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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 4
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 04/04/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 93    Issue Number: 4
No Pages: 4
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fcAor? 08Ti_ ,' OL. 93. PRINTED BY * AJVE> FOR T. E. BICEY, Wl SUTTON, ^ JFE) R, SM1THSOJYi > i. T9T^< X SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 181- 2. No. 4. leady Money is expected ) with Advertisements. i , Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, 1 Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. - r, ,, \ Stamp- Dutv - I RICE 0(/;|. ( Paper and Print 3d. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, March 31. TjPHE Gazette contains two long letters from. Captain JL Codrington, of the Blake, dated off Mataro, Jnn. 20 nud Feb. 2, which give the particulars of the most effectual assistance afforded to the Spaniards by the British squadron stationed off the coast of Spain, in annoying the enemy. Carlton House, March 24.— His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased in the name and on th » behalf of his Majesty, to appoint Robert Jocelyn, Esq. commonly called Viscount Jocelyn, to be Treasurer of his Majesty's Household. The Bulletin of the state of the King shewn at St. James's yesterday was as follows:— 44 fVindsor Castle, March 28.— The King continues nearly in the same state." ( Signed by the five Physicians.) Two Lisbon mails, and one from Cadiz, have been received; from the contents of which the most important intelligence from the Peninsula may be expected. The nrtillery and stores for tlie siege of Badajoz were collected at Elvas, where Marshal Beresford had arrived on the 7th, and the Earl of Wellington himself on the 11th inst. The investment of Badajoz it was thought would take plstco on the 13th instant. Should the enemy unite their forces for irs relief, Lord Wellington is determined to give them battle. The Lisbon Gazettes contain dispatches from Lord Wel- lington to the Portuguese Regency, dated February 2T, and March 4, both from Frevnada. In his latter dispatch, his Lordship mentions a successful effort . of a party of DJMI Julian Sanchez's corps, who had attacked and destroyed a Irfufv of the enemy between Alba de Formes and Salamanca. His Lordship incloses a dispatch taken from the French on this occasion, which clearly shews the precarious tenure on u hich the enemy possess those parts they pretend to have organised and conquered. Mr. Thornton, the British Envoy, sailed on Thursday morning, in the Alexandria frigate from Leith Roads, bound to Stockholm in the first place, and ultimately to St. JVtersburgh. Matters in this quarter are still in obscurity to us: the mission, however, of the above Gentleman, is a convincing proof, that Bonaparte is not yet, at least, conceived to have arranged them according to his will and pleasure. It has already been noticcd, that Bonaparte has granted licenses to the merchants of different places to trade with Kngland. Advices were received yesterday from Holland, sitting, that a Dutch vessel, of about 400 tons, was pre- paring to sail for this country, under the protection of a - Trench license, with a cargo of butter and cheese, and with the intention of taking back articles of colonial produce. A spirited decree lias been issued by the gallant and enterprising Spanish Chief, Mina, ordering retaliatory mea- sures to be carried into force against the enemy. " The atrocious and scandalous conduct of the enemy in this king- dom," says the patriotic Chief, " has arrived to the highest jiitch of iniquity ; constant in his project of usurpation, he lifts pursued a system of terror, blood, and devastation." I fr.- ive Incessantly written most energetically to the French <, Ynera! s in Navarre, requesting they would reduce the war To its true limits. I am, therefore, justified ill my pro- ceedings, and could, were it necessary, convince the public of the necessity of the present Decree. " Art. 1. til Navarre war and death, without quarter, is declared against all French soldieis and Officers, including the frmpcror himself— 2. The French Officers or soldiers taken with or without arms in any action, shall be hung, and, in their uniforms, placed in the High roads.— 3. Any Officer, soldier, or person, of whatever description, who assists or * nflers aFrenchman toescape, shall infallibly be shot.— 4. Any pt- rsons speaking against or concerning this Decree, shall be i" hot, arid their property distributed - among the division.— 5. The hous » in riity town in which any Frenchman is con cealed shall be bu'rht, and its inhabitants » bo » . The Decree prohibits. all provisions, Stc. fro. n being taken • to Pamprluna, it being declared in a state of siege, under Vain of death ; and that all persons attempting to enter it, shall, without ceremony be fired upon, and if wounded and taken, immediately hung; that all persons choosing to quit the enemy shall be received with humanity, but not suffered to return. The Prince Regent went in state, yesterday ( Easter Sun- » lnv) to the Chapel Royal St. James's, and took his seat in jhe royal pew, surrounded by his brothers. — After the jwrvice, he received the sacrament from the hands of the Bishop of London.— The cavalcade, to aud from the chapel, uas very splendid. The Hon. Mr. Secretary Ryder last week laid before his Jfoval Highness the Prince Regent several petitions on be- 1 nlf of the unfortunate debtors now confined in various of I, is Majesty's gaols, among whom those in the King's Bench prison and its vicinity, including their families, amount to 4,000 The remains of the late Mr. Home Tooke were yesterday deposited in the vault belonging to his family, in Ealing fhtirch. Besides Mr. Tooke's relations, there were pre- sent Sir Francis Burdett, Sir William Rush, Mr. Bnsvillf, flajor Cartwright, & c. & c. Mr. Tooke had an annuity of J 1,500, and his two daughters are to have an annuity of f'iOO. On Monday, at twelve o'clock, were executed at Ipswieh, in the presence of an immense number of spectators, Edmund alias Edward Thrower, for the murder of Thomas Mid Elizabeth Carter; and John and Elizabeth Smith, for the murder of the daughter of the former.— Thrower con- fessed himself guilty of many enormities, but denied all knowledge of the murder laid to his charge, and affirmed that evprv thing he had said about the same was mere idle talk, and not true. Smith and his wife both confessed their guilt, acknowledging it to have been their intention to destroy all their children. CAMMtinor, March 27. Richard Watts, Esq. and Mr. ltenry f„ Kitten, of Trinity hall, were vrt Friday last ad- mitted Bachelors of Arts. Mr. Win. Jefferson, B. A. of Jesus college, w'as on Friday last elected a Fellow of that Society. The subject of the Sealonian Prize Poem for the present year is— Joseph making himself known to his Brethren OXFORD, March 28. On Thursday last, Mr. Frederick Charles Blacksfone was admitted Scholar of New College. On Saturday the 21st instant, the last day of Lent Term, the Rev. Win. Henry Campion, of Brmenose college, and the Rev. Henry Fielding, of Worcester college, B. A. were ad- mitted to the degree of Master of Arts. The Rev. Marcus l) rury, M. A. of Trinity college, Cambridge, was admitted ad enndent. The number of degrees ill Lent Tenn was D. I). two; B. I). fours M. A. twenty- two; II. A. forty- five; and B. M. one.— Matriculations seventy- two. BEDFORDSHIRE QUARTER- SESSIONS. NOTICE is hereby given. That at the next GENE- R A L QU ART Kit SESSIONS of the PEACE to be held for this COUNTY, on WEDNESDAY the 8th Day of A rRIT,, 1812, and at every fufure Quarter- Sessions the Court will open at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon precisely, at which Hour the Grand and Petit Juries, the High Constables, and all Persons summoned, bound by Recognizances, or having Business to do, are desired to attend in Court ; all Persons who are hound over by Recognizances to prosecute, or give Evidence upon any Bill or Bills of Indictment, are required to attend and deliver proper instructions at my Office, on Tuesday Evening, or by Eight o'clock on Wednesday Morning; and all Appeals" are tit be entered by Nine o'clock on Wednesday Morning. TREED PEARSE, Clerk of the Peace. Uedford, March ' 20th, 1812. GEORGE CLARKE, ( Son in Lttw to Mr. IV. Fiao, Shoe- Manufacturer, London), FEELS it his Duty to cmbrare every Opportunity to thank his Friends, and the Public ill general, for the very distinguished Preference which he has experienced since his Commencement, and which lie alone can attribute to his honourable Mode of dealing, and the uncommonly extensive Variety of Stock, which above most others he is enabled fit all Times to produce, at his CHEAP SHOE WAREHOUSE, opposite the Cock Inn, HIGH- STREET, STONY. STRAT- FORD, Bucks; where maybe found a great Choice of. L \ DIES' FASHIOMIUE and STRONG SHOPS, of every Description-, GENTLEMEN'S STRONG and LIGHT SHOES of all Sorts ; an Assortment of BOYS' STRONG SHOES, and CHILDREN'S BOOTS and SHOES of every Kind. N. 11. Shops supplied on the lowest Terms. SWEDISH TURNIP SEED, WARRANTED new Transplanted, Yellow Sort, of very superior Quality, grown by Mr. SAMUEL SANDON, ofNoRTHILL, who is known to be famous for the " best Sort ; sold bv him at Northill, and by Charles Prver, Ironmonger, Biggleswade, Beds ; also by Messrs. Carrington & Pryer, Ironmongers, St. Neots, Hunts- ~ NORTHAMPTON NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, that the next General Quarterly Meeting of the Commissioners acting for thp Western Division of the NAVIGATION of the River NEN, will be held at the GUILDHALL, in NORTHAMPTON, on FRIDAY the 10th Day of APRIL next, 4t Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, for transacting the Business relative to the said Navigation. SAML. HOLT, Treasurer. Northampton, March 31, 1812. ' SALE POSTPONED. rT, HE Public are respectfully informed that the SALE of * EST ATI-: in the Parish of NORTON, Herts, with an Advowson, will not take Place till about the Middle of JUNE next.— Timely Notice of which will he given in this Paper. KETTERING, 20th March, 1812. SUCH Persons who still stand indebted to the late Firm of WILKINS & SAMBROKE ( the Dissolution of which Partnership took Place ia the Life Time of the late Mr. Sambroke, and an Authority then signed bv the Firm empowering Mr. MARSHALL, Solicitor, Kettering, to collect in all the outstanding Debts) are hereby required to pay the Amount of their respective Debts to him, without delay, otherwise they will be sued for the same without further Notice. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, . Jt DUSCHURCir, in the County of Warwick, AGood substantial POST WINDMILL, late the Pro- perty of Mr. WILLIAM BURBIDGE ; the above Mill being now obliged to be taken down and removed immediately. For further Particulars, or to treat for the same, apply to Mr. JOSEPH SMITH, of Dunchurch aforesaid. THE LEMAN ESTATE AT WARBOYS. Extensive and valuable Freehold Estate, comprising several compact Farms, with convenient Farm- Houses, and a well- dccustomed Public- House, called the Royal Oak. To be PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to a Dec- ee of the High Court of Chancery, hearing Date the 17Mi Day of August, IfllO, made in a Cause wherein Justinian Casamajor, Esq- and others, are Plaintiffs, and James Cranbourne Strode, Esq. and others, are Defendants, with the Approbation of John Simeon, Esq. one of the Mas- ters of the said Court. By Messrs. DRIVER, At the George Inn, Huntingdon, on Saturday the IR'h Da(- bf April, 1812, at Eleven o'L'I- ick in the Forenoon, in 14 Lots, ^ TMIE very extensive and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, at I WARBOYS; comprising several corr> pact Farms, with convenient Farm- Houses, and a well . accustomed Public- House, called the Royal Oak, the Whole containing about !) 00 Acres of remarkably rich Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wool Land, Tithe- free, and exonerated from the land- Tax, latethe Property of WILLIAM STRODE, Esq. deceased, most eligibly and conveniently situate at Warbovs, in the County of Huntingdon, about six Miles from the County Town, six from Sainf Ives, IS from Cambridge, and 65 from London, in the Occupation of sundry re- ipectabie Tenants at Will. The above Estate mav be viewed by Application, to Mr Wm. Elmer, at the Royal Oak, Warboys, of whom printed Parti, oil iri may be had ; also at the said Master Simeon's Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane ; ot Messrs. Hanrott Sr. Metcalfe, and Messrs. Woodcock & Bateman, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn; of Messrs. Nettleship, Solicitors, Grocefs'- Hall, Poultry; of Messrs. Driver, Survayors and Land. Agents, Kent Road, or at their Offices in the Auction. Mart, - London ; at the Geoige, Huntingdon ; Crown, Saint Ites; George, Chatteris; Rose and Crown, Wisbech; White Hart, Ely; Angel, Peterborough ; and Rose, Cambridge. AMPTHILL. BEDFORDSHIRE. A GENTEEL FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, And may be entered on immediately ; /"^ OMP- IUSIN'G a substantial Brick and tiled House, with a good Parlour and sitting Room, five comfortable Sleeping- It norns; pood Kitchen, Store- Room, Scullery, Wood- Barn, with a Well of excellent Water, Lead. Pump to Ditto; and good Garden, pleasantly situate at AMPTHILL, late in the Occu- pation ot Mrs. Goldsmith. Ampthill is a very pleasant Market Town, 45 Miles from Lordot), through which a Coach passes daily. For further Particulars and to treat for the same, apply to Messrs. I1 inn. Se PHIFPS, Auctioneers, House and l. ntid- - salts, Tinibet- Surveyors, 3cc. AntpthilUnd Clopthill, Beds. THE LEMAN ESTATES AT RAMP TON. Vahuhk Freehold Estate, comprising the Manor of Rumptott, and sundry Farms, situate in the. Parish if Hampton, in the County of Cambridge. To be PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, hearing Date thel7th Day of August, 1810, made ina Cause wherein Justinian Casamajor, Esq. and others, are Plaintiffs, and James Cranboume Strode, Esq. and others, are Defendants, with the Approbation of John Simeon, Esq. one of flic Masters of the said Court, By Me. ssre. DRIVER, At the Rose Inn, Cambridge, on Monday the 20th Day of April, 1812, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, in. 35 Lots, r|^ IlE remarkably valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE at » RAMPTON; comprising the Minor, and sundry verv desi nbleFarms, containing upwardsot 450 Acres, withaEarm. House and Offices, Barns, Stables, Granary, and other convenient Outbuildings, late the Property of WILLIAM STRODE, Esq. deceased, most eligibly situate in the Parish of RAMP- TON, in the County of Cambridge, about 12 Miles from Sain'. Ives, II from Ely, seven from Cambridge, and 58 from London. The above Estate may be viewed by Application to Mr Francis Mann, the Tenant to the Farm; and printed Particulars had at the said'Master Simeon's Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane; of Messrs. Hanrott & Metcalfe and Messrs. Woodcock & Batsman, Solicitors. Lincoln's Inn of Messrs. Nettleship',. Solicitors, Grocers'- Hall, Poultry; of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and. Land- Agetus, Kent Road, Lon- don, or at their Offices in the Auction- Mart; at the Rose, Cambridge; George, Huntingdon: Crown, Saint Ives George, Chatteris; Rose and Crown, Wisbech; White Hart, Ely; Angel, Peterborough ; and George, I'otton. Northnmptons'hire Quarterage- Money. THE Chief Constables are to collect and pav in, at the ensuing Sessions, Twelve single Quarterly Payments. CHR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. Northampton, March 28iA, 1812. NORTH AMP TONSU1RE QUARTER SESSIONS. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next'G ENERA I. QUARTER- SESSIONS of ' the PEACE for this COUNTY will commence on THURSDAY the 9th Day of A PRIL next, at Ten o'clock in the Morning precisely ; and that the Court will immediately iinpaunel the Grand Jury, transact other formal Ru- iness, and at Twelve o'clock proceed to the Trial of such . Appeals as were entered at the last, and respited until the ensuing Sessions. Those Magistrates who have taken Recognizances for the Appearance of Persons at this Sessions, are requested to return them to the Clerk of the Peace on or before Tuesday the 7th. And all Persons who are bound over by Recognizances to prosecute, or to give Evidence on any Bill or Bills of Indictment, are required to attend and deliver the proper Instructions at the Clerk of the Peace's Office on Wednesday Evening, as the Grand Jury will he discharged as early as the public Business will permit. Audit is recommended to the Solicitors and Parish- Officers, who have Appeals to try, to deliver their Briefs to Counsel on the Wednesday Evening, and to be ready to try the same the next Morning, as the Court will be punctual in entering on that Business at the Time above- mentioned. By Order of the Court, CHR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. Northampton, March 28th, 1812. For the. Benefit of the Creditor* of JOHN DUETT. To be S O L D by AUCTIO N, By SAMUEL DUDLEY, On Monday the 6th Day of April, 1812, precisely at Three o'clock, at the Swan Public- House, Great- Horwood, Bucks, ACoryiioin COTTAGE, in two Tenements, situate in GREAT- HORWOOD aforesaid, with a Piece of excel- lent Garden- Ground adjoining thereto, containing nearly Half an Acre, late the Property of ISAAC STOPP, Cordwainer, deceased. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, Solicitor, or the Auctioneer, both of Winslow. To Breners, Publicans, 4' C. To be S O I, D bv AUCTION, By WILLIAM BEESLEY, On Monday the 6th Day of April. 1812, at the Crown Tnn, in Foster's- Booth, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, ALL that PUBLIC- HOUSE, called or known by the Name or Sign of the PLOUGH AND » BELL, with the Out- buildings, Yard, and other Appurtenances, situate in LITCHBOROUGH, in the County of Northampton. Possession may he had as soon as required, and there is oply one other Public- House in Litc: M) orough. To see the Premises, apply to Mr. THOMAS DARBY, of Litchborough, Mason ; and for further Particulars, to Mr. KIRHY, Attorney at Law, in Towcester. ' To Builders, Carpenters, Wheelwrights, S; c. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By TF. BEESLEY, On Monday the 13th of April, 1812, on the Premises, PART of the STOCK of Mr. WILLIAM SEWELL, of SYRESHA. VI, in the County ot Northampton; comprising upwards of two thousand Feet of Elm Boards, one thousand Feet of quartered. Oak Ditto, large Quantity of Shaft and Rave Plank and Split Stuff', Hubs, Spokes, and Fellies; Oak and Ash Plank, Oak square Stuff, Heart and Sap Lath; a re- markably stout Timbar- Carriage, and one Narrow- wheel Cart. On Account of the great Number of Lots to b2 disposed of, the Auctioneer solicits the Attendance of his Friends by Ten Clock. The above- mentioned StufTis well worth particular Attention, as ir comprises a great Assortment, and is fit for immediate Use. N. B. Credit will be. given to all Purchasers above =£ 10 if re. quired, on paying down a Deposit of Twenty per Cent, and giving Security for the Remainder. SAMUEL HILL, LEATHER C U T. I BANBURY having declined the IIAT and TING BUSINESSES in Favour of his Son, JAMES HILL, to whom he begs respectfully to recommend his Friends, take* this Opportunity of returning Thanks to them and the Public for the Favours he has re- ceived during the Time he has been in the above Businesses. JAMES HILL begs ( o inform his Friends and the Public, that he has taken to the above Businesses, lately carried on by his Father, SAMUEL HILT., ( who has declined the same), and respectfully solicits a Continuance of their Commands, assuring them th;\ t every Exertion on his Part shall be used to give Satisfaction to those who may be pleased to favour him with their Orders. GENTLEMEN'S HATS, of the first Quality, WOODSTOCK GI.< yvF. s, & c. March, 1812. TWO PERPETUAL ADVOWSON, S. THE LEMAN ESTATE, AT WARBOYS AND RAMPTON Perpetual A dvotcson anil Right of Presentation to the Rectory of Warbin/ s, in the County of Huntingdon ; and the Per petual Advowson and next Presentation to the Rectory of Rampton, in the County if Camhri Ige. to be PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant toa Dccreeof the High Court of Chancery, dated the 17 h Day of August, 18111,' made in a Cause wherein Jus- tinian Casamajor, Esq. and others, are Plaintiffs, and James Cranbourne Strode, Esq. antfoiliers, are Defendants, with the Approbation of John Siineo" n. Esq. one of the M eters of the said Court, in the Public Sale Room ot fhe said Court, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane, on Wednesday the 22d Day of April, atOne o'Clock inthe Forenoon, rjMIE PERPETUAL ADVOWSON and RIGHT of 1 PRESENTATION to the extremely valuable and very desirable RECTORY ot W A. RBO YS, in ths Countv of Hunt- ingdon, late the Property . of WILLIAM STRODE, Esq. deceased; comprising a handsome parsonage- House, remarkably well situate, with numerous suitable and convenient Offices, a valuable Parrel ot Glebe, and sundry FarniJ, containing toge- ther upwards of950 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in a high State of Cultivation, lett tothree tespectable Tenants ; also the great and small Tithes arising and becoming due from about 1,600 Acres of Land, in the Parish of Warboys; the Value of which may be fairly estimated at about £ 1,800 per Annum. Also the Perpetual Advowson and next Presentation to the Rectory of Rampton, in the County of Cambridge, of the Value of about ,£ 400 per Annum; consisting of a Parsonage House, Buildings, & c. ; the Glebe Land, wiih the great and smaUTithes arising from the Whole- of. tlie Parish of Rampton, estimated to contain about 1,500. Acres. Printed Particulars may he- had at the said Master Simeon's Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery - Lane; of Messrs. Harottand Metcalfe, & Messrs. Woodcock aud Bateman, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn : of Messrs. Nettleship, Solicitors, Grocefs'- Hall, Poultry; of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land- Agents, Kent Road, or at their Olficcs in the Auclion- Mar. t, London ; at the Star Inn, Oxford; and the Rose, Cambridge. BEDFORD AND KETTERING COACHES. "^ IIE Public are respectfully informed, That the - BEDFORD and KETTERING COACHES are re- moved from the Swan to the RED LION INN, HIGH- STREET, BEDFORD, which Inn the Bedford will leave ( for London) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Morning, at Eight o'Clock precisely; the Kettering every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Morning, at a Quarter- past Ten o'clock. N. B. Places taken and Parcels booked for the above Coaches ( as usual) by Mr. Jous MINGAY, Saddler, Hijli- Street, Bedford. Gnnjon Fm'- old Estate. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. ANDREWS, On Thursday the 9th Day of April, 1812, on the Premises, the Chequer Inn, in Grendon, in the County of Northamp- ton, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless disposed of in the mean Time by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, ALL that FREEHOLD and substantial PUBLIC- HOUSE, called the CHEQUER, in GRENDON aforesaid; consisting of two Parlours, Kitchen, and good Sleeping- Rooms ; excellent Cellarage, Rrewhouse, Barn, Stable, Butcher's Shop, and all other convenient Out- buildings, Yard, Gardeu, and large Orchard thereto belonging and adjoining, now in the Occupation of Mr. Jonathan Hickman. The above Preinis. es will be found a most desirable Purchase for any Person desirous of carrying on the Business of an Innholder and Butcher, having been occupied in those Branches for some Time past, aud they are very convenient for Markets, being iu the Vicinity of Northampton, Wel- lingborough, and Olnev, and immediate Possession raay be had. And also with or without the above, a CLOSE of ex- ceedingly rich PASTURE and ARABLE LAND, in GRENDON aforesaid, near to the Town, containing by Estimation. fiv*. Acres or thereabouts, and now in the Teuure or Occupation of Mr. Lawrence Sanderson. Possession of the Close may be had at Saint Thomas next. Mr. JOHN GREEN, of Sywell, will shew the Estate; and for further Particulars and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. HOWES, Solicitor, Northampton. OolmwOtth, Bedfordshire. Part of the valuable Flock of Sheep, prime young Horses, Cows, I'igs, Poultry, Implements of Husbandry, about 24 Loads of Beans in the Straw, Dairy- Utensils, excellent Barrels, and neat Household- Furniture, the Property ot Mr. CALVERT, who is leaving his Farm, at COLMWORTH, Will be S O L D bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. ABBO TT, On the Premises, at Ten o'Clock, on Tuesday the 7th of April, 1812; COMPRISING, nearly 200 well- bred Leicestershire Sheep, eight capital young Horses, seven Cows in Calf, and down calving ; four fat Hogs, six store Hogs, Sow and eight Pigs, 100 Head of Poultry; a capital Narrow- wheel Waggon, three Dung- Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Harness for five Horses, very good ; with a Number of other Implements ; and a Quan- titvof neat Household- Furniture. Catalogues may be had at all the adjacent Towns and Villages, Place of Sale, and of Mr. Abbott, Cabinet. Maker and Up- holsterer, St. Neots. UPHER- DEAN, BKDFORDSHI " For SALE by AUCTIO N, By Mr. ABBOTT, At half. past Nine on Monday the 13th and Tuesday the 14th of April, 1812, by Order of the Executors, on the Premises of the late Mr. EKINS, SUPERIOR Flock of Leicestershire SHEEP, HORSES, COWS, PIGS, POULTRY, excellent FARMING IMPLEMENTS. and HORSE- HARNESS, useful HOUSE- HOLD- FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS. Catalogues may be had at the Hind, Wellingborough; Green Dragon, Higham- Ferrers ; George, Thrapston, Huntingdon, and Bedford; White Lion, Kim'bolton; and of Mr. Abbott, General Agent, Market- Square, St. Neots. R'ldgmont, Beds— Freehold Estate. To be SOLD by A U C' T 1 ON, By ANDREW GARDNER, At the Wheat Sheaf Inn, in Woburn. on Friday the 17th Day of April, 1812, at Three o'Clock, in Lots : Lot 1 OM PRISES a Stone Case find slated DwelHng- House, now used as two Tenements ; with a Wcod- Barn, Pigsty, and other Out- offices, together with a large Garden, and 35 choice and well- selected Plum, Apple, and Cherry Trees, and other Trees growing thereon ; also a Piece of Arable Land adjoining, containing together about one Acre, and now in the Occupation of Norinan Frances, Esther Whitbrsad, and John Cotc'hin. 2, consists of two excellent built sashed Tenements, with a small Thrashing- Barn, two Wood- Barns, a Hovel, a capital Oven, and two large Gardens, with several thriving Fruit and Fir frees thereon, and now. in the Occupation of Charles Field, and John Warwick. 3, consists of a Close of ricb Arable Land, with a great Number of thriving Fir and other Trees, containing about two Acres, and now in the Occupation of John Cotchin. The above Estate is Tithe free, and delightfully situate in the Village of RIDGMONT, two Miles from Woburn, and tour Miles from Ampthill. Further Particulars rrvay be had of the Auctioneer, or at the Office of Mr. DAY, Solicitor, Wotmrn. To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, TWO TAN YARDS, in full Trade, situate in BY FIELD and NEWNHAM, inthe Countv of Northampton, the Property of Mr. WM. COX, late of'BYFLELD, deceased; togetherwith twoDWE LL1 NG- HOUSES, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging ; and about 80 Acres of LAND. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. John Baldwin, of Newnham aforesaid; Mr. Richard Tew, ot Byfield ; Mr. Edw. Harris, of Preston- Capes, or William Hitchcock, of Chipping- warden Grange, Gent, in the said County of Northampton, Ex- ecutors of the Will of the said Mr. William Cox. Byfield, March VStb, 1812. N. B. It is particularly requested, that the Butchers will send in their Goods as usual. Beautiful Villa, near Lutterzeorth, Leicestershire. To be LETT, For three, five, or seven Years, and may be entered upon immediately, MIS. TF. RTON- LODGE, the'late Residence of J. II. FRANKS, Esq. ; consisting of a genteel Entrance, Rreakfast- Room 16 Feet Square. Dining- Room 2Q FeA Square, Drawing. Room 18 Feet by22, four excellent Bed- Rooms on the first Floor, with convenient Servants' Rooms, Front and Back Stairs, Houstkeepet's- Room, butler's Pantry with Iron Closet, Servants' Hall, Kitchen, Brewhouse, Dairy, excellent Cellars, & c. ; Stabling for seven Horses complete, three Coach- housas which may be used occasionally as Stables, an excellent Kitchen- Garden, well planted with the choicest Wall and Standard Fruit Trees, in full bearing, and a Lake of seven Acres well stocked with Fish, at a convenient Disiance, but within View ot the House. Also any Quantity of excellent Land adjoining the House, from tour Acres to' 50 . The House is situated in a Paddock, planted with Forest Trees in the modern Taste, within convenient Distance of many of the Covers belonging to the Quorndon, Pytchley, and Lord Vernon's Hunts, and within one Mile of the Market- Town of Lutter- worth, of which it commands a View, The Chester Mail, to and from London, passes the Paddock Gates twice a Day, and a Day Coach runs from Lutterworth to London three Times a Wesk. The Servants' Rooms are all furnished, the best Rooms partly so.— The Furniture may be taken at a Valuation; the Landlord re- purchasing in the same Way at the End of the Term, ora pro- portionate Rent paid for the Use of it, whichever is fnost agree- able to the Tenant. For further Particulars, and a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. ADCOCK, of Mistertori, and to treat for the same, to Mr. WATSON, of Lutterworth, or Mr. STEPHENS, Upholder, Pic- cadilly, London. AL1HORP PARK. To be SOLD by TICKET, In ALTHORP PARK, on Tue. day the 7th Day of April, 1812,. \ Large Quantity of fine ELM and ASII TIMBER, also /•% a Number of B EE CH, S YC A MO RE, and WALNUT TREES. Tickets to be given out at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. For further Particulars, - and to view the same, enquire of Mr. BAILEY, at Althorp- Park. To- Builders, 4' C. 4' C> To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr.' THOMSON, On Monday the 6th Day of April, 1812, on the Premises, at FINEDON, inthe County of Northampton, ALarge Quantity of BUILDING MATERIALS; con- sisting of prim; hewn red Stone, a large Quantity of Walling Stone, Bricks, Slates, Plain and Ridge Tiles, a Quan- tity of Pebbles, Oak Couples and Principal Timbers, Spar Beams, Tracings, Flooring- Boards, Doors, Door- Cases, Win- dow- Frames, with Fire- Wood, and a great Variety of other useful Articles. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By Mr. ROUSE, On Monday the fith Day of this current April, 1812, on the Premises, at GREAT- OXENDON, in the County of Northampton, ALL the genteel, neat, and useful HOUSEIIOLD- FUR- NITURE, aud various Other useful EFFECTS of Mr. RICHARD COX; consisting of Four- post Bedsteads, with Chintz and Cotton Furnitures; large Blankets and Quilts; Wainscot Dining Tables, Chairs, Dressing- Tables and Dressing- Glasses, Mahogany Card- Table, Mahogany and Japan Tea- Trays, Coffee- Urn, Earthenware, and ( Mass; Kitchen Articles, & c. in Tin, Brass, and Copper ; Fowling- piece, and Surveying- chain; nine Pair of Sheets, and three Diaper Table- Cloths; a leaded Salting- trough, Barrel- Churn and Cheese- Tub, Seven- strike Mash- Vat, Carrying- tub, Working- Vat, and other con- venient sized Tubs; stout Narrow- wheel Waggon. Six- inch- wheel Cart with- Harness, two Cart- Ropes, strong'bearing and Tackle for three Horses, Spoking- chaih, and Waggon- jlc'k • a 25, a 30, a 31, and three short Ladders; 12 Fenc~ Fleaks, Hay- Forks and Rakes, Hay- Knives, an Axe, two Iron Bars, two Rain Water Pipes, & c. & c. fee. The Sale to commence punctually at Ten o' Clock.- 2 25 3 37 2 0 I 22 3 10 0' 31 Freehold and Copyhold Estates, Cranfield, Bedforda/ iire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. WOOD, At the George Inn, Cranfield, near Woburn, on Tuesday the 7th Day of April, 1812, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, SEVERAL rich CLOSES of inclosed MEADOW GROUND, ifl the following Lots:— A. R.- P. Lot 1. Broad Green Closes, occupied by N » tman Hughes, containing 9 Ditto Spinnyin Land .-•.. 0 Lot 2. Rakerfield's Close, in the Occupation of Wm. Faldsn, containing 3 I. otS. Walk Close, occupied by Ditto, containing.. 3 Lot 4-. Rooks Hills, occupied by Mrs, Phillips, con- taining — - . . — . ... —. — 10 DTffo Spinhy Tii Land. r......:;'— 0 Lot 5. The I. awns occupied by J. Perkins, containing 2 Ditto Spiiiny in Land 1 Acres 31 3 19 The several Lands are desirably situate in the Village . of CRANFIELD, and most convenient for Occupation. CaANFiEtDiscentrically situated within an easy Distance of Newport- Pagnell, Woburn, and Ampthill, good Maiket Towns. May be viewed by applying to the respective Tenants; and for further Particulars, apply ( it by Letter, Post- paid), to Mr. Crowdy, Jun. Hemington- Highworth, Wilts ; oi to Mr. WOOD, I. and- Agenr, Sec. Leighton- Buzzard. Small Freehold Estate, Nezcton- Longville, Bucks, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By T. WOOD, On Wednesday April 8th, 1812, at the Red Lion Public Hqnse, Newton- Longville, precisely at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one or more Lots, as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, EIGHT Acres of FREWIOLTJ ARABLE and SWARD I LAND, lyingdiipersed in the fertile Fields of NE WTON- LON'GVl I. LE aforesaid. May be viewed by applying to Mr. THOS. EMURTON, Newton- Longville ; and further Particulars known of Mr. WILLIS, Solicitor, Winslow; otMt. Wuoo, Land. Agent, & c. Lsighton- Buzzard BR1X WORTH. T Z. GII. LF. T, M. D. MEMI'. F. Uof the UOVAT. COL. » " • LEGE of SURGEONS, begs Leave to inform the Inhabi- tants <, f BRIXWORTH and the Neighbourhood, that he intends to practise as a SUltGEON, APOTHECARY, and MAN- Ml I) WIFE. Having had a liberal Education, and above twfiity Years' Practice as a Surgeon iri his Majesty's Service, he is induced to hope by his Assiduity and Attention to merit their. Coun- tenance and Support. BUCKING 11A MSI M IUTQU A RT KIT SESSION. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next General QuartPr Session of the Peare for this County will he hoi den at AYLESBURY, on THURSDAY, the 9th Day of AJ'RIL next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely, and of which all Jurors, Chief Constables, Bailiffs, and other Per- sons concerned, are required to take Notice, aud to be then and there attending'. The Names of tile Chief Constables will he called over, and their Business discharged, and the Grand J ury sworn iu at the opening of the Court; immediately after which the Court will proceed to the Hearing of such A ppeals as were respited from the last Session, and of all others that uiay be entered before the Rising of the Court oil that Day. The Clerks to the Justices of the several Hundreds are re- quired to transmit to my Office all Recognizances returnable lo the Quarter Session, together with tile several Informations and Examinations w hich relate thereto, mi or before Monday the 6th Day of April next. And all Persons who are bound by Recognizance to prose- cute, or give Evidence upon any Bill or Bills af. Iiidictr. ient, are required to attend and deliver the pro[ wr Instructions at my Office, on Wednesday Evening, the 8th., as ihe Court will require that all Bills of Indictment shall be pre| wired ready t « lav before the Grand Jury, at the Sitting of the Conn, on Thursday Morning, so that the Grand Jury may be discharged as early as possible. And it is recommended to all Solicitors who have Appeals to fry, to deliver their Briefs t » Counsel on the Wednesday liven- ing, mid to be prepared with their Witnesses for the Trial of the same, on the next Morning, as the Court will be punctual ill entering on that Business, immediately after the Charge to the Grand Jury is given. ACTON CHAPLIN, Aylesbury, March 30th, 1812. Clerk of the Peace. ~ GENTEEL RESIDE.\ TCS, To be LETT, And entered upon at Lady- Day next, ALL that large aud convenient PAPvSONAGE HOUSE and PREMISES, situate and being in Ihe Parish of ALDWINCKLE ALL SAINTS, in the County of Northampton; consisting of a Hall, a Dining Parlour niid Drawillg- Room, an excellent Kitchen detached, with S+ oiCr Roems and Servants' Halt; vaulted Cellars; fiour. jfood BeiV- Rooms on the first Floor, and Garrets for Servants ; a Dairy and Brewhouse, a five- Stall Stable, double Coachhouse and other convenient Outhouses; a large Garden planted w. ilh choice Fruit- Trees ; and also eight Acres of rich Pasture Laud adjoining the Premises, and at a convenient Distance from the River Nen, which abounds with Fish. Aldwinckle All Saints is 3 Miles from Thrapston and 5 Miles from Oundle. For further Particulars and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. William Griffin, Sen. of Thrapston aforesaid ; or to John Tenney, of th? same Place, Solicitor. Thrapston, 251h March, 1812. Valuable Live and Dead Fnrming- Stock, Implements in Farming, genteel Household- Furniture, and other Effects, at Bascote, near Southam, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By THOMAS GRIMES, On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the fith, 7th- and 8th Days of April next, upon the Farm of Mr. W. NO RRI S, at BASCOTE, near Southam, inthe County of Warwick, who is declining the Farming Business ; fl^ IIE extensive valuable STOCK, comprising seven I- useful and valuable Waggon- Horses and Mares, one steady Gig. Horse, 16 Hereford and Shropshire store Oxen, and four drawing Ditto, with their Tackle ; 34 clean barren Cows at Straw, 12 In- calf Ditto, one Dairy Cow, two fat Cows, fou- Sturks, and one neat well- bred yearling Bull, 130yeani"- 100 Ewe and Wether Tegs, 13 " fat Sheafhogs, and' 10 fat Ewes, three store Pigs; five Narrow- wheel WaggonS, one Six- inch and one Nine- inch- wheel Capts, Land- Roll, Ploughs and Harrows, eight Cow. Cribs, 12 Sets of Horse- Gearing, Machine Win- nowing- Fan, 80 Bags, Barn and other Sieves, Forks and Rakes, with numerous Garden and Farming- Implements, Ladders, Hurdles, and Kid- Wood, two Hives of Bees, a Quanriiy of old Iron, See. & c.— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of ail extensive, neat, and valuable Selection ; comprising 4- Post and other Bedsteads with neat Furniture, fine seasoned Goose Feather- Beds. Mattresses, Wilton and other Blankets, Counterpanes and Covers, Bed- Room Matting and Carpeting, Mahogany and fancy Chamber- Chairs, Wash- Stands, Dressing. Tables, Dressing- Glasses, double and single Chests of Drawers, Bureaus. Bureau and Bookcase solid Mahoganv, neat Sofa, faslrionable Parlour Chairs, Fire- Screens, Card, Side, and Claw- Tables, a modern Ret ot Mahogany Dining- Tabies with circular Ends, rich'Wood,; Pier- Glasses in burnished Gold Frames, of large Dimensions t Pier- Barometer, real Turkey Floor- Carpet 5 bv 4£ Yards; new Windsor Chairs, Mahogany, Oak, dining, Claiv, and other Tahles, with an extensive Assemblage of neat China, Glass, Staffordshire and Queen's Ware. Kitchen, Dairv, and Brew'- ng- Requisites, excellent seasoned Casks, and numerous other Effects, which will be expressed in printed Particulars and disttibuted at the principal Inns in Rugbv, Lutterworth, Daventry, D ri- church, Southarn, Banbury, Warwick, Kennilworth, Coleslnlr, Birmingham, Nuneaton, Athorstone, Hinckley, and by the Auctioneer at Coventry. Mr. NORKU most respectfully assures his Friends anLtht Public, that the Sheep Stock he verily bSieves to be perfectly sound; it being his Intention to decline Business, shall feel himself happy in fhe Attendance of their Company at his Sale, where an hospitable Table will be provided for their Accom- modation. PAPER MILLS. To be SOLD by AUCTION, .> By JOHN AGO. . ft At the Crown Inn, in Evesham, in the County of Worcester, bet/ ween the Hours of Three and Six in the Afternoon,- on Monday the 27th Day of April next, subjsct to such Con- ditions as shall th? n be produced, LL that eligible anil commodious PAPER MILL, situate on the Banks of the River Avon, in the Pdiisll Bf NORTH and MIDDLE - LITTLETON, in the County of Worcester; wit, h a Dwelling- House, and several Tenements, lately erected, for the Convenience of Serv„ rtts; Garden, StaMe, ' arge Yard, and six Acres or thereabouts of capital Mca. ioiv Land adjoining the said Mill, and certain Neights and OzieY- Heds\ wiih a valuable Right of Fishery in the River Avotiy la'e in the Occupation of John Gould and his Undertenants, held under a Lease granted inthe Year 1801, for seventy Years, if three youuj; and healthy Persons should so long live, at the annual Rent of • J- y\\ 10s. clear, the Lives are all in being and in perfect Health, and the Buildings in good Repair-. This Mill contains two Vats and Vathouses, with leaded Stu(£ Chest, Sec.; tliree Dryers, one perfectly modern, with 12- Feet Shutters; two Soils, one finishing Ro. om, one Rag- Room, ' and two Store- Rooms, with other necessary Accommodations, all in good Condition. And also all that most desirable and convenient MILL, situate within a small Distance of the former, Ijwer down the River, but in the'Parish of HA K VINGTON, in the County of Worcester, lately erected and fitted up on a new and im- proved Principle, by the said John Gould, for the Purpose of manufacturing unfinished Paper, called Packs, with Right of" • Water, and of a Main Wheel at fixed Times, in common wiih the Corn- Mill adjoining, belonging to Mr. Edmund Smith, held under Lease for thirty. Xears from Michaelmas, 1802, granted by the said Edmund Smith, at the clear ainnusl Rent of # 50. . This Mill contains one Engine- House, one Stuff- Chest, leaded; one Vat- Hog and Pot, a Patent Hydraulic Press, ( by Hramab), Engines, Sec. for raising Water, for the Use of the Mill, and other necessary Accommodations, all new. These Premises have, under the Denomination ot Harvingtoti Mill, for nearly a Century past been celebrated in the Retail Hand- Paper Trade, and have a regular and advantageous Custom in the neighbouring Towns equal to the Employ of two Vats jn common Paper at the same Markets; considerable Quantities of fine Paper manufactured at the new Mill have Usually been dis* posed ot; and from its Proximity to Birmingham, Warwick, Coventry, and other large towns, there is already established a good Connection for the Purchase ot Rafts. The Premises are well situated for Water Carriage to Biistol, Stourport, Stratford- upon- Avon, & c Vessels passing tliese Mills in their Way to the above Places ; and Goods may b) this Mode, and by Land Carriage from Harvington be conveied to any Part of the Kingdom. They are distant four Miles from Eve- sham, 11 from Stratford- upon- Avon, and icven from Alcester, and the Roads good. For further Particulars, apply to THOMAS BLANF. Y, Esq. Evesham; Messrs. PHELPS Se SAVACI, of the same Place; and Mt. CttISSWELL, Solicitor, Suatfoid- upon- Avon. A1 I " the Northampton Mercury ; and General Advertiser for the Counties of * I II. I I T> . U! » N. ITUMUVAM Northampton, Bedford, Bu^ kiugharti, Huntingdon, Leicester, i, r II - i !•!. in... n " i 11 • • * i . i • Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. From tbe LONDON ' GAZETTE, of March 31. Admintlty- Offiee, March 31. Copy nf a Letter froni Captain Harvey, of . his Majesty's sloop Rnsaria, to Rear- Adtftiral Foley, Commander in Chief in the Downs. Hit Majesty's Sloop I} os" ri « , off Dieppe, March 27. SIR. TT is with mnrh satisfaction T have in acquaint yon, that at half- past eight M. Dieppe hearing S. W. f'Hir or five miles, we ob-. erved an enemy's flotilla, consisting of twelve brigs and one lurger, standing along ashore, and im- mediately marte sail to cut of the leewardmnst. The enemy, hy signal frrnt th » ir Commodore, formed into a line and engaged us severally as we passed, hnt upon lulling up to cnt off'the sternmost. the whole bore tip to support her, and endeavoured tn close with u » . Finding them thus determined to support each other, and the small force of the Rosario not admitting mv running theri. k of heinglaid on hoard bv several at once, 1 bore up tn a brig wp observed in the oiling ( and which proved to hv the Griffon") and made the signal for an eni- mv. The mo- dent she had answered we hauled to Ihe wind, and at forty minutes after twelve began tn harass the. enemy's rear, who were then endeavouring to get Into Dieppe under nil sail : tnrked and wore occasionally to close, receiving and reluming the fire of the whole line each times at half- past one, being far enough tn windward, run into the body of ( he enemy, and bv cutting awav the running rigging of the two nearest, drove them on hoard earh other, backed the maintop, sail engaged them within muskrt- shot till they were clear, then stood on and engaged another, whose mainmast and fnretop- inast soon went hv the board, when she immediately tinchorcd ; passed her and drove the pext in the line on shore: two more of their line yet remained tn leeward, b> re up and ran thf nearest one on hoard ( then not more than thrfe quar- ters nf a mile from the shore). So far the Ro'ario had acted alone, a* the Griffon had not vet arrived within gun- shot: bore awav with prize beyond the range of ( he batteries, and hailed the Griffon ( then pacing under a press of sail) to chase the remaining brig, and whieh service sire performed in a very handsome manner, bv running her on shore near St. Anhin, under a very heavy fire from the shore t seeing no probability nf tli- GrlffnA being able to destroy the brig, made her signal to nltftrk the enemv in the S. F,.; then anchoring close in fhtirr Tn the m<- an time we were gelling the priinnen on hoard nnd repairing the running rigging, which was much damaged. Captain Tmllnpe having closed with ( he enemv, ran the Griffon In shore of one at an anchor nearly In the centre, and in the mnst gallant manner laid her nn hoard, cnt her rabies. an. l stood out, under the firr nf the batteries and the whole of Ihe other hrlgs : upon passing the Griffon I fonnd her ton niiieh disabled to immediately make sail again tn the attack, hut being determined to have another, ( and although we had nearly *< many prisoners a! onr nwn sloop's company) I run the dismasted nne onhnard, which we found the enemy hail deserted, hut this circumstance the darkness of the night prevented nnr being enabled previously to dSeover. at whleh time the remaining seven nf the flotilla were under weigh, gelling Into Dieppe harbour. T mns( beg leave to mention the Ti « rv able assistance 1 received from the rx » rtion of mv First Vientenant, Mr. . Tames Shaw, in boarding the enrmv, and dnrlng the whole nf the day in the nrduous task of working ( lie strip while engaging; and ( he conduct of the whole of the other officers and ship's company " as such as to merit mv warmest approbation. We have onlv nne pettv officer and four men wounded ; ( he officer i » Mr. Jonathan Widdicome l) ver. Midshipman, whose unremitted exertions daring the netion and activity in boarding ( when he received the wound), t^ ether with his general good conduct, renders it my doty to recommend him. The flotilla Is the fourteenth division, commanded hv Mon- pieur Sarur. Cnpitalne d? Vaisseau, and Commandant de Division ! sailed from Boulogne nt ten P. M. theOfiih instant, nnd intended going tn Cherbourg; each brig has three long bras « 24- pnunders, and an eight- inch hrass howitzer, with n complement of fifty m- n. When I coniiJer this flotilla, united tn batteries keeping up a constant fire nf both shot and shells, and the very mnoll force we had, 1 trust the having taken three, run twn on shore, nnd much damaged the others, • will shew « ur zeal for the public service, and meet your approbation. I have the honour to be. & c. B. HARVEY, Commander. -— WXW^ SSS^— LONDON. TutmsriAY, April 2. A m* il from Lisbon has at length brought the intelligence so anxiously expected- Ihe following; Bulletin has been circulated, from wh ch it will lie pcrccived that Lord Wel- lington broke ground on the lftli ult :— "- Dispatches have been ' cceived from the Karl of Wel- lington, dated the 10th of March.— His Lordship invested Bariajoz nit the 16th, and broke ground on the following tlav. forming his first pa allel within 200 yards of the out- work called La Picorina. Lord Wellington conducts the siege m person, with the third, fourth, and light divisions, npon the left of the river.— Sir Thomas Graham crossed the Guad'ana on the 16th, with three div'sions of infantry, nnd two brigades of cavalry, and marched upon Santa Vrtha and Valverde ; while Sir Rowland Hill, with two ,' isions, and a brigade of cavalrv, moved upon Meridn, where he made some prisoners.— These movements induced General Dronet to retreat from Villafranca to Homaschos, fn p cserve his communication with General Duncan's divi- sion stationed at I. lerena. " Upon the 10th a sortie was attempted bv the Earrison nf Badajor ; 2000 men pushed nut against the right flank of r> ur work, hut were immediately driven in, with considerable loss, bv Major- General Bowes. Id this affair General Picton's Aide- de- Camp, Captain Outhbe't, was killed; and T. ieutenant- General Fletchcr slightly wounded.— Since the commencement of the operations, the loss of the Allies has been about 150 men killed and wounded; "' There wn « no general movement of ihe enemv upon the » ide of Ciudad Rodrigo so lare as the 17th of March; but two of the three divisions of Marmont's arhiv, which had been up m the Tajus, had moved through the mountains in the direction of Vallailolid. " The rains have heen ve y heavy for the last three days." Lisbon . papers to the 25th ult which have, been received, add some interesting particulars to the intelligence furnished by the Bulletin. The rapidity of the wo ks is said to be astonishing; and the general opinion at Lisbon was, that the fortress, if not succoured, must fall shout tbe 10 h inst It is continued to bo stated that a part of the enemy's force is on its return ( o l* anee from Spain. Some of the private accounts from Lisbon state that body nf seamen, selected bv Admiral Berkeley, were pro- reeding, under the command of a Captain of the navy to Btdnjoz, to assist in the operations of the siege. Captain Ha^ ey,, of the Rosaria, has been made Post for his gallant conduct in the late action with the French flotilla ; and Mr. Dyer, the Midshipman, who was wounded, has had a Lieutenant's Commission. The enemy's fleet in the Scheldt having shewn some in- dications of a design to put to sea, the Downs squadron under the command of Sir R. Strachan, sailed last night to resume its station off Flushing. TUR CH ACE. For homing l « nnjv fast drawing to the ylose nf a'jesson less Interrupted by frost, and more trying for horses than ( he oldest Sportsman can remember.- rBut an nbierver cannot help lamenting the tno prevalent fashion of lifting t which, nnd the taking hound* ofrthe scent to carry them to a ballon, 11 the bane of hunting.— Tha( there are occasions when it is proper nn one ran denv, hut tn do it indiscriminately, is to Spoil a p. K- k : and if a huntsman, at the end of a season, will onlv recollect how often he has missed killing his hunted fox by going to a hallon which proved to be to n fresh sent, and how often, after taking his hounds off tn gain s nick lis he thought, he has been obliged to hring them back to the old line of sent, he must acknowledge that nine times out of ten, instead of being a gainer hy hi « lift, he lost by it t and he must he convinced that he would have acted more prudently had he inorr freqn » ntlv left his hounds to riiemtelves. Well- bred hounds are sure to work, and will dash nnd cast quick and wide enough when left to themselves; bnt if they nre accustomed to be lifted, thev will look for It ; and if disappointed, will fling up their noses ; and then, as Sportsmen well know, all is up. SMALL - POX. ! Vf R- TURNER respectfully informs liis Friends and LV JL the Public ill general, that his old- established HOUSE at THISTLE FOREST, in the Parish of \ OllTII- M A ItSTON, is now open far PATIENTS, who wish to be INOCHLATEJI for the SMALL- POX N. B. Terms an tisunl. Winsto ir, ft net j. T. TURNER. Surgeon. itdrlbarkpthmihire Preservative Society. HFvtiext QUARTERLY MEETING of the above SOCIETY, will be hdlden at the Hou- e of Wit. tioi BIRDSALL, on FRIDAY ne\ t, the I0; h Instant, ot Ten o'Clock. WM. BIRDSALL' Secretary. Northampton, ApriH, ) SL2. T* Hi Si NORTHAMPTON PAVING- S 1' oCK. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Commissioners for Paving, Cleansing, Lighting, and Watching the Town of NORTHAMPTON, will be held at the GUILDHALL, in the said Town, on TUESDAY next, the seventh Day of APRIL instant, at Four o'Clock in the After, noon, when the Treasurer will attend to pay ( he Interest which became due to the Proprielnrs of Paving- S( ock the 25th of March last. CHARLES MARKHAM, Clerk to ( he Commissioners. Northampton, Aprilith, 1812, Notice to the Creditors of RICHARD MAlUUOl T, a Bankrupt. r| MIE Commissioners having at their Meeting held on the 1 21th Day of March last, ordered a Dividend ot 5s. in the Pound to be paid unto all the Creditors ot the said Bankrupt ( not included in the former Dividend, but who hid proved their Debts at the above Meeting); and a further Dividend of Two Shillings and Sixpence in the Pound to be paid unto and amongst all and every the Creditors of the said Bankrupt who had then proved their Debts: The surviving Assignees of the said Bankrupt's Estate and Effects, g'- vr this fatlic Notice, That such Divi leqds will be paid at the TOWN and COUNTY B ANK, in NORTHAMPTON, on the several Davs, and in the Manner following, viz. :— To such of the said Creditors whose Surnames re- spectively begin with either of the Letters A, and B, on Monday the 27th Day of April instant j to such other of the said Cre- ditors whose Surnames respectively begin with either of the Letters C, D, K, and F, on Tuesday the 23th Day of April instant; to such other of the said Creditors whose Surnames respectively begin with ei'herof the letters G, H, 1, J, K., and L. on Wednesday the 29th Day of April instant; to such other of the said Creditors whose Surnames respectively bejin with either of the Letters M, N, O, P, (}, ami R, on Thursday ( lit 30th Day ot April instant; and to such other of the said Cre- ditors whose Surnames respectively begin with either of the Letters S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z, on Friday the 1st Day ot May next, or on any following Day or Days, except Saturdays and Sundavj- And that no Person who shall come to receive such Dividend on the Behalf of, or as Agent for, any of the Creditors of the abovenamrd Bankrupt, will be paid, unless he shall have been previously authorized, or slnll then produce a proper Authority to recrive the same ; and that any Person coming either in the Capacity of Executor or Administrator to receive such Dividend, will be required by thesaid Assignees to produce to them the Probate of the/ Will, or the Letters ot Administration by which they arij' respectively appointed, prior to their being piid ; and it is expected that each Creditor will produce on Application tor his or her Dividend, the Notes, Receipts, or Accounts upon or under which their respective Debts were proved, By Order of the said Assignees, RD. BUSWELL, their Solicitor. N. B Payment will commence each Dav precis*)/ at Nine o'Clock in the Morning, and continue without Interruption until Five in the Evening. KST THE CREDITORS ARE RESPECTFULLY REQUESTED TO PROVIDE THEMSELVES WITH CHANGE. NOL'ICR OF SALE POSTPONED. r|" 1HF, MANSION- HOUSE at WELLINGBOROUGH, I- advertise! tobeSOLD by Mr. Srosc, on the" ilst Instant, is postponed to the 19ihof MAi 1812, of which previous Notioc will be given in this Paper. STOLEN or. STRAYED, ON the 21? t of March, 1812. out of" a Close in the Parish of WATTORO, near Long- Buckhy Wharf, TWO BR1XDLE YEARLING CALVES, One wilh a While Face, and tbe other with a White Stroke down the Back, the Property of ELIZABETH BUTLIN, of WATFORD. If stolen, whoever witl discover the Offender or Offenders shall, on Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVF, GUINEAS. — If strayed, whoeverwill bring them tn the Star and Garter, Watford, shall he handsomely rewarded for thflr Trouble. T VT OI It E is hereby give„, T hat a Meeting , f the T rustees, * appointed by Act of Parliament tor repairing the High- ways from Old- Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to the Dun Cow in DunChurch, in the County of Warwick, will be heldI byAdjournment, at the WHKATSKF. AS INN, in DAV. NTKY, on ruR. oAv, the 5th Day of M » r next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at which Meeting the TOLLS to arise for one Year at the Toll- Gites hereunder mentioned, will b- LETT to FARM to the Best Bidder, in Manner directed by the Statute made in the 13th * ear of his Majesty's Keign, for regulating lurnpike- Roads, which Tolls produced in the last Year, over and above the Charges tor collecting the same, the several Sums tollowini;. that is to say, The GaleaI OU- Snat/ orJ Tbe Gite a! Stt. lv- Hit! 1 . ........ nHfl The Gate at Drayton- I. ane ......... *. . ." 595 And will be severally put upat such Sums is't'he* Trustees shall direct Whoever happens to be the Best Bidders must forthwith pay in Advance for each Gate, and produce sufficient Sureties, and give Security tor Payment of ihe Residue of the Kertts, at such Tiuvs and Winner as the Trustees shall direct. And Notice is hereby further given, Tlist the Tru tess will at the same Meeting, take into Consideration, and determine upon the Propriety of erectinga Ticket- Gate, or other Tumpike- Gate, ot Bar across the Turnpike- Road at Stow. Hill, South of Hey- ford- I. ane; and a! soerec< l, 11? another Ticket- Gate, or other Turn- pike- Gate or Bar, across the said Rosd, at some proper Place between Foster's Booth « nd Towcester — listed the 2d Day of April, 1812. , EDMUND BURTON, • ' Clerk to the said Trustees. UNION INSURANCE OFFICE. ( Established March, 1797). Tht Rt. Hon, Earl Crawen, The Rt. Han. Earl Berkley, Lord Saltoun, The Hon. Simon Prater, Sir Joseph Scott, Bart. Sir Robert Burnett, Knt. John Hen. Loft. Esq. H. P. Starling Day, Est/. Aid. tec. See. Sic. Secretary. — Mr, THOMAS BIO NOLO. IN this OlTice each INSURER is a PROPRIETOR, and at the End of SEVEN YEARS receives back his Premium, with Interest, first deducting his Share of the Losses and Charges; this Otflce was established in 1797, and now consists of nearly 30,000 Members. Returns of Ihe Premiums depo- lted began to be made in 1804, since which upwards of 4000 Members have received back their Returnst among whom are the following in the County of Northampton, Ifc. who have recently been paid in the Ratio of Fifty per Cent. Paii in. Dividend. £. /. d. £. t. Mr. Dully, Wellingborough ....... 0 0 — 16 0 Mr. Stanton, Wellingborough ' 20 15 0— 10 7 Mr. Watkins," Bedford 21 17 Mr. W. B. Kilpin, Newport- l'agnell.. 13 4 Mr. Arnold, Brackley ........ 14 4 Mr. Smith, Middleton- Cheney 14 H Mr. Cole, Cogenhoe ... ...... .... 1/ 10 Mr. Skevington, Bozeat 15 0 Mr. Yorke, Olney- Court- Farm .... 12 16 Mr. Perry, Lavendon- Mill.... .10 1 Rev. Mr. Wynter, Filgrove, Bucks ., 10 13 .10 .... 10 5 .... 9 8 .... 9 0 .... 6 11 .... 6 12 .... 6 9 . ... 7 8 .... 1 13 .... 6 17 Mr. Abel, Northampton.. Mr. Warren, Wellingborough . Mrs. Lee, Wellingborough .... Mrs. Hooper, Wellingborough Mr. Andrews, Olney, Bucks, , Mr. Whitmore, Olney Mr. York, • Lavendon Mr. John Whitmore, Olney . Mr. Clarke, Olney Mr. Wagstafl', Olney Mr. ASpray, Olney Mr. Dennis, Northampton Mr. Presland, Wollaston.. Mr. Jones, Moreton- Pinckney .... Mrs. DOnne, Nortlnunpton '. Mrs. Stanton, Finedon- Lodge .... Mr. Gaudern, Wollaston Mr. VVoolston, Irthllngborough..., Mr. Pelham, Wellingborough...... Mr. Simons, Wellingborough,. ..... ( F3R All POLICIES gratis. AGENTS. Northampton,— J. ASSL Wellingborough,-. W. ST ANTON Daventry,— T. WILKINION Towcester,— Jos WILLSUSR Kettering,— THOMAS STRANG* Olney,— T. RABAN 7 0 4 0 5 8 8 7 7 10 7 10 7 5 7 0 6 15 6 0 6 0 — 0 — 0 — 6 - 0 — 8 - 2 — 0 — 0 — 6 — 4 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 2 - 6 — 6 — 0 — 0 — 0 ~ R 10 - 0, — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 0 — 10 IS 9 i 7 4 7 5 5 15 r io 6 8 i 0 6 1 2 14 10 i 6 4 14 ii 16 3 8 Farming and Dairy Utensils, Household- furniture, Jjr. To be SO L D by A U C T 1 O N, By JOHN DAY < 5- 50 T , c ?\ h ? Ay. ot APril. on the Premises of Mr. JAMES COLLI NO R1DGE, at GO DDI N'G TON, centri. cally situated between Buckingham and Bicester, who is leaving th? Premises; COMPRISING on. Six- inchCarf, Harro ws, large Tlovel- F'rame On Stone Caps, 15 Dozen of new Hurdles, Lad- ders. Wheelbarrows, Wind. Fan, and Barn Tackle; Horse- Churn, h Milk- Leads, and other Dairy Vessels. Household- Furniture, as Bedsteads with Furnitures, Tables, Chairs, Sec. Mahogany and other Drawers, Kitchen and Stove Grates, Roasting Jack, * Two. hogshead Brewing Copper and (. rate, Mash. Vat, Cooler, and Brewing Tubs, two Hogsheads and other Beer- Casks, with numerous other Articles. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'Clock precisely. O N, Immediate Possession, if required. To be S O R. D bv A U C T I By JOHN DAY* SON, At the Swan Inn, in Fenny- Stratford, on Wednesday the 15th of April. 1812 ( and not ou the I Itli as before advertised), at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, unless disposed of by Private Contract, together or in Lots, oil or before the 11th Instant, in which Case Notice thereof will be given, AVery improvable INCLOSED and TITHE- FREE ESTATE, situate at BLETCHLEY, in the County of Buckingham; consisting of a good Farm- House, pleasantly situated, wilh two large Barns, two Stables, and other Out- buildings, two Gardens, a Yard, Orchard well planted with Fruit- Trees, and two Closes of exceedingly good Pasture and Arable Land thereto adjoining, containing together by Sta- tute Measure I0A. IR. IP. and of eight other Closes or Allot- ments, pleasantly situated and conveniently divided and set out contaiuing together by Statute Measure 86\. 2lt. SIP. about 66 Acres of which consist of old Cow Pasture Ground never Harborough,— Tnot. GVRBEM Oundle,— THOMAS BILL Peterborough,— G. PLATIL Biggleswade,— Jos it H MESH Uedlord, — W. WHITWORTN Ainothill,— E, HAND'COMB FARMING- STOCK insured at the rcduced Rate of is. per Cent, without any Average Clause. GARDENS AND VILLA GROUNDS. This Day mas published, in Quarto, with 20 Plates, Prict £ 1. 2. t. Od. in Boards, RTNTS on the FORMATION of GARDENS and PLEASURE- GROUNDS, with DESIGNS in various Styles of RURAL EMBELLISHMENT; comprising Plans for laying out Flower Parterres, Shrubberies, Groves, l. aby. rinths, Parks, and Paddocks, with Instructions for the Arrange- ment of Botanic and Kitchen Gardens, including the Construc- tion of Conservatories and Glass Verandahs, Hot. houses, hot Walls, Flues, Stoves, and other Horticultural Improvements, svith Hints on forming Plantations, anil a priced Catalogue of l ruit and Foicst Trees, Shrubs, and Herbaceous Plants, adapted to Villa Grounds, from one Perch to one Hundred Acres in Extent. London: Printed for , T. Harding, 36, St. Jamcs's- Street. H'here may be l ad, MADOCKS* FLORIST'S DIRECTORY, A complete Treatise dfn the Culture and Management of tbe principal Flowers and Bulbous Roots; with Instructions for the Composition of Manures, Faiths and Composts, and for performing the dillerent Operations of Horticulture, a new tidition improved, by Curtis, and illustrated with coloured Plates of the Flowers. Implements of Gardening, Octavo, Vrice, 21s, and a few juperioi Copies, 31s. 6a. To COVER, this Season, » an, AT One Guinea and a Half n Mare, mid Two Shillings and Sixpence the Grown, the. Property of THOMAS MAHIOTT, ot MOULTOM, near Northampton, YOUNG TANDEM, A beautiful Chestnut, nearly IS Hands high, full of Bone, has good Action, free from all Blemishes, and a sure Foal. getter. Young Tandem was got by Tandem, Son of Old Tandem ; his Dam by Honesty, which was got by King Herod; his Dam by Sampson; his Graudtm, Flora, by Regulus, which was the Dam of Harriet, and Mr. Vernon's Marquis and Count ; his great Grandam by Bartlet's Childers ; his great great Grandam by Bolton's; his great great great Grandam by Belgrade, Sir Marmaduke Wyretl's Turk, bred by the Marquisot Rockingham. Tandem's Dam was got by Highflyer, her dam by Snap, which was the Dam of Lord Gro. venor's Mexico, Sec, ; Old Tandein was got by Syphon, Dain by Regulus, Grandam by Snap, great Grandain by Cottingnam, great great Grandam by Old Snake, by the Bald Galloway, Sister to Buckhunter. Tandem will attend at the following Places during the Season, vix. Monday, thtougliGreat- Billing, Cogenhoe, Winston, Castle- Ashby, Yardley, to Wollaston, and to Irthester » t Night; Tuesday, through Highain- Ferrers, to the Swan Inn, l'lirapston ; back through Crantotd, and to Burton at Night; Wednesday, to the Angel Inn, Wellingborough, and at Home at Night; Thursday, through Pitsford, Brixworth, Lamport, and to the Crown Inn, Roihwell, at Night; Friday, to the Saracen's Head, Kettering, and at Home at Night; on Saturday to Northampton, and at Home the Remainder ot his Time. The Money to be paid at Old Midsummer. Longville, into and from whirh immediate Communication may be made, and upon the Inclosure of which they would for Allotments, be particularly eligible, nnd as Part of the tame is on an Eminence, and Ihe Prospect of the surou iding Country peculiarly pteaiaiit . arid extensive, the gimaiiou particularly deiiratile for tlie Erection of a House. If the Estate shhll not he disposed of by Private Contract by the day above- mentioned, the same will be put up in the following or such other Lots as shall then be agreed upon, viz. Lot. I. Two £ l » « es or Allotment! adjoining each other, and lying in a Place called Between Jhe Ways, together Si A. 1R the greatest Part of which are in Tillage. 2. A Close or Allotment adjoining to the Leigfiton Road and Newnton- Longville Field, and near to a Houie in the Oc cupatioR of Thomas Hack, of ISA. 4K, 3. Another Close or Allotment, adjoining to the last Lot of nine Acres. 4. Another Close or Allotment, adjoining to the last Lot of nine Acres. 5. Another Close or Allotment adjoining to the last two Lots, n Pond, and the Buckingham Rond, of 10I R. 6. Another Close or Allotment, adjoining to the last de- scribed Lot nnd Road, oflOA. 2R. 7. Another Close or Allotment, extending from Newnton Field to the Buckingham Road, and adjoining to the last Lot and Lot 4, of ISA. IR. All the above Lots, except 5, and 6, adjoin to the open Fields of Newnton, uud except the first, consist of old Pasture Ground. *. The Farms. House, Buildings, Gardens, Yard, Orchard and two Closes adjoining, before described, of I0A. 1R. IP, Each Lot contains the Quantity stated in Statute Measure more or less. If desired, the greatest Part nf the Purchase- Money may remain on Security of the Estate; or the Whole, if such Security is offered as shall be approved of. BLETCH LEY ndjoins to the West Chester Turnpike- Road, is about 46 Miles only from London, and ertsy Distances from Stony- Stratford, Buckingham, Window, Leightou- Buzzard, Woburn, and Newport- Pagnell,- all good Market - Towns, and the Grand Junction Canal goes through the Parish. To see the Estate, apply to Yin. BULL, at the Houie, or to Thomas Hack ; and fur further Particulars, or to treat for it, to Mr. KIROV, Attorney at Law, in Towcester. To COVER, this Season, 1313, Thorough bred Maret, at Three Guineas each, and llatf'a Crottn the Groom ; all others at One Guinea and a Half each, and Half- a- CruKn the Groom, rpHAT noted Race- IIorse, NED, late the Property of I his Grace the Duke of Rutland, now of D. Hamshaw, Great Bowden inn, Leicestershire; he is of a dark- brown Co. lour, black Legs, without white, rising six Years old, stands 15 Hands Inches high, full of Bone, good tempered, and free from all natural Blemishes. Ned was got by Teddy the Grinder, Dam by Precipitate, Grandam by Woodpecker, great Grandam Everlasting, by Eclipse, great great Grandani Hyeena, by Snap, out of Miss Belsea, by Re- gulus, Ned is Brother to Discount. Everlasting was the Dam of Skyscraper, Goldfinch, Top galiant, Leviathan, Brown George, and Lazarus. At three Years old Ned beat MR. Lloyd's Fun, the Ab. Mile 100 Guineas; at four Years old he beat Gen. Grosvenor's Trump across the flat, 50 Guineas; a Sweepstakes ol 50 Guineas each first three Miles of theB. C. beating Weaver and Hylas: at War- wick he won the SO for all Ages, beating Prisoner, Whitenose, and Doubtful.— For the Truth ot this, see the Racing Calendar. Ned will be at X he AN^ el Inn, Harborough, on Tuesdays; at tile Hind, Lutterworth, on Thursdays ; sleeps at tlie Crown, Wcst- lladdon, on Thursday Night; at Northampton, on Satur- days; sleeps at the Coach and Horses, Brixwortli, on Satuiday Night, and at Home the Remainder of the Week. The Money to be paid at the last Round. Ueoil Gr » ss fo Mates at the u3ual Trices, • V NORTHAMPTON, March Slst, 1812. AT a Mhtnernnsand respectable Meeting of the Nobility, Cl rg'v, and Gentry of the County of NORTHAMPTON, convened, by the Lord- Lieutenant, and held this Dav in the COUNTV- HALI, the following Resolutions were unanimously agreed to i — 1st. Reto/ veit,— Tlist it is highly expedient that a Society should be constituted for the Purpose of promoting the Educa- tion of the Poor throughout the County of Northampton, in Conformity with the Views Of the National Society recently established in London. 2d. That such Society be now constituted, snd be called, " The Northamptonshire Society for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church." 3d. That in Pursuance of this desirable Object, a School be forthwith established at Northampton, tn be conducted on the Madras System ; and that other Schools be hereafter established in dilferent Parts ol the County, as soon as the probable Amount of the Fund, and the most eligible Places for the Establishment of such Schools, can be sufficiently ascertained. 4th That a Subscription be now entered into for the above Purposes, and Rooks be opened for the Receipt of Benefactions, and Annual Subscriptions, at the Banking Houses of Messrs. Smith Se Co. and of Messrs. Percivsl & Son, at Northampton ; of Pra- d, Mackworth, & Co. and Sir James Esdaile & Co. in London, to be hereafter carried to the Account of the Treasurer or Treasurers of this Society. 5th That i- he deemed a Fundamental Ruleof this Society, that all the Children received into the Schools to be established out of the Funds, and under the Direction of this Society, be instructed in the Liturgy and Catechism of the Established Church; and that no Books or Tracts be admitted into such Schools but thise which are or shall be contained in the Cata- logue of the " Society for promoting Christian Knowledge," or shall be hereafter recommended by the National Society in London 6th That this Society will receive Applications in Favour of, and as far as mav be in its Power will assist the Parochial and other Schools in the County, being conducted on the Principles prescribed by the National Society. 7th. That this Society shall communicate with the National Society, in order to preserve as far as Circumstances will admit, a perfect Uniformity in their Proceedings; and that a like Communication be kept up with similar Societies established in other Places, for the Sake of mutual Information and Assistance. 8th. That the Lord Bishop of the Diocese be Patton, and the Lord- Lieu tenant of the County, President, of this Society ; that the Nobilitv, resisting within or possessing Property in the Countv, together with the Members of the County and Town, and of the Borough Towns within the County, or Memb- rs of Parli ' ment residing therein ; as also the Dean and Chspter of Peterborough and the Reverend the - Vrchdeacon, being Sub- scribers, be Vice- Presidents, if thev shall pleaseto accept such Office. 9th. That a General Committee be formed, to consist of the Patron, President, and Vice- Presidents, and of fifty other Members, with the Power of adding six to their Number, and of filling up Vacancies; which Committee shall have the entire Management of the Funds, and of the general Concerns of the Society. That at any Meeting five be competent to act, and have Power to adopt such Measures lor furthering the Objects of this Society as they shall, or the Majority of them shall think fit; such Measures to be approved at the General Meeting of this Society, to be held as i- hereafter appointed, or such as shall be specially called bv the Committee. 10th. That the General Committee have Powertocall a Special General Meeting whenever they see fit, due Notice being pre- viously given thereof by public Advertisement. 11th. That the General Committee be empowered at their first Meeting to appoint from the Number of Subscribers two Com- mittees, one for the Eastern and one for the Western Division ot the County, to consist of such Numbers, and under such Regulations as thei shall think fit; such Regulations to be also approved at the General Meeting of this Society. 12th. That every Member of the General Committee be, as such, a Member of the Division Committees. 13th. That an Annual Meeting of this Society be held at Northampton, at which all Annual Subscribers of One Guinea, or Benefactors to the Amount of Ten Guineas, be qualified to attend and vote. 14th. That the first Annual Meeting of this Society be held on the Day preceding the next Michaelmas Sessions: and that no Person shall be deemed an Annual Subscriber who shall not have paid his Subscription to the Treasurers or Bankers of this Society, previous to such Annual Meeting 15th. That the first Meeting of the General Committee be held at Northampton on the Day preceding the next Easter Sessions, and shall h ive Power to adjourn from Time to Time as they mav think fit, 16th. That the General Committee shall draw up a Report of their Proceedings, with a Statement af their Receipts and Disbursements, to be laid before the Annual Meeting of this Society. 17th. That the, Patron, President, and Vice- Presidents, or such of them as are now present, do immediately adjourn and appoint the Members ot the General Committee. It was also unanimously Resolved,—! That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Lord Bishop of the Dioce. se, for having applied to the Lord- Lieutenant to call this Meeting. That the Thinks of this Meeting be given to the Lord- Lieu- tenant, for his impartial Conduct in the Chair. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to Lord Lilford, for the temperate, judicious, and able Manner in which he brought forward the Subject. That these R « « olnrlpnf ha in « » rted in the Northampton Mer- cury, the Morning Post, the Globe, and Courier, and in the Stamford Mercury. NORTHAMPTON, Chairman. The fallowing Commit^ e was appointed pursuant to the 17th Resolut; on. and a Meeting of the said Committee will be held at the GioactlMN, at . NORTHAMPTON, at Twelve o'Clock, on WFDNIIDAT the IIOHTH of X^ AIL, puisuant to the 15th Resolution :— Andrew Robert, F. sq. Brooke Sir Richard Brooke de Capell, Bart. Beaitclerk Hon. and Rev. Henry, Clerk Bouverie Edward, Esq. Blencowe R. W. Esq. Baxter Rev_ Robert, Clerk Boulton Rev. Ceorge, Clerk Carter Thomas, Esq. Clarke John Plomer, Esq. Crawley Rev. R. L. Clerk Crawley Rev. Charles, Clerk Chase Rev. Wm. Clerk Denys Peter, Esq. Dick ins Francis, Esq. DolbenW. S. Esq. Fawcett Rev. Thomas, Clerk Gunning Sir Robert, Bart. Harrison Rev. H. B. Clerk Heyrick Rev. Samuel, Clerk I sham Sir Justinian, Bart. Isted Samuel, Esq. lsham Rev. Eusebv, Clerk I sham Rev. Charles, Clerk Knighrlev Sir Charles, Bart. Kerr William " Rev. 0. Wauchope...... Rev. W. L. Maydwell Rev. T. Blencowe Rev. J. J. Rye Mrs. Rye Rev. S. W. Paul Rev. R. Churton Rev. John Buckhy Rev. Euseby Isham Rev. J. Seagrave... Rev. E. Jones Rev. Vere I sham Rev. G. Hanbury Rev. J. T. Flesher Rev. T. Hornsby Rev. L. Powys, sen. Rev. W. V. Robinson Rev. R. W. Leonard Rev. J. L. Wetherall Rev. Charles Crawley. Rev. George Boulton Rev. R. Roberts Rev. J. Stoddart Rev. C. E. lsham Rev. F. Jones Rey. G. Anderson Messis. Charles Smith & Sons ... Mr. Thomas Taj lor. Mr. Richard Howes Mr. Wm. Gates Mr. J. M. Kirby Mr. C. Markhain Mr. Wm. Gates, jun. Mr. John Gates Mr. Edward Gates. Rev. £. Griffin Rev. Samuel Heyrick Rev, Ceorge Thomas.... Rev. Lloyd Crawley Mr. Ireson. Rev. John Whitehouse Rev. G. W. Malim Rev. Tfiotnas Brownrigg P. J. Luard, Ksq. Rev. S. Parkins Rev. Mr Johnson Key. R. Williams..: Rev. Thomas Lloyd Edward Bouverie, Esq Rev. H. B. Harrison Henry Locock, Esq. ... Sir R 11. de Capell Brooke, Bart. Mr. William lylerSmyth Mr. Henry Hughipa,. Annual Donations. Subicriptienj, £. i. J. £. i. d. .550 1 1 0 .550 2 2 0 .550 1 1 0 .500 1 0 0 .500 0 0 0 .500 1 0 0 .500 1 1 0 .550 1 1 0 .330 1 1 0 .330 1 1 0 . 3 3 0 1 1 0 .390. 1 1 0 .330 1 1 0 .330 1 1 0 .330 1 1 0 .000 2 2 l » . 0 0 0 2 2 0 .220 1 1 ( t .000 2 2 0 .000 2' 2 0 .110 1 1 0 .000 1 1 0 .000 I 1 0 . 0 0 0 1 1 0 .000 1 1 0 . 0 0 0 1 1 0 .. 15 15 0 5 5 0 . 10 0 0 0 0 0 .. 550 2 1 0 .. 500 0 0 0 .. 000 1 2 0 .. 0 0 0 1 1 0 .. 1 1 OF" 1 1 0 -. 000 » 1 O .. 0 0 0 1 1 0 -. 000 1 1 O .. 3 3 0 % S 0 .. 0 O O 1 1 0 -. 000 1 1 0 .. 000 1 1 0 .. OOO 1 1 0 .. OOO 1 1 0 .. 0 0 0 1 1 0 .. 330 1 1 0 .. 000 1 1 0 -. 000 1 1 0 -. 000 1 1 0 .. 000 I I 0 .. 10 0 0 2 0 0 .. 000 1 1 0 .. 3 S 0 2 S 0 .. 10 10 0 2 2 0 .. 550 2 2 0 -. 000 I 1 6 Kipling John, Esq. Lynn George Francis, Esq. I. angham James, Esq. Maunsell T. P. Esq. Manse! John Chr. Esq. Palmer Sir John, Bart. Powys Hon. and Rev. L. Clerk Powys Hon. and Rev. F. Clerk Paul Rev. S. W. Clerk Rose J. C. Esq. ' Robinson Rev. Wm. Clerk Rose Rev. Wm Clerk Rye Rev. Jos. Jekyl, Clerk Stopford Hon. and Rev. R. B. Clerk Sawbridge Wm. Esq. Satnweil T. S VV. Esq. Seagrave Rev John, Clerk Svkes Rev. Thoma » , Clerk Thursby J. H. Esq. Thornton T. R. Esq. Tibbets Charles, Esq. Wake SIR William, Bart. Ward W. Z. L. Esq. Willes Rev. W. S. Clerk Young Allen Edward, Esq. . Esq, And the fillowing Donations and Subscriptions were proposed Hovel oj' Wheat, Beuns, and Peas, Farmmg- jtock, tyc. To be SOLD bv AUCTIO N, By JOHN DAY if SON, On Thursday the loth Day of April, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. JOSEPH HILL, ofASlilON, near Northampton, who is leaving his Farm, rpilK REMAINING PARI' of ( he STOCK, and a PART . L of the HO USE HOLD- FU RN I TU RE, & c.; comprising one Hovel of Wheat, one Ditto of old Beans, two Ditto of new Ditto, Part of a Slack of new Beans and Peas { the Straw of the Whole to I e left on the Farpi), six Cart Horses and Mares, one Nag Colt, three Cotvs, fiye'fresh Runts, six Porkets, and seven store" Pigs; one Waggon, one Cart, one Drag Harrow, two Pair of small Harrows, Field- Roll, Ladders, See. ; Wijul. Fan and Sieves, Gears tor six Horses, Dairy. Vessels, — Also a Part of the Household. Furnituifj. Particulars of which will appear in next Week's Paper. N, B. Barns will be allowed for the Corn till the first of July next. On Account of the Number of Lots the Sale will begin at Ten o'Clock exactly. Furimng- Stock, Dairy Utensils, Household- Furniture, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY A SON, On the Premises of MI. J. SAIL, in NORTH- CRAWLEY. near Newport- Pagnell, Bucks, ALL the FARMING- STOCK of HORSES, WAGGONS, CARTS, & C. CHURN, MILK. LEAD, TUBS, and BUCKETS, HOUSEHOLD - FURNITURE, BREWING- VESSELS, & c.— Particulars, with the Day of Sale, will ap. pear in next Week's Paper. Yaluuble Freehold- House and Land in Wellingborough. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, BY Mr- THOMSON, At the Horse and Grbom, in WELLINGBOROUGH, inthe County of Northampton, on Thursday, the IStli of April Instant, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, in two Lots; Lot 1. \ Very good HOUSE in the East End ; comprising XV a Cellar, Kitchen, two Parlours, and several excel- lent Bed- Rooms ; with a good Garden, large Yaid, and Stabling tor six Horses. Lot2. Three CLOSES of extremely rich LAND, in the East Field ; containing togethet about oine Acres, with the Biick- Kilns, Tile- Kilns, Diying, Sheds, and other Builuings thereon, erected at a considerable Expense by the late Owner, who car- ried oft the Brick, Tile, and Pottery Businesses, for which this Estate is peculiitly adapted, having an inexhaustible Bed of re- matkiibly fine Clay, from which superior Articles in the above Businesses may be manufactured. For further Particulars,- apply to Mean, Hooso. v, Solicitors, Wellingbotvugh. and entered into: — Donations. The Bishop of Peterborough 15 0 The Karl of Northampton 52 10 His Grace the Dukeof Buccleuch.. 52 10 Her Grace the Duchess Dowagtf of Buccleuch 52 10 Tbe Earl of Pomliet 100 0 The Earl of Cardigan 31 10 The Earl Spencer 52 10 Lord Lilford 30 0 Lord Compton 31 10 LordAlthorp 21 0 Lord Montague 10 10 Right Hon. Spencer Perceval..... 50 0 Lady Frances Compton 5 5 Mrs. Madan 10 10 W. R. Cartwright, Ksq. M. P. .. 21 0 Wm. Hanbury, Esq. M. P 26 5 Peter Denys, Esq .. 100 0 Sir Justinian Isham, Bart 26 5 Sir Charles Knightley, Bart o2 10 Hon. alul !!* V. L. t'owys .. Hon. and Rev. F. Powys Hon. and Rev. H L. Hobart...... Hon. and Rev. T. L Dundas Hon. and Rev. R. B. Stopford .... Hon. and Rev. H. Beaucleik Hon. and Rev. Charles Proby. Kev. the Archdeacon of Northampton 21 Rev. John Lamb, D. D........ William Kerr, M. D Samuel I sted, Esq. , Charles Tibbets, Esq John Kipling, Esq. John Nethercoat, Esq. ...... William Walcot, Esq. H. Oddie, Esq F. Dickins, F> q J. C. Ro- e, Esq Thomas Carter, Esq W. S. Dolben, E^ q i... T, S. W. Samwell, Esq Thomas Tryon, Esq W. Z. L. Ward, Esq T. R. Thornton, Esq Thomas Twining, Esq ..... Christopher Smyth, « isq Thomas Butcher, F'sq. ...... J. Beaucleik, Esq...... G. Flesher, Esq. Hon. Mrs. Cockayne....... T. P. MaunseU, Esq. Miss Cockayne Rev. W. S, Willej " Rev. F. Annesley. .... ..... Rev. Thomas Sykes. ... R- ev. S, Hodson Mrs. S. Hodson,... Rev. H. Knightley.-..'... Kev. Thomas Fawcett .. Rev. T. Wbailey > *" f - - - - • 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 10 10 10 10 0 0 0 5 5 20 0 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 . 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 IT) 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 31 10 10 10 10 10 5 5 0 0 10 0 5 5 10 0 10 10 10 10 31 11) IA lo, 5 5 5 6 5 6 6 5 d. 0 0 0 O 0 Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Annual Subscriptions. 0 5 i 5 S 10 10 5 5 5 5 a 3 2 5 1 0 3 5 10 10 5 5 6 1 1 9 2 . 1 2 1 2 1 0 2 2 2 2 0 0 2 1 1 2 2 2 < 9 2 • 2 S 5 1 2 3 1 S S 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 d. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 « • 0 0 Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 To be SOLD bv ' FENDER, FIVE Parcels of MEADOW GROUND, situate in tbe Parish of KINGSUTTON, in the County of North- ampton.— Mr. Waters, ot Kingsutton, will shew ihe different Parcels ; and a Plan of them may be seen, and every other requisite Information had, at the Offices of Messrs. Arnn, ia Clurlbury and Banbury. To be SOLD ty A U C T 1 O N, By Mr. DENNIS, On Tuesday the7th of April, 1812, at Five o'Clock in the Af. ternoon, at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, in Gold. Street, Nouh- ampton, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then and there produced, AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the" Appurtenances, situate in GOLD- STB UI or MARE- FAIR, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, late in ihe Occupation of Mrs. Sarah Hollis, deceased; . comprising four Garrets, four good Bed- Chambers on the first Floor, and a Dressing- room with Bow. Window ; Breakfast and Dining Parlours, two large Kitchens, Pantry, a Cellar, and arched Vault — Behind the Premises is a paved Yard, 38 Feet long and 32 wide, in which is a Brew house and new Pump of good Water, and a Garden ( 6S Feet by 36 Feet) well stocked with Fruit- Trees. The Premises are iti substantial Repair, very roonsy, and might, at a triffling Expense, be converted into two good Houses. For further Particulars, and a View of the Premises, apply • to Mr. BUSWELL, Solicitor, or to the AUCTIONEER, in the Drapery, Northampton. ~ Io be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DENNIS, On Thursday the9th « f April, 1812, on the Premises, inGoLo- STREET, NORTHAMPTON, rpiIF. HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE of the late Mrs. L HOI. L1S; consisting ot Four- post and . Half- Tester B* d. steads, with printed Cotton and Morine Furnitures, Feather Beds) Mattresses, and Bedding, Window Curtains, Chests of Drawers, an Oak Bureau, Mahogany Card and Dining- Tables, a Set of Ditto on Claws, Mahogany atxl other Chairs, an Eight- day Cloclj, a 30- Hout Ditto, Wilton and Kidderminster Carpets, Pier and Chimney Glasses, Kitchen Utensils, China, Glasa, Brewing- Vessels, Casks, Sec. Sec. The Sale tocommence at Ten o'Clock. Capital Stud of Horses, thorough Bred Blood Mures, 1 incing Colts, Hunters, Hacks, frc. To be & O L D by A U C T { Q N, By EDWARD NEA I. E te SON, At CALDECO l'E COTI'AGE, on Friday the 10th Day af April, 1812, Tns FOllOirl. VO CAPITAL STVB: Lot 1. " O AY Mare, by Fire- away, rising four Years old. - 13 2. Bay Filly* by Hermiih, rising 4 Years. 3. Brown Gelding, by Hyder Ally, 2 Years old. 4. Chestnut Maie, aged, by Grecian, in foal to Jupiter. 5. Bay Gelding, by Foriunio, aged. 6 Bay Filly, 2 Years old, by Hermit. 7, Bay Filly, rising 4, by Abraham Newland, Dam bf Eclipse. 8 Bay Colt, 3 Years old, by Walnnt, Dam by Grecian. 9. Chestnut Colt, 3 Yeats old, by Hydec Ally, out of Mr. Geary's Mare. 10. Brown Mare, by young Javelin, aged. 11. Bay Mare, by Eclipse, Dain by Match'em, Sic. & c. aged. 12. Bay Mare, by Edwin, 7 Years old. 13. Chestnut Mare, by Serpent, a well known Hackney, aged. 14. Grey Pony, by Dolphin, aged. 15. Bay Mare, by Beningbrough, Dam by Rockingham, out of Clio | Buzaglo's Dam) aged. IS. Brown Filly, rising 4, by Fieldfare, Dam Sir Heny Har- pur'sold Herod Mare, in Foal to Fyldener. 17. Bay Mare, 6 Years old, by Hycanthus, Dam by Cavendish, out of Blrley Corn's Dam, by young Maiske, Graodain by Ar- bitrator, out ot Hutton's Da. ihne, by Regulus, in Foal to Fyldener. 18. Bay Colt, 3 Yearsold, by Paymitor, Dam hy Rulu, Grand- dam by Arbitrator, outof Hutton's Daphne, by Regulus, ic. 4c, 19. Bay Gelding, 3 Years old, by Lord Egremont's Driver, out of Mr. Watts's Fortunto Mare. 20. Bay Filly, 3 Years old, by Hambletonian, Dam by St, George, Sec. See, 21. Bay Filly, 2 Years old, by Walnut, Dam by Bening- brough, See. 22. Bay Filly. 2 Years old, by Tfave ller, li^ trn by Windle- stone, & c. 2 i. Grey Filly, rising? Years old, by Evander, out of Lot 17. 24. Grey Colt Foal, by Evander, outof Lot 17. 25. Grey Filly Foal, by Evander, Dam by Busgard, Grand- dam by , out of Coriander's Dam. 26. Chestnut Filly Foal, by Evander, Dam by Moorcock. 27. Bay Filly Foal, by Evandcr, Dam by the Welledsy Arabian, Sic. 28,. Bay Colt Foal, by Evander, Dam by Serpent. 29. Pair capital well bred Barouche Horses, one by Grog, and » ne by Young Drone, very fast and very handsome. 30. A Black Gelding and a good Hackney. 31. Very tine Bay Gelding, by Edwin, D » m by Snap, & Years old. 32. Very handsome Bay Mare, by the Wellesley Arabian, Dam by Dorimant. 33. Biown Hunter, 5 Years old, by York, Master of great Weight. 31. Very handsome Brown Gelding, 7 Yearsold, by Alexander, Dam Rose by Holyhock, a veiy high Leaper, and very fast. 34* Chestnut Gelding, by young Revenge, 7 Years old, very last, a noted Leaper, and Master of great Weight. 35. Brown Gelding, by Asparagus, well known as a capital Hunter, and Master pf high Weight. 36. Bay Colt, rising 4 Years, by Snap. 37. Bay Colt, rising3 Yearsold, by Hermit, Dam by Eclipse. - 38. Ball, a capital Cart Colt, 4 Years old, by old " Maucett'l Horse. 39. Brown Mare, aged, in Foal to Cadsby's Horse. 4( J. Good Hackney, aged. Caldecote is thiee Miles from Atherstone, two from Nuneaton five from Hinckley, 15 from Leicester, and IS from Birmingham Beauty restored, und Health preserved. '" I'^ O cure Eruptions in the Face,. Skin, See. without I impairing the Constitution, is that excellent apd unprece. dented Preparation, Mrs. VINCENT'S GOWLAND'S LO- I'lON. The following Note from a Lady ot Rank is a proud Testimonial of its superior Excellence: No. 49, Char hue- Street, Portland Place. Lady Catharine Lennox presents her Compliments to Mrs. Vincent, and has the Pleasure of stating, that, by the Use of two Quart bottles of herCowiAitD's LOTION, she is perfectly cured of a violent Eruption upon her Face'and Arms ; she was recommended by her Physician to make Use ot the Lotion, which has exceeded her most sanguine Expectations. Mrs. V, is at Liberty to make Use of her Name, as having experienced its healing Vittues; and Lady Lennox will also recommend it as much as possible within the Sphere ot her Acquaintance. Sold hy Mrs. Vincent, No. 6, Davies- Streer, Grosvennr. Square, London; and by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Abel, Northampton; inwood, and Barringer 1- Son, Newport. Pagnell; Palgtave, BedfoiU; and by all respectable Venders of Genuine Medicines, in Quarts at 8s. 6d. ; Pints 5s. 6d. ; Half. Pints 2s. 9d. To prevent Counterfeits, it is necessary to observe M. E. Vincent, signed upon all that is Genuine. Likewise is sold as above, VINCENT'S RESTORATIVE TOOTH- POWDER, lut preserving, restoring, and beautitjing the Teeth, anJ curing tljs scurvy in thi Gums, Price 2:. 9s!. each Bsx, The Northampton Mercury; owhCeneral Advertiser- for the CountTh Northampton, Bedford, BtWldfigliam, IInntijig4o. fi, ' icpJtcr, Wiirwtefc, Oxford, etit iiertf- mi. • i ,... » .<,. I .. -.;,,., COFFEE MART, MARKET- SQUARF, .<• » » DRAPBRY, NORTH AM l'TO V. MESSRS. G. OSBORN & SON, T^' A- DEAIER*. inform the Public thev are appointed so L* Ar. ENTs f » r the TOWN and COUNTY of NORTHAMPTON, for I he SALF, of COFFF. E from the LONDON COFFEE MART, established 1811, under the exclusive. Sanction of the Com- mittee of British Coffee Planter* and Merckants. WM. UOLDF. N, Esq. Trea. and Sec. Rest fine Roasted Coffee, 9s. per Pound. Second Ditto Ditto, Is. Sd. per Pound. Third Ditto Ditto, Is. 4d. per Pound. There being at all Tlmec much unsound and damaged Coffee in the Market, the COMMITTEE hive Judged it expedient to hind their AGENTS not to admit into the Mart any but SOUND, WHOLESOME COFFEE, nndsuch onlya » HA « been previously inspected and approved of by their SWORN BROKER, and for readu Money only. All Orders for Coffee mu « t be Post- paid. N. B. An APPRENTICE wanted. r | ^ HE next Meeting of the Members of the Sorietv X for promoting CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, will be held, agreeably to the former Resolution, at Mr. BIRDS A I. L'S, at Twelve o'clock, on FRIDA v next, being the second Day of the General Quarter Sessions. R. BAXTER, Secretary. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. THE ALTHORP, NORTHAMPTON, andWY- MERSLEY TROOPS are requested to assemble on the MARKET- PLACE, at NORTHAMPTON, in Inspection Order, » t Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon of WEDNESDAY the 8ih of APRIL next, for the Purpose of being inspected by Col. CORBBTT. SPENCER, Colonel. March <> Sth. 181?. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. THE WF. LI. INGBOROUGH TROOP of YEO- MANRY are to assemble at WELLINGBOROUGH, on MUSOAY the 6tb of APRIL, at Ten o'Clock, with Cloak- Hags, & c. in Inspection Order. The Troop will remain in Quarters at Wellingborough, no thnt Day tbe following. F. DICK1NS. Captain. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. THE Gentlemen of the TOWCESTERTROOP are requested to meet in TOWCESTER, on SATURDAY the 11th Instant, at Half- past Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, in Inspection Order, to be inspected bv Colonel CORHETT. J. C. MANSEL, Captain. Tome ester. April ls(, 1818. GRAND JUNCTION WIlARF, NORTHAMPTON, APRIL 4th, 1312. MESSRS. WALTON h JI'FFFRY beg to return their Thanks « n their Friends and the Public in general, for tfie liberal Favours they have alreadV received, and have to Inform them, they are now selling COALS, of tile Uest Quality, at the nndernicntioned Prices: — Besj Harecaitle, 18d. per Cwt. Rest Wednesbitry, lfid. Ditto. Rest llawkettiurv, 15d. Ditto. N. B, One Halfpeuny per Hundred Discount for ready Money. They have laid In an extensive Assortment of FOREIGN TIMBER, DEAI. S, IRON, and STREL; also ENRLIIII laos, and SEA COAL, whirh hav'iHg drawil from the best Markets they can offer on the lowest Terms. MJEFFERY^ a^^ k^ thTcROWN AND • ANCHOR, late. in the Occupation of Mr. SAMUF.!. CoRY, to which he has added Part of the Premises of Ihe late Mr, Drayton, begs to inform his Friends a « ' l the Public, that he has laid inalarge Assortment of WINES, LIQUORS, Sic. of the best Qualities, aud from his Determination to give every possible Attention to the Comfort and satisfactory \ e- cnmmodatlon of his Friends and Customers, lie trusts he shall secure their future Favours. flood BEO. 4 and convenient STABLING. Bridge- Street, Northampton. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. THE Gentlemen of the DAVENTRY TROOP are reqnested to assemble in Inspection Order, on the M » RKET- Hu. t, in DAVENTRY, on MONDAY the 13th Instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon. It is intended that the Troop shall remain in Quarters at Daventry that Day and the Day following. T. R. THORNTON, Captain. April 3d, 181?. Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. THE BRACKLEY and CH1PP PING WARDEN TROOPS are requested to meet at Eleven o'clock on FRIDAY the IOth and SATWROAY tbe llth of APRTL, at the Corner of Steen Park Wall, near Farthiaghoe. As the above Troops are to be inspected on SATURDAY Ihe lllh, bv Lieut.- Colonel CORBETT, they are desired to attend on that Day in Inspection Order. W. R. CARTWRIGHT, Lieutenant- Colonel. Aynhoe, March 1\ th, 1812. L « 0UT0N- Bt! Z2ARD, April 8d, 1812. THE Public are most respectfully informed, that the INN BUSINESS at the EAGLE AND CHILD, at IF. IGHTON- BUZZAR N, will be continued, and every At- tention paid to afford superior Comfort and Accommodation to those Friends who have or may be pleased to houour it with their future Favours, MORTGAGE. WANTED, on ample FREEHOLD SECURITY, in a Midland County, £ 15,000. The luteresi will be paid regularly, either in London or at Northampton. For further Particulars, apply to the Printers of this Paper; or to Messrs. Robinson A Hammond, 18, Austiu- Friars, London. STOWB, MARCH 31, 1812. THE Lord Lieutenant of the County of BUCKINGHAM having by Commission, bearing Date this Day, appointed RICHARD, Earl TEMPLE, one of the Deputy Lieu- tenants of the said County, to be his Vice Lieutenant for and within the said County of Buckingham, and his Royal Iligh- noc « the Prince Regent having been graciously pleated, in the Name and on Behalf of his Majesty, to approve thereof t all Reports, Returns, and Communications, respecting the Lieu- tenancy, the Yeomanry, and the Militia Forces of the said County, are to be addressed to the Earl Temple, Lower Grosvenor- Street, London, until further Directions. CHAN DOS TEMPLE, V. Lieutenant. And To be entered SOLD, upon immediately. THAT old- established INN, the EAGLE AND CHILD, l. EIGHTON BUZZARD.- To treat for thesame, pleasp to apply to THOMAS Wooo, House and Estate Agent, Leighton, Bedfordshire, " VyANTSa Place as BAILIFF and KEEPER, A » * PERSON who has served in a regular Family 16 Years.— Enquire of ihe Triiiters of this Paper; ifby Letter, Post- paid, addressed C. D. Vy ANTED, an APPREN TICE to a MILLER, * * A LAD, about 16 Yea rs of Age ; Premium not to 8+ uch an Object as Character, and a Disposition i, mnke him- self ujrful.— F. nqnire of THOMAS TINGLE, Kettering Mills. WANTED, in the LINEN and WOOLLEN DRA PER Y & HOSIERY BUSINESSES, Anartive YOUTH of good Character, about 15 or 16 Years of Age. As he will be considered as one of the Family an adequate Premium will be expected. — A Young Man of respectable Connexions who has served Part of his Apprenticeship would be treated wilh. Apply, ifbyLetter,( Post- paid), to C. CORRAH,, Market- I] ill, Daventry. To Gro< ers und TalUm- Chundlers. WANTED, within two or three Months from the Date hereof. An ESTABUSH ED BUSINESS, in the abuve Trade, in some populous Market- Town, where the Coming- in will not require more than Eight or Ten Hundred Pounds. A Line immediately directed to A. B. Post- Office, Olney, Bucks, will tie duly answered. March 30th, 1SI2. WANTED, A MAN and his WIFE, to undertake the MANAGEMENT of the WORKHOUSE of the Parish of TINGE WICK, until Easter Week, 1813.— Any Person desirous of contracting; for the same, may apply to the OVERSEERS of the said Parish, on Wednesday the IJth of April, 1812, when, on that Day, a Meeting will be held for that Purpose. Application hv Letter, Post- paid. RICHARD PARGERTER. JOHN 8TOCKLEY, BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY, /. EI GUT ON- BUZZARD, Bedfordshire. AT a public Meeting held, pursuant to Advertisement, in the Town ol LEIGHTON- BUZZARD, on THURSDAY Ap• il 2d, 1812, for the Purpose ot forming a BRANCH BIBLE SOCIETY, in Connection with the Auxiliary Society of the Town and County of Bedford, on the Motion of Sir Andrew Corbett, Bart The most Noble the Marquis of TAVISTOCK, was called to the Chair. After a full Statement of the Object, Plan, and Constitution of the British and Foreign Bible Society, mane by the Chairman, by some Gentlemen deputed for that Purpose from the Central Committee at B « dforil, and by other Gentlemen present, on the Motion ot the Rev. Mr. Jones, Curate of Little- Brickhlll, seconded by the Rev. I. egh Richmond, Rectorof Turvey, Seve- ral Resolutions, similar to those adopted at Meetings of the like Nature elsewhere, were unanimously passed, The Most Noble the Marquis of Tavistock Wat chosen to be the President! Mr. John Grant, Treasurer; Rev. Mr. Jones, Curate of Little- Brick hilt, Secretary t Mr. Samuel Reev » , Assistant. Secretary j And the following other Gentlemen a Committee, for the ensuing Year: Francis Gregory Richard Sanders Thomas Chew I Samuel Coplestone ' John Partridge James Sanders, Jun William F. xton Matthew Ridgway Upwards of Two Hundred Pounds was immediately subscribed by ihtCompany present, and further Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer; and also by Messrs.!. D. Bassett, Thomas Odeli, Thomas Wake, and Wm. Theobald, ol Leigh nn- Butisrd. The Branch Society of Leigbton- lluziard comprehends the neighbouring Villages for some Miles tound, as the Sphere of its proposed Exertions ior the Supply ot the Poor with Bibles and Testaments. All Communications should be made to the Rev. Mr. Jones, Curate of Littls- Brickhill, Secretary; Mr. Samuel Reeve, As- sistant- Secretary, Leighton- Buzzard; to Mr. John Grant, Trea- surer [ or to the Committee at the Time ot their Monthly Meeting in the Town of Leighton- Buzzard, on the last Friday n every Month. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby giv n, That tin adjourned GfHtrdl Meeting tf the LIKUTENANCY, of the County of NORTHAMPTON, Kill be held at the OxonOS Jtftt, i* the Town of NottTttJMrrnir, OH StTORBsr next tht llfJk Dan of Armi instant, at t* ij H-> nr of Twelve at Niton, on Business relating tt> the Loral Militia. By Order of the Right Hon. Charles Kurt o f North. nmpt « A, Aiv Majesty's tAentefiant of the County ef Northampton. CFIAS. MARKR\ M, Clerk of the General Meetings. Northampton, April4Mt. 1912. MOYAD BRITISH SYSTEM OF EDUCATION. rpilF. SCHOOL in DEH- COATF. will he opened for I POOR CHILDREN; of ALL PERSUASIONS, On MONDAY the 13th of A PR IL iiexj. Northampton. MarehiH, 1812. N. B. No Children admitted under four Yearn of >\^ e. THRAP. srON TU tXPIKh- RO THE Yeailv General Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road, leading from Market- Harbo'ougfi, in the County of Leicester, to the Pound in the Parish of Brampton, In the County of Huntingdon, will be holden at the WHITE HAHT I VV, IN THRAPSTON, on MONDA Y the 4th Dav of MAY next, at Eleven o'clock in ihe Forenoon.— And at the same Time and Place, new Trustees will be elected and chosen, io the setrral Places and Steads of such Trustees as shall he then dead.— C4iveu under our Hands this first Day of April, 1812. THOS. MARSHALL, WM. MARGETTS, i their Clerks Household- Furniture, ^ c. To be SOL D bv A U C T I O N, By MASON & SON, On Wednesday the 8th Day « f April, 18U, ' IMIF. HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE and other EFFF. CTS, L of Mr. SAMUEL CORY, who is leaving the ANCHOR. PU » I. tC- IIoust, in B « i DOE- ST » SIT, io the Town of NO RTH- AMPTON ; comprising Bedsteads and Bedding. Tables, Chairs, Pier Glasses, and Clock, with a general Assortment of Kitchen- Furniture, aud Iron- bound seasoned Be.' r- Casks, Fixtures, and other Articles.— The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. Sund; tv last, Mr. James Noui- se, baker, of flufckingiiam. Same dav. at Newport- P. IGNEPI after a short illness, Mrs. AIMS Watkin, daughter of the late Ref. John Wittkin, fortperty recto!" of Yeltartoft, and vicar < W West- Haddou, iti tnivcountv. ' Tuesday last, * t Blijvnrth rectory, Marts, wife of the Rev. J. Sturgfs. Seven children are left to know nil I feci the irreparable loss of a motiie'l1, wliosg life was entirely devotiM to, and exhausted by, the must affectionate exer- tions in lie!- family. , Lately* after it few hours'tllnftss, irt the 73th year of her ane, deservedly respeCttrd, Mrs. ClaVton, relict of the late Rev. Wm. Clayton, recmr of IbuejiStoiie, Leicestershire, and daughter of the late Wot. Wade, Esq. of Egham, iu the county ofSnrrv. Lately, at Cheltenham, Mrs. Sheldon. Lady of R. Sheldon, Esq. of Weston- Ilouse, Warwickshire, aud M. P. for Wilton. » T. afelv, at Berkbanisted, Herts, Mr. William Johnson, who had been receiver of the School estates belonging to that town nearly 30 years; bis father had enjoyed that situa- tion before him for upward* of fiftv veors. Tohn Sandon John Procter Thomas Odell Robert Thorp Wm. R. Lawford Thomas WagstalT Charles Pettitt Thomas Daggett Thomas Stevens John Griffin Benjamin Dumville Richard Partridge Wm. Cox Thomas Ginger Thomas Adams Key Hardy. Sen. Eligible Situation, FREEHOLD ESTATE. O N\ To be SOLD bv A U C T I By Mr. KIRSHAW, On Thursday the 16 h Day of April, 1812, AT HIS COMMODIOUS AUCTION ROOMS, At the GOAT INN, in Northampton, at Four o'Clock, ALL those most valuable ami extensive PRF. MISE- S, situate and being in R » ADIHAW- STRS « T, and SILVIA. STATTT, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, known hv the Name of the PUNCH HOUSE, commandinga most extensive Business in the Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Trade; consisting of a spacious and convenient new- built House, large Warehouse, and Stabling for upwards of 20 Horses, with paved Yard, Garden, Well and Pump of good Water, and eveiy Requi- site for carrying on an extensive Business.— The Stock iu Trade and Fixtures may be taken at a fair Valuation. For further Particulars, enquire of L. KIRSHAW, Surveyor, and Auctioneer, Goat Inn. Northampton. Overseers. LKASEHOLD HOUSES. To be SOLI) bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. KIRSHAW, At the Goat Inn, in Northampton, on Friday the 10th Day of April, Iftl3, ai four o'Clock in the Afternoon, T7IVE MKS- UAGES or TENEMENTS, with Appur- tenances thereunto belonging. situate and being in K i KC' » - WTLL- STMIT. NORTHAMPTON, in the several Occupations of Benjamin Ward, William Maddocks. Thomas Rowley, John Cockerill, and William Baker, at very old and improvable Rents. The above are held under a Lease of St. John's Hospital for 40 Years from the 25th March, 1812. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. W. HAYWAKD, Jun. Stoke- Goldington, Bucks; or the Auctioneer, Northampton. Notice to Debtors and Creditors. ALL Persons indebted to the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. HENRY IUCKMAN, of NBWNIIAM, in the County of Northampton, deceased, are desired forthwith tn pay theit reipeetive Debts either lo Mr. Tlins, Howei, of Norton, near Daventry, Mr. Morris, of Davcntry, or Mr. Smith, of Great- Houghton, the} Iixec » tors named in his Will ; and nil Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate ofthe said Deceased, are requested immediately to tend a Statement thereof to any one of his aforesaid Executors, in order that the tame may be examined aud discharged. April 4, 1812. ROAD MEETING. of the NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road, leading from I Town of Northampton lo Newport- Pagnell, in the County of Buckingham, will be holden at Ihe NEW INN, H » CK- I. ETON, in the County of Northampton, oo MONUAY tbe 13th Day of AraiL instant. ROBERT ABBEY, Clerk to the Trustees. Northampton, April 4th, 1812. Dinner at Two o'Clock. Cransley, Northamptonshire. To be LETT by TENDER, rpHE under- mentioned PREMISES* situate in the pleasant I and healthy Village ot CRANSLEY, near Kettering, in the County of Northampton A Cottage or Tenement, with a Harden and Appurtenances, in the Occupation of Richard Lille* man. A Cottage or Tenement, with a Garden and Appurtenances, jn the Occupation ot Thomas Goodman. A Cottage or Tenement, with two several Gardens and Ap- purtenances, in tbe Occupation of Mary Ablitt. A Cottage or Tenement, with convenient " ut- buildings, and a Close of exceedingly rich Land adjoining, containing about two Acres ( more or less), in the Occupation of William Beekwith. A Cottage or Tenement, with a Garden and Appurtenances, in the Occupation of Joseph Thompson. A Cottage or Tenement, with a Garden and Appurtenances, in the Occupation of Robert Jaques. Proposals ( sealed up) to be delivered to Mr. THOMAS RICE, of Moulton; or at the Office of Mr. Jirif, Soiicito;, North- . ampton, where further Particulars may be known, on or before the 6th Day of April next. March Sljf, 1812. Genteel und Modern Household- Furniture, neat Chaise, < yc, To be SOLI) by AUCTION, Bv T. WOOD, On Friday and Saturday theSHthand 25th Davsof April, 1812, precisely at Ten o'Clock each Day. n" MIF. valuable HOUSEHOLD- FURNIIUHE, and other * SFFEC'TS, at the laic Residence of PATHICK IUKTLITT, Esq. LI T11. E- G A DDE S DE N, ne ar Hemel- Hempstead. Herts. t- urther Particulars will appear in a future Paper, tnd Ca logues may be had at the Inns in the Neighbourhood ; i'iaci • » ale, and of the Auctioneer, Lcigbton- Buizard. To be SOLD by A U C T I O N, By Mr. KN1BB, On Wednesday the 15th Day of April, 1315, ONE Hundred and twenty- seven OAK SPIRES, with Lop, Tops, and Bark, standing in the following Places, known by the Namesof F. CKN E Y- ORCIIA RD, l-. CKN E Y- WOOD, and THORNEY. WOOI), near Petsoe Manor, in the Parish ot Embeiton, near Olnejr, Bucks, subject to such Con- ditions ot Sale as wilt be- given out on the Morning previous to Sale. N. B. The Auctioneer begs the Favour of the Company to meet at Eckney- Orchard, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. WND0N, April 3. ALong and interesting debate took place yesterday, at the East India- House, upon the subject of the renewal of the Company's Charter. The Trade to the East is, under certain and very considerable restrictions, to he thrown open, and the British Merchants to be admitted to a parti- cipation of that trade, which the Americans and other neutrals have so long shared with the Company. The trade of the East has increased to an extent to which the capital of the Company, great as it is, is not adequate; anil though at the last renewal of the Charter, a small portion of private trade was granted to the Merchants, yet it became impos- sible to keep foreigners from sharing it.— Instead of factories in the East, we have acquired provinces; our settlements for the purposes of colnmerce have swelled into a mighty Empire, of which the company can neither supply the wants, nor carry off the productions. The natural conse- quence has been, that the surplus trade of the Company has fallen into the hands of Neutrals, and the Americans only had last year 400 vessels employed in it. But tbe most serious part of the mischief is, not that Neutrals have obtained a portion of our Eastern trade, but that they liave carrjed it on with British capital; that some of our mer- chants have become interested in the success of Neutrals ; that their prejudicies and their feelings have gone with the Country under whose flag their capital has been employed, rather than with that iu which the capital has been acquired. Letters hare been received from Paris to the 29th tilt, which stnte that Bonaparte bad not quitted that capital. They confirm the accounts which have before been stated of tbe great scarcity of bread in France, and of the want of provisions ill general. The letters by the last Anholt Mail- state, that the French troops are in every direction advancing towards the frontiers of Russian Poland, and it is confidently stated, that the Prussian troups hare joined those of Bonaparte. The Rus- sian army is stated to amount to 200,000 men, and it is to be commanded by Generals Barclay de Tolly, Bemvigsen, and Armfcldt. The Emperor Alexander will take the field himself. There appears to be some further accounts of the FrCneh squadron. The Rover, which is arrived at Portsmouth, spoke, on the 16th ult. in hit. 44. 33. long. 14. S8. a sloop, which had seen an enemy's squadron of four sail of the line and thiee frigates the day btfore, standing to the N. W. On the 21st, the Rover fell in, in tat. * 7. 55. long. 16. 33. with a vessel, which two days before bad been plundered by the enemy. She was part of a convoy, but we have not heard that the enemy fell in wjth the rest of the convoy. It is said, that, in conscfjucnce of tli* King of Prussia having contented to join his forces to those of Bonaparte, the latter had ordered his Generals to declare, that Prussia should never be called upon for the contributions due from her to France at the conclusion ofthe last war. Badajoi, now the scene of eventful operations, and likely to be one, perhaps of decisive action, is the capital of Es- tremadurM: it stands on nn eminence on the south side of the large river Guadjaun, over which there is a bridge 700 paces long, and 14 broad, built by the Romans. On this bridge, the Portuguese were defeated by Don John of Aus- tria, in 1061. It is 175 miles S. by W. of Madrid. A Morning Paper savs—" We understand it is settled that her Majesty the Queen is to hold a Drawing- room at St. James's, the week after next, at which the Princess Charlotte will be presented, together with a number of other Ladies." An Account of the total value of the Forged Notes pre- sented at the Bank of England for payment, and refused from being forged, for the 11 year* fronithe lst of January 1801, to the 3fst of December, 1811:— The nominal value of the Forged Notes, pre- ) tented for payment, and refused, within the > ,£ 101,661 above- mentioned period, it ) • Bank of England, March 26,1812. H. II ASK. Chief Cashier N. B. The above return includes all forged Notet, supposed tn have been fabricated on the Cantiaeut, aud presented within tbe aforesaid period. Buckingham and Winslow Butter Waggons in full Trade, To be DISPOSED of by PRIVATE CONTRACT. rpilE GOOD WILL of " tbe CARRYING BUSINESS, 1 withthe WAGGONg, HORSES, HARNESS, BUT IE R- F I. ATS, CLOTHS, Sec. belonging to the BUCKINGHAM and WTNSLOW BUTTER WAGGONS, which now, and for several Years past, have regularly started twice a Week from Buckingham, through Wrnslow and Aylesbury to London. The above is a very desirable Opportunity fora Person wishing to engage in the Carrying Business ; the Concern beintf supported by a considerable Number ot Gentlemen, Dairymen, and Trades- men of tlie greatest Respectability, and is now in full Tiade The Horses principally ate young, well seasoned, and in high Condition. For further Particulars, and to treat tor the same, apply to Mr. THOMAS INGRAM, the Proprietor, at Winslow, Bucks ( who has taken a Farm to which he intends shortly removing), or Mr. CHARLES WILLU, Solicitor, ot the same Place. I'lte Purchaser may, by applying to WILLIAM LOWND. ES, Esq. of Whaddon- Hall, be accoinmodatert with the Premises now occupied by Mr Ingram, situate in Winslow aforesaid, which consist of a very convenient and roomv Dwelling- House, with a Urge Yard and Garden, extensive Barns and Stables, and other necessary Outbuildings ; also, three Closes ot rich old Pasture Ground, containing about six Acres, and the Whole together forms a most pleasant and comfortable Residence, with every suitable Conveniencetorexercising the Carrying Business Bank Stock ... 3 per Cent. Red. 1 per Cent. Cons... 4 per Cent. Cons... 5 per Cent. Navy .. Omniurti ..... Cons, for ac. .. PRICE Sat. shut shut 59 » i shut 90M 53 d 59H. OF STOCKS. iMon. i TO. Hoi. India llonds 2 sp. Hoi. Wed rhu. Fri. 59| 4| 60* 60 90J90* 90 » —— 43d 59160 S'-' L 60} - lixc. Bills, par 2 p. To be SOLD by A UCTION,' Bv n 4- P.. ' Br. A BY, All. the capital LIVE and DEAD FARMING- STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, D AI R Y. tlTE N. SILS, and sundry other EFFECTS of Mr. THOMAS CLARIICE, of LOWER. HEYFORD, near Northampton, who is leaving his Farm. O" Particulars will appear in a future Paper. • LAYING OUT FARMS AND FARM BUILDINGS. This Dai/ WHS published, tn Imperial Quarto, Kith Plates ( some of them coloured )< Price Ss. In Hoards. DESIGNS for CAYINNOIU FARMS AND FARM- BUlLn- INGS in the SCOTCH SRTI. A. adapted to EKCLANB; in. eluding an Account of ihe Introduction of the Berwickshire Husbandry into Middlesex and Oxfordshire; with RemaiVs oti tbe Importance ot this Svstem to the general Improvement of Landed Property in England. Bv J C. LOU DON, F. !.. S. Illustrated by 38 Plates descriptive of Farm Buildings and Rural Improvements, recently executed hy ihe Author. London: Printed for J. Harding, 36, St. James's- Street. A very numerous meeting of the Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry of this county, convened by the Lord- Lieutenant, was held in the County- Hall, on Tuesday last, for the purpose of promoting, within the county of Northampton, the plan of the National Society for Educating the Children of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church. After the business of the day had been opened by the Lord- L'entennnt, t. ard f. ilfordbegan by expressing his thanks to Lord North- ampton ( in which he was confident he should be joined by the county at large), for having convened the meeting. He lamented that the Resolutions should not be proposed hv some person of more authority lhan himselT, but regretted It the lest, since the cause was calculated to plead for itself. He referred to the two first Resolution!, as comprising the sub- stance of the measure proposed, bv which it was intended to discharge au important duly, in dispensing, to those who most need it, a practical, and acknowledged good. This he taid with reference to tho « e davs, now happily past, when learned menfould uphold the blessings of ignorance, and iihilosophy nuld exclude Ihe lower orders from those element! of know- ledge which she had improved for her own exclusive distinction. He spoke » f the free spirit of our government, which excludes no man from any sphere of utility, should he lie qualified for it hv his talentt and virtues s and observed, that there it alto an active and ambitious principle in the mind to which It is Ihe object of all good governments to give a safe and useful direction. He then tpoke ofthe more immediate object of the Meeting, which was, to call on the Benevolence and Liberalitv of the County to provide a Fund for the Education of the Poor, ie such principles, as will tench them their duty both to God and man; and thus give the hetf security which can be given by any human institution, that they will prove hereafter useful and valuable membert*) f the community. This was the general purpose; and Ihe particular feature of the srlteme was, Education in the Principles of the Established Church. It was not necessary to dwell on that subject, as hr thought it obviouily neceisary that tLe friends and piemhers of the eitHhlinhmcnt should zealously, but temperateiy, maintain their eccential distinctions; he referred to the resolution in which thi* principle is enforced, and apprehended we should stop short of our duty If we did not extend to the children of our poor neighbours such instructions in Ihe rudiments, of their religion, at we think it it incumbent on us, as fathers of families, to teach to our own. He then adverted to the best method of effecting these good purposes, and rejoiced that it was not necessary to retort to experiments in education. It had been now sufficiently proved that the tystem first practised at Madras, combined that economy and correctness which are most essential in the education of the poor, lie described ihe effect at not merely mechanical but at moral, and believed the process to be tuch as conveyed the most speedv and correct inttructioo, at the tame time that it awakens the best energies of Ihe human mind. lie then proceeded to read the Resolutions nt leiigth, and cxpretsed hit conviction, that by adopting such a measure we thoulddn what, under Providence, would most Contribute to augment the public stock of religion und virtue, and con- tequenllyof public strength. Mr. Cartuirlght briefly expressed his approbation of the measure proposed by Lord Lilford, and concluded by seconding the Resolutions, which were afterwards separately put by the Lord- Lieutenant, and carried unanimously. Lord Althorp said, that when a proposition was made for Educating the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church, it wa3 impottiWe for him. as a member of the Church of England, not to give it his most cordial support; that he cooceived th'tmust be the sentiment of every member of the F. 8tablifhed Church; and that he flidhld not'therefore have thought it necessary to say one word upon the tubject, had not an idea guae abroad that the object of this Meeting w. u to injure the Lancastrian tchool already set on foot in this towo. Now, for one, he must beg leave to say, that this was not at all hit object in attending it; nn the contrary, ha would always do every thing in hit power tosupport the Lancastrian School; for though he mutt of course pref'r the system which educated the poor in hit own principles, yet, as a Christian, he thought it his duty to extend the blettingt of education as far at possible. Looking nt tbe tubject in a religious point of view, which, when n system of education was under con- tlderatlon, hr must necessarily do, he could have no doubt but in a political point of view, it might be a question, whetheV educating distenters and churchmen in ihe same school might not vefv much tend to toften religious differences, aud there- fore be verv advantageous to the State. Lord Lilford made a short reply to what had fallen from Lord Althorp. Mr. Tnlnlng apologised for offering hit senliiftents to Ihe Meeting, after the very able manner in which the subject had beentreated bv the Noble Lord ( Lilford), and in an argu- mentative and impressive speech- of some length, which we exceedingly regret it is not in our power to lay before onr readers thit week, from an unfortunate disappoint- ment, ttrongly enforced the necettity of the proposed Institution. In the course of his speech Mr. Twining particularly adverted to the deposition which, during hit thort residence in this part of, the country, he had observed among the poorer classes to receive instruction; and spoke with great feeling and effect of the important results which were likely to arise from this - circumitance when properly directed, as it would be, by the powerful means of an insti- tution of tilit nature; but he begged leave strongly to recom- mend the necessity of the utmost vigilance in the choice of masters, in order to prevent any Improper bias being given to this happv disposition for instruction, and from whieh he augured tuch important benefits to the rising generation. The Hon. and Rev. L. Poivys, Mr. Hnnbury. Mr. Carter, and one or two othef Gentlemen briefly expressed their senti- ments; after which a lubscriptinu Was commenced for ihe pur- pose of carrying into execution the objects of the Meeting, and we are happy lo say that the amount of tlve donations before the Meetiug broke up, excludveof theannual subscrip- tion!, amounted la upwards of £ 1,200. For the resolution!, and other proceedings of the meeting, see the advertitement in the preceding page. t. ocaf Mtlitiu.— Tt having Ijeen represented to Mr. Sec. Ryder, that an opinion is piei iilent in rtirlny regiments of Local Militis that the men will be entitled, to retain their clothing at the expiration of the perlo- i for Miirh t. hev were originally enrolled, a circular letter has been addressed to the Commanding OffiCerj of Local Militia corps, requiring tliHu immediately to take the most effectual means for removing any such erroneous impression. It never was the intention of Government to give them up their clothing*, which- is to be kept in store, and to be at the dispumtl of ( jovernmei) t for ahy purpose to which it inay be found applicable. The necessaries are in every respect distinct from the clothing, and at the expiration of the period of training they become the absolute property of the men for wtiom tlifiy were provided; but it is intended s*> make sortie alteration in the articles which have been hitherto provided under this head, and to transfer several of tile in to tho clothing. The Officers of the Local Militia will not Be required to conform with the new regulation of wearing caps and jackets at their annual meetings for training; but if circumstances should ever render it necessary to call them on actual ser- vice, they will then be required to make the alteration. The . Volunteer corps are also permitted to dress as usual. The Local Militia corps ar4 this year to be assembled for 14 days' training; sometime between the 20£ Ii 6f April and the 20ih of September, witli the exception of those men wHo Iidve riot before beeH exercised, and who are to as- semble 7 days preceding thfe rest of the cohps. .' The stiin of onfe gtlitiea, was this day paid into the hands of the Treasurer, of the General Infirmary in this town, by Mr. Lucas, Solicitor,, of Sbaldwell, accepted by him of Joseph Howlett, of Brirtworth, shepherd, as n compromise for an assault upon Mr. Lucas, in the king's highway, in the parish of Brixworth. The four Nottingham rioters, !> etiteaced to fourteen years' transportation at the late assizes, aijd three for seven years, were removed with great care and caution from Nottingham, under the escort of a military guard, on Monday morning soon after five o'elock. They passed through this town in the afternoon, and arrived at Newgate on Tuesday, and on Thursday were delivered at the hulks; at Woolwich. A gang of coinei- s, & c. lately Kpp> ehfended in the neinli- bout hood df Perry Barr, have undergone several examina- tions before the Rev. T. I . Frere, of Haridsworth, and were on Tuesday se'nnight Committed to Stuff > rd County Gaol, not only for forgery and uttering Bank of England and other Notes, but counterfeiting the five shillings, three shillings, and one and sixpence Bank Tokens. They were eight in number, viz. William Booth, Mary Booth ( bis wife), James Tate?, George Scott, John Burrows, John Yates the elder, John Yates the younger, and Elizabeth Chidlow. At Warwick assizes, on Thursday last, the Rev. William Brookes was indicted for the murder of Hannah Miller, of Warwick, a young woman 14 years of age, by shooting het with a pistol.— After a variety of evidence had been gone through, all of which tended to prove the mental derange* ment oT the prisoner, the learned Judge ( Bavley) addressed the Jury and told thent, that, if they were satisfied as to the insanity of the prisoner, no more evidence would be produced ; but if they were nor, he would hear all the wit- nesses that had not been called.— The Jury said they were quite satisfied as to the insanity of the Prisoner, and after consulting about two minutes, returned a verdict of Guilty of murder, hut acquitted on the ground of insanity. On tHe 21st ult. Joseph Exile was executed at Avlesbory, pursuant to his sentence at the last assizes, for horse stealing; and, shocking to relate, his own father stood with the utmost composure and witnessed the awful scene. It appears that this old villain has been the cause of several of his s ins being brought to an untimely end. He was lately acquitted at Aylesbury ( having been tried several times before) of a charge of horse stealing, for which two more of his sons are now under sentence of death. The populace were s" o incensed at the unfeeling wretch, that they handled him very roughly, and hid it not been for the interference of the constables, in all probability his life would have been in danger. The following inquisitions have lately been taken before Jamei Burnham, Gent, one of his Majesty's coroner's fot the county of Buckingham, viz — At Sherrington on view of the body of Sophia Travel!, an infant who was found dead in bed— Verdict accordingly.— At Brill, oil view of the hotly of Elizabeth Mortimer, a poor girl ab iut 17 years of age, who was left by her mother in tbe care of two of hei sisters, aud her shawl having accidentally caught fire, she was so dreadfully burned, that after surviving about 21 hours, she expired in the utmost agony ; previous to this melancholy event, two other pwr children had nearly shared a simitar fate in the same parish— Verdict accordingly. At Slapton, oil view ofthe body of a poor woman, who, in company with her mother, was going from St. Albans to Ledburn, to obtain relief of the parish officers.— The de* ceased had an infant at the breast, and is supposed to have died through fatigue and tho inclemency of the weather- Verdict, found dead.— At Slienley Brook End, ou view of the body of William Cooke, labourer, who fell from a cart laden with bushes, whereby he was so much injured that he died soon afterwards— Verdict, accidental death. On Saturday . se'nnight, an inquisition was taken at Aspley- Guise, Beds, before II. A. Rcd lall, coroner of the honour of Ampthill, upon view of the body qf TUos. Clnrkr, who had lived as a servant at the school there many years, and died suddenly on the Thursday preceding— Verdict, died by the visitation of God.— And oil Tuesday se'iuughr, another inquisition was taken at Chalgrave, Beds, before the same coroner, upon view of the body of Samuel Atter- bury, aged three years, one of the children of Mr, Atterburv, a farmer of that parish, who on the Saturday preceding, as it was playing in the garden, fell into a pond Lhtffe and tvut drowned.— Verdic', accidental death. PtTCHLEY HUNT RACES. THURSDAY, April 2. A Cup of 50 Ouineas Value, for Horses the Property of Farmers, the best of three Heats txice round the Course. Mr. Manning's grey gelding 2 11 Mr, S. Shannon's Trimmer i Mr. G. Odell's bay horse, by Drone, 6yrt old.. 4 Mr. Pell's brown horse ( entered at post) ... Mr. FVeneh's chestnut gelding, 0 yrs old ... Mr. Whitmill's brown mare, 5 yrs old Mr. Earl's bay mare, by Coiner Mr, Potterton's black horse, Ask'em ....... Mr. G. Worley's chestnut geldinj. Stripling. > » •<— The QOORN HOUNDS wtll meet on Monday next, at Burton- Lazars; on Thursday, at Kettleby ; and ou Saturday, at Swithland Slate Pitt. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY EVENING, A fit 4. MARRIED.] On Tuesday se'nnight, the Right Hon Lord Charles Townseiid, to Miss Loftus, daughter of General and the I. ady Elizabeth Loftus. Thursday se'nnight, Mr. . las. Martin, of Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire, to Miss Mary- Ann Corrie, only daughtei of Mrs. Corrie, Dunroad. Friday se'nnight, at Leicester, Mr. Wm. Harrison, of the Blue Boar Inn, to Miss S. Hester, lioth of that place. Sunday last, Mr. Green, of the Queen's Head publ house, in this town, to Miss Fitthugh, daughter of Mr. Fitzhugh, of the Swan and Helmet inn. Monday last, Mr. Vores, auctioneer, t » Miss Atterbury, both of this town. Tuesday last, at St. Sepulchre's church, B. M. Wilcox, Esq. of Seymour- place London, to Miss Sophia- Ann Van- derguelit, of this town, daughter of the late B. Vandergucht, Esq. of Lower Brook- street, Loud n. Thursday last, Mr. J. Longland, to Miss Bennett, daughter ot Mr. Bennett, carpenter and joiner, of this town. DIED.] On Wednesday March 18, at Inverness, after a few davs'illness, Isabella, widow of the late Dr. W. M. Fraser, of Lower Grosvenor- street, and lateol'Sharnbrookand Piiliill- Lodire, Bedfordsli re, a lady, in whose character were hap- pilv combined the most amiable endowments of her sex, with tbe purest exe cise of religion. Her society and vir- tues every where d'fftned happiness around her, and her goodness innumerable blessings. ' Thtiisday se'iinighij at his bouse at Farthinghoe, in this Coiintv, Robert Powell, Gent, ill the 88d year of bis age. Friday se'nnight, suddenly, Mr. John Gresham, upwards of twenty- two years master of the free- school at Dunstable. Same day, Alderman Tataui, of Stamford, aged 69. 6 4 2 3 dr dc dit. dr dis. Tbe most numerous meeting, probably ever assembled on a similar occasion, took place at the town of Leightou- Buz- zard, in Bedfordshiy, on Thursday morning the 2d instant, for the formation of a Branch Bible Society, in connection with the Bedford Auxiliary Society. Those Gentlemen who had the previous arrangement of the business, haviug judged It expedient that the poor of the town and neighbourhood should be admitted tn witness the interest and exertion which is now so univertally making in their behalf, gave intimation to that effect. A meeting was held accordingly, consisting of person! of every rank in society, from the Marquis of Tavis- tock, who presided in the chair, to the labouring poor of the vicinity. The number of persons assembled were between two and three thousand. Mr. Whitbread was present, and distinguished himself by a truly admirable and interesting speech. Addretses were made by Messrs. Grimshaw, Hilyafd, Jones, Wake, Richmond, Grant, Whittingham, Wake, Theo- bald, Brown, Pearson, Brownell ; the importance of the subject, the animated character of the speeches, thegreatness of the assembly, and the harmony which prevailed, afforded a delight and satisfaction to the meeting that could not be exfeeded. The Noble Presideht conducted himself with the gfeittest propriety ; and iu thus following the steps of his father In this illustrious work df religion and charily, has set an excellent example to the young Noblemea of the empire ; may it be imitated throughout the country. In the course of the different addresses which were made, a full exposition of the plans and progress of the British and Foreign Bible Society was laid before the meeting ; the errors and misrepresentations which objectors have rai? ed. aud propagated were refuted ;' and the happiest spirit of zeal, benevolesce," and nulupl regard, iucrilcated on the principled of that very book, which it is the object of this Society to distribute. Above two hundred pounds was immediately subscribed. Frequently as we have lately bspn called upon to announce to our readers the progress of the Bible Society in this vicinity, we still rejoice at every renewed opportunity of Circulating intelligence of a nature so important and conducive to the welfare of Christi- anity ; the happiness of mankind ; the honour of the country ; and the cause of God. There /. re now forty- two Clergymen incorporated with the Bedfordshire Auxiliary S iciety ; and twenty- eight Dissenting Ministers. Among the former we are glad to announce the Rev. l) r. Hall, Deau of Christ church, Oxford, vicar of Luton, Beds. Coru- Exchhuge, London, Friday, April 3. Our arrivals of wheat ou Wednesday and to day were incon- siderable ; we had, nevertheless, several buyers, and prices were rather upon the advance: a. little curious Dannie fetched upwards of Seven Pounds; and some very line, of our own growth It. and 2s. per quarter more than oil Mon- day III Spring Corn, likewise, Barley obtained 70s. and Malt 102s. per quarter. — Horse and Tick Beans were also It. and 2s. per quarter dearer.— Oats, though some supplies have come ill, owing lo the demand, gained Is. per quarter upon Monday's figures; and to which figures, with the variation here mentioned, w? refer you for ihe prices of all grain during the week. Northampton Wheat 120s. Od. tol32>. Od. itve — s. Od. to 70VOd. Barley ... 57 s. Od to 63s, Od. Oats — s. Od, to — 9. 01. By the Standard Measure i— Saturday. New Oats. 29s. Od to 37s. CJ. lieans — s. 0.1. to — s. Oil. NewBtans 55s. Od. to59s, 0d.. Peas. ...— S. tfd. to Sts. Od. Lei£ hton- Buzza rd—'/ ' uesday last. Per Load of five Bushels. Wheat .- 75s, Od. to 8 « s. Od.' I Beans. .35s. Od. to 40s. Od. Rye 40s. Od. to 44s 0><. | H., gPea » 38s. Od. to 42s. Oil. Per Quarter. Barley.. 60s. 01. to 63s. Od. | Oats .. S6s. Od. to 44s. Od. Wheat . ,118s. ( M. tol24s. Od. Rye. — s. Oi. to — s. ( M. Barley... .58s. Od. to 70S. Od. Datentry— Wednesday last. By. the customaiv Measure. Oats SOs. Od. to SPs. 0d. Beans... 5 « s. Od. to 60s. 0< i. Pease 56s. Od. to ~ s. Cd. Bunbury, Thursday lust. Per Bushel." Wheat.. 15s. Od. to ISs. Pd. I Hog Peas — s. Cd. to — s. Od. Beans... 7s. Od. to 9s. Od. | Per Quarter. Barley., 72s. Od. to R2s. Od. | Oats ... 36s. Od. to 44s. Cd. Bread 2s. 7d. the Halt. peck. • Flour !> 8i. per Sac'' LIST of FAIRS from April 6, Circuit of this M. April 6. Northampton. T. 7. Ath rstone. W. , S. flarnel ( three dajpi). Tn. 14. f. eighton- Bunard. TU. 16. Luttcrnorth, S. 18. Luton. to April 18, Paper. u>, thin t'te The Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser. fov the £ » on tit it's bf NorUiitmptqn, Bedford, TlfagiriftgEkitft, tlanft: i<" ilon,- LtficfisWr; Warwick. Oxford, and llm(\> d. STONfY* STRATFORD TURNPIKE ROAD, NOTICE is hereby, given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees, appointed fi » r putting into Execution the Act of Parliament lately passed, for more effectually re- pairing the Rhad from Ifardingston to Old Stratford, inthe County of Northampton, will he hidden AT the WJIITF. H ART INY, in OR < FTON- RF. GIS. in the said County, on WBDNHS- nu the 15th Day of APRH. next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose ( amongst other Business) of auditing the Treasurer's Accounts. By Order of the Trustees, Marrh2M, 1812. W. T. SMYTft, Clerk. Sparrows Heme Turnpike. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees of this Turnpike- Road will meet bv Adjournment, on TUES- DAY, ( he 21 » t Day of APRIL, 1812, at the KING'S ARMS INN, at FTRCNKHAMSTED- SAINT- PETER, in the County of Hertford, Thy Ten oflhe Clock in the Forenoon, whi n they Will examine the Treasurer's Half- yearly Accounts.— Dated the 16th Day of March, 1812. HARRY OR OVER, Clerk to the said Trustees. TURNPIKE MEETING. '\ TOTIOE is hereby given, That the next Tlalf- - LN Yearly Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road leading from WENOOVIIR to BUCKINGHAM, in the County of Buckingham, will be held at the BELL INN, in Wivst. ow, in the said County, on FRIDAY the 10th Day of APRIL next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon. By Order of the Trustees, IVrr. dovrr, March 2. ISI2. LAN. WYATT. To COVER, this Season, AT WAKEFIF. I D- J. OTIGF, near Stony- Stratford, at Five Guineas a Mare for thorough- bred" Mares, including the C room's Fee, and Three Guineas for all other Mares, p I 0 N E E R. He was. got by Whiskey, out of the Dam of Pope, Parasol, and Pelisse. N B. Good Grass for Mares at Seven Shillines per Week. The Money to he paid on the first l. eap, for Mares which do not remain on ihe Spot till stinted; thnse that remain with the Horse to be paid for when taken away. 18 12. RY the Desire of a Number- of Gentlemen, IIER- f'T'LRS will COVER, this Season, at WM. BADI. RY'S, Froxfleld Gat;', Wohnrn Park, Bedfordshire; Bloo^ Mares Five Gpincas, all others two Guineas each, Groom's Fees included. HERCULES was got bv Eord Grosvenor's Alexander, his DM, Cowslip, by Highflyer, Syphon, Regulus, Snip, Sec. He will attend Leigbton- Buzzard, Ampthill, Stony- Strat- ford, and Newport Markets. Alexander was got by old Eclipse, out of Grecian Princess, Forester, Colatio Colt, Son of Ihe Godolphin Arabian, Sic. BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY, No. 41, London Walt, London, ( Opposite Moorgafe End of Betlilem Hospital). CUEAP, grn. i. itn, fy JMCEVE i $. iitL£ rji. vrs. per Cwt. per Ctrl. per Cmt. Olive Green 74s. White S6 « s Wd Colour. .56s. Dark Ditto 6w. StoneColoui 55s. Black.... 56s. Invisible Ditto 56s. Chocolate.. 58 » . Red 46s. rnF. PiRp. D on. Ms 7' irii AiiorE, Which possesses great preserving Qualities, 5si per Gallon per Cut. per Gall. per Gall. Best White Lead52s. j Linseed Oil 5 « . Od. | Turpentine 7s. 9> l. Second Ditto .. 48s. | Boiled Oil 6s. Od. j Sic. & c. & c. " MIE above Paints are ground in Oil, and are particn- . larly prepared for tile painting of Park Pailtngs, Brick and Plaster Fronts, Iron and Wood Railing, Tiles, Slates, and Weather Boarding of every Description, and for such Pur- poses they are unequalled, as they possess great Durability, are a Cure and Preventive for the Worm and Dry Rot, and will stand in the hottest Climates, In Addition to these Ad- vantages, they are very Ornamental, and will cover a Surface considerably greater than any other Paints, and more than twice as great as Coal Tar, over which, and all Preparations from Tar, they have a most decided Superiority; viz.— first, in adhering so closely to any Surface, that the Power of the Sun has no Effect on them';— secondly, they are very easy nf Application, being used with the same Brushes, and in the same Manner, as other Paints. G. UPTON and Co. most respectfully offer their Thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public in general, for the very great Patronage with which they have been honoured ; and they also inform Merchants, Ship Owners; Captains, and Dealers in Colours, that they have large Quantities of Stone Ochres, Spruce Ochres, Mineral Blacks, Reds, Sic. as well as all Articles iu the Colour Trade, prepared for Use, of very superior Qualities. N. B. These Paints dry very soon, not being prepared Kith Fish Oil. N 18 12. TO Cover, this Season, at WM. BLENCOWE'S, CIIARWELTON, Northamptonshire, at Three Guineas earh fur Blood Mares, and others at One Guinea and a Half each, and Five Shillings Ihe Groom, that well- bred Horse GAMBADO.— Gain bad o is own Brother lo Cassena, and was pot by Gouty, his Dam, own Sister to Mother Bunch hy Mercury ; his Grandam hy Highflyer; great Grandam by Si, up, Miss Middleton by Regains, Camelia by a Son of Bay Bolton. Harriet's Childers, Honey wood's Arabian, Dam of the two True Blurs. Gambado was bred hv General Grosvenor. foaled in 1803 ; he is free from all natural Blemishes, of a good Size, and his Stock is remarkably strong and handsome.— He was likely to have been a capital Rarer, hut dislocated his Fetlock Joints at I wo Years old, when at Grass.— For his Engagements, see the Racing Calendar for 1804. Gambado will be at the Plough- and- Rell, Daventrv, every Wednesday ; at the Catherine- Awheel, Banbury, on Thursday ; and at the Goat, Northampton, every Saturday, daring the Season.— The Groom's Fees to be paid at the Time of covering, i Grass at the usual Price, aud good Care taken of Maras. fSIVEWRIGIlT earnestly recommends the Public At- . tention to the grand and improved Scheme ot the NEW LOTTERY, to draw the 30th of Ann, which, though con- sisting of only 12,000 Tickets, contains Prizes of =£ 20,000 1 .£ 15,000 I ,£ 4,000 I =£ 2,000 10,000 I 5,000 | 3,010 | 1,000, ire. Capitals in Variety and Value superior to any Lottery tor several Y'ears past; and as T ickets and Shares are sure to be scarce before the Drawing, solicits an early Purchase at the old and unrivalled fortunate Offices of Sir JAMES BRANSCOMB & Co. Tickets and Shares are selling by W. Bi RDSALL, — Northampton. E. BATSS,— Kettering. MERRIDEW & SON,— Coventry. SWINNEY Se FERRELI.,— Birmingham. S. F. BAXTER,— Bicester. T. CHENEY,— Banbury. For Rheumatisms, Colds, ftc. R. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS are admirably calculated for the above, and all those Complaints to hich the Human Frame is liable from the Vicissitudes ot our Climate, as likewise for Bilious and- other Disorders of the Bowels; and for Head- Aches, occasioned by Indigestion or by frecliving. They should be taken upon every, slight Indisposi- tion, and thus by timely assisting Nature in tlie due Discharge of the Animal Functions, they preserve the Body in Health and Vigour. As they require no Confinemeut, they are particularly convenient for Travellers. Sold only by F. Newbery and Smrs, No. 45, St. Paul's, London, and in most Market Towns, by the Principal Venders of Medicines, Price 4s. 6d. a Box ; or a large Box £\. 4s.— Ob- serve the Words, " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's" be en- graved in the Stamps; To CREDITORS oi THOMAS ADAMS. NOTICE is- hereby given tu such of the Creditors t> f THOMAS ADAMS, of TODDINGTON, " in the County of Bedford, Dealer in Cow's, who have not executed the Deed of Trust', that Unless" they eveente the slime, which is left at the Office nf Mr. Dairies, Solicitor, Ampthili, for Sig- nature, ori or before the 14tli Day- of April next, they will be excluded tin- Benefit of the Dividend to arise therefrom. Ampthill, March SOth, 181' 2. NOTICE TO DEBTORS ASK CREDITORS. A EE Persons having any Claim or'Dcmand on the XX. Estate and Effects of the " late Mr, WM . COX, of li'v- FIELD, Tanner, are requiu'd forthwith to deliver in the same to Mr. John Baldwin, Mr." Richard Tew, Mr. Edward Harris, or Mr. Wm. Hitchcock, lir order that the same may. be dis- charged ; and all Persons who' are indebted to the said Estate and Effects, are required to pay the same immediately to'the aid John Baldwin, 1! ichard Tew, or Edward Harris. ji^ FATE LOTTERY contains only 12,000 Tie km; at different Numbers, the Whole to be determined in on the 30thof APRIL. Day, 1 Prize of.. . 1 1 1 1 1 2 4 [ III"}?-; 6 10 12 20 5Q > 70 100 124 2,000 SCFTF. M F,. =£ 20,000 it .. 15,000 . . 10,000 .. 5,000 .. 4,000 .. 3,000 .. 2,000 .. 1,000 500 400 . 300 200 .. . 100 50 .... 40 30 ' 25 15 . =£ 20,000 .. 15,000 .. 10,000 .. 5,000 .. 4,000 .. 3,000 .. 4,000 .. 4,000 .. 3,000 .. 3,200 .. 3,000 . - 2,400 .. 2,000 . - 2, « 1C) .. 2.800 - , 3,0 0 .. .3,100 .. 30,000 TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LETT. N'OTTCE is hereby given. That a Meeting; of. the Trustees appointed fly Act of Parliament, for repairing the Turnpike- Road leading from Ketrarin* Toll- Gate, in the County of Northampton, to Newport- Pa< nell, in the County of Buck- ingham, will be held at thp Hi KD INN, in WRLUNC BOROUGH. in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 16th Day of April next/ at Eleven o'Clock inthe Forenoon of the same Day; at which Time and Place the respective TO L I. S arising at the several TOLI. IGATES on the same Road will be LETT to FARM, separately, by AUCTION, for two Years, to the Rest Bidders, between the Hours of Elevenand Four of the sam' Day, in the Manner directed in the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of the R- ign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for regulating Turnpike- Ro: ids ; which said several Tolls were Lett in the preceding Year, clear of all Salaries for collecting the same, for the respective Sums herein- after mentioned, that is to say., The Tptl^ Cafe in Gre. it- Hyrrdiu len Lane ........ £ 15^ The Side- G. it* at Mel< lrn> boroiigb, and the Toll- Gate at Wellingborough Bridge 284 The Toll- Gate at Warrington 67 The Tell- Gate and Weighing- Machine at Sherrington Bridge w. 432 and which Tolls will be respectively put up at those respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the Rest Bidder or Bidders must forth- with give Security with sufficient Sureties, for Payment of the respective Rents, at such Time or Times as shall be agreed on between them and the said Trustees. ' Given un. ler my Hand this 13th Day of March, in the Year ot our Lord 1812, ' JOHN IIODSON, Clerk to'the said Trustees. N 12,000 Tickets. =£ 120,000 Persons in the Country may be supplied with Tickets and Shaies, by sending their Orders with Remittances to SW1FT& Co. the Contractors, No. 11, Poultry, No. 12, Charing Cross, and No. 31, Aldgate High- Street, London-, Who sold in the last Lottery, drawn 2lst of . Taffiiary, No. 5,497 a =£ 20,000, in 16 Sixteenths. No. 995 a =£ 4,000, in 12 Shares. Or by. Application to their. Ag: nt, f. WEBB, BEDFORD. D1 Lord 4' Cos'. Real Japan Lhfuid Blacking, FOR beautifying BOOTS and SlbOES, with tlTe utmost Ease and Eiegance, and their A C H) W I, A T E D CREAM, for eradicating all Stains of Coppeias, Ink, Dilt, See. fr » in BOOT- TOPS, SADDLES, and the Like. Sold Wholesale and for Exportation, b » the Manufacturers, 32, Charles- Street, Hatton. Garden, London ; and by Mr. Gal- lard, Druggist, Towcester; Marshall, Leather. Cutter, Newport- I'a^ nell ;. Gregory, Currier, l. eighton- Biiizard ; and Retail by Mr. Wm. Marshall, Cliymist, Northampton; Hall, Market- Place, Banbury ; Wyatt, Boot Maker, Oxford; and mafiy other respectable Vendersin Town'and Country. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LEFT. OTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS to arise at the several Toll- Gates upon the Turnpike. Road leading from Maulden Wood Comer, in the County of Bedford, to West Wood Corner, in the Parish of Knotting, ill the said County; and upon the Road leading from the Town of Bedford to Woburn, in the said County ot Bedford, will be LETT to the Best Bid- ders, on TursDAY the 28th Day of Aran, next, at the SWAN INN, in BEDFORD, between the Hours of Eleven of the Clock n the Forenoon and One in the A frernoon, in the Manner directed bv the Act passed in the 13th Year of his Majesty's Reign, tor regulating Turnpike- Roads, which Tolls produced last Year, ex- clusive ot the Expense of collecting them, as follows : — s. d. I iJlingtm Gate 175 0 4 ClapbamGate 428 0 0 Houghton Gate 208 5 2J Hawnes Gate 65 10 4 And will be put up at the respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder, must at the same Time pay down in Advance the Sum of =£ 10 per Cent, in Part of Rent, which is to remain in the Hands^ of the Treasurer to the Trustees, until Security is given ( within a Time to be limited) tor that Purpose, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, ai: d at such' Times as they shall direct; and upon such Security being given, the Deposit Money to be re- turned, but if Default be made in giving such Security, within the Time to be appointed by the said Trustees, then the Deposit Money will become forfeited to the Trustees, and the Tolls lettto a new Bidder. THOMAS KIDMAN, Clerk to the Trustees. Bedford. MarcbWh, 1812 Y A tlccided Superiority of Chances. HORNSBYand Co. Stock- Brokers, have the Pleasure to state to their Country Correspondents that the present Lottery Scheme is by far the best arranged, and contains more Capital Prizes than any preceding Lottery. Tickets and Shares are selling by HORXS'SY Se CO. at their old- established State Lottery Olfice, 26, Corn- Hill, London, in peat Variety, and on the most reasonable Terms, where all Prizes are immediately paid. Orders bv Post or Carrier executed with Fidelity and Dispatch. • The Drawing begins on the the 30th of THIS MONTH. Br THE / O. VG'S PATE XT. RYMER'S CARDIAC AND NERVOUS TINCTURE, " I-? 0- R Disorders of the Head, Stomach, and Bowels, - 6 Couty, Bilious, and Netvous Complaints, Debility, Talsy, ic. To Mr. RiMtj, Surgeon, Reigate, SUrry. Gloucester- Place, MXiy- le. Bonne, Dp A- R SIR, January Tub, \ i\\. I beg m inform you, that for more than 15 Years past I have » t Times had Cranips in my Feet and Legs, so as to Lame me, arid have been obliged to sleep in Stockings for many Years. I used to have violent Spasms in my Stomach, and never got Relief till I took the Cardiac Tincture. The first Dose I took g„ ve me almost instant Relief. I continued taking it for six Months, and found such great Benefit that I- thought it my Dutv to offer you the Use of my Name.— I have taken 20 Pints, or jnore, since, and have recommended it to many with Success.— 1 had a severe Attack in my Stomach about six Weeks ago, and was in Pain from Eleven till One in the Morning, but was hap- pily relieved by taking three Dessert Spoonfuls of Cardiac. I have likewise all along taken occasionally your DETERGENT Pills, which never fail to carry off the Bile by Stool. 1 remain. Deal Sir, your's truly, T. JARVIS. Frotn T. Jarvis, F. srj. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, How Church- Yard, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and every Vender of Patent Medicines in the United..! K ingdom, in Bottles at 3s. 9d. 7s. 6d. and 14s. and in Pints at 27s. by which there is a considerable Saving. As above maybe had, Rymer's Detergent Antibilious Pills.. 3s fid. Female Tonic Pills. 6 0 Gout Medicine, for the Regular Inflammatory Gout, in Bottles 11 0 ~ : \ VY MAN's ANTI^ buTwHi QO justly esteemed for their easy and certain Operation l? in remor'nrg - all Bilious Complaints, Obstructions in the Liver, Indigestion, Sick Head- Ach, Jaundice, See. They are an excellent Remedy for Persons of Hiliousor Costive Habits ; for Persons of sedentary Lives, where sufficient Action of the Bowels is not kept up ; also for Person's who have impaired their Constitutions hy free Living; and in eailv Attacks of the Gout. are peculiarly useful, by alleviating the Severity of the Fit, and shortening its Duration. They have been fouud highly useful preparatory to, or during Sea Bathing. These Pills require no particular Regimen or Confinement, and do not con- tain any Mercurial or Antiinonial Preparation. Prepa edand sold by W. Wyman, Surgeon, Kettering. Sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Sutton, No: 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; and. Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Sanderson & Beale, and Mather, Wel- lingborough; Tom a I'm, Wilkinson, and Bates, Daventry; Reeve, Higtu'm- Ferrers ; Yorke & Summers, Oundlej Beesley, Ban- bury; Barringer, and Iuwood, Newport- Pagnell; Queneborough, Dunstable; Alsop, l. uton; Harrod, and Bull, Market- Har- borough; Inns, and Gallatd, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Hiwites, Lutterworth; Palgrave, Bedford; Gardner, Biggles- wade; Richardson, and Rogers, Stony- Stratford; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; l. oggin, Aylesbury and I. eighton ; Ward, Hinckley; Eaton, Thrapston ; Jacob, Peterborough ; Roberts, Southam Sharpe. Warwick; Luccock, Kimbolton; Emery, St. Neots Lovell, Huntingdon ; Tapp. and I'crks, Hitchin ; Wallis, Olney Ruwell, Rugby; Warde, Stratford- upon- Avon: Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; and by evciy Vender of Medicines in the Kingdom. Price 2s. 53. per Box, Duty included. Be careful to ask for WYMAN'S Anti- bilious Pills. ( JOIU) IAL IJALM OF OILEAD, PlEPARED by SAMUEL SOLOMON, M. D. Gilead House, near LIVERPOOL, is universally acknowledged to be peculiarly efficacious in all inward Wastings, Loss of Appe tite, Indigestion, Depression ot Spirits, trembling or shaking of the Hands or Limbs, obstinate Coughs, Shortness of Breath, and Consumptive Habits. It thins the Blood, eases the most violent Pains in the Head and Stomach, and promotes gentle Perspiration, & c.. To Dr. SOLOMON, Gilead- IIonse, near Liverpool. Siir, Evi\ ham, tf o'cestershire, Oct. Z'& tb, 1806. Mr. DAVIFS, of Spring- Hill, Steward to Lord Coventry having been afflicted for a long Time with the most excruciating Pains in his I. egs, Back, & c. which confined him to his Bed ; md nearly brought him to tlietirave, declared to me that his " Life was not worth a seven Shilling- Piece" when he had Recourse to your Medicine, which scion relieved him, and by a Jitrle further' Perseverance in taking it he is now restored to pcrl'ect Health, and was at my House Yesterday. T am, Sir, your's, Sec'. JOHN AGG, Postmaster. This celebrated Medicine is sold, by special Appointment of Dr. Solomon, in Bottles Half- a- Gninea each, or four in one Family Bottle for 33s. on which 9s. < iresaved, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Northampton; Collis St. Dash, - « md Munn, Kettering ; Higgs, Dawson, and Harrod, Harbo- rough ; Becsley, and Marriott, Banbury ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham ; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge and Mather, Wellingborough ; Tonjalin, Rates, and Wil- kinson, Daventry ; Okely, andPalgiave, Bedford; Geard, St. Neots; l. ovell, Huntingdon; Barringer, and lnwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swiufen, Leicester; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; I. oggin, Ayles. bury and Lcighton ; by the Printers of the Country News papers; and by all Ycndsrs oi Patent Mtdieines in the United Kiiigdonn FROM INDIA. A BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTION. Under the Illustrious Patronage of their Poyal Highnesses the Princess of WALES and Duke of SUSSEX, anil must of the. Nobility. MACASSAR OIL for the HAIR. The Vittues of this Oil, extracted from a Tree in the Island of MACASSAR. inthe East Indies, are far beyond liulogium for increasing the Growth of Hair, even on Bald Places, to a beautiful Length and Thickness; preventing it falling olf or changing Colour, strength- ening the Curl, bestowing an inestimable Gloss and Scent, ren- dering the Hair inexpressibly attracting, promotes the Growth oj Whiskers, Eyebrows, gfr. In fine, it is the first Production in the World tor restoring and beautifying the Hair of Ladies, Gen- tlemen, and Children. Such Celebrity has it attained, that it isiiaily honoured with the Sanctions of Royalty, Nobility, and Gentlemenof the Navy and Army, and the Public at large. It innoxious and suited to all Climates. View Rowland's Essay on the Hair.— Sold at 3s. 6d.— 10s. 6d.— and large Bottles, containing eight small," at =£ 1. Is. each, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND & SON, Kirby- Street, Hatton- Garden, London; and by their Appointment by all wholesale Perfumers, & c. in London; by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Sharp, Per- fumer, Northampton; and by all Perfumers, Hair- Dressers, and Medicine Venders in every Town throughout the Empire. Beware of servile Imitators, as the Genuine Macassar Oil is signed on the l. abel in Red Ink, " A Rowland & Son."— Of whom may. be had, a most important Discovery under the august Patronage of her Royal Highness the Duches of York ; also sanctioned by his Excellency the Duke Del Infantado, and many Families of high Distinction, ALSANA EXTRACT, or the ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL Sl'ECI F1C, for eradicating all Disorders of the TEETH and GUMS and rendering them ex tremely beautilul; it imparts a beautiful Fragrance to the Breath, and immediately expels the Tooth- Ache. Its Properties are sanctioned by the most eminent Physicians in Great- Britain, France, Italy, and throughout Europe.— Sold at 10s. 6d. per Bottle, or small Bottles at 4s. 6d. each.— Also the Alsana. Pow- dir for cleansing the Teeth, at 2s. 9d. per Box— Sold by the Proprietors as above; and by all the Agents as above. British Fire Imurance Office. npHE Directors are ready to grant Polices for the Insu- I ranee of Buildings, Furniture, Merchandise, Ships, Ves- sels, and all other Property, against Loss or Damage by FIRE, on Principles the most liberal and equitable, and on Terms con- sistent with the mutual Security of tiie. Office and the Public. Insurances due and payable at Ladv- Day must be renewed within 15 Days therefrom, or the Policies will be void. The increased Value of all Property renders it in general necessary in prudent Persons to add to'their Insurances; such Additions will be made by this Office without Charge for the Policies-; nor will any be made for Policies for Insurance of =£ 300or upwards. Farming- Stock at the reduced Premium of 2s. per Cent. Proposals^ may be had gratis at the principal Offices in the Strandand CornhiU, London, o. rof the Company's Agents ill the different Cities and Towns in Great Britainand Ireland. ROBERT SKELTON, Secretary. IN all Complaints of^ the Head, parti Head. ache, it gives immediate Ease; SE VERNE'S BLOOM on WHITE CEPHALIC SNUFF. rticularly the coinmon ; and at this Season, in particular, should be taken after Dinner, to prevent'the ill Con- sequence of Drowsiness, too often experienced after a full Meal. — The Injurv common Snuff does to t he Head and Stomach, may be prevented by mixing a little of this wholesome Snuff with it. In obstinate Nervous Complaints, Faintness, l. ownessof Spirits, Wind in the Stomach, Fits of every Kind, Hysterics, Palsy, Lethargy, and Rheumatic Complaints, not only taken as a Snuff, but also mixed iwany agreeable Liquor, and taken by the Mouth, its Efficacy has been astonishing in many Thousand Instances, which cannot be said of any other Snuil extant — » » ••".'*• 1- » Bottle. Sold Wholesale by Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, and by the 1' rinters of this Paper; and Ret, ail by Edge, and Marshall, Northampton ; Robins, and Wilkinson. Daventry; Inns, Towcester; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, Kettering; Lovell, Huntingdon; Okely, and Palgravc, Bedford; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Rusher, Banbury ; and by every Vender of Patent Medicines in the united Kingdom. Hesse?* genuine and original Drops, and purging Remedy, Prepared by Shaw & Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, London, from the original Recipe, which they bought of J. Wessel, on the 17th ot Januaiy, 1803, which Recipe is in their Possession ON LY. I N his Majesty's Navy and Army, these Drops have for 1 Years past maintained their Character as a Specific for the Scurvy, Gravel, Dropsy, Strangury, Weakness and Obstructions in the Urinary Passage, and General Debility; but particularly for their absolute and speedy Cure of the Venereal Disease, from the slightest, to its most malignant Symptoms: as a Re- storative tor general Debility, WessePs Jesuits Drops have been long known and esteemed:— Such as have the Misfortune to be troubled with stubborn Cleets, Seminal Effusions, or any Weakness of the Kidnies, Ureters or Bladder, Diabetes or Dif- ficulty of making Water, willfindin the Wessel's Jesuits Drops: a safe, cheap, effectual, and immediate Cure. Sold by Shaw & Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, London. CAUTION.— Each Bottle is inclosed in a Government Stamp, with the following,—- " SHAW and EDWARDS, Successors to Joseph H'essel." The numerous Counterfeits imposed on the Country Venders, as well as the Public, render this Caution highly necessary. Price, 2s. 9d. ; and the larger Bottles =£ 1. 2s. Sold by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northamp- ton; Higgs, Harborough; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton.; Tomalln, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Galiard, Towcester; and Poulters & Knighton, Stony- Strafford. Dr. WIIEATLEY'S Invaluable Remedies for the certain und speedy CURE OF THE ITCH. AN OINTMENT which cures in four Hours, and does not contain the least Particle of Mercury, or any perni- cious Ingredient whatever, and so perfectly innocent, that NE i W S T A T E LO T T E R Y, to be drawn the 30th of APRIL, 1812. 1 Prizeof.. 1 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . 2 . 4 . 6 . 8 . 10 . 32 , 20 . SO . 70 . 100 . 124 2,000' SCHEME. =£ 20,000 .. . 15,000 .. ,. 10,000 .. .. 5,000 .. .. 4,000 .. .. 3,000 .. .. 2,000 . .. 1,000 .. 500 .. 400 .. 300 .. 2i 0 . 100 .. 50 .. 40 .. SO . 25 . 15 . =£ 20,000 .. 15,000 .. 10,000 .. 5,000 .. 4,000 3,000 .. 4,000 .. 4,000 .. 3,000 .. 3,200 .. 3,000 .. 2,400 .. 2,000 .. 2,500 .. 2,800 .. 3,000 .. 5,100 .. 30,000 EAGLE FIRE OFFICE, LONDON. P A Y M E N T OF REN T. PERSONS insuring Property in the Country with this Company, are entitled to a Dl VI DEN D O V TEN PER CENT, when the Insurance is effected, and annually on the same being renewed, thereby making a DIVIDEND of SEVENTY PER CENT, at the End of Seven Y'ears,' without ths Risk of being diminished by Losses. Policies expiring at Lady- Day must he renewed withi Fifteen Days from that Period. W. BEFTHAM, Secretary Life Insurances effected, and Annuities granted. AGENTS. Northampton, — Mr. JOHN FREEMAN. Yardley- Gobifin,— Mr. WILLIAM SANDERS, Draper, Wellingborough,— Mr. PALMER, Daventry,— Mr. N. TA'RVER, Ironmonger. Towce6ter,— Mr. JAMES KIKSY, Baker. Redford,— Mr. JOSEPH BROWN, Auctioneer. ' Dunstable.— Mr. JOHN DURHAM, Surveyor Toddington,— Mr. JOHN BIDDULPH Melton- Mowbray,— Mr ROSERT ' TAYLOR, Hinckley,— Mr. ROBERT DUNO, Grocer. Fenny- Stiatford, — Mr. BENJ. DUMVILL'E, Draper, llfii khill, — Mr. D. Ki NC & SONS, Grocers. Windsor,— Messrs. RAY & LEOO. Hertford,— Mr. J. H. KIMTTON, Auctioneer. Cljeshunt,— Mr. HENRY CHOWDER. St. Albans,— Mr. GEORCESHAW, Bookseller. RedKurn,— Mr. THOMAS ASHBY. Market. Street,— Mr. THOS. EMERTON, Schoolmaster. Ware,— Mr. EDWARD HOBBS, Auctioneer. Rickinansworth,— Mr. THOMAS WILSON, Ironmonger., Bishop's- Stortford,— Mr. WM. BATES, Schoolmaster. Watford,— Mr. F. J. DUPONT. Shopkeeper. Waltham- Cross,— Mr. COPE, Grocer. r IMIECases that have terminated favourably bv a Course of IS SPfLSBURY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, have been numerous, and have claimed a Celebrity for this Medicine during the Soace ot thirty Years and upwards. Its Success in scrofulous Cases has amply borne out the Testimony of Dr. Hamilton, Professor of Midwifery, Edinburgh, when treating or this Disease in his Work on Female Complaints, Every Patient will on Trial Experience the s. une Exertion in his Habit to throw oil'this Disease. In Herpetic Eruptions, Eruptions from cold Weather, those particularly attended with disordered Stomach; in sctjrbutic, gouty, rheumatic, and bilious Complaints, Patients daily give decided Proof, of the Efficacy of this- mild- Antiscorbutic. As there are numerous Counterfeits, please to ask for Spils- bury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, with the King's Duty printed in black Ink, in Bottles of 5s. 6d. double Bottles 10s. and laiger>£ l. 2s. Duty included. Compound Essence, 8s. Dispensary, 15, Soho- Square, London. Sold by the Printers ot this Paper; Mr. Okelr, and Mr. Palgrave, Bedford ; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Tomalin, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Corrail, Lutterworth ; l. oggin, Ayleskpry and Leighton ; Baxter, Bicester; Beesley, and Rusher, Banbury; Ciipps, Abingdon; and by. most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town andCountrv. =£ 12,000 Tickets. =£ 120,000 Tickets and Shares are on Sale at the Office of HAZARD, BtJRNE, and WARNERS, Stock- Brokers, ROYAL EX- CHANGE, London. Letters Post- paid duly answered, and Orders from the Coun- try, accompanied with Remittance, attended to by return of Post. CONSUMPTION CURED. IN Cases of approaching Consumption, HOPE'S H. E. CTIC P. ILLS have never been known to fail. In the more advanced Stages, the most unexpected Cures have taken Place, even after their remained no apparent Possibility of Recovery ; and in the most deplorable and complicated Cases, Life has been lengthened after all other Medicines had ceased to act. Those who are satisfied that in regular Practice there is no Remedy for Consumption, will feel it their Duty to try this Medicine, which is compounded with a Drug never before used. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by G. Walker, 106, Great Port- land- Street, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton; and may also be ordered ot any Person who sails Patent Medicines. Price 2s. 9d. each Bex. GOT Just published, An ESSAY on the CAUSES, PREVENTION, and CURE, of CONSUMPTION ; in which the Dangers of Bleed- ing and Starving are explained. By L. HOPE. Price 2S. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. George Taylor, of Tyrumouth, Northumberland, ship- owner, dealer ami chapman, April 15, 20, aud May 9, at the tlsPtgc. Tavern, Tynemouth.— Attorney, Mr. Cotkerill, North- Shields.. George Thornton, late of Stockbridge, Sussex, and William Raper, of Chichester, Sussex, tanners, d. & c. April 13, 14, and May 9, atthe Dolphin Inn, Chichester.— Attornies, Messrs. Johnson, Price, & Freeland, Chichester. Henry Makin, jun. of Bildeston, Suffolk, grocer, d. Sec. April 15, 16, and May 9, at the George, Hadleigh.— Attornies, Messrs. Parsons & Offord, Hadleigh. Mcriton Sidgwick, of Brompton, near Northallerton, York- shire, provision- factor, d. Set. April 8, 9, and May 9, at the Golden Lion, Northallerton. — Attorney, Mr. Hirst, North- allerton. James Phillips, of the Edgeware- road, Middlesex, timber- merchant, d. & c. April 4, 11, and May 9, at Guildhall.— At- tornies, Messrs. Stratton Se Allport, Shoreditch. Joseph Balls, of Leighton- Buzzard, Bedfordshire, innholder; d. Se c. April 13, 14, and May 9, at Guildhall, London.— At- tornies, Messrs. Willis &. Sons, and Mr. Deyerell, Leighton- Buzzard. Adam Still, of Gutter- lane, London, tailor, d. Se c. April 13, 18, and May 9, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Turner Red l. ion- square. William Whitton, of Bath, hatter and hosier, April 3, 6; and May 9, at the Christopher Inn and Tavern, Bath.— Attor- ney, Mr. Sheppaid, Bath. William Alinond, of Kingston- upon- Hull, grocer, d. Se c, April 3, 4, and May 9, at the Dog and Duck Tavern, Kingston- upoh- Hull.— Attornies, Messrs.. Frost, Hull. Isaac Thorpe and Charles Thorpe, late of Sal ford, Lancashire, shopkeepers, April 21, 25, and May 9, at the Star Inn, Man- chester.— Attorney, Mr. Starkie, Manchester. John Chapman, of Newmarket, Suffolk,, grocer, d. Sc c. April 4, 21, and May 9, at Guildhall, London Attornies, Messrs. Gatty Se Haddon, Angel- court, Throgmorton- street. Joas Pereira de Souza Caldas and John de Capiet, oi CliHbrd- street, Middlesex, wine- merchants, d. & c. April 4, II, aud May 9, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Jones, Gray's- Inn- square. John Raines, of WalCot, " Somersetshire, druggist, 3. & c. April 9, 10, and May 9, atthe Christopher Inn, Bath.— Attor- ney, Mr. Randolph, Bath. William Dorrington, of Lloyd's Coffee- house, London, insu- rance. broker, d. & c. April 11, 18, and May 9, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Reardon & Davis, Coibet- court, Grace- church- street. James Pycroft, jun. of Lloyd's Coffee- house, London, under- writer, d.& c. April 13, 14, and May 9, at Guildhall.— Attor- ney, Mr. Lang, America- square, Minories. James WhisSrlng Siggs, of Aveley, Essex, d. Sec. April 13, 14, and May 9, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Lang, America- square, Minories. Charles Miller, of AIdgate High- street, London, silversmith, d.& c. April 4, 11, and May 9, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Martin, Vintner's- Hal I, Upper Thames- street. John Holt, of Whalebone- court, Loihbury, London, vic- tualler, d. & c. April. 4, 1' L and May 9, at GuildhaiL— Attor- ney, Mr. Alderson, Tokenhouse- yard. S. Read and R. Young, of Wood- strert, Cheapside, London, silkihen, April 4, II, and May 12, at Guildhall,— Attorney, Mr. Swann, New Basinghall- street. S. May,, of Coventry, carpenter, April 17, 18, and Mav 12, at the George, Coventry.— Attornies, Messis. Troughton Se Lee, Coventry. J. Murphy, of Howland. street, Middlesex, engraver, April 4, 14, and May 12, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messrs. Rosser, Red Lion- square. W. Webber, of Bristol, dealer, April 4, 14, and May 12, at the Rummer Tavern, Bristol.— Attorney, Mr. Grindon, Bristol. T. Harland, of Wilmot- street, London, baker, April 4, 14, and May 12, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Jopson, Castle- street, Holborn. S. Pybus and J. Ward, of Woolwich, Kent, wharfingers, April 11, 18. and May 12, at Guildhall, London,— Attorney, Mr. Webb, St. Thomas's- strget, ' Southwark. P. l'toctor, of Bush- lane, London, ship- broker, April 7,19, and May 12, at GuildhaiL— Attorney, Mr. Serle, Fetter- lane. J. Fowler, of Bridport, Dorsetshire, baker, April 13, 14, and May 12, at the. G. eorge Inn, liiidport.— Attorney, Mr. Murly, Bridport. J. Walton, of Coventry, ribbon manufacturer, April 17, 18, and May 12, at the George Inn, Coventry.— Attornies, Messrs. Troughton & Lee, Coventry. W. Whittenbury, of Bishopsgate- street, Londor, cheese- monger, A pri 1 4, 11, and May 12, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Biowne, Crosby- square. G. Wilson and W. Taylor, of Manchester, merchants, April 27, 28, and May 12, at the Dog Tavern, Manchester.— Atipr- nies, Messrs. Johnson Se Lonsdale, Manchester. T. Bayliss, of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, draper, April 8, 9, and May 12, at the White Liou, Upton- upoii- Severn.— Attorney,. Mr. Bollard, Malvern. H. Richardson, of Euston- square, Middlesex, brick- maker, April 21, 25, and May 12, at Guildhall,— Attornies, Messrs. Burley & Moore, Lincoln's- tnn. W. Oliver and G. 11. ' l'ownsend, of Howford- buildings, Mid- dlesex, coal- merchants, April 4, II, and May 12, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr. Brown, Pudding- lane. J. W. Parrott, of Rochester, coachmaker, April 4, 11, and May 12, at Guildhall, London.— Attomies, Messrs. Wharton Se Dyke, Temple. Bankruptcy enlarged. John Arden, of Black more- street, Clare- market, Middlesex, grocer, from March 28 to April 13, at Guildhall. DIVIDENDS to be made to Creditors. April 13. Oliver Aplin, late of Banbury, Oxfordshire, scri vener, at the Red Liqn Inn, Banbury. April 22. Benjamin Allen, of Bedford, feltmonger, at the Swan Inn, Bedford. Apiil 22. R. Allen, of Bedford, wool- buyer, at the Swan Inn, Bedford. Children at the Breast may be cured without the least Hazard. It is of an agreeable Smell, requires no Confinement, and there is no Medicine of the Kind which cures in so short a ' I'lme.— Price Is. 9d. a Box, Duty included. Likewise his CHYMICAI. LIQUID, as perfectly safe as the Ointment, and as certain in its Effects; it has no Smell, nor does it in the least soil the Linen ; a Circumstance which renders it highly valuable, and to some Persons abundantly pre- ferable to any Ointment whatever. I'rite 2s. 6d. a Bottle, Duty included. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey Se Sutton, Bow Church- Yard ; and also by the Printers of this I'aper; and Retail by Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Tomalin, Bates, and Wilkinson, Daventry ; Mather, and Broughton, Wellingborough ; Fi.- her, Higham- Ferrers, Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; Sharpe, Warwick; Roberts, Southam; Price, Leicester; Harrod, Har- borough; Munn, and Collis Si Dash, Kettering; Rooe, Stam- ford; Eaton, Thrapston; Yorke & Summers, Oundle ; Jacob, and Horden, Peterborough; Lovell, Huntingdon ; Hodson, Cam- bridge; Palgrave, Bedford; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell ; Queneborouch, Dunstable ; Perks, andTapp, Hitchin ; Inns, and Gallard, towcester; Sceley, Buckingham; Jones, Oxford; Richardson, and Rogers, Stonv- Stratford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Loggin, Aylesbuty and Leighton ; Wheeler, Ayles- bury; Beesley, and Rusher, Banbury ; and by every Vender et Patent Mcdi « ine « in the I'nited Kingdom. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affections with their usual Concomitants, Spasm, or'dying Pains, Fla- tulencv. Indigestion, and general Debility { originating in what- ever . S. oiycei, are relieved and frequently, cured by Whitehead's E's'ence of Mustard Pills, after every other Means have failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used . with the Pills, in those Complaints where necessary) is perhaps the most active, pene- trating, and effectual Remedy in the World, generally curing the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES, in less than Half the Time usually tak# n by any other Liniment or Embrocation; and if used immediately after any Accident, it prevents the Part turning black. Prepared,' duly, and sold by R. Johnston, Apothecary, No J5, Greek-; Street, Soho, l. ondon, at 2s. 9d. each Box or Bottle. ' They are also sold by the Printers of this Paper; Higgs, Market- Harborough; Loggin. Aylesbury and Leighton ; Tomalin, Daventry; Mather, Wellingborough ; Baxter, Bicester; Mar- riott, Banbury; and every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. ( jST The Genuine has a black Ink Stamp, with the Name of R. Johnston inserted on it. To Mr. D. ROBERT'S, PAINSWICK, Gloucestershire. West- Buckland, near Barnstaple, Devon, SIR, August 10th, 1809-. VVnTH great Pleasure I write you these few Lines, con- ' V ceivingit to be my Duty to do so for the Benefit of others: — For three Years I wasalflicted with the KiNC.' S- EV IL in my Throat; 1 procured the Assistance of most of the Apothecaries and eminent Surgeons in this Neighbourhood, who, I am con- vinced, endeavoured to their utmost to relieve my Complaints, but all their Efforts were unavailing. — Month after Month I grew worse, until I had four Holes in my Throat at once, and I scarcely enjoyed a Moment's Rest Dayor Night. In this deplorable State I continued for three Years as aforesaid, despairing of ever receiv ing a Cute; until, bv the Advice of a Friend, 1 was induced to try your invaluable Medicated Vegetable lVater, and by taking about Haifa Dozen ot the small Bottles, 1 am happy to inform you 1 received a perfect Cure.— My Sister, who had an ulcerated sore Leg of 19 Years' standing, was also perfectly cured by taking four small Bottles.— A Niece of mine being now afflicted with the Evil in her Breast, occasions my requesting you to forward four small Bottles by the first Conveyance. 1 am; Siir, your humble Servant, MARY VI C A RY. P. S. Many other Cures have been effected in this Neigh bourhood by your truly valuable Medicine. 1, GEORGE DAVIE, of SWYMBRIDGE, in the County of Devon, was afflicted with the Evil in both my Legs, so that I was not able to follow my Labour for two Years, nine Months of which 1 was confined to my Bed. In that distressed State, 1 applied to most of the skilful Surgeons in the Neighbourhood, but without obtaining Relief.— At last I was recommended to try Roberts's Medicated Vegetable Water, and by taking three of the small Bottles 1 am now, thank God, perfectly sound.— Witness my Hand this 9th Day of October, 1809, GEORGE DAVIE. Witnesses to the above, HENR/ BRITTON, L. MASON. This celebrated Restorative in Cases of Cancer, Scrofula Leprosy, Scurvy, and all inferior Scorbutic Complaints, such as Scald- Head, ulcerated sore Legs, Flushings, pimpled Faces & c. is sold in Half- pint Bottles at 6s. each, and in large Bottles containing five Half- pints at 22s. each, Duty included, with Cases of Cure; and Directions signed by the Proprietor, Daniel Roberts; by Appointment it is sold by Dicey & Sutton, Whole, sale Agents, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper Barnes, Newport- Pagnell; Wheeler, Aylesbury; Jones, Ox ford; Beesley, Banbury; Sharpe, Warwick; Hodson, Cam- bridge; Drury, Lincoln; and most respectable Venders of Medicines in the United Kingdom. Letters, inclosing the usual Compliment, will be imme- diately answered in the most candid Manne'. ,' IHE GENUINE Dr. JOHNSON'S GOLDEN OINTMENT, - Prepared by WILLIAM SINGLETON, No. 2, UNION- PLACE, LAMBETH, Surrey. , npiIIS Ointment is an effectual Remedy in Inflam- > mations. Films, Specks, or any other Disorder inci- dent to the Eyes; having completely effected. Thousands of Cures when all other Means had failed. ( pT Purchasers are requested to see that the Bill of Di- rection given them with this Article, has the Proprietor's Name as is under- written: All not signed are Counterfeits, This Ointment? w cin„ u,„ n $ No. 2, TJnion- Piace, prepared by mc, S m'Smglcton' \ Lanibetli. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, and at their Warehouse' in North- ampton; and, Retail, by Robins, Dsventry ; Inns and Gal- lard, Towcester; Harrod Harborough ; Iftwood and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Mather Wellingborough; Colli* & Dash, LONDON MARKETS. Corn- Exchunge, Monday, March 30, 1812. We had a considerable supply of Wheat this morning, and with it a drooping market, the sales being heavy, and prices down 5s. and 6s. per quarter.— Rye is much dearer, and Barley, having again risen the middle of last week, is like- wise higher.— Malt also, has been on the advance, and the best samples reached =£ 5 per quarter.— White Peas, and Beans of the two kinds, were somewhat drarer ; and Oats continuing scarce, have reccded nothing from last week's prices.— The market was last Monday divided on F lour, which sold, as we stated, at 110a. and 115s. per sack, but to da" y the uniform price is 110s. per Sack for the finest. Wheat .. 80s. to 104s. Fine 110s. to! 24s. Superfine 128s. tol34s. Fine White 135s. to — s. Rye 60s. to 70s. Barley 56s. to 68s. Malt 90s. to 96s White Peas 68s.. to 78s. Boilers 82s. to 88s. Averageof Whear, 119s. 4d. Sufiolks — s. to 90s. Grey Peas 56s. to 62s. Fine — s. to 65s. Beans 56s. to 62s. Fine — s. to 64s. Ticks 52s. to 58s. Oats 31s. to 42s. Poland* - Us. to 46s. Potatoe ditto.."..— s. to 4Ss. s. 3di. higher than last return. Average of Flout 106s. 8d — 4s. lOd. higher than last return. N Fine Flour, — s. to 110s.— Seconds, 100s. to 105s. Carraway Coriander Red Clover White ditto White Mustai. d Brown ditto - Turnip PRICE or SEEDS. 65s. Od. to 70s. 0d.) 35s. Od. to 40s. Od.( . 50s. Od. tol26s. Od. f Per cwt> 90s. Od. to 160s. Oil.) Hs. Od. to 18s. Od. v n„ huch 18s. Od. to 24s. Od. S I, erb,' sh 22s. Od. to 26s. Od. ditto. PRICE OF HOPS BAGS. Kent 31. 10s. lo 61.10s. Sussex 3L 10s. to 61. Os. Essex 31. 10s. to 61.10*. POCKETS. Kent 41. 0s. to 71. 7s. Sussex . . .41. 0s. to 61. 0s. Farnham 81. 0s. tolll. 0s. SMI'l'HFl ELD. — MONDAY, March 30. ( To sink theoflal— per stone ot 81bs.) Beef-. as. 4d. to 6s. 4d. I Veal. .... 6s. Od. to 7s. 4d. Mutton ... 5s. 6d. to 6s. 6d. | Pork 5s. Cki. to 6s. 4d. Head of Cattle this Day — Beasts, about 1,972— Sheep and Lambs, 10,060. — Calves, go— Pigs, 200. NEWGATE AND LEADENHALL MARKETS. ( By the Carcase.) Beef...... 4s. Od. to § s. Id. I Veal 5s. Od. to7s. 0d. Mutton 4s. 8d. to 5s. 4d. j Pork 5s. Od. to 6s. 4d. For Pimples, Blotches, FreckleRing- Wa rns, Black- Worms, Car buhcles, ' Sc. iSc. the greatest Clearer and Beautijier of the Face, is undoubtedly TYCE'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS WHICH are seriously recommended to all Mothers, Guardians, the Faculty, and Public in general, as certain Cure for foul Humours of the Blood, pimpled. Faces Surfeits, Scurvy, Scrofula, Scald- Head in Children, Sore Eye, Sore Legs, Venereal Ulcers ( when Mercury has failed), festering and other Eruptions on the Skin, whether from Inoculation ot the Small- Pox, Cow- Pox, or any Cau. se w- hatever, effecting the same, in less Time, with greater Safety, and at a smaller Ex- pense, than any other Medicineyet. discovered. Price 2s. 9d. or tive Bottles ( value 2s. 9d. each) in one, tor 12s. The following Case is a strong Proof of the superior Efficacy of these Drops:— An Infant, aged four Years, the S- on of Mr. Bu'nutt, Miller, of Whitchurch, had a violent Scorbutic Erup- tion all over his Body, particularly the Face, insomuch that a Swelling on the Side of the Nose, the Size- of a Pigeon's Egg, I entirely closed one Eye, and much affected the other. Having t had all the Medical Assistance possible for eighteen Months' without Relief, he was induced, through Recommendation, to try these Drops, which had the desired Eit'ect; and ih three Weeks the Child was perfectly cured, the Sight of the Eye re- stored, and has continued in perfect Health ever since. This Infant had been inoculated for the Cow- Pox, about three Months prior to the Appearance of the Eruption. Many other remarkable and well- attested Cures, which are too long for Insertion in an Advertisement, may be seen in the Bill of Directions round each Bottle.— Be particular in asking for Tyce's Antiscorbutic Drops. Sold, Wholesale " and Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hafton- liaiden, London; and, Retail, by the Printers this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; Mather, Welling- PRl'C E OF TALLOW. Town Tallow . Yellow Russia. White ditto .. Soap ditto Melting Stuff'. R7s. 0d. 80s. 0d.' ... 79s. Od. 77s. Od. 63s. Od. St. James's Market., 5s. Id. Clare Market 5s. 2d. Whitechapel Market 4s. lid. 15s. 2d. Average per st of81b. 5s. Od. J Kettering; and by all other Venders of Medicine inthe K. ing- this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; Matner, v> dom; Priue2s. per Pot with fall Directions. ' borough / ind all Vender of Medicines in the Kmgdcm. Ditto rough ,42s. Od. Graves..-.. 20s. Od. Good Dregs 9s. 0d. RAW HIDES. Best Heifers and Steers, perst. | Ordinary.. 2s. Od. to 2s. 4d. 3s. 2d, to Js. fid. MarketCalfOs. Od. tol7s. Od. MidfingsJ. .2s. ' 6d. to 2s, 10d. | Eng. Hoise 13s. Od. tol5s. Od- Sheep Skins 36d. to 66d. PRICE or LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 50 to 561b. each 22d. J to 24d. Ditto, 56 to 661b. each 25d. to 26d. Merchants' Backs Dressing Hides Fine Coach- Hides Crop Hides, 35to401b. tor cutting, J. 4a to 501b Cult Skins, 30' to401b 50 to 701b : 70to 801b Tanned Horse- Hides, Small Seals ( Greenland! Large Ditto, 150s. to 180s. per Dozen.- 22.1. to 23d. 19d. to 20d. 20d. to2ld.$ 16d. J to 19d. 19d. 30d. 38d. _ 38d. 19d. 32d. to 21d J to S6d. to 43d. to 4? d. to 2JJ.) to 34d. - Goal Skins, 31s. to62s. NORTHAMPTON : Printed and Published by and for T '. BICfeY, W. SUTTOK, & R. SMU'HSON.
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