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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1118
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 11/04/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1118
No Pages: 4
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SATURDAY, APRIL 11, 1812 BERWICK, ASH, & PHILLIPS, ARE Landing, per the NEI. LY, from BRIDOEWATER, a Parcel of PRIME ENGLISH FLAXSEED, FOR SALE, WITH New Orleans, ~ 1 West India, and [• COTTON WOOL, Georgia, J Pot and Pearl Ashes— New Alicant: Barilla, Dantzig Weed Ashes—• Bleachers' Smalts, Refined Saltpetre— Ditto Rosin, Fine nnd Common Congou Tens, Scale and Lump Sugars in Hhds. andTterces, Carolina Rice, Jamaica Ginger and Coffee,. New Red Clover- Seed, Malt and Corn Kiln Tyles, tyei ' 8< 4) ' ^. Varing- street, March 31. JOHN MARSHALL HAS IOLL SALE, SO Bales New Orleans Cotton- Wool, 10 Casks Jirst sort Pearl Ashes, 17 Hogsheads fine and very fine Scale Sugar, 4 Hogsheads Refitted Sugar, with Fine and Com„ foil CtJ.' tgou Tea, New Red Clover Seed, Isfc. & C. J) Waring- street— Belfast, March IS. GRIMSHAW, MURPHY, St CO. HAVE received, per the Aurora, irom LONDON, I Fanny, item LIVERPOOL, Hawk, from GLAS- j GOW, and LitpaUb, from DUBLIN— East India and Spanish Indigo— Lemon Juice j Crop Madder—- Chperas— Allum, j Supar of Lead, and Quercitron Bat ': ; J Wiiich, with their usual General Assortment of DYE-' STUFFS, and the following Goods, they wiil dispose of on mwUbte Terms, viz. :— 50 Jjt "> s Den e,- ai d Cotton ( Fool, / 0 Do. Georgia Do. Do. 4> f Barrels Pat and Pear! Ashes, Bkaek. rs* Starch— Smalts— Oil cf Vitriol, Slei chittg i ' owder and Flour, of best quality. TO BE LET, A Commodious DWELLING- HOUSE on the White- House Shore, for the Season, or a Term of Years, with or without Land and Office— Apply as above. ( J94 FLAX- SEED, TOBACCO, ASHES, AND COTTON WOOL. 100 Hogsheads New- York FLAXSEED, 40 Hogsheads Virginia LEAF TOBACCO, 90 Barrels POT, aad l i Ditto PEARL ASHES, Now landing, which, with a few Bales COTTON WOOL, and 20 MA TS best ALICANT BARILLA, will be sold on reasonable Terms, by THOMAS BELL, 470) 84, North- street. TO BE LET, ON LEASE, Fran First May ixxt, TWO NEW DWELLING- HOUSES, in Trafalgar, street, off Nelson- street, lit for the reception of gen- I teel families. » - ,* The Rent may be fined down, if agreeable to the I Tenant. I For particulars, apply at No. 4, Bank- late, j 90.;) Belfast, April 1. TO BE LET, At the First of May next, T'WO NEW DWELLING- HOUSES, at the lower end of Nelson- Street, convenient to the Drj - Deck, fit for the reception of genteel Families. For particulars apply to JAMES ROBINSON Qsay- Lane, March 31. ( ggj LANDS FOR SALE, IN THE COUNTY OF DOWN. qpHE ESTATE of BLEARY and BALLYNAGAR- L Ricr, the Property of WM. MACNAMARA, Esq. as formerly advertised in this Paper. Application to be made to Mr. R. MACNAMA& A, of Gilford, who will furnish Rentals, and give any necessary information to Persons inclinable to Purchase— Also, to GfeORGE CROZIER, Esq. Dominick- street, Dublin. ( 830 TO BE LET FROM NOVEMBER, During a Minority of Nine Years ; with » r without a Bleacb- Yard. THE HOUSE of DERAMORF,, lately possessed by JAMES Russr. LL, Esq deceased, with any quantity of Land not exceeding 80 Acres.— The House is in complete repair, and consists of Parlour, Drawing- room, Breakfast- rooi-,, and eight best Bed- chambers, with every office suitable to a genteel residence. The BLEACH- GH<', EN is an complete working order, and capable of finishing Eight Thousand Pieces.— Distance from Belfast, three miles and a hiilf. There rre also to be Let, TWO SMALL FARMS, at a short distance; one containing Eight Acres— the other Seven, having two Cabins on each. Proposals in Writing, to be addressed to WM. RUSSELL B'sq Eder. derry, near Belfast. ( 034) OiSober 17. COUNTY OF TYRONE. TO BE SOLD, separately or together, qpHE LANDS of ARDBARRAN, with their Subdeno- - L initiations, situate ill the Barony of OMAGH, being part of the Estate ef the late C. IARLES JOHNS I ON, Esq. held by fee- farm grant, subjeCt to a small Chiefry, and contain, by a late survey, 417 Acres, now let at upwards of ,£ 200 a year, and not milch more than a third of the Value. There is one Farm out of Lease, and all the rest are Let for Lives and Years;— the Lives are all old or middle- aged, and the Years nearly spent;— the Tenantry are respeitable Protestants, and Freeholders. These Lands abound with Turbary and Lime- stone, in a good country, and contiguous to t ie best Linen Markets. Proposals, in Writing, will be received, in the Country, by JOHN CHAMBERS, Esq. and the Rev. AYERIL DANIEL, of Lifiord, who have been appointed Trustees for special purposes; and in Town, by WILLIAM BETTV, of Rutland- square, Esq. in whose possession is the Map of the Estate, distinguishing the extent and value of each Farm respec- tively; and by RALPH RICHARDSON, of Bolton- street, JAKES FAUSSETT, of Blackall- street, and JOHN CHAMBERS, of Lower Gardiner- street, Esqrs who will give every necessary inforhiation, with regard to Title. If the Lands should not be disposed of by Private ConS traCt, they will be sold separably or together, by Aue'i: - n, at the COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, ON MONDAY THE 4' TH OF MAY NEXT, at TWO o'clock in the After- noon.— JAMES LTNCA, of Clare, Bailiff of the Estate, will shew the Lands ( SI2 M'GOWAN & KANE BEG leave to acquaint their Friends and tbe Public, that they have commenced the Wholesale H'ine and Spirit Business, ( In the old- established Concern, No. 8, Rosemary- street, lately- occupied by Mr. WM. NEWSAM), and are well assort- ed with every Article in that Line, which they are enabled • oid determined to d. spose o1 on the most reasonable Terms, to those who may favour them with their commands They trust by unremitting attention to Business to insure a share of Public Favour. 877) Belfast, April J— 8, Rosemary- street. N. B. Some convenient Stores to Let, apply as above. NEW TEAS. JAMES M'MASTER IS just LANDING, from on board the LEVANT, from LONDON, Fine HYSON, Fine and Common CONGOU, and SINGLO TEAS, AND BV THE VINE, 46 SACKS OF NEW CLOVER- SEED ; WHICH, WITH New- York POT- ASHES, first Brands, And a General Assortment of Goods In the GROCERY LINE, will be sold oil reasonable terms for short payments. 879) North- street, Belfast, April 3. THE ship EN'RERPRIZE, is this Day arrived from NEW- YORK, with 1,000 Hogsheads of Flaxseed, 100 Barrels Pot Ashes, 20,000 Barrel Staves. TREVOR & SMITHSON CORRY. NEWRY, April 6, 1812. This Ship wity return to NEW- YORK on the 20th inst.— For Passage, apply as above. ( 91° SAM. JLEWITT & SAM. M'MURRAY, EESPECTFUI. LY beg leave to return their sincere ! thanks to their Customers and the Public, for the very | liberal encouragement they have experienced since' their j commencement in Business. They have at present on hands, j a large Assortment of SPIRITS and. GROCERIES, toge- [ their with 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th FLOUR, fresh from! their MILLS, at KNOCS, all of which they are determined : to sell on moderate Terms, fcr good Payments. No 22, Princes- street— Belfaiif, Feb 22, 1812. 607) 1W. PARTNERSHIP in the COTTON- SPlNNING and MANUFACTURING BUSINESS, heretofore carried on by us at Gleoavy, and in the Town of Belfast, under the Firm of JOHN FORSYTHE & CO is this day dissolved by mutual consent.— It is requested that all Debts due to the Concern, will be paid to Mr. ROiJERT XNOX, who will ( lettle all demands n. jains' the Company. WILLIAM JOHNSON & CO. JOHN M'WILLI AM, JAMES FORS'YTHE, TENNENT, KNOX, & CO, JOHN . FORSYTH^, Belfast, April 2, 1 » IS. { 330 DISSOLUTION. ~~~ rHF. Partnership hitherto carried on under the Firm of ROBINSON, HO88, & CO in the Hardware and Ironmongery Business, is thin day ilissolw- d by mutual con- sent. AH Debts due by said Concern wiil be discharged by THOMAS ROSS, who is authorised to receive all Accounts due them. The Business will, 111 futi. re, be carried 011 ander the Firm of RO; S & tjREGGS. JONATHAN ROBINSON. THOMAS ROSS. March sc. WM. & HANCOCK GREGG. RUSSIAN YELLOW CANDLE TALLOW. ASMALL SUPPLY, of Prime Quality, just received for Sale, by ROBT. GETTY & JAS. LUKE, Who will Sell also 011 reasonable Terms, the following Articles, viz. New Orleans and Upland Georgia COTTON, New- York POT ASHES, and Cork WHISKEY. ( 78S NEW CLOVER- SEED, & c. WILLIAM EMERSON IS JUST LANDING from on board the LEVANT, from LONDON, NEIV BED CLOVER- SEED, Of very Superior Duality, Which, with ROLL TOBACCO and SNUIL, of i. is own Manufacture, and a General Assortment of GROCERIES, he will sell on reasonable Terms No. 9. North- street, April 3. N. B. TWO TOBACCO PRESSES to be Sold, apply- as above. HOUSE & SHOP TO LET. HPHAT Extensive and Established Concern in BIUBSE- - lL SIREET, formerly occupied by WM. MAGEE, Esq. and at present in posse » ion of ARCHER and WIRLING. The situation and conveniences for a Wholesale and Retail Business are rarely to be met with. It consists of a Double Shop ill front, and two Warehouses id the rear ; an excellent Dwelling- house, in good order, capable of accommodating a large Family; With many conveniencies too numerous for insertion. The Premises will be shewn from Ten to Four o'Clock, and possession given immediately, if required. ( 821 YOUNG SWINDLER WILL Cover Mares this Season, at the MARQDIS of DOWNSHIRE'SStables, HILLSBOROUGH: Bred Mares, Four Guineas, all others, Two Guineas; Half- a Guinea to the Groom. He was got by Swindler, dam by Tligg, grand- dam Harmony, by Eclipse, great- grand dam Miss Spindle- shanks, by Omar, Sterling, Godolphin, Arabian, Stannioi , Arabian, Peiham Barb, Spot, White- legged, Lo. vther Barb, Old Vintner Mare, « cc.— He was a famous tru" Racer; for his performances, vide Hook Calendar, of 1808,9,10, and 11. Good Grass for Mares, at 1j 1 d. per night, and all ex- peoces to be paid before the Mares are removed. ( 921 STALLIONS, IjpO Cover this Season, at N « W- GROVE, near Ballymena, X at One Guineas each Mare, and Five Shillings to the Groom:— RUMBO, By Whiskey, out of Spinetta— for his pedigree at large, and performance on the Turf, see the General Stud Book, and Racing Calendars. Also, at same place, at One Guinea each Mare, and Haif- a- Crown to the Groom, HERCULES, A well- bred Suffolk Punch, imported from the best stock in that Country. Grass, & c. for Mares, at 7s. Id. per Night— All demands for Coveting and KeJp, to be paid belore the . Wares are taker, away, as the Groom is accountable, ( 691 Alex. Clark & Co... i' 2 15 9 Adam Sinclair. 1 < j „' Rev. Mr. Soden 11 7t Anthony Conway... 1 2 9 • R. v Mr. Maulevererl 1 7 6 G o. M. Macarther 1 2 j Richard Hunter 10 0 0 D., vid M'Kee....... 1 y 0 Charles Dunlevie.... 5 13 9 Charles Conway..., I 2 « Ro'ot. Forrester 5 13 9 Archibald Miller... 1 2 9 Rev. Mr Lowder... 3 8 3 Thomas Hury ] < j g Richard James 3 8 3 Robert Orr 1 2 q Sand. M'Dowell 3. 8 3 Robert Henry. t 2 ' John Knox Powell... 3 8 3 Charles Madden... 1 2 Sfphen Dunroch.... 3 8 3 Abraham Dougal... 1 2 a John Johnston 3 8 3 William M'Gaw... 1 2 () George M'Hrov 2 5 6' Gordon Thompson 1 2 u James Barklie 2 5 6 James Henry 1 ^ i, J01111 M'Dowell 2 5 6 John Hacket........ 1 g „ John Hopes 2 5 6 Oliver Boskins I 2 g Alexander Falls 2 5 6 Francis Quinn 1 2 9 Rev. Mr. Graham.... 2 5 6 William Donga! 1 2 o Rev. Mr. M'Cosker 1 2 9 William Miller 11 7 £ EXCISE OfncE, DUBLIN, Feb. 15, 1812. In additi, c to the above Reward, the Chief Commissioners of Excise V ill pay the Sum of THIRTY POUNDS ro the Person or 1 ersons so discovering and prosecuting as above. By Order of the Commissioners, 7 eS) EDWARD HA RDM AN. PRICE'S ARMS, DOWN. TfANE DENVIR, of DOWNS- ATRICK, returns her most 9If Sincere Thanks to her Friends and the Public in gene- ral, for ' heir Jibefal support since her commencement in tha Irn, takes the liberty of informing them, that from a decline of health, Jhe is prevented from piying that pari. cular atten- tion which she formerly did, therefore intends resigning Bu- siness and setting the INN. Any Person wishim; to Con- trail for the same, may have it for such Term of Yeai s as may be agreed on, with a variety of HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, consisting of Dressing and Pier Glasses, Dressing and Mahogany Tables, & c. & c. Carriages, Horses, & c. and Hearse, Hovel, and Cut " l imber, with a quantity of Weil- saVed H- iy. Possession can be given on First of November next. This House if, id Office Houses are in thorough repair. As it! Situation and Accommodations are so well known, it is un- necessary to make any farther comment. DOWN, March 90, 1S12. N. B, There is also, convenient to this Extensive Coneern, a Large Field, now in Clover, containing Three Acres, which the ContraClor can have. ( 92< J TO BE LET, From the First May next, - THE HOUSE, No. 1, Ann street;— the YARD eni STABLING ill Arthur- street, 100 feet iu front, and S3 feet from front to rear, at present occupied by the Pio- prietor, TIMOTHY ST « UAM, A Lease of 50 Yeai^ wiil be given of rhe House; 61 Years arid Three Lives of the Yard and Stabling. The advantages of these Concerns are too well known t « require comment. TIMOTHY SPELLANS RETURNS his sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public, for nast favours since his Commencement in Business, and informs them, that he has taken the HOUSE next Mr. WM, HANUA'S Inn, MOIRA, with " a large YARD and" STABLING, where he intends carrying on the same Busi- ness he at present follows. ( 920)' Belfast, April 7. TO BE LET, INHK HOUSE and LAND, near Malone Turnpike, late. ly occupied by Mr. FABBRINI, and immediate pos- session given.— Apply to JOHN THOMSON. Jenny- Mount, March 30. rg^ j TO BE SET, OR SOLD, For such Term of Years as ,. tay be agrad on, ADWELLING- HOUSE and GARDEN, witft Two or Four Acres of Land, if required, within half a mile of Belfast, situated on * he road leading from Belfast to Newtovvnards, adjoining Mr. WAT, SON'S. The House con- sists of Two Parlours. Drawing- room, and Four Bed- cham- bers, with every Office suitable for a genteel residence. — The House is finished in the best manner. Immediate possession can be given, by application to Ch1. RLR3 LeNNON. R8S9 BREWERY. TO BE LET, With or without a Iune, for a long Term of years, THAT well- circumstanced BREWERY, lately occupied by Mr. TANDY, in the town of DROGUEDA These Concerns, which arc built upon the most approved plan, comprize a spacious Brewery, two extensive Malt- houses, Stabling, Offices for Clerks, and two commodious Dwelling- houses in front to the street ; from thence they extend in depth near 500 feet to the river Boyne, giving a perfedt command of water carriage by sea and inland navi- gation. The whole are in perfect repair; the fixtures most- ly new, and all in high preservation. One division of these Concerns can, at a small expence, be easily couverted into a Distillery, as they afford sufficient room and capabilities for both businesses, with an abundant supply of Soft Water.— The Buildings alone could not now be ereCled at a less ex- penditure than ,£ 20,000. Proposals will be received by GEORGE TANDY, Esq. Bal- rath, Drogheda; or Mr. J » HN HUGHES, 99, Caoel- street Dublin. * ' A person attends to shew the Concerns. ( 345 In th. Matter of ") ir& URSUANT to an Order JOSEPH HALL, ESQ. ( JL of his Maj- sty's High £ Lunatic. f Court of Chancery in Ireland ' made in this Matter, bearin<* date the 2Sth day of February instant, I will, on tbe 16th day of March next, at ONE o'clock in the Afternoon, at my CHAMBERS, « n the INN'S- QUAT, DUBLIN, Set to the highest and fairest Bidder. All that TENEMENT or DWELL'NG- H JUSE, situate in LOROAN, in tne County of Armagh, with the DISTILLERY, MALT- KILNS, and Orittciis thereunto belonging, to gether with a FARM of LAND, containing 8A. 1R. 24P. held therewith, being part of the Estate of the LUNATIC, for three Years, or pending the Lunacy.— Dated this 28th day of Feb. 1812. The above Letting is adjourned until Monday, the 20th day of April inst. at TWO o'Clock in the afternoon, at my Chambers, Inn's- Quay, D. tbl'tn.— Dated this J\ th of April, 1812. 922) WILL. HENN. One Hundred and Twenty- Two Guineas R EIV A R D. KJXTHEREAS, early on the morning of the 26th January 7 V instant, a House in Maghera, at present occupied by Mr WILLIAM MILLER, Excise Officer, was maliciously- set on Fire, and partly Burnt, by some evil- minded Person or Persons as yet unknown. Now we whose Names are hereunto subscribed, holding in abhorrence all such outrages, do hereby promise to pay the several Surr. t respectively annexed to our Names, to any Person who will, within Six Months from the date hereof discover and prosecute to couviCHon, any of the party guilty of said offence; or one- half of said sums for such private in- formation as may lead to the cenviCtion of any of the per- petrators of the aforesaid outrage.— Given under our Hands 1 his 28th day of January, 1812. R < 3c G beg leave to inform their Friends snd the Public, that they have on sale, a constant Assortment of WIRE WEB, far repairing. Flour Machines. Millers may also be supplied with FLOJR Crr KIIMS, of the Manufacture of JAMEJ HOWARD & Co Manchester, of the very best con- struction now iti use, by applying as above. And have , Jso a full Assortment of PIN POINTS for Calico Printers, and SorT BRASS WIRE for Reed Makers jrid Brush Makers Also, GRATES, LOT: KS SCALE BEAM;, HINGES, & C. of their own ManufaSure; which, with every other Article in the HARDWARE ;, nd I it ON MO WG. EK Y BUSINESS, they are deter- mined to sell at the most Reduced Prices, and hope, from a strict attention to Business, to merit a continuance of that support * « hich the Establishment has hitherto experienced. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AVOUNG MAN, well qualified to assist in Teaching . English, Writing, Arithmetic, and Geography.— Application, by Letter, p » t- pa: d, to the Rev, GEORGE HAY, Londonderry. N. B. No Person will be employed withott satisfactory recommendation as to Moral CharaCler. ' 370) Londonderry, April '. NOTICE. nriKE EXECUTORS of the late THOMAS READ, re- al quest those Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the deceased, to have their Accounts immediately settled, as they are determined to take proceedings for the recovery of all Debts ou'. standitig on the f. rst of May next. Those who wish to avoid the expence of Law Proceed- ings, will please comply with this Notice. WM. EMERSON, 1 W DAVID M'COSH, J ELECUT0K' Belfast, April i. ( 888 NOTICE. qnHE TENANTS f the MARQUIS of DONEGALL, ! l- in the Counties of Down lAd Antrim, are hereby in- formed, that legal steps will be t. ni after the expiration of this mbnth, against all Persons, without distimSisn, in Ar- rears of Rents due by them respectively on the fi at day of November last. EDWARD MAY, ACEJJT. Castle- Office, April 1. N. B Such Persons as wish to make application for Re- newals, will please send in their Proposals to the Castle- Of- fice, where an early attention wiil be paid them. ( 889 HOMRA- GLEN HOUSE & FARM. To be Let, or tbe Interest in tbe Lease Sold. ' jpHE above FARM, situated 111 the County Down, with- '* in one mile an I a half of Hillsborough, and two of Lisburn; is held at a low" Rent, under the MARQUIS of DOWNSHIRE, for one young life and 12 vearsi it contains 55 A. 2R. and 7 P. English Measure.— The House and Of- fices are large and ill excellent repair, and the Land is in the very best condition, the greatest part of which was mannred and soiled last season. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, STOCK, and FARMING UtENsiLb, may be had at a valuation, and immediate pos- session gven.— Apply to Major GAYER, the Proprietor; or at the Office of this Paper. 319) Momra- Glen House, Jan. 4. RUSSIAN YELLOW CANDLE TALLOW, A FEW CASKS, of Prime Quality, just arrived for A Sale, by ' SAMUEL BROWN, At iiis Stores, in Calender- street, WITH THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES, Fi/ ty Hhds of New Flax- seed, Just landed out of the Hibernia, from NEW- YORK ; A few Bags Red Clo- Ver- seed, Very superior Jamaica Coffee, in small Barrels. 885) April J. SAMUEL SC JAMES CAMPBELL, ARE LANDING, AttD HAVE FOR SALE, Congou and Green Teas, New- York Fla>- ' seed, Refined Sugar, New Red Clov<.,-- s&, Scale Sugar, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Sun and Lexia Raisins, Upland Georgia, J Cotton- Muscatel Raisins, Sea Island J Wool, Turkey Figs, Alicant Barilla, Lemons, in Chests, Bleachers' Smalts, Black Pepper, Refined Saltpetre, Jamaica Coffee, Ditto^ Rosin, Ginger and Pimento, Spanish Flora Indigo, 855) April 1. COTTON MACHINERY. TO BE SOLD Br PUBLIC AUCTION 0. THURS- DAY, 16tb day of April next, at Millto- wn, Tails Mills near Belfast, MraE folio wins Articles of MACHINERY.— They hav< 1 been regularly kept in the best order, will be sole without reserve, f. nd are well worth the attention of a,.] Person wishing to embark in the Cotton Business, or al ready engaged in it: — 18 Carding Engines, 18 13 Mule Jennies, 192 Inches, Mahogany Spindles each, Cylinders, 6 Warping Mills, 3 Drawing Frames, 1 Twisting Frame, 72 1 Can Frame, Spindles, 9 Fly Frames, 1 Winding Frame," 1 Stretcher, 84' Spindles, A number Batting Flakes, 9 Throstles, 84 Spindles A quantity Tin Cans, each, A Carpenter's Bench and 5 Ditto, Ti Ditto, Tools. One Steam Engine, Boiler, § c. complete Terms— Any Articles under £ 50, Bank Notes ; all pur- chases amounting to £ 50 and less than ,£ 100, two Month, Bills on Dublin or Belfast; and all above ,£ 100,11 Months, " V Sale to commence at TWELVE o'clock. N. B. A Person attends daily on the Premises to shew the Articles. ( 838 TO BE SET, From the first day of November last, for such Term as may be agreed upon, AFARM of LAND, at Ballynafeigh, late in the pos- session of Mrs. CAVAN, containing 13 Acres, Phn- tatinn Measote, within a short distance of the Town of Belfast, and pleasantly situated on the borders of the River Lagan. These Lauds have not been broken up for several years, and are in excellent condition. Proposals will be'received by CHARLES E. ISTWOOD, ESV Castletown, Dundalk, until the 24th day of April next, when the Tenant will he declared. And for further particulars apply to Mr. WALTER MACI ARLAN, Belfast. 8j3) March, IS 12. ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, WHF.^ ZING, & C. Prepared Stramonium and Oxymcl ( as direCfed by Sur- geon Fisher) has been found a most invaluable remedy in the above complaints — The fume of the dried Herb, thus corrected, effectually prevents the Asthmatic fit, and the Oxymel, by allaying the irritation in the Lungs, strengthen- ing and correcting the habit, has succeeded in cases of Con- sumption that appeared almost hopeless. The prepared Herb for smoking, and tbe Oxymel for internal use— are sold in London, by Messrs. BUBGESS SC CO. Bedford- street; and Messrs. F. NEWSERY and SONS, No. 29, Dame- street, Dublin ; and by their appointment, by Mr. SAM. AHCHEU, and Mr. WARD, Belfast; Mr. XVALSH, Armagh; Mr. WARD, Lisburn; and Mr. M'KENN*, Newry. ( 737 NE. WR ¥•* NEWHY. NEW- YORK CARGO. ANDREW AIKEN has arrived, by the Ship -*. OLUS, CBAKJ. ES HENRY, Master, from NEW- YORK, the following GOODS, viz. :— 28 Hhds. Richmond Tobatit, 214 Ditto Flaxseed, 1 Casks Clover- seed— 20 Ditto Rice, 13,000 Barrel Staves, 2,000 Hogshead Ditto, 3,000 Pipe Ditto, 300 Pine Plank, 20 to 40 Feet long, 30 Pieces Pine Timber, 20 Ditto Oak Ditto, 130 Handspikes, 18 Bales Upland Ct- Uon- Wool; Which will be sold on moderate ' Terms, at . his STORES iu NEW- ST » EET. ANDREW AIKEN. NEWRY, 6th April ( 918 NEWRY, APRIL 1, 1812. 845 Hogsheads New- York Flaxseed, 900 Tons of Pitch, Yellow Pine, and Oak Timber, 270 Barrels New- York Pot- Ashes, now landing direct, 18,000 White Oak Barrel Staves, 70 Hogsheads Leaf Tobacco, about 30 of which are of the finest quality, and very highest character, 85 Hogsheads Scale Sugar, 50 Puncheons Whiskey, 20 Casks No. 7 Bleachers' Smalts, 2,000 Barrels of Oats, daily expected, per the Anne, from Limerick, For Sale on moderate Terms, by 850) RICHARD BRYANS. FLAXSEED & STAVES. THE SUBSCRIBERS are Landing, from the ETLWARD, G. R DOWDALL, Master, from New- Yoafc, 488 Hogsheads. 1 FLAXSEED, 49 Half Hogsheads, J 18,000 Barrel STAVES, Which they offer for Sale. JOHN & HUGA BOYD. ^ NEWRY, February 6, 1812. THE Public are respedfully Informed, that on and after the 7rh instant, the FLY COACH will be dispatch- ed frem DUBLIN every £• ening at FIVE o'clock, and from NEWRY every Evening at Half- past NINE o'Clock. The Proprietors beg leave to assure their Friends and the Public, that no care or attention on their part shall be wantiii" to make this conveyance as eligible as possible ; and with this view, a GUARD, completely armed, shall hence- forward be placed on the Coach every night, each wav, thereby rendering the seme security and proteSioii as is af- forded to Passengers travelling in the Mail Coaches. ' NEWRY, April 4. N B. From the above period the BELFAST FLY will Mart each day from Belfast precisely at ONE o'Clock.— The FLY will leave Newry for Belfast at SEVEN o'Ctock in the Morning. . P^ 3 AN ELIGIBLE MERCANTILE CON- CERN IN NEWRY. RPHE SUBSCRIBER, intending to remove to the Concern iL lately held by Mr. WOOD GIBSON, will Let, from the 1st of May next, for such Term as may be agreed upon, the DWELLING HOUSE, SHOP, and STORES attached thereto,; n Sugar- Island, at present in his occupation. The situation of this well- established Concern, the convenience of the extensive Stores adjoining immediately at the rear, and opening upon the Sugar- House Quay, are so well- known as to render a more particular description of its many advan- tages for the Business of a Wholesale Grocer or Tobacconist unnecessary. RICHARD BRYANS. NEWRY, April 1, 1812. ( 861 DISTILLERY CONCERNS FOR SALE, Or, to be Let, from the first of May, at rtEWHf, nr'HAT Extensive and well- known CONCERN, in Mo JL NAGHAN- srREET, wrought by the late SAMUEL HAN- NA Esq. & Co. on the Scale of a Thousand Gallon Still, and which, report says, told well for the concerned. To enumerate the many advantages of this Concern, would occupy coo large a space in a Newspaper, suffice it to say it has an abundant supply of overhead Water for the Worm- Tub. Coppers, Cooler, SEE. & c. and that piped home into the Houses; besides very extensive Grain and Malt Stores and nearly Two Acres of Ground, enclosed with Stone Walls 14 feet high, as well as a Range of Bullock Sheds. Application to be made to Dinsu CAULFIBLD, who, if an eligible Person offered, would have no ebjeClion to holding a half share in the Business. NEWRY, March 22. N B. The Large BREWING COPPER, and many other Utensils, would be given at a Valuation. ( 802 LANDS TO BE LET. TO BE LET, several SNUG FARMS, in the Town- land of Carrickeene, adjoining Carnlough, near Newry; oil such Leases as may be agreed on. Immediate Possession may be had, and encouragement will be giveu to industrious Tenants of good character. Application to be made to Patrick O'Hanlon, Esq Newry Mr CROITON, " of the Dublin Water Works," presents his compliments to Messrs. F. NEWBERT and SONS, No. 29, Dame- street, and, from a feeling of justice to them, as Pro- prietors of Dr. " James's Powders, begs to mention, that he was affliaed for several months in the last year, with an acute Rheumatic complaint, which, from the continuance of extreme agony, deprived him of rest, appetite, and ol all rower:— that after talcing fifty Hot Salt Baths, and adher- ing to the most respeftable Medical Advice, the pain in- creased. Mr. Caoe- roN, almost despairing of relief, was recommended a trial of Dr. James's Powders, which he took for a short time, according to the directions; the pain that he had so long suffered began daily to decrease, and the Me- dicine finally relieved him entirely of his malady He now finds that upon the slightest return, occasioned by catching cold, Dr. James's Analeptic Pill- have the desired effeCt— Should they consider the above statement of any use to their Establishment, he begs that it may be made public.— James s Powder is sold by their appointment, by Mr. SAM. ARCHER, and Mr. WARD, Belfast; Mr. WALSH, Armagh; Mr. WA » D, Lisburn; and Mr. M'KENNY, Newry. William- street, 1st February 1F12. BELFAST CO MM KRClAL CH& OMGr. K. • 1".' . IW. LTL - 1/ MJ. WM) " I llfl WM " I II , Monday, April 6. Saturday, being the day when the Quarterly Report of the state of the King's malady is to be made by the Queen's Council, to the Privy Coun- cil, all the members attended at Windsor, and after receiving the . testimony of the Physicians, wade up ihe Report, the substance of which we understood to be, " that his Majesty's bodily health is as good its it has been at any former pe- riod of the complaint; that his mental health is as much deranged as it has been at any time ; that none the of Physicians expect that his Majesty will recover, yet none of them entirely and abso- lutely despair^" WixnsoR, APIUL 4— Yesterday afternoon, about four o'- clock, the Duke of Clarence re-, turned here from Maidenhead, accompanied by two of the Masters Fitrclarence ; his Royal High- ness, after paying his re- pects to the Queen and Princesses, set off, accompanied by his children, for Bushey. A fraud of some magnitude has been lately praflised on the Bank of England. A. lady who went to receive her dividends, arising from 40,000/. consols, discovered that 28,000/. had been trans- ferred to a stranger, by means of a forged power of attorney. It is- said that Mr. Alderman Wood means to propose at the next Common Hall an Address to the Princess of Wdles, intreating her Roy-> 1 High- ness to resume her S'ate, in cpnf- rmity with what is due to her dignity, after th^ late declaration of her purity a d innocnce, made by Mr. Perceval in the House of Commons. We learn, through a Gentleman recently ar- rived from Pari-, that Bonaparte's appearance has, f- r some time rast, resented symptoms of a great decline of heahh.- His legs are evi'ently much swelled ; and from this fafl the Parisians draw the most unfavourable conclusion. It is thus that time and the ordinary course of nature, often af- ford that relitf to the sufferings of mankind, for the attainment of which all human effort? have been made in vain j and that dropsy or gout rids the world of a m ant, who has overcome the arms and tramples on the rights of nations.—-( Pilot.) '" Se last Paris Papers contain several Addresses to Bonaparte from the EWloral Colleges, with his answer?. In one. he sav<, " My people shall See me always ready to undertake any thing to ensure the triumph of France, over the hatred of Encland. I confide in their thinking no sacrifices too great, when they shall be deemed necessary." In another, he savs, " The City of Tour* suffers from the meliocrity of the harvpst— nine years pi- nty succeeds one of mediocrity in France. My peopl* cannot better prove their love for my per- son, than !> v shewing 4hat calmness and resigna- tion which circttmst mces require." A nriv armistice has been concluded between the Turks and Russians, for 4." days. The Emperor of Austria has issued a rescript j ( o the States of Hungary, in which he, in sub- stance, stares, that under existing circumstances, he cannot desist from the demand he has made of 12 millions in money for the wants cf the Empire. A separation, bv mutual consent, is, we pnder- rsnd, about to take place between the Crown Prince of Sweds'n and hi' consort, who, ir is said, has an irr- concilenhle dislike to the climate and the society of Stockholm. It is now generally supposed that the I.' Orient fquadronJs gone to Spanish America to finish the Revolutimr begun by Miranda ; who, as some do not hesitate to allege, has always maintained an intercourse with Bonaparte, and a£ led under his instrnfli' ns, and in conformity with his views and j interests. At Cani-' iill, in the neighborhood of Dun- fermline, a fine young child was lately attacked by a furious game- cock, who brought him to the ground, leaped or, him, and picked out one of j his eyes. The child was speedily rescued, but lingered a few days in great agony, and then died. A number of weak and idle persons, from re- mote psrrtsof tiie city, assembled on Wednesday St Wes n- ins'er Abbey, desiring to see the new iilver enfftn ready made for the King, and it was a considerable time before the more intelligent spec- tators could convince them it was 411 FooIs Day. The waste lands in England, capable of culti- • ation, are estimated at 20 millions of acres.— j The Grand Juries at Stafford, Worcester, and Oxford Assizes, have agreed to pt ti'ion the Le- gislature for a Ger. tral Inclosnre Act. EANK or ENGLAND NOTIS.— A London Paper ! ftates the follow ing curious fafl, from a source I which it deems wholly indisputable: From one of i the most wealthy and respeftable Banks in this ! cotin'ry the Bank of England received a package i cf their own Notes. These Notes were snhjefled to the customary investigation, and one of them [ pronounced unon, and returned, as a forged Note. | The private Banker, accustomed to exert, not only j a due, but a very jealous vigilance, was struck j with astonishment, and again scrutinizing the ' Note by all known tests and all possible modes of j examination, solemnly declared to his partner— i that if that Note was a forged one, then there was j an end to all security, and it was full time for tj them to close their doors, and bring their estab- lishment to its final doom ! the Npte was returned to the Bmk of England, accompanied with a most respeflfnl request, that it rpight be re- examined, when, upon a closer inspeflion, it was fonnd to be genuine, and passed to account. EXTRAORDINARY ESCAPE— Cn Friday morn- J iflg last, at about nine o'clock, a horse in a taxed ; cart was stopped to drink at Mr. Branburgs, at the Thatched House, Islington. The boy hav- ing taken the bridle off, the horse, after drink- ing, took fright and gallopped off with the great- est precipitation, with a child in the cart, and pasted a great number of carriages of various k: nds. He ran away two miles, towards Ball's Pond, and then proceeded to Newington- Green- laues, and so on towards the turnpike, where, the gate having been shut, he attempted to leap over it, broke it and the traces, and left the car- riage kehind. The child remained in the cart, ftiiji miraculously escaped unhurt. . Adam and Thomas Lfe, Wo~ of the gypsies who were Cried last week, at Kingston Assizes, and f > und guilty of highWay robbery, are, along with Willmpi Sewell, for cutting and maiming his own sister and his brother- in- law, ordered for execution on this day week at Horsemonger- lane. " A most affecting scene on Saturday evening on the return of the Prisoners from Kingsfpn, took place between the latter Lee and his wife, who was an accomplice in th^ robbery, and for which she is sentenced to be transported for life.. Pre- vious to these two Prisoners being conducted to their separate cells, in taking a final leave of each other, the wretched criminal, the husband, in a most affecting and agitated manner, alternately embracing his wife and a little infant she then held in her arms, was a scene truly distressing to see— two apparently miserable creatures having brought themselves to such a melancholy sepa- i ration. '' Yesterday, there was a meeting of Irish N ' ble-- men and Gentlemen at the- Thatched house Ta. vern, to receive the Report of the Committee to whom the Petitions in favour of the Catholic Claims were entrusted. The Petitions were hand- ed in, which were signed by a number of persons GRAND JURY ROOM. COUNTY OF AVTRJM— t. EWT AS* TZES. . RESOLVED— That, in future every Person ac- l1 Counting for the building of Bridges, Pipes, Wa- j ter-, Walls or any other public Mason- Work within this County, shall, at the time of making affidavit connefled with Ireland by birth and property. It . j to his account enter into security ( before the Ma- was Understood that . he Petition to the Lords was ! who swears him thereto) in the amount ,, r T , of the sum presented tor such Work, for the sufv to be presented by the Marqim of Lansdowne, • ficiency of ^ ^ for Seven Ycv^ { vom the and that to the Commons by Mr. Ponsonby. i; Q£ ^^ A Cabinet Council was held yesterday noon, at the Secretary of State's Office. , security— otherwise such - account will not be allowed by the Grand Jury. RIVSOLVE-' D— That every accounting ft r, or BARON GERAMB This extraordinary charac- ter, who has so long engrossed public attention, and who seems to have had a stronger itch for notoriety than any who have figured among us and in so very conspicuous a manner, has at length been removed from this country, and we most heartily wish that those whose chitv it is to observe the various and numberless foreigners who intrude themselves upon us, may exert them- 1 selves with equal vigour as to many other adven- 1 turous Refugees from the Continent. There are i many reports respecting this same Baron Geramh; I ment to' increase the military force, some representing him as having heen uncom- . . ^ tf) fac| Ktaw lhr rai>; of | t , nen monly successful at our gaming tables, and an- xious to escape with the spoil; and others which < between the ages of 19 and 37 years, above four state that, according to a familiar phrase, he was j feet nine inches high, are allowed to be received, completely done up, and full as anxious to depart f We understand, eighteen homew ird- bound lest the vulgar hand of a Sheriff's Officer should j. merchantmen were discovered entering the port I get hold of him. But it is also said that he had , , , . - ... i advanced unjust and ridiculous claims upon the j of Malaga together ; the greater part ot winch, ----- jt was rep0rte< jj had been captured by French privateers. * Theie is a report that France and America are 5 negociating a Treaty of Commerce with each j other. Some of the Papers consider the report as E a hoax— for how . can they carry on commerce \ tha Po mona, arrived in the Clyde, jl working Ov? rseer> at the making or repairing on Friday last from Lisbon, in eight days. She ® f PU, blic Roads with! n th[ s C< W' ™ Y ' . , ... ', ' r , hereafter use, or permit to be used, any Car em- must, therefore, have sul- d two days after the ; p, ofed at snch Work> withollt box; nR complete, date of the last accounts, which were of ' he 2kh. Lj and close in the bottom, ' wttl be struck off the She has not brought arty intelligence relative to Badajoz later than the 20th. Expectations of j its speedy surrender were entertained ; but it was , believed at Lisbon that the enemy would risk a battle to relieve it. Another vessel from Lisbon is arrived at Liverpool. Five sail of French lia?- of- bai'ie ships are said to have dropped down the Scheldt to Flushing, ready for a start. An article from Petersburgh of the 3.1 ult. shews the aflivity and anxiety of the Russian Govern- It says, that ' British Government, of which'the following state- ment has been given :— He alleges that he had proposed to engage 24,000 Croat troops in the service of England, a proposal which he pretends to have considered as favourably received by our Ministers abroad, because they ( Mr. Bathurst, General Oakes, and Mr. Henry Wellesley, to whom he appeals), did not hesitate granting him passports, to enable him to prosecute his journey to England, for the purpose of submitting his plan to the War Department. Fop this service his charges are as follows :— Journey from Lon- don to Cadiz, £ 250; Establishment in London, 1°> months, at £ 200 per month, 364400 j Return to Hungary, £ 700— Total, £ 5250. * BE1. FAST COURSE OF EXCHANGE, Su. APRIL 8.— Belfast on London ( aids.) 9 per cent. Bdfast on Dublin ( 61 ds.) 1 per cent, Belfast on Glasgow 7? per cent. / R'ji, APKIL t— 3{ per ce » r. Gov. Deb. 73 —— 5 per cent. Ditto HH'f English, jipn. il S.— 3 per cent. Consols 5D Jf APRILS.— Dub. on Lon. 9 \ APRU6— Lon on t) ub Books as Overseers of public Works. EDMUND ALEX. M'NAGHTEN, Foreman. The Treasurer of the Poor- house acknowledges to have received from Messrs. Hugh Wilson and Sons, Ten Shillings, being a fine levied off Pa- trick Quin, of Cookstown, for altering the weight of a Pig in the Weighmaster's Ticket, by Wm. Ferrur, Esq. Magistrate. The Treasurer of the Belfast Charitable So. ciety atknowledges to have received, the sum of Two Pounds Five Shillings and Sixpence, from two Gentlemen, wh'ch they received on an arbi- tration. The total value of the forged notes presented at r' e Bank of England, for the eleven years, from first Jnn. 1801, to y 1st Dec. l'-' ll, is 101', mil. AKRIVKD. MAILS SINCE OOR LAST. NNI 3 Br DONAF. HA ® ir O ' I RT DUBLIN.., 0 TJVTY OF ANTRIM ELECTIOJV. The hidcpcvilent Freeholders of the ! County of • Antrim, are requested to hold themselves disengaged, as a Gentleman of Independent Fortune, and well- known and tried Constitutional principles, is de- termined to offer himself to their consi- deration upon the first opportunity. ' BELFAST, Saturday, April 11, 1812. From the North of Europe, to which the poli- tician now looks with considerable anxiety, we have an account that a treaty of alliance, offensive and defensive, has been concluded between France and Prussia, by which, the latter Power stipu- lates to furnish 45,000 infantrv, and all her ca- valry. The Members of the Confederation of [ the Rhine, are also called upon by France, to furnish their respeifive quota of troops. These movements, with the march of some thou- sands i> f French troops from Spain, sariftions die opinion that, if not counteradted by Russia, a grand effort will be made to carry into effeiS the favourite Continental System of BONAPARTE. Several interesting extrafls fronj the latest American Prints are given in the last page. —-- BY EXPRESS. This morning, at an early hour, the London Papers of the 7th arrived, by express, from Do- naghadee. They contain the following intelli- gence :— London, Tuesday, April 7. French Papers to the Sd inst. have been re- ceived. We learn from them that the L'Orient squadron got into Brest on the 29th March, after a sate, but, we have the satisfaftion to think, not very productive, cruize of three weeks. Tile House of Commons meets this day, pur- suant to adjournment. We presume one of the first proceedings will be to ask whether or not the Prince and Princess ol Wales are separated by a formal act, signed by the King and by every Member of the late Cabinet, as insinuated in its publication of yesterday by the paper most in 1 the interest and confidence of Mr. Perceval. The debates on the Catholic Petitions are to be deferred for some rime, in consequence of a ! request from the E;; rl of Fingall, and llie other principal Catho. ics of Ireland, who are anxious that M Protestant Petitions in their favour should i| b « presented, before the discussion shall come on. without our permission ? Intelligence from Cadiz to the 20ih ult. states, that on the 7th, Marshal Soult, with nine batta- ' ions, matched from the French lines; and im- mediately after, the enemy, perhaps to conceal the reduftion of their besieging army, opened a fire upon the city, but with little or no effeft. It was known at Cadiz that the riege of Badajoz had been undertaken by Lord Wellington, and the result was anticipated with sanguine confidence. Such is the miserable and exhausted state of Spain, according to the late accounts, that the French' will find it impossible to subsist a large army to- gether j and it is even conjeflured, in some of the last letters from Cadiz, that the enemy will be obliged to abandon Aiiiiairtsta, on aecomit of the | severe scarcity which afiiiSs that Province. Se- j veral of the native Spaniards, who have perished through famine* panfvmj attest the melancholy want of fjod which prevails in that part of the Peninsula. ROBBERY OF THE NEWRY FLY. As yet, not one of the numerous gang, that robbed the Newry Fly Coach, has been apprehend- ed. It has been ascertained, however, that the gang was commanded by that notorious robber, Collier, whom Francis Fox, Esq. ( one of the Sheriffs' Peers of the City of Dublin), at the risk of his life, and after a desperate struggle, appre- hended about three years ago, when the ruffian had escaped from prison. It is an unfortunate circumstance that, from causes unknown to the Public, this wretch had not been brought to jus- tice, but had been suffered to prowl again on so- ciety. Edmund Alexander M'Naghten, Esq. M. P. em barked at Donagliadee for Poitpatrick on Monday last, and James Craig, Escj. M. P. on Tuesday.— The Right Hon. Isaac Corry, M. P. aiso embarked on Thuisday. His Majesty, by his Letters Patent, under the Great Seal of Ireland, has been pleased to appoint WILLIAM RICHARDSON, of Poolbeg- street, in the, City of Dublin, Esq. Proiftor of Office, of his High Court of Admiralty of Ireland. We are happy to announce the appointment of this gentle man to this very important office, as we know him to be, iueveiy well qualified to fill this highly respectable situation, and as we know, that through his exertions, the rights of his Majesty, as well as those of that most useful class, the Sea- men of our country, will be protected in all cases pertaining to his office Letter, dated & Tewtonglem, Aprils, ZRI2,- addreste. d to Mr. Hugh ( ir< tluim, Belfust. SI IT— Allow my communicating to you an account of the stranding of the brig LEE, of Workington, John Cosson master, in which vessel I am interested. The brig Lee jailed from Workington about midday on Sunday last, 2<) th ult. in ballast, bound for the Gulph of Saint Lawrence, wind N. N. F,.; at evening of that day was a- head of the Mull of Galloway ( wind enereasing) ; during the night di- rected their course out chaimcl, but from the violence of the storm, drifted towards our coast, close in. with which at midnight they descried the land, at Aghageegh- head, then blowing very hard, wind about East. They wore ship in expectation of weathering Gorruu point, but could not, they made the same unsuccessful attempt to weather the land on the other tack, uiitil the only alternative, the only hopes left was to strive to ride the storm out in Ited Hay, about a mile distant' from this town, where t'uey came to, and brought up with both bower anchors, at nine o'clock on Monday morn- ing last, wind encreasing at east, rather southerly. After riding the storm about thl- ee hours, one of the cables parted. Tho vessel then drifted towards the dangerous rocks aiid shelving precipices. Thus situated, they cut the remaining cable, and run on shore at the extremity of lied Bay, on a sandy beadi. The vessel is not damaged,' and my opinion is ( although contrary to the general opinion) that if the wea- ther is favourable, . lie will begot off without much expence ; to effect which the necessary arrangements are entering in- to. I will transcribe to the London Assurance Company a copy of the protest. The business shall go into good hands " for the interest of the underwriters aud owners. The gen- tlemen In this neighbourhood deservudly command the thanks and respect of underwriters, owners, master aud crew, for their general and disinterested exertions and anx- iety for the lives in danger, and parties concerned; their at- tention and exestions will indeed be registered in the re- membrance pf ye- jr present addresser, i am, & c. WILLIAM AYBE- TO THE FREEHOLDERS OF THE COUNTY OF DOWN. GENTLEMEN— I shall not attempt a personal canvass of your C- iunty ; If I shall be thought worthy of being returned to Parliament, as your ReptesentatWei it will be the" highest honour 6f my life— rely on it, I never will desert the Interest s of Ireland. The Cause of the People, and Free- dom of Eteflion, meet support beyond my most sanguine expectations. Whilst the enemies of Ire- land are dismayed, divided, and undecided, and I apprehend, will not dire td oppose tire People, I have strong reason to rhink, that mpsrof the great leading Interests of the County, will pursue the honourable condu- fl of permitting. : heir Tenantry to poll as they think proper. The Freeholders may depend on every effort being made to support them in their just right of exercising their Constitutional privilege. of voting according to conscience, and to punish and ex- pose all, those (^ G. ENTS IJI, PARTICULAR)^ who. shall dare to attempt- to drive them to poll', or pre- vent them from performing their bounden duty to their Country. I congratuiate the County, on the viffory gain- ed at Down, on Friday the 27th ult. by the Inde- pendent Interest, oyer their Opponents, alihough the County was, very unfairly and improperly, taken by- surprize, and tvithout du; notice. GimHemen, viffory is within your reach— ex- ert yourselves— communicate every necessary in- formation to " the Friends of the Ifecplc"— every thing tending to support the interests of Ireland, and the Honour and Independence of the County of Down. I am, Ger. tlemen, Your Ftithful Servant, ELDRED CURWEN POTTINGER. P. S. The Dissf- rtters of the County of Down, are requested to observe, that the present Admi- nistration are going to associate with them in the Cabir. et, Lord Viscount Sidmouth. It is scarce necessary for me to remark* " that every Mcnikc- of the Cabinet is held to agree < u) ith, and le accountable for every measure, supported by any Member thereof." Lord Sidmouth'sdeclarations; HIS BILL OR BILLS; tjie prosecutions lately carried on against Dissent- ers; the alarm excited through that most tespeif- able body, the Dissenters of England; should point out to the Irish nation, the necessity they lie under, to maintain the Right of ALL PERSONS to Religious and Civil Liberty. If the Dissenters of England are crushed by the Ministers of the Crown, certainly the Dissenters of Ireland, cannot expect to be permitted to enjoy LIBERTY OF CON- SCIENCE. BKljFAftT SHI? NEWS The armed; hrig Attrora, Stark*,.' for- London; and tfig new hrig Draper, M'Msllin; for Eri. tol^ aail firnt ( air wind. The armed brig M'Nitce, is loading at Loiidau for rhin port. \: The Kelly, M! f; w: i'c> for Liverpool from this port, a-- rived ryfe the fith iitet.. The Nepiurie, Davidson, for » I. iVerpoot, is loading, to sail in a few da) 9._ ' s 4 The armed brig Vina, lvtontgomery-, fur London, s. ii? first fair wind. • The copperefl and arm? d brio; Britannia, Alu- rrf loading at London for Belfast,> o come ' tT IUM tair wiad The Hawk, M Cormick, fur GL « jfmv;' and" the B- e, Rankin, for Dublin, are loading, to sail in a few days. The . Betseys, Neilson. at Glasgow ; the IVTirgaret < Sc Nan- cy, Galbraith, at Greer. cc!;; and the Dispatch, Jam. eon, at Dubl> n, are loading for Belfast; AB8IVBD. Na'rC: s, BPMJC, from . DronthOn, 798 dozen deals and dea tiuJs, 15 spars. Sarah johamen, Harwicier, from Drnnthon, 7S bacreii tallow, t> 04 dozen deal* artd dt- al end., 10 b. » trels tar. - * Betseys, Smith, and Mary, Mnrriaon, from Stranraer. Na » > mo,' Richards, ' rom Cardiff. Peggy, Ann and Mary, Britanni), IJee, and Elizabeth and Mary, from Cardigan-, vVith s'aref. Providence, Wil'unn. from Conw^ f. Twelve ve9sel » wi'h coaJi. Margarrt, Dav'i, from Cork. Friends, Gillie", from Qund dfc- Geor^ e, Horseman, from Limerick. Mary, from Bangor. . . SAILED. 7th instant— Hbernia, Gralwjii, for Kcw- York. Phuebe, Cav* n, t< r Quebec Chri-. ty, MaRee. for Guirloch. Annadale, M'l'onald, for Greenock. 8tb in< tam-^ J. evant,. M Kibben, tor Derry. Alexander, Bruce, for Co| erdin. — .. h.. • in . iiiiii . BELFAST EXPORTS, For the Week emlittg the 9th Instant. QfttUtt— T5S3 yar's Linen Cloth— 78 pnncheons Rum— 2- boxes Wearing Appartl, & c. l.' mcrpnul— 111,32fi yard » Linen— 76 bales Bacon— 6 hhrfs.' Hams— 60 Cow Hides— 17 boxes Soap— 19 bundles Calf Skins. CHaigiw— 14,111 yards Linen— 25 bales Bacon— 0 casks Hams— 2,2 hales Flax— 10 bales Calf Skins— 17 tort Soap Waste— 14 bottles Spirits of Salts— 100 hhds. Flax- seed.. Grtenocl— 10 firkins Butter— 9 hhds. Hams— 20 bain Ba- cmi- v50 barrels Pork— 77 hhds. 3 tierce9 Muscovado Sugar— 15 tierres Coffee— 48 bags Pimento. Guirloch— 12 barrels Oat Meal— 48 Oars Pul— 20 barrels Tar— 10 hhds Flaxseed— 4 boxes Soap. Ccltrain—' 160 kegs Soft Soap— 90 bottles Bleaching Liquid — 291 Pots— 36 Pans— 26 Griddles— 33 barrels. Porter— 3 barrels Weed Ashes, & c. Birth. On the 8th install, Mrs Trow, of Mill Pond House, of a in. On the 1st inst. the Lady of James Leslie, Esq. of Lesjie- hill, of a son. On the 22d ultimo, at Sea'goe Glebe, the Lady of the Rev. Richard Olphrrts, of a daughter. Married. At Dijngannon, on Tuesday last, Mr. JACKSON BVEHS, of Cbarlemont, to Miss SIMMONS, of Dungannon, Lately at Ballymorin, Mr, THOMAS LONO, of Bally- morn, to the agreeable Mm MHHR, daughter to Mr. Wiliiam Miber, of Ballymorin. - On Wednesday last, at Donaghmore church, by the Rev. R. Spence, Charles Style, of Addington Vale, Kent, Esq. to Fanny, eldest daughter of John Cochran, ofEdenmore, in the county Donegall, Esq. On the 30th lilt Joseph Orr, Esq. Cnptain in the East Norolk Regiment, to Sarah, daughter of John Buchanan, of Omagb, Esq. On Friday, Mr. Jos. Nicholl, of Cullybacky, co. Antrim, to Miss Young, of Londonderry. Died. On the Sd inst. after a lingering illness, Mrs. Hp. N Kr GmTON, of this town, aged 38 years. On Tuesday, 31st March, at his house in Rytland- square, Dublin, most sincerely and deservedly lamented, MAT HEW FORDE, of Seaforde, Ksq.: in him we have to regret a kind husband, an affeiSionate father, and a truly sincere friend. On Thursday se'ennight, at her house in Beaconsfield, England, Mrs. Burke, the amiable relict of the Right Hon. Edmund Burke. She was in her 70th year. On the 14th ult. in London, Robert C'romek, Esq. the celebrated engraver, and Editor of the " Reliques of Burns," and the " Remains of Nitlisdale and Galloway Song." At Cahirmurphy, county Clare, Cornelius Madigan, agi- d 117 years. * Wednesday last, at Abington, co. Limerick, Thomas O'Brien, aged 110 years, to which advanced period he re- tained hie memory and sight— he livid for these three gene- rations in the family of John Evans, Esq. of Ashrow, and as remarkable for his integrity. James Schifl'er, a husbandman, who died oir the 2fith ult. at Glassen, near Cologne, attained the advanced age nt' 109 years. He led a life of temperance and activity. When bordering on his centenary year, he was vigorous enough to sustain the labour of threshing cop. At that age he lost his > a ™ ht, the only infirmity which he ever experienced. lie re- tained hi* mciittl faculties to. tlie Lab BELFAST I. j, Oatmral....: 28. }. Wheat 24 Barley 0 Oats 14 FiiMFlour 44 Second ditto.. ...... 40 Third ditto 34 Fourth ditto 28 Fifth ditto 0 Bran 9 Firkin Butter .. 130 5)* UM' 3.; T. dtow.... 92 * Buenos Ayres do .... 90 Brazil do..... 88 Rough Tallow 9. Rough Lard 70 Beef... 55 Pork iO Salt Skim............. 50 Cpw Hidew......... 35 Ox ditto 50 Hor « e ditto 9 Calf Skip* ( Slinks). 0 Veal ditto 0 Fresh Butter 1 Potatoes....... 0 Liverpool Coals.... i 0- Cumberland ditto... 32 Scotch ditto. a.. 30 Scotch maltingditto • iVerkly Shaping and Ccmmercia 1 l. ht. MARKETS, per cwt- ofHSib, Bank Notes. , per cwt. of 11 Bank Notes. j> pcr'stoue of Itjlb, of 1201b. Weight of Bread this Week at the Public B tkry— Wbit* Loaf, ( Jj. Id.) 31b. Ooz.— Brown ditto, ( lj. Id.) 31b. Hot. LISBURN MARKETS, AJRIL 7. Oatmeal 29 Oats.,.. 14 Potatoes 0 Beef 0 Mutton : ' tV J. r. 6 to SO Veal ..... Pork Fresh Butter...., 5 — 7|_ 6 — 6i- 6\- 4 — 3 J. O ^ pe'ewt. of 12() lb. 6 f per cwt. ol 112lb. 8$ ' f per stone. if par lb of 16 o'jt. ^ per lb. of 29 oz. AUCTION OF ALICANTE BA RIL L, A, SMALTS, & c. See. CAMP BEL L S IV r. EKrr WILL SELL BY AUCTION, on FRIDAY n<- xr the 17th inst. precisely at ONB o'clock, at his Stores, in Calender- street, 170 Bales ALICANTE. BARILLA, Of the very best Quality, and last imponatioir; 80 Bales Old BARILLA, 50 Tons SICILY" BARILLA, 30 Casks SMALTS. 1 he above Goods are on Consignment, and will be > r> M • ' (< H4 without reserve. 242) CRAWFORDS, WALLACE, & CO. MAVB FOR SALE, AT THFIR STORES, New Neiu- rorl FLAXSEED, New Dronthon DEALS, Alicante BARILLA, Teneriffe WINE, and Seastn Melted TALLOW, in Hhds. April 9. WARE- ENGLISH & IRISH HOSIERY HOUSE, SI, Bridge'street, opposite the Exchange. ROBERT MARSHALL begs leave to acquaint ?>- e Public that he has formed a Partnership w th VVM. J. HUNTER, aad that the business will be in future con- ducted under the Firm of MARSHALL HUNTER. In addition to a large . Stock of GOODS of their own Mamifailure, they have just received, by the Cemmtrtt, a great variety of SILK, COTTON, ANGOL'A, VIOONIA, AND WOR- STED HOSIERY, STOCKING WEBS, < Sfc. & c. te! efled in the best Markets in F. ngland, and purchased with Ready Money. The- whole forms a complete assort- ment, which they are enabled to offer to Wholesale or Rt- tail Customers, on very reasonable Terms. April 10 . KT A few goai Worktneu Wanted. ( U U n i-: LFAST CO M r. i ! VnCItVL CIIRO tflCLR ' THE4T. ETE, BET, FAST, ON MONDAY EVENING, April IS, will be perform- ed, ( for the second time) the Popular Drama qf THE ROYAL OAK. To which will be added, a favourite FARCE, at shall be expressed ip th « Bills of the day. ( 956 NEW- YORK FLAXSEED. J& HN BELL fcf CO. MATE FOR ITTL, 900 Tthds. New New- Tort FLAXSEED, 200 Dilti Ditto, Last Tear's Importation, " Which they will dispose of on reasonable terms at their StoreB, Donegall- Quay, or their Office in John street. Ji7) 9th of 4th month, 1819. CLOVER- SEED BY AUCTION, AT NK WRY. TENNIS CARI. FIF. I D, will Sell by Aui9ion. at bis 9 STORES, on the MEBCUANT'S- QBAY, on TUESDAY nest, the 14th April, 200 Sachs of Fine New Red Clover- Seed, Now landing from on board the fine, JOHN HUOHES, Mas- icr, from I. nndwi. The I ots will be made agreeable to the Purchasers, and Terms liberal, and as this Sale will be without reserve, Bar- fs ins may be expe& td, ? 48) NEWRY, April 7, 181?. NEW SEEDS. THE SUBSCRIBER has receded, per the Harriot, Garland, m. d Ellis, a Fresh Supply of Garden and Florcer Seeds; and, 30 fall Red & White Clover- Seed, J Of Prime 100 lb. Strasburgh Onion, J Quality, Diieift from the Growers; which, with 4/ 3 Ho « sh « ids Sca'e and Refined Sugars, 6.5 Puvtheons Whiskey, 50 Dmen Bass Mats, And his usual assortment of GROCERIES, he off. rs for • ale on moderate tern s WILLIAM HANCOCK. NEWRY, April 8. ( 936 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, N TUESD ' Y next, the 14th inst. on the Dry- Dock Wharf, at TWELVE o'clock, 253 Whole Barrds BEEFt o Barrels PORK, 111 Half, 404 Whole, 70 Htlf Damaged on board the Brig Hibernia, for Jamaica. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. Bilfist, April 8 ( 0.52 TO T? E SOLD BY AUCTION, 1Atcmnt of tic Underwriters, . ON TUESDAY nrxt, the 14th inst. at ONE o'clock, at the Dry- Dock Wharf, 36 Whole Bj- rels PORK, 11 Barrel, BEEF, 38 Kv TONGUES, Dam> » ed en board the brig HUcmfo, for Jamaica. MACFARLAN, Auflionce*. • Belfast, April 10 ' 955 ~ FURNITURE AUCTION. On MONDAY the 20th inst. at No. 59, Ann- Street, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The Entire Household Furniture, OF THE LATE MRS. TURNLY, CCONSISTING of Mahogany, Northumberland, Dining, / C3rd, Sideboard, and other Tables; Drawing- Room, Parlour, and other Chairs; Two excellent Piano Fortes; O'te Harpsichord; a j; ood Eight- day Clock; Pier Glasses; Window Curtains; Carpets; Four- post and Field Bedsteads: a variety of Feather Beds, and Bedding; Plate, and Plated Ware; Kitchen Furniture; and a variety of Useful Articles, too numerous for insertion. And on WEDNESDAY the 111 inst. at the Hour of ONE o'Clock, will be Said, An Excellent CARRIAGE, with Harness Complete, a very good GIG, and JAUNTING CAR, with Harness snd Cushions, Complete. Terms— READT MONET for every Article before re- moval. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. April 9. ( 9£ 3 FURNISHED LODGINGS nno LET— Consisting of DRAWING- ROOM— JL CLOSET TWO BED- CHAMBER.. and KITCHEN— pleasantly situated in High- street. A Single Lady or Gentleman wanting the above for a permanency, will meet with a decided preference. Inquire of Mr. S. TUCKER, Shrcnicle- Ojfice. ( 951 H AN APPRENTICE WANTED TO the WOOLLEN DRAPERY BUSINESS, by HUGH BEGLY. COI. ERAIN, April 6, 1812. ( 934 WILLIAM M'KENZIE AS Received by the late arrivals from LIVERPOOL, a considerable addition to his former extensive Stock of HARDWARE & IRONMONGERY, WHICH, WITH English Bar, Nailrod, and Hoop Iron, JUlistir, German, and Spring Steel, Anvils and Vices, Sheet Copper, Iron, Tin, and Lead, Spades and Shovels, Metal Castings, & c. & c. He will dispose of on reasonable Terms. COLERAIN, April I. An APPRENTICE Wanted. ( 941 TO BE LET, For a Term of Years, and Possession given on the First of May next, THE DWELLING- HOUSE in Donegall- street, at pre. sent is possession of Dr. FORSYTHE. Arp y at the Office of RAMSAY & GARRETT, Bel- fast. __ ' ( 943) April 10. TO BE SOLD, A SMALL CABIN, on the Shore, near the White- House, well circumstanced for the convenience of hear Bathing, held by l. ease for Eighteen Years and an Half from'May, 1807, at the yearly Rent of 6t. Si. Apply at the Office of FRANCIS WHITLA, Donegall- street, Belfast.— Dated this 11 ch of April, 1812. ( 249 ' ANTRIM ESTATE. NOTICE is hereby given, that any Person found tres. passing on the ANTRIM ESTATE after this Notice, either by cutting Turf, raising of Limestone, or by carrying away Shell Sand from the Shores thereof, without authority from the Proprietors, or their Agents, wiU be prosecuted according to Law. fit) Datei^ thii 30th March, IS12. Northern, Belfast, G mmercitil, Lur+ gan, and Newty Votes, AND every description of Country Bankers Notes, are Exchanged for BANK OF IRELAND NOTES ( at a email Commission), during all hours of the day, at The Head Lottery, Exchange, and Money Offices, 36, COI. JLF. GE- GREEN, ' oit, 2, CAPEL- STREET, DUBLIN; Where GUINEAS, BANK of ENGLAND NOTES, BILLS ON LONDON to any Amount, STOCK and DE- BENTURES, are Bought and Sold at the Currency, by JAMES BROWNE, 939) • STOCK- BROKER. . NEW STATE LOTTERY, Consisting / onlu 12,000 TICKETS, "\ TET the SCHEME comprises a greater Variety of ' J- PRIZES than ever 1* ef « re known in any former Lottery, having SIX CY- EIGHT PP. IZES from f 20, COO to JJJOOe. ch; and also 60^ Prizes of =£ 50— 10 Prises of .£ 40— 100 Prizes of £ 30— 124 Priaes of £ 25— and 2000 Prizes • I £ 15 each. TICKETS SHARES ARE SEI. L1NC, AT THE LOWEST PRICES, AT N. CALL WELL'S Fortunate Office, 28, College- Green, DUBLIN: Ar. d also at bis Agents, ARCHER and WIRI. ING, and P. M'GOURAN, BELSASr; and by A. HALYWAY, NMvry. ( O'" 7 COMMISSION STOP'S FOR FLOUR, GRAIN, ike. NO. 4S CHIC HESTER.- QUAY. JOHN LYLB has for Sale, at the above- mentioned STORES, An Assortment of Southern and other FLOUR, Hulled BARLEY, s A few Barrels of Dublin P0RTrR, A Cargo of Dronthon Nine grid Six Fret DEALS. 954) Belust, A r 1 10. NEW ENGLISH FLAXSEED. HOLMES y BARKLIE HAVE FOR SALE, ATew English Flaxseed, growth o/* 1811. They daily expect the Ship ATLAS, from WILMINOTON, with a Cargo of Flaxseed, Tar, Tupentine, and Staves. 911) BeKast, April S NEW RIGA SOWING FLAXSEED ™ Growtk of 1811. • A PARCEL of Fine Quality, just arrived, and for Sale - fit at the Stores of ROBERT BAtr & CO. March o. Calendar- btreet. ( 900 NEW - STATE LOITBRY, Of only 12,000 Tickets, Y ET contains a greater Variety of CAPITAL PRIZES than any Lottery ev<- r known, TO BE ALL DRAWN THE 30l'H AI> RIL, 1812. NEW SCHEME. 12,000 Tickets ' 10,000 TICKETS and SH.- vRES, iu u variety gf Numbers, are now for Sale at JOHN LOUGH'S Licensed Lottery- Office, B lfast. ( 9!. 3 TO BE LET, At the First of M^ ty next. > tnwO DWELLING- HOUSES in Fredericlf- ftreet. i. They are mtua'ed so as to have a diretft uninterrupted view up William- street, now forming, and are neatly and commojiously fi ted up, so as to afford comfortable and ele- ganr accommodation for genteel families. For particulars, apply to ALEXANDER DAVIDSON No. 29, Warin^- street. ( 931) April ti. DUNGANNON. To be Let, and immediate Possession given, AHOUSE in the Town of Dungannon, 4u an eligible situatien for Trade, and in which the Ironmongery and Hardware Business have been carried on extemively for upwards of thirty years last pajt. The House contains a Shop with I- ixtures, Parlour, Hall, and Kitchen, upan the Firi- t Floor; a Drawing- Room and Three Sleeping- Rooms on the Second; and Six Rooms on the Third Floor; with Two Cellars, that would set well to Tenants; a Back House, and well- inclosed Garden. Application to be made to JAMES ANDERSON, of Dun- gunnon. 946) April 8, 1813. BANKRUPT SALE. / « tie Matter of -) nr\ 0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, • JOHN BL1Z4RD, L : l on WEDNESDAY the 15th a Bonlruft. \ instant, at M1LLTOWN LODGE, J near Lurgan, the Entire HOUSE- Prize of.. ..= 620,000 ... 15,000 ,.. IO. OOO ... 5,000 ,.. 4,000 ,.. 6,000 ... 2,<*> 0 1,000 500 400 10 Prizes af.. n 20 50 70 100 124 tooo ,£ 300 200 100 00 40 30 2.5 15 FARM HILL, " O BE LET FOR THE SEASON Apply to Mr HAGGAR 1, at Cultra. April 10. ( 933 I HOLD FURNI TURE, FARMING UTENSILS, & c. & c. of said Bankrupt, consisting of Mahogany Four- Post and Field Beds, and Bedding; Northumberland, Card, and Dressing Tables; Parlour, Drawing- Room, and Bed- Cham- ber Chairs; Book- Case, Talboy, and Settee; Pier and Dress- ing- Glasses; Carpeting; an Fight Day Clock; a great va- riety of China, Glass, and Delf; a very elegant Patent Piaiio Forte, with Tamhoureen ; Kitchen Furniture, See. On the first day of Sale, there will be put up a Gig and Harness, two Horses, Cloth Press, Boards, Lapping Table, See. Damask Looms, with Maunting complete. As every article has been purchased within these eigh'een months, they will be found Fashionable and of the first Quality, and well worth the attention of the Public. WM. SHAW, 1 Assignees WM, WOI. FENDEN, J Asslgnees* AprilJMSljJ. CfS2 COUNTY DOWN. Executors of AHTHVK M CONNSLL, against JOHN PAZT- S IF" Rout. PAXTON. WILLIAM M'CLEI. LADD, against SAME npo BE SOLD, by J- the Late and Pre- seBt SHERIFFS of the County of Down, in the Court- House of N E w R r, on THURSDAY the DAVID LNNR, against SAME. 16th day of April inst. at the Hour of T E N, before Noon, by virtue of WritB of Fieri Facias, . issued in these Canses, J all the RIGHT, TITLE, and INTEREST of the DEFENDANTS, in and to a Part of the LANDS of KILKINAMURRY, held by Defendant ROBERT, for a Term of Years— Dated this 10th day of April, 1812. WM. SHARMAN, Late Sheriff, 938) DAVID GORDON, Sheriff. NWW B Si & « ROBERT & , Mli\ r HODGSON, Booksellers. 4, High- street TJTAVE received by the late arrives frotti I. » VEBfoo^, a ' ! variety of NEW PUB! ICATIONS; among which, will be found the following :— Vision ;> f Don Rod- ric ( small ' dition), bv Walter Scott, Esq.— Psyche, bv the late" Mrs. H. Tighe— luehbild's I'heatre. 2S vols. 125 plates— Inch- bald's Modern Theatre, 10 vols— Henry's Commentaries on the Old and New Testament, 6 volumes, 4to— Mi- vor's Universal History, twenty- five volumes— Mavor's Col- lection of Voyages and Travels, 28 vols.— Mavor's Cook's Voyages, 7 vol •.— vlosheim's Ecclesiastical History, g vols. — Kearsley's Edition of Shahspeare, 14 vols, plates— Ma- tone's Shdksneare, 16 vojs— the Works of Wm. Hogarth, by T. CleiIt, 2 vol-, many plates— Modern and Cotem- porary Voyages and Travels, 11 vols.— Cook's Illustrations of the Lady of the Lake— Eccentric Mirror, 4 vols 44 plates— Fielding's Works, 14 vols— Gibbon's Rome, new Edition, 12 vols. & c ;— a Supply of Suttaby's and Waiker's Miniature Editions of Classics, Novels, & c. Ac They have al-. o added, by the same conveyance, the fol- lowing NEW PUBLICATIONS to JUST LANDED, AND for Sale at WILLIAM PHELPS'S STORES, No. 3, LIME- KILN- DOCK, 27 Tons Petersburg Clean I letup. WHO U, AJ ALSO rpa IALE, Red Herrings, in Parrels; 28 Hhd\. N,< w New- Turk IfyiKsted~,~\ lately rm- 50 Barrels New- York Pot A hes, j" parted. New Orleam Cotton-} Vool— Alicant lliri,! a ; Dutch Smalts — Glauber Salts— Rote Wood ; Barrel Staves— Cork- Wood. ( 924 NEW TEAS, & c. WM. PAKIv & m T • 3LFAIK HAVE RECEIVED PER THE GEORGE, FROM LONDON, 288 Chests Congou. Sotichong, Hyson TEA'S, ANt> HAVE AT. SO FOR . SALE, 106' Hhds. Scale and Refined Sugars, 269 Bales Meant Barilla. 170 Casks British Refined Rozin, 189 Bales Fresh Lisbon Miserable, 50 Bags Pimento. 40 Casks White Ginger, SO Casks and Bags C . f e, 30 Hhds. Leaf Tobacco, 25 Bales Sea Island Cotton- Wool, SO Casks Refined Saltpetre, 50 Casks London Mustard, 10 Bags Black Pepper. 907) Wine- Cellar- Entr7, April 6. n eT'flax- seed," ENGLISH & AMERICAN. GEORGE LANGTRV CO. HAVE l'OR SALE, 570 BAGS, just landed from the South of England, the growth of last year, endprodded from real RIGA' Flax- seed. 650 HOGSHEADS, imported per ihe Protection and Hibernia, Jrom New- York. 690) Belfast, March 6. NEW RED CLOVER- SEED. GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. EAVE for Sale, FORTY SACKS, of very fine Quality.— Also, Bleachers' Smalts, American Pot Ashes, Alicant Barilla, llejined Saltpetre, 7S5) Congou Teas. Belfast, March 13. The Public are resped'tfully inform- ed, that it is intended the following . w N. E. TRADERS Stall sail at tie under mentionedperiods: FOR LONDON, The armed brig VINE, MONTGOM! Rv... First fair wind The armed brig LEVANT, M KISEIN 14 days after These Vessels being armed and completely well found. Insurance by them will consequently be effected on the most reasonable terms. FOR LIVERPOOL, The KELLY, M'ILWAIN 12th test. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig BRITANNIA, ABERDEEN, on delivery of Teas from the Sales. The armed btig VENUS, PENDLETON 14 days after For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. WM. & IOHN WHARTON, Nicholas'Lane; or, in Belfast, to R. GREENLAW, Agent, Who will receive ami forward LINEN CLOTH and other MERCHANDIZE with care and dispatch. U A few Stout Lads wanted as APPRENTICES to the Sc., to whom liberal Encouragement Will be given. ALICANT BARILLA. TO BE SOLD, ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY BALES, of the very best Quality, and latest importation. Bleachers that a e nice in the selection of their Ashes, will find the above worthy their attention. Application to be made to Mr. ROBT. GREENLAW. 927) Bellast, April 8. FLAXSEED & ASHES. 1130 Hhds. New New- York Flaxseed, 24 Half Ditto Ditto. 212 Barrels first sort Pot Ashes, FOR SALE, BY THOMAS S. FANNING, Donegall Quay. Belfast, February 28, 1812. ( 641 H [ GH- STKE£ T. Spirit of " The Book;" or, Memoirs of Caroline, Prin- cess of Hasbur; h, 3 vols— The Liberal Critic; or, Memoirs of Henry Percy by the Au- iior of the Spirit of " The Book," S vois— Fd'uhur. h Annual Re. is- er, 1809— Gkncarron ; a Scotti h Talc, 3 vols — A P. cp at ." he Theatres, and Bird's- e\ e Views of Men, 3 vols— F. iemls and 1 overs, 3 vols.— Ihe Scottish Adventurer*; or, the Way to.' Rse, by H. Macneill, Esq 2 vols— Caledonian Bandit j or, the Heir of. Ducaethal, 2 vols— lriu Edward) or, the Cambrians, 3 vols. — Yumbo J or the North American Slave, 3 vols— Mile- sinn Chiefs, 4 vol ilexis; or, the Tyrant of the East— Sebastian and Isabel J or, the Invisible Sword, & c. & c. ftc. They have on Sale an extensive Variety of ROUM PAPERS; With an elegant Assortment of Flt rk a/ id buttcy Borderings; \ lso, Gf. Lic, Ctmese, and Stone Papers, suitable for Halls, Stair- cams, Slops, offices- Stc ;— the entire of which they are disposing of at the same REDUCED PRICES-, as thev were selling at last 5 ear ( 892 NEW RIGA FLAXSEED. TpOBERT SIMMS & SON, are landing for Sale, a Parcel of RTGA, FLAXSEED, The grow th of last Season, of prime Quality. 901) Belfast, April 6. ALICANT BARILLA, Of the latest Importation. JOHN MARTIN & CO. HAVE FOR SALE, 550 BALES, OP PRIME QUALITY, AND IN FINE ORDER. 691) Ann- street— March 6. MARTHA i = VHULSOrS,, & CO. ARE LANDING AND HAVE FOR SALE, l( M) Ptmchtons Cork Whiskey, 100 tlogsh - ids ' New- York Flax Seed, ,50 Sacks new English Red C lover Seed, A large proportion of which is superior in quality to any at Market. ( 858) Church- Lane, yiarch 31, 1812. TO BE LET, THAT Old Established SHOP in LISSORN, lately occu- pied by Miss JOHNSON. It is a m ® - t desirable situa- tion for any person understanding the MILLINERY BU- SINESS, who c ; n also be accommodated with the ENTIRE STOCK IN TRADE, at a fair valuation. It is requested that those Persons who were indebted to the late Mi< s JOHNSON, will pay tiieir Account* to Misses CATHERINE and JANE JOHNSON, previous to the Fir- t of June next. Until the abeve is disposed of, the Goods will continue to be Sold at Prime Cest. 9X7) LISBURN, April 6. NOTICE TO PASSENGERS. f[ j"' H03E who have engaged their Pas- sage by the American Ship DRYAD, HENRY BACON, MUSTBR, FOR NEW- YORK, Are requested to be- in Belfast on Wednesday, 15th April next, as she sails first fair wind after, e GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. Belfast, March 20. ( 796 Public are respe& fully iaform- ed, that the following Jiff REGULAR TRADERS ^ MP Will tail for their rupeSiive forh, xviib the Jirtt fair IVind after the dates mentioned ; FOR LONDON, The armed brig AURORA, STARK*'.....'. First fair wind. The armed brig DONEGALL, COURTNEY, 14 days after. FOR LIVERPOOL, The FANNY, MARTIN 11th April. The MINERVA, CouareNAT Eight days after. FOR BRISTOL, The new brigDRAPliR, M'MULLIN In afew day*. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The CERES, SAVAGE 11th April. The CUNNINGHAM BOYLE, BELL, Eight day* after. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig FACTOR, M'NIECE, on delivery of the Teas from the Prompt. The armed brig ENDEAVOUR, FITZSIMONS, 14 day* after. For Freight, id London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER and WILLIAM OGILBY, Abchurch- Yard. Gentlemen who have Linens to forward, will please send them to GEORGE LANGTRY 15?- A few stovt Lads wanted as Apprentice; to the Stak FOR GLASGOW, The Brig HAWK, B. M'CORMICK, MASTER, ( A constant Trader), Loading, to sail in a few days. FOR DUBLIN. The BEE, DAVID RANKIN, Master, • Regular Trader, loading, to sail in a few days. For Freight, apply to GEO. MONTGOMERY, Who will receive and forward Linen Cloth and other Mer- chandize, with care and dispatch. The BETSEYS, NEILSOB, at Glasgow; the MARGA- RET & NANCY, GALBRAITB, at Greenock; and the DIS- PATCH, JAMISON, at Dublin, are loading for Belfast. 895) Belfast, April 3. FOR NEW- YORK, The American Ship A'tLAS, Burthen 560 Tons, OBADIAH CONGER, MA3TE « , Diily exp^ ited at this Port, and will sail for NEW- YORK in Three Weeks after her arrival, of which Notice will be given. The ATLAS is a Ship of the very First Class, and high and roomy between Decks— For Passage, apply to HOLMES & BARKLIE. Belfast, March 1811, 12. ( 70C FOR KINGSTON, JAMAICA, TME COFFERED AND AIMED BRIO ANTRIM, Will be clear to sail iu Eight Days. For Freight, & c. apply to CRAWFORDS, WALLACE, & CO. A few Stout Lad* wanted as Apprentices. 831) March 26. i^ k NOTICE TO PASSENGERS. rj| iHOSK Persons who have engaged their il Passage to NEW- YORK by the Ship PLE1ADFS, JOHN BACKUS, Master, are desireu to be in Town on SATURDAY the 18th April inst. as she will positively mil first fair wind afterwards. WILLIAM CRAIG, Belfast, April 7. ( 91S) I. ime- Kiln- Dock. ^ VESSEL FOR SALE. Atlf T0 71K SOZ. O BY AUCTION, on H'El)- fen- i- Sxv NESDAY the 15th instant, at tie Hour of 71VML fE o'CLci, The Brig SALLY, Burthen, per Register, 102 Tons, With all her Materials, as she now lie* at DONEOALI - QUAY. For Particulars apply to the CAPTAIN on Kitard, or to THOMAS MOORE, 70, High- street, where thelifveritory of her Materiafc may be seen. .•.>-.• • I 919) " Belfast, April 3, IS 12. BALL AT EXCHANGE. ROOMS. 7\/ 5TRS. M^ YWOOD begs leave to inrorm her Friend* ... ' A and the Publ c, that her B ALL wll take place on TUESD AY EVENING, ipril 14th, at the E* chaage- Rooms. Gentlemen's Tickets Gs. Of. Ladies' Ditto. 5s 5J. To commenre at Half- pist SiiVBN a'Clock. Tickets to be had 01 Mrs MAY WOOD, No. 12, Castle. Court, H!,- h ? Teet. ( JS* THE I AST SUBSCRIPTION BALL, > * FOR TH S BENEFIT OF- THE PUPILS OF THE IRISH flAIIP SOCIETY, tirni. L beheld in the EXCHANGE- ROOMS, on THURSI * T DAY Evertihg,- SIX TEEN I'H APRIL. LADIES to draw for Places, and Dancing to cotnmenci at N1 ^ i o'Clock 1 CORTLAND M. SKINNER, Esq. 7 , THOMAS J ANDREWS, Esq. j" otawards' Mr. HULL, Master of the Ceremonies. Strangers an I Officer* of the Garrison, by applying to ei- i e> of the Stewards, tan be accommodated with ex ra Tickets for the Evening. ( 925 LADIEs' KXTRA TICKETS.; 5s. - GENTLEMEN'S DITTO 7s. 6d. ifuelling- House in isekun- strcet. TO BE SOLD, • yHE INTEREST in the LEASE of the HOUSE lately occupied by Mr. FRANCIS BOVD, Deceased, in NEI- OM- STREET, near the Dr^ Dock, whereof 29 Years are sneXpired at May n xc, held at the Yearly Rent of 22 t. iiiineas. Application to be made t^ Mr. BLAIW, Ro'emary- streer, or Mr. ANDERSON, Chronicle Offi. e; and if the Lease is not Sold before MONDAY the 20th inst. it will on that day, at ONE o'Clock, be Sold by AuftioB, on the Premises. On the same day, at the House of Mis. B<* TD, No 3, Telfair's- Entry, at TWELVE o'clock, will be Sold by A lie. tion, various Articles j>( HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE., the property of the deceased FRANCIS BOYD. ( 914 TO BE LET From first May next, and immediate Possession given, I WO Commodious DWELLING- HOUSES, with good 1 SHOPS, situate at the head of the Lime- kiln- Dock. For particulars, apply to WILLIAM CRAIG, Belfast, April 7. 1 ( 912) Waring- street. 4 WANTED, MAN- SERVANT, of unexceptionable Charafler.— Inquire at the CHRomeLE- Orrien. ( 884 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, OH MONDAY next, tie 13th instant, at the Hour of TtYH • o' Clori, on tbt Premises, A WELL- SECURED PROFIT RENT of £ 57 pel* 11 Annum, ' or eleven years from May next,- arising out of that well- knowu and long- established TAVERN, on Han- over- Quay, formerly occupied by Mr J, PALMER. Terms, £ 50 to be deposited at time of Sale, and remain der, by an approved Bill at three months. MACFARLAN, Auflloneer. April S ( 908 In the Matter of HAMILTON ( S* CAXSO Bankrupts. " J rpo be N, I I tion f gall- Arms » WF. DNE' po Sold by Auc- tion, at the Done- - Arms, Belfast, on WEDNESDAY the 25th day of March i'ntt a' ONE o'Clock, the Bankrupts' Interest in the DWELLlNG- HOUSE and TIMBER- YARD. a. lately m the occupation of said JAMES CARSON ;— as a so in the DWEI. LING- HOUSE and PREMISES in the P„ s. session of WILUAM REID. . Any information necessary respeflmg the Title, & c may be had by applying to W. VI. CRANSTON, ATTORNEY, Agent to said ® ommission. Those persons who are indebted to said Bankrupts, are requested to pay the amount of their respective Accu its to WiLLIAM CRAIG, the Assignee. MACFARLAN, Auaioneer. March 17. ( 775 ( rj- The above SALE is unavoidably postponed till FRIDAY the 3d day of April next, when ' it will be stt up to Auction, at the Hour of Two o'Clock. The above SALE is further Adjourned till FRIDAY the 17 th of April, at the Hour of TWO o'Clcck, precisely. Ship AUGUSTUS. "" pHF PASSENGERS for this Vessel, are JL requested to be at the 0.~! ce of the Subscribers, on FRIDAY the 17th in< t, to settle for their Passage, and go on board for Inspedion, as she w ill sail first fair wind after that period. LAWFORD, TRONSON, & CO. NKWRY, April 4. ( 906 FOR NEW- YORK, THE WEl^ L- KNOWN FAST- SAILING American Ship JF. 0LUS, CHARLES HENRY, MASTER, Burthen 500 Tons, Now in Port, and will positively sail first fair wind after the 28th inst. with whatever Passengers may offer. Those who wish to avail thsmselves df this favourable opportunity, will please apply immediately to CAPTAIN HENRY, at Wa'rrenpoint ( whose humanity and good con- duit Jo his Pass- n^ ers, for many Voyages, are testified to the relatives in this Country); or, to the Subscriber* who pledges himself that plenty of the best Water and Fuel, shall be laid in for the Voyage. ANDREW AIKEN. NEWRY, April 4. - ( 904 FOR PHILADELPHIA, TBI AMERICAN SHIP RISING STATES, Captain ST1LWELL, Just arrived it this Porv- after a passage of 30 days, and wili be dispatched early in April. Persons wishing to avail themselves of this favourable opportunity, are requested to make early application ^ atid all those whose Passages hav* been engaged by their Friends in America, are desired to call upon the Subscribers, in 10 days, so as to pievent disaj> » pointrnent, the number being cwnsiderable. For the satisfaflion of the Friends of Passengers who went out last season with Captain STILWELL, an Address of Th nks to him, in the Philadelphia General Advertiser, of the 11th July last, lies in our Office for their inspe& ion. rOR SALE tr Til! ABOVE » HIF, Flax- seed, Rosin, ' turpentine, A; States. SWANZY, WILSON & CO. NF. WRY, March 16. N B. A few Cabin Passengers could be convortably accommodated.. ( 7US PASSENGER- SHIP FOR NEW YORK. "" JV- v. TilB FINE NEW PA9T » 9AILING SCl Brigantine STANDARD, BAR R L ET HOLMES, MASICRJ Ja'i J. THSIS • be clear to sail Tor the above Port Lf the 20th April iiaxt. For Pa f igeiip lytoCaptain HOI. MB3. at Warrenpoinr}' or to 1> PV: NIS CAUI. flEi. D, at N wrv, who will take care tlx- P « vii;.; ers sha'l have comfortable accommodations^ and p'enty choice Water. 78sy NEV RY, March 90rl8IS.- BELFAST COMMERCIAL- CijliONICLE O^ ini'NAI, POETRY. \_ For the Belfast Comnercial Chronicle.] NEWRY NEW CHURCH. A FAHODT, IN IMITATION OR moose's " WOOBPECKER.' ! riew'd the ( rrey stones that were carelessly hurl'd In hf aps, all around by the PROMIS'O Church pier, And, nays I to myielf, " If there's war in the world, ' Till THIS Church be compleat, peace will never be here !'* IL It was no » n, and where Organ's soft not » s should rebound Vo'uptuously snor'd the fat Hop in the stye; Every hammer at rest, and I heard not a sound But the Turf- Cadger's clatter and Sailer's " yo lay." in. On yonder hill's summit our Vicar so good May preach, ' till the fabrick fall crash round his ears; Fve all due respeift for his cassock and hood— But his life, AND HI OWN TOO, awake all my fears. TV. How sweet, to a Church that's well- roof'd, ' tis to leaS A Mail that is lovely to soul and to eye! No fears that a beam shall my clolpole invade, While the Priest forms the noose I can never untie. Newry, April 22. CCELEBS. The second Stanza of the above may be adapted as a chorus, in the manner in which the erigmal is tet to nusici. IRON PLOUGHS. To the FDITOR of tie BELFAST CHRONICLE. I took the liberty some time ago of informing the friends to Agriculture, through the medium of the Commercial Chronicle, that an ingenious blacksmith had made an attempt at constructing Ploughs of iron, and had so far succeeded, as to produce one, which performed its work in a man- ner as satisfactory as could be expected, from an implement, made on a plan which I do not think the most perfect. The same mechanic has, since that time, exe- cuted one for me, on a better principle; and, hav- ing given it a fa'r trial, I am satisfied it will fully answer the design. It is rather lighter than the wooden Ploughs I have been long in the habit of using ; performs the work equally well ; and is sufficiently strong to resist the pressure of any common tillage. It perhaps will be deemed premature to say much in favour of an implement so lately intro- duced to public notice; but some of the advan- tages it will apparently possess over the common wooden ones may, however, be mentioned. It is a fa< S well- knnwn to farmers, that the lower part of the handles, which is generally kept in a damp state from the moisture of the earth, aud the mortises in the beam and handles, which ea « ilv admit wer, and retain it long, are the first parrs of the plough that give way, and frequently put the farmer to the trouble and ex pence of a re- pair almost equal to a new one, if the plan of establishing the use of Iron Ploughs succeed, this trouble and expence will be avoided, and the ad- ditional inconvenience of being stopped, in the midst of a pressure of work, to get a new team cr handles put to the Plough, in consequence of the old ones having unexpectedly failed, will be prevented. An instance of this kind occurred on my farm last spring, by the breaking of the beam- of a doable mould board Plough, whilst hurrying to get a field of potatoes covered in on the last day of the week, which must have lain unfinished, and the sets exposed to the depredations of the rooks, had not my ploughman, with great inge. uuity, fixed a chain to the hinder part of the Plough, so as to supply, in some sort, the want of a beam ; and thus, with great exertion, and work- ing late, covered two Irish acres with a Plough without a beam. The novelty of the thing will probably induce many farmers to smile at the idea of having iron [ ploughs, as they did some years, ago at the pro- J posal of making hnrses thresh their corn ; but \ there are many others, I hope, who, knowing that there are no limits to be set to improvement, will be ready to inquire into the merits of the imple- ment, and if they find it deserving of notice, will pot only adopt its use, but encourage the ingenuity of its inventor by a suitable reward. Parish of Mar aim. A FAR ME*. AMERICA. WASHINGTON— HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17- Mr. Bacon, from the Committee of Ways and Means, made the following Report: The Committee of Ways and Means having taken into consideration the subjeft of the revenue and expenditure of the United States for the pre- sent and two succeeding years, in particular re- ference to a state of contemplated war during a greater portion of that period, ask leave to report— [ Then follows the projt- ft for raising sufficient to defray the ordinary expences of Government, and the interest upon the public debt, including the interest also on such new loans It may be authorized.] These loans it estimates at 17560,000 dollars during the year 1813, and 18,220,000 during the year 1814. The Report proceeds thus— And for this purpose the Committee recom- Jnend to the House the adoption of the following Resolutions, viz. 1. Resolved, That an addition of IOO per cent, be made te the several ratrs of permauent duties now imposed by law cn all goods, wares, and merchandize imported into the United States. 1. Rest; Wed, That 25 per centum be retained on all the drawback allowed by law ori the exportation of goods, wares « nd merchandize exported from the United State-. 3 Resolved, That additional tonnage duties be laid, at the following rates, viz 1st. On all vessels licensed for the coasting trade or'fisli- # rie « , 20 cents, per ton a- ye » r. 2d. On all other vessels owned by citizens of the United 6tates, 25 cents, per ton on the entry of the vess. 1 3d. On all foreign vessels, I dollar 25 cents, per ton on | he entry of the vessel. 4. Resolved, That a duty of 20 cents, per bushel be laid tipon all salt imported into the United States. 5. Resolved, That duties be laid ou licences to distil spi- lits, at the following rate, viz. 1. On stills employed in istillin? spirits from, foreign materials, at the rate of 75 tents, per gallon on the capacity of such stills. 2. On stills solely employed in distilling spirits from do- mestic materials, at any distillery at whi « h there are one or more stills of more capacity together than 150 ga'lons. at the rate of 50 cents, per gallon on the capacity of such stills. 3. On other stills solely employed in distilling spirits from fruit at the rate of five dollars on each still a- year. 4. On other stills so'< 4y em- loyed in distilling spirits from any domestic materials, at the rate of 15 dollars on each still a- year. 6. Resolved, That duties be laid on licences to retailers of wines, spirits, and fareign merchandize. 7. Resolved, That duties be laid on sales at au& ion of foreign merchandize, for every hundred dollars of the pur- chase money, 2D. and on sales at auction of ships or vessels, for every hundred dollars of the purchase- money, 25 cents. 5. Resolved, That a duty of 4 cents, per pound be laid on all sugars refined in the United States, allowing a draw- back on the exposition of the same 9. Resolved, That duties be laid on carriages used for the conveyance of persons, at the following rates, viz. 1st. On every coach chariot and post- chaise, 25D. 2d. On every phaeton, and on every coachee, having pan- nel work in the upper divison thereof, 15 dollars. 3d. On every other four- wheel carriage hanging on steel springs, 10 dollars. 4th. On every four- wheel carriage hanging upon iron or wooden springs, and on every two- wheel carriage with a top, or hanging on steel or iron springs, 5D. 5th. On every other four or two- wheel carriage, 3 dollars. IS. Reiolved, That stamp- duties be laid on the follow- ing instruments of writing, viz. 1st. On all notes payable to Bearer or order issued hy any bank or bankers, at rates on an average of one dollar for every hundred dollars, with an option to pay in lieu thereof, two 1- 2 per centum on their dividends. 2d. On all notes of hand above 50 dollars, payable to bearer or order, having one or more endorsers; and on all bills of exchange above 50 dollars, having one or more en- dorsers, at rates on an average of 5 cents for evtry hundred dollars. 11. Resolved, that three millions of dollars be raised by a diredl tax to be apportioned among the several States, agreeably to the rule prescribed by the Constitution. 12. Resolved, That each State be authorised to pay the amount of its quota to the United States, with a dedu& ion of 15 per cent, if paid before the assessment is commenced, and of seven 1 - 2 per cent, if paid before the tax becomes due. 13. Resolved, That all the duties above- enumerated and the tax aforesaid, shall be laid and become payable only after the United States shall have become engaged in a war with a foreign European nation, or shall have authorised the issuing of letters of marque and reprisal against the subje& s of such nation. 14. Resolved, Thit the said duties and tax shall continue until one year after the conclusion of peace with such foreign nation, and no longer. The report being read, w is ordered to bs print- ed, and made the order of the day for Monday next. Mr. Bacon then introduced a Bill to authorise a loan for a sum not exceeding 11,000,000 dol- lars, which was twice read and committed. TUESDAY, FEB. 18. Mr. PORTER offered the following Resolution : " Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to report a Bill, authorising the President of the United States to engage, commission, and orga- nize 20,000 men." Such was the substance of the Resolution. Mr. P. said, it would be a long time before an army could be raised by enlistments for five years; men would not engage to enslave themselves for such a length of time. It tiSne $ c;;.\ iih; A,> . nfcJKte should be done. Great Britain was scarcely ever known to strike the second blow— she will be pre. paling to give the first; and if we go on in this easy good- natured way to m ike war, there is no knowing how scon that blow may come. Pie re- sided within the reach of the guns of a British fort. On him and his constituents will probably light the first of British indignation. He had many social friends on the Canada side, and did not wish to quarrel with them ; buc his duty to his country was above all other considerations. He was aware of the evils of war; this he had hoj^ ed would be a vigorous one and soon decided. He calculated that there were 5 or 6000 regu- lar troops at Quebec, and about 2000 more scat- tered all over Canada; and about 20,000 ill- dis- ciplined and ill- armed militia. The troops at Quebec cannot leave there, and thus expose Que- bec. Take 15,000 miUtia from the northern states, and 5 or 6000 regular troops, and you may easily over- run Upper Canada ; starting, in season, i. e. before, on account of the ice in the St. Lawrence, the British can send any reinforcements. Then let our army be joined by more, and lay siege to Quebec. After taking Quebec, proceed to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, which will soon fall into our hands. New- York alone, if invited or suffered, could have taken Quebec while we have been talking about it. Mr. P. here went into a long argument to shew that Congress has a tight to march the militia out of the Union. No reply was made to the arguments of Mr. Porter, and the yeas and nays were immediately taken on the passage of the Resolution. Yeas 49, Nays 58. So it died at its birth. The House proceeded to consider the Bill for 1 arming the whole body of the militia. Mr. ROBERTS moved to postpone the Bill inde- finitely. Motion lost by Ayes and Nays. Ayes 35, Noes 63. ^^^^^ B AD AJOZ. Badajoz, the capital of the province of Estre- madura, in Spain, stands on all eminence on the south side of the river Guadiana, over which it has a stone bridge, 700 paces long and 14 broad, built by the Romans. It is 175 miles S. by W. of Madrid, latitude 38. 32. N. longitude 6. 50. W. 170 N. of Cadiz, 120 N. by W. of Seville, and 140 E. of Lisbon. Badajoz contains siz monasteries, the same num- ber of nunneries, and a population of 7 or 8000 persons. The fortifications are partly ancient and partly modern ; the fine Roman bridge over the Guadiana is defended by a tete de font, on which a few guns were mounted. On the right bank of the river stands the fort of St. Christoval, which commands the city. Badajoz was twice besieged by the Portuguese, but never taken. At the close of the first revolutionary war, Ba- daj iz became remat Icahle for being the seat pf the negociations between Spain and Portugal, previ- ously to the Peace of Amiens, which terminated in a treaty, obliging Spain to withdraw the troops sent to invade Portugal, on condition of the ces- siori of the province of Olivenza by the Crown of Portugal. This treaty is commonly called the Treaty of Badajoz. In the present war, Badajoz became the quar- ^ ersof a considerable part of the British army. In Oftober, 180<>, afer the retreat from Tala- vera, some Ladies of di « tio5> ion noenrd their houses every evening to the British Offices. The ent » rtainm^ nt* on those occasions, called trm tcr- tuHia, were similar to the fashionable routs of Lon- don, with a mixture of music and singing. In the month of January. 1811, in pursuance of a combined plan of operations between tl. e French Commanders, previously to the commencement of Massena's refeat from Santarem, Marshals Mortier and Soult advanced from the South of Spain to Merida, and Moitier laid siege to Bada. jox, hav n£ previously obtained possession of Oli- venza. A Snanish c rps, of from 12 to 20,000 men, under General Mendizabel, sent to the re- lief of Badajoz, was surprized, and totally defeat- ed by the French, who had to Sross two great rivers, the Gebora and the Ouadiana, to come to them. The French Commanders bein? now at liberty to prosecute the siege without interruption, effefted a breach by the 10th of Febr » ary, when the Lieutenant- Governor, Tmaz.' who had suc- ceeded as the Governor, Menacho being killed, surrendered the place. Marshal Bereford, who was advancing to the relief of Badajoz, having had the mortification to arrive too late to save it, retook Campo- Mayor and Olivenza, which the enemv abandoned ; and on the 7th of May invested Bidajnz in turn, in conjunftion with a Spanish corps under that gal- lant and able patriot, General Don C. d'Espana ; but intelligence having been received of the ad- vance of Soult, with all his force from Seville, t ® raise the s'ege, it was thought prudent to send back the besieging artillery to Elvas, and leaving a corps to keep the garrison of Badajoz in check, to march to give the enemy battle. The result was the glorious but dear- bought viftory of Al- buerA, gained by the Briti h arms on the 17th of May, 1811. Shortly after this viffory, the siege of Badajoz was resumed, Lord Wellington hav- ing previously joined and taken the command of the army in person. On the 2d of June the bat- teries were again opened against Fort St. Christo- val, the principal defence of Badajoz ; and on the 6th, a breach being effeflid, which was reported prailicable, an assault was made, but the assail- ants were repulsed with loss. A similar attempt was made in the night of the 9' h, but with no better success, the enemy ha ring cleared the ditch of the rubbish, and thus rendered the breach in- accessible. The combined French army, under Marmont ( who had succeeded to Massena, Snult, & c.) hav- ing now advanced to the relief of ths place, the siege was finally raised, and Soult entered the place on the 20th. General Phillippon, the Go- vernor, was highly comrnended by Soult, who is the Commander is Chief in Spain since the retreat of Massena : Sonlt went so far as to say, in his report, " I demand tor him ( Philippon) the title of Count, with a suitable appani< rf •" but Bona- parte has never complied w'. th his demand, nor conferred any reward or mark of favour on Phi- lippon. Since th* r period, Badajoz has continued unmolested iova to the commencement of the present si'- r.->. M t SUCCESSFUL INTREPIDITY OF A BRI- TISH SAILOR. The following narrative is extracted from the Gentleman's Magazine ( fan. 1812) it exhibits, an instance of generous intrepidity which has sel- dom been equalled, and certainly never excelled ; as such it cannot fail to be highly interesting to our readers:— " On our passage from Lisbon to Virginia, in the Sally and Kitty, Capt. C , we experienc- ed a succession of bad weather. One evening, about seven o'clock, I being at the helm, heard a voice, apparently rising out of the sea, calling me by name. Surprised, I ran to the ship's side, and saw Richard Pallant, a youth, in the water — going astern. Immediately I called all hands. The Captain, though a man of approved resolu- tion, was quite confoundcd at the boy's danger — as his friends, who were people of property, at Ipswich, had trusted him the voyage, confid- ing in C ' s protection and care. He ran backwards and forwards not knowing what to do, exclaiming that the boy must perish— as the ship drove apace from him before the swell, which was so mountainous that he durst not hoist out the boat. " As no measures were offered to be taken for the preservation of the boy, though not at this time above a hundred yards from the vessel— I mentioned the possibility of swimming to him with the end of the deep sea lead line, which would serve to haul him, and the man who swam to him, aboard. The Captain, mad at a proposal which he thought too dangerous to be attempted, cursed me in a ra^ e, exclaiming, " Who would be mad enough 16 got" Piqued at his answer, and eager for the boy's safety, I profered myself to go, and was immediately relieved at the helm by an American, beyond comparrison the best swimmer on board. " It was no time to deliberate. I stript in a moment, and clapping the line round my body, plunged from the ship's side into the sea. The line was new and stiff, so that, not drawing close rt'tnd me, I swam through it— but, catching as it slipt over my feet, I secured it by putting my head and one arm through the noose. Ere I had swam far, the line on board getting foul checked me suddenly, and pulled me backwards under water. I soon recovered myself, and strove to proceed. During this, they on board, endeavour- ing in vain to clear the line, cut some parts that were entangled, to free the rest— and, in their hurry, cutting the wrong part, let about half the coil drop overboard, leaving me adrift with it fast round my neck. Immediately they called to me to return— but, the booming of the waves prevented my understanding them, I thought they were only striving to encourage me, and therefoie shouting cheeringly again to shew my confidence, swam forwards. " Having, as I guessed, come near the place where the boy was, I looked round, and, not see- ing him, was afraid he had gone down— but mounting the next ware, I saw him in the hollow — and shooting down the declivity, hailed him, and found him yet sensible, but just sinking. I gave him my hand, earnestly requesting him not to grapple niy body— and then called out to those on board to haul in, not knowing that the line was cut. On turning round, and facing the ship, my heart sunk within me, to see the distance she was at. As the vessel drove fa> t before the sea, whilst I was swimming slowly the other way, she was now more than a quarter of a mile from us— so that, knowing the line could not reach so far, I found I must be adrift. „ , " All the horrors of my situation rushed on me at once, and I thoutrht dt » ath inevitable, but still * struggled hard for life. Whilst I was swimming forwards, the rope being kept slanting in the wa- ter I felt not half its weight— but now it incom- moded me . extreme V, when I remained almost ex- hausted, encumbered with the boy. The waves upon which, whilst I breasted and saw the ap- proach I singly mounted, now rolling behind us, and now over our heads, burying us under iWm with irresistible fury. I strove hard to disengage myself from the line— but, the noose being jam- med under my shoulder, and one hand holding the bov, I could not effefl it. " When the line was cut, they on board strove with all expedition to hoist out the boat— for, though the Captain hesitated to do it at first, whilst only one was overboard, yet now t, hat ano- ther was in danger, by a voluntary effort for the bny's preservation, he resolved at any risk, to at. tempt to save us. Soon after I turned towards the ship, I saw them hoisting out* the boar— the interval from the cutting of the line to this mo. ment having been spent- in clearing her of the lum- ber with which she was filled. At last she pulled off and I had the consolation to see her come round the ship's bow. The height of the sea was considered so vry dangerous, that out of a whole British crew, but thrae were found who durst ven- ture in the boat— and in the confusion they came away with only two oars, and but three tbowls for thfse, and without e'ther rudder or tiller. Under these disadvantages they pulled very slowly against a most mountainous swell, which they wert forced to tend with the utmost car; and skill, to prevent the boat being sunk by it. " Encouraged by the sight of the efforts " made for our preservation, 1 strove with the utmost ex- ertion to keep above water till they came i, p, and endeavoured what little I could to meer them— when a sea breaking deeper than ordinary over us, in striking eagerly to rise myself, I brcks my hand from the boy's hold, upon which he grasped me round the loins, with my head downwards un- der his breast. Struck with the dread of instant fate, I struggled at my full exertion to disengage myself— but it was impossible. The fear of death, and almost the present paitis/ jf it, rendered his " grasp' too string to be broken from. In fbis trembling moment, short as the interval must have been, a throng of ideas rushed with inconceivable rapidity into my mind. Futurity, with its joys and torments strongly contrasted, as I shuddered on its very verge, was pidlured in its most striking aolours to my imagination. " Finding my struggling ineffeflual, I had hap- pily the presence of mind to sir, fc myself, and be- gan to dive downwards, et the very moment when my 4 » sow, " bursting with holding my brearh, co strongly, impelled me to strive for the surface, to end the intolerable torture. My diving had the desired effect— the boy n ding me sirking, let go his hold, , and rose to the surface. I rose immedi- ately when disengaged, and drew breath. Another moment's delay had sealed our destruction. Struck with horror at this hair- breadth escape I began to swim singly towards the boat, which now was within 200 yards of us, when the youth • seeing himself abandoned, piteously cried out to me for God's sake not to leave him. My own preservation by making to the boat, opposed to my almost certain fate if I returned, caused a mo- mentary struggle in my bosom— and a severe one it was— to all appearance the choice of life or death. Compassion, however, prevailed. Struck with his inevitable destruftion, I returned, and catching hold of him just sinking, I again gave h'UTi my hand, charging him on his life not to grapple me any more, andren- wed the arduous struggle to keep us both arbat until the boat came up— for, now utterly exhausted, we rose but at intervals w draw breath. " Eternal God 1 how slowly the boat seemed to approach, arid how inconceivably long appear- ed the dreary time of fatigue and terror which we spent in anxiously awaiting it! Every wave now broke over us and we continued, though with the u -. iv.) st difficulty, to contend with our fate till the boat came very near— when a mountainous wave, barsting with impetuous sweep rolled us over.— Our efforts to regain the light separated our handf, and I again found myself clasped in the eager grasp of my companion. I had recourse to div- ing again: but this did wot now so readily pro- cure my release. Spent and stunned at the shock, he persevering in retaining his hold till being' able to hold' my breath no longer, I drew in a full draught of water. I was still sensible of the excessive pain— it seemed as if my entrails were burst by something forced down them. « He now, by some means, quitted me, and we both rose— but my senses wandered, the sky danced to my sight, and I was sinking, when, by God's mercy, the boat being now come up, one of the sailors caught hold of me, just as I was losing for ever, in this life, the sight of the day. Another seized the boy, who had suffered less during the last struggle than I h • '— and we were dragged into the boat, where we lay in her bottom faint and exhausted. " Our brave preservers exerted their utmost skill to regain the ship. This they with difficulty accomplished, and getting alongside, she tosseif with such v. iolence that a single stroke against the ship would have shattered the boat to pieces.— The men having hooked the tackle to hoisr her in, leaped on board— but we who were scarcely able to stand, must have been crushed to pieces be- tween the boat and the ship, had we attempted it. We were therefore obliged to remain lying in the boat awaiting the chance of their getting her in, or else of her being stove by the sea, or breaking from the tackle, in which case we yet should have suffered that fate which we had hi hern so pro- videntially escaped. At length the sailors, with some damage, got her on board, and being taken < Ut of her, we were received with trail port by our shipmates, who had despaired of ever seeing us again. " I had the line now taken off my neck, and found, on measuring it, that I had sustained the _ 1j . * .' vmj. K weight of seventy yard- i during the whnle time I was overboard. It was about half an inch roiuiii, bein^ a cramon deep- sea lead line. All night I snlfer'ed most severely from the water I had swal- lowed— and observed, with extreme surprize, when I turned in my hammock, that the agitation of my spirits prevented my ' ehj'jy; ng that sleep - which my fatigue rendered so necessary— nor ( hold I close an eye during the four hours of my watc i below." • " " They thitPgo dWn to th"-' s'C- a'in ship', vid occupy their business- in' great waters— th^- v mci see tlft. ty&' ks bf. We L" rc]_' his u ond.' is in tl. e desp,"— Psahri cvii/ 23, arid 2k The fallowing Letter and the Answer to if, have been transmitted from the Mediterranean, and are foerbuHm as <( they passed. The French General Lamarque- vps at 4' nrlcr> when one of the shot ftorp the, CurAc » r, one thou « n< fc eight hundred and eijht. JOHN H'JitWfOOXJi. R FRANCIS BURDETT. Witnesses -< GEORGE PEARSON. C JOHN SANFORD. The London Gazette contains a description of the new naval uniform. The . full dress coat of the Admiral of the Fleet is to have five lare » round the cuffs, that of Admirals, four laces ; Vice- Admit a's, three laces; and Rear- Admirals, two laces. The epaulettes and buttons of the Flag- 0Titers to remain as at present, with the addition of a crown over the anchor, on the but. t » n. The epaulettes of Captains, three years post, to have an addition of a silver crown over a silver anchor; those of Captains under three years, to have the anchor without ths erown ; and those of commanders to be plain. Lieute- nants, a dress uniform of the same pattern as Captains and Commanders, but without any lace, and with one plain epaulette. Masters' Mates and Midshipmen, the same uniform as at present, with the alteration of the button only, which is to be the same pattern as that of the Captains and Lieutenants. The following are the relative rank of the Of- ficers of the Commissariat, Paymaster- General's, and Medical Departments, with these of the Ar- my :— Commissary- General; Brigadier General. Paymaster- General; ditto. Inspe6tor- Gen.; Colonel, when at the head of a Depart- ment, in other cases as l. ituc. Colonel. Deputy Commissary General; Lieutenant Colonel. Deputy Paymaster General; do. Inspector; as Lieutenant Colonel when at the head of a Department, in other cases as Major. Deputy Inspe& or; Major, when at the head of a Depart- ment, in other cases as Captain. Physician— Captain. Purveyor— ditto. Surgeon— ditto. Apothecary— ditto. Paymaster— ditto. Assistant- Commissary and Assistant- Paymaster- Ger— of 5 years standing as Captain ; under that period, and above 1 years standing, as Lieutenant. Deputy Purveyor— Lieutenant. Hospital Mate— Ensign. For the purpose of accommodating Officers of the army, who are ordered to proceed to their regiments on foreign stations, an advance of pay- is dire& ed to be issued by their respedlive agents, as unsler- mentioned :— Fur the East Indies Six Months. For the Cape of Good Hope.... Four Monthi. Fur America 1 West Indies ( Three Months. Mediterranean...- 3 Portugal and Gibraltar Two Months, The Officers, non- commissioned officers, band, drummers, and privates, of the Roscommon re- giment in Frankfort barracks, have generously subscribed a day's pay for the relief of the w dows and orphans ot the crews of the St. George, Defence, Hero, Saldanha, and Fancy, wrecked in the Baltic,^ the coast of Holland and the Irish Sea. We hope this noble example of military generosity will be followed up for the relief of our brave seamen's unprotected widows and or- phans by every regiment of the line, and all the British and Irish regiments of militia throughout the United Kingdom. I! EI. FAS T: Printed and Published by D* UailoHO Awot*,^.
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