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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 947
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 18/03/1812
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 947
No Pages: 4
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PRINTED BY WILLIJM EDDOWES, Vol. 19.] N°- 947. Wednesday, CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. March 18, 1812. Price Sixpence Halfpenny, This Taper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties OF ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each, In the Course nf the present Month mill be published. Dedicated by permission to the Right Hon. Charles Philip Yorkc, < k the other Lords Commissioners ot the Admiralty, ANEW Edition of " CAMPBELL'S LIVES OF THE ADMIRALS," continued to the Year 177!) bv Dr. Bertienliout; and from that period hv HENRY REDHEAD YORKE, Esq. to he completed in 8 Vols. Svo. the hist of • which, ( embellished with a portrait of Vice Admiral Benbow, from the Original in the Possession of the. Corporation ot SHREWSBURY, the only authentic Engraving ever taken ot that celebrated Admiral, and executed ( by permission) ex- clusively for this Work) will appear on or about the 28th of March; the other Volumes every two Mouths, price 12s. Demy, and 18s Royal, bds. printed forC. J. BARRINGTON, BOOKSELLER, 344, STRAKI). This new Edition is now rapidly experiencing the most extensive Patronage, amongst whom are the following Dis- tinguished Characters.— Dukes of York, and Clarence ; First Lord of the Admiralty, Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, Earls of Liverpool, Hardwicke, Radnor, Uxi bridge, Spencer, Camden, & c. Viscounts Bridport, Huod, Grimston, Svdney, Sidmoutii, Hampden, Clive, Strang- ford, Balgonie, & c. Bishop of Durham, Lords Barliam, Gardner, Keith, Montfort, l. ilford, Mark- Kerr, & c. Rt. Hon. S. Perceval, Rt. Hon. C. Abbott, Rt, Hon. G Rose, Rt. Hon. Sir W. Scott, & c. Admirals Pole, Calder, Gower, Aplin, Young, Smith, Nicholls, Hargood, Hart, Burray, Pill- vis, Essinglon, Willis, 1' eele, J. c Generals Barclay, Kyd, iiC. Col. Bunburv, J. W. Croker, Esn. M. P. E. M. Mundy, Esq. M. 1'. J. Man- gate, Esq. M. P. Captains Andrews, Kempsler, Fellows, Moiiley, Buller, Popham, llshcr, Bowen, Mav, Seymour, Halket, Hamstced Allen, Browell, Ross, Scott, Mould, ike. & c. Lieutenants Harri. son, Bentham, Bowyer, Mottley, Valpy, & c. & c. Drs. Locke, Valpy, Han- ess, O'Bernc, < Sic. Charles Bishop, Esq. E. Manners, Esq. W. D. Fellowes, Esq. G. F. Leckie, Esq. & c. & c. & c. A List of the Subscribers will be printed with the first Voltcmc, Barnes should therefore be immediately sent Subscribers Names will also he received by W. F. nnnw FS, Shrewsbury, ( of whom Proposals may be had) and all other Booksellers. PROPERTY ACT. ' Till E Commissioners ofthe Land Tax for the -*- County of Salop, are requested to meet at the Shirehall, in Ihe Town of Shrewsbury, on THURSDAY, the\ 9lh bay of MARCH Instant, at 1' 2 o'CIock alNoon, in order to make a Return lo the Office for Taxes, of such Gentlemen as are duly qualified to act as Com- missioners for carrying into Execution the Act of Parliament for imposing a Duty on Properly. ' RICHARD LYSTER, Esq. Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, 5th March, 1812. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PROPERTY ACT. ' T'HE Commissioners for the Land Tax for the * County of Montgomery, are requested to meet at the Town HILL, in PINE, on MONDAY, the 23d Day of March Instant, at 11 o'CIock in the Forenoon, in Order to make a Return lo the Office for the Affairs nf Taxes, of such Gentlemen as are duly qualified to act as Commissioners for carrying into Execution the Act of Parliament for granting certain Duties on Properly. GEORGE MEARES, Esquire, « th March, 1812. Sheriff. UNION FIRE and LIFE INSTITUTIONS. IN these Establishments ALL THE SAVINGS ARE RETURNED TO THE INSURED. In Consequence of this Plan, the Members ofthe Fire Insurance Depart- ment, w hose Period of Re- payment has arrived, have received back Fifty per Cent, of the Premiums they deposited. Tbe Rales of Ihe Life Institution are nearly Ten per Cent, lower than those of other Establishments, and its Insurers have the additional Advantage of being entitled to a periodical Bonus. Further Particulars may be had ofthe Agents, gratis, WANTS a Situation as BAILIFF, a middle- aged Man, who perfectly understands the Farming Business in all its BrSmchfes, also the buying and selling of Stock.— He can bring an undeniable Character for Steadiness, Sobriety, and Abilities.— Letters, Post- paid, addressed to G. .1. at Mr. JEIFRF. YS'S, Nag's Head Inn, Shrewsbury, will he duly attended to. FARM HOUSE! X17- ANTED, BOARD and LODGING for a Gentle- v V man, his Wife and Child, and two Servants, on j moderate Terms at a respectable and pleasant Farm Honse. I — Direct, describing Situation of House, Accommodations, | Particulars of Family, &. c. and specifying Terms, to " Mr. I BONO JENKINS, Post Office, Fulham, Middlesex." FARM. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, AVALUABLE FARM, called CRA1GNANT, situate within two Miles of Llaufyllin, in the County of Montgomery; consisting of aconvenient Farm House and Outbuildings, lately put in thorough Repair, and84.-\. 2R. SSP. of very excellent LAND, with an extensive Right of Common on the adjacent Hills. For further Particulars apply to Messrs. GLOVER and SON, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns; or lo H. P. DORSET, Esq. Plas Ucha, near Llangedwin, who will appoint a Person lo shew the same. ^ alegs ti? auction. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. At the Bridgewatcr Arms Inn, in Ellesmere, in the County of Salop, on Saturday, tbe 21st of March, 1812, between the Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, subject lo Conditions then to be produced, unless disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given: i LOT L I j OAK, of great Lengths, fine Quality, and suitable for Ship Building. LOT II. 105 DITTO Ditto, beginning with 101 and end- ing with 205i LOT III. 145 DITTO ditto. tpllE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt a- | The above Timber is marked, and grows in Penlev, in I warded and issued forth against ROBERT COOKES- 1 the Comity of Flint, 3 Miles from the' Ellesmere Canal, 4 LEY, late of ihe Town of POOL, ill tlie_ County of Mont- | from Bangor, 9 from Wrexham, and 8 from Whitchurch. j Mr. Thomas Suckley, of Halghton, in the said County of WANTED, by Shrews'ou ry, Family distant three Miles from COACHMAN and FOOTMAN; also a NURSERY MAID, who can work at her Needle.— None need apply unless they can have satisfactory Charac- ters from their last Places.— For further Particulars enquire of THE PRINTER or THIS PAPER. TO BE LET, And entered upon at Lady- Day next, A LARGE and spacious HOUSE, situaie in FRANK- _ t\ WELL, Shrewsbury, now in the Occupation of Mr. WESTON.— For a View of the Premises, and other Particu- lars, enquire ofMr. EVAN OWEN March 10,1812. TURNPIKE TOLLS. • VTOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising nt X^ l the T ill Gates upon the Turnpike Road leading from Morton Bridge by West Felton to Ellesmere, in the County of Salop, called or known by the Names of REDNALLand BLACKWATERS, will be LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the Town Hall, in Ellesmere, in the County of Salop, on SATURDAY, the ELEVENTH Day of APRIL next, between the Hours of twelve and two in the Afternoon, in liie Manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Year of ihe Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads';" which Tolls pro- duced the last Year the Sums following, viz. Rednall Gales .£ 30, and Blackwaters Gate £ 24. IS. above the Expence of collecting them, and will be put up at those respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, wilh sufficient Sureties lo the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, a.>' d at such Times as they shall direct. PETER PRITCH ARD, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. 24th February, 1S12. " TUKNPIKE MEETING. AMEETING of the Trustees of the Turnpike Road leading from Burlton thro' Ruyton aud Knockin to Llanymynech, in the County of Salop, and from the Os- westry Turnpike Road, near the Wolf's Head, to the East End of Knockin Lane, will be held at the House of Richard Jones, the CRAVF. N ARMS, in RIJYTON aforesaid, on Tues- dav, the SEVENTH Day of APRIL, 1812, at ten o'Cloek in the Forenoon ; at which Place and Time all Persons who are allowed the Privilege of compounding for the Tolls made payable upon Ihe said Road, and intend to take the Benefit thereof, are required to pay their respective Com- positions to the Trustees, otherwise they will be excluded that Privilege during the ensuing Year. FRANCIS BIIADDOCK, March 13,1812. Clerk to thcTrustces. " OAK AND FIR TIMBER! TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALOT of capital OAK TIMBER, containing about 200 Trees, growing in the BIRCHEN COPPICE, at MORE- I TON CORBET ; also 300 fine lengthy FIR TREES, growing 1 in MATHEWS'S COPPICE, at SIIAWBIJRY; both situate about seven Miles from Shrewsbury, and near theTurupike Road leading from thence to Market Drayton. Mr. James Harrison, of Shawbury, will appoint a Person to shew the Timber; and further Particulars maybe had of Mr. VICKERK, of Crantnere. THE GENUINE CEPHALIC SNUFF, FOR THE HEAD AND FYES. MANY Counterfeit and pernicious Preparations of this pleasant nnd efficacious Sunff having been obtruded upon unsuspecting Purchasers, the Public are hereby in- formed that the real Snuff may be known by the Words « ' F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," being engraved iu the Stamp round each Bottle, and that all those without this Distinction arc gross Impositions. After this Notice, a just Estimate will he formed of Ihe Characters of those who deal in such Articles. The genuine Snuff is sold only by the Proprietors, F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard, Lon- don ; and Brodie, Dowding, and I. oxford, Salisbury, and maybe hadofallthc Venders of Messrs. Newhery's Medi- cines throughout the United Kingdom, Price is l£ d. a Bottle, Stamp included. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. ~ ri"> HE greatest Blemish lo Beauty is Superfluous JL Hairs on Ihe Face, Neck, and Arms; HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them, is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use. Price 4s. or Iwo in one Parcel 7s. Sold by the Proprietor, ' 23, Russel- Street, Covent- Garden, London. T. WOOD having been appointed Ihe Wholesale as well as Retail Agent for this and the adjoining Counties, will supply Booksellers and Dealers rrith the above Article on liberal Terms. The following are Venders in this Neighbourhood: IL P. Silvester, • Nezvport; W Fdxarth, Oswestnj ; W. Smith, Iran- bridge ; T. Griffiths, l.' tdloa; E. Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; V. Procter, Drayton. IIOVSE rN OSIVESTR V. TO BE LET, And. entered upon at Lady- Day, or May next; AMODERN- BUILT DWELLING- HOUSE & SHOP, situate iu BAILEY STREET, in OSWESTRY, late in Ibe Occupation of Mr. Robert Roberts, Surgeon. The Hous^ consists of an excellent Shop, Parlour, and Kitchen, on the Ground Floor ; a capital Dining and two Lodging Rooms, ou the second Flour; nnd very commodious Attics. There is also a Pantry, Brewhouse, Stable, and a most ex- cellent Garden attached to the Premises.— For further Particulars apply to Mr. W. EDWARDS, Bookseller, Oswestry. " 1 TO BE LET, ~~ | Aud entered upon at Lady- Day next, AVERY DESIRABLE RESIDENCE, fit for the Re- : ception of a genteel Family, situated at ASTON- IN- CLUNSLAND, on the great Road leading from Ludlow to Bishop's Castle, 9 Miles from the former, and 6 from the latter Placc.— The Tenant may be accommodated with a few Acres of Land, if required ; also with Stabling and Cow- ties.— Further Particulars maybe known by Application to THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER, if by Letter, Post paid. MONTGOMERY ASSOCIATION, AGAINST FELONS, & C. THE Persons undernamed having entered into an Asso- ciation to pursue, apprehend and prosecute ' such as shall commit any Murder, Felony, or other Depredation, upon any of their Persons, Houses, Lands, Cattle, or other Property in the undernamed Places in which they respect- ively reside, or in any adjoining Parish; the Committee for conducting the same do offer the following Rewards lo the Persons who shall first give sr. h Information as shall lead to, or be the means ol the Recovery of tlie stolen Property, and Apprehension of the respective Offenders, in Ihe under- mentioned Cases ; to be paid on Conviction of such Offenders by the Treasurer of Ihe Society, ( viz ) The felonious burning aov House, Barn, or other £. s. d. Building, orany Rick, Stack, or Mow of Corn, Grain, Straw- Hay, or Wood. 5 5 0 The felonious breaking and entering any House- in the Night Time 4 4 0 The like in the Day Time 2 2 0 The felonious stealing, killing, maiming or wound- ing any Horse, Mare, or Gelding 3 3 0 The like of any Bull, Ox, Cow, Steer, Heifer, Calf, Sheep, Lamb, Hog, or Ass 2 2 0 Tbe like of any Goose, or other Poultry 1 1 n Any other Grand or Petit Larfceny 110 Stealing any Gate, Pale or Rail, or any iron Work or other thing belonging thereto, or breaking, eutting down or destroying the same, or aiiy Hedge or other Fence 110 Stealing, cutting down, barking, lopping, destroy- ing or damaging anyTiees, Saplings, Poles or Wood Stealing, taking up or spoiling any Fuiit Tree, Root, Shrub, or Plant, in any cultivated Land... Robbing any Orchards or Gardens, or stealing or maliciously pulling up or destroying any Tur- nips, Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots, Cabbages, or Peas, growing in any inclosed Ground Any Servant unlawfully selling, bartering, giving away or embezzling any Coals, Lime, Hay, Corn, or other Property, of Ins or her Master or Mistress 1 1 0 And for Information against or Apprehension of any Per- son, committing any other Offence on or against the Pro- perty ofany Member, such a Reward asshall be directed by any Meeting of the Society gomery, Timber Merchant., Dealer, and Chapman, intend to meet at the Honse of Mary Colley, the OAK INN, inthe said Town of Pool, on MONDAY, the TWENTY THIRD Day of MARCH 1812, at ten o'clock in the Forenoon, in I Order to make A DIVIDEND of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend : and all Claims not then substantiated will be disallowed. ~ CASTLE CAEREINION CHURCH! ANY Person or Persons desirous of undertaking the REPAIRS ofthe said CHURCH, which comprise taking off the present Roof, taking down Part of the W alls, rebuilding them aud raising the other Parts, new roofing and ceiling il, altering the Entrance and putting iu new Windows ; are requested to send their PROPOSALS, sealed up, to the Rev. L. ROWLANDS, at Castle Cacreinion, near Pool, Montgomeryshire, 011 or before FRIDAY, the third of APRIL next,- when a Vestry will be held in the said Church, to open and take such Proposals into Considera- tion, and to contract for the Execution.— Securities for Performance of Contract will be required — Plans, Sections, and Specifications may be seen at Ihe Rev. L ROWLANDS, Curate of Castle Caereinion aforesaid, or MI-. THOS. JONES, Surveyor, Oswestry, Shropshire. Castle Caereinion, March 9,1812. ! NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS." WHEREAS ARTHUR EDGE, oftlieSWAN INN, in WHITCHURCH, in the County of Salop, Victualler, bath by Deed, bearing Dale the 25th Day of February Instant, assigned over all his personal Estate and Effects to CORNELIUS VENABLFS, of Whitchurch aforesaid, Mercer, and BENJAMIN LAKIN, of Ihe same Place, Cabinet- maker, IN TRUST for the equal Benefit of all his Credi- tors ; Notice is herebv given, that the said Deed of Assign- ment is left at the Olfiee of Mr. GREGORY, Solicitor, in Whitchurch aforesaid, for the Execution of such ofthe Creditors as may be desirous of taking the Benefit of the Trust thereof. All Persons to whom tbe said ARTHUR EDGE is indebt- ed, are requested to send the Particulars of their Demands to the said Trustees, or Mr Gregory, and all Persons who are indebted to the said Arthur Edge, are desired to pay the Amount of their respective Debts to cither of the said Trustees.— Febru a ry 2 8, 1812, CONSUMPTION OF THE LUNGS.— ASTHMA. Copy of a Letter from .7 Montague Leigh, Esq. SIR,— My daughter's case of Consumption being declared _ by her Physicians hopeless, I applied to a popular ad- vertised Balsam, which failing to afford Ihe least benefit, I was inclined to give the Oxymel of Stramonium, as recom- mended by Dr. Fisher, a trial; and I have great pleasure in saying lhat she derived immediate relief from it. In the short period of. lday* her cough abated, the expectorations diminished, the hectic fever nearly disappeared, and, by persevering in the use of this valuable remedy, the symptoms gradually left her, and her strength increased. So rapid was her progress to recovery, that iu three weeks she was entire- ly free from any consumptive symptom, aud at this time is perfectly well, to the astonishment of onr Medical Friends, and all that had witnessed her emaciated state — 1 am, Sir, your verv grateful and obedient servant, Bernertl street, Feb. 16M. 1811 J. M. LEIGH This Oxymel, and the Herb for smoaking, prepared by tbe directions of Surgeon Fisher, are sold by Harris, corner of St. Paul's Church- yard; Bacon, 150, Oxford- road; of whom may be had Surgeon Fisher's Familiar Treatise on the Causes, Prevention, and Cure of Asthma, Consumption, & c. fifth edition, price 2. t. 6d. Sold bv W. Eddowes, Shrewsbury. Flint, will shew tbe Timber, and for further Particulars apply to Mr. ROGER BECKETT, of Penley aforesaid. At the FARM HOUSE, at GARTH, in the County of Mont- gomery, on Thursday, the 19th Day of March, Instant; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, & c. IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, comprising 5 Cows, calved and in- calf, 1 fat Cow, 1 capital 3- year old Bull, 1 yearling Ditto, 4 two- year old Heifers, 3 yearling Ditto; 3 good Draught Horses, several Sets of Gearing ; 30 Wether Sheep, in Lots; 2 Sows and 7 Store Pigs; a Slack of excellent Wheal, 1 Road Waggon, 2 H invest Waggons, 2 Broad- wheeled Tum- brels, a Winnowing Machine, Ploughs, Harrows, and a Variety of other Articles, the Properly of the late RICHARD TUDOR, Esq. Also, a BAY MARE, and a fine CHESNUT GELDING rising 5 Years old, ( if not previously disposed of by private Contract), a black Gelding, and a strong useful Hackney. The Sale will begin at 10 o'CIock in the Morning, and coiitinuetill the Whole are disposed of. 7th March, 1812. A C0PYH01. D LAND, AT WROCKWARDINE BANK, NEAR WELLINGTON. BY WRIGHT AND SON, At the House of Mr. William Leese, known by the Name of Adinaston Spa, near Wellington, in the County of Salop, 011 Saturday, the 4th Day of April, 1812, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject lo such Conditions as will be there produced, 111 the following Lots, or iu such other Lot or Lots as shall be agreed upon at llie Time of Sale, if not previously disposed of by private Coutract, of which due Notice will be given : LOT I. ALL that Piece or Parcel of rich LAND, called the LONO FI ELD, adjoining the great Road leading from Wellington to Wroekwardine, containing 2 Acres, more or less, now iu the Holding of Charles Crump. LOT II. All that Piece of Meadow LAND, adjoining the above Lot, containing 2 Acres, more or less, and now also in Ihe Holding of tbe said Charles Crump. LOT III. All that other Piece or Parcel of LAN D, called the LARGE BANK FIELD, and adjoining the above two Lots, containing 5 Acres, be the same more or less, now in the Holding of Mr. Jaines Webb. The Purchaser of this Lot may be accommodated with immediate Possession. Mr. Lecse, of the Spa, will appoint a Person to shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be had by applying to STEPHEN JENNINS, F^ sq. Wellington; Mr. THOMAS DICKENSON, Solicitor, Newport; or THE AUCTIONEERS, in Market Drayton. ^ AICS BP ^ AUCTION. CAPITAL YOUNG STALLION. BY JOSEPH 11 HO DEN, On Monday, the 23d Day of March, 1812, opposite the Y\ IIITE HFIRT INN, in WENLOCK, at the Hour of three 111 Ihe Afternoon, ( the Property of Mr. Thomas Madely, of Hughlev) ; ABEAUTIFUL black WAGGON HORSE, rising five Years old, upwards of 16 Hands high, by Mr. G. Evans's black Horse, Dam by Dumplin ; a verv handsome Figure, remarkably strong and honey, is an excellent Worker, gentle iu Ibe Gears, has proved himself a sure Foalgelter, and himself and Stock will hear the strictest Examination by the best Judges. ~ CAPITAL FA~ R. MI. NG STOCK. " BY JOSEPH RHODEN, On the Premises, at EASTHOPE, near Wenlock, 011 Tues- day and Wednesday, the 24th and 25th Days of March, '" la; IX I lie very valuable LIVESTOCK, IMPLEMENTS ill HUSBANDRY, Sic. of Mr. THOMAS PARDOE, of E AsTHoPE aforesaid, who is changing his Residence : consisting of 15 choice young Cows, calved and in- calf, 4 Heifers Ditto, 3 young Barrens, two 2- year old Bulls, four 2- vear old Heifers, two 2- year old Bullocks, 14 yearling Heifers and Bullocks; 40 Ewes, lambed and iu- lamb, 12 yearling Wet hers ; 2 Sows and Pigs, 3 Sows in- pig, 24 Slore Pigs; 8 able young Waggon Horses, 3 Waggon Marcs 111- foal, 2 yearling Waggon Colts, a hackney Mare, by GENERAL, 1 Dilto in- foal, one 3 year old hackney Colt, two 2- year old Ditto, 1 yenrlir. g Filley; Gearing for 12 Horses; 3 Waggons, 3 Broad wheel Tumbrels, Ploughs, Harrows, Winnowing Machine, & c Lc. and a general Assortment of Implements in Husbandry. To those acquainted with Mr. PARDOF.' S Stock, tbe Auctioneer deems it unnecessary to make nuy Observation ; to those who are not, he begs to say that the Cattle are all of the True Herefordshire Breed, the Cows young, and re- markably good Milkers, and the voung Stock very pro- mising; the Horses' Characters as good Workers are well known ; the Sheep and Pigs will be found particularly use- ful: the Implements ( most of them little worse than'new,) iu excellent Condition; and the Whole « ill be found as well worth the Attention of the Publick as any Stock, & c. lately offered to their Notice. The Cattle and Horses will he sold tbe FIRST DA Y ; the Sale to begin each Morning at leu o'CIock. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. MOST CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. At the Oak Inn, in Welsh Pool, 011 Monday, the 30th Day of March, 1812, at five iu the Afternoon, subject to Conditions: T /\ I OAK Timber Trees, marked with a Scribe, and 1 U^- l Standing in Coppices 011 the BANK FARM, io the Parish of Forden, in the Occupation of Mr. Evan Edwards. Many of the above Trees are of very large Dimensions, are perfectly sound, and will be found deserving Ihe Attention of Persons wanting large Timber.— They are situate close to Ihe Turnpike Road leading from'Pool towards Montgomery, 3| M iles from the Montgomeryshire Canal at Ihe Belan, and Miles froin Pool Quay. The Tenant will shew t he Trees ; and Particular had of Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Welshpool. aiars may be 1 1 0 Edward Lord Clive, I. ymore Mr. Alien, Montgomery Anthony, Ditto Buweil, Nantcrihba Burnford, Gwernyruchan Cow les, Weston 1 Davies, Rhydwymon . John Davies, Esq. Marrington I Mr. W. Davies, Montgomery Maurice Jones, F,< st\. Broadway Mr. Thos. Jones, Montgomery Jones, Penbryn Win. Jones, Montgomery Rev. Mr. Lloyd, ditto Mr. Lloyd, The Wood Thos. Lloyd, Montgomery Owen, Baclieldre Rich. Owen, Montgomery Parry, Chirbury Hall Mau. Powell, Montgomery Rev Mr. Pryce, Goer Richard Pryce, Esq. Gunley Mr Thomas Prvce, Forden William Pugb, l;.% q. Caerhowel Mr. Smith, Cefntlan Smith, Whitehall Jos Weaver, Montgomery Wilcox, Newhall FOR RHEUMATISMS, COLDS, SIC. DR. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS are admirably calculated for the above, and all those complaints to which the human frame is liable from the lieissitudes of our climate, as likewise for bilious and other disorders of tbe bowels ; and for headaehs, occasioned by indigestion or by free living. They should be takaci upon every slight inrtis- po- ition, aud thus, by timely assisting nature iu ilie due dis- charge of the animal functions, they preserve the body in health and vigour. As tliev require no confinement, they aie particularly convenient for travellers. So! d only by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 4- 5, St, Paul's London, and in most Market Towns, by the principal Vend- ers ( if Medicines. Price 4s. Gd. a Box ; or six in a lai < re Box, 24s.— Observe tbe words, " P. Newbery, So. 45, St. Paul's," engraved in ibe sumips. SHROPSHIRE AND MONTGOMERYSHIRE CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. At the Oak Inn, in Welsh Pool, on Thursday, the 2d Day of April, 1312, beginning at two o'Clock in the Afternoon ; r¥ Ml E following Lots of TIMBER, subject to such Cou- JL ditions as shall then be produced, viz.— LOT I. 200 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice 011 CAF. PRIOR Farm, in the Parish of Chirbury, and County of Salop, in the Occupation of Edward Weaver. LOT II, 191 OAK Timber Trees,, standing in BLACK- WOOD COPPICE, onTimbertli Farm, in ihe Parish ofChir- bnry aforesaid, in the Occupation of John Robiuson. LOT 111. 209 OAK Timber Trees, standing on a Piece of Land called CAKTYUCHA YSGUBWR, adjoining Mathra- fal Frydd, iu ihe Parish of Llangyniew, in Ihe County of Montgomery, in the Occupation of Mary Gittins. LOT IV. 232 OAK Timber Trees, standing 011 M ATHRA- FAL DEMESNE, in tbe said Parish of Llangyniew, in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Davies. LOT V. 171 OAK Timber Trees, standing on FRYDD Farm, at Myfod, in the Occupation of the Rev. Wm. Brown. LOT VI. 83 OAK Timber Trees, standing on Tenements called GJ, ASCOED, in the Parish of Myfod, iu the Occupa- tion of several Persons. LOT VII. 175 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice on a Farm at PONT ROBERT AP OLIVER, in the said Parish of Myfod, in the Occupation of David Evans. LOT VIII." 169 OAK Timber Trees, standing in GREEN- HALL PARK, Part of Greenhall Farm, in the Parish of Llanfyllin, and said County of Montgomery, in the Occu- pation of Mr. Evan Davies. LOT IX. 209 OAK Timber Trees, standing in the said Park, and adjoining Lot 8. LOT X. 233 OAK Timber Trees, standing in the said Park, and adjoining Lot 9. LOT XI 90 OAK Timber Trees, standing 011 the Upper id P.: » sl Sides of suid Oroenhall Pni- L- TIMBER. Atthe House of Thomas Jones, in the Town of Llanfyllin, iu the County of Montgomery, Innkeeper, ou Tuesday, the 31st Day of March, 1812, at five o Clock in the After- noon, in the following, or such other Lois as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to sucli Conditions asshall then be produced : LOT 1. OA / CAPITAL DAK Timber Trees, Scribe- marked, ^ VjZf and growing upon GARTHGELL Farm, iu ilie ' Parish of Llanfyllin, ill the Holding of John Thomas. LOT II. 155 OAK Timber Trees, Scribe- marked, nnd growing upon BWLCH Y COCSYDD Farm, in the said Parish of Llanfyllin, now 111 the H JdingOf Mr. Richard GriOitbes. The Oak Timber are of great Lengths, and are fit for Plank, Cleft, or any other Purposes ; they lie within a Mile of the Town of Llanfvllin, and distant from I he Ellesniere Canal at the New Bridge 8 Miles, to which there is a good Turnpike Road. Further Particulars may be had by applying lo Mr. DANIEL, Varchwel Hall, near Pool; or of Mr. RICHARD PUGH, Llanfyllin, who will appoint a Person to shew the Timber. Dunn, Henfron Edye, Montgomery Farmer, Wotherton Francis, l. hvi/ nobin Griffithes, Meadows Griflithes, Bunk , Griffiths, Llwynmadoc GfflHths, Munlin Jones, Court . folin Jones. Montgomery Jones, Gwernygo j Mr. I). DAVIES, Treasurer. FRANCIS ALLEN, Secretary. N. B. Annnal Meeting and Dinner, at the Dragon Inn, in Montgomery, on the Second of April. W ESS EI. L\ GENUINE AND ORIGINAL JESUIT'S DROPS, AND PURGING REMEDY, Are prepared by SHAW and EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's, London, from the original Recipe, which Ihey boucht of J. WESSEL, oil the 17th of January, 1803, which Recipe is io their Possession ONLY. IN His Majesty's Navy and Army these Drops have for Years past maintained their Character as a Specific forthe Scurvy, Gravel, Dropsy, Siranguarv, Weak- ness, and Obstructions in the Urinary Passage, anil General Debility ; but particularly for their absolute and speedy Cure of ihe VENEREAL DISEASE, from Ihe slightest to its most malignant Symptoms: as a Restorative for General Debility Wessel's Jesuit's Drops have been long known and esteemed : — such as have the Misfortune lo be troubled with stubborn Gleets, Seminal Effusions, or any Weakness of the Kidneys, Ureters, or P, ladder, Diabetes, or Difficulty of making Water, will find in the Wessel's Jesuit's Drops a safe, cheap, effect, ual, and Immediate Cure. Sold bv Shaw and Edwards, 66, St, Paul's, London : sold also by W. F. DDOWES, Bythell, Morris, Palin, aud Newling, Shrewsbury; Ridgeway, and Procter, Drayton; Chester, Newcastle; Silvester, New| K> I t; Fowke, Stafford ; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenloek ; and by most of the respectable Medicine Venders iu the Uni; ed Kingdom.— Price 2s. 9d. and the larger Bottle, containing nine small ones, for tbe Convenience of Persons going to Sea, Price ,£ 1. 2s. CAUTION. — Each Br. tile is inclosed in a Government Stamp, with ihe following,—" Shaw and Edicards, Successors to Josep'i Wtsscl." The numerous Counterfeits imposed on the Country Venders, as well as the Public, render this Caution highly necessary. Comfort for tlie Afflicted. Dr. SMITH'S PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS. I****** *#****# + of PREES HEATH, near Whitchurch, being induced, for the Benefit of mv Fellow Creatines, to lay my Case before the Public, did authorize Dr. SMITH, of Uoton Masrna, near Shrewsbury, to publish au Account ofthe Cute I received by taking his PLOUG 11 MAN's DROPS: and do now voluntarily come forward, and make the following Statement: — Being at Wellington, in the County of Salop, in July, 1809, where 1 followed my Employment of a Shoemaker, 1 perceived 1 had contracted the Venereal Disease. I made immediate Application to a Professional Gentleman there, under whose Care I continued for a considerable Time, without experiencing anv Relief whatever, but, on the con- trary, found myself grow worse nnd worse, nil at length 1 was reduced to a melancholy Situation indeed, by the internal anil external Use of Mercury. Hopeless of receiving anv Benefit, and having b" th my Constitution an, I Patience nearly worn out, I gave up all Hopes of being cured by tbe Mer- curial Preparations, which only exhausted my Frame, without, in the least Degree, abating the Virulence of the Disorder, which by this Time was arrived to an alarming Pitch indeed; 1 took the Resolution of returning lo my Home, near Whit- church, and seeking Relief elsewhere. I put myself under the C ire of another Gentleman of the Faculty, who gave me some Relief, and as I thought cured me; but, after some Time, the Disorder broke out with greater Violence than ever, and my Condition nearly reduced me to Despondency. Having 110 Hopes from the Facultv, who had entirely failed in their Efforts to eradicate the Disord r, it was now that I found one of Dr. SMITH'S Bills of " Comfort to the Afflicted," and detei » r. iined on giving it a Trial: I bought a Bottle of Mr. Jones, Printer, Whitchurch. ON the third day of lakins it I found wonderful Alteration for the better, ond before 1 had finished the first Bottle, I had the chearing Prospect before me of being at last cured of this afflicting Disorder, and before 1 had finished the tbiid B-' tiltf, I found myself 111 a Situation far different from what I was when 1 left Welling, ton; 1 had now comfortable Sleep at Night, my Spirits returned, and mv Health was completely re- established.— Thus, by taking the inestimable PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS, was 1 rescued from the Grave, and a State bordering on Despair. Signed ill the Presence of R. B. JONES, this 3d Day of December, 1811. ****** *#*_*#**"* Witness R. B. JOXES. Sworn at Shreasbury, in the County of ^ Salop, ihe fourth Day of De: ember, S- W. SMITH. 1811, before me 5 Sold in Bottles at 1 Is. and 22s. each, by W. EDDOWES Shre* » bury. and East said Greenhall Park LOT XII. 262 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice 011 other Part of GREEN HALL FARM aforesaid. LOT X. 111. 126 OAK Timber Trees, standing in another Coppice near Lot 12, on Greenhall Farm aforesaid. LOT XIV. 312 OAK Timber Trees, standing iu the last mentioned Coppice, and adjoining Lot 13. LOT XV. m- 2 OAK Timber Trees, standing on tbe said Coppice, and adjoining Lot 14. LOT XVI. 86 OAK Timber Trees, standing 011 COED YR LEFARM, adjoining to Greenliall Farm aforesaid, in ihe Occupation of Mary Jones. LOT XVII. 161 OAK Timber Trees, standing on a Farm called CI. AWDD LLESG, in the Parish of Guilsfield, ik said County of Montgomery, in the Occupation of John Davies. LOT XVIII. 151 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Cop- pice on a Farm called DERIVES DEG, in the said Parish of Guilsfield, in the Occupation of Owen Lewis. LOT XIX. 205 OAKTimber Trees, standing in a Coppice on said Derwen deg Farm, and adjoining Lot 18. LOT XX. ] 65 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice oil a Farm called COPPICE FARM, ill the said Parish of Guilsfield, in the Occupation of Edward Jones. LOTXXI. 153 FT AK Timber Trees, standing in the said last named Coppice, and adjoining Lot 20. LOTXXII. 177 OAK Timber Trees, standing in the said Coppice, and adjoining Lot 21, LOT XXIll. 1 in - OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice on a Farm culled C.\ F. POST, in the said Parish of Guilsfield, in the Occupation of Benjamin Jones. LOT XXIV. 120 OAK Timber Trees, standing inVoEL ACHI. ES COPPICE, in the Township of Cowney, near Llan- I wddun, in the said County of Montgomery. LOT XXV. 200 OAK Timber Trees, standing chiefly in a ' Coppice 011 a Farm called FRYDD GOWNEY, adjoining Voel Achles aforesaid, in the Occupation of Hugh Hughes. ! The Trees in all the aforesaid Lots are blazed and num- j bered with a Scribe : the principal Part of them are of large Dimensions and very excellent Quality, applicable 10 the ! superior Purposes of the Navy, or any Purposes requiring prime Timber. The two first Lots in Chirbury are within the Distance of 3 Miles ofGarthinil Wharf, on the Montgomeryshire Caual. The Trees comprised ill Lots 3 to 17 inclusive, are near to several Turnpike Roads, aud from 5 lo 6 Miles Distance from the Montgomeryshire Caual at New Bridge, near Llanymynech. The Trees comprised in Lots 18 to 2.3 inclusive, are within the Distance of one Mile of the said Canal, and the Naviga- ble Part of the Severn at New Quay. Lots 24 aud 25 are in a Situation proper for the Ports of Dolgelley or Derwen- las. Further Particulars may he had hy applying at THE OFFICE at Powis Castle, or of Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Pool; and Thomas Pryce, of Lymore, will shew the two first Lots ; Richard Dax, of Black Mill, near Pool, will shew Lots 3 to 23; and Roger Kynaston, of Llanwddun, will shew Lots 24 and 25. LOWER HALL. SALE OF SUPERIOR FARMING STOCK. BY CHURTON, Oil the Premises, at the LOWER HALL, near Holt, inthe County of Denbigh, 011 Monday, Tuesday, aud Wednes- day, the 30th and 31st Days of March, and 1st Day of April, 1812; ryiHE Whole of the choice LIVE STOCK, IMPI. E- 1. MENTS of HUSBANDRY Dairy and Brenine Vessels, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Ike. the Property of Mr. CHARLES PRICE: comprising 35 most excellent young calving Cows and Heifers, most of which are of the Montgomery and Hereford Breeds, valuable high- bred Bull, three years old, of the Staffordshire Bleed, Ditto Ditto, two- yearsold, 3 balked Heifers, 8 Stinks, 6 Yearling Calves; 8 valuable Waggon Horses, half- bred Mare, in- foal hy a capital Waggon Horse, suitable for a Gig, ail excellent Worker, two years old Filley, valuable five- years old Bay Mare, Sire by Richari son's Marsk, Dutn by Lord Clive's Arabian, beautiful four- year old Brown Mare, got by Javelin, Dam by Lord Clive's Arabian ( plenty of Bouel, Bay Horse, rising four Years old, by True Blue, out of a capital Mare, Bro. vn Gelding, rising three Years old, got by Alexander, Dam by Lord Clive's Arabian ( full of Bone aud Action), promising to make a good Huuter, Bay Filley, two Years old, got by Alexander, out of llie same Mare as last l. ot, likely to make a capital Hunt r, band some Grey Mare, five Years old, gofbv Lignum Vit.- r, Dam by Mayduke; 5 in pig Sows, 8 Store iVgs ; valuable broad wheeled Waggon with Harvest Gearing, nearlv ne , long Cart with Shells, three broad wheeled Tumbrels, » heeled and Hand Ploughs, three Pair of Harrows, Horse Gears, Winnowing Machine, Kibbling Mill, worked by a Wheel! good as new, capital Straw Engine, worked by a Wheel, with numerous other Implements, in Lots; together with tlis Dairy and Brewiug Utensils, Household Furniture, fcc. To the above truly valuable Stock THE AUCTION EFR calls again the Attention of those Farmers who pride themselves in making Cheese, as now is Ihe Time to pur. chase Milkers of the first Quality, together vllh Youth and Beauty.— The Waggon and Blood Horses, Imph ments, & c. particularly deserve the highest Encomiums,— The Live Stock anil Part of ihe Implements will be sold lie First Day, aud the remaining Implements and Dairy Vessels, Second Morning.— Sale to commence each Day at - Ten o'Clock. Catalogues may be had from the following Places, viz. Red Lion, Wrexham; Red Lion, Holt; Green Dragon, Chester; Mr. Dime's, Hundley; Crown, Malpas; Red Lion, Ellesmere; upon tbe Premises; and of THE AUC- TION F. F. R, Whitchurch, Salop. BY E. STEPHEN^ On the Premises, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 1st and 2< 1 Days of April, 1812 ; LL that trulv valuable and well- selected LIVE STOCK J\. and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging 10 Mr. HUGHES, of BWLCHYLLYN, in the Parish of Tref- eglwys, in the County of Montgomery: consisting of 8 Cows, calved and in calf, three 3- years old Heifers, two 4- years old Bullocks, two 3- years old Dilto, eight 2- year olds, 5 Yearlings, I Fat Cow ; 5 Waggon Horses and Gear- ing, one 2- year old Draught Colt, 2 good Hack Mares; 1 Sow, 9 Store Pigs ; and 200 Sheep, in Lots ; 1 Waggon nearly new, t Harvest Ditto, 2 broad wheel Tumbrils,' 2 Ploughs 2 Pair of Harrows, 1 Roller; with a Number of small itu' plementv . Part ofthe HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, with all the Brewing and Dairy Utensils, will be SOLD BY AUCTION, al Bwlchyllyn, on FRIDAY, ist of May next. THE AUCTIONEER begs Leave to observe, that the Coivs are excellent Milkers ; the Young Stock well bred, and in fine Condition : the Horses young, able and handsome, and well known to be equal in Action to any in the County. ( jJ'The Cattle, Sheep, and Horses, w ill be sold the FIRST DAY, and the Sale will begin at 11 o'Clock each Morning.* LONDON. FRIDAY MARCH 16. . ; THE PRINCE REGENT'S LEWI:.— Yesterday Wis Royal Highness the Prince Regent held his first Levee this Sea- son, at Carllon House. It was very numerously and splendidly attended by all ranks and parties, who were anxious to pay their personal respects to his Royal Highness on his assuming the Government of the country. H is Royal Highness appeared in most excellent health and spnils. — Amor. g the nuiuereous Presentations were the following ; Lieut. Col. M'Mahon, of the 17th infantry, as Aid de Camp to the Prince Regent.— The Rev. R. H. Chapman, ou his being appointed Chaplain to the Prince Regent — Lord Milton and Mr. Wilberforce, with a petition from Sheffield and the neighbourhood — Mr. Oakeley, late bis Majesty's Secretary of Legation to the United States, 011 bis return to England— Mr Bridgman Simpson, by the Lord in Waiting— The Duke of Devonshire, on bis coming to his title, by thc l. ord in Waiting.— Lieut. Col. Hill, of the Royal Horse Guards, 011 his promotion.— Mr Totnline, by his father, the Bishop of Lincoln.— Lieut. General Robin- son, on his promotion. Letters from Buenos Ayres to the 23d of November state, that General Goyeueche, who, it was hoped, had been ena bled to check the progress of tbe insurrection, is surrounded on the spot where he obtained his victory by a new army, formed of tbe population of the country The reason of the Government of Buenos Ayrcs having refused lo grant per- mission for the exportation of specie is now explained. The European Spaniards are accused of haying intended lo send to Cadiz specie toa large amount, which was in their pos- session, but which belonged to the Native Merchants. On this account au order for suspending the remittances to tbe Peninsula was issued. Another bieach of trust, greater in its extent than that committed by Mr. Walsh, has taken place w ithin these few days. A Mr. Fall, of the Stock Exchange, has absconded with property to the amount of £ 20.( 100 and upwards. Previous to bis leaving town, be told his friends he was going to Bath for a few days, a circumstance w liich occa- sioned 110 suspicion, It is said that a banking- house at Bristol is likely to be the principal sufferer. They had eonfided, some time ago, to the care of this broker, a large q iiantity of omnium for sale, whenever tbe price should lie such as lu induce them to give an order for the immediate disposal of it; and it is stated, tbat the first intimation which they received ofthe fraud practised on them, was from Fall himself, by a letter forwarded to them after he had quilted the country. In this communication lie informed them, thai if they'had prudence to keep the affair secret, they should one day or other receive the whole value of the • • • L... , 1. | 0ost0crtpt. LONDON, Monday Night, March 16, 1812' Private letters from our army of the 28tli ult. assure us. thai Badajoz will be immediately besieged. Generals Gra bam and Hill me to conduct the siege. The firsl and sixth divisions of our ai my have begun their march for Badajoz. Lord Wellington remains al Freynada to keep Marmont in check whilst the siege is carried on. Mails from Aultoll and Heligoland arrived this morning. Thc former stales that Bonaparte is to take the command of the French army iu the North in person. It is divided into four grand detachments of SO, 000 men cach. Massena commands the first; Davoust the second; Oudinot the third; and Bcrlhier the fourth. The French troops have left Hamburgh for the Polish frontiers. Hamburgh is to be garrisoned by the Danes. Tbe accounts respecting Prussia are contradictor)'— some assuring us that she will join France; others that she will unite with Russia, that she has positively rejected all the demands of Buonaparte to admit French troops iulo Col- berg, and that her army is in excellent condition. The Swedish Government lias published full details of the hostile treatment which Swedish Pumeranla has experi- enced from tbe French. A joint declaration of war from Russia. Prussia, and Sweden is the prevailing expectation at Stockholm. In the House of Lords this evening Ihe message of the Prince Regent was taken into consideration, and 011 the motion of the Ear^ of Liverpool an Address to his Royal Highness was agreed to, and ordered to be presented with the usual forms. The long- talked of matrimonial alliance, between Mr. Pole ( now Wellesley) and Miss Tyln'ey Long took place on Saturday evening. The King ( says a letter fiom Windsor) has been consider- ed a little better wilbiii these few days, so much so, that he has ordered bis own dinners. Three ptr cent. Consols 6o|. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18, 1812.. KJ-- The Sale of Mr. Pardee's Stock, & c. at Easthope, advertised in our First Page to late place on the 24th and 25th Instant, will he on Wednesday and Thursday, the 25th aud Sfbth Instant. MARRIED. On Saturday the " til instant, by the Archbishop of York, at the Earl of l'ow is's, Berkeley- square, the lion. William Elliot, brother lo Lord Elliot, to Miss Robinson, eldest uicy Slllllllil Uiir ut uuivi .. v.... - - , . . urooertv entrusted to him ; but that in the event ot then DAUGHTER of Lieutenant- Geueral Robinson, of Deuston- liall, •."..*... , , .: ..... ., sl, illiiitr' ! 1 he c?.. tr.. it i I., , i.„ l.'„,. l ,. f l->,.„ divulging it, they would never recover a shilling! 1 The Bankers, notwithstanding, made every enquiry after the delinquent ami Ihe properly ; llicy ascertained that the former bad sailed from Liverpool 011 board the Orbit, Ame- rican ship, for North America, a few days previously, and that it was believed that South America was his ultimate object, he having a personal acquaintance wil it General Miranda, with whom he bad recently been in close corres- pondence. Two sons accompanied Fall 011 his voyage, and also a Mr. Thomas Sheffield, a ci- devant Member of the Stock Exchange. By good fortune it was discovered that he had invested jfl2,000 in Ihe Navy 5 per cenls. iu the name of two trustees ; informing thein, that it was for the purpose of meeting certain engagements which he hud contracted; nnd that they would shortly be drawn upon from abroad in n name which he gave them, and.' cquestcd that the drafts might be honoured. Thc trustees, who appear lo have been innocently drawn in. 011 due consideration have agreed to resign ( lie whole of the slock, on receiving a proper indem- uifical iou against any claim made 011 them iu future for the same by Fall. In aaditiou to this property, .£ 5000 worth oflndia Bonds have been ( raced lo bis iate residence 011 the Wandsworth Road; and this biing also claimed by the bankers, it is supposed lhat 011 the w inding up of the busi- ness, their loss will be only from 3 to . i5,000. Cundell and Smith, two of the seamen who were tried some t ime ago at thc Special Sessions held in tlorsenionger- lane, on Ihe charge of High Treason nt the Isle of France and found Guilty, are ordered for execution ou Monday next, and Macfariane, Quigley, Armstrong, Parker, and Twecdel, who, for I he like offence, w ere tried al the same time, and found Guilty, have received ihe Royal Pardon. SATURDAY, MARCH 14 The Gmette of this evening announces the appointment of thc Earl of Harrington to the offices of Governor and Constable of Windsor Castle, iu the room of ( he Earl of Cardigan, deceased. The Trade with France, under the sanction of licences to a considerable extent, is progressively reudered more pro- bable The Board of Trade has assented, that the wine to be imported from France shall be admitted for home con- sumption ; and independently of ( hat advantageous barter which is expected from lliose licences on tlie export of goods to the value of only jt' 5 from Great Britain, t lie fol- lowing commodities may be imported from France, aud the catalogue, it is expected, will be enlarged in Ihe course of ( lie next week : The articles are grain, Flour, bnlter, cam- bric, artificial pearls, fruits, drugs, artificial floweis, thrown and raw silk, and perfumery. Private letters from Paris to Ibe Sth inst. repeal Ihe report of Bonaparte's intention to quit the capital forthe Annyof the North, destiued against Russia. We are also told thai there is little prospect of a peace between Russia and the Porte, ns long as the councils of this personage prevail there • so decidedly as they do at present. There are not less than four Frenchmen at this time at Constantinople, engaged in the cause of Fiance ; each striving who can distinguish himself most in the service of his master. The statement that thc troops of Bonaparleliavc entered the ports of Prussia, under the sanction of a Convention to which Frederick William had acceded, is contradicted by a letter from a Gentleman residing at Berlin, who still main- tains the opinion w hich he lias uniformly given, & on which hell as hitherto acted, that the King will coalesce with Bus- ' There is hut little dotibl of Ins disposition, but his Suffolk, and uiecc to the Earl of Powis. Yesterday, al Si. Chad's, Mr. R. Hilditch, of Treflach, lo Miss Etlgerley, of this town:— and Mr. S Birkerloii, of Satidford, to Miss Eliz. F. dgerley, of the same place. Wednesday last, at Forden, Mi. Edward Humphries, of Walcot, to Miss Lloyd, eldest daughter of J. Lloyd, Esq. of The Wood, Montgomeryshire. Lately, Mr. B. Longmore, of Coalbrook Dale, to Miss Lacoti, of Oswestry. OIL Ihe 4th instant, at the Friends Meeting- house, nt Ycalaud, Mr. Robert Benson, of Liverpool, metchaut, to Miss Dockray, eldest daughter of the late Mr. D. Duckray, of Lancaster. Monday lasi, at Wellington, Mr. D. Fletcher, cabinet- maker, to Mr*. Ingram, dress- maker, both of this town. On Thursday, al Bridgnorth, J. Oliver, Esq. of Longford, near Glocester, lo Miss Lloyd, only daughter of Alderniau G. Lloyd, of Bridgnorth. Lately, at Liverpool, Robert Kirk, Esq. of Manchester, lo Miss Augusta Sidney Young, of Ellesmere. Al the same place, Lieut 0. Owen, It. N. to Miss Hum phreys, late of Penrhyu, Montgomeryshire. At Manchester, W. Ralhbune, Esq. of Liverpool, to Elisabeth, eldest daughter of S. Grey, Esq. of Manchester. DIED. Friday last, at his house in Old Burlington- street, the right hou. the Earl of Uxbridge. His lordship was in his bath year. He is succeeded in his titles and estates hy his eldest son, Lord Paget, now Earl of Uxbridge. Friday, at James Male's, Esq at Belle Yue, near Hales Owen, Mr IV Hughes, aged 72 . years, 58 of which he spent iu the faithful service of that family; Lately, Mrs. S. l'ilkington, of Bridgnorth— At Whit- church, Mrs. Kent, aged 5: 1; Mr. VVoodvine, aged 23 ; Mr. Tnelwall, cabinet- maker, 25; and Mr. Beddow, aged 67.— At. Madeley, much respected, Mr. John Bowdler; also Mrs. Walton.— Mrs. Bradbinu, of the Fields, near Dorring- ton.— Mr. Waring, of Church Stretton — A few days ago, at his house on Blackh'eath, in the80th year of his age, the Rev. Andrew Buruaby, D. D. Archdeacon of Leicester, and for more than 43 years Vicar of Greenwich— On Sunday se'miight, Mr. Napper, surgeon, of Chichester, His death w as occasioned by paring off some hard skin from his heel, about 3 weeks since, when lie unfortunately cut too deep, und, treating it with indifference, a mortification took place, and terminated liis existence. Thursday last, at Mtole Brace, in thc 99th year of his age, MI . Vaughan, father of Mr. Vaughan, aa dener, of this town.— He has left awidow, uow in her 100th year, to whom he had been an affectionate husband more than 76 years. The Stafford calendar contained the'namei of 41 prisoner* for trial, several of whom were capitally convicted, anil sentenced to die, but were all reprieved, except Benjamin Mycock, for shooting his brother Joseph Mycock, at Ilam. He will be executed this day. At Winchester, twenty pritonera were capitally convicted, nine of whom were left for execution, viz. Ferguson and Cassidy, for burglary ; Gomes ( a Spaniard), highway rob- bery; Buriiinghani, house robbery; Davis and Neville, sheep stealing ; and Dubois and Beury, two French prison- ers of war, for forging and uttering Bank Notes. Beury, tbe last mentioned, on being taken from the bar, cried Vive Bonaparte! Pive I'Emperor! Harriet Magncs was acquitted of an assault on little Dellow, who was stolen from London, and also of bigamy, iu mat ryiug two bushads. W. Morgan, of Llandovery, against whom a Commission of Bankrupt was lately issued, was committed lo prison 011 Thursday last, for not giving a satisfactory account of his property. Mr. Betty concluded his engagement at Gloccstcr 011 Fri- day evening, when he repealed the character of Hamlet, at the urgent request of a greiit number of ladies aud gentle- men disappointed of seeing his performance of tbat part on a former night. He was again received with the warmest approbation; and, when the curtain fell, was saluted with three distinct peals of applatise, as the fervent adieu of ail enraptured audience. Au Auxiliary Bible Society was established at Tewkesbury on Friday last— Donations amounting to £ 143. fis. and annual subscriptions amounting to-£' 70. 12s. were received. — Another was lately established at Bath. The Ely Bank of Messrs Brackenbnry, which failed uhout four months since, last week declared a dividend of twenty shillings iu the pound. Several papers have mentioned a robberty of a watcli and seals sustained by Mr. Serj. Marshall, w liile walking iu grand procession from thechuich of Reading. No such robbery was perpetrated ; but it is true that the learned Serjeant missed his v. atch, and that the Mayor aud Magistrates adopted measures to recover it, and to appredend the sup- posed offender. On retiring to bed, however, the Serjeant discovered this watch w hich bad slipped from tbe fob ap- propriated for its reception, into another pan of his attire. AI Cambridge assizes 1111 Friday last, D. Dawson was tried for poisoning a colt, by Eagle, the property of Sir F. Standish, by infusing poison into the water trough 011 ihe Newmarket course 111 April last.— The fact was clearly proved, but the judge directed an acquittal, 011 the grounds that the prisoner had beeu indicted as a principal, instead of an accessary before the fact, which in point of law could not be maintained. He was, however, detained on a charge of poisoning race- horses in I8C9. ASSIZE OF BREAD, Set the 17th day of March, 1812, for thc Town and Liberties of Shrewsbury, to take place on Saturday next. Phoenix Fire- OJp. ce. 9 3 F. NEWAL Receipts for Policies JLU/ falling due at Lady- Day, are now in the Hands of the several Agents of the Company. Insurances of every Description are effected on the must moderate Terms. Stock on a Farm may be insured in one Sum without the Average Clause, at 5s, per Cent, per Annum. X-. jf* Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or upwards, it ill vol be changed for the Policy : and all Endorsements will be made Gratis, By Order of the Director*, H. A. HAKDV, Sec. of Country Department. < NEW GARDEN AND FLOWRR SEEDS. HIGGINS AND BROXTON, CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY, TJESPECTFULLY acquaint their Friends and the it, Public, thai they have lately received from LONDON an entire FRESH SUPPLY of Garde - and Flower Seeds, which they can warrant to be of the very best Quality, anil true of their Kind.— The Flower Seeds are sold in Packets of 2s. each,. containing a great Variety of the most prevail- ing Sorls.— KITCHEN GARDEN SEEDS in Packets of is. 6d. cach. N. 11. Particularly curious NEW Balsam Seed, in Packets of 3d. each. CURIOUS FLOWER SEEDS, & c. WILLIA~ M ™ POWELL, DRUGGIST, ^ c. OPPOSITE THE BUTTER CROSS, sHRF. tVSnURY, EGS Leave lo acquaint his Friends and the Public, _ that lie has RECEIVED from LONDON his annual Sup, tly of NEW GARDEN and FLOWER SEEDS, which from Ihe unusual Fineness of last Year's Harvest, together with the Recommendation of his London Dealers, be can offer with the greatest Confidence to his Customers.— New and choice Flower Seeds, as usual, in Packets containing above 50 different Articles, amongst which are ten new Annuals not before introduced, Price 2s. ( id. the Packet. Kj* Genuine Drugs at moderate Prices ; and all Kinds of Medicines faithfully PREPARED by HIMSELF. Bl lb. o% dr. Penny loaf, or two> To halfpenny loaves \ Twopenny loaf Threepenny loaf Sixpenny loaf ..... , Twelvepenny loaf f Wheaten J Household White . ( ditto 5W beaten Household V Wheaten ) Household 0 k Wheaten 1 } Household 1 I W beaten 2 / Household 3 0 3 0 4 0 2 0 1 0 0 9 0 10 13 14 5 0 11 12 10 0 7 8 C. BROWN, Str. K, COTTON', AND IVOOf. LEJV DTE It, RETURNS his most sinceie Thanks to his Friends and tbe Public, for many Favours already received, and informs them that he carries on the above Business on a larger Extent, iu the BACK- STREET, near the Castle- Fore- gate. Dyes all Kinds of Colours, Scarlet, Blue, and all other Fancy Colours, upon Woollen Cloth, aud Gentlemen's and Ladies Cloths ; Dyes and Dresses them fit for Sale, iu any Shop or Market; Mills and Scours all kinds of Cloths, Linsies, and Woollen Yarns, on the most reasonable Terms. — Mourning dyed on the shortest Notice. All Orders sent by Carriers, or Servants, from the I Country or neighbouring Towns, wiil be executed with Punctuality and Dispatch. ( r^ All Wheaten and Household Bread must be made of ' Wfieat only. — Wheaten to be marked with a large VV.— J Household, with a large H. MAHKET HERALD. Price of Gram iti our market on Saturday last— Wheat 17s. Od. to ISs. 9d.— Barley 10s. Od. per bushel of 88 qls.— Oats 8s. Od. per customary measure of ST quarts. Corn Exchange, March 13. The Market to- day has not many fresh arrivals of Wheat, nor much on hand, and sales again nearly support last prices — Barley rather higher— Malt keep iti price— White Pease extremely heavy sale— Grey at less— Beans of each descrip- tion also somewhat dearei— There are few fresh arrivals of Oats, but a good remaining supply, and this trade fully maintains its price. Current Price of Grain per Quarter as under t— Wheat 80s. to. lOoN. | White Peas 00s. to 00s. Barley 52s. to 60s. I Oats 30s. to 38s. Beans 34s. to 58s. | Malt Sis. to90s. Fine Flour, 95s to 100s.— Seconds 90s. to 95s. per - ick MARCH 16.]— The arrivals of Wheat to- day make the supply somewhat considerable; but the buyers being numerous, and much in request, sales are brisk at an advance of about 4s. and 5s. per quarter; ltye is dearer ; Barley, with Malt likewise; White and Grey Pease fully keep their prices: Beans of each sort somewhat higher; Oats, are in middling supply, and sales thereof alto quoted rather dearer; Flour inclines upwards. R, ACTON j) ETURNS his sincere Thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, XV and others, for the many Favours conferred on him j since his Commencement in Bti.- iuess, and informs them he hus engaged several of the best Workmen from the first Shops in LONDON, both in tbe COACH- MAKING and HERALDRY PAINTING; and those who please to honour him with their Commands, may depend on having their Business done in a Style equal to any Shop in London, and with the strictest Attention and Assiduity iu the Execu- tion of I hem. Cross Hill, Shrewsbury, Qth March, 1912, W SMITH, BOOKSELLER, IRONBRIDGE, DEER TO BE SOLD} ability to act contrary lo thc dictates of Bonaparte is greatly UPWARDS of THIRTY HEAD, from one to seven Years old.— Apply to Mr. DODSOM, Couud, near Shrewsbury. Ou account of there being a shew in the Scheldt of re- eouipping the Scheldt fleet, Lord Bcanclerk has been order, ed lo proceed from Portsmouth with five sail oflhe line. The following is an extract of a letter fiom New York, received from a mercantile house in Glasgow. " New York, Feb 19 —' The Tridcut having been detain- ed by adverse winds, we have now to inform you, that intelligence has this mornitigbeen received from Washing- ton, upon very respectable sources, stating, that an arrange- ment has been concluded between your Minister and our Government, agreeing to form a Treaty, to be thc same in substance as that negotiated some tiuie past at London by Mr. Mtiuroe, with the exception of the Appendix, un ac- count of which our Government ( hen rejected il. We hope, and have good grounds to believe thc report to be tine in substance." Tremendous Earthquake.— The American papers abound with accounts of tbe recent earthquakes that have been ex| ierieiiccd iu different parts of vi United Slates, which in many places have been accompanied with tremendous consequences.— Several islands iu the Mississippi have totally disappeared, aud the banks on b ith sides of that immense river had fallen in, to a prodigious extent. At one place a solid budy of 300 acres had been precipitated < uto the river. This awful . convulsion of nature lasted 12 days, during which the shocks were re- prated at intervals of from 15 to 20 minutes. HOUSE OF COMMONS, THURSDAY, MARCH 1Q. The House met at the usual hour, aud there being only 21 members present, au adjournment took place of course. FRIDAY, MARCH 13. A message from Ihe Prince Regent w as brought up by the Chancellor ot the Exchequer, " informing the House that Ihe assistance he hail been able to give to Ihe Portu- guese Government, had furnished the means of improving the military establishments of that country, and of render- illgsucccssl'ul thc deliverance from and defence of Portugal against the enemy ; and therefore trusting he shall be enabled lo afford them ( he same assistance in the present year as in thc last, from which such important consequences to thc allies bad resulted."— Ordered to be referred to thc Committee of Supply 011 Monday next. Mr. BAN KES postponed the second reading of the Sine cure Office Suspension bill lo the 24th.— On the motion for the third reading of the Mutiny bill, Sir F. BURUF. TT took the opportunity uf renewing his objections against the punishment of flogging, entered at great length iulo Ihe evil consequences which he thought must flow from it; and concluded by moving to add a clause to tbe bill, to the effect" that Ihe punishment of flogging rendered the person infamous, liable 10 challenge 011 a jury, and that the same ought to be abolished."— Mr. M A NNF. ns SUTTON insisted that the stalements of tbe hou. Baronet weie uot entitled tn credit, and in refutation of them upjiealed to lhe feel- ings of the country, nnd to those of tbe ariny, w hose in- dignatiou must be excited by such exaggerat 1011s as lliose brought forward. He denied the position that flogging, in virtue of a military punishment, prevented a man from being r admissible on a jury; and defied the hon. Bart, to find authority for his assertions. He gave his most unqualified dissent to the motion.— Mr. Abcrcrombic, Sir G. Wairender, Mr. C. Adams, Gen. Loftus, Lord Palmerslon, Mr. W. • Smith, Gen. Turleton, Lord C. Somerset, Air. Wiiberforre, and several otuer members spoke against the motion.— The hon. Mr. BEN" N ETT said he was an enemy to corporal punish- ment, as a disgraceful peculiarity of thc British service, « ud first established by William III. among his Dutch troops, lie would vote in favour of the motion— The aucstion being pul, thc bill was read a third time without a ivision.— Sir F. BURDETT again proposed his clause as a rider to the bill— when there appeared for tbe clause l>, against it 75 The Penitentiary House bill was committed, the blanks tolled up, and the Report thereon ordered to be tnkeu into consideration on Friday next. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, fhe Rev. Richard Scotl: House- Visitors, Mr. Richard France aud Mr. Josinli Parry. Additional Subscribers to the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. Benjamin Flounders, Esq. Culintngton. Mr J. Lockley, Hinstock. Thomas Bolficld, Esq Ilopton Wafers. Hugh Owen, Esq. Lee. Joseph Mucklestou, Esq. Prescot Mr Thomas Robinson, Ketley. Rev. Wi liam Burslem, Rector of Ightfield. Rev J. W. Bourke, Pica, of Oswestry. Benjamin Rowley, Esq. Prior's Lee. Rev. Thomas Welliugs, Ludlow. Rev. T. S Smyth, Shrewsbury. Rev W. Bates, Bridgnorth, Richard Hcber, Esq. plodnet. Mrs Reginald lleber, liodnet. M rs R liodeu; Benthall. John Fox, Esq. Cleobury Mortimer. We understand that the engraved Portrait cf ADMIRAL BENBOW, to accompany the hist Volume of the new edition of the Lives of the Admirals, is from a copy of the original in the possession ufthe Corporation, done by Mr. Weaver of this town, IU his usual spirited manner.—. See eidveitisement first page. Yesterday afternoon Richard Lvster, Esq. attended by a numerous aud rcspcclable body of gentlemen, proceeded to Einstrey Hill, to meet the Judges appointed to hold the assizes foi this county ; aud on their ret urn the commission was opened before the Hon. Baruu W ood At eleven o'clock this morning ( lie Judges will attend divine service at St. Chad's ; afler which they will proceed lo business in their respective courts. The follow ing are I be only prisoners to take Iheir trials, and, tu the credit of theeoiiniy, we believe ( he calendar contains the fewest of any on tbe Oxford circuit. , John Price, charged with stealing a letter, containing J lie respectfully recommends lo their Patronage • divers bills of - exchange ; and also w 11 h assisting 111 forging j port. RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public, that he l. as just received a variety of PAPER HANG- INGS, of the Present Spriug Patterns, which lie begs to recommend to their Attention: Prices Ihe same as at the Manufacturers iu London.— Rvouis neally aud expeditiously hung. OLD BOOKS. Gentlemen and others having Libraries to dispose of, may have a good Price for them, either Money or Exchange, by applying as above ; where an extensive Collection is always 011 Sale.—' Catalogues gratis. THE PROPRIETORS of the SALOP FIRE OFFICE, fully impressed with a Sense of the distinguished patronage antl Preference given them by Iheir FneiHs ar. d the Public a » large, through this ar. d the adjoining Counties, for "> 0 Years psst, beg to return their grateful Acknov dgfiients ; nr. d tiust that the Liberality of their Terms of Insurance, together with their prompt Manner of adjusting ai. d pajiiig the Amount of ail Loss and Damages'sustained 011 Property insured by them, will merit a Continuance Ihereol. Printed Keceipts, for the Annual Premiums pa; abb at LADY DAY, are ready for Deliver) at the Office, and by their respective Agents ; of whom the Proposals of this Office may be had. Farmirg Stock at the reduccd Premium of 2s. per Cent. N. B. Policies insuring i.' iOO nnd upwards are issued free of Expence. The Proprietors of this Office have always pledged themselves to make good Loss or Damage on Property insured by them, which has been set ou Fire by Lightning. Can1 Market, S'rercih'iry, Ma. ch 14. IR12. To the INHABITANTS of SHREWSBURY. HAVING received a Letter fa Copy ( f which is subjoined J from the Committee in London for cunducttrg a Su . scriptton . for the Relief of the ' i'idows and Families of Owcers and Men lately lost on board some of his Majesty's Ships of if ar, request- ing ' me to submit such Subscription to the aitentu • nf the In- habitants qf this ' Town ; I have in consequence direc' c HOOKS to be OPEN ED at the Banks tf Messrs EYTON andCo. Messrs. BECK, CARI. ESS and CO. and Messrs. SCL> TT, BURTON, and Co. where any Persons disposed to contribute towards so bentcolviil a Fund wilt p'- tas< e to pay in their Subscriptions. JOHN HILL, Mayor. Hawkstonc, 10th March, 1812. Committee Room, Lloyd's, March 5, 1812. *' The Ccmmitleeut Lloyd's for conducting the Stibscrip. tion for the Relief of tlicWido • mid Families of the O& ui and Men lately lost 011 Board his Majesty's ships St. Geurgeof y8 guns 1 Hero 74 y reluming from the Baltic; Defence ... 74 ) Saldanlia ... 3ti 011 Coast of Ireland ; amounting iu number to upwards of 2,300, direct me re- spectfully lo address you, iu order to submit lo the Aitcn- 11011 of tbe INHABIT* NTS of SHREWSBURY a SUBSCRIP- TION, which lias for its object the alleviation of such au extreme and most uncommon misfoi tune. " The Committee trust that, consideri-. g thc nature of llie Calamity, you will excuse 1 be Libei ly tlicy take in thus addressing you ; aud if vou should wi: li foi any further Advice 01 Information 111 regard to thc Subscription, I shall be veiy proud to wait upon you with it I have Ihe honour to he, With great respect, Ydtir obedient bumble Servant, THOS. FERGUSON, Secretary." " To the Chief Magistrate of Shrewsbury.'" AT the Quarterly Meeting of the SALOP DISTRICT COMMITTEE of ( be SOCIETY for PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, holdeti in the Vestry of St. Julian's Church, SllUEVVSBURY, on Tuesday, March 10, 1812 : The Rev.. REGINALD HI EER in the Chair: RESOLVED, 1. That the great Objects of the Society for promoting Ch ristiau Kuowledge have been lo procure and encourage the Erection of Charily Schools ; to 1 islribtite Bibles, Test- aments, Prayer Books and Religious Tracts, both al Home and Abroad; aud to maintaiu Missionaries for the Coin er- siou of Heathens to tbe Christian Religion. 2. ThaMt appears^ from the^ jprinted Accounts of ti. e PURSUANT to a Decree of tbe High Court of Chancery' made in a Cause WILLIAMS against WILLIAMS, anil a general Order of Transfer, the Creditors of JOHN MERE- DITH WILLIAMS, lale of POOL, in the Cuunty of Monlgo mery, Gentleman, deceased, ( who died 011 or about the 17th Day of November, 1806), are to come in and prove their Debts before J AMES STEFHEN, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers in Southampton Build- ings, Chancery Lane, London, 011 or before the 14th Day of April, 1812, or iu Default thereof they will be PEREMP- TORILY EXCLUDED the Benefit ofthe said Decree. THOMAS LLOYD, Solicitor. Shrewsbury, March 9, 1812" NOT! CE TO DEBT0BS AND CREDITORS. ALL Person or Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects ofMr. JAMES SMITH, late of ACTON UEYNALD, in the County of Salop, Farmer, deceased, are desned lo send in ( lie same to Mr. WILLIAM SMITH, of UPTON MAGNA, in the said Counn, the Administrator: and all Person or Persons that stood indebted to tbe said James Smith at his Decease, aie desired lo pay the same lo the said William Smith, on or before the First Dayof May next, lhat the'Affairs of the said Deceased may be arranged aud settled. Dated the I/ th Day of March, 1812. To Druggists, Confectioners, Innkeepers, kc. tyc. HURFORD and TREFFRY. Soda Water, and Artificial Mineral Waler Preparers, in general, BIRMING- HAM, thank their Friends fur past Favours, and al the same Time respectfully acquuint them, that the Acciilent| thcy lately met with, is repaired ; and their Apparatus con- siderably enlarged, which will enable ( hem to execute their future Orders with Dispatch. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, ALL that DESIRABLE RESIDENCE called SLEAP HOUSE; siluale near Wem, in Ihe County of Salop, with 20 Acres of excellent LAND adjoining thereto, here- tofore in the Occupation of the late CHARLES GARLAND GREENwoi. LERS, Esq. deceased. To treat for the same apply to LEE aud NLCKSON, Solici- tors, Weill; if by Letter, Post- paid. LONDON BUILT CUKBICLE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, A MODERN and complete CURRICLE, built by iv LuK1N, of Long Acre, LONDON, perfccl as new, with an additional Pair of Wheels, never used. Apply to JONATHAN PERRY, Shrewsbury. li ROBERT BARRON, Ten- Dealer and Grocer, Pride- Hilt, RETURNS Thanks to his Friends and thc Public, for . the many Favours he received during his continuance in Business-, and informs them, that he has DISPOSED OF HIS STOCK IN TRADE to Mr. JOHN DHURY, whom and Sup- an indorsement on a bill of exchange for £* 8.' i 2s Sd. with intent to defraud the drawers, indorsers, payers, and p; iyee of the said hill. E award Lewis, charged upon oath, ami on 4iis own confession, wilh forging an indorsement on a biU of exchange fw jt's3. 2s. 8d. Joseph Jones, chaiged with stealing a brown mate, the property of Jaue Parkes, widow, of L'langoHen, iu the county of Denbigh. F. lisa- bethSmUhyiiharged with stealing £ 10.95, out ofthe dwelling house of R< 1. Harries, of Little Wenlock.-—— John Cmxton, charged with stealing a loaf of bread, a cheese, and a bag containing malt, from the house of Philip H;\ Jes, ot 1 jlley Park, in the parish of Wem. John Griffiths, charged with the wilful murder of William Bailey, at Ketley, in the parish of Wellington Samuel Dodin^ ton charged with stealing a brass cock, a lading gawn, and a powder barrel, out ofthe warehouse ofthe LilleshallCompany, al Donuington Wood. Thomas Tudor, charged with stealing two fowls, tbe property of Edward Shaw.—'- George Pugh, charged with stealing a strike of wheat, value 15s the property of Edward Wynn — — Samuel Reeves, charged with stealing a tub, the property of John Davies, of Shrewsbury, pump maker. Thomas IVoodnotk and Samuel Hairi. es, charged with stealing a quantity of linen out of the laundry of Thomas Borrow, Esq. of Chetwynd. George Bailey, charged with stealing a jacket and a pair of over- alls* out of the stable ofthe Coach and Horses Inn, Shrewsbury, thc property of Joseph Borrows. In the afternoon of Sunday, the 8th instant, a Cu e was discovered in a sitting- room upon the firs floor at Acton Reynald Hall, which, l. aving communicated Jo two other apartments, became very a arming; but by the prompt exertions of Sir Andrew Corbet, aided by bis valuable ser- vant, Mr. Russell, aud the indefatigable efforts of bis do- mestics, the Ancient Mansion of bis ancestors was fortu- nately saved from destr uctiou. The Grand Jury at the Worcester Assises, came to the re- solution of petitioning Ihc House of Commons for a General inelosure Act ; aud it is expected lhat this measure will be adopted by the Grand Juries of the remaining counties upou the Oxford Circuit.— The Worcester Petition represents the state of tbe waste lands and inclos< d fields in ( lie kingdom, the difficulties attending thc importation of corn requisite for the consumption of its increased population, and the expense of inclosnres uuder the present laws. At these assizer, I . Peun, for house breaking j F. Crun- dell, for sbcep- htcnlmg Wm. Scale, for a rape; and J. ColcotL a.\ id R. Morris, for house- breaking, received sen- tence of death. They were all • reprieved except Seale, before the Judge left Y^' orcester. J. DRURY, Tea- Dealer, Grocer, nnd Druggist, PR1 OK- ILII- L, SHREWSBURY, RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends, the Friends of Mr. ROBERT BARKON, and the Public in general, tbat he has taken lo the extensive Premises, and purchased the well- selected STOCK of Mr. BARRON ( who is leaving Business), only five Doors from his late Shop ; aud where he solicits the Continuance of their Favours, which be will endeavour to merit by the strictest Attention to the Execution of all Orders they may please to favour bim with. J. D. begs to add, tbat he has ou Sale 11 Quantity of tine flavoured Teas, Coffee, Cocoa, Broma, Chocolate, Sugars, Isinglass, India Arrow- ltoot, Macaroni, Vermicelli, uow Figs, fine iar Raisins, Almonds, Oranges and Lemons, Spices of all Sorts, Wax, Spermaceti, and Kensington Candles, superfine Sallad Oil, India Soy, French Capers, French Olives, Tamarinds, Leiuon Pickle, Browning's, Maiiitenon's, and Harvey's Sauces, Corutcli, Walnut, and Mushroom Calsnp, India Pickle, Cavier, Sauce Piquant, real Essence aud Gorgona Anchovies, Burgundy, Chili, aud French Vinegars, with every Article in the Italian Line. N. B. BRITISH WINES— Raisin, Currant, Orange, Tent, Ginger, Calcnvella, Elder, and Frontiniac. AN APPRENTICE AVANTED. SPY RING AND M/ VRSDEN's PURE LEMON ACID, FOR PUNCH, . LEMONADE, SAUCES, &. C. FAMILIES, Tavwns, an ! Inns, wilt find it ex- tirmely convenient, as it suits every domestic Purpose, where the Lemon is necessary. Office, s and Captains of Ships, and others, will find it pai'. icul ally desirable, as it is dry and porlable, and will retain its Flavour iu evety Climate. Prepared only at 163, Itniough, London, and sold in Bottles at 2s. 61I. by Mr. SCOLIOCh", in Shrewsbury, and bv most Dro... gists, Libraries, ami Confectioners. Where also may be bad, tneir PORTABLE LEMONADE, which only requires the Addition of Water, in Packets, Pi ce 5" 3 » Please to ibserve tleir Kan e on the Bottle and Wrapper, as the Label and Dreotions have been imitated bv several Jews going about the Country, deceiving Shopkeepers arid others, by scl. ing a spinous Aiticle ; making ail Al- lurance to gt 11 ? a- ly Money. This Day is published, Price 3s. EM ARKS on the Rev. Dr. BUOHAN AN'S CHRISTIAN RESEARCHES in Asia, & c. & c. BY MAJOR SCOTT WAIUNG. " His Royal Highness thinks it expedient to iccomtncnd " tu your Attention tbe Proprie( y of providing such " Measures for the future Government of ( lie British " Possessions in India, as shall appearo> n Expedience, and u upon mature Deliberation, to be calculated to secure their " internal Prosperity, and to derive from those flourishing l< Dominions Ibe utmost Degree uf Advantage to the " Commerce and Revenues of the United Kingdom."— Extract from the Speech of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, to both Houses of Parliament, January 7th, 1812. Loudon: Printed for J. Ridgway, 170, Piccadilly; and maybe bad of W. ED now EF, Shrewsbury. A"( X) MpaNTON TO" THK^- STBLE. Just published, neatly half bound, Piicc£ 2 2s. plain, £ 2. 12s. 6d. coloured ; rnilE SCRIPTURE ATLAS, or a Scries of elegant I. MAPS 10 illustrate the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT, drawn from the best Authorities, Ancient and Modern, by eminent Artists. , This Work is eminently qualified to afford Informa- tion and Giatificat ion to Persons of I'iety, liberal Educa- tion, and refined Taste, llitrefurc it is presumed there'are very few Persons w ho will not avail themselvcs of its As- sistance. London ; printed for Matthews and Leigh ; and sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all other Booksellers. Capital MEADOW LAND, near SHREWSUUHJ. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY SETT, THIRTY- ONE ACRES of most excellent MEADOW LAND, Fold, Stable, Cow- house, Pigsties, and a small convenient DWELLING HOUSE and Garden, together with a Right of Common.— For further Particulars, and to treat for ( be same, apply to WILLIAM SMITH, Auctioneer. A WELL- ACCUSTOMED SHOP. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON TIIE FIRST op MAY NFXT, AN excellent DWELLING HOUSE, SHOP, WARE- HOUSE, and Outbuildings, together with a good Yard, & c. situate in BAILEY STREET, in the Town of OSWESTRY, now in the Occupation uf Mr. Richard Bill, Ironmonger. The above House consists of two good Front Rooms, and four excellent Lodging Rooms. Also, a good WORKSHOP, with a large Room over the same, close adjoining the above Premises, well adapted for a Cabinet Maker, & c. Fur further Particulars apply to Mr. RICHARD GRIF- FITHS, Builder, or Mr. W. EDWARDS, Printer, Oswestry. hy this Society, through its Members. 3. That this Society has also, for many Years, furnished gratuitously, a very large supply of Bibles, Testaments, Psalters, Prayer Books and 1 mcl » for Ihe Use of bis Ma- jesty's Ships, upon every Application from their respective Commanders; and has extended the like Supply iu many Instances, and continues so to do, to ( he Ships of the Honourable East India Company. 4. That previous to the year 1800, 60,000 Copies of the Welsh Bible, Common Prayer and Psalms, together with 7000 Testaments, and 5000 Prayer Books in the same Lan- guage, had been distributed by this Society, in the Princi palily of Wales ; and lhat in the Year I809,20,000 additional Copies of the Old and New Testament, with Prayer Books aud Psalms 111 tbe same Language were printed, which are now delivering at less than half the prime Cost 5. That tbe Society lias distributed, gratis, in thc Isle of Man, a large number of Bibles, Testaments, Prayer Looks, and Religious Tracts, in the Language of that Island. 6 That 10,000 Copies of the New Testament in Arabic, with many thousand ReligiousTracts 111 Ihe saine Language have been printed by this Society, and nearly all distributed in Palestine, Syria, Arabia and Africa. 7. That this Society has assisted the Danish Missionaries in the East Indies; that it has maintained Missionaries there and in the Sc. My Islands, with great Advantage ti> the Cause of Christianity, at an Expense exceeding the Benefactions appropriated to these Purposes, in more than a Quadruple Proportion; having expended upwards of -£ 7000 in its Eastern Missions alone, in the course of the last six Years. 8. That this Society has also provided gratuitously Prayer Books in the Danish Language for the Prisoners of 1 lint Country in Great Britain, and has also contributed towards the Expense of printing an English Bible iu France lor tli « use of our Countrymen now Prn oneis in thai Kingdom. Thai in carrying these very laudable designs iulo effect, the Society has exerted itself lo the full extent of its Re- sources, and was compelled lo diminish its capital in tin) Year loot), by the Sale uf Stuck, lo the amount of £ 1195 sterling ; and again iu tbe Year 1910 to tbe amount uf jtauou sterling: RESOLVED, therefore, Thai thc above statement be printed in the two Shrews- bury Papers, that the Inhabitants of THIsCoUNTY may be informed of the Necessity there is that a Society which ban been so extensively Beneficial and Useful, should receive additional Encouragement and Suppoil: That the officiating Clei gy be r< quested to promote Sub- scriptions among the opuieut and well- disposed in Iheir ie- spective Parishes. That Ihe officiating Clergy be also requested to adopt such measures us they think expedient to procure Collection* and Benefactions iu their lespective Parishes: it being undei- slood that the Sums 90 collected be consideted as ihe Dona- tions ofthe Parish ; and thai the Clergyman collecting and transmitting Iheni to ( he Secretary of ( he District Cuin- millee may apply for Bibles, Prayer Books, or other Pub- lications uf the . Society, at tbe reduced Prices, to the amount of two- thirds of the Sum collected ; Ihe remaining third being to be transmitted Iodic Society for its general Purposes. The Chairman having quitted the Chair, RESOLVED, That the Th inks of this Meeting be given to the Rev, R. HF. BER, for bin Conduct iti liie Chair. LIME STONE ROCK, AM) LiND, AT PANT. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, WITH POSSESSION ON THE FIRST DAY OF MAY, 18( 2, NEAR FOUR ACRES of excellent LAND, wilh a good HOUSE thereon, situated at PANT, in ihe Parish of LlanyinyueiTi, and close adjoining the Ellesmere Caual, now in the Occupation of John Jeffries, who will shew the Premises. Tbe above Land is full of Lime Stone of a superior Quality, and there is one Rock uow opened and worked by Messrs Simpson aud Co. and lo Lime- burners is very desirable.— lor further Particular's, and to treat for the same, apply to JOHN STANTON, Ellcsmcre. March itth, iy 12. That this Mcetihg be adjourned to Tuesday, the 91I1 of June next. HUGH OWEN, Secretary. On the motion of the Ret . Dr. Butler, RESOLVED, unanimously, Thai the Thanks of this Meeting be given lo Ihe Kcv, HUGH OWEN, the Secretary, for his unwearied Zeal and Assiduity in promoting the Interests of ihc Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, and ill discharging the Duties of his Office- J. B. BLAKFAVAV, Treasurer. TO BE SOLI) BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, VDESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a Messuage or Farm House, wilh Outbuildings, called PANTYCRAY, and another small Tenement calltd LYRYCU, together with lio Acres, or ( hereabouts, of good and improvable Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, situate iu Ihe Parish of Llatiwy helan, nearly in thc Centre of ill* County of Montgomery, now iu ( he Occupation of Mr. Benjamin Richards or his Undertenants.— The Premises are about 2 Miles distant from Llanfair, 8 from Pool aud Newtown ( nil good Markets), and 6 from thc Canal at Berriew.— The Tenant will shew the Premises For further Particulars apply ( if by Letter, Postage paid) to Mr. \ N ILLIAM JONES, Garlhmil, near Welsh L'ool; MR. OWES, Foxes Inn, Llanfair; or to the under named Soli- citors: Messrs. TILSON and PRFSTQN, Chatham Place, London; Mr. TIIOMAS, Llanfylliu ; Mr. C. JON ES, Mach- ynlleth; Mr. STEPHENS, Newtown; Mr. GBLFFITHF. F, Welsh Pool; or Mr. T. JON ES, Montgomery. WONDERFUL NOVELTY, At the Olympic Circus, /" CLAREMONT- II ILL, SlIREWg- AND POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK Of the Company's Performing in this Town, as tlirre is no Performance allowed during the Passion Week. MR WEST respectfully informs the l. adies amlGeritlc- men of SHREWSBURY and its Vicinity, that the OLYMPIC CIRCUS will only be open FOUR NIGHTS longer, viz. This present WEDNESDAY, the 18th, TO- MORROW, THURSDAY, the i'Otl), FRIDAY, the 20th, And SATURDAY, the 21st of MARCH, 1SI2, • WHICH WILL EE MOST ASSUREDLY THE LAST NIGHT. Ba Permission of the Right Worshipful the Mayor $ Corporation. HORSEMANSHIP, By Mr. WEST and his Equestrian Troop. Superb En Ires, with Men ft Horses. ' THE WONDERFUL PONEY. STILL FAULTING. EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS, or Men piled upon Meu. TRIAL OF SKILL ON THE DOUBLE. SLACK ROPE, Bv Messrs PETERS and HENGI. AR. EQUESTRIAN FEATS BY Mil. THOMAS. TIGHT ROPE. hp ! hat celebrated Performer Mr. HENGLAR. The Performances to conclude with TIIE TAYLOR RIDING TO BRENTFORD. Doors to be opened nt 6, and the Performance com- mence at7 o'Clock. Admission— Boxes 3s. Pit 2s. Gallery Is.— Children under 10 Years of Age, Half- price.— Tickets, and Places for the Boxes, to be had of Mr. WEST, at the CIRCUS, from 11 till 1. Unless bv auction. Valuable DWELLING HOUSES, wilh MALTHOUSE, GARDENS and PREMISES. CASTLE- FOREGATE, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At Mr. John Walker's, the Plough Publick House, in the County Hall Square, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 21st of March, 1812, at live o'Clock inthe Afternoon, in the fol- lowing Lots, and subject to Conditions ; LOT 1. rpwo substantial Brick- built FREEHOLD DWELL- 1. ING HOUSES, situated on the West Side CASTLE FOREGATE, in the Town of Shrewsbury, immediately facing Navigation Street, leading to the Canal Wharf, now in the Occupatiou of Humphreys, aud Robert Jones, or their Undertenants ; also a certain Portion of Yard or Gar- den Ground, as now marked out, adjoining thereto LOT II. A substantial newly Brick- built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining Lot I. coutaining a con- venient Shop, or Parlour, Kitchen, and four Bed Rooms ; also a large Brick- built Brewhonse, commodious Yard and Garden adjoining ; the Whole immediately connected, now iu the Occupation of Mr. , and late of Mr. Brittle, Officer of Excise LOT III. Another substantial newly erected FREE- HOLD DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining Lot 2, consisting of a neat Parlour, Tea Room, Kitchen, three Bed Booms, good Cellaring, Brewhouse attached ; together with an ex- cellent and extensive MALTHOUSE adjoining; and also a two- stalled Stable, Poultry House, Yard with Pump therein, and larg- Garden; the Whole most conveniently arranged, and exceedingly eligible to a Person in the Malt- ing Trade ; formerly in the" Occupation of the late Mr. Ralphs, now of Mr. Hugh Owen. N. B. This Lot is sold subject to the Purchaser of Lot 2 having free Leave to divide and take to that Lot the two upper Bed Rooms, which at present form Part ofthe House in Lot 3, and are oyer the lower ones of Lot 9, completing the same with Lath and Plaister Partition on each Side in a Workmanlike Manner. A Plan of the Premises may be seen at THE AUCTION EER'S; Robert Jones ( one of the Tenants) will shew tbe Lots; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. JOHN CRAIG, Claremont Hill, or at the Office of Messrs. MAD DOCK and JACKSON, A ttornies, Shrewsbury. ' MOST VALUABLE Gardens, Building Seites, rich Meadow Land, $ Hay, SHREWSBURY. ^ aleg bg & ucttott. A CAPITAL FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE and GARDEN, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Britannia Inn, Mardol, Shrewsbury, on Friday, the loth of April, 1S12. at five o'Ch. ck iu the Afternoon ; ALL that capital DWELLING HOUSE, with large GARDEN, and extensive Premises, late the Residence of Mr. BAKER, situate ill HILL'S LANE, Shrewsbury.— The House consists, ou the Ground Floor, of an Entrance Hall and Stair Case, 22 Feet by 8 Feet 4 Inches, Dining Room 23 Feet 6 Inches by 18 Feet, Drawing Room 16 Feet by 15 Feet 6 Inches, Breakfast Parlour 13 Feel by 11 Feet, and a detached Office for Business, with Room over it; ou the principal Floor, four excellent lofty Sleeping Rooms, one Dressing Room, and two Closets ; on the second Floor, four comfortable Bedchambers and one Closet ; in the Atticks, two large Rooms.— The Offices comprise a con- venient Kitchen, Pantry, Scullery, large Cellars, and immediately attached is a Court and Back Yard, with BrewhoUse nud Laundry, together with a, commodious Outlet and Garden : the'Whnle about SEVEN HUNDRED AND FORTY SQUARE YARDS— EIGHTY FEFT FRONTING THE STREET.—' fhe Premises are in good Repair, con- venient, and well adapted for a large Family, or capable of being converted into several Dwellings.— Possession ofthe Whole mav be immediately bad. ALSO, to ke I. F1\ for a Term qf Yeart, A good Stable, Coach Houec, and Giauar^ y— For further Particulars and a View of the Premises, apply to THE AUCTIONEER, Pride Hill, Shrewsbury. - BY~ J0NATFIAN PERRY, OnThursday, the 26th Day of March, 1812, on the Premises, at ROSSALL, near Shrewsbury . THE LIVE STOCK of HORSES, COWS, & C, together wilh tl. e IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, and other Utensils: Also, the Wh « ' e ofthe HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Dairy and Brewing Requi- sites, ( most of which are now) belonging to Mr. GEORGE B ROUGH ALL, changing his Residence. The Sale to begin precisely at ten o'Clock in the Morning. Catalogues will he prepared, and mav be had at THE AUC- TIONEER'S, nine Days prior to the Sale. by aucttom VALUABLE FARMING STOCK, & c. Ou the Premises, without the least Reserve, On Friday, the 20th Day of March, 1812, BY GLOVER AND SON, ALL llie LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS irt HUS- BANDRY, HAY, GRAIN, & c. & c. belonging to Hie late Mr. PEPLOW, of PREESHENTLEY," in the Parish of Whittington, in the County ofSalop ; Catalogues of which will be prepared in Time, and may be had at the following Places; Cross Keys, Oswestry; ' Hand, Chirk; Oak, H anmer; Red Lion, Cockshutt; Craven Arms, Ruy- tou ; New luu, Knockin; aud on the Premises. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. VAl. UABLEI'ARMING STOCK, -& C. BY GLOVKit AND SON, ,, , -. , - County Salop; consisting of 2 calving Heifers, 4 three- year old Barrens, 2 fat Cows ;_ 1 capital Waggon Horse, i capital VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. BY JONATHAN PERRY, Inthe GREAT ROOM, at ihe I. ION INN, on Friday, the loth of April, 1812, ALARGE Assemblage of genteel and valuable HOUSE. HOLD FURNITURE; Particulars of which will be published in future Advertisements, and CATALOGUES prepared. BY SAMUEL rUOOR, Carts, Tumbrels, Ploughs, Harrows, & c & c. a Stark of ex- cellent Hay, and 3 Mixons of ivrli rotted Dung — The Sale to commence at ten o'Clock.— Catalogues may be had at the Talbot Inn, Wellington. . PRIME HFREF0RDSH1RE DAIRY STOCK. BY GLOVER" AND SON, On the Premises, on Wednesday, the ist of April, 1812, \ Li. the most Valuable well- hre'd Stock of H ER EFORD- A SHIKE COWS and HEIFERS, and DAIRYING belonging to Mr. HAW LEY, of CAUSE CASTLE, near Westbnry, in the County of Salop:— consisting of 13 capital Cows, calved and in calf. 14 handsome two- year old Heifers, 6 ditto Yearling Heifers, 7 long horned calving Heifels; alsoChecse Presses, Cheese Tub, Cheese Vats, & e. & c.— Catalogues tnav be had at the following Places, viz Britannia, Raven and Bell, and Coach and Horses Inns, Shrewsbury; Talbot, Wellington; Jer- ningham A 11ns, Shiffnal; Oak, Pool; Cross Keys, Oswes- try ; Bridgewater Arms, Ellesmere; on the Premises; and of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns. The Auctioneers beg Leave to observe, that the above Stock of Cows have been bred with very great judgment from the Stock of Mr. GWILLIAM and other eminent Breeders; are all five Years old, and in- calf to a very excellent Herefordshire Bull, the Property of Mr. Jones. ; T. E 11... LI . , 1 . . BP TUCTIAIT. BY J. BROOME, This Day, Oil the Premises, oh Wednesday, the 18th of March, 1812 ; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS ill HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Biewing and Dairy Utensils, & c belonging to Mr. BURGWIN, of WALLOP, near West bury, in the County of Salop; consisting of 15 capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, one prime 2- years old Bull ( Herefordshire breed), four 4- vear old Oxen, good Workers, t'. vo 3- year old Bullocks, two . ditto barren Heifers, four 2 year old Bullocks, five ditto Heifers, 10 Yearlings ; five gobd Waggon Horses, one Ditto Male in- foal; Gearing tor six Horses ; one fine Horse, rising 4- years old ( bv Fox hunter), one 2- year old Colt by Ditto, one Ditto of Ihe draught Kind; one Sow aud Pigs, two Ditlo tu- pig, one trong Pig, six smaller Ditto ; one Waggon, one Harvest Ditto, one double Plough, one single Wheel Ditto, one broad Wheel Tumbrel, oue narrow- Wheel Ditto, four f'ni of Harrows, one, Car, two Stone Cisterns, five Piglroiigh Straw Engine, Malt Mill, Grinding Stone, Wheelbarrow with a number of small Implements, & c. Stc. The Sale to begin at lo o'Clock in the 1 by tClLSALfc, BY E. HALLtYj Without Reserve, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 19th, 20th, and 21st, and i) u Wednesday and Thursday, Ihe _> 5th and 26th of March, 1812, 011 the Premises of the late deceased . « . BtSHTON, ES<}. of KILN ALL, near Shiffnal, in Ihe County ofSalop, ALL the truly genuine valuable aud modern HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, ENGRAVINGS in burnished Gold Frames, CHIN A and GLASS, Table Ssi- vifcts of CHINA and EARTUEKWARB, Stock of choice OLD HISS?' and • SPIRITS, two handsome Town- built CARRIAGES, a Pair of excellent RAY COACH HORSES, aid plated Harness, with other valuable Articles.— Catalogues win be ready for Delivery 011 the 12II1 Instant, at Mr. Eddo. ves's, and Messrs. Wood and Walton's, ISalop; Gower and Smart's, Wolver- hampton ; Houston's, Wellington ; Silvester's, Newport ; Smith's, Iron- Bridge; Gitton's, Bridgnorth ; and at'THE AUCTIONEERS, Shiffnal, Morning. BY J. 15 ROOM E, Oil the Premises, 011 Thursday and Friday; the 19th and QOtli Davs of March, 1812 : ALT. the valuable l. lVE STOCK, LV1 Pl. F. MENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Uteiisils. wilh Part of the neat HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, belonging to llie late Mr. JONES, of WHEATHALL* near Condover, ill the County ofSalop, deceased: the Live Stock consists ot six excellent Cows in- calf, two Heifers and Calves, one 2 years old Heifer, five2- ycars old Bullocks, four yearling Ditto, three yearling Heifers ; six able Wag gun Horses, with Gearing for seven, one capital hack Mare in- foal, one yearling hack Filley, one Ditto of the draught Kind; 11 Ewes and Lambs, six yearling Ewes, four Ditto Wethers; three strong store Pigs, and four smaller Ditto. The Implements comprise twoWaggons, three broad Wheel Tumbrels, one Horse Cart with Ripples ( new), Trolley, Rollers, Ploughs and Harrows of various Descriptions, Malt Mill, Winnowing Mnclilne, Fans, Sieves, Riddles, Straw Engine, Stack Frames, Pigtrouglis, Ladders, with various small Implements, and a Lot of Timber. The Household Furniture consists of Fourpost and Stump Bedsteads, with Dimity and other Hangings, six Feather Beds, five Bolsters, four Pillows, and Window Curtains, Iwo Chaff Beds, two Mattresses, five Pair of Blankets, wilh Quilts, Counterpanes, Sheets, and other Linen; Mahogany and other Chairs, Bureau and Bookcase, large Pier anil other Looking Glasses, wilh numerous other Articles, and Kitchen Furniture ; also all the Dairv and Brewing Vessels aud Casks. ing, pleasantly situated in MILK STREET, in theTown of Shrewsbury, opposite to Princess Street, now in the Occu- pation of Miss Wiseman. The Premises may be viewed by applying lo the Tenant; and further Particulars known at the Office of Mr ASTERLF. Y, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. BY S. TUDOR, Oil Ihe Premises, on Tuesdav, the 24th Instant; THE HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE be- longing to the late Mr. PHILIP OARE, deceased, near the Bush Inn, iu the ABBEY FOREGATE; consisting of seveial Fourpost Bedsteads nnd Hangings, Feather Beds, Bolsters, Blankets, Quilts, & c. together with Mahogany and Oak Furniture, nearly as good as new ; Scotch Car- pets ; China and Glass ; together with Ihe Kitchen Furni- ture, Dairy ai? d Brewing Utensils, Implements in Husban- dry, a Fowling Piece, and sundry other Articles. The Sale to hegjil precisely at half past two o'Clock in the Afternoon. ' this DAY"! HOUSEHOLD GOODS, AND OTHER EFFECTS. BY VV. SMITH, This present Wednesday, the 18th of March, 1812, on the T>,... L1„ D.. • .. I... .. RNNR ENUVLM .. « • . Ten o'clock in Ihe Forenoon. Furniture, capital OakWardrobe Bed, Feather Beds, Cover- lids and Blankets, Mahogany Chest of Drawers, Oak Bureau, Diniug and other Tables, Chairs, Corner Cupboard, Swing Glass, Fire Irons, & c capital Eight Day Clock in a good Oak Case, four large oval Coolers, three Mashing Tubs, several Washing Ditto, Casks, Buckets and Pail's, Yoke and Buckets, Water Cask on Carriage with Wheels, large Copper Furnace, nearly new, two Stone Cisterns, several Stone Pigtroughs, two Pair of Scales, Pair of Steelyards, ten Half- hundred Weights, four Lead Ditto, Quantity of Brawn Baskets, with a Variety of other Articles. The Sale 10 begin precisely at two o'Clock in the Afternoon. Household Goods, Malt, and other Effects. BY W. SMITH, On FRIDAY NEXT, Ihefiotli of MARCH, 1312, on the BY JONATHAN PERRY, AL Mr. Crowther's, Castle Inn, Castle Foregate, Shrews- bury, oil Tuesday, the 24th of March, 1812, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions, in the following, or such other Lots as may lie preferred at the • Time of Sale: SEVERAL most valuable, forward, and prolific GARDENS, eminently distinguished as delightful BUILDING SCITES, situate on FLASH BANK, near Cotton Hill, SHREWSBURY, in a South Aspect, commanding a Variety of picturesque Scenery in near and distant Prospects of the Town of Shrewsbury, River Severn, and Country adjacent, containing a great Depth of rich Soil, and planted with the choicest Wall and Standard Fruit Trees. LOT I. The GARDEN next adjoining Cotton House, as now fenced, recently occupied hy the late Proprietor, Mr. Rowlands, now by Mr Jacks, with substantial Brick Summer House- thereon, aud containing by Admeasurement TWENTY- SIX PERCHF. B. LOT II. The GARDEN next adjoining Lot 1, as now fenced, in Ihe Occupation of Mr. Poole, with Summer House thereon, and containing TWENTY- TWO PERCHES. LOT 111. The large GARDEN next adjoining Lot 2, as now fenced, in the Occupatiou ofMr, Jacks, and containing FORTY- EIGIIT PERCHES. LOT IV. The GARDEN next adjoining Lot 3, as now fenced, in the Occupation of the Rev. James Matthews, • with Summer House thereon, and containing SEVENTEEN PERCHES. LOT V. The GARDEN next adjoining Lot 4, as now staked out, containing SIXTEEN PERCHES. LOT VI The GARDEN next adjoining Lot 5, as now staked out, in tbe Occupation of Thomas Harper, and containing SIXTEEN PERCHES. LOTVU. The GARDEN next adjoining Lot 6, as now staked out, containing TWENTY- THREE PERCHES LOT VIII. The GARDEN next adjoining Lot 7 on the West Side, and Premises of Mr. Pryce on the East Side, containing TWENTY- FOUR PERCHES. Also, the following most valuable MEADOW LAND, in the richest State of Condition, eligibly situate near THE R. RE K5I FIELDS, in the Parish of St. Mary, SHREWSBURY, adjoining Ihc Ellesuiere Turnpike Road, recently occupied by . the fete Mr. Rowlands, and about a Quarter of a Mile from. Cotton Hill:— LOT IX Two PIECES of rich MEADOW LA" « I, with a verv complete Boarded Hovel thereon, and a Pump well supplied with Water for each Field, containing by Esti- I mation 7A. 2R. oP.— I. and. Tax Redeem d. The Timber 011 this Lot, exclusive of the young planted Trees to be taken at a Valuation. LOTX. A PIECE Of rich MEADOW LAND, adjoining I ot t) and the said Turnpike Road, containing 4A. OR oP. or thereabouts— Land- Tax Redeemed. Lot 9 will he sold subject to the Purchaser of Lot 10 having free Use of the Pump, who must bear nnd pay oue Half Part of anv Expense which may be incurred by keeping the said Pump in Order.— There are many young planted Trees on 1 - ot 10, which will be included 111 the Purchase thereof. Lor XI. A STACK of about TWENTY- THREE TONS of very excellent HAY, harvested last Year in the best Condition, now standing on Lot 9. A Map of the Gardens may be seen at THE AUC- TIONEER'S, who will answer Enquiries.— Possession of the Land and Part of the Gardens will be given immediately ; and for further Particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. PEMBERTON and COUPI. AND, Shrewsbury. Premises, in the Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury, ALL the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, with the STOCK of MALT, and other Effects, belonging to Mr. HUGH OWEN, Maltster: comprising two Tent Bedsteads with Furniture, Slump Dilto, Feather Beds, Blankets, Quilts. Bed and Table Linen, Oak Desk, small Wardrobe, Dressing Tables, Bason Stands, Chamber Chairs, Swing Glass, and Bed- side Carpets, eight capital modern Mahogany Chairs, Dining Tables, Pier Glass in a Gold Frame, Lot of Prints and Books, two Carpets, nearly new, j 15 Feet by 12 Feet, aud 13. Feet by 11 Feet 3 Inches, two Pieces of one- yard Floor Clolli, Venetian Stair Carpet, Brass I Wires aud Loops, capital eight- day C lock ( Arch Face) in Oak Case, excellent Kitchen Chairs, Oak Tables, Ironing Ditto, Parlour and Kitchen Fenders and Fire Irons, Tea Urn, China, Glass, & c. with a great Variety of other useful Articles, which are of a most respectable Description; among which are a general Assortment of Brewing Requi- sites Casks & c. ALSO, a large Quantity of GOOD MALT, which will be sold in small Lots ; excellent Malt Mill, two Mall Screens, Measures, Shovels, Watering Pans, Quantity of Bags, in Lots ofsix each, nearly new, Windlass and Block, Truck, Wheelbarrow, Pigtroughs, new Set of Shaft Gears, made of the best materials and used twice, with several other Arti- cles ; the Whole without the least Reserve, and the Sale lo begin at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. " " GENUINE FURSJT'I'I'KE" BY W. SMITH, On Monday and Tuesday, the 23d and 241 li of March, 1812, 011 the Premises at ONSLOW, near Shrewsbury ; rilHE neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and 1 FURNITURE, belonging to the Rev. JOHN WILDE, who is leaving Onslow : comprising elegant Fourpost Bed- steads with printed Furniture, lined and French fringed, Tent and Half- Tester Ditto, prime. Feather Beds, and Mat- >; capital Mahogany Desk and Bookcase, Chests of taiuing by Admeasurement > rs, Night Tables, Bason Stands, Dressing Tables, ! Perches, little more or less, n BY JONATHAN PERKY, Early in the ensiling Month ; SEVERAL MESSUAGES and DWELLING HOUSES, Stables, Gardens, and Premises, situate oil and near SWAN HILL, in the Town of Shrewsbury, in Ihe several Occupations of Mr Cooper, Mr. Phillips, Bricklayer, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Yeomans, Mr. Leighton, Mrs Hutton, and others.— Also, a PLOT of LAND in CASTLE FOREGATF, Shrewsbury, , _ ,, For Particulars apply tu Mr PHILLIPS, ut llie College; OL' to THE AUCTJOSI EER. of other valuable Articles, among which are a capital Por- table Mangle, with a general Assortment of Kitchen and Brewing Requisites. A neat POST CHAISE, with a Dickey, built by LEADER, of London, aud 111 complete Repair ; also a neat GIG, with a Head. Catalogues may be had at the Swan, Montford Budge ; at the Windmill Inn: and of Tits AUCTIONEER, in Shrewsbury. Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock. MONTGOMERYSHIRE TIMBER, BY GEORGE SMOUT, At the Nags'Head I1111, ill the Parish of Berriew, in the said Counly, 011 the 26th Day of March, 1812, at four o'Clock iu the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will then be produced : LOT I. f f OAK, and 7 ASH Trees, scribed and numbered, T growing on I. LYGODIG FARM, in Llandyssil Parish, J in u, e Holding of Mr. Francis Thomas. LOT II. 200 OAK Trees, scribed and numbered, growing in GUNIIAFREN WOOD, iu the Parish of Beltws, and on Red House, Farm, in the said Parish of Berriew, in the several Possessions of J. B. Williames, Esq. and Mr. John Breeze. LOT 111. 115 OAK Trees, scribed and numbered from 1 to 115, and 35 OAK Trees, scribed and numbered in like Manner, grow ing on Lower Glynn, T v ynyr wttra, Glanllivior, nnd Tyyiiyfrydd Farms, in the said Parish ofBettws, in the several Possessions of Mr James Tanner, Edward Davies, junior, Thomas Lloyd, and Edward Davies, senior. LOT IV. 20 OAK Trees, scribed and numbered, growing on Ycbeldre Farm, iu the Possession of the said Thomas Lloyd. The above Timber is distant from the Montgomeryshire Canal about two Miles ; is capital Cleft, aud well worth the Attention of Timber Merchants. Lot 2 may be seen by applying to Mr. Williames, at Pen nant; and the respective Tenants will shew ( he other l. ots. CAPITAL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AND ALL OTHER VALUABLE EFFECTS. At theSwan Inn, Whitchurch, Salop, without Reserve. ( FORTHE BENEFIT OF CREDITORS) BY LAKIN AND SON, On Monday, the23d of March, 1812, and the two following Days, on the Premises.; ALL the truly neat & genuine HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, plated Articles, Glass, China, Linen, & c. Brewing Vessels, Barrels, Horses, trigs, Sec. belonging to Mr. EDGE, who is leaving the above Inn; comprising handsome new Fourpost aud Tent Bedsteads, with rich printed Cotton, Moreen, Dimity, and other Hang- ings und Window Curtains, excellent Goose Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Mattresses, fine Blankets, Quilts, and Counterpanes, large Assortment " f ueat Table and Bed Linen, Night Chairs, Wash Stands, Dressing TabVs and Glasses, Wardrobe and Chests of Drawers, two Sets of handsome Dining Tables with Circular Ends, neat Chairs with stuffed Bottoms, and Arm Ditto, large Pier Glasses, new Carpet, 18 Ft, by 12, Mahogany Card and Tea Tables, I ea and Cofiee Urns, and Trays, a Table Service of best blue Earthenware, Jelly Stands and Glasses, a capital Eight day Clock, Cupboards and Chairs, great Variety of useful Kitchen Furniture, & c. ill Copper, Brass, Iron, and Tin, Crockery Ware, Quantity of Glass Bonles, Parlour tenders aud Fire Irons, large Mashing Tubs, Coolers, and salting Turnel, very excellent Ale Hogsheads and Barrels, in good Condition, a verv large Copper Furnace and Boiler, OS fixed, with all other Brewing Utensils ; likewise two good Hack Horses, Saddles and Bridles, two neat Gi" s and Harness, one of whi « h is new, one light Cart with Broad Wheels, and Gearing complete, Horse Gears, large Stone Cistern, Malt Mill, Trial, Measures, & c with numerous other Articles, too many to he inserted here — Also a large Mixen of old Dong. N. B. The Whole of the above being in good Order and Condition, and sold without Reserve,,>' erves every Atten- tion of the Public— The Sale will begin each Mornin" at 1 en. BY MR. JONES, " At llie White Lion Inn, in tlie Cily of Chester, 011 Friday, Ihe 3d Day of April next, al six o'Clock ill the Evening precisely, subject lo such Conditions as slrall. be then produced ; ALL those extensive Premises, lately erected for the Purpose of all I RON FOUNDRY, situate in CROOKS LANE, in the City of Chester, with the Furnaces, Sheds, Bellows, and other Fixl . ... . . DWELLING HOUSE thereof, formerly in the uceup PARRY, Iron Founder. The above Premises arc extensive, and most conveniently and centrally situated. The Iron Foundry is built ill a very substantial Manner, is perfectly complete, and provided with every Requisite for immediately commencing an extensive Concern ; and, being lofty and commodious, may, at a small Expence, be converted lo a Variety of Purposes, w here Room is required. They are held under I ease, commencing from Ihe 101 li August 1799, for the Term of 1000 Years, subject to an unuiiul Rent of £' 1">. 15s. od. For Particulars apply lo Mr. FINCIIETT, Solicitor, Chester, who will direct a Person to shew Ihe Premises. Abbey- Square, March Qth, 1812. M ON TGUMEBYSHIRE^ At the Goat Inn, in the Town of Llanfyllin, ill the said County, on Thursday, the gth Day of April, 1812, be- tween the Hours of three and five in the Afternoon, sub- ject to such Conditions as shall be then produced and agreed upon, iu TWO LOTS ; LOT I. ALL that MESSUAGE or Tenement, with the Lands and Appurtenances I hereunto belonging, situate, ly- ing, and being in the Township of PENN1ARTH, iu the Parish of Myfod, in the said County of Montgomery, con-...:..:..„ 1... AJ T 41 ^ CRE5( 3 J{ OOL| S) ANI| 3Q now in the Occupation ofGrif- rovemenf, and Ihe Inclosure of r, which Purpose an Act of Parliament has been lately obtained. LOT II. All that other MESSUAGE or Tenement, with the Lands and Appurteiianccs thereunto also belonging, containing by Admeasurement 20 Acres, 1 Rood, and 33 Perches, little more or less, situate in the Township of NANTYMEICHIED, in the said Parish of Myfod, now in the Tenure or Occupation of David Bailey, his Under- tenants or Assigns. The annual Sum of £ 6 is issuing out of Lot 2, and payable lo tbe Poor of the said Parish of Myfod yearly forever; and also the Sum of £ 3, which is also payable annually for ever, lo a Schoolmaster, for educating poor Children, Parishioners of the said Parish, and will be sold subject to and charged with those Pay- ments and annual Outgoings. Lot 2 is also capable of great Improvement; and both Lots are situate about nine Miles from Lime mid Coals, and little more than three from Llanfyllin, and eight from Llanfair, both good Market Towns. The Tenants will shew Ihe Premises; and for further Particulars apply at the Office bf Mr. THOMAS, Solicitor in the Town of Llanfyllin aforesaid. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Monday, the 23d of March, 1812; ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, nnd IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. & c. belonging to Mr MEDLICOTT, of THE HOME, near Bishop's Castle, in the Counly ofSalop; consisting of 1 fi Cows calved and in- calf, 3 calving Heifers, ones- years old Bull of Ihe Here- fordslii.' breed, one 2 years old Ditto, eight 3- vears old Bullocks, six 2- veais old Heifers, 17 Yearlings^ six Waggon Horses and Gearing, one hack Mare, three Years old ; one Sow in- pig, one Gilt in Ditlo, eight store Pigs; one Waggon, one double Plough, one large Pair of Harrows, with a Number cf small Implements, & e. Sic. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. SHROPSHIRE. CAPITAL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. BY E. KITE, On Tuesday, the 24th Day of March, 1812, and six following Days, ( Sunday excepted), 111. the Premises, at ASHFORD HALL, in the Parish of Ashford Dowdier, and County of Salop; ALL the truly neat and elegant HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, ofthe I, iteG. C RICKETTJ, ESQ . Incased; consisting of the Whole of the Household Furniture, Brewing and Dail y Utensils, welt- sea, oiled Casks, and otliei Effects, great Part of which have heen laid in within ti e last two Years, are not inferior to any iu the Country, and well worth the Attention of Ihe Public.— Catalogues may be had ih due Time at the Swan Inn, Tenbory ; Red Lion, Leominster ; Rail nor Anus. Prcsleign; D'. ke's Anns, Knightoil ; Castle Inn, Bishop's Castle; Craven Anus, Newton ; Eagle Inn, Cleobury ; nt the Place of Sale, ami of THE AUCTIONEER. The Sale lo begin at leu o'Clock each Morning, and con- tinue until the Whole is disposed of, which will be sold without Reserve, N. B. On the las t Day's Sale, being Ihe 31st of March, will he Sold the remaining Part ofthe Implements in Hus- bandry, Gearing for four Horse's, nearly new, and various other Aiticles in the Farming Line, wliilrh itiay be viewed St any Time before the Sale, by applying to the Bailiff oil the Premises. fl^ J* A Person has engaged to attend the Sale wilh a C old Collation, for the Enlerlai11m. nl of the Company. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Waggon Horses, Pijs, Implements in Husbandry, BREWING AND DAIRY UTENSILS, Belonging lo Mr. Jellicoe, who is gone to reside at Shifl'nal BY , T. BROOME, On the Premises, at BENTHALL, in the Parish of Alber- bury, near Shrewsbury, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 24th and 25th of March, 1812; ALL Ihe genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, con- sisting of several Fourpost and Tent Bedsteads, with Morine, Col Ion, and other Hangings ; 1- 2 excellent Feather Beds, with Bedding; Floor and Bedside Carpels, Pier aiid Swing t, lasses, Mahogany Chairs, Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, Bason Stands, Chamber Tables, & e. and a general and useful Assortment of DAIRY, BREWING, and Kitchen Articles. The OUTSTOCK and IMPLEMENTS consist of 7 able Wag- gon Horses and Gearing; 4 Gilts and Pigs, 1 thorough- bred Leicester Sow in- pig, 18 strong Stores, andSsmaller Ditto ; 1 Road and 2 Harvest Waggons com pleat, 2 six- inch Tumbrils, 2 double, 2 single, and 1 water- furrowing Plough, 1 large Roll, 1 Pair 3- lior'se Harrows, Scuffle, 1 large Sledge, 2 large Slone Cisterns, 1 Kibbling and Malt Mill, an excel- lent Winnowing Machine, 8 very capital Stack Frames with Slone Pillars and Caps; wilh Ladders, Foddering Cribs, Stone Pigtroughs, Wheelbarrows, Pikcls, Rakes, and sundry small Implements. N. B. The Waggon Horses, Gearing, Implements, and Dairy Utensils will he sold on TUESDAY ; and the House- hold Furniture on WEDNESDAY. The Whole may be viewed on Monday preceding the Sale, which w ill oommence at 10 o'Clock each Morning. BY J. BROOME, ~ On the Premises, ouThiirsday, ihe 2( 1 Day of April, 1812 : ALL tbe valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, with the Whole of the Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, and Part of the HOUSE- HOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, belonging to Mr FARMER, of WENTNOR, near Bishop's Castle, in the County ofSalop, who is retiring from the Farming Busi liess; consisting of Cows and Calves, three young Barrens, „„„ ,„ e run, aces, aneos, fa « , Di, tc, J , fo'J'u4-.?, » ar ohl Bnlloeks, four 3- year old 1 ( 10- foal), one 8- year old Horse of the draught Kind, two yearlings Ditto ; one Gilt in- pig, one strong Pig ; one Waggon, nearly new, one Harvest Cart, one Lime Carl, one Hand Plough, two Pair of Harrows, one Roller, Gearing for five Horses, two Ladders, Winnowing Fan, Corn Screen, Sieves and Riddles, with a Number of small Implements. N. B The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock, as the Whole is j intended to be sold in one Day. BY R. POOLE, On Monday, the 23d of March, 1812, and following Days, until all is sold : A LL tl. e OUTSTOCK, Implements in Husbandry, -. V together with the entire neat and valuable HOUSE- HOLD GOODS and Effects of Mrs. BROWN, of DOT- HILL PARK, near Wellington, in the County of Salop, who is quitting lier Residence, Particulars of which will be distributed in due Time. FARMING STOCK, & c. BY CTTUKTOV, Without BeserVe, on Thursday and Saturday, the 25th and 2 » th Days of March, IS 12, at THE HILL, ia the Parish of Cheswurdiiie, and County of Salop : CONSISTING of 1 Cow, to calve, 1 calving Heifer, 1 barren Cow, one Ditlo nearly fat, I three- years old Bull, 1 Fair of'Stnrks, 3 yearling Ca'lves, 1 valuable v. ai ling Polard well- bred Bull; 49 New Leicester Ewes, lambed and in- lamb, 16 yearling Ditto, 9 ditlo Rams ; 4 able Waggon Horses, capital Gray Blood Mare, got bv York, Dam by Mayduke, Grandani by Old Snap, Brown Mare, in- foal to Chan 11 ter, useful Brown ilorse, six Years old, hy Symmetry, yearling Gray Blood Colt, out df the above Gray Mare, j; ot by Lignum Vilte, yearling Brown Ditto, out of the above Brown Mare, got by Lignum Vila? ; valuable Threshing Machine, four- horse Power, ( by FOREST), Winnowing Machine, 2 Waggons, and Gearing for each, long Trolly Cart, 2 broad wheeled Tumbrels, Turnip Cart ( equal to new), Market Ditto, with painted Cover and double Shafts, Water Cart, Land Roller, Stone Ditto, valuable Spike Ditto, Stone Carnage, 2 Road Ploughs, Hand Ditto, Moulding Ditto, double Plough with Wheels, Set of Harrows, large Ox Harrow, complete Twin Harrows with Scuffle, 5 Sets of capital Horse Gears ( good as new), od. l Ditto, in Lots, 3 Cranks and Chains, Stone Slack Frame, 1( 3 Pillars, Ditto, 20 Dilto, Ditlo 29 Ditto, Drill Machine ( by COOKE), T iii- nip Cutter, Dilto Sowci, large Oak Straw Bin ( will hold tin Bushels), 2 Sheep- troughs, portable Barley Stage, valuable St raw Machine worked Willi a Wheel, 3 Ladders, 3 Straw Cribs, Sieves and Riddles, Chain Pump, Bath Ditto, 3 Drag Rakes, 2 capital Iron Marling Augers, with Punch, & c Corn Trial, Pair of Steps, valuable and complete Set of Coal Boring Rods, with Ropes, Barrels, & c Corn Chest, Bucket, Stable Lanthorn, Capital Apple Press with Roller, Gravel Screen, Pack Saddle, Quantity of Hurdles, in l ots, Ditto of Wheel- wright's Timber, in Lots, with a large Quantity of oilier Implements. The FURNITURE, & C comprises short Post Bedsteads, Feather Beds Mid Bedding, Tables, Writing Dilto and Desks, Dinner Tables and Forms, Deal Cupboards with 2 Doors, Wood Bottles, long Duck Gun, RiHe Barrel Bullet Ditto, I capital Fowling Piece, with a Variety of other Articles, likewise 3 very large and strong Mash Tuiis, suitable for extensive Brewers. The Live Stock nnd Part of tbe Implements will be sold First Day.— The Sale to commence each Day at 10 o'clock BY CHURTON, On Monday, the 6th Day of April. 1811, on Ihe Premises, at RUE WOOD, near ' l'illey, in the Paiish of Weill, and Couniv of Salop, ALL the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUS- BANDRY, Dairy Vessels, & c. the Properly of Mr. THOMAS BROWN ; consisting of 5 capiial Dairy CUBS, calved and ill- cult, 1 Barren Ditto, 1 Sunk, 3 yearling Calves ; 2 able Draught Mares, 1 of which is in- foal by Mr. Hales's Horse, of Tilley Park, I promising black Waggon Filley, rising two- years old, 1 black yearling Ditto ; Sow and io Pigs; capital long Cart and Gearing ( good ns new), Tumbrel, 1 new Pair of Wheels, Land, Roller, capital Wheel and Hand Ploughs ( equal lo new), excellent Pair of Harrows, 4 Sets of Horse Gears, Crank and Chains, Straw Crib and Sledge, Corn Fan, Sieves and Ridules, Peeling Iron, Ladders, Half- Measure and Hopper, Bags, 2 VV 1, eel- barrows. Drag Rake, Hay Ditto and Pikels, Stone Cisterns', Stone and Wood Pigtroughs, wiln various other Imple- ments, in Lots ; togetherwiih ihe Dairy Vessels, & c. The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock precisely. Al the Red Lion lun, in Newtown, 011 Monday, the 30th Day of March, 1812, between tlie Honrs of three and six in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then and there to be produced, unless previously disposed of by private Contract, ol wbich due Notice will be given : ALARGE and commodious BRICK HOUSE situate iu theTown of NEWTOWN, in the Connlv of CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. BY THOMAS PRYCIk, At the Cross Foxes Inn, in the Town of Llanfair, and BY CHURTON, On the Premises, without Reserve, at H ARTH1LL, near Barnhill, in the County of Chester, on Tuesday, the 7th Dayof April, 1812, ALL the LIVE STOCK., GROWING WHEAT, & c lli. e Property of Mr. G. CoMRR: consisting of 13 capital calving Heifers, 13 Shirks, 1 two- years old Bull, 7 yearling Calves, 1 yearling Bull ; 1 year- old half- bred Filley, 1 Ditto Ditto; two thirds of 5 Acres of capital Fallow Wheat, growing upon the said Farm, subject to Conditions then to be produced.— The Sale to commence at Eleven u'Cloek BY CHURTON, !!'.?. " I M'mtgm'. ery. o. i Apnl . s., ms_ between j Without the least Reserve, on the Premises, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 8th and 9II1 Days of April, 1812, the Hours of four and seven iu the Afternoon, subject lo Conditions then to he produced, in the following Lots : LOT I. K a TIMBER TREES, Scribe. marked, growing 011 TV MAWR Farm, in the Occupation of James Askin. LOT II. 117 TIMBER TREES, Scribe- marked growing on another Part ofthe a hot: Farm. LOT 111 157 TlMBERTREES, Scribe- marked, growing in a Wood called RWCH, adjoining the above Lots. LOTIV. so TIMBER TREES, Scribe- marked, growing 011 a Eield called CAE BEDW, within a short Distance of the other Lois. The above Timber is of great Length, aud great Part of it of large Dimensions, sound, fit for Navy or other superior Purposes; lies well for converting and carrying'away Ty Mawr and C ie Bedw are by the great Turnpike Road leading from thence to Chester, Liverpool, Machynlleth, and Oerwen- lus, and within about four Miles of the Montgomeryshire Canal. For further Particulars apply at the CROSS FOXES, or to THE AUCTIONEER, in Llaufair aforesaid. ALL that well- selected STOCK of DAIRY COWS, YOUNG STOCK, SHEEP, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairy Vessels, HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, and other Effects, ihe Property of Mr. THOMAS BARKER, of SPRING LAXE HALL, in the Parish of Baddeley, near Actuii, in the Comity of Chester; com- prising 27 choice young calving Cows and Heifers 111 high Condition, most of w hich will calve previous to the Time of Sale, I baulked Heifer, 6 Stinks, in Pairs, 2 two- year old Bulls ; 5 capital Ewes, lambed and iii- lanib, I Ram , Sow and Pigs, in- pig Sow; 2 broad- wheeled long Carts with Gearing complete, valuable Winnowing Machine ( by CoRNFORTH), Ladders, Sieves, Riddles. Wheelbarrow, Stone Cisterns and Pigtroughs, Saddles aud Bridles, 11 orse Gears, Rakes, Pikcls, & c. with numerous other implements, in Lots; together with ihe Dairy Vessels, Household Furniture, & c— The Auction to commence each Day at Ten o'Clocl:. _ „ - convenient Rooms in tbe Attic Siory ; two Sables, a Yard, Brcwhouse and a large Garden. For Particulars, enquire of Ar PRYCE JOSE' at Mir Ion, orMr. STEPHENS, Solieitoi, Newto'. vn. Capital SHEEP, HORSES, IMPLEMENTS, & c. BY RICHARD MADDOX, On the Premises, at Sweeney Hall, near Oswestry, 011 Thursday, the 2d Day of April, 1812; THF. Whole capital Flock of SOUTHDOWN, LEICESTER, and M ERINO SHEEP, 4 HORSES, and AGRICUL- TURAL IMPLEMEN TS, belonging IOTIIOMAS N. PAR- KER, Esq. consisting of 1 Paular Merino Rain, I Southdown Ram, 6 yearling half- bred Merino Rams, 52 Southdown and half- bred Southdown Ewes aud Lambs, .16 Leicester and half- bred Leicester Ewes and Lambs, 30 Shropshire Ewes of Ihe Llanytnynecb Breed, and Lambs, 60 yearling Ewes, and43 yearling Wethers; 2 capital Brood ill- foul Mares, 1 capital Waggon Horse 5 Years old, Waggon Filley 3 Years old; Gilt and Pigs, 12 Store Pigs, and 1 Brawn :, Wor- cestershire Drill for all Sorts of Grain, Turnip Drill, double Mouldboard Plough, Patent Turnip Cutler, 4 doubly Backs for foddering Sheep, with boarded Roofs on an , improved Construction, aud 20 Gales with CAST IRON W'ottK, made ill the cheapest Manner, for common Farming Purposes. The Ewes and Lambs will be sold 111 Lots of 6 each ; the yearling Sheep in Lots of 10 each ; nnd Ihe 20 Gates iu 20 Lots.— Catalogues will be prepared in due Time, and may b « had at the principal Inns in Shrewsbury and Oswestry. The Sale will begin precisely at ten o'clock in tbe F » re- no'ju, and continue without Intermission. BY CHURTON, On the Premises, 011 Monday, the tilth of April, 1812, ALL Ihe choice STOCK of DAIRY COWS, YOUNG CATTLE, HORSES, PIGS, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairy Vessels, A. e. the Properly of Mr. EDWARD FRANCE, of NOP. BURY, iu the Parish of Mar- bnry, aud Counly of Chester— Particulars in a future Paper. BY CHURTON, On the Premises, at NONELEY, in the Parish of Lop- pington, in Ihe County of Salop, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 15th and 16th Days of April, 1812, ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairy Vessels, & c. of Mr. WILLIAM FREEM AN.— Particulars in a future Paper. LARG EVA LIABLE FARMIN G STOCK, & c.~ BY CHURTON, On the Premises, at BURLEY DAM, in the Parish of Wrenbury, and County of Chester, on Monday and Tuesday, the 20tli and 2lst Days of April, 1912, ALL the highly noted LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairy Vessels, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. the Property of Mr. JOSIAB H ASSAIL. — Particulars iu a future Paper. iPurther EXTRACT* from Professor MARSH'S Pam- phlet on the subject of the British and Foreign Bible Society. " That its dangers will increase in proportion as the Liturgy is disreenrded, is not the surmise of a gloomy imagination, but a fori, recorded in the annals of our country The history of religion in the reign of Charles the First will espe- cially snpn^' v us with matter for serious Tedexiou. Sometime before the Liturgy was formally abolished, we may discover in the writings of the English divines, not onlv of the puritanical, but even of the roval party, such traces of indifference in this respect, as will assist us in explaining the subsequent events, j Chillhigworth, though a declared enentv of the puritans, had a ' notion of generalised protestantism, which perfectly accords with the notion at present entertained by the advocates of the Bible Society. " By the Religion of Protestants, says he, I do not " understand the doctrine of Luther, or Calvin, or Melanc- " thon, nor tbe Confession of Augusta, or Gen'- va, nor the " Catechism of Heidelber, nor the articles of the Church of " England, nor the harmonv of protestant confessions." Then comes Ihe sentence, that " the Bible only is the re- ligion of protestants." The protestantism therefore of Chil- lingworth, was not the protestantism exptessed in our Liturgy and articles, but protestantism in the abst'/ ict, that is abstract- ed from all particular confessions ' of faith, and among the rest, from that of the Church of England. Indeed it is well known that Chillingworth had objections to our Litul'gy and articles, though he was introduced, in two of ttie late speeches, as a companion for Latimer and Ridley, who were Cranmer's chief assistants in composing Ihe Liturgy anil articles. But though Cbilliiigworth rejected from his general notion of protest- autism the particular creeds which he mentions, he cntild not refuse to admit, that some consequences must be deduced from the Bible as articles of faith. For be adds, a few lines afterwards, lhat protestants receive nothing as matter of faith and religion, " beside ® it ( namely the Bible) and the plain iriefiaiable ar. d indubitable consequences of it." But protest- ants of ( very description, however various in their opinions, claim fnr themselves ihe honour of deducing from the Bihle < f irrefragable and indubitable consequences," Thedoctiine of conditional salvation is an " indubitable consequence" to tbe Arminian; the doctrine of absolute decrees an " indu- bitable consequence" to the Calvinist The doctrines of the Trinity, tbe atonement, and the sacraments, which the Church of England considers as " indubitable consequences" of the Bible, would not be so, if the Unitarians and the Quakers were right in the consequences which they deduce, from the Bihle. Rut the consequences, which they deduce appear " indubitable" to them : and since they appeal as well as ourselves tothe Bible alone, we cannot, according to Chilling- worth's own definition, refine them the title of proiestants. Now the notion of generalise!! protestant'sm, which admits of no re- ference to any parlicidar creed, was well adapted to prepare the minds of men in the reign of Charles the First, for the subsequent abolition of the English Liturgy. " If we examine the sleps, which intervener! between the introduction of this notion of generalised protestantism, and the abolition of Ihe Liturgy, we shall find additional inattei for serious reflexion. The Puritans, who were daily increas- ing in numbers and power, were secretly altached, as well to the discipline, as to the doctrine of Calvin, though they continued lo affect a regard for the Liturgy, till their plans were ripe for execution. But, as' soon as the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Ihe F. arl of Strafford, were committed to Ibe Tower, tbe long parliament began lo concert mea- sures for its total abolition. The puritanical party iu the Bouse of Commons, under Ihe pretence of removing the anxiety of the episcopal party, who saw dangers to the church arising fr > m every quarter, proposed the following protestation. " I, A. B. d'i iu the presence of Almighty " God, promise, vow, and protest, to maintain and defend, " n « far as lawfully I may, with my life, power, and estate, " the true reformed proteslant religion, expressed in the '* doctrine of the Church of England, against all Popery, 11 and Popish innovation within this realm, contrary to the " said doctrine; and according to the duty of mine allegi- " ance, I will maintain, and defend, his Majesty's royal " person, honour and estate." The episcopal party, not aware of the generalising system of the Puritans, and snp. ] rosing that the words " protestaut religion expressed in ihe doctrine of Ihe Church of England," meant the protestant religion expiessed in the Liturgy, that is, according to the doct hie and discipline of the Church of England, as by law established, very readily concutred in this protestation. But they soon discovered, that Ihe secret object of the protestation, was to abolish, instead of supporting the Liturgy, which the Puritans now called the service book. For when petitions were presented by the two Universities in favour of the Church Eastablishment, aud the episcopal party appealed to the late- protestation in support of those petitions, the majority of the House, which consisted of Puritans, came immediately to • he resolution, thai the words in question, " aie not to be extended to the maintaining of any form of worship, discipline, or government, nor of rites and ceremonies." " Within a few months after this lesolution a bill pnssed bolh Houses to exclude Bishops from a seat in parliament: and the King was at length compelled to give his assent. The Liturgy, having fallen Into discredit, began now to be laid aside, though the use of it was continued by the Episcopalians as the only means of prolonging the existence of the still established church. Nor were the Puritans themselves jess aware of its inrqmrlance. When Ihe civil war bad broken out, and the power of the convocation was at an end, the Parlia- ment resolved to appoint in ils stead an Assembly of Divines composed of members better suited to its purpose. The As- sembly soon adopted a set of resolutions, of which the eighth was, that " the a hole body and practice of Popery, may be " totally abolished." Now by this expression they could only mean the doctrine and discipline of the Church of F. nglu'. d, which was still established by law, and was alone therefore " the body and practice" which could be abolished. Indeed the terms Liturgy and Popery were among the Puritans synony- mans : and at the very time they were destroying the Church of England, tbey invariably pretended, that- their measures were directed against the church of Rome. " At length the Lords and Commons repealed the acts which had been passed in support of the Liturgy, and enacted, that it he no longer used in any place of public worship, " not " as the assembly staieg from any love to noveliy, or intention " to dispariiL- e ourJirsl Reformers,— hut that wc may in some " measure answer the gracious providence of God, which at " this time callelh upon ns for further reformation." But the Liturgy, though prohibited in public, continued to be used in private by the friends of the established church, whose numbers were still considerable.* The Puritans therefore, knowing lhat the use of Ihe Liturgy, even in private, would keep alive that regard for the church, wdiich they wished to extirpate, obtained an ordinance by wdiich tbe use of the Liturgy was prohibited " in any pi ivats place or family," UNDER THE PENALTY OR FIVE FOUNDS FOR THE FIRST OFFENCE, TEN FOR TLILI SECOND, AND A YEAR'S IMPRISONMENT FOR THE THIRD, " Was the cause of religion advanced by this subversion of Ibe Church of England ? Let one of the most celebrated puritans of that day tell us. " There is," said he, in a sermon before the Parliament, " such a numerous increase of errors " and heresies, that 1 blush to repeat what some have affirmed, 11 namely, that there are uo less than an hundred and four. " score several heresies, propagated nnd spread in the neigh. 11 bouriugcity, and many of such a nature, that 1 may truly " say in Calvin's language, the errurs aud innovations, under " which theygtoaned of late years, were but tolerable trifles, " children's play, compared with these damnable doctrines of " devils." Bishop Beveridge in his seimou oil the excellency snd usefulness of Ihe Common Prayer, ( a sermon which should be read hy every member of the Bible Society, says likewise in refeience to lhat age, and to the abolition of tbe Liturgy, 41 people being deprived of that, whereby they should " have been ed. fied, » eie immediately tossed to and fro wilh " every wind of doctrine, until at leng'h many of them fell " into the most pernicious ar. il damnable heresies, that were " ever In ard of in the church. Yea together with the Liturgy " Ihey laid aside all distinction between sacred and common " things, by which means the whole nation was ill danger ot " being overspri ad with profaneness and irreligion." Yet the v. rv men who are described in these extracts, had the Bible iu constant use: Ibe sectaries of that age were ready with a text ot si ripture foi every occurrcnce, whether trivial or im- portant. With the Bible in their moulhs, they overturn both the altar and the throne. But they hail the Bible alone, or unaccompanied with the Ltuigy: they expounded, every man frum his own caprice: and the sectaries licccme at numerous, as the interpretations of the Bible weic various. " I have thus shewn, that Ihe Liturgy is essential to the welfare of the established chinch ; anil that as the former is disregarded, the latter must be endangered." • s Before Ihe Liturgy was abolished, petitions had been prc- ent- ed to Pailiamc- nt from various counties in favour of the established church : and though the means ot procuring signatures to petitions at that lime are not to lie compared w ith the present means of pro- curing them, the petitions in favour of the established church wete rijned by nearly fifty thousand. [ To be continued.] FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY OFFICE, MARCH 10. A letter from Admiral Freemantle to J. W. Croker, Esq dated Milford, Palermo Bay, Jan. U, 1812, incloses the following. " Alcesle, of Lissa, Dec. 4, 1811, " SIR— The enemy'ii squadron from Corfu, going to Trieste, were met with, on the 29th ull. by tluee of his Majesty's ships under my orders. The Persanne was chased and taken by the Unite, after a long run ; the Pauline and Pomone chased by the Alceste and Active, and, after a severe action of two hours and 40 minutes, the Pomone was taken, totally dismast- ed, and Ihe Pauline escaped, owing lo the Aiceste having her maintop- mast shot away. The Alcesle has 20 killed and wounded; the Active about 32; and, I lament to say, Capl. Gordon has lost a leg, and his first lieutenant an arm. Tbe detailsof theactionl shall have the honour of transmitting by the first manofwargoingdnwn.— I have the honour to be, See. ( Signed) MURRAY MAXWELL, Captain. Cha. l. s Rowdey, Esq. Captain of his Majesty's ship Eagle, Senior Officer at Corfu, & c. & c. 8cc." Capt. Rowley states the loss of the Fiench frigate Flora.— " She was going from Trieste to Venice; was caught with a strong borer, and stranded oft Chiozza, when every soul oil board perished, with the exception of five or six." Commodore Penrose, at Gibraltar, has transmitted a letter from Lieut. Bartholomew, commanding the brig Richmond, giving an account of Ilia having, on the 5th ult. attacked, in a Bay near Vera, on the coast of Granada, a French privateer, called L'Intrepide, of 18 guns and 180 men. On the Rich- mond opening her fire on the privateer, her crew set fire to lici, and took to their boats ; the vessel was then taken pos- session of, her cable cut, and she was brought out more than a mile, when she blew up, within 10 minutes after she had been abandoned. CARLETON HOUSE, MARCH 10. The Prince Regent has been graciously pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to make the following appointments. VICE CHAMBERLAIN— The Earl of Yarmouth. To be LORDS of his MAJESTY'S BKDCKAMBBR— The Marquis of Headfoid ; Viscounts Melboum and Petersham ; anil Lords Heathfield and James Murray. FIRST GROOM and M ASTER of the ROBES— N. Thomas, Esq. GROOMS of the BEDCHAMBER— Generals Leigh, Stephens, and Stanwix; Lieut. Gens. Cradock and Keppel; Col. Bradyll; aud Hon. H. Stanhope. CLERK MARSHALL and CHIEF EOUERRY— Col. Bloomfield. I-. QUERRIES— Gen. Hammond aud Major- Gen. Bayley ; Col. Vivian, Lieut. Col. Congreve; and Hon. F. Howard, lOtti Light Dragoons. BANKRUPTS? MARCH 7. Brook Robert, of Almondburv, Yorkshire, joiner and carpen- ter. March 25, 26, April 18, at the New Court House, Wakefield. — Cockell Joseph, of Ratcliffe Highway, Middlesex, haberdasher, March 12, 21, April 18, at Guildhall, London.— Conner Matthew, now or late of Liverpool, trunk- maker, March 21, 23, April 18, at Ihe Swan Inn, Hudderstield, Yorkshire.— Dixon Thomas, of Sandwich, Kent, ironmonger, March 13, 14, April 18, at the Bell Inn, Sandw ich Gould Thomas, of OUery St. Mary, Devon, dealer and chapman, March 14, 24, April 18, al the Hotel, Exeter.— Glover John, of St. Mary at Hill, London, builder, March 14,21, April 13, at Guildhall," London,— Hampton Thomas and Hooper Edward, late of Rha> ader, Radnorshire, bankers, March 11, 12, April 18, at tile Bear's Head Inn, Newtown, Mont- gomeryshire.— Harrison Richard, lateol Manchester, lime- dealer, March 12, 21, April 18, at the Dug Tavern, Manchester.— Hepple Joseph, of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, merchant, March 26, 28, April 18, at theOeorgr Inn/ Newcasile- upon- Tyne.— Hillman Elisabeth, late ol the parish of Clutton, Somersetshire, baker, Match 11, 18, April 18, at ihe Christopher Inn, Bath. — Jacobs Joseph, ot King James stairs, Wappicg, Middlesex, dealer and chapman, March 14, 28, April 13, at Guildhall, London.— Munckton Uriah, of Curry Rival, near Langport, Somersetshire, baker, March 18, 19, April 18, at the Christopher Inn, Wells.— Needham William Pym, latent Louth, Lincolnshire, merchant, March 14, 23, April 18, at Guildhall, London.— Payne George, of Piccadilly, Middlesex, hosier, March 12, 21, April 18, at Guildhall, London.— Pindar Anthony, of Bexhill, Sussex, shopkeeper, March 14, 21, April 18, at Guildhall, London.— Preece Benjamin, of Graflon- street, Soho, Middlesex, haberda- lier, March 14, 21, April 18, at Guildhall, London.— Shelton John, of Mile- ham, Surrey, mealmali, March 14, 21, April 18, at Guildhall, Loudon.— Smith Thomas, of Al- minton, Gloucestershire, dealer and chapman, March 20, 21, at the White Hart Inn, Broadway, Worcestershire, April IS, at the White Lion Inn, Stratford- upon- Avon, Warwickshire.— Tarling James, of West Smithtleld, London, hay salesman, March 10, 21, April 18, at Guildhall, Londun.— Thorp William, of Coventry, and of Maiden- lane, London, ribbon manufacturer, March 18, 19, April 18, at the George Inn, Coventry.— Tietkins John George, of Warutord court, Throgmorton- street, London, merchant, March 14, 21, April 13, at Guildhall.— Woodman William, 01 Bartholomew- close, London, drug- grinder, March, 10, 28, Apri 18, at Guildhall, London Wright William, of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, linen- diaper, March 21, 2b, April 18, at ihe Swan Inn, Tewkesbury. MARCH 10.]— Arnall George and Arnall John, of Birmingham, Warwickshire, merchants, March 25, 26, Aprd 21, at the Royal Hotel, Birmingham — Barke William, of Stratford- upon- Avon, Warw ickshire, victualler, March 23, 24, April 21, at the White Lion Inn, Stratford- upon- Avou,— Ifentteff John, of Manches- ter, builder, April 4, 14, 20, ai the Moslev Arms Inn, Man- chester.— Bolton Thomas, late of Worcester, vintner, April 1, 2, 21, at Ihe Unicorn Inn, Worcester.— Brown James, of St. Cathe- rine- street, Staffordshirewarehou- eman, March 14, 28, April 21, at Guildhall, London.— Brown James, of Bristol, victualler, March 21, 26, April 21, at the Commercial Roonn, Bristol.— Brown William, of Madeley Wood. Shropshire, shopkeeper, March 23, 24, Ap- il 21, at the Lien Inn, Broscley.— Ellison George, oi North Shields, Northumberland, linen- draper, March 26, 31, April 21, at the George Inn, Newcastle- upon- Tyne.— Gray Alexander and Holding Thomas, late of the Cape of Good Hope, but now of London, merchants, March 11, 24, April21, at Guild- hall.— Hindmarsh Luke, jun. of A hoi ick, Northumberland, tanner, March 14, April 3, 21, at theBridge Inn, 6ishop\ iearniouth..-£ aH)- sonjohn, of Kiiigston- upon- Hull, merchant, March 19,20, April 21, at the Neptune Inn, Kingston- upon- Hull.— LoweWilliam, late of Field, within Rov ton, Lancashire, machine- maker, Match 17, 18, April 21, at theWhiteBear Inn, Manchester.— Norbury Thomas, of Warrington, Lancaster, grocer, April 6, 7, 21, al the Globe Tavern, Liverpool. — Reynolds William, , of Walsall, Stalfoid, grocer, March 14, at Ihe Star lull, , Stafford, 26, April 21, at Ihe Littleton Arms Inn, Penkridge, Staffordshire.-— Rogers Spencer, late of Malta, merchant, April 4, 6, 21, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool — Wilks William, of Leeds, York, lure, merchant, March 23, 24, April 21, at the King', Arms, Leeds.— Young Thomas, of lly the, Kent, carpenter, March 14, 28, April 21, at Guildhall, London. HOUSE OF COMMONS, MONDAY, MARCH 9. Tho House went into a Committee of Supply, to which the Irish Estimates had been referred ; aud several uf the usual grants were voted. On the Resolution for the grunt of £ 8,793 for Ihe Catholic College at Maynooth, Sir J. NEWFORT opposed its inefficiency. The College was only calculated to educate 200 persons at a time, and the period requited for completing their education was five years. Thus only 4l) persons could be provided each year; whilst, upon the fairest calculation, it bad been decid- ed that 59 persons were required yearly for a supply lo the 200 parishes in Ireland. By this deficiency Ihe people were deprived of the bentfit of religions instruction. He thought llie Government should do now as it did iu 1807— that was, grant £ 13,000 instead of £ 8793, to the Establishment; and he should move, that that sum be now inserted in the Resolution Mr. RYDER could not consent to the proposal of any larger grant than that in the original resolution ; it would he to grant means to the Catholics to spread their religious tenets to the disadvantage of Protestantism, and therefore he could uot consent tu increase the grant of last year a single shilling. — Colonel DILLON and Mr. HFRBI! RT( OI Kerry) supported the amendment. Mr. FBKCKVAL said, Ihe object ot Government had been to limit the sum to that which had beeu granted by the Parliament ol Ireland, Had it not been a grant previous to the Union, he should have been inclined to vote for its abolition. He wis ready to allow the Catholics, or any Dis- sentcis, to educate their children in any way they thought pioper : but it was perfectly anomalous to make a grant from the public funds, for the education of peisuus in principles mimical to the established religion of tbe State. It had been said,' that only 40 priests annually were furnished from May- nooili, and that 59 were necessary for the supply ofthe diffe- rent parishes of Ireland. Was it not liberal in the Public to furnish such a large proportion of the persons required ; and why sh'ul d not the rich Catholic Gentry of Ireland provide for the education of the remainder, if auy more were necessary ? — Mr. GRATTAN said, the intention of tbe Parliament nf Ire- land, by wliicu the Right Hon. Gentleman prelended to be guided, was, that there should tiea Catholic College in Ireland, and that College was to be provided for according tolhe nature of t he times; and unless the Right Hon. Gentleman considered lhat circumstance, he was not attending to the regulations of the Uyioii, but was, in fact, cheating the people ; the Catholic und Piotestant, who equally paid taxes, equally paid the esta- blishment at Maynoolh. 11c could uot conceive any chutch iiche- r than the Protestant Church of Ireland, or any poorei llian the Catholic. The Catholic was a Christian Church as well a » the Pioteslaul, and he could not consent to starve a Christian Church because it was not Protestant. He there lore supported the proposition of his Hon. Friend for the largei grunt.— Mr. WIHTBREAD said, this grant was the touchstone of the Catholics, to which they looked up at the new era ; and prevent Leave what would be their feelings when they found the Ministers of the Prince Regent opposing ibis grant with all their strength ? What could the Catholics conclude, but that it was the inten- tion of Government to crush the Irish Catholics altpgether ? If the Grant to Maynooth College, was withheld, and priests educated at home could not be got, the Catholics would have them from abroad, and thus a supply would be drawn from a source of which so much had been said, though, in his ( Mr. W.' s) opinion, without any foundation, on the subject i « t the Pope's and Bonaparte's influence. On these grounds he should support the amendment.— After a few woids from Mr. WHIT- BREAD, Mr. PERCEVAL and Mr. WYNK, the elause was agreed to without any amendment. Mr. WARD then moved, in a Committee of Supply, the yoailv estimates for the service ofthe Ordnance, to the amount of £ 4.500,000 ; aud he stated, that when they came to he attentively examined, there would be found lo be a diminution of no less than £ 200,000. The House agreed to the several Resolutions. ••' ' » CATHOLICS or IRELANO. Mr. PSRCEVAL said, the more he considered this subject, and the more he conversed with others upon it, the more he was ct-" vinced that the genernl feeling of the English nation was directly averse to granting the concessions demanded by the Catholics. In order, however, that the sense of Parlia- ment might be taken upon it as fully as possib'* , and in order to secure the fullest possible attendance on the day when the question came to be discussed, he should move that the House be called over on Monday the 13th of April.— Mr. WHITBRRAD highly approved of the motion, and observed, that it most evi. dently appeared to be the inten'ion ofthe Right Hon. Gent, to mislead the country on this question from the solemn man- ner in which he now addressed the House.— The motion was then agreed to. TUESDAY, MARCH 10. The Wanderers' Bill was read a third time and passed. Mr. MELLISII presented a Petition from the Master Boot and Shoemakers of London, praying relief against the effects of the combination amongst tbe journeymen for an advanceof wages. Mr. BANKKS moved for leave to bring in a Bill to pi granting of Places in Reversion for a limited time.— given, the Bill brought in, and rend a first time. Lord FOLKESTONE called the attention of the House tothe very rapid increase which had taken place, in the course of the last year, in the number of foreigners employed in his Majesty's service. At the commencement of the present war, the number employed did not exceed 5000, anil now they amounted to 30,000 ; and the increase during the last year exceeded 6000. He did not mean to say the increase had exceeded what was sanctioned, as the subject came so fre- quently before Parliament, and had so often been connived at, that, perhaps, Ihe practice was justified. He could not, however, consider there was such a number of foreigners em- ployed in this country, with a Staff of their own, a depot of their own, Generals of their own, and, in shoit, carrying tbe appearance of a distinct army of 30,000 men, without consi- derable jealousy; and must consider it as contrary to Ihe provision of the 46th of the King. In the couise of his observations his lordship adverted to the late trials and condemnation of the several sailors taken in the service of the enemy at the Isle of France. He thought il was not quite decent, whilst we were condemning our own people for enter- ii g into the service of aliens, that we should be tempting aliens to enter into our service ; and concluded by moving for certain Papers, to ascertain the number of Foreigners employed at this time in our service, excepting those employed in Foreign Corps. Col. PALMER opposed the motion.— Sir J. SEBRIC. IIT sup- ported it.— Lord PALMRRSTON contended, that his Majestv was fully justified by the act ofthe 44th of the King, to employ foreign officers in any corps with no restrictions, except that such officers, unless absolutely disabled,{ should not retire with pay. The hon. Mr. BENNETT stated that when he was at Gibral- tar some lime ago, he saw at the depot of that garrison 3 or 400 men who had belonged to Dupont's army. They were by no means Germans, for in conservation with some of them they told him they were actually Parisians. This was a circumstance that deserved enquiry. He could not help re- ferring to a regulation which prevailed in the 10th light dra » goons, prohibiting the enlistment of Irishmen. Was it to be endured, that such an indignity should be put upon the Irish nation, as to exclude them from any regiment in the service ? Were the Irish not only to be denied their jnst lights, but also to have such an indignity as this inflicted on their feelings ? Col, PALMER said, no order ofthe kind had ever been issued to exclude Ihe admission of Irishmen into that regiment. He admitted that the reciuiting officers had received instructions from the commanding officer to enlist Englishmen in prefe- rence to Irishmen: and the reason for this was, that the description of Irish they meet with in this country were liable to desert; and the same objection lay against various classes of our own countrymen, to all Londoners and inhabitants of manufacturing towns. No one doubted the loyally, courage, and fidelity ofthe Irish, j and thoogh as good infantry as any in the service, they were objectionable as eavalry. Mr. PERCEVAL said, he had no objection to consent to a return of the officers and soldiers serving at home, prov ided Ihe Noble Lord would uot insist upon a return of those serving abroad.— Lord FOLKESTONE consented lo this, and framed a motion accordingly, which was agreed to. Mr. C. WYNN obtained leave to bring in a Bill to alter the mode of taking oaths by Members of that House before the Lord Steward.— The bill was afterwards brought up, and read a first lime. A new writ was ordered to be issued for the Borough of Lisburne, in ihe room of Lord Yarmouth, who has accepted the office of Vice- Chamberlain. HOUSE OF LORDS— WEDNESDAY, MARCH II. THE PRINCE REGENT'S IBTTF. R Lord BORINC noN said, he held in his hand a printed paper, bearing the signature of the Prince Regent, and purporting to be a letter from his Royal Highness to his illustrious brother at the head of the army, relating lo mutters deeply interest- ing aud important to the country. The noble lord enquired of the Earl of Liverpool whether the letter was genuine, or whether he was prepared to deny its authenticity ? If it were admitted to be genuine, it was bis intention to found a motion on the subject of it.— The Earl of LIVERPOOL thought it was a question the noble Lord had no right lo ask, and declined an answer.— Lord BORINGDON then enquired of the two noble Lords ( Grey and Greuville) whetr- r the letter which bore Iheir signatures, and published asan answer tothe other, was genuine ? ( Both the noble lords by a bo'. c intimated lhat it was.) — Lord BORINGDON then observed, that he felt convinced that in writing tbe letter his Royal Highness sincerely wished to bring ttie negociation to a successful issue, aud to form au Administration on abroad, liberal, and extended basis; and with respect to the answer of the noble lords, he uas ied to believe that some parts of it had been misinterpieted and mis- understood. He therefore moved, " that their lordships be sum. inouetl for Friday se'noighV— oit which day he would submit to the House a motion fbr an address to the Prince Regent, praying him to lake such measures as may appear necessary, for securing tj the country a broad, liberal, and firm Admini- stration, wbich would best secure the tranquility and prospe- rity of the Empire.— Lords GRF. Y and GREKVULE avowed the authenticity of Ihe letter bearing their signatures; and said they were more and more convinced that in writing it they had discharged their duties as faithful servants to the Prince aud to the public.— Thursday, the 19th was then fixed for bringing forward the motion. HOUSE OF COMMONS. Mr. WILSON obtained leave and brought in a bill to alter and explain the Marriage Act as far as it relates to minor and illegitimate Orphans; which was read a first time, aud order- ed for a second reading on the 11th April. EDUCATION or THE PEOPLE. This Day is published, printed in a close but distinct Type, price 4s bound, or 13 to the dozen, THE POOR CHILD'S LIBRARY, being a Collection of Moral, Didactic, Economical, and religious Pieces, in Prose and Verse ; consisting partly of Selections from the best and most pious Authors, partly ofTracts published in a detached Form for the same purpose, and partly of Ori- ginal Pieces. By the Rev S. BARROW, Vicar of Newton, Author uf Questions on the New Testa- ment, and other Works. This Work is intended asa present to Children on leaving the various CHARITY ami SUNDAY SCHOOLS, or tbe Schools of Dr. BULL, and Mr. LANCASTER, and is intended to render Education effectite and practical in regard to the moral and religions Habits cf young Persons after they have left any of those Schools. Of course the Author has avoid- ed doctrinal Points, or whitever might diminish tbe uni- versal Utility and Acceptabiity of his Book. Printed for KlCHAllD ' HILLIl'S, 47, Ludgate- hill, and to be had of all Booksellers. Of whom may be had, the Author's 500 Questionson the New Testament, being the only practical Means ever invented for Teaching Ibe Elcmcuts of Christianity tcyonng Persons; price is. T STALLIONS— 1812. SULTAN, tttT. HII. ES's Abbey Foregate, SHREWSBURY, will Cover at three Guineas each Mare, and Haifa- Crown the Groom. SULTAN was got by St. Paul, St. Paul by Sal tram, out of Purity, Dam of Rockingham. The Dam of Sultan was Fanny, by Weazel; Weazel was got by Old Herod.— For Sultan's Performances vide Racing Calendar. Sultan will be at Wenlock and Bridgnorth every Mon- day ; Shiffnal fevery Tuesday ; at Newport every Wednes- day ; Wellington every Thursday ; and at Home Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Money to be paid at Midsummer; if not, lo be charged Half a- Guinen more.— Mares barren last Year, to be covered at half Price.— Good Grass for Marcs at Seven Shillings per Week. 10 COVER this SEASON, at Ihe Farm at APLEY PARK, near Bridgnorth, Shropshire, LANCASTER, got by Beninghrough, Dam Rosaletta by Walnut, at three Guineas each Mare, and five Shillings the Groom. LANCASTER is a beautiful hay Horse, with black Legs, near 16 Hands high, and of greatPower and Bone; he will be at Bridgnorth every Saturday, and at ShitTnal everyTuesday, the Remainder of the Week at Home. Grass for Mares at seven Shillings per Week.— All Ex- penses to be paid at the Time of covering, aud before the Mares are taken away. Apley Park, ith March, 1312. O COVElTThis SEASON, at FIVE GUINEAS, KILL DEVIL. KILL DIJVIL was got by Rockingham, Dam Nelly hy Postmaster, Grandam Rosebud by Snap, Great Graudam Miss Belsea by Regulns. KILL DEVIL will be at Mr. Williams's, Unicorn Inn, Shrewsbury, 011 Saturday the 21st lustant, nnd on every Sntnrdnv A. irl, s « » !.<• • "• » ° 1- J-- "" ESTABLISHED f'. YClIARTEJrt: ticulars of his Pedigree and Performances may bc° seeii , vfth him.— Good Grass for Mares at 7s. per Week. 1812. TO COVER this Season, at the FEATHERS INN, in LUDLOW, at Five Guineas a Mare, and Five Shillings the Groom, DECEIVER, Latethe Property of Lord SACKVILI. E, and now of JOHN COLLIER.— Deceiver was got by Buzzard, Dam by Trant- ham, Grand- Dam Cytlierea, by Herod, Great Grand- Dam Lily, by Blank, Great Great Grand- Dam Peggy, by Cade, Great Great Great Grand- Dam Sister to the Widdriugton Mare, the Dam of Drone, by Partner, the Sire of Sidbury, Tartar, & c. & c. TARTAR was an excellent Raccr, and not less esteemed as a Stallion. He was Sire of King Herod, Beaufreinont, Minor, Mr. Blake's Fanny, and Mr. O'Kelly's Mare, Dam of Mercury, Volunteer, & c. & c. DEC EL v FR is 9 Years old, and a beautiful brown bay, with four black Legs, 15 Hamls3 Inches high, and is allowed by competent Judges to be oue of the completes! Figures in the Kingdom. 1801' i.— Deceiver, when 3 Years old, at Brighton, won a Sweepstakes of £ 100 each, three Subscribers, beating Lord Sackville's br. c. Clereinoilt.— Deceiver, at Newmarket, re- ceived for a Match of £ 100 from Lord Foley's b. c. Knee- buckle.— R. M. I8117.— Deceiver received 50 Guineas from Mr. Payne's bay Colt Ferdinand — Deceiver beat Sir C. Bnnbnry's cb. c. Snug, gst. Mb. each, 2- years old Course, for £ 50. 1808— Deccivcr, when 5 Years old, won the Craven Stakes, carrying gst. lib. beating Lord Foley's br. f. by Wortley, the Duke of Grafton's bay f. Vanity, Mr. Gold- burn's ch. c. Romeo, Lord Lowthcr's ch. h. Brainworm, Mr. Wilson's br. h. Pavilion, and seven others.— Deceiver, carrying yst. won the Subscription Plate of i'So. beating Sir C. Turner's ch. c. Mr. Gundy, Sir J. Shelly's b. c. Clasher, and five others. Deceiver, carrying 8s » . beat Mr. Payne's b. c. Ferdinand, Cst. 13lb. for £ 100.— A. B. M. — Deceiver, carrying 8st. beat Gen. Gower's b. h. Pem- broke, 8si.— A. B. M. for £ 100. Deceiver, carrying Sst. 3ilb. heal Mr. Wyndham's b. f. Mouse, 7st. 12lb. 2- years old Course, for £ 100. Deceiver, carrying sst. 7lb. beat tbe Duke of Grafton's br. m. Vanity, Sst. 2- years old Course foi £ 50 Deceiver, carrying 8st. I lib. heat Mr. Vansit- tart's celebrated h. Burleigh, 7st— A. B. M. for £ 2( io. Deceiver, carrying Sst. 4^ lb. beat Mr. Wyndhain's ch. c. Election, Sst. gib.— A. B. M. for £- 200 1809— Deceiver, carrying gst. 91b. beat Mr. Vansittart's Burleigh, 7st. 12U1.— A. B. M. for .£ 200.— N. B. Burleigh heat the Earl of Oxford's famous Mare Victoria De- ceiver received £ 100 from Mr. Sliakespeai's b. h. Halpo- crates—- Deceiver, carrying gst. 2lb. beat Sir C. Turner's Mr. Gundy, Sst. 2lb. 2- years old Course, for £ 50. De- ceiver, carrying Sst. 4lb. beat Mr Shakespear's b. h. Har- pocrates, Sst. 61b. 2- years old Couise, for £ 100. De- ceiver, carrying 7st. 12lb. beat Mr. Shakespear's ch. h. Zodiac, Sst. 13lb for £ 100. Deceiver, carrying gst. 9II1. beat Sir C. Turner's c. h. Mr. Gundy, Sst. 71b. 2- years old Course, for £ 50 Deceiver, to carry gst. gib. received £ 120. fro in Sir C. Turner's c. c. Middle'tborp, 8st. 2lb.— A. B. M. 1810.— Deceivcr, to carry 8st. 7lb. received £ 100. from Major Wilson's Juniper, 8st. 2lb. Deceiver beat Lord Grosvenor's celebrated Mare Plover, carrying 8st. 7lbeacb. — A. B. M. for £ 200. Deceiver, carrying 8st. 4lb run a Dead Heat, against Mr. Shakespeai's celebrated Horse Sir David, across the Flat, for £ 100— N. B. Sir David now covers at 15 Guineas a Mare. 1811.— The last Time Deceiver started he beat Poulton, and eleven others. i^ y- Hav and Grass for Mares at 7s. per Week ; and Corn if required, with proper Care. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICK. THE CORPORATION ol the ROYAL EXCHANGE AS- USANCE do hereby give. Notice, shat thev have authorised their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at tbe Rate of Is. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiumt fall due orf'the 85th lostar. t, are hereby informed that Receipts are now ready lo be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the Re- newal of their Policies on or before the 9th Day of April, 1812, os the usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL FI NNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. ShT- vshiry, Mr. Eddowes. ll'cllir. glnr, Mr. Stephen Jennins. Oswestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. Leominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr. William Ho'orooke. B It F. CK NOCKS HIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. U'rezhcn, Mr. Joseph Langford. FLINTSHIRE. Hohnee'it, Mr. William Turton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. S- eansea, Messrs. J. and W. Robert Grove. Cardiff, Mr Joseph Davis MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas Tudor. Newport, Mr. J. H. Smithers. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton, Mr. Charles Hodson. tichfi- lil, Mr. William Bond Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. Wolverhampton, Mr. James Brown, Hartley, Mr. John Toinbnson. NewcustL'iindrr• Line, Mr. James Halmarack* WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, Mr. Samuel Perrin. Worcester, Mr. Robert Odium. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckler. Nanticich, Mr. William Tomlinson. Narlhwich, Mr. Peter Maddock. Stockpo't, Mr. Thomas Owen. N. B. Fire Policies w ill be allowed free of Expense, where the annual Premium amount's to bs. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses, by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be bail of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found to be advantageous to Persons having Offices. Employments, Estates, or othca Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others ; TABLES of the RATFS for sncb AS-' URANCES anel for the GRANTING ANNUITIES 011 LIVRS, mav be had of rhe said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Pnb'ic, the Company have determined to extend ( by Special Agreement) the Assurance 011 Lives to the Age of 75 Years. March 10, 1812. TO COVER, THIS SEASON, at WEM, ROSA RIO: HOROUGH- BRED Mares at Five GUINEAS and A HALF, Hunting Mares and othersATTHNEEGUINEAS and FIVE SIIILLINCS. ROSARIO was got by Ambrosio, one nf the largest and speediest Sons of Sir Peter, his Dam, Portia, by Volunteer ( the Sire of Eagle, & c.) his Grandam by Herod, own Sister to Sling. April2d, I807, RUSARIO when first in Train, received Fifty Guineas forfeit at Newmarket, from Lord Foley's Chaise and One, in a match for Two Hundred Guineas. July 1st. lie won Fifty Guineas at Slockbridge, beating Handicap, Sir Hugh, and Mr. Sluekey's True Blue. July 21st, he walked over at Winchester, for the Cup value Fifty Guineas, August 4th, he won Eighty Guineas at Newbury, beating Mr. Ladbroke's Corsican, aud Mr. Dundas's Cult by Sir Solomon. September 15th, he won the Stakes at Kingscote, beating Mr. Trcvaniou's Bucephalus, and Lord C. H. Somerset's White Rose. June 8th, 1S08, lie won the Handicap- plate at Madding- ton, beating Mr. Dundas's Cambrian, Mr. Goddard's Old Maid, Sir H. Lippiugcott's Chaise aud One, aud Mr. Best's Augusta. July 5th, be won Fifty Guineas at Bibuiy, carrying list. 7II1. beating Mr. Goulbourn'sGrimaldi. He also the next Day won a handicap Plate, value Fifty Guineas, beating Lord Egremont's Brother to Hedley hy Gohanua, Sir H. Lippingcott's Chaise and One. and dis- tancing Mr. Cope's Nettle; six to four on ROSARIO, after the Heat three anil four to one. July 14th, he won a Sweepstakes of Fifteen Subscribers at three Heals carrying lost 2lb. at Slockbridge, beating Mr. Seckhain's b. c. by Trumpeter, out of Bcda, Lord Egrc- mont's br. c. Brother to Hedley, Mr. Feliowes' Maintain, aud Mr. Butler's Epsom. The next Day at the same Place, he won Sixly Guineas, beating Sir H. Lippingcott's Sorceress, by Sorcerer. July 20th he won Fifty Pounds, at Winchester, beating Mr. Trevaniou's b. c. Lewes. September 21st, he also won a Sweepstakes of One Hun- dred and Seventy Guineas at Kingscote, Fourteen Subscri- bers, heating Mr. Dundas's Rubens, Mr. Rush's Time- keeper, aud Sir H. C. Lippiugcott's Ploitgliboy. May 24th, 1809, at Maddiugton, he won a match for One Hundred Guineas, beating Mr. Trevanion's Gammon by Bcningbrough, out of Mulespiiiuer— At Ihe seme Placc Ihe next Day, in running lor a Sweepstakes of One Hundred . s. Seventy Guineas, he fell Lame and was taken out ofTrain. ROSARIO, is now rising eight Vears old, a dark Brow 11, with good Legs, upwards of Iti Hands high, and possesses more Powers than most Blood Horses in this Kingdom, with fine Action, Constitution, and the most excellent Temper imaginable. His Stock which are now Yearlings, are remarkable Boney and fine shaped. Mares accommodated at Seven Shillings per Week. Likewise at the same Place, a black Leicestershire WAG- GON HORSE, worth the Attention ofGentlemen, Farmers, & c. as he is unquestionably one of the completes! Horses of the kind ever shewn in this County. He will be at Cockshutt and ihe Black Lion Inn, Ellesmcre, every TUES- DAY ; at Shawbury and Uilington every FRIDAY ; at the Coach and Horses Inn, Shrewsbury, every SATURDAY; and the rest of his Time at Home, during ibe Season, N. B. Wanted a Man as GROOM to ROSARIO; none need apply whose Character will not bear Ihe strictest Inquiry for Sob riety, & c. & c. as the Horse is intended to be sent a little from Home this Season, of which further Notice will be given in a future Paper. Wem, March 3d, 1812. CHILBLAINS Are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching- instantly rfuwud bv WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUSTARD, universally esteemed for its e- xtraor tinary efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Goutv Affections and Complaiots of the Stomach ; bul where this certain remedy has been un- known or neglected, and the Chilblains have actually sup » purated, or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, and very speedily heal litem. They are prepared and sold by Ft. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, Ihe Essence* and Pills al 2s. 9d. each— the Cerate at 1s. lid. Thev are also sold by W. EDDOWES, Newling, and Palin, Shrewsbury; Painter, Wrexham ; Baugh, Ellesmere; Houlstons, Wellington ; Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow ; Partridge, 8t Uittim, Bridgnoith; Edwards, Price, and Minshall, Oswestry; and by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom The genuine has a black ink Stamp with the Name of R. Johnston inserted on it. CHURCH'S COUGIl DROPS, The CHEAPEST and SEST MEDICINE for COUGHS, COLDS, aud ASTHMAS. A fresh Proof of their astonishing Efficacy. rpHOMAS EDMUNDS, Guard to the BirminR- A ham and Sheffield Mail Coach, declares his Life was preserv- d to his Wile and Family by the sole Use of Church's Cough Drops. One bottle of which, purchased at Mr. Swin- nev's, Bookseller, High- street, relieved him from a most suffocating Asthmatic Cough, when he had 1101 any expecta- tion of living many minutes, and that by peri- cvering in tak- ing them, to the number of five bottles, was enabled to resume his employment, and is now perfectly restored, which he voluntarily ce rtifies under his Hand, at Birmimiham, the 16th of March, 1805 THOMAS EDMUNDS. Messrs. SHAW and EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, having purchased this and all Mr. Church's Medicines, none can possibly be genuine but such as have their Names en- araved on the Stamp, " Shaw and F. d'rards, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard," the imitation of which is Felony. Price only 2s. fid. and 4s. fid per bottle. Sold hy Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, London: nolil also bv VV, EDDOWRS, Bvthell, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury.; Ridgeway, and Proctet, Drayton; Che- ter, Newcastle; Silvester, Newport; Fi> » ke, Stafford ; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge & Wenlock ; and most of the respectable Medicine Venders io the United Kingdom. FROM INDIA. * AFRESH supply of that wonderful Discovery MACASSAR OIL, patronized by their Royal Highnesses the PRINCES* ot WALBS aud DUKE of SUSSEX, aud most of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL, for the HAIR. Tbe Virtues of this Oil, extracted from a tree in the Island of Macassar, in the East Indies, are far beyond Eulogium for increasing the Growth of Hair even on BAL D PUCES to a beautiful length and Thick- ness, preventing it falling off or changing Colour to the latest Period of Life; strengthening the Curl, bestowing .111 inesti mable Gloss ami Scent, rendering the Hair inexpressibly at- tracting; promotes the Growth of Whiskers, Eyebrows, & c. i « pre- eminent to use after Sea bathing, violent Exercise, and travelling in hot Climates This is no pretended Foreign oil, but the real pmnuee of the Macassar Tree, and possesses nutritious, emollient, and beautiful transparent Properties. In tine, it is Ihe first Production in the World for restoring and beautifying the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, Such celebrity has it attained that it is daily honoured with the Sanctions of Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of the Navy and Armv, Hie Faculty, anil Public at large. To Messrs. Rowland and Sort, Proprietors of the. Macassar Oil. GENTLEMEN, Jane 22, 1811. I am greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of vom Macassar Oil, for the Recovery of my Hair; which has been » o extremely thin for these eight Years past, obliged mo to wear a Wig, and used many preparations for a consi- derable time, w ithout any signs of its recruiting. Hearing of the excellency of your Oil, 1 determined nil trying it; iit a short time mv Hair began lu thicken, and by using it re- gularly for six Months, 1 was enabled to leave off my Wig, and have now 10 boast of a fine Head of Hair, which as- tonishes every one. I shall continue the use of it, as it not only thickens the Hair, bul I feel considerable pleasure in the Head after using it. M y daughter has received astonish- nit" Benefit from usmg the MACASSAR OIL, of which let the Heater have One Guinea Bottle. You are al liberty to pub- lish this Note, and mav refer anyone to Your obedient seivant, WM. HF. N. JAQUES. Sold at 3s. 6d. 10s. 6d. and one Guinea per Bottle, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND and SON, Kirby- street, Hatton. Gar- den, Lundon ; and by all wholesale Pertumers and Medicine Venders iu London— Also, by Appointment, by W. EDOOWES, Shrewsbury, who has just received a fresh supply from the proprietors ; Wright, Hereford; Stevens and Watkins, Ciiencester; Ingram and Walker, Gloucester; Ruff and Henry, Cheltenham ; and all Perfumers and Mediciue Ven- ders in every Maikel Town throughout the United Kingdom. Beware of servile Imitators, as the genuine Macassar Oil has tbe Signature of the Proprietors, \. ROWLAND and So*. Printed aniipvl. hslied by W. Eddowes, Corn- Maaket, Shrewsbury
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