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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 931
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 27/11/1811
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 931
No Pages: 4
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CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, November 27, 1811 Price Sixpence Halfpenny i The immediate surrender of the Castle of Saguntum, suf- ficiently proves that the victory was decisive. The loss, if not greatly exaggerated, leaves no doubt'on the subject. It is stated at 6500 killed,, wounded, aod prisoners; of this the prisoners form abont two- thirds, amounting to 4,639, includ- ing" 230 officers, two of whom, Caro, the brother of Romana, • uvl Almova, are Field Marshals, and 40 are Colonels, with l( j pieces of cannon* eight caissons, 4,200 English muskets, and four stand of colours. The loss of the enemy is stated at only " ll28 killed, and 596 wounded, including:, among the latter, Suchet and several of his officers. In this point, however, Suehet, has probably departed from that candour, which appears to pervade other parts of his report • his loss'was no doubt greater.-— Blake, having first sheltered under the fire of the British squadron,' his reserve, which was driven from the field of battle, continued its retreat to Grao de Valencia. Whatever may be our grief ot these events, there is reason to hope, and believe, that the French accounts of the Spanish losses are exaggerated, and that those of Gen. Blake, for which we wait with anxiety, will shew that he has reserved a consi- derable body of his valiant followers for future conquests, and perhaps eventual triumph. Blake may complain of his fortune but his country has no cause to complain of him—- he has had more haul fighting tharji almost any other General in Spain, and his last battle is no less bonouiable to him than any of the LONDON. spir" js no FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11. Wis M jesty's indisposition continues without any material alteration. • !' he IVisPK hat arrived at Yarmouth, with despatches from . Sir J one. Sanmareft. the particulars of w hich bave not trau- d ; fur' it' i « understood ihat tbe whot. e of the lj. iltic fleet H* wa v to this country, and tnav be daily expected, i - ei- from Gottenburgh state.' that Sir J3mes Saumarez 3n i no'ifieii tcv t- he British Consul there, that Swedish vessels would bepeihiifletl to carry Swedish produce to the ports ofl Vorrerauia. . p- ovided thata certain port ofthe cargoes of such vessels should consist nf'Biiflth colonial produce and British " manufactures, . - Lo, d Wellington lias directed'the Cliaplai'ns of his arm'v to distribute themselves through the villages on both sides the; Con., irf. ret, Ort to thetii the state of'the inhabitants, nnd to point ont t" him how money may be belst distributed for the relief of their wants,. I. etters received from Lemherg and Prague, state that for some time past colonial produce, in great quantity, has found its way into Galici'a, Moravia, and Bohemia, ft ap- . pears certain that it comes from Tuikey, and that the Com- t tnissioners and traders of Brody have made great depots of it ' in lhat town.— fummeieial intercourse between Brodyand the Turkish dominions has been seldom interrupted. A. gentleman, who lias jus! arrived from Hamburgh, stales. ' tha. t at the time be left that neighbourhood, theie were 13,0110 troops at Hamburgh, about the same dumber at Rostock, and likewise at'Stett in. Napoleon, during his visit tn Holland, hail granted many licences for ( he export of corn from that country, including Embden, where wheat could be purchased fit 50s. . per quarter. 1 lie release of one gentlen . i, who had ' been arrested under a French order at Hamburgh, for holding in'tercnnfse with England, had been purchased for a sum equal to90( 101 and a reward had been offered toany one who would produce to the Municipality, or assassinate, another, who waschaiged wilh the same offence, Lord W. Russell ( son of the Duke of Bedford) who arrived lalelv from Portugal, received orders on Tuesday immediately to rejoin his regiment, the - 3d Dragoons, in which he is a Captain. A most magnificent Palace is building for the young King of Kome on the banks nf ( he Seine, although there are not less thaml2 superb royal Palaces unoccupied within five miles of Paris. Lord King has refused to receive bank- notes in payment of his rent from a Bank Director, who is his lordship's tenant, aud has brought an action against him. Notice was given yesterday, at the Stock Exchange, ffcat the Chancellor of the Exchequer would be ready, on Monday next, to see the parties who intend to bid for the ensiling Lottery, in order to arrange the preliminaries, previous to the bidding. Three Candidates have already declared themselves for the county of Surrey, vis; Mr. Summer, Mr. T, Sutton, aud Mr, C. Ellis, being a sporting county, one or two more are ex- pected to enter at the post. The Committee of Subscribers for a third Winter Theatre, have avowed their intention of renewing their application to Parliament, to erect one. Letters from Nottingham, of the 20th inst. state that the workmen, being kept in awe by the Local Militia, and a strong military force, have a'tered Iheir mode of proceedings. Instead of their former boldness, they commit Iheir depreda- tions hy stealth. On the llth, they suddenly appeared at Old Retford and New Retford, where ( hey broke some frames, and instantly retired. On Ihe 12lh they set fire to some hay- stacks, near SI) en ton, one of which was consumed. The premises, which it was also their intention to destroy, were preserved 1 be meeting of the woikmen on the 18th is not , ..,,„, TI,„.„, I.._ J„ TT _ NR(. THE THEATRI.- Nothing rbuld surpass the plaudits Dublin Papers aiid ' cUerS, ot ,* JV' 5 ™ , bestowed last night on Mr. Mundcu, in the character of Old preceding engagements in ilact ofthe Spanish Generals, and the troops iu the battle, deserves the highest praise, and making us still predict, with undiminished ' confidence, tho fund triumph of the Spanish cause. The noble ' conduct of the garrison of Saguntum during the Suit!'.' cannot be sufficiently admired. They sallied out to the cry of " On to Victory, " and appear to have driven back the French. The latter, rrnofofced, rallied and carried a breast- woik which the garrison had taken. The. garrison retook it, and the French artilferyttien Who oci'upied it were surrounded and sabred. We are already apprised that the French were previously in possession of all the other strong places of Valencia. They now completely occupy all the provinces on the coast, from the Pyrenees to Cadiz. Indeed the latter is the only city in Spain of importance which they do hot pos. sess, and exertions are making to obtain that also speedily, winch he commanded,— I'he con- received this morning— They contain the first part of tho proceedings on the trial of Dr. Sheridan, one of the Catholic Delegates. The ease, on the part of the Crown, wa* closed' between six and seven on tlut evening.— We have - just heard that Dr. Sheridan has beeu acquitted from^ deficiency of evidence. - Tlie law was stated stiongly to lie with the Prosecution.— Courier. The Catholic Gentlemen, now under prosecution, have commenced actions, against Chief Justice Downes. Two months notice required by the statute, had been served in September', and expired a few days since. As the Chief Justice was stepping iiito his carriage, on his way to the Four Courts, he was served with five writs of Latitat, at. the suit of Mr. Taaffe, Mr. Sctirlog, Mr. Kirwan, Dr. Breen, and Dr. Burke, five of the Catholic Gentlettien arrested under his warrant in August last.:— These actions have been instituted under tbe . advice of Mr. Serjeant Shepherd, and other eminent Counsel. The damages, in each action, are laid at j£ 56() 0. Three of the actions are to lie tried in the Court of Excheqner ; the others, in the Court of Common Pleas. Accounts from Jamaica arrived this morning to the 15th October inclusive. We regret to state, that they mention the decease of that excellent officer, Bartholo- mew Samuel Rowley, Esq. Admiral of the Blue, and Commander in Chief of hrs Majesty's squadron on lhat, sLition, which melancholy event took place al the Pen on Monday, the 14th. The Admiral liad enjoyed un- Dornton, in the Road to Ruin, and lhat of Crack the Cob- ler, in the Turnpike Gate. — Such was the approbation j bestowed upon ( his very favourite performer, that the 1 house was in one burst of applause, from the commence- ment to the finish of the performances. M r. Crisp's Gold- ! finch, was given in Ibe truest colouring, ond did him considerable credit. Mr. Munden will this night perform purpose, would bare been gratified if the Committee So* taken upon themselves to point out some purpose of general and Chart tattle utility, to which the balance iu their hands, if not claimed by a certain day, would be npolitd : such, for example, as tbe commencement of a fund ! o accumulate by Ihe interest ( and future benefactions) for enlac ing or rendering more useful the present Infirmary.— is now too lute for such n recommendation from the Committee : but if you, Sir, should be of opinion, that ( be insertion of this the subscribers to the subject; and induce Some ofthe most respectable amongst thein to lead the way. by directing their dividends lobe applied lo the beur- Gt of the infirmary, or some other Charity, you will, hy giving it a place in your column, probably serve thai Institution, and oblige Your obedient Servant," A SUBSCRIBER. the part of Sir Able Handy, in Speed the Plough ; " and bis •) letter'in your paper, wilt behke'iv lo'cail TheaMe'titionof very admirable one of Nipperkin, in the Rival Soldiers.— i . .. i-— w -.. v.... ?.. .-• , icmi. uii o, See advertisement. An address, signed by 25 of Ihc Clergy and many of the Laity, in Manchester, was last week presented to the Boroughrceve and Constables, requesting them to convene a public meeting of tbe Friends of the Establishment, to take into consideration the expediency of founding Schools to lie conducted upon the plan invented by the Rev. Dr. Bell; which they declined to do, but stated that I bey were ready tocall a meeting of the Inhabitants, tho' they did not Ihink themselves authorised to call oue consisting " ofthe Friends of the Establishment" only. In consequence of this, the requisionists bave called a meeting of that description of persons only, to be held in the Collegiate Church. A few days ago, in the Court of Common Pleas, a re spectable Brewer of Chelsea appeared to justify bail; but tile addition of Esqvire being tacked to his name, Mr Ser- jeant Clayton objected to his being received, as coming under false colours ; and the objection was sustained by the Court. Wc understand lhat the subject of ( he distillation of spirits will be brought before Parliament in January ; when in all probability, the distillation from grain wilt lie sus- pended. Nothing can be done upon - the subject till the meeting of Parliament. Oil Saturday last, 23 persons were convicted by the Ma- gistrate at Birmingham in the penalty of five pounds each, THIS DAY, Iff. PUBLISHED, PRICE ONLY NINETEEN PENCE, TFIE SHROPSHIRE, CHESHIRE, & NORTH WALES ALMANACK, Or, Shrewsbury Intelligencer rou THE'YEAR 18* 2 interrupted good health from the period of his arrival , for selling fire- works in that town ; arid shocking to relate, this climate, until about a fortnight previous to his j one person endeavoured to prevent bin conviction by snborn And an elegant Assortment of tbe ROY AL ENGAGE- * ENT POCK ET ATLAS, SOOVENIR, or POCK FT TABLET; POLITE REPOSITORY, & c. in a Varictyof Cases; LADIES and GENTLEMEN'S annual MEMO- RANDUM BOOKS, and COURT KALENDARS of all Kinds, are sold by W. EDDOWES, PRINTER OF THIS PAPER, his respective Agents, and the Newsmen who in —, „ . . dissolution, when he had a very severe attack ot fever, which continued with such violence as at length to affect his mental faculties, and notwithstanding every medical assistance was rendered him, all efforts to save his life proved unavailing. His remains were in- ing two witnesses to perjure themselves, | . Paragraphs have appeared in many newspapers, stating j that the Local M ilitia were likely to be embodied. On this ! subject it is justly observed, that no power is given to call j out that force, except in case of actual invasion, or the ap- pearance ofan enemy in force off the coast. So much incon terred in the church- yard of Kingston on Ihe following j Venience would be produced hy sucb a measure, tbat no ap- ifternoon with every honour due to his rank. 1 prehension need be entertained of its adoption, unless from afternoon, with every _ - necessity James Giles Vaihlm, Esq,. Commander olt the Thalia Combination or Sh ae- makers — Six journymen shoe- makers stni. ed in have taken place. Ii: the Court of King's Bench on Thursday, Joseph Rigby, Thos. Mothersdale, Matihew Burgou, and Richard Ham- brook, were brought up for punishment, for a ssisting the escape nf trench prisoners; when the first of thein was sen- tenced to 12 calendar months on one indictment, and h like further period on another; the second to nine, aud the third aod fourth to 12 calendar months imprisonment. In the Court of K ng's Bench, Dublin, on Saturday last, Ihe Attorney General movtd for a conditional order of at tachment against Ihe late High Sheriff of the county of Galway, for suffering four persons sentenced to he whipped and imprisoned, under the Whitehoy act, to be enlarged frcm gaol.— It appeared on affidavit, ( bat he called those persons to him on a certain day, and without further preface, commanded them to go home and take care of themselves ! The y weie, however, brought back by a friend of the Sheriff; and an injur ction laid en the gaoler not to say a word of tbe transaction; tbe affair, notwithstanding, obtained publicity, nnd it led lo ihe Sheriff's suspension. But he ( the Attorney General) thought it right to compel him to answer for so strange a dereliction of his duty. The Almanack- Conjurors desire to know how they can pos. sibly regulate tbe weather of such a capricious country asthis, when November and December are announced as the most profitable part ofthe Brighton Summer season? Robberies of lale have been committed in Places of Worship, Palaces, Government Offices, and other places, usually deemed sacred from the attacks of common robbers ; but, on Tuesday morning, a successful attack was made on an edifice, which might naturally be supposed to inspire some awe, if not respect, in the breasts of Noetuinal Depredators, viz. the Sessions House, where ihectbce of Mr. Shelton, Cleik ofthe Arraigns, w as broken open, and plundered of notes aud other things, to the amount of .£ 120 ; £ 30 ol which were the pro- perty of Mr. S.' sclerK. Trotting match.— A galloway belonging to an inhabitant of Carburton- street, trotted 26 miles in two hours yesterday, on the W are- road, for a wager of 200 guineas. The animal did half the distance in four minutes under an hour ; and he won the match, considerably distressed, in half a minute within time. We admire the celerity of the quadruped, consider- ably more than the humanity of ( he bipeds, who made the bet. Mr. Monk Lewis is said to be writing a grand opera for the introduction of a new quadruped perfoimer of Covent Gaidcn Theatre. It is to be callcd the Elephant and Castle! The following is given iu a Cornwall Paper as a correct copy of a letter, received some time since by a woman in Tuiro, from her husband, who is a seaman ou boatd the Edgar, then lying at Plymouth Dock : His Majesty's ship Edgf, Plymouth Dock. " Mv deer Grace— This coins with mv kind love, hopitte it will find you as it leves rne, I hops if the child is a bov, you will cale it after my nam for my sak: and as i dozen intend never to see you agen, you may be married as soon us you will, fori shall be married as soon as i can. So no moie at present fiom your afectionate husband. J. M. " To Mrs. G. , iu the Workhouse." Itreaujul Accident.—. A most shocking accident happened at the lower yesterday. Amongst the company who went, through curiosity, lo seethe wild beasts, were two soldiers and their wives During the absence ol tlie Keeper, one of the soldiers incautiously approached to stroke the paw of a large tiger, that appeared to be veiy tame. ' I he animal made a spring at the man's hand, seized him bv the arm with his mouth, and succeeded in drawing him to his den, notwith- standing two or three of the company hung on ( he man behind. To describe tbe feelings of the company, the cries of the poor man, and the roaring of the tiger, is impossible: there ap- peared uo way of saving the man from destruction ; when a gentleman present, seized a stick, and with ( he preslent dif- fieultv succeeded in fo. cing il down the animal's throat, who then let go his hold, and tiie pour fellow lell senseless on the floor. He was conveyed lo a surgeon, wilh his arm torn in a most shocking manner, the flesh hanging in. shreds.— As acci- dents of this nature have before occurred in Menageries, the negligence of the Keepers cannot be too severely reprehended, and it is to be hoped tbat this rematkable instance will prove a caution lo those who may in future fri quent such places. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23. and Victor has obtained reinforcements for that purpose. The private letters by the Mail from Heligoland, encourage a hope, that business a'that island was fast improving. ' Co- lonial produce had considerably risen in price, and the com- munications with the Continent had become more frequent, the people on the coast having fewer difficulties to contend with.— One lelter notices, as a positive fact, that France has declared war again.-! Russia ; and a second states, on the au- thority of a smuggling vessel, that hostilities had been com- menced between these two powers on the frontiers of Prussia. To both of these atiseitions but little credit is attached. lufoimation received from France states, that encouraged by the great rewards offered by Bonaparte, several Americans have arrived in that country from the United States witu ma- chines for the spinning of cotton, flax, & c. with improvements ou the a'ppatatus employed jn the British manufactories They have received the most liberal encouragements from the agents ofthe Emperor, aud are about to obtain licences in the nature of patents toreward them for their ingenuity. Nearly 10,000 Spanish prisoners, taken in the Peninsula, are employed with great activity in making a new dock of seven acres extent, at Dunkirk Bonaparte returned to St. Cloud on the evening of the 1 Ith i he remained thereon the 18th — Joel Uarlow, the new American Minister, had tiis. first formal . introduction on the 17th. Some time ago two Aides de Camp of General Ballasteros arrived in this country, to procure supplies for bis arinv. It is not known what aid has been offered by Government for this impoitant object, hut we believe none of tlie Spanish leaders merit greater confidence than this enterpriziug commander. General Ballasteros has, however, thought proper tocall upon the Spaniards residing in this country for their assistance in the support ofhis army; a call which, wc are persuaded, woll be readily obeyed by all, as far as their abilities may enable them to' answer it. The Dublin mail which arrived yesterday, has brought intelligence that tbe coun( y I Down, hitherto one of the most tinnquil quarters in Ireland, is now discovered to be in an alarmingstato of insubordination. ' I'he origin of this insubor- dination is very obscurely alluded to in Ihe Irish papers, but it appears tbat a requisition has been presented to the Eail of 1- ondonderry, to call together tbe Magistrates, to consider' of the state of the county, and that the 22d instant was the day appointed by his lordship for the meeting Tbe gossip of high life has stated that a certain royal sailor has lately made an offer of his hand to Miss Long, and lhat the splendid alliance was politely declined by the lady ; but it is added, that the offer has led to the dissolution of a con- nexion with a celebrated Daughter of Thalia, which has eit- isted 21 years, and produced 5 sons and 5 daughters, all living. — The immense fortune of Miss L. has been considerably under rated in the public prints. She is by far the richest Heiress in England, being in the possession of landed property, the ren- tal of which exceeds £ 13,000 per auntim, together with an accumulation of money to the amount of .£ 330,000 sterling, from the whole of which she derives anetaunual income of more than ninety thousand pounds per annum ! Hertford College.— In our last paper we noticed Ihe insubor- dination which has recently manifested itself amongst the students of tbe Orieulal Languages at this institution. On Thursday fast a deputation of the Court of Directors of the East India Company proceeded to Hertford, to investigate the matter. After an impartial examination into the whole of the circumstances, forty ot the young gentlemen who ap peared most refractory were suspended, of whom the most blamcable will probable be ultimately expelled. The whole were immediately ordered to quit the College, and Iheir soli- citations to be allowed to remain till yesterday, ou account of their want of cush, were made in vain. Carriages, nnd change of horses on the road, had previously been provided at the expense of the East India Company, to bring them to London, whence several of them will have to proceed to dis- tant parts of Scotland. The son of a gentleman in the Direc- tion is said to be one of the most refractory of the students. About one o'clock yesterday, a great crowd was collected round the door of Bow. street office, occasioned by a gentle- man's travelling carriage anil four driving up at full speed, with Lavender on tbe box. Itturnedout that in consequence of two sous of Sir William M. having eloped from Great Marlpvv Militaiy College, Lavender had been employed to find them, who traced them into Kent, where he found theiu armed with large canes to defend themselves; but, however, the other soon subdued theui, unarmed them, Hurl delivered them up to Sir William, antl Ihey brought them to town in the carriage. Sir William was in tbe carriage with his two runaway sous. After procuring a proper man to take care of the youths at Sir William's bouse, till they can be conveyed back to tbe College, the carriage proceeded there. Frigate of 30 guns, being senior Post Captain, hoisted his" broad pendant at the main as Commodore of the squadron on that station, the command having devolved on him by the demise of Admiral Rowley. c_>— c, nr, minrTrt mention the death of Accounts frbrii St. Domingo mention Tvigand, ' Who was supposed to be the Emissary of Bonaparte. This day iu thfe Court of King's Bench, the sentence of Ihe Court was pronounced upon Davenport Sedley, • a notorious swindler, and convicted of a conspiracy to defraud ' the Marquis of Headfort. The judgment of the Court was thai he shall be confined for two years in Newgate, aud during that period to stand once in the pillory for tire space of two hours, opposite the debtors door in the Old Bailey. Lottery.— This day the parties intending. to bid for tile ensuing lottery waited on the Chancellor of the Exchequer, pursuant to notice, when it was arranged that the new lottery should consist: of 12,000 tickets, together with a supplementary one of 8,0( 10. The bid- ding to take placc oil Thtir. lay morning next. Three p'er Cent. Consols foj. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER sr. MAFTRIED. - . Lately, Francis Watford, Esq. of Cronkbill, in this county, to Miss Martba Walford, of London. Tuesday, ill Loudon, the Rev. G. J Tavel, late tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Lady Augusta Fitzrov, daughter of the late Diike of Grafton. • 1. , —.!.:..„ • postscript- Paris Papers toso late a date as the 20th instant have been received: their contents are important. They announce the defeat of the Spanish army under General Blake, near Mur- viedro, and Ihe consequent surrender of the Ca- tle of Sagun- tum. ' Ihe battle was tbe result of an attempt to relieve Saguntuin, for w hich purpose he had collected nil the Swinish fences in that quarter, consisting of ( lie army of Murcia, under General M. ihi, the division of Albuera, under Lardizibal and Yayas; and the divisions of Villa Cttmpo and Obispo, com- manded by O'Domiel, in addition to Blake's own corps. With this force he brought the French army, under Suehet, ' to- action ori the 23th last. His position appears to haie been an advantageous one. His right was colored by tb: i sea und an English squadron, the lelt rested opnn Livia, aud Ihe ccntre occupied the hcightsjof Puch The action lasted si \ en hours of hard lighting; duiing which the French General admits the Spaniards conducted themselves with coolness, in- trepidity aud piecision; but unfortunately Blake, preeuwiug • upon bis gieat. mimbeis, extentcil Ins wings too far, with in- tent to uulBauk the enemy. This disposition, of course, weakened Iheir centre, arid enabled Suchet to. forcc it and thus break his line; and to this favuurite uiaiiosuvie, to which the I'icnch owe so many victories by land, and the English by sea, was Suchel indebted for the victory of Murvicdio. LONDON, Monday Night, November 25, 1811. Yesterday the following Bulletin was shewn at St. James's Palace:— " Windsor Castle, Nov. 2.1 — His Majesty continues nearly in tbe same state."— Signed by the five Physicians. All express was received last night from Windsor, at York- house, statiug, " That his Majesty's debility increased." The Prince Regent continues still under the effects of his sprain to keep bis bed. By the following letter from our army in Portugal, it will he seen that Lord Wellington was informed on the 1st inst. of the brilliant result of Gen. Hill's expedition. The last dispatch received from bis Lordship was dated on the 30th lilt.: EXTRACT Ol' A LETTER FROM TIIE ARM 1". " British Head- quarters, l'remda, Nov. 1. [ After stating the brilliant affair of General Hill, our friend continues:—] " It is expected head- quarters will remain here the winter; il is a most wretched place. Tbe army arc nearly all 111 cantohraents. Lieut- Colonel Grant, who was formerly Aide- dc- Camp nt Portsmouth, to Sir G. I'revost ( and brother to Mrs. Dr. M'Grcgor) has made his escape from Ciudad Ro- drigo. His servant apprised the Guerillas, lhat ihe Lieut.- Colutiel was, on a certain day, to be escocted to Salamanca, by 50 Fiench dragoons; aud when he arrived near the ap- pointed spot, the Guerillas sallied out, and the Major gal loped in tbe midst of them, when they all went oil' icith French leave " Tbe Anholt mail, arrived to- day. The German papers slate the capture of the Island of Fonza by the British, who it is mentioned have designs oil the Island of Gaetc. His sb'. ted in the Hamburgh Correspomleuten, under ( late of Naples the 18th, that there had been a slight eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and that a more serious one was'expected from certain indications which had been observed. At Quenehoiougli, Leicestershire, Mr T. Ward, to Mrs. Thurmau, whose united ages amount to 140. The Consent of the parish had been publicly asked six times In behalf of the bride, and it is the fifth time of ber approach to lire altar. Lately, W. Frickleton, batclielor, aged 99, to Miss Young, aged 17, both of the parish ofUoughbrickland. The bride- groom, 011 returning from the hymeneal altar, actually car- ried the bride home to his house, through a very bad and uneven road, attended by a numerous circle of friends. DIED. At Morristown, ( America) Miss Itoulstone, aged 20, killed by lightuing, Herdeath affords an interesting cau- tion ; she had been in the habit of wearing corselets, braced with steel, which attracted the lightning, and mangled ber body in a shacking manner. Lately, at Bullock Smithy, Mrs. Sarah Fidler, aged 99. Her brother Joseph Fidler, is now in his I02d. year, and in great health and spirits. Lately, at Mr. Ellesmere's, the New Park, near this town, Mr. John Collier, son of .' fhe late Mr. Collier, brazier aud tinman, of Wellington. On the 8th inst. of the scarlet fever, at Snitton, near Ludlow, Miss E. Tomkins, aged 26 ; and on the llth, Mr. John Tomkins, aged 19, her brother; and on the 13th, Miss Mary Tomkius, aged 6 years, all of the family of Mr. Toinkins, of Snitton aforesaid' AtDolgelley, aged 43, the Rev. W. Williams, Rector of Llangelvniu, Carnarvonshire, and perpetual Curate of Llanfaehreth aud Llanelllyd, Merionethshire. A few day ago, the Hon. antl Rev. Mr. Byron, brother to tbe late Lord Byron, and Rector of Houghton, in Ihe county of Durham. At the advanced age of near 90, he had this year taken out a licence as usual for shooting. This very valuable Rectory,, in the patronage of the liishop of Durham, has been given. to the Rev. Charles l'lumptre, brother to the Dean of,. Glocester. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Scott:— House- Visitors, Mr. George Jones and Mr. John Jones. The following Donations were reported at the Weekly Board on Saturday last'; The Snailbeach Co; npauy, being the sum re- turned from the ttnlgdation Fund. Richard Lovett, Esqi the like James Southhy, Esq. the like Madras System. The Right Hon Lord Kenyon The Hon. Thomas . Kenyon, Hon. C. C. C. Jenkin » on „ i Hon. Mrs. Jenkinson., Sir Johu Hill, Bart John Kyuaston Powell, Esq. M. P John Cotes, Esq M. P. Officers of St. Julian's.. Rowland Hunt, Esq......-,,., William Cludde, Esq.......... Richard Lyster, Esq Col. 1. Wingfield,., Mrs. J. \ Vingtiuhlv,......... Rev. George Hunt William Prissick, Esq Mrs. Lloyd „,.,... Mrs. Blakeway Mrs. Fowler : Edward Cludde, Esq Rev. Richard Cortield...'. Col. Lethhriilge Mr. Joseph Birch AUGMENTED SUBSCRIPTIONS. Rev. John Rocke Rev. Hugh Owen Edward Stanier, Esq DONATIONS ; were convicted a few days ago, before two of hl3 Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the city of Coventry, of a combi- nation in assembling and associating together with many others, not yet apprehended, and entering into an agree- ment to obtain an advance of wages; for hindering several of the master shoe- makers from employing whomsoever they should think proper; and for confronting and affecting such masters in carrying 011 their said trade and business and in the conduct and management thereof, and for raising a fund for the furtherance of the above object contrary to the Act of Parliament. The otl'ence beingiclearly and satis factorily proved, the Magistrates sentenced four of them, who it appeared were principal actors, to two months' im- prisonment in gaol; and the others to one month's imprt- sonment in the house of correction. Conversion of the Jeivs.— Our neighbours of tbe sister kingdom seem to, enter into this desirable project with truly Christian ardour: Very handsome subscriptions have already been entered into in Dublin for the purpose of erecting a Penitentiary in London for Jewish females, who, to the number, it is said, of 400, are in the most degraded and forlorn state of human misery. Penny Societies have also been established iu the Irish metropolis, by the ladies, for the furt herance of the same benevolent cause. Caution against Fire.— Among the many instances of wo- men being burnt to death, from their clothes accidentally taking fire, it is generally the lower part ofthe dress which catches first. If the pvi'son remain in an upright posture, ov place herself in one, tbe flame, naturally rising upwards, will quickly reach the head or stomach, and be likely to have a fatal effect; but if she immediately lie down upon the floor, she might in general very easily extinguish the flames bv rolling herself; or, if a man be present, he may pull off his coat, and with that very soon extinguish the blaze If there be a hearth rug, it would answer the pur- pose better than almost any other thing. It is the want ofkuowing before hand what is proper to be done in such a case, that occasions loss of time, and thereby increases the mischief, and then the Violent fright destroys all presence of mind, and makes tbe case quite desperate, which at first might easily have been remedied. MARKET HERALD. Price of Grain in our market on Saturday last, Wheat 15s. 6d. lo 16s. 6d.— Barley lis. Od. per " bushel of 38 quarts— Oats 8s. Od. per customary meaure of 5T quarts. Mark- Tjane, November 22. The market of to day bas not many fresh arrivals of Wheat, but tolerable supplies 011 hand ; sales again dull, and last prices hardly supported— Barley in tolerable sup- ply, and with Malt, at little fluctuation— White andJGrey Pease nearly at the last quotation— Beans of the two 3orts likewise— We have again considerable further arrivals of Oats, and sales in this trade quoted cheaper. Current Price of ( Lain per Quarter asunder :— Wheat 86s. to 120s. I White Peas 00s. io 00s. Barley 32s. to 39s. 1 Oats 2.5s to 36s. Beans 33s. lo 62s. | Maft 84s. to 92s. Fine Flour, 103s. to 110s.— Seconds 100s. ( n U) is per sack. Nov EMBER 25.— To- day the fresh arrivals of Wheat with remaining quantities make a considerable supply, and sales in general dull at less than last week's reduction— Barley with Malt at little fluctuation — White Pease a trifle lower — Very few Grey— Beans of each sort in plenty and cheaper. The fresh arrivals, of- . Oats are considerable, and this trade, for second and ordinary, quoted lower. Flour mostly named, cheaper. THEATRE, SHREWSBURY. Mr. MUNDEN, From the Theatre- Royal, Coveul- Garden ; Avowedly the first Comedian on Ihe English- Siege. TO cvince in the fullest manner, tbe close Attention ami very great Respect which Ihe Manarer of the Theatre hears for his worthy Patrons and Friends, the Ladies ajitl Gentle men of Shrewsbury, Mr. CRISP feels most hapjiv. m having it in his power to announce, for THIS, AND FRIDAY Evenings, the unrivalled Performances of that truly great and celebrated Actor, Mr. MUNDEN, from ilie Theatre- Royal, COVKNT GARDEN. This present EveniM ( Wednesday), the re chated Comedy of Sl'KED THE PLOUGH: The Part of Sir Able Handy bv Mr. MUNDEN, and Farmer Ashfield by Mr. CR15P. With the admired Musical Entertainment of SPRIGS OF LAUREL, or Tbe Ri v AL, SOLDIERS ; the Part of Nipper- kin by Mr. MUNDEN On Friday, The BUSY BODY ; the Part of Sir Francis Gripe by Mr MUNDEN. being that in which he made his first Appearance on tbe London Stage, and Sir George Airev by Mr. CRISP. Willi the Entertainment of The DEAF LOVER; the Part of Capt. Meadoives ( the Deaf Lover) by Mr MUNDEN : and in the Course of that Evening, a new COMIC SONG by Mr. MUNDEN ; being the last Night ol'his Engagement. OSWESTRY. ASUBSCRIPTION CARD and DANCING ASSEM- BLY will be held at the CROSS FOXES Inn, on Monday, the 2d of December, IBn. The Rooms will be open at seven o'CIock : Tea and Coffee at Ten. Oswestry, R. ROBERTS, November' 22. 1811. Steward. WANTED, in a Gentleman'sFamily, a COACHM 4N Apply to Mr Jones, Crown Inn.' No married Man need apply.— Shreivsbury, Nov. 26, 1811. WANTED, in a small Family, in tbe Country, a steady FOOTMAN.— Enquire of THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER. WANTED, immediately after the ensuing Christmas Vacation, an ASSISTANT, perfectly qualified to instruct Youth in the English Language, Writing, and Arithmetic : I, fin Addition to tbe above Branches, he has a Know ledge of the Latin Language, he would be preferred. None need apply, but whose Character will bear the strict- est Investigation—— Apply to TIIE PRINTER, if by Letter Post paid.— November 25, 1811. COOK. " WANTED in a large Family where a Kitchen Maid is kept, a Woman, who perfectly understands ber Business iu the above Capacity. None nerd apply who cannot be well recommended from their last Places. For Reference apply to THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER. WHEREAS ABRAHAM P. OSSON the younger, of WALGIIERTON, in the County of Cheater, AT III— 1.... V T- I- I." ~ £ i. d. 13 2 r> 2 12 6 0 10 6 Bell's or the £ 5 5 0 5 5 0 4 4 0 2 2 0 3 3 0 3 3 0 3 3 0 3 3 0 2 12 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 1 6 0 . 1 6 0 . 1 6 0 . 1 6 0 . 1 6 0 . 1 1 0 . 1 1 0 . 1 1 0 . 1 1 0 . 1 i 0 . £ 3 3 0 . 2 2 0 0 2 0 Fund. . £ 2 12 6 .. 1 b 3 .. 1 6 3 .. 1 6 3 .. 1 6 3 .. 0 15 9 is 9 tors who shall cxecute the Deed uf Assignment on or be- fore the 31st Dav of December now next ensuing; NOTICF. is HEREBY GIVEN, that the said Deed of ASSIGNMENT uow lies at the Office of Messrs. EDLESTONS ami EL, WOOD, Solicitors, in Nantwich, iu the said Couuty of Chester, for the Inspection aud Execution of the Creditors of the said Abraham Rosson ; and such ot them as shall neglect or refuse to cxecute Ibe same, or signify their Assent thereto in Writing within the Time limited for that Purpose, will be debarred and excluded from all Beuetit aud Advantage arising therefrom. Nantwich, November 1 ' ith, 1811. William Cludde, Esq Rev. Hugh Owen Thomas Eyton, Esq Rev. John Rocke Rev. J. B. Blakeway Thomas Eyton, Esq. jun Rev. W. G. Rowland We have the pleasure of announcing, that the gentlemen who have beeu requested to presede in the Auxiliary Bible Society for this town and couuty, have accepted the several stations to which they bad beeu elected.— See Advertisement in first page. Sporting Intelligence.— Mr. PUI. ESTON'S Hounds meet on Monday; the2d December, at Berwick Gates ; on Wednes- day, tbe 4th, at Actou Reynold ; and 011 Friday, the tith, at Shawbury Heath Hislloyal Highness the Prince Regent, in tbe Name and on the behalf of his Majesty, by Warrant bearing date at Carlton- House tlie. l lh September, 1811, has been pleas- ed to appoint, in addition 10 those Gentlemen appointed by his Majesty's Warrant dated t/ th September, 1798, the following Gentlemen to be Commissioners for the Sale and Redeinplioo of Laud- Tax within the County of Salop, viz : Thomas Harries, of Cruckton, Esquire, William Smith, of Shrewsbury, Esquire, Robert Cheney Hart, uf Shrewsbury, Esquire, ttie Reverend Clot lies Peters, of Pontesbury, and the Reverend George AugustusThursby, ofCounil Lodge. Two societies have lately been cstablished'in Oswestry, the one for Bettering the condition of the Poor," and Ihe other for " Increasing thecomforts of all " To the F. ditoh of the SaloI'Iax Joornal. SIR— It having been stated that I have subscribed £ 10 to the Lancasterian Schools in Oswestry, I desire you to let the real fact be known ; which is, that on seeing that Mr. Stanton, the manager of the playhouse there, had advertised a benefit night for the Schools of the Established Church in Oswestry, I sent him £ 10 for that laudable object; and should deeply regiet that any one should suppose that I was the least disposed to encourage Mr Lancaster as a National Instructor. I wish to take the opportunity to rccommend to the perusal of all who wish more information 011 the subject, the eleventh Number of the " Quarterly Review," and the first of the " British Review." 1 have the honour to be. Sir, Your obedient humble servant, KENYON. November 25th. To the Editoh of the Salopian Jovnnjr.. SIR— Friendly discussion being so freely allowed in your useful paper, I am induced to request that the following lines may be inserted as soon as convenient. Understanding from the address that appeared in the last Shrewsbury Chronicle, in which the outlines of the plan to be adopted by the Committee in the Schools about to be established in this town on Mr. Lancaster's plan, tbat it is not intended to instruct the children on tlie Sabbath Day, puly for them to meet at the schools in order that they may- be taken to the respective places of divine worship 111 the town to which the parents belong; if so, I would beg leave to ask Ihe Committee to read tbe first part of their Address, where they say—" The cheapness with which il conveys instruction, the spirit of emulation it excites, the systematic regularity, and the habits of employment whteh it neces sarily implants in the infant miud, are. universal theme- of admiration ;" and then say, why exclude, or why not allow, those children who have only one day out of seven lo gain instruction, the privilege of such superior modes of edu- cation ? Some will 110 doubt object to it, aud say, we have good Sunday Schools now established in the Town— 1 admit this: but is not the cxpencc of supporting these useful institutions very great ? were they all united in one General Sabbath School, and the separate funds which uow support them thrown into one general fund, much more good would be done, and at less expence; and by that means the funds for supporting the Lancastrian School would meet with more encouragement anil support.— Some, who do not understand the plan, may object lo the schools being united, 011 account of religions instruction : but difficulties of this nature will vanish, when they read ill tbe address of the Committee " that a register of the children's nnmcs will be kept, stating the religious persuasion to which their parents respectively belong, ill such manner that it will lie easy to form thein into companies, for the purpose of their being taken to the several places of worship." Teaching Catechisms, or particular doctrines, will be left to the ministers of the churches and chapels where the scholars ( by the request of their parents) attend. That the most economical aiid advantageous plan may OBSERVER. LIBERTIES OF WENLOCK SEP" E R JV ASSOCIATION. AT a Meeting ofthe Inhabitants of the Tow 11 and Liber- ties of Wenlock, ill the County of Salop, held at the Hotel, near the Irou Bridge, iu the Parish of Madeley, iu tlie said Liberties, 011 Friday, the i2d Day of Novem- ber, 1311; GEORGE GOODWIN, Esq. Bailiff of the saidTown and Liberties, ill the C'liair: It was 1 esolved unanimously, THAT the Preservation of the Fish in the River Severn is a desirable Object, & would, if the same could be effected, tend in a considerable Degree to the Comforts of very many Poor Families in this Populous Neighbourhood, by reduc- ing the present exorbitant Price of that Article, and that, therefore, it is expedient that the present Laws relating thereto should be strictly enforced. be adopted, is the wish of Your's, & c. Shrewsbury, 25< A Nov. 1811. To the PR/. VTBR of the SjLOPi. iy Joutawir.. Sir.— The Report of the Inundation Committee having been made Public, has enabled every one to partake of the satisfaction arising from such a proof of ihe liberality of the town and neighbourhood. The Geutlemen of the Cdrhmittec are certainly entitled to the ( hanks of the Public for tbe manner in which ( bey bave discharged their trust; as well as for that delicacy, which has induced them to direct, tbat Ihe overplus should, be immediately divided amongst the subscribers. Ilut however praise- wortliv this The Rcyul' Flmlsliire Infantry,' under the command of delicacy may be, il is not improbable, but that those, by Colonel Hetchcr, have marched to Woolwich 1 whom ihe money has been appropriated to a charitable Rose, be appointed a Committee for the above Purpose, with Liberty to them to add oilier Names hereto, as thev slinll hereafter think proper : And that they have Power to correspond with other Committees upon the Subject, anil generally to proceed herein in snch Way as to them shall seem most adviseable for attaining the above desirable Object. THAT a Subscription be solicited and entered into bv the - Inhabitants of tlieTown and Liberties of Wenlock afmr- said, for carrying into Effect the Purposes of this Meeting. THAT these Resolutions be inserted once in each of the Shrewsbury Newspapers. GEORGE GOODWIN, Chairman. ' To be Sold by Juclion, BY ]{. POOLE, At the King's Head Inn, in Wellington, in tbe County of Salop, on Thursday, the 5th Day of December, tall, between Ibe Hours of 4 and ( i iu the Afternoon, in the follow ing, or such olher Lots as shall be agreed upon, and subject to sucb Conditions as w ill then aud there Le produced: LOT I. ALL that Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Brewhonse aud Appurtenances'' thereto belonging, situate iu the NEW STREET, in WELLINGTON aforesaid, ' now in tbe Occupation of Mrs. Ford LOT II. All that ^ LAUGHTER HOUSE und STABLE, nearly adjoining the lastmeiuioncd Lot, and all other the Buildings lying on the Lower Side of the same, together with the Gaidcn adjoining thereto, now also in the Occu- pation ofthe said Mrs. Ford. The above Premises are Freehold of Inheritance antl the Buildings comprised in tbe second Lot may at an easy Expense be converted into several Dwelling Houses. Possession may be had Christmas next.— Mrs. FORD will shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be had of Mr AUSTIN, of Oaken Gates, near Shiffnat; Mr. EMEP. Y, of Wellington ; or Mr. NOCK, Solicitor, of the same Place. And on Friday, the ( ith of December, 1811, will be SOLD BY AUCTION, ' bv R. POOI. E, at the late Mr. Ford's Timber Yard, in Wellington aforesaid ; A luree Quantity of TIMBER, and also about 15000 of BRICKS — For Particulars apply lo THE AUCTION EER. The Sale tobegiu at eleven o'CIock in the Morning. All Persons who have anv Claims or Demands against the Estate of THOMAS FORD, late of Wellington, Tim- ber Merchant, deceased, tire requested tosend tbe Particu- lars of such Demands to M r. NOCK, Solicitor, in Wellington aforesaid, that the same may he discharged: And alt Persons who stood indebted to the said THOMAS FORD," ut the Time of his Death, are desired immediately to pay the irrespective Debts to the said Mr NOCK, who is duly authorised lo receive I hem. U'lllingtot, November 26,1611. To Instructors of Youth. A N eligible Situation presents itself to any Gentleman A inthe above Capacity, at WELSHPOOL, in the Couuty of Montgomery.— The House, Grounds, Gardens, & c. & c. are as well adapted for a Boarding School as any in the Principality, and the Day School is numerously at- tended.— Application to be made to Mr. J AMEsTHOMAs, of Welshpool; if by Letter, Post- paid. Welshpool, ad November, 181!. . Mrs. MerceroCs Ball WILL be held at the LION INN, on TUESDAY, the 17th of December. To begin precisely at seven o'Clock. Tickets to he had of Mrs. MERCEROT, College- Hill, and of Mr. Tompkins. Tbe Bali will conclude at Ten ; after which the Musicians will attend for the Company. Mil. BOUIIl. AY's BALU AT THE TFTEATRJE. MR. BOURLAY most respectfully announces to the Gentry and Inhabitants of Shrewsbury, and its En- virons, that, in Compliance with the repeated Solicitations of his Friends to havu a PUBLIC BALL for his PUPILS, ( not having had one in . this Town for upwards of 20 Years) he has fixed upon the Evening of THURSDAY, the 12th of DECEMBER. And being solicitous to provide superior Accommodation for his Patrons and the Amateurs of Dancing, as well as in conformity with the Practice of the chief Teachers in the Profession at Liverpool, Birmingham, & c. he has for that Nitrht engaged the THEATRE Mr B hopes it will afford his Friends some Gratification to see the Performance of the SHREWSBURY VESTRIS, who will Dance several Times that Evening, before he makes Ids Debut at the Opera House Places for tbe Boxes may he taken at Mr. Careswell's, Mardol Head. Boxes 5s. Pit and Upper Boxes 3s 6d. The Gallery will be SHUT. Tickets mav be bad at Mr. BOURLAY'S House, St John's Hill, and of the Printer.— Doors to be opened al half past Six, and to begin precisely at half past Seven. Lot on and Carson Lime Works. NOTICE is hereby given, that the PAY DAYS for the Lime carried from the said Works will be nt the GEORGE INN, in SHREWSBURY, 011 the llth aud 12th Days of Decembei, 1811. All Lime unpaid for on those Days will be charged lod. per Bushel. By Order ofthe Proprietors. HANLEY COAL AND LIMYWOHKST"~ * HE PAY- DAY for Lime and Coal drawn from the above Works is fixed for SATURDAY, the 14th of DECEMBER, at Mr. TOWNSEND'S, MERMAID INN, Shrewsbury. N B Tlie Lime not paid for 011 that Day will be charged 5s. per Kiln extra. RICHARD and JOHN BOOTHBY. Arseott, Nov. 20,1811. A' T a Meeting of ihe Committee for ESTABLISHING T1 MONEY. rpc TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, tbe Sum of i' 4S6 or £ 243, secured on the TOLLS arising on the Horse Towing Path between Bewdley Bridge and the Mea- dow Wharf, near theCoalbiook Dale. For further Particulars apply to Mr. PRITCHARD, Soli- citor, Broseley. COLI. IERY^- TO BE LET, fV a Term nf Years, AMOST desirable COLLIERY, advantageously situated for Land Sale, at SHIRLETT, only three Miles from Much Weulock, aud five from Bridgnorth, in the County of Salop. For further Particulars apply to Mr CLAYTON, of Law ley, or to Mr. PRITCHARD, Solicitor, Broseley. COUNTRY MOUSE AND GARDEN^ ^ O BE LET, with Possession at LADY- DAY NEXT, a very desirable and modern- built Dwelling- Honse, with an excellent Garden, fit for the Residence of a small genteel Family : the House consists of a good Kitchen, Parlour, and Pantry, Brewhouse, Cellar, and 4 Lodging Rooms, witb every other Convenience. For further Particulars apply to Mr JOHN BURLTON, of English Frankton, near Cock- shutt, iu the Parish of Ellesmere. ORGAN. ~~ TO RE SOLD, AFINE TONED FINGER ORGAN, with six Stops ; Compass from double G to E in Alt; stands 9 Ft. 10 In. high 5 Ft. 5 In. wide, 4 Ft. 4 I11. deep ; in a neat Case with Sattin Wood Front, tilled with handsome Gilt Pipes: is suitable for a small Church, or large Drawing Room.— Trice SEVENTY GUINEAS. For other Particulars apply ( if by Letter, Post paid) IOTHE PRINTER. NOTICE TO BAVIES's CREDITORS. WHEREAS WILLIAM DAVIES, late of YOCKLE- TON, in the County ofSalop, Shoemaker, hath by Deed, dated ogth October, 1611, assigned over the Whole of his Estate and Effects lo Mr WILLIAM HEALING, of Frank well, Shopkeeper, IN TRUST for the Benefit of all and every his Creditors who shall execute such Deed : Tbe Deed is now deposited in the Hands 0f Mr. PHILLIPS, of the College, where it will remain for the Space of seven Days, for the Signature of Davies's Creditors; at tbe Ex- piration of that Period Mr. Healing will divide the Monies arising from the Sale of Davies's Effects to such Creditors only who shall execute tbe said Deed. Shrewsbury, 26th Nov. 1811. SHREWSBURY, held ou Thursday, the 21st of Novem- ber, lsll : RESOLVED, I. That the Offer made by WILLIAM SMITH, Esq. of the Donation of a Gardeu be accepted. II. That the adjoining Gardeu be purchased at the Price at which Mr. Smith has offered the same— viz. £ 100. III. That William Smith, Esq and his Heirs, be in every respect placed on a footing wilh an Auuual Subscriber of £ 3 3s. IV. That the following ADDRESS be published, and printed Copies circulated in the Town and Neighbourhood i " Whilst the Committee for establishing a Lancastrian School presume to solicit Subscriptions, they think il their Duty to lay before the Public an Outline of their in- tended Plan. " The Cheapness and Facility with wbich it conveys In- struction, the Spirit of Emulation it excites, tbe syste- matic Regularity, the Habit of Employment, which it nece'hSaiily implants in the Infant Mind, are universal Themes of Admiration. Indeed its Value and Importance are fully demonstrated by the anxious Desire manifested by the Friends of Dr! Bell and M r. Lancaster to ascertain to which the Honour of the Invention is due, or what Pro- portion may be due to each. " It is proposed to openTwoSchools, tbe one for Boys, the other for Girls; the former to be taught Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic; aud, superadded to these, the other to be taught Needlework, or any other useful Female Employment. Tlsc Funds of each School to be kept en- tirely distinct; and it is hoped that Ladies will particularly interest themselves in the latter, and take it under their more immediate Protection. " Religious Instruction will be afforded the Children, so far as a daily and almost hourly perusal of the Bible aud Testament, with the Epistles aud Gospels taken from t hence and inserted inthe Prayer Book, can leach Religion. Peculiar Doctrines must be reserved for the Churches and Chapels to which their Parents respectively belong The Children of the Establishment to be regularly taken to Church, whereof course they will be impressed with that Respect anil Reverence for it* Rites aud Ceremonies, which will " grow with their Growth, and strengthen with their Strength" Tbe Children of Dissenters will enjoy similar Advantages ; it being essential to tbe Plan to communicate Instruction lo all, and to suffer every oue to enjoy the comfort of Religious Toleration. " A Register of the Names of the Children will be re- srularly kept, stating the religious Persuasion to which their Parents respectively belong, in such manner that it will he easy to form them into Companies for the purpose of being taken to their several Places of Worship. " It is proposed that the Building be ejected by Subscrib- ers of ten Pound Shares, from whom it will be rented by the Committee at the Rate of 7$ per Cent.; each Share to be held during the Continuance of any Life tbe Sub- scriber may chuse to name; and 011 the Extinction uf such Life the Share to drop to the Committee, who in Process of Time will become possessed of the whole Property, and consequently the annual Expense of Rent will gradually and finally cease. " That the Feelings of Parents may not be hurt by the Idea of their Children being reduced to accept of Charity, each Child shall be required to pay one Penny per Week. Parents will cheerfully accept the Assistance of the Sub- scribers to set ou foot so excellent a School, which there are 110 other Means of establishing. BP AUCTION. B$ Order ofthe Assignees of Samuel Hartshorn, a Bankrupt. BY JONATHAN PERRY, This Day, At the Unicorn lun, iu Shrewsbury, on Wednesday, the 27th Day of November Instant, between the Hours of. four and six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced ; LOT I. 4 LL those TWO MESSUAGES, Tenements, or Dwel- XJL ling Houses, Garden, and Premises, situate on the CASTLE HILL, in the Parish ofSt. Mary, in the said Town of Shrewsbury, now in tbe Tenure or Occupation of Rich- ard Purslow, and Mary Downton, their Undertenants or Assigns. This Lot is subject to Ihe Life Estate of Ann Harts- horn therein, aged 7s Years, Orther- abouts. LOT II. The Estate, Right,' and Interest of the said Assignees of and in all those SIX several MESSUAGES, Tenements, or Dwelling Houses, with the Stables, Yards, Gardens, Closes of Land and Premises thereunto belong- ing, situate, lying, and being on BASTON HlLL, 111 the Parish of St. Julian the Virgin, in Shrewsbury, and which contain together, by Admeasurement, lA 2R. 20P be the same more or less, now or late in the several Tenures or Occupations of Robert Jones, John Hoibrook, HenryWynne, Richard Wall, David Jones, and Thomas Prince, or some of them, their, or some of their Undertenants or Assigns. The Nature of the Interest of the Assignees in the above Estate, and any further Particulars, may be had on Appli- cation to Mr WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury,, with whom a Map ofthe Pulley Estate is left for Inspection. SALE THIS DAY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Unicorn Inn, Shrewsbury, between the Hours of 5 j and 7 o'Clock in Ihe Afternoon, subject to Conditions; ATURNPIKE SECURITY for £ 150, upon ihe Road leading from Shrewsbury to Presttm- Brockhurst, and from thence to Shawbury, Waters Upton, and Shreyliill, to join the Chester Road at Chetwynd's End, 011 w hich £ 5 per Cent, per Annum, is regularly paid PHILOSOPHICAL APPARATUS. BY JONATHAN PERRY, In the Great Room, at the Lion- Inn, Shrewsbury, oil Fri- day, the 29th of November Instant, at half past Ten ih the Forenoon; ACOLLECTION of valuable PHILOSOPHICAL AP- PARATUS, in prime Condjtiou, the genuine Property of a Person whose other Pursuits occupy his whole Time, and worth the Attention of Gentlemen, Ama- teurs of PHILOSOPHY, CHEMISTRY, & e Among the Ar- ticles are a capital AIR PUMP, ELECTRICAL MA- CHINE, FURNACES, Gasometers, Sec. & c. as will be fully expressed iu Catalogues, to be had of THE AUC- TIONEER. by SUtcttoii BROSELEY, SHROPSHIRE. , ESTATE. MINES OF COAL AND IRONSTONE, CLAY AND QUARRY OF STONE. This" Day, On Wednesday, the 27th Day of November instant, at the I. ion Inn, in, Broseley, in the County of . Salop, at four o'clock iu tbe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions, as will then and there be produced ; ALL that valuable & compact. FR EEHOLD ESTATE, called EASTllOPE's COPPICE, situate in the Parish of Broseley aforesaid, close lo the Iron Bridge, and contain- ing together 16 Acres and 2 Roods, or thereabouts. The ESTATE consists of THREE Parcels of rich Meadow LAND, also sevclal convenient DWELLING HOUSES, SHOPS, STABLES, and other Buildings, with Gaiden- and Appurtenances thereunto belonging. The MINES consist of several Strata of COAL. and IRO A- STONE, which may be worked at an easy Expense ( and the Water carried off without difficulty), and the same are most eligibly situated for Sale either for the Neighbouring Furnaces, or the Severn Trade. Tbe IRONSTONE consists of three Strata, and that called the Pinny Measure, has been proved to be of tbe very best Quality. The Ironstone would supply a Blast Furnace a considerable length of Time. The same might also be con- veyed to a Distance in a Calcined State, by mrais of the sai< l River Severn, and the different Canals connected there- with. There are several Strata of the best WHITE, RED, and BLUE CLAYS, suitable for Pottery Ware, Firebricks, or any other kind of Bricks, Tiles, and various other Purposes. The 1' IRE BRICK CLAY S are believed to be equal to any iu the Kingdom. There is also a Quarry of excellent STONF. 011 the Pre- mises, suitable for Furnace Hearths, Buildings and other valuable Purposes, and a good Bed of SAND, both of Which are now opened. Two Thousand Pounds, Part of tlie Purchase Money, may remain 011 Mortgage of the Estate, if more Convenient to the Purchaser. For further Particulars apply to Mr. VICKKRS, of Cranmeie; Mr. MARSHALL, Solicitor, Rough- ton, near Bridgnorth; or Mr. PRITCHARD, Solicitor, in Broseley aforesaid, who hatli a Particular of the Estate, and of Ihe Mines and Premises.— Mr. PTTLTCHARD will appoint a Person to shew the Premises. recommended for every five Shillings subscribed V. That the Committee proceed to solicit Subscriptions and Donations for the various purposes of the Institution. VI. That a Donation of £ 5 shall entitle the Donor to recommend one Boy or Girl for Life, and larger Donations in Proportion. VII. That this Meeting do adjourn to Thursday next, the 28th Iustant. VIII. That the following Persons be added to the Com- mittee— Mr Thomas Hawley and Mr. William llarley : IX. That these Resolutions be printed in the Shrewsbury Newspapers, and that the Chairman be requested to sign the same. W. SMITH, Chairman. ^ aiejs up auction. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, at BENTHALL, in the Parish of Alber- bury, in the Couuty of Salop, on Friday, the 13th Day of December, 1811 ; 7THE OUTSTOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, GRAIN, & c. belonging to Mr. JELLICOE ( who is de- clining the Farming Business); and which consists of six Stacks of Wheat ( one old), four Stacks of Barley ; 20 Store Pigs; eight able Waggon Horses, one Mare in- foal by FORTUNATUS, one brown Gelding; 10 Sets of Gearing, six Sets of Ox Gearing, compleat, one good Road and two Harvest Wageons, four 6- incli Tumbrils, four single and two double Ploughs, one Water- furrowing Plough, one Cultivator, four Pair of Harrows, three Rollers, Ladders, Foddering Cribs; w ith sundry small Implements, which will be expressed. in Ihe Catalogues. N. B. The Purchasers of the Grain will be accommodated with the Use of an excellent Threshing and Winnowing Machine ; also Barns, with warm Fold Yards for the Con- sumption of the Straw, which must be spent upon the Premises Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. A LL Persons who have anv Claim or Demand 011 the J\ Estate or Effects of EDWARD DAVIES, late of GREAT HANWOOD, in the Liberties of Shrewsbury, Far- mer, deceased, are desired to send an Account thereof lo Mr. CUDBERT KITCHEN, of Hanwood aforesaid, his sole Executor : and all Persons who stand indebted to the said Estate, are requested tu pay their Debts respectively to the said C. Kitchen.— 19M Nov. 1811. KNOCKIN IN CLOSURE. IDO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that all Right of Common in aud over the Commons directed 10 be in- Closed in the Manor of Knockin, by the Act of Parliament obtained for that Purpose, aud which is not before ex- tinguished, shall cease, determine, and be extinguished upon aud after the loth Day of December. AND ALL Persons who have not inclosed their Allot- ments agreeably to tbe Directions stated in the Maps and Schedules that were left for Inspection and Information of the Parties interested, arc hereby required lo inclose the same accordingly, previous to the FIRST DAY OF FEBRU- ARY next. Given under my Hand this 18th Day of November, one thousand eight hundred and eleven. VAL. Y1CKERS, Commissioner. ~~ CAERE1NI0N INCLOSUR£ 7 THE COMMISSIONER having allotted such of the Commons and Waste Lands as are situate in tbe re- spective Townships of Cwmgoror and Castle, Nautforcli, Brinelcn, Kvlyrwch, Gellygasson, Penarth, and Llanfair, within the Manor of Caercinion Iscoed, and authorised the immedtnie Its- Insure thereof; and having also duly ordered, directed, and appointed all Conrmtm nnd other Rights in, over, and upon the same Lands to be extinguished upon and after the FIRST Day of DECEMBER next coming, by Virtue of the Statute in that Case provided :— The Free- holders, their Tenants, and till Commoners, Cottagers, and . others, are to take NOTICE, That 110 Cattle can be law- fully turned in, or depastured ou any of the above- mention- ed Commons, ou or after that Day, except by the Parties to whom the Allotments arc made, or their Tenants, in their own respective Allotments only: And that, even in either of those Allotments, neither the Owner, nor his Tenant, or any other Person, can legally keep any Sheep or Lambs for seven Years to come, unless be fences and pre- serves the Young Quick Hedges on every Side of such bis Allotment. Dated 25th Nov. 1811. E, EDYE, C. C. SHROPSHIRE. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, ACOMMODIOUS MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, called UPPER LllDSTONE, fit for the Reception of a genteel Family: consisting of a Hall, two good Parlours, Kitchen, Pantries, Cellars, Brewhouse, and other Offices ; three good Lodging Rooms, large Dressing Room, and two small Closets, on the first Floor; and five very convenient Garrets.— Also, a Coach House, large Stable, Dove House, with other necessary Outbuildings; Shrubberies, Kitchen and other very good Gardens, planted with Fruit Trees, large Fish Pool, and about seven Acres of excellent Meadow LAND, the greatest Part of which might be irrigated at Pleasure. The above Premises are situated in a pleasant Part of tbe Country, near to which a daily Pest passes; in a Neigh- bourhood also where Harriers are kept, and distant about six Miles from Bridgnorth, seven from Shiffnal, and eight ffom Wolverhampton. — For a View thereof apply to Mr. FARMER, of Ludstone Hall -, nnd for further Particulars to Mr. GITTOX, Solicitor, Bridgnorth. BY J. BROOME, Oil the Premises, 011 Monday, the 16th Day of December, 1811: ALI, the truly valuable LIVE STOCK and IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, belonging to the lale Mr TRISTRAM, of CHARLTON, in the Parish of Wrock- wardine, in the County of Salop.— Particulars in our next. At Mr. Crowthcr's, Castle Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, November30,1811, between three and fiveo'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be there and then produced; ALT. those valuable PREMISES, consisting of two Houses, Malthouse, and Stable, and very extensive Yard, situate in FRANKWELL, now in IheOccupation of Mr. Griffith Gwynne, or his Undertenants, subject to a Lease of 13 Years unexpired, at tlie yearly Rent of Twenty- four Pounds. For further Particulars apply to R. OAKLEY, Builder- Shrewsbury. BY RICHARD MADDOX, On the Premises, on Monday, the ad of December, 1811; ALL the LIVE STOCK,' IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, Brewing aud Dairy Utensils, w ith Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. JOHN BOODLE, of GLYNN, in Ihe Parish of Llangollen, iu Ihe County of Denbigh— Catalogues to be had of THE AUCTIONEER, and of W. PRICE, Printer, Oswestrv VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS AN 0 LAND, IN THE VICINITY OF WEM, SHROPSHIRE. BY JONATHAN'PERRY, At the White Horse Inn, Wertipin the County of Salop, earlv in the Month of January, 1S12, in Lots ; UPWARDS ofTWO HUNDRED ACRES of excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in TWO desir- able FARMS, and various detached Inclosures situate at Hortun, Cotton, ami Ruewood, aiid close to Ihe Town Of Weill, and now or lale in the several Tenures or Occupa- tions of John Brown, deceased/ Dhijma* Steventon, dei eased, John Wynne, Robert Hales, Richard Morris, and Joseph Clay. Particulars will be published in a future Paper; and for further Information apply to Mr. EAUP, Citadel, Hawk- stone; Mr. JELLICQE, Benthall; Messrs. LEE and NICK- SON, Solicitors, Wem; or THE AUCTIONEER, Shrewsbury, BY MIt. TUDOR, At the Lion 11111, in Shrewsbury, on Saturday, Ibe 30th Day of November, 1611, between the Hours offourand six o'Ctock in the Afternoon, ( unless sooner disposed of by private Contract,- of which Notice will be given,) sub jeet to such Conditions as shall be then produced : LOT' I. ALI. that Field or Parcel of LAN P, called IheGOR- S'l'Y FURLONG, situate near the ABBEY FORE GATE, ill Ibe Parish of the Holy Cross, in Shrewsbury, containing 2A. lit. 38P. >.. r thereabouts, and now iu the Occupation of John Bishop, Kfq. LOT 11. All that other Field or Parcel of LAND, also called the GORSTY FURLONG, and adjoining Lot 1, containing 4A. . lit. 39P. or thereabouts, also in the Occu- pation of the said Johu Bishop, Esq. Lot 1 is subject to a Horse and Cart Road, as the same is now used, to and from Lot 2. Both Lois are sup- posed to contain Coal. Possession may be had at La. ly Day next. ' Further Particulars may be known by applying to HENRY WILLIAMS, Esq. 11 ad ley Lodge, near Welling- ton ; of THE AUCTIONEER; or of Mr. PANTING, Attor- ney, in Shrewsbury. BEAUTIFUL BUILDING SC1TES, & LANDS," Land- Tax Redeemed. BY S. TUDOR, At the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury., 011 Saturday, the 21st Day of December, 1811, precisely at 4 u'Clock in the After noon, in tbe following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon af the Time Op- Sale, subject to Conditions then to be produced ; L. OTL. ALL that PIECE or Parcel of capital GRASS LAND. . as marked oui by Siak'es, ' being Part of a Piece of Land called THE PIKE; situate in COLEIIAM, one of the Suburbs of SHREWSBURY, betw een Ihe Bishop's Castle and Kingsland Roads, containing lA. olt. 30P. LOTII. A PlECEof GRASS- LAND, being the Upper Part of THE PIKE and adjoVfiing Lot I, containing 2A 2R. 19P. LOT HI. A PIECE OFGRASS LAND; adjoining Lot 2' containing 4A. 0R. 33P. LOT IV. A PIECE of GRASS LAND, adjoining Lot 3, containing 4A. 1R. 2P. ' The above Lots of Land are of the first Quality, and most desirably situate for Building Upon, having a beautiful View of the South Side « f the'Town of Shrewsbury aud the River Severn.— Uuder Lots 1 and 2 is a very valuable Bed of Sand, of . a superior Quality, and underneath which there is Clay ; aud uuder Lots 3 and 4 lies a very fine Bed of Clay, which may be worked at a small Expense, tbe Fay being trifling. The Whole of the above Lots are situate within the Voting Liberties of tbe Town of Shrewsbury. For Particulars enquire of WM. PRISSICK, Esq. Mr. EGF. RTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, or of TIIE AUCTIONEER, all of Shrewsbury. N. 11. A Map descriptive of the Lots may be seen at Mr. Tu DOR'S, who will appoint a person to shew the Lands. HOUSEHOLD GOODS, AND VALUABLE BREWING VESSELS. BY VV. SMITH, TO- MORROW, the 28tli Day of November, 1811, on tbe Ptemises, at the Elephant and Castle, St. John's Hill, Shrewsbury, removed from tiie Country, for Convcnicnca of Sale; CCONSISTING of several Fourpost Bedsteads and Fur- J niture, Stump Ditto, three capital Feather Beds, Clock and Case, a lane and excellent polished Kitchen Grate, two Pitgrates, Parlour Stove Grate, capita! Smoak Jack, Counter with Drawers, Nest of Ditto, Oak Corner Cupboard, six large Cannisters, Pair of large Flour Scales, two Half- pockets of excellent Hops, a large and new Malt M ill, a large Quantity of very excellent and perfectly sweet Brewing Vessels, comprising several Hogsheads, Half- hogsheads, and smaller Casks, in Number about twenty together with Washing Tubs, & c & c. and a Variety'of other useful Artie les Sale to begin positively at ten o'Clock, and continue till all is disposed of. | BALE0 I^& UTFIOTL ViENLOCK, SHROPSHIRE. This Day, tin Wednesday, the 071I1 Day of November, 1811, el the I. ion Inn, in Broftf. iey; in the County of Salop, at the Hour of five iu the " Afternoon, either together, or in Lots, tail lubjeet to such Conditions as will then uud liiere be produced : ALL that MESSUAGE, or Tenement, with the Out- buildings, aud several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Me adow and Pastuie LAN i> therenhtd belonging, and now occupied therewith, situate at or near the Wyke, id lire Parish of, and within two Miles of 1' ic Town of Much Wenlock, in the County of Salop, containing together 77A. cR jpP, or thereabout*, he Ihe same more 01 less, lale in the Occupation of Mr. ThomiiS Wilkinson, deceased, and now of Mr. Francis Whalcy. For further Particulars apply to Mr. ViCKERS, of Cranniete, or Mr, PiUTCHARD," Solicitor, Broseley- This Da~ y~ BY MR. J. SALTER, At the House of Mr. Thomas Williams, of the Goldert Lion, in Bailey Street, in- the Town of Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 27th Day of November,- mil, al five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced; ALL that well accustomed INN, called the GOLDEN LION aforesaid, consisting of a substantial well- built Messuage or Dwelling House, with convenient Outbuild- ings, two gbodStables, Yard, und spacious Outlet, and Ap- purtenances thereunto belonging, situate in Bailey Street aforesaid, in the said Town of Oswestry, and now inthe Holding of the said Mr. Thomas Williams. The Premises, from I heir eligible and commodious Sitna. lion, arc well adapted to their preseut Use as an Inn, or tor tbe Purposes of Tiade, They ore sold subject to the future Payment of two year- } Chief Rents of 5s. ld^. and 5s. 7d. issuing thereout. For fin Iher Particulars* apply to Mr. T. L. JON ES, Soli- citor, or lo THE AUCTION EER, Oswestry. BY MR. SALTER, On Thursday, the 28tli of November, isil, at the Queen's Head, Oswestry, a! four o'clock in tbe Afternoon, unless sooner disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given : AN ANNUITY, or clear yearly Rent Charge of £ 40, ( secured Oil a Freehold ' Estate, in tbe County or Montgomery) for the l. ife of a Gentleman aged 50 Years. For other Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER^ Brook Street, Oswestry, TURNIPS. BY W. SMITH, On SATURDAY NEXT, the 3oth Day of November, 1911, at Ihe Britannia Inn, Shrewsbury, precisely at four o'Cloek in tbe Afternoon; ABOUT TEN ACRES of most capital TURNIPS, growing. upon a Field at UDLiNGTON FARM, near Shrewsbury— Further Particulars may be had by ap- plying to THE AUCTIONEER. O11 Friday, the 291I1 Instant, at 12 o'Clock, ACARGO of Onega red Wood Deals, of very superior Quality, now landing from the L'Basilius Magnus, upon the Quay, cast Side of Queen's Dock, Liverpool. The above Cargo consists of about 4000 DEALS, is and 20 Feet long, and 3 Inches thick ; qoo DITTO, 14 and 16 Ditto Ditto ; 1300 BATTENS ; and 450 DEAL ENDS Apply to JOHN and ROBERT GLADSTONE, or EW ART, RUTSON, and Co. Brokers, Liverpool. BY MR. J. SALTER, At the Bridgewatcr Arms Inn, in Ellesmere, in the County ofSalop, on Tuesday, the sd Day of December, mil, between the Hour of four and six in the Afternoon, ( unless previously disposed pf by private Contract, of which due Notice will he given :) THE MESSUAGE, or DWELLING HOUSE, Barns, Stable, Cow- houses, and PAPER MILL, with two Cottages, Gardens, and a Field adjoining, ( situate at Ilalghton, in the Parish of Hanmer, and County uf Pint;) containing 4A. OR. 7P. of LAND, with a most excellent Stream of Water. The Mill consists of a Press Room 27 Feet by 15 Feet.— a Folding Room 25 Feet six Inches by 17 Feet six Inches, a Pump Room, 22 Feet by 18 Feel six Inches, four Di ving Rooms, one 30 Feet by 13 Feet, ones! 5 Feet by 17 Feet six Inches, one 44 Feet six Inches by 14 Feet, and one 22 Feet hy 18 Feet six Inches, a Room to keep Rags in, and eVerv other Convenience for carrying on nn extensive Business in the Paper, or any other Manu- factory requiring a poweiful Stream of Water. Enoch Williams, of Penley, uear Ellesmere aforesaid, will shew the Premises; and for Particulars apply to T. L. JON FS, Esq. Oswestry; or Mr. RECDRor, of Elles. mere, w ho is authorised to treat for the same by private Contract. N. B. Possession of the Premises may bfe had on the 25th of March, 1812. TIMBER. At the Crown Inn, in Wem, on Thursday, the 5th of De- cember, 1811, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions to be then produced 1 OAK, 53 ASH, and j ELM TREES, Scribe- marked and numbered, with Lop, Top, and Bark, standing on a Farm at Palm's Hill, in the Parish of Wem, in tbe Occupation of Mr. James Price, who will shew the same. 30 By Order of the Assignees qf Edward Campbell, s Bankrup BY R. MADDOX, At the Cross Foxes I1111, in Oswestry, 011 Wednesday, the llth Day of December, 1811, between the Hours of three and six ill tbe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced : ALL that new- erected Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Buildings and Appurtenances 1 hereto belonging, situate in BEATRICE STREET, in the Town of Oswestry, late in the Occupation ofthe said Mr. Campbell. Tbe above Premises are most eligibly situated for carry- ing 011 tiie Business of a Tanner or Skinner, having a con- stant Stream of Water running thro' the same. Further Particulars may be known upon Application ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to Mr. EDWARDS, Solicitor, Oswes. try, who will appoint a Person to shew tbe Premises. At the Cross Foxes I1111, in Oswestry, ou Wednesday, tbe 18th of December, 1811, between the Hours of three and six in the Afternoon, in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at tbe Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced : LOT I. ALL that MESSUAGE or Tenement, called TY- BR1TH, with suitable Outbuildings, and about 82 Acres of excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, situate in the Parish of Llausilin, in the County of Den bigh, now in the Holding of Mr. Johu Jones, of Golfa, under a Lease for a Term of Years, of which seven Years will remain unexpired at Lady- Day next. LOT II. Also, all that MESSUAGE or Tenement, called GOLFA, with suitable Outbuildings', and about 46 Acres of most excellent Meadow, Arable, and Pasture Land, nearly adjoining the last Lot, and now 111 the Holding of the said Mr. Junes, for a Term of Years, of w hich seven Years will remain al Lady- Day next. The above Farms adjoin the Turnpike Road leadin- from Llansilia to Llangedwyn, and have a Right of Comg 111011 upou the adjacent Hills; are within four Miles of Lime and Coal, and seven from the Market Towns of Oswestry and Llanfyllin. TbeTeuant will shew the Premises; . and further Par- ticulars may be known upon Application to Mr. EDWARDS Solicitor, in Oswestry, at whose Oftics Mans of the Estata uiav be seen. KEL'LKY BROOK, NEAR WELLINGTON. BY MR POOLE, At the Talbot Inn, in Wellington, In the County ofSalop, on Thursday, the 19th Day of December, 1811, at the Hour of four ill the Afternoon, in Ihe following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, aud su bject to such Conditions as will then and there be produced: rriHE following desirable FREEHOLD and LEASE- X HOLD PREMISES LOT I. All that Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE situate at KETLEY BUOOK, in the Parish of Wellington, IU the County of Salop, heretofore in the Occupation of Wil- liam Holtham, Mercer and Draper, deceased, and now of Mr Francis Rowlands, the Proprietor; consisting of two comfortable Parlours, two Kitchens, a Brewhouse, six Lodging Rooms, good Cellars, a Stable, Saddle Room, walled Garden, well stocked with choice Fruit Trees and a Piece of Land adjoining, containing two Acres or there- abouts, be the same more or less, forming together an eligi- ble Residence for a Person desirous of carrying on an ex tensive Trade, or for a genteel Family.— Also, FIVE DWELLING HOUSES aud GARDENS near thereto, now in the respective Occupations of W. Hodgkiss, Wm. Knowles, Richard Speed, Richard Edwards, and Edward Barrow. These Premises are held by a Lease for a Term of Years, 55 of which were unexpired at Lady- Day last, under the yearly Heut of ;£ 4. LOT II. All those TWO ' FREEHOLD DW ELLING HOUSESJ witii ihe Gardens and Appurtenances thereto belonging, nearly adjoining the last Lot, and now in the Occupation of John Davies and John Harper. Part ofthe Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage of the Premises, if more agreeable to the Purchaser. Mr. Rowlands will shew the Premises*, and for further Particulars apply to him, or to Mr PRITCHARD, Solicitor, Broselev. FREEHOLD ESTATE.— BROSELEY, BY JEREMTTH LLOYD, At tbe Lion lun, in Broseley, in tbe County of Salop, Thursday, Ibe 28th Day of November, 1811, between Ihe Hours of' 4 and 6 iu the Afternoon, in one or more Lot or Lots, as shall be determined 011 at t he Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as will then and there be produced; ALL those FOL'R several Messuages, Tenements, or DWELLING HOUSES, with the Shops, Warehouses, Buildings, and Appurtenances thereto respectively belong- ing, pleasantly situated in BROSF. LEY aforesaid, heretofore in the Possession of Richard Jones, Jersey- eomher, de- ceased, or bis Tenants; and now in the Occupation of his Widow, John Onions, Ironmaster, Williams, and —— Ireland, Tenants at Will, nt Rents considerably under ihe Value of tbe Premises, which are capable of great Im- provements. Mr. Edward Jones, Brother of the said Richard Jones, will shew the Premises ; anil further Particulars may be had bv applying to Mr. PRITCHARD, Solicitor, Broseley; oral the Bar of George's Coffee House, Chancery Lane, London. SHROPSHIRE. BY R. BTLDWYN, At the Red Lion Inn, in the Town of Ludlow, in the County ofSalop, on Monday, the 2nil December, 1811, at four o'Clock in tbe Afternoon, subject lo Conditions of Sale to be then produced, or in the mean Time by private Contract; ALL that desirable F R E E11 O L D D W E L LIN G HOUSE, Offices, and Garden, inthe Occupation of Mr. Harley Thomas, Mercer, ( under a Lease which will expire at Ladv- Dav, I81li,) most eligibly situated for Trade, near to the Market Hall, in the Town of LUDLOW afore saiil, comprising a large and commodious Shop fronting the Market, handsome Dining Room, Parlour, Kitchens, Laundry, numerous anil convenient B- d Rooms, roomy Cellaring, Pump Well supplied with Water, with a good Garden and Summer House behind the same, commanding a pleasing anil extensive Prospect. For a View ofthe Premises apply to the Tenant; end for further Particulars and Terms, to Mr. JOHN FIDDES, at Lady Meadow, near Leominster, or lo Messrs. MORRIS and SONS, Solicitors, Leominster or Ludlow. BRIOGNORTH. At the Tig and Castle Inn, in Bridgnorth, in the County of Kalup, 011 Saturday, the 14th Day of December, tail", at tbe Hour of Six in the Afternoon, subject to such Con- ditions as w ill then and there be produced; ONE SHARE of fhe TOLLS arising ou tie Road lead- ing ( round tbe Castle Hi 1) from the Lower Town to the Higher Town of Bridgnorth aforesaid. For further Particulars apply to Mr. Victims, of Cran- mere, ' or Mr. Pr. rrcH. sRP, Solicitor, Broseley, MANOR, LANDS, AND TITHE, IN THE COUNTIES OF HEREFORD cV SALOP. At the Pig aud Castle Inn, Bridgnorth, 011 Tuesday, the 17th Day of December, 1811, between the Hours of three and six o'Cloek in the Afternoon ( if not disposed of by prtvate Contract, of which due Notice will be given), subject to such Conditions, or in such Lots, as shall llien and there be produced and agreed upon-. THE MANOR of TILSOP and WHATMORE, in the Counties of Hereford and Salop, together with the Waste Land and Cottages thereon. An Allotment on Fallow Common, in the County of Hereford, containing by Admeasurement 23A. 2R. oP. be the same move or less An Allotment, adjoining the above, containing by Ad- measurement 34 A iR. 11P. be the same more or less. Two Sides of these Allotments are already fenced out. THREE COTTAGES, with 6>\. oR. 16P. of Land adjoining thereto, situate in the Parish of STOTTF. SDON, in the County of Salop, with the CO UN TITHES of abodt 2380 Acres of Land iu the said Parish, now 111 ibe Occu- pation of Mr. John Maddox, John Bluelc, George Clayton, John Pugh, William Cortield, Thomas Davies, Elizabeth Reece, John Lawlev, John Pnrsell, Benjamin Brown. Thomas Ray, Thomas Lawlcv, John Jorden, Joseph Jeffs, Littleford, Rigby, Richard Hall, and others. Further Particulars may be known bv applying to Mr. ASTERLF. Y, Solicitor, Shrewsbury; Mr. DoDSOV, Cound ; or Mr HIDE, Stottesdon, who will appoint a Person to shew the Premises, The Parish of Stottesdon lies parallel with the River Severn between Bridgnorth and Bewdley, aud in some Places not two Miles Distance, from whence Grain may, ot an easy Exp° nce, be conveyed to B istol, and all the inter- mediate Markets of Bewdley, Worcester, Gloucester, & c. ns well as Kiddermiuster, Stourbridge, Wolverhampton, Birinigliam, dec. by the Caual from Stourpnrt, FARMING STOCK, & c. At HORTON, near Wem, in the Counly of Salop; I Y CHURTON, ( Without the least Reserve,) upon the Premises, on Wed. liesday and Thursday, the 4th and 5th Days of Decern' ber, 1811: ALL ihe valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairv and BrewingUteusils, HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, late the Properly of Mr. John Brown, deceased; comprising 11 excellent young calving Cows, for early Spring note, three choice calving Heifers, three Shirks, three yearling Calves, oue dilto Bull, oue 3- years old well- bred Dilto; two Waggon Horses, one capital Ditto rising 4- years old, one ditlo Mare rising 3- years old, one very promising 2- years old hack Filley ; two fat Pigs, half bred sort, two in- pig Sows, one Gilt in pig, eight store Pigs ; one Stack of Hemp and Flax ; one Road Waggon with Harvest Gearing complete, Coal Cart with Ditto, one Harvest Ditto, two broad wheeled Tumbrels, wheeled aud Hand Ploughs, Water- furrowing Ditto, two Pair of Harrows, one large Pair of Ditto, five Sets of Horse Gears, Back and Belly bauds, Crank aud Chains, new Wheelbarrow, long and short Ladders, one square Stone Stack Frame 18 Pillars, one round Ditto nine Pillars, 1 Corn Trial and Fan, Riddles and Sieves, Piling Irons Malt Mill, Tow Tutor and Break, several Lots of Lags, Corn Wisket, Man's Saddle and Bridle, Woman's Ditto and Pillion, Grindstone, Stone Cistern, and Pigtrongl s, with a Variety of Husbandry Tools in Lots: togeiher wilh the Dairy and Brewing Vessels, Household Goods, & c. Tlie Sale will commence each Eay at 10 precisely.-— The Live Stock and Implements will be sold the first Day : The Dairy Vessels 011 second Morning. SHR OPS HIRE'. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE & COLLIERY. At the Pig and Castle Inn, in Bridgnorth, in the County ofSalop, on Saturday, the I4th Day of December 1811, at four o'Clock in Ihc Afternoon ; either together, or in the following or such other Lois, as may be agreed upon at the Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as will then and there be produced : LOT I. ALL that Messuage or Farm House, called tbe Rays, with the Barn, Stable and other Outbuildings, all lately erected, and several Pieces or Parcels of good Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land, now occupied theiewitb, con- taining in the whole by Admeasurement J5A. olt 25P. or thereabouts be the same more or less, late iu the Occupa- tion of Richard Gwilt, and now of Richard Littleford I. OTII. All that Barn, ( called Unets Barn), Stable, Cow. bouse, Waggon house, Fold Yard anil Stack Yaid, and four Pieces of Arable Land, containing by Admeasurement 36A. SR. 15P. he the same mure or less, adjoining the first Lot, late also iu the Occupation of the said Richard Gwilt, and now of fhe said Richard Littlefor I. Theie are valuable Mines of Coal aud Stone under the two last mentioned Luis, to which there are several Shafts or Pits, already sunk, and the same may be worked at an easy Expense to great Ad- vantage. And also an excellent Bed of Clay, tit for Fire Bricks, or anv kind of Tiles, or oilier Bricks. LOT III. All that Piece of LAND, a 11tail1i11g3A. 2R. 0P. be the same more or less, as the same is now staked out, being Part of a Piece of Land, lying between Unels Barn, and tbe Lands of William Childe, Esq. LOT IV. All Ihat other Part of the said Piece of LAND, adjoining Ihe last mentioned Lot, as is now staked out, con- taining 3 A. 2R. oP. or thereabouts, be the same more or less. LOT V. All Ihat other Part of Ihe said Piece of I AND, adjoining the last Lot, as the same is now- staked out, con. taining 3A. 2R. 0P. or thereabouts, be the same more or less. LOT VI. A" that Piece of LAN'D, as Ihe same is now staked out, being Part of a Piece of Land, lying above and adjoining Unets Barn aforesaid, containing lliree Acres or thereabouts, be the same more or less. LOT VII. All that other Part ofthe last mentioned Pieee of LAND, as the same is now staked out, and adjoining the last Lot, containing3A. oil. oP. or thereabouts, be ll, e same more or less. LOT VIII. All that other Part ot the last mentioned PieceofLAND, astliesame is now staked out, adjoining the last Lot, containing 3 Acres, be I he same more or less. LOT IX. All that other Part of the last mentioned Piece of LAN D, as the same is now staked out, adjoining Ihe last Lot and Mr. Crump's Land, containing 1 Acre or there- abouts, be the same more or less. LOT X. All that other Part of tbe last mentioned Piece nf LAND, as tbe same is now staked out, adjoining the last Lot and Mr Crump's Land, and containing OA. 3II. 0P. or thereabouts, be the same more or less. The eight last mentioned Lots have valuable COAL MINES and good building Stone uuder them, and are con- veniently situate for building upon ; a considerable Quan- tity of young thriving Timber is growing on these Premises, and Ihe Lands are capable of great Improvement. The Whole of the said Premises are situated in Ihe. Parish of Stottesden, 111 the Couuty of Salop, near the Bit- lingsley Iron Works, and adjoining the Turnpike Road leading f|- oin Bridgnorth to Cleubury Mortimer, distant seven Miles from those Towns, and the same distance from Bewdley. Greatest Part ef the Purchase Money may remain on Moi tgageof tbe Premises, if more agreeable to Ihe Pur- chasers. For further Particulars apply to Mr. NOCK, Solicitor, Wellington ; MR M ARSHALL, Solicitor, Roughton, mar Bridgnorth; or Mr. PRIXCH AUD, Solicitor, Broseley, LONDON. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. • ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, NOVEMBER 18, 1811. Vice- Admiral Otway has tiansmittc. l to John Wilson Croker, t. sq. a letter from Captain Rainage, o! his Majesty's sloop the Cherbkee, giving an account of his having, on the 9th of last month, captured a Danish privateer, of two stuns and twenty men, out three days from Bergen, without making any capture. • Nov. 18, 1811. The'Queen has been pleased to appoint Sir Hemy Halford, tBart. to be one of the'Physicians iu Ordinary to his Majesty, and he lock Ihe usual oath accordingly ; and Dr. Bailtie took the usual oath as one of the Physicians Extraordinary to the ' King. , . . The Gazette contains the Prince Regent's appointment of David Williamson, Esq Advocate, to be one of the Lords of Session in Scotland : and Ronald MaCdon'ald, Esq. Advocate to lie Sheriff- Depute of the Shire of Stirling, in the room of © avid Williamson, Esq. appointed a'Lord of Session. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20. A vessel is arrived from the Mediterranean, wilh Mails from Malta, Sicily, and Gibraltar. The letters and papers from Sicily are to the 28th of September. They contain the Oeneral Orders issued by I. ieut.- General Maitland, on the departure of Lord Willinin Bentinck for England : from which it appears, that he considered the affairs of that island in a verv critical situation. The General had also set at liberty the four Sicilians who were anested by order of lord' William Bentinck, for corresponding with the enemy in Calabria.— These are. probably the same persons who made their escape on tli< i 181b, from that Island to Calnbria, as stated in the Aiiholt Papers.— Treachery and espionage, however, are. said to become so common in Sicily, as not to allow the repetition of sucfh an act of lenity in future. It is stated in letters'of the 27th, that the Queen had been ex- cessively, ill, hut was then considered out of danger. The Tapers fiom Gibraltar aie to the 2* 7th of October, and their contents relate chiefly to Hie retreat of the French from San Roque, and the pursuit of Ballasteros. The enemy left Tarila untouched, not having entered that place. The rear guard of the enemy, which was overtaken and defeated at Ximencs, consisted of three battalions and ten companies of Voltigneis. Ballasteros charged them separately aud the series of actions that ensued lasted from day- break until four in the afternoon. The Spaniards gave but. little quarter. The remainder of tlie enemy continuing their re- treat, have entirely withdrawn from- Sieria. Deposition of his Swedish Majesty.— Beinadot'te is shortly to mount the throne of Sweden. This intelligence is communi- cated in the following extract from the papers brought by the Anholt Mail arrived this day:— " SlocHolm, Nov. 4. " According to the reports in some political circles, his Majesty having repeatedly expressed a wish to be relieved from the administration of the Government, a Diet will he assembled early in the ensuing year, for the purpose of giving its sanction to the transfer uf Ihe Crown to his Royal High, ncss the Prince ; ot the some time funds will be assigned for the maintenance of an additional number of Conscripts, which it is intended to embody, in order to be prepared for whatever emergency may arise." A gentleman writes from Copenhagen, under date of the 2d November, where he had just arrived from Riga, after a voyage of three day I, that the Russians were continuing to fortify the frontier towns, and that tliey had raised a- new levy of 25,000 men to enforce an independent system with respect to commerce the next season. A person of respectability who quitted Riga on the 23d ult. having passed through the Piussian States, confirms some of the preceding allegations, especially as to what is implied of the hostile disposition of tbe Piussian Court towards France, and in respect to the determination at St. Petersburg!!, to maintain the neutrality of commerce, in opposition to the subseivience of the rest Of the continent. Tbe Paris Papers to the 12tb inst. state that Bonaparte was at Cologne, on the Rhine, on the 6lh. From thence be was to proceed to Liege and Mentz, and thence, it is said, to the interior. The day of his return to Paris is uncertain.— He seems much vexed at the number of foreigners who enter the British service.— The Papers also contain a long account of Ihe passage of the Danube by the Turks, and also a copy of a decree respecting Frenchmen, who may take refuge iu France afier having committed a crime on the territory of a Foreign Power. By a French ship, letters have been received from Palermo to the 27th of September; at which potiod it is slated, that his Sicilian Majesty had of late evinccd a more conciliatory disposition to the British; and had even expressed his dis- approbation of some intrigues which hail recently come to light. Great anxiety was manifested for the return of Lord W. Bentinck. There are no accounts respecting the inniour- ed insurrection in the island of Sicily, Two young Persian Princes arc now in Loudon for their education. They were brought over by Sir Harford Jones, to whose care they were entrusted, and through whose addiess, it seems, they were fortunately prevented from being con- veyed to Paris, and there becoming the Oriental pupils of • Bonaparte. They are the nous of the Prime Minister of the King of Persia ; they ore fine grown sensible youths, the eldest about 18. and his brother 16 years of age. They are accom- panied by an Indian Preceptor, who is on excellent linguist, and tolerably veised in European manners. Our Government have taken the house iu Half- moon- street, that was occupied bv the lute General Fox, and directed that every respect and attention be paid to these young and illustrious foreigners.— Last night they were carried 10 Covent- gardeii Theatre, where a stage- box was piepared for their reception, and seemed astonished and delighted at the spectacle ol the Stage and the general magnificence of the Theatre. On Monday, a numerous meeting of the keepers of eating houses and cook shops in London, was convened, in conse- quence of near 200 infoi illations having been brought against them foi selling beer, or permitting it to be sold in their houses, without being licenced, thereby incurring the penalty of ,£' Q0 for each offence, which has been lately levied on Mr. Anderson, pf Drury- lane, in the mitigated fine of .610. These infor- mations originated from the lecent decision of the Magistrates on the clause in Ihe Act of the 35th of his piesent Majesty, cap. 113, the preamble of which repeals all preceding sta- tutes, and enacts " that from and after the 20th of Sept. 1795, if any person fhall sell ale or beer, or any olher exciseable li- quors, by retail, or shall permit or suffer any ale or beer, or anv other exciseable liquors to be sold by retail in his, her, or their house, & c without being licenced no to do, and there- qf be duly convicted, every such person so offending, shall for every such offence, forfeit and pay the sum of twenty pounds. Fiom Ihe statement of several gentlemen, il appears, that in some instances three or four informations have been lodged against individuals, and the consequence has been to discontinue the supply of porter to the customers, although without profit to themselves, or any advance upon the publi- can's price of 2Jd per pint. Mr. Griffiths, the Chairman, suggested the propriety of making application to the Treasury Board, to grant a suspension ol the powers of the Act until the nicetiug of Parliament; when they intend to petition for the interference of the Legislature, to modify the clause. Seve- ral resolutions were entered into for the more effectual security against the evils resulting, from the late proceedings. Blighted Corn.— In tbe Farmers' Journal of last week, there is a loiter from Sir Joseph Banks, respecting the advantages to be derived from sowing blighted com ; of which the follow* ing is an extract :— " Called upon as I have been to declare whether I have al teied the opinion advanced bv tne several years ago—' that shrivelled or blighted Corn will, when used as Seed, yield as jood a crop as plump Grain.;' I ausiver, that I still retain that opinion unaltered, and that it has been verified since I ad- vanced it, by the experiments of several practical men, with- out any failure tbat has come to my knowledge, I am well awoie lhat information given to piactical men by theorists like myself, ought always to be received with hesitation, and acted upon with the utmost caution: my advice now i=, lhat persons who have Wheat much shrivelled by the blight, should sow one acre aud no more with lean Seed, le? t some unsus- pected circumstance hitherto utiobseivtd should lead to a failure. It is by a long continued series of experiments alone that the adoption of a new practice in Agriculture can be established." The above statement is fully corroborated in the same Pa- per, where the following paragraph appears under the head of " North Devon Agriculture":—" But many Farmers are sewing theii rusty & blighted Corn, which they have found by experience, u ill grow equally well as Ihe best. Spring Wheat lias been iniioduced into this district for some years past, and is found to succeed well, but particularly this season, having in eveiy instance, escaped the blight; those Farmers who dislike every innovation on ancient custom, at length begin- to open the eyes tn their own interest, and acknowledge the svpeii' rity of it, at least in this district, where the moistuie ofthe chuute is always injurious to the Winter Wheats," The Prince Regent.— The accident of his Royal Highness was mere than a sprained ancle, having broke two tendons of his foot at the same time. Tryer Okey, the seaman who was condemned to die by a Comt Martial, for striking his superior officer, was brought on Friday last, at Portsmouth, on board the ship where lie committed the offence, to suffer the dreadful penalty of the law. At the moment when he was about to be launched into eternity, and when the surrounding spectators were io expec- tation of hearing the fatal signal, ihe Captain of the ship took a letter out of bis pocket, and informed the culprit, that his Royal Highness the Prince Regent had been graciously pleased tocofnmute his sentence from that of death, to trans- ( lortation for life. The unfortunate man instantly fell upon his knees, and while tears gushed from his eyes, uttered, in inarticulate accents, his gratitude for the mercy, which had been shewn him. The equity and mercy of the Prince Regent's conduct on this occasion, deserve the admiration of the country. The power ofthe laws was fully displayed ; the effect of example was therefore produced : and yet the life of a fellow creature, iVi whose crime there appeared to have been no deliberate intention, was saved. Public House Licences.— In the tlourt of King's Bench on Monday, Mr. Scarlet moved for a Rule to shew cause why a Criminal Information should not be filed against Michael Stocks, Esq. a Magistrate for tlie county of York, for refusing to grant a licence to a publican of the town of Halifax, in tbat county, of the name of Craven.— Mr. Scarlet stated the circumstances which induced this application. He said, that the person on whose behfclf he taade the motion, was a re. spectable individual in his line of life in the abdvehamed town, and kept the Waggoners Inn there ; that he had purchased the premises in'question ; and'he stated a variety of other mat- ter, shewing that the Magistrate libel been actuated in views most unjustifiable iu refusing the licence. It appeared that M r. Stocks claimed an interest or right of property, not imfnedi- tt appears that Ihe French used the fragments of Ihe buildings they had devastated in the neighbourhood of St. Itoque, to produce the appearance of a camp after their de- parture, and left their fires burning, as if they still occupied the ground.— This stratagem did not, however, prevent Ihe annoyance of their lear guard, bv the troops under Ballas- teros. It was reported that the French, who lately occupied St. Roque, under Goudenot, had taken the direction of Gra- nada, for the purpose, as is supposed, of proceeding onward to reinforce Sochet in Valencia. On Tuesday, in the Common Pleas, Chief Justice SirJ. Mansfield severely reprobated the new practice of Barristers varying their repoits of adjudged eases in new Editions of such Reports; by which means they not only lose their authority, but often mislead the Judges as well as Counsel. Friday came on the Election of the Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow, when there was the keenest contest ever remembered in that University. The candidates pro- posed were, Lord Archibald Hamilton and Lord Viscount Melville, and upwards of 800 electors voted on the occasion. On the final close ofthe poll, there appeared upon Ihe whole a majority of nearly 200 in favour of Lord Archibald Hamilton, who was accordingly declared duly elected. LieutenantTruscott, first of the Dryad, has invented a machine'for bringing up water from the hold to the gangway, without starting the casks. This apparatus will save much labour and expense, and is sn simple, that the whole may lie worked by one boy. It has been! tried eighteen weeks on board the Dryad, and found to answer so well, that the Ad- miralty, have ordered Ihe Malta, of 80 guns, now rigging at Plymouth, to- be fitted in a similar manner; and it is sup- posed the apparatus will be generally adopted throughout Ihe ately to the public house itself, but to the premises, yard, fee. adjoining ; and it was asserted that he had offered a sum of money to Craven to acknowledge him sis the landlord in tola ;, and that Craven having refused to give liim Such acknowledg- ment, because " he Could not do so tvitho'iil injuring— basely injuring a poor widow, who was the lawful owner, this Magis- trate threatened to prevent him having a lecence, and which threat he actually put into execution. The affidavit abounded with matter of that description ; and the Couit tipon hearing it granted the'rule.—" His Lordship after hearing other mdtions, proceeded to make cases in the Nisi Prius Paper, and the court rose at a very late hour. In the Court of Arches on l* icinday, a suit was brought by Thomas Pettman ( by his Guardian) against Wm. Bridger, Esq. tor having disturbed him in the use of a pew in the parish church of Eastry, in the county of Kent. It appeared iu evidence that the grandfather of Mr. Pettman had sat in the pew in question for nearly 20 years up to the time of his death, but that a prescriptive right had been set up by Mr. Bridger, who on the 9th of Oct. 1808, disturbed Mr. Peitman in his scat, and totally excluded him Iherefrom and took possession of the same, by placing his livery servant therein The Court ( Sir John Nicholl) after hearing the evidence, and the learned Counsel oil both sides, wasclearly of opinion that Mr. Bridger had failed in establishing his prescriptive right to the seat,! and therefore, it said, was bound to allow Mr. Pettman his costs, and to pronounce for the sentence prayed, namely, to admonish Mr. Bridger for having disturbed Mr. Pettman. The Court accordingly condemned Mr. Bridger in costs. On Saturday last, the Court of King's Bench, Dublin, confirmed the Demurrer, which the Attorney General had put intotbe plessof Mr. ICii wall against the GrandJury. The Catholic Delegates have now pleaded the general plea or Not Guilty . which will be tried by a Special Jury, on the 21st instant. Ex Officio Informations.— Mr. Sauriu, his Majesty's Attor- ney General, in virtue of his office, has filed informations against the following persons, namely, The Earl of Fingall, for presiding at an Aggregate Meeting, at Fishamble- street, on the 9th of July. The Earl of Fingall ( again), for that he being an evil- dis. • sell person, presided at a Catholic Meeting, in Navan, for the purpose of appointing Delegates for the County of Meath, on the 20th of Augusl. The Hon. Thomas BarneWall, for assisting at said Meeting. The Hon. Patrick Barnefcsill, for a like offence. The Hon. Richard Barnewall. The Hon. Joseph Barnewall, for the same. Philip Whitfield Harvey, Esq. Proprietor of The Freeman's Journal, for publishing the Catholic Proceedings on the lst of August. Thomas Townsend, Esq. Banister at Law, Proprietor ofthe Correspondent, for publishing the same proceedings. Riots at Nottingham.— For some time past tbe wholesale hosiers who have stocking- weaving establishments in the county of Nottingham, have been obliged to curtail their bonds; this produced considerable discontent among the workmen. Their riotous spirit was, however, renewed by the trade having brought into use certain wide frames for the mauufactuie of stockings and gaiters, which was a consider- able saving in manual labour, tending still farther to the decrease of the hands employed. On Sunday se'nnight, this being generally known, a number of weavers assembled at different places in the vicinity of Nottingham, aud com menced their career of outrage, by forcibly entering the houses of such persons as used particular frames. A letter dated Nottingham, the 14th inst. communicates that the lace hands in particular were in a very distressing situation, and under the necessity cf applying for parochial relief. A master weaver at Bull we II, having been threatened by the rioters, and hearing they intended lo attack his pro- perty, on the Monday evening armed all bis men to defend his frames, and barricaded his house. Being thus in his gar- rison, he waited the attack of the enemy, who appeared and demanded admittance or a surrender of the frames. The master would agree to neither, and was immediately fired upon ; several shots were then exchanged, and one of the rioters was shot dead ; he was a weaver from Arnold, and at the time he paid the forfeit of his life he was in the ant of tearing down the window shutters to obtain entrance by force. The rest of the mob retired with the slain body, but soon re- turned with redoubled strength. They broke open the door, and would have put the whole familv to death, had they not escaped by the back door. Tbey then proceeded to gut the house, and consumed every thing that, would burn. On Tuesday the outrages of the mob were continued ; they at. tae- ked a carrier, who was bringing five wide frames from Sutton, belonging to Maltby and Brevvett, that had heen in use a length of time at Basford. The iion work they br- ke to pieces, and with the wood work they made a fire in the street.— Iu the afternoon of Tuesday the rioters proceeded towards Sutton to continue their outrages there, and that- evening they destroyed Ihe frames of the principal weavers. On Wednesday morning the rioters assembled in open day, and again repaired to Sutton, where tliey destroyed in all 58 frames and a corn- mill. Having gained strength, and meeting with no effectual opposition for want of military aid, they grew bolder, and changed the frame- breaking employment into more violent proceedings, and now swore vengeance against ivide frames, milieu, corn dealers, icc. On 1 nursday, similar proceedings weie continued, and all remonstrances from the Magistrates having failed to ic- strain them, it was high time tu think of decisive measures; many of the most active weie already in custody, but this hud no weight wilh those at laige. The military weie called out, hut did not exceed thirty men, who vveie dismounted dragoons. The Sheriff ihe same ilny issued otders for calling out the posse comitatus, and the 1st and 2d regiments of local militia ; and a farther aid was required of Government by a special messenger sent to towu tor that purpose, who leached the office of the home department about three o'clock on Friday morning.— By farther information from Nottingham to an eai ly hour on Sunday, we learn, that the town was restoied to a stale of perfect tranquillity, the local militia having been assembled, and two troops of volunteer cavalry, with 3 detachment of the Queen's Bays, having taken up their quoifersiri th; town, though the neighbourhood was threatened wilh more serious consequences, An inquest was held on the body of John Westby, a native of Leicester, who was shot at Butlwell, aud returned a verdict — Justifiable homicide. He has left two children, one five and the other three years of cge, to lament his untimely end. He was borne to Hie grova u- ilh his Jace exposed to public view, to excile the indignation and stir up the people, but no distur- bance arose in consequence. Tne High Sheriff, the Under Sheriff, and about half a dozen Magistrates, were on the'spot, attended by a posse of Constables and about 30 mounted dra- goons, who all, proceeded with t( ie funeral to the church yard, but before the body was removed, the riot act was read in several par If ot the town. From 700 to 1000 persons attended on the occasion; the corpse was preceded by a number of the dtceased's former club mates, bearing black wands, decked wilh knots of crape. About the time tbat the corpse was lowering into the grave, the High Sheriff proclaimed thai an hour had elapsed since the reading of the riot act, and in formed the multitude, lhat such as did not disperse should be laken into custody; and one or two were seized, but weie shortly set at liberty, und tho whole quietly dispersed. Bonapaite carries his affectation of our Roval Family to a great length. Having heard that the Queen and Princesses visit Frogiiiore, he has taken his Empress a tour through his frog estate in Holland. A few days ago, Mr. Is. White, gamekeeper to Humphrey Serihonse, Esq. of Netherhall, in Cumberland, found a par- tridge's nest, with nine eggs : the bird had just quitted them. The following Occurrence took place at the new brewery, in Workington, on Satuiday se'nnight, whereby one Milbam Robinson lOst his life, under the following circumstances : Mr. Rogers the manager of the brewery, had for some time pint found he was robbed of money, candles, and other articles, to a considerable extent. He tried, by marks on the doors, and other precautions, lo find out by what way the de- predator came into his office, and found he came in the nights and forced a staple, to Suffer the locks to pas3, and afterwards nailed it on again, in order to make good appeaiances.— Mr. Rogers was resolved to watch iu a room adjoining to the office, and discover tne villain, that he might be brought to justice. After watching some nights, be and his brother on Saturday se'nnight about four o'clock in the morning, heard a person fotce the lock. This Was Robinson, the deceased, with a capdle in his hand. He came into tbe office, and went to the money, and was taking it; when Mr. Rogers placed himself between Robinson and the door that he had forced, presented a blunderbuss with a bayonet upon it, and ordered him to stand and Surrender himself. The villain immediately sprung at him, but seeing or touching the bay- onet, he stopped and retreated for a moment, and then sprung again at Mr. Rogers under the bayonet, and closed with him, and seined the blunderbuss, hi this struggle, the candle whichRobinson had went out, and Mr. Rogers's brother ran to assist, and seized Robinson by the arms. At Ihis mo- ment, in the scuffle of all the three, and in the dark, the piece accidentally wentoff, and lodged most of itsiotitetns in the hip of the deceased, and fortunately without injuring either of the other two. Medical assistance was immediately called, and every attention paid, but tbe man died in little more than an bcur afterwards. He confessed to tbe surgeons that he had been frequently there before. Last Monday or Tuesday night Battersea Chapel was broken open, and robbed of all the books and other articles of pro- perty ; the robbers also did considerable damage to the chapel. There appears to have been a general system of robbing churches and chapels of the books; among those robbed are St. James's church, Long- Acre Chapel, Orange- street Chapel, and Greenwich, The latter was robbed by a man, who called on the woman who kept the key, under a pretence that he w anted to make some alteration in a pew he had lately taken, and obtained the key. He returned it after * oine time, and it was ascettained that he had stolen alt the books. Long- Acre. chapel was robbed by similar means. Youthful Depravity. — At the Mansion House, on Thursday, J. Paul, a butcher, of Whitcchapel, charged his two sons with threatening their father's lite. Mr. P. gave his lordship an account of his sons' words and actions, too shocking to be re peated. The eldest appeared not to exceed 17 years. About a year ago, this boy behaved so ill, that he threatened to send him to sea; to prevent which, he chopped off his own thumb. The younger one still following the unhappy example of his brother, in shearing ond threatening bis life, he was under the necessity of threatening to send him on hoard of the tender ; when he with horrid oaths, said, he would prevent that, and chopped off his own thumb last Monday. Tbe Lord Mayor severely reprimanded the boys, and fully committed them to different Compters. The Flying Watchmaker.— The foreign Papers have, for some time past, spoken much of the invention of a watch- maker, at Vienna, who had announced his intention of flying from that city, by the aid of a piece of mechanism, which he had constructed in the form of a pair of wings, and by which lie pretended he could direct his course in Ihe air. The fol- lowing account ofhis experiment was received by the last mail: " Vienna, October 16. " Yesterday, about six o* clock in the evening, the watch- maker, Digen, took a flight from the Prater; he reached an extraordinary height, ond night coming on, he was soon out of sight. As no account has yet been received from him, it is feared that souie misfortune may have befallen him. " Oct 19. " The watchmaker, Digen, came down safely the day of bit ascent, near Trantmansdorf, in the district of Bruk, on the Lentba." CIRCULAR LETTER. Horse- Guards, No- j. 14, 1811. Sis— I have received the Commander- in- Chief's directions to inform you, that it is in the contemplation of Government to afford the means of establishing Regimental Schools, for the care and instruction of the children of non- commissioned offi- cers and soldiers. It is bis Royal Highness's intention, that these Schools shall be conducted on the plan recom mended bv Dr. Bell, and adopted with great success at tin Royal Military Asylum; and you w ill be pleased itnmpdi ately to look out for a person calculated to superintend the School of the Regiment under your command.— The object of these institutions is to implant in the children's minds earlv habits of morality, obedience, and industry, and to give them that portion of learning winch may qualify them for non- commissioned officers. With this view the Commander- in- Chief desires you will be very careful in the selection of the person you propose for the soperintendance of the School, which should be done without delay. The person so selected will be placed on the strength of the Regiment as a Serjeant, in addition to the present establishment. I shall hcieafier have ihe honour of communicating with you further ou this subject. Officer Commanding, & c. & c. . KovF. MBiR - 19.]— Bryant Frederick, cf Holhorn, Middlesex, leather- dresser,.. Noveaiber 20, December 4,31, at Guildhall, Lon- don— Clark jc. rr. es, of Alie- street, Goodman's- fitlds, Middlesex, carver and gilder, November 23, 30, December 31, at Guildhall.— Cojjin Josephl of Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorganshire, tanner, De- cember 18, 19, 31, at ihe Crown Inn, Merthyr Tydvil.— Dalby Edward, of Buckler- bury, London, warehouseman, November 28, December 3, 31, al Guildhall.— Dew William, of 01d- stree|- road, Si. Leonard, SliO'reditch, tallow- chandler, November 26. December 3, 31, at Guildhall.— Dunster Richard, of Fen- court, Fcnciiur'ch- street, London, underwriter, Novetnljer 23, SO, December 31, at Guildhall,— P. aslland John, late of Oldt'ord, Middlesex, dealer and chapman, November 23, December 3. 31, at Guildhall El- wortny John, of Plymouth . dock, Devon, mone. v- scrlvener, De- cerning 13, 14, 31,' al the New Crown Hotel, Plymouth- dock Fisher George, late of Doncaster, York, but now a prisoner in the Gasde of York, gardener, November 28, 29, December 31, at 1 lie Rein Deer Inn, Doncaster— Fry Henry, ot Bedford- place, St. George, Bloom- bury, Middlesex, money- scrivener, November 22, December 3, 31, at Guildlial, London.— Gardner William, of the Havmarket, Middlesex, victualler, November 23, 30, December 31, at Guildhall— Gaslcill James, Gaslcill John, and ClcmeAtson John, of Ihe Minories, London, merchants, November 23, 30, December 31, at Guildhall.— Green John, of Deppling, Kent, farmer, November 23, 30, December 31, at Guildhall, London.— Haydon Nanny, of King- street, St. George, B'oomsburv, Middle- sex, milliner, November 23, 30, December 31, at Guildhall.— Heelis Josiah, Islierwood Richard, & Gregory Richard, of Bolion- le- Moors, Lancashire, corn- dealers. December 9, 10,- 31, at the Bridge Inn, Bolton.— Kershaw Thomas, of Rochdale, Lancashire, flannel merchants, December 3, 10, 31, at llie Spread Ea^ le Inn, Manchester.— Pfeil Leopold Ado! pk, oi Bishopsgate- streel Within, London, merchant, November 26, December 3, 31, at Guildhall.— Rangeley John, and Tetley George, of Gomersatl, Birstnll, York, coltoii- spinr. ers, November 28, December 6, 31, at the New Inn, Bradford, York.— Saxon Josiah, of Manchester, cotton- twist- mereliant, December 2, 3, 31, at Ihe Dog Tavern, Manchester.— Shirley John, of St. John, Bedirardine, Worcester, wool- stapler, December 11. 12, 31, at Ihe Unicorn Inn, Worcester.— Simemils Samuel, ol Raven. row, Spitalticlds, Middlesex, glass- merchant, November 28, December 7, 31, at Guildhall, London— Tatter. mll Thomas, of Manchester, grocer, December 4, 5, 31, ante Star, Manchester.— Ward James, late of Church- street, Spitalfields, Middlesex, manufacturer, November 26, December 7, 31, at Guild- hall. London.— Whitehead John, of MufFat- street, St. Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, baker, November 30, Dccemtier 3, 31, at Guildhall, London. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. KERRY ASSOCIATION, tOR THE PROSECUTION OF FELONS. rjMlR following Rewards will be paid by the Treasurer X to Persons detecting any Offender or Of! coders of the different Descriptions, hereafter mentioned, upon bis, her, or their giving such Testimony as will be the means of bringing such Culprit or Culprits to Conviction : Tbe feloniously burning any House, Barn, or other Building, or any Rick, & c. of Corn, Grain, £ Straw, Hay, or Wood 5 The feloniously breaking and entering auy House in the Night- time 4 The like in the Day- Time sj The feloniously stealing, killing, maiming, or wounding any Horse, Marc, or Gelding 3 The like of any Bull, Cow, Ox, Bullock, Steer, Heifer, Calf, Sheep, Hog, or Ass ... ... 2 The feloniously stealing Turkies, Geese, Ducks, or oilier Poultry ,.. ... 1 The like of any Harrows, Tine, Hook, Chain, or other Iron Work 1 j o Any other Grand or Petit Larceny 110 The feloniously buyiug any Stolen Goods ... 110. The cutting down, destroying, or damaging any Trees orWood ; the breaking open, throw ing down, levelling or destroying any Hedges, Gates, Posts, Stiles, Pales, Rails, or Feuccs ; the stealing or destroying any Fruit Tree, Root, Shruh, Plant, Turnips, Potatoes, Cabbages, Parsnips, Pease, or Carrots, or robbing any Orchards or Gardens as aforesaid ... 1 I t> Aud for every other Offence not mentioned above, such Rewards as the' Committee shall think proper. JOHN WILLIAMS; Treasurer- 3 O 2 O 1 O. NORTH WALES GAME DUTY, 1811. LIST of Persons who have obtained General Certificates at the Rate of Three Guineas each, for the Year 1811, iu the undermentioned Counties, from the l6tli Day of October, to the 18th November Instant. ANGLESEY. Bulkeley Robert, Esq. Gronant Evans Hugh, Esq. Henblas Evans Robert, Treganen Evans Thomas Henry, Gent. Tre'rgof Fisher James, Gent. Pwllcdch Jones William, Yeoman, Amlwch Poole Price William, Esq. Pencraig CARNARVON. Garnons Richard, Esq. Carnarvon Griffith John, Esq. Llanfair Griffith William, Clerk, Cae'r Doctor Jones Zacclieus, Esq. Bryntirion Jones Thomas, Esq. Carnarvou Williams Henry Rnmsey, Esq. Glanrafon DENBIGH. Day Thomas, Chirk Jones Thomas, Esq. Garthen Jones Richard, Esi Llay Jones John, Gent. Bache Jones John, Bwlchmawr Kenyon Geol- gc, Esq. Cefn Richards Edward, Yeoman, Berthlwyd Rowland Edward, Esq. Garthen Lodge Whitfield Griffith. Moelierch Wynne John, Gent. Lloran Ganol MONTGOMERY. Bennett Richard, Pn.- ityglo Davies Josepb; Esq. Machynlleth Davies Rev. John, Cemmes Edwards John, Esq. Machynlleth Hughes Edward, Cwmcarneth Jones Thomas, Machynlleth Jones John, Esq. Ditto Lewis John, Ditto Owen Hugh, Esq. Ditto Sparrow John, Esq. Dolcorslwyn MERIONETH. Anwyl Jonathan Bunce, Esq. Ltugwy Edwards William, Escj. Tyddynyfeliri Grvffydh Evan, Esq. Maentwrog Parry'Griffitli, Esq. Ditto Vaughan John. Esq Penmaen Dovey. LIST No. 3. List of Persons who have obtained Gamekeeper's Certificates at the Rate of Three Guineas each, . for the Year 1811, in the undermentioned Counties. from iQth of October, to the 18th November instant. MERIONETH. Gi iflithTliornas. Gamekeeper to the Ret" MauriceWytine, in the Manor or Royalty of Pengwern. Published by order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes. MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. John Owen Herbert, Esq. Chairman Edward Visciutnl Cliv- e Robert Lord Carringtoit Evan Stephens, Esq. William Pughe, juu. Esq. Rev. John Jenkins Rev. James Evaus John Jones, Esq. John Hill, Esq. John Griffiths, Esq. John Jones Edward Pryce Richard Brumwell Richard Pryce John Colley Thomas Davies William Gibbons Edward Jennings John Withers Edward Pugh John Davies Thomas Preace Richard Owen John Williams John Bembow Etlwaid Jones John Mcddins ., Jeremiah Powell Edward Williams Richard, Williams Samnel Breese Edward Hulnphreyit Sarah Owens David Lewis Thomas Evans Thoinas Williams Thomas Morgan George Williams Thomas Matthews David Evans David Jones Richard Newell John Pugh John Lewis Pryce Jones Thomas Jones John Williams David Jones, & c. & c . j TO MESSRS ROWLAND AND SON, CROPRIRTORS OF TIIE MACASSAR OIL. GENTLEMEN, June 23, 1811. IAM greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of your Macassar Oil, for the Rccoverv of my Ilair; which has been so extremely thin for these eight Years past, obliged me to wear a Wig, and used many preparations for a consi- derable time, without anv signs of its recruiting. Hearing of the excellency of your Oil, 1 determined or. trying it; in a short time my Hair began to thicken, and by using it re- gularly for six Months, I was enabled ta leave off my Wig, and have now to boast of a fine Head of Ha; r, which as tonishes every one. I shall continue the use of it, as it not ontv thickens the Hair, but I feel considerable pleasure in the Head after using it. My daughter has received astonish- ing Benefit from using the MACASSAR OIL, of which let the Bearer have One Guinea Bottle. Yi u are al liberty to pub- lish this Note, and may refer anyone to Your obedient Servant, WM. HEN. JAQ1JES, To Messrs, Baker- Street, Portman Square. A. Rowland and Son, Ki'by'Streel, Hatton Garden. To be had of the Proprietors as above, and by their Ap- pointment by Mr. W. EPDOWES, Shrewsbury, and by all Perfumers and Medicine Venders throughout the Kingdom, at 3?. 6d 1.0a. 6d. and one Guinea, per Bottle. ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, WHEEZING, & c. Decisive Medical Authorities in favour of the prepared Stramonium, as a Specific for Consumption of the Lungs, Asthma, and Wheezing. SURGEON FISHER, the original Proposer of these Remedies, has now the satisfaction to say, that the Specific Powers of the Stramonium, piepared under his di- rection, which has performed such surprising cures, in Hies* hitherto incurable Diseases, has received the unqualified sanction of the highest Medical Authorities, Dr. James Anderson, late Physician general ot Madras, has publicly expressed, by ample testimonies, bis knowledge of its success in these maladies ; and Dr Sims, of Guildford- street, has both given Dr. Anderson's opinion of it, and bis own testi- monyof tbe cure of Mr. Toulman, Surgeon, of Hackney,' trs whom he recommended it; and likewise in the case of a Lady, daughter of an eminent Physician, whore it was equally effectual. The prepared Herb for smokincr, and Oxyme! for internal use, aie sold, With ample directions, in London only by Harris, corner of St. Paul's Church- yard ; Bacon, 150, Ox- ford- street; Butis, 10, Berners- stieet; W. EDOOWES, Shrews- bury ; Lynch, Manchester; Barry, Bristol; Knott and Lloyd, Birmingham; Turner and Co. Newcastle; Bums, Bath ; Eilltnge, Liverpool; Poole, Chester; Jones, Oxford - Walker, Gloccstcr; Tyrnbs, Woifiester; Evanson, Whit- Church , and MinshaM, Oswestry. ANOTHER STUBBORN FACT ~ SMITH', PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS Against all the Medicines in the United Kingdom, For the cure nf Leprosy, King's Evil, Venereal Complaints, Sfc. NOTWITHSTANDING the clamour which HAT been raised against these Drops, by artful and designing men, their Reputation is daily increasing, and thev are in the highest estimation in every part of the United Kingdom. From among the many coses lately received, the Doctor gives the following, at tbe very particular request of a benevolent lady in Ihe neighbourhood of Shrewsbury, who recommended the parties to him. BANKRUPTS, NOVEMBER 16. BelandFrederick, of Rood- lane, London, merchant, November 19, 30, Deceintier 28, » t Guildhall.— Kerry Christopher, Hie younger, of Noiwicli, bookseller, November 19, December 10, 28, at the King's Head, Norwich. ~ Bo; eJohn Galley, of Liver- pool,. merchant, December 6, 7, 28, at the Globe Tavern, Liver- pool,— Bromley William, of Broad- street- huildinss, Rovnl Ex- change, merchant, November 19, 30, December 28, at Guildhall. — Brown James, of Liverpool, cotton manufacturer, Novemlier 29, 30, December 28, at the Dog Tavern, Manchester.— Casheer James, of Rupcrl- street, Whitechapet, cooper, Novei,, ber 19,23, December 23, ai Guildhall, London,— Cotton Thomas, of Bishnps- gate- street, insurance- broker, November 19, 26, December 28, at Guildhall, London.— Elliot Daniel, of Clieddir. gtcn, Bucking- hamshire, butcher, November 19, December 3, 2S, at Guildhall, London.— GrahafH Christopher, of Oxford, inuholder, November 21, 22, December 28, at the Mftre Inn, Oxford.— Higgirmn Henri/, of Finsbury- equare, Middlesex, merchant, November 23, 2b, December 23, at Guildhall, London Hyde William, of Manchester, merchant, December 7, 10, 28, at the Talbot Inn, Manchester.— Keliamay Thomas, of Sun- street, Walworth, car- penter, November 19, 26, December 28, at Guildhall, London.— Lee Henty, the younger, of Kiiygston- upon- Hull, grocer, Novem- ber IS, 19, Dei ember 28, at the Neptune Inn, Kingdoii- upon- Hiilt — Luckwood John, of Strood, Kent, money scrivener, November 23, 3U. December 28, a> Guildhall, London,— Mugnie John, of Carlislc- place, Lambeth, dealer iu musical instruments, No- vember 19,21, December 28, at Guildhall, London.— Muggeridge John, of Harieyford- place, Kennington, builder, November 19, 26. December 2H, at Guildhall, London.— Notrie James, of Holborn, woollen draper, November. 19, 30, December 28, at Guildhall, London.— Oakman Thomas, ot Castle- street, Long- acre, Bedstead manufaciuier, November 23, 30, December 28, at Guildhall, Loniloii.— Pearce Ebenezer, of Evesl- am, Worces- tershire, shopkeeper, December 6 7, 28, at the Bell Inn, Evesham. — Slade George, of Riverhead, Kent, brandv merchant, November 10, 30, December 28, at Guildhall, London Shutter Jane, of New Sarum, Wiltshire, linen draper, November 21, 22, December 28, at th - Red Lion Inn, New Sarum Wiles John, of Melton Mowbray, Locestersliire, painter and paper hanger, N- Vember 19, 25, Dectmber 28, » t Guildhall, London. THE CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD. ERSONS who are enervated in Youth seldom recover themselves hy any eel her means than this Re- stoiative ; old age arid infirmities speedily come 011, and the thread of life is shortened; for, the foundation of a liappv old age is a good constitution in youth ; temperance and mod- ration, at that age, are passports to happy grey hairs. The CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD, bv its softening, healing, and tonic qualities, and salutary effects, affords a sure pro. spcct of returning strength, and a certain hope of mtiscular invigoration, to those who are debilitated by premature or excessive indigencies: hence arise weakness of sight, ver- tigos, loss of appetite, aud mental decay. Youth of either sex, who have practised a secret and de- structive Vice, aud thereby relaxed, weakened, and debili- tated the whole Neivons System, will find the Cordial Balm of Gilead the most powerful, certain, and effectual remedy, It has been uncommonly successful with young people who have the appearance and air of old age; who are paie, effe- minate, benumbed, stupid, and even imbecile; whose bodies are become bent, whose legs are no longer scarcely able to carry them ; who have an utter distaste for every tiling, and are totally incapacitated. Where the stomach is frequently disordered, the body is weakened ; paleness, bodily decay, and emaciation, succeed this most destructive habit, and the' eyes sink into the head. The virtue of the Cordial Balm of Gi'ead is daily demonstrated, in eradicating the worst and most dangerous symptoms of Nervous Disorders; and nothing has tended so much to establish the fame of this medicine, as its certain success in those complainls which strike their roots so deep in tlie constitution, and are so fatal to the hap- piness uf mankind. Prepared by Dr SOLOMON, Gilead House, near Liverpool, in 10s. 6d. and 33s. bottles; tbe latter contain four of the former, by which the purchaser saves 9s. Every genuine ho' tie has a Stamp, which bears the proprietor's name and address, " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool," to imitate which is felony. N. B. The postage of all letters to the Doctor must be paid, and 10s. 6d. as a fee enclosed for advice. Sold by EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Sandford, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Guest, Broselev ; Gitton, and Part- ridge, Bridgnorth ; Harding, and Scarrott, Shiffnal ; Dean, Newport; Houlstons, Wellington ; Miller, and Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenlock; Trevor, Much Wenlock; Evans, Welsh Pool; Fnlloives, Baugh, Jackson, and Birch, Elles- mere ; Wright, Whitchurch ; Snelson, and Craig, Nantwich; Painter, Wrexham; Price, Edwards, and Minshalt, Os- | westiy; and by the. principal Venders of Patent Medicines in every Town throughout the Kingdom. To br. SMITH, Upton Magna. " DRAR SIR— We think ourselves bound, in gratitude to you, as well as for the benefit of mankind, to send you au account of a most wonderful cure which our son has received front the use of your Drops. He is row in his 13th vear. and had long been most dreadfully afflicted with the verv worst kind of Scald Head, the smell and violent pain from which rendered his life a burthen to him, and he an object of coin- passion to alt his Friends; every thing usual in such cases was tried, but without effect, nothing gave him relief, and we began to think his case hopeless, and that he was doomed to drag on a wretched existence without any prospect of a Cure; the humour seemed to have attained its utmost height; when a most worthy Lady, who had heard of your wonderful Ploughman's Drops, desired us to apply to yon, and said , h « would pay tbe expense ; accordingly we applied, and he ex- perienced great relief from the first Bottle ; this eoc- ouia » « cl us to persevere, and before the third Botlle was finished,' to ihe great astonishment of the whole neighbourhood, lie ' was perfectly cured, and has now as good a head of hair as anv boy need to have ; we have shewn him to the good Lady who sent ns to you, and she desires you will make it pu. ilic for the benefit of the afflicted. We are. Sir, Yonr most thankful and grateful Servants, Broseley, Ocl. 10, 1811. WILLIAM and MARV OAK'ILEV. These Drops are to be had in square Bottles, with these words mnulded ou each, " Mr. Smith's Ploughman's Drop.-, " ( all others are spurious), at .£ 1 2s. ihe lartse, and lis! the small. Duty included, ot PLOUOMMAN'S HALL, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; of W. F. noowEs, Printer of this Paper, in Shrewsbury ; Capsev, Wellington; Yeates, Salt Warehouse', Iron Bridge; Partridge. Bridgnorth ; Silvester, Newport \ Craig, Nantwich; Guffiths, Ludlow; Baugh, Ellesmere-- Jones, Whi'church; Procter, Drayton; Pnce, Oswestry - Painter, Wrexham ; Waiilson, Welsh Pool; and Fowke' Stafford; Holmes, No. 1, Roval Exchange, London, and every respectable vender in the kingdom. CHURCH'S COUGH DROPS, The CHEAPEST and BUST MBDICINRS for Couoas, COLDS, and ASTHMAS. A fresh Proof of their astonishing Efficacy. rjlHOMAS EDMUNDS, Guard to the Binning- JL ham and Sheffield Mail Coach, declares bis Life was preserved lo his Wile and Family by the sole Use of Church't Cough Drops. One bottle of which, purchased at Mr. Swiu- nev' » , Bookseller, High- street, relieved him from a most suffocating Asthmatic Cough, when he had not any expecta- tion of living many minutes, and that by persevering iu tak- ing them, to the number of five bottles, was enabled to resume his employment, and is now perfectly restored, which he voluntarily certifies uuder his Hand, at Birmingham, the ] 6th- of March, 1805. THOMAS EDMUNDS. Messrs. SHAW nnd EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, having purchased this and all Mr. Church's Medicines, none can possibly be genuine but such as have their Names en- graved on the Stamp, " Shnio and Edwards, 66, St. PauVs Church Yard," the imitation of which is Felony. Price only 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. per bottle. Sold by Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's, Loudon: sold also bv W. EDDOWES, Bythell, Morris, Palin, and Newlin;-,. Shrewsbury ; Ridgeway, and Procter, Drayton ; Chester* Newcastle; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, Staflord; Mobbs^ Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock; and most of the respectable Medicine Venders iu the United Kingdom- Printed and published by W. t'ddawes, Com Market, Shrewsbury.
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