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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 928
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 06/11/1811
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 928
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIJM EDDOWES, N°- 928. Wednesday, Its ! » » • » • » pw^^ ii * CO/ W- J/^ ft/ nST, SHREWSBUR 532SS6 November 6, 1811. Price Sixpence Halfpenny. 27M Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. GENERAL TRAVELLING. TRAVELLERS PASSING THROUGH SHREWSBURY May be accommodated to the following Places, by COACHES FROM THE LION OFFICE. SUPERIOR TRAVELLING, FROM THE RAVEN INN, RAVEN STREET, SHREWSBURY, the following Mail and other Coaches: ABERYSTWITH Royal Mail Coach, every Sunday, Wednesday, aud Friday Mornings, at four o'Clock, by VVavof Welshpool, Llanfair, Can Office, Mallwyd, and Machynlleth, to the Gogerlhan Anns Inn, Aberystwith, earlv the same Evenings. HIBERNIA COACH to London, every Morning at CHELTENHAM IIIBERNIA Post Coach, every Mon- 0' cioek; arrives in London next EVening. dav, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, at six o Clock, by HIGHFLYER to Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, Way of Coalbrook Dale, Bridgnorth, Kidderminster, V\ or- everv Morning at six o'Clock. ROYAL MAIL to London, every Morning ut seven o'Clock. ROYAL MAIL to Holyhead, every Evening at eight o'Clock. ROYAL MAIL to Ludlow, every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday Mornings at seven o'Clock. UNION POST COACH to London, evervMorning at six. HIBERNIA COACH to Holyhead ( lighted and guarded), every Afternoon at three o'clock. ten tester, and Tewkesbury, to the Plough Hotel, Cheltenham, '" NEWTOWN Royal Mail Coach, every Sunday Morning, at four o'Clock, by Way of Welshpool and Berriew; returns from the Bear's Head Inn, Newtown, Monday at Noon. LIVERPOOL RESOLUTE Post Coach, every Morning at six o'Clock by Way of Ellesmere, Wrexham, and Chester, to the Saracen's Head Inn, Dale Street, Liverpool, in eight Hour vi y ' joi iiiii^ ui oi a u v ivt i\. BATH, CHELTENHAM, and WORCESTER Coach, every Morning at six o'Clock. LORD WELLINGTON new Coach ( during theBatliing Season) to Aberystwith iu one Day, every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday Mornings, at fouro'Clock. COACH through Ludlow, Leominster, and Hereford, to BRISTOL, every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday Morn- ings, tvui Sit POOL Roval Mail Coach, every Sunday, Wed- and Friday EVenings, at baft past eight o'Clock; SHREWSBURY, COALBROOK- DALE, BRIDG - - A. i. l.,.. H'.. l. l,.„,,, l V F. vpninfl. fit VOllTU Vinnim M1VCTDB Wn I> r W CT L' I) TO MILLERS. BLACKMORF, and Co.' s PATENT BOLTING CLOTHS, without Seams, with regard to durability, dispatch, and precision in dressing, excel every other In- vention of the kind, as the great and increasing Demand for them clearly evinces. The Proprietors, gratefully ac- knowledging the liberal Support wilh which they " have been favoured, and respectfully soliciting its continuance, beg Leave to inform their Friends, and Gentlemen in the Flour Trade in general, that then- Patent Bolting Cloths, are sold by Mr. .1 Wagstaff, IVorccster Mr. I). Edi'e, Evesham Mr. P. Den- wan, Wolver- hampton Messrs. Houghton and Ro- berts, Birmingham Messrs. Kininell and Sid- niuS, Warwick. 17,000 - 18,000 - 11,000 renins from'the "(' ink Inn " Welshpool, every" Evening at half past four o'Clock. . CHESTER new Post Coach, every Morning at six o'Clock, by Way of Ellesmer'e and Wrexham, to Clicslcr in fi CHESTERdand'PARKGATE GENERAL GRAHAM Post Coach, everv Monday Morning at five o'Clock by Way of Wem Whitchurch, and Barn- Hill, to the Pied Bull Inn, Chester, in Time for the Liverpool and Mancnester C° BATH new Post Coach, called the HIBERNIA, every Mondav, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, at six o'Clock, Way of Worcester, Cheltenham, Cireiiccster, and Petty Vrnuee to the York House, Bath. LUDLOW, LEOMINSTER, & HEREFORD PRINCE REGENT Post Coach, every Sunday, Wednesday, and Fri- day Mornings, at half past five o'clock, by W ay of Church Stretton and Newton, to the Crown lun, Ludlow, in five H MANCHESTER Post Coach, every Morning at six o'clock by Way of Chester, Nortliwich, Knutslord, and Altringhain, to Manchester^ the same Day. ° Performed by J. JONES and Co. trV The Proprietors will not be accountable for Parcels, Passengers' Luggage, & c. above the Value of Five Pounds, unless entered a" s such, and paid for accordingly. " — POSTHORSE DUTIES. Stamp- Office, London, October 26, 1811. rOTICE is hereby given, that by virtue of an Act, J pissed in the last Session of Parliament, intituled " An Act for letting lo Farm the Duties oil Horses lined " bv the Mile or Stage to be used in travelling, and on « Horses hired for a less Period of rime than Twenty- eight « pavK for drawing Carriages used 111 travelling Post or " otherwise in Great Britain, and for facilitating the Re- tt coverv of the said Duties;" the Commissioners ot Stamps, duly authorised bv the Lords Commissioners of his Ma- jesty's Treasury, will put up the said Dmies ( which were granted by the" Act of the Forty- fourth Year of his Ma- icstv's Reign, c. f) 3.) at the Stamp- Office, homerset- PIace, on Wednesday, the 27th of November next between the Hours of Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon, to be let to farm * t Yearly Rents, for the Term of Three Years from the lst Day of February next inclusive, ill the several Districts or Lots follow nig, Annual Rents at which DISTRICTS. they will be put up. 1. North Britnin £ 14,000 2. Northumberland J Cumberland C 10,000 Westmorland i Durham - J 3. Yorkshire 4. Lancashire Cheshire Derbyshire ••••;• . V Staffordshire, with the whole of TamworthJ 5. Lincolnshire Nottinghamshire Leicestershire .•• j G. Northamptonshire Rutlandshire / Warwickshire , •<•••• r ' 7> 000 Oxfordshire, exceptTamworthand Wanes. ^ ford Inn 7. Wiltshire Worcestershire Gloucestershire 8. Norfolk Suffolk Essex Cambridgeshire 9. Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire 10. Huntingdonshire Hertfordshire, with Waudsford Inn ... U. Surrey 13. Middlesex, including London and West- minster 13. Kent Sussex 14. Hampshire Berkshire Devonshire Dorsetshire Cornwall Somersetshire including the Town and County of Pool, in the County of Dorset, the Citv nud County of Exeter, in the County of Devon, and the City and County of Bristol 16. NORTH WALES, viz. Auglesea Carnarvonshire Denbighshire Flintshire Merionethshire nnd Montgomeryshire, with Shropshire 17. SOUTH WALES, viz. 1 Brecknockshire Carmarthenshire Cardiganshire Glamorganshire Radnorshire and Pembrokeshire, with Herefordshire and Monmouthshire Each District will be put up at tbe Sum above set opposite thereto, which, if there, be 110 Bidding, will be gradually abated down to a certain Point, or till a Bidding shall be made. The highest Bidder will be declared the Farmer, and will he required to pav down immediately, in Bank Notes, One- Eighth Part of ' tho Annual Rent 11s a Deposit; hut if 110 sufficient Bidding shall be made for any District, it will be Withdrawn. And it is intended; that the Districts shall not he put up in the Order above stated, but in any otber which the Com- missioners of Stamps may think fit, and which will not be declared before the. Time of letting. All Persons intending to bid for any of the said Duties arc to deliver in their " Proposals, addressed to the Com- missioners at the Stamp- Ofliec, Somerset Place, at least Three Davs previous to the said 271I1 Day of November next signed with their Names, staling Ihe Places of their Abode, and specifying the District or Districts for which they intend to bid, otherwise their Proposals cannot be proceeded upon. And 110 Persons licensed to let Horses for the Purpose of travelling Post, nor any oue for their Use, can be admitted to contract for any of the said Duties. By Order of the Commissioners of Stamps, WIJLUAJVT HAPPEN, Secretary. NORTH, KIDDERMINSTER, WORCESTER, TEWKESBURY, AND CHELTENHAM, NEW AND ELEGANT LIGHT POST COACH, THE UNION, Carrying Four Insides and Six Outsides, SETS out from the LION INN, Shrewsbury, every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, aud FRIDAY" Mornings at six o'Clock, and arrives at the GEORGE INN, Cheltenham, at seven o'Clock the same Evening:— Returns from Chel- tenham every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, nnd SATURDAY Mornings at five o'Clock, and arrives at Shrewsbury at 9ix o'Clock the same Evening, in Time for tbe Holyhead Mail. Passengers by this Coach will have a Preference of Places in the Royal Mail and Ancient Briton Coaches to Holyhead ; as also by the Chester, Manchester, and Liverpool Coaches, from the same Inn. Performed by the Public's verv obedient Servants, LAWRENCE, Shrewsbury, FIELDHOUSE, Worcester, LANGBRIDGE, Cheltenham. N. B The Public arc most respectfully informed, that the LION INN, Shrewsbury, is the only Office that has Conches to Holyhead.— The Proprietors beg Leave to add, they cannot be accountable for any Parcel or Package whatever above the Value of £ 5, nor for any Luggage, uuless properly entered, and paid for accordingly. Mr William Hazledlne, Shrewsbury Mr. G. Lewis, liroseley Mr. T. Jones, Welshpool Mr. G North, Brecknock Mr. J. Bright, Hay Mr. J. Evans, Monmouth Mr T. Webb, Hereford Mr. J. Meredith, Kington All Bolting Cloths made by them have the following Inscription on the Head Leather : " Bv the King's Patent, manufactured at IVanrhworth. Surry, by Blackrrtore and CO. Sold ut their Manufactory''— No others are genuine, October 22tf, 1811. CAERE1NION INCLOSURE. j COMMISSIONER'S A TTENDANCE. THE Commissioner appointed by the Act of Parliament for inclosing Lands in the Manor of Caereinion Iscoed, in the County of Montgomery, will attend to put tbe said Act into further Execution, at the Cross Foxes Inn, in the Town of Llanfair, in Hie said Manor, on FRIDAY, tbe FIFTEENTH Day of NOVEMBER next, at ten in tbe Forenoon. OBJECTIONS TO CLAIMS, & c. And lie will then and there receive such Objections as any Person or Persons, or Body 01 Bodies politic or cor- porate, may have to offer, ( besides those already received), to any of the Accounts or Claims which have beeu delivered to hiin, of Common or other Right in or upon the Com- mons apd Waste Lands within tbe respective Townships of Llaufair ait> t Rhiewhiriarth, in Llanfair Parish, and within the Townships of Llangvniew, Mathrafal, Cynhiiifa, and Gwaenynog issa, ill Llai'igyniew Palish, within the said Manor. The Particulars of those Objections must be in wi lting, signed hy tbe respective Objectors, or their respective Husbands, Guardians, Trustees, Committees, or Agents, and must lie on a separate Paper for each Township. The Clerk will deliver to the Commissioner such Objec- tions as he hath already received of some of the Claimants. SALE OF ALLOTMENTS. The Commissioner will also, in the Afternoon of the same Day, proceed to sell the Allotments set out in the said six Townships, and Nanlforch Township, for raising Money to pay Expenses, according to the other Notice given for that Purpose. Bv the Commissioner's Order, Dated 30th October, 1811. E. F. DYE, Clerk. This Day is published, in the Quarto Size, BY SAMUEL BAGSTER, STRAND, LONDON, NO. I. Price 8d. or the Quantity of 12 Numbers sewed together in Parts, Price 8s. of a new, improved, and correct Edition of THE REV. MATTHEW HENRY's FAMILY BIBLE, Without Abridgment, under the Revision and Care of THE REV. GEORGE BURDER, Secretary to the Missionary Society, And the Rev. JOSEPH HUGHES, A. M. One of the Secretaries to the British and Foreign Bible Society. To which is added, THE LIFE OF THE AUTHOR, BY THEKEV SAMUEL PALMETT, OF HACKNEY J And many useful Tables and Plates.— The whole Work may be bought at one Time, or Subscribers may, at their Option, begin with the Old or New Testament. A few Copies on Royal Paper, fine Ink, § c. in Boards, Price 12J. each Part. Mr. HENRY has written other highly excellent Works, which are collected into one handsome Volume, and printed 1 uniformly to the Family Bible; the Whole forming a most valuable Evangelical Library. Those who already possess the Commentary, may pur- chase the other Works separately. The Labours of tbe Rev GEOR'GE BURDER, and the Rev. JOSEPH HUGHES, M. A. have heen Chiefly employed in ex- amining the References to Scripture; translating the Quo- tations from the learned Languages; arranging the Para- graphs, and all the figured Divisions, in a more conspicuous Manner; expressing ill the Head- line the Substance of tbe Page, and, where practicable, the Chronology : adjusting the Orthography and Punctuation to the modern Standard ; occasionally rectifying grammatical Improprieties; and, indeed, rendering the Whole more correct and useful. These Improvements are peculiar to this Edition. Printed for SAMUEL BAGSTER, Strand, London; and sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury; and all other Book- sellers. TO BUILDERS, WORKMEN, AND THEIR EMPLOYERS. 18,000 15. ) s | 12,000 14,000 ^ 28,000 | 20,000 ' 16,000 • 20,000 - 17,000 8000 THE PROPRIETORS OF THE LOUD WELLINGTON COACH, TO ABERYSTWYTH, T> ETURN Thanks to their Friends and the Public, for XV the very liberal Support they have received since its Commencement; and beg Leave to inform them, that THAT COACH will discontinue running to Aberystwyth after the 24th Instant, the Bathing Season heing closed. At the saine time they assure their Friends, and every Cambrian Visitor, that the Accommodation during the next Season will be of a very superior Description, as entire NEW COACHES are now building upon 1111 improved Plan. Ever anxious to accommodale the Public, and keep open a Communication to North and South Wales, A DILIGENCE TO WELSHPOOL, carrying three Iusides, has commenced running to the BEAR INN, every Monday and Thursday Morning, at five o'Clock, where it meets tbe Machynlleth Diligence, and returns from Pool at fouro'Clock the same Evenings. Passengers travelling by this Conveyance for London, Worcester, Bristol, Cheltenham, Bath, or any otber Part of the Kingdom, will have a Preference given them in the numerous Conveyances from the LION OFFICE, where Seats for the Diligence may be taken ; also at the UNICORN aud the BRITANNIA INNS, Shrewsbury. N. B. Will not he accountable for Parcels of any De- scription above I he Value of £ 5 ( or Passengers' Luggage), unless entered and paid for accordingly. Performed by the Public's obedient Servants— LAWRENCE, CARTWRIGHT, and WILLIAMS. Shrewsbury, Oetobcr 21,1811. HARTSHORN'S BANKRUPTCY. THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing Date the 26th Day of March, 1811, awarded and issued forth against SAMUEL HARTSHORN, ofSbrews- bury, iu the County of Salop, Mercer, intend to meet oil MONDAY, the ELEVENTH Day of NOVEMBER now next ensuing, at eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the Unicorn Inn, in Shrewsbury aforesaid, to make n DIVIDEND of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt ; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to coinc prepared to prove the same, or they will he ex- cluded the Benefit of the said Dividend ; and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. All Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the said Bankrupt are desired to pay the Amount of their respective Debts to the Assignees, otherwise they will be proceeded against without further Notice. JOHN WILLIAMS, Solicitor. This Day is published, the eighteenth Edition, corrected throughout to September 20th, 1811, Price 4s. CROSBY'S BUILDER'S NEW PRICE BOOK, with all tbe recent Changes in the PRICES of every thing relating to erecting and FINISHING Bun, DINGS of all Descriptions ; comprising also the Methods of constructing Ovens, Furnaces, Water Works, MAKING LIMES and CEMENTS; Tables for casting up Labour, MEASURING TIMBER, BRICK, and other Works ; copious Abstracts of the various Acts, a List of Surveyors, & c. BY JOHN PHILLIPS, SURVEYOR. Author ofthe " History nf Trtlavd Navigation," and assisted by several eminent Surveyors and Builders. London: Printed for B. CROSBY and Co. Stationers' Court; Sold bv W. EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Morris, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Houlstous, Wellington; Smith, Ironbridge and Wedlock ; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch; the Booksellers in Chester; J. Painter, Wrexham ; and all other Booksellers, rT^ HE Creditors who have proved their Debts under a _ I Commission of Bankrupt, bearing Date the 26th Day of March, 1811, awarded and issued forth against SAMUEL HARTSHORN, late of Shrewsbury, in the County of Salop, Mercer, are desired to meet the Assignees of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, nt the Unicorn Inn, in Shrewsbury aforesaid, at eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of MONDAY, tbe ELEVENTH Dayof NOVEMBER next, to take into Consideration and determine upon the Propriety of disposing, by private Contract orothew. se, of the Estate and Interest oftlie said Bankrupt of and in certain Houses and Hereditaments, situate in Shrewsbury aforesaid, under or by Viitne ofa certain Contract made and entered into by the said Bankrupt, bearing Date the third Day of August, 1805, and made between JOSEPH LOXDALE WARREN, Gentleman, of the one Part, and the said Samuel Harts- horn, ' lie Bankrupt, of the other Part; and to assent there- to 01- dissent therefrom ; and 011 other special Afl'airs. JOHN WILLIAMS, Solicitor 7500 WHER F. AS a Commissicr of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against RICHARD HUMPHREYS, late ofthe Town of LLANIDLOES, in the County of Mont- I gomery, Flannel Manufacturer, Dealer and Chapman, and lie being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surren- der himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the ELEVENTH, TWELFTH, and THIRTIETH Days of NOVEMBER, 1811, ut eleven o'Clock iu the Forenoon of each Day, at the BEAR'S HEAD Inn, in the Town of NEWTOWN, in the said Comity of Montgomery, ( and not at the Times mentioned by Mistake iu au AdvertiNemeut in this Paper), and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting to choose Assignees- and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is re- quired to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent tiTor dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. WILLIAM FORD STEVENSON, NO. 8, Lincoln's Inn, London ; or lo Mr. JOHN THOMAS, Solicitor, in the Town of Llanfyllin, in the said County of Montgomery. ONLY 6,500 TICKETS. EXTRAORDINARY LITTLE LOTTERY. POSITIVELY THE ONLY ONE THIS YEAR, WITH CAPITALS OF SUPERIOR VALUE TO THE I, AST. 5.100 FLAX AND TOW YARN SPINNING. WANTED immediately, a Person of Respectability, who thoroughly understands tbe above Business 111 all its Branches, and is capable of undertaking the entire Management of aMILL, worked by a Steam Engine, con- taining upwards of 760 Spindles, with proper Preparers, Sac. To prevent unnecessary Applications, none but Per- sons of Respectability and who can produce Testimonials of their Abilities and Integrity, will be treated with Salary according to Merit. Apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to WILLIAM EMUSS, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. STOLEN, On Tuesday Night last, or early on Wednesday Morning, out of a Stable belonging to " Mr. Thomas Williams, of Plas- Enion, in the Parish of Llanfair, near Ruthin, Denbighshire, ADARK- BROWN GELDING PONEY, rising three Years old, about 13 Hands high, with a few white Hairs iu his Forehead, lately broke and trimmed. Whoever will give information of the Offender or Offenders, shall, upon Conviction of the same, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS, by applying to the said Thomas Williams, or the Treasurer of the Llanfair Association for the Prose- cution of Felons October 31, 1811. ORF. TON COMMON INCLOSURE. " XTOTICF. is hereby given, that all Persons who are in- r> l terested in or liaveTitle to any Manorial Rights in or upon the Common or Waste Land within the Tow nship of Oi- eton, in the Parish of Stottesdon, in the County of Salop, or to any Messuages, Tenements, Lands, and Heredita- ments within tbe said Parish and Township, having a Right of Common thereon, are particularly requested to meet at the EAGLE and SERPENT Inn, in CLEORURY MORTI- MER, 011 MONDAY, the 18th Day of NOVEMBER, tsll, at twelve o'Clock precisely, for the Purpose of taking the immediate Inelosnre of that Common or Waste Land into Consideration; and to appoint a Solicitor, and one or more Commissioners, in the Business of such Inclosure. VALUABLE MINES NEAlt BIRMINGHAM. rpo be SOLD, the COAL and IRON STONE under I. about 50 Acres of Land, lying in the Parishes of WESTHROMWICH and OLDBURY, in the Counties of Staf- ford and Salop. The Premises are In the Occupation of M essrs. Izons and Co. and are adjoining their I rem Works. The Birmingham Canal runs thro' the Estate. The Mines are now in full Work, close adjoining, which fully prove their Thickness and Quality; and they have the Advantage of being nearer the Market than any other Coal now got upon the Line of the Canal. Apply to Mr. CURTIS, Walsall; if by Letter, Post paid. TO TANNERS. TO BE LET, And may be entered upon at Lady- Day next, ACOMPLETE Premises for carrying on the above Business; comprizing a DWELLING HOUSE, extensive Garden and Orchard, a TAN YARD, with Bark Bays, together with necessary Outbuildiugs, adjoining the River Rhoden, and also two Pieces of Meadow and Pasture LAND, situate at WEM, in the County of Salop— For Particulars enquire of Mr. WALMSLEY, Cray mere, near Went aforesaid. Newport, 21 st October, 1811. GENTEEL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, NEAR SHREWSBURY. LONDON. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. WHITEHALL, OCTOBER 29. His Roval Highness the Prince Regent lia3 been pleased, ill the mime and 011 the behalf of his Majesty, to constitute and appoint the Right Hon. David Boyle to his Majesty's Justice Clerk 111 Scotland, in the room of the Right Hon. Charles Hope, appointed President of the College of Justice 111 Scotland. His Royal Highness has also been pleased, in the name and 011 the behalf of his Majesty, to present the Rev. Win. Finlater to the Church and Parish of Durness, 111 the Pres- bytery of Tongue, and County of Sutherland, ih the room of Mr. John Thompson, deceased. CROWN- OFF ICE, OCT. 29. Member returned to serve in this present Parliament. Borough of Totness— T homas Peregrine Courtenay, ill the roum of William Adams, Esq. deceased. WEDNESDAY, dCTOBER SO. Paris papers have arrived to th,< 26th. They furnish Us with the official details of the late operations in the Peninsula. Suchet, it appears, entered the town of Murviedro on Ihe 27th ult. and on the 29th opened his trenches before the fortress. Blake had sent detachments of regulars and peasantry to act in the rear of the enemy, hut, according to Suchet, the Spaniards were defeated with considerable loss. The events in the vicinity of Ciodad Rodrigo are related in the usual style. The allies are said to have lost between T and 800 men, including 200 prisoners. According to Lord Wellington, the killed, wounded, and missing did not exceed 26L, General Stewart's orderly Serjeant, who was reported mi- sing, has the honour of being represented by Marmont " as one of Lord Wellington's aides de- camp. Marniont prelends that he could have annihilated the English army, had his infantry heen brought, on the. g5th. We might ask why they were not ? But the fact is, that in the affairs of that day lie had in the field 6000 horse and four divisions of infantry. The post occupied by the 4th division of our army, on ihe hills in front of Fuentc Guinaldo, because it was strengthened with a few works, is magnified into an entrenched camp I Bonaparte had returned to Amsterdam; and remained there on the 21st instant, after visiting Haarlem, the Texel Isle, and other places, where he was greeted with all the external demonstrations of jov. He appears, however, by the objects lo which lie chiefly directs his attention, to feel convinced that he does not reign in the hearts of his new subjects. Neither tho laboured panegyrics in which they have addressed him, nor their awkward efforts to dance themselves into his good graces, can persuade him that Ihey are to be trusted. The anxiety with which he enquires into the state of the fortresses and military works in every part of the country, shews that he wishes to impress the Dutch with terror,, well knowing that to "" ain their affection is impracticable. The circumstance of the King of Rome having cut his first tooth, is announced with official solemnity in the Moniteur. This mari vello is occurrence will, no doubt, be eagerly seized upon by the Legislature and other PuWic Bodies, as a subject of congratulatory addresses to the father. It is stated in an article from Berlin, that the friendly dispositions of the neighbouring powers had induced the King of Prussia to intermit the prepar- ations and labours in the fortresses, which a prudent precaution had suggested. In Germany, the conscripts are sent to the fortresses, to learn their exercise ; but we read of the marching of 110. armies, except armies of Custom- house Officers— and a war against British manufacture and colonial produce, is the only one which we are likely to witn ss in the North of Europe. All Ihe Prussian troops which were in Servia have received orders to inarch immediately for Timok.— Several Servian battalions have set out for the same destination. There are not more than from 500 to 800 R ussians in Belgrade, who will very souu march. We are assured that Czerni Georges has taken the chief command upon the banks of the Timok, and that the Rus ians there are under his orders. General Abladen has been named Commander in Chief of the Servian corps charged with covering the" right bank of the Danube, and to observe the Turkish army from Bosnia, which has received considerable reinforceraeuts. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31. An express was received this day from Windsor, stating, " That his Majesty had a restless night, and was not better in either bodily or mental health." Tbe movements of General Rallusteros have at length had the effect of drawing towards liitu so lar » e a body of the enemy, that he lias found it uecessari to retreat under the walls of Gibraltar. His 3000 men have been marched against by Soult, with 9000. The Spaniards, on the approach of this superior force, retreated in good order, without having been attacked. This intelligence has been brought hy the Woolwich store- ship from Gibraltar. We should see little in it lo SCHEME. 1 Prizes of . .. £ 16,000 ... are .. £ 32,000 2 .. 3,000 6,000 4 1,000 4,000 4 500 2,000 6 ... 100 ... .... 600 12 50 600 42 25 1,050 1.250 15 18,750 N. B. Inthe late October Lottery there were upwards of THREE TIMES the N11 mber cf^ Tickets sold, as what this little Lottery contains; it must therefore be evident, tbat the pre- sent Tickets cannot be nearly sufficient to meet the usual demand. BISll and Co. Contractors xcith Government, anxious to merit public esteem, take no advantage to themselves of this certain Scarcity, but submit the few Tickets and Shares that remain unsold at the following low Prices. Ticket .". £ 19 19 0 TO LET, For a Term of Years, with immediate. Occupation, AMOST eligible RESIDENCE, with suitable Offices, and proportionate Extent of Meadow and Pasture lament, if the enemy had not remained, for some days ? l, rf* f,- V- ™ ry » alldinevel'y in possession of San Roch, where doubtless they made some plunder from the inhabitants. It is a degree of success to occupy a large force by ( lie movements ofa smaller, without sacrificing the latter. The British troops, who sailed from Cadiz, on the 12th, to co- operate willi Ballasteros, were accompanied Way desirable to a Family of Respectability. Apply lo Mr. PERRY, Shrewsbury. SHROPSHIRE. Half ... Quarter £ 10 Eighth Sixteenth... £ 2 13 1 7 At the same time they respeotfnlly advise 1111 immediate purchase, ns the extreme Smallness of the Lottery, renders it wholly impossible to supply the Agent* in THIS COUNTY with Shares for Halftlieir Customers, the demand in London being much greater than ALL the 6,5 10 Tickets, contained in this- matchless little Lottery, the whole of which, by order of Government, will be drawn 011 TUESDAY, the 19th INSTANT.] MONTGOMERYSHIRE. FARMS TO BE LET, From Lady Day next: TWO FARMS in Castle Caereinion, about four Miles from Welsh Pool, a good MarketTown, four Miles from the Market Town of Lbinfair, and within four Miles of the Village of Berriew, where there is a Supply of Lime and Coal by- the Montgomeryshire Canal: one of the Farms consists of a good Farm House and convenient Buildings, aud about 186 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land; and the otber consists of the like Buildings, and 145 Acres of Arable, Meadow, aud Pasture Land, Mr. Thomas Havcoek, of Dolarddyn Farm, will shew the Farms ; for further Particulars apply to Mr. THOMAS JONES, jun. Penbryn, near Montgomery. STOLEN, On TUESDAY NIGHT, the2' 2dof OCTOBER, 1811, out of a Field adjoining the Town of Pool, ABLACK GELDING, thirteen Hands high, some Saddle Marks on the Back, with a Burn Mark 011 the Thigh ( P) 011 the gctting- up Side.— Whoever will give Information of the Offender of Offenders, shall on Con- viction reccive a REWARD of FIVE GUINEAS, by applying to Mr. THOMAS JONES, Maltster, Welshpool. N. B. A Person calling himself ROHERT JONES, of Maen- gwyn, in tbe Parish of Flint, did ou Tuesday Evening last, in the Town of Pool, contract for tbe Sale of a Brown Mare, and afterwards absconded without having received Payment for the said Mare. The said Robert Joues was seen near lo the. Field from which the above Gelding was stolen on the same Evening: he is about five Feet five Inches high, stout built, ruddy Complexion, light brown Hair, appears to be about 40 Years of Age, an 1 speaks broken English. Welshpool, Oct. 35th, 1811. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, ACOMMODIOUS MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, called UPPER LUDSTONE, fit for the Reception of a genteel Family: consisting of a Hall, two good Parlours, Kitchen, Pantries, Cellars, Brewhouse, and other Offices ; three good Lodging Rooms, large Dressing Room, and two small Closets, on the first Floor; and five very convenient Garrets.— Also, a Coach House, large Stable, Dove House, with other necessary Outbuildings; Shrubberies, Kitchen and other very good Gardens, planted with Fruit Trees, large Fish Pool, and about seven Acres of excellent Meadow LAND, the greatest Part of which might be irrigated at Pleasure. The above Premises are situated in a pleasant Part of the Country, near to which a daily Post passes ; in a Neigh- bourhood also where Harriers are kept, and distant about six Miles from Bridgnorth, seven from Shiffnal, and eight from Wolverhampton.— For a View thereof apply to Mr. FARMER, of Ludstone Hall; and for further Particulars to Mr. GITTON, Solicitor, Bridgnorth. SPY RING AND MARSDEN's PURE LEMON ACID, FOR PUNCH, LEMONADE, SAUCES, & c. FAMILIES, Taverns, and Inns, will find it ex. tremely convenient, as it suits every domestic Purpose, where the Lemon is necessary. Officeis and Captains of Ships, and others, will find it paiticukirlydesirable, as it is dry and portable, and will retain its Flavour in eveiy Climate. Prepared only at 163, Borough. London, nnd sold in Bottles at 2s. 6d. by Mr. SCOI. TOCK, in Shrewsbury, and bv most Druggists, Libraries, and Confectioners. Where also may be hail, their PORTABLE LEMONADE, which only requires the Addition of Water, in Packets, Price 2a. Kj" Please to observe their Name 011 the Bottle and Wrapper, as the Label and Directions have been imit ued by several Jews going about the'Country, deceiving Shopkeepers and others, by selling a spurious Aiticle ; making any Al- lowance tq « et ready Money. 1 hy a proportionate quantity of artillery. Thev landed al Tariffs, on the following day. Three thousand Spaniards, who sailed for the same destination, had heen prevented hy contrary winds from joining there. By this circumstance the position of the British troops at Tariffa might he made somewhat critical, if it ere not certain that the wind must either bring the | Spaniards to their support, or enable the British to return to Cadiz, the transports having doubtless remained at Tariffa. I11 the former case, tne junction j of such a force at Tariffa must operate as an important • diversion for Baiiasteros, who has shewn that he is never negligent of opportunities for returning lo the field. The second General Meeting of tli « Subscribers for rebuilding Drury- Lane Theatre was held yesterday. It appears from the report that great progress is making towards tlie completion of tiiis national work. The Subscribers have generally ratified their sub- scriptions, and £ 120,000 is already on the books of the Committee, with the promise of further sums. This, with the price of old materials, and money in the Insurance Offices, gives fair prospect of a happy accomplishment of tile design( and that, bv the lst of October next, the time specified in the contract, the public may be admitted to the seat of Iheir old pleasures, aud see the Muse revived in New Drury. Sittings appointed in Middlesex and London, before the Right Hou. Sir James Mansfield, Knight, Lord Chief Justice of his Majesty's Court of Common 1' 1,- as at Westminster, in and after Michaelmas term, 1811 ' IN TERM. Middlesex. Friday Thursday Thursday Friday ..••...-—... Nov. 8 14 21 AFTER TERM. Nov. 29 1 Saturday Monday - Friday Friday London. • Nov. 11 15 22 » Nov. 00, LONDON. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1. Letters have been'received at Plymouth from Lisbon, dated the 17 ill of October, which confirm the account? of the Allied A rmy having advanced ar. d gone iuto can- tonments on the Portuguese Iroutiyr. Fuente de Gui- naldo is again iu our possession, the'British light divi- sion being posted there. The tirst division is eight It agues in Ihe rear of ihe Coa, and the other di visions are cautoned in different villages on the banks of the same river. Great exertions are making to repair the fortifications of Almeida, from which it is conjectured that Lord Wellington intends to make a stand in his present position, if the French should again advance.— We regret to state that toe sickness of Ihe army is stated to be very extensive. It is said there are up- wards of 10,000 sick in the depot ut Lisbon. The Wolverine store ship, arrived from the Mediter- ranean at Portsmouth, brought over Lord Yakutia and Lord Forbes. A letter from Gibraltar, received by the Woolwich, gives the following account of the proceedings in the neighbourhood ol lhat place : — GIBRALTAR, OCTOBER IS— The Spanish division, com- manded by General Ballasleros, lias at last attracted suffi- ciently the enemy's attention lo bring them down upon him Some days ago he left Kiuiene, where lie had established his head- quarters ; and on the loth inst the French made him fall batik upon the heights of Sail Iti, que, on the right of which town he took up a position, extending his line iu J west direction. There he remained until yester- has been apprehended, so that the [ guide only has evaded his pursuer.. A coroner's inquest sat on the body of Mr Sueil, and brought in a verdict of wilful murder against the guide and the three Frenchmen who accompanied him FROM THE ION VON GAZETTE. DOWN1NG- STREET, NOVEMBER 2. f0c& i0ctipt A Dispatch, of which the following is an extract, has been this day received from General Viscount Wellington, dated Frenada, October 16. " There has been 110 material alteration in the position of the Enemy's troops since I addressed you last — The Annv of Portugal are cantoned beyond Placeulia, having one division at Placeutia, with their advanced posts on the Alagou, and the cavalry ou the North Side cf the Mountains which divide Castile from Esti etundnra, about Peuacanda. — 1 learn from Lieut.- Col. Sir H. Douglas, that the enemy are fortifying the posts which they occupy in front of the Artny of Galliciti— One division of the 5th corps, w ith a considerable body of cavalry, have crossed the Guadiaua at Mcrida, under Gen. Girard; and ihe remainder of the corps was to the South of that River.—- I have received a report, that Don Julian Sanchez yesterday carried oft' a large ^ iro portion of tbe cattle grazing near Ciudad Rodrigo, and destined for thc supply of the garrison ; and he made pri- soner the Governor, General Reyuaud, either by surprise, or ill conseqtteuce of the latter having endeavoured to save the r attle with a very inadequate force." [ The Gazette contains an account of the capture of a French cutter privateer, of 6 guns, and 40 men, oil" the Naze of Norway, by the Plover sloop of war, Captain Campbell; and a French privateer, of 10 guns, and 78 men, oft' thc Flemish Banks, by the Quebec frigate, Cupl. Hawtayne.] an east and day evening, when, on finding the enemy was advauciii- in numbers, be retieated further towards the old Spanish lines; and n few hours utter the French made their appearance in the very position which ( Jen. Ballasfeios occupied before upon Ihe heights near St. Itoque. Small skirmishing parlies were sent on both sides, which, together with tbe firing of three gun- boats, lying ut anchor oil* Puente Mayorza, were the only hostilities that occurred in the course of Ihe day — The Spa lim'ds, before night fall, took shelter under the guns of the garrison ; and the French, 1 find, this morning, remain in tbe same position. As to their force, we have no positive accounts ; some people making it amont to 10,000 men, whilst others hardly believe it tube tXHKi strong — Ballusieros, I should think, has not yet full 5U00 regular troops under his command. The curiosity excited by the appearance of the enemy iu this neighhotn hood is beyond description. Since yesterday, thai part of the rock which faces the- neutral ground has'been constantly crowded with spectators, beholding objects well deserving commiseration, iu llie vast numbers of Spanish fugitives from St. Roque, who are now scattered in all directions, near our bay- side barrier, without any sort of accommodation whatever, and the greatest part of them even without the mealis of sub- sistence. Every succour from lrer. ee has been bestowed upon ' these unfortunate people; our reservoirs and tanks have iccu emptied ; and many families in the garrison were this morning without a sufficient quantity of water to afford them th' means of getting a breakfast. " Should the enemy ront i ue in this present position, ihe Spanish ai my and the fu itives can only escape by passing through and embarking from hence; after which, we expect to be annoyed by the enemy, who, although they cannot materially injure us, may keep us in a constant state of alarm. Last night I saw some tiring al Algesiras, and thought the French had enter- ed tbat town ; which, however, is fully contradicted this morning No business whatever is doing at this moment: sales, and all other transactions of that nature, are w holly suspended. 4' Notwithstanding the late reverses, the Catalonians continue to display the most ardent patriotism ; being in arms wherever they can provide themselves with them. Baro; i d'Eroles has been appointed Captain General ofthe principality, in lieu ol General Lacy.— Previous to this change, the body of men under the General's command, which by his last dispatch amount- ed only to 1100 men, had been increased to S000. It was expected that the French would turn their arms against Cardona, the strongest place left in the hands of the patriots in that part of the Peninsula. Yesterday his Royal Highness, the Prince Regent, inspected the 10th Royal Ilussars, at the Barracks in Brighton.— The inspection was of a very close descrip- tion, and occupied better than two hours and a half.— The proceedings on foot having terminated, others en- sued with the regiment mounted, the whole, in troops, and in single files, in their best uniforms, and in their stable dresses, passing his Royal Highness. Many of the new troop horses turned out to be of a description in no way to please his Royal Highness who, in loud and unequivocal terms, expressed his disapprobation of tbem. It is said they will be returned to the dealer. Fatal Marriage — The following fracas lately look place in the neighbourhood of Bedford. A Mrs. Bartlett, a very re- spectable industrious . oman, well known as one ofthe first platters iu the county, married, in the year 1794, a young mail of the name of Henderson. Being in the sea- faring line, he wr. s obliged to leave her only a few months after his inai- riage, and sailed for Bengal, as Captain's servant ill Ihe Lord North East 1 ndii- inan. On the return of thc ship she received a letter from him, stating, that having had a very advantageous offer from a Gentleman at Calcutta, lie had, with the permission of his Captain, accepted it; but that he fully expected to he'in England at the expiration of three years, as the Gentleman in whose employ he was, intended quitting India for Europe at tbat period. Three years elapsed, and time still rolled on 1 but no husband, nor any tidings of him, reached his loving spouse At the end of live years he was given up as dead by Mrs. Bartlcf t, as well us all her friends ; and liis supposed decease was regularly mourned. Early lu 180,), she married John Bartlett, by whom she has had two children. About ten days since, as she and ber husband were sitting alone at supper, the door of the cottage was suddenly opened with great violence, and who should stalk in but Henderson— fury in his eye, aud a stout cane in his baud. Without any preface, l. e seized upou Bartlett, and literally threshed him till lie could no longer lay it on ; then turning to the astonished and horror- struck Mrs. li. lie told her, that if she would not instantly consent to leave her present protector, and accompany him, he would sei've her in the same manner. This w- r-. s immedi- ately assented to ou her part, leaving poor Bartlett bruised without, and pained within, to the sudden loss of his car a ' sposa !— Star. At the Middlesex Sessions yesterday, a Mrs. Chapman, a very genteelly dressed woman, who stated herself to he a leaident in Nelson- street, Commercial Road, exhibited articles of the peace against her husband. She averred, j that she was in constant fear of her life or some bodily harm from his brutality ; and stated iu her exhibit many instance!* , of his Outrageous conduct, of his being in llie habit of I threatening to murder her, Sic— The husband appeared at the bar, according to Mr. Andrews, as an amateur listener, 1 ( lie uot being obliged to attend), and made a defence to the charges of his rib, which convulsed the court with laughter. " 1 have been a sea- furiiig man, please your honour," said lie," and though 1 have been in many engagements, J never met such a spit- fire frigate as this here wife of mine in my life. I am her third husband ; and God help the other two, if she has treated them in the same way that she has behov- ed to inc. During the five years thai 1 have lived witn her, she has banged me five times, kept £ goo of my ow n money from me, and beat me out of my house by force of arms. I ain, please your honour, the pcaceablest man that ever put leg on ground. Never did I insult her, or threaten her; and if ever 1 do, may I be hanged out of thc first yard arm in tbe river. She is thc greatest reprobate, sir, ihat ever walked— she would marry auy body— she bids dcfiance to God and man; and you may, therefore, guess how lilile she cares about me. I am the most injurerlest andhenpfek'd- e'i husband in the three kingdoms He then slated that lie was a pilot in the river; anil as he denied so pointedly tbe charges of his wife, tbe Court allowed biin 24 hours to put iu a regular answer, before they should bind him over to keep the peace. He then bowed to the Court, and said be would apply to a. man of I - w for advice — To the admiration of the Court, the parties left it together, ill very apparent amity. Murder — On Tuesday last, six French officers, who were oil their | arolc lit Oakliaiupton, escaped from that town, accompanied hy an English guide. Having crossed Dart- inuor, on Thursday afternoon, they came near Bnvey Tracey, whcte, meeting with a woman, tlicy enquired if there was any other road than through the. town ? being answered iu ihe negative, they made a halt. The wonum communicated the particulars to some of thc towus- people, Mini four men went in pursuit of them i when they were discovered, three Of them surrendered, and were secured ; hut the other three, v. ith the guide made oft', and were followed by two of the men. The first that came up with them was Mr. Christopher Snell, when the guide instantly turning round, with a dagger, stabbed him to Ihe heart, nnd be expired on the spot Lord Clifford soon after order ed a troop of yeoman cavalry to go in pursuit of them. The three who surrendered were examined by thc Itcv. Mr, B'arringlon, a Justice of the Peace, at Chudleigh, and com- mitted to Devon county gaol. Oil Sunday night another prisoner was brought in, and, after an examination before a Magistrate, on Monday morning, was committed to pri- son The same evening a fifth was taken at Denbury, and brought to Exeter; since which, wc understand, the sixth SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2. An express was received yerserday from Windsor; stating—" That his Majesty was somewhat composed during the night, and appeared heller in the morning." A Lisbon Mail ' has arrived this day, with papets to the 21st ult. The Southern provinces are, probably, again about to become the scene of active operations. Marmont, it is stated, advances towards Badajoz, as if with au intent to lorce a passage towards Lisbon through thc Alenlejo. His intention has, however, not yet been sufficiently shewn to induce Lord Wellington to follow him. The main British army remained nearly in its former positions. Private letters however state that a considerable force watches the south eastern frontier of Portugal. The second brigade was at Portalegre on the 14th.— A reinforcement of 800 infantry had reach- ed Lisbon from the Mediterranean. By intelligence received from the Caraccas in letters from Jamaica, it appears that llie cily of Valentia had successfully resisted two attacks by the army of Ven- ezuela, under thc command of General Miranda. A Mail from Anholt and auother from Heligoland arrived yesterday. The letters from Petersburg!! say nothing on the politics of that Cabinet. The price of Russian produce, it is stated had fallen, while that of colonial goods had risen considerably in consequence of large purchases being made by German merchants. Bonaparte is negociating with the King of Denmark for the surrender of Altona, and some olher towns in Holstein.-— The homeward bound convoy, which sailed from Wingoe Sound on the 2oth, is said lo have been dispersed in a gale of wind. The leters from Heligo- land, which are to the 18th, give au account of a dread- ful storm, in whit Ii several merchaulmenliave been lost off that island, but fortunately the crews were saved. It also appears that tbe Horatio frigate has been iu great danger. The Turks are said to have destroyed a large body of Russians, on the north bank of the Danube. It is said lhat fourteen additional ships of war of considerable force are immediately to be put in com- mission. A late rise in the Funds is to be accounled for by va- rous causes. In the first place a considerable purchase was inade on Wednesday, hy oue broker, in consequence of an order iu a bill passed lasi Session of Parliament; the account of the Contractors for the former Lean is nearly run off, and the Commissioners will begin on Wednesday next to buy 125,0001. per day. These, aud nothing political, are the causes ofthe rise. The recent advices from America, as far as they relate to llie trading part of the American community, are of a. most distressing tendency. In every Slate where commerce has hitherto flourished," numerous failures have already taken place. In Philadelphia, above sixty respectable, houses- are said lo have stopped payment within a few weeks. At New York, Baltimore, and other towns, the same disastrous consequences have been severely fell. The city of London contains many respectable merchants who must, we fear, participate in the misfortunes which have befallen their American friends. Oue respectable house stopped payment yes* terday: arid it is whispered, that several others must shortly share the same fate. Thc latest accounts from Cadiz announce the re estab- lishment of the Irquisition in Spain, which is con demned by the journalists, but supported by many Members of the Cortes. The fleet from the Baltic, destined for the Ilumber, arrived there on Wednesday evening ; and it is report- ed, that the fleet destined for London, and the other ports, were seeu off Yarmouth yesterday. Letters from St. Petersburgh of the 9lh ult. say, it was the prevalent opinion in the B ussian capital, t at all idea of war wilh France had been relinquished for Ihe present. On the . subject of commercial matters, there were great complaints of the British agents not being able to get their demands satisfied; legal means they have none, for the war between the two countries placed these out of their reach. Hemp was lower in price; colonial produce on the rise, inconsequence of large orders from the interior. LInr r.,— Iu the Court of King's Bench, on Friday, Mr. H. White, the elder, publisher ofthe Independent Wliig, a Sunday's newspaper, w as tried for a libel published in lhat newspaper. The libel complained of accused the Adminis- tration of general corruption, anil characterized it as futally inefficient— as betraying its imbecile character in its slight est movements— as scoffed at by the rest of mankind— as pulling llie seal to its character by the corrupt and despotic act in question. The writer knew that it had always been customary lo bestow rewards on Captains, but maintained that il ought to lieexieiided still further. Bonaparte avoid- ed all distinction iu his army i there, merit alone ensured reward: and hence arose that enthusiasm which prevailed in his service. In ours, ihe melancholy reverse w as found The spirit of the language of ihe Gazette, in which these rewards were announced, was, thai thesupcriorofiicer al. ue was honoured, the brave soldier contcmncd as below the others level, aud accordingly refused the same reward. In thecoursc of an able charge to the Jury by Lord Ellen- borough, his Lordship observed, that the defendant had praised the victories of Crcssy and Poiciitts, and declaimed against what he had been pleased to term t he equivocal and haircn bailies and relapsed energies of ttie present lime.—. If these insinuations were conveyed to the miilds of ihe sol- diery, it was impossible to conceive any thing more danger- ous, any t liing more apt lo unnerve their arm, when lifted up against the enemy-. The diligent emissaries of Bona- parte could not convey a more dangerous poison to them — But, were the energies of the country' relapsed? At what period had that relapse taken placer Was it when Lord Nelson pioslrated the uaval power of the enemy ? Was it Hurler Capt. II ostein I lie Mediterranean ? Were these among the instances which he would wish to point out? Was it wlieu Ihe praams were cut out and destroyed before the face of the iniglily conqueror r Were these the relapsed and feeble energies he alluded lo5 He bad- lerined the late victories equivocal und barren battles. In so far as these battles had been productive of no acquisition of territory, they could alone he termed barren ; but in whatever related to the valour and wisdom displayed iu them, they were uot equi- vocal, ami in no respect inferior to any thing of former times The defendant concluded, as was generally the case in similar publications, with a compliment to Bonaparte, and praise of his a-. niy, with whichlic- haa thought proper to contrast Hie melancholy reverse exhibited ill the army of this country. His lordship concluded with laying if down as undeniable, that the plain niirl obvious tendency of that publication was to sow dissentions ill, the army, and that it could he looked ou in noiither light than highly slanderous and defamatory — The jury retired about five minutes past one o'clock, and, at near six o'clock, returned a verdict, finding the defeudaiil guilty of publishing the libel ; but on i'.- count of of liis absence from town, and necessity of in- trusting un agent with the management of the publication, lltey recommended him to mercy; which verdict Mr. Low- ten, in the absence of Lord Ellenborungh, having refused to receive, ( hey again retired, and shortly after returned a verdict of " not ' guilty, because it is not proved that he was privy to the alleged libel- previous to its publication." ION ION, Monday Night, November ill, 1811 STATE OF THE KING'S HEALTH.— The following Bulletin was yesterday exhibited :— " II indsot- Castle, Nov. 2,— His Majesty continues ucarly iu the same stale." Au express was received this day from Windsor, staling, -*• That his Majesty hail very little sleep during the night, and did not appear to be belter this morning." The Prince Regent will not return to Carlton House until Thursday next, in order to preside at a Council to be holden on Friday, v. hen the final prorogation of Parliament will be settled, and Friday, the 10th of January, it is expected, will then be fixed for thc meeting of both Houses for the dispatch of public business. We are sorry to stale that the intelligence is con- firmed of the fever having been introduced on board his Majesty's ships Implacable and Temeraire, at I'ort Mahon. The deaths were from two to five daily. From the ships having been taken into the Lazaretto, aud the sick into the Hospitals, it was hoped lhat the progress of thc fever would soou be stopped. A letter from the Mediterranean announces a dis- turbance at Tunis; about 4000 of the troops there had declared themselves in op position to the Govern- ment. Their attempts, however, were successfully opposed by a strong Arab force, at the head of which was a British Midshipman, who volunteered his services j on the occasion. The Cambrian frigate is arrived at Portsmouth from the Mediterranean. It is supposed she brings late accounts from Malta and Gibraltar, but, as no inter- course has taken place between that ship and the shore, neither the time of sailing, nor the intelligence she brings have transpired. The letters are detained : for fumigation, and are expected to be up to- morrow. The Anholt mail which arrived to- day furnishes no intelligence of importance from the North. The latest intelligence from the Russian Capital is brought by an ] English traveller, who reached town on Saturday last. ] That gentleman assures us that the Russian Govern- j On Thursday evening last Mr. Joseph Lancaster delivered j his Lecture in the County Ilall, on the important subject of Education, to a very numerous aud re? pcctablc audietice; in which he explained the economy of time, labour, and expense uf his own. system, and very forcibly contrasted it with that* of others. He was heard with the greatest attention throughout the whole, anil his benevolent and philanthropic sentiments were received with the warmest approbation. At ( be conclusion of liis Address, Mr. L. repeated an otter he had made at the time lie delivered a former Lecture licre, to send down a person to organize a School, if tbe inhabitants would establish one, and ( lie oiler was immediately accepted. Charles Page, Esq. moved three- resolutions, expressive of the benefits that were likely to result from a school ou this system, and proposed a subscription for such an establishment. The resolutions were unanimously carried; and William Smith, Esq. generously proposed to give a piece of ground, ou which the school might be erected ; lite offer was accepted, and a resolution of thunk3 voted to him for the same.— See Advertisement The collections at St. Joint's Chapel, after the Sermons hy the Rev. J. S. Pipe, of Leeds, on Sunday last, for the benefit ofthe Shrewsbury General Sunday School, amounted fo upwards of £ 34. Tne dispute icspecting the last day's plate at Oswestry, having been left for the decision of the Jockey Club, bus been referred, anil given iu favour of Mr. Shaw's bay- gelding Cockspinner, by Cesirio, dam by Sir Peter, four year, old, the horse named as the winner ( Hylas) not having carried his proper weight. The dispute respecting | the second best horse at Chester raees, - he last day, has j beeq given '. 11 favour of Hambletou Jack, and the money r paid to Mr. Shaw. | It appears that some of the circumstances relating to the | fire at the Linen Factory of Messrs. Marshall, Button, and I Co. have been erroneously stated. The cause of the confla- gration was N OT the bursting of any gas- pipe, or feeder as it was improperly called. The pipes are never in any danger of bursting The real cause still remains unascertained. It is known only that some tow caught tire j hut whether from the fiarae of gas or that of lamp is uncertain : nor can any just conclusion he drawn from it injurious to the general safety of gas lights.— We are happy to add, that thc two men, belonging to the New Factory, who were dangerously hurt by the falling of the wall upon them, while in the act of throwing water on the flames, are now in a fair way of recovery. On Saturday last, several illegal Netathathad been seized 1 INUNDATION COMMITTEE. TH E next Meeting of this Committee is fixed for I nuRsDAY, the SEVENTH of NOVEMBER Instant, at vp ii' 1' l.^ l' .. » ci.:.... I. ™ 11 ' twelve o'clock, al the Shirehall. M YOUNG LADIES' BALL, AT DRAYTON^ " R. BOURLAY most respectfully informs the Parents of his Pupils, the Nobility, Gentry, Inhabitants of Lrrayton aud its Vicinity, that he intends lo have his PALL on SATURDAY, the NIKTH nf NOVEMBER, at the Talbot Assembly Room. Tickets may be had at Mcssdames Wal- tord and Boyd's Boarding School. Tickets not transfer- able. SHREWSBURY HUNT. rpHE MEMBERS of the SHREWSBURY HUNT are- , i ".'!''','', s< ld n" a at "' C LION INN, 011 MONDAY, jne 18th Day of November, 1811, to spend the Week with the President, Colonel J. W1NGF1 ELD M MILLINERY DRESSES. FANS, HOSIERY, AND GLOVES, and taken under a search warrant granted by the Rev. G. A. TIiursby, one of his Majesty's Justices of Ihe Peace for this county, were directed by the same magistrate lo be burnt, cut in pieces, oi otherwise destroyed, and which was accordingly done immediately. A meeting of delegates from tbe several Associations for ment, situated as it is with the Turks, have 110 means ; the preservation of the fishery in the River Severn, was of carrying 011 a war against France with vigour, if j held 011 Thursday last lit Kidderminster. We are informed, war with them was a favourite obiect s neither does , lllat t1ie business of the day was conducted with the great- the Russian Government wish to widen the breach between its own country and that of England. It is fully determined, as far as possible, to observe a strict neutrality. By the Paragon, from Philadelphia and New York, there are advices both by letter and by Mr. llonaldson, passenger on board that ship. When he left lliose two cities 110 intermittent fever had made its appearatice, and the inhabitants were as healthy as ustt-. l at this season of the year. It has heen mentioned, that a rob- bery to a considerable amount had been committed 011 the Charlsion fiaiik. It is now said, lhat thc property has been discovered. The track of a cart, and Ihe print of Ihe feet of a slave, were observed at the place where the business of tho Bank was conducted, and was pursued for some distance to a dunghill, under which ihe gold and other specie, & c. was found. An American House of great eminence and respect- ability stopped payment in the City, on Friday, for upwards of half a million. Tucker, the Mock Parson, was this day found gulitv at the Old Bailey, and ordered for seven years transpor- tation. Captin Bingham, lale of the Little Belt, has been promoted to the rank of Post Captain, and appointed to the Volage, The order, permitting the Catholics in our army the free exercise of their religion, was carried into effect at Gibraltar ou the 22d of September. Trade to the British Colonies.— An entirely new system h:; s been adopted as to the commerce of Ihe British settlements in North America with their Southern neighbours. About two mouths since a de- putation of merchants submitted to the Board of Trade the expediency of permitting American vessels to enter the ports of SI. Andrew's, St. John's, New Brunswick, and Halifax, and the ground of this suggestion was, that the citizens of the United States might be enabled to conduct a contraband trade, by which Brilish manu- factured goods would obtain a beneficial sale iu the Republic. After two months deliberation, the Board of Trade has thought fit to signify its concurrence with the pro- posal, and the merchants have been informed, that orders would be transmitted to the Governors anil proper officers at the places above distinguished, to allow any British manufactured goods or West Indian colonial produce to be transported iu American vessels to the territories of the United States. And further, to permit American vessels to import into those places est uuanimity-- one spirit pervading the whole; and that it was resolved to use unremitted exertions to effect the pur- poses of the institution. Oil Thursday last, a respectable tiadesman of Tewkes- bury seized an unlawful uel, in a river communicating with thc Severn, at that town; and, from the lauda- ble zeal with which the Magistrates have hitherto acled, it may be ex- pected the net will he destroyed, and the proprietor fined in the full penalty.— On Friday, 21 illegal nets and 2 wheels were publicly burnt in the Coi'u- Market, Worcester, by order of the Magistrates While the statutes are thus rigidly enforced, and when the great expense attendant on the manufacture of fishing nets, joined with the fine attached to unlawful fishing, are considered, it may leasonably be hoped that such a severe loss will effectually deter men from offending against such beneficial and salutary laws — laws which are admirably calculated to be of peculiar, advantage to fishermen them- selves, and a like important lo the poor individual and the rich. We are informed, that a Veterinary Snrgcon of Chelten- ham has invented a machine for thc purpose of throwing or casting Horses, by which means the diileient operations of surgery may be performed upon that noble animal, with safety and precision, and whereby l- hose./ cifa/ consequences which so often occur, by throwing horses in Ihe ordinary manner, are'entirely prevented. At Bridgnorth Fair, on the 29th ult. fat 1 leasts, tosink the offal, sold from7d. to7^ d per lb.; sheep, fat ones averaged about 8 § d. forward stores for turnips found ready sale, as did store bullocks of all sorts. Cheese of the best make sold from £ 4. to £' 4. His. per cwt. ofl20lb.; family ditto from 60s. lo 70s. per ditto. Best tab butter, in the early part of the fair, sold as high as 14jd. per lb.; which afterwards fell to 13jd. and I4d ; lump ditto fiom 1' ijd. to 13, Jd. Best new prime hops from £ i. to £ 5.6s. per cw t. The noted Hickman has been apprehended at Bridgnorth, for stealing a horse, saddle, and bridle, from Rugeley, aud is committed lo Slnfford gaol. The Welsh Calviuistic Association was held at Ponty- pool, Monmouthshire, 011 the 23d and 24th ult. Many people were present, and several Ministers were engaged; but the friends who were there from Bristol experienced au awful visitation of Providence 011 their return home : hav- ing arrived at Newport, intending lo go by the coach, thev found that the passage vessel was to sail for Bristol next day, and agreed to go altogether in it; they sailed about twelve o'clock 011 the Friday, but, awful to relate, they all met with a watery grave! An account is given in the New York papers of IT bar- barous murder, which affords an illustration of the effects resulting from the inhuman practice of flogging. A negro woman, for some trivial offence, was severely flogged by order of her brutal muster, and, immediately on being re- leased, she seized his only child, an infant of throe years of age, by the legs, and dashed its brains out agaiusi the steps of the door- way. The firm of Garratt and Co. of Bristol, are said to have issued silver one- shilling tokens to the amount of ,£ 27,000. Mechanism— An ingenious- clock and w atchmaker, at Nottingham, lias invented a machine upon an improved plan, to lie applied to the works of a silk, cotton, or worsted ... ill : ... I,:„ I. :* : > • » » RS. R PR ITCH A R D respectfully informs her I „,„!?' i .•" d , be I'" bIic 1,1 geueral, she i- i now ... l. osiooN selecting every fashionable Article for ( lie present Season, 111 tbe various Branches, and which she w ill offer for INSPECTION to ( hoar Friends who will oblige her will, a M i. 0" ? UlND^, T 1NEXT' » "= " lb Instant.— Dress- Millinery for THE HUNT, 011 MONDAY, the 18th tc. f An Apprentice will he wanted in March. Shrew, buru 4th November, J811. MARTHA OWEN, groceo. Tea- dealer, a\ d diujgght, HIGH STREET, SHREWSBURY, EGS Leave most respectfully to inform the Friend* J aud Cnstonu is of her late Hi sband, and the Public in general, that she intends cairying on the above Businesses ; and hopes, by a pnnetual Attention to their Ordt- is, anil keeping good Articles, to merit a Continuance of llieir Patronage aud Support. All Persons having any Demands against her late Hus- band, are requested to transmit an Account thereof to her, or lo Messrs. GRANT aud HAS LEY, IS ursery and Seedsmen, High- Street: and ( hose Persons who stand indebted him are requested to pay llieir of the above Parties. October 3< jth, 1811. respective Delrts to either HAT MANUFACTOKY, Sir. lN HILL- NFAR THE TAt. BOT fNN V n \' t i'o t^ I a nt s of Shiewsmiry and its Vicinity ,), e has THIS DAY OPEN ED HIS SHOP which ^ stock' the hat eked d fashionable J,' 1'' ® general Assortment of durable HATS and BONNETS. From his own Experience in an extensive Manufactory it. London, during the last four Years, added to his Deter- mination to procure and employ the best Materials and Workmanship, he trusts that he is not encouraging groundless Hope when he solicits the Recommendation cf I^ R^^ n8 6011S" PP° rt "° m 8 » BRAWN. SAMUEL SIMON RETl'RNS his sincere Thanks to l. is Frn- ntls and the Public in general, for the Favours lie has received siucr be commenced the above Business ; nut] begs Leavo to inform them tbe BRAWN SEASON is ccimibeliccd, antl for which he respectfully solicits a Continuance of llieir Favours. N. B. Persons having Brawns to dispose of, are desired to apply as early as possible to Mr SIMON, a? above. from an) situation in the United . States, u heat aud " rain i ' wWch> ' s supposed, will effectually keen such of every description, bread, biscuit, and flour, and T ' th<'''' 7 "' otion, without the aid of steam, Hitch- tar ^ iid L1 „„,, ;.,„ II,' c . K - i borse, or wateri the machine being kept in motion by a pitch, taivaud turpentine, the produce of the Republic, The late rapid and alarming rise iu the price of corn has excited the anxious attention of all ranks of the community, particularly in the commercial and manu- facturing districts, in which, while the necessaries of life become every day dearer, Ihe means of procuring are diminished in the same proportion. With a view to mitigate the evils aiteiiding such a stite of things, meeiings have been held ; t Glasgow and Paisley, al . which it was agreed to petition his Royal Highness the j Prince Regent, to prohibit the distillation of spirits | from grain. A meeting is convened this day at Liver- pool, to consider ot a petition for the same purpose. No business done this day ae the Slock Exchange. British and Foreign Bible Socielt/. Shrewsbury, Octo'er 18, 1811. r| pi] E Subscribers and Friends of the ahove Institution i are hereby requested lo meet on MONDAY, the 11th of NOVEMBER next, at the Vestry Room of St. Chad's Church, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, agreeably to the following Resolutions) Vestry Room of the Parish Church of St. Chadv Shrewsbury, October 18, 1811 At a Meeting of Subscribers to the BRITISH ANO FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY, held for the Purpose of coo sidering the propriety of forming an AUXILIARY Bini. e SOCIETY in this Tow n, it was resolved: 1 That this Meeting do cordially approve llie Ohjcct and Proceedings of the British and Foreign Bible Society. 2. That it is very desirable that the Subscribers and Friends of that Institution, in this Town and County, should form a Society in Aid thereof. 3. That a General Meeting of the Subscribers and Friends of that Institution be called by Advertisement, on M ON- DAY, the nth of NOVEMBER next, at eleven o'Clock, in the Vestry Room of St. Chad's Church aforesaid, fo de- liberate on tbe Propriety of forming such Auxiliary Socie( y: and that such Meeting he advertised iu each of the Shrews- bury Papers. 4 That the Chairman be desired to subscribe his Name to the above Resolutions. ( Signed) FRANCIS LEIGHTON, Chairman /" ANTED, mi APPRENTICE to a SURGEON — Apply to JESSON and PROUB, Wolverhampton. WANTED, u yiiung Man out of a respectable Family, as an APPRENT ICE to the Upholstery Business For Particulars enquire of the PRINTER OF THIS PAPER SHREWSBURY, ' - WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER ti. ? kt'. pt weigiit, but which, by a single operation, is necessarily admitted so slight, as to render its winding up of no con- sequence, either as it respects power, or Ihe motions of the machine. The instrument consists of a perpendicular wheel, that gives motion to another with octangular arms, which act upon two moveable inclined planes; the latter of which acts upon an horizontal wheel, and that upou a cog, which by being applied lo the pinion of a mill- wheel set the necessary works iu motion. Lightning.— An instance of the remarkable effects of lightning occurred oil Monday morning at six o'clock, al Berkeley, near Frome. A single flash only was seen, fol- lowed almost instantly by a tremendous clap of thunder, attended with a heavy storm ot rain ami hail: it struck two oaks at a short distance from the front of Berkeley- house, one of which was completely shivered to pieces, and even in some meastue rooted up; every limb, twisted and torn iu various ways, was blown of!'; fragments and splinters, from a very small to a very large size, were scat- tered about to the distant e ot6nor/ 0 yards. Thc whole of llie exterior part of the body of the tree was carried away, with some of the roots, leaving the heart of it a mere stump, about 15 feet high, split and rent through out — The lightning appeared to have entered the other oak, which stood nearly 40 yards from the former, just below the head of it, splitting Ihe whole body quite to the root. As the wind rather increased in the afternoon, the head, being in full leaf, large, and heavy, came down, and is now hanging from the broken trunk.— It is singular that a third oak, nearly if not quite so large as cither of others, Shrewsbury Severn Association. AT a Meeting of the Committee of thc above Associa- tion, lieid iu the Guildhall, Shrewsbury, 5lh Nov . 1811; Present, Thomas Lloyd, Esq. the Rev. Corbet Browne, William Flemyng, and Francis Parry, Esquires, Mr: Philip Hughes, the Rev. H. Sandford, and Mr. Samuel Tudor ; THOMAS LLOYD, Esq. in Ibe Chair ; Resolved unanimously, FIRST, That this Meeting do fully approve of thc Reso- lutions com: to at thc Genera! Meeting of the Delegate, from the different Associations on. the River, and published in the Worcester Herald of Ihe 21! Instant. Also, that'it is the Opinion of this Committee, that any Relaxation of ( he System already adopted will be extremely injurious t{ » thc Fishery; and therefore resolve, That the same be rigor- ously enforced within the District of this Association. SECOND, That it is the Request of this Conimiftee ( hat the Magistrates do. adjudge the Nets now produced before this Committee, to be burnt, cut ( o Pieces, cr otherwise destroyed, as they shall think fit, the snuiebeing illegal. THIRD, That it is ihe Opinion of this Committee, that tbe happiest Consequences are likely to result from the united Exertions of the several Associations on the River, and that they trust the same will be continued and extended to every Part ofthe River. Bv Order of the Meeting, T I. OXDALE, Secretary. The ff. li. ,.„- \ r 1 ill , - and standing exactly in a line between them, hut not more aPPearcd 1,1 the List of I than ten yards from the first, so that tbe branches touched, „.., .!.„ 1 :..:..' TI ' each, „ .- - - r1 Montgomeryshire General Certificates, at £ 3 2s. inserted in our Paper of the yfA ult. Thomas Williams, Llandrinio. * 4* Tiw7) rder fir discontinuing the Advertisement of the Black* Gelding Lost frov. a Field near IVelstipool, was not received in Tmie to prevent its Appearance in the First Page of this Paper. MARRIED. Lately, in Scotland, R. Chndw ick, Esq. of Ihe Shropshire Militia, to Cecilia Frances, youngest daughter of the late J. M Knighton, Esq. ofGreenfen House, Devonshire. Monday last, at St. Chad's, Mr. T. S. Cooper, linen- draper, Stockton upon Tees, to Miss Sayer, daughter of Mr. Sayer, mciccr, of this town. DIED. O11 the aad ult. Waller Jeffreys, Esq. banker, of Brecon. l. ati ly, al Hales Owen, aged 90, Mr. Joseph Wakeman. On Monday, George Davies Hurley, gent, a pact of sume eminence, and a comedian of much celebrity. Visiting Clergyman this Week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Wingfield : House- Visitois, Mr. J. Bowen, and Mr. VV. Morris. At the Weekly Board, 011 Saturday last, thc Right Hon. Lord Viscount Dungannon was reported a- Subscriber of Five Guineas per Annum to that Charity. Al the General Half- yearly Board, held yesterday, the following Gentlemen were chosen by Ballot Directors of that Charity, in the room of six others, who went out hy rotation; viz. Edward Burton, Esq Rev. Hugh Owen, IIev. W . G. Rowland, Jonalliau Scoti, Esq. Philip Williams, Esq. and the Rev. John Wingfii Id. Additional Subscribers to the Public Subscription Charity Schr. ol, on Dr. BelCs System. Richard Scott, Esq £ 1 2 0 Rev. Dr. Butler 1 6 0 Miss Lane, augmented to 3 S 0 received not the least injury Being ornamental trees, they weie not intended for sale ; hut were of such a size as to be valued together at about £ 60. ' MARKET HERALD. Price of Grain in our market 011 Saturday last; Wheat 14s. 6d. to 16s. ( id. — Barley 8s. Gd. per bushel of 38 quarts— Oats '• s. Gd. per customary measure of 57 quarts. WORCESTER— Wheat 14s 2d. to 16s. od.— Barley 6s. 4d. to 8s. 6d —' ' ats 4s. 3d. to 5s Gd.— Beaus7s. od. lo 8s. od. per bushel of 36 quarts Hops4l. losi to 61 15s. pel- cwt. BIRMINGHAM— Wheat 13s. od. to Ms. 4d— Bailey 6s. 6d. to 7s. fid.— Oats 3s. 91!. to 4s. 6d.— Beans 7s. od. to 8s. od. per bushel of 36 quarts. WOLVERHAMPTON.^- Wheat 13s yd to I3s. 6d— Bailey 8s. 4d. to 3s. gd.— Oats 4S. lod. to 5s. Od.— Beans ti. i. iod. to 10s. 6d. per bushel of 38 quarts. Mark- Lane, November I. To- day the Market again has very few fresh arrivals of Wheat, und not much on hand ; sales are made fully at last prices; some prime Old Dantzic much cxcecds Ihe quotation— Barley in extreme short supply, and keeps its pricc— Malt likewise— White and Grey Pea's at little vari- ation— Beans nearly at the late advance— We still have very short supplies of Oats, and sales thereof quoted some- what dearer. Current Price of Grain tier Quarter as under :— v Wheat 85s.. to T20s. I White Peas 00s. lo COi. Barley 46 « . to 53s. I Oats ' 28s. to 4? s. Beau* fills, to 65s. | Malt 82s. to 88s. Fine Flour, !' 3s. to lOO*.— Seconds 90u. tn 95s. per sack. NOVEMBER 4]— The fresh arrivals of Wheat to day make but a short supply, and general sales named at an anvance of about three and four shillings per quarter; Barley in short supply, and dearer ; Mall somewhat higher: there arc several fresh arrivals of Oats, but from the demand sales readily obtain the lale advance, and Flour fully sup- ports the last prices. A ' 1' a numerous Meeting held in the County Hall, t\- Shrewsbury, 011 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31 st, 1811, immediately after a Lecture delivered by Mr. LANCASTER ; WILLIAM SMITH, Esq. in the Chair: RESOLVED UN ANIMOUSLY, That the Town of Shrews- bury would be much hem fitted by an extensive School in a central Situation, open to Children of every religious Denomination. RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That Mr. LANCASTER'S System is so happily constructed, as to afford much more rapid Improvement at an inconsiderable Expense, than is attainable by the ordinary Modes of teaching. RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That the Habit of Atten tion, Order, and Regularity, inseparable from this System ; combined with the Instruction acquired by it, is the best Security for good Conduct to the End of Life. RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That Air. LANCASTER'S Plan be adopted, aud that a Subscription be opened to defray the Expense. RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That the following Gentle, men he a Committee for carrying the same into Execution- The Mavor of Shrewsbury Fleinyng , v_ x> J.,. ~ - Mr. Hilditch Wm Smith, Esq. Chairman Mr Asterley Mr. Bage Mr. Barber Mr. Berkeley Bavley M v. Beck Mr. Brocas Rev. George Case Mr. Clement Mr T. Cooke, jun. Mr Craig Dr. Darwin Dr. Du Gaul M r. Edgi rley Mr. Joseph Edgerley Mr, Enock Mr. William Hughes Mr. Charles Hughes Mr. Charles Hulbert Mr. Lloyd Rev. John Palmer Mr. Panting Mr. John Smith Mr. Stirrop Mr. Edward Tipton Rev. Thomas Weaver . Mr. Wicksteed Rev John Wilde Mr. R Wilkinson Mr. Young. RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That the Thanks of the Meeting he given to Mr. LANCASTER, for his able and interesting Lecture, and for his liberal Offer of a Pupil qualified to organize and superintend the School. RESOLVED UNANIMOUSI. Y, T hat the Thanks of the Meeting be given to Mr. SMITH, for his generous Donation of a Piece of Land sufficient for the Erection of a School. RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, That the above Resolutions be published in the two Shrewsbury Papers, and in two London Papers. WILLIAM SMITH, Chairman. N, R. The . Wenbers of thc Committee are re- quested to meet in the Grand Jury Room, on THURSDA y. - MeiRmxa, the 7th of November Irstcnt, al ien o'Clock precisely. for t, at arents ills of SALL albot Wal- iisfer- F are. DAV. with ELD her w in - sent er for itb n DlCS3- br, lend* lie in sses; , ami iheii- Hus- i tier, men, < i to itlicr Ibe that rked able tory iter- aiid o of tlic. the red avo Ind ieir 1 to [; t. ion the St. an, ad, so > n LB ECt iid ty. ids N- in le- y - IS- > p IS ed is he he » r- iat ire se at he ' r, > d SERVANTS WANTED. AGROOM, who understands his Business, and who can have a perfectly good Character from his last Place ; one who can occasionally drive a Pair of Horses will bo preferred — Also a FOOTMAN, in the same Family. For Particulars apply to THE PRINTER OFTHIS PAPER. THIS Day is published ( Price ouly Sixpence), with a SUPERB Emblematical FRONTISPIECE, NUMBER I. ( the succeeding Numbers tu follow weekly) of A NEW WORK, ENTITLED THE WORLD; OR THE PRESENT STATE OF THE UNIVERSE. Being a general aud complete Collection of MODERN VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Selected, arranged, ami digested, from the Narratives of the latest. and most authentic Travellers and Navigators. BY CAVENDISH PELIIAM, ESQ. Embellished with ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY EN- GRAVINGS, hy the First Artists. The MAPS and CHARTS by the celebrated Sir J. RUSSELL. At the Close of the last Volume will lie given a SCIENTIFIC EPITOME OF GEOGRAPHY, including a Description of the PRESENT STATE OF EUROPE; with the relative Costume of its Inhabitants, and an Accouut of its recent Divisions and Subdivisions. From indisputable Authorities. A LARGER and very ELEGANT EDITION, Price ONE SHILLING each Number, is printed on Fine Royal Paper, hot pressed, with Proof- Impressions of the Engravings, and Vignette Title Pages, with tbe Maps, Charts, & e. highly coloured. The Whole ofthis Work being published, may be had in 130 Numbers, or neatly done up iu two VoVunes in Boards, Price £ i. 10s. or Bound in Calf and Lettered, Price £ i. London : Published by. I. STRATFORD, No. Ilii, Holborn Hill; sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all Book- sellers and Newsmen. ONLY 5,600 TICKETS, IN THE STATE LOTTERY. To be Drawn on Tuesday, ihe 19th of this Month. PERSONS in the Country are respectfully requested to observe, that from tbe very small Quantity of Tickets in the present Little Lottery, it will be impossible for ALL tbe Agents lo have a Supply of Tickets Or Shares near the Day of Drawing, consequently those who delay tbeir Ap- plications lo the Agents until that Time will in all proba- bility be unable to ohlaiu eitherTickets or Shares. Orders bv Post, or otherwise, with remittances, addressed To SWIFT ahd Co. No. 11, POULTRY, No. 12, CHARING Cr. oss, No. si, ALIIGATE HIGH STREET, LONDON, will be immediately attended to ; and as long as any Shares can be obtained in the Country, they may be had of their Ageuts, T. WOOD, Printer, Shrewsbury, H. P. SILVESTER, Newport Salop, D. PKOCTOlt, Market Drayton. Theatre, Shrewsbury. MR. and Miss HOLMAN. MR. CRISP, anxious to procure every degree of superior Entertainment for the Theatre, feels particularly happy in being able to announce, FOR THE HUNT WEI'K, the above most emiucnt aud highly favoured Lon- don Performers. On MONDAY, November 18th, theTheatre will open for the Hunt Week only: A Performance ON EACH EVEN- ING— as will be expressed in future Advertisements Every Arrangement has been made to render the Eutertaiumeiits particularly worthy of Public Approbation. it is respectfully slated, that the Company will return the first Week in Decemhtr to finish the Season. TOTNSTRHCTORS 0F Y0UT1L AN eligible Situation presents itself to anv Gentleman iu the- above Capacity, at WELSHPOOL, in the County of Montgomery.— The House, Grounds, Gardens, & c. & r. are as well adapted for a Boarding School as any iu tbe Principality, and the Day School is numerously at- tended.— Application to be made to Mr. JAMESTHOMAS, of Welshpool; if by letter, Post- paid. Welshpool Zd November, 1811. MONTGOMERY ANNUAL BUCK HUNT WILL beheld at the DRAGON INN, on TUESDAY, tbe 12th NOVEMBER, when the Presidents request the Favour of I heir Friends' Company. A BUCK will be turned out ueur tbe Town, and Lord Clive's Stag Hounds laid on precisely at 11 o'clock. R. MYTTON, Esq.) p . . . Mr. D. PARRY, 5 1 residents. BYTHF. LL's infallible DRENCHES for DRYING COWS.— These Drenches lin're been in llie greatest repute for many Years, and are univorsallv allowed to be infinitely superior to auy Thing yet discovered: they are safe and infallible, and in no instance have they been known lo fail, when given according to theDirections.— Twenty- four Hours only is the time necessary to keep the Cow on dry Food — Price 2s. bd. a Packet Also, BYTHELL'S infallible DRENCHES to prevent Calves from being stricken. Price IS a Packet. Sold nt the Proprietor's, Pride Hill, Shrewsbury, and hy the Printer of Ibis Paper ; also by all she principal Me- dieine Venders in Town and Country. STOLEN, ON WEDNESDAY, THE 23d OCTOBER, 1811, ABLACK and while POINTER DOG, with a tanned l ace, answers to the Name of 1' ONTO ; had on a Leather Collar, with the Name of " JOHN EVANS, Watch- maker, Salop," on it. Whoever will give Information of tlie Offender or Offenders shall, on Conviction, receive a liberal Rewaid from Mr. JAUNDRELL, of Little llauwood, or Ihe aforesaid Mr. .1. EVANS. Any Person detaining him after this Notice, will be prosecuted. STOLEN OR STRAYED, Last Night, or early this Morning, out of a Piece of Ground near the Windmill, at Stourbridge, in the County of Worcester, the Property of Mr. VV/ COCKS, Maltstei:, of Stourbridge; A CHESNCT MARE, of the Hnt- kiiey Kind, rising i ® oltl> abmlt 15 Hands high, cut Tail, and a Cut oil the oil Knee, rather more tu the right, small Saddle ill arks on both Sides, near the Withers. If Strayed, whoever will bring the said Mare to Mr. COCKS aforesaid, shall be handsomely rewarded for their I rouble, and all reasonable Expenses paid; if Stolen, whoever will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may be brought Iii Justice and convicted vnT?/;. sl, a" receivc a REWARD of TWENTY GUI- NEAS from the said Mr. W. COCKS. Stourbridge, October 12,1811. tip auction:. At Mr. Crowthcr's, Castle Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, • November30, 1811, subject to such Cniditsons as shall be there and then produced ; A LL those valuable PREMISES, MallhOnss, and wc, , ' a"'! vry extensive Yard, situate in FRANK- VVFAT L, now in theOceupatibu of Mr. Griffith Gwyhne, or Ins Undertenants, subject to a'Lease of 1: 1 Years liuex pired, at the yearly Rent of Twenty- four Pounds. lor further Particulars apply to R. OAKLEY, Builder, Shrewsbury. ' bp SSucftom PURE MERINO SHEEP. BY JONATHAN PERRY, In the Yard of the Raven and Bell Inn, in, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, thecjtli of November, 181 i; ONE Hundred RAMS and EWES, imported in the Iris, Captain Harris, bv Lieutenant- Colonel ARIIUTHNOT, Military Secretary to Marshal BERESFORD. They arc of tbe real Leoncza" TrassumSntO Breed, from the Cabana belonging lo the Conde del Campo. ^ SWORN CERTIFICATES will be exhibited at the Place of Sale, from llie BRITISII CONSUL at Lisbon. The Sale wiil be opened precisely at half past ten o'Clock. VALUABLE FARMING STOCK. BY W. SMITH, On the Premises, at Yqckleton, iu i. he Parish of Weslbnry, 111 the County of Salop, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 20th and 27th Days of November, 1811 ; ALL tbe truly valuable LIVESTOCK, IMPLEMENTS 111 HUSBANDRY, GRAIN, and HAY, ( to > go off the l- remises), together with all th, e HOUSEHOLD GOODS T. EXTRAORDINARY LOTTERY, ONLY 6,500 TICKFTS, ALL to be Drawn 19th THIS MONTH. BISH, Contractor with Government for tbe last and • present Lottery, after returning his' most grateful Thanks for tbe unbounded Favours lie received iu the Lottery just finished, respectfully solicits those w ho were fortunate to EXCHANGE their Prizes, and those who were otherwise to try again, in this most Extraordinary Little Lottery, which does not contain more than Half tlie num- ber of Tickets actually disposed of in the Small Lottery drawn the 22d of last Month, in which he sold iu Shares ELLESMERE CANAL NAVIGATION. " VJOTICE is hereby given, that the next General Assein- rH lily of " The Company of Proprietors ofthe Elles- mere Canal Navigation," is appointed to be heid at The ( ,. ,. ... .„ Canal Office, iu Ellesmere, on WEDNESDAY, the TWENTY j AND I URNITURE, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, belongin SEVENTH Day of NOVEMBER, 1811, at eleven o'Clock in to Mr. VV. DANLLY— Particulars in our next. the Forenoon, when and where Proprietors of Shares of One Hundred Pounds each or upwards, in the said Canal, are requested to attend by themselves or Proxies. Chester, CHARLES POTTS, October 25, 1811. Clerk to the said Company, EXTENSIVE STOCK OF SEASONED WHEELWRIGHT'S TIMBER, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, AND VALUABLE GARDEN, OR BUILDING SCITE, FRANKWELL BY JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises of the late Mr. Dradburne, in Frankwell, Shrewsbury, ( deceased), on Thursday and Friday, the 14th and 15th of November Instant; TSMIE Whole of the valuable seasoned Stock of excellent t IMPLEMENT TIMBER, consisting of Waggon Shafts, Fellies, Spokes, Stocks, Bolsters, Staves, Axletrces, Nine- Inch Fellee Flitches, Four- Inch, Three Inch, and oilier Ash Plank, Wheels, Ash and Fir Timber in the Round ; Also a Quantity of Fir Boards for Flooring, Collin Boards, Rough Timber, and Bakers'Wood ; two Pair of Smith's Bellows, Anvil, and two Vices. Likewise the neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, com prising the entire Articles in the Dwelling House. AnrfinTHE AFTERNOON of ihe second Day's Sale, all that GARDEN, situate and being opposite' Mr. Brnd- hurne's lute House, forming a most eligible and valuable Seite forthe Erection of small Houses, being in Length 107 Feel, and 111 Street Front 8S^ Feet. Catalogues descriptive of the Whole, and specifying the Arrangement of Sale, maybe had 011 the Premises, on aud after Saturday next, and of THE AUCTIONEER, in Shrews- bury. BY AIICTIDM BY MRTXSALTER, At the House of Mr. Thomas Williams, of the Golden I. ion, 111 Bailev Street, iu Ibe Town of Oswestry, OB Wednesday, the 27th Day of November, tail, al live o'Clock iu the Aficruooh, subject to Conditions then t<; be produced; A 1.1. Hint well- accustomed INN, balled the GOLDEN LION aforesaid, consisting of a substantial well- built Messuage or Dwelling House, with convenient Outbuild- ings, two good Stables, Yard, and spacious Outlet, and Ap- purtenances thereituto belonging, situate in Bailey Street aforesaid, iu tiie said Towii of Oswestry, and now in the Holding of the said Mr. Thomas Williams. The Premises, from their eligible and commodious Situa- tion, are well adapted to their present Use as au liin, or for the Purposes of Trade. They nre sold subject to. the future Payment of two year- ly Chief Rents of irs. id'-. and 5s. 7d. issuing tlereo t. For further Particulars apply lo Mr. T. L. JONES, Soli- citor, or to THE AUCTION EER, Oswestry. CLASS 3,343 — — C — — £ 13,000 3,363 — — A — — 5,000 1,853 — — B — — 2,01) 0 1,853 — — C — — 2,000 4,025 — —• C — — 1,000 3,863 — — A — — 500 2,052 — — A — — 500 .1,663 — — B — — 500 SHROPSHIRE CANAI. rjnHE Proprietors of the said Canal are hereby iuformed, .. at that they mav receive, after the FIRST Day of DE- CEMBER next, a DIVIDEND of two Pounds ten'Shiilings per Share on their respective Shares, by applying to the Treasurer, at the Bank of Messrs. EYTON and COMPANY, in Shrewsbury. By Order of the General Assembly, Madeley, DAVID DAVUiS, 31st October, 1811. Clerk to the Company. WENLOCK ROADS. WANTED, a SURVEYOR for the Turnpike Roads leading from Weulock to Beambridge, Linley Brook, and Buildwas Bridge.— Any Person of Experience desirous of undertaking the same; is requested lo attend the Meet- ing of the Commissioners of the said Roads, at Ihe Lion Inn, Broseley, 011 WEM ESDAY, the 4th Day of December next. HIRAM HARTSHORNE, November A, 1811. Clerk to the Commissioners BY S. TUDOR, At Ihe Talbot Inn, sometime in December next, Particulars of which will be expressed in a future Paper: ALL those TWO PIECES of capital GRASS LAND, situate in COLEHAM, the one Piece known by the Name of THE PIKE, and the other Piece adjoining thereto, containing together about 14 Acres, and now iii the Holding erf Mr. Samuel Tudor and Mr. Evan Owen. For Particulars apply lo WILLIAM PRISSICK, Esq. Mr EGFRTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, or THE AUCTIONEER, all of Shrew sbury. Shrewsbury November r, th, 1811. T. BISH is well aware that in so small a Lottery as the present, 6,500 Tickets- are not sufficient to supply the demand iu Town and Country, yet the numerous Favours he has received, induces him to give as many as possible a chance for the SUPERIOR CAPITALS which this little Lottery contains more than the last, and us such, a few TICKETS and SHARES will be left on Sale at all his AGENTS iu this COUNTY, but should they not be able to supply what is wanted, the Public are respectfully desired to apply, by Letter ( Post- paid) to either of BISH'S Offices, No. 4, CORNHILL, or No. 9, CHARING CROSS, London. ARMY CONTRACTS. Commissary in Chief's Office, Great George- Street, London, ' jsih October, 1811. NOTICE is hereby given to all Persons desirous of con- tracting to supply the following Articles for the UGe of the Army, viz. 1 BREAD, OATS, To his . Majesty's To his Majesty'i Land Forces in Cavalry in Cuil- Cantounnnts, toninents SiQuar Quarters, & Bar ters, in the under racks, in ihe mentioned Coun under- mentioned ties Counties and Is. lands: JOHN THOMAS'S BANKRUPTCY, r | iHE. Creditors who have proved their Debts under the JL Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued against JOHN THO V AS, of the Parish Of Llanbrynmair. in the County of Montgomery, Flannel Manufacturer, Dealer, and Chapman, may receive A DIVIDEND of five Shillings in ihe Pound upou their respective Debts, 011 Application toMr. T. E MARSH, Solicitor to the Commission, at his Office ih Llanidloes.— 2dNov. 1811. FORAGE, viz. OATS, HAY, and STRAW, to his Majesty's Caval- ry in Barracks, and Oats in Can- tonments & Quar- ters in the under- mentioned Conn- ties in South Bri- tain : Berks, Doiset, Essex, Kent, Lancaster, Middlesex, Nottingham Suffolk, Surry, Warwick, r; Ahlerney, Bedford, Anglesea, Bucks, Bedford. Durham, Berks, ( including Hertford, the Town of Huntingdon Hungerford), Lincoln, Brecon, Northumberland, Bucks, Salop. Cambridge ^ includ- ing the 1 own of Newmarket,) Cardigan, Carmarthen, Carnarvon, Chester, Denbigh, Dorset, And in the several Durham, Counties ill North Essex, Britain. Flint, Glamorgan, Guernsey, Hants, Hereford, Jersey, . Leicester, Lincoln, Merioneth, Middlesex, Monmouth, Montgomery, Norfolk, Northumberland, Nottingham, Pembroke, Radnor, Stafford, Suffolk, Surry, Warwick, Westmoreland, " Wilts, Worcester, York. That the Deliveries are to commence on and for Ihe Twenty- fifth Day of December next; that Proposals in Writing sealed up aud marked " Tender for Army Supplies," will be leceived at this Office on or before Tuesday the Nine- teenth Day of November, ( but none will be received after Twelve o'Clock ou that Day) and if seut by Post, the Post- age must be paid Proposals must be made separately for cach County and Island, except fur the Counties comprising North and South Wales, all of which must be included in one Tender, as also must the several Counties iu Nurth Britain ; aud each Proposal must have the Letter which is annexed to the Tender properly tilled up, by Two Persons of known Pro- perty engaging to become bound with Ihe Party tendering in the Amount staled in the printed Particulars fur the due Performance of ihe Contract; and 110 Proposal will be noticed unless made 011 a printed Tender, and the Prices expressed in Words at Length; and should it so happen that during the Continuance of the Contract, that 110 Troops should he Stationed or supplied in the County, the ExPense of 1 he Contract and Bond, paid in the first Instance by the Contractor, to be refunded to him by the Commissary ill Chief. - Particulars of the Contracts may he had upon Applica- tion at this Office, between the Hours of Eleven and Five ; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Liudesay, Edinburgh, at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Lutyens, Guernsey; and at the Office of Assistant Com- missary Geueral Lament, Jersey, JOHN STANLEY'S BANKRUPTCY. THE Creditors'who have proved their Debts uuder the Commission ofBankrupt issued against JOHN STAN- LEY, of the Town of Newtown, iu the County of Muutgo- mery, Tiillow- Ghandler, may receive a FINALDIVIDEND of four Shillings iii the Pound upon their respective Debts, by applying to Mr. DAVID HAMER, Ibe Assignee, at the Lion Inil, in Newtown, On ' I UESDAY, the 12th of Novem- ber, Insl. between the Hours of ten and twelve of llie Clock ill the Forenoon of lhat Day.— 2d' bv. 1611. DAVID W1 LD'S BANKK 0PTCY. fpHE Creditors v. ho have proved their Delils under a X Commission of Bankrupt awarded aud issued against I.' AVID WILD, late of the Town of Newtown, in the County of Montgomery, Flannel Manufacturer Dealer and Ci- apman, and who have received tlie former Divi- dend of four Shillings" ill lite Pound on their respective t. elits, may receive a FURTHER DIVIDEND of one Shilling aud Ejghtpcnce in the Pound 011 their respec- tive Debts; and such ofthe Creditors who have proved their Debts and have not received the former Dividend, may receive, such former Dividend and also the further Dividend of 0111 Shilling and Lighlper. ee in Ihe Pound, by applying to, Mr T. E, MARSH, Solicitor tothe Com mission, al Ihe Lion Inn, iu Newtown, 011 Till!.- DAY, the ] 2fh of November Instant, between the Hours of twelve and four o'Clock in the Afternoon. 2d November, 1811. PIRK ^ OliTH DEVON CATTLE, ' SOUTH DOWN AND CROSSED MERINO SHEEP, & c. The Property ofthe Right Honourable Lord Bradford. BY FRANCIS HALLEY, At WESTON HALL, in the County of Stafford, on Saturday, the I til In of November, lm 1 : FOUR pure North Devon Cows in- calf, four Ditto Hei- fers in Ditto, one Devon Bull, 011c Jersey Bull, one Alderney Bull, live faf Devon Cows; a Berkshire Boar; nine South Down Ewes, first cross with the Merino, from Mr. Coke's Flock, 17 Merino Ewes, first cross with the ftv lauds, from Mr, Toilet's Flocks, four Merino Ewes, first cross with the South Down, three Merino Ewe I. ambs, third cross with Merino, and 21 Merino Ewe Lambs, second cross from the Rylands, 15 Merino Ewe Lambs, second cross with South Down, three Merino Wether Lambs, third cross with Merino, 11 Blcrino Wether Lntnhs, second cross with South Down, 12 Dilto Ditto Ditto, second cross with Rvjaiid, four One- sheer South Dowu Rams, one Two- sheer Ditto, oiie Four- sheer Ditto, one aged South Down Ditlo, twoSontli Down Rani Lambs, one 2- year old second cross Merino Ram, one 1 year Old Ditto, seven fat Merino Wethers, eight fat Merino Wethers, tirst cross from South Down, 14 fat South Down Ewes. Thi above North Devon Cattle, South Down, and crossed Merino Sheep, & c. are bred from the choicest Stocks that could be selected. ' N. B. The Merino and crossed Merino Ewes have been put to a pure Merino Ram, selected from the choice Flock of M r. Coke— Sale to commence at eleveuio'Clock. GENUINE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND OTHER EFFECTS, OF THE LATE MR. EDDOWES. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the 20th and 21st of November Instant, 011 the Premises, iu CORN- MARKET, Shrewsbury.; rjnHF. valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNI- U. TURE: consisting of numerous Art'cles adapted to best aud inferior Lodging Rooms, Drawing ami Dining Rooms, Parlours, & c. also the customary Requisites in Kitchen, Brewhouse, Cellars, and other Offices; likewise a general Assortment of CHINA, GLASS, best and second Earthenware in Dinner and I essert Services : and some LIN EN of excellent Quality— The Whole will lie specified in Catalogues, to be had five Days before the Sale ; and the Furniture may be viewed ou MONDAY, the 18th, from eleven till three o'Clock. • BY J. BROOMK^ THIS DAY, TO- MORROW, AND FRIDAY, the 6th, yth and 8th Days of. November, 1811; Al t. the LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BAN DRY, Hav and GRAIN, with all the HOUSE- HOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, & c. & c. belonging to Mr, DAVIES, of Ihe PENTRE HALL, near Bishop's Castle. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, ou MONDAY NEXT, the 1 ltli Day of November, 1811 ; ALI. the LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURN1 1 URE, Brewing and Dairv Utensils nnd Casks, belonging lo Mr. JOHN ROGERS, of SM ETHCOT, uearLebotwood, in the County of Salop : consisting of ,1 Cows in calf, 4 Year lings, 2 Weanling Calves; 2 Waggon Mares, 1 Ditto 111- foal, will carry Double well; Gearing for 3 Horses; Sow in- pig, 2 Gills in- nig; Waggon, Harvest Cart, Tumbril, Wheel Plough, 2 Pair of Harrows, Waggon Rope, & c. & c. Also, a Slack' of WHEAT, ditto of RYE, ditto of OATS, ditto of 11 AY, Bay of BARLEY, and dilto of OATS. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock ill the Morning. At the Bridgewater Arms Inn, in Ellesmere, in the County ofSalop, on Tuesday, the 3d Day of December, 1811, between llie Hour of four and six in the Afternoon, ( unless previously disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will he given :) rHtHE MESSUAGE, or DWELLING HOUSE, Barns, il Stable, Cow- honses, and PAPER MILL, with two Cottages, Gardens, and 3 Field adjoining, ( situate at Halghtou. in the Parish of Hanmer, and County of Flint;) containing 4. V oR. ~ P. of LAND, with a most excellent ! Stream of Water. The Mill consists of a Press Room 27 | Feet by 15 Feet— a Folding Room 25 Feet six Inches hy 17 Feet six Inches, a Pump Room, 22 Feet by 18 Feet six Inches, four Drying Rooms; one 30 Feet by 13 Feet, one 25 Feet by 17 Feet six Inches, one 44 Feet six Inches by 14 Feet, and one 23 Feet bv 18 Feet six Inches, a Room to keep Rags in, and every other Convenience for carrying on an extensive Business in the Paper, or any other Manu. factory requiring a poweiful Stream of Water. Enoch Williamd, of Penley, near Ellesmere aforesaid; will shew the Premises; ami for Particulars apply to T. L. JONES, Esq. Oswestry; or Mr- REDOROP, of Riles, mere, who is authorised to treat for the same by private Contract. N. B. Possession of tlic Premises may be had oil the 25lli of March, IM2. WEM ASSOCIATION, FOR THE PROSECUTION OF FELONS. WHEREAS several Hoises, Sheep, and other Cattle, have been stolen, and frequent Burglaries, Felonies, aud Larcenies of various Kinds committed in the Parish of WEM, in the County of Salop, aud the Offenders hav. i too often escaped Justice for want of immediate Pursuit aud effectual Prosecution; therefore, the several Persons whose Names are hereunto subscribed, assnciatiug themselves together iu order to prevent and suppress every Kind of Felony and Larceny ( so far as in tliem lie); have agreed to raise and maintain a r und for the Prosecution of all such Offences committed against the Property of them or any or either of them. And Ihe Association do hereby offer the fol- lowing REWARDS to the Person or Persons who shall Hi st give such Information in the Premises, 11s shall lead to the Recovery of the stolen Property and the Apprehension of ihe respective Offenders iu the undermentioned Cases, to be paid on Ihe Conviction of such Offenders, By THOMAS WALFORD, Esq. Treasurer. Mr. J. KYNASTON, Secretary. REWARDS. £ s. d- Burglary, Highway or Footpad Robbery — 8 8 0 Stealing", or maiiningany Horse, Mare, or Gehiing 660 Stealing ormaiming auy Bull, Cow, Calf, or Sheep 4 4 0 Stealing or maiming auy Pig, or StealingPoultry, Coals, Potatoes, or Turnips — — — — — 220 Robbing any Garden, Orchard, or Fish- pond - 220 Stealing any Corn or Grain, threshed or un- threshed, out of any Barn or Field, or any Hay 4 4 0 Breaking or stealing any Gates or Hedges, Pales, Posts, Rails, Hooks, Thimbles, Links, Staples, ur Implements of Husbandry. — — — — — 920 And for any other Felony or Larceny against the Pro- perties of the Subscribers respectively, such other Rewards as the Subscribers or a Majority of Iheui shall at any of tbeir General Meetings adjudge reasonable. BY MR. LEWIS GWYNNh, At the House of Mr John MiliViett. known hy the Sign of the Sun, in the Tow 11 of Oswestry, iu ilife County of Salop, on Thursday, the 14tli Dayof November, i « n, subject to the Conditions to he then and there produced, in the following, or such other Lots as shall then be agreed upon: LOT I. FIVE newly- erected MESSUAGES or DWELLING HOUSES, with the Appurtenances; and also an excellent and well accustomed SHOP, situate, lying, and being in Church- Hreet, in the Tow u of Oswestry afor, said, uow in the several Holdings of Messrs. Furui'iall, Ham- monds. 1 . aeon, Jones, and Edwards The Dwelling House and Shop in the Occupation of Mr. Furuivail are well situated for carrying 011 ail extensive Trade. LOT II. A large PEW or Seat in OSWESTRY CHURCH, now in the Holding of Ihe Rev Owen Owen. LOT III. Another large PEW or'Seat in OSWESTRY CHURCH, adjoining the last mentioned Seat, now in the Holding of William Embrey. The Sale will commence at six o'Clock. in the Afternoon. For further Particulars apply to WILLIAM EMBREY, Church- street, Oswestry. WEN LOCK, SlllToPsTlTKEi O11 Wednesday, tbe 27th Day of November, 1811, ut the Lion Inn, in Broseley," in tlie County of Salop, at the Hour of five 111 the Afternoon, either together, or in Lots, and subject to such Conditions as will then aud there be produced : " LL that MESSUAGE, or Tenement, wilh the Out buildings, aud several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow and Pasture l. AN !: thereunto belonging, and now occupied therewith, situate at or near the Wyke, in tbc- Parish of, and within two Miles of the Town of Much Weulock, in the County of Salop, containing together 77A. - II 29P. or I hereabouts, be the Same more or less, late in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Wilkinson, deceased, and now of Mr. Francis Whaley. For further Particulars apply to Mr. VICKERS, of Crunmere, or Mr. PRITCHARD, Solicitor, Broseley. SHROPSHIRE. BY J. BllO ME, At the ALCOCKS, in the Parish of Westbury, 011 Tuesday, tbe- 12th Day of November, 1811, npiIF. HOUSEHOLD GOODS and EFFECTS of the JL bite Mr. JOHN BEMBRIDCE, deceased; comprising a new eight- day Clock and Case, Tables, Chairs, several Feather Beds, Bedsteads, Hangings, Sheets, and Blankets; together with nil ihe Dairy and Kitchen Requisites. Also, a Quantity of CHEESE, in small Lots.— The Sale to begin at ten o'Clock in the Morning. 7 ~ BY .1 BROOME, On the Premises, 011 Tuesday and Wednesday, the 19th and 20th Days of November, 1811 :" LL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD GOODS aud FUR- NITURE. Brewing and Dairy Utensils, Hogsheads, Half- Hogsheads, nnd smaller Casks, belonging to Mr. HAINES, of'BOCK LETON, in the Parish of Stoke Saint Milborough, in the County of Salop: consisting of 3 Cows, calving Heifer yearling Bull; 10 Waggon Horses, and Gearing for 12 Ditto, 2- years old Draught Filly, 2- ytars old Horse Colt ofthe Hack' Kind : Gearing fcra Oxen, 4 Waggons, 4 Carts, 4 Ploughs, 4 Pair of Harrows, Rol'er, Slead, Winnowing Machine, ditto Fan, Corn Screen, 15 dozen of Hurdles, 5, Sheep Cratches, Grhidle- stoue and Frame, 5 Piglroughs, 2 Wheelbarrows, Straw Cribs, & c. with a Number of other Implements loo tedious to mention. The Live Stock will he sold the FIRST DAY; and the Sale to begin at 111 o'Clock each Morning At Ihe Cross Rcys, in Llanymyneeh, 011 Friday, Ihe 22( 1 Day ofNovember, 1811, at four o'clock ill tbe Afternoon) either together, or 111 tlie following Lots, and subject to such Conditions as will then be declared : LoT 1. APIECE of excellent LAND, called The Allotment, containing by Admeasurement 7 A. oR. 26P. or there- about, situate at Gweru Feliu, in the Township of Vurch- wel, iu the Parish of Guilsfield, in the. Couniy nf Montgo- mery, now in Ihe Holding of Mr. Thomas Daniel, of Varchwel Hall. LOT II. A PIECE of good PASTURE LAND, contain- ing hy Admeasurement 1A. 9R. 0P or thereabout, ( being Part of a Field the Remainder of which belongs to a differ- ent Owner) situate iu tiieTownsliip of Tir- y mynech, in the Parish of Gnilsfield, also iu the Holding cf li e said Mr. Thomas Daniel: The Premises are near the Canal, and about four Milei* from Welshpool; Mr. Thomas Daniel will shew the Lauds, and for further Particulars apply to Mr. T. L. JONES; Oswestry. SHROPSHIRE. CAPITAL FREEHOLD MILL, LUDLOW. BY l^ KlTEi At the Elephant nnd Casile Inu. in Ludlow, in the County of Salop, 011 Monday, the 25th Day of November, isilj between the Honrs of four and seven iu the'Afternoon, subject to such Conditions Of Sale as will he then ami there producer! 1 ALL that vi ry substantial, commodious and uewly erected WATER CORN MILL, conveniently situ- ated 011 the Bank of the River Team, on the West Side of Lowei Broad Street, near I. udford Bridge ( the er- at Thoroughfare front Ludlow to Worcester, Hereford. Leo- minster, and Teubury,) working two Pair of. excellent Stones by a very capital Wheel upon a plentiful Stream of Water ; with Store Rooms and other Conveniences for carrying on nil extensive Business, and now in the Occupa- tion of Mr. Keysall, Baker, as Tenant from Year to Year, at the Annual Rent of itis The Silnatioii of this Property, as to Markets, Popu- lation of Country, ivc. & c. is extremely eligible. The whole of the Machinery aud inside Work ( which aid most conveniently arranged) have been put up new within Ihe last year, and altogether form a Work ( according to its Extent) inferior to none in the Neighbourhood. For a View of the Premises apply to the Tenant ; and for further Particulars at the Office of Messrs RUSSEL and JONES, Solicitors, Ludlow. iV A1 Wan Rev. E T Stewaid Rev. George Dickin Rev. F Salt Owen Roberts, Esq Thomas Dickin, Esq. George Walford, Esq. Thomas Walfnid, Esq. John Walford, Esq. Richard Walford, Esq. Jonathan Nickson, Esq Messrs. Ireland & WalmsIey Mr. Philip Ireland Mr. C. A. Beetensoii Mr. A. Beetenson Mr. Stephen Hassall Mr. Edward Gwyhn Mr. J. B. Griffiths Mr Joseph Clay Mr. Johu Briscoe Mr. John Hales Mr. Thomas Cough Mr. William Jcuks Mr. Thomas Griffith Mr. Richaid Sherralt Anderson Thomas Howell Thomas Wycherley . lolm fleal; 1) 1 Mr Mr Mi- Mr. John Deakiti Mr. Edward Cartwiiglit Mr. William Stockall Mr. Thomas F. Ikes Mr. Thomas Darlington Mi. John Gough Mr. Richard Barber Mm John Kynaston Mr. Thomas Sands Mr. James Powell Mr. Thomas Kyuaston. Tilley. M r. Thomas Jeffreys Mr. Jolin Slack Creamore. Mr. J. Walmsley Edstaston. Thomas Payne, Esq. Mr. J. Mulliner Mr. Samuel Tiler Wem Brockhurst. Mr. George Powell ' Any Pi t- son not sending his or lier Subscription on the Day of Meeting, or w ithin fourteen Days after, will be ex pelted the Society. The FIRST MEETING will he held at the White Horse Inn, in Wem,' 011 THURSDAY, the 21st of NoVIBIBER, 1811., 1 • Dinner on the Table at two o'Clock. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. On the Premises, without the least Reserve, on Thursday und Friday, the 14th and 15th of November, 1811; ALL tbe useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LINEN, CHINA, GLASS, Brewing Hud Dairy Utensils, late the BROSELEY, SHROPSHIRE. ESTATE, MINES OF COAL AND IRONSTONE, CLAY AND QUARRY OF STONE. O11 Wednesday, the S/ th Day of November instant, at the Lion Inn, in Broseley, in the Couuly of Salop, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will then and there be produced ; ALL that valuable A- compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, called EASTHOPE's COPPICE, situate in the Parish of Broseley aforesaid, close to the Iron Bridge, and contain- ing together 16 Acres and 2 Roods, or thereabouts. The ESTATE consists of THREE Parcels of rich Meadow LAND, also sevetal convenient DWELLING HOUSES, SHOPS, STABLES, and other Buildings, with Gardens and Appurtenances thereunto belonging. The M 1N" ES consist of several Strata of COAL and IRON- STONE, which may be worked at an easy Expense ( and ihe Watercarried- OFT without difficulty), and tbe same are most eligibly situated for Side either for the Neighbouring Furnaces, or the Severn Trade. The IRONSTONE consists of three Strata, and that, called the Pinny Measure, " has been proved to he of tbe very best Quality. The Ironstone would supply a Blast Furnace a considerable length of Time. The- Same might also lie con- veyed to a Distance in a Calcined- State, by means of the said River Severn, aud the different Canals connected there- with. There are several Strata of the best WHITE, RED, and BLUE CLAYS, suitable for Pottery Ware, Fire Bricks, or any other kind of Bricks, Tiles, and various other Purposes. The FIRE BRICK CLAYS are believed to be equal to any in Ihe Kingdom. There is also a Quarry of excellent STON F. 011 the Pre- mises, suitable for Furnace Hearths, Buildings and other valuable Purposes, and a goodBed of SAN D, both. of which are now opened. Two Thousand Pounds, Part of Ihe Purchase Money, may remain on Mortgage of the Estate; if more convenient to the Purchaser. For further Particulars apply to Mr. VfcitKRS, of Cranmere; Mr. MARSHALL, Solicitor, Rough- ton, near Bridgnorth; or Mr. PRITCHARD, Solicitor, in Broselev aforesaid, who bath a Particular of the Estate, and uf t" he Mines and Premises.— Mr. PitlTCHAUp wi. H appoint a Person to shew the Premises. Property of Mr. EDWARD POWELL, of BISHOP'S CASTLE, iu the County of Salop, deceased : comprising Fourpost and Half- tester Bedsteads, with Moreen and other Furni- ture; a Quantity ofvaluable Feather Beds, with the Ticks quite new, Bolsters, Pillows, Blankets, and Coverlets, and a Quantity of excellent Feathers, and upwards of twenty Pair of excellent fine and coarse Sheets; several beautiful superfine Damask, Scotch, aild other Table Cloths, See. " good Oak Bureaus and Writing Desks; several Oak Din- ing, and other small Tables, Swing Glasses, Night Stool, Linen Chests, and Clothes Presses, good Oak Seg bottomed Chairs; nml a Quantity of China, Glasses, and Earthen- ware; a handsome Oak Dresser, with Drawers and Shelves, excellent eight day Clock "( Oak Case), Kitchen Grate, Fender and Fire Irons, Brass and other Candlesticks, Jack and Crane ; together with Pots, Saucepans, and a Number of other Kitchen Requisites : a large Brass Furnace, small Iron Ditto; a good Scale Beam, Bottom, and Weights; Brewing Tubs and Coolers, Wash Tubs and Pails, Hogs- heads, Hnlf Hogsheads, and other small Casks; with several Dozen of Glass Bottles- Also, one Waggon, two Carts, one Plough, three Pair of Harrows, and numerous other Implements of Husbandry ; with a large Quantity of good Oak and Ash Implement Timber, a Quantity of Oak and Ash Boards, quite dry; and a Quantity of Slate, Lime, Fleaks, & c. & c. The Sale to begin at ten o'Clork - each Day. SHROPSHIRE. BY R. liALDWYN, At the Red Lion I1111, in the Town ofLudlow, in the County ofSalop, on Monday, the 2nd December, lull, at fouV o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions ot Sale to be then produced, or ill Ihe mean Time by private Contract; ALL thai desirable F It E E II O L D DWELLING HOUSE, Offices, aud Garden, inthe Occupation of Mr. Hurley Thomas, Mercer, ( under a Lease which will expire at Lady- Day, 181ti,) must eligibly situated for Trade, near lo the Market Hall, iu the Town uf LUDLOW afore- said, comprising a large and commodious Shop fronting the Market, handsome Dining Room, Parlour, Kitchens, Laundry, nmiieioiis aud convcuirni Bed Rooms, roomy Cellaring, Pump well supplied wilh Water, with a good Garden and Summer ilou- e behind the same, commanding a pleasing and extensive Prospect For a View ofthe Premises applv to the Tenant; and fit- ful titer Particulars and Terms, to Mr. JOHN FIDDEB, at Lady Meadow, near Leominster, or to Messrs. MORRIS and SONS, Solicitors, Leominster or Ludlow. | FREEHOLD ES" TATE.— BROESELY. " BY JEREMIAH LLOYD, At the Lion Inn, in Broseley, in the County of Sa'. op, on Thursday, the 2slh Day of November, 1811, between the Hours of 4 and t) in tile Afternoon, in one or more Lot or Lots, as shall be determined on at the Time of Sale, aud subject to such Conditions as will then and there be produced; ALL those FOUR several Messuages, Tenements, or DWELLING HOUSES, with the Shops, Warehouses, Buildings, and Appurteuniices iherelo respectively belong- ing, pleasantly situated in BIIOSELEY aforesaid, heretofore in lite Possession of Richard Jones, Jersey- couiber, de- censed, or his Tenants; and now in the Occupation of his Widow, John Onions, Ironmaster, Williams, and Ireland, Tenants at Will, ut Rents considerably under llie Value of the Piemises, wliich are capable of great Im- provements . , Mr. Ed, viird Jones, Brother of the said Richard Jones, will shew Ihe Premises; and furl Iter Particulars nlaj bo had bv applying to Mr. PRITCIIARO, Solicitor, Broseley; or at the Bar of George's CofYc- c House, Chancery Laue, London. BY MH. lilt Nr- HAW, At theHonseofMr. JuhnSw'uirhatt, the Queen's Head Inn, Tern Hilt, near Drayton in Hales, Salop, on Friday, the 8th Day ofNovcmtier, 1811, between the Hours of three and six o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Condi- tions as will be then produced: AFREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Parish of Sloke upon Tern, 111 ihe said County ; consisting of a MESSUAGE and Outbuildings, with eight Pieces of very desirable Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAN D, containing hy Estimation 37 Acres or thereabouts, lie the same more or less,, situate at STOKF. PARK, in the Parish of Stoke upon Tern aforesaid, and now iu the Occupation of W111. Watkiss This Estate is eligibly situated as lo Markets, and at a convenient Distance from Lime and Coal. The Land is excellent iu Quality, and, with the Exception of one small Piece, lies contiguous to Ihe House, which, with the Out- buildings, are in perfect Repair. The Tenant will shew the Premises, and Possession may be hud at Lady- Day next; and further Particulars by ap- plying at the Office of Mr. J. L. WARREN, Solicitor, in Drayton in Hales aforesaid. BY MR. SALTER, On Thursday, Ihe 28th of November, 1811, at the Queen's Head, Oswestry, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless disposed of in the mean Time by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given: AN ANNUITY of £ 40 per Annum ( secured on a Free- hold Estate, in the County of Montgomery) for tie Life of a Gentleman aged. 50. For other Particulars apply to TilK Oswestry. CARDIGANS!, HUE. BY HUGH lltv'GHES, At the Talbot'sr Head I1111, and Royal Hotel, Aberystwilh, on Monday, the llth Day of November, lan, between the Hours of three mid five o'Clock in the A ftei uooti; LOT I. ALL that Messuage or Tenement, Farm, and Lauds, called PEN YGWERNU, situate, lying, and being in the Parish of Llaulihangel y Croyddiu, in the Couuly of Cardigan, containing bv Admeasurement 10/ A. lit. 29P. ofexc'llent Arable and Pasture Land. LOT II. All that Messuage or Tenement, Farm, and Lands, called FECHYSGA1, situate, lying, and being in the Parish of Llanbadarn- fawr, in the County of Cardigan, containing by Admeasurement S45A. oil.- I4P. of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land. LOT 111. All that. Messuage or Tenement and Lands, Called FAGWR FA WR, situate, Wing, and being in the said Parish of Llaubadarn- fawr, and County of Cardigan, con- taining bv Admeasurement 44A iR. 25P. LOT IV. All that Messuage or Tenement, and Lands, called ST E DDF A GEHRIG, situate, lying, and being in tlie said Parish of Llaubadai n- fawr, and County of Cardigan. LOT V. All that Messuage or Tenement, Farm, and Lands, called TYN Y PVVLL, situate, lying, und being in the' Parish of Llaiifiliangel Geneitrglyn, in the said County, containing by Estimation 6a Acres of Arable, Pasture, Meadow, and'Wood Land. The Premises are severally let at very low yearly Rents, are capable of considerable Advance, are entitled to valuable Rights of Common, and in every Respect desirable to any Persons who. wish to realize in the County of Cardigan- There is great Prospect of Mine on Lots 2, 3, aud 4, aud a fine Grow th ofOak Coppice Wood on Lot 5. The Tenants have severally beeu served with Notice to quit at Mav hcxt. For further Particulars apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to T. P. HOPLFY, Solicitor, Aberystwith, at whose Offics AUCTIONEER I Maps of " the different Lots may bs seen, or to THE At s « ' i TloXEEK, ut'Ab'eryslwith. COMETS. An Attempt to point out ihe Errors of the present Theory, und an Apology for an Inquiry into a new and more rational hypothesis. That Comets arc inhabited cannot Ire doubted ; this is to ' be interred from tl. e acknowledged perfections of God, and from what we have opportunities of observing with respect to the extension of life and enjoyments. The great vicissi- tudes of climates is the Only plausible objection that has been made to this opinion. Tbis objection is founded upon propositions advanced by philosophers ( Sir Isaac Newton amongst the rest) which 1 conceive to be false. Philoso- phers have taken for granted that the heat of every planet in our system is inversely as the square of its distance from tbe sun. This proposition I apprehend to he contrary to experiment, . Were beat a certain body proceeding immedi- ately from the sun, I allow, that Ihe quantity of heat in any space would be inversely as Ihe square of its distance from the sun. But I see- no reason for believing that heat comes from tbe sun, while there is much reason for thinking that it does not. We perceive that light comes from the sun. We also perceive that heat is- produced in the bodies, on which the rays ofthe sun's light fall; hence we are apt to confound light and heal together, though it is demonstrable that light is not heat, and that heat is not light. Experience teaches us tbat different quantities of heat are - produced by the same cause, according to tbe medium oil which it operates, that the particular aptitude of any body to be heated is nearly as tbe elasticity of that body'or the cohesion of its parts, and that whatever produces a tremulous motion in the parlicles of any body excites heal in tbat body, and vice versa, whatever excites heat produces a tremulous motion iu the particles of the body. In the five methods enumerated by philosophers by which heat is produced, viz. by attrition, by chemical mixture, by fomentation, by inflammation, and by the sun, the heat depends on the tremulous or vibratory motion which by one means or another is excited in the par- tides of the heated body. I proceed to apply'tbis theory of the generation of heat to the purpose of proving that Comets niay be fit for the residence of ( material; intelligent creatures. The move plainly to illustrate the manner in which this theory may De employed to shew how Comets may be habi- table globes, it may be proper to apply it in accounting for u fact which comes under human observation. Within tbe torrid zone a person feels extreme beat at the foot of a high mountain, at the lop of which the air is always in a freezing state. At the foot of the mountain the air, which is a very clastic substance, being much compressed, i. c. tbe particles of it being brought very near to one another by the weight of the incumbent atmosphere,, is there capable of receiving a greater degree of tremulous motion from the impulse of the sun's rays! & of thereby exciting the sensations of great bes t in a human body; whereas the air at tbe top of the mountain being not so compressed, but tbe particles of il in conse- quence of its elasticity, and tbe small degree of pressure from above to counteract that elasticity, being much fur- ther removed from one another, is capable of receiving a pro- portionably less degree of tremulous motion from the im- pulse of the sun's rays ; and therefore ill tbat situation the person feels no heat, but extreme cold, and 111 a short time would be frozen to death. I11 the hitter situation, however, the persons miglil be miles nearer tbe sun than in the former. This fact then serves to shew that heat does not depend on the distance alone of a body from the sun, but partly, at least, if not principally, 011 tlie quantity nnd depth of the elastic medium on which its rays fall, and which they put into a vibratory motion ; if we keep this observation in our minds, we shall see how Ibis theory of tbe generation of heat may serve to explain how Comets may be no inconvenient places of residence for such creatin es as arc before mention- ed. Dr. Herscbel also assigns very forcible reasons for con- cluding that the opinion commonly received of the sun being a body of real, fire is futile aud erroneous. That Ihe sun is a luminous and not an igneous body," has been thought highly probable by other modern philosophers, an opinion which every new step in philosophy gives great support to. The height of the atmosphere of a Comet is frequently eight or 10,000 miles, whilst that of the atmosphere of the earth is hardly supposed to exceed 60 or 70, The particles of tiiis atmosphere, much more than 100 times as high us ours, may also be smaller, more subtle aud elastic, and much more easily heated than the particles of our atmosphere ; whence the sun's rays may be able to agitate and warm such an atmosphere compressed together hy the weight of eight or 10,000 miles at a distance from the sun, in which we, having over us an atmosphere of only 60 01* 70 miles, should feel the most extreme cold. It is observable tbat as a Comet moves towards the sun it acquires a tail, which increases its length tbe nearer the Comet comes to the sun, aud is long- est when the Comet is nearest to it. This tail I suppose to consist of a quantity of the Comet's atmosphere driven be- hind it by the impelling force of thesun's rays, which force in regions near the sun must be great. I11 proportion as the tail, consisting of the atmosphere of the Comet, lengthens behind it, the quantity of tbe same atmosphere, on the side turned towards the sun, grows less and less, and is least when Ihe Comet is nearest the sun. As, on the side turned towards the sun, the quantity of atmosphere continually de- creases tbe nearer the Comet approaches the sun, and again continually increases the farther it recedes from it, there may be always so much of it on that side as is sufficient, by being put into a vibratory motion by the action of the sun's rays upon it, for tbe purpose of keeping up a proper degree of heat in the bodies of the inhabitants in every part of the orbit which the Comet describes. Tims does this hypo- thesis concerning the manner in which heat is generated, enable ns to conceive how a Comet may be like the earlli, inhabited by rational beings, who may never suffer any destructive extreme of heat or cold, but enjoy, like us, a comfortable existence. The luminous appearance of the tail of a Comet, is ac- counted for, by observing tbat every particle near the surface of the immense stream of air, which is driven behind it by tbe impelling force of tbe sun's rays, must lie enlightened by the refraction and reflecjion of those rays, and hence exhibits the faint appearance of a blaze. The Comet discovered in the month of September, 1807, was the most beautiful that had been seen for thirty years.— Its nucleus appeared like a star of the first or second mag- nitude, but its light paler : its tail not very extensive, only a few degrees. Its light, however, and lhat of ils nucleus very striking. Its motion one degree per day towards the north, and rather more than one degree towards the east.— It was surrounded by a nebulosity of about six minutes dia- meter, and bad a tail of about 11 degree and a half in length. This resembled none of the orbits of any Comet observed before. It passed its perihelion the 19th of September. C. 0. Fanaticism.— At the late Leeds Sessions, J. Burnley, a weaver, of Beeston, was brought before the court, on a charge of deserting liis family. The prisoner admitted lhat he earned I rum 18s, to 20s. a week, the residue of which, after supplying his own necessities, he distributed among his poor neighbours; conceiving lhat his wife and family were not entitled to his atten- tion, unless they were in greater distress than others. In the course of a long dialogue with Ihe court, he quoted texts of Scripture with intent lo prove that he was bound to give to those lhat were more distressed than his own family— to forsake father, mother, wife, I and children ; that he had indeed acted contrary to the 1 Gospel in taking a wife, and sinned in so doing. Some gentlemen who knew the prisoner, stated that formerly he was an industrious man, and that he had read the Bible till he. had bewildered himself; that he would ab- sent himself whole days together, and retire into the woods and fields for the purpose of reading it. After some time spcnl in this manner, he went away from his family, and refused lo contribute lo Iheir support.— What he had said of giving away his earnings to objects of distress, was correct.— When told that one of his children was extremely ill, and needed support, he said " God would give il ;" the circumstance made no impression 011 him.— The prisoner's wife having re- quested that 110 severity might be used towards hiin, he was discharged. During tha last summer, a lady at Aldborough had the misfortune to lose a topaz broach, which she next morning employed the town cryer to proclaim through the streets, with a suitable reward ; but whether from the illegibility of the writing, or the misconcep- tion of this public orator, he called it a top- mast broken, which he thought more congenial lo the vicinity ot Ihe element where the loss was sustained— A few years since, Ihe cryer at the same place was ordered to pro- claim a reward for the discovery of a couple of black and white seller bitches, which Colonel Vivian ( then resident there) had lost; but from the cryer's incapa- city to decipher Ihe hand writing, and his little know- ledge of the canine race, after puzzling himself for a long time, he construed couple to meap a pair, and thus proclaimed the Colonel's misfortune:—" Lost, a pair of black and white satin breeches,-" which could not fail to excite the risibility of the company at that well- frequenled bathing- place, more especially as the reference for regard was to he made personally to the Colonel himself, who was much quizzed for the singularity of his supposed tasty apparel. Fiorin Grass.— Wo hear from Cumberland, that at the late great Agricultural Meeting at Workington, the prejudices so long entertained against Irish Fiorin Grass were completely done away.— Two circumstances oc- casioned this decided change of opinion:— First, the personal attendance of Dr. Richardson, the discoverer, who with much good nature and condescension, pointed out lhat grass ( very abundant in Cumberland), to every one that desired to know it!; displayed its value ; de- tailed ils use; shewing, at. the same time, the facility with which it was collected and laid down.—' But it was Mr. Curwen himself that brought about effectual con- viction 5 thatworlhy President in the most candid man- ner, freely acknowledged from his chair, his former errors 011 the subject of Fiorin, stating the facts which induced him to change his opinion, and particularly the immense crop he had gone purposely to view at Gen. Dirom's, at. Annan. Mr. Curwen was not content with the public declaration of his full confidence in the im- mense value of Fiorin Grass, he assured the meeting that he would instantly proceed to its cultivation on a great scale ; and to encourage others, he publicly pro- mised to his tenants, that if they would lay down part of their ground with Fiorin Grass, should Ihe measure fail of the expected success, he would immediately repay whatever expense they had incurred in the attempt.— Mi-. Curwen is now on a tour with Dr. Richardson through the north of England and Scotland, to meet the several Agricultural Societies who have requested their attendance, aud arranged their respective times so as to suit the convenience of these zealous amateurs.— The last meeting is to be that of Wigtownshire, called by their President Edward Boyd, Esq. of Castlemorton, the most spirited and improving Agriculturist in Galway. The Exciseman outwitted.— A cruel trick was lately served upon an exciseman by some of the Highlanders residing- among the Trosacks of Loch Catherine. A quantity of contraband whiskey having been distilled and collected, the parties were at some loss to find out a mode of evading the vigilance of an Excise Officer, who was upon the qui 1lire. At length one or two of them went to the Exciseman, and informed him, that there was a private still at work in a small island in Loch Catherine, and that there' was a considerable quantity of illegal spirits there secreted. Imposed upon by this intelligence, he begged they would land him 011 the island, for the purpose of making the seizure. Glad to find their device so far successful, he was immediately embarked on board a boat, and speedily landed upon the spot Scarcely, however, had he set his foot on the shore, when his hopeful guides tacked about, and left the unfortunate man a prey lo disappointment, vexation, and hunger, for three days; at the end of which time, having success- fully carried away their contraband goods, they restored him lo his wife and family, in a state little short of starvation. Pedeslrianisvi.— Mr. West, who started on Saturday morning from Mr. Lee's, the Western Shades, in Jermyn- street, on a match against time, arrived at Canterbury in IS hours, having two hours to spare. It rained, without intermission, during Ihe whole of the performance ; and Mr, W. missing his road 011 Blackheath, lost more than two miles ; so that the whole distance was more than 60 miles; which, con- sidering the disadvantage of the weather, and the invigorating liquor, pure waler, lb which the pedes- trian was restrained, may be considered as 110 trifling sporting achievement, Mr. Ilarwood, another Gentleman Pedestrian, per- formed 18 miles in two hours, on Monday, on the Bath road, for a wager of 100 guineas. The East Kent Militia 011 its passage from Falmouth to Ireland narrowly escaped being wrecked ; they were nearly driven on a rock 67 miles from Dublin; but, after driving about five hours at the mercy of the waves, a strong gale came on, and carried them safe into Dublin.— The cheapness of provisions at Athlone Barracks, where they are quartered, is somewhat remarkable; meat is from 2jd. to 4d, per pound; flour 3d. per pound ; _ salt pork 4d. per pound ; pota- toes 1 lib. for 3d. salt" lid. per quart; whiskey, rum, and gin 4d. a quartern; tobacco 5d. per ounce ; a fat goose ( weight 9lb.) 3s. some for Is. 6d. ducks Is. 3d. per couple ; eggs three a penny ; roast pork, and all dressed meat at the cook: shops 6( 1. per. pound. Wednesday afternoon, whilst a man was digging chalk in Marlborough- hill, the hank fell in on him ; and, when dug out, he vvas found in an erect posture, lifeless. His affectionate wife, on her arrival at the spot, said—" it was no matter for him, as he had work enough to do at home." Two German missionaries are going out to Sierra Leone in a ship now lying at the Mother Bank. They are men of very amiable manners, and of acquirements much superior to those of many of their brethren, hav- ing passed five years in the studies suitable to their mission. Besides a competent knowledge of Greek, they are versed in Arabic, and have learned what can be attained by study, of the language current amongst the western tithes in Africa. They go out under the patronage of the British and Foreign Bible Society. A most curious discovery and seizure has been made in the river. All the regalia of his Imperial Majesty Christophe I. have been seized 011 board a vessel cleared out for Hayti, as they were entered under the name of upholstery, in order to defraud the revenue of the duties that would have been payable on gold lace and jewellery, & c. The robes of state, the gala suits, and all the grand ensigns of royally were de- tected, made up in very common packages; and suspicions are entertained that they shall also find the imperial crown itself concealed in the ship. His Imperial Majesty will, no doubt, be indignant that an attempt should thus he made to defraud his Royal Brother Sovereign of his just duties. And which of his ambassadors here have been guilty of the trick we know not. Unless the Treasury, however, give an order for the release of the regalia, the Emperor's coronation must be postponed. The borough of Aldborough, Suffolk, is said to be in danger of losing its corporate rights, in consequence of a neglect in not swearing in the new bai'iffs and justices 011 the day appointed by charter and ancient usage. Parties run high in the borough, and West minster- hall is likely to benefit by the contention. Captain Thomas Dundas, of the Royal Navy, lias invented a new description of inflammable balls, appli- cable for besieging a town, and peculiar for its small weight, by which means it may he thrown lo a great distance, and takes fire on a very curious plan. It spreads a flame in three distinct openings, which is so strong that the fire extends a full yard in length from the ball itself; andjs so powerful, that any thing under, over, or near, cannot escape its effects. The Strand Bridge, the foundation- stone of which was laid 011 Friday, the 11th instant, when completed, will be the largest in the world. It will consist of nine arches, all of equal size, and 120 feet span each, and of a beautiful elliptical form, which will prove a great ornament to the metropolis. A court martial assembled onboard the Gladiator, at Portsmouth, 011 the 25th instant, for the trial of Capt. Barrie, officers, and crew, of his Majesty's late ship the, Pomone, which was lost in attempting to come through the Needles. The court acquitted Captain Barrie, officers, and crew, except the master, who was ordered to be reprimanded. The Buenos Ayres Gazette of the 8th of August, contains a report from Don Jose Rondsea, detailing the result ot an attempt made by the garrison of Monte Video, to destroy an advanced battery, on the 22d of July. It appears lhat a party of 350 men made a s^ lly from the garrison, to destroy a battery which greatly annoyed tiic place, at the same time that the battery was attacked by a gun- boat and nine armed launches in flank. After some firing, the MonteV'ideans, finding the troops of Buenos Ayres maintained theii ground, retired withinTheir walls. The loss of the Buenos army in this notable affair w as a horse wounded. That of the other is not stated, but it is supposed to have been considerable, as the launches were much da- 1 maged by the fire. There is as yet nothing developed respecting the two Frenchmen, who were taken out of an American ship by the Stork sloop of war, which vessel brought them to Plymouth, and on board which they now remain. We have already stated, that these persons had assisted an English nobleman lo escape from France, who had been detained there many years. This latter personage, concerning whom not a syllable was suffered to transpire, set olt for town the same evening; but how the two Frenchmen are to be dis- posed of is not known. One of them speaks very cor- rect English : he says, that having occasion to go into a banking- house at Paris, in the early part of last month, he saw a great number of English guineas, at which he expressed his sutprize; when one of the bankers assured him, that the different houses in Paris had received nearly a million of them from the pre- ceding January till that lime, September. The stale of the atmosphere has altered much within • the last few davs, prior to which the heat of the nights was such as to render the manufacture of mould candles impossible, an inconvenience which the tallow- chandlers say-, they have never before experienced at the same period of the year. Monday se'nnight, at night, a smuggling vessel, laden with 600 tubs of spirits, and a large quantity of lace, ran ashore e » the end pf the beach of Landguard Fort, which Ihey could not get off again. They then thrnw the liquor overboard, and made their escape. The soldiers in the garrison fell in with it, and four of them drank to such excess, that they are since dead. The Viper Excise culler, Capt. Morgan, has secured half the liquor, and also succeeded in getting off, and is in pursuit of the remaining part of the cargo. It seems the smugglers mistook the Harwich lights for the Orfordness lights. A custom prevails in some Of the ' departments of France, of employing men and women to tread out the juice of the grape in large tubs. A Paris Jotlrnal states, that in consequence of this pernicious practice, 96 per- sons have suddenly died while thus employed, many of them in the same tub, the fermentation of the juice being very active, from whence the carbonic gas es- caped with fatal energy. The practice of allowing Dickies upon the bar to Thursday se'nnight four young men sailed in an oprin boat from Bristol, on a cruise in and about Kingroad, and remained at Clevedonand adjacent places till Sunday, when they prepared to return home ; but coming by the wreck ofthe Rebecca, they agreed to go 011 board her, and fastened their boat by the painter ( the sea at that time was tremendous). They had been 011 the wreck but a short time, when the violence of the waves swamped the boat, and she went to pieces; and in an instant a wave swept them away. Two sunk to rise no more ; the other two, being excellent swimmers, buffet- ed the waves for nearly an hour, when they were saved by a boat passing that way. Mr. Way, of Bridport Harbour; lately made an ex- periment on some Scotch firs. He selected three trees, and had them prepared for extracting turpentine; bv cutting a hollow six inches from the ground, and then taking the bark off for a space of about 18 inches above it. from the sappy wood. This was done in April, and the turpentine began and continued to run under very disadvantageous circumstances, such as cold and rainy weather, until October, when he collected from the three trees about 2ilb. of turpentine. Mr. Way thinks that large quantities of tar might be obtained from the knots and limbs of the Scotch fir when cut down, and that the charcoal made from it would not be injured bv the tar being first extracted. By an act of last session, no person can be arrested after the lsl of November 1811, for a debt under £ 15, unless the same is due upou a promissory note or bill of exchange. At the Norwich city sessions, Thursday se'nnight, James Pearson applied to qualify as a dissenting teacher, under the 19th of Geo. III. ch. 54. It appeared that the applicant was a minister of no particular congrega- REAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE BY DAY AND MARTIN, LONDON. THIS invaluable Composition, with half the usual Labour, produces the most brilliant jet- black ever beheld; affords peculiar Nourishment to tbe Leather; - will not soil the finest Linen ; is perfectly free from any unplea- sant Smell ; and will retain its Virtue in any Climate. Sold wholesale, by Day and Martin, removed to No. 97, High Holborn, London; and retail by their Agents, W. KDDOWES, J. Palin, Mrs. Owen, and Tlowdler and Studlev, Shrewsbury ; Partridge, bookseller, Bridgnorth ; Smith, Iron Bridge aud Wenlock ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Owen, Boot- maker, Ludlow; Craig, Bookseller, Nantwich ; Morgan, Stati. oner, Stafford; Brown and Son. Grocers, Bersham; Smith, Stationer, Newcastle; Gower and Smart, Wolverhampton; Poole, Bookseller, Chester ; and J. Painter, Wrexham ; in Stone bottles, price Is. 6d. each. BEAUT1FDL WOMEN. THE greatest Blemish Hairs on the Face, N'e to Beauty is Superfluous Neck, and Arms; HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them, is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use. Pi- ice 4 « j or two in one Parcel 7s. Sold by the Proprietor, 23, Russel- Street, Covent- Garden, London. ' H OOD having been appoi'l/ ed the Wholesale as well as Retail Agent for litis and the adjoining Counties, xtill supply Booksellers' and Dealers teith the above Article on liberal Terms. The follo- mng are Venders in this Neighbourhood: IL P. Silvester, Newport; W Edwards, Oswe'stiu; II'. Smith, Iron, bridge; T. Griffiths, Ludlow; E. Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; D. Procter, Drayton. ASTHMA, CONSUAimONTwiIEEZ1 NG. I^ T the drivers of post chaises is becoming general near the parson ofthe parish, for le'a've to bury him in the town, as it has long been at a distance from it—. church- yard ; the parsrm enquired what religion he was, lion He fpplied to qualify as a preacher going " about rSTHE names of a Royal Duke, of several Noble, to anj p ace or places through England, or elsewhere, ft. men and Doctors, arc to be found in ihe list of cure, when called, or where he thought he might be useful. " The court refused to grant him a licence, solely on ac. count of his not being appointed a preacher or pastor of a specific congregation. A cure for Bigotry.— When Dr. Thomas was Chap- lain to the British Factory at Hamburgh, a gentleman belonging to the factory. being ill, was ordered into the country for the benefit of the air; accordingly he went to a village about ten miles distant, but after some time died there; upon this, application was made to tho „„..„,... ,. f Ik. ' • L I11 . • Passengers lose nothing by thus relievins- iiie most pitiable of all animals— a Post- horse. Though the' spur is 110 longer dug into the sides of lli « toi^ rorse, -~ J there can be 110 doubt that he draws the better for losing the burden of a ten stone postilion. Honesty.— A very poor man, named Tuck, living in the alms- house at Penzance, found a bag, on Monday se'nnight, containing a great number of guineas, which had been lost by a rich farmer of that neighbourhood. A reward of ten of the guineas was soon proclaimed for their recovery, aud the honest fellow restored them without hesitation. Anecdote.— When Louis XIV. was playing at cards with oue of his courtiers, a dispute arose upon some point of his game. It was referred to the bye- staiiders, who were of different, opinions. The Count de Gram- mont, who was in a distant part of the room, appeared to listen to the close of the arguments. " And what thinks the Count de Grammont," said Louis, " am 1 not in the right }"—" No, Sire, you are certainly wrong."—" And how can you tell that," said Louis, " Who have but just given us any of your attention V —" Sire," replied Grammont, " I find there are different opinions upon the subject; aud if there had been a shadow of right in your Majesty's favour, could one of those worthy Gentlemen round you have failed to perceive it I" Agricultural Report for October.— The harvest in the Northern Counties, and in Scotland, though unusu- ally late, has closed favourably, from the continuance of fine weather so long after Michaelmas. Their Wheats, though not affording plump samples in ge- neral, have been injured much less by blight than those of the South. The wheat lands throughout England have worked so well for the seed, that little remains in any district to be sown. The early plants shew luxuri- antly from the late rains. The Potatoe crops are likely to prove large in produce, but those remaining in strong soils are likely to suffer if the rains continue. The Clover Seed cut late has been much injured by the wet weather; but that which came forwarder is expected to turn out well. The latter Turnips, from the rapidity and continuance of their growth, promise to become abundant, even in remote districts not much accustom- ed to the growth of green crops. The continuing growth of Grass keeps the Haymarket stationary at last month's prices. Although the Graziers complain of the present prices at Smithlield, for most kinds of meat, the Butchers take care that Ihe public shall profit but little from the cause of their discontent. We have little or no variation to note in the value of Lean Stock.— Good Draught Horses are dearer than we before re- member. The Wool Market remains dull, at prices which few but the necessitous grower seem disposed to accept. NOVEMBER FASHIONS FOR LADIES. IFalking Dress.— A simple French high frock of cambric, with small tucks round the bottom. A11 hussar coat of fine salmon- colour Merino cloth, orna- mented 011 each side with dark silk frogs, and lined and trimmed with skin. A military helmet cap, com- posed of the same materials, and decorated on the left side with a single curled ostrich feather. Halt- boots of salinon- coloured kid ; and ridicule of crimson velvet, with lion spring snap of gold. Gloves of Limerick or pale lemon- coloured kid. Carriage Costume.— A plain high morning robe of India muslin, with an a la Grecque border of needle- work at the feet. A French wrapping coat of grey or blossom- coloured silk, trimmed entirely round with swansdown. Hair in dishevelled curls and twisted bands. Beehive hat, composed of the same material as the coat, with strings of lemou- coloured ribbon, aud ornamented with two curled ostrich feathers. Half- boots of huff silk, and kid gloves of a lemon colour. BANKRUPTS, OCTOBER 26. Bestson Katherine. and Briggs Mary, ot Margaret- street, Cavendish- square, milliners, Octyiier 29, November 19, Decem- bei 7, at Guildhall, London— Brough Hodgson, of Camberwell, Surrev, mariner, October 29, November lfi, December 7, at Guildhall, London.— Cockburn William, of Cheltenham, upliol- steier, November 14-. lo, December 7, at the C- orge Inn, Bewd- ley, Worcestershire. ~ Duporit Francis John, of Watford; Hert- fordshire, draper, October 29, November 12, December 7, at Guildhall, London.— Evans William Price, of Pwllheli, Carnar- vonshire, diaper. November 2, 12, December 7, at Guildhall, London.— Field Richard, of Yalding, Kent, dealer, November 2, 12, December 7, at Guildhall, London— France William, and Bennett James, of High- street, Shoreditch, tallow- chandlers, October 29, November 19, December 7, at Guildhall, London—- Le Mesurier Frederick, of Lloyd's Coft'ec- house, merchant. No- vemhn 5, 12, December 7, at Guildhall, London.— Needham Richard, of Old Broad- street, auctioneer, November 5, 12_, December 7, al Guildhall, London,— Sisley Thomas, of Saint Peter Ihe Apostle, in the Isle oi Thanet, merchant, November 5. 19, December 7, at Guildhall, I. ondon — Tempest William Henry, ol Vauxhall, Surrey, haberdasher, November 2, 12, De- cember 7, at Guildhall. London. OCTOBER 29.]— Allen William, the younger, of Worcester, glove manufacturer, Noveml> er4, 27, December 10, at Guildhall. — Berry William, of Alpliinglon,* Devonshire, tanner, November 2, 16. December 10, at GinWhall, London.— BidgOod John, of Swallow-- treet, Oxford- street, coik- cu. ter, November 2, 16, De- cember 10, at Giiitdball.— Brownridge Samuel, of Leeds, mer- chant, November 2, 16, December 1U, at the Bull and Mouth Inn, Leeds.— By William and Sands John, of Fcnchurch- stieet Cham- bers, Feiichurcli- street, ship and insurance brokers, November 2, 5, December 10, ai Guildhall, London,— Franck John Christian, of Poland- street, Oxford- street, tailor, November 2, 12, Decim- hcr 10, at Guildhall, London.— Fryer Christopher, of Imle Chelsea, Middlesex, builder, November 2, 16, December 10, at Guildhall, London.— Holmes Frederick, of Vere- street, Oxi'ord- street, merchant, November 2. It), December 10, at Guildhall, London Mackie Francis, of Paternoster- row, Spilaltields, bat- maker, November 2, 12, December 10. at Guildhall, Loudon. — Roiley John, of Bollon- te- Moors, Lancashire, cotion manu- facturer! November 20, 21, December 10, at the Swan Inn, Bolton- le- Moors,— Saxelby George, of Ludgate- hill,. boot ard shoemaker. November 2, 5, December ID.— Wood Henry, of Workington, Cumberland, grocer, November 19, 20, December 10, at the Cupold Hotel, Whitehaven. and_ was told that he was a'Calvinist. " No no," says there are none but Lutherans in my church- yard, and there shall be no other." " This,-' says Dr. Thomas, " was told me, and I wondered that any man of learning or understanding should have such ideas. I of tbe above diseases elfected by the prepared STRAMONIUM. The fume, by allaying the irritation of the Lungs, acts as si cliann. The OXYM EL, by promoting expectoration, quiet- ing congh, and strengthening the system, has been found to succeed in the cure of Consumption of the Lungs, after all other remedies, advertised regular, had failed. The reputation of this valuable remedy is so effectually established by the very beneficial effects it uniformly produces, iliat it is only necessary to say ''. hat the prepared Herb for smoking, and the Oxvmel for internal Use, may be obtained of Harris, corner of St. Paol's Church- yard; Bacon, liO, Oxford street; and Butts, 10, Bernei; s- street; of whom may be bad, fifth edition, just published, Surgeon Fisher's Familiar Treatise on tbe Causes and Cure of Asthma, Consumption, & c. Sold bv W, EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury; Evanson, Whitchurch ; and Poole, Chester. COMFORT FOR THE AFFLICTED. " resolved lo take my horse, and go and argue the matter I — with him, but found him inflexible: at length I told him, HP^ number of Cures effected by the use of he made me think of a circumstance which once hap- Dr- SMITH'S PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS are such pened to myself, wheu I was curate of a church in sut, stantial pioofs of their superior efficacy, that the Pro- Thames- Street. 1 was buryin « - a corpse and a woman i rrietor challenges the world to produce a medicine- equal to m„ l,„ n,„ " 1 : L .| L .. r .1.- I it.— Let the f " " " " ' ' came, and pulled me by the sleeve in the midst of the service—" Sir, sir, I want lo speak to you.'"—-" Pry- thee," says 1, " woman, wait till I have done." —" No, Sir, I must speak to vou immediately." " Why then, what is the matter?" " Why Sir," says she, " you are burying a man, who died of the small- pox, next my poor husband, who never had it." This story had the desired effect, and the curate permitted the bones of the poor Calvinist to be laid in his church- yard. If any one man hasever been more successful than another, it is Dr Solomon, who has brought liis Cordial Halm of Gilead to such perfection that it never fails removing the worst and most crabbed disorders of the nerves. It always exhilirates and cheers the spirits, braces and invigorates the whole frame. Such a medicine, for its healing, balsamic, friendly, and sanative qualities up/ in tbe debilitated constitution, de- serves the wondrous encouragement it meets with from all ranks who have been fortunate enough to have recourse to it. It is peculiary efficacious in all inward Wastings, Loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Depression of Spirits, Trembling or Shaking of the Hands or Liltibs, obstinate Coughs, Shortness of Breath, Consumptive Habits, &. e. & c. At this season of the year, Dr. Solomon's medicines are highly useful to the valetudinarian; but caution is necessary to guard against counterfeits, by observing tbe words, " Saml. Solomon, Liver, pool," engraved on the stamp affixed to each bottle, without which it ( anr. ot be genuine. Sold at 10s. 6d. or four in one 33s. bottle ( which saves 9s.) by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury. Dr. Solomon, when consulted, expects his usual fee of Half- a- guinea. Such letter should, for safety, be thus direct- ed, *' Money Letter, Dr. Solomon, Gilead House, near Liverpool." TO MESSRS ROWLAND AND SON, PROPRIETORS OF THE MACASSAR OIL. GENTLPMEN, June 22, 1311. IAM greatly indebted to the surprising Virtues of your Macassar Oil, for tbe Recovery of my Hair; which has been so extremely thin for these eight Years past, obliged me to wear a Wig, and used many preparations for a consi- derable time, without any signs of its recruiting. Hearing of tbe excellency of your Oil, 1 determined on trying it; in a short time my Hair began to thicken, and by using it re- gularly for « ix Months, I was enabled to leave off my Wig, and have now to boast of a fine Head of Hair, winch as tonishes every one, I shall continue the U" e of it, as it not only thickens the Hair, but I feel considerable pleasure in the. Head after using it. My daughter has received astonish- ing Benefit from using the MACASSAR On., of which let the Bearer have One Guinea Bottle. You are at liberty to pub- lish this Note, ami may refer anyone to Your obedient Servant, WM. HEN. JAQUF. S, To Messrs. Baker- Street, Portman Square. A. Rowland and Son, Ki'hy- Slreet, Hatton Garden. To be had of the Proprietors as above, and by their Ap- pointment by Mr. W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and by all Perfumers aud Medicine Venders throughout the Kingdom, at 3fid. 1.0s, 6d. and one Guinea, per Bottle. " tHE CELEBRATED MAGNETIC RAZOR TABLET, patronized by bis Boval Highness the PRINCE of WALES, having become so high in reputation as to be considered the only invention in the World, capable of forming a most scientific and acute Edge to a Bazor ivithout the use of Oil or Grease; JOHN THOMAS R1GGE, the Proprietor, and Inventor, feels it his duty to caution the Public that none are genuine but such as are signed iu Red ink, with his signature, and numbered ; price 7s. fid. Sold at his Warehouses in London, 52, Paik- street, Gros- venor- square, and 63, Cheapside; also by regular appointed Agents in every City and Town in the United Kingdom. - The following Persons are appointed in Shrewsbury ; Messrs. W. Hnlme and Son, Perfumers, & c. Bottom of Pride Hill, Messrs. Nightingale, Wyle- Cop, Mr. Burrey, Perfumer, High- street, and Mr. Morris, Bookseller, Princess- street. ' GENUINE FAMILY MEDICINES. JUST received from DICEY and Co's original Warehouse in London, a fresh Supply of the following GENUINE MEDICINES; which may be had of W. F. DDOWES, Wood, and Sandford, Shrewsbury; Harding, and Scarrott, Shiffnal; Dean, and Collet, Newport; Houlstons, Wellington; Miller, and Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenlock; Smith, Trevor, Much Wenlbck; Gilton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth; Ferrington, Broseley; Evans, Welsh Pool; Fallows, Bangh, PryceS, and Birch, Ellesmere; Wright, Whitchurch; Snelson, and Craig, Nantwich ; Painter, Wrex- ham; Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry; and by llie principal Venders of Patent Medicines iu every Town throughout the Kingdom. 1. d. s. d. Diccy's Daffy's Elixir - 2 9 Dr. Anderson's Scots Smaller Bottles 2 0 Pills, 30 in a Box - 1 11 Dr. Bateman's Diops 1 6 Squire's Grand Elixir - 2 0 Bostork's Elixir - O 9 Golden and plain Spirits Stoughton's Elixir - - 1 1J of Scurvy- Grass - - 1 n Friar's Balsam - - - 1 IJ Beautne de Vie - - - 3 6 Pike's Ointment 1 9 Betton's British Oil - - 1 9 Dr. Radcliffe's Elixir - 1 li Dt. Lockyer's Pills - 2 9 Bathing Spirits - - - 1 0 Liquid Shell - - - 1 ' i. TO guard against COUNTERFEITS, Purchasers are par. ticularly requested to observe, titt tlie words " DICEY and Co." a- c engraved in the Stamp affixed to each of the above Articles. following case be read with attention. TURN OF LIFE— TO DR. SMITH. DEAR SIR,— I think it a duty incumbent on me to lay before you and the public a most extraordinary cure ( at the turn of life) which I received from your far- famed Ploughman's Drops.— I was taken very ill, and applied to several pro- fessional gentlemen, under whose care 1 remained for more than 12 months when I was brought to death's door, and prayed every moment might be my last." I was then advis- ed to go into Shropshire to try the change of air, and to put myself under the care of a celebrated physician ; which I did, but after three month's trial I found no relief, and was reduced to the last stage of despair, when I was providentially recom- mended to your Drops, and after taking only one bottle I found I was better, for what I eat began to stop on my stomach, and by taking three more I was restored to my former health and spiiits, after nearly 18 months severe illness. I request you, iny good Di. Smith, to make this public— as I am sure it will be read with pleasure by such good matrons as may bela- bouring under complaiots similar to mine, and cadse them to thank God that there is a safe and certain cure for them I am, sir, with the graatest gratitude, youi obliged servant, Liverpool, Sept. 21, 1811. E. W. These Drops are to be had ill square Bottles, with these words moulded on each, " Mr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops, " ( all others are spurious), at 2s.. Ihe large, and lis. the small, Duty included, at PLOUGHMAN'S HAM, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; of W. EDDOWES, Printer Of tbis Paper, ill Shrewsbury ; Capsey, Wellington ; Yeates, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge ; Partridge, Bridgnorth ; Silvester, Newport; Craig, Nantwich; Giiffiths, Ludlow; Baugh, Ellesmere; Jones, Whitchurch; Procter, Drayton; Price, Oswestry; Painter, Wrexham; Waidson, Welsh Pool; and Fowke, Stafford; Holmes, No. 1. Royal Exchange, London, and every respectable vender in Ihe kingdom. UNFAILING SUCCESS during a period of EIGHTY YEARS lias fully established ibe excellence of BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT, 111 the cure of that disagreeable disorder, the ITCH, which it never fails to effect iu ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION. This safe, speedy, and effectual Remedy, has been in general use for upwards of 80 years, without a single instance of its haviug failed to cure the most inveterate cases. It does not con- tain Ihe smallest particle of Mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient,, and may be safely used by persons of the most delicate constitution. The Public are requested to observe, that none can possibly be genuine, unless the Names Of the Proprietors, BARCLAY and SON, are engraved on the Stamp affixed to eath Box; and great danger may arise from the neglect of this caution.— Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay and Son, ( the only successors to Jackson and Co.) No 95, Fleet Market, London, price Is. 9d. duty included ; and by iheir appointment, by W. F. DBOWES, Morris. Palin, nnd Newling, Shrewsbury ; Miller, Madeley Market- Pi ace; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iron . Bridge and Much Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Evanson, Whitchurch; Baugb, Cross, Ellesmere j Procter, Drayton; Weaver,- Montgomery ; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell. Welsh Pool; Morral, Price, EJivards, and Minshall, Oswestry; Griffiths. Bishop's Castle; Giiffiths, ' Ludlow; Gitton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Painter, Wrexham; Jones, Chiik; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llangerniew; F. vans, Newtown; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. " I LUKE CLAY, Blacksmith, of Welsh Hampton, near Elle- mere, Shropshire, do hereby certify, that ii » April, 1810, aSparkof Fire flew into my left Eye ( when at work) which gave me great Pain ; a violent Inflammation aud Humour in both Eyes followed, which disabled me from work at my trade; a Skin overspread one Eye, and deprived me of the sight of it, the other was so weak and dim that I daily feared the loss of both ; when in this deplorable state 1 was recommended to Mr. Krebs, Oculist, at Ilanmer, who- perfonned four Operations 011 my Eyes, and lias made a per- fect Cure, which I cannot in humanity to the AlHieted with- hold, as Witness my hand, LUKE CLAY, late Invalid. The truth of tbe above extraordinary Cure is perfectly well know to the following respectable Neighbours, Thomas- Phillips, John Pay, Edward White, and John Williams. October Qd, 1811. The following equally striking and ultimately successful Cure affords a convincing Proof of the Efficacy, of Mr. Krebs's Mode of Treatment: Ann, Daughter of Samuel Davies, of Marcbwiel, near Wrexham, Denbighshire, was afflicted with a severe acute Ophthalmy ill both Eves for the space of 12 Months, to so areat a degree that when she applied to Mr, Krebs, her Eyes appeared to be in too hopeless a State to permit her to expect any particular Benefit; the Opacity on the Cornea of the right Eye compleatly darkened it, the left so relaxed arid weak as to prevent her finding her way without a Guide; many Things had been tried without Relief, until sbe became a Patient to Mr. Krebs, who soon relieved her, the state of her Eyes daily improving, and in two Months the sight of both Eves was in every respect perfect; it is now two Years since, and sbe has not experienced the least Re- lapse, As Witness our Hands, SAMDSL DAVIES, ANN DAVISS, late Invalid. Mr. KREBS being fully enabled to cure all Diseases of the F'yes ( if curable) proposes to be consulted at his House in llanmer, every Monday and Wednesday ; the other Days he will be at Liberty to attend Patients at their own Houses if required. Letters, Post paid, addressed Mr. KREBS, Hanmer, near Ellesmere, attended to.
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