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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1108
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 18/03/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1108
No Pages: 4
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NUMBER 1,108.] WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 181*. [ ruicB . JO. NEWRY, 800 Hogsheads Flax- Seed. ANDREW AIKEN has on Sale, 800 Hogsheads of NEW- YOP K & PHILADELPHIA FLAX- SEED, Growth of the Years 1810 and 1811, of the best quality, tnd which he will sell on moderate Terms. Newnir, 21st February, 131,2. N. B. The AEOLUS is daily expe& ed at this Port from NEW- YORK. ( G03 POT ASHES. THE Subscribers will SELL BY AUCTION, at their Stores, Canal- quay, on THURSDAY the 19th iiist. at ONE o'clock, One Hundred Barrels, In prime order, of the latest Manufacture, and of the nicest quality; imported this season, per Massasoit, from NEW- YORK,— Terms liberal. I. AWFORD, TRONSON, & CO. N » WRT, March 11. ( 723 DRONTHON DEALS. C A ft LI LI'S, OGLE & CO. RE now Landing the CARGO of the Brig Vetbuter- tinr, from DSONTHON. * 74) NEWRT, March 4, 1812. rjr- HE ENTERpaizi!, from NEW- YORK, is daily ex- JL pefled at this Port, with a Cargo of 900 Hogsheads of Flaxseed. 100 Barrels Pot Ashes, and £ 0,000 Barrel Staves. TREVOR & SM1THSON CORRY. NRWKT, Feb. 28. A Parcel of Last Year's NEW- YORK FLAXSEED tor Sale. ( 645 FLAXSEED & STAVES. THE SUBSCRIBERS are Landing, from the EDWARD, G. R DOWDALL, Master, from NEW- YORK, 48S 1 flaxseed, 49 HuiJ Hogsheads, \ 18,000 Barrel STAVES, Which they offer for Sale. JOHN & HUGH BOYD. Niw » t, February 6, 1812. (". 23 NEWRY. LUKE QUIN MAS RECEIVED, PER THE JOHNS, FROM LON- DON, 4- 0 SacLs Nciv Red Clover- Seed, and 40 Bushels spring Vetches. HE HAS FOR SALE, 30 Puncheons Strong Wellflavoured IVhiskty, Which, with his usual Assortment of RUM, WINE, TRAP, SUGARS, & c & c. he will dispose of on pleasing Terms. 699) March 10, 1812. The Ship ENTERPRIZE, Daily expefled at this Port from NEW- YORIC, y will rec- ive as many PASSENGERS as may gfpS'j'jSsfe offer, within Fifteen Days after her arrival, of which Notice shall be given.— For Passage, apply to TREVOR 5c SMITHSON CORRY. NEWST, March 9, 1812. { 701 FOR NEW- YORK, The Ship JEOLUS, CAPTAIN CHARLES HENRY, Shortly expected at Warrenpoint. For Passage, apply to ANDREW AIKEN. NKWRY, March 2. ( 677 N0TICE TO PASSENGERS. » V- Y:"? V^^ S> I/ II ', HOSK Persons who have engaged their ;{ passage on board the American Barque •^ Bt^&^ T' EDWARD, G. R. DOWDALI, Master, for NEW- YORK, will please be in NEWHY on the26thof March, as she will sail the first fair wit;! alter.— A few Passengers could be accommodated, if immediate application be made to the CAPTAIN, at Warrenpoint; or, te JOHN & HUGH BOYD. NEWRT, February 25. ( 648 FOR NEW- YORK, TUB FINE AMERICAN SHIP LIVERPOOL TRADER, Burthen 650 Tons, EBENEZ3R PERKINS, MASTER. Will proceed for the above Port, first fair wind after the lst April. . The LIVERPOOL TRADER IS a remarkable fine ship, quite new, and extremely well calculated for Passengers, being upwards of si* Feet between Deck: the Cabin apartments are also spacious, and fitted up in a neat style. Passengers going by this ship, may depend upon ev « Ty accommodation and attention during the Voyage, and upon a sufficient stock of Water, & c. being put on board. For Freight or Passage, apply to Captain VERKINS, at Captain SIMMS'S, Watrenpoiut; or, to CARLILES, OGLE k CO NEWRT, February 21, 1812. ( 615 NOTTINGHAM WAREHOUSE, High- street, near Corn- Marlet, where the Old Market- House stood. Te OM AS SING LESS URST TO ESPECTFULLY informs the Public, that he W re- J * ceived, per the CUNFFIIICHAM BOYLE, fro^ i LIVER- POOL, a large Supply of Silk and Cotton Hosiery, Lace Veils, Shawls^ ( Sc. < Sj'c. Which he will sell Wholesale and Retail, on terms very ad- vantageous to Purchasers, fur Ready Money. 713) Belfast, March 10. SAM. HEWITT & SAM. M'MURRAY, TP> ESPECTFtJLLY heg leave to return their sincere . itx thanks to their Customers and the Public, for the very liberal encouragement they have experie ced since their commencement in Business. They have at present on hands, a Urge Assortment of SPIRITS and GROCERIES, toge- their with lst, 3d, 4th and 5th FLOUR, fresh from their MILLS, at KNOCK, all of which they are determined to sell on moderate Terms, for good Payments No 22, Princes- street— Belfast, Feb. 22, 1812. 607) BALLAST OFFICE, 17th February, 1812. ' T'HE Contraift of JACKSON CLARK, for Supplying the I Corporation with BALLAST, having expired, such Persons as wish to make a new Contrail for the above pur- pose, during the period of SEVEN Years, are desired to send in Sealed Proposals to the Ballast Master, on or before MONDAY the 9th of March next, on which day the Con- tractor to be declared. Five Hundred Pounds security will be required. Further particulars may be had at the Ballast Office. The Corporation hiving adjourned their determi- nation tin the 19th March, Proposals will be received by Mr. MACARTNEY, in the interim— For Shovelled Ballast to Vessels at the Quay, per Ton Drudged Ditto Ditto, Shovelled Ditto at Garmoyle, Drudged Ditto Ditto, Shingle or Stone Ballast, at the Quay, Ditto at Garmoyle, — — A Contractor for the whole business will be preferred. ( 703 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the Premises, on FRIDAY tbc 20th d, iy'of March next ] f net previously disposed of by Private ComtraM. THAT commodious and extensive CONCERN, No 3- 4, on the North- side. of Talbot- street, Belfast, lately oc- cupied by JOAN NEVIN, containing in front 24 feet, and extending backwards 99 feet, with an excellent DWfiLL- ING- HOUSE in front, three stories high : In the rear, is two good STABLES and HAY. LQFT, which would make good Provision Stores, held for the unexpired term qf 61 years, at the small yearly Rent of 30 Guineas, on which Premises' there have lately beeu expended several Hundred Pounds. For further particulars, inquire of ALEX. STEWART, No. 43, Talbot- street; or at 58, Ann- street— Terms at Sale. HOUSES TO BE LET. THE HOUSE in Arthur- street, lately occupied by the Subscriber, as formerly advertised, to be Let, with or without a Fine. Also, a HOUSE in Castle- Place, suitable for a small gen- teel Family. Apply to R8BERT MONTGOMERY, Attorney at Law. Castle- place, Nov. 12. ( 83 SEA BATHING. A NEAT BATHING LODGE, within Half- a- Mile of the GIANTS'- CAUSF. WAV, to be Let, from the lst of May, ready furnished ; Office- houses, and a Grazing Field attached. If taken for any number of years, a Walled Garden and a small Meadow, would also be I. et. Application to be made to HENRY WRAY, Esq. Bent- field, Bushmills. ( 662 FOR NEW- YORK, To sail first fair wind after the 20th March, THE STOUT AND NEW AMERICAN till? fP^ MASS A SO IT, fc iSEtsSs ( Burthen 450 Tons.) This vessel is, in every rtspea, well calculated to accom- modate Passengers, being six feet six inches between decks, only one year old, and a fast sailer. Such People as wish to av » ; i themselves of this favourable opportunity, will please mmake immediate application to the CAPTAIN, on Board, at Warrenpoint, or to LAWFORD, TRONSON, k CO. Ntw » Y, February 19. ( 605 About Twelve Cabin Passengers can he taken E the Undersigned CABIN and STEERAGE PASSEN- 7 7 ( JER8 on board the Ship MASSASOIT, lrum NEW- YORK to NEWRY, return Captain WH1TTBN our sincere # nd unfeigned Thanks for his humane condu& and polite attention to us on the Voyage: And we think it but a small tribute, justly due to his merit, to mention, In this Public manner, that we consider his professional kn « w! e « ! ge, and unceasing vigilance not to be excelled-; and we beg leave to recommend this Gentleman and his Ship to those wh « in- tend crossing the Atlantic. JOHN GILMOUR, PAUL BOGGS, PATRICK HENRY, CHAS. M'LOUGHL. LN, , WILLM. M'DERMOT, DENNIS CAREY, _ EDWARD HERALD, » XW13 DOUGHERTY. COUNTY OF DOWN. FEE SIMPLE ESTATE TO BE SOI. D, FREE from all Incumbrances, the Title under an Ad of Parliament. The Townlands of LOUGHORN, SHIN, and LISNA- REE, containing above 760 Irish Acres, within a Ring Fence, and situated within four miles of Newry. Proposals may be made for these Townlands together, or for any of them separately, to THOMAS GREER, Newry; of to GEORGE CKOZIER, Dtsminick- street, Dublin. ( 444 HOMRA- GLEN HOUSE & FARM. T » be Let, or the Interest in the Lease S* ld. ' JpHE above FARM, situated in the County Down, with- il in one mile and a half of Hillsborough, and two of Lisburn; is held at a low Rent, under the MARJBIS of DOWNSHIRE, for one young life and 12 years: it contains 55 A. 2R and 7P. English Measure.— The House and Of- fices are large and in excellent repair, and the Land is in the very best condition, the greatest part of which was manured and soiled last season. The HOBSLHOLD FURNITURE, Srotic, and FARMISG UTENSILS, may be had at a valuation, and immediate pos- session gven.— Apply to Major GAYER, the Proprietor; or at the Office of this Paper. 319) Homra- Glen House, J* n. 4. TO BE SOLD, THE FARM of MAGHERACLAY, in the Liber- ties of Coleraine, containing 20 Acres o' excellent Land, ( ree from Rent; the property of ROBERT GIVEN, Esq Proposals wiii be received by Mr. ANDERSON, Bush- mills, who will give every information necessary. 55Q) February 12. TO BE SOLD, AFARM of LAND in LOWER MALONE, containing 38A. 1R. 9P. Irish Measure, lately occupied by RO- BERT M'KEE, being just One Mile frem Belfast, and held by Lease from the MARQUIS of DONEGALL, for Sixty one years, from November, 1809, at the yearly Rent of £' A6, 2s. Application to be made te GEORGE BLACK, Esq. or JAMES MORELAND, on the Premises. If not disposed of by Private Sale, before the 10th of April next. it will on that day be SOLD by PUBLIC AUC TION, at the DOHEOALL- ARMS, at the Hour of ONE o'Clock. ( 734) March 19, 1S12. WILLIAM PATTESON, COOKSTOWN. TNTENDING to quit the HARDWARE and IRON- Jl MWNGERY BUSINESS, returns sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public for their encouragement since his commencement; requests all those With whom he holds j Accounts to have them settled immediately, as he is deter- mined to resign the first of May next; when he will Let, for whatever term of years may be agreed on. his DWELL- ING- Hti/ SE. OrncRs, GAHDEN. TURE- BOO, and about two tnd a Half Acres excellent Land.— The House is very com- modious and roomy— the Shop very large, and all in the best repair, being very l* te] y finished, and the situation one of the best in town for Business of any kind — Any Person in the Hardware Line wanting such shall have a preference, and can be accommodated with the Shop Fixtures and Goods at a valuation, and a liberal Credit will be given Proposals will be received till the 20th April, when the Tenant will be declared, and possession given the first of May. 746) COOKSTOWN, March 10. COTTON MILL &- MACHINERY FOR SALE. In the Muter of 1 ' IPO SE SOLD BY WILLIAM GRIMSI1AW, ( 1 AUCTION, before a Bankrupt. ( the COMMISSIONERS in this Mater, at the ROYAL EXCHANGE, DUBLIN, on THURSDAY the 19th day of March inst. at TWO o'clock in the Afternoon, The BANK- RUPT'S INTEREST in that Valuahle COTTON MUX, j. known by the name of STACKALLEN, held by Lease for j Lives renewable for ever, subject to the Yearly Rent of [ ^ 300; also, a FARM of I. AND adjoining the said Mill, ' containing Nine Acres, with some CABINS erected thereon', held for a Term of 26 years, provided Mr. THOMAS MAR- TI v, rhe Lesso* in the Liase of said Premises, should so long live, suhjecl to the yearly Rent of 50 Guineas. And at same time will be Sold, the Entire MACHINERY and UTENSILS, comprizing 1GOO Throstle and 1200 Mule Spindles, with aft the necessary preparation apparatus. The above Mill is situate on that fine River the Boyne, 4 miles from Navan, and 10 from Drogheda, and can be viewed any day previous to the Sale. A Statement of the Title may be seen in the ROYAL EX- CHANGE COFFEE ROOM, or by application to the under- signed, at their Office, No. 45. Miry street, Dublin, in whose hands the Title Deeds may be inspetfted 726) RAMSEY & GARRETT, Agents. STALLIONS, Cover this Season, at NEW GROVE, near Ballymena, .1 at Two Guineas each Mare, and Five Shillings to the Groom:— RUM BO, By Whiskey, out of Spinetta— for his pedigree at large, and performance On the Turf, see the General Steed Book, and Racing Calendars. Also, at same place, at One Guinea each Mare, and Haif- a- Crown to the Groom, • HERCULES, A Suffolk bred Punch, impaited from the best stock in that Country. Griss, & c. for Mares, at the usual prices.— All demands for Covering and Keep, to be paid before the Alares are taken away, a « tile Groom is accountable. ( 634 TO BE SOLD, AN excellent well- inclosed MEADOW, within five minutes walk of the EXCHANGE, containing about five Acres; held immediately under the MARQUIS of DE- NEGALL, for a long Term of Years, and low Rent. For particulars, apply at 123, High- street. 695) Belfas-, March 7. TO BE LET, From the first of M" y next, qpHE DWELLING- HOUSE, No. 19, MiH- srreet, at Jl present occupied by Mr. JAMES BOYD. Also, Four Acres of TOWN PARKS, < w th-. Dublin Road ( or the In- terest in the Lease will be told). These Fields are not five minutes walk from the White Linen- Hall, and great part of thim hive been manured since last crop.— Also, a large scope of well- enclosed GROUND, in the rear of Francis- street, with Four DWELLING- HOUSES in said street, lei to Tenants at will; a long Lease, with clause of rertewal, can be given with these Tenement*, which would be found an eligible concern for any person Wafting to commence the Brewing, Cotton, or other business requiring room and a' central situation; and having the advantage of the river runuing through the ground. Apply to the Subscriber, who is, a « Hsual. well supplied with all kinds of Sole and Upper LEATHER, GLUE, and COO OIL. March 6. HU. M'KIBBIN. Three Pikes of excellent HAY for sale. ( 687 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On MONDAY the 30th of March instent, at th- Commercial Coffee- Room, tVaring- street, at ONE o'CIoci, ALEASE of a FIELD at the far end of the Pound- lane> containing 2 A. 3 R. 38 P. held under the MARQUIS of DONEGALL, for 31 Years frim November, 1798, at the Yearly Rent of £~, 10j ( 733) Belfast, March 13. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Mrs. DENflR'S, in Downfatrielt, at TWO o'CUi, tn SATURDAY, 2Ist March inst. AFARM in CLOUGHER, containing 13 Acres and 24 Perches, Irish Measure, held for ever, at 4r. Id. an Acre. Also, a FARM in TABBERMONEY, containing 8A. 3R. S8P. Irish Measure, held for ever, at 1 Is. an Acre Those Lands contain Marie and Turbary; are very near Downpatrick, and some part of them let for Town Parks. Tliey will be sold without reserve, and either in parcels or together, as may suit Purchasers. For Particulars as to Terms, & c, apply to H. WALLACE, Attorney. ( 741) DOWNPATBICK, March 9. TO BE LET, From the I st day of November last, AFARM of LAND, containing Thirteen Acres, Planta tion Measure, nituate at B* LLVNArRiGii, on the County of Down m'te of the Lagan, lately in the Possession of Mrs. CAVAN, and held under the MARQUIS of DONE- GALL, for the remainder of the original Leise, for Three Lives, all in being, or 41 Years, from May, 171) 1, or what- ever shorter time may be agreed on, The above Farm is pleasantly situated on the Banks of the Lagan, and within a few minutes walk of the Town of Belfast, by the New Bridge. Application to be made to CHARLES EASTWOOD, Esq. Castle Town, Dundalk, or te Mr. WALTER MAC- FARLAN, AUCTIONEER, Belfast. 691) Belfast, March 6, 1812. If the above FARM is not disposed of on or before FRIDAY the 3d day of April next, it will on that day be SOLD by AUCTION, at the DON EG ALL- ARMS, at the Hour of TIVO o'Clock, subject to the small Yearly Rent of £(>. ADVERTISEMENT. TQ SHOP- KEEPERS AND OTHERS. WHEREAS a set of Swindlers are now travelling the Country, to solicit orders in the names of DAY and MARTIN, Blacking- Makers, 97, High Holborn, London. Shop- keepers and others, are therefore cautioned from the fraud that is attempted to be practiced on them, as, by pay- ing attention to the number, 97, it will easily dete& the counterfeit, many of them having no number at all. The REAL JAPAN BLACKING, made by DAY afd MAR- TIN, London.— This invaluable composition, with half the usual labour, produces the most bf illiarit J$: t Black ever be- held ; affords peculiar nourishment to the leather; will not soil the finest linen ; is perfe& ly fre.- from any unpleasant smell; and will retain its virtues in any climate. Sold Wholesale, by DAY and MARTIN, NO. 97, High Houiorn, London, and by their Agent3, Henry Murney, Grocer, Belfast; John Stanley, Drupjjist, Armagh ; King Murray, Post- Office, Newry; John White, Haidwareman, ditto, and James Stevenson, Stationer, ditto; Alex. Shekul- ton, Hardwareman, Dundalk ; Pat. K>- lty, Jun. ditto The Public yriil please to observe, that Blacking sold by Martin and Co. has no connexion with Day and Martin— and none genuine except it bi milked No. 97, High Hoi- boru, Louden, £ S79 THE PRINCE REGENT'S COURT Linden, March 13. Yesterday his Royal Highness the Prinze Re- gent held his first Levee this season at Carlton House, which was very numerously and splen- didly attended by all ranks and parties, who j were anxious to pay their personal respects to his Royal Highness on his assuming the Government of the country. About eleven o'clock a detach- ment of the first ragiment of Foot Guards, com- j manded by Colonel Rainsford, in white gaiters, with the band in their State uniform, marched into the Court- yard of Carlton House. A de-; tathment of Life Guards marched into Pail- Mall and the adjacent streets, to regulate the proces- sion of carriages coming to the Levee. At a quarter before one o'clock the company began to . arrive. In addition to those who attended his : Royal Hiohness's Levee last year, attached to 1 the Court, were the King's Sergeant Porters, the Gentlemen and Groom Porters, and Under- Por-: ters. His Royal Highess's Equeries came in the King's carriages. The band played GOD Save the King from UJe time the Royal Dukes entered the yard till they entered the grand Hall. All the Dukes came in state, except the Duke of York ; the Duke of Clarence came in the Duke of Kent's Carriage; the company continued to arrive till about half- past three o'clock, with very little cessation. About two o'clock the Priuce left his private apartments, and proceeded to the state room, attended by Colonel M'Mahon, General Turner, General Keppel, Colonels Bloomfield, Congreve, f and Palmer, together with the Lord Chamberlain, the Lord Steward, the Groom of the Stole, Gold Stick ( Earl Harrington) and several other St ice attendants. His Royal Highness remained in the room attached to the Levee- room, where those who had the privilege of the entrc were assembled, such as the Cabinet Ministers, most of those who have been in office, the Foreign Ministers, Sec. & c.; this privilege granted by the King is to be strictly adhered to, as it was at St. James's Palace, and for this and other special purposes, the Prince has been pleJsed to appoint his Majesty's resident Page to the same office under his Royal Highness, to the satisfaction of all the Royal Family and Nobility. After those assembled in the Privilege- room, had paid their respects to his Royal High- ness, he proceeded to the Levee. room, where he received the following distinguished list of per- • onages. Their Royal Highuesses the Dukes of York, Clarence, Kent, Cumberland, Sussex, and Gloucester; the Cabinet Mi- nisters ; the Archbishops of Canterbury, York, and Cusllel; the Spanish, Napolitan, Turkish, Sardinian, and Hessian Ambassadors ? the King's Advacaje, the Attorney and So- licitor- General ; the Comptroller- General of the King's EM tahlishment and his vice ; Lord Mayor of London, the Re- corder, ani the sheriffs of London and Middlesex. Tll » following numerous List of Presentations took place Lieutenant- Colonel M'Mahon, of the 17th infantry, as Aid- de- C « nip to the Prince Regent The Rev. R. H Chapman, on his being appointed Chap- lain to the Prince Regent. I. ord Milton and Mr. Wilberforce, with a Petition from Sheffield and the neighbourhood. The Marquis Testaferrato, of the ancient Princes Capa di Ferro, Charge d'Affaires Maltese. Mr. Stourton, the eldest Son of Lord Stourton. Mr. Satwey, of the Coldstream Guards. Mr. Kmnaird Smith. Mr. Salter, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire. Mr. Daly, by the Lord in Waiting. Mr. Thomas Sydenham to take leave, previous to his de- parture for Cadiz. Mr. E. Clifton, of the Coldstream Guards. Mr. Morrit, by the Lord in Waiting. Viscount Valentia, on his return from Sicily, Earl of Kellie, by the Lord in Waiting. Earl of Caledon, on his marriage. Sir F. van Nepean, on his appointment to the Govesnment of Bombay, and to take leave. The Marquis of Sligo, on his return from abroad, and having received the Order of St. Patrick. Sir Hew Dalrymple, on being promoted to the rank of General. Sir James Montgomery, by the Lord in Waiting. Sir Joseph Scott, by the Duke of Norfolk. Sir George Click, by the Lord in Waiting, Sir Charles Brisbane, on his return to the Government of St Vincent. The Bishop of Chichester; to present his Sermon. Baron Woiff, by the Lord in Waiting Sir Frederick Flood, on his arrival from Ireland. Sir George Clerk, by the Lord in Waiting. Colonel Lyon, 97th Regiment, on being appointed Equery to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, and on his return from Portugal. Governor Cameron, by the Earl of Liverpool. The Shetifftof London and Middlesex, with a Petition from the Debtors in Ludgate, and one from Joseph Stevens. Commodore Cockburn, by Lord Ca9tlereagh, on his de- parture for Cadiz and the Spanish American Colonies Colonel John Brown, on being appointed Deputy Qaar- ter- Master- General. Colonel De Watteville, upon his arrival from Cadiz. Colonel Carey, 3d Guards, on his promotion. Lieut.- Colonel Macdonell, upon his appointment to the Coldstream Guards. Colonel Ponsonby, 5th Dragoon Guards, on his return from Portugal. Lieut.- Coionel Otway, Assistant Quarter- Master- General of the Home Dist. iift. Lieut - Colonel Thornton, Duke of York's Greek Light Infantry, by the Lord in Waiting. Count Ludolf, by the Lord in Waiting. Lieut.- Colonel Higgins, on his promotion. Colonel Bloomfield, upon his appointment to Clerk, Mar- shal, and Chief Equeiry, and upon his promotion Colonel Baron Pfellitzer, by the Lord in Waiting. The Bishop of Derry, by the Lord In Waiting. Lieut.- Colonel Thornton, on his promotion. The Bishop of Kildare, by the Lord in Waiting. Lieut.- Colonel Bingham, lst Guards, on his promotion, Major Beatty, on his promotion, and return frum abroad. Lieut.- Colonel Higginlion, on his promotion. Colonel Curzon, of the Oxford Volunteers. Lieu'.- Colouel the Hon. Lincoln Stanhope, 17th Dntjoons, on his promotion. Lieut.- Colonel R. W. Rooke. 3d Guards, or. his promotion! Lieut.- Colonel Dancy, oil h » s promotion,. Lieut.- Colonel Frazer, Commandant 18th Br. ltalion Nova Scotia Miiitu. The Bishop of Cloyne, by ; he I. ord in Waiting. Lieutenant Grosveuor Gore, on his return from Canada. Captain Hunter, l" t Foot Guards, on his promotion, i Captain Nixon, 17th Foot, on his return from Portugal, ! and til being appointed to the Staff in India, j Captain . barns, R. N. oa his return from tfce Mediter- [ f anu'aii. Captain Weyland, ISrh Dragoons, Aid- de-' Camp to M^- jo-- Generai An. snn. Captain W. M Courtnay, R. N. on his promotion. Ciptaiii Wilmot, "' the R ' ysl Artillery. Mr Scralian, M. P. bv ths'Lord in Waiting. Captain Hastings, on his being appointed to a Co- npitjy. Colonel Gordon, on Ills appointment to be Quarter- Ma* ter- General. Captain Digby, R. N. Colonel. V- jar:}, oil Ins promotion. Captain G< x>.' Harris, of his Majesty's ship Sir Francis, Dnke, from Java. The Bishop of M. uth, by the Lord in Waiting. Rear- Admiral Bligii, oil his promotion. Rea,-- Admiral Sir Cfiarles Hamilton, on his prom.-- too. Captain Hawker, R. N, on his return from the North Ameiican station. Captain Brenton, or, his appointment to his Maj styVshlp Stirling Castle. Captain Rocnfort, by the Lord in Waiting. Mr. Herries, on his appointment as Commissary in- C.' liif, Captain Hart, R. N. on his promotion. Captain Hunter, First Foot Guards, on nis promotion. Mr. Oakl- y, late his Mijesty's Secretary oi Legation i « tile United States, on his return to England. Mr. Hunter, by the Lord in Waiting. Ensign Lake, 3d Guards. Mr Davy, by the Lord in Waiting. Mr. Bond, his Maj sty's Consul- Genera! at Philadelphia, formerly Charge d'Ail'dires to the United State* of Amjrka, returned home il^ on leate. Mr. Bridgeman Siinpion, by the Lotd in Waiting. Mr. Charles Grant, jun by the Lord in Waiting. Mr. St. Lejjer, by the Loi'd in Waiting. Mr. James Warre, by the Lord in Waiting. Mr. Merry, late his Majesty's Minister to Sweden. Mr. Willis, Clerk of the Green Clo: Ii. Mr. St. Leger, Vice- Chamberlain to her Royal Hi- haell the Princess of Wales. Mr. G. Smith, by the Lord in Waiting. The P. ev. Dr. Cookson, Canon of Windsor. • Dr. Highmore, by the Lord in Waiting. Major- General Harpe, on his promotion, Captain Digby, R. N. by the Lord in Waiting. Captain George Harris. Lord Bruce, Colonel of the Wiltshire Militia, by the Lota in Waiting. . Duke of Devonshire, on coming to his title. Viscount Haward-' n, on his marriage. Major O'Halloran, oil his promotion and ret « rn freai, Portugal. Major Bi hopp, on his promotion. Mr. Hunter, by the Lord in Waiting. Mr. Thomas Sydenham, on his departure for Cadiz. Lord James Murray, on his being appointed one of ttal Lords of his Majisty'c Bedchamber. Rear- Admiral Diikes, by the I. ord in Waiting. Mr Liston, Ambassador to Turkey. Major Doyle, on his promotion and return from Po- tugah Major Ch ipman, ofthe Royal Engineers, on his promotion" Co onel John Brown, on his being appointed Deputy Quarter- Master- General. i. ord Burghersh, on his promotion; General Whyte, on his promotion. Lieutenant- General Weinyss. Colonel Orde, on his promotion; General Ross, on his promotion. MajoraGen. Murray, of the 3d Guards on his promotion, Major- Gen LuniL- y, on his return from- Portugal. Major- General Tinling Weddrmgton, on his pioinotion, and appointment to the Staff at Gibraltar. Major- General Agnew, by the Earl of Liverpool. Colonel Watteville, on his arrival from Cadiz, Captain Barrow, of the Coldstream Guards, on his retuwl rom Portugal Capt. Northey, R. N. by Mr.^ Yorl-. e, who had the hon - our to kiss hands. ' Lieut.- Colonel Parker Carrol, on his return to Spain. Lietit,- Colonel Cochrane, on his return from Portugal. Capt. Duke, of the West India Regiment, on his pro- motion. Lieut. Col. Hill, of the Royal Horse Guardi, on his proa motion, Major- Gen. Lindsey, on his promotion, and appointment to the Staff in the West Indies, by the Lord in Waiting, Major- Gen. Maitland, on his promotion. J. ieut.- Col. Gord « n, on his promotion, and r « turn from Portugal, Lord Granville Levison Gower, with a Petition from th » Staffordshire Potteries. Lieut.- Col. Davy, on his appointment as Lieut.- Gorer- n » r of Van Diemen's Land. Captain Rochford, by the Lord in Waiting. Lieut - Col. H. W. Rjoke, 3d Guards, on ais promotion. Doctor Knighton, on being appointed Pnysician in Or- » dinary to his R. oyal Highness, by the Lord in Waiting. Viscount Hawarden, on his marriage, by the Lord in Waiting. Rear- Admiral Sir E. Buller, by the Lori in Waiting. R. ear- Admiral Sir Charlui Hamilton, by the Lord in Waiting. | Major Richard Williams, on his return from Portugal, by the Lord in Waiting. Vice- Adniiral Martin, on his promotion, by the Lord ia Waiting Captain John Raymond Snow, by the Lord Mayor; Major- General Rebon, by the Lord in VViiting. Colonel Torfens, on his being appointed Aid- de- Camp t « his Royal Highness the Priuce Regent, by the I. ord is Waiting. Joseph Hume, Esq. M. P. for ^ eymouth, by the Lord ia Waiting. Major- fleneral Sir W. Ayllett, on his promotion, by th* Lord in Waiting. Major- General Hislop, cm being appointed Equerry t « the Duke of Cambridge, & c. Major- General Campbell, on his return from Portugal, by the Lord in Waiting. Major- General Smyth, going to British North America, by the Lord in Waiting. Colonel Lyon, on being appointed Equerry Eo the Dukt of Cambridge, by the Lord in Waiting. General GWynne, for the Government of Shcerness, by the Lord in Waiting. General Lumtey, on his return from Portugal, by th « Lord in Waiting. Captain A. B. Bingham, R. N. by Mr. Shiffner. C'apt iin Webber Smith, R. H. A. by the Lord in Waiting , Mr. Stopford, on being made Cannon of Windsor. Captain Hastings, by the Lord in Waiting. Mr. Tomline, by his father, the Bishop of Lincoln. Mr. Ad- mis, Ocs. list Extraordinary to his Royal High « ness the Prince R.- gent.' Mr. Kennedy, Commissary- General, upon leave fi om Por- tugal. Mr. C. Deskro. r, upon his going to Portugal. Mr. Mitford, by the Lord in Waiting, j Mr. Gore, Lieut.- Governor of Upper Canada, « n his ra « turn. Mr. A. Marsden, by the Lord in Waiting. Hon. G. Blacquire, upon his appointment to the Staff it the Home Distriift, and upon his promotion. Mr. Under Sheriff Poynder, by Mr. Sheriff Birch. Mr. Stewart, M. P. Tyrone, by the Lord in Waiting, Mr. Golburn, on his marriage. Dr Saunders, Physician Extra » rdinary to the Prince Ra- gent. Dr. Price appointed Physician to York HovpitaL Captain Barrow, Coldstream Guards, on his return from Portugal. Captain Fitzclarence, Royal Hussars, on his appointment1 as Aide- de- Qamp. Captain Coles, R. N on his having received a inedal f « r- the capture of the Bands Islands. fI'. r tnntiniif. u* tee second % rf In tlntiHuatU* from fr it page.) ' Mr. B. Barrow, on his taking that name. Captain Seymour, R. N. Captain Sharp, R. N. poionel M'Mahon, on his appointment of Aid- de- Camp to his Royal Highness, and return from Portugal. Oanraln M'N imara. R. N. Maior Graham. Aid- de- Camp to Major- Gen. Hammond. Major Richard Williams, commanding a Royal Atfarine Battalion, on his return from Portugal. Genera! Earl of Pembroke, on his promotion. The Archbishop of Cashel, by the I. ord in Waiting. . Haroii de Diemar, by the X. ord in Waiting Maior. General Houston, on his appointment to the 4th Garrison Battalion. Brigadier- General Sir Robert Wilson, by Lord Viscount Castlereagh. Lieutenant- General Sir C. Hastings, on his- appointment to the 12th Foot. Lieutenanr- General Robinson, on his promotion. Lieut.- General Sir John Mu ray. Bart, on bis promotion. General P. osson, on bis promorion. Mr, James Warre, bv the I. ord in Waiting. Majnr- General H. M. Gordon,' on his promotion. Msjor- General Alexander Hope, on being appointed Go- vernor of tfce Royal Milit.. rv Coiirge. Mrpr- Gen. Brnderxk, on his return from the West Indies. Miijar General Sir Thomas Dyer, on his promotion Major- General Alexander Campbell, on his return from Portugal, and on his appointment to the command of the , Forces » t che Isle of F ancr. Major- GenerafSharpe on his promotion. Lieutenant- General Robinson, on his promotion. Major- Gereral P. rter, by the Lord in Waiting. M^" r Chapman. Rrwal Engineers, on his promotion. Major Widdr'mgton, 13 b R. gimtut of Foot, on kit pro- motion, and return from Portugal. Captain Fdward Crnfton, R. N on h: s promotion, and return from he West Indies. , Major- General Maitland, on his promotion. Major Beattv. G4th Regime!*, or hii promotion and re- turn from the West Indies. Major- Genera! I awson, R. A. Cape, llitri ie, R. N on bis return from the Mediterranean. M-' jor Warner, 26th R- grrrent, on hit promotion. The Dean of Wir, Chester, by the I. otd in Waiting. Major- General Disney, on his return from Cadiz, and on toeing appointed to the Home Staff. Major- General Nightingall, on his return from Portugal, » cd on bis appointment to the Staff io Bengal, Capt. Fellow es R. N. on his return frnm the Mediterranean. The Rev. Dr Hook, on being appointed private Chaplain to the Prince. " Captain Maicolm, on his appointment as Captain oF. the Channel Fleet.' Major- General H. M. Gordon, on his promotion. Arcl deacon De Grey, by the Lord in Waiting. ' The Rf v. Dr. A. Bell, Ma- ter of the Sherborn Hospital. Major Warner, of the 26th Regiment, on his promotion Captain Wilmot, Royal Horse Artillery. Captain Nixon, of the 17th foot, on his return from Por- tugal, and on being appointed to the St ff in India. Mr. Culling Smith, by the tord in Waiting. Mr. Stephenson, on being appointed Secretary to th* Groom of the Stole, and Master of his Majesty's Household, at Windsor Mr. John Sanderson, of the Isl , nd of Trinidad, deputed to present a Petition from thr Mayor and Merchants of. Lancaster; also a Petition from the Merchants of the City of Glasgow; and also a Peti'ion frpm the Merchants of the City of Briaiol, on thr affairs of Trinidad. Mr E Clifton, of t ie Coldstream Guards. Major- Gt- neaai Pakenbam, on his promotion. Colonel Mellish, on his promotion. Dr. Moseley, jun. by his father, Dr. Moseley. , Colonel Cooke, Caldsrream, on his promotion. Captain Hawker, R. N. on his return from North America. Lieutenant- Colonel Tuyll, on his promotion. Captain Hart, R N. on his promotion. Vice- Atlmiral Bowater, on his promotion. Captain Seymour, R. N. by the I. ord in Waiting. The unde.- men'ioned Officers of the Ist Regiment of I. ife Guards w « u> presented by the Farl el Harrington :— Lieut - Colonel Fetriorj Major C , mac, on his promotion as Major: Captains E. ana J. Davis, on their promotion; arid Lieu- tttuam Herbert. ", . ' ' I • •< » .'•- . LONDON, Friday. March We have jrreat satisfaction in observing that the Prince Regent's Levee was attended by al- most all the eminent political men of nil parties nrd that the early friends " f his Royal Highness't public life, were among the foremost to bear tes- timony of their a'taclnnent to his Royal High- ness's person, by their Attendance on this occasion, • Notwithstanding anv nnpleaianf impression that ircav ha » <' been made unon them by the form of the late overture f > r obtaining their aid to the ex- isting Administration. His Royal Highness re- ceived them with that ease and politeness for vhich he i^ so eminently distinguished. Lady C. Long sent out tickets to all her friends and acquaintance to come and see her daughter's • weddiner garments, but being resolved that no one should have a peep eicept those invited, she remained in her drawing- room all day yesterday ' to receive the tickets, and to gratify the eager curiosity of the Ma'ams and Misses, abundance of fine clothes were never seen to- gether before. The success of Mr. Betty, at Cheltenham and Gloucester, has been unprecedented. At Chelten- ham he drew £ 200 in three nights, a thing scarce ly ever done at the height of the season ; and now inore astonishing, as this is not the regular time of playing there. jijj 1 r POISONING RACE HORSES. TRIAL OF D. DAWSON. CAMB* I © GB.— This trial, which has occupied * o much the attention in the sporting world, took place yesterday at the Cambridge Assizes, be- fore Mr. Justice Heath. The Court was sc jnuch crowded, that the business was greatly im peded. The Prisoner was indicted for wilfully and maliciously poisoning a colt, by Eagle, the property of Sir F. Siandish, by infusing a quan- tity of white arsenic into a water trough on the Newmarket cotuse in April; 1811. Mr. Serjeant SelUn, on the part of the prose cution, detatled the case to the Jury. Cecil Bishop, who had been committed as an accomplice with Dawson, was admitted an ap- prover in ihe case, and tl> « substance of his evi- dence was as follows:— He hail been acquainted with the prisoner since the year 1S07 » witness fcfing at that time shopman trt a chemist and druggist in Wardour- street. His acquaintance V- ith Dawson originated in ensequence of the latter having represented ttf him that he had a friend whose horse had been piayed tricks with, and, in order to retaliate, the prisoner asked wit- ness his advice as to what was best to give a horse ^ o sicken him w;- hout killing him; or, in had been together at - different races, and witness had procured solutions of arsenic at various times, which h< td been inru-, ed into a trough ar Don- caster, v. here two brood mares were destroyed. They had also attempted to poison Lord Dir- lington's Rubens, which won the Pavilion stakes at Brighton in 1809; and they succeeded in an attempt at Newmarket in the same year— In conjunflion with a man, by repu'e named Triste, witness had been employed by ? h= prisoner to infuse poison into the troughs at Newmarket, in 1811. Pirouette, the favourite for the Craven stakes at Newmarket, was the objesS of the poi- soning ; and she was under the care of Mr. Rich- ard Prince, a respeflable stable- keeper, at New- market ; and also a training groom, in high es- teem among the Members of the Jockey Club —• Mr. Prince had under hi*) care the principal horses for the Claret stakes, among which were Spaniard and Pirouette, the property of Lord Foley ; the Dandy, the property of Lord Kirmatrd ; and the Eagle colt, the < ubjefl of this ir. diflment, all of which were poisoned, but some recovered. Bishop said, that he had infused the arseric into the trough;, / three in number, where Mr. Prince's horses watered, by means of a syringe, in con- sequence of their being covered and lucked.— D iwson was the afting man in the back ground, and Triste Was the p rson who was to b > ck the field against the favourites After h iving water- ed the horses on the 1st of May, the day after the Claret stakes were run for, they were all taken ill ; in the stables, refused their corn ; and the four ; which died may be estimated, considering their Jwi value and their engagements, at £ 12.000. Whilst Dawson was in London, Bishop was busy in keeping arsenic in the trough; and he address- ed ^ he Prisoner by the appellation of " Miss D tw- son," and received in return, of Dawson, inci- sures to enable him to carry on bis nefarious prac- tices. . The poisoning of fhS horses was completely proved by Mr. Prince, who had been apprized of the plan, and owing to his exertions, the perpe- trators were brought to justice. A young irtan named Longford, proved that the Prisoner had met hfm at Newmarket ir, 1810, and consulted him with regard to lending him- self as an agent on the occasion. Dawson had often called on him, but he refused to participate in his plans. After Bishop's evidence had been gone through, the Judge stopped the proceedings, and after hearing arguments on the part of Mr. Serjeant Sellon for the prosecution, and Mr. King for the prisoner, direfted an acquittal, on the grounds that the piisoner had been indified as a. principal in- stead of an accessary before the faff, which, in p- jint of law, could not be maintained. The pri- soner was acquitted, to the mortification of a crowdcd Court, but was detained until next As- sizes, on a charge of poisoning race- horses in 1809. BELFAST COURSF/ OF " EXCHANGE, & c. ~ tJ* s\ cn 13.— Belfast on London ( 2Ids.) Rj 8 j- per cent. Belfast on Dublin ( 61 ds.) I pe- cent. Belfast on Glasgow 7 per cent. IMIN, MARCH 5— S{ per cent. Gov. Deb. 72jj 5 per lent. Ditto 101J EHCI. UH, FHH. 29.— 3 per cent. Copsois 62f AT ARC A 5.— Dub. on Lwi. £- 1 8 | RSA 29 Lao on Dih We learn from respectable authority, that when Lord, Boringdon's motion comes before the House of Lords on Thursday next, it is the in- tention of the Marquis Wellesley to take that op- portunity of stating fully to the House the mo- tives which induced his Lordship to relinquish the high and re ponsible situation which be lately held in the Government.— Star. All the speculations upon the union, or no union, of Miss Tilney Long, have, we hear, been terminated by the private solemniz ttion of the j nuptials botween that Lady and Mr. Wellesley Pole, by special licence, this morning, at the house of Lady Catherine Long,— Sun. We ( Sun) this morning received American! Papers, from which we have made the following extracts :— " BOSTON, FEB. 14 They talk in Washing- ton, of a recess of Congress in March. " Mr. Morier, the late English Charge d'Af- faires, has embarked from New- York for Brazil. rfoUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, FEB. 4. MILITIA. BILI—-" The passage of this Bill was again opposed as unconstitutional and ex- pensive ; but on the question, Shall this Bill pass ? the votes wen?— Ayes 62— Noes 50.— So the Bill passed the House. " A Bill for raising a corp; of Flying Artillery was read twice.'* A A R iv ED. MAILS SINCE Ot'R LA8T. DUE « J Br DONAGHABEK O 2 Br DBBMN O . The Statistical Survey of the County of An- trim ( in two volumes) may be had, during ihe As- sizes, from the kev. Richd. Dobbs, Carrickfergus. BELFAST* li'ednesday, March 18, 1 812. The London Papers of Friday, are much occu- pied in detailing the particulars of the PRINCE REGENT'S Levee, at which, we understand, as a rg^ tter of course, the leading men of all political pafties attended, as a mark of lespefl, both for the high office of REGINT, and for thf illustrious Individual in whom the Powers of Government are vested. A list of the presentations, Stc. will be found in another part of this Paper. The four vacant Blue Ribbons, which have al- ready been rejeffed by several Noblemen, are, it is said, at last assigned to the Prince ot CRANGE, Duke of RICHMOND, Duke of NEWCASTLE, and Duke of MONTROSE. In the House of Commons on Friday last, Sir Francis Burdett, in proposing a clause for abo- lishing the practice of flogging in the British army, went into a long review of military af- fairs, which our present limits do not permit us to enter upon. His observations however were very similar to those he formerly made use of oi\ the same subject ; and his motion was negatived by a majority of 79 against 6. vr—.—- r -. a. PACKET BY EXPRESS. INTERESTING LETTER FROM WASHINGTON OF THE 6TH FEBRUARY. [ front the Columbi Centincl of the 12 th of February.] " The Bill reported by the Committee of Com- merce to allow the importation of certain goods, still lies on rbe table. I am confident a majority of Congress consider such a bill jv: t and due to tfyeir constituents who have property in England and the Islands, but they are. deterred, from the discharge of their duty in passing it, by the nume- rous and scandalous and threatening letters which the members daily receive from interested ai d hot- headed partisans, in opposition to the r^' poit- ' ed bill. " These letters have a most astonishing influence even on fair minds ; and are not counterbalanced by scarcely a solitaiy line from the mercantile and shipping interest;,. or the friends of peace; be as- sured that all political party distin- flions aje here despised, and are nearly defiiriS'; and IJam con- fident a maj^ ity of Corigreoj are true An^ ericans, who have no undue predeliflioi/ for Fiance or England, and who only desire to know what can be best done for the good of their country, to do it. A majority, I know, are opposed to war, if it can possibly be avoided— But there is an interest in Congress deadly hostile to commerce, and to the commercial part of the community, particu- larly to New England. It arises partly from ig. | norance, partly fr<> m undue prejudice, and partly because thev are led to believe that the restrictive anti- commerci; d system has the sanction of the great body of the New England people, and they roms- k that there jAs not^ een a single memorial or remonstiance oil ihe subject, laid on the table during the Session. " This is nearly true. What t^ e cause of this apathy and remissness can be, I am not compe- tent to tell— but am convinced, from frequent con-# rsations on the subject with influential i Members of the majority, that if the people of I New England wo d respectfully memorialize ^ Congress on the subject of the embarrasments on [ this commerce, and remonstrate against a war, whik their property could be drawn out of f England, that they1 would be gratified. Let every town originate and send one or more— let them he signed by the friends of commerce, the mechanics and agricultural interests qonneCl. ed w ith commerce, regardless of any paltry dis- tiniflions of party politics or more paltry elec- tioneering considerations, and I am satisfied the restrictive system will be abandoned, the alarm of war will subside, and t, he merchants and mariners of the United State., be allowed to manage their own concerns in their own way." The following letter ha » been received ar Glas- gow from New York. The New Yurk Papers to the 12,. h, which arrived on Tuesday, contained similar intelligence. Extract of a Letter from New York, dated 10th Feb. re- ceived !> y a Mi- rci- aritil Hous" in Glasgow. " The Trid inr having been detained by ad- verse winds, wc have now to inform you, that intelligence h is this moriing been received from Washington, upon very respectable sources, stat- ing that an arrangement has been concluded be- tween your Ministers and our Government to form a Treaty, to be the sarrfe in substance as that negociated some time past at London by Mr Munrce, with the ercepti m of the ^ pendis, on- account of which our government then rejected it. " We hope, and have good grounds to believe the report to be true in substance. To- motrow we shall'probably be better informed." The Committee of the Belfast Charitable So- ciety, present their sincere thanks to the Rev. Robert Acheson, for his excellent and impressive \ Sermon, preached on Sunday th; 8th inst. for the benefit of the Foor- H mse and Iufirm- tr/, in consequence of which a collection was m- tde amounting to £ 130, 5d. Cwen'Whelan, the young man suspected of malpractices in the Post- Office, was apprehended on Thursday evening, and was committed to Newgate on Sunday afternoon. Me was to have left Ireland in one or two days, He is excessivly affected w'th his situation.— Patriot. The Caledonian Mercury ot Thursday last con- tains the following article, which they state having received from their private correspondent in London : " In my last you had a short account of the curi- ous fracas which took place at Carlton- House- on Sa- turday fortnight last. Anothersomewh. it remarkable occurrence has since taken plac". It will be recol- lected that the Duke of I*; Iford lately requested and obtained an- audience of his Royal Highness, The object of that audience was to lay certiin papers before his Royal Highness, and to rec/ d to his Royal Hi'di- ni'ss's recollection the hopes and expectatipns which his Grace, while Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, had been anthorised to hold oat to the Catholics. The ground U] ton which the Duke of Bedfoid acted was, I understand, an instruction from his Royal High- ness, to hold, out the language which he then used, and which instruction was contained in a letter from his Royal Highness to the Duke. The Duke 1 " ft 3 copy of the letter, together with other papers, relative j to the same subject, with his Royal Highness, for his ' perusal, addin g, that he expected . to be questioned r s ' to the matter in the House of Peers, when the Ca- j thnlic question came under discussion. The answer ' of his Roval Highness to the Duke was to the fol- j lowing effect\—' I wili always attend, my dear John, to whatever you recommend :— rely upon it, thete pa- pers shall have my most serious consideration." DONAGHADET'!— March 1( 5. Oil 13th inst. the, brig Stay, Capt. Love, of 250 tons, with a general cargo fionj Greenock bound to I Newfoundland, struck upon an otit- lying rock to the eastward of the South Rock, and with difficulty the crew were saved. This sunk rock is about one mile east of the foul ground laid down in the charts ; and mariners are cautioned from standing so close as the charts seem to warrant, especially at low water. On the night of' Saturday last, the sloop Royal Oak, M'Gowan, with corn, from the Isle of Whit- horn for Greenock, struck on the south side of the Copeland Isle, and went, to pieces ; crew saved. BELFAST EXPORTS, For the IVeei ending the 12ih Instant. Jtmtica— 44 496 yards Lilian — 1 box Linen Thread— 161 b irreU Beef— 28 lihds. 32 casts Hauls— 440 barrels Pork — 10 kegs Tongues— 50 boxes Soap— 20 boxes bandies— 21 ca^ ks bottled Claret— 9 hampers Chee- e— 27 han-. pert bottled Po ter. Baeno, Ayret — 97 S54 yards I. inen— 224,503 yards White Calico— 5250 yards stained Calico— 250 lb. sewing Cot- ton— 48. Cotton Quilts— 10 tons Coals— 30 cwt. Iron Po's— 1 bhd. Port Wine— 1 hhd Rum— 1 pipe Teneriffa Wine. Liverpool— 134.200 yards Linen— 1.5 bjt- s Fl- ijr— 100 firki. it Butter— 100 tierces Beef— 50 barrels Pork— f84 Cew Hides— 105 bales Bicon— 23 casks Manganese— 18 hhds. Hams— 16 bundles Calf Skins. Strainer— 1^ 000 Brick. Dublin— 425 kegs Black Soap— 20 tons AJjhasteri— 20 bales Tunned Leather— 150 bottles Vitriol— 80 casks Blcathina Salts— li ca- ks Sugar. Drogbeda— 80 bales Alicante Barilla. Dmi ialt*- 30 iwrrels Herrings— 1700 Deals— 300 Staves— 100 bues Bariila. Weekly Slipping and Ccmtoercial Lilt The fourth Subscription nail and SjupUcr voa THE BtttfElT or THE puntl or TIIE IRISH HAllP SOCIETY, vvril. l. beheld in the EiCKAt. uE- Ro3M « , on THURS- ') 7 HAY E. vttiifw, the 19th March ihst. I. AQUS to draw for Placet, and Darcitrg to coipmenjs. at Nine o'CIock. CORTLAND M SKINNER, Esq.! - , THOMAS J. ANDREWS, Esq. | C3tewar" 5- Mr. HULL, Master of the Ceremonies, Strangers and Officers of the Garrison, by applying to gather of the Stewards, cao be accommodated witft exira Tickets ( or the Evening. ( 724 -—.-.., i i. ... g THEATRE, BELFAST. Last Xight cf Bruin Boroihme. VN FRIDAY neit ( th « 20th mat.) will be presertri. ether words, what wou Last night an Express arrived at this Office with the London Journals of Saturday, from which we make the following extracts : London, Saturdayx March 14. This morning we received a le ter from an Officer serving in the army under the Earl of Wellington, dated Freynada, the 28th ult. It, is extremely brief, being written in haste, and only mentions that the bombardment of Badajos was expected to take place two days after the date of the letter, Viz. on the 1st instant; and that this important operation is to be conducted under the command of the gallant General HilL Another letter written a few days before the above, states, that the 1st and 6. h Divisions of the Army were on their march to Badajos, and that General Graham was to have been at Abrantes, on his way thither, about the end of last month. 1 here seems to be no Symptom of Lord Wel- , MRS. SIDDONS. EDINBURGH. SATURDAY, MARCH H.—- The crowd was immense last night, to wimess the final exit of Mrs. Siddms from our stage. AH the avenues of the Theatre were thronged at half- pa^ t fiur o'clock. When the doors were opened, the populace rushed in like a torrent, and the. house overflowed in a few minutes. Many hats, shoes, shawls, & c. were lost in the scuffle, but we rejoice to say, no serie- tis mischief occurred. The play was Henry the Eighth, in which Mrs. Sid- dons sustained the par; of the' Queen with inde- scribable effeift. At the end of the tragedy the curtain rose, and Mrs. Siddoas came forward. The sight was th n impressive and affeflive; every person in thd house stood up, out of compliment to the abilities of the speaker, and Mrs. Siddons deliveted a poeti- cal adieu to the audience, in a style that suffused every eye with tears, and filled every heart with regret. At the conclusion, her s" ii, Mr. Henry Siddons, led her off the stage, amidst the sighs and acclamations of the audience. 23E] J'VlST SI3JNiJ The Triton, Captain Sherry, for. New- York. The Commerce, Bishop, from hence, arrived safe at Li- verpool5 14th imt. ' 1 he armed brig Endeavour, Fitz^' mons, hence for Lon- don, was safe at Scdly 10th mst waiting a fair wind. The armed brig Aurora., Starks sails lor London, in a few inys. The Ceres, Savage, sails fi- st f ir win 1 for Liverpool. The armed brig Venus, Pendleton, from hence for Lon- don, was in Scilly the I* Oth instant, waiting a fair wind to proceed on her voyage. The Neptune, Davidson, from Liverpool, arrived here on Saturday The Kelly, M'ltwain, for Liverpool, is detained by con- trary winds only. The armed brig Vine, Montgomery, for London, is load- ing, to s iil in a few dayt" The armed brig 3t. Patrick, Campbell, Is loading at Lon- don for this port, to sail on delivery of Teas from the Sales. The Margaret & Nancy, Galbraith, is loading for Green- ock and Glasgow, to nil in a lew days. The Betseys, Ntilsun, for Glasgow, only waits a fair wind. Tli » Alexander, George Bruce, is loading for Colerain. The Hawk, M'Cormick, at Glasgow ; and the Dispatch, Jam- son, at Dublin, are loading for Bellast. ARRIVED. Phoebe, Caven, from St. Michaels, 185 boxes Oranges, 20 boxes Lemons. Dan, M'Cormick, from Cambletown. Eleven Vessels with Coals. Two Brothers, Harper, from Limerick. Sir Keitor, from Strangford. • Friend*, C'Jflway, from Lancerotte. SAILED. 10th inst.— Mary, Whitry, for Dundalk. Eagle, Owens, for Drogh& ta. 12th in< t Z.- phyr, Du Pareq, for Busnos Ayres. James Bailie, Hogshead, for Jamaica. Ann, M'Mochon, for Stranraer. Marritd. Yesterday, FRANCIS JONES Esq Jutl of Dawson Street, Dublin, to Miss WILSON, of the Donegal! Arms. - V / - " — F. WTL ( b. ing the ninth eticcestivc night), the Grand Notions} Drama of BRIAN EOROIH M E ; A » akered by Mr. KNOWtEt, of the Belfast Theatre; with. New Scenery, Dresses, and Decorations. To which will be added, a Favourite Farce, at will h » ex- pressed in the Bills of the Day. ( 7f 9 SUNDAY SCHOOL CARRICKFERGUS. C\\ N SUNDAY the 22d in « t. a CHARITY SFRVON ' will be preached in the Parish Chijrch of CAR- RlCKfBRGUS, by the Rev. THEO, BLAKF. LT, A. M. Dean of Conner, and a collection in aid of the Funds of the SUNIX* SCHOOL, established in that town. At the ex'- tence of this Institution, in which • ,> v. - r THREE HUNDRED Children of both ser = struction, dtp* nds solely on the contribtiti » >: i i- lent, the presence and assistance of ev - cau- e of education and morality is earn* 1/ - Carrickfergus, March 11. H'holesale J Toolkit IVtirdt<- v. - iou: K: i.. ng iitni; or, in , j j here seems to be no ^ rop iu', d produce similar effects j , s ^ v,^ from Freyns spoke of. Witness anu the i % . . , „ r , r. , , p. , , - i ty of obtaining the means of Died. Tn the corrected list of killed at the assault of Ciudnd Rodrlgo, appears the name cf Captain Anderson, of the 94th regiment, who fi ll gallantly leading its left wing to tile breach— beinff, of the officers present, next in seniority to Lieutenant- Col. Campbell, who commanded the ijfjht wing on tjc same glorious occasion. This brave officer hav- ing been upwards of 17 years ia the regiment, had b. eeii at the stormlag of Striiigipatam iu 1799, and in most of Lord Wellington's battles in the East Indies; and although the fatigue of v;> ry active service, itj , nri uncongenial climate, frequently affected his health, he never was ausent from liis duty beyond a few months altogether. When senior Captain, and on actual sarvice, at the occttrrcnceot' a vacant Majority in his regiment about 18 months ago, Cajit, Llovd, son to the Member for OK- Queen's county,• ( the place of Loid Wellington s nativity) . though an ofhuer only t f the year 1799, aod tes junior officer, was appointed U> supersede him. Since that period, no Major ever appeared with ( he regiment, and Ca;> f. Andersen continued to do their duty. While bis JOHN WHITTLE & CO. A RE receiving this Day from on board tec Jit.* >:- A Several Bales of WOOLLEN:;.. - Wi icli contain a Variety of most i'AsniosABt e . • in ' their Line, worth the early attention of their Fr. 766) Belfast, March i r TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ON FRIDAY the 27th instant, preci ely a- TWl'I V o'clock, at WILLIAM PHELPS's Stores, N L'me- Kiln- Dock, 4- 0 Bales Prime Bowed Genrgia CQTTON- VAM: ad*. The difficul- ibe horse prisoner spoke of. Witness and the jl " obtaining" the means'of land conveyance, • vi- ivoner became very intimate, and bishop's evi- j; ' b . . ' which was in some part corroborated,^ bjefls the army to great hardshtjis from the a setae of iniquity neve, ticelkd. They want of clothing and other supplies. dtfite, The G'and Jury of the County Down will he sworn at ten o'clock on the Commission Day, : viz Wednesday next the 25th inst. and business j. | be then proceeded on. ! A Packet has been established between Gree- nock and Belfast, which offers a prdspect of great accommodation to passengers ; as it is proposed to be dispatched once a week from both places, during the summer, with nearly the same regu- larity as a coach. The vessel is cutter- rigged, and sails remarkably well. Sev ral families went over last summer in her, on parties of pleasure. • The office of Comptroller of the Household, ' which has been recently mentioned as being des- tined for Colonel M'Mahon, is, it seems, to be filled by Lord Jncelyo, s< n of tie- Earl of Roden, and Member for the county of Louth. 1 We understand, that a requisition is now -' go- ing by the Livery of London, for a Common- H .11, '* " to express their leeiings and opinions upon the unprecedented and embarrassing situation of t'be f! spirits, ware depressed by unexpected disappointment, and his country, and to adopt such measuies as maybe j< he. dtK- » o bad, that the medical gentlemen recommended his thought necessary for promoting an enquiry into ! ' be, con* J; le:!,> his °"!- v rt'ljl>' to his frii: nJs' 011 ti » " , ° . R , I X T T J • I subject Of their urgent nitreiities lor Ills re- turn Ii'cme, was, the state of pnhl. e » £ ur*. trod to redie** nt pub. J „. M stil! ^ mo: ivsuiadent for MO^ ^ T, L Terms at Sale. t TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the 15/ 4 April next, at ONE o Clock, on the Preahn, THE LEASE of the DWELLING- HOUSE, in C Street, formerly occupied by the lat-.* Mr. GOY: for fhe Term of 24$ Yesr « , from l< t May next, at rhe of SO Guineas. per ann. The House contuns a largo, P lour, Kitchen, Pantry, S. MlIery, and Coal Hole, Dr. uv i. Room, a Sitting Room, Four lied- chambers, a Closet, Two Garrets. In the rear is a Yard, with a Stable anJ It Loft annexed, let at the Yeirly R- nt of Six Guai, Tenant at will— Term? will be declared at the rime n1 . The day to be fixed for ' be Sale of the FtiRN'! ! . will he announced in a future Advertisement. All Persons indebted to the late Mr. GOTO, T deceaseti. are requested to take notice, that Mr. 1 i it A N o has been appoinred by us to receive snd pi. for the outstanding Debts now rema- ning du-\ WM GOYER, 1 ELIZABETH GOYER, 3 Belfast, March 16, 1812. • Ada;. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, If mt previously dhpeued of by Privte Sate, in FKtllAV tht 10lb April, at the Of/ ice of Mr JA MF. S HX^ UM. iN, Dmegall- street, at tie Htur of TtVSLJ'E o'CUei, T7HAT HOUSE, on the White Hour- Shore, occupied by MAXWELL LEPPER, with IS Acres of LAND, held under the MA « < J'' IS of DONSGALL. for o'L vears from No- vember, 1809, at the yearly Rent of £ 6, IOj. The Hou « e consists of Two Parlours, Eight BVd- Chji\ ib-.- rs, Kitcheir, Pantries, Scullery, Cellar, & c with a comr- lece „ vt of Ollice- Houies, all Jately built, with , a welj- incloaed Yard. AUo, an Excellem- GAR DEN aod ORCHARD, w- 11 stocked with all kind of Fruit Trees in full braring. - Tjiere have been 3000 Trees planted and registered. This Property is del'ghtlully situated on the side of the Lough Four miles from Belfast, and commands an extensive view ot the Harbour and the Shores on each side. No re- sidence can be better adapted lor Sea B » thing, as a Balhing- r House i> already eretXed. Above £ 800 have been lately laid out on the Premises, which are in cnmpleti order, and fit for, the reception of & Genteel Family. For further- information, apply to" the Proprietor, on lb* Premises. Immediate Possession can be given. 772) March 16 APRIL SESSIONS, 1812. COU NTT of DO IV N, " 1 HPHE NF_ XT GENERAL To - wit. f" X QUARTER SESSIONS - J of the PEACE, for said County, wid be holden at DowNfAi aiCK, on MONDAY the 6tbi and at NILWKV, on MONDAY the 118th days of April next JOHN CRAIG, C P. & R. March 16. ( 771 WANTED, BY THE POLICE COMMITTEE, 4PEP SON to aft as SUB- INSPECTOR of POLICE, at a Saury of SO Guineas a year. V.' ritten applica- t: ons only can he received; and all Candidates must appear personally, at my Office, Denegjll street, at ELEVEN o'clock, on SATURDAY the 28th March inst. when the Eleetiou will take place. By Order, JAMES HYNDMAN, Clerk. opened i ie grievances. w JMim's^ Hi, i » Jtis » ^ t- vice. ,1 March BELFAST COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE. ATLAS Fire and Life Assurance Company, CAPITAL, ONE MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOU- SAND POUNDS. RECEIPTS for renewal of Policies falling due the 2Sth inst. have been forwarded from the Office in London, which, if not paid within fifteen days from that date, the i lividnals, in case of accident, will lose the benefit of the A-'" urance. i osses are paid immediately on the amount being ascer- t. ned, without deduction. WM. SLOANE, AGENT. Belfast, March 17. ( 75* ENGLISH WOOLLEN WAREHOUSE, DONEGALX- STREET. JVM. JOHNSON y CO. HAVE received, per the late Vessels from ' ivERroni., their Assortment of CLOTHS and FANCY GOODS for the present Season, newest and most fashionable of their kinds. ( 773) Belfast, March 17. t j Flaxseed, Potato Oats, and Rye- G> ass- Seed. " JOHN CHRISTY has for Sale, a Quantity or FLAX- € » ' SEED of f'Ce Qualty, the produce of last year, from Riga Seed; also, POTATO O \ TS, and RYE- GRAS?- SEED, of the be « t kind, and in good order, which he will . Sell at Market Price KIRCASSOCK, near MARALIN, 16th Sd Month, 1812. ( 7i' 8 FOR SALE, FT'HE TENEMENT, No. 53, CASTLS- STn'ritT, at pre- A , ent occupied B? ROBERT SIMMS and his Under- tenants. There are 64 years of the Lease unexpired from the first of May next, at whic'l time possession could be given. For terms apply to ROBERT SIMMS on the premises. 761) ' Bebast, March 17, TO BE LET OR SOLD, rT^ HAT EXTENSIVE CONCERN, No. 23, WARING- l STREET. consisting of an Excellent DWEIXlNG- HOUSE, in complete repair, with a Capacious YARD and CUT HOUSE. These Premises are well adapted to the eccupatlon of an Extersive Merchant. There are Si years of the '. ease unexpired. For Particulars inquire on the Premises, where the Title Deeds m. iy be seen. I' not previously disposed of hy Private Contract, it will l> e SOLD by AUCTION en8tli April next 760) ' Belfast, March 18, 1812. NOTICE. AI. r. PERSONS who stand indebted to the late SAM HEWITT, are hereby required to have their Ac- counts immediately settled, as a 1 Outstanding Debts. after the Hirst April, will he put into the hands of an Attorney, to take the most speedy method for the recovery of - hem N. B. Al- o, all Persons having claims against the Estate, tire hereby required to furni'h the same, on or before the First April, that the sa-, ie may be discharged by JOHN HEWITT, Administrator. No. 22, Prince's- strc- t— Belfast,- March 18, 1812. ( 763 In the Matter of HAMILTON Vf CARSON, Bankrupts. - I 1 AUCTION, at the Donega! l- Arm-, Belfast, on WEDNESDAY the 2 » th day of March, inst. at ONF. o'Clock, the Bink- upts' Interest in the DWELLING- HOUSE and TIMBER- YARD, as lately in the occupation ot said IAMESCARSON; as also in the DWELI. ING- HOU- iE and PRiiMl^ liS in the Posse « sion of Wm Rtio Any information necessary respeSing the Tide, &.-. may be had by applying to WM. CRANSTON, Attorney, Agent to said Commission. Those persona who are fade- bred to said Bankrupts, ure requested to pay the amount of their respe& ive accounts to WILLIAM CRAIG, the Assignee. 775) March 17. A dj turned Sale cj Outstanding Debts. lithe Matter of ") TPO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, CHARLES PER IS, C i a Bankrupt. ") '"[ "' O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, S, ( I on WEDNESDAY the 2* th f of March, 181- 2, at the House of — J Mr. JAMES M'KSAJJ, in the City of Armagh, at ONE o'clock in tbe Afternoon, by Or'er of the Commissioners, the OUTSTANDING DEBTS due to the Estate of the said Bankrupt, a Schedule of which may be seen by application to JAMES TREWMAS BELL, Agent to the Assignee, Armagh, or No. 20, B. unswick- stree:, Dublin. GEO. MOSSON, Auflioneer. of -) ' T'O be Sold by Auction, on VITT, (. L TUESDAY the 24th Day ADJOURNED BANKRUPT'S SALE, In the Matter o) JOSEPH HEWITT, a Bankrupt. t of March, 1812, at T ELVE o'Clock, at Noon, at the House of Mr. JAMKS M KKAN, in the City of Armagh, by order of the Commissioners in t! iis matter, All the said Bankrupt's Right, Title, and Interest in the LANDS of KILMORE, County Armagh, containing 15 Acres, English Measu- e— held by Lease for Years, renewable totios quoties.— There is a large Limestone Quarry, with two, Kilns, on these Lands, and are subject only to the small Yearly Rent of a? 4. 18j- and to a Mortgage Debt of >£ 200, on which there 5{ years interest due to and for the 17th of September l ist. A statement of the Title may be seen, by applying to JAMES TREWMAN BELL, Agent to the Commission, and Assignee, Armagh, or No. 20, Brunswick- street, Dub- lin, in whose hands he Title Deeds may be inspefied. 770) GEORGE MOSSON, Auctioneer. Fur Disorders of the Head, Dimness oj Sight, Defect of Hearing, r pHE CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF— As a proof A of its efiicacy, Mr. RICUARO THORN, of Itchen- Stoke, Hants, writes, in Feb. 1805, to the Proprietors as follows: " I am now 74 year6 old, and can see to read with com- mon glasses, and my memory is as good as when I was only 18. 11 July, 1776 ( 29 years ago), I was seized with a dread- ful giddiness in my head. My Doiftor gave me various me- dicines: they did me n ® good. He admitted this, and can- didly advised the use of your CEPHALIC SNUFE. I took it, and iu a few weeks was much better. Afrer this I tqok it more freely, and in six weeks was as well and hearty as ever, and so have continued to this day." It i- sold only by F. NEWBERY and SONS, No. 45, in $ 1 .- Paul's Church- yard, London, and No. 23, Dame- street, Dublin— Price I,. 1 \ d. British, per Bottle, duty included; b t none are genuine, unless the word*—" F. Nrwbery, No. • 4:, St: Paul s," be engraved in the Stamp. — and by their appointment bv Mr. SAM. ARCHER, and Mr. WARD, Belfast— Mr. WALSH, Armagh— Mr. WARD, Lisburn— and Mr. M'KF. NNY, Newry. ( 776 GREENOCK PACKET, The MARIA Cutter, JAMES MACKINLAY, MASTER, tf^ SmSmm Has commenced running for GREENOCK with Passengers only, and will sail regularly otice a week. Apply at the House of CHRISTOPHER GREEN- WOOD, Lime- Kiln- Dock. Cabin Passengers. £ 1, 2s. 9J. Steerage 8x. l\ d. S< ildietd ... » Si. 5J. *]($) Mart* IBs, TIMBER CARGO BY AUCTION. GEORGE LANGTRT £ if CO. • OITILL Sell by Au& ion, at RITCHIE'S Dock, on MON- V 7 DAY, 23d instant, at ONE o'Clock, the CARGO of the Ship Dryad, just arrived from WISCASSET, with a very prime parcel, consisting of 490 Tons of PINE, 53 Tons of OAK, 120 Pine Plank, 173 OAR RAFTERS, 12,000 Oai and Ash Hogshead STAVES, and 3 SPARS. To be put up in small I. qts, and Terms declared at'Sale. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. • Belfast, Mai'ch 4, ( 672 NEW FLAX- SEED, ENGLISH & AMERICAN. GEORGE LANGTRT ( J C 0. HAVE FOR SALE, 570 RAGS , jitsi landed from the South of England, the growth of last year, and producedfrom real Riga Flax- seed. ( 350 HOSS HEADS, imported'per the Protection and Hibernia, from New- Turk. • 690) Belfast, March 6. NEW RED CLOVER- SEED. GEORGE LANGTRT « CO. 1AVE for Sale, FORTY SACKS, of very fin- Quality.— A ! « >, Bleachers" Smalls, American Pot Ashes, Alicant Htt> lila. Refined Saltpetre, 785) Con gnu ' leas. Belfast. March It TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Poktkvsb, on the 2&/ j inst. THF. HULL, RIGGING, SAILS, & c. of the Brig BADGER. 7( 5.5) COI. ERAIN, Maro<> 16, 1812. March 14, J8I2. OP FINE QUALITY. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. ( 732 FLAXSEED, • 200 jTT0GSHKAUS NEW- YORK FLAXSEED, JUL las" Season's Crop, arrived per Hibernia, Captain GRAHAM, direiSt from New- YoKit, and for Sale on moderate Terms, by HUGH WILSON & SONS. - March 4, 1812. . ( 634 COTTON WOOL BY AUCTION. OAMUEL ai.- J JAMES CAMPBELL will Sell by O Aaftioii, on FRIDAY the 20th ins:, at TWELVE o'clock, ;• 1 RUM, COTTON- WOOL, & c. JVC LURE, BAILIE, of WHITE AS ARL Landing, for Sale, ex ANTRIM, DAW. ON, frum JAMAICA, 65 Puncheons RUM, 24- 1 Bales St. Domingo and Cayenne COTTON- IVOOL, And a quantity of LOGWOOD and CUBA FUSTIC. 720) Donegal I quay, March 12, ALICANT BARILLA, Of the latest Importation. JOHN MARTIN & CO. HAVE FOR SALE, 550 HALF, s- OF Pitt ME QUALITY, AND IN FIXF, OltrrKR. 691) Ann- street— March 6. BLEACHED LINEN CANDLEWICK. ONE TON WEIGHT of BRISTOL and INN1S- KILLF. N CANDLEWICK, of a superior Colour arid Quality, lor SaK-. Apply at 42, Highrstri- et, Belfast. ' ( 754 il ' hole. sale Cal'co, Muslin, Cotton Yarn, and Haberdashery fVareh use. DAVID MOORE and JOHN SIMPSON, respeafully inform their Frien Is and the Public, that they have commenced Busin- s* under the Firm of MOORE & SIMPSON, At No. 72, DoNPOM. t STREET, next the BROWN LINEN- HALL, where they h- ive a neat and well- chosen Assortment of every Article in th.* above Line, which they will dispose of on the most reasonable Terms. 747) Belfast, March 9, 1812. Wholesale Calico, Muslin, Dimity, and Haberdasheru iVarehoyse, 2, DONEGALL- STKEET. M- KIBBIN and , JROBINSON have received a large Supply of PRINTED MUSLINS, CALICOES, & c. SUITED TO THE SEASON J Which, with an extensive Assortment of Waistcoating, Velveteens, Cords, Nanhee. iets, and Grandurells, Will be Sold at Low Prices. Belfast, March 10. N. B An APPRENTICE WANTED. ,. ( 711 To be Let, from first May, The HOUSE and SHOP, No.' 5, in Bridge- street, now- occupied by Messrs IVI'GOWAN and KANe— Apply as above GI. OHGE CRAWFORD HAS RECEIVED, PER THE AURORA AND VINE, Chests Hohea, Congou, Twankay, § Hyson TEAS; WHICH, WITH 40 Casks SCALE SUGARS, 30 Bales Alicante BARILLA, 8 Puncheons RUM, 30 Puncheons Fine Old WHISKET, And a general Assortment of GROCERIES & SPIRITS, will be sold cJieap. ( 725) Belfast, March 12, FOR PHILADELPHIA, THE AMERICAN SUIT RISING STATES, Captain ST1LWELL, Just arrived at this Port after a passage of 30 days, and will be dispatched early in April. Persons wishing to avail themselves of this favourable opportunity, are requested to make early application; and all those whose Passages have be- n engaged by their Friends in America, are desired to cail upon the Subscribers, in 10 days, so as to prevent disap- pointment, the numbef being considerable. For the satisfaflion of the Friends of Passengers whs went out last season with Csptain STILWEIL, an Ad'lrrss of Thank-, to him, in the Philad- lphia General Adverti- er, of the 11th July last, lies in our Office for their inspection. FOR SALE BY . THE ABOVE Salt, Flax- si cd, Rosin, Turpentine, # Staves. SvVANZY,' WILSON & CO. NEWRY, March 16. N. B. A few Cabin Passengers coutd " be comfortably ae « ommo< Jat « d. ( 768 FOR SALE, 130 IIluls. prime Virginia Leaf Tobacco, RICHMOND INSPECTION; WHICH, WITH 4 Hogshead and Barrel STAVES— Iron and Wood HOOPS — Refined SALTPETR E — Vi> ginia TAR— Surinam COFFEE, in Bags— St. ' Ubes SALT— Prime Mess PORK— Hogs' LARD— Wet and Dry HAMS, \ Vjll be disposed of on moderate Terms, !> y HUGH WILSON & SONS. February 19, 1812. ( 584 JUST LANDED, 50 Barrels, first Brands, New- York PO T ASHES, PER PROTECTION ; 23 Hhds. New- York FLAN SEE H PER HIBERNIA; AND FOR SALE, BY WILLIAM PHELPS, At hisStotVs, No 3 Linie- Kilu Dock. WHO HAS ALSO P<* « SALE, New Orleans, 1 C01T0N WOOL, JSotved ( j- eorgta. J Cork- Wood Bleachers' Smalts, Glauber Salts, Alicante Barilla, Montreal Ashe ' s, first Brands, Rose Wood, cftd Barrel Slaves. N. B. TWO SHARES in the BELFAST INSUR- ANCE COMPANY to be Sold. 708) Belfast, March 9. CORK WHISKEY. JOHN & THOMAS CUNNINGHAM Have this Day received, per the Active, 100 PUNCHEONS; Which they off-^ r for Sale, in addition to their present Stock., consisting ot every Article in the SPIRIT TR ADE. B Ifast, March 14 N. B. An APPRENTICE wanted— with whom, a Fee will be required. ( 7^ 8 TENERIFFE CARGO. ' T4~* HE Schooner Friends, EDWARD Co\ IV • y. Muster, is I arrived this day, direct from TCNURIFFE, with a CARGO of 140 Tons fair BARILLA, all in Lumpt, and- of a most supe. ior Quality, Which will be Sold o-> reasonable Terms, out of the Vesse at the LinK- Kiln- D'jclt, fy the Subscriber, HALLAWAY HAYES. Ann- street, B- lf. st, March 9, 1812. ( 692 NEW TEAS, CLOVER- SEED, & c. t'HE SUBSCRIBERS are LANDING, per the VE- NUS, 204 Chests ' Teas, assorted, 50 Sacks fine new Bed Clover- seed, 10 Hogshead's Lump ' agar, Which will be so! crcb-/ ip. MARTINS, HARRISON, & CO. Church- Ian*, January 20. ( 10.5 COUNTY OF DOWN INFIRMARY. ' ipHE next GENERAL QUARTERLY MEETING Jl of the GOVERNORS of the COUNTY of DOWN INFIRMARY, is appointed to be held on MONDAY the 30th inst. E. S. RUTHVEN, Treasurer. March 12, 1812. ( 752 P. KEEN AN, Working Jeweller and Goldsmith, Tj> ESPECTFULI. Y begs leave to inform his Friends I V and the Public, that he has commenced Business a NO. 1, CORN- MARKET, Where he intends being coBstantly supplied with every Ar- ticle in IrisL> ne, all of his own Manufacture. From his ex- perience in Business, he presumes h" will be enjbled to exe- cute and sell every Article on as moderate Terms as any House in LONDON or DUBLIN. J.- 3- COUNTRY WATCH- MAKERS and DEALERS miv dt- peud that any Orders from them shall be carefu ij- attended to. ( 698) Belfast, March 9. DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. " pHE PARTNERSHIP heretofore carried on under th » JL Firm of M- COSH an I IRWIN, being dissolved on the 5th March, instant, al! Persons having demands on said late Firm, will please furnish their Accounts, that they may be paid, and all Persons indebted thereto, will pieuse discharge the same without delay.— Dated this 14th day of March, 1812. 740) JOHN IRWIN. FOR NEW- YORK, The American Ship DR TAD, Burthen 650 Tons, HENRY BACON, MASTER, Now in this Harbour, having just arrived from AMKSICA, after a p^ sage of 24 days, and will sail ag- rin for the above port about 25th IViarch. The DRYAD has excellent Accommodations'for Passengers — and those who wish to go out in this tii. e Shig, ahouid make ifnmediate application t « GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. Belfas', February 28. ( 651 j. • fSVttThe Public are respeiftfully inform Jffiffl^ c ed, that the foliow- mg REGULAR TRADERS J£== ss^ aSsfci UriU tail for their re/ feStive Portly tuitb tie firtt fair Wind after the dates mentioned ; FOR LONDON, The armed brig AURORA, STAHKS In a few days The armed brig DONEGAL!., COURTNEY, 14 days, after. FOR LIVERPOOL, The CFRES. SAVAGE In a few davs. The CUNNINGHAM BOYLE, BELT., Eight days after. FOR BRISTOL, The WILLIAM, M'MULLIN 21st March. FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The M'iNERVA, COCRTENAY 21st March. The COMMERCE, BISHOP Eight days after; FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, Tte- new armed brig GEORGE, JAMES CAUOHET, Master, on delivery of the Teas from the Prompt. . The Armed Brig FACTOR, M'NIECT 14 days arter For Freight, in London, apply to Messr « . ALEXANDER and WILLIAM OG4LBY, Abchutch- Yard." Gentlemen who have Linens to forward, will please send them to GEORGE LANGTRY I A few Stout I. adt wanted as Appremift.-. to the Sea. NEW- YORK ASHES BY AUCTION. ' ipHOMAS S. FANNING wil'. On FRID £ Y the. 87th « - instant, at the hour of ONE o'CI'- cfe., Sell by Auc titm, at the Stores of f HO MAS HUGHES, DonegiJU Q" ay. .. Ttvo Hundred and Ttuelve Tttrrels firtt sort New- Tori POT ASHES. > Of the latest Inspection and best MinufactB i \ Now landing, from on board the Ship Triton, direct fVdm New- York. Terpis— Approved Bills on B. lias-, at Three Mon- hs. MAC FAR LAN, ^ Auctioneer-. - March 13. ( 719 FLAXSEED & ASHES'. 1130 Hhds. New New- Ttt'ri F. axseed, ' 24 Half Ditto Ditto. , 212 Barrels first sort Pot Ashes, 1 ,"' ' : TOR SALV,." fly ' .' ' r THOMAS S. FANNING, Donegaii Quay. Belfast, February 28 1812. ( 641 CORK WHISKEY. / j^ TAPIER and DUN VI LI;, are'now LANDING, 8f> Puncheons, very nice Quality'; . Which, with every other Article in the SPIRIT TRADE will be disposed df on moderdte Tcrms^ February 7. SALE BY AUCTION. On THURSDAT the 19tf instant, - will be Sold on the Premises, pwo HOUSES in 8' ' e- Be- ti- ENTRY, held by Lease 1 from Httou HYMDMAN, Jb q. of which 37 Years a'le unexpired at Mi( iit- xt.— Yt; irly Rent of'both Houses 22 ( Juineas; one of which as lately occupied by JOHN SWEENY, and long established as a TAVS would be a desirable si- tuation for a Person Mjisiiing to enter into that Bus ness- The House bring roomy, convenient, and not a Shilling to be expended on it, would re'dity Let for =£ 30 p - r annum. The other Hou « e is Set at 12 Guineas per annum to a Te- nant at will. On th,; Same Dav will be Sold, the Entire HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, consisting of Feather Beds, Bed- steads, Mahogany Cird Tables, Ditto Low Boy's, Oak Tables and Chairs, Mahogany Glass C, ise, Two excellent Eight Day Ckcks, Kitchen Furniture, & c £ cc Also, a Quantity of empty Puncheons, large Beam and Scales, and Set of Me- tal Weights, a new Truck Barrow, Beef Block, and Sundry Articles belonging t » the Provis. on Busliit'Sv— Terms at Sale. The Sale of the Furniture will co- nnrence at ELEVEN, and of the Lease at TWO o' clock. MACFARLAN, Attain er. Bt- lfast, Msrch 1 2. ( 753 AUCTION, At the FOUNDERT, Sridge- F. tid, lately occupied by Mr. B. EnWAlll. s, on WEDNESDAY, lH, h March instant, and flhwihg 9' iyt, until all are Sold, beginning at ELEVEN o'Ctock each day, f'jlLL Bv SOLD, an Extensive Asortment of Register and other GRATfiS ; Brass and Steel FBN/ iS'lS and FRET TH't LOCKS of various kinds; MBTAL POTS, SAUCE PANS, OVENS, and TH i- KETTLES; COCKS: S MOKE JACKi; a COPPER- PLATE PRINTING PRESS. a Large' Quantity of New FIL 0$ ; Cart AXLE- TREES i Matabie IRON u* d STEEL, WV. As the inhale ' m'H hi sold ivithout reserve, it ivill be uiufjhy the attention of Persons in the Trade or Gentlemen Building. 1 Terms, ready Bank Notet, os the Lots are knocked doivn « and the Purchaser tu take immediate charge of the same. J. ALEXANDER, Auctioneer. March 12 1812, J ' ( 736 TOWN PARKS TO BE LET, « U70UR ACRES and THR. EE ROODS, up the Old : t Lodge Road. Tbey are very convenient to the Town, and a goo * Soil.' Apply at No. 5.5, Wiring- street. N. B. An extensive Y ARD and STORE to L- jt, in Hill-, stieet, adjoinim; Mr, BAILIE'S. ". Apply as above. ( 704 A DWELLING- HOUSE TO BE LET. ' ipHE HOUSE. No. 1, QUEEN- STREET, to be Let, from I, 1 - t May; next — The Situation is healthy and pleasant; the House, roomy, convenient, and in excellent repair.— A Lease « may be had, if required. Apply at the Premise^ 753) . Belfast, March Iff.. TO BE LET, \ NEAT, COMMODIOUS HOUSE, ( on the Carrick- t\ f. rg us ' Road) within Four Miles of Bslfast. For Particulars apply to JAMES & ROBERT DUNN. 745) March 16, 1812., TO BE LET, ~ '] pHE DWELLING- HOUSE, No. 18, corner of Church- .1 lane, fronting Ann- str « et; it is in excellent repair, and fit for the acc-> mn> odation of a respedtab'e family. There is a small SHOP attached, which, if required, will be let with the House. The situation being so well known, it requires no comment.— For further information, inquire on tiie Premises. 714) Belfast, March 10.' APPRENTICE WANTED. AL A D of Gentet- I Connexions, wanted as an Ap- prentice to the GROCERY BUsINESS, in Belfast.- Application to Mr. S. TUCKER, CHRONICLE 0* IICE ; if by Lettei,( post paid). 456) Belfast, January 39. BRASS- WORKS. SAMUEL STEWART retuna his- siocre Thanks to those who favoured him u- ith Qrders. it. his. J:- mr. T line of Business- and now beg- leave to in'crrn l; is F; : « <..! » , and the Public 111 gentral, tint he has commenced tiie Brass-- Fyur ling Business, AnM inteuds to carry it 011 in ir « various Branches— Havi- < r acquired au increiioii" know leJgrf in an eminent House : n England, he trusts the quitlitytof his Work will give genei Satisfaction Two APPRENTICES wanted. 74SJ 15, North- street. < t' 4( H), £ 800, Oil i£ i6() 0. AOSTANTED to Borrow, the above Sums,- for winch tin- v V deniable s curity will be g: ven ; and the Interest r gularly paid either in Belfast or Dublin. Apply to RDBF. kT DICKSON, Dromore. .. ( 750 HEREAS an Advertisement appeared in this P., per some time ago, mentioning a Farm of Lirt'd for I Side, in the Ginrige of Muckomore., 011 the River Ciady, now . in possession of WILLIAM DARRAGH: This is to Caution the Public not to purchase the same without con- sulting me, as I am direcfted " by Counsel in Law in so doing. Given under my i- fatid, at Antrim, this 9th March, > 8! 2. 709) JAMES DARRAGH. F u* p The Public are re « p « < 5lftiily inform- i- cl, that it U intended the following ^ N. E. TRADERS J. SMYTH & T. WRIGHT lljjEG leave to acquaint the Nobility and G- qtry of il-.'^ Belfast and Vicinity, that they have latnlv com. tneiiCed COACH- MAKING, No. 2, Buck- lane, off Prince's- s- reet. Ariv orders they may be favouied with,. sbaii be executed with ca- e and d^ patch. N B. S. & W.' lfave ready for S de, Two inside Cars, a Gig, and Outside C-' il- s, all of the newest fashion ; al^ o, a second- hand Car, which- they will dispose of on rftHortal-. e Terms. ( 700) ft- If> st, M i « h. Ifl. WALTER MACFAIILAN, AUCTIONEER-, TO ETURNS his sincere Thanks to the Public, for the X V liberal encouragement he has received since his con 1- m- ncemem iu Business, which shall be h s study, by pnnc- tual execution of their Conrmands, to merit, a contiiluailce -:. r. Orders received at his Ofjice, Nv 83, Ann- strret. ' 579) February 11. FOR GLASGOW, THE BE7SETS, , A. NEILSON, MASI- ER, ( A constant ' Trader), Now loading, to sail fir* lair wind. FOR SRSF. N0CK IS* GLASGOW. The MARGARET & NANCY, GALBR AIT Ujin a few . laji FOR DUBLIN. The BEE, RANKIN, to sail in a fev> days. For Fre- ght, apply to GEO. MONTGOMERY. Th* HAWK, M: CORMICK, at Glasgow j and the DIK « PATCH, JAMI3ON, SI Dublin, are loading for Belfast. 739) ' Belfast, March IS, ' ' VESSEL FOR SALE. ( flkN MONDAY the 23d instant, at ON ® o'Clock, at the Office of M'CLURE, BAILIE, Sa WHITLAS', v. ill bo Sold'hf lJKSSgff^ fc 1' nKlio Auction, The Brig ANTRIM. This vessel admeasures 186 Tons— very burrhensotriie*— Two years old— Coppered and Copper- fastener!—- iivmed with • 10 Guns, lil- pounders— was builr in this Port, of the very best Materials—; her Sails atlJ Riggin-/ are in eornplpfM <\ r » ierj and is in evVry renpeil well fottnd," and reaHy to pro- ceed on any voyage. For Inventory, & c apoly to' MCLTJRE, BAILIE, 8c WHITLAS. DONEOALL- QUAT, March W) 18! 2. RW FOR NEW- YORK, The American Ship ATLAS) Bin then 5() 0 Tons, OB\ r> iaH CONGER, MASTER, . Dally expected at this Port, and will sail' for NEW- YOR* in. Three Weeks after her arrival, of which Notice will b « given. The ATLAS 13 a Ship of the Very First Clasr.; aiid high and roomy between Decks— For Passage, apply to HOLMES & BARKLIE. Belfast, March 11, 1812 " _ ( 709 FO! i MONTKEAL^ ~ THE IS ABEL T. A, TTJ& QIR CAPTAIN MORI > Y, Will be dc- r to sail the firs't fair win'd aftef the 15th instant.- For Freight, apply to GILLIES Ik STOCKDALE- tfHO HAVU i't>!(. SALE, Prussian M fs, Honduras Mahogany, * Jamaica Rum. r 678) Belfast, March jL FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER^ T'Jl FAST- SAII. INO SCHOONER FRIENDS, E D WA P. r> CON WAY, Master Burthen per Register, 125 ion-, Will be ready to receive a Oyjro in ' Ten days.— For par- ticulars, apply to ( he CAPTAIN, on board, Lim.- kiln- dock; or tile Subscriber, THOMAS HAYES. - March 11. pQf ' FOR NEW- YORK, ~~ THE II I B E R >/ I At HUGH GR AH \ M, MASTER, Burthen 600 Tons, Just arrived, in 23 days from NEW- YORK, and will be readf to return about the first of April, with such Pasa- ugers may embrace this mo « t favourable oppoi tunity. The HISERNIA is one of the finest'Ships belonging to th ® United Stares', and particularly Calculated for . the Passenger' trade, being seven feet lii,- h betv/ een Decks. Eur Passage, apply to the CAP TAIN ; or, to WM. & JOS. STEVENSON & CO. February 28. (< 757' FOR NJLW- YORK, THE sreur AMERICAN BRIO MART, FRANCIS BOGGS, MAS: ER, , ( Burthen 365 Tons), Will. be ready to Sail from PORTRUSH OH the lOtfc March n, xt. F01 passage, arply to the CAP AIN (•, whc , W so mud sttifa& ion to the Pottengers vihcn he commanded . U.' Shits It -, 4- PointJ; or to the SuBS- anicR, w!. o goe « out : n to.-' Vessel and who will have a plentiful supply ul'g'ood Provisions aoi Wat'T on board, and see ev. ry possible accommodation given to the Passengers. GEO. HAZELDON. COLERAIN, February f7, 18J- 8. 57J FOR NEW- YORK, The Brig II E P S A, CAPTAIN WM. A. BATLEY, iksktkks*,-: ShtU "> H ot the undermentioned periods • FOR LONDON, - The nrmed brig VINE, MONTGOMERY..., In. a few days. These Vessels bein^ armevi and completely wtii found, Insur ince by them wiJl consequently be effected on the most reasonable terms. FOR LIVERPOOL, The KELLY, M'ILWAIN First fair ^ vind FROM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The NEPTUNE, DAVIDSON 11th Mar h. The JANE, BUSB » - Seven days i. tu'. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The armed brig ST. PATRICK, on first delivery of the Teas from the Sales For Ft eight, tn London, apply te Messrs. WM. & JOHN WHARTON, Niduih s'Lan- s'; or, m Belfedt. to R. GREENLAW, Agent, Who will receive ar ' forward 1,1 MEN CI.. OTH and other MERCHANDIZE with care and dispatch. A Stout Lads wanted as APPRENTICES to tile Sea, to wliufti . ibei* « i ESiOU. agon/ jut Will be wM Burthen' 460 Tons, ^'^. TSVLSL- . Ju- t arrlrtd, in 2S; day » , and w ill sail Jo? the- above Port about the fu.- t. of April— For PJcia^ e, apply t- o - SAMUEL MAJOR., I. ONDOND8KRT, Eeb. 28. NOTICE TO PASSENGERS. ' t- ' HOSE who have engaged their Pastug* - kSK^,. A in the Ship WEST- POINT, Captain W^ 2g^ H0LBES, for NEW- YORK, are desired to in Derry on MONDAY the 23d of March inst. pay the remainder of their Passage, and go oil board, as the Vessel will positively sail first fair wind after , WM. M'CORKELL. LounONDERar, March 12, 1812, ^^ g NOTICE TO PASSENGERS. HPHOSE who have engaged their Passage JL in the Ship ELIZA, Captain KIDILV for PHtLADEX. PHIA, ate nquoted to b,' in Derry on FRIDAY the 27th Murcb inst. pay their Passage, and go on board, as tbe Vessel will posi- tively sail first fair wind after. WTM. M'CORKELL. JLot-' eoNDSitRr, March 12,1S12. ( 717 BELFAST C) a! MK: C1AL CHRONICLE ORTGINATL POETRY. [ For the Belfast Commercial Chmnic/ e. J AN ENIGMA, Sure nought that dwell? beneath the sky Owns such vicissitudes a$ I. Wh « n fir « t my trifling form you see, Who could concfive what 1 might be ? With millions of my ;: am'rous race, I'm ppn* within a narrow case, And floating o'er the briny main Give pleasing hope of future gams. Perhaps a liquid stream, I flow TKjtt could both light and fire bestow Agajn, behold me, waving fair A slender form in amb'ent air* Nor can the Bky's cerulean bine, Boast lovelier tints or fairer hue But transient is my beauty's sway, Fleeter than Summer's parting r* y. Behold me urn, with filth ob « een » , No longer bine— no longer green, Offensive to rtie smell and siahf, In dirty puddle take dflight! — Soon weary of this hateful station 1 rhe, the solace of a nation ; A few weeks drink the dew and rain, And so am sweet and clean atrain; " Till doom'd, alas ! to brave the ire Of torturing force, and scorching fire, Fail many a long, and heavy stroke 1 take— e'er all my bones are broke. Now, pliant as the softest fair, Well worthy of my country's care, I am the village dame's delight, And charm away her winters' nigh'. — But soon I change my varying form And brave the ocean's wildest storm. The rtoutest sMp that ploughs the sea Must gain assistance first from me; Yet loveliest maid in courtly bower Owns the soft influence of my power, I deck the form of warrior brave And wrap me round his meanest slave! •— But never is my face so fair, As when the Poet's thought I wear; Without my aid, his sweetest lay Would pass— like meteors' gleam away; But, help'd by me, his glowing page Will live thro' each succeeding age ; My value great as virgin gold, Yet oft I'm for a penny sold; I make a Prince feel want and wo*, And all his wealth on fools bestow. My form light— so fine, so rare, Could fly upon the breeze in air ; Vet strangs to tell, I'm often found Outweighing twenty thousand pound ! ( waft the lover's breathing sigh And jfi. ji more than the brightest eye, To distant world's his thoughts convey, And all the soul of love pourtray, Awake to bliss the virgin heart And passions ruiettat - pulie impart! The Statesman— Orator— Divine, On me refleiSM— brighter shine; Yet vagrant girl— or idle boy, Will oft my fairest forms destroy, I, ike roan— my stater*, time I reign, Then sink to kindred dust again. Armagh March 5, IS 12. s s. FRENCH PAPERS. OFFICIAL NEWS FROM THE IMPERIAL ARMIES IN SPAIN. ARMY OF ARRAOON. REPORT T* THE DUKE OF ALBUFOTA TO 1US ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PKINCE OF NLIUPCHATEL AND ^ ACRAM, MAJOR- GENERAL. Head- q- iarters, Valencia, Feb. 27, IS!.. Monseigneur— The fort of Peniscola, which during the sieges of Saguntum and Valencia had obliged me to make a detachment on my rear, to cover ths communications of the army, has since been the object of my principal attention. I have hitherto confined myself to observing it, not being able to blockade it on account of its natural situation. It is situated on a detached rock in the sea, near the high road, one league from Bentcarlos,' and is joined to the Continent 1 only by a tongue of sand, thirty toises broad and | sixty long. An old castle of the Templers, built on the summit, is surrounded by the city, which contains 2000 inhabitants, and with a fortifica- tion of sufficient extent, guarded bv several ranges of batteries. A garrison of 1000 men defended the place, under the orders of Brigadier Garcio Navarro, a man of rank, who was taken prisoner last year at Falcet, and made his escape. Five English vessels cruized on the coast, and com municated with the place, which thus received continual sucour from without. " On the 20th of Jannary, the General of Di- vision, Severoli, with five battalions, commenced"' by my orders the operations of the siege. A bombardment commenced on the 28th, nnd con- tinued with activity for eight days. The trenches were opened in the night of the 31st. The enemy kept up a brisk fire. " On the 2d of February, Lieut. Prune!, an of- ficer of my staff, whom I had sent with instruc- tions, having been admitted into the place, brought back an answer and propositions which were im- mediately sent to me. The preamble was re- markable. and of a nature announcing the sub- mission of the place. The Governor, in an ani- mated discourse, expressed his true sentiments an'l his hatred of the English, who pressed him with menaces to surrender the fort to them. He hesi- tated not to prefer the . French, and to recognize the present Government, as the only one calcu- lated to put an end to the agony of his country. I sent immediately the proposed capitulation, with my answers in the margin, subjoining a letter to the Governor. In the interval the labours of the siege were continued, but the Governor accepting the modified capitulation, put an end to hostilities. On the 4th at noon, Peniscola was surrendered to the troops of the Emperor, with provisions for two month-;, tnd a considerable quantity of ammuni- tion. " The circumstances which have accompanied the surreoder of Peniscola, and the submission of the Governor, Garcia Navarro, are a conquest of opinion, from which I hope the be- t effects— Every thing here ( with the exception of Alicant, of which an English General Roche has taken the command) tends to the conclusion of the war, which may already be regarded as terminated— The inhabitants shew themselves to be aduated by a good spirit, on to the gates of Alicant— I am, with respedl, Sir, « The Marshal Due D'ALBUFERA. ENNISIULLEN ASSIZES. [ From the Erne Faciei.'] On Sa'iirdav last the Hon. Mr. Justice Osborne, and the H- s. Baron M'Clelland arrived here from Cavan. The former, shortly after his arrival, took his seat in the Crotv'n Court, when the follow- ing Gentleman were sworn on the GRAND JURY. Mijor- General Coi. it. Foreman. Henry Brooke, Esq. Hamilton Irvine. Esq. Gorges D'Arcv Irvine, E « q. Richard Dane, Esq. Christopher L'Esrrange, Esq. Henry Leslie, Esq, Hon lohn Creighton, Col Wrvt. Montgomery, Col. Wm. Archdall, John Armstrong, Esq. George Nixon, Esq. John Richardson, Esq. Kdward Archdail, Esq. Wm. Tredenuick. Esq. PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF COMMONS— MARCH IT. ror. oNF. R. PALMER'S EXPLANATION. Colonel PALMER stated his anxiety to cor. rect a misrepresentation he was sorry tohave seen in the Papers of what he was reported to have stated, in answer to the assertion that an order had beert issued to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent's regiment to exclude the admission of Irishmen. Being aware that there were some grounds for such statement, he ' did not at the time take on him< elf to contradict it fully, but he was now enabled to state, from the highest authority, that no order of the kind had ever been issued. He admitted that the Recrui- ing Officers had received instructions from the Commanding Officer, Colonel Quinton, to enlist Englishmen in prefeience to Irish, and if any blame was to be attached to him for this, he begged, as far as his own opinion went of the propriety, to take his share— that he had not stated, as reported, that liis objection had been on account of the Irish deserving to the enemy ; on the contrary, no one was more convinced than himself, in common, he believed, with every other British Officer, of the loyalty, courage, and fidelity of the Irish. What he did state was, that the description of Irish they met with in this country were liable to desert, which was a reason for objecting to them ; and to prove that his regiment entertained no national prejudice, they objected, in the same manner, to • various classes of their own countrymen, to all Londoners, and inhabitants of manufacturing towns, and confined their recruits to that class of persons brought up to agricultural pursuits; for they found that Irishmen, and those of their own country, who were not in early life accus- tomed to the care of horses, made bad grooms, and, though the best infantry, were objectionable as cavalry. He therefore trusted these reasons • would clear his regiment of all suspicion of the motive which had been attributed to it; and he urould therefore add, that this system was not confined ( as had been stated) to his own regiment and the loth, but that it was pursued by every English cavalry regiment in the service. He would only add, to prove that he never objected to Irishmen ( who were well recommended) and « ill less that he preferred foreigners; that the number of Irish then in the regiment exceeded that of foreigners ; and that the amount of the Jatter did not exceed thirty, out of a complement of neatly 900 He concluded by observing, that it was an unpleasant subjcct, and that he should not have taken a part in the debate of last night, had he not felt called upon to do justice to a brother Officer, than whom, he believed, there was not a more deserving in the service, and to whom that credit for its appearance and disci- pline, which, he trusted, was not unworthily be- Stpwed on the regiment, was due— Adjourned. CAPITULATION. " The Governor and the Military Junta of Pe- niscola, persuaded that the true Spaniards are those who, Uniting themselves to the King, Joseph Napoleon, seek to render their unfortunate coun. try less unfortunate, offer to deliver the place on the following conditions :— " I. The individuals of the garrison to be free to retire j wherever they wish Answer. Free ; o return to their fa- milies, or enter into the service of his Catholic Majesty. " II. Property to be respetfted, and the inhabitants not to be molested on account of their opinions.— Answ. Granted " [ II. The authorities, civil and military, to preserve their respective employs.— Answer. Granted, if fit for their em- 1 ploys. [ The 4th and Sth merely relate to the ratification of the i capitulation, and taking possession of the place ] j ( Signed) " PEDRO GARCIO NAVARRO. » The Marshal Count SUCHE I\"> LETTER FROM THE MARSHAL COMMANDING THE ARMY OF ARRAGON TO DON P- G. KAVAR. RO, « Valencia, February 2. " MONSEIGNEWR IE GENERAL— I answer the", proposition made by you to Gen. Count Severoli,' and have determined- to accept the principal basis, because I see with pleasure that you and the Military Junta - preserve the principles of all good Spaniards. " I promise also to treat you in a manner that shall prove the distinction I make in the case of Spanish military, justly the enemies of the Eng- lish Ministry. " I authorize the General of Divison, Count Severoli, to receive you, and to permit you, as well as your Officers, to go either to Valencia, to Tortosa, or elsewhere, if you desire it. " I am perfectly acquainted with your present situation— a part of your letters, addressed to Gen. Mahy, having fallen into my hands." ANSWKR OF DON p. G. NARARRO. TO THE MARSHAL, COMMAKDEFC OF ARRAGON. " Peniscola, Feb. S. " M. LE MARSHAL— The letter of your Excel- lency is very agreeable : and I desire only oppor- tunities of proving the sincerity of the principles I have manifested. I have followed with zeal— I may say with fury— the party which I believed just: but now that I recognize the necessity unit- ing ourselves to our King, to render our country less unfortunate, I offer to serve you with the same enthusiasm. " Your Excellency may be certain of me. The surtender of a strong fort, with provisions, and all that is necessary for a long defence, must operate as a full conviflion, and it a sure guarantee of my promises. I salute you with the greatest respetf, " The Marshal Dnc D'ALBI/ FERA." ( A true Copy.) Jason Hassard, F. sq. Montgomery Nixon, E'q. 0,- orge Lendrum Esq. John Crozier, Esq. James Dunham, F. sq. Francis Graham, Esq, John Brien, Esq. James Hall, Esq. JOHN AIKKN, Esq. Sheriff. A number of persons were arraigned for private distilling, the principal part of whom submitted. • On Monday. Thomas Magu're was put to the bar, and tried for the alleged murder of John Loughran. It appeared in evidence that Lough- ran had been in the employment of Magutre for upwards of six years, that on the day this unfor- tunate affair happened, the deceased had been drinking, and came into the prisoner's forge in a state of intoxication ; that the prisoner reprimand- ed luim for getting drunk and absenting himself from his bu? iness; that the deceased used very im- proper language to prisoner and called him a liar — prisoner was making nails for the purpose of J shoeing horses, and deceased advanced towards him as if to strike, on which prisoner retired from the anvil towards the bellows ; deceased then was about to go out of the door, but returned to the prisoner again, using bad language, and as if to strike, when prisoner, who had a hammer in his right hand and a nail- rod in his left, made an auk- ward push with the latter, which slightly wounded deceased. Deceased was at work next day, and did not complain of the wound ; however he took ill and f! i » d in two days after. An inquest was held, on his. body which was examined for the pur. post* of ascertaining the effefts of the wound ; but it was nor then considered ( hat it entirely occa sioned his death, but rather a bad habit of body from deceased taking medicine and drinking.— i'his latter circumstance, however, did not go to the jury as evidence. The learned Judge gave an able and impartial charge to the jury, pointing out the degree of criminality on the offence if the pri- soner appeared to be guilty— and discriminating accurately between the crimes of murder and man- slaughter. The Jury shortly returned a verdift of Acquittal. Wm. Scott, for stealing a rapper from the hall door of Wm. Stewart, E- q. was found guilty of larceny to the value of sixpence. Denis Morrow, o herwise Morris, for stealing a horse from a man of the name of Venue— Guilty. To be banged on Thursday the 2d of April. Alice Price was tried for s ealing a pocket- book containing some bank notes from James Dunlap in the fair of Magnirrsbridge. It was proved that she lifted it up <; C tpe ground and proposed re- turning it to the tfwrfer on being applied to, for a trifling reward.— Acquitted. James Macbride, for stealing a hide of leather from the shop- door of Mr. Andrew Armstrong.— Guilty — To be confined 12 months. JameS Brett, Surveyor of Excise, was put into the bar for taking off a vessel from a private dis- tillery. This was a most shameful prosecution; the person from whom the vessel was taken, ac- knowledging on his cross- examination, that he had just before spilled potale out of it. Mr. Brett having only done his duty was instantly acquitted, the Learned Judge appearing greatly displeased at such a proceeding. John Black and Robert Ramsay, for an assault and wounding Benson, who had been On Thursday last, an Inquest was held by Francis O'Mara, Esq. on the body of Arthur O'Keeffe, of Ballytigue, in this county, who died the preceding day at Roan, tn consequence of drinking much whiskey. Verdict—" Died ii by intoxication/'— JSnmi Gaattt* serving Revenue summonses in the neighbourhood of Irvinestown— both guilty— to be confined twelve months, and give security for future good behaviour. Denis Maguire for forging a bond for £ 500, ® n John Betty of Belnaleck, and for uttering same, knowing it to be forged. No evidence which could be suffered to go to the jury was produced, and he was of course discharged.— A trial took place in the Record Court last Assizes to recover the amount of this Bond with interest; but the plaintiff, Maguire, was nonsuited, on which the defendant instituted the present prosecution. James Kittson, and thirteen others, for the mur- der of Denis Mi rwournagh, in the fair of Derry- gonnelly on the 10ih of July last. This unfor unate business, it may be recollefted, we noticed in our patvr shortly after the affray took place, and which we then stated to have ori- ginated in a bailiff, of the name of Maguire exe- cuting a warrant against a man of the name of Falls, for an assault at a former fair in Monea. The affray was attributed to party motives, and the parties were denominated under the religious appellation of Catholics on the one side, and Pro- testants, or Orangemen, on, the other 5 and a great deal of severe animadversions appeared in the Dublin papers in consequence. The first witness called on the prosecution was a woman who said she knew Kittson, but was not able to identify him in the bar. The next witness examined was a young man of the name of Culien, who deposed that he saw the Protestant party with arms, that they pursued the Catholics; knew the deceased, and saw him about 1100 or 1200 yards from the place where the quarrel first originated, saw Kittson fiie^ a shot, by which deceased fell; saw others besides deceased scattered on a field about 40 yards from Kittson. The Catholics had no guns; they ran away. Cross examined ly Mr. Rolleston, Saw a number of strangers among the Catho- lics, could not say how many ; saw Pat M'Rory and Mick Cassidy ; heard the latter was beat at Monea; saw no stones thrown ; there were stones thrown on both sides; did not see them thrown until after the first gun was fired. Informations were lodged against himself; Kittson's shot was aftdr the stones were thrown. Sarah Maguire sworn. Recollefts the fair; saw men with guns and bayonets at it; could not identify Kittson, but pointed out wrong persons. William Criggen sworn. IlecollefU the July fay ol Derrygonnelly; saw persons with arms; saw Wm. H.' nderson armed with a gun bat not a bayonet; heard a shot fired about forty yards from place of the affray; saw Protestants pursue Catholics about half a mile in every direflion ; heard a shot, but could not say deceased was wounded by it. Crost, exumined by Mr. Johnston, Saw no strangers; might have seen many he did not know* heard M'Rory was there; saw a body on each side assembled ; heard persons from Leitrim were sought for to be arrested ; heard Cassidy was beat, but did not know he came there for revenge; does not believe it. John Fox sworn. Is a pensioner; was at the fair ; saw Kitson there,. pursuing those running away ; saw deceased with wounds; saw Isaac Thompson load his piece with ball- cartridge. Cross- examined by Mr. Rolleston. Did not see stones thrown ; did not know Cas- snly came there for revenge, but heard he had been beat before ; would not believe he struck at all; thought Kitson a peaceable man. Thomp- son, when loading his gun was quarter of a mile from the Catholics. Patrick Mnguirt sworn,. Saw some fighting and some flying; saw James Kitson and William Kitson with guns. Thomas Burjie sworn. Saw guns with Isaac Thompson, with Hall and others; heard shots; was present at the beginning; there were many strangers who afterwards were flying; did not hear that Michael Cassidy or M'Rory bought any thing in the fair. Rev. Mr. Owens was here examined as to the warrant, which was of no consequence with respedl to the trial. Owen Devit corrobo » ated former evidence with respedt to the pursuers having arms. Ann* Leonard knew prisoners, Sandy Hall, Robert Armstrong, & e. ; thov were of the Pro- testant party, with arms. They huzzaed; said they were the boys subdued the rebels; saw de- ceased when dead; had relatives in the fair; did not notice strangers that day more than at other fairs j heard thers were sto^ s thrown, but saw none ; was near at the time of the fight. Honora Devlin identified James Kitson; saw him at the fair with gun and bayonet; was with the party who killed the boy ; saw him take aim, and the boy fell; saw another person leap up as if rejoiced and say, " Well done, Kitsfin, there's beef for the croppies." On her cross- examination, said she knew Kitson well ; went with the armed party in anxifty for her own friends; Kitson was about forty yards from deceased, on her right; saw no stones thrown ; two shots were fired ; told the above words to no person but her half- sister, no;, even to her husband, until he was apprehended for the riot, and then she said, if they would let her alone she would let them alone, but would not say any thing unless summoned. Brian Flanigan was produced* but proved no- thing. Maguire, the constable, proved the execution of the warrant against Fallis, and said he was rescued. On the defence, Mr. Noble Weir stated that he did not know of an intended quarrel until he was applied to by some persons, who prevented him going home lest a riot would ensue, from the grpat number of Catholics that were seen from various quarters, cellefted and armed with sticks. Maguire, the bailiff, had arrested Fallis, and a quarrel was likely to take place ; he desired Ma- qoire to give the prisoner up to him, and that he would be accountable for his appearance next day; M; iguire at first refused, but afterwards complied with some reluflance. On the appearance of dis- turbance, he applied to one Maguire to go and pacify the Catholics, and he would prevent the others ; Maguire and another person did go for that purpose, and when he thought peace had been made, Maguire, the constable, who was drunk, again seized on Fallis, on which the quar- rel began, and the Catholics threw stones and huz- zaed by way of defiance ; the others, who were yeomen, then got their guns, and pursued to a hill at some distance, and the former threw stones and shouted again ; he heard two shots fired, and be saw a man fall, and others hit him on the head after he did fall. On his cross- examination, Mr. Weir said, there were some squibs fired; that he saw Kitson ; be- lieved he had a gun, and that he followed ; that he thought Protestants might have been shot, as the parties were mixed; could not form a belief who shot the man. Alexander Acheson swore much to the effefl of Mr. Weii's testimony. That he applied to Cormick Maguire to endeavour to make peace, which he did, and Charles Maguire also; saw Pat. M'Rory with a stick, who struck first, and then the quarrel began. On Cross- examination, he thought the arms were for the purpose of de- fence, a quarrel being apprehended. He could not believe any thing he did not see. Wm. Veetch heard a shot fired 5 it was not Kittson who fired it, although he had a gun in his hand, he fired no shot; heard the man was shot while Kittson was standing with him ; he did not go beyond the first hilj, and was with him all the time. Cross- examined. Was not with him until the party was running over the bridge ; did not know what kind of gun Kittson had, whether a fowling- piece or a musket; Kittson had belts on. Wm. Whitaker swore, that Kitson was with him ; that he could not have fired the shot by which the man fell, as he left him behind him and ran to see the man ; Kittson did not fire previous to that; he heard one or two shots; Kittson fired neither; Kittson had on a bayonet belt; witness heard several shots, but thinks they were blanks; thinks also the arms were resorted to for defence. Hete the defence closed. RECORD COURT. The only trial of importance in' this Court was that of a record brought by one M'C. iWelf to recover property from the widow and hairs of Brian M'Cawell late of Scotstowa in the county Monaghan. It appeared in evidence that the plantiff and' his brother the deceased Brian, had at a rsmote' period taken out a joint lease of a mountain farnn of the lands of Mulhavale, in this county from Mr. Somerville that the plaintiff had several years- ago, wished to relinquish his claim and obligation under the lease which in fact he did and the de- ceased Brian procured another lease from the Landlord in his own name, which Mr. Somerville clearly proved. The plaintiff now set up a claim under the old lease in order to set aside the wi- dow and children of his deceased brother in which he was nonsuited. The Learned Judge then proceeded to charge the Jury, and recapitulated the entire evidence, elucidating evel y thing as he proceeded, and point- ing out the law and the nature of the crime on both sides, in the most clear and satisfatfory man. ner ; bnt still leaving the jury to decide on the v alidity of the testimony they had heard, with which he said it was not his province to interfere. The Jury retired for about an hour, and returned wilii a rsidiil of— Jc pitta I alt. DARING OUTRAGE. The following statement, which, unhappily, rests upon an authority that precludes the light- est suspicion of its truth, exhibits no ordinary features of ferocity, although unattended by any fatal consequences. About three o'clock on the afternoon of the 2lst of last month, the house of James Whelan of Kr. ocknaska, in the Parish of White Church, in the county of Wnterford, was attacked by four men, who had blackened their face with a view to avoid detection, and who were all doubly armed. One of them had a gun, and pistol, and each of the other three a pistol and blunderbuss. Immediately on entering the,, house, one of them fired at James Whelan'* daughter, and wounded her severely in the head with slugs, thus committing an act of cowardly barbarity, which, so far as we know, is without example, even amongst the atrocious achieve- ments of this description. When the party arriv-. ed at the house, they were seen by a young bar, son of the Proprietor, who instantly went to a field, where two labourers were at work, and communicated to them what had occurred. Whelan, is a respectable Farmer, and had been, entrusted with arms for his defence, as his hous& had been attacked on some former occasion. The two labourers, who knew where the arm-, were deposited, immediately repaired to the house, with the firm and laudable determination of de- fending it at every hazard. Their design, how- ever, was frustrated by the precautions which had previously been adopted. One of the party stood as sentinel on the outside, by whom they were compelled to go into the kitchen. On their entrance, one of them was knocked down with ; t blunderbuss, and the other was twice fired at The first shot grazed his thigh ; and the se. ond penetrated his knee, and completely disabled him, perhaps for life. Resistance was now at an end, and the fire arms, consisting of two blun- derbusses, a case of pistols and a gun, were un- avoidably delivered up by Whalan's wife. The party then went off, but they stopped several persons whom they met on their retreat, and de- manded money from them. One of them soon . afterwards returned, and came to a house not- far from Knocknaska, inhabited by an old man and his daughter, from the former of whom he de- manded'a guinea. The man said he had it not, but that he would go out and procure it. On his return without having obtained it, his visitor attacked him with a blunderbuss, and broke it on his head and arm, inflicting upon him several severe wounds. From this house he went to an- other at no great distance, where he remained for some time. Meanwhile, an alarm had been excited, and four or five resolute men endeavour- ed to trace the party, but without success as to three of them. Two of these men, named French, followed the man who returned, into die house where he had last gone. On their entrance ' he presented a blunderbuss at them, and de- manded who they were, and, on hearing from, them their names, he said they might sit down. He was also traced to the house by another man, named Bluett, who, having listened for some time at the door, and having heard the voice of the Frenches, on whom he knew he could depend, at last went in, when the same ques- tion was put to him, and the same threatening atti- tude assumed, as he had been before resorted to. Bluett gave a name different from his own ; the man immediately replied, that tha" was not Ins name, and put his hand towards his side to take a pistol from it, tft^ fclundetbuss, as afterwards ap- peared, having been previously discharged. On this Bluet immediately rushed upon him, and threw him down, and the Frenches coming to his aid, the criminal was disarmed and secured, after having received several seveie wounds on the head. He was then taken back to- the house of the old man whom he had so cruelly beaten, and then; left bound, whilst those who had seized him went to Michael Barron, Esq. what had happened, and to receive his direflions how to a< 3. On their rt- turn to the house, for the purpose of conveying their prisoner to a more secure place, they ivere detained for some time at the door by the daugh- ter of the old man, who appeared to faint through terror. Whilst this scene was adting, the prisoner, who, it would seem, had in the inteiim been un- bound, escaped through a hole made in the back part of the house, and has not since been heard oL When the attack was made upon Whelan's house he was from home at a funeral, and returned only in time to hear one of the shots fired, and to see the party at some distance on their retreat. CURE FORI THE GOUT Dr. Musgrave, ( an English Physician) relates the case of a Gentle- man who had lived intemperately many years,, and had many severe fits of the gout, which caused a considerable number of remarkably large chalk stones. Being reduced to poverty, he turned brick- maker, for the sake of earning his bread 1 and was surprisingly benefitted by his constant employment. His appetite returned, but he haii scarcely any thing to eat; he became athletic jand what is more remarkable, hts chalk stones utterly vanished ; and in this temperate way he lived many years. 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