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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 5
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 11/04/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 5
No Pages: 4
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I) PRINTED BY ^ LND FOR T. E. DICEY, Wr. SUTTON, * AND R, SMITMSON. VOL. 93. fc— SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 1812. ' -- j- , R - .- - -•••'••' I „ » '•••• -' R? . ' I '• , "— V No. 5. Ready Money is expected ) with Advertisements. ( i , 5 Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, ? 1 Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford. Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. $ p „ „ V Stamp- Duty - I KICE 0( papei. aild i_> rint 3fi Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. From the LONDON GAZETTE, of April 4. Donning- Street, AprilA. DISPATCHES, of which the following are extracts, have heen received from the Earl of Wellington, addressed to the Earl of Liverpool. Ehas, March 13, 1812. I moved the head- quarters from Frenada on the 6th, and arrived here on the 11th instant. There are none of the enemy's troops in the field in Estremadura, excepting that part of the 5th corps not in the garrison of Badajoz, the head quarters of which are at Villa Franca, and a detaeli- Jnent, consisting of about a division, under Gen. Datican, whose head- quarters are at La Serena. The enemy have made no movement, and I have heard of no operation of importance since I addressed your Lordship last. Ac- cording to the last accounts, Marshal Soult was in the lines before Cadiz. Camp before Badajoz, March 20. According to the'intention which I announced to your Lordship, I broke up the cantonments of the army on the 1,5th and 16th instant, and invested Badajoz, on the left of the River Guadiana, on the 16th, with the 3d, 4th, and light divisions of infantry, and with a brigade of Lieutenant- General Hamilton's division on the right. These troops are under the command of Marshal Sir William Beresford and Lieutenant- Gencral Picton. We broke ground on the fid- lowing day, and have established * a parallel within 200 yards of tire outwork called the Picurina, which embraces the whole of the south- east angle of the fort. The work has continued ever since with great celerity, notwithstanding the very bad weather which we have had since the 17th.— The enemy made a sortie yesterday from the gate called La Trinidad, 011 the right of our attack, with about 2,000 men. They were almost immediately driven in without effecting any object, with considerable loss, by Major- Gen. Bowes, who commanded the guard in the trenches. We lost upon this occasion a very promising officer, Captain Cuthbert, Aid- de- Camp to I. ieu ten ant- General Kcton, killed; and Lieutenant- Colonel Fletcher was slightly wounded, hut 1 hope that he will soon be able to resume his duties. I have not yet got the returns, but 1 believe that our loss since the commencement of these operations, amounts to 120 men killed and wounded.— On the same day that Badajoz was invested, Lieutenant- General Sir Thomas Graham crossed the Guadiana with the 1st, 6th, and 7th divisions of infantry, and General Slade's and General Le Merchant'! brigades of cavalry, and directed his march upon Valverde nnd Santa Martha, and thence towards Llerena; whil Lieutenant- General Sir Rowland Hill, with the 2d and Lieut.- General Hamilton's divisions, and Major- General Long's cavalry, marched from his cantonments near Albuquerque upon Merida, and thence upon Almendralojo, These movements induced General Drouet to retire from Villa Franca upon HornaChos, in order, I conclude, to be in communication with General Darican's division, which was about La Serena. I have heard from Sir Thomas Graham anH Sir Rowland Hill to the 19th inst. The former was at Los Santos and 2afia, with General Slade's cavalry at Villa Franca; and the » latter at Almendrnlejo. Lieut.- Gen. Sir Rowland Hill took three officers and a few hussars prisoners in Merida. I have reports from the neighbourhood of Ciudad Rodrigo of the 17th inst. The enemy had sent a small detachment to Bejar, principally with a view, to plunder; but there was no appearance of any immediate movement. The 6th divi- sion had moved from Talavera, through the Puerto del Pico, 011 the 8th and 9th instant; and the 4th division, on the same days, from Toledo through the Guadarratna; and the first division only remained on the Tagus, near Talavera. — LONDON, TUESDAY, April 7. Advices were yesterday received from America to the 4th ult. They bring the proceedings of Congress down t the 29th of February. The new taxes required to meet the present exigencies of the United States appear to bare created much discussion, one of them which expected would have been most productive, Tor imposing a duty on all import." 1 bad been rejected. The National J. I. « ; « rrtcir, the organ of the Government, in speaking of the rejection of this tax, charges the Members of the House of Representatives with inconsistency, in first recommending war measures, and then withholding the supplies by which aloue they can be carried* into effect. The same paper contradicts the rumour of a treaty being negotiating between Mr. Foster anrl [ Mr. Monroe 011 the basis of the unratified treaty of 1806; and adds, that a reconciliation between Great- Britain and America never appeared at a greater distance than at present. A loan of 11 million of dollars for the service of the present year has heen voted, but the motion for raising a permanent force of 20,000 men has been rejected. Bv an arrival yesterday from Cadiz, letters were received to the 20th ult. ' They state, that on the 17th Soult left the lines with nine battalions; after which the enemy renewed their fire upon the city with as little mischief as formerly. Iiis principal object 011 this occasion was suspected to he to cover his real weakness. It was known at Cadiz, that Lord Wellington had commenced ihe siege of Badajoz; and it- was thought the French were so destitute of provisions, that they could attempt nothing with success against the allies. A rumour was afloat, that a proposition had heen innde to the British, Government, to furnish the Spaniards with clothing and equipments . for 100,000 meli, by wav of loan; and the expectation was, that such proposal would be acceded to. By an article in a Hamburgh paper from Trieste of the 17th of Feb. it appears llmt the Governor- General resident there had announced at the theatre the Imperial permission for the re- cstablislnnent of commerce both bv land and vater. ' I bis concession lias been for a long time in agita- tion, and among the demonstrations of joy 011 the occasion, the city was to be illuminated on the same evening. A pa- ragraph from Naples of the 18th of Feb. mentions that the Royal guard and other troops collected in that city and its neighbourhood, had been reviewed by King Joachim prepa- ratory to engaging in active operations. Letters of a late date have been received from Constan- tinople, which speak of the high probability of peace be- tween Turkey and Russia. The troops of the Governor of Egypt, under the personal command of one of his sons, had taken possession of Judda, and were making a successful progress. ' The following is an extract of a letter from an Officer before Badajoz, dated the 21st ult.:—" It had been an notinced to Lord Wellington, that a new title,— that of Marquis of Torres Vedras,— was conferred 011 him by the Portuguese GovernnietlT. His Lordship had been much in- disposed, but his health was perfectly re- established at the commencement of the siege of Badajoz. When the enemy made the sortie, lie selected several Irish regiments to meet him, and they are said to have marched to the attack to the tune of " St. Patrick's Day in the Morning." They fought with ihe utmost enthusiasm on the occasion, and the 23d Portuguese Regiment equally distinguished itself against the enemy 011 St. Patrick's day.' Saturday being the day when the Quarterly Report of the state of the King's malady was made by the Queen's Council to the Privy Council, all the members attended at Windsor, and after receiving the testimony of the Physicians, made up the Report) the substance of which is understood to be, " that his Majesty's bodily health. is as igood as it has been at any former period of the complaint, that his mental, health is as much deranged as it has heen at any time; that none of the physicians expect that his Majesty will recover, yet nona of them entirely and absolutely despair." About 16 American seamen were in September last seized at lifcntzic, and marched to Antwerp to man the French fleet. Their liberation was refused to the American Mi- nister, who, on urging for the freedom of one individual ( Mr. Soper, of Boston) on the ground of old age, was an- swered, " If he is not too old for a merchantman, he Mill do to senc ou board a pnan of war." All speculation with regard to the destination of the L'Orient squadron lias at length been removed by the arrival of French Papers to the 3d instant, announcing that the squadron anchored in Brest Roads on the 29th ult. after capturing some prizes, but of what description is lint stated The only vessels which are known to a certainty to have been captpred by the enemy are three West Indiamen. The French Papers contain no news from the Peninsula. Bona- parte remained at St. Cloud on the 31st ult. » Lord Wm. Stuart, Captain of the Conquestador has sent a letter of thanks, and a pair of pistols mounted with his arms and crest, to Mr. Preux, a French Commissary, for the handsome manner in which he offered assistance to the Conquestador, while aground lately on the coast of France. The Lord Mayor has appointed a Common Hall to be held to- morrow, to receive the Sheriffs' report of the Prince Regent's answer relative to the Livery Petition. The fol- lowing is a statement of what transpired on Wednesday last. The Prince, in answer to the application of the Sheriffs to learn at what time he would receive the Petition, said, " I shall receive your Petition at my Levee, to- morrow se'nnight, in the usual way." » One of the Sheriffs addressed the Prince in the following words:—" Will your Royal Highness allow us, officially placed, as we are, in your Royal presence, as the organ and servants of the Livery of London, humbly to ask whether it is intended to receive the Deputation appointed bv the Common Hall, at the Levee, to present their Address?" The Prince Regent answered: " There are certain forms attending that; but I think the best way will be for me to communicate with the Secretary of State, who wjll inform you." Tn consequence of this answer, the Sheriffs waited 011 Mr. Ryder on Friday after- noon, who informed them, " their Petition would be re- ceived like other Petitions from Town or Country." The waste lands in England, capable of cultivation are estimated at 20 millions of acres.— The Grand Juries at the Stafford, Worcester, and Oxford Assizes, have agreed to petition tliG Legislature for a General Inclosure Act. CAMBRIDGE, April 3.— The following are the subjects for the Member's Prizes for the present vear :— Senior Bachelors: — De Phitosophia Platanica Disquisttio el Judicium.— Middle Bachelors:— Utrum pr& cepta a Rhetoribus tradita vera: Eloquentire profuisse an nocuisso dicendum est ? OXFOIID, April 4.— Yesterday James End » ll Tyler, B. A of QneenTs college, was chosen Fellow of Oriel college.— On Wednesday se'niiight, John Spurgin, B. A. of Bene't col- lege, nnd Edward Thurlow, of St. John's college, Cambridge, were admitted lo Deacon's Orders, at an ordination held in London by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln. ( For the remainder of this post— see the last page). * BRUTISH PAINT MANUFACTORY, ZV/ J. 41, /. nndon Watt, London, ( Opposite Moorgate End ttf Bethlem Hospital). clitip. vvRABLE, Sf LYIMXERNJILB FAINTS. per Cnt. per Cwt. per Cut. Olive Green 74s. | While .... 5ft<. 1 Lead Colour., 56s. Dark Ditto 65s. StoneCnlour 56s. Black 56s. Invisible Ditto 56s. i Chocolate.. 56s. I Red 46s. fflBPA RED OIL roil THE iSorB, Which possesses great preserving Qualities, 5s. per Gallon per Cwt. per Gall. per Gall. Best White Lead52s. I Linseed Oil 5s. 6d: I Turpentine 7 « . 9d. Second Ditto .. 4Ss. | Boiled Oil 6s. 0( i. | & c. & c. & c. THE above Paints are ground in Oil, and are particu- larly prepared for the painting of Park Failings, Brick and Plaster Fronts, Tro 11 and Wo » d Hailing, Tiles, Slates, and Weather Boarding of every Description, and for such Pur- poses they are unequalled, as they possess great Durability, are a Cure nnd Preventive for the Worm and Dry Rot, and will stand in the hottest Climates, Tn Addition to these Ad vantages. they are very Ornamental, and will cover a. Surface considerably greater than any other Paints, and more than w ire as great as Coal Tar, over which, and all Preparations from Tar, they have a most decided Superiority; viz.— first, in adhering elusely to any Surface, that Ihe Power of the Sun has no Effect 011 them ;— secondly, they are verv easy of Application, being used with the saine Brushes, and in the same Manner. as other Paints. <"}• Upro 1 and Co. most respectfully ofTer their Thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and ( he Public in general, forthevery great Patronage with which they have been honoured ; and they also inform Merchants, Ship Owners, Captains, and Dealers In Colours, that they have large Quantities of Stone Ochres, Spruce Ochres, Mineral Blacks, Reds, fkc. as well as all Articles in the Colour Trade, prepared for Use, of very superior Qualities. N. B. These Paints dry vera soon, not being prepared with Fish Oil. To COVER this Season, 1812. At HARLESTON- PARK, near Northampton, At Tiro GVISEJS the MARK, rind Five Shillings ihe Groom, ^ TMIORN.— He was got by Beningbrough, Grand Sire, JL King Fergus, by Eclipse; his Dam Constanlia, by Wal- nut ; his Grandam, Cnntessina, by Young Marske ; his great Grandam, Tuberose, by Herod, out of Grey Starling, by Old Starling. THORN is full 15 Hands high, perfectly good tempered, sound and free from Blemish. The Money tn be paid at the Time of Covering. N. B. Most of the Mares pat to Thorn last year have proved ITT FOAL. BANBURY. SAMUEL HILL, having declined LEATHER CUTTING BUSINESSES the IIAT and iS in Favour of his Son, JAMES HILL, to whom he hegs respectfully to recommend his Friends, takes this Opportunity of returning Thanks to ihem and the Public for the Favours he has re- ceived during the l ime he has been in the above Businesses. TAMF. S HILL Kegs lo Public, that he has taken to the above Businesses, inform his Friends and the lately carried on bv his Father, SAMUEL HILL, ( who has declined the samel, and respectfully solicits a Continnance nf their Commands, assuring them that every Exertion on his Part shall be used to give Satisfaction to those who may be pleased to favour him with their Orders. GENTLEMEN'S HATS, of the first Quality, WOODSTOCK GLOVES, SIC. March, 1812. STOWS, MARCH 31, 1812- THE Lord Lieutenant of tlje County of BUBKINGHAM having by Commission, bearing Date this Dav, appointed RICHARD," Earl TEMPLE, on. e of the Deputy Lieu- tenants of the said Countv, fo be his Vice Lieutenant for and within the « aid County of Buckingham, and his Royal High- ness the Prince Rerent having been graciously pleased, in the Naitie and on Behalf of his Majesty, to approve thereof; all Reports, Returns, nnd Communications, respecting the Lieu- tenancy, the Yeomanrv, and the Militia Forces of the said Cpnntv, are to be addressed to the Earl Temple, Lower Grnsvcndr- Street, London, until further Directions. CHANDOS TEMPLE, V. Lieutenant. KETTERING, 20th March, 1812. SUCH Persons who still stand indebted to the late Finn of WILKINS & SAM BROKE ( the Dissolution of which Partnership took Place in the Life Time of the late Mr. Sambroke, and an Authority then signed by Ihe Firm empowering Mr. MARSHALL, Solicitor, Kettering, lo collect in all the outstanding Debts) are hereby required to pay the Amount of their respective Debts to him, without delay, otherwise they will be sued for the saine without further Notice. Notice to the Creditors of RICHARD MARRIOTT, a Bankrupt. r| MIE Commissioners having at their Meeting held on the I 21th Day of March list, ordered a Dividend of 5s. in the Pound to be paid unto all the Creditors of the said Bankrupt ( not included in the former Dividend, but who hid proved their Debts at the above Meeting); and a further Dividend of Two Shillings and Sixpence in tiie Pound to be paid unto and amongst all and every the Creditors of the said Bankrupt who had then proved their Debts: The surviving Assignees of the said Bankrupt's Es'ate and E fleets, give this public Notice, That such Dividends will be paid at the TowNancl COUNTY BANK, in NORTHAMPRON, onthe several Days, and in the Manner following, viz. :— To such of the said Creditors whose Surnames re- spectively begin with rither of the Letters A, and B, on Monday the 27th Day of April instant ; to such other of the said Cre- ditors whose Surnames respacively begin with either of the Jj> « « » c, D, F, and F, 011 Tuesday the 2.^ th Day nf April instant; to such other of the said Creditors whose Surnames respectively begin with ei- herof the Letters G, H, I, J, K, and L. on Wednesday the 29th Day of April instant; to such other of the said Creditors whose Surnames respectively begin w; th either of the Letters M, N, O, P, Q, and R, on Thursday the Silth Day of April instant; and to such other of the said Cre- ditors whose Surnames respectively begin with either of the Letters S, T, U, V, W. X, Y, and Z, on Friday the 1st Day of Mav next, or on any following Day or Days, except Saturdays and Sundavs; And that no Person who shall come to receive such Dividend on the Behalf of, or as Agent for, any of the Creditors of the abovenamed Bankrupt, will be paid, unless he shall have been previously authorized, or shall then produce a proper Authority to receive the same ; and that any Person coming either in the Capacity of Executor or Administrator to receive such Dividend, will be. required by thesaid Assignees to produce to them the Probate of the Will, or the Letters of Administration bv* which they are respectively appointed, prior to their being paid ; and it is expected that each Creditor will produce on Application for his or her Dividend, the Notes, Receipts, or Account^ upon or under which their respective Debts were proved, By Order of the said Assignees, RD. BUSWELL, their Solicitor. N. B Payment will commence each Dav precisely at Nine o'Clock in the Morning, and continue without Interruption until Eive in the Evening. THE CREDITORS ARE RESPECTFULLY REQUESTED TO PROVIDE THEMSELVES WITH CHANG <*. Buckingham and Winslow Batler Waggons in full ' Trade, To he DISPOSED of by PRIVATE CONTRACT. rj^ IIE GOOD WILL of the CARRYING BUSINESS, 6 with the WAGGONS, HORSES, HARNESS, BUTTER- FLATS, CLOTHS, See. belonging to the BUCKINGHAM and WINSLOW BUTTER WAGGONS, which now, and for several Years past, have regularly started twice a Week from Buckingham, through Winslow and Aylesbury to London. The above is a very desirable Opportunity for a Person wishing to engage in the Carrying Business; the Concern being supported by a considerable Number of Gentlemen, Dairymen, and Trades- men of thegreatest Respectability, and isnowin full Trade.— The Horses principally are young, well seasoned, and in high Condition. For further Particulars, anil to treat tor the same, apply to Mr. THOMAS INGRAM, the Proprietor, at Winslow, Bucks ( who has taken a Farm to which he intends shortly removing), or Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, Solicitor, ot the same Place. The Purchaser may, by applying to WILLIAM - LOWNDES, Esq. of Whaddon- Hall, be accommodaten with ihe Premises now occupied by Mr Ingram, situate in Winslow aforesaid, which consist ofa very convenient and ro imv Dwelling- Mouse, with a large Yard and Garden, extensive Barns and Stables, and other necessary Outbuildings ; also, three Closes of rich old Pasture Ground, containing about six Acres, and the Whole ogether forms a most pleasant and comfortable Residence, with very suitable Convenience for exercising the Carrying Business. To COVER, this Season, AT WAKEFIELD- LODGE, near Stony- Stratford, at Five Guineas a Mare for thorough- bred Mares, including the Groom's tee, and Three Guineas for all other Mares, P I O N E F. R. fie ^ asgot by Whiskey, out of the Dam of Pope, Parasol, ar. d Pel isse. N. B. Good Grass for Mares at Seven Shillings per Week. The Money to be paid on the first Leap, for Mares which do not remain on the Spot till stinted; those that remain with the Horse to be paid for when taken away. To COVER, this Season, 1812, Thorough bred Mares, at Three Guineas each, and Ifalf- a- Crotni the Groom ; all others at One Guinea and a Half each, and Hc} f- a- Crmcn the Groom, nHHAT noted Race- Horse, NED, lafe the Property of I his Grace the Duke of Rutland, now of D. Hamshaw, Great Bovvden Inn, Leicestershire; he is of a dark- brown Co- lour, black l ess, without white, rising six Years old, stands L"; Hands Inches high, full of Bone, good tempered, and free from all natural blemishes. Ned was got bv Teddy the Grinder, Dam by Precipitate, Grandam by Woodpecker, great Grandam Everlasting, by Eclipse, great great Grandam Hyaena, by Snap, out of Miss Belsea, by Re- gulus, Ned is Brother to Discount Everlasting was the Dam of Skyscraper, Goldfinch, Top- gallant, Ltviarhan. Brown Geoige, and Lazarus. At three Years old Ned beat Mr. l. lovd's Fun, the Ab. Mile 1U> Guuiea- i ; ar four Years old he beat Gen. Grosvenor's Trump across the flat, | 0 Guineas; a Sweepstakes of 50 Guineas each, first three Miles of rheB. C. beating Weaver and Hylas : at War- wick he won the £ 50 for all Ages, heating Prisoner, Whirenose, and Doubtful. — For the Truth ot this, see the Racing Calendar. Ned will be at the Angel Inn, Harborough. on Tuesdays ; at the Hind, Lutterworth, on Thursdays ; sleeps at the Crown, West- Haddon, on Thursday Night; at Northampton, on Satur- days; sleeps at the Coach and Horses, Brixwoith, on Satuiday Night, and at Home the Remainder of the Week. The Money to be paid at the last Round. Good Grass for Mares at Ihe usual Prices. To CREDITORS OF THOMAS ADAMS. NOTICE is hereby given to such of the Creditors of THOM AS ADAMS, of TODDINGTON, in'the County of Bedford, Dealer in Cows, who have not executed the Deed of Trust, that unless they execute the same, which is left at the Office of Mr, Eagles, Solicitor, Ampthill, for Sig- nature, on or before the 14th Day of April next, they will be excluded the Benefit of the Dividend to arise therefrom. Ampthill, March 30th, lSl2. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. WM. COX, of By FIELD. Tanner, are required forthwith to deliver in the same to Mr. John Baldwin, Mr. Richard Tew, Mr. Edward Harris, or Mr. Win. Hitchcock, in order that the same inav be dis- charged ; and all Persons who are indebted to the said Estate and Effects, are required to pay the same immediately to the aid John Baldwin, Richard Tew, or Edward Harris. Notice to Debtors and Creditor. ALL Persons indebted to the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. HENRY HICKMAN, of NEWNHAM. in the County of Northampton, deceased, are desired forthwith to pay their respective Debts either to Mr. Tliosi Howes, of Norton, near Daventrv, Mr. Morris, of Daventry, or Mr. Smith, of Great- Houghton, the Executors named in his Will ; and all Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate of the said Deceased, are requested immediately lo send a Statement thereof to any one of his aforesaid Executors, in order that the same may be examined and discharged. April 4, 1812. N1 TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. OTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees appointed by Act of Parliament, for repairing the Turnpike- Road leading from Kettering Toll- Gate, in the County of Northampton, to Newport- Pagnell, in the County of Buck- ingham, will be held at the H 1 NN INN, in WILL 1 Ncoo* our, H, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 16th I Jay of April next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of the same Day ; at which Time and Place the respective TO I. LS arising at the several TOLL GATES 011 the same Road will be LETT to FARM, separately, by AUCTION, for two Years, to the Best Bidders, between the Hours of Eleven and Four of the same Day, in the Manner directed in the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Roads; which said several Tolls were Lett in the preceding Year, clear of all Salaries for collecting thesame, for the respective Sums herein- after mentioned, that is to say. The Toll- Gate in Gre. it- llarrowden T. ane 36155 The Side- Gate at HkUmghtraitgb, and the Tall- Gate at Wellingborough Bridge 2R4 The Toil- Gate at Warrington 67 The Toll- Gale and Weighing- Machine at Sherrington Bridge 432 and which Tolls will be respectively put up at those respective Sums. Whoever happens to belhe Best Bidder or Bidders must forth- with give Security with sufficient Sureties, for I'ayment ot the respective Rents, at such Time or Times as shall be agreed on between them and the said Trustees. Given under my Hand this 13th Day of March, in the Year ot our Lord 1812, JOHN. HODSON, Clerk to the said Trustees. To be SOLD by TENDER, T7IVF. Parcels of MEADOW GROUND, situate in the . Parish of KI NG SUTTON, in the County of North- ampton.— Mr. Waters, ot Kingsutton, will shew the different Parcels ; and a Plan of them mav be seen, and every other requisite Information had, at the Offices of Messrs. APLIN, in Clurlbiiry and Banbury. UPPER- DEAN, BEDFORDSHIRE. For S A L E by AUCTION, By Mr. ABBOTT, At half- past Nine on Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th of April, 1812, by Order of the Executors, on the Premises of the late Mr. EKINS, OUPERIOR Flock of Leicestershire SHEEP, HORSES, O COWS, PIGS, POULTRY, excellent FARMING. IMPLEMENTS, and HORSE- HARNESS, useful HOUSE- HOLD- FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS. Catalogues may be had at the Hind, Wellingborough; Green Dragon, Higham- Ferrers ; George, Thrapston, Huntingdon, and Bedford; White Lion, Kimbolton ; and of Mr. Abbott, General Agent, Market- Square, St. Neots. Prime, valuable, extensive, 10ell- selected Draught llorses and Mares, Fixes and Lambs, Rams, Shearhogs, Wether and Ewe Tegs, very superior Implements in Farming, upwards o f 200 Tons of prinK Meadow Hay, exceedingly well, got. about 200 Tons of Straw in Lots, which may be taken off the Premtses. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By EDWARD NEAI. K 4- SON, On Monday the 20th Day of April, 1S12, and four following Days, on the Premises, at CAi. DECOTE COTTAGE, nejr ATHERSIONE, in the County of Warwick, r| MlK truly valuable LIVESTOCK, & c.; comprising 20 I capital Draught Horses and Mares, in excellent Condition, anil one Mule; 6 I exceedingly well- bred two-. shear Ewes ana Lamhs, 60 Ditto Theaves, 67 fat Shearhogs, 80 Wether and Ewe Tegs, six Rams, and 16 Ram Lambs, which have been bred with particular Care from the Rains of Mr. Fisher's, hired at great Prices; three In- calf Cows, four !> itto Heifers, two Cows and Calves, three barren Cows, six Bullocks, one yearling Bull, and five yearling Cow Calves; two fat Hogs, two Yelts, and five store Pigs ; one excellent new tiited Six- inch Waggon, with Iron Arms, and one Ditto without Tilt; one Four- inch- wheel Ditto, eight Narrow- wheel Waggons, nine Six- inch- wheel Carts, one Nine- inch- wheel Cart, one Narrow- wheel light Cart, one Ditto tilted, a Market- Cart, Water- Cart, Narrow- wheel Timber- Drug, a capital Four- wheel Horse. Brake, built on a new Principle; 3 new Dog- Cart, on Patent Axletree, and Lamps; two double Poughs, five single Ditto, six Pair of Harrows, two Land- Rolls, and one ScufHer. The Implements aie nearly new. and built on a very excellent Principle.— Harness for 13 Coach- Horses, and Gearing for f2 Horses, complete and nearly new ; nine Saddles, ten Bridles, several Sets of Horse Clothing, two Winnowing Machines, Patent Chaff Engines, 100 Sack Bags, Barn- Tackle in general, Ladders, Cow- Cribs, 150 Oak Fleaks, 20capital Oak and Ash Corn Staddie Frames, with Stones and Caps, 40,000 new Building Bricks, 60,000new soughing Tiles, lying adjoining the Navigation, several hundred Feet of Tool and Faced Yorkshire Flag Stones, Oak, Ash, Beech, and Elm Timber, in the round; Ditto Planks and Scantlings, of almost every Description; Oak Gate and Mound Posts, several Trine of Oak Spokes, Ditto Ash Fellies, & c.; two Pair of Blacksmith's Bellows, new, two Anvils and Vices, several Lots of Iron Rods and Bars, with a Variety of other Articles too numerous to insert. The Sale to commence punctually at Ten o'Clock each Morning. The well- known Celebrity of the above Stock stands so pre- eminently high as to need 110 Comment. The Sheep and Beast will be sold 011 Monday the first Sale Day, the Horses and Implements011 Tuesday the second Sale Day, the Hay, Straw, Staddie- Frames, limber. Bricks, & c. Iron, he. Sic. on the the three following Days. Catalogues may he had in due Time at the Place of Sale, the principal Inns at Hinckley, Atherstone, Tamworth, Litchfield, Nuneaton, Coventry, and of the Auctioneers, Lutterworth. CAI. DK cor IF is two Miles from Nuneaton, three t'roi » . Ather- stone, five from Hinckley, 12 from Leicester, and 18 from Bir- mingham, Credit will be given for the Hay and Straw to Purchasers above Ten Pounds, on approved Security. BENJAMIN ALLEN'S BANKRUPTCY. THE Commissioners in a Commission bearing. Date the I St Dav of Mav, 1811, awarded and issued forth against BNNJAMIN ALLEN, of the Town of BEDFORD in the County of Bedford, Feltmonger, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on Wednesday the 22d Day of April next, at Eleven o'clock in ( he Forenoon, at the Swan Inn; in Ihe said Town of Bedford, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded I lie Benefit of ihe said Dividend. And all Claims not tb* n proved will be disallowed. DAY, St. Neots, 25M March, 1812. Solicitor under the said Commis sion. I. EIGIITOX- BL'ZZARD, April Sd, 1812. THE Public are most respectfully informed, that the INN BUSINESS at Ihe EAGLB AND CHILD, at I. KIGHTON- BUZZ A I! D, will be continued, and every At- tention paid to afford superior Comfort and Accommodation to those Friends who have or may be pleased to honour it with their future Favours. To be S O L D, And entered upon immediately, THAT olrl- establishedlNN, the EAGLE AND CII1IU 1. E1GHTON BUZZARD - To treat for thesame. p ease to apply to THOMAS WOOD, House and Estate Agent. Leighion. Bedfordshire. 5 ' RICHARD ALLEN'S BANKRUPTCY. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt bearing Date the 24th Day of April, 1811, awarded and issued forth against RICHARD ALLEN, of the Parish of Saint Mary, in the T" wn of BEDFORD, in the County of Bedford, Wool- Buver, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on Wednesday the 22d Day of April next, at One o'Clock ia the Afternoon, at the Swan Inn. in thesaid Town of Bedford, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate nnd Effects of Ihe said Bankrupt, when and where ihe Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend. And all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. DAY, St. Neots, 25th March. 1812. Solicitor under the said Commission. AMPTHILL, BEDFORDSHIRE. A GENTEF. L FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, To be SOLD bv PRIVATE CONTRACT, And may be entered on immediately ; COMPRISING a substantial Brick and tiled House, with a gnod Parlour and sitting Room, five comfortable Sleeping- Rooms ; sood Kitchen, Store- Rooin, Scullery, Wood- Bam, Sic. with a Well of excellent Water, Lead- Pump to Ditto; and good Garden, pleasanrlv situate at AMPTHILL, late in the Occu- pation of Mrs. Goldsmith. Ampthill is a very pleasant Market Town, 45 Miles from London, through which a Coach passes daily. For further Particulars and to treat for the same, apply to Messrs. FURZE & PHIFPS, Auctioneers, House and l. and- Agents. Timber- Surveyors, Sic. Ampthill and Clopthill, Beds. PAPER MILLS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN AGG, At the Crown Inn, in Evesham, in the County of Worcester, between the Hours of Three and Six in the Afternoon, 011 Monday the 27th Day of April next, subject to such Con- ditions as shall then be produced, ALL that eligible and commodious PAPER MILL, situate on til? Banks of the River Avon, in the Parish of NORTH and MI DDLE - LI TTLETON, in the County of Worcester; with a Dwelling- House, and several Tenements, lately erected, for the Convenience of Servants ; Garden, Stable, large Yard, and six Acres or thereabouts of capital Meadow Land adjoining the said Mill, and certain Neights and Ozier- Beds, with a valuable Right of Fishery in the River Avon, late in the Occupation of John Gould and his Undertenants, held under a Lease granted in the Year 1801, for seventy Years, if three young and healthy Persons should so long live, at the annual Rent of =£ 31 10s. clear, the Lives are all in being and in perfect Health, and the Buildings in good Repair. This Mill contains two Vats and Vathouses, with leaded StufT- Chest, & c. ; three Dryers, one perfectly modern, with 18. Feet SJiutters ; two Soils, one finishing Room, one Rag- Room, and two Store- Rooms, with other necessary Accommodations, all in good Condition. And also all that moit disirabls and convenient MILL, situate within a small Distance of the former, lower down tile River, but in the Parish of HARVINGTON, in the County of Worcester, lately erected and fitted up on a new and im- proved Principle, by the said John Gould, for the Purpose of manufacturing unfinished Paper, called Packs, with Right of Water, and of a Main Wheel at fixed Times, in common with the Corn- Mill adjoining, belonging to Mr. Edmund Smith, held under Lease for thirty Years from Michaelmas, 1802, grant ed by the said Edmund Smith, at the clear annual Rent of £ 50. This Mill contains one Engine- House, one Stuff- Chest, leaded; one Vat- Hog and Pot, a Patent Hydraulic Press, ( by Bramab), Engines, & c. for raising Water, for the Use of the Mill, and other necessary Accommodations, allyiew. These Premises have, under the Denomination of Harvington Mill, for nearly a Century past been celebrated in the Retail Hand- Paper Trade, and have a regular and advantageous Custom in the neighbouring Town* equal Jo the Employ of two Vats in common Paper at the same Markets; considerable Quantities ot tine Paper manufactured at the new Mill have usually been dis- posed ot; and from its Proximity to Birmingham, Warwick, Coventry, and other large Towns, there is already established a good Connection" for the Purchase of Rags. The Premises ate well situated for Water Carriage to Bristol, Stourport, Stratford - upon - Avon, & c. Vessels passing these Mills in their Way to the above Places ; and Goods may hv this Mode, and by Land Carriage from Harvington be conveyed to any Part of the Kingdom. They are distant four Miles from Eve- sham, 11 from Stratford- upon- Avon, and seven- tram Alcester, and the Roads good. For further Particulars, apply to THOMAS BLANEY, Esq. Fvesham ; Messrs. PHILM & SAVAGE, of the same Place ; and Mr. CRUSWELL, Solicitor, Stratford- upon- Avon. To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, >- pWO TAN YARDS, in full Tr. ide, situate in BYFIKLD I- and NEWNHAM, in ihe Countv of Northampton, the Property of Mr. WM. COX, late of'BYF1 E l. l), deceased 5 together with two P W E LI. l'NG- HOUS t'S, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging ; and about 80 Acres of I. ANM. For further Particulars, apply to Mr John Baldwin, of Newnham aforesaid; Mr. Richard Tew^ of By field ; Mr. Fd. v. Harris, of Preston. Capes, or William fntchcock, of Chipping- warden Grange, Gent, in the said Countv ot Northampton, Ex- ecutors of the Will of the said Mr. William Cox. Byfitld, March 11th, 1812 . N. B. It is particularly requested, that the Butchers will send in their Goods as usual. Valuable Freehold- House, in Wellingborough. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. THOMSON, At the Horse and Groom, in WE I- 1.1 NC BO ROUG H, in the County of Northampton, on Thursdi/, the 16th of April Instant, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon; AVerv good HOUSE in the East End ; comprising a Cellar, Kitchen, two Parlours, and several excellent Bed- Rooms ; with a good Garden, large Yard, and Stabling for six Horses. For further Particulars, apply to Messrs HODSON, Sol citors, Wellingborough. SALE POST PON KI). " THE Public are respectfully informed, That the SALE of the LAND at WELLINGROROUGH, with the BRICK- KILNS thereon, is POSTPONED. To be i ETT, Until the first Day of November next, and entered upon immediately, SEVERAL BRICK- KILNS AND TILF- KTLNS, IN THA East Field of WnLLINGBOROUG H. with the Clay- Pits adjoining the same, and the Drying- Sheds and all other Conveniences thereto belonging, late in the Tenure of Mr. Henry Boss, deceased. There is a Quantity of Clay already dug, sufficient to make at least two hundred thousand Bricks' and Tiles, which is to be taken by the Renter at a Valuation. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. ARTHUR LOVEI. L, Mear's- Ashby, near Wellingborough; if hv l. ettfr, Pos-. !> a- d. THE LEMAN ESTATE AT WAKB ( VS. Extensive and valuable Freehold Estate, comprising several compact Furmi, with convenient Farm- Houses, and a well- accustomed Fublic- House, called the Royal Oak. To be PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, hearing Date the 17th Day of August, 1810, made in a Cause wherein Justinian Casamajor, Esq and others, are Plaintiff'-, and James Cranbourne Strode. Esq. and others, are Defendants, with the Approbation of John Simeon, Esq. oneof the Mas- ters of the said Court, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the George Inn, Huntingdon, on Saturday the 58th Day of April, 1S12, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, in 14 Lots, npHE very extensive and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, at I. WARBOY'S; comprising several compact Farms, with Pi ™ . Hi, usci, and a well accustomed Public- House called the Royal Oak. the Whole containing about 900 Acres of remarkably rich Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land Tithe- free, and exonerated from the Land. Tax, late the ProoertJ ofWILLlAM STRODE, Esq. deceased, most eligibly and conveniently situate at Warbovs. in the County of Huntingdon about six Miles from the County Town, six from Saint Ives, 13 from Cambridge, and 65 from London, in the Occupation of sundry respectable Tenants at Will. Theabove Estate may be viewe 1 by Application to Mr Wm Elmer, at the Royal Oak. Warbovs. of whom print : d Partil culars may be bad ; also at the said Master Simeon's Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Line ; ot Messrs. Hanrott Se. Metcalfe, and Messrs. Woodcock & Bateman, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn; of Messrs. Nettleship, Solicitors, Grocers'.' Hall, Poultry; of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land. Agents, Kent Road, or at their Offices in the Auction- Mart, l. ondoi at the George, Huntingdon ; Crown, Saint Ives ; Geor$, Chatteris ; Rose and Crown, Wisbech ; White Hart, Ell- Angel, Peterborough ; and Rose, Cambridge. THE LEMAN ESTATES AT RAMPTON.'" Valuable Freehold Estate, comprising the Manor of Raniptc rind sundry Farms, situate in the Parish of Hampton, the County of Cambridge. To be PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, bearir Date the 17th Day of August, 1S10, made in a Cause wherei Justinian Casamajor, Esq. and others, are Plaintiff's, an James Cranbourne Strode, Esq. and others, are Defendant: with the Approbation of John Simeon, Esq. one ot tt Masters of the said Court. By Messrs. DRIVER, Atthe Roselnn. Cambridge, on Monday the 20th Dav of Apri 1812, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, in 35 I- ots, RJ^ IIE remarkably valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE T I RAMPTON; comprising the Manor, and sundry very des rableFarms, containing up wards of 450 Acres, with a Farm- Hou and Offices, Barns, Stables, Granary, and other convenie1 Outbuildings, late the Property of WILLIAM STROD1 F. sq. deceased, most eligibly situate in the Parish of RAM TON, in the County of Cambridge, about 12 Miles from Sa Ives, II from Ely, seven from Cambridge, and 58 from Lornlo The above Estate may be viewed by Application to M Francis Mann, the Tenant to the Farm; and printed Particular had at the said Master Simeon's Chambers, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery- Lane; of Messrs. Hanrott Sc Metcalfe and Messrs. Woodcock & Bateman, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn of Messrs. Nettleship, Solicitors, Grocers'- Hall, Poultry; Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land- Agents, Kent Road, l. c don, or at their Offices in the Auction- Mart; at the R Cambridge; George, Huntingdon : Crown, Saint Ives George, Chatteris; Rose and Crown, Wisbech; White Har Ely; Angel, Peterborough ; and George, Potton. T TWO PERPETUAL ADVOWSONS THE LEMAN ESTATE, AT WARBOYS AXD RAM PTO > Perpetual Advotcson and Riiiht of Presentation to the Rectm of Warboys, in the County of Huntingdon ; and the Pei petual Advozcsou and next Presentation to the Rectory 1 Rampton, in the County of Cumbri Ige. To be PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant toa Decree of the High Court of Chancery, dated the 17ih Day ol August, 1810, made in a Cause wherein Jus- tinian Casamajor, Esq. and others, are Plaintiffs, and James Cranboume Strode, F. sq. and others, are Defendants, with the Approbation of John Simeon, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, in the Public Sale Room of the said Court, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane, on Wednesday the 22d Day of April, atOne o'Clock in the Forenoon, MIE PERPETUAL ADVOWSON and RIGHT of PRESENTATION to the extremely valuable and very desirable RECTORY of WARBOYS. in th; Countv of Hunt- ingdon, late the Property of Wl LLI AM- STRODE, Esq. deceased; comprising a handsome Parsonage- House, remarkably well situate, with numerous suitable and convenient Offices, a valuable Parrel of Glebe, and sundry Farms, containing toge- ther upwardsof950 Ac. ies of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in a high State of Cultivation, lett to three respectable Tenants ; also the great and small Tithes arising and becoming due from about 1,500 Acres of Land, in the Parish of Warbn- S; the Value of which may be fairly estimated at about £ 1,800 per Annum. Also the Perpetual Advowson and next Presentation to the Rectory of Rampton, in the County of Cambridge, of the Value of about ^ 400 per Annum; consisting of a Parsonage . House, Buildings, & c. ; the Glebe Land, with the great and smallTithes arising from the Wholeof the Parishof Rampton, estimated tocontain about 1,500 Acres. Printed Particulars may be bad at the said Master Simeon's Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery - Lane; cf Messrs. Harottap. d Metcalfe,& Messrs. Woodcock and Bateman, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn ; of Messrs. Nettleship, Solicitors, Grocers'- Hall, Poultry; ofMessrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land- Agents, Kent Road, or at their Offices in the Auction- Marl, London ; at the Star Inn, Oxford; and t(> e Rose, Cambridge. Tiie Northampton Mercury , tieAerat AiK'diftet: for the Counties of Northampton, BuoUiiulum, II mtin Leicester, War uck> Oxford, ami Ileitf. mt.' ii i i i. i. li n n in i I i n in imrr" r i n'i -• " n i i - r - - n in i i r •• 1 - " " 1— "'— 1 ' '" Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. LONDON, THURSDAY, April C\ PTAIM West of his Majesty's sh'ip the Saltan, gives • an account of the boats of that ship having on the 4th of December last, under the direction of Lieuts. AnderSon and Woodcock, boarded and captured^ off fiastia, two French national armed vessels, one a settee of 8 guns aiidSl men, and the other a brig of 6 guns and 63 men. In the per formance of this service, which was very gallantly efcecuted, the Sultan's boats ha l only 4 men wounded; the enemy had one killed aud several wounded, airtougst the latter the commander of the brig.— Gazette. A Mail is arrived from Heligoland. Under date the 5th nf this month they Write as follows s—" Since lust Mail tlieie have been several arrivals from the opposite coast, and some passengers, who have fled from Hamburgh, to avoid being drawn Tn finuAparte's new general conscription. By these learn tbAt. Napoleon is every day expegted ' to take the command of the French army in the interior, of Poland in person ; that grent exertions have been, lately madfc to pave and repair the roads through which he is expected to pass; and that he is M hold a conference with the Emperor of Austria, at Fredes, on the Rhine, at which place it has been arranged the two Emperors are to meet. It is also staled that the greatest discontent prevailed all overbite continent, in consequence of the extended conscription." A Mail from Cadiz has arrived, by which advices have been received to the 2t> th ult. They bring information tlmt the enemy have of late kept up a considerable fire ft- » m their lines, but fortunately without doing anv material damage, the greater part oi' their shells falling into the sea. It was supposed at Cadiz that the enemy would shortly raise the siege, and, in the event of the fall of Badajoz, this ap- pears extremely probable. They are said to suffer much for wm of provisions, and a scarcity likewise began to be felt at Cadiz, but this had been removed by the arrival of ten American ships with 25,000 barrels of flour, which bad loweied the price of that necessary article from 21 to IT dollars, per barrel. To prevent the introduction of Sup- plies to the enemy, the Regency have declared the whole country, from Santa Maria to Ayamonte, in a state of blockade, which it is Inped we have cruiiers at hand suffi- cient to enforce. Under their present circumstances, the Spaniards Cannot have a more powerful auxiliary than- famine; and such is the state of desolation to winch the enemy have reduced the country, that all cultivation is nearly at a stand. The new Regency has been installed, and a new Consu- ttrtirtH promulgated, iu which Ferdinand VII is recognised astiic rightful Sovereign of Spain, and the succession is de- clared to be in his heirs, anil those of his brother Don Carlos, and failing of them in the person of the Princess of Brazil and her sister. The Priucsss, lately Queen of Etruria, her son, and the consort of Bonaparte, who might derive some title to tlie throne of Spain from the House of Naples, if sortie 30 « r 40 persons nearer to tbu throue were extinct, arc declared incapable of . succeeding; and the Cortes likewise reserve to themselves the power of excluding from the succession any person or persons who may be in- capable or governing, or who may have done any tiling to merit being deprived of the Crown. The Emperor of Austria baa issued a rescript to the Stales rf Hungary, in which he in substance states, that, under existing* circuuistances, he caunut desist from the demand he has made ol" 12,000,000 in money for the wants of the empire. Yesterday, soon after two o'clock, his Royal Highness the PrinCe Regent held a Privy Council at Carlton House, which was attended bv the Lord Privv Seal, the First Lord of the Treasury, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, _ tho three Secretaries of State, the President of rhe Board of Contronil the Lord Chamberlain, and the Eurfof Harrow by. Viscount; Sidoiouth attended, when the Prince was pleased to declare him to be President of his . Majesty's Most Hon. Privy Coun- cil ; his Lordship took his seat authe Board accordingly. Earl Talbot was introduced ta the Council, and sworn in Lord Lieutenant of the county of Stafford. Viscount Chet- wynd attended as Clerk of the Council. The Earl of Buck- inghamshire kissed hands on his being appoitred President of the B> ard of Controul. The Noble Earl had a private audience of the Piince. Mr. Perceval, Mr. livder, Lord Melville, Lord Mulgrave, Lord Castlereagh, and the Earl of Liverpool, bail also audiences of his Royal Highness. The Marquis of Headfort aud General Stevens were the Lord anil Groom in Waiting. On Wednoudfty in the House of Lords, Earl Stanhope observed that he wished to call their Lordships' SUA « • « « . « » « to a very'important subject. With respect to persons holding certain " leligious tenets, there were two opinions, the one that they should be admitted to hold civil offices, and the other that they should be. disqualified from holding offices; l et both parties were agreed in the justice of Toleration. Upon this latter point, however, in consequence of some reoent circums. ances, tnanv Protestant Dissenters, and even some Members of the Established Church, were liable to much oppression; to relieve them from which, he bad pre- pared a Rill, but thought it better not to name a dav for ' csenting it until after the discussion on tiie Claims of his lijestv's Roman Catholic subjects in Ireland. '") is stated that, at a Meeting of the principal Dissenters, c( livened by Mr. W. Smith, a few days ago, for the purpose o ascertaining whether the Catholic Question had their siport or not, they stated to him," T hat they had no desire j- more political power:— Fhat they were contented to ve the laws relative to Toleration properly executed ; but ev conceive them to have been departed from lately in 10 or three judicial cases.*— That they had lived happily uder . the present Protestant form of- Constitution, and that ley did not wish for such a change in it. as they conceived .• oiil'l be produced by connecting Catholic principles with V otestant.'' On Tuesday morning, Mr. Agar, the celebrated pedes- trian, undertook to go, by a circuitous route, from his residence at Kensington, to Blacktyater, in Hampshire, and return, being altogether a distance of 5' J miles, ill the space ef eight hours and a half, for a stake of 200 guineas. The pedestrian started at day- light, dressed closely in flannel, with light but thick shoes, and with his legs bare. He ar- rived at Asliford Common ( 17 miles) hi two hours and 10 minutes, aud refreshed at Englefieid Green ( 21 miles) in five minutes less than three hours from starting. The pedestrian ' continued steadily at work until he did the half of his journey, in four hours and four minutes.— After being well rubbed, Mr. Agar pursued his Herculean undertaking, and did his seven miles an hour tolerably true, although he was much d stressed in the last two hours, but he won the match in three minutes within time. This is the greatest performance of modern day'. BEDFORD and KETTERING COACHES. THE Public are respectfully informed, That the. BEDFORD and " KETTERING COACHES are re- moved from the Swan to the Run LinN INN, H IRH- STREET, BEDFORD, w- hich Inn the Bedford will t.- ave ( for. London) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- Morning, at Light o'Clock precisely ; the Kettering every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Morning, at a Quarter- past fell o'clock. N. B. Places taken aud Parcels hooked for the above Coaches ( as usual) by Mr. JOHX MINGAY, Saddler, High- Street, Bedford. First Regiihent of Local Militia, for the County of Bedford. OTICE is hereby given, That the 1st Division of the above Regiment will assemble for training and exercise at BEDFORD, on MONDAY the 27th Instant ; rutd the 2d Division at the same Place; nn MONDAY the 25th May next, for fourteen Days eaeh, exclusive nf one iW allowed for assembling and one for departing, w ith the Exception of those Men who have not been trained in any preceding Year, and who are to serve seven extra Days. C. BAILEY,! Lieutenant and Adjutant 1st Regt. Beds Lo, cal Militia. Bedford, AnriHth, 1812. N. B. The Roll will be called precisely at Twelve o'clock, and those Men returned absent, will not be entitled to the extra Allowance for the Days of ArrivrL N' First Regiment of Bedfordshire IjOcal Militia. NOTICE is hereby given, That any Person desirous of Contracting to supply the Regiment with BEEF and MUTTON, of good Quality, are requested to send in scaled Proposals, directed ( o the Qu ARTERW ASTER, at Mr. BAILEY'S, Bedford, on or before THURSDAY the 16th liutant, at Twelve o'Clock. Bedford, April 1th, 1812. FINAL NO I ICE. To the Creditors o/ JOHN BY WATERS, of GIRTFOIID, in the Parish of SANDY, in the County of Bedford, BriclUaytr. ADividend arising from the Estate and Effects of the said JOHN BYWATERS is intended to be made, at the FALCON INK, in SAINT NEOTS, on THURSDAY the 30th Day of APRIL instant, in the Afternoon : • Notice is therefore hereby given. That all Persons wba shall uot on or before that Day have delivered to Mr. Chatles Banks, of Hail- Weston, the Assignee of the Buid Estate and Elects, or to Mr. Day, Solicitor, St. Neots, au Account of their respective Debts, and executed the Deed of Assignment, made from the said John By waters to the said Charles Banks ( which Deed is lodged at the Office of thesaid Mr. Day, for that Purpose), will he excluded all Benefit therefrom ; and after the said 30th Day of April such Persons as shall have executed the said Deed, may receive his or her Dividend liv applying to the said Mr. Dav. St. Neets, Aprillth. 1812. C'r./ iVbON, near Banbnrv, April 1, 181 J. MR3. SARIN, with the deepest Sense of Gratitude and Respect, begs Leave to return her sinccrest Thanks to her numerous Friends for their Support during Mr. SARIN'S Life, and hopes to merit their future Approbation and Support, as the SCHOOL will be carried « n for the Benefit of II rs, Sabin, by a Person duly qualified to teacli " Reading . Writing, Arithmetic, English Grammar, BooR- Reeping, tiie Rudiments of the Mathematics, Geography aud the Elements of Astronomy. Those Gentlemen who may please to honour Mrs. Sabia with the Care nf their Children, of either Sex, may rely mi every Attention being paid to promote the Improvement of their Education, Health, and Morals. . KTMBOLTON SCHOOL, HONTNODONSHIRE. rniIF. FiiemlS of the his Mr. CODLING and the 1. Public are most respectfully informed, That the a'bove SC floor, will be carried on for the Benefit of Mrs. CODLING and Family, by the Rev. JOHtf THOMPSON, A. M. and Mr. CO I, p. ( both of whom linve been many Years cugaged iu the School), assisted by another Clergyman. Mrs. CODLING, with Gratitude for past Favours, begs to assure those Parents and Guardians who may be pleased to entrust their Children to her Care, that an unremitting At- tention will be paid ti every Thing that can Conduce to their Health and Comfort, and qualify them for their respective Pursuits in Life. PARTNERSHIP. ADesirable Opportunity now otfers to anv Person wishing to engage in a genteel Business. The Concern has been carried on about two Years yerv successfully, and is capable of great Improvement. This would more imme- diately suit Printers, Bookbinders, and Druggists, but the Proprietor would not object t » a Sleeping Partner, as Capi- tal Is the principal Requisite ; the strictest Integrity may be depended on. Personal Applications only, will be attended to by Mrs. SMITII, Printer, ore. Kimboiton, Huntingdonshire. The Manor of C.. ' . it 11) s, it tin Co , i i Hi,, of STONY- STRATFORD, in the Courtly of Huckmabum. NOTICE is hereby given. That the COURT'LEET and COURT BARON of WILLIAM LOWNDES, Esq. Lord of the said Manor of CALVERTON, with the West Side of STONY- STRATFORD, will be holden- at the House of Mr. JAMES FRENCH, the Sign of the SHOULDER or MUTTON, in CALVERTON, and within the Manor aforesaid, on MONDAY the 20th Day of this instant APRIL, at ihe Hour of Ten in the Forenoon ; at which Time and Place all Tenants and other Persons concerned are required to attend, do iheir Suit and Service, and pay their respective Quit Rents, and other Rents, due to the said William Lowndes, as Lord of the said Manor. JOHN FR. CONGRF. VE, Steward of the said Manor. Stony- Strut fori, 6th April, 1812. A T a very numerous Meeting of the Clergy and Laity fx of the NEWPORT HUNDREDS, held at the SWAN INN, in NEWPORT- PAONFLL, on the 4th of APRIL, 1812, for the Purpose of considering the best " Means of co- operating with the " Society for promoting Christian Knowledge." VVI L 1.1 AM PRAE3, Esq. Chairman, It < wai unanimously resolved, 1st. That the Cause of Religion and Morality will be highly benefited by furnishing the Poor of the three Hundreds ot New. port With Prayer- Books, Religious Tracts, and School- Books, sanctioned and recommended by the " Society for promotUg Christian Knowledge," iu Addition to the Holy Scriptures— Gratis. 2d. That a Subscription be immediately entered into for the Purpose of procuring such Books aud Tracts, and of carrying into Effect the above Resolution. 3,1. That Mr. William Lucas be appointed Treasurer, who is hereby directed to receive Subscriptions and Donations, and to answer the Drafts of the Secretaries to the Amount received by him. 4th. That such of the Inhabitants of the Newport Hundreds who are or may become Members of the Society for promoting christian Knowledge, be entreated to act as a Committee. 5th. That the Rev. James Meakin, the Rev. John I'rettyman, the Rev. Thomas Lo Mesurier, and the Rev. John Fisher, be re- quested to act as Secretaries. 6th. That the Committee, or any three of them, with the Secretaries, be empowered to take such Steps as they shall deem most advisable for carrying into edect the Intentions of this Meeting. 7th That the Secretaries be requested to communicate with the Board in London, on the Means of procuring a Store of Bibles, Testaments, Common- Prayer Books, Religious Tracts, and School Books, to be deposited with them, tor the more ready and convenient Supply of the Poor of the said Newport Hundreds. . 8th. That all Applications for Books and Tracts be made to the Secretaries, through the Clergy, who are requested to enquire what Bibles, Testaments, Prayer- Books, Religious Traets, and School. Books, may be wanted; and also to promote Subscriptions ''•- their respective Parishes. _ 9th. That the Proceedings of this Meeting, with a List of the Subscribers, be published in the Notthampton Mercury. 10th. That the Thanks of tilts Meeting be giver, to the Com- mitter and to the Secretaries, for knidlv promising to Act as such. WiMiam Praed, Esquire, having left the Chair, Resolved unanimously. That tiie Thanks of this Meeting be given to William Praed, Esq. for his Readiness in accepting the Chair, aadtisgreat At- tention in it. LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS. Amount of Subscriptions. The Commercial Hall I Fine Company, London, INFORM the Public tli. it they are now Selling their WINES and SPIRITS at the same low Prices as pub- lished by them on the 1st of January last, and respectfully inform their Country Customers that for their Convenience they intend keeping a STOCK of KIN E WINES and GENUINE SPIRITUOUS LIQUORS at each of the principal Towns within 100 Miles of London. Those Persons who wish to receive Consignments of the Company's Articles and have sufficient Room to stow them, will please to apply personally, at the Wine Office, in the Commercial Hail, or by Letter, Post- paid, directed to the Secretary of the Company. Hc SMALL - POX. | R. TURNER respectfully informs his Friends and IT 1 the Public in general, that his old- established HOUSE it THISTLE FOREST, in the Parish of NORTH- M A R STON, is now open for PATIENTS, who wish lo be INOCULATED for the SMALL- POX N. B. Terms as usual. Winslom, Bucks. T. TURNER, Surgeon. To be SOLD, Pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, bearing Date the 9th Day ef March, 1812, made in a Cause wherein JAMES SIMPSON and others are Plaintiffs, and JOSEPH G UTTERI DOE and others are Defendants, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the GRAVGE- YA* D jind ROAD, BERMODNSEY, in the Countv of Surry; ci) m- prising an extensive Tan- Yard, now divided into Lots, with several good Dwelling- Houses, and Outbuildings, together with nearly 600 Tan and Lime Pits ; also a considerable Extent of valuable Building - Ground, fronting the Spa Road and the Neckinger, the Whole lately in the Possession of Mr. John Undersnell, ( ttid being Part of the E& tatesof Mr. James Wame deceased. The said Estate will be sold with the Approbation of Samuel Compton Cox, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Court, at the Public Sale- Room, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane, London, on Wednesday the 29th Day of April, 1812, between the Hours of One and Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, in five Lots. Printed Particulars, with a Plan annexed, may be had gratis, at the said Master's Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, ^ roitam'. a, of Messrs. Crowder, Lavie, & Carth, Solicitors, Frederick's- Place, Did Jewry, London-, of Messrs. Weston, and Teesdale, Solicitors, Fenchurch- Street, Loudon ; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors, Kent- Road; or at the Auction- Mart, London. To be S O L I) by AUCTION, By Mr. CHENEY, On Friday the 17th Day of April, 1812, upon the Premises at GUILSBOROUGH, in the County ot Northampton, '' PHE valuable and useful HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE 1 and other EFFECTS, the Property of Mr. WM. FOX, who is leaving the Premises; consisting of Four- post and Tent Bedsteads, Flock- Beds, Sic.-, Oak Dining, Tea, and Mahogany Card- Tables, Wainscot Bureau, common and stained Mahogany Chairs, Dressiug- GJassses ; Warming.- Pan, Bellows, Fire- Shovels, Tongs, Pokers, and FewUrs, Iron and Brass Candle- sticks, Culinary Articles in Tin, Brass, Copper, and I'ewter, and sundry Lots ot Earthenware, Sec. Sec. ; 8 Strike Mash- Vat, Iron- bound Hogshead and Half Ditto, Barrel- Chutn, Cheese- Vats, with most of the Requisites for the Dairy, Pantry, See. ; a new Waggon, with full Harness and ironed complete, Pair ot Harrows, t'lough, Winnowing- Fan, and sundry other Articles.— The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock exactly. The Most Noble the Marqu- s of Buckingham, K. G. Lord- Lieutenant William Praed, E q. ! Chairman' Tyringhain.. £. 21 10 a d. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A STOLEN or. STRAYED, ON Monday Night the 6lli or early on Tuesdty Morning the 7th of April, 1,812, out of the Yard ad- joining the House of JOHN ADAMS, HANSLOFE, Bucks, An Aged HORSE, between the Nag and Cart Kind, . All black, excepting a few Grey Hairs, bare of Flesh, blind of the off Eye, had, when missing, a Switch Tail, lately bruised in the Frog of the off" fore Foot, likewise a Crack ill the Hoof of the same Foot, occasioned by a former Bruise. I f strayed, whoever will inform the Owner shall be satisfied for their Trouble; if stolen, whoever will discover the Of- fender or Olfenders shall, on Conviction, receive a Reward of l'l V E GU IN EAS, and have all reasonable Expenses paid. JOHN ADAMS. Capital Timber, near Beaconsficld, Bucks. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By Mr. HAWKES, The Latter End of this Month, v Valuable Quantity of prime and excellent OAK, BEECH, and ASH TIMBER, with Lop. Tops, and Bark, now standing and growing on a Farm and Lands in the Oocupation of Mr. W. Taylor, at Hedgerley- Dean. Particulars of the above will be delivered indue Time at the neighbouring Inns; at the Auction- Mart; and by Hawkes ce Co. Land- Surveyors, Reading. Valuable Timber, Herts. COTTEREI), near lluNTiNoroRD. To be SOLD bv A U C I 1 O N, By Mr. HAllKES, The Latter End of this Month, April, AConsiderable Quantity of capital OAK, prime BF. ECH, and useful ASH TIMBER, wiNl Lop, lops, and Bark, now standing and growing on a Farm and Lands in the Occu- pation of Mr. John Smith, who will shew the same. . Catalogues will be delivered in due Time at the Auction- Mart, London; at the neighbouring Inns, and at Hawkes & Co.' s, Land- Surveyors, Reading. Sparrows Heme Turnpike. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees of this Turnpike- Road will meet by Adjournment, on TUES- J> AY the 21st Day of APRIL, 1812, at the KINO'S Anus INN, at IU'. RKII A M STED- S * I N R- PETER, in the County nf Hertford, by Ten of the Clock in the Foreoo6n, whtn tliey will examine the Treasurer's Half- yearly Accounts.— Dated the 16th Day uf JJurch, 1812. HARRY OROVER, Clerk to the said Trustees. Valuable. Sheep Stock, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By BRAMPTON S>- BATES, On Thursday the 23d Day of April, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. r HO MAS WARD ( who is leaving his Farm), at CRANSLEY, in the County ot Northampton, PA III'of the LIVESTOCK, & c.; consisting of Forty Ewes with Lambs,) FU? F^ lheeep: and ( Warranted sound ; Two Tups, J Six In- calf Heifers, Two barren Ditto, Four yearling Calves, One capital Bull Calf. With a Variety of other Lots. N. It. The Sheep are well bred and worth public Attention Credit will be given tor three Months. on approved joint Stctt- tity, or Discount allowed for prompt Pay, Valuable. Building Materials. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. WOO D, At the latter End of the present Month, April, on the Premises, at LEIGH TON. BUZZ. ARU, IMIE OUT OFFICES- and BUILDING* of the late MANSION. HOUSE ; consisting of plain Tiling, Bricks, Sashes, clean Deal Floors, Oak Girders, and Frame Floors, Doors, Quantity of Lead, & c. Sec. Descriptive Particulars will appear in due Time Valuable Freehold and Leasehold Estutes, desirably situate at Adstock- Folly, ail joining the Turnpike- Road leading from Buckingham lo Winston , with immediate Possession. To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, By T. WOOD, On Wednesday, April 39th, 1812, on the Premises, precisely at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one Lot, unless disposed ot by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, ALL that old- accustomed anil well frequented INN, the PUNCH BOWL, commonly called the FOLLY; com- prising a substantial Freehold Brick- built Dwelling- Home, consisting ot a Parlour, Tap- Room, comfortable Sleeping- Rooms, convenient Kitchen and Brewliouse, capital and exten- sive Cellarage, Stabling, Hovels, Pigsties, extensive and well constructed Miilting and• Malt- House, capable of'making 15 Quarters Weekly, with suitable Store- Rooms, large Garden and Orchard thereto adjoining, containing by Estimation, one Acre, now in the Occupation ot the Proprietor; also, a Freehold Brick built Cottage or Tenement adjoining, in the Occupation of Widow Stevens, all which Premises are in the Parish of ADSTOCK, together with three Closes of Tithe- Free rich old Sward and Arable Land ( Part Freehold and Part Leasehold, » or the Residue of certain long Terms of Years, in the shortest of which nearly 300 Years are unexpired, extremely well fenced and watered), situate and adjoining the above, in the Parish of PAD* BUR. Y, containing by Admeasurement 2RA. 1R. 2P. on which there is a Cow- House and Bain of three Bays. This Estate is very d- sirably and contiguously situate, ad. joining the London Road leading from Buckingham to Wlnsiow. The Fixtures, Brewing Utensils and Casks to be taken by the Purchaser at al'air Valuation. For Particulars and to treat for the same, apply on tlifc Pre. mises; to Mr. Hum, Solicitor, Buckingham ; Mr, Winn, Solicitor, Winslow; or to Mr, Wore, Land A^ ent, itc. Leightoir- Buztard. The Right Hon. Earl TempW Members tor tlie 1 William Lowndes, E< q. $ County. J 5 Adkins Mr. William, Lathbury - I Battams Mr Jahn, Wavenddn 1 Baily Mr. John, Bradwell 1 Brice George, Gayhurst 1 Cautley Rev. Richard, Moulsoe . 1 Cooke Rev. Edward, Haver » hain 3 Cotton Rev. William, Chichley 0 10 Cotton Mr. Henry, Ditto 0 10 Collison Mr. Robert, Newport 1 1 Cooch Mr. George, Ditto 1 1 Copeland Mr. Daniel, Ditto 1 1 Drake Rev. William, Stoke- Goldington 1 1 Daniels Mr. Joseph, Wavendon C 10 Dav Mr. John, Stony- Stratford J 1 Ellis Rev. Valentine, Walton ? 2 Fisher Rev John, Wavendou 3 3 Fry Rev. Thomas, Emberton 1 1 Fountain Mr. Bernard, Stoke- Haminond 2 2 A Friend to the Cause of Religion and Morality.-, I I Gardner Rev. Charles, Stoke- Haminond 3 Q Gardner Rev. Thomas, Willen j... i ' Garrard Mr. John, Olney Goodwin Mr. Edmund, Newpou 10 0 Hoare Henry Hugh, Es( j. Wavendon 5 5 0 . Higgins John, Esq. Turvey House 5 5 0 Handscoi'nb Mr. Isaac H. Newport 110 Hollingworth Mr. Thomas S. Ditto 1 1 0 Higgins Bartholomew, Esq. Weston 3 0 0 Hurst George Pitt, Esq. Newport 110 Head Mr. William, Milton I 1 0 Hale Mr. John, Emberton 1 0 0 Hale Mr. Thomas, Ditto I 0 0 Humphrey Mr. Richard, Sheriugt in I I 0 Hill Mr. Thomas, Newport 0 10 fi Hall Mr. James, Chichley 0 10 6 Jones Rev. Edward, Little- Brickhill Ill) Jefferson Mr. William, Newpoit 1 1 0 Kipling Rev. Charles, Newport 1 1 0 Knibb Mr. George, Newport 110 Loraine Rev. Lambton 2 2 0 Lowndes Rev. Robert, North- Crawley 3 3 0 Le Mesurier Rev Thomas, Newnton- Longville.- 3 3 0 Lucas Mr. William, Newport 1 1 0 Lucas Mr. Joseph, Wougltton.^ •-. 2 2 0 Mansel Dawkin Mansel, Esq Lathbury 5 5 0 Meakin Rev. James, Ditto 3 3 0 Osborn Mr. Thomas, Ditto..., 1 1 0 Pinfold Charles, Esq. Chichley 5 5 0 Praed James B. Esq. Tyringham 2 2 0 Praed William T. Esq. Ditto 2 2 0 Pretty man Rev. John, Shermgtoil 3 3 0 Palmer Mr. George, Brouglnon 1 1 0 Price Mr. Luke, Newport 1 1 0 Pike Mr. James, Ditto 1 I 0 His Family 1 1 0 Redden C. Newport 110 Renny Patrick, Esq. Loughton. I I 0 Ratline Mr. Thomas, Woolverton 1 1 0 Richards Mr. John, Sherington i. I 1 0 Riley Mr. James, Chichley 100 Small Alexander, Esq. Clifton 5 5 0 Smith Rev. Edward O. Aspley 3 3 0 Smith Mr. Ed. O. Ditto 4 1 1 0 Smyth Rev. William, Great- Linfoid 2 2 0 Sibthorpe Mr. William, Walton 110 Swatinell Mr. William, Filgrave 110 Scott Mr. Milton 1 1 0 Talbot Rev. William, Clifton 1 1 0 Tandy Mr. Tbomas, Sheringion ......... 110 Tandy Mr. Richard, Diito 1 1 0 U. nney Mr. William, Ditto.. 1 I 0 Watts Edward, Esq. Hanslope 5 5 0 Ward Philip Hoddle, Ksq. Newport 5 5 0 Wynter Rev. John, Filgrave 2 2 0 Wainwright Rev. Latham, Great- Brickhill 3 3 0 Williams Mr. John, Willen 110 Worley Mr. Thomas, Stony- Stratford .. 1 1 o Worlev Mr. Edward, Ditto 1 1 It White Mr. William, Newport 1 1 0 Several Letters were laid before the Meeting from the Clergy and Gentry of the Hundreds of Newport- Pagnell, whrt were unavoidably absent, all expressing most strongly their Appro- bation of the Meeting and its Intentions. A decided Superiority uf Chances. ORNSBYandCo. Stock- Brokers, have the Pleasure to state to their Country Correspondents that the present Lottery Scheme is by far the best arranged, and contains more Capital Prizes than any preceding Lottery. Tickets and Shares are soiling by HORNSBY SC Co. at their old- established State Lottery Office, 26, Corn- Hill, London, in great Variety, and on the most reasonable Terms, where all Prizes are immediately paid. Orders by Post or Carrier executed with Fidelity and Dispatch. The Drawing begins on the the30th of THIS MONTH. ALL Person's who stand indebted to the Estate and Effects of MfcRY BELL, Widow, and Farmer, of STANION, in the County of Northampton, deceased, are requested to pay their Debts to her Executor*, William Bell, Keeper, and Thomas Balilerson, botli of Staoion, in thesaid County ; and all Persons who have any Claim or Demand on the said Mary Bell, Widow, are dejired to deliver " the same to the said Executors, within one Month, iu order that the same mav be examined and discharged. Stanion, April Sth, 1812. 181$. DOUBTFUL, the Property of Mr. D AVID FALKNF. R, of GREAT - BASFORD, near Banbury, Oxon, will COVER, this Season, thorqugh- bred Mares at Ten Guineas and a Half; and Mares not thorough- bred, at Two ( iaineas and Five Shillings each, as usual. DOUBTFUL is a Bay Horse, 15 Hands two Inches high, he was bred by Mr. Alderson, of Richmond, in Yorkshire ; he was got bv Constitution; out of Stately's Dam, by Amaran- thus; Grand aril, by Silvio; great Grandam, Daphne, by Regulus ; which was got by the Godolphin Arabian; his Dam, Grey Robinson, bv the Bald Galloway; Grandam. by Snake, out of Old Wilkes, a Daughterof Old Hautboy.- TDOOSTFUL is own Brother to Washington, wlv> won the Two- year old Stake, at Catheric- Brig, Yorkshire; and afterwards Mr. Alderson refused 1.800 Guineas for him.— Doubtful has covered four Seasons in the North, his- Stock has been sold at a gieat Price, and was never trained until he was six Years old.— In 1806 he won a Stakes of 130 Guineas, at Northampton, beating Picca- dilly and six others j he also won a Stakes of 190 Guineas at Warwick, and a Plate ^£ 50 the next Day ; in 1807, a short Time after covering, he won beating Miss Coiner and two others, at Warwick.— For the Whole of his Performances, see Racing Calendar. Hewill attend at the folbwing Places, every Week during the Season :— Saturday, at the White Bear, Shipstone ; Sunday, to Gaydon Inn; Monday, through Southam, to the Black Horse, Marton ; Tuesday, through Dunchurch and Daventry., in his Way to the. Bull's Head, Weedon ; Wednesday, to the Horse Shoe, Daventry; from thence to Wardington that Night, or early the next Morning ; Thursday, to the Three Swans, Ban- bury ; and to the'Red Lion, Aynhoe, that Night; Fridav, to the Crown, Bicester; thence to " Middleton- Stoney ; and Hop- croft's. Holt, in his Way Home the same Night. CsT The Mo iey to bs paid at the Time of Covering, or at Midsummer next. Good Accommodation for Mares at a reasonable Price. AGISTMENT' IN WATFORD PARK, " rr, 0 be taken in, from the 1st of May to the 10th of JL October, 1812— Horses, at 5s. a Head per Week; Two- year- old Ditto, 4s.; and One- year- old Ditto, 3;.;— Cows, 3s.; Two- year- old Ditto, 2s.; and One- year- old Ditto, ls. 8d.( Sheep with two Lambs, 9d.; Sheep with one Lamb, 7( 1.; anil Sheep without Lambs, 5d.— The Money to be paid at the Time of taking out. Enquire of W. ORTON, Watford Park, near Daventry. To be LETT, or tiie LEASE to be SOLD of ALL that capital WHARF and PREMISES, situate at HULL'S- BR I DG K, near HAYIS. in the County of Mid- iileaex, about eight Miles from Paddington, on the Grand Junction Canal, adjoining tha Brentford Cut into the Thames, containing an extensive frontage Dwelling. House, OarJ. o. larKe Warehouse, with Loft over the same for the Housing Corn and othei Goods, Crane, Stables, and other Oclt- houses and Premises, and an excellent Dock capable of containing several Barges. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. BUCKETT, Solicitor, No. It, Took's- Court, Cursitor- street, Chancery- Lane, London. To be LETT, And entered on immediately, A Comfortable DWELLING- HOUSE; comprising a good tV ParU » ur and Sitting- room in Front, an excellent back Kitchen, three good Sleeping- rooms, and two Rooms in the Attic ; with Barn, Stable, Sec. ; a good Yard, and fertile Garden, pleasantly situate at SHE F FORI), Beds. N. 1!. The above is in good Repair, and tit for the Reception of a Trade or private Family. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. T. Fm. pps, Shefford; or to FURZE SC Pmr » s, Auctioneers, House and Land Agents, Timbef- Surveyors, Sec. Clophill or Ampthill. Beds. NEW WHARF, TIIRAPSON, April ( itb, 1812. THOMAS SMITH begs to retufli Thanks to hii numerous Friends, for the very generous Support he has so invariably experienced from tliem, and moie especially within the last Year. He now desires to inform them, that he has this Day removed his Mercantile Concerns to the opposite Side of Thrapstoii Bridge, and hopes to be honoured wKb a Continuation of their many kind aud friendly Orders, at THRAPSTON NEW WHARF. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. IIF. Gentlemen of the DAVENTRY TROOP are requested to assemble in Inspection Order, on the MARKET HILL, in DAVENTRY, on MONDAY the L! MI Itntant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. It is intended that the Troop shall remain in Quarters at Daventry that Day and the Day following. T. R. THORNTON, Captain. April 3d, 1812. To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, ANewly fitted up HOUSE, situated in the pleasant Vil- lage of EASTON'- MAUDIT, fit tor the Reception of a genteel Family. For Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. JOHH * the Marquis of Granby Public- House, Easton- T SILBY, at Maudit To Tanners. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, In ONE, or SUPJNJTE Lofs, THE BARK of one Thousand OAK TltEFS, standing within two Miles of Stony- Stratford, and verv convenient for sending by the Crand Junction Canal to anv Parr of the Country.— Apply to JOHN VOUSDEN, Pott'erspury, near Stony- Stratford. To be Immediate Possession, if required. SOLD BV AUCTION By JOHN DAY 4- SON, At the Swan Inn, in Fenny- Stratford, on Weduesday the 15th of April, 1812, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, A Very improvable INCLOSED and TITHE- FUF. E ESTATE, situate at BLETCIILLY, in the County of Buckingham; consisting of a good Farm- House, pleasantly situated, with two large Barns, two Stables, and other Out- buildiuss, two Gardens, a Yard, Orchard well planted with Fruit- Trees, and two Closes of exceedingly good Pasture and Arable Land thereto adjoining, containing together by Sta- tute Measure 10A. 1 R. 1 P. and of eight other Closes or Allot- ments, pleasantly situated and conveniently divided and set out, containing together by Statute Measure 86A. 2R. 34P. about 60 Acres of which consist of old Cow Pasture Ground never known to have been in Tillage; and the Whole of them, except two ( which adjoin to the Road leading to Buckingham), adjoin to a Public Carriage- Road, and to the open Fields of Newnloo. Longville, into aud from which immediate Communication may he made, ami upon the Inclosure of which Ihey would, for Allotments, be particularly eligible, and as Part of ihe same is on an Eminence, aud the Prospect of the snromdin « - Country peculiarly pleasant and extensive, the Situation i> particularly desirable for the Erection uf a House. If the Estate shall not. be disposed of by Private Contract by the day above- mentioned, the same will be put up iu the following or such other Lots as shall then be agreed upon, viz. Lot. 1. Two Closes or Allotments adjoining each oiher, and lying in a Place called Between the Ways, together 21 A. 1R. the greatest Part of which are in Tillage. 2. A Close or Allotment adjoining to the Leighton Road and Newnton- Longville Field, and near to a House in tlie Oc- cupation nf Thomas Hack, of ISA. 2R. 3. Another Close or Allotment, adjoining to the last Lot, of nine Acres. 4. Another Close or Allotment, adjoining of nine Acres. to the last Lot, 5. Another Close or Allotment adjoining v> the last two Lots, a Pond, and the Buckingham Road, of I0A. I R. 6. Another Close or Allotment, adjoining to the last de- scribed Lot and Road, oflOA. 2R. 7. Another Close or Allotment, extending from Nrwntoo Field to the Buckingham Road, aad adjoining lo the last Lot and Lot 4, of ISA. 1R. All the above Lots, except 5, and 6, adjoin to the open Fields of Mewntou, and except the first, consist uf old Pasture Ground. 8. The Farm- Hotise, Buildings, Gardens, Yard, Orchard, and two Closes adjoining, before described, of 10A. 1 R. 1 P. Each Lot contains the Quantity stated io Statute Measure, more or less. If desired, the greatest Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Security of the Estate; or the Wh^ le, if sucil Security is offered as shall be approved of. BLETCHLEY adjoins to the West Chester Turnpike- Road. s.^ rsit6,,!'' 1? cmIy from and easy Distances from Wnh*"; 7 v J^ rflrn' Wiuslo- w, Leighton- Buzzird, Wohurn, and Newport- Fagnen, ,....,] ft . V • and the Grand Junction Canal goes through tfte'e^. iL * Tosee the Estate, apply to WM. BULL, at the House, or TO Thomas Hack ; and for further Particulars, or to treat for it, to- Mr. KIRBY, Attorney at Law, in Towcester. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETT. NrOTICF. is hereby given, That the TOLLS to arise at the several Toll- Gates upon the Turnpike- Road leading from Mauldcn Wood Corner, in the Counted Bedford, to West Wood Corner, in the Parish of Knotting, in the said County; and upon the Road leading from the Town of Bedford to Woburn, in the said County of Bedford, will be LETT to the Best bid ders, on TUESDAY the 28th Day of APRIL n- xt, at the SWAI INN, in BEDFORD, between the Hours of Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon and One in the A frernoon, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of his Majesty's Reign, tor regulating ' lurnpike- Roads, which Tolls produced last Year, ex- clusive of the Expense of collecting them, as follows : — s. d. Lidlington Gate 175- 0 4 Clapham Gate. 428 0 0 Houghton Gate 2tlS 5 2* Haxunes Gate 65 10 4 And will be put up at the respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Timapaydown in Advance the Sum of £\ 0 per Cent, in Part of Rent, which is to remain in the Hands of the ' treasurer to the Trustees, until Security is given ( within a Time to be limited) forthat Purpose, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction ot the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Roads, tor Payment'of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct; and upon such Security being given, the Deposit Money to be re. turned, but if Default be madejn giving sjich Security within the Time to be appointed by the said ' rustees, then the Deposit Money will become forfeited to the Trustees, and the Tolls lett to a new Bidder. THOMAS KIDMAN, Clerk to the Trustees. BedJtrJ, March ll'b, 1S13. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. ' KNIBB, On Wednesday the 15th Day of April, 1812, in Lots, ONE Hundred aud twenty- seven OAK SPIRES, with Lop and Tops, standing in the following Places, known by the Names of EC k N E Y - ORC H A RD, F. CKNEY- WOOD, and TH O RN E Y- WOO D, near Petsoe Manor, in th? ' arish of Embeiton, near Olney, Bucks, subject to such Con- ditions of Sale as will be given out on the Morning previous to' Sale. The Bark will not be included in the Purchase. N. B. The Auctioneer b gs the Favour of" the Company to meet at Itvknev- Orchard, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. Hovel of Wheat, Beans, and Peas, Furming- Stwk, <$•<:. To be SOLD bv Al) C T I O N, By JOHN DAY & SON, OnThursdav theltith Day of April, 1S12, on the Premises of Mr. JOSEPH HILL, of ASHTON, near Northampton, who is leaving his Farm, THE REMAINING PART of the STOCK, and a PART I- of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, Sec. ; comprising one Hovel of Wheat, one Dirtoof old Beans, two Ditto of tie* Ditto, Part of a Stack of new Beans and Peas ( the Straw of the Whole to re left on the Farm), six Cart Horses and Mares, one Nag Colt, three Cows, five fresh Runts, six Porkets, and seven store Pigs; one Waggon, one Carr, one Drag Harrow, two Pair of small Harrows, Field- Roll, Ladders, & c. ; Wind- Fan and Sieves, Gears tor six Horses, Dairy. Vessels, & c. ; one new Waggon, and one stout Ditio.— Also a Part of the Household- Furniture. N. B. Barns will be allowed for the Corn till the first of July next. ' On Account of the Number of Lots the Sale will begin at Ten o'Clock exactly. Ridgmunt, Beds— Freehold Estate. To be SOLD by AUG T 1 O N, By ANDREW GARDNER, At the- Wheat Sheaf Inn, in Woburn, on Friday the 17th Day of April, 1812, at Three o'Clock, in Lots .- Lot! / COMPRISES a Stone Case and slated Dwelling- V^ House, now usedas two Tenements ; with a Wood- Barn, Pigsty, and other Out- dffices, together with a large Garden, and 35 choice and well- selected Plum, Apple, and Cherry Trees, and other Trejs growing thereon; also a Piece of Arable Land adjoining, containing together about one Acre, and now in the Occupation of Norman Frances, Esther Whitbread, and John Cotchin. 2, consists ot two excellent built sashed Tenements, with a small Thrashing- Barn, two Wood- Barns, a Hovel, a capital Oven, and two large Gardens, with several thriving Fruit and Fir Trees thereon, andnow in the Occupation of Charles Field, and John Warwick. 3, consists of a Close of rich Arable Land, with a great Numher of thriving Fir iyid other Trees, containing about two Acres, and now in the Occupation of John Cotchin. The' above F. state is Tit lie free, and delightfully situate- in the Village ol' R1DG MONT, two Miles from Woburn, and tour Miles from Ampthill. Further Particulars miy be had of the Auctioneer, or at the OfTiceof Mr. DAY, Solicitor, WQburn. Valuuble Live Stock, ! fc. To be SOLD by AUCTION, Rv Mr. HOLLOW AY, On Wednesday the 2id Dav of this Instant April, on the Premis- s of Mr. JOHN WALK DEN, known by the Sign ot the GEOROE INN, MA RK. ET- H A RBOROUGH, in the County of Leicester ( who is under Notice to leave Part of his Land) ; CONSISTING of 20 Lambhogs, 50 Ewes and Lambs, 12 Barren Ewes, two Calves, six Yearling Calves, two Yearling Fillies, one Yearling Colt, one In- foal Mare, by [ AiomlijueJ, and upwards of 100 Loads of rotten Dung. The sh ep will be penned for I spection by Eight o'Clock on the M irning of the Sale ; and the Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock. ' lo be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, By Mr. JARVIS, At the White Horse Inn," in Banbury, on Thursday the 30th Day of April, 1812, between the Hours of Three arid Five in the Afternoon, in Lots, AM ESSU A G E, situate in t he Town of FA RN BOROUGH, in the County of Warwick, aud in the Tenure of Edward Webb. Also, a CLOSE of PASTURE LAND, containing, by Es- timation, about eight Acres, situate in the Parish of FARN- BOROUGtl aforesaid, and late in the Occupation ot Mr. John Savage. Immediate Possession may be had of the Close. Further Particulars may be known at the l^ ifkes ot Messrs. APUN, in Banbury and Charlbury. Farming- Stock, Dairy- Vessels, Household- Furniture, 4c. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAY % SON, On Tuesday the 21st of April, 1812, » n the Premises of Mr. JOS. SAIL, in NORTH - CKAVf LEY, near Newpoft- Pagne| l, Bucks, wbo is leaving the Farm; COMPRISING four stout Cart- Mares, two of which are in Foal; one Four- year- old Horse, one agetl Ditto, one Four- year- old Nag- Mare ; one stout Waggon, one Nine- inch and one Narrow- wheel Carts, Ploughs and Harrows, Horses- Gears, Hurdles, Cribs, Ladders, Pig- Troughs, Forks, Rakes, & c. ; Chart- Bnx, 18 Corn- Sacks, Winnowing- Fan, and Barn- Tackle in general; one stout Hovel- Frame, Dairy- Vessels, as one 4- Doien Churn, nine Milk- Leads, Tubs, Buckets, Sec. ; Household- Furniture, as Bedsteads, Beds. Blankets, Drawers* Chairs, Clock, Half- Hogshead Copper and Grate, Mash- Vat, Brewing- Tubs, Beer- Casks, and various other Articles. The Sale to commence with the Farming- Effects at Ten o'Clock precisely, as the Whole is intended to be disposed of in one Day. To. be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY A SON, On Thursday the 23d Day of April Instant, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the House of Thtvnas Lyman, called the Plough, in Shutlauger, near Towcester, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, unless previously dis- posed of by Private Contract, ot which Notice will be giver., r| MIE following valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in' I SlIUTLANGER aforesaid, and the Parish of SXOK. E- BRUERN, in Lots :— Lot 1. A pleasantly situated and desirable MESSUACE o » TENEMENT, with the Outbuildings, Yaid, Garden, and other Appurtenances thereto belonging, in tht Occupation of Thomas Buttress. Lot 2. THREE othei MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, with the Outbuildings, Yards, Gardens, and other Appur- tenances, in the Occupations of Benjamin Fearn, Kobt, White, and Barbara Clarke. Lot 3. A Close of exceedingly rich PASTURE GROUND, of about one Acre, adjoining to the Premises comprised in the last Lot, and in the Occupation of John Clarke. Lot 4. Several Pieces and Parcels of ( IT EN FIELD LAND, containing together about 13 Acres, with Common Right » thereto belonging, in the Occupation of the said John Clarke. And also together or in Lots, A CLOSE of exceedingly rich MEA& OW LAND, containing about three Acres, and ad- joining to Stoke Park; one Acre and an Half of rich GROUND, in SHUTLANCER MEADOW ; one Acre of rich GROUND, in STOK. E MEABOW; and tnur Acres of ARABLE LAND, in SHUTI. ANCEA FIELDS, with a Right of Common for 12 Sheep and a Cow or Heifer, in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Grubb. SHUTLANGER is situate only about two and Stoke- Bruerne about three Miles from Towcester ; the Grand Junction Canal and the Turnpike Road leading from Northampton to Stony.- Stratford go through the Parish, and a great Bentfil will ariie upon the Inclosure of the Open Fields. To see the Estate, apply to Tenants ; and for further Par- ticulars and to treat for the same, to Mr. KXRJT, Attorney at Law, in Towcester. the Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser for the ' Counties of Northiri^ toft, . Btilfora, Buckingham,. Hnntingtfon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford. Fine Ale, Iandon bottled and Barrel Porter. JAMES DURHAM begs respectfully to acquaint bis Friends and the Public that he has received his usual Supply of LON DON PO R. TER ( Uanbury 6f Co.' s); being of excellent Quality, he flatters himself will meet the Appro- bation of those, who may please to honoiir him with their Commands. J. I), has also on Sale a Quantity of OLD and MILD ALE, and goodT* ni. E BERR, which he continues to sell on the most reasonable Terms. N. B. Good Stables and a Coach- Hnuse to lett, enquire as above. ' Mercer's- 7?- e, Northampton, 11 fS April, 1812. HAT DUTY REPEALED. SCRIVEN returns his sincere Thanks to hit numerous Friends for the many Favours lie has received and begs Leave to HI form them artd the Pulilic in general, tha he has reduced the Price of every Description of HATS Bridge- Street, Northampton. April Oth, 1812. •* R., ELLA, COLEMAN & CO. Wharfingers, &> c. RESPECTFULLY iiifoim their Friends and the Public in general, that at the Request of the Trade they have commenced working Boats, from Leicester to Har- borough, for the Conveyance of Goods, Wool, & c. regularly every Week. A Vessel will arrive at Harborough every Monday Evening, and return on Thursday Morning. All Wool and Goods for the Northern and Western Counties will he forwarded immediately, and those for Leicester will be de- livered the next Day. E. C. and Co. have established another regular Vessel to and from Gainsborough, so that one of their Boats will now ^ arrive at Leicester every other Day. For further Particulars, apply at the Wharfs at Leicester or JIarborough. Leicester, April 6, 1812. ' • Freehold Landed und other Estates. MWIUTVVELL, ESTATE AGENT & AUCTIONEER, . having various Applications for the Purchase of FREEHOLD PROPERTY upon the largest Scale, as well of a Minor Description, in Town aud Country, requests Principals or their Solicitors, having such a Kind of Pro- • vjierty to dispo » c of, immediately to favour him with the Par- ticulars, addressed to him at South- Crescent, Bedford- Square; • r South- Sea- Chan) bers, Threadneedle- Street, London. ' GENERAL INFIRMARY, NORTHAMPTON, APRIL 11th, 1SI2. THE great Number of Surgical Patients requiring a large Quantity of OLD RAGS, if Ladies, or others, • would be pleased tosend in some OLD LIN EN or COTTON, s hether coloured or plain, it would be esteemed a most useful and acccptable Present to the Charity. By Order of the Committee, W. INGMAN, Secretary. School Assistant uanted immediately. AYOUNG MAN of unexceptionable Character, well qualified to teach Writing, Arithmetic, and English grammar, and whose religious Principles are strictly agree- able to the Established Church, may hear of a comfortable Situation by applying to JOHN PUDD » PHATT, Master of 4he Free- School at Dunstable i ' f by Letter, Postage must be paid. GRAND . JUNCTION WHARF, COTTON- E v D , N 0II TII A M P TO V. GBROWNE begs to inform the Public, be is selling . the BEST WEDNESBURY COALS at FIFTEEN PENCE perCwt. for ready Moiicy, at the Wharf. Nothing charged for Weighing and Loading. ( Jjf Delivered in TovVti for Sixteen Pence per Cwt. N. B. DEALS, TIMBER, SLATE, and OILCAKES. G. B. begs to inform his Friends and the Pnhlic. he has removed from Gold- Street to four Doors below the Fleece Inn. Bridge- Street, where all Orders will be thankfully received and duly attended to. April 9th, 1812. NORTHJYFTOH, APRIL Hill, 1812. AT a MEETING of the GENERAL COMMITTEE of the NORTHAMPTONSHIRE SOCIJJY for the EDUCATION of the POOR in the PRINCIPLES of the ESTABLISHED CHURCH, held this Day in pursuance of > be 15th Resolution of the General Meeting of the 3lst ot March last; PRESENT. The EARL of NORTHAMPTON ( in the Chair), W. HOLLIS • rAKES t'his Opportunity of info'rming liis Friends in NORTHAMPTON, and its VICINITY, and the Public in general, that he has entered u, pon a House, opposite the. WHEAT- SHEAF INN, GOLD- STREET', late in the Occu- pation of Mr. Castle, where he has laid in a ncrtt Assortment if H ATS and HOSIERY, whicli he is determined to sell at he verv lowest Prices, and hopes bv Assiduity and Constant \ ttenlion to Business, to merit the Favours of a discerning Public.. Ladies and Children's FANCT BEAVER HATS of the' newest F; is'jion and best Quality. Gold- Street. Northampton, 11M April, 1812. Lord Lilford Lord Compton Sir Charles Knightley, Bart. Hon. L. Powys Hon.- F. Powys W. R. Cartwright, Esq, Thomas Carter, Esq. John Plomer Clarke, Esq. Rev. W.'. S. Willes T. R. Thornton, Esq. T. S. W. Sam well, Esq. Walter Strickland, Esq. Rev. J. J. Rye R4v. Robert Baxter Rev. S. W. Paul Robert Andrew, Esq. Edward Uouverie, Esq. Rev. George Boulron Rev. R. L. Crawley Rsv. Charles Crawley Rev. Thomas Fawcett Rev. Eusebv Isharn William Kerr, M. I). Rev. William Rose Rev. John Seagrave Rev. Thomas Sykes Charles Smith, Esq. Rev. John Watts WAN TED, by a Widow who has seen a Reverse of Fortune,' A Situation as HOUSEKEEPER in a small Family where one or more Female Servants are kept. N. B. Has no Objection to tfie Care of Children." For further Particulars, apply to the Printers, if by Letter, Post- paid, addressed W. W. w ANTS a Situation, as PARK or GAME- KEEPER, A middle- aged MAN. Having been brought up to the said Business from his Infancy he understands rising or breeding Game.— An undeniable Character may be obtained from his last Master. Direct to T. G. at the Post- Office, Brampton, near Hunt- ingdon, which will be immediately attended to. SITUATION WANTED. AYoung Pet son, of respectable Connections, would he happy to engage herself as preparatory GOVERNESS in a NURSERY, or to wait on one or two Young Ladies; she understands Dress- making and Millinery, and » ould not object to assist in a genteel Business. The most unexceptionable References can be given. Letters, addressed Z. Z. Mrs. Fox's Upholstery- Ware- house, Huntingdon, will be respectfully attended to. A' WANTED immediately, A SHOPMAN to a GROCER. He must understand the TALLOW- CHANDLERY BUSINESS, where he will be wanted occa- sionally.— An undaniable Character is expected. Letters, Post- paid, to Mr. AN DREWS, Bookseller, Royston, Herts, will be duly answered. To Plumbers, ttlvziers, and Painters. AGood WORKMAN may meet with constant Employment, and good Wages, by applying imme- diately to T. ANGLE, Plumber, Glazier, and Paintfr, Dunstable, Beds. ANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN PLUMBER, GLAZIER, and PAINTER.— A good Workman may have constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to THOMAS BASS, Plumber, & e. Bedford. ANTED immediately. An ArrnENTlCE to a BUTCHER-— Enquire of Mr. THOUAS CHAMBERS, a « y, Northamptonshire. It is Resolved, That the Rev. J. Seagrave do act as Secretary for this Day. That the following six Persons bs added to the General Com- mittee, in pursuance of the 9th Resolution of the General Meeting:— Walter Strickland, Esq. I Rev. Thomas Wright. Thomas Twining, Esq. I Re*. W. L. Maydwell. Rev. Archdeacon Churton. j Rev. John Watts. That this Committee do immediately take Measures for the Establishment of a Central School intheTown of Northampton. That a Sub- committee be appoined for the Purpose of en- quiring into the best Mode of establishing such Central School, and ot procuring a Master or Masters for the same, and to re- port the Result of their Enquiries to this General Committee at their next Meeting, and that this Sub- committee do consist of the Rev. Charles Tuffnell, Rev. Robert Baxter, T. S. W. Samwell, Esq. Charles Smith, Esq. and Dr. Kerr. That the first Meeting of the said Sub- committee be held on Tuesday the 14th Instant, at Northampton. That Charles Smith, ESq. having accepted the Office of Treasurer to this Society, be rx officio a Member of the General Committee. That the Rev. Robert Baxter having consented to act till the first Annual Meeting, be appointed Secretary to this Society until that Time. That a Copy of the Resolutions of this Society, agreed upon at the Meeting held the 31st of March, be sent to the Parent Society. That the Consideration of the 11th Resolution of the General Meeting ot this Society, be adjourned to th? next Meeting ot this Committee. That a Sub committee be appointed for the Purpose of pre- paring an Address to be sent, together with the Resolutions passed at the General Meeting of this Society, held on the 31st . of March, to the Clergy ot the different Parishes throughout the County, and that such of the Committee consist of Lord Lilford, Lord Compton, W. R. Cartwright, Esq. Thomas Carter, Esq. and the Rev. W. S. Willes. The aforesaid Sub- committee having- retired. Lord Lilford reported an Address, and it is resolved that the said Address be adopted, and that 2,000 Copies thereof, and of the said Resolu- tions, together with a List of the Subscribers, be forthwith printed for such' Circulation. That further Benefactions and Subscriptions be received at the following Bankers :— Messrs. W. SQUIIE, & Co. Peterborough. Messrs. DAMIH. YORKE, & Co. Oundle. Messrs. KEEP, GOTCH, & Co. Kettering. Messrs. MORTON, RODICK, Co. Wellingborough. Messrs. WATKINS. & Co. Daventry. Messrs. WESTON, & Co. Brackley. Messrs. HEYDON, & Co. Banbury. Messrs. OLIVER, k Co. Stony- Stratford. Messrs. INKERSOLE, & Co. Market- Harborough. That the Minutes of this Meeting be inserted in the two next Northampton and Stamford Mercuries. That this Committee do adjourn to Tuesday the 28th Instant, at Twelve o'Clock. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Reverend J. Seagrave, for having acted this Dav as Secretary. JOHN SEAGRAVE, Secretary, Pro Tempore. Annual Donations. Subscriptions. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given. That an tidjovrned General Meeting of the 1.1EUTENANC V, ' of the County of NORTHAMPTON, will be held at the Ceonr. B INS, in the Town of \ onrit 4M pros, on S. trvnojr next the 18/ A Day of APRIL instant, at the Hour of Twelve at Noon, on business relating to the I. ocnl Militia. By Order of the Right / fan. Charles F. arl of North- ampton, his Majesty's Lieutenant of the County of Northampton. CI! AS. MARKHAM, Clerk of the General Meetings. Northampton, April 11th, 1312. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. I. L Persons indebted to the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. JOSEPH BOWMAN, of BROCKIMLL, in the County of Northampton, deceased, are desired forth- with to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Valentine Bowman, of Kadby, wr Mr. James Walker, of. Nownham, in the same County. — And all Persons having aiiy Claim or Demand on the Estatr of the said Deceased, are requested immediately to send a Statement thereof to any one of his aforesaid Exe- cutors, in order that the same uiay be examined aud discharged. AprilOth, 1812. 7b the Debtors and Creditors of JOHN Will IE, late ~ of KiNGsruoRPE, ill the. County of Northampton, Blacksmith, deceased. ALL Persons who have any Claim or Demand upon thp Estate or Effects of the above- named JOHN WHITE, are drsirnd to send an Account and Particulars thereof to Mr. . levies, Solicitor, Northampton, in order that the same may be liquidated and discharged ; and all Persons vv ho stood indebted to the said John White, iu the Time of his Decease, are particularly requested to pay rheir respective Debts to the said Mr. Jeyes, on or before the l « t Day uf June next, w hen the Affairs of the' said Deceased are to be finally adjusted and settled. Northampton, IDA April, 1S1?. ROAD MEETING. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road, leading from the Town of Northampton to Newport- Pagnell, in the County of Buckingham, will be holden at the NEW INN, IIACK- I. ETON , in the County of Northampton, on MONDAY the 13th Day of APRIL in « tant, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. ROBERT ABP. EY, Clerk to the Trustees. Northampton, April Mh, 1812. ( Bf" Dinner at Two o'Clock. one Regiment of - tho lute that is destined for Spdin.. A most remarkable instance of the total want of public! infor- mation Is given in tlir. se Papers;- it is stated that tllfc troops- called the Imperial Guard had arrived in Paris before it was known that they had left Spaim Nothing ctin afford a stronger proof'of the ignorance in which the people of France are kept tli'in the fact, that a hotly of several thousand men should march from tile PyvenneCS to Pdris, traversing the greater part of FfailcC, dnd that the inhabit- ants sliould he ignorant of the movement until tlie arrival of thf; troops. The Polish reghnteiits arc rtrdong the trrtops 1 that tiave been withdrawn from Sftjiin ; they will be useful to Bonaparte in the North, and it is clearly seen that he now affects to treat the Poles with the greatest regard, and that a most laboured panegyric is pronounced upon the Polish troops. The circumstance ot the French having a large force oil the Vistula is particularly noticed ; and it is followed tip by an Observation, that the French penetrated regions in the North which the Romans had never visited. No notice is taken'of Bonaparte's intended departure from Paris, nor perhaps Will it be announced in the French Papers, but there is- little doubt that he is on the eve of setting out for the Norths • » Accounts were yesterday received that the King of S. we- den had issued ail order for restoring the amount of the sales of the Carlsham ships to'the owners, and directing that all vessels, seized under similar circumstances, should be given . up. If the iutelligence be tru^; this order will pro- duce the restoration of nearly .^ S, 000,000 of confiscated property, in which British Merchants are chiefly interested. It is confidently reported from various parts of the Con- tinent, that the Russians have commenced the w4r against France bv seizing the Prussian Magazines at Meinel. The French Commander who failed in his attack on Till iffa, has been sent to Paris by Marshal Soult, in order to take his trial for misconduct oa the occasion. Yesterday in the House of Lords, the Local Militia Bill was read a third titne aud passed, and a number of other Bills were advanced in their different stages. It is stated in letters from Manchester that riotous pro- ceedings took place on Wednesday last, at that place.— meeting was to have been held, in order to frame an address to the Prince Regent, expressive of attachment to his person, and zeal for his Government, but as a report prevailed that a mob would assemble, it was signified that the meeting would be postponed. A mob, however, did assemble, and were so outrageous, that the magistrates were obliged to rea. d the Riot Act, and call in the military, l'he mob was then soon dispersed, and some of the ringleaders were secured. L O S T, On Thursday the 2d of April. 1812, ABlack and White IlARIUER BITCH, with the Letter T clipped ou one Side, and answers to the Name of VENUS. Whoever will give Information of the said Bitch, so that she may be recovered ; or will deliver her to Mr. THOM AS WOOI), of BRixwoRTfi, near Northampton, shall receive HALF- A- GU I N E \ REWARD, and all reasonable Expenses. STANFORD, April 10th, 1812. STRAYED, on the 31st of March last, into the Parish of STANFORD, near Welford, in the County of Northampton, A RED GREYHOUND BITCH. . Whoever has lost the same, may have her again by applvin to THOMAS DUNN, at the Sign of the Windmill, at Stanford aforesaid; if not claimed in 14 Days from the Date of this public Notice she will he sold ta defray Expenses. FREEHOLD. by PRIVATE CONTRACT, w Blak*' " 111 7ANTED immediately, TWO or THREE rough V V STONF. MASONS, wbo may have constant Employ jintl good Wages, by applying to Mr. HOPKINS, Mason, Kiiigsw" ll- Street, Northampton. WANTED immediately, a good COOK, for a capital Ion, in Oxfordshire. As liberal Wages will be given no one need apply w ho does not know her Business in every Rcspect, and can procure an unexceptionable Character. Apply to the Printers; if by Letter, Post- paid, addressed C. K. WAN TED, A MAN and his WIFE, to undertake the MANAGEMENT of the WORKHOUSE of the Parish of TINGEWICK, until Easter Week, 1813.— Any Person desirous of contracting for the same, may apply to the OVERSEERS of the said parish, on Wednesday the 15th of April, 1812, when, on that Day, a Meeting will be held for that Purpose. Application by Letter, Post- paid, RICHARD PARGERTtR," JOHN STOCK LEY, Overseers. srONY- Si) KATFORD TURNPIKE ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, ' That the next Meeting of the Trustees, appointed for putting into Execution the Act of Parliament lately passed, for more effectually re- pairing the Road from HardingstOn to Old Stratford, inthe County of Northampton, will he hidden at the WHITE HART INN, in GRA FTO S- R. EC. IS, in the said County, on WEDNES- DAY the 15th Day of A PRII. next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose ( amongst other Business) of auditing the Treasurer's Accounts. By Order of the Trustees, March SHth. 1812. W. T. SMYTH, Clerk. Household- Furniture, To be SOLD bv AUCTION, n¥ Mr. P II. K IN TON, On the Premises, late in the Occupation ot Mr. MARRIOTT, situate in Sr. GILES'S - STREET, NORTHAMPTON, on Monday the 13th of April, 1812. ALL the neat and genuifleHO.* F. HOLD- FURNITURE; comprising Four- post. Field and other Bedsteads, Feather Keits, Bolsters, and Pillows, Mattresses, Blankets, Counter- panes, and Quilts; Mahogany Drawers, Mahogany and other Cnairs, Mahogany Dining, Card, Pillar, and Claw Tables, Mahogany Ni^ ht Tables, Carpets, Pier and Swing Glasses, China, Glass, Books, Pictures in Gold burnished Frames, and various other Articles, with theentire Kitchen- Furniture. The Sale to begin at Tea o'Clock. H. B. The House to be Lett, and may be ehtered upon im- mediately.— For Particulars, apply to Mr. Pilkiuton. Northampton, April 12, 1812. Amount of th* Donations & Sub- scriptions before advertised ... £ Rev. Henry Knapp Mr. W. Money Messrs. G. O. sborn,& > on ... Mrs. Sarah Whalley Mrs. Kerr -- .. Miss Kerr .... Mr. John Hall ..<-.. Mr. J. S. Hall Mr. Richard Hall Wm. Harris, Esq Thomas Scriven, Esq Mr. R. Scriven John Harvey Tbursby, hsq Rev. W. L. Rose Rev. R. B. Hughes Walter Strickland, Esq Rev. R. Baxter Rev. J. Dixon Robert Andrew, Esq A. E. Young, Esq Mrs. Ann Dolben Rev. Charles Pry ce.....: Miss Paul Julin Plomer Clarke, Esq Beriah Botiield, Esq James Langham, Esq Charl- s Berkeley, Esq Dicey, Sutton. & Smithson Hon. George Watson .. Lady Cave Miss Askew R. Mainwaring, Esq Mr. John Jenkinson Rev. EdwardWatkin ...... Samuel libbitts, Esq James Tibbiits, Esq.. Rev^ John Stanton Rev. C. H. Tulfntll ... Rev. J. Lockton Rev. A. Buller Rev J. S. Grimshaw.. Mr. Sherard Mr. David Thomas.... Rev. Langham Rokeby . " If--- 3 3 0 2 2 0 _ 0 0 0 1 1 0 5 5 0 2 2 0 _ 3 3 0 0 0 0 _ 0 0 0 3 3 0 0 0 0 I 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 _ 0 0 0 • 1 1 0 10 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I 1 0 _ 0 0 0 1 1 0 10 10 0 g 2 0 _ 10 10 0 2 2 0 - 3 3 0 1 1 0. 10 10 0 2 2 0 _ 10 10 0 2 2 0 3 3 0 2 2 0 20 0 0 3 3 0 13 10 0 2 2 0 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 10 10 0 2 2 0 10 0 0 2 0 0 mm 21 0 0 5 5 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 10 10 0 2 2 0 10 10 0 2 2 0 10 10 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 . I 1 0 2 2 0 * ) 1 0 3 3 0 - 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 3 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 I 1 0 To be SOLD ASmall FARM, situate at WILDEN, in the County of Bedford; comprising a good Farm- House and Home- stall, two Acres of excellent Pasture and 26 Acres of good inclosed Arable Land, lying; near to the Hornestalf, in two Closes, Tithe- free, and Pari of which theLand- Tax is redeemed. Six Hundred Pounds may remain on the Premises at Interest. For further Particulars, or to treat for the same, apply to Mr.. JOHN SKINNER, the Proprietor, on the Premises; or toT. BAGGER, Auctioneer, Potion, Beds. PRICE op STOCKS. B » nk Stock i per Cent. Red. .. 1 per Cent. Cons... 4 per Cent. Cons... 5 per Cent. Navy .. Omnium Cons, for ac Sat. Mon. Tu. Wed rhu. Fri, shut 22IJ 2212"^ ams 2231 shut 584 59J. 19 58* 59 59 wd mi 59} i91 » iiii 60| S 59| 60 SO shut 734 73174 71J 74H 74 you 904i 90{ 90 « 90j 904 ' 44d 4Jd 5' Jt 59J 59460$ SCi60 604 India Bonds 10 sp. Exc. Bills, 3 6 p. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EFENILTIG, APKIL 11. 1 o be SOL D by A U C T ION, By li. 4- E. BLABY, On the Premis- s, on Thursday and Friday the 16th and 17th Days of April instant, to begin each Day at Ten o'Clock, ALL the valuable' LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, DAIRY- UTENSILS, Part of the HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS of Mr. THOMAS CLARIDGE, of LO W E R- H EY Ft) RD, near Northampton, who is leaving his Farm ; comprising one re- markably good Six- year- old Cart- Mare, in FoaibvMr. Smith's noted ^ rey Horse, of Newnham, near Daventry ; one grey Ditto Ditto, three Years old, out of a capital Cart- Mare by the above Horse; one very useful Roan Mare, for Draught, Packing, the Saddle, and for Breeding ; one bsautiful Roan learling Colt, by Hue- and- Cry, particularly promising for the Field; seven ver) » fresh and young barren Cows, four Ditto In- calf Ditto, one Ditto Cow and Calf, two Ditto late calved, five very fresh Sturks, and two weaning Calves; one capital In- pig Sow ( second Litter), one Yelt, and six Pigs; 40 well- bred Ewes* and Lambs, 35 Ewe and Wether Tegs, and two Rams; Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Horse- Gears, a " great Number of good Hurdles, several Lots of Sparring and Hurdle Poles, two dead Hovels, Wind- Fan and other Barn- Tackle, a Number of Sacks, a Seven- dozen Churn, Milk- Leads and Dairy- Utensils in general, Pig- Troughs, Lauders, & c. & c. ' the HOUSEHOLD- GOODS comprise Bedsteads, Wool. Bed, Tables, Chairs, Chest of Drawers, Oak Bureau, Kitchen- Grate, Ash- Grate, Crane, Iron Oven, 30- Hour Clock and Case, Cop- per and Appendages, Tubs, sweet Iron- bound Hogshead, and other larter and smaller Barrels, and a general Assortment of Household- Furniture.— Also a very good Pew in Hev ford Church. . The Live Stock will be sold on the first Day. N. B. The well- known Attention Mr. Claiidge has paid to his Stock will sufficiently recommend them to the Notice of the • Public. To OAKS, With Lop, Tops, and Bark. be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSHAW, At OVERSTONE, near Northampton, ABOUT EIGHTY OAK TREES. Further Particulars w ill appear ill next Week's Paper. A1 OAK TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Thursday the 23d of April, 1812, at the Rose and Crown, Yardley- Hastings, in the County of Northampton, AQuantity of capital OAK TIMBER, now growing in YARDLEY- CHACE, with the Lops, exclusive of the Bark ;— The above will be sold in about 120 Lots. May be viewed the Day preceding the Sale, and Catalogues had » f Mr. WM. LONCLAND, ot Yardfey. . The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock. Freehold Estate at Bozeat, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. THOMSON. Wn Friday t> c 24( h Day of this Instant April, at the Chequer inn, in fit)/-. F. AT, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, ALL that well- known and old- established INN, the CHEQUER, now in full Trade, together with TWO CI. OSESot inclosed LA ND adjoining, containing 5A. 1R. ISP. ( inote or less) ; the Premises consist of two excellent large Cellars, two 1' arlouis and Kitchen « > the Ground Floor; five Chambers, two Attics ; Brewhouse, Stables, Pigsties, & c ; ancxcellsnt Garden well planted with Fruit- Trees ; a good Well of'Water, with every necessary convenience. N. 11. A considerable Part ot the Purchase- Money may remain on Srcutity of the I'rtmises. Household- Furniture and Stock in Trade. To be SOL I) by A U C T I O N, By Mr. KlRSIIAW, On Tuesday the 14th Day of April, 1812, on the Premises, at the SUN PUBLIC HOUSE, in WELLINGBOROUGH, LI, the neat HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE on the said Premises; consisting of Bedsteads, Beds, and Bedding; Chairs, Pier and Swing Glasses, Dining and other Tables, an Eight. day Clock, Kitchen. Range, Bath- Stoves, Fire- Irons, Floor and Bedside Carpets, Chests of Drawers, Quantity of Table and Bed. Linen, witli various useful Articles of Furniture. Also, the I MP i. EM * NTSand STOCK in TR ADE ; consisting of a Two- hogshead Copper, one Seven- hogshead Cask, four Two- hogshead Ditto, and smaller Casks ; Mash- Vat and Working- Stands, & c. & c. Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. To be peremptorily SOLD by AUCTION, By MASON & SON, At the Red I. ion Inn, in Banbury, in the County of Oxford, on Thursday the 14th Day of May. 1812, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there ptoducwd, ACapital ESTATE ( the greater Part Freehold, and a small Part Leasehold), situate in the Hamlets of OVE R. THORPEand NETHKKCOTT, in the Parishes of WARK- WOR l'H and MI DDL ETON- CH E N E Y, in the County of Northampton, or one of them, and late in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Wise ; comprising a good Farm- HousQ and Homestead, with Barns, Stables, an excellent Malting, and other attached and detached Out- buildings, and 73A. 3R. 17P. by Admeasure- ment, of very rich Grazing Land ( including about 13 Acres which are, in Tillage), conveniently divided into'line several Closes or inclosed Grounds, which are well watered, and the Fences in good Condition, and there is a Quantity ot thriving Timber growing on the 1' iemises. Theabove Kstatels Tithe. free and the Land- Tax low, is situate within one Mile of Banbury, and Part thereof adjoins the Turn- pike- Rond leading from Banbury to Daventry. For a View of the same, apply on the Premises; and for further Particulars, to Mr. BUJWILL, Solicitor, or the AUC- TIONEERS, in Northampton. N. B. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. MARRIED. J On Tuesday se'nnight, Henry Walker Esq. late of the West Norfolk inilitia, to Miss Jane Pink- nev, of Peterborough. On the 30th ult, at the Friends' Meeting- llouse at Not- tingham, Edmund Southam, Surgeou, of Buckingham, to Ann Whitlark, daughter of Joseph Whitlark, woolstapler, of Nottingham. Same day, Mr. E. Reynolds, grazier, Dunton Bassett, to Miss Elliott, only daughter of Mr. T. Elliott, grazier, of I'eatling Parva, both in Leicestershire. ' Tuesday, at All faints Church, Mr. T. Mellowes, to Mrs. Law, both of this town. Thursday last, at St. Mary's, Islington, William Baron, jun. Esq. of Plymouth, Devon, to Sarah, second daughter of Robert Stanton, Esq. of Islington- Green. Same day, by special license, by the Rev. George Osborne, at Fineshade, in this county, the seat of tfie Hon. John Monckton, ' l ipomas W'hichcote, Esq. eldest son of Sir Tho. Whichcote, Bait, of Aswarby House, in the county of Lincoln, to the Right Hon. Lady Sophia Sberrard, third daughter of the late, and sister to the present Earl of Harborough. Same day, at Daventry, Mr. J. R. Hunt, bookseller, of Worcester, to Miss C. Cullingworth, of the former place. DIED ] On Tuesday, fhe 31st nit. sincerely lamented by his numerous friends, the Rev. VVni. Coding, oi xiin- 1. <> 11Itnnta. Same day, aged GO, Mr. Charles Handley, of Debden- House, Barford, near Warwick. Thursday se'nnight, at her house in Beaconsfield, Mrs. Burke, the amiable relict of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke. She was in her 70th year. Friday se'nnight, in his 61st year, J. Wing, Esq. of Thorney Abbey, for more than thirty years steward to the Duke of Bedford^ for his Grace's estate in the fciss of Cambridgeshire. Saturday last, aged three years and seven months, Elizabeth, only child of Mr. John Oliver, Stony- Stratford. Sunday morning last, at his house in Mill- IBank- street, Westminster, at an advanced age, Richard Godfree, Esq. formerly of Brockhall, near this town. Monday morning, at her house in St. Giles's- squars, in this town, Mrs. Ann Binyon. Wednesday, in t » ndon, at the age of 88 years, John Ashburnham, Earl of Ashburnham, Viscount St. Asaph, born October 30, 1724, succeeded his father, John, the late Earl, March 10, 1737. Married, Juue 28, 1756, Elizabeth, daughter of John Crawley, Esq. by whom ( she died in 1781) he had issue George Vissount of St. Asaph, ho succeeds to the title. Same day, Samuel Bradley, Gent; of Lficester iii the 69th ear of his agfi. Lately, Mr. Fdward Ilextall, of Leicester Forest, farmer and grazier, iu the 62nd year of his age. Last week, Mr. Edward Dickason, many years a respect- able tailor and shopkeeper, of Banbury. Lately, Mrs. Long, senior, of Banbury, aged 70. prudent i for he could it > t al'ow it to be either wise or pru- dent, or even decent, that we should think of sending tire children of odr poor to be taught the doctrines dfoiir Estab- lished Chorch by any prrson whatever", however resjitciaBle he might be, w ho himself denied the truth of those Doctrines. Let lis, as tlie Noble Lord ( Lilford) had suggested. t? y this questldn, as questions, indeed, were, often best tried. By consi-, dering, for one moment, hrfw we should approve such a pla'i of education, it it were proposed to us. Was there a ( ieurte- man present who woitld think he acted a parent's part, if he were to allow his son tii receive his early religions impres « ions from a preceptor of another religious persuasion i Could any Gentleman, himself a member of tlieChUrch of England, think, of entrusting the most important of dll objects, the religious instruction of his child, to a master who should hold the doctrines of the Church of England to be untrue? Surely, said Mr. T. we should ill discharge our duty to our poor, our duty to our Established Church, and our duty to out incom- parable constitution, of which that Church forms an essential and inseparable part, if we were satisfied with providing for the poor such a system of instruction as this : a system, fro d which the. doctrines of the National Religion are declaredly excluded. Mr. Twining . expressed his entire concurrence with the opi- nion of the noble Lord ( Lilford) iu respect to the benefits of education, and our duty to confer those benefits upon the poor. He was sure there could not be in such an assembly a^ the present, an assembly composed of educated and enlightened persons, of persons enlightened by education, any advocate* of thai philosophy which deprecates the dissemination of all knowledge whatever amongst the lower orders of the people. Indeed there no longer existed a » v groffod on which this sophistfy- could rest ; for we might be assured, thai if we failed to educate the poor, there were others who would not be. so remiss. He must do the poor of this country tue justice to say, that as far as his observation bad gone, there did exi t amongst them a religious disposition, particularly a very ge- neral desire to procure religious and moral instruction for their children. These excellent inclinations could not remain un- gratified from any want of the means of instruction. It could not be unknown to the Noble Lord in the chair; that the country did abound with the means of instruction ; of instruc- tion easy an4 gratuitous; of instruction recommending itself by the most inviting allurement?. The question therefore 110 longer was, whether it were expedient to Instruct the poor, or more expedient to allow thein to remain fiir ever In ig- norance;— but it was this ,* shall we receive the ri.- lijg genera- tion of the poor; and instruct them in fife doctrines of our National Church i fir shall we compel them to attach themselves to those, who must, we know, impress them with opinionsani feelings adverse to f hat Church ? Nor should it be forgotten, that every present secession from our establishment !•. ill be multiplied against us,' ail hundred fold, in the course of a few generations. Willi these impressions lipflri Ills mind, he thought the Noble President had truly described the object of the National Society, when he stated It to be " an object of national interest and importance." Most fervently did he hope it would receive natiOndl encouragement and support; and then lie did believe it would prove the happy means of avert- ing from fliis country, on some future day, a recurrence of the greatest of all national calamities. Mr. Twining concluded by saying, that he should consider his contribution to the funds of such a society, a very insuf- ficient service, and merely as an earnest of his endeavours to promote its views in that part of the couuty in which he resided. Roads presented at the Quarter Sessions, on Thursday last.—' Road in the parish of Syvvell, by Mr. Rokeby ; and road in the parish of Pattishali, by Mr. Harrison. Saturday se'npight, Wm. Bird, who was convicted at the late Cambridgeshire nssizes of forging " and uttering a Wind- sor and Berkshire tiank note, Was executed at Cambridge, in the presence of au immense concourse of spectators. A man of the name of Botterill was condemned to death a twelvemonth ago, at Leicester, for robbing a house near Barrowj but his sentence was changed to 14 yeari' trans- portation, and he was shortly afterwards sent to the hulks. It litis, however, turned out that the robbery was committed by other persons, who have confessed the Crime; and Botterill is sent for from the bulks, and his pardon is expected. At Peterborough sessions, on Wednesday last, D. T. Myers, late. of Stamford, draper, was tried for an unnatural offence.— This wretched man was acquitted at Lincoln, on a similar charge, in consequence of an insufficiency in the cor- roborative part of the testimony.— At Peterborough, how- ever, the direct- evidence given by his accomplice, !'. rowe, a tailor's apprentice, being fully supported bv circumstantial proof, the miserable prisoner was, after a long trial, con- victed of the capital crime, and was sentenced to be hanged. The execution will probably take place in the course of a few days. On Monday last was committed to the county gaol by .1. P. Clarke, Esq. John Brorcnsnwd, and Eleanor Cooper, charged with stealing from a boat at Braunstoii^ divert tirlpfi ni" « » p] m: cL Eligible Situation. FREEHOLD ESTATE. To be SOL D bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. KIRSHAW, On Thursday the 16 h Day of April, 1S12, AT HIS COMMODIOUS AUCTION ROOMS, At the GOAT INN, in Northampton, at Four o'Clock, ALL those most valuable and extensive PREMISES, . situate and being in BR A DS H A W- STR EET, and SILVER- STREET, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, known by the Name of the PUNCH HOUSE, commanding a most extensive Business in the Wholesale tsr. d Retail Wine and Spirit Trade; consisting of a spacious and convenient newly built House, large Warehouse, and Stabling for upwards of 20 Horses, with paved Yard, Garden, Well and Pump of good Water, and every Requi- site for carrying on au extensive business.— The Stock in Tiade and Fixtures may betaken. at a fait Valuation^ For further Particulars, enquire of L. KIHSHAW, Surveyor, } and Auctioneer, Goat, Inn, Northampton. For SALE by AUCTION, By MASON SON, In the Month of May next, if not previously disposed of by Private Contract, rpilRF. E newly erected Brick aud Sashed MESSUAGES, I- one fit for the Reception of a Family immediately, the other two unfinished, most pleasantly situatsd in WOOLMONOER- STRIIT, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON. Also, to be Lett, A rich and fertile GARDEN, 81 Feet by GO, nearly opposite the sanu*. Further Particulars may be known by Application to Messrs ABSEY& SON, Solicitors, Northampton ; or tothe AUCTIONEERS LONDON, April 10. IA? T flight Paris Papers to the 6th inst. reached town The intelligence they bring is of considerable im- portance? for though they are silent about the operations in Spain, and say nothing positive about the affairs of the North, yfet they say enough to convince that the war with Russia is determined upon. The fact of the withdrawing of a large body of French troops from Spain is now dis- tinctly acknowledged; but it is said that their place is to he supplied by fresh troops, but in all probability they will ba merely conscripts, fur the French Papers ouly mentiou NEWMARKET CRAVEN MEETING. Monday, March 30. — A Sweepstakes of lOOgs. each, h. ft. colts and fillies. R. M.— Mr. Wilson's f. Lady Sophia, heat Sir F. Standish's c. by Mr. Teazle; 2 to I on the filly. Duke of Rutland's f. bv Orville, received 70gs. ft. of Mr. Andrew's f. by Grasper. Two- yr- old C. 200ss. h. ft. Tuesday, ilnirch 31.— Duke of R nil and s Sorcery received from Mr. Mellish's Beverley, R. M. 200g*. b. ft. A Sweepstakes of 200gs. each, h. ft. II. M. — Sir C. Bu i- bury's Rival, beat Lord Lowther's Camertnn. Lord G. H. Cavendish's Merrygoround, and Mr. Andrew's Vagrant. A Sweepstakes of 200gs each, D. M. was won by Lord Darlington's b. c. by Orville, beating Major Wilson's b. e. by Trumpator. Wednesday, April 1.— Sweepstakes of 200gs each, h. ft. I). M.— Lord Darlington's h. c. by Orville, beat Maj. Wilson's b. c. by Trumpator, aud Mr. Payne's f. by Waxy ( dead). The Duke of Jtutland's Sorcery received fro n Mr. Mellish's Beverley, R. M. 200gs. h. ft. — Lord G II. Cavcudist.' s Middlcthorpe, received from Lord Lowthet's Marmiou, D. I. 300TS. h. ft. Thursday, April?.— The third Class of the Oatlands Stakci, ofSOgseach, h. ft. D. I.— Duke of Rutland's Sorcery, heat Mr. Mellish's Beverley, and 4 others.— Eighteen paid foifeit. Friday, April 3.— librd Sulfield's ch. f. by Eagle, be Major Wilson's black f. sister to Boiler j two- yr- old course, 100gs. h. ft. Sweepstakes of 20gs. each h. ft. Ab. M.— Mr. Craven's Dimity beat the Duke of Rutland's Grimalkin, General Gower's Cressida, Mr. Mellish's Beverley, aud the Duke of Grafton's Webb. Major Wilson's Bolter, heat the Duke of Grafton's Whale- bone. Across the Flat, 150gs. h. ft — Lord Sackville's br. f. by Dick Andrews, beat Lord C. 11. Somerset's Julian, Ab. M. 50gs. War- Office, April 7.— Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, E. W. Bouverie, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Hatimer, promoted.— Gazelle.. We have to add the name of the Most Noble the Marquis ef Tavistock, M. P. for the city of Peterborough, to the al- eady highly respectable list of Vice- Presidents of the in- tended County Bible Society. There are now no less than twelve Nohleineir resident in or connected with the County, ho have honoured this institution with their patronage aud support. . .... On Sunday last the anniversary sermon for the benefit of the Bedford County Infirmary, ivas preached at St. Paul's church.— A most excellent discourse was delivered by the Rev. Dr. Maltbv, Prebendary of Lincoln, & c. & c. and up- wards of « £ 143 collected at the church doors. At a meeting of the trustees of Dunstable Free- School on Tuesdav last, Mr. John Puddephatt was appointed Mas- ter in tlie riio. ii of Mr. Juhn Gresham, deceased. We feel great pleasure in being enabled to present our readers with the following speech delivered by Mr. T'wiuin at the meeting lueldiiii the County- hall, on Tuesday se'nnight, for the purpose of promoting in this County the plan of the National Society for educating the Children of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church ;— Mr. Twining began by saying, that after the very able speech of the noble Lord ( Lrlford) he felt, and he feared the Meeting would feel, how superfluous any observation from him must be ; but it was the great satisfaction which his Lord- ship's statement had given him, that induced him to say a few words. Jle certainly . had expected, from the terms of the judicious address which called the present meeting, that the subject to be brought forward was one which every member of'the Established Church must be disposed to support. The noble Lord's most satisfactory statement had completely realized his own expectation iu this respect, and he1 could now say, without hesitation, that he approved of the National Society most cordially : that, it was, in his estimation, ; Society most urgently called for by existing circumstances and he could not contemplate the extension of its operations to this part of the kingdom, without expressing his conviction, that the County of Northampton would long feel indebted to his Lordship in the chair, and to the Lord Bishop of Peter- borough, for the part which their Lordships had taken upon the ' present occasion. It appeared, from what had been said, that the National Society purposed doing two things,— firstly, to educate the children of the poor in the principles of the Established Church; and, secondly, to effect this through the ministry of persons them » elve5 members of the Established Church. Mr. Twiiring said, it was this characteristic feature of the new Society that he so particularly approved ; this happy com- bination of au itud so good and great, w ith means So wise aud ( J3T The Prisoners in the County Gaol desire to return thanks to the Geutlemru of the Grand Jury at the Quaiiir Sessions for £ 1. Is. left in the hands of the Gaoler. Corn- Exchange, London, Friday, April It). Neither on Wednesday or to- day had we much Wheat here, and the demand for fine samples continuing, prices were tnis morning Is. and 2B. higher than on Monday.—- Barley has in- creased in value 2 « . and Rye 4s. per Quarter. — Grey Peas Is Horse Beans, 2s. Ticks Is, and Oats Is. higher. Niirthampton — Saturday. Wheat 116s. Od. tol36s. Od. I New Oats. 33 . Od. to 36s. Rye — s. Od. to 76 » . Od", Beans 60.. 0J. to — s Barley.. . S5s. Od. to 66>. Od. New Beans 56s. Od. to — s Oats — s. Od. to — s. Od. | Peas. ...— s. 0d. IO — s. by the Standard Measure. Od. Od. Od. Leigliton- Buzztrc!— Tuesday lust. 1' ei Load of five Bushels. Wheat .. 75s. Od. to 88s. Od. | Beans.- 38s. Od. to 42s. 0d, Rye 42s. Od. to 44s Od. | HogPeasWs. Od. to 45,. I'd. Per Quarter. Barley.. J53s. Od. to 65s. lid. | Oats .. 40s. Od. to 45s. Od. — — : « Market- Harborough— 1 ' uesduy lust. Wheat .. 126s Od. tol42s. 0d. Barley . .. 70s. 0d. to 78s. Od. New BeaiudOs. Od. to63s. Od. Old Beans — s Od. to — s. 01. Oats — s Od. to — s. i d- New Ditto 38s. Od. to 40,. ( » d. By the customary Measure. Duventru— Wednesday last Wheat .. 115s. ( VI. tol30s. Od. Rye — s. Od. to — s Od. Barley ... 60s. Od. to 73s. Od. Oats I... 36s. Od. to 42s. Od. Beans... 56$. Od. to 60s. Od. Pease. 60s. Od. to — s. Od. By the customary Measure. Banburi/, Thursduy lust. I'er Bushel. Wheat.. 15s. Od. to 18s. I'd. I Hog Peas — s. 0d„ to — s. Oi. Beans... 7s. Od. to 9s. 0.1. | l'er Quarter. Bailey .. 72s. 0J. to 80s. Od. | Oats ... 37s. Od. to 45s. Od. Bread 2s. 7d. the Halt- peck. Flour 100s. per Sack. 25, uithiii lh; LIST' of FAIRS from April 18, to April Circuit of this Paper. Tu. April 14. I. eig. hti. n- lltiztard. Th. 16. JMltruorth. S. — IS. Luton. M. 20. Fenny- Stratford. Tu. 2.. Bedford, and < kethnth. W. 22. Brackley, Hlegltswade, Newport- I'agnsll, Preston, Hunts. S. 25. Brigstock, Burford, J. oughborOnj'i, i Todilirigton. and i. n. l ortha. ru, ton Mercury; Geaera- l Advirtis only 19,00( 1 " lio); to be determined in o Carraway Coriander ... Red Clover.. I White ditto. White Mustaru Brown ditto.. I urnip. .. Krfnt... Sussex. . larnliani Beef Mutton Town Tallow Yellow Russia"""' White ditto Soap ditto Melting Stuff." Ditto rough .. Graves Good Dregs S O A P— Yellow Mottled
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