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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 944
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 26/02/1812
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 944
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, CORN- MARKET\ SHREWSBURY. February 26, 1812 Wednesday SECOND PART OF GOLDSMITH'S GRAMMAR OF GEOGRAPHY. CELYN BRITHIOX HOUSE, TO BE LET, Ready furnished, and entered upon thc 12th Ray of Way, 1812, THE above House, situate in tlie Parish of MALLWYD, in the Countv of Merioneth; and consisting of a Kitchen, Parlour, Pantry, Closet, upon the first Floor, with Cellar under; second Floor, three Bed Rooms, and large Attic Story over; Brewhouse, and large Garden, with Fruit Trees, Stc. stands in a very pleasant Conntrv tor Game and Fishing; one Mile from Mallwyd, and half a Mile from Dinasymowthy,— Apply to RICHARD HUGHES F. VANS, Bell lun, Adle Hill, Doctors Commons; or to DAVID LLOYD, Mallwyd. " QUINA BHOOK ROAD! HAVING received an order in writing, directed lo me, and signed by three of the acting Trustees named jn an Act of Parliament, passed in the 51st Year of the Reign of liis present Majesty, King George the Third, entitled," An " Act for making and maintaining a Road, from the Wem " and Whitchurch Road, to the Saudford and Ilodnet " Road, both iu the County of Salop," requiring me to call a MEETING ofthe Trustees of the said Road, to be held at the LION INN, in PREES, in the said Conntv, 011 TUES- DAY, the TENTH day of MARCH next, in such Manner as prescribed in the said Act for Meetings on Emergencies, for the Purpose of executing Securities on the Tolls of the said Road, lo such of the Subscribers as have paid their Sub- scriptions, and also for the Purpose of making an Adjourn- ment of the said Meeting to a Day then to be appointed and specified ; I do hereby accordingly GIVE NOTICE, that a Meeting of the Trustees of the said Road will be held> at tbe Time, Place, and for the Purposes mentioned in the said Order. As Witness iny Hand this 22d Dav of February, 1812. JOHN LEE, Clerk to tbe Trustees: Aldcrney, Anglesca, Berks, • Auglesea, Bedford, Cornwall, " Bedford, Berwick, Devon, Berks, ( including Brecon, Dorset, theTownofHung- Bucks, Essex, erford,) Cambridge, Hants ( including I Berwick, Cardigan, the Isle of Wight,) Brecon, Carmarthen, Kent, C Bucks, Carnarvon, Lancaster, I Cambridge ( inplud- Chester, Middlesex, S ing the Town of Cumberland, Norfolk, 1 Newmarket,) Denbigh, Northampton, \ Cardigan, Derby, Nottingham, I Carmarthen, Durham, Somerset, I Carnarvon, Flint, Suffolk, S Chester, Glamorgan, Surry, > 1 Cornwall, ( includ- Gloster, Sussex, 1 ingScilly,) Hereford, Warwick, I Cumberland, Hertford, Wilts, ? Denbigh, Hunts, York. , I Derby, Leicester, { Devon, Lincoln, I Dorset, Merioneth, Durham, Monmouth,. "... . 1 Essex, Montgomery, Flint, Northumberland, And in the several Glamorgan, Oxford, Counties in North „ Gloster, ( including Pembroke, Britain. « the City of Bris- Radnor, tol,) Rutland, Guernsey, Salop, Hants, Stafford, Hereford, Westmoreland, j Hertford, Worcester. I Hunts, 1 Isle of Man, I Isle of Wight, Jersey, i Kent, 1 Lancaster, Leicester, Lincoln, Merioneth, Middlesex, Monmouth, As also Forage to Montgomery, all Hoiseskept for { Norfolk, his Majesty's ser- j Northampton, vice in the Island I Northumberland, of Nottingham, Oxford, Pembroke, Radnor, Jersey Rutland, Salop, Somerset, Stafford, Suffolk, Surry, Sussex, " Warwick, Westmoreland, Wilts, Worcester, York. And in thc several Counties in North Britain. Thai the Deliveries are to commence on nnd for the I Twenty- fifth Day of April next; that Proposals in Writing sealed up and marked, Tender for Army Supplied, will " he received at this Office on or beforcTuesday, the Seventeenth Day of March, ( but none will be received nfter Twelve o'Clack on that Day) and if sent by Post, the Postage must be paid. Proposals must be made separately for each County nnd Island, except for the Counties comprising North and South Wales; all of which must be included in one Tender, as also must the several Counties in North Britain ; and each Pro- posal must have the Letter with is annexed to the Tender • properly filled up, by two Persons of known Property en- gaging to become bound with the Party tendering in the Amount stated in the printed Particulars for the due Per- formance of tho Contract; and 110 Proposal will be noticed unless made on a printed Tender, and the Prices expressed in Words at length ; and should it so happen that during the Continuance of the Contract, no Troops should be stationed or supplied in the County, the Expense of tbe Contract and Bond, paid in the first Instance by the Con- tractor, to lie refunded to hiin by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon Application ef'thisOffice, between the Hours of Eleven and Five; at the Dffioe of Deputy Commissary General Lindesey, Edin- burgh-; at tbe Office of Deputy Commissary General Lu'tytm's, Guernsey ; and at the Office of Assistant Com- missary General Lamont, Jersey. ^ aies bp auction TIMBER, FREEHOLD ESTATE'. --- ' - At the Talbot Inn, in Stoui bridge, in the County of Wor. cester, on Monday, the 2d Day of March, 1812., between the Hours of four and five in the Afternoon; ( if not sooner disposed of by private Contract, of which Notice will be giwen •.) rTlHEfollowing DESIRABLE ESTATE, either together, X in the under- mentioned, or such other Lots as may be agreed upon, and subject to such Conditions as will be then produced. Lots. No. in Plan. A R. P. A. R. P. I. 1 Hanging Piece 6 2 23 2 Three Acres 4 2 25 3 Nut- tree Coppice ... 1 3 32 4 Cuinbershill 8 1 35 5 Oak Coppice ... ... 3 1 28 ( j Park 6 2 21 At the Goal Inn, Llanfyllin, in the County of Montgomery, 011 Friday, tbc6th Day of March, 1812, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon :.--•• LOT I. 1 OO TREES', Paint- marked and numbered, 1 Standing on BRONGVVIN DEMESNE. LOT II. 131 OAK TREES, scribed and num- bered, 011 BRONGWIN FARM, in the Possession of Thomas Danily. LOT III. ( JL ASH TREES IV. 37 ELM V. 23 BEECH VI. 12 FIR TREES Brongwin is situated 011 the Turnpike Rond hetweeri Oswestry and Llanfyllin, about 10 miles from Oswestry, two from Llanfyllin, and five Miles from the Ellesmere Canal at New Bridge. Edward Nicolas, of Brongwin, will shew tlie Timber; and other Particulars may be had from Mr. GOULD, Go I fa, near Welsh Pool, At the Harleen, in the Parish of Llandrinio, in the County of Montgomery, on Tuesday, the loth of March, its 12, between the Hours of one and three in Ihe Afternuon, subj ct to such Conditions as shall be then produced and agreed upon: ALL that the MESStlAGE, or Dwelling House, many Years used. as. a PUBLIC HOUSE, called THE HARLEEN aforesaid, with the Outbuildings, Smith's Shop, and LANDS thereto belonging: also, a TENE- MENT nnd GARDEN adjoining thereto, containing bv Admeasurement 5A. lR. sP. or thereabouts, in the holding of John Griffiths, or his Undertenants. THE HARLEEN is situate near tbe junction of the twd Turnpike Roads leading from Pool to Oswestry, which is also the gieat Road to Llauymvnech Lime Rocks, and Llwynyniaen and Trefarclnwdd Collieries ; nnd ihe Lauds adjoin Ihe Montgomeryshire Canal. The House is a well accustomed Public, ami the. Shopa good Situation for Busi- ness : tbe Premises lie Very compact ; distant about six Miles from Pool, and nine from Oswestry. The Tenant will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply at the Office of Mr. THOMAS, Solicitor; in the Town of Llanfylliu. MONTGOMERYSHIRE TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMOS r convenient, well- fiuished, and desirableDWEL- LIN G HOUSE, situate in the principal Street in the Town of WELSHPOOL, with tlie Stables, Outbuildings, Gardens, and Close of Land, all adjoining, in the most complete Repair and Condition in all respects, and fit for the Reception of a large genteel Family, who may have im- mediate Possession. The House affords a beautiful View of Powis Castle, and the Ground communicates with thc Plantations and Park ; are now in the Possession of Mr. Nieholls, and are held uuder the Devisees of the late Earl of Powis, by Lease for the Lives of two Peisons and the Survivor, under a small reserved Rent. For further Particulars and a View of the Premises ap- ply at the Office of Messrs. NICHOLLS aud GRIFFITIIES, in Pool.— 2C) th Jan. 1812. ' growing on BRONGWIN DEMESNE, aud BRON- GWIN FARM. 22 Hilly Picce 23 Broad Leasow 24 Spring Piece 25 Round Hill 2b Shoulder of Muttou 19 Ten Acres 20 The Acre 21 Pit Field TURNPIKE TOLLS, VI. 12 Dry Leasow 13 Farm House, Build- iugs, Gardens, Orch- ard, RickYard, & c. & c. 14 Butts 15 Croft 1( 3 Oak Close 17 Six Acres 18 Mercers Field VII. 10 Clews's Sling ... 11 Bridge Meadow ... . VIII. 7 Brick- kiln Meailoiv . 8 Middle Meadow ... . 0 Lower Meadow ... . MONTGOMERYSHIRE, ,. Total 220 a 23 These Premises are situate at Dunsley, in the County of Stafford, in a fine sportingCoimtry, only two Miles from the Town of Stourbridge, three from Enville, aud adjoining the Town of Kiufare. The Tenant, Mr. Edwird Cox, will shew the Estate ; and for further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to GEORGE BISHTON, Esq. at Neach Hill, near Shiffual; or Mr. PRITCIIARD, Solicitor, Broseley. At thc Goat Inn, in Llanfyllin, on Thursday, the 12II1 Dayof March, I8t2, between the Hours of three and six o'clock ill the Afternoon : T^ HE undermentioned Tenements, in Lots, subject to such Conditions as may be produced and agreed upon at the Time of Sale. Quantity, Names of Tene- Names of Parishes where be the same Lots. meats. Tenants. situate. more or less. 1. Melyuiog Isaf John Davies Llansaiutflraid 43 1 5 2. Melyniog Ucliaf John Williams Ditto .... 35 2 13 3. Cwm- oerog Morris Jones Llangviiog .14 0 0 4. Petiyllwyn Robert Jones Ditto .... 2 0 17 5. Penybuarth Ed Humphryes Ditto .... 24 0 id ti. Tyrnawr David Davie's Llanrhaiadr- yn Mochnant 36 2 G 7. Tygl& s Thomas Pratt Ditlo .... ] 2 ( 1 7 8- Llanafon bach Thomas Jones Ditto .... 35 1 35 The two first Lots are delightfully sitnatcd, upon the Batiks of the Viruiew, in the beautiful Vale of Llansaint- ffraid; Inhere a Villa for the Residence of a genteel Family may be built to very great Advantage. The remaining l. ots are capable of great Improvement, have extensive Sheepwalks attached to them, aiid join the Llaugynog Slate Rocks and Lead Mines, there being Reason to expect Slates and Lead Ore upon each Lot The respective Teriilnts wilt shew the Premises; ant! further Particulars may be obtained from Mr. S. Lovat\ at Llangedwin, where Maps of tbe Estate may be seep. Uang* dmn, Feb. lith 18) 2, SHROPSHIRE TIMBER FOR SALE, At the White Horse Inn, in Wem, on Thursday, March 12th, 1811, between the Hours of five and seven o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the following Lots : LOT I." 1 r\ r\ OAK TREES, 35 ASH, 12 ALbER, 3 SYCA- j MORE, and 1 ASP, standing 011 Farms at HORTON, near Wem aforesaid, iu the several Holdings of Mrs. Hantpson and Mr. Abraham Darlington. LOT II. 243 OAK TREES, 27 ASH; and 2 SYCAMORE Trees, growiug O11 Fnims at LOPPINGTON, near Wem aforesaid, in the several Holdings of Mr James Mulliner, Francis Windsor, David Vaughan, James Elkes, John Elkes, Samuel Davies, and Mrs. Jones. The respective Tenants will shew the Timber on cacli of their Farms at Loppington and Horton; and further Particulars may be had by applying to Messrs. WALFORD aud 11 ASSAI. L, Solicitors, in Wem aforesaid. LONDON. FROM THE LOS DON GAZETTE. DOWNING STREET, FEB. 92. Dispatcher, of which the following is a copy, haV'e teen r sceived at the office of the Earl of Liverpool, addressed to his Lordship by General the Earl of Wellington, K. B. Extract of a dispatch from General the Earl of Wellington to the Earl of Liverpool, dated Galleges, Janvaiy 29. 44 Marshall Mairnont arrived at Salamanca on the22d ins*, and the six divisions of infantry of tbearuvy ot Portugal wereioliected in the neighbourhood of Alba and Salamanca on the I'M and 24th. 1 General Sou ham's division, with about six Hundred cavalry and some artillery, Were sent to Matillaon the 23d, and patroled to San Munoz and Tamames. The movement of this division was in tended to ascertain the tact ofthe fall of Ciudad Rodrigo, and they retired again to ti. e Tormeaon the l2oth. " We have been employed in repairing the damages which our lire had done to Ciudad Rodiigo. For some dav?. it has not been possible to take the place by a coup- de- main, and 1 hope that in a short time the works w ill be in a good state of defence. WHITEHALL, FEB. 2* 2 His Ro\ al Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of hisMajesty, to grant the dignity of an Earl ol the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, untothe Right Hon. Arthur Viscount Wellington, Knight ofthe Most Honourable Order ofthe Bath, and the heirs male of lis body lawfully begotten, by the name, stile, and title of Earl of Wellington, iu the county ot Somerset. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has al « o been pleased, in the name and on the behalf of his Majestx, to nominate and appoint Lieutenant GeneralThomas Graham, Lieutenant General Row land Hill, and Major General Sir JamesAuclnnuty, Knight, lobe Knights Companions of the Most Honourable Order oi the Bath. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22. Government have received dispatches from America. They breathe a more hostile spirit than irom other considerations there was reason to expect. The new American taxes are, an addition of 100 percent, on im- port and tonnage duties; an increase of the land tax; a tax on auctions, stamps, and carnages; and a duly 011 spirits. The French Papers state, that there is no longer any idea of a peace between Russia and the Porte. In consequence of the communication received from Sweden, . Baron Rehauscn is said to have resumed his station as Charge d' Affaires- for that country, and to have had an interview with the Minister tor Foreign Affairs, to whom he communicated the wishes of his Government to place the relations between the two counuies on their ancient amicable footing. The asserted negociation with Sweden, is by no means the off- spring of a few weeks or da* s, but has been the subject of an unin. terrupted correspondence between the British and Swedish Courts for nearly the four last months; and is now brought into such a • tate as to admit of but little doubt of its amicable termination. We are further assured, that it is not to Sweden alone that negocia- tions tor peace are confined; Russia, Prussia, Denmark, arid even Austria, are promptly said to be included in some proposals, sub- mitted to Government, w hich have been seriously entertained by Ministers, and which may iead to, and end in, a general peace. We should nol venture to communicate this information, did we not place much icliance on ihe source whence, it is obtained. We are happy to announce, that the hJurveillante frigate, Capt. Sir G. Collier, reported to have driven under the gunti of St. Sebas- tian's, and taken by the enemy, arrived safe at Plymouth, on Thursday. A very full meeting of the Opposition Lords took place at Lord Grenville's house on Thursday night. The Judges having delivered their sentence, thatthe offence of which Mr. Benjamin Walsh was convicted isnotlelony, the Prince Regent has grained him a pardon, and he was yesterday discharged from Newgate. Another very heavy failure has taken place in the mercantile world, tbe effects of which will be severely fell by many Houses con- nected with it, Tbe House alluded to, is that which has long l> een established under the firm of Hilliers, Jamet, and Co. whose con- nections have of late been chiefly confined to. the Baltic. np| • HouscwSs original! y engaged in trade to Holland. The marriage of the Right Hon. Lord Berwick vra « ctic- f brated on Wednesday last in this town, by large and respect- 1 able parties of his lordship's friends and tradesmen, who dined at the Fox and Raven and Bell inns. After " the Kiti£" aitil" the Printe Regent" had been drank— Lord and Lady Berwick, and prosperity to the House of Attiugham ; the Hon. William Hill, 51. P.; the Hon. and Rev. Riehard Hill, and his family ; Lady Bruce, and the female branches of tlie Attingham family; Sir Johu Hill, Bart, and tbe House of Hawkstoue; General Hill, and his brave Associ- ates in the Peiiiusula; the other principal families in the neighbourhood were toasted in succession. Au excellent supg, composed on the occasion, was given by one of the party, \ Vhich was encored ; and the day was spent with the utmost hilarity and harmony. Colonel Robert Lethbridge is promoted from half- pay of the 54th foot, to be Inspecting Field Officer ofthe Militia, in Canada, vice Egertou, who exchanges. Ensign Joseph HutcMiVsOn is promoted to be Lieuteiftnt, by purchase, in the . vtd Regiment of Foot, vice Gough, appointed to the ist Life Guards. The paragraph copied into many of the provincial papers relative to Lucien Bonaparte, we believe to be totally un- true. He conducts himself, as far as we can can learfi, in a very proper manner, never transgressing the restraints or obligations connected with his situation. About a fortnight since a provincial paper contained a paragraph, stating that a Mr. had been found in the road, dreadfully wounded by assassins : the same paper last week contains the following explanatory paragraph, which may he applicable to more instances than that alluded to: — u It appears that Mr. of , who was Found on the turnpike road, much bruised, on Friday evening, the 7th inst. had met with no attack from assassins, as Stated, although we had that statement from Mr. -' s own Son ; but being seized with a giddiness of the head ( from what cause need not be mentioned), he had fallen from his horse when lie was found on the road, and conveyed to- . He has since returned home, and is said to be sufficiently recovered of his wouuds and bruises to enable him to attend market again, unless the faculty thing the giddiness in his head a complaint of so obstinate a nature, as to make it dangerous for him to continue travelling on horseback." Extraordinary fecundity.— Monday, a ewe belonging to Rowland Hunt, Esq. of Boreatton, in this county, yeaned six fine lambs To such a pitch of improvement is mechanism carried, that a gentleman at Bristol has obtained a patent for a machine which goes through the whole process of brtck- EDUCATION OF THE POOR. AT a very numerous and respectable Meeting of tlie Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy aS the Diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, assembled by Desire of tlie Lord Bishop, in his Lordship's Consistory Court, in the Cathedral Church of Lichfield, on Friday, tliejth of ' February; 1812: THE VERY REVEREND THE DEAN, in the Chair: Resolved unanimously, „ 1. THAT it is highly expedient that a Society be constituted at Lichfield, for Ihe Purpose of promoting the Education of Poor Children within the Diocese of Lichfield aud Coventry, by instructing them ill suitable Learning, Works of Industry, and above all, iu the principles of the Christian Religion, according to the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church of England; iu general Conformity with the Plans of the National Society in London, under the Patroiiage of his Royal Highness the Prince. Regent. 2. THAT it shall be the Endeavour of this Society, so far as its Funds may allow, lo assist the Parishes iu this Diocese, needing such Assistance, iu the Erecliou or Enlargement ol School Rooms; and in procuring such Instruction for Masters, as may enable them to conduct the Education of the Children of the Poor, according lo the System originally practised by Dr. Bell at Madras. 3. THAT the Fuuds of Ibis Society shall be under the Management of a Committee, any five of whom shall be competent to act; anil that this Committee shall from Time to Time make each Rules and Regulations, as shall appear to them eligible for forwarding the Designs of this Society. But such Rules aud Regulations, before they take effect, shall be approved by the Pal run, President, and Vice- President, or the Majority of them. 4. THAT the Dean and Canons Residentiary, Ihe Archdeacons of this Diocese, and the Parochial Clergy, beneficed or resident in the Close or City of Lichfield, s ith Ihe Patron, President, and Vice- President, and seven Lay Subscribers of five Guineas at first, or oue Guinea annually fur the Purposes of this Society, to be named by the Patron, President, and Vice- President, or the Majority of thein, shall compose the Committee which shall manage the Concerns of this Society. 5. THAT the Eord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, for the Time being, be Patron. 6. THAT his Grace the Duke of Devonshire be President. 7. THAT the Dean of Lichfield, for the Time beiug, be Vice- President. 8. THAT the Reverend John Newling, B. 1). Canon Residentiary of Lichfield, be Treasurer and Secretary. 9. THAT a Statement of Ihe Receipts and Disbursements, and of all Rules and Rgulations of the Society, shall he sent annually to every subscribing Member. 10 THAT the Committee, as above appointed, shall meet for Dispatch of Business, so soon as the Lay Members are nominated and have accepted the Office of Committee Men. 11. THAT Books be opened for the Receipt of Benefactions and annual Subscriptions, to be placed tothe Account of the Treasurer, at the Banks of Messrs. Down, Thornton, Free, and Down, London; Scott, Lichfield; Webb and Co. Stafford; Kinuersley, Newcastle; Hnrdeni and Co. If0 verhampton; Eyton aud Co. Shrewsbury; Jcnuins aud Co. H'eflingto'n; Evans,' Derby ; Arkw right, Wirksworth ; Walter, Chesterfield-, Little and Co. Cote, liry; Butler, Rugby ; Spooner and Attwood, and Woolley und Co. Birmingham. 12 Upon the Motion of Richard' Dyott, Esq. THAT the Thanks of thin Meeting be given to the Dean of Lichfield, for his able Conduct iu the Chair. —— J. C. WOODllOUSE, Chairman. The following Subscription, for the Purposes of the Society, wasopenrd immediately ; aud the Names of many of the Nobility, Gentry, and Cleigy, who, having been prevented from attending Ihe Meeting iu Person, had expressed their Approbation of the Object, and their Intention to support it, were read from the Chair. LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS. Inundation Pund. THE MINISTER and CHURCHWARDENS of the Parish of St. CHAD, hereby inform those Parishioners from whom they collected Coutrihutious of less than £ 1 for the above Charity, in June lasl, that they have received a Return uf Jive shillings in the Pound, which they recommend lobe appropriated to the SUNDAY- SCHOOLS and SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY, belonging to that Parish; and that, with the Consent of tbe said Contributors, they shall apply the same accordingly. The postscript. LONDON, . Monday Night, February 24, 1812 The following Bulletin was yesterday shewn at St. James's Palace:— " Windsor'Castle, Feb 22, 1312. " ilis Majesty continues nearly in the same state." The Herald sloop ai rived at Portsmouth yesterday after- noon, from Sicily, which she left ou the 29th ult She brought over Mr. Douglas, Secretary of Legation, with dispatches from Lord W. Bciitiuck, at Palerma They are of a very favourable nature. Every thing, we understand, lias been arranged to his lordship's satisfaction. A second edition of the Pilot states, that an officer has arrived from Sicily with accounts lo Government that the King of ( icily has abdicated the throne to his sou. Cornnna Papers to the 1tit. li inst. have come to hand — The latest intelligence they contain of the movements of the French indicate their intention still to offer Earl Wellington battle. It appears Gen. Hilt's division has passed the Tagus to occupy Castel Bi anco and its neighbourhood; a movement which shews either Earl Wellington's disposition to pene- trate into Castile, or fight Marmont, should be have the audacity to attack him. A letter from Gibraltar to the 8th inst. states, that Gen. Ballesteros had been cut off from Los Borios by a French division. It further slates that he had sent a message to Gen.' Campbell, earnestly soliciting a supply of provisions for his army, which was at the time entirely destilue — The whole ofthe British had left Tariffa, and that place was lefr under the protection of a Spanish force commanded by Gen. Capons The fortifications had undergone no repairs, as there was no apprehension of au early visit Iroin jtlie French. Thursday the Earl of Liverpool received the Seals from the Prince Regent, as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs The Acteon 6loop is just arrived from the East Indies, last from the Island of Si. Helena.— There was a mutiny at St Helena, on the 23d December, among part ofthe troops. They seized the Lieutenant- Governor, aud confined him, and were proceeding to seize the Governor. He collected, however, such of the troops as remained loyal, repelled the mutineers, and put an end to the mutiny. The Governor immediately summoned a Court- Martial, and tried the mutineers. Six were instantly executed. Perfect tranquil I 1 itv had beeu restored when the Acteou left the island. I SirJCharles Cotton, Commander of the Channel Fleet,! died suddenly at Plymouth yesterday morning. ' Holiday al Ihe Bank. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5> 6, 1812. MARRIED. Monday last, by the Rev. Mr. Blakeway, at St. Mary's, Mr. John Saxton, Land- suiveyor, to Miss Beacall, of the Fields. Thursday last, at Albrighton, the Rev. W. Thomas, of Cleobury Mortimer, lo Miss Smith, of Crickhealh, in this county. Lately, W. Harding, Esq of Breck House, near Liverpool, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Bailey Harding, Esq. of Old Spring House, near Market Drayton. A few days ago, at Ludlow, Mr Johu Dean, maltster to Miss E Millichope, both of lliat place. On the 18th inst. at Cheadle, Staffordshire, Mr. Riehard Dawson, of Nant, near Holywell, Flintshire, to Miss Ruth Godwin, Birchen Field, near Cheadle. DIED Monday last, Richard Tudor, Esq. of Garth, in the county of Montgomery. Sunday last, ill thc6tth year of his age, Mr. Cross, of Beltun, near this town; whose assiduity and integrity gain- ed him general esteem. On the 17th inst. Mrs. Bisliton, relict of the late John Biahton, Esq of Kilsall. Wednesday last, at Copthorn, aged 63, Mrs Ann Beech, sister to Mr. Beech, of this town. A few days ago, Mr. Kodenhurst, of Edgbolton, author of-' The llawkslone Guide." Lately, at Cefn y wern, near Chirk, Mr. Dickin, in his 86th year. Last week, Mr. Ild. Challini; er, builder, of Ludlow. Lately, at Stockcn Court, Herefordshire, Mr. T. Gallic ™ , in htsfiolh year. For chaiity benevolence, and every cliris tian virtue, this gentleman was exceeded by none, and ter- minated a life of good deeds regretted by all who knew him. Lately, at Wheathill, iu this couuty, after a long illness, Mr Isaac Jones, fanner. rrff The great length qf some Advertisement, and the late arrival of others, has occasioned the postponement of several, as well at the Porlici'ucntary proceedings, and many articles of Intel tigeme till next week. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Blakeway:— House- Visitors, Mr. T. Humphreys and Mr. W. Jones. Al a Special General Board of Ihe Trustees, held yester day, Mr. Thomas Sutton was unanimously elected one of the Surgeons, on the resignation of Mr. Santlford.— It was also resolved unanimously, that the Chairman ( ihe Rev. J. llocke) he desired to address aud present in person to Mr. Sandfoi'd the Thanks of the Board for his loug, ablej zeal- ous, and valuable services ns oue of the Surgeons of this benevolent institution, and to request that he would do them the honour of accepting their appointment of him as a fi. irgeou Extraordinary to the Charity. DONATION, being a returnfrom the Inundation Fund. Rev. C. B. Hawkins, Leioknor. Oxon £ 0 10 6. CHESTER CIRCUIT. ROBERT DALLAS AND FRANCIS ITURTON, ES< IRS. Montgomeryshire— Friday, March 20, at Pool. Venbiglishii c— Thursday, March 26, at Ruthin. Flintshire— Wednesday, April 1, at Mold. Cheshire— Tuesday, April 7, at the Castle of Chester, making / While Messrs, Bell and Lancaster are furiously contend ing for the honour of an ancient invention of the Hindoos, the genuine British, and truly national, system of teaching by iuterrogatorie- i, is modestly making its way into all our in- dependent seminaries, in the Universal Preceptor of Blair, the British Geography ofGoldsmilb, the Historical Ques- tions of Adair, and the Scripture Questions of Barrow. Horrid Murder.— A Coroner's inquest was held on Thurs- day, the 13th inst. 011 the body of Mr. Joseph Myco< k, of Slate House, Staffordshire, who was shot on Monday even- ing the 10th inst. as he was sitting in a room by the fire side with his wife, the remainder of'lie family being in a back kitchen. After an attentive examination of evidence for three days, the Jury brought 111 a verdict of wilful murder against Benjamin Myeock, brother of the deceased; and he was accordingly committed to the county gaol, by the Coroner An " Old Foxhnnfer" hopes the Pool Sportsmen will not he held up to ridicule in the Salopian Journal, by publishing the account that they galloped up the unscaleable acclivity ofBreydden; and requests us to contradict, in very positive terms, that statement, being altogether a hoax upon the Printers ouly MARKET HERALD. Price of Grain in our market on Saturday last— Wheat 165 Od. to 16s. 9d.— Barley 9s. 3d. per bushel of 33 qls.— Oats 7s. 6tl, per customary measure of 57 • luarts. Corn- Exchange, February 21. General sales of Wheat are uamed nearly at Wednesday's prices; hut some select fine old Dantzie fetch 12os, per quarter.— Barley and Malt are dearer.— Oats and Pease vary but little — Tick Beans are cheaper.— Flour remains at lale prices. Current Price of Grain per Quarter as under :— Wheat 63s. to 1( H « . I White Peas 76s. to 82s. Barley 52s. to 56*. I Oats 33s. to 37s. Beans 54s; to 60s. | Malt 3 U. to 91 j. Fine Flour, 90s, to 95'.— Seconds 85 « . to 9IR per sack. FEB. 24.]— Sales of Wheat arc readily effected at last prices— some fine old Dantzic sold at 128s. per quarter; Barley and Malt are nearly ut the late advance ; no material alteration iu Flour, Oats, Pease, cr Beans. Donations. SHREWSBURY COMMERCIAL DANCING AND CARD ASSEMBLY AT THE I. I ON N ROOMS. 11 HE MASTER OF THE CEREMONIES' NIGHT is fixed for TO MORROW, THURSDAY, the 27th Instant. OSWESTRY. THE THIRD Subscription CARD and DANCING ASSEM BLY, will be held at the C11068 Fox ES ROOMS, on FRIDAY, the 28tli Instant. A( SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. QUARTERLY MEETINGof theSALOP DISTRICT . . COMMITTEE will be held in the VESTRY ROOM of St. Julian's Church, in Shrewsbury, on TUESDAY, the 10th of March, at elevcu o'Clock. H. OWEN, Secretary. Shiewsbury, February 26,1812. ANN WHITTINGH AM, ( Daughter of the late THOS. WHITTINGHAM, Hair DresserJ, RETURNS Thanks to the Customers of her late Father, for Fuvours conferred upon him, aud begs Leave to inform them and the Public she intends carrying on the Business as usual, with proper Assistance, aud humbly begs the Public Support. ANTED ' immediately, an APPRENTICE to the DRUGGIST Business, & c.— For Particulars enquire of THOMAS WOOD, Wellington. WANTED, at Lady- Day next, TWO WAGGON ERS IN HUSBANDRY. — Married Men with good Characters will be preferred, as they are to reside in Cottages on the Farm.— Apply to THE PRINTER. The Hon. nnd Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of l. ielitield aud Coventry, PATRON, besides his Donation of Fifty Pounds, and an annual Sub- scription' of three Guineas to the Parent National Society..... His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, PRESIDENT, besides a Donation of one hundred Guineas to the National Society .; .;.... Earl of Harrowby, besides his Donation of one hundred Pounds to the Nu- tioual Society Lord Granville Leveson Gowcr Lord Viscount Valentin Hon. George Annesley Hon. aud Rev. Richard Hill Sir Charles Oakelev, Baronet The Dean of Lichfield, VICE PRESI- DENT, besides au annual Subscrip- tion of two Guineas to the National Society..,...:',,., William Teniiilit, Esq. Aston W. H. C. Floyef, Esq. Hints John Cresseft Pel ham, Esq. Cound Hall Richard Lyster, Esq. Howton Castle Thomas Eyton, Esq. Wellington, be- sides an annual Subscription of two Guineas to the National Society Richard Heber, Esq. Hodnet Rev. Reginald Hebcr, Ilodnet Rev. Thomas Heber Rev. Thomas Gisborne, Yoxall Lodge... Rev. Thomas Whitby, Cresivell Hail Rev. Edward Whitby, Seighford Trevor Jones, M. 1). Lichfield. Edward Sneyd, Esq. Burk'ley Lmlge Rev. Dr. Madaii, Ibslock, besides his Donation of five Puuuris, and au annual Subscription of two Pounds to the National Society Rev. John New ling, Canon Residenti- ary of Lichfield..;... Rev" John Sneyd, F. lford Rev. Hugh Bailye, ilanbury......„ Rev. Charles Curtis, Birmingham, he- sides a Donation of five Guineas, and au annual Subscription of one Guinea to the NationahSociety Rev. N. Dodson. Lichfield Rev. H. Jones, Burton upon Trent - Rev. J. Riland, YoXall Rev. Charles luge, Rugeley Rev. Thomas Grove, Ridwore Rev. Edward Cooper, Ham'tall Ridware Morctou Walhouse, Esq. Hatherton Richard Dyott, Esq Free ford Thoinat Ctsborne, Esq Annual Subscrip- tions. 100 0 0 5 0 0 105 O 0 Donations. 2 9 0 10 10 0 50 0 0 10 10 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 3 3 0 21 0 0 3 3 O 3 3 0 10 10 0 10 10 0 10 10 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 10 10 0 2 2 II 5 5 0 1 1 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 1 t 0 10 10 0 2 2 0 10 10 0 2 2 0 10 10 0 2 t 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 5 5 0 o 2 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 I 1 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 2 2 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 Edward Grove, Esq. Shenstone Park James Hare, Esq. V. ough Park Rev. J. II. Petit, Hilton Hall, besides a Donation of ten Guineas to the National Society Rev. Dr. Buckeridge, Canon Residen- tiary of Lichfield, besides an annual Subscription of one Guinea to the National Society Rev. Dr. Vyse, Chancellor and Canon Residentiary of Lichfield, besides his Donation of twenty Guineas, and an annual Subscription of two Guineas to the National Society Rev. Dr. Outram, Canon Residentiary of Lichfield Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Nares, Canon Residentiary of Lichfield Rev. Edward Dickensou, Stafford Rev. John M. Crockett, Stafford Rev. John Pitchford, Colwich Rev. Richard Corfield, Pitchford Rev. S. Hnlwortliy, Croxall, besides his animal Subscription of one Guinea to the National Society Rev. William Tindall, Wolverhampton... Rev. E. S. Remington, Lichfield Rev. Richard Wilkes, Enville Rev. T. Lane Freer. Ilandsworth Rev. Richard Slaney, Penkridge Rev. William Robinson, Swinn. rton..:.. Rev. Edward Neville, Prees Rev. John Dudley, Ilimtey Rev. Dr. Spencer, Aston Rev. R. Spencer, Smellwick Rev. 1. F. Muckleston, Prebendary of Lichfield Rev. Richard Buckeridge, Lichfield Rev. Henry White, Lichfield Rev. R. G. Robinson, Lichfield Rev. F. Blick, Tnmioorth Majoi- GeneraI Dyott, Lichfield Chapprl Woodhouse, Esq. Lichfield John Breynlon, Esq. Haunch Hall John Baviey, Es< j. Lichfield Henry Grimes, Esq. Doe Bank Thomas Selleck Brome, Esq. Colwich... William Hamper, Esq. Birmingham J. W. Unett, Lsq. Birmingham Edward Palmer, Esq. Birmingham W. VV. Capper, Esq. Birmingham Henry Perkins, Esq. Birmingham James Woolley, Esq. Biimingham William Mott, Esq. Lichfield Thomas White, Esq. Lichfield Henry Chinn, Esq. Lichfield Johu Molt, Esq. Lichfield Thomas Hinckley, Esq. Lichfield Rev , Thomas Bradburne, Lichfield Annual Subscrip- tions, 2 2 0 1 1 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 10 10 0 SI 2 0 10 10 0 a 2 0 10 10 0 2 2 0 10 10 0 a 2 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 2 2 0 2 3 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 10 10 0 2 8 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 10 10 0 2 2 0 5 5 0 10 10 0 9 2 0 3 3 0 2 3 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 1 1 0 ) 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 5 0 0 5 5 0 ) 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 10 10 0 2 2 0 5 ,1 0 1 I 0 5 5 0 S 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 5 5 0 5 5 0 S 5 0 5 5 0 1 1 0 be in Discharge of ^ aiegs fagjauctton. ASHFORD HALL, SHROPSHIRE. BY F. KIIE, This Day, On Wednesday, the S6th Day of February, 1S12, en the Premises of the late GEORGE CRAWFORD RICKETTK, Esq. deceased, at ASHFORD HALL, in the Parish of Ashford Bowdler, aud County ofSalop: ALL the FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, HAY, GRAIN, & c. consisting of four excellent Draught Horses, wilh Gearing; one six- incli Wheel Waggon, with Thripples and Dashboards, double aud single Shafts, one narrow Wheel Waggon, with Iron Diners, Tluipples, and Dashboards, three broail Wheel Carls, one narrow Wheel Carl, one Pair of Drag Harrows, three Couple Harrows, and Iwo Pair of other Harrows, two Furrow Ploughs, three siugie Ploughs, and Drill Ploughs of almost every Description, oue common Laud Roller, one large Rullar, ' wilh Box for Stones, Scutch Rake and Scarifier, one Winiiuwing Machiuc, Winnowing Fan, Sieves and Riddles, Pikes und Uakes, Iron Bar anil Timber Chain, Malt Mill, two Tarpaulins, Lot of Bags, four Dozen ucw Oak Hurdles, two Dozen of other Hurdles, patent Engine fur cutting Straw, one common Ditto, and numerous oilier Articles iu Ihe Farming Line, which will appear at Ihe Time uf Sale : one Slack of excellent Wheat, oue Ditto of Beans, oue Ditto of Clover, and about thirty Tons of well ended Hay, lo be moved oft the Premises, subject to Conditions.— ! lie Sale will begin ut Ten o'Clock iu the Morning, aud continue till the Whole is ilispused of. And ou THURSDA Y, tbe 27th, WILL HE LEI' BY AUCTION. For the Teim of Three Years, from Lady- Day next, ALL Ihat most desirable and well known MEADOW, called TEAM SIDE MEADOW, now in the Holding of Mr. Richard Cropper, containing by Admeasurement 42 Acres, be the same more or less.— This Meadow is close adjoining the Turnpike Road leading lo Ashford Bridge ; for a View of the same apply at Ashford Hall— The Public are respectfully informed, that it will be put to Auction pre- cisely al twelve o'Clock Hi Noon, at Ashford Hall aforesaid, according to Conditions. ( One Concern. J LUDLOW. FREEHOLD PUBLIC HOUSE AND PREMISES. BY FRANCIS KITE, On Monday, llie 2d Day of March, 1812, al the Feather. Inn, iu the Towu of Ludlow, and Comity of Salop, between the Hours of four and six o'Clork 111 Ihe After- noon, subject to Conditions then lobe produced, if uot disposed of in the mean Time by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given ; ALL that most desirable FREEHOLD aud well accus- tomed PUBLIC HOUSE, called THE PLOUGH INN, now in full Busiuess, situate in the Raven Street, in Ludlow aforesaid, and within a few Yards of the Market Hall.— The House cousists of a good Cellar, Kitchen, Parlour, Dining Room, with convenient Bed Rooms and Closets; good Brew house and Stable, wilh Loft over; spacious Yard, with Pigsties and oilier Offices detached; aud the Whole of the Buildings are in good Repair, and Possession of the Whole may be had al Lady- Day next. These Premises are now occupied hy Mr. EVANS, at the yearly Rent of Twenty Pounds For a View, apply on the Premises; and for further Particulars to THE AUCTIONEER, Ludlow. ihe current Year beginning with that Day. The Names of all additional Subscribers will be published as soon as they can he ascertained. A Boy's School, upon the Madras System, has been already established at Lichfield nearly three Years; and may afford an useful Model for those which are now to be founded in this Diocese. Those Parishes which intend lo apply for Assistance to this Society, are desired previously to ascertain what Number of Children, Male aud Female separate, lliey have, wanting this Education anil inc ined lo receive il, und what Fuuds they can raise for. the Purpose. It is requested thut all Communications tothe Committee be addressed to the Rev. J. NEWLING, Canon Residentiary, Lichfield. It is hoped that Persons receiving this Report will he inclined to assist so excellent a Charity, not only by their own Contributions, but by iheir Recommendations of it to their opulent Neighbours aud Acquaintance. CURIOUS FLOWER SEEDS, & c. WILLIAM POWELL, DRUGGIST, & c. opposite the BUTTER CROSS, Shrewsbury, BEGS Leave to acquiiinl his Friends and the Public, that he lias RECEIVED from LONDON his animal Supply of NEW GARDEN and FLOWER SEEDS, which from the unusual fineness of last Year's Harvest, together with Ihe Recommendation of his London Dealers, he can offer with the greatest Confidence to his Customers— New and choice Flower Seeds, as usual, iu Packets coutaiiiiug above 50 different Articles, amongst which are ten new annuals not before introduced ; price 2s Gd. the packet. ( J^ Genuiue Drugs at moderate Prices; and all Kinds of Medicines faithfully PREPARED by HIMSELF. ALL Persons who stand indebted lo the hue Mr. HAMILTON, Tailor, are requested to pav their respective Debts to Mrs HAMILTON, without Delay. Shrewsbury, February 20rt, 1812. TO BE SOLI) BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFARM, called PEN Y RHOS, comprising a substan- tial stone- built Farm House, Barn, Stables, Cow- ties, and other Out- buildings, erected but few Years past, to- gether with about 72 Acres of I. AND, now pasture, late in the Occupation of Mrs. Mary Owen and Richard James, situate about two Miles N. W. of the Town of'Oswestry, overlooking'the same, half a Mile from Lime, Ihe same distance from Coal, nearly adjoining the Race Course ; and the House, Farm Yard, and Lands adjoining, having a S E. Aspect. There is an excellent Pump in the centre of the Farm Yard, nnd an inexhaustible Spring about 50 Yards from the Building, which may be thrown over many Acres of the Laud. The whole is capable of great Improvement; and would be a very desirable Purchase for any one to occupy fur that purpose. Possession may be had immediately. If more desirable to a Purchaser, the Building and 27 Acres of Land adjoiuing w ill be treated for separately. Apply lo Mr. WALTER, Printer and Auctioneer, Oswestry> who will Ireat fur the same. rgMl E SUN LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, havingesta- | blished Offices in Cornhill, and Craig's Court, Charing Cross, London; for granting Annuities, effecting Assuran- ces ou Lives and Survivorships, and the Endowment of Children; Tables of Rales, and oilier particulais, maybe had at the above Offices, or of any ofthe Agents for the Sun Fire Office. ~ T0 DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. LL Persons to whom Mr. WILLIAM " WEBB, late J\. of WELLINGTON, Inn holder, deceased, stood in- debted, arc requested to scud a Particular of their Deniunds to hisExecutors, MI-. THOMAS RiDDiNCand Mr. W 11. HAM PARSONS, of Wellington aforesaid; und all Persons indebted to the said Mr. Webb, are requested to pay the amount of their Debts to 1 he said Mr. Ridding, or M r. Parsons. February ly, 1812. THOMAS GADD, ( Successor to his lale Uncle, Mr. T. HAMILTON) TAILOR AM) HABIT MAKER, CLAREMONT- IIILL, SHREWSBURY, BEGS Leave respectfully to inform the Customers of his late Uncle, and the Public at large, that the above Business will, in future, be carried on by himself; and assures them, that all Orders committed to his Care shall be punctually attended to, and acknow ledged w ilhGraii- tulie -— Shrewsbury, Feb. 20, 1812. TO BE LET, And entered upon at Lady Day next, situated opposite to the Crescent, in Shrewsbi A NEAT HOUSE and very eligible Res small Family. Apply to Mrs. CATH. HARRIES, Swuu Hill Court. TO COVER THIS SEASON, ~ ' AT GARTH, NEAR WhLSHPOOL, AV1L10N, at three Guineas n Mare, aud five Shillings the Grooui. Barren Mares at Half Price, and the Groom's Fee. G rasb at 7s. ( id. per Week, aud all Expenses to be paid at the Time of Covering, or before the Mares are taken away. it. uateil in BELMONT, sbury. Residence for a P 1812. SULTAN, at T. HI LES's Abbey Foregale, SHREWSBURY, will Cover at three Guineas each Mare, and Haifa- Crown the Groom. SULTAN was got hy St. Paul, St. Paul by Saltram, out of Purity, Dam of Rucki ighiim. The Dam of Sultan was Fanny, bv Weazel; Weazel was got by Old Herod.— For Sultan's Performances vide Racing Calendar. Sultan w ill be at Wenlnck utid Bridgnorth every Mon- day ; Skiffnal every Tuesday ; at Newport every Wednes- day; Wellington eviry Thursday: and at Home Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Money to he paid at Midsummer; if not, to be charged Half a- Guinea more.— Mares barren last Year, to he covered al haii Price.— Goad Grast for Marti at Seven Shillings per Week. FARMING STOCK, Implements in Husbandry, and Household Furniture. TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION, BY YV. WRIGHT AND SON, On the Fremiti;, at the Wrekin, near Wellington, ia the Couuly ofSalop, on Tuesday, the 3d of March, 1812: ALL tlie FARMING STOCK, and Part ofthe HOUS E HOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. T. EDGE, of tbe Wrekin aforesaid, ( who is declining the Farming Business:) consisting of Shree Milking Cows, in calf, two Heifers ditto, one Barren Cow, two Twinters, two 3- years old Calves, one 3 years old Bullock, oue 2 years old ditto, a Sow aud nine Pigs, eleven Store Pigs, seven Store Sheep, one Draught Mare aged, one 6- years old ditto, one 4- years ditto, oue Draught Gelding five Years old, one 2- years old ditto, and one Yearling Colt; Gearing complete for five Horses, one good Wagjon on Shells, one Harvest Waggon, lliree DungC. arts, Iwo Wheelbarrows, Land Roller, Straw fiugine, Wiiingijriiig Fan and Corn Trial, Wheel and Hand Ploughs, Sieves and Riddles, Coffers, Rake*, Forks. Yelves, Spades, Mattocks, Picks, three Pair of Harrows, three Fodder Cribs, a Quantity of Wheelw rights'Timber, 11 Stack Frame, three Draa; Knkes, three Ladders, Part of a Stack of Hay, and a large Quantity of Dung, four HogTroughs, four ' Waggon Chains, and a large Ringer, two good Grinding Stones and Frames, with various other Implements in Husbandry. The FURNITURE consists of Bedsteads and Hangings; one Pair of Stump Bedsteads, three excellent Feather Beds with Blankets and other Bedding, joined aod turned Chairs with Arm Chfcr'rs to correspond, one excellent Fowling Piece, severaf largfeand suiall Tubs, Coolers, Barrels, Pails, Gauns, Cheese Press and Cheese Vats, a Brass Wind- up Jack, Pullies, Weight and Spit, Cupboards and Tables, a Thirty. hour Clock in au Oak Ca « e, Nest of Shelves, anda Quantity of Pewter, long and short Spinning Wheels and Appendages, with Pots, Kettles, aud numerous other Articles. N. B. Tbe above Property will be Sold without Ihe least Reserve ; the Live Stock are in good Condition, tile Wag- gon Team are bayes, with long Tails, and as useful Far- mer's Cattle as have been offered to llie Public fur many Years, aud are well worthy of Attention; the Carriages are well made, and of excellent Vaterials; the Furniture is clean, neat, aud in good Condition, and the Public'* are re- quested lo attend punctually al ten o'Clock inthe Morning, as the Whole must be Sold in one Day.— The Fanning Stuck will be disposed of in the Morning part. HEREFORDSHIRE. LUCTON HALL FARM, Paiish of LUCTON. Household Furniture, Farming Stock, Implement* in Husbandry, S( c. BY FRANCIS KITE, On the Premises, on Weiluesday and Thursday, Ihe 4th and 5th DaysofMarch, 1812, without Reserve, ALL the entire neat and modern HOUSEHOLD GOODS und FURNITURE, FARMING STOCK, and other Effects, of Mr. WILLIAM GARDEN, deceased: consisting of Four post and other Bedsteads, with and without Hangings, excellent Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets, Quilts and Counterpanes ; Bason Stands, Pier and Swing Glasses, several Oak Linen Chests Chests with Drawers, Oak Dining, Pillar, aud other Tables, Clock and Case, large Oak Dresser with Drawers, Shelves and Cupboards, Parlour, Kitchen, aud Bed Room Chairs, large Kitchen Dining Table, Brewing aud Dairy Utensils, Iron Furnace, a Number of well- seasoned Hogsheads, Half Hogsheads, and smaller Casks, Kitchen Requisites, and various other Articles of Furniture; the Wliole of which will be found in good Order, and well worth the Attention of the Public. Also, three Hogsheads of PRIME CIDF. R, with the Casks. The FARMING STOCK consists of four Draught Horses, one Mare ill foal, iwo tliric- years old Colts oi' tlie Saddle Kind, two two- years old Ditto; one Cow iu- calf; three uariow wheeled Waggous, two broad and one narrow wheeled Curts, Gearing for six Horses, one double- furrow Plough, two single Ploughs, three Pair of Harrows, a Lot of Cider Hairs, two excellent Cheese Presses, w ith a large Quantity of snnillImplements in good Preservation. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock each Morning, com- mencing with tbe Farming Stock, & c. NEW OLYMPIC CIRCUS, CLAREMONT HILL SHREWSBURY. By Permission of the Right Worshipful the May01 § Corporation. rinHI. S present WEDNESDAY, Feb. 26th, 1812, and every JH Evening during the Week, Mr. PETERS will go tliro' his astonishing Performance of WALKING AGAINST THE ROOF OF THE CIRCUS, With his Head Downwards ! ! Exhibiting, iu various Forms, a Flag in each hand; will also turn round aud walk hack, to the Admiratiou of every Beholder. METAMORPHOSE OF THE SACK, by Mr. Thomas. HORSEMANSHIP, by Messrs. PETERS and CARTER, and Clown, Mr. CAMPBELL. Superb Entres, wilh . Men Horses. To conclude v. ith the sagacious Horse, ' Turk, Dancing to the Tune of" NANCY DAWSON." SURPRISING FEATS ON A SINGLE HORSE, BY MR. W. WEST. EGYPTIAN" PYRAMIDS, or Men piled upon Men. Afterwhich Mr. PETERS will display liis WON DERFUL FF. ATS OF STRENGTH, by balancing Coach Wheels, a Boy 011 a Ladder, & c. t^ c.— The Horse Turk will perform his WONDERFUL TRICKS; will lie down, sit up, nu- gii'th, aud pull off his Saddle, and also leap through a BLAZING HOOP OF FIRE. SLACK HOPE FAULTING, hy Mr. Peters. HORSEMANSHIP BY MR. WEST. Who will toss several Oranges, and leap over u Board of Lights, und alight on the Saddle, the Horse going three- quarters Speed. . SLACK WIRE, BY MR. PETERS. SPORTS OF THE RING, Or a Grand Trial of Skill, by the whole Troop. TIGHT ROPE, BY MR. HENGLAR, Who will leap over a Garler Six Feet high, 6tc. & c. The Performances 10 conclude w ith THE TAYLOR RIDING TO BRENTFORD. BY MB. W. WEST, ft^" Doors to he opened at 6, and t he Performance com- mence at 7 o'Clock. Admission— Boxes 3s. Pit 2s Gallery Is.— Children under 10 Years of Age, Half- price.— Tickets, and Places for the Boxes, to be bad of Mr. WEST, al the CIRCUS, from 11 till 1. N. B. Ladies anil Gentlemen instructed in tbe polite ART of RIDING.— Horses broke for tire Road or Fitid, by Mr. WEST, Riding- Master. BY S. TUDOli, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday, Ihe 10th Day of March, 1812, and the following Days; AI. I. the neat aud elegant HOUSEHOLD GOODS anil FURNITURE, elegant Dinner anil Tea China, and Glass, belonging to THOMAS MON EY, Esq. of the Cres- cent.— Particulars ofwhich will be expressed iu Catalogues, and will be ready for delivery on Wednesday, the 4th of March. The Goods may he viewed, by Tickets only, on Monday preceding the Sale, from 12 to 3 o" Clock, ou Application lo THE AUCTIONEER. Shrewsbury, 17th February, 1812. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. ' ~ BY S TUDOR, At the Oak Inn, Pool, on Monday, the 16th Day of March, 1812, between three and six ill the Afternoon, subject to Conditions: ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT called TRE- WERN COTTAGE, tit for the Residence of a small geuleel Family, situate 011 a dry healthy Spot, 011 the Bor- ders of Montgomeryshire and Shropshire, lale the Property and Residence of Mr. ANDREW GLOVER, deceased, with about 24 Acres of excellent Grazing Laud, which nearly surrounds the Hou6e, and may be irrigated. It commands beautiful Views of the River Severn and the adjacent Country.— The House cousists of an Entrance Hall,. two Parlours, Kitchen, Dairy, Brewhouse, good Cellaring, four good Lodging Rooms with Closets 011 the first Floor, ami Attics for Servants. There are a large Garden and Orchard, planted with choice Fruit Trees, in full Perfection. The Outbuilding cousists of two Barns, Cow House^ Gig House, two Stables, Granary, with every other convenient Building in substantial Repair, within a Mile of a good Tnrnpike Road, where the Mail and other Coaches pass regularly, and within four Miles of Welshpool.— Possession may lie had at Lady Dav next. The Premises may be viewed by application there, and for other Particulars apply lo Mr. J. LI. OYD JONES, at Maesuiaivr, who has a Plan of Ihe Premises. Aud 011 the23d, ALL the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, & c Catalogues of which may be had at the Oak and other Inns in Welshpool, at the Place of Sale, aud of THE AUCTIONEER in Shrewsbury, on the Kith of March next, aud uutil Ihe Sale. SOtA February 1812. SHROPSHIRE.— Valuable FARMING STOCK, Of Ihe True Herefordshire Breed. BY WILLIAM JAMES, On Friday, the 13th of March, 1812, at BROADWARD 11 Al. L, in the Parish of Clungunfui'd : TH E follow- in? very capital FARM ING STOCK, Ihe Property ot CHARLES B. UNETT, Esq. ( having let the greater Part uf his Farm); comprising 11 Cows, with Calves aud in- calf, 3barren Cows, 2 three- year old Heifers, 7 two- year old Ditto, II tlnec- year old j Bullocks, 7 two- year old Ditto, 14 yearling Cattle, 1 two- year old Bull, 1 yearling Ditto ; 2 valuable (' art Colu, rising lliree, a hand- some well- bred Stallion ( rising 6) by MONTEZUMA, a good bay Geldiug, 6 Years old, a capital Mare rising 4; a con- siderable Number of Fat and Store Sheep, of IheRyelaml aud South Down Cross, in Lots ofTen in each. Also, au elegant ModernGIC and HARNESS. The above Stock having been selected with great Care, and at a considerable Expense, will be found well worlhy the Atteuliou of Gentlemen Farmers and Breeders ; and the Whole boiug to he disposed of in ONE DAY, the Sale will xert& iuly commence at 11 o'Cluck iu the Fo » euoon. r Feiruoa- y 11, 1812. - i— fsaletf by Slucnom TIMBER. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Mermaid Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 29th of February, 1812, at four o'CIoek in the Afternoon, subject tu such Conditions as will be then produced, in tiic following Lots; LOT I. 1 OC\ OAK TIMBER TREES, marked and numbered I ( jM with while Paint, 42 Oak Runnels, marked Willi Cyphers in white Paint, now, standing and growing in a Coppice aud Farm in PLEA LEY, in the Parish of Poiteshury, in the County of Salop, in the Occupation of Mr. Samuel Harries. I. OT II. 107 OAK Trees, marked and numbered with white Paint, and 10 Oak Cyphers, now standing and growing on a Farm at BAYSTON, in Ibe Parish ofCondover. in the County of Salop, in the Occupation of Mr. Samuel Hudson. The respective Tenants will shew the Timber; and further Particulars may be had by applying to Mr ASTER MY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury; or BEAN aud GRANDSON, Albion Hayes. New andmluabte Mahogany Furniture, Gobi and Silver Watches, Plate, Wearing Apparel and other forfeited Pledges. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises of Mr. KNIGHT, Pawnbroker, Abbey Foresate, Shrewsbury, 011 Monday, tbe 2d Day of March, 1812: AGENERAL Description of Property of considerable Value, among which are tbe following Articles :— a Mahogany Dining Table with two Leaves, four neat new Mahogany Dressing Tables, Pair handsome Card Tables, seven circular Mahogany Bason Stands, two Square Ditto, Mahogany l'illar Table, Mahogany Square Writing Table with Drawer cach Side and End, Ditto Fire Screens, two handsome Fourpost Bedsteads; Gold Watch with Gold Chain, Seals, ami Key, three Silver Watches, Silver Cream Jug, Table Spoons, and Sugar Tongs, Gold Seals, five Yards of Cloth for a Top Coat, eight Yards of coarse broad Cloth, nine Yards of Stocking Cloth, Lot of Carpenter's Tools, Feather Bed and Bolster, aud a Variety of Men and Wo- men's Wearing Apparel The Whole will be sold to public Bidders without Re- serve, in Conformity to'Ad of Parliament ; and the Sale will commence exactly at two o'CIock in Ihe Afternoon. * BY JOYATHAN PERRY, On the Premises, opposite the County Hall, Shrewsbury, ( by Order of tbe Assignees), on Wednesday, the 4th Day March, 1812, precisely at 12 o'CIock, IV ON P. LOT ; THE ENTIRE and valuable STOCK IN TRADE of Mr. SAMUEL STEELE, of the Town of SHREWS. BURY, in the County of Salop, Mercer and Draper: consisting of a general Assortment of WOOLLEN DRA- PERY, Man's Mercery, Cords, Fustians, Buttons, and other Articles. Inventories will be prepared, and the Stock may be examined on and after the 25th of February The purchaser will be allowed to occupy the Shop till the 25th Dav of March for disposing of the Stock. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, at his House, Top of the COLLEGE HILL, will be Sold bv Auction, on the following Day — Particulars of which w ill be distributed. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. WHEREAS SAMUEL STEELE, of tbe Town or SHREWSBURY, in the County of Salop, Mercer and Draper, hath by Deed assigned over his Estate and Effects to JOSEPH Cari. Ebs, of Shrewsbury aforesaid, Esquire, and WILLIAM GITTINS, of the same'Place, Mercer, for Ibe Benefit of themselves and all other the Creditors of the said Samuel Steele: NOTICE is hereby given, that such Deed of Assignment uow remains at the House of the said WILLIAM GITTINS, for the Inspei tion of sucb ofthe Cre- ditors of tlie 6aid Samuel Steele as may chuse to take the Benefit thereof, and who are required to execute the said Assignment on or before the 25th Dny of March next, otherwise they will be excluded the Bern fit thereof. All Persons who stand indebted to the said Estate are desired t. » - pay their respective Debts to tbe said William Gittins without Delav ; and all Persons to whom tbe said Samuel Steele stands indebted, ore desired to send Particulars of their Demands to the said William Gittins on or before the said 25tli of March. Shrewsbury, Feb. 11,1812. f One Concern. J VALUABLE MAIDEN OAK TIMBER, FIRS, & c. BY JONATHAN PERRY, ' At the Bowling Green, iuUffington, near Shrewsbury, 011 Wednesday, the 1 Ith Day of March, 1812, between the Hours of three aud five iii Ihe Afternoon, subject to tucli Conditions as w ill he then produced; LOT 1. " I 0AK TIMBER TREES, blazed allid nnm- [ I) I berrd with red Paint, growing in Coppices near Baltic Field. I. OT 11. 207 OAK Timber Trees, blazed and numbered with white Paint, growing on the Ash Walk Coppices, ad joining the above I. » t, near Battle Field. LOT 111. 292 ALDER Trees anil Poles, growing in Al- bright Lee Coppice, near Sundorn. LOT IV. i- ii LARCH aurl SCOTCH Timber; and 532 LARCH and SCOTCH Poles, Trowing in Albright Lee Coppices, near Sundorn. Tbe above Oak Timber is situate within two Mi'cs of the River Severn and the Shrewsbury Canal, and three Miles from Shrewsbury. The Alder Trees and1 Poles, Fir Trees and Poles, are w ithin oue Mile of the Canal, and three Miles from Shrewsbury: the Oak Timber is capital Cleft, or Ship Plank ; and worth the Attention of Timber Merchant? Mr. SALTER, of Battle Field, will shew the Oak Timber, and Mr. Wool. RICH, ofSnndoru, the Alder Poles, and Fir Timber. For further Particulars enquire of Messrs. MAD- DOCK and JACKSON, Aitornies, or of Mr. JOHN LEE, Builder, Shrewsbury. ^ alejs t> s? mtiOit. NEAT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. BY JONATHAN PEHRY, On Monday, the 23d of March, 1812, at ten, o'CIock; MMHE neat and genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE X of Miss SANDFORD, in CRESCENT COTTAGE, Bot- tom of Belmont, Shrewsbury; which comprise a general Description of Articles, suited to small respectable Houses. This Advertisement will not he repealed till near the Sale. ~~ TIMBEIL~ TO BE SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, BY MR. JONES, ''•" This Day, At the Buck, in Bangor, iu the County of Flint, between two and four o'clock in the Afternoon of Wednesday, tbe 20th of February, 1812, in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to Conditions then to be produced; L, OT I. - 1 OAK, 1 POPLAR, and 9 ASH Trees, with 7 Cv- i pliers, growing upon a Tenement at I. ICHTWOOD GREEN, in the Parish of Overtoil, in the County of Flint, in tbe Holding of Thomas Kempster. LOT II. 49OAK, aud 3 ASH Trees, with 6Cyphers, grow- ing upon a Farm in OVERTON aforesaid, iu the Holding of the said Thomas Kempster. LOT 111. 8 OAK Trees, growing upon aTenenicnt called the CLAYS, in the Parish of Bangor, in llie said County, iu the Holding of Humphrey Beddow. LOT IV. MSOAK Trees, aud 29 Cyphers, growing upon the HORNS FARM, near Bangor aforesaid, in the Holding of John Kempster and Roger Griffiths. Lor V. 51 OAK, 1 POPLAR, and 4 ASH Trees, with 24 Cyphers, growing upon the CRAB MILL Farm, near Ban- gor aforesaid, in the Holding of Mi-. Salisbury. LOT VI. an OAK Trees, and 6 Cyphers, growing upon tw o Tenements near WORTHF. NBURY, in tbe said County, in the Holding of M r. Stokes and John Davies. Tbe respective Tenants will shew the above Trees, which are all scribe- marked; and further Particulars may be bad from Mr. LEE, Redbrook, near Whitchurch, Salop. JEWELLERY AND CHINA. BY VV. SMITH, IN the Shop in HIGH- STREET, Shrewsbury, late in the Occupation of Mr. HODSDON, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the 2/ th, 28lh, and 29th Days of February, 1812, without Reserve; AValuable Assortment of LONDON JEWELLERY, which is just received, together with an elegant As- sortment of WORCESTER CHINA, Morocco Work Boxes and Shaving Ditto : which will be Sold without any sort of Reserve.—— Sale to begin precisely at three o'CIock each Afternoon. FREEHOLD HOUSES, IN SHREWSBURY. BY WILLIAM SMITH, At the Old Post Office I1111, in the Town of Shrewsbury, on Monday, the 2d Day of March, 1812, between the Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, and subject to Con- ditions then to be produced : ALL those TWO most substantial and convenient Messuages or DWELLING HOUSES, with Yards, situated in the Top of BARKER STREET, Shrewsbury, in the several Occupations of Mr. E. Oakelcy, Maltster, and Mr. E. Allcock. The above Premises are in most complete Repair, and , may be viewed by Application to the respective Occupiers. For further Particulars apply to Mr. W. COOPER, Solicitor; or THE AUCTIONEER. SUPERIOR FARMING STOCK. BY CHURTON, Without tbe least Reserve, 011 Monday, the 9U1 Day of March, 1812; ALL that most excellent well bred LIVE STOCK, the Property of Mr. CH'ARLEtf OVERTON, of the DUNGERY HALL, near Bangor, in tbe County of Flint; comprising 25 Prime Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, 6 valuable calving Heifers, 3 picked Calvers, 1 beautiful high bred yearling Bull. The Auctioneer particularly calls Ihe Attention of the Public lo the above truly valuable Slock, which lie with Confidence asserts arc not inferior to any in the County. The Sale will commence at 10 o'CIock precisely. A MOST EXCELLENT STOCK OF PRIME DAIRY COWS, Horses, Implements, BY CHUKVON, On the Premises, at TILSTOCK, in tbe Parish of Whit- church aud Coumy Of Salop, on Monday and Tuesday, the loth and 171!: Days of March, 1312; ALL 1 lit; chr ice LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, Dairy VesS. os, and Part of the HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, the; Property of Mr. RICHARD BATE.— , . TIMBER. BY GLOVER AND SON, This Day, At the Cross Fpiti Inn, Oswestry, in tbe County Of Salop, on Wednesday, the 26th Day of February, 1812, at four o'CIock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced ; . LOT 1. 1- 1 f> CAPITAL OAK Trees, scribed, and numbeled J[ { J from 1 to 161, both inclusive ; 23 ASH, numbered from 1 to 23, inclusive , 7 SYCAMORE, nuriiber ed from I to 7 inclusive ; i LI M E Trees. LOT H. 153 capital OAK Trees, scribed, and numbered from 117 to 269, both inclusive; 27 ASH, numbered from 24 to 50, both inclusive; and 4 SYCAMORE Trees, numbered from 8 to 11, inclusive. The above two Lots are growing On ABERCYNLLETH Farm, in the Parish of Llangedwin, in the County of Montgomery, in the Holding of Mr. John Griffiths, close adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Llan- rhaidr, aud distant 6 Miles from the Monlgofneryshire Canal. LOT III. 107 capital OAK Tiees, scribed, and numbered from 1 lo 107 inclusive, growing on N ANTGWRI D Farm, in the Holding of Richard Davies; 20 capital OAK Trees, scribed, and nuntbereo from 1 to 20 inclusive, growing on PA NDY- BYCHAwFarm, ill the Holding of Richard Jones ; 18 ASH Trees, numbered from I to 18 inclusive, growing 011 NANTGWRID Farm: 2 ASH Trees; 011 PANDY- BYCIIAN Farm; 6 CHERRY Trees, on NANTtiwRiD Farm; i DITTO, on PANDY BYCHAN Farm aud 24 OAK Sai- lings, on NANTGWRID Farm. LOT IV. 51 capital OAK Trees, scribed and numbered from 1 tost inclusive; 15 ASH Trees, numbered from I to 15 inclusive; aud 2 ELM Trees, growing oil PENYBRYN Farm, in the Holding of Richard Davies. The above 4 Lots uf Oak Timber are of large Dimensions, fit for Ship Flanking, Cleft, or any other Purposes ; and the Ash is of excellent Quality. Lots 3 and 4 are situate in the Parish of Llangollen, distant 5 Miles from the Ellcsmere Canal, at Rhos- Wael.— The respective Term is will shew theTiiiiber. BY GI. OVER AND SON^ At the Dwelling House of Mr. Birch, known by the Name of the Canal House, in Llandisilio, in the County of Montgomery, on Thursday, the 5th Day of March, 1812, at six o'CIock iu the Afternoon, subject tothe Conditions then to be produced, unless disposed of in the mean Time by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given : ryr\ CAPITAL OAK TREES, 13 large ASH, 4 ELM, 5 / y SYCAMORE, 5 ALDERS, and 8 CRAB Trees, growing OIICALCOT HALL FARM, in the Parish of Llandisilio aforesaid, in the said County of Montgomery. The Whole of the above Trees are long and of largo Dimensions, and the Oak are well adapted for the Navy, or any other Purpose, and lie close to the Ellesmere Canal For Particulars apply to Mr. YATES, Fymwy Bank, near Llanymyuccb ; or to Mr. RICHARD HUGHES, Timber Merchant, Oswestry. on the iu the ;% ate$ f b? iuctiotfi BY J. BROOME; This Day, On Wednesday the 26th Day of February. ] Sl2, o Premises of Mrs. SAINPOLE, of LONGDEN, i County of Salop: ONE Cow and Calf; a useful Mare to draw a Gig, or carry double, one Hack Horse rising five Years old, 15 Hands three Inches high, likely to make a good Hunter, and fit for Harness ; one yearling Filley by True Blue ; and a Sow and Pigs. Also Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE. _ The Sale to begin at ten o'CIock in the Morning. BY J BROOME, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 27th of February, 1812 ; ALL the LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS iu HUS- BANDRY, with great Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS aud FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to Mr. JOHNSON, of ASTON P1GOTT, near Worthen, in the County of Salop by ^ trctiofo BY i, BIIOOME, On the Premises, on Thursday and Friday; llie litii and 13th Days of March, 1812 ; UPWARDS of SIXTY. HEAD of prime CATTLE, 8 capital WAGGON HORSES, several good Hacks, a INlumber of Colts, with about 1G0. excellent South Down cir/ M!,' » eaHv 40 Pigs, With all the IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, aud Part of he HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, belong ri^ to Mr. PRISSICK, of POLMER, near Pontesbury, in ibe County ofSalOp — Partifcular:: in our next. BY J. BROOME^ ~ Oil the Premises, ou Saturday, Ihe Will of March, 1SI" • ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. & c. belonging to Mr. HAR- RIS, of WESTHOPE, in the Parish of Delhurv, 111 tlie County of Salop; consisting offive Cows calved arid in- calf, tour calving Heifers, six a- ycars. old Bullocks, four dilto Heifers, 13 Yearlings ; six young Waggon Horses with long I ails; Gearing for seven Dilto, one 3- years old Colt just FARMING STOCK. BY GI OVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Friday and Saturday, the 6th and 7th Days of March, 1812, ALL the Valuable LIVES TOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD . FURNITURE, Brewing aud Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mr. SUCK LEY, of H AI. GHTON, in the Parish of llaumtf., ii Tumbrels, 1 Wlieei Plough, 2 Pair of Har rows, Roll.., Wheel Plough, Winnowing Machine, Scales and Heights, Hopper, Lot of Bags, Straw Engine, nnd a Number of small Implements.— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Fourpost and other Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, il Pair of Sheets, B Pair of Blankets, Table Linen, Oak Dresser, with Drawers and Pewter Frame compleat, handsome Clock, in a good Oak Case, Oak Cupboards, Ditto Tables and Chairs, Kitchen Grate, Cast Oven, Pil- grate ind Fender, Furnace and Boiler, 2 Cheese Presses, I l uge Cdsl- metal Kitchen, 2 little Wheels, Side Saddle, w ith a large Assortment of Kitchen Furniture, Brew ing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, the Whole being in good Order and well worth the Attention of the Publick.— Also, Quantity of Flax Ilurds. , The Sale to begin at ten o'CIock ill the Morning, as the Whole is intended to be sold 111 one Day. N. B. Good Straw for Cattle :— Three- year olds at 19d er Week ;— Two- year olds at 15d. per Week. HOUSEHOLD FlI R \ 1TUR E, AND IMPLEMENT S IN HUSBANDRY. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises of Mr. ASH, of ATTERLEY, near Much Wenlnck, in the County of Salop, on Friday, the 28tli Day of February, 1812 ; PART of the neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, with a number of Hogsheads, Half- hogsheads, and smaller Casks, the Whole of which will be found ncaily New and in good Order.— The IM PLEMENTS consist of 2 good Wag- gons, 2 broad wheel Tumbrils, Double Plough, Hand Ditto, 2 Pair of Harrows, Roller, Cur, Winnowing Machine, Ditto Fan, Sieves and Riddles, one Dozen of Bag's; with a Number of small Implements. Also, about STNT Y TONS of piin c HAY', well- harvest ed, in Lots, and riiay be taken off the Premises. The Sale to begin with tbe Implements, precisely at lo o'CIock iu the Morning, as the Whole will be sold in out- Day. large P^ ir of Harrows, two small Pair of Ditto, two Rollers, six Dozen of Huidles, Winnowing Machine, Ditto F'an t wo Dozen Bags, with a number of small Implements, & c. 1 he Sale lo begin at 10 o'clock iu tbe Morning. BY J. BROOMEj ~~ On the Premises, 011 Monday, the 1GU1 of March, 181" ; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. & c belonging to Mr. BATES, of KEMPTON, uear Bishop's Caslle, in the Couuty of Salop; Consisting of lo excellent Dairy Cows, calved nnd in- calf, two calving Heifers, one 2 year old Bull, bred from Mr. GWILI IAM's Stock, four 3 year old Bul- locks, six 2- year old Ditto, one dilto Heifer, seven Year- lings; three capital Waggon Geldings, one ditto Mare; Gearing for four Horecs ; one hack Mare, in- foul 10 THE ARABIAN ; 33 tine fat Wethers, 30 Ewes ( nearly all Lamb) 12 yearling Wethers, 10 ditto Ewes ; two Sows 111- pig, two strong Pigs, to small store Dilto; two Waggons, ( One nearly new with Iron Liners), twoTuinbiels, one double Plough, one single Wheel Dilto, oue Pair of Hal- rows, wilh a Number of small Impli meuts, & c. & c. The Sale lo begin at 10 o'CIoek in the Morning. BY J. BROOME, .. in tbe County of Flint : Consisting of 8 capital Cows, Calved and in- calf, 3 Calving Heifers, 4 Yearling Heifers; 2 useful Draught Horses, a Strong Useful Mare in- foal, will diaw or carry double; Sow aud 8 Pigs, Dilto iu- pig: Coal Cart shelled, nearly new, 2 Tumbrils, Roller, 2 Ploughs, 2 Pair of Har- rows, Winnowing Machine, Kibbling Mili, 4 Nets Horses Gearing,& c. kc. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & Cwill be Sold the SECOND DAY, Particulars ofwhich arespecified in the Catalogues, which may be had at the following places: viz. Red Lion and Black Lion Inns, Ellestnere; Cross Keys, Oswestry; Root, Whittington ; Red lion, Wrexham; Swan, Whitchurch ; Black l ion, VYein ; Oak, Haumer; 011 Ihe Premises: and of the AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns— The Sale to commence each Day at 10 o'CIock in the Forenoon. Paitieplars in a future Paper., Valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, OUT- STOCK, & c,— HANWOOD. BY J ' NATHAN PERRY, On Thursday and Friday, tbe 19th and 20th of March, 1812, 011 ihe Premises ; THE entire and valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE of WILLIAM WOOD, Esq. at HANWOOD, near Shrewsbury, changing his Residence.— Also the OUT- STOCK.— Particulars in a future Paper. Valuable DWELLING HOUSES, with MAL'I'HOUSE, GARDENS and PREMISES, CASTLE- FOREGdTE, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At Mr. John Walker's, the Plough Publick House, in the Couuty Hull Square, Shrewsbury, 011 Saturday, the 21st of March, 1812, al five o'CIock in Ihe Afternoon, in the fol- lowing Lots, and subject to Conditions ; LOT 1. ritWO substantial Brick- built FREEHOLD DWELL- I_ ING HOUSES, situated 011 the West Side CASTLE FOREGATE, in the Town of Shrewsbury, immediately facing Navigation Street, leading to the Canal Wharf, now in the Occupation of Humphreys, and Jones, or their Undertenants ; also a certain Portion of Yard or Gar- den Ground, as now marked out, adjoining thereto LOT 11. A substantial newly Brick- built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining Lot I. cuutainingn con- vehieul Shop, or Parlour, Kitchen, and four Bed Rooms; also a large Brick- built Hrewhousc, commodious Yard anil Garden adjoining ; the Whole immediately connected, now ill theOccupatiouof Mr. , and late of Mr. Biittle, Officer of Excise LOT 111. Another substantial newly erected FREE HOLD DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining Lot 2, consisting of a neat Parlour, Tea Room, Kilchen, three Bed Rooms, good Cellaring, Brewhouse attached ; together with an ex- cellent aud extensive MALTHOUSE adjoining; aud also a two- stalled Stable, Poultry House, Yard with Pump therein, and largi Garden ; the Whole most conveniently arranged, and exceedingly eligible lo a Person in tbe Malt- ing Trade; formerly 111 llie Occupatiou of the late Mr. Ralphs, now of Mr. Hugh Owen. N. B. This Lot is sold subject to ihe Purchaser of Lot 2 having free Leave to divide and lake 10 that I. ot the two upper Bed Rooms, which at present form Pari of tbe House in Lot 3, and are ov r the lower ones of I. ot 2, completing Ihe same with Lath and Plaister Partition on each Side iu a Workmanlike Manner. A Plan of the Premises may be seen at THE AUCTION- EER'S; aud for further Particulars apply to Mr. JOHN CRAIG, Claremont Hill, or at the Office of Messrs. MAD- DOCK audJ ACKSON, Atloroies, Shrewsbury. By Order of the Trustees for the Benefit of Creditors. • l- Y LAK'. N AN "> SO On Monday, tbe 2d of March, 1812, and Ihe following Days till all is sold, 011 the Premises at the RED LION INN, 1: 1 WHITCHURCH, in the County of Salop, ( without Reserve): ALL I be valuable and highly esteemed Live and Dead STOCK, elegant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Linen, China, and Glass, new Carriages and Horses, three Cows, Hay, Duiig, Farming Utensils, Brewing Vessels, & c. and all other the Effects of Mr. JOHN W1LLETT, oi l be Red Lion Inn aforesaid. N. B The Sale will begin each Morning at 10 o'CIock. The Horses ar. d Carriages, and Farming Stock, will be sold tlie 2d Day. The shove Inn being ! e be Let, any Person desirous of taking it will find il to their Advantage to apply before the Time ofSale. Further Particulars may be had from Mr. JOHN GRE- GORY, Liquor Merchant, Whitchurch, one of tbe Trustees; or from THE AUCTIONEERS. f One Property.) VALUABLE FARMING STOCK. & E. BY GLOVER AND SON, On tbe Premises, on Tuesday, the loth of March, 1812 ; rjtHE valuable FARMING STOCK, belonging to Mr. 1 BO WEN, of BERWOOB LANE, in the Parish of Condover, in the County of Salop: consisting of 7 good Cows, calved and in- calf, J fat Cb, w, and .. Bull, 4 calving Heifers, 1 Barren, a two- year old Heifer,. and Bull, Pairof two- year old Bullocks, 6 Yearling'Ualves-, 5 able Waggon Horses, excellent Workers, capital Hack Mare, five Years old, three- year old Draught I-' illey, t hree- year old Colt, by TRUE BLUE, Hack Filley, two Years old, by ACTIVE, two. year old Horse Colt; 7Store Pigs, 3 Sows, in- pig, 1 Gilt, capital Brawn ; 8 Ewes, lambed atid in- Iamb, G dry Sheep ; 3 Waggons ( oue shelled, with Harvest Gearing), 3 capital broad wheeled Tumbrels, Water Barrel and Carriage, Double Plough, single wheeled Ditto,~^ HaiYd Ditlo, 4 Pair of Harrows, 2 Land Rollers, 3 Stack Frames, timbered, 6 Sets of Horses Gearing, and all other Implements, too tedious to mention.— Catalogues may be tiad at ihe Coach and Horses, Raven and Bell, nnd Old Post Office I una, Shrewsbury ; Talbot, Atcham ; Talbot, Wellington ; Buck's Head, Acton Burnell; Cock, Derringtoh; und Grapes, Bicton Heath.— Tbe Auctioneers beg Leave to recommend the Horses, as able, young, nnd good Workers; the Cows well bred, aud good Milkers— The Sale to commence at Ten o'CIock precisely, as the Whole will be sold without Reserve. Most VALUABLE GARDENS, BUILDING SCITE, MEADOW LAND, and HAY, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On Tuesday, the 24th Day uf March, 1312, nt Mr. Crovv- ther's, the Castle Inn, Castle- Foregale, Shrewsbury, at five o'CIock in the Afteruoon, in I 01s ; SEVERAL most valuable GARDENS, on COTTON HILL, Shrewsbury, by far surpassing,' in eligibleness of Scite, any Properly of tbe Kind ever on Sale in or about Shrews- bury.— Also THREE PIECES of Rich MEADOW LAM) near the GREEN FI ELDS ; and about Twenty- three Tons of most excellent HAY, uf list Harvest — The Whole belong- ing to tbe Representatives of the lale Mr. JOHN ROWLANDS, of Shrewsbury, deceased. The Lois will be described in fjture Advertisements aod further Particulars stated. Capital choice DAIRY and FARMING STOt K, VALUABLE HORSES, & c. At IIEATII J. ANE, near Whitchurch, in the County of Salop BY LA KIN AND SON, Ou Saturday, the 7th Day of March, 1812, 011 the Premises, without Reserve; A LL the truly desirable well- bred LIVE STOCK, IM . IX. PLEMENTSof HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, and Part ofthe HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, of Mr BllERETON, senior, who is retiring from Farming Business, comprising 8 young excellent calving Cows, for early Profit, I wo handsome Sturk Heifers, one active steady Draught Horse, one stuut, compact, young Draught Mare, in- foal liv the Former's Glory, four store Pigs, and a Lot of Sheep; Wheel and other Ploughs, and new Harrows, Fan, Trial, Turnip and Straw Engines, long Ladder, w ith all other small Implements and Tools iu Husbandry, Stack Frame, w ith Stone Pillars, large Stone Cistern and Pig Troughs, l ot of Bags, Horse Gears, Pillion Saddle, aud Side Saddle, & c. Com Coffer and Flasket. The above Slock is well know 11 to be a very superior one, j Ihe Note and Condition fur llie Dairy, and Action uf the | Horses, deserve every Attention of the Public, who will find tbe Whole in substantial Order The Sale will begin precisely at Ten, and continue till all is sold. An ' unrivalled STOCK^ iTuTl RY CtjWS, & c. I OR REAL FARMER'S PROFIT, At OVERTON HALL, near MALPAS, IN THE COUNTY OF CHESTER. By LAKIN and SON, On Tuesday, tlie 10th Day of March, 1812, and the two following Days, without Reserve; ALL the well bred valuable LIVE STOCK, stout new 1 iYlPLEM ENTS of H USB A IN DRY, substantial Dairy and Brewing Vessels, and Part of the neat and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, kc. belonging to Mr. R. ty JOHNSON, who is quilting the Farm : comprising 68 young calving Cows and Heifers, four Barrens, an extremely handsome high bred Bull, 4 years old, one ditto Ditlo, 2 years old, four stout, active Draught Horses, one Ditto Marc, iu- foal by VLOUGHBO"¥, one bay hack Gelding, 4 years, ofd j three in pig Sows, lo Store Pigs; 94 fat Wether Sheep, in Lois 5 a most valuable new Road VVaggon, with broad, Wheels, and Harvest Geering complete, all of prime Seasoned Timber, one narrow whetled Ditto, several Tum- brels, Ploughs and Harrows, a valuable THRL'SHING M A- CHINE, of Two- borse Power ( bv HODGSON), a new Wheel Kibbling Mill, Patent Corn Tubs, Straw Cart, & e. & c. Horses^- Geers, Saddles and Bridles, 6cc. one Lead aud three Stone Cisterns, Pigstye Range and Troughs. N. B. The above jnime Stock, being all young, in liigli Condition, upon good Note for Dairying, aud tbe Proprie- tor having- no convenience for a Dairy in tbe present Year, the whole will Ije sold without Reserve, which cannot fail cxciting ttoe Attention of every respectable Farmer. A LSO a fine prime DA 1RY of CH EESE to he disposed of. Half of the Cows, all ofthe Horses, Pigs, and Part of the Implements, will be sold the FLRST Day, Ibe Remainder of the Cows and Sheep upon tbe SECOND DAY; and the Dairy and Brewing Vessels aud Household Gouds on the THIRD DAY- TO begin each Morning at ten precisely. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. BY GLOVER \ ND SON, At tbe White Lion, in Willow Street, in the Town of Oswes- try, in the County ofSalop, un Wednesday, the llth Day of March, 1812, at four o'ClocW jji' lire Afteruoon, sub ject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. OQ TREES, scribed and numbered, and grow- i'lg 011 a Farm in ihe Township of Upper Brony- arth, in tbe Parish of Guilsfield, in the Counly of Montgomery, iu Ihe Holding of Mrs. Elisabeth Edwards. LOT II 300 OAK TREES. I. OT 111. 152 OAK TREES. N. B. Lots 2 and 3 are scribed and numbered, and grow- ing on a Farm in the Township of Upper- Bronyarth afore said, in the Holding of Mr. John Davies. The Trees are leuglhy and sound, atid fit for Shipbuild ing, or any other supei ior Purpose. Mr. John Davies, on the Premises. wijVshew the Timber; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. BENTLEY, of Moreton Hal), near Oswestry. VALUABLE STOCK OF DAIRY COWS, YOUNG CATTLE, Team of HORSES, Pigs, Implements, Hay, Ssc. A- V. BY GLOVER AND SON, On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, The 17th, 18lh, and lyth Days of March, 1812 ; ALL the truly valuable and carefully selected LIVE STOCK, " IMPLEMENTS OP HUSBANDRY, ( iRAlN, HAY, & c. of the late Mr. JOHN WYNNE, of H YTON, iu the Parish of Bangor, aud- Counly of Denbigh : — Particulars in our next. ' BY J. BROOME. On tbe Premises, on Monday, the 2d Day of March, 1812 ; \ LL the valuable LIVE STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS IX ill HUSBANDRY, with Port of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS aod FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mr. JONES, of WESTLEY, near Wort ben, iu the County of Salop : consisting of 8 Cows, calved and iu- ealf, 2 calving Heifers, 6 two- year olds, 4 Yearlings; 3 Draught Horses, 1 ditto Mare'( in- foal), Gearing for 4 Horses, I Hack Mare ( in- foal), a 3- years old Draught Colt 2- years old Ditto, yearling Dilto; 2 Waggons, Tumbril' Plough, 3 Pair of Harrows, holier; with a Number 0' small Implements. & c. Sec. 1 The Sale to begin at 10 o'CIock in tbe Morning. BY J. BROOME7 On the Premises, on Saturday, ibe ' ith of March, 1812; AI. L ibe valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. & c. belonging to Mr. BED- DOES, of EATON, near Bishop's Castle, in tbe County of Salop; consisting of 14 Cows, calved aud in- calf, five calv- ing lteifers, one tw o- year old Bull, . smokey- faced, sixteen 2- year olds, 15 Yearlings; four Waggon Horses, oue Wag- gon Mare in- foal, five Sefs of Gearing, two hack Mares, one 3- year old Filley just broke in, four 2- year old draught Colls, three Yearling Ditto; about 200 Sheep in Lois; two Sows and Pigs, one Ditto in- pig, one Gilt iin- pig, six small store Pigs; two Waggons, one Harvest Cart, two broad Wheel Tumbrels, one double Plough, one single Wheel Ditto, one Hand Ditto, three Pair of Harrows, one Roller, one Car, two Winnowing, Fans; Corn Screen, Sieves, and Riddles; with a number of small Implements, & c. kc. The Sale to begin at lo o'clock in the Morning. BY J BROOME, ~~ On the Premises, ou Mondav, the£) th ofMarch, 1812, ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. & c. belonging to Mr. HOTCHKISS, of NETLEY, near Dorrington, ia the Couuty ofSalop; consisting of nine Cows and Heifers, callcd and in- calf, four 4- year old Bullocks, four 3- year old Ditto, four a- year old Ditto, four ditto Heifers, seven Yearlings . five able Waggon Horses, and Gearing for six'Dilto,' one hack Marc, o le c'i. lo about 14 Hands high, one fine 4- year old Horse just broke in, likely to make a good Hunter, oue 3- year old hack Fiiley, oue a- year old Ditto, one ditto of the draught Kind ; 10 capital Ewes with Lambs, five ditto Theaves, one good Ram, nine strong stcre Pigs; two Waggons nearly new ( with Iron Liners), one Harvest Ditto, two good broad VfTieel Tumbrels, one double Plough ( new), one single Wheel Dilto, one Hand Ditto, three Pair of Harrows, one Roller, one Car, oue large square Stack Frame; eight Dozen of Hurdles; one Oak Winnowing Machine, by Cornforlh, Malt Mill, large Scales and Weights, 50 new Bags, in Lots, three good Waggon Ropes, oue Corn Coffer, three Ladders, two new- Peeling Irons, three Stone Cisterns, five Ditto Piglroughs, Grinding Stone, four Fodder Cribs; wilh a N umber uf small Implements, & c. & c. The Sale lu begin at 10 o'CIock in the Morning the County of Salop; consisting of 16 Cows calved and iu- calf, 3 calving Heifers, one 3- years old Bull of the Here- fordshire breed, one 2- ytars old Ditto, eight 3-\ eara old Bullocks, six a- years old Heifers, 17 Yearlings, six Waggon Horses and Gearing, one hack Mare, three Yeais old ; or, e Sow in- pig, one Gill in Dilto, eight store Pi » s; one Waggon, oue double Plough, une large Pair of Harrows, with a Number of small Implements, & c. & e. The Sale tu b'egin at loo'Ciock in the Morning. BY J. BROOME, On tbe Premises, 011 Thursday and Friday, the 19th and 20th Days of March, 1812: ALL the valuable LIVESTOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy I tonsils, with Part uf the HOUSEHOLD GOODS aud FURNITURE, belonging tu the lale Mr. JON ES, uf WH EATI1 ALL, near Condover, in the County ofSalop, deceused. Particulars in our next. TIMBER. At the Cross Inn, Chirbury, 011 Wednesday, the llth Day of March, 1812, at three o'CIock in the Atterhooii, subject to Conditions ; rpHE following Lots of OAK TIMBER, growing in A VVOTHERTON WOOD LOT 1 53 Trees, numbered with a Scribe from ] to 58. LOT II. Gs Ditto, ditlo ditto from 42 10 109. LOT 111. 202 Ditto, ditto ditto from 1 to 212. 1- oT'LV. 104 Ditto, ditto ditto from 1 to 104. I. OT V. 65 Ditto, ditto dilio from 1 to 65. LOT VI. 173 Ditto, ditto ditto from I to 173. LOT VII. 1G5 Ditto, ditto ditlo from 1 I01G5. LOT VIII 70 Ditto, ditto ditto from 1 to 70. \\ OTHERTON WOOD close adjoins the Road leading from Moutgomeiv to Shrewsbury ; distant from the former Place 5, and from the latter tG Miles, and from the Montgomery- shire Canal al the Belan, to w hich there is a good Turnpike Road, ubont 6 Miles. JOHN 1' RYCE, at Woodmoor, will shew the respective Lots, and give every oilier necessary Information. SHROPSHIRE AND M O . V TO OM ER YS HI RE ( AH1T. 1L OAK TIMBER. - At the Oak Inn, in Welsh Pool, 011 Thursday, the 2d Day of g at two o'CIock in the Afternoon i Ap il, 1812, beginning FARMING STOCK- BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 12th and 131 b Days uf March, 1812; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mrs. MARY JONES, of WOOI. STON, ill the Parish of West Felton, in the County of Salop: consisting of Q capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, I three. year old Barren, 3 two year old Heifers, 2 ditto Bullocks, 3 Yearling Calves ; 5 capital Waggon Horses, Hack Mare, four Years old, by TRUE BLUE, in- foal, Dilto three- Years old, by TRUEBLUE, Hack Mare, strong brown Colt, Iwo Years old, brown Filley, Year old ; 7 strong Store Pigs, 2 Sows and Pigs; 4 Ewes, to lamb ; Road Waggon, Harvest Ditto, 2 Tumbrels, Winnow- ing Machine, Ploughs Harrows, & c. & c.— Catalogues are now ready, and may be had at the Cross Keys, Oswestry ; Black Lion, Ellesmere ; Cross Keys, and New Inu, Knock- iu ; of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of tbe Eleven Towns; and Mr. Edwards, Printer, Oswestry.— The Sale to com- mence each Day at Ten o'CIock in the Forenoon. " A FARMING STOCK WORTHY OF NOTICE. BY T. V A UGH AN, Without Reserve, 011 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 1 lth, 12th, and 13th DaysofMarch, 1812, ALL tbat young, excellent, and carefnllv selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brew- ing and Dairy Utensils, together wilh the neat aud modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging 10 Mr. PETER EDWARDS, of THE CROSS, near Ellesmere, who is declining the Fariiiiug Business— The Particulars of this Advertise, uient are UNAVOIDABLY postponed till next Week. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 17th of March, 1812; ALL the valuable WAGGOM HORSES and COLTS, & c. & c. with the Whole of the IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. URWICK, of FELIIAMP TON, in the County of Salop.— Particulars in our next. PK1ME STOCK. WELL BRED, Trom Smokcy- faced tows, by a Hertfordshire Bull. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the loth aud llth Days of March, 1812 : ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to Mrs. TURNER, of tbe RED HOUSE, near Bishop's Castle, in the County of Salop ; consisting uf 12 Cuws, calved and iu- calf, four 3- years old Heifers in calf, one young Ban tu, nearly fat, one capital 3- year old Bull of the Herefordshire breed, six 3 years old BullocVs, two Ditto splayed Heifers, six 2- years old Bul- locks, eight ditto Heifers, 13 Yearlings, tour young Waggon Mares, oue Ditto in- foal, one capital four Yeajs old Horse of the draught kind, wilh a long Tail; Gearing for eight Horses; Hack Mare rising six Years old, ones- years old Mare in foal by Admiral ( not broke in), une 3 years old Horse Colt, by the Arabian, one a- years old Ditto, by Fox- hunter, one Ditto Filley, bv the Arabian, one 2- year old Waggon Colt, by Black Sweep; 40 Yearling Sheep; one Sow and Pigs, one ditto in- pig, seven small store Pigs ; three Waggons, three broad Wheel Tumbrels, one Harvest Carl, one Horse Cart, one double Plough, one Wheel Ditto, one Hand Ditlo, three Pair ot' 11 arrows, one Roller, Winnowing Machine, ditto Fan, Lot of Bags, Straw Engine, Malt Mill, two Stone Pigtroughs, one Wood Ditlo, with a large Quan- tity of small Implements, & c. & c. The HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, will be found in£ ood Order and well worth the Attention of the Public. N. B. The Live Stock and Implements will be sold tbe tirst Day - The Sale lo begin at 10 u'Clock. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Wednesday, the 18th of March, 1812 ; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Biew ing and Dairy Utensils, & c belonging to Mr. BURG WI N, of WALLOP, near VVeslbury, in the County of Salop; consisting of 15 capital Dairy Cow s, calved and in- calf, one prime 2- years old Bull ( Herefordshire breed), four 4- year old Oxen, good Workers, two 3- year old Bullocks, two ditto barren Heifers, four 2 year old Bullocks, five ditto Heifers, to Yearlings ; five good Waggon Horses, one Ditto Mara in foal; Gearing for six Horses ; one fine Horse, rising 4- years old ( hy Fox hunter), one a- year old Colt by Ditlo, one Ditto of tlie draught Kind ; one Sow and Pigs, two Ditto in- pig, one trong Pig, six smaller Ditto; one Waggon, one Harvest Ditto, one double Plough, one single Wheel Ditto, one broad Wheel Tumbrel, one narrow Wheel Dilto, four Pair of Harrows, one Car, two Stone Cisterns, five Pigtronglis, Straw Engine, Malt Mill, Grinding Stone, Wheelbarrow, with a number of small Implements, & c. &. C. Tbe Sale to begiu at 10 o'Clodc in tbe Morning. a^ HE following Lots of TIMBER, subject to such Con. ditions as shall then be produced, viz — LOT I. aoo OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice oil CAE PRIOR Farm, in Ihe Parish of Chirbury, aud County ofSalop, in the Occupation of Edward Weaver LOT II. 194 OAK Timber Tiees, standing in BLACK, WOOD COPPICE, 011 Timbertli Farm, in ihe Parish of Chir- bury aforesaid, ' 111 the Occupalion of Johu Robinson. I. OT 111. 209 OAK Timber Trees, standing 011 a P. ece of I. aiid called CAK TV UCHA YSGUBWR, adjoining Mathra- fal Frydd, iu the Parish of Llangyiriew, in tbe County of Montgomery, in the Occupation of Mary Gittins LOT 1 » '. a. 32 OAK Timber Trees, standing on MATHRA- FAL DEMESNE, in the said Parish of Llangyniew, iu the Occupation of Sir Richard Davies. LOTV. 171 OAK Timber Trees, standing on FRYDD Farm, at Myfod, iu the Occupation of the Rev. Wm Brown. LOT VI. 88 OAK Timber Trees, standing 011 Tenements called GLASCOED, in the Parish of Myfod, in the Occupa- tion of several Persons LOT VII. 175 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice on a Farm at PONT ROBERT AP OLIVER, in the said Parish of Myfod. in the Occupation of David Evans. LOTVIII 169 OAK Timber Trees, standing in GREEN- HALL PARK, Part of Greenhall Farm, iu tiie Parish of Llanfyllin, aud said County of Montgomery, iu the Occu- pation of Mr. Evan Davies. LOT IX. 209 OAK Timber Trees, standing in tbe said Park, and adjoining Lot 8. LOT X. 233 OAK Timber Trees, standing iu the said Park, and adjoining Lot 9. LOT XI 90 OAK Timber Trees, standing 011 llie Upper and East Sides of said Greenhall Park. LOTXI I 262 OAK l imber Trees, standing in a Coppice on other Pari of GREEN HALL FARM aforesaid. LOT XIII 126 OAK Timber Trees, standing in another Coppice uear Lot 12, on Greeuhall Farm aforesaid. LOT XIV. 31a OAK Timber Trees, standing iu the last mentioned Coppice, and. adjoining Lot 13. LOT XV. 182 OAK Timber Trees, standing on the said Coppice, and adjoining Lot 14. LOT XVI. sG OAK Timber Trees, standing 011 COED YR LE FARM, adjoining to Greeithall Farm aforesaid, in the Occupalion of Mary Jones LOT XVII. 163 OAK Timber Trees, standing 011 a Farm called CLAWOD LLESO, in the Parish of Guilsfield, said County of Montgomery, in the Occupation of John Davies. LOT' XVII t. 154 OA K Timber Trees, standing in a Cop- pice on 11 Farm called DERWI N DEC, in the said Parish of Guilsfield, in the Occupation of Owen Lewis. LOT XIX. 205 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice on said Derwen dec Farm, and adjoining Lot 18. I. OTXX. 165 OAK Timber- Trees, standing in a Coppice on A Farm called COPPICE FARM, in the said Parish of Guilsfield, in the Occupation of Edward Jones. LOT XXI. 153 O AK Timber Trees, standing in the said last- named Coppice, and adjoining Lot £ 0. LOTXXII. 177 OAK Timber Trees, standing in the said Coppice, and adjoining Lot al. LOT XXI11 | 18 OAK Timber Trees, standing in a Coppice ou a Farm callcd CAF. POST, in the said Parish of Gutlsfield, in the Occupation of Benjamin Jones. LOT XXIV ta i OAK Timber Trees, standing inVoEL ACHI as COPPICE, in the Tow nship of Cowney, near Llau- wddun, in tbe said County of Montgomery. LOT XXV. 200 OAK Timber Trees, standing chiefly iu a Coppice 011 a Farm called FRYDD GOWNEV, adjoining Voel Ac hies aforesaid, in Ihe Occupation of Hugh Hughes. The Trees in all the aforesaid Lots ore bla/ ied uud num- bered wiili a Scribe { the principal Part of them are of large Dimensions and very excellent Quality, applicable lo llie superior Purposes of the Navy, or any Purposes requiring prime Timber. prin The two first I. ots in Chirbury are within tbe Distance cf 3 Miles of Gartliinil Wharf, on ihe Montgomeryshire Canal. The Trees comprised in Lots 3 to 17 inclusive, are near to several Turnpike Roads, and from 5 lo G Miles Distance from Ihe Montgomeryshire Canal at New- Bridge, near Llanymynech. The Trees comprised in Lois 18 to 23 inclusive, are w ithin the Distance of one Mile of the said Canal, and the Naviga- ble Part of the Severn at New Quay. Lois 34 and 25 are in a Situation proper for the Ports of Dolgelley or Derwen- las. Further Particulars may be bad by applying at THE OFFICE at Powis Castle, or of Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Pool; and Thomas Pryce, of Lvmore, will shew llie two first Lois; Richard Dax, of Black Mill, hear Pool, will shew Lots 3 to 23; and Roger Kyuaston, of Lla « dd-. 11 will shew I., uts S4 and 25. BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. Extracts from thc proceedings at Cambridge upon the formation of an Auxiliary Bible Society there, 12th December last. [ Continued from our last Paper.] The Rev. Mr. Dealtry. Fellow nf Trinity college, then ad- dressed ihe meeting, " I rise, with the view of proposing a motion, to which I am convinced no objection will be made. The purport of it is to return thanks to the thiee Secretaries of tbe Parent Society in London, for their attendance and assist- ance upon the present occasion. That assistance, indeed, 1 consider as peculiarly valuable ; it is in the power of these gentlemen fully to explain the nature, the constitution and the object of their institution, and with an authority, which it is impossible todoubt. Should any misconceptions have prevail- ed upou these points, I trust that they are now entirely removed from the minds uf us all. We are all now convinced, if we ilouhted before, that the dispersion of the Scriptures without note or comment is the sole and simple object of the Bible Society. It has, I know, been more than insinuated, that this important regulation has not been observed. This charge 1 have with my name publicly denied, and I here repeat the denial; it is in fact utterly unfounded ; and after the speeches, which we have heard from the secretaries this day, the man, who shall venture again to advance it, is possessed, to say tbe least of him— of a very hazardous spirit of perseverance. Tbe extension and effects of this noble society have been displayed to us by the secretaries iu terms of glowing anima- tion, w hich hove kindled tbe best feelingsofall who heard them. T he affecting details, with which they have favoured us, cannot fail to have warmed your hearts, as they have warmed mine. One spirit seems to have pervaded our whole assembly ; and so long as memory shall retain any trace of the events, which belong to this interesting occasion, that spirit can hatdly be- come dormant. Who can reflect upon these things, without the strongest emotions of admiration and astonishment ? And is it not a remarkable circumstance, that at the very moment, when we possess tbe will and the power to circulate the Scriptures through so many lands, there should be on every side such an anxiety to possess them ? If the shower is descending to the earth, the eailh also is prepared for the shower. Into particulars 1 cannot enter: but whoever will read the correspondence of the society, as annually given to the public, will be delighted al the expressions of joy and gratitude, which arise from every quarter on the prospect of receiving the Word of God. The poor and destitute have everywhere hailed the heavenly trea- sure, with emotions, which words can but feebly express: but their prayers have ascended and their tears have flowed in be- half of those benefactors in England, to whom they acknnw- ledge themselves indebted for tbe best of earthly gifts. Yes, even in countries wilh which we are engaged in war we have a powerful party ; all those are with us, who love the Scriptures and who fear their God ; aud looking to England as the sacred asylum of religion and the last hope of a miserable world, thousands there are of whom we know nothing, and whom we never can know, till that day shall declare them, who in their constant addresses to the throne of grace, solicit tbe best blessings cf Heaven upon this favoured and liappy land — nor will they solicit in vain. That any objections should be raised against an institution, thus abundant in good works, and thus liberal in acts of meicy, ini^ bt have appeared incredible, had not recent experience established the fact: still less could it have been imagined that men of talent and piety and learning, would have em- barked in Such a cause. For the truth of the fact, however, we need only advert to the occurrences of lhe last few days. And what is theamountoftheirobjectiou ? truly it is neither more nor less than this': that our treasures have a tendency to ruin tbe Church of England. Does the dispersion of the Scriptures tend to ruin the church? We have abandoned no one point of doctrine; we have surrendered no one point of discipline ; we retain every syllable of our liturgy and articles and homilies : we have compromised nothing: we mean to cotnprothise nothing : we leave to every man the free exercise of his own judgment and conscience, and we claim for ourselves a similar privilege. Ruin the church ? where then is the dis- cretion of all our Archbishops and Bishops, of all the dignita- ries and beneficed clergy, and of all those members of the establishment, who have supported the Bible Society 1 Can it be believed that they are so weak in understanding, or so desperately impelled by inveited ambition astojoin in a scheme of this tendency ?— Let us never forget, that the Scriptures, for the dispersion of which we are thus publicly arraigned, are the Word of the Most High ; let'us never forget, that they contain the dictates of infallible wisdom, and that they are given to us by God himself, as calculated above alt other means to make us wbe unto salvation and to lead us in the way to Heaven. So far, in my opinion, is l! he- Bible Society from being hostile to the establishment, that t he very contrary ten- dency is with me a powerful argument in its favour. Whatever promotes the cause of christian charity, must infallibly be beneficial to the church : and no means, lam persuaded, were ever yet discovered, so likely to excite and to cheri& b the genuine feelings of charity in the hearts of all men : if we cannot all think alike, this lessou at least We shall learn, to respect one another, to forbear w ith one another, and to pro- voke each other to love and to good works. The counsel of those gentlemen, who are hostile " to the Bible Socirty and who recommend us to desert it, appears to ine not a little extraordinary. They advise the dissenters to have their own institution upon a similar basis, " but would keep us from the contagion. They would therefore give to them the full popularity of the plan, which Would still invite thou- sands of churchmen, who in spite of all our remonstrances would see no barm in circulating Bibles, and they would pro- bably retain the co- operation of the continental societies. And what security, 1 would ask, should we then ha'Ve, for the purity ofthe versions distributed through the united kingdom? it is evident that they might ciiculate any versions they please, corrupt or incorrupt. Thus then w e are to throw power into the hands of those, whom we are taught to consider as invete- rate enemies, & to do ii in a manner the most ungracious, offen- sive and exasperating, that can possibly be desired. A more unwise measure, 1 think, was never pioposed by any man who professed attachment to the church. What does it imply ? Our Archbishops and Bishops, who countenance the Bible Society, aie now forsooth to confess, wilh penitent faces, lhat in the simplicity of their understanding, they have been for several years the mere dupes and tools of a parcel of poli. tick dissenters: our nobles are to retire with shame « the numerous and respectable clergy, who have lent us their aid in every part of the kingdom, are now to acknowledge tbat they too have been the children of infatuation : and by this public act we are to record it as our deliberate opinion, that the circulation ofthe Scriptures is au evil, which must undermine and blow up the Church of England, and be fatal to the best interests of Chiistianity. This is the plain argument, when stripped of its appendages, and a goodly aigument I confess it to be. Mr. Dealtry then made some reuiaik; upon the Zealand discretion of the young men, with whom the occasion of the present meeting originated, and added : " Of the interest, which I take in the great cause, which now calls us together, no person in this assembly will entertain a doubt: yet 1 can- not express much regret, that we have uot met sootier. Tlieie is, I think, in this case, ail advantage connected with delay. The tendency of our studies is to make us weigh and deliber- ate : we are disposed to take nothing upon trust: we love to examine a question in all its bearings, and demand, whenever the occasion will alio* it, the evidence of facts. No man will Venture to accuse us of hasty or over weening zeal. 1 he lapse of seven years since tbe establishment of the Bible Society, lias afforded us all the evidence of facts, that we could justly require; and we can now tell the world lhat many of the niembeis of this university have given to lhat institution the sanction of their patronage after full and maluie deliberation. I bis circumstance I consider as very important: the intelli- gence of our resolutions will go to our brethren ofthe establish- ment thiougbout the united kingdom : and will prove to them i'ncontioveitibly, that in adopting these measures we consider ourselves not merely as the friends of mankind at large, but as the friends also of that national church, which by our habits, principles and education we aie bound to support and defend. If any misconception at present prevail, the very fact of our ap- probation of the Bible Society will be one of the best arguments to remove it. We have done nothing in haste; our feelings indeed have been powerfully excited, but our judgment has not been asleep. If I should be que- iioned upon the indulgence ot these feelings, I must say that I envy litle the temperament of tbat man, who can reflect without admiration and gratitude, upon the splendid efforts which have been made by the Bible Society. The simplicity of its plan secures a co- opeiation beyond all example : the enlargement and liberality of its vieus have created an interest ill its weltaie, even upon re- mote continents, which never was witnessed be'ore: it has dispersed copies of the Sciipturesby hundreds of thousands: new channels aie opening every day : and far beyond its means ot distributing Bibles is the anxiety to receive them. Future ages will tell with astonishment, that in the midst of a most awful and perilous war, while infidelity was triumphant abroad and kingdoms weie crumbling around us, Britain should jrise in the gieatness of her strength and in the majesty of her benevolence, with one hand to dash to pieCeB the chains of the ^ pressor, aud with ths other to bold out the everlasting Gos- pel ( o the poot and destitute of every region under Heaven. Whilst I fix ujion this single fact, 1 feel a renovated confidence in ihe cause of my country. I never can believe that it is in the design of Providence lodesolate with its judgments a nation, which thus nobly stands forward in this awful crisis, the great bulwark of religion and the determined friend ofthe best inter- ests of man. The blessings of all nations are coming largely upon us, for we are gradually extending benefits to all. And may I not, as a member of the university, indulge for one mo- ment the pleasing rr flection, in how great a degree the land of our nativity, and through it the ivorld at large, is indebted to those, who have preceded us in these seats of learning, for Ihe inestimable privilege of the Gospel ? Shall we on this occasion forget our Cranmersand Latimers and Ridleys ? It was in this place that they first imbibed their love forthe Scriptures: it was in the pulpits of Cambridge lhat some of our earliest reformers contended for their dispersion. My eloquent friend over the way ( Dr. Clarke) has asked you, what would the Latimers and Ridleysaud Chillingworths have said, if they could hear now the arguments, which are brought for- ward in Cambridge against the Bible Society? Some of the arguments are enough to rouse them from their graves and to quicken their very ashes into life. Permit me to ftsk, what would have been the sensations of those holy men, if they could have anticipated this present spectacle ? If they could have foreseen before the lipse of three centuries so many members of this university, secure in the profession,, of the protestant religion, with tbe Bibles in their hands and? trust with its precepts in their heal ts, meeting here for tbe express purpose of dispersing the sacred volume to every quarter of the world ! of giving it currency in all languages, and seeming its blessings a? far as human intelligence can secure t'Kem, to every age f This piospect would have afforded them an in- crease of consolation ill the extremity of pain, and would hav mitigated even the violence of the flames. With the declara- tion of Latimer to his partner in affliction we are all acquaint- ed t " Be of good cheer, Brother Ridley, I trust that we shall this day light up sucb a fire iu England as by the grace of God shall nev « r be put out." It has burnt from that day to the prese nt, and I persuade myself, that it will never be extin- guished. The light, which they kindled, has not only shoue through Britain, but it is now rising upon nations hitherto immetsed in darkness; itis at this moment diffusing its beams and extending its heavenly influence through the most distant regions. Tbe Sun itself scarcely visits a land accessible by Englishmen, but upon that land, and through their means, the Sun of righteousness is beginning to arise with healing in his wings. In such a matter, I must change uiy natuie before lean be cold or indifferent: and high as the university of Cambridge justly stands in the esiimation of all wise and good men ^ of all who know how to value what is great in project or enlarged ill benevolence, this I will be bold to say, that its members have never come forward to patronize a moie noble and glorious cause. Mr. Dealtry concluded by moving the thanks ofthe meet- ing to the secretaries of the institution in London. The motion was seconded by Lord Francis Osborne. Mr. Oxen tben rose, to acknowledge the honour conferred upon himself and his colleagues, & c. & c. He rejoiced to have heard so houourable a testimony borne to the conduct of those juniors in whom tbe business originated, by peisous whose names are not more indentified with the best learning, than they are with the most correct discipline of the place. For his own part he could not have ventured to appear before them, had not things taken precisely lhat turn which they had done. He congratulated the assembly o'u the satis- faction they must have derived from the orderly course in Which the business had proceeded, o'nd the feelings of delight and. unanimity which it had so greatly excited, lie would have shed teais of regret for those who had excluded themselves from so rich a repast, had not all his tears been bespoken for gratitude and joy. After a variety of remarks to a similar purpoit, Mr. O. admonished tbe youth whom he saw before him, and who would soon be called to fill various stations in the world; to assert our rights at tbe bar, in the senate, or the field; or to minister for, the public welfare in magisterial or pastoral employments, to bear in mind the solemn manner ill which they bad this day vowed allegiance to tile Bible iu the presence of God, theii seniors, and each other. He exhorted them to take that Bible home to their hearts ; to circulate it among their neighbours; and to exemplify it in their lives; aud concluded in this lorcible manner—" As you have Caught the ardour of Christian benevolence, which lias been kindled iu so many breasts, , i oh spread it wide, Aud let it circulate through all the veins Of our vast empire, that where Britain's power In felt, mankind may feel her mercy too." The following is the NEW FORM or PRAYEE, directed to be read in all Churches and Chapels, and to be continued during His MAJESTY'S PRESENT INDISPOSITION:— " 0 God, who commandest us when we are in trouble to open our hearts, and to tell out our sorrows unto Thee in . prayer, and dost promise to listen with compassion to our humble supplications, give us grace so to approach Thee that we offend not in woid or thought. Put away fiom lis every impatient imagination, prevent every unworthy petition. Let not our prayers assume the language of complaint, nor our sorrows the character of despair. Upon Thee, O God, aud upon tbe multitude of Thy mercies, w e repose our grief, as we rest our hope. Restore, we implore Thee, our beloved Sovereign to his Family, and to his People, And whether it shall seem fit to Thine unerring wisdom presently to remove from us this great calamity with which we are afflicted, or still to suspend it over us, dispose us, under every dispensation of Thy will, patiently to adore Thy inscrutable Providence, and to bless Thy Holy Name for ever and ever. These Prayers and Supplications we humbly offer up to the Throne of Grace, in the Name and through the Mediation of our Lord and Saviour . If mis CbrWt >' Jtsus Christ." Amen. The mystery which has so long existed with respect to the fate of Frederick Keluer, who, it will be recollected, left the Post Office about five, wetks since, after having wounded himself with a pistol, was, on Monday, cleared up, by finding his body floating, in a putrid stale, on the surface uf tbe Poplar cut, where be was discovered by some boatmen, and conveyed to the nearest public house. A Coronei's Jury, impanuclled from amongst the persons ou the Post Office establishment, sat yesterday on the body, and fouud a \ etdict of Lunacy. Loid Wellington lias been created a Grandee of Spain, of the first class, with the title of " Ciudad Rodtigo." From a variance in the laws of Parliament in the two Couutrics, a member of any county, city, or borough, in Ireluud, being a Bankrupt, ipso facto forfeits his seat; while the representative of an English county, city, or burough, tinder the same circumstances, is indecorously sanctioned in retaining his. The losses by shipwreck, in men and vessels, within the last three mouths, exceeds the aggregate loss sustained by our Navy, in all the naval battles fought, and victories won, within tbe last 20 years. LONDON. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY f9. THE PRINCE REGENT'S LETTER, AND REPLY OF LORDS GREY AND GRF. NVILLE. The communication from the Prince Regent to the Duke of York, relative, to the formation of anew Administration, and the leading principles of policy oil which the Govern- ment of his ltoyal Highness will be conducted, has at length been published, together with tbe replv of Lords Grey and Greuville to the communication of thfc Duke of York, inti- mating to them the pleasure . of the Prince Regent. Copies of these important documents we subjoin, from which it will be seen, that the Catholics have no reason to presume their claims will be countenanced by the Prince, but that lie con- siders the question of emancipation as already decided by Parliament. The Aext material part of the letter relates to tbe war in the Peninsula, in the conduct of which his Royal Highness cannot with- hold his approbation from those who have so nobly supported the Spanish cause. The letters are as follow : — ~ " Mv DEAREST BROTHER— As the restrictions on the exer- cise of the Royal Authority will shortly expire, when I must make my arrangements for the future administration of the powers with which I am invested, 1 think it right to com- municate those sentiments which I was withheld from ex- pressing at an earlier period of the Session, by my warmest desire, that tlie expected t'notion on the affairs of Ireland mlght'imdergo fhe deliberate discussion of Parliament, un- mixed with any other consideration.— I think it hardly neces. sary to'call your ' recollection to the recent circumstances under which 1- assumed the aufli- Srity delegated to me by Pailiament. At a fnoment of " unexampled difficulty and danger, 1 was called upon fo make a selection of persons to whom I should entrust the functions of the Executive Govern- ment. My sense of duty to. o'Or feyal Father solely decided tbat choice'; and every private " feeling " gave way to consider- ations which admitted of no doubt or hesitation. 5 trust I acted in that respect as the . genuine representative of the august Person whose'functions 1 was appointed to discharge; and I have the satisfaction of knowing, that such w' 6s the opinion of parsons, for whose judgment a'tid honourable feel- ings I entertain the highest respect in Various instances, as you well knoiv. When the law of tiie last, Session left me at full liberty, I waived any personal gratification, in orderThat his Majesty might resume, oil his restoration to'health, every power and prerogative belonging to his Crown, t certainly am the last person in the kingdom to Whom It'can be per. mitted to despair of our Royal Father's recovery. A new era is now arrived, and J cannot but rcfii& t with " satisfaction un the events Whioh have distinguished the short period of my restricted Regency. Instead of shffermg in the loss of her possessions, by the gigantic force which has " been employed against them, Great Britajh has a'dded most important ac- quisitions lo her empiie. Tbe national faith has been pre- served inviolable towards our allies; and, if character is strength, as applied to a nation, the incieased and increasing reputation ofTiis Majesty's arms will shew to the nations of the Continent how much tliey may atchieve when animated by a glorious spirit of resistance to a foreign yoke. In the critical situation of the war in the Peninsula, 1 shall be most anxious to avoid any measure Which can lead my allies to suppose that I mean to depart froip the present system. Per- severance alone can atchieve the great object in question ; and I cannot withhold my approbation from those who have honourably distinguished themselves in support of it. I have no predilections lo indulge— no resentments to gratify— no objects to attain, but such as are common to fhe whole Em- pire.— If such is the lending principle of my conduct— and 1 can appeal to the past as evidence of what the future will be — I flatter myself I shall meet with the support of Parlia- ment, and of a candid and enlightened nation. Having made the communication of iny sentiments in this new and extraordinary crisis of our affairs, I cannot conclude without expressing the gratification I should feel if some of those per. sons with frliom the early habits of ray public life were form- ed, would strengthen my baud's, and constitute a part of my Government. — Witli such support, and aided by a vigorous and united Administration, formed on the most liberal basis, I shall look with additional confidence to a piosperous issue of the most arduous contest iu which Great Britain was ever en- gaged. You are authorized to communicate these sentiments to Lord Grey, who, I have no doubt, will make them known to Lord Grenville. 1 am always, my dearest Frederick, your ever affectionate Brother. ( Signed) GEORGE, P. R. " Carleton Rouse, Feb. 13, 1812. " P. S. I shall send a copy of this tetter immediately to Mr, Perceval." " February 15, 1812. Snt— We'beg leave most humbly to express to your Royal Highness our dutiful acknowledgments for the gracious and condescending manner in which you have had the good- ness tocommunicate to us i| ie letter of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, oil the subject of the arrangements to be now made for the future Administration of the public affairs; and we take the liberty of availing ourselves of your gracious permission, to address to your Royal Highness in this form, what has occurred to ' Js in consequence of that Communica- tion, The Prince Urgent, after expressing to your Soyal Highness in that letter his sentiments on various public mat- ters, has, in the concluding paragraph, condescended to inti- mate hi* wish that some of thoso persons with Wbotn the early habits of his public life were formed, would strengthen his Royal Highness's hands, and constitute a • lr ui • "- - The Pc. frictions on the Prince Regent expired yesterday; and, as will be seen from our Parliamentary Report, the first act of his Royal Highness, as full Sovereign of these Realms, has teen to advance U) id Wellington a step in the Peerage, and to recommend to Parliament the settlement of a further provision of .£ 2000 a- year on that distinguished Commander. Generals Graham, Hill, and Auchmuty are to be iustailed Knights of the Bath. 1 Government grant no more licences, for the present, for the exportation of hemp aud flax. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20. Mails have arrived from Cadiz and Lisbon, bringing intelligence from the former place to the 4th, and from tbe latter to tbe 5th instant, It appears that Lord Wellington bad no sooner completed bis brilliant conquest of Ciudad Rodrigo, than lie directed his attention to Badajoz. He is stated to be on his inarch to besiege that fortress, and its speedy reduction is confidently anticipated, especially as Ihe gairison is much straitened for provisions, in consequence of its supply having been prevented by tbe movements of General Hill, and the activity of the Guerillas. With respect to the movements of Marmont, the statements of the private letters and tbe Lisbon papers are at variance. In some letters he is said to be advancing in great foree, but, as this report is inconsistent with the account nf Lord Wellington being about to undertake the siege of Badajoz, it must be regarded as very questionable. As the French have left the Asturias, the Spanish army of Gallicia has taken the oppor- tunity of advancing, a movement which will materially embarrass the enemy's operations. A letter from Lisbon, dated Feb. 3, says—" The gallant General Croufurd died on the Q4th u| t. of h, s wound, and on the following dav was interred in the breach of Ciudad Rodrigo, The town is not greatly injured. About ten houses are down, but many more were destroyed by the French, to procure beams, which they placed slanting against the houses, as a defence against the effects of our guns ; the 5th division, under General Ha\, is now repairing tbe breaches, which is performed for Ihe present with gabions, See. A considerable number of fine guns were taken, all of brass, and many mortars, of the largest calibre. When every thing is placed in order, the place will be given to the Spaniards to preserve. Head quarters are at Galiegos. General Hill has his troops at Castello Branco, Iduanha, Novas, & c. Dispatches from Lnd Wellington were yesterday received by Government, dated Galiegos, 29th nit. They state, that the battering train intended for Badajoz is equal to the reduction of a stronger fortress. The troops were in good health. .• LSfg- B. 5 S- » f'< ^ * £ tS - S< a. s'< •< fTi 1 •: c; - t a. ^ to — o to - r p.. cj. to COT — — c : CO; d r1 3 i " A fi: EE £ : = s t = , Sri > a ; ' i : E: • r OS: I: • S£; I : 0*: : o : 3 : . » . & : • o : : CB : a: It : on . CO CH 03 f- § p) h C § ts csf- II » c* 3 2 parttjr his Govern- ment; and his Royal Highness is pleased to add,' that with such suppott, aided by a vigorous and united Administration, formed on the most liberal basis, be would look with addi- tional confidence to a prosperous issue uf the most arduous Contest in which Great Britain has ever been engaged. On the other parts of his Royal Higliiress's letter we do not piesume to offer auy observation's ; but in the concluding paragraph, in so far as we may venture to suppose ourselves included in the gracious wish which it expresses, we owe it, iu obedience and duty to his Royal Highness, to explain ourselves with frank- ness and sincerity, We beg leave most earnestly- to assure his Royal Highness, that no sacrifices, except those of honour and duty, could appear to us too great to be made, for the purpose of healing the divisions of our country, and unit- ing both its government and its people. All personal exclu- sion we eutiiely disclaim ; we lest on public measures; and it is on this ground alone that we must expiess, without re- serve, the impossibility of our uniting with the present Go- vernment. . Our differences of opinion are too many anrl too important to admit of such an union. His Royal Highness will, we are confident, do us the justice to remember, that we have twice aheady acted on i his impression ; in 1809, on the proposition then made to us under his Majesty's authority, and last year, when bis Royal Highness was pleased to re- quire our advice respecting the foimation of a new Govern- ment. The leasons which we then humbly submitted to bim ate strengthened by the inciensing dangers of the times ; nor has there, down to this moment, appeared even any approxi- mation towards sucb an agreement of opinion on the public interests, as can alone form a basis for the honourable union of parties pieviously opposed toench other.— dnto the detail ol those diffeieuces we are unwilling to enter; they embrace al- most all tbeleading features ot the present policy cf the empire; but his Royal Highness has himself been pleased to advert to the late deliberations of Parliament on the affairs of Ireland, This is a subject, above all others, important in itself, and connected with the most pressing dangers. Far from con- curring ill the sentiments which his Majesty's Ministers hays, on that occasion, so recently expressed, we entertain opinions directly opposite; we are fumly persuaded of the necessity of a total change iii"' the present system of that country, and of tbe immediate repeal of those civil disabilities under which so large a portion cf his Majesty's subjects still laboui, on account of their religious opinions. To recommend to Par- liament this repeal, is the first advice which it would be our duty to offer to his Royal Higiiness, could we, even forthe shortest time, make ourselves responsible for any farther delay in the prospect of a measure, without which we could entertain no hope of rendering ourselves useful to his Roval Highness the Prince Regent, or to the country. We have only fuither to beg your Royal Highness to lay before his Royal Highness the Prince Regent the. expression of our hum- ble duty, and the sincere and respectful assurance of our earnest wishes for whatever may best promote the ease, hononi, and advantage of bis Royal Highness's Government, and the success of his endeavours lor the public welfare. We have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) " GREY. " GRENVILLE. " To his Royal Highness the Duke of York." A gentleman arrived from Paris assures us, tbat the Imperial Quaid has left that city and taken the direction of the North ; as also several other regiments. No doubt was entertained but Russia would be immediately attacked. There is some hope that this will occasion new head to be made against the tyrant in the Noilli. Tbe Russian army on the frontiers of Poland is very strong; and the War - Minister, General Count Barclay de Tolstoy, is a man of integrity, aud tiuly anli* Coisican ; but, on the other hand, we despair so long as Rouwnzoff remains at the head of the Russian Councils. HOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17. Earl GROSVENOR called the attention of the House to the bill for. the suspension of the Grant of Places in Reversion. It was well known that, contrary to the former practice of the other House of Parliament, this bill had been there rejected during the present session. Considering the present state of the nation, he believed a more daring measure, under such circumstances, had never been exhibited. If that House had wished to stand well with the country ( cries of order, order ! and hear, hear !) it was strange, that that House should have rejected h bill which it bad allowed to be but of trifling im- portance; for it would be of very small importance to the interests of tbe country, even if such a bill as that was pas- sed. At least, however, they mljht have introduced a tem- porary bill of suspension, as ill former years ; but he w > uld be glad to see it made tor 10, 29, or even 50 years. His lord- ship concluded by giving notice, that if no other noble lord would bring in such a bill, he would do it. HOUSE OF COMMONS. Sir T. TURTON gave notice, that he should on Thursday se'nnigbt move for a Committee of the whole House, to in- quire into the State of tbe Natio'h. The order of the day for the second reading of the Not- tinghim Frame- breakeis bifi being read, Mr. AREBCROMBY highly reprobated tbe proceedings of the persons on whose account the bill was introduced ; but as it was a measure of the greatest importance, wished it might not be immediately pressed.— Mr. HALL and M. r. G. SMITH said the situation of the county was such as called forthe immediate passing of tbe bill; let the cause be what it would, the decay of trade, or any other cause, the first object should be to put down the rioters, or the evil might become more serious.— jjr. LOCK, HART said the crime amounted nearly to high- treason, and he thought such a punishment as that pioposed by the present bill, would have the effect of ' deterring the rioters in future.— Mr. WROTTESLEY thought the bill would have a contrary effect to that contemplated by the lion, gentleman.— Sir S. RoMiitY observed, that if the disturbances arose out of a combination among the journeymen, the law as it now s'ood inflicted a punishment of transportation for 14 years; and he was of opinion that incre& siug the severity of the punishment would not operate fo remove the difficulty of conviction. -— No one present could inform bun of the real cause of the present outrages, and it was necessary, previous to legislating on the lives of our fellow- subjects, that the House should be put into possession of information on tbat subject.— Mr. C. WYSN denied tbat the question was whether the present bill was effectual, but whether the present bill would render it so. He thought imJrtir'y necessary to find out what it was which deterred witricsoes from j> ivng evidence : was it a fear of violence to their persons ? if so, might not some mode of protection for them be devised. If it was reluctance to give evidence, might not tbe offer of. rewards prove beneficial ? The present bill, he thought, would prove wholly ineffectual, and therefore he should oppose it.— Sir A. PIGOTT thought the present law, if properly enforced, would be found fully sufficient for its purpose, and that the proposed measure, as a system of terror, would fail to prevent the commission of such offences in future— Mr. RYDER said, this was intended only as a temporary treasure, and the period of its duration would be fixed in the Committee. When once it was known in the countiy that Parliament looked at these offences in the way they ougtit to be looked at, there was the greatest pro- bability of tbe mischief ceasing— Mr. RASTARB thought Government had shewn a most culpablesupinetiess thoughout the whole of the disturbances.— Mr. WHITBREJID said, the Secretary of State had sent the most prompt assistance at the time of the riots. He should however oppose the present bill, on account of i> s inflicting the penalty of death. Our statute bo , k teemed with laws of this description; aud it was his intention to move, before tbe session was closed, a standing oriler to receive un bill for inflicting such penalty, until the question had been previously discussed by a Committee of the whole llonse.— Mr. FRANKLASD said, the paternal authority of the State was set at defiance by these men, who, indifferent to the welfare of their fellow creatures, weie sporting with the lives of multitudes, and this made it necessary to inflict 1 Ihe severest punishment.— On a division there appeared for the second reading 34, against it 17.— Another division tben took place on the question of its being committed to- morrow, for it 80, against it 15. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18. MESSAGE FROM THE VRINCE REGENT. Mr. PERCEVAJ. brought dow n a message from the Piince Regent, to the following effect: " G. P. R.— The Prince Begent thinks proper to acquaint the House of Commons, ill the name, and on behalf of his Majesty, that, taking into consideration the brilliant at- chievements and eminent services of Lieutenant- General Lord Viscount Wellington, while commanding tbe British armies in Spain and Portugal, his Royal Highness has conferred upon him, and tbe heirs male of his body, the rank and dignity of an Earl of the United Kingdom of G reat Britain and Ireland, by the name and title of Earl of Wellington. And also, that his Royal Highness has been pleased to grant an annuity of £ 2U00 perannum, in addition 19 the like annuity hitherto settled upon him. The Prince Regent therefore re- commends to the House of Commons to make provisions for the settlement of such grant on the said Eail of Wellington." ( Rear, hear! from all pai Is of the House.)— Ordered to be re- ferred to a Committee of the whole House on Friday next. The House in a Committee on the Nottingham Riots Pre- vention bill, Sir S. ROMILLY said it was his wish to render this measure as effectual as possible, aud therefore proposed to introduce the following words into the clause constituting the offence to be capital, " any three or more persons com- bining for the purpose of injuring."— Mr. PEBCEVAL observed, the offences were frequently committed by a single person entering the cottages of the poor; and if there were a pro- vision excepting single persons, it would have the effect of rendering the bill when passed nugatory.— This, and some other proposed amendments, were negatived; after which the House resumed, the Report was received, and ordered to be taken into consideration to. morrow. The House in a Committee " on the Nottingham Watch and Ward bill, Mr. WYNN observed, that if there were any other counties so distuihed, it would be desiiable lhat the provisions of Ihe act should be extended.— Mr. KE, S wished they might be extended to Leicestershire, and Sir O. MOSLEY to Derbyshire.— O11 the. motion of Mr. RVDES, instructions were given to the Committee thai the bill be extended to other counties.— Mr, PERCEVAI, muved that the bill should have force till the lst of March, 1814, and no longer, unless previously repealed. BANKRUPTS, FEBRUARY 15. Abbots George, oi the Laches, Brewood, Staffordshire, com dealer, March 4, 6, al tlife Littleton's Arms, Penkridge, March 28, at the Talbot, Rugeley.— Arden John, of Blackuore- jtreet, Middlesex, grocer, Feb. 17, til, March 28, al Guildhall.— Beds- mont Thomas, of Lark Hall Lane, Surrey, cowkeeper, Feb. 18, . March 3, 23, at Guildhall.— Carter Isaac, of Portpool Lane, Middlesex, farrier," Feb. 25, March 28, at Guildhall.— Court Margaret, Court Frances, Court John, and Diggles Lowe John, of Savage Gardens, London, merchants, Feb. > 25, 29, March at ' Guildhall.— Deale Charles, . of Neivgate. street. London, tailor, Feb. 22, ' 29, March ' 28. at Guildhall.— Dean William, of Salis- bury, Wiltshire, linen draper, Feb. 18, March 3, 28, at Guilds half, London.— Dongall David, ot Lower Terrace, Islington, Middlesex, ship owner, Feb. 18, ' 20, March 28, at Guildhall, London.— Em'ierley Joseph, ot the ship Inn Yard, Southwark, corn . dealer, Feb. 18, 25, March 2S, al Guildhall, London— Byt « Akhnm, of Tburls'one, Yoikslure, oil merchnn', March 4, 53* 8, at the New Court House, Wakefield.— 1bslrr Edward, of Ovlord- street, Mildles- x, ironmonger, Feb. 18, 22, March 28. at Guild- hall,— Griffiths John, of Oxford, haberdasher, Feb. 22, 24, March 28, at Mr. Robinson Barbara's, Oxford.— Heath William, Of Hanley, Staffordshire, iron founder, March 3, at the Crown, Stone, March 4, at the Wheat Sheaf, Stoke- upon- Trent, March 28, at tbe Talbot, RugeleyHodgkinson Richard aud Ilodgkinson Edmund, of Cuckney, Nottinghamshire, cotton spinners, Feb. 25, 26, March 28. ' at tbe Red Lion Inn, Worksop— Hudson James, of Camberwell, Surrey, miller, Feb. 22, 29, March 28> at Guildhall.— Hulston John and liulstonlVilliam, of Birmingham^ gun barrel makers, Feb. 25, 20, March 28. at the Sbakespeur Tavern, Birmingham.— Hull Robert and Harper George, of Worcester, shoe makers, Feb. 22, 29, March 28, at Guildhall, London.— linill Joseph, of Fleet - street, London, silk mercer and draper, Feb. ' 22, 29, Marcli 29. at Guildhall.— Neale Elisabeth SeiceV. and Nec. le Thomas, of Clteapside, London, shawl manu- facturers, Feb. 18, 22, March 28, at Guildhall.— Newton John, of Tooley- street, Souihwark, cooper, Feb. 22, 29, March 28, at Guildhall Noble Richard, of Chipping Ouj- ar, Essex, brick- layer, Feb. 22, ' 29, March 2S, at Guldliab, London Piercy Richard, of Hornsey Row, Middle ex, stockb- oker, Feb. 18, .22, March 28, at Guildhall, London.— Plowman John, of Kensington, Middlesex, builder, Feb. 18, 25,. March2S, at Guildhall, London. — Smith Thomas, of Little St. Martin's Lane, Long Acre, Mio- dlesex, undertaker, Feb. 22, 29, Maich 28, at Guildhall, London. Stedwell John, of Ricl. ni ind, Surrey, butcher, Feb. 92, 29, Mawlt at Guildhall. Loi don. - Taylor William, of Hereford, skinner, Fen. 28, 29, March 28, at ihe City Arms Ho'el, Hereford Whitehead Abraham, jun. of Halitax, cotton spinner, Feb. 27, 28, March 28. ai the Sun Inn, Rrad'ord. I- eli. 18.— Biggs James and Anstie Samuel, of St. Andrew's Hill, London, wboletaie ironmongers, Feb. 22, 29, March31, at Guildhall.— Bridger Buckrcll, of Brightetmstone, Sussex, car- penter, March 10, II, 31, at the Old Ship Tavern, Brighlelni- stone.— Eloure Alexander, of Bath, lodginvhoutc keeper, Feb. " 21., 25, March 31, at ihe Golden Lion, Bath.— Gould William, of Stratford- upon- Avon, Warwickshire, draper, March 3, 4, 31, at the Amjel Inn. Alcester, Warwickshire. — Hardy William and Gardiner Robert, of Cheapside, Loudon, merchant, Feb, 22, March 7,31, nt Guildhall.— Jaymemd Lawrette, ol S luth Audlcv- street, Grosvenor Square, Middlesex, Feb. 25, 29, March 31, at Guildhall, London.— Jones William, of D.- ptford, Kent, apo- thecary, Feb. 22, 29, A1itrcli. il, at Guildhall, London — Leech William, ol' Thetford, Norfolk, butcher, March 4, 5, 31, al the Bell, Thetford.—' Mackenzie George, Derby, salesman. Feb 25, 29, March 31.— Miles William, of Oxford- street, Middlesex, furniture warehouseman, Feb. March 3, 31, at Guildhall, London,— Monk Jonathan, of Stdlnigtoa, Yorkshire, common brewer, Feb, 28, ' 29, March31, at theiWbiteiSwaa In- n, York.— Neale Elisabeth Seidell, of Ctieapside, l. uudjn, shawl and bom- n„ z ue manufacturer, Feb. 25,29, March 31, at Guildhall.— N- enle Thomas, of Clieapstde, London, shawl and boinba/. ine manufac- turer, Feb. 25, 89, March 31, at Guildhall— Pickering John, of King- ston- upon- Hull, merrhaiil, Feb. 21, it the, St.. lb. id Ann ( Wakefield, Yorkshire, March 3,31, at the Willie Bear, Biinslev, Yorkshire.— Pringle Thomas, of Ncwoastle- itjx> n- Tyne, exporter ot" manufactured tjoods, Feb, 20. March 18, 31, at the George, Newcastle- upori- T'. nc -- Teal Catharine, widow, of Slietlield, Yorkshire, merchaut, Feb. 28,29, March 31, At the Coinmer- cial Inn, Sheffield. • " i , 1 THE CORDIAL BAIM of GILEAD is highly esteemed in the East and West Indies, for nourishing and invigora; the nervous system, aud acting as a general restorative in debilitated constitutions, arising from bilious complaints contracted in hot climates. The cold aud treuvdous nerves are warmed and steadied; the relaxed fibres, or soft flesh braced aud rendered firm ; the muscles are invigorated ; tfea sinews strengthened; the emaciated limbs are covered with firm flesh, aud tbe. exiiausied vessels replenished. Those who have the care and education of females, the studious as well as the sedentary part of the community, sh'iuld never be without the Cordial Halm of Gilead, which removes diseases in the head, iuvigoiates the mind, improves the memory, and enlivens tiie imagination ; revives and ex- hilirates the lang id. drooping spirits, promotes digestion, and braces the nerves. The virtues of the Cordial Balm of Gilead are daily de. monstrated, in eradicating the worst and most dangerous symptoms'of nervous debility; and nothing has tended so much to establish the fame of this medicine, as its certain success in those complaints which strike their roots so deep iu the constitution, and are so fatal to the happiness of man- kind. Bv taking this medicine according to the directions, all " the deplorable symptoms of disease will vanish, and strength ardour, security, and every evideuce of renovated strength, will be the happy result. Sold by EDDOWRS, Wood and Watton, Sandford, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Guest, Broselev ; Gitton, and Part- ridge, Bridgnorlh ; Harding, and Scarrott, Shiffnai ; Dean, Newport; Houlstons, Wellington"; Miller, and Smith, Iron Bridge and Wedlock ; Trevor, Much Wenlock; Evans, Welsh Pool; Falloives, Baugb, Jackson, and Birch, Elles- mere ; Wright, Whitchurch ; Snelson, and Craig, N intwich; Painter, Wrexham; Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Os- westry ; and by Ihe principal Venders of Patent Medicines in every Town throughout the Kingdom. IN FLUENCED by the most lively Sensations of Gratitude, and being well assured that many of the afflicted often lo e their Sight tor Want of knowing where to apply for a Cure, induces uie to make the following Case known to th « Public. In the Autumn uf last Year, my son Edward was afflicted ' with a severe acute Ophilialmy, which rapidly increasing, soon ovterspread his Eve. with a thick Skin, attended with violent Pain and gieat Heaviness in his Head, which soon deprived him of the Sight of that eye; the olhnr daily becoming weaker, I feared tlie total Lo S of both. I had recourse to different Applications, but without Relief, till fortunately I was recommended to Mr. KREBS, of Hanmer, who attended him at my House, and has made a. perfect. Cure ot him, the Truth of which I am willing to go a bundled Miles to attest, if required; as Witness mv Hand, Witness to the above Cure, EDM UND ION Eij. K. E. EYTON, E- q Eyton, nearWrexham, Oct. 22RF, 1811. ANOTHER EQUALLY INTERESTING CASE. Tills is' To CERTIFY, that my Son W. II. Hughes was afflicted with violent Pain, Inflammation, and strong Humour iu his right Eye, which brought oil a large Skin, and de- prived him of the Sight of it: iheothei Eye was so much affected tliat he was in danger of losing it; every thing that is usually done on those Occasions was done for him by the Medical Men w ho attended him, but to no Purpose, as bij Disorder continued to increase with unabated Violence ; when hearing of the many Cures performed hy Mr. KRESS, anil being strmgly recommended to put him under his Care, I sent for him to my House, where he attended him. and 1 have tbe inexpressible Satisfaction to say has made a per- fect Cure, the Truth of which I am willing to attest; as Witness my Hand. ROBERT HUGHES. • Overton, Flintshire, Oct. 23, 1811. Letters, Post paid, addressed Mr. KREBS, Hanmer, neaf Ellesineie, attende I to. CHURCH'S COUGH DROPS, The CHEAPEST and BEST MEntctNB for COUOHS, CPIPT, aud ASTHMAS. Afresh Proof of their astonishing Efficacy. rgTHOMAS EDMUNDS, Guard to ihe Birroing- JL ham and Sheffield Mail Coach, declares his Life win preserved to his Wite and Family by the sole Use of Church's Cough Drops. One bottle of which, purchased at Mr. Swiu- ney's, Bookseller, High- street, relieved him from a most suffocating Asthmatic Cough, when lie had not any expecta-' tion of living many minutes, and lhat by persevering in tak- ing then), to the uumber of five bottles, was enabled to resume his employment, and is now perfectly restored, whicn he voluntarily certifies under his Hand, at Binning ham, the 16 th of March, 1805. THOMAS EDMUNDS. Messrs. SHAW and EDWARDS, 66, St, Paul's Church Yard, having purchased this and all Mr. Church's Medicines, none can possibly be genuine but such as have their Names en- graved oil the Stamp, " Sha: e and Ed- rarrls, 69, St. Paupt Church Yard," the imitation of which is Felony. Price onlv 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. per bottle. Sold by Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, Lnidon : sold aho by W, EDDOWES, Bythell, Morris, Palin, aud Newling, Shrewsbury; Ridgeway, and Procter, Drayton; Chester, Newcastle ; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, Stafford ; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iron bridge & Wenlock; and mrst of thro respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. " . JI.. 11J I. i ! . .. , i i • . 7 Printed and published by W. Ediloices, Corn Market, S/ ireasbury t
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