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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 943
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 19/02/1812
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 943
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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• Amfc. a. I'TC PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol 19.] N° 943. Wednesday, CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. February 19, 1812. / Vice Sixpence Halfpenny. This Payer is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. BOOKS lately published by J. Mawman, 39, Lunate- Street, and sold by' W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. THE PRESENT STATE of TURKEY ; or a Description of II, e PoliticrJ, Civil, and Rchgious Constitution, Govern- ment. and Laws of the Ottoman Empire. By Thomas Thornton, Esq " the second Edition, handsomely printed iu Iwo Volumes Octavo, price in boards, II. Is— This Edition is enlarged with a Dissertation on Oriental Literature, with many Articles of general Information, which Ere incorporated in theho. lv of Ihe Work, and with on Introductory Chapter, which comprises the principal Events In Ihe History of the Turfs, and exhibits the Progress of the Otto- man Power, and the causes of its Greatness and its Decline. An Appendix is added illustrative ot the Physical and ancient His- tory of Byzantium, and the surrounding Countries. To render this Work more complete, a most accurate Map is inserted, of Ihe Turkish Empire, as well as a Plan of Constantinople, both beauti- fully engraved, and carefully composed from the roost authentic Materials. ESSAYS on the PICTURESQUE, as compared with the Sub- lime and the Besutiful; and on the Use of studying Pictures, for the purpose of improving Real Landscape. Bv Uvedate Price, — •- - * VT- rs- i:.--- - i. t- considerable AH Price II. 7s. CULTURE of the STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRY, an ( I GOOSEBERRY. Esq/ ne'atlv printed, a New Edition, with Additions IT ... Tl- 1 VT.. 1... ami Improvements, in Three Volumes, Octavo, B° THS HISTORY of the HELVETIC REPUBLICS. Rv Francis Hare Navlor, Esq. Four Volumes, Octavo, price 11. 16s. Boards. „ , THE HISTORY OF FRANCE, under the Kings of the race Valois, from the Accession nf Charles the Fifth in 1364, tothe Death of Charles the Ninth in 1574. By Nathaniel William Wraxall, E- cp The Third Edition, with very considerable Aug- mentations. Two Volumes, Octavo, 16s. Boards. Rv the same. Author, ATOUR THROUGH the WESTERN. SOUTHERN", and INTERIOR PROVINCES of FRANCE, in the Years 1775 and 1776 Third Edition, corrected and augmented. Price 4s. Boards. CHARACTERS ol the late CHARLES JAMES FOX, selected and in part, written. by Philopatris Varvirensis. With Notes by the Editor In Two Volumes, Octavo, 20s. Boards. MEMOIRS o!' the LIFE and WRITINGS of Sir PHILIP SYDNEY. By Thomas Zoitch, D. D. F. L. S. Prebendary of Durham. , " Nor love thv life, nor hate ; but what thou Itv'st ) " Live well; how long or short, permit to Heav'n ." MILTON. Handsomely printed in Demy, Quarto, with a fiuc Portrait of Sir Philip Sydney, beautifully engraved by C. Wanen, II. 5s. Boards. THE HISTORY of BARBADOS, from ihe first Discovery of the Island, in ihe Year 1605, till the Accession of Lord Seator'h, T801. R. v John Pover. Neatly printed in one large Quarto Volume, ' II. 11s. 6d. Boards. A PICTURE of MADRID; taken on the Spot. Translated from ' lie German of Fischer, Crown Octavo, 6s. Buards. THE TRAVELS ot 5 NACH ARSIS the Younger, in Greece, during Ihe Middle of the Fourlh Century, before the Christian , ® ra; translated from the French of the late Abbe Barthelemv— To which are prefixed, MEMOIRS of the LIFE of J. J. B ARTHE I. EMY, written bv himself in 1792 and 1793 ; with a Portrait of the" Author. Hsndsomely printed, in Seven Volumes Octavo, and an Eighth in Quarto, containing Maps, Plans, Views, and Coins, illustrative, nf the Geography aud Antiquities of Ancient Greece. A new Edition, being the Fourth; price 41. 4s. Boards. SMITH'S INQUIRY into ihe NATURE and CAUSES of the • WEALTH of NATIONS, 3 Vols. 8vo. 11.7s. Boards. SMI TH'S WORKS, 5 Vols. 8vo. 31. Boards. MEMORIALS of NATURE and ART; collected on a Jour- ney in Great Britain, during the Years 1302 and 1803. Bv Christian Augustus Gottlieb Goede. Translated from the original German, by Thomas Horne. In Three Volumes small Octavo, isrice' 16s 6d. Boards. P An HISTORICAL VIEW of the ENGLISH GOVERN- M F, NT, from the Settlement of the Saxons in Britain to the present Time • with some Disserta' ons connected with the History of. the Government. By John Millar, Professor of Law in Hie ITuiver- silvof Gla- S".'-. Four Volumes Octavo, II. 16s. Board,. The HISTORY of SCOTLAND, from the Union of the Crowns, on the Accession of James VI. lo the Throne of England, to the Unicn of the Kingdoms in the Reign ot Queen Anne. The SUCCNP EDITION, corrected, by Malcolm Liiiiij, Esq. 2 Vols. 11 A'GENERAL VIEW of the WRITINGS of LINNyEUS. Bv Richard Pultniey, M. D F. R. S. - The SECOND EDITION; wi'h Corrections, considerable Additions and Memoirs of llie Author. By William George Maion, M. D. F. R. S. F. S. A. Fellow of the Royal College ot Physicians, and a Vice- president of the Linnnan Soci'ctv of London. - To which is annexed, the Diary of Linnaeus, written by himself, and. now translated into Engh. h, from Ihe Swedish Manuscript, in Possession of ' he Editor. Hand • somely printed in one large Volume Roval Quarto, ( unilorm in Size and Type with the Transactions ofthe Lirnaan Society of London,) and embellished with Portraits of Li minus and Dr. Pulleney, with a fine Plate of Medals, and a Fac- Simile of Lin- nacus's Hand- writing, 11. lis- fid. Boards. ANNALSof COMMERCE, MANUFACTURES, FISHER- IES and NAVIGATION ; with brief Notices of the Arts aud Sciences connected with them. Containing the Cotntuerci. il Trans- actions of the British Empire, and otl cr Countries, frum the earlie- t Accounts tothe Meeting of the Union Parliament, in January 1801. Bv David Macpherson. Neatlv nrin'ed on Medium Paper, in Four la'rse Volumes Quarto, price 81. 8s. in Boards. HoLLINSHED's, HALL's, GRAFTON'., FABYAN's and ARNOLD'S CHRONICLES of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, ami IRELAND ; eleven Volumes Quarto, 241 IS<. Boards TOMBof ALEXANDER. A Dissertation on the Sarcophagui, brought frum Alexandria, and r. ow in the British Museum. By Edward Daniel Clarke, LL. D. Hand omely primed in Quarto, with five beautiful P aie<, bv Medlantl, 18s. Boards. PLUTARCH's LIVES. Translated from the Original Greek; with Notes. Critical ami Historical; and a LIFE of PLUTARCH. By John Langhorne, D. D and William Langhorne, A. M. A new Edition, in Six Volumes, with Corrections and Additions, by the Rev. Francis Wranjbann M. A F. R. S. Octavo, 31. 3s. Boards, and E'ght Volumes 12mo. II. 16s. Boards. A BODY of THEOLOGY, princi » » lly practical. In a Series of Lectures, with a copious Index. By Roliert Feliowes, A. M. Oxnn.— These Lectures emlirace the most momentous Questions in Theology, and ihe most important Duties in Morals, without any mixture of sectarian discussions, or polemical asperity. Tliev are 53 in Number ; and while il is hoped lhat Ihev will prove interest- ing and instructive to the general Reader, they will furnish the Clerg\ with a course of Sermons for the Year. Iu two largeVoluinei Octavo, 18s. Boards. Thisday is published, fine demv paper, Js. on fine royal, ] 0s. 6d. ATREATISE on the IMPROVED CULTURE of the STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRY & GOOSEBERRY. BY THOMAS HAYNES. Of Otindle Northamptonshire. Author of an Improved System of Nursery Gardening, and a Treatise on propagating Hardy American and Green House Plants, Fruit Trees, & c. London ; printed fur B, CROSBY and Co. Stationers' Court, Paternoster Row. Sold by EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Morris, aud Newling, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington ; Smith, Iron- Bridge anil Wenlock ; Edmunds, Madeley ; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch; the Booksellers hi Chester; J. Painter; Wrexham ; and all other Booksellers Where may be had, GRIFFIN on the CULTURE ofthe PINEAPPLE. ' Second Edition, 8vo. ios. 6d. ABERCROMB1E on the CULTURE of the GARDEN MUSHROOM, tamo. 3s ABERCROMBIE's GARDENERS' POCKET JOUR- j NAL, or DAILY ASSISTANT, 2S. POTTS's BRITISH FARMER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA or COMPLETE DICTIONARY of AGRICULTURE, with many Plates, 4to. £ 3 13s. 6d. boards. A New and Interesting Novel, by the Author of EVA of CAMBRIA, and ORA and JULIET. This day is published, in Four neat Volumes, THE CASTLE of TARIFFA, or the SELF BANISHED MAN. Where may be had just published, 1. VIRGINIA, or the PEACE of AMIENS, in 4 vols. By EMMA PARKER, £ I 43. 2. By the same Author, ELFRIDA, or the HEIRESS of BELGROVE. IN 4 vols. 20s. 3. WELSH MOUNTAINEERS, by Mr. MOWER, 2 vols. 7s. 4. The MIRROR of the GRACES, or the ENGLISH LADIES'COSTUME, combining Taste and Judgment inthe Dress of Females. Advice on Accomplishments, preserving Health, Beauty, & c. with Plates, 5s. boards. Printed for CROSBY aud Co. Stationers' Court, Pater- nosler- Row. Sold by VV. EDDOWES, Wood and Walton, Morris, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenlock; Edmunds, Madeley; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch ; the Booksel lers ill Chester ; J. Painter, Wrexham ; and all other Book- seller*. MONEY. ^ alesJ fay auction. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. CAPITAL OAK AND OTHER TIMBER. This Day, At the Lion Inn, in Llansaintfi'raid, in the County of Montgomery, 011 Wednesday, the 19th Day of February, 1812, at five in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions: LOT 1. 238 OAK Timber Trees.-, BOARD AND LODGING. rpo;& e LET, GENTEEL APARTMENTS, pleasantly | situated 111 this County— For Particulars enquire of Mr. JONES, Raven Inn, Shrewsbury. SPYHING AND JVURSDEN's PURE LEJ\ 10N ACID, FOR PUNCH, LEMON ADR, SAUCES, & c. I^ AMILIES, Taverns, and Inns, will find it ex- tremely convenient, as it suits every domestic Purpose, where the Lemon is necessary. OfficeiS an ! Captains of Ship?, and others, will find it paiticulatfy desirable, as it is dry and portable, and will retain its Flavour in every Climate. Prepared only at 163, Borough, London, and sold in Bo'tles at 2s. 6d. by Mr. SCOLTOCK, in Shrewsbury, and by most Druggists, Libraries, and Confectioners. Where also may be had, their PORTABLE LEMONADK, which only requires the Addition of Water, in Packets, Price 2s » |£ jr » Please to observe their Name on the Bottle and Wrapper, as the Label and Directions have been imitated by several Jews going, about the Country, deceiving Shopkeepers and others, by selling a spurious At tide 5 making an Al- lowance to get ready Money. WAtttfeD immediately, the Sum of £ 500. upon the Security of an ample Freehold Estateiu this County. Also the Sum of £ 300, upon a good Freehold Security. Apply at the Office of Mr. E. HARPER, junior, Solicitor, ill Shiffnal,— Shiffnal, February 18,1812. NOTICE TO CREDITORS, & C. ALL Person's having any Demand upon the Estate and Effects of Ihe late Mr. RICHARD CORBET, of ROCHFORD MOUNT, in the Parish of Rochford, in the County of Hereford, deceased, are requested to send an Account of the same to Messrs. ROBINSON and WHEELER, Solicitors, Tenbury, Worcestershire, on or before the Kith Day of March next; and all Persons indebted to the Estate of Mr. Corbet are desired to pay the same to Messrs. RO- BINSON and WHEELER, on or before the same Time. Tenbury, \ th February, 1812. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS 5 AND INN TO RE LET. WHEREAS JOHN WILLETT, of the Red Lion Inn, in the Town of Whitchurch, in the County ofSalop, Innkeeper, hath vested his real and personal Estate in his three principal Creditors, viz. JOHN GREGORY, of Whit church aforesaid, Liquor Merchant, TRIM KI> NT, of the same Place, Maltster, and JOSEPH WOOLRICH, uf Moreton Wood, in the Parish of Prees, in the said County, Farmer, IN TRUST, for the equal Benefit of all his Creditors, who shall execute the Trust Deed on or before tbe first Day of May next: NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the said Deed is left at the Office of Messrs. KNIGHT and BROOKES, Solicitors, ill Whitchurch aforesaid; where the Creditors who wish to avail themselves of the Benefit of the Trust, may attend and execute the same. All Persons to whom the said JOHN WILLETT is indebted are requested to send the Particulars of their respective Demands to Mr. JOHN GREGORY, or Messrs. KSIGHT and BROOKES; and all Persons who stand indebted to the said John Willett are hereby called upon In pay the Amount of their respective Debts to any eine of the said Trustees. THE ABOVE- MENTIONED RED LION INN IS TO BE LET, And may be entered upon al any Time. It is very well accustomed, conveniently situated for Busi- ness, aud consists of four Parlours, a Bar, extensive Kitch- en, Laundry, and other Offices 011 the Ground Floor, with good Cellars under ; a large Assembly Room, ( which is well attended) and seven Lodging Rooms on the first Floor ; and several Bed Rooms 011 the Second Floor The Yard and Garden are extensive, and the Outbuildings very convenient, there being Stabling for upwards of fifty Horses, a commo- dious Cdach- house, Granary, & c. & c. Any Person taking the Inn may be accommodated with the Chaises, Horses, Househuld Furniture, tkc. at a fair Valuation. Application may he made to the Trustees, or to Messrs. KNIGHT and BROOKES. Whitchurch, 6th February, 1812. CELYN BRITH10N HOUSE. TO BE LET, Ready furnished, and entered upon the 12 th Day of May, 1812, rlnH E above House, situate in the Parish of M A H. W YD, J. in the County of Merioneth ; and consisting of a Kitchen, Parlour, Pantry, Closet, upon thefirst Floor, with Cellar under; second Floor, three Bed Rooms, and large Attic Story over; Brewhot'. se, and large Garden, with Fruit Trees, & c. stands in a very pleasant Country for Game and Fishing; one Mile from Mallwyd, and half a Mile from Dinasymowthy— Apply to RICHARD HUGHES EVANS, Bell lun, Adle Hill, Doctors Commous; or to DAVID LLOYD, Mallwyd. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. WHEREAS SAMUEL STEELE, of the Town of SHREWSBURY-, in the County ofSalop, Mercer and Draper, hath by Deed assigned over his Estate and Effects 10 JOSEPH CARLESS, of Shrewsbury aforesaid, Esquire, and WILLIAM GITTIMS, of the same Place, Mercer, for the Benefit of themselves and all other the Creditors of tbe said Samuel Steele: NOTICE is hereby given, that such Deed of Assignment now remains at the House of the said WILLIAM GITTINS, for the Inspection of such ofthe Cre- ditors of the said Samuel Steele as may chuse to take the Benefit thereof, and who are required to execute the said Assignment 011 or hefore the 25th Day of March next, otherwise they will he excluded the Benefit thereof. All Peisons w ho stand indebted lo the said Estate are desired to pay their respective Debts to the said William GittinB without Delay ; and all Persons to whom the said Samuel Steele stands indebted, are desired to send Particulars of their Demands to the said William Gittins 011 or before tbe aid 25th of March. Shrewsbury, Feb. 11,1812 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 011 the Premises, opposite tbe County Hall, Shrewsbury, ( by Order of the Assignees), on Wednesday, the 4th Day March, 1812, precisely at 12 u'Cloek, IN ONE LOT; THE ENTIRE and valuable STOCK IN TRADEof the said SAMUEL STEELE, consistiug of a general Assortment of WOOLLEN DRAPERY, Man's Mercery, Cords, Fus- tians, Buttons, and other Articles.—— Inventories will be prepared, and the Stock may be examined on and after tbe 25th of February inst The Purchaser will be allowed to occupy the Shop till the 25th Day of March for disposing of the Stock. The: HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, at his House, Top of the COLLEGE HILL, will he Sold bv Auction, 011 the following Day — Particulars of which will be distributed. ( One Concern. J 107 Ash Trees. 47 Alder Trees. 176 Ash Trees. 20 Elm Trees. 6 Birch Trees. 122 Oak Timber Trees. 232 Oak Timber Trees. C 64 Ash Trees. I 1 Birch Tree. 9. 36 Alder Trees. 10. 158 Ash Trees. 11. 25 Sycamore Trees. 5 10 Elm Trees. ISJl ( 1 Sycamore TIYC. 13. 44 Ash Trees. 14. 58 Oak Trees. 15. 50 Oak Trees. 20 Alder Trees. 2 Sycamore Trees. 2 Birch Trees. 1 Cherry Tree. 33 Ash Trees. 70 Oak Timber Trees. 23 Ash Trees. 1 Birch Tree. 3 Alder Trees. 2 Sycamore Trees. 48 Oak Timber Trees. Trees. Trees, fcam'ore. 116 Birch Trees. ,- 5 16. 17. 18. 19. TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, lhat the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gules upon IheTurnpike Roads leading from Montgomery to Shrewsbury thro' Westbury and Minsterlev, called ASTON aud MINSTERLEY Oaten, will by LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, at the House of Mr. DANIEL WEAVER, in IheVillage ofWorthen in Ihe County ofSalop, on MONDAY, the TWENTY FOURTH Day of FE- BRUARY, 1812, between the Hours of three and five in the Afternoon, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Iteigu of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads :" which Tolls are let this Year for the Sum of £' 220, and will be put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Surety to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads for Payment of the Relit agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. THOMAS WEAVER. ' Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Wort hen, 2 Jth January, 1812. TURNPIKE TOLLS. rOTlCF. is hereby given, that theJFOLLS arising at the By , heZ, eTu\ hor, THE GUIDE ,0 I^ O^ TAUTY] ST TolLGate upon the Turnpike Road at Myfod, in the Memoirs of the Life and Doctrine ol Christ lists. Ilhisttaled with Notes, Moral, Theological and Explanatory, & c Three Volumes Octavo, II. 4;. Boards. A PICTURE of CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY, The Fourlh Edition, carefully correc'ed ; wilh a Supplement of the Culture, and the Practice of Benevolence. Octavo, 7s. Boards. A BRIEF TREATISE on DEATH. Philosophically, Morally, and Practically considered. Foolscap Octavu, 3 » . Boards. A M ANUAL ol PIETY, adapted to the Wants and calculated to Ihe Improvement of all Sects of Christians; extracted from the Ilolv Living and Dying of Jereiny Taylor ; with a Preface, Life of the Author," and Additions. By Robert Feliowes, A. M. Oxon. Octavo, 7s. Boards. TllETEMPLE of TRU TH: or, the best System of Reason, Philosophy, Virtue, and Morals, analytically arranged. Second Edition. In One large Volume Octavo, 8s. Board-. By the same Author, STUDIES; Sucied and Philosophic: adapted 10 the Temple of ' Truth. Handsomely printed iu One large Volume Octavo, 9s. Boards. SERMONS on VARIOUS SUBJECTS. Bv the Rev. Joseph Townsend, Rector of Pewse., Wilts, and Autiior of a Journey through Spain, & e. Sec. Octavo, 8s. Boards, An ESSAY on the NATURE and IMMUTABILITY of TRUTH, in Opposition to SOPHISTRY and SCEPTICISM. Bv James Besttie, LL. D. Profcs- or of Moral Philosophy and Logic in the MarUchal College and University of Aberdeen.— Seventh Edition, Octavo, 10s. 6d. Boards. SERMONS on A FUTURE STATE, and MUTUAL RE- COGNITION of each other, and on other Subjects. By Ihe Rev. R. Shepherd, Archdeacon of Bedford, Octavo, 6s. Boards. NOTES CRITICAL and DISSERTA TORY on the GOSPEL and EPISTLES of Si. JOHN. Ill Que Volume Quarto, 11.5s. Boards. SELECTIONS from the WORKS of TAYLOR, HOOKER, MILTON, HALL, BARROW, aud Lord BACON; with an Analysis of the Advancement of Learning. By Basil Montagu, Esq. A. M. Second Edition, Two Volumes Foolscap Octavo, on . uperfine wove Paper, 10s. 6d. Boards. OBSERVATIONS upon some PASSAGF. S in SCRIPTURE, which the Enemies lo Religion have thought most Obnoxious, and attended wilh Difficulties not to be surmounted. By Jacob Bryant, In One Volume Quarto, Pis. Boards SERMONS on vaiious Subject . By Samuel Stanhope Smith, D. D. President uf the College « !' New jer ry, America, Octavo, li, ( 3d. Beards. ). 4B V^ aK 1 11 C 17 Ash Ti e IX 20 Alder T C 1 Sycamo Standing chiefly in Coppices on Cefii- llyfnog Demesue, and Lands adjoin- ing, in the Parish of Llansaiiitffraid, in the Occupation of Mr. Rich. Owen. ^ Standing c. n Ty f mawr Farm, and C Lands adjoining 3 CefullyfnOg Standing 011 Pen- j ll^ s Farm, in Ihe [ Parish of Llanfe. fchan, in the Occu- I pation of Hum- I phrey Humphreys. A Standing onT^ Ce- j lyn Farm, iu tbe / parish of Llanfyllin | in the Occupation J of W111. Davies. j Standing 011 Cae LONDON. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13. The American journals tothe 12th ult. received on Wed. net lay, are of a complexion much less hostile to this country than we have lately been in the custom of receiving from that quarter. The Commercial Advertiser, of the 7th Jan. give3 the fol- lowing extracts of ptivate letters from Washington, ofthe 3d and 4th of January.—" It is repotted here, 011 nocommnr authority, that if this Government will prohibit licences foi trading with France, which prohibition is expected to talis place, Great Britain will withdraw her Orders in Council.— Committees of Commeice and Manufactures have agreed to report a bill granting leave to import coarse woollens and iron wares from Great Britain, and to bring home all articles pur- chased anterior to the 2d of Feb. 181 I."— Some private ac- counts mention, lhat Congress was adjourned 011 the 8th ult. for two months. It is said that evidence of the repeal of the Berlin and Mi- lan Dccrees, which will prove satisfactory to our Government, is likely lo be obtained through the medium of the American Legation, and that for this purpose a Mr. Porter left town yesterday with dispatches from the American Charged' Affaires here to Mr. Barlow, at Paris. The Secretary of the American Navy has stated to Congress the amount of Iheir fleet, which consists of five frigates, eight sloops of war and two smaller vessels, in actual service. Four other frigates are out of repair, but they nuaht be rendered fit for service in six months, at an expence of 480,( Hit) dollars. Letters received at Plymouth, from the Aleeste, of 36 guns, Capt. Maxwell, dated off Malta, the 28th of December, state, that another French frigate, of 44 guns, has been captured by some of our cruizers, and sent into Malta; but what loss on either side, has not been yet ascertained. the accounts received from Alicant are to the 17th ult. The Freuch hail arrived iu force before . he place, and the I Dio Farm, in the communication with the sea alone continued open. It is ex- > Parish of Llanfi- " J I liapgel, iu the Oc- pected, however, that Alicant will make a longer defence than Valencia, as its fortifications are stronger. The garrison under | cupation of Wm. i Mahi. Freyre, Icc. Sea. is supposed tu amount to 10,000 men. jl Davies aforesaid, i Advice is said to have been received by Government, of the The Trees in each Lot are blazed and numbered with a ; death of Major- General Craufurd, inconsequence of the' wound Seribe.— The Oak Trees are of large Dimension!!, and very 1 which he received at the head of bis Brigade in gallantly en excellent ill Quality, applicable to the superior Purposes of Iprintr llio hronnli r. P Pin. ln. l D... I..: Ihe Navy, or any other Purpose requiring prime Timber — The other Trees are excellent of their Kind, and many of them of large Dimensions.—- The Whole are easy of Access, standing on Ground unusually convenient for Conversion and Carriage. CEFNI. LYFNOG is close to the Turnpike Road leading from Myfod to Llansaintffraid, and about two Miles and a Half from the Montgomeryshire Canal at New Bridge.— PF. NLLYS is about four Miles, TY CELYN eight, and CAE DIO about nine Miles from the Canal at New Bridge aforesaid. Mr. Edwards, of the Lion Inn, Llansaintffraid, or the respective Tenants, will shew the Timber; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Welsh- pool TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Tolls arising at the l oll Gate u poll the Turnpike Road at Wem ( leading to Shawbury), called or known by the Name of the SIIAW- BURV GATE, will be LET by AUCTION 10 the best Bid- der, at the House of Mr. William Stockall, known bv the Sign of Ihe BLACK LION, iu Wem aforesaid, on THURS- DAY, the TWENTIETH Day of FEBRUARY, 1812, between the Hours of one and four o'Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year 01 the Reign of bis Majesty King George tbe Third," for regulating ihe Turnpike Roads ;" which Tolls will be put up at the Sum they now produce. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and al such Times as they shall direct. EDWARD HANMEK, Clerk to the Trustees ofthe said Turnpike Road. Stanton, 18(/ i January, 1812. At the Feathers Inn, Chester, on Thursday, the 2uth of February, 1812, at one o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject lo such Conditions as may be then produced : ALL those extensive PREMISES, with the Buildings lately erectcd for the Purpose of smelting Lead Ore, situate at BAGILLT, near Holywell, Flintshire, imme- diately contiguous to the River Dee, consisting of a Smelt- ing- housc with three Furnaces; additional Buildings, con- taining two Slag Hearths with two Pair of large Bellows, a Mill for grinding Stags, a Refinery complete, and ail excel- lent Steam Engine. Adjoining are also various Convenien- ces, as Smithy, Carpenter's Shop, Stable, & e. and a convenient Counting- house, with Store Room annexed. The above are built in a most substantial Manner, sur- rounded by a Brick Wall, and iu the immediate Neighbour- hood of a Supply of Coal; are perfectly complete, and provided with every Requisite for immediately commencing an extensive and valuable Concern. For further Particulars apply to Messru. ROSCOES aud DIXON, Bagillt Colliery, near Holywell; Mr. G. H. HUM- PHREYS, at their Coal Office, Chester ; or Messrs. HAM- NETT, ROSCOE, aud WILSON, Liverpool. FREEHOLD ESTATE. At the Talbot Inn, in Stourbridge, in the County of Wor- cester, 011 Monday, Ihe 2d Day of March, 1812, between the Hours of four and five in the Afternoon, ( if not sooner disposed of by private Contract, of which Notice will be given :) rf^ HE following DESIRABLE ESTATE, either together, _| L in the under- mentioned, or such other Lots as may be agreed upon, and subject to such Conditions as will be then produced. ee ot tneutocu 111 tlie Alternoon ot 1 lie same uay, 111 inner directed by the Act passed in tbe 13th Year of igu of his Majesty King George the Third, " For ing the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls produced County of Montgomery, called or known by the Name of Myfod Gate, will be LET by AUCTION, to the best Bid- der, tit the CROSS FOXES Inn, in the Town of Llanfair, in the said County of Montgomery, upon SATURDAY, tha I SEVENTH Day of March next, between the Hours « f one i and three of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, the Manner the Reign | regulating , lust Year the Sum of £ 54 above Ihe Expense of collecting : them, ahd will be put up at that Sum.— Whoever happens j lo be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees ofthe said Turnpike Road, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk to tbe Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Llanfyllin, Feb. 4, 1812. - TUUNP1KE TOLLS. " l^ fOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads at Llan- drinio and Castcllmoch, in the Couuly of Montgomery, and at Llangedwyn, in the County of Denbigh, called or known by the Names of Llandrinio and Llandrinio Bridge Gates, Castellmoch Gate, and Llangedwyn Gate, will be LET by AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the GOAT INN, in the Town of Llaiifyllin, iu tbe said County of Montgomery, upon TUESDAY, theTHIRD Day of March next, between the Hours of one and three ofthe Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year ofthe Reign of bis Majesty King George the Third," for regulating the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls produced the last Year the following Sums, viz. I. landrinio and Llaudrinio Bridge Gates £ 157 0 0 Castellmoch Gale 19 00 And Llangedwyn Gate - - - - - - 10 10 0 above the Expenses of collecting tliem, and will be put up respectively at those Sums. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder must at the same Time give Security, with suffi- cient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk to the Trustees oftlic said Turnpike Roads. Eivrfi/ I'in, Fit, 4, idli. © ales bp auction. CAPITAL OAK AND OTHER TIMBER. TO BE SOLD TO THE HIGHFST BIDDER, At Mr. Roberts's, at the Golden Hart, Burlton, in the County ofSalop, 011 Thursday, the 20th Day of February, 1812, between the Honrs of three and six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as w ill he then produced ; rinHE following Lots of OAK, ASH, POPLAR, and X ELM TIMBER. LOT I. 64 OAK Trees, and 3 Cyphers. LOT II. 20 ASH, numbered with a Scribe, commencing with No. 1, and ending wilh No. 20, 6 POPLAR, and 3 ELM. LOT III. 30 ASH Trees, commencing with No. 21, and ending with No. 50, N. B. The above Timber Trees are now growing on Lands in the Township ot RURLTON, in the Parish of Loppmgton, in the aforesaid County, iu the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Menlove, of Wackley. The Timber is chiefly ot" large Dimensions, and the greatest Part of the Oak tit for the Nafy. TheTimber uow stands adjoining the Turn- pike Road leading from Ellesmere to Shrewsbury, 10 Miles from Shrewsbury, 6 from Ellesmere, and 2 from Weston Wharf. Mr. MEN LOVE will shew the Timber; and further Particulars may be had on Application to Mr. ROGEK BECKETT, Penley, Flintshire. Lots. No. in Plan. I. 1 Hanging Piece 2 Three Acres 3 Nut- tree Coppice 4 Cumbershill 5 Oak Coppice 6 Park II. 22 Hilly Piece ... ... 23 Broad Leasow III. 24 Spring Piece IV. 25 Round Hill 26 Shoulder of Mutton V. ig Ten Acres 20 The Acre 21 Pit Field VI. 12 Dry Leasow 13 Farm Honse, Build- ings, Gardens, Orcli aid, Rick Yard, & c. & c 14 Butts 15 Croft 16 Oak Close 17 Six Acres 18 Mercers Field ... VII. 10 Clews's Sling ... 11 Bridge Meadow ... VIII. 7 Brick- kiln Meadow 8 Middle Meadow ... 9 Lower Meadow ... i A. R. P. 6 2 23 4 2 25 l 3 32 8 1 35 3 1 28 6 2 21 15 I 30 21 0 27 24 0 18 32 3 20 12 2 8 8 0 13 0 3 It) 18 0 35 3 2 7 - 2 0 17 1 1 0 30 8 0 12 7 2 0 , 6 1 26 7 0 26 . 0 3 21 , 5 1 16 . 5 2 27 . 4 3 2t> . 2 3 12 A. R. P. 31 3 4 36 2 17 - 24 0 18 45 1 28 27 0 24 36 0 6 0 37 .- 13 1 25 MONTGOMERYSHIRE. At the Coach Inn, in the Town of Pool, on Friday, the 28th Day of February, 1812, at four o'Clock in the After- noon, ( if uot sooner disposed of by private Contract, of which Notice will be given) either in one Lot, or more, as shall be agreed upon : ALL those NINE DWELLING HOUSES, with the GARDENS and OUTBUILDINGS thereto belong- ing, situate in HIGII- SREET, in the said Town of POOL, together with a Malt- honse adjoining, and two Pews in Pool Church, now in the several Occupations of Mr. William Jones, Innholder, John Jones, Itinholdcr, Thomas Davies, Butcher, Samuel Davies, Rickard Humphreys, Richard Grafton, William Jones, Weaier, Ann Phillips, Thomas Williams, and the Representatives of Ann Davies, de- ceased. Further Particulars may he hid of Mr. THOMAS OLIVER EVANS, of the Drill, near Oswestry ; and of Mr. WILLIAM FOULKES, Attorney, Welsh Pail. Ath February, 1812. E | F Total 220 9. 23 These Piemises ave situate at Dunsley, in Ihe County of Stafford, ill a fine sporting- Country, only two Miles from the Town of Stourbridge, three from Enville, and adjoining the Town of Kinfare. The Tenant, Mr. Edward Cox, will shew the Estate ; and for further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to GEORGF, BISHTON, Esq. at Neach Hill, near Shiffnal; or Mr. PRITCHARD, Solicitor, Broseley. TIMBER, At the Goat Inn, Llanfyllin, in the County of Montgomery, on Friday, the6tli Dayof March, 1812, at five o'Clock 111 the Afternoon : LOT I. - J r\{~\ OAK TREES, Paint- marked and Immbered, I standing 011 BRONGWIN DEMESNE:. *" LOT II. 131 OAK TREES, scribed and num. bered, 011 BRONGWIN FARM, in the Possession of Thomas Danily. — VV £ F. LMTREE!? —- BRONGWTN V.' 23 BEECH C and BR0N" VI. 12 FIR TREES ? GWIN i AllM' Brongwin is situated 011 the Turnpike Road between Oswestry and Llanfyllin, about 10 miles from Oswestry, two from Llanfyllin, and five Miles from the Ellesmere Canal at New Bridge. Edward Nicolas, of Brongwin, will shew the Timber; and other Particulars may he had from Mr. GOVT. D, Golfn, near Welsh Pool tering the breach of Ciudad Rodrigo. On Wednesday at a Court of Common Council, at Guildhall,' Mr. Dornford moved, That the sumof » £ 10 be presented to the National Society For promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles ofthe Established Chinch, which after a long discussion was negatived by a majority or six. ' The Board of Trade 011 Tuesday convened a Meeting of the persons interested in the Wine Trade, and proposed to them the following regulations:— 1" That on exporting from hence one hogshead of sugar, tbey should be allowed to import from France ( for exportation only) two hogsheads of wine, or one puncheon ( not exceeding 120 gallons) of brandy O11 expos- ing from hence 10 cwt. of sound coffee, to be allowed to import ( for re- exportation) 2 hhds of wine. In all cases the inter- change to commerce by the exportation of the sugar or coffee from hence, or the return, whether of w ine or brandy, not to be admitted to home consumption "— This proposition is to be considered as a mere suggestion on tbe pait of the Board of Trade, aud open to farther discussion. The final determi- nation is expected at the next Meeting. Full d ress has become prevalent in Paris, to preserve this necessary discrimination between the new high aud the old higher orders of the people. J. L. Crawford and 1. Bradley were found guilty, on Wed- nesday last, at Edinburgh, of forging writings io entitle the forme' to the title and estates ofGurnock, belonging to the Earl of Craufurd, and ordered to ne transported for 14 years. The four foreigners arrived in London, with a K; g's Mes- senger, are not prisoners. They came over in ine Hermes from Corunna. Previous to their landing, a King's Messen- ger was in waiting at Plymouth, to attend them to London, whither he accompanied them, on Tuesday last. The Mes- senger seemed to treat thein with the most marked respect. The Lord Chancellor has appointed Friday next, for finishing the business of the Term, by passing Judgments, instead of Wednesday, the first seal. This arrangement, which is very uncommon, and which must, besides, be exceedingly incon- venient to the Counsel, as the Master of the Rolls also sits on Friday, has again given cutrency to the report, that his Lord- ship is about to retire from Office. ' The Earl of Aylesford has resigned his place of Steward ofthe Household. Lady Catharine Stewart, wife of Major General Stewart, now serving in Portugal, and sister of E rl Daruley, died a lew daysago after two days illness, at her hnuse m Graftnn- street. The indiscreet application of cold watei to her head when she was warm, is said to have beeu the cause of the loss of this amiable and accomplished woman. An additional stamp duty is said to be in the contemplation of Government, which will materially affect not only Bankets, but all persons who are under the necessity of drawing for money deposited in any hands whatever. Swindling.— A curious and rather an extensive system of swindling has been carried on in Leeds, since the 7th of De. oember last, by three Female Adventurers— a Matron and her two dashing daughters, residing in Park- square. These ladies who described themselves as the widow and daughters of a de- ceased officer, have had ihe address to insinuate themselves into dent with a vast number qf shopkeepers ; and have in the' short space of about si* weeks, obtained from different dealers property to the amount of from three to four hundred pounds! without expending twenty shillings 1 Their creditors include innkeepers, upholsterers, millinets, grocers, butchers, buk- rs, fruiterers, confectioners, stationers, music- sellers, iron- mongers, mercers, drapers, and a long el cetera, who have fallen into the wily snares of these adepts in the Swindl ug Art. To still suspicion, their first step was to tak an hand- some house in Park- square, and Ihe general process then was for one or both ofthe Misses to go to a shop and order a quan- tiiv of goods which were to be sent to Pa, k squaie wii ' u a note, which Ma'ma would call to settle soon, as it was her custom to pay monthly. A day Was fixed for the discharge' of the bills, but the tradesmen appearing, to the iiumbt r of lifiv, at the large house in the Square, it was shut up aud the tatty a d her family missing. O11 heating their route, two of the prin- cipal creditors, as a deputation, pursued them to private 1 < lg- ings at Notiingham, and found on the road that they " ad bilked the innkeepers, & c. of tbeir fare and entertainments. The deputation imm'ediaiely gained a warrant, which they hastened to serve upon ihe old lady, when lo 1 it was tumid on inquiry that she had fl. id, and left her two unfortunate daughters to weather the storm! What was to be done ? all the goods were taken up in the old lady's name, tbe daughters were under age— nothing could he had from them — they talked li Ke lawyers, wept oyer their misfortunes, and exulted In their security by turns ; and their abused creditors after this fruitless, expensive, ami harassing pursuit, were sent empty awav !— It . may be useful to ihe public to present tlieui with a description of these adventurers, which we snail attempt; but as they do not sit for their likenesses, the por- traits may be a little defective. ' The family, whose name, real or assumed, is Mills, consists of five persons— the old lady, her two daughters, Heury, a hoy about ten years of age, and Betty, a servant. Ma'ma was generally invisible; but those admitted into the Arcana, describe, her as a small figure, unhealthy appearance, wrinkled, dark complexion, and appa- rently ab. uit fifty. Miss Mills appears about twenty, in com- plexion a brunette, middle sized, rather pretty than handsome, and of manners easy and prepossessing. Tiie younger sister is about seventeen, and like her sister, apparently well edu- cated, Henry is au interesting well behaved boy, about ten years of age j and Betty, the maid, whose skill seems no way inferior to any member of the family, is described as low in stature, a slattern in dress, of a fl . rid complexion, aud sus- picions appearance : such is the family group, and as it is probable it may be their intention to honour other places with their cu- tom, the Editor of the Leeds Mercury recommends to his Brother Editors in town and country, to guard their readers against the depredations of these unprincipled women, by copying this article in their iouruali. LONDON. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13. We are happy ID liml by llie last arrivals from llie United Slates, thai Ihe mania for war u liieli seemed to pervade the American Legislature at the commencement of its Session, bas, in a considerable degree, subsided; and strong doubts may be entertained whether the more violent, or rather, boisterous, war measures will pass. The Additional Force Bill has been modified, in regard 10 numbers, lo 25,000 men ; andif toe abstract ofsoine of ils provisions, as given in Ihe American Papers, are rightly understood, il would appear as if there was no great likelihood that the quota of men voted by Congress would be furnished. The first interest « if America " is her agriculture; and those are her bitterest enemies who would convert her ploughshare into a sword. A Bill Ims I: . en introduced into the Mouse of Representatives, ' for allowing the importation of goods purchased in Great ' Britain, or her Colonies, previous to February 2, 1811. The private letters state it as generally believed, that Mr. Madison will not be re elected to the President's Chair. Gen. Clinton is spoken of as his successor. The late accounts froniAtnerica have been so much of the pacific kind, as eonsideiably to revive the hopes of those who are friends to both countries. All, indeed, that is necessary for a clear understanding between Great Britain and Ameri- ca, is for the latter to consider how highly Bonaparte would lie gratified by a war between llie only two countries that can hold out a safe asylum from his tyranny, Corunna papers to the third inst. have been received. They confirm the satisfactory intelligence, thai the French under Bonnet have again evacuated Gijon, Oviedo, and the wholeofthe Asturias. The Spanish General Porlier had taken 200 French soldiers in ( ivicdo, and had sent forward liis cavalry and light troops lo harass tbe rear of the enemy. The evacuation of Oviedo by the enemy took place on Ibe 23dult, & is supposed to have been occasioned by dispatches which Bonnet bad received, requiring liiin to join iYlaimoiit w ith all expedition. A singular attempt to rob the public house situate at the toll- gate, called Pease Pottage gate, on the Cuckfield road to Loudon, was made a few nights since. Towards evening a person, decently attired as a female, applied for refresh meats and a bed, both of which were obtained. Soon after retiring to the latter, the house- maid hinted her suspicions that the stranger was a man, in woman's cloaths. After much had been said on the subject, three or four persons agreed to sit up all night in the tap- room, iu the da k. In the night the sound of footsteps, cautiously descending tbe stairs, was heard hy those below ; and some oue, soon after- wards, from within, made an essay to open tbe front < 1 or, sounding a whistle atthe same lime. The party on the watch rushed forward, secured the mysterious personage on the inside of the door, aud the suspicions ofthe house- maid were confirmed. The detected ruffian has been fully committed for trial. Bigamy. — Wednesday T. Jeffreys was charged before the Lord Mayor wilh having married a second wife, his first being still living. The prisoner was charged by the officers of the parish he belongs to; they complaining that he had deserted his first w ife w ith t- vo children, who had become chargeable to them; thatsiuce tbat, a second wife with a child had claimed tbe same privilege; that they got the certificates of both marriages from the parishes where the ceremonies were performed, aud both the wives attended. The prisoner did uot deny his guilt; be wished to be sent to sea, b it the Officers said the parish was determined to prosecute him, as an example to others. He was accord ingly fully committed to take his trial. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14. D was reported yesterday, that a cutter hud arrived from Swedeu, bringing an account tbat the Swedish Government had, on the 3d instant, declared war against France, in consequence of the seizure of Slralsund. 11 is added, that Be. uadotfc had issued « Proclamation to the Swedes, stal- ing, that as he could not fight against Ins own countrymen, be should be under the necessity of leaving them. We, men- tion these merely as the rumours that were cui rent yester- day; little credit however is attached to them. The power of Sweden is so limited by the scantiness of her population, and ( he paucity of her resources, lhat it is a matter of little consequence what side she espouses All tbat ive can desire or hope is, that she may continue to enjoy the portion of independence lhat remains to her. Insolvent Debtors.—' The Bill now before the Honse « f Lords, sent up from the Commons, for amending the Lords' Ad, in order to remedy the inc- jiiveniencies arising from debtors being confined at a distance from any place where Assizes are usually held, enacls, that the Court petitioned by any such debtor may order him lo be brought before the Justices at any General Sessions ofthe Peace held within 20 miles of the gaol; anil that such Justices shall, under such order, have power to determine in the case of such debtor, in the same manner a3 a Judge of Assize, under the Lords Act. The house of Abraham Goldsmid yesterday paid another instalment of five shillings in tlie pound. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13. Arrangements are certainly forming, by which some con siderable change must necessarily lake place in Ibe subor- HOUSE OF COMMONS, THURSDAY FEB. 13. AMERICA, Mr. WHITEHEAD, after entering at great length into ( lie relations between this country and America, the correspond- encies that' had taken place between the Ministers of the two countries, the policy of the Orders in Council, the Berlin anil Milan Decrees, & c, contended tbat the breach between the two countries was uow wider than ever, and it was evi- dent from the Speech ofthe President, that war must be the inevitable consequence of our Government persevering in that system to which she had adhered forthe last five years. Upon tbis important subject he required informa- tion; lint unless information was officially communicated to the House, whieh might be referred to as documents ou the table, they could nol form any decision. The spirit which bad been infused into our merchants by the intelli gence which had arrived within 24 hours of the proceedings ofCongress, gave some idea of the general joy which would attend a complete opening to our trade ; and it also made it important tbat the House should be iu the possession of every information. The effects of the bill now agitated jn Congress would, if passed, give great umbrage to France, after what had occurred in ilie course of their negociations; lie therefore thought that we should watch for and seize this opportunity of amicably adjusting the differences. The hon. gentleman concluded by moving for copies of the correspondence between the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the American Charge d'Affaires, from Jan. 1, 1810, lo the latest period ; together with copies of the cor- respondence between Mr. Foster and Mr. Munro, and ofthe documents referred to therein. Mr. STEPHEN opposed the motion. He said that never was there anything more unfounded than the assertion, lhat Ihe conduct of this country to America was unjust. Nothing but a wish to conciliate, could justify Ministers in pel- sever ing in the almost humiliating line of conduct theyhad adopt- ed forthe purpose of avoiding a rupture with that country, which certainly ought to be avoided, if it could be done without utter ruin to the maritime lights and commerce of Great Britain, which must he the consequence of yielding to the arrogant pretensions of France — Mr. CURW t \ argu- ed strongly for the motion.— America had a right to dispose of her commerce as she pleased, and he had great satisfac- tion in the prospect that with whatever pertinacity the coin- mencers of the present system persevered iu it, tncy would not be long enough ill their places to carry it much farther. The CHANCELLOR of Ihe EXCHEQUER replied to Mr. Cnrwen. He agreed wilh him the', a decided common ad- vantage would be obtained by peace, and lost by a state of war ; but from the production of the papqrs moved for no advantage could arise, and great danger might follow the discussion of them. Whatever golden dreams might he in- dulged on Hie subject of the dismissal of Ministers, as far as he knew any thing of the matter, he rather imagined the lion gentleman would find that his consolatory prospects would not open upon him quite so pleasantly as he imagin- ed. But if the system which gentlemen on the other side so strongly recommended were to be that which the Go- vernment of this country was to be dictated to pursue, then he should feel happy to quit his present situation, and o forni a part of any Administration which should Additional Subscriptions to the Auxiliary Bible Society, £ 1 0 0 0 0 Mr. W. Wilding, Salop Charles Pattrick, Esq*. The- Hay, near Madeley Robert Ferriday, Esq. ditto Miss Fciriday, ditto i. f. Thomas Harries, Esq. Cruckton Mr, John Simpson, Salop Mr. Richard Bickertou, Newton on the Hill Mr. Heury Kemp, Wem Rami Edwards, Esq With. ington Mr. H. P. Silvester, Newport. Thomas Borrow, Eso. Cietwynd ( entered before, by mistake, Mrs Boirow) Mr William Cotton, Montfmd Bridge Mr. William Teeec, Salop DONATIONS Mrs. Hill, IJawkstone,. Collections made on thi Fast Day. At Wellington Church, by Rev. J. Eyton < At a School Room iu that Parish, among some young people ^ ud children iu the evening, by Ditto..'.„ 1 10 0 At Hadnall. bv Rev. Richard Eveiall 2 11 o At Whixall, by Ditto 716 At Uuait Church, by Rev.. I. Wall 330 VisitingXIergyman this week at the Infirmary the Iiev. Mr. Nunn . House- visitors, Joseph Bromfield, Esq. and Mr. Blunt. Donation 10 the Prison Charities, 11 being a Return from the Inun- dation Fund. Rev. Mr. Sneade, Ludlow. .£ 0 10 6 Donation to the Public School on Dr. Bell's or Ihe Madras System, being a Return from the Inundation Fund. The Mercers and Grocers Campanv ... <£' J 10 0 OXFORD CIRCUIT. Sir S. LAWRENCE and Sir C. WOOD, Kots. Berkshire.... Monday, March 2, attending. Oxfordshire Wednesday, 4, at Oxford A few days ago was rung al St Thomas's Church, Stour- bridge, a most musical peal of GrandsireTripples, consisting of 5040 changes, which was completed in high style in 3 hours and 3 minutes. Caution— A. man has been for some days past in the habit of purchasing silk handkerchiefs from the shops of differ- ent linen drapers in Worcester, early in Ihe morning, and when unobserved, lias- taken an Opportunity of secreting many pieces, wilh which he has got clear off. Losses to some amount have been sustained by the tradesmen, but the depredator has hitherto escaped apprehension. SHREWSBURY COMMERCIAL DANCING AM) CARD ASSEMBLY. AT THE LIONN ROOMS. THE MASTFR OF THE CEREMONIES' NLGHT IS fixed for THURSDAY, the 27th Instant. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. WH EREAS M AIITH A M1LLINTON, of the CASTI. r FOREGATK, Shrewsbury, Huckster, hath assigned the Whole of her Estate and Effects to Mr. SAMUEL H . MI- LEY, Grocer, and Mr JOHN ROGERS, Seedsman, both of Shrewsbury aforesaid, for Ibe Benefit of her Creditors : All Persons lowborn the said Martha Millinlon stands indebt- ed, are requested to send the Particulars of their Demands lo the said Samuel llarley or John Rogers, aud to execute Ihe said Assignment within one Week from this Date, or they will be excluded the Benefit thereof : And all Per- sons iudebted to the said Martha Millinton are desired to pay their respective Debts to tiie said Samuel Harley or John Rogers wilhin ihe aforesaid Time, or they will be proceeded against accoidrng lo Law. Shrewsbury, February 12, 1812. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS Worcestershire...: Satu rd ay, Staffordshire Thursday, Shropshire . Tuesday, Herefordshire Saturday, Monmouthshire Thursday, — Gloucestershire...: Saturday, The Loudon papers state that 7, at Worcester. U, at Stafford 17, at Shrewsbury. 21, at Hereford. 26, al Monmouth. S? S, alGlocestcr. Judges Lawrence and Chambre continue both So much indisposed as to be unable to goon Hie ensuing Circuit, and that Mr. Serjeant Rnn- ' lou is to fill the judicial situation of tbe former. Marquis of Hertford « ... ....... ._ berlainship, Lord Cholmondeley the Household, and Lo James Murray is to be one of tbe New Lords of the Bc„ chamber; bill 110 appointments whatever will he declined, until the first Council after the expiration of the Regency Restrictions, which will probably not be held before Wed- nesday, tbe 26th Instant. A morning paper states very positively, lhat a communi- cation has been made from the Prince Regent to Earl Grey and Lord Grenville. This, however, is erroneous ; but it is believed that the Prince Regent, immediately 011 the remov- al of the Restrictions, will insist upou an union of parties fin- public service, aud will withdraw bis countenance from the pu be happy to uave^ c ^ ^ ^ ) f M, rJ101Jt', army was de- feated - itPuerto de llanos, by the allied English and Spanish feati. il alt uerioue o considering themselves safe^ at' Sidamauca, bad retired to Medina del Campo. not to ....... „ p„.. „. j pursue a course so hostile, as he conceived, to the true interests of Ihe country — After a reply from M r. Whilhread, the House divided 011 his motion, for it 3( 5, against il 123, majority 87. Mr. I. OCKHAIIT moved for a Committee to take into con- sideration the petition of British Merchants trailing to America, praying a compensation for losses they had sus- tained.— The motion was agreed to without opposition. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14. Ordered, 011 the motion of Mr. C. W, WYNN, that there be laid before the House a Return of the Local Militia and Yeomanry Corps serving in Great Britain, and the number of effectives iu each county at tire period of the latest re- turns. Mr. RYDER, adverting to the riols ami disturbances tbat existed inNottinghamshire,& c. and which Were, he observed, disgraceful to the country, and injurious lo Ibe best interest of those places where such enormities bad been perpetrated ; and tho' a favourable change had taken place, it was feared that it was under circumstances that they would again shew themselves; moved for leave to bring in a hill for the more exemplary punishment of persons found guilty of destroying lace and slocking frames.— Col. EYRE, member for Notting- hamshire, seconded the motion, and agreed in the necessity of the measure.— Mr. C. WYNN was of opinion, Ilia' before the House proceeded to a penal enactment, a Committee should be appointed to inquire into all thecircums Several other gentlemen spoke 011 the question, aad on a division there appeared for the bill 49, against it 11— The bill was then brought ill, read a first time, and ordered for a second reading on Monday; as was also another bill for call iug meetings of tbe inhabitants, appointing special consta- bles, and keeping w- ateh and ward, throughout such districts as might be considered in a turbulent stale, and empowering the Magistrates to defray the expence. postscript. LONDON, Monday Niglil, February 17, 1812. THE KING.— The following Bulletin was yesterday shewn at St. James's Palace : " Windsor Castle, February 15, 1812.— Iiis Majesty con- tinues nearly in the same state." To- morrow the Restrictions imposed by Parliament upon the Regent will expire, aud we believe we may with perfect confidence announce to the public that his Royal Highness, iu Ihe exercise of his unlimited authority, lias chosen to confide the chief management of. public affairs tu the wis- dom, integrity, and talents of Mr Perceval.— Courier. The reports respecting tlie communication made from the Prince Regent to Lords Grenville and Grey, are various and contradictory. The fact, so far as wc have been able to ascertain it, was simply this:— His Royal Highness the Duke of York waited in person upon one of Ihe above noblemen, and stated, that be had it in command from the Prince Regent to enquire of Lords Grenville aud Grey whether, in the event of their being called into the Ad- ministration, the emancipation of the Catholics was with them a sine qua non? The nobleman alluded 10 instantly waited upon the other, and the answer, which they gave jointly, was in substance, that they could liotcomeiuto — whatever. His Royal Yesterday the funds experienced a depression of about an $ per cent. Consols left off at 62. Exchequer Bills, which were recently at 10s. premium, fell yesterday to 4s preiniuyri. The Navy 5 per cents fell iu equal proportion. Thelate funding of Exchequer Bills is assigned as the cause. French papers have been received to the 7th inst. inclusive ; they are perfectly silent respecting the affairs of the Penin- sula. But they announce the loss uf the Manilla, of j6 guiis, Capt. Seymour. All the crew, but 12, were saved. HighTreasan.— Yesterday, S. M'Fortune, a uativeof Ireland, ( the last of the prisoners tried for being found in arms against their country in thclsle of France,) was found guilty, but recommended to mercy by the jury. I11 tbe whole, — 1 '"• » " ediivieted. oue acquitted, and against the seven have been convicted, one acquitted, auil ag remainiuing four the Attorney- General humanely consent- ed lo forego prosecution, on account of some favourable circumstances which appeared ill their cases— Mr Knapp, Clerk of the Court, having read the conviction of each, he asked them what they had to say. why judgment of death should nol be passed upou them?— Cuudell made 110 reply, hut bowed, respectfully to the Court. Parker fell ou his knees, and, with a look of despair, regarded his interroga- tor, but did not utter a syllable. Twccdle also fell oil liii knees, and was silent. tiuigley expressed his sincere repen tauce for his past errors, and, in a tone of voice rendered -' " as permitted, that t inaudible by grief, vowed, if he was | aid tight for his king and his country 1 as long as there ftl most ho would liglit tor 111a. » . i.| i « » » . ...- - „ was a throb in his heart, or a drop of blood iu bis body — J Smith, George Armstrong, aud Samuel M'Farlane, ail fell on their knees, and begged for mercy.— Baron Macdouald then proceeded to pass sentence, in words to the following effect: " The scene passing here is one which I least ex peeled Great Britain would ever see. Scarce a Session of Par iiamaut passed that we do not find tbe. conduct of the British Navy spoken of in terms of high eulogium, au. l thanks voled to thein for their unparalleled bravery ; nay, scarce a week passes that our public prints do not teem with some new in- stances of gallantry, some further laurels reaped by our naval forces, flow unexpected, then, do I this day see so many seamen of Great Britain convicted of Hi jilt Treason, of having deserted theirKiug and Country, and of havingenter- ed intolhe service of the enemy. You ( naming the prisoners) have been convicted of this heinous offence, after prosecu- tions conducted not alone with mercy, but with a degree of delicacy which must have excited the admiration of every person who witnessed them. To murder a single man is dreadful, as it deprives the Stiite of a subject; but by joining yourselves to the enemy, and thereby anticipating llie death of numbers, is dreadful in proportion lo the number of lives you might have destroved. Next lo lifiiug your hand against your Sovereign your crimes could not have assumed a blacker ' ' * - I' 1 . I" 1 *> iipinv | o place subject to any restriction Highness the Dnke of York replied that he had no other command lo communicate from the Prince Regent, but would immediately report their lordship's answer to the Prince. Here the matter rests at present.— The Star. On the 31st ult. a merchant ship sailed iu company from Cadiz with a brig of war, which had on board, it is slated, important dispatches for Government. The former is arrived, and the captain writes that the first acts of the new Regency have inspired great confidence. An account had been taken of all the Spanish forces now in arms, which do not exceed 120,000, most of thcrn guerillas, who are entitled but do not receive any pay from Government— such is the scarcity of cash : it is, however, thro' the medium of llie New Regency that the wants of the army w ill be better provided for. Boston papers to the 19th ult. arc arrived. Tlicy stale, lhat loud as the clamour is, there will be 110 war Mr. Foster's carriage lulving been seen at Mr. Monroe's door has occasioned many crude reports to be circulated— il is however staled, that Mr. F. has required an explanation on the war talks aud preparations. The Countess of Harcourt recently from Batavia, brings intelligence from thence of rather au unpleasant nature.— The people have had several disputes wilh our troops, and blood has been spilled 011 both sides. We are sorry to slate that it has- been found necessary lo cause several persons to be executed. All the British troops had left Balavia for India, except about 3000. Three perCent. Cousols. 62'. Montgomeryshire Great Sessions we understand are fixed for Friday, the 20th of March The Shropshire regiment of Militia have marched to the barracksat Dartmoor prison, lo relieve the Somerset, now in bairacks at Plymouth. The Managers of ihe Bath Theatre aided by the solicita- tions of the earlev patronesses and admirers of the Young Rocius, have succeeded in their negociations w ith Mr. Bet- ty, and " w rung from him his slow leave," to perform four of his principal Characters ( Essex, Aclimet, Hamlet, aud Young Norval) From thence lie proceeds to Bristol, for two nights. The terms are said to be i 100 per night. A liberal donation of 10 guineas, from Jtalm Owen, of Peui'hus, Esq. was distributed on the 8th instant, to the poor of the parish of Cemnies, in the county of Montgo- mery;, also another donation of 5 guineas, from the same gentleman, to the poor of the parish of Darowen, ill the said county. T. Gum 111, gardener, and J. Jones, footman in the service of John Winder, Esq. of Vaynor Park, have been committed to Montgomery gaol, charged with stealing wine and spirits from their said piaster. It appears that the gardener had a communication to the room over the cellar, into which they cut a trap- door large enough for an entrance, and that for tbe last IS months they have been acting " High life below stairs, 1' 1 after the family . had retired to rest-. It is as- certained, lhat 230 bottles of wine, besides rum and brandy, have been taken away. A dozen of old sherry was discover- ed under some gooseberry- trees, buried about 18 inches deep in the garden. On Saturday a I bird quantity of illegal fishing nets was publicly destroyed at Hereford, making in the whole 110 less than 2500 yards'. A farmer residing at Wingham, in Kent, was convicted last week ill the penalty of 20s. for making a false return of his age, to exempt himself from serving in the militia. O11 the night of Tuesday las), a most villainous attempt was made to destroy by fire the paper manufactory ofMessrs. Lloyd, at Postlip, in Gloccslershire A piece of timber, lying close to the mills, was set 011 fire, but fortunately was discovered ill time to prevent its communicating with the buildings A reward of .£ 50 has been offered for the con- viction of the offenders; but lliey have as yet eluded . de- lection. I11 an action of replevin tried in the Court of King's Bench 011 Saturday last, it appears tbat Bank Notes are not a legal tender for Rent. Fires.— About five o clock on Sunday morning a fire broke out iu the workshopof Messrs. Mason anil Faulkner's brush- manfactory, in Manchester, which threatened destructive consequences; but by a timely discovery, and immediate assistance, it was happily extinguished before any consider- able damage was sustained.— Between one and two o'clock in Ibe afternoon of the same tiny, afire was discovered inthe highest slory of the very extensive warehouse of Mess. Haigli Marshall and Tidswell, lie cortler of High- street and Church- street.— An immediate alarm being gneiij theen- gines were brought as spteejily as possible, and assistance rendered from all qaruters. A great number of persons as- sembled, and with the most laudable zeal, and indefatigable exertion, entered the lower rooms, and from every opening threw out goods, which were carried off by men, by carts, & c. and by every possible ineth id, to places of probable se- curity. This labour continued fol- several hours, and even, in many instances, amidst theflames, so daring were the assistants in their work of distressing necessity; and per- sons of all classes' Were thus employed — The engines, unfor- tunately, had not a sufficient supply of water for the great demand. After four hours' incessant labour, the flames de- scending from story to story, this pile of building, six stories high, was reduced to ruinous fragments. The stock of goods it, contained is estimated al nearly 100,0001. a prodigous quan- tity of which was totally destroyed, and great portious were damaged in different degrees— The actual loss is supposed to amount to at least a full third of the whole quantity — There is an insurance on the stock for .£ 25,000 and on the building .£ 4,000 ; so that the loss will in all probability he heavy to the proprietors. How this destructive fire originat- ed, there is no clue for a proper conclusion. Till four o'clock 011 Saturday afternoon women were at work in the room where the fire began, and at five the Superintendaut visited the room, as customary — There was a fire grate in it, so formed as to be turned round into u recess of iron, with the fire il contained at the time. There was very little in it on Sa- turday evening, and it was, as usual, turned into the recess, and completely elosed up. The misfortune is IW avv, but had il happened in the night, it would most probably have bee- u increased in a prodigious degree.— Notwithstanding the courageous daring of the assistants, we have heard but of one serious accident; that of a man having his shoulder dislocated, by staying so long in a burning room, that lie was obliged al last to leap from a considerable height to save himself. Very early ou Mo inlay morning the town was again alarmed; a vast quantity of goods from the above warehouse, piled in Marsdeu- square, having taken tire from smothered particles ( w ilhin them. Prom pt assistance was given, and the fire was i extinguished, but not without considerable farther loss.— A party of the 111 iiilurv guarded these goods during the night as they . had doue in tbe day, and rendered, in that and other respectsImo. st essential service. We have been favoured by a friend with the following very interesting statement, upon the authenticity of which ttie. utinystreliar. ee may be placed. An account of the Reduction of the National Debt from the lit of August 1786, to'the tst of February 1812. BOOK- KEEPER WANTED. AYOUNG MAN, who writes a good Hand, and is con- versant in Accompts, may meet with a Situation, by applying to MARSHA LL, HUTTON, and Co Shrewsbury. Inthe DELIGHTFUL VILLAGE of BRACE MF. OLE, j Distant One Mile and a Quarter from Shreicsbury, TO BE LET, ( FURNISHED) FOR SIX MONTHS, OR A LONGER PERIOD, AMOST desirable COTTAGE, replete with every C011- veniency for a small Family, with a Garden attached. For Particulars enquire of Mr. R. PRITCHARD, Princess Street, Shrewsbury. N, B. Possession may be had on the First of March. SALOP 1NFJRMARY, ' February 1, 1812. NOTICE js hereby given, Tbat a Special General Board of Trustees will be held at this Infirmary, on TUES- DAY, the 25th Day of THIS. MONTH, at Eleven o'CIock, to ELECT A SURGEON, in the room of Mr. SANDFORD, who Iras resig- ned ; and to take into Consideration the Recommendation of the Board of Directors, for appointing Mr. Sandford a SURGEON EXTRAORDINARY to this Institution. JOHN JONES, Secretary. To the Trustees of the Salop Infirmary. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Jl/ JII. SAXUFOUO having retired from the Situation , which he has so long, and so ably filled as one of the Suite BONS to your excellent Charity, I beg I, cave to offer myself as his Successor ; assuring you, that should I be so fortunate as to meet your Approbation, my best Efforts shall be exerted to promote the ex- tensive Utility of the Institution. I have the honour to be, L. IDIES JvN GtiNTr. BMBLF, Your most faithful and obedient Servant, THOMAS SUTTON". Salop, 6th February, 1812. WM DAVIES, Saddler, of Oswestry aforesaid, in Order that some Arrangements may be made wit h such Creditors : andall 1 eisous who stand indebted to the said- Sarah Ed wards, are hereby ren, i, ed to pay the Amount of such Debts o the said William Davies, who is authorized to re- ^ ffi^ r thty Wi" " e ^" against Oswestry, February 17, 1812. WHITE LION INN, WHITCHURCH. TO BE LET, OR SOLD, AND ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT, ALL that extensive and long- established INN, THE WHITE LION, in WHITCHURCH, in the County of Salop, with the Stables, Coach Houses, and Ontoffices to the same belonging, long known as the Resort of the No-- bility, Gentry, and Travellers. For a Specification of the Premises, ( which are ill good Repair,) and other Particulars, enquire of Mr. W. HALL,. Nantwich, if Vy Letter, l'osl- puid. Dated February 14, 1812. . MON TG <) MERYSHIRE. ~ . HY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A MOS ' " ' ' - iV L. I N G WANTED, a PARTNER in the Concern ofa small SACK l- LOUR MILL, in the County of Salop.— The Mill consists of two Pair of French Stones, oue Paii of ' Derby, two Dressing Mills, which are entirely new; is 1 constantly supplied with a full Stream of Water, lies in a good Corn Country, and near the Turnpike Road. The ! Advertiser holds, under Lease, fourteen Acres of good i Meadow Laud adjoiuiug the Mill, and the Partner will be i taken into the Agreement. f The Advertiser will not object to any Person who may not understand the Milling Busiuess, but an undeniable Character for Honesty, Sobriety, and Industry, will be required For Reference apply perconally at THE PRINTER'S. FARM. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT, ADESIRABLE FARM, containing about 320 Acres, lying within a Ring Fence, and situate about five Miles from Ludlow, in the County of Salop, aud near 10 the Turnpike Road leading from thence to Bridgnorth.— The Object ofthe Proprietor is to obtain a good and eligible Tenant, to w hom there would be no Objection to grant a Lease for a. Term of Years. For further Particulars apply to Mr. PRITCH. VRD Solicitor, of Broseiey. NOTICE is hereby given, that the MARE left at the TALBOT'S HEAD INN, in tlie Town of ABERYST- WITH, in the County of Cardigan, 011 the 1st Day of Sep- tember last, bv Mr. JOHN TASKER WILLIAMS, will be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Market Place in the Town of Aberystwith aforesaid, 011 MONDAY, the 24th Instant, for the Purpose of liquidating the Expenses of her Keep, unless she is taken away and those I-^ xpenses paid before 12 o'Clock at Noou of tbat Day. Aberystwith, \ 2th Feb. 1812. JACOB JONES. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons to whom Mr. JOHN RAWLINS, late of the Tnwn of SHREWSBURY, Butcher, stood indebted at the Time of his Decease, are requested to send in their Accounts to Mr. TIMOTHY OAKLEY, Butcher, or Mr. ASTERLEY, Attorney, Shrewsbury ; and those Persons that are indebted to Mr. Rawlins's Estate, are desired to pay their respective Debts to Mr. ASTERLEY immediately. Shrewsbury, 1UA February, ISI2. U. I • TO the Reception of a large genteel Family, who may have ) m mediate Possession The Honse affords a beautiful View of Powis Castle, and the Ground communicates with the Plantations and Park ; are now in Ibe Possession of Mr. Nieliolls, and are held under the Devisees ot the late Earl of Powis, by Lease for the Lives of two Persons aud the Survivor, under a smalt reserved Rent. For further Particulars and a View of the Premises e of Mr " Pool.— 29W Jan. 1812. FC* « » F ESSRS. N ICHOLLS TO COVER THIS SEASOV, ' PAV. ilZJ1ARTIf> NF'AR WELSHPOOL, AVI LION, at three Guineas a M. u e, and five Shillings „ „ the Groom. " Barren Mares at Half Price, ami the Groom's Fee Grass at 7-. 6cl. per Week, and all expenses to be paid a the Time of Covering, or before the Mares are taken e-'-- 1 » away. ' G^ LTAN, at T. HILES's Abbiy Foregate, SHREWSBURY 1 hree Gui,, eJ — H- sfi- SULTAN was got by St. Paul, St. Pant by Sail ram, < Purity, Darn of Rockingham. The Dan. of Sulfa. out of r --, ,,, . - * « c uaiu 01 ." Ml I rail tva. Fanny, bv Weazel ; Weazel was got by Old Herod" - For Sultan's Performances vide Racing Calendar" Sultan will be atWenlock and Bridgnorth everv Mon- day; Shiffnal every Tuesday; at Newport every VVednes- SafoVday, and'sunehi'v ^ ; ^ ^ TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON AT LADY- DAY NEXT, AVERY neat and compact new- built DWELLING HOUSE, situaie ill the pleasant Village of ROD- D1NGTON, near High Ereall. iu the County of Salop, late in the Occupation of M is. HOPSON. deceased ; with a good Garden, and every requisite Convenience for a small genteel Family— For Particulars apply to THE PRINTER. NEW OL YMPIC CIRCUS, Cl. AllEMONT- HILL, SHREWS- BURY. BIRMINGHAM LIFE INSURANCE & ANNUITY OFFICE, UNION- STREET, BIRMINGHAM, Foi Insurance on Lives auil Survivorship, Endowments of Children, and graining and purchasing Annuities, Empowered by Act of Parliament. PATRONS." The Right Hon. the Earl of DARTMOUTH. The Right Hon. Lord Viscount ASHBROOK. The Right Hon. Lord BEAUCHAMP, Sir CHARLES MORDAUNT, Bart. M. P. I^ lcn A I T C--- 1- T1 ,• « ..-."... — |> ' LYGON, M. P. I' I.' I TDK HI N Sir ROBERT L~ AWLEY," I! ait! ISAAC HAWKINS BROWNE, Esq. M. P. PERSONS insuring wilh this Company will enjoj tbe following peculiar Advantages:— ist, A Capital tf Half a Million has been subscribed as a Security for all the Engagements of the INSTITUTION, the Proprietors taking upon themselves the sole Responsibility, while the Insurers participate with them in the Profits, without in- curring any risk whatever. 2d, At the expiration of every seven Years, 011c third Part of ihe Profits is appropriated to encrease each Policy, ill proportion to the aggregate Amount paid by each Peison for Premium, which gives Persons assuring at this Offie, every Reason to expect their Heirs or Assigns will receive aveiy considerable Addition to ihe Sum insured. 3d, Every Proprietor is under the Necessity of making an Assurance, and when it drops, a new Assurance must be made in its Place, which gives an additional Stability to the Institution, by a perpetual Renovation of Policies. Proposals containing Ihe Rates of Insurance, and every Information, may he obtained at tbe Office, or of the follow- ing Persons, who are also Agents to the Birmingham Fire Oce. By Order of the Directors. R. I. W1RHF. RIEGE, Secretary. SHREWSBURY, aye. By your' example yon have taught the . enemy' to believe that they will reap in our service fresh ai l, thereby in due hi g I hem to press harder, and find in the British navy 8 " ate^ u (: zi WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19. 1812. MARRIED. Yesterday, at Lelntwardine, the Rev. John Rocke, jun. eldest son of tlie Rev. John Rocke, of Cluugunford Park, to Anne, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Beale, Esq. of Heath- House, in this county. [ Several Tradesmen of this town, to manifest their respect for the families, celebrated tbe event, in addition toother demonstrations of joy, by a meeting at ( he Britannia Anns, aud spent the evening iti the utmost hilarity. J On Monday last, at Wellington, Mr. Samuel Altree, of Shawbury, to Miss Frances Astley, second daughter of Mr. Astley, of Edgbolton. Al Montgomery, on the 11th inst. Christopher Rowland Richardson, Esq. ' f Calcutta, to Martha Anne, eldest daughter ofthe late Charles Gardner Humphreys, Esq. of Montgomery'. Thui day, bv special license, at Burnham, Bucks, the Right Hon. the Earl of llchester, to Caroline, eldest daugh- ter of the late George Murray, Bishop of St. David's, and niece of the Duke of Athol DIED. On the 3tl inst in London, Mrs. Mary Spendlove, relict of Ihe lale Mr. Richard Spendlove, of this town, timber- mer- Redeeined by the Sinking Fund ... Transferred by Land Tax redeemed Ditto by Life Annuities purchased . O11 Account of Great Britain ......... Ditlo of Ireland Ditto of Imperial Loan Ditto of Loan to Portugal .. £ 189,338,480 23,- 941,057 1,606,040 . 215,085,577 9,085,958 1,234,514 118,568 ±' 225,524,617 « I?;::., t W ^'^ tsc * Id from thence he draw 11, on a hurdle, to the place o^' executfon^ wheVe^ yon shiTlVbe banged by the ncck^ t till vou are dead ; that you be severally taken clown, while Vet aUvc am your bowels be taken out, and cast before you laces That your heads be then cut of, and your bodies cut In four quarters, to be at the King's disposal. The prisoners heard the awful sentence with becoming fortitude, a" d were then, after eying foi mercy, re- conduct- ed to their cells. I chant, and sister to Mr. John Evans. Her remains were in- rr » il at St Chad's 011 the lltli. A few days ago, Mrs. Ells Hodges, of Ibis town, aged 86. In London, aged 79, the Dowager Lady Scarsdale. ( In Saturday last, in the 63d year of his age, Mr. Hamilton, tailor, of Claremout- hill, in this town; a man highly es- teemed for his integrity, and sincerely lamented by his dis- consolate widow and numerous acquaintance. Oil Friday, It. Parker, Esq. of Dudley, iron master. Wednesday, at Monmouth, of a dropsy. 011 the brain, I Andrew Cherry, Esq Manager of I he Thpatres at that town, and at Swansea; and formerly of the London, Dublin, and Bath Theatres ; author of the Travellers, Soldier's Daugh- ter, and several other successful dramatic pieces. The Sum to he expended in the ensuing Quarter is ,£ 2,962,955, 5s. B^ d. MARKET HERALD. Price of Grain ill our market on Saturday last— Wheat 16s Od. to 17s. Od.— Barley 8s. 8d. per bushel of 38 qls.— Oats 7s. 61I. per customary measure of 57 quarts. Com- Exchange, February 14. • The market this day is nearly as stated on Wednesday ; few fresh arrivals of Wheat, and not much on hand ; and in this trade sales fully support last prices.— The same may be noted ill the trade for Barley and Malt.— Pease and Beaus of cach description remain at little fluctuation.— We have some few fresh arrivals of (. tats, hut not'many remaining, and the sales made are scarcely sufficient to warrant a variation from last named prices.— Flour at the last quotation. Current Price of Grainper Quarter as under :— Wheat fiSs. to 110s. I White Pens 76s. ti Barley 45s. to S5s. i Oats 30s. to 38s, Beans 54s. to 60s. | Malt SOS. to 86s. Flue Plot!' . Oils to 93'.— Seconds 8, ss, to 90s. per FEB. 17]— To- day the fresh a. rivals of Wheat make the supply rather considersblr, sales heavy, at a declension in price of about 2s. and 3s. icr quarter ; some samples of fine old White fetch 125s:— Bsrley somewhat higher— Malt aad White Peas fully al last prices; Grey and Beans of cacli sort at little fluctuation — There is a continuance of short supplie. of Oats, and liis trade quoted likewise rather higher.— Flour without vaiatiou. 1 82s. pck. By Permission of the Right Worship. fnl THE MAYOR AND CORPORATION. THIS present WEDNESDAY, February 19th, 1812, AND EVERY EVENING DURING THE WEEK. HORSEMANSHIP, By Messrs. PETERS and CARTER, and Clown, Mr. CAMPBELL. Superb Enlres, wilh Men & Horses. To conclude with the sagacious Horse, Turk, Daucing to the Tune of" NANCY DAWSON." SURPRISING FEATS ON A SINGLE HORSE, BY MR. W. WEST. EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS, Or Men piled upon Men. After which Mr: PETERS will displnv his WONDERFUL FEATS OF STRENGTH, by balancing Coach Wheels, a Boy on a Ladder, &. e. fcc — Tbe Horse l urk will perforin his WONDERFUL TRICKS ; will lie down, sit up, tiu- girtli, and pull off' his Saddle, and also leap through a BLAZING HOOP OF FIRE. Slack Rope Faulting, by Mr. Peters. HORSEMANSHIP BY MR. WEST. Who will toss several Oranges, and leap over a Board of Lights, and alight oil the Saddle, the. Horse going three- quarters Speed. --< . SLACK WIRE, BY MR. PETERS'. SPOUTS OF THE RING, Or a Grand Trial of Skill, bv the w hole Troop. TIGHTROPE, HY MR. HENGLAR, Who will leap over a Garter Six Feet high, & c. & c. MR. PETERS Will, on THURSDAY NIGHT ONLY, go through his ASTONISHING PERFORMANCES OF WALKING AGAINST THE ROOF OF THE CIRCUS, JFith his Bead Downwards ! ! Exhibiting, in various Forms, a Flag iu each band ; will also turn round and walk back, to the Admiration of every Beholder. The Performances to conclude with THE TAYLOR RIDING TO BRENTFORD. EY MR. W. WEST. Doors to he opened at 6; and t he Performance com- mence at 7 o'Cloek. Admission— Boxes 3s. Pit 2s Gallery Is.— Children under 10 Years of Age, Half- price.— Tickets, and Places for the Boxes, lo be had of Mr. WEST, at the CIRCUS, from 11 till 1. N. B. Ladies and Gentlemen instructed in ihe polite ART of RIDING — Horses broke for the RIMUI or Field, by Mr. WEST, Hiding- Master. • ' AGENTS Shrewsbury Whitchurch Cleobury Mortimer Market Drayton Wem Newport Iwdto'vo Penley, near Ellesmere Osieest'y .. Rules Oxen Shifnal HVUing/. rm - Elleimere .. - Siaffcrd Pet kridge Wahall ... Lichfield Tumicorth Newcastle Halve, hampton Bilston Line End and Cheadle Cannnck .... Rugcley Burslem Aherystwith Aexfown .. Welsh I' 00! . Wyna Hall, SHROPSHIRE. JOSFPH ENOCK. Josrpii LCE. JOHN EATON. THOMAS GRIFFITH, Jun, ARTHUR HEETENSON. KIOHARD'LOWE. THOMAS GRIFFITHS. THOMAS EACHUS. JOHN STANTON. JOSFI- H GRANCER. • lost AH HARDING. • ••• THOMAS CRANAGE. ANDREW CROSS. STAFFORDSHIRE. •• JOSEPH HENSHAW. — ORORGE BENNETT. ••• ••• THOMAS PEARCE. THOMAS KUTTER. Wur. IAM WAIN. CH ARI. ES CHSSTER. THOMAS SIMPSON, STEPHEN BASKORO. RICHARD NF. WBOLD. CHARLES COTTERIL. WILJ. IAM HAWKINS. JOHN WARD. WALES. DAVID GRIFFITH, MI. JONES, Druggist. - JAMES ROBERTS. re ar Riiaboo JOHN KENHICK. OAK BARK. TO BE SOLD l! Y AUCTION, BY J. SALTKli, At the Tail Yard, late in the Occupation of Mr. JOHN JONVS, Brook Street, OSWESTRY, ( who is declining Busi- ness), on Monday, the 24th February, 1812, at 3o'Clotk inthe Afternoon, IN THREE LOTS ; FROM gotolooTONS of one and two year old OAK. BARK, well harvested. Most VALUABLE GARDENS, BUILDING SCITE, MEADOW LAND, and HAY, SHREWSBURY. TO RE SOLD RY AUCTION\ BY JONATHAN PERRY, On Tuesday, the 24lh Day of March, 1S12, at Mr. Crow- ther's, the Castle Inn, Castle- Foregate, Shrewsbury, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, iu Lots ; SEVERAL most valuable GARDENS, on COTTON HILL, Shrewsbury, by far surpassing, in eligibleness of Scite, any Property of the Kind ever on Sale in or about Shrews- bury.— Also'TH REE PIECES ofKich MEADOW LAND near the GREEN FI ELDS ; aud about Twenty- three Tons of most excellent HAY', of last Harvest— The Whole belong- ing: to the Representatives of the late Mr. JOHN ROWLAN DS, 4ofShrewsbury, deceased. The Lois will be described in future Advertisements, and further Particulars staled. ^ aleg tip auction- SHROPSHIRE CAPITAL TIMBER. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Oat Sheaf Inn, at Pitchford. on Tuesday; the 25th Day of February, 1812, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon, either in one, or such Lots as shall be agreed upon ; rpHF. following OAK TIMBER and other TREES, mow- J. ing in a Coppice called STOCKBATCH COPPICE and on Lands adjoining thereto, near to the Village of Pitch, ford, in the County of Salop, within two miles'of the Stiver Severn, and six from Shrewsbury, viz. 197 OAK Timber Trees, numbered with aScribe from 1 to 197 80 ASH Trees, numbered with a Scribe from 1 to' 8o: The OakTrees are of the best Quality, and great Part of it is of large Dimensions. For further Particulars apply toMr. DODSON, of Connd, Shropshire: or to Messrs. PEMBERTON and COUPLA N I>, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. TIMBER. ' ~ BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Mermaid Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the Ot) th of February, 1812. at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, iu tbe following Lots: LOT I. 1 Qf\ OAK TIMBER TREES, marked and numbered j^ O^' with white Paint, 42 Oak Runnels, marked with Cyphers in white Paint, now standing and growing in a Coppice and Farm in PLEA LEY, in the Parish of Pontesbnry, in the County of Salop, in the Possession of Miss- Tiptons, and Occupation of Mr. Samuel Harries. I. OTII no OAK Trees, marked and numbered with white Paint, and id Oak Cyphers, now standing and growing on a Farm at BAYSTON, in Ihe Parish nfCputlover, in the County ofSalop, in the Occupation of Mr. Samuel Hudson. The respective Tenants will shew the Timber; and further Particulars may he had by applying to Mr ASTER I. FY. Solicitor, Shrewsbury; or BIAS aud GRANDSON, Albion Hayes. ^ aieg bp auction;. BY S. TUDOR, On the Premises, on Wednesday, the lith Day of March, 1812, and thefollowiog Days; ALL the neat and elegant HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, elegant Dinner and Tea China, and Glass, belonging to THOMAS MONEY, Esq. of the Cres- cent.— Particulars ofwhich will be expressed in Catalogues, and will be r< ady for delivery oil Wednesday, the 4th of March. The Goods may be viewed, by Tickets only, on Monday . preceding the Sale, from 12 to 3 o'Clock, on Application lo THE AUCTION t. tit. Skreiesbury, I Jth February, 1812. SUPERIOR FARMING STOCK. BY CHURTON, Without the least Reserve, on Monday, tlie Qlll Day of March, 1812; ALL that most excellent well bred LIVE STOCK, tbe Property of Mr. CHARLES OVERTON, of the DUNGERY HALL, ileal Bangor, in the County of Flint; Comprising 25 Prime Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, ( i valuable calving Heifers, 3 picked Calvcrs, ] beautiful high bred yearling Bull. The Auctioneer particularly calls the Attention Of the Public to the above truly valuable Stock, which he with Confidence asserts are not inferior to any in the Couuty. The Sale w ill commence at 10 o'Clock precisely. VALVA RLE MAIDEN OAK TIMBER, FIRS, & c. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Bowling Green, in Uftiiiglon, near Shrewsbury, oil Wednesday, the 1 Ith Day of March, 1812, between the Hours of three and five iu the Afternoon, subject tn such Conditions as will lie then produced ; LOT 1. 1 Al 0AK TIVIBER ' BEES, blazed anrl nnm I M I bered witb red Paint, growing iu Coppices near J 7 ' Battle Field. 8 " LOT II. 207 OAK Timber Trees, blazed and numbered witb white Paint, growing on tbe Ash Walk Coppices, ad- joining Ihe above Lot, near Battle Field. LOT III. 292 ALDERTrees and Poles, growing in Al- bright Lee Coppice, near Sundorn. LOT IV. 148 LARCH and SCOTCH Timber; aud 532 LARCH and SCOTCH Poles, growing in Albright Lee Coppices, near Sundorn. The above Oak Timber is situate wilhin two Mill's of the River Severn and the Shrewsbury Canal,- and three Miles from Shrewsbury. The Alder Trees and Poles, Fir Trees and Poles, are within one Mile of the Canal,- anrl three Miles from Shrewsbury: the Oak Timber is capital Cleft, or Ship Plank; aud worth the Attention of Timber Merchants. MI. SALTF. r, of Battle Field, will shew the Oak Timber, nnd Mr. WOOLRICH, of Sundorn, thc Alder Poles, and Fir Timber. For further Particulars enquire of Messrs. M Al)- nocK and JACKSON, Altornics, or of Mr. JOHN LEE, Builder, Shrewsbury. VALUABLE JEWELLERY, CHINA, & c. BY W. SMITH, THIS AND THE THREE FOLLOWING DAYS, At the House and Shop late in the Occupation of Mr. J- HOOSDON Straw Hat Manufacturer, High- STREET, Shrewsbury; CONSISTING of a truly VALUABLE and EXTEN- SIVE ASSORTMENT of Watches, Jewellery, Coral anrl Cornelian Beads, best Plated Goods, real Worcester and Salopian China, in Dessert and Tea Services, Ornaments, & c. Staffordshire Earthenware, Paper Trays and Waiters to match, Grecian Candlesticks with Glass Drops, Morocco Military Belts, Morocco Work and Shaving Boxes, & c. & r. — A| Quantity | of Jugs of different descriptions, iu Lots; 6 gross of Plated Tea Spoons, with Silver Edges ; 1 ditto ofTeaTongs; 100 complete Sets of China ; SO Pair of Gold Ear- rings; 20 Box Broaches, set in Gold; 50 Morocco Work Boxes, elegantly mounted ill Guld ; 20 Pair of Corne- lian Ear- rings, set 111 Gold ; 20 Broaches, to match ; 20 elegant Pearl aud real Stone Set Broaches; 6 capital Curb Gold Chains; 50 Gold Seals, with real Chrystal Stones ; 50 small Ditto ; 20 dozen of Plated Table Spoons, witb Silver Edges; 20 small rows of Coral Beads; 10 elegant large rows of Ditto ; 20 Plated Tankards and Pints, to match, with Silver Edges ; 6 elegant Cornelian Crosses, Gold mounted with real Amethyst Centre; 20 capital Silver Watches,- all Lancashire Movements, warranted ; 20 Cor- nelian Waist Clasps and Broaches to match; IS Morocco Military Belts, elegantly mounted; 1110 Essence Bottles, Gold and Silver mounted ; 12 rows of Cornelian Heads ; 12 Pair of Plated Nut- cracks; ( j Seed Coral Necklaces and Bracelets to match ; 12 Paper Trays and Waiters to match ; 12 dozen of Plated Scoops, Gilt and Plain ; a Quntily of Silver Pencil Cases and Picks ; 20 Pair of real Stone set Ear- rings; 12 Pair of Grecian Candlesticks, with 42 Glass Drops to each l'air; 6 set China Chimney Piece Orna- ments; a Quantity of beautiful set Gold Finger Kings ; 6 dozen of Plated Pudding Forks; 20 Gentlemen's Dressing Boxes, elegantly mounted, containing from 20 to40 Articles ill each Box; several handsome Writing Desks, Portfolios, & c.: together with a general Assortment of Articles in tlic Jewellery line. Kf'THE AUCTIONEER respectfully informs the Ladies aud Gentlemen of Shrewsbury and it's Vicinity, that the above Goods, 011 Inspection, will be found well w orth their Attention, being all fashionable prime Goods of the first Description ; anil will be peremptorily sold, without the least Reserve— The Goods intended for each Day's Sale will be selected ready for Inspection iu tbe Morning previ- ous 10 the Time of selling.— Sale to coinmcuce precisely at eleven o'Clock. FAT COWS AM) SHEEP. BY W. SMITH, Ou the Premises, at Newman Hall, in the Parish of Bcr- rington, in the County of Salop, ou Monday, the 24lh Day of February, 1812, without Reserve : EIGHT very capital k well fatted COWS, together w. ith one Hundred and fifty well fed SHEEP, iu Lots of ten each. The Sale to begin precisely at 11 o'Clock in thc Morning. NEWMAN HALL is five Miles distant from Shrewsbury, five from Alchain Bridge, seven from Wcnlock, and nine from Wellington. FREEHOLD HOUSES, l\ SHREWSBURY. BY WILLIAM SMITH, At the Old Post Office Inn, in the Town of Shrewsbury, 011 Monday, the 2d Day of March, 1812, belrveen the Hours of four and six in tbe Afternoon, and subject to Con- ditions then to be produced : ALL those TWO most substantial and convenient Messuages or DWELLING HOUSES, with Yards, situated in the Top of BARKER STREET, Shrewsbury, in the several Occupations of Mr. E. Oakeley, Maltster, and Mr. E. Allcock. The above Premises arc in most complete Repair, and TIMBER. Sale further postponed to the'iGth of February. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross FQKCR Inn, Oswestry,- in thc County of Salop, on Wednesday, Ihe 26th Day of February, 1812 ( and not on the lQtb, as before adveitised), al four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditious then to be produced ; LOT I. 11 ft CAPITAL OAK Trees, scribed, and numbered J Q from 1 to lfil, bulh inclusive ; 23 ASH, numbered from I to 23, inclusive , 7 SYCAMORE, number- ed from 1 to 7 inclusive ; 2 LIME Trees. LOT II. 153 capital OAK Trees, scribed, anrl numbered froin 117to2( jr),. boll) inclusive; 27 ASH, numbered frorn 24 lo 50, both inclusive; and 4 SYCAMORE Trees, numbered from 3 to 11, inclusive. The above two Lots are growing 011 Ar: nicv\ r, T. F. T 11 Farm, iu the Parish of Llaugedwin, in the County of Montgomery, ill the Holding of Mr. John Griffiths, close adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from T. lan- rhaidr, and distant 6 Milea from the Montgomeryshire Canal. LOT III. 107 capital OAK Trees, scribed, and numbered from 1 lo 107 inclusive, growing 011 N A NTG witl o Farm, in the Holding of Richard Davics; 20 capital OAK Trees, scribed, and numbered from 1 to 20 inclusive, growing 011 PANDY- BYCHAN Farm, 111 the Holding of Richard Jones ; 18 ASH Trees, numbered from 1 to 18 inclusive, growing 011 NANTGWRII) Farm'; 2 ASH Trees, on PANDY- BYCHAN Farm; 6 CHERRY Trees, 011 NANTGWRID Farm; 1 DITTO, on PANDY- BYCHAN Farm and 24 OAK Sap- lings, on NANTGWRII) Farm. LOT IV. 51 capital OAK Trees, scribed and numbered from 1 to 51 inclusive ; 15 ASH Trees, numbered from t to ) 5inclusivey and 2 ELM Trees, growing on PENYBRYN Farm, in the Holding of Richard Davies. Thc above 4 Lots of Oak Timber are of lavge Dimensions, fit for Ship Planking, Cleft, or any- Other Purposes ; and tbe Asli is of excellent Quality.. Lots. 3 and 4 are situate in the Parish of Llangollen, distant 5 Miles from the Ellesmere Canal, at Rhos- Wael.— The respective Tenants w ill shew the Timber. bp auction* STIRCHLEY HALL, NEAR MADELEY AND SHIFFNAL. BY FRANC1. S HALLEY, On the Premises, at STIRCHLEY H A LL FARM, on MONDAIT NEXT, the 24th Day of FebnnJiy, 1312, THE following FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, aud other Effects, the Property of Mr. WILLIAM NICHOLLS, who is leaving the Farm : four Waggon Mai'es, roost excellent Workers, a Hackney Mare ( will draw well), a two- year Horse Colt, out of the said Mare, got by LITTLE ENGLAND, two Yearling Colls of ihe Draught Kind, a Mare, six Years old, got by TBU E BLUE, Dam by Old Herod, out of a Regulus Mare a most excel- lent Hunter ; 6 fat Cows, a two- year old Hereford Bull; 15 black- faced Wether L, ambs, 2 black- faced two- year old Rams ; 8 small Store Pigs ; a four- horse Power Threshing Machine, by ONIONS of Broseley, a two- horse Ditto, by G. RUSHTON ; a Waggon with Gearing, a Tumbrel, a double Plough, a single Ditto, a Pair of four- horse Harrows, 3 Pair of Harrow Woods, a Land Roll, a Ladder, a Winnow- ing Machine, 2 Com Coffers, 6 Cast- iron Pigtroughs, 2 Slohe- Ditto; Grindstone aud Frame, a Set of Blacksmith's Tools, wilh - Anvil, Bellows, Malt Mill, Kibbling Dilto, 2 Saddles, 2 Bridles, 3 Cheese Presses with Iron Screws, arid sundry oilier Articles— The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. Upon WEDNESDAY, the 26th Instant, WILL bE SOLD, upon the abovte Premises, A great Variety of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Dairy and Brewing Requisites, Law Books, and other Effects, more particularized in a Hand Bill.— The Sale to commence at Tcno'ClUck. ~ BY F. KITE, At tlic Sun Inn; in Ludlow, in tbe County of Salop, on Monday, tire 24th DAY of this Instant February, between the Hours of four and seven o'Clock in the Afternoon : QQ OAK' Trees, 13 ASH Trees, a Poplar, 2 Hollies, ,_), y and 1 Wyclie Tree, standing upon a Farm and Lands at CLUNTON, iu the Parish of Clunbury, in the County of Salop. The above Timber is of kind Growth, and fit for Building and olhcr useful Purposes For a View of the Timber apply to Mr. JOHN DODD, the Teuant, or THE AUCTION EER. 47 ASH Trees, also standing on the BANK CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the White Lion, in Willow Street, in the Town ofOswes- . try, the lltli Day of March, 1812, at four o'Clock in tlie Afternoon, and subject lo Conditions then to be pro duced : LOT 1. ( j) f\ F OAK TP, FES, scribed and numbered, and grow- y iiig'on a Farm in the Township of Upper Brony- arth, in the Parish of Guilsfield, in the County of Montgomery, in the Holding of Mrs. Elisabeth Edwards. LOT II. 300 OAK TREES. LOT III. 152 OAK TREES. N. B. Lots 2 and 3 are scribed and numbered, and grow- ing 011 a Farm in tlie Township of Upper- Bronyarth afore said, in the Holding of Mr. John Davies. Tbe Trees arc lengthy and sound, and fit for Shiphuild ing, or any other supei ior Purpose. Mr. John Davies, 011 the Premises, will shew the Timber.; and for further Particulars apoly ( if bv Letter, Post paid) lo Mr. BF. NTLEY, of Moreton Hall, near Oswestry. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 12th and 13th Days of March, 1812 ; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, with all the HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, together with Ihe Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mrs. MARY JONES, of WOOI. STON, in the Parish of West Felton, in tbe County of Salop, who is leav- ing ber Farm.— Catalogues will be prepared, and may be had at the following Places; Cross Keys, Oswestry ; Black Lion, Ellesmerc; New Inn and Cross Keys, Knockin ; and of TIL E AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton. STOCK OF DAIRY COWS, YOUNG CATTLE, frc. BY GLOVEFTAND SON, On the Premises, oil Tuesday, March 17H1, 1812, and the tour follow ing Days : nnHE w hole of the most valuable and well known STOCK I of DAIRY COWS, voung Cattle, Horses, and other FARMING STOCK, of the late Mr JOHN WYNNE, of RYTON, iu Ihe Parish of Bangor, in the County of Flint, deceased.— Particulars in a future Paper. BY T. VAUGHAN, On the Premises, on FRIDAY NEXT, the 21st Day of February, 181?, AIL the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy Utensils, tk. c belonging to Mr THOMAS COFFIN, of Sr. MARTIN'S — The Sale to comineuce at Ten o'Clock. BY T. VAUCFHAN^ Ou MONDAY NEXT, the 24th Day of Februarv, 181- 2, PART of the modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mi MU1. LINEUX, of WIGGINTON, who is removing to Saint Martin's. N. B. Also a FOWLING PIECE ( twisted Barrel) as complete a one an any in thc Couuty, by SPENCER, of London. BY T. VAUGHAN, On Tuesday, thc 25th Day of February, 1813," at the MARKETPLACE, ELLESMERE, in the County of Salop, at three o'Clock precisely, ON F, powerful DRAUGHT MAR E, set of Thrill Gears fur Ditto, one valuable CART ( new), with broad Wheels aud HarvestGearing complete. A FARMING STOCK WORTHY OF NOTICE." BY T. VAUGHAN, be viewed by Application to the respective Occupiers. Particulars apply to Mr. W. COOPER, may L. . -,.,.-. For further Mr Solicitor; or THE AUCTIONEER. GKPUTNE FURNITURE. BY WILLIAM SMITH, On Monday and Tuesday, the 23d and 24tli Days of March, 1812, 011 the Premises, at ONSLOW, near Shrewsbury ; MHE neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and T FURNITURE," belonging to the Rev. JOHN WILDE, who is leaving Onslow. This Advertisement will not appear again until Wednes- day, the 4th of March, when it will be repeated, with Particulars. At the Harleen, in the Parish of Llandrinio, in the County of Montgomery, 011 Tuesduy, the loth of March, 18 12, between the Hours of one and three in tlie Afternoon, aubj- ct to such Conditions as shall be then produced und agreed upon: ALL that the MESSUAGE, or Dwelling House, mnuy Years used as a PUBLIC HOUSE, called THE HARLEEN aforesaid, with thc Outbuildings, Smith's Shop, and LANDS thereto belonging: also, a TENE- MENT nnd GARDEN adjoining thereto, containing by Admeasurement 5A. ] R 6P. or thereabouts, in thc holding of John Griffiths, or his Undertenants-. THE HARLEEN is situate near the . junction of the two Turnpike Roads leading from Pool to Oswestry, which is also the great Itoad to Llanymyneeh Lime Bocks, nod Llwynyniaen and Treftlrclitwdi) Collieries; and Ibe Lands adjoin the Montgomeryshire Canal, The House is a well accustomed Public, and the Shop a good Situation for Busi- ness ; the Premises lie very compact ; distant about six Miles from Pool, and nine from Oswestry. The Tenant will shew the Premises; and for furtlier Particulars apply at the Office of Mr. THOMAS, Solicitor) In the Town of Llanfyllin. Without Reserve, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 11th, 12th, and 13th Days of March, 1812, ALL that young, excellent, and carefully selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brew- ing and Dairy Utensils,- together with the neat and modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. PETER EDWARDS, of THE CROSS, near Ellesmere, who is declining the Farming Business: consisting of 14 young' Dairy Cows, 3 Barrens, 8 three- years old Heifers, 4 two- years old Ditto, 2 two- years old Bulls, 3 Yearling Ditto; 6 valuable Draught Horses, 2 Yearling Colts; 4 black- faced Shropshire Ewes, 1 ] Leicestershire Ram; Sow nnd 7 Pigs, a Berkshire Gilt; Harvest Waggon, with Gearing complete, 2 Carts, nearly new, 3 broad wheel Tumbrels, double wheel Plough, three Hand Ditto, Water Furrow Ditto, 4 Pair of Harrows, Land Roller, Stone and Knife Ditto, 3 Slack Frames, Stone Pillars, Caps, aiid Sills ; 8 complete Sels of Horses ( rears ; Winnowing Fan ; together with a large Quantity of other valuable and useful Implements iu Husbandry; Brewing and Dairy Utensils of every Description, and formed ofthe choicest Materials; I capital fine flavoured Dairy of Cheese, two- thirds of 1< J Acres of excellent Wheat, Half of 3 Acres of Ditto, and 3 Acres of Winter Vetclics The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE comprises Mahogany Bedsteads, Feather Beds anil Bolsters, Chairs, Pembroke and Card Tables, Corner Cupboards, Sofa and Cover, a handsome Set of Cherry Tree Dining Tables lo join, with D Ends, beautiful Self, of Foreign and other China, Glasses, Kitchen .. Grate, Oven, and every other Requisite for a Kitchen and Dairy, in Copper, Brass, Till, Iron, & e. The Live Stock ami Implements will be sold the two first Days— The Sale lo commence precisely at Ten o'Clock car h Morning. Catalogues may be had ot the Raven Inn, Shrewsbury ; Golden Heart, Bii- rlton ; Red Lion, Cocksliutt; White Horse, Wem; Oak, Hanmer : Bowling Green, Overton; Buck, Bangor; Hand, Chirk ; Boot, Whittington; George, Oswestry; Red Lion, and Eagles, Ellesmere; on the Premises ; and of THE AUCTIONEER. The above Live Stock, & c. is too well known lo need any Comment. ASHVORD HALL, SHROPSHIRE. BY F " KITE, On Wednesday, the 26th Day of February, IS 12, on the Premises of the late GEORGE CRAWFORD RICKETTS, Esq. deceased, at ASIIFORD HALL, in the Parish of Ashford Bowdler, and Countv'- ofSalop: ALL tbe FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS HUSBANDRY, HAY, GRAIN, & c. consisting of j four excellent Draught Horses, with Gearing; one six- inch Wheel Waggon, with Thripples and Dashboards, double and single Shafts, oue narrow Wheel Waggon, with Iron Diners, Thripples, • and Dashboards, lluee broad Wheel Carls, oue narrow Wheel Carl, one Pair of Drag Harrows, three. Couple Harrows,- and two Pair of other Harrows, two Furrow Ploughs, three single Ploughs, and Drill Ploughs of almost every Description, one common Land Roller, one. large Rollor, w ith Box for Stones. Scutch Rake und Scarifier, one Winnowing Machine, Winnowing Fan, Sieves and Riddles, Pikes and Rakes, Iron Bar and Timber Chain, Mall Mill,- two Tarpaulins, Lot of Bags, four Dozen new Oak Hurdles, two Dozen of other Hurdles, patent Engine for cutting Straw, one common Ditto, and numerous other Articles in ilie Farming Line, Which, will appear at tlie Time of. Sale : one Slack u'f excellent Wheat, one Dilto uf Beans, one Ditto of Clover, ami about . thirty Tons of well ended Hay, to be moved oil' the Premises, subject to Conditions.— I he Sale- will begin at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, and continue till the Whole is disposed of. Antl 011 THURSDAY", tbe 27th, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION7, For ihe Term of Three Years, from Lady- Day next, ALL that most desirable aud'well known MEAOOW, called . TEAM SIDE MI- ADOW, now in the Holding of Mr. Richard Cropper, containing by Admeasurement 42 Acre*, ire the same more or less::— This Meadow is close adjoining the Turnpike Road leading to Ashford Bridge ; for a View of tbe same apply at Ashford • Hall— The ' Public are respcclfully informed, thai it will be put tti Auction pre- cisely at twelve o'Clock at Noon, at Ashford Halt aforesaid, j according to Conditions. ( One Concern LUDLOW; FREEHOLD PUBLIC HOUSE AND PREMISES. BY FRANCIS KITE;, On Monday, the 2d Day of March, 1812, at the Feathers Inn, ill Ihe Towu of Ludlow, and Couuly of Salop, between ihe H° urs of four aud six o'Clock in tbe After- noon, subject to Conditions then to be produced, if uot disposed of in tbe mean Time by Private Contract, of w Itieh due Notice wilt be given ; ALL that most desirable FREEHOLD and well accus. tomed PUBLIC HOUSE, called THE PLOUGH INN, now in full Business, situate in tlie Raven Street, ill Ludlow aforesaid, and within a few Yards of the Market Hall— The House consists of a good Cellar, Kitchen., Parlour, Dining Room, with convenient Bed Rooms and Closets; good Brewhouse and Stable, witb Loft over; spacious Yard, with Pigsties and other Oilicts detached; aud the Whole'of the Buildiugs are in good Repair, and Possession of the Whole may be had at Lady- Day next. These Premises are now'Occupied by Mr. EVANS, at the vearly Rent of Twenty Pounds.— For a View, apply on the Premises; and for further Particulars to THE AUCTION EER, Ludlow. HEREFORDSHIRE. LUCTON IIALL FARM, Parish. of LUCTON. Household Furniture, Farming Stock, Implements in Husbandry, & OAK, 1 POPLAR, and 9 ASH Trees, with 7 C. y- J pliers, growing upon a Tenement at LIGHTWOOD GREEN, in the Parish of Overton, iu the County of Flint, 111 the Holding ofThomas Keinpster. LOT II. 49OAK, and 3 ASH Trees, with 6Cyphers, grow- ing upon a Farm in OVF. KTON aforesaid, 111 tho Holding of the said Thomas Keinpster. LOT 111.8 OAK Trees, growing upon a Tenement called the CLAYS, in the Parish of Bangor, in the said County, in the Holding of Humphrey Beddow. LOT IV. M5 OAK Trees, and 29 Cy- pliers, growing upon the HORNS FARM, near Bangor aforesaid, in the Holding of John Kempster and Roger Griffiths. LOT V. 51 OAK, 1 POPLAR, and 4 ASH Trees, w ith 24 Cyphers, growing upon the CRAB MILL Farm, near. Ban- gor aforesaid, in the Holding of Mr. Salisbury. LOT VI 20 OAK Trees, and 6 Cyphers, growing upon two Tenements near WORTHENEUIIY, in the said County, iii the Holding- of VI r. Stokes aiid John Davies. The respective Tenants will shew the above Trees, which are all scrilre- marked ; and- further Particulars may be had front Mr. LEE, Redbrook, near Whitchurch, Salop. ' bp auctt'om BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, the2ttb Day of Fcbri'Stry, 1812. THE LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, Willi Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FC IN1TURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging lo Mr. TUDOR, of FIG EON I OE, near Con dover, iu the County of Salop ; cutis, sting of two draught Mures, one hack Dillo, three Years old ; Gearing for three Horses ; one Cow in- calf, one Sow iu pig ; one Harvest Cart, The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Mornino- Also a Quantity of HAY, STRAW, and MANURE. BY J. BROOME, Oil Wednesday flic 261b Dav of February, 1813, on the Premises of Mrs. SAINl'OLJi, of LONGDEN, in H e County of Salop : ONE Cow and Calf; a useful Mare to draw r. Gig, or carry double, one Hack Horse rising five Years old, 13 Hands three inches high, likely to make a good Hunter, and fit for Harness; oue yearling Fillev bv True Blue; atitl a Sow end Pigs. Also Part of the HOUSEHO LD GOODS and FURNITURE. The Sale to beg: n at ten o'Clock in the Morning. HOUSEHOLD FURN ITU RE, AN HT. MPLE. M ENTS IN HUSBANDRY. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises of Sir. ASH, of ATTERLEY, near Much . Wenhu- k, ill the County of Salop, 011 Friday, the 28th Day of February, 1812 ; PART of the neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNI TURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, with a number of Hogsheads, Half- hogsheads, and smaller Casks, the Whole of which w ill be found neatly New and in good Order.— The 1 " il CLEMENTS consist of 2 good Wag- gons, 2 broad wheel Tuiubrils, Double Plough, Hand Ditlo, - 2 Pair of Harrows, Roller, Car, Winnowing Machine, Dilto Fan, Sieves and Riddles, one Dozen of Bags; with a Number of small Implements. • Also, about SIXTY TONS of prime HAY, well- harvest ed, in Lots, and may be. taken off tbe Premises. Thc Sale to begin with the Implements, precisely ot 10 o'Clock in the Morning, as the VVhole will be sold in 011c Day. BY J. BROOMEy On the Premises, on Monday, the ail Day of March, 1S1" : ALL ; l, e valuable LIVE STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS ill HUSBANDRY, with Part of Ihc- HOUSEHOI D GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mr. JONES, of WESTLEY, near Wortben, ill the County of Salop : consisting of 8 Cows, calved and in- calf,- 2 calving Heifers, b two- year olds, 4 Yearlings; small implements, & c. & c. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. TO BE SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, BY MR. JONES, At the Talbol, in Wrexham, between two and four o'Cloek in the Afternoon of Thursday, the 27th Febiuary, 1812, in Ihe foilowiug Lots, subject to Conditions then to be. produced; LOTI. • A f OAK," 7 BEECH, 3 SYCAMORE, 7 ELM, 8 ASH, £ A 2 ALDER, and 4' FIR Trees, growing upon Lan'ds'ai TREVALLYN, in the Parish of Gresford, in ihc County of Denbigh, in the Occupation of the Rev. Rotifl- i Twiss. , v - N. B. One of the Onk Trees in this Lot contains tip- wards of 300 Feet of Timber LOT 11. 220 OAK and 7 ASH Trees, with 54 Cyphers, growing. upon a Farm at BURTON, in the said Parish of Gresfbi'd, 111 tbe Holding of Richard Williams. N. B. 90 of ihe Oak Trees in this Lot are growing in Burton Wood, and of excellent Qualify. LOT III. 16 ASH and 2 SYCAMORE" Trees, growing upon a Farm iu GRESFORO aforesaid, in llie Holding of Mrs. Page LOT IV. 5 ASH Trees, growing upon a small Tenement near the last mentioned Faim, in the Holding of John Gillam. LOT V. 58 OAK and 1 SYCAMORE Trees, growing upon a Farm at IsCOED, in the Parish of Holt, in llie said County of Denbigh. The respective Tenants will shew the Trees, which are all scribe marked ; and further Particulars may be had from Mr. JOHN KF. NRIOK, Wynn Hall, near Ruabon ; or Mr. LEE, Redbrook, near Wliitchuich, Salop. BY J. BRO. OME, On Ihe Premises, 011 Saturday, tlie 7th of March, 1812; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS 111 HUSBANDRY, kc. & c. belonging to Mr. BED- DOES, of EATON, near Bishop's Castle, in tlie County of Salop; consisting of 14 Cows, calved and in- calf, live calv- ing Heifers, one two- year old Bull, smokey- faced, sixleen 2- year olds, 15 Yearlings ; four Waggon Horses, one Wag- gon Mare in- foal, five Sels of Gearing, two hack Mares, one 3- year old Filley just broke in, four 2- year old draught Colls, three Yearling Ditto; about 200 Sheep in l ots; two Sows and Pigs, one Ditto in- pig, oue Gilt iin- pig, six. small store Pigs ; two Waggons one Harvest Cart, two broad Wheel Tumtirels, oue double Plough, one single Wheel Ditto, one Hartd Ditlo, three Pair of Harrows, one Roller, one Cur, two Winnowing, Fans, Corn Screen, Sieves, and Riddles; with a number of small Implements, & c. & c. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. MOM'GOM ERYSIllRE. At the Goat Inn, in Llanfyllin, on Thursday, the 12tli Day of March, 1812, between the Hours of three and six o'clock in the Afternoon : r| MlE undermentioned Tenements, in Lots, subject to 8. such Conditions us may be produced and agreed upon at the Time of Sa e. " » Quantity, Names of Tene- Names of Parishes latere be the same Lots. meats. Tenants. situate.- more or Less. 1. Melyuiog Isaf John Davies LlausaintfTraid 43 1 5 2. MelyniogUcliaf JolinWilliams Dilto .... 35 2 13 3. Cwm- oierog Morris Jones Llangynog . 14 0 0 4. Peuylltvyn Robert Jones Ditto .... 2 0" f7 5. Penybuarth lid Humphryes Ditto .... 24 0 ) 6 6. Tyinawr David Davies Llanrhaiadr- yii Mochnnnt 36 2 6 7. Tvgl& s Thomas Pratt Ditto 12 ( 1 1- 8 Llanafon bach Thom as Jones Dilto 35 1 35 Tbe two first Lots are delightfully situated, upon the Banks of the Virnew, in ( he beautiful Vale of Llnnsaiut- fl'raid, where a Villa for the Residence of a genteel Family may be built to very great Advantage. The remaining Lots are capable of great Impiovement, j have extensive Sheepwalks attached to them, anil join the J Llangynog Slate Rocks ami l- eatl Mines, there being Reasou to expect Slates and Lead Ore npon each Lot. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and further Particulars maybe obtained from Mr. S. LoVATT, at Llar. gedwin, where Maps ofthe Estate may be seen. Ltungedwin, Feb. I4f/ i. 1812. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, the 9th of March, 1812, Al l, the truly valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, & C. & C. belonging io Mr. HOTCHK1SS, of NET LEY, near Dorrington, in the County of Salop.— Particulars in our next. PIUME STOCK. WELL BRED, From Smokey- faced Cows, by a Herefordshire Bull. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday and Wednesday, the loth and 11th Days of March, 1812: ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOI D GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utens IS, and Casks, belonging to Mrs. TURNER, of the RED HOUSE, near Bishop's Castle, iu the County of Salop; consisting of 12 Cows, calved and in- calf, four 3- years old Heifers in- calf, one young Barren, nearly fat, one capital 3- year old Bull of tiie Herefordshire breed, six 3- years old Bullocks, two Ditto splayed Heifers, six 2- years old Bul- locks, eight dilto Heifers, 13 Yearlings, four young Waggon Mares, one Dilto in- foal, one capital four Yeajs old Horse of the draught kind, wilh a long Tail; Gearing for eight Horses; Hack Mare rising six Years old, one 5-", ears old Mare in foal by Admiral ( not broke ill), one 3 years old Horse Colt, by the Arabian, one 2- vears old Ditto, hy Fox- hunter, one Ditto Filley, by the Arabian, ore 2- year old Waggon Colt, by Black Sweep ; 40 Yearling Sheep; one Sow and Pigs, one ditto in- pig, seven small store Pigs; three Waggons, Ihree broad VV heel Tumbrels, true Harvest Cart, one Horse Cart, one double Plough, one Wheel Ditto, one Hand Ditto," three Pair of Harrows, true Roller, Win now ing Machine, ditto Fan, Lot of Bags, Straw Engine, Malt Mill, two Stone Pigtrouglis, one Wood Ditlo, wiili a large Quan- tity of small implements, & c. & c. The HOUSEHOLD Gosas and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, will be found in good Order and well worth the Attention of the Public. N. B. The Live Stuck, and Implements will be sold the first Day.— The Sale to begin at lo o'Clock. An unrivalled STOCK of DAIR Y COWS, & c. FOR REAL FARMER'S PROFIT, At OVERTON HALL, near MA LP AS, IN Till COUNTY OF CHESTER. By LA KIN and SON., On Tuesday, tlie 10th Day of March, 1812, and ( he two following Days, without Reserve ; ALL the well bred valuable LIVE STOCK, stout new 1M PLEM ENTS of H USBANDRY, substantial Dairy and Brewing Vessels, and Part of the ueat and useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, kc. belonging to Mr. It. N. JOHNSON, who is quitting the Farm: comprising 08 young calving Cows and Heifers, four Barrens, an extremely handsome high bred Bull, 4 years old, one ditto Ditlo, 2 years old, four stout, active Draught Horses, one Ditto Mare, in- foal by PLOIJGHBOY, one bay hack Gelding, 4 years old ; three in pig Sows, 10 Store Pigs ; 94 fat Wether Sheep, in Lots; a most valuable liey; Road Waggon, with broad Wheels, and Harvest Geering complete, all of prime seasoned Timber, one narrow wheeled Ditto, several Tum- brels, Ploughs and Harrows, a valuable THRRSHING MA- CHINE, of Two- horse Power ( bv HODGSON), a new Wheel Kibbling Mill, Patent Corn Tubs, Straw Cart, kc. kc. Horses' Geers, Saddles and Bridles, & c. one Lead and three Stone Cisterns, Pigstye Range and Troughs. N. B. The above prime Stock, being all young, ill high Condition, upon good Note ft: r Dairying, and tbe Proprie- tor having no convenience for a Dairy in the present Year, Ibe whole will he sold without Reserve, which cannot fail exciting the Attention of every respectable Farmer. ALSO a fine prime DAIRY of CH F. ESE to be disposed of. t£ jf Half of the Cow s, all of the Horses, Pigs, and Part of the implements, w ill be sold tbe FIRST Day, the Remainder of tbe Cows and Sheep upon the SECOND' DAY; and tbe Dairy and Brew ing Vessels and Hotiseliotild Goods ou the THIRD DAY.. To begin each Morni'igat ten precisely. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday, the 25th Day of February, TS12: ALL the LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BAN DRY, belonging to M r. ROGF. RS, of the GAT- TEN, near Castle Pulyerbatch, in the County ofSalop; consisting of . six Cows, calved and iu- ealf, . three calving Heifers, one young Barren, four 3- year old Bullocks, eight 2- year olds, seven Yearlings; two Waggon Horses, one Ditto Mare in- foal; four sels of Gearing ; one hack Marc, one yearling Colt by BROWN GEORGE; twoGilts in- pig, one Brawn, one strong Pig, one fat Pig; two Waggons ( one nearly new,) two good broad Wheel Tumbrels, one Harvest Cart, one Plough, two Pair of Harrows, with small Imple- ments, Jkc & c. The Sale to begin at ten o'Clock in the Morning. BY. J BROOM K, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 27th of Fehruary, 1812; ALL the LIVE STOCK aiid IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, with great Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to Mr. JOHNSON, of ALSTON PIGOTT, near Wortlien, in the County of Salop: con- sisting of 2 Cows antl Calves; 3 capital Draught Mares, with long Tails', 2 Ditto Geldings, with Ditto, Gearing for 7 Horses, 1 Hack Mare in- foal, 1 two- year old Draught Colt; 2 Sows and Pigs, 1 Ditto ill- pig; 2 Waggons ( nearly new) witb Iron Liners, 2 Broad- wheel Tumbrels, 1 Wheel Plough, > Pair of Harrows, Roller, Wheel Plough, Winnowing Machine, Scales and Weights, Hopper, Lot of Bags, Straw Engiue, nud a Number of small Implements.— Thc HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Fourpost and other Bedsteads, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, 11 Pair of Sheets, 2 Pair of Blankets. Table Linen, Oak Dresser, with Drawers and pewter Frame comuleat, handsome Clock, in a good Oak Case, Oak Cupboards, Ditto Tables aiid Chairs, Kitchen Grate, Cast Oven, Pit BY J, BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Thursday and Friday, the 12th and I3lh Davs of March, 1812 ; UPWARDS of SIXTY HEAD of prime CATTLE, 8 capital WAGGON HORSES, several good - lacks, a Number of Colts, with about 160 excellent South Down Sheep, nearly 40 Pigs, with all the IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brewing aud Dairy Utensils, and Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS itnd FURN ITU RF;, belonging lo Mr. PRISSICK, of POLS1ER, near Pontesbury, in the County ol'Salop — Particulars in our next. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Saturday, the 141b of March, 1812; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. & c. belonging lo Mr. HAR- RIS, of WESTHOI'E, in the Parish of Delbury, in tbe Comity of Salop ; consisting of live Cow n calved and in- calf, four calving Heifers, six 2- years old Bullocks, four ditto Heifers, 13 Yearlings ; six young Waggon Hurses w ilh long Tails; Gearing for seven Ditto, one 3- years old Colt just broke. in, hack Mare in- foal, oue 2- years old draught Colt, two yearling Colts of the Saddle kind; 31 Ewes w ith 1 ambs, 37 yearling Sheep,; two Sows in- pig; two Waggons, one Harvest Ditto, two broad Wheel Tumbrels, one Horse Cart, one douhle Plough, one Wheel Ditto, one Hand Dilto, one large P lir nf Harrows, two small Pair of Ditto, two Rollers, six Dozen of Hurdles, Winnowing Machine, Ditto Fan, two Dozen Bags, with a number uf small Implements, & c. kc.— The Sale to begin at 10 o'clock in the Morning. BY J.' BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Monday, the 16th of March. 1812 ; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, and 1MPLEM ENTS iu HUSBANDRY, kc. kc belonging lo Mr. BATES, of KEMPTON, near Bishop's Castle, 111 the County OfSalop. — Particulars in our next. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 17th of March, 1812 ; and well worth the Attention of the Publick.- Quantity of Flax Hurds. The Sale to begin at ten o'Clock in the Morning. Whole is intended to be sold in one Day. N. B. Good Straw for Cattle ;— Three- year olds at ISd per. Week:— Two- year olds at jsd pei Week. TON, in the County ot Salop.— Particulars in BY J. BROOME, Onthe Premises, on Monday, Ihe 23,1 ofMarch, 1812; 4 LI. tbe truly valuable LIVE STOCK, a, id 1M I'LE- JA MENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. & c. belonging to Mr. MEDLiCOTT, of THE HOME, near Bishop's Castle, 1 1 the County of Salop; consisting of 16 Cows calved and in- calf, 3 calving Heifers, ones- years old Bull of Ihe Hire- fordshire breed, one 2 years old Ditto, eight 3- ycars old Bullocks, six 2- years old Heifers, 17 Yearlings, six Waggon Horses and Gearing, one hack Mare, three Years ' old ; one Sow in- pig, one Gill in Dilto, eight store Pigs; one Waggon, one double Plough, one large Pair of Harrows, 1 Willi a Number of small Implements, kc. kc. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. To the F. DITOU of the SALOPIAN JOURNAL. SIR. As a true lover of the angle, and a favourer of the notion, nat a bit of fish forms a pretty prelude to the more suhstan. tial entertainment of a beef- steak, or legof mutton;— iu other words, being of opinion that fishing is wont to get an appetite, snd that the proposition is nearly convertible, i. e. that an ap- petite now- and- then wants to get fish ; — I have read with infi- nite satisfaction tiie resolutions entered into, and spirited measures adopted, for the preservation ofthe scaly inhabitants of the rivers Severn, Wye, Dee, Lucr, and others. I daily drink " Confusion to nil Poachers, Otters, Cormorants, and Herons !" 1 am an admirer of all the finny tiibes that occupy freshwater, from ' the mightv Luce' down to the Mil lei's- thumb, from the Jack sharp up to the Salmon. I have pe. ruscd all the treatises upon angling, which I could beg, buy, or borrow ; and if I thought one of any account had escaped me, which was not otherwise come- at- able, I might, perhaps, even be tempted to steal a prep at it. Now, Sir, of all the didactic pieces of this kind » hich have reached tny hands, ( or lather, which my banns have reached,) I hold Bowlker's to possess the greatest practical utility. Other proficients inthe art would, possibly, vote the palm to a different Preceptor, for cach man praises the ladder which has enabled himself tn scale the wall, and ' Doctors will differ,' ( there being gradu- ates in fishing as well as in physic :) yet, meo periculo, 1 ven- ture to affirm, that the system of rules laid down by Bowlker is preferable, upon the whole, to that ol any other piscatorial Artist, ' Ncvi nil rcctius is/ is.'— In a word, since 1 must talk Latin, I lie eral, est, el semper er'rt, ' mihi magnus Apollo.' The name of Bowlker is as sacred tome, as that of Dr. Faustus is to Conjurors. Do but observe, Sir, how prettily I have panegyrised him, in a sonnet, elegantly penned on a blank leaf at the end of his ' Art oj Angling !' Thanks, gentle Artist, for thy treasur'd lore 1 My solace oft in wintry snows ai d rain : What time I've rend thy pages o'er and o'er, Aud yet cou'd read them o'er and o'er again. Thy simple style, thy plain appropriate phrase, The truth and force which all thy maxims fill,— These oft have charm'd me in my boyish days— With nrrdiminish'd pow'r they charm me still. What— if the sullen frown, or scornful sneer, Of - orne ungracious * sage thine art condemn ;— Full many wise and good have held it dear, And I will hold it dear, and copy them. Yes— tho' the surly Johnson call me fool, I'll boast myself of thine and Isaac Walton's school. Now, Mr. Editor, it is at your option to insert the fore- going letter and sonnet, or the sonnet by itself, in your Paper; or to commit, it you deem them unworthy of insertion, both the one and the other to the flames In either case, I shall pro- bably remain, Sir, Your constant Reader, and occasional Correspondent, February 1 Pit, 1812. OPPIDANUS. * Yhe following elegant delineation of » fisherman and his appa- ratus, is attributed, il I mislBke not, to the sarcastic pencil ofthe great Moralist of Lichfield t>— What think ydu, Doctor, of Angling ? " Why, Sir, a stick and > string, a worm it the one end, and a fool at the ether'." BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY". Extracts from the proce& lifigs at Cambridge upon the formation of an Auxiliary Bible Secictj there, lzti) December last. [ Continued from ovr Paperofthe 5th instant.] Here, my Lord, though thedeclaration I have already made rot totiespass on your Lordship's time forbids meat this mo- ment of perfect unanimity to produce any unnecessary detail of argument, I must not sit down without expressing my com- pleat dissent from the principle which seetas to pervade al- most erery part of the learned Profeisor's address now in my hands, the principles ofthe learned author, 1 < ay again, • teem to me, to have nothing ti) do with dissenters in any con- cern which ie connected with feligidh. Now my principle is toeo * teh different. Lamenting their dissent as much as any member of our establishment can do, and Wishing prosperity io the Society for p. omoting Christian Knowledge as sincerely and as earnestly as any member of that society can wish it, still I would go hand in hand witb the dissenters as far as 1 can. It is only when I cannot help it that I leave Ihem. I do notdiead the dissenters, as if they were infected witb a contagion; but I cordially rejoice to shake hands with them on all points where we do agree; nor do I see any inconsisten- cy in maintaining a friendly intercourse with them on such points, and at the same time in exercising a jealous attention over them in the points where we separate from each other. And this I take to be " the tine line of distinction for church- men." Further, I am deeply convinced that the dangers of dissent, and even dissent itself, are best encountered by con- ciliation; whereas both dissent and its dangers are strength- ened by irritation, opposition and exclusion. Your Lordship knows very well that I am one of those who think that the Roman Catholic Question of Emancipation leads to considerations and inquiries of immense magnitude ; yet whatever circumspection 1 may think requisite on that head, I should never haie any scruple to give a Bible to a Roman Catholic; I should never scruple to join with a Roman Catholic in promoting the distribution of Bibles toothers. In fact I should look on the dispersion of Ihe Bibleand the free use of il to be the likeliest way in the world to bring about a more complete reformation from Popery. History teaches us lhat il was by garbling the Bible, by keeping the Bible out ofthe hands of the people, by foi bidding translations of the Bible into intelligible languages, that Popery was enabled so long to keep its grouud among the nations. The great Saxon Reformer, Martin Lulher, was so well aware of this, that while in the retirement of a secret asylum to escape the Papal fires which ot that time were on the very eve of being lighted for hi « destruction, he employed the hours of his priva- cy with indefatigable industiy iu translating the Bible into the German language. My Lord, the learned author of this address is too well versed iu Ecclesiastical History, to hare forgotten that for some time before the death of that eminent supporter of the blessed Reformation, the Elector of Saxony, Frederick the Wise, it was an afflictive consideration to the mind of that truly pious and conscientious Prince, to reflect that the word of God had r, ot its free course in Germany. 1 have but one word to arid— It appears to me, that to maintain, that Churchmen cannot safely join with Dissenters in distributing the authorized version ofthe bible, amounts to this declaration, lhat we cau safely join wilh them ill nolhiug of a religious nature,— a position surely not of easy digestiou in a country where Christianity has produced in any consider- able degree its genuine effects of universal disinterested bene, volence. Ever since the first agitation of this business, I have from time lo time, and with all the care of which lam capable, examined into Ihe foundation of that apprehension of danger on which so much stress is laid: and I am compelled toavow that nn intercourse und au agreement with the dissetiters, of which both the basis, and the superstructure, of which both the beginning aud the end, and also all theiutermediate parts are fire dissemination of the Holy Scriptures, is iu itself utterly void of all reasonable objection;— and that so far from widening the breach between us and the dissetiters, such an intercourse tends to lessen it, and bring us nearer together; while on the other hand aitexcessive spirit of jealousy and distiust aud suspicion has a tendency to irritate, to exasperate animosities and increase disunion in the country. There is not any one member of our church establishment, who entertains a mote exalted idea of the excellence of our Liturgy, aud of our Prayer- Book in general, than I do ; and 1 heartily wish that Christians of all denominations could be persuaded to adopt the use of it; hot as this is riot to be expected, while dissenters of ne. veial denominations adhere to their present system of ceremonies and of Cbmch government, I would not represent tne distribution of the Bible alone as a thing that cannot be done with safely unless accompanied wilb the Corrective ofa Prayer- Book of the Church of England. My Lord, our l iturgy itself owes its establishment lo the free use of the Bible among the people; and 1 greatly mis- take, if, among the numerous errois of the Church of Rome, there exists a more dangerous tenet than that the Holy Scriptures themselves must be tried at the bar of the tiaditious of fallible men. The late printed address to the members of this university v. ould justify me in making many other observations ou the different parts of it, but 1 foi bear for the reason already git en. If that should appear, which at present does not appear,— viz. that the author of it has gained, in any material degree, the public mind to believe, lhat we who subscribe to the Bible Socieiy are unfaithful membeisofour church establishment, it may then be necessary lo defend ourselves by doing away the misrepresentations; again, if the membcis of the socieiy iiseli should discover a disposition to depart from iheir avowed principle of printing the Bible w ithout note or comment, we may then unite to check that disposition, or even proceed to the length of quitting the society entirely. Lastly, if other objects inimical to the church should indeed, as is intimated, appear to be associated with its main object, is it to be sup- posed that the artful, politic, UisscnUri will be all awake, and the simple, honest, harmless, uruiupecting Church of England men fast asleep ? On the whole, and in conclusion, lam compelled loobserve, that in ' his short address to the university of Cambrdge, thei e appears to be soch an accumulation o' unkind intimations suspicions and conjectures, ( all of which I am to suppose wen intended to have their effect,) as call for much greater confi dence than I have yet learnt to have in the author's ability for judging of the probability of future events. — I must own I do sincerely wish that the spirit which but too evidently pervades almost every pait of it, had been more conciliating, and had savoured in general more of that true Christian Charity, wdiich hopeth all things— That holy book. My Lord, the dissemina- tion of which is the glorious object Al this meeting, is itself the real cure of all dissent and all contention that are not innocent; and it is my firm belief that, if dissenters of all denominations, by no means excluding Roman Catholics, or the members of our own Communion, did but read And study their bibles more constantly, and with more devout care and application, and with more of a direct view to improve the heart and correct the practice, Christians of every denomination, without ex- ception, would approach much nearertoone anotherthan they now do, would actually coincide, or nearly so, in most essentials, and in regard to subordinate matters, they would exercise so much mutual kindness anc. forbearance towards each other, as would almost annihilate the evil of any remaining difference of sentiment. ( To be continued.) POPULATION. statement of the Population of Great Britain, in the year' 1801 arid 1311. Extracted from the returns made to Parliament. Iu order that the c mparative statement of the population nf the several coun'ies in 1801 and 1811 might be made as perfect as the present state of the returns of 1811 permit, the few outstanding deficiences have been supplied from the re- turns of 1801 ; and it is supposed that the uncertainty thence arising can scarcely amount to a thousand persons in any one of tho few incomplete counties, excepting only iu Monmouth- shire. The diminution in Banffshire chiefly arises from three parishes beihg now returned wholly in neighbouring counties; which parishes, in 1801, were returned partly or wholly in Banffshire. In the county of Nairn there is a diminution of six, and iu Orkney and Shetland 671. No decrease what- ever appears to hare taken place in any uf the English or Welsh counties. The number of males composing the army, navy, & e. includes the regular armv, the artillery, and the British regular, militia, all according to the latest returns to Parlia- ment ; but the regiments of local militia, which were em bodied for training and exercise on the 27: h of May, 1811, have been ascribed to their respective counties. With the navy are included the royal marines ; and to all these are added the seamen embodied in navigating registered vessels 25, March 24, al Clark's Holel. York.— GiUtm William Cobhon. Of Plymouth Dock, Devonshire, Feb. 26, TI, March 24, at he Globe Tavern, Exeter — Gray Alexander, of Ashbv- Btreel, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Feb. 13,29, March 24, at Guildhall, London— Green Joseph, of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, corn merchant, March 6, 7, 24, at the New Sessions House, Wakefield, Yorkshire.— Howgale John and Howgale Joseph inn. of Wakefield, Yorkshire, manufacturers, March 6, 7, 24, at the New Court House, Wakefield.— Humphries H illiam, of Cheltenham, carpenter, Feb. 19, 20, March 24, at the Plough Inn, Cheltenham.— Netrje Thomas, of Gutter Lane, Cheapside, London, silk weaver, Feb. IS, 25, March 34, at Guildhall, London.— Samuel John, of Argoed, Monmouthshire , shopkeeper, Feb. 21, 22, March 24| at the White Lion, Bristol.— Slaymaker John, of Red Cross- street, London, tallow chandler, Feb. 15, 29, March 24, at Guildhall.— Spring Thomas, of Charles- street, City Road, Middlesex, merchant, Feb. 15,25, March 24, at Guildhall, London Ward Jefferson, of Woolwich, Kent, coal merchant, Fe. b 15, 22, Maieh 24, at Guildhall, Londou.— Wicksteed Robert, of Brock's Place, Kenningtori, Surrey, woollen draper, Feb. I?, 27, March 24, at Guildhall.— Wilson John, of Horlon, in Ribblesdale, York- shire, innkeeper, Feb. 21, March 23, 24, at the Golden Lion ( 1111, Settle. A mare belonging to Mr. Croft, butcher, of Dorchester, and a pouey belonging to Mr. Watts, butcher, of Sydling, started Ihe 3d inst. to run 10 miles on the road from Dorchester to Blandford, for a bet of 20 guineas j the mare heavily weighted, the poney rode by a light boy. They went off at full speed, and so continued till they arrived at their destination in 22 minutes, the mare first. The poney dropped down dead on his return home !— So much for the humanity of matching a generous animal against one of superior strength and fleettress. Equestrian and Pedestrian Race.— Yesterday a Mr. Webber undertook, for a bet of 100 guineas, to ride nine miles within half an hour, and run five in another half hour. He started at Two Mile Bush, near Colnbrooh, in a light sulkey, drawn by a fine blood mare, and performed his task in fouV minutes less than the given time. He then started on his pedestrian Under- taking, and after going four miles in a few seconds under 24 minutes, he laboured under great distress, but recovered his w ind, and won his bet, by six seconds. Fortune Telling,— Art old woman, called Murphy, well known about Bedford- square, by carrying a toy- basket, and being in the habrt of amusing the servants with pretended predictions, was detected in the act of stealing a silver tea- pot, which had charmed her, in the house of Mr. Sennot, of Russell- terrace. Articles had before been missed, and she was suspected, but she had not predicted that a snare had been laid for her : and Justine destined her to take her trial at the next Old Bailey Sessions. According to an account laid before the House of Commons, the duties on Sugar, in Great Britain, amounted, in the year 1809, to •£ 4,181,110. 18s. 3d. In 1810, to ,£ 4,844,673. 5s.; and in 1811, to £ 4,586,018. 15s. 5d. HOUSE OK COMMONS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7. The Insolveut Debtors Amendment bill was read a third lime, and passed.— Read a first time a bill for extending assistance to tbe East India Company, by a Loan of 1,500,0001. the object of which was to alter the mode of re- paying that loan by the Company.— The second reading of the Offices in Reversion Suspension Bill was opposed by Mr. W, Duurlas and Mr. Perceval as being intended to be permanent, they had no objection to it as a temporary mea- sure.— Mr. Bankes, Lcrd A. Hamilton, Sir S. Romilly, Mr. Whitbread, and others supported it. On a division there appeared for the second reading 54, against it 56— Majority 2. — Another motion was made that the bill be read a second time this day six months ; ayes 55, noes 52 ; the bill was therefore lost.— Sir S. ROWLLT obtained leave to bring in a bill to repeal the statute of the 39th of Elisabeth, which made it a capital felony for disbanded sailors and soldiers to be found wandering, without seeking for employment, or repair- ing to their homes, and for w hich they were liable to suffer death. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10. The Thanks of both Houses of Parliament were unani- mously voted to Lord Viscount Wellington, for the skill, de- cision, indefatigable exertion, and consummate judgment, manifested by him in the recent siege of the important fort- ress of Ciudad Rodrigo— to Lieut.- General Graham, second in command, to Lient.- Generrl Picton, Major- General Col- lide, Major- General Craufurd, Major- General Vandeleur, and to Brigadier General Pack, in the Portuguese service, for their exertions, skill, and bravery, in the operations against Ciudad Rodrigo; and an acknowledgement and approval of the distinguished zeal, bravery, and discipline of the non- commissioned officers and soldiers of the British ind Portu guese forces employed in the siege, and capture of that place; and, nf the oftceis and soldiers, British and Portuguese, not employed in the siege, for Ihe activity, patience, and perse- yeiance manifested by them. An address wall also voted to the Prince Regent, praying lhat tic will order a Monument to be erected in St. Paul's to the memory of Major General Mackinnon, who fell in leading his troops to the attack on the 19th of January. Mr. EPEN moved that a Select Committee be appointed to inquire into the Expenditure of the Civil List, to form Esti- mates of the Expenditure in future, and to report thereon to the House.— After a discussion of some length respecting the Committee being vested with powers to examine witnesses and to call for documents, the motion was'agreed to, and a Committee appointed. A division then took place on the question whether the Committee should have the power of sending for persons and papers— for it 27, against it 80— Majority 53.— Mr. EPKN and Mr. TIEKNEY then declared they would not attend the Committee, because being desti- tute of necessary powers, their meeting would be litigatory. TUESDAY', FIBRUARY 11. The New Forest Timber preservation bill was read a first time. Mr. CBEEVF. Y brought forward his motion relative to the 4J per cent. Leeward Island Duties, which iu his opinion should be appropriated to the service of the West India Islands, and Baibadoes in particular; or, if not so applied, that it ought to be paid into the Exchequer in aid of the public. After going through a history of the fund, he concluded by moving for a Select Committee to inquire into the nature of tbis fund, its amount, and the manner in which it had heen applied.— Mr. LONG contended that the right of appropriating the fund was in tbe Crown, and lhat nothing but an act of the Legislature could divest the Crown of it.— Mr. P. Moore, Lord Folkestone, Mr. Mnrryatt, and Mr. Whitbread spoke for the motion, and Mr. Rose and Mr. Perceval against it.— Ou a division there appeared for it 19, against it 50— majority 31. Mr. PFUCEVAL obtained leave to bring in a bill for regulat- ing the offices of Clerk and Serjeant of the House; which was read a first time — Mr. EDEN observed, that the Committee which had been yesterday chosen on his motion to enquire into the Civil List Expenditure, had been by a subsequent vote of the House, so Crippled in its powers, that it would lie waste of time for hitn to attend it, he therefore moved that he might be discharged from attending it.-- Onthe motion being put, it was negatived without a division. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12. TRANSPORTATION. — BOTANY BAY. Sir B. HOMIHY observed, that the object of the Motion which he was about to submit to the House, was 10 inform the Public of the nature of the punishment of Transportation to New South Wales. When it was considered for what slight offences persons were punished in this way, he was convinced, that the necessity of inquiring into the subject would be ma nifest. A boy, who might be convicted of stealing an apple, or any one who came within the cognizance of the vagrant act, was liable, at the discretion of a Magistrate, to be sent for a term of years to Botany Bay. In stating this, he did not mean to convey auy censure or reflection on the manner in which the law was administered at the Quarter Sessions. He knew many respectable men who had thought it. right to transport young persons to New South Wales for petty larce nies, and who had considered that punishment an act of the greatest mercy. Twenty- five years had elapsed since this mode of punishment was adopted, yet the public had received 110 information respecting it, with the exception of what might be learned from the works of Mr. Collins and Mr, Mann. This punishment could be no more compared with transportation to the American colonies, than » ith corporal punishment or imprisonment. He concluded by moving, " That a Committee be appointed for the purpose of inquiring into the manner in which the sentence of transportation to New South Wales has been executed, together with its nature and effects."— Mi. KEKRICK did not know that crimes ol Ihe trivial nature alluded to by the learued gentleman had ever been so severely punished. It had fallen to bis lot to sentence a boy to transportation for a petty offence ; but it was in consequence of the evidence on the trial, which pioved that the boy had been brought up hy thieves, that he thought it proper lo send him out of the country.— After a few words from Mr. LOCKHART and Mr. ABERCROMBIE the motion was agreed to. Sir S. ROMILLY then gave notice, that on Friday next he would move for the revival of the Committee on capital punishuicnts.— Adjourned, Counties. Bedford Berks Buckingham Cambridge Chester Cornwall Cumberland Derby Devon Dorset Durham Essex Gloucester Hereford Huntingdon Kent Lancaster Leicester Lincoln Middlesex Monmouth Norfolk Northampton 13J, 757 Northumber. 157,101 Nottingham 140,350 Oxford 109,620 Rutland 16,356 Salop 167 639 Somerset 273,750 Southampton 219.656 3801, Total. 63,393 109,215 107,444 89 346 ,191,751 188.269 117,230 161,142 343,001 115.319 160,361 226,437 450,809 89191 37.568 307.624 672,731 130,081 204,557 818,129 45,582 273,371 ENGLAND. Males. Females. Stafford Suffolk Surrey Sussex Wat wick Westmorel. Will, Worcester York E. R. York N. R. 239,153 210,431 269,043 159,311 208,190 41,617 185 107 139,333 139.433 155, .506 York W. R. 563,953 33,171 57,360 56,208 50,753 110.844 103,310 63,433 91,494 179,553 57,717 84,777 124,839 129,546 46,404 , 20,408 181 925 ' 394.104 73,366 109," 07 438,1) 37 25,715 138,076 68,279 80,58.5 79,057 59,140 7,' 931 96,038 141,449 118.434 148,758 111.866 151,811 93,775 104.487 22.902 91,560 78,261 81,205 77,505 321,651 Angleiea Brecon Cardigan Carmarthen Carnarvon Denbigh Flint Glamorgan Merioneth Montgomery Pembroke Radnor 33,806 31,633 42,956 67,31V 41,521 60,352 39,622 71,525 29- 506 47,978 56,280 19,050 WALES. 37.042 60,917 61,442 50,351) 116,1P0 113,5.57 70,311 93,993 203,^ 55 66,976 95,028 127 634 148,990 47 669 ,21,806 188,960 434,20.5 77,053 .112,844 517,005 . 25,559 153,906 73,074 91,776 83,843 60,064 8,449 98,662 161,73- 2 126,913 147,76.5 122,033 172,040 95,470 114.406 23,084 102,268 82,740 86,148 80,699 331,351 1811. Total. Increase. 17.467 18,522 93,793 36 080 23,241 31,129 22,712 39,378 14,308 24,760 27 453 10,571 19,685 19.228 26,539 41.137 25,778 33.111 23,806 41 890 16,616 25,846 33.162 11,228 Aberdeen Argyle Avr Banff Ber* ick Bute Caithness Clackmanan Dumbarton Dumfries Edinburgh Elgin Fife Forfar Haddington Inverness Kincardine Kinross Kirkcudbright 22,211 Lanark 146,699 Linlithgow 17,844 Nairn 8,257 Orkn. & Shet. 46,824 Peebles 8.735 Perth 126,306 Renfrew 78,056 Ross & Crom. 55,343 Roxburgh Selkirk Stirling Sutherland Wigtown 123,082 71,859 84 306 35,807 30,621 i 1,791 22,609 10,853 20.710 54 597 122,9.54 26,705 93,743 99,127 29,986 74,292 26,349 6,725 SCOTLAND. 33,682 5,070 50,825 23,117 22,918 60.973 40.675 48,506 14,911 14,466 5,545 10,608 5,715 11,369 29,347 64,903 l2,40t 45,968 43,151 14,232 25,749 12,580 3,466 15,788 88,688 8,874 3,530 20 151 4,846 64 034 41,960 27,640 17,113 2.570 27,745 10,488 12,205 75,930 44,910 55.448 19.189 16,313 6,488 12,811 6 295 12,320 33,615 83,541 15,707 55,304 59 113 16,932 42,666 14,859 3,779 17,896 103,064 10,577 4 721 26,00- 2 5,089 71,059 50,636 33,213 20,117 3,139 30,429 13,141 14,686 70,213 li 8,277 117.650 101,109 227,031 216,667 133,744 185,487 383.303 124,693 179,805 252- 473 278,536 94,073 , 42,208 370,885 828,309 150,419 222.551 950,042 50,274 291,982 141,353 172,161 162,900 119,204 16,380 194,700 303,181 245,347 296,523 233.899 023,851 189,245 318,893 45 986 193,82$ 101,( foi 167,353 158,204 653,002 27,092 37,750 50,332 77.217 49 019 64,240 46 518 81,268 30.924 50 006 60,615 21,700 136,903 85,585 103,954 34.100 30,779 12 033 23,4l9 12 010 24,139 62 960 148,444 28,108 101,27- 2 107,264 31,164 78 415 27,439 7,245 33,684 191,752 19,451 8,251 46,153 2,935 135,093 92,596 60,853 37,230 5,889 58.174 23,629 26,891 86,20 9,062 10,206 11,763 35,280 98.398 16,514 24,345 40,307 9,374 19,444 20,036 27,727 4,882 4,640 63,261 155,578 20,338 . 15,994 131,913 , 5,692 18,611 9,596 15.060 22,580 9,584 . 24 27.061 29,430 25,691 57,370 23,468 54,808 29,934 10,703 5.369 8,721 21,668 27,020 2,698 89,049 3,286 6,117 7.376 9,900 7,498 3.888 6.896 9,743 1,418 2,628 4,335 2,749 13,821 13,726 19,648 158 24 2 81O 1.132 3,479 8,363 25,490 1,403 7,529 8,137 1,178 4,123 1,090 520 4,473 45,053 1,607 1,200 8,72* 7 14,540 5,510 3,548 819 7,349 512 3,973 SUMMARY OF POPULATION, 1SO1. England Wales Scotland Army, Navy, See. Totals Males Females. 3,987,935 4,343,499 257,178 284,308 734,58 1 864,487 470,593 — Total. 8,331,434 541,546 1,599,068 470,59S 5,450,292 5,492,354 10,942,646 SUMMARY OF POPULATION, 1S11. Engllnd Wale Scotland Army, Navy, See. Total 4,555,257 289,414 825,377 640,500 4,944,143 317,966 979,487 9,4° 9,4" 0 607,380 1,804,864 640,500 6,310,548 6,243,596 12,552,144 England Wales Scotland ... Army, Navy, & c. TOTAL INCREASE. Total 1,167,966 65,834 208,180 169,902 1,611,832 BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. rriHE greatest Blemish to Beauty is Superfluous JL Hairs on the Face, Neck, and Arms; HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them, is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use. Price 4s. or two in one Parcel Is. Sold by the Proprietor, 23, Russel- Street, Covent- Garden, London. ^ T. WOOD having been appointed the Wholesale as well as Retail Agent for this anil the adjoining Counties, will supply Booksellers and Dealers with the above Article on liberal Terms. The following are Venders in this Neighbourhood: H. P. Silvester, Newport; W Edwards, Osweslty; W. Smitli, [ ran- bridge; T. Griffiths, Ludlow; E. Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; D. Procter, Drayton. DAMP AIR AND FOGGY WEATHER Materially affects those afflicted with Asthmas, Coughs, Colds, Hooping Cough, and Difficulty of Breathing. tlORD's origitial PECTORAL BALSAM of HOREHOUND, - F an elegant preparation from that well- known herb, has for near 20 years obtained the pre- eminence ( beyond prece- dent) lor the cure of the above complaints ; tbe authenticity of this may be ascertained at most of the respectable venders of medicinte, in the principal cities and towns in the united kingdom. The popularity and salutary effects of this in- valuable medicine needs no comments on its virtues ; the extensive demand proves its superiority as a public medicine to give immediate relief. The public will please to observe each bottle is enclosed in an attested Affidavit, made at the Mansion House, London, June 7th, 1805, without which It cannot be genuine. Sold iu bottles at 10s. 6d. 4a. bd. and 2s. 9iV. each. Sold wholesale and retail by Dicey and Sutton, BovvCburch Yald ; F. Newbery and Sons', Sha* and Edwards, St. Paul's Church Yard; John Evans, 42, Ixing Lane; Barclay and Sons, Fleet Market; R Johnston, Greek- Street, Sulio ; W. Green, 59, Barbican; Sanger, 150, Oxford. Street; bv the only Proprietor, R. Ford, Chemist, Goswell Place, near Islington, from Barbican ; by R. Butler, London ; and by all other wholesale venders of medicine: also by W, EDDOWBS, Printer, Shrewsbury, and all other venders in every town. FROM INDIA. AFRESH supply of that wonderful Discovery MACASSAR OIL, patronized by their Royal Highnesses the PRINCESS of WALES and DUKE of SUSSEX, and most of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL, for the HAIR. The Virtues of tbis Oil, extracted front a tree inthe Island of Macassar, in the East Indies, are far beyond Eologium for increasing the Growth of Hair even on BALD PUCES to a beautiful Length aud Thick- ness, preventing it falling off or changing Colour to the latest Period of Life j strengthening the Cnrl, bestowing an inesti- mable Gloss aud Scent, rendering the Hair inexpressibly at- tracting; promotes the Growth of Whiskers, Eyebrows, SEE. is pre- eminent to use after Sea bathing, violent Exercise, and Travelling in hot Climates This is 110 pretended Foreign Oil, but the real pronuce of the Macassar Tree, and possesses nutritious, emollient, and beautifol transparent Properties, lu fine, it is the first Production in the World for restoring and beamifving the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children. Stich celebrity has it attained that it is daily honoured with the Sanctions cf Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of the Navy and Army, the Faculty, aud Public at large. To Messrs. Rowland and Son, Proprietors of the Macassar Oil GENTLEMEN, June 22, 1811. I am greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of your Macassar Oil, for the Recovery of my Hair; which has been so extremely thin for these eight Years past, obliged me to wear a Wig,' and used many preparations for a consi- derable time, without any signs of its recruiting. Hearine of the excellency of your Oil, 1 determined on try ing it; in a short time my Hair began to thicken, and by using it re- gularly for six Months, I was enabled to leave off my Wig, and have now to boast of a fine Head of Hair, which as tonishes every one. 1 shall continue the use of it, as it not only thickens the Hair, but I feel Considerable pleasure iu the Head after using it. My daughter has received astonish- ing Benefit from using the MACASSAR OIL, of which let the Bearer have One Guinea Bottle. You are at liberty to pub- lish this Note, aud may refer anyone to Your obedient Servant, WM. HEN. JAQUES. Sold at 3s. 6d. 10s. 6d. and one Guinea per Bottle, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND and Son, Kirhy- street, Hatton- Gar- den, London ; and t> y all wholesale Perfumers and Medicine Venders in London— Also, by Appointment, by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, who has just received a fresh supply from the proprietors; Wright, Hereford; Stevens and Watkins, Cirencester; Ingram and Walker, Gloucester; Ruff and Henry, Cheltenham ; ami all Perfumers and Medicine Ven- ders in every Market Town throughout the United Kingdom. Beware of servile Imitators, as the genuine Macassar Oil has the Signature of the Proprietors, A. ROWLAND and Sox. Another Stubborn Fact. Q MIT IPs PLGUGHMAN's DROPS against all the Medi- ^ C'uesin the United Kingdom, for the cure of Leprosy, Kiug's Evil, Venereal Complaints, & c. Notwithstanding the clamoor which has been raised against these Drops, by artful and designing men, their reputation is daily inciea ing, and they are in the highest estimation in every part of the United Kingdom. From among the many Cases lately received, the Doctor gives the following, at the verv particular request ofa benevolent lady in the neighbourhood of Shrewsbury, who recommended the parties to him To Dr. SMITH, Upton Magna. DEAR SIR— We think ourselves bound in gratitude to you, as well as tor the benefit of mankind, to send you an accmunt of a most wonderful cure which our son has received fiom ihe use of your drops. He is now in his 10th year, and had long been most dreadfully afflicted with the verv worst kind of Scald Head, the smell and violent pain fiom which rendered his life a burthen to him, and he an object of compassion to all his frie. nds : every thing usual in such cases ivas tried, but without effect; nothing gave him relief, and we began lo think his case hopeless, and lhat he was doomed to drag on a wretched existence without any prospect of a cure. The humour seemed to have attained its utmost height; « hen a most worthy lady, who had heard of your wonderful Ploughman's Drops, desired us to apply to you, aod said she would pay the expence; accordingly we applied, and he experienced great relief from ihe first bottle ; thin encouraged us to persevere, and before the third bottle wa » finished, to the great astonishment of the'whole neighbour, hood, he was perfectly cured, aud has now as good a bead of hair as any boy need to have, we have shewn him to the good lady who sent us to you, and she desires you will make il public tot the benefit of the afflicted. We are, Sir, Your must thankful and grateful Servants, WILLIAM and MARY OAKELEY. Broseley, October 20, 1811. These Drops are to be had in square Bottles, with these words moulded on each, " Mr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops, " ( all others are spurious), at£ l 2 « . the large, and lis. this small, Duty included, at PLUOOHMAS'S HALL, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; of W. EDDOWES, Printer of this Paper, in Shrewsbury ; Capsev, Wellington; Yeates, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge; Partridge, Bridgnorth; Silvester, Newport; Craig, Nantwich; Griffiths, Ludlow; Baugh, Rllesmere; Jones, Whi'chutch; Procter, Drayton; Price, Oswestry; Painter, Wrexham; Waidson, Welsh Pool; and Fowke, Stafford; Holmes, No. 1, Royal Exchange, Loudon, and every respectable vender in the king- lorn, EASE FKO- V1 I'VN is INSTANTLY PHOCURED BY THE USE or THE ODONTALGIC, Or Chemical Essence of Horse- lladish, WHICH IS A CERTAIN CURE FOR THE room M • AND EVf- ACH: AND CARBONATED DENTIFRICE, An elegant and efficacious TOOl'H POWDER, resulting from the recent Discoveries in Chemistry. '" I'^ HE Essence possesses me Property of safely Jl_ and immediately stopping the l'ontb- Ach, aud has the peculiar Effect, if it come hi Contact with th » > exposed Nerve, to prevent the Recurrence of that torturing Milady, its Operation being the same ns a Styptic on a oleeding Vein; in Colds and Rheumatic Affections of the Jaws it will be found practically beneficial; also in the painful Dentition of Children. The Carbonated Dentifrice restores to the Enamel all its native Whiteness, gives a florid Colour to the Gums, and by its peculiar Antisceptic Qualify, removes every unpleasant Colour fiom the Mouth, and imparts to the Breath a most delicate. Fragrance. Ob- erve the Names of BA RCLAY and Sons engraved on the Stamp affixed to each, Price 2s. 9d. Prepared by Mr. King, Apothecary, Brock- Street, Rath. Sold by EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Sandford, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Guest, Bros^ ley ; Gitton, and Part, ridge, Bridgnorth; Harding and Scarrntt, Shiffml; Dean, Newport ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Miller, and Smith, Iron Bridge aud Wenlock; Trevor, Much Wenlock; Evans, Welsh Pool ; Fallowei, Baugh, Jackson, and Birch, Elles- mere; Parker, Whitchurch ; Snelaon, and Craij, Nantwich; Painter, Wrexham; Price, E Iwa ds, and Minsiuil, Os- westry; and bvthe p inci; al Ven ters of Patent Medicines in every Town ' hr tughout the Kintrdo- u. BANKRUPTS, FEBRUARY 8. Anderson William, of Bolton. Lancashire, druggist and grocer, March 2, 3, 21, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool — Amelt Thomas, of Birmingham, baker, Feb 20, 21, March 21, at the Black Swan Inn, Warwick.— Ballard Samuel the younger, of No. 1, Bread- slieet- hill, Lindon, sack, mat and bag- maker, Feb. 15, 22, March 21, at Guildhall.— Baron Cornwcllaoft Pearson Robert, of Kingston- upon- Hull, timber merchants, Feb. 14, 18, March 21, at the George. Kingston- upon- Hull.— Biltborough Benjamin, ofthe parish of St. Anne, Middlesex, stonemason, Feb 11, 18, March21, at Guildhall, London.— Butler Daniel, Cheapside, London, ribbon weaver, Feb. II, 22, March 21, at Guildhall. — Casmell Joseph, of GreenhilPs Rents, St. John- street, Middlesex, baker, Feb. 11, 18, March 21, at Guildhall, London.— Field IVitliam, of Wandsworth, Surrey, shoe maker, Feb. 13, 22, March 21, at Guildhall, London.— Friday Richard the younger, of Islewoith, Middlesex, coal and corn dealer, Feb, 15, 25, March 21, at Guildhall, London.— Gregory Crandley Stephen, of Portsmouth, Hants, sail maker, Feb. 14, 15, March 21, at the Blue Posts, Portsmouth.— Godwin Thomas, of Pall Mall, Middlesex, linen draper, Feb. 11, 22, March 21, at Guildhall, London.— Hodgson Benjamin, of Queen. street, Cheapside, London, skinner, Feb. 15, 22, March 21. at Guildhall.— loseph Simon, of Portsea, Hants, slopseller, Feb. 11, IS, March 21, at Guildhall.— Lathy John, of Honiton, Devonshire, mercer and draper, Feb. 27, 28, March21, atthe Dolphin Inn, Honiton. Ijcwis John, of Stourport, Worcestershire, wine and liquor merchant, March 3, 4, 21, at the George Inn, Bewdley.— MamrJohn the elder, Manor John the younger, of Leadenhall- street, London, insurance brokers and merchants, Feb. 15, 22, March 21, at. Guildhall.— Sade William, of Paddingtou, Middlesex, common brewer, Feb. 11, 18, March 21, at Guild- hall, London.— Sloan James, of Liverpool, merchant, March 4, 5, 21, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Smith James, of theWhite l ion Inn, Whitchurch, Salop, victualler, Feb. 24, 25, March 21, at the White Lion Inn, Whitchurch,— Tobin Daniel and Mitchell JcmesBenjmiun,^ Broad- street- Buildings, London, Feb. 13, i2, March 2i, at Guildhall. — Undero- ood R chard, of Kingsland- road, Middlesex, builder, Feb. 15, 22, March 2l, at Guildhall, Lmdon. FEB. 11.]— Buckham Thmas, of Newcastle- npou- Tyne, ba'tchc'r, Feb. 18, March 5, 24, at the. George Inn, New- castle- upon- Tyne.—• Buttcrjtkl James, of Dover, Kent, cabinet maker, Feb. 13, 22, Manh 24, at Guildhall, London.— Fox John, of Bridlington, Yorkshire, linen draper, Feb, - 24, MUSCULAR INV1G0RAT10N. THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD is universally ac- knowledged to be peculiarly efficacious in all inward wasting, loss of appetite, aud indigestion, depression of spirits, trembling or shaking ofthe hands or limbs, obstinate Coughs, shortness of breath, and consumptive habits.— It thins the blood, eases the most violent pains in the head and stomach, promotes gentle perspiration, and restores health even where the constitution appears to have been irreparably injured. By the nobility and gentry this medicine is much admired, beintr pleasant to the taste and smell, gently astringing the fibres of the stomach, and giving that proper tensity which a good digestion requires. Nothing can he better adapted to ijourish the constitution after a nocturnal debauch with wine, & c. Those who have impaired their health bv residence in hot and unhealthy climates ; the young of either sex, whose infirmities threaten premature old age, a life of misery, and an early dissolution; and those mora advanced in years, whose tottering sapless frames appear withered and almost worn out, are its more immediate objects. Sold by F. DDOWBS, Wood and Watlon, Sandford, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Guest, Broseley- ; Gitton, and Part- ridge, Bridgnorth ; Harding, and Scarrott, Shiffhal ; Dean, Newport; Houlstons, Wellington ; Miller, and Smith, Iron Bridge and WenlocH ; Trevor, Much Wenlock; Evans, Welsh Pool; Falloives, Baugh, Jackson, and Birch, F. lles- mere; Wright, Whitchurch ; Snelson, aud Craig, Nantwich; Painter, Wrexham; Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Os- westry; and by the priucipal Venders of Patent Medicines in every Town throughout the Kingdom. FOGS AND DAMP AIR. BARCLAY'S ASTHMM'IC C WUYnas for many years been proved a most effectual preservative from the ilt effect of Foes aud DAMP AIR, which at this season of the vear ate so prejudicial to those who are affected with ASTH- MATIC COUGHS and SHORTN SS or BREATH. Its effects are to expel Wind, to defend the Stomach from the admission of Damps, and to relieve those who suffer from a Difficulty of Breathing. Sold wholesale and retail by Messrs Barclay and Sons, No. 95, Fleet Market, London: also by W. EDUOWES, Morris, Palin, and New ling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Madeley Maiket Place- Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, lronbridge anil Much Wen- lock ; Silvester, Newport ; Parker, Evanson, Whitchurch - Baogh, Cross. Ellesmere; Procter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery j Jones and Co. Evaiis, Roberts, and Powell, Welsh Pool; Morral, Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswes- try j Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Gulfiths, Ludlow; Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Scarrott, Shift'nal; Painter, Wrexham ; Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llangermew ; Evans, Newtown ; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. But observe, none ran possibly be genuine unlets the label affixed lo each b , x, is signed tn red ink by BARCLAY aud SON, and much danger rnav arise from neglect of this - aution. W ESSE / L's " GENUINE AND ORIGINAL JESUIT'S DROPS, AND PUROING REMEDY, Are prepared by SHAW and EDWARDS, tr6 St. Paul's, London from the original Recipe, which they bought of J, WBSSBL on the 17th of January, 1803, which Recipe is in their Possession ONLY. IN His Majesty's Navy and Army l.' iese Drops have for years past maintained their Character as 3 Specific for the Scurvy, Gravel, Dtopsy, Stranguary, Weak- ness, and Obstructions in the Urinary Passage, and- General Debility ; but particularly for their absolute and speedy Cure of Ihe VENEREAL DISEASE, from the slightest to its most malignant Symptoms: as a Restorative for General Debility Wessel's Jesuit's Drops have heen long known and esteemed : — such as have the Misfortune to be troubled with stubborn Gleets, Seminal Effusions, or auy Weakness of the Kidneys, Ureters, or Bladder, Diabetes, or Difficulty of making Wat. r, will find in the Wessel's Jesuit's Drops a safe, cheap, effect- ual, and immediate Cure. Sold by Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, Loudon: sold also by W. ED DOWES, Bythell, Morris, Palin, aud Newling, Shrewsbury; Ridgeway, aud Procter, Drayton; Chester, Newcastle; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, Staffird; Smith, Iionbridge and Wenlock ; and by most of the respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom.— Price 2s. 9d. and the larger Bottle, containing nine small ones, for the Convenience of Persons going to Sea, Price £ 1. 2s. CAUTION. — Each Bottle is inclosed in a Government Stamp, with the following,—" Shaw and tidwards, Successors to Joseph Wcssel." The numerous Counterfeits imposed 011 the Country Venders, as well as the Public, render this Caution highly necessary. CHILBLAINS Are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching instantly removed by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUSTARD, universally esteemed for its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections, and Complaints of the Stomach ; but where this certain remedy has been un- known or neglected, aud the Chilblains have actually sup- purated, or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them. They are prepared and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15 Greek- Street, Soho, London, the Essence and Pills al 2s. 9d. each— the Cerate at Is. ljd. They are also sold hv W. EDDOWES, Newling, and Palin, Shrewsbury; Painter, Wrexham ; Baugh, Ellesmere; Houlstons, Wellington ; Silvester. Newpoit; Prodgers, Ludlow ; Partridge, & Gitton, Bridguoith; Edwards, Price, and Miushall, Oswestry; and by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. Tin genuine has a black ink Stamp with the Name of R. Johnston, inserted on it. Mil. W. EDDOWES, Printer of this Paper has jnst re- ceived a fresh supply from Mr. LIGNUM, Surgeon, Manchester, consisting of those most excellent ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS AND LOTION, so universally resorted to for their extraordinary superiority in all complaints of the Scurvy, Leprosy, Rheumatism, Ul- cers, and other Disorders arising from impurities in the Blond, Sc. The virtues of this celebratedMedicine cannot be belter dis- played than by the great number of well attested Cases which are annually and even monthly performed by the sole use of these Drops and Lotion. At this season of the year they are particularly recommended to the attention of those subject io the Scurvy, & c. Sec. Ladies and Geuilemen may now have their Orders coos » pleted in dozens, or Half- dozens, to a single 4s. 6d. buttle » These Drops are sold in moulded square bottles at 1 Is. aad 4s. 6d,— one lis. bottle is equal to three 4s. 6d ones— Lotion 2s. 9d. the pint bottle, duty included, wholesale by Mr. Lignum, Manchester; and retail by W. F. DDOWES, Wood and Watton, Shrewsbury ; Honlstons, Wellington ; Smilh, Iron- bridge aud Wenlock ; Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; Deuman, Wolverhampton ; Scarrotl, Shiff- ual ; Silvester, Newport ; Parker, Whitchurch ; Baugh, Ellesmere; Owen, Welshpool; Griffiths, Ludlow; Burlton, Leominster; Edwards, Oswestry ; Davies, Hereford; ami the principal Venders of genuine Medicines in the United Kingdom.
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