes I1111, Llanfair ; or to the under named Soli- citors : Messrs; TILSON and PRESTON, Chatham Place, London; Mr. THOMAS, Llanfyllin; Mr. C. JONES, Mach- ynlleth; Mr. STEPHEN'S, Newtown; Mr. GRIFFITHES, WelshPool; 01- Mr. T. JONES, Montgomery. ^ alcg D? auction, MONTGOMERYSHIRE TIMBER. At the Goat Inn, in the Town of Llanfyllin, in tlife said County, oh Tuesday; Ihe 21st Day of April, 18I2, between the Hours Of three and six ill the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, aild iu four, 01- such other Lots as shall be agreed upon ; mLOT I. OAK Timber Trees, blazed and numbered with a Scribe 1 to 110, bolh inclusive. LOT II. 26 ELM Trees, also blazed and numbered in the STALLIONS— 1812. SU LTAN, atT. HII. ES's, Abbey Foregate, SHREWSBURY, will Cover at three Guineas each Mare, and Half- a- Crowh the Groom. SULTAN was got by St. Paul, St.- Paul by ' altram, out of Purity, Dam ot Rockingham. The Dam of Sultan wan Fanny, by Weazel; Weazel was got by Old Herod.— For Sultan's Performances vide Racing Calendar. Sultan will be al Wenlock and Bridgnorth everv M011- LOT III. 51 ASH Trees, blamed anil numbered in like Manner 1 to 31, and 2 Alder Trees ; all growing on Penui- artli Farm, in the Parish of Myfod, in tbe said County, in the Occupation ofThoinas Morris. LOT IV. 43 ASH Trees, also blazed and numbered Willi a Scribe 52 1094, both inclusive, growing 011 a farm called Ty issa, situate ill Peuuiartli, and in the said Parish ofMy- fod, in the Occupation of Mrs. Catherine Evans. Part of the Timber in the ist Lot is of large Dimensions, es ! and fit for Plank ; and the Remainder is good Building ', P^ y) I Timber. The Elms are of large Dimensions, and of excel- " ' " lent Quality 1 the Ash and Alder good sound Timber. Penniarth and Ty issn Farms nearly adjoin ; are situate about a Mile and a Half from the Village of Myfod, which is s Miles distant from the Montgomeryshire Canal, lo which there is a gootl Turnpike Road. For Particulars apply to Mr. RICHARD ELLIS, at Penni. tlrtb, who will appoint a Person to shew the Timber ; to Mr. ROBERT JON ES, Timber Merchant; oral the Office of Mr. THOMAS, Solicitor, in the said Town of Llanfyllin. TO RE LET BY AUCTION, BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Golden Heart, in Rurlton, iuthe County of Salop, on Thursday, 30th of April, I312; at four o'Clock in the Afternoon: SEVERAL Pieces or Parcels of most excellent GRAZING _ LAND, great Part of which is the first Year's Clover. KS*. further Particulars apply tojPeter Rolls, atBuilton aforesaid, who will shew the I . and. PERSONS IN THE COUNTRY may be supplies; withTickets and Shares, by sending. their Orders with Remittances to SWIFT aud Co. The Contractors, No. 11, FOULTRY, NO. 12, CIIARING- CROSS, and No. 31, ALDGATE HIGH- STREET, London. Who sold iu the last Lottery, drawn 21st of January, No. 5,497, ... a ... £ 20,000, in 16 Sixteenths, No. gys ... £ 4,000, in 12 Shares; Or by Application to their Agents, T. WOOD, Printer, Shrewsbury, • H. P. SILVESTEtt, Bookseller, Newport, W. FELTON, Ludlow, D. PROCTER, Market Drayton. A DECIDED SUPERIORITY OF CHANCES. HORNSBY and Co. Stock- Brokers, have the pleasure- to state to their Country Correspondents, that the present Lottery Scheme is by far the best arranged, and contains more Capital Prizes than any preceding Lottery. TICKETS and SHARES are selling by HORNSBY and Co. at their old established Stale Lottery Office, 26, Corn- hill, London, in great variety, and ou the most reasonable Terms, where all Prizes are immediately paid. Orders by Post or Carrier executed with fidelity and dispatch. The Drawing begins 011 the 30th THIS MONTH. / Vest and North REGIMENTS OF SHROPSHIRE LOCAL MILITIA. TRAINING AND EXERCISING. "^ TOTICE is hereby given fo such Persons as are enrolled 1^ 1 in Ihe WES T and NORTH Regiments of Shropshire Local Militia, That they are to assemble at SHREWS- BURY, in the County of Salop, on SATURDAY, tbe SIXTEENTH Dayof MAY, 1812, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, to be Trained and Exercised for the Space of Fourteen Days, exclusive of the Days of Arrival at, and Departure from, and Marching to ana from, such Place. NOTICE is hereby also given to the Non- commissioned Ollici rs and Drummers on Permanent Pay, enrolled ill the said Regiments, That thev are. to assemble at the PLACE AFORESAID, on SATURDAY, the NINTH Day of MAY, 16.12, at Ten o'Clock in Ihe Forenoon, to be Trained and Exercised for Twenty oue Days, exclusive of the Days of Arrival al, aud Departure from, and Marching to aud from, such Place. And NOTICE is hereby further given, That every Person ( not labouring under any Infirmity incapacitating him) who shall not appear at the said Times and Place, is deemed a Deserter, and, if 1101 taken until after tbe Time of such Training and Exercising, forfeits the Sum of TWENTY POUNDS, which if not immediately paid, he will he committed to t he Common Gaol, there to remain, without Bail or Mainprize, for the Sparc of Six Months, unless he shall in the mean Time pay the said Penalty; and that every such Defaulter will be proceeded against with Rigour. The Serjeants will attend at the Times and Place afore said, to deliver out Billets. By Order of the General Meeting of Lieutenancy of the County uf Salop, LOXDALE. N. B. Necessaries to the Value of Half a Guinea will be issued at Shrewsbury, to Ihe N011. commissioned Officers, Drummers, aud Privates, lhat were Trained and F. xerciscd last Year, and are not provided with the said Necessaries, and the Money will be accounted for at the Expiration of the Time of assembling to such as come provided wilh Necessaries. rsday ; and at Home Friday, day; Shifi'nal every Tuesday ; al Newport every Wednes- day; Wellington every Tburs " . — — . Saturday, and Sunday. The Money to be paid at Midsummer; if not; lo be charged Half a- Guinea more'.— Mares barren last Year, to be covered at halfVrice.— Good Grass for Mares at Seven Shillings per Week. by auction* SALE POSTPONED. ADMASTON, NEAR WELLINGTON, SALOP. BY MR. BAGNOLD, At the Pheasailt I ml, in Wellington, in the Couuty of Salop, on Thursday, the 7th Dayof May, 1812, ( instead of the 16U1 Day of April lust, as before advertised) at four o'clock in the A ftcrilomi, subject to such Conditions as shall he then produced : A LL those THREE PIECES of COPYHOLD LAND, il situate in ADMASTON, within the Manor of Wroclfwardine, in Ihe said County of Salop, in the follow- ing, or such Other Lots as shall be" agreed upon : Lots. Names of Fields. Quantities. Total Quant. A. IT. P. A. R. P. 1. Allen's Pool 2 11 Sour Ground 8 2 30 JO 3 37 2. The Bank. 4 , 31 HOUSE AND LANDS. . TO BP. SOLD, OR LET FOR: A TERM CF YEARS, AND MAY BE ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, ACOMFORTABLE RESIDENCE for a small genteel Family, late the Residence of Mr. ANDREW GLOVER, deceased, culled THE WERN COTTAGE, situate in the Parish of Buttington, in the County of Montgomery, adjoining Shropshire, with about 25 Acres of excellent GRAZING LAND, which nearly surrounds the House, most of which may be irrigated, situated 011 a dry, healthy Spot, commanding beautiful Views of the River Severn and adjacent Country. The House consists of au Entrance Hall, two Parlours, Kitchen, Dairy, Brewhousc, good Cel- laring ; four good Lodging Rooms, with Closets on the first Floor, with Attics for Servants ; a large Garden and Or- chard, planted with choice Fruit Trees 111 full Perfection The Outbuildings consist of two Burns, Cowhouse, Gig- house, two Stables, Granary, with every other convenient Building iu substantial Repair; within a Mile of the Turnpike Road leading from Shrewsbury to Welshpool, and where Ihe Mail aud other Coaches pass regularly. l or further Particulars apply ( if by Letter, Post paid), to Mrs. GLOVER, on the Premises; or to THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER. 1812 TROJAN WILL Cover this Season, at Lutwychr, from the SOth of March to Ihe 20th of June, at TWOGVINEAS each Mare, and five Shillings the Groom. TROJAN is a beautiful brown Horse, without any white ; is nine Years old, and stands 15 Hands 3 Inches high; got by Sir Peter Teazle ; bis Darn by Moss's Old Snap, & e. & c. and in Point of Symmetry, Strength and Fashion, cau- not possibly tie excelled. Mares taken to Grass at seven Shillings per Week. GALLANT; A Capital Horse of the pure Suffolk Punch Breed, WILL Cover this Season, at The New Inn, Kiulet, at ONE GUINEA AND A HALF a Mare, and Half. a Crown the Groom. GALLANT was purchased by Mr. Childe, from the Breeder Mr Hayle, of Leiston, near Saxmitndhara, and was con sidered to he the best bred, and tbe most perfect shaped Horse that has for many Years been procured out of the County of Suffolk. He was got by Mr. Spinks' Horse, ( which is the present favourite Punch Stallion) who is a Soil of Mr. Blake's Brita' 11, that was sold for Five Hundred Guineas, and afterwards covered m Northomberlaitff; and out of Mr. Amos's well knnwn Bob- Tail Mare, whose own Sister was the D un of seven capital Siallious 1 the late Mr. Amos, and Mr. Blake were- both supposed to have possessed tbe best and purest Suffolk Punch Blood iu the Country. GALLANT is upwards of 17 Hands high, perfectly sound and free from Blemishes, with us much Power as can be necessary for any description of Draught Horse to possess ; and although he has plenty of Bone, his Legs are as lean and free from hair as those of many thorough- bred Horse.-, aud his action in particularly light and good. It has uni- formly beeu admitted by such Persons as have beeu pos- sessed ofSuffolk Punch Stock, that there is no breed in this Kingdom so well adapted to all Agricultural purposes, as they are ttie kindest Workers, the best tempered, and the soundest Horses lhat have yet been produced. Several Brood Marcs, Geldings, and Cults will in future be regularly offered to the Public at Mr. Cilir. DF.' s Annual Sale qf Stock. ( Cf^ Good Grass for Mares may be obtained in the Parish of Kinld. At the Cross Foxes I1111, in Oswestry, on ' Thursday, the 23d Day of April, 1812, between the Hours of three and six, in the following or such other Lots as shall he agreed Upon al the Time of Sale, and Subject td such Condition;', as shall then be produced : LOT I. ALL that BARN; together with those Four Pieces of Meadow and Arable LAND, calleiktlie Bllrll Field, Small Common Lot, Wern Field, and Wern Croft, contain- ing together by Admeasurement 5A. 2R. fjP. be the same more or less, situale and being in WESTON RHYN, in Ibe Parish of St. Martin's, iu the County of Salop, and late iu the Occupation of Thomas Roberts. LOTII. Two Pieces of LAND, called Chimney Meadow and l. ower Common Lot, nearly adjoining the Inst Lot, containing by Admeasurement 3A. lR. 19P. be the same more or less. LOT III. Two Pieces of LAND, called Long Field, and Square Field, adjoining Ihe last Lot, containing by Admea- surement 4 A. - 2lt. 15P. be the same more or less. LOT IV. Two Pieces of LAND, called Crab Mill Lane Field, and Crab M ill Field, adjoining the last Lot, contain- ing by Admeasurement 4A. lit. 18P. be thfe same more or less. LOT V. A Piece of very excellent Meadow LAND, called Lodge Meadow, near to the Lodge Public House, contain- ing 3R. 10P. be the same more or less. LOT VI. All that Messuage 01 Dwelling HOUSE, with the GARDEN, and Two Pieces of excellent LAND, called Palniant Menu- and l. ower Field, containing by Admea- surement 4A. oR. 22P. lie the same more or less. N. B. ' 1 he Timber upou each of the above Lots must be taken at the Valuation which will be produced at tbe Time of Sale. The Whole of the above Lots adjoin excellent Turnpike Roads ; are within 1 Mile of Lime and Coal, and 4 Miles from Oswestry.— Mr. Morris Williams, of Weston Mill, will shew ihe Lots; and further Particulars may be known upou Application to Mr. EDWARDS, Solicitor, Oswestry. is 1 23 The above are in the Possession of Ihe Dkvisees of the late Mr. J antes Goudall, deceased. And at the Red Lion Inn, in Newport, in the same County; on Saturday, the atli Day of Mav, 1812, ( instead Of tlic ltith Day of April lust, as also before advertised) at six o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions aS shall be then produced; in the following Lots 1 LOT L All those TWO FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, with the Appurtenances, siluatfe in the Bake- house Lane, in Newport aforesaid, now 111 the Occupation of Edward Jarvis and Thomas Machin. LOT II. All that PIECE of FREEHOLD LAND; situate in Edgmond, in the said County, called TIIE Fivt AERES, now in the Possession of the Devisees of the said Mr. Goodall. LOT 111 All that PIECE of FREEHOLD LAND, late Part of Ldgitiond Common, situate 111' the Parish of Edgmond aforesaid; containing- bv Admeasurement Ten Perches, now hi the Occupation of Francis Bettauy. Immediate Possession rtiav be bad of the Lauds in Wrockwardine, and of the Five Acre Piece in Edgjipmd; and for further Particulars Application may be made to Mr. MORRIS, Solicitor, 111 Newport aforesaid. Newport, Oth April, 1812. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. " V^ OTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising atllie JL^ Turnpike Gates called the CUCKOW OAK GATES, near Madeley, in the County of Salop, and at the Gale called the MEADOW GATE, near Coalbrook Dale, in the same County, will be LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, either together or separate, and for one or three Years, as shall be agreed upon ( to commence the first Dayof May next), at the TONTINE INN, near the Iron Bridge, on FRIDAY, the SEVENTEENTH Day of APRIL next, between the Hours of four and five in the Afternoon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed iu the 13th Year ufthe Reign of his present Majtstv King George the Third, " For regulating Turnpike Roads." Whoever happens to be the best Bidder or Bidders, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, nt such Times as they shall direct. JOHN PRITCHARD, Broseley, Match i'/ th, 1812. Clerk to the said Trustees. CHILD'S Ell CALL ASSOCIATION. WHEREAS divers of Burglaries, Felonies, Grand and Petit Larcenies, have frequently been committed in the Townships of ERCALL, EI. LERTON, BOI. AIS, MEESON, OLLERTON, PixLEY, HINSTO'CK, WATERS UPTON, and CHEHRINGTON, in the County of Salop, and ihe Offenders have escaped Justice with Impunity, for Want of proper Pursuit and Exertion 011 the Part of the Sufferers, or on Account of the Charges attending such Pursuit and Pro- secution ; to obviate the same in future, We, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, have raised a Fund, and formed ourselves". nto au Association, determining to prosecute to the utmost Rigour of the Law, all Persons guilty of any of the above Offences, aud to ride England through, at the joint Expeuce of the Society, after any House- breaker, Horse- stealer, or any Kind of Cattle or Beasts, such as Cows, Sheep, Pigs, See. as well as all Robbers of Orchards, Gardens, and Hen- roosts; Stealers of Springles, Posts and Rails, Hooks and Thimbles, Turnips; pulling down Stiles and Gates, and all Sorts uf Petit Larceny whatsoever, at the above joint Expeuce of this Society; and do hereby olfer the following REWARDS £. s. West and North REGIMENTS OF SHROPSHIRE LOCAL MILITIA. RRIHE Men who serve in either of the BANDS of MUSICK 1 iu the above Regiments, and the DRUMMERS and FIFERS who do not receive Permanent Pay, arc desired to appear with the Permanent Stall Officers 011 the NINTH of MAY, and they will receive the full Pay for the Week All who parade at three o'clock 011 Sunday Afternoon, the TENTH, properly dressed, will receive pay from the Ninth inclusive. By Older ofthe Commanding Officer, A. DOWNES, ) ... , . J. WILLIAMS, ? Adjutants. IVarrcti's original Japan Liquid Blacking. THIS Composition produces Ihe most brilliant jet ever beheld ; preserves the Leather soft, nnd prevents it cracking ; does not soil the Linen, and will retain its Qualities i'. i any Climate. Sold wholesale by R. WAHHEM, 14, Sh Martin's Lane, Loudon; retail by EDOOWES, and I'o'wELt, Shrewsbury; Baugh, Ellcsmefe; K'ehip, Wert; Ferrington, Broseley; Bowdle'r, Ironbridge ; Drury . and Painter, Wrexbatu ; Lloyd, Montgomery; Griffith's, Bishop's Castle; Jones, Newtown; E. Griffiths, Aberystwith ; Hodson, Tyler, Peech and Owen, Ludlow ; Collier, Shiftnal; and every Town in tlie Kingdom, in Slone Bottles, Kid. half a Pint, Is. 6d. a Pint, and in Quarts 2s. 9d. each. CAUTION.—- The superior Qualities of this Blacking has induced several base Impostors to sell apuiious Compositions under the above Name; to prevent which, observe, none are genuine unless ROBERT WAR BUN is signed ot) the Label, and St. Martin's Lent," stamped in the Bottle. TOWING^ ATH TOLLS TO BE LET. " VTOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising ou tbe XN Severn Towing. Path, between Bewdley- Bridge and a Place called the Meadow- Wharf, at Coalbrook Dale, in the County of Salop, will he LET TO THE BEST BIDDER, either together or in three Lots, namely, those between Bewdley Bridge and Bridgnorth Bridge, in one Lot; those between Bridgnorth Bridge and the Mile- Post next above the Wood Bridge, near Coalport, in another Lot; and the Residue in a third Lot; for oue or three Years, ns shall he agreed upon, on FRIDAY, the SEVENTEENTH Day of APRIL next, at the TONTINE INN, near the Irou- Bridge, in the County ofSalop; between the Hours of three and four o'Clock in the Afternoon. Whoever happens to he the best Bidder or Bidders, must at the'same Time give Security, wilh sufficient Sureties, to Ihe Satisfaction of the'Trustees of the said Towing- Patll, for Payment ofthe Rent agreed for, at such Times as t hey shall direct. JOHN PRITCHAKD, Broseley, March 27, 1812. Clerk to the said Trustees. TURNPIKE TOLLS. ^ TOTICF. is hereby given, that the Tolls arising at the i_\ Toll Gates upon Wellington District of Watlingsfieet Turnpike Roads, called or known by the several Naiuesof Watliugstrcet Gate, Burcot Gate, Longdon Gate, I. onglane Gate, and Lecgomery Gale, will be LET ( either together or separately, as may then be agreed upon) BY AUCTION to the best Bidder or Bidders, ut the HAY GATE, iu tbe Parish of Rockwardiue, 011 FRIDAY, the FIRST Day of MAY, 1812, between the Hours of 11 and 12 o'Clock in the Forenoon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 48th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third ;" which Tolls produced the last Year the Sum of £ 1275 above the Expenses of collecting them, and will he put up al that Sum, or such other Sum orSunntag the Trustees then present may agree upon.— Whoever hap- pens to be the best Bidder, must al the same Time give Secusily, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for the Payment of the Kent agreed for, and at such Times as they sfiall direct. THOMAS PUGH; Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Rouds. April lst, 1812. 5 5 0 3 3 0 CARDIGANSHIRE. At the Talbot's Head Inn, ill the Town of Abcrystwith, 011 Monday, the 27th Day of April, 1812, at three o'Clock iu the Afternoon, either in the following, or such oilier Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to Conditions to be then produced, if not disposed of in Ihe mean Time by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given : RJUIE FOLLOWING VALUABLE FREEHOLD • t- so 3 S 5 - P! H-- S or- cr- o at f m f , >- j n a. n a. a £ <= 2 = !! 3. e. * 1 Os ; ESTATES : < p — n. - t 3 rg 09 < ft. gCJ'f w =. 3 CITS 1*. CJ W r „ f to ~ O B _- I Om Ir t-, o ' a" s I UQ 1 . S-- , '• xo^ - ? 52 .2 S S1 = 5. ni — ts 2 « « • SI' S. - y -. 2 3 c « r- s ~ a* * § " f M. Sa a * < a SALE POSTPONED. II10If 0FFLEY, STAFFORDSHIRE. VALUABLE CORN MILL AND LANDS. BY MR. BAGNOLD, By Order of the Assignees. ofThom* s Stonier, a Bankrupt, al the Red Lion lun, iu Newport, in the County ofSalop, 011 Saturdas, the 9th Day of May, 1812, ( iusl' >; of the loth Day of April lust as before advertised) at six o'Clock in the Aftehioon, subject lo such Conditions il; shall be then produced : LOT I. ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or Tenement, and WATER CORN MILL, commonly called the PARK MII. L, with the Stable, Cowhouse, Outbuildings, aud several. Pieces of excel lent Meadow and PaslHi- e UsJ, belonging thereto, containing together 15A. liR. 7P or thereabouts, situate In the Parish of HighOIHey; 111 the County of Stafford, ill the Possession of ihe satd'Tliomas Stonier. LoT II. An Allotment ou Woodseaves Common, con- taining oA 2lt. 26P. bounded on the South by the ft ad from High Offiey to Stafford, 011 llie West by an Allotment to Mr. John Tuunielitl'e, on tbe North West and North by the Road from High Offiey to Eccleshall, mid on the East by an Allotment to Thomas Smallwood, Esquire'. Mr. STONIER will shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be known on Application to Mr. MoHKlsi Solicitor, in Newport, Shropshire. Newport, ( 5th April, 1812. o sS S; E-, n o. C » H a SJ c * ir< O a, — 0 = p 83 p S- — KRS^ 5 ~ c tr ~ in M 2 o2 J> rz . si » < . . y . « A 0 • pi 15.13 ? &< ft A sj ? 5=-= " 2 1" a-* s S £ r FD £ X 31 K > a- V COrc s * a x " E' 3 = 2 g s 2.1 en Tenants. is Thomas I ' The felonious breaking and entering any House in the Night Time, the Sum of The like iu the Day Time, the Sum of. 2 2 The felonious burning any House, Barn, or other Building, or any Rick, Stack, Mow, Hovel, Grain, Straw, Hay, or Wood, the Sum of. The felonious stealing, killing, maiming, or wounding any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, the Sum of. '......,. : The like of any Bull, Cow, Ox, Bullock, Steer, Heifer, Sheep, Lamb, & c. the Sum of. 2 The like of any Hogs or Poultry, the Sum of. 1 Any other Grand or Petit Larceny, the Sum of..... 1 The cutting down, destroying, or damaging, any Trees or Wood, as aforesaid, theSumof. The breaking open, throwing down, levelling, or destroying, any Hedges, Gates, Posts, Stiles, Pales, Rails, or Fences as afoiesaid, theSumof The stealing or destroying any Fruit Tree, Root, Shrub, Plant, Turnips, or Potatoes, Pease, & c. robbing any Orchards or Gardens, the Sum qf... Any Servant unlawfully selling, bartering, giving away, or embezzling, any Coal, Lime, Hay, or other his, her, Or their Master or Mistress's Property, as aforesaid, Ihe Sum uf. And for every other Offence, on or against the Properly of any of the said Subscribers, such Rewards shall be given as shall be agreed on and directed by an annual or special Meeting of ibis Society. 10— 10 C- 1 10 IS to 10 « 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 3 3 0 Ercall. Sir Corbet Corbet, Bart. Rev. M. Hodskin John Wood house Thomas Bourne William Shan- alt Margaret Dawes Thomas Whittingliam Thomas Heatley James Buote Thomas Freeman Bolas. Joseph Slack Snniuel Rodenhurst John Arkinstall Waters Upton. R. W. B. Hill Mecson. Ann Growcoek Samuel Minor Annual Meeting 071 the First Day iff May . James Benbow Ollerton. Samuel Lester Ann Palmer Ellerton. Thomas Taylor Robert Masefield Eatoni John Heatley Elizabeth Topham Cherrington. Richard Rogers Pixlei/. Thomas Yardley William Griffith Ifinstock. William Fernyhough John Wilde ' William Lockley. » j — M — W W • 1 go.. _ U CO to .•!-• W to S-, C ~ IN © O '-' I O X OW3 O This Property lies in and near to the mnch- admired Vale of Avi on, aild Ihe Rivers Avrou aud Tivy, so justly cele- brated for the Production of Salmon, Trout, & c. of Ihe best Quality, arc withiu a short distance ; the surrounding Country abounds with all Kinds of Game. & there are great Plenty of Grouse on the neighbouring Mountains.— These Estates are remarkable for the luxuriant and rapid Growth of Timber and Coppice Wood. The Lands are capable of great Improvement, and there ave valuable and extensive Rights of Common on the adjoining Hills attached to several of the Tenements. The several Lots are distant about 4 Miles from Tregaron, 7 from Lampeter, and It) from the Seaport Town of Aber- ystwith. TheTlMBF. R now growing on the Property will he Sold bv Auction, in Lots, separately from Ihe Estates, at the Talbot's Head Inn, in Aberystwitb, 011 TUESDAY, the 2Stb of APRIL, ista, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon The several Tenahls will shew the Farms in their respec- tive Occupations'; and further Particulars may be had by Application to JOHN JONES, Esq. Aberystwith; or to Messrs JONES and OWEN, Solicitors, Machynlleth, Mont- gomeryshire. COPPICE POLES. At the Cross Inu, Chirlmry, in the County of Salop, on Wednesday, tile2£| th. Day of April, 1812, at four iu the Afternoon, subject to Conditions; p* ACRES OF COPPICE POLES ( chiefly OAK), of 35 Years Growth, standing in a Coppice called THE BANK Corner., in the Parish of Chirbury, in tbe County ofSalop. The Bank Coppice is about 5 Miles from the Montgo- meryshire Canal at Brian, and about Q Miles from Pool Quay.— Mr. Butler, of Mtrrington, w ill shew ihe Poles; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. ASTFKI. F. Y, Solicitor, Shrewsbury ; or Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near, Welsh Pool. N. B. Tha Poles numbered or crossed with red Paint, are not to be disposed » f. SALE POSTPONED. TIMBER. STOKF. PARK, STOKE, and CHILD'S ERCALL, SHROI » SHLKE. BY MR liAGN ) LI>, At tlie Red Lion Inn, in Newport, in tbe County of Salop, Oil Saturday, the ad Day of May, 1812, ( instead of th- istb Day of April Inst. its before advertised) al six o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless sooner disposed of by pr. Vate Contract, either together, or in the following, or such olher Lots as may be agreed upon, subject 10 such Conditioni as will be then produced 1 LOT I. K r\ OAK Trees, 88 ASH Ditto,' 23 ELM Ditto, g l'OP- LAK Ditto, 3u ALDER Ditto, and 1 Sycamore, scribed and numbered; now growing on STOKE PARK FARM, in the said County, in the Holding of Messrs, William and Joseph Slack. LOT II. 9 OAK Trees, 10 ASH Ditto, and 56 ELM, scribed and numbered, gruwing 011 a l- aun in Stoke, 111 the said County, in Ihe Holding of Mr. ' Th. mas Powvll. LOT 111. 6T OAK Trees, 48 ASH llilto, and 1 ELM, scribed Slid numbered, growing 011 a Farm 111 Child's Er; call, in the said County, iu the Holding of Mr. James Corfieid. Tbe respective Teuants will shew the Timber; and fur- ther Particulars may be known on Application to Mr- MORRIS, Solicitor, 111 Newport aforesaid. Newport. Qth April, 1812. CARDIGANSHIRE. CAPITAL N. iVY TIMBER. At the Talbot's Head lull, iu Ihe Towil of Aberystwith, on Tuesday, the 28th Day of April, 1812, at three o'Clm k in the Afternoon, in the. following, or such other Li ts as shall he agreed upon at the Time of Salt, und subject to Conditions to be then pro need ; LOT I. 1 OAK Timber Trees, Scribe- marked and number- | ed from 1 t « 126 inclusive ; also 2t> ASH, 3 Syca- more, and 5 Alder Trees, Scriht- marked " and ( lumbered, standing on CTLRUG FARM, situate in the Parish of Llangeithrt, 111 the said County, iu the Occulta tion of Mr. Lewis Thomas, and 011 the South Side of the Road leading from the Village of Llaugeitho lo Talsam, in the said County. LOT 11. 338 OAK Timber Trees, Scribe- marked and num- bered from 127 to 4T> 4 inclusive, and 2 ASH Trees, standing Oil a Field called Fionyrallt, Part of Ctlriig Farm aforesaid; LOT III 484 OAK'Timber Trees, SCribe- murkcd, and numbered from 4( i5 10943 inclusive ; 31 ASH Trees, and I Alder Tree, standing on certain other Parts ciCilrug Farm, called Llwyu Peulaufach aud Caercalch. LOT IV. 445 OAK Timber Trees, Scribe- marked, and numbered from 1 to 445 inclusive, 59 ASH, and 13 Syca- more Trees, also Scribe- marked and numbered, slauding on the several Farms of Peiiygwern, l. letlvdu itcha, ami Llet- tydu issa, situate in the Parish of Llauddewybrefy, in the said County, in tbe seveial Occupations of John Rees; Thomas Davies, aud David Morris. LOT V. 140 OAK TimbeiTrees, Si- ribc- marked, and num- bered from 1 to l4oiuclniii\ e, and 11 ASH Trees, standing on Troedyrhiew Farui, situate in the Paiish of Pantgwnlje, in the said County, iu the Occupat ion ofjohu David. The Timber comprised in the Several Lots are chiefly of large Dimensions, appear to lie perfectly sound, and weli calculated for the Use of the N av\ , or oilier superior Pur- poses ; are distant tj Miles from Li> in peter, to from the Sea- port of Aberuyi- on, and It? from Aberyslwith. John Davics. of Noble Marcws near Llangeitho, will shew the several Lots ; and further Particulars may be had bv Application to JOHN JONES, Esq Aberystwith; or Messrs. JONES and OWEN, Solicitors, Machynlleth, Mont- gomeryshire, LONDON. JRIDAYTAPRIL 10. Yesterday the Prince Regent held a Levee at Carltou- house, which was attended. by the Dukes of. York, Cla- rence, Kent, Cumberland, and Brunswick; the Foreign Ministers; the Archbishop of Casliel; the Lord Chancellor and the rest ofthe Ministers and great Officers of State; the Chief Justices; life Chief Baron ; the Lord Mayor; the Sheriffs; the Dukes of Gordon, Newcastle, Bedford, Manchester, & c. &. c.<— Among the Presentations were the Lord Mayor, Sheriffs, and Remembrancer, who presented the Resolutions of the Liverv i Lord Clifford, the Hon. Mr. Stourton, Sir H. Englefield, anil Sir J. Throckmorton, who presented an address from the ii orr ; n Catholics cf England; Viscount Milton, and Mr. YY ilberforce, wilh a Petition from Yorkshire ; Lord Bradford; Mr. Orlando Bridgernan. ofthe 1st Guards; Earl Talbot, on his appointment to the. Lord Lieute- nancy of the county of Stafford ; Mr. Professor Davy, who received the honour of Knighthood; Sir R. W. Vaughan 5— and a number of Military and Naval Officers, on promotion, and 011 returning from, or previous to departure for, various foreign stations. Moniteurs aud other French Journals to the 6t! i inst. have arrived in town. They speak in very pompous terms of the marching of troops from and to the Penin- sula, and make a boast that, at a time when I1' ranee has a formidable army upon the Vistula, she is also able to send more than 60 fresh battalions through the defiles of the I'yrcnnces, to reinforce her armies in Spain and Portugal. It is, however, to he observed, that she has not a single soldier in tlie latter kingdom, except in a state of captivity. The prevailing opinion expressed by military men, lately arrived froin Portugal is, that 110 general effort • can be made by the French armies for the relief of Badajoz; and this opinion is completely borne out by 1 nil Hie advices lhat have been received from Lisbon and other quarters. We therefore calculate very sanguiuely that before this time it is in our possession* The letters from Hamburgh are of the 20th lilt.— They state that a greater part ofthe French troops had left that city, and that the inhabitants, from the ages of 16 to 60, were obliged to do garrison duty, as a nation- al guard, under the inspection of those that remained. It is very generally considered, that war lias already been commenced iu the North ; and accounts from J" ranee state, that the first blow has been struck by Russia.— A letter from Paris of the 3d ins!, says, lhat advice had, that day, been received of the Russians having forcibly entered Meincl on the 23d ult. and pos- sessed themselves of all the Prussian magazines al that place— an event which was of course considered as an unequivocal commencement of hostilities. No official confirmation of this intelligence has yet been received ; but it is iu every respect probable ; and if war has actu- r. lly broke ou*, it will be highly gratifying to find that it has commenced under circumstances so favourable, and with such cheering auspices on the part of a Power determined to resist the farther aggressions of the most base, perfidious, and unprincipled of tyrants. A recent letter from St. Petersburg, says, " Things look now more serious than ever, and seem to indicate a speedy rupture. The general opinion is in favour of a war— and for a war, our army, thank God, is in the best possible situation, and the plan of operations is en- tirely different from that befor6 resorted to, and more adapted to oppose the legions of Bonaparte with success. Ail matters are in a promising state, excepting the Turkish Peace ; yet, as to this particular, great hopes rre entertained that it will be concluded. An Adjutant of tlie King of Prussia is arrived, and has imparled, it is said, not the intentions of his Master, but those of the French Emperor, who wishes to continue in amity with Russia. Count Loevenhjelon, Adjutant to the King of Sweden, is also arrived, and no question is made as to the subsistence of the closest connection between the two countries, or that Russia will assist Sweden in taking possession of Norway, by sending forces from Arch- angel. Regulations are now under consideration for establishing an uniform system for the transit trade; but these appear to me to be. under the present circum- stances, premature, since, should a war break out, a general interruption to the Commerce with Germany must inevitably be occasioned." A letter from Dover, states that a few nights ago, the Skylark brig of war, Lieut. Boxer, fell in with a fleet, of praams, which took shelter in a bay ; that lie attacked them in the face of the batteries, and after a smart action drove 15 of them on shore. The brig of war had one man killed. The official account of tile affair had not yet come lo hand, owing to contrary winds. The Poicticrs has arrived at Plymouth, and brings a confirmation of the L'Orient squadron having got safe into Brest; and it is stated that they carried in several prizes with them. On Wednesday last, the Commissioners for mediating between Spain and her American Colonies, Mr. T. Sydenham, ami Commodore Cockburn, left town for Portsmouth, and are to sail immediately for Cadiz.— This is their first destination. At'ler taking instructions froin the Spanish Regency, they will next touch at Ja- maica, where they will lake up Mr. Morier, the thiid Commissioner, who wa ts their arrival at that island. The opposition lo tbe plan of the arrangement be- tween Minislers and the East India Company has spread through the country with such force, that the commer- cial ton ns have the most perfect coutidence tbat they shall succeed in procuring tbe trade lo be entirely thrown open. Tliey have instructed their Members from al- most every part of the I'nijted Kingdom 011 the subject. — It is stated that deputations from Liverpool, Bristol, Plymouth,. Glasgow, Sheffield, and Birmingham, have already arrived in town,, to oppose the renewal of the commercial monopoly of the East India Company, and have held conferences at the Spring Garden Coffee- house. On Saturday morning, between three and four o'clock, ibe Ncwrj fly coach was stopped by .1 strong band of robberi, who without any intimation, fired into the coach, but without injuring any of the passengers. They proceeded to hand out lbo. se iu tiie coach, one by one, and with the most dreadful imprecations, made them deliver up all they possessed. There were Iwo ladies, Mrs. Hamilton and daughter, whom the robbers obliged to kneel down in the road, declaring they would shoot them instantly : one of the gang, however, interfered, j and even declared he would not allow their buggage to | be touched. However, the captain of the banditti order j ed every thing to be carried off. Money, watches, i trinkets, clothes, every particle was plundered. The Uev. Mr. Beresford was in the coach, and is said to have lost £ 20o j another gentleman lost £ 600. FROM Till: LONDON GAZETTE. AI tiie Court at Carlton House, tlie titii of A pi il, present j his Royal Highness Hie l'riuce l. igtuf in Council.— His j Royal Highness, in Council, was this day pleased, in the ! name and n tthe behalf of his Majesty, to declare Henry Viscount Ku. mouth Lord Presith nt Of his Majesty's most 1 onnurable Privy Council, and his Lordship took his place al the Hi aid accordingly liis Royal Highness having been pleased, in the name and cn the behalf of his Majesty, to appoint Charles Clietwynd Earl Talbot tobe l. ord lieu 1 en ant of the county of Stafford, t is Lordship this day took t lie mil ha appointed to be taken t hereupon, instead of tbe oaths of allegiance & supremacy. i lie Gaz; t. te also announces, tjiat the honour of Knight hood has been conferred, hy the Prince Regent, 011 Hum- phry Dnvy, Esq Professor of • Chemistry; Samuel Toller, Esq. ; ut. il Geo. Eyre, Esq. Captain in the Navy. SATURDAY, APRIL II. We have just received the following letter from Carlsham, March 28:—" We have the Russian Decla- ration of Hostilities of the 19th tilt, and a letter of the 13th, daled Konigslierg, which says, that France brings into the field 135,000 Frenchmen. There PIC besides 300,000 Auslriaris, Prussians, aud Saxons. Bonaparte and the King of Prussia are expected at Kouigsberg, at the head of the left wing of the army, 100,000 strong. TVfassena commands the Prussian army. The Prussian Court is gone to Brcslau. Silesia is declared neutral. TJKS French occupy Colbcrg, Pillan, and kernel." — Courier. This letter however is considered by the most respect- able Merchants 011 ' Change, as wholly unfounded: a circumstance of such vast importance would bave found iis way to this country long ago, had such Declaration been Issued at St. Pelersburgh on Feb. 19. Indeed, a letter from thence, dated March 12, received by the mail, takes no notice of the matter, but quotes the exchange to have fallen to 14 J Bonaparte, in his route to take the command of his anny in Poland, is expected to have an interview wilh the Emperor of Austria at Treves.— It is said that the greatest discontent prevails all over the Continent, in consequence of the late extended conscription. The Prussian Court has retired to Breslau, in order not to witness the march of French troops through lionigsberg. In the Berlin paper of the 5th of this month is the following official paragraph:—' According to a conven- tion entered into with France, the contributions due from Prussia which were in arrears, and were to be paid in the current coin of the realm, have beeu remitted. On llie other hand it is agreed that Prussia- is to furnish 25,000 men to act against Russia, and is beside to under- take to provide for the maintainance of the French troops during their march through the country.— Berlin Gazelle. The inhabitants ofthe country are flying in all direc- tions towards IConigsberg, in order to protect themselves against the ravage resulting from such a disastrous state of tilings. The Prussian army consists, besides 70,000 regular troops, ofl 50,000 men, disciplined, but not embodied, j Regiments of 7,000 men are stationed in Prussian ' Pomerauia. The roads from Botzenberg towards War- saw are covered with military, on their march to dif- ferent places, and indeed, all the public ways are crowd- ed in proportion ; strong magazines are to be established in every part of the country, for the purpose of sup- plying the armies. It is said at Konigsburg, that the right wing of the French army consists of 100,000, under the orders of Massena. We understand that a messenger to Government ar- rived by the last Auholt packet, and has reachcd Lon- don this afteruoon with important dispatches. The letters from Sweden inform us, that the Crown Prince has imparted to some of the Nobles, that it was his fixed determination to maintain, if possible, a per- fect neutrality, aud to declare in a short time the whole of the Swedish ports open to the flags of all countries. He is stated to have already given permission to the merchants 10 export Colonial produce ; and au order for the allowance of imports, it was expected, would be issued April 15, two days after the Meeting ofthe Diet. A letter from Dantzic, of March 10, slates, lhat seri- ous disturbances had again broken out in that town ; between the French aud German troops, and that much blood had heed spilt. All that we have heretofore heard on the subject of a good understanding between Bematlotte and England, is repeted in the letters just arrived ; and it is added, that Russia will continue to stickle for her neutrality ; in failure of which, she will join Sweden, and main- tain her pretensions, 111 unity with that country. HOUSE OF COMMONS- THURSDAY, APRIL 7. Mr. FULLER presented a Petition from the Innkeepers of Sussex, complaining of the hardships of having too many soldiers billetted upon them.— Ordered to lie ou the Table. Mr. I. YTTLETON said be understood that ( here were now in the River several cargoes of rice, under licences for ex- portation to France. This be conceived to he a most extra- 01 dinary circumstance, at a time when the scarcity of corn was so severely felt in the country.— Mr. PERCEVAL said he could not give au answer wilh respect to the specitic fact ; but he must state generally, that he knew nothing in point of law which prohibited the exportation of rice, and therefore a licence might have been granted. To lock up the small quantity we had in the country, might have the effect of preventing a large importation ; and it appeared to him a question of great doubt, whether prohibiting export- ation would not defeat its object. M r. CREEVEV brought forw ard his motion relative to the India Board of Confront. He said, he wished to know what was the increase that had been given to the President of the Board, and whether the Person holding this office could hold other sinecures and pensions. Supposing the salary to he £ 5000 a year, tbe whole annuity now enjoved by Lord Buckinghamshire, lately appointed to the office, amounted to £ 17,500 a year. For these reasons he moved for the production of cupies of all warrants directing the amount ofsalaries to be given to this office, pursuant to the Act ofthe 5 Ist Geo. Ill— Mr PERCEVAL said lie saw 110 reason why any man, 011 being appointed to a public situa tion, should relinquish the emoluments of other offices which he might possess. And, on this ground, he saw no reason why Lord Buckinghamshire should not retain, as a part of his private property, his olher emoluments. With respect to the papers moved for, they would be laid before the House us a matter of course. He was not certainly in- formed whether the office would fall in the event of the Company's Charter falling. There could be nothing, how- ever, in the appointment of the noble lord to this office, he having relinquished the pension altogether.— Mr WHIT- BREAD said he did not now speak of the Earl of Bucking- hamshire, but of men in general, and he thought 110 man should he placed iu a situation where liis interest and his duty would be so much at variance.— After a few words from Mr. CllEEVEY, the motion was agreed to. HOUSE OF LORDS, FRIDAY, APRIL 10. Petitions were presented from the Manufacturers and others in the West Riding of Yorkshire, signed by 17,000 ; and from Northampton, against the Orders in Council.— From the Ship Owners and Merchants ofthe Port of Lon- don; from the Merchants and Traders of Newcastle upon- Tyne ; and from Ihe Merclianis aud Traders of Walsall, for a free Trade lo India. On the order nf the day for the second reading of the hill to suspend the granting of Places in Reversion for two years, Earl GROSVENOR said he did not know whether he ought to turn his back 011 the bill with disgust, Or propose an Amendment. Great dissatisfaction had arisen through- out the country by the delay which had taken place iu re- spect to the Abolition of Reversionary Grants ; and rather than this bill should go 011 from year lo year, holding out a fruitless hope, he would consent to suppress it; and wilh that view, moved to leave oul u ibe 28th Feb. 1814," and insert the 28th Feb. 1340 — The Earl ot LA UDERDATE was j unwilling to attach so much cousequence to the bill as ti e ttob'. e lord who had preceded him. The salary of the whole of those places would not be found to be more than £ 35,000, aud he therefore did not tbink it til that Parliament should take it up as a serious matter. Since be had been introduced into political life, the interest and power of I he Crown bad been diminished. He conceived that the giv. nt of those offices decreased the iuteiest of the Crown, and lie wished to know, if all those grants were abolished, what benefit Ihe country would derive. He hudahopc that the question would subside ; he thought the agitation of it was calcu lated to do more harm than good.— Earl GREY could not admit that the agitation of the question could produce niis chief. He could mention three Reversions producing o£ ti0,000, which, if ihey| had not been granted in Reversion, might have been corrected. While the hill was in existence, the people would eutertaiu a hope that their interest would not tie negt; cted. He therefore gave it his support — The Earl of LIVERPOOL observed, that the aineudinent would counteract the hill, lie said the number of offices granted by tbe Crown were not one half of what they were 30 years ago. Politics and party had 110 influence with respect to tbe appointment of officers under the Crown—- merit only was considered, and the good of llie service— Lord MORTON opposed tee amendment, and Lord HOLLAND, supported it— Earl GUOSVENOR shortly replied; and it was then negatived without a division.— The bill was then read a sccond time. HOUSE OF COMMONS. Thebon. Mr. BENNETT gave notice, that on Wednesday he would submit to the llouse a motion 011 the subjcct of Corporal Punishments in the Army. Mr. CuRWen, alluding lo the present high price of corn, which' was now severely felt by the lower orders of the peo ple, proposed a renewal of Ibe act of 4lst Geo. 3d c. ] 6, by which it was piovided that flour should be made only of one quality, instead of tliree ; w hieh would save a consump- tion of perhaps four out of tbe 90 weeks which would elapse before a supply of new grain could be expected— The I CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER observed that Parlia- ; incntiii y regulations on such a subject, had only produced I mischief. The very act mentioned by the lion, gentleman, had scarcely passed, before it was discovered that it could not be carried into execution. The motion for going into a Committee 011 the Gold Coin bill v. as opposed by Mr. PARN RLI, who moved lo postiioi e I the farther proceedings foi a fortnight The motion how- ever was rejected by 87 against 27. The bill went through j the Committee; aud tbe report was ordered to be received ou Monday, LONDON, Monday Nigh I, April 13, 1812. The letters by tbe Anlioll mail, which arrived yesterday, were delivered to- day. The latest dates are to the 7th, not a word is said from Gottenburgh on the subject of Russia having issued a declaration of war against France. From the remarkable inactivity of the French, which has been apparent, for Ihe last t iii or three weeks, on Ihe Continent, it is inferred that temporizing measures are again resorted to by the Russian government, in order if possible to avert the pending blow about to he struck against her indepen- dence. Mr. Heylinger, who is stated to have arrived at Ihe Foreign Office, with dispatches from St. Petersburgb, is an Austrian messenger, and is tbe bearer of dispatches from the Austrian government. On the 6tb inst. the day 011 which the last packet sailed from Gottenburgh, three British men of war, and a packet from England, arrived off' lhat port.— The Carlsham tar- goes, about which so much has been said, have been partly soldytbe proceeds of which are considerable. The remain- der continues 011 sale, and when the whole is disposed of, the produce, with the exception of some allowances to be made to tbe Swedish government, will be assigned to pcr- soiis authorised to receive it for British account. Letters of the 161I1 of March from Riga, state that the Emperor Alexander was shortly expected to join the army, unless the several answers which had been returned to the French touching tbe matters in dispute brtween the two countries; should be deemed satisfactory.— The Generals appointed to serve under Ihe Emperor are Witgi nsteiu, Kutusow, and Essen.— A report reached Riga 11s the post was leaving, that the Russian troops had entered the Puis sian territory. Letters have been received today from Lisbon to the 23th nit. they were conveyed hither by a running- ship, but we do not discover any fresh intelligence relative to our army before. Badajoz. It is the repeated opinion at Lisbon, that III) effort on the part of the French could be enabled to relieve il. Sir Sidney Smith is now said to be in a fair way of recoVerv. Mr. Curwcn, this evening in the House of Commons, withdrew his motion for a Committee to enquire into the state of Corn and Provisions Three per cent. Consols 60, 5J) j. TO JO UIIN FIYMENT AI LO RST Tm7- ANTED immediately, several JOURNEYMEN V V TAILORS.— Steady, attentive Men, who thoroughly understand their Business, will have constant Employ, and meet with everv Encouragement, on Application lo S. WELLINGS, Tailor and Habit- Maker, CLAREMONT- STREET, Shrewsbury. S. W. hopes his uumcrous Friends, and a generous ! Public, will evcuse a short Delay iu the Execution of their Orders, occasioned by the present exorbitant Demands of the Journeymen in this Town, which he is determined not to comply with. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1812. The Subscribers to the Rev. Mr. Powlett's Book, are respectfully informed that the Packages which contained the Polumes expected on Saturday last did not arrive till Monday.— They are now ready for delivery al Mr. Eddoives's, Market Place. £ 3" On Sunday next, the \ 9lh Instant, A SERMON will be preached in the parish Church of Meole Brace, by the Rev. Archdeacon Corbett, for the BENEFIT of the SHROPSHIRE AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY.— Ser- vice to begin at eleven o'Clock, The Reverend and Worshipful WILLIAM Vysr, Doctor of Law s, Chancellor of the Diocese of Lichfield aud Coventry, intends to hold his PROBAT COURT, iu tbe Parish Church of Newport, 011 Wednesday, tlie 22d Day of April next ensuing ; and in the Parish Church of Saint Chad, Shrewsbury, 00 Thursday, Ihe 23d, between Ihe Hours of nine and twelve in llie Forenoon on each Day, where all Pevsous that haVu Wills to prove, Letters of Ad- ministration or Licences to take ont, or any other Busi- ness to do, may then and'there appear and have the same dispatched. ROBERT MITCHELL, Apparitor. A Caution to Executors-: Widows, Ac.— In order to avoid Information* and Penalties of a late Statute, datfd 2id June, 1797, Sect, vo, Anno Tricessimo Georgii Regis: " And be it further enacted, that every Person who shall administer the personal Estate of any Person dying after the passing of this Act, or Any Part thereof, without proving the Will of the' deceased, nr taking out Letters of Administration withissix Calendar Months after the death of Ihe Person so dying, shall forfeit and pay the Sum of Fifty Pounds to the use of his Majesty, his Heirs and Suc- cessors ;" and there are other Penalties, if Executors and Widows neglect to pay the Duty upon Legacies within 14 Days after the Payment of such Legacies. MARRIED. On Monday last, at Roddmgton, by the Rev. Mr. Mars- ton, Mr. Brat toil, to Miss Jukes, both of 1 hat place. On the 3diust. at Market Drayton, Mr. John Roberts, clerk to Messrs. Jebb aud Co. of Quina Brook, to Miss Tyler, of Pepper- street. Lately, Mr. Thomas Mansill, porter at the Booth- hall Coach office, Glorester, to the Widow Reeves. The bride groom is totally blind, notwithstanding which be is generally appointed to shew strangers over the city. DIED. About Ihe latter end of March last, of acancer iu her breast, in Market Drayton, Elisabeth Beech, n poor woman, at the great age of 103 years and odd months.— Having been born iu the year 1703, which was the oth of the reign of Queeh A one, she alleged that she fully remembered the coronation of King George tbe First, which happened when she was about sitf years of age. Besides an excellent constitution, the pure air thai she breathed, and the general moderation in diet, imposed, by necessity, on persons of her class, there is nothing to account for her extraordinary years; as she studied tier health, it appears, very liltle, disliked broth, tea, and all kind of slops ; aud partook of the coarse food used by her own children and grind- child- ren, whether it were potatoes and bacon, or anything else, ( except latterly cheese, which she found hard of digestion), on which she fed, according to her daughter's account, quite as eagerly to the last, us she had done 20 or 30 years before. Within a very few years uf her death, she has been seen sit- ting. at her door, hcuiiniuga hempeu shirt; continually went up and down stairs withtfut help ; and possessed her memo- ry, as well as eye- sight, - till within the last year or two, almost perfect and unimpaired. Al the Salop Infirmary, on Wednesday last, where he had been removed 011 account of a fractured thigh, Charles Lloyd, in the looth year of his age. He had formerly been in the army. v, Saturday last, at Meole Brace, in the loist year ofher age, Mrs. Ann Vanghan, widow, mother of Mr. Vaughan, ggrdener, oft his town. The decease of her husband, in his 99th year, was announced in our paper of tbe 18th March. O11 the 4th inst. aged 8",, Mrs. Hussey, of VVem, relict of the late M r. Hnssey, formerly a maltster in this town. Saturday last, iu his !() 1 ll year, William, son of the late Mr Philip, Oare, of rhis town. Wednesday last, Mrs. Mary Williams, many years the faithful Housekeeper of F. 81. Dovaston, Esq. of West- felton. Saturday last, at the. Pultcncy Hotel, in Piccadily, Jane Duchess of Gordon. Her Grace w as thc'eldest daughter of Sir William Maxw ell, Bart, was luirn in 1746, and, married to the present Duke of Gordon, Oct. 1, 1767, by whom she has, now living, one son, the Marquis of Huntley, and four daughters, viz. the Duchess of Richmond, Lady Magdalen Palmer, the Marchioness Coruwnllis, and the Duchess of Bedford. Monday last, Sir W. Plomer, Knt. Alderman, after a very short illness. Additional Subscribers and Benefactors, in the Salop District, to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, since the 18 th of last Month :— Sir Corbet Corbel, Bart. Lady Corbet, Acton I'eyvqld Edward Burton, Esq Salop The Rev. Charles Peters, Rector of 2d Portion of Pontesbury The Rev. William Thornes, Vicar of Alberbury John F'ox, Esq. Cleobury Mortimer The Rev. William Judgson, Rector 0f Adderlcy Mrs. Parry, Gtah'/ rhfan The Rev. John Witfcot, Iteclor of Bitterly John Clark, Esq. Ack'. eton Mrs. Daubrie, Ackleton The Rev. William Johnstone, Rector of Cidmington The Rev. Francis, Mnrs 1 ou, Vicar ofStokesatf George Thorpe, Esq. M. D. Ludlow Mrs. Elisabeth Powell, Bridgnorth Miss Warner, Bridgnorth. A Benefaction byia Lady £ 1 0 0 Ditto hy a Well- wisher I no Addi'ional, Subscriber to Prison Charities. Rev. R. II. Johnson, Wi. itaa. stou. :. £ 0 10 6 Visiting Clergyman this week at tlie Infirmary, the Rev. Edw. Pryce Owen:— House- Visitors, Mr. iiythell and Mr. Wood. A t theWeckl v Board on Saturday last, Mrs. Harwood, of Crickheath, was reported a subscriber of two guineas to that Charity. COMMISSIONS SIGNED BV TIII: Lonn LIEUTENANT. Shropshire Hegiment of Militia. —— Stedman, gent, to be Ensign, vice Lacon resigned. Ludlow nnd Bishop's Caslle Yeomanry Cavalry. Cornet Charles Powell to be Lieutenant, vice Henry- Lloyd, resigned.— John Thomas, gent, to be ditto, vice Molyneux, resigned.— John Powell, gent, to be Cornet, vice Home resigned. Two Sermons were preached on Sunday last, at St. Chad's, for the Shropshire Auxiliary Bible Society, by tbe Rev. Archdeacon Corbett, President of the So- ciety, and the Rev. Edward Balber, Vice President; after which collections were made to the amount of £ 82. 9s. Id. At our fair on Wednesday last, cattle of everv de- scription sold briskly at rather advanced prices— sheep in good supply, from L'. d. to 8d.— pigs lower than at late fairs— cheese from 65s. to 75s. per cwt — salt butter, 13s. 9il. to 14s. per gawn of 12lb. Three very extraordinary instances of longevity, in this county, will be found in our obituary of this week. Committed to our county gaol, by E. Edmunds. Esq. of Oswestry, on Thursday last, J. B. De La Cluse, R. J. Momierie, and Fran. C. De Linois, French prisoners of war, for having broken their parole of honour at that town. A Coroner's Inquisition was lately held on a view of the body of Mary Grindley, a native of Whitchurch, who hung herself at Prees, where she had gone to reside abont three weeks ago. Verdict, Lunacy.— The de- ceased, by parsimony, had saved about £ 200. On the 4th inst. 28 nets, with illegal meshes, were burned in the Market- place at Bridgnorth, s- ized by the Committee of the District, in consequence of search warrants issued for that purpose.— And same day a far mer in that neighbourhood was convicted of fishing in the river Severn with an unlawful net, and paid the penalty of three guineas. The Welsh inhabitants of Chester have associated, and formed amongst themselves ail Auxhiliary Bible Society, in aid of the Parent Institution in London. Staffordshire Auxiliary Bible Society.— Wednesday last a numerous meeting was held in the County Hall at Stafford, for the purpose of forming in that county a Society Auxiliary to the British and Foreign Bible Society in I, onion. Thomas Mottershaw, Esq. the High Sheriff, opened the business of the day, and was followed by Thomas Lister, Esq, after his unanimous appointment to the chair. The Rev. Mr. Gisborne proposed the resolufions. More than 7501. was sub- scribed before the meeting broke up. C AUTION.— A person, styling himself Dr. Taylor, one of the Whitworth Doctors, with a servant, carrying medicines, is now travelling the country calling indiscri- minately upi. 1i every description of people, offering ad vice to patients grat is. By pretending a knowledge of every disorder, he prevails upon the credulous to purchase his quacks, for which lie makes them pay exorbitantly. The public will do well, not only to guard aga; nst his impositions, but also to be active, as he is connected wilh a gang of 10 or 12 who travel with him, and whose object doubtless is something more than vending medi- cines. The Doctor is rather tall, of a spare habit, and pale complexion : the servant middle sized and swarthy. The address of the former is sometimes disgustingly polite, al others that of the most consummate impu- dence, universally tinctured with the greatest boldness. They were at Nantwich 011 Thursday. On Friday se'nnight were committed to Lichfield gaol, Smuel Williams and John Handley, two boot- closers ( who had left London 011 account of the general turn- out for wages), for carrying away two pair of boots, entrusted to them to close, by Mr. Stephen Barnes, Board- street, Lichfield, who pursued them through Burton and Derby to Nottingham, where they were taken, with the property upou them. Executions.— On Saturday last, Daniel Bishop alias Simmons, aged 22, for horse- stealing; and Philip Smith alias Friday, aged 40 for highway- robbery, were executed at Glocester, pursuant to their sentences at the late Assizes- The former maintained to the last a sul- len indifference and insensibility of his awful situation : and the latter stedfastly denied the crime for which he suffered, asserting, iu a short address to the spectators, a few moments before he was launched into eternity, that lie was al home with his family at the time it was committed. Same day, Wm. F. ylett, the elder, was executed at Hereford, for horse stealing, His son was convicted of the same crime, but was reprieved on account of his youth. His behaviour since condemnation had been truly penitent. A few days ago, a tumult took place at Carlisle, where the people wished to unload some vessels that were tak- ing in corn and potatoes to be carried coastwise. This was prevented by the seasonable interference of the Magistrates; but in the afternoon tho multitude were exasperated hy some of tbe military officers drawing their swords. 1 hey assembled round the mess- room and broke the windows, when the Riot Act was read, and the soldiers fired. One poor woman, far advanced in pregnancy, waskilled, and several persons were wounded. Some disturbances also took place in Bristol the last market day, on account of the dearness of provisions. Potatoes had been 011 Ihe rise for some time previous; and the farmers who had several waggon- loads at the market, were attempting to advance their price, when a mob assembled, and threatened thein with their ven- geauce. Some of the respectable inhabitants of the town in consequence interfered, and endeavoured to ap pease the mob by promising to prevail on the farmers to sell the potatoes at the price of the previous market- day. In this they were unsuccessful: and the couse- queuce was, that the mob seized the provisions in spite of every opposition, and either destroyed or carried away the whole. Tlie efficacy of Dr. JAVES'S Powder and Analeptic Pills in the cure of Rheumatism, so remaikftbly exemplified lately in the case of a gentleman in Dublin, was completely established some years ago by two gentlemen labouring un- der a similur complaint, Mr. Arthinglon, of Leeds, in York- shire, and Mr, William Barton Borwick, of Gray's Inn, London, who were recovered from the most deplorable slate, aud lived many years afterwards in perfect health, affording universally Ihejr testimonies of the virtues of these medicines. I11 slight and recent attacks of Rheu- matism Ihe Analeptic Pills w ill readily efVeel a cure, b it iu violent paroxysms, atlen. lcd with inflammations and fever, thePowiler should be freely adjniuislered. They arc also equally excellent in gouty aud bilious affections. The well selected and valuable stock ot Herefordshire cattle, the property of Mr. Barnett, of the Hazell, neur Ledbury, was lately sold by auction and went olfquick, at the following very high prices, viz— Con from j£ 54. 10s. to .£ 59. 15*. each ; steers and oxt- n from jt' 66. 10s, to £ 71. per yoke; yearling heifers from £ 22. to j> j 22. 10s. each ; yearling bullocks from £ 29. to £ 29. 10s. per yoke; and two- year- old steers from £ 20. to £ 29. 10s. per yoke. There was a very large attendance, amongst, whom were some of the first gia ziers and breeders iu this kingdom. Mr, Secretary Rider's letter to the Coloneis of Local Militia Regiments, on the subject ol their Cloathing, will be found in last page. The following account of the Riots at Manchester on Wednesday last, is copied from Vv heeler's Chronicle of Saturday. " The meeting announced in our last, i: r consequence of a Requisition to the Borouglueeve nnd Constables of this town, to prepare 1 dutiful and loyal Address to the Prince Regent was not held on Wednesday, appointed.— Several days previous to the tioic, printed bills had bem posted very generally in the town, calculated to e>: i ite a hostile feeling towards ttre meeting, and to prevent its avowed purpose ; and on Tutsday a uios, t iufiammalory printed b; ll appeared, of a nature to operate ou ll. e passio.-, s, the prejudices, and the presumed interests of tbe working- classes. This paper, we understand, was profusely distiibuted, not only iu the town, hut ill the neighbouring towns and villages, auil a great extent of country—- The magistrates and officers ofthe Hwn bad received intimation on tbe Tuesday, lhat so great a number of people would probably be brought together, a* to render it impossible that the Exchange Room, the place appointed for the meeting, could contain tlieni, and that tlie safety of the si air- case would he endangered.— ' I I. e event justified the precaution; for 011 Wednesday morning there was such an assemblage of working people, the great body of theni from the country, that tbe Market- place and St. Ann's Square joined would not have conliiined them for any purpose of business.— The Boroiighreeve and Constables had pnh'isbed haud- bills, stating, that for the reason al. ready given, tbe meeting could not be held. About ten in the morning the people assembled began to take possession ofthe News- room of tbe Exchange, and at. length occupied it completely. There they were stationed for a loug Unit, till the work of mischief was begun, we believe, hy boys, a nnmherof whom, of a daring cast, were about. ' 1 hey broke some of the windows, and this was shortly followed by a general attack cn Ihe interior ofthe room., Nearly the whole of the front and side windows, the very elegant glass lamps, tbe furniture, and the large maps were destroyed, and an excellent full- length pdure of Col. Stanley, oue of the members of this county, was much defaced They after- wards attempted to set tire to the materials they had de- stroyed in the room ; but immediate assistance was brought to prevent it. On this alarm being given, J. Silvester aud K. Wright, Esqrs. Magistrates, ordered the liot act to be read, and a number of respectable persons volunteered their ser- vices as special constables, in addiliot>- tn the usual number then on duty. The Scots Greys were mustered fioin the Barracks, and the Cumberland Militia, now quartered here, were drawn up.— From tbe active si rvices of the Scots Greys led 011 by Colonel C'lav, the populace were obliged to dis- perse, the militia, iu the first instance, keeping them in a line of distance, and afterwards guarding all the avenues to the market- place.— A military patrol was kept up dnrinij the night. " About one o'clock in ihe day, a great number of the persons assembled surrounded an apparent leader of them, who, with much form, read the resolutions of Mr Waitir- man, lately passed at a meeting in London. These reso- lutions had been made the principal imbject of one of the printed hills so industriously put up on the walls. On Thursday morning Ihe ferment was allayed, a small number of tile soldiers still 011 duty, and by noon Hie town appeared to be in about its usual stale.— Nearly the whole of V\ ednes day the shops in the centre of the tow n were closed; as a precautionary measure. " The Address proposed on this occasion w as to profess principles which every Brlt. m will at onre accede to ; that, is, the support of the Throne, and of our unt^ oalled Con- stitution. Those w ho favoured this Address feel as much for the depreciation of commerce, and the consequent wants of the working class, ns those v ho opposed it, and would be as really tn render lliem relief.— On this occasion the people were induced to come from a distance of many miles, a number of tlieni out uf Yorkshire, deluded hy the hopes of some great and immediate advantage that w as lo arise to them from attending the meeting— To this delusion may be attributed the mischief that followed ; and happy it is that 110 worse consequences ensued.— They came evidently forapuipose they did not comprehend; from advantages which could not he produced, aud they were in course greatly disappointed.— Several. of them declarfd they were paid for coming.— One man was taken into custody. " The damage done in tbe Exchange Building is to Ihe amount of several hundred pounds — We have the particular gratification to add, that the peace of ihe town continues to be undisturbed. A reward of one hundred pounds is off ered for the discovery and conviction of any of the depre- dators on Wednesday, or Iheir abettors. " A meeting was held on Thursday, at the Police- office, when au Address to the Prince Regent was prepared and approved." The female wretch, who was convicted with her husband at the Bury Assizes, for starving her step- daughter, whilst oa ber return to Ipswich jail, after her conviction, observed she cared not for death, but she had only one wish, and that was— to see her hus- band hanged first 1 The parties had not spoken to each other for several weeks. RATES OF CARRIAGE. rT^ HE Justices assembled at the Easter General Quarter I. Sessions of the Peace for the Couuty of Salop, and the Town aud Liberties of Shrewsbury, 1812, respectively bave, pursuant 10 Ihe . Statutes made in the 5 ih Year of King William and Queen Mary, and the 21sl Year of King George theSd, assessed and rated the Prices for Laud Car- riage of Goods as follows, viz. For the Carriage of all Goods and Parcels whatsoever ( except Money, Plate, or Jewels) brought into and delivered in any Place within the said County, oi- Town nr Liberties, from this Sessions until the liasler Ses- sions, lata, by any Coach or snch like Carriage, Three Halfpence per Hundred Weight of f I Sib. per Mile, and so in Proportion for a greater ur less Quantity ; except Parcels of wlb Wcigiit or under ; and for such Parcels one Shilling and Eight pence from London to Shrews- bury, and so iu Proporliou for any greater or less Distance. For the Carriage of all Goods and Parcels ( except Money, Plate, or Jewel*) brought into and delivered in any Place within the said County, or Town or Liber- ties, from this Sessions until the Easter Sessions, 1813, by any Waggon, or such like Carriage, Three Farthings per Hundred Weight 0/ 112/ 4 per Mile, aud so in Propor- tion for a greater or less Quantity; except Parcels of 12lb. Weight or under, and for sucli Parcels one Shil- ling and Sixpence from London lo Shrewsbury ; and so iu Proportion for any greater or less Distance. The said Rates aud Prices to include every Expense and Charge whatever for the Carriage of sucb Parcel or Parcels to the Place where the same shall be delivered. LOXDALE. HAZARD, BURNE, AND WARNERS, STOCK- BRO?. ERS, respectfully inform the Public, that TICKETS and SHARES tor the present STATE LOTTERY, are on Sale at ill- II- Office, No. 93, ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON The Scheme, by a very judicious arrangement, exhibits capital Prizes m greater N ini. ber aiidVuuety, than in auv former Lottery ot au ripial Number uf Tickets Price of a Ticket £ 21 is 6 Half £ 11 I) 6 I Eighth £ 2 18 Quarter ... . 5 15 0 | Sixteenth I 9 tj Tube drawn 30th ot ihe PRESENT MONTH, April, Letters, post paid, duly answered, and Orders from th* | Country, accompanied with remittance, attended by the return of Post. AGENT for tbe above OFFICE. Mr. T. NEWLING, Bookseller, Shrewsbury, WHO LATELY SOLD Two Shares of a Pill A E of £ 20,000, And One of a £ 5,000. CIARROLL anil Co. Stock- Brokers, 20, Oxford- Street, j London, established in the Year 1777, respectfully inform the Public, that tlicy are Selling the Tickets and Shares of tbe New STATE LOTTERY, lo be drawn the MARKET HERALD. Price of Grain in our Market on Saturday last— Wkeat 19s. 3d. to 21s.— Barley 12s. Od. per bushel of 38 quarts.— Oats 9s. Sd. per customary measure of 57 quarts. Mark Lane, April 10. To day we have not many fresh arrivals of Wheat, hut middling supplies on hand, not much of first quality, which is at a small increase iu price— Barley in short supply somewhat higher and appears a rising siticle— Malt and B bite Peas keep their prices^— Beans of every kind ralher dearer. Current Price of Grain per Sunder as under:— Wheat 9ns. to 118s, [ While Peas Ot's. to 00s. B. irlev 6') « . 10 72S, 1 Oats 40s to 4a*. Beans 62s. lo ( iSs. | M- ih, 96s. to Vfl'^ i. Fine Flour, 105s in 1,10'.— Seconds lOlis. to. lfPK - er « » < k, APRIL l,).]~- The fresh arrivals of Wheat to- day make a tolerable supply, iu the er. rly part of tbe forenoon sales of fine were brisk, at rather berier price, but afterwards nearly at last currency; Barley und Malt each, keep their price; V,' hite Peas somewhat lower; Old Beans at a small advance; there are but short supples of Oats, and sales thereof also lather dearer; Flour fully at the late quotation. sutti of THIS MONTH ( Apiil). SCHEM EME. £ 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 4,000 4,000 „ 3,000 3,200 3,0U0 2,400 2,000 2,500 2,800 3,000 3,100 30,000 Ti- ckels and Shares arc also selling by their Agents, YV. MORRIS, Bookseller, Princess- Street, Shrewsbury, J. BROOKE, Jamaica- Row, near the Moat, Birmingham. No. 6,345, the last Prize of £ 30,000 ever shared, In Three Eighths and Ten Sixteenths; No. 12,103, ihe test Prize of £ 10,000 ever shared, lu Sixteen Sixleeullis, Were SOI. D by CARROLL and Co.' s AGENTS. 1 ... of ... £ 20,000 .. ... is 1 15,000 .... ....... 1 10,000 .... 1 ..., 5,000 .... 1 4,000 .... 1 3,000 .... 2 2,000 .... 4 1,000 .... ( j 500 .... 8 4O0 .... ' lo 300 .... 12 200 .... 20 100 .... 50 50 .... ....... ? 0 40 .... 100 30 .... 124 25 .... ....... 2,000 15 .... T On Ihe first of May will he published. An ORIGINAL and SPLENDID WORK, fillitied HE BORDER ANTIQUITIES of ENGLAND and SCOTLAND delineated. Comprising Specimens of the Architecture, Sculpture, and other Vestiges of former Ages, from the earliest Times lo the Unitm of the Two Crowns; accompanied wilh descriptive Sketches, Biogra- phical Remarks, and a brief History ofthe principal Events that have occurred in this interesting port of Great Britain. The Whole of the Engravings will be executed by Mr. John Greig, from Paintings made expressly for this Work by Mr. George Arnald, A. R. A. Mr. A Nasmyth, aud Mr. L. Clennell. *** The first Part, containing Six Pistes nnd Two Sheets of Letter- press, will be published on the lst of May, 1812. CONDITIONS— This Work will not exceed Four Volumes Quarto, and will be published in Parts, onrc every three Months, or oftener if possible. Each Part will contain Six or more highly finished Engravings, and Two Sheets of Letter- press ; Price in Medium 4tn. los. 6( 1. each Part, or with Proof Impressions of the Plates, in Super- royal 4to. 15s. Eight Parts will form a Volume, with which Will be given au engraved Title- page, and Tail- piece. Published by Messis. Loneman, Hursl, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster- row; Wm. Miller. Albemarlc- street; Constable and Co. Edinburgh ; J. Greig, Chapel- Street, Pentonville ; and sold by VV. EDDOWES. Shrewsbury. .. fa 12 6 . 0 10 b . 1 0 0 . 0 10 b . 0 10 6 . 0 ID 6 . 0 10 6 . 1 0 0 . 1 1 0 . 1 0 0 0 10 6 . 1 1 0 .. 1 1 0 .. 1 0 0 .. 1 0 0 .. 1 0 0 .. 1 0 0 .. 2 2 0 70 RE SOLD, considerably UHDRH PHI SIB COST, ALARGE and valuable Assortment of MILLINERY, DRESSES, and HABERDASHERY GOODS, with rich Silks, superfine Pelisse Cloths, & c. the Property of Miss LANES; who take this Opportunity of returning their grateful Acknowledgemnts lo those Ladies and the Public who have honoured them w ith their Support, and to assure tliein that no Effort shall be wauted on their Parts to merit iheir future Favours. Market- place, April 14,1812. SUBSCRIBERS In the Fluid for the Relief of the Widows and Families of Seamen lately Lost in sonic of his Majesty's Ships of War. Sir John Hill, Bart. Rev J. B. Blakeway L. Dow- biggin, Esq. Rev W G. Rowland A Lady Mr. Loxdale Thomas Lloyd, Esq Joseph Carless. Esq.,,, Rev. E. Williams Mr. Crump Mr. Brayue Rev. H. Oweu Rev. J. Rocke Mrs. Mason, Belmont John Beck, Esq C Aylett, Esq. W. Flemyng, Esq John Owen, Esq. Penrhos WANTED, a steady, miildle- aged Man as GROOM, orGROOM and H UNTSMAN.— None need apply whose Character w ill not bear the strictest Enquiry. Particulars of THE PRINTER. EDUCATION. TAND TAX REDEMPTION OFFICE, SHREWSBURY. KOTICE is hereby given. That Attendance is daily given at this Office, at. THE COLLEGE, Shrewsbury, from nine o'Clock in the Morning until four in the Afternoon, foi the Purpose of issuing out Certificates of the Amount of Land- Tax, and for granting Contracts for the Redemp- tion thereof. All Letters, kc. must be sent Post paid. TO~ SURGEONS. fTMlE Advertiser, who is a voinig Man, and who has had JL good Advantages in his Profession, aided by Iwo Years' Practice in tbe Navy, is desirous of engaging with a professional Gentleman in respectable Practice; wilh whom, if he could have the Advantage of attending a Pub- lic Hospital or Infirmary, it would he more agreeable. He has a good Knowledge of Pharmacy.— Apply ' if by Letters, Post- paid) to J. T. GRITTON, Stanley Colliery, near Bewdley. NEW IRON RAILING. TO be disposed of, at PENTRE DA Y L o, two Miles N orth of Oswestry, 13$ Yards of IRON RAILING, with Wicket and Lock, purchased at Mr. I. aeon's Forge, near Ruabon, 15 Months ago, for the Purpose of preserving some Gravestones in Selattvn Churchyard, but can be altered Io suit, a Court at the Expense of a few- Shillings: and the Rector having refused his Permission for them to be erect- ed, they will be gladly sold for Twelve Pounds, tlio' Ihe original Cost was £ 17. exclusive of the Carriage. ______ And entered upon al Mar/ next,' ANEAT, comfortable HOUSE, with suitable Offices, in good Repair ( fit for the Reception of a small genteel Family) together with a tw o- stalled Stable, and an excellent Garden well stored with Fruit Trees, situate in the pleasant Village of LLANYMYNECH. in the County ofSalop. For Particulars apply to MI-. TAYLOR, of theCross Keys, in Llanymynech aforesaid. GENTEEL RESIDENCE FOR A SMALL FAMILY. TO BE LET, WIKEY COTTAGE, with upwards of Twenty- one Acres ofexcellent LANPaltached.— It is pleasantly situated within half a Mile of the dclirhtful Village and Vale of GRESEORD, near Wrexham.— The Land may be entered upon immediately, and Ihc House at Midsummer next. Apply to Air. BURTON, Queen- street, Wrexham. 1 Prize of £ 20,000 is 1 15,000 1 10,000 1 5, iiOU 1 4.0( 10 t 3,000 . 2 2,0110 4 1,000 6 .........;,. 500 8 400 10 300 . 12 200 . 20 100 5( 1 50 70 40 100 30 121 25 2, uoo 15 WANTED IMMEDIATELY, in a respectable LADIES' SCHOOL, in Shropshire, an UNDER- TEACHER. — She must he steady, active, and strictly moral.— No Person need apply who cannot produce good Recommend- ation — Letters lo be addressed ( Post- paid) toX. W. at the Post- Office, Shrewsbury. AN TED, in a Gentleman's Family a FOOTMAN' where one only is kept. He must thoroughly under- stand his Business, be able to produce an unexceptionable Character for Honesty, Sobriety, and Steadiness ; and must have lived some Time in his former Place. His Age must not be less lhan 26 or 27 Years. Every Encouragement will be given, with Respect to Wages, to a thoroughly con- scientious Servant. For Particulars apply to THE PRINTER COOK AND MAN SERVANT. WANTED in a small regular Family, a COOK, who understands her Business, and can bring a good Character from her last Place— Alsoa young MAN, to take care of two Horses, can wait at Table, and understands something of Gardening.— Apply at the Bear Inn, Welsh- pool. ~ RUNAWAY APPRENTICE. WHEREAS THOMAS STURGES. S, Apprentice to EDWARD CARTER, Painter and Glazier, of CON- DOVER, near Shrewsbury, in the County of Salop, hatli absconded himself from Ins said Master without any just Cause: He is about 5 Feet 3Inches high, fair Hair, fresh Complexion, stout made, and Knock Kneed; had on when lie left, a brown Coat and Jean Trowsers.— He is desired to return to his Master again; aud any one harbouring or employing him after this Notice, will he prosecutcd. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORST* ALL Persons having Demands against the Estate and Effects of JOHN BALL, of UEFINGTON, in the County ofSalop, Innkeeper, are requested to forward their respective Accounts lo Mr ROBERT GREY, Mercer, or Mr. JOHN HEIGIIWAY, Grocer, both of Shrewsbury, in Order that the same may be adjusted; aud all Persons indebted to the said Estate, are required to pay the same lo the said Mr GREY, or Mr. HEIGHWAY, without Delay. Shrewsbury, April 14th, 1812. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately : AN excellent and convenient DWELLING HOUSE . and GARDEN, lale the Residence of Mr. BAKF. R, situatein HILL'S LANE, Shrewsbury. The House consists on the Ground Floor of an Entrance Hall, large Dining Room, Drawing Room, and a Breakfast Parlour; 011 Ihe principal Floor. 4 excellent lofty Sleeping Rooms, one Dressing Room, and 2 Closets ; on the second Floor, 4 comfortable Bedchambers, and 1 Closet; in the Atticks, 2large Rooms. The Offices are very convenient, theCel- lars good.— For further Particulars enquire of JONATHAN PERRY, Pridehill, Shrewsbury. TO BUILDERS. THE PARISH CHURCH OF CHTJRCHSTOKE, COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. THOSE who are desirous of undertaking and contract- ing for taking down this Church, and Building a new one, agreeable to a Plan and Specification left with the Churchwarden, Mr. THOMAS SOUTHALL, of Chnrchstokc, are requested to attend at the Dwelling House of Joseph Jones, in Churchstoke aforesaid, on TUESDAY, Ihe 21st Instant, at eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, and be prepared to deliver in Proposals iu Writing for undertaking the same; and at the same Time name sufficient Sureties for the due Performance ofthe said Contract. Churchstoke, 1 st April, 1812. BRIDGE AT CANTLOP FORD. ~ rrio the Proprietors, Clergy, and Occupiers of Land J. connected with the Road, leading from Shrewsbury to Betton, Berrington, Cantlop, Pitchford, Acton- burnel, Acton- pigot, Frodesley, Buckley, Church- preen, Holl- preen, Kenley, Cardington, Gretton, Chatwall, Hughley, Rushbury, Wall, Easlhope, Millichope, Munslow, & c. & c. Whereas many serious Losses and Inconveniences have happened at the dangerous, and frequently impassable FORD near CANTLOP, on the said Road, and as the Necessity of a CARRIAGE BRIDGE has been long severely felthy Persons travelling the said Road; for these Reasons, and at the Request of the principal Proprietors ( who have most liberally offered their Assistance) 1 II ERE BV GIVE NOTICE, that a MEETING will be held at the OATSHEAF, in PITCHFORD, on MONDAY, the 21tli Instant, at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon, for ihe Purpose of ascertaining what Fnnd can be raised, and consulting on the best Means of completing the said Bridge. Pitchford, • R. FOX, April 11, 1811. General Surveyor of the said Road. N. B A PLAN and FISTIMATE will be shewn nt the Meeting. RICHARDSON, GOODLfJCK, and Co. CONTRACTORS with Government, respectfully beg ' Leave to solicit the Patronage of ilie Public towards the SCHEME of the STATE LOTTERY, containing only 12,000Tickets, which will b3 DRAWN on THURS- DAY the 30th of THIS MON TH— APRIL. SCHEME. £ 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 4,000 3,000 4,000 4,000 3, COO 3,200 3000 2,400 2, COO e, 5') 6 2,800 3,000 3,100 . 00,000 The TICKETS'ill this LOTTERY are all of different Numbers; and, the WHOLE LOTTERY will be deter- mined iu ONE DAY. TICKETS and SMARTS are Selling at Shrewsbury, by W. EDDOWES, Printer. . Market Drayton. R. GRANT, Post Master. H'rcxham, J. PAINTER, Bookseller, Oswestry. W. PRICE, Bookseller. For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK and Co. Of CornhiU, and Charhg- fross, London, Who sold, in the last Lottery, Drawn 18th FEBRUARY, 1312, No. 3, 486, a PRIZE OF £ 20,000, IN ELEVEN SHARES. TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY PR I FATE CONTRACT, IN ONE OR TWO LOTS: LOT I. OAK Trees, marked and numbered wilh white 4j ( ( J Faint, from 1 to 275 inclusive ; 14 OAK Cyphers. LOT II. 100 ASH Trees, marked and numbered with white Paint, from 1 to 100 inclusive; 1 ASH, and 1 MAPLE Cyphers; 16 WYCH ELM Trees; 2 DITTO Cyphers ; 5 ALDER Trees, and 2 DITTO Cyphers. The above valuable Timber is growing on CAUSE CASTLE FARM, in the Comity of Salop, distant 10 Miles from Shrewsbury, 011 the Montgomery Turnpike Road Many of Ihe Oak, and some of the Ash Trees, are of large Dimensions, aud those which are less are of excellent Quality, and fit for Wheelwrights ; many of the Oaks are fit for the Navy or other Purposes for which large Timber is required. Richard Morris, al Cause Farm, will shew the Timber; and to treat for il apply to Mr. HAWLEY, of Cause. ^ aleg bg Auction. FURNITURE. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises, in ABHEY- FOREGATE, Shrewsbury, oil Thursday, the t6tli Day of April Instant, TH E entire HOUSEHOLD FURNITUR E, of the late Captain M ILNER, deceased, the Whole of which arc of a very neat Decription and excellent Quality: compri- sing Tent and Fourpost Bedsteads, with Chintz, Damask, and Cotton Hangings, excellent seasoned Feather Beds, Mattrasses, Blankets, Bed Quilts, and the other customary Articles of Bed Room Furniture; several excellent Maho- gany and other Tables, Chairs, Carpets, Sofa, Glasses, & c. in Dining Room and Parlour; the usual Routine or Kitchen Requisites, and some valuable Brew ing Vessels. Catalogues lo be had of THE AUCTIONEER, and the Sale will begin at TEN. HOUSEHOLD FURMTUR F, Excellent Brewing Vice's, Home- made TASKS', PLATE, CHINA, fl LA SS. and Effects, Of Mr. JOHN BALL, at UFFINGTON, near SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PF. LLRY, On Monday, the 27th Day of April, 1812; HnilF. entile HOUSEHOLD FURNITUR E, and every a other 1 lie Effects, being in and upon the Premises, called THE BOWLING GFTEF. N INN, at UEFINGTON; also ihe MILKING COWS, PIGS, and other Onlstock. Further Particulars will he published, and Catalogues prepared. auction; BY J. BRQOMK, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 16th of April, 1812, T/ IVE capital WAGGON MORSES, aid Gearing for JT Ditto, with all Ihc IMPLEMENTS in HUSBAN DRY, and Part of tho HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNI- TURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, and Casks, belonging to Mr. BOWEV, of OAKWJOO, near Church Stretton, in the County of Salop. BY j, BROOME, WITHOUT THE LEAST RESERVE, On Friday and Saturday, Ihe 17th and 18th Days of April, 1312, on the P i mi- ses beh- i-. giug lo the '. He Mr TRUS- TRAM, of CHARLTON, near Wellington, in the Cour. lv of S'd"' p, deceased : rjMIE'LlVE STOCK, ami IMPLEMENTS in BUS- ' S EANDRY, with all the HOUSEHOLD GOODSand FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Cask? : consisting of three Draught Horses, and Gearing for ditto ; one Barren Con-, one Sow in- pig, six Store Pigs; three broad- wheel ' Tumbrils, one Wheel Plough, two Pair of Harrows, four Stone Cisterns, tlirfee ditlo Pig- tioughs, one Dozen Hurdles, one Wheelbarrow, l ot of Bags, two Diag Rakes, three Ladders, with a large Quantity of . Implement Timber, and small Implements. ' The HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE consists of four- po » l and other Bedsteads, with Furniture, Feather Be, Is, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets and Cover?, Chests with Draw ers, Dining and other Tables and Chairs, w ilh A Variety of Kit. e,: u Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks. ' The Live Stock, Implements in Husbandry, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, will b • sold the first Day.— Sale to begin at Hi o'Clock each Morning N. B. A good 4- Horse Power THRESHING MACHINE will be Hold the first Day. bV J. BROOME, ~ Oil the Premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 2? d and bi'. h Days of April, IS12, belonging to Mrs. JENKINS, of CR E- SSAGE, 111 the ( oiinty ot Salop; " I I. ihe truly valuable LIVE STOCK, and IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, with greatest Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Br wing and Dairy Utensils, and (. asks: consisting of 6 Cows and ELEGANT COALPOHT CHINA, In rich 7able Services, Breakfast Selsr Tea and Coffee Sets, Dejeuner, Flower Pots, and ornamental Chirm, forming a novel and strand Display, infinitely superior to any ever offered for Sale in thi* Town. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On Wednesday and Thursday, the 99th and 3olh Davs nf April Instant, in the ASSEMBLY ROOM of the late RAVEN INN, Castle- Street, Shrewsbury; AN Assemblage of Table, Tea, & Ornamental CHINA, suitable to Establishments of the first Bank, private Families, and the first Class of Inns ; being the whole Con- tents of an Order of Magnitude recently provided for au | Calves, 3 Barrens, 2 two- yrars old Bullocks," 2 ditto Ueife American House in the Trade, bill countermanded ' 01 eon. ! 5 Yearlings ; .4 Waggon " Horses ( with long ' fails). Gearing sequence of the existing Differences between thih and thnt Country.—- Catalogues in due Time, and other Particulars of THE AUCTIONEER. BY GEORGE SMOUT, On the Premises, at VEACHHEfiR, in the Parish of Berriew, and County of Montgomery, on Wednesday, the \ 22d of April, 1812. ALL the LIVE STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, with Part of Ihe HOUSEHOLD GOODSand FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, & c. belonging to Ihe late Mr. THOMAS Bt. AYNEY, deceased.— The Sale to hegiu precisely at Ten o'Clock, as the Whole is intended to be sold in one Day. TO BE LET, , And entered upon immediately, ANEW erected RESIDENCE, Stabling for 8 Horses, Coach House, numerous attached aud detached Offices of every Description, Lawn, Shrubberies, Hothouse, and excellent Kitchen Garden, walled and planted, seated • 111 ail Eminence commanding very extensive and pic- turesque Views, in a healthy and sporting Country; to- gether wilh any Quantify of rich Meadow aud Arable LAND not exceeding Twenty Acres. The Premises are formed 011 a Modern Plan, finished in a Style of peculiar Neatness ; comprising Entrance Hall, capacious Drawing and Dining Rooms, Breakfast Room, 7 Bed Chambers, the Domestic Offices replete with Conveni- ence, and the Whole in the most perfect and complete Order; situated in WOORE, in the County of Salop, on the great Road from HOLYHEAD to LONDON.— The Pre mises maybevies- ed 011 Application to Mr. LATHAM, of Woore, from wliom further Particulars may be obtained ; or from Mr. OWEN, Upholsterer aud Auctioneer, Nantw ich. Salcu bp auction, VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. BY T. V A UGH AN, On the Premises, 011 Wednesday, Ihe 22d of April, 1312, PART of Ihe HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, together with the Whole of Ihe Brewing Utensils, belonging to Mr. W. FREEMAN, of the RED LION, WELCH- HAMPTON, in the Couiitv ofSalop. The Sale lo commence at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon. BY vAUGHAV, On the Pi Cntises, without reserve, on Friday, 24th Day of April, 1812: ALL the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, Brewing. Utensils, aud other Effects, belonging to the lale Mr JAMES GREEN, of DUDLISTO. N, in the Couuty of Salop. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. All Pe rsons w I10 have any Claim or Demand ou the lale Mr. JAMBS GREEN, are requested lo send their Accounts to Mrs. GREEN, that the same mav be examined and discharg- ed : And all Persons indebted io the sari James Green at the Time of bis decease, are requested to pay Ihe same to the said Mrs. Green, on or before the Ist Day of June next, otherwise proceedings will be commenced against them for the Recovery thereof, without further Notice. FARMING STOCK, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. BY GLOVER AND SON, On Wednesday, the 15th Day of this Instant, April, 011 the Premises at WALFORD HEATH, ill the Parish of fias- ehuri h, in the County of Salop, in the Occupatiou of John Thomas: ALLthe FARMING STOCK and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, of the said Joit\ THOMAS: consist- ing of 3 able Waggon Horses, 1 yearling Coll; 9 Head of Cattle; 1 Sow iu- pig; 1 Harvest Waggon, Tumbrels, Ploughs, Harrows, and a Variety o{ oilier Implements; with a Quaiititycf HAY, to be consumed 011 the Premiss ; together with" all the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils. Tlie Sale io begin precisely at 11 o'Clock. for 7 Ditto, I Hack Colt, two Years old, by ACTIVE, 1 Yearling Ditto, by Ditto; Its Ewes and Lambs ; Q Store Pigs, I Sow in- pig ; 3 Waggons, 2 broad Wheel Tumbrels, 1 narrow Wheel Ditto, 1 double Plough, 2 single Oil to," 3 Pair of Harrows, 1 Roller, I Car, s Dozen of Hurdles, t Slack Frame, Winnowing Machine, Lot of Big ,0 lover Sacks, several Stone Pigtroughs, Set of Draining Tools, 6 Fodder Cribs, 1 Wheelbarrow, 2 Corn Coffers, 2 Drag Rakes, wilh a Number of small Implements, and a large Quantity of implement ' Timber, iu small Lots The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Folirpost and other Bedsteads, Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, with Sheets, Blankets, and Covers, Dining and oilier Tables and Chairs, Chests with Drawers, a Quantity of Linen, and Linen Chests, Pier aud Swing Glasses, with a large Assortment of Kitchen Requisites, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, and Casks; the Whole of which will be found in good Order) and sold without the least Reserve. | The Sale to begin at Ten o'clock each Morning.— The Live Stock and lnlple) iieiits will be sold the first Day. TURNPIKE TOLLS. FARM. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, AVALUABLE FARM, called THE RAYS, in the Pa- rish of Stotlesden, in the County of Salop, consisting of a good Farm House, two Bams, Stable, and suitable Outbuildings, newly ended, wilh 131 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, all within a Ring Fence.— The Plough Land is well adapted for Turnips.— It is 7 Miles from Bridgnorth, the same from Bewdley.; and joins the Turnpike Rood near to Kinlet — There is a Colliery 011 the Premises, and Pits are now sunk that arc ready for Work, which might beset either with or without theFarm. Any Person wishing to treat for the same must apply to WM. PARTON, of Shineton, near Much Wenlock, who will appoint a Person to shew the Premises. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS arising at I the Toll Gates erected on the Turnpike Roads leading from Morton Bridge hy West Feltou to F. llesmere, in the I County of Salop, will he LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidders, at the Town Hall, in Ellesmere, in the said County ofSalop, 011 SATURDAY, the SIXTEENTH Diyof MAY next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two in the After- noon, for one or more Years as shall then be agreed upon, in the Maimer directed by the Act passed iu the 13th Year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for re- gulating the Turnpike Roads :" w hich Tolls produced the ast Year the follow ing Sums ; viz. Rednall Gates £ 30, and Blackwalers Gate i' 24 is. above the Expense of collecting them. Whoever happens to he the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties ( who shall personally attend) to ihe Satisfaction of the Trustees of tbe said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of Ihe Rent agreed for, and al such Times as they shall direct. PETER PRITCHARD, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Ellesmere, llth April, 1812. SUPERIOR FARMING STOCK, AT BREADEN- HEATH. BY T VAUGHAN, On the Premises, without the least Reserve, oil Saturday, tbe 25th, and Monday, the- 27th Days of April, 1SI2, ALL that choicely selected and well known LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brew- ing and Dairy Utensils, with Pai t of the neat and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Miss DAVIES, of BREADEN- HEATH, near Welsh- Hampton, in the County of Salop, who is declining the Farming Business. This invaluable Stock TIIE AUCTIONEER deems un- necessary to Comment upon, being so w » ll known in tiie Neighbourhood, and will be sold without Reserve, which cannot fail lo merit the Attention ofthe Public. Catalogues will be prepared immediately, and may be had at the principal Inns in the Neighbourhood, at the Place of Sale, and of THE AUCTIONEER, Ellesmere.—' The Live Stock will be sold the first Dav, and the Sale to commence each Morning precisely at 10 o'Clock. ( K? Particulars in our next. BROTHER TO MAIDSTONE, WILL COVER THIS SEASON, AT TWO GUINEAS AND A HALF A MARE. BROTHER TO MAIDS PONE was got by Boning, brough out of Lardella, by Young Marsk, her Dam by Cade out of the Dam of Beaufremont. MAIDSTONE was one of the bent Horses of his Day: when Ihree Years old he won « fcso at Durham, roo Guineas at Newcastle, 180 Guineas at York, and 120 Guineas at Preston ; when four Years old he run only four Times, and won the King's Plates at Guildford, I . ewes, and Canterbury, and itk) Guineas at the letter, which was the last Time of liis running. BROTHER TO MAIDSTONE is now nine Years old, perfectly sound and healthy, fifteen Hands three Inches nigh, with great Strength and Symmetry.— He will beat the Unicom Inn, Shrewsbury, every Day, except Monday Tuesday, and Thursday. ' IXJ COI T 11 IS SEASON," AT VV EM, ROSA RIO; Thorough bred Mares, at Five Guineas and a Half, Hunting Mares, und others, ai Three Guineas and Five Shillings. ROSARIO was got by Amhrosio, one of ihe largest and speediest Soils of Sir Peter, his Dam Portia by Volun- teer, Grandam by Herod, own Sister to Stingo. He is a dark brown, wilh good Legs, upwards of sixteen Hands high, with Bone aud Strength iu Proportion, uud was a true good Runner, having won thirteen Times at high Weights— Vide Racing Calendar for 18( 17, 1808, and 1909 ROSARIO will be at Ilodnet every Tuesday; at Drayton Tuesday Night till Wednesday Evening; Newport 011 Wednesday Night; Wellington 011 Thursday; at Atcham 011 Friday; the Coach and Horses Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, and the Rest of his Time at Home. Good Grass for Males, al 7 » . per Week. O COVER THIS SEASON^ a!" LUTWYCHE, near Wenlock, tbe Grey Horse LUTWYCHE; At Three Guineas and a Half, with excellent Accommoda- tions and Grass for Mares, at 8s per Week LtlWTCRVU a Horse of very superior Fashion and Powers; is six Years old next May, stands sixteen Hands liigh, and is f ee from every Halt nil Blemish— He is by Pelpini out of Miss Teazle, which is own Sister to Sir Oliver, Fyldiuer, Josephine, Poultou, & c. Miss l'eazle was by Sir Peter out of Fanny by Dioipede.— For hil Performances see the Racing Calendars, Hth April, 1812. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, or at Midsummer next, AHO USE, Brewh. onse, Yard, & c. situate in CORVE STREET, LUDLOW. The. House comprises a good kitchen, Parlour, small Shop, Pantry, & c. on the Ground F'loor, under w liich is a good Cellar ; 011 tbe - ec- ond Floor are three Lodging Rooms, with convenient Closet*; with good Attics over tlie. m : together villi a complete MA LT- HOUSEJ capable of carrying 011 tiie Malting Business 011 a very extensive scale, Dimensions as follows: a Lead Cistern 8 Ft. 7 In. by6 Ft 8 In. aud 3 Ft. 3 In deep, and constantly supplied with Water from a Pump in the Brew house; Com- mon Floor 68 Ft. ( 1111. by 17 Ft. over which is a Witherings, or second Store Room, 60 Ft. 6 In. by 21 Ft 4 In.; and at the End a Bailey Room, 21 Fl. 4 In hy 7 Ft. 6 Iu. at the lower End of tbe Malthouse is a good Garden, which opens into 2 Meadows, between 2 and 3 Acres, well fenced in, partly walled, 011 which is a good g stalled Stable ; the Whole comprising most desirable Premises, and will upon Inspection be found 10 contain every Convenience for carry- ing on the above Business. A respectable Tenant may he accommodated with a Lease of the Whole, for a Term of Years; and the Whole offheReut taken annually in Malt. For Particulars enquire of Mr. CADWALI. ADER, ofthe Elephant aud Castle, Ludlow, who will shew Ihe Premises. STAINS of Itiltt PORT WINE, Tea, Fruit, Mil- dew, and every Vegetable Matter, are entirely re- moved from TABLE LINEN, LEATHER BREECHES, Cottons, Muslins, Laces, aud other Articles of Dress, by HUDSON'S CHEMICAL BLEACHING LIQUID: it also removes the above Stains from Ladies BU FF Dresses, without injuring the Buff Colour, and restores all kiuds of Linen to their original Whiteness, when discoloured by bail washing, disuse, or long sea- voyages, WITHOUT ANY INJURY to the texture of the Cloth — Prepared and Sold by HUDSON, and Co. Chvmists, 27 Haymarket, London; Sold also by EDDOWF. S, aiid Wood & Watton, Shrewsbury ; Edwards, Oswestry; Painter, Wrexham; Houlstons, Wel- lington ; nnd others throughout the United Kingdom, in Bottles at 5s. 3s. anil 6s. each. For CHILBLAINS, SPRAINS, BRUISES, & c. DR. STEERS'S OPODELDOC. IS ftir superior lo all otner external applications in the Cure of Sprain,, Bruises, Rheumatisms, 4tc. as also in Cramps or Numbness, and in promoting Circulation in the Limbs when in a paralytic slate. Ii is the best remedy tor Chilblains, if dissolved in a Spoon, and applied warm, or wilh a pledget of lint we'll moistened with it anil tied on the part afFect'-' d. Il is likewise of admirable ser- vice in die accidents and local complaints to which Horses are subject. Sold only by F. Newbery anil Sons, No. 45, St. Paul' » Church- yard, ( tout doors frcin the corner of Cheap, idc), London, price ' 2s. 9d. a liottle : and in most Mailiet Towns, by the principal Venders of Medicines.— Observe the words '' F, N- wbcry, No, 45, St. Paul's," are engraved in tteSUiiips. TIMBER AND COPPICE POLES. BY W. LLOYD, At tbe Bull's Head I1111, Shrtivsbnry, 011 Saturday, Ihe 25lh Day of April, ISJ2, at fonroi'Clock in the - Afternoon, sub- ject to such Conditions as will. be tlieu produced, 111 the following Lots; LOT I. ABOUT IS Acres of OAK COPPICE POLES, now standing and growing in a Coppice at M ERRINGTON, in the Parish of Preston Gubbals, iu the County of Salop, called the PADDOCK. COPPICE: also is OAK TIMBER TREES, 34 BLACK POLES, and 12 OAK RUNNELS, growing in tbe same Coppice and in a Field adjoining. LOT 11. 82 OAK TIMBER TREES, and 110 OAK RUNNEIS, growing 011 Mr. Kent's Farm, and loOAK limber Trees aod 80 OAK Runnels, growing on Mr. Morris's Farm, at Merrington aforesaid. The above Timber and Poles are situate within 5 Miles of the Town of Shrewsbury, niid the like Distance of the Navigable Part of the Ellesmere Canal— Philip Oare, of Preston Gnbbals, will shew the same ; and further Particu- lars my be knowu by applying to Mr. ASTERLEY, Attorney, Shrewsbury. VALUABLE FARMING STOCK. BY GLOVE It AND SON, On the Premises, on Monday and Tuesday, the 20th and 21st of April, 1812, ALL the truly valuable and well- selected LIVE STOCK, IM PLUM ENTS of HUSBANDRY, wilh Part of llie HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and all ( he Brewing and Dairy Utensils, of the late Mr. FRANCIS EVANS, ofWiL- COTT, in the Parish ofGreat Ness, in the County ofSalop : consisting of 17 capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, 2 calving Heifers, 7 capital Barren Cows, one 4- year old Splay, four 3- year old Bullocks, five 2- year old Ditto, three 2- year old Heifers, 6 yearling Ditlo, 3 ditto Bullocks; 6 young able Waggon Horses, 2 Draught Filleys, 2- years old, I yearling Ditto, a capital Hack Mare, Ditto 5- years old, a 9- years old Kark Colt, yearling ditto Filley; 31 couples of Ewes and Lambs, u3 Fat Wethers, 30 Yearling Welhers, 20 Theaves, 3 barren Ewes, 1 Ram; 14 strong Store Pigs, 7 smaller Ditto, 1 Gilt, 1 Sow aud Pigs : 2 Road Waggons, Harvest Waggon, Ditto Cart, 2 broad wheel Tumbrils, Roller, 3 Ploughs, 3 Pair of Harrows, 8 Sets of Horses Cranks and Chains, Stone Gearing, Winnowing Machine, Cisterns, Pigtroughs, & c. & c. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, will be sold Ihe SECOND DAY, consisting of Dresser and Drawers, Tables, Chairs, Bedsteads aud Hang- ings, & c. ; the Dairy Vessels, & c. consist of 3 excellent Stone Cheese Presses, 12 Pair of Cheese Vats, Churns, Cheese Tubs, Milk Pails, Cans, Mash Tubs, Coolers, Barrels, Wood Bottles, & c. & c. Catalogues will be prepared, aud distributed immediately. BY G. WILLIAMS, On the Premises, al. LEIGH l'ON, near Welshpool, on Thursday, the 23d Dayof April, 1812 ; ALL tbe LIVE STOCK, and IMPLEM ENTS in HUS- BANDRY, belonging tu Mr. THOMAS FOX, who leaves the Farm ; consisting of 8 Cows, calved and in- calf, 1 capital Bull, 5 three year old Bullocks, 3 ditto Heifers, 5 two- year old Bullocks, 2 ditto Heifers, 7 Yearlings; 3 capital Waggon Mares, 3 Ditto Geldings, 1 three- year old Filley of Ihe Draught Kind, 1 t. vu year old Ditto, 1 Geld- ing rising 5 Years old, of the Saddle Kind, 1 Hack Mare in foal, 1 very useful Pouc- y three Years old ; 1 Sow in- pig, 7 strong Store Pigs, 6 smaller Ditto; 30 Couples of Ewes with Lambs, 80 dry Sheep, all which are accustomed to Pasture 011 the Long Mountain.— The IMPLEMENTS com- prise 1 Road Waggon, 1 Harvest Ditto, a broad Wheel Tumbril, 1 narrow Ditto, I double Plough, 1 single Ditto, 1 hand Ditto, 3 Pair of Harrows, 1 capital Roller, 1 smaller Ditto, 1 Winnowing Machine nearly new, 1 Corn Skreen, 1 Straw Engine, and a Number of small Implements, too tedious to mention — The Sale to begiu at 10 o'Clock. VALUBALE FARMING STOCK. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Monday, the 27th of April, 1812; ALLthe valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, * cc. belonging to Mr. PRICE, of KILHENDRE FARM, near Dudleston Chapel, in the Pa rish of Eilesroei e, in the County of Salop ; consisting of. 20 capital Dairy Cows, calved ar. d in- calf, 3 calving Heifers, 4 two- year old Ileifers, 3 yearling Heifers, well bred Bull, three Years old, Ditto two Years old, 3 capital draught Horses, 2 ditto Mares in- foal, a draught Filley, one Year old, capital hack Hnrse, five Years old, by oldGlaucus, Chesnnt Filley, two Years old, by Ashton, Dam by Glaueus, bay Colt, two Years old, by Young llegnlus- five Store Pigs; capital Road Waggon, with Harvest Gearing, new, Ditto Ditto3shelled, and Harvest Gearing, now, Coal Cart, Iron Arms, 2 Tumbrels, Roller, 4 Ploughs, 2 Pair of Har- rows, excellent Kibbling Mill, by Pasmove, nearly new, 5 Sets Horses' Gees ing, 2 Stack Frames, Cistern, Pigtroughs, Waggon Rope, & c. & c. Catalogues will be prepared and d » strihuted immediately. THE AUCTIONEERS beg Leave to recommend t he above Stock of Cows to the Attention of Farmers in Want for the Dairy; being excellent M ilkers, in immediate Profit, aud good Condition; the Team of Horses are chiefly Young, able, and excellent Woikers; and the Implements nearly new. The Sale to commence at ten o'Cloek in the Forenoon. RED LION / AW, tVIUTCHURCH, SALOP. BY BENJAMIN LAKIN, At the White Lion Inn, in Whitchurch aforesaid, 011 Satur- day, the 2d Day of May, ) 812, at six o'Clock iu the Afternoon, subject, to Conditions then to be produced, unless previously disposed of by private Contract; ALL that extensive, commodious, and old established INN, called The RED LION, conveniently situated for Business, in Whitchurch aforesaid, consisting of four Parlours, a Bar, Kitchen, Laundry, and other Offices on the Ground Floor, with goodCellars under ; a large ASSEM- BLY ROOM ( very well attended), and seven Lodging Rooms on the First Floor ; and several Bed Rooms on the Second Floor. The Yard and Garden are capacious, and the Out- buildings very convenient, there being Stabling for upwards of 00 Horses, a Coach- House, Granary, & c & c. Immediate Possession may be had. For further Particulars Application must be made at the Office of Messrs. KNIGHT and BROOKES, Solicitors, in Whitchurch. BY , T. BROOME, On the Premises, on Wednesday, the 29th DayOf April, 1812, ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBAN DRY, with all the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairv Utensils, and Casks, belonging lo Ihe late Mr. DEAR EN, of THE LYTtl, in the Parish of Condover, in the Counly ofSalop, deceased ; consisting of two Cows aud Calves, one Barren ; two Waggon Horses, one Ditto. Mare in- foal, one good Hack, one yearling Colt; forty four Ewes with Lambs ; two " Waggons, one nearly new, one new Tumbrel, one Wheel Plough, one Hand Ditto, five Pair of Harrows, one Roller, Winnowing Fah, Colli Screen, S. eves and Riddles, two Paling Irons, two Ladders, three Drag Rakes, one VVheelbavroW, one Corn Tub, one Stone Cistern, three Ditto Piglioughfc, with a large number of small Implements too numerous to mention. ' The Hmisehohl Goods and Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, Casks, & c. will be found ill good Order, and sold without the least Reserve. ~ AT~~ BURLEYDAM. " SUPERIOR FARMING STOCK, & C, BY CHURTON, On the Premises, 011 Monday and Tuesday, the 20th and 21st Days of April, 1812: ALL that well known valuable LIVE STOCK, IM- PLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairy aud Brewing Vessels, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Li: em, the Property of Mr. JOS1AH HASSALL, who is retiri from Farming; comprising27 excellent young CnlViiig Coivs and Heifers,- calved and in- calf, oue barren Cow, f on- Sturks, two yearling Calves; five F. wes lambed and in- lain. , aud one Ram ; three Waggon Horses, a capital chesnut Horse rising 4- years old, suitable for Saddle or Gig, black yearling Filley; two Sows and Pigs ; valuable Waggon and Gearing com- plete, two capital Road Carts and Gearing, nearly new two broad wheeled Tumbrels, Land Roller, iwo Hand Ploughs, wheeled Ditto, new, two Pair of Harrows, one quite new, Lot of seasoned Timber to complete a \\ aggon Chest, Quantity of other WheelivrightsTiinber in Lots, six Sets of Hoi se Gears, two Cranks aud Chains, valuable new Winnowing Machine, by Cornforlh, StoueStack Frame 12 Pillars, Corn Trial, Scale Beam and Bottoms, Lot of Cast Weights, & c. Hopper, Corn Wisket, two Waggon Hopes, Bags, Iron Crow, Wheelbarrow, four Ladders, five knived Straw Fmgine, Corn Chest, Waggon Chains, four Stone Cisterns, three Ditto Pigtroughs, long Oak Plank Ditto, Malt Mill, with a numerous Assortment of Implements, in Lots. The Dairy Vessels, Household Furniture, & c. comprise Iwo Stone Cheese Presses, with Oak Planks, leaded portable Cheese Screw and Horse, Milk Cans and Pails, two Cheese Boards, valuable large Salting Tume!, nearly new, Brass CAPITAL TIMBER AND POLE COPPICI At the Liou Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, tbe 05th Day of April, 1812, between llie'Hours of four aud six in the Afternoon of that Day ; rpHE following Lots of TIM BER & COPPICE WOOD, JL subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, viz. LOT 1. 100 OAK Trees, marked and numbered with white paint, from ] to 100 inclusive. LOT II. 137 OAK Trees, marked and numbered from 101 to 237 inclusive. LOT III. 119 OAK Trees, marked and numbered also from 238 to 3" j6 inclusive. LOT IV. 100 OAK Trees, marked and numbered also from 357 to 456 inclusive. LOT V. Coppice POLES and Underwood, containing about 13 Acres, of nearly thirty Years' Growth, known by the Name of JENKINS' COPPICE, in the Township of Lcaton, close to tbe River Severn. N. B The first four Lots of prime Timber are standing and growing in a Wood near LEATON SHELF, nearly adjoining the River Severn, three Miles distant from Sli rewsbury, the Whole in the Parish of St. Mary's, and in Ihe Occupation of Mr. Davies, of Leaton Hall, who will appoint 11 person to shew the different Lots. Further Particulars may be had of Be4N raid GRA5DS0S, of Albion Haves, VALUABLE FARMING STOCK. BY RICHARD MADDOX, On Monday and Tuesday, the 4th aud 5th of May, 1812 ; ALL the truly valuable and well- bred LIVE STOCK, IMPLEM ENTS of HUSBAN DRY, and Dairy and Brewing Utensils, belonging lo MI-. ROIII RT MORGAN, of Col. f RL N, in tbe Parish of Llansaiiitffraid, iu tbe County of Montgomery, and which will be sold on the Premises, without Reserve : consisting of 20 capital Dairy Cows calved and in- calf, 5 three- years old Heifers in- calf, 2 Barren Cows, 2 three- years old Banen Heifers, 5 two- ycais old Bullocks, 2 two years old Heifers, 8 yearling Heifers, I two- years old Bull of the Devonshire breed, 1 two- years old Ditto of the Montgomeryshire breed, and 1 vending Bull; 6 Waggon Horses, 1 in- foal Mare of the Hack Kind, 1 ditto Waggon Mare, 2 three- years old Fillies of the Draught Kino, and 1 yearling Ditlo ; 8 Sets of capital Gearing ; 15 Store Pigs; HO Fat Sheep, in Lots; a capilal Road Wag- gon, 1 dilto Harvest Ditto, 3 Tumbrils, broad Wheels, 8 Wheel Ploughs, 3 Pair of Harrows, VVi- iiowiug Machine, new Kibbling Mill, Laud Roll, and Statk Frame ; together with all the Brewing and Dairy Utensils,— Catalogues of which will be prepared, and may be had at the principal Inns iu Montgomeryshire, and of THE AUCTIONEER. Oswestry. * I he Sale to begin each Day at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. CT R. MORGAN'S Parts of GROWING CORN, will be Sold by Auction on a future Day, unless disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given. and Earthen Milk Pans, large capital Lead Milk Cooler, Saltiug Planks and Benches, 17 valuable Cheese Vats, two capital CheeseTubs, Screw and Curd Ditto, Churns, Wood Bottles, large Iron Furnaceand Boilers willi Bottoms, Ash Graie and Crane, Kneading Tumel, Ale Barrels, Four- post and other Bedsteads and Hangings, Feather Beds, Bolsters, & c. 0nk Linen Chesis w ilh Drawers at Bottom, Oak Dining ' Table, Oak Desk, Pier Glass, Salt Coffer, Kitchen Grate, End Oven, honing Stuve, Man's Saddles aud Bridles, Pi|. liou and Cover, Cross Cut Saw, Maul and Wedges, Dripping Parts, Cleaver, & c with numerous other Articles too tedious to mention. The Auctioneer declines commenting upon Ihe above inestimable Stock, deeming it unnecessary, as the Proprie. tor is so well known for his superior Selection. The Live Stock and Implements will be sold the first Day — The Auction to commence each Day at ten o'clock. AT NORSURY LOWER BALL, PRIME FARMING STOCK, On the Premises, without the least Reserve, 011 Wednesday and Thursday, Ihe 22d and 23d Days of April, 1812: ' BY CHURTON, ALLtliat well selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE", Linen, and all other Effects, at Ihe Lower Hall, in Norbury, in the Parish of Marbury, and County of Chester; comprising so vain, able young Dairy Cows and Heifers, most of them with Calves, one barren Cow, one fat Ditto, one balked Helfef, six Slinks, capilal 2- year old Bull, three yearling Calves, capital yearling Bull ; three Waggon Horses, Bay Mare rising 6- years old, got by Hercules, a capital Roadster, suitable for a Gig ; fat Pig, three strong store Pigs ; Wag- gon and Geaiitig complete, lung Cart, and Ditto Ditto, two broad wheeled Tumbrils, valuable Land Roller, with Body on the lop, nearly new, two Ploughs, nearly new, three Pair of Harrows, four Sets of Horse Gears, two Cranks and Chains, Waggon Chain, Corn Fan, Ditto Trial, five Lad- ders, Wheelbarrow, Marling Auger, Peeling Iron, Straw Engine worked by a Wheel, Malt Mill, Quantity of Capital Potatoes in Lots, with a large Quantity of Implements, in Lots. The Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Household Furniture, & c. comprise two Box Cheese Preses, Milk Cans and Fails, valuable Casl Iron Milk Cooler, Salting and BolleiTurnels, capital Barrel Churn, Cheese Tubs, Cheese Screw and Horse, Milk Pans, Cheese Boards, Cheese Vats, Benches and salting Planks, Iron Fuvuace und Boiler with Bottonif, two Corn Wiskels, Side Saddle, Masl in Kettles, Barrels, See. Several Four- post Bedsteads with green Moreen, strir. ed and other Furnitures, Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pil. lows, Blankets and Covei lets, Chaff'Beds, Quantity of Bed and Table Linen, ( equal to new), Linen Chests, Mahogany Card Table, seveial Sets cf Oak and stained Chairs, with Elbow Ditto to correspond, Mahogany aud japanned Trays, Looking G! x « ses, Oak Dining aiid Stand tables, Dilto Screen, Oak B> aufet, Servants Dinner Table and Forms, Dresser aud Shelves, Pewter, capital Right Days Clock and Case, Kitchen- Grate and Ash Ditto, Fender and Fire Irons Back Oreo, Crane, tw o li- ou Stools, Brass and Iron Candle- sticks, villi all other Kitchen Requisites in Copper, Brass ' Tin and Iron, Clothes Maids, Spinning Wheels, aud Ion.' Ditto, Corner Cupboard, Salt Coffer, ICnife Case, Knives and Forks, with numerous other Articles The Auctioneer particularly solicits the Attention of Gentlemen, Farmers, and others, to this inestimable Slock, which he, with confidence, asserts are not in- ferior to any iu the County, and being sold without tic. serve, cannot fail to meet the Approbation of the Public. Toll* PRINTER of the SALOPIAN JOURNAL. SIR— 1 have sent jou enclosed a Circular Letter from Mr, Secretary'RYI> E a, the iusertion of which in your paper will remove the doubts which have beeu entertained on the subject of the disposal of the cloth- ing of the Local Militia, when their time of service eiuires, 1 am your obedient servant, SALOPIENSIS. " Whitehall, 11 th March, 1812. " SIR— It having been represented to Mr. Secretary Ry- der thai there is a prevalent opinion iu many Regiments of Local Militia that the men will be entitled to retain their clothing at theexpiialiuu of the period for which they were originally emailed, I have received his directions to inform you, that as such an opinion is not supported by auy legal provision, and has never leceii .* 1 any countenance from his Majesty's government, it is extremely important that the most effectual means should be immediately adopted for re- moving any such erroneous impression, if it should have lieen entertained by the regiment uude: r your command.— You will therefore not fail to explain to the men uudcr your command that there never was any intention ou the part of goverumeut to give them up their clothing, but that it is to be kept in store, and to be at the disposal of government for any purposes to which it may be found applicable. ," Mr. Ryder feels himself unable to suggest to yon the best method of counteracting any erroneous opinion of this nature, if any such should he found to prevail, since the in- formation which he has received ou the svbject states no grounds for such a claim, and lie is unable to discover any upou which it could he rationally founded. Conceiving however that it may in some degree have arisen from the practice which prevailed in the Regular Militia when dis- embodied of giving up the clothing to tbe men when the period of their service was expired, he considers it not ir- relevant lo observe, that as the men serving in the Militia are enrolled to serve for five years, and arc trained for 28 days in each year, the indulgence which was allowed them of retaining their clothing can in no degree establish a right to a similar indulgence on the part of the Local Militia, who from tbe shorter period for which they are originally enrolled aud the few days during which they have been an- nually assembled, have no title lo consider themselves in this respect in any degree in a similar situation. " Mr. Ryder has also directed ine to acquaint you that the necessaries are in every rcspcct distinct from the cloth- ing of tbe men, aud that at the expiration of the period of training theybccomc the absolute property of tbe men for whom Ihey were provided. As, however, it is intended lo make some alteration iu Ihe ai tides which have hitherto been provided under this head, and to transfer several of them to the clothing, I am further to inform you, that you will receive detailed instructions on this subject from ihc Secretary at War, as soon as the bill uow pending in Parlia- ment shall have passed into a law.— I am, Sir, " Your most obedient humble Servant, " HENRY GOULBURN." " To tie Commandant ofthe Local Militia" In the Court of King's Bench, Guildhall, oil Wednes- day last, an action was brought by an upholsterer in Sloane- square, against a gentleman of fortune, who married a sister of Lmil Pomfret, aud resided in Suffolk, to recover the sum of j£ 554. 12s. 7d. disputed as a surcharge upon the bill for furnishing the defendant's house. The amount of the whole bill was jfc' 2404, which had been reduced by payments on account to j£ 1354. 12s. 7d.; and ,6' SOO more having been paid in- to Court. The principal debateable article was the charge of £ 100 for a bed, which, according to the statement of Mr. Garrow, for the plaintiff, was made in the most expensive manner, after a drawing, sup- ported and ornamented with griffins, eagles, cherubim and doves, a gold sun with beaming rajs at the head of it, and the silk manufactured according to the defend- ant's own pailern. Mr. tiarrow stated the profit which accrued to the plaintiff upon this bed to be little more than jglOO, and that the plaintiff was anxious, for the sake of reputation, for a verdict upon the evidences of the upholsterers whom lie should call, and who would speak to the fairness of the charges. The Attorney General, for the defendant, offered to refer the case to any person, not an upholsterer j but the plaintiff preferred to go ou, and after he had proved the delivery of the various articles in his bill, Lord Ellenborougli asked one of the witnesses, what was the highest price at which his master had ever before pro- vided a bed ; and upon being answered £ 200, his Lord- ship said that it became tradesmen to intimate the probable expense of such ail article as this to their customers, and to take their sane judgment upon the manufactory of it. Did the witness ever know any other person, who was suffered to go at large purchas- ing such a bed ? The witness replied he did not. Mr. Garrow said that he should be able to prove that the defendant saw the drawings of this bed, and was furnished with an estimate of its expense, nearly to Ihe full value charged. The Attorney General said, that if be were driven lo a jury, he should rely most strongly upon the ground his Lordship had suggested. LordEllenborough said, that tradesmen were iu some degree the guardians of our safety, as to orders given them j and this bed was charged at above three times the price of any one which the plaintiff ever sold iu his life. The Attorney General repeated his readiness to leave the case to any gentleman to say what the plaintiff ought to have, supposing every article was ordered. Lord Ellenborougb never heard of such a bed to be slept upon. There was iu the neighbourhood of the place in which the Court sat ( at the Mansion house), a lied which cost £ 2000, but that was a public thing wliich ought not to govern the bed of any private person. The Attorney General said, he had once travelled many miles to see a lied which was equally famous. Lord Ellenborough—" You allude to the capacious bed at Ware." Mr. Garrow said, that his client had not been, till now, aware that a reference would be binding, and that he would have a verdict for its amount. lie was now willing to consent to it; and Mr. Bolland was chosen as the referee, Pcdestriunism.— On Tuesday morning Mr. Agar, the celebrated pedestrian, undertook to go by a circuit- ous rout from his residence at Kensington to Black- waler, in Hampshire, and return, making altogether a distance of 59 j miles, in the space of eight hours and a half, for a stake of 200 guineas. He started at day- light, dressed closely in flannel, with light but thick shoes, and with his legs bare: he arrived at Asliford Common ( 17 miles) in two hours and ten minutes, and refreshed at Inglefield Green ( 21 miles) in five minutes less than three hours from starting. He continued steadily at work until he performed half of his journey, in four hours and four minutes. After being well rubbed, Mr. Agar pursued his Herculean undertaking, and did his seven miles an hour tolerably true, although he u as much distressed in the last two hours, but lie won the match in three minutes within time. This is the greatest performance of modern days. On Sunday afternoon, as S. IL Ward, Esq. of Mount Pleasant, near Sheffield, with Mrs. Ward, and three of their children, induced by the agreeable change in the weather, were walking out near Little London Works, oil the river Sheaf, they had to cross a bridge, or rather a piece of decayed timber, over the river j Mr. and Mrs. and Miss Ward, and an infant, bad successively passed. The nurte maid, leading a lovely girl, about thiee years old, had also got over within a step of the bank, when the piece of wood broke down, and tbey sunk in the swollen and rapid torrent. Tliey were carried over two weirs, when tlie servant was draggod out by some persons who went to their assistance; but the child had gone down a quarter of a mile before she could be seized. Every means for resuscitation were speedily and perseveringly used, and the maid, afler much pains and suspense, was recovered ; but the spirit of the little child had fled to join its kindred cherubs. Sittings appointed iu Middlesex and London before the Right lion. Lord Ellenborough, Lord Chief Justice, iu and afler Easter term, 1S12 : MIDDLESEX. IN TERM. Monday April 20 LONDON. FROM TIIE LONDON GAZETTE. ADMIRAi. TY- orrtee, APRIL 7. Sir E. Pellew has transmitted a letter from Capt. West, of the Sultan, giving au Recount of tlie boats bf that ship hav- ing, on the 4th of December last, under the direction of Lieuts. Anderson and Woodcock, hoarded and captured, oil' Bastia, two French national armed vessels, one a settee of eight guns and 34 men, and the other a brig of six guns and 53 men. In the peiformance of this service, which is re- ported to have been tfery gallantly executed, the Sultan's boats had only four men wounded; the enemy had one killed and several wounded, amongst the latter the com- mander of tbe brig. PROMOTIONS — 12th Dragoons, the Earl of Waldegrave to be Major.— 79th Foot, Capt. Cainerou to be Major.— 98th, Brevet Major Bishop to be Major.— Meuron's Regi- ment, Major Wyudbam to be Lieutenant Colonel. Vive sail of Frc ich line- of- battle ships arc said to have dropped down the Scheldt to Flushing ready for a start. Twenty- one persons have fallen victims at St. Mawe's in Cornwall, to a disorder called, there, the Hoop ( inflammation of the throat.) HOUSE OF COMMONS — TUESDAY, APRIL 7. Col. DILLON presented a petition from the Freeholders of Mayo, iu favour of the Roman Catholics.— The third reading of the Glass Duty Bill was postponed to this day se'nuight. Mr. BULLF. R presented a petition from the East India Company. It prayed that leave might he given to continue to tbe Company the administration of the territorial re- venues of the country; to raise a sum of money for the use ofthe Company ; and to regulate the trade to China, See.— io lie 01 Saturday .... Saturday .... Friday .... Wednesday 25 Monday May 2 Monday 8 Saturday..., AFTER TERM. ] 2 | Wednesday , LONDON. April 22 27 May 4 9 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8. A letter from Cadiz of the 19th ult, states, thiit Soult, who had been some days in the lines before Cadiz, had taken his departure on the 17 th, carrying with him nine battalions. The enemy had lately tried several experi- ments of throwing shells into the town, hut with little effect. These abortive attempts at bombardments are supposed to have proceeded from a desire, On tiie part of the enemy, to conceal their weakness in the lines. It was known at Cadiz that the siege of Eadajos had com- menced ; and, iu the event of the fall of that fortress, the most sanguine expectations were entertained that the enemy would be obliged to raise the blockade of Cadiz, and finally to evacuate Andalusia. It appears from tlie proceedings of the Spanish Cortes, in re « pect to the new Constitution, that they have reserved to themselves the right of excluding from the succession to the throne any person or per- sons who may be incapable of governing, or who may have done any thing to merit being deprived Of tbe crown. In case of the failure of tiie descendants of Ferdinand VII. and his brother Don Carlos, the suc- cession to the crown is declared to be in the person of the Princess of the Brazil and her sister. Paris Papers have been received to the 3d iiist. The most important article of intelligence they contain, is the announcement that the squadron which lately- sailed from L'Orient, anchored in Brest Roads on the 29th of last month, after capturing some prizes, but of what description is lljt stated.— A telegraphic dis- patch, received at tbe Admiralty, coufirms the above intelligence. It is supposed, by the accounts received at the Admiralty, that they had only captured one small vessel; hut the advices from Cork, were so circumstan- tial, as to the capture of three West Indiameu, that we can scarcely doubt of the fact. It is not improbable that they might have destroyed their prizes. Some letters are said to have arrived from France, which mention a new project of Bonaparte. It is said, that in order to preserve the peace of tlie Continent, and for the mutual security of its Sovereigns, under any insurrection of their vassals, a grand army is to be formed, composed of five or 600,000 men, to which each of Ihe kingdoms is to supply its contingent. At the head of this vast accumulation of force is to be Napoleon himself, while the Emperors of Russia and Austria, the Kings of Prussia, Saxony, Wirtemberg, and Bavaria, serve under him, having the command of their respective subjects enlisted on this service. Whether the conquest of England be one of the pur; oses which this alliance is to accomplish, has not been explained.— The whole of this we take to be mere idle speculation, something like that which so positively affirmed that the L'Orient squadron was bound to the CaraCcas. Some of the American Papers mention a report, that France aud the United States are negociating a Treaty of Commerce with each other, but they do not inform us how they are to carry on commerce without our permission 1 The N- ew- York Papers abound with accounts of violent shocks of an earthquake experienced in various parts of North America. There are also accouuts of a volcano on the banks of the Mississippi, bul they are considered doubtful. The loan bill in America was not agreed to without a vigorous opposition from Mr. Randolph, who said, he " wished lie had access to the ear of the whole of the A me- rican people, he would ask them what new cause of war there was now more than ever, since the return of Col. Monroe from London ; he would ask what new motive there was for dragging the public vessel from her safe moorings, to launch her on the tempestuous sea of European conflicts ? What madness is it not for the most free, most happy, most undisturbed nation ( in earth, to forget her own good, and risk, perhaps, her existence, guided by the same spirit lhat actuated the rebellious leader in Heaven, the lust of conquest, of dominion 1 It was enough to draw down upon us the vengeance of Ibe supreme ruler of events." There are orders now in England, it is said, for at least 30,000 crates of earthen- ware for America to be executed wheuever the intercourse between England anil Amcrica shall be renewed. Usury.— At the late Surrey Assizes a qui lam action was brought to recover penalties, on the statute against usury, to the amount of £ 36,000, against the defendants, who are bankers at Dorking, aud were alledged to have takeu usurious interest in discount transactions with P. T. Botham, Esq. late a magistrate of the county,— Mr. Serjeant Best stated, that the general character of the usury complained of was this, that whenever Mr. Bo- tham applied to the defendants to discount for him, they charged him the legal amount of the discount, bul instead of giving him money they gave liini other bills, which bad some time lo run, and made him take these hills without allowing the rebate for the time before they became due, so that for that period, instead of paying £ 5 per cent, they actually took £ 10 per cent. — Upon the evidence, however, there were variances in all Ihe dates, except in one transaction of the 30th of April; and when llie plaintiff's Counsel put iu their last piece of evidence, namely, the writ in tlic cause to shew the action brought within 12 months from the date of the transaction, it was found not to support the record, and the plaintiff was nonsuited. At the London Sessions, on Monday, R. Tower was indicted for a misdemeanor, in attempting to bribe S. Davis, one of the turnkeys of Newgate, to liberate Mr. Skene, then lying tinder a charge of felony iu that jail. He was found guilty, and Ihe Recorder immediately senlenced him to pay a fine of £ 50, to be imprisoned in Newgate 12 months, and to find sureties to keep the peace for one year more,— The defendant addressed the Court, begging that they would have the goodness to revise their sentence, and to banish him at once to Botany Bay. It had been truly said, that no man, how- ever pure liis principles, could expect, on his return from confinement for any leugth ot lime in a common prison, to be an object of trust and confidence. For liis own part, he was satisfied he could not long exist among such people as he had seen in Newgate. As to the fine, though he was a poor man, and wrought hard fur what little he possessed, which was all earned by his own ten fingers, that he considered, comparatively speaking, as of 110 moment.— The Recorder informed defendant, that the Court had already coysideied the case in all ils bearings, and deemed the sentence which had been pronounced, the lightest of which the case would admit; not in relation to the defendant, whose situation they deplored, but as holding out an example to others to beware of such attempts iu the city of London. Air. Alley, on reckoning the Jury, observed that they consisted of 13, whereas 12 is the legal and established number. On this ground he submitted, that the verdict was \ oid.— The Recorder said, the prisoner had the ISth in addition. One loo few would have been fatal to the verdict but one too many did not in- validate it.— Mr. Newman, with that humanity for which he is distinguished-, gave directions, the moment the defendant was carried to prison, that he should be accommodated on the State Side, in the maimer most agreeable to himself. Ordered to 011 the table. Sir J. NEW PORT called the attention of the House to the stock of corn, and the siate of distillation in Ireland. His object was, to shew that the corn was so scarce, lhat distil- lation ought to be put a stop to. He concluded with mov- ing for Returns of the Amount of all Grain exported from Ireland since the beginning of this year, so far as the same can he made out.— Mr. VV POLE had 110 objection to the motion ; but he would give notice of certain motions he in- tended lo make to- morrow, which would prove to the lion. Baronet that the government of Ireland was not inattentive to the subject, anil which must have the effect of diminish- ing the consumption of spirits, and removiug any apprehen- sions that might be entertained of scarcity.— Mr. STEWART thought that the immediate stoppage of distillation from grain in Ireland was absolutely necessary.— Sir. .1. NEW- POUT read au extract from a letter written by a merchant in Dublin, declaring that government was imposed upon hy the distillers, w ho made most exaggerated returns of the quantity of food in the country.— Mr. SIIAW said an alarm- ing rise had takeu place ill the prices of grain; and he thought it would be proper to stop the distilleries about June next, and that the distillers should be given to under- stand they should not be permitted to distil any more until January.— Mr. PERCEVAL remarked, that the House were at present in possession of very deficient information on this subject. It was evident that there existed many obstructions to the equal dispersion of food, 011 account- of the very une- qual prices in different parts of Ireland. As to the stoppage of distilleries generally in Ireland, it was well known that such a step would give encouragement to illicit distillation. This, he hoped, would induce the House to pause before it came to a resolution for stopping distilleries altogether— The motion of Sir J. NEWPORT was then agreed to. O11 the motion of Mr. W. POLE it was ordered lhat the House should resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House to- morrow, to consider of the exportation of Spirits from Ireland to foreign parts. He also gave notice lhat to- morrow, in the Committee of Ways and Means, he should move au additional duty on spirits distilled in Ireland, and some regulations as to the mode of collecting the duties oil tobacco.— Mr. PERCEVAL brought up a bill for settling annuities 011 the four Princesses. To be read a second time to- morrow. HOUSE OF LORDS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8. Dr. Jackson, Bishop of Oxford, was introduced by the Bishops of London and Norwich, in the usual form, and took the oaths, and his seal among the Lords spiritual. EarlSTANHopE gave notice, but did not name the day, of his intention of bringing in a bill to remove the| Restric- tions which prevented Protestant Dissenters, and even Pro- testants themselves, from holding certain offices The Earl of LAUDERDALE adverted to the affairs of the East India Company, and observed, that it was necessary to inquire, previous to the discussion respecting the re- newal of- their Charter, what was the state of the country at the time the Government gave that Company so much power. To promote his object it was his inlentiou to move for au accouut of the price of Bank Stock in 1797, and the increase which had beeu made since. Their lordships would discover, by such means, the bonus given, from time to time, and he cooceivcd that he should be able to prove that the Bank had received sixteen or seventeen millions sterling, which had produced, in a great degree, the com- mercial embarrassment of thecouutry. HOUSE OF COMMONS. Sir CHARLES MORDAUNT presented a petition from cer- tain inhabitants ofthe town of Birmingham, against tbe monopoly of the East India Company. This petition, while it complained of the monopoly, represented the present dis- tressed state of that district, from want of trade, and the necessary means of employing their capital. It was signed, the Hon! Baronet said, by 16,000 persons.— Ordered to lie 011 the table. Mr. ROBINSON informed tbe House, that Lord William Stuart had been ordered hy the Admiralty to be tried by a Court Martial, in consequence of the injuries sustained by tbe Conqueslador, of which be had the command, and that it would therefore be necessary to put him under arrest.— The SPEAKER ordered the information to be entered. Mr. C. W. WYNN, 011 accouut ofthe absence of an I1011. friend, postponed his motion respecting the late appoint- ment of Col. M'Mahon. Mr. GRATTAN said, he should not be able to bring for- ward the question wilh respect to his Majesty's Catholic subjects iu Ireland, 011 the 14th, nor w as he inclined, at the present moment,' to fix a day for tlic discussion; but he should certainly bring it forward as soon as possible in the week afler next.— The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER wished lhat the Right Hon. Gentleman would name a day, as it would be desirable to appoint a certain period for the Call of the House, which must be postponed also.— Mr. GRATTAN said lie should name to- morrow fortnight, if no business interfered.— TheCallof the House was then appointed accordingly. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER stated, that 011 referring to the Vote of Thanks of the 10th of February, to certain Officers, by name, for their gallant conduct in the siege and capture of Ciudad Rodrigo, it was found that there were several officers uot mentioned whose- conduct was highly deserving the notice of the House. lie there- fore moved, That the Vote of Thanks, alluded to, be read, for the purpose of adding the names of Major Gen Stuart, Major Gen. Harvey, Major Gen. Campbell, Baron Rolle, and Major Gen, Kemisb, which was done accordingly. The lluuse in a Committee on the Irish Spirits Act, Mr. VV POLE, induced by the present high price of grain in that couutry moved a Resolution,." that the foreign export of Irish Spirits be suspended from this day to the 31st Decem- ber next, and that the Government of Ireland be enabled to continue the suspension till 4o days after the meeting of Parliament." Agreed to.— Mr. POLE then proposed au other Resolution, " imposing au additional duty of 2s. 6d. per gallon on all Irish spirits distilled from grain, which was doubling the present duty. The duty lo commence this day, and to extend 10 the stock on hand."— The exces- sive use of spirits in Ireland wascomplaincd of as injuring the health, morals, and industry of the people; and this measure would in some degree remedy ibis evil, as well as lend lo diuynisli the consumption of grain. The Resolu- tion was agreed to.— Mr. POLE then proposed several Reso- lutions, for levying the duties upon tobacco imported into Ireland 011 leaving the King's warehouses, instead of levy- ing them upou the tradesman selling it.—' These were also agreed to. Licensed Preachers.— At Chester city Sessions, last week, H. Bowers, P. Williams, J. Thomas, and R. Bentham, made application for licenses to act as preachers in a Society of Protestant Dissenters. 1' lie former, 011 producing his certificate, and an acknow- ledgment of being attached to a particular congregation, took the several oaths; but the learned Recorder objected to the admission of the others, from a defi- ciency in the testimonials of the specific appointments which they produced.— Mr. Cross, on behalf of Mr. P. Williams, addressed the Court; and observed, that numerous difficulties have lately occurred in obtaining the necessary licenses, and till lately we had never heard of the construction now put on the Toleration Act. Such proceedings were peculiarly embarrassing to the applicants, and particularly to him for whom he ad- dressed the Court. It was not his object to evade the civil exemptions attached by the Act in question to those similarly situated,—- Mr. Recorder. We are to fol- low the Rule laid down by the Court of King's Bench. — Does the applicant apply merely as a teacher or preacher ! Mr. Cross. As a person pretending to Holy Orders.— In answer to several questions by the Re- corder, Mr. Williams said:— He had not undergone ordination.— He has a separate congregation to which he is appointed, al Kiunerlon, although he is not par- ticularly confined to one place of worship.— Mr. Cross. The subject is uow under judgment. The mode of my client's application is not inconsistent with the limitations of the Act of Toleration.— Certificatesof distinct appoint- ments being produced by Mr Williams, Mr. Bentliam, and Mr. Thomas, the Recorder expressed his consent that licenses should be granted.— The several oaths and declarations were then made by the applicants. At these Sessions, J. Bannister and — Nield, for assaulting the watchmen, were sentenced to be severally imprisoned six calendar months, and find recognizances at the expiration of their sentence for 3 years ; and — Parker, a butcher, for exposing unwholesome meat, was fined 10s, At the last Norfolk Agricultural Society Meeting, Mr. Coke particularly took occasion to recommend to the notice of Norfolk Farmers the Devon breed of cattle, of the excellence of which he had no hesitation in saying his opinion was decided ; and being so, he thought it his duty to recommend them us a cattle in which were blended the two qualifications of milkers and breeders. Mr. Coke desired the company would particularly notice the experiments he is now making upon them at Holbham ; as he has lately visited Shropshire, and bought several Devons there for this purpose. Mr. Coke also made some excellent observ- ations upon the badness of rye- grass and its inferiority to cocks- foot, and desired the Members would pay attention to some experiments now going ou at llolk- ham upon these grasses. He then adverted to the excellence of the Swedish turnip, and its superiority above the common turnip, and as every sentiment lie delivers upon farming is always the effect of actual experiment, and of a judgment formed upon incontro- vertible premises, Mr. Coke said, he had put twelve beasts, first to the common turnip, and then to the Swedish : whilst they were at the common turnip they ate each seven bushels and 28lbs. of oilcake per day ; and whilst tliey were at the Swedish turnip they ate each only four bushels anil I4lbs, of oilcake. Preservation of Apple- trees.— Spirit of tar is re- commended as an useful remedy for destroying the insect which has of late years been so destructive to the apple- tree. The mode of using it is exceedingly simple and easy. Whenever the insects or white efflorescence ap- pear, the spirit is to be applied with a camel's hair brush, when it immediately aud effectually destroys them ; aud, as it is of a thin and penetrating nature, it completely follows them through any crevices iu the hark, into which they may have insinuated themselves. It may be applied at any time of the day, or at any season of Ihe year, when the insect may appear, and does not injure the bark in the slightest degree. Another remedy will be found, iu taking a hard coach- harness brush, and rubbing off the blight, as some call it, from the infected limbs, 011 a dry day in summer, then use a soft brush infused with train oil, and give the limbs so cleaned a good dressing. Renew this three or four times in the course of a month, as before. In addition to this re- medy, which will renovate Ihe tree and destroy the insects, where large cankered places are formed in the tree, cut them clean out, and fill the chasm with For- syth's Composition. Under every tree so treated, sweep clean up whatever may have fallen in a heap, then cover it with dock leaves, hay, & c. and, after sprinkling it with brimstone, set it on fire to consume by degrees, stiring it occasionally. Copy of Mr. Tooke's Will,—" I JonN IIORNF. TOOKE, 011 this day, Tuesday Ihe 10th of June, one thousand eight hundred, at Wimbledon in the couuty of Surrey, make this my last will and leslamenL I give and bequeath to Mary Hart, at this time and long since residing with me, al my house at Wimbledon aforesaid, and to her heirs forever, my Freehold House and Lands at Wimbledon aforesaid, together with every thing else of which I may die possessed in any place, and to which I may be entitled ; and I appoint the said Mary Hart my sole executrix. JOHN HORNK TOOKK." An account of the total amount of all taxes, appli- cable to the service of the public, after defraying the charges upon the Consolidated Fund, in the respective years ending 5th January, 1810, 1811, and 1812: Income of Ihe Consolidated Fund, for £ s. d. the year endedilh January, lain ... 39,62J; 813' 8 3* War Taxes, after deducting... 1,785,778 7S. I'd. carried to the Consolidated Fund, in the year ended Sth Jan, 1810. 19,012,367 3 6 Duties on Sugar, & c. annually granted, & applicable to paying off i' 3,000,000 Exchequer Bills, ended 5th Jan. 1810 By the Report just published of that benevolent in- stitution, the Society for the discharge aud relief of persons imprisoned for small debts, it appears, that they have discharged and relieved from various prisons, 28 debtors, for the sum of £ 104 14 6; considered the cases of 36 petitions ; approved 28 ; deferred 3 petitions; and rejected 5. 3,093,802 17 LI Total. 61,729,963 8 11 for Income of the Consolidated Fund, the year ended 5th Jan. 1811 42,286,152 18 t] J War Taxes, after deducting £ 2,472,863 4S. 10| d, carried to ditto, in the year ended 5th Jan. 1811 20,554,579 4 8j Duties on Sugar, & c. annually granted Hi applicable to paying oil £ 3,000,000 Exchequer Bills, ended 5th Jan. 18U 2,871,522 6 1 Total 65,742,254 9 9j 40,917,835 18 4i 19,936,953 19 IL 2,827,785 18 63,682,585 15 LOL 38,981,175 19 5,642,637 19,042,36? 3 3,093,802 17 8 10 6 li Income of tbe Consolidated Fund, for the year ended 5th Jan. 1812 War Taxes, after deducting £ 2,456,089 14s. id carried to ditto, 111 the year ended 5th Jan. 1812 Duties ou Sugar, & c. annually granted & applicable to paying of}' £ 3,000,000 Exchequer Bills, ended 5th Jan. 1812 Total Charge upon the Consolidated Fund, in the year ended 5th Jan. 1810 ... Surplus, in ditto War Taxes, in ditto Duties 011 Sugar, & c. in ditto Total Amount of Taxes, & c. ap- plicable to the Service of the Public, endeo 5th Jan. 1810 27,748,807 9 Charge upon the Consolidated Fund, iu the year ended Sth Jan. 1811 Surplus, in ditto .,-. War Taxes, in ditlo Duties 011 Sugar, & c Total Amount of Taxes, appli- cable lo the Service of tbe Public, ended 5th Jan. 1811 ... Charge upon the Consolidated Fund, in the year ended 5th Jan. 1812 Surplus in ditto War Taxes, in ditto Duties 011 Sugar, Stc. in ditto 35,296,313 10 91 6,989,839 30,554,5/ 9 2,871,522 30,415,940 19 O Consumption of the Lungs, . Asthma, Wheezing, Sfc. The following highly respectable Letter lias just boon received : SIR WiHfc. a Ahham is dt- sirous to inform Mr. Fisher, that, by the r. d> ice of hi* Physician, lie has had recourse to hi* prepared Stramonium, for a very distressing Asthmatic Cough, which, during the winter season, has always proved very ob- stinate. lie has the pleasure to say, that by the use of tbe prepared Stramonium tie has been so entirely free from any affection of the hiugs as to experience 110 inconvenience evfen from fogey weather. December 22, 1S10. The prepared Herb for smoking, and Oxymel for internal use, are sold, with ample directions, by Harris, corner of St. Paul's Church- yard ; Bacon, 15( 1, Oxford- street; and Butts, 10, Beruers- stieet, ( of whom may be had, Surgeon Fisher9* Treatise on Asthma, Consumption, See. fifth - edition, price 2s. 611.); also by t'. bftowes, Shrewsbury; Lynch, Manches- ter ; Barry. Bristol ; Knott and Lloyd, Birmingham - Turner and Co. Newcastle; Bums, Bath; Billinge, Liverpool; Ptiole, Chester ; Jones, Oxford ; Walker, Glocester ; I'ymb.-, Worcester; and Evausoii, Whitchurch. 36,801,993 18 4,115,841 19 19,930,9( 13 19 • 2,82/, 785 18 CHILBLAINS Are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching instantly removed, by HITEHEA D's ESSENCE OF MUSTARD, universally esteemed lor its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Goutv Affections, aud Complaints of the Stomach ; iiul where this certain remedy has been on- known or neglected, and the Chilblains have" actually sup- purated, or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE wiil ease ihe pain, and very speedily heal them. Tbey are prepared and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- Street, Snip, London, the Essence and Pilis al 2s. 9d. each— the Cerate at Is. l| d. They are also sold bv W. ELOOWBS, New- hug, and Palm, Shrewsbury; Painter, Wrexham ; Baugh, Ellesmerc; Houlstons, Wellington ; Silvester, New- pott- Prodgers, Ludlow ; Partridge, & Gitton, Bridgnorth; Edwards, Price, and Miushall, Oswestry; ami by every Medicine Vender in tne United Kingdom. The genuine has a black ink Stump with the Name of R. Johnston inserted 011 it. T Total Amount of Taxes, applica- ble to the Service of tbe Public, ended 5th Jan. 1814 26.880,59117 BANKRUPTS, APRIL 4. William Dickenson, ot Sunderland, Durham, innkeeper, April ' 21, 27, May 16, at the Bridge Jnn, Bishopswearmouth.— George Stekes, of Ofdswinfbrd, Worcestershire, nail ironmonger, May 4, 5, 16, at the George Inn, Bewdlei. APUIL 7.]— Hugh Atkins, of Pope's- head- allev, London, and of Russel- square, Middlesex. Russia- broker, April 11, 21, May 19, at Guildhall, London.— Joseph Boiuer, of Manchester, furrier, April 22, ' 27, May 19, at the Castle Inn, Stockport, Cheshire.— Edward Bowens, of Rickergate, Cumberland, drysa'. ter, April 15, 16, May 19, at the Duke's Head Inn, Carlisle.— Charles Cox, of Chfton, Gloucester, perfumer, April ll, IB, May 19, at Guild- hall, London.— James Davis, of Marston- Moretaine, Bedford, butcher, April 11, 18, May 19, at Guildhall, London.— IVilliam Footner, of Hercules- buildings, Lambeth, underwriter, April li, 21, May 19, at Guildhall, London.— IVilliam Hamilton, of New- port, Monmouthshire, coal- merchant, April 21, 22, Mav 19, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol.— Herman Gerhard Hilbers, of New London- street, London, merchant, April 11, IS, May 19, at Guildhall.— Richard James, of New London- street, London, merchant, April 11, IS, May 19, at Guildhall.— Daniel Lacour, of Brewer- sheet, Golden- square, Middlesex, goldsmith and jeweller, April 14, 18, Mav 19, at Guildhall, London.— James MiDonald, of Woolwich, Kent, builder, April 14, 21, May 19, at Guildhall, London.— Eglinton Maxwell, late of Fcatherston- buildings, Hol- born, Middlesex, but now of the King's Bcnch Prison, merchant, April 14, 21, May 15, at Guildhall, London— Thomas Moore, of Worthing, Sussex, builder, April 11, 18, May 19, at Guildhall, London.— Michael Christopher Mortellari, late of Charles- street, Grosvenor- sqnare, dea! er in music, April 11, 18, May 19, ai Guildhall, London.— Nicholas Noivell and W) iliam IVakelin, of Piccadilly, Middlesex, men's mercers, April IT, 18, May 19, at Guildhall, London.— Richard Phillips, late of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, butcher, April 13, 14, May 19, at the White Hart Inn, Chipping Norton,— John Jacob Poidevin, of Mortimer- street, Cavendish- square, Middlesex, tailor, April 14, 23, May 19, at Guildhall, London.— Robert Richards, late a prisoner in his Ma- jesty's prison of the Fleet, cellarman thereof, April It, 18, May 19, at Guildhall, London.— John Shaw, ot Liverpool, saddler, May 1, 2, 19, at the George Inn, Liverpool.— William Simpson, of Sidney's- ailey,, Leicester- square, Middlesex, tailor^ April 11, May 19. at Guildhall, London.—' Thomas Smith, New Bridge- s reet, VauxhalL Surrey, baker, April 14, 21, May 19, at Guild- hall, London.— Benjamin Walmsley, of Surrey- place, Kent- road* Surrey, merchant, April H, 21, May 19, at Guildhall, London. — Sam), el Wordsworth, late of Barnsley, Yorkshire, eord- vratuer. j April ? 3, 24, May 19, at the White Bear Inn, Barnsley. FROM INDIA. A Beautiful Production, Under the Illustrious Patronage ol ^ heir Royal Highnesses the Princess of Wales and Duke of Sussex, and most of the Nobility. M. iCASMU OIL FOll THE HAIR. ^ IHE Virtues of this Oil, extracted Irom a tree in the Mand of Macassar, in the Ea> t Indies, are far beyond Eulogium for increasing thegrow hol Ha revea on BALD PLAC* S to a beauti- ful Length and Thickness, preventing it filing off or charigin:' Colour to thfMatest Period of Life; strengthening the Cur!,' be- stowing an inestimable Gloss and Scent, rendering the llairinex- pressihly attracting j promotes the Growth of VV hisker3, Eyebrows, & c. is pre- eminent to use after Seabathing, violent Exercise, aud Travelling in hot Climates. This is uo pretended Foreign Oit, but the real produce of the Macassar Tree, and possesses nutritious, emollient, and beactiful transparent Properties. In tine, it is the first production in the Wurld 6ir restoring and beautifying the Hair ol Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children. Such celebrity lias it at- tained that it is dadv honoured with tlie Sanctions of Rn alty, No- bility, Gentlemen of the Navy ana Armv, the Faculty, and Pubfia at lari- e. Also sanctioned by his Excellency the Duke del Wantado. — View Rowland's Essay on the Hair. Sold at3<. fid. 10s. fid. and one Guinea per Bottle, by the Pro- prietors, ROWLAND and SON, Kirby- ntreet, Hatton- Garden, London ; and by all wholesale Perfumers and Medicine Venderi in London.— Also, bv W. EDDOWES, who has just received a fre H supply from the proprietors ; by Messrs. Wood and Watton, Shrewsbury, and by all Perfumers and Mediciue Venders in every Town throughout the Empire. Beware of servile Imitators, as the ( Jenuine Macassar Oil is signed on the Label in Red Ink, " A. Rowland and Son."— Of w honi may lie had, a most impartial discovery under the August Paironigeot • her Royal Highness the Duchess of York, and many Families of high Distinction* ALSAHA EXTRACT, or the ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECIFIC, for eradicating all disoiders of the TEETH and GUMS, and rendering them extremely beautiful j impart! a beautiful fragrance to the BREATH, and immediately- expel, the TOOTH ACH. Its Properties are sanctioned by tli « first Physician! in Great Britain, Fiaue- e, Italy, and throughout Europe. Sold at 10s. 6d. per bottle, or jniall tattles at 4s. 6d. each. Also the Al- ana Powder far cleansing Ihe Teeth, at 2s. 9d. per Box.— . Sold by the Proprietors as- above ; and by all the Agents. INFLUENCED by the most lively Sensations of Gratitude and being welt assured that many of the afflicted often lose their Sight for Want of knowing where to apply for a Cure, induces me to make- the following Case known to the Pub! io. In the Autumn of last Year, my son Edward ivas afflicted with a severe acute Ophtlialmy, which rapidly increasing, soon overspread his Eye wilh a thick Skin, attended with violent Pain and great Heaviness in his Head, which soon deprived him uf the Sight of that eve; the other daily becoming weaker, 1 feared the total Lo- s of both. I hail recourse to different Applications, but without Relief, till fortunatelv I was recommended to Mr. KHEBS, of Hatitner, who attended him at my House, and has made a perfect Cure of him, the Truth of which I ain willing to go a hundred Miles to attest, if required; as Witness my Hand, Witness to the above Cure, EDMUND JONES. K. E. EVTOR, E> q. Eyton, near Wrexham, Oct. ' lid, 1S11. ANOTHER EQUALLY INTP, RESTING CASE. Turs is TO CERTIFY, that niv Son W. II. Hughes was afflicted with violent Pain, Inflammation, and strong Humour in liis right Eye, winch brought on a large Skin, and de- prived him of the Sight of it: the othet Eye was so much affected that be was in danger of losing it; every thing lhat is usually tlone on tho e Occasions was done for him by the Medical Men w bo attended him, but to no Purpose, as his Disorder continued to increase with unabated Violence ; when hearing of the many Cures pel formed hy Mr. KitBas, and being strongly recommended to put him under Ins Care, I sent for him to my House, where he attended him, and I have the inexpressible Satisfaction to say has made a per- fect Cure, the Truth of which I am willing to attest; as Witness my Hand. ROBERT HUGHES. Overton, Flintshire, Oct. 23, 1811. Letters, Post- paid, addressed Mr, I< ftp. as, Hanmer, near Ellesineie, attended to. No- th Shields, Sept. llth, 1811. ANOTHER instance of the superior and wonderful efficacy of Mr. Liguuai's Antiscorbutic Drops. Sir,— In gratitude for the very extraordinary cure perform- ed by your invaluable medicine, I beg leave to state my case, and which I ain desirous you should publish for the benefit. of suffering humanity. From a bruise I got in my arm when shipwrecked, several huge scrophuluus ulcers were formed, accompanied by a running of very offensive matter, which in five years reduced me so weak lhat I was confined to my bed for thirtien mouths: during this time I made application to a number of the most resectable gentlemen of the faculty at this place and at Newcastle, from whom I took great quan- tities of medicine, but at length pronounced iny case incura; able, at the same time lamenting, that on account of uiy ex- hausted state, they c^ nld nut amputate my arm, Ihe only possible hope they then h id of prolonging my lite, my ap- petite having quite left me. In this deplorable state, looking forward to my dissolution, 1 happily teail in the newspaper, the cores performed by your Drops. I sent to Mr. Appleby, bookseller, your agent here,. for one bottle, from wbich I received considerable benefit, my appetite leturniug, and the ulcers in my arm considerably better, and by taking two bottles moie I was restored to a good state of health, aud the ulcers completely healed, since wnich time I have continued perfectly well. The lamentable state to which I was reduced, is well known in this neighbourhood. I am, Sir, your obedient bumble Servant, DAVID M'CLBAN. Attested by Thos. Appleby, bookseller, & William Robson, watchmaker, North Shields, To Air. Lignum, Surgeon, Manchester. These Diops arc sold in moulded square bottles at 1 Is. and 4s. 6d.— one lis. bottle is equal to three 4s. 6d. ones— Lotion 2s. 9d. the pint bottle, duty included, wholesale by Mr. Lignum, Manchester; aud retail by W. EDDOWES, Wood and Walton, Shrewsbury ; lloulstonH, Wellington ; Smith, Iron- bridge and Wenlock ; Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; Deinnan, Wolverhampton ; Scarrott, Shiff- ual ; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Whitchurch ; Baugh, Ellesmere ; Owen, Welshpool; Griffiths, Ludlow ; Burlton, Leominster; Edwards, Oswestry; Davies, Hereford, and the principal Venders of genuine Medicines.
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