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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIV    Issue Number: 3414
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 09/03/1812
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIV    Issue Number: 3414
No Pages: 4
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. VOL. LXIV. No. 3414,] " MOND AY. MARCH 9, 1812. [ PRICE, SIX- PENCE. This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Farts of KENT, SURREY and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WAR WICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers It may also be seen at all. the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. SUSSEX.'." IHEREBY give Notice, to the Gentlemen of the Grand Jury, and to all Mayors, Bai- liffs", Coroners, Constables, Petit Jurors, and other Persons hairing any thing to do at the next Assizes or General Gaol Delivery, to be holden nt Horsham, for this County, that the Judges of Assise trill open the Commission on Monday, the 23d day of March instant, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon ; and will immediately afterwards proceed to business. GEORGE FRANCIS TYSON, Sheriff MARCH, I8I2 the DAILY CONVEYANCE of His MAJESTY'S MAILS, on horseback. or in a light cart, for 12 months, from the Post- Office in BRIGHTON, lo the Post- Office in CHICHESTER, and from the Post- Office in Chichester, to the Post- Office in Brighton, through Shoreham, Worthing, and Arundel, a distance of 35 mites, each way, from tlie full of A|> iil next, at the rate of at least six miles within the hour, stoppages included, are desired to give in their proposals, in writing, to ANTHONY SCOTT, ESQ Surveyor of the dis- trict, at ( lie General Post Office, London, on or tysfjSre the 20ih instant. Way Bills may lie seen and further information afforded on application to the Surveyor aforesaid; < ir, Mr. Redifer, Postmaster, of Brighton. Whitehall, February 22d, 1812. WHEREAS it hath been humbly represent- ed unto His Royal Highness the Prince Regent that about half- past one o'clock of the morning of the 13th inst. a large decked lugger, laden with contraband goods, having been dis- covered in the Downs, and chased by the boats • if the Lively cutter, in the service of the Reve- mxe of Excise, and having been boarded by one of the said boats, the crew of the lugger attack- ed the oflivcr and cutter's men, and, after beat- ing them sever eh/, took a pistol from one of them and fired it at liim, wounded him in the head, and threw him overboard. His Royal Highness, for the better appre- hending and bunging to justice the persons who have been guilty of this outrageous conduct, is hereby pleased, i: i the ' name and on behalf of His Majesty, to promise His Majesty's Most Gracious Pardon to any one of them, ( except the person who actually fired at the cutter's man, << s stated J who shall discover his or their accom- plices, so that he or they may be apprehended and convicted thereof. R. RYDER. And, as a farther encouragement, the Com missiners of Excise do hereby offer a Reward of FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS to any person making such discovery at aforesaid, to tf paid by their Secretary upon the conviction. ' THE. BURTON, Secretary. THAT a number of Boss and flirts will be put £ nut to se< vice from the parish of Pevensey, en or before New Lady- day next, by applying to the Parish Officers of ' bp s:'. i< i | inr* h. E. CRUTTENDEN, Overseer. Five Guineas Reward. WHEREAS in the night of the 2d day of March inMnnl, some, ji " r.. ii I or perion* » , n. known, fr- loUKul'- lv nnd rnrrieil nwny t> rt « i v n lliirly and forly CANARY- BIRUS, AND UO V; I)<. MI> U GOLD FlNCHES. from an Aviary, at Newumber Place, be' > nii2finjj to John Lwis Newumber esq, Where will give information ol' llir ofTi'tiflpr or ( ifi'i'mit r-. so rb: it he or tbey may be I'oiivicletl of ( lie RforrsnUI fvlonv, may receive Five Guineas Reward, to be pi'irl on in. or ilreir eoiivieiion, by ibe i; iiH . John Lives Newuhan — Newumber- Place, art March, 1812. BRIGHTON BATHING ROOM NOTICE is hereby given, that the Commis- . sioners for paviU' » , limiting, & r. lllf town of Brighton will, nt a Meeting 10 be holden at tin' Town Ball, on Wednesday, ibe lltli of March nixt, r eeive | tio| io- nU for a Ic'ise for ilie term of tbree years from the 5th of April next, of the room built by the Commit. *; oe. er* for the iiccnmuinilatioii of bidics limiting, at the ent * iile of tin* town. The conditions of ibe lease may be seen by applying to the Clerk to the Commis- sioners. Proposals most be delivered, sealed up. addressed In the Clerk to the Commissioners and indorsed, " Pro V'lHaU for luring the Biting Rooms :" but, no proposal ran be received alter the loth of March next, neither will any tender he noticed unless the partv making it, or any Agent on bis or her behalf, shall attend at the meet ing of the, Commissioners on the I lilt ibtv or March. By Order of the said Commissioners " THOMAS ATTREE, Clerk. Brighton, Feb. 20, 1812. STORRINGTON TURNPIKE. TOLLS TO LET. NOTICE is hereby given, that the next Meet- ing of the Trustees of the Storrington Turnpike, will be held at the White Horse Inn, in Storrnigton, oil Monday the 16th day of March next, al n » uii, ai which meeting The Tells arising at the several Gates at Mare- lull. Ill the parish of Pulborough and ni Washington nit tt„. , d will he Let by Auetion, to the best bidder, far one year, from the 25th day of March next, at It noon, Whoever happens to he the best bidder for the Tolls ari- iu « at either . f the ' aid gules mint, at the time of taking the - ante, give security wilh sufficient sureties, to ihe satisfaenon of the Trustees, for payment of the rent al » mb tunes as they shall direct. CHAS. MARSHALL., . Steyning, Feb. 14, 1812. Clerk to the Trustees. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Trustees for making and maintaining a road from the Bright- beliustou Road at Pyecomber'to the Cuckfield Road at .• staplefield Common, and from Pyecombe to the Hen- field Road at Poynings Common, in the county of Sussex, will meet at ilie house of | ohn Tobutt, at Hurstper- point, ou the mill day of March next, at the hour of two in the afternoon, in order to consult about erecting a Toll Gate on each side of the said turnpike road, at a place called Hicksted Cross, and a Toll Gate on the dido of the said turnpike Road, at or near a place called Sayers Common, and also a Toll Gate on each side of the said turnpike road, across a certain highway called Warninglid Lave. Dated the 18th day of February. 1812. " THOMAS MORGAN, Clerk to the said Trustees. Susser Auriliard Bible Societn. PATRONS. RIght Hon. the EARL OF ASHBURNHAM. Right Hon. the EARL OF EGREMONT. Right Hon. LORD VISCOUNT HAMPDEN*. Right Hon. LORD VISCOUNT ST. ASAPH. Right Hon. LORD GEORGE CAVENDISH Right Hon. THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS. PRESIDENT. THOMAS READ KEMP, Esq. M- P. TREASURER. MR. DICKER, SECRETARIES. Rev. JOHN SARGENT. Rev. JAMES CAPPER. Rev. HENRY PALMER. Mr. WILLIAM MARIES. MR. JOHN GLAISYER. ASSISTANT SECRETARY,— MR. JOSEPH DICKER. COMMITTEE. Nathaniel Kemp, Esq. James Browne, Esq. Jonathan Harrison, Esq. Thomas Blair, Esq. M. D. John Hoper, Esq. Mr. Moore E. W. Michell, Esq. Mr. John Vallance W. P. Hick. Esq. Mr. Hall John Burt, Esq. Mr. Hack Charles Preschell, Esq. Mr. John Farncombe Robert Crew, Esq. Mr. Cleeve Hooper Henry Brooker, Esq. Mr. Wimble John Roys. Esq. Mr. God lee William Wiguey, Esq, Mr. John Hickman Charles Elliott, Esq. Mr. Newman. Donation. Ann. Sub. Amount of Subscriptions £. d. x*. s, d. advertised - - J 268 5 3— 219 7 0 A. Andrews John, Boxgrove, near Chichester — I I 0 Andrew Sarah, Shipley — I I 0 Andrews Mr. Petworth I 0 0 Young Ladies at Miss Adams's Boarding School, Lewes 1 I 0 B. Bushby Thos. esq, Arundel — I I 0 Bushby . Miss, ditto — i I 0 Burgess Sir . las. Bland, hart, Beauport, near Hastings 3 3 0 Burrellt Sir C. M bart. Knepp Castle — — I I 0 Burrell W. esq. West Grinsted Park — — I I 0 Roller R. W. Rye — — 2 i o Bethune Rev. Dr. G. Worth I I 0 Borrer Hamlin Woodmancote I I 0 Berry I homas — — 110 Barsco Wastell, Hastings — 10 10 o Bluno Wm esq. Hursham I 1 o Bowrs the Hon. Thos. Seaford 2 2 u Brook Mrs. Sarah, Brighton i I « Baker Chas. Densworih, near Chehester — — llo Baker . Mrs. C. ditto — I i n Biker Rev. Tims. Stunner 2 0 o Bridger Mr. Petworth — llo Benn Rev. John — — I I II BarHett John Chichester i I o C. Cavendish Lord G. East Bourne lo lo 0 Corties E. J. esq. Windmill- Hill I I o Carter Charles, Worthing • sin Crockford Win. Lewes — llo Camp W. S. ditto — — I i o Crunden Richard, Ringmer 1 t o Cogan Rev. T. W. Chichester I I o Car Rev. R. J. Brighton 1 I n Campion Renry, esq. Mailing I I o Coppard Thomas, Henfield i I o Clintoon Rev, John, Portslade llo Call Edmond, Bietchington I 1 o Cornwall N. May field 1 1 o Cornwall Rev. P, M. M. A. Vicar of Westbourne — llo C'arter Rev. Dr. Mountfield 1 I 0 Cosham Thomas, East Dean I 1 o D. Dorset Duke of, Knowle Park I 1 o Dorset Duchess of, Stoneland I I ° Durrant S. W. esq. Lewes llo Dubious Edward, Horsham —- llo Daws Edward, esq. Winchelsea I 1 o E. Evershed Edward, Arundel 1 t ti Ellis C. R. esq. M. P. London 2 2 o Ellis John, Extent — — i I o Ellmon John, Chffe — o 10 0 Egles Gabriel, Chffe i 1 O F. Finch Thomas, Arundel 1 I o Forth Mrs W. S- Brighton 1 I » Franks Richard, ditto 1 1 11 Frankland Admiral, Chichester i 1 0 Franks Mr. Bureash I 1 o G. Gratwick William, Horsham o 5 o Graham Col. G. E. Stantons 1 > 0 Gwyn Miss, Fuutingtom — 1 i o Geere Thomas, Roitingdean 1 n o H- Hampden Viscount, Glynde 10 lo 0 Harben T. H. esq. Berwick 1 1 o Hurst Robert, esq. M. P. Horsham i I p Marines Rev. J. and friends, ditto 4 7 6 7 7 » Holmes Joseph, ditto t I o Harison Charles, esq. Sutton I CO Hopkins Mr. — — llo Hark James, jun. Chichester 1 1 o Berry Ladies E. and C:. Brighton 200 Hollingberry Rev. Dr. Winchelsea I I o Jordan Rev. J. N. West Tarring llo Jackson Henry, esq. Lewes llo Johnston Rev. Win. Lewes 1 o 0 J. F. Brighton, 1 o o K. Kennet James, Hailsham 1e ' " Kinleside Rev. Wm. Angmering 1 1 o Killick William. Shipley 1 I o Kelsal Mrs. Brighton — 110 Kelsal Miss, ditto — 110 Kennett Samuel, Robertsbridge I I o Killick Solomon, Shipley I 1 0 Kemp Mrs. Nathaniel - I 1 o L. Lidbetter Susanna, Lancing 1 I 0 Leach John, esq. M. P. Seaford w 2 n Luther Mrs. Lavinia, Brighton I I o Langton David, esq. Ucktield I 1 0 l. angridge W. B. esq. Lewes 110 lattice Rev. Dr. John, Peasmart. li 1 5 o o 16 8 Larwill Mrs. Ann, Lewes I 1 u M. Middleton Rev. B. Chichester 1 I <> Molineux Joseph, Lewes — 2. 2 o Morris Joseph, Lewes — tin Martin Matt, in. Easthothly llo Moon Thomas, Hoisted — 1 I 11 Maun Thomas, Horsham — 110 Michell Jas. Chas. esq' Oxford, Town Clerk of Seaford — llo Moore Mrs. Ami, Tarring — 110 Donation*. Ami, Sub. Matcham G. Slangham — 110 Marriott Mrs. Horsham —• llo Marshall Rev. Geo. ditto — ' llo Munn Geo. Hurst Green — I 1 o Mant Misses, Chichester — 1 1 o Moson Thomas, esq. ditto — llo N\ North Frederick, esq. Hastings 1 I o Newbery W.( for it Lady) Heathfield I I 0 Neeve Rich, esq. Recorder of Seaford — — llo P. Pollard Hannah, Horsham — 110 Polhill Nathaniel, Clifie — llo Paul Rev. W. C. Curate of Henfield 1 I o Palmer Mrs. Oare, near Hastings 1 1 tl Pritchard Rev 1 1 0 Phipps Thomas Peckham, esq. Little Green, near Chickester, 2 2 0 Phipis Mis. Harriet, ditto —• llo Parkhorst Rev. Fleetwood, Pett 1 I 0 Parsons Latter, Lewes — 110 Parry Fras. Chas. esq. Donnington Priory, Berks — — llo Plasto John. Chichester — llo Pesket Arthur, ditto — llo Porter Richard, Cliffe — 0 lo G R. Rose Rev. Wm. Uckfield — I 1' o Robinson John, Charlwood — 110 Raper Wm. Augustus, Horsham I I 0 S. Smith Robert — — o Iti 6 Saxby Henry, Lewes —• llo Smith Hen. Gatland, ditto — llo Stanford Miss, Brighton — I 1 11 Sandham Wm. esq. Horsham i I n Shelley Timothy, esq M. P. Field Place, near Horsham -— llo Sinden . esq M. D. Chichester I 1 o Simmonds Edward, Uekfield 1 o o Simmons Mrs. ditto — I I o Smith Mr. Brighthog — llo Stileman Richard, esq. Winchelsea 1 I o T. Taylor Chas. W. esq. M. P. Holly- combe, near Liphook — 10 10 0 2 2 o Tompkin John. esq. Arundel t 1 n Tredcrott Nathaniel, esq. Horsham 1 1 o V. Verrall Chas. Lewes — ~ llo W. Whitworth Right hon. Lord Stone- land, near. Withyham — llo Whitfeld Lewis, Lewes —. 110 Wood Rev. Peter, Broadwater 1 I o Whait Rich, esq Court Wick llo Way Lewis, esq, Stansted 10 10 0 Wood J esq. Chestham, Honfield 110 Wills John, Horsham — llo Wyatt Thos. esq. Brighton — 2 2 o William Mr. —,—, sen. Hastings 1 I o Williams . Mrs. ditto — 10 0 Williams Mrs. Loudon — 1 o v Congregational Collections. £. s. d. Worthing Chapel, by. the Rev. W. S. Palmer 1J 3 9 Lavington Church, by the Rev. J. Sargent y 13 o Chapel Royal, Brighton, by the Rev. J.. Owen 72 11 6 Brighton Church, by ditto — 2S 16 3 Hastings Church, by Rev. Webster Whistler 14 8 6 Bishopstone Church, by Rev. T. Norris 5 o 3 Alfriston Church, by ditto — — 2 5 9 BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY. NO. 4 1. London Wall, London, ( opposite Moorgate End of Bethlem Hospital.) CHEAP, DURABLE, ASH IMPENETRABLE PAINTS. per cwt. per cwt. Olive Green — 74s. Chocolate •— £ 6s. Dark ditto — 65;,-. Lead Colour — Gbs. Invisible ditto — 56s. Black — 56s. White — r> iis- I Red — 46s. Stone Colour — 56s. ] Prepared Oil for the above, which possesses great pre- serving qualities, 55, per gallon. per cwt. per gall. Best White Lead 52s. Linseed Oil — 5s. 0d. Second ditto — 4ss. Boiled Oil — 6s. Turpentine — 7s. yd. & c. & c. & c. The above Paints are ground iu Oil, and are particu larly prepared for the painting Park Palings, Brick and Plaster Fronts, Iron and Wood Railings, Tiles, Slates, and Weather Boarding, of every description, and for such purposes they arc unequalled, as they possess great dnrahility, are .1 cure and preventive fur the Worm and Dry Rot, and will stand in the hottest climates. Ill addition to these advantages, they are very ornamental, and will cover a surface considerably greater than any other Paints, and more than twice as great as Coal Tar, over which, and all preparations from Tar, they have a most decided superiority ; viz.— first, in adhering so closely to any surface, that the power of the sun lias no effect on them;— secondly, they are icry easy of appli cation, being used with the same brushes, and 111 the same manner, as other paints. G. UPTON and Co. most respectfully offer their thanks to the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public in general, for the very great patronage with which they have been ho- noured , and they also inform Merchants, Ship Owners, Captains, and Dealers in Colours, that they have large quantities of Stone Ochres, Spruce Ochres, Mineral Blacks, Reds, & c. as well as all articles 111 the Colour Trade, prepared fur tt- e, of very superior qualities. N. B. These Paints dry very soon, not being prepared with tjsh oil. Chalk Cliff and Lime Kilns. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, AN extensive CHALK CLIFF, at Eastbourne, in the county of Sussex, with three Lime Kilns erected thereon, eomniodiously situated for carrying on the chalk and lime trade, bmh by sea and laud, to almost any extent. The premises may be viewed by applying to George Cook, at J. M. Willard, esq. Eastbourne', and further particulars had of Thomas Lowtou, esq. Temple, Lon- don. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, TWENTY- EIGHT acres of LAND, in an ex- cellent sporting country, being in the parish of Chailey, in the county of Sussex. Apply to Mr. Jay, of Chiddingly, the propri- etor, for particulars. " TO BE LIST BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMOST desirable and long established LINEN DRAPER and GROCER'S SHOP, with the Messuage or Tenement, Warehouse, Stable, Garden Land and Premise.", thereto belonging, situate, lying and being, at CATSFIELD GREEN, in the parish of Catsfield, in. the county of Sussex, now in the occupa- tion of Mr. Edward Quaife. Possession may be had oil Lady day next. For further particulars and treaty apply to Mr. Wm. Quaife, Catsfield. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMESSUAGE or TENEMENT comprising a kitchen, parlour, wash house, 3 bed- chambers. 2 garrets ; with a stable and garden adjoining, situate in the south street of the Cliff, and now in the occupa tion Mr. George Newton, farrier, whose year expires on the25th day of March next. The premises arc freehold; and further particulars may he known 011 application 10 Mr. Turner, solicitor. Lewes. Castle Tavern, Hotel, and Assembly Rooms, Brighton, Sussex. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee- house, in ' Change Alley, Corn- hill. Loudon, on Tuesday, the 7th of April, at twelve- o'clock, by order of the representatives of Mr. Thomas Tilt, deceased, without reserve, THE VALUABLE LEASE of that spacious and commodious Tavern and Hotel THE CAS- TEF, situate in the most distinguished part of ilie Town of Brighton, near the Pavillion, and most de- lightfully overlooking the Steine and the Sea, contarming numerous airy cheerful bedchambers, handsome sit: ing rooms, aud eating rooms, hiilir. rd room, card room, noble spacious and Lofty Assembly Rooms most elccjanily li- lt i shed ; Capital Cellaring for uholsaU* and n iaii wine and spirit trade ; ice- well, coach homes for Twenty four Carriages, stabling for Eighty Horses*, and excellent Granaries. The premises which are admirably calculated f.> r the complete acrommodaiion of families and parties, pos- sess every requisite for- carry ing !> u « ine « s i » th;* mo^ t advantageous m.'. nner; they are ail in perfect repair, aud are held f « » r an unexpired term of Eight Year, at ao easy rent, and the purchaser may have immediate pos- session on taking the furniture, plate, linen, china, stuck of wines and liquors, horses, carriages, and effect-, at a fair valuation, payment for which will bu made convex nient. To be viewed till the sale, and particulars may he had ou the premises, of Mr, Fynmoce, Solicitor, Cra- veir- st « cet, Strand ; at Garraways ; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Go'den- sfjuare, London. Capital Oak Timber, Sussex, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee- house, in ' Change Alley, Cornhill, London, on Tuesday, the 7th of April, at twelve o'clock, in lot-", SEVENTEEN HUNDRED OAK TIMBER TREES now standing in the Park at BATTLE ABBEY, and on sundry farms a id lands in the sni- rounding parishes of Battle, Salehuri. Ewhurst. Bodram, & c. in the county of Sussex, many of which are of large dimensions, and peculiarly calculated . for. the use of the Navy. This timber, which is equal in value to the fall of last year, and contains many Trees of scarce and uncom- mon scantling, and for first rate Planking, is within an easy distance of Hastings, and other parts of the sea coasl ; and Mr. Willock recommends this fall as well worth the particular notice of timber dealers in gene- ral. To be viewed three weeks preceding the sale, by ap- plying to Mr. Inskipp, at Battle, of whom entalognes may then be had j aUo at the Swan, at Ha- 1i gs . Star, at Lewes; White Horse, at Steyning; Norfolk Anns ai Arundel ; Swan* at Chichester Fountain, at Ports- mouth ; Rose and Crown, at Tunbridge; Star, at Maid- stone \ Woolpack, at Tenterden; Saracen's Head ai Ashford ; Fountain, at Canterbury ; of Messrs. Dawson and Wratislaw, Solicitors, Savile Place, New, Burling- ton- street; at Garra. way's; and of Mr. Willock, No. - 25, Golden- square, London. South House Farm.-—- Billingshurst, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROW, At the King's Arms Inn, Billingshurst, Sussex, on Mon- day, the » 6ih day of March, 1813, between tsvo and four o'clock iu the afternoon, subject to such condi tions as shall be then produced, ACompact and valuable FARM, Copyliold o Innerstance, called SOUTH HOUSE, situate ; u the parish of Billingshorst, Sussex, within lo miles » » f Hors- ham, and now iu the occupation of Mr. William Green- field, the proprietor ; consisting of a good farm- house, and garden, two barm, one Dutch barn, stables, and other convenient outbuildings, aud, including the shaws and hedgerows, about 120 acres of land : upwards of 100 acres 0/ which are good arable, meadow, and pas- ture land, in an excellent state of culture; and several acres of the shaws aud hedgerows may be brought into cultivation at a small ex pence. The crops of corn ( being about < 23 ncrpn of wheat, and 19 acres 01 o: its), with lite uiiclerivonili, iliui!:, and oilier dressing, 10 lie taken l> y valuation; and tlie pur- chaser to have possession n!' ilie whole, exept the house and garden, at New M. dsummer. and ui the House and Garden at Micbelmas next and, 1 lie purchase- money may remain on moitgage. The estate is a single copyhold, pays a quitrent of I3s. 4d. and heriot, and the Land Tax is low. Sir. Greenfield will shew the • premises, and further particulars may he had of lum, or on application lo . Messrs. Ellis and Hale, Solicitors, Petworth. WORTHING, SUSSEX. TO BE RESOLD, To the best Bidders, before Able Moysey, Esq. the De- puty Remembrancer of his Majesty's Court of Ex- chcquer, at the Steyne Hotel, Worthing;, on Saturday the 41I1 day of April, 181a, at'twelve o'clock, in four lut-, pursuant to 1111 otder of the said Court, made in a cause entitled " Hawkins against Ramsboctom, and others," AVALUAUE Freehold Estate, situate at Worth- ing, Sussex, entitling the purchasers to vote at all elections for the Rape of Bramber, and also for the County of Sussex, consisting of LOT I. The well built superb and spacious Assembly House adjoining; and communicating with the Hotel, in the possession of Messrs. Slater and Phillips. LOT II. All that capital substantial Pile of Buildings, con- spicuously situate in Warwick- street, at the north end of the Steyne. comprising the late Bank and Wine Of- fices, with cellars. LOTS III and IV. Those capital Houses for trade on the west side of the High- street, in the oceupa'ion of Mr. Hickox, linen' draper, and general shopkeeper, who will quit when required. To be viewed till the sale. Particulars may be had at the Hotel, Worthing ; the Old Ship Tavern^ Brighton ; Norfolk Arms, Arundel ; Dolphin. Chichester; Star, Lewes ; King's Head, Hors- ham ; of the Printers of the County Paper; of Mr Withy, Solicitor,' Buckingham street, Strand , of Mr John Ellis, Solicitor, No. Gray's Inn. Square ; of Mr. Lane, Solicitor, Laurence Ponltney will; and at the Chambers of ihe said Deputy Remembrancer, iu the Exchequer Office in tiie Inner Temple, London CUILBLAINS Are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting ltching instantly removed by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE of MUSTARD, universally esteemed for its extraordinary efficn cy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections . and coin plaints of the Stomach ; 1 » ut where this certain remedy lias been unknown or neglected, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. They are prepared and sold by R. Johnston, Apothecary, 15, Greek street, Soho. London ; the Essence and Pills at s. 9d. each. The Cerate at Is. | id- They arc al » o sold by W. LEE, Lewes, and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. The genuine has a black ink stamp with the name of R. Johnston, inserted on it. The GREAT RESTORATIVE to HEALTH is Mann's Approved Medicine, SOLD in bottles at 3s (> d and Is. 6( 1. each, du- ty included, engraved on ilie stamp, " THO, ' MANN, HORSHAM, SUSSEX," to couuteti'eif which is felony. As Coughs and Colds ar^ 1 so prevalent at this season of the year, no family should be a moment without this medieinc. Further proofs of its safety and efficacy may be seen in the following cures of children b^ ru in different pans of the globe. Serjeant THOS. BELL,, of the- 56th regiment, at hacn Barrack". whose chill was born at Bombay, first Indies, the 6th June, isnf). landed. in England the yth August 1811 ; the diirercnce « f the climate brought t^ o above child into ^ o dangerous a stale, that ail hopes of its recovery were given over, as no food would slay () u it^ stomarb^ attended with strong Convulsions remixed habits^ & c. After every inedw ine was taken without effect, application was made » o Mr-. Mann, of Horsham* and by taking his Approved Medicine, paying attention to the directions g » ven, by the blessing of God it is re- stored to perfect health. Also the youngest child, born tlie 12th May. 1811, at St. Heieua in A rica, w: is taken dangerously ill with a complaint Ptmibir to the other, af'er > he came to Hors- ham Barracks, which is also recovered by taking Mann's Approved Medicine. ( Signed) THOS. BELL Horsham Parracks, Serjeant 56th Ragiment Nov. 2, 1811. Likewise a child of Mrs. Bark, wife of Mr. Bark, Serjiant of the 26th Regiment, was horn in Spain* when on their long and severe march ; on their coming to Horsham Barracks it was so dag. rou « dy ill, ? hat j> il hopes of its recovery were given over; by taking Mann's Approved Medicine, in a short time, it was restored to perfect health. ( Signed) CATHARINE BURK. Horsham Barraeks, Aug. 12, 1809. Mrs. Bark had all her free children die of consump- tions, under eight month old. The above child left Horsham the 4th joiy, t9i0, in perfect health. Such numerous i-^ tances in the recovery of children by tiiis remedy, nothing can be a greater proof of its safety and efficacy f « r persons of either sex in any state or age, as m imdniue lias pet formed » o many astonish- ng cures as Mann's Approved Medicine, Sold Uy A. LEE, School- Hill. Lewes and all other Venders. and may be had of the Newsmen. Interesting to the Public in general. CORDIAL BALM 0 V GIEEAD. bighest repute, is earnestly recommended to those Ladies, who,, from repeated and difficult labours, are afflicted with weaknesses and intiriuities; iti which cases it strengthens the stomach, the weakened organs, and the whole constitution. Those who in an advanced life feel the consequences of youthful excess, or unfortunate youth who h tvei brought ou themselves a numerous train of evils, will- hv the use of ibis most valuable restorative, find them- selves restored to health and strength, and the melan- choly symptoms removed, whijh are the general effects of such causes. The Cordial Balm of Gilead is a most noble medi- cine, composed of some ot the choicest balsams and strengtheuers in the whole Materia Medico. The' pro- cess is long and laborious, and requires the most nice a id minute attention. It assuredly affords the permanent relief to those unhappy youths, who have been deluded at an early age into a secret and destruc- tive vice, now common among them, as well as to per- sons of all ages afflicted with nervous di- orders, pro- ceeding either from an immoderate use of tea, hard drinking, heat of climate, excess of grief, dissipated pleasure, bad lyingson, immoderate course of the menses, & c. This Balsamic Cordial is peculiarly adapted to weak female constitutions, a* well as to phlegmatic habits iti general', it acts powerfully as a nervine, not only to the weak stomach, but to the whole nervous system ; cor- rects a vitiated appetite and digestion in the first pas- sages, and assits wonderfully in recovering she : me of the urinary and genial rgwis; h< nfc it- elli any m the; most obstinate seiuina complaints in men, and corre- sponding weaknesses in women. Persons entering upon the. holy state of matrimony, should consider, that " where the lountuin is polluted^ the streams that flow from it cannot he pure," The hlpgsings of health are no soooer lost than painful ex- perience teaches the inostimabie value of it, and the unhappy patient looks around, too often, alas ! in vain> for the means of it* recovery ! The utility, therefore, of this medicine is too obvious to need further comment. Prepared by Dr. Solomon, in ins. ti, d. and 33-. bot- tles • the latter contain four of the former, by < thi:' l » the purchaser saves nine shillings. Everv genuine Ivor- tie has a stamp, which hears the Proprietor's name and address Satnl. Solomon, Liverpool," to imitate which is felony. Double postage of all letters io Dr. Solomon, Gilead- HousC, near Liverpool, must be paid, and a fee of ll. inclosed for advice. The ANTI IMPETIGINES or SOLOMON'S DROPS for purifying the blood, aud restoring the system when impaired by the imprudent u* e of Mercury, ' nave beeii found the great and only restorer of health and vigour in disorder* where salivation has repeatedly failed. — Price 10s. 6d. Family bottles 33s, The ABSTERGENT LOTION, for removing eruptions from the surface of the human body.— Pints 4s. 6d. Half pints -. 2s. 9d. duty included— Also, The DETER it- gi< 4\ t OINTMENT, for old sores, & e. a » - is. 6d. per BOX Also, just published, price 3s. A new Edition* with Additions of' A GUIDE. TO HEALTH in a variety of Complain s, some, of which are trected on Under the following heads, viz. Advice to nervous patients, asthma, barren women, deft* lency of natural strength,- . female coinplaints, gouty spasms in the stomach, hypoehno- driac complaiutSj internal sinking, loss or detect of me- tnorv, rhi uoiatiMU, scurvy, si tofula, turn of life, vene- real diseases, weakness in youth, & c. By S: SOLOMON* M. D. Sold by W. Lee, Lewes. likewise by the principal Venders of Patens Mediches throughout the United . Kingdom. From Tucsday's London Gazette. BANKRUPTS. CHARLES FAlRBONE. of New- street. Lon- don, mathematical instrument maker, Joseph Cliff, of Aston, in the County Palatine, of Chester. linen draper Hattill, Arnold, of Cat, eaton- street, London, warehouseman Edward O'Neill, of Liverpool, dealer and chapman Frankland Coates and John Walker, of Cheetham, Manchester, common- brewers Samuel Wil liams of Greenwich, Kent, tobacconist Mat- thew Stothard, St. James's,' Gloucester, merchant — Martha Nash, of Harlington, Bedford, grocer— Ralph Broadhent, of Manchester, victualler Thomas Cood, late of Northumberland street London, merchant—— Sarah Baines and John Gale Baines, of Bradford, Wilts, bakers John Buckley, Halifax, York, linen draper Samuel Kettle, of Liverpool, timber- merchant— Richard Cook, late of the Borough of Devizes, Wilts, plumber and glazier— John Ernest Grob, late of College- hill, London, sugar refiner William Dodsworth, of Scar borough, York, grocer— John Biyant and Thomas Catchpool, of Ipswich, Suffolk, malister. LONDON Yesterday his Royal Highness the Prince Regent appointed to hold a Court at Carlton House. Abo'it tw « <>* Clock the Prince, attended by Col. M. Mahon, Generals Turner ami Keppel, left his private apaitments and; pijoqeedej^ ln his closet, wlte'e the Bishop of Oxford, altetided. bv. the Dean of Windsor, as Clerk of the Closet. and Mr. Ruder, as Secretary of State for the Home De- partment, was introduced, and did homage before his Royal Highness, upon his election to that See. THe Prince Regent then held a Privy Council, T. hicli uas attended by— The President of the Council, the Lord Chan, edor, the Lord Privv Seal, the President of the Board of Trade, the First Lord of the Treasury, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, the First Lord of the Admiralty, the Master General of the Ordnance, the three Secretaries of State, the President of the Board of Control, and the Duke of Montrose. Viscount Chetwynd attended as Clerk of the Council. Viscounts Castlereah was sworn in Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. The Recorder of London was then admitted into the Council, and made his report of the convicts capitally convicted at the Session before last Old Barley, who were alt respited during pleasure, v'z: Thomas Kite, George Lester, William Fowler, and Thomas Wood, for stealing in a dwelling- house; Thomas Wells and Thomas Hunt, for highway robbery; Edward James and Richard Woodhatch, for returning fiom transportation ; Mary Garroll and Philip Barnard, for stealing stoods piivatelv in a shop; G. Astordo, for a like ofi'ence: Charles King and Thomas Culliver, for sleating goods on the River Thames; and Sarah Slater, for putting off counter feit money. i he report of a peace between England and Sweden, lately circulated with so much confident e, now appears to he totally destitute of foundation. Bernadotte, yielding something ! o the distresses of the people, may no doubt connive at some tittle secict trade with this country; but in a!| ttic open acts of the. government, lie continues steady a « " ohedici t to the will of Bonaparte, Orders have been recently given to the Governor of Gottenburgh, and the officers of the customs, to redouble their activity to prevent the importation " f Bri ish merchanrdize; and ths Carlsham vessels so often spoken of, are d'uecteu to be sold fur the benefit of the Crown. Yesterday a deputation of Birmingham mer- - chants waited on Mr. Perceval, by appointmeut, with a statement of the mischiefs resulting from the Orders in Council. The Minister admitted, in the presence of Mr. Rose, that no stronger case had been presented to him; that it should have its due weight; but he add. d, that he would not flatter those hopes which might cvenually be disappointed. We announced yesterday, that the spirit of dis- content has extended itself to ihe naile s iu Dudley and its vicinity The state of Glasgow is also now very alarming; and the military who have been sent there are constantly on the alet t, in expecta- tion of riots. All the officetsof ihe East York Militia have been oidered to join that regiment, now on duly in that city. When we consider, that the same cause must produce the same effect, we caonot suppress our fears, that this spiiit ex- tends as far as the operation of the Orders in Council and the piesent stagnation of trade are felt. In Nottingham and its vicinity, it is kept down by the presence and activity of a strong military fo'Ce, under the able and judicious com- mand of Major General Hawker. The statement that they are employed as civil officers in that district, we are assured is eironeous, the civil power being the only authority the troops under the command of ihet officer have ever acied upon, and with the most reserved caution. Such ate H « * circumstances of the country under which the Outers in Council are to be discussed this day in the House of Commons. But Mr. Perceval will not be easily driven from his ruinous policy, lie has oUiained a declaration of l4 Staffordshire crockery- men in its favour!!!— GLOBE. FINANCE. Mr. Hase read on Thursday, at, The Stock Exchange, til? fulUiumg prnjMts., 1 from l! l<' " Ciurirrllifr of the Ejc- i! ic<| uor, f" r raising 6,789,625l. by Navy 5 per cent. Annuities in aHrtiiion In ill « Mini of 431,700!. sub s ritort Exchequer Bilhs to he fumted in lih inontli « < Febraury la » t, making together which in lite whole•* « ! « proposed, lo ire funded in 5 per ceux. Siork during the prcscul ^ ear t— Every SuliscriOer of die Ji^ eticip^ er Bill « , funded as shinr uiet< tij* ned, is tit he entitted to cotilr. bute a fur- ther sum at the rate of I 2.", I. for every 1 (<<> i. contributed ; last. in - i per . Cent, Stock, 10 lie addiil 10 the Stock ere- a- t'd hv the : ihove Mih- tt]| illull, and io hear mterest troni ihe 5th Ja( iw « ry, I, sI J. Hayiuents 011 cacli loot, subscribed to be made as follow*: ' J6II, March Ifi, payment of - - - '- . £ 10 April ditto - - 10 May 15, ditto 10 June 26, ditto - - It) July 2t-, ditto in Aug. 2, S, ditto ....... 10 Sept. 45, ditto - | t,> Oct. l< 5, ditto ....... 10 Nov. 87. xlitto - - - - - - - 111 Dec. 31, ditto ....... iq .£ 100 A dieemtnl tn he allowed of 4 per cent. 011 the uhote money . advanced bc- iond the iusiaUuctits iu the usuid Kxt heqoee Bills, dated between the 1st March 1811, and r nil IVhrojry isia, hoili iirdu. jve, with the interest . in.- ,0.' vili t> e received iu piiyiuetit of the coutti- liiili'Hi. A Imofc lis otieiied at the Bank for receiving the sutui> ripituu, « if uniMr who ruuy clutsc- to uvait theuuiUe* of the o|.< ton : Mud 11 witt reiuaiti open for th. it purpove fiour Mnoda). the 91) 1 M uch, to Monday, Itkli of the prit- iMK turiirlh, bulb iiiclisiie, If the parlies 10 whom lac offer is hereby given do iml suhscrihe the wtioist > um ui ti- 7• 11 is to tie uu- rieretruiX, itiat ihe t'haruellMf of rtie Jixcheqoer will he : il iih;; rty to Collie I" lite puhln HI 11r^ or in raise hui ii » i; ui < uay he wanting 10 < anui^ di te the said sum of iu » » y other rutuiuej'. Ttre dinj 011 pitviuCni in toll is 17s.— 5 per C# HU>, virr done at ytj.— fiiew SiihsC'riptiviis at jrt* r" Ctui. premium. Mr. Grattan gave iholice, on thursday night, in tie House of Commons, of amotion on the State of Ireland, so far as respects the Catholic Claims, for Monday, the 23th of April. Mr. Benjamin Walsh was on Thursday last, on the motion of Mr. Banks, expelled the House of Commons. I'lie first battalions of the following Regiments of Foot are to receive additions to their present complement, hv the transports ordered to sail frofn Portsmouth for Portugal, viz: The Oth, 100 men, fiom Canleibttry. 86: hj 100 ... llor.- bam:" 45th, l( io - - - Ditto - 57', h, 150 - - - Win'ehelseal. The St7ili regiment, under orders for immediate embarkation, will not be able to muster more than ($ 30 rank and file, the surgeon having reported a considerable number of men unfit for immediate service. Mr, James Creasy, deceased. ALL persons having any demand against the State of Mr. James Creasy, late of East Grinsted, in the county of Sussex, der eased, are requested to send a statement of their claims to his executor, Mr. John Turley, of Eest- Grinsted, aforesaid, within two months from the date hereof. All persons indebted to the said estate* are requested to pay their respective dehts immediately, to Mr. John Turley, executor, im- proper means v » iil he taken to recover the same. N. B. No claims will lie attended in after ihe ex piratiou of the ahove time,, : Feb. 24. 1812. RIVER OUSE NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls, Rates, and Dutres, granted and nlade paytible oil all Bats, Barges, and Vessels navigating the said rivi'r, will he Let by Auction, or otherwise, to the beat bidder, f 1 one, two, or three- years, .' as shall he agreed oil) f miii the 1st day of May next, at the Tyger Inn, in Landfield, on Monday the 13th day of April next, hc- t- veeu the hours of twelve and two of the same day.,— Whoever happens to lie the best bidder, inrtst give se- curity to the satisfaction of the Colnpililv of Proprietors, for payment of the rent agreed 011 at such t. isies as they sh ill direct, ' Persons desirous of taking the above Tolls, are re- quested to deliver in their proposals iu writing, at inv tlflice, on or before ihe igih day of April next. • SAMUEL. WALLER, Clerk to the said Company of Proprietors. Cuckfield, March9,1812. TO COVER THIS SEASON, At Two Guineas a Mare, and Five Shillings the Groom the beautiful thuruMgh bred Horce, NUN C10 , RHODD most respectfully informs his friends • and lite public in general, he has. purchased a shsre in the above Horse, and that he will cover as above ai his stables, at the White Hart Inn, Lewes, where he may he found at all tiu » s, and those gentlemen who please to I'avonr him with their Mates, may depend on their being stfnted under his own immediate inspectiftti. Nuncio is one of the fevst constitntionvd horses in England, is rising six years 15 hands three inches | » ish, i of fine symmetry, bone* and action, was. bred by the Earl of Egremont, got by Gohauna, his dam by Sir Peter, out of- Deceit by Tandem, her dam Perditta by Herod, oat of Fair Forester, by Mr. Panton's Sloe. Sir Peter was got by Highflyer out of Papillion, by Snap; Gohauna was got by Mercury out of a Herod mare, her dam Marden by Matcham, out of Mr. Pratt's Squirt mare. The blood of Gohauna and Sir Peter, are too well known to need any comment, they having got more true good runners, than all the other Stallions in Eng- land. NUNCIO is a'sure foal getter, he having la^ t season covered forty two mares. Thirty- six of which prove in foal by him, Good grass for mares, Corn, and hay if required ; all ex peaces to lie paid at limit of covering or before the » « irtrc* are taken away. TO COVER THIS SEASON, At Mr. Simon Grover's Stables, Malling- street, Lewes, at Two Guineas, and Three Shillings to the Groom, that beautiful well bred bay Stallion, well furnished with bone, MA RSHAL CAROUSER, NINE years old, bred by Thomas Kirby, York, got by Weasel, dam by Young Marsk, grandani by Amaranthys, out of Gentle Kitty. The above horse w t. sold to John Watts, Esq. for 45o guineas. July 12, 1806, he run at York, and won a Cup. July 28, 1807, he run at Brighton, and won a Sweepstakes. Signed, Thomas Kirby, York. He will ailend Lewes and Hailsham Markets, and cover till the 1st of August. The money to he paid at the time of covering. SWIFT AND CO, CONTRACTORS with Government, respect- fully beg leave to so1icit the Patronage of the Public towards the SCHEME of the PRESENT STATE LOTTERY, which will be Drawn on the 30th of next Month— April. SCHEME. I Prize of - - ±' 20, hm ... is - - - £ 20,0110 1 - - - 13,000 - 15,000 1 - - Hi, 000 ----- 10,000 1 - - - - 5. O0O - - - - - 5,00( 1 | - - - - 4,000 ----- 4. OT. 0 1 ----- - 3,000 ----- 3,000 2 ----- - 2, ooo - • - - - - 4,000 4 - - - - - - 1,000 - - - - 4. ooo 6 ----- - 500 - - - • - 3,000 8 - - - - - - 40() ----- 3,2oo II) - 3oo ----- 3,000 12- - - - - - 200 ----- 2, too 2o- - - - - 1 oi, - - - - - 2, ooo 50 ----- - 50 70 ----- - 40 ----- 2,800 loo ----- i. 311 ----- 3,000 124- - r. - 25 ----- 3. IOO 2, ooo - -- ---, J 5 - " 30,000 12.0( 1.1 Tickets £ 1.211, ikmi The Tickns in this Lottery are all of different Numbers; and, the whole. Lottery will he detcrniined in One Day. TICKETS and SHARES are on Sale, at SWIFT AND CO's, London Offices, 11, Foultry, 12, Charing- Cross, and 31, Aldgate, High- Street, where, in ihe last Lottery, No. 5,497, - - - a Prize of - - - £ 20,000, Was Sold in 16 Sixteenths, and No. 995, - - - a Prize of - - - £ 4,000, In 12 Shares. Also by their AGENTS iu all the principal Towns. TO BE LET, And immediate possession given, ALL - that very desirable Premises and Business now carrying on to a considerable extent, in the Brown Earthenware Line, situate at the bottom of Tonbridge Town. The present proprietor being engaged in a di Here tit concern, is ihe only reason of its being to let. For particulars apply to Mr. Wm Cornwall, on the premises, who will give a reference ta the parties to treat for the same. Oak, Elm, and Fir Timber. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, At Newick Park, AQUANTITY of useful OAK TIMBER, stand- ing, with top and hark, if various dimensions, and iu small lots. A!- « a quantity of Elm and Fir Timber, fallen, some of large size. Tenders to be delivered on or before Saturday the 11th of April. The Timber may he viewed, and the ronditions of side known by application 10 Mr. Godson, at Newick Park, alier the 16th inst. March 1812. At the name, lime may tie viewed, a quantity of Oak Timber, of very lai ite size, which will he sold without top vr bark, after the ilaylog season. Capital Farm at Mayfield. TO BE LET, Oa Leask, upon such Terms as May be ngreec* and entered upon immediately ; THE Demesne Farm, of the- Manor of Pennv- bridge, consisting of a good farm house,, with convenient outbuildings; and about 200 acres of hop, arable, meadow, pasture, and coppice lands : And a~ nother Farm, at a convenient distance, called the Moat, consisting of a measure, and about acres of rich land, of which, 3o acres are exceHent meadow, partly flooded, both situate in the parish of Mayfield, and now in the possession of the owner. Peunybridge is situate within about a mile of the town of May field, and adjoins the Tunbridge and Wad hurst road, is within abotit seven miles of Tunbridge Wells, iu a ^ tiod shooting country^ vt- ith plenty of game, and is an eligible situation for a gentleman's residence. The crops &, c. to be taken on a valuauoti. The land is subject to small Tithes only, for which it pay8 a composition of about 15 pounds, a year, has been well farmed, and is full of dressing * Thomas Tompsett residing on Penny bridge, will shew the premises} ; and proposals for rent, ami for the duration of the tease, to be addressed to Mr. Tyler, at Petworth. Valuable Leasehold Property, near the Pavilion, at Brighton. TO be SOLD, to the best Bidder, before Abel . Moysey, estj. the Deputy Remembrancer of his Majesty's - Court of Exchequer, at the Old Ship Tavern, at Brighton, on Friday, the 3d day of April, 1812, at twelve o'clock pursuant to an tn der of the said Court in a Cause, entitled " Hawkius against Rams bottom and Others," - A most" iVnprwi'eJi'bli'- aiWV on stand-, au excellent sofa, with stpiabs and chiniz cover; Brus- sels, and Kidderminster carpets, pier, aud dressing glasses; China, glass, and kitchen furniture in general. The sale to begin at ten o'cla k in the forenoon, and the whole to he sold without reserve. Valuable Freehold and Copyhold Estate at Al- friston and Willingdon, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The latter end of April, or the beginning of May next, at the Star Inn, iii Lewes, Unless any part shall in the mean time be sold by private contract,< of which due notice vyill be given, by order of the As- signees of the estate aud effects of George Bodle, a bankrupt, ALL that freeh Id modern built Messuage or Tenement, with the appurtenances thereunto be, longingysiluate tltK? pleasant, town of. Alfristou, in the county of Sussex, late in Jibe tenure or occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens, together with a roomy huijd- iiig near the same, no* 1 u » ed as a carpenter's shop, late iu the occupation of Edward Bodle. Also all that Copyhold Building, holden of the ma iitpr of Lullingion, at present used as a warehouse, s » ~ tuare near the centre of the town of Alfriston aforesaid, late in the occupation of the Assignees. Also, all that freehold modern built Messuage or Te- nement, situate in the parish of Willingdon, in the said county, late in the tenure or occupation of Samuel Stretion. . Also, all that piece or parcel of Arable Land, lying in tlie Short Furlong, of Aifriston aforesaid, partly planted with lucern. aud late iu the occupation of Henry Hasting, or bis undertenants. Also, all that piece or parcel of Land, which has for several years beeu used as a Brick Yard, together with the Kiln, and other conveniences for making bricks thereon ; and, also, a brick built Messuage or Tene- ment, divided into two dwellings, and a large garden enclosed with lofty walls adjoining thereto, situate, ly- ing, aud being near the town of Alfriston aforesaid, and late in the tenure or occupation of Henry Back, Robert Bodle, and others. Also, all that piecc or parcel of Arable Land, con- tabling 2A. 3R. 11 P. more or less* situate under Maple Bank, in Alfriston aforesaid, 011 part whereof, is a thriving plant of lucern, late 111 the occupation of John Bodle, or his undertenants. Aud also, all that fertile piece or parcel of Land or Ground, divided into several distinct gardens, lying near the town of Alfriston aforesaid, part whereof is planted with thriving young fmit trees, au<$ late in the occupation ff Edward Bodle, Carter, Elizabeth Stevens, and Henry Hastings. N. B. The before mentioned five pieces of laud are copyhold, holden of the Manor Lull ugton. The respective Tenants' hiring will cease at Michael- mas ucxt. Mr. Thomas Susan, at Alfriston, will > hew th- pre mises, and fot particulars, or to treat by private cou- t< act, apply to Mr. Wooltgar; or Mr. Thomas Cooper, Lewes. Farming Stock Husbandry, and Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By VERRALL and SON, ( On the Premises,) On Thursday and Friday the 19th and 20th of March, ALL the Farming Stock, Husbandry Tackle, and Houshold Fnrniture, of Mr, Thomas Wheat- ly, of Possingworth Farm, in > the paf> h of Waldron, in S'isst.' x, Comprising .14 y. aung working oxen, five bar- ren cows, 24 runt heifers, riiost of them iu calf, eiglit two yearottl steers and heifers, live yearliivt; ditto, three cart horsts, owe two year old cart colt, a poney, 2<> e\ ves with hrmbs, and iu lamh, 70 tags, a large sow, and 15 young hog'-, a neat taxed cart and harness,, three waggons, live carts, five plouglnJ, eight horse harrows, iliree ox ditto, two edgets, two rollers, 3o sack*, and all the haru tackle, ox yolie, and chains, hor* e harness, - Gn wattles, a C\ der mill and press, eight beds and ap- purtenances, mahogany chest of drawers, dining, Pem- broke aud- card tables, a ditto side board, ditto bason stands, in ditto armchairs, with handsome cushions, a sofa, a pianoforte, a fnangle, dressing glasses, Wilton floor sinn bed carpets, three guns, China, glass, abd stVme ware, kitchen, dairy, brewing, and washing. re^ ( juisites iu geo » raj, a three light cucumber frame, gar deu tools, and atv^ riety of other effects. To begin eaeli morning at ten o'elock. N. B. All the live ' stork and " husbandry will l> e sold ? he iirst day. Sooo krln faggOls, and upwards of loon busl^ els of good potatoes, are now for sale by private contract, at the » * iuJ fatrn. Capital Timber in Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, At the Star Inn, in Mayfield, on Monday, the of - March, 1812, precisely at three o'elock in the afier- noo'u, in lhre£ lots, LOT 1ONE Hundred and Ninety OAKTREES, and it Beech./ with lop and top, hammer marked, figure r. LOT 2. 32G Oak, and 35 Beech, with I& P aud top, hammer marked, figure 2. LOT 3. 286 Oak, ARTD 2 Beech, with lop and top, hamtacr marked, figure 3. ' The usual deposit will be rentiired. The above tiirrber is on Ellis Farm, in the parish of May field; a servant at the Rev. John Kirby's, in May- field, will shew the several lots. N. B. Dinner 00 table at half- past one. Mayfield Vicarage. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, On Wednesday and Thursday the first and second of April, 1812, on the Premises, THE valuable HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, and oiber Effects, of May field Vicarage, in the County* of Stissex. Further particulars will be given hi the next week's p r. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By PLUMER and SON, At the Kins' Head Inn, Horsham, on Saturday, 14th March, 1812, between the hours of two a* u\ four in the afternoon, A Copyhold brick built and sashed DWEL- LING HOUSE, nearly new, comprising a kit- chen, parlour, wash- house, cellar, puuiry, orawiog- rooni, three l> c< l rooms', and two attic*, wood house and stable, with a good garden ' and orchard, well planted with choice fruit trees, siuvate at Cowfold, in the county of Sussex, aiij, oiuiog the turnpike- roud leading from Hors- ham to- Briohton, seven miles from the former, 13 from the latter, in the occupati » ) n of 31rs, Stevens, the Pro- prietor, who will shew » , loe premises. N. B. Part . of the purchase- money may remain on mortgage, if required. SUSSEX TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( On the Premises) By MR. BARTLETT, For the benefit of the Creditors, on Tuesday the 10th day of March next, 1812, ALL, the Stock and Utensils in Trade, a horse, two carts, harness, and about four tons of fine meadow hay, together with the Houshold Furniture, liuen,- and. brewing uieusUs, belonging to Mr. Gowen Shotter milter and meahnau, at Runcton, near Chiches- ter, the whole making about 100 Logs. The Sale to begin precisely at eleven t>' clock^ All persons who staoU indebted to the. estate of Mr. Gowen Shorter, are forthwith requested to pay ibe same 10 him ; Mr. Henry Hobbs, of Chichester ; or Mr. William Adams, of Pagham, or they will be sued for tlie same. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BARTLETT, On the Premises, For the benefit of Creditors, on Thursday, the 12th of March, 1812, ALL the STOCK, and Utensils in Trade, belonging to Mr. Thomas Kidwell, Ship Builder, at Itchenor, cousisting of about eight loads of Oak and Elm Timber, 80 Fir and Beech Poles and Spars. 66 very long 4 and 3 inch Plank, 153 long and short Oak Tops, 2 Beech Rilgeways faced with oak, two pieces of Elm Keel, a quantity of excellent Oak Slabs and Scant, ling, about 12 fathom of Firewood, Elm and Fir Rib bun, a quantity of Oak Tops sided, 4,000. Tree Naits' a very good, Fishing Boat rigged, two other Boats, a Barge, part of a Sloop, on the stu< ks, a 4' ifl. Eitn with two- 360 gallons Cast tron Pans, aud appropriate iron work, a Neb and wheels. Bell and . post, about one ton of bar, bolt and scrap Iron, two new blacksmilb1^ Bel- lows and frames, beam scafes and iron weights, . oakum, pitch, working tools, benches, & e. kc. Together with about 70 lots of Houshold Furniture, among which is a Finger Organ, in a mahogany case, of considerable dimensions. The sale to begin precisely at 10 o^ clock, in oider to finish in one day. CHICHESTER. A truly valuable Brewery, Plant Malt House and Dwelling Houses. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. BARTLETT, ( Unless an acceptable offer should be made by Private Contract,) At the King of Prussia Inn, precisely at ftvc o'Clock, on Saturday, the 28th day of March, 1812, in one Lot, Avery valuable and compact BREWERY, 27ft. by 76ft. in depth; a Mah house, 84ft. by t'jft. with the Grinding Room, 26ft. by 22ft. the Kilo Room, Malt Cistern, Coal Store ; the Malt- house has two working floors, to wet 22 quarters per week. Barley Granary to take loo quarters, and Drying Room over the whole, payed Yard 2 stalled Stable and Piggeries, with a particular entrance adapted to the premises. A DWELLING HOUSE 34ft. by 27ft. in depth, comprising a Parlour, Kitchen and Pantry, 3 principal and 2 servant's sleeping Rooms, Wash- house and amp.* Cellar Room. A HOUSE 13^ ft. ill front, by 46ft iu depth, com- prising Kitchen, one Bed chamber, and room at the back, convertabie into 2 others, a garret, wash- houstf and cellar. The whole of these ex'ensiVe premises are situate in Tower Street, and are Freehold, except the Brewery, which is held by Lease of the Vicars Choirat of the cathedral church of Chichester, for 4o years, from Christmas 1801, renewable every 14 years; suhject only to a quit rent of I3*. 4d. and 2 capons, payable annually. Possession will he given on the 30th of May next. The Brewery was re- briilt abouttwo years ag", and the premises arc generally in good repair, the whole forming truly desirable plant with every convenience and ac- commodation for business; there are several large free Houses in the City, and a very ready sale of beer and malt to private families is attached to this concern. The copper, which boils off to barrels, several large stock vats and casks, aud all otlpr utensils at) d im- plements of the trade ( many of which were new about 2 years ago) together with the Fixtures, to t> e taken at a valuation aud paid for immediately. The premises may be viewed by application to Mr. W. Cobden, the propietor thereof, or Mr, Bartlett, at his Royal Kxchange aud General Agency Offices ; and further particulars may be had of Messrs. Rhoades and Son, Solicitors, Chichester, CHICHESTER. Old established and extensive Premises of a Grocer and Provision Trade, with the Stock, lloushold Furniture, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER, ( On the Premises) By order of the Trustees, on Wednesday the 77th of March, 1812, and succeeding days, at eleven o'clock, the following Estates: — LOT I. A Substantial Dwelling- House, with a good front shop, ample eellarage, capacious storehouse* and lofts, extensive yard. aud piggery, situate at the lower end of' the West street, and late iu the occupation of Mr. John Battinan, an Wld accustomed shop, in the ge- neral grocery and provision hranc! ie « ,- tiic profits derived froi'n the deposit* of Merch..**- is' stores, is of consider- able importance, and, together with the above estate,, are attached .. four new built Tenements, let to Messrs, Tyrell, Woodger, Smith and Blackburn, all tenants at will. LOT II. Two very substantial Houses, nearly adjoining lot f, with a considerable f;" t; tnge, now in the occupation of Messrs. Lambert and Porter, and two Tenements in ths Court, let Mrs. Monk, and Woodman. The above estates are leasehold, under the Dean and . Chapter of Chichester, quit rent to each iot, 4t<; per a nun ui. And immediately after the foregoing, will be Sold by Auction, at one o'clock un'' the * mue day, ifje entire Houshold Furniture, Linen, Plate, China, and Stock m- Trade, late the property of Mr. John Battinan ; the stock* consist's of Souchong and green teas,: coftce, ricet starch, blue, ginger, lump and moist shgasv-. Swap, p.•;)- ptfr, saltpcirc, to bared,, sutirK bru- bes, hrooiu- s nwald, and' ctrmtpou caudied," . viiiegar, cheese, live tubs of Wa- . terford liutfer, writing and other papers, stone and eaitbi U * kaK, a » | 05iniity of bawius, n- p, wards Of' 50 side* of pt> rk, ft, ve. i » iici) ji, dried and ifreea haitis, aud checks, sows, and 24 sjore . p'gs, 14 foIs manure, Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr. WELLER. Chichester. ' PORTCHESTER, HANLS. A very desirable Inn, Coach- house and Stables, Garden and Orchard, with two genteel Resi- dences. TO BE SOLD- BY AUCTION, BY MR. WELLER, On Thursday, the tcjth of Mageh, i » i2, at seven o'clock in the evening, at the Royal Oak, Portsea, THE FOLLOWING ESTATES: LOT 1. A Valuable FNN, called THE STAR, sittie. te in the centre of i'ortclicster, up « . n the. new t urn pike- road, and nearly iniduay betwetdr Chichester and Southampton. The House is a substantial and handsome brick build- ing, with ample ct li'arage iu the basement, and fourteen wfil proporiioued". rooms, witlj commoditms dor: iesti( r' ofiices, roach lw » » we, stable-!, large yard, v. ith a pumjr of exc. eiieiii water, a garden fu41y cropped, with an 01- chiird ai: d shiubbery, and fine lawn, that niight easily be extended to form a bowling grecu and'tea garden's; trow in the oreupatiou « - f Mr. Hanson, who is leaving t\>. enter oil the Navy Tavern, Portsea. The fixtures, fvtimtnre, two post chaises,- and horses* may he taken at a valuation, at the option of the pur- chaser. Portchester U in a state of increasing population,, with an extensive Military establishment, a depav f-^ r priso; » ers of war, as well as an arsenal of con- si dribble importance^ a gieat inlhlX of business must aKt>- ualu- ra'. ly result from the new turnpike- road, wlwch has a di- rect c oinmouit a « ion through this place fiom Dover, along the southern coast to Brighton, Chichester, Port&- iTiouih, Southampton, Salisbury, Bate,, Bristol, and all rt* e Western- counties, as well as hourly communiruiions- to Portsmouth by water, besides I here fore the very flat- tering prospect of siiecess as a Tavern, a consuWrahJe concern may he es. U'ljiished in. the wholesale Wine, Spi- rit, a » id Porter trade. LOL. 2. A substantial recently built BRICK HOUSE slated ; the interior is- well' lintsht d. and the princip. it rooius' are " neatly ' Ortvamenued^ ne.< l coosists, on itu; ground Moot- of asiieai vesiibuie and stair case, eatieg r< ibfl. tiiii. by I4U. 4im with two r< fe: se.* fitted up with sideboard-, k it * hen* s<' u! k** y, ^ vaniny, and Cei4ar ; first Hour, a handsome Hjawing roun>, of tUe. same^ di-. meiiMous as ihe diiiing parlour, two good bed cluun.- hers, and servants 1 ooms, w- ttb. numerous closets, dv^ tached out- othces of every description, with a pump of . excellent water, and a large garden and front court3 ( low in the oteupattou of Capt. Patterson, R. N. wliese term expires at Lady- day, " 1813. LOT 3. An cquaIIy = tubst » ntial RESIDENCE, HOP- furirily bu. lt on the same plan and scab, with the like convenient ae. coiiiuu> d. uious as the preceding hit ; now iii ihe occupation of Lieut. Gooding, R. N. whoser ternt • expires on the first of August next. The above prcuvUes are freehold, the land tax re- deemed, and are only parted wiiti on aircount of the* Proprietor's public situation calling him from Portches- ter, and if rupiirvd, a part of the purchase- money may remain on mortgage. The fixtures to be tafeen a! a valuation » Particulars may be lnd of Messrs. Minchin and Wed- dell, Gosport ; John Paddon, esq. Fareham ; Mr. Han- son, on the preuu- es ; and of Mr Weller, Chichester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On Saturday tbe 2 » st of March, 1812, between the hours of svx and seven, .- « t the Dolphin Inn, Havant, the foMowin « Estates:- LOT I. A FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Bedbamp, j. A. btiu Park, coiisistiugof two rftugpii, barn, stahies^ and cart- house,, aud 74 a< i'es wvf good lantl, at) of which are arable, and iu mead. iw, iatvly draiucdv Tythe face and Land tax redeemed. LOT II. A Freehold Estate, called Lower Farm, in Bedhamp- ton Park, consisting ot'."> 4 acres of good arable land:. Possession may be had o. V bath estates at l. adv dav next, now iu ihe bands of ihe proprietor, William Hol- loway, Esq. T'Uc lauds are litile more th. iu half a mile frtim the turnpike road. Further paticulars may be known by applying to Mr. WELLER Chichester. Large Naval Timber, near Petworth, Sussex, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CHRIPPES, At The Ha1f Moon Inn, Petworth, on Saturday, the 21st March, 1812, at four o'clock iu the ufteruoon • In. TWO LOTS : > . ' ONE Hundred and Seventy- two OAK TREES, and Four, ELM TREES, with their Top and Bark, hamnur marked with the Letters H. U; and standiog on Bittiesham Farm, in the parishes of Lur- ^ asliall and Kirdford, and near to, aod oil the ea » fc s: de of the turnpike- road, between Petworth and God- alming. LOT I. North Side of the Stream ; 116 Oaks, 3 Elms, LOT II. On the South Side thereof 56 Oaks, 1 Klm. This Timber is well worth the attention of the. mer chants, being of excellent quality, aodv « . f l< nge di- mensions, nt ( or the purposes. of the Navy ; and af- fording good Plank and thick Stuff, with large knees - and ina^ be viewed, on application to Mr. James Tay- lor, at Michell Park Farm ; or Mr. John Taylor, at Pheasant Court Earm ; or to the Cottager on the Pre- > inises.— Petwarth, 25th February, 1812. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. TESTER and BATES, At the King's Head Inn, Cuckfield, on Friday, the 20th of March, 1812, between the hours of b aod s in the evening, unless prcvitwifely dispok^ d of by private contract of: which due notice will be given ;**** AVERY desirable- Copyhold Messuage or Tene- ment to good repair, situated on Hayward's- heath, adjoining the tuvupike- road . leading from. London to Brighton, 12 miles from Brighton, I 2 from Lewes, and < 3 from Cuckfield ;— comprising a kitchen, parlour, wa- hhou* e, dairy, and two other rooms, 3 good ^ let- p- ing rooms, w ith- convenient out buildings ; two acrts nunc or le « < a of rich Meadow Land,, w ith a go « » d gardeu, wt 11 stocked. with a general assortment of truit- nees, and a right. < » f commonage ; now in the occupation of Mr. John Jeffery, the proprietor. Immediate posses- sion may be had, andfoj iher particulars known by ap » pi) lug toMrJohn Jeffery, on. the premises. Heriot aud fine 6d each certain. postscript. FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. At the Court at Carlton- House, the 4th day of March, 18( 2-, PRESENT, His Royal Higness the PRINCE REGENT in Council. HIS Royal Highness having been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of His Majes- ty, to appoint the Right Honourable Robert Stewart, . commonly called Viscount Castlereagh.) ta lie one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State,, he was this day, bv Mis Royal Highness's command, sworn' one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State accordingly. Lord Chamberlain's Office, March 7; 1812. Notice is hereby given, that His Royal High ness the Prince Regent will hold a Levee at Cail- ton- House, on Thursday next, the l2t. li instant, at half past one o'clock. N. B. The same regulations of dress will he strictly observed, as at His Majesty's Levees— dress clothes, and uniforms, British and Foreign, be- longing to the different branches of the naval and military services. Carlton- House, March, 5", 1812. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been' graciously pleased, in the name and ion tliq » bc-, half of His Majesty, to appoint " Earl Cholmon- dely to be Lord Steward of His Majesty's Houshold. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has also been graciously pleased,, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, to appoint the Mar- quis of Hertford to be Lord Chamberlain of Ill's Majesty's Houshold. Carton- House, March 7, IS 12. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been graciously pleased, in the name and on the be- half of His Majesty, to appoint the Most Honou- rable the Marquis of Winicn& ter to be Groom of the Stole to His Majesty. Her Majesty the Queen, and His Royal fligh- tless the Prince Regent, have been graciously plea- sed to appoint John Simeon, Esq. ( one of the Mas- ters of His Majesty's High Court of Chancery,) Count Minister, . and Colonel Herbert Taylor, to be Commissioners for the protection, care, and management of His Majesty's property dining His indisposition; and the said Commissioners took the necessary oaths thereupon before one of the Barons of the Joint of Exchequer, on the 3d inst. A ewe, the property of Sir. J, B. Stephen, yeaned one day lust week, four very fine ewe lambs, all of which are in perfect health, and likely to do well. On Saturday the 29th of February, a wether tag sheep, was stolen from the farm of Ewan Law, esq. at. Little- Horsted, near this town ; and 011 Wednesday bight last, the 4th inst. another tag wether, also the property of Mr. Law, was stolen from the same farm. A re- ward of twenty guineas is offered, by adver- tisement ill a following column, to any per- son who shall be the means of bringing to justice, the offender or offender's in the above felony; or of any person or persons who lias, or have, wittingly purchased the stolen sheep. And, 011 the night of Wednesday the 23d ult. two wether sheep, the one, of the Rom- ney Marsh breed, and the other a South Down, the property of Mr. Ellman, jun. were stolen from fields called the Wicklands, in the pa- rishes of Firle and Ripe. Mr. Ellman offers a reward of ten guineas, to any person giving information, on conviction of the offender or offenders.—- See advert, in following col. Yesterday se'nnight, a labouring man named Russell, broke open the. box of a fellow ser- vant, at Ewhurst, - stole therefrom divers arti- cles of wearing apparel, and marched off with his- booty. One day last week a very decent and re- spectable- looking woman, who had been for some, time past, in the service, of Messrs: Paine' and Scrase, of Laughton Place, as housekeeper, was brought before T. H. Harben, esq. together with a man and his wife, servants 0: 1 the farm, charged,- the former with baring pilfered divers • articles of . provision, and other things, the pro- prty of her masters ; and the latter, with having received the same knowing them to have been purloined, when after a short examination, they entered into recognizances, to appear and answer to the charges, at the ensuing Quarter Sessions. The housekeeper's sweetheart being suspect- ed, his premises were searched, but without finding any thing to justify the suspicion; the search nevertheless proved unfortunate to him, as he had in his possession some wires, used by poachers, which caused him to be taken before the above Magistrate, who lined him five pounds; but having no money, lie surrendered up his all, a box, containing wearing apparel, & c. to satisfy the law. Last week was slaughtered by Mr. Antho- ny Vincett, buther of Northiam, an ox, bred and fatted by Mr. Geo. Springett, of that place, the four quarters of which weighed two hundred and four stones aud four pounds ! On Friday se'nnight, a child, named Gal- lop, daughter of a fisherman, at Hastings, was so terribly burnt owing to her clothes catching fire, in the momentary absence of her mother, that she died, in consequence, 011 the following day. MARRIED. On Thursday last, at St. Mar- tin's church, Loudon, Mr. S. W. Durrant, merchant, of this town, to Miss Emmot, of Lei- cester- square." Same day, at Bishopstone, by the Rev. T. Norris, A. 1>. the Rev. George Hatton, D- D. vicar of Sutterton, and rector of Algarkirk, in the county of Lincoln, to Sarah Naomi, daugh- ter of the late James Hurdis, esq.' of the for- mer place, aud sister of the late Rev. Dr. Hur- dis, Professor of Pot- try in the University of Oxford. BRIGHTON, MARCH 9, 181- 2. Our arrivals were hut few, daring the course of last week ; the fashionable appearance of the; town, nevertheless, keeps up its wonted respect- ability. Dr. Tierney has left' us for his residence in Hanover- square, for the season. At the last meeting of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons, on Wednesday, the i2th ultimo, the EARL, of MOIRA, A. G. M. acquainted the Grand Lodge that, in consequence of the death of Admiral SIR PETER PARKER, Bart. His Royal Highness the PRINCE REGENT, Grand Master, had been pleased to appoint His Royal Highness the DUKE of SUSSEX, to be Deputy Grand Master, in the room of tiie Admiral, which communication wa* received by the Grand Lodge with every sentiment of respect, approbation, and applause. Scollops, which have been a great rarity here, for many years past, have been lately brought to shore, by our fishing boats, in great plenty. Last Thursday afternoon a stone sloop, and two colliers, which had arrived on our beach to unload their cargoes, with great difficulty saved themselves from shipwreck, owing to a gale of wind that unexpectedly sprang up, and came suddenly upon them. The sloop re- ceived so much damage, that she was obliged to put into Newhaven harbour to be repaired. The wonderful feline birth, . said to have happened in the family- of Mr. Merle,, of this town, turned out, as from oar manner of ex- pressing if, it may have been perceived expected it would do, a complete HOAX! Chichester beast- market, on; Wednesday, was, as usual, amply supplied « ith every kind of Stock. Good ' beef was something dearer than last market ; aud the price of pig pork was ra- ther looking upwards ; other stock was much the same as for several markets past. Last Monday, the Linden hounds, unken- nelled a fox near Amberley, that afforded a most excellent chace of an hour and twenty mi- nutes, when Reynard dropped his brush, and surrendered, at discretion, to his keen but mer- ciless pursuers, who ran in to him, in a very gallant style, Last Wednesday evening, as a labouring man,, in the service of Mr. G. Blaker, of Ov- ingdean, was going over the bill to his master's house, he mistook his road, near the end of Brighton Race Course rails, walked over the Cliff, where it was upwards of 35 feet in height, and, wonderful to relate, alighted on his feet upon the beach, without experiencing any other injury in his descent than a few slight bruises ! MARRED. A few days since by special- licence, Sir Francis Heartwell, hart, to Miss Aldridge, Sister of the late John Aldridge, esq. of New- Lodge, hear Horsham. The bride generously caused one hundred pounds to be distributed among the poor in the neighbourhood of her late residence. DIED. On. Tuesday morning, Captain Holmwood, Commandant of the Angmering Volunteers. TO THE PRINTERS Of THE SUSSEX ' ADVERTISER. GENTLEMEN', SHOULD you deem the following Elegy worthy of notice, I will thank you to insert it III your useful and entertaining Paper, and yon will oblige - An Old Correspondent. Brighton, March 5, ista. ON A FAVORITE DOG, WHO DIED AGED 10 YEARS. BENEATH this turf consign'd to dust, A favorite Dog is laid, Who ever faithful, true, and just, The debt of nature paid. Bred up with care from early youth, Poor TOTT was much attached, And ever with ihe greatest truth, His Master's intrest watch'd. Fur ten long years this canine friend, To please his . Mistress tried, And ever faithful to the end, By all lamented, died ! In youth, by sleeping babes he'd lay, To keep them from all harm ; And if A stranger pass'd that way, Would give a quick alarm. No templing bribe could ever make, Poor ToTT betray his trust. The interest of, his friends forsake, Or do a thing unjust. Whatever qualities are priz'd, In ratline race had he. And from whate're should, be dispis'd, Poor TOTTLE ! he free*. Then let all false, pretended friends, From Tori' example lake. And ne'er to sefee their pri* p. te end » The bonds of fiioyhhip^ risak. '-. J ' jUWrW^ I-.- WUS^ Wft^ as^ WHmCTyvJ. * .-.. i.-^ - TO THE CLERGY. ~ A. CURACY wanted, with accommodations for a small family ; nt very near to the sea; and within 5o or ' S. I mites of" Lmdon. Address, post paid, to 11. A. at Mr. Pitt's, Druggist, Lewes. WANTED an Apprentice to a Grocer, Draper, & c. Must he n youth of respectable friend; every attention will be paid to hi. morals. A mode- rate premium only will be required. Address George Holland, liwr. ll, Surrey. \\ TANTED to lent for a teini, a small V* GENTEEL HOUSE, near a market town or good village, com truing two or three Pai loui*, three or lour Bed- rooms, and servants Rooms, Kitchen, Wash- house, & c. with a few acres of Land ; distance from London, not less than 20 miles, address to A. I>. Mr, Ayling's, upholsterer, Sloane- street, Chelsea. Middlesex. WANTED a Situation as Assistant, in a Country Shop, in the general line of business by a Young Man of good character and et-' noelions. Apply to A. B. at Messrs. palmer's, Royal Pen Manu- factory, East Grinsted. WANTED an ACTIVE LAD of respectable Connexions, who has received a liberal Educa- tion as an APPRENTICE, in a respectable Trade of Drapery aud Grocery Business.— For further. Informa- tion, Letters add rested, Post Paid, to Mr. J. MARTIN, Alfriston, will be duly attended to. WANTS a situation as BAILIFF a young man 25 years' of age, who has always been accustomed to farming, and wishes to make himself useful to his employers, and can come well re- commended from his last place Address to J. H. Rose and Crown, Burwash, Sussex, will he duly attended to. WANTED a CARTER. A steady active man who can have " a good recommendation will meet with proper encouragement. None other need apply to Mr. Stepbens, bailiff, Tilgate, near Crawley, Sussex. WANTED, a middle- aged woman, as' COOK and HOUSEKEEPER, and to superintend a Dairy, where an under servant is kept: Likewise a careful steady person in a nursery; a wido . would be preferred. A good character, or the most respectable references as | « character writ be expected. Apply to the Printers of this Paper. WANTED, a situation as BAILIFF, by a middle- aged, married mail, who understands the farming business in all its branches,' is compe- tent, to the sale and purchase of live stock, and can have an undeniable character for honesty, industry, and sobriety. Apply to Mr. LEE, Printing- Office, High- street, Lewes. WANTED by an active single Man, who has been brought up to the farming business from his infancy, a situation as Bailiff. lie is every » ay qualified for such an under- taking, and can have an undeniable character. Apply to Mr. LEE, Printing- office, High- street, LEWES. TO FARMERS AND GRAZIERS.' AQuantity of SOAP ASHES, are now on sale, at the Soap- Manufactory of Johnston, Faroes, and Co. Lewes, at the reduced price of FOUR PENCE per bushel. JUST IMPORTED, BY JOHN KARNES, Cliff, Lewes, a large quantity of WATERFORD BACON and LARD, of the best quality, which he is selling on the most li- beral terms— March 0. lHl- 2. ~ NOTICE TO CREDITORS " A Meeting of the Creditors of John Bean, of Clapham House, near Alfriston, Esq. will be held at the Ram Ion, at West Firle on Wednesday, the 18th instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the pur pose of executing a deed of assignment, and for making inch further arrangements as may be found expedient for tiie sell lenient of his affairs. Lewes, March S, ISl1^. LIME.-- ESTBOURN. T. HURST informs his friends, and. the Public in general, that he has begun to burn Lime for this season on the usual terms. March S, ISl- J. Ringmer, March 8, 1SW. CONTRACT FOR FORAGE. NOTICE is hereby given. That persons who may be desirous to undertake the Supply of FORAGE to the Ordnance Horses, in the SUSSEX DISTRICT' for six months, from the first day of April next, are to send Tenders, sealed up, and endorsed, PROPOSALS FOR THE SUPPLY or FORAGE," addressed to Lieu- enant Colonel COOKSON, commanding Royal Artillery, in the Sussex District on or before the 17th of March inst. The Ration of Forage to contist of lalb. of Hay, mlb. of Oats, and bib. of Straw. • The Tenders must express a price separately for each article of Forage, viz. the Oats at per hundred pound's avoirdupois ; the Hay and Straw per hundred and twelve pounds each. It will be also specified that the Contractor, when re- quired, . shall supply the under- mentioned articles in lieu of Oats, in the following proportions . For every ll>. of Oats, of Barley lib. Ditto, of Malt - Jib. Ditto, of Oatmea lib. Ditto, of Bran - ijlb. And also when demanded Green Forage to hordes in stable-, in lieu of Hay. but in quantity not to exceed the value of the bay allowed' for e a eh horse. The Oats also will not be required to weigh more than : i7il>. | ler bushel; and it is expected the Contractor shall receive the Stable Dung, during the contract, 011 nuking mi allowance for the same, at so ' much per horse, WHEREAS, TWO TAG WETHERS". Saturday,' l- he - Ji'jlii February, it try,, and .0 Wed- nesday night, the 41I1 in t. stalen from the Farm of EWAN LAW, Esq. at Horsted Place, near Uck- field. This is to give notice, GUINEAS, will be given to any person or persons who shall be the means of bringing to justice any of the parties- concerned in the the fl, or who shall have wittingly purchased the stolen sheep. Horsted Place, March 7. isia. WHEREAS, on Sunday night the - J3d Fe- bruary, two WETHER SHEEP were mien out of the fields, called the Wicklands, in the parishes of Firle and Ripe, one a Romney Marsh, the other a South Down, both two years old, and pitchea marked E, in. a square, on the rump, Notice is hereby given, that the sum of TEN GUINEAS will be paid by ' me on conviction, to any one who shall give information of one or mure of the offender-. ' JOHN ELLMAN, Junr. Firle. March 7. I8I3. CROWN INN, LEWES. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, THAT desirable old- accustomed, and commo- drous INN, situate in the centre of the Town of Lewes, and adjoining the Market, with good stabling, and other contiguous buildings. The above Inn has lately been taken down and re- buits, 00 mi improved and extruded plan. For particulars., enntiire of Messrs Langford, Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. LAMBE, At the Pelham Arms Inn, Lewes, the 21st of March, at six o'clock posed of by ' private contract, - AVERY desirable Freehold dwelling House, situated in St. Ann, High- street. in the Borough of Lewes, consisting of a large- Grocer's Shop, an elegant drawing. room, with manogany cupboard, live bed rooms, Kitchen, and wash boose. late In the occupation of Mr. Harmes, grocer. For further particulars apply to Mr. John Winter, builder, St. Ann's Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION," BY T. WHITE, At the Sea- side, Easthourne, on Friday, March 13, ISI< 2, at two o'clock in the afternoon, for the benefit of the Underwriters, rjrHE Anchors, Cables, Sails, and the remain- a. ing part of the materials saved from the wreck of the Ship Henry, ina ions burthen, stranded under Beat by Head, on the 1.5th. l- Vbru. iry, isi->. For farther particulars apply to tin- Auctioneer ; or R. B . Stone, A gent. At the Sea Side Eastbourne, on Friday March 27, 181- 2* ( unless previously, disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given,) for the benefit of the Owner, in sundry lots, ABOUT 30 loads of BEECH PLANK, being part of the Cargo of the Brig Henry, from South, ampton, stranded near Beachey Head, the 15th Febru- ary, 1812. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer ; or R. B. Stone, Agent, Chalk Cliff's, Lime Kilns, & c. at Holywell, Eastbourne. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY. T. WHITE, At the New Inn, South Bourne, on Thursday, the .2( irh. of March, at five o'clock in the afternoon, unless in . the mean tun disposed of by Private. Contract, of which the earliest notice will he given, r| " HE following- DESIRABLE PREMISES, viz. 1 LOT [. A piece of Freehold Land adjoining the Cliff, near Holywell, being, one acre, more or less, called Scabs Acre. LOT II. A piece of Land adjoining the Cliff, containing about half an thereon, where an extensive Inne trade has been carried on. LOT III, A piece of Land, with a good Chalk Pit thereon, let on lease to Mr. James Smith of Cad borough, near The above premises are the property of Mr. Ned Bar- nard, of Herstmonceux of whom particulars may be had and of the Auctioneer, South Bourne. ell slocked with Timber, with immediate pos- session ( if required) situate in West Grinsted and Shipley, within the Rape of Br amber, in Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the White Horse Inn, in Steyning; on Thursday the i> i » t day of May next, ( unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given) A MOST desirable Freeahold Estate, lands and Woodman's comprising a good farm house, with suitable offices,- barns, stables, and other buildings, and about 19^ acres of rich arable, meadowy and pasture land, lying together, in the possession of the proprietor, and in the highest st state of contivation, situate in the p; irishes of West Grinsted and Shipley, adjoining the turnpike road, leading from Worthing to Horsham, and in tbe centre of good markets, being distant about seven miles from Horsham, six from Steyn- ing, and nine from Pulborough. The purchaser may have immediate possession, by taking the ' growing'.- crops,.& c. by valuation, . Mr. Michael Agate, the proprietor, will shew the premises, and further particulars may be had on ap- plication to Messrs. Marshall . and Verrall, . Solicitors Steyning, where a Map of the estate may be Seen. or of Mr. G. PAlmer, ' 6- Doughty- street, London. C V T. N - J.- I ; » \ • t % ( i . Friday, MARCH. 6> » - .. To- day We have not many fresh arrivals of Wheat, nor much of remaining supplies: sales of fine to- lerably brisk, at small advance- Barley in mid- dling supply, and frillyke^ ps'ps-. v\ as like- wise Malt— In Peas and Beans of each desciip inn but little Hnctuation-- There a'e fe » y f, e. h at rivals of Oats, but tolerable quantities on hand, and this article ready sale at a small increase in price. — Flour generally,' named at last quoted prices. Wheat 75*. 104s. 1 iGs. Tick Beans - 4.1s. 54s, Fine ditto l'i'is. 126 » . Onto Fine - ft5s. r. Q}. Rye - - .' 52J. . MS. Oats - 3.1 s. 80s. 38s. 15 n ley - - 60s. 58s. Roland ditto 39s. 40a. Mult - - 84s. 02s. Potatoe ditto lls . 4' 2s. While Peas 78s. 8.5s. Rape seed - Otil. ( 561 Grey Peas - 57s. Fine Flour - 95s. loos. Beans - - 52s. 58s. Seconds - - oys. () js. SMITH FIELD, MARCH 6. This day's market hid a scanty supply of different kinds of cattle: Beef, Mutton, and Veal, were cheaper; Pork is dearer; and the trade in general was some what Hat The sales in the Hay- market were trifling ; Glover has dropped in price; Straw obtained a better price; Hay said at last price.— The under- mentioned prices and numbers are an accurate statement:— Beef 4s. 8d. to ( i<. 4d. [ 11- ad of Cattle, this day Mutton5s. Od to6 . 4d. J Beasts - - - - 79° Lamb Oi. od. to Od. od. ; Sheep - - - 4, Qn » Veal 7s. od to 8s. Od. j Cajves - - - - Ji 0 Pork 6s. ( id. to 7s. od. I I'igs 2t> 0 J-'. %. d £,. s. d. Average. Clover 5 10 O to C) 10 0 £ 0 <• 0 Hay 3 l'i 0 to 3 10 ( 3— 0 0 PRICE of CORN. — Lewes, Saturday, MAR. 7- Red Wheat - - - 6 0 0" to 6 4 l> White ditto - • - 0 4 0 to 0 8 O Oats - - - 1 .19 e to a 0 a BANKRUPTS. Matthew Conner, Liverpool, trunk maker — William Wright, Tewkesbury, linen draper — An- thony Pindar, Bexhill, Sussex, shopkeeper.-; William Thorp, Maiden- lane, London, ribbon manufacturer— Elizabeth Hillman, Clutton, So- merset, baker— Thomas Smith Adminton. Glou- cester, dealer and chapman- Robert Brook Al- mondbury, York, joiner Benjamin Preece, Grafton- street, Soho, baherdaslier.— James Tan ling, West- Smithfield, hay- salesman — John Geo Tretkens, Throgmornon- street, merchant— George Payne, Piccadilly, hosier and glover- John Glo- ver, St. Mary- at- Hill, London, builder.— Joseph Cockell, Rachiffer Highway, haberdasher.- Willi- am Pym Needham, Louth, Lincoin, merchant. Uriah Muncton, Curry- Rivel, Somerset, baker — John Shelton Mitcham, Surrey, mealman.— Wil- liam Woodman, Bartholomey Close, drug grinder. — Joseph Jacobs, Wapping, Middlesex, dealer and chapman— Thomas Gould, Ouery St. Mary, He- ron. dialer and chapman. Richard Harrison, Manchester, lime- dealer.— Joseph Hepple, New- castle, upon Tyne, merchant. Thomas Dixon, Sandwich, Kent, ironmonger.— 1 I,.. mas Hampton, and Edward Hooper, Rhayader, Radnor, bankers. LONDON ( SUNDAY) Mr. Perceval on Friday night, in the Commons, gave notice of a motion, for a Call of the House, on the 13th <> l' April, the day fixed by Mr. Grat- tan for the Catholic Question. It was reported last night that an immediate dis- solution of Parliament is in contemplation.— The object of Ministers in this measure is sup- posed to be to get rid of the ( Catholic question. We understand it has been finally settled that Lord Melville is to he First Lord of the Admiralty. One of the most daring robberies was committed at Reading, oil Monday, that we ever beard of.— The Jurges entered the town for the purpose of holding the Assize, Mr. Serjeant Marshal officiated as Judge for Mr. Justice Lawrence. When com- ing out of chinch, in grand procession, the Ser- jeant Judge in his robes, was hustled and robbed of his gold watch and seals. We have often heard of robbing a chinch, but to rob a Judge at an Assize, is a new sign of the times. We ace sorry to have to mention a, murder of a very aggrivated and diabolical nature, which was committed at Dublin 011 Sunday se'nnight. Thus, fawlew,. a blacksmith, went into the workshop of one Lagan, and, taking a small in on poker , he every deliberately made it red hot in. the furnace, and rushing up stalls to Fagan, thrust it burning into his mouth and throat, and then struck, him with it across the face. The whole was done before the astonishment of. the persons in the room could allow them to make the smallest resistance. Lagan in the utmost agony," rushed down stairs to the. street, where unable to move blither, he fell upon knees, and exclaimed, " Minder !" He was taken towards Meath street Hospital, but had expired before he could be brought, within the building. LEWES, MARCH 9, 1812.. The Commission of Assize for this county, will be opened, as appears by the Sheriff's advertisement, in the front of th'( 3 paper, on Monday, the 23d instant, ut ten o'clock _ in the forenoon, at Horsham; immediately after which, the Judges will proceed to. business. . Their Lordships will be met and accompani- ed to Horsham by the Sheriff, about six o'clock in the evening of Sunday the 22d. On the Crown Side at the above Assizes, there are, at present, twenty- two prisoners for i. iul, on charges of the following offence*, viz. 3" for burglaries; 6 for stealing from dwelling- houses; i> for highway robberies; J for a rape; 1 for an assault, with intent to commit a ra;, e ; > for horse- stealing; I tor uttering a forged 7mte, knowing it to be forged ; 1 under Lord Ellen borough's Act, for wilfully shooting and maiming-; 1 for stealing a boat; one for con- spiring, with others, to conceal the birth of a bastard child, with intent to destroy such child; 1 for a riot and rescuing an impressed man ; I for stealing from a person in a dwelling: ho use ; and one for fow1- stealing.—' There are also two road indictments and ah indictment against certain officers for a riot at Arundel, traversed from our former Assises, standing for trial in the Crown Court. in the Nisi Prius Court, we are well inform- ed, there is a prospect of business amply suffi- cient to verify an observation, made a year or two since, by a facetious gentleman of the long robe, that " Sussex was a rapidly improving' county 1 " At the above Assizes, also, there will be a gene- ral meeting of the Commissioners of the Land- Tax, for the purpose of filling up vacancies in the Property- Tax Commissioners. At the. above Assizes, the High Sheriff will, we understand, lay before the Magistracy of the county, the memorial lately forwarded to him from the debtors iu the county gaol; which Magistrates, so assembled, with the Sheriff, have the power to make such alterations in the rules, or in the gaol itself, at the expence of the: county, as they shall judge proper.—• But the Sheriff, although he dept.. » s 110 pow- er, has not the power of ordering alterations in the gaol, which is the King's, and is re- gulated by his justices; and to this end, in- specting Magistrates have been appointed under the authority of the 31st. Geo, 111. . who should ' visit, superintend, and. regulate the gaol; and redress grievances, if they find any. Nor is the gaoler's management governed by the ca- price of a Sheriff, but by rules and regulati- ons made by the Justices in Sessions,., under the authority of the 14th Qeo. III For these reasons, - and because by tiie division of the county, th>: Magistrates of the western and eastern divisions do not meet but at the As- sizes, wherb they form the Grand Jury, the Sheriff has very properly said, lie . will lay the memorial presented to hirn from tiie prisoners, before those gentlemen, that if there be foun- dation for the complaints, or any of them, they may be known to those, who, with himself, have |. iower to redress them. On the two principal divisions iu the House of Commons, during the last week, the follow- ing Gentlemen, representing boroughs in this county, voted in the minorities, viz. For Sir Thomas Turton's motion on the State of the Nation :— Abercrombie, Hon. Jin. Midhurst. Canning, Right Hoa. Geo. Hastings. Ellis. C. R. E. Grinsted. Hibbert, G. —:— Seaford. Leach. 1 Ditto. Kemp, T . R. .——. — 1— Lewes. Lloyd, Piggott, Sir A. ARUNDEL. Mosely, Sir O. — Winchelsea. For Mr. Brougham's Motion on Orders of Council :— Abercrombie, Hon. Jas. Midhurst Caiinni^, Right Hon Geo. Hastings, Ells, Hibbert, Leach, J. Kemp, T. R—— Lewes. Lford, Hurst. R. Ditto. Piggart, Last - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 3/ tii Infantry, only () 30 strong, command- ed by Lieut.- Col. James, marched into- this town, iu three divisions; on their route from Hastings to Portsmouth, there to. embark for Gibraltar, where it is expected they will remain until they have been recruited from this country, when they to are proceed 011 to Spain, or Portu- gal. The soldiers of the 42.1 Regiment stationed in our barracks, have very [ audibly instituted amongst themselves, an Amicable Society, to which every member subscribes sixpence per month, for the establishment of a fund, to be applied, under salutary regulations, as circum- stances may require. The subscription ' is to accumulate, untouched, for twelve months, af- ter which its bene.', ts are to be dispensed, and will, no doubt, lie comfortably felt, especially by wives and children, who are left to starve at home, while their husbands and fathers are abroad fighting the battles of their country. This noble example of the Royal Highlanders, is well worthy the imitation of other regiments. In a former paper we stated, that the in- keepers and publicans of this county, were about to petition - Parliament, . for an augmen- tation of allowance for the diet of soldiers billeted 011 them upon the march, than which, certainly, nothing can be more reasonable, as under the present War- Office regulations, these useful people suffer very heavy aud serious losses.— The petition, we understand, is stiil going on, aid making its progress to the House ; but we are persuaded, if it had been on the table, before the committal of the new Mutiny Bill, 0: 1 Friday last, its merits would have been more fully, if not 111 ore effectually argued. We hope,' however, that the delay will be no bar to their relief. The inhabitants of the Cliffe, unlike the hired watch of the Borough, very properly, go more effectually to work, by patrolling their streets, in rotation, themselves, which can be no. great individual hardship, 11s ' tlipir turns do not come round more than' once in five weeks. A few days since a seizure was made by Mr. Stock, a Custom- house Officer, of 100 guineas, found concealed in the windless bits, on board a smack, at Newhaven. A prosecution, we un- derstand, has been commenced in the Exche- quer, for condemnation of both guineas and vessel. About 1700 quarters of corn, chiefly wheat and. barley, and about 700 chaldrons of coals, were brought into Newhaven, in the course of last week, to the great relief of a number of labouring men at that port, who were before experiencing great difficulties for want of em- ploy, the trade having been unusually dull for upwards of two months preceding. The coals, we are happy to hear, owing, to a reduced consumption, from the mildness of the winter and the non- occupancy of tiie neigh- bouring barracks, sold cheap, compared with the extravgant prices they have fetched for a, long time past. They were delivered from the ships at 34s. and 35s. per chaldron. The masts of a large vessel, supposed to have recently foundered, are clearly, perceptible in calm weather, at low- water, about 12 miles off, from Eastbourne, on a part called the Hoste. The ton of the main- mast is, at times, six or seven feet out of water, but nothing has yet been discovered by which her name, or even her country, can be ascertained. The price of soap, in the London, Market, experienced last week a rise of 4s. per cwt. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. ANHOLT MAILS. GOTTENRRUGH, FEB, 7. LETTERS from Stockholm speak of war bc- twren litis country and France as very proba- ble. Tliev state that Government only waits the answer to tbe dispatches sent by coiiricrs to London and Paris, to determine whit measures shall lie adopted in consequence of the French irruption ino Swedish Pomerania ; and it is further said that Government has declared thai, after this violation 011 the pari of the French, it considers all engage- ments with them at an end, and no longer bound to shut their ports against England. It is reported that the French have seized 10 or 12 Swedish vessels in Dantzic, and that it is their intention to occupy all the Prussian coast as far as Memel. General Paron, Commandant of the Swed- ish troops in Pomerania, has been ordered into ar- rest, anil is to proceed to Stockholm, to account for not having opposed the entrance of the French at Stralsund and Rugen. FEB. 17- On the night of the 10th inst. a lugger, carry- ing one lS- pounder, twelve swivels, and 33 men, with four boats, carrying 11 men each., command- ed bv Lieut. Faibi, sailed from Flastrand, for the purpose of cutting out the Earl of Leicester and Lord Duncan packets, from Wargo; but were fm innately prevented entering that haibour by tempestuous weather. ' The Danes are said to be meditating an attack Upon Anholt. The Prussian troops are to be immediately placed Upon the war establishment. FED. 24. General Peron, who was ordeied to Stockholm, to take his trial for not defending Stralsund, is supposed to be on his way to Paris. The Swedish Government has published that the Frenfh entered Stralsund in a fiiendlv manner. Biron, Swedish Resident at Hamburgh, has been ordered away, and is at Altona, on his way home. / V letter has to- day been icceived here, positively stating, that war had been declaied by France a gainst Russia. STOCKHOLM, Ft B 14. The Diet of Sweden is to meet on the 4th April in consequence of an order issued by his Majesty < m tin? 23d ult. This is an extraordinary Diet, as the laws of Sweden only allow of the Assembly once in three year?. His Royal Majesty's Proclamation, in confirma- tion of the nomination* made for filling of place and stations, liv his Royal Highness the Crown Prince. dated Stockholm, Jan. 7. 1812:— •" We, Charles, bv the grace of God, King of Sweden, and of the Goths and Vandals, & c. & c. Heir to Norway, Duke of Selswick, Holstein, & c. " Do hereby make known, that it is our gracious will and pleasure lieiewith to confirm all the Minis- ters to vacant engagements, or to such new ones as have been deemed necessary to be made, and which are confirmed by our dcailv beloved Son, the Crown Prince, during his management of th af- f. iirs of the kingdom, in a constitutional manner, ami according io law, whereto every one whom it mav concern is to conform himself. " In further testimony wheieof, we have signed these presents under our own hand, and thereunto attached our seal. ( Signed) ( LS) " CARL. ( Countersigned) " G. DE WITTERSTED. " Stockholm Palace, Jan. 7, 1812." SICILY. PALERMO BAY, JAN. 28. Since the appointment of Lord Wm. Bentinck a « Captain- General of the troops in the Island, Major- General M'Fnrlane has been appointed to command at this place The Queen has been in a Sid rage at the fugitive Princes returning.— Theie were more than 200 carliagei went out of Palermo, on the Montreal, to meet Prince Belmonte and the rest of the Princes, who have not, however, an ived owing to the badness of the weather, as yesterday we had a dreadful gale of wind, when the Chat- ham transport went ashore, with an ordnance store ship, and both were lost. The Empemr gun- brig cut away her masts. The Milford and other ships in the bay of Naples, and the Espoir from ., ', — with the Prince de Achi — The Swallow waff chased bv a French frigate, which the Mene- laus, Sir Peter Parker, went in chase of.— Lord Win. Bentinck was to have gone to Messina, this week in the Milford, to inspect the troops, & c. but the Sicilians weie in such aarin and ferment, lest thev should, from the want " of his presence, fall a sacrifice to the rage of the Queen and her Neapolitans, that his Lordship gave up his inten- tions for the present. Had not the matters in dis- pute been adjusted, the massacre would have been dreadful, from the animosity the Sicilians bear to the Queen and her party. Lord Wm. Bentinck is held in the highest estimation for his firm and ju- dicious conduct in this business. The increased duties « n our merchants' goods are already taken off. The Herald takes home Mr. Douglas, late Se- cretary of Legation, with dispatches. PARIS PAPERS. PARTS. FEB. 23. Peniscola, 13 lfagpes from Tortosa, has just sub- mitted to Marshal Suchet. This fortress. situated upon the borders of the sea, by which it is almost surrounded, upon an extremely elevated point of land, is between Tortosa and Valencia, and very difficult of access. Marshal Suchet contented bim- ttlf with watching it, ' during his operations against Blake's army. After the surrender of Valencia, lie commenced the seige of it, which presented new obstacles for the engineers to surmount, and fresh glory to be acquired. There now remains oo place to be subdued from Tortosa to Alicaut, which the Duke of Albufera is preparing to hese'. ge in form ; his army is already in motion, and will soon be under the walls of that place, to which the » n » ck of Blake's army has re- tired. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY, MARCH 2. The Exchequer Bills' Funding Bill was read a third time and passed. FRAME BREAKING PREVENTION BILL. The House went into a Committee, on the above Bill. Lord Grenville proposed, as an amendment, that the offence of tumultuously assembling, or unlaw- fully conspiring, should be held necessary to con- stitute the capital offence. Lord Eldon opposed the amendment, and spoke generally in favor of the measure of the Criminal Code, and the manner of its adin nistration. Lord Holland was in favour of the amendment, as tending to do away the too great discretionary power vested by that Act in theJudges, or in the last resort, in ihe executive power. He thought the present clause a great deal too loose. The atnendnicnt was nejalivfed without s division, t Lord Grenville proposed the same amendtnen ih the next clause, but it was also negatived. Earl Grosvenor proposed as an amendment, that the attempt to break frames, & c. should be considered as a misdemeanor, instead of a felony. This amendment was adopted. • Lord Grenville objected to the clause for com- pelling people, at whose houses frames were broker! lo give information to the Magistrates ih the forty- eight hours. He thought sufficient regard was not paid to the situation of the people in many circum- stances, and to ( heir disiaice from Magistrates. He proposed, by way of amendment, lo insert in the clause the words, " without reasonable cause." After some observations from the Earl of Liver- pool and Loid Heathfield, the Amendment was adopted. Theothier clauses then went through the Com- mittee, and were agreed to. The House resumed, and the report was ordeied to be taken into con- sideration to- morrow. Adjourned. TUESDAY, MARCH 3. The Report of the Frame- breaking Prevention Bill was taken into consideration. Agreed to, and the third reading ordeied for Friday next. Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY, MARCH 2. CATHOLIC PETITION. General Mathew presented a Petition from the Catholics of the county of Tipperary, praying for a lepeal of the disabilities under which they la- boured.— Ordered lo lie on the table. MR. WALSH. Mr. Banks moved the leading of the Order of 1 lie Day for the attendance of Mr. Walsh in his place. The Speaker— Serjeant, see if the Messenger of the House be ready to prove the service of the Or- der on Mr. Walsh. The Messenger appeared at the Bar. The Speaker — Mr. Thomas Skelton, have Vou served the Order of the House on Mr. Walsh, re- quiring his attendance on this day >— A. Yes, Sir The Speaker— On whom did you serve the Or- der ?— A. On Mr. Walsh IlimseK. The Messenger then withdrew. The Speaker then said, that the Serjeant had in- formed him that some inedical person was in at- tendance for , the puipose of giving evidence rela- tive to the non atlendanre of Mr. Walsh. Dr. C. Reynolds was then called in, and stated, that he was acquainted with Mr. Walsh, a Mem- ber of that House; he had attended him in his me- dical capacity; he had been requested to attend him on Saturday last; he had been some veais ago in the habit of attending him ; he had last seen him two hours ago; he conceived the state of his mind such as to incapacitate him from his atlend- aiire in his place on this day. In answer to some questions from Mr. Bragge Bathurst, he said, that as well as lfe could judge lie might in a short time be able lo attend; pro- bably in a fortnight; in that time he might be suf- ficiently tranquillized to appear in his place. Mr. Lockhart asked, whether the state in which Mr. Walsh. was, arose fiom the circumstance of his being ordeied to atlend his duty in tl'. e House. Dr. Reynolds answered, that he was so agitated in consequence as to be almost incapable of speak- ing. Question by Mr. Banks. Was Saturday the fust day of your attendance on Mr. Walsh within anv time?— A. Yes. Question bv Mr. C. Adams. . Can you produce the letter written to you bv Mr. Walsh, desiring your attendance ?— A. I have the letter at home, and have no objection to pro- duce it. Dr. Reynolds was then ordered ( o withdraw. The Speaker—" I have now to inform the House that I have received a fuithcr letter from Mr. Walsh, stating, that though he was notable to at- tend in his place this day, in consequence of indis- position, he desired that no further delay should take placein their proceedings with respect to him; but that lie hoped all objection was now removed to the reading of the two former letters which he had addiessed to me." Mr. Banks said, that it appeared to him to lie quite contrary to the practice of the House, to per- mit Mr. Walsh to do when absent what he was de- clared to be unable to do iu their presence. He had no desire of pressing the business fitilher limn the honor of the House lequired ; but whether the business took place to- day, or was deferred to some further time, he was determined to persevere in that line which a sense of duty pointed out. The Chancellor of the Exchequer thought that it was almost incumbent on the House to act on the evidence of the Medical Gentleman who had ap- peared at the bar. He hoped, therefore, that the Hon. Gentleman would move an adjournment of the further proceedings in this case, over the period named by the Medical Gentleman, as that which was likely to be the term of Mr. Walsh's indispo- sition, or incapacity to attend. Mr. Banks then agreed that the Order for Mr. Walsh's attendance should be renewed for that day fortnight. Mr. W. Wynne expressed his approbation of. the proposed postponement of the question, as he con- ceived it to be a subject on which the House should proceed with great cru'ion. The question was then put, " That Mr. Walsh he ordeied to attend in his place an this day fort- night;" which was agreed to. NOTTINGHAM WATCH AND WARD BILL. Oil the motion of Mr. Secretary Ryder, this Bill was read a third time, after the introduction ol some uew clauses, by way of riders. LOCAL MILITIA BILL. The House went into a Committee on the Local Militia Bills. The clauses postponed were agreed to, wiihsorr. e verbal amendments ; two new clauses were introduced, and read a first and second time. The House resumed, the Report was brought up, and ordered 10 be taken into further consideration on Thursday next. The Bill as amended, was then ordered to be printed COMMITTEE OF SUPPLY. The House formed into a Committee of Supply, and the Sum of 125,0001. was granted to his Ma- jesty to complete the Military College o; Sand- hurst, The remaining Orders of the Day were than dis- posed of, and tiie House adjourned. TUESDAY, MARCH 3. FOREIGNERS IN THE ARMY. Lord Folkstone gave notice that he would, on Tuesday next, move for certain papers relative to the Foreigners employed in the British Army. HIS MAJESTY'S PERSONAL PROPERTY. The Noble Lord being on his legs, wished to ask a question of the Right Hon. Gentleman opposite. He was desirous of being informed if the Commis- sioners to be intilisted with the management of his Majesty's personal property, as empowered by Parliament, had been appointed— and, if so, was the Right Hon. Gentleman willing to declare their istnci ? Me was indilfced ( oask this question, from j laving heatd that one of them was a Foreigner. The Chancellor of the Exchequer replied, it was i pointed question. He had, however, no hesita- tion in answering, that the Commissioners had been ippointed, and were Mr. Simeon, ( the Master in Chancery), Col. Taylor, and Count Munster, who was a foreigner. MR. WALSH. The Speaker said, it was his dtlty to acquaint the House that he had this day received a letter from Mr. Walsh, stating that lie was able to attend in his place, and expressing his desire for an eailv decision of the question respecting him ; theeailier the better, as if the matter was postponed for a fortnight, he would not be so likely to be able to cottie to the House. Having stated this to the House, it was for them to deal with the matter at their pleasuie. Mr. Banks moved, " That the Order of the Day for the attendance of Mr. Walsh on Monday week should be discharged ;" which being done, he moved That a similar order for Thursday should be made."— Agreed to. THE ORDERS IN COUNCIL. Mr. Brougham rose to call the attention of the House to the subject of the Orders in Council, and after a most argumentative speech, moved— " That a Select Committee be appointed to en- quire into the state of the Manufactures and Com- merce of the Country, as affected by the Orders of Council and the License Trade " This ptodtlced an animated debate, which' conti nued till Five o'Clock the following morning, when the House divided, and there appeared— For the Motion ----- 144 Against it t 2lG Majority - - - 72 LIST OF THE MINORITY On Sir Thomas Turton's Motion for an Inquity into the State of the Nation. Abererombi Grenfell, P. Neville, Hon. N. Hon. J. Grenville, LordG. North, D. Adair, R. Guise, Sir W. Orde, W. Althorpe, I. ord Gower, l. ord Osborne. Lord F. Anson, Gen. Gower, Ld. G. L, Ossulstone, l. ord Aubrey. Sir J. Halsey, Jos. Parnell, H. Anbyn, Sir . J. St.' Hamition, Ld. A. Pelham, Hon. G. Baker, . John Haubury. Wm. Piggott, Sir A. Biuning, lord Herbert, Hon. W. , Prendergast, M. Baring, Sir T. Hibbert. G Priufe, Hon. F A. Baring, A. Hippisley, Sir J. Polliugton, Lord Beunett, R. H. A. Ro- vard. Hon. W. ponsonby, H. G. Bennett. Hon. Howard Hen, Ponsonby, Hn. I . Barnard, S. Howarth, H Power. R. Biddulph. R. M. Homer, F. Pym, F. Blatchlord, B. P. Huichiuson, Hn. Ridley, Sir M. W. Brougham, H. C. H Romilly, Sir S. Brown, A. Huskinson, W. Simpson, Hon. J. Brown . Hon. D. Hussey, T. Sharp. R. Burdett. Sir F. Ingilby, Sir'W. Smith, Wm. Busk, W. Jackson, John Smith, J. Byne. G. Jolliff'e, H. Smith, J. Calvert, J. Kemp, T. R. Smith, S, Cavendish, H. Knight R. Smith, A. Cunning Rt. Hon. Knox, Hon. J. Stanley. I. ord Coke, T. W. Lamb, Hon. W. Scudamore. R. P. Colborue N. W. R. Latouche, R. Tarlton, Gen. Combe. H. C Lemon, Sir W. Tuvistock. Lord Cuthbert, J. R. Lemon, J. Tracy, C. H. Dent J. Lemon, C. Taylor, M. A. Dickinson, W. l. eech, J. Tieruey, Right Dillon, Hon. H. Lloyd, J. M. Hon G. Duncaum n, Vi-. Littleton. Hon H Tighe, W. Dundas, Hon, C. Macdonald, J. Tentple, Eurl Eden, Hon, G. Madock-, W. A. Templeton, Lord Ellts, C. R Mathew, Hon. M Turton, Sir T. Fergnson. Gen Mlati ;, H. Walpole, Hon. G. Fitzroy, Lord W, Mills, W. Ward, Hon. J. W. Filzpatrick, R0. Milton, Lord Western, C. F tzgerald, Ld. H Moore P. Whitbread, S. Frankland, W. Morphet, Lord Wilnington, Sir T Frncmantle, W. Morris, U. Wilkins-, W. Foley, T. Mosley, Sir G. Williams, O. Folkestone, Vise. Myers, Sir G. Wynne, C. W. W. Grattan. Rt. Hon. Myers. J. Wynne, C. W. Giles, D. Montgomery, Wrottesley, H. Greenhill, R. Sir H. Vernon, G. G. V. Greenough, G. B LORD SOMERVlLDE.' s SPRING SHEW OF CATTLE. FIRST DAY. On Monday Mr. Sadler's yard, in Goswell street, was very crowded dining most of the day with Agriculturists and otheis, whom curiosity attract- ed to see the very fine shew of cattle, sheep, and pins, and the new implements exhibited. Lord Somerville exhibited a pair of 8- vear old Devon oxen, working together in a yoke 86 days, and had. since fat. travelled 21 miles to the shew. The Duke of Bedford, a pair of 0- year old He- reford oxen, worked 112 days on his park farm, travelled 42 miles. The Earl of Macclesfield, a pair of Devon oxen, worked 71 days by him, travelled 45 miles. The Duke of Bedford, a 4 year old mixed- bred Devon and Scotch steer, fed on hay and Swede turnips. The Earl of Essex, a 7- year old cow, fed on hay and oil- cake. SECOND DAY. Yesterday Lord Somerville's Shew of Cattle and implements, was not bss numerously or respectably attended, than on the former day. Lord Somerville, with his wonted liberality and attention to the information of the candidate's and the company, caused copies of his instructions to die Judges of his Shew to be s'uck up in the yard, the substance of which was, that the Judges, for awarding his premiums, are not to consider FAT- NESS alone, hut also to'consider WORK, and the STORESTATE of oxen ; the KEEP and quality of WOOL, as well as state of flesh, in sheep. MONTHLY AGRICULTURAL REPORT. The continuance of heavy rains through the month, with the unusual mildness of the weather, has proved injuiious to the young Wheats, by forcing lliem much beyond their seasonable growth. The early Beans have suffered, by rotting in the ground, and the general sowing is much retarded from the same cause.— A considerable breadth of Oats have been got in upon lays in the eastern counties ; but the fallowed lands, in almost every district, are found too wet to stir for Barley. In- deed most of the preparatory operations for spring cultivation have necessarily been suspended, fiom the ungenial weather which has prevailed through the winter.— The young plants of ( lover are gene- rally good ; and the Rye and Winter Tare plants shew well for spring feed.— The Turnips, in mosl counties, are running prematurely for bloom.— Tin Haymarkets are lower, from the openness of lh< season.— Considerable droves of Beasts, principally Scots and Irish, are coming 011 Epping Forest, am have hitherto been sold at high prices.— Store Sheep are somewhat cheaper.— The Wool trad' has become a little brisker, owing to Merino fleece selling pretty fieefy foe 4s. Od. and fine South Down at 2s. per pound. NOTTINGHAM, MARCH 2. This town yesterday ( Sunday) presented a novel appearance. The military quartered here attended divine service with fixed bayonets. An opinion pre- vailing among the Constituted Authorities, that an attempt was to be made upon the county prison for the liberation of the numerous peisons confined there on suspicion of being one way or the other concerned in the breaking of frames; a guard of twelve soldiers is therefore placed at the prison, to prevent any surprise. A11 express arrived last night, for as many of the hussars as could be spared, to proceed without delay to Sheffield, the soldiers being drawn from thence to Huddersfield, & c. where we understand, serious riots continue ; ac- cordingly a party proceeded for that place at three o'clock this morning. To day the whole of the troops in this town atid neighbourhood were re- viewed by General Hawker ; and with two pieces of artillery belonging to the Royal Bucks, the whole piesented a martial and imposing appear- all ce. WAKEFIELD, Feb. 26. Ten o'clock at night— The cloth- dressers in this neighbotnhood are very tumultuous. On Monday they destroyed all the machinery used in the shear- ing of cloth at Huddersfield and the neighbour- hood. The Scotch Greys proceeded from Leeds to that place on Monday ; but such serious apprehen- sions were entertained at Leeds, that the Queen's Bays were sent fiom Wakefield on Wednesday morning, and were ordered to make all possible haste. The Royal Wakefield Volunteers also te- ceived orders to hold themselves in readiness at a moment's notice, and every man lias been provid- ed with ten rounds of lull- crirt ridges ; they are ex- pected to march for Hudderstield before morning, for the rioting still continue*. -- » 1 ' 1,— PRESERVATION OF GAME. Tuesday se'nnight, a Gentleman of landed pro- perty, near Norwich, sent 70 guns into one of his woods, when 30 brace of hares and 100 couple of rabbits were killed and carried away in three carts. He estimates the damage done to the fell, in that single wood, bv the game within the last year, at 3001. QUERY— What is the estimate of damage done to the fain ers, whose lands adjoin and sur- round the wood ? THE ARMY. Extract sf a General Order, dated Horse Guards, January IH. ISI- 2. " It is the Commander- in Chief'.- pleasure, that the Confidential Reports shall hereafter specify wli. it ha- been the aiiendanee of the Chaplain, or Officiating Chaplain, at the Regimental and other Hospitals of each . Station nnJ Distract , wliat lias been ihe accom- modation lor each corps for attending Divine Serviee ; and wl-. eiber Divine Service li- as, or ha. not- been reeu- liirly performed 011 each Sunday- and d. ulv attended by all the ( Ifiieers, Noti- eoniiiiiS. ioiied Officers, and Soldiers of the reffirneot. " If there hai been any omission in Ihe performance of this du v, hi- Royal Highness requires ihe omission to be - pei ified. " The Certificate required from the Officiating; Chap lain ( lo the letter and npirit of which the Commander- jn- Chief enjoin- the siriete « t conformity) is to - peeify, that in addition to the usual duly of Sunday, he lias vi. sited ll'ie siek twice ill the week ; there to; 1. v. however, be ea- es in ithi'di, from ea- u lilies and oilier circum- stances, swne deviation may become unavoidable ; in such in- tauees the nmi- sioti must be entered, both with their dale- and causes on ihe buck of the certificate. If the General of the Brigade has reason to dissaii- fie l wiih the Conduct or character of the Officiating Chap- lain, lie will report the same to the Chaplain General." 1 ROMAN ANTIQUITIES; Some valuable Roman Antiquities bare lately been discovered by Mr. Noble, farmer of the around, ( while clearing away the stones of ihe east side for building) at Plumpton, a village between Penrnh and Carlisle— distant from the former place about five miles. This v. lhiye isnitnaied near Roman . station, called Old Penrith, by llie country people ; BREMETEN ACRUM, by Horsley ; and by Camden, PETRIANA.— The antiquities* cousi- i of a considerable uomber , if silver and hr; ns coin-, some of them iu good p escrvafton * several piece.- of bra—, which appear to have been appendages tG the handle of a sword ; aifd part of a lamp of bronze, or some similar metal, fa- hioncd iu the shape of a bird, of very fine workmanship. The belly is wanting ; iu other re- peels it has received no injury from the corroding tooth of time— Mr. Noble, we are glad to learn, is indefatigable iu his endeavour- lo recover more monuments of former times, in his pursuits, he has cleared away the stones and rubbish from the whole of the e tstern side, 133 yards long, to the very found- lion of the wall, which i. three courses iu height, quite entire, and ct excellent masonry ; in the centre ia a large gateway. Within the area of ihe fori, which contains three acre-, the foun- dation- of regularstreels of houses are very diseernnlile. Wc understand that Mr. Noble's landlord lias given liini liberty to improve the ground us lie pleases. We can- not doubt, then, that ihe whole station will be speedily cleared out, MEL. ANCHOLY CATASTROPHE. When tbe Bath coach, uhidi left town on Tuesday night, arrived at Chippenham on the succeeding morn- ing, the people of the inn were surprised at seeing three outside passengers lying iu ti st. ue of insensibility, hut their surprise was convened into horror, when they perceived, on a nearer approach, that vitality had been actually extinct in tt » n of them for some time, the bo dies being perfectly cold, I be third, a soldier, h id some faint signs of animation left, and the persevering and aetiie humanity of the spectators, aidetl by medical skill, for a time flattered their anxious wishes with a pro- pcct of permanent success—.. is the latent spark of life was so far rekindled that he took some refreshment and was put to bed; but nature was loo far exhati- ted to render these hone* of any long duration, and he ex- pired the following morning. From some papers found iu ihe pocket- of one of ( hem, he proved to be a jnur- neyman pewterer, from Loudon, who being afilicted with a contraction in hi- wrists, bad obtained an order for admission into the Bath Hospital, for ihe benefit ol the waters, and was goititf down for that pnrpose. Our readers will recoiled, that on that fatal night it rained both violently and incessantly, and to the cold, added to the drenched state of their garments, ihe fatal catas- trophe was doubtless owiiig. We must add, to the ere dit of the place, that the biWies were decently inter- red, attended to ihe grave by nearly the whole ( if the inhabitants; and that to the widow of the pewierer, Ihe only one whose relatives were known, they behaved • vith the kindest attention, and administered every con- solation her unfortunate situation would admit. We are credibly informed, that it is in contem- plation of many Members of both Houses of Par liament, lo procuie a general bill of inelostire, of commons, [ or commonable lands, in the kingdom and thereby prevent the great pxpence now at- tendant upon private inclosure bills. A singular act of bravery was displayed a few days since at Plymouth, by a Mr. Holmes, mid- shipman of the Diana frigate. During a heavy gale, being ordered to strike their yards, a seamen aloft lost his hold, and fell ovei board; Mr. Holmes spiting over after him, and secured the man with a rope almost before he had drifted a stern of the ship. - Mr. Holmes has twice exhibited similar gallantry, and has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant for his spirited services. MARKETS: CORN EXCHANGE. MONDAY, MAUCH 2, 18l£. The arrivals of Wheat for this day's Market were inconsiderable, and prices since the close of last Monday have been gradually on the advance, and tlut to the extent of rendering the sales of fine runs as high as 126s. per quarter, and these, indepen- dent of a few curious select samples, which evetl obtained still more money— Flower at length fetches, without question, 100s. per sack.— Barley was here a pretty fair supply, but with neither briskness in sale or improvement ih ptice.—. Malt and White Pease, each acquired rather better terms than on this day se'nnight.— Grey Pease and Beans of their several kinds gave way a trifle.— We have had some additional arrivals of Oats, end tbese sold to- day upon the tctms last reported. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 70s. 90s. 105*. Beans 50s. ." K*?. Fine ditto HOs. l25s. Tick ditto 44s. 52s. Rye ( new) 48s. 55 « . Oats 28s. 83s 37s. Barley 4fis. 55s Poland ditto SSs. 40s. Malt 8- is. 90s. Potatoe ditto — s. 42s. White Pease \ Rape Seed 541.661. ( boilers) J78S. his. | r;„ e [ r[( Uir ,,) 0s Grey Pease 52s. 60s. Seconds 90s. 9JS PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover( n.) 60s. Od. to 130s. Od. per cwt. Old ditto S'Os. od. to 105s. Od. ditto White ditto 70s. Oil. to 147s. Od. ditto Trefoil 10s. ( id. to 70s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 30s. od to 50s. Od. per quartet Turnip Ms. Od. to 25s. Od. per bushel Red & Green Ms. Od. to 2"> s. Od. ditto W. Must. S. loj. od. to 14s. Od. per bushel Brown ditto 18s Od. to 22s. od. diito Carraway Seeds - - 65s 70s. ditto Coriander Seeds - - Sis 40s. ditto Cinque Foin i - - 4 .9. S4s. per quarter Canary - - 74s. 78s. ditto. Oil Cake, at the Mill, ,£ 17 17s. per thousand. PRICE OF BREAD. ' Iis Lordship ordered the price of Bread to he continued at l6} d. the quartern loaf, wheateh. CALCULATION S. D. Sack of Flour - - 91 2j Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 108 2i Eighty Quartern Loaves at lojd. 108 4 In favor of the Baker • • O OJ PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. £ s- £ s. £ s. £ s. Kent 3 3 to 6 0 Kent 4 4 to 7 7 Sussex 3 <> to 4 | o Sussex 3 10 to 6 o Essex 4 10 to 5 12 Farnham 0 0 to 10 0 Yeail vB°:: s BAGS Pock 1808 1808 Bags Pock V-.. J 0 to 0 0 0 0 to o Old Hop Duty, laid at £ SMITH FIELD- MARKET, MARCA 2. This day's market was well supplied with prime Beasts, and the show of Cattle in general was con- siderable Beef, Mutton, and Veal was dearer; Pork is cheaper; and the trade for the most part was middling. The sales in the Haymarket were somewhat lively. Hay and Clover have got u|> in piice — We subjoin an accurate statement of the prices and numbers. To siuk the offal, per stone of 8lb. s d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day Beef 4 8 to 6 4 1 Beasts - - 22( 12 Mutton 5 4 to 6 4 I Sheep & Lambs 11,910 Lamb o 0 to o 0 Calves - - ,811 Veal 6 o to 8 o Pigs - - 3(< 0 Pork 5 4 to 6 8 NEWGATE AN> LEADENHALL MARKETS. ( By the Carcass) s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Beef 4 0 to 5 4- 1 Pork 5 4 to 6 s Mutton 4 8 to 5 6 | Veal 5 0 to 7 8 " PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. ST. JAMES'S. £ s. d. £ s. d. Average. Hay 3 10 o tto Straw - 2 18 0 to 3 0 0— 3 2 0 WHITECHAPEL. Hay 4 4 0 to 6 6 0— 5 5 0 Clover 6 fi 0 - to 7 7 0- 6 16 fi Straw 2 14 0 to 3 3 0— 2 IS 0 SMITHFIELD. Clover 5 10 0 to 6 10 fi- f> o 0 2d Crop 0 O O to o o 0- 0 0 O Old Hay 5 5 0 to 0 ( I 0— 5 12 G Inferior 4 0 0 to 5 0 0— 4 In i> Straw 2 15 0 to 3 3 0— 2 19 6 PRICE OF TALLOW. » • d s. St. James's Market 4 11 Town Tallow 8.1 1; Clare Market 4 „ 11 Yellow Russia 77 0 Whitechapel ditto 4 11 White ditto 74 , » Soap ditto 73 0 14 9 Melting Stuff 64 0 Average price 4 11 Ditto rough 4.3 fi Graves go 0 Yellow Soap, 92s— Mottled, 102s. Curd, 1 > 6j Candles, per doz. 13s. Od— Moulds, 14s. ol. LEATHER, PER POUND. d. rf. Butts, ftolb. a 561b. - 21 a " t Ditto, 561b a 661b. - 25 a 28 Merchants' Backs - 20 a 2- 3 Dressing Hides - IH a KI , Fine Coach Hides - 19 a );) Crop Hides for Cutting 17 a | jj Ordinary - . a — Tanned Horse - 18 a Sl Calfskins, SOlb. to 40lb. os a 50 , 5 lb. to70lb. 36 a 44 , 70lb. to 80lh. 36 a 40 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 2s. 9< l. c, s. od. , large, per doz. 120s. l" 0s. od." RAW HIDES Best Heifers and Steers, ( p. rst.) 3s. 4d. to 3s 6.) Middlings 2s. 8( 1. to Ss. ' od' Ordinary os. 0(|. , 2 4 Market Cal ( each) English Horse 13s. od to 15s od" Sheep Skins 36d. to6od Prizted and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS, jtlsc tie received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by MR. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. COLDRING, Petworth Mr. WHITE, Arundel ^ Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM ; PALMER, East- Grinsted, Mr MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen.
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