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Belfast Commercial Chronicle


Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1107
No Pages: 4
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle
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Belfast Commercial Chronicle

Date of Article: 16/03/1812
Printer / Publisher: Drummond Anderson 
Address: Belfast
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1107
No Pages: 4
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• ' 1 . ' i i n / U l i l. NUMBER 1,107- 3 MONDAY, MARCH 16, 1& 12. [ PRICE 3D. NEWRY. 800 Hogsheads Flax- Seed. ANDREW AIKEN ha* on Sale, 800 Hbglheatb of NEW- YORK & PHILADELPHIA FLAX- SEED, growth of the Years 1810 and 1811, of the best quality, and which he will sell on mpderate Terms. NEWRV, 21st February, IS13. N. B. The iEOLUS is daily expeifted at this Port from New- YORK. ( 603 POT ASHEP. ' TT'HE Subscribers will KF. LI. BY AUCTION, at their Jl' Stores, Canal- quay, ou THURSDAY the 19th inst. « ONE o'clock, One Hundred Barrels, In prime order, cf the latest Manufacture, and of the nicest quality; imported this season, per Massasoit, from NEW-' YORK.— Terms liberal. I AWFORD, TR0N80N, & CO. Nuvrv, March 11. ( 723 DRONTHON DEALS. CARLILEH, OGLE RO, A RF. now l anding the CARGO o£ the Biiy '/ cLiutr- 674) from D » ONTUON. NBWRV, March * 4, 1812. 1 HE ENTEKPRIZE, from NEW- YORK, is daily ex- peited at this Port, with a Cargo of 9<) 0 Hogsheads of Flaxseed. 100 Barrels Pot Ashes, and 20,000 barrel Staves. TREVOR & . SMITHSON CORRY. NEWRY, Feb 38. A Parcel of Last Year's NSW- YORK FLAXSEED for Sale. ( 645 FLAXSEED & STAVES. NR< H£ SUBSCRIBERS are Landing, from the EDWARD, JL G. K. DOWDALL, Master, from NEW- YORK, JUST LANDED, 50 Barrels, first Brands, New- York POT J SUES, PER PROTECTION ; 28 I I lids. New- Fork FLAXSEED, PER H1BERNIA ; AND FOR SALE, BY WILLIAM PHELPS, At his Stores, No. 3 Lime- Ktln Dock. WHO HAS ALSO FOR BALE, New Orleans, 1 CQ1TQN WQQL Uoiuea Lxeorgta, ) Qorh- lVisjd. Bleachers' Smalts, GLi. il/ er Sails, Alicante Barilla, Montreal Ashes, first Brands, Rose IVood, and Barrel Slaves. N. B. TWO SHARES in the BELFAST INSUR- ANCE COMPANY to be Sold. 708) Belfast, March 9. FLAXSEED & ASHES. 1190 Hhds. NewNeiv- T- A Flaxseed; 2* Half Ditto Ditto. Barrels first sort Pot Ashes, *'<) R SAJ. N, BY THOMAS S. FANNING, Donegal Quay. Belfast, February 98, 1$ I2. ' ( C4I A,} FLAXSEED, 488 Hugsheads, 49 Half Hogsheads, 18,000 Barrel STAVES, Which they offer for Sale. JOHN & HUGH NEWSY, February 6, 1812. BOYD. ( s: ; p TENERIFFE CARGO. HE ' Schooner Friends, EDWARD CONWAY, Master, is arrived this day, direct from TENERUPE, with a CARGO of 1 to Tons fair BARILLA, nil in Lumps, and bj a most stupe/ ior Quality, Which will be Sold on reasonable Terms, out of the Vesse at the Limc- Kiln- Docfc, by the Subscriber, HALLAWAY HAYES. Ann- street, Belfast, March 9, 1812. ( 692 w NEWRY. LUKE QUIN PAS RECF. IVID, PER THE JOHNS, FROM LON- DON, 40 Saris New Red Clover- Seed, and 40 Bushels Spring Vetches. HE HAS FOR SALE, 30 Puncheons Strong Well flavoured IVhisltey, Wh'ch, with his usual Assortment of RUM, WINE, TEAS, SUGARS, & c & c. he will dispose of on pleasing Terms. # 99; March 40. 1812. the sh'p enterprize, / ^^ i^ yv Daily expected at this Port from Nrv- Yot* K, tt£ mJ.£ jr will rec- ive as many PASSENGERS as may i£ L:<~ Ssfe offer, within Fifteen Days after her arrival, of which Notice shall be given.— For Passage, apply to TREVOR & SMITHSON CORRY. NF. WRY, March D, 1S12. { 701 FOR NEW- YORK, The Ship JEOLUS, CAPTAIN CHARLES HENRY, Shortly expected at Warrenpoint. For Passage, apply to ANDREW AIKEN. NEWRY, March 2. . ( C77 ALL'CANT BARILLA, Of ihe latest Importation. irOHN MARTIN & CO. HAVE FOR SALE, .',. 50 B. I EES, OR> P1UME- QUALITY, AMD IN FIVE ORDER. 6!> 1) Ami- street— Marfh fi. NEW TEAS, CLOVEN- SEED, See. nriHE SUBSCRIBERS are LANDING, per the VE- ( Jv NUS, 204 Clr/ sts Teas, assorted, £ 0 Sacks fine next) Red Clover- seed, 10 Hogsheads Lump Sugar, Which will he sold chea j. MARTINS, HARRISON, & CO. Cbur « h- fene, January 20. ( 405 NOTTINGHAM WAREHOUSE, High- street, near Corn- Market, where the Old Market. House stood. TeOM AS SIN G LEHU RST RESPECTFULLY informs the Public, that he has re- ceived, per the CUNNINGHAM BOYLE, from LIVER- POOL, a large Supply of Silk and Cotton Hosier if, Lace Veils, Sfurxls, iSv. < S, c.' Which he wiH sell Wholesale and Retail, oil terms very ad- vantageous to Purchasers, for Ready Money. 713) Belfast, March 10. SAM. HEWITT & . SAM. M'MURRAY, ESP Cl'f UI. l. Y beg leave to return their sincere V thanks to their Customers and the Public, for the very liberal encouragement they have experienced » ince their commencement in Business. They have at present on hands, a large Assortment of SPIRI TS and GROCERIES, toije- { heir with 1st, 2d, ltd, 4th and 5th Fl. OUR, fresh from their MILLS, at KNOCK, all of which they a re determined to sell on moderate Terms, for flood Payments No 22, Princes- street— Belfast, Peti. 22, V812. ' B07) FA LtLi \- vrEXT, HOUSE OF COMMONS— MONDAY, MARCH 9. NOTICE TO PASSENGERS. ' jpHOSE Persons who have engaged their I passage on board the American Barque ' EDWARD, O. R. DOWDALI, Master, for NEW- YORK, will please be in NEWRY on the26th of March, as she will sail the first fair wind after A few Passengers could be accommodated, if immediate application be made to the CAPTAIN, at Warrenpoint j or, to JOHN & HUGH BOYD. NEWRY, February 25. ( 648 FOR NEW- YORK, THE FINE AMERICAN . SHIP LIVERPOOL TRADER » Burthen 650 Tons, EBENEZER PERKINS, MASTER. first fair wind after the BALLAST- OFFICE, llth February, 1812. IT- HE Contrafl of JACKSON CLARK, for Supplying the I Corporation with BALLAST, haying ' expired, such Persons as < vuh to make a new Contrail far the above pur- pose, during the period of SEVEN Years, are ' defied to send in Sealed Proposals to the Ballast Mastor, dn or before MONDAY the 9th of March next, on which day the, Con- tractor to be declared, Five Hundred Pounds securitv wijt be required. • Further particulars may be had at the Ballast Office. ty The Corporation having adjourned their de'term?'- nui. m till the 19th March, Proposals will be received by Mr. MACARTNEY, in'the interim— i or Shovelled Ballast to Vessels at the 0, layi Per Ton r Drudged Ditto Ditto, — — Shovelled Ditto at Garruoyle, Drudged Ditto ij tio, Shingle or Stone Ballast, at the tJAiy, Ditto A ContraiStor for the who!' at Garmoy! e, — k i- f* business will- be preferred, ,'# 03 APPRENTICE WANTED. AI, A D of Genteel donneitions wanted as an Ap- prentice to the GROCERY BUSINESS, in Belfast. Application to Mr. S. TUCKER, CHRONICLE Omen; if by Letter, ( post paid). 45g) Belfast, January .29. Will proce d for tlie above Port, April. v In!" uremeV wel1 calculated for Passengers, being V, ARM 1 , ,. .-,_„„,„., '' TheI* EM001 TRADER is a remarkable fine ship, quite TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On lit Prtmiits. on TUESDAY lie 20tl % of March next \ f hot previously dieted of by Privjty CoHtrafl, THAT commudimn and extensive CONCERN, No Hi, on the North- iide of Tallwt- street, E-' lfast, lately oc- cupied by JOHN NEVIN, containing in fr'. fit 4l feet, and extending backwards 99 feet, with an excellent DWbLL- ING- HOUSE in front, three s'ories high : In the rear, is two good STABI. ES and HAY- LOFT, which would make good Provision Stores, held for the unexpired term of SI years, at the small yearly Rent of 30 Guineas, on which Premises there have lately been expended several Hundred Pounds. For lurther particulars, inquire of ALEX. STEWART, No. 43, Talbo'- street; or at 58, Ann- street.— Terms at Sale. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, 0 « tit Fremiti!, ( if not freviouly disposed of) in MONDAT, the 30lb March next, '' ir'EN ACREJ of most excellent LAND, adjoining the I Town of COMBER, held by Lease for Three Young Lives. On this Concern are Two Water Wheels, one occu- pied in spinning Linen Yarn, with complete Machinery; the other drives a Double Engine and Wa- h Mill, well cal- culated for the half- white or brown beetling business.— From the command of water, the whole is well adapted for an extensive Flour Mill, being liituated in the heart of a Wheat growing Country. For particulars, apply to Mr. STITT, of Comber, who will treat with any person disposed to purchase. COMBER, 28th February, 1812. N. B. The Purchase- Money may remain on approved se- curity. ( 638 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Mrs. DZNVIR'b. in Downfatriei, at TIVO o'Chct, on TO BE LET, qpHE DWELLING- HOUSE, No. 18, corner of Chunfl- 1L lane, fronting Aim- street; it is in excellent repair, and fit for the accommodation of a respectable family.— There is a sinail SHOP attached, which, if required, - will be let with the House. The si uation being so well known, it requires no comment.— For further information, inquire on the Premises. ? 14) Belfast, March 10. TO BE SOLD, AN excellent well- inclosed MEADOW, within fiye minetea walk of the E.: oa* Nor. P confiimng abrftit five Acres; held immediately under 8ie MAEQUIS of NEGALL, for a long Term of Years, and low Rent. For particulars, 695) apply at 123, High- st'tet. Belfast, March 7. I A ' 38 A NN, O. » . - - T upwards of si< Feet between Deck: the Cabin apartments are also spacious, and fitted up in a neat style. Passengers going by this ship, may depend upon every accommodation and attention during the Voyage, and upon a sufficient stock of Water, & c. being put on board. For Freight or Passage, apply to Captain PERKINS, at Captain SIMMS'J, Warrenpoint; or, to CARLILES, OGLE & CO NIWRT, February 21, 1812. ( 615 FOR NEW. YORK, " HJ- ' t To fir" fair wind after the 20th March, i\^ THE STOUT AND NEW AMERICAN JUIP Wf M A S. S A S 0 / T, V.- A- i: ( Burthen 450 Tons.) This vessel is, in every rtipeSt, well calculated to accom- modate Passengers, being six feet six inches between decks, only one year old, and a fast sailer. Such People as wish to avail themselves of this favourable opportunity, will please to make immediate application to the CAPTAIN, on Board, at Warreimoim, or to LAWFORD, TRONSON, & CO. NKWKY February 19 ( 60f Abo.': Twelve Cabin Passengers can be taken. A' iVE, E the Undersigned CABIN and SRUEAAEE PASJEN RS 011 board the Shif> MA8SASOLT, rom Nnv- SATURDAY, ' Hit MarcS iml. FARM in CLOUQUER, containing 13 Acres and 2- 1 Percbes, Irish Measure, held for ever, at 4r. 7d. an Acre. Also, a FARM in TAAHERMONIY, containing ." A. SR. .", 8P. Irish Measure, held for ever, at 11/. au Acre Those Lands contain Marie and Turbary; are very near Downpatrick, and some part of them let for Town Parks. They will be sold without reserve, and either in parcel- or together, as may suit Purchasers. For Particulars as te Terms, & c, spply to H W VLLACE, Attorney. ( T10 DOWNPATRICK, March 9. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, OH MONDAY the 30lb of Mar. b . instant, at the Commercial Coff~ ee- RooM, PVaring- strcet, at ONE o'Cloci, ALEASE of a FIELD at% ie far end of the Pound- lane, , containing 2 A. 3 R. 38, P. held under the MARQUIS of DONEC. ALL, for 31 Years . rom November, 179S, at the Yearly Rent of £', 10/ ( 733) Belfast, March 13. TO BE SOLD, THE FARM of MAGHERACLAY, in the Liber- ties of Coleraine, containing 20 Acres o' excellent Land, free from Rent; the property ofRoBERT GIVEN, Esq Proposals will bt received by Mr. ANDERSON, Bush- mills, who will give every information necessary. 556) February 12. • T0 BE S0LDj FARM of LAND in LOWER MALONE, containing A. IR !) P. Irish Measure, lately occupied by RO- BERT M'KEE, being just One Mile fram Belfast, and held by Lease from the MARQUIS of DONI: « ALL, for Sixty- one years, from November, 1809, at the yearly Rent of sc36, 2/. Application to Ije marie t » GEORGE BLACK, Esq. or JAMES MORiiLAND, ou the Premises. If not disposed of by Private Sale, before the 10th 0 f April next, it will on that day be SOLD by PUELIC AUC- T ION, at the DONGOALL- ARMS, at the Hour of ONE o'clock. ( 734) March 13, IS 12. TO BE LET, From the 1 si day of November last, 4FARM of I. AND, containing Thirteen Acres, Planta jion Measure, situate at BALLYNAEEIGH, on the County of Down side of the Lagan, lately in the Possession of Mrs. CAVAN, and held under the MARQUIS of DONE- GALL, for the remainder of the original Lease, for Three Lives, all in being, or 41 Years, from May, 1794, or what- ever shorter time may be agreed on. The above Farm is pleasantly situated on the Banks of the Lagan, and within a few minutes walk of the Town of Belfast, by the New Bridge. Application to be made to CHARLES EASTWOOD, Esq. C. stle Town, Dundalk, or to Mr. WALTER MAC- FARLAN, AUCTIONEER, Belfast. 691) Belfast, March 6, 1812. If the above FARM is not disposed of on or before FRIDAY the 3 d day of April next, it will on that day le SOLD by AUCTION, at the DON EG ALL- ARMS, a! the Hour of TIVO o'C'och, subject to the small Yearly Rt. it of £ 6. OIIDXAKCT ESTIMATES. Mr. WARD stated, that though the Estimates had swelled in some departments, they had di- minished in others, particularly in the Commis- sariat Department. The Medical Esalilishment Had swelled in England to more than jft. OOO, but this excess had been taken from contingencies, and placed there. Last year several supernu- merary surgeons had been employed, who now I were placed upon the rfegular establishment The excess in the Ordinaries was seemingly J€ 8S, 00G, but being diminished upwards of £ 60,080 was in reality but about £ 20,000. The excess in the Extraordinaries was above £ 300,000. Nothing material occurred till the article Malta, the expences of which altogether amounted to £ 152,678. This could not be regarded as exces- sive, as it had been d enied necessary to form a large depot. The next article was the Cinque Ports, where ths expence of works at Dover came to £ 12,510- The Inspector- General had stated, that it was not necessary to carry these works into execution this year ; but having been previously contacted for, they were consequent- ly carfied into effect. At Chath. uii, £ 2000 had been expended for maintaining the communica- tion with the opposite sidfe of the Medwny, and £ l'S,' 4ei^'' h; td beea applied to enlarging the gun- wharf, and £" 76' 00 m- re would be sufficient for its'cWplW'wn. At Woolwich, £ 31,701 had been Expended on buildings for gun carriages, stordS, and the bu- ldinj? of a saw- mill, yrhere the saving, after allowing' ,5 per ceat. interest, came to an '^ rtntfit prtiiit of £' i000 upon a capital of £ 4000. The next article was the defence, of the country, where a sum of £ 57.32had been laid out! fcn towns and batteries on the Eas ern Coast. Here there had bean a great swing, as a reduc- tion had t?. ken place froro £ 77,000, and only £ 39000 would be Wahted'next v.- Ur. The total sum required for Foreign service w is£ 301,5+ 6, of which £ 170,22 ) had' been paid for brass and iron otduanpe, ( and sundry other stores sent to our army In Sicily ; and £ 191, b' 73 for brass arid other stored, for the troops in Spain and Portu- gal ; and £ 360,746 for stores sent beyond the seas. In the article of miscellaneous services, ' what had formerly been charged under one head was - now classed under five, In the article of : ammunition there was a redaction of £ 160,000, 1 as the depots Were now full. Upon the whole of tlio Extraordinaries, there was a diminution of about £ 200,000. IRFLAWD. Here there was a small excess of £ 1,803 on the medical establishment} but the » e had been a great head of supsrat^ austion, both cirri and military, and in this way an excess of £ 18,000. The whaie excess was apparently £ 268,000. This, however, was only miminal, a » £ 65,000 had been taken away from the article of rations of provisions. In point of fa< ft, there was a diminution of £ 100,000 on the article of saltpetre. For the last three years £ 600,000 hid been paid for this article alone, in order to lay in a stock, making £ 200,000 per annum, whereas now only £ 100,000 was paid for it._ The Honourable Gentleman said, it might be YORK t « NEWHY, return Captain WH1T1EN our sincere aaJ unfeigned Thanks for his humane conduct and polite attention to us on the voyage; and we think it but a small < tribu( ej justly due to his merit, to mention in this Public manner, that we consider < ii » professional knowledge, and unceasing vigilance not to be excelled; and we beg leave to ffcommend this Gentleman and his Ship to tho « e who intend crossing the Atlantic. JOHN GILMOUR, PAUL BOGGS, PATRICK HENRY, CHAS. M'i. OUGHLIN, WILLM. M'DF. RMOf, DENNIS CAREY, KDWARD HERALD, • aPBNNIS DOUGHERTY. COTTON MILL & MACHINERY FOR SALE. In the Matter of T ' IHO BE SOLD BY WILLIAM GRIMSHAW, I -' I- AUCTION, before a Bankrupt. I the COMMISSIONERS in » this Matter, at the ROTAI PxcBANflt, DUBLIN, on THURSDAY the Hith day of March inst. at TWOo'Clock in the Afternoon, The BANK- RUPT'S INTEREST in that Valuable COTTON MILL, k lown by the name ol S r/. cKALLCN, held by Lease for Lives renewable for ever, subjetft to the Yearly Rent of iSSOO; also, a FARM of LAND adjoining the said Mill, containing Nine Acres, with some CAHINS erected thereon, held for a Term of 26 years, provided Mr. THOMAS MAX- TIN, the Lessor in the L' use of said Premises, should so long live, sullied to the yearly Rent of 50 Guineas. And at same time will be Sold, the Entire MACHINERY and UTENSILS, comprizing 1000 Throstle and 1200 Mule Spindles, with all the necessary preparation apparatus. The above Mill is situate on that fine River the Boyne, 4 miles from Navan, and 10 from Drogheda, and can be viewed any day previous to the Sale. A Statement of the Title may be seen in the ReVAt Tx- CHABOE Corre « ROOM, or by application to the under- signed, at their . Office, No. 45. Mary street, Dublin, in whose hatids the Title Deeds may be inspf- fted. 726) RAMSEY & GARRETT, Agents. STALLIONS, TT'O Cover this Sesson, at New- Gnovi, near Ba'Iymena, il at Two Guineas each Mare, and Five Shillings to the Groom :— RUM BO, By Whiskey, out of Spxetta— for his pedigree at large, and performance on the Turf, see the General Steed Book, and Racing Calendars. Also, at same place, at One Guinea each Mare, and Haif- a- Crown to the Groom, HERCULES, A Suffolk bred Punch, imported from the best stoek in that Country. Grass, & c. for Mares, at the usual prices.— All demands or Covering and Keep, to be paid belore the Mares are faken away, as the Groom is accountable. ( 6S4 STHMA, CONSUMPTION, WHEEZING, & c. & c. Prepared Stramonium and Oxymet ( as diredfed by Sur- geon Fisher) has be.- n found a most i'lvaluable remedy in the above complaints — The fume of the dried Herb, thus corrected, effectually prevents the Asthmatic fit, and the Oxymel, by allaying the irritation in the Lungt, strengthen- ing and correcting the habit, has succeeded in cases of Con- sumption that appeared almost hopeless. The prepared Herb for smoking, and the 0\ ymel for internal u » e— are sold in London, by Messrs BUKOESS & Co. Bedford- street; and Messrs. F. NKWBERY and SONS. NO. 29, Dame- street, Dublin ; and by their appointment, by Mr. SAM ARCHER, and Mr. WARD, Belfast; Mr. WALSH, Armagh; Mr. WAKD, Liiharn j and Mr, M'KZNNV, Nevvry. ( 7SJ expefted he would notice the Reports of the Com missioners of Military Inquiry. With many of them he entirely agreed, and thought they all bore the marks of great zeal and industry. With the Fourteenth, in particular, he perfe& ly concurred; and in their sentiments respe& ing contrafts tine Hoard of Ordnance entirely agreed that they should j be made by fair and open competition. On some other points there was a difference of opinion. On the question being put, that a sum not ex- ceeding £ 3,800,000 be granted to his Majesty, General TARLETON spoke at considerable length on the impolicy of Ministers not fixing a laige depot in the centre of the country ( as he had advised five years ago) capable of containing equipments of every kind for 200,000 men. In the Scheldt and the Texel, Bonaparte had thirty sail of the line and men to man them, and if he should be able, by any m « « uis, to land 10, 15, or 20,000 men in England, we had no means of ex- pelling them from the country, though the ex- pences of our army would this year cost us near £ 59,000,000. If Ministers did not seriously turn ; their thoughis to this subjeft, they must turn their backs upon the safety and security of the kingdom, Mr. WARD said, the depot at Weeden Beck did contain equipments of every kind for 200,000 men, which he hoped would sufficiently console the gallant General. General TARLETON said, Weeden Beck might contain pistols, perhaps, for so many men ; but there ought to be at least 100 pieces of can- non also ; and besides, Weeden Beck was too near the metropolis. He complained that all the horse artillery were on the coast. Mr. WARD said, that to console farther the Honourable General, he would assure him, there were 140 pieces of cannon at Weeden Beck ; that there was also a troop of Horse Artillery. Mr. FREEMANTLE complained, that there was an increase of nearly £ 150,000 this year, with- out any apparent danger to call for it. Mr. WARD restated many of the items he had before gone over, and insisted that on the whole ol those estimmes there would be a diminution. Mr. WHITBREAD said, with respeft to the secret service mentioned by the Hon. Gentleman, he believed it was a secret that was known to every body but the House of Commons. They were presents sent to certain persons, by whom they had been rejeiSed ; and a considerable part had been lo » t in the passage home, and was now at tire bot- tom of the sea. Mr. WARD acknowledged that stores to the amount of £ 77,000 had been lott. Mr. HUSK1SSON made some observations, in which he particularly noticed the sum of £ 52,000 for works at. the Pigeon- house, Dublin. He in- ferred from the statements, tbat. tb'. - « ya » only ^ part of the expense to be incurred ; and urged the necessity of an estimate of the whole cost of ev.- ry plan accompanying the proposition for its adopticn. Mr. WARD said, that recently a regulation had been mad « , by wb: ch engineers rhroughout the empire were to accompany their statements with full estimates » f the expense likely to be in- curred by their execution. With resoeft to the Pigeon- House, it was the Depot of the Ganisnn of Dublin, and one of the chief Artille'ry Depo- s in that country; but the ground belonged to the Ballast Corporation. It was desirable that G '• » vernment should have it in their own hinds, though from many claims which must be settled, a. C'r- tair, cost must take place in attaining that objett. No other place near Dublin would suit the put- pose. General TART. ETON Wade some objedliorn on the localities of Ireland, upon which Mr. WARD observed, that the objections were fitter for the consideration of the Ordnance Board, than as matters of debate. Mi. WHITBREAD thought the last remark rather hard. He might as tfell go to the Admi- ralty Board to give an opinion on maritime mat- ters, where he could not be admitted to the Board. Parliament, therefore, under such circumstances, was the only place where a Member could express his opinion. Mr. BANKES asked some quesions relative to situations in the Ordnance Department, as far 11 they regarded the Report of the Finance Com- mittee. Mr. WARD said, that there were several thing* that he might as well have stated before; but af- ter wfyat the Hon. Member had said, he must ot » - serve, that there were some things in the Report of the Committee in which he concurred; soma which were doubtful j and some, in which be uif « fared entirely from the report. CdTrtOLIC QUESTtOK. Mr. FREEMANTLE rose, and stated, that in the absence of an Hn. Gentleman, he propose< 4 to postpone the motion relative to the Ca. tlioli.- i of Ireland to the I4ith of April next. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQLTF. R then fose and said, that upon a questioft i f to great importance to the empire at large, he had already thought it his duty to give notice of hit, intention to move for a Call of the Hou- s,. in or- der that there might be as laige an assembly a* possible of the Members, to discuss and decide on thai subject. He was awar? that it had been s'. ntflEjBkt this motion would meet with the ge^ neralMpfbt the unanimous Support of the coun. try 5 bttt he remained of the same opinion which ha h « d befoJfe entertained and expressed, that thoss who indtllgfef in such sentiments were deceived. The rtiore and the dt- eper he could look into the opinion* the majority of the people of this CTOJKfef& ligie Plight not to be misled on this subjeft, the Y » ot^ ' he was convinced that tha tneasure proposed # « s one which v. quM, in a'l its stages, meet with their disapprobation. He had no obj ' ftion to the proposed posrpon » « ment; but if the discussion were fixed for the 14th, he should content himself with giv^ ncr uo- tice, that he should move the Call of the Housa on Monday the IS'h of April, Mr. WHITBRF. AW) said, that he was as anxi- ous as any Member, that on the approaching dis- cussion, there should be as full a House as possi- ble. So far the proposal for a call had his perfect assent. He was not at all surprised at the COD- duft of the Right Hon. Gentleman in the notice he had given ; for if any thing could mislead tl » people of England on this subjeft, they would bi misled by his measures. By the solemnity with which the Right Hon. Gentjeman had given his notice, and the observations with which he had accompanied it, it appeared clear to him ( Mr. Whitbread), that the whole influence of the Ex- ecutive Government of the country was to be em- ployed, for the purpose of opposing the claims of the Roman Catholic Petitioners of Ireland. From what had passed . that night, he could also un- derstand, that in the applica'ions made under the advice of that Right Hon. Gentleman, to those who were on fundamental and vital principles opposed to his system of Government, that Right Hon. Centleman supposed that those persons to whom that application war, made might have ac- ceded to it, though he ( Mr. Whitbread) was well convinced, that they would rather do any tiling— that they would sooner die, than sacrifice their duty and their principles, to join and support that Right Hon. Gentleman's system of adminis- tration. The call was then fixed for the 13th cf April. As UNFORTUNATE. LUNATIC—- An unhappy wanderer, of the name of John Marsdon, who was confined in the York hospital, Pimlico, evad- ed his keeper on Friday, and got into the adjoin- ing fields before he was discovered. He was pur- seud as far as Sloane's- square, where he was over, taken, and enticed back to" the hospital, when ha again rebelled, and got on the top of the build- ing ; but was again secured. He hud on a strait waistcoat the whole of the time, and he suddenly got away from his keeper again, by opening the ward door with his mouth, his hands having been also secured. He however made a leap) and succeeded in ascending a paling ten feet high, and from thence he plunged into the bed of the privy, and descended ten feet, and was smothered. The verdict of the Jury was Lu- nacy. On Wednesday the 19th ult. William Ogilvie, Esq. late a clerk in the War Office, who claims the title of Earl of Findlater, was served heir to Alexander Ogilvie of Boyne, who died in 1604^ and to Sir Patriclj Ogilvie of Boyne, who died in 1713, by a unanimous verdict of a respectable jury, before the Sheriff of Banffshire. One wit- ness was examined, who is in the 103d year of his aste. It is understood that Walter Ogilvie of Boyile, who died about the year 1590, the father of the above Alexander, wag second son of th# amily of Fiadlater and Deskford. JLONJDOK, Wednesday, March II. CARLTON- HOUSE, M « m S. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has fceen graciously pleased, in the name and on the tehalf of his Majesty, to appoint Earl Chol- jnondeley so be Lord Steward of his Majesty's Household. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, has been also graciously pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to appoint the Most Honourable the Marquis of Hertford to be Lord Chamberlain of his Majesty's Household. CARLTON- HOUSE, March ! 0. His Roval Highness the Prince Regent has been graciously pleased, in rhe name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to make the following ap- pointments : VICE- CHAMBIRUVIN. The Earl of Yarmouth. To' ie LORDS or HJS MAJKSTT'S HDCBAMJEJ, The Most Hon. the Marquis of Headford. The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Melbourne The Right Hon. Lord Hearhfield. The Right Hon I. ord Jatres Murray. The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Petersham. » IRST GROOM and uaiter 0( THE ROBES. Nassau Thomas, Esq. GROOMS Of tuc BEDCHAMBER. General Qhafles Leigh. General R. Stephens. General T. Sloughter Stanwix. Honourable Henry Stanhope. Lieutenant- General Sir J. Cradoclt. Lieutenant- General William Keppel. Colonel Wilson Bradyll. CLERK - MARSHAL and CHIEF EJOERRT, Colonel Benjamin Btoorofifid. EQUERRIES. Major- General Hammond. Lieutenant- Colonel William Congreye.. Major- General Bayley, Coldstream Guards. Hon. Frederick Howard, 10th Light Dragoons. Colonel Vivian, 7th Dragoons. The Gazette contains an Order in Council, de- claring, that all persons, natives of Spain, being partners in any house of trade in any part of the United Kingdom, and resident in Spain, or in any island in Europe dependent thereon, for the pur. pose of tr& nsafling the business of their respeftive houses, shall be considered as stranger friends, and in no case be treated as alien enemies ; and that British subjsfls, resident in Spain, or in any island in Europe dependent thereon, for the like purpose, shall be considered, and are hereby de- clared, to he so resident as aforesaid under his Majesty's licence, and without prejudice to the ehara£? er of British suhje& s} provided that the nanfes of such persons shall, within six months from the date hereof, or from their going hence, forth, be given in, together With the names of their respeffive houses of trade in the United Kingdom, and the usual place of their jjMfce in • Spain, & c. to the Clerk of his MajaWpMost Hon. Privy Council." MERCANTILE COMPENSATION. The Dep't: ation of Mcrcfartjft^ jffi&' rerou- .0 con- property, and so rauch hauteur, ister, and at law to listen with and has desired ent of the grounds neration for the losses tin Sequence of the seizure of who were rejefled last year: h^ ve again waited on the Mr. Perceval has fh. oi patient attention to t! them to draw up sashr of their demand, which he will himself snbipit to the attention of the Treasury Board. A like Deputation . has also waited on Lord. Castlereflgh, on " the subjefl of the HaftsS. Town, claims There is a demand of about, 70,000/. by ^ the Merchants against Lubec, which was not urged, because Commissioners in that cily were appointed to endeavour to answ- r to it, without impounding the property of the Luhee Senate in London, which consists of the premises called, the Steel Y- ird, of the value between 70 and 80,000/. ThoseComiMissionershave written word that they have no longer any power, and the application to Lord Castlereagh was to put in course the liqui- dation of the debts against Lubec, frrm the pro- duce of the sale of such premises. The applica- tion was favourably received by his Lordship. i* trt i - The Leitrim regiment of Militia marched on Thursday frrm Canterbury to Margate and Rams- gate, where they are to be stationedt; during their residence at Csnterbnry, this regiment has been deservedly respe& ed from the gentlemanly cori- dufl of the Officers, and the- regularity and order- ly deportment of the privates—( Glotc) The Westmeath Militia has replaced! the So- merset Militia, at Deal— where they arrived on Friday afternoon, from Hythe. General Borton, while riding on Sunday, in Hyde Park, took a great fancy to the Duke del Infan'ado's Arabian horse, whose tail is platted in a most carious manner. The General intends to adopt the plan for the horses of the 2d Regi- ment of Life G'lards. On Thursday several of the men went to the Duke's stable to learn the mode of platting. Five of the Grand Seigniors wives are said to be in a stat « " which women wish to be who love their lords." The new heir to the throne hks been christened Ammath. An Address, signed by his Excellency Gover- nor Henry William Bentinck, and the principal part of the inhabitants of the Colony of Deme- rary, has been presented to Capt. William Henry Smith, of the Demerary sloop of war, accompa- Died by a time- keeper, of the value of I SO guineas, in consideration of the zealous and meritorious services which he has rendered tot he mercantile concerns of that colony, during the last two years. It appears that every effort made to swell the party of die Minister, ends in mortification. A message was sent, it is said, to Sir John S—, reminding him, that several years ago he had given the Prince of Wales the promise of accept- ing the office of Groom of the Bedchamber as soon as he shorfld establish a household. Sir John returned an answer to the following effect: —" I perfectly remember the circtlmstance— and I renumber too that at the very same time his Royal Highness promised to act on the principles, and by the advice of. the friends of Mr. Fox Now, when his Royal Highness performs his part of the contract, I will perform mine."— Morning lihrnuUli. ' I Interestjkg Anecoote— In addition to the particulars contained in The Caledonian Mercury ( see last page), of the late conversation at Carl- ton- house, it is stated that the Princess Charlotte, when the retired, was asked by Lady De Clifford why she had shed tears, and that her Royal High, ness answered, " the reason was, that her Royal F* ther had some short time since, when- appre- hensive that the c^ nplaints with which he was affefled after his return from Oatlands might possibly have a fatal termination, had named to her seven persons by whom be recommended her to guide her counsels, and that these seven per- sons were all selefled from the early friends of his Royal Highness's public life." The great and extraordinary difference between the Prince's own condu< ft and this recommendation, as well as the consequence wh5ch. be? Royal Highness had just witnessed, might natura'ly have affefled her filial mind in the manner stated; and, therefore, to this extent we adopt th > substance of the state- ment of a respeftable cotemporary ( The Day), without pledging ourselves for its corre& ness. The Marriage Act now pending in the House of Commons, will we hope, put a check to some of those scenes of iniquity which our Ecclesiasti- cal Courts have of late exhibited. As the law now stands, an unprincipled scoundrel, wanting but a few days of being of the a^ e of 21, may de- ceive his intended wife, and obtain a licence fey swearing himself of age. He may thus gain pos- session of a woman's person and property— may even live with her for 20 years, and have a large family by her— and at the expiration of that pe- riod, may come into a Court of Justice, avowing his own perjury, as a ground of annulling the marriage, and bastardising his children; and,' up- on due proof of these facts, he must succe d ! No persons are more sensible of the lamentable hard- ship and crying injustice of such cases, than the Judges, who are obliged to enforce this cruel law; but they cannot help themselves, or the injured parties. They see an innocent woman, who has passed a life of purity and virtu •, as confident, of tieing a lawful wife, as of any circumstance that has ever fallen within her knowledge j-^ they see her suddenly awakened to a sense of misery and degradation sufficient to unse'tle the very intel- lect, and drive the mind to despair they see a young family, brought up with . high hopes, and perhaps impressed with the honourable and de'i- cate feelings of their mother, driven from, the rank iif society to which they bad fancied them- selves born :— and all this atrocious cruelty, prac tised by the very man who ought to have shield- ed both the one and the other from eaery - suffer- ing ; and yet as solemn and sworn Administra- tors of the Law, they must needs give sentence against the innocent, and in favour of the guilty party. . , • A short time since, a female servant of the Ear of Mexbornugh, returning from Bantefraft,, w, as attended bv her father tilt they met a cousin, a married man with a family, and who, promised to see her safe home ; but they had not proceeded far, before he made a brural attack on her, and threw - her upon the ground. Ste escaped, how- ever, and ran motet than a mile^ but as she was endeavouring ro get over a stv! « . the brute. once more seized her, threw Tier upon " the ground, and forced a pocket- handkerchief into . heir mouth.<— She struggled with him till her pelisse and some other of her clothes were torn to pieces, when by some means getting the handkerchief out of her mouth, she screamed aloud. Her cries were haard by a lad at some distance, who immediately set up a shout. This alaming the villain, he made off, and the poor girl, without stopping to look for her shoes and pattens, which she had" lost. in the scuffle, ran to the nearest house for shelters. The road having lately been mended with pieces [ of broken pots and rubbish from the pottery, her feet were shockingly cut. She was kindly Receiv- ed and put to bed, but still continues much indis- posed." The savage is in custody. Melancholy Catastrophe— When the Bath coach, which left London on Tuesday'night, ar-' rived In Chippenham on the succeeding morning, the people of the inn were surprised at seeing three outside passengers lying in a state of appa- rent insensibility, but their surprise Was convert- ed into horror, when they perceived, on a nearer approach, that vitality had bren actually eitinct in twb of them for some time, the bodies being perfectly cold. The third, a soldier, had some faint signs of animation left, and the persever- ing and active humanity of the spectators, aided by medical skill, for a time flattered their anxious wishes with a prospect of permanent success, as the latent spark of life, was so far rekindled that he took some refreshment and was put to bed ; but nature was too far exhausted to render these hopes of any long duration, and he expired the following morning. From some papers'found in the pockets of one of them, he proved to be, a journeyman pewterei- j from London, who being afflicted with a contraction in his wrists, had ob- tained an order for admission into the Bath Hos- pital, for the benefit of the waters, and was go- ing down for the purpose. Our readers will. re- collect, that on that fatal night it rained both violently and incessantly ; and to the cold, added to the drenched state of their garments, the fatal catastrophe was doubtless owing. We must add, to the credit of the place, that the bodies were decently interred, attended to the grave by near- ly the whole of the inhabitants.; and that to the widow of the pewterer, the only one whose rela. tives were known, they behaved with the kindest attention, and administered every consolation her unfortunate situation would admit. A correspondent to whom we have been much indebted for many valuable communications, re. marks, on vaccine inoculation, that it should be an invariable rule to repeat the vaccine operation before the eleventh day is over, if the postule is ! in the least degree ruffled, as, in that case, the vaccine matter, instead of being taken into the system, is carried off by the external discharge. — Inverness Journal. The Austrian Clergy, in order to prevent the continued sale ef their estates, have made an of- | l fer to supply the Government with a sum equal j! to one half of their real value. , The proposal is tra- il der consideration, and in the meanwhile the & ales ^ are suspended. ,- Royal Naval Asylum, Greenwich.— Fifty vacan- cies are reserved for the orphan sons of seamen who perished in the ships lost in the North Sea, and in the Saldanha, which was recently wrecked on the coast of Ireland. The mode of applica- tion for admittance to this Charity is by petition. • A ' i ilwjKJvTeY / ; I ' f Saturday, March 14- Near Rathartgan, one of the Cmal boats, load e ! with potatoes, was yesterday seiz d upon by a mob, who took the potatoes out, and gave thern for safe keeping to the adjacent iphabitants, to be brought rhe next market day forth for public sale. We understand that threatening notices have been sent to persons who have Corn and Potatoes in store at Monastereven,, intimating the intention of taking away br force, those articles of food. La- bourers and Masons are threatened with being Carded? who shall presume to repair any part of the Canal which had been broken down for the purpose of impeding the conveyance of provisions to the Metropolis. Potatoes are increasing in price, owing to the shortness of the last crop, but the same cause for a high price in oatmeal does not exist. There is a considerable quantity of tiri- threshed pats yet in the farmers' barns, besides other very abundant stores. Mullingar, March 12.-— Tuesday night, about seven o'clock, an express arrived in town from t, he General of the District at Tullamore, in consequence of which, a strong detachment of the 23 Royal Surry Militia, quartered here, im- mediately proceeded to Moyvally, and other places along the line of the Royal Canal, where several large breaches have, been made, and in some places, where the ground was low, the Canal up- dermin. ed,. by a lawless'banditti,. who have threat- ened- the. lives of the workmen or labourers, who should have1 the temerity to repair said breaches. The objeft of the military being sent is not only to prevent farther depredations, but to protefl the workmen when they are employed.. Last Friday night a very audacious attempt was made by some desperate tfillains, upon the office bp Mejsrs. iM'Cheane and Edmundson, at their stores in. this town. The fellow,, got in over the door, anil » « i « t have been at . uninterrupted work a considerable time, from the progress they had made in attempting to force the iron safe, in which, at the time, there was property to a very considerable amounts This, however, they did not accomplish, and th ' se Gentlemen suffered no other loss than some small change that lay in a desk, and some little damage to the latter, to" which1 it would'" seem that the robbers set fire be- fore. their ^ departure. The store and office lie within a few yards of the . Main Guard, so that the fellows must ' be pretty well accomplished ifi their vocation, to; have effefied the . entry breach' without being overheard.— Clonmel Paper. CO » C. MARCH 9.." It gives us painful concern, indeed, to state the occurrence of . an accident, as truly melancholy and distressing, a.< it was fatal in its result, which took place in the course of yesterday, at the Dis- , tillery concerns, near the Water- CoursS. It ap? pears( that the . great wooden vat, which had been t Fifty thousand troops are the contingent to be furnished by Prussia against Russia. By what promises or menaces Bonaparte has induced the King of Prussia'to assist • htm-' in this unhallowed cause— by what mask he can have veiled from • him the truth so clear and naked to all other eyes that every blow aimed by Prussia against the Em- peror of Russia is a blow aimed against himself, we are perfeflly unable- to- comprehend. For, lo suppose that if Bonaparte succeed against Russia, he will leave Prussia- even in b. er present nominal independence, would be the height of absurdity. No disasters, however great, which, sbecoul^ have experienced by joining Russia, would have been greater than those she will experience by throw * ing herself into the arms of. Fr. ance. These refleflions are unavailing, we know, but it is impossible to help indulging'them, when we see Nations thus degrading themselves ' Without the possibility of staving off their ruin by. the sa- crifice of their honour. While, as every, thing . were to be extraordinary m the present state of this world, we behold two of the Old Powers of Europe leaguing themselves with Bonaparte, we see on the other o re of the new Sovereign's of Bonaparte's own creation, as- suming the attitude which would have best be- come the Powers we: have alluded to, and deter- mining to take part against his former Master.— Bernadotte, if we may credit the accounts from Sweden, has broken off entirely with France, and has determined to direfl all the resources of Sweden against her. A joint declaration is ex- petfed from the Courts of Petersburgh and Stock- , horn, and Great Britain will of course most cor- dially unite with them. The dread of an attack upon Zealand ' is said to have been one of the • causes that has induced the King of Denmark to grant so readily a passage to French troops through bis dominions. And it is even said that Bonaparte has prorhisedto send out his fleets from the Scheldt and the Texel for the protection of Copenhagen! Such are the accounts which have just beep re- ceived from the North, and which in all probabi- lity will be immediately followed by events of the Utmost importance.— Courier. K The following communication was received this morning:— HELIGOLAND, MARCH 5.— By persons arrived from the opposite coast, we have various'reports respecting Continental affairs ; they mention that it was currently reported at Hamburgh, that the' French Empress had left Bonaparte, and. returned to- Vienna, after having received a corporeal chas- tisement from her husband, on the 15th * lt. We have heard so much about a northern war, the cpnirafcii ipeFtpir for no less a " quantity-' than < that. it may bf thought a stale repetition to state, at » out' thrbe o/ TdUr hundred tons of water, was* that every report from the coast agrees in meri- situate in. that part of the premises, that lay next . to the road ; where at an unforeseen and unfor- tunate moment,: the excessive pressure occasionsd ; the entire to yield asunder, by the violence . of . which, the adjoining wall was suddenly forced from its position; and three persons, who were passing at, the moment, literally, as it is said, crushed to death.! —( Cork Intelligencer.) ' ^ BatFAJST corrnisl OF EXCHANGE, Ac."". Mak01 13.— Belfast on L-> n< ibn ( 21ds.) 8| 8j per cent. Belfast on Dublin ( 61 ds.) 1. per cent. Belfast on { jiasgow 7 per cent. IKrsri, MARCH 5 — Sf per cent. Gov. Deb. 72f J p « cent. Ditto 101- J • j F. tibr. isti, JFHb 29.— 3 per cent. Consols 62f . I March S.— T> nb. on f.- rn. 8 J S I Fxb 29.— Loa on Dub ARRIVED. MAILS SINCE OUR LAST. DUB 2 B; DONAGHABES 0 2 By Dublin........... 0 BELFAST, Mondau; March 16, 1812. PACKET ttY EXPRESS. At an early hour this morning we received, by Express from Ponaghadee, the London Papers of Thursday the Ityh int. The following - is a sum- mary of the most interesting of their contents :— The question of pe. ice or war, or rather, as far as it . relates'to Russia, of submission or war, is on the eve of being decided, if it has not already been. Bonaparte, whose torrent of military force has for some months been rolling northward, in- creasing as if roiled, is now giving a more rapid difeflion, to that Mfce.; arid having by menaces or deceitful promises prevailed upon Denmark and Prussia to sfgn treaties with him, is over- run- ning the territories of both. Holstein is to furnish him with 6000 cavalry j that is, he has permission to levy that number in Holstein, which he wilj enforce by the summary process of conscription ; his troops are also to have free passage through Holstein and Schtoswig, from whence it is: sup- posed a considerable body will proceed to Zea- land. Meanwhile, after over- running Swedish Pomerania, the inhabitants of which have been treated by their g- odfriends the French with great severity, the latter have burst into Prussian Po- j merania ; and Anclam, Usedom, and Schwlne- : munde have already been taken possession of These places they fntered on the 26th. in virtue of the Treaty, sgid in all the private letters from the North to bavfc been signed betwfen France and Prussia, by which the iatter consents to have all her sea- p> rts garrisoned by French ti oops. Memel and Koningberg excepted. Colberg. is said in some accounts to be also excepted, but the French troops have already arrived in the neigh- bourhood of that fortress— they are even approach- I ing Berlin. tioning it as an event determined upon. There- must undoubtedly be some grounds for the pre. . valence of this general opinion; the most obvious are the whole of the French troops having been marched from the coast, of there being a numer- ous French* army concentrated on the frontiers ® f Poland, and the probability that- Bonaparte, after having seized upon Swedish Pomerania, wilj stretch his grasp to get the other ports of the Baltic under his immediate controul; and that the Emperor of Russia will make an effort to oppose so enormous an aggression. Thursday the 27th ult. was to be observed as a- holiday throughout all Saxony, and orders ware given t6 put up prayers in 3II the churches for the success of the French arms, on the eve of an ^ approaching battl?, which it was. supposed, al- luded ta some eipecled engagement with the Russians. The Danes have fitted out a number of priva- teers in the Elbe and Eyder. They are also said to be forming a large camp in the neighbourhood of Rensburg, with a view to make their neutrality respeSed in the case of a rupture. French Papers to the 1st instant have been re- ceived. They contain Suchet's official account of the surrender of Peniscola, a fail with which we were already acquainted ; but we are sorry to find that the Governor's treachery hastened the fall of the place. Alicant still holds out. , The letter from the Prince Regent to the Duke of York, authorizing a communication to Earl Orey and Lord Grenville, and the answer of those Noble Lords to tfte overtures contained in that letter, are at length about to be brought direflly and formally under the consideration of Parlia- ment. Lord Boringdon gave notice of a Motion upon the subject - last night in the House of Peers. The Noble Lord previously put a question to the Earl of Liverpool as to the authenticity of die Prince Regent's letter ; to which his Lordship de. clined giving any answer, intimating, at the same time, hi& stirprize that any should be expefied from him. Lord Boringdon, upon this, assumed it for granted that the Prince's letter-, as pnblr. hed, was authentic. Earl Grey and Lord Grenville, ; n their respective places, avowed the authenticity of the arisWer published with their name, s annex- ed, with, the exception of some few verbal in- accuracies not materially affecting the substance The Motion of which Lord Boringdon gave I notice was for an Address to the Prince Regent. I recommending to his Royal Highness to take such measures as sho'uld be best adapted to form an Administration upon a broad, firm, liberal, ^ and permanent basis, such as may tend to the security and welfare of the country, by insuring tranquillity at home, and respect and considera- tion abroad. But his Lordship reserved to him- self the right of remodifying the form, accord, ing as, upon intermediate reflection,! he should think right. Lord Liverpool having' declined giving any explanation on the subject of the Prince's Letter, it is to be inferred, that the Ministers will not'suffer them. « elves to be con- sidered as the responsible advisers ji and it is theie- fore, probable that an Address . will be moved, calling upon the Prince to declare who the ad- viser was; and probably, also, that Address rn'iy include a clause intreating his Royal Highness to dismiss that adviser from, bis pfeser. es and coun- sels for ever, and, generally, not. to listen to se- cret advisers, not responsible in a regular and con- ; scitutional way for the advice they may gift- Yesterdav the Marquisses of Winchester antf Hertford", the Earl of Cholmondeley, and the Ear! of Yarmouth, were' sworn iuto their re » psrl live offices. The Eari'of Drrlmgrom and the Earl of Scar, borough are stated, to have both declined ihe ok fers that wece made rhem by the Priiice Regent, The Earl of Cholmondeley, who has been ap- pointed Lord Steward of the Household, is a very good- natured man, who has never meddled much in politics, and has b? en always a great personal, friend and companion of the Prince Regent. I PI's stated, that in consequence of the refusal of the Earl of Alhemarl to accept the high office of Master of t^ e Horse, which was offered to him by the Prince Regent, Mr. Perceval ha? interced- ed, ftjr hisjriead, the Duke of Montrose,* who felt, himself aggrieved by the offer having been rr, ttfe unknown to him : and it is understood that the Duke of Montrose is not only to retain the Horse, but to get one of the rejected blue ribbands! | In like manner we hear that the office of Mart, ter of the Buck Hounds was offered to Lord Maynard, without the knowledge of the Marquis Cornwallis!— Lord Maynard has refused them. We shall see how Lord CornwaHis will % ft. - We understand that a trea'y of marriage is in contemplation between Mr. B 31, one of the Members for Ireland, and Miss' Fit/. Clarence, Report adds, that a Peerage, an Irish one as welj as we recollect, is by the interest of the Royal Duke, the Lady's father, to be bestowed on Mr. B the elder, to which the intended hustfaud of Miss Fitz Clarence, and the childfeh of the expected marriage, would be the direct' and im- mediate heirs in remainder Pilot. • V f 1 CALL OF THE . HOUSE.— We. perceive that A Cell o£ the Hmiss Commons is fixed for > h « ISth of April, when a most important question is to be taken into cons/ deration. A most in- teresting Call is also fixed for the 30th of April, when Prizes of Twenty Thousand, Fifteen Thou- sand," Ten Thousand, Five Thousand. Four Thou- sand; Three Thousand, Two Thousand, One; Thousand, Five Hundred Pounds, & e. will be called out of the- Lottery Wheels j and we sin- cerely hope that upon the important division - of that day, the Majority will be in favour of IRELAND. " At the Assizes of Ennis, Hagh Collins, con- victed of manslaughter, and six riots, was senten- ced to be imprisoned, three year.-,. The Grand Jury of the county of Lout 11 refus- ed to listen to'the propositions for an address to the Prince Regent, for appointing Mr. Perce/ al and L^ rd Castlereagh to office, and also for an Anti- Catholic Petition to Parliament. Of the Grand Jury of the county of Cavan, the High Sheriff and nine Members signed the Protestant Petition in favour of the Roman Ca- tholics. Birth. In Saville row, Dublin, Lady EMILY I. ATOHCHE. of * daughter. IN. Upper Gardiner- street, Dublin, the Lady of JOH » ME. TOE, Esq. of a son. At Balfyshannon, on the 10th inst. tile Lady of ACHK- » ON ST. GEORGE, ES> J. Captain in the Armagh Militia, of a son. Mrtrried. OnTvumby the Sifinstant, Mr. ANDREW StAwtuotir, of Belaghcy, to the Amiable and agreeable M. m M'- Coi- LOOGP, near feally'rnfna. On Sunday last, at St. Botolph's Church, Boston, THO- MAS L. LAWRENCE, Esq.' son and heir of Joseph Lawrence, ' E^ q.' Banker, . of Grantham, to Miss MOOR, of Mr. Robin- son's Company of Comediens. On the 5th instant, at Monkstown Church, CHARLES PUTIANB, Esq. to CONSTANCE, eldest daughter of tbe Honourable George Massy, of Avondale, county of Dublin. Died. On the morning of the 10th iustant, of a decline, ip the b'oom of youth, Miss SUSANNA M'Vrrr,. youngest daugh- ter of Mr. John M'Vity, near Lisburn. In the Forest of Birse, JAMES BCOWN, aged 103; in the same place, CHRISTIAN CATONACK, aged 102: and a short time'after her death, her brother DONALD, aged 91. At Cork, « n the 6th inst, Mrs. FISH, wife of Lieutenant Fish, R. N. and you^ ge- c daughter of Mr. Richard flabing- ton, late of B » yle* 3 Kill, . county Donegal. W- U *.! J ' iL ' 1 ' .. BELFAST SHIP NE. vi S. The Kelly, M'ilwam, for Liverpool, i » < Jetained by con- trary winds only. . The armed brig Vine, Montgomery, is loading for Lon- don, to sail in a fe\ y days. The armed brig ? t. Patrick, i9 loading at London for this port, to sail on first delivery of the Teas from the Sale*. The Swift, Neel,.- from. hence, arrived safe at Bristol 8th inntant. The Ceres, Savage, is loading for Liverpool, to sail in » few days. The armed bTig Aurora, Starfcs, Sails in a few Hays for London. The Margaret & Nancy, Galbraith, is loading for Green- ock and Glasgow, to jsail in a few duy » . The Betseys, Neilsoo, for Glasgow, it detained here by contrary. Winds. Th » Alexander, George Bruce, is loading for ColeVn'n. The Hawk, M'Cormickj at. Glasgow ; ami the Dispatch, J tyrsiin, at Uubhn, ate leading for iielfiut. • I Rr V 4 > We seldom have occasion to make so melan- choly a note of mortality as that which occurred in the family of the Rev. Sundish Grady, of Car- rick- on- Suir— within the period of a very few days he lost successively all his children, four in nunw In a garden, in Montrose, there is a: present a jargonelle pear- tree in blossom. NEWRY SHIPPING LIST, For the Week ending March 14. ARRIVED. James and Nellie, of Stornawiy, M'Kaskill, from Green- ock, vjith herrings. Two Brothers of Dunbar, M'Donald, from Glas « o> v, with crown glass, bar iron, fire clay, pig iron, shovels, and herrings. William, of and from Chester, Evans, with bricks, tiles, and oak bark. Helen, ofand from Glasgow, Blair, with coals and pig iron. Catherine, of Barmouth, Williams, from Chepstow, with oak bark. Brothers, of Newry, M'Nulty, from Liverpool, with coals and pig iron. Jane, of and from Carnarvon, Roberts, with herrings and slates. Verbesring, of and fr « m Drontheim, Konig, with deals, oars, ami spars. Jane, of and from Liverpool, Morgan, with rock salt. ( Seorge, of Maryport, Shaw, from Cardiff, with bar iron » nd eak bark. Standard, of Plymouth, Holmes, from New- York, with flaxseed; leaf tobacco, pot and pearl a'hes, and staves. Aeri* L « f London, Royau, from Isle of Martin, with her- riaps and cod fish. Harriet Garland, of Newry. ?, eith, from London, with teas, sugars, garden and grass sec'. s, bale goods, can lies, bar iron, pepper, herrings, stationary, wood hoops, and furniture. Mary, of and from Stornaway, M'Lean, with herrings Jannerii and Peggy, of Chester, from Dublin, with whis- key, starch, vinegar, anJ other goods. Lady R. un . gh, of Newry, Cunningham, from Dublin, with oats, iron, and hops Duche « s of Buccltugh, of Stornaway, lies, from Gal- Way, with o- ts. SAILED. John, of and for Ulverston, Preiton, with flax, linen cloth, Mid soap. Charlotte, of Newry, Feran, for Liverpool, wish. pigs Hodgkinson, of and for Liverpool, Alcorn, with linen slnth, butter, pork, soap, beer, linen v « rn, and flax. Sharston, ol Preston, Uelen, for Liverpool, pigs. Jane, of and for Carnarvon, with pigs. • General Hunter, of Newry, Clark.-, for Liverpool, with po'k, butter, hams, linen cloth, feathers, hogs lard, linen yarn, and ashes. Success, of Preston. Rymer, for Liverpool, with cows and pigs. Helen, of and for Glasgow, Blair, with flaxseed. Thirteen Vessels in ballast. NEWRY MARKETS, MASLCH It. Wheat Oats Oatmeal Barley Wholesale Calico,, Muslin, Cotton Yarn, and Haberdashery IVarehmse. BAVID MOORE and JOHN SIMPSON, respectfully inform their. Erien ! a and the Public, that they have commenced Business under the Firm of MOORE SIMPSON, At No. 72, DONEGALL- STR kr r, qext the BROWN LINEN- HALL, where they haye- a neat and weil- chosen Assortment of every Article in the above Line, which they will dispose of on the most reasonable Terms. 747) Belfast, March 9, 1312. BRASS- WORKS. SAMUEL STEWART returns his sincere Thanks to those wiio favoured him with Orders in his former line of Business; and now begs leave to inform his Friends, and the Public in general, that he has commenced the Brass- Founding Business, And inteuds to carry it on in ifs various Branches— Having acquired an increased knowledge in an eminent House in England, he trusts the quality of his Work will give general satisfaction.—' Two APPRENTICES wanted. 748j 15, North- street. Third ditto.. Bran Butter Rough Tallow., Ditto Undressed... Dkto ( Alicant) Pot Ashes Irrtii ( Swedish) Do. ( British) I fi Beef 45 Parte..., 33 Liverpool Coals 94 Swansea ditto 33 Malting ditto.. 33 I. d. 1. d. 60 0 63 0 per barrel of 20st. 1 8 — I per stone of 14lb. 25 0 — 26 10 } per cwt. of 11 : Tl. 28 0 — 30 0 ' f per barrel ol 16< t. 39 0 — 0 0 •) 37 0 — 0 0 35 0 0 0 26 0 — 0 0 per cwt. of 1121b. 9 2 — 0 0 8 4 — 0 0 117 8 fi 8 — 119 9 6 3 - ? I 6 — 23 9 per stone ef 16' lbs. 11 3 — 12 8 29 6 32 0 0 — 36 6 per cwt. uf 1121b?. 43 9 — 45 0 ADAM BOWLES 1> ESPECTFUI. LY informs his Friends and the Public, V that he has removed from North- street to that Con- cern in SUG ^ R- 1SL AND, formerly occupied by Mr. RUS- SEL, where he hopes for a contiuance of that favour he has experienced since his commencement in Trade. He intends being always supplied with Best Bleachers' Soap, Mould vV Dipt Candles, Tobacco is Pigtail, of his own Ma- } nufacture, Which His Friends may depend on being of the very best Quality; together with a General Assortment of GROCKRIRS 741) NEWRY, March 5. A COOK WANTED, ON the First of May, who must perfe& ty understand her Business, and the Management of a Dairy—- The most sutisfa& ory Churadter, as to Sobriety and Honesty, will be required. Inquire at the CHRONICLE OFFICE. ( 756 A DWELLING- HOUSE TO BE LET. HpHB HOUSE, No. 1, Q^ EES- STREET, to be Let, from l 1 - t May next— The Situation is healthy and pleasant; the Hi- use, roomy, convenient, and in excellent repair*— A Lease may be had, if required. Apply at the Premises 753) Belfast, March 16. ^ perevrt. of 112lh. 36 6 1 34 9 t 35 0 3 per ton. - mi io,\ r" tm> ofaocwu 0 — 48 6 0 — 40 6 9 - r- 36 6 O — 34 6— 35 Weight of Bread at the Public Bakery this Week. White Loaf, 13^. 311). t3oz. | Household Loaf, ISrf. 4ib. 5oz. Brown I, oaf, Id. 2! bi. 15oi— Small Bread in proportion. r, ii " fi i" 1:. 1 p 1 — THE Undersigned request a MEETING of he CA- THOLICS of the COUNTY of DOWN, at the SSSSIONS- HOUSS in the TOWN of NEWKV, at ONE © ' Clock, on MOND AY the 23d instant, to take into con- sideration, the propriety of adopting a Petition to the Le- gislature, prepared agreeable to their Resolutions of the 9th of September last. NIWRT, March 14, 1812. James Reilly. Marl Devlin. Rowland Sav. i'e. Andrew Jennings. Arthur Fegan. James B aw dan. John O'Hagan. NEW STATE LOTTERY, CONSISTING of only 12,000 TICKETS, yet the SCHEME comprizes a greater Variety if PRIZES than ever before intwn in any former Lottery, hav- ing SIXTY- EIGHT PRIZES from 20,000 to jElOO each ;— and also 50 Prizes of £ 50— 70 Prizes of £\ 0— 100 Prizes of ^ 30— 121 Prizes of £ 25— and 2000 Prizes of £ 15 each. •" TICKETS and SHARES are Selling, at the lowest Prices, at N. C A LL WELL'S Fortunate Office, 28, College- Green, DUBLIN; And also at his Agents, ARCHER and WIRI. ING, and P. M'GOURAN, BELFAST; and by A. HALYDA. Y, NfWKT. ( 757 Hussia Yelloiv Caudle 7' allmr. J^ EF W CASKS, of prime Quality, for Sale, reasonably, 749) TO UE LET, « A NEAT, COMMODIOUS HOUSE, ( on the Carrick- fergus Roa I) within Four Mdes of Belfast. For Particulars apply to I AMES & POBER I' DUNN. 745) March 16, 1812. SALE BY AUCTION. On THURSDAT the 19th instant, will be SJd on the Premises, RIJWO HOUSES in BLI; » - UI! I. I.- EN-(- B v. held by Lease JL from HBOH HVNOMAN, E- q. of which 37 Years ire Unexpired at M iy next.— Yearly Rent of both Houses 22 Guineas; one of which as lately occupied by JOUN SWEENY, and long established as a TAVERN, would be a desirable si- tu. ' ior; for a Person wishing to enter into that Business — The House being roomy, convenient, and oof a Shilling to be expended on it, would readily Let for jC:' A) per annum. 1 he other House is Set at 12 CJuineas per annum to a Te- nant at will On the Same Day will be Sold, the Entire HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, consisting ol" Feather Beds, Bed- steads, Mahogany Card ' Fables, Ditto Low Boy. s, Oak Tables and Chairs, Mahogany Glass Case, Two excellent Ei^ ht Day Clccks, Kitchen Furniture, & c. & c Also, a Quantity of empty Puncheons, large fltam and Scales, and Set of Me- tal W- eights, a new Truck Barrow, Beef Block, and Sundry Article- belonging to the Provision Business,— I'ermsat Sale. The Sate ot the Furniture will commence at KLEVEN, t and ol the Lease at TWO o'clock. MACFARLAN, Auflineer. Belfast, March 12. ( 753 WILLIAM PATTESON, C00KST01VN, fNTENDING to quit the HARDWARE and IRON- MONGERY BUSINESS, retai ns sincere Thanks to his Frieuds and the Public for their encouragement since his commencement; requests all those with whom he holds Accounts to have them settled immediately, as he is deter- mined to resign the first of May next; when he will Let, for whatever term of years may be agreed on, his Divitt- ING- HOUIS, Octict), GARDEN, TURF- BOG, and about Two and a Half Acres excellent LAND. The House is very commodious aud rooriiy— the Shop very large, and all in the best repair, being very lately finished, and the situation one of the best in town for Busi- ness of any kind.— Any lvrson in the Hardware Line want- ing such shall have a preference, and can be accommodated with the Shop Fixtures and Goods at a v'uation, and a liberal Credit will be' giv. n.— Propo- als will be received till the 20ch April, when the Tenant will be declared, and possession given the first of May. 746) Cookstown, March 10. One Hundred and Twenty- Two Guineas R EIV J 11 D. TiyHEREAS, early on the morning of the 26th January 1 v instant, a House in Maghera, at present occupied by Mr. WILLIAM MILLER, Excise Officer,- was maliciously set an Fire, and partly Burnt, by some evil- minded Person or Persons as yet unknown. Now we whose Names are hereunto subscribed, holding in abhorrence all ^ nch outrages, do hereby promise to pay the several Sums re'fjeiSively annexed Jo our Names, to any Person who will, within Six Months from the date hereof, discover and pro6ecutljpttfeonvi& ion, any af the party guilty of said offcuce; or one- ntflf of said sums for such private in- formation as may lead to the cerivi& ion of any of the per- petrators of the al'otesaicj- outrage.—- Given under our Hands this 28th day of January,'! 812. SAMUEL BROWN, BLEACHED LINEN CANDLEWICK, ,/"\ NK roN WEIGHT of BRISTOL and INNIS- " KILLEN CANDLEWICK, of a superior Colour ar: d Quality, lor Sale. Apply at 42, High- Street, Belfast. ( 754 . COUNTY OF DOWN INFIRMARY. ' nPHE " next GENERAL QUARTERLY MEETING I of the GOVERNORS of the COUNTY of DOWN INFIRMARY, is appointed to be held on MONDAY the 30th inst. E. S. RUTHVEN, Treasurer. March 19, 1812. ( 75A £ 400, £ 800, Qn £ l<) 00. f ANTED to Borrow, the above Sums, for which un- denia|) le stcurity will be given; and the Interest regularly paid either in Belfast or Dublin. Apply to ROBERT THCfcSON, Droinor*, ( 7| 0 w TIMBER CARGO BY AUCTIONS GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. WILL Sell by Anflion, at RITCHIE'S Dock, on MON- * DAY, 23 I instant, at ONE o'Clock, the CARGO of the Ship Dryad, just arrived from WISCASSET, with a Very prime parcel, consisting of 490 Tons of PINE, 53 Tons of OAK, 120 Pine Plank, s 173 OAR RAFTERS, 12,000 Oak and Ash Hogshead SfJ^ ES, arid 3 SPARS. To be put Op in small Lots, and Terms declared at Sale. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer; Belfast, March 4. ( 673 NF. V/ FLAX- SEEL), ENGLISH & AMERICAN. GEORGE LANGTRY isf CO. HAVE FOR SAT. E, 570 BAGS, just landed from the South of England, the growth of last year, and produced from real RIGA Flax- seed. i " 650 HOGSHEADS, imported per the Protection and hibernia, Jrom New- York. 690) Belfast, March 6. NEW RED CLOVER- SEED. ^ S. t. d £ s. d Ale*. Clark & Co- .22 15 0 Adam Sinclair. I 2 9 Rev. Mr. Soden-..,. .11 7 6 Anthony Conway... 1 2 9 Rev Mr. Maulcvererl 1 1; Geo. M. Macarther 1 % JL 9 Richard Hunter... ,. 10 0 0 David M'Kee....... ] 2 9 Charles Dunlevie.. .. 5 13 9 " Charles Conway.... 1 2 9 Robt. Forrester,.... . 5 13 9 Archibald Miller... 1 2 .9 Rav. Mr. [, owd. r. . S 8 3 Thomas Henry 1 2 $ Richard Jante « . 3 8 S 1 2 9 S » ml. MUowell... .. 3 8 3 Robert Henry....... 1 2 9 John Knox Powell .. 3 8 3 Charles Madden... 1 2 9 Stephen Duriroth.. .. 3 8 3 Abraham Dougal... 1 2 9 8 9 William M'Gaw... 1 2 9 George M'llroy... _ 2 5 6 Gordon Thompson 1 2 9 James Barklie .. 2 5 e James Henry ........ 1 2 9 John M'Dowell;,. .. 2 56 John Hacket ... I 2 9 John Hopes........ .. 2 £ 6 Oliver Boskins 1 0 9 Alexander Falls.... 2 S 6 1 2 9 Rev. Mr. Graham. ... 2 5 6 Wiliiam Dougal...„ 1 2 9 Rev. Mr. M'Cosker 1 9 William. Miller 1 1 7 6 EXCISE Orrice, DBBLIN, Feb. 15, 1812 In addition,. to the above Reward, the Chief Commissiotier8 of Excise wid pay the Sum of THIRTY POUNDS to the Person or Persons so discovering and prosecuting as above, liy Order of the C » mmis< ioners, 755) • » . EDWARD HARDMAN. GEORGE LANGTRY Jsf CO. HAVE for Sale, FORTY SACKS, of very fine Quality.— Alsi, Bleacher/ Smalts, American Pot Ashes, Alicant Barilla, Refined Saltpetre, 785) Cojigt. u ' l eas. Belfast, March IS. NEW- YORK ASHES BY AUCTION. ' jl'HOMAS S. FANNING will, on FRID VY the 27th *. instant, at.: he hour of ONE o'Olpck, Sell by Auc riori, at the Stores of THOMAS HUGHES, Donegall- Qnay, Two H. ndred and Twelve Barrels first sort New York POT ASHES. Of the latest Inspection and best M. nufacture, Now landing,, from on hoard the Ship Triton, direct from New- York Terms, a deposit of Two Guineas on each Lot at time of sale, and the remainder by approved Bills on Belfast at two months. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. March 13. ( 719 COTTON WOOL BY AUCTION. fiJ- AMUEL and JAMES CAMPBELL will Sell ' by O Auaion, on FRIDAY the 20th inst. at TWELVE o'Clock, 98 Bales Georgia, 1 25 Bales Sea Island, J OP FINE QUALITY. MACFARLAN, Auctioneer. March 14, 1812. ( 73S COTTON- WOOL, CORK WHISKEY. JOHN £ 5" THOMAS CUNNINGHAM Have this Day received, per the Active, too PUNCHEONS; Which they offer for Sale, in addition to their present Stock, consisting of every Article in the SPIRIT TRADE. Belfast, March 14. N B. An APPRENTICE wanted— with whom, a Fee will be required. ( 728 FLAXSEED. 900 ] T-, TQGSHEADS NEW- YORK FLAXSEED, 11JL last Season's Crop, arrived per If Hernia, Captain GRAHAM, direft from NEW- YORK, and for Sale on moderate Terms, by HUGH WILSON & SONS. March 4, 1812. ( 664 GEORGE CRAWFORD HAS RECEIVED, PER THE AURORA AND VINE, Chests Bnhea, Congou, Tzvankay, $ Hyson TEAS; WHICH, WITH 40 Casks SCALE SUGARS, 30 Bales Alicante BARILLA, 8 Puncheons RUM, 30 Puncheons Fine Old WHISKEY, And a general Assortment of GROCERIES & SPIRITS, will be sold'cheap. ( 725) • Belfast, March 12, CORK WHISKEY. • RSTAPIER and DUNVILL, are now LANDING, 8(> Puncheons, very nice Quality; Which, with every other Article in the SPIRIT TRADE will be disposed of on moderate Terms. .510) February 7. SUNDAY SCHOOL CARRICKFERGUS. ON SUNDAY the 22d inst;. a CHARITY SERMON will be preached in the Parish Church of CAR- RICKFERGUS, by the Rev. THEO. BLAICELY, A. M. D » an of Connor, and a collection in aid of the Funds of the SUNDAY SCHOOL, established ih that town. As the existence Hf this Institution, in which upwards of THREE HUNDRED Children of both sexes receive in- struction, depends solely on the contribution of the benevo- lent, the presence and assistance of every wellwisher to the cause of education and molality is earnestly solicited. Carriclifergus, March 11. ( 73s JUST ARRIVED TO SAMUEL ARCHER & THOMAS WARD, Price £ 1, 14s. 1 \ d. in Boards, ' A STATISTICAL SURVEY of the COUNTY of; A ANTRI VI, with Observations on the means of Im- ' tnent, BY THE rev jOHn DUBOURDIEu. Illustrated with Map of the County, and eighteen other Engravings, and containing an account of its Agriculture, Population, Antiquities, H'storj^ Manufactures, the Muier and present state of Belfast, and Hi my other interesting particulars With an APPENDIX, by the R. EV. D! « .. P. ICHARDSON.' fV. 21 RUM, COTTON- WOOL, & c. m'CLURE, BAILIE, & WHITLAS. ARE Landing, for Sale, ex ANTRIM; DAWSON, from JAMAICA, 6.5 Puncheon RUM, 211 Bales St. Domingo dnd Cayenne COTTON- WOOL, And a quantity of LOGWOOD and CUBA FUSTIC: 720) Douegalt quay, March 12. JOHN MARSHALL HAS FOR SALE, 30 Bales Ne< w Orleans Cotloti- lVool, JO Casks first sort Pearl Ashes, 17 Hogsheads fine and very fine Scale Sugar, 4• Hogsheads Refined Sugar, with Fine and Common Congou Tea, New Red Clover Seed, ' Sc. Is'c. 715) . . Waring- street— Belfast, March 13. Wholesale IFdnllen IVa rehouse. JOHN WHITTLE & CO. f TAVE this Day received from t JVERPOOL, a consider- A f'l „ b! e p-' f of their J. WniTrLt's late purchases, com prising a GENERAL ASSORTMENT for the SPRING, 712) Belfast, March 10. IVhotesale Calico, Muslin, Dimity, and Haberdashery iVare'tituse, 2, DONEGALl- STRJEET. MKIBBIN and ROBINSON have received a large Supply of i PRINTED MUSLINS, CALICOES, & c. SUITED TO THE SEASON ; Which, with an extensive . Assortment' of Waistcoating, Velveteens, Cords, Nankeenets, and Grandurells, Will be Sold at Low Prices. ' Belfast, March 10. N. B An APPRENTICE WANTED. ( 711 1 To be Let, from first May, The HOUSE and SHOP, No. 6, HI Bridge- street, now occupied by Messrs. M'GOWAN and KANE Apply as above] A CA< D, MISS BALF0UR respe& fully informs her Friends, that she has this day opesed a MORNING CLASS, in i which she proposes to instruift a few ' Young Ladies in the Rudiments of ' he LATIN Language.- Attendance from Eight to Nine o'clock, Monfayi, Wed- \ V r/^ yj, and Fridiys. TBRMS— One Guinea per Quarter, and One Guinea entrance. ( 697) Belfast, March 9. NOTICE. j NPHE TENANTS of BALLYMACARRETT ESTATE" - 1. are required to take novice, that the Receiver will remain at Mr. STKWAKT'S Office, Castle, Bel- R U: ES tn the Sea, to whom liberal F. iM-< ittnn; em « nt will be ^ ivun WALTER MACFARLAN, AUCTIONEER, f) ETURNS his sincere Thanks to the Public, for the V liberal encouragement he has received since his com- mencement in Business, which shall be his study, by punc- tual execution of their Commands, to merit a continuance of. Orders received at his . Office, No. 83, Ann- street.. 579) :• February 15. FOR NEW- YORK, The American Ship DR YAD, . Burthen 650 Tons, HENRY BACON, MASTIR, Now in this Harbour, having just arrived from AMERICA, after a passage of 24 days, and will sail again for the above port about 25th March. , The DRYAD has encellent Accommodations for Pa(| sfngers — and those who wish to go out in this fine Ship, should make immediate application ta GEORGE LANGTRY & CO. I Belfast, February 28. " ( 65 j I AUCTION, At tie FOVNDEPT, bridge- Fnd, lately occubied ly Mr. H. EDWARDS, on we T) NEda T", 18/ 4 tfsreb instant, * » / folhwinv days, until all are Sold, beginning at ELEPHtf 0' Clock ejeb day,' TmrlLt B". SO LB m Fxteniht Apartment » f B'ftttr and ath.- r GBJT- SS; Bra,,, and Steel. ' i- B?. rli" ti ? and. FilETTS ; LOCKS of- virion, Hindi; METAL POT SAUCE PANS, OPENS, and TS. i- KKTtt. ES; B .- COCKS', S MOKE JACKS; a COPJi EE- PLATE PRI l\ TtNG PRESS, a Larp Quantity . of Nnv FILES , Cat AXLE- TREES , Malab'e IRON and STEEL, ft. Wf. . . • As the nobole • witI br sold rvitbo'/ t reserve, it will te rvcriby the attention of Persons in tie Trade or Gaitlemen'MuiUing". TfrmSj ( eaifoi Bqni Notes, ~ its. t'je Lot, are knocked dotun, cm I tie Purchaser to ta% e immediate clar^ e of lb<• same. • . J. ALEXANDER, Auctioneer. March 12, 1S12. ' ( 735 MOST DESIRABLE SITUATION. To be Let, and immediate Possession giveii, or tie Interest in tug Lease Sold, ivhereof 44 Years are unexpired front May last, " riH AT Large ; nd Commodious DVYELUNG- HOUSE, I No. 5, Cbscrfm- hofise- fluay. ln complete repair, and fit for the reception of a Getiteel Family. Its simatioa and convaniencies. ar* too well known to reipiire conimcut. Apply to the Subscriber, THOMAS EKENHEAD, Belfast, February 3. ( 4t) H • JR GLASGOW, THE BETSEYS. A. NE1LSON, Mast sr. ( A constant Trader), v ilow loading, to sail first fair wipd. FOR GREENOCK & GLASGOW. The MARGARET & NANC^/, GA LBIAI r « , in a few Javd. FOR DUBLIN. The. BEE, RASKIN, to Sail in a few dafs. For Freight, apply to GEO. MONTGOMERY. The HAV/ K, M'CORMICIC, at Olasgow; aiid the DIS- PATCH, JAMISON, at D « blin, are loading for Belfast 739) Belf. ist, March 13 FOR NEW- YORK^ THE H I B E. R- N I A, HUGH GRAHAM, MASTER, Burthen 600 Ton,. Just arrived( in 23 days from NEW- YORK, and will be ready to return about the fi|; st of Apf^ l, with such Passengers a « may en. brace this most favourable opportunity. The HIBER NIA is one df the finest Ships belonging'to the United States, and particularly calculated . for the Plssen^ er trade, being seven feet hi^ h between Decks. For Passage, apply, to the . CAPTAIN J . or, to WM, St JOS. STEVENSON & CO. February 2S. . ( 6fit " I s:'.'-^ " FOR NEW- YORK, The American. Ship ATLAS, '' Burthen 5G0 Ton « . OBADIAH CONGER, MASTIR; Daily expeiSied at this Port, and will sail fof- NEW- Y., » a in Three Weeks after her arrival,' of which Notice. Avill be given. The ATLAS is a Ship of the very First Class, ami h'gti arid roomy between Decks— For Passage, apply to HOLMES Si BARKLIF,. " Belfast, March 11, 1812. ( 70fl FOR MONTREAL, THE IS A B EL L A, \ CAPTAIN MORDY, Will be clear to sail the fiftit fair wind « ft the 15th instant. - For Freight, apply to GILLIES & STOCKDALE. , WHO HATE FOR SALE, Russian M ts, Honduras Mahogany, JjimiilhRum.- 678) Belfast, March:.?. FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER, ME'lfHt r. liTRAILING " SC^ OSN Kit FRIENDS, EDWARD CONWA- Y. MASTER, Burthen per Register, 125 I'o'ni, Will he ready ti) receive a Cargo u> Ten days For par- ticulars, apply to the CAPTAIN, on hoard, Lithe- kiln- dock F or the Subscriber, THOMAS HAYES. March II. .4 • • . V" ( 70J VESSEL FOR SALE. ON MONDAt the 23d instant, at OSS o'Clock, at the Office of M'CLORE, BAII. IE, & WHITLAS', will be Sold bt h Public are respeilfully inform- ' ed> that following ' fcgffi^. Mw^ REGULAR- TRADERS Vifv^ J J Witt "> il for their reifrBive For,,, • with tbi first fair Wind after tie dates mentioned : FOR LONDON, The armed brig AURORA, STARKS ...:.." In a few days The armed brig DONEGAI. L, COURTN « Y,- 14 days after. FOR LIVERPOOL,: The CERES,, SAVAGE .. In a few days. The CUNNINGHAM BOYLE. BELJL, Eight days after. FOR BRISTOL, The WILLIAM, M'MUIMN.,. 21st March. FRQM LIVERPOOL FOR BELFAST, The MINERVAJ, COU » T « NAY. 21* Marcib. The COMMERCE, Biiao?..'..'..... Eight days after. FROM LONDON FOR BELFAST, The new armed brig GEORGE, JAMES . CAUOHE*, Master, on delivery of the Teas from the Prompt. The Armed Brig FACTOR, M'NIECE 14 days after For Freight, in London, apply to Messrs. ALEXANDER and WILLIAM OGILBY, Abcliurch- Yard. Gentlemen wtio have I. merre to forward, will please send them to , GEORGE LANGTRY % y- A few Stout l. a- h wamrd as Apprenti' » > • » ' the Sea. PubiitJSuiSlion, The Brig ANTRIM. This v. essel admeasures 186 Tons— very banh » niome—• Twn years old— Coppered arid CSppe'r- fasfened— armed with f 0 Gtms, f S- pounderS— was built in this Port, of ' the vtfry best Materials— he( Sails and Rigging are in complete or- ier, and js hi every rejpeft well found, and ready to pro- ceed on any voyage. F6r Inventory. See apply » o M'CLURE, BAILIE, & WHITLAS. DoNltoALL- QoAY, March IS, 1 Sis'. ( 730 •> NOTICE- TO PASS- ENGEft's. '• jl - HOSE. who have enga^ ecTrheif Passagij II. - in the Ship WEST POINT, Captain HOLOT. E, for NEW- YORK, are desired to be in Derry on MONDAY the £ 3d ef March in sc. pay the remainder of their Passage, and go on board, ai the Vessel will positively sail first fair wind after. WM. MCORKELL. L0ND0N& ERRT, March 12, 1812. ( 71s NOTICE TO PASSENGERS. nr'HOSE have engaged their Passage il in tfie Ship ELIZA, Captain KIDALL, for PHIf. ADiiLPHIA, are requested to'be Dtrtf Otl FRIDAY the 27th March inst. pay their Passage, and go 011 board, as the Vessel will posi- tively sail first fair wind after. WM. M'CORKELL. LONDONDERRY, Marcli I2,181' 2. ( 71? ~ FOR NEW- YORK, - The Brig HE P S A; v CAPTAIN WM. A BAYI. EY, H& i Burthen 450 Tods, IO « arrived, in 23 days, and will sail for the) above Port about th. e first of April— For Passage, apply to SAMUEL MAJOR. I. oNDDNDiRRlr, Feb. 28. ( 5741 FOR NEW- YORK, THE STOUT AMERICAN BRI « MARY, FRANCIS BOGGS, MASTER, ( Burthtf S65 Tons),. Will be ready to sail ftom POR'J RUSH on the 19th March next. For passage, apply to the CAPTAIN fv> bo gave so much sMtisJaction to tbt Passengers when be commanded the *> bip tir.'. f- PointJi or to the ScasceiBaa, who govs out in the Vessel, and who will have a plentiful supply of good Provisions a,. 4 Watt* on board, and Bee every possible accommodation given to the P. issengers. GEO. HAZELTON. COI. EKAIN, February 17, ldf » . e~ t BELFAST COMMERCIAL CHRONICLE. ORIGINAL POETRY, [ For the Belf nit Commercial Chronicle.] ST. PAT KICK'S BAY. [ In compliance with the request of a Correspondent, we republish the following patriotic Ode, which was inserted » n The Chronicle of 10th March, 1810; and hope its appear- ance upon this occasion, will not be deemed unsuitable:] — l. l « ERIN ASTORR-.— A LYRIC ODE. • • ITTIK ma TUB ANNIVERSARY OT ST. PATRICK* ® OAT, AND TUB KIVIVAL 0T IBB IRISH H , < P ADAPTED TO T • A T CELEBRATED NATIONAL TUNE, " MOLL? AST0RE." Tkrcrilcd to the patriotic Gentle,? um of lit BRLPAXT HARP Soctutr, hy tTLTONIUS. O Erin ! graceful land of smiles, My native country dear ! Thoa lovely, matchless queen of Ides, Whose fame delights my ear ; Tby Horp'i sweet sounds, I hear again, On green CarmtHa'i shore; Ma graniachree! dear pareu{ land! O Erin Astore! 0 why, my country, was thy Lyre So long unswept, unstrung } Why slept each soul- transporting wire, Whence inspiration sprung ? ' Till native music— native song, We scarcely could restore ; Ma gramacbree! dear parent land f O Erin Astore! Weglcli, with icy fingers bound, Thy Harp's bewitching string!; And o'er her chords of heavenly soun< f, Oblivion spread her wings; For this uncherished Genius wept, And long did she deplore; Ma gramachree ! dear native land ! O Erin Astore ! , While on the friendless breatt of Can, Your aged head ruclin'd—• While you half yielded to Despair, Your grief- distra& ed mind : The moving sight transpierced my heart, With cares unfelt before ; Ma gramachree ! dear parent land ! O Erin Astore ! K-. ch- iiijured, yet still hallouf'- d land, To pleasure give thy hours ; 6ince Heaven inspires a Patriot Band, To green thy fading flowers : No more let An^ aiih guide thy strains; Be all thy sorrows o'er ; Mi gramachree! dear parent laud ! O Erin Astore! Sad woe- fraught matron, cease from tears, For wrong', uo longer mourn! 1 hrow nff the sable state of years, Which faithfully you've worn : The sunny days of Joy return, And thou shalt griev • no more • Ma gramacliree ! dear parent laud ! O brill Astore! Thy gloomy night of sorrow' efids— Grie/' i wintry hours are past; The spring of filial love, extends Its pinions o'er BELFAST: The sickly flowers of Hope revive They " If b oom for evermore-. Ma gramaclirtf I dear parent land! O Erin Astore 1 Still may thy vernal fields be tfHy, Green gem of- ocean's ring! And no- u>, Oil Sainted '* Patruti Day," Attunt thy voice and sing; For now, the JOT strung Harp's sweet strains, ^ iesound from shore to shore, Around thy em'raid Mils, dear land! O Erin Astore! COI. SR. II:', March 17, 1810. a bay near Vera, on the coast of Grenada, a French privateer called L'Intrepide, of 18 guns, and T80 men. On the Richmond opening her fire upon the privateer, her crew set tire to her, and took to their boats; the vessel was then taken possession of, her cable cut, and she was brought out more than a mile when she blew up, within ten minutes after she had been abandoned. THE PRINCE REGENT. FROM TIIE LONDON GAZETTE. ADMI It ALT Y- OFFfCE, MAItCJJ 10. Copv of a Letter from Rear- Admiral Freemantle, to John Wilson Croker, Esq dated on boafd his Majesty's ship Miiford, P* lerm » Bay, January 11, 181.2. Sit— I have the honour to inclose, for the in- formation of the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, the copy of a letter transmitted to me by Captain Rowley, of his Majesty's ship Eagle, detailing the capture of the French frigate Pomone, and Persannus store- jhip, by his Majesty's ships Aftive, Alceste, and Unite, on the 29th Nov. 1811. I have the honour to be, Icc. ( Signed) T. F. FREHMANTLI. P. S. Captain Rowley, in his letter to me of the 19' b ulu also mentions the l' » ss of the French frigate Flora. " She was going from Trieste to Venice; was caught with a strong borer, and ttranded off Chiozza, when every soul on board perished, with the exception of five or six." T. F. F. His MajMty's ship Alceste, off Lissa, Dec. 4, 1811. SIR— The enemy's squadron from Corfu, go. ing to Trieste, were met with, on the 28th ulu by three of bis Majesty's ships under my orders. The Persenne was chased and taken by the Unite, after along run ; the Pauline and Pomone, chased the Alceste and Aftive, and after a most se- vere aftion of two hours and 40 minutes, the Po- mone was taken, totally dismasted j the Pauline escaped, owing to the Alceste having her main- top- mast shot away. The Alceste has 20 killed and wounded ; the Aftive about 32; and } la- ment to say, Captain Gordon has lost a leg, and his first Lieutenant an arm, The details of the aftion I shall have the ho- nom^ of transmitting by the first man of war going don* — I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) MURRAY MAXWELL, Capt. ch » s. Rowley, Esq. Captain o.' his Majesty's ship Eagle, senior officer at Corfu, See. Admiralty- Office, March 10, J 812. Commodore Penrose, at Gibraltar, has trans. Uiitted to John Wilson Cfoker, Esq a letter from JJeiiterant Bartholomew, commanding bis Ma - We have extracted from the Caledonian Mercury the following statement. How far it is correct, we presume not to decide. How it transpired, or why it makes its first appearance in the nor. thern Metropolis, can best be explained by others. " Nothing has been talked of for the last week, but the fracas, as it is called, which occurred at Carlton- house, on Saturday the 22d ult. On that day the Prince Regent had a large party, at din- ner, among whom were the Princess Charlotte, the Duchess of York, and their female attendants; their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of York and Cambridge ; Lords Moira, Erskine, and Lauder- dale, Messrs. Adam, Sheridan, & c. The conver- sation soon turned on the late attempt to form an united Administration ; and the Prince is said to have expressed himself in warm terms of disap- probation of the joint letter of Lords Grey and Grenville, in answer to the letter from the Prince to the Duke of York, relative to that important business. These expressions of disapprobation,- were not, however, unmixed with complaints of being deserted by his early friends. The Prince having repeated more than once his sur- prise and mortification at the condnft of Lords Grey and Grenville, and charafterised it in terms which such emotions would naturally suggest,' Lord Lauderdale,' who considered himself as par- ticularly and personally addressed to on the occa- sion, entered into a justification of his friends, and declared in a tone of firmness, not perhaps, quite in unison wifV the usual phraseology of a Court, that the letter which returned the answer of his two Noble Friends, did not simplv speak the in- dividual sentiments of those two Noble Lords, but that it had the approbation of the principle per- sons who held the same p ilitical principles and opinions; and that for himself he was ready to : say that he was present at, and assisted in the drawing up of that answer, and that not only every sentence, but every word in it, had his most cor- dial assent. Here, as might be expefted, the con- versation became more warm, and the P ince ap- peared to be suddenly and deeply affefted by L « rd Lauderdale's reply, so much so indeed, that the Princess Charlotte, who was still present, ob- serving his agitation, dropt her head, and burst into tears; upon which the Prince ttirned round, and begged the female part of the company to withdraw; but the Noblemen and Gentlemen re- mained with the Prince Regent till a late hour. Mr. Adam is raid to have entered, at the request of his Royal Highness, into a friendly explanation f what had parsed with Lord Lauderdale: and his Royal Highness afterwards came up to his Lordship, and shaking him by the hand, express- ed his wish that there should be no difference be- tween them. Here the matter ended for that night} but, on the following day, Loid Lauder- dale* fearful of misunderstanding or misrepresenta- tion, reduced what he had said to writing; and sent it in a letter to the Prince; which, it is said, has produced a disagreeable impression on the Prince'* mind." AM EU1CL A vessel is arrived from New- York in nintecn days J She has brought American papers to the 12tli ult. So far from there being a continuation of the clamour for war, a general opinion is entertained that an ad- justment of the differences with this country will take place speedily, and that tlie treaty signed in 18( 16, by Mr Monroe and Mi Pinkney, on the pan of the United States, and by Lords Holland and Auckland, on the part of Great Britain, will be ratified. A proposition to that effect is said to have been made by Mr Foster, and frequent conferences have taken place between him and Mr Monroe. New- York, Feb. 12. | " HRTTHLV IMPORTANT— The city was enlivened yesterday by the contents of letters from Washington); ; « A letter from our correspondent, dated on Fri- ay, observes, ' for a fortnight past, there have been frequent meetings of the Cabinet. Mr. Monroe and : Mr. Foster haVe lately been often and long closetted j together; and it is rumoured that the object of their consideration is the treaty made several years ago be- i tween Mr. Munroe and the British Ministry, which ' Mr. Foster is desirous of having ratified, with some modifications. The offensive note to be stricken out: the subject of impressment partially arranged, but left open for further discussion hereafter, See.' NEW- YORK, FEBRUARY *. LAW INTELLIGENCE. THE PEOPLE V. HESEK1AH WADSWORTH AND JOHN DOUGLASS. CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD MRS. S. • TAKTIN. It appeared on the trial that the following Let. ter was written by the prisoners, put into the Post, office, and carried by the Penny- post to Mrs. Star, tin:— " New- York, February 4, 1812 " Madam— It is through necessity I am now addressing you, and it is for the sum of four hundred dollars, which you are to deposit at the back of the Panorama, near the house, and there you will find two or three the P; norama, and when the prisoners took away the supposed booty, apprehended them, and found the bag in the possession of Wadsworth. In Wad worth's pocket was found a lett- r from the Secretary of War, notifying him that he had been appointed an Ensign in the fourth regiment of Infantry, about to be raised by the United S'ates. The prisoners had no Counsel, and the case being perfeftly plain, the cause was submitted to the Jury without argument. They were both found guilty. Their punish- ment cannot exceed three years confinement iu the City Prison. _ SB v TREMENDOUS EARTHQUAKE. The American Papers abound with accounts of the recent Earthquakes that have been ex- perienced in different parts of the United States, which in many places have been accompanied with tremendous consequences. Several Islands in the Missisippi have totally disappeared, and the banks on both sides of that immense river had fallen in, to a prodigious extent. At one place a solid body of 300 acres had been pre- cipitated into the river. This awful convulsion I of nature lasted 12 days, during the whole of ^.: tvhich the shocks were repeated at intervals of from 15 to 2!) minutes. LIBERTY HAI. L—( CINCINNATI OHIO.) " An interesting letter from a Gentleman of respectability, dated at Chickasaw Bluffs, Dec. 21, states, that the first shock of the earthquake occurred at 30 minutes past two o'clock in the morning of the 16th, and at the same time, it seems to have been felt in the Atlantic States, and in this country— that a shock was followed during the 16th, and the following night by 19 others; on the 17th, there were three, and the following night several others ; on the 18th there were seven shocks, and several through the suc- ceeding night; on the 20th were five, and on the 21st when the letter was written, the earth was still trembling. The first and second vibra- tions, and that between 11 and 12 o'clock on the 17th, were the most violent. " The effects of the shocks appear to have been of the most alarming kind. The barge com- manded by the Author of the letter, was anchor- ed in two and a half fathoms water, about 17 miles below Ne « - Madrid, or 87 balow the mouth of the Ohio, and at the second shock, millions of trees that Were imbedded in the mud in the bot- tom of the river, suddenly had one end elevated to the surface, rendering the river almost impas- sable. At the same time, the banks were shook into the river in large masses. Upon passing near the bay on the river, the ground was crack- ed in innumerable fissures, and large quantities of water were issuing out of them. The water- fowl of ibat region were observed throughout the whole of the 16th, to keep constantly on the wing. EXTRAORDINARY TRIAL. At the Isle of Ely Assizes, on Thursday se'n- night, M. VVhi ing, a shopkeeper of Downham, near Ely, and a Dissenting Preacher, was indited under Lord Ellenborough's Aft, on a charge of administering poison to George Lsngmari and Jos. Langrnan, h! s brother s- ifi- law. It appeared in evidence that the Langmans resided together in Downham, and were small farmers, and that their family consisted of themselves, a sist r named Sarah, about ten years of age, and a female do- mestic of the name of Catherine Carter, who afted as their housekeeper and servant; they had ano- ther sister who was married to the prisoner. On | the morning of Tuesday the 13th of March last, l| they sent their Sister to the prisoner's house to " borrow a loaf; the prisoner returned with her, and brought a loaf with him, and told the Lang- mans, that as he understood their housekeeper was going on a visit to her friends, for a day or two, he w ® uld bring them some flour and pork to make a pudding for their dinner. He went away, and shortly afierwards returned with a ba- son of flour and pork ; and, addressing himself to the housekeeper, said " Catherine, be sure you make the boys a pudding before yon go." He then took the young child home with him to din- ner. The housekeeper made two puddings, but observed the flour would not properly adhere; she left them in a kneading trough, and the Lang, npans boiled one for dinner: they had hardly swallowed two or three mouthfuls before they were taken exceedingly ill, and seized with violent vomitings. Suspefling the puddings had been poisoned, one of the Langmans gave a small piece to a sow in the yard, which swallowed it, and was immediately laken sick, and after lingering a long time died. The elder brother soon recovered, but the you ger one continued in a precarious state for sevei^ i da> s. The remains of the pud- dings were analysed by Mr. Wo ilaston, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, and found to contain a consider. iole quantity of cor- rosive sublimate of mercury. The prisoner,, '. pho, it appeared, was a dealer in flour, attempted to account for the puddings being poisoned, by stating, that he had then lately had some nux vomica to poison vermin, and that some of it must accidentally have been cairied into his flour- bin. Mr. Woolaston, however, po sitively stated, that the pudding contained no other poisonous ingredient than corrosive sublimate ; and it came out in evidence, that the prisoner, • who sold drugs, had purchased of the person whom he succeeded in business, a considerable quantity of that poison. It also appeared, that the flour- bins belonging t<\ the prisoner had' been SUICIDE. On Monday last an inquest was held pn the body of" James Stephens, which was taken., dut of | the river at King Harry's passage, near• Ttu. ro, in Cornwall, on Sunday se'nmght. After hear- ing the evidence, the' Jury ' deliberated for three hours, 1 and then broifght irt'i tferdift of feto / ie'tt; in consequence of which the body was interred on Tuesday, on' Castle- hill, fjaa'r this town. The following are the particulars which have c > me to our knowledge* This unhappy man kept a school j at Gerrans, where he had resided for some years. | Last week informations Ipa- cl been sworn against ( him, herore the Rev. J. Tritt^ charging him with seducing one of his pupils, a lad of ten years of age, to the commission of a crime too horrible to mention. A warrant in consequence being issued for his appie'tjension, he fled from justice, and on Saturday evening last, he came to King Harry's passage, and having crossed the ferry, stopped for the night at a public- house which is kept on the Truro side of the river. Here he appeared to be greatly agitated, and spoke of the charge against him, of which he asserted he was innocent, but said he was strongly tempted to destroy himself; after some further convetsation, he requested the landlord to take charge of his watch, and went to i bed. He rose in the morning before any of the family, and was observed to walk towards the rivers shortly after, the boatman going to see where he was, found his hat and stick in the ferry- boat, and upon looking into the water, he per- ceived the body floating in an ereft posture, the long grey hair on the head being even wiih the surface ; when take; i out the vital spark was to- tally extinguished. A few shillings and a pair of speflacles were found on the table in the room where he had slept. King Harry's passage being within the liberties of Truro, the body was con- veyed to this place on Monday morning. We have been thus particular, because this wretched man was well known t/> numbers in this county, and for upwards of thirty years exhibited an awful proof, " that there is no degree of de- pravity of which the human mind is not capable, when it abandons itself to evil and is abandqned of God." About fifty years since, in the early days of Methodism, James Stephens was one of the most celebrated preachers belonging to that seft. Possessing a strong understanding and a great pflrtion of natural eloquence, multitudes flocked to hear him wherever he was announced, and it is not a little remarkable, that he has re- peatedly addressed thousands on the very spot where his remains have been deposited with every mark of ignominy. He continued as a preacher amongst the Methodists for more than twelve years, when his repeated irregularities induced the late Mr. Wesley to expel him ; since that time he has been a fagabond adJifted to almost every vice; sometimes haranguing in ale- houses, to amuse his pot- companions, and occasionally ex- erting his eloquence to impose upon those whom curiosity might draw round him, and extort from their compassion a night's lodging or a morsel of bread. Some years since he settled as school- master at Gerrans, where, at the age of seventy. Jive, he competed his career of infamy, by an aft the most horrible and degrading. It ; s but jus- tice to say, that, frnm the Methodists, foe received neither countenan" nor support from the time he was expelled their connexion. hi . n i'ii. nil n' — ru 11;." NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. ricks piled on each other. Be careful to find the place exaift; said sum we expeft you will deposit on the 5th day of this month, J searchers and that immediately upon its being v, ty's gun- brig Richmond, giving an account of iignated i hi, hatif>£> on tht 5th of last month, attacked, in three offici exa& ly at eight o'clock in the evening, said money to be in gold, or at least one half, and the rest to be silver. In case of failure on your part, you may be certain of fire or poison. We are desperate on account of misfortune; there is eight in number of us; you will neither mention er shew this to any una; if you do you may expeft the same, and you will deposit the money yourself. You may depend oa it, not even the arm of the Lord will save you in case of negleft on discovery." When the letter was received by Mrs. Startin she wat very much alarmed. Having consulted some friends and the police officers, she was ad- ; vised to ptepare a bag and put something in it, having the appearance of money, and deposit it in the place appointed. She accordingly took a bag containing 36 cents, and Rhode Island coal, and placed it under the brick » on the spot de- in the above letter. Mr. Warner, and discovered that the Langmans had taken poison, the prisoner emptied his bins into the privy, and washed them put. Mr. Alley, from London, con- dufted the prisoner's defence; the tri .1 lasted till six o'clock at night, and the Jury after deliberat- ing, about ten minutes, found the prisoner Guilty, and the Judge immediately passed sentence of Death, and he is left for execution. By the deaths of the two Langmans, under age, the prisoner's wife, and the child he took home with him, would have become entitled to the fa- ther's estate, as the heiresses of their brothers. By a general regulation issued from the War- Office, dated the 13th of February last, Officers commanding Regimental Depots have been pro- l » ibi: ed from afting as Paymasters to tlia detach- | J three officers of the police secreted themselves aea » ' j menu under tlieii' immediate orders. . J . J'I., 11 M-* A great part of the solid surface-' of the globe re- covered with, plants, and light is essential to their healthy growth, and therefore great quantities of exygene are produced in conwtrru's where there is litcle animal life. Fishes, he' stated, will live in confined portions cf water containing aquatic plants, and the oiygene they absorb is compen- sated for by the plants, which decora pa « e tha carbonic acid afforded in theit* respiration.— This view < jf the conneftifln of, pltint, s and an!-, mals in their aftioaupon air, is not only support- ed by many proof-, but is likewise, says Mr. Davy, conformable to the analogy of nature ;— it proves to us that the meanest weed, the most poll sonous plant, is not without its uses in the econr- my of things— the different parts of the atmo- sphere are mingled by winds— tha carbonic acii ti6t cohsumed by sound plants is tarried into fi t tt'atet- s, dissolved by rain, mists, and dew « — the sea is kept ja agitation by Waves and tides, and its influence upon the a; r c ; istantiy exerted—• t'te storm and the whirlwind assht in this beneficent ministration ; and the harmony displayed in so, cB diversified combinations, oiler a striking instance of the wisdom and perfeftion of the arrangements connefted with the preservation of life in tiie sys; tem of the globe. i Mr. Davy delivered his 7th Leflure on Satur- day se'nnight. The ideas of the ancients concern- ing the elements of matter, were founded upon superficial observation of the great forms of Na- ture, and were rather poetical than philosophical; water, air, earth, and fire were supposed to be un- alterable ; principle or matter, was considered as constituted by solid, indestruftable atoms, as in the school of Epicurus, or by regular solids, as among the Pythagorean Philosophers. The A1 chemists considered the rude results of their ope- rations by fire, as the principles of things; salts, oils, phlegm, and sulphurs were the elements which they imagined. All these ideas are dist carded by modern chemists, who do not pretend to define what bodies are really unchangeable, or the ' rue elements in nature, and speak of com- pound and simple bodies merely in relation to their own knowledge. The methods by which chemical truths are gained, are analytical or sen- thetical; by analysis bodies are resolved into simpler forms of matter ; by synthesis they are composed from their constituents; and the test of the accuracy of the process is the correspondence in weight between the compound and its consti- tuents. By the application of weight and mea- sure to chemistry, says Mr. Davy, its results are rendered certain and unchangeable, and indepen- dent of any alterations of theory, and it is placed, like astronomy, within the province of the science of numbers and quantity. Mr. Davy divided the substances not yet decom- pounded, into two great classes; supporters of com- bustion and inflammable bodies, in the first class, he said, there was only two substances as yet known— oxygene and chlorine. He devoted the remainder of the lefture to the demonstration of the properties of the former. The gas forms one- fifth of the air of the atmosphere, and is the princi- pal necessary for combustion and respiration. In its pure form it produces a number of brilliant results, by afting upon inflammable bodies; the metals burn in it brilliantly and absorb it, and it is a constituent part of most acids and alkalies. Mr.. Davy shewed a beautiful experiment, in which the same oxygene, by being combined with sulphur,, formed an acici, and by being ab- stracted from the sulphur by potassium, which took place with vivid combustion formed on alkali- Mr. Davy entered into some general views re- spefting the manner in which ihe oxygene of the j atmosphere, and that dissolved in waters, were rinovated. Oxygene is absorbed, and carbonic acid is produced in the respirations of animals, in combustion and in fermentation} vegetables in the sunshine absorb carbonic acid and evolve oxy- gene. Mr. Davy combated the idea that this lunftion of vegetable life was not sufficient to supply oxygene equivalent to that consumed.— There is no other mode known in which carbonic wciJ is decomposed in the processes of nature, and .. did not vegetables absorb it, it must be constantly it accumulating, which is known nt » t in le the case. — —— i—. LYCEUM. THEATRE, LONDON. On Saturday evenitjg, after the Dr? ma of 11* House of Momitte, a new musical Farce in two aftsr entitled " Turn Out f" was submitted to tire judg- ment of a fashionable and overflowing Audience, This lively little piece is from the pen of Mr. Keni ny, the Author of Ella Rbittiberg, Raising the Wind,, Matrimony, and other deservedly popular produc- tions. As commendation is at all times more congenial with our feelings than censure, we have, in tho preset! t instance, a pleasant duty to perform, iii noticing this amusing pitte, on which we can, with strift adherence to unptejudiced opinion, be- stow a high degree of praise. The music is by Mr. M. P. King, and certainly does no discredit to him. It partakes of the Italian style, but'may ra her be termed pleasing than e*. cellent. The overture was gay and light The following song, may serve as a sample of the poetry r-*- « If love, as they say, he the solace of youth. And my mtstress ni- glefts all my ardour and troth, To forswear her whole sex, in revenge, may be ri- Jir, But then, in a soldier, would thit be polite ? 0 ! No! no, no! So Philosophy brightened with hope's cheerirg rcyt Be still my specific for sorrow,- And if 1 can't have a. l ray wishes to- day, 1 can very well wait till to- morrow. Though the wrath of my uncle against me is hurl'd, Yet Poverty offers to shew me the world, And if Wealth's fickle votaries frown on my lot, Must I die in despair ? No, I'd much rather nor. O I No, no, no, & c. This Farce is replete with humour and whim- sical incident, which kept the audience in a per- petual roar of laughter. The author, as is the too prevalent praftice of our dramatic writers, has interspersed the piece with a redundance of poeti- cal allusions, relating to the turning out, as it is called, of Ministers, which were, however, rriore humorously expressed than is usual. The Farce was given out for a second repre- sentation this evening, amidst loud and unmixed approbation, and we will venture to predift, that it is in no danger of being turneJ out of public favour for some time. —— STIt A H ANE1— M A R < TH 10. We are sorry to be obliged to notice a s.- nous out- rage which happened near this town. Oii'the even- ing of the 2d inst. a Serjeant of the North Hunts mi- litia, quartered here, had gone with his wife, to the country to see an acquaintance, and on returning, about eight o'clock in the evening, was nvt by four- fellows, ( at present unknown,) who, beat and muti- lated him- so severely, that his lif.- is despaired cf.--- When attempting to draw his swoid to defend Iiiime':', it was wrested from hiin, ami his nos'e'neaVly cut'rgT. The Provost, burgesses, and inhabit mts have otfeirti a reward of 50 guineas for the detection of any p..-,- son concerned in this outrage ; the Marquis of Ab . corn has offered an additional reward of ten guineas. The Silver Mine is now working in the Printe Regent's Duchy of Cornwall, with a prospect of immense produce. The probable ea. ent nl value, it is satd, will be known iu the course of tin- next mont'h ; and some of the most experienced Mineralogists in that country are s inguine enough to imagine, that a shaft of ore may be opened within that time, sufficient to supply all the silver requisite for the use of the British dominions! It is announced in several French Journals, th. it an elderly female, residing at a village near Tou- louse, who had been long afflicted with a faucet* in the breast, was first relieved, and afterwards, cured, by the application of house- leeWfjvubarkc.): The cure is attested by several physicians. Johr. Skeltop was tried on the ? ii inst. in the- High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, for a robbery committed in the riot in that city tu> the' night of the 31st of December last. He wa » found guilty, and ordered for execution on the 15th of April. The misdemeanour on which a true bill has been found against a certain Nobleman, ( the Mar- quis of Sligo) was the getting a certain number of Liberty Men, ( that is man of war's men, who had permission to gj on shore) on board his ple<^ sure yatch, in the Mediterranean, and sailing with them to a distant port. One evening lately, when a gentleman, wha lives near the head of Jamaica- street, Glasgow, was returning home, pretty late, and a good deal intoxicated, he was made up to by a stranger, who escorted him home, and went with him into, h'S lodging, and assisted in putting him to bed. The servant seeing the stranger use so much fa^ miliarity, supposed him an acquaintance of hev master's, and took no further notice ot him. H'> soon contrived, however, to walk down stairs ur.- perceived, after having abstracted about 14- gui- neas from a pocket- book, with which lie got clear off. 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