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The Northampton Mercury


Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Volume Number: 92    Issue Number: 42
No Pages: 4
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The Northampton Mercury
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The Northampton Mercury

Date of Article: 04/01/1812
Printer / Publisher: T.E. Dicey, W. Sutton, & R. Smithson 
Address: Northampton
Volume Number: 92    Issue Number: 42
No Pages: 4
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PRINTED BY ^ LJ¥ U> FOR T. E. BICEY, W* SUTTOJV, 44JVJD R. SMITMSOJV* VOL. 92. — — J £ i I — SATURDAY, JANUARY 4, 1812. , . . Y . , • No. 42- Reaily Money is expecled ( with Advertisements. t 5 Circulated through every Town and populous Village in the Counties of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, ) ^ Huntingdon, Leicester, Oxford, Warwick, Hertford; Part of Cambridge, Nottingham, Lincoln, and Rutland. 5 t, ) Stamp- Duty - 3d. f PRICE 6 nd CORNHILL, LONDON, or of the Company's Agents in the different Cities and Towns in Great- Britain and Ireland. ROBERT SKELTON, Secretary. Great tithes To be L li T T, And entered on next Lady- Day. THE GREAT TITHES of the Parish of ROTHWELL, Northamptonshire, conditionally for one or tiree Years. For Particulars, apply to Mr. WM. HAYNES, Husband'S. Bosworth, Leicestershire. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ LL that PLOT or PIECE of exceedingly rich PAST URE LAN I) as is not staked and set our, adjoining the Chester Turnpike- Road, and near to th : Town of DAY- ENTRY, by Esti- mation 3A. 2R. ( more or less), now in the Occupaiion of Mr. Edward Harris. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. WARDLE, Solicitor, in. Daventry. Desirable Situation, Banbury. To be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, ADesirable FREEHOLD Sashed and Slated DWELLING- HOUSE, in the GROCERY SIKITEA BUSINESS, in the Centre of the MARKET- PLACE, in BANBU RY atoiesaid, having two large Bow Shop Windows, with Entrance in the Centre; also a good Passage Entrance to the Yard and back 1 remises; four god Sleeping- rooms in Front, besides Attics and back Rooms ; good Warehouse- Room, two excellent Cellars, and other Conve. niences forcairyingon almost any Business.— The Shop may be made into one large or two distinct Shops, so as to carry 011 more than one Business if required. For further Particulars, apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to JOSEPH WARD, who is going to remove bis Brewery to the High- Street, where his Porter and Cider liusiness will be carried on as usual. To Timber Merchants, Carpenters, Wheelwrights, fyc. CAPITAL TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, r, y EDW. NEALK Sf SON, On Wednesday the 8tb Day ot January. 1812, at the House of Mr. Richard Lord, the Sign of the Chequers, in Uilesthorpe, in the County of Leicester, about Two o'Ciock in tile After- noon, subject 10 Conditions of Sale then to be produced I^ OUlt HUNDRED and SIXTY- TWO OAK, ASH, and - ELM TIMBER TREES, in Lots, some of large Di- mensions, and ot an excellent Quality, now blazt- d, and numbered for Sale, standing in the Lordship, of ULLESTHORI'E and CLAYBROOK, in the Counly of Leicester. For a View of the above Timber, apply to Mr. WILLIAM VARNAM, ot Uileitliorpe; and Mr. GEORCE VARNAM, of Claybrook ; where Particulars' ol the Lots may be had in dueTirne. A decent Credit will be given on approved Security .— Dinner on the Table at One o'Clock The aforesaid Timber is well worth the Attention of Purchasers. Also will be SOLD at the latter End of January, several Heaps of ASH POLES and FAGOTS. Particulars will appear in a future Paper. Rich Feeding Lund at Lower- Shuckburgh. To be SOLD by AUCTIO N, By j. loveda r, ( By Direction of the Assignees ef THOMAS HOIUIS LAKID, a Bankrupt), at the Black Boy Inn, at l. O W li R- SHUCK- BURGH, in the County of Warwick, on Thursday the 9th Day of January, 1812, piecisely at Three o'Clock in the After- noon, under such Conditions as will be then produced, LL that CLOSE or PIECE of exceedingly rich old PASTURE LAND, now in the Occupation of William Lakin, Tenant at Will, called the Great Ground, containing 22 Acres, or thereabouts, situate at Lower. Shuckburgh aforesaid, close to the Oxford Canal, and within a very short" Distance of the Turnpike- Road leading fom Southam to Daventry. The Land- Tax is redeemed. For a View of the Close, apply to Mr. LAKIN, the Tenant; and for further Particulars, to Mr. TIDMAS, Solicitor, Warwick. A1 . w b8 . MS SALCEY FOREST. WHEREAS some evil- disposed Person or Persons, did, last Night or early this Morning, pull up, steal, and carry amtty, Part of a DFJAD HEDGE or FENCE, in that Part of his Majesty's Forest of S A LCEY, In the County of Northampton, callcd Mad Irons Coppice. Any Person or Persons who shall discover the Offender or Offenders, or give such Information as may lead to Conviction, may receive a Reward of ONE GUIN EA, on Application to Mr. JOHN SAWBRIDOF., Keeper, in the said Forest. And a Reward of ONE GUINEA will be paid as above, to any Person or Persons who shall apprehend or give Infor- mation of any Offender or Offenders, who may hereafter be found breaking or destroying any Hedges, Hedge- Rows, Fences, Trees, Underwood, Cotes, Locks, or Gute- Po* ts, situate and being in any Part of SALCEY FOREST aforesaid, or doing any other Damage there* December S9M, 1811. SARACEN's- HEAD INN, BULL- STREET, BIRMINGHAM. THE ORIGINAL CAMBRIDGE and BIRMING- HAM UNIVERSITY COACHsets out from the above Inn every Tuesday Morning, at Seven o'clock, by Way of Coventry, Dutichurch, and Daventry, to the Rose- and- Crown Inn, Northampton; sleeps there; proceeds the next Morning through Wellingborough, Thrapston, and Huntingdon, to the Blue- Boar Inn, Cambridge, where it meets the Newmarket, Bury, and Ipswich Coaches.— Returns from the above Inn in Cambridge, every Thnrsday Morning at Six ; will arrive in Birmingham ou Friday Afternoon, 111 Time for the Bath, Bristol, and other Coaches. Performed by the Public's humble Servants, WM. GIDDING, Birmingham, JER. BRIGGS, Northnmptnn. Fares ns usual.— Luggage to Cambridge, Id. per Pound. ( f5r The Proprietors of the above Coach return their most grateful Acknowledgments for Favours already received from a generous Public, and hope for the Continuance of that Patronage it will ever be their Study to merit, but cannot be accountable for any Article above £ 5 Value ( if lost), unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly. BEDFORDSHIRE, To be SOLD by ' AUCTION, At the Swan l- nn, in the Town of Bedford, on Saturday the 1st Day of February next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Barn, Stable, and other Out- buildings, and 60 Acres of Pasture and Arable Land, situate at WII. DEN, in the County of Bed- ford, in the Occupation of William Favell, Tenant at Will. Mr. Favell will shew the Premises. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. LOWNDES, Red Lion Square, London; of Mr. BLOODWORTH, Kimbolton BEAUTIFUL W OM EN. r 1 11E greatest Blemish to Beauty is superfluous Hairs on I the Face, Neck and Arms.— HUBERT'S ROSEATE- POWDER immediately removes them, and is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use, Price 4s. or two in one Parcel, 7s. Sold by the Proprietor, No. 23, Russel- Street, Covent- Garden, London; Printers of this Paper; Seeley, Buckingham ; l. oggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Norris, Bedford; Mather, Wellingborough; York & Summers, Oundle; Jacob, Peterborough; Freeman, Uppingham; Corral, Lut- tciwor; h; Tomalin, Daventry; Rusher, Banbury; Lovell, Huntingdon 1 Kowell, Rugby-; Higgs, Harborough ; Gregory, Leicester; Stevens, Biceeter; aptlbyotie l'e* sou in every Tovyijt. WYMINGTON INCLOSURE. WE the umdersigned Commissioners appointed to carry into Execution an Act of Parliament, passed in the last Session ot Parliament, intituled, " An Act for inclosing Lands in WYMINGTON, in the County of Bedford," DO HEREBY eivi NOTICE, that we have set out and appointed the following Public Carriage- Roads and Highways, through and over the Latids and Grounds by the said Act directed to be divided and inclosed, which are ascertained and marked out by Stakes ; and that we have caused a Map to be prepared, in which such in tended Roads are accurately laid down and described, which is signed by us, and deposited with Mr. JOHN HODSON, of Wel- lingborough, in the County of Northampton, our Clerk, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned,; aud further that a Meeting will be held by us at the House of JOHN KNIGHT HIBCINS, called or known by the Name or Sign of the HIND, in WEL- LINGBOROUGH aforesaid, on TUESDAY the FOCRTEKNTH Day of JANUARY next, at Eleven o'Clock iu the Forenoon; at which l ime any Person or Persons who may be injured or aggrieved by the setting put any such Roads or Highways, may attend and be heard. — Dated the ninth Day of October, One Thousand Eiglu Hundred and Eleven. Public Carriage. Roads or Highways of the Width of SO Feet. One extending trbifi the Northward- End ot the Village of Wymington, in a Northwardly Direction, and nearly in the Track heretofore used to the Lordship of Rushden. And one other, extending from the South- Eastward- End of the Village of Wymington aforesaid, in a South- Eastwaidly Direction to Mill Hill Close; and then in a Northeastwardly Direction, nearly in the Track heretofore wsed to the Tnrnpike- Road. Also, the Moiety of a Road at the South- EaStwardly End of Wvmington Wold, adjoiningtlie Lordshipof Souldrop. ' THOMAS EAGLE, JOHN BURCHAM. . SAML. SHAlUiAN. LIFE HOLD ESTATE, FROLESIWRTU, Lucesn., > , ire. To be SO L L) bv A U C T I O N, By EDW. NEALE & SON, Sometime in February next, unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given, r* TIE LITE ESTATE of a healthy Man of about 60 ! Years of Age, in a convenient M ESSU AC E orTEN EM ENT, with Out- buildings, Yaid, Garden, and excellent Orchard, well stocked with Fruit Frees in full bearing; with a commodious Pew in the Parish Church ; and also 18 Acres of rich Pasture Land in three Divisions, extending to the TOWN- STREET, in FROI. ESWORTH aforesaid, in the Occupation of Mr. William Howkins, who is under Not ce to leave at Lady- Bay next. These Premises would readily Lett to icspectable Tenants a| £ 60 per Annum. For further Paraiculars, apply at the Offices of Messrs. Cn. DECOTT & BENN, Solicitors, Kugby. Capital Timber Sale. To be SOL D by AUCTION. By WILLIAM LONG, On Monday the 13th of January, 1812, and following Days, I^ IGHT HUNDRED and SIXTY- FIVE fine Maidei U OAK, ELM, ASH, FIR, SPANISH CHESTNUT, SYCAMORE and other TREES, with their Tops, Lops, an « Bark, all blazed, numbered, and lotted, and now standing on the several Farms at UPTON, ALK. ERTON, RATLEY, anij WARMINGTON, in ilie Counties of Oxford, and Warwick, in the Occupations of F. dward Morant Gale, Esquire, Richard Borton, Ursula Middleton, William Greaves, Thomas Robinson, aud Joseph Barnes. The Timber stands near the Turnpike- Roads from Banbury to Stratford on Avon and Warwick, and is distant f'rem Ban- bury six Miles ; Stratford on Avon 12 ; and Warwick 14; from each of which Places there is a Communication by Water to any Part of the Kingdom. Credit will be given till the 29th of September next, if re- quired, upon approved Security. For a View ot the Timber, apply to the Tenants, or to Mr. JOHN MIDDLETON, at Upton, one Week previous to the Sale Catalogues to be had at the prir : pal Inns, Banbury, Ox- ford, Woodstock, Bicester, Chipping- Norton, Southam, Coven- try, Warwick, Stratford, Birmingham, Kineton, and Shipston ; of the Auctioneer, Witney; Mr. BIGNELL, Steward to the Earl of Jersey, Middleton - Stoney ; and of the respective Tenants. To the Proprietor of Dr. TAYLOR'S Remedy for Deufnesr' SIR, IHarl been five Years afflicted with Deafness; 011 my coming into this Country in my professional Line ( Land surveying) 1 saw Dr. Taylor's Remedy advertised in the Lewes Paper, and knowing Miss Fuiler personally, 1 was induced to buy a Bottlcof the Remedy ot Mr, Smith, of Newhaven, which cured me on the first Application. As 1 am obliged to be out in all Weathers, my Deafness always returns on taking Cold.— I have not used the Remedy for nearly 12 Months uniil this Day, and have been for some Time rather Deaf; tlris Afternoon I applied it again according tothe Directions given with it, and could hear as well as ever in Half an Flour afterwards. I am now resolytd to keep it always at Hand, and beg yru will pub- lish my Statement to the World, in order that such an invalu- able Medicine tiny be more generally known, 1 am, Sir, Your moat obedient Servant, ROBERT CLARKE, Brighton, August 27( 7i, 1810. Sold by the Printers of this Paper, and by most Venders Q£ Patent Medicines.. The Northampton Mercury; and General Advertiser for the Countim of Northampton, Bedford, Buckingham, iWithigdoli, Leicester Warwick, Oxford, an 7. Hertford. Ha Wednesday and Thursday's Posts. 1' roto the LONDON. GAZETTE, of Dec. 31. DOVRAING- STREF. T, DECEMBER 31. textrtict of a dispatch from Viscount Wellington, dated Frehada, December 12. rj^ IIF, enemy have maile ho movement of importance in JL this quarter, since I addressed you on the 4th instant.— \ have received accounts from ' Cadiz to the 30th of Nov. ; Gen. Ballasreros had been obliged again to retire. It ap- pears that the enemy have brought some troops from Gre- nada to act upon Gen. Ballasteros, as well as the division Tiii'iilei ' Gen. Seiriele, belonging to the 1st'corps.— The official accounts from Valencia come down as far as the 20th of November. The enemy had not at that period made any progress. in their attack upon Gen. Blake's position in front " ol the town. The chiefs of guerillas, Duran, El Empeci- Iiado, and Espiffi y Mina, had been very active and suc- cessful against the errtimy. ' — LONDON, THUIISDAY, Jan. 1. A report was in circulation yesterday, founded oil letters from .- t. Petersburgh, that preliminaries of peace had actually been signed between Russia and the Porte. It is hoped the report will prove correct; hut some doubts may Certainly be entertained as to the fact, as accounts from Vienna, nine days, later than those from Petersburgh, are silent on the subject. If, however, the recent reverses of thcOttomau arms have- been so serious as they have been represented, there seems little doubt but that the Turks must submit tii such conditions as their conquerors may think fit. to impose. Letters have been received in town from Gottenburgh of the 14th ult. and from . Stockholm of a few days earlier. ' 1 he latter mention, that Bernadotte had again expressed his intention not to adopt any measures which could . possibly involve Sweden in a war with Great Britain, and that, as a proof of his amity, Ife had given permission to British ships to enter Swedish ports. It does not appear how this declaration is to be reconciled with the condemnation of the Carlshaui vessels; and vet it is not devoid of probability, as at is known that all the Swedish ships in this country, under Adjudication in the Admiralty Court, have been restored to their owners. Bv the Cossack sloop of war, letters have been received froni Gibraltar to the 6th ult. which state, that Col. Skerrett had been landed at Gibraltar with his brave little army from Tarifa, and immediately proceeded to join Gen. Ballas- teros. Their united force, amounting to about 7,000 men, sallied forth to meet the enemy near St. Rbque, stated to be six thousand strong, with whom they had several skirmishes; in one of which, the allies had three men killed,— and of the Wounded, twenty had been brought into Gibraltar, By the S-. vallow packet, from Cadiz, a variety'of letters and papers have been received, in addition to'those. brought by the Cossack. The most ' important subject to which the firmer refer, is the dispute subsisting between the Spanish Government and the British Ambassador, Mr. 11 Wellisluy. It is n iw understood, that the necessities of the Regency oc- casioned an application to the latter for a regular pecuniary supply, until the arrangements in South America, under the direction of the English Commissioners, should enable the Spanish Government to repay the loans that might be made. It is said, that the British Minister consented to grant the pecuniary assistance to a certain extent, on condition of a change in the Executive Authorities, and the investment of such authorities with the full prerogative of the Sovereign, uncontroulfd by the Cortas. With whom these ample jiowers were to be entrusted is differently stated. By some it is asserted, that Don Pedro, the son of Don Antonio, In- fant of Spain, was proposed by Mr. Wellesley; by others, that lie named for that purpose the eldest son of Ferdinand, King of Naples ; and by a third parly, it is alleged that the Archbishop of Toledo was proposed to be invested with these ample powers. Whatever has been the cause, the difference has, it appears, arisen to some height, and it is sa'd that the Regency, as the fi.- st indication of its hostile disposition, has suspended the law passed ill condescension to British interests for the exportation of cottons, under certain ' duties and regulations. Yesterdav a nnmber of transports arrived from Lisbon. They state that it is found that the success of the guerillas lias led the enemy to avail himself of every accidental means of entrenchment and fortification. ' 1 his circumstance has induced the Spaniards to provide the expedients lor besieging him in t- he places of his temporary retreat. ' I he Commandant Merino lias collected a quantity. of implements and materials to undermine the numerous Convents occupie d by the French— and this new species of warfare has been attended with'great success both io Arragon and Catalonia. _ It is said that the conferences between Jourdan, Daultanue, fn. d Marmont, referred to the assistance required - by Soult from the latter, which Marmont has finally refused to grant, alleging as au excuse, the fatigue his tioops have under- gone, and the great difficulty of procuring subsistence for them. The partv of the Physician ( Medico) has shut up in Chincon 200 of the enemy. On the same day, at a league distance from Aranjucx, all the guards, both infantry and < a » a1ry, stationed on the principal bridge, deserted. The Sildicrs composing the garrison of Madrid, in ten days, to the number of lti6, left their colours, and m almbst every situation the Juratiientados are nearly reduced to the Officers by whom they were commanded. A convoy consisting of 9,000 infantry and 1,400 cavalry, liave. advavced from Escurial to - Brume. The whole body proceeding to Talavera is accompanied by a quantity ot gram and much cattle. The passing of these troops and others to the station of Talavera, has occasioned the expec- tation of some movement in the army of Marmont, and probably ol' a retrograde kind. The fortifications of Cuervft Menus, Allilas, and other places in the mountainous part 6f the district of Toledo tavour this conjecture. A private letter from Lisbon states, that three Portuguese Noblemen, the Marquis of Valencia, the Marquis Ponte Lima, and- Senor Mucillas, had lately arrived there, having made their escape from the enemy. When the French left Lisbon the first time, they went with them. A short time since, they applied by letter to Lord Wellington, to know if he would protect them : which he promised, and wrote to the Urgency, saying what lie had done. Being tired of being traitors' to their own country, they escaped by way of Madrid, and arrived safe at Lisbon, file uncle of M. Ponte Lima was formerly Portuguese Ambassador to Loud another was with Lord Nelson, in the Mediterranean. The brother of Mucillas was in favour with Lord Wellington w ( tea within the lines. They state the French artny as much dissatisfied, ami that'fear only of the guerillas prevents their very numerous desertion. Letters have been received at Plymouth from Brest, wliicli mention the arrival there of the Purse, American schooner, bound to Bourdcaux, detained for hi each df blockade by the Niemen, 41. Alter all the arms, as it was supposed, were taken out, Mr. Sanders, Master's Mate, and ten of the prime seamen of La Nietnen, were put oil board, with the American Captain', three Americans, and a French- man, his wife, and child. In the dusk of the evening, five of the NiemcuVtnen being below, the American Captain drew a pistol, and suddenly shot Mr. Sanders dead; they then drove the remainder of the Niemen's men below, battened down the hatches, and carried the ship into Brest. The melancholy fate of poor Mr. Sanders is much lamented by his Captain, and all the ship's company, as he was a must gentlemanly good young man, and an excellant sea- tbaii and officer. The following is an extract of a Letter from Batavia: — * Bitlavia, August 31.— General Janseti has unfortunately escaped . us: he has very few more left with liiin; hut he lias refused to surrender, and he gets oil so fast that our dragoons have been obl- i ed to give tip the pursuit. It is said, that he is going to ask the assistance of the Native Princes; hut even if he gains it, he will be able to bring against us only an undisciplined rabble." By the Heligoland Mails it appears, that our successes in Spain are not unknown in the north ofGennany, and that the Germans are thus undeceived witii respect to the omni- potence and invincibility of the armies of the Grand Alon'arque and of the- Soldiers of the Grande Nation. The ships destined for the blockade of the Scheldt are re- equipping at Portsmouth, under the superin'tendance of Admiral Durham. The Christian VII, Admiral Young's • flag- ship, arrived at that port ou Sunday to he paid. The Toulon fleet, of 14 sail of the line, and other vessels, has manoeuvred— it went out to sea! It went ( mark reader), it went out of sight id' the shore! Mirubile dicta !— But this is not all:— it performed these actions in sight of two of our vessels;— they engaged— several shots were fired; perhaps it may be expected the ships were sunk !— No.— Were they damaged?— No.— The bullets went through the sails ! Our vessels ( says the account), were nearly taken, This is re- lated with such gravity, in the paper to which we arc indebt- ed for the ( act, that it appears to have been considered by tkie . French and Germans u$ a great exploit Transports are to sail in the latter end of March with two regiments, ordered to Canada, to relieve the 41st and 49th, which have been some v'cars ill that country, and are now under orders to proceed to Portugal; the 4 1st is 750 rank and file, the 49th 800. His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex has been ap- pointed Deputy Grand Master of the fraternity of Masons, of which the Prince Regent is Grand Master. The honour became vacant by the death of Sir Peter Parker. A great bustle prevailed the whole of yesterday at one of the first departments under Government. Mr. Graham, the Magistrate, was closeted nearly the whole of the day with, the Heads of the office, and Police officers were in attend- ance. Some warrants Were issued. It is supposed that some fraud to a great amount had been detected. A sudden and unexpected r. ise took . place yesterday in the course of exchange of 10 percent, in favour of this country. Theexchange on Hamburgh was done at 27 6, and oil Pans at 19 5. Several billsjiave also been remitted to this country from Russia, These circumstances prove that commerce begins to revive- The Dublin Papers give an account of the Aggregate Meeting of tiie Catholics, held oil Thursday last. They app iuted a Board of 450 persons to prepare a Petition to the Prince Regent, with directions not to present it till the restrictions were taken off. Eight Resolutions- were passed by the Meeting, in which they take upon themselves to decide that the late dissolution of the Catholic Committee was illegal. They add, that " the Irish Roman Catholics are sinking nnder. the heavy burthen of equal taxes without equal benefits," an assertion, to which every one is able to give the most direct contradiction. They resolve that neither the Board now appointed, " nor the General Com- mittee of the Catholics of Ireland, does, or ever did, consist of persons in any manner constituted or appointed to repre- sent, or assume or exercise a right to represent the People of this kingdom, or any number or description of them, or the People of any district within the same; neither does the same consist 01' any persons charged with any further or other function, than that of preparing Catholic Petitions ant) Addresses to the different branches of the Legislature." Rear- Admiral Foley, commanding in the Downs, having been complained of as not protecting the trade from French privateers, has exculpated himself by laying the blame on the masters of vessels, who, Irom attention or ignorance, keep close t) the French, instead of the English coast. On the 12th ult. died, Brigadier- General Colman, in the Portuguese service, at Lisbon. His death was the con- sequence of fever and debility, brought on by exertions in his profession too great for his constitution. He was buried at Lisbon on the 14th, with distinguished military honours. Royal Society.— The Comet.— On Thursday week the Lord Bishop of London and Lord Holland were elected Fellows •< f this Society, after which part of a curious paper, by Dr. llerschell, was read. Dr. II. in observing the Comet in October last, noticed a highly luminous appearance near the centre of its head, which astronomers would call its nucleus. This luminous disk . however he found to deviate considerably from the centre, and to be one time brighter than another. This led him to be mare particular in hi? observations with longer telescopes and higher magnifying powers; these he varied from 7 to 10 and 20 feet with magnifyers up to COO, when he distinctly discovered it to be a planetary body, that it was evidently surrounded by a Cometic atmosphere. On the 10th October, when the Comet was 114 million of miles distant from the earth, by a series of observations and calcu- lations, he ascertained the diameter of this planet to be 428 miles, with an atmosphere subjected to vicissitudes of the Comet. Nearly 40 French officers, made prisoners of war by General Hill, In his brilliant affair at Merida, were con- ducted under an escort to Mill Prison, Plymouth, previous to going on parole of honour. They are very soldierly looking men, and speak with contempt of the dilatory conduct of their General on that memorable occasion. It is said Prince D'Areinberg and General Le Bon are amongst them. In consequence of a recent decision in the Court of 1' einds ( or l'vthes) in Edingburgh, none of the Established Clergy of Scotland will have a smaller stipend than ./ T50 sterling,- and J. 8. 6s. 8d. for communion elements, besides a manse and glebe hi the country parishes. Among the singularities of Cooke, the actor, now in America, it is stated that one night lately at the New York theatre, being intoxicated, he refused to go on the stage till the band had played God save the King. This was resisted for some time by the audience; but the actor was inflexible, and they submitted, rather than lose his perfor- mances. It is added that when a charitable subscription was handed about— the sums subscribed were from one- to 20 dollars cach.— Cooke was applied to, and he immediately wrote down," Ccoke, the Englighman, 100 dollars." An advertisement lately inserted in the Leeds Mercury offers a striking illustration of the absolute necessity of establishing a system of education for the poor. Of tiVelve persons, who publicly apologize for an assault committed on the person of a neighbour, only one could write his name— the marks of the eleven others appearing at the foot of the advertisement. BRACKLEY HOUSE. KS. TUI.' I. OU and Miss SWAIN respectfully ac- quaint their Friend) ami the Public, that their SEMI- NARY will re- comiuenre on J ANUARY 20th, 1812. A separate Accommodation for a single Lady. LADIES' BOARDING TH RA I'STOiV. SCHOOL, MISS DARNELL respectfully informs her Fi and the Public, that her Christinas Recess teriniim IV X and the Public, tly MONDAY the 20th of . IANUVRY, 1819. riends ates on BICCLESWADK, Jan. 1, 1812. m their : hey have now a few Va- cancies in theii " SEMINA R Y, which will re- commence Oil M O N D A Y J A N O A R Y - 20t ll. rpiIE Misses IIOVEI. l, respectfully in'for'r JL Friends and Connexions, that they I MRS. CI Mono .4 LADIES' BOARDING SCHOOL, S TO N F- S Tit A TFO It I), Bucks. CIIIFNEY'S SCHOOL will re- open on AY JANUARY SOtfi, 1812, on the following Terms: — Board and Education, 20 Guineas per Annum; no Entrance— Washing, 10s. ( id.— Writing, & c. Ills. Od.— French, 10s. 6d.— Music, stl. Is,— Drawing, =£ 1. Is. each per Quarter, without Entrance— Dancing, £ 1. is. per Quarter, and £ 1. Is. Entrance. MESDMS. BUCKN1L. LS respectfully inform their Friends and the Public, that their SCHOOL re- opens, after the Christmas Recess, on MONDAY the 20th of JANU- ARY, 1812. II U G B Y. WESTON- FAVELL SCHOOL, near NORTHAMPTON. WJENSON begs Leave to acquaint his Friends • and the Public, that his SCHOOL recommences the 13tli In'taiit, when he hopes by ail assiduous Attention to the Improvement and Comfoit of the Pupils committed to his Care, to merit the Patruuage of his Friendsaud thePublic. January : t, 1812. MOULION SCHOOL. WM. CIIOWN respectfully, informs his Friends, that he intends to open his SCHOOL, for the Recep- tion of HOARDERS, on the 13th of JANUARY instant, on the usual Terms. W. C. impressed with the slncerest Gratitude to his Patrons for their heretofore conferred Favours, hopes to secure their future ones, by the most assiduous Attention to the Duties of his Profession. January Id, IS12. t HARPOLE, Dec. 30th, 1811. WM. COLLIER, impressed with a Sense of Gra titude for the Encouragement he has received from his numerous Friends, begs Leave to return thein his sincere Thanks for the same, and hopes, by unremitting Attention to the best Interests of every Youth committed to his Care, to merit future Favours. SCHOOL will re- open on MOSDAT JANUARY 20, 1812. LONG- BUCKBY, Northamptonshire. - HPLIE Rev. D. GRIFFITHS begs Leave to inform his A Friends find Ihe Public, that his SCHOOL re- opens ou MONDAY JANUARY 20th, 1812. - Three Vacancies. • LETTERING, Jan. 21, 1812. MARY ROSE-, Widow of ROBERT ROSE', Saddler, Whip, Collar, and Harness- Maker, begs Leave to acquaint her Friends, the Customers of her late Husband, and the Public, that she intends carrying on the above Businesses, on her own Account, and hopes, by strict Atten- tion, and using her utmitst Endeavours to procure the best' Workmen in the several Branches, to secure the Continuance of their future Favours. NOTICE is hereby given to all Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of JOHN WARDEN the Elder, late of the Town of BEDFORD, Victualler, that tIII'y .' ire required to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Pere- grine Nash, of the same Town, Brewer, to whom the same has been assigned foi the Benefit of Creditors, on or before the 23d Day of January instant; and all Persons who have any Claims on the said Estate are requested to send the same in on or before the Time above- mentioned, or they will be ex- cluded from all Benefit arising under the Assignment. Bedford, Jan. id, 1812. EDWARD BU1 LIN'S INSOLVENCY. SUCH of the Creditors of EDWARD BUTLIN, of Hoi- t. oWEi. i-, in the County of Northampton, who have nut already delivered^ an Account of their Demands are re- quested to deliver tiirrsame immediately to Mr. John Heyyate, of West- lladdon Grange ; Mr. \ Vm. Atterbury, of Rushden ; or to Messrs. Denny & Soil, of Loug- Buckby; and also execute the. Deed of Assignment before the 28th Day of January next, which now lies at the Office of Messrs. Denny & Son. for that Purpose ; and those of Ihe Creditors who neglt- ct or refuse w ill be excluded the Benefit arising from the Effects, asa Dividend will be immediately thereafter made. By Order, DENNY & SON, Solicitors. Buckby, 30th Dec. 1811. To be LETT, on Lease, And entered upon at Lady- Dai/ next. Small FARM, in the Parish of BLAK'ESLEY, in the County of Northampton, I'art Pasture and Part - Ir- ible, with a Corn Barn, Stable, Cow- IIouse, and other Out- buildings thereon, the Property of Mr. J 011N PHll'P. S. ol THURNBY, now in the Tenure of Mr Boddaly, Persons desirous of Renting the Farm are requested to apply personally to Mr. R. Cockerill, Jun, of Towcester, Agent to the County Fire- Office, before the 30th of January instant. For the Benefit of Creditors. To be S O L D ' bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. KNIBB, On Wednesday the 8th Day of Januarv, 1S12, and following Dav, on the Premises of Mr. VVARR, Wheelwright, in NEWPORT- PAGNELL, Bucks, RIMIE STOCK in TRADE, WORK TOOLS, IIOOSE- I HOLD- FURNITURE, and sundry EFFECTS; com. prising several 1000 Feet of prime Ash Planks, several Dozen of Fellies, Spokes, Stubs, & c. -, Waggon- Sides, Shafts, Axletrecs, one stout Timber- Carriage and Gin Spoke Chain, a Wheel- turning L athe and Tools, Benches, & C ; the HOUSEHOLD- FUR- NITURE ( lately new), will be sold the first Day, aud Part of the STOCK ; and the Remainder the next Day. The Sale to begin each Morning at Ten o'Clock. w. A MX!>. COT, - DECEMBER 9th, 1811. DIX, SURGEON, fic. respectfully informs the Inhabitants of LONG- BUCKBY, and its Vicinity, that hJ has taken a House at MURCOT, w here he intends carrying on tfie various Branches of his Profession; and hope?, by Assiduity and Attention, to give Satisfaction to those who may He entrusted to his Care. lraluable Library, Northampton. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. KJRSHAW, AT HIS COMMODIOUS AUCTION ROOMS, GOAT INN, NORTHAMPTON, on Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 7th and 8th ot January, 1812, at Eleven o'Clock; AValuable LIBRARY of BOOKS, the Whole in excellent Condition, the Property of a Gentleman, removed for the Convenience of Sale.— Among them are the following valuable Articles, viz. British Poets by Dr. Johnson, 124 Vols. ; John- son's Dictionary Fielding's Works, 14 Vols. ; Mavor's Voyages and Travels, 28 Vols. Plates; Carr's Travels. 2 Vols. Quarto, fine Plates; Shakspeare with Notes, by Johnson and Stevens, 20 Vols. ; Spec ator, 8 Vols. ; Reeves's Bible, 9 Vols.: Common Prayer, bound in Morocco^ Button's Natural History, 4 Vols.; Belsham's History of England, 5 Vols. Quarto; Livater's Physiognomy, 4 Vols. Plates; Elegant Extracts, 6 Vols. ; Sec. See. May be viewed on the Day previous to the Sale j and Cata- logue^ hid of the Auctioneer, Goat Inn, Northampton. Fine large Maiden Ath Boles, Overstone. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, lh, Mr. KiRSIlAW, On Thursday the 9th Day of January, 1S12, on the Premises, at OVERSTONE, near Northampton, ABOUT FIFTY LOTS OF VERY FINE ASH POLES. Ihe Company is requested to m et the Auctioneer at the Blacksmith's Shop, at Overstone, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. Also, in the Month of JANUARY, will be sold on the same Premises, a Quantity of capital ASH, KI. M, SYCAMORE, and ALDER TREES. ' TOWCESTER SCHOOL. TMfE Public and Friends of this Seminary are re- - speclfully informed of its - re- opening on MQKDA Y the 13lh of JANUARY, 1812, bv their highly favoured Servants, THOS. WHITE and SON. BALDOCK ACADEMY, HERTS. q^ IIE Rev. JOHN SIMPSON begs to inform his A Friends and the Public, that hi » SCHOOL re- opeus on MONDAY the 20th of JANUARY, 1SI2. PRIVATE TUITION, Jl the RECTORV- HOVSE, THRAl'HTQS, Northamptonshire. I^ IG'lLf YOUNG GENTLEMEN, from six to - i fourteen Years of Age, may now be Boarded, and in- structed in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and English Grammar; in the Latin and Greek Languages; Geography, Mensuration, Book- keeping, etc, By the Rev. J. JONES; B. D. Terms may be known on Application ; if by Letter, Post- paid. Funning Stocli and Effects. To be SOLD bv AUCTION, By JOHN DAY 4- SON, On the Premises of Mr. CHRISTOPHER FOSTER, who is leaving his Farm, ALL the HAY, CORN, FARMING- STOCK, & c.— Particulars, with the Day of Sale, in next Week's Paper. Capital Ash, Elm, and Oak. To be S OL D by A U CTION. By Mr. KlRSllAW, On Friday the 10th of January, 1812, at Cogenhoe, in the County of North, impion, J70RTY large capital fine ASII TREES, - 10 Ditto ELMS, 1 OAK, with I. op, Top, and Bark, Now growing at COGENHOE aforesaid. The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock in the Morning For further Particulars, enquire of L. KIRSHAW, Suiveyot, Auctioneer, and General Agent, Goat Inn, Gold- Street. North- ampton. ' To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N By J. P. CUL LING WOR'I ' If, At the Daventry Arms Inn, in Daventry, on Ihursday the Iflth Dav ot January, 1812, at Fiv- o'clock in the Evening, subject to Conditions of Sale then to be produced, The following Freehold Estates:, Lot 1- \ IK that newly erected MESSUAGE or TENF- , MENT, with the Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate near the Saracen's Head Inn, in the BKOOK- END, in DAVENTRY, in the Occupation of Mr. Ihos. 1 arberry ; also two newly erected TENEMENTS sjt„, ated in the Yard belonging to the last- mentioned P. emises, in the Occupations of Mr. James Butler and Widow Smith Lot 1. All that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situated in the BROOK- END, m DAVENTRV aforesaid, with a large Bam. and Appurtenances thereto belonging, in the Occupation of Stolen Child restored.— Yesterday Mr. Dellow arrived town from Gosport with his child, w hich had been stolen some weeks since. The discovery had been made by letters re ceived by the Lord Mayor and the churchwardens who had o fie red the reward. These letters mention, that the wife of the writer of them had given information at Gosport, agains a Mrs. Maguey, who, she said, was in the possession of the little boy w ho was stolen in London about six weeks since.— Upon Mr. Dellow's arrival at Gosport, he ascertained the truth of this itateinent, and saw his child in the gaoler's house, Well taken care of. The child knew. Iiiin directly"; this wo in tin had confessed that it was her w ho took the child away, that the had taken the greatest care of liiin ; that she did it to deceive her htnbaud, who is an officer of a man of war, who had reflected on her for not having children ; and hearing the ship was coming home, went to London on purpose to get a child to pass for his; that the deception had so far succeeded that her husband was exceedingly fund of the child, and had hint fresh christened Henry Maguey, after his own name, and really thought he was his own,. She had likewise bought the child a great many articles of wearing apparel, ail of which she had marked with the letter 11. M. The wri'er of this saw the little boy in the possession of the real mother, whose hap- piness at the recovery of so fine a child may be easier supposed than described ; and the svi'disant mother is expected to be brought to London in a few days, to answer for her conduct. Potatoes.— A most remarkable proof of the fecundity of this useful vegetable, was lately shewn by Mr. Hoar, of Brornptuii, upon his farm at Gillingham, near Chatham. In his growth of potatoes of the year 1810, he promiscuously met with oue that , appeared to be of au extraordinary size ; he examined and weighed it, and found it to contain 101 eyes or sets, and to weigh 41b. lOoz, : from this circumstance he was induced to plant and cultivate it by itself, to see what it would produce, which in the following season proved to be 6> bushels ( 390 lbs.) at 60lbs. per bushel. These potatoes contained 7050 eyes or sets, which he ag iin planted, and in tlie last month dug up the produce, which proved to he 417i bushels, weighing 26,851 pounds. Many of this growth are of an astonishing size ; one in particular weighed olbs. 3 ounces. In digging up this growth, Thomas Head, the bailitf, dug. up the first hour 20saciu and one bushel, the two succeeding hours 33 sacks and one bushel; making 53 sacks and two bushels in three hoars. An important fact has transpired from an eminent Nor- folk grazier, respecting the Swedish turnip. After saving some part of his crop for seed, on pulling up the roots or apples to throw away, he discovered that they were sound and nutritious, and notwithstanding the time of the year, when ( he seed jvas gathering, his horses and other cattle fed on them with great avidity. It is a fact to be relied on that at a Beggar's feast, in Dyot- street, on Christmas- day, upwards of sixty of that fraternity partook of a sumptuous dinner on fish, flesh, and fowl, with wine and spirits in abundance, None were admitted without tickets, and notorious street mendicants. It is generally supposed at Shadwell that Williams was the only person concerned in the recent- murders ; and it is now stated that his real name was Murphy, lie was born near Banbridge, about ten miles from Down Patrick, county of Down, Ireland. A man of the name of Daley was killed in a boxing match, with Jostling, a coachman, ou Saturday, ill the neighbom hood of Ball's Pond. Parliamentary Rewards for apprehending Offenders. Treason in coining false money - ^- 10 Highway robberies, either in the roads or streets 40 Burglaries— Money ... - 40 Tyburn ticket, worth 20 Housebreaking in day time— Money 40 Tyburn ticket ----- 20 Stealing goods tu the amount of five shillings in aehop, Sic. — Tyburn ticket - - - - 20 Horse- stealing— Tyburn ticket - i - 20 Stealing cattle or sheep— Money - - - 10 Returning from transportation— Money - - 20 Independent of all rewards given by private or parochial • MioeiatiuRS. MR. NICHOLAS SALMON Vakes the Liberty of soliciting the Nobility and Gentry to honour him with the Continuance of their Patronage, mid of informing tliem, that he will, on the 20th of JANUARY, 1812, re- open his SCHOOL, in BIGGLESWADE, confining himself to such a small Number of YOUNG GENTLKA1EN as will enable him, and his Assistants, to remler* ach Lesion equal to a pri- vate one. There they are gentMy ( warded, taught the Continental Languages, and qualified fur the University, as well as Commerce. TERMS, 1 60 Guineas, and a Quarter's Notice previous to a Removal. Those Pareuts whose Prudence will lead them to enquire whether Mr. S. is qualified, for the Instruction of Youth, and iu what Manner he discharges his Duty, may apply to Samuel Whltbread, Esq. M. P. of . soulhill; Lord Ongley, of Warden ; John Harvey, Esq. of Ickwcll; Robert Trevor, Esq. of Flitwick ; Colonel Campbell, of Blunham ( all in the County of Bedford); George Cuok Yarbnrough, Esq. of Doncasier ; Cunts Troiter, Esquire, or Richard Treward, Esquire, in London. BIGGLESWADE is 45 Miles from London ; the House in a most salubrious Situation, which affords this great Convenience, thai mo, t of the Stages to and from the North, pass daily close to the J) oor. BEDFORD CLASSICAL and COMMERCIAL AC J DEMI'. 1" M1E Rev. J. ANTHONY respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that his ACADEMY will be open, for the Reception of Pupils, on MONDAY, JANUARY 20th,' 1812. Mr. ANTHONY'S Plan of Education will comprehend In- struction iu the English, Latin, and Greek Languages; Writing, Arithmetic, Merchants' Accounts, Geography, and the Elements uf Astronomy, w ith the Use of the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes, ancient and modern llistorv, Evidences of Christianity, Belles Letlres, and every other Branch of useful and ornamental Learning. Terms, for Board, and Instruction in all the above Branches of Learning and Science, 25 Guineas per Annum. A limited Number of Parlour Boarders on extra Terms. N. B. Wanted, a competent Person to instruct the English Classes ia Reading, Writing, and Accounts. If he can teach the- lower Classes iu Latin the more acceptable will be his Services. It is expected that be should be of such Principles of Religion and Morality as will dispose inai to impress the same on the Minds of the Pupils. Apply, for further Particulars, at the Academy ( if by Letter, Post- paid), which will meet with immediate Attention, Bedford, Jan. 2, 1812, Hartwell, Northamptonshire. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY tf SON, On Thursdaj the 9th of January, 1812, at the Rose and Crown Public House at Hartwell aforesaid, near Hanslop, Bucks, at Oneo'Clock in theAfternoon precisely, in the undermentioned Lots : Lot 1. Root,> m( 1re or lcss> of ARABLE LAND, in V/ the open Field of HARTWELL, calledTurveys ; two Ditto in Brook Field, Grate Furlong. In ASH TON Field adjoining. i. Two Roods, more or less, in a Piece called the Grate; one Acrein a Piece called Pitland Furlong ; one Ditto, more or less, in Hursley ; one Ditto in Middle Bretch Field Furlong, called High Hane. 3. A CLOSE of old inclosed SWARD LAND, in the Parish of HA RT W E L1. aforesaid, known hv theName of Box or Hartwell End Close, containing eight Acres, be the same ffi;* re or less. The abovementioned Lots arc Freehold, in the Occupation of Mr. Geo. Tite. — Early Posses ion will be given, Further Particulars may be known, by Application to the Auctioneers, in Stony- Stratford. Widow Tooby. For a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenants ;' and for Particulars to Mr. W » , WILKINS, or the Auctioneer, Freehold Tenements, iu Stony- Stratford; Bucks, To be SOLD by AUGTIO N, By JOHN DAY S,- SON, Inthe undcr- mentinned Lots, at Mrs. Mead's, theAnge Public House, in STONY- STRATFORD aforesaid, on Thursday the 9th ot January, 1812, at Six o'Clock in the Evening : Lot 1. rplIREE TENEMENTS adjoining each other, with I a large Garden and Yard, containing about one Rood of Ground, situate in the High- Street, in the Occupations ot Elizabeth Andrews, Richardson, and Westbury. Lot 2. TWO TENEME- NTS, near the above, adjoining each other, with Yards, & c. in the Occupations of Joseph Firn, and K. Butcher. Lot 3. TWO Brick- built MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS adjoining Lot 2, with Yards, Sec. in the Occupations of Thos. Barby, and Thomas Richardson. For a View of the same, apply to the Tenants; and for further Particulars to the AUCTIONED RS, in Stonv- Stratford, M O N E Y. READY to be advanced upon approved Securities, any Sum or Sums from A' 200 tu .£ 1,500. Apply at the Ottice of Messrs. DENNY, Solicitors, Long- BuckDy ; by whom a Young Gentlemen nf liberal Education aud respectable Connections is wanted as an articled Clerk. To be LETT, And entered upon immediately, \ N elegantly furnished HOUSE, situate in ABIXGTON- L\ StrktT, NORTHAMPTON, fit for the Reception ot a small genteel Family, or Spoitsmnn, with Stabling for four Horses. , Enquire of the printers. To be SOLD L> v P1UVA1E CONTRACT, rjHWO Stacks of good HAY, with the HERBAGE of JL about 40 Acres of GRASS GROUND until the 25rl) Day of March next — Also, will be taken to Keeping, a Num- ber of Beast at 2-. 6d. per Head per Week, until the aOove- men- tioned Time. Apply to THOS, WALLIS, Faxton, Northamptonshire. Truly capital Live Farming and Dairy Stock, Hay, Com in the Straw, To be peremptorily SOLD by AUCTION, For the Benefit of Creditors, By T. WOOD, On Friday next, January 10, 1812, on the Premises of Mr. KICHARD INWARDS, COW- DEALF. R, VVINGFIELD, near IODDINGTON, in the County of Bedford; OMPRISING 82 New- milch and In- calf Coivs, four yearling Calves, six stout Draught Horses, four Road Ditto, two Two- year- old Colts, 191 Ewe and Wether Sheep, two In- pig Sows, Hovel of Wheat. about 20 Loads, Bay oi D; ito, three Bays of Oats, Bay ot Barley, Ditto of Beans, Kick of Peas and Beans, upwards of 60 Tons of prime Upland and Meadow Hay, one Narrow. wheel Way- gon, two Ditto Carts, two Six- inch- wheel Carts, two Calf Carts, Ploughs and Har- rows, Number of Hurdles, Cow- Cribs, Ladders, Corn- Screen, Barn- Tackle, Harness for six Horses ; Household- Furniture in general, Brewing and Washing Coppers, two Churns, Milk- Leads, Dairy- Utensils, Iron- bound Casks and Tubs, with nu- merous other valuable Articles The above Stock is in capital Condition, and worthy the At- tention of the Public. On Account of the Numbei of Lots, th » Sals will bsgin punctually at X « i » ' Clock. o Household- Furniture and Effects, at the young Gentlemen's Academy, near the Church, in Bletchley, within one Mile of Fenny- Stratford, Bucks, To be SOLD by AUCTION, By JOHN DAYS,- SON, On the Premises, on Wednesday the 15th of January, 1812, and following Day, if necessary, without the least Resetve, the Property of the Rev. G. J. DA VIES, who is leaving Bletchley to reside in Yorkshire: rpHE FURNITURE comprises 26 Sacking- bottom Four- 1. post and other Bedsteads, with printed Cotton, Check, and Calico Furnitures; 19 Feather- Beds, 27 Bed- Quilts and Coverlids, 18 Pair of Blankets, 24 Pair of Sheets, with other Bed and Table l. inen; Mahogany Dining, Pembroke, and other Tables; Floor and Bed- Side Carpets; Mahogany and Chamber Chairs, Pier and Swing- Glasses; a capital Kitchen Grate, with Oven, Stoves, See. ; Chimney- Cranes, and Kitchen- Fur- niture in general; 80- Gallon Brewing- Copper ami Grate, double Copper- Boiler, Iron Oven Door and Frame, Mash- Vat, and other Brewing- Tubs ; portable 1 roriing- Stove ; Writing- Desks and Forms, phin Table for Land- Measuring, with other Articles in the School ; small Cart and Harness ; Quantity of Fagots, Cinder- Ashes, Manure, and numerous other Articles. The Sale to commence at Eleven o', Clock precisely, and as much as possible will be sold tlie first Day. further in Daventry. Sale of the Estates of RICHARD GARRET 1, an Insolve> i Debtor. To b « SOLD by A U C T I O N, ,„ „ « ! c expectant on the Decease of SAMUEL OAR," Rfc 1 I, aged about 70, of and in all that Messuage or Tenement, with the Blacksmith's- Shop, Bain, Yard, ami Premises thereto belonging, in BROUGHTON aforesaid, now inthe Tenure ot Occupation of Samnel Lilley. And also, of and in all that Orchard or Homestead rear ad. joining to the said lust- mentioned Premises, now in the Tenuta of Jonathan Keyston. Lot 2. The like I'eversionary luterest, or Interest in Re. mainder, ot and in allthose two Tenements in BROUGHTON aforesaid, withtheYard, Barn, Garden, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, now in the several Tenures ol Elizabeth Lilley, ami Joieph Belton. ^ Lot 3. The like Reversionary I nterest, or I nterest in Remainder, of and in all that Clo.^ e ot Pasture, situate ar. d being near tha lown ot BROUGHTOU aforesaid, containing three Roods os thereabouts*, be the same moreor less, now in the Tenure or Occu- pation ot the said Samuel Garrett. For a View, apply at the respective Premises; and for furthes 1 art miliars to J. N. GOQDHALL. Esq. Solicitor, Wellingborough To Tanners, Felt mongers, Wharfingers, Ac. A desirable Situation in either of the above- mentioned Businesses, in FENNY. STRATFORD, and intheParishof SIMl'SON, in the County of Buckingham, on the West Chester Road, 45 Miles from London. To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, By JOHN DAY « f SON, Op Wednesday the22dof January, 1812, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Swan Inn, in Fenny- Stratford, in two Lots; Lot 1/ COMPRISES a convenient well- built Brick and V...- tiled Dwelling- House, with large Garden and Tan- Yard adjoining, whereon is a Brick and file- built Leather- House, Mill- House with Patent Bark- Mill, two Graineis and Beam- House, two drying Sheds, 41 Handlers or Pits, eight. I. ates, eight Spenders, two Lime and one Water- Pit; the Whole standing on about three Roods of Ground, and is now in full Trade. Lot 1 comprises a Brick Yard, adjoining the attove- mentioned Premises, with two Brick and two Lime- Kilns, with drying Sheds, and a plentiful Supply of excellent Brick Earth ; also a Wharf adjoining, and Basin that holds three Boats, with con- venient landing Places, and a Communication with the Turn- pike- Road, with three large and substantial Brick- Vaults that will store 300 Barrels each, and very convenient for various Kinds of Merchandise ; also two Tenements and a large Garden jtdjoiniag; this Lot contains upwards of two Acres of Land. The said Premises are bounded on the East- Side by the main River, on the Souih by the Turnpike- Road from London to Chester, on the West by the G rand Junction Canal, and within easy Distancesof several Market Towns; the Wholeis Freehold, and immediate Possession may be had if required, by the Pur- chasers'taking at a fair Valuation, the Stock in Trade, as Bark, Tan- Pits, drying Sheds, Mill,, and other Articles belonging to the fan- Yard. For a View of the same, apply to Mr. Ames, the present Occupier; and to treat by private Contract to Mr. JAMISBARNS, in Banbury, Oxfordshire. - Six Daielliitg- Houses and Premises, at Woburn, Beds. To be S O L D by AUCTION, By JOHN DAY Sf SON, At the Goat Inn, Woburn, on Monday the 13th Day of January, 1812, at Two o'Clock in ihe Afternoon, in one Lot, ASubstantial- built Brick and. Tiled DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in WOBURN aforesaid; consisting of a Shop, a good Room, a Pantry, lour Bed- Rooms, two excellent Cellars, two Barns, Sec. in the Occupation of Mr. George Mellor, Linen- Draper, Tenant at Will; also FIVE Brick and Tiled TENEMENTS or DWELLING- HOUSES adjoining, with a Barn to each, a Pump of good Water, and other Conveniences, inthe Occupation of Samuel Sinfield and others, as Tenants at Will. ( p3* May be viewed, by applying on the Premises; and Par- ticulars had at the Otliseof Mr. DAV, Solicitor, Woburn, For Rheumatism, Pains in the J. imbs, , Jr. Dr. Batemau's Pectoral Drops. rJ", HE Public never had a more valuable Medicine prr, I sented to them, than these inestimable Drops, as a certa Cure in Rheumatic and Chronic Complaints, violent Colds ' and consequent Pains in the Limbs, giving Relief in the most violent Fits of the Gout; in short, it has now been so lone established, and its Virtues so well known to the Public iu general, that it would be needless to say more in its Praise • Bus great as the good Effects are from taking the True m, d Genuine Bateman's Drops, the Consequences resulting from taking the Counterfeit Sorts, are too frequently as much the Reverse, the ill F. fleets of which have been often experienced : It is therefore recommended to everyone to take particular Notice, that the Words " Dicey & Co. No. 10, Brw- Cburcb Yard." are printed in the Stamp affixed to each Bottle, and signed at the Top of each Bill of Directions— Ail ot, hersare COUNTERFEIT. ( pT Asa Proof ot the Necessity of strictly attending to the above Caution, we subjoin the following Letter, as a Proof of the total hiefficucy of Counterfeit.'. " Having been severely afflicted for a ' long Time with Pains in the Liml s and Joints, from a bad Cold, 1 was recommended to try Dr. BATEMAN'S DROPS, and took three Bottles without receiving the least Benefit; when 1 began to suspect that th « Medicine I had been taking was not the genuine Sort, and there- fore resolved to procure another Bottle from a different Shop i This I found to be the genuine Medicine, with the Words » Dicey & Co.' printed in the Stamp; and by taking this one Bottle I found Relief from all mv Pains, and am now as well as ever t was in my Life.— To prevent tlie Afflicted from being thus im- pose; upon by COUNTERCEITS, you have my full Permission tq publish tills in any Way you please; and, with the utmost Giatitude, I remain, Gentlemen, Your ever- obliged Servant " JAMES BIGGS, * ,,„,,. „ . „ " Sergeant 11th Light Dragoons. " Bhtchmgton Barracks, Sussex, July Tub, 1S04." Also, sold Wholesale and Ketail by the Printers of this Paper ( by whom great Allowance is made to Country Shopkeepers), and Retail by the following Persons, viz. Wilkins, Tomalin, Bates, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Merridew, and Rollason, Coventry - Cave, Brack ley; Mrs. Beesley, Banbury; Odell, Creed anJ E. i'yne, Leighton; Griffin & Co. Tring; Norwood, Amer sham; Aynsworth, Birdscy, and Hyde, Hemelhempstead; Ed- wards, Chesham; Barnes, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell. Osborn, Wobutn; Goodman, North- Crawley; Queneborough and Squires, Dunstable; Crawley, Mead, Foster, and Smith' Luton; Morris, and Wheeler, Ampthill; Dudley, Nuneaton- Bull, Harrod, Dawson, and Higgs, Market- Harbotough- Adams, Loughborough; Price, and Swinfen, Leicester • Toone, Woolvey; Tampson, Melton- Mowbray; G. Stie- tou* Dunn, and Brough, Nottingham; Inns, and Gallard, Towcesteri Seeley, Buckingham ; Miss Jones, Oxford; Hawkes, and Cor. Fenny - Stratford; Brinklcr, aiid Baxter, Bicester; Carter, and B. Green, VVoodslock; Marlin, J. Wheeler, Rickford, F Wheeler, and F. Loggin, Aylesbury; Ward, and VarnamI Hinckley; Sanderson & Co. Broughton, Chettle, and Mather, Wellingborough; Sanderson, Thrapston; York Sc Summers Oundle; Jacob, and Rose, Peterborough; King, Gilkes anj Matthews, Chipping- Norton; Baly, Wright, and Stevens, High- VVycomb; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering; Rooe, and Drakard, Stamford; Freeman, Uppingham ; Gibson, Oakham- Roberts, Soutliam; Sharpe, and Heathcote, Warwick; LucI cock, and Smith, Kimbolton; Bayley, aud Paul, St. Ives- Emery, and Fox, St. Neots; Lovell, and Carpenter, Hunting.! don; Perks, and Tapp, Hitchin; Hovel, Staples, Eaden, Hod. son, and Gee, Cambridge; Leigh, and Rich, A t hers tone • Weston, Shetiord; Hawlev, Winslow; Ward, Stratford- uponI Avon; Matthews, Campden; Smith, Olney; Taylor, Retford- Clark, Buckden ; and by the Venders of Dicey Sc Co ' s Medi- cines ill every Town throughout the. Kingdom ;—— Of viUm may be bad, from Dicey Sc Co.' s Warehouse as above, s. d. Hooper's Female Pills 1 Ifc Bathing Spirits 1 0 Godfrey's Cordial 1 0 Golden ami plain Spirits of Scurvy Grass I 1J Baume de Vie 3 6 Betton's British Oil 1 8 Rymer's Tincture .3 Walker's Jesuits Drops 2 9 Wyman's Pills.. — i. d True Daffy's Elixir 2 9 Smaller Bottles 2 0 Dr. Andrew's Scots l'ills 1 Ij Dr. Radc- liffe's Elixir I ] J Squire's Grand Elixir .2 ( I Bostock's Elixir 2 9 Pike's Ointment 1 9 Stoughton's Elixir 1 Friar's Balsam ,.. 1 £ j Clinton's Srtuft'and Oil . . .2 9 Bythell's Pectoral Leziwges Is, U4 The Northampton Mercury; mid General Advertiser for the Countjcs t>? Northairiptflii, Bedto. nl, Buckinghani, Hunlin^ doif, Leicester, \ Vaht ick, Oxford, dm licit ford. Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, FRIDAY, Jan. 3. ON Tncsdav next, the Parliament of the United King- dom will commence the important functions of its Sixth Session. The assembling of the Legislature on the present occasion is awaited with more than ordinary anxiety, as its early proceedings will no doubt develope to the nation the course of politics which the Regent means to pursue. Many, rumours have been in circulation as to his Royal Hlghness's intention of retaining the present Ministers: A Morning Paper states, with much confidence, that " an intrigue lately existed in the Cabinet, the object of which was the removal of Mr. Perceval, in n hose place was to he substituted the Marquis Welleslev ; and Mr. Canning was to he restored to bis old station, in the room of the Noble Marquis.— On hearing this, Mr. Perceval is said to have waited upon the Prince Regent about a month ago; afid to have represented to liis I? oval Highness the propriety of a final determination re- specting the persons whom he meant to fill the chief office in Administration, as it was requisite that Gentlemen in the con- fine, ce of the acting Sovereign should advise ( lie speech for the opening of the Session. The Prince Regent is then s: tid to have declared, that he meant t" retain the present Ministry; and to consult with Mr. Perceval, as the head, upon the nati- onal policy to be pursued. The outline of the proposed speech was, in consequence read to his Royal Highness, whose approbation it received, exclusive only of the passage re- 11 biting to Ireland: the interests of which copntry, the Prince desired, might be retained as tile object of future consideration and arrangement." It . added, th; it " a communication has, nevertheless, been subsequently made to'some of the leading Members of the Opposition, assuring them, that the sentiments of the Prince Regent still remained unaltered towards them, of which they should speedily receive satisfactory proofs."— These arc the contradictory statements now afloat. The commercial intercourse between this country and Russia has of late experienced the most encouraging faci- lities. The quantity of hemp, and flax, and other Russian produce, shipped for this country last season, though un- commonly large, has not only been covered by our exports, but the balances due to British merchants are very consider- able. This accounts for the favourable alteration in the • rate of the exchange, which is noticed iti another part of our Paper. French Papers have arrived, of a later date than those which had been previously received. They do not contain any intelligence of importance from the armies. They an- nounce several fresh captures of merchant vessels in the Channel and other quarters, s We are extremely sorry to mention, that intelligence has been received from Harwich, which came by a boat from lloselev- bay, stating the loss of the St. George, of 98 guns, Rear- Admiral Reynolds, Captain Guion, off Jutland. The St. George had been driven ashore in a violent gale, whilst lying in llano Bay, but got off with the assistance of some other ships, nor, however, without losing her masts and rud- 1 der; and it is said, that after her jury- masts were rigged, two vessels were ordered to attend her, but were separated from her in a very heavy gale of wind. She had been towed - by the Cressv, in company with the Defence, Bellette, Pyramus, and Rose, and about 150 miles south of the Scheldt experiencing a dreadful storm, the Cressv was obliged to leave the St. George, and with much difficulty to weather a point of'land. The St. George had been supplied with a new rudder by the Cressy, which returned two days after the storm, to look out for the St. George, but could . learn nothing of her. The St. George is said to have been a strong well- built ship. The other ships were seen to bear well up against the gale. The ilero was left at Gottenburgh 1 with her convoy. Extensive Failure.— We are extremely concerned to hear, that the old and respectable Banking- house of Messrs. Bolder,,. J Lushington, & Co. stopped payment yesterday morning. They aettled every filing on Wednesday, but having to pay a large | « um into the Exchequer, on account of a Northern Bank, • they thought it advisable yesterday to stop. They were 1 Treasurers to several Charities and public Institutions, and 1 are said to have a very large sym owing, for which they have f West India security.— Several respectable Brokers and Job- : bers, in the Stock Exchange, had large balances in their I hands. They balanced their accounts at Christmas last, at J which time the balances were, as usual, much larger. This B failure has, of course, created the utmost consternation in the I City. It is one of tlte oldest banking- houses in the City, and, with % little alteration in the names of the partners, it has been main- | lained in credit and importance during- seventy years. The ' w:> und inflicted on privatecredit, by thiscalamitousevent, occa- I tinned Exchequer- bills, and other public securites, to rise in | the money- market yesterday.— An extent has been issued by CoV"'' n - I";:.', fVr thp money due to the Exchequer.— Among 1 tlte property placed iu the firm, pro tempore, the following ^ « inns are mentioned : , An Insurance Company =£ 63,000 • Subscriptions for the Prisoners in France 60,000 I A Merchant in the Strand 15,000 The first- mentioned sum was to have been drawn this day, • and vested in Government securities. In the present slate of things, the precise amount of the de- foliation is not known; but it is estimated at =£ 800,000. The banking concerns of the house were very extensive. They Hid business with ten or twelve country banks, principally in { the Ninth; at York, Leeds, Burton, Lincoln, Beverly, Bradford, Derby, Hull, Newcastle, Thirsk, Whitehaven, & c. i It was the custom of this House, as. well as many other i Banking- houses, to advance money on securities of various de- \ lcriptinns, which they could not at the moment convert into \ cash to inert their acceptances. This circumstance, no doubt, Jlias tended to increase their embarrassments. One of the Glasgow coaches was lately overturned, in j consequence of running a race with a post- chaise on the road I from Edinburgh, whereby a Mr. Brown was killed, and his ^ wife so bruised, as to be in imminent danger. A verdict V lias since been found, in consequence of an action brought 1 in the Court of Session, against the Proprietors of both the • Coath and chaise. Lord Meadowbank, Ordinary, has | found the defendants liable to the following damages:—• I To Mrs. Brown, in compensation of damages suffered by _ f her person =£" 00 To her, fnr the loss of her husband 200 & ud to each of the children, 8 in number, =£ 130 each.. 1040 BEARDING SCHOOL, NORTHAMPTON. IIS. WK'KF. S having announced her Intention of opening SCHOOL on the 20th Instant, begs Leave further to acquaint her Friend*, that tile young Ladies of her Establishment will have an Opportunity of professing the French Language, ns it will be at all Times spoken, grounded on the Grammatical Instruction of the best Master, in Addi- tion to that of a well- educated French Woman, wlioiti she has engaged as an Assistant. Abin^ ion- Street, Jan. 3. IS12. LADIES' BOARDING . SCHOOL, STO \ V. L Y, near KiwqoLTOv. ISSES DUMBI. K I ONS respectfully inform their LvJL Friends and the Public, that their SCHOOL re- opens JANUARY 20th, 1812. M' MARKET- PLACE, OLNEV, Jan. oil, 1812. SDMS. GLEADAII & MABLEY respect- IVJL fully inform their Friends and the Public, that their SEM LN A RY re- opens, after the Christinas Recess, ou the 6th of January, 18( 2. COLLEGE- LANK ACADEMY, NORTHAMPTON. HP HE Rev. J. WATTS and Mr. DIX beg to acqttaint i their Friends and the Public, that their ACADEMY will re- open on MONDAY ( he 20 th Instant, when they solicit a Continuance of their Support, assuring them such Exertions shall he made as they trust will give general Satisfaction. January lsf, 1812. R. CO M F 1 K L D BEGS I. eave to inform the. Patrons and Pupils of his PHILOSOPHICAL LECTURES, that he intends to enter upon the Science of ASTRONOMY on WEDNESDAY next, and expects to conclude a general Survey of its leading Principles on Friday. The Lectures begin at Twelve o'Clock precisely, and will probably be in Continuance near one Hour and a Half each. Horse- Market, Northampton, Jan. 3, 1812. . CRICK § CLIOOL,. JROGERS respectfully acquaints his Friends and • the Public in general, that his SCHOOL will re- open on MONDAY the 20th of January, 1812. WOTYIRN FIRST ASSEMBLY WILL be at the GEORGE INN, on TUESDAY the 14th of JANUARY, 1812. ROBERT CHARLES ORLEBAR, Esq.?,,. , EDWARD ORLEBAR SMITH, Esq. J Stewards. MONEY. WANTED, £ 2,700, either in one or two Sums, on Mortgage of very ample Freehold Land, situate near the Centre of the County of Northampton. The Interest will he paid with the sfrictest Punctuality every Half- year. Further Particulars may be known either by personal Ap- plication, or Letters addressed to the Printers of this Paper. WANTED to Rent, within a few Miles of a good Market Town, in the County of Northampton, or those adjoining, from Fifty to One Hundred Acres of LAND, witha small House and requisite Out- buildings. Letters ( Post- paid) addressed to Y. Z. at the Printers' of this Paper, will be attended to. WANTED, An ASSISTANT in the WOOLLEN and LINEN DRAPERY BUSINESSES- For Particulars, apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid), to the Printers of this Paper. LIN F. N AN D WOOLLF. X DRAPERY. DODD returns his sincere Thanks to bis Friends and the Public for th? liberal Favours conf< « trteil upon him iu the above Business, and negs Leave to inform them he has declined in favour of Mr. SIJUIRHII. L; whom he most respectfully begs to recommend to a Continuation of that Support which lie has so liberally experienced. RP. SQUIRIill. L having entered on the ahove , Business Likes the earliest Opportunity to solicit the Favours and Support cif the Friends of Mr. Do on, and the Public iu general, and begs Leave to inform theui that the Stuck is now on Sale, considerably Under Prime Cost, and other Goods at such Prices as he hopes will ensure their future Favours, which will always bp most [ gratefully received. * » * FUNERALS FURNISH ED. Several Members of the House of Commons have arrived in town, and many others are daily expected. The Meeting the first day of the Session will, no doubt, be extremely full, though Parliament assembles earlier than usual after the Christinas holidays. Yesterday several Trish Members arrived in town from Holyhead to attend their duty in Parliament. PRICE STOCKS. PEDA1. HARPS. R. M'KOftKEEL respectfully acquaints the No- bilitv and Gentry, that they mav be supplied ( by sending their Commands to his House). with elegantly finished PEDAL HARPS, In the best Maker, and tliat they may be certain of having capital toned Instruments; a Trial will be allowed before Purchase.— A large Assortment of Silver and other proper Strings, with the newest Music, for the Harp. Abington- Street, Northampton, Jan. 4th, 1812. 1 KIMBOLTON~ ~~ Circulating Library and Genuine Medicine IFarehou. se. A NX- SMITH, BOOKSELLER, BOOKBINDER, STA- • t- L TTONER. and P A PER- IIA N G 1? R, most respectfully in- forms the Nobility, Gentry, her Friends, and the Public in general, that, in Addition to her other Branches of Business, she has commenced PRINTER and DRUGGIST. With the utmost Deference, Mrsl. SMITH begs Leave to solicit their kind Patronage, assuring tlicm, that all Commands in anv of the above Departments wilt be executed with the utmost Promptitude, Fidelity, Liberality, and high Senti- ments of Gratitude. MAGAZINES, and other Periodical Publications, procured on the shortest Notice. All Kinds of A LM UACICS, POCKET- BOOKS, & c. & c. sold Wholesale and Retail. Pnvsici INS' PRESCRIPTIONS faithfully prepared. Q^ t A liberal Allowance made to Schools and Shopkeepers. *** Wanted a respectable YOUTH as an APPRENTICE. WEr. UNCUHitouGn, Jan. 3d, 1812. JOHN WISE, the Son and sole Executor of THOS. WISE, late of Wellingborough, ill the County of North- ampton, Saddler, and Collar and Harness- Maker, deceased, begs Leave to return his Thanks to the F'riends of his late Father, and t » inform them, and the Public in general, that the Business, in all its Branches, will in future be carried on by tile said John Wise: who, by assiduous Attention, hopes to . merit the Favour of the Public, and the Continuance of his la'e Father's Customers.— All Persons who have any Claim un the Effects of the said Thomas Wise, are desired to send Account thereof to the said John Wise, or to Messrs. Ilodson, Solicitors, in order that they may be discharged; and those who were indebted to tile said Thomas Wise at the Time of his Death, are requested to pay the same to the said John Wise or Messrs. Hudson. Bank Stock 3 per Cent. Red. ... 3 per Cent. Cons 4 per Cent. Cohs 5 per Cent. Navy .. Omnium Cons, for ac Sat. Mon. Tu. Wed. Thu. Fr. hoi. hoi. —;— 62i 62J 634 6 m shut 7 Si 784 im 78M shut 1 id 63^ 6- 1 61 64 j- wd India Bonds 15p. 16p.—— Exc. Bills, 1 4 par. \ \ 1TANTED, An APPRENTICE to a WOOLLEN and VV LINEN- DRAPER, in a respectable Market Town ill the County of Oxford. For Particulars, apply fn the Printers of this Paper, or Mr. WM. RUSHER, Bookseller, & c. Banbury, Oxfordshire. WANTED a SITUATION, for a YOUTH of Respectability, as an APPRENTICE to a LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPER. Apply to Mr. WEHB, Printer, Bedford. WAN TED, by a Person who well understands her Business, A Place as COO K and HOUSEKEEPER, or as HOUSEKEEPER to a single Gentleman. Enquire, if by Letter ( Post- paid) directed to A. B. Post- Otfice, Daventry. THEATRE, NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY, January 4tli, 1812 THE BALLOON was inflated Yesterday at Twelve o'clock, to a great Part of that Audience who were disappointed in seeing it at a former Period, and who ex- pressed iheir entire Approbation, allowing it to be the most superb Thing of the Kind ever seen. On MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY EVENINGS, the 6th, 7th, and 8th of this Instant, it will be exhibited again FOR THE LAST TIME. WELLINGBOROUGH, 28tii Dec. 1811. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Partnership of SAMUEL SHARMAN, THOMAS OVERALL, & Co. MALTSTERS, is dissolved by mutual Consent.— All Persons having any Claim or Demand are requested to send in ( lie same; and--. 11 Persons indebted to the said Firm are desired to pay the same immediately to SAMUEL SHARMAN or THOMAS OVERALL.— Witness our Hands, S. AML. SUA R MAN. THOS. OVERALL. NORTHAMPTON PAVING STOCK. NOTICE is heiebv given, That a Meeting of the Commissioners for PAVING, CLEANSING, LIGHT- ING, anil WATCHING the Town of NORTHAMPTON will be hold'rn at the GUILDHALL, in the said Town, on TUESDAY next, nt Four o'clock in the Afternoon, when the Treasurer will attend to pay the Interest which became due to the Proprietors of Paving Stock the 21st of December last. CHAS. MARKI1AM, Clerk to the Commissioners. Northampton, Jan. ith, 1812. With full expences of process. =£ 1,540 The whole number of bankruptcies issued in the past year, 181 J, amounted to 1837.— The greatest number in one month, 212. Bom- Street— We have to record one of the most daring robberies that was ever committed, as well as greatest perse v>- r, nice and exertions by Police Officers, tn detect and appre- hend robbers. Private information had been received, that the house. No. 4, in Bury- slrect, St. James's, kept by Mrs. Martin, was marked to be robbed by a gang of thieves, who hid got to the knowledge that she in general went out every evening, principally | o the play, through the thoughtless and Imprudent conduct of her female servant, who had admitted one of them, named Clayton, to visit her as a sweetheart.— Monday se'nnight was the time fixed on for the perpetration of 1 the robbery. Perry, Reid, Limbcrick, and others, applied 1 to a neighbour residing opposite to Mrs. Martin's house, to ac- 1 commodate them with a room, to watch the proceedings of the " oiglit.— There the officers watched several nights, during which j an intercourse was carried 011 between the servant girl and i ( lay ton, who could not be admitted into the house, as Mrs. 1 Martin was confined by indisposition.— On Wednesday night, Imwcver, nb" ut eight o'clock Mrs. Martin, accompanied by a nftilennd female friend, went in a coach to the theatre. I11 a few minutes after the servant girl came out, and returned lliortlv after with Clayton, and thev went in together. In « bout a quarter of an hour after, Clayton came out, and re- turned iu about five minutes, accompanied by another man.— Clayton knocked at the door, and the girl opened it. She ap- peared to refuse letting the other man in, but Clayton forced open the door, and the other man rushed in. The officers then went over to the house, and heard all three talking very loud the kitchen. Shortly after they ascertained that the two ; n were dragging the girl up stairs against her will, and she was exclaiming, " Lord hnve mercy upon me, what shall I do'! One of the men told her, if she made such a noise, lie wonld blow her brains out, anil presented a pistol to her head, aud kept it there. They forced her up stairs, she continuing Ithe above exclamations in defiance of their threat; the officers heard doors being broke open, He. and in a few minutes after lhe other man, whose name is Jenkins, came down stairs, and { . returned with the kitchen poker; they then heard the other jMoors break open, but not hearing flic noise of the girl con- I tinued, the officers were afraid she was being murdered, and ^ were proceeding to break open the street- door with an iron Itri^ w, which the girl hearing, exclaimed it was her mistress, • rave a sudden spring, released herself from thein, ran down miirs, and the robbers after her; they got into the passage • « st as the officers had broke open the door and got into the ! assage. Pcrrv and Read then seized them; the villains lade a mostdesparate resistance, which they were enabled to 0, being very tall, stout, powerful men ; the officers, how- irr, soon secured them. On searching Clayton a large clasp nifc and a bad dollar were found. O11 Jenkins were found a istol, two bad dollars, & c. On examining the house, the iltcors discovered that a large quantitv of property had been » rkfd up ready tn be carried off. Several rooms and closets " re broke open, and they were in the act of breaking open a nesim hen they were disturbed. The prisoners weriexaaiined iitd reiuuuded. Notice to Debtors and Creditors. ALL Persiuis having any Claim or Demand on the Estate or Effects of'Mr. EDWARD CHAPMAN, late of B KIIFO 11 n, deceased, are requested to send an Account thereof to Messrs. JOHN rind BENJAMIN TRAPP, of Bedford, Ex- ecutors of iiis Wilt, in order that the same may be discharged. And all Persons indebted to the said Estate are required to pay their respective Debts to the said Executors without Deliiy. Bedford, Jan. I, 1812. it Ash and Ehri Tiimber. To he SOL I) by A U C T I O N, By Mr. FORES, On Tuesday the 7th Day of January, 1812, on the Premises, at Spratton, Northamptonshire, A Number of MAIDEN ASH, F. LM, BEECH, and FX SYCAMORE TREES, numbered and blazed, on the Farm in lhe Occupation of Mr. John Goodman, in the Lordship of SPRATTON, and near the Turnpike- Road. To be sold in Lots.— A Deposit of Ten per Cent, and the Remainder of the Purchase Money to be paid the 3lst Day of Maiiih, 1812. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. Ash, Elm, and Poplars, To be SOL D by A U C T ION, By Mr. VORES, On Wednesday the 15th Day of January, 1812, on the Premises, at Mawsley, Northamptonshire: Timber is blazed and numbered, and growing at i MAWSLEY GROUNDS, in the Occupation of Mr. W. Manning, of Loddington. The Timber is of large Dimensions, and of fine Quality; and to be sold in about ltO Lots. Also sundry Lots of loose FIRE WOOD. Twenty per Cent. Deposit, andthe Remainder of the Money to be paid the 1st Day of March, 1812. The Company is requested to meet the Auctioneer at the Shepherd's Lodge on the Grounds. Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. Northamptonshire Quarterage- Money. THE Chief Constables are to collect and pay in, at the ensuing Sessions, Twelve single Quarterly Payments. C1IR. SMYTH, Clerk of the Peace. Northampton, Dec. 21st, 1811. This Day was published, Frice 8rf. J ( With a Sunday's Edition, containing Saturday's Gazette, aud the latest News), ANew London WEEKLY PAPER, entitled the RIFLEMAN. " Shoot FOLLY < i « it flies." Among the temperate and candid, but firm Advocates of a radical Change of Policy, the HIFI. EIHAN will take his Stand ; and his Fire will tie kept up equally on the bawling Sinccurist whodeclafes all Change to be all Evil ; and the in- discriminate Reformer, whom no Change can satisfy. ( f? T Orders for this Paper received by the Newsineu, Book- sellers, and Postmasters of the United Kingdom. GENTEEL LODGINGS to LETT, Jieaty- furnisfred: CONSISTING of a large Drawing- Room, three Bed- Rooms, and Dressing-" oin, on the fust Floor, and an Attic: a Parlour, Kitchen, Back- Kitchen, and every Convenient}' for a genteel Family. Enquire of W. GaoSi, Bridge- Street, Northampton, near the George Inn. Timber al'r; at ruood. To be SOLI) bv AUCTION, By Mr. KIRS HAW, At Faxton, tn the Colony of No[ ihampton, on Monday the 13th Day of January, 1812: ' TWENTY LO I S of ASH TIMBER; also GO LOTS of 1 UMDERWOOD, in M A WSL E Y- WOOD. The Company is requested to me^ t the Auctioneer at Faxton, at Ten o'Clock, and proceed to Sale. Valuu'Ae Situation for a Baker. To be SOLD by' AUCTION, By 11 JARV1S, On Friday the 17th Day of January, 1812, at the Hare and Hounds, ia Wardington, Oxfordshire, at Two o'Clock in the Attem- ou, AFREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, and BAKEHOUSE, infulf Business, pleasantly situated iu WARJiLM'J i'ON aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Mr, Tiio. MAs^ HrAri'. who is going into the farming business. The PremiSs comprise three Bed- Rooms, Parlour, Cellar, large Bakehouue, with Meal- Room over, Yard and Garden, Stable, Hovels and Pigsties, now iirgood Repair, and may be entered on immediately. l or a View of the Premise*, apply as above; and for further Particulars to the Auctioneer, Banbury. To be SOLD by A U C T 1 O N, By Mr. DUMBLETON, On the Premises, at WEST- HADDON, on Friday next the 10th ot this Instant, January ; npHE LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IMPLEMENTS i„ I HUSBANDRY, and Part of the HOUSE HOLD- FU R- NITURE, late the Property of RlCHARD COI. LINS, de- ceased; consisting of one useful Draught Mare three Years old, two Milking Cows in Calf, 15 Ewes and Theaves, 11 Ewe and Wether Tegs; Cart, Harrows, and Ploughs ; a Set of very' good Horse Harness, and other Implements of Husbandry ; also some Lots of Household- Furniture, and several Lotsof Oak ami Ash Timber, tit for Wheelwrights and Carpenters ; a Quantity of Ash Lop, and other Fire- Wood, in Lots. The Sheep will be penned for Inspection by Ten o'Clock, and the sale will commence precisely at Eleven. ' To be SOLD by A U C 1 1 O N, By ANVREW GARDNER, On Friday the 17th of January, 1812, at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, at Woburii, lieds, at ' 1 hreeo'Clock in the Afternoon, rpHE unexpired TERM in a LE ASE of the Great and I. Small. TITHES of the Parish of STE P PI N G L E Y, Herts, with about 30 Acres of Glebe LAND, and a FA RM- HOUSE and TENEMENT adjoining ; a good Yard, Bam, Stables, and other convenient Outbuildings. ( JFor further Particulars, enquire of the Auctioneer, or at the OfllGe of Mr. DAY, Solicitor, Woburn, Beds. LONDON, January 4. THE Hornet sloop is arrived at Cowes from America, with dispatches, last, from Cherbourgh, where she lauded a Messenger. She has brought American Papers to the 6th ult. ' They contain several very important articles the most prominent of which is, the Report of the House of Representatives of the Committee on Foreign Relations upon the President's Message. It is more decisively hostile to this country than the Message. The conduct of France is discussed with all due deference to Bonaparte; and the delusion practised upon the American people, that the French Decrees are really repealed, is still kept up. Hostilities have commenced between the Americans and the Indians. ' Hie latter attacked the former unexpectedly and a sharp action took place, in which the Americans lost 179 killed and wounded. A dreadful conflict has taken place at Savannah, between the crews of two French privateers. La Vengeance and La Franchise and the Americans. Several were killed on both sides, and the two privateers were burnt by the Americans to the wtirer's edgt— The French are stated to have been the aggressors. Extract qf a letter from Hamburgh, Dec. 27 " The future situation of the Continent seems to depend liiueh on the question of peace or war between Russia and Turkey. Hitherto we have been able to obtain 110 infor mation of a decisive nature, either way. A smuggler, how- ever, arrived here yesterday, which brings a report, that the Hamburgh Paper has a letter either from Bucharest or Seinlin, mentioning the signature of peiice between these two warring powers, and the Master adds, that in consc- quojice of the news a great many troops that had arrived have left Hamburgh, and that warlike preparations seem to be making. It is said likewise elsewhere, that the Schehl fleet is to ride in the Baltic next year, to prosecute wa against Russia, and to prevent England from holding any communication with her." Intelligence is said to have been received from Sweden which states, that Bemadotte has ordered a lery of no less than 80,000 men to be made in the kingdom of " weden, who are to be ready to take the field in the ensuing spring. ' The various departments under Government have been ordered to provide during the winter for the establishment of maga- zines and hospitals. For the subsistence of thislargc force, supplies of grain are to bo procured from the ports of Russia and Swedish Poinerania. A measure of this magni- tude, so much beyond the accustomed exertions of Sweden, could hardly have been adopted without a view to hostilities in some quarter or other, on an extensive scale. Bernadotte it is said, both in his language and his conduct, shews a dis- position to adhere to all treaties with fidelity; but' will' suffer no attempts to be made upon the independence of Sweden. The Fawn is arrived: she apoke a Russian vessel on her passage, which stated, that she saw ( lie St. George, De- fence, and Hero, 011 the 21th, riding iu shoal water, all safe.— Courier « • NORTHAMPTON, SATURDAY IIVliNING, JANUARY i. BIRTH.] On Tuesday 24th tilt, at the Rectory House, Lutterworth, the lady of the Hon. aud Rev. Henry Ryder, of a son. MARRIED.] On Monday se'nnight, at Maccleston, Staffordshire, the Rev. Richard Farrer, rector of Ashley; in this county, to Miss Anna- Maria, Chetwode, second daughter of Sir John and Lady Harriet Chetwode, of Oakley, in the county of Stafford. Tuesday se'nnight, Mr. Benjamin Holdicb, of Thorney Fen, to Miss Susan Holdicb, of Peterborough. Thursday se'rtniglit, at Solihull, Mr. J. Wallace, of Wol- ei- liamptoiT^ to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Mr. lames Rollason, formerly one of the Proprietors of Aria's Birmingham Gazette. Monday last, at Kettering, Mr. Thos. Richards, farmer, of that place, to Miss Appleton, of London. Tuesday last, at Stavci'ton, in this county, Mr. . William Bowman, grocer and tea dealer, to Miss Mnry- IIayse Bawcutt, sister and co- heiress of the late Martin Bawcutt, Esq. hanker) of Coventry. Wednesday last, bv « periil license, at Boston Lodge, in the parish of Bramham, in Yorkshire, Charles Thorold Wood, of Thoresby, iii Lincolnshire, Esquire, to Jane, only daughter of Sir John Thorold, of Systun- Park, in the same county. Same day, Mr. George Tabiner, to Mary Idle ;— and Mr. R. Shipley, chair- maker, to Lydia Clapton, all of Stamford. ' Thursday last, at Hanslope, Bucks, Mr. W. Heal, draper, of Thrapston, ill this county, to Mrs. Inivood, of the former place. Same day, at Thorpe- Achurch, in this county, Mr. Wm. Selby, of Wormleighton, in the county of Warwick, to Miss George, of the former place. Lately, at Ely, Mr. Jo^ in Clements, printer, & c. to Miss Eliza Harvey, third daughter of Mr. William Harvey of that place. DIED.] On Saturday se'nnight, Mrs. Francklin, widow of the late ( ieorge Francklin, Esq. of Haddeiiham, Bucks. Sunday se'nnight, iu London, Mrs. Lewin, wife of Mr. Francis Lewin, miller, near Warwick. Thursday sennight, at Camberwell, Thomas Buxton, Esq. late banker of Leicester. On Christmas day, at Wirkswortb, Derbyshire, in the 79th year of her age. Lady Arkwright, relict of the late Sir Richard Arkwright, Knight, of Crotnford, in the same county. Same day, at Swepstone, Leicestershire, Mrs. Bakeweil, in the 79th year of her age. Saturday last, at Walcott, Leicestershire, Mrs. Alice Peach, widow of Thomas Peach, Esq. of this town. Same day, Mary Garner, the wife of Christopher Garner, aged 57; on Sunday laitjthe Widow Hyde, aged 7( 3; and on Tuesday, Mr. William Peak, aged 41, son of the late Mr. Win. Peak, butcher,— all of Stamford. Sunday last, at Thrapston, Miss Sarah Ellis, aged 27, third daughter of the late Mr. Ellis, of Oundle. Monday last, Elizabeth the wife of Henfy Dalhy, Gent, of Leicester. Same day, nt Huntingdon, Mr. Ilemment, master of the White Hart public house. Lately, at Huntingdon, much respected, Miss Lawrence, sister to John Lawrence, Esq. senior alderman of that borough. A few days since, at Wapoenhnm, in this county Mr. Samuel Sheppard, farmer ani'r grazier ; a man universally esteemed through life, and whose death is justly lamented by his numerous relatives and friends. Lately, in London, Mr. Charles Buxton, Solicitor, late of Lutterworth, Leicestershire. Lately, at Charlbury, Oxon, aged 81, Mrs. Bright, a member of the Society of Friends, Lately, aged 31, Mr. Lee, brother to Mrs. Palmer, of Fineshade Lodge, in this county. A few days ago, at I'awsley park, in this county, Miss M. Mairiand, daughter of the iate P. Maitland, Esq of Edinburgh. A few days ago, at the vicarage, near Baldock, Herts, the Rev. Townsend Andrews, vicar, and rector of St. Katharine Column, Fenchurch- street, aged 80. It is understood that the Lords of the Privy Council, who now correspond with the Bishops concerning episcopal duties, expect all Curates to be licensed, and the salaries, in many cases, to be stated in the annual diocese returns, directed by the Residence Bill, and this in rcspect to the benefices under peculiar jurisdiction, as well as others. The Rev. James Slade, M. A. Fellow and Tutor of Em- manuel college, has been collated, by the Lord Bishop of Ely, to the Rectory of Teversham, Cambridgeshire, vacated by the death of the Rev. William Talbot. The late Bishop of Oxford ( Dr. Moss) has left the new splendid furniture of the principal rooms at the Palace of Cuddesden, near Wlieatley, as an heir- loom to the See: he has likewise bequeathed ^ 42,000 to each of the daughters of a sister, one of whom is married to Dr. King. A numerous and highly respectable meeting was held in the Town Hall, at Huntingdon, 011 Tuesday, December 31st, 1811, for the purpose of forming an Auxiliary Bible Society, for Huntingdonshire and its vicinity. Lord Viscount Hinch- ingbronk presided in the place of his Grace the Duke of Manchester, who had previously accepted the office of Pre sident, and who was necessarily absent:— The fdlowing Noblemen. and Gentlemen were appointed Vice Presidents; The Earls of Sandwich and Carysfort, Lord Frederick Mon- tague, Lord Viscount Hinchinghrook, Lord Viscount l'robv, Lord Viscount Milton, Honourable General Needhain, Sir James Duberly, Knt. W. H. FelloWes, Esq. M. P. Richard Reynolds, Esquire, Georire W. Leeds, Esquire, Ortsley Rouley, Esquire, John Ansley, Esquire, Lawrence Reynolds, Esquire, and John Heathcote, Esquire; James Rust, Esq. was chosen Treasurer ; the Reverend John King Martyn, of Pertenliall, and the Rev. James Arrow, of Godmaiichcster, were appointed Secretaries j and 30 other Gentlemen weie nominated as a Committee :— Resolutions nearly similar to those passed at other County Meetings were unanimously voted ; several interesting speeches yvere delivered by the noble Chairman End Lord Carysfort, the London Secretaries, and by other Gentlemen : A more minute detail of which will be given in a future paper.— About i'TOOis already subscribed, and further donations and subscriptions are expected and solicited. ' The Oxfordshire ladies have come to the patriotic reso- lution of wearing no French lace, gloves, or any other article of the manufacture of France, during the continu- ance of the war with the Corsican Tyrant. They have in- vited tlie gentlemen of that county to coalesce with them, by a resolution to sacrifice the love of the bottle, and not to suffer French wine to be produced 011 their respective tables for die same period. Average Prices of Navigable Canal Property, Dock Stock, Firi- OJjicc Shares, Sfc. to the lith December, 1811 :— Co- ventry ( anal. <£ 800, ex dividend of ^ 38 clear per annum.— Oxford, ^ t' 590, ex dividend and bonus .£ 31 per 6hare. — Neath Canal, .£ 290, ex dividend jS20 per Share clear.— Leeds and Liverpool, J£ I91, dividing £ 6 clear. — Warwick and Bir- mingham, =£ 288, £ 290, dividing £ 12 clear.— Swansea, 180, ex dividend ^ 10.— Grand Junction, =£ 200, ex half yearly dividend £ 3.— Worcester and Birmingham Old Shares, ^£ 34 ; New Ditto, £ i discount.— Kennel and Avon, =£ 31 to £ 30 10s. — Monmouth, ^ 103. — Ashby- de- la- Zouch, =£ 21. — Union, =£ 86 =£ 87. — Wilts and Berks Old Shares, =£' 24 10s. to =£ 25.— New ditto =£ 1 premium.— West India Dock, =£ 157 =£ 15S.— London Dock Stock, =£ 120.— Rock, 10s. premium.— East London Water- Works, =£ 90, =£ 94.— Londou Flour Company, £ 8.— Strand Bridge, =£ 24 percent, discount.— London Institu- tion, =£ 63.— Surry ditto, =£ 14.— Glohe, =£ 117. — Provident Institution, =£ 2. 10s. premium.— English Copper Company, £ 1. 15s. =£ 7. 105. dividing 8s. per share. William Moore, of Ravensthorpe, in this county, victual- ler, was lately convicted by the magistrates at the record- room, and paid the penalty of five pounds and costs, for shooting a pheasant, in the parish of Holdeuby, he not being qualified according to law. "" " 1 ••• • I I MI.— IW.^ W On New Year's day a large quantity of beef and bread was distributed by Colonel and Mrs. Samwell, to the poor of the parish oif Upton, near this town, which at this incle- ment season proved a very acceptable present to nearly eighty persons. The accustomed nilmberof fat oxen', with a suitable quan* tity of bread, being the Christmas annual bounty of his Grace the Duke of Marlborough, was last weok distributed Co upwards of three thousand poor persons in tire vicinity of Blenheim, Oxfordshire. In the garden of Mr. Lee, near Meriden Church; there is now growing a Pear Tree, which has blossomed twice in the last year, and had on it, on Friday last, five pears. On Monday night or early on Tuesday morning a con- siderable number of silver spoons, Sic. were stolen from the butler's pantry of W. Z. L. Ward, Esq. of Guilsborough, near this town. The robber appeared to have entered by the window; and when he had collected his bootv, returned by the same way without attempting to go to any other part of the house. On Wednesday night, about eio'it o'clock, J. Bradshaw, of Bcixworth, was stopped between Creaton and Spratton, near this town, by two stout men, dressed in drab great coats, and robbed of bills to the amount of ^ 37.— One of the bills was a Bank post, value £ 10, indorsed by Walter Strickland. No. 1286. An inquisition was taken at Norton; in this county, on Monday the 23d of December, by R. Abbey, Gent, on'view of the body of a poor woman found dead in the fields.— It appeared that she was so firnily frozen, that pick- axes were necessary to extricate her from the ice.— Verdict, Died bu the inclemency of the w'euthcr. In addition to the violent outrages stated in our last t1 have been committed at Ockbrook and Locko Grange, Der hyshire, we are sorry to observe that an event of equal mag- nitude and atrocity took place in the same neighbourhood on the night preceding. About one o'clock on Sunday morning the 22d ult. the house and shop of Mrs. Elizabeth Handlev, of Lewcote Gate, near West Hallarn, was broken into by a num- ber of villains, nnd robbed of money and goods to a consider- able amount. This pool widow woman, who is nearly 70 years of age, and who by her own industry in the management of a small retail grocery shop has truggled 10 maintain her- self and her five orphan grandchildren, is by this most bar- barous robbery thrown into greai distress. One of tile villains entered the house through the shop window, unbolted the outer door and let iu others ; some of them plundered the shop, while three with handkerchiefs tied over . their faces, entered the room where Mrs. Handlfy and her youngest grandchildren slept, the only persons tlun residing in the house; two of the ruffians went 10 her bedside and held pistols to her hc., d, w hili the third rifled her pockets and boves: after Inking all her money, together with a diamond ring which had been a pre- sent made to the family upwards of one hundred years ago, and charging her to give no alarm, they left her bed room and joined their companions in the house", where they leisurely regaled themselves with such victuals and drink as' the h . ustt afforded; they cooked bacon upon the house tire, and consumed and carried away all Mrs. Handlev's ( cowslip) wine, about eight quarts in the whole, which had been made against her daughter- in- law's approachin^ coufineinent ; one of the buttles which contained the wine has since been found about half a mile from Mrs. Hundley's house. After continuing in thu house upwards of an hour, during which time it is supposed some of the party kept watch 011 the outside, they went off, and it is suspected they took with them out of an adjoining close one of Mr. Chouler's horses to assist iu carrying off their booty, the horse having been found the next morning near Ilkeston Tull- B ar, about a mile distant from Mrs. Hundley's. — Notwithstanding the great exertions which hnve been made to discover the offenders, they remain at present undetected.-— Derby Mercury. The latest accounts from Nottingham continue the recital of outrages, notwithstanding the expectations that were enter- tained of the restoration of tranquillity, from the measures which the magistracy and the manufacturers had adopted. On Tuesday night a frame was broken at Arnold; and the same night a serious affray took place at Shorfwood, in the parish of Trowel. Eighteen men being 011 the prowl, pio- bably for game, were attacked by four well- armed kejpern. one of whom, however, fled to Wollatun- hall, to alarm tl. « nightly guard, and escaped the horrid beating bestowed upon his companions, one of whom is still considered in the greatest danger. The guard from the Hall proceeded to intersect all the roads leading from the scene of action to Nottingham, under an apprehension the depredators were Luddites com£ 550, were jiaid into his Hands. Of this Sum a large Part was announced as intended Annual Subscription. The Committee have this Day met in pursuance of the Reso lution of the General Meeting, and intend to hold their Monthly Meetings regularly. It was by the Committee resolved, that every Minister of the • Established Church and every Dissenting Minister throughout the County, should be requested to promote and reccive Con- tributions from their respective Congregations and others, in sup- port of the Institution, and to make themselves acquainted with the Wants of their Neighbours, in Order to supply Bibles or Testaments; and that they should be further requested to remit the Contributions they may gather to the Treasurer at convenient Opportunfties, and to communicate the Demand for Bibles and Testaments, by tlie Post, to either ot the Secretaries. It was also resolved, that to diffuse the Knowledge of the Ex- istence of the Society, a 1 aper be drawn up anil printed, in as « hort a Form as possible, for the Information of the lower Classes, find generally disseminated. Resolved, That these Resolutions he printed, published, and • 5£ nt to all Cleigymen and Ministers, and to the Subscribers. ( Signedby Order ot the Committee), SAMUiiL Will'l'IiisEAD, CJiairmsh. Gl. OBF, INSURANCE, Pall- Malt and Cornhill, Lotinort. FOR FIRE AND Li RI INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES. ALL Persons whose Insurances with this Company become due at Christrfias iiext, are requested to ta. e Notice, that Receipts for the Renewal thereof are now ready tor Delivery at the Company's Offices, and in the Hands of their respective Agents in the Country. Insurances due at Christmas, must be paid on or Before the 9th of January next. The Capital of this Company is One Million Sterling, THE W HOLE or WHICH HAS BEEN PAID ur, and is invested in real or Government Securities. JOHN CHARLES DENHAM, Secretary. December 20th, 181 EAGLE HUE OFFICE, LONDON. PAYMENT OF RENT. PERSONS insuring Property in the Country with this Company, are entitled to a DIVIDEND OF'TEN PER CENT, when the Insurance is effected, and annually on the same being renewed, thereby making a DIVIDEND of SEVENTY PER CENT, at the End of Seven Years, without ths Risk of being diminished by Losses. Policies expiring at Christmas must be renewed within Fifteen Days from that Period. W. BEETHAM, Secretary. Life Insurances elfected, and Annuities granted. AGENTS. Northampton,— Mr. JOHN FREEMAN. Yardley- Gobion,— Mr. WILLIAM SANDERS, Draper. Wellingborough,— Mr. PALMER. Daventry,— Mr. N. TARVER, Ironmonger. Towcester,— Mr. JAMES KIRBY, Baker. Bedford,— Mr. JOSEPH BROWN, Auctioneer. Dunstable,— Mr. JOHN DURHAM, Surveyor. Toddington,—, Mr. JOHN BIDDULPH. Melton- Mowbray,— Mr ROBERT TAYLOR. Hinckley,— Mr. ROBERT DUNC, Grocer. Feutiy- Stjatfbrd,-— Mr. BENJ. DUMVILLE, Draperi Brick hilt,— Mr. D KING & SONS, Grocers. Windsor.— Messrs. RAY & LEGO. Hertford,— Mr. J. H. KIMPTON, Auctioneer. Cheshunr. — Mr. HENRY CROWDER. St. Albans,— Mr. GEORGE SHAW, Bookseller. Keiiburn,— Mr. THOMAS ASHBY. Market. Street,— Mi. THOS. EMERTON, Schoolmastelr, Ware, — Mr. EDWARD HOBBS, Auctioneer. Rickinansworth,— Mr. THOMAS WILSON, Ironmonger. Bishop's- Stortford,— Mr. WM. BATES, Schoolmaster. Watford,— Mr. F. J. DUPONT. Shopkeeper. Walthaui- Ctoss,— Mr. COPE, Crocer. nORNSlil" Sf CO. STOCK- BROKERS, No. 26, CORNHILL. IMPORTANT ' STATE LOTTERY, Two =£ 20,000, besides many Tickets. Such Advantages View. HORNSBY and CO. the Year 1767 ; the first = 615,000, also 20 ... of .,£ 20,000 23 of .'= 610,000 49 of.. 5,000. Orders for Tickets'or Shares by Post or Carrier executed with Fidelity and Dispatch. The Drawing begins and finishes on the21stof JANUARY. NO Prize less than =£ 20. Prizes of Capital Prizes, and only 12,000 never were exhibited to Public Sold the very first =£ 20,000, in two =£ 30,000 ; the first two 67 of ,£ 2,000 78 of = 61,000 120 of = 6500 CHRISTMAS LOTTERY. OWIFT and Co. respectfully remind the'Publir, that the O STATE LOTTERY will be drawh on the 2ls< JANUARY. Although this Lottery consists of only 12,000 Tickets, vet the Scheme contains the following List of CAPITAL PRIZES : 2 of =£ 20,000 1 6 ot ,61,000 2.... 6,000 8 500 2 4,000 I 6.8 of =£ 100, = 6at), and = 6^ 0, And the lowest Prize =£ 20. Tickets and Shares are selling in great Variety at SWIFT and Co's. London Offices. No. 11, POULTRY, NO. 12, CHARING CROSS, and No. 31, ALDGATK HIGH STREET; And by their Agent, J. WEBB, Printer, Bedford. ALBION FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW BRIDGE. STREET, LONDON; EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT. AGENTS :— NORTHAMPTON, Mr. Spencer Hesketh. HERTFORD,— Mr Arthur Davies, Postmaster. ST. ALBANS,— Mr. Joseph Newsome, Grocer. NOTTINGHAM,— Mr. CHARLES SUTTON, Bookseller. rNSUltANCES falling due at Christmas, should be re- newed within fifteen Days from that Period. Abatements are made, according to the Plan which originated with this Company, on the Premiums ot all Fire Insurances OUT OF LONDON. A large'Advantage is allowed on Life In- surance; aud every Facility is afforded by which the Interest and Convenience of the Public may be promoted. WARNER PHI PI'S, Secretary. A NEW GEOGRAPHY, Accompunied by a Pair of Globes, gratis. Just published, I'art I, Price 7s. to be completed in twenty- five Monthly Parts, making two very large and splendid Volumes in Quarto, of t SYSTEM of MODERN GEOGRAPHY, or, the £\. NATURAL and POLITICAL HISTORY of the PRESENT STATE ot the WORLD. By JOHN SMITH, I.. L. D. With an Introduction, explaining the Phinomina which im- mediately relate to the Planet we inhabit; the most important Circumstances relative to the Figure, Magnitude, and Destiny ot the Earth ; its diurnal and annual Motions; the Formation of the Calendar, and the Manner of reckoning Time, followed by different Nations; the Method of finding the Latitude and Longitude ot Places on the Earth's Surface ; and the Doctrine of tiie Sphere, Illustrated by Problems on the Globes, by Mr. POND, Astronomer Royal. This new Geography will unite, as its Characteristics, and, in a great Fart, as its peculiar Features, 1. Descriptions of all Countries, compiled from the latest and best Authorities in the English, trench, German, and . Spanish Languages; and arranged according to the most ap- proved Methods of statistical Writers. 2 Graphic Repiesentations of the Manners and Customs of all People, of the peculiar Features of all Countries, and of the principal Lines of the several Kingdoms and Empires. 3. A Collection of new Maps of all Countries, equal, or superior, to those given in any existing Geography or separate Atlas. 4. A Pair of Adams's Nine- inch Globes, gratis, from new Drawings, which include all the latest Improvements and Dis- coveries, calculated to perfect a System ot Geography in every Family, Library, and seminary ot Education. With the twelfth Monthly Part will be given a Nine. inch Terrestrial Globe, made by Adams, Mathematical Instiument and Globe Maker to his Majesty; aud with the last Pait will be given a corresponding Celestial Globe; the Pair, such as sell in the Shops at Three Guineas. London : Printed tor Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Pater- noster- Row. Those whoalready possess Globes, and who wish to purchase this n^ w and superior Geography, without the Engagements for the Globes, may have the Monthly Parts at 5s. eacn. The Whole may be had complete, intwo Volumes, Price, in Boards, .66. 10s. or with the Globes, =£ 9. EMOLLIENT BALM. illlS Vegetable Compound is used in Shaving, as a Substitu. e tor Soap, but far preferable; a constant Use of it removes that yellow Taint from the Complexion, occasioned by the Use ot Soap Lather.—- For washing the Hands of Ladies or Gentlemen, it cannot be excelled. Price 2s. Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, are appointed the only Wholesale Venders ; may be had Retail of Ihe Printers ot this Paper,- W. birdsall, and J. Edge, North- ampton; and ot ever) other Vender of Medicines in the K ingucm HENDERSON'S MODERN COOKERY, The 16th Edition, containing all the Improvements in the Art to the Year 1812, forming an elegant ( hristnias Present.— This Day was published, embellished with numerous Engravings, Price Eight Shillings, Bound, ft HIT. HOUSEKEEPER'S INSTRUCTOR; or UMVER- - 1- SAL FAMILY COOK, being a full and clear Display of the Art ot Cookery, in all its various Branches. Also, thewholeAri ot Confectionary, Pickling, Preserving, & c.; The making and keeping in Perfection British Wines, anc( proper Rules for Brewing. To which is added, the complete Art of Carving, illustrated with 23 Engravings; and Bills of Fare for every Month in the Year. The Manner of decorating a Table, dis- played by Copper Plates. Directions for Marketing. Obser- vations on culinary Poisons, and the Managementof the Kitchen and Fruit- Garden. The Whole formed on an entire new Plan, By WILLIAM AUGUSIUS HENDERSON, Corrected, revised, and considerably improved, by every modern Addition and Variation in the Art, By JACOB CHRISTOPHER SCHNEBBELIE, late Apprentice to Messrs. Tupp & Perry, Oxford. Street; after- wards Cook at Melun's Hotel, Bath; and the Albany, London. Printed tor J. Stratford, No. 112, Holborn- Hill, London; and sold by all other Booksellers and Newscarriers in the united Kingdom. For the Convenience of those who prefer Books in weekly Parts, this Work may be had in 14 Numbers, Price 6d each, or by one or more at a Time. Newton's new Quarto Edition of the Life of Jesus Christ. This Day was published, Price only Sixpence, embellished with a Portrait of our Savisur, finely engraved by Hopwood, XI UMBER 1 ( to be continued Weekly), of thcEVAN- _ L\ GELlCALHISTORYor THE LIFE AND ACTIONS OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. Con- tabling. an Account of his Sufferings, Death, Resurrection and Ascension, and of the Miricles, Discourses, and Events, re- corded in the Gospels. To which is added, the Lives of the Apostles, Evangelists, Primitive Martyrs^ a Chronological Table ot the Affairs rela- tive to the Church, from the Birth of Christ till the Keign of Constantino the Great and a copious Index : with an Introduc- tion, containing an Essay on the Evidences of Christianity, and a complete View of the Old Testament Prophecies relative to the Messiah, with Critical and explanatory Notes, bj the Rev. JAMEs NEWTON, l. L. D. To render this Edition„' of the Lir* or CHRIST more particu- larly acceptable, no Expense has been spared to collect the most interesting Subjects for the Engraver, and the Manner the Em- bellishments a. e executed reflect equal Credit on the Artist : the Types are new and cust purposely for the Work, and the Paper is of the first Manufacture. Every Number contains 12 Pages of Letter- P ress, handsomely printed.— Every alternate Number a superb Engraving, and the W iiole completed in 50 Nulnbers,— of which 46 are already pub- lished, and tiie W hole Will* be complete in the Course of the ensuing Month. ' f> Venders of periodical Publications will meet with liberal Encouragement on addressing* Lire to the Publisher. London: Published byJ. Stratford, No. 112, Holborn- Hill; and sold by all Booksellers and Newsmen. r I HE Cases that have terminated favourably by a Course i ASPILSBUKY'S PATENT ANTISCORBUTIC DROP! To Mr. D. ROBERTS, 1' AiNswjeK, Gloucestershire. West- Bucklana, near Barnstaple, Devcn, SIR, August 10M, 1809. VV 11 H great Pleasure I write you these few Lines, con- VY ceivingit tobe my Duty to do so for the Benefit of others: for three \ eais I was afflicted With tne KING S- EVIL in illy fliro. it, I piocured the Assistance of most ot the Apothecaries and eminent Surgeons in this Neighbourhood, who, 1 am con- vinced, endeavoured to their utmost to relieve my Complaints, but all their Elloiis were unavailing.— Month after Month I grew worse, until 1 had tour Holes in my Throat at once, and 1 scarcely enjoyed a Moment's Rest Day or Night. In this deplorable State 1 continued tor three Years as aforesaid, despairingof ever receiv- ing a Cute; until, b) the Advice ot a Friend, 1 was induced to iry your invaluable Meaicated Vegetable Water, and by takingabout lialfa Dozen ot the small Bottles, I am happy to inform you I received a perfect Cure.— My Sister, who nad an ulcerated soie eg ot 19 Years' standing, was also perfectly cured by taking tour small Bottles.— A Niece of mine being now afflicted with the Evil in her breast, occasions my requesting you to forward four small Bottles by the hist Conveyance. 1 am, Sir, your hUmble Servant, MARY VICARY. P. S. Many other Cures have been cltecied in this Neigh, houihood by your truly valuable Medicine. 1, GEOKG E DA V 1E, ot SWYMBRIDGE, in the County ot Devon, vvasafllicted wiili the Evil in both my Legs, so that I was not able to follow my Labour for two Years, nine Months ot which I was confined to my Bed. In that distressed state, I applied to most ol the skilful surgeons in the Neighbourhood, but without obtaining Relief.— At last 1 was recommended to iry Roberts's Medicated Vegetable Hater, and by taking three ot the small Bottles 1 am now, thank God, perfectly sound.— Witness my Hautl this 9th Day ot October, 1809, GEORGE DAVIE. Witnesses to the above, HENRY BRITTON, L. MASON. This celebrated Restorative in Cases of Cancer, Scrofula, Leprosy, Scurvy, and all inferior Scorbutic Complaints, such a. s scald- Head, ulcerated sore Legs, Flushings, pimpled Faces, be. is sold in Half- pint Bottles at 6s. each, and in large Bottles containing five Half- pints at 22s. each, Duty included, with Cases of Cure, and Directions signed by the Proprietor, Daniel Roberts; by Appointment it is sold by Dicey & Sution, Whole- sale Agents, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper; Barnes, Newport. Pagnell; Wheeler, Aylesbury; Jones, Ox- ford; Beesley, Banbury; Sharpe, Warwick; Hudson, Cam- bridge; Drury, Lincoln; and most respectable Venders ot Medicines in the United Kingdom. Letters, inclosing the usual Compliment, will be imme- diately answered in the most candid Manner. of DROPS, have been numerous, and have claimed a Celebrity for this Medicine during the Space ot thirty Years and upwards. Its Success in scrofulous yases has amply borneout the Testimony of Dr. Hamilton, Professor of Midwifery, Edinburgh, when treating on this Disease in his Work on Female Complaints. Every Patient will on Trial Experience the same Exertion in his Habit to throw off this Disease. In Herpetic Eruptions, Eiuptions from told Weather, those particularly attended with disordered Stomach; in scorbutic, gouty, rheumatic, and bilious Complaints, Patients daily give decided Proofs ot the Efficacy ot this mild Antiscorbutic. As there ate numerous Counteiteits, please to ask for Spils- bury's Patent Antiscorbutic Drops, with the King's Duty printed if)| Uack Ink, in Bottles of 5s. 6d. double Bottles 10s and largeflBl 2s. Duty included. Compound Essence, 8s Dispensary, 15, Soho. Square, London. Sold by the I'rinters ot this Paper ; Mr. Okely, and Mr Paigrave, Bedford; Mather, Wellingborough; Collis & Dash and Munn, Kettering; Tomaltn, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Corrall, Lutterworth; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Baxter. Bicester; Beesley, and Rusher, Banbury; Cripps, Abingdon and by most Venders of Patent Medicines in Town and Country AiUi- lmpetigines, or Solomon's Drops, ( Without Mercury, or any deleterious Preparation), 17OR the Cure of the SCURVY, SCROFULA, LEPROSY, 1 and all DISORDERS originating in an impure State of the Blood. These admirable Drops strengthen the Constitution, purify the Blood, and promote the Circulation of the fluids; 10 cflect which is evidently the Work of Time, and steady Per- severance in the Use of Medicines adapted for those salutary Purposes. Extract of a Letter from Mr. Wood, Son of Mrs. Wood, Proprietor of tlx Shrewsbury Chronicle, auted the 24/ 4 of March, 1806. To Dr, Solomon, ( jilead- House, near Liverpool. SIR,— A Clergyman in the Neighbourhood of Wem, experi enced the utmost Relief, a few Da) sago, by the Use of a SINGLE BOTTLE of your Anti- lmpetigincs, alter suffering a considerable Time under a Total nervous Debility, Loss of Appetite, See. and by persevering in the Use of another Bottle of that invaluable Medicine, he has no Doubt of being restored to his former State ot Health. 1 remain, Sir, Your's, & c. T. WOOD. This celebrated Medicine is sold, by special Appointment of Dr. Solomon, in Bottles Half- a- Guinea each, or tour in one Family Bottle tor 33s. on which 9s. are saved, bv the Printers of this Paper, and Mr. Marshall, Northampton; Collis & Dash, and Munn, Kettering ; Htggs, Dawson, and Harrod, Harbo- rough ; Beesley, and Marriott, Banbury ; Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Richardson, Stony- Stratford; Edge and Mather, Wellingborough; Tomalin, Bates, and Wil- kinson, Daventry ; Okely, andl'algiave, Bedford ; Fox, St. Neots; l. ovell, Huntingdon; Barringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Swinfen, Leicester; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; Loggin, Ayles- bury and Leighton; by the Printers ot the Country News- Papers, and by all Venders ot Pater. t Medicines in the United Kini'tom, CONSUMPTION CURED. IN Cases of approaching Consumption, HOPE'S HECTIC PILLS have never been known to fail. In the more advanced Stages, the most unexpected Cures have taken Place, even after their remained no apparent Possibility of Recovery; aaid inthe most deplorable and complicated Cases, Lite has been lengthened after all other Medicines had ceased to act. Those who are satisfied that in regular Practice there is no Remedy for Consumption, will feel it their Duty to try this Medicine, which is compounded witha Drug never before used. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by G. Walker, 106, Great Port- land- Street, London; and Retail by the Printers of this Paper, and Marshall, Northampton; and may also be ordered ot any Person who sails Patent Medicines. Price 2s. 9d. each Box. ( JST Just published, An ESSAY on the CAUSES, PREVENTION, and CURE, of CONSUMPTION ; in which the Dangers of Bleed- ing andStarving are explained. By L. HOPE. Price 2S. WES'V Middlesex, carpenter, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. STEWKLEY ENCLOSURE, the Commissioners, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, named, and appointed, ill and by an Act of Parliament made and pa- sed for inclosing Lands in the Parish of STEWKLEY, in tlie County of Buckingham, do hereby give Notice, That we have set out and appointed the following public Carriage- Roads and Highways, and public Bridle- Ways, apd jrivate Carriage- Roads, through andover the Lamlsand Grounds, jy the said Act directed to be divided and inclosed, viz.: The Drayton and Hollingdon Road, of the Bieadth of 40 Feet, leading from the Parish of Drayton- Parslow, at the East- End ot Hale Hill Furlong, in Southward and South- Eastward Di- rections, along its present Track at Clack Ford, and from thence of the Breadth ot20 Feet, 011 the South- West Side of the Centre of the present Road to a Gateway in the Parish of Soulbury, being a Moiety of the said Road, the other Moiety thereof being in and belonging to the Parish of Soulbury. The Stoke- Hammond Road, of the Breadth of 40 Feet ( except between old Inclosures), leading from the West - Corner of a Homestead belonging 10 William Jeffs, in a North- Eastward Direction, nearly in its present Track into the Drayton and Hol- ingdon Road at Clack Hill. The Soulbury Road, of the Breadth of 40 Feet ( except between old Inclosures), leaning from the Town- Street ot Stewkley, atthe Southward- Corner of the Vicarage Garden, in an Eastward Di- rection nearly in its present Track into the Parish of Soulbury. The Wing Road, ot the Breadth of 40 Feet ( except between old 1 nclosures), leading from the West- Endof the Soulbury Road, in a South- Eastward Direction along the Town- Street toa Home- stead belonging to Frances Toetielci, across the same, and in a straight Direction to a Gateway into Cotterlod Grounds, in the Parish of Wing, The Tinkershole and Dunton Road, of the Breadth of 40 Feet, leading from the Homestead at Tinkershole, in the Occupation of Michael Cutter, in Westward and North- Westward Directions, nearly in its present Track, to the South- West- Endof the Little- cote Road, near Allmead, and from thence in a Westward Di- rection to Littlecote- Lane. v The Littlecote Road, of the Breadth of 40 Feet ( except between old Inclosures), leading from the Wing Road at the Homestead of Frances Toefield, in a South- West ward Direction along the Town. Street of Stewkley, by and over the West- Corner of the Home- stead belonging to Richard Grace, to the South- Corner of an Orchard in the Occupation ot John Smith, and from thence in a straight Direction into the Tinkershole and Dunton Road, near Allmead. The Drayton Road, of the Breadth of 40 Feet ( except between old Inclosures), leading from the West. End ot the Soulbury Road, in a North- Westward Direction along the Town- Street of Stewkley, to the South- West- End oft he Stoke- Hammond Road ; then in a Southward Direction to the South- Corner of Wood Close, belonging to the Reverend William Wodley; then in a North- Westward Direction over Woodward's Leys, over and between Wood Close, belonging to the Right Honourable Earl Spencer, and the Wilderness, belonging to William Ward, into and along Fruit- Lane, and over Part of and the West- Corner of Old Leighton Close, belonging to the Reverend Charles Ashfield, and Joseph Woodman, into a Lane in the Parish of Drayton- Parslow. A Public Bridle- Way, and Private Carriage and Drift. Road, ofthe Breadth of 30 Feet, leading from the Drayton Road, at the South- West- End of the Stoke- Hammond Road, in a South- Westward Direction by Wood Hall, over Stewkley Dean, and ( he South- Corner ot Upper Mead, belonging to William Duncombe ; over the North- Side df Stewkley Dean to Eden Close, belonging to William Cox; then over the West- Side of Stewkley Dean to a Gateway inthe Parish of Dunton. Another Public Bridle- Way and Pri- Vate Carriage and Drift- Road, ofthe Breadth of30 Feet, leading from the ParishofMursley, at the North- Corner of Eden Close, belonging to William Cox, in a Southward Direction by the Side ot the said Close into the last- described Road, which said several Roads and Ways we have, previous to the Publication ot this Notice, ascertained by proper Marks and Bounds, and have caused a Map to be prepared, in which the same are accurately laid down and described, which Map is signed by us the said Commissioners, and deposited with our Clerk, Mr. DAVID LEE WILLIS, at J. eighton- Buzzard, in the County of Bedford, for the Inspection ot alt Persons con- cerned ; and that we the said Commissioners intend to meet at theSwAN INN, in LEIGHTON. BUZZA R D aforesaid, on TUESDAY the Fourteenth Day of January next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon ; at which Meeting all Persons thinking themselves injured or aggrieved by the setting out of such Roads and Ways, or by the Omission of any Road, may attend and make their Objections accordingly.— Dated this 19th Day of December, 1811. EDW. HORWOOD, JOHN FEI. LOWES, BENJ. BEVAN BANKRUPTS required to SURRENDER. James Ford, of Swan- lane, Rotherhithe, Surry, cow- keeper, dealer and chapman, Jan. 4, 21, and Feb. 8, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. lngold, Printer's- place, Beimondsey.. William Lamb, of Stockport, Cheshire, cotton- spinner, d. & c. Jan. 9, 10, and Feb. 8, at the Castle Inn, Siockpori.— Attorney, Mr. Baddeley, Stockport. James Howson, of Lancaster, victualler, d. & c. Jan. 17, 18, and Feb. 8, at the Nag's Head, Lancaster.— Attorney, Mr, Parker, Lancaster. Francis Delemore, late of Fulham, Dec. 31, Jan. 4, and Feb. 8, Emly, Essex- court, Temple. Robert King, of Tooley- street, Southwark, hatter, 4. Sc c, Jan. 4, II, and Feb. 8, at Guildhall.— Atton . y, Mr. Jont.- j Size- lane, Allan Macdonald, of Liverpool, merchant; d. & c. Jan. 17, 18, and Feb. 8, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Attornits; Messrs. Orrcd & Baines, Liverpool. James Pope, of Truro, Cornwall, grocer, Jan. 7, 8, and Feb. 8, atthe Lion Inn, Truro.— Attorney, Mr. James, Truro, Thomas Brown, of Liverpool, merchant, d. & c. Jan. 17, 18, and let). 8, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Attornies, Messrs. Orred & Baines, Liverpool. William Sharp, of Bradford, Yorkshire, calico- mamifactureri d. & c. Jan. 9, II, and Feb. 8, at the Dog Tavern, Mane Hester; — Attomies, Messrs. Knight & Hadtieid, Manchester. John loot, ot - Stanton- Drew, Somersetshire, dealer and chapman, Jan. 2, 11, and Feb. 8, at the Rummer Tavern; Bristol.— Attorney, Mr. Frankis, Bristol. John Waters Coldicott, of Coventry, leather- seller, d. & c. Jan. S, 4, and Feb. 8, at the Craven Arms Hotel, Coventry — Attorney, Mr. Wilmot, Coventry. Henry Norman, of St. Neots, Huntingdonshire, corn- dealer, Jan. 21, 22, and feb. 8, at the George Inn, Huntingdon.— At- torney, Mr. Sewell, Chatteris, Isle of Ely. John Sparrow, late ofthe East India Chambers, Leaden- hall- street, London, wine- broker, d. & c. Jan. 11, 18, and fcb. 8, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Rooke, Armourers' and Braziers' Hall, Coleman- street. George Maggs, of Bristol, linen- draper, d. & c. Dec. SI, Jan. 11, and Feb. 8, at Guildhall, London.— Attorney, Mr. Shep- herd, Bartlett's- buildings, Holborn. ^ Thomas Williamson, of Manchester, draper, d. & c, Jan. fi, 7, and Feb. 8, at the HO) eand Anchor, Manchester.— Attorneys Mr. Cardwell, Manchester. J. Heritage, of Leominster, Herefordshire, horse- dealer, Jan; i I £ if » Uf, LIf I... i—.. ,1 j p.. t_ 11 .. . . For Coughs, Hoarsenesses, 4 c. Mr. GREENOUGH'S PECTORAL LOZENGES 01 TOLU. rjMIE great Demand for vyhich, after fifty Years' Trial, I proves them a superior Remedy for all COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSNESSES, SORE THROATS, and those Complaints occasioned by taking Cold in the Chest. The Genuineoniy have R. Hay ward, printed 011 the Stamp, by whom they are prepared, as Successor to T. Greenough, the Inventor. Sold by his Ap- pointment, by the Printers of this Paper, and Edge, North- ampton, and the Venders of genuine Medicines, Price Is. ld. J each Box; where also inay be had Mr. GREENOUGH'S TINCTURE for preserving the Teeth, and curing theTooth- Ach. Ease from Lameness and Pain, in a few Hours. RPIIE BRITISH OINTMENT for CORNS, prepared by JL W. NAYLOR, Chymical Colour- Maker to His Majesty. This most excellent Ointment never fails curing hard or soft Corns in a very short Time, and gives Ease in a few Hours. No other Trouble is required in using it, than rubbing a little on the Corn, Night and Morning, with the Finger. The Pro- prietor begs Leave to observe, the Afflicted may rest assured of a Cure, as this is riot, like many published Things, an Imposition on the Public. Ily Appointment of the Proprietor, it is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Co. No. 10, Bow Church. Yard, London; and Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Tomalin, Daventry; Wilcox, and Gallard, Towcester; Mather, Wellingborough; Palgrave, Bedford; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; and by one Medicine Vender in every Market Town. Price 2s. 6d. Duty included. 15, 16, at the Hotel, Hereford, and Feb. 11, at the Royal Oak, Leominster.— Attorney, Mr. Coates, Leominster. J. Sandham, of Arundel, Sussex, grocer, Jan. 20, 21, and Feb. 11, at the Dolphin Inn, Chichester.— Attorney Mr Champ, Chichester. J. Royle, of Manchester, warehouseman, Jan. 18, 21, and Feb. 11, at the Dog Tavern, Manchester— Attornics, Messrs. Knight & Hadfield, Manchester. J. Price, ot Bath, bookseller, . Tan. H, 18, and Feb. 11, at Guildhall, London,— Attorney, Mr. Smith, Tokenhouse- vard. C. Godshall, of the Royal- Exchange, Loudon', wine- mer- chant, Jan. 11, 18, and leb. 11, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr, Alliston, treeman's- court, Cornhill G. Mole and W. Mole, of Brcad- street- hiil, London, mer chants, Jan. 4, 11, and Feb. 11, at Guildhall.— Attomies, Messrs. Gatty & Haddon, Angel- court, Throgmorion- sticet 1. Ward, ot Liverpool, innkeeper, Jan. 21, 22, and feb 11, at the Globe favcrn, Liverpool.— Attornies, Mess. s. Griliiih & Hinde, Liverpool. E. Melling and T. H. Higginson, of Liverpool, merchants. Jan. 22, 23, and Feb. 11, at the Bull and Punch Bowl, Liverl pool.— Attorney, Mr. Clements, Liverpool. J. Clark, ot Broad- street, Westminster, upholsterer, / an. 11, 18, and Eeb. II, at Guildhall.— Attorney, Mr. Allen. Carlisle- street, Soho. ' R. Barker, of Kingston- upon- HulJ, merdiant,' Jan. 3, 18, and Feb. 11, at the Neptune Inn, Kuigston- upon- Hull.— At- torney, Mr. Haire, Hull. S. Carr, of Sheffield, Yorkshire, spirit- merchant, Jan. 15. ,6' Feb. 11 atthe Hotel, Sheffield.- Attorney, Mr.- Brookfield, Sheffield. ' , J. Holt, of Leeds, Yorkshire, butcher, Jan. 10, 11, and Feb, Leeds' theBuil and Mouth llln> Leeds.— Arcome), Mr. Granger, G. Absolon, of Wallingford, Berkshire, innkeeper, Jan. 13, 14, and Feb. 11, at the Lamb Inn, WaHingtord.- Attornty. Mr. Sheen, Wallingford. " Bankruptcies enlarged. Thomas Fotherley and Richard White, jun. of Gosport, ship- chandlers, from Dec. 21 to Feb. 8, at the India Anns Inn. Gosport. ' Michael Kelly, of Pali- Mall, London, music- seller, from Dec. 24 to Jan. 14, at - Guildhall. Frederick Bryant, of Hoiborn, London, leather- dresser, from Dec. 31 to Jan. 30, at Guildhall. D. Elliott, of Cheddington, Buckinghamshire, butcher, from Dec. 28 to Jan. 11, at Guildhall, Loncon. W. Jackson, of Bryanston- stieet, Ponman. square. London, stationer, from Jan. 4 to 25, at Guildhall. DIVIDENDS to be made to CREDITORS. Jan. 18. Samuel Porter, of Chcsbam, Buckinghamshire, meal- man, at Guildhall, London. Jan. 21. William Thornton, of Hinckley, Leicestershire, cur- rier, at the Bull's Head Inn, Hinckley 22. R. Ayre, ot Leicester, currier, at the S^ iacen's Head, Jan Leicester Jan. 20 Robert Rippon, of Liverpool, merchant, at the Royal Hotel, Liverpool. Jan. 20. Samuel Perks, of Walsall, the Royal Hotel, Birmingham. Staffordshire, factor, at tor Pimples, Blotches, freckles, Ring- Worms, Black. Worms, Car- buncles, < Sc. cSc. the greatest Clearer and Beautijier of the Face, is undoubtedly TYCE'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, Y\ 7" HICH are seriously recommended to all Mothers, t T Guardians, the Faculty, and Public in general, as a certain Cure tor foul Humours of the Blood, pimpled Faces, Surfeits, Scurvy, Scrofula, Scald- Head in Children, Sore Eyes, Sore Legs, Venereal Ulcers ( when Mercury has failed), festering and other Eruptions on the Skin, whether from lnoc. ulation ot the Small- Pox, Cow- l'ox, or any Cause whatever, elfecting the same, in less Time, with greater Safety, and at a smaller Ex- pense, than any other Medicine yet discovered. Price 2s. 9d. or nve Bottles ( value 2s. 9d. each) in one, tor 12s. The following Case is a strong Proof ot the superior Efficacy of these Drops:— An Infant, aged tour Years, the Son of Mr. Bunutt, Miller, of W hitchurch, had a violent Scorbutic Erup- tion all over his Body, particularly the Face, insomuch that a Swelling on the Side ot the Nose, the Size of a Pigeon's Egg, entirely closed one Eye, and much affected the other. Having had all the Medical Assistance possible for eighteen Months without Relief, he was induced, through Recommendation, to try these Drops, which had the desired Effect; and in three Weeks the Child was perfectly cured, the Sight of the Eye re- stored, and has continued in perfect Health ever since. This Infant had beea inoculated for the Cow- Pox, about three Months prior to the Appearance of the Eruption. Many other remarkable and well. attested Cures, which are too long tor Insertion in an Advertisement, may be seen in the Bill of Directions round each Bottle.— Be particular in asking for l'yce's Antiscorbutic Drops. Sold, Wholesale a d Retail, by the Proprietor, John Tyce, No. 20, Hatton- Garden, London; and, Retail, by the Prin; ers of this Paper, and Edge, Northampton; Mather, Welling- borough; and all Venders of Medicines in the Kingdom. THE GENUINE Dr. JOHNSON'S GOLDEN OINTMENT, Prepared by WILLIAM SINGLETON, No. 2, UNION- PLACE, LAMBETH, Surrey. riMIIS Ointment is an effectual Remedy in Inflam- JL mations, Films, Specks, or any other Disorder inci- dent to the Eyes; having completely effected Thousands of Cures when all other Means had failed. ( KT Purchasers are requested to see that the Bill of Di- rection given them with this Article, has the Proprietor's Name as is under- written: All not signed are Counterfeits, Wra- Sin*, Mon" Pi— 1- Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Messrs. Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church- Yard, and at their Warehouse in North- ampton; and, Retail, by Robins, Daventry ; Inns and Gal- lard, Towcester; Harrod Harborough; Inwood and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell; Mather Wellingborough; Collis & Dash, Kettering; and by all other Venders of Medicine in the King- dom; i'- rieeSs. pet I'ot r » iU » full piiections. WYAJAN's ANTI BILIOUS PILLS SO justly esteemed for their easy and certain Operation in removing ail Bilious Complaints, Obstructions in the Liver, Indigestion, Sick Head- Ach, Jaundice, & c. They are an excellent Remedy for Persons of Bilious or Costive Habits ; for Persons of sedentary Lives, where sufficient Action of the Bowels is not kept up ; also for Persons who have impaired their Constitutions by free Living; and in early Attacks of the Gout are peculiarly useful, by alleviating the Severity of the Fit, and shortening its Duration. They have been found highly useful preparatory to, or during Sea' Bathing. These Pills require no particular Regimen or Confinement, and do not con- tain any Mercurial or Antimonial Preparation. Preparedand sold by W. Wyman, Surgeon, Kettering. Sold, Wholesale, by Dicey & Sutton, No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London ; and, Retail, by the Printers of this Paper, Edge, and Marshall, Northampton; Sanderson & Beale, and Mather, Wel- lingborough; Tomalin, Wilkinson, and Bates, Daventry; Reeve, Higham- Ferrers ; Yorke & Summers, Oundle; Beesley, Ban- bury ; liarringer, and Inwood, Newport- Pagnell; Queneborough, Dunstable; Alsop, Luton; Harrod, anil Bull, Market- Har- borough; Inns, and GallaidjsTowcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Palgrave, Bedford; Gardner, Biggies- wade; Richardson, and Rogers, Stony- Stratford; F. Wheeler, Aylesbury; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton ; Ward, Hinckley; Eaton, Thrapston ; Jacob, Peterborough ; Roberts, Southam ; Sharpe, Warwick; Luccock, Kimbolton; Emery, St. Neots; l. ovell, Huntingdon ; Tapp. and Perks, Hitchin ; Wallis, Olney ; Rowell, Rugby; Warde, Stratford- upon- Avon; Roilason, and Merridew, Coventry; and by every Vender of Medicines in the Kingdom. Price 2s. 9d. per Box, Duty included. Be careful toask for WYMAN'S Anti- bilious Pills. LONDON MARKETS. Corn- Exchange, Monday, Dec. 30, 1811. Our supply of Wheat, the result of a quantity left oyer from last week, and several lresh arrivals this morning, « a » more than equal to the demand; and notwithstanding tbe frost the sales were dull, and scarcely obtained last Mon- day's terms.— Barley, likewise, rather slackened in priee, and the prime deeuied Is. per quarter cheaper.— A similar heaviness, but with little alteration, took place iu the dis- posal ofthe other sorts of Graiu ; an exception, however, prevailed irt the article of Oats, which, having experienced a decline the end of last week ( owing to manv fresh arrivals, did not revive this morning, but sold on the terms specified 111 our currency annexed.— We have large arrivals of l'luur from the North, with full stocks on hand. Wheat ...... Fine Superfine Fine White... Rye Barley, Malt White Peas.... Boilers .. - 58s. to 88s. .- 10JS. tol08s. .- 112i. toll6s. .. Ii7s. tol20s. ... 48 » . to 5tij. ... 38s. to 52s. ' 6s. to 84s 64s. to 76s. 78s. to 84s. ..— s. .- 50s, Sulfolks Grey Peas .. Fine — s. Beans 18s. tine — s. licks 41s. Oats « 7s. l'olands 31s. I'ofatoe mite. 38s. to 8S « , to tills, to Ms. to 5tiK to 58s. to 53s. to 33s, to 37s, to 40s. Average of Wheat, 113s. 4d— 2s. XdJ. lower than last return, l ine Hour, IUOS. to — s.— Seconds, 90s. to 95s Average, 101s. 6dj. per sack.- Qs 4cii. higher than last return. PRICE OF SEEDS. 60s. Od. to 70s. 0ft.-) / 35s. Od. to 40s. Ud. r 8Ds. Cd. tol30s. Od. f per cwlh 100s. Od. toLiOs. Od.) 12s. Od. to 16s. Od. f , . 18s, Od. to 24s. Od. S l> erbu5h 20s. Od. to 21s. Od. ditto. Carraway Coriander . Red Clover..... White ditto. White Mustard Brown ditto Turnip Dr. WHEATLEY'S Invaluuble Remedies for the certain and speedy CURE OF THE ITCH. AN OINTMENT which cures in four Hours, and does not contain the least Particle of Mercury, or any perni- cious Ingredient whatever, and so perfectly innocent, that Children at the Breast may be cured without the least Hazard. It is of an agreeable Smell, requires no Confinement, and there is 110 Medicine of the Kind which cures in so short a Time.— Price Is. 9d. a Box, Duty included. Likewise his CHYMICAL LIQUID, as perfectly safe as the Ointment, and as certain in its Effects; it has no Smell, nor does it in the least soil the Linen ; a Circumstance which renders it highly valuable, and to some Persons abundantly pre. ferable to any Ointment whatever. Price 2s. 6d. a Bottle, Duty included. Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by Dicey & Sutton, Bow Church Yard; and also by the Printers of this Paper; and Retail by Edge, aud Marshall, Northampton ; Tomalin, Bates, and Wilkinson, Daventry; Mather, and Broughton, Wellingborough; Fisher, Higham- Ferrers, Rollason, and Merridew, Coventry; Sharpe, Warwick ; Roberts, Southam ; Price, Leicester; Harrod, Har- borough ; Munn, an( t Collis & Dash, Kettering; Rooe, Stam- ford; Eaton, Thrapston; Yorke & Summers, Oundle; Jacob, and Horden, Peterborough ; Lovell, Huntingdon; Hodson, Cam- bridge; Palgrave, Bedford; Inwood, and Barringer, Newport- Pagnell ; Queneborough, Dunstable ; Perks, and ' l'app, Hitchin Inns, and Gallard, Towcester; Seeley, Buckingham; Jones Oxford; Richardson, and Rogers, Stony- Stratford; Hawkes, Lutterworth; Loggin, Aylesbury and Leighton; Wheeler, Ayles- bury; Beesley, and Rusher, Banbury; and by every Vender ot iiatent Medieincs in the United Kit,£ doni. PRICE OF HOPS. BAOS. POCKETS. Kent 41. 0s. to 51. 0s. I Kent 51. 0s. to 71. '/ s, Sussex 31. 15s. to 51.10s. Sussex... 41. 10s. to 61. 6s. Essex 41. 10s. to" 61.10s. [ Farnham 101. lis. toll!. 0s. SMITHF1 ELD. — MONDAY, Dec. 30. ( To sink the offal— per stone ot8lbs.) '! fef- 4s. 4d. to 6s. Od. I Veal 5s. 8d. to gj. Od. Mutton ... 4s. 8d. to 6s. 4d. | Port 5s. 4d. 10 tis. Bit. Head of Cattle this Day.— Beasts, about 2,220— Sheep and Lambs. 11,110 — Calves, ) 0o— Pigs, 250. NEWGATE AND LEADENHAI. L MARKETS ( By the Carcase.) Beef 3s. 8d. to 5s. 4d. 1 Veal... Mutton 4s. Od. to 5s. 4d. Pork... - 5s.' Od. to 7s. 4d. . 5s. 4 t. to 6s. S'J. RAW HIDES. Best Heifers arid Steers ( perst.) I Ordinary. 2s. 4d. to 2s. Sd. 3s, 6d. to 3s. 8d. Market Calf 15s. Od. each. Middlings 3s. Od. to 3s. 2d. Eng. Horse 13s. Od. to 14s. Od. Shearling, 30d. to 48d.— l. amb Skins, — d. to — d. Town Tallow 83s fid. Yellow Russia 79s. Od. White ditto 76s. 0< l Soap ditto — 75s. Od, Melting Stuff 63s. Od. Ditto rough 40s. Od. Graves ... 20s Od. Good Dregs 9s. Od. PRICE OF TALLOW. St. James's Market.. 4s. ILi. Clare Market Os. Od. Whitechapel Market 4s. l0d. 9s. 9d. Average per st. of81b. 4s. 10'.% PRICE OF LEATHER, PER POUND. Butts, 50 to 561b. each 20d. J to 23d. Ditto, 66 to titilb. each 2od. to 2tfd. Merchants' Backs lgd. to 21d. Dressing Hides 17d. to 18d } Fine Coach. Hides 18d. to 19d 4 CropHides, 85to401b. for cutting 16d i to IHd. J 46 to 501b I8d. j to 22d. Calf Skins, 30 to 401b 28d. to 34d. 50 to 701b 36d. lo 42d. 70 to 801b 36d. to 40d. Tanned lloise- Hides, l/ d. to 2ld. Small Seals ( Greenland, 32d. to 43d. LargeDitto, U0s. tol60s per Dozen.— GoatSkins, 34s. to62s. NORTHAMPTON s Printed and Published by a, vd fa* T. E. DICKY, W. SUTTON, * R. SMITHSOtf.
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