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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3396
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 28/10/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3396
No Pages: 4
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmslon Journal. Printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. - ILLLL. J . I . —— — — - .. I —_ , .. ,„.._.,„..- |, , VOL. LXIII. No. 3396/ T __ MONDAY. OCTOBER 28, 1811. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE This Paper which faaa been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, - SURREY " and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by ' thorn ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. PROPOSED WEY AND A RUN JUNCTION CANAL. THE advantage likely to accrue to the Public, from a communication by Inland Navigation be- tween the River Thames and Portsmouth, has induced several Noblemen aud Gentlemen of Surrey and Sussex, to forward tliis desirable end, by uniting the existing na- vigation from London through Guildford; to the navi- gable part of the River Arun, hv a short cut in almost a straight line, nf 17 miles; bv which means two navigations, one of 49 miles, and the other of J- l miles, both in a flou rishing state, will torra with the intended Canal, a direct navigable line from the Metropolis of 90 miles, to the Sea at Little- Hampton ; distant from Saint Helens only 14 miles, from Spithead 16, and Portsmouth 22,; on which the produce of Sussex in corn, flour, qnd timber, • will be expeditiously conveyed to London; Guildford and Godalming will be supplied with coals much cheaper lhan at present; 10,000 tons of which are annually con ienied in that neighbourhood, at the present high price ; together villi Portland stone, slate, foreign den s. tim. ber, bark, culm, manure, fire- wood, salt. chalk, and lime, groceries, iron ware, and other articles*; Govern- ment, East aud West- India stores, of every description, t> tn immense extent, will lie forwarded to Little- Hampton. in sixty working hours ; and from thence by one re- shipmept ( which must take place, even if the Canal should extend to Portsmouth) will be delivered alongside of any ship at Spithead, the Motherbank, or Portsmouth Harbour, the following tide ; in a safe and expeditious route, by regular passage vessels constructed Wld kept for that purpose.— The Committee having ascertained that twelve hundred thousand tons pass an- nually from the river Thames to Portsmouth, by sea mid- land carriage oil public and private accounts, hope they not assume too much, by stating that not less than « nc twelfth part will pass along the intended navigation, and the rivers Wey and Arun; since goods will he de- livered as cheap m by the present freightage coastways, * nd much cheaper th in by land carriage, or any other possible line of inland conveyance. The local traffic alone is calculated at thirty thousand tons. The Projected Canal will pass through a country, the . soil of which is principally clay, presenting no difficul- - ties, with a plentiful supply of water for the driest s. a- sons, without any tunnel, without injury to any mill, without destroying or removing any house. The sum required to accomplish this most desirable and lucrative concern, hy the estimate of Mr. Jessap, amounts only to liie sum ef Seventy one Thousand Two Hundred and Seventeen Pound-:— but as the Gentle- men who bring forward this measure, wish to meet every expence, they are convinced,. thai the sum of Ninety Thousand Pounds will i c ;, amply sufficient l > cover every 4ui goi. g: Si. loot, of which have been already sub- scribed tiv the follow ine persons. Arundel, Port Com- £ BROUGHT UP £ a4.7 « o missioners ol — s<' 0 Mangles, John esq. tooo Austin, Rev John 1. .. 0 . Mangles, Robert esq. 5no Barnes. John, esq. Son Mellish, Wm, esq. > 000 Boulderson, Captain Moline, Mr. Robert Son Joseph 500 i Newland, Wm. esq. r, Rev Thomas 500 Nicholson, Sam. esq. Soo Clarke, Rich. Hen. esq. 51,0 ; Oaslow, the Earl of shioo Croughton. W m. esq, Owen. George esq, 500 Curteis-. William esq. 500 Olivers, Mess. G & J. Son Donelly, Capt. Ross 500 Perrling, Philip esq. l. ieo Egremout. Earl of i! o,; oo Piggott, " Mr. Thos. loo Elkins, Mr. Edmund Soo Proctor, Henry esq. ." mo Elkins, Mr. William ioo Reid, Capt Hugh 5no Flower, Mr, James 500 Reid, Mr. Thomas 5no French, Mr. John . Too Roberts, Rev. Wm, Soo Goss, J. H. esq. 500 Roberts, Miss Eleanor Soo Galston. Fred. esq. soo Sharp, Mr. John 1000 Haydon, William. e.. i|. r,„ n Sparkes, Rich. . sq. Soo Haydon, Mr. Richard 100 Sparkes, Mr. William Soo • Holmes, Williams, esq. 100 Smallpeice, Mr. John Soo Hughe*, Miss Soo Smith, Kennard, esq. Soo Hutton, Charles, esq. soo Smith,, Mr. Edward 400 Harrington, Sam. esq. Soo Sumner, Rev. J. Bird Soo Jackson. Thomas, t. q. 1000 Turner, Mr. J. Fulham Soo Johnson Magnus, e » q, Soo Warren, Henry c » q. So,. Jacks, James esq. 300 Wolfe, Rev. John Soo Keate, J, D. D>. Seo Wright, Nath. esq. aoo Keen, Air. Thomas aoo Weston, J. Webbe esq.' Goo King, Rt. Hon. Lord 1000 Wathen, George esq. too Lane, J. esq. jjoo Mangles, James esq- 1000 jt'Si. ino jfJ4,7oo At a Meeting holden at the Town Hall, in Guildford, on Friday, the 71I1 day of June is 11 j PRESENT, Mr. HOCKLEY, Mayor, in the Chair, & c. & Ci Resolved,— That it is the opinion of this Meeting, rbat a Navigable Canal fjom the River Wey, at Stone- bridge, in the parish of Shalford, in the county of Sur- rey, to the River Arun, at Newbridge, in the parish of Wisborough Green, in the county of Sussex, would lie advantageous to the inhabitants of this Town aud Neighbourhood, and that it will be expedient to for- ward the measure as much as possible. At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of God alming, holden on Wednesday the utli day uf June, id 11 ; JOHN HALL GRINHAM, Warden, in the Chair, & c. Resolved unanimously.— That the proposed Junction of the two Rivers, appears to this meeting, to be a mea- sure which is likely to confer considerable advantages to the Town and Vicinity of Godalming, and is there- fore entitled to our support and assistance. Proposed Wey and Arun Junction Canal. WHITE HART INN, GUILDFORD, 12 th October, 1811. PRESENT, The Earl of ONSLOW, in the Chair, & c. & c. AT this Meeting it was resolved, that the fol- lowing names he a permanent Committee for the preparing and forwarding the Act of Parliament for • etfef tiuir the proposed Canal : The Earl of Egremont Frederick Gulstone, esq, The Earl of Onslow William Haydon, esq. Right Hon. Lord King Kennard Smith, esq. The Rev. John Austin Robert Mangles, esq. John Webbe Weston, esq. Thomas Jackson, esq. James Mangles, esq. John Mangles, esq. The Rev. William Roberts John Lane, esq. Mr. William Elkins Mr. William Newland Richard Sparkes, esq. Philip Perring, esq. Mr. William Sparkes Mr. John Sharpe William Mellish, esq. The Rev. John Wolfe Mr. John French And that any five of them he competent to act and have the disposal of the sums of money paid as deposit in part of supscriptions. And that the Committee have power to add to their number other persons subscribers to the amount of Sool. and upwards. Atld tlut Messrs. Sparkes and Co. and Messrs. Hay- don and Co. he Joint- Treasurers to this concern. Resolved, That the Committee do meet tilts day fort- night ut the same place, at twelve o'clock precisely. ( Signed) ONSLOW, Chairman. NOTICE h hereby given. That the Trustees appointed to put ill execution an Act passed in the forty - eighth year of the Reign of King George the Third, intitled, An Act for enlarging the term aud " powers of two Acts of his present Majesty foe' repair- " ing the road from New Chappel, in the county of ' » Sussex, and for amending the road from Ditcheling " Bost Hills, to Brighthelmston, in the county of Sux- sex," will meet. at the house of William Penn, bear-' ing the sign of the Tyger, ai Lindfield. in the said county of Sussex, oil Wednesday, the thirtieth day of October next, at the hour of eleven m the forenoon, iri order to consult about erecting a Toll- gate, 011 the side of the said turnpike- road, in the villiage of Ditchelling, at the west end vfa certain lane, called or known by the name of East end Lane, lending from the village of Ditchel- ing aforesaid, to the village of Westmeston, in the said county of Sussex. Dated the seventh day of October, iu the year of our Lord, 1811. SAMUEL WALLER, Clerk to the Trustees. Levels of Pevensey. NOTICE is hereby given to the several Tenants, _ and Occupiers of Lands in the said Levels, that the Scots granted at a Session of Sewers, holden for the said Levels, on Thursday, the 13th. June lost, and made payable 311I1 August then next ensuing, are as sessed ill manner following ( iliat is to say) An acre An acre s. d. s. < 1 For the General Scot a 0 For Whelpley Level 2 S For Kentland Stream O) — Mill Stream 2 > 1 — 1 Chilley Stream 07 — Iron' Stream o 4 — Bligh Stream t " — Hursthaven 1 6 — Dowle Stream O 6 I — Marland Sewer I t> — Old Haven o 2 | — HolmSewer o ( 3 — Horsey Level 1 6 - Marten's Gut o S — Down" Level tl 3 I and \ — Bowley Level 010 | — Hankham Gut 0 4 And such Tenants and Occupiers are required to pay said Scots to me at the Crown Inn, in Hailsham, 011 Wednesday, the 61I1 day of November next; iu default whereof, the same will he levied according to the. laws of Sewers, pursuant to a decree for that purpose. T. BARTON, Collector. Battle, Oct. 24, 181 i. THE NEW INN, HURSTPERPOINT. JAMES EDWARDS, having obtained a li- cence, and fitted up a NEW INN, on the south side of the street in Hurstperpoint, in Sussex, the pub- lic may safely rely on being provided with clean and well- aired rooms aud beds, and the greatest attention to tlitir comfort. Hurstperpoint is in a direct line, and nearly mid- way between Lewes and Horsham, being In miles from Lewes, S from Brighton, ( j from Cuckfield, 3 from Ditchelling, and tl from Horsham. it will nlso be found a very convenient stage to sleep at for gentlemen travellers. The best wines, and' spirituous liquors, London por- ter, beer, cyder,& c. with good stabling aud standing for carriages. " r A. CHEAL and SONS, MOST respectfully beg: leave to return their X^ Ji sincere thanks for the very liberal encourage- ment they have received in their new invented IRON PUMPS and Machinery, which they flatter themselves they have in general giyen satisfaction'. This is to t » ive notice, that they have now Iron Pumps prepared upon an improved construction, with solid bra** - working chambers, instead of iron; ditto brass buckets and suckers, instead of wood. Likewise patent and common Mangles Winnowing Machines, and Turnip Cutters, Table Churns, & c. N. B. The above articles will be insured, anil if not approved of, will be taken again, allowing reasonable expences, upon a fair trial. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THOMAS Chapman of the Royal Oak Inn, in JL May field, having assigned all his effects to Mr. Thomas Wymark, of New- haven, Mr. T. A. G. Ro- gers of Mayfield, and Mr. Daniel Doubel, of Lingfield, in trust for the benefit of his Creditors, this is to de- sire all persons to whom the said Thomas Chapman is indebted, to send accounts of their . several debts to Mr. Stone, of Mayfield ; Mr. Wymark, or Mr, Rogers, im- mediately, in order to enable the assignees to declare a dividend. Mayfield, isth October, 1811. TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered upon immediately, THE PARK FARM, at Herstmonceux, con- - I sisting of a good farm house, with all convenient buildings, and about 35o acres of excellent land, of which about 77 are marshland, and the rest upland, meadow, pasture, and arable. The whole farm is in good condition. The farm may be viewed on application to Mr. Gibbs, the present tenant; and further particulars may he known on personal application to Messrs. Hoper and Son, at Lewes, to whom all Tenders must be delivered in writing; on or before the id day of November next. CAPITAL FARMS,— HANTS. TO Jt together or separately,— DILTON and ROY DON FARMS, near Lymington, with the Tythes of Corn, Grain, and Hay thereof, well worth the attention of Farmers, possessing u capital of t'jotiu to £ Sooo, with very valuable rights in the New Forest. Dilton con- tains about 2l0 acres of arable, and acres of meadow, pasture, and other lands. And Roydon contains 173 acres of arable, 44 acres uf meadow, aud 174 acres of other lands. . Mr. Toomer of Brockenhurst will shew the premises, aud to treat for the same, apply personally, after see- ing the premises, to Messrs. Webb, Webb, aud Att- wood, Salisbury. To Maltsters, Corn and Seed- dea lers, & c others. FREEHOLD ESTATE, HERSTMONCEUX, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY" PRIVATE CONTRACT, And entered upon immediately, Consisting of, a neat, convenient Dwelling- House, a large garden, & c. a malt house, with lead cistern, capable of wetting itj quarters per week, stowage for 200 quarters of barley, or 31111 ditto of malt, a pump with excellent water, cart- lodge, stabling for 3 horses, coal aud lion pound, all iu good repair ; with an established custom in the malt, seed, and corn bu- siness, & c. wholesale and retail. The premises are situated at Gardner- street, aud are now in the possessi- on of Mr. James Everest, the proprietor, of whom par ticulars may be known. Half the purchase money may remain on mortgage, if required. N. B. Three Acres of good Meadow Land if re- quired, may had w ith the above. FREEHOLD AND COPYHOLD ESTATES East. Grinstead and Horstedkeynes. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GRANTHAM, At the Auction Mart, on Wednesday, October no, 1811, at one o'clock, in two lots, unless previously disposed of by private contract, LOT I. AVery desirable ESTATE, part. Freehold and part Copyhold, situate at Lagsheath, lB'ilie parish of East Grinstead, and nearly neijouiing . westward to Kidbroke Park, and within a short distance ot the- road from London to Lewes, and Brighton. It K situate in a country beautifully ' varied with hill and dale, affording the most extensive views, extremely well wooded and watered, with a great plenty of game of every description. The estate contains three separate farm houses, two cottages, convenient barns, and other buildings, which are advantageously dispersed over the estate, and about J19 acres of land ^ a great portion of which is excel- lent meadow. Also a valuable and extensive, right ol common 011 Ashdown Forest. LOT II. A very desirable Freehold Estate, situate in the pa- rish of Horstedkeynes, consisting of a good farm house and buildings, and about b4 acres of very excellent land, with a valuable right of common. This estate eligibly situate mi a rising ground, and about three miles from Lagsheath, Both Estate, are occupied by the owner, who nil give immediate possession. Printed particulars may b had at the Auction Mart London ; at the principal Inns, East Grinstead, Tun bridge, Lewes, Brighton, Cuckfield M, Reigate, Godstone aud Croydon ; of Mr. Payne, at Lagsheath, near East Grinstead^ of Mr. Drummond, Solicitor, Croydon where a plan may be seen ; aud of Mr. Grantham, Park hill, Croydon. Mr. Payne will shew the Estates. Valuable Freehold Farms and Land in Kent, and Freehold Wood Land, in Sussex. t TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JOHN NEVE, At the Camden Arms In,,, Pembury, near Tonbridge, Kent, on Wednesday, the 3*. Hi of October instant, at three o'clock, order of the Proprietor, ABOUT 8t) oWies of Arable, Meadow, Wood. aud Hop Land, wit] t. excellent farm- houses and cottages thereon, situate in tin most delightful part of • he county, in the parishes of Pembury, Brenchley, ,, iid Lamberhurst, S to 7 miles from Tonbridge and Ton- bridge Wells, and about 37 from London, and which will be divided into lots as follows, viz. LOT I. CLOBBED HILL FARM, j„ Pembury, about eight acres, more or less, with three cottages thereon. LOT III AMHERST's FARM , in Pembury. about seven acres, with two cottages, auti a new- built barn LOT III HAYES WOOD, iu the parishes of Pembury and Brenchley, containing about 40 acres, more or less. LOT IV. SALES's FARM, in the parishes of Pembury and Brenchley, with farm- house, barn, and other out- build, ings, containing about acres. LOT V BLOWER'S FARM, adjoining the above, contains about twelve acres, situate 111 the parish of Brenchley, consisting iu part of a most productive piece of planted wood land, a brick and tile kiln, with a store of excel- lent earth adjoining the road. LOT VI. PLAYFOOT's FARM, adjoining the two last lots, contains about fifteen acres, more or less, of arable- planted wood and orchard ground, iu the parish of Brenchley, with cottages thereon. LOT VII. GIBBON'S GATE FARM, in the parish of Brench ley, contains about nine acres of meadow, orchard, and planted wood land, hop grounds, oast house, barn and stable, with cottages nearly new. LOT VIII. Consits of four Cottages situate iu Spout- lane, in the parish of Brenchley, with gardens and orchard grounds attached. N. B All the foregoing lots are in the hands of the proprietor, oi which immediate possession may be had. LOT IX. WIMSHURST's FARM, ill Lamberhurst, containing about 35 acres of rich arable, meadow, wood, and hop land, wii\ good farm- house, and other outbuildings, 00 the south side of the turnpike- road' from London to Hastings, to which it adjoins. LOT X. Is BLUNDEN's FIELD, containing about eight acres, more or less, of arable and hop land, near the last lot, in the parish of Lamberhurst, with two new- built cottages adjoining. LOT XI. BALDWYN's FARM comprises about - 27 acres of rich arable, meadow, a id wood land, 011 the north side of the turnpike road from London to Hastings, with farm house and other outbuildings thereon, iu the pa- rishes of Brenchley and Lamberhurst. LOT XII Comprises about 2 acres of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, on the north side of the turnpike- road, divided from Lot 9, only by Cuckow- lane, iu the pa- rishes of Brenchley aud Lamberhurst. LOT XIII. ROOTS" s FARM, in the parishes of Brenchley aud Lamberhurst, containing about 47 acres of meadow, pasture, arable, and wood land, with farm- house, and other outbuildings, adjoining - to the last lot. N. B. The last mentioned five lots are iu the occu- pation of Mr. Wiles, tenant at will. LOT XIV. FOOTLAND WOOD, situate in the parish of Sedles- comb, in till county of Sussex, closely adjoining the turnpike- road from Robertsbridge and Battle, to Rye, with immediate possession. The land 111 Kent is in a high state of cultivation, pleasingly and profitably interspersed with fine growing oak timber, for which the soil is well adapted ; part of it is much elevated, Commanding extensive prospects of the surrounding country. The wood land is well tim- bered, and the underwood thereon very good, being well stored with thriving ash, willow, and chesnut plants, at great expence. Maps of the estate may he seen, and descriptive par- ticulars had, on application to Mr. Joy, of the Bedford Coffee- house. Covent- Garden j at the Place of Sale; Crown Inn, Tonbridge ; Kent and Sussex Taverns, Ton- bridge Wells ; Crown, Seven Oaks; George Inn, ; Bell Inn, Bromley; Star, Maidstone; Swan, Malling; Bull, Wrotham ; Lion, Faringham ; Bull, Cranbrook ; Woolpack, Tenterden ; Star, and Bear, Lewes ; and of Mr. Feldwick, Camden Arms, Pembury, who will shew the estate. N. B. Footland Wood may be seen by application to Mr. Snashall, living by - jie turnpike- road, near to the wood. SUSSEX. Lands Tax redeemed, and in part free of Corn Tithe. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. AVery desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called MARTINS and LODGELAND, situate at Broad- street Green, in the pleasant village of Hooe, ill the county of Sussex, within three miles of the sea, of which and the adjacent country, the situation commands a beautiful and extensive prospect. This estate com- prises a substantial Messuage, with a detached dairy, oasthouse, barn, stable', carthouse, yards-, garden, or- chard, and divers pieces of arable, meadow, pasture, and brookland, containing together by admeasurement 53A. 3R. ( op. The house and buildings ( with the ex- ception of the barn) a id about twelve acres of the land, are now in hand. The barn and 26 acres • f t ie land, or thereabouts, are under lease to Mr. James Cooper, and the remainder is included, with otlur an , , in a lease to Mr. John Pocock, which leases respectively will expire at Michaelmas » isi- 2 N. B. The portion of ibis estate, called Martin's, is subject to an annual quit rent of 3s. rid. to the Manor of Hooe, and Lodgeland pays Is. 8^ d. annually to the saute Manor; hut by the custom of this Manor, only one heriot accrues, oil the death of a tenant for uHy number of tenements. - Also a valuable Freehold Farm, called DOWKES, otherwise HUNTS, principally free of corn tithe, situ ate in Hooe aforesaid, contiguous to the above, consist- ing of a messuage, barn, stable, and other buildings, and 47 A. iH. I4P. of exceeding good arable and hop ground, now in the occupation of . Mr. Pocock, under a lease, expiring at Michaelmas 18 K » . N. B. This farm is subject to an annual quit- rent of 3s. tod. to the Manor of Hooe, Broad- street Green is distant tl miles from Battle, 9 from Hastings, 10 from Eastbourn, and from Lewes, A purchaser may be accommodated with a reasonable proportion of the purchase money 011 mortgage, if re quired. The- premises may be viewed, 011 application to Henry Porter, esq. at Hooe Lodge; or Mr. Benjamin Black- man, jun. of the Grove, 111 Howe ; ai d further partico !;..-. obtained from them, and likewise of Messrs. Lucas . Shadwell. Bishop and Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings VOTES for the COUNTY of KENT. FREEHOLD LAND aud COTTAGES, KENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. EDMUND DRAYTON, At the George and Bull, Dartford. 011 Saturday, the 91I1 day of November, tail, at four o'clock, in nine lots, Lot 1, TWO Brick- built Cottages, in the tenure JL of Messrs. Goldsmith aud Smith, w ith gar- dens, situate at Slades Green, 111 the parish of Cray ford, and bordering on a road leading 10 Erith. Lot £ — Large ore- hard adjoining, well supplied witW fruit trees. Lot 3 — A cherry orchard contiguous, both in the tenure of Mr. Henry Smith* Lot 4.— A timber built cottage, situate at Crochen Hill, in the parish of Eysnford, with large garden, in the tenure of Edward Haines. Lot 5.—- Timber built cottage adjoining, with garden, in the occupation of Wm. Jackson, tenant at will. Lot 6.— A brick and timber- built dwelling house, with garden and filbert orchard behind, situate at Meopham 011 the road to Gravesend and Wrotham. Lot 7.— A large barn, with butcher's shop, piggery, 1 stall stable, and small garden adjoining. Lot 8.— A piece of meadow land, called Cherry Hay. Lot 9.— A piece of land contiguous, called Angel Croft, the whole in the occupation of Mr. Doe, under an agreement for a short term, which will be exhibited at ihe time of sale. May be viewed by leave of the tenants, 9 days pre- vious 10 the sale, on application to Mr. Thomas Gold smith, Slades Green; the occupiers at Crochen Hill; Mr. Mungeam, Meopham, of whom particulars may he bad; also at the place of sale; Bear Inn, Crayford ; Black Lion, Farningham , Crown, Seven Oaks ; Bull, Wrotham ; King's Head, Bexley; Crown, Westerham; King's Arms, Tonbridge ; Seven Stars, Footscray ; Star, Paul's Cray; Cock, Ide Hill; White Horse, Sandwich S George, Farnboro'; White Hart, Bromley-^ Star, Maid- stone; Mr, King, solicitor, Shorters- court, Throgmor- ton- street, London; and of Mr. Drayton, at his offices, Auction Mart, where plans of the property may he seen. FREEHOLDS, KENT. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. EDMUND DRAYTON, At the Crown, Seven Oaks, on Saturday, the 10th of November, 1811, at- four o'clock, an eligible Freehold Property, situate at Ide Hill, near Sundrish, in the county of Kent, in 3 lots. Lot 1. A Brick- built dwelling- house, with farri- il er's shop, and garden behind, iu the occu- pation of Mr. Canfield, blacksmith. Lot > — Barn Field, with erection of barn thereon, and farm yard adjoining, aiili a valuable piece of land lately enclosed hy permission of the Lord uf the manor. Lot 3 — Further Field, including a long silp of land, leading to the spring, being an elevation commanding an uninterrupted prospect of ihe surrounding country, and bordering on the road from Four Elms, Chitcherston, ' o Sundrish and Brasted, and contiguous 10 the road to Riverhead aud Sevenoaks. May be viewed, by leave' of the tenants, and printed particulars had at the place of sale ; Cock, Ide Hill ; White Horse, Sundrish ; Star, Maidstone ; King' Arms, Tunbridge • George and Bull, Dartford ; Bear and Staff' Inn, Crayford , Black Lion, Farningham ; Bull, Wroth- am; Crown, Westerham ; King's Head, Bexley ; Seven Stars, Foots Cray; Star, Pauls Cray ; White Hart, Bromley; George, Farnboro'; Mr. King, solicitor, Shorters- court, Throgmorton- street, London; and of Mr. Drayton, at his offices, at the Auction Mart, where a plan of the estate may be seen. Farming Account Book, for 18 n- i- 2. THE Annual Book for keeping Farmers' Ac- counts, ruled for fifty- two weeks, and arranged for the current year, is now ready for delivery.— The great ease with which country accounts are stated aud kept, by means of the printed tables and plain direc- tions contained in ibis work, has recommended it to very general use throughout the kingdom ; and this new edition is offered with encreased confidence to the notice of landholders, farmers, stewards, bailiffs, and cultivators of every description, as well calculated to remove a difficulty thai is much complained of, hy en abling any farm servant who can write, to keep with accuracy a daily account of the Slock and Crops, of Labour performed, of Receipts, ' Outgoings, and in fact, of every thing done On a farm each week throughout the year;— printed ou writing paper, price i! Js. for a year, or los. bd. tor half a year's book. London ••— printed for John. Harding, 35, St. James's Street. Sold by W. Lee, Lewes, aud every bookseller, stationer, and news man, in the kingdom. This day is published, The following useful Law Books, by . J. STRATFORD, No. u- 2, Holborn hill, and sold hy all other Book sellers I.— In One Volume 8vo. Price 3s. ( Id. sewed, THE LAW of WILBS, CODICILS, and RE- Ji- VOCATIONS, with plain aud familiar instruc- tions for Executors, Administrator-, Devisees; mid Le- gatees. Including great variety of forms of Wills and Codicils, adapted to the circumstances of persons of all ranks and situations, who would wish to devi « e or bequeath their property legally and securely, and pre- vent vexatious law- suits among. Hie'l* surviving relatives and friends. Including all the modern decisions and Acts of Parliament ou these subjects, To which is added, A clear and distinct account of tW Law's Disposal of the Estates of iho„ c who die interstate vt w\ il « nit a uill. Calculated for the use of the public in general, as well as the Professors of the Law. With ample instructions for obtaining Probates of Wills, anil Letters of Admini- stration. By EARDLEY MIT FORD, Esq. Conveyancer. II. — In One Volume avo. Price 3s. fid. sewed; A COMPLETE GUIDE to LANDLORDS, TE- NANT'S, and LODGERS. By ROBERT SUTTON, Esq Barrister at Law. III. — To One Volume 9vo. Price 4 « . sewed. THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN's LAWYER; tutf Farmer's Complete Law Library. By WILLIAM MARRIOT, Esq. IV .— In One Volume Svo. Price 4s. sewed, THE NEW COMPLETE PARISH' OFFICES, By HENRY CLAVERING, Esq;- Barrister ai Law. V .— In One Volume Nto. Price 3s. sewed, THE LAW OF BANKRUPTS, By SOAME WHITTAKER, ESQ. VI .— In One Volume a> n. Price 3s. sewed, THE LAW OF BILLS OF EXCHANGE, By EDWARD WINDHAM MANNING, Esq.. N. B. The whole of the above Select Treatises may be had together in One Volume, Price : Ms. bound ju calf and lettered, or is. boards. Mann's Approved Medicine, Is the GREAT REST0RATIVE to HEALTH. MR. MANN, of Horsham, in Sussex, re- ceived the 1st September, tail, in a letter from a Gentleman, iu London, whom he is personally ac- quainted with, thv- following Case, the authenticity ( lf which cannot he doubted, from the respectability of the person fronr whom it was received. To a Lady, in Spital Fields, who had been confined i'ov "> or o months, iu a Confirmed Asthma, 1 recommended your AP- PROVED MEDICINE, and after some difficulty. she consented to try one bottle, she did so, and it was made such blessing to It r, that she continued taking till she had taken seven oi1 eight bottles, at the end of which, she was so far recovered, as to take a journey into Scotland, altho' when she- began to take i, t she could hardlywalk across the room.-- For safety. she took a few Bottles in . 01 the Medicine with her. Sold by Arthur- Lee, Lewes, aud all other Medicine Venders. TO THE LADIES TREBLE distilled LAVENDER WATER patronized hy her Grace the Duchess of Marl, borough, her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire, the Rt. Hon, the Countess of Darnley. the Right Hon. the Countess of Liverpool, the Right Hon. the Countess of Powerscourt, Lady P.. Bentinck, Lady Harrington, Lady F. Hattan, the Hon. Mrs. Hope, ihe Baroness Montesquieu, & c. This most fragrant per. fume lias received the approbation of the Nobility, & c, from its pure merit, being far- superior iu point of fra- grance and delicaey of flavour to any'now used. It is deservedly esteemed a constant companion to the toilet, and may with justice he claimed as one of the first deli- cacies which are most pleasing to ihe refined taste. * Prepared only by H. Christian, Chemist, & c. Canter- bury; and may be bad of Mr Johnston, No. 15, Greek . Street, Soho ; Rider and Street, No. 9, Dean's- Court, St. Martin's le- Grand, London; and of ihe respectable Perfumers iu Town and Country; also of Mr. Stafford, Marine Library, Worthing; Choat and Gregory, Brigh- ton; and W. Lee, Lewes. Is the highest embellishment of the humanform— The Charms of our fair Countrywomen are especially en- hanced by it. THE celebrity of Mrs. VINCENT'S GOW- LAND'S LOTION has been fully demonstrated by iu wonderful effects in removing all Scorbutic Eruptions, and Cutaneous Disorders of every kind ; bui as ibis incomparable specific has been 1 basely counterfeited, it is an imperious duty Mrs. VINCENT owes to herself and th" public to observe, that " very battle o the REAL GOWLAND'S LOTION is signed by herself uu the label. Sold by Mrs, Vincent, sole proprietor of Dr. GOW. LAND'S M. S. Recipe, at No. ( 1, Davies- street, Grosve- nor- square, London; and in Lewes by Mr. Lee. Printer; aud Mr. Adams; in Brighton by Mrs, Gregory, North- street; Mr. Walker and Mr. Donaldson ; Mr. Gilburd aud Mr. Phillipson; aud hy all the most respectable venders of genuine medicines in Europe, in quarts 8s. Gd.— pints 5s. ( id.— half- pints Us. C) d To prevent counterfeits, observe M. E. VINCENT on the label 011 all that is genuine. SODA WATER, & c. J « * • bility. Gentlemen of Ihe Faculty, and others, that owing to reiterated complaints of the difficulty ex- perienced in procuring their Soda Water, & c. at Brigh- ton and its vicinity, they have appointed Mr. PITT', Chemist to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Castle- Square; and of Carlton- Place, Surgeon, & c. Sole Agent for tlii- ir Soda, Rocheile, and artificial mi- neral waters,' of whom they may constantly be It .1 in as great perfection as at their Manufactory lory, 75, Mar- garet street, Cavendish square, London, at the under- mentioned prices, J. S. and Co. have been further induced to make the above appointment, from information that waters not prepared by them, have been sold to the public, as com- ing from their manufactory. s. d. Pints Soda and Seltzer Water, per doz. - - () t} Half pints ditto, ditto 7 ti Pints Spa and Pyrmont ditto - - - - to t> Half pints ditto, ditto 78 Half pints Rochelle Salt ditto - -.•-!•• G Ditto Seidlitz iii Ditto artificial Cheltenham ditto - - - - - 10 ti N. B. Nine pence per dozen allowed fur returned pins bottles, MI! sixpence foi half puts. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY'S POSTS. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. LETTERS and papers have been received from Boston to the 21st ult. and from Halifax of die same dale. The principal subject of attention in the advices appears to lie the embargo, and the adoption of the, measure depends oh the disposi- tion of the American Government to resort to it, and the power of the Executive to carry it into effect. The following is an extract: — " Boston, Sept. 20. " The interests of England are on the wane. The elections are going against the Federal party— Maddison will be very strong in Congress, and will carry his measures therefore with a high hand. One of the first, it if, universally supposed, will be an embargo, Operating in a small degree against us, but much mote seriously against Great Bri- tain." . • , • - i We are told in another communication. that Seven- eights of the nominations, both in the Se- nate and the House of Representatives, are In fa- vour of the patty of the President, • New York Papers- to the 13th of September. They do not contain, for were they expected to contain, any thing of importance. The Court of Inquiry upon Commodore Rodgers had not closed its sittings" The American Papers contain various details, which threaten a war between the Americans and the. Indlan Tribes. They charge the British Go- vernment with employing agents to excite their • : ti> A .. vub'-'. •/-...;, The Exeter Paper received on Friday, contains the following extract from a letter from Messina, received in that city on Wednesday -:— " MESSINA, At GUST !, 18H. ". We, are daily expectation here' of a re- volution; things seem instantly coming to a Crisis; the hatred towards the English discovers itself more and more, and a peace with France assured, but by no means doubted; the people are gather- ing in crowds, and exclaiming for want of bread; almost all friends of Consequence in the Island are sent in exile to Parigrano and this day the Ga- zeneer Britannica was suppressed, and Giovianni de Bohold, the pi inter, put into confinement. The French do not come down this summer, nor do we of course expect them. " The same Correspon'dent observes, that in the space of four days, the inhabitants of that city, experienced thirteen shocks of earthquakes, and one more severe than has been Known for along time; and alarmed the whole neighbourhood to so gr'< ATO jfee- A iiiMt- cace f'Ktr trt( » half forfeit, is to takeart M « « d; iy msniwng tiest, between two fywaaaett wnlSiMig ceWfri'ty. They are to s « rt from, the of Mother Red Cap, at Holloway, I « V (. « rtteti- ise- house near the Church, Highgate. Tuesday afternoon a wager was run for in While Conduit- fields, between two tradesmen in the neigh- bourhood of Islington, for 5|. aside; the one was to run- KM) yards rn a sack in less space of time than the other should go twice the distance in the com- mon way of running. A vast number of persons assembled to witness the novelty, and i great many bets were depending upon the issue; odds were three to two against the one in the sack. They staffed at four o'clock; almost directly afterwards the mail in the sack fell down, and the other bv some accident tumbled over him, and they both scrambled to get up, the " former, though in the sack, being the most active, recovered himself first, and won the wager by about 20 seconds. The Bath and Exeter Mails were " upset at Ham- mersmith, but without any material injury to the passengers, the drivers, . or guards. The South- ampton Mail was not so fortunate'; it was over jet at Turnham Green, into a ditch four feet in bread ih, and five in depth. The coachman was thrown from his box, and much bruised; and a Gentleman, passenger, had his leg broken. The perch- boll . being broken, the horses went off at full speed : the legs of two of them, it is said, were broken by the perch, and the leaders dragged them a conside- rable distance. • POPULATION. IHEREBY give Notice to all Churchwardens, Overseers of the Poor, and other persons, who were employed in taking an account of the Population, in their several and respective parishes and places, under an Act of Parliament lately parsed' for that purpose, that at the . respective General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, holden iii and for the County of Sussex, at Pet- worth, for the Western Division of the said county, on the 8l1i instant, and in Lewes, for the Eastern Division of said County, on the It'll instant, the said Courts, parent to the said Act, respectively made an Order, that each and every Overseer of the Poor Householder Parish Clerk, or Vestry Clerk, who were ettipt « yed in taking an account of the Population of the several pa- rishes, townships, and places, within the said County, should be paid for every day In which they were neces- sarily employed hi and about the execution of the said act, at and after the rate of ten shillings per day, as a compensation for their trouble therein. And also such expellees or sums of money as they, or any, or either of them, necessarily incurred or paid, iu the execution thereof. All which, the said Courts did order should be paid nut of tile poor rates of the said parishes, or places respectively, after the same should have been settled and allowed by the Justices of the Peace, at their sittings, to be hidden in and fur the several Subdivisi- ons of the said county. And I hereby give Notice to all justices. Clerks, and Constables of Boroughs and Hundreds, that upon ap- plication to the respective. Treasurers of the County Slock, for the Eastern and Western Divisions of the said County, they will receive the allowances directed to - be paid by the said Act, for their trouble and ex- pellees iu ami about the execution thereof. WM. BALCOMBE LANGRIDGE, Clerk of the Peace tor the County of Sussex. Lewes, and Oct, 1811. \ ir, HEREAS two Men by the mimes of JONES • V and MILLS, did oil the nth day of October, I St, i, go to Mr. Cragg, Watchmaker, at Horsham, and ask for a watch. belonging to Wm. Camfield, at the Don Horse, Nuthurst, which was delivered to one of them, without an Order from the said William Camfield, and he h- 5 « s absconded with the same- This is . to give notice that they, the. said Jones and Mills, have left a pianoforte at the said Win. Camfield's. which will be sold to defray a billowing for meat, drink, lodging, iicc. at the sard public house. ~ S. N. BERNCASTLE, Clock & Watch- maker, Silversmith, & Jeweller, LEWES. Returns bis grateful thanks to bis numcrous friends, for the many favours he has received from them, , during his residence iu Lewes; and assures them that the attention which recommended hiiii to their no tire, will be exercised without the least relaxation, in- forming theni at the same time, that he has removed from his late, residence, near the Bridge, to the SHOP, LATE Mr. JAMES HARBEN'S, opposite Sir. Egles's, draper, Cliffe. Prime pieces of plate, plated goods, and jewellery, just received from Town.—- Barouneters, thermometers, made and repaired Telescopes from the best makers, sold and repaired at his shop. POLHILL and GIBSON, Ironmongers, Founders, Silversmiths, &- c. CLIFF, LEWES. HAVING declined the Silversmith branch of their business to Mr. S. N. BERNCASTLE, beg leave to return their sincere thanks to their Friends and the Public for their kind favours in that line, at ihe same time they take the liberty of recommending their suc- cessor Mr. Berncastle, who from his known assiduity nod attention, they have no doubt will merit their coantenanbe and support, P. and G. embrace this opportunity of returning their thanks for the favors they have so liberally. experienced in their established Ironmongery and Foundery, Conr- cern ; at the same time respectfully soliciting a conti- nuance of the same, with nil assurance nothing on their part shall be wanting to merit the encouragement they hope for. N. B. A capital strong iron Lathe, Iron Turning in general. _ WORTHING. WORTLEY HOUSE, to be Let ready Fur- nished, for a term of Years:— consisting on the ground floor, of Two Parlours, a Kitchen, Pantry, and Scullery ; second floor, a large Drawing Room, Sit- ting Room, and Two Chambers; attic . story, pour Chambers and Dressing Room; in Garrets, Four Cham- bers and Closet; a large Garden,* with Coach House and Stables. May he entered upon the 25th of Decern her newt, now iu tbe occupation of Messrs. Phillips and Gilntore, who will shew the premises. Fur further particulars enquire as above. West Tarring, Oct. 20, tstt. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, Avery desirable FARM, containing 300 acres ( more or less) of meadow and arable land, with a new- erected house, tit for tlie reception of a large fa- mily, and will be completed by Lady- day next. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Hoper and Sou, Solicitors, Lewes ; and Messrs. Smallpiece, Guild, ford. N. B. As the land lies contiguous to the Town of Hailsham, where an extensive corn and cattle market is holden, it is particularly adapted to Salesmen. ~ To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, situated In St. John Street, Lewes, continuing a large School Room, used of late years as a place of Worship, seating nearly '.' oil people, without a gallery, a large cellar under the chapel, coach bouse and two- stall stable, it very exten- sive loft over the chapel, coach- house and stable, and a very productive garden with good fruit- trees, and n well. Possession may he had immediately, with laying down £ ton, and the rem under of the purchase- money, may remain unpaid, outil October, isrj. Apply for further particulars at the Rev. Charles War. burton's, No. 9, Poplar Row, Lewes; if by leter, post- paid. Shortly will he published, and sold at Baxter's Arguments drawn from the Holy Scriptures, and from Plain Facts, to prove that M'Cltlla is not a Minister of Christ, hat a Minister of Satan, by the Rev. G. S White, author of the Infallibility of M'Culla, proved only to exist in Mis own deceived imagination, w'Kli Ite- • a » arl » i on the Coalheaver's Comments on Zion's Travel- ler; Also, Zion's Alarm, - by the Rev. Charles Warbur- ton. Where may he had the following Works of G, S- White, viz. The Christian Memorial, Samuel's Mes- sage to Eli, Declaration of War, Progress of Religion, War. in Heaven, The Stone laid before Joshua, Reste ration of five Jews, lufiut Baptism, Letter to Lord Sid mouth, Samuel's Second Message to Eli, and the TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, EITHER ENTIRELY OR TOGETHER. \ LL those two adjoining MESSUAGES or XX TENEMENTS, SHOP and PREMISES, situate, and being in Dallington Street, in the county of Sussex, in the several occupations of John Sawyer and Edward Porter. The . Shop has been long established in the Grocery, Drapery, and general shopkeeping lines, and is in full and good Trade. The greater part of the purchase money may remain on security of the Premises which are Freehold. For further particulars and treaty, application to lie made Mr. Wm. Barber, of Ashburnham; or, Mr. Martin of Battle. , FARM in SURREY, on the borders of SUSSE& TO BE SOLD BY. PRIVATE CONTRACT. AFARM called LONGBRIDGE, situate at Ling- field, in ihe county of Surrey, tiS . miles from London, and 5 from East Grinstend, consisting of a good Farm House, and convenient outbuildings, toge- ther with 94 acres of excellent Land, lying very com- pact. A purchaser may be acconimodated with an additional 37 acres adjoining the above, including a cottage, yard, and large barn. Possession will lie given at Michaelmas, For further particulars apply to Mr. Barrow, Solici- tor, East Grinstend. Sussex. Copyhold Estate of Inheritance. New Shoreham Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery convenient and comfortable DWEL- in New Storeham, by the sea side of the road, .' leading' front thence to Brighton: it consists of four parlours a kitchen and cellar; four family bed rooms, and ser- vants room above with a wash- house detached, and a pump of good water ; a three stalled, stable. and; a garden and orchard, well stocked with fruit. trees, and surrounded by a wall fence. There are two outbuild ings adjoining, which may he used as a coach honse or charse- house, or readily converted into a storehouse) or to other purposes of . trade. The whole Shoreham, subject to a quit- rent of two pence, a fine certain of four pence, and a heriot certain of four- pence; and is Row in the occupation of Mr. Bone, a yearly tenant. For further particulars, apply personally, or by fetter ( post paid) to Mr. Streater, Solicitor; Arundel. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, AT the CUSTOM- HOUSE, NEW HAVEN, on Wednesday, the 30th day of October, Idil, at two o'clock in the afternoon;. by order of the Ho- nourable Commissioners of His Majesty's! Customs, W sundry lots, NINE BALES of COTTON WOOL, Of superior quality, ( part damaged)' Custom house, Newhaven, H. HARISON, Collr. 16th N. B. A Deposit of 25 per Cent, will be required at the time of sale; TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Tuesday, the 29th October, iii t!, ftor the benefit of the Underwriters, THE Anchors, Cables, Mast « , Yards, Onus, Rigging, Sails, and other stores, saved from the wreck, of. live undermentioned vessels, stranded on the tli uli. viz.— Hamilton, of about 4oo ton9 burthen. Hunter, of about 960 ditto. The above stores are of excellent quality, and may be teen the morning previous, and day of sale, by applying to HODSON and TASKER, Agents, N. B. The sale' to begin at ten o'clock in the fore- noon. East- Dean, I7tl> Oct. 1S11. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By PLUMER and SON, At the Crown- Inn, Horsham, on Friday, the 3tli NOV. . 18J1, between the hours of three and four in tbe af- ternoon, iu Six Lots ; THREE Freehold and three Leasehold Mes- suages or Tenement;, with Gardens to each, and, a Plot of Ground ; situate at Tower- Hill, near Hors- ham. Immediate possession may be had. TO BE SOLD BY MICTION, By VERRALL and SON, On Thursday, the 31st of October 1311, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the King's Head Inn, at Horse- bridge, in the county of Sussex, unless in the menu time disposed of by private contract, of which should it happen, public notice will be given.— in two lots, LOT I. ALL that Messuage or Tenement, barn, stable . buildings, garden, orchard, and premises, situate and lying at Horsebridge aforesaid, adjoining tlw tnrn- pike- road there, and nearly opposite tlie said inu, now in the several occupations of Arungill Terry, William Ancutt, and John Goodwin. . LOT U. All those four pieces or parcels of exceeding good arable, areadow, and pasture land, containing by esti- mation, ten acres, more or less, lying also M Horse- bridge, and adjoining the above mentioned premises, now iu the occupation of Mr. James Newman, the proprietor. The whole of the premises are copyhold of inheri- tance, holden of the Lord of the Manor of Berwick, are tillable at the will of the Lord, and pay a herior on death, but not 011 alienation, and a trilling annual quit rent. For particulars apply to Mr. James Newman, of Hel- ingly ; or Mr Martin, Battle. Sale- postponed for a Week. CAPITAL HUNTERS. HOGS, AND TURNI TURE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL AND SON, On. the Premises, At ftrrwfefc Court Farim. near AW> iston, on Monday tlt! e 4th day of. November, st eleven o'clock in tile forenoon, ( aud not oil tb^ VSth October, as before ad- advertised) '' v .' , • , AGood HUNTER, 5 years old, by WAXY, out of a BOXER Mare has been used to carry a Lady. A Ditto, seven years old, by PILGRIM. A Ditto 7 years old, well known in the Patcham Hunt. A good Hackney, seven years old. Fifty- eight fit and oilier HOGS from six to forty stones, also a BULLSTAG, of great weight ; likewise an OX, and SPAID HEIFER; together with sun- dry articles of superfluous Furniture, such as chairs, tables, bedsteads, chests of drawers, & c. & e. N. B. The Live Stock will be sold in the forenoon, and the Furniture at Two in the afternoon, Eastbourne and Pevensey. Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, By the direction of the Assignees, under a Commission of Bankrupt, at the Lamb Inn', in Eastboure, < 111 Thursday, the 2ist November, iHU, at twelve o'clock at noon, in several lots, AModem MANSION HOUSE, in complete repair, with Convenient appendages, and several parcels of land, inclosed and' uninclosed, lu Last- bourne, with immediate possession. A Lodging- House, and other buildings, at the sea- side iu Eastbourne, with immediate possession. And about 60. acres of capital Marshland, within a ring fence, in the parish of Pevensey, and adjoining Wartling Trade, in the occupation of Mr. Walter El- phick, whose tenautcy is determinable at Michaelmas next. The above estates were lately the property of Mr Edward Auger, and may he viewed on application 10 Mr. Turner, of Southbourne ; or t » the Looker, at Pe- vensey. Printed particulars, with the conditions, of sale, will be left at the Auction Mart, London ; and at the Libra- ries, and principal ions, tit and near Eastbourne'. For further information apply to Messrs. Hoper and son at Lewes. UNDERWOODS TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. TESTER and BATES, At the Crown, Horsted Keynes, Sussex, ON Wednesday, tbe( jih Nov. tsit, at six o'clock in the evening, in two " Lois :— ', rrV- lK Gre. 4t Down Wood, in Horsted Keynes a. aforesaid, comprising about 22 acres ; also the Burstow Bridge Wood, in Ardingly, comprising about five acres. Likewise, at the Half Moon, Balcombe, on Thursday, Nov. 7; Ifi 11, at Six o'clock. in the evening, in Five lots : The Great Scion Wood, in Balcombe, about 30 acres; the Chesnut Wood, in Balcombe, about ii> acres. N. B. Mr. Stephen Langridge, at Horsted Keynes, will shew the Great Down Wood — the Bailiff, at Ly- wood Farm, Ardingly, the Burstow Bridge Wood ;— Mr. Win. Fieldwick, at Westup, Balcombe, the Scion Wood; and Mr. Wm. Turner, at Wonder's, Balcombe, the Chesnut Wood ; and further particulars may be known of Messrs. Tester and Bales, Cuckfield. .''' v.- • ,'•' HOUSES AT BRIGHTHELMSTON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. R. ATTREE, At the Royal Oak, in St. James's street, Brighthelm- ston, on Wednesdays the 3utb of October, mil, at seven o'clock in tire, evening, THE FOLLOWING HOUSES: LOT 1. ALL that Dwelling or Lodging- Houses, being Id, in Richmond Place, in Brighthelmston now let to Mr. Henderson, as a tenant at will, 1 itt lite annual rent of ji « J. containing on the. basement floorlia good parlour and a kitchen behind, a drawing hack chamber, and four other bed chamber^ Kith a commodious yard behind, a small garden in front, and Suitable conveniences. LOT If. ; Another Dwelling or Lodging- Hose, being No. 19, adjoining the last lot, and of siniilar descriptions, let to Mrs. Rowley, at the rent or 40I. per annum. The above two lots are leasehold for a term of 99 years, commenting the 29th day of September, 2807, at the annual rent of 4ol. for both houses LOT ill. A Messuage or Dwelling House, in very complete re- pair and condition, situate in St. John- street, in Bright- helmston. lately in the occupation of Mrs,' Beadle, de ceased, which she purchased lor her own residence, eon listing of an underground kitchen, parlour, and two bed chambers, with suitable conveniences. This lot is also leasehold for 95 years, commencing the 25th of December at an annual ground rent., of 3l. with a purchasing clause within the first seven years of the term, at the sum of 7s, 6d. . LOT IV. A High street, in Brighthelmston, lately In the occupation of John Speartrg, a bankrupt, hut now unoccupied, being about feet in front of High- street There premises are leasehold for 9s years, commencing the 24ih of June 1803, at a ground rent of ai. lusv per an- num. Further particulars of the above houses may be known at live office of Messrs. Brooker and Colbatch, Solici-^ tors, Prince's Place, Brighthelmston. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. H. R. ATTREE, At the New Ship Inn, Brighton, on Thursday the 3lst of October, I3i 1, at six o'clock iu the evening. AMessuage or Tenements, buik! ili » 3 and ground, with a large room adjoining, used as an auction and school room, situate on th^ west side of Middle- street, in Brighthelmston, late the property of Mr. Geo; Stepaey y^ and nO\ v occupied by Mr; Henry . Bishop, and his undertenants. For particulars apply at the office of Mr. Hilly Brigh- ton 5 . Or to tiu1 Auctioneer Elegant Marine Villa, and about 10 Acres of Land. Hove, near Brighton, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. ATTREE, At the Old Ship Tavern, Brighton, on Thursday, Nov. 7, , 18M, at r> o'clock, rjMHE elegant MARINE, VILLA, late the resi- A dence of THOMAS CORNEY, esq: deceased, toge- ther with the pleasure grounds, coach houses, stabling, flower and kitchen* gardens, hot- house, and about in acres of excellent land, situate at Move, miles from Brighton, lo| from Worthing', and 56 from Loudon. The- House, which fitted,' up in a tasteful manner, commands a most beautiful and uninterrupted view of' the ore an, from the Lie of Wight to Beachv Head, and the extensive and pleasing landscapes which the sur- rounding country affords, with views of the fashionable watering places of Brighton and Worthing;, forms it a most desirable residence for a Gentleman's family. . The premises contain on the basement, a large kit- Chen, wash- house, commodious wine, beer, and coal cellars, butler's pantry, servants' hall, and housekeeper's room, fitter up with numerous closets; on the ground floor dining and breakfast parlours, library, and music room; on the first floor, a drawing room with folding doors, and two excellent steeping rooms ; with airy chambers on the attic story.; also a servants' room over the wash- house, an enclosed yard, with dairy and de- tached, offices, force pump, & c. ^ u*. The fixtures, a sehedule of which will be produced at the time of sale, to tie taken - by valuation, and the fur- niture may also be had, if approved by the purchaser. To be viewed by tickets only, which, with every par- ticular, may be had of Mr. Attree, at his General Estate and Agency Office, North- street, Brighton, where a plan of the estate and elevation of the building may be seen. Printed particulars to be bad ten days previous to the sale; at the Auction Mart London ; Swan, Chiches- rer; Nortolk Arms,'. Arundel; Swan, Hastings Star, Lewes; libraries, Brighton Worthing, Tunbridge, Wells, and Eastbourne; and of Mr. Attree, North Street, Brighton. PELICAN OFFICE, For ASSURANCE on LIVES, & granting ANNUITIES, office was established in Lombard- street, JL London, in the year 1797* ^ y a numerous and re- spectable Proprietory; and the Board of Directors with confidence, arising from tlie increased prosperity and permanency of the establishment, as well as front the experience of the usefulness and benefit to the public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the importance and advantages of Life- Insurance, briefly suggest- some of' its leading and peculiar re- commendations to almost every degree aud rauk iu society. s Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to all who hold estates for Life, situations and offices, civil, eccle- siastical, or professional; to officers in the a » my'and navy, & c. a, s by payment of an annual premium, the party insured is enabled to provide for wife, children, or othefs, whose future welfare he may wish iu vain, by other means to promote* ft affords permanent, ultimate security sto those who advance money upou annuities or otherwise. It renders leases determinable on one or mof*} Jives, nearly equal in value to freehold estate^ - y as an insurance to the amount of the line payable on the demise, of a party nominate*} ia such leases, will pro- d, uce the s « m required for renewal. It is a cheerful re- fuge to, parties engaged in extensive and speculative undertakings ^ it Affords to persons in tirade the certain means of indemuiiic^ tidn against a bad or doubtful debt; in short, Life Insurance, established in policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by rbe test of experience, is become, to almost every situation of human life, a measure equally impo. naut5 usefulj and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable terms, under a social Act of Parliament, granted to this Office* THOMAS PARKE, Sec. Company's Agents, at Chichester' • R. PHILPOTT. Portsmouth J . C. MOTTLEY. ^ LYWINGTON-------- J WEST. TO MILLERS BLACK MORE and CO's Patent BOLTING CLOTHS without seams; with regard to durabili- ly, and dispatch and precision in dressing, excel every other invention of the kind, as the great and increasing demand for them clearly Evinces. The Proprietory gratefully acknowledging the liberal support with whieli they have been favoured, and respectfully soliciting iu continuance, beg leave to inform their friends, and gentlemen hi the flour trade in general, that their Pa- lent Bolting Cloths are sold by Mr. Wm. Fuller, Lewes. A. & G. Ingram. Cranbrook Messrs. Humphrey Si Tur- J. Barret, Seven oaks. ner, Horsham. Winkworth . and Cooper; G. Sargent, Battle. Guildford, H. Comper, Chichester. Js. Elstone". Godalming. T. Colebrook, Pet worth . Js. Constable, Horley, near Mrs. E. Lucas,. Pulboro ' Ryegate. T. Sharp, Midhurst J. Gibbs. jun. Emsworth. J. Springett, Maidstone. - Wm. Seymour, Odiham W. & J. Jewburst, Ton B. H. Coleby, Alton. bridge, • *. All Bolting Cloths, of their manufacture, have the following inscription on the head leather, By the King's Patent; manufactured at Wandsworth, Surrey; • by Blackmore and Co. Sold at their Manufactory." No others are genuine, COMPANY OF STATIONERS, LONDON. • • ON TUESDAY, November icjtli. will be published, THE FOLLOWING ALMANACKS. Printed for the company of Stationers ; and sold by George Greenhill. Treasurer to the Company, at their Hall, In Ludgate street, and may " be bad of all the Booksellers in Town and Country : Wing's and Cambridge Sheet. Raven or Loudon Sheet, on a Copper Plate. Goldsmith's Alma., nek, on a fine Paper, for tlie Pocket Gentlemen a'ud Ladies Diary, Moore, Partridge, Poor Robin British Merlins. The London and Country Almanack. Free Mason's Calendar. . Wills'. Complete Clerical Almanack, on a fine Paper, adapted for the Pocket, neatly sewed. Moore's Almanack improved; or Wills's Farmer and Countryman's Calendar, containing much useful Know- ledge and Information, nearly ' sewed. A Calendar to bind with the Pocket Books, COUNTY ALMANACKS. With Lists of Members of Parliament, Officers of Mili- tia, and various useful Tallies, particularly adapted to each County, viz. Sussex. 2. Cornwall, Devonshire, Somersetshire, and Dorsets' shire. Monmouthshire, and South Wales- 4. Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Ely, Hunting- donshire, and Bedfordshire. ' "' Rutland, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Derby- shire. • 1 6. Cheshire, Lancashire, Shropshire, Staffordshire. and North Wales. 7- Wiltshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Backlinghamshire, 8. Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, Westmore- land. and Cumberland. • • N. B. Country Shopkeepers, Hawkers, ami Retailers, may be supplied at Stationers' Hall M the same Price as the London Booksellers,' for ready Money; or good Bill, at a , Month. No Orders executed under Ten" Pounds ^ and no hound Almanacks or Pocket Books ' will be sent. ceiving the Almanacks immediately " after Publication, it is requested that Orders be sent on or before the 8th of November. Almanacks unsold must be returned . by the i6th of February, carriage paid, after which time tbe Value of the Stamps only can be allowed for. *** , Hints for future Improvement in any of tbe above Almanack, will be thankfully received. • ONLY 6,500 TICKETS. EXTRAORDINARY LITTLE LOTTERY, POSITIVELY. THE ONLY ONE". THIS YEAR, WITH CAPITALS OF SUPERIOR VALUE TO THE LAST. SCHEME. 2 Prices of £ IG. OO') - are - ,£ 32, wm> 2 3, iKiO ——• <>, 010 4 1,000 —— 4,000 4 500 ' — 2,000 fi I < N) 6ob 12 50 COO 42 — 25 1,050 1,250 — 15 18,759 N. B. In the late October Lottery there were upward, of THREE TIMES the Number of Tickets sold, as what this little Lottery contains ; it must therefore he evi- dent, that the present Tickets cannot be nearly sulHcieir^ to meet the usual demand. BISH and Co. Contractors with Government, anxious to merit public esteem, take no advantage to themselves of this certain Scarcity, but S'ih..*-. l the few Ticket, and Shares that remain unsold at the following low Prices. Ticket --------- | y| jys Half i'lo 5 1 Eighth- - ... - £ i ii Fourth ----- 5 4 | Sixteenth - - - - I 7 At the same time they respectfully advise an imme- diate purchase, as tbe extreme Smalluess of the Lot- tery, renders it » holly impossible to supply the Agenia in THIS COUNTY with Shares for Half their Custom, ers, the demand in London being much greater than ALL the U,." JOO Ticket, contained ill this matchless lit- tle Lottery, the whole of which by order of Government, will lie draw u on TUESDAY, 19th NEXT MONTH. Markets, . CORN- EXCHANGE. Friday, (). '. 35. • This day there are but few arrivals of Wheat, » 6i much of remaining supplies, and sales readily • maim.. n last prices. Some fine old Dantzick this week 4t}<, s- Pt> r quarter. Rye lather dearer. Bar. ley, with Malt, keep their prices. White Pea> e likewise. Beans of each description fully at the late advance. There is still a ' continuance of short arrivals of Oats, very few line to name a quotation ; other qualities again higher. Hour remains at late prices. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN. Wheat - 100s. kl Is- Tick Beans - 4Ss. 54s. Fine ditto 1 l/ Js. 124s. Ditto Fine - 5is. 50s. Rye Barley - - 44s. 52s. Poland ditto - 43s. 44s. Malt - - 80s. 8? s. Potatoe ditto ( 10s. 45s. While Peas Ql*. ( iSs. Rape seed - 44l. 4g{ Grey Peas f- 68s. 6.1s. Fine Flour . 053,10^, Beans •- - 52s. Seconds - - yos. yij, SMITHFIELD, Oct. 25. This day's Market was but thinly supplied with different kinds of Cattle: Mutton" supports last price; Beef, Pork, and Veal are dearer, and the trade for the most part was not, very brisk; tbs sales in the Hay Market were trifling ; Clover sold at last prices; Hay and Straw fetched better prices. The following prices and numbers are a correct statement.. To sink ( he offal, per stone of 8lb. Beef 4s. 2d. to 5s. 6d. I Head of Cattle, this day Mutton 4s., 2d. to 5s. 6d. ( Beasts ... - Lamb Os. Od. to Od. od. t Sheep ... 4,050 Veal 5s. 4d. to 7s. 2d. I Calves .... 170 Park 5s. 4d. to 7s. 4d. | Pigs - « . , . ofy PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. J£. s. d <£'. s. d. Average. Clover 5 0 0' to 7 0 0 £ 6 15 « Old Hay 4 0 0 to f » 10 0 4 o o Straw 2 Q o to 3 o 0 g 10 <, Postscript. - FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. Admiralty- Office, October 20, 1811. Copy of a Letter from Captain Vansittart, ot His Majesty's Ship Fortunee, addressed to Vice Ad- miral Thornbrough, anil transmitted by the latter to John Wilson Croker, esq. His Majesty's Ship, Fortuned, tit Sea, SIR, • October il, lEtt- IHAVE the honour to report to von,, that ' His Majesty's ship under my command, and. Saldan- ha cruising in company, in the - execution of your order of. the 14th uit. at day- 1ight this morning, the Saldanha at six or. seven miles distance, bearing West by North, wind West, a strange ship was dis- covered South West by. South, distant seven or eight miles' on the larboard tack, which immediate- ly tacked, add . made all. sail for us; a' three o'clock the Saldanha' closing first on the' weather quarter of the chase, and His Majesty's ship under my com- mand o. n the lee beam, the shot flying over her, she struck, arid proves to be the famous Privateer Le Vice Amiarl Martin, which,, by the superiority 1 of her sailing,'' has so often escaped from ; his Majes- ty's ship's, and has been so successful - on her for- mer cruises..' I have the greater pleasure in commu- nicating this, capture, as both Captain' Pakenham and myself feel assured, that ( Voin the' style of her sailing and the dexterity of he manoeuvres, neither ship '. singly, though both v/ ere going eleven knots with. royals. set, would hate succeeded in capturing . her. She mounts eighteen guns, and one hundred and forty men, four days out from Bayonne, and fead not taken any thing. .••'•• ( Signed) . VANS ITT ART', Captain. Foreign- Office, Downing- street, October 26, iSri. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent fiat 1- been graciously pleased, in the name and on the Behalf of His Majesty, to appoint Anthony Saint John Ba- ker, esq. to be his Majesty's Secretary of Legation in America. ".• BANKRUPT SUPERSEDED. Josias Saxon, Manchester, cotton- twist dealer. BANKRUPTS. Richard Needham, Old Broad- street, London, auctioneer.—— William Cockburn, late of Chel- tenham, upholsterer. - William Price Evans. Pwllheli, Caernorvon, draper.— Frederick; Le Me- surier, late of Lloyd's Coffee- house, London, mer- chant. Richard Field, Yalding, Kent, dealer and chapman. William France- and. James Ben-. net, Shoreditch, Middlesex, tallowchandlers Thomas Sisley, Isle of Thanet, Kent, merchant.— William Henry Tempest, Vauxhall,- Surrey, ha- berdasher. Francis John Dupont, of Watford, Hertford, draper.—- Hodgson Brough, Camber- • well, Surrey, mariner, dealer and chapman. Katherine. Beeston and Mary Briggs, Margaret- street, Cavendish- square, Middlesex, milliners. According to the bulletins of the past week, there is no material alteration. in flit} state of his Majesty's health. We are happy to learn that the, Duke of Sussex is moth recovered. His Royal Highness was able to take the exercise of riding on. horseback, on Fri- day morning, through the Parks, and; called at York- house to pay a morning - visit to the Prince Regent. Mr. Proudman, the Messenger, arrived yester- day morning, at the Foreign Office, in Downing- street, with dispatches from Mr. Foster, in Ame- rica. The Messenger had an uncommon quick passage, having sailed from America only on the alstof last month Most of the Cabinet Ministers being out of town, these was no Council held in consequence. Marquis Wellesley waited upon the Prince Regent at York House, to communicate the dispatches. Mr. Proudman left Mr. Foster at Phi- ladelphia. The dispatches aie supposed to contain the British Minister's decided . opinion, that an e. n- bargo will be resorted to at the meeting of Con- gress 011 the 4th of November. It is likewise, ' stated that they comprehend some particulars rela- tive to the Court of Inquiry which continued sit- ting at New York. It is understood that Bonaparte's tour along the coast is concluded, and that Ministers have re- ceived intelligence of his return to Paris, His re- ception in the Dutch States was such as to call forth a most liberal encomium upon the people, and he invites them to share in the glory of the great Empire by participating in its military exer- tions; he exhorts them to stimulate apd bring for- ward all their naval resources, without which, though he vvill undertake for their safety, they will he entirely deprived of glory. France, lie tells them, obliged to exclude, her implacable enemy from the Continent, ha* from necessity, changed the destinies of Holland. United to the Great Empire, Holland suffers only the loss of a commercial house, ^ compelled to change its ancient relations. But, at least," she does not suffer without hope. . " She must fore see," says her opponent, " that a power so formid- able as France cannot in the ' end be - deprived of the benefit of a safe anil honourable maratime peace; a peace which thenceforward will guaran- tee to the Dutch a new sphere of activity not less extensive, and much less precarious, than that of which they were masters in the last. century," Allowing these promises to he true, the indepen- dence Holland, as a nation, is entirely eclipsed. As a State, of one of the European Family, as a member of that community of independent Pow- ers, which formerly existed the boast and pride of the policy of nations, Holland is no more. She te become a province and annexation of France, and Europe, as respects Holland, " has. no further hope, except that she will he too weighty for a mere part and member of the empire to which she is joined. The time will assuredly come, when, by the - same effect of political convulsions, working al- most with the certainty of physical causes, this Giant Empire will fall into pieces. In the mean time, perhaps, we must endure with patience. the necessary consequences arid immediate effects. En gland doubtless loses many facilities by this annexion, and this, as much as any,, continues to. produce the embarrassment of our commerce, and the stagnation of our trade. Several Martello Towers are . to be constructed immediately fron Cove Island to the main land. The 29th, 85th, and 97th regiments, at present jn Portugal, are ordered to Lisbon for embarka- tion for England. This Comet tfcte nearest the earth oti Wednesday, distance wis then about 1O8 millions of En- glish miles. It is perhaps not generally known to our readers, that after the first of November next no person can. be arrested for a debt under 15l. unless the sam6 is due upon a promissory note or bill of exchange.— See Stat. ot Geo. 1J1. cap.. l 24, sec, 1. A man who holds a small farm near. St. Alban's, aud who has ever been looked upon as a most ec- centric being, made' his entre into the latter place on Saturday last, in the ' following manner,- viz. mounted on a. small car, which was actually-. drawn by four large hogs. .. He . entered the town at a brisk trot, amidst, the acclamations of hundreds, who were soon drawn. together to, witness this strange and uncommon spectacle. . After-, making the tour of the market- place - three or four times, he came into tin; Wool- Pack' yard, badiiis- swinish cattle re. gularly unharnessed, and taken into a': stable toge- ther, where they we're regaled with a. trough- full of beans and wash.. They remarned- about two hours in the town; during which time he' dispatched liis business is usual at the market, when " they were again put to, and driven home again, multitudes cheering hitn to the end of- the place. This' . man has only had these animals under training six months, and it is truly surprising, to what a high state of docility aud tractibility ' he Iras brought them. A Gentleman on the spot offered bwn $()!.. for the concern as it stood, but it was indignantly refused. ' » •>.: ' • The following melancholy circumstance occur-, red about five o'clock on Tuesday evening at Deal. A party of marines and sailors of his Majesty's ship Egmont, were on shore to attend the funeral of a Marine Officer belonging to that ship, . who died a few days, since in the hospital, anil on returning to the ship, had actually come alongside, when, through some unaccountable accident, the boat upset, and melancholy to relate, out of At seamen and marines who were 011 board, 12 were lost. We regret to say, the Lieutenant of Marines who was with the party, is amongst tl e unfortunate suffer- ers. Every exertion was made Ivy the boats of the Egmont and the Armada, to render assistance, in which they fortunately succeeded in saving many lives, as otherwise the whole must have unavoid- ably perished. LEWES, OCT - 2S,: 1811, We are happy to have it hi our power to congratulate the Sussex hop- planters as to the revolution which hits at length taken place . with regard to the relative prices of hops;— At this time the average price of" Sussex hops- is supe-, rior to that of the Kentish in the. Borough mar- ket.— The blossoms of . the bine Ui the garden's of Kent were generally blighted early, in, the season, and- this calamity was^ sueceeded by the mould: These evils this county has for the most part, if not altogether, escaped ; atid thus is the increase of price for the moment account- ed for.— The Kentish planters gained. their su- periority by planting the grape hop, and the other white- bine sorts,, whilst those' of Sussex adhered- lo the Flemish ", these^" however, have long since been universally .. abandoned,. and generally all the red bines", notwithstanding which, such wsritbe inveteracy et- prejudice, unt. il. this year, that merely the name of Kent on the hop- bugging conferred fi superiority, in money- worth, though the article might be in quality far inferior. For die future, we trust, the public will not be guided, by names, but give the preference in price to that commodity, from whatever coun- ty it may be brought, which may have aii in- trinsic superiority' in itself. Thus -. there will be a fair and honourable competition arid rivalship established between the two counties, aud the reward will alight on that which may- deserve best of the nation. At the Southwark Hop- market, on Tuesday last, Bags ( free from mould), sold at from 5l. to 61. lis.— Pockets from 51. 12s. to 7l. 15s. anil the demand, especially for good bags, was rather brisk. A subscription is on foot to provide a cup of twenty- five guineas value, as a reward - to the hop- planter of Sussex or Kent, who shall annu- ally, at Robertsbridge fair,-; produce the best sample of hops, of his own growth; and the bets are now, we understand, equal, that the first prize will be adjudged. to Sussex. Within these few years a very Considerable portion of tlie ' Canterbury; hop- ground has been dis- planted ; those of Maidstone remain statio- nary ;, the Worcestershire" plantation has dimi- nished ; but in the eastern part of this county, and there alone, a great increase, has lately taken place; and a still further extension of plant may be expected, in consequence of the present su- periority of price the Sussex hops obtain over those grown in Kent,—' Tempora mutuntur ! We have been requested, to contradict the account we gave hi our last Publication, of a HUNTING RENCONTRE, which happened on the downs, near East- Dean,• by a correspondent, who says he had been informed, thjjt - the trans- action alluded to, as it appear'd in the Sussex Paper, waft " WHOLLY;. MISREPRESENTED; " but as our statement, of it was written from in formation obtained with more ' than ordinary di- ligence, and has met the approbation of those who are best acquainted with all'tlie circumstan- ces of the case, for its ACCURACY and IMPAR- TIALITY, any contradiction, we fear, would subject- us to the charge of trifling- with the pub- lic, at' the expence of Truth. Nevertheless, as the affair is still likely to become the subject - of legal investigation, we do agree with our correspondent, in recommending a suspension of all public judgment, until that event shall take place. — The contradiction, we perceive, has found its way into the Globe, of Saturday, ver- batim, as it was sent to us, on Thursday last. The state of- the atmosphere has' altered much within the last few days, prior to wliiCh the heat of t. be nights was such as . to render the manufacture of mould1 candles impossible, an inconvenience, which the . Worthing tallow- chandlers say, they never before experienced at the same period of the year. If the comet, at its nearest approach to the earth, had no' influ- ence on the weather, how is this, to . be- account- ed for ? . Wheat, we are' sorry to say, oil Saturday, was made subject to another rise - at - our mar- ket, where it will- be seen, by " the Inspector's return, it fetched. THIRTY POUNDS per load Mr. J. Kennard, miller, of this town, it ap- pears, by. the above advance, has speculated well-' with Mr. Guy, of Hamsey, who stands en- gaged td deliver to Kennard's order', twenty loads of new wheat, at EIGHTEEN POUNDS per load. ' ' ' . , The produce of A single, potatoe planted in the garden of, Mr. Peckham, of Steyning, was' last week dug Up, and measured the amazing quantity of three " bushels and One . peck ; and many of the individual, potatoes weighed from 2ib. to 24. il> each. And a cabbage was lately grown by the same gentleman, in his chalk- pit, which measured . over its top, every way, six feet four inches, and weighed- SSlbs. One night during the last- Week, four colts grazing on lands belonging- to Tulley's- Wells farm, near this town, were driven from their pastures , to some adjoining ground, where they were the next day found deprived of the fine long hair which had been so very- useful and ornamental to them during, the last summer. . These icholesale dealers, ( to ore an old pun) , might know that time would re- tail. the colts; - but they are not, perhaps aware, that this sort of trade- may occasion the traffickers to take a voyage to Botany Bay T • ..... Last Saturday us the hounds of John Bean, esq. of Clapham, were running a hare hard in ' view, on the downs, near Crowlink, the. timid animal; to escape her keen pursuers, ran over t'fie cliff, and by the force pf - her fall, was dash*- erl ip pieces. ' Five couple of the dogs' unlucki- ly followed, dri'd to, tl; regret of the whole. field, shared a - similar,.' fate.' They fell' wlilfa degree of violence , tli, aK fairly. plowed^ up> ; lfce. beach • Major- General-' Erskine, .. we " understand, rode down the gap a- rd- picked up:. t, lie mangled' re\ mains' of poof puss. « &*'•••• i . A correspondent who signs JUVENIS, having lately read io. our Paper several Essays-: on. the subject of Medical Education, lias been induced to send os; the following remarks,-; not as his own,. but as those of a man, whose celebrity tin^ i professional, abilities render him eminently- ca- pable of forming a correct, opinion ? they are copied, as nearly as possible, verbatim, from an introductory lecture given, a, few'days since,' to a numerous class by MR. ASTLEY COOPER. — The common system, said he, of educating a voting man for the medical profession, ' we- ' have been long accustomed to revile; as under that system a boy is taken from his classical educa- tion, at the age of 14 ov 15, and bound appren- tice to a surgeon and apothecary, frequently for seven years, and what does he learn during that time ? He learns to rub the mortar, and to com- pound a few- drugs:— but in addition to this, he learns what he seldom after gets rid of;—- u habit' of idleness, for, as there is not' sufficient to do to occupy tb. e whole of his time, he employs the remainder. either in lounging over the coun- ter, or amusing.- himself in the kitchen with the servants, by t! i :* latter, too, lie imbibes lowlived ideas, and a -. disrelish and unfitness for that so- ciety in which a medical man ought ever to be placed,—. the society of gentlemen. In pur- suits like these, hfi passes seven most valuable years, and then comes to Town to spend as many months, in the study of anatomy, surge- ry, materia medica, practice of - physic, che- mistry, midwifery, physiology, and- God knows; what besides! A moment's reflection must, shew the absurdity of & iieh a plan. If instead of this, be were to remain at school till 16 or t7 » were then to be an apprentice for two ov three years, and spend the following two or three years at the hospitals of tVis town, he might then learn something— he might then become a use- ful and ornamental member of that profession to which he is. now* so frequently, a nuisance and disgrace. Last Saturday the Theatre at Eastbourne, close 1 for the season, with the Foundling of the Forest, and Hit or Miss, for the benefit of Mrs. Penley, and others employed in the House. Our Stock Market on Tuesday last was not so well supplied as on the preceding market day, there was nevertheless a good shew of beef, mut- ton and pork, which met a ready sale, at fair prices. Hailsham Market, 011 Wednesday, was well supplied With prime stock, and numerously at- tended. MARRIED. On Tuesday last, at St. George's Church, Hanover- square, Lieut- Col. Charles Turner, of rhe 30th Regt. to Mrs. G. Ansley, daughter of Sir Henry Blackman, of this town. On Saturday last., at Eastbourne, by the Rev. Richard Ormerod, vicar of Kensington, the Rev. Francis Mills, rector of Barford, War- wickshire, - to Miss Catherine Mordaunt, fourth daughter of the late Sir John Mordaunt, of Walton, in Warwickshire, bart. BRIGHTON, OCT. 28, lb 1!. We are still flattered with the hope of be- ing honoured with the august presence of the Prince Regent at the Pavilion, but no . one cap, speak with certainty, as to the time of his Royal Highness's arrival. The alteration of weather has given a very dreary appearance to the walks and rides of fashion, which are .- quite'! deserted.; but the Li braries, in consequence, exhibit an unusual bustle. ' ' The approach of winter has not yet very sen- sibly affected, our arrivals.*, which, during the past week, were nearly equal to the departures. Last Wednesday evening, a corporal and a private in the North York Militia, took great pains to m; tke eminent fools of themselves, by- appearing,- at our Theatre, in the characters of Norval and Glenalvon, in Douglas.' Messrs. Jonas and Penley will, on Tuesday next, re- open the Theatre, for ' a short time; and, as we understand they have engaged an excellent company, and provided much novelty for the amusement of their audiences ywe hope and trust they will be amply remunerated, by well- tilled benche. See advertisement. At the Talbot Inn, at Cuckfield, on Satur- day last, an Inquest was taken before the Co- roner, on view of the body of a man unknown, who about seven o'clock on the preceding eve- ning, rode. into the yard of the above Inn, and after complaining of being very unwell, laid himself down on some straw in the stable, when an apothecary was immediately' sent for, but before he arrived, the poor mart expired. Ver- dict, Died by the Visitation of God.", On- Monday as a dog,' belonging to a person at Rottingdean, was cleansing and refreshing him- self on the dewy grass, near the cliff, he rolled over, aud fell with great violence on the beach below, and laid motionless some little time, but soon after recovered, and obeyed, the. call of his master, apparently unhurt. On thft morning of last Saturday se'nnight a number of persons assembled to Witness the launch - Of a West Indiaman, at Itchenor, near Chichester! but without being lAuch gratified, as on knocking away the shores dnd blocks, she slipped down about six feet, and" remained stati- onary, notwithstanding- every possible exertion Was, made* to move, her on to, the element she was designed . for. If tin; launch was net effect- ed 0: 1 the following day, all attempts until the next spring tides,. must have proved useless. Yesterday sennight, . owing to the darkness . of the morning, the- mail coach fwtn London, to Chichester, was overturned a little beyond Chiddingford, by which accident one of the passengers, a gentleman, received considerable injury. The mail was forwarded by the guard, but it did not arrive till some hours . after the usual time. A similar misfortune attended si stage coach, cn tiie road between Godstone and Croydon, 011 last Thursday,, owing to v- the Coachman's imprudence, in entrusting' the reins to a- gentle- man qf thy, Bang- Up fraternity'; " but happily, the passengers all. escaped ' without the inflicti- on of any serious injury. ,. - On Saturday some fears- were entertained for tlie safety- of the crew of a boat . that had some time before left our beach for a Gun- brig in . tin-- offing, to whicji the^' belong'ed,' in- consequence - ot sorue oars and .. other', articles,. the, supposed- contents. of the boat, having^. drifted oit'. shore: : MARRIED; On Saturday se'nnight, Monday,' esq;' ' tff Newcastle,/; to ' Mrs. C. Bar- well, relict of the late- Richard Barwell, esq. of Stansted House,' in^ this county'., . , "• , - ' v.:-". r—;. SfS " JJ^ T ... ' THE next Meeting of the Committee. of' the « : Sussex' • Aucxiliary Bible - Society,* wild, be, holden at \ he Star Innv Lewes, oh- Friday', the • first day " of " November,,-. al twelve • o'clock"' cisely. .."',,'' " . - - ... . . , '.. '• * ' Lewes Assembly.'^'^ " ' THE . Nobility and.- Gentry are . respectfully' A informed, that three next ensuing , Assemblies, at ttie. Star Rooms-, ni- t' fixed tWaA follows, . < v.- THURSDAY, OCT..? ,31.,- ... . , THURSDAY, NOV, • .- » .,, ... And, THURSDAY Dec .- i'i- - ROBERT DUNN. Lewes, Oct. - 28, isir. HAWK- HURST ASSEMBLY > '" THIS,' ASSEfMABLY'" WrB lie on Thursday, Octo- - 8- ber the . n- it, at tlie Queen l Head,,, Hawkhurst. . Rev. J. G THOMAS>. - ;• ROBERT MONEYPENNY^ esq,. J.;;. MESSRS.: JONAS ifia' PENLEY beg- leave i^ is. t respectfully tb inform tlie Nobility, Gen-- try, ami Others nf Brighton ( itn't t- f' Vicinity likewise the Gentlemen uf tli'u . Army, f' » e " Theatre- open on Tuesday evening, October under.; U'- ir manage, ment, ati4 as neither pains irn'r^• expencer » ' i. ll he soared rn provitjinj*. fi Company ( if tliei most distinguished., abi- lities, ioirt bringing forward niiloy . novelties^ fiir tlieir amusement, they trust tliey slmli merit tIK- ir Patronage^ t' a'iid Support. . ' . UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF THE PRINCE REGENT. THEATRE ROYAL-, BRIGHTON\. . Oiv Tuesday- eeeni. isv t'ct., S(), jvlll W ' performed a civ -• , ,|(. hrated , Pl-' ivV" /' n- lted THE « FOUNDLING OF THE!' FOREST. .. After « hieh t'ot irtusieafeiiiVrtaiitineiii,'' « > f The parts of l.' Eclair and Ralph), trv - Mr.- MALLINSON^ . .. ((. if tlV^' Theatre-•• Royal, Haymarket). , ' BoxesV Tltv ' li. Gallery » s.. .... . . . Doors to be opeoej S| t'Six, mid tji Jbegih at. Seven. Places for'the Boxes til' be titbeu at the BOX Qffice of ' .' tlvf Theatre.. • Nights ( Vf prrfdrniin^' will be Tuesdays^ Wednesdays. Fridays, . aud. Saturdays- 1, , . , On Wednesday', The Comedy of THE YOUN G QUAKER. w ith the Farce of LOVE LAUGS1S AT LOCKSMITHS. GENTLEMAN^ offers to . excliaiiije some valuable FREE HOLD GROUND RENTS arid LODG1NG HOUSES we 11 secured, and . de- sirably situate at Brighton,- for a Farm m the country, from one thousand to five thousand pounds value. - ' Apply ( post paid) fo Mr. Smith, No. 3, North- street, Brighton. ' . . WANTED TO PURCHASE. A" FARM, from iop to 3go acres, if wifh a good house oil the property, or'a manor attached to it, the morti desirable". Address to G. II. Post office, Brighton. ' • " " " WANTED, , . . ACARPENTER, to superintend and assist in erecting and repairing buildings, converting tim- ber, and managing the underwoods, 011 a considerable estate, in Sussex. It is necessary that be should be able to keep accounts. A house Will be provided for hiiu. Enquire nf the SEWARD. at Sheffield Place. WANTED, Two YOUNG LADIES, as Ap- prentices to the Millinery and Dress Business. — Apply to Mrs. Chapman School. Hill, Lewes. Letters post- paid. WANTED, a careful steady Woman, as COOK 111 a gentleman's Family. A good character wit be required. . ' ' . Apply tr. n> Ir. Dunstone, postmaster,' Lewes. WrANTED,— Asa good plain COOK,' asteady,, middle aged woman, who can have an un- deniable character ffotn her last Service; none other need apply. Apply to Mr. Langridge, Solicitor; Lewes. WANTED, a jjj careful steady,..! middle- aged Woman, MS, COOK. She must l( avc a recoin mendation for honesty & c- frnm her last place. Apply at the Golden Fleece. Inn, Chichester. WANTED,— A tniddie- a£ « ed steady woman,' of » V fair character, as HOOSERKEPER, in a Farm House, a few miles from Lewes, where there are but few in family. Apply to Mr Lee, Printing- Office, High, street, Lewes. WANTED immediately, a Youth, as ail Ap- prentice to a COUNTRY SHOPKEEPER, in the general Line. - A Premium will be expected, Apply, if by letter, postage paid, to R. Parsons, Grocer and Draper, Edenbridge, near Sevenoaks, Kent. WANTS a Sitnaljod as Superintiendant of the FLAX BUSINESS, a Young Man, about SO years, of age, who< is well qualified to, direct s\ ich business,, and who would piefer. a job that would employ hitpseif and two men for the space of five- or six months. Any Gentleman in want of a person of th" above description will be pleased to make application, if by letter, postage paid, to. Jesse Goldsmith, Shef- field- Green, Fletching, Sussex. Good Keep for One Hundred Lambs. ANY Person having the above Number of Lambs to pot out, mav tie1 accommodated with i » i> od iu*- p for them, and careful attention paidj " at two separate places. '/• APPLY » B. Mr. ARTHUR LEE, ; Printer, School Hill, Lewes, Sussex Agricultural Society, AT d' General._ Meeting of the Subscribers to - c the above Institution, held at tlie; Star , Inn, in Lewes, on Friday, the tsi'h of October. 1811, In award the Prizes for the Best Plough; tlie Premium to the best Ploughman ; the Prize for the best piece of Tur- nips; and tlie Premiums to ihe Industrious and desc- iv- ii>!; Poor, ihe following attards were iiiiidcy viz. To Thomas Tourle, Esq ( it Land port, the PIECE op PLATE for the best Plough, HNVLUJE ploughed half aii aci- e. oFj ground in the best manner ; this plough was in- tented by Mr. Wood. of'Aldsworth. . To Richard Comber, the Premium iff TWO POUNDS, beiiig the ploughman whn held the above plough. The PIECE OF PLATE for ihe best . Cultivated piece- of Turnips,' was not awarded, the Judges having report- ed that tlie Turnips. lit both, the, competitors ( « ho hiirl given notice) were not sufiieiciltly good to entitle either feo the prize. . . * For ihe TWENTY- ONE POUNDS l « . five Labourers, or Widows' of Labourers, w ho shall have brought up and supported to the age of two years, ilie greatest number of children,; within the last fifteen years, in habits of industry, with the least proportionate relief from the parish : . SIX- POUNDS to John Fold, Labourer, of St. Ann's, Lewes, six children, not having received any reliell, •( having had thirteen children, nine of whom art no. v alive) and always paying Ills, pnrfrn hiar taxes. FIVE POUNDS lo William Beaty, Labourer, of All Saints, Lewes, four children, nut h iving wceived any- relief' ( one child a cripple) aiid. utu ays payini; liis taxes. i. i FOUR POUNDS to Edward Barber. Labourer, of All Saints,' in Lewes, four children, iio relief, iiud alwajs paying his taxes. • •' , f THREE . POUNDS to'- William Burton, Labourer, of Framfield. four'children^ nii'rt'lftf/ i.-.' TWO POUNDS James Cooler, Labourer, ot' St. • Ann s, Lewes,'' four childreni'ieli(- f., 5l, ud; . ONE POUND to William' Burtholomesy, Labourer, of • Ealmer. four children,' Vefief itHloar,. r- jl. r,-| d. For.. iht TEN POUNDS - four Wives Widows irf Labourers, . tbocsbaH ha'vV^ IVine-. ilie most wiirk in- hus- • bandry,. betifeen tlie > 2d day"" M October ISIO, and ihe art day. nf QctoberS'lsr I:'"' '-••'•- ' FOUR, POUNDS' t'o Elizabeth ' Baker, widow, of Firle. !? l .< dayst, work. • ' . ' ' THREE POUNDS" fo Elizabeth Bunk hurst, widow, of Buxted, tjili. day's work. ' • ••'.••"" ' TWO POUNDS ^^ io ' Sarah,' Davis, wife,- of Buxted, 113 days- work. r - • ; , Foi- life SIX POUNDS^' to ihrre Houshold Men Ser- vants.. i-. i) iplo; eti ifii husbandry i- utuTei: the age p! twenty- five. . years, who ' shall 1iVnt » rtetierd wages during the greatest nuumber of years v- n less than five) iu iha ' same ve'rv. iee; J" 1 '. v THREE POUNDS tV James ' Hoather, ' servant to Mr Smith,. of , Barcombe, seven years. ' TWO. POUNDSp^ to Stephen Botting, servant to Mr. Caffin, < l. f, Worth. six years. For iJ^ TEN POUNDS lis'( ti'three Labourers, who shall wilh . the as. siita. ajw'^ f VVie" ir wives, and' children undi. r ten years id'age, in working Vy'ti. sk' or tjthu wise. dur, ing the, hlit_ harvest, have earned llieTnosl money, nut less - ihaa six pounds; ' iii' priipdriivm 10 the prices at which thej shall havi taken ihe work. FIVE; POUNDS » .' KVJohn'' Hollesti « i labourer to Mrs. Dew child, £ 13 7s. 1 •''•""••""•• . THREE. . POUNDS voji to Benjamm Tribe, labourer, to Mr, Puttick, of Tillington, having earned with bw wife, £ li , ij. ,'"'". 1 ;-' ' TWO . POUNDS M William sayers, labourer to Mr, Andrew Pullborugh,- a„ d Mr,-. Emery of Parham, having earned with' bis wife. £ ia Ms. id. . .. The . Society have great |. h.--. isiih; in noticing the merit of Thomas Gladman^. hibivurer, o. Firle, who bas earned witli tbe a. sistanft; jof ills- wife and three children £' 17 !), « . 3d, bid Ins eldest' boy being years old, be was deemed ineligible. For the Six Pounds to three women servants in every kind , of service, riViiler the ige of 23 years, who ,- b ill have, received wage's dining - the greatest . number of years, not less jliiitl five; 111 tVre same service:. THREE POUNDS," 10' LUCY ' DOUCH servant ' to Mr. Barton, . if Bellingly-- - » - years, 0 mouths, 3 days. Two POUNDS. to Sarah) Smith, servant to ' Mr. Brooker of Alfriston,.„ a. years, 0 months. ONE POUND, to,, Sarah Charman, servant to Mr., ,- Knight, of Jfiriflyfjf. years, 6 months. For the Six Pounds to three Labourers: iil Husbandry, hat iug been married, wtio shall Ifave - lived the greatest number of years-( lVot less ilian seven) iu the saint se{- v i « : . * THREE POUNDS - to John Whyte, labourer to- Sir Cecrl Bisshop Bart, of Farham, all years. TWO POUNDS ' tn Thomas Osborne, labourer, to ' Mr. Hart, of Falmer,- 40 years, -.,' ONE POUND'to; John, Jayes, labourer to Mr. Bowler, of Westburton, ,3fJ years. A general at Meeting of all the Subscribers will lie heid 111 the month uf January, 10 arrange all nvalteM respecting the Institution ; of which notice wtlf he . rivt- n ill this paper. . . Thos Gentlemen wlio b ave oniitted to pay their sub- scriptions into the Treasurer; are Requested ; to do it forthwith. - Lewes, Oct.' t » . 1811. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION-, At Ihe King's Head Inn, in Cuckfield. 111 lire county of Sussex, on Friday*, the 151I1 November, between the hours of four iinyl six in the afternoon, ONE. Moiety, of the TITHES of Corn,' Grain, and Pulse, arisiug. frotn several farms and,- lands III the parish of Cuckfield, containing together ifniiarils of three hundred acres of land, and known by the se- veral names of RIDDENS, UPPER RIDGES, LYES, HAR. VEST HILL, OLD FURNACE, LOWER MOON HILL, MOORES, otherwise MORRICES, and tlie VICARAGE HOOK. For further particulars apply at the office of Mr. Waller* in Cuckfield. STOLEN, From Washington Common, 011 Thursday night, or early o'ti Friday morning, October is, lai 1, A, BAY^ MARE, about" 13 hands high, with a switch tail. She' had inatty white hairs round the ferlock joints, her fell MiToke tlie oil'side. Whoever will'give nifM- iii. ttioii of, ( he said mare, shall on conviction of the Mfender'iitriplieinK- is- receive I Three Guineas reAWrf,' by'appiytug John. Evans, Washing, ton.- ' 11 '- •; - • , . . . MARKETS. ... PRICE of CORN.- r* Lewes, Saturday, Oct. 26. • Red Wheat • w - r, t( j <> to 0 0 0 White Wheat ' f C 0 0 to 0 n 0 Barley - - ' - " 2 2 0 to 2 8 0 Oats - - - l 12. o to 1 14 o . J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. * 7 "** TALLOW St James's Market 4 Si Town Tallow so 0 Clare- Market ' 4 s\ Yellow Russia . 73 < 1 Whitechapel ditto 4 White ditto 74 o ^ Soap ditto 74 ( i Average 4 8 Stuff Go o Rough ditto 54 V SOAP. Curd 106s.— Mottled I02s.— YellowPalm es. PRICE OF HOPS. . BAGS, Kent -•:.--.- 4 Q to 6 0 Sussex- - . • - 4 It to ( i t » Essex - - - ;- 5.0toCo ' POCKETS. Kent - ..-' . . 4 10 tn 7 | r, Sussex - - - 4 6 to 0 6 Farnham - - - i> 0 to it 6 -— - r PRICE OF STOCKS. On Saturday, at- One o'clock. Consols - - - ti3$ ^ J Reduced - - liij£ S per cent. - » ^ ji A shore E. itau m: firing a ( iiriii Jsorst.; • TO THE PRINTERS OF THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. GENTLEMEN, Newick, Ot. 17, is' 11. HEIIIJ is something hi tile nature of man Js which, the moment ill' is of ytar » siitiii ion| for opinion, inipcil' liim to discover iiv the support of that opinion: this is OBSTINACY, and so plastic is IL< pow- ers, that feu instances comparatively, o'i'iir where wi- fiurl its relinquishment. Whether 1 am right- ill this < je • iieral charge on mankind, or whether, veiling ovi t a fault, the I'- ronencss to which my family has many years hern noted for, I must leave to a generous public : 1 only beg, they, in their judgment, will be as favourable to an old scribbler as they can; lilts leads, me, by the liye. to a » ! i You { ientleiheii, who, in your town, since the death of Mr. A. V , holds the OBSTINATE BOOK? But to my subject— I am now. Gentlemen, stepping a little out of my profession, and not only out, hut, by » ome, may be thought greatly beneath it, for who uitii tonish boots, ring dect linger, stop- natch,, mid polish'd ADDRESS ( now ALMOST the only requisite* for a ) will deign to argue with opponents whose province is to rnrt and to kill brute animals ONLY? but the word only should have been left out ; for I finds some thtre ere of this class, who prescribe for Christians, that is, f © » poor . hitman animals ; but as men horn to be linng'd, will no: be drowned, so the poor born to be starved will not be killed, even by the farrier, they therefore risk Imt little. Hut again to my subject — you must know Gen- tlemen, it has been my lot to lame several horses in my time, which you may think strange, when we consider the GOODNESS of the roads through Honeypot- lane. Mr. Knight's Wood, parts of Barcombe, Chiltington, Hamsey. Wivelsfield, Plumpton, Chailey, amj last, tlio' - not best, Fletching; hut so it is, nod the misfortune has compelled me to have recourse, at sever*! periods, to several farriers, to perform the operation of cauteriz tog, or firing. It would be unprofessional for a Surgeon to consult a Farrier about his horse* and not put some questions respecting the operation, and its probable effects; this 1 have done, audit tins uniformly created disputations j one has profoundly harangued on his skill and success in the performance of it ; a second on the disease and on tbe, I mean, his theory of cure ; a third has said but little, because he had hut littl? to say; but all hare held alike, that softening emollient ointment, or oil is the best application during the cure. How^ Gentlemen, as this has been the principal cause of altercation between me and Mr. Farrier, who, with science profound, or science confound, if you please, argues, that relaxants arc the best strengthened; nor 1, with all my Latin, and all my Greek, propound any theory convincing enough to SENSIFY their brains . they mil it all jargon, and which only astounds them « o that, as they are obstinate and I am obstinate, an appeal is here made to the public, through which me- dium, should the noble animal be benefited, 1 shall be pleased, and 1 hope the Farrier, although he may t'oiir denin mv interference, will charitably believe my inten- tion goud. Before I enter on my practice, I think it right to pre- mise that the tiifierfnee is but small between animal flesh, whether of horse, ox, poor man, tradesman, gen- tleman, or genteel- man, ( some may think the two last one and the same, but I assert there is a wide distinc- tion, the first Must he a noble character, the second MAY be only a puff) the mode of living, habit and abuse make itlitiost ail the varities which exist in the several speck- he re mentioned. It will follow then. Sir", that a Surgeon, win. lias bad some y cars of practice in the resto- ration of sprained limbs, may be though not a compe- tent, in some degree a judge of iiij, t(> jr. s sustained by the iiorce. Although tbe nature ofaoimai flesh is not great- ly dissimilar, yet I believe, tbe skins or bides of ani- mals vary much, and this too probably, to a certain la- titude, from living, habit, and abuse; this should direct tis in the < liuice as well as powers of those applications, internal or extcMial, designed for the more strong, tend' r annual; a consideration of moment, for we often Me the . Squire* ( the Doctor I hope , in vf\) consult his nook for a leeeipt for a complaint, and applying it, fcithont learning the state and sir.- ngth of bis horse, * fz, patient; but this, Sirs, like oilier parts of my mis- cellaneous letter, is only a hint. I am now to consider a limb leg) so injured that all trial* l> v rest, bandage, embrocations, bl. rering, and the like, have failed to remedy, and, 1 Unt we now must havo recourse to the dernier resori, firing: and here. Sirs, I might enteitain some, and perhaps, instruct others, were 1 to theorize On tilt actions of nature, iH her wonderful powers of • secreting, secerning, and absorbing, as well as her me- chanical movements by the aid « f muscles, ligaments, • n « l tendon. ; ' igbt surprize many by a description of the , ;., « ti.; ity uf the muscular fibre, its lost, and again it » restored tone; the formation of matter by a solution of snl.:!, with other admixtures; and again the testora- t'ou or rather renovation by growth, elongation, & c. of these solids, hut these, though descriptive* of use 10 the studeutj would be nsiless to the public at large, unless indeed, like other works of nature, when scruti- nized and minutely examined, it was to awe them into wonder, and drive them to ail interrogative of, wlu re i-, and wlir. t is that omnipotent, omniscient Being, who made and upholds all matter however shaped, however portioned ? I'll digress 110 more, but enter on my opinion arid practice. The first change which succeeds tiring Is inflammation, the second maturation, and the third Iicaliug, all. in my opinion, have thrir share in the fure. when accomplished; the fir- t bringing on a new, hut temporary disease, enlarging, hardening, and irritat- ing all within its actual reach, and ny sympathetic agency, affecting the approximate neighbourhood. The second is evidently loo, a new disease, and u radical cure for the first: here the Physiologist might specu- late and reason us almost into a belief that man has dis- covered how this change is brought about, bow this transformation is effected ; but Gentlemen, 1 am obsti- nate, and so I shall proceed and inform the public that, in the early part of this staac, I have applied a mixture of three parts of some digestive or droning unguent and one of blistering ; thus 1 intend irritating afresh the vessels or solids, now exposed to the imme- diate touch of any body applied, and will increase their action and powers of expulsion, as well as by Stimulus, improve and augment the powent of the ab- sorbents, which are vessels that take up fluid- and convey them tn the circulating fluid, & c. When this state has Continued a certain [ but indefinite time) the last stage will be perceived, vjz. healing, which is a radical erne for both the preceding diseases, and is in- tended indeed, for the prevention of future defcct aris- ing from the original mischief. The aim here is to tighten the envelope of the leg, and if we can assist nature in Ucr cicatrizing work' so as to produce this tightening, surely, emolient and relaxing applications cannot be the means, but all hindrance. I have used and recommend frequent washing the leg with a pretty strong decoction of oak bark, or any other vegetable astringent ; but 1 am decidedly against the use of ar- dent spirits, yind all applications which act actively by their stimulating qualities, fori am sure that stimulants weaken; the present effects may invigorate and thus deceive by a temporary energy or strength, bat sooner or Ister debility and exhaustion must ultimately suc- ceed^ I am. Gentlemen, yours, OLD A. Z. From Tuesday's London Gazette; ' WHITEHALL, Oct, 51, 1811. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been plessed to appoint John Drinkwater, esq. to be one of tbe Comptrollers of Army Accounts. Mis Royal Highness tbe Prince Regent has been, pftased, in the name and on the behalf of his Ma- jesty, to constitute and appoint the Right Ho- nourable Charles Hope, his Majesty's Justice Clerk in Scotland, to be President of the College of Justice in Scotland, in the room of Robert Blair, esq. deceased WAR OFFICE, Oct 21\ 1811. . His Royal Highness the Prince Regent im been j pleased, in the name and on behalf- f his Majesty a point Lieutenant- Colonel his Serene Highness William Fr ederick Henry, Hereditary Prince of Orange, to be Colonel in the Army. BANKRUPTS. John Ross, Bedford- street, Covent- garden, sil- versmith.— Joseph Deguilar, Liverpool, merchant -— i. Thomas Hall, Hart- street, Grosyenor- square, coach- maker George Sellers, Kingston- upon- Hull, merchant,- William Eyre Koyston, West Leigh, Lancashire, cotton- spinner.— James Jones, Peter Bromfield Litherland, and William Penfold Birks, Liverpool, merchants.. - James Ball, New- castle- under- Lyme, Staffordshire, grocer.—- Robert Hunt, White Cross- street, victualler.— Thomas— Winn, Princes- Street, Hanover- square, milliner.— Edward Harris, M. Catherines, Middlesex, dealer— Edward Simmons, Deal, grocer. LONDON. We have received letters from Buenos Ayres to tbe Gib of August. An extract from one of them says, " Monte Video is so hard pressed, and so powerful are the measures adopted against it by this Government, that it is impossible it should hold out for a longer period than a moilth from the present time." By n vessel which is arrived in seveu days from Oporto, letters have been receiVed from that place to the 13lb instant; and from Corunna to a date somewhat prior. They communicate nothing of importance. The supplies for the army of the Allies will now he chiefly drawn from Oporto. The following is an eitract front one of the let- ters, dated Oporto, Oct. 13:— Colonel Trant left tliis place a few days ago, to or- gantie a new regiment of militia, in l! ie interior, which has heen supplied with iirms, and will be ready for ser- vice in a very short time. u Accounts from head- quarters, up to the 11th', say. that tlie British army was rather sickly. The number if the sick in the Anglo- Portuguese forces amounts to 15,00.0, but it will decrease ns: the scasorf advances. Neither army is preparing to do any thing nt present, and the head quarters remain in the same situati on. " Letters from Gallicia state, that Abadia has had many skirmishes with the advanced posts of the enemy, but not any engagement of consequence, ile lias several times driven them back, but they return upon him with increased force, and it is expected that he will, until further strengthened, withdraw from the immedi- ulc neighbourhood of Astorga." Two Malta Mails arrived this morning, with letters and papers from Sicily to the 3d September. — A report having been spread; that the late- ajv rest of the Sicilian Noblemen had taken place ai the instigation of the English, it has been contra dieted by authority, as a false rumour for the put- pose of exciting a prejudice in the minds of the natives against that nation. An article, cjattd Paler mo, Augnst 15, gives a full account of the depl/ rable state to which the city and kingdom of Naples ate reduced under their present Ruler. It is wc; ll ial culated to take the machinations of the French party, and to do away the suspicious entertained of a secret understanding between the French anil Sicilian Governments. The Anniversaries of the Birth days of hr. Royal Highness the Prince Regent " f England, and of her Majesty the Queen of tlte Two Sicilies, wer celebrated at Messina, ( frith every demonstration of joy. Her Majesty has entered into herGOih yea,-.— The description of the state of the Kingdom of Naples, to which Wi have alluded, referring to King Murat, savs — " Indeed, to tell truth, it is not to him that these calamities are to be attributed, but lo tli eternal or h rt he daily receives from Paris, for so individually, it appears, are tather attached to hi than otherwise, being mighty fohd of playing the King, and spoiling his fiyure In theatrical dresses, MICII as ihe old Spanish dress, Roman, boots, Sfc. vet we itiav form a clear idea that his actions and intentions are not in unison; for in his reply to the deputation of merchants, who entreated some relaxation in favour of commerce, he roundly declared, that if he were at the head of 200,000 bayonets, his conduct as a sovereiitn would be quite different; il would appear that, this, or some such expression ef his genuine sentiments, is cause of what now is repotted, viz. that Bonaparte detei- mined lo remove him from the drill kingdom, either bv de posing Or translating him to some other soil already ruined by the paternal cares of the French troops. This, at least, is the news of the day; and it would appear that the wily Corsican has deliberately matured his plan, as in having withdrawn all the French troops from Naples, he has provided against any resistance lo his caprices that his Brother in- law might be induced to make against an order for re- transportation." The new General Committee of Ihe Catholics of Ireland had their meeting at ihe Theatre, in Fish shamble- street, Dublin, on Saturday. Near S00 members from all parts of Ireland attended. At eleven o'clock the Earl of Fingal took the chair; Viscount Netterville then produced the draft of a petition to the Imperial Parliament, which was read and unanimously agreed to. It was also moved and carried, that the Committee do adjourn to within a fortnight preceding the meeting of Parli- ament.— The meeting then broke up without an in- terruption, but as the members were dispersing. Mr. Hare ( one of the Police Magistrates) attempted to addiess them, slating, that he came as a Magis- trate to disperse the meetipg. He was, however, iceeived with loud cries of TOO LATE! TOO LATE! and the assembly dispersed. DRURY- LANE THEATRE.—- This morning at seven o'clock, 50. labourers commenced to clear away the ruins of this once noble edifice; to- mor- row they expect an addition of Go more. Mr. Wyatt, whose plan has heeiV approved of by the Committee, was in attendance with some of the members. The bustle around the paling which en- closes the ruins was great, a crowd of persons be- ing in attendance, each seeking an appertu re to get a peep at the performances. The woikmen have commenced their labours on the eastern de. s — On Saturday afternoon as two stone niasons were at woik in Cumberland- row, Islington- green, on lifting up a large stone the leaver gave, way and the stone fall upon one of them and broke both his legs. The unfortunate man was put into a coach and conveyed to St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Eight soldiers belonging to the Bands of the Middlesex, East Essex, and Limerick Militias, have been tried by a Garrison Court Martial, at Portsmouth, and sentenced to be flogged, for having entered on board some ships of wgr at Spit- head. Saturday morning the punishment took place at Hilsea Barracks, and tlie regiments to which they belong were marched to witness it. Thirty- two new Fables of PhseJrus lately disco- vered in manuscript in the Naples Library, have been published in Italy, and ate about to be re- published in France. POLICE. MARLBOROUGH- STREET. CRIM CON EXTRAORDINARY. . A woman, « • h I e- iles in Poland- street, com- ii. tai-. icd at lie Office, if a, m m having forcibly en- ter ed her bed- rooin, and committed a criminal a- sauH up'iu her, on Monday evening. She said that she knew the ravisliet bv sight, that he had trot possession of a kev of the street door, and hav- ing before professed his attachment towards her, sin- was much alarmed by his sudden appearance, but she struggled in vain, and riiil not call out lest she should ALARM THE NEIGHBOURS. The Complainant was unsuccessful in obtaining redress, hut on the contrary, the case excited considerable merriment. MARLBOROUGH COURSING. The Marlborough Coursing Meetings have commenced fur the serson— the first was held on the the 14th'and 15th insi. " the weather proved par- ticularly fine — The venerable Lord Chief Justice Mansfield; Sir Wm. Barker, and other distill, guished sportsmen, to the number of near 300, attended tlie meeting. The sport was excel- lent. FIRST DAY. Lord Chief Justice Mansfield's Madam beat Mr. Jones's Jessica. Sir W. Barker's Beauty against Mr. Goodlake's Goth; undecided. Mr. Jones's Jet beat Mr. Wooldrish's Woodcock. Sir Wm. Barker's Balloon beat the Chief Justice's Monday. Mr. Jones's Julia heat the Chief Justice's Milo. Mr. Wooldrish's Wing beat Mr. Goodlake's Gog. Mr. Goodlake's Glory beat the Chief Justice's Mahomet. Sir Wm. Barker's bent Mr, Jones's Joker. Mr. Wooldrish's Whiff against Mr. Jones's Jasper; an decided. Mr, Jones's Jester beat Sir Wm. Barker's Bat. Mr. Goodlake's Grace beat Sir Wm. Barker's Bat. Mr. Goodlake's Goliah beat Mr, Jones's Justice. SECOND DAY. Mr. Jones's Juba beat the Lord Chief Justice's Milo. The Chief Justice's Mahomet against Mr. Goodlake's Glory, unknown. Sir Wm. Barker's Balloon beat the Chief Justice's May Mr. Goodlake's Goat beat ihe Chief Justice's Mermaid. Mr. Jones's Jumper beat tbe Chief Justice's Madam. Mr. Wooldrish's Wag beat Sir Wm. Barker's Blast. Mr. Jones's Jet beat Mr. Davenport's Dice. Mr. Goodlakels Gog beat Mr. Wooldrish's Woodcock. Mr. Wooldrish's Wing against Mr. Woodlake's Grace, undecided. Mr. Davenport's Drone heat Mr. Jones's Joker. The Chief Justice's Monday against Mr. Davenport's Drab, undecided. Sir Wm. Barker's Bat against Mr. Davenport's Drill, undecided. Sir Wm. Barker's Bachelor against Mr. Jones's Jasper undecided. BOXERS. There are several pugilistic ma'ehesen the tapis, and ihe one that excites greater interest than any other, is- that betwixt the scientific Belcher and Powers, which will be miivfe for 400 guineas.— Hall, the conqnerer of voting Crib, is also waiting a customer; and Ins declared himself open to the challenge of anv 12 stone man, and a mill betwixt him and the Nottinghamshire man, who distin- guished himself at i lusselton Gap, is anticipated Molineux challenges all the world ( Crib excepted.; It having been teported that a Life- guardsman of equal strength is in training. for him, the following is Molineux's challenge, LITERATIM et VERBA TIM :— To the Milling life- guardsman. As rnv law u-' succr si- fui combat has set the knowing one afloat to tl. H another big man to mill nic, and h.< v nig just g » . l flash enough to know some part of the phrases, bv which I und. r; taud you are the in: t, n I am ocx I to- come id with, 1 hereby ch. ilh oge to fi « hl \ oo for ano gu neas, nnd as mu< h m oe as your friends think proper, anv tune betwiu this add Christmas, ( mo gui- neas depo. it), after which 1 hi » pe to be otherwise en- gaged, I senci Ui t• chitll. rrigi- to vou. bur 1 wiil fight - any other max in the world, barring Crib, on the same terms, within tbe stated time. The fe rle. s THOMAS MOLINEUX. This challenge was enclosed in a note to Mr. Jackson, r ques'ing his favour to forward it. A similar challenge has been received by Belcher from Powers; but ihe latter forfeited a deposit a few davs since to the former, in consequence of some renvs-. m- ss in his backers, and Belcher having nuhliclv declined fighting again, is not bound to notice it by the rules of pugilism, but a fislit be- twixt these scientific professors is, above all others, looked for, and will doubdess lake plate! Yesterday tbe Prince Recent took an airing in his carriage, and called at Carleton- house, to in- spect the repairs guing on theie. FANATICISM. At the late Leeds Sessions, J Burnley, a weaver, of Beeston, was brought before the Court, 011 a charge of desening his family. The prisoner ad- mitted that he earned from 18s. tn 2' s. a week, the residue of which, after supplying his own n'cessi- ties, he distributed among his poor neighbours; conceiving that his wile and family were not entitled to his attention unless they weie in greater distress than others In the cj urse of a lung dialogue with the Court, he quoted texts of " criptu'e with in- tent to prove tliat he wis bound 10 give to those that were more distressed than his own family— to forsake, Other, mother, wife, and children; that he had acted contrary to the Gospel in taking a wife, and sinned in so doing - some Genlemen who knew ihe prisoner, stated that f uinerly he was an industiious man, and that be had lead the Bible till he had bewildered himself; that he would absent himself whole da\ S together, and retire into ihe woods and fields for the- pti' pose of reading it. Aftei some lime spent in this msnnei, lie went away from Ins familv, and refused to contribute to theii sup port. What he h « d sard of givitig aw.\ v his. earn iiiL'S to objects of distress, was correct. When tbld that one of his children was extremely ill, and needed support, said " God would give it:" the circumstance made no impression on him. The prisoner's wife having requested that no seve- rity might be used towards him, he was dis- charged. In the month of August last, a female negro slave was pushed into a pond in Antigua, and drowned. The Coroner's Inquest found it minder against some person or persons unknown, and every exertion made to discover the person who had com- mitted the fact, but in vain. At length, Mr. Har- vey Thompson, a gentleman, says the Antigua Paper, much esteemed by those who knew him. and whose general character has been unexception able, went to a Magistrate, and confessed that he was the unfortunate person, who, without anv malice against the poor woman, had occasioned her death. He was in consequence committed for trial. " It is universally regretted," says the edi- tor of the Antigua Journal, " that a gentleman of Mr. Thompson's hum mi'v, and engaging mildness of manners, should be- led by the playfulness of his disposition ( at that time it is said, exhilirated by wine), to indulge in a kind of sport which has been attended with such deplorable consequences, and has occasioned the most bitter reflections to himself.'' SIR N. HOLLAND. This Baronet, recently deceased, was more jusl- lv famed for his professional talents as a painter, and as brother to Mr. George Dance, than bv all the borrowed splendour that immense wealth thro' his marriage with the Yorkshire Mrs. Dummer, and the title which it brought could subsequent Iv command. That he bote those accessions of for- tune with an ill grace, was soon manifested by a proud absurdity, which he obstinately displayed in endeavouring to purchase up, in order to bufn, all the pjctu'es which he had ftWme- Iv. painted, many of which were rf high and deserved celebri- ty. This he did at the cost of some thousands, in order to enter ihepictoric world tigairr as an ama- teur, but in whi; h strange project his success fell liort of the vanity of his expectations. However strange to say. the mortification of hot being able to purchase, in order to destroy his illimitable whole length of Garrick, in the scene of Richard the Third, where he exclaims, " A horse! a horse I my kingdom for a horse t" and for which he of- fered the late Sir W. William Wynne one thou- sand guineas, deeply affected his intoxicate^ mind to the end of his existence!— He possessed, liv it is fortunate union with Mrs. Dummer, estates to the amount of lS. OOOl. per annum, and amongst these matrimonial acquisitions was the ancient and beau- tiful Abbey of Netley, on the Southampton river, which, it seems, derived nothing from Sir Nathaniel's capricious taste, even on the common score of decent preservation. He represen ed the Bo- rough of East Grinstead many years in Parliament, and amassed nearly 900,00,01. most of which he is said tb have bequeathed to his own relatives. The Dumber estates being itrictly entailed, rethaiti in that respectable family. During the last Summer a Lady at Aldborough had the . misfortune to lose a TOPAZ BROACH, which she next morning employed the town crier to proclaim through the streets with suitable re- ward;' but whether from , the illegibility of ( he writing, or the misconception of this public orator, he called it a TOPMAST BROKE, which bethought more Congenial to the vicinity of the element where the loss was sustained !— A few years since the crier at the same place wasordeied to proclaim a reward for the discoverv of a couple of black and white setter bitches, which Colonel Vivian ( then resident there) had lost, but from I he crier's inca- pacity to decvpher the hand- urnting, and his little knowledge of the canine race, after puzzling him self for a long time, and without having probably lead Mrs. Piozzi on Synonymes, he construed COUPr, ij to mean a PAIR, and thus proclaimed the Colonel's misfortune, '• LOST, A PAIR OF BLACK and white satin breeches," which cotild not fail to excite the risibility of the company assembled at that well- freqitented hathing-|> lace, more especially as the reference for reward was to lie made person- ally to the Colonel himself, who was much quiz- zed for the singularity of his supposed TASTY ap- parel. Three Clergymen, of the diocese of St. David's, have lately been censured and reprimanded by the. Bishop, for Invifig signed ( he Testimonium erf a candidate for Orders, contiaryto their knowledge of the facts therein alleged; and were cautioned against a repetition of Ihe same offence, on paiti of stlspensiou from their Ecclesiastical functions. tin Sunday se'nnight, the following calamitous event took place at the residence- of Mr. Thomas Pressick, near Loftus1, in the North- riding of Yorkshire. A stack of hav, containing upwards of sixty tuns, which had been made up in loo damp a state, took fire, and tbe flames communicating to seven adjacent corn- iicks, the whole weie cn- .'. i'- elv consumed The amount of the damage is is estimated ai Hoof. To the distress naturally aris- i11from this melancholy event, was added, tbe nccu'iar aggravation of ihe ifinest and death of Mr. Matthew Corner, of Whitby, ship- owner, and son- in- law of Mr. Prestick, at whose house'he had In en confined by indisposition for several weeks preceding the period alluded to; and during the whole of that time, in which ihe attention of the f-' ttiily was absorbed by the contemplation of that calamity which threatened the destructi in of the whole premises, was in a dying state, and survived only a very short time after the conflagration had ceased. A plan has, been lately brought forward by a Mr. Fane, and was, a few days since, exhibited before the Lords of the Admiralty. It is a four- pound shot, wrapped round with a prepared cotton, and made very hard, so as to appear like a cannon- ball — on firing of which, it has the useful cffect of a cannon shot; but ihe moment it starts from the cannon's mouth, it presents one solid mass of fire, and whatever it hits, whether rigging or hull of a ship, will immediately take fire. A widow woman named Zwanziaer was beheaded at Clumbach, Bavaria, on the 17th tilt, for poison- ing several people. Among the victims were three mistresses, bv whom she had been treated with great confidence; and having in consequence learnt whera then money was secreted, she entered their chamber during tbe night, and poured a poisonous liquid into their ears, which occasioned immedi- ate dea h She afterwards possessed herself of the ntonev, ond feigning > lie deepest grief, escaped all suspic ion of the double crime she had committed. Yesterday se'nnight, at his house on the Wyle- Cop, Shrewsbury, Mr. WM. Hitchcock, jun. land- snrvevor, aged 30. His death was occasioned by the explosion of a Quantity of inflammable gas, 11 hWi bv some accident became mixed with atmos- oheric air in tbe gasometer. The moment it was kindled i! went off with a report equal to that of a cannon, and blew him down on the back of his head with such violence as to produce a concus- sion, which terminated in matter on the brain, and an extravasation of blood into the chest and lungs, which last, on dissection, were totally black from infused blond into ihe hair cells and produced moi tjfication His experiment was intended to ex- hibit to his family, and seveial of his friends, an appearance like the tail of the comet. The arrest iof a dead body was, in the case of ' Jones v. Ashburnham,' adjudged in the Court of King's Bench, in Hillary Term, 44 Geo. III. to be contrary to law. Upon that occasion, after noticing the opinion of many high authorities, Lord Elen- borough says, among oilier things, " As to the ease cited of a mother who promised to pay, on forbearance of the plaintiff lo arrest the dead bo dv of her son, which she feared he was about to do; it is contraiv to eveiv principle of law Such an act is revolting to humanity, and 1 lesal ; and therefore anv oromi e exiotied bv the fear of it would never be valid. Tuesday se'nnigh' f> ur voting men sailed in an open boat fiom Bristol, on a citSt e in nid about Kingroad, and remained at Clevedon and ihe adja- cent plares till Sunday, whet - heypiepaied > 0 re- turn home; but o ming by, the wieck ol the Re- becca, tliev asreed to go on b . ard lief, and fas, en tile boa' bv the pain ei, ( the sea ai this time was tremendous ) They h 1; l been on the wreck bu a slio t time, when the violence of . he wave swamp- ed the boat, and « he went ' o pieces; and in an in- stant a wave swept thrift awa'. Two sunk t, use no more! the other tw ,. being excellent swim- mers, buff- fed the waves for neai ly an li ' UR, when hey were saved bi a boat naswtsg that way. DOMESTIC CHASTISEMENT.-- AT the lafe Quar- ter Sessions,' at Wakefield, Yorkshire, Thos. Bate- man was indicted for an assault upon his wife. His counsel objected to the case being gone into, on the ground that husbands had, bv law, a RIGHT to beat their wives; that they should not be tried for an assault in such cases, but that the proper course was to exhibit articles of the peace against them. The Bench recommended, and the priso- ner agreed to enter into articles to keep the peace, and he was discharged. A WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. Patronized by their Royal Highnesses tbe PRINCESS OP WALES and DUKE OF SUSSEX, CUJ mojl of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL FOR THE HAIR. . , F THE virtues of this Oil, extracted from a. tree in the Island'of Macassar in ihe East Indies, are far beyond eulogiuni, for encrcasing the growth , if hair even 011 bald places, to » beautiful length and thickness, preventing it falling off or changing colour, to the latest period of life, slreiightening the curl, be- stowing an inestimable gloss and scent, rendering the hair inexpressibly attracting; nourishing it after sea- bathing, travelling in hot climaies, violent exercises, & c. for which it possesses admirable qualities, promotes the growth of whiskers, eye- brows, & c. In tine, it is the first production in the ivotld foi restoring and beauti- fying the hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, - mid Children. Such celebrity lias it attained, ilmt it is daily honoured with the sanctions of Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of the Navy and Army, ti e Faculty, and" public at large. It is innoxious, extremeiy pleasant in use, » ud suited to all climates. Price as. yd. per bottle, or large family huttle, containing cig'. t small, with a treatise o » the hair, at one guinea each. Sold wholesale and rcu. il by the proprietors Rowland and Sou, Kirby- street, Hutton Garden, London; ond by appointment wholesale and retail by W. Lee, Lewes ; and retail by Gregrory, Saun- ders & Laming, nntJ Walke, Brighton ; Binstend, Chi- chester: Wyatt, Little Hampton ; and by all Perfumers, and Medicine Venders in every Market Town through- out the United Kingdom. Beware of servile imitations, tu the Genuine Macassar Oil has the signatures of the Proprietors, A. Rowland and Son, MARKKTS. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1811. We were again but sparingly supplied with Wheat this morning. The mealing trade was rea- sonably brisk; prices nearly the same- as on Mon- day last. It must nevertheless be observed, that some fine old Dantzic fetched rtiore than quoted in our figures. Barley, likewise, was a short sup- ply, and rather dearer. Malt also something high- er. White Pease ( boilers) were more plentiful, and the finest scarely obtained last week's terms. Horse Beans, as well as Ticks, were each of them a trifle dearer; and Oats, of which the arrivals have been few, and the article progressWelyirtsing in price, sold at the increased value specified b « - low. CURRENT tnicE or GRAIN: Wheat 70s. 80s. 94s. Beans 43s. 54s. Fin, e ditto 100s. lJ5s. Tick ditto 45s. 5us liye ( new) 40s. 4os. Oats 28s. S4s 3f) s. Barley 32s. 48s Poland ditto 40s. 48s. M^ lt 74s. 86s. Potatoe ditto — s. 89s. White Pease | „ Ripe Seed 391. 431. ( boilers) J'Ss- SUs. n„ e Fiour Giey Pease 54s. 60s. Seconds 90. « X> » . PRICE OF SEFOS. R. Clover( n.) I Oils. Od. to l^ fis Od. per cwt. Oid ditto 50s. od. to 100s Od. ditto White ditto 90s. Od. to 13ns. od. ditto Pre foi I gOs. Od. to 6js. Od. ditto Itye Grass 3ns. Od. to 5' is. Od. per quartet Turnip lis. Od. to 16s. Od. ditto lied & Orcen ISs. Od. to 20s. Od. ditto VV. Must. 8. 10s. Od. to 14s. od. per bushel Biowri ditto 16s. Od. to 20s. Od. ditto PRICE OP BREAD. His Lordship ordered tlie price of Bread to be continued at I7d. the quartern loaf, wheatcn. CALCULAFTOK s. d Sack of Flour - 99 ? j Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 II."? Eighty Quartan Loaves at 17< l. 113 4. In favour of the Baker - 0 1J PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. £ J. £ s. £ s. £ s. Kent S 10 to 7 7 Kent 4 0 to 5 17 Sussex 4 0 to 6 o Sussex 4 0 to 5 <> Esse* 4 0 to 6 6 Farnham 10 12 to i2 O YBaais Jo 0 to 0 0 VW- j 0 0 to 0 O Bags J" 0 to 0 0 0 o to 0 o Old Hop Duty, laid at £ SMITHFIELD- MARKET, OCT 21. To sink the otl'al, per stone of 8lb. s. d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day. Beef 4 6 to 5 6 Beasts - - 2184 Mutton 5 O to 6 S I - heep & Latnbs 12,720 Lamb O 0 to o 0 Calves - - 130 Veal 6 0 to 7 o Pigs - - 240 Pork £ 0 to 6 8 LEATHER, P£ R POUND. d. d. Butts, soil), a , r> 6lb. - 21 a Ditto, 561b. a OGjh. - 2.5 a 26 Merchants' Backs - • « a — Dressing HidV%, - 17 a 18 Fi » e Coach Hides - 16 a 19 ( Sop Hides, for Cutting 16 a 18 Ordinary ... — a — Tanned Horse - 16 a 19 Calfskins, 3olb. to40ib. prdoz. .10 a 34 5i lb. to7olb'. 36 a 42 • , 70lb. to 8oib. 36 a 40 Seals, smay,, ( Greenland) pr lb. 2s. a 3s. —, large, per doz. 120s. 18us. od. RAW HIDES Best Heifers a id Steers, ( pirst.) 2s. 10( 1. to 3s. f? d. Middlings 2s 6d. to 2s. 8d. Ordinary 2s. Od. to 2s. 4d. Market Ca! ( each) ———. 14S, English Horse .. lis. Od to 12s. Od^, Shearlings . ,, • 24d. ti> 26; i. Lambskins Is. Cd. to 3s. tjti. PRICE OF TALLOW. s. ( i s. d St. James's Market 4 8| Town Tallow 80 0 Clare Market 4 8 Yellow Russia 78 O Wliitechapeltliito4 7 White ditto 74 .0 Soao ditto 74 t> 13 114 Melting Stuff 60 Q> Average price 4 8 Ditto cough 54 t> Graves 16 O Yellow Soap, 92s — Mottled, 802s. , Curd, loGs. Candles, per doz. 12s. od.— Moulds, ISs. Od, Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of ' NTGLUC , • are received at .'. eir Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. AC* iaxtS£ « L » , L 1 « il! ilie be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPRAM, CHICHESTER Mr ROE. Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth ; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. Mr. CHAMPION HORSHAM ; PALMER. East- Grinsted, Mr MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings ;- i bv tbe Newsmen.
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