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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1116
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 06/04/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1116
No Pages: 4
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JV E W R Y. NEWRY, APRIL 1, 1812. 845 Hogsheads New- York Flaxseed, 900 Tons of Pitch, Yellow Pine, and Oak Timber, 270 Barrels New- York Pot- Ashes, now landing direct, 18,000 White Oak Barrel Staves, 70 Hogsheads Leaf Tobacco, about 30 of which are of the finest quality, and very highest character, 8,5- Hogsheads Scale Sugar, 50 Puncheons Whiskey, 20 Casks No. 7 Bleachers' Smalts, 2.000 Barreis of Oats, daily expected, per the Anne, from Limerick, For Sale on moderate Terms, by 860) RICHARD BRYANS. P| fVHE ENTERPRISE, from NEW- YORK, is daily ex- JL peCted at this Port, with a Cargo of 900 Hogsheads of Flaxseed, 100 Barrels Pot Ashes, and 20.000 harnel Staves. TREVOR & SMITHSON CORRY. NEWRY, Feb 28. A Parcel of Last Year's NEW- YORK FLAXSEED for Sale. ( 646 FLAXSEED & STAVES. NR'HF. SUBSC UIBE- RS are I. anding, from the EDWARD, JL G. R TV, wo A I. E.. Master, from NEW- YORK, j I FLAXSEED, 49 Half Hogsheads, J 18,000 Barrel STAGES, Which they offer, for Sale. JOHN & HUGH BOYD. NEWRY, February 6, 1812. ( 52S AN ELIGIBLE MERCANTILE CON- CERN IN NEWRY. THE SUBSCRIBER, intending to remove to the Concern lately held by Mr. WOOD GIBSON, will Let, from the 1st of May nest, for such Term as may be agreed upon, the DWEI LING HOUSE. SHOP, and STORES attacl ed thereto, ir Sugar Island, at present in his ocr\, ition. The situation of this well- established Concern, th, convenience of the extensive Stores adjoining immediately at the rear, and opening upon the Sugar- House Quay, are so well- known as to render a more particular description of its many advan- tages for the Business of a Wholesale Grocer or Tobacconist Unnecessary. RICHARD BRYANS. NEWRY, Anril 1, 1812. _( 861 DISTILLERY CONCERNS FOR SALE; Or, to be Let, from the first of May, at NEWRY, THAT Extensive and well- known CONCERN, in Mo N AGHAN- STRERT, wrought by the late SAMUEL HAN- ESQ. AT Co. on the Scale of a Thousand ( Jallon Still, and which, report says, told well for the concerned. |] To enumerate the many advantages of this Concern, would occupy too large a space in a Newspaper, suffice it to SAV, it has AN abundant supply of overhead Water for th. e Worm Tub, Coppers, Cooler, & C. & c. and that piped home into the Houses; besides very extensive Grain and Malt Stores, and nearly Two Acres of Ground, enclosed with Stone Walls 14 ftet high, as well as a Range of Bullock Sheds. Application to be made toDiNNis CAULFJELO, who, if an eligible Person offered, would have no objection to holding a half share in the Business. NEWRY, March 22. N. B. The Large BREWING COPPER, and many other Utensils, would be given at a Valuation. ( 802 FOR PHILADELPHIA, THE AMERICAN SHIP RISING STATES, Captain ST1LWF. LL, Jus- arrived at this Port after a passage of 80 days, and will be dispatched early in April. Persons wishing to avail themselves of this favourable opportunity, are requested to tnal- e early application; and all those whose Passages have been engaged by their Friends in America, are desired to call upon the Subscribers, in 10 days, so as to prevent disap- pointment, the number being considerable For the satisfaction of the Friends of Passengers who went out last season with Captain STILWELL, an Address of Thanks to him, in the Philadelphia General Advertiser, of the 11th July last, lies in our Office for their inspection. FOR SALE BY T51E ABOVE SHIP, Flax- seed, Rosin, turpentine, $ Staves. SWANZY, WILSON & CO. NEWRY, March 16. N B. A few Cabin Passengers could be comfortably accommodated. ( 768 FOR NEW- YORK, THE STOUT AND NEW AMERICAN SHIP AUGUSTUS, ( Burthen 700 Tons,) To sail on the 20th April. This Vessel is of the First Class, and well calculated to accommodate Passengers, being eight feet between decks, and the Captain attentive and experienced. Such people as may be desirous of availing themselves of this favourable opportunity, are requested to make immediate application to Captain HATHAWAY, at Warrenpoim ; or, to the Sub- scribers, who will take every care that A sufficient quantity of Water and Fuel will be laid in for the Voyage. Fourteen Cabin Passengers can be elegantly accommodated LAWFORD, TLLONSON, & CO. NEWRY, March 20. __ ( 783 PASSENGER- SHIP FOR NEW- YORK. THE FINE NEW FAST- SAILING Brigantine STANDARD, ' B A R T L E T HOLMES, Misns, - Will be clear to sail lor the above Port by the 20th April next. For Passage apply to Captain HOLMES, at Warrenpoint; or to DENNIS CAULFIELD, at Newry, who will take care the Passengers shall have comfortable accommodations, ana plenty of choice Water. 785) NEWRY, March 20,1812. NEW STATE LOTTERY, Draws on the 30th April. • QRWOMAS WARD has received his unrivalled Supply * of TICKETS and SHARES for the above Lottery, Scheme of which is ready for delivery Gratis' at hie Office. SIXTY- SEVEN CAPITALS Adorn the New Scheme, besides One of TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS, Three Hundred and Forty- four Inferior Prizes, And Small Qnes to the amount of =£ 30,000. GUINEAS purchased in any Quantity. N. B. Drafts on Dublin, at One, Two, or THREE Days Sight, or on Demand, for any amount, can always be had. 707) 15, High- street, Belfast, March 20. DISSOLUTION. RTIHK Partnership hitherto carried on under the Firm of - I ROBINSON, ROSS, & CO in ihe Hardware and Ironmongery Business, is this D y dissolved by mutual con- sent. All Debts due by said Concern will be discharged by THOMAS Ross, who is authorised to receive all Accounts due them. The Business will, in future, be carried on under the Firm of ROSS & GREGGS. JONATHAN ROBINSON. THOMAS ROSS. March 28. WM. & HANCOCK GREGG. R, & G beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public, that they have on sale, a constant Assortment of WIRE WEB, for repairing Flour Machines. Millers may also be supplied with FLOUR CYLINDERS, of the Manufacture of JAMES HOWARD & Co Manchester, of the very best con- struction now in use, by applying as above. And have also a full Assortment erf PIN POINTS for Calico Printers, and SOFT BRASS WIRE for Reed Makers and Brush Makers.— Also, GRACES, LOCKS, SCALE BEAMS, HINGES,& C. of their own Manufacture; which, with every other Article in the HARDWARE and IRONMO* GERY BUSINESS, they are deter- mined to sell at the most Reduced Prices, and hope, from a strict attention to Business, to merit a continuance of that support which the Establishment has hitherto experienced. ______ ( SS0 LOW LODGE. To be Let, •>' tit Interest in the Le. ul Sold, whereof 40 year* are unexpired. /[ INHERE have been =£ 200 expended on the House and Jl. Farm within the last six months. For particulars, apply to ROBERT ROWAN, Esq. 2, Danegali- plate, Belfast. ( 8.5s) March 31. TO BE LET; ' T* HE HOUSE and LAND, near Malone Turnpike, Itte- l ly occupied by Mr. FABBRINI, and immediate pos- session given.— Apply to JOHN THOMSON. Jenny- Mount, Maroh SO. ( 839 TO BE LET, , At the First of May next, QRWO NEW DWELLING- HOUSES, at the lower : L end of Neisoii- Street, convenient to the- Dry- Dock, fit for the reception of genteel Families. For particulars apply to JAMES ROBINSON Quay- Lane, March 31. ( 863 TO BE LET OR SOLD, THAT large, commodious DWELLING HOUSE and T INEMFCNT, NO 97, HIGH STREET, as formerly Advertised in this Paper. For terms and particulars, apply to ' JAMES CUNNINGHAM. If the above is not disposed of on or before WED- NESDAY the 8th of April, it will be SOLD BY AUC- TION, on that Day, at the Hour of ONE o'Clock, on the Premises, whichmay be viewed any time previous to Sale. 837) Belfast, March 28. MOST DESIRABLE SITUATION. To be Let, and immediate Possession given, or the Interest in the Lease Sold, whereof 44 Tears are unexpired from May last, ' ir HAT Large and Commodious DWELLING- HOUSE, I No. s, Custom- house quay, in complete repair, and fit for the reception of a Genteel Family. Its situation and conveniences are too well known to require comment. Apply to the Subscriber, THOMAS EKENHEAD. Belfast, February S. ( 4K3 The Ship ENTERPRIZE, Daily expeCted ac this Port from NEW- YORK, receive as many PASSENGERS as may offer, within Fifteen Days after her arrival, of which Notice shall be given.— For Passage, apply to TREVOR & SMITHSON CORRY. NEWRY, March 9, 1812. ( 701 ~ FOR NEW- YORK, The Ship JEOLUS, CAPTAIN CHARLES HENRY, Shortly expected at Warrenpoint. For Passage, apply to ^^ MRM NIWR'T, March 2. C677 BREWER Y. TO BE LET, With or without a Fine, for a long Term of years, HPHAT well- circumstanced BREWERY, lately Occupied ; L by Mr. TANDY, in the town of DROGHEDA.— These Concerns, which are built upon the most approved plan, compriae a spacious Brewery, two extensive Malt- houses, Stabling, Offices for Clerks, and two commodious Dwelling- houses in lion; to the street; from thence they extend in depth near 500 feet to the river Boyne, giving a perfect command of water carriage by sea and inland navi- gati N. The whole are iu perfect repair; the fixtures most- ly new, and all in high preservation. One division of these Concerns can, at a small expence, be easily converted into a Distillery, as they afford sufficient room and capabilities for both businesses, with an abundant supply of Soft Water.— The Buildings alone could not now be ereded at a less ex- penditure than =£ 20,000. Proposals will be received by GEORGE TANOY, Esq. Bal- rath, Drogheda; or Mr. JOHN HUGHES, 89, Capel- street, Dublin. A person attends to shew the Concerns. ( 845 COUNTY OF TYRONE. TO BE SOLD, separately or together, < HPHE LANDS of ARD3ARRAN, with their Subdeno- .1 minatiotts, situate in the Barony of OMAGH, being part • if the Estate ef the late CHARLES JOLNC I CRSV'Esq. held by fee- farm grant. subj » Ct to a small Chiefry, and contain, by U late survey, 417 Acres, now let at upwards of > 6200 a year, and not much more than a third of the value. There is one Farm out of Lease, and all the rest are L. et for Lives and Years;— the Lives'are all old or middle- aged, and the Years nearly spent;— the Tenantry are respectable Protestants, and Freeholders. These 1 , ands abound with Turbary and Lime- stone, in a good country, and contiguous to the best Linen MarS'. ets. jProposals, in Writing, will be received, in the Country, by JOHN CHAMBERS, Hsq. and the Rev. AVERIL DANIEL, of Lifford, who have BEEN appointed Trustees for special purposes; and in Town, by WILLIAM BETTV, uf Rutland- square, Esq. in whose possession is the Map of the Estate, distinguishing the extent and value of each Farm respec- tively; and by RALPH RICII. MUSON. of Bolton- street, JAMES FAUSSETT, of Blackail- street, and JOHN CUAMUSIS, of Lower Gardiner- street, Esqrs who will give every necessary information, with regard to Title. If the Lands should not be disposed of by Private Con- traCt, they, will be sold separately or together, by AUCTION, ' at the COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, ON MONDAY THE 4TH OF MAY NEXT, at TWO o'clock in the After- ! noon.— JAMES LYNCA, of Clare, Bailiff of the Estate, will " shew the Lands ( 812 To Farmers and Planters, JUST Arrived to E. LINDSAY, direct from EDIN- BURGH, by the DIANA, a large Quantity of The true Yellow Field ABERDEEN TURNIP; So much esteemed among Agriculturists, for its salutary erffefls for Winter feeding of Cattle, and allowed to giv the Milk and Butter a richness, without taint or taste, which often proves otherwise in the Brassica feeding.— This TURNIP repe's the must inclement Winter better than any other, the Rutubago excepted;. and succeeds the Norfolk and Globe, after November and December— pre- ceding the Rutab^ go—' keeping up a regular succession from November tili June, of Green Crops for Milk and stall- feed- ing, without housing or stacking.— F ARMERS may sow the Vetch and Rye on the Norfo'k and G obe Turnip ground for early Summer feeding; on die Aberdeen Turnip plot, the Po- tato Oats ; and on the Rutabago ground, Barley, & c & R.; provided the ground is first put in good heart, and ridged up on the Turnips, like plaeirition Potatoes, which ma& E* goo S< fallowing through the Winter, keeping the groiu. il in good orijer for almost any Crop— the Ccops producing one- third more than common. E. L ha » been particular in Choosing this Seed, from an eminent Seedsman in Edinburgh : with the RUTABAGO, GLOBE, SCOTCH PERENNIAL RYE- GRASS, and WHITE GRASS- SEED, unadulterated, be O saved from Moss Land, all of his own selecting, on the spot ;— all which, he will engage to be of the very best Quality, and is enabled to sell the Aberdeen Turnip one- third hss than last year. By this conveyance in the DIANA, will be sold Cheap, LARCH, two Years transplanted, fine Plants, in good or der. At his Nursery, on sale, are SEA K ALE, ASPARA- GUS, CAULIFLOWER; and among his New ColleCtJon of FRUITS, are, CGE'S GO: DEN DROP and NRW ORLEANS PLUMBS ; two much admired CHERRIES ; with four New APPLES, taken notice of by the Horticul-. tural Society, for their peculiar good qualities. Some good PEACH TREES, VINES in A bearing state, establish- ed two years, in poll, of the most approved Kinds. Arc & C. K B, A few Hundred Thousand SEEDLINGS of Fores Trees, for Nurserymen, yet on sale and will lie sold ON the most reasonable Terms, as the season is far edvanced. Belfast, March SO. In the Matter of JAMBS KILBEE, a Bankrupt. TO BE SOLD, ' T1HE INTEREST in the LEASE of the HOUSE, SHOP, and STORES, No. 5, North- street, ten years of which are unexpired from November last: yearly rent 40 Guineas. The situation is such as requires no comment, be- ing' within a few doors OT the Exchange If not disposed of before the 20th of April, it will, on that day, be SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at QNK o'clock. For Particulars, inquire - on the Premises. 799) Belfast, March 20. TO BE LET, From First May neat, rHE HOUSE, No. 5, CASTI. E- LANE, at present occu- pied by ROBERT DAVIS, Esq. It. is in complete re- pair, and will not require any thing laid out on it. It has a Stable and Chaise- House. Also, the NEW HOUSE, No. !, in same range. Apply at the Office of « . OREO, ifcq. Ann- street. 3C8) Belfast, April 2. TO BE SET, OR SOLD, For such Term of Years as may be agreed on, A DWELLING- HOUSE and GARDEN, with Two I 1 or Four Acres of Land, if required, within half a mile of Belfast, situated on the road leading from Belfast to Newtownards, adjoining Mr. WATSON'S. The House con- sists of Two Parlours, Drawing- room, and Four Red- cham- bers, with every Office suitable for a genteel residence. — The House is finished in the best manner. Immediate possession can be given, by application to CHARLES LENNON. ( 869 HOUSES & FARM. To he Sold by AuSion, at TWO o'CUck, on FRIDAY, 10th April inst. at Campbell's Inn, Ann- street, Belfast, HP> HAT FARM of LAND, in Ballygowan, con- aining - I upwards of 10 Acres, with a Meadow in Drumbeg, convenient to it. This Farm is beautifully situated on the banks of the river Lagan, and is bounded on the we6t by the high road between Drurrtbridge and Hillsborough, and on the north by the Demesuc of Ijri M There are two good Dwelling- Honses, with si- itable OHces, slated and in good repair, and have been lately built, as also a handsome Por- ter's Lodge The Land is mostly ploughed, and in a high state of cultivation; the whole held by Lease from Miss MAC- WELL, for one voung Life, or 21 \ eats, from Novem- ber, IG02, at the small yearly Rent of =£ 16, 17J. Sd,— Pos- session can b; immediately given. The Title Deeds are in the hands of JOSEPH WRIGHT, Attorney, Belfast. Belfast, April 2 Terms at Sale. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. 881) TO BE SET, From the first day of November last, for such Term as may be agreed upon, AFARM of I, AND, at Ballynafeigh, late in the pos- s- ssiou of M ® . CAVAN, containing 13 Acres, Plan- tation Measure, within a short distance of the Town ^ of Belfast, and pleasantly situated ON the borders of the River Lagan. These Lands have not been broken up for several years, and are in excellent condition. Proposals will be received by CHARLES EASTWOOD, Esq. Castletown, Dundalk, until the 24th day of April next, when the Tenant will be declared. And ior further particulars apply to Mr. WALTIR MACEARLAN, Belfast. 813) March, 1812. TO BE SOLD, AFARM of LAND in LOWER MALONE, containing 38A. IR 9P. Irish Measure, lately occupied by RO- BERT M'KEE, being just One Mile from Belfast, and held by Lease from the MASIJUIS of DONCCALL, for Sixty- one years, from November, 1809, at the yearly Rent of <£ 36, 2s. Application to be made to GEORGE BLACK, Esq. or JAMES MORELANO, on the Premises. If not disposed of by Private Sale, before the 10th OF April next, it will on that day be SOLD by PUBLIC AUC- TION, at the DONEOALL- ARMS, at the Hour of ONE o'Clock. P March 13, 1312. N. B. Two- thirds of the Purchase- Money may remain at Interest on the Concern. ( 734 STALLIONS, NR- O Cover this Season, at NEW- GROVE, near Ballymena, at One Guineas each Mare, and Five Shillings to the Groom:— RUMBO, By Whiskey, out of Spinetta— for his pedigree st large, and performance on the Turf, see the General Stud Book, and Racing Calendars. Also, at same place, at One Guinea each Mare, and Haif- a- Crown to the Groom, HERCULES, A well- bred Suffolk Punch, imported from the best stock in that Country. Grass, & c. for Mares, at Is. H. pet Night.— All demands for Coveiing and Keep, to be paid before the Mares are taken away, a* the Groom is accountable. ( 694 • of " V A LL PER BEE, I f i. said Estat f mediately to p —' their Accounts NOTICE. PERSONS inlebtel to Estate, are requested IM- ply the amount of to said JAMES KILBEE, at the Office of the Belfast Sugar- House— All Debts due after the First May ne. tt, will be put into th* hands of the Law Agent. ROBERT TENNENT, CUNNINGHAM GitEG, JOHN M'CONNELL. Belfast, April S. ______ ( 875 NOTICE. In the Matter of IJAMES KILBEE, a Bankrupt. ] T ' O be SOLD by AUC1TON, at the COMMERCIAL OOFR K- ROUM, in Belfast, on MONDAY the SOth day of April ' list, at O.- E o'clock, the Bank upt's INTEREST in the LEASE f that HOUDE LA berry stieet, at present occupied as ihe fcx ise Ofiice, held ' or Term of 37 years, at the yearly Rent of =£ 4, 5/. A LEASE of a YARD at the Rear of said' House, held foe a Term of 38 years, at the rent o! =£ 4 11?— AL- o, the LEASE of a STABLE adjoining, held for same Term, at the rent of =£ 6, 16= Sd. pe rmum. The above Premise - are at present Let at the yearly Rent of £ 50, to a Tenant at will, ROBT. T' NMFNT, ' CUNNINGHAM GREG, JOHN M'CONNELL. Belfast, April s, 1812. ( 87G P NOTICE. quest those P- rsous who stai d ncleb ed to the Estate of the deceased, to have their Accounts immediately - settled, as they are determined to take proceedings for the recovery of all Debts outstanding on the first of May next. Those who wish to avoid th expence of'Law Pioceedr ing « , will please comply with this N- tice WM. EMERSON, 1 DAVID M'COSHJ Belfast, April 3. ( 888 • Executors. NOTICE. AMEETING of the TRUO TEES of the Third Division of the TURNFIK ROARD, will be held at LORO DONEGALL'S Office, at ONE o'Clock, on FPJDAY the 17th day of April, for th.' purpose of LETTING1 the GATES for One Year, from the first day of May next, at which time the Money will be appropriated; and, on TUESDAY the 21st inst there will be a BOARD held in Mr. CLAW- SO NV. of Newtewnbreda, for the same purpose, at ONE o'Clock Signed B- JJ Order, JAMES FETHERSTON, H. March 19, 1812, TREASURER. ( 793 NOTICET" S ' HE TEN- ANTS of the M ARQUIS of DONF. GALL, L in the Counties of Down and Antrim, are hereby in- formed, that legal steps will he taken after the expiration of this month, agaiiuit all Peisons, without distinction, in Ar. rears of Rents due by them respectively on the first day of November last. - / EDW ARD MAY, Agent. Castle- Office, April 1. N. B. Such Persons as wish to make application for Re- newals, will please send in their Proposals to the Castle Of- fice, where an early attention will be paid them. (. 889 ENTLEMEN in the BREWING BUSINESS are ro - V3T speCtfully cautioned not to pay any attention to Two Letters of recommendation, under our Signatures, which we some time ago handed Mr. SIMON M'CREESY, Brewer, for- merly 111 the employment of ROBERT KENNEDY & Co. as a recent transaction of Mr. M'CREERY'S, compels AS to re- nounce the ssme. THOMAS & JOHN M'CONNELL. COMRER, Marcn 31 ( 856 " COTTON M CHINERY. TO BF. SOLD Br PUBLIC AUCTION « « THURS- DAY, 16th day of April next, at Milito- wn, Falls Mills, near Uelfast, QR- HE following Articles of MACHINERY,— They have I. been regularly s. ept In the best order, will be sold without reserve, and are well worth the attention of any Person wishing to embark in the Cotton Business, or al- ready engaged in it: — THE LATE DOWAGER QOUNTESS STANHOPS ker Ladyships will, which has been proved in Doctors' Commons, is in these words, viz. Ovenden, 11th of February, 185( j. " This is the last will and restameat of me Grisel Dowager Countess Stanhope, written with my own t id. Aftei payment of all my lawful debts, I give and bequeth all I am possessed of i) it iny death to my dearly beloved son Charles } E trl Sunnope, from my approbation of his pri- v it? ; md public conduct; and I appoint him my ez- cuMr. If I die at Ovenden, I wish to be very priv. t. ely buried in the family vault iaChe- vening Church. « Witness my hand this eleventh day of Feb- rtwrv in , he year of oar Lord one thousand eight hundred and five. " G. STANHOPE. There are twa codicils to the will, both dated in the year 1808, the first of which contains the following clause; namely, " I Grisel Cmntess Dowager Stanhope having- written, in my own hand, on several books which I have given tq my dear son, the words, « For Chmemng Library,' I do hereby will and desire tlm all such books shall belong to my said sou only, as I am much dissatisfied with the conduct of my grandson Philip Henty ( Lord Mahon) with respect to my most honest, most worthy, and most dearly beloved husband." _ By this, and the second codicil, sundry lega- cies are left to several of her Ladyship's servants, to her son's steward, and to the poor of Cheven- ing village, who have resided there twenty years, or upwards. Amongst her Ladyships papers, a remarkable man » script, written in her own hand, was found, which contains the following prayer to the AL- MIGHTY, composed by her husband the late Philip Earl Stanhope, which exhibits hot only a religi- ous zeal the most fervent, but also a degree of sublime patriotic devotion probably as yet un- heard of in the annals of mankind. " Copy of my dear Lord's Prayer, from the Original in his own hand- writing. " O Almighty and Everlasting GOD, the All. wise and All- righteous Ruler of mankind, vouch, safe to grant the prayer of th; ne unworthy ser- vant, that, if in the course of thine inscrutable and^ adorable providence, I can contribute, eveij by the sacrifice of my life, fortune, or character, to the preservation of my native country, from those heavy calamities and distresses which to ns short- sighted creatures have appeire. d impend, ng over it, ( and wherewith at this time our ene- mies threaten us), as also to the reformation hi manners, and the advancement of genuine u- dis- sembled virtue by means whereof thy gracious fa- vour may be regained, and public peace -. id b: ip- piness procured, I may always in that case be willing, and, when strengthened by thy divine as- sistance, able to surender, for those des i ib'e ends, every blessing and comfort of life, and life itself, into thy most bountiful hands, from whom I have received them all. 18 13 192 72 Mule Jennies, Spindles each, Warping Mills, Twisting From. Spindles, Winding Frame A number Batting Flakes, A quantity Tin Cans, A Carpenter's Bench and Tools. 6 1 1 Carding Engines, 18 Inches, Mahogany Cylinders, 3 Drawing Frames, 1 Can Frame, 9 Fly Frames, 1 Stretcher, 84 Spindles, 9 Throstles, 84- Spindles each, 5 Ditto, 72 Ditto, One Steam Engine, Boiler, Sfc. complete Terms— Any Articles under =£ 50, Bank Notes; all pur- chases amounting to £ SO and less than =£ 100, two Months Bills on Dublin or Belfast; and ail above =£ 100, 3 Months. N. B. A Person attends daily on the Premises to shew the Articles^ ( 83 < TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, If n" t previously disposed of hy Pri- aate Sale, on FRIDAY th. 1 Oth April, at the Office of Mr. J A MBS HTNDMAN, Dmevalt- street, at the iloar of 71VELPE a'Clock, THAT HOUSE, on the White- House Shore, occupied by MATWELI LEPPEIA, with 13 Acres of LAND, held under the MARQUIS of Do NEGALL, for ( JL years from No- vember, 1809, at the yearly Reus of ,=£ « , I OR. The House consists of Two Parlours, Eight Bed- Chambsrs, Kitcht—, Pantries, Scullery, Cellar, & c. with a complete set of Office- Houses, all lately built, with a well- inclosed Yard. Also, an Excellent GAR DEN and ORCHARD, well stocled with all kind of Fruit Trees in full bearing. There have been" 3000 Trees planted and registered. This Property is delightfully situated, on the aide of the Lough, Four miles from Belfast, and commands an extensive view- of the'Hirbour and the Shores on each side. Mo re sidence can be better adapted for Sea Bathing, as a Eatliing- House is already ereCted. Above =£ 800 have been lately laid out on the Premises, which are in complete order, and fit for the reception of a Genteel Family. For further information, apply to the Proprietor, on the Premises. Immediate Possession can be given. ' 772) . ' March 16. A STHMA, CONSUMPTION, WHF. EZING, « cc, AC. - OX Prepared Stramonium atul Oxymet ( as directed by Sur- geon Fisher) has been fonnd a T » o3t invaluable remedy in the above complaints— The fume of the dried Herb, thus correCled, effectually prevents the Asthmatic fit, and the Oxymel, by allaying the irrici. tion in the Lungs, strengthen- ing and correcting the habit, has succeeded in cases of Con- sumption that appeared almost hopeless. The prepared Herb for smoking, and the Oxymel for iptocjial use— UI-\- sold in London, by Messrs. BURGESS &. Co. Bedford- street; and Messrs. F. NEWBERY and SONS, No. 29, DUINE S- veet, Dublin; and by their appointment, hy Mr. SAM. ARCHER, and Mr. WARD, Belfast} Mr. WALSH, Armagh; Mr WARD, Lisburn ; and Mr. M'KSNNY, New, J, ( 737 At the Lincoln Assizes, John Fieldsend, late of the Driby, who voluntarily surrendered him- self into custody on the 9th of March inst. was tried for feloniously killing Joseph Frrulkingder, on the 7th of May, 1810.— The deceased, it ap- peared was a youth about nine years of age, in the service of the prisoner's father. For' some, offence the prisoner severely whipped the lad, who, however, went home, eat his supper heartily, and made no complaint; but in the night com- plained of one of his knees, grew drowsy, and died, without being suspected to be very ill, in two days. On examining the body, it was found much braised and discoloured about the loins and thighs ; and, on being opened by two Surgeons, they gave it as their opinion that he had' died from the absorption into the system of extrava- sated and mortified blood. The Jury, however, from the peculiar circumstances of the case, ac- quitted the prisoner, who, it is to be observed, had at first gone to America, but, as if unable to liest there, had returned, and delivered himself'up to take his trial. On Thursday se'nnight, at the Derby Assiz - , J. Tomlinsctij Perceval Cook, and John England, three frame- breakers, were convicted of burglary and robbery. The Judge immediately passed the awful sentence of the lav/ upon th^ m, and more than once enjoined them not to ' expert mercy. valuable discovery has been lately made by some Germstn travellers in the Isle of Egina, un- der the ruins of the temple of Jupiter PauhelL niui. They have found 18 mr-. rble statues, nearly as large as life, and in the most antique Greek style. The deficiency in Mr. Chinnery's acc untsis .£ 75,000; and his property taken under the extent for the Crown, is £ 35,000. Besides this defi- ciency, Mr. Chinnery is stated to owe a debt of nearly ^ 30,000 to the estate of the late Mr. Gold- srnid. Upon an examination of the accounts of Mr. Vil'iers, the la'e Paymaster of the Marines, the deficiency, it appears, will not exceed, the sum of £ 8000. A fracas happened lately at the Ancient Concert in London, which has excited much conversation in the higher musical parties. It s - wus that Cata- iani was to have sung very early in the first nff, but did not enter the orchestra till it wa « nearly ended. She was saluted by general marks of di » . ip; robation, and also from the Director's box, wterc? were the Prince Regent, the Duke of Cum- ber a id, the Archbishop of York, and the Earls Fortesseae and Darnley. Catalani immediately . retreated. Her husband expressed great resent- uitrnt, * nd some controversy took place between him and the Noble DtteClors. She went tbrougit her part afterwards, bat with great discomposure nnd has since addressed a letter on the subjefl ta the Prince Regent, who referred the matter to th* Nobk Directors. - — B& LF/ VST COM'M tvRClAii CHRONICLE. ' itJ : LONDON, Tuesday, March . Captain Knowles, of the Hotspur, an American • essel, bound from Baltimore - to Bourdeaux, ar- rived in town this morning, to makfe remonstrances to our Government on tbe subjeft of an occur- rence of a singular nature. The Hotspur Was, a few days since, intercepted on her way to France, by his Majesty's ship Andromache; . and, it is stated, that the Captain of the British ship, finding that the Hotspur had dispatches on board for Mr. Joel Barlow, the American Minister at Paris, in- sisted that they should be delivered to him; and after perusing their contents, ordered the Hotspur into Plvmouth, retaining the dispatches to lay them before the British Government, We have no further information to lay before our readers on the subjeft; but it may not be amiss to remind them, that from certain docu- ments presented to the British Court of Admiralty, some time since, it appeared that intelligence deeply affefting the vital interests of Great Bri. tain, has repeatedly been conveyed to the enemy through tbe medium of American dispatches. Sir William Scott, on that occasion, openly de- clared, with that prudence and temper which marks his charafter, that he could not for a mo- ment believe it possible that the Ministers of a neutral pawer could lend themselves to s » nefa- rious a purpose. We presume, therefore, that the seizure of the Hotspur's dispatches, if correct, is connefled with the disclosures made in our Court of Admiralty, above alluded to; and if this be the fa< 5t, we can- not sufficiently applaud the spirit and promptitude with which our Government has aCted. The de- mocratic, or rather the French faftion* in Ame. rica, ought to be taught, that there is still one Power in existence, perfectly competent to enforce the law of nature and nations: and we never heard it asserted by any Jurist, that neutrals were permitted to perform the humble duties of spies to contending Powers. Captain Knowles. brings Baltimore Papers to February 24th, but they contain no intelligence of a prominent nature — Star. A letter from Paris, of the I5th ult. received through a circuitous channel, says—" The ad- vanced guard of our army has already passed Berlin. It will scarcely be credited, but the fact is, that our own numerical strength, added to that of our allier, composes a force of between 5 and 600,000 men. The head- quarters are, at present, at Mecklenburgh ; and the quantity of provisions for the supply < f the troops exceeds all powers of conception. While these things are proceeding, the ultimate designs of the extraordi- nary mind by which they are directed is utterly unknown even to the principal agents of his au- thority. Bonaparte has established a National Gtiard, under a new form, which is composed of three distinctions. The first consists of young persons who have received their numbers of ap- propriations, and who have not yet taken their departure ; the ages of these are from 18 to ." 50 : the computation of this class is SO, 000. The second are from the age of 30 up to 45 ; ar. d the 3d from 45 to 60. The first are Only considered an acting corps : the two last constitute the reserve. The unpleasant part of our situation is, that bread it very dear ; it is five snu< the pound here, and as much as 10 sous at Rouen, where there have been disturbances; and, to prevent disagreeable consequences, some Lancers and Commissioners of Police have gone thither." It is said that a manufaflory has been institut- ed in France, for the purpose of forging English Bank- notes of various denominations. A parcel containing the nominal value of ,620.000 was re- cently received in England, and before the impo- sition had been discovered, several notes put into cireulation, which, however,, were afterwards re- called on the fraud being detected by the Consig- nee. Mr. W. Dundas was on Thursday last^ Iefled Member for the City of Edinburgh, in the room of Sir P. Murray, who vacated bis seat. After the conclusion of the usual forms of election, Mr. D addressed the Lord Provost and Council, and declared himself firmly attached to the policy of the present Ministers; but at the same time pro- fessed his readiness to concede to the wishes of the Cath. lies, provided such securities could be pro- posed a- would satisfy him in regard to the safety cf the Established Church. The fourteen merchant prize ships, taken at the Mauritius and Bourbon, sold for 197,202 dollars Letters from Madras state, that a pestilential fever had prevailed in the Madura and Palamcot- tah districts, to the southward,, which had destroy, ed almost all the inhabitants. A person who had returned from thence stated, that he had passed through neatly 20 villages without seeing one living soul! the houses, streets, and fields, being covered with the skeletons and bones of the inha- bitants ; and that about 80,000 persons were sup- posed to have perished. Although the mysteries of bill work are pretty veil understood in this country, the following appears to be a refinement:— By a law in Virgi- r'ia, if any bill of exchange is drawn for any sum pf irioney, and such bill is protested for non- ac- ceptance or non payment, it carries interest from its date, after the rate of 10 per cent, per annum, until the money be fully satisfied and paid. A j very clirious instance Occurred, some years ago, at Williamsburgh, An usurer, not satisfied with £ 5 oer cert, legal interest, refused to advance a | Sum' of money to a gentleman, unless, by way of security, he would- give him a bill of exchange that should he returned protected, by which he would be entitled to £](). per cent. The gentleman, who had imtiiediate occasion for the money, drew a bill upon a capital merchant in London, with whom he had never had any transaction, or car- ried on the least correspondence. Trie merchant, on the receipt of the bill, obseiving the name of the drawer, Very readily honoured . it, knowing the gentleman to be a person ef great property, and concluding that- he mefin » - to enter- into a cor- respondence with him. The usurer, upon' thisy" became entitled to only £ 5 per cent. He was exceedingly enraged, therefore, at being, as he Called it, thus tricked, and complained very heavily to the gentleman of his having given him a good fcill ijmead of a lad one! Wonderful Increase in Commercial and Literary In- tercourse.— In 1728, the London post arrived one day at Edinburgh, with oijlv one 6d. London letter, and that was addressed to the Post- Master General, on office business. The arrival of the post was then only once a fortnight— now it is six times a week. The post then employed ten days in travelling from London to Edinburgh— now it employs only three. Then the mails pro- duced no revenue or net. profit to Government, but was rather a continued charge; but the re- venue of the Post 0fli. ee in Scotland-, for the year ending in April, 1802, was £ 85,791, lb. 5d. DUBLIN, Saturday, April 4. DARING' ROBBERY. This morning between three and four o'clock, the Newry Fly Coach was stopped by a strong band of robbers, who, without any previous inti- mation, fired into the Coach, but fortunately with, out injuring any of the passengers," though the Fly was full.. They then proceeded to hand out those in the Coach, one by one, and with tbe most dreadful imprecations, made them deliver up all they possessed. — There were two ladies, Mrs. Ha- milton and Daughter, whom'the robbers obliged to kneel down in the road, declaring they would shoot them instantly— one of the . gang, however, interfered to save them, and even declared he would not allow their baggage to be touched.— However, the Captain of the banditti ordered every thing to be carried off.— Money, watches, trinkets, clothes, every particle was plundered. The Rev. Mr. Beresford was in the Coach, and lost, we un- derstand, £ 200; another Gentleman lost £ 600, and it is thought the villains carried off with them, altogether, more than £ 2000 in cash and other property. It is to be hoped that every erertisn will be made to apprehend this desperate and numerous banditti. is likely to be protrafled. TV enfony has'- spared. - BELFAST COURSE OF EXCHANGE, Sc. April 3.— Belfast on London ( 21ds.) 84 per cent. Belfast 011 Dublin ( 61 ds.) 1 per cent. Belfast on Glasgow per cent. Ixttii, APRIL 2 — per cent. Gov. Deb. 72f J ———— 5 per cent. Ditto 101J EKBLISH, MARCH SI.— 3 per cent. Consols60 SOj / ft'iuz. 2.— Dub. on Lon. 8| | AfjK. 31.— Lon. on Dub. < 4 ARRIVED. MAILS SINCE OUR LAST: 2 . Bv DONAGUABEE 2 Br DUBLIN....: DUE 0 o BELFAST, Monday, April 6, IS 12. The London Papers received since our last, announce the arrival of important dispatches from Lord Wellington, dated at Elvas, on the 20th ult. containing the account of the first successful operatious before Badajos- Oo the arrival ot the lished by Government:— WAR DEPARTMENT, APRIL I, Dispatches have been received from the Earl of Wellington, dated the, 20th of March. His Lordship invested Badajoz - on the 16th, and broke ground on the following day, forming his first parallel within 200 yards of the outworks, called la Picurina. Lord Wellington conducts the siege in person, with the 3d, 4th, and light divisions, upon the left of the River. Sir Thomas Graham crossed the Guadiana on the 16th, with three divisions of infantry and two brigades of cavalry, and marched upon Santa Mar- tha and Valverde, while Sir Rowland Hill, with two divisions and a brigade of cavalry, moved upon Merida, where he made some prisoners. These movements induced General Drouet to retreat from Villa Franca to Homachos, to' pre- serve his communication with General Darican's division, stationed at Llerena. Upon the 19th, a sortie was attempted by the garrison of Badajoz. Two thousand men push- ed out against the right flank of our work, but were immediately driven in with considerable loss, by Major- General Bowes. In this affair General Pifton's Aide- de- Camp, Captain Cut liberty was killed, and Lieut.- Colonel Fletcher slightly wounded. Since the commence- ment of the operations, the loss of the allies has been about 150 men killed or wounded. There tvas no general movement of the enemy upon the side of Ciudad Rodrigo so late as the j 17th March,- but two of the three divisions of Marmont's army, which had been upon the Ta- gvs, bad moved through the mountains in die direction of Valladolfd. The rains had been very heavy for the last , hree days. ; PACKET- BY EXPRESS. nei'her art nor skill to render it Jt frrpat strong work; and it is garr soneel by nearly SOOQ picked, troops. * Some time ago, a great proportion of the- garrison were Poles; but they deserted in such numbers that they were all taken out and replaced by a brigade of Germans: these, however, being found to desert in such number to the Pales, they were withdrawn, and sortie Swiss put in, in'tte proportion, however, of three Frenchmen to each Swiss, and taking the precaution never to send , them in any but Poles. " The taking Badajns- will be a very arduous task. The town is now, very stronjf, and numer- ous out- works have lately been added.. The sea- son is most unfavourable,; but, if the French army does not make its appearance, Badajoz will certainly fall. • " The army is in high health, and in'the greatest spirit^ ; their confidence in their illustri- ous leader is unbounded,; and there is absolutely nothing that, under'him, they would not attempt. Lately the sailors of the fleet at Lisbon, made a request that they migjht be marched to the army, and fight under the Earl of Wellington. The tars are indignant at being quiet, and every- ac. count that reaches Lisbon of a gallant achieve, ment by the soldiers vexes'them. ". The poor Cameronia » s are qnite hors de combat. and have been sent to Lisbon to 4o garrison duty. The Ro^ al Marines, who a year ago wer • sent out and have been doing the Lisbon duties, arc embarked and sent home. This invaluable corps has been of the greatest service in Portugal; by taking the duties at Lisbon, they enabled General Peacock to send up all the regular corps to the army. <• " Report is strong, that Marmont, Sonlt, and Suchet, are coming on with their united forcot but this does not disturb the Earl of Wellington. The French army have bast extremely unhealthy, and of late lost so many men from the flux, as well as desertion, that it is understood Soult and Marmoui's as well as Bannet/ s corps, are quire crippled. " Should the Earl of Wellington carry Bada- jps, it is said to be his intention to march, to the South, and raise the siege of Cadiz/' Two Anholt Mails, and one from Heligoland, arrived at a late hour last night. Napoleon's personal attendants have arrived in Prussia, and their Master is daily expeCted. The Pruss- ian Government has aeceded y> every demand wade fl} « lf ut, t A'pril; 3, TS12. 1|!;" " for as< « ul'jng. Tob. il NePs. [ j' venue . boatman, when in the discharge ot" his duty,, at the j renpniiir, oil St Sfh of Ternary 1 s . __ „ . a Rei f'*"".* "•"••-'-- r * - *' "" T7'* vif' "'•''' " « . » .* |;-'* WU » , b< » tman, when itt tHs 4i* kar « offefc dun* at War- At a numerous > » d respectable Meeting,.-^. L Sovereign, B'irgesifetf .. 5Sf'rs! iwts,-> JMa! niifaCtttrers'' jf , ohn NcIis fo'ttd the ship Concord, of which !*.'"';'— 7' ',.''' -,"," " „ -- rf th'e nr. iiioner is Mate, and - ttsfed tiie ship's nj. n=, , nl nnj- jt--^ nd;.. Otlsr Ighahrtants Of the lown of Belfast-;'' ; tier. - Ptfcfjfter sSid , he Would nop tell ? oy. pr'tty officer, *) e- *' ' iring him to look at the stern of. the -. hip for her name, and jj. convened by public advertisement,, the following '* Resb! auonS,! t^ re.| 8naninlous^: 4gree, d to:—*" • TH& MA3.- V|: RNER, SoVECtEiGjf, • In the chair; • - • ResolVtd— That, tft the present distressed' state of• the • , . V ' . 1 Commerce, ? nd Manufactures of the United Kingdom, - it'- Sr inplimbect- on thejDfjgislature to adopt the, most'-' effectual measure » for their relief. '.* ' - R t Resolved— That jhe discontinuartee'. of^ he. C'ommercil " Monopoly of ffijj Bast India Company, wtjiild be a jneit important measure df this kind. fl- 1 - ' v * ReaaleminoThatii the Monopoly, granted by Chat ter to- the East India Conppanyf fr'fe^ iolitfc" and » uofiUt-; impolitic,* j as it U nat possible that the Company can carry on, the tfgdf to the same'extent or advantage, tliat'. P/ iji^ jit<^ ltidividjjal » < could; and unjust,. as < fep » Wi%* a£|, the other Subjs^ b gf the' British Empire of. tfteir" nattfeaf rights - a(- the same time that this privilege is granted . tp Foreign Nations.'. in amity with his Majesty,- , , '' "•'> • Resolved— That if itJyere possible to enferlaln * dodb • respecting'the superior competency .. of British Individuals'."-! - I dispatches tbe following official abstraft was pub- Prfoc^ but preparing for hostilities in downright earnest. A very spirited affair has lately taken place in the Scheldt. Three French ships of th, e line, coming down, were attacked by one cf our frigates and two sloops of war., and the Admiral's ship was driven on shore. The London Journals. of the 1st. inst. which have arrived by express contain the following ad- ditional intelligence :— London, Wednesday, April 1. SECOND EDITION. Soon a'ter this Paper was put to press, we were favoured with the perusal of a letter, dated Camp before Badajoz, 21st March ( one day later than the dispatches), from which we have extracted the substance:— " The Earl of Wellington arrived at Elvas on the 12th. On St. Patrick's day, this auspicious day th& ground was broke, and firing commenced. On that day the Commander in Chief of the Bri- tish; the Commander in Chief of the Portuguese, as well as many of the leaders, and a great pre. portion of the gallant army being sons of Erin, j they opened on the French. " The weather was unfavourable, and the siege, AMERICA; Pi ivate letters wi'h which we are favoured from America, dated the 20th of February, represent" the st* te cf affairs between that country and Bri- tain, as more hostile than before; and in the Re- port of the Committee of Ways and Means, refe- rence is made to a state of contemplated war, and new duties are proposed, to defray the expences incident to such an event. It wil also be seen by the folio" ing extra. 1) from the American official Paper, that there is no truth in the late report of Mr. FOSTER having proposed a former treaty as the basis of a new one : ( From the National Intelligencer.) Various rumours have been widely circulated for a few days past of negociations on tlie tapis between our Government and the British Minister. These rumours have even assumed body and form, so far as to designate the peculiar features of an ideal arrangement with as much precision as if such an arrangement had actually been made the subject of negotiation. We have every rea- son to believe ib « ibere is no foundation what- ever for these ephemeral report-; and that there never was a more hopeless prospeft of an ami- cable accommodation wi; h Great Britain than at present. We understand that a gentleman in Portaferry, who bought a large quantity of potatoes at the bushel, is flow aitually selling them to the poor of that place at the rate of L. 3d. A ROMAN CATHOLIC CLERGYMAN. - Tfee following is an extract of a letter, dated Bandon, in the county Cork, March 28, from a respectable and intelligent Protestant, to hisGor- respondent in this town : " If Mr. PERCEVAL had been in tbe Roman Chapel of this town, upon the evening of Good Friday, he might have heard the Clergyman who presided, the voluntary ihampion of the la. ws of that establishment, which HE, too crudely believes, the Catholics are anxious to subvert. A scarcity, ( imaginary or not) appears to have extended its alarm- even to this extremity of the South, and an assemblage of the people to oppose the exporta- tion of provisions ( at Clonakilty) within a few miles Of this place, was intended. The Pastor took the opportunity ( after the solemn rites of the day) to exhort his flock, with all the impre= sive- ness of piety, and ardour of truth, to abstain from taking any share in the expefled tumult; depicted the fatal issue Of such lawless proceedings, that actually produced the very scarcity they were ar- rayed against— eulogized the happy constitution that guarded them, and conjmed them to attend to the admoniiions from that place, that could only be direiL'd to their temporal and eternal welfare." . | t. fo,. the boat for the natae of master. When wjtfles* warg'ti. ilnJtT ® shore, prisoner struck him- on the crown of the head J- vvith.- « * haitdspike. Had # itenr oo t ffsnce,- and ha.! rio we;-' f- pon at; tli£; tjme. Prisoner knesv witness was a Revenue 3r a consicfera& Ie time, in a dangerous Situation jofroni the blow he received. ' L John M'lCenna saw'prisoner.- strike Nelis with hm J--,- . [• wfcen^ hefelj down on thS sput. ,. Nefe « pjir hi-. Jnut'dViglitly on, the ptjpner upon ^ Vrng at ijr> t vS ' aojrd.; - rrnonsr stag- gered - There had be erf some dispsitinji," bin'ihon^ fu it all settled before Ne! is" wai'luioaked . jlpwn. .. "*" Mr. Moore, pro'duced a copy of Neiis's commission; and sMred his duty to be tlw.- o. htajmq< r the r. a'oes of Ships, and . their MSjjers, and the nature of. carg£' bi'rfiiV. tl' 8t'-' ' Took fri- soatt itfto-' custody. Kpoi^- kiiig bi, m why h'-' stftiC- k Neils when htiTwck was'turncd, with'WeV'a we » pr « i, be-. a( iifea> ed ir- wat fiflte advantage i> f him.— Guilty Mmy M* Sih? tind apiece t[, of- S » p « -- fr « > » >.<;, e shop of James itellie, at N-~.- ry, on tile ,8< Jth ttf October.— AVr guilty. ! to carry on an extensive trade to the E^ st.^ be example- af- forded by the United States of America completely removes it; and the supposed delicacy of allowing a trade, with China, is entirely dene away, by the succesi which has at- tended the American traffic to that country. Resolved—' That, in no point pf view can there be a rea- son for granting a monopoly to the East India Cojnpaoy . because, if the trade, can be carried on by them to greater advantage, than by individuals, they can - have nothing to r fear from competition; and if they cannot so carry it on, they ought not to be peimitted to retain such monopoly", ' so highly detrimental to the Inhabitants at large of the United Kingdom. Resolved— That, . confining the India trade to'tbe port o London, is injurious to the. other parts of the United King- dom ; as they are unnecessarily subjected to the excessively heavy expences of that port, besides many other charges, eonsisting of Commissions, Freights, Insurances, & c. & c. Resolved— That it is the opinion of this Meeting, tk » t Petitions should be presented to both Houses of Parliament, praying that they may rejeCt the application of the East - India. Company for the Rfaiiwal of their Charter, to the ex- clusion of the 9ther SubjeCts of the British Empire. Resolved— That the Marquis of DONBOALL be request- ed to- present out Petition ; p the House of Lords, and Sir EDWARD MAY, Bart, MemberLor thisTqwn, to the House of Commons; anti chit ' copies be forwarded^ to the Marquis ef HERTFORD atld Earl O'NEILL; and to the Members for this County, the Hon. Jons O'NEILL, and EDWAH* ALEX- ANDER M'NAQHTEN, Esq. requesting their support " to the" . same. *.'*'"* Resolved— TJiat U> » 8^, ceting do « pgfove of the Petition now'read, and that tbe SovEREioN'be requested to sign it in the name, and tiiv belialf'of > the- Sovereign, Bjirgesses Merchants, Manufacturers, and Inhabitants of Belfast. Resolve i— That the Proceedings' of this Meeting be twice published in both the Belfast Newspapers, and in two Dublin Papers, The Evening J'ott arid Chrhetponjent. The SovratISv.- hStving left the Chair, and ROBERT BEADS HAW, Esq. having been callid thereto,, The ' Thanks of this Meeting were unanimously voted to, the SOVEREIGN, for his. readiness in convening - it, and for, his very proper coriiluCt ill the Chair. . . R. BRADSHAW. Francii Tr. tcey, lbi* steabng: a h. idpof I- citnerrrcfrn Henry- [ Magu? » i',' s't. EJo> vnpauick, on the ' 4> th Sept. and"' for tet; eiv- 1 + h. » I-,./-.- ™ ™ 1, ifti- .... tfetgui. ty o/ iteuling— Guiltf I I H 1 Thg i-( k<- nwmg ittd- R stOK- ffi ! tu- bin^ in.- pf> si( t ttn. • H'Hlmm jebn..(<; r, for st « . ating a Gelding^ on the 21st OCt. — Nvtyuiltg" (;' ' Put Swceiy, forTitfefflBg * Bayonet on the Uth Feb. at Mplla.— No prosecution ' • • urnr, am sHlinnn ,-/ or- t+ eaJi, ng 6 Shifs, & c. & c. from a . field at Ballym uion.— Not proven. Ann Sm'tb, t'or'ire ding a JBank- note on the 7th March, from Robert Stuokdale.— Nut ' Guilty • Hugh KelUs, for ua- saultiiig William Mathers on tbe H- lth . of February, by stabbing and cutting'with'* knife,— iAty Vguilty. - -- > Sura6 Down; for stealioj of Arthur . Binns, at Newry Not guilty. Patriot . Willis, for Veiling a Sack, the property of John Elliott, at L'S^ amett, on the 26th Jan. last - r Guilty. Ann Johnston, for stealing a quantity of English Bank- notes ; from pan Killen, at Newry, in December list — Not psi.' iy. William Montgomery, for robbing Davi \ Moftrbead; - rc Saintfield Fair, 20' h Feb. of three Bank- notes — SuUty. l o be burned in the hind, and transported for 7 years! cutting'witb'a bsife.- • a piece of Calico from the shop The Editor, of the CHRONICLE has pleasure ip acknowledging, the receipt of One Pound, enclosed in an anonymous note, from a Lady, and Five Shillings, from a Merchant's Office in town, for the relief of the distressed family, lately burned out by unfortunate accident, near Ballycastle.— These sums are forwarded to a respectable person in that town, . who will see them carefully appro- priated to the benevolent purpose for which they are intended. DOWNPATRICK ASSIZES. FURTHER PARTICULARS. Patrick Murphy, and Henry Hughes, were indiCted for a riot and assault, on the 14th of last May, at Clanduff. The first witne- s called, was John Killen, who, being examined, deposed, that on the day laid ip the indictment he was at Patrick Doyle's fune- ral. Is a Free- Mason. Saw the prisoners there. There were many Free- Masons, who conducted themselves peace- ably a| ong the road - with the corpse. Did not see any of them drunk.. At tbe grave- yard there was a considerable disturbance, andlmuhltudespressed on the Masons, and took, off their handkerchiefs. Saw Morphy have off his hand- kerchief . Stones were thrown at tbe Masons, several of whom were bleeding. Witness left the grave- yard to avoid the riot. Riot continued above half an hour. - Considers Pat-. Murphy is one occasion of the disturbance. Hughes was in the crowd. Witness expostulated with tbe people to induce them . to q « ietne" S) and they fell luck a little, but when Witnei s'had- turned rouctd, crowd again pressed on the Masons. Did not see the prisoners throw stones. Murphy- was pouncing forward and making a noise. Cross- examined—-^ iitys. prisoners were neighbours of the late Pat. l^ ov'le - Tyleis carried. swoidsj. thinks there were about five swords. Witness went to a house'in the neigh- bourhood and brought out a gun, with the purpose of fright- ening the people into quietness. Before bringing the body to the yard, was informed that an attempt would be made by the coumry people to take tbe corpse from them by for « but the Pree- Ma « ons claimed the right of giving'the last lift as tbey had given the first. Does not belieye any per- son was stationed ar the gate cf grave- yard, to prevent ad- mission, and did not see any cuts given. As the Masons were bringing, the coffin along, ir slijiped off the poles, and part of it, was Iiroken; the body was not thtreby- exposed. Laurence Woods, was at the funeral. Saw Murphy throw- ing stones'oyer- the wall upon the Masons, at which time he was retreating, having been driven out of the grave- yard. Hugh Dickson, is a Constable, and Was at the funeral. The Masons were forming a ring rourjd ihe grave, and the Tylers were desired to cie. ir tbe inside of the circle. Tiny TO GENTLEMEN— I shall not attempt a canvaw of your County; If I shall be worthy of being returned to Pariia. i> e: ir, Birth. On the 2d instant, at Chatham- lodge, co. London- Derry, the Lady of JOHN REA, Esq. of a daughter. _ t ^ At Drumcar, county Louth, Lady ELIZABETH M'CLIN- attempted,. and reported that they could not succeed, and o T0iK' a '' V , , . , il r,.. . 1 . .,.; that the people seemed to sbew resentment. Says country ! people commenced the distui ban'ce, and that the Masons i were abused. Thenias Reilly— was at the funeral; some of the Free- masons had swords and poles. They would not let the pco- . pie into the yard until the masons had all got in. Saw a i pei son in a white cloak wrest a sword from ano her, and I make several cuts right and left with it; struck a nian. Is ; of opinion that had the Masons not molested tbe country people", there would have been no riot. ; Hugh Morgan— was at funeral; Pat. Doyle was sister's ' son; was kneeling on a grave when a person with a sword : diawn, ordered witness to rise and retire back. A man in , Free- mason's dress struck the first blow, after which stones were thrown at Masons.— Jfftt Gniltj, On the 3d inst. in DonvHIe Avenue, Ranelagh, the Lady of ARTHUR NEWCOMB, Esq of a daughter. On the 2d inst. at Dundalk, county Loath, the Lady of Major DENSHIRE, 7th Hussars, of a son, On the S£ th ult. at Edinburgh, Viscountess DUNCAN, of a son and heir. In Park- street, GovernoKsquare, London, the Lady of Colonel MAVNI, of a daughter. Married. At Newry, on the 29th ult. by the Rev. Charles Camp- bell, Mr. ROBERT POOLER, Mercbrnt, to Miss FAI- NV REID, daughter of Samuel Reid, Esq. nf that town.' At 5t. Petersburgh, Sir- RoBER- r KUKR POKIER, to PrmceuMAEUA SCHSMUAIVET. The foUow'ing sentences were pronounccd at last Carrlck- fc- rgus Assizes:—- - - .... Dennis Hammill, found guilty of highway robbery; to be banged ou 24th April. - Owen M'Glade and Margaret Wilson, found guilt.- of grand birceny; to be transported for seven years. Alex. Laughans, guilty of receiving stolen goodb; ti be imprisoned three months. : - Marg. Quimi alias Odurley, guilty of grand larceny ; to be transported for seven years. NeaLBarkly', guilty of grand larceny; to be transported for seven rears, William > orrow, guilty of manslaughter j to be im- prisoned three months. . Ed, Doghertv, guilty of felony; to be transporteJ for seyen- yeaiSf. Henry'Dunn, liberated on giving security to abide his trial for Murder' at next assiies, - himself in 1001. and two suretite irt lJal. eiicli. Several were found guilty of making pot- ale, and sen en- cod to imprisoriuieift. i THE FREEHOLDERS OF. THE ... COUNTY OF DOWN. persona' i^ ougliVs ii yojr Representative, it will be the highest honour of my lift— rely on'it, I never will discrt the Interests of Ireland, The Cause of the People, and Free- dom of Eieftioh, rheet support beyond my mist sanguine expectations. Whilst the enemies of Ire- land are dismayed, divided, and undecided, an I [ apprehend, vill not dire to- oppose the People, I have strong reason to think, that most of the ,'; n-: u le< vding Intetests of the County, will pursue the honourable con'd'ufl'of permuting their Tenantry to poll as they thijik proper. The Jfeeholders may depend on every effort being mjwe to support them in their just right of exercising their Constitutional privilege of voting according to conscience, and to punish and ex- pose allrthose ( AGENTS IN f ARTICULAR),, wliio shall dare to attempt to drive them to poll, or pre- vent thanv from performing their bouuden diuy to their Country, I congratulate the County, on the victory gain- ed at Down, on Friday the 27th ult, by tho Inde- pendent Interest, over their Opponents, ai h ius; h the County was, very unfairly and improperly, laken by surprize, and without due notice. Gentlemen, victory is within your reach— ex. ert yourselves— communicate every necessary in- formation to " the Friends of the People" - veiy thing tending to support the Interests of Ireland, and the Honour and Independence of the County of Down. I am, Gentlemen, Your Faithful Servant, ELDRED CURWEN POTTINGER. P. S. The Dissenters of the County of- Down, are requested to observe, that the present Admi- nistration. are going to associate w ith them in the Cabinet, Lord Viscount Sidmouth. It is scarce necessary for me to remark, " that every Member of the ' Cabinet is. held to agree with, and be accountable \ for every measure, supported ly any Member thereof' LordSidmouth'sdeclarations; HIJ BILL OR BILLS; the prosecutions lately carried on against Dissent- el's. f the alarm excited through that roost respect- able body, the Dissenters of England ; sjjould point out to the Irish nation, the necessity they lie tinder, to maintain the Right of ALL PERSONS to Religious and Civil Liberty. If the Dissenters of England- are crushed by the M- aisters of the Crawn, certainly the Dissenters of Ireland, cannot expect to be permitted to enjoy LIBERTY OF CON- SCIENCE. ti BELFAST COMMERCIAL CHROtflCLK AMERICAN POT ASHES BY AUCTION BERWICK, ASH, & PHILLIPS, RE Lauding, per tiie NELLY, from BRIOOEWATER a Parcel of PRIME ENGLISH FLAXSEED, FOR SALE, WITH New Orleans, 1 West India, and [• COTTON WOOL, Georgia, J Pot and Pearl Ashes— New A'icante Barilla, Dantzig Weed Ashes— Bleachers' Smalts, I Refined Saltpetre— Ditto Rosin, Fine nnd Common Congou Teas, Scale and Lump Sugars in Hhds. and Tierces, Carolina Rice, I Jamaica Ginger anil Coffee, New Red Clover- Seed, vj Malt and Corn Kiln Tylet, CSV. I 53 vVarrng" street, March Si. I NEW TEAS, See. WM. PAKE & WM, T » : L?.* ITs TO" AYE RECEIVED PER THE GSMGM, FROM iUL LONDON, 2S8 Chests Congou, Souchong, Hyson LEAS, AKB H A VP. AT SO FOLT SAL*, 106 Hhds, Scale and Refined Sugar( t 269 Bales Alicant Barilla, l? 0 Casts British Refined Rnin, 139 Bales Fresh Lfisbon Miserable, 50 Sags pimento 40 Ca ts White Ginger, 50 Casks and Bags Coffee* 30 Hhds. Leaf Tobacco, • 2.' J Bales $ ea Island Cotton- Wool, 30 Casks Refilled Saltpetre, 50 Cash, . London Mustard, 10 Bags Black Pepper. 9( 17} Wiiie- Cell « r- Entry, April S. A few days ago, in Crossmore, near Downpatrick, at the idranced ape of 100 years, Mr. OWEN MAOARRY, farmer. He was in full possession of his mental powers to the last. As a husband, he was loving and kind; as a patent, he was tender and indulgent; and, as a friend, he was warm and affectionate. The avenues to his heart were ever open to the wants of the distressed and indigent; and never did the suppliant mendicant go hungry from his door. Though bred up in affluence, and exposed to the alluring enticements • f Bacchanalians, yet this venerable and truly respeClable character, was never known to be intoxicated with liquor, through the course of his very loug live.— Vivit post funera Virtus. Lately, at Doneaster, RAPHAEL SMITH, the artist, who Was long ranked with our first engravers in me? 2etinto, and other departments of the act, but who had devoted him- • elf for some years to portrait painting in crayons. He was a convivial and harmonious character, and possessed grrtc taste and talents In his profession. GEORGE LANGTRY & 0. tTITtl. L Sell b. Audion, at their Stores, in Waring- VV street, on J-' RIDAY, 10th insi at TWELVE O'Clock, IjtO , a- rels, of Urst Quality » These Ashe* if just Landed direCt from Bosrots ; are of the late* manufacture, an i in fine condition. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. Bclfate, April 3. ( S99 CLOVER- SEED BY AUCTION. GEORGE L - INGTRT & CO. VATTJU. SELL BY AUCTION, at their STORM, in 7 Waring street, on FRIDAY, loth Inst. at HALF- PAST TWELVE O'Clock, 74 Bags Nezv Red Clover- seed, Giawn in the South- of England, and of the most superior Quality. ( 896) Belfast, April 3 MACFARLAN, Auctioneer, ""~ 5 ' WHITE PAINT. BANKRUPT. John Sinclair, of Moneyinore, County 0/ Londonderry, Brewer. RUSSIAN YELLOW CANDLE TALLOW ASMALL SUPPLY, o1 Prime Quality, just receive| for Sale, bv* • . - ROBT. GETTY & JAS. LUKE,' Who will Sell also on reasonable-. Terms, the folfowinj An c. les. v z. New Orleans and Upland Georgia COTTON, New- Tori POT ASHES, and '•> Cork WHISKET. ( 78 BELFAST SHIP NEWS, FURNITURE BY AUCTION, TO BE S0L T\ BT AtfCT'ON o„ TFTWiSn AT tie 9ti inst nt lie H, UIC of Mrs M'Xet, No. 68, H'^ b- street, at tit Aouruf JZLZrEN ,' Cloct, ACRRAT Varety of most Excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, consi- ting rhiefly of Mahogany Northumberland, Card, and other Tables; Bedsteads; Feather Beds and Bending; Carpets, Pier Glasses, Prints, China, Glass, Delft, Kitchen Furniture, & e. & e A « the above Articles will be sold for Ready Money only, and being all nearly new, they will be worth the attention of the Pub. ic. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. April 4, 1812. , N. B. As Mrs. M'KEE intends quitting Business, she re- quests all those to whonf- he is indebted, will furnish their Accounts immediately, that they mxy be discharged ; and those who are indebted to her, are requested to settle their Accounts before the first May next, otherwise they will be handed o » er to ao Attorney to recover payment. ( 909 The Cunningham Boyle, Bell, for Liverpool, is detained here by contrary winds only, Tbe armed brig Aurora, Stark', for London; and the new brig Draper, for Bristol, sail first fair wind The Fanny, Mattin, is loading lot Liverpool, to clear on Saturday first. The armed brig FaCter, M'Niece, is loading at London fvr this port. The Kelly, M'llwain, for Liverpool, sailed on Thursday lit The Neptune, Davidson, for Liverpool, is loading, to sail in a few days. T he armed brig Vine, Montgomery, for London, sails first fair wind. • The coppered and armed brig Britannia, Aberdeen, is loading at l. ondon for Belfast, to come off first fair wind alur5ihApriL The Diana, M'Callum, loading for Glasgow, sails first fair wind. The Hawk, M Cormick, also loading for Glas- gow, sails a few days after. The Bee, Rankin, is loading for Dublin. The Alexander, Bruce, is landing for Colerain, to sail first moderate weather. The Betseys, Neilson, at Glasgow ; the Margaret & Nau- cy, Galbraith, at Greenock; and the Dispatch, Jameson, at Dublin, are loading for Belfast. HpO be Sold by AuCtiofi ( cn account of whom it may * concern) at the Stores of GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. Waring- street, on FRIDAY 10th inst at ONE o'clock, 8 Kegs cf WHITE PAINT, ground in Oil, Received per the AURORA, frum LONDON. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. Belfast, April 4. ( ity » NEW FLAX- SEED, ENGLISH & AMERICAN. GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. HAVE FOll SALE, 570 BAGS, just landed from the South of England, the growth of last year, and produced from real RIGA Flaxseed. 650 HOGSHEADS, imporfdper the Protection and Hibernia, from New- Tori. ( 590) Belfast, March S. NEW RED CLOVER- SEED. N W TEAS. ' JAMES M'MASTER IS just LANDING, from on board the LEVANT, from LONDON, Fine HTS" N, Fine and Common CONGOU, and SINGLO TEAS, - ANIl BY THE VINE, 4fi SACKS OF NEW CtOVER- SEED ; WHICH, WITH New- Tori POTASHES, first Brands, And a General ssortment of Goods in the GROCERY LINE, will be sold ou leasonable terms for shjrt payments. 879) North- Street, Belfast, April S. TO BE LET, From First May next, THE HOUSE, No. 54, in Mill- street, at present occu- pied by Mr. WAR e. Also, a very comfortable HOUSE in King- street. As both those Houses are in complete re. pair, they are fit for the immediate reception of genteel Fa- milies.— Apply to JOHN DUNVILL. April 6. ( 905 GEORGE LANG TRY W CO. HAVE for Sale, FORTY SACKS, of very fine Quality.— Also, Bleachers Smalts, American Pot Ashes, Alicajit Bat ilia, Refined Saltpetre, Congou leas. Hff) Belfast, March 13 RUSSIAN YELL. O . CANDLE TAI LOW. A F' U' CASKS, of Prime Qu lity, just arrived for jfA Sals, by SAMUEL BROWN, At his Stores, in Calender- street, WIT! THE TOLUOWL 0 ARTICLES, Fi) ty Hhds. of \' ew Flax- seed, last 1 ended out of the Hibernia, from NEW- YORK; A fcfu Bags Red Chv r- seed, Very superior Jamaica Coffee, in small Barrels. 88i) April s. NEW CLOVEK- SE^ DT & c. WILLI 1M EMERSON IS JUST LANDING from on board the Lav A NT, from LONDON, NEW RED CLOVER- SEED, Of very Superior Quality, Which, with ROLL TOBACCO and SNUFF, of his own Manufacture, and a General As ortment of GROCERIES, k* will sell on reasonable Terms No. 9. North- street, April 3. N. B. TWO TOBACCO PRESSES to be Sold, apply as above._ ( 890 ARCHIBALD & DANIEL M'DONNELL eAVE RECEIVED, by the GEORGE, from LON- DON, Refined Sugar, in Single and Powder Loaves, and Black Pepper, in large Bales, WHICH, WITH 30 Bales Prime Alicant Barilla, And a General Assortment of GROCERIES, SPICES, and DYEWOODS, they will dispose of on reasonable Terms. S93) APnl MARTINS, HAiUiJSON, & CO* ARB LANDING AND HAVE FOB SALE, 100 Puncheons Cork fVhiskey, 100 Hogsheads New- York Flax Seed, 50 Sacks new English Red Clover Seed. A large proportion of which is superior in quality to any at Market. ( 858) Church- Lane, Vlarch 31, 1812. Wholesale Calico, Muslin, Dimity, and lla herd/ is h e ry 11 ' are house, " 2, DOJtEfi ALL- STREET. M- KIBBIN and ROBINSON have received a large Supply of PRINTED MUSLINS, CAUCdES, ( sV. SUITED TO THE SEASAV 5 Which, with an extensive Au- ^ JrwBt of Waisteoating, Velveteens, Cords, Natikiencls, and Grandurells, Will be Sold at Low Prices. Belfast, March 10. N. B. An APPRENTICE WANTED. ( 711 To be Let, from first May, The HOUSE and SHOP, No. 5, in Bridge- street, now occupied by Messrs. M'GOWAN and KANE— Apply as above. r r s.— « = The Public are respectfully nfortn- J> a^ w_ ed, that it is intended the following WSR N- E- TRADERS Sbalhail at the undermentionedferhis: FOR LONDON, The armed brig VINE, Mssi ooMiir... First fair wind The armed brig LEVANT, M KiBRtN 14 days after 13?- These Vessels being armed and completely well found, Insurance by them will consequently be effeCled 011 the most reasonable terms. FOR LIVERPOOL, The NEPTUNE, DAVIDSON 12th inst. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The KELLY, M'ILWAIN 12th inst. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig BRITANNIA, AsuRDe N, on delivery of Teas from the Sales. The armed brig VENUS, PENHS- STHM 11 days after For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs, WM. & JOHN WHARTON, Nicholas' Lane; or, in Belfast, to R. GREENLAW, Agent, Who will receive and forward LINEN CLOTH and other MERCHANDIZE with care and dispatch. A few Stout Lads wanted is APFRBNTICFS to th* Sea, to whom liberal Encoum^ ement Will be { iv « i>, NEW. ci- r SHIPPING LIST, For the Week ending April iwjsi . p.—— ARR1VRB. Hay dork, of and from Liverpool, Morgan, with rock salt. Lively, of Saint Clears, Evans, from Llanelly, with o* k bark. ViCtory, of and from Isle of Martin, Muriro, with herrings tod cod fish. Endeavour, of Fishguard, Thomas, from Cardiff, with bar iron Friendship, of Milfori, from Cardiff, Davis, with bar iron. Lively, of Yarrnoutb, TisdaH, from Bristol and Cardiff, with bar iron, sheet lead, molasses, and oak bark, Ri. bert, of Sirangford, Seed, from Dublin, wiih wheat. Charles, of Newry, Murray, from Drogheda, with oat- meal Visftory, of Cardigan, Davies, from Cork, with hemp, staves, pot ashes, and flaxseed Hope, of Aberystwith, Watkins, from Cardiff, with bar iron. iEolus, of and from New- York, Henry, with flaxseed, leaf tobacco, staves, handspikes, clover- seed, rice, cotton- wool, pine and oak timber, nuts, pine deals, pot ashes, cran- Jijjjfies, & c. SAILRD. ACtive, of Newry, Savage, for Liverpool, With linen cloth flax, pork, feathers, quills, hides, bacon, tong( es and butter. Beaver, of Newry, Forrest, for Liverpool, with linen cloth, butter, pork, flu, soap, and furniture. Farmer, of Saltcoats, Hoggart, for Irvine, with linen cloth, feathers, butter, and apparel. Thirteen Vessels in ballast. The Edward, of and for New- York, Dowdall, cleared outwards the 4th inst. with passengers, sails first fair wind. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On WEDNESDAY next, tie 8' ti hit. at ONE oChct, at tie COMUMRCUL Covfus- emm, THE LEASE of a STABLE and HAY- LOFT in Graham's- Enrry^ held under the late ROBT. THOMP- SON, Esq. for the term of 61 years from the 1st November, 1792, at the yearly Rent of four Guinea*. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. Belfast, April 6. ( 902 TO BE LET, ON LEASER- Frim First May next, rWO NEW DWELLING- HOUSES, in Trafalgar- street, off Nelson- street, fit for the reception ef gen- teel families. *,' The Rent may be fined down, if agreeable to the Tenant. For pnvticalars, apply at No 4, Bauk- lan « . 903) Belfast, April 1. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On MONDAY next, tie 13/ 4 insUnt. at tie Hour of TtPO o'Cloci/ on tbe Premises,. \ WF. LL- SF. CURED PROFIT RENT of ^ 57 per Annum, tor eleven years, from May next, arising oat of that well- knowu and long- established TATRRN, on Han- over Quay, formerly occupied by Mr J. PALMER. Terms, a£ 50 to be deposited at time of Sale, and remain- der, by an approved Bill at three month*! MACFARLAN, Auflloneer. April S. ($ 08 ERR ATA. By an error of the pres3, in our Paper of Saturday, the next Subscription Assembly was announced for Tuesdaa th* 30th, instead of Thursday next tie 9th insl. when it will be held in the Exchange- Rooms. Ill Mr. Pottinger's Address, for Irish Nations, read Irish nation. COTTON WOOL BY AUCTION. GREG & BLACKER WILL SELL BY AUCTION, ar their Stores, in Ann- street, on FRIDAY the 10th inst. at the hour of ONE o'Clock, i 57 Bags Bowed Georgia 1 50 Ditto Pertiambucco COTTON WOOL. 29 Ditto Sea Island J Terms will be declared at time of SJe. MACFARLAN, Aufiioneer. Belfast, April 3. ' 873 NEWRY MARKETS, AFRIL I, WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A YOUNG MAN, well qualified to assist in Teaching i. 3. English, Writing, Arithmetic, and Geography.— Application, by Letter, pnt- paid, to the Rev. GEORGE HAY, Londonderry. N. B. No Person wiil be employed without satisfactory recommendation as to Moral CharaCtor. 870) Londonderry, April 1. . 7 i 0 ^ per barrel of 20st, S 2 ^ per stone i> f 14ib* 20 3 ^ per cwt. of 1121b. 31 € ^ per barrel ef 16st. 0 O '") Wheat Oats Oatmeal Barley First Flour Second ditto....„ Third ditto Fourth ditto Pollard Brail Butter Rough Tallow.. Flax Dressed Ditto Undressed 12 0 12 fi Barilla ( Sicily) 80 0 — 0 0 Ditto ( Alicant) ... 40 O — 0 0 Pot Ashes 44 0 — 46 0 Iron ( Swedish) ...£ 25 — - Do, ( British) £ 1 S — Beef 43 0 — 45 5 1 _ r,,„ n_ Park ,; 96 O _ 45 ' 6 ^ P'^ wt. of H2lb, Liverpool Coals S6 0 — 38 0 Swansea ditto 84 li § — 0 0 C per ton. Malting ditto 32 0 — 34 O j Weight of Bread ttt the Public Bakery this Week. White Loaf, 6oz. | Household Loaf, 13J. 5. U. i, 5 « i, Brown Loaf, 7* 2,' bs. 3oz — Small Bread in proportion. WANTED, AMAN- SERVAN'r, of unexceptionable character. Inquire at the OHRON( CLE- OFVICE. ( 8 In tie Matter of T^ O be Sold by Auc- MA MILTON V C ARSON. (. 1 tion, at the Done- B'jnlrupti f gall- Arms, Belfast, on J WEDNESDAY the 25th day of March inst- at ONE o'clock, the Bankrupts' Interest in the DWELLING- HOUSE and TIMBER- YARD, as lately in the occupation of said JAMES CARSON;— as also in the JV. VELLING- HOUSE and PREMISES in the Pos- session if WILLIAM RRI » . Any information necessary respecting the Title, & c. may be had by applying to WM. CRANSTON, ATTORNEY, Agent to said Commission Those persons who are indebted to laid Bankrupts, are requested to pay the amount of their respective Accounts to WILLIAM CRAIG, th Assignee. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. M- reh 17. ( 775 The above SALE is unavoidably postponed till FRIDA Y the 3d day of April next, when it will be set up to Auction, at the Hour of Two 0' Click. & The above SALE is further Adjourned till FRIDAY tie 17 th of April, at the Hour tf TWO o'Clock, precisely. per cwt. of 112ibi. per ton of 30 cwt. NEW RIGA SOWING FLAXSEED, Growth of 1811. A PARCEL of Fine Quality, just arrived, and for Sal* A at the Stores of ROBERT BATT & CO- March 6. Calendar- street. ( 900 Ship AUGUSTUS. ' jfcra^. ^ rrHB PASSENGERS for this Vessel, are f..^ 1^ 1. requested to be at tbe Office of the Subscribers, on FRIDAY the 17th insc. to settle for their Pa- sage, and go on board for Inspection, as she will sail first fair wind after that period. LAWFORD, TRONSON, & CO. NEWRY, April 4. ( 906 NEW RIGA FLAXSEED. OBERT SIMMS & SON, are landing for Sale, a < Parcel of RIGA FLAXSEED, The growth of last Season, of prime Quality. Belfast, April 6. FOR NEW- YORK, j- jT^ V. THE WELL- KNOWN FAST- SAILING ^ B^ Svw, Amerieasi Ship JEOLUS, CHARLES HENRY, MASTER, Burthen 500 Tons, Now in Port, and will positively sail first fair wind after the 28th inst. with whatever Passengers may » ffer. Those who wish to avail themselves of this favourable opportunity, will please apply immediately to CAPTAIN HENRY, at Warrenpoint ( whose humanity and good con- duCt to his Passengers, for many Voyages, are testified to the relatives in this Country); or, to the Subscriber, who pledges himself thct plenty of the best Water and Fuel, shall be laid in for the Voyage. ANDREW AIKEN. NEWRY, April 4. ( 904 BALL AT EXCHANGE- ROOMS, MRS. MAYWOOD begs leave to inform her Friends and the Public, that her BALL will take place on TUESDAY EVENING, April 14th, at the Exchange- Rooms. Gentlemen's Tickets 6s. 0J. Ladies' Ditto Si1. To commence at Half- past SEVEN .' Clock. ( 887 AN APPRENTICE po THE PRINTING BUSINESS, will be taken at L the Office of this Paper. Apply to DKCMMOND ANP* » ' OK. ) q\ Chronicle Office, April 4. SAMUEL & JAMES CAMPBELL,- AHE LANDING, AND HAVE FOR SALE, Conyu ' nd Green Teas, New- York Flax- seed, Refined Sugar New Red Clover seed, Scale Sugar, Pot and Pearl Ashes, Si r. anI Le'xia Raisins, Upland Georgia, ) Cotton- Mustvtel Raisins, Sea Island j Wool, Turkey Figs, Alicflnt Barilla, Lemons in Chests, ' Bleachers' Smalts, lack Pepper^ Refined Saltpetre, Jamaica Coffee, Ditt'Rosin, Ginger and Pimento, Spanish Flora Indigo, 855) April 1. ALEXANDER STEWART, HAS ON SALE, J A " TRUNCHEONS CORK & DUBLIN WHISKEY il ' which, with every Article in the SPIK. I C LINE, he will dispose of on reasonable Terms. 36, North- street, March 25. N. B. An APPRENTICE WANTED— a Fee will be required. ' 81' FLAXSEED Sc ASHES. J130 Hhds. New New- Ytrk Flaxseed, 24 Half Ditto Ditto. 212 Barrels first sort Pot Ashes, FOR SALE, By THOMAS S. FANNING, Donegal! Quay, Belfast, February 28, 1812. ( 641 TALLOW. 5 Tons Season Rendered Tallow, 25 Serons South American Ditto, 3 Tons Rendered Lard, 20 ' Ions New Barley, For Sale on moderate Terms, Apply to SAM. LAWRENCE, J » N. & Co. COLERAIN, March 2S. ( 844 WANTED AT MAY NEXT, AC01K, & MAN SERVANT. None need offer whose character will not bear the strictest inquiry as to Ability, Sobrittf, & Honeity, 15V. & c. Apply atthe CHRONICLE OvticE. orat MOIINTTERNON. April 3. • ... ( 883 NOTICE TO PASSENGERS. IJ^ HOoB who have engaged their Pas. American Ship DRYAD, HENRY' P. A C O N," MASTIH, FOR; NEW, YORK, Are requested to be in Belfast on Wednesday, ljth April next, as she sails first fair wind after. GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. Belfast, March 20. - - _ ( 79s jj^ A, The PuHlic are resp'eafully inform* f. i^ E4*!* ® 1 ed, that the following '" f ^ x f. ft^ REGULAR TRADERS mil t'ii ftr their respeBive Xirtj.- J&^ MfcC. miti tie fnt fair Wind after tbe dates mentioned : FOR LONDON, The armed brig AURORA, STAKIU First fair wind. The armed brig DONEGAL!,, COURTNEY, 14 days after. FOR LIVERPOOL, . The FANNY, MARTIN 11th April. ' 1 he MINERVA, COLRIENAV.......... Eight days after, FOR BRISTOL, The new brigDRAP.- R, M MULLIN....;. In afew days, FROM LIVERPOOL FOW BELFAST, The COMMERCE, Bisaor.. 31st March. ' J'lie CERES, SAVAOE Ei^ ht days after. FROM LONDON- FOR BEL FAST, The armed brig FACTOR, M'NIECE, on delivery of the Teas from the Prompt. The armed brig ENDEAVOUR, FirSjiMONS, 14 days after. For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER and WILLIAM OGILBY, Unchurch- Yard. Gentlemen who have Linens to forward, wilt pltase send them to GEORGE LANGTRY A few stoat Lftds wanted as Apprer, licet j « the Jt4, A GREAT Variety of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consisting of Chairs, Tab'es. B. eds; Erring, an Eight- day Clock, aud sundry Articles too. numerous to mention — To commence at ELEVEN o'Clock. , Jre YMAfR 0f„ the, iH° USE Wi" ^ precisely at ONE o Clock, on the Premisfs. Terms— Bank Notes down, as no article whatever can be delivered until luily paid for. ., „ , MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. Lisburn, March 31. TO MANUFACTURERS & SPINNERS - pHOMAS & EDMUND GRIMSHAW take the " li. X berty of informing their Friends in the above Line, that they have established the DYING of TURKEY RFH Fast PURPLE and PINK; the Prices moderate, and Co- lours equal to any imported from Glasgow or Manchester 1 hey also Dye every other Colour used in the Manufacture of Giugh ims, & c. & c. 731) _ White- house, March 10, 1812. SAM. HEWITT & SAM. M'MURRAY, JT » ESPECTFULLY beg leave to return their sipcer. tL'V thanks to their Customers and the Public, for the verj liberal encouragement they have experienced since theic commencement in Business. They have at present on hands, a large Assortment of SPIRITS and GROCERIES, their with 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th and 5th FLOUR, fresh'from their MILLS, at. KNocK,. all of which they are determined ts sell on moderate Terms, for good Payments. No. 22, Princes- street— Belfast, Feb. 22, 1812. 6tVT) TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, AT COAL- ISLAND, On MONDAY, 20th April next, at Tit'ELVE a'Clock, fir tie purple of charing Incumbrances off the Property, ' If'HE INTEREST in the LEASE of that valuable FIRM ' of I. AND, in the Townland of Anagmuore, held by the late Mr. G CAHRUTII, nnder ARTHBK ANNESI** Esq The situation and privileges of this exc- Ilent Farm are > o well known, as to require no comment.— For parti-* culars, apply to JAMES J. CARRUTH, ACt. E*. COAt- fs- CANO, M « reh SO. ( 528 ADJOURNED SALE OF OUTSTAND ING DEBTS. In the Matter ef / " J -'> > 0 BE SOLD BY AUCTION, CHARLES PERIS, l ' on WEDNESDAY tbe 25th a Bankrupt. . V of March, 1812, at the Hons* of e——•—•— J of Mr. JAMES MKEAN, in the City of Armrgh, at ONE o'Clock iu the Afternoon, by Or- der of the Comnv- sioners, the OUTSTANDING DEBTS due to the Estate of the saidBankrupt, a Schedule of whi - h may be seen by application tp. JAMJJS TREWMAN BEI. L, Agent to the Assignee, Armagh, or No. 20, Brunswick- street, Dublin. GEORGE MOSSON, Auctioneer. The above Sale is Adjourned to SATURDAY the 11 th day of April next, at Twelve 0' Clock, at the Court- House of Armagh. ( 865 FOR GLASGOW, The Brig HAWK, p? B. M'CORMICK, MASTER, JSSSSAII& ( A constant Tradei), Loading, to sail in a few days. FOR DUBLIN. The BF. F., DAVID RANKIN, Master, « Regular Trader, loading, to sail in a few days. For Freight, apply to GEO. MONTGOMERY, Who will receive and forward Linen Cloth and other Mer- ehand ze, with care and dispatch. The BETSEYS, NEILSOM, at Glasgow; the MARGA- RET & NANCY, GALBRAITH, at Greenock; and the DIS- PATCH, JAMISON, at Dublin, are loading for Belfast Belfast, April 3. d& b ' FOR NEW- YORK, j^ MSJplx jfik American Ship A IL AS, Burthen 560 Tons,' OBADIAH CONGER, MASTER, Daily expected at this Port, and will sail lor NEW- YORK in Three Weeks after her arrival, of which Notice will be given. The ATLAS is a Ship of the very First Class, and high and roomy between Decks— For Passage, apply to HOLMES & BARKLIE. Belfast, March 1811, 12 [ 706 M^ K FOR NEW- YORK, The shiP PLEIADES, JOHN BACKUS, MASTER, ( S80 I'ons Burth- n,) Will posit vely sail for the above For-, on Saturday, 11th of April, weather permitting, and will take about 69 pasjengeis. The PLEIADES is new, staunch, and strong, arj'a re- markable fast sailer; therefore, those who wish to talc,- P. s- sage, will do well to apply immediately to Capt, BACKUP, at JACKSON CLARK'S Tavern. Hanover- Quay; or WILLIAM CRAIG, Belfast! March 31. Lime- Kiln, Dock. R R^- V. FOR KINGSTON, JAMAICA, H THE CORJ& RID AND AKMtD BUS IpP A N T RIM, Will be clear to sail in Eight Days. F01 Freight, & e. apply to CRAWFORD5, WALLACE, & CO. A tew Stout Lads waated as Apprentices. 8- n)', • " MarchN2fl. FOR LISBON. ^ JFI VI< L THE SINE EAST- SAILING SCHOONER, FRIENDS, Jlglggl^ EDW \ RD CONW. tf, MASTER, Has tne principal part of hei Cargo engaged, aud will stil fo. the above Port in a few days. F » r Freig t ^ f the remainder, or I' sa e, apply to M. « , rs, JOHN SHAW &- CO- Broker, or to the Subscriber, Agais. ( « » !.> THOMAS HAYES BELFAST COMMERCIAL- CijliONICLE COURT MARTIAL. Reports having been in circulation relative to an affair of honour which Captain Paterson, of the 77th Regiment, was concerned, and which unfortunately terminated fatally for Capt. Lewis, of the fame Battalion, the friends of that gallant youig Officer think it their duty to lay before the public the proceedings of a General Court- Mar- tial, held by order of General the Earl of Wei- lington, at Aldea de Ponte, on the 27th Decern- ber last. They beg leave to subjoin, that, by a General Order in tke Army, any Officer found guilty of killing his opponent in a duel ( when on service), let the provocation be ever so great, and the duel carried on in the most honourable man- ner, must inevitably be cashiered. This will ac- count to those unacquainted with the circumstance of the rea on why Captain P. declared himself not guilty. Captain Paterson was released from ar- rest, and his acquittal made known to him a few days previous to the storming of Ciudad Rodrigo, where the 77' th distinguished themselves. Captain Paterson's Company lost its Lieutenant and one man move than half its complement in that bril- liant affair. Proceedings of a General Court- Martial, held by v'rtue of a Warrant and in obedience to the orders of his Excellency General Lord Viscount Wellington, K. B. Commander of the Forces in Spain and Portugal, & c. & c. & c. Aldea de Pente, 27ih Lectmler, 1811. Major- Oeneral HCNKV M'KINNON, President, Lieut.- Colonel Woodgat*,., 60th Regiment. Major Russell Manners. 74th —.- Mathew Shaw 74th j, Joseph Thompson 88 th Captain William Hagan 88th Alexander Livii gston.... 60th Br. sil Collins 74th . William Moore 74tb - j- Alexander Martin 45th i Henry Mrore Hin ck.... 45th Lieutenant James Armstrong 88th Thomas Norh 88th William Tew 74th Hugh Forbes 45th Captain James Campbell, 45th Regiment, Ailing Deputy Judge Advocate. The Warrant having been read, and the Court duly sworn, proceeded to the Trial of Captain : Joseph Paterson, of the 77th Regiment. CHARGE. To be tried for fighting a Dcel with Captain Lewis, of the same Corps, on the 11 th of Novem- ber, in which duel the said Captain Lewis received a wound of which he died on the 29th of Novem- ber. The Prisoner, Captain Paterson, pleading Not Guilty, the Court proceeded to the examination ! of witnesses. PROSECUTION. l ieutenant- Colonel John Henry Dnrkin, com- inanding 77th Regiment, informs the Court, that he was no witness to produce to prove, that Cap. tain Joseph Paterson is the Officer who fought % ith, and wounded Captain Lewis; but under- standing in the Regiment, that there had been a dispute the evening before, between Captain Lewis and the Prisoner, he considered it his du- ty to bring Captain Paterson before a General Court- Martial. Question from the Court to Lieut.- Col. Dunkin. Have you done every thing in your power to col- left evidence in support of the Prosecution ? To the best of my judgment I have. First Evidence in support of the Prosecution. Assistant- Surgeon John Biydges being duly sworn, informs the Court, that on the morning of the 11th Nov. he was walking between Forcaihos and Casillas de Flores, and heard the report of pistols or guns, and immediately went to the spot from whence the report seemed to issue, and saw Captain Lewis laying on the ground, with a wound in the right hip ; he was conveyed to his quarters, where evidence examined the wound, with the Surgeon of the Regiment, and found that a ball or some other substance, had passed obliquely downwards towards the abdomen, and finding that the wound was so extremely deep, and had taken that direftion, it was dressed superficially, and other mefans were adopted to prevent inflamma- tion from going on. Evidence continued to at- tend, until ihe 29th of November, the morning of Jlis death, when he dissefleu the parts, and tracing the mreSuin of the ball through the hip- bone, un- der the Illica artery, and lodged in tb » Sacrum ; tnd Evidence has uo doubt, but that this was the cause of his death. Question from the Court— When you saw the deceased on the ground, was there any person pre- \ sent J Answer— Captain Paterson and two others, fcut cannot say who they were, my attention being fart'icu'- aily direfted to Captain Lewis, who im- I mediately said, " Paterson give me your hand, I j forgive you, I am alone to blame, every thing is j fair and honourable on your part." Question from the Court— Had Captain Pater- • c » vny weapon in his hand ? Acswei— None. Did any other conversation pass between von and the deceased, during the time you attendef him till his death r He frequently observed, that he alone was to blame. This was frequently re- peated. Did the deceased never mention to you by whom he was wounded ? Never. Did the Surgeon of the Regiment or any other, assist vou in attending Captain Lewis ? None but Mr. Micklam, whom I consulted occasionally. He was at the time afling as Staff- Surgeon to the Division. Question to Lieut.- Colonel Dunkin, the Prose, cutor, bv the Court.— Do you think that the evi. dence of the Surgeon of the Regiment would throw any farther li ht on the subje£ l ? I do not; and had I conceived it, I should have ordered him to have attended. Here the Prosecutio" closes, DEFENCE, Captain Joseph Paterson being put upon his de- fence, denies the charge preferred against him ; and calls upon Lieutenant- Colonel Dunkin, com- manding the 77th Regiment, and other Officers of that corps, to speak as to his general con- duft. Lieut.- Colonel Dunkin, being duly sworn, considers Captain Paterson as gentleman- like an Officer, and as unlikely to be engaged in a duel, as any Officer of the corps. Major John Rudd, being duly sworn, states to the Court, that his knowledge of, and acquaintance with Capt. Pater- son, commenced in the year 1807, when he joined the 77th Regiment, at Lincoln, from that period, he has observed Captain Paterson to possess a strong disposition to live on terms of the utmost cordiality and friendship with his brother Officers. Captain Hugh Maclaine,- being duly sworn, states as follows: that he has known Capt. Pater- son since the year 1807, and has been in ha- bits of intimacy with him, and his principles as a gentleman, an officer, and a man of honour, were such as he should wish to imitate. Capt. Patrick Baird, h. iving been sworn, states, that he has been acquainted with Captain Pater- son since the year 1807, when he had the plea- sure of meeting with him at Lincoln, and has been a good deal in his company, and the idea he has formed of him, is quite the reverse of being quar- relsome. Captain Paterson, in concluding his defence, wishes to state to the Court, that. he has been near- ly It years in the army, and has lost an only bro- ther on service in this country. Here closes the Defence. OPINION & SENTENCE." " The Court having weighed an*', considered the evt- " dence in support of the prosecution, with what the pri- " snner, Captain Paterson, has brought forward in his de- " fence, are of opinion, that he is Not Guilty of the charge " preferred against him, and do acquit him thereof, for " want of sufficient evidence. ( Signed) " H. M'KtNNON, " Major- General, and Pre, ident." ( Signsd) " JAMES CAMPBELL, " Capt. 45th Regt Dep. Judge Advocate." Aldei de Pont!, 3d January, 1812. The Court having re- assembled this morning, for the purpose of revising their sentence, passed opon Captain Paterson, of the 77th regiment, ac- cording to orders s " The Court having revised their Sentence, and having " reconsidered the whole matter laid before them on the " trial of Captain Paterspn, of the 77th regiment, were still " of opinion, that he is Not Guilty of the charge preferred " against him, and do therefore most fully acquit him there- " of. Moreover, the Court are of opinion, that from the " dyin » words of the late Captain Lewis, blame alone was attached to himself. ( S'sned) " H. M'KINNON, " Major- General, and Presid.' nt." ( Signed) " JAMES CAMPBELL, " Capt. 45( h Regt. Dep. Judge Advocate." Confirmed. ( Signed) " WELLINGTON." COUNTY DOWN ROMAN" CA- THOLIC MEET1NG. [ 7' he following is the Speech of MARK Dureuir, Esq. at the above Meeting, at Ncwry, on Monday, the 23d ult,~] " Mr. CHAIRMAN— Before I offer the Petition and Resolutions which I hold in my hand, to the consideration and adoption of this Meeting, it is necessary that I should state to> the Catholics of this County that their Delegates have been ob- strnfted in carrying the Resolutions of their last Meeting into execution, in concert with the Gene- ral Committee oi'the Catholics of Ireland, by the Government of this country ; and, that of course and necessity, Aggregate Meetings have become necessary, to bring our Petitions before Parliament. " When it is considered that the Government of this country have uniformly acknowledged and professed the utmost confidence in the loyalty and patriotism of the Catholic Nobility and Gentry of this country, it is difficult to account for/ heir hav- ing arrested and dispersed that very body of Men, to prevent their approaching the Legislature of their country with an humble Petition, and not resist the assemblage of the Mobility for the same purpose. " Is it to their incapacity we shall attribute it ? No!— it's rather to be attributed to the hardness of their hearts, producing an obscurity of intellect, which, like Pharaoh's, produced the ruin of him- self and his country. " Indeed I think this is not the only glaring in- consistency observable in the present Administra- tion. By the Aft of 1793, Catholics may hold commissions in the army, in Ireland: a Bill, to ailow them the same privilege in every other part of the Empire, was refused; turned out the Mini- sters that proposed it, and introduced the present Ministry— so then the sword is put into the hands of the Catholic of Ireland, in that country where, of all others, he could do most mischief with it, if so disposed ; and it is refused him in every other part, where, if ill disposed, he could do little or no mischief with it. I will ask any rational, impar- tial man, whether such a Ministry be fitter to con- duft the affairs of a Great Empire, or Subjefts for a Lunatic. Hospital ?—[ Great applause. " The efforts bf the Minister to impede the Ca- tholics from Petition, has had a most happy con- sequence for' the Catholics, because, what I pre- dated in this house not longer than six month* ago, as likely to happen, has aftually come to pass. All of the Protestants of Ireland, most dis. tinguised for probity, honour, rank, wealth, ta- lent, and public spirit, are Catholic advocates: j the bribed, the pensioned, the hireling, the ex- || pedant, and the bigot, only against as,— Applause. " The Protestants, who see tl| at C lWic Emancipation is Protestant security and Irish Drosneritv ( in which prosperity thev must largely participate), now petition for u « : but I am not disposed to believe that Mr. Perceval will coincide even to the Protestants of Ireland any snch salu- tary boon, when I find him endeavouring to call forth all th » bieotry of England tr> overthrow Irish Protestant liberality and Patriotism. " Will Mr. Perceval have the goodness to statfe, whether it is the moralit'-, creed, or discipline of the Catholic Chnrch, that make ns unfit to, be Frpemen ? Mr. Perceval knows, thatt he Roman Catholic Church teaches exaftlv the same moral duties with his own, and enforces it as strongly, and Finnishes its infraflion with still more severity than h's does: what is a virtue in the Protestant, is the same in the Catholic— and vice versa. Is it because on certain days and seasons I live on fasting fare, to subdue my passions, and atone for my sins, while Mr. P. indulo- ps in the luxuries of his table, T am unfit to be a Freeman. " Is it because I pray for the living and the dead, and Mr. P. prays only for the living, that I' am dangerous to the S'ate and Society ? " Is it because our Clergy live in celibacy, while his enjoy the blessings and comforts of ma- trimony, that our Clergy and their Flocks along with them are to be proscribed ? No, no, this cannot he the cause; for Mr. Perceval knows that the Catholics of Spain and Portugal believe and praflice as we do ; and yet he expends the wealth of the Empire, and hundreds of thousands of lives, to support their liberty and independence What then is the cause of holding the Irish C tholic in such abhorrence and slavery ? I believe from my soul, it is this, and only this— we are all, great and small, rich and poor, GUILTY of the original, unpardonable, mortal sin of being born IRISHMIN.—( Applause.)— Mr, Perceval knows we form more than three- fourths of the population of Ireland, and if made free, would join our Protes- tant countrymen to demand the restoration of her rights, and then the vastresoti'ces of our conn, try would be direfted to onr own interests, to the prejudice of English monopoly and insulting perioritv.— Applause. " While Mr. Perceval and his party direft the concerns of the StatP, I have but faint hopes of seeing the religious fends and persecutions exist- ing in poor Ireland ( to the ruin of her peace, dis- grace of Christianity, and encouragement of her enemies) repressed or punished, sincc I think it plainly observable that the road to promotion and profit, is to foment them, and the very reverse to those that would discontinue or reprobate them— ( Apphruse.)— What promoted ?• Duigenan to a seat in the Privy Council, or a'Giffard to place and pension ! he that runs may read.—. What re- moved I. ord Harrington from the chief command in Ireland, was it because he forbid the badges of Orangeism being worn br the troops— what re- moved hi3 br# ve Son from the Staff of Ireland — was it because he publicly approved of his Fa- ther's conduft. and partook of Irish hospitality. —" Alas 1 poor, prostrate, murdered Ireland." " Unprized are yonr Sons till thev learn to betray, " Unheeded tw- y pass if thfy shame not their Sires, " And the torch that would lead them to Dignity's way, « MostW CSU- Jhtfrom the pile where their Country ex- " pires. " Renown'd for their courage, on each Foreign shore, " Each Narinn in Europe would wish them their own, ' For England they conquer and bleed at each oore; " By England insulted and trampled at home." " The Catholics of Ireland have long cherish- ed the fond hope, that the arrival of the Prince'of Wales at regal power, wonH be the day of their | deliverance— in all their aftliflions, this was their I greatest consolation— the thought they might i then, as Maro did on the birth of Pollio, sing | with cheerful hearts, Nunc redi' et Virgo, . Redaent j SaturniaRegna et Nova Progemis Calo demittit-. r r. lto : j " This hope'is not, however, realizev- but thank i God we are consoled for this loss, in the rynipathy j of all our Christian Countrymen— I tak God to j witness this day, I would not abandon their friend- I ship, for the smiles of the greatest Pi inee on earth. J " To my Lord Castlereagh, who is again asso- ' ciated with Mr. Perceval, I beg leave to addtess a few words, and ask a few questions:— I remem- ber well, my Lord, the commencement of your political career— yonr eleflion for the County of Down— you were then hailed by your Country as the Immaculate Youth, the Magna spes altera Roma of your Country. And truly, my Lord, had your uncommonly powerful and splendid talents been direfied to the interests of your Country, she would not ( as she has this day) have reason to mourn over her great misfortunes. " Von - hen publicly and solemnly pledged your- self to promote the interests of your Country, and Reform in the C immons House of Parliament.— How have you fulfilled your promise ? You have lent, your powerful aid to extiipate, to exterminate, to transport lis." Parliament of your Country, and thus leavo the interests of your Country at the will of an English Minister: had you sold but your own birth- right f. r a mess of pottage, you might have been pitied though despised, not execrated as you are. " To accomplish this blessed measure, you held forth to the Catholic the cheering prospedf of Emancipation. How do you propose fulfLf'ng this engagement f— I suppose, pretty much in the same wiy you fulfilled your promise to your first constituents ; not by raising the Catholic to a level with the Protestant, but reducing the Irish Pro testant to a level with the Catholic. Why I think you will effeft this, may be learned from another question I will ask you, and I pray Heaven that your answer may convince me that my fears are not well- founded 1 " Let me suppose, my Lord, that an Afl of Parliament were to be passed, that would degrade your Noble Father from his honours, and remove him from the Governorship of the County of Down— that the same Aft would remove you from your office, your regiment, and the House of Co nmons— and your brave arid truly gallant brother from the command in which he has served his country so gloriously— that this A< Sl would go still farther, and stamp such a maik on every branch and ramification of the Londonderry Fa- mily, its descend. ints, and posterity, to the latest generations, as to reduce them to the present con- dition of the Catholics of Ireland— that a mob of the most ignorant, illiberal, « nd bigottej of the community weie instigated to assemble annually, fo commemorate the downfall of yoftr family— that the same mob would exhibit the most insult- ing badges, and use the moSt insulting language to add to your misfortunes— that the same mob would occasionally intrude on the innocent recrea- tions or amusement of your friends, murder some of them, and wound raany others—' hat the Go- vernment, when applied to for their aid to brin2 the murderers to justice, would refuse it— that, in this distressing situation, yonr family and friends would selefl yon, and others of their friends of the most considerable rank and talent, to prepare a Petition to Parliament for relief from their suffer- ings— that the Minister, to prevent your approach to that Parliament, would arrest yofi, and exert all its power, to convitft ycu of evil mind and se- ditions intention— I ask you, my Lord ( and this pifli. re is not overcharged in its colouring, no, but far from it indeed), how would you feel affefled to that Government ? " You are, my Lord, a good judge of human nature, and I will not anticipate your answer ; but I will tell you, my Lord, that if there was not more stern loyalty and genuine attachment to the British Constitution in the Catholics of Ireland, than there is justice," mercy, or sound policy in Mr. Perceval and you, I really believe, the sul- jefls of the Empire would soon have cause to mourn over the Tomb of British Liberty. " To the Orange Societies of this country I would say, in pity, in Christian charity, and love for my country's peace ar. d happiness, do you feel less of the comfort and benefit of the sun's light, because it shines on the Catholic ? Certainly not. Would it lessen your liberties, your comforts or prosperity, if the Catholic was a Freeman ? No indeed, but it would secure and increase them all. Will you, then, my dear, ( hough misguided coun- trymen, for the privilege of insulting your Catho- lie neighbour, disturb the peace and obstru'ft the prosperity of your country, in which you, your children and pos'erity would share, for a gratifi- cation that would disgrace an Indian ? O, my coilntrymen, rather lay down the name of Chris- tian, than petsevere— every page of the Scripture condemns you ; take my advice, then, and yours and vonr chiTdrens' happiness will be secured— the British Constitution, the integrity of its Em- pire, fixed fitni and unalterable ; otherwise, I fear, we and you will become the miserable slaves of a Corsican Tyrant. " To my Catholic countrymen I say, length of years, and much acquaintance with my country- men of every religion, enables me to assure you, that the surest road to your happiness and pro- sperity, here and hereafter, is to be friendly, affec- tionate, and faithful to your Protestant neigh- bours. You owe them ever j kindness and friend- ship for their exertions in your favour— and, for the sake of Him who suffered death for you, be ready to serve your enemies, as He did. It is with pride and pleasure I confess it," that, during a long life, the most remarkable afls of disinter- ested friendship I ever experienced were from Protestants and Dissenters. To such adts, of an Anderson, a Carson, a Hanna, now no mote ( may Heaven be their lot!) and a Gordon, yet living ( and may heliv- long and happy !) do I, perhaps, owe a great part of my present happiness. " You, my Catholic countrymen, possess common with all your . fellow- subjefls, the inv. luable privilege of the E'e^' ve Franchise ; may I hope and entreat you will never use it to the in- jury of yourselves or your country. Scorn to be bsught, or you cannot complain of being sold'. Can you complain of being slaves, if you vote for him that votes for your slavery ? Vo e only for those that vote for yonr Emancipation and Ire. land's rights," and Ireland will soon be as she laps, s, ia nvai- ougbt to be. EXECUTION. WINCHESTER, MARCH 28.— On Saturday morn,- ing last, soon after eight o'clock, Julian Dubois and Guilliaame Beury were taken from the Jail to the usual place of execution, and after a sho'r{ time spent in prayer, Were, a little before nine; launched into eternity. Since their condemna- tion their conduct was orderly, and they had re- gularly joined in prayer with Mr. White the Ca- tholic Piiest, who attended them daily with the greatest assiduity— On the morning of the exe- cution, the officer of the prison went to their cells, soon after five o'clock— he found the prisoners in an almost lifeless state, and the floor covered with blood. The Surgeon of the prison was imme- diately sent for, whose aid prevented the further effusion of blood, and sufficiently recovered the prisoners to attend to the exhortations of the Priest, who convinced them of the heniousness of their attempts upon their own lives, and they ex- pressed their contrition for it. They effected their purpose by means of a sharp piece of glass, with which they made an incision in their arms, and then enlarged it with an old nail, sharpened, which they had concealed between the upper part and sole of their wooden shoes. They had ex- pressed a wish to have their mode of death chang- ed from hanging to being shot; when apprised of the impossibility of their request being grant- ed, they appeared resigned to their fate. Beury, with the impression that he should effectually de. stroy himself, had left a written paper in his room, stating " That a valiant Frenchman, when sen. tenced to die by the common executioner, rather tlian disgrace himself, his family, and his coun- try, by such an. ignominious death, prefers to die by his own hands. 4'— At the time of receiving sentence of death, and at the place of execution, he extlaimed— Vi ve le Empereur— After their bo- dies had hung the usual time, they were taken down and buried in the Catholic burial ground, near this city — They were both 28 years of age. Beury was a cannonier in the French artillery, and forced into it by the Conscription— Duhois belonged to the Marine, and was taken at Gua. daloupe. An eagle, of an extraordinary siae and fierce- ness, was lately killed at Moyeuvre, department of the Moselle It attacked a man who had alight- ed from his horse to pick up something fiom tha ground ; and notwithstanding he repeatedly strugk jt, and called out for assistance, would not relin- uish his hold, until some peasants ran up and ^ ispatched it. MISCELLANEOUS. We feel pleasure in publishing the following interesting statement, relative to a late trial at ' Derry, which has been communicated to us by a respectable Correspondent there :— « On the 84th March, Dtniel and John M- Lu- cas weie tried, and found guiltv, as mentioned in a late Paper, of enticing Wm. Hall, ?. young Ld, to steal hats from his father, and receiving them from him at a very low value; after which, they used to allure the lad to drink and gamble v : rt them, until they thus inveigled the little rrion.' y they had given him back again. The circum- stances which which led to ; he discovery of die fraud, were these:— By the good providence " of God, that profligate young man went to hear a Sermon in the Methodist Preaching-' hoase of Derrv, which was attended with such good effert, that 1 e went home in tears, and taking his parent? uo stairs, he there confessed with unfeigned sorrov", that he had been for years past in the habit nf taking fine hats out of" his father's shop, and sell- ing them at a low price to the M'Lucas's; the father very readily forgave the prodigal, and re- joiced to see such tokens of his contriuon and re- formation. " The next day, information living been given before the Mayor, he imprisoned the two culprits, who ailedged, thai being competitors in the same business, Mr. Hall had bribed his son to destroy' ' their charaflers; the young man, however, made an affidavit, completely exonerating his father from snch an imputation, and staing, that his confession was qntiiely owing : o the efieft of the Sermon upon his mind. He was, however, c< re- mitted to Jail as an evidence, where be and the culprits remained four months, during which time, I visited him by his own desire, an. J found him deeply penitent, reading his Bible, and seeking ths pardon of his sins with earnestness and devotion. When the trial came on, they endeavoured to invalidate the lad's testimony, by the black history of his past life ; but this attempt lost all its force by the young man's candid confession of his past folly, and praising God for his present refornta. tinn. The Ilun. Baron M'Clelhssd, who sat on the Bench, asked the youth what it was which first moved him to make, the confession he had done ? he answered, " It was a sermon 1- heard, my Lqrd." " Was it a Methodist sermon V' said the Judge. " It wis, my Lord." " By whom was it pr, ached V' » By Mr. A." " Where did he preach it J" " In the Methodist Preaching- hou. se of this City." « Then," said his Lordship, « if the sermon had such an effett upon vou, nod. Hi; t you can tell us the subjeft ?" « Yes," replic.: t! ,- lad, " I thank God I can ; it was Peter' j... iyj0i. Jesus Christ, and repenting afterwards fir,<. mercy." An attempt was then made to c. i: iII question his having been at the D& thodbi. prefc- ing that night; but this having also failed, r; » Hon. Baron addressing the Jury, observed, . t " whatever the young man's past life may h ve been, it is evident a change has taWn ' place upon him, and, for my part, I am penYchy satisti^ d o< the truth " f his evidehce." The jf. ry shewed they were- cf the same mind, bv immcdiilely le- turning a verdift of guilty, and » ; • f>; ivmers i^ W" sentenced to twelve ' months imprisonment, and to be publickiy whipped through the slreeis of Derry, the latter pan of which sentence- I since : aw ( not without emotions of pity, though richly merited) carried into execution. I trust the e:; Jmple will have a good effeft, both upon themselves and others. Fxtrafl; of. a Letter from C, uricL- on- Suir. Notwithstanding the capital convictions which have so recently taken place at the assizes ac C'lonmel and Waterford, we are sorry to find that the" system of Carhvatisi. i continues to pre- vail vvith undiminished terror in the neighbour- hood of Carrick- on- Suir, where the devoted pea- sants ( in many ins ances) like the deluded In- dians,. worship their savage lenders more through fear than love! An old man of the lowest class; the opposite neighbour of J^ an, ( who some weeks ago was most inhumanly murdered in the sujmibs of tliat town) horror s'. ruck at the sight of the mutilated carcase of Lis intimate, exclaim- ed at the wake, that if the wire could identify the murderers of her husband, she ought to swear against them. In consequcnce of those words, he was dragged. from his'bed on the night, of Monday last, the 30th iust. to the outside of his cabin door, and there beat most inhumanly until left for dead ; his daughter threw herself on the body of her aged parent, to save him from their blows, aud was also cut dreadfully in the head, and beat with savage barbarity. His son, who slept in a house adjoining, rushed one armed with a pitchfork to their defence, and in some degree succeeded in putting ths ' assailants to flight, and as it appears must have inflicted a severe wound on some one of the party, a too h, belonging to one of the villains, fresh torn from its socket, with the flesh of ' tie gum largely ad- hering to it, having been, as it is supposed, thrust out with the point of the pitchfork, having been found at the door. Application was made early next morning by the . poor woman so severely beat, to Counsellor Herbert, who with Captain Blake, of the North Mayo Militia, a Magistrate of the County, proceeded to the sp it, and, on information giyen by the pld man, secured a person of the name of Hiikey, under very cor- roborating suspicious circumstances, who has, we hear, been idenified by the old man, Read, whose life, we Hear, is despaired of. Same night, at Motbil, two miles the o'. her side of Carrick, in the county Waterford, the house of an industrious man, who had been warn • ed by the Caravats a week before, to throw up his farm, was surrounded, but having expected their attack, so well had he secured the entrance, that they found it impracticable to force admit- tance, whereupon they effmbed upon the roof of the house, and stripping the thatch from about the chimney, they fired down through the breach, and shot dead a fine boy of three years old, at the mon* nl vainly clinging for protection round the neck of its unfortunate mother, who tar ad- vanced in a state of pregnancy, has been reJuccd to a state that leaves little hope that she can long survive the event. BELFAST: rrinttd and Published BY DKUMMOKD ANVMUTT. ft
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