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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 945
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 04/03/1812
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 945
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY, PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, March 4, 1812 Wednesd Price Sixpence Halfpenny This layer is circulated in the must expeditious Manner through, the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at five Shillings and Sixpence each. ^ aleg bp auction TIMBER. bp auction: BY WILLIAM LLOYD, At the l. ion Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 7th Day of March, 1812, at four o'Clqck iu the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will, be then produced, in the follow- ing Lots; LOT I. ryf\ OAK Timber Trees, .-> 6 ASH TREES, and 18 l'OP- / \ J LAR Trees, marked and numbered with a Scribe, now growing on Farms and Lands at PLAISH, in the Parish of Cnrdingion, in the County of Salop, now iu the Occupations of Mr. Thomas Norris, Mr. Isaac Norris, Mr. Richard Burgess, and Mr. John Wood. LOT II. 48 OAK Timber Trees, also marked and num- bered with a Scribe, now growing on the SHEAVES FARM, in Plaish aforesaid, in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Evason. The above Timber is situated about 7 Miles from Wen- lock, and 5 from Church Stretton.— Mr. Isaac Norris, of Plaish, will appoint a Person to shew the same; and fur- ther Particulars may be bad by applying to Mr. ASTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. A FARMING STOCK WORTHY OF NOTICE WHITE LION INN, WHITCHURCH SHROPSHIRE AND MONTGOMERYSHIRE CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. § > AIEG DP AUCTION. T(> BE LET, OR SOLD, AMD KNTERF. D UPON AT L \ D Y- L> A Y N EXT, ALL that extensive and' loug- esi tb'ift. ed INN, THE WHITE HON, in WHITOft t'RCH, iu the Couuty of Salop, with the Stables, Coach Houses, and Outoffices to the same belonging, long known as the Resort of tlte No- bility, Gentry, nnd Travellers. ' Far* Specification oftne Premises, ( which are in good Repair,) and other Particulars, enquiie of Mr. W. HALL, Nnntvsich, if by Letter, Post- paid. Dated' February 14, 1812. At theOak Inn, in Welsh Pool, 011 Thursday, tbe 2d Day of April, 1812, beginning at two o'Clock iu'the Afternoon ; following Lots of TIMBER, subject lostichCon- A ditions as shall then be produced, viz — LOT I. 200 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice on CAE PRIOR Farm, in the Parish of Chub iry, mid County ofSalop, in the Occupation of Edward Weaver. LOT II. 194 OAK Timber Trees, standing in BLACK- WOOD COPPICE, on Timbeeth Farm, iti ihe Parish of Chir- bury aforesaid, in ttie Occupation of John Robinson. LOT 111. 209 OAK Timber Trees, standing on a Piece of 1 Land called CAE TV UCHA YSGUBWR, adjoining Mathra fal Frydd, in the Parish of Llangyniew, in rhe County of : Montgomery, in the Occupation of Mary Gittins I. OT It". 232 OAK Timber Trees, standing 011 MATHRA- FAL DEMESNE, in tbe said Parish of Llangyuiew, in llie [ Occupation of Mr Richard Davies. LOTV. 171 () AK Timber Trees, standing on FRYDD Farm, at . Myfod, in the Occupation of the Rev. Wm Brown. LOT VI. 88 OAK Timber Trees, standing on Tenements called GLASCOKD, in the Parish of Myfod, iu the Occupa- tion of several Persons. LOT VII. 175 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice on 11 Farm at PONT ROBERT AP OLIVER, in the said Parish of Myfod, in Ihe Occupation of David Evans.. LOTVIII. 169 OAK Timber Trees, standing in GREEN- HALL PARK, Part of Greenhall Farm, in Ihe Parish of Llanfyllin, and said County of Montgomery, in the Occu- pation uf Mr. Evan Davies. LOT IX. 209 OAK Timber Trees, standing in the said Park, and adjoining Lot 8; LOT X. 233 OAlt Timber Trees, standing in the said Park, and adjoining I. ot 9. LOT XI 90 Ojt li Timber Trees, standing 011 the t'ppei- ; and East Sides of said Greenhall Park, i LOTXII 262 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice on otlier Part of GREEN HALL. FARM aforesaid. | LOT XIII. 12t> OAK Timber Trees, standing in another Coppice near Lot 12, on Greetihall Farm aforesaid. LOT XIV. 312 OAK Timber Trees, standing iu the last j mentioned Coppice, and adjoining Lot 13. I LOT XV. 182 OAK Timber Trees, standing on the said Coppice, and adjoining Lot 14. ! Lor XVI. 86 OAK Timber Trees, standing oil COED YR j LE FARM, adjoining to Ureenhall Farm aforesaid, in ihe Occupation of Mary Jones LOT XVII. l ij OAK Timber Trees, standing on a Farm called . CLAWDD LLESG, in the Parish of Guilsfield; IT said County of Montgomery, in the Occupation of John Davics. LOT XVIII. 151 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Cop- pice 011 a Farm called DERWF. N DEG, 111 the said Parish of 1 Guilsficld, in the Occupation of Owen Lewis. LOT XIX. 205 O AK Timber Trees, standing iu a Coppice on said Derwen deg Farm, aud adjoining Lot 18. LOT XX. l( 5s OAK Timber Trees, standing ill a Coppice on a Farm called COPPICE FARM, in the said Parish of Guilsfield, ill the Occupation of Edward Jones. LOT XXL 153 OAK Timber Trees, standing ill the said last- named Coppice, and adjoining Lot 20. LOT XXII. 177 OAK Timber Trees, standing in the said Coppice, and adjoining Lot 21. Lor XXUI 118 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice 0: 1 a Farm called CAE POST, in the said Parish of Gmlsiield, in the Occupation of Benjamin Jones. LOT XXIV. 120 OAK Timber Trees, standing inVoEL J ACIII. BS COPPICE, in the Township of Cowney, near Llan- wddun, in the said County of Montgomery. LOT XXV. 200 OAK Timber Trees, standing chiefly in a Coppice en a Farm called FRYDD GOWNEY, adjoining Vocd Achles aforesaid,. in the Occupation ot Hugh Hughes The Trees in all the aforesaid Lota are blamed and num- bered Willi a Scribe : the principal Part of tlieln are Of large | Dimensions and very excellent Quality, applicable- to the superior Purposes of the Navy, or any Purposes requiring prime Timber. The two first Lots in Chirbury are within the Distance of 3 Miles of Garthmil Wharf, oil the Montgomeryshire Canal. The Trees comprised in Lots 3 to 17 inclusive, are near to several Turnpike Roads, and from 5 lo 6 M ies Distance from the Montgomeryshire Canal' at New Bridge, near Llanymvnech. The Trees comprised in Lots 18 to 23 inclusive, are w ithin the Distance of one Mile of the said Canal, and the Naviga- ble Part of the Severn at New Quay. Lots 24 and 25 are in a Situation proper for the Ports of ' Dolgellev or Derwcn- lls. puither Particulars may he had by applying at THE, ' OFFICE at Powis Castle, or of Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near , Pool; and Thomas Pryce, of Lymore, will shew the two fust Lots; Richard Dax, of Black Mill, near Pool, will ' shew Lots 3 to 23; and Roger Kynaston, of Llanwddun ' will shew Lois 24 and 25, LI- VEK POOL. FIRST CARGO O- F N'EIV SUGARS. At E- varl, Rutson, and Co.' s Olfice, iu Ekehauge Alley, 011 FRIDAY NEXT, the 6thof Maich, it 12 o'Clock: 224 Hogsheads i 154 Tierces J- Fine New BARBADOF. S SUGAR; 12 Barrels J 33b Bugs3 i DEMERARA COFFEE ; Now landing from the. Ship BOOTLK, from Barbadoes. For further Particulars apply to Messrs. BARTON, 1R- liM aim LILGCXNEON, OL- EWAHT, RUTSON, and Co. Brokers. BY S: TUDOR,: On the Premises, on Tuesday, the loth Day of March, 1812, and the following Dais.; ALL Ihe neat and elegant HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURMTCitE, elegant Dinner and Tea China, and Glass, belonging 1,. THD VlAS MONEY, Esq. of the Cres- cent.— Particulars of which will he expressed iu Catalogues, and will be ready for delivery oil Wednesday, the 4th of March. The Goods may be viewed, by Tickets only, 011 Monday preceding the' Sale, from 12 to 3 o'Clock, oil Application LO THE AUCTIONEER. Shrewsbury, 17th February, 1812. MONTGOMERYSHIRE, TURNPIKE TOLLS, BY S TUDOR, At Ihe Oak Inn, Pool, 011 Monday, the lGth Day of March, 1812, between three and six iu ihe Afternoon,' subject to ConOilioiis: ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT called TRE- ! WERN COTTAGE, tit for the Residence ofa small genteel Family, situate on a dry healthy Spot, on Ihe Bor- ders of Montgomeryshire and Shropshire, bite the Property and Residence of Mr. ANDREW GLOVER, deceased, with about 24 Acres of excellent Grazing Land, together with | an Allotment of Common, containing about 25 . Acres, which nearly. surrounds the House, and may be irrigated. It com. ; mauds beautiful Views Of the River Severn and the adjacent Country.— The Hoijse consists of an Entrance Hall, two I Parlours, Kitchen, Dairy, Brcwhouse, good Cellaring, four good Lodging Room's with Closets on the first Floor, and Attics for Servants There are a large Garden and Orchard, planted with choice Fruit Trees, in full Perfection The Outbuilding consists of two Barns, Cow House, Gig House, t-. vo stables; Granary, with every other convenient Building ill substantial Repair, wilhin. a Mile of a good Turnpike Road, where the Mail and other Couches " pass regularly, and w'uhin four Miles, of Welshpool.— Possession may be . had, at Laily Day next. Ami on Tuesday,- the 17th, on the Premises, at TREWERN COTTAGE, distant four Miles from Welshpool, in the r County of Montgemery ; At. L the HOUSEHOLD GOODSand FURNITURE, OUTSTOCK, and IMPLEMENTS, late the Property of Ml- GLOVER, deceased.— The Outstock consists of one Milch Cow, two Heifers; two capital Carriage Horses; nineteen Ewes and Lambs ; about fourteen Bushels of Oats; two Pair of Harrows, Cart with Ripples, & c. & c.' Catalogues of the Household Furniture tnay be had on the 71b of March, and till the Day of Sale, at the Oak and other Inns in Welshpool; at the. Place of Sale ; aud of THE AUCTIONEER in Shrewsbury For a View of Ihe Estate, apply 011 the Premises ; and for Particulars to Mrs. GLOVF. R, Mr. JOHN LLOYD JONES, of Maesmawr, or THE AUCTIONEER, iu Shrewsbury. 20 th February, 1812. ~ CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. At the Bridgewater Arms Inn, in Ellesmere, in tbe County of Salop, 011 Saturday, the 21st of March, 1812, between the Hours of four and six inthe Afteruooli, subject lo Conditions then to be produced, unless disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given: 1 1 ? 0 OAK> " f S1" 6'"* Lengths, fine Quality, nud suitable for Ship Building. LOT II. 105 DI TTO Ditto, beginning with 101 and end- ing with 205. LOT 111. 145 DITTO ditto. The above Timber is marked, and grows in Ponlev, in the County of Flint, 3 Miles from the Ellesmere Canal, 4 from Bangor, g from Wrexham, and 8 from VVhilchurah. Mr. Thomas Snckley, of Halghton, iu the said County of Flint, will shew the Timber, anil for further Particulars apply to Mr. ROGER BECKETT, of Penley aforesaid SULTAN, atT. HI LES's Abbey Foregote, SHREWSBURY, will Cover at. three; Guineas each Mare, and Haifa- Crown the Groom. Sui. TAN was got by St. P- anl, Si. Paul by Saltram, out of Purity, Dam of Rockingham. The Dam of Sultan was Fanny, by Weazel; Weazel was got by Old Herod.— For Sultan's Performances vide Racing Calendar. Sultan will he al VVenlock and Bridgnorth every Mon- day ; Sbifl'nal every. Tuesday ; at Newport every Wednes- day; Wellington every Thursday ; and at Home Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Money to be paid at Midsummer; if not, to be charged Half a- Gniuca mure.— Mares barren last Year, to be covered at half Price.— Good Grass for Mares at Seven Shillings per Week,. 10 COVER, this Season, 1812, at FIVE GUINEAS, and Five Shillings, Late the Property of the Right Hon. LORD MONSOK, deceased. Cleveland was got by Overton, out of Oharmer, the Dam of Saxuui and Cardinal York ; Overton was got by King Fergus, out ofa Herod Mare; her Dam by Snip, grand Dain Sister 10 Regulus ; King Fergus was got by Eclipse, & c.*& c. Charmer was got by Phenomenon, hy Herod, bet Dam by Fitzherod) Sc. grand Dam by Young Cade, Regulus, Snake, Partner, & c. Cleveland is 16 Hands high, a dark brown, wilh black Legs : he is a perfect Snaffle Bridle Horse, with fine Action; from his Size and Power, is. allowed to be as fine a. Stallion as any in the Kingdom. i^ f His. Stock, two and three Years old, is large, aud promises to be very valuable. When three Years old, Cleveland won 80 Guineas at Skiptou; Go Guineas at Malton ; at four Years old, 60 Guineas ut York ; 50 Pounds at Lincoln, and 70 Guineas at Lincoln; at five Years old, 50 Pounds at Huntingdon,; 50 Pounds at Northampton ; 711 Guineas at Lincoln ; at Lancaster, received 100 guineas forfeit from Mr, T. Sykes's Gratitude ; . and 50 Guineas at Northallerton; at six Years old, the Cup at Burlou, carrying 12st. bib. being the last Time he started. It is worthy of remark that his Lege were as. sound in all respects, and as perfect when taken out of training, as on the Day be was foaled. Cleveland will be at Stourbridge 011 Monday, Evening, Miu- eh2 ; the following Morning, at Wolverhampton ; will return to Stourbridge on Thursday Evening, und arrive iu Worcester 011 Friday Evening; aud will continue to be at the above Place every other Week on the same Days, during the Season. The; intermediate Days he will be in Worcester. Half- bred Mares not pruving in- fpal. this Season, will he covered next, al Half- price. GRASS and HAY at eight Shillings per Week.; Com, if ordered. All Demand? tube paid before the Marcs are tnken away. N. B Apply to JAMES WALTER, Coach and Ih> rpc;<, Worcester. LONDON. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27. 1Th « atcounts from Turkey iu Ihe French papers » el com- pletely at rest I he question of peace bet ween t Jiat Power and Russia, no such cv ent having taker, place; nor, if the French Papers are to be relied 011, is a peace likely to be concluded. The Porte continues its preparations for war with great activity, and orders have been sent to lire Asiatic provinces to forward the new levies with all- dispatch. Letters have teen received front Paris of the 22d inst. They are silent with respect to politics, but state, that Bonaparte has granted to the merchants of Bourdeaux six licences to import sugar, coffee, indigo, hides, & c. ou condi- tion that they previously export four hogsheads of claret for every hogshead of sugar, and so iu proportion for other articles. Some ol the licences, wc understand, have arrived in town. The various reports respecting the new ministerial ar- rangements, have now assumed a singular complexion. By way of securing a comprehension of parties, we are gravely told that the Catholic question. is to be left to the impartial anrl uninfluenced decision of Parliament. This is right, as far as it goes; but what. is I he inference ?— that there are some questions nut left to the same impartial and uninfluenced " decision !-— Which - party gains » « ost by such a declaration ? The decision on Mr Rankes's motion, respecting the of- fice of Pn;, master of Widows' Pensions, we hope, is one of those which are in future to be left to the impartial and uninfluenced decision of Parliament. The consequence, we predict, will he very acceptable to t he Public. It is thought probable that 11 suggestion of Mr. Whit- bread's will be carried into efl'ect, and tbat tlie office of Serjeant at Arms of the House of Commons will be con- ferred upon Col. M'Mahou, in consequence of his late dis- appointment Stomal Plymouth.— A letter frorii Plymouth, dated Tues- day six P. M.—" To day this place has been visited by a more dreadful thunderstorm than has heen experienced here for many years The lightning was exceedingly vivid, and the claps tremendously loud, accompanied with a heavy show er of hail. Several persons who were on the citadel at the time, distinctly saw the electric fluid strike one ofthe gnus; its direction was from S. W to . N. E. nearly— The fore a d hiaimop- inast'of his Majesty's ship Tonnant were Struck with lightning, w hich shattered them, aud killed aud wounded no less than 24 persons on board that vessel. A merchant bris which also was at anchor in Cawsand Bay, and uear the former, was struck at the same lime, on hoard of which two men were killed A seaman, who was at the maintop- mast head of ti. e Salvador del Mnndo, in Haiuoaze, was also struck bv the lightning and fell down dead on I he deck, and another seaman who was standing ou the quar- ter- deck of t his vessel at the same moment, was so much burned, tiiat his life is despaired of. This aw fill period was from 11 to w o'clock; the weather is now much more mode- rate— Wind W." Mr. Walsh'. 1 P, ardon.— The following letter has been print- ed bv order of the House of Commons The Lord Chief Baron io Mr. Secretary Ryder, Feb. IS, 1812. " Sta— I ' nave the honour to acquaint you, for the infor- mation of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, that Benjamin Walsh was indicted before me at the last Sessions hidden at the Old Bailey, for stealing from Sir T. Plomer, a certain order for the payment of22,00 « l. and also stealing Bank notes to that amount. The facts of his having formed the design of converting this money to liis own use, and actually so CO: verting much the greater part of it, were proved wjtlioul contradiction ; but doubts [ laving occurred to Mr Justice Le Blanc and myself ( Mr Justice Chatnbre being absent frani indisposition), the rase was reserved for the Judges to consider whether llie facts proved amounted to the c nne of larceny. The argumeuts of Counsel con- cluded last night ; and the case was considered by ten Judges present ( two being Confined by illness) who were of opinion that the facts did not, in estimation of law, amount to felony. The prisoner having been convicted of that offence, I arn humbly to recommend liiiu as a proper ob- ject of his Majesty's pardon —" I atn, & c. " Feb. 15, 1SJ2. " AR. MACDONALD." FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23 This morning Coruuna Papers lo the iGth instant, were received Accounts front Valladolid state, lhat tbe French troons, which were picssing forward to the relief ofCiudad Rodrigo, had retrogradi d, in consequence of the fall of thai fortress. Marmont was expected at Valladolid 011 the 2d instant, but did not arrive. American Papers to the 5th inst have arrived this morn- ing. The National Intelligencer of the loth ult. says, that the Volunteer Bill has been reported in the Senate, with an Amendment, reducing the number of men from 5u, ooo to 25,000. On the29th Ihe Bill was discussed, but no division took place. Many other Amendments are proposed — In the House of Representatives, the Bill for appropriating Money for the support of the Navy has passed the third reading The inns applicable to this purpose are 4S0,000 dollars for the repair of vessels in ordinary, and 2( io, ooo dollars for the purchase of materials for ship building These * ums might bs suitable lo a war with Algiers, but they have nothing very tremendous in them in relation to our maritime power The Bill, in addition to the Act concerning the commercial intercourse between the UuitedStates and Great Britain anil France, was postponed to the lst Monday in March. A letter of the 17th received by the Lisbon mails, mentions a report, thai Tarragona has been re- taken hy the Spaniards, by storm, but this, we fear, isau improbable event. Dispatches are received by Government from the Earl of Wellington, dated 5th and 12th iust. They state that his Lordship's head quarters were at Preueidn, aud contain no intelligence of importance. The new Ministerial arrangements, it is said, will be final- ly settled this day. Lord Castlereagh has vacated his seat, by the acceptance of 1 he Seals ofthe Foreign Department.— The successor of Mr. Yorke is not known, but Lord Melville aud Mr. Wellesley Pole are both mentioned as likely to be placed at the lieail of the Admiralty Board. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY29. This morning Caraccas Gazettes to the 1GII1 Nov. were received General Miranda, having been successful iu establishing his new system of Government ill Valencia, had returned to the Carraecas. The kingdoms of Carthagena and Truxido have been added lo the Confederation, and St. Martha was expected also to join. Miranda is extremely popular. Two American ships, laden with flour, have lately been carried into St. Lucar, by two French privateers of that place. Their cargoes were immediately condemned, and their crews put into confinement, and treated wilh great severity. Mr. Toller, of Lincoln's I1111, is to go out immediately to India, to succeed Mr. Auslruther, at Madras, that gentleman being named to replace Sir J. Mackintosh, who is coming hoine'from Bombay. lt is worthy of observation, says a respectable, paper that only^ iiKr English County Members appear to have voted with Ministeis iu the division on the appointment of Col. M'Ma bon to the office of Paymaster nf Widows* Pensions ; those were, Mr. Chute, Hampshire; Mr. Lygon, Worcestershire; Mr. Lethbridge, Somersetshire; and Lord Percy, North- umberland. The Lottery was contracted for this morning by Richard- son, Gonclluck, and Co. and Swift and Co. al ±' 10. 7s- 3d. a Ticket. They were the only bidders. The Grand Jury of Middlesex, in the course of yesterday, found a h ue bill of indictment against Ihe Marquis ufSligo, to< a misdemeanor. Tile following particulars are extracted from a letter, dated New York, Feb 4 —" General Dearborn has been ap- pointed Major General iu our army, but the military promotion tiiat is taking place by no means pleases the people, lt is now certain that Madison will not he re- elected President, aud a change is contemplated nt Ihe expiration ofhis time, but not more favourable lo Great Britain. De Witt Clinton is to be President. Genera! Armstrong is to take the War Department; and Mr Mon- roe will retire, hut his successor is not named. Gallatin is sinking iu public estimation daily, and his budget trill be the laughing stock of Foreign nations, as well as of Ihe United States. It is reported that Dr. Eustis, who now holds the War Department, will have Ihe Collectorship of Boston lately tilled by our Commander in Chief, General Dearborn— It is the decided opinion here, that hostilities will be commenced, unless the Ordtrs in Council of tlie lst of May are repealed." Olher letters stale, tint above 411 American ships liad sailed for France a few days before the 5th of Fe bruary The Vigilant has arrived from Malta, bringing letters from thence of January lib. Iu speaking of llie affairs of Sicily, tbey state, that tlie newly'organized Government had enter- ed on its functions j » ith the good will of the people, who had borne strong testimony ol their approbation of the ap- pointment of Lord W. Bcutinck. Every department of the • State was moving forward in perfect harmony. postscript LONDON, Monday Night, March 4, 1812. THE KING—" Windsor- Cattle, Feb. 20, 1819. " His Majesty continues nearly in the'same state." Two Anhqll mails arrived yesterday morning, and three more at a Uric hour last night, hy which accounts have been received from Sweden to the 25th ultimo.— The advices bi- onght by them state nothing further of the repoit so confidently asserted, of a peace having been co'.'. cludcd between this country nnd Sweden, than that some amicable comriiu' icat'n. ns had taken place, I lie exact nature of w b'- ch had net iranspirert. By the Swedish new papers wc find that a genera indignation had been excited throughout that kingdom by the seizure of Pomerania. The King of Prussia, it is said, has ordered his troops to be. put on the war establishment, hut whether for the purpose of joining Bonaparte, or to aid the Emperor Alexander, we are not informed ; but lire former i « still as probable as tiie latter. Government, wc understand, yesterday ret- eived dis- ipatchee from the Baltic, which are reported to be of considerable importance. Iu all probability they refer to the amicable arrangement's which have bceu for some tune pending between this country aud Stvedeu, and we hope soon to have the satisfaction to a 1111 ou lice that they have been brought to a favourable issue. The Dukes of Norfolk and Bedford, and the Earl Of Moira, it is uudei'Stsftd, have after numerous interviews with the Prince Regent, declined giving their support to the present Administration. The former il is repeated, lias declined accepting the vacant blue ribband. The audiance of the Duke of Bedford with the Prince Regent ou Saturday, it is said, " was granted at tlie desire of his Grace, who u as anxious, as a Peer » f Parliament, to represent to his Royal Highness ihc alarming situation in which Ireland would be placed hy his Royal Highness'* recent determination with regard to the futiue administra- tion of the Government!; aud likewise t he calamitous eff ects which would most probable result from the disappointment of tire Catholic body, who have hitherto looked to the Prince's accession to ihe unrestricted exercise of the Royal authority, as the period at which they would he freed from the disabilities under which they labour. It is reported lhat the Expedition of General Hill is in tended agaiusl Seville, where, it is said, theie is only a garri- son of between 2 and 3000 men, and the greatest alarm had inconsequence been excited. A letter from St. Ube's re- presents his having advanced within 30 miles of Seville, but little credit is given to tbe statement. Iu the House of Commons this evening, Mr. HASKJ moved the order of the day to be read for Mr. Walsh's at- tendance, but lie did not appear in his jlace. A medical gentleman was called in, and being interrogated, said that Mr. W. was unable to attend in Consequence of a pressure of circumstances which amounted to a derangement of mind, but it was probable he would be enabled lo attend in a fortnight.— After some remarks from Mr. Banks aud the Chancellor of the Exchequer, he was ordered to attend to- morrow fortnight, and the proceedings were postponed. Three per Ceut, Consols tit J. SHREWSBURY, WEDFESDAY, MARCH 4, 1812. MARRIliD. Thursday last, at Ludlow, by ihc Rev. Mr. Tavlor, Mr. John Harris, of die Paper Mills, to Mis. Martha Griffiths, of Ludlow. DIED. Thursday last, Mr. Jasper Jones, baker, Mardol. A few days a^ e, Mrs. Clarke, wife of Mr. Clarke, Castle Fore- gale. At Whitchurch, on the 25th ult. Mfi. Elisabeth Groom, aged 57, having been a servant in the sane family upwards of 30 > ear). At Cheltenham, a few days ago, Mrs. Beringtuii, wife of Thomas Beringmn, Esq. of Winslej, Herefordshire. Lately, F Bullivant, E- q. ol Stanton House, near Burton- npon- Trem : he has let! the whole of his property to the sou ot' a poor man of the name of Fletcher, of Heauor, De rbyshire, w hich will amount, w hen the jouth come* of age to upwards of .£ 100,009. A few davs since, at the uncommon agcjif 105 years, W. Chat- field, of Cowfield,— 1The chief amusement of this old man, tor the last seven or eight year, wasaugling, which he practi ce! with Ihc keenness of a youthful sportsman, and witli considerable skill, nearly to tlie day ol Ins death. On Ihe 23d ult. at Powick, near Worcester, at an advanced age, Ladv Pakingtun, relict ol Sir John Pakington, ( 6: h Baronet of that name, who died in 1762) and daughter ol' H. Bray, Esq. ) ji lew day^ ago, at Liverpool, in ihe 63ttiyearot his age, Mr. S. Ralhtvnr. Lately, al Chewbent, and were interred within a few days ol each other, three women, whose united ages amounted to more than 270 years ; each individual being upwards ot ninety. O11 the 27th ult. Mr. Steward, of Bilhngstey, in this county. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Campbell:— House- Visitors Mr. George Grant, aud Mr. Thomas Birch. BIBLE SOCIETY.— We are just informed, that the Hon. and Right Rev. Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry has added his name to the nineteen Archbishops and Bishops of Ihe United Kiugdom who have given their support and sanction to the British and Foreign Bible Society. To these may fairly be added the name of His Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the President ofa sister society, perfectly friendly to, aud coinciding w ith this, viz. The Mavat and Military Bible Society, for distributing the scrip- tures alone among our sailors and soldiers. Collected at Shawbury Church on the Fast- day for the Naval and Military BibleSociety £ r, 13s. 7 § d. Additional Subscriber to the Public School on Dr. Bell's or the Madras System. The Right Honourable Lady Berwick £<• 4 o Tliesmusof £' 13. 2s. bu. and Ji\. tis. 3d. transmitted by H. Lloyd, Esq. of Ludlow, have been distributed by the Rev. Mr. Jones to llie poor inhabitants of Ministei ley; the for- mer beiug a return from the luundatiou Fund of part of the Marquis of Bath's subscript in, and the latter of Henry Lloyd's, Esq Sporting Intelligence.— Mr. PULESTON'S Hounds w ill meet this morning at Hayles Gdrse; ou Friday at Pimhill; 011 Monday, the 9th, at Shawbury Park; ou Wednesday, at Haughmon Farm ; ou Friday at Attingbam ; on the 17 th al Sheriff Hales; on ' i hursday the 19U1 al Chillingloii; on Saturday the 21st at Hilton Park; and 011 Monday the23d at Boscohel. The business of the Oxford Circuit commenced on Mon- day last at lteadiug, where there were 20 prisoners fur trial, six of them 011 suspicion of murder; aud this day the corn- mission will open at Oxford, where there arc 19 for trial. At our Fair on Saturday last, Cattle, Sheep, and Pigs sold at a small advance. Among the unfortunate sufferers on board the St. George, wrecked on Christinas Day ill the Baltic, was Mr. T. Lloyd Joucs, ajed 17, Midshipman, soil of Mr. Jones, ofthe George Inn, Oswestry, he had served unremittingly r> years, wiih much credit lo himself, and was deservedly esteemed by his messmates. His lamentable end is poiguunlly felt by hi « parents aud other relatives. M r. Betty Closed his engagement at the Bath Theatre, 011 Saturday evening, after performing nine nights to an unin- terrupted succession of overflowing houses, who readily tes- tified their unqualified approbation ofhis matured talents. li would he difficult," says the Bath Herald," to enume- rate Mr. Betty's particular beauties; his voice, whelher from management or other causes, is greatly improved ; his advantages of aspect aud figure were never more conspicu- ously displayed; and his costume was superb. When crowded audiences, every night ot" Mr. Betty's performance, hurst into frequent, general, and instantaneous plaudits, there must be something more than novelty and fashion about the Actor— they are proofs of unequivocal desert and sterling merit; and such qualities, in spite of the fastidious Critic, It must be confessed that Mr Betty really possesses." Sir. Betty appears iu the character of Ihe Earl of Essex to night al Glocesler, anil on Friday lie performs Hamlet in that. Theatre.— It is said the managers of New Drury have engaged this celebrated Ihreatrical pha- noineuon for the opening of that house iu October next. Riots in Yorkshire.— II is with extreme concern we have to state, tiiat the system of depredation which has so long prevailed throughout the town and county of Nottingham, his made its appenrauce ju the opulent and industrious neighbourhood of H udderstield -— VVilhin a few miles of llint town, 110 fewer than 20 frames or machines have I een bro- ken, employed exclusively, 10a great saving of manual labour, iu Ihe operation of cropping cloth.— Stamford Mer- cury. Advertisement Extraordinary.— The public are informed that, 111 the course of a few weeks, a most wondeifui con- test will take place between two broad wheel waggons, each to IK- drawn by six capital Welsh Hunters; to start from the foot of the. Breyddin, and come 111 at Rodney's Monu- ment.— Sum, time, place, See. as soon as fixed — N. B. As it is possible some Old Foxliuuter may hesitate to give credit to this statement, he may be assured of its perfect accuracy by applying to the modest editor of the Chronicle. Miss Tylney Long's bridal dress is of the most splendid description, lii- i gown alone will cost liooo guineas; the necklace £ 30,000. The other parts of her dress arc equally elegant ami expensive. MARKET HERALD. Price of Grain in our market 011 Saturday last— WhetU 16s. Orl. lo 17s. Oil.— Barley Os. 3tl. per bushel ot' 38 qts.— Oats U. 61I. per customary measure of 57 tj 11 arts. Corn- Exchange, February 28. The Market to- day lias not many fresh arrivals of Wheat, but middling supplies on hand— Fine in demand, at an ad- vance of about us. and 4s. per quarter— Barley and Malt continue lo keep their prices— The same may lie noted ill Peas and Beans of each description.— There is a con- tinuance of short arrivals of Oats, and sales in this trade obtain the lale increase in price. Current Price of Gram per Quarter as under ;— Wheat 06>. to, 103s. | White Peas 00s. to 00s. Barley 50s. to 5Ss. I Oats 30s. to 38s. Reaus 54s. to 5sn. j M Ut 84s. to SOs. Fine- Flour, 95s. to 100'.— Seconds 90s. t.. 95s. per sack. M Ar. cn 2.— The arrivals of Wheat to- day make but a shorl supply, and salts brisk, al a further advance of about 2s. and tis. per quarter from Friday's prices— Barley heavy sale, hardly at 1.1st quotation— Malt auel white Pease fully maintain tie prices quoted— In Bean* of the two kinds but little variation. There are some further arrivals of Oats, and this article also qi oted at little fluctuation— Hour maintains las! week's adv. nc\ NEW GARDEV AND FTOWER SEEDS. HIGGINS AND BROXTON, CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY, RESPECT FULLY acquaint their Friends and the Public, lhat they have lately received from LONDON, an entire FRESH SuFi'LY of Garden and Flower Seeds, which tbey can warrant to be of the very best Quality, and true of their Kind.— The Flower Seeds are sold in Packets of 2s each, containing a great Variety of the most prevail- ing Sorts.— KITCHEN GARDEN SEEDS in Packets of is.( id. each. N. B. Particularly curious NEW Balsam Seed, in Packets of" rid each. LOST, On SATURDAY LAST, Shrewsbury Fair Day, APIED barren HEIFER, white Back, marked with a Knife upon tlie right Rump near the Tail— Whoever will bring the said Heifer to the Talbot Inn, Atcham, or the Bricklayers AirnsTnu, Abbey- Foregate, Shrewsbury, or give Information where she may be found, shall be rewarded for their Trouble. TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons having Demands against the Estate aud Effects uf ROBERT EDWARD BARRON, of Shrews- bury, Grocer, are requested to forward their respective Accounts to Mr, JOHN OAKLEY, Grocer, or Mr. D. PP. ITCHARD, Grocer, of the same Place, in order . that the same may be adjusted : and all Persons indebted to the said Estate are required to pay the same to the said Mr. Oakley, or Mr. D. Pritchard, without Delay. Shrewsbury, 3d March, 1812. A CARD. MR. HENGLAR returns his most grateful Thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen of this Town and its Vicinity, for the kiud Patronage shewn him on MONDAY EVENING ; but is extremely sorry that so many hundreds of his Friends were obliged to return to their Homes with- out obtaining Admittance into the Circus, owing to its being so much crowded.— Shrewsbury, March 3,1812. MR. WEST's BENEFIT. NEW OLYMPIC CIRCUS, SHREWS- By Permission of lhe Right Worshipful the Mayor £ Corporation. MR. WEST most respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of Shrewsbury and its Vicinity, lhat his Benefit is fixed for MONDAY, the 9th of March, 1812. Mr. WEST will, on that Evening, take a surprising LEAP through the - BODY OF A MAIL COACH, Aud alight on the Saddle, the Home going three- quarters Speed ; with a Variety of other Feats. THE. fi'pjVDERFUL PONEY Will Hr. duwny « it- Up, fetch and carry, ungirth his saddle and pull it off'; also leap through 11 hoop only 24 inches in diameter; liKctrise through a balloon, Ike. ut the word of command. TRIAL or SKILL ON THE DOUBLE SLACK ROPE, By Messrs. PETERS k IIENGI. AR. SPORTS OF THE RING, by Mr. WEST and his Eques- trian Troop.— Mr. C'A MRELL will perform his wonderful Turbillion, forming, a complete GLOBE OF FIRE. Also, for that Night onlv, The METAMORPHOSE ofthe SACK, on 2 Horses, By Mr. WEST. Superb Entres, with Men &> Horses. STILL VAULTING, By the Troop of Flying Phenomenon*, Messrs. West, Henglar, Thomas, Peters, W. West, Carter, Munn, and CambeU, .( Clown). SLACK WIRE, BY MR. PETERS. EQUESTRIAN FEATS BY MR. THOMAS, who will leap overy 2 garters, a whip, handkerchief, bat, & c and will perform the much- ndmired FLAG DANCE, ride ou his head, & c. , . • SIGHT ROPE, by Mr. TiioujtsJt that celebrated Performer Mr. HENGLAR. The Performances to conclude witb THE TAYLOR RIDING TO fiRENTFORD. BY' MR. W. WEST. Kj- Doors to be opened at 6, and the Performance com- mence at 7 i/ Clock.. Admission— Boxes 3s. Pit 2s Gallery Is Children under. ) b Years of Age, Half- price.— Tickets, and Places for the Boxes, to he bad of Mr. WEST, at the CIRCUS, from' 11 till 1.. N. B. Indies and Gentlemen instructed in Ihe polite ART of - RIDING— Horses broke for the Road or Field by Mr. WEST, Riding- Master. - ' • - i ( J^* The Performance gall be repeated evtry Evening during the 1 leek .. r 1 , SECOND PART OF GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR OF GEOGRAPHY. This Day„ is published, illustrated with seven Maps, and sixty Views of County Towns and remarkable Places, Price 4s botimHtrrcii, BRITISH GEOGRAPHY--, being a comprehensive ACCOUNT/ of, the PRESENT STATE Of the whole BRITISH EMIUKE. including the BRITISH ISLANDS and Ihe BiuTtsiCCoi. ONIES and DEPENDENCIES in all Paris of the WOrlif, designed for the Use of Schools, and serving as a seco'tfH Part, or Completion of the Author's well known GRAMWAR OF GENERAI- GEOCRAPIIY. BY THE REV. J. GOI. DSMII II, Author of IheGrammarofGeography, & c See. Extraordinary as it may seem, there exists 110 Modern Account of the British Empire besides this Book, and of Course 110 Elementary Work on this Subject calculated to qualify young Britons to perform iii after life, with com- petent Intelligence, the Duties of thai social State lo which they appertain. This small Volume embraces every I opic that can fie useful either as Instruction tor practical Life, or as Data for further Speculation and Enquiry, anil is calculated to'bitroilure Ihc whole Rising Generation to a perfect Acquaintance wilh the Physical, Political, Com- mercial, Statistical, Topographical, and Literary Stale of their own Country and its vast Dependencies. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, 47, Ludgate- Hill, and sold by W. EWBOWES, Shrewsbury, and all other Book- sellers. Of w h| iui may also be had, BLAIR'S I'MVMSAL PRECEPTOR, called ihe" Sun of School Books," Price 4s. Gd. His600QUESTIONS, Price is and his TUTO, R'S; KEY", 3S. 6d. Also his MODELS of JUVENILE LETTERS, Price3s. 0d. SHREWSBURY, March S, 1819. THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that A HANK, under the Firm ofRowTON, WALKER, and MEI. LOR, was opened 011 the 2d Instant, opposite the Market- llall. SHERIFF'S OFFICE! Shrewsbury, 4th of March, 1812. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Jssizes for the 1 * County of Salop will be held al Shrewsbury, in and fur the said County, on Tuesday, the \ 1th Day of March, 1812 : ond Ihe Jurors are desired to attend on Wednesday Morning, the 18///, at eight o'Clock. nicilAIID L VSTF. R, Esq. Sheriff. DRESS AND L'ELISSE MAKELLS! ~ C. AND A. WATSON, EG lo acknowledge with Gratitude the Favours hitherto conferred on them by their numerous Friends ; whom, and the Public, they respectfully inform of their REMOVAL from their late Residence on St. John's Hill, to a House ou PRIDE HILL, lately occupied bv Mi-. PhILLIPS, Solicitor; where they trust by every Exertion to merit a Continuance of Iheir Patronage and Support. BF THOMAS GADD, ( Successor to his late Uncle, Mr. T. HAMILTON) TAILOR AND HABIT MAKER, CLAREMONT- HII. L, SHREWSBURY, EGS Leave respectfully to inform the Customers ofhis 1 late Uncle, and the Public at large, that the above Business will, in future, be carried 011 by himself; and assures them, that all Orders commit led to his Care shall be punctually attended to, and acknowledged with Grati- tude — Shrewsbury, Feb. 20,1812. B1 ADVE R TIS EM ENT.— MA CIIY XL I. E Til. TO BE LET, FURNISHED, AND ENTERED UPON AT MAY NEXT, ASMALL neat COTTAGE and GARDEN, fit for the Reception of a l. ady aud Gentleman, or two single Ladies.— Tbe most respectable References will he expected. — For further Particulars apply 10 Mr JOHN PIJGH, Clerk, Machynlleth.— This Adv, iliseinent will uol be repeated. WANTED immediately, an APPRENTICE to Ihe DRUGGIST Business, &<-.— For Particulars enquire of THOMAS WOOD, Wellington. - T717- ANTED, at Lady Day next, T WO WAGGONERS V T IN HUSBANDRY'. — Married Men with good Characters will he preferred, as they are to reside ill Cottages on the Farm. — Apply to THE PRINTER. \ LL Persons to whom Mr. THOMAS RAWLINS, late - TJL of SMETHCOTT, ill the County of Salop, Former, stood indebted at the Time of his Decease, are requested to send in their Accounts immediately to Mr THOMAS RAWLINS, of SMETHCOTT aforesaid ( Son of the deceased): And those Persons thai are indebted to Mr. Rawlins's Estate, are desired to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Thomas Rawlins, Ihe Sou — 3eZ Match. 1812. A posing MONEY. NY Person having the small Sum of £ 100 at his Command, may hear of a good I ipportunity of dis- g of it to Advantage, in a small but lucrative Concern in Salop — Lettrrs ( Post- paid) addressed lo A. Z. at the Printer's hereof, will be immediately attended to.— This Advertisement will not be rontinueel. fjPHE Commissioners in a Commission uf Bankrupt a- JL warded aud issued forth against ROBERT COOKES- LEY, late of the Town of POOL, in the County of Mont- gomery, Timber Merchant, Dealer, and Chapman, intend to meet at the House of Mary Colley, the OAK INN, in the said Town of Pool, on MONDAY, the TWENTY THIRD Day of MARCH next, at ten o'clock in the Forenoon, in Order tu make A 1) 1 VIDEN D of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are lo come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend: and all Claims not then substantiated will be disallow ed. WH EREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against MORRIS OWEN, late of PORTHYWAEN, in the Parish ot Llanvblodwel, in the County of Salop, Innkeeper, and Limemaii, Dealer and Clinpman, and he being declared a Bankrupt is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the TWENTIETH and TWENTY- FIRST Days of March Instant, and 011 the Eleventh Day of April following at one o'Clock in the Afternoon 011 each of the said Days, at the CROSS FOXES Inn, in the Town of OS- WESTRY, in the County of Salop, and make a full Dis- covery and Disclosure of bis Estate and Effects ; w hen mid where the Creditors are lo come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Meeting to choose Assig- nees ; and at the lasl Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the Allowance of hit* Certificate All Persons indebted to the said Baukvupl, or who have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. STEVENSON, Solicitor, Lincoln's lun, or Mr. EDWARDS, Solicitor, in Oswestry. 1812. R| V> COVER this Season, at Ihc FEATHERS INN, in I I. UDLow, at Five Guineas a Mare, aud Five Shillings t he Groom, DECEIVER, Latctlie Property of Lord SACKVILI. E, and now of JOHN COLLIER.— Particulars in our next. Hughes's Pick's Cordial for Ci'lves, i; c. Under the Patronage of The Right Honourable Lord SoMsttvti. i. K The Right Honourable F. nrl WIXCHELSEA • J. BIACKBCSNE, Esq. M. P. And other distinguished Members of the BOAUB OT ACTTLCTTTTUBE. HUGHES's PICK'S CORDIAL, a certain Cure for Ihe Scouring of Sheep, Calves, Lrimbs, and other Cattle, and a valuable Restorative Cordial for. Ewes after Lnmbihg. This Medicine being a powerful Fi brituge, the Cattle tu which it is administered are speedily restored to strength and appetite, aud are known to thrive and fatten much sooner than others. OCSP. IIVE '. The name of the sole Proprietor, JOHN HCOHES, is written with Fed Ink on each Bill of Directions. Sold wholesale by Messrs, SHAW and EDWARDS, 66. St. Paul's Church Yard, { London; retail by W. Encowss, Printer, Shrewsbury, anil every Vender of Patent Medicines, Price 2s. 9,1. r tilALLAM'S I'lLLS, The best Pr^ fiirHfibri for Indigestion, Giddiness in the Head, Bile, autj„ lji4rfljj effects of tntempcrancf, that has ever been recommended. ; rfl^ HEY are the rnn-, 1 cheap and effectual Remedy JL in all bilious complaints, whether arising fiom a weak orderanged action of the stomach, frotn coids, whereby the secretion of bile is obstructed ; or from excess in eating or drinking, 1vl1. cn in the bile is rendered acrid and corrosive and, legurgated to. the'stornarh, causing sickness, jaundice, windy disurdeis, indigestion, & c. Their operatnu is very gentle and srfe, never griping ; a most excellent remedy for relieving those troubled wi h the piles; io habitual costivcnras a . slngsish state of the bowels, sick head- rob, arid also during pregnancy, they may. be lakci with singular good effect. Price 2s. 9d. per box, duty included. Sold wholesale by. therms, SiuW and Eijw* RDS, 66, S . Paul's Church Ytrd, Londoi,: retail by W, FPDOWES, Printed' Shrewsbury, and erjry Vender of Patent Medicines. MART0N INCLOSURE. MR. WILLIAM JONES, of Garthmil, the Commis- sioner appointed in and by certain Articles of Agree- ment for Divi ding and Inclosing the Commons nnd Waste Lands williiu the LORDSHIP of MARTON, in the County ofSalop, will attend nt Mar- ton, 011 THURSDAY, the 5th of March next, at 10 o'Clock in ( lie Forenoon, to perambu- late Ihe Boundaries of the said Lordship; when aud where all Parties interested are desired to attend. It is further desired that all Parlies who may be provided with Maps of their respective Freeholds, will produce Ihe same to the Commissioner upon the abovementioned Day, in order that he may make use of such as are true and perfect, aud there- by save the Expense ofa new Survey Pool, 24th Feb. I812. JOHN WILLI AMES, Commissioner's Clerk, and Solicitor. CONSUMPTION OF THE LUNGS.— ASTHMA. of a Letter from J. Montague Leigh, Ktq. Q'B,— Mv daughter's case of Consumption being declared 0 by her Physicians hopeless, I applied lo a popular ad- vertised Balsam, which failing to afford ti e least benefit, 1 was inclined to give Ihe Oxymel of Stramonium, as i renin . mended by l) r. Fisher, a trial; and I have great pleasure in saying lhat she derived immediate relief from It. In the: short period of 3 days her cough abated, the ' expectorations'' diminished, the hectic fever nearly disappeared, a. irl, bv persevering ill the use ofthis valuable remedy, Hie symptom's gradually left her, and l. er strength increased. So rapid was her progress to recovery, that iu three weeks she was entire- ly free from any consumptive symptom, and 111 this time is perfectly well, to the astonishment of our Medical Friends, and all that had witnessed her emaciated state — I am, Sir, your very grateful ami obedient servant, Berrrerd street, Feb. TTJF/ I. TSI 1 J. M. LEIGH. This Oxyinel, and the Herb for smoaking, prepareii hv the directions ofSurgeon Fisher, are sold bv Harriss, corner of St. Paul's Church- yard; Bacon, 150, Oxford- road ; of whom may be had Surgeon Fisher's Familiar Treatise 011 ihe Causes, Prevention, and Cure of Asthma, Consumption, & c. tilth edition, price SJ. Od. Sold by W. Eeldowcs, Shrewsbury. ^ aicss bp auction:. BY SAMUEL TUDOU, At Ihe Lion lull, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, thcSlst Oay of March, 181- 2, al four o'Ciock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced : ALL that extensive brick built DWELLING HOUSE, with the Yard and Appurtenances thereunto belong- ing, pleasantly situated in MILK STREET, in the Town cf Shrewsbury, opposite to Princess Street, now iu the Occu- pation of M iss Wiseman. The Premises may be viewed by sipplyin;; to the Tenant ; and further Particulars known at Ihe Office of Mr ASTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. PRIME FAT CATTLE, etc. BY MR IIENSHW, At INGESTRIE PARK, near Stafford, oti Tuesday, the 17th Day of March, 1812 : THIRTY prime fat Herefordshire Oxen and Steers, anil three fat Cows — And at I lie same T me will he offered tu Ihe Public six Hereford Cows, in- alf or with their 1 Calves, three Herefordshire Heifers, ditto, and a most c pital Bull now four Years old, hr- r d hy his Glare lite Duke of Bedford, and got by his fam > i s'. iiid well'kilovwi Oakley Bull. ' The above Cattle have been selected and bred from the best Stocks with great Care — The Sale to begin precisely al Twelve o'Clock. FREEHOLD LA NIL BY li. WALKER, On Friday, the 20th Day of March, iai2, at three o'clock iu the Afternoon, at Mr. Reynold ' s, the Pig and Castle lun, iu Bridgnorth, in the ' ounty ofSalop" subject to Conditions then to be produced : ALL those three Pieces » r Parcels of rich GRAZING LAND, lying together, containing ] uA. oil. 4P he ihe same more or less, situated about half : r Mile from Bridgnorth aforesaid, aud nearly adjoining Ihe Turnpike House, on the Road leading from Bridgnorth to Oldbury, ill the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Wheeler, Skinner, of Bridgnorth, who, 011 Application will shew the Land For further Particulars inquire of Mr. PRICE, Solicitor, Mr. E. FARMER, ol- THE AUCTIONEER, all of Wolver- hampton. TO COVER, THIS SEASON, at WEM, ROSARIO : rpHOROUGH- BRED Mares nt FIVE GUINEAS and A A HALF, Hunting Mares andotbersatTHREEGuiNEAS and FIVE SHILLINGS. ROSARIO was got by Ambrosio, one of the largest and speedn si Soils of Sir Peter, his Dam, Portia, by Volunteer ( the Sire of Eagle, See.) his Grandam by Herod, own Sister lo Sling. April ad, 1807, ROSARIO when first in Train, received Fifty Guineas forfeit at Newmarket, from Lord Foley's Chaise and One, in a match for Two Hundred Guineas. July lst. he won Fifty Guineas at Stoekbridge, beating Handicap, Sir Hugh, and Mr. Stuckej's True Blue. July 21st, he walked over al Winchester, for the Cup value I-' ifly Guineas August 4th, he won Eighty Guineas at Newbury, heating Mr. i. adbrokc's Corsican, and Mr. Dundas's Colt by Sir Solomon. September 15th, he w on the Stakes at Kingscote, beating Mr. Trevauiou's Bucephalus, nud Lord C. H. Somerset's White Rose. June 8th, 18' 8, he won the Handicap- plate nt Madding- ton, heating M r. Dundas's Cambrian, Mr. Godchild's Old Maid, Sir H. Lippingcutt's Chaise and One, and Mr. Best's Augusta. July 5th, he won Fifty Guineas at Bibuiy, carrying list, ylh. healing Mr. Goulbuuni's Grimaldi. He also the next Day won a handicap Plate, value Fifty Guineas, beating Lord Egrcmoul's Brother to Hedley by GOlianua, Sir H. Lippingcutt's Chaise and One. and'dis- tancing Mr. Cope's Neltle; six to four on ROSARIO, after the Heat three unrl four to one. July 14th, he won a Swecpstnkcs of Fifteen Subscribers at bi- ee Heats carrying Hist 2ll> at Slockhridge, beating Mr. Seckhain'sb. c. by Trumpeter, out ofBcda, Lord Egre- mont's br. c. Brother to Hedley, Mr. Fellowes' Mandam, and Mr. Butler's Epsom. The nexl Day at the same Place, he won Sixfy Guineas, beating Sir 11. Lippingcotl's Sorceress, by Sorcerer. July 20th lie w'oii Fifty Pounds, at Winchester, beating Mr.' I rcvanion's b. c. Lewes. Septemberaist, lie also won a Sweepstakes of One Hun- dred and Seventy Guineas nt Kingscote, Fourteen Subscri- bers, beating Mr. Dundas's Rubens, Mr. Rush's Time- keeper, aud Sir H. C. Lippin^ cou's Plonghboy. May 24th, I809, at Maddin'gton, he won a match for One Hundred Guineas, beating Mr. Trevauion's Gammon by Beningbrough, out of Mulespinuer— At the same Place the next Day, in running lor aSwcepstakes of One Hundred K Seventy Guineas, he fe't: Lame and was taken out of Train ROSARIO, is now rising eighl Years old, a dark Brown, w ith good Legs, upwards of 16 Hands high, aud possesses more Powers than most Blood Horses iu this Kingdon, with fine Action, Constitution, and the most excellent Temper imaginable. His Stock which are now Yearlings, arc remarkable Boncy and fine shaped. Mares accommodated at Seven Shillings per \\ eek. Likewise at the same Place, a black Leicestershire WAG- GON HORSE, worth the Attention ofGentiemeu, Farmers, & c. as he is unquestionably one of the completes! Horses of the kind ever shewn in this County. He will tie al Cockshntt and the Black l. ion Inn, Ellesmere, every TUES- DAY ; at Shavvbury and Uffington every FRIDAY; nt tire Coach aud Horses Inn, Shrewsbury, every SATURDAY; aud Use rest of his Time at Home, during Ihe Season. N. B. Wanted a Man as GROOM to ROSARIO; none need af ply whose Character u ill uol bear'the strictest Inquiry for Sobriety, & c. & c. as the Horse is intended to be sent a little from Home this Season, of which further Notice will be given in a future Paper. It em, March 3d, 1812. MONTGOMERYSHIRE TIMBER. BY GEOKGK SMOUT, At the Nag's Head Inn, in the Parish of Bcrriew, iu Ihe said County, on the 2tjtb Day of March, 1812, at four o'CTock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions its will then be produced : LOT I f OAK, aud 7 ASH Trees, scribed and numbered, JJ/ f growing on LLYGODIG FARM, in Llandyssil Parish, in the Holding of Mr. Francis Thomas. LOT 11. 2110 OAK Trees, scribed and numbered, growing 111 GLANHAFREN WOOD, in the Parish of Bettws, and 011 Red House Farm, in the said Parish of Berriew, 111 the several Possessions of J. B. Williames, Esq. and Mr. John Breeze. LOT III. 115 OAK Trees, scribed and numbered from 1 to 115, aud 35 OAK Trees, scribed aud numbered in like Manner, growing 011 Lower Glynn, Tyynyrwttra, Glau- Bivior, and Tyynyfrjdd Farms, in the' said Parish of Betlws, in the several Possessions of Mr. James Tanner. Edward Davics, juuior, Thomas Lloyd, and Edward Davies. senior. LOT IV 20 OAK Trees, scribed and numbered, growing on Ycheldre Farm, in the Possession ol the said Thomas Lloyd. The above Timber is distant from the Montgomeryshire Cnnal about two M iles ; is capital Cleft, and well worth the Attention ofTiinber Merchants. Lota maybe seen by applying to Mr. WILLIAMES, at Pennant ; aud the respective Tenants will shew the other Lots. BY J. bROOMK, On the rremises, on Thursday and Friday, the 19th and 20th Days of March, 1813: ALL the valuable LIVESTOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Llensils, with Part of the neat HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, belonging lo the late Mr. JONES, of WHEATHALL' near Coudover, in the County of Salop, deceased : the Live • Slock consists ot six excellent Cows in- calf, two Heifers and Calves, one 2 years old Heifer, five a- ye'ars old Bullocks, four yearling Ditto, three yea ling Heifers; six able Wag- < gon Horses, with Gearing foi seven, one capital hack Mare iu- foal, one yearling hack Filley, oue Dilto of the draught " Kind; 11 Ewes and Lambs, six yearling Ewes, four Ditto Wethers; three strong store Pigs, and four smaller Ditto. The I mplcineuts comprise twoVVaggons, three broad Wheel Tumbrels, one Horse Cart with Ripples ( new), Trolley, Rollers, Ploughs uud Harrows of various Descriptions, Malt Mill, Winnowing Machine, Fans, Sieves, Riddles, Straw Engine, Stuck Frames, Pigtroughs, Ladders, with various small Implements, and a Lot of Timber. The Household Furniture consists of Fourpost and Stump Bedsteads, with Dimity and other Hangings, six Feather Beds, five Bolsters, four Pillows, and Window Curtains. two Chair Beds, two Mattresses, five Pair of blankets, witft * Quills, Counterpanes, Sheets, and other Linen ; Mahogany and other Chairs, Bureau and Bookcase, large Pier and other Looking Glasses, wilh numerous other Articles, and Kitchen Furniture ; also all the Dairy and Brewing Vessels and Casks. A1. An unrivalled STOCK of DAIRY C0WRS, Sic. FOlt REAL FARMER'S PROFIT, At OVERTON HALT., near MALPAS, IN Tilt COUNTY OF CHESTER. By LAKIN* and SON, On Tuesday, the loth Day of March, 1812, and the two following Days, without Reserve ; I. L the well bred valuable LIVE STOCK, stout new 1M PLEM ENTS of HUSBANDRY, substantial Dairv and Brewing Vessels, and Pa- t of the neat and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. belonging to Mr R N JOHNSON, who is quitting the Farm: comprising <> t young calving Cows and Heifers, four Barrens, an extremely^ handsome high bred Bull, 4 years old, one ditto Ditto y yeurs old, four t" tout, active Draught Horses, one Ditto Mare, in- foal by PLOUGHBOY, one bay hack Gelding 4 " years old;- three in pig Sows, 10 Store Pigs ; 94 Fat Wether Sheep, in Lots ; a most valuable new Road Wsggou, with broad Wheels, and Harvest Gfecring complete, all of prime seasoned Timber, one narrow wheeled Ditto; several Tum- brels, Ploughs aud Harrows, a valuable THRPSHINO MA- CHINE, of Two- horse Power ( by HODGSON), a' new Wheel Kibbling Mill, PSlSnt Colli Tubs, Straw Cart, & c Sic Horses' Geers, Saddles and Bridles, tkc one Lead and three Stone Cisterns, Pigstye Range and Troughs. • N. B. The above prime Stock, bein » all young, in high Condition, upon good Note lor Dairying, and the Proprie- te r having 110 convenience for a Dairy iii the present Year, the whole will be sold without Reserve, which. cannot fail cxciting the Attention of every res poet., bin Fanner. ALSO a fine prime DAIRY of CH EESE to be disposed of. !( Jf Half of Hie Cows, all ofthe Horses, Pigs, aud Pail of the Implements, will be sold theriRsr Day, the Reminder of the Cows and Sheep Upon the SECON )>'" DAY ; and the Dairy and Brewing Vessels and Household Goods on the THIRD DAY" To brgin each Mornillf at ten precisely, € alc£ bg. Auction. Thw Day and To- morrow, !-, V JONATHAN PERRY, On ( It? Premises, opposite the County Hall, Shrewsbury, ( In Order of ti e Assignees), on Wednesday, the 4th Day •>< i8t-\ Iireeiselv at 12 o'Clock, I N ONE LOT ; rj -, H F, FVlitE and valuable STOCK IN TRADE of J M,. SA Mt) I 1. ST F. E I. P., of I lie Town of SI IR EWS. BURY, in tie Comity of Salop, Mercer and. Draper: co'isisfine of a general Assortment of WOOLLEN DRA- PERY, ' Tun's Mercery, Cords, Fustians, Buttons, and other Articles Inventories will- be prepared, and the Stock maybe examined on and after the 25 th of February inst The Purchaser will be allowed to occupy the Shop till the 25th DnV of March for disposing of the Stock. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, at his House, Top of Ihe CON, FOE Hilt., will be Sold by Auction, on the following Day — Particulars of which are in Catalogues, to be had, of llie Auctioneer. , NOTICE TO DEBTORS AM) CREDITORS. WHEREAS SAMUEL STEELE, of the Town SHREWSBURY, in the County of Salop, Mercer_ a by Deed assigned over his Estate and Effe T of Old Draper, bath hv bis am) ISltects to JOSEPH V. A R'. ESS, of Shrewsbury aforesaid, Esquire, and WILLIAM GLTTINS, of the same Place, Mercer, for tbe Benefit of themselves and all other tbe Creditors of the. said Samuel Steele: NOTICE is hereby given, tin t such Deed i f Assignment now remains at the House of the sftid \ V 11. T. J AM GITTINS, for the Inspection of such of tbe Cre- ditors of the said Samuel Steele as may cliuse to take the Benefit thereof, and who. are required to execute the said Assignment on or before the 25th Day of March next, otherwise they will be exeluddd the Benefit thereof. All Persons who stand indebted' lo the said Estate are desired to pay their respective Debts to the said William Gittins. without Deluv ; ami all Persons to whom Ibe said Samuel Steele stands " indebted, are desired to send Particulars of their Demands to the said William Gitlirs on or before tbe said 25th of March. Shrensbury, Feb. 11,1813. fOve Cavccrn. J VALUABLE MAIDEN OAK TIMBER, FIRS, & c. BY JONATHAN PERRY, . At the Bowling Green, io. Uflmgton, near Shrewsbury, on Wednesday, the llth Day of March, 1812, between the Hours of'three and five i> the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced; LOT' 1 ,/ » . OAK TIMBER TREES, blazed and nntn- I f) I bered will! red Paint, growing iu Coppices near X V 1 Battle Field. LOT II. 207OAK Timber'Trees, blazed and numbered with white Paint,' growing Oh the" Ash Walk Coppices, ad- joining the above Lot, near Battle Field. LOT 111. 99s ALDF. RTrees and Poles, growing 111 Al- bright l. ee Coppice, near Sundurn LOT IV. 148 LARCH and SCOTCH Timber; and 532 I, ARCH and SCOTCH Poles, growing in Albright I. ee Coppices, near Sundoril The above Oak Timber is situate within two Miles of Ihe River Severn and the Shrewsbury Canal, and three Miles from Shrewsbury. The Alder Trees and Poles, Fir Trees and Poles, are within one Mile of the Canal, and three Miles from Shrewsbury : the Oak Timber is . capital Cleft, or Ship Plank; and worth the Attention of Timber Merchants Mr. SALTER, of Battle Field, will shew- the Oak Timber, and Mi Wool RICH, ofSundorn, the Alder Poles, and Fir Timber. For further Particulars enquire of Messrs. MAP- DOCK and JACKSON, Attornies, or of Mr. JOIIN LEE, Builder, Shrewsbury OKVUI\ E HOUSEHOLD FURNirUTiE, Scarce aad Va ' able INDIA PAINTINGS. and ENGRAVINGS, STATUES, and Bl'ST*, C iPITAL " ILKINU COWS, and 0 er Ffects of WILLIAM WOOD, Esq. at HAN- WOOD, near Shrewsbury, ( relinquishing Housekeeping. J by JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises as above 011 MONDAY and TUESDAY, the SIXTEENTH and SEVENTEENTH of March, 18t9. ( nol on the \ ath aid inth, as before advertised J : THE entire and genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, which - comprise various Bedsteads, with Damask, India Dimity, Manchester, and Check Furni- tures; prime Dantzic SEASON ED FEATHER BEDS, MATTRESSES, and other Bedding ; EXCEI LENT MAHOGANY ARTICLES, in WARDROBES, CD ESTS . OF DRAWERS, Dining, Pembroke, Card, and other TABLES; evcrv Description of BED ROOM FURNI TURE. DRAWING, DINING, and BREAKFAST K< 10M gun s on < urtnirif, Cb » ir » , Pier Glasses, Tables, Carpets, Sofas, Side- board, & c an exquisite Bust of the BELVIDERF, APOLLO; Busts of SHAKESPEARE and MIL- TON ; some very rare and valuable India Paintings and En- gravings; several Home Productions of Ihe first Class ; fine- toned HARPSICHORD and GUITTAR ; DINNER nnd TEA SFRVICES in b<" t Staffordshire and rich Foreign China; Queen's Ware ; Glass. Japanned Goods ; and the Whole of the Kitchen, Brewing, and Dairy Vessels.— Also three most valuable M I LIUNG COWS, particularly suitable to private Families, and several Farming and Garden Implements. Catalogues may be had 011 the Premises, and of THE AUCTIONEER, ori and after Saturday next.— The Furniture may be viewer! 011 Friday, and Saturday the 13th and 14th, from ten till three o'Clock; and the Sale, will commence each Day at TEN . N. B A Quantity of HA7. LE RODS now 011 Sale on the Premises, suitable for Thatching or Baskets. Valuable DYYELL1NG HOUSES, with MALT HO USE, GARDENS and PREMISES, CASTLE- FOREGATE, SHREWSBURY. bY JONATHAN PERRY, At Mr. JFTLM Walker's, the Plough Publirk House, in the County Hall Square, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 21sl of March, 1812, at five o'Clock in Ihe Afleruooii, in the fol- lowing Lots, and subject to Conditions; LOT I. riiwo suh » i « i, ii » l Brick- built FREEHOLD DWELL. X ING HOUSES, Situated on the West Side CASTLE FOREGATE, in the ' loan of Shrewsbury, immediately faring Navigation Sfrtet, leading tu the Canal Wharf, now in tbe Occupation nf — Humphreys, and Robert Jones, or their. Undertenants ; also a certain Portion of Yard or Gar- den Ground, as uow marked out, adjoining thereto LOTII. A substantial newly Brick- built FRF. EHOI. D DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining Lot I. coutainiiiga con- venient Shop, or Parlour, Kitchen, and four Bed Rooms; also a large Brick- built Brewliouse, commodious Yard and Garden adjoining ; the \\ bole immediately connected, now in the Occupation of Mr. , und late of Mr Brittle, Officer of Excise Lor 111. Another substantial newly erected FREE- HOLD DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining Lot 2, consisting ol a ueal Parlour, Tea Room, Kitchen, three Bed Rooms, good Cellaring, Brewhouse attai bed ; together with an ex. ce- lient and extensive MA1. THOUSF, adjoining; and also a two- stalled Stable, Poultry House, Yard wilh Pump therein, uud large Garden; the Whole most- convenieutlv arranged, aud exceemiigly eligible to a Person 111 the Malt- ing Trade; formerly i 1' the Occupation of tbe late Mr. Ralphs, nuw of Mr. fl ugh Owen. N. B. This Lot is sold subject to the Purchaser of Lots having free Leave lo divide aud take to that Let - the two upper Bed Rooms, which at present form Part of tbe House in Lot a, and nre ov r the lower one* of Lot 2, completing the same with Lutli ami Plaister Partition on each Side ill a. Workmanlike Manner. A Plan of the Premises may be seen nt THE AUCTION XER'S ; Robert JOUEJ ( one ol the Tenants) will shew the Lots; and for further, Faitici. lars apply to Mr. JOHN CRAIG, Claretnoui Hill, oral the Offine of Messrs. MAD- DOCK and JACKSON, Aitoruics, Shrewsbury. Most. VALUABLE GARDENS, BUILDING SCITR, MEADOW LAND, and HAY, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On Tuesday, the 24th Day of March, 1810, at Mr. Crow- tfeer's,. the . Castle 1 tin, Castle- Frnegate, Shrewsbury, at tive o'Clpek. in the Afternoon, in Lots ; SEVERAL most valuable GAR DEN'S, on COTTON HIM,, .. Shrewsbury, by far surpassing, in eligibleness of Scite, any Property of the Kind ever on Sale in or about Shrews- bury— ALSEI- TH KEF, PIECES of Rich MEADOW LAND ntl- ii' the GREEN FIELDS J aud about Twenty- three Tons of nuist excel lent HAY, of list Harvest— The'Whole belong- ing to the Representatives of ibe lale Mr. JOHN ROWLANDS, of Shrewsbury, deceased. fcj* The Lots will be described in future Advertisements • nd further Particulars stated. bp £ uxaotT. TIMBER CARR1GE AND WAGGON. BY W SMITH, On SATURDAY NEXT, the 7th Day of March, 1812, at tbe Market House, Shrewsbury, precisely at one o'Cloek, without the l<; ast Reserve : LOT I. AMOST complete TIMBER CARRIAGE, with six Wheels, not worse than new, with Timber Chains, Dogs, Sec. LOT II. Good WAGGON, with narrow Wheels, well adapted for a Carrier. LOT III. CART, not worse than new. LOT IV. Four SETS of GEARS, iu Lots. _ LOTV. Good BRIDLE and SADDLE. ' FARMING STOCK. BY WILLIAM SMITH, Ou . Monday, the lOili Day of March, 1812, 01: the Premises at MINSTERLEY, in the County of Salop : AI. I. the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, and Part ol tlie HOUSEHOLD GOODS, Ikc. belong . ng to M r. TOM LINS, who is leaving the Farm : consisting of 2 young Cows iu Calt, 1 calving Heifer, 3 draught Mares, 1 capital hack Mare; 2 Gilts in- pig ; to Ewes; broad Wheel ' Tumbrel, near v new, Land Roller, Pair of Harrows, Corn Screep, 4 Piglroughs, Pikels, Hakes, & c. together with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, and Dairy Vessels, among which are a capital Cheese Press, Kitchen Grate, Furnace, & c. & c. Sale to begin precisely at a 11 o'Clock. VALUABLE FARMING STOCK. ~ BY WILLIAM SMITH, On Tuesday, the 17th Day of March, 18 2, on the Premises at NE'TLEY, near Dorriiigton, in the County of Salop: ^ aleg bp & utttou, BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Dwelling House of Mr. Birch, known by the Name of the Canal House, in Llaudisilio, in the County of Montgomery, on Thursday, the 5th Dav of March, 1812, at six o Clock 111 the Afternoon, subject'to the Conditions then lo be produced, unless disposed of in the mean time by private Contract, of which due Notice wit! be given ^ atejs by FARMING STOCK. BY GLOVER AND SON, Oh the Premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 12II1 and 13th Days of March, 1812; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mrs. MARY' JON lis, of WOOLSTON, ill the Parish'of West Felton, iu the County of Salop : consisting of 9 capital Dairy Cows, 7fk Svn! T„ 4k2AK TREES, 13 large ASH, 4 ELM, —., , „. „ ( U f'CAiWOht, 5 ALDERS, and 8 CRAB Trees, | calved and in- calf, 1 three- year old Barren, 3 two year oh! growing on CALCOT HALL FARM, in the Parish of | Heifers, 2 ditto Bullocks, 3 Yearling Ca' ' ' ltillm ulni< Ar< f>, il i ... s- 1. « - • _ .1 J~ 1 . r> m* : VV . as - - . _ ,„' ,. '- Llandwilio aforesaid, in tbe said County of Montgomery I he Whole ot the above Tiees are' long and of large i Dimensions, aHd tbe Oak are well adapted for the Navv, or any other 1 or pose, and lie close to the Ellesiucrc Cana'l For 1 ai ticulars apply to Mr. YATES, Fyriiwy llaAk, near Lliiiiymyuech; or lo Mr. RICHARD HU6. BES, Timber Merchant, Oswestry. ;' * bijee. FARMING STOCK, ' • BY GL OVER AND SON,',' On the Premises, 011 Friday and Saturday, tbe Gtli and7lb Davs of March. t » la. Flint: Consisting of 8 capital Calvi ng Heifers, 4 Yearling . — o ... mi,, Calves; 5 capital Waggpu Horses, Hack Mare, four Years old, by TRUE BLUE., ill- foal, Ditto three- Years old, bv TRUERLUE, Hack Mare, strong brown Colt, two Years'old, ' brown Filley, Year old ; 7 strong Store Pigs, 2 Sows and Pigs; 4 Ewes, tu lamb : Road Waggon, Harvest Ditto, 2 Tumbrels, Winnow- ing Machine, Ploughs, Harrows, & c. & c.— Catalogues are now ready, and may be lmil at the Cross Keys, Oswestry ; Black Lion, Ellesmere;. Cross Keys, aiid New Inn, Knock- in - of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns and Mr. Edwards, Printer, Oswestry.— The Sale to com- mcnce each Day at Ten o'Cloek ill the Forenoon. BY J7~ BTSOOME, On the Premises, on Saturday, the 1th of March, 1812 ; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, tkc. & c. belonging to Mr. BED DOES, of EATON, near Bishop's Castle, iu tbe County of Salop ; consisting of 14 Cows, calved nnd in- calf, five calv- ing Heifers, one two- year ohl Bull, smokey- faced, sixteen 2- year olds, 15 Yearlings ; four Waggon Horses, one Wag- gon . Mare in- foal, five Sets of Gearing, two hack Mar County Cows, Calved and iu- ca! f, 3 ,. o - Heifers; 2 useful Draught Horses, a Strong Useful Mare in- foal, will draw or carry double; Sow and 8 Pigs, Ditto in- pig : Coal Cart shelled", nearly new, 2 Tumbrils, Roller, a Ploughs, 2 Pair of Har- l'ows. . Vinuowing Machine, Kibbling Mill, 4 Sets, Horses ! one 3- year old Filley just broke in, fom- 2- year old draught I£ R 11 1 C Tbe HOUSEHOLD FURNITCRE, tkc. will Colls, three Yearling Ditto; about 200 Slieep in Lois; be Isold the SECOND DAY, Particulars of which are specified two Sows and Pigs, one Ditto in- pig, oue Gilt iiu- pig, '--•'* " ' " ' " Waggons, one Harvest Cart, oue double Plough, one Ditto, three Pair of Harrows, innowing, Fans, Corn Screen, number of small Implements, bp . BY J, BttOOME, On the Premises, 011 Thursday anil Friday^ the l2tii Still 13th Davs of March, 1812 1 UPWARDS of SIXTY HEAD of prime CATTLE; 8 capital WAGGON HORSES, Several good Hacks, a Number of Colts, w ith about iGa excellent South Dowu Sheep, nearly 40 l'igs, wilh all the IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, anil Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. PR1SS1CK, of POLMER, near PolttesbUry, in tbe County ofSalop — Particulars in our next. N0INE FURNITURE. BY W. SMITH, On Monday and Tuesday, tbe 2 ; d and 24th of March, 1812, on the Premises nt ONSLOW, near Shrewsbury ; flHE n » al and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS aud FURN ITU RE; belonging to Ihe Rev. JOHN WILDE, who is haying Onslow : coniprisiiig elegant Fourpost Bed- steads with printed Furniture, lined and French fringed, Tent ana Half- Tester Ditlo, prime Feather Beds, and Mat- tresses ;• capital Mahogany Desk and Bookcase, Clients of Dinners, Night Tables, Bason Stands, Dressing Tables, aud Swing Glasses, rlcgatit pedestal Side- board, capital Set of Pillar and Cla i' Dining Tables, Si t of Dining Parlour Chairs, Sofa, several Carpets and Window Curtains, hand- some Suit ot Drawing Rohm Furniture ; with a gieat Variety of other valuable Articles, among which are a capital Por- table Mangle, with a general Assortment of Kitchen and Brewing Requisites.— Particulars of which will be expressed in Cntalogr. es, and will be ready fo Delivery on Saturday, the 14th, and may be had al the Swan, Montford Bridge ; ut the Windmill lull; and of THE AUCTIONEER, in Shrew sbnry. Sale to begin at 10 o'clock. MONTGOMERYSHIRE TIM BE K, f BY GLOVER AND SON,: At the Cross Keys Inn, Oswestrv, 111 the County of Salop, on Monday, the 9th of March, 1812, bettvveh the Hours • f three and six o'Ctork in the Afternoon, and subject to Conditions then to be produced, iu one Lot;: 1 fi^ i CAPITAL OAK TREES, 11 Ohk Saplings, 1 \ J% # Ash rices, 3ti Firs ami Larch, M Alders, 35 Oak Cyphers, 14 Ash Cyphers, one Sycamore, one Poplar. , ; j, ' The above valuable Oak Timber i!> lengthy, fit for Plank- ing or Building; the Ash, Firs, & e. are uf excellent Quality; are growing on Plan Delia Farm, near Llat. gcdwin, close adjoining ibe Turnpike Road leading from V- laliraiadr to Oswestry, aud within six Miles of the Montgomeryshire Canal. Hughes the Tenant will shew tbe'saine. LUDLOW. FY B. KITE, On Saturday, tbe 4th Day of April next, betw een tbe Hours of four and seven o'Cloek in the Afternoon, al Ihe Crown I1111, Ludlow, subject tu Conditions to be then aud there produced; AVERY spacious andsubstantial DWELLING HOUSE, with Out- offices and other Appurtenances, most de- sir . b y situated 011 the East Side of M ill Street, directly op- po « i e to tlie GniM- Hall in Ludlow, now in the Occupation of Mr. JACOU I ELTON. Tlie Premises arc Freehold, and consist of a very complete and commodious Dwelling House, in perfect repair, and fit for the reception of a large Family ; having on the Ground Floor ail outer Passage leading to an Entrance Hall and Staircase, neat Breakfast aud Dining Rooms; on tbe first Floor; a spacious aud well finished Drawing Room, anil two ami. Rooms, which may be used as Chambers, wilh Closets; oil the second Floor, three excellent Chambers and Closets, and on tbe third Story, convenient Chambers for Servants ; behind tbe Dwelling ilonse, and partly adjoining thereto, are Offices of every . Description, w ith spacious Rooms over them. Tbe Dwelling House hashecn lately fitted up in a modern and elegant Slyle, und a Purchaser may have such parts of the Furniture as shall be agreed, at a Valuation. ALSO WILL BE SOLD, O11 Mondav, the 6th Day of April next, and following Days, on Ibe I5 re mises, ( under an Assignment to Trustees for tie Benefit of Credit irs) ; All the Genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ( except only so much thereof as may be taken by the Purchaser of the Premises) and other Effect*; consisting of Four- post and other Bedsteads, excellent Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Con liter panes, Quilts, and BlaiiUets ; Mahogany, Oak, Dining, Card, Pembroke, and other Tables; capital Mahogany Chests with Drawers ; Carpets in the several Sitting Rooms, and Bed- side Carpets, Hearth Rugs ; Table and Bed Linen, Pier aud Swing Glasses, Stuve and other Grates, with a great variety of other useful Articles. Tbe whole may be viewed ten Days preceding the Day ofSale ofthe Premises, and further Particulars known by Application at tbe Office of Messrs. Russel and Jones, Solicitors, Ludlow. N. B. The Creditors of Mr. JACOB FELTON are requested to send the Particulars of their respective Claims lo Messrs. Russel and Jones, forthv. ith, it being necessary in compliance with the stipulation of the Trust Deed to bring his Affairs to a speedy close.— The Deed, with a Statement ot' Affairs, now lies at the Office of Messrs. Russet ami Jones, for in- spection of the Creditors, aud execution by such of litem as may wish to avail themselves of tlie Benefit of the Trusts. 1444 February, 1812. BY E STEPHENS, On the Premises, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 1st and 2d Days of April, 1812; ALL tbat truly valuable and well- selected LIVESTOCK, and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging lo Mr. HUGHES, of Bwi t. llYI. LVN, in the Parish of Tret- eglwys, in the Conuly of Montgomery : consisting of 8 Coivs, calved and in calf, three 3- years old Heifers, two 4- years old Bullocks, two 3- year » old Ditto, eights- year olds, 5 Yearlings, I Fat Cow ; 5 Wuggon Horses and Gear- ing, one 2- vear old Draught Colt, 2 good Hack Mares; 1 Sow, 9 Store Pigs ; and200Sheep, in Lots ; t Waggon nearly new, 1 Harvest Ditto, 9 broad wheel Tumbrils, 2 Ploughs, 2 Pair of Harrows, I Roller; with a Number of small Im- plements. Part of tbe HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, with all the Brewing aud Dairy Utensils, will be SOLD BY AUCTION, at Bwlchyllyn, on FRIDAY, 1st of May next. THE AUCTIONEER begs Leave to observe, that the Cows are excellent Milkers; the Young Stock well bred, and in fine Condition ; the Horses young, able and handsome., and well know 11 to oe equal in Action to any iu the Couuty. if? Tlie Cattle, Sheep, and Horses, will be sold the FIRST DAY, and I be Sale will begin at 11 o'Clock each Morning. MONTGOMERYSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATE. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross Keys Inn, Oswestry, in the County of Salon, Oil Monday, the 9H1 of . March, ( 312. at four o'clock in the Afternoon, aud subject to Conditions tlicn to be nro- LOT I, 1 Uuced : ... ALL that very excellent FARM, culled PEN- Y- GEU- LAN, ill the holding of Thomas ThdirtaS.' Wiisisling Ot a I arm House, ami suitable Outlniiliftngsviiltid 38A. 3R. 39P. of capital Arable, Meadow, and IfiiStun; LAND, divided into suitable luelosurcs ie-'- i LOT II. A TENEM ENT and GARDEN, ivith. iwo Acres more or less, ot very excellent Meadow LAND, situate near Lot 1, 111 the holding of the said Tboinus Thomas, or his Undertenant. The above valuable. Pstate is delightfully situated on the Banks of the River Taunat, in the Parish of Laiisainlffraid, in the County of Montgomery, close adjoining the Turn- pike ltoau leading from Oswestrv to Llansainlffhiid afore- said ; and is a desirable Situaliou for Builfiii'g upon, as it commands most beautiful Prospect*.,' 1 TWTenant will shew the Pi craises ; and for' further ' Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEERS, RuvlOjiof the Eleven Towns. ( CjThe Timber to be taken at iiValuation to be produced at ti. e I Hue of Sale. VALUABLE FARMING JSTUOK, & c." ': BY GLOVER AND'. SON, Ou the Premises, uu Tuesday, ihe tilth oV Miu'cli- isi" ; ' I . valuable FARMING STOt'K, belougiiig to. Mr A BO WEN, of BERWOOD LANIS, in the Parish of Coudover, in the County of Salop: eoiisisfinws ot 7 good Cows, calved and in- caff, 1 fai Cow, cud Bull, 4 calving Heifers, 1 Barren, O. IWO- JWB. old MeHw,- ami - Bulk Pair of two- year old Bullocks, 0 Yearling Calves;. 5 able Waggon Homes, excellent U inkers, < npita- l Hack Mure/ five Years o. d, three- year old Draught 1 lilef, tliree- viar bhl toll, by TRUE BLUE, Hack Filley, two Yearsuld, by AcTiyK, two- year old Horse Colt; 7 Store 1' igsr, 3 Sows, in- pig,' 1 Gilt, capital Brawn'; 8 Ewes, lamtitd and In- lamb, lidiy Sheep ; .1 Waggons ( oue shelled, with Harvest Gearing), 3 Capital broad wheeled Tumbrels, Water Barrel and Carriage, Double Plough, single « heeled Duto, 2 Hand Dftio, 4 Pair of Harrows, 2 Land Rollers, 3 Stuck Frames,' limbered, t) Sets ot Horses Gearing, and all otlVel Implements, too tedious to mention.— Jalalogues mny be- had ai tlie Coach and Horses, Raven aud Biff, and Old PJ. l Office Inns, Shrewsbury ; Talbot, Atcham ; Talbot, Wellington ; Buck's Head, Acton Burnell; Cofk, Dqiiiiij/ tim ; and Grapes, liltlou Heath.— The Auctioneers beg ttave to recommend tbe Horses, as able, young, « nd gdod W orkers ; the Cows well bred, ana good Milkers— Hie Sale t„ commence at Ten o'Clock precisely, as tlie'Wboie will bq sold without Reserve. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. PRIME STOCK. WELL BRED^ 1' rom Smokey- faced Cotes, fy a Herefordshire Bull. BY J. BROOME, Ou tbe Premises, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the loth and llth Days of Mnrch, 1812 : ALL tbe valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEM ENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, and Casks, belonging to Mrs. TURNER, of tbe RED HOUSE, near Bishop's Castle, in the Countv of Salop; consisting of 12 Cows, calved und in- calf, four 3- years old Heifers in- calf, one young Barren, nearly fat, one capital 3- year old Bull of the Herefordshire breed, six 3 years old Bullocl s, two Ditto splayed Heifers, six 2- years " old Bul- locks, eight ditto Heifers, 13 Yearlings, four young Waggon Mares, one Ditto ill foal, one c apital four Years iild Horse of tbe draught kind, with a long Tail; Gearing for eight Horses; Hack Mare rising six Years old, one 5- years old M are in foal by Admiral ( not broke in), one 3 years old Ilorse Coll, bv llie Arabian, one 2- years old Ditto, by Fox- liuuter, one Ditto Fi| lcy, by the Arabian, one 2- year old Waggon Colt, by Black Sweep; 40 Yearling Slieep; one Sow and Pigs, one ditto in- pig, seven small store Pigs; three Waggons, three broad Wheel Tumbrels, one Harvest Cart, one Horse Carl, one double Plough, one Wheel Ditlo, one Hand Ditto, three Pair of Harrows, one Roller, Winnowing • Machine, ditto Fan, Lot of Bags, Straw Engine, Malt Mill, two Stone Pigtrougbs, one Wood Ditlo, with a large Quan- tity of small Implements, & c. & c. The HOUSEHOLD GOODS nud FURNITURF, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, will he found in good Order and well worth the Attention of the Public. N. B. The Livestock aud Implement* will be sold the first Day.— The Sale to, begin at 10 o'clock. BV J. BROOM K, On the Premises, 011 Tuemlay, the 17th of March, 1812; ALL the valuable WAGGON HORSES and COLTS, & c. with Ihe Whole of the IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. URVVICK, of FELHAMP- TON, in the Couuty otSalop; consisting of 11 capital Wag- gon) Geldings, oucditto Mare, two . i- vearsold Cults of tlie draught Kind, 14 Sets of good Gearing ; one prime Iwo Year old Bull, o„ e fresh young Barren, four Sows iu- pig, 13 store Pigs, one six Inch WheelW nggon, wilh Iron Liners, and Ripples complete, four narrow Wheel Ditlo, two with Liners, three good broad Wheel Tumbrels, one Ditto Trolley, one Horse Cart, Wheel Car, Sledge, two ( louli'e Ploughs, two single Wheel Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, Iwo Rollers, eight Dozen of Hurdles, three Wheelbarrows, wilh a large Number of small Implements, & e. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in Ibe Morning. At the Harleen, iu ihe Parish of Llandrinio, in the County of Montgomery, on Tuesday, tbe loth of March, 1812, between the Hours of one aud three iu tbe Afternoon, subj ct to such Conditions us shall be then produced aud agreed upon: ALL that the MESSUAGE, or Dwelling House, inanv Years used as a PUBLIC HOUSE, called THE HARLEEN aforesaid, with the Outbuildings, Smith's Shop, and LANDS thereto belonging: also, a TENE- MENT and GARDEN adjoining thereto, containing by Admeasurement sA. lR. sP. or thereabouts, iu the holding of John Griffiths, or his Undertenants. THE HARLF. EN is situate near the junction of the two Turnpike Roads leading from Pool to Oswestry, which in also the great hoad lo l. lanymynech Liiue Rucks, and Llwynyiuaeu and Tiefarclawdd Collieries; and Ibe Lauds adjoin Ihe Montgomeryshire Canal. The House is a well accustomed Public, and'the Shop a good Situation for Busi- ness : tbe Premises lie very compact; distant about six M iles from Pool, and nine from Oswestry. The Tenant will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply at the Office of Mr. THOMAS, Solicitor, 1: 1 Ihe Town of Llaiifvllin. CAPITAL - OAK L tMBt. lt; BY GLOVER AND 80N?' At the W bite Lion, iu Willow Street, in tlk'To/ lfofOsv, e « - try, ill the County ofSalop, oil W cdnesdayVtMe'j. iUi Day of March, 1( 112, at four o'Clock 111 tiie Afternoon, sub ject to CouditWus then tu be produced: ' LOT 1. ' ^ Oiir OAR TRF. ES, scribed and numbered, and grow- 40u in ™ 011 a Farm In the Township of Upper Brony- arth, iu the Parish otGuilstield, in the Counly of Montgomery, in tbe Holding of Mrs Elisabeth Edwards LOT II. 300 OAK TREES LOT 111. 152 OAK TREES. ,4-, N B. Lots 2 anil 3 aie scribed and unmbered, and grow- ing on a Farm in Ibe Township uf Upper- Eionvuiih afore said, iu ihe Holdiug of Mr. John Davits. , ' " ' The Trees are leiiglhy and sound," and t\ l for Sjiipbuild ing, or any other superior. Purpose. • 7 Mr. John Davies, 011 the Premises wilUhew the Timber ; and for further Particulars apply, to MrJ BENI'LEI?, of Moretun Hall, near Oswestry. „ .. Capital choice DAIRY and FARMING STOCK, VALUABLE HORSES, & C. At HEATH LANE, r. ear Whitchurch, m the County of SalOp. BY LA KIN " AND SON, On Saturday, the 7th Day of March, 1812, on the Premises, without Reserve; ALL the truly desirable well bred LIVESTOCK, IM- PLEMENTS of HUSB IN DRY, Dairy aud Brewiii"- Vessels, aud Part ofthe HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, of Mr BRER ETON, senior, who is retiring from Farming Business , comprising 8 young excellent calving Cows, for early Profit, two handsome Sun k Heifers, oue active steady Draught Horse, one stout, compact, young Draught Mare, in- foal by the Farmer's Glory, four store Pigs, and a Lot of Sheep ; Wheel and other Ploughs, and new Harrows, Fan, Trial, Turnip and Straw Engines, long Ladder, with all BY J. BROOME, Oil the Premises, on Wednesday, the 18th of March, 1812 • ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUS11AN DRY, with Part of tbe HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Biewing and Dairy Utensils, & c belonging 10 Mr. IIUHGWIN, of WALLOP, near Westbury, in the County of Salop;- consisting of 15capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, one prime 2- years old Hull ( Herefordshire breed), four 4- year old Oxen, good Workers, two 3- ytar old Bullocks, two ditto barren Heifers, four 2 year old Bullocks, five ditto Heifers, lo Yearlings; five good Waggon Horses, one Ditto Mare in- foal; Gearing for six Horses ; one fine Horse, rising 4- years old ( by Fox hunter), one 2- year, old Colt by Ditlo, one Ditto of. lbe draught Kind; one Sow aud Pigs, two Ditto tu- pig, one troug Pig, six smaller Ditto ; one Waggon, one Harvest Ditto, one double Plough, oue single Wheel Ditto, one broad Wheel Tumbrel, one narrow W heel Ditto, four Pai o f Harrows, one Car, two Stone Cisterns, five Piglrotigh Straw Engine, Malt Mill, Grinding Stone, Wheelbarrow with a number of small Implements, & c. & c. ' The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. rile above Stock is well known to be a very superior one, the Note and Condition for the Dairy, and Action of the Horses, deserve every Attention of the Public, who will find the Whole in substantial Older. The Sale will begin precisely at Ten, and continue til! all is sold. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, the 2311 of March, 1812; ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, and IMPLE- MENTS iu HUSB. 4N DRY, & c belonging to Mr MEDLICOTT, of THE HOME, near Bishop's Castle, in the. Counly ofSalop; consisting of lfj Cows calved and in- calf, 3 calving Heifers, one 3- years old Bull of the Here- fordshire breed, one 2- ycars old Dllto, eight 3- years old Bullocks, six 2- years old Heifers, 17 Yearlings, six Waggon Horses and Gearing, one hack Mare, three Years old ; one Sow ill- pig, one Gilt in Ditto, eight store Pigs; one Waggon, one double Plough, oue large Pair of Harrows, with a Number of small implements, & o." fcc. ' I lit Sale to begin M 10 o'clock in the Morning. DAIRY COW VALUABLE STOCK OF TIMBER. ' At the House of Thomas Joues, in the Town of Llanfyllin, in the County of Montgomery, Innkeeper, on Tuesday, the 31st Day iif March, 1812, at five o Clock in tbe After- noon, iu the follow ing, or * uch other Lots as slliill be agreed upon at tbe ' Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced: LOT 1. OA / CAPITAL OAK Timber Trees, Scribe- marked, and growing upon GAUTIIGELL Farm, in the ' Parish of Lluiil'yllin, iu the Holdiug uf John Thomas. LOT II. 155 OAK Timber Trees, Scribe- marked, and growing upon BWLCII Y COCSYDD Farm, in the said Parish of l. hiufylliu, now in tbe Holding of Mr. Richard Griffilhes. ' The Oak Timber are. of great Lengths, aud are lit for Plank, ( left, or any other Purposes ; they lie within a Mile ofthe'Town of Llanfyllin, and distant from the EJIesmere Canal at Ihe New Bridge a Mile*, lo which there is a good Turnpike Road. Further Particulars may be bad by applying to Mr. DANIEL, Vaiehwel Hall, near Pool; orofMr. RICHARD PUG 11, Llaufyllin, who will appoiut a Person to shew the ' Timber. BY MR SALTER, On Thursday and Friday, the 5th and 6th of March, 1812; f"|\ HE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE belonging to Mr. A PETER ROBERTS, of Cross- Street, OSWESTRY, con- sisting uf Mahogany Tables, Chairs, aud other Household Ootids, without Resesve. Also, on the second Dav,: i capital brown Mare, bv Young Soldier, Hands high, a good Goer, temperate, und war rented : about 5 Tons of Hay ; and a Mixoil. Catalogues may be hud at the Inns, or of THE Auc- TIONEF. R, Oswestry; Swan Inn, Ellesmcre; Bowling Green, Overtoil; Cross Keys, Llauymynecb ; and the Hand, Cbirk, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. MOST CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. At the Oak Inn, in Welsh Pool, on Monday, the 30th Day of March, 1812, at five iu the Afternoon, subject to Conditions: - j r. j OAK Timber Trees, marked with a Scribe, and I standing in Coppice* on tbe BANK FARM, HI the Parish uf Forden, ill the Occupation of Mr, Evan Edwards. Many of the above Trees are of very large Dimensions, are perfectly sound, aud will be found deserving the Attention of Persons wanting large Timber.— They are situate rlose to the Turnpike Road leading from Pool towards Montgomery, 3l Miles from the Montgomeryshire Canal at tbe Belan, and Miles from Pool Quay. The Tenant will shew tbe Trees ; and Particulars maybe hail of Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Welshpool. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, the ltith of March, 1812 ; ALL the valuable LIVE S'TOCK, and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, See. & c belonging to Mr. BATES, of KEMPTON, near Bishop's Caslle, in the . County of Salop; consisting of In excellent Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, two calving Heifers, one 2 year ohl Bull, bred from Mr, GWILLIAM'K Stock, four 3 year old Bul- locks, six 2- year old Ditto, one ditto Heifer, seven Year- lings ; thiee capital Waggon Geldings, one ditto Mare ; Gearing for four Hnrecs ; one hack Mare, in- foal to THE ARAUIAN ; 33 fine fat Wetlieis, 30 Ewes ( nearly all Lamb) 12 yearling Wethers, lo ditto Ewes ; two Sows iti- pig, two strong Pigs, 10 small store Ditto ; two W aggons, ( one nearly new with Iron Liners), twuTunibtels, pile double Plough, one single Wheel Diito, one Pair of Harrows, with a Number of small Implements, & c.& c. The Sale to begin ut 10 o'clock iu the Morning. I'S, YOUNG CATTLE," T taw OF HD^ SES, Pigs, Implements, Hay, S; c. . j'c.' '• ; '* •' ' BY GLOVER AND » C) N, ,. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the 17th, istb, and lyth Days of March, TST$; ALL the truly valuable and carefully selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY, L. KAIN, HAY, & c. uf the lale Mr. JOHN WYNNE, of RYTON, in Ihe Pal ish of Bangor, aud County of Denbigh : consisting of 89 inort valuable Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, 11 calving Heifers, 20 capital two years old Heifers, 15 Yearling Diito, capital Bull got by Mr. Robinson's famous old Bull TIFPOO, ditto four- years. old Bull, ditto three- years old Ditto, ditto two- yeais old Ditlo, Ycniiing Ditto ; three capital fat Cows aud six young feeding Ditto, barren; 20 large Store Pigs, to smaller Ditto,' 3 Sows ih- pig, capital Bi awn; t) young able Waggon Horses, capital black Cart Stallion, three Years old, ditto black Colt, rising three Years old, handsome Blood bay Gelding, five' Years old, by DIAMOND, likely to make a capital Hunter, Ulitto clitsnut Ditlo, four Years old, by ALEXANDER, likely to be Master of 18 Stone, capital Bipod Mare, with a handsome chesuut Yearling Colt at her Htels, by ASHTON ; Slack of old Wheat, Stack of excellent Hay, about 40 Tous, Ditto about 30 Tons, to go off the " Premises; capital Road W aggon, broad Wheels, shelled, new, Ditto Ditto, narrow Wheels, ( helled, Tumbrel, Roller two Ploughs, two Pair of Harrows, Winnowing Machiue, 6 Sets of Horses Geers, Sic. ike. ':..'"' ALSO, to be disposed of by PRIVATE CONTRACT, the last Year's DAIRY of CHEE. SE, about IS Tons. THE AUCTIONEV, us beg Leave to observe, liiaUieither Pains nor Expence have beeu spared in breeding and selecting the above Stock of Cattle, w hich artfehietly bred from theStoek of Mr ROBINSON, of Leicestershire, and combining both Qualities of Feeding and Milk,-- they are scarcely lo be equalled; the Team of Horses are young, aud excellent Workers ; the Whole are very deservedly in high Estimation, and will be sold without Restive. The Cattle will be sold 011 the two first ^ Days, and tbe Horses, Implements, Grain, and Hay, on the third: Catalogues of w hich will be printed immediately, and may be had at Ihe following Places : viz. Eagles Inn, Wrexham ; Feathers, Chester; Swan, Tarnoiiey; Lamb, Nantwich; Red Lion, Malpas; Swan, Whitchurch ; Black Lion, Wein; Talbot, Market Drayton; Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury ; Bridgewater Arms, Eliesmere ; Cross Keys, Oswestry ; on the Premises; mid of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Saturday, the 14th of March, 1812 ; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK aiifj IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. & c. belonging to Mr. HAR- RIS, of WESTHOPE, iu the Parish of 1 elbury, in the Couuty ofSalop; consisting offive Cows calved and in- caif, four calving Heifers, six g. tears old Bullocks, four ditto Heifers, 13 Yearlings ; six young Waggon Horses w iih long Tails; Gearing for seven Ditto, linear- years - old Colt just broke ill, hark Mare in- fiml, one 2- years old draught Colt, two yearling Colts of the Saddle kind; 31 Ewes with Lambs, 37 yearling Sheep; two Sows in pig; two Waggons, one Harvest Ditto, two broad Wheel Tumbrels, one Horse Cart, one double Plough, oue Wheel Ditto, one Hatid Diito, one large Pair of Hat rows, two small Pair of Ditto, two Rollers, six Dozen of Huutles, Winuowiug Machine, Ditto ran, two Dozen Bags, with a number of small Implements, & c. & c.— The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock iu the Morning. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Waggon Horses, Pigs, Implements in Husbandry, BREWING AND DAIRY UTENSILS, Belonging to Mr. Jellicoe, who is gone lo reside al Sbiffnal, BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, at BF; N'THALL, iu the Parish of Alber- bury, iiear Shrewsbury, on Tuesduy and \ Vedncsdny, the 24 th and 25th of March, 1112; ' be Sale to commence each Day at Ten o'Clock pre- cisely, us the Whole is intended lo be sold in three Days. ALL the genuiue HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, con- sisting of several Fourpost and Tent Bedsteads, with Moiine, Collon, and other Hangings; 12 excellent Feather Beds, wilh Bedding; Floor anel Bedside . Carpets, Pier and Swing Glasses, Mahogany Ctiairs, Set of Mahogany During Tables, Bason Stands, Chamber Tables, & c. and a general and useful Assortment of DAIRY, BREWING, aud Kitchen Articles. The OUTSTOCK and IMPLEMENTS consist of 7 able Wag- gon Horses and Gearing; 4 Gilts and Pigs, 1 thorough- bred Leicester Sow in- pig, IS strong Stores, and 8 smaller Ditto ; 1 Road and 2 Harvest Waggons conipleat, 2 six- inch Tumbrils, 2 double, 8 single, ar. d 1 water- furrowing Plough, 1 large Roll, 1 Pair 3- horse Harrows, Scuffle, 1 large Sledge, 2 large Stone Cisterns, 1 Kibbling and Malt Mill, an excel- lent Winnowing Machine, 8 e ery capital Staek Frames with Stone Pillars and Caps; with Ladders, Foddering Cribs, Stoue Pigtroughs, Wheelbarrows, Pikels, Rakes, and suudry small Implements. N B. The Waggon Horses, Gearing, Implements, and Dairy Utensils will be sold 011 TUESDAY ; and the House- hold Furniture 011 WEDNESDAY. The Whule may be viewed on Monday preceding the Sale, which will commence at 10 o'Clock- tfach Morning. FARMING STOCK, & c. BY LA KIN AND SO\ T, On Monday, the 16th of . March, 1812, 011 the Premisep, in tbe Township of Buolev, and Parish of Stanton, Salop; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, new I VI PL EM ENTS of HUSBANDRY, capital Brewing Vessels and Bar- rels, Dairy Requisites, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. JOHN AOAMS, who is leaving Ihe Place ; comprising one calving Cow, one ditto Heifer, out fat Cow, twuStuiks, tlnee valuable Draught Horses, a good half- bred Colt, two years old, one yearling Ditto, a capital Poney; one fat Pig, one Gilt, and one Store Pig ; an excel- lent Road Cart w rtb Gearing, ( nearly new); Iwo Tumbrels, oue Wheel Plough, oue Hand Ditto, two Pair eifnew Har- rows,. Land - Roller, Slack Frame of 15 Stone Pillars, two • Ladders, Dozen of Hurdles, Malt Mill, two large Sloue Cisterns, Lot of Dry Spokes aud other'Timber, Straw En- gine, Fan and Trial", Dragrake, Lot of Bags, Horse Gears, Waggon Chain, Saddle and Bridle, and various Tools in Husbandry, and all Ihe HOUSEHOLD GOODS and Brew- ing Vessels. The Sale to begin at ten. o'Clock, and continue till is sold. . VALUABLE EFFECT?, ATTHE WHITE LION INN, WHITCHURCH, SALOP, . By Order of the Assignees. BY LA KIN " AND SON, On Tuesday, the 17th of March, 1812, and the four follow. ing D » \ S; A LL tbe valuable extensive STOCK of genuine modern iJL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Plate aud plated Articles, Wardrobe i f choice Linen, rich India aud other China, and best Glass, capital Horses aud Carriages, Har- ness, & c. Brewing Vessels and Casks, ami all oilier Effects of Mr. JAMES SMITH, of the White Lion lun aforesaid, a Bankrupt; comprising handsome Bedsteads of every De- scription, wilh printed Cotton, Damask, Moreen, aud Dimity Furnitures, and Window Curtains lo mulch, up- ward* of 20 excellent Goose Feather Beds, Bolsters a„ d Pillows, Flock Mattresses, large tine Blankets, Quilts, Counterpanes and Carpets, neat Mahogany anil painted Beel Chamber Requisites and Dressing Glasses, several Sets of Mahogany Dining Tables, ' l ea, Card aud other Dillo, various Mahogany Chairs, stuffed Bottoms, uue Ditto Set- tee, & c. elegant Pier Glasses and Prints, Table Service of best blue Ware, nuineious Sets of Tea aud other China, rich cut Glass Dishes, for Desserts, Decanters, See. Japan Trays, Tea Urns, & c, large Assortment of pri .1 Bed and Table Linen, & c ( nearly new), a capital Mangle, Bu- reaus, Chests of Drawers, and all Parlour Requisite's, Clock and Time- piece, Stove Grates and Fire Irons, valuable Kitchen Range w ith bot Hearths, S, c. as fixee., and useful Kitchen Furniture in Brass, Copper, Iron, Tin, Pewter, tkc. large Copper Furnace, Meaning Tubs, Wort Coolers, Slout Ale Barrels, Glass Bottles, enth a great Variety of House- hold and Brewing Utensils", essential for genteel Families. Likewise, three capital Post Chaises anel Harness, ( nearly new), a Hearse, Slq. six yoiiug excellent working. Carriage Horses, i 1 good Condition, also, a Milch Cow, an iu- pig Sow, oue Road Cart, ahd W'aier Ditto, Horse Gears, & c. & c. Part of a Staek of Hay, with numerous other valuable Effects — Sale to begin each Moiuing at ten o'Ciock. N. B. The Carriages, Horses, and Coffee- Room Furni- ture, ^. c. w ill be sold the second Day's Sale. CAPITAL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AND ALL OTHER VALUABLE EFFEC'I S. At the Swan Inn, Whitchurch, Salop, without Reserve. ( FORTHE BENEFIT OF CREDITORS) BY LAKIN"" A\ D SON, Oil Monday, lhe23d of March, 1812, and the two following Days, x> u the Premises ; ALL the trnlv neat & genuine HOUSEHOLD GOODS aud FURNITURE, plated Articles, Glass, China, Liuen, & c- Brewing Vessels, Barrels, Horses, trigs, 6tc. belonging to Mr. EDGE, who is leaving the above lint; comprising handsome new Fourpost and Tent Bedsteads, with rich printed Cotlon, Moreen, Dimity, and utiier Hang- ings anil Window Curtains, excellent Goose 1' ealher Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Mattresses, tiue Blankets, Quills, and Counterpanes, large Assortment " f neat ' 1 able and Bed Linen, Niglil ' Chairs, . Wash Stands, Dressing'Tables anil Glasses, W'ardrtilie anil. Chests of Drawers, two Set* of handsome Dining Tables- ivith Circular Ends, neat Chairs with stuffvd'Bottums,' anil Ann Ditto large PUT Classes, new Carpet, 18 Ft. by 12, Mahogany Card and Ten Tables, Tea and Coffee Urns, and Trays, a Table Service of h. ft blue Earthenware, Jelly Stands and Grasses, a capital Eight elay Clock, Clipboards and Chairs, great Variety of useful Kitchen Furniture," Stea in Cop tier Brass, Iron, and Tin, Crockery Ware, Quantity ofGlass Bottles, Parlour Fenders and Fire Irons, large Mashing'Tubs, Coolers, and salting Turnel, very excellent Ale Hogsheads mid Barrels, in gooel Condition, a very large Copper Furnace and fcoiltr, as fixed, with all other Brewing Utensils; likewise two good Hack Horses, Sadel es and Bi idles, two neat Gi£ s ai d Harness, one of whiih is new, one liglil Cart with B. oad Wheels, aud Gearing complete, Horse Gears, laige Slone Cistern, Mall Mill, Trial, Measures, Sic with numeioua other Articles, too many 10 be inserted here.— Also a lar « e Mixen of old Dung N. B The Whole of the above being in good Order and Condition, and sold without Reserve, deserves every Atten- tion of the Public.—- The Sale will begin eath Morning at Ten. To the EU TOR oj the SALOPIAN JOURJVAL. SIR, As you have favoured vonr readers with the proceedings at large nf the Cambridge meeting, in which Or. Marsh's oppo hit ion to the formation of a Bi'i'e Society in that University was seveiely arra'ened. I am persuaded you will think it ( it that the Professor shonld he heard in his own defence ; and 1 shall request admission for some extrac's from the pamphlet which he has published upon ' his subject, which will, however, ap- pear to much disadvantage, when stripped of the connexion in which they stand on the pages of his hook. I am, Sir, your obedient servant, x. y. He begins bv observing that " whoever objects to the Bible Society is invariably asked, where is tiie harm of giving away a BP Iff" to which the Professor answers, none whatever: b>, i asks in his turn, where is the harm of living away a prayer book? Of course, he proposes this question only to churchmen, and disclaims all wish to impose the liturgy on dissenters : am) as he thinks that no leal churchman can say there is harm iri giving a pravei bo'. k with a II, hie, he infers that such a person cannot consistently object lo those men who recommend their Joint di- tiibutiori. A churchman cannot therefore, at least not consistently, complain of ihe. se who object to withhold the litingv. Can it be a mailer of indifference whether Ihe poor of an establishment aie provided with prayer books? When we fuither consider, lhat there is at present hardly a village, which is not visited by Illiterate teachers, who expound the Bible with more confidence than the most profound theologian, it becomes doubly necessary to provide the poor of ihe esta- blishment with a safeguard against false interpretation, and What better safeguard can we offer them. The Hook ot Common Piayer. w hich contains so excellent a summary of Ihedoctiines of the Bible according lo iis true exposition, that I little ex- pecied to hear clergymen reprehend a professor of divinity because h" contended tbat the prayer book should be dis- tributed ttuh the Bible. " 1 am ready to confess that if it is really blatneable to object to Iht distribution on the part ot ehurchmen of the Bible alone or unaccompanied with the liturgy, it ntcessarly follows that the omission of the prayer bonk in the distribution of the Bible is rot onlv allowable, hut laudable. That I have been re- prooihid, anr' bitterly ieproached for assettiiig, that cbuich- uren sliooId not content themselves with distributing only Bibles"' to ihe poor is a matter of notoriety. " Before 1 examine the grounds, on which mv objection to the omission of the liturgy is now arraigned, I beg leave to call the attention ot Ihe leader lo the FACT, thai the omission ol the liturgy, in the distribution of the Bible, is justified, nnd jnsi fi. d by churchmen. And I request the reader to keep this FACT in remembrance, because we shall find it of great im- poitance, when the views of the society are more particularly examined. " I acknowledge, that the arguments for the distribution of lbc Bible alone are so specious, so apparently in the spirit of true protestantism, while the arguments for the contrary lie so concealed from tne public vietv, aud arc now so confidently asseitei) lo savour of popery, that tliey re equally difficult to expla. n, and dangerous to propose. Believing however, as I do, that there is a fallacy m the arguments of those who op- pose me. and conscious ol Ihe rectitude of my intentions, I tremble not at the obstacles, which present themselves. If il weie now a question, as it was at the Relonnation, whether the Bible should be distributed or not, men might justly ex claim to those who withheld it. But t hi - is NOT the question, as i very one must know, who a'gues against me. Tht- ie were channels in abundance for the distribution of tbe Bible, long In fore the existence of the modern society. And I challenge my opponents to declare, whether ihey have laboured harder, trull I have done, to promote Ihe study of it. But it is urged, if yon still rr quiic, that the Bible, should te accompanied with tht liturgy, yt n must certainly suspect., that there is danger to the established t lunch from the distiibution of the Bible alone. • Here let tiie ask, wlielher the Bible itself is not capable of phvers on, w lit tin r lhe best, of bcoii mav not be misapplied to tbe worst of purposes* Have we not inspiied authority for an- swering this question in the affirmative > St. Peter bin self, speaking ofthe Epistleof St, Paul, said, " In which aie some " things hard to he understood, which ihey tha! ate unlearned " and unstable wrest as they doalso the oilier scriptures, hnto " their own destruction." Would St. Peter, il he hatl lived iri the present age, have thought this admonition less necessary, than in the age of the Apostles ? Can churchmen therefore who know, lhat one party wiests the scriptures into authority for the rejection of the trinity anrl the atonement, that another par y w rt st, tnem into authority for tne rejection of the sacra- mens, Ih'uik it unnecessary to accompany the Bible with the liturgy, iti which the doctrines of tbe trinity, tne atonement, the sacraments, with the other doctrines of our church, are detivtared ns contained in the Bible ? It is not the Bible itself, but the ; imi rsron ol it, the wresting ol the scriptures by the " Unlearned aud unstable," whence the danger proceeds. And I his dangei must increase in proportion as we nrglect the means of counteracting it " But the Bible alone contains r. ll things, which are necessary for salvation : this pusition is indisputably true; and no pro- festant has ever contended, thai any doctiine should be re- ceived as an article of faith, which is not contained in the Bible. But have not christians of every age and natron been at vari- ance t, n the question, what doctrines, are contained in the Bible ? Undoubtedly' ibe Bible is the sole bash of the Church Of England ; and it is the sole basis fur which 1 contend, not. withstanding some late insinuations to the contrary. Equally tine is the general proposition, that the Bible only is the re- ligion of the prctestnnt. But since protestantism us times so many different foims, men speak quite indefinitely, if they speak of it without explaining the particular kind, which they mean. When I hear of a Swedish on Danish protestaut, I know that it means a person, whose religion is the Bible. only, but the Bible, as expounded in ttie confession of Augsburg " When I hear of a protesiant of Ihe Church of Holland, 1 know that it means a person, whose religion is the Bible only, but the Bitile as expounded in the Synod of Tort. In like manner a proteslant yf the Church of England, is a person whose religion is the Bible only, but ihe Bible as expounded in the liturgy ond articles, flow therefore can we know, if we give the Bible only, whatjor/ of protestantism will be deduced from i ? And if we believe, that the . B ble is more correctly expounded in our formulary of faith than in any other, do we art rinhily, if we withhold lhat foiinulaiv, and thus expose men to the danger of coming to conclusions, which we must consistently believe lo befalsel If the devout study of the Bible necessarily led to an approbation of the liturgy, why is il sliil rejected by the d stealers i And how are men to know, what the excellencies of the liturgy are, if tbe Bible only is put into their hands ' How cuu they make the comparison, if thej have n il both Bible and Prayer Bonk? Suppose, how- ever, il were true, that Ihe study ol the Bible, unaccompanied by ihe liturgy, would lead all into to ihe same conclusion, as it led our English reformers, there can surely be no objection to put into I heir hands, at the same time with the Bible, a book which will lead tbem to those conclu- ious at once But since we know by experience, that tne study of the Bible does not lead all men to the same conclusions, may it not be said without reproach, that churchmen should not content tht m- selves with the distribution of the Bible alone ? ( 7O be continued.) Antidote to Arsenic.- The following extract from the Rac- ing Calendar requires to be generally known. " NEWMARKET FIRST TPRING MEETING, 1811. " In Ibis and the following week, Spaniard, Feronette, the Daudy, uud a coil of Sir F. Slandish's, died in consequence of a solution of arsenic having been put into the trough, at w Inch tiicy were watered ; two horses ( Reveller and Coelebs) drank out of the same trough, but were recovered, as is believed, by administering vinegar to them, which is said to have the effect of neutralizing arsenic. This is continu- ed by an instance within our knowledge, of a child recovered by the same remedy, who had accidentally swallowed arse- nic A repetition of Ibis horrid scheme is happily prevented by the simple expedient of introducing small fishes into tire water troughs ; but the fact of vinegar's being au antidote to the effect of arsenic, appeared to us too important not to be mentioned, especially as it is not generally known, even amongst medical men " What is education without books? the mechanism of leading anil writing may and has been acquired by horses, dogs, and pigs! Something more, then, is required by in- telligent moral agents; and, under Ibis idea, the Rev. S. Barrow has just compiled aud published an admirable manual of religious, moral, anil prudential knowledge, cal- led the Poor Child's Library, to serve as a present to children on leaving the various public schools. " A ound mind in a sound body, is a short but full descrip- tion of a happy slate in this world : he lhat has those has liitle more to wish for, and he who wants either, will be little thc belter for any thing else," We have r. ot the temerity to attempt the refutation of an opinion advanced by one of our proloundest philosophers ( Locke) j but, without courting the seveiity of criticism, we may observe, that at the period in which his elaborate treatise on education was written, the GUIDE TO HEALTH was not in existence, uor had the country been blessed in the discovery of the CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. On the 4t'. i inst. a public meeting was , held in the General Assembly Room-, Windsor, for the promotion of the Lancas- trian System'bf* Education amiing the Poor, when it was resolved, that it would be attended with a great national benefit, and promote the peace and haririony of society, to which a state of ignorance and idleness has ever beeu consi- dered an " insuperable bat. That Mr. Lancaster's system was particularly well adapted to the de- irallle object, on account of Ihe liberality of the principles, as well as the economy 01 time, labour antl expence, which it ensures. Children of all religious persuasions are to be admitted. No particular doc- trines are to be introduced. Twelve Gentlemen of different persuasions were appointed a committee to establish a school upon those principles. Thanks of tbe Meeting were voted to Mr. Lancaster. The letters brought by the Actenn from the East Indies were delivered on Tuesday. From Botnbay they come down to the 6lh of October, and are ol a very favourable Com- plexion. Money is so plentiful that the discounts, which some time ago were from 8 to 10 per cent, are fallen to 6 per cent. The troops, which were frequently six mooths without being paid, are no* paid with the greatest regularity, and are seldom six weeks in arrears. According to accounts from Bombay, it is expected that that Presidency will be ceded to the Crown, on the renewal of the Company's Charter.,} this appears very improbable. Within the last fortnight there lias been a very great change for the better in. the general health of the Prince Regent.— His appetite, which was bad, has been, by preserving a strict regimen, perfectly restored, and he has not been better for years than he is at present. Lord Keith, we understand, is appointed Commander in Chief of ihe Channel Fleet, in the room of Sir C. Cotton. The Catholic Claims.— Oil the subject of the decision come lo by Government on Ihe Catholic Question, it is now stated that " although the Prince Regent's Government are decid- edly of opinion, that the Catholic Concessions cannot at pre- sent be made, aud Mr. Perceval anil many others think that it cannot be right to make them at all, yet that the Govern- ment woultl not feel itself warranted in refusing the assistance and services of any man in office, if his services were valuable on other grounds, merely because, in consistency wilh his former vo'es and opinions, he must differ from tbe Govern- ment on this question " To this extent, ana no further, the question is to be considered as an open one. Trade to the East Indies. — At a numerous meeting of the merchants of Bristol, held on Wednesday, tbe following reso- lutions were agreed to unanimously : — lst, That the capital of the East India Company is totally inadequate to the great trade which might be carried on with our Eastern dominions, especially since onr late conquests; and there is a sufficient field for employing all the private capitals which could be appropriated to it. 2dly, That private merchants can trade on'far better terms than any incorporated body, Sdly, Tliat monopoly has also proved injurious to the gene. ral interests of a nation. 4thly, That in the present stagnation of our commerce, we ought to avail ourselves of eveiy new channel for Ihe export of our manufactures. 5thly, That Ihe city of Bristol, as well as the other out- ports, is entitled to a share in Ihe East India Trade, which is now exclusively confined to the Port of London. 6thly, That the Americans are reaping those benefits from which our merchants are excluded, though purchased by the blood aud treasure of this kindom. 7thly, That there aie several grants in tbe East India Char- ter useless to the company and harrassing to individuals. And lastly, because an opportunity will soon offer itself, when great national and commercial advantages may be gained without infringing the rights of the East India Company. A committee was also appointed for the purpose of procur- ing information, and reporting their opinion of proper mea- suies to be adopted to another general meeting, aud to give instructions to the Committee to correspond with the other out- ports. HOUSE OF COMMONS, FRIDAY, FEB. 21. THE EARL OF WELLINGTON. The CHANCELLOR ofthe EXCHEOUER moved that tbe House resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House on the Prince Regent's Message respecting the grant of 20001. a year to Earl Wellington: which being agreed to, the right hon. gentleman descanted at considerable length on the high merits of Ihe noble Commander, particularly in the last great achievement at Cuidail Rodrigo, a place which our enemy calculated would hold out at least nine or ten days, but which fell before British skill, valour, aitd discipline iu nine or ten minutes.— Mr, KEEN thought the sum proposed to be granted too small.— Sir F. BURDETT opposed the grant, and did not consider Lord Wellington as deseiving of merit in what he had done. He then passed some encomiums on the French General Suchet; and concluded by observing, that were the exploit ever so brilliant, the present state of the people of this country was an insuperable objection to the proposed grant.-- Mr. CANNING expressed his utter astonishment at the objections of the lion. Baronet. With ihe vast chaige which his country reposed in him, the noble commander had ivell fulfilled his trust, and by bis splendid achievements in Portu- gal and in Spain, had proved himself the salvation of the one, and the hope of the other. When such had been his glorious career, did it become them, with the hon. Baronet, coldly to enter into a calculation of bis merits? Was there a second man iu lhat House who, observing the happy coincidence hy which the first act of the new royal aulbority accorded with the last act of that which wasin abeyance, in the reward of extiaoidiuary merits, and expiession of gratitude, by bestow - ing honours and distinctions, was ilrere a second mail among them who would question the propriety and justice of thatact ? But it was not that the reward to Lord Wellington fiom his own country was due to his services alone : Did ihe hon Bart, know what he had refused from oiher countries, seusible cf what he had done for them ? Did be know that, wheiicieated Conde ite Vimiera, that title was accompanied with a pension of 5,0001. a year— that 3,0001. a year was annexed to the office bestowed on him ot Captain General in Spain— and the emoluments of Ihe office of Marshal ill Portugal amounted to 1,0001. a year— in all 13,0001. a year, of which Loid Welling- ton had refused to accept} —( Great cheering) — Ho, said that truly noble loid, 1 will not, in the situation of Portugal and Spain, receive these rewards. I have only done my duty to my country, and to it I will look for my recompense. It was at the rate of 15,0001. a year that these commits estimated Iiis services, but here, when 2,0001 was proposed, what did the hon. Baronet ? He held out bis hand against the breach of economy. These were the rewards offered by the graiitode of foreign nations, and relused ; but, to the comparatively small tribute of the feeling ol his countrymen, now under con- sideration, the hon. Bart, would say, " No! it is too dear! We, the economical Parliament of Great Britain—. ve, the legislators of lhat mighty nation— we will shew you an example of prudence and calculation— we trill teacli you not to run riot wilh your gratitude, or Etiffer your feelings to get ihe bet- ter of your wisdom— in fine, we will shew you, that we value all that Lord Wellington has done atlessthau 2,0011. a yea Mnlgravc Byron, Wallis, Carteret, Cook, rt WSJ trying the feeling of Parliament and the public opi- • nioti by an action, when he must know that the blame was not to fall on himself alone. If any obloquy was to atise, care was takeB that the Prince should fully participate. He ( Mr. B.) found great difficulty ia stirring the question. It. was a ninst'unpleasant task to pass a vote which would imply a degree 6f censure where none should fall; antl nothing but a strong feeling of parliamentary duty could impel him to move it. He concluded by moving as an amendment, that instead of the original sum of 62,1591. 13s. 6d. for defraying the charge of Pensions to be paid to Widows of Officers of the Land Forces, thti sum of 59,3691. 12s. 6d. be substituted, de- ducting the salary of the Paymaster.— This brought on a long dicussion, in which Mr. PERCEVAL contended it had been understood that if these offices were granted during pleasure, instead of during life, it would be completely acting up to thc views of Parliament, Until a general and specific regulation took place, He could not imagine it would be argued that Hanway, Ihe Resolutions alluded to, made 30 years ago, and which Shaw, had never been acted upon, could be held to be binding Brissot, on a Minister"; for the longer they lay untouched, the less Bruce, deserving were they of tbe attention of Government.— Mr. WHITSREAD observed that great credit had been taken by the Minister and his friends, that the office had been granted subject, to the determination of Parliament. No thanks were due lo theiti for this, for even if they bad granted the office for life. Parliament, from the lateness of thc appointment., had a right, ami ought to interfere with it; and lie trusted Parliament would this night do, what they ought to do with it, refuse to grant money to pay the salary belonging to if. But the worst of this matter was, llial this grant stamped the new reigri, and would be remembered as long as it lasted— if not against the Regent, at ail events against the Ministers who had advised him to so injudicious au act. The Committee, to whose opinions these Ministers had paid so little deference, had been strong enough to defeat Ihein on the strength of their own principles; and the question of what sinecures ought to be abolished was now pending with them, and would, he trusted, be brought to a favourable issue.— Mr. SHERIDAN said, if they wished the people to proceed wilh passive fortitude under their burdens, they must have from the highest authority the assurance that all unne- cessary appointments and offices should be abolished. He wns of opinion the office in question should be abolished, and he regretted that his lion, friend had accepted it; blithe could not accede to the unfair deductions drawn fiom the facts stated, neither did he approve of the present mo- tion. It would have been preferable to have moved at once for the abolition of the office, rather than for a record on their journals, which would seem as if directed against Col. M'Mahon personally, who he was sure would re- sign the situation if the sense of Parliament was expressed against it.— Lord COCHRANE observed that he disliked the selection of this insulated case, and though he would not vote with Ministers, he could not give his assent to the Amendment. His lordship then left the House. A division then took place, when there appeared for Mr. Bankes's amendment 115, against it 112.— majority against Ministers 3. Mr. BANKES gave notice, that on the 17th of March he hoped to bring forward a motion for carrying into effect the Resolutions of the Commissioners of Finance of 1183. HOUSE OF COMMONS— TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25. MR. B. WALSH. Mr BANICES rose to submit a motion to the House, for cer tain Papers ijlating to a certain Member, who, he was per- suaded, every one would consider as having rendered himself unworthy any longer to retain his. seat, antl whose expulsion, it was his intention to move ; but to put himself ip a situation to do so, he must move for tbe production of the Papers he was about to mention :— lst, A Copy of tbe Record of the Conviction of Mr, B. Walsh, for Felony ; 2d, Au Address to the Prince Regent, for a Copy of the Pardon granted by his Royal Highness to Mr. Walsh, and a Copy of the Judges t Letter, which had induced his Royal Highness to grant tha' Pardon ; 3d. A Copy of a Letter from li. Walsh to his bro- ther Joseph, produced at his trial, arid in whrcti he acknow- ledged the offence:— lie should also move, That Mr. Jenkins, the Solicitor, should appear at the Bar, with that Letter, on Thursday next, antl that Mr. Walsh should be ordered io attend iu his place on that day, to answer any charge which might he brought against him.— The several motions were agreed to. RII ADDS OF BASXEKS, & C. Mr. DRCMMOND obtn ined leave to bring in a Bill foV the more effectual Prevention ot thc Embezzlement of Property entrusted to Bankers, Solicitors, Brokers, Agents, and others; which was read a first time. l'ARtfill REGISTERS, Mr. ROSE, after some observations on the present imperfect mode of keeping Parish Registers, proposetl to bring in a Bill to render them more perfect. One of the provisions of his proposed Bill would be, that the Clergyman of each parish should transmit a copy, annually,- of his" Parish Register to the Registry of Ihe Diocese; and another provision would he, that dissenters from the Established Church should regularly deliver a Register of christenings, and burials iu their Chapels to the Clergyman ofthe parish in which such Chapels should be situated, which should also be forwarded to the Bishop of the Diocese. And for the better preserving the Registers thus obtained, a safe repository should be ere . red for tbem in each Diocese; — Leave given. Mr. BROUGHAM, according to his notice, moved that a select Committee be appointed to enquire into the application ofthe various sums arising to the Crown out ofthe Droits of Admiralty, and make their report thereon to the House.— The motion was negatived witlioot a division. The House in a Committee on the Nottingham Watch and Ward bill, Mr. RVDER said he bad received several commu- nications, which hatl made it adviseable to extend the provi • sions ofthe bill tothe whole kingdom ; and it hail consequently been new modelled in many pail?.— When the House resumed, the Report ivas brought up, and agreed to, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20. SUITS IN CHANCERY'. Mr. M. A. TAYLOR, altera few general observations on the importance of the. subject, and the great ptfblfC benefit Ihiit would arise from having Chafieery Soils determined with as great rapidity as those in other Courts, moved that a Com- mittee be appointed to inquire into ihe causes which retard the decision of suits in the Courts of Equity ; and that it be an instruction to the Committee to search into the Lords' Journals.— The motion was agreed to, and a Committee appointed. JUST published, PriceSixpenceeacliNumber, COOKE's MODERN AND COMPLETE SYSTEM OF UNIVERSAL GEOGRAPHY; Being an Accurate and General Description ofthe WHOLE WORLD, and its Inhabitants ; including authentic Narratives from all the distinguished Navigators who have made NEW DISCOVERIES. AMONG WHOM ARE THE FOLLOWING: Furneaux, Clerke, Wilson, Marchand, Portlock, Perouse, King, Dixon, Vancouver, l- orrest, Bligh, Entrecasteaux, M aurelie, j Edwards, j Missionaries, bcc. Likewise interesting and entertaining Accounts from the MOST MODERN TRAVELLERS. Mungo Parke, Macartney, Sonnini, Ilearne, Mackenzie, Weld, Barrow, Browne, FORMING A COMPLETE Render, Pallas, Denon, Collins, & c. Collection of Voyages and Travels, BY GEORGE ALEXANDER COOKE, ESQ. I. The Work is decorated with 7s Engravings, and ATLAS^ W1"' S5 Maps' wllic! l f° r, u a COMPLETE II. The CHEAP EDITION is printed 011 a Demy Quarto, and comprised in t: 14 Numbers, Price Sixpence eacu. 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Bur leu. The CHANCELLOR of the ExcucttUia, alter speaking in the highest terms of the late General Craufurd, moved an Addiess to the Piinoe Regent, piayiug lhat he would order a Monument to be erected to iiis memory in St. Paul's Cathedral. — Lord CAS- IIEREAOII seconded the motion ; w hich was carried unanimously. The usual Navy and Atmy Estimates were voted.— O11 the motion for the grant to C,, l Al'Maiion, us Paymaster of the Widows Pensions, Mr. Baukes said he should oppose it, be- cause it was in the teeth of a Resolution of the House, slating that it was expedient toabolishall offieesexecuted by Deputy. Col. M'MAHGN stated bis services to the country, in ihe siveial gradations of rank from Ensign to Colonel foi' 21 years, when from ill health he was compelled to retire.— Tbe hon Mr. BUNNETT said, he wished to give a reason for his vote. He then lead pait of a former report, and noticing the vote giveu that night for 20OOI. a year to Lord Wellington, for gieat military services, asketl whether any gentleman could say thai a larger annuity was due to the hon. Colonel for Ills public services, however useful and honourable his conducl might linve been in the Royal taniilj ?— Mr. Tiernt- v, and Mr. Whitbread also spoke 011 the same side, and Mr. Peiceval iu support of the grant.- On a division ibere appeared for the motion 54, against it 38. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24. On the motion lor receiving the Report of the Army Esti- mates, Mr. BAKK. ES requested the Repoit of the Committee of Finance 111 1783, ami that of the Committee of Military Inquiry in 1808, respecting the office uf Paymaster of W idows Pensions, might be read. These Resolutions having been aCOordingly read, the hon. gentleman observed, that the very existence of the resolutions against the continuance of that sinecure appointment, w as a sufficient'ground to justify the House in calling on that Minister who had da: td to disregard them, to account for his conduct in filling a situation so strongly recommended tube abolished; nothing could palliate it. The Minister bad admitted his responsibility, but had he taken that responsibility on him in such a way as to shield his Royal Highness from all imputation ? he thought be had not. BANKRUPTS, FEBRUARY 22. Colder Joseph, of Powick, Worcester, dealer, March 16, 17. April 4, at the White Lion Inn, Uplcn upon- Severn, Worcester. — Cartwright Thomas, of Buiion upon-' I'rent, Stafford, cliecse- fictor, March li, 7, April 4, al the George Inn, Burton- upon- t iell .— Chalmers Thomas, of Wormwood- street, London, u art - j houseman,. February 29, March 7, April 4, at Gililtlhall.— Child James, of Crutched-' Friars, London, victualler. Feb,' 25, March | 3, April 4, at Guildhall, London — Clark IVilliarn and Clark James, of King>! and, Devon, slop-, filer,, Feb. 29, March 12, April 4, at llie New Crown Hotel, Plymouth Dock Day Robert Robinson, of ilaberdroher's- slrei t, Hoxlon, Middlesex, candle- wick manufacturer, li- li. 29, - March 7, April 4, at Guildhall, London,— Donne William John, of Great Russell- street, C'ovent- Gardetr, Middlesex, haberdasli- r, Feb. 25. March 7, April 4, at Gu ldhall, Loudon.— Gooch Thomas, ot Exeter, grocer, March 9. 10, April 4, at the Hotel, Fixeier. — Hewitt Johv, of St. James's- Street, Middlesex, engraver, Feb. 29, March 7, April 4, at'Guild- ball, London.— leagu Dmid', of Mill'ord. Pembroke, shopkeeper, March 5. 6, April 4, at ihe Conimcrc. al Rooms. Biistol — Lotna. x John, late ol Liverpool, shoe- maker, March' 16, 17, April 4, at llie- Globe Tavern, Liverpool— Mackenzie George, of Deiln, salesman, Feb. 98. 29, ApriI 4, al llie K, ng'a Arms Tavern, Derby. — Newton James and Lomas George, ol S ockpori, Che ter, corn- faclors, FtP. 19, March 7, Apnl4, at the Castle Inn, Stockport. Page Richard, late of Aniblecoat, Stafford, but now of Lutley, Worcester, miller, March II, 12, April 4, at the George Inn, Bewdiey.— Roche John, of N eholas- lanc, London, merchant, Feb. 29, March 7, April 4, at Guildhall. London.— Sexton John, o: Stamnore, Middlesex, baker, Feb 29, March 1, April 4, at Guildhall, London.— Skirrov) Christopher, ol Lancaster, grorer, Mar, h 12, 13, April 4, atttie Comrnerciallnn, I anca- ter.— Thomas Eleanor, of Ilr- iston, Cornwall, spinster, shopkeeper, March 5, 6, April 4, at lire Commercial Rooms, Bri- roi— Tims James, of Worcester, carpenter, March 12, l'l, Apr, I 4, at thc Guildhall Coffee- house, Worcester.— Watson James, of S-. itton in- Ashtield, Nottingham, miller, Feb. 27, 28, April 4, at the S* an Inn, Mans- field. Ft,*. 25.']— BosWQith William, ot' Liverpool, merchant, March 11, 12, April 7, at tin: Globe I avern, Liverpool.— Brooker James Charles, of Aldermarv Church Yard, London, woollen cloth factor, Feb. 29, M rch 7, April 7, at Guildhall — Kellewdy Henry, of Ltmgham, Southampton, maltster, Maich 17, 18, April 7. attire King's Head, . Wmihotne Mills'e'r, Dorsetshire - Salvidgo George, of Litton, Somersetshire, meslinan, March 4, 5, April 7, at the Christopher Inn, Weds,. Sohiers, tshire.— Say Charles, of Newing- ton Butts, Surrey, haberdasher. Feb. 29, Maitli 7, April 7, at Guildhall, London Simonds John, of Jerroyn- stieet, Middlesex, haberdasher, Feb, 29, March 7,' April 7, a, Guildhall.— Wain Cantonments, Quarters, and Bar- racks, in the under mentioned Coun tics and Islands : OATS, To his Majesty's Cavalry in Can tonmeats and Quarters, in the under- mentioned Couuties & island.- Alderney, Anglesea, Bedford, Berks, ( including 1 theTorvuof Hung erforil,) Berwick, Brecon, Bucks, Cambridge ( includ- 1 ing the' Town of Cumberland, Newmarket,) Denbigh, Cardigan, Derby, Carmarthen, I Durham, A, nelesea, Bedford, Berwick, Brecon, Bucks, Cambridge, Cardigan, Carmarthen, Carnal vou, Chester, Flint, Glamorgan, Gloster, Hereford, Hertford, Hunts, Leicester, Lincoln, Merioneth, M oumouth, Montgomery, Northumberland, Oxford, Pembroke, Radnor, Rutland, Salop, Stafford, Westmoreland, VVorcesier. FORAGE, viz. OATS, HAY, and STRAW, to his Majesty's Cavalry in Barracks, and Oals in Canton- ments and Quar- ters, in the under- mentioned Coun- ties in South Bri- tain: Berks, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Hauls ( including tbe Isle of Wight,) Kent, Lancaster, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northampton, Nottingham, Somerset, Suffolk, Surry, Sussex, Warwick, Wilts, York. And in fhe several Counties in North Britain. Asr also Forage to . all Hoises kept for his Majesty's ser- vice 111 the' Island Of Jersey: ivright James, jnn. o: VVavertree, Law- ash re, builder, March 11, 12, April 7; at the Globe Tavern," Livi- i- poo,.—- Warrington Robert, seu. of Coventry, iwoolstapler, March 9, 23. Ann, 7, at ! heBroui- ley's Arms, Ellaston, Stalfordshne.— White William, ol Srukx- ates, Yorkshire, auctioneer, March 3 6, April 7, at the Neptune Inn, Kingston- upon- Hul1,— Young Isaac, of Nen Saiuni, Wiltshire, victualler, February 29, Marth 10, April 1, at Guildhall, Lomrin. AFRESH supply of that wonderful Discovery MACASSAR OIL, patronized by their Royal Highnesses the PRINCESS of WALKS and DUKF. of SUSSEX, and most of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL, for the HAIR. The Virtues of this Oil, extracted from a tree in the Island of Macassar, in the East Indies, are far heyoutl Euloginm for increasing the Growth of Hair even 011 BALD PLACES to a beautiful Length antl Thick- ness, preventing it falling off or changing Colour lo the latest Period of Life; strengthening tbe Curl, bestowing 1111 inesti- mable Gloss and Scent, rendering the flair inexpressibly at- tiacting; promotes the Growth of Whiskers, Eyebrows," & c. is pre- eminent to use after Sea bathing, violent Exercise, and Travelling ill hot Climates This is no pretended Foreign Oil, but the real produce of the Macassar Tree, arid possesses nutritious, emollient, and beautiful transparent Properties. In fine, it is the first Production in the World for restoring and beautifying the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, anrl Children. Such celebrity has it attained that it is daily honoured witb the Sanctions cf Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of the Navy and Army, Ihe Faculty, and Public at large. To Messrs. Rowland and Son, Proprietors of the Macassar Oil. GENTLEMEN, June 22, 1.811. I am greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of your Macassar Oil, for the Recovery of my Hair; which has been so extremely thin for these eight Years past, obliged me to wear a Wig, and u.- cd many preparations for a consi- derable time, without any signs of its recruiting. Hearing of the excellency of your Oil, 1 determined or, trying it; ii a short time my Hair began to thicken, and by using it re gutarly for six Months, 1 was enabled to leave off my Wig, antl have now to boast of a tine Head of Hair, which as- tonishes every one. I shall continue the use of it, as it 11, t' onlv thickens the Hair, but I feel considerable pleasure ill the Head after using it. My daughter has received astonish- ing Benefit from using the MACASSAR OIL, of . which let the Bearer have One Guinea Bottle. You are at liberty to pub- lish this Note, anil may refer any one to Your obedient Servant, WM. HEN. JAQUES. Sold at 3s. 6d. 10s. Od. and oue Guinea per Bottle, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND aud SON, Kirbv- street, llatton- Gar- den, London ; and by all wholesale Perfumers and Medicine Venders iu Loudon— Also, hy Appointment, by W. ED'DOWES, Shrewsbury, who has just, received a fresh supply Irom the proprietors; Wright', Hereford; Stevens and Watkins, Cirencester; Ingram and Walker, Gloucester; Itu. ff and Henry, Cheltenham ; and all Perfumers and Medicine Ven- ders iii every Market Town throughout the United Kingdom. Beware of servile Imitators, as the genuine Macassar Oil has tbe Signature of the Proprietors, A. ROWLAND and SON, Carnarvon Clieste , Cornwall, ( includ- ing Scilly,) Cumberland, Denbigh, Derby, Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Flint, Glamorgan, Gloster, ( including the City of Bris- Guernsey, Hants, Hereford, Hertford, Hunts, Isle of Mmi, Isle of Wight, Jersey, Kent, Lancaster, Leicester, Lincoln, Merioneth, Middlesex, Monmouth, Montgomery, Norfolk, Northampton, Northumberland, Nottingham, Oxford, Pembroke, Radnor, Rutland, Salop, Somerset, Stafford, Suffolk, Surry, Sussex, Warwick, Westmoreland,~ Wills, Worcester, York, And in Ihe several Counties in- North Britain. That the Deliveries are to commence on and for the Twenty- fifth Day of April next; that Proposals in Writing ee! ed i,|, t?"' 1; rilrked' M Arm/ Supplies, wi b! Dav of W I M"? 00 01' bt'fHl\ rues< 1 » y> the Seventeenth uay of March, ( but none will be received afler Twelve be paid. 01* y) ^ ' f SC'U b>' Po"> Postage must Proposals must be made separately for each County and vile ' TT iUr le Cou'lt, eB North and South u ales a, I ot which must be included in one Tender, as also must the several Counties in North Britain ; and each Pro- posal must have the Letter which is annexed to the Tender properly failed up, by two Persons of known Property en- gaging to becume bound with the Party tenderim- in the Amount stated iu the printed Particulars for the due Per- formance of the Contract; and 110 Proposal will be noticed unless made on a printed Tender, and the Prices expressed 111 Words at length : and should it so happen that diirine the Continuance of the Contract, no Troops should bo stationed or supplied in tbe County, the Expense ofthe Contract and Bond, paid in the first Instance by the Con- tractor, to be refunded lo him by tbe Commissary in Chief . , ia-"^ arS ? fthe C< MI, 1" rls n, ay be bad upon Application at this Office, between the Hours of Eleven and Five • at Ihe Office 1' 1 n. i„, i„ ,- r, ... . 1 * burgh;; Lutye missary " General Lamont, Jersey. BARCLAYS ASTHMATIC CANDY. THIS warm and pleasant Lozenge bas tor many years- been found a most effectual preservative from the bad effects of FOGS AND DAMP AIR, which at this season of the yeat are so prejudicial to those ivho are- affected with ASTHMATIC COUOHS and SHORTNESS OP BREATH. Its effects are to expel Wind ; to defend Ihe Stomach from- tne Admission of Damps, and to relieve those who suffer fioin Difficulty of Breathing. Sold wholesale and retail hy Messrs. Barclay and. Sons, No. 95, Fleel Market; London: also by W. EODOWES, Moiris, Palln and Nettling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Madeley Market Plrcej Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge and Much Weu- lock; Silvester, Newport; Parker, Evauson, Whitchurch; Bough, Cross, Ellesmere ; Procter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery ; Jonesand Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, Welsh Pool, Ml, rial, Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswes- try ; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Giiffiths, Ludlow; Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Painter, Wrexham; Joues, Chirk ; Morris, R. iaboo ; Evans, Llangerniew ; Evans, Newtown ; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom.. Hut observe, none'eon possibly be genuine, unless the Mel affixed 10 each box, is signed, in red mil by, BARCLAY and SON, aiid much dinger may aiise from neglect of this caution. For Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and Consumptions. /-. TUNDELL's IMPROVED BALSAM OF HONEY.— V/ AFFIDAVIT before the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor of London. This is to certify, that I, ELIZA YBND nr., was dangerously ill for a length of time, with a most distressing cough mid ast hmatic consumption, so much so, as to spit blood' frequently.; and several medical gentlemen who attended me could not give me relief. I wasted, an I was on the brink of tbe grave, when fortunately I had recourse to Cundell's Improved Balsam of Honey, aud after the use of a few bottles was, under Divine Providence, not onlyjpeifooilv cured, but even enjoyed belter nealth now than ever 1 did. To Certify which I subscribe my name, ELIZA YEN DOLL, her x mark. Witness, R. Fouracre, G. Dyer, Sworn at the Mansion House, London, Oct. 8, 1810. ( Signed) T. SMITH, Mayor. The above case is one of tbe numerous instances of tli « extraordinary merits of this medicine, which is not only an effectual but a perfectly safe remedy in ail Colds, Coughs, Asthmas, or any of the complaints of ttie lungs; thousands who have been through the use of ii restored to health, hail its benign influence, and the extensive an I rapidly increasiu » sale of ihis medicine proves, beyond all doubt, that the British public values it according to its merits— Ample direc- tions for ihe use of it are contained in the pamphlet accom- panying each Bottle. r Cundell's Improved Balsam of Honey is prepared ( oiily) and sold by Henry Ciindell, Chemist and Druggist, No. 47, Minor ies, iu bottles of 2s. 9d. js. 6d. and Pis. oil. each, duty included. Also by his appointment, by John Evans, No. 42, Long- lane, Wast- smithfield, sole wholesale agent for the supply of the Country; and retail by EDDUWIS-, Newling, a,, d Wood and Watton, Shrewsbury ; Gitton, Bridg- norlli; G'reenina, fi.- oinsgrove; Bawford, Bilston ; Poole, Chester ; Rami, Dudley ; Baugh, Ellesmere ; Quiver and Pennell, Kidtlermirfster ; Rulg- v. iy, and Procter, Drayton; Edmunds, Madyley; Craig, and Snelson, N mtwicn ; Ed- Wiir. ls, Oswestry ; Kerning, Stourbridge; Moore, Stone; Painter, WreXham ; Houlstong, Wellington; Parker, Whit- church , P. Owen, WelshjAiol; Felion, Luillow ; and by oue or more repiuabt'.- medicine venders ill every lowo i' 11 the Uh'it. d Kingdom- nf Britain. Take notice, none cau be geua- iue but what are signed at the bottom of the pamphlet, IU bis own hand- writing 111* ^ I. ree, uetween me Hours ot Eleven and Five • al the ice oi Deputy Commissary General Lindesey, Edin- gh; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General tyens, Guernsey ; and at the Office of Assistant Com.
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