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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3397
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 04/11/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3397
No Pages: 4
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. prtttfeO anli pitbltGljeO bp anO far William antJ Arthur Lee. OL. LXm. No. 3397.} • MONDAY. NOVEMBER 4, 1811. [ PRICE SIX- PKNCI Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY, 3 ' and HAMPSHIRE ; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & c. will be . received aud punctually forwarded to the Publishers. It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. NAVY PAY OFFICE, Oct. 29th, 1811. THE Treasurer having received information that pcr, « ou* BCting as Agents for Petty Officers and Seamen in the Navy, frequently charge £' S per Cent, aud in some instances have Charged as much as £ li> per cent for receiving Wages and Prize Money for persons of those descriptions, in ships of war, in violation of a Law, hy which they are restrained from charging more than sixpence iu the pouud for receiving the same. Notice is hereby given, that, in proof of such proceed- ing of any person licensed to att as an agent, his licence will be immediately withdrawn, and he will he prosecut- ed for the same under the provision of the 4' jtli George, 3d. chap. 133. GEORGE ROSE. POST HORSE DUTIES. Stamp- Office, London, Oct. < 26, 1811 NOTICE is hereby given, that hy virtue of an Act, panted in the last Session of Par- liament, intituled, " An Act for letting to farm " the Duties on Horses hired by the Mile or " Stage to be used in travelling, and on Horses " hired for a Isss Period of Time than Twenty- eight Days for drawing Carriages used in « ' travelling Post or otherwise in Great Britain, and for facilitating t- ke Recovery of the said *•' Duties'," the Commissioners of Stamps, duly authorized In/ the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, will put up the said Du- ties ( which ivere granted by the Act of the Forty- fourth Year1 of His Majesty's Reign, c. 98. J at the Stamp- Oflice, Somerset- Place, on Wednesday the 27th of Sov. mber next, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon, to be let to farm at Yearly Rents, for the Term of Three Years, from the lsf Day of February next inclusive, in the several Districts or Lots following, viz. Annual Rents at which DISTRICTS. they will be put up. I. North Britain _ — — £ 14,000 S. Northumberland — - Cumberland — — — I ( 0,000 Westmoreland — I Durham — J 3. Yorkshire — _ ,"'<,° 0 4. Lancashire Cheshire — — L 18,000 Derbshire — — 1 Staffordshire, with the whole of Tamworth J 5. Lincolnshire — ~ Nottinghamshire > L icestreshire — -" J <> Northamptonshire —— > , vi." TP — — f Warwickshire i7, « on Oxfordshire, except Tamworth and Wands- ^ lord Inn — — 7. Wiltshire — — Worcestershire — / 18,000 Gloucestershire — —* ' 8. Norfolk — — ~ - i 17,( 100 Essex — — Cambridgeshire 9. Bedfordshire — — \ 8ooo Buckinghamshire J 10. Huntingdonshire — — 7 ( 0 Hertfordshire with Wandsford Inn 1 II. Surrey — — 14,000 12. Middlesex, including London and West-" l ^ 0()(| minster — — J ' » 3. Kent - — — ? u Sussex — J Jl. Hampshire - - \ l6 Berkshire — — J J5. Devonshire — — Dorsetshire — — Cornwall — — Somersetshire, including the Town and .. > • t /. r < 0,000 County of Poole, 111 the County ' of Dorset, the City and County of Exeter, in the County of Devon, and the City and County of Bristol 16. NORTH WALES, viz. Auglesea —< — •* Carnarvonshire • Denbighshire — — Flintshire , — — 7v> oo Meriouethshire and Montgomeryshire, with Shropshire —• — 17. SOUTH WALES, viz. Brecknockshire — — - Carmarthenshire • Cardiganshire — — Glamorganshire ,3 Radnorshire and — — Pembrokeshire, with —— Herefordshire and — — Monmouthshire . J Each District will be put up at the sum above set opposite thereto, which, if there be no Bidding, will be gradually abated down to a certain Point, or till a Bidding shall he made. The highest Bidder will ke declared the farmer, aud will be required to pay down immediately, in Bank Notes, One- Eighth Part of the Annual Rent as u Deposit; but if no sufficient Bidding shall be made for any District, it will be withdruwn. And it is intended, that the District shall not Ite put up in the Order above stated,, but in any other which the Commissioners of Stamps may think Jit, and which will not be declared before the time of kiting. All Persons intending to hid for any of the said Duties, are to deliver in their Proposals, addressed to the Commissioners at the Stamp- Vffice, Somerset- Place, at least three Days previous to the said 2~ th Day of November next, signed with their Names, stating the Places of their Abode, and specifying the District or Districts for which tliey intend to bid, otherwise their Proposals cannot be pro- ceeded upon. And no Persons licensed tu let Horses for the Purport? of travelling Post, nor any one for their Us,;, can be admitted to contract for any of the sdid Duties. By Order of the Commissioners o f Stamps, Wm. Kappen, Secretary. PROPOSED WEY AND ARUN JUNCTION CANAL. THE advantage likely to acrruc to the Public, from a communication by Inland Navigation he tween the River Thames and Portsmouth, has Induced several Noblemen and Gentlemen of Surrey and Sussex, to forward this desirable end, by uniting the existing Navigation from London through Guildford, to the na vigable part of the River Arun, by a short cut'in almost a straight line, of 17 miles; by which means two naviga- tions, one of 4i| mtles, and the other offl « miles, both in a flourishing state, will form with the intended Canal, a direct navigable line from the Metropolis of 90 miles, to the sea at Little- Hampton; distant from Saint Helens only 14 miles, from Spithead | 6, and Portsmouth 22 . 011 which the produce of Sussex iu corn, tiour, and tini ber, will lie expeditiously conveyed to London ; Guild forrf and Godalming will be supplied with coals much cheaper thill at present; l » , ono tons of which are an nually consumed in that neighbourhood, at the present high price; together with Portland stone, slate, foreign deals, timber, bark, colm, manure, fire- wftod, salt, chalk, aud lime, groceries, iron ware, and othei- articles; Go- vernment, East and West India Stores, of every descrip- tion, to an immense extent; will be forwarded to Little Hampton, iu sixty working hours; and from thence by one rershipment ( which must take place, even if the Canal should extend to Portsmouth) will be delivered alongside of any snip at Spitbead, the Motherbank, or Portsmouth Harbour the following tide ; iu a safe and expeditions route, by regular passage vessels constructed and kept for that purpose.-— The Committee haying ascertained that twelve hundred thousand tons, pas, annually from the river Thames to Portsmouth, by sea and land carriage on public and private accounts, hope they do not assume too much, by stating that not less than one twelfth part will pass along the intended na- vigation, and the rivers Wey and Arun ; since goods will be delivered as cheap as by the present freightage coast- ways, and much cheaper than by land carriage, or any other possible line of inland conveyance.' Tti « local traftic alone is calculated at thirty thousand tons. The Projected Canal will pass thrpujh a country, the soil of which is principally clay, presenting 110 diflitul ties, with a plentiful supply of water for the driest sea sons, without any tunnel, without injury. to any mill, without destroying or reinuving any house; and may be navigable throughout within the period of two years. The sum required to accomplish this most desirable and lucrative concern, by the estimate of Mr. Jessop, amounts only to the sum of Seventy one Thousand Two Hundred and Seventeen Pounds t— but as the Gentle- men who bring forward this measure, wish to meet every expence, they are convinced, that the sum of Ninety Thousand Pounds will be amply sufficient to cover every out- going; 64.1uol. of whicli have been already sub- scribed. Amount of Subscriptions already advertized £ 51, lot) Subscriptions since received, vii. Austen, Henry Ed- £ Kay, Sir W. Bart. 5oo tnund, esq. — 5oo Keate, Robert esq. Soo Basnett. N. W. esq. 5oo Lockley, George esq. Soo Blacks, Thomas Capt. Soo Lukin, Robert esq. 5, to Blyth, Thomas Capt. 5oo Moseley, Messrs. So., Budd, Rich. Hen. esq. Soo M. W. — 5,10 Champness, Rev, Soo Muirhead, Alex. Capt. Soo Currie, w. esq. toon Nockells, Christph. esq Soo Dalton, John esq, Soo Spence, Eessrs, S. & T. 5oo Day, Captain A. W. Soo Thomas Wm. esq. Soo Emberley, Mr. Joseph Soo Timbrel!, Andrew esq. Soo Etheridge, Miss soo Tuck, Christopher esq. Soo Frieere, Wm. e « q. 300 I Habbuck Thos. esq. Soo | Total £() 4, luo Jackson, Abraham, esq. Soo The Books for Subscription will continue open to Subscribers, until the whole sum of £ 90,000 is raised, but no longer; at the following Banking Houses, viz. Sir James Esdaile and Co. 21, Lombard- street. Messrs; Harrison and Co. t. Mansion House- street; Messrs. Fry aud Sons, St. Mildred's Court, Poultry, Messrs. Haydon and Co. lGuildford Messrs. Sparkes and Co. J * Messrs. Busby and Co: 7 Messrs. Oliver and Co. ^ Messrs. Moline and Co. Godalming. Messrs. Lanham and Co. Horsham. And, Messrs. Piper, Dewdney and Co. Eorking, Where Subscriptions may be made in Shares of loot, each; a deposit of 2l. per cent, being paid at the time of subscription, for the defraying preliminary cxpences. By Order oj^ the Committee, JOHN SMALLPIECE, Clerk. Guildford, 26th October, tan. N. B. The next meeting of the Committee will be held at the White Mart Inn, in Guildford, on Saturday, the 2: id November next, at twelve o'clock precisely. Levels of Pevensey. NOTICE is hereby given to the several Tenants, _ mid Occupiers of Lands in the said Levels, that tht; Scots granted at a Session of Sewers, hidden for thesaid Levels, on Thursday, the itfth June last, aud made payable 24th Augu- t then next ensuing, are as- sessed 111 manner following ( that is 10 say) An acre An acre s. < 1. s. d. For the General Scot a 0 For Whelpley Level 2 8 For Kentland Stream 0 4 — Mill Stream 2 o — Chilley Stream 07 — Iron Stream o 4 — Bligh Stream I " — Hursthaven 1 fi — Dowle Stream 0 (> — Marland Sewer 1 ti — Old Haven o 2 | — Holm Sewer o ( i — Horsey Level t ti — Marten's Gut o ti — Down Level o and — Bowley Level 010 — Hankham Gut 0 4 And such Tenants and Occupiers are required to pay said Scots to me at the Crown Inn, iu Hailsham, on Wednesday, the Gib day of November next '; in default whereof, the same will be levied according lit the laws of Sewers, pursuant to a decree for that purpose. T. BARTON, Collector. Battle, Oct. 24, I8M. WHEREAS, my Wife, ELIZABETH CHAN- NELL, absconded from ine 011 the tsth of Oc- tober, 18I11, or tjbout that time, without any just cause, — therefore, 1, Thomas Channell, do not intend to hie accountable for any debts that the aforesaid Elizabeth Channel may contract in mv name. THOMAS CHANNEL. Witness, BILLY HEAVER. Cuckfield, 29th October, ISM. A. CHEAL and SONS, MOST respectfully beg leave to return their sincere thanks for the very liberal encourage- ment they have, received in their new invented IRON PUMPS and Machinery, which they flatter themselves they have 111 general given satisfaction. This is to give notice, that they have now Iron Pumps prepared upon an improved construction, with solid brass working chambers, instead of iron; ditto brass buckets and suckers, instead of wood. Likewise patent and common Mangles, Winnowing Machines, aud Turnip Cutters, Table Churns, & c. N. B, The above articles will be insured, and if not approved of, will be taken again, allowing reasonable exptnees, upon a fair trial. WORTHING. WORTLEY HOUSE, to be Let ready Fur- . dialled, for- a term of Years :— consisting on the ground floor, of Two Parlours, a Kitchen, Pantry, and Scullery second illoor,: a large Drawing Room, Sit- ting Room, and Two Chambers; attic story, Four Chambers and Dressing Room ; in Garrets, Four Cham- bers and Closet; a large Garden, with Coach House and Stables. May be entered upon the 35th of Decern ber next, now in the occupation of Messrs. Phillips and Gilmore, who will shew the premises. For further particulars enquire of W. Holcombe, West Tarring. West Tarring, Oct. Jo, ISIt. HAILSHAM, SUSSEX. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately^ A Very desirable FARM, contaifirng 300 acres - LX. ( more or less) of meadow and arable land, with a new- erected house, fit for the'rcception of n large fa- mily, arid will be completed by Lady. day next. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Hoper and Son, Solicitors, Lewes ; and Messrs. Smallpiece, Guild- ford. N. B. As the land lies contiguous to the Town of Hailsham, where an extensive corn and cattle market is holden, it is particularly adapted to Salesmen. TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered upon immediately, rpHG PARK FARM, at Herstmonceux, con- si, ting of a good farm house, with all convenient buildings, and about 35o acres of excellent land, of which about 77 are marshland, and the rest Upland, meadow, pasture, and arable. The whole farm is in good condition. The farm may be viewed on application to Mr. Gibbs, the present tenant; and further particulars may be known 011 personal application to Messrs. Hoper and Son, at Lewes, to whom all Tenders must be delivered in writing on or before the 3d day of November next. 10 Maltsters, Corn and Seed- dealers, others. FREEHOLD ESTATE, HERSTMONCEUX, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, And entered upon immediately, Consisting of, a neat, convenient Dwelling- House, a large garden, See. a malt house, with lead cistern, capable of wetting 16 quarters per week, stowage for 200 quarters of barley, or 3nu ditto of malt, a pump with excellent water, cart- lodge, stabling for 3 horses, coal aud hog pound, all in good repair ; with an established custom in the malt, seed, and corn bu siness, & c. wholesale aud retail. The premises are situated at Gardner- street, and are now in the possessi- on of Mr. James Everest, the proprietor, of svhom par- ticulars may Ue known. Half the . purchase money may remain on mortgage, if required. N. B. Three Acres of good Meadow Land if re- quired, may had with the above. Tythe Free. FARM in SURREY, on the borders of SUSSEX TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. AFARM callcd LONGBRIDGE, situate at Ling- field, ill the county ot Surrey, 28 miles from London, and 5 from East Grinstead, consisting of a good Farm House, and convenient outbuildings, toge- ther with 94 acres of excellent Land, lying very com- pact. A purchaser may be accommodated with au additional jy acres adjoining the above, including a cottage, yard, aud large barn. Possession will be given at Michaelmas. For further particulars apply to Mr. Barrow, Solici- tor, East- Grinstead, Sussex, Copyhold Estate of Inheritance, New Shoreham, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVeiy convenient and comfortable DWEL- LING- HOUSE, in good repair, pleasantly situate in New Shoreham, by the sea side of the road, leading from thence to Brighton; it consists of four parlours, a kitchen and cellar; four family bed rooms, and ser- vants' room above ; with a wash- bouse detached, and a pump of good water ; a three stalled stable, aud a garden and orchard, well stocked with fruit trees, and surrounded by a wall fence. There are two outbuild iogs adjoining, which may be used as a coach huuse or chaise- house, or readily converted into a storehouse, or to oilier purposes of trade. flic whole is copyhold, held of the Manor of New Shoreham, subject to a quit- rent of two- pence, a litie certain of tour- pence, and a heriot certain of four- pence ; and is now 111 the occupation of Mr. Bone, a yearly tenant. For further particulars, apply personally, or by letter ( post paid) to Mr. Streater, Solicitor, Arundel. Elegant Marine Villa, and about 10 Acres of Land. Hove, near Brighton, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. ATTREE, At the Old Ship Tavern, Brighton, on Thursday, Nov. 7, 1811, at 12 o'clock, r JpilE elegant MARINE VILLA, late the resi- m. dence of THOMAS CORNEY esq: deceased, toge- ther with the pleasure grounds, coach houses, stabling, 8ower and kitchen gardens, hot house, and about in acres of excellent land, situate at Hove, i\ miles from Brighton, loJ from Worthing, and 56 from London. The House, which is fitted up in a tasteful manner, commands a most beautiful aud uninterrupted view til the ocean, from the Isle of Wight to Beachy Head, aud the extensive aud pleasing landscapes which the sur- rounding country aliords, with views of the fashionable watering places of Brighton and Worthing, forms it a most desirable residence for a Gentleman's family. The premises coutain on the basement, a large kit- chen, wash- house, commodious wine, beer, and coal cellars, butler's pautry, servants* ball, and housekeeper's room, titled up wilh numerous closets; on the ground floor dining and breakfast parlours, library, and music room ; on the first floor, a drawing room with folding doors, and two excellent sleeping rooms; with five airy cbambert. on the attic story ; also a servants' room over lite wash- house, an enclosed yard, with dairy and de- tached offices, force pump, £ cc. & c. The fixtures, a schedule of which will be produced at the time of sale, to he taken by valuation, and the fur- uiiure may also be had, if approved by the purchaser To be viewed by tickets only, which, with every par- ticular, may be had of Mr. Attree, at his General Estate and Agency Office, North- street, Brighton, where a plan of the estate and elevation of the building may be seen. Printed particulars to be bad ten days previous to the sale, at the Auction Mart London; Swan, Chiches- ter; Norfolk Arms, Arundel; Swan, Hastings; Star, Lewes; Libraries, Brighton, Worthing, Tunbidge, Wells, and Eastbourne; and of Mr. Attree, North Street, Brighton. SUSSEX. Land- Tax redeemed, and in part free of Corn Tithe. TO I5E SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called MARTIN'S and LODGELAND, siluateat Broad- street Green, in the pleasant village of Hooe, iu the county of Sussex, within three miles of the sea, of which and the adjacent country, the situation commands a beautiful and extensive prospect. This estate com- prises a substantial Messuage, with a detached dairy, oasthonse, barn, stables, carthouse, yards, garden, or- chard, and divers pieces of arable, meadow, pasture, aud brookland, containing together by admeasurement S3 A. 3R. ' tlj P. The house and buildings .( with the ex- ception of the barn) a id about twelve acres of the land, are now in hand. The barn and at) acres of the laud, or thereabouts, are under lease to Mr. James Cooper, and the remainder is included, with other lauds, iu a lease to Mr. John Pocock, which leases respectively will expire at Michaelmas ittu N. B. The portion of this estate, called Martin's, i « subject to an animal quit rent of3s. 3d. to the Manor of Hooe, and Lodgeland pays It. tt* d. annually to the same Manor; but bi the custom of this Manor, only one heriot accrues, on the death of a tenant for any number of tenements. Also a valuable Freehold Farm, called DOWKES, otherwise HUNTS, principally free of corn tithe, situ- ate 111 Hooe aforesaid, contiguous to the above, consi- t- iug of a messuage, barn, stable, and other buildings, and 47A. 2R. up. of exceeding good arable and hop ground, now in the occupation of Mr. Pocock, i- nder a lease, expiring at Michaelmas 1* 1 if. N. B. This farm is subject to an auuual quit rent of 3s. lod. to the Manor of Hooe. Broad- street Green is distant G miles from Battle. 9 from Hastings, 10 from Eastbourn, aud 42 from Lewes. A purchaser may he accommodated w ith a reasonable proportion of the purchase money 011 mortgage, if re- quired. The premises may be viewed, on application to Henry Porter, esq. at Hooe Lodge; or Mr. Benjamin Black- man, jun. of the Grove, in Hooe ; and further particu lars obtained from them, and likewise of Messrs. Lucas Shadwell. Bishop and Thorpe, Solicitors. Hastings. VOTES for the COUNTY of KENT. FREEHOLD LAND aud COTTAGES, KENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. EDMUND DRAYTON, At the George and Bull, Dartford. on Saturday, the oth day of November, trill, at four o'clock, in nine lots, Lot 1. TTnvO Brick- built Cottages, in the tenure X of Messrs. Goldsmith and Smith, with gar- dens, situate at Slades Green, in the parish of Crayford, aud bordering on a road leading to Erith. Lot & — Large orchard adjoining, well supplied with fruit trees. Lot 3— A cherry orchard contiguous, both in the tenure of Mr. Henry Smith. Lot 4— A timber built cottage, situate at Crochen Hill, in the parish of Eynsford, with large garden, in the tenure of Edward Haines, Lot S.— Timber- built cottage adjoining, with garden, in the occup ation of Wm. Jackson, tenant at will. Lot ti.— A hrick and timber built dwelling house, with garden and filbert orchard behind, situate at Meopham on the road to Gravesend and Wrotham. Lot 7— A large barn, with butcher's sbop, piggery, 1- stall stable, and small garden adjoining. Lot 8.— A piece of meadow land, called Cherry Hay. Lot fl.- iA piece of laud contiguous, called Angel Croft, the whole in the occupation of Mr. Doe, under an agreement for a slioit term, which » j| l be exhibited at the time of sale. May be viewed by leave of the tenants, 3 days pre- vious to the sale, 011 application to Mr. Thomas Gold- smith, Slades Green; the occupiers at Crochen Hill; Mr. Mungeam, Meopham, » f whom paricnlars may be bad; also at the place of sale; Bear Crayford; Black Lion, Farningham ; Crown, Seven Oaks; Bull, Wrotham; King's Head, Bexley ; Crown, Westerham; King's Arms, Tunbridge ; Seven Stars, Footscray ; Star, Paul's Cray; Cock, Ide Hill; White Morse, Sandwich t George, Farnboro, j White Hart, Bromley j Star, Maid- stone ; Mr. King, solicitor, Shorters- court, Throgmor- ton- street, London ; and of Mr. Drayton, at his offices, Auction Mart, where plans of the property may he seen. FREEHOLDS, KENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. EDMUND DRAYTON, At 1 lie Crown, Seven Oaks, 011 Saturday, the ititli of November, 1811, at four o'clock, an eligible Freehold Property, situate at Ide Hill, near Sundrish, in the county of Kent, in 3 lots. Lot I. \ Brick- built dwelling- house, with fani- X~ JL er's shop, and garden behind, in the occu- pation of Mr. Canfield, blacksmith. Lot 2 — Barn Field, with erection of barn thereon, and farm yard adjoining, with a valuable piece of land lately enclosed by permission of the Lord of the manor. Lot 3. — Further Field, including a long slip of land, leading to the spring, being an elevation commanding an uninterrupted prospect of the surrounding country, and bordering on jhe rnad from Four Elms, Chitcherston, & c. ! o Sundrish and Brasted, and contiguous 10 the road to Riverhead and Sevenoaks. May be viewed, by leave of lliti tenants, and printed particulars had at the place of sale; Cock, Ide Mill; White Horse, Sundrish ; Star, Maidstone ; King' Arms. Tunbridge; George and Bull, Dartford ; Bear and Stall' inn, Crayford . Black Lion, Farningham ; Bull, Wroth- am ; Crown, Westerham ; King's Head, Bexley ; Seven Stars, Foots Cray; Star, Pauls Cray; White Hart, Bromley; George, Farnboro'; Mr. King, solicitor, Shorters- court, Throgmorton- street, London; and of Mr. Drayton, at his offices, at the Auction Mart, where o plan of the estate may he seen. Funning Account Book, for ) 8li- i2. rrVIE Annual Book for keeping Farmers' Ac- A counts, ruled for fifty- two wecke, and arranged for the current year, is now ready for delivery.— the great ease with which country accounts are stated and kept, by means of the printed tables and plain direc- tions contained in this work, lias recommended it to very general use throughout the kingdom ; and this new edition is offered with encreased confidence 10 the notice of landholders, farmer-, stewards, bailiffs, and cultivators of every description, as well calculated to remove a difficulty that is much complained of, by en abling any farm servant who can write, to keep vv: th accuracy a daily account of the Stock and Crops, of Labour peiformed, of Receipts., Outgoings, aud iu fact, [ of every thing done on a farm each week throughout the year ;— printed on writing paper, price 21s. fur a year, or Ios. till, for half a year's hook. London ;— printed for John Harding, 35, St. James's Street. Sold by W. Lee, Lewes, and every bookseller, ' utiouer, and news man, iu the kingdom. Tills Day ts pilhllshtU, c'rtee out} aix- Pm e, With a Superb Emblematical Frontispiece, NUMBER 1. ( The succeeding Numbers to follow Weekly] of a New Work, entitled, HPIIE WORLD; or the Present State oftheUni- terse. Being h General and Complete Collection of MODERN' VOYAGES AND TRAV ELS. Selected, arranged, and digested, from the Narratives of the latest and most authentic Travellers and Naviga- tors. By CAVENDISH PELHAM, Esq. Embellished with Otie Hundred and Thirty Engrav- ings, by the first artists. The Maps and Charts by the celebrated Mr. J. Russell. At the close of the last Volume will he given a ' scien- tific Epitome of Geography, including a d « .< criptioti of the present State of Europe; with the relative Costume of its Inhabitants, aud an aec aiiit of its recent Divi- sions and Sub- Divisions, from indisputab'e authorities. A larger and very ELEGANT EDITION, price One Shilling each number, is printed on tine royal paper, hot pressed, with proof- impressions of the engravings, and vignette title pages, with the maps, charts, occ. highly coloured. The \ vliule of this work being published, may be hrid in 13 « Numbers, or neatly done up in Two Volumes in boards, pTtce 3!. l » s. or bound 111 calf and lettered, price 4l. London Published by J. Stratford, No. ita. Hol- born- hill; sold by W. Lee, Lewes ; aud by all Book- sellers ami Newsmen. TO MILLERS. BLACKMORE and CO's. Patent BOLTING CLOTHS without seams, with regard toil rabri- t s, and dispatch and precision in dressing, rxel ev ' ry other invention of the kind, as the great and mcre.- isnig demand for them clearly evinces. The l- Voprietor , gratefully acknowledging the liberal - utiport with wi. tch they h ive been tavoured, aud rts^ ecti'uHy soliciting its continuance, beg leave to inform their friends, and gentlemen in the flour trade in general, that their Pa- tent Uniting Cloths are sold by Mr. Wm. Fuller, Lewes. A & G. Ingram, Cranbrook Messrs. Humphrey & Tur- J. Barrett, Sevenoaks. ner, Horsham. Winkworth and Cooper, G. Sargent, Battle. Guildford. H. Comper, Chichester, Js. Elstone, Godalming. T. Colebrook, Petwortb. Js. Constable, Horley, near Mrs. E. Lucas, Pulboro' Ryegate. T. Sharp, Midhurst. J. Gibbs, jun. Emsworth. E. M. Brown, Canterbury . J.& M. Meeees, Petersfield J. Springett, Maidstone. Wm. Seymour, Odiham W. & J. Jewhurst, Ton B. H. Coleby, Alton, bridge, ,* All Bolting Cloths, of their munufaeture, have the follotriug inscription on the head leather, By ilia King's Patent, manufactured at Wandsworth, Surrey, by Blackmore and Co, Sold at ilu ir Manufactory." No others are genuine. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affec- tions, with their usual concomitants, Sprains, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indgestion, and general De- bility,( originating in whatever source) are relieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's Essence of Mustard Pills, after every other menus had failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pills, iu those complaints where necessary, is perhaps the most active, penetrating, aud effectual remrdy in the world, generally curing the severest STRAINS aud BRUISES, in less than half the time usually taken by Opodeldoc, Arquebusade, or any other Liniment or Embrocation ; aud if used immediately a'ter any accident, it prevent* the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally ef- ficacious for all ill- c.' iiditiwned sores, sore legs, scorbu- tic eruptions, blotches, pimples, ring worms, shingles, breakings Out of the face, nose, ears, and eyelids, aore heads, and scorbutic humours of every description. Prepared only aud sold by R. Johnston, apothecary, IS, Greek street, Sohe, London ; the Essence and Pills at 2s. 91I. each. The Cerate at is. ijd. noil 2s. t| d.^. They are also sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter, Lewes ; Mrs. Gregory, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson, and Walker, Brighton : Munday, Worthing ; Maun, Horsham; Cuthbert, Battle ; Co email, Rye ; Pratt, and Phillipson, Chichester ; and every Medicine Ven- der in the United Kingdom. N. B. The Genuine has a Black Ink Stamp, with the. name of R. Johnson inserted 011 it. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. rjT,; iE greatest blemish to Beauty is SUPER- JL FLUOUS HAIRS 011 the Fare, Neck, and Anns, — HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER ijniuicdi. tely re- moves them ; it is an elegant article, perfectly inno- cent aud pleasant to use, price 4s. or two in one parrel 7s.— Sold by the proprietor. No. 23, Russet sireet, Co* vent- Garden, Loudon ; wholesale and retail, by W. Lee, Lewes;— retail by Mrs. Gregory, Brighton; Baker, Eastbourne; Norton, Hastings; Pike, Romney; Rea- der, Cranbook ; Sprange, Tunbridge- Wells ; Verrall; Uckfield ; Goldring, Petworth ; Binsted, Chichester; Blanch, Arundel; Stafford, Worthing, and hy most Booksellers, Perfumers, and Venders iu the United Kingdom. Good allowance to dealers. IF THE PERSONS who continually find re- I ef. by the use of BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINT- MENT, from that most disagreeable disorder, the ITCH, were not prevented by the nature of the complaint from giving their testimony in favour of this invaluable Remedy, 110 other proof wrruld be necessary of its so- perior £ laims to the attention i f the atHictcd. t hou- sands have been effectually cured by ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION of this Remedy, which his been' in u'e lor upwards of eighty years, without a single instance of its having failed to cure in the most inveterate cases- It does not coutain ihe smallest particle of Mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and may bo sufelv used hy persons of the most delicate consitution. The public are requested 10 observe, ibat none can possibly be ge- nuine, unless the Names of the Proprietors BARCLAY and Son, arc engraved on the Si.' atp affixed to each Box; and trreat danger may arise from the neglect of this ca t: ou.*— Sold wiles . le and retail by Bate ay aud Son, ( the only successors to Jackson and I' .. J •.<> g: i, Fleet- market,' London, prince Is. <) d. duty inclin ed ; and by their Appointment by Mr. Lee, Baxter, Pitt, Lewes; Greathead, Newha- ven; Pitt, Gregory, Phillipson, Brighton; Munday, Worthing; Phillipson, Pratt, Smuthers. Cotterill, Chi- chester; M'George, Cuckfield: Matin, Horsham, Mer-' chant, Steyning; Wheeler, Battle; Coleman, Rye; Sprange, Toubridge Wells. WEDNESDAY; THURSDAY, and FRIDAY'S' POSTS.- From Tuesday's London Gazette. BANKRUPTS. GEORGE Saxelby, Ludgate hill, shoe- maker. — William By and John Sands, Fenchurch- street Chambers, ship and insurance brokers. Samuel Brownridge, Leeds, merchants.— Henry Wood, Workington, grocer.— John Roilev, Bol- ton- le- Moors, cotton, manufacturer.— William Ber- rv, of Alphington, Devon, tanner. Frederick Holmes, Vere- street, merchant.— John Bidgcod, Swallow- street, cork- cutter. — Francis Mackay, of Paternoster- row, hat - maker.— Christopher Fryer, Little Chelsea, builder.— John Christian Franck, Poland- street, taylor.— William Allen, jun. Wor- cester, glove-' manufacturer. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. HELIGOLAND, OCT. IF. On Sunday last, after a dead calm the day preceding a violent gate was experienced here from the W. N. W. which gradually came round to N. W- and increased an night came on to a tremendous hurricane. About eight o'clock in the evening; the brig Jane, Davidson, was driven from her auchorage in the North Harbour, and i was wrecked on Sandy Island; as was also jhe Ant, Thorp, of Whose cable the Jane had run foul on part- , ing The schooner Fort una' par- ted about one o'clock next morning and shared the same fate. The- J ane had just finished taking in a valuable car^ o of return- ed goods for London, and the Fortuna for the Bal- tic ; and though most of them have, by the exertions of the natives at low water, got ashore from the wrecks, they are so much damaged that, the l< m will be very great. The whole are to be ti « ! d by pithilc auction, and due- third Of their proceeds retained by the salvors. Fortunately the crews of these vessels, after a tremen- dous night of peril and suffering, got all safe on shore. About 11 o'clock, Sunday, p. m. the Horatio frigate parted from her moorings, in North Harbour, ,- but was again brought up by her iron authors; she continued in a most perilous situation; and had she drifted one cable's length more, she must have been lost on the reef, and all hands perished. At ten o'clock on Mon day she bad parted from tvt'o anchors, and her situation was Considered despera> e ; the £ ale, however, abating a little about this time, a ltaw. se t was, with much diffi- culty, taken off by the pilot- boats, under the direction of Mr. Brown Harbour Master whose exertions were highly meritorious, and. by this the frigate, having been warped to another part of moorings, got Up j by great efforts she wan against moored in safety. The Blazer gun brig rode out the gale with much difficulty, having drifted considerably. On shore the sea had broken in upon the north barrier, and threat ened the adjacent houses ; and the effects of the vio- lence of the wind were perceivable in the partial un- roofing of several houses, and among others the chim- ney attached to the Light Tow'er was blown down; ' and the roof broken iu; and what is considered remarkable, a stone blown from the cliff broke one of the pane* of the Light house lanthorn notwithstanding the thick- ness of the glass, it* height, and distance from the cliff. On Monday evening the gale ceased, and next the Raven sloop of war, Thrasher and Pincher, gun- brigs which were anchored in the mouth of the Elbe, and for the safety of which great apprehensions w ere entertained, returned without having received injury; excepting that the liavet^ tost her jolly- boat. NANCY, SEPT, 27, Nicholas Thicry, a farmer, in the commune of Marketsheim, department of the Lower Rhine, has. been convicted of carrying on the smuggling trade tu pro- hibited goods, for a number of years past; and w hich was particularly proved by a seizure made iu his house near the Rhine, where it) bales of muslins and calicoes of English . manufacture were discovered. He has been convicted to 10 year'- hard labour as a convict,-. and to he branded on the left shoulder with the letters V. D. He has also been sen fenced . to pay a fine of 50,000 francs to the State; the goods so seized were confiscat- ed; and the said N Thiery has been, besides, sentenced to pay triple their value, and all the expences of pro- cess;.. * • , • LONDON, An Anholt Mail arrived on Friday morning, with letters and papers from Stockholm to the l( 5th of October ; but they contain 110 news of any in-: terest from Chat quarter.— The German Papers, received through this channel, are to the $ f() th » and relate chief! v to the progress of the war on the Danube. We have for a long time lost sight of King and Queen of Holland.— At length we have some account of her Majesty in the following ex tract:— " Basle, Oct. 4. " Her Majesty the Queen of Holland arrived here on Monday morning, the 30th September, with two carriages and six horses. This Princess . again set out at ten o'clock yesterday morning. We are assured she is going to Paris. " Count Gottorp is still here. This Prince very retired, and continues to lodge at the Three King's." A Mail from Heligoland arrived on Friday morn- ing, with letters to the 18th last. A dreadful storm was experienced at that Island on the preceding Sunday, and continued during nearly the whole of Monday. Several merchant ships were lost, but fortunately the crews were all saved. The Horatio frigate, which has been so long on that station, was for a time, in a most perilous situation. Much da- mage was also sustained on shore. The Menelaus, with Lord William Bentinck on hoard, has been obliged, by contrary wind, to put into Falmouth. A tradesman of considerable respectability, in the vicinity of Manchester- square, has been charg- ed with* stealing a silver tea- pot, and other articles of valuable plate, in the dwelling- house of another tradesman in the neighbourhood of Soho. The af- fair is " of a nature not at present to be entered into. The parses were on' tWe most intimate terms of friendship The felony was discovered by the ar- • ticles being traced to ; v pawnbroker's shop, where they were proved to have been pledged by the pri- soner** servant, by order of her master. The pubic are cautioned against a ga'ng of swindlers, amounting to about twenty, the whole of them were turned loose on the town by the last Insolvent Act, and whose depredations have already been the ruin of seve- ral young tradesmen. They reside in respectable situ- ations in different parts of the town; represent them- selves as merchants, and give reference to sham firms iu different parts of the city, instituted only for the , purpose of acceptances, and to give colour to their villainy. Their custom is Vi give bills, and by refer-, ence to each other the tradesman is put off his guard, and becomes a dupe of artifice. Within the last fort- night, above twenty acts of fraud of this kind have been committed west of Temple- bar. A man, catling him- self a merchant at the' East India Chambers, whose ap- pearance and manners baffled suspicion, purchased a quantity of small organs at a, manufactory in, St. Mar- tin's lane, amounting - to 4ol, and " gave a bill at . two mouths, accepted by a firm in Wormwood street, l » . t-' shopsgate- street; but the " next day the manufacturer was apprised that part of his property had been pledged for a trifling surn ; and fro in _ further inquiries, he was onite satisfied about his new customer. A stable keeper furnished another of the squad with a horse, and this was harnessed in style, to the discomfiture of a harness- maker, in Swallow- street; and the next thing was the purchase of a chaise at a coach- maker's in the same street. who was paid by a two mouth's bill. A tailor in Long Acre, a. jeweller in Oxford- street, an upholsterer in John- street, Lavern- keepers in numbers, as well as other tradesmen, which would occupy a column to de- tail, have also been plundered by this gang. It is ne- to inform the trades people, that although they taken hills, the parties are liable to arrest under circumstances, before such bills are due. DARING ASSAULT. ON Thursday morning a inost audacious and daring robbery, and brutal assault, was Committed between the hours often and, eleven,, upon Elizabeth Collier, a ser-, vant of Mr. Giles, of Hersham, Surrey, who was travel- ling on foot in a by'e place* near Sir John Frederick's, when she was met by two men and a woman, who had j tH appearance of gypsies. They stopped her,. knock- ed her down, rifted her pockets, and robbed her of a bundle, containing a good assortment of clothes. They their dragged her from the road to Sir John Frede rick's Park, when they were not. content with having previously robbed and ill- treated her, but in the most inhuman manner deliberately stabbed her with a penknife order her right breast. ON SEEING MR. COATES IN THE CHARACTER OF ROMEO. ( BY A thin clad LADY) Oh ! lovely Mr. COATES, on thee Idoats; I'll marry thee, and have some Petti- CoATS ! TOE PHYSICIANS. ONE Esculapius, like a SCULLER Plies, Exerts his skill, and all his art he tries; But TWO Physicians, like a PAIR of OARS, Will waft you sooner to the Stygian shores ! POPULATION.~ IHEREBY give Notice to all Churchwardens, Overseers of the Poor, and oilier persons, who were ; employed in taking an account of the Population, in : their several and respective parishes and places, under an Act of Parliament lately passed for that purpose, that at the respective General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, holden in and for the county of Sussex, at Pet- worth, for the Western Division of the said county,, on the 8t h instant,; at I . ewes, ,. for the Eastern ' Division of said county, on the I tfh. instant, the said Courts, pursuant to the ' said Act, respectively made an Order, that each and every Overseer of the Poor, Householder Parish Clerk, or Vestry Clerk, who were, employed in taking an account of the Population of the several pa- rishes, townships, and places, within the said county, should be paid for every day in which they were neces- sarily employed in and about the execution of the said act, at and after the rate of ten shillings, per day, as a compensation for their trouble therein. And also such expences or sums ' of money as they, or any or either of them, necessarily incurred or paid, in the execution thereof. All which, the said Courts did order should be paid out of the poor rates of the said parishes, or places respectively, after the same should have been settled and allowed by the Justices of the Peace, at their sittings,' to be holden in and for the several Subdivisi- ons of the said county. And I hereby give Notice to all Justices, Clerks, and Constables of Boroughs and Hundreds, that upon ap- plication to the respective Treasurers of the County Stock, for the, Eastern and Western Divisions of the said County, they will receive the allowances directed to be paid by the said Act, for their trouble and ex- pences in and about the execution thereof. WM. BALCOMBE LANGRIDGE, Clerk of the Peace for the County of Sussex. Lewes, 22 d Oct isi'i. Proposed Turnpike- road from Lewes to Ditch- elling. XTOTIC5E is hereby given, That a Meeting of L ^ tlie Subscribers and Promoters of. the proposed Turnpike- road front Lewes to Ditchelling, will be holden at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday, the six- teenth day of November instant, at twelve o'clock at noon ; and at tfhieh time the present state of the sub- criptions will be taken into consideration, further sub scriptions received, and future proceedings directed. Subscription will also continue to be received at the seve- ral Banking houses in Lewes. LANGRIDGE and KELL, Lewes. Nov, HTl. Solicitors. jVT OTICE is hereby given, That the next meet-. - L^ l ing of the Trustees of the Cowfold and Henfield Turnpike. Road, Will be held at the house of James Gander, bearing the Sign of the Red Lion, in Cowfold aforesaid, on Tuesday, the 8th day of December next, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon ; at which meeting the TOLLS arising at the several Toll gates on the said roads, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION; To the best bidder,. from the 6th day of January 1812, for the term of one or more year or years, as shall be then agreed on, subject to such conditions as will be then stated. HOS. ELLIS, Clerk. Horsshani, 2C) th October, I8n, NOTICE TO CREDITORS. r8HHE Creditors who have proved their debts SL under a Commission of Bankrupt,* awarded and issued forth against EDWARD AUGER, of Eastbourne, in the county of Sussex, merchant, dealer, and chapman, are desired to meet the Assignees of the said Bankrupt's estate and effects, on the 91I1 day of November, 1811, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Star Inn, in Lewes, to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or suits at law, or in equity, for recovery of any part of the said Bankrupt's estate and effects ; or to the compounding, submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing any matter relating thereto, and on other affairs. Lewes, 2d November, J811. WILLIAM HEAD, CROWN INN, EAST GRINSTED, ( Late of the Swan) Respectfully informs his Friends and the Public that lie is removed from the Swan, to the CROWN INN, aforesaid ; where every attention will be paid to them, and the comfortable accommodation of Travellers and others. *** Neat Wines— excellent Beds— good Stabling, SEE. Yl BELLCHAMBERS, Alfriston, Sussex, * Millwright and Machine Maker. Mangles, Churns, and all sorts of Machinery, made and repaired iu the best manner, and on the shortest notice. Alfriston, Oct. 301I1,. I811. BRITISH SHAWL WAREHOUSE— LADIES or Gentlemen desirous of purchasing BRITISH j SHAWLS, will find at SMITH and HARVEY'S SHAWL, MUSLIN, and SILK WAREHOUSE, that extensive assortment ( from the mo^ t approved India designs), which for elegance and novelty, few, if any, can main- tain a competition. Their Irish Linens, Sheeting?, Table . Cloths, French Cambrics, kc. are of the new bleach, n; » d great allowances made by taking a piece. — 8, Ludgate- street, near St. Paul's, Loudon. N. B. Bombazeens, Lustres, Crapes, with a general assortment of . Family Mourning. STRAYED into the ground of William Black- man, in the beginning of July last, a two year old STEER, coining three. The owner on giving the marks and blighs, and paying for keeping and adver- tising, may have him again, by applying to William Blackmail, of Icklesham, in the county of Sussex. Dated 29th of Oct. 1811. COUNTRY HOUSE. TO BE LET, Either by the year, or for a shorter or longer period,, \ Ready furnished HOUSE, with good garden £ X and orchard, stable, and other convenient out- buildings. The house contains a hall, entry, parlour, and drawing- room ; • kitchen, laundry, and other offices, and several good bedchambers, and is fit fur the imme- diate reception of a moderate sized family, to whom it would be let on very easy terms till the months of April or May, if they are persons of real credit or respecta- bility. It i « situated near a village church aud turn- pike road from London to Brighton. WANTED, also, a COACHMAN", a single man of good character, who understands his business, can wait occasionally at tabic, and will he ready to make him- self useful in other- respects at leisure times. Enquire at the Post Office Lewes, [ One concern.] TO SHIP BUILDERS AND OTHERS. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, ATOP MAST, quite equal to new, G1 feet long, containing 71, feet of timber. Likewise a BOWSPRIT, 3o feet long, containing 30 feet of timber. For further particulars enquire of Mr. J. Sutton, Rot- tingdean, to whom all tenders must be delivered in writing, post paid, on or before the 9th day of Novem- ber instant. HANTS, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, . By Mr. BARTLETT, On the Premises, Oil Friday, the 8th of November, 18II, at eleven o'clock, \ LL the valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, and a few articles of Houshold Furniture, belong- ing to Mr. William Hopwood, quitting Lodge Farm, ' Stansted.: consisting, of fine excellent draft horses, a clever gig mare, in foal, and another by her side, steady in harness, and equally calculated for riding; Capital bright bay rider; a Town- built gig, and brass mounted harness ; s cows - in'calf,. lo fat pigs, a very handsome sow in pig ) 2 good waggon^ 2 dung carts, oak roller, 2 drag- and 4 small harrows, 2 ploughs and tackle, har- ness for five horses, 2 ladders, wheelbarrow, and sundry implements in husbandry; about. 25o loads of oats, bar- ley, saintfoin, and white Seed halm to be spent on t!- premises, for which purpose there is ground allotted till May, next. Catalogues will be delivered in due time at the place of Sale;. Dolphin, Petersfield; Bear, Hayant; King's Arms, Portsea; Black Dog, Emsworth ; Lamb, West- bourne; and by Mr. Bartlett, at his Royal Exchange and General Ageuty- Offiee, Chichester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL AND SON, At the Slav low, ifr ' Lewes, on Thursday next," the 7th Nov. at 8 o'clock in the evening, AFREEHOLD ESTATE* situate in St. John's Street, in the,- parUh of St. John, Lewes., consist ing of a very convenient recently- btiUt, Dwelling House, in the occupation of Mr. Stephen Kenward, with two separate tenements, nearly adjoining, id the occupation of John Funnel!' and James Kemp. N. B. Early possession may be had, and the premises viewed at any time ; and further particulars n'ay be known on application to the above Mr. Stephen Ken- ward, the proprietor^ SACKS, HORSES, CARTS, & C. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, Before the Star Door, in Lewes, on Saturday next, the 9th of- November, at four o'clock in the afternoon, \ BOUT 180 very good second- hand Sacks, two good dung carts, several - Useful horses, a set of brass box timber pulleys; and a jack, A broad wheel skid plate, and a few other husbandry implements. Eastbourne and Pevensey, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, By the direction of the Assignees, under a Commission of Ba « rkrup. t, at the Lamb Inn, in Eas( bOure, on Thursday, the 2tst November,. 1811, at twelve o'clock at noon, in several lots, AModern MANSION HOUSE, in complete repair, with convenient appendages, and several parcels of land, inclosed and uninclosed, in East- bourne, with immediate possession. A Lodging- House, and other buildings, at the sea- side in Eastbourne, with immediate possession. And about 60 acres of capital Marshland, within a ring fence, in the parish of Pevensey, and adjoining Wart ling Trade- in the occupation of Mr. Walter EI- phick, whose tenantcy is determinable at Michaelmas next. The above estate* were lately the property of M r Edward Auger, and may be viewed oil application to Mr. Turner, of Southbourne ; or to the Looker, at Pe- vensey. Printed particulars, With the conditions of sale, will be left at the Auction Mart, Loudon ; arid at the Libra- ries, and principal Inns,, at and near Eastbourne, For further . information apply to Messrs. Hoper and Son, at Lewes. Houshold Furniture, and Stock in Trade, Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. ATTREE, On the premises, on Wednesday, Nov. 0, 18H, ALL the Stock in Trade, and part of the Houshold Furniture of Mr, Longhurst, Watch- maker and Jeweller, St. James's street, Brighton, who is going into another line of business. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Elegant Furniture, Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, On Friday, Nov. 8, 18H, at Eleven o'clock, ALL the elegant HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, China, Glass, Linen, & c. of Norf 17, German Place, Brighton. Catalogus to be had, three days previous to the sale, of Mr, Attree, at bis general Estate and Agency Office, North Street. Unredeemed Pledges. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY, MR. ATTREE. ON Tuesday, November I2tk, and following days, at his Auction Room, North Street, ALARGE Assortment of. UNREDEEMED PLEDGES, pledged with Mr. Hyam Lewis, Pawn- broker, Ship Street Lane, Brighton, consisting of a variety of gold and silver and other watches, plate and plated articles, jewellery, and trinkets, beds, blankets, counterpanes, carpets, carpeting, bed and table- linen, men's women's and children's wearing apparel, super- fine cloths, corduroys, printed cottons, sarsnets, dimi- ties, and a variety of other goods.— To begin each day at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, to be viewed the morn- ing of salr, and catalogues to be had three days pre- vious, of Mr. Attree, at his General Agency Office, North- street, ami of Mr. Lewis, Ship Street Lane, Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ~ By Robert Brooke, On the Premises, 011 Thursday the 7th November, in- stant, ALL the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, of Mr. Charles Warburton, at his dwelling house, situateate in East Street, Lewes, he being about to re- move from this county, consisting of a very handsome mahogany glazed bookcase,' with drawers, mahogany dining, card, and writing tables, mahogany and wain- scot, chest of drawers, and japanned chairs, four goose feath r beds and bedsteads, with, hangings complete, blankets counter panes., bason- stands, a handsome sofa, a barometer and-'* thermometer, a set of enamel'd chalk china, a quantity of books and kitchen requisites in ge- neral.— The whole of the above goods are nearly new, and are iu very excellent condition, and which will be sold without reserve. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock. . TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the King's Mead Inn, in Cuckfield, in the county of Sussex, on Friday, the 15th November, between the hours of four and. six in the afternoon, ONE Moiety of the TITHES of Corn, Grain, and Pulse, arising from several farms . and lands in the parish of Cuckfield, containing together upwards of three hundred acres of land, and known by the se- veral names of RIDDENS, UPPER RIDGES, LYES, HAR- VEST HILT,, OLD FURNACE, LOWER MOON HILL, MOORES, otherwise MORRICES, and the VICARAGE HOOK. For further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Waller, in Cuckfield. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By PIUMER and SON, At the Crown Inn, Horsham, on Friday, the 8th Nov. 1, .. between the hours of three and four in the af- ternoon, in Six Lots ; .. - f . . ^ I^ HREE Freehold and three Leasehold Mes- X suages or Tenements, with Gardens to each, and, a Plot of Cf£ pitnd situate at Tower- Hill, near Hors- ham. Immediate possession may 06 had. UNDERWOODS TO BE SOLO BY. AUCTION, By Messrs. TESTER and BATES; At the Crown, Horsted Keynes, Sussex, on Wednesday, the 6th Nov. id^ n, at Six o'clock in the evening, iu two Lots :— r|^ HE Great Down Wood, in Horsted Keynes JL aforesaid, comprising about 22 acres ; also the Burstow Bridge Wood, in Ardingly, comprising about five acres. j Likewise, at the Half Moon, Balcombe, on Thursday, . Nov. 7, I8ti, at Six o'clock in the evening, in j Five lots.: " f -.. The Great Scion Wood, in Balcombe, about 30 acres ; ! the chesnut Wood, if Balcombe, about acres. N. B, Mr. Stephen Langridge, at Horsted Keynes, will shew the Great Down Wood — the Bailiff, at Ly- Wood Farm, Ardingly, the Burstow Bridge Wood ;— i r. Wm. Fieldwick, at Westup, Balcombe, the Scion Wood; and Mr. Win. Turner, ft Wooder's, Balcombe, the Chesaut Wood ; and farther particulars may be known of Messrs Tester and Bates; Cuckfield. Underwoods standing on the Estates, of the Right Hon. the Earl Camden, K. G. in Kent and Sussex. TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION, By Messrs. CHEESEMAN anil FRY, , At the Bull Inn," Frant, on Tuesday, the 14th of No- vember, liJH, at two o'clock in the afternoon, about Slxi acres of Valuable Underwood, in the following lots-, IN FRANT, SUSSEX. LOT 1. OX PASTURE WOOD, sunningly .40 acres. 2. Rusblye Wood, ditto 18 acres, 3. Brown's Wood', ditto 17 acres, 4. Hollow Wood,. ditto 15 acres. ' 5. Park Wood ( near Moon's Down) 10 acres. 6. Cinder Wood, near Bayham Woods, 7 acres, IN MAYFIELD, SUSSEX. 7. Brick Kiln Wood, Trodger's Farm, 40 acres. IN PEMBURY, KENT 8. Slower Wood, near Slower Farm, 5 acres, IN WADHURST. 9, Brookland, near Dewhurst, 13 acres, 10. Strude Wood, near Mark Cross, 10 acres. II. Great Hook Wood, near Cowley Wood Farm, 1 £) acres 12. Little Hook Wood, ditto, 10 acres. George Clarke, of Rushlye, Wood reeve, will shew the lots in Frant and Mayfield; and Nath. Hlckmott, Hook Green, Woodreye, will shew the lots in Wadhurst and Pembury. FELONY! Twenty- two Guineds reward. WHEREAS, in the night of Saturday the or early. on, Sunday morning, the 2oth . of Octo- bor last, sonic evil disposed person or persons, did ma- liciously rake down the sign of the New Inn, from the house of James Edwards, i » i the street of Hurstperpoint carried away the same, and broke it iu pieces, some of which have been since found : Whoever will give infor- mation of the person or persons who took down and broke the said sign, shall, on conviction, receive a lie- ward of TWENTY GUINEAS, from the principal in- hadbitants of Hurstperpoint ; and likewise a further re- ward of1 TWO GUINEAS, from said James Ed wards— And if any person who was concerned in the above bu- siness, will come forward, and e; iye information of his accomplices, he ' shall receive' the reward offered as above, and likewise a free pardon; Hurstperpoint, Oct. £ 5, isn. ONLY 6,500 TICKETS. EXTRAORDINARY LITTLE LOTTERY, POSITIVELY THE; ONLY ONE THIS YEAR, . WITH CAPITALS OF SUPERIOR VALUE TO THE LAST. SCHEME. 2 Prices of i'lC. uoo - are - <£ 32,000 2 3,000 6,000 4 1,000 4, o() 0 4 — i 500 2,000 0 100 OK) 12 . 50 6.10 42 25 1.050 1,250 15 — 18,75- t N. B. In the l; ite October Lottery there were upwards of THREE TIMES the Number of Tickets sold, as what this little Lottery contains ; it must therefore be evi- dent, that the present Tickets cannot be nearly sufficient to meet' the usual demand. BISH to merit public esteem, take no advantage to themselves of this certain Scarcity., but submit the few Tickets and Shares that remain unsold at the following lYices. Ticket lyl | i) s Half X'lu 5 I Eighth- ----- £< in Fourth - — - - 5 4 I S:\ leeolh - - - - i 7 At the same lime they re » |. iccif'tilly advise an imme- diate purchase, as the extreme Smallness of the Lot- tery, rentiers it wholly impossible to supply the Agents in THIS COUNTY with Shares lor Half their Custom- ers, the demand in London being much greater than ALL the ( J, r, oo Tickets contained iu this matchless lit- tle Lottery, the whole of which, by order of Government, will be drawn 011 TUESDAY, 19th NEXT MONTH. ONLY 6.500 Tickets, all to be Drawn 011 the 19th November. The Scheme contain* 3 - - - - Prizes of - - JL 10,000 3' ------------- 3,1100 4 ----- - 1,000 4 - S ID, kc. & c. Tickets and Shares are Selling . by HAZARD, BURNE, & Co. Stock- Broker-, at their Stale Lottery Office, No. 93, Under the ROYAL EXCHANGE. This Lottery is the smallest ever known," there being not one half the number of Tickets that were in ( he Lottery ju< i finished, and it will be the last dranu this year. * » * Letters, post paid, duly answered, and Orders from the Country, accompanied with remittance, at- tended to by return of Post. Agent for the above office, Mr. Win. Lee, Printer, Lewes. RR", UESI) AY, NOVEMBER the NINETEENTH, - a. the New Stale Lottery, consisting of only o, 5en Tickets will be drawn. Tickets and Shares are selling at LEWES, by J. Baxter, Bookseller. LYA11NGTON, West and Co. PORTSEA HARD, W. Woodward, Printer. BRIGHTON, C. Walker, Marine Library. HASTINGS, J. Norton, Library, BATTLE, George Austin, Bookseller. CHICHESTER, D. Jacques, ditto. EAST- BOURNE, R. Title, y, Library. PETWORTH, James Goldring, Bookseller, For RICHARDSON, GOOD LUCK, and Co. London. PRESENT PRICE. Ticket — — t' 19 19 0 Half — — i. 10 5 o | Eighth — £ i 13 o Qua iter — — 3 4 o j Sixteenth — 1 7 u TO THE BOOKSELLERS, & c. of SUSSEX", .... JBAXTER, Bookseller, & c. of Lewes, re- Publications, the Lady's and Gentleman's et Books will be ready for delivery this month, sm<| begs to assure them that they are printed 011 line: wove paper, with several useful additions. Another instance of the efficacy of Dr. MILLE11' s ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS. IN the early- part of the Summer, 1S11, Mr. WM. PYE., a Farmer, at Cuxton, near Rochester, was so severely afflicted with a Scorbutic Leprosy on his hands and Arms, as to render it very inconvenient to make Any sort of use of them, even such as the putting on, or taking off a garment, See. it likewise had a considerable effect, as to otherwise injure his health ; which was happily restored, and the eruptions mid humour cured, by taking three bottles of Dr. Miller's Antiscorbutic Drops. Witness my hand, WILLIAM PYE, Sept. 2< jth, iSII. CAUTION— It is necessary to ask for Dr. Milter's Antiscorbutic Drops; none are of his preparing bat what have a Red Stamp, signed with the Doctor's name, in his own baud writing. Are sold at 4s. UJ. per Bottle, with a Book of Directions and Advice. The Cordial, 4s. ( id. per bottle— Restorative Pills, 3s. !) d. likewise Dr. Miller's Antiscorbutic ' Drops and Worm Destroying Sugar Cakes, may be had of the following persons: Mr. ARTHUR LEE, SCHOOL- HILL., LEWES; Battle, J Cuthbert Hastings, . J Norton Beckley, S Colbran Heathfield, J. Ellis. Bexhill, T Wedd Horsham, T Maun Burwash, G Children Lamberhurst, R. Foster Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Lewes, Puglr and Davey Culckfield, J M George Lindfield, W Durrani Dallington, J Pardon Maresfield, J. Maynard Ditcheling, J Browne I Rye, M. Coleman East Bourne, T. Baker Cook and Son E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Sandburg, h Edenbridge, W Corke Seaford, J Brooker —^— — R Parsons Tunbridge Wells, J. Sprange Groombridge, T Ke Lick Uckfield, J Pocknell Goudhurst, J Couchman Udlmore, R Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, W. Noakes Hart field, Mrs. Morphew Wittersham, J. Wood Personal Elegance.-—— Female Beauty.* To the Nobility, Gentry, Parents, Guardians, Public Teachers and the Public at targe, ALSANA EXTRACT, or the ABYSSINIAN . BOTANICAL SPECIFIC, for pre-. serving, strengthening and beautifying the TEETH and • » J and producing a sweet breath. MUCH of the enjoyment of Life depends on i good set or Teeth,. which not only embellishes the person, but serves for the necessary purpose of mas- ticating food ; and produces also a fine articlution of sound. The l: ite Celebrated traveller into Abyssima, Mr. Bruce, and other Writers, have extolled the Beauty of the natives of Abyssinia. The Proprietors of the ALSANA EXTRACT leaving long experienced, the medium- of private circulation, the unparalleled virtues of this specific, have resolved, from motives of regard to the Preservation of that part of the Human' Frame, to announce it to the public at lar^ e. This extract is an admirable preservative for the. teeth, renders them inimitably white-, secures the fine enamel from sustaining injury, and prevents premature decay ; it is an invaluable specific - for remedying those ravages which children sustain in their teeth, owing to frequent and improper use of sweet and acid articles, which Imperceptibly destroy the teeth at an early period of life. - . ' . In every stage of that excruciating disorder, the TOOTH ACH, it will almost immediate relief. To sum up the experienced and tried virtues of th « ALSANA EXTRACT— it eradicates the scurvy from the gums, renders them of a healthy red ; removes decayed spots; cleanses the teeth from tartar & ce. and fastens the teeth that are loose; removes that unpleasant taste which remains in the mouth after taking medicine j imparts to the breath a delicate fragrace renders Ar- tificial teeth completely sweet add clean, and prevents their: changing - colour. The Proprietors can pr « » uuly assert the ingredients of which this specific is composed, to be perfectly innocent, free from acid, and so extremely; pleasant in use, that it may he used as a Stomachic. lt< is also fec( » mmt. nded by the first Physicians. Prepared and, sold at ios, 6d. and 4s, per bottle, ( duty in cluded), by the Proprietors, ROWLAND and SON, Kirby- street, Hatton Garden, London ; and by their appointment by Mr. Wm. Lee, Printer, Lewes • Gregory, Brighton.- Binsted, Chichester ; and by all Perfumers and Medicine Venders rn every market town thronghont the United Kingdom, Also the MACASSAR OIL, of which W. Lee, has just received a fresh supply- - - Markets. CORN- EXCHANGE. Friday, Nov. 1. The Market this day has again very few arrivals of Wheat and not much on hand; sale, maintain last priced quoted ; some fine old Dantzic much exceed; l! ic quotation. Barley in short supply, and supports its price. Malt likewise. White and Grey Pease at it little fluctuation. Beans « !' each description late advance. The supplies of Oats are again short, and sale. of this art tele quoted somewhat liiglwr. Flour con- tinues at late prices. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN. Wheat - ItWs. l « " s. . Tick Beans - - ' Fine ditto l- 2'> s. V2fi>. j Ditto Fine - fill. t> 2s. Rye - - - 48s. Ms. Oats - 2Ss. 3 U A'i^ Barley - - Ms. ' 63s. i Poland ditto 44 « , 4fis » Malt - - 80s. SHs. Potatoe ditto i.,( li 4' s- White Peas 90s. Rape seed - - 48l. 5- 21. Grey Peas - 68s. ti ls. Fine Floor. - 9_ is. l00s. Beans - - Cos. Cls. Seconds - - yos. SMITHFIELD, Nov. 1. This day's market was tolerably well, supplied with, different kinds of cattle : Beef, Mutton, Vend and Pork, were cheaper ; and . the trade for the in part was not over brisk. The sales in the Hay market were incon- siderable; Hay and Stray have fallen in price; Clover fetched last price; The following prices and numbers are an accurate statement. To sink the offal, per stone of fill). . Beef 4s. I'd. to fls. 2d. I I Head of Cattle', this day Mutton i<, Oil. to os.' 2d. I Beasts - - - - < I jO Lamb lis. ( id, to oil. < Kt. ; Sheep - - 6,. r) o'f> Veal - 6s. ' 2< 1 to 7s. Oil. j Carves - - - - ISO Pork 5s, 4d. to 7s. 2d. J Pigs - - - - - 30Ut PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. <£. s. d « , . d. Average. Clover 6 0 0 to 7 5. £ i) o {> Old Hay 4 10 O to 0 5 0— <> <) O Straw 2 o 0 to 3 g , o—— .<). . Q,. n St. James's Market 4 Rj Town Ta low 0 Glare Market 4 Si N'ellow littssia White chapel ditto 4 7i White ditto ;.!• p Soap ditto 74 f> Average 4 8 Stuff ,( iC> <> Hough ditto 64 Q SOAP. Curd lOGs,— Mottled Yellow ?)><;— Palm 92s.' BAGS. Kent - - - 4 fi in fl n Sussex- - . - 4 0 to 0 O Essex - - - - 5 i) lo' 6 o POCKETS. Kent - - - 4 10 to 7 H » Sussex - - - 4 0 to 7 6 Farnham - go to ; | C PRICE OF STOCKS. " On Saturday, at One o'clock. Consols ... Reduced - . (/ l "> • £ per Cent. - . FROM ' SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. Downing- Street, Nov. 2, IS 11. . . ADISPATCH, of which the following is an extract, lias ( beeu this day receiv « d at the Earl of Liverpool's Office, addressed to his Lordship by Gen. Viscount Wellington, dated Frenada, October lG, 18U.- Thgre' has been 110 material alteration in the position of the enemy's troops since I addressed you last. The army of Portugal ace cantoned beyond Placental, having dne division at Placentia, with their advanced, posts on the Alagon, and. the ca- valry. on the north side of the mountains which divide Castile from Estremadura, about Pena- canda. I learn from Lieut. Colonel Sir Howard Douglas, that the enemy are fortifying the posts wni$ » they Occupy in front of the army of Gal- licia.:—( Jlue divison of the 5th, corps, with a con- siderable body of cavalry, have crossed the Gua- diana at Merida, under General Girard; and the, remainder of tire corps was. to the south of that river. I have received a report; that Don Julian Sanchez yesterday carried off" sjlarge. pfoportiori of the cattle grazing near Cindad, Rodrigo, and destined for the supply, of the" garrison; and he made prisoner tlie' Governor, General Reynaud, either, by surprise,- or in copaB^' uence of the latter having endeavoured to save tlifj^ sttle with a very inadequate force. Admiralty- Office,- Nov. 2,•• 5811. Vice- Admiral Otway has transmitted . John Wilson Croker, letter fro. a Captain Campbell, o; his Majesty's sloop the Plover, giving an account his having, on the 2a I of last mouth, captured of?' the Naze of No way Le Petit Edouard French privateer. cut. teir; of six tuns and forty man, out three days frbm the Texel, without ciakinx any ( Mature. Extractnf a Letter from Captain Hawtayne, of his Ma- jesty's ship Quebec, addressed to Vice Admiral Mur- ray, and transmitted to John Wilson Croker, — On the 00th ult. at liobn, a French priva teer'was given chace to; . and captured riff the Flemish Banks ; L'Olympia, of ten eighteen- pounders and 70 rj^ eit*;' fro ill Dunkirk the night before^ BANKRUPTS. . Charles Harris, Shoreditch, Middlesex, baker- William Wilson, Shadwell, Middlesex, master mariner: • Richard Peacock, Liverpool, coach- maker. James Pearson. East Cheap, London, wine and sprit- merchant. Richard Foulkes, Wilmot- street, Bruns- wick- square, Middlesex, linen- draper.— Thomas Nor- gross, Preston, Lincaster, cotton- manufacturer.—— George Pritchard, St. Paul's, Church Yard, London, chinaman John Bridgood, Oxford- street, Middlesex. cork- cutler. .. John, Phillips, New Kent road, Surrry, dealer and chapman.— Couraad Braudirgt the younger, late of Surinam, but now of Lime- street; London, mer- chant. Mary Redman, St. Martin de Grand Westmin- ster, dealer and eh'- owomali.— Samuel Matthews, Man- chester, shopkeeper.—— John Johnson, . Mansel- street, Middlesex, wine and porter- merchant.—-- James Sees, Pennington street, Middlesex, cooper.'.—-—. Josiah Par- ker, Mortimer- street, Cavendish- square, goldsmith and jeweller.— George Matthews, Hythe, Kent, batter.— James Gould Plymouth. hn I der. John Blythe, Bristol, Merchant. John Austin, Lamb's Condoit- street, Middlesex, linen draper. — Jervoise Bugby, Henrietta- street, Brownswick- square, Middlesex, coal- merchant. —*— Henry Hoghun, Crown- street, Finsbury- square, Middlesex, fringe- maker. Henry Watson, Mary- le bone, Middlesex, coachmaker.— George Huch- cock, Bull- stairs, Christchurch, Surrey, boat- builder. Philip Luscombe, Gravesend, Kent, tailor and dra- per, John Ganton, Earl- street, London, victualler, Charles King, Piccadilly, Middlesex, bill- broker iiml money scrivener. Henry Goodfellow, Anthony- street. Middlesex, mariner.— Edward Dobson, Bramp- ton Mills. Huntingdon, miller. - John Poulson, Bils- ton, Stafford, iron- dealer - j—— Edward Toller,. Godman- chester, corn- buyer. John Kendall, Exeter, statu- ary- John Bell, Lime house, Middlesex, boat- buil- der Robert Pickering, Liverpool, wine- merchant. Private advices from America continue to strerulhpn the exectation, that one of the first inwtsures. a'lopted on th « meeting of the Con- gress, which is to be on Monday nest the 4th of November, will be a general embargo. The letters advert in very . melancholy terms, to the » t » te of commerce. A private letter bv the Anholt Mail tvhich ar- rived on Friday states, that Bonaparte had made proposal's to the King of Denmark for the pur- chase of the town of Altona, for which lie'has offered one hundred thousand pounds sterling. These terms, it is said, have been rejected, on account of the sum beejng deemed by his Da- nish Majesty considerably short of its value. It it. reported that the embarkation of a bri- gade of cavalry, and of two brigades of infantry, intended i'or Lord Wellington's army, has been suspended tor tiie present. Some General Of- ficers and Staff, intended for his Lordship, are stopped for the present. It. will be seen t at the destination of one General Officer, General M'Farlane, has been altered— he is" gone to Sicily. _ An account is given in the New- York papers of a barbarous inuVder, which may be . noticed as an illustration of the' effects resulting from 1. he inhuman practice of Hogging. A Negro woman, for some trivial offence, was severely Hogged by order of her- brutal master, and im- mediately on being released, she seized his only child, an infant of three years of age, by his legs, Rod dashed; its brains out against the steps of the door- way. At the Sessions in Dublin, on Tuesday last, James Byrne was indicted on two several counts; for having published a libel", accusing the Right Ilev. and Hon. Dr. Jocelyn, Bishop of Ferns, of an attempt to. cpyunit an abominable offence; and for having joined in a conspiracy to make that' false accusation. '£ he. Prisoner, Byrne, , lrad lived about 18 months as coaoh. mait with ' the Hon. John Jocelyn, brother to th<:' Bishop, at Fair- hill, but having left him without no- tice,' was ' ttefusod his discharge ; and it appeared most clearly, that tiie whole of this horrid im- putation was a plan to extort a discharge, such as the Prisoner wished, IVern Mr. Jocelyn, by endeavouring to make bim believe, that the l\ tme of his venerable brother v. as in the Pri- soner's power. The Bishop of Ferns attended in Court and was examined. The Prisoner was found gul't!/ and. sentenced to ttyo yeurs im- prisonmept— rto be thrice publicly, whipped— and, before his discharge, to ( ind security him- self ia 5001. and two sureties in IQol. each. ' . Captain Bingham, late of: the Little Belt has been promoted by the Admiralty to the rank of . Post- Captain, and appointed to the Volage. , Tucker, the mock- parson, tvas convicted at the Middlesex Sessions yesterday of fraud, at the, suit of Mr. Edgeworth. The facts are al- ready before t. ie the public. A short time " ago, a " cow belonging to Mr. Bell, of Paul Holme, after appearing to be unwell, though the nature of the disease could not be aseeriairied, lingered a few days and died. The. servant on opening] her afterwards, found a snake, about a yard long, with its head close, to the cow's heart; half of it appeared m a state of mortification. A detachment court- martial has been tield at Leeds, on a Serjeant and corporal of . the ' Sid regiment, for bringing a bo. y recruit to tiie in- specting field- officer's office with padded stock- ings, in order to bring him up to the proper standard'; but, however, it appearing on the trial, the boy had recourse to this stratagem without tlie advice or t. veti the knowledge of the soldiers, and ' had with the greatest artifice im- posed on the soldiers, they were, of course acquitted. James Hughes was Capitally indicted at the Old Baily Sessions, for a Rape on. the per* on of Susan Pratcher. It appeared from the evidence of the Prose- cutrix, . that she was servant, tt> a Mr. Oliver, of Winchmore- hill; with the leave of her mis- tress she went to East Edmonton fair, on the i ~ th of September, at three o'clock in the eve- ning, and niet her brother- in- law, at the fair, who was in company with the Prisoner, they being fellow- servants in the hou^ e of Hantly Bacon, esq. Her brother was obliged to return at an4arly hour, in the evening to his mas- ter's house,• and left the Prosecutrix in the care of the Prisoner. On their return home he perpretated tiie crime ; and oft the first oppor- tunity which the prosecutrix had, she made it, known, and the Prisoner was secured. The Jury having left the box* after somie con- sidin>*? ton, returned a verdict of Gailty. COURT OF KING'S BENCH. LIBEL ON GOVERNMENT. i THE KING V. WHITE. Mr. Richardson o|) ened the proceedings upon this iiidiotinent by statins;, that it was an informa- tion against Henry White, cl arming him Upiin three counts, with maliciously printina; ami puh- li. sliuis; a seditions libel ina Paper called " THE INDEPENDENT WHIG. upon the - 16th- Septem- ber, 1810.; U# which charge he had pleaded— NOT GUILTY. The Attorney General then addressed his Lord- ship and fhe Jury at great length in behalf of the prosecution; the libel, he insisted, was, gross and malicuAi^, and was calculated to raise dissatisfac- tion among the military. The Defendant rose and rea, d a very long and able defence; after which Lord Ellenborough sum- med up. the evidence with his- usual perspicuity. The Jurv . retired about five minutes after one o'clock, mean while the Court proceeded to other business ; and at four o'clock finding tliev were not l:': alv soon to return their verdict,' Lord Ellenbo- rough and ihe Counsel withdrew, leaving Mr. Lowton to represent the Court Afler four hours consultation the Jury returned their verdict, find- ing the Defendant NOT GUILTY. THE LOVE- SICK ELEPHANT. The Royal Menagerie, at Exeter Change was broken open, ill the night between Saturday and Sunday last, in a most extraordinary manner.— About four o'clock t!> e panneis of the outer door, which leads into rbe'gtand exhibition room, were forced with great violence.— The noise awoke not onlv the keepers, but the inmates o( the room; th « lions and tigefs,- mused from their slumbers, roarfed hideously,— all was terror and uproar— The burglar proved to be a fine male elephant, who had been lodged the preceding night in a stable that communicates near the grand staircase, anil who, like the gallant gay LOTHARIO, thought it a glo- rious golden opportunity to visit Ills CALISTA, when even all the monkies were asleep, and Love alone was waking. He accordingly rooted up a lai'ae post, to which he was fastened, broke the stable door, broke down the door at the foot of the staircase, anil walked up slabs, where finding the door closed there also, he made a forcible entry wiih hi head, and was pressing with his immense weight forward, when he was apprehended, FLA- GRANTE DELICTO, hvlhe keepers, and couducted Ivick, full of love and disappointment, to his chamber. LEWES, NOV. 4, 1811. His Grace the Duke of Norfolk, on Friday se'n- night, joined his regiment, the Sussex militia, at Fort- Pitt barracks ; and on the next day, his Grace and the Officers of his regiment entertained General Lawson and, Staff, together with the Officers of the Tipperary Militia, with an elegant dinner. On Thursday- last Lord Eardly visited this town in his way to Brighton ; and, we a e ulad to be en- abled to say, that his Lordship looked exceedingly well, and was in high spirits. The above Nobleman travelled with four post- horses, and in one of the stages between Tunbridge Wells and thr, town, thinking the lads did not get on so speedily as they might have done, he held up to their view a dollar, to indti- e them to quicken their pace, but finding that sort ofcoij) had not the desired effect, he shewed betwixt his finger and thumb a seven- shilling piece, this also failing to produce the speed desiied, he exhibited to their vision a half- guinea ; and this last ARGUMENT, set the wheels a- going as fast as was wished ; but they nevertheless allowed his Lordship time to envelop a piece of coin in two or tluee folds of paper, which on his arrival at the er. d of tho stage, lie gave to the senior MERCURY, who as soon as' the horseS were stabled resorted to the kitchen to di- vide the spoil with his companion, when to his ut- ter astonishment he found thus enfolded, a SINGLE FARTHING ! By this manoeuvre, his Lordship very properly punished the imposing conduct of the post- boys. Captain Shiffner, of the Guards, Son of Mr. Shiffner, of Coombe, near this town, is reciuit- irrg here, and has lately enlisted several fine- look- ing volunteers. Indeed we do not wonder that young men, who mean to embrace the honourable pro- fession of arms should prefer the Guards, in which corps so many superior advantages await the spirited candidate for military glory. The Hoods of last week brought down with them large quantities of fine silver eels, many of which were caught in set- nets, and sold here at from ( id, to lOd. per pound. And at the Sluices in Pevensev Level, still greater numbers were caught : One gang of navi. gators netted upwards of thirteen hundred weightj which they were very glad to dispose of at per • pound. • We aid very glad fa see the rlspid; progress made in the subscriptions for the projected Junc- tion Canal to unite the Rivers Wey and Arun, and thereby obtain what has lieSfl So long, in a national point of view, wanted, an inland naviga- tion from the Metropolis nearly to Portsmouth. The facility of forming this desirable junction is such as very seldom occurs:—*" the country through which the canal will pass is principally of clav; there is a plentiful supply of water tu. the driest seasons: no mill, nor no hoti- e will be irljured or removed by its progress; and it may be navigable throughout within the period of ( Wo years."—-[." p* wards t> f:£ 6 1,000 have been already subscribed for carrying the work into effect, and less than ^ 70,000 according to Mr. Jessop's estimate, will be suffici- ent to complete it. The committee, however, mean to raise £. 00,000 to make all suie; and to admit no further subscriptions after that sum has been subscribed. . We should not wonder if the shares bore a considerable premium, immediately after passing the act.— See advert. The Company of Proprietors of the Oese, are considerably1 extending and improving the navi- gation of that rkcr, under the able directions'of Mr. Smith, of Bloomsbury, their surveyor. It will shortly, wc understand, be cotiipleted tip to Ham- mer- bridge, two miles beyond Cuckfield.; and means will be adopted for bringing barges to Lewes without difficulty at uer, p-> tides. By the above impmvSmeVits the mercantile in- terests, of this town will be verv materially advan- taged, as coals and divers other articles . may be prooiubd and sqtit through the. medium , of that navigation to Crawley, Reigate, and a considerable extent of . country, much chtipcr than they can be had from the metropolis by land cartiage- or bv any other mqans ;- and the rctiirn barges will load with a very useful building. stone, fr*> m St. Leo- nard's Forest, timber, kc. xc. On Monday evening, the Monthly Religious Conference was held at the General Baptist Meet- ing- House, Southo cr, the subject of which was, " The Trinity, or Unitv of God" \\ hen many ingenious arguments, principally in favour of the Unity of the Deity were heard, and commented upon by the President, the Rev. Mr. Bennett. The subject given out for the next con- ference, which is fixed for Monday the second of December, is, <' 011 Man, and the relation in which he stands to his Creator." Lord Sheffield has framed for the press somt ex- cellent Rules and Regulations lor the government of the ne. v poor- house of the parish of Fletching, and prefaced them with observations, that met it the attention of the inhabitants of other districts, and particularly those of the little parish of St. Michael, in this Borough, ( Which extends only from the site of the old Town- hall to a house or two above Care- bibin which the concerns of the Poor, and the expendtlufe for their mainte- nance, have been so shamefully managed ( although often and loudly complained of to that source from which a remedy should dow) that the rates of last year amounted to the enormous, and incredible stiiu of nearly ONE THOUSAND POUNDS ! ! !—' lis Lordship, in the fourth paragraph of his observa- tions, most emphatically states, that " Undistin giiishfng benevolence oifers a premium to indo- lence, prodigality, and vice. Unthinking pity rash-. ly stops, that natural caursc of things, by which want leads, to labour, laboqr to comfort, the know- ledge of comfort to industry, and to all ( h » e vir- tues, by which the multitude so incalculably udd'to the strength and- happiness of a country; and whilst it neglects that respectable ppierty which shrinks from public sight, it encourages, by pro- fuse and indiscriminate charity, ail those abomi- nable arts, which make beggary, and parish relief, a better trade than labour: these principles can never be too deeply impressed upon the mind." And we s. neerelv hope the inhabitants of St. Mi- chael's parish will not only feel the impression, but act under it, and thereby benefit themselves, and better the condition of their poor. Last Wednesday nearly 300 fine looking young men, deserters from the French army in Spain, marched through this town, from the Isle of Wight, to join the King's German Legion, at Bexhill. On the i> 3d ult. as Mr. Jeffery Austen, an emi- nent auctioneer, was selling oft' the goods of a Mrs. Ellis, of Lamberhurst, in this county, who has removed into Wales, the Hoor of the room in which he was selling gave way, and precipitated the whole company, consisting of 79 persons, male and female, to the room below; and, what is very extraordinary, without material injury to any one, except a poor woman, who was wounded in tlie hip by a curtain- rod, which was selling with other articles of bedding at the moment of the accident. A radish of the black, Spanish kind, was last week drawn at Nuffield, in this . county, measuring in length t feet G inches, and in girth 2 feet 7 inches. Some few months since, a number of human skeletons, the remains of Roman soldiers, were discovered on opening a barrow in the neighbour- hood of Burroughbridge, in Yorkshire; but what is most worthy of remark is, that between the front teeth of the skull of one of them, was found> securely wedged, a mixed- metal Coin of the leign of DOMITIAN, which led a faeetious rustic pre- sent to observe, that the fellow must have been OVER- GREEDY of money, to have kept such FAST hold of it, for such a length of time. The Coin was in good preservation, and probably owed its situation to the rude raillery of one of the de- ceased's comrades. Last Saturday evening as throe lads were making fire- works, in the back premises of a labouring man, in this town, a spark fell from the candle on some gun- powder, which exploded, and set off a number of rockets, whereby the boys were badly burnt, and the window of the apartment blown out of its frame. The Sporting Magazine, published the first of this month, for October, . gives a plate of the arms of CRIB, as adopted, by the advice of his friends, at the late pugilistic dinner, and delineated by Mr. Emery, of Covent Garden Theatre. The explana- tion is as follows : Tlie Crest— Tlie arms of Bristol ; tlie place of Crib's nativity, In tlie first quarter, the British Lion is locking down with stern regard, on lire American flag, bah- nittst high ( in the t'- iurtli quarter) the Beyer, symbolic of the l ater country, hiding bis head, lunger its folds, in al- lusion to Molineux's defeat. in the second quarter, t| ie. combruauts are setting to — And in ihe third quarter, Crib is viewed ill bis coal harge^ illustrative, of bis trade, Tlie Supporters represent the Champion looking with an eye of enminisseratioo, on bis vaiK)\ v,- h(' rl opponent, kneeling on his left Luce, and covering hi* face, with bis right hand. MOTTO.— Aad 4auin'd be Incuj who first cries hold ( enough 1 SHAKESPEARE. ' . As a means of dsrreitfng the var. iiy of ssrv-. ' vors, in recording the newly discovered virtues of ' heir departed friends, an ingenious correspondent of the Tyne Mercury, suggests the following scale of Newspaper charges; If the name1 and age, simply, of tire defunct, s. d. are inserted . -—?—- o u If the defunct is to have, a good character. 7 0 If the defunct is to be deeply regretted bv nu- merous and inconsolable friends to 0 If tUe untimely fare of the defutu is to he uni- versity laoiel. H'ib and never forgoiieti 1J 0 Pious re- sigliatio'ii and uiaoly fortrtucie, & c. to furnish separate itenrs. MARRIED. On Tuesday last, at Catsfield, in this county, Mr. Ford, agcd- Oi years, to Miss Barnes, of the satne ptece, aged 25 years. After spending the day with great harmony at Catsfield, the happy couple set off fot the seat'of Mr. Ford. On Tuesday sennight Mr. George Finn, of Folk- stone, aged. 76 years, to Miss Mary Weston, of Rye, in this county, aged 30 years. This is the fifth time of Mr. Finn's exhibiting as bridegroom at the altar of Hymen. On Sunday the 20th instant, at All Saints Church, Mr. T. Warner, Of this town, to Miss Langridge, of Firle. Oh Monday the 28th instant, at St. John's Church, Mr. W. Hoather, cabinet- maker, to Miss Harriet Cruttenden, both of this town. DIED. . Early on Monday , morning ' last, Mr. Marten, a very respectable yeoman, of Kingstone, ucar: this town. His remains were yesterday in terred at the General Baptist Burying- ground, in Southover, and an excellent sermon was preached to a crowded cbngiegation, at their Meeting- house, by the. Rev. Mr. Bennnet, on the occasion. BRIGHTON, NOV. 4, 181 i. The PRINCE REGENT, we have the felicity to state, arrived at his Pavilion, about nine o'clock, on last Tuesday evening, accompanied by the Duke of Cumberland, the Earl of Yarmouth, and Col. Bloomfield. His Royal Highness's arrival was 110 sooner known than the bells were set a ringing, anil a genera! joy made manifest throughout the whole towii. () ii the following evening every street was brilliantly illuminated 011 the happy occasion, but the weather proved very, unfavourable to the exhi- bition. . . . Oil Wednesday a party, mostly. Military, Gen- tlemen, had the honour to . dine with his Royal Highness, and were afterwards joined by most of the Nobility sojourning at this place, who attend- ed His Royal Highness's invitation, and thus w- ete our hopes most pleasingly realized, in seeing the Pavilion resume its wonted gaities, and take the lead of our fashionable festivities. The Regent's baud attended, and delighted all present with their harmonious sounds. At noon ot) Thursday his Royal Highness, ac- companied by the Duke of Cumberland, and attend- ed by a numerous suit, inspected in the Barrack- yard, bis own Regiment, the tOtb Royal Hussars, whose fine appearance and steady m'atiotu vefing, ob- tained his Royal Highness's most unqualified appro- bation. About, four o'c oek the Regent and his suite returned to the Pavilion, where a select pat tv had again the, honour to dine; and in the evening the Royal- Residence was visited by a great number of persons of ditinction. His Royal Highness bad ' appointed Friday for . the inspection of the i2d or Highland Regiment, stationed at Lewes Barrack, on New market Hill, but the lintowardness of the weather prevented it; as it did on Saturday, when his Royal Highness expressed his intention of seeing the Regiment in the above Barrack- yard. The Prince Regent, we understand, has fixed Wednesday or Thursday irext, for his departure, for Portsmouth, to inspect the Dock- yard and Arsenal ; from that place, His Royal Highness intends going to Petworth, on a visit to the Earl of Egremont ; and from thence to Arundel Castle, to visit His Grace the Duke of Norfolk, after which he will return to the Pavilion, to honour us with his august presence, for a few days longer, if no material oc- currence should arise to call him to London. At least, such we have good authority for saying, are the present arrangements. . Cards were yesterday issued for a grand party at tile Pavilion this evening. Previous to His Royal Highness's departure there will be two grand reviows, ( should the weather per- mit) at one of which some further proofs of the destructive excellence of Mr. Congreve's improved rockets ( which were last week conveyed hither through Lewes) will be exhibited before His Royal Highness and Staff, by the ingenious inventor, who is in attendance here, for that purpose. We feel infinite pleasure in stating, it is. the uni- versal opinion, that the Prince never appeared in better health, nor in better spirits, than at the pre- sent period, and we ardently hope, for our coun- try's sake, that it may be the will of Divine Pro- vidence, long, very long, to grant him the possession of those inestimable blessings. At the parade of the North York Militia, yester- day evening, ( which was numerously attended, in. consequence of the. expected appejratice of the Prince Regent) Lieut.- General Lord Charles So- merset, Lord Arthur Hill, Lord Yarmouth, Col. Thornton, Col. Bloomfield, Captain Fitzclarence. Marquis of Worcester, and a large assemblage cf Officers were present. Sir Charles and Lady Burrell are among the fashionable arrivals of last week. The Theatre Royal here, was, 011 Monday last, reopened by Messrs, Jonas and Penley, with the Foundling of the Forest, which was deservedly well received, by an audience more select than fmmerous. Mr. Mallinson, Mrs. Smith, and Miss Watson, all from the Haymarket Theatre, were particularly ap- plauded in their respective characters; and young Penley was very interesting; in Florian. In short, all the performers exerted themselves to the ut- most, and were respectable iii their several pat ts ; and the company is altogether such as we think will insure the managers success; and we are sure the selection does great credit both to their judg- ment and liberality. The Play 011 Saturday evening was Laugh when you can; which was well received by a lespectable and discriminating audience. By the breaking up of a West Indiamap, which was sunk a considerable time since near Selsea Bill, a number of puncheons of rum have been liberated from the vessel, and driven on shore in the neigh- bourhood of the wreck. Some of the casks were staved, others were emptied aiid their contents car- ried away by the populace, and we believe one or two fell into the bands of Revenue officers. MARRIED. On Tuesday last, at Petworth, Mr. Sturt, of Tillington, to Miss Drew, of the farmer place. THEATRE ROYAL, BRIGHTON. Under the Patronage of the PRINCE RECENT On Tuesday evening,. Nov. 5, jsit, will be presented a celebrated I'l.- tv. called THE POINT OF HONOR. With an entiie new . iiie. lo dfan- a: c Koliiiirire, taken from the Arabian . Night's I'. iu, riaimurnt, called ALADIN: OR, THE WONDERFUL LAMP. With new Music. Scenes, Dresses aiiil Decorations. ' Boxes OS. Pit rial. I-. Doors to he opened at six, and 10 heni. n at seifn. Night* of performing will !>,. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. BRIGHTON, Lv, vo. •, MR. WILLIAM. SCOTT, Landscape Painter, in Water Colours, having letir - rivd to Brighton • ront Scotland, would !> v . happy to sli_ ea; tin Sketchea v. liioli | i'e made during i'lis siav in Edinburgh, Stirling-, Loch Katrine; and otl. er parts of ihe Highlands, to any Lady or Gentleman who may honour him . villi a call at X<>. a, Net* Street- • AGENTLEMAN offers to exchange suna valuable FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS and LODGING HOUSES well secured, arnl- d— sirahly situate at Brighton, for a Farm in the country, frbui one thousand to five thousand pounds value. Apply ( post paid) to Mr. Smith, No. 3, N01 lb- street, Brighton. \ VANTBD- ' « ' » JOUNG li'ibi...-, as pi v If prentice* to the ' j^ ijliwew tad Business. — Apply to Mrs. Chapmen, School Hill, Lewes. Li t. iers ( Hist- Jiaid. AbTOH l' healthy « <> Y; Iv ye. us iii" 8.> e, who can read and wri'fr, it ready to he hoimd Ap- pieoilee, for » eieit years, 1t. ariy Viieeli'tuiical busiuess, lint would prefer ihiir of' a Shot in- iWcr. I'or further partiwiliir* apply i„ ily; Pri^' TEHS of this Paper or Mr. J. MARTEN. A'tri- tho: WANTED,— As a good plain COOK, a stead v, middle a^ ed woman, who can have in un- deniable character from her last service; iH ,: e other need apply." Apply to Mr. Langridge, Solicitor, Lewes. COTTAGE WANTED WANTED to icut, asaia!: neat L'ous'e, o taje, calculated for a'sill;; e Mail \ I,: I . Vants, togerlien with a Garden, Se. jf a" ,. < t- Meado'w Land, the more deUl- iibl". A retire-' ,>-.• • .1 Will 11 » t be ol. jneted to, provided ;!... r. d- a. .- and provision* easily dbiaiticd,' Kripeei'i.. 0 will lie given if l'ei| uired. Address, with fall ' piuriiculars to Messrs. v.. and " 1. Lee, Printers of th.- p. i . r, Lewes. If turinshed it will not be objected t i. " the rent e. ust ie m- nicrnte. NOTICE TO CREDITORS; ^ pHE Creriitor's of William Diggens, la. c biit; k- *• layer, of the pari- h iif " Newhaven • rntinly io Newhaven, on Friday, tbe slh November HI S , " i,. at ilir ' t b'sloek in ( lie flfieiiio. iii. to 1 kt inn, yasi^ i - a- ( ion tlje s: lie of his kfi'aii- t, Wren " t. dm ' ,. :•.• ill i.,- dared,- aiid a tiihK fixed for p iviiteiit ; eor'. t; er- sorii wlio . ave niit sigiurt ihe trn- i ti ed. . solii iu!) so 10 , to, otherwise they wip he exehi. iio ihe bcii,•; itaris. nig fioiii the said F.. state. GEORGE ELPHICK 1 J. B. STONE, > Trustees. WM. CLOSE, j Newhaven, Nov j. sit; • On Saturday, riat, ui : r. . rnict. TWO sill , f; s', A SSMsViO ."'. , PREACHED ill the Parish cWl. h- Af' St. Mi- chael. Lewes, on Thursday , ' he o.' y^. ni,, , Lyst, Bishop of Chichester, and t) ie Clergy of l! ye Deamies of Lewes and Paveiisey, 10 whom tue D. st. i'vi, 1. iii- scribed,. Hy the Rev. ROBERT ELLISON, ' il. A. Rector of Slaugham and Southease' i( i the comity of Printed and Sold by W. and A. LEE, Lewes; •. oil- also by Hatchard, Piccadilly ; Mr. Mason, ai d Mr. Humphrey, Chichester' and alt oilier I!..; » itseHer. s in ihe county of Sussex, and may '. be , ia ! of ihe Neu . , « i ... Good Keep for One Hundred, Lambs. ANY Person having the above Number of" Lambs to Bit out,, may be accommodated with- ijood keep for thloij and careful attention paid, at nvo, separate places. Apply to Mr. ARTHUR LEE, Printer, School Hill, Lewes, TO BE SOLI) BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, At Ashdown Park, near East- Grinstead, PART of an extensive Nursery Stock' of Forest Trees, at very redpeed prices, consisting of about 30,000 I., irch Fits trom 3. to 5 Feet. So, 000 Sprui e Firs from 41 to ftj do*. 5, ou'o Weymouth Piue from- a' to : i^ do. Iii, oiio Halm of Gllcad Firs from j- r 10 al do. 30,000 Sycamoie froni. 4 to 5. dp, lo, oon Oak from 1 to ' 2 do, 50,01111 Ash from 4 to ti do. Application to he made to the gardener at Pipping, ford Lodge, who Is employed to sell the Plants. , TO BE SOLI) BX AUC'rlpiN, By THO. MAa SONE, Oil the premises, oil Thursday, ftpy, 7, and the follow-, iu^ days, nOHE remainder of the Stock in Trade, of Mr. A Geo. King, of Worthing, consisting oi Liuen- Drapery, Hosiery, Haberdashery, Cutlery, Hats, Crockery Ware, and a large Assortment of New and Second Hand Clothes, together with the houshold fur- niture, consisting of beds and bedsteads, blankets-* quilts, sWets, & C. fcc. Oalii'g and Tea Tables, C'lia'irs, Carpets, tic. Sco, with a nuinihtr of other ^ useful articles, of Uonsbold Furniiure. •., 1. T EXTRA*) ll]>! N\ J )' l' I ' EitV; ONLY B^ OB TICSE^ S, All to be Drawn 011 tli^ 19' iii of this Month. rT1 B'lSlli Contractor with Go. vei nineut for- • tlie last and present Lottery, after returning hia. ttiust grateful thanks for tbe unbounded favours be re- ceived in tbe Lottery j'ti. t ftiu- hed, respectfully solicits, tfcose who were fortUnaie io exchange their Prizes, anil those who were otherwise to try again., in tbrs most ex- traordinary Little Lottery, which does not contain more than one half the number of Ticket's actually dispose^ of in the Small Lottery drawn on the « f last Mouthy in which he sold in Shares ( several. iu ttiis nyi^ uboar- hood) the following CAPITALS, CLASS 3,143 .... C . , £ 13.00,0 3,3.133 .... A • . . S.- injO l, dr) 3 , . , l> . . , a, mill 1,853 , . , . (' ... 2.11,0,0 4,025 , . ^ , 0 .' , , . JjiiUtl S. ntia .... A ... "> 00 2, oo « A ... S o .... I! , , . Sou . T. 11 ISi 1 is well aware ili. it in si » sm: dl a Lottery as. the present, ( 35'. IO Tickets are not siiibe. i'ut to supjjly tbe demand in Town and Country, yet '. " nuiiieniu^ favours he has received, induces, hint tp a^ many sis possible a chance for the SUPERIOR CAPITALS which this Lottery contains more than the last, and. as such, a lew Tick. fi IS and SHA11KS will be let', on Sale at all bis AUF. NTS'iu lli/ w COUNTY, but should they not be able to supply " wiiat is wanted, the Public are respectfully desired 10 apply, by letter, ( l- ost Paid) to l iiher of BlSH's Oih.- es, No. ij-. Cornhill, or Mo. 9, Charing- Cross, London. PRICE of CORN.—.- Lewes, Saturday_*,', Nt) v, m. Red Wheat • - o 1- 2 0 to 5 16 a Old Wheat - C o 0 to 0 o a Barley - - . 2 4 0 to 2 8 Q Oats" - - - 1 11 0 to I 18 0 TO THE PRINTERS OF THIS " SUSSEX AD- VERTISER. Gentlemen, , IF vou will admit a much shorter reply to OLD A. Z' s SHORT essay ill your last, you Will oblige A PRACTITIONER or FARRIERY. On perusing th » essay above alluded to, and no- ticing as 1 did. when 1 had floundered thioiieh it, the strange materials of which it is COMPOUNDED, it str u' k me that nothing hut your known veneration for ANTIQUITY, could have induced you to give OLD A. Z s letter a place irt your. respectable Journal; hut, however that may he, I shall only replv to that part of it which affects to redicule the bfe of emolients after the firing of a Horse. and to do this, I need only mention that in the course of upwards of 20 years pretty active practice, 1 have constantly tised'at the proper period, ( which can be perhaps only known hv practice emolient oils, with the happiest effect;" the re- braced sinew is bv means of these emolients let down, if 1 may he al- lowed the expression, to its proper tensure, and the nervous powers of the animal are thereby in some measure renovated, strengthened, and ren- dered fit for continued, service. I could say considerably more on this subject if I thought it necessary ) but as I see almost daily, proprietors of horses returning from chirurgical lecturers to practical Farriers, there is no occasion for my taking Up more of your's or your readers, time ;" I shall therefore conclude hv repeating to OLD A. Z. the old proverb, " the Shoemaker t> bis Last;"— and by recommending to him, if he must prescribe for. or operate on horse- flesh, to practice only on his own; as, ifhetVie/ ehy renders him un- fit f'< r Moore- lane, he may liable him ( as others of his brothers have'' done) to lecture learnedly on the BONES and MUSCLES ! November I, 18tl. TO THE PRINTERS OF THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. GENTLEMEN, IN vonr paper of last week, under the signature of JUVENIS, a Correspondent forwarded to you an introductory lecture of Mr. Astley Cooper, which your Correspondent states to be nearly - verbatim as that gentleman delivered it: now, as the word nearly appears to be somewhat ambiguous, 1 pre- sume I shall be permitted to draw what inference! think fit from it:. however, nearly, therefore, it may be to rhe original lecture, is a matter of no conse- quence; as, since bv vour Correspondent's own confession it is not quite so, I cannot take it as the lecture of Mr. Astlev Cooper at all. Upon this head, therefore, I shall enquire no farther, but state a circumstance or two, which will, 1 conceive, in some measure get rid of an imputation, that this lecture pretty generally casts upon apprentices to surgeons and apothecaries, who a- e taken awav from their studies at the early age of I l or 15, and bound for seven years. Now, Gentlemen, I hap- pen to be one- of those, and my master, a man of extensive practice in the County of Sussex: of his abilities as a professional man, 1 presume the extent of his practice is he best criterion ! 1 have lived three years with him, and certain it is, that the « ' i• uihif the mortar and compounding a few drugs," is not sufficient to employ the whole of rav time} fheie are, consequently, miTiv idle intervals ( if so thev mav he called); * iidin these intervals, instead of lounging over the counter," I would willingly ap- ply to on books', but for the interference of my master- What may vou suppose. Gentlemen, was liis conduct the other day: after haying • rubbed the mortar for six hourS ( enough of all conscience) I was just taking a book from the shelf in the library, when be with an oath, told me that I did not come there to idle my time awav in reading, J) nt to be useful; he. therefore, immediately or- dered me inio the kitchen, to clean the poker and tongs; after which, i was to draw water for ttie next day's washing; and, then carrv out the medi- cine" to his patients 1— all this, Gentlemen, after 7 o'clock in ' he evening. His servant being none of the foberft, I have very frequently the horse to look after, in addition to knife- cleaning, potatoe- paring, and other culinary employments! This sys- tem I am sorry to observe, Gentlemen, is too much in practice in the present day; ai d I am convinced that nine times out of ten. if jjere be any ap- parent wish on thi- part of the apprentice to visit the kitchen, rather than the society of Gen lemen, these low lived ideas are acquired more from the undue influence of the master, than from any innate disposition in the object of it. How often, Gentlemen, do wesee advertisements in the public papers, addressed to Parents and Guardians for apprentices to medical men, with a nota bene to the following effect: " He will he treated as one of the family, a premium is therefore expected ' This meets the eye of some one or other to whom it is addressed, the boy is bound, the premium obtained, and the ends of the advertiser answered. The knowledge of the business may be acquired after poker cloaning time, for augh' hecares. While this system exists, Gentlemen, it matters not how early or how late • the boy is taken from his study/ of the classics, ( allowing them to he essential) to be hound an ap- prentice, since low lived ideas only, will be the re- sult of his seven years labours ! Another evil. Gentlemen, exists also, which rests entirely with medical men themselves. When they happen to have sons, one of them at leaft is brought up to the profession, merely because his father follows it, without any attention to the boys abilities, and many of them with no abilities at all, are thrufi upon the public as men of infinite know- ledge! These, and poker- cleaners like myself, are the most likely to become a nuifance and difgrace to the profession. Avarice or poverty, op the part of masters, is the foundation of this evil ! In justice to myself, however, I am hold to say, that notwithstanding the degradation, that is im posed upon me, I have made no inconsiderable progress theoretically in my profession, and this knowledge I have obtained by rising early in the morning and studying b fore the rest of the family were stirring. The practical part, I should, in all probability, have been better acquainted with, but for the son of my master, who, although the junior apprentice is put into it, in preference to me. His knowledge of anatomy is to extensive, Gentle- men, that 1 much question if he can tell the os jrontis from the os calcis ! Calomel and rbubarb aie with him synonymous, indeed the errand boy of any chymist in Christendom can compound a fiiu drugs, as accurately as my fellow apprentice ! And vet forsooth, thi paragon of wisdom is speedily ( after what is called walking the hospitals) to be sent out into the world, as " a medical man actu- ally practising." What can we expect, then, Gen- tlemen, white this system exists? Surely we can- not be astonished to find men in the profession, whose abilities, bad thev been properly appreciated, might indeed have made them ornaments to a shop board, but willever tender ( hem a nuisance and a dis- grace to the medical World ! There aie, Gentlemen, many other evils to b-- complained of. The public are in some measure to he blamed for employing medical men of whom they know nothing ! in truth, fashion is too much stated. ft is not how < vhri is th'a greatest adept in ] the profession, hut the question is, when a medi- cal man is necessary > ( who attends mv lord, or uv lady)} He is deemed the only one who can possibly cure, but unfortunately, — — ! no matter I Itafe mares babent— Your obliged Servant, YOUNG A. Z. Oct. $ 1, 1811. LONDON. REGALIA OF CHRISTOPHER. I A most curious discovery and seizure has been made in the River. All the Regalia of His Im- perial Majesty Christophe I. have been seized on board a vessel cleared out for Haiti, as they were entered under the name of UPHOLSTERY, in or- der to defraud the revenue of the duties that would have been payable on goid lace and jewellery, & c. The robes of state, the gala suite, and all the grand ensigns of royaly were detected, made up in very common packages ; and suspicions are entertained that they shall also find the imperial crown itself concealed in the ship. His Imperial Majesty will, no doubt, I be indignant that an attempt should thus be made to defraud his royal brother Sovereign of his just duties. - And which ofhis Ambassadors here have been guilty of the trick, we know not Unless the Treasury, however, give an order for the release of the Regalia, the Emperor's Corona- tion must be postponed. Dr. Wells, in an ingenious paper on vision, lately read before the Royal Society, maintains that the local distance of the eye depends chiefly on the contractibility of its muscles, and that the lat- ter is much greater in youth ihan in persons of moie advanced years. In youth, the eye is capable of accommodating itself to the light, and the dis- tance of external objects ; but in old age, this con- tractile power of the muscle ceases, and the focal distance of the eye becomes shorter and more fixed to a determinate point. The BELLADONNA plant applied to the eyes, increases the action of the ocu- lar muscles in the young, but not in the old sub- jects. Hence the Doctor infers that short sight is less owing to the prominence of figure of the pupil, than to the flexibility of the muscles which di- rect is. A gentleman at Birmingham, has ascertained that evety cwt. of coal wilr yield about ilbs. of clear tar, from which a liquor, or volatile oil, may be distilled, answering the purposes of oil of tur- pentine in japanning. Every gallon of tar will pro- duce nearly two quarts of this oil by distillation, and a residuum will be left, nearly if not quite equal to the best asphaltum. The discoverer thinks that by his process, which he is preparing to carry into execution on a large scale, sufficient tar might be produced from the coal works to supply all our dock- yards, boat- builders, & c. besides furnishing a substitute for all the oil of turpentine asphaltum used in the kingdom, and improving the coke so as to make iron with less charcoal. On Saturday se'nnight, a portmanteau, contain- ing a quantity of wearing apparel, and other valu able articles, the property of G R. Daniel, Esq. was stolen from Stiles's boarding house, Chelten- ham; and, on Sunday evening, a man of the name of Williams was apprehended at Tewkesbury, with the portmanteau in his possession. On the follow- ing day he was fully commuted for trial, when he acknowledged the crime; and stated that a man named Watts, who has for a length of time vended mats around the neighbourhood, was concerned wiih him in the robbery. Watts and his wife were afterwards apprehended in Tewkesbury, and also committed to prison. It seems that after stealing the portmanteau, Williams fastened it on the back of an a* s ( which had a few weeks ago been stolen from the Mythe), and took the route leisurely to Gloucester, where hedined <> u Saturday, and from thence travelled to Tewkesbury, whe> ehis singular appearance ( being dressed in a fashionable suit of clothes taken f. m be portmanteau) caused him to be suspected, au. i subsequently apprehended; he is a deserter from healthy , and the horrors of a guilty conscience, joined with the dread of future punishment, induced him on Tuesday to endeavour to commit suicide. With a knife he cut and Stab- bed himsel in the throat in a most dreadful man- ner'; and when discovered by the gaol, rhe was ex- tended at length on the floor, wehering in his blood. Life appeared to be nearly extinct; but surgical aid was immediately administered, and tho' he is not wholly out of danger, strong hopes are en- tertained that he may recover. The instrument with which the diabolical act was committed, had been taken from him when he entered the prison, but he found means again to obtain it,— either by picking the gaoler's pocket, or by recovering it after having been by him inadvertently dropped. MURDER. — On Tuesday last, six French Officers who weie on their parole at Oakhampton, escaped from that town, accompanied by an English guide. Having crossed Dartmoor, on Thursday afternoon, they came near Bovey Tracy, where, meeting with a woman, thev enquired if there was any other road than through the town, being an swered in the negative, they made a halt: the wo- man communicated the particulars to some of the towns- people; and four men went in pursuit of them: when they were discovered, three of them surrendered, and were secured; but the other three with the guide, made off, and were followed by two of the men. The first that came up with them was Mr. Christopher Snell, vhen the guide instantly turning round, stabbed him to the heart, and he expired upon the spot. The Rt Hon. Lord Clifford soon after ordered a troop of Yeo- manry cavalry logo in pursuit of them. The three who surrendered were examined by the Rev. Mr. Burrington, a Justice of the Peace at Chudleigh, and committed to Devon county gaol. On Sunday night another prisoner was brought in, and after an examination before Samuel Frederick Milford, Esq. on Monday morning, committed to prison; the same evening a fifth was taken at Denbury, and brought to Exeter, and since which, we understand, the sixth has been apprehended— so that the guide only has evaded his pursuers. U is hoped his re- treat will be discovered, that he may meet the punishment due to his henious crime. A coro- ner's inquest sat on the body of Mr. Snell, and brought in verdict of Wilful Murder against the Guide and the three Frenchmen who accompanied him. INDIA. DEPOSITION OF THE RAJAH OF TRAVANCORE. An important revolution IIH taken place in ilie Go- vernment of Travancore, since the death of the old Rajah, and the assumption of tlnj Musnud by Wis suc- cessor, who went by itie appellation of the Elliah or Second Rajah. „ 11 appears that the misconduct of this young man, mid his ill treatment of some of the branches of the deceased Rajah' family, attracted the notice of Col. Muaro, t'. ie resident at that Court ; and on an in vestigation of Ins claim, it was manifest that bis title was invalid, according to the laws of the State; and that the Rauah Letchma Amali, who is in her 18th year, was the rightful successor; on the result of this iuvestiga- lii n being known, it appeared to be the wish of Hie friends of the British Government, that the Rajah should be excUidsd ; and in April last the resolution was communicated to him; but in consequence of some refeista'nee, lie \> Tacftii under an tgtroyi of the : 71b | regiment, commanded oy Captain Ogilvie, and marched on t6th March, front Trivanderum to Telhchery. The uext day the Princess . Lerchma Amah wa-> proclaimed, and invc& ied with uk- Khafut, jewels., and sword of state* she was crowned at an adjacent pagoda hj the principal Brahmins, the British troops being drawn tip on the occasion, and a royal S^ JUU- tired from the fort. On her return 10 the palace, lie ascended the musmid, where she received tlie congratulations of Col. Munro, the officers ' of government, & c and was presented with some valuable jewels and other articles, in the name ot the British Government. An attempt to murder the young Ranan by the adherents of the ex Rajah had U^ n frustated. I he aho* e revolution, which appears to have been advised by the Government of India, and rendered necessary by certain political considerations) wa^ effected without bloodshed. IMPORTANT TRIAL. COURT OF SESSION— SECOND DIVISION. Edinburgh, Oct. 26. The following case is of importance to the manu- facturing and trading interest, and ought to be ge- nerally known ! — John Watts, watchmaker in Aberdeen, in 1807, commissioned twelve watches from Henry Travers, watch- maker in London. Travels packed up the watches in a box. and dispatched ( hem to Downe's wharf, at which the Aberdeen Shipping Company had advertised that goods were received for their smacks. Travers got a receipt from tlie wharfinger, and wrote Watts; iu course, that he had shipped the goods. The watches never came ( o hand, and after a great deal of Ineffectual correspondence, Mr. Tra- vels, the London merchant, brought an action against his correspondent, Mr. Watts, before the Court of Session, for 361. as the value of the watches. Mr. Watts again, in his turn, brought an action of relief against the Aberdeen Shipping Company, for the price of the watches, and all da- mages. These actions were conjoined. Pi& tded for Travers. — The London merchant, at any rate, has done every thing that he was bound to do, or that the most prudent man could have done in such a case. The goods were indisputably commissioned The pursuer sent them to the pub- lic wharf frequented by the traders who ply to Aherdeen. He got a leceipt signed by the wharf- inger, " For Mr . Henley, Master of the Caledonia." No man could do more. The goods thereafter re- mained at the risk of the merchant who commis- sioned them ; and the defender might as well con- tend that a man, after booking a parcel by a car- rier, guaranteed it at the carrier's quarters, and throughout the whole course of its journey, as that the pursuer continued bound after taking this receipt. Mr. Watts pleaded— 1st, That his responsibility only began when the goods were shipped— that it was no proof of the shipment, merely that the goods were sent to the wharf— that the wharfinger was as' much the agent of Travers as of Watt's, and that accordingly Travers was bound to seek his recourse against the wharfinger, and not against Watts :— 2d, Even supposing Travers's claim good, Mr. Watts has a clear claim of relief against the Ship ping Company. The wharfinger's receipt was grant- ed expressly for the master of one of the Aberdeen Shipping Company's smacks. They advertised that their ships were to frequent Downe's wharf; and on this ground alone the owners of the smack be came liable for the wharfinger, as he thus became their authorized and advertised agent. The Shipping Company maintained, that this action was brought against them tinder most sus- picious circumstances, as it was not commenced for nearly two years after the alledged loss, and in the Iti'fcjval the Captain of the Caledonia had died, ii'ho nlone could explain the facts material to their defence. But even independent of this, it was plain here, that there eie 110 TERMINI HA BILES 10 subject the Shipping Company. The parcel had hem traced by 110 sort of evidence to their ship. The wharfinger's receipt could never bind the Shipping Company. It inly shewed that the par- cel was on its way to the smack. But it might as well be said that the Manchester carrier was to be subjected > n a receipt from the Carlisle carrier, who carried the goods a part of ihe way, as that the smack was to be subjected on the wharfinger's receipt, with whom tlicy had nj earthly con- nexion. The Lord Ordinary ( Lord Meadowbank) aud the Court were clearly of opinion, ih. it the London merchant had done all tha< was incumbent on bun, and that his claim was complete. Their Lordships were equally clear, that Watts had a good claim of relief against ihe shipping Company, as thev must have known the terms in which the wharfinger's receipt was received, and this implied 111 a ihe wharfinger took burden on hiin for the Shipping Company. The Court therefore found the Ship,-- ping Company liable to Mr. Watts, and Mr Watts liable to Mr. Travers, and both the watchmakers entitled to expences. MIDDLESEX SESSION, OCT. 20. William Keatch was indicted for an assault on Elizabeth Ford, with an intent to commit a rape, 011 the 4th of August. The Prosecutrix, a gentle, modest looking young woman, about seventeen years af age, staled, that she had been servant to the Defendant ; she now lived with her mother, at No. 77, Brick- lane, Old- street; she went to bed in her master's house be- tween eleven and twelve o'clock on Monday, the 3d of August, and was roused from her sleep about two o'clock the following morning, by the Defend ants getting into her bed. She screamed and struggled very much, and, just at that time, she heard Defendant's mother cry out, " William I" three times, on the lop of the stairs. No one, how- ever, came to witness's assistance ; although, from the size of the house, which was small, she had no doubt but the persons living in it, consisting of two young men, and several women, must have heard her screams, if thev pleased. After resisting all in her power. Prosecutrix lost her senses, and, during that time, the Defendant made his escape. In the morning, she went up stairs, and stated how ill her master had used her; there were some YOUNG LADIES present who worked in the business ( thatof FANCY- TOY making); when she spoke of the injury she had received, thev laughed at her, and said " she appeared FAGGED;" as she persisted in her melancholy tale, they became moie merry, and observed, " that Prosecutrix was not the only girl who had been served so, one had ended her days in the New River." She had not an oppor- tunity of speaking at that time to the Defendant, as he was in his n » n room, but she related her grievances to his mother, about eight o'clock in the morning. The old lady said, she was very sorry for what had happened. She had never known her son do such a thing before, and would take care be never should again, as she would put a fastening on ihe kitchen door, wlieie the Prosecutrix slept. Mr. Knapp, for the Defendant, cross- examined the Prosecutrix, and Mr. Justice Watson and the Chairman, asked several pertinent questions, but she did not deviate from her original statement, on the contrary, her answers considerably strength- ened it. Mary Young, the Prosecutrix's aunt, deposed as to her having heard her neice complain to her mo- ther, about ten o'clock on tlte day when the assault was committed, of the violence which had been offered to her. She ( the witness) advised tlie mo- ther to go to Mr. Keatch, and Ii3ve the business fairly investigated. This she expressed ati unwil lingness to do, The witness then went to Mr. Keatch's, and, after much difficulty, was introduced to hint. The Prosecutrix then described the in- jury whirh she had receiv d, and the Defendant denied having used her as she stated. He exclaim ed once or twice, " Have I injured her?" and told the witness that he set their law at defiance. This closed the case of the prosesution. John Horseman Mosely, a Tunbridge toy ma- nufacturer, then deposed, that he lived in Mr Keatch's house, fie slept along with William and Charles Keatch. in the attic, at the time the assault was slated to have been committed ; he had been in bed the whole of the preceding day, being ill of a sore throat and fever. William Keatch, the Defendant, went to bed before twelve o'clock; his brother Charles, who had been at the play; re- tired to rest about twenty minutes after one. He was convinced the Defendant could not have got out of bed at the time staled by the Prosecutrix, without his being aware of it ; and he was certain he did not arise until he got up at his usual hour in the morning. He heard no noise in tlie night.— Although he slept up three pair of stairs, he was sure if Prosecutrix had screamed he must have heard her. She always slept with the kitchen door open. He often came down stairs and saw her lying in bed- He frequently asked the YOUNG LADIRS whether Betsey was up, that he might go into the kitchen, to wash himself. Whether the door was open or nor, he would have heard Prose- cutrix, had she called for assistance. He was pre- sent when the Prosecutrix and her aunt came to Mr. Keatch's. Mr. Keatch then denied having ill- used her; he asked " Whether be had injured her?" and this he believed to have been for ihe purpose of preventing her swearing a RAPE against him. That was his own interpretation of the question at the time, and it was confirmed by what he after- wards heard Mr. Wm: Keatch say. Charles Keatch, brother to the Defendant, de- posed, that he was one of the TRIO, who, in August last, slept in the same hammock. He came in from the play about one o'clock, and went to bed in a quarter of an hour after ; the Defendant was then asleep. He was certain if the Defendant had got up he must have beard him, and he was almost* sure he was awake at the very time the Prosecutrix stated the assault to have been made, but his bro- ther did not rise until his regular time in the morn- ing. He heard the screaming, and if any person had cried out, although he was three stories from the kitchen, he would have heard them. Margaret keatch, mother to the Defendant, a lady of Ci years of age, deposed, that on the morn- ing stated, si e had not cried out " William 1 Wil liam I" at the head of the stairs. She had no rea- son to call on her son. She lay over the parlour, and, as she could hear the Prosecutrix cough, she must of necessity have heard her scream, if she had done so ; but no noise whatever awaked her. The Prosecutrix had told her aunt originally, that she did NOT cry out, because her hands were held so tight by the Defendant ; and when her aunt chid her, arid said, " had you not a throat large enough to roar from, even though your hands were held ?" she said she was so frightened and confused, that all her faculties left-. her The Prosecutrix ati ! Mrs. Young were then ex- amined by the Bench, a » .0 the assertions made by the last witness. Prosecutrix positively stated, that when she, in ihe mwnce •> » Mrs. Keatch, spoke of having heard he' call be-- 011 three times, she did not deny i ; but aid, she ih.' Ught he had Bone to the PRIVY— ami : MRS. Young deposed, that Prosecutrix had smted fhu' she had screamed out, until the was bereaved of sen'. e. Mrs. Duff, a widow » , sister of the Defendan , next got into the witness box - but i'. np; earec: she knew nothing of the business hut w a she had heard from her mother, she was not examined The Jury, after a very few minutes consider alien, returned a verdict of Guilty. The Chairman, in passing sentence on the De fendant, observed, that his crime was greatly in- creased by his having brought forward a body of relations to testify what the Jury, aud he beliyed ever other person ' 11 Court, supposed to be the very reverse of mull It was preposterous to think that a young woman,' against whose character not a syllable had been said, should get Up at eight o'clock in the morning, without any cause of ma- lice being attempted to be shewn, for the mere purpose of lodging a serious complaint against the Defendant, foi her amusement.— He was then ad. judged to suffer 12 months imprisonment. POLICE. BOW- STREET.— A woman, considerably fld- vanced'in years, iras charged with robbing a sailor of four It'll Bank of England notes, also a note for 5l The partita went to sleep together at a house in Bird- in- hand court, 011 Wednesday night. Yesterday morning the sailor discovered thu his jacket which contained the notes bad been taken from under his head. He charged the prisoner with having robbed him, hut she denied it. The people of the house interfered, to endeavour to recover the property. They sent for Donaldson, the constable, who searched every part of her per- son, hut could not find the notes j she at length confessed { hat she had swallowed them An eme- tic and other physic was administered to her by her own consent, but they were not forth coming. She was committed for further examination. THE DISAPPOINTED LOVER. After » courtship of nearly five years. T. C. of Kirkham, and Miss M. B. of Preston, fixed upon yesterday week as the happy day when they we e to be united for ever ! a number of the bridegroom's friends came from Kirkham, to celebrate the mar- riage ; but mark lhc fuckleness of the fair one !— On the bridgegroom and his company calling upon his intended bride to accompany them to church, she peremptorily refused to give him her hand, nor could all the eloquence of Mr. C persuade her to alter the cruel decree. The intended guests re- turned to Kirkham, much disappointed, leaving the disconsolate lover to bewail his sad fate. DIED. — Lately, at the house of G. Hathorn, Esq Brunswick- square, Captain John Stewart, of his Majesty's frigate the Seahorse, in which vessel he acquired immortal honour by his gallantly de- feating, after a long and hardly contested action, a a squadion of three Turkish frigates; one, the Bader Zaffer, a much larger vessel than the Sea- horse, he took, and she is now in the River; ano- ther blew up during the fight, and the third got awav much shattered, the Seahorse being too much crippled t > pursue her. His humanity to his pri- soners obtained him great civility aud respect from the Turks. in the transaction, he had with them after the cessation of hostilities between England and the Porte; and bv his interference with the Captain Pacha, he saved the life of the Comman- der of tiie captured ship. He had been in active service from a boy, and sailed round the Globe witii Captain Vancouver. A WONDERFUL DISCOVERY, Patronized by their Royal Highnesses //.^ PRINCESS of; WALES and DUKE OF SUSSEX, and most of tiit Nobility. MACASSAR, OIL FOR THE HAIR. THE virtues of this Oil, extracted from a tree 1- in the Island of Macassar in the East Indies, arc' far beyond eulogium, fur encreasing the growth of hair even oil bald places, t(| a beautiful length and thickness, preventing it falling oil' or changing colour, to the latest period of life, strenghtening the curl, be- stowing an inestimable gloss and scent, rendering the hair inexpressibly attracting; nourishing ii after sea- bathing, travelling iu hot climates^ violent exercises, for which it possesses admirable qualities, promotes the growth of whiskers, eye- brows. & c. In fine, it is the first production in the world for restoring and beauti- fying the hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, aud Children, Such celebrity has it attained, that it is daily honoured with the sanctions of Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of the Navy and Army, the Faculty, and public at large. It is innoxious, extremely pleasant in use, aud suited id all climates. Price Is. tid. per bottle, or large family bottle, containing eight small, with a treatise on the hair, at one guinea each. Sold wholesale and retail by the proprietors Rowland and Son, Kirby- street, Hatton Garden, London; and by appointment wholesale and retail by W. Lee, Lewes ; and retail by Gregrory, Saun- ders & Laming, auu Walker, Brighton ; Binstend, Chi- chester: Wyatt, Little Hampton ; : tnd by all Perfumers aud . Medicine Venders in every Market Town through- out the United Kingdom, Beware of servile imitations, as the Genuine Macassar Oil has the signature, 01 ihe Proprietors, A. Rowland aud Son. MARKETS. I' MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, isil. * We were again but sparingly supplied with Wheat this morning. The mealing trade was rea- sonably brisk; price, nearly the same as on Mon- day last. It must nevertheless be observed, that Some fine old Dantzic fetched more than quoted in our figures. Barley, likewise, was a short sup- ply, and rather dearer. Malt also something high- er. White Pease ( boilers) were more plentiful, and the finest scarely obtained last week's terms. Horse Beans, as well as Ticks, were each of them A trifle dearer; and Oats, of which the arrivals have been few, and Ihe article progressively rising fn price, sold at the increased value specified be- low, \ CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 70s. 80s. 94s. Beans 43s. 5ts„ Fine ditto 100s. II5s. Tick ditto 4os. SOa, Rye ( new) 4os. 4os. Oats 38t. 34* 3< K Barley Sis. 48s Poland ditto 4us. < i< ls. Malt 74s. 86s. Potatoe ditto i- s. 8< K Whire Pease i fi Rape Seed 381. 431. ( boilers) J / ss' bV3~ Fine Flour 95slOO » . Grey Pease 54 » . 60s. Seconds 90. 95 » . PRICE OF SEEDS. R. CIover( n.) loos. od. to 12<) s. 0d. per rwt. Old ditto 50s. od. to | oos. Od. ditto White ditto CKX. od. to iBos. Od. ditto Trefoil 60s. od. to 6 » . od. ditto Rye Grass 80s. od to 5os. od. per quarter Turnip l? s. od to iGs Od. ditto Red & Green t8s. od. to 80s. Od ditto W. Must S 10s. Od. to 14s. Od. per bushel Brown ditto l& Od. to 80s. od. ditto PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to W continued at 17d. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. d Sack of Flour - - 99 1J Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 ll< 5 2i Eighty Quartern Loaves at I7d. 113 4 In favour of the Baker - 0 l| PRICE OF HOPS. NEW RAGS. NEW POCKETS. S. £ s. £ s. £ s. Kent 3 10 to 7 7 Kent 4 0 to 5 17 Sussex 4 o to C « Sussex 4 0 to 5 0 Essex 4 0 to 6 6 FarnhamlO 12 to 12 0 YearlBags t 0 10 0 0 Yearl Pock 1 0 0 to 0 0 1° 0 , o 0 Pock3:} 0 0 to 0 O Old Hop Duty, laid at £ SMITHFIELD- MARKET, OCT 27. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day. Beef 4 6 to 5 61 Beasts - - 2184 Mutton 5 0 to 6 3 I Sheep & Lambs 12,720 Lamb o 0 to O 0 j Calves - - lau Veal 6 O to 7 0 Pigs - - 240 Pork 5 0 to 6 8 j LEATHER, PER POUND. d. d. Butts, 5nll>. a 561b. - 21 a 23 Ditto, 561b a 601b. - 15 a 2(> Merchants' Backs - — a — Dressing Hides - I" a 18 Fine Coach Hides - lfi a 1<> Crop Hides for Cutting Hi a 18 Ordinary - - •— a —- Tanned Horse - 10 a 19 Calfskins, 30lb. to 40lb. prdoz. Sii a 34 —, 5i lb. to70lb. 36 a 4a , 70lb. toSOlb. 36 a 40 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 2s. a 3s. , large, per doz. 120s. 180s. Od. RAW HIDES. Best Heifers a id Steers, ( per st.) 2s. lOd. to 3s. sd. Middlings 2s. ( id. to 2s. sd. Ordinary 2s. Od. to 2s. 4d. Market Cal ( each) i4s. English Horse lis. Od to 12s. Od. Shearlings o. tc). to3fid. Lamb Skins is. Cd. to Ss. od. PRICE OF TALLOW. » • d s. d St. James's Market 4 8i Town Tallow 80 o Clare Market 4 8 Yellow Russia 78 o Whitechapelditto4 7 White ditto 74 0 Soap ditto 74 o 13 llj Melting Stuff 60 0 Average price 4 8 Ditto rough 54 o Graves 16 o Yellow Soap, 92s.— Mottled, 802s. Curd, 106s, Candles, per doz. 12s. od. — Moulds, 13s. Od, Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM anti ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE. & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENT ti " r- IL! » lic Ue received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr, COLDRINS, Petworth ; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. MR CHAMPION. HORSHAM; PALMER East- Grinsted, Mr MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by tbe Newsmen,
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