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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 92    Issue Number: 51
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 29/02/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 92    Issue Number: 51
No Pages: 4
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B EWF^ V? MLI PRIJVTEU) BY * AJV~ B FOR T. JE. DICEY, FK SUTTON, ^ IJVJD R. S MIT MS O N* VOL. 92. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 1812. No. 51. Ready Money is cxpected ( with Advertisements. S Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, ' Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. t Stamp- Duty - 3d.£ PRICE U^ per'and Print 3d. Sunday and Tuesday's Posts. LONDON, TUESDAY, Feb. 25. DISPATCHES were yesterday received from Lord Win. Beutinck, British Minister at the Court of Palermo. They announce that, a total change has taken place in the Government of Sicily, the King having abdicated his throne in favour of the Hereditary Prince, who has been appointed Regent, with the title of Vicar General. The exiled noble- men have been recalled ; and the unpopular tax which they protested against, and which occasioned their banishment, has been repealed. Lord W I3euiiiic. k is to have the com- mand in chief of the Sicilian army, with a seat in the Cabinet; and a British garrison is to be admitted into Palermo. In short, it appears that every thing has been settled agreeably to the wishes of the British Minister. Respecting the Queen, no precise information has trans- pired; but it is rumoured, that previous to the abdication ol' liie King she was at variance with him ; and it is said, that the former had issued a proclamation, forbidding his subjects from holding any correspondence with her, 011 pain ofueath. The dispatches received by Government were brought over by Mr. Douglas, Secretary of Legation at Fa'ermo, and are understood to be dated the 29th ult. letters have been received from Oporto to the 10th inst. They mention that the head- quarters of Lord Wellington remained at Gallegos on the 6th.— Marmont, it is said, having learnt the strength of the allied army, had deter- mined not to risk a battle without soma advantage ot ground, mid he has fallen back for the better subsistence of his troops; but he appears to have no intention of dividing his army, which remains in one body. The imposing aspect of Marinont's force, it is supposed, will prevent Lord Wellington from detaching any considerable body of troops to assist at the siege of Badajoz. These, however, it should be observed, are mere matters of speculation, Corunna Papers have been received to the 16th inst. from which it appears that Bonnet, continuing his retreat from tfie Asturias, arrived at Orbigo in Gallicia on the 28th ult.; and it is not improbable that he would advance as quickly as possible to form a junction with Marmont. His troops have been greatiy harassed hy the Spanish parties at the pass of Pajares ; and not less by the weather, for they were incommoded through their whole march by the snow and rain common in that mountainous country at this season; and it is stated that the French leftmost of their ammuni- tion and military stores amongst the snow. By a private ship which has arrived at Gibraltar, letters have been received from thence to the 10th, and from Alicant to the 1st of February. The latter tend in some degree to alleviate the apprehensions regarding the imme- diate fall of Alicant. The garrison there was numerous, well disciplined, and supported by a division of troops from the armies of Generals Malii and Freire. Lieut.- Col. Prevost, who, with some companies of the 87th Regiment, had been at Carthagena, was to proceed to Alicant, and the remainder of the 87th, together with the whole of the 47th, under the gallant Skerrett, was expected there from Cadii. The French, it appears, had not approached the place, and were not in sufficient numbers in the neighbouring districts to undertake the siege. The private letters received by a Mail from Cadiz state, that an expedition sailed from that place about the begin- ning of the present month, for Carthagena, under the com- mand of Colonel Lambert, of the guards, composed of the entire of the 67th, and the Watterville regiment, besides Spaniards. At the time this expedition sailed, the troops from TarifFa, with Colonel'Skerrett, were arriving. The French were said to have only 4000 men on the opposite shore, iu consequence of which, it was in contemplation to send 6000 men to co- operate with Balhisteros in expelling them entirely from that quarter. The day after General O'Dounel was elected one of the Regency, lie issued orders for all officers in Cadiz to join their respective regiments, qr account for their not doing so, by the 29th ult. By this judicious proceeding, the Spanish army was supplied with 635 officers, besides their servants, who were not fewer than 2000. By some American Papers which have just arrived, it appears that the Indians have recommenced hostilities against the United States, in various parts. A body of 400 had eneainped at the mouth of Cumberland River, on the north of the Ohio, and had taken and destroyed thirteen flat- bottomed boats, and killed every man 011 board ex reptiug two. Troops were assembling under die Command of Colonel Cooke, of Tenesse, to attack them. It is also rumoured, that the Cherokees had driven in the troops employed iu cutting the road in the southern part of the . Mississippi territory, and that thirteen of the soldiers were slain in the conflict. The Allies of the Wabash Indians have applied for peace to Governor Harrison, who has required, as a preliminary to the negociation, that the Prophet and his principal followers should be delivered up a request, which, it is believed, will be complied with. The charge brought against the British Government, of having instigated the Indians to take up arms against the United States, has been most distinctly refuted by Mr. Foster; and it has been proved, that, so far from spiriting up the Indians against Aineriea, the very opposite course was pursued; and an intimation was officially given to the American Government of the hostile designs of their Indian neighbours. Some additional correspondence between Mr. Foster and Mr. Monroe, has been laid before Congress, relative to the repeal of the Orders in Council; which the latter observes, furnishes fresh proof of the hostile disposition of the British Government. Letters from Paris of the 18th state, that the drawing of the conscription for the 12 departments, concluded 011 the lMli instant; and the Prefects and Mayors were frequently urged by the Minister at War to expedition in the diiferent stages of the business, and that the conscripts, 1100 in number, had received a route for Strasburg. The Imperial Guard remained in Paris at the above date. • The rumour of approaching hostilities with Russia still prevails; but nothing has transpired to point out the period of its com- mencement. The Russian Ambassador attends all the Emperor's Levees, and has frequent conferences with the Ministers; and his reception is said to be courteous and distinguished. The Acteon sloop of war is arrived from India. She left Bengal on the 5th of October, the Isle of France on the 29th of November, and St. Helena on the 1st of January. Whilst she was at the latter place, during the month of December, a mutiny broke out amongst the Company's troops stationed there, with others, for the protection of the island. The cause of this disturbance was a reduction, either temporary or otherwise, in their rations of rum and provisions: upon which the mutineers privately agreed to insist on what they termed their rights, and formed a plan, iu the event of opposition, to sieze the depot with the stores. Before this purpose was carried into execution, the Go- vernor became acquainted with their intentions; by which means he was enabled to frustrate their plan, but not till after a serious contest had taken place. The insurgents at one time had got the Deputy Governor into their power, but he was released by the troops under the command of the Governor himself. The result was, that the mutiny was entirely subdued. Seven of the ringleaders were tried and Executed, forty others sent to England, and several retained in confinement. —— The following Bulletin was yesterday exhibited :— " Windsor Castle, Feb. 22.— Hii Majesty continues nearly iu the same state." Mr. Bankes's motion, for nullifying the appointment of Col. M'Mahon to the office of Paymaster of Widow's Pen- tiorts, declared by two Reports of Committees of the House of Commons to be a sinecure that ought to be sup- pressed, has been carried against Ministers. A letter from the Mediterranean says, the Eagle and Cerberus have fallen in with a French frigate laden with grain going to Corfu, and captured her; and the Unite, Active, and Alccste, have taken a French frigate, and a store- ship. M'he Cerberus is watching a frigate and a brig in Briutlice, near Corfu, which are daily expected to coma out. The Surveillante, which was said to have been driven into St. Sebastian's arrived in safety, at Plymouth, on Thursday last. Intelligence was received yesterday at the Admiralty of the sudden death of Admiral Sir C. Cotton, Bart. Com- mander in Chief of the Channel fleet. The particulars « f this event are not arrived, but it is understood that he had been for some time rather in a declining state. The accidents that have lately occurred in the navy by shipwreck, & c. have induced the board of Admiralty to issue positive directions to Captains and officers commanding ships, to give the utmost attention in their power to the ascertaining of the abilities of such pilots as may be placed in charge of men of war. The directions also enjoin similar attention to the master; and strictly to observe that the lead be kept most carefully going, whenever the ship may be in situations to require it, or in charge of a pilot, as the Captains or commanding officers are held responsible for such damage as may be sustained through the ignorance or neglect of the pilot, when by their precaution it might pos- sibly have been avoided. The process of distillation has derived the most surprising advantage in France, from the application of recent dis- coveries relating to the laws of heat and evaporation, introduced by Edward Adam, of Montpelier. The foun- dation of the process consists in heating a great part of the wine to be distilled hy the vapour of the spirit which rises from the copper, and making this pass through a series of vessels kept cool hy water, which makes it deposit its aqueous particles in such a manner that the proof spirit alone is condensed in the last cooler. Thus, instead of heating the liquor at first to obtain a spirit of 29 degrees of strength ( French), from whence, by successive applications of heat, they obtained spirits of different degreesof strength; bv the present mode the. y obtain, in the first process, spirit of any strength which may be required. The former still was only heated twice every day ; the still invented by Mr. Adam, can be heated eight times each day; it extracts one- sixth more spirit from the same quantity of wine; it saves two- fifths of the fuel and three- fourths of the labour; it has also this important advantage— the spirit prepared by it never has an empyreumatic taste. Orders have been issued to ballot for the Local Militia for the county of Middlesex. The number required fer the county is ten thousand, between the ages of 16 and 30. The paragraph which appeared in the papers respecting the Missionaries from the South Sea Islands having com- menced retail spirit dealers at Botany Bay, is contradicted from authority. The following are stated to be the grounds upon which a pardon has been granted to Mr. Walsh :— Having been convicted at the Old Bailey of the offence with which he was charged, subject to the opinion of the Judges upon the question of law, whether the offence was a felony or not, and the Judges having decided that the offence was not a felony, it was necessary to get rid of the conviction, which could only be done by the Royal pardon.— This has neces- sarily been the practice in all similar cases. From a variance in the laws of Parliament in the two countries, a member of any county, city, or borough, in Ireland, being a Bankrupt, ipso facto forfeits his seat; while the representative of an English county, city, or borough, under the same circumstances, is sanctioned in re- taining his. In the Court of King's Bench last week, the Attorney- General shewed cause against a rule nisi, for a mandamus, to compel the Justices of Suffolk to administer the oaths to Mr. Ellington, a Dissenting Preacher. The Justices re- quired a certificate from certain leading members of his congregation, testifying his appointment, i his, Mr. Ellington would not comply with, but offered to swear himself duly appointed. Mr. Brougham argued on the other side.— Lord FZIlenborougb asked whether it was not proper that the Justices shouid be informed that the applicant was a proper person to be admitted to take the oaths; but as there were several other applications of a similar nature pending, as this was the first time the construction of the Toleration Act had come to be discussed in a Court of Justice, and, as it would be proper to hear every argument fully, before theCourt should pronounce its final judgment, the decision of this case was postponed till the next Term, when those other cases would come on to be heard. The Rev. Ebenezer Aldred, a Dissenting Minister, from the High Peak, iu Derbyshire, appeared iu a boat upon the Thames, 011 Thursday last, dressed iu a white linen robe, with his long hair flowing over hisshouldeis, and announced that the seven vials, mentioned in the book of Revelations, were to be poured out upon the city of London !— Times. On Saturday last, during the examination of bankrupts at Guildhall, at ( lie table where Mr. Nares, one of the Police Magistrates, attended, as Acting Commissioner, the Solicitor's Clerk, sitting within two of the Justice, had his pocket- book taken from his pocket, by cutting away the bott mi of it; and two other persons, who attended to prove their debts, had their pockets picked at the same time. The artisans and manufacturers who have emigrated to America from Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire, iu the hopes of bettering their fortunes, seem to have made but a sorry exchange of country.— Several letters have lately been published by the Churchwardens of Manchester, written by emigrants to their wives, & c. at Manchester, ho are now chargeable on the township, through their desertion of them; and which contain every thing but encouragement to others to follow them across the Atlantic. During the alarm arising from the late horrid murders and numerous robberies, a lady, residing on the south side of Lincoln's Inn- fields, employed workmen to make her house particularly secure, and on the night of the day when they had completed their job, her house was broken open and robbed, but the fact was not discovered till the ser- vants got up in the morning, when it was ascertained that it had been accomplished by splitting the iron plate of the coal- cellar. A boy is supposed to have been put down into the cellar, and to have let the robbers in. They carried oft" plate, which had been used on the preceding night, to the amount of =£ 100, and other property. The story of a death- bed confession, alleged to have been made by one Melling, a publican, formerly of Wigan, and late of Liverpool, where he died last month, in which it was stated, that he and his son, since dead, some years ago murdered two recruits, and buried them in his garden, has been ascertained to be a wanton and malicious fabri- cation. Melling lived and died a man of good character. [ Fur Saturday's Gazette, Parliamentary Intelligence, 4' C. see lust page.] AUCTIONEER and APPRAISER. BENJAMIN DUDLEY, DRAPER, Market- Square, VV INSLO W, RUCKS, most respectfully begsLeave to in- form his Friends and the Public in general, that in conse- qucnce of the Event of Mr. JOSEPH DUOLGY'S Heath, he proposes taking nut a License, empowering him to act as an AUCTIONEER and APPRAISER, and begs Leave to assure those who may please to employ liiin, tlmt his utmost Abilities shallon every Occasion be exerted for their Interest. BRAJHVELL WHARF, 20th February, 1812.. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate of the late Mr. ANTHONY ROWLAND, of Ba\ nwni. TI WHARF, in the County of Buckingham, Vic- tualler and Coal- Merchant, are requested forthwith to send an Account thereof, In Writing, to his Executors, Mr. Thos. Billington, of Shenlcy; qr Mr. William Nash, of Nortli- Crawley, in the said County, in order that the same may be discharged.— Arid all Persons indebted to the said Estate are desired immediately to pay the Amount of their respective Debts to the said Emvutors, or to Mrs. Rowland, at Brad- well Wharf aforesaid, who is authorised to receive the same. The above Business will in future he carried on, for the Benefit of the Famitv, by Mrs. Rowland, who earnestly solicits a Continuance i, f . hat liberal Support which her late Husband has for many Years experienced. GEORGE INN, KETTERING.' MARY JENK1NSON, Sister and sole Executrix of | the late CHRISTOPHER JKNKINSON, of the said Inn, returns her most grateful Thanks for the very libera] and continued Support her late Brother experienced for the last 30 Years past in the said House, and respectfully informs her Friends and the Public in generall thatshe intends carrying ou the Business, and trusts in the future Management of the Concern she shall be honoured with a Continuance of the Favours of his Friends, and the Countenance » f the Public, which it will be her constant Study to merit. N. B. The Leeds Mail la and from London every Day will continue as usual to breakfast and dine at the said Inn. Neat Post- Chaises, good Horses, and careful Drivers. Kettering, Feb 20, 1812. * JOSEPH PATCIIETf'S CREDITORS. VRRITEREAS JOSEPH PATCHETT, of LIL- ' V BOURNE,^ hatli assigned over all his Effects lo Robert Patchett, of Cliftno- upon- Dunsmore, Farmer, in Trust for the Benefit of all such of his Creditors who shall execute the Assignment Deed within one Month from this Time ; and which Deed now remains at the Offices of Messrs. Caldecott & Benn, Solicitors, in Rughv, fur the Signatures of the said Creditors ; And Notice is hereby giuen. That all such Creditors who shall not execute the same within the Time aforesaid, will be excluded the Benefit of the said Assignment.— And all Persons who stand indebted to the said Joseph Patchett, are required 10 pay their respective Debti to the said Robert Patchett, or to Messrs. Caldecott & Beun forthwith, or in Default thereof, they will be sued for the same without further Notice. Rugby, Feb. 20th, IS12. INWARDS INSOLVENCY. VT'OTICE is hereby given, That RICHARD INWARDS, - L^ of WiNGFiGi. 0 in the Parish of CiiAt. GRAvn, in the County of Bedford, Farmer, and Dealer iu Cows, hath bv Indenture of Assignment, hearing Date the 31st Day of De- cember last past, assigned over all his Estate and Effects to Messrs. John Dolliu Bassett, of Leighton- Buzzard, Draper, Joseph Bennell, of Houghton- Conquest, Dealer iu Cows, and William Cox, ofWingrave, Grazier, in Trust For the equal Benefit of themselves, and all such other of the Creditors of the said Richard Inwards, who shall execute the said Inden- ture within two Months from the Date hereof, after which Period a Division is intended to be immediately made, and such of the Creditors as shall not then have executed the said Deed, will be excluded from the Benefit of such Dividend. Notice is hereby also given, that the said Deed is lodged at the OKceof Messrs. WILMS, Solicitors, inLeighton- Buzzard, for the Signatures of the Creditors of the said Richard Inwards. • All Persons who stand indebted to the said Richard Inwards, are required to pay their respective Debts to thesaidTrustees, or to Messrs. Willis, forthwith, or in Default thereof, they will be sued for the same without further Notice. Lcighton- lluzzard, January 9, 1812. IVeldon Association for the Prosccutkn of Felons, SfC. THE ANNUAL.' MEETING of this ASSOCIA- TION will be held at the KING'S ARMS INN, in WELDON, 011 THURSDAY the 12th Day of MARCH, 1812. * » * lilss & it o. v THE TABLE AT Tiro O'CLOCK. WILLIAM BELLAMY, Treasurer. Wcldon, Feb. 89, 1812. To be LETT, rpHE RECTORY FARM, in WILD EN, in the County I- of Bedford, containing between four and five Hundred Acres of Land. ( JDR Apply to Mr. DAY, Solicitor, must be Post- paid. St. Neots, Feb. 12, 1812. To be LETT by TENDER, For the Term of 1I or 21 Years from T. adij- Dug next, ADesirable ESTATE ; consisting of about 46 Acres of good Grazing Land, situate in the Parishof HEI. MDON, in the County of Northampton, now in the Occupation of Mr. Robert Wyatt. Proposals in Writing ( Post. paid) will be received by Mr. FIUMAK, Drapery, Northampton, till Thursday the 5th of March next. A CAUTION. npiiE A 1) A Creditors of JOHN WILKINSON, late of AVENTRY, in the County of Northampton, Linen- Draper, are requested to meet on MONOAY the 9th Day of MARCH next, at the BROWN BEAR INN, iu DAVES- TRY aforesaid, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, to take into Consideration the State of his Affairs, and to come to such Determination concerning the same as may be thought expedient. By Order, J. M. WARDLE, Solicitor. Vaventry, ISM February, 1812. To Milliners and Dressmakers. To be DISPOSED OF, AN Old- established SHOP, in full Trade, in the above Line, in a populous Market- Town, and genteel Neigh- bourhood, in the County of Northampton, between 70 and 80 Miles fromXondon. Further Particulars may be known, by applying ta Messrs. Bruckfield and Co. 43, Friday- Street, Cheapside, London j if by Letter, Post- paid. To Drapers SfC. To be DISPOSED OF by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ADRAPER'S SHOP, now in fall Trade, together with the House and Premises thereunto belonging; also tile STOCK in TRAD E of LIN EN and WOO LLE N D R A P Et< V, with the FIXTURES belonging to the Shop, now in the Occupation of THOMAS SDDBOROUOH, situate in Kettering, in theCouaty of Northampton. Immediate Possession may be had. For further Particulars, apply to the said Thos. Sudborough. The stock in Trade is now selling off at prime Cost. Kettering, Feb. 26, 1812. VyHEREAS FRANCIS BEDFORD OLD, ofNofmi- V T CRAWLEY, in the County ot Buckingham, Yeoman, some Time since assigned and transferred all his Estate and Effects to Francis Evans, of the Town of Northampton, in the County of Northampton, Gentleman, and Austin Johnson, of the Parish of Courteenhall, in the said Countyof Northampton, Grazier, upon certain Trust, as expressed in the Deed of Assignment. _ Not'^ e is therefore hereby That the Farming and Grazing Business carried on at North- Crawley aforesaid, where the said Francis Bedford Old resides, and all the Goods, Stock, and Effects upon the Farm and Pre- mises thereto belonging, are the absolute Property of the said Francis Evans and Austin Johnson, as Trustees as aforesaid. All Persons therefore are hereby cautioned not to give Credit to the said Francis Bedford Old, on any Account whatsoever, as the said Trustees will not be answerable for any Debts he may Contract. l! y Order ot the said Trustees, Northampton, lid Feb. 1812. RICHARD HOWES. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road, under an Act passed in the 31st Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, intituled, '* An Act for amending and widening several I'ieces of Road, and ooening and making several Pieces of new Road therein described, so as to make a convenient Carriage- Road from Buckingham through Brackley, to join the Daventry Turnpike- Road, near Banbury; and also of another Act passed in the 30th Year of the Reign of his said Majesty, for enlarging the Term and Powers of the said recited Act," will meet at the House of WILLIAM CAVE, at the RED LION INN, in BRACKLEY, in the County of North- ampton, on TUESDAY the 24th Day of MARCH next, at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon, in order to consult about erecting a Toll- Gate on the Sideot' the said Turnpike- Road, at or near a Place called Stean- Park, across a certain Highway there, leading to the Village of Hinton- in- the- Hedges, in the said Countyof Northampton. — Dated this lsth Day of February, IS 12. GEO. THOMAS, Clerk to the said Trustees. To be ' LETT, And entered upon immediately, ALL that substantial, Stone- built MESSUAGE or TE- NEMENT, with Yard, Gardens, Orchard, Out- buildings, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, with a Close of Grazing Land, of five or six Acres, if required, situate and being in NETHER- HEYFORD, near Northampton, late in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Ashby. The above Premises form a most desirable and complete Resi- dence for a small genteel Family, and are situated within a Mile ot the Great West- Chester Turnpike- Road, and only Haifa Mile from the Grand Junction Canal, and one Mile and a Halt from the Royal DepSt, at Weedon. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. JOHN CLARIBCS, at Heyford Grounds; or Mr. BLABY, Auctioneer and Appraiser, Floore. LU PTERWO RT11, LE ICEST F. KSH I K E. Truly Modem and Useful IIousehohl- Furniture, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. DAVIS, On Monday, March 2d, 1812, and four following Days, ALL the elegant HOUSEHOLD- FURNITURE, LINEN, - CHINA, GLASS, BOOKS, BREWING- VESSELS, COPPERS, & c. of Mrs. BUSZARD, on the Premises, at LUTTERWORTH, Leicestershire ( who is going to reside elsewhere); comprising valuable and lofty Four- poet full- headed and Tent Bedsteads, clothed with rich Cotton Furniture, with Window Curtains tocorrespond, lOcapital Goose- Coat and other prime seasoned Feather Beds, large Blankets and Counterpanes, several Hair, Straw, and Wool Mattrasses, handsome Marseilles Quilt, Bed Quilts, Bed and Table Linen, several Sets of well- finished modern Mahogany Chests of Drawers, beautiful Ma- hogany Bureau and llook- Case, with Glass folding Doors, two capital large Sofas, Mahogany Frames, with Cushions and Covers complete, excellent Circular Mahogany Sideboard with Cellaret, 6 ft. ty2 ft. flinches, modern Pier and Swing Glasses, 12 beautiful modern Mahogany Chairs with one Arm Ditto to correspond, Set of handsome Mahogany Dining Tables, with Circular Ends, Pair of beautiful Card Ditto, Mahogany Square Dining, Pembroke, and Snap Tables, beautiful Eight- day Clock well finished, with Mahogany Case, valuable Wilton' Carpet 14 Feet by 14 Feet, Brussels Ditto, 18 Feet by 13 Feet six Inches, Scotch Ditto, large Assortment of Bedside Ditto, Chintz and other Window Curtains, three valuable Prints framed and glazed, very good Assortment of modern China and Glass, high polished Fire- Irons, Steel and green Wire Fenders, four fold Screen, beau- tiful Circular and other Basio Stands, 12 Mahogany Chairs, several Sets of Fancy Di » v>, Tea and Coffee Urns, capital Oak Chests of Drawers, several good Flock Beds, handsome Oak Dining, Snap and Dressing Tables, very large Assortment of useful Kitchen Requisites, 30- Gallon Copper, severalI8- Gallon and smaller Barrels, very good Six- strike Mash- Vat, Working- Vat, useful Oak Cooler, with other Brewing Tubs tocorrespond three large Rain- Water Tubs, capital large Bottle- Rack, up- wards of 30 Dozen of Glass Bottles, Narrow- wheel Cart, with a great Variety of other Articles Also, a well- built GIG,, 011 Grashopper Springs, with two Sets of good HARNESS complete. Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Clock. ( Conditions of Sale as usual). Catalogues may be had at the Hind Inn, Denbigh Arms Greyhound, and of* Mr. Bottrill, Lutterworth; and ot the Auc tioneer, Leicester, W. D. Respectfully assures his Friends that a more useful and valuable Assortment of Goods have not been offered to Public Attention, the Whole being in the highest Preservation t and in every respect well worth the Attention of Purchasers. To be LETT, And may be entered upon at LADY- DAY next, \ Very convenient and pleasantly situated DWELLING- LA. HOUSE fora small Family, in the Village of BILTON, being little more than one Mile from Rugby, in the County of Warwick ; consisting of two Parlours, with a Kitchen and Dairy on the Ground Floor, four good Bed- Rooins on the first Floor, and five more convenient Bed- Rooms on the Attic Floor, also a Coach- House, Brew- fiouse, Four- stall Stable, and a Hovel for three Cows, and a good sized Garden, walled round and planted with Fruit Trees.— There is also a Pasture- Field, of about one Acre, used as an Orchard, lying across the Street opposite the House, and another Pasture- Field of very excellent Land, of about one Acre and a Half adjoining, behind the House; also two other Closes ot good Pasture Land, lying together, and containing about eight Acres and a Half, well watered, lying near to the Village.— The Window. Tax, and Poors' Levies are low. These Premises were late in the Occupation of Mr. Philip Williams. ( tFor further Particulars, apply to Messrs. CALDECOTT and BENN, Solicitors, in Rugby. KE PTERIN G, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that well- built MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, or DWF. L LIN G- HOUSF., withthe Out- houses, Barns, Yard, Garden, Shop in Front, and Appurtenances to the same belonging, situate, standing, and being in K ETTE RING, in a certain Part of the Town known by the Nameot NEW LAND, and late in the Occu- pation of Mr. Wright, Flax- Dressei, and sometime since used as a Public House, and known by the Name or Sign of the King's Arms. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Messrs. BRAMPTON k BATSS, Auctioneers, Kettering aforesaid. To be SOLD by AUC T 1 6" n7 K,, BRAMPTON 4' Co. On Thursday rlie 5th Day of March, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. NURSE Y ( who is leaving his Fjrm), at KUSHTON, in the County of Northampton, in Lots, npwo Hundred mid Eighty Iji- laiub EWESand TIIEAVES. _ L Four Fat STEERS. Five ln- calf COWS. Four useful CART HORSESand MARES ( two In. foal). One NAG HORSE. Two Fat HOGS; with several other Lots. The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon. Three Months' Credit on approved joint Security, and paying a Deposit of ;£ I0 per Cent, in Part of the Purchase- Money. The She.- p will be penned for fnspection'by Nine o'Clock. A VERY IMPROVABLE ESTATE, At Swinesltead, Hunts. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In May next, 1812, in four Lots, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract; rpffO FARM- HOUSES, TWO COTTAGES, and about 1 180 Acres of rich PASTURE and ARABLE LAND ad- joining the Turnpike. Road, in the Occupation of Mr. John Islip, andMf. Thomas Smart, Tenants from Year to Year. S. B E A I., J. inen and Woollen- Draper, llatter, Holier, and T- a* T) file. r, IMPRESSED with Gratitude to bis Friends and tli* Public, for the very liberal Support he has experienced in the a* bove Businesses for upwards of yl Years, begs now to inform thein he has taken his Son Into Partnership, and that the W hole of the above Businesses will hereafter be conducted under the Firm of BEAI, & SON. W. Bru., in Conjunction with his Father, solicits a Con - tinuance of the Favours already ci^ nferred, and trapes, by hit Assiduity and Attention to the Interests of his Customers, ti » merit their Patronage nud Support. N. B. The Music TRADE continued as usual. Thrapston, Feb. 20th, IS12. ' This Day jcas published, i'nee 9d. each, or 8s. per Dozen, rpHE BIBLE SOCIETY, and the Society for the Pro- I motion of Christian Knowledge.— A WORDof ADVICE to CHURCHMEN, on the Manner of the PROMOTION of CHRISTIANITY. By a CHRISTIAN of the OLD SCHOOL. " The Wisdom that is from about, is gentle." Sold by Mr. Burnham, Northampton , Mr Hatchard, London ; and Messrs. Hodson, and Deighton, Cambridge. To be LETT, And may he entered on, immediately, St. Neots. — Letters I A Neat COTTAGE, pleasantly situate at SILSOE, near 11 AMPTHILL, Bedfordshire; comprising a comfortahle Sitting- room, neat Parlour, two good Bed- Chambers, detached Kitchen and Bed- Chamber over Ditto; the above is conveniently fitted up with Kitchen- Range, Copper, Bath- Stoves, Ironing- Stove, Ironing- Board, with convenient Closets, and a small Oven; Pleasure- Garden at the Front of the Cottage, and a Garden at the Back of the same, with a Well of good Water, and every other Convenience tor a small Family. Silsoe is a very healthy and pleasant Village, 38 Miles from London, and a Coach passes through daily. Further Particulars may be known on applying to Messrs. FURZE & PHIPPS, Auctionears, House and Land Agents, Tim • ber- Serve\ ors, & c. Ampthill and Clophi. l, Beds. 1 o Capital I'ux Hunting Situation. be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRCT, AVery excellent MANSION, nearly new ; with capital Stables, and 220 Acres of Land, more or less, in most capital OKler.— There are upwards of 60 Acres of good Meadow Land.— For further Particulars, enquireof MAXSTON BUSZARD, E- q. Lutterworth, Leicestershire; or Messrs. Busr ^ Co. Solicitors, John- Street, America- Square, London. , To be SOLD, by PRIVATE CONTEAC~ AMost capital ESTATE ; consisting of an excellent Family Mansion, fit for a Family ot th;? first Distinction, incomplete Repair, with excellent Stables, & c. Hot- Houses, Gardens, and Pleasure Grounds, and 215 Acres of the richest Land in the Kingdom, in the highest State of Cultivation; with the very excellent and nearly new Furniture, capital Stock of old Wines, Farming- Stock, See. & c.— The Furniture is as elegant as could be made, and the Stock is of the highest Breed. Indeed, so complete and eligible an Estate is seldom offered for Sale. For Particulars, enquire of MARSTON BUSZARD, Esq. Lut- terworth, Leicestershire ; or Messrs. BURT & Co. Solicitors, John- Street, America- Square, London. Fox- Hounds and Harriers in the Neighbour!! od. THE LEMAN ESTATE, AT WARBOYS. Perpetual Advorcson and right of Presentation to the Rectory of Warhols, in the County of Huntingdon. To be " PEREMPTORILY SOLI), Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, dated the 17ih Day of August, 1810, made in a Cause wherein Jus- tinian Casamajor, Esq. and others, are Plaintiffs, and James Cranbourne Strode, Esq. and others, are Defendants, with the Approbation of John Simeon, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, By Messrs. DRIVER, At theGeorge Inn, Huntingdon, on Saturday the 4th of " » npri!, 1812, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, rg^ lIF. PERPETUAL ADVOWSON and KIGHT of L PRESENTATION to the extremely valuable and very desirable RECTORY ot WARBOYS, in the County of Hun- tingdon, late the Property of WILLIAM STRODE, Esq. deceased; comprising a handsome Parsonage- House, remarkably well situate, with numerous suitable and convenient Offices, a valuable Pareel of Glebe, and sundry Farms, containing toge- ther 950 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in a high State of Cultivation, lett to three respectable Tenants ; also the great and small Tithes arising and becoming due from about 1,500 Acres of Land, in the Parish of Warboys; the Value of which may be fairly estimated at about ^ 1,800 per Annum. The above Estate maybe viewed by Application to Mr. Wm. Elmer, at the Royal Oak, Warboys, of whom printed Particul lars may be had ; also at the said Master Simeon's Chambers, ill Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane ; of Messrs. Hanrott and Metcalfe, & Messrs. Woodcock and Bateman, Solicitors, Lin. coin's Inn ; of Messrs. Nettleship, Solicitors, Grocers'- Hall, Poultry; of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land- Agents, Kent Road, or at their Offices in the Auction- Mart, Loudon ; at th* George, Huntingdon; Crown, St. Ives; George, Chatteris; Rose and Crown, Wisbech; White Hart, Ely; Angel, Peter- borough ; and Rose, Cambridge. Elegant Furniture, Futures, Wardrobe of Linen, small Side- board of Piute, Books, a few choice Pictures and Prints, Cellar of very superior H int's, Curricle und Effects, Lei- cestershire. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. BURTON, On Wednesday the 11th of March, 1812, and following Days, at Eleven o'Clock, on the Premises, M E LTO N- MO WBRA Y, Leicestershire, TIIF, genteel modern FURNITURE, of exquisite Work- manship, Cellar of curious choice WINES, including CLARET, MADEIRA, 1UJSAC, old PORT, & c of supe- rior Quality, and genuine EFFECTS, of JOHN GOODERE, Esq. removing; consisting of handsome Four- post Bedsteads with Furnitures, prime seasoned Beds and Beddii an elegant Drawing- Room Suite, Set of capital Mahogany Claw Dining, Pembroke and Card Tables, handsome Cellaret Sidebord, excel- lent Dining- Room Chairs, finished in Morocco ; japanned Chamber Chairs, Chimney and Pier Glasses, an ornamental Mirror; Turkey, Brussels, and Kidderminster Carpets, modern Register and other Stoves, Kitchen Requisites, Range, Brevv- ng- Copper, complete Set of Brewing- Utensils, Curricle and Harness, Stable- Implements, and miscellaneous Articles. To be viewed two Days previous to the Sale; when Cata- logues may be had on the Premises; the principal inns, Lei- cester, Grantham, Nottingham, Oakham, and Loughborough; aHdof Mr. BURTON, 62, Comhill, London. To the Public, und particularly to Brewers, Maltsters, und Innkeepers. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. LOVE T. L, At the Fountain Inn, Huntingdon, on Wednesday the 25th Day of March, 1812, between the Hours of Five and Seven in the Evening, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then produced, npHE following very eligible FREEIIOI. » ESTATE ( I. and- L Tax redeemed), situate in the Parish of ST. JOHN, in the Town of HUNTINGDON, in Lots, viz : — Lot 1. A capital Brick and tiled DWELLING HOUSE; comprising front Parlour 9 Feet ti Inches high, Back Parlour, Kitchen, and Cellars ; Pantries, and Brewhouse with Chamber over; a Drawing- room in front 10 Feet high', and eight Bed- Rooms ( three of which are also in front, one of equal height with the Drawing- room^ and two of them eight Feet six Inches high each); a Counting- House ; a three- stalled Stable and Hay- I. oft over the same, Coal and Wood- House, Chaise- House, and Chamber over, and Hen- House adjoining ; with other convenient Out- buildings, Pump, Yard, and Garden with walled Fruit- Trees, as the same are now in the Occupation of Mr. Slow. Also, a MALT CISTERN capable of steeping 40 Quarters per Week, with good Barley. Room over the same ; a Malting, with two Floors" for drving Malt, and Chamber oyer ; large Cinder- Room, Malt- Kiln, and Cowl; large Chamber, and two other Rooms; Mill- House, Mill,, and Chamber over; and Store- Room and Chamber over ; as the same are now in the Occupation of Mr. Herbert. Together with a Set of capital newly erected GRANARIES with three Floors, 36 Feet long by 20 Feet nine Inches broad, capable of containing 1,100 Quarters of Grain, iu the Occupa- tion of Mr. Toller. The Premises contain in Length 303 Feet, are in good Repair, and haying an Entrance from the High- Street and also from St, John's- Lane, are well calculated for the Residence of a Gen tleman, or tor the Business of a Brewer, Maltster, or Innkeeper. Possession may be hut at old Midsummer next. Half the Purchase- Money may remain on Mortgage if required. Lot 2. A COTTAGE and YARD, contiguous to the above Estate, in the OccupStion of Robert Earl. The above Premises nrav be viewed, and further Particulars known, by applying to Messrs. MAULE & SWSETINCS, Soli citors ( Ahere a Plan of the Estate may be seen), or to Mr Luvel!, Laad- Surveyor, and Auctiottsetj Huntingdon, THE LEMAN ESTATE AT WAitliuY- Extensive and valuable Freehold Estate, comprising several compact. Farms, xoith convenient Earm llouses, and a well* uccuslo;. ted Public- House, called the Royal Oak. To be PEREMPTORILY SOLD, l'ursuant to a Dec ee of the High Court of Chancery, hearirj; Date the 17th Day of August, 1810, made in a Cause wherein Justinian Casamajor, Esq and others, are Plaintiffs, and James Cranbourne Strode, Esq. and others, are Defendants, with the Approbation of John Simeon, Esq. oneot tile Mas- ters of tile said Court, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the George Ir. n, Huntingdon, on Saturday the 4th Day of April, 1812, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, in 14 Lots. P"| MIE very extensive and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, at I_ WARBOYS; comprising several compact Farms, with convenient Farm- Houses, and a well- accustomed Public- House, called the Royal Oak, the Whole containing about 900 Acres of remarkably rich Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, Tithe- tree, and exonerated from the Land- Tax, late the Property of WILLI AM STRODE, Esq. deceased, most eligibly and conveniently situateat Warboys, in the County of Huntingdon, about six Miles from the County Town, six trom Saint Ives, 13 from Cambridge, and 65 from London, in the Occupation ot sundry respectable Tenants at Will. The above Estate may he viewed by Application to Mr. Wrr » . Elmer, at the Royal Oak, Warboys, of whom printed Parti- culars may be had ; also at the said Master Simeon's Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane; of Messrs. Hanrott & Metcalfe, and Messrs. Woodcock & Bateman, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn; of Messrs. Nettleship, Solicitors, Grocers'- Hall, Poultry; of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land- Agents, Kent Road, or at their Offices in the Auction- Mart, London ; at the GeJrge, Huntingdon; Cro « n, Saint! Ives; George, Chatteris; Rose and Crown, Wisbech; White Hart, Ely; Angel, Peterborough ; and Rose, Cambridge. THE LEMAN ESTATES AT RAM P I ON. Valuable Freehold Estate, comprising the Manor of Hampton, and sundry Farms, situate in the Parish of Hampton, in the County of Cambridge, with tin perpetual Advouson und next Presentation to the Rectory of Hampton. To be PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, hearing Date the 17th Day of August, 1810, made ina Cause wherein Justinian Casamajor, Esq. and others, are Plaintiffs, and James Cranbourne Strode, Esq. and others, are Defendants, with the Approbation of John Simeon, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Rose Inn, Cambridge, 011 Monday the 6th Day of April, 1812, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, in 35 Lots, RPIIE remarkably valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE at L HAMPTON; comprising the Manor, and perpetual Ad- vowson and next Presentation to the Rectory of Rampton, of the Value of about a£ 400 per Annum; and sundry very desirable Farms, containing upwards of 450 Acres, with a Farm- House snd Offices, Barns, Stables, Granary, and other convenient Outbuildings, late the Property of WILLIAM STRODE, Esq. deceased, most eligibly situate in the Parish of RAMP- TON, in the County of Cambridge, about 12 Miles from Saint Ives, 11 from Ely, seven from Cambridge, and 58 from London. The above Estate may be viewed by Application to Mr. Francis Mann, the Tenant to the Farm ; and printed Particulars had at the said Master Simeon's Chambers, in Southampton- Buildings, Chancery- Lane; of Messrs. Hanrott & Metcalfe; and Messrs. Woodcock & Bateman, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn; of Messrs. Nettleship, Solicitors, Grocers'- Hall, Poultry; of Messrs. Driver, surveyors and , Land- Agents, Kent Road, Lon- don, or at their Offices in the Auction- Mart; at the Rose, Cambridge; George, Huntingdon : Crown, Saint Ives ; George, Chatteris ; Rose and Crown, Wisbech ; White Hart, Ely ; Angel, Peteiborough ; and George, Potton. The Northampton Mercury; and General Advertise* for the Counties of Northampton, iMfohi DdOkingham, IIu n tiag:! Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and licit fun!. Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. LONDON, Trip us DA v, Feb. 2 J. Mail from Lisbon arrives this morning with intelligence w A to the 13th instant. Marrtiont seems to have lost all stomach for fighting. There are no French troops < 10 this side the Tonnes. He hf. s himself retired from Salamanca to Toi- o on the Oouro, and from thence is expected to fall hack to Valladolid. The Karl of Wellington has returned to his old quarters Freynada. In a dispatch to the PArtuirnese Government, dated the 5th, lie doubts whether Bonnet h. u evacuated the Asturias, Upon his own ulterior projects he is silent: hut Badajoz is expected to be imme- diately invested.— Cimlad Rodrigo has been placed in a proper state of defence. The indefatigable guerilla Leader Rlina has taken the " French garrison of Huesca prisoners. On his march from t'lence with his prisoners, he was attacked by a body of StyM> French, whom he defeated, killing, wounding, or tn . king prisoners 1,500 of them. A junction is expected between him and the Einpecinado.— In Catalonia, aftairs continue to wear a favourable aspect. The letters which Government have received from Lord Wellington, dated the 5th and l « th instant, state, that his lordship's head- quarters were at Freynada: they contain no news of importance whatever. French Papers to the ' 23it instant, have arrived in town. They present no further intelligence from the armies in the Peninsula, nor anv news of importance. From an article in the Gazette de ' Fraudr> under the date of Vienna, Feb. 9, there Is reason to infer, that the French are in as great uncertainty as ourselves with respect to the question of peace or war between the Russians and Turks. Bonaparte lias, in lieu of the Dutch order of the Union, treated an imperial order called the " Reunion," the crosses a id decorations of which are destined to reward the services of the great Officers of State, Judges, and the Civil Officers of the Empire, it is composed of 200 grand crosses, 1,000 commanders, and 10,000 knights. The Duke of Cadbre has been nominated Grand Chancellor; and M. Vander Goes Van Dixland, Grand Treasurer. Ualf a million of francs have been granted towards its endowment. The oath binds the individual to be faithful to the Emperor, and to the Dynasty. . It is stated that the following commercial interchange, to a limited extent, has been consented to between the Go- vernments of Great- Britain and FranceIn return for four hogsheads of claret, is to be exported one hogshead of sugar of 1 vCvvt. or 1,200 skins, or medicinal drugs to an indefinite amount. The quality of the claret is to be such as is usually understood under the distinction of prize claret. The transaction is to commence by the importation of the wine, ill the assigned quantity or proportion, from France. Conformably with these conditions, six licenses, for six dif- ferent cargoes, were on the 16th inst. signed bv Napoleon, and remain in the hands of the Grantees on the other side of the water. As the size of tonnage of the vessels to be employed in this traffic is not specified, the dimensions ftiay be regulated at the convenience or discretion of the rner- chant. , . , liv the return of the effective strength of our regular and militia forces, laid before the House of Commons, it ap- pears we have, at home 113,068 men, and abroad, 153,010: — tota', 496,103. . Lord Keith, it is understood, will succeed Admiral Cotton in the command of the Channel fleet. Mr. Walsh, M. P. mentioned in our first page as pardoned, and discharged from Newgate, has obtained . his Certificate as a bankrupt. Mr. Paul, one of the pilots of the Manilla, lately lost on the IIaak Sand, has been so fortunate as to make his escape from prison at Amsterdam, and lias arrived at Yarmouth, accompanied by a Gentleman and three Ladies. Previous to his leaving Holland, the officers and crew of the Manilla were on their march for Verdun. The whole of the Manilla's crew, except eight men, were saved. Whi r Messrs. Bell and Lancaster are furiously contending for the honour of an ancient. invention of the Hindoos, the genuine British, and truly national, system of teaching by interrogators, is modestly making its way into all our inde- pendant seminaries, in' the Universal Preceptor of Blair, the British Geography of Goldsmith, the Historical Ques- tions of Adair, and the Scripture Questions of Barrow. A motion lias been made in the Corporation of the city of Albany, America, to suppress, theatrical exhibitions, " as public nuisances." The subject was referred to a Committee of the Board. One of the most dreadful stormsof thunder and lightning in the memory of man, took place on Tuesday. The Port Letters this morning mention, that in Torbay the Tonnant bad 24 men killed or wounded by the lightning; one man was killed on board the Salvador del Mundo; two on board a brig- 10 were struck down and hurt on board the Helicon. The Cumberland ha i 20 men beat down, but none killed. In the violent storm on Saturday afternoon, a ball of fire descended on the boat house, in the occupation of Mr. Carter, at Windsor- bridge, and in a few minutes after the nli lie was burnt to the ' ground. The deluge of rain which . ell prevented the extension, of the lire, which was fortu- nately got under without doing much more damage. On Tuesday the Sessions ended at the Old Bailey, when sentence of death was passed on Robert Green and John Parton, for burglary ; Charles Wheeler, alias Walker, James Serree, and Edward' Dronet, for stealing a heifer; Elizabeth Buckley, Jane Bridger, David Dickson, and Fhos. Tomkius, alias Ekin Britten, for stealing goods in a dwelling- house; William White,' for returning from transportation; ar. d Benjamin Hitchcock, for secreting and stealing a letter, containing bank- notes.— Two were ordered to be trans- ported for fourteen years; twenty- seven for- seven years; thirtv- eight were ordered to be imprisoned in the House of Correction at Clerkenwell for various periods, and 15 to be imprisoned in Newgate, three to be publicly, and 16 pri- vately whipped; several fined Is. each and discharged; and 21 were discharged by proclamation. la . rcs trig Trial for Conspiracy— At the Old Bailey, on Tuesday, Eleanor and Ann iVeston were tried for conspiring, 1 >>"' ther with a person unknown, to charge a manufacturer at Birmingham, named Thompson, with felony. The indict- ment farther stated, that the defendants had procured a third person, unknown, to marry Eleanor Weston, jurporting to have been the prosecutor, [ t appeared that the prosecutor, who is a married man, residing at Birmingham, had cohabited v illi Eleanor Weston, and that & marriage took place at St. Bride's church, 1111 the 9th of April, 1> SI0, betwixt the said F. lcanor and a person named Thompson. The fruits of their union was a child, which the defendant had in her arms in Court. The prosecutor positively swore that he never in irried I?. Weston, and that the hand- writing in the register- b i ' k of St. Bride's church was a forgery altogether. A banker's clerk also negatived the writing in the said book; and the prosecutor's servant swore that lie arrived at Birming- ham on the eighth day before the marriage, and remained there ten days. The defendant told the prosecutor, on her arrival in T. oll. lnn, that she had procuted a person for £ 2, to marry her, in order to he able to produce a. marriage cerlifi c. ile, if necessary; and that she had never seen the man to whom she had been married before the solemnization, nor since. For the defendants, two gentlemen swore positively that the signature of Thompson, ill the register- book, was the hand- writing of the prosecutor; and three others proved, contrnry l » his assertion, that he was in their company in London Oil the day of marriage; and one of these was woman who cooked the wedding dinner. Several of the defendant's relations, who were respectable persons, proved that he had 1>' en introduced to them by K. Weston, as her husband; and t'hat she shewed her mother a marriage certifi- cate i. i confirmation of such report. The trial lasted eight hours, anil the defendants were acquitted. • DIED.] On the 19th. ult. at Hedon, llolderness, aged 27 Miss M. Ellis; on the 12th, aged 14, Mr." J. Ellis; on the 15th. aged lfi, S. Ellis; on the,' list, aged 35, five ( lavsafter the death of her infant child, Mrs. Ann Hearing, wife of Mr, J. Hearing, sister to the above, and daughter ofMr. M. Ellis mid on the 3.1 instant, the said Mr. Ellis himself; being six persons out of one family in less than one mouth. Stony- Stratford Third SuBscrifitioh AsS'nMy ILL beheld tit the COCK L: N, on WEDNESDAY the4th of March. H12. WM OLIVER, Esq.? s dj- Rev. G Dl'N EE ICY, ) " lewar0" Dancing to commence at Bight o'clock. H General Meeting of Land- Tux ' Commissioners. AVING received a Certificate from his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs bf Taxes, whereby tliev have certified to me that it is necessary that a Meeting should be convened of the Commissioners, appointed for putting into Execution the Act for granting an Aid to his Majesty by a Laud- Tax to be raised in Great- Britain for the Year 179S ;' for the Purpose of appointing Commissioners for the general Purposes of an Act passed in the 46lh Year of his present Majesty's Reign, for granting a Duty on Property, & c. I do hereby give Notice, That a General Meeting of the Commissioners of Land- Tax, for the County of Northampton, will be held at the RECORD- ROOM, adjoining the County- Hall-, in the Town of NORTH- AMPTON, on TUESDAY the 3d Day of MARCH next, imme- diately after the Grand Jury are discharged, for the Purpose of appointing Commissioners as in the said Act of th » 46th Year as aforesaid is directed. P. DENYS, Sheriff of the County of Northampton. ' 25th February, 1812. M NORTHAMPTON REGISTER- OFFICE » •. » FEMALE SERVANTS. RS. S. i. IN FORD, most respectfully begs I offer herself to the Ladies of Norlha'rnptnn and il- Vicinity, in opening a It KGIS T EU- 0 F FICE for FEMALE SERVANTS, where Ladies may depend on hearing faithful Statements of all such Servants as may apply at rliis 0: fiee for Situations; find no Servant need apply who cannot bring an unexceptionable Character for Honesty, Sobriety, <& c. N. li. Mrs. Linford has taken a Residence, but until Iter [ louse i, fitted up all Applications will he duly attended to, and immediately answered, at the Countv Auction Mart, in the Drapery..—-\ tirthornpton, February, 1812. 1' A Meeting held at KETTERING, on THURSDAY Will IP, HART INN, W /•: I /. I . V G 1! ') R QUO 11. POST CHAISE. PIIOMAS TESTER begs Leave to inform his AT a- Meeting h February 27 N' BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LENT ASSIZES, 1 » I2. OTICE is hereby given, That the. ASSIZES for the said COUNTY, are appointed to be hidden at AYLESBURY, on Monday the 2d Day of MARCH next, on the Evening of which Day, his Majesty's Judges of Assize, will open their Commission ; that on the following Morning immediately after Divine Service, the Grand Jury will be sworn in, and the Gentlemen summoned upon that Inquest are requested to attend there on Tuesday the 3d, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. And all Attornies, Persons summoned on the Nisi Prius and Crown Juries, and other Parties concerned, are hereby desired to be then and tiiere attending. And of which Justices nf the Peace, Mayors, Coroners, Chief- Constahles, Bailiffs, and other Olicers, are also hereby- required to take Notice, and to be then and there present. And all Persons who are bound by Recognizance to prosecute or give Evidence upon any Bill or Bills of Indictment are required to attend and deliver the proper Instructions to the Clerk, of Assize on Monday, the Commission Day, in order that the Bills may be prepared to be laid before the Grand Jury immediately after the Charge is given. THOMAS TINQALI, Under- Sheriff. Sheriff' snOffiee, tylesbury, 27th l'eb. 181?. attended, in order to consider the Expediency of promoting the Establishment of a BRANCH BIBLE SOCIETY in that Town and its Vicinity ; The Ilev. B. HUTCHINSON, Rector of Cranferd, in the Chair j Resolved, That this Meeting do most cordially approve of [ he Inten- tion of establishing an Auxiliary Bible Society in < his County. That immediately on the Formation of the above Society, Measures shall be taken to establish a similar Institution iu ( his Town and its Vicinity, in order to co- operate with it. Such Institution to lie called, This Branch Society of Ket- tering and its V'trinity. That the neighbouring Parishes shall be respectfully invited toco- operate in so beneficial au Undertaking. That a Committee be now formed, consisting, of the Rev. G. Bugg, Curate of Kettering; Rev. J. N. Toiler; Itev. J. llogg, Hector of ({ tendon ; John G< » tch, E « q.; l- tev. A. Buller, Curate of Broughtou; Rev. T. S. Grioishavi , Hector of Burton; and Mr. Cole; to whom shall be referred the pre- paratory Arrangement of the Institution. That Subscriptions be immediately eutered into for pro- moting the Object of this ln> titutiun, artd Books shall b « opened at the Kettering Bank for that Purpose. That these Resolutions be inserted in the Northampton Mercury, and Notice given of any further Proceedings. Jl. Friends and the Public in general, that he has removed th ' Business of the above Imi to a more commodious HOQSC and' Premises, on the opposite Side of the Street, where there is a large Yard, excellent. Stables, with single Boxes for the Horses of Commercial Travellers; whom he assures will find i good Larder, choice Wines, Liquors, and every other com- fortable Accommodation. T. T. also informs the Nobility, rfentlemen, and the Public in general, that he has lately commenced the POSTING BU- SINESS, and that neat POST CHAISES, with ABLE HORSES and cA'ttBfui DRIVERS, will at all Times be ready on the shortest Notice. AT a Ge NORTl BY WATERS' AFFAIRS. / TMIE Creditors of JOHN BY WATERS, of GIRT 1 FDko, in the Parish of SANDY-, in the County o Bedford, Bricklayer, are desired to meet Mr. Banks, the Assignee nf his E- tale and Effects, at the FALCON INN, i STIVR NHOTS, on THURSDAY next the 5th Day of MARCH at Three o'clock iu the Afternoon. • St. Feb. 25th, 1812. Notice to the Debtors mid Creditors of the late EDWARD COVINGTON. ALI. Persons who stood indebted to EDWARD COVINGTON, of the l'ari- h of St. Peter, in the Town of BEDFORD, at the ' l ime of his Decease, arc hereby desired tu payi their respective Debts Immediately to Simon Covington, of the Parish of St. Paul, in thesaid Town, his Txcriitor ; and all Persons who have any Claim or Demand upon tile' Estate and Effects of the said Deceased are requested io send the same to Simon Covington aforesaid, in order that fV* v may be examined and discharged, Utdjard, Fell. 20th, 1- 812. r BUCK! NGUAMSHlRE PROPER 1 Y- TAX. N Pursuance of a Certificate from bis Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs nf Taxes, stating that it is necessary that a Meeting of the Cora . usjinuers appointed for putting into Execution, in the Con ity of Buckingham, the Land- fax Acts, should he convened for the Purpose of ap- pointing Commissioners to carry into Execution for the ensuing Year the several Acts « f Parliament made and passed for granting tn his Majesty, until the 6th Day of May next after the Ratification of a definitive Treaty of Peace, a Con- ribution on the Profits arising from Property, Possessions, Trades, and Offices; I, CH It ISTOPU E It S ALT E II, Esq. Sheriff of the said County, do accordingly appoint a Meeting nf soch Commissioners, to be holden at the MAGISTRATES' CHAMBER, in AYLESBURY, on TUESDAY the 3d Day of MARCH next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. CARISTOPHF. R SALTER, Esq. Sheriff. Stok- Pagges, Feb. 21th, 1812. Buckinghamshire Redemption of and Sale of Lund- Tax. rpHF. Commissioners for ' the REDEMPTION and 1 SALE of LAND- TAX for the said COUNTY of BUCKINGHAM will meet at the MAGISTRATES CHAMBER, in AYLESBURY, on TUESDAY the 3d Day of MARCH Instant, at Eleven O'clock in the Forenoon for the Purpose of contracting with such Persons who are desirous of REDEEMING or PURCHASING the LAND TAX charged on their own Estates, or on the Estates of other Persons as Fee Farm Rents. All Persons therefore w \ o are desirous of redeeming or pnrcha- ing Land- Tax, are requested to send a Description of the Estate upon which such Land- Tax is charged to the Cleric to the'said Commissioners, fating at the same Time whether they wish to contract for such Land- Tax by Transfer of Stock, or Payment of Money, to the Receiver- General, and whether in one Payment, or liy Instalments. ACTON CHAPLIN, Clerk to the said Commissioner*. Aylesbury, 27th Fetb. 1812., NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Quarterly Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike Road leading from DUNCHURCH, in the County of Warwick, to QLD- STRATFORD, in the County of Northampton, will be held at the ORUWS Inn, in Fuantn's- BOOTU, on Monday tile lUth Day of March next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, previous to which all Persons who have auy Demands upon the said Trustees are desired to deliver the same to Mr. Benjamin Gurden, of Dodford, in order that they may be inspected aud allowed at the said Meeting. By Order of the Trustees, EDMUND BURTON7. Vaventry, 27th Feb. 1812. H UNTERS. SALE of the STUD of HUNTERS adver- ed for the 5th of March, IS POSTPONED. ( j^ J* Notice will be given in this Paper of the future Day of Sale. HP HE JL tise< To COVER, this Season 1812, VrOUNO CASTREL, the Property of SVM. Fl- SHEH, of J- l. owt R- C ALDncoi E, one Mile from Biggleswade, Ke> ls, at TWO GUINEAS and A HALF each Hare, and FIVE SHILLINGS the Groom. He is rising three Years old, and bred by Mr. HAHVIV, of Caldecote, was got by Castrel, his Damn tennrkably tins Blood Mare. The Arabian Sire of YOUNG CASTRIL is acknow- ledged to be the fastest Ilorsein England, thi largest with ' Sy'me'- try, the strongest with Speed, possesses the finest Temper, and is allowed to surpass any Horse with respect to a Combination of all the above Properties that the Metiiorjr of Mjn, or the ' Annals of the Turf at any Period of Time, can produie. In Pioof of Speed connected with Streng- h, when four Years old he carried two Stone more than Horses of th'.' same Years, and beat them with Ease ; and to prove that an uncommon Stipe, riority is peculiar to this Class of liloori, CASTHEL is own Brother to Selim, who, at four Years old carried two Stone more than aged Horses, cud beat them with Ease; also own Biothdf to Rubins, ami own Brother to Bronze, who won the Oak* in 1806, when 27 Hor « : s entered; likewise Brother to one of the finest Mares, who received Forfeit of Bribiis, the Winner of the Oaks ill 1807 ; and of tlie Sister to Mutter, the Winner of the Oak's in 1805, in all lour Times Forfeit; but for Performance of this Class of Blood, see the Racing Calendar. YOUNG CASTREL is a beautiful Bay, ftee fulm White, and is acknowledged by Judges to be one of the handsomest Colts in the Kingdom. N. B. A few Mares were put to him last Season at Home, and have proxed to be In- foal. The Sire of Y oung Ca; trcl was Sold last Year foi nearly Two Thousand Pounds. He will attend at the following Places during the Season : — once a Week at the Red Hart Inn, Httchin, on Monday Night, until Three o'Clock on Tuesday ; Angel Inn, Royston, Tues- day Night, until Three o'Clock on Wednesday; White Lion, St. Neot-, on Thursday ;— once a Fortnight at the following Places, White Lion Inn, Buckderj, on Thursday Night; and Crown, Huntingdon, on Friday Night," until Two o'Clock on Saturday ; and once a Fortnight at the White Lion Inn, Kim- bolton, on Thursday Night ; and King's Arms Inn, Bedford, on Friday Night, until Three o'Clock on Saturday; and at Home t- n Monday Morning. ( pf The Money to be paid at Midsummer next. eneral Meeting, of the Subscribers to the rH BUCKS AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY, residing in N E W PORT - P A OX ELL and its Vicinity, at the SWAN INN1, convened by Public Advertisement, this 25th Day of FEBRUARY', 181'.', W. PRAED, Esq. in the Chair; The Minutes of the former Meeting havingbeen read by the Secretary, it was unanimously resolved, 1. That this Meeting do appoint the three Members for the Central Committee at Buckingham, nominated at the former Meeting, viz. Mr. , f. II. Handscomb, Mr. G. Conch, and Mr. G. Osbora; that Mr. J. \ V. Ban iuger be appointed the other Member of that Committee. 2. That agreeably to the Resolutions of the former Meeting, a Local Committee, with a Treasurer and Secretary, for New- port and its Vicinity, be appointed for the Purposes recom- mended by the Parent Society, viz. first to promote Sub- scriptions ; secondly, to obtain an accurate Knowledge of the State of the poorer Classes, with regard to their Possession or Want of the Scriptures; and thirdly, to adopt the most precedent and efficient Means of supplying those Wante. 3. That the Local Committee consist of all the Members of the Centra! Committee residing in the Neighbourhood, with the Treasurer and Secretary, and also Messrs. Swannell, of Filgrove, and Capon, of Sherrington, and such other Persons u the Committee may think proper to add to their Number, regard being paid to the Appointment of an equal Number of Members of the Established Church and those of other Denominations. 4. That this Meeting confirm the Appointment of Mr. Lucas, as Treasurer, and Mr. W, B. Kilpin, as Secretary. 5. That the Local Committee meet on the second Monday in every Mouth at the I. ancasterian School- Room, at Eleven o'clock in theForeneon, and that the Treasurer or Secretary, and any three Members of the Committee, may summon a spe- cial Meeting when tieccssary, a Week's Notice being given to all the Members; no Business to be transacted at any Meet- ing of the Committee, unless five Members he present. 6. That all Applications for Bibles be submitted to the Local- Coinmiiteei, who shall grant them on such Terms as tllcy may think proper, particular Attention being paid to proper Objects recommended by Subscribers, 7. Thatan Annual Meeting of all the Subscribers he held at leasta Fortnight before the General Meeting of the Auxiliary Society at Buckingham, when a Report shall be made of the Proceeding's of the Cbjnmittee, the Treasurer's Accounts au- dited, ami the Balance, tifler defraying incidental Expenses, paid into the Hands fif the Treasurer to the North Bucking- hamshire Auxiliary Bible Society. ^ i. That the Thanks of this Mei ting be gives to the Secreta- ries from Buckingham, for their Attendance on the present Occasion. 9. That the Resolutions of this Meeting be inserted in the Northampton Mercury, aud 250 Copies of them printed for general Circulation. 10. That the Members of the North Bucks Auxiliary Bible Society residing in this Neighbourhood, shall be allowed to purchase from the Depository at Newport- Pagnell, Bibles and Testaments on the same Terms as the Members ( if the Parent Society obtain them from the Depository at London. 11. That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to W. Praed, Esq. for his prompt Attention to the Object of the Institution, and his impartial Conduct in the Chair. A CAUTION. IJOHN BOWERS, of BEDFORD, do hereby give 9 Notice, that I will not be accountable for any Debt or Debts that may be contracted by my Wife, MARY BOW ERS, from the Date hereof.— Witness my Hand, Bedford, Feb. 21, 1812. JOHN BOWERS. STOLEN, out of CoiiBV WOODS, in the County of Northampton, between the 8th and lltli of December, 1811, A GREY MARE, in Foal, The Property of WM. STARSMI. HS.— She is about 1:? Hands high, of light Bone, and Fire- branded with the Mark of a Cross on both Shoulders; the Hair is not come on the far Shoulder, and the Brand is three Inches and a Half over. Whoever will give Information of thesaid Mare, so that she may be had again, shall, on Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, receive a Reward of FIVE. GUINEAS. I'enny- Stratfdrd, Association, for the 1' rosKUtiun of Robbers, 8fC. TWENTY GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS some Person or Petsons did in the Night of Tuesday last the 25th, or early oil Wednes- day Morning the 26th Instant, BREAK INTO TUB FIELD- B.* n\ of Mr. THOMAS Rist. rv (. a Member of this Asso- ciation) situate in the Parish of SIMPSON, in the County of Buckingham, and therefrom did steal, take, and carry away, about THREE BUSHELS of BEANS aid PEAS. Also from the Hay- Stack, standing near the said Barn, about FOUR HUNDRED WEIGHT of CLOVER HAV, the Property of the said Thomas Hisley. Whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders so that he or they can be convicted of the said Offence, may receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS of Mr. Risley, and a further Reward of TEN GUINEAS of Mr. John Day, of Fenny- Stratford, the Trensnrer of this Association, If more than one were concerned in the said Robbery, and ft- ill impeach his or their Accomplice or Accomplices, he or they shall, oil Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, be entitled to receive the above Rewards, and Interest will be made to obtain his Majesty's Pardon for the Offender making such Discovery. " GEORGE COOCH, Solicitor. ' Newport- Fagnell, 21th Feb. 1812. Valuable Breed of Sheep, Dairy Bettsls, Draught Alarms, llaekneu Horses, and Implements in Farming, GREAT- PEATI. ING, Leicestershire. To be SOLD by A U C I I O N, By EDIV. NEALE 4' SON, On Wednesday the 11th Pay of March, fSl2. and two following Hays, on t.' ie Premises of ROBERT BAKER, Cent, of G « E A T- 1' E AT LI N G, deceased, bog . Ram I ambs ; eight exceedingly useful In- calf Cows, eight In- calf Heifers, eight barren Cows, two barren Heifers, one New- milch Cow, one fat Calf, two capital Bulls, seven yearling Bulls, and three yearling Calves; oae tat Hog; six truly valu- able Draught Mares, two Two- year- old Filiies, one Colt Foal, one Filly Foal, oriecapital Cart Stallion, one Hacknev Mare, two very useful Hackney Horses, rising five Years old; three Narrow, wheel Waggons, two Six- inch- wheel Carts, one Narrow. wheel Ditto lately new, a Market- Cart, double Plough, two single Ditto, Patent Drilling- Machine ( by Cooie), Pair of double Harrows, Land- Roll, three Corn- Staddles, with Stone and Caps, Tackling for seven Horses complete, Horse- Trough lined with Lead, large Stone Trough, two Winnowkig- tans, Corn Troy, Barn- Tackle in general, Chafl- Box, four Drag Rakes, sundry Rakes and Forks, H Cow- Cribs, four Ladders, 100capital Oak Fleaks, several Lots of capital Ash and Willow Poles, Ash Fagots and Fire- Wood, with a Variety of other useful Articles. — Also several Hundred Weight of good Cheese, in .-; nall Lots. The bale to commence punctually at Ten o'Clock each Morning. The Sheep will be solt; on Wednesday the first SaJa Day, the Dairy Beast and Horses on Thursday the second Sjle Day, and the Implements in Farming, Sec. on Friday the third Sale Day. Catalogues may be had in due Time, a; the Place of Sale; the Three Crowns Inn, in Leicester; Cherry free Inn, in Maikct- Harborough; BulPs Head Inn, Hinckley ; Hull's Head, Blaby ; at the principal Inns, and the Auctioneers', Lutterworth. The Soundness aud well known Celebrity of Mr. Baker's Flock of Sheep needs no Comment. • To be L- hVI'V by TENDER, Fur the Term• of sic Years from Lady- Day next, \ Small, but desirable PA AM ; consisting of a Messuage - or tenement, Barns, llomesull, & c. and several Closes of Hiclosed Arable and Sward Land, situate in the Parish of vlA, RSTON- MORETAI N, Bedfordshire, now in the Occupa- tion of John Timrns, containing by Estimation about 54 Acres, more or less. Proposals in Writing ( Post- paid) will be received bv Mr. GREENE, Solicitor, Ampthill, Beds, till Monday the 23d of March next. February < 21, 1812. Eligible Situations. For SAL E by AUG T I O N, By MASON 4- SON, On Wednesday the4th of March, 1S12, at Six o'Clock, at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, in the Town of Northampton, in two Lots; Eot 1. \ LL that newly erected Brick and Sashed MES- / V SUAGE, well timbered and covered with Welsh Slate, situated in the central Part of GOLD- STHES r, NORTH. AM PI'ON; consisting of a Cellar, Parlour and Kitchen on the Ground Floor; Dining, and Lodging- Room on the first Hoor; and two Lodging- Rooms on the second Floor, with Closets; Out- offices, with Yard and spacious Garden, and a convenient . Work- Shop at the Bottom of the same, with the Use of an excellent Pump of Water, in the Occupation of Mr. Chapman, Jun. Glazier, Painter, & c. Lot 2. A newly erected Hrick and Sashed MESSUAGF, ad- joining Lot 1; consisting of a Cellar, Parlour, and Kitchen on the Ground Floor; Dining, and Lodging- Room on the first Floor; and two Lodging- Rooms with Closets, on the second Floor; Out- offices, with Yard and Garden, and the Use of a Pump of Water, in th: Occupation of Mr. Brown, Timber- Merchant. For a View of the sams, apply on the Premises; and fur further Particulars, to the AUCTIONEERS. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By T. HAGGER, At the Crown Inn, Potton, on Saturday th- 7th of March, 1812, at Half- past Two o'clock, ACOPYIIOT. D ESTATE, Fine certain; and a WORSTED . MANUFACTORY, by Machines, late Mr. JOHN . BELLMAN'S, of POTION, deceased. The above Manufactory s a very desirahle Purchase, as it is not ascertained that there is any Thing of the Kind within a great Distance. The Work finished by the Machines has been highly approved, and the Custom already established is extensive. Farming Stock and Effects. To be S O L D by AUCTIO N, By JOHN DAY 4- SON, On Wednesday the 11th Day of March, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. WM. FOSTER, in NE WTON- LONG VI LI. E, near Fenny. Stratford, Bucks, who is leaving the Farm ; HPilE EFFECTS comprise one Hovel of Wheat, and a X Quantity of Ditto in the Barn, Ditto of Beans unthrashed ; the Straw of the Whole to be taken off the Premises ; Five C? rt- Horses and one Filly, five Cows, one Sow with Pigs, three Store Hogs; one Waggon, three Carts, Harrows, Ploughs, Ladders, Hurdles, & c. ; Gears for nine Cart- Horses; Dairy. Vessels, as Churn, seven Milk- Leads, Milk- Tubs and Buckets; Quantity of Household- Furniture, with various other Articles. The Sale to commence at Eleveno'Clock precisely. On Saturday next will be published, CONSIDERATIONS RESPECTING THE BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY, occasioned principally by the Cambridge Controversy. By a CLERGYMAN of the Diocese of Peterborough. To Farmers and others. FINE YELLOW SWEDISH'TURN IP SEED. THOSE Fanners and Gentlemen who wish to be ac- commodtited with the above Article, WARRANTED . GE- NUINE, may be supplied by applying to Mr. J. EMERY, Grocer, See; Bedford. The Turnips from which this Seed was produced were all grown and transplanted by John Wilson Allen, Esq. a cele- brated Agriculturist, of West Iind House, llayues, Bed- fordshire. To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, By Mr. F. DIKJKD LEES. At the Farm in the Occupation of DUDLEY BAXTER, Esq. in the Parish of S I OKE- GOLD1 NG, in the Couuty of Lei- cester, on Thursdayand Friday the5thand 6thet March, 1S12, who is leaving the Fatin, ALU ilie LIVE and DEAD STOCK, CROPS, IMPLE- MENTS of HUSBANDRY, & c. ; consisting of nine feeding Bullocks, three Four- year- old feeding Cows, eight In- calf Cows, six In- calf Heifers, a Short- horned Bull three Years old, 14 Sturks, eight Yearlitigs, 2S In- lamb Ewes, 20 Ewe Hogrils, one Ram, an In- pig Yelt, 14 Store Pigs, four Horses, three Mares of the Draught Kind, two Nag Mates, one of them four Years old, a Pony, two' 1' hree- vear old Roan Colts ( by AJ- miral) fit for Harness, a handsome I illy, fit to carry a Lady, and two well- bred Colts; a Washing Machine, a Corn Mill, five double Ploughs, two single Ditto, one Skim- Colter, four Pair of Harrows, two Land Rolls, a Quantity of P leaks, five Narrow- wheel Waggons, one Six- inch Ditto, three Six- inch Carts, two light Carts, a Winnowing Machine ( by Coocb), two Patent Chatf- Cutters [ by Pasmor'e), Coake's Patent Shuffles, Tackle for 11) Horses, and all Kinds of Implements; Part of a Stack of Wheat, Oat Stack, Stack of Vetches, Ditto of Clover, Ditto of Hay, about five Acres of Swedish Turnips, and about 401bs. of new Swedish Turnip Seed. The Sale to beginat J'eno'Clock each Day.— Conditions of Sale as usual. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By Mr. DURHAM, At the Crown Inn, DUNSTABLE, on Wednesday, the41h » f March, 1812, at Two o'Clock, rilWEXTY STICKS of fine BEECH TIMBER, with JL their 1 ops and Tops, growing iu the Beech Closes, adjoin- ing the Road leaning from Dunsiableto Luton. For the Cqnvenience. of Purchasers they will be sold ia small Lots. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. DURHAM, Surveyor, & c. Dunstable. Freehold and. Litlie- free Estate, xeith immediate Possession. To be S O L D by AUCTIO N, By J. DURHAM, At the Crown Inn, In Dunstable, in the County of Bedford, on Wednesday ( he 4th of March, 1813, \ Very desirable FREEHOLD and TITHE- FREE ESTATE, r. v eligibly situate in the Parish of HOUG H l'ON- R E G IS, Adjoining the Chester Road, and very nearto the Town of Dun- stable aforesaid, comprising about 13 Acres of rich Arable Land, inclosed with live Fences. Particulars may be known by applying to the AUCTIONEER, llunstabje. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Thursday theI9th Day of Match, 1812. about Five o'Clock, on the Piemises, unless an acceptable Offer is made previously therete, ALL the capital EITEEHOI. D Stone and slated HOUSE, . called the SWAN, in WILHARSTON, in the County of Noithampton, with Stable, Gardens, and Orchard, altogether containing one Acre, more or less, and Common Right, in the Occupation of Wm. Green, who will shew the Premises; and or further Particulars, apply t* Ta « i. WILSUN, Houghton, neer Huntingdon. Vuluuhte Farming- Stock, Implements of liuslmndru, Vuiry- Utensils, To be SOLD by A UCTI O N, By CHURCHILL TURNER, On Monday and Tuesday the S: ki an. t21th Days., t March, IR12, on the Premises of Mr. WILLIAM COLLI NG li I DG li, ( who is leaving the Farm), at HARDW1CK, near 1 UJMOUE HOCSI, in tile County of Oxford, livs Miles from Bicester and Brackley, and eight from Buckingham; ( COMPRISING 25 In- calf and Barren Cows and Heifers, J Two. year- old Bull, four useful Draught Horses, tWodittu Mares, twoditto in Foal, well- bred Filly, 150 Ewes, 100 Tegs, and 18 lat Shearhogs; three Narrow. wheel Waggons, three Broad- wheel Dung- Carts, Harnessfor l2Hort. es, eight Ploughs, seven Pair of Harrows, one Drag Ditto, three Rolls with Frames, six Corn Staddlesand Timber, Thrashing- Machine o't one Horse Power ( by A/ r. C/ jci), Winnow in^- Machine, Hurdles, Sheep and Cow- Racks, and other Farming Implements; a large Barrel- Churn, nine Milk. Lead-, Cicam- Cistern, and Dairy- Utensils; three Servants' Bedsteads, with Furniture and Bedding, eight Mahogany Chairs, three Tables, two Bureaus, Kitchen and Stove- Grates, Brewing and Washing- Coppers, and Brewing- Utensils, The Sale to begin ench Morning at Eleveho'Clock precisely. The Live Stock and larming Implements will be sold tha first Day, the Dairy and Brewing- Utensils and Household- Fur- niiute the last Day. The Cow Stock are of the long- horned Breed, and th » Sheep are bred from the celebrated Stock of Mr. Green, uf Nor. mington. Catalogues may be had at the Printers' of this Paper; Crown, Brackley; Arms, Buckingham; King's Arii/ V and Crown, Bicester; Plans of Sale ; and of the * ucrione - rs,'" In * VoodStock. SKCUNL) I'. illT or UOi. DSMl Ill's URaTlYLVR OF GEOGRAPHY. T/ ih day u- ns published, Illustrated with seven Maps, aud sixty Views of County Towns and remarkable Places, Price 4s. bound in Red, 13 RI IISII GEOGRAPHY ; being a comprehensive Ac- J count of the PRESENT STATE of the whole BRITISH EMPIRE, including the BRITISH IsLANosand the BRITISH COLONIES and DEPENDENCIES in all Parts of the World, designed far the Use of Schools, and serving as a second Part, or Completion of the Author's well- known GRAMMAR or' GENERAL GEOORAPHY. liy the REV. J. GOLDSMITH, Author of the Grammar of Geography, & c. & c. Extraordinary as it may seem, there exibts. no modern Account of the British Empire besides this book, and of course no Elementary Work on this Subject calculate I to qualify loung Britons to perlornj in After- lite, with competent Intelligence, the Duties ot that social State to which they appertain. This small Volume embraces every Topic that can be uselul either as Instruction or practical Life, or as Data for further Specu- lation and Enquiry, and is calculated to introduce the whole rising Generation to a perfect Acquaintance with tlie Physical, Political, Commercial, Statistical, Topographical, and Literary State of their own Country and its vast Dependencies. Printed for RICHARD PHILLIPS, 47, Lunjatc- Hill, and sold by all Booksellers. Ot whom also may be had, BLAIR'S UNIVERSAL PRECEPTOR, called the " Sun of School Books," Price 4s. ( id. His 600 QUESTIONS, Price Is and his TLTOK'S KEY, 3S, fid. Also his MODELS of JUVENILE Lwrs& » , Price fid. A' ' To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By Mr. DURHAM, At the Crown Inn, in Dunstable, on Monday the 9th Day of March, 1812, at Ten o'Clock, BOUT - 800 TIMBER TREES, mostly BEECII, and many of them of large Dimensions, growing on WHI PS- NADE HA1.1. FARM and WOODS, adjoining near to Dunstable aforesaid. The Ttees are all marked with white Paint, and may be viewed by applying to W. HAI. SEY, the Woodman, on the Premises. Catalogues will he ready in a few Days, and may be had at the several Inns iu the Neighbourhood, and of Mr. DURHAM, Sur. vcyor, I and Agent, & c. Dunstable. 1. ire and Dead Farming- Stock, Hit u, i> c. To be S O L I) by A U C T I O N, By TiOBERT AND R E WS, On Thursday next the 5th of March, 1S12, on the Premises of • Mr. STIMSON, at SHERRINGTON, in the County ol Buckingham, who is leaving Part of his Bargain ; r| Mili STOCK consists ol 40 Ewes, Lambed and ln- lamb ; 40 S Tegs and one Tup ; five Dairy Cows, two capital draught Horses, and one Mate, Harness for thtee Horses ; 12 Store- Hogs and one capital Brawn; a Core of old Hay, and Ditto of New, to be taken offthe Ptemises; one Narrow- wheel Cart, Ploughs, Harrows, Sec. ; a very good Three- dozen Barrel . Churo and Frame, five Milk- Leads, Milk- Kivers, Pans, onePairol Pails, i> c. See. ; a good 80- Gallon Brewing- Coppet and Grate, jnd a Washing Ditto, a 12- Bushel Mash- Vat, Wort- Tubs, & c. thr « c Beer- Pipes, and Hogshead Cask, 20 Bushel of good old Malt, a few Lotsof Household- Furniture, & c. Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. Hay, Farming Stock, To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By JOHN DA Y 4- SON, On Thursday the 5th Day of March, 1812, on the Premises nf Mr. FRANCIS SMITH, at LOUGHTON, near Stony- Stratford, Bucks, who is leaving his Farm, ABOU T 50 Tons of IIAY, in Lots, to be taken off the Premises, Part of which will be in Trusses; three Cart- Mares in Foal, one Nag Mare in Foal ( by Gambfdo), one Nag. Colt, rising three Years old ( by Venture), and one Yearling C., rt. Colt; 40 Dozen of new Hurdles, in Lots, Quantity of old Ditto, and other Farming Articles ; old Iron, & e. Also, a Kitchen Grate, Parlour Ditto, Sofa and Cover, with a few other Lots of Household- Furniture. Three Months' Credit will be given to all Purchasers of j£ 2G in Value and upwards, on approved Security. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock precisely. ~~ To be SO L D by AUCTION By JOHN DAY 4- SON, At the Talbot Inn, Shenley ( commonly called Shenlev Imi), in the County of Buckingham, on Thursday the 5th Day of March, 1 » 12, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, A Very valuable FREEHOLD and TIIHS- IKIE ESTATE, £\. situate at LOUGHTON, in the County of Buckingham; consisting of a good Brick- built Farm. House, with convenient Bants, Stables, and other Outbuildings ; and several Closes of rich Arable, Meadow, a » d Pasture Lai d, containing together loi Acres or thereabouts, now or late in the Occupation of Francis . Smith.— Immediate Possession may be had. For further Particulars, appl) to Messrs. AHBEY & Son, Solicitors, Northampton; or Messrs. Wort LEY'S, Solicitors, Stony- Stratford. Desiruble Leuselwld Estate, at Fadbury, near Buckingham. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAY Sf SON, On Saturday the 7th Day of March, 18i2, at the Cobham Arms Inn, Buckingham, precisely at Three o'Ciock in the Afternoon, ' pHllEE CLOSES of excellent ARABLE and PASTURE - L LAND ( TITHE FREE) lying together in the Parish of PADBURY, in the County of Buckingham ( near to the Turn- pike Road leading from Buckingham to VVinslow), containing in the Whole bv Admeasurement, 28A. OR. 16P. ( be the same more or less) and now in the Occupation ot Matthew Clarke, with a Cow- House standing thereon. The Premisesare held under a renewable Lease from All Souls* College, ill Oxford, for a Term, of \ ihich 18 Years were unex. piredon the 10th of October last. Possession will be given at Lady- Day ( O. S.) next, ( PR For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. GABRIEL PARKER, at l'adbury, or of Messrs. HEARN, Solicitors, iu Buckingham. Hell Inn, in 11 ' insloui, Bucks. To be S O I. D by AUCTIO N, By JOHN DAY 4' SON, By Order of the Assignees of Mr. WM. KING, a Bankrupt, on Monday the 9th Day of March, 1812, on the Premises, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, f| MIAT old- established aud good- accustomed INN, now , JL in full Trade, situate in the pleasant Market- ToWn of WINSLOW aforesaid, in the County of Buckingham, 50Milcs from London, adjoining the furnpike. Road from thence to Ban- bury, & c. 10 Miles from Aylesbury, and / from Buckingham. Immediate Possession may be had. Particulars, with Conditions of Sale, may also be had six Days before the Sale, at the Ions in AyL'sbury, Buckingham, Thame, Bicester, Banbury, Towcester* Newport- Pagnell, IVobuni, Dunstable, I. eighion- Buzzard ; of Mr. WILLIS, Solicitor, in VVinslow, and the Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford. The Premises may be viewed atany Time previously to the Sale, by applying to Mr. SANDFORB, on the Premises. Hay, Diiry- Stock, Furniture, To be SOLD bv A U CTIO N, By JOHN DAY Si SON, On Tuesday the 10th Day of March, 1812, on the Premises of the late Mr. RICHARD CLARK. E, in WHADDO N- CHASE, near Stony- Stratford, I," WE useful Dairy Cqws, one stout Horse for riding o* drawing, two Donkeys, two fat Hogs, one In- pig Sow, tw » Ditto Yelts, and 14 Sheep; one Cart, Ladders, Hurdles, Pig. Troughs, 15 Sacks, Forks, Rakes, Sec. ; cne Four- dozen Churn, Milk- Leads, Pubs and Buckets; two Cocks of prime Hay, to be taken off the Premises, tor which Credit will be given ; Quantity of Household. Furniture, as Bedsteads, Flock Beds, Tables, Drawers, Chairs, Pier and SwingGlasses, Clockand Case, a capital Smoke Jack, Quantity of Pewter, Brass, and Copper, 60- Gallon Brewing Copper and Grate, Tubs, Beer Casks, and various other Articles. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock precisely. Capital Oak l'imber. To be SOLD bv A l) C T I O N, By Mr. CHENEY, On Wednesday the 11th Day of March, 1812, upon the Premises, in the Lordship of THORNBY, in the County of North- ampton, TWENTY- FOUR fine OAK TREES, some of lare'- Meetings; and the Bark of the above Timber will be sold in one Lot, now standing, blazed and numbered. The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneer at the George Inn, at Thornby, at - Ten o'Clock on the Morning of Sale, and from thence to proceed to Sale.— Upon approved Security Credit will be given until the 25th Day of . Pune next; Two and a Half per Cent will be allowed for ready Money. FORA View of the Timber apply to Mr. FAUX, at his Grange Farm, Thornby. 1 ' lb Carpenters, Builders, 4c. To be S () L D by AUCTION, By Mr. CHENEY, On Friday the 13th Day of March, 1812, upon the Premises in the Lordslr pof P R ESTON- DE AN R Y, near Northampton, ONE Hundred and twenty- five fine large ELM ' TREES, now standing in a Row by the Side of tiie Turnpike Road, leading from Northampton to Hackleton, upon Lands occupied by Mr. Rowe. The above Timbsr will be blazed and numbered the Day before the Sale, and put into such Lots as will be most convenient to Purchasers. — Upon approved Security Credit will be given until the> 27th Day of June next; Two and a Half per Cent, will be allowed for ready Money. The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneer at Ten o'Clock. on the Morning of Sale, at the Toll. Gate at I'rsston- Deanry aforesaid, and proceed to Sale immediately. for a View of the Timber, apply to Mr. Rotrt, Stucks if Clover, Hay, Ac. To fc# SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY Sf SON, On Friday the I3th Day ot March, 1SJ2, on the Premises of Mr. JOHN HOWES, in SHERRINGTON, near New. port- Pagnell, Bucks, ONE RICK of CLOVER, about 30 Tons. One Ditto of HAY, Ditto 25 Tons One STUMP of old HAY, 6 Tons. The Whole to betaken off the Premises, and three Month*' Crtdit will be given on approved Security. Hay and Clover, at Little- BnckhiU, Biicks. To be SOL L) by A U C T I O N, By JOHN DAY 4 SON, On Saturday the I4th Day of March, 1812, on the Premises oE Mrs. HA LL, who is leaving her Farm, UPWARDS of 150 Tons of excellent MEADOW antt UPLAND HAY, and 10 Tons of CLOVER, Sec. well gotten, in nine Stacks; the Whole to be taken offthe Premises by the 24th of June next — If any Purchaser is desirous of spending a Part of the Hay on the Premises, a Yard will be provided for the same. Three Months' Credit will b.> given on approved Security. The Sale to commence at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY § SON, On the Premises of Mr, JOHN HICKINBOTTOM. of WICKEN, in the County ot Northampton, who is leaving his Farm, riMIE reinftinine Part of the STOCK/ Part of the IIOUSE- JL HOLD- FU R N1TUR E , Sec. Particulars, with the Day of Sale will appear in next Week's Paper. a The Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser for the ' Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon, Lucester, Warwitk, Oxford, and- ! fmf. rd. ) f t- tc » f r- < e t- t- fr- O. til 50 of E, r • tnt | of lltf , ciS > rs. rms n, RE of m- fcin n ic K lls » ! I! L ill Pt. « OW [ of les in- lys lie. r> i, in le, the E, ; o* tw » '" K- irn, , to rn ; eds, ise, per, and uses c * - ttW esot and well : s by irfing d for r- aeon i of ting r$ E, iek's Friday and Saturday'.*; Posts. LONDON, FRIDAY, February < 23. " fTESTEftDAY, in the House of Lords, Lord Liver- X pool moved the second reading of the Nottingham Frame- breakers' Uill.-- I. ord Byron said, that the evils which this Jiill professed to remedy, arose frr. 71 circumstances of unpar- alleled distress— from absolute want operating on that mice snher, industrious body of. the commHnity, Another cause of ( liis grievance was the introduction of the wide frames, by which one man was enabled to perform the work of seven ; by. which those men believed they h id been deprived of employ- ment. Hut the can= e of these evils am* e from a much deeper j.;) ur(. p— jt was the bitter and long- continued warfare in which this country had been engaged which had destroyed their com- forts, by producing frequent bankruptcies, and hv increasing th" number of imputed felonies had occasioned an increase of our capital punishments, which, in better regulated times, would not have been necessary, fie thought gentler measures than the one now proposed would have reclaimed them; con- ciliation would at all times do more with a mob than force. Whert the Portuguese were distressed, every arm was stretched out— every heart in this country was open to relieve them. The rich man's largess and the widow's mite were given for their relief; but the distresses of our countrymen no heart or hand would altempt to relieve.. Never, in the most despotic countries had he seen such instances of squalid wretchedness as he had witnessed in Nottingham; and be was convinced, from • he appearance of that country, that this Bill could only be carried into effect by martial law.— The Lords Holland, Lauderdale, Grosvenor, Grenyille, and Grey, also deprecated the passing of the Bill, believing that capital punishments seldom effected their desired object.—- The Lord Chancellor and Lord Harrowhy spoke on the other side 5 after which a division tdok place on amotion of adjournment; for it, 17; against it, 32. The Bill was then read a second time.— Adj. Yesterday, in the House of Commons, the Sugar Drawback Bill was read a third time and passed. Mr. Bankrs having moved that the Order of the Day should be read for the attendance of Mr. Walsh in his place, Mr. Aberctombie wished the business to be postponed, sufficient time not having elapsed for duly considering the papers on the table.— Afler a desultory conversation ( in the course of which the Speaker informed the House, he had received two letters from Mr. Walsh, stating, that it was not his intention to attend in his place), an order was made for him to attend 011 Tuesday next. Sir Thomas Turton rose, pursuant to notice, to move for a Committee to enquire into the State of the Nation. The lion. Baronet prefaced his motion with a speech of con- siderable length, in which he took a general review of the external and internal situation of the country, describing it to lie in a situation the most disastrous and alarming. A defici- ent revenue— a ruined commerce— a debased currency— and a manufacturing population starving— these, he said, were the consequences of persevering in that deplorable system, which, for twenty years had been. pursued by this country. As a first step lo the remedy of these evils, he concluded with moving) " That ( he House do resolve itself inln a Committee of the whole House, to take into consideration the State of the Uation." A long and animated debate then took place, in which the future arrangements contemplated in Administration formed the chief topic, rather than the inquiry proposed by Sir T. Turton. The speakers on the Ministerial side, were Mr Robinsou, Lord Dysart, Mr. Herbert, Mr. Montague, Lord Castleteagh, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer; those in favour of the motion, were Mr. Tighe, Mr. Lamb, Mr. Whit- bread, Mr. Tierney. Lord Temple, Sir Samuel Romilly, and Mr. Canning ; the latter gentleman intimated tllat'it was Ills intention to take a decided part against the present Ministry. The House then divided, ayes, 136; noes, 209 ; majority ngaimt the motion, 73. The House adjourned at three o'clock this morning. A Committee of Merchants waited on the Board of Trade yesterday, to hear a proposition which hatl recently been made to the British Government; for permission to export From America to England, in American bottoms, the produce of Russia carried thither; consisting of hemp, cordage, iron, Ac. The Board informed the merchants, they were willing to receive such articles; provided they were imported in British bottoms; for which purpose licences were ready to he granted. It was suggested to the Board, tlmt there was already a law existing which permitted neutral vessels to export hemp into Ireland, and flax into Great Britain ; and that there, was at present no law in England to prevent British ships from importing the articles mentioned without anv license. It is said that the great difficulty in the way of the pro- p . sal made by the Board of Trade, is the objection of the . Americans to receive British ships into their'ports in viola- tion of the Non- Importation Act. But is not that an obstacle of their own creating? Have they any body to thank for it but themselves? In a fashionable company lately, where a lady under noble protection, was styled the Lady Deputy, one present observed, that it would be more appropriate if she were termed the Lady Tke. Among othei of our manufactures now at a dead stand, is that vast manufacture of Regency Puffs prepared and preparing for the ensuing season; and many of the indus- trious workmen are now likely to be out of bread ! M O N F. Y. TT7ANTED, £ 3,000, 2,000, and 1,000, on very v V eligible Freehold I, and Security, in the County of Northampton. — For further Particulars, apply to the Printers. M 0 N E Y. WANTED, on rmst eligible FREEHOLD LAND SE- CURITY, in the County of Northampton, the several Sums of =£ 2,000, £ 3,000, anil £ 4,000. For Particulars, enquire by Letter, Post- paid, of , A. B. Printing- Office, Northampton. WANTED immediately, As ASSISTANT in a Retail CHYMfST AND DRUGGIST'S SHOP, A steady MAN, who has heen well educated, and perfectly understands the various Departments of each Branch, and is thoroughly acquainted with COMPIIDNDINC of MEDICINE, and directing it by Prescription, with Neaintit Mill Acturacy. — A Person thus qualified, who can he well recommended for Honesty, Sobriety, and Industry, may hear of a Situation, by applying to the Printers of this Paper, if by Letter, Post- paid. w DRAPF. RY, NORTHAMPTON. jVfESSRS. CHAMBERS & COWLEY having IVJL relinquished the DRAPERY BUSINESS, & c. & c. in Favour of Mr. KNIGHT, they earnestly solicit a Continuance of the Patronage of their Friends to their Successor, and at the same Time beg to make their gratpful Acknowledgments for the Favours they have received in the above Concern. All Debts due to Messrs. C. & C. are to he paid to Mr. John Chambers. Gold- Street; and all Persons having any Claim upon them are desired to send in their Accounts that they may be examined and discharged. ——— J. KNIGHT, Linen and Woollen Draper, Hosier, and Ilatter, DRAPERY, NORTHAMPTON, EGS Leave, to inform bis Friends, the Inhabi- tants of NORTHAMPTON, and its Vicinity, that he has opened the Shop late in the Occupation of the above Messrs. Chambers ff Cowley, where he has laid in a large and fashion- able Assortment of Articles in the various Departments of his Business, and flatters himself from their being selected from Manufactories of the first Repute, and his Determination to offer them at the lowest possible Prices, that they will meet the Approbation of his Friends and the Public in general; whose Patronage and Commands will be thankfully acknow- ledged and punctually, attended to. ( f3T Funerals neatly completed. An APPRENTICE wanted immediately.— As he will be treated as one of the Family, a handsome Premium will be required. B' New and Second- hand Piano- Fortes. JABEL begs Leave respectfully to inform the. Public • that he has an excellent square PIANO- FORTE, wit A1 h additinnal Keys, handsomely fitted up with Drawers, by oneof themostesteemed Manufacturers, Price onlv27 Guineas, also another by the same Maker, nearly new, with Drawers, & c. only 25 Guineas;— free from all Expense of Carriage, Packing- case, & c. These two Instruments will be found, on Trial, to be equal, and in some Respects superior, both in Power and. Brilliancy of Tone, to Instruments in general.— Several large and small Second- haud Piano- Fortes, either for Sale, or to lett out 011 Hire on the usual liberal Terms. Parade, Northampton, Feb. 22d, 1S12. HARLESTON ASSOCIATION. T the Amuidt Meeting of this Society, held on MONDAY last, at the Fox AND HOUNDS, in H4RLF,- STON, near ^ Northampton, the BLOOD HOUNDS, kept hv this Association, were exercised in Hunting, in that, and the several adjoining Parishes of Brampton, Holdenby, Althorp, Harpole, and Duston, and afforded great Diversion and Satisfaction to the numerous Members and other Persons who attended. Any Member having a Sheep or Lamb killed, may haVe the immediate Use of the Blood Hounds to trace the Depredators; and Mr. BUSWELL will inform any Member of the several Places at which the Dogs are kept. Those Members who did not attend the above Meeting, are requested to pay their Annual Subscriptions to Mr. Buswcll, the Treasurer, at his Office in Northampton, within 14 Days from the Date hereof, or they will, be excluded all Benefit from this Society, if they should sustain any Loss before Pay- ment. RD. BUS WELL, Treasurer ai. d Secretary. Northampton, 29th Feb. 1812. GEORGE BARNES, Watch and Clock Maker, Silver smith, and Jeveltcr, Drapery, N O RTH A M PTO N, RETURNS his grateful Acknowledgments to his, Friends and the Public in general for the Favours con- ferred on him in the above Brunches, and at the same Time assures them it will constantly be his Study to deserve that Support which he has hitherto so liberally experienced, by offering every Article of the best Quality on the most reason- able Terms. N. B. A capital and well selected Stock, constantly on Sale, fpf" ComHrv Orders punctually attended to, and executed on the shortest Notice. Foreign Timber and Dud Company. GEORGE BROWNE. GOLD- STREET, NORTH- AM I'TOX, begs Leave to inform the Gentlemen of this Town and its Environs, Builders, Carpentprs, and Joiners, that he lias always 011 Hand a regular Supply of TIMBER and DEALS ; and further wishes to inform his Friends, that if any particular Piece or Pieces of Timber may he wanted, he will engage to furnish such in 10 Days from receiving the Order. N. B. Several very Prime Loc. s of SWEDISH, AMERICAN, QUEBEC, and NORWAY TIMBSR; now on Sale, at Mr. G. OSBOR\' s WHARF, near the BRIDGE, COTTON- END, Where G. B. regularly attends1.— All Orders received at his House in Gold- Street will meet due Attention, and be punctual iy attended to. COALS, SLATES, OIL- CAKES, & c. Best W li I) V ti % H U ft Y CO J I. S Is. 6,7. per CVr. WILLIAJI MUMEORD, Linen and Woollen Draper, Haberdasher, 4' C. RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public in general, that he has recently bought in a gen- teel and fashionable Collection of all Sorts of DRAPERY GOODS, HATS, and HOSIERY, for the Spring Trade ; and that it is his Determination to keep 011 Sale a general Assortment of Articles of as good a Quality as is manufac- tured, w hich he is now selling at his o LO- EST* BUSHED SHOP, in DAVENTRY, at such reduced Prices as to iusure the Approbation of every Buyer. FPNF. RALS FURNISHED xitoy REASONABLE TERMS. Every Article for [. adies and Gentlemen s mourning. Orders from his Friends and the Public will be highly esteemed, punctually executed, and acknowledged with Gratitude. WYMERSLEY ASSOCIATION. TXTHEREAS on Tuesday Night or early on Wed- » » nesday Morning last, a FIELD BARN, in the Parish of YARDLEV- HASTINGS, in the County of Northampton, in the Occupation of ilr. JAMES LONGI. ANO, of GRENUON, ( a Member of this Association), was BROKEN OPEN by some Person or Persons, and TEN COUPLE OF FOWLS, the Property of the said JAMES LONGLAND, stolen therefrom. Whoever will apprehend, or cause to he brought injustice, the Person or Persons who committed the above Offence, so that he or they may be prosecuted, shall receive a Reward of TWO GUINEAS of Mr. C. MARKHAM, Attorney, in Northampton, the Treasurer and Solicitor to this Association; and shall also, on Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, receive a further Reward of TWO GUINEAS of the said Mr. LONGLAND. And if more than one Person were concerned, and either will impeach his Accomplice or Accomplices, he shall be entitled to the same Rewards, and Interest will be made to procure his Majesty's Pardon. Northampton, Ftb. ilth, 1311. I/ O S T, PPOSED to have Strayed, A YOUNG GREY- OU O i TO STRAW BONNET- MAKERS. ANTED, in a steady Family, in the above Business, some good HANDS.— Also an APPRENTICE. ( tf Apply to the Printers. TO MILLINERS. TITANTED immediately, A YOUNG LADY, ot * » respectable Connections, who perfectly understands her Business, and has some Knowledge of Dress- Making, to take the entire Management of a new Concern in a small Market Town, and occasionally to assist in a Draper's Shop. Letters ( Post- paid) stating Terais, addressed to A. B. Post- Office, Towcester, will be duly attended to. WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN BAKER, in an extensive Business.— He must he a £ ood Setter, and well acquainted with making Bread-. and Rolls, and the Baking of Dinners. — A Character for Honesty, Industry, and Sobriety, will be required from his Vast Em- ployer.— A Person answering this Description, may have Employment, by Application to Mr. WM. PLOWMAN, Olney, Bucks. February mh, 1812. Cook and Man- Servant. WANTED, A steady WOMAN, capable of taking the Management of the Kitchen, & c. herself, and can perform plain Cooking well, as also the Care of a small Dairy of two Cows. One faithful and active will meet with liberal Vnemiragement; a middle aged or rather elderly Person would ). » preferred.— Also, A M A N- SF. RVANT as FOOTMAN ; n middle- aged Man would likewise have the Preference.— They must both be well recommended for Honesty, Sobriety, and Industry. Apply to Mr. ROISINSON, Grocer, Bedford; or if by Letter ( Post- paid) stating Particulars, and if likely to suit, it will hftnoticed directly. T ANTED,, A MAN ahd his WIFE, to undertake black, with a white Ring round his Neck, and rather Course in his Stem; answers to the Name of DRIVER. Whoever will bring the said Dog to Mr. WM. BARIIER, of Moulton Grounds, near Northampton, shall have HA LF- A- GUINEA Reward, and all reasonable Expenses paid. Wood for Sale. To be SOL D, At ASP LEY, BEDFORDSHIRE, \ Large Quantity of FIR TREES in Lots of 20 in each. — Apply to Mr. GROUTS* GREENWOOD, of Aspley. N. I!. Any Quantity of Rails and Stakes may be had by applying as above. Drapery Goods. To be SOLI) bv AUCTION, Bv Mr. DENNIS, On Thursday, March fltli, 1R12, At His old- established AUCTIOX- ROOM, NORTHAMPTON, Avaluable Assortment of LINEN and WOOLLEN . DRAPERY GOODS ; consisting of a large Quantity of Ell and Yard- wide printed Cottons and Muslins, Ginghams, Chambrays, Cambric - Muslins, Shawls, Handkerchiefs, and Hosiery; Woollen'Cloths, Toilinets, Swansdowns, and Mar- seilles Quiltings, Thicksttt, Velverets, Velveteens, Corduroys and Fustians.— Several Pieces of printed Furnitures, Dimities, Cotton Counterpanes, Blankets, Coverlids, Sec. ( pf- The Sale will begin ( it Teno'Clock. Freehold Public House. To le SOLI) by AUCTION, By Mr. KLRSHAW, On the Premises, the'Plough Inn, at Boughton, near North- ampton, on Thursday the 5th Day of March, 1812, ALL that convenient and old established INN, or PUB- l. IC- HOUSE, situated at BOUGHTON aforesaid, called or known by the Name of tile PLOUGH ; consisting of two Parlours, Kitchen, Pantry, Brewhouse, Wash- house, and Room over the same, four good Sleeping- rooms, paved Yard, Garden, Stable, Piggeries, Well and l'ump of good water, together with two CLOSES of excellent I. AH D adjoining, well watered, con- taining about four Acres, be the same mine or L- ss. Also, adjoining, FOUR TENEMENTS, oneof which is a desirable Situation for a Baker, as there is a good Oven with suitable Conveniences, in the Occupation of Thomas Arter, Samuel Eaton. Win. Tarry, and Wm. Wells, Tenants at Will. The Sale to begin at Three o'Clock. " WORTH and SMEETON, Leicestershice.— Any Person desirous of undertaking the same, may apply at a Vestry to be llcM for thai Purpose, on Wednesday the 4th of March next, at Ten o'clock. N. B. A good Character will be required. w NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, or BORDERS. ANTED on Lease, unfurnished ( or ready Money given for the Furniture) a commodious HOUSE or COTTAGE, with Meadows or Grass Land, and a Privilege for as invalid ( a very bad Shot) to sport over an extensive Manor where Game is plentiful.— A Gentleman or respectable Farmer having Part of a Mansion or spacious House wit- It Pasturage to spare, calculated for the separate Es'. ablish- ment of a Gentleman with his Wife only, will meet with clipihle Persnus and indisputable References. hent. Apartments, Number of Acres, See. extent of Sport- iojt, Warranty, and how secured, expressed by Letter to Mr. ; ,1 is. REYNOLDS, Long's Hotel, Bond- Street, Piccadilly, London, Pusses*! on— Lady- Day, Midsummer, or Michaelmas nest, Maiden Ash Poles, and Ash Tries. To be SOL D by A U C T I O N, Bi/ Mr. KiRSHAW, At ELK 1 N GTON, in the County of Northampton, on Monday the 9th Day ot March, 1812, ABOUT SIXTY LOTS OF FINE MAIDEN ASH POLES. The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneer at Mr. BURMAN'S, at Ten o'clock, and proceed to Sale. Also, on the same Day will be sold, now standing blazed and numbered, about 25 Maiden ASH TREES, situate near the Town of COI. D ASHB Y. The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneer at the BLACK HORSB, at Cold- Ashby, at One o'Clock, and proceed to Sale. NO RT'L IA M PTO N ASSEMBLY WILL be held at the GEORGE INS, on THURSDAY the 12th or MARCH neit.— Tickets to be had at the ; bt o'Clock. Stewards. Bar of the fnu.— Dancins to commence at Kig Mr. IVM. BltOWN.? Mr. JOHN GATES, S st BEDFORD FOURTH ASSEMBLY Y\ JILL be at the SWAN K< N, on TUESDAY the 31st * of MARCH, 1318. FRANCIS PYM, , lun. Esq. C. F. PALMER, Esq. Stewards. It is understood that the Earl Of Liverpool this day re- signed the Seals of the Forfiau Department, which lis held pro tempore, and that the Prince Regent immediately deli- vered them to Lord Castlereagh. Ilis Lordship will, of course, vacate his Seat in Parliament . and a New Writ will be moved for this afternoon,. It is reported that Lords Moiraand Erskine have al ready expressed their intentions of supporting the Prince, Regent's Government; and it is also stated, that, the Duke of Norfolk lias consented to take one of the blue Ribbands. PRICE OF Hank Stock j per Cent. Red. .. i per Cent. Cons..: 1 per Cent. Cons 5 per Cent. Navy Omnium Cons, for ac. . sm mi 78| 93 STOCKS. Wed Mwi. t Tu. Hoi —- mi 7fii 9H* 62} 230 S2J 6* J 78J India Monds 15 pr. 16 pr. Fxc. 624 Bills, rhu. 62.'. i 62| i>% 9lj • Ud. 62* 5 7 pr. Fri, 230J 62| > 624 im 2-< 4 lid Northamptonshire Yeomanry Cavalry. THE Gentlemen of the TOWCESTER TROOP ai& requested to meet on HEATUENCOTE GREEN, on THURSDAY theStli of MARCH, at Eleven o'Clucfc in the J Morning, in Field- day Order. J. C. MANSF. L, Captain. Towcester, Feb. 2( M, 1S12, WilfoaD, Feb. 28th, 1812. ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of Mr. FRAN CIS BENNETT, late of WEr. Foao, in the County of Northampton, Butcher, deceased, are requested to send an Account thereof, in Writing, immediately, to Mr. John Biggs, Sen. of Welford, Executor; and all Persons indebted to the said Estate are required to pay their respective Debts to the said Mr. John Biggs, on or before the 1st Day of Maj next. WHEREAS a PLANTATION, belonging to . Mr. WM. CLARKE, at YELVERTOFT, in the County of Northampton, has been MUCH DAMAGED by Persons tres- passing therein, and a Number of young ASH PLANTS have been cox UP and TAKEN AWAV. Notice is hereby gioen, That all Persons found Trespassing in the said Plantation, afler this Public Notice, will he prosecuted according to Law. Yelcertoft, March Ist, 1812. WM. CLARKE. To be SOLD bv I'lilVATE CONTRACT, SEVERAL COW " COMMONS, in an inclosed Ground, called the Plot, in the Parish of CLA V- COTON, in the County of Northampton. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. JEYES, Solicitor, Northampton. NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY tSFRNING, February 29. —^. SS^ v^,- — BIRTH.] On Tuesday lasr, at Trumpingtbn, the Lady of the Rev. Dr. E. D. Clarke, Professor of Mineralogy, & c. at Cambridge, of - a son. MARRIED.] On Thursday se'nnight, at Soutbam, Mr. II. Cattell, of Birmingham, to Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr. Edward Kins, of the former place. Same day, at Spratton, in this county, Mr. Pendred, farmer, to Miss Sarah Knis. br, youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Knight, both of that place. Same day, at Spratton, Mr. Rogers, of Olney, Bucks, to Miss Biggs, of the former place. Saturday last, at Loughborough, Mr. Kane, to Mrs. Holland, both of that place. Same day, Mr. R. Johnson, priuter, to Miss Carsby, both of Stamford. Tuesday last, at Braitnstorr, in this county, Mr. John Lea, to Miss Esther Rushall, both of that place. Same day, at Lvmington, by special license, L. H. King- ston, Esq. second son of John Kingston, Esq. of Belmont, Herts, M. P. to Frances- Sophia Itooke, second daughter of the late Hon. Mr. Justice Rooke. Same day, at. Lutterworth, Mr. John Bond, to Miss Sale, of the former place. Thursday last, at the parish church of St. Yedas, Forster- lane, London, Mr. John Dent, of Milton, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Michael Smith, lace- irerchant, of this town. Lately, at Theobald's Park, Herts, J. Nesbitt, Esq. of Brunswick- square, London, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late W. Tatam, Esq. of Moulton, near Spalding, A few days ago, at Peterborough, John Francis Power, Esq. of the German Legion, to Miss Sarah Smallpage, of Ipswich. The Marriage of S. Webster, F. sq. of Ashby- de- la- Zonch, to Miss Adams, which we copied from a Provincial paper, proves to be unfounded. DIED.] On Monday se'nnight, at Creaton, in this county, in the 36th year of his age, Mr. Thomas Dunn grazier and salesman. Same day, aged 08, Mrs. Goddard,. wife of Mr. God- dard, coachmaker, of Coventry. Wednesday se'nnight, of a dropsy, aged 3/ years, Mary Beot, of Nuneaton. She had been tapped twenty times. Thursday se'nnight, at her sisters house, in Leicester, Mrs. E. Wilson, aged 72, formerly of Snareston, Leicestershire. Friday se'unight, Mr. Thomas Watts, of the Spread Eagle, in Coventry. Saturday last, at Wellingborough, Mrs. M. Bridgroan. Sunday last, Mr. Joseph Dudley, auctioneer, Winslow, Bucks. Same day, at Market- Street, Herts, at a very advanced age, the lion. Fred. Cavendish, youngest and only sur- viving son of the late Lord Charles Cavendish. Same day, far advanced in years, Mr. J. Benson, car- penter, St. Martin's, Stamford Baron. A few days ago, at Burford, Oxfordshire, Mrs. Meyrick, wife of the Rev. Meyrick. Her death was occasioned by some evil- disposed persons inhumanly throwing stones through the window of her bed- chamber, which so alarmed Mrs. M. as to cause premature child- birth, that terminated in convulsions and death. Lately, aged 71, Mrs. Hornshy, relict of the Rev. Thog. Hornsby, 1). D. late Saviliau Professor' of Astronomy in the University of Oxford. Lately, F. Bulbvant, Esq. flf Stanton [ louse, near Bur- ton- upon- Trent : he has left the whole of his property to the sou of a poor man of the name of Fletcher, of lleanor, Derbyshire, which will amount, it is supposed, when the youth comes of age, to ,£ 200,000. Freehold House. To he SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KIRSHAW, On Tuesday " the lUth Day of March, 1812, AT HIS COMMODIOUS A UCTIO\- ItOO tf « , Goat INRT, NORTHAMPTON, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, ALL that convenient and well- situated MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, in complete and substantial Repair, at the Lower End of ST. GILES'S- STRIET, in the Town of NORTH- AMPTON; consisting of an excellent Cellar, large Kitchen, Parlour and Pantry 011 the Ground Ho*; tines good Sleeping- rooms on the first Floor ; and an excellent Attic; also a back Kitchen, with a commodious light Room over thesame, suitable for a Work- Shop; a Well and Pump ot good Water, paved Yard. andCoal- House; the Whole has lately undergone a thorough Repair, and is lit for immediate Occupation. For a View of Premises, apply to Mr. BORTON, St. Giles's- Street, or to the Auctioneer, Goat Inn, Gold - Street, Northampton. . Freehold Tithe- free Land. To be SOLD by A UCTIO N, By Mr. KIRSUAW, At SCALDWEI. L, in the County of Northampton, at the House of Robert Hamson, the Red Lion, on Thursday the 12th Day of March, I81' i, at ' l'nree o'Clock in the Afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), I^ IVE Acres of good ARABLE TITUE- FRKE LAND, situate Oil the South- East Side the Road leading from ScaM- vvell to Old. The present Proprietor and Occupier, Mr. George Wanen, baker, will shew the Land. Immediate Possession may be had. LONDON, February 28. COKUNNA Papers arrived this morning to the 13th instant. They have not brought any news from our army; but the following article contains some interesting particulars relative to the enemy. A large, portion of the army which was drawn from the North to relieve Ciudad Rodrigo has retired to Valladolid, and marched from thence in the direction of Burgos. The Imperial Guard, the regi- ment of Neufchatel, and the Poles, are said to have heen Ordered to return to France, probably with a view to being employed against Russia. Some accounts would induce a belief, that Marmont is making a movement towards I'lacentia with a view to inter- rupt us in the siege ofBadajoz; but that place, it is under- stood, is not at) immediat'e object. The next news of particular interest will most probably he from General Hill, to whom an expedition of importance is understood to have been entrusted. Valludolii, February 3—- All hopes of succouring Ciudad Rodi'igo having vanished, the troops wh ch marched for that purpose have returned.— On the 31st ult. five Generals with eight pieces of artillery and 5,000 men arrived here, and the following day marched for Burgos. O11 the 1st instant, entered this place 0,000 men with 14 cannons, and many waggons laden with sick, and. on the same day set out for Burgos, the officers and staff of the Army of the. North, and sixteen pieces of artillery, belonging to the Imperial guard which went from Tordesillas toTudela, and thence through Arauda to its place of destination. The 6,000 men who arrived the day before yesterday, have marched by the same road of Burgos, and it is probable the remainder will take thesame route, because there is 110 corn in the magazines, and meat has failed.— The Duke of liagusa, who was yesterday expected, has not yet arrived. It is undoubted that the Imperial Guards, the regiment of Neufchatel, and the. Poles, will march for France, and we are likewise assured, that all the troops have received orders to take a position upon the. Ehro, because there is no subsistence, nor do any reinforcements arrive.— Corurmu Diary, Feb. 16. American Papers to the 5th iust. have arrived this morning. We learn, from The National JrUelligcnce. r of the 30th ult. j that the Volunteer Bill has been reported in the Senate, with an Amendment, reducing the number of men from 50,000 to 25, GOO. On the 29th the Bill was discussed, but 110 division took place. Many other Amendments are pro- posed.— 111 the House of Representatives, the Bill for ap propriating Money for the Support of the Navy has passed the third reading. The sums applicable to this purpose are 480,000 dollars for the repairs of vessels in ordinary, and 200,000 dollars for the purchase of materials for ship- build- ing. These sums might he suitable to a war with Algiers, but they have nothing very tremendous in them in relation to our maritime power.— The House was engaged in a Bill for classifying and arming the Militia. By the Dublin Papers, yesterday received in town appears that theCatholic Board appointed by the Aggregate Meeting, met in Capel- streM on tlie S2d, when a Committee of eleven was appointed to prepare an Address to the Prince Regent, in conformity with the Resolutions of the last Aggregate Meeting. It was resolved at the same time, that being fully determined never to relinquish the prosecution of their undoubted rights, the Board find it necessary to call together an Aggregate Meeting of the Catholics of Ire- land for the 28th ( this day), to consider the most effectual means of bringing the cause before both Houses of Parlia- ment ; and that the Board should meet on Wednesday, to receive the Report of the Committee, and make the neces- sary arrangements for the Aggregate Meeting. The Commander of the British Baltic Fleet has notified to the Government of Sweden, that the vessels of that nation passing from Swedish ports to the ports of Pomeranin, should not be molested by British cruiser's, provided their cargoes consisted of a moiety of colonial produce, or of articles of British manufacture. It is Said that a proposition has heen received from the French Government, for the exchange of prisoners, on a basis less objectionable than that before suggested from the same quarter. We have authority to state, that the Earls of North- ampton and Carysfort, Lord Althorp, and William Hanbury, F. sq. M. P. have signified their acceptance of the office of Vice- president to the County Bible Society. Our readers will find ( see advt. in preceding page) that a pre- paratory meeting has taken place in Kettering, for thk purpose of forming a Branch Society in that town, and its vicinity, as subsidiary to the intended Northamptonshire Auxiliary Bible Society. We have no doubt the same measures will he taken by others of the leading towns in the county, as most calculated to draw the advantages resulting from the institution to their own respective districts. A meeting of the subscribers ana friends to the North Bucks Auxiliary Bible Society, residing in Newport- Pagnell and its vicinity, was held at the Swan inn 011 Tuesday last, when a number of resolutions were moved ( see advertisement in the preceding page) by the Rev. C. Kipling, LL. B. Rev. T. P. Bull, of Newport, Rev. T. Fry, Emberton, Rev. Jos. Ward, Newport, Rev. G. B. Mitchell, Emberton, Rpv. D. W. Aston, Buckingham, Rev. R. Cahtley, A. M. Moulsoe, and Messts. Handscomb, Cooch, and Lucas, which were una- nimously adopted.— On the motion of M. D. Manse!, Esq. the Treasurer reported whaUsums had been subscribed, and additional subscriptions were immediately received amount- ing together to nearly ,=£ 80. Several impressive addresses were delivered by the Buckingham Secretaries and other Gentlemen. On Friday February 21, a Meeting was held at Biggles- wade, Bedfordshire, for the purpose of forming a IIranch Bible Society in connection with the Bedfordshire Auxiliary Jlible Society, for the towns of Biggleswade, Potion, and their respective vicinities, William Astell, Esq. M. P. of F. verton Mouse, took the chair, as president of the society.— The meeting was very respectably attended, and the utmost harmony prevailed throughout the day. Addresses were made to the meeting by tile Rev. Messrs. Beachcroft, llamftler, Hillyard, Richmond, Crespin, Eisdale, llarvey, Capes, and Whiltingham; Messrs. Astell, Wells, Forster, Raym. md, Meen, M'Grath, and Betts. A full exposition of the object, plan, and constitution of the Parent Society was given by the different gentlemen, the objections which some have raided against it were fully answered, and in a particular manner the interests of the Established Churchso peculiarly connected with the prosperity of this institution, were luminously set forth. Resolutions were passed as usual at similar meetings, and the assembly broke up under the deepest impression of the importance « f the British and Foreign Bible Society to the welfare of the Church of England, the realm at large, and the whole race of mankind, dispersed throughout the earth. It is hoped that other market towns in Bedfordshire will speedily follow the example of Biggleswade and Potton in the formation of Branch Societies, as the surest means of carrying into effect the laudable and benevolent views of the Parent Society. A considerable sum has been already sub- scribed; and additions are daily expected.— Samuel Wells, J'. sq. of Biggleswade, was appointed Treasurer, and the Rev. Richard Whiltiugham, Vicar of Potton, Secretary to the Society. The Nottingham rioters re- commenced their depredations last week, by destroying several more frames in that town. In our last, we related the murder of Mr. Jos. Mycock, its he was sitting by his fire- side. Ou the 13th instant, an inquest was held on the body of the deceased ; and after an attentive examination of evidence for three days, the jury brought in a verdict of wilful murder against Benjamin Mycock, brother of the deceased, who is committed to Stafford gaol. O11 Saturday qyening, or early on Sunday morning last, two of the French Prisoners having broken their parole of honor at Ashbj- de- ia- Zouch, information thereof was im- mediately given to the principal innkeepers at Loughborough, from a supposition that they were likely to pass through that town, wlien singular to relate, a very feiv hours had elapsed, before two persons answering pretty mush the description of the absconders, came 011 foot to the Bull's Head Inn there, and ordered a dinner and a chaise for Leicester. The landlady, Mrs. Hopkins, immediately ap- prized the constable of the circumstancc, who took them both into custody, and conveyed them before the Rev. Dr. . Hardy, nh « u it was discovered that instead » f tl » « r b « ug itlie persons whom they were supposed to bfi, they.. trcre I th from Ashborne, ill Derbyshire; one of tliein Lieutenant Joseph Peter Pier.;:, a • French Officer, who had broken his. parole from that town, and the other a young woman di- msed in mans apparel, whom he had enticed away from her friends at that place. They are both committed to Leicester Gaol, the former to remain there till the transport board shall order his removal, and the latter we understand will be tried 011 the charge of aiding and assisting the Frenchman to escape out of the kingdom. Several depredations during the present week, have I pn committed in the neighbourhood of Leicesser; t. ite am Monday night or early on Tuesday morning, the gaie of the Paddock belonging to C. Wiiistniijey, Esq. of Braunstoitf, was thrown off the honks, and all the deer set ' at libefti, except an aged buck, which was wounded will a gun shot, and too much injured to escape; the others have since been found; between one and two o'clock 011 the same morning, a wheelwright of Braunstoue, saw two men pass through tlia village armed with a gun, hedge stakes, and a bag thrown over the shoulder of one of them, lie twice addressed them with " good night," to which at last thry faintly replied: On Wednesday evening last, the. wheelwright was robbed oi" the principal part of his tools,, thrSe'geese were taken from the adjoining premises belonging to Mr. W. TiHe. v ; and seventeen, bens, two cocks, and a puller, were taken from the premises of Mr . W. Hodges, whose barn was also broken qpen, but nothing taken away. A gentleman, of the name of Pheasant, who travels for the house of Talver and Prestwick, Borough, has had his saddle- bags lost out of the mail, on bis way to Stamfoi'd, containing £ 120 in silver, for Messrs. Johnson and Eaton, bankers, and a ,300 draft. At the assizes for this county, which commence this day, before the Right Hon. I. ord Chief Justice Ellenborough, and the Hon. Sir John Bayley, Knight, the following pri- soners are to take their trials, viz.— John Smith and h'lit Smith, his wife, charged on the oath of George Malluier and Jane Tomalin, of Daventrv, with having feloniously stolen divefs articles of wearing- apparel, of the value o'f fifty shillings, the property of the said George MaUaber. • John Wuddington, charged on the oath of John Steevenson, of this town, with aiding and abetting two French prisoners of war, Oil their parole at this place, in their escape.— John Tomlin, charged with stealing one sbearhog sheep, the pro- perty of John Chapman, of Harringworth.— Chiirks Mes- senger, charged upon the oath of William Reesbv, with having stolen, out of his dwelling- house, divers chattels of the value of ^ 4.8s 6d.— John Humes, charged on the oath of Jane Allen, for violently assaulting her, with intent to commit a rape.— James Chambers and Thos. Longden, charged 011 the oaths'of John Richardson, and others, on a violent suspicion of wilfully stabbing Joseph Richardson, of Brix- worth, with intent to murder him — Joseph Pe. isley, charged on the oath of John Coker, and others, with having broken into his dwelling- house, and stolen various articles of ap- parel therefrom.— Robert Ihtlins and Edward Hullitis, chargcd upon the oath of William Richardson, of Kingstnorpe, on a violent suspicion of having robbed him on the Kino's high- way, of a silver watch, eight pounds in provincial bank- notes, and thirteen shillings in silver.— William Jones,' charged with the wilful murder of Samuel Lees, at Weedo; i- Beck.— Timothy Johnson, charged upon the oath of divers witnesses, 011 a violent suspicion of having feloniously set file to the premises of Mr. William Pell, of Nortoft.— • William Francis and John Francis, charged upon the oath of James Manton, of Cottesbrook, with having stolen a quan- tity of wheat, his property.— John Matthews, charged on the oath of John Lacey, of Sulgrave, with having stolen part of a flitch of bacon from bis dwelling- house.— John Oswald and Jonathan Hudley, charged on suspicion of bavin" stolen sixteen pairs of worsted and cotton stockings.— Wm. Richardson and Mary Barber, charged on suspicion of having stolen a pair of shoes, the property of Thomas Manning.— George Grant, charged on suspicion of stealing a quantity of bacon, the property of Thomas Pooley, of Kelmarsh. Conceiving the following extract from the Racing Calen- dar requires to be generally known, we give it publicity :— " NEWMARKET FIRST SPRING MEETING, 1811. " In this and the following week, Spaniard, Peronette, the Dandy,, and a colt of Sir F. Stnndish, died in conse- quence of a solution of arsenic having been put into the trough, at which they were watered; two horses ( Reveller ani Ccelebs) drank out of the same trough, but w ere recovered, as is believed, by administering vinegar to them, which is said to have the efl'ect of neutralising arsenic. This i; confirmed by an instance w ithin our knowledge, of a child recovered by the same remedy, who had accidentally swallowed arsenic. A repetition of this horrid scheme is happily prevented by the simple expedient of introducing small fishes into the water, troughs; but the fact of vinegar being an antidote to the effect of arsenic, appeared to us too important not to be men- tioned, especially as it is not generally known, even amongst medical men." —- » wvJ/ i/ Vl/ 5.1* THE C11 ACE. THE PYTCIILEY HOUNDS WILL MEET OS Tuesday, March 3,- at Boughton; Thursday, 5, ..: at Pytchley; Saturday, ...... 1 at Kelmarsh. THE OAKLEY HOUNDS WILL MEET OS . at It ox ton ; . at Cranfield Green ; . at Pippin Wood ; . at Swiueshead Wood; meet on Monday next. ;> t Blitlifiel. 1 House ; and o. i Monday, March 2, Tuesday, .... 3," Thursday, .... 5, ...... Saturday, .... j, Lord VERSION'S Hounds will Brcreton ; oil Wednesday, at Friday, at Teddcsley House. EARI. FITZWILLIAM'S HOUSTOJ will meet on Monday next, at Barnwell Wold ; 011 Thursday, at Caistor ll. uiglauds; and on Saturday, at Tichmarcli. EARI. LONSDALE'S HOUNDS will meet on Monday next, nt the Kennel ; on Tuesday, at Brook Town; and ou Thursday at ltjhull Town. The Town of Northampton, 5 The Assizeof Bread, ^ et the j£ Hb TO WIT. ( day of Feb. 1812, for the'said Town, to take place on Monday the 2d of March, and to b< j in force seven days for the said Town of Northampton. lb. 07.. dr. The Sixpenny Loaf Wheaten, Is to w eigh 1 6 U Ditto Household, is to weigh 1 14 ( i The Twelve penny Loaf Wbeaten, is to weigh 2 LI I'i Ditto Household, is to weigh .. 3 12 li JOHN CHAMBERS, Mayor. Com- Exchange, London, Friday, Feb. 20. Our Wheat Markets, owing to but few arrivals since Monday, have led to an increase in tl. e price of about 3s. and 4s. per quarter, and hence for Flour of the best marks 100^. per sack were demanded, though much of excellent quality w as sold at 95s.— New Tick Beans were lower. Malt Is. per quartet higher.— Ollierarlicles as on Monday. Nuthampton Wheat.. 112s. Od. toms. Od. Rye 60s. Od. to 68s. Od. Barley . ,. 51s. 0d. to 60s. 0d. Oau — s. Od. to — s. Od. liy the Standard Measure. — Saturday. New Oats. 94s. 6d. to 27s. Oil. Beans — s. 0d. to— s, Od.' New Beans 52s. Od. to 58s Od. Peas. . .51s. Od. 10 5S » . — Jit. Market- Harborough Wheat .. 100s. Od. tollos. Od. Barley . .. 51s. 0d. to 61s. Od. New Beans5Ss. Od. to 59s. Od. By the customary Measure, Tuesday last. Old Beans 53s. Od. to 60s. 0.1. Oats — s. Od. to — s. Od. NewDitto 29s. Od. toSOs. Od. Jjeighton- Buzzurd— Tuesday last. Per Load of five Bushels. .66s. Od. to 78s. Od. | Beans. .32s. Od. to 40s. Od. .— s. Od. to 40s. Od. | Hogl'easSls. Od. to 40s. Od. Per Quarter. Barlfy.. 45s. Od. to 59s. Od. | Oats .. 30s. Od. to 34s. Od- Wheat Rye .. Wheat .. 100s. Od. toll6s. Od. Rye...,.— s, Od. to — s. Od Barley53s, Od. to 60s. Od. Davenhy— Wednesday last. By the customary Measure. Oats 28s. Od. to 35s. Od. Beans 56s. Od. to 60s. 01. Pease 54s. Od. to — s. Od, Banbury, Thursday last. Per Bushel. Wheat.. 13s. Od. to 16s. Od. | Hog Peas — s. Od. to — s. OJ. Per Quarter. Barley.. 5Rs. Od. to G3s. Od. I Beans... 53s. Od. to 64s. Od. Oats . .. 29s. Od. to 36s. Od. i Bread 2s. SdJ. the Half. peclc. LIST of FAIRS from March ' 1, to March 14, within the Circuit of this Paper. 2. Leicester, and Stamford. 3. Miirket- Harborough. 6. Buckingham, Chipping- Norton, and Hi'hant Ferrers. 7. Nottingham and Uppingham, 9. Stamford ( lists a fortnight.) 111. Lulltnvurl/ i, M. March Tu. S. M. i'li, ft I The Northampton Mercury ; and General Advertiser ft or fc the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buck nghani, Huntingdon, Leicester, Warwick, Oxford, and Hertford. TI1E PRINCE REGENT.— A TOAST. - JXPROMPT;; BV » n. srssr. t) n rtnrlin* the late Letter of his Royal ftigfiness the Prince Regent, addressed to his Royal Biothsrtke Duke of York. TTEALTH to the PRINCE who gilds his primal day .1.1 Of pow'r confirm'd, with freedom'* genial ray ; Bids us a oew- born, golden o- ra prove. And gives the earnest in his filial love; " Who joys to emulate his Father's fame. And with the REGENT'S blends the Patriot'S name: Nobly superior to Imperial art, Speaks the pure language of a British heart. Warm for his country, zealous for her lsws, Regards tile People's as the Monarch's cause. Health to the Guardian of Britannia's Throne ! Health, health to Him who, views but a> a loan A Nation's trust— the prtw'r we Sov'reign call, Assign'd to One to seal the good of All. Health, triumph and renown his sway await, ( Friend of our [ lights! Protector of our State;) Who, only anxious for the Public weal, Lets to his breast no private motive steal; Divided talents covets to unite, Aud bury Discord in eternal night. True to old friends who hail'd the youthful Host, He council claims of thnse who owe it most : All hearts would mingle, and surround the Throne With wisdom working for our good alone. Health, health again to Him— with tlrree times three— And love him as yon love your liberty ! The PRINCE who greatly condescends to court The arm of All !— a People's free support! Wears without pride the honours Kings possess, And asks ns greater blessing than to bless. From the LONDON GAZETTE of February 22. Down I NG- STREET, FEBRUARY 22. DISPATCHftS of which the following are copies, have been received at the office of the Earl of Liverpool, addressed to his Lordship by General the Earl of Wel- lington, K. B. Gallegos, Jan. 22, 1312. MY LORD— I have the honour to enclose the returns of the killed and wounded of the troops engaged in the siege of Ciudad llodrigo, which it was not in my power to trans- mit to your Lordship in my dispatch of the 20th instant. I have the honour to be, & c. WELLINGTON. The Right lion, the Earl of Liverpool, & c. & c. & c. Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missing of the Army under the command of his Excellency General Lord Viscount Welling- ton, K. II. at Ciudad Rodrigo, between the 15th and the 19th days of January, 1812. Total British loss— 1 general staff", 5 captains, 2 lieutenants, 8 sergeants, 1 drummer, 113 rank and file, killed; 3 general staff, 1 lieutenant. colonel, 2 majors, 19 captains, 28 lieutenants, 5 ensigns, 2 staff, 28 sergeants, 5 drummers, 403 rank and file, Wounded; 5 rank and file missing. Total Portuguese loss— 1 sergeant, 18 rank and file, killed ; 1 captain, 3 lieutenants, 1 sergeant, 91 rank and file, wounded; 2 rank and file missing. General Total- 1 general staff, 5 captains, 9 lieutenants, 9 sergeants, 1 drummer, 131 rank and file, killed ; 3 general staff, 1 lieutenant- colonel, 2 majors, 20 captains, 31 lieutenants, 5 ensigns, 2 staff, 29 sergeants, 5 drummers, 494 rank and file, Wounded ; 7 rank and file missing. ( Signed) CHARLES STEWART, Major- Gen. and Adj.- Gen. Names of the Officers Killed, Wounded, and Missing, between the 15th and the 19th of January, 1812. Wounded on the 15th January— Captain Mulcaster, Royal Engineers, slightly ; Lieutenant Skelton, ditto, severely, since dead; second Lieutenant Albe- to, Portuguese Artillery, slightly. On the ltith January— Captain M'Culloch, Royal Engineers, severely; Lieutenant Marshall, ditto, slightly; Ensign Ash. ford, 5th Foot, 2d Battalion, severely; Lieutenant Ramage, 74th ditto, slightly; Lieutenant Armstrong, 88th ditto, 1st Battalion, slightly ; Lieut. Flack, ditto, ditto, dangerously. On the 18th January— Lieutenant Ant. de Catat a Silva, Port. A rtillery, slightly. On the l9th of January— Captain Dynely, Royal Artillery, slightly ; Captain Power, ditto, ditto. Killed on the night ot the 19th Jan. — Major- General M'Kin- ron, General Staff; Captain M'Dougall, 5th Foot; Captain Hardytnan 45th ditto ; Lieut. Persse, ditto ; Lieutenant Bell; ditto ; Captain Dobbs, 52d ditto, 1st batt.; Captain Anderton, 94th ditto; Captain Williamson, ditto. Wounded on the night of the 19th of January.— Major- Gen. Craufurd, General Staff, dangerously, since dead ; Major- Ceil. Vandeleur, ditto, slightly; Brigade- Major Potter, 28th Foot, ditto ; Lieutenant Thompson, Royal Engineers, severely ; l. ieutenant Reid, ditto, slightly ; Lieut. Stavely, Royal Staff Corps, ditto ; Major Grey, 5tli Foot, severely j Captain Du- bourdieu. ditto ; Lieutenant M'Kenzie, ditto, dangerously ; Lieut. Wilde, ditto, severely ; Lieut. Kairtlough, ditto, slight- ly ; Lieut, I itzgerald, ditto, ditto ; Ensign Canch, ditto, ditto ; Adjutant Johnson, ditto, ditto ; Captain Ferguson, 43d Foot, severely; Lieut. Patterson, ditto, ditto; Lieutenant Bramwell, ditto, ditto; Capt. Milne, 45th ditto, slightly; Capt. Martin, ditto, severely ; Lieut. Humphrey, ditto, ditto ; Lieutenant Phillips, ditto, ditto; Lieut.- Col. Colbouine, 52d ditto, 1st Batt. ditto ; Major Napier, ditto, ditto, right arm amputated ; 1 ieut. Gurwood, ditto, 2d ditto, slightly ; Capt. Livingston, 60th ditto, 5th Batt. severely; Captain Langlands, 71th ditto, slightly; Captain Collins, ditto, ditto; Lieut. Feu, ditto, severely; Ensign Atkins, ditto, slightly ; Capt. M'Lean, 77th ditto, severely ; Capt. Baird, ditto, ditto ; Captain M'Laugh- Jin, ditto, slightly; Lieut. Smith, ditto, dangerously ; Ensign Fittgerald, ditto, slightly ; Adjutant Jones, ditto, ditto; Lieut. Johnson, 88th ditto, sevcely; Lieutenant Fairris, ditto, ditto; lieutenant lleresford, ditto, ditto; Lieutenant W. Kingsmill, ditto, ditto - Capt. Laing, 94th ditto, ditto; Capt. Cairncross, ditto, slightly; Capt. Kyle, ditto, ditto; Lieut. Taylor, ditto, djngeiously; Lieut. Cannon, ditto, severely; Ensign Scott, ditto, slightly; Captain Uniacke, 95th ditto, 1st battalion, severely; Lieutenant Cox, ditto, ditto ; Lieut. Hamilton, ditto, ditto; Capt. Mitchel', 95th ditto, 2d battalion, severely; Lieut. Beddell, ditto, ditto; Capt. W. Queade, 1st regiment line Portuguese, slightly ; Lieut. A. C. Leitay, 3d Port. Cafadores, ditto. N. B. Captain the Hon. J. Stanhope, 1st Foot Guards, Aide- du- Camp to Lieutenant- General Graham, wounded slightly on the 14th of January, omitted in the last return ( Signed) CHAS. STEWART, Maj. and Adj.- Cen. Gallegos, Jan. 29, 1812. MY I. ORI>— Major- General Ciaufurd died on the 24th instant, of the wounds which he received on the 19th, while leading the Light Division of this army to the assault of Ciudad Rndrigo. Although the conduct of Major- Gen. Cranfurd on the occasion on which these wounds were received, and the circumstances which occurred, have excited the admiration of every officer in the army, I can- not report his death to your Lordship without expressing lny sorrow and regret, that his Majesty lias been deprived of the services, and I of the assistance of an officer of tried talents and experience, who was an ornament to his pro- fession, and was calculated to render the most important services to bis country. I have the honour to be, & c. WELLING ION. Extract of a Dispatch from Generul the Earl of Wellington, to the Earl of Liverpool, dated Gallegos, Jan. 20, 1812. Marshal Marmont arrived at Salamanca, on the 22d instant, and the six divisions of infantry of the army of J'ortugal were collected in the neighbourhood of Alba and Salttina ica oil the 23d and 24th. General Souliam's division, with about 600 cavalry and some artillery, were sent to Manilla on the 23d, and pa- Iroled San Munoz and Tamames. The movement of this division was intended to ascertain the fact of the fall of Ciudad Rodrigo, and they retired again to the Tormes on the 26th. We have been employed in repairing the damages which our fire had done to Ciudad Koflrigo. For some days, it has not been possible to take the place bv a coup- de- main ; and 1 hope that in a short time, the works will be in a good state of defence. Whitehall, Feb. 22.— His Royal Highness the Prince Regent lias been pleased in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to grant the dignity of an Earl of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, unto the Right Hon. Arthur Viscount Wellington, Knight of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, and the heirs male of his liodv lawfully begotten, by the name, stile, aud title of Earl of Wellington, in the county of Somerset. His Royal lliglmess the Prince Regent has also been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to nominate ami appoint Lieut.- Gen. Thomas Graham, Lieat.- Gen. Rowland Hill, and Major- Gen. Sir James Aucbmuty, Knight, to be Knights Companions of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. I)< mning- strect, Feb. 21.— His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been graciously pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to appoint Charles Wale, Esq Major- General of his Majesty's Forces, to be Governor and Commander in Chief of the Island of Martinique; Major- General the Hon. Robert Meade to be Lieut.- Governor of the Settlement of the Cape of Good Hope; Lieut.- Colonel Charles Napier to be Lieut.- Governor of the Virgin Islands mid Lieut - l olonel Thomas Davey to be Lieut.- Governor of the Settlements on Van Dicman's Land, in New South Wales. [ This Gazette contains a letter, transmitted by Admiral Thnrnhorough, from Captain Griffiths, of the Leotiidas, an- nouueing the capture, on the ICtli iust. of the French brig privateer La Gazelie, of 14 guns and 91 men; out 32 days from St. Maloes, and had taken the Arcadia, from Halifax Uslcn wilh timber.] HOUSE of COMMONS, Monday, February 24. On the question for bringing up the report of the Com- mittee ot Supply voting the Army and Navy Estimates, Lord fo/ srtOTe'thought it necessary to call the attention of the House- to the great increase of foreign troops th^ t had lately taken place in this country; he understood from the estimates that the number now amounted to 30,000, which must excite great alarm in the country ; he had also b; en informed that many officers were desirous of recruiting their regiments out of French prisons. Now he contended that this practice was illegal, and he wished to know by what authority it had been done. He understood like- wise that many foreignersdid, contrary to law, bear commissions in our service, and one foreigner had the command of a district. Lord Palmerston said, that Government liad allowed a certain number, not of French prisoners, but of Germans, to enlist into our corps, and he did not know that it was illegal to do this.— He denied that any foreign General had the command of a district; Gen. Linsingen's command only extended over the German depots. As to the quarter from whence the order for enlisting foreigners came, it was recommended by the Coin- manderin Chief and the War Office. Lord Folkstone said, the command which General Linsingen now held, was contrary to the constitution. Mr. Lambe maintained the necessity for enlisting foreigners. Mr. Curweti said, that by violating the first principles of the constitution, as the introduction of foreigners into our army must do, we were relying for our defence on men who had been taken in arms against us. Mr. M. Montague defended the practice. The report was then brought up, and several resolutions read fey the clerk. On reading that for granting a sum to the widows of military officers, Mr. Bankes moved the reading from the Journals certain reso- lutionsof Committeesof that House, declaring that theolfice ot Paymaster of Pensions was a sinecure, and ought to be abolished. —( The passages alluded to were read accordingly).— He then con- tended, that the Minister who had dared to fill up that office, after the report made by a Committee of the House, ought to be called to an account for it.. The whole of the duties of this office had been performed by one of theclerks of the War Office. Why did the Minister confer the office on a gentleman who was one of the family of the Prince Regent, and thus throw all the obloquy of the appointment on his Royal Highness ? The very circumstance of our entering into a new reign threw a most dis- gusting colour on the transaction, and there was nothing now to prevent the office from beinggranted in reversion.— He concluded with moving, " That the sum of £ b9,339 be substituted in the place of =£ 62,159, the sum proposed in the estimate ;"— thus leaving out Colonel M' > ahon's salary. Mr. C. Adams supported the aitlimdment. _ Mr. M. Montague said, he was as great a friend to public economy as any man in the Hoijse, but he could not agree in the narrow views of the Hon. Gentleman ( Mr. Bankes) with respect to those rewards which ought to be at the disposal of the Crown. Mr. Lockhart did not consider any blartie could attach to the Minister of the Crown, who had acted in the only way he could ; for when the place was conferred on the Hon. Gentleman, it was intimated that he must hold it subject to the future opi- nion of Parliament ; that opinion was now appealed to, and he for one thought the place should exist no longeh Mr. Ml Donald could not approve the appointment of Col. M'Mahon. He thought the individual should be as little al- luded to as possible; but the House had a duty to perform, which called on them to watch carefully over the expenditure of the public money ; their forefathers had considered that as a most material part of their duty; and was it a reason for the House to neglect doing so now, that the public expenditure had, in the course of $ 0 years' war, increased from .£ 50,000,000 to nearly =£ 100,000,000 annually ) Mr. Moiris said, that the House had resolved on the abolition of sinecures, and the establishing some fund from which the Crown should have the power of conferring rewards. But till that fund was realised, he thought that the Crown had a right to dispose of those offices which had heretofore been attached to the prerogative. Mr. IP. Fitzgerald felt very much surprised at th « arguments of the Hon. Gentleman who had spoke from the other side of the House ( Mr. M'Donald), and the House, he thought, would feel surprise too, when it was stated that that Gentleman also held a sinecure. The place which had recently been con- ferred on his Hon. Friend, had been conferred on him by a gracious master, after years of faithful services The Hon. MembeT opposite received his appointment when a school- boy — Loud cheering. Mr. M'Donald, in explanation, said, the office held by him was not a sinecure, the salary of which was not taken out ot the pockets of the public, but from those accepting offices ; and probably he might have received a fee of the Hon. Gentleman himself.—[ A laugh)— He could only say, whenever an example was set him, he would immediately resipn his office. Mr. Wilherforce said, the Commissioners of Public Ex- penditure had long ago recommended the abolition of this office, as one of no utility. This recommendation was made upwards of thirtv years ago. Lord Castlereagh said, he did not consider the Resolution so often alluded to as being intended as a direction to the Executive Government, but merely as laying the grounds of a plan the House itself intended to pursue; namely, to appoint a Com- mittee to inquire into all sinecure offices, and say what should be abolished, and what retained; but the very principle of the Resolution was, that a countervailing fund should, as these offices were abolished, be placed at the disposal of the Crown. —( Hear, hear !) Gen. Tarleton agreed with the motion made by his Hon. Friend, Mr. Bankes. Mr Perceval contended, that a Bill should have been brought into the House to abolish sinecure places generally, and that this should have not been particularised. It had been said that he should have advised the grant of this place to some political friend of his own; but he thought he should not be blamed tor advising that a man should be appointed to it who deserved it from his long services to the Prince his master. Mr. Whitbread contended, that although no Bill had been brought into that House for the abolishing af this place, yet it was a situation and a grant which was odious to the public. The £ 1,700 attached to it would have shewn the relatives of those who had suffered and died in defence of their country, that they were not forgotten by their countrymen. There was even more than that against it, for it would stamp the character of the new reign. Mr. Sheridan wished, if they intended that the people should be relieved from a part of their burthens, a bill should be brought in to abolish all such places. This place had been condemned as an useless one, but the proceedings respecting it had not warranted Ministers not to advise the grant ot it. Lord Cochrane objected to all such situations, and said, that if it had been a general question, he would have voted for it. But as it was brought forward, he could not consent to throw the odium on one man. The House then divided.— For Mr. Bankes's Amendment, 115 — Against it, 112.— Majority against Ministers, 3.— Adjourned. Notice is hereby given, ' TPIIAT the General Annual Meeting of the Trustees ap- e pointed by Act of Parliament, tar repairing thv Highways from Oi. n. STRATFORD, in the County of Northampton, to DUNCHURCU, in the County of Warwick, will be held at the WHFAT SHEAF INN, in DAVENTRY, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 2fjth Day of MARCH next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon ot the same Day, for trans- acting such Matters as shall be then thought necessary for re- pairing the said Highways, at which Time and Place the re- spective TOLLS arising at the four several Toll- Gates, on the said Highways, will be LETT to FARM by AUCTION, to the Best Bidders, between the Hours ot Eleven o'Clock in the fore- noon, and Three o'Clock in the Atfernoon of the same Day, in Manner directed by the Act passed in the 11th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for regulating Turnpike- Ro^ ds, which said several Tolls wete let for during the last Year ( clear of the Salaries for collecting the same), the respective Sums hereinafter mentioned ( tint is to say) Old- Stratford Gate J? 588 Toiucestcr Gate ,. 55t> Stow- HiII GjIc 580 Drayton- Lane Gate 595 And will be respectfully put up at those Sums under such Con- ditions as - all be then and there produced. Whoever happens to be the Best Bidder or Bidders, must forthwith pay . fc' 50 in advance for each Gate, and produce sufficient Sureties and give Security for. the Payment of the Residue of the Rents, at such Time or Times as shall be then agreed on between them and the said Trustees. And at the same Time and Place new Trustees will be elected and chosen in the several steads of such Trustees as shall be then dead. — Dated the 2Dth Day of February, 1312. EDM. BURTON, Clerk to the said Trustees. Alderney Anglesea Bedford Berks ( including the Town ot llunger- ford) Berwick Brecon Bucks Cambridge ( includ- ing the Town of Newmarket) Cardigan Carmarthen Carnarvon Chester Cornwall ( including Scillyl Cumberland Denbigh Derby Devon Montgomery Norfolk Northampton Northumberland Nottingham Oxford Pembroke Radnor Rutland Salop Somerset Stafford Suffolk Surry Sussex Warwick Westmorland Wilts Worcester York WILLIAMS'S EVERY MAN HIS OWN J. AWYF. it. This Day was published, in one large Volume Octavo, Price lis. Boards, or 16s. bound in C'alt and Lettered, VERY MAN IIIS OWN LAWYER, or COMPLETE - U LAW LIBRARY. Containing the Laws affecting Sheriffs and their Officers, Coroners, Parish- Officers, Corporations, Executors ahd Administrators, Guardians and Wards, Landlords and Tenants, Masters, Servants, Apprentices, and Workmen ; Farmers and Graziers, Innkeepers and Carriers, Jurors and Wit- nesses; Husband and Wife, Parent and Child, Arbitrators, Trustees, Partners, Auctioneers, Sportimen, Country Gentle- men, & c. See. See. To which is added, the Laws relating to felections, Usury, Sec. Sec. & c. with an Explanation of the Terms of Law of most frequent Occurrence. The Whole forming a faithful and comprehensive Summary of the Works of Blackstone, Burn, Viner, Bacon, Comyns's Digest, and Jacob's Law Dictionary. Communicated in the most phasing and familiar Manner, and adapted to the plainest Understanding. By T. WILLIAMS, Esq. Conveyancer. " The Laws of his Country are the first Science of an Eng- lishman." GIBBONS'S LIFE. London : Printed for Sherwood, Neely, & Jones ; J. Walker, F. C. Sc J. Rivington ; Longman, Hurst, & Co. ; Lackington Sc Co.; J. M. Richardson, J. Richardson, Ciosby, Sc Co. ; and Wilson & Son, York. pf The Publisher can with Confidence recommend the above to the Public as the most useful Work ever published. It will also be found highly useful to Practitioners, as the Whole Law on the Sale and Purchases of Estates and ot Goods, on Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, Wills, Legacies, Bankruptcy, Tithes, Mortgages, Annuities, Libel, tec. is compressed within its Limits; together with numerous Precedents of Leases, Wills, Deeds of Partnership, & c. drawn by the most eminent Counsel. For Rheumatisms, Culds, DR. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS are admirably calculated for the above, and all those Complaints to which the Human Frame is liable from the Vicissitudes of our Climate, as likewise for Bilious and other Disorders of the Bowels; and for Head- Aches, occasioned by Indigestion or by free living. They should be taken upon every slight Indisposi- tion, and thus by timely assisting Natnre in the due Discharge of the Animal Functions, they presetve the Body in Healthand Vigour. As they require no Confinement, they are particularly convenient for Travellers. Sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, St. Paul's, London, and in most Market Towns, by the Principal Venders of Medicines, Price 4s. 6d. a Box : or a large Box £\ 4s.— Ob serve the Words, " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," be en- graved in the Stamps. ARMY CONTRACTS. Commissary in Chief's Office, Great George Street, London, Feb. \~ lth, 1812. ^ TOTICE is hereby given to nil Persons desirous of i- N contracting to supply tile following Articles for the Use of the Army, viz. BRKAI),— To his Majesty's Land Forces in Cantonments, Quarters, and Barracks, in the under- mentioned Counties aud Islands: Dorset Durham Essex Mint G lamorgan Gloucester ( includ- ^ theCity of Bristol) Guernsey Hants Hereford Hertford Hunts Isle of Man Isle of Wight Jersey Kent Lancaster Leicester Lincoln Merioneth Middlesex Monmouth Aud in the several Counties in North Britain. OATS,— To his Majesty's Cavalry in Cantonments and Quarters, in the uuder- inentioued Counties and Island: Anglesea Bedford Berwick Brecon Bucks Cambridge Cardigan Carmarthen Carnarvon Chester Cumberland Denbigh FORAGE, viz.— OATS, 1I. IV, aud STRAW, to his Ma- jesty's Cavalry in Barracks, and Oats in Cautonmeuts aud Quarters, in the under- mentioned Counties in South Britaiu Beiks Kent Suffolk Cornwall Lancaster Surry Devon Middlesex Sussex Dorset Norfolk Warwick Essex Northampton Wilts Hants ( including the Nottingham York Isle of Wight Somerset And in the scveritl Counties in North Britain. As also Forage to all Horses kept for his Majesty's Service in the Island of Jersey, That the Deliveries are to commence on and for the Twenty- fifth Day of April next; that Proposals in Writing sealed up and marked, Tender for Army Supplies, will be received at this Otiice on or before Tuesday the Seventeenth Day of March ( but none will be received after Twelve o'Clock on that Day), and if sent by Post, the Postage must be paid Proposals must he made separately fur each County and Island, except for the Counties comprising North and South Wales, all of which must be included iu one Tender, as also must the several Comities iu North Britain ; and each Proposal must have the Letter which is annexed to the Teuder properly filled up, by two Persons of known Property engagtug to become bound with the Party tendering in the Amount stated in the printed Particulars for the due Performance of the Contract; and no Proposal will be noticed unless made on a printed Teuder, and the Prices expressed in Words at Length. Aud should it so happen, that during the Continuance of the Contract, no Troops should be stationed or supplied in the County, the Expense of the Contract and Bond, paid in the first Instance by the Contractor, to be refunded to him by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon Application at this Office, between the Hours of Eleven and Five ; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Liudesay, Edinburgh at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Lutyens Guernsey ; and at the Ot& ce of Assistant Commissary General Lamont, Jersey 1 • N CONSUMPTION CURED. Cases of approaching Consumption, HOPE'S HECTIC PILLS have never been known to fail. In the more advanced Stages, the most unexpected Cures have taken Place, even after their remained no apparent Possibility of Recovery; and in the most deplorableand complicated Cases, Life has been lengthened after all other Medicines had ceased to act. 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For Chilblains, Sprains, Bruises, Dr. STEERS'S OPODELDOC IS far superior to all other external Applications in the Cure of Sprains, Bruises, Rheumatisms, Sec. ; as also in Cramps or Numbness, and in promoting Circulation in the Limbs when in a paralytic State. It is the best Remedy for Chilblains, if dissolved in a Spoon, and applied warm, or with Pledget of Lint well moistened with it, and tied on the Part affected. It is likewise of admirable Service in the Accidents and local Complaints to which Horses are subject. Sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, St. Paul's Church Yard, ( four Doors from the Corner ot Cheapside), London, Price 2s. 9d. a Bottle: and inmost Market- Towns, by the prin- cipal Venders of Medicines. Observe the Words " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," are engraved in the Stamps. Dr. W1IEA1 LEV'S Invaluable Remedies for the certain and sptedy CURE OF THE ITCII. AN OINTMENT which cures in four Hours, and does not contain the least Particle of Mercury, or any pemi cious Ingredient whatever, and so perfectly innocent, that Children at the Breast may be cured without the least Hazard. It is of an agreeable Smell, requires no Confinement, and there is no Medicine of the Kind which cures in so- short a Time. Price Is. 9d. a Box, Duty included. Likewise his CHYMICAL LIQUID, as perfectly safe as the Ointment, and as certain in its Effects; it has no Smell nor does it in the least soil the Linen ; a Circumstance wliicl rentiers it highly valuable, and to some Persons abundantly pre. ferable to any Ointment whatever. Price 2s. tid. a Bottle, Duty included. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey Sc gutton, Bow Church- Yard ; and also by the Printers of this I'apar;; and Retail by Edge, and Marshall, Northampton ; Tomalin. Bates, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Mather, and Broughton, Wellingborough ; Fisher, Higham- Ferrers, Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; Sharpe, Warwick; Roberts, Southam ; Price, Leicester; Harrod, Har- borough ; Munn, and Collis & Dasii, Kettering; Rooe, Stam- ford; Eaton, Thrapston; Yorke Sc Summers, Oundle; Jacob; and Horden, Peterborough; Lovell, Huntingdon: Hodson, Cam- bridge; Palgtave, Bedford; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Queneborough, Dunstable ; Perks, and Tapp, Hitchin Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Jones Oxford; Richardson, and Rogers, Stony- Stratford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Wheeler, Ayles- bury; Beesley, and Rusher, Banbury ; and by every Vender ot i Patent Medicines in the United Kingdom 1 T C II, BE it ever so inveterate, perfectly cured in twenty- four Hours, by an Ointment called TYCE's OINTMENT, which is agreeable in Smell, does not contain a Particle of Mercury, or any pernicious Ingredient, but is so Innocent that it may be used with the greatest Safety on Persons of the most delicate Constitutions, pregnant Women, and Children at the Breast. The superior Efficacy and Reputation of this Ointment having induced some Persons to counterfeit it, the Proprietor finds it necessary to caution Purchasers to be particular in ask- ing for Tyce't Ointment. One Box, Price Is. 9d. will cure one grown- up Person, or two Children. Also, at the same Place maybe had, TYCE's INFALLIBLE OHYMICAL LOTION for the same,, by the Use ot which Persons may cure themselves with so much Secrecy as not to be discovered even by a Bedfellow, being without Smell or Stain. 1' rice 2s. 9d. each Bottle. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tvce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, London ; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; Mather, Wellingbo- rough; and all Venders of Medicines in the Kingdom. LIGNUM'S PILLS. I- OR the infallible Cure of all Degrees of a violent Dis- - order. One small Pill is a Dose, and the taking of one Box, in a recent Case, will convince the Patient of his speedy Recovery. Nothing can be better contrived, more safe and convenient than this Remedy, in totally eradicating every Symptom of this destructive Malady by Sea or Land, as it needs no Confinement, Restraint of Diet, or Hindrance of Business. A Trial of this noble Medicine will soon sound its due Praise. With each Box is given a copious Direction, from which the Purchasers will be enabled to judge properly of their own Cases, and to treat them as may be requisite, without further medical Assistance, with Secrecy and Safety. These Pills may be had Wholesale at Mr. Lignum's, No. 57, Bridge- Street, Manchester, at 2s. 9d. the Box; sold also by J. E vans Sc Son, 42, Long- Lane, West- Smithfield, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, North- ampton ; Palgrave, Bedford ; Beesley, Banbury ; Townsend, St. Ives; Collis & Dash, Kettering; March, Wellingborough; Simson & Wade, Hertford ; Poulter, Stony- Stratford; and by most Medicine Venders. BEAUTIFUL WOM EN. fjMlE greatest Blemish to Beauty is superfluous Hairs on .1. the'Face, Neck and Arms.— HUBERT'S ROSEATE- PO W DE R immediately removes them, and is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use, Price 4s. or two in one Parcel, 7s. Sold- by the Proprietor, No. 23, Russel- Street, CovenUGarden, London; Printers of this Paper; Seeley, Buckingham ; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Barringer, Newport- Pagneil; Norris, Bedford; Mather, Wellingborough; York Sc Summers, Oundle ; Jacob, Peterborough; Freeman, Uppingham; Corral, Lut- terworth; Tomalin, Daventry; Rusher, Banbury; Lovell, Huntingdon; Rowel], Rugby; Higgs, Harborough; Gregory, Leicester; Stevens, Bicester; andbyone Person in every Town To Gentlemen, Farmers, Gratters, 4' C- CALVES' CORDIAL. A Certain Cure for the Scour of CALVES, OXEN, COWS, HORSES, SHEEP, See. an infallible Remedy, if given at an early Stage of the Complaint, unquestionably proved by many Years' Experience— innumerable Testimonies— the Sale of many thousand Bottles— the Approbation of the most eminent Holders of Live Stock— and particularly recommended by the Proprietor, W. H. Bices, for causing all Kinds of Cattle to thrive and fatten sooner. Sold, Wholesale, by J. Evans, Long- l. ane, West- Smithfield, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and by most respectable Venders of Medicines inTovvnand Country. BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. James Tims, of Worcester, carpenter, dealer and chapman, March 12, 13, and April 4, at the Guildhall Coffee- hcuse, Worcester.— Attorney, Mr. Hill, Worcester. James Newton and George Lomas, of Stockport, Cheshire, corn- factors, d.& c. Feb. 26, March 7, and April 4, at the Castle Inn, Stockport. — Attorney, Mr. Harrop, iStockporr. John Lomax, late of Liverpool, shoemaker, d. & c. March 16, 17, and April 4, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Attor- ney, Mr. Phillips, Liverpool. John Hewitt, of St. James's- street, Middlesex, engraver, d.& c. Feb. 29, March 7, and April 4, at Guildhall.— Attor- ney, Mr. Stokes, Golden- square. William John Donne, of Great Russel- streer, Covent- garden, Middlesex, haberdasher, d.& c. Feb. 25, March 7, and April 4, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Hudson, Winkwoith- piace. City- road. Thomas Chalmers, of Wormwood- street, Broad. street, Lon- don, warehouseman, Feb. 29, March 7, and April 4, at Guildhall. — Attorney, Mr. Parton, Walbrook. John Sexton, of Stanmore, Middlesex, baker, Feb. 29, March 7, and April 4, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Clark, ilemers- street, Oxford- street. James Child, of Crutched- friars, London, victualler, d.& c. Feb. 25, March 3, and April 4, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Parton, Walbrook. George Mackenzie, of Derby, salesman, Feb. 28, 29, and April 4, at the King's Arms Tavern, Deiby.— Attorney, Mr. Wild, Cromford, Derby. David Lewis, of Milford, Pembrokeshire, shopkeeper, d. Sc c. March 5, 6, and April 4, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol.— Attornies, Messrs. Morgan & Livett, Bristol. James Watson, of Sutton- in- Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, miller, Feb. 27, 28, and April 4, at the Swan Inn, Mansfield. — Attorney, Mr. Walkden, Mansfield. Eleanor Thomas, ot Helston, Cornwall, shopkeeper, d.& c. March 5, 6, and April 4, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol. — Attornies, Messrs. Morgan & 1- ivett, Bristol. Thomas Gooch, of Exeter, grocer, d. Sc t. March 9, 10, and April 4, at the Hotel, Exeter. — Attorney, Mr. Turner, Exeter. Richard Page, of Lutley, Worcestershire, miller, d. fcc. March 11, 12, and April 4, at the George Inn, Bewdley.— At- torney, Mr. Court, Stourbridge. Thomas Cartwright, of Burton- upon- Trent, Staffordshire, cheese- factor, d. & c. March 6, 7, and April 4, at the George Inn, Burton- upon- Trent.— Attorney, Mr. Osborne, Burtou- upon- Trent. Christopher Skirrow, of Lancaster, grocer, d. Sec. March 12, 13, and April 4, at the Commercial Inn, Lancaster.— Attorney, Mr. Atkinson, Lancaster. John Roche, of Nicholas- lane, London, merchant, d.& c. Feb. 29, March 7, and Ap. il 4, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Oakley, Martiu's- lane, Cannon- street. Joseph Calder, of l'owick, Worcestershire, dealer, March 16, 17, and April 4, at the White Lion Inn, Upton- upon- Severn.— Attorney, Mr. Ballard, Malvern. Robert Robinson Day, of llaberdashers'- street, Hoxton, Mid- dlesex, candle- wick. manufacturer, U. & c. leb. 21', March 7, and April 4, at Guildhall.— Attornies, Messr » . Bryant & Pat- terson, Copthall- court, Throgmoiton- street. William Clark and James Claik, of Ktngsand, Devonshire, slopsellers, d.& c. Feb. 29, March 12, and Apiil 4, at the Crown Hotel, Plymouth- Dock.— Attorney, Mr. Davie, Ply- mouth- Dock. I. Young, of New- Sarum, Wiltshire, victualler, Feb. 29, March 10, and April 7, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Davies, l. othbury. W. White, of Sculcoates, Yorkshire, auctioneer, March S, 6, and April 7, at the Neptune Inn, Kiugston- upon- HuII.— Attorney, Mr. Haire, Hull. W. Bosworth, of Liverpool, merchant, March 11, 12, and April 7, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Attoinies, Messrs. Bardswcll Sc Stephenson, Liverpool. R. Warrington, sen. of Coventry, woolstapler, March 9, 23, and April 7, at the Bromley's Arms, Elaston, Staffordshire.— Attorney, Mr. Davenport, Sturston. J. C. lirooker, ot Aldermary Cnurch- yard, London, woollen cloth- factor, Feb. 29, March 7, and April 7, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Courteen, Walbrook. C. Say, of Newington- butts, Surry, haberdasher, Feb. 2i>, March 7, and April 7, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Hudsou, Wink worth, place, City- road. J. Wainwright, juu. of Waver tree, Lancashire, builder, March 11, 12, and April 7, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Attornies, Messrs. Orred& Baines, Liverpool. J. Sunonds, of Jermyn- street, St. James's, Middlesex, haber- dasher, Feb. 29, March 7, and April 7, at Guildhall.— Attor- ney, Mr. Chambers, Furnival's- lnn. H. Kellaway, ot Longham, Southamptonshire, maltster, March 17, 18, and April 7, at the King's- Head Inn, Wmibome- Minster.— Attorney, Mr. Rowden, Wimborne. G. Salvidge, of Litton, Somersetshire, mealman, March 4, 5, and April 7, at the Christopher Inn, Wells.— Attorney, Mr. Welsh, Wells. Bankruptcy enlarged. William Lushington, sen. and William Lushington, jun. of Mark- lane, London, merchants, from Feb. 25 to April 14, at Guildhall. CERTIFICATES to he granted. March 14. Thomas Wilkinson aud Samuel Wilkinson, of Not- tingham, hosiers, March 17. R. Townroe, ot Nottingham, maltster. LONDON MARKETS. Corn- Exchange, Monday, Feb. 24, 1812. Our arrivals of Wheat for this morning's Market constituted* middling supply, a good part of which was from Essex; the sales were rather brisk, and prices nearly the same as on this day se'nnight; it is nevertheless necessary to remark, that a small remaining quantity of fine old Dantzic reached several shillings per quarter more than our highest quoted price.— Barley and Malt have been on the rise, and to- day they were named 2s. or 3s. per quarter dearer than last Monday.— Pea* and Beans offer little for observation; terms nearly as last week.— Oats, consisting chiefly ot the remains of last week's. arrival, which was large, owing to the demand nearly kept their price. Wheat t> 5s. to 98s. Fine 100s. tolllW. Superfine 112s. tollljs. Fine White libs, to — s. Rye 44s. to 54s. Barley 46s. to 55s. Malt 80s. to 88s White Peas 64s. to 74s. Boilers 76s. to 82s. SuHolks — s. to 85s, Grey Peas 54s. to 62s. Fine . .— s. to 64s. Beans. 52s. to 58s. 1- ine . . — s. to 60i. Ticks 46s. to 54s. Oats 30s. to 38s. PolanUs 39s. to 40s. l'otatoe auto — s. to 42s. WYMAN's ANTI- BILIOUS PILLS CO justly esteemed for their easy and certain Operation O in removing all Bilious Complaints, Obstructions in the Liver, Indigestion, Sick Head- Ach, Jaundice, See. They are an excellent Remedy for Persons of Bilious or Costive Habits ; for Persons of sedentary Lives, where sufficient- Action of the' Bowels is not kept up ; also for Persons who have impaired their Constitutions by free Living; and in early Attacks of the Gout are peculiarly useful, by alleviating the Severity of the Fit, and shortening its Duration. They have been found highly useful preparatory to, or during Sea Bathing. These Pills require no particular Regimen or Confinement, and do not con. tain any Mercurial or Antimonial Preparation. Prepared aud sold by W. Wyman, Surgeon, Kettering. Sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London ; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Sanderson & Beale, and Mather, Wel- lingborough; Tomajin, Wilkinson, and Bates, Daventry; Reeve, Higham- Ferrers ; Yorke Sc Summers, Oundle; Beesley, Ban- bury; Barringer, andlnwood, Newport- Pagnell; Queneborough, Dunstable; Alsop, Luton; Harrod, and Bull, Market- Har- borough; Inns, and Gallaid, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Palgrave, Bedford; Gardner, Biggles- wade; Richardson, and Rogers, Stony- Stratford; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Ward, Hinckley; Eaton, Thrapston ; Jacob, Peterborough ; Roberts, Southam ; Shsrpe, Warwick; Luccock, Kimbolton; Emery, St. Neots ; Lovell, Huntingdon ; Tapp, and Perks, Hitchin ; Wallis, Olney ; Rovvell, Rugby; W^ rde, Stratford- upon- Avon: Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; and by eveiy Vender of Medicines in the Kingdom. Price 2s. 9d. per Box, Duty included. Be care'tul to ask tot W IMAM'S Anti- bilious Pills. Average of Wheat, 107s. 2d.— Os. 9d. higher than last return, l ine Flour, — s. to 95s.— SeconUa, 85s. to 90s. Average, 94s. Id. J per sack.— Is. 9dJ. higher than last return. Carraway Coriander - Red Clover..... White ditto White Mustard Brown ditto Turnip PRICE or SEEDS. 65s. Od. to 70s. 00 35s. 0d. to 40s. 0d.( 80s. Od. tol30s. 0d.( 90s. Od. tol50s. Od. per cwt. 10s. Od. to 14s. Oil. f „„ K„. fc 18s. Od. to 22s. 0d.$ perbush 20s. Od. to 28s. Od. ditto. PRICE OF HOPS. BAGS. POCKETS, Kent 41. 0s. to 51.12s. Kent.... 41. 10s. to 61 Sussex 31. 15s. to 51. 5s. Sussex. . .41. 10s. to 61. Essex 41. 10s. to 51.12s. Farnhani 101. 15s. 0s. 0s. tollt. Os. Anli'lmpetigines, or Solomon's Drops, ( Without Mercury, or any deleterious Preparation), FOR the Cure of the SCURVY, SCROFULA, LEPROSY, and all DISORDERS originating in an impure State of the Blood. These admirable Drops strengthen the Constitution, purify the Blood, and promote the Circulation of the Fluids; to ellect which is evidently the Work of Time, and steady Per- severance in the Use of Medicines adapted for those salutary Purposes. To Dr. SOLOMON, Gilead- House, near Liverpool. SIR, Norwich, March 0th, 1806. My Son has for three Years been afflicted with that distressing Distemper the Leprosy, and having consulted many eminent in the Faculty, without an,? Benefit accruing from their Prescrip- tions, I at length despaired of his Recovery.— Fortunately 1 consulted a Friend, who advised me to make Trial of your Anti- Impetigines, which 1 accordingly procured at Messrs. Stephensons and Matchett's, the happy Effects of which I soon discovered— suffice it to say, that he daily grew better, and now his health is perfectly re- established. By publishing these few Lines, and makng known the Case ofmy Son, aud the Effects of your incomparable Medicine, you will considerably ofcl'se, Sir, Your very humble Servant, E. BERRY. This celebrated Medicine is sold, by special Appointment of Dr. Solomon, in Bottles Half- a- Guinea each, or four in one Family Bottle for 33s. on which 9s. are saved, by the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Northampton; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering ; Higgs, Dawson, and Harrod, Harbo- rough ; Beesley, and Marriott, Banbury; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge and Mather, Wellingborough ; Tomalin, Bates, and Wil- kinson, Daventry; Okely, audPalgiave, Bedford; Geard, St. Neots; Loveli, Huntingdon; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swinfep, Leicester; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; Loggin, Ayles- bury and Leighton ; by the Printers of the Country News- Papers, and by all Venders of Patent Medicines in the United fc. ili£ d01U, „ SM1THF1 E LD. — MONDAY, Feb. 24. ( To sink the offal— per stone ot gibs.) Reef 5s. 4d. to 6s. 4d. I Veal 6s. Od. to 8s. M. Mutton 5s. 4d. to 4d. | Pork 5s. Od. to 6s. 81. Head of Cattle this Day.— Leasts, about 2,2j0— sheep and Lambs, 11,500 — Calves, 80-, Pigs, 400. NEWGATE AND LEADEN HAL L MARKETS. ( By the Carcase.) Beef 4s. Od. to 5s. 4d. I Veal 5s. Od. to 7s. 8d. Mutton 4s. Od. to 5s. 4d. j Pork 5s. 0d. to 6s. 8d. PRICE OF TALLOW. Town Tallow .. Yellow Russia.. White ditto Soap ditto Melting Stuff'-... Ditto lough Graves Good Dregs .... 82s. fid. 76s. Od. 74s. Od. 72s. Od. 64s. Od. 43s. Od. 20s. Od. 9s. fld. St. James's Market. .4s. 1M. Clare Market 4s, 10d. Wh. itechapel Market 4s. 9d. 14s. 5d. Average per St. of81b. 4s. 9 $, PRICE or LEATHER, PER POUNO. Butts, 50 to 561b. each 21d. § to 24d. Ditto, 56 to 661b. each 25d. to 26d. Merchants' Backs 20d. to 22d. Dressing Hides : 17d. J to 18u 4 line Coach- Hides 19d. to I9u J Crop Hides, 35to401b. tor cutting I7d. to 190. 45 to 501b 19d. to 22d. Calt Skins, 30 to 401b 2Sd. to S2d- 50 to 701b 3fid. to 4id. 70 to 801b 36d. to 40d. Tanned Horse- Hides, 17d. to 20d. Small Seals ( Greenland) 33d. to — d. Large Ditto, 120s. to 170s. per Dozen.— Goatskins, 34s. to 62s. NORTHAMPTON : Printed and Published by and for T. E. DICEY, W. SUTTON, & R. SMJTHSON,
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