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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 922
No Pages: 4
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 25/09/1811
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 922
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, September 25, 1811 Wednesday SALE POSTPONED from the Uh to the nth October. At the Bed Lion, Whitchurch, Salop, on Frid& y, the nth of October, 1811, between the Hours of two and four in the Afternoon, in one or more Lots, and subject to such Conditions, as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale : AVERY desirable COPYHOLD ESTATE, situate at HOLLIK's GREEN, in the Parish of W^ ubury, within the Manor of New- ball, in the County of Chester, called the PEN MEADOW OAKES, now in the holding of Gongli, Widow, or Richard Gough, her Son, com prising a Farm House, Outbuildings, Gardens, and various Closes of Arable, Meadow and Pasture Laud, containing in tbe whole FIFTY- TWO STATUTE ACRES, be tbe same more or less. All the foregoing Premises adjoin each ether, and lying completely within a Ring Fence, are distant from Whit- church and Nantwich about six, from Audlem three, Dray- ton nine, and from Wrenbnry and the Lime Works on the EHesmerc Canal, about three Miles. Further Particulars at the Office of Mr. LOWE, Solicitor' Whitchurch. The I. ORD WELLINGTON NEW COACH to ABERYSTWITH, by Way of Welsh Pool, l. lanfair, Llanerfil, Can- Office, Miillwyd, and Machynlleth, has commenced running, from The LION and The UNICORN Inns, Wvi. r. COP, and The BRI- TANNIA Inn, MARDOL, SHREWSBURY; and continues to go every SUNDAY, TUESDAY, and THURSDAY Morn- ings, at fouro'Clock, aud returns the same Day to Shrews- bury, where it meets the Chester, Liverpool, Manchester, Worcester, Hereford, Bath, Bristol, London Mail, and other Coaches. Performed hy the Public's obedient Servants, LAWRENCE, WILLIAMS, & CARTWRIGHT, Shrewsbury, R EVANS, Bear Inn, Welshpool, T. EVANS, Cross Foxes, Llanerfil, T. EVANS, Eagles Inn, Machynlleth, JACOB JONES, Royal Hotel, Aberystwith. The above CoaCh has been put on the Road at the solici- tations of many respectable Merchants in London, Birm- ingham, Bristol, & c. who wish to view the delightful and . grand Scenery of North and South Wales, during tbe Summer Months ; and for the Accommodation of Families and Parties, Seats may be secured THROUGHOUT, from the BOLL and MOUTH, and GREEN MAN and STILL Inns, London; T he DOG, SARACEN'S HEAD, and SWAN Irtus, Birmingham ; The LION Inn, Wolverhampton ; The PHEASANT Inn, Wellington; The STAR and GARTER Inn, Worcester; also from ABERYSTWITH throughout to London every Day. Kf" The Proprietors of this Undertaking will not be accountable for Parcels, Passengers' Luggage, & c. above the value of Five Pounds, unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly. ART OF ANGLING ENLARGED, Qiantiti/. A. R. P. 4 2 24 On Monday, the 7th Day of October, 1811, at the Unicorn Inn, in the Town of Machynlleth, ill the County ot Mont- gomery, between the Hours of four and six o'clock in the Afternoon, subject lo Conditions of Sale ; rf lHE following very desirable and improveabte FRF. E- 1 HOLD ESTATES and FARMS, in Lots, as under: LOT 1 A capital Messuage, Tenement and Farm, with the Ap- purtenances, called RHOGOG, most delightfully situated 111 a beautiful romantic Valley at tbe Foot of CADER 1DRIS, in the Parish of Talyllyn, iii the County of Meri- oneth, containing by Admeasurement 127A. SR. sP. ( more or less), and in tlie Occupation of Mr. John GriBitiis. Tbis Estate has a valuable and exclusive Right of Sheep Walk over 87 Acres of very sound Land. LOT II. A Messuage, Tenement, and Farm, with the Ap- purtenances, called THE BRYN, situate in the Parish of Llanymowddn, in the same County, containing by Admea surement 75A. OR. 8P. ( more or less), in the holding of Mr, John Edwards, aged 87 Years, or thereabout, under a Lease for his Life at the yearly Rent of =£' 28. los Also another Messuage, Tenement, and Farm, with ils Appurtenances, called TYNYLLAN, situate in the same Parish, containing } sA iR. 27P. ( more or less), in the Oc- cupation of Widow Richards. These Farms, together with the next ( Lots), have a very extensive and almost exclusive Right of Common over nearly 450 Acres of excellent Sheep Walk, LOT III A Messuage, Tenement, and Farm, with the Appurtenances, called LLEDFRON, situate in the said Parish of I. lanymowddu, containing by Admeasurement 25A. OR. 2yP. and in the Occupation of John Hugh. LOT IV A Messuage, Tenement, and Farm, with its Appurtenances, called ESCAIRGADWAITH, containing by Admeasurement lOSA. 2R. 26P. situate in the Parish of Darowen, ill the County of Montgomery, in theOccupa tion of Richard Thomas. LOT V. A Messuage, Tenement, and Farm, with its Ap- purtenances, called FRONGOCH, containing by Admea- surement as A. SR. 29P. situate in the same Parish, and in the holding of Hugh Jones. LOT VI. A Messuage, Tenement, and Farm, with the Appurtenances, called BPiYN Y CROGWR, containing by Admeasurement 98. A. 3R. 3P. situate in the said Parish of Darowen, and in the holding of Robert Richards. LOT VII A Messuage, Tenement, and Farm, with its Appurtenances, called TAN Y LLAN, containing by Ad- measurement 70A. 3lt. 3SP. ( more or less), situate in the Parish of Darowen aforesaid, and in the Possession of Ed- ward Hugh LOT VIII A Messuage, Tenement, and Dwelling House, called the UNICORN INN, with tbe Garden, Lands, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, containing by Admea- surement 2A. iR. 13P. situate in the Village of Darowen, and in the Possession of Evan Jones. N. B. Tbe above Lots 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, are entitled to extensive Sheep Walks on the adjoining Hills. LoT IX. All those Cottages and Gardens situate in the Village of Darowen, in the Occupation of John Edwards, under a Lease for 99 Years, of which about 50 are now un- expired, LOTX. A Messuage, Tenement, and Farm, called HIR- DDOL, containing by Admeasurement 102A. 3R. 24P. situ- ate in the Pariah of Pcuegos, pi the County of Montgomery, iu the Possession of Edward Pugb. LOTXI. A Cottage, Gardeu, and Parcel of Land, called TYN Y MAES, situate in the same Parish, and containing by Admeasurement lA 2R, 34P. under Lease to Mary Humphreys, for her own Life. aged 87, or thereabout, and the Life of Robert Jones, aged 50 Years, or thereabout. LOT All. A Messuage, Farm, and Lands, called PEN Y GEULAN, containing by Admeasurement 72A. 3R. 5P. ( more 01 less), situate in the said Parish of Penegos, iu the holding Of John Rhees. N. B. This Farm has an extensive Common Right on the adjoining Wastes. LOT XIII A Parcel of Land ( Part of Pen y geulan Farm), called CAE RHOS GUD, containing two Acres, or tlicre- 1 about. LOT XIV. A Messuage, Farm, and Lands, called CLIRI- 1 AN FACH, situate in tlie Parish of Machynlleth, contain- ing by Admeasurement 29A. 3R. 3P. ( more or less), in the 1 Possession of Widow Lewis. All tbe above Farms ( excepting those mentioned to be under Lease) are let to respectable yearly Tenants, at very low Rents, & are capable of very considerable Improvement. They are also situate at easy Distances from good Market Tonus, and iu a fine Sporting Country, abounding with Game and Fisli. Tbe respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and further Particulars may be known hy applying to Messrs. LLOYDS, Solicitors, Ludlow, Shropshire, at whose Office Maps of the Estates may also be seen. 6th August, 1811, Thomas Rogers Ditto Thomas Rogers Matthew Jones TO BE LET, With immediate Possession, on a Lease, or otherwise, at the Option of the Tenant, ALL those convenient and extensive PREMISES, situ- ated at Swillington Bridge, 111 tlie West Riding ofthe County of York, occupied as a POTTERY, and Completely fitted up for the carrying 011 of that Business in all its Branches; together with a Field of four Acres, more or less, with the Lime Kilns, Coal Staigh, & e. These Premises stand 011 the Banks nf the River Aire, and are mosl eligibly situated for Water Carriage to all Parts of tbe Kingdom. The Tenant may be accommodated with the Fixtures at a fair Valuation, If the Pottery be not Let in six Weeks, the Utensils must be removed. Apply to WILLIAM WILKS, Esq. of Woodlesford, the Owner; or to Mr. RICHARD RHODES, at the Golden Lion, Leeds. Thomas Bedward Thomas Pugh SOUTH REGIMENT OF SHROPSHIRE LOCAL MILITIA, MONTGOMERY, At the Dragon Inn, iu the Town of Montgomery, the latter End of October, 1811, unless disposed of before by private Contract, of which Notice will be given in a future Paper; AFREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in the Parish of . LlandyssiLcalled THE PENTRE, consisting of a very good Dwelling House, and Plenty of Outbuildings, late the Residence of the Rev. DevereuxMytton, and about one hundred Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, nearly the Whole of which can be irrigated at Pleasure, and Possession of which may be had at Lady- Dny next; distant about one Mile from the Town of Montgomery, three from the Montgomeryshire Canal, seVeu from New- town, Welshpool, and Bishop's Castle. To shew the Premises, and for further Particulars, apply to Mr. THOMAS SMITH, Cefullan, near Montgomery. SeptemierQ, 181 j. LONDON. TRIP AY. 8F. VTRMBR8 00. In rorsequence of the body of physicians of Cr. rtl-. n- yena having delivered Iheir opinions, lhat the s'ckness prevailing ihrre is the yellow fever, the Government lias declared that citv to be in a state of contagion. The (' enths for eight days was inaH 51 — a very inconsider- able number for stst- h a populous place. If the content- of ' he following le-' er bv the Anboit Mail lie true, tlie jntelli^ nce from tiie North <> f Europe maybe exprctf( i- oon 10 acquire a new interest ; for it is not possible that th* King of IVu « si:! would venture to oppose the wishes of Bonaparte without having an assurance of support from Russia . i " Httnriau, gnt. 3.— The Continent is sti'l in a precarious state, if the reports are true as we have them hare, that the French Emperor has' demanded of the King of Prussia tbe fortresses of, Colberg and Gra « idui( z, and if he should not wish tn part with them, be is fold that he must give Silesia in their stead. It is said that the King of Prussia has re- fused this ihRiautf in'tow. We imaging here that Bonaparte wishes to five Sites, a to his father- in- law, Kie Emperor of Austria ; but certainly Russia must look r> ith h. jealous eye on these proceedings, and neyer can submit tamely to such an arrangement." It is rumoured > bat the P inee Urgent ha « stronely recom- mended to the Ministers to amend tt, e Income Bill by es- tablishing such a ratio a- is applicable to ihe other • nx< f, pro- , bates, hous"-, and windows, the greater property paying the greater tax ; so that proper! v under 50/. per annum, mav ' pay fid in the pouiid ; 10.' and under 100/. per annum, yd.; 100/ and under 150/. per antrum 1*.; charging an additional Sd in ihe pound for eveiv additional 50/. per annum. Yesterday a Court nf Proprietors was holrlen at the Bank, for the purpose of declaiing the lialf- yeailv dividend. On 1 this occasion Mr Pearce, in. answer to a question fiom the ' Duke of Norfolk,' stated " That the Bank had a considerable quantity of silver in their possession, wh> h they destined for coining, and that no less a sum than £ 500,0( 10 had al- ready been put into circulation— nnsiderable sums had been sent to the different large towns throughout the country, in proportion to their reputed populations ; anil very large sums also had been distributed among the different Loudon Bank- ers, so much as £ 500 weekly. They intended in this way to continue coining till ( he Iran's of the country were com. pli telv supplied , bv! it was to he recollected, lhat the pro cess of coining was such as to require a considerable lime be- fore. this could be effected." On the motion of Mr. Pearse the usual dividend was ordered to be made. Bv a Gentleman who has reeenllv left Archangel, and arrived in town, we have received the following communica- tion Oil the state of affairs in Russia. He says that, most ofthe commerce with that emintiv is now carrie' on bv the Ameri- cans, and that there were no less than 105 Americans lying at Aiehangd when he left if. There were also a great number st St. Petersbnrgh, al! laden with Colonial produce, ao arfcle which the Russians were in great want of. He further states that the Emperor Alexander has a very large army on foot, but owing to the officers being so badly paid, no reliance could lie placed on them, and Ihis is in a great measure the cause of his not commencing hostilities against [' ranee. In general it was exacted, bv the well informed, that, should a war take place, Bonaparte would be soon at St. Petersburg!-. Our victories in Portugal', when received there, were bailed with iuv, particnlarv bv the. Nobilty, who are nil in favour of England ; but nil their" attempts lo persuade Alexander of the dreadful situation of his Empire were in vain. He is enchanted by f male intrigue, not bv ibatlof Bonaparte's Ambassador, but by the arts of a Fien. h mi- tress. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 91. The Gazette of ( his evening announces, that the boats of his Majesty's shin Havanhab. Capt. the Hon. G. Cailogan, on the lib Sept. off Brest, ahlv conducted by Lieut. Hamley, of thai ship captured four French schooners, laden with wine and brnn. lv, and set fire to one which they were not able to bring awav ; this little gallant affair was performed without the lots of » single man. . Tew Kiwi— The Bulletins uniformly represent hi- Majesty o be in Ihe s ime stale as in tbe preceeding week. The intelligence fiom the North, respecting the probability of a war between Piussia, Russia, and Fiance, continues to gain ground. The letters from the coast informs us, ( hat, with the ex. ception of ( hearticle of cotton, all Bonaparte's schemes lo supply the Continent With the articles require.!, have failed. The report of the surrender of Ciudad Rodngo, brought by the Express packet, is unfounded. Government have re- ceived dispatches from Lord Wellington, dated Fbenle GtiinaWo. Aug, - 28 the same day on which. the surrender was said to have been known at Lisbon, by which we Lam, that the place remained then in the bands ofthe enemy. A letter has been received froin Rugensborgh, stating, " that the people of Pomerania have risen en masse, tothe num- ber of between 40 and 50,000, to resist the oppression of Bonaparte." This account receives some support from the letters which arrived from Gotlenburgh on Thursday, a few of which directly, nnd several indirectly, advert to com- motions in that province. A telegraphic communication has been received at the Admiralty from Yarmouth, which is understood to relate lo tiie naval preparations in the Scheldt. The enemy's force in that quarter is said to amount to 2f sail of ( he line, five frigates, and a number of small craft. Our fleet which watches the enemy consists at present of 21 sail of ( he line, ond a number of stout frigates, and will in a few days be further augmented. The Boulogne fl ' tills appears to have already received chastisement for ven'uring to manoeuvre outside of ihe har- bour Thev Wi re out again on Thursday; when one of our frisates and two or three sloops of war dashed in among them, Slid forced them to run for shelter into port, with the utmost precipitation From tbe questionable situation of tbe North of Europe, arid fhe activity prevailing on the coasts of France and Holland, Bonaparte seem- on ihe eve of undertaking some new enlerprlze ; and ( he evolutions of the Boulogne flotilla mav be inter- di d to diveit the attention of our Minis- ters from the real object of this boasted armament. It is in • fine calm weather only, that these small craft, however numerous, could act with even the slightest hope of success ; their sweeps might render them formidable in dead calms, but with a lo'erable breeze a few of onr frigates and sloops would run them down in shoals, and annihilate the whole of them The Cuiacoa friga'e, Capt. Towers, lias brought over 2,000 letters from India and the Cape ; and also five rare animals, two of- which are con . dc.- crijt, and one singularly curious, the fore part being headed and horned like an ox, and the hind quarter perfectly of the hurso kind. Exchanging Guineas.—- The coachman ofthe Bath and Bris- tol Mail " was examined before Mr. Alderman Wood, on a charge of exchanging B ink of England notes for guineas, con- trary to the clause in Lord Stanhope's Bill. M. Powell, Solicitor for the Mint, appeared in support of the prosecution li appeared in Ibe present case, I, hat George Rnthven, an Officer belonging to Bow- street, acting under bis instructions, had mounted outside the defendant's coach at . Newbury lo goto London, and that he hail assumed a dis- guise lo carry into effect his views. Oil his arrival in Lon- don, he entered into conversation with tbe coachman respect- ing the price of guineas, and the latter told him, if he would nil! a' the Swan iviiti Two Necks, Lad Ln, e where he pot up hi- horses, he would exchange the guineas for notes. The officer accordingly went to l. arl lane, and received from the coachman nine =£ 1 bank notes for eight guineas. After he bail made the exchange, he went for ail officer, by wli , m the defendant was yesterday taken, It was contended ( hat ihe defendant had been taken in a snare laid for his ignorance, as he bad never read Lord Stan- hope's Bill, not purchased anv gold before. It w.- s also sub- mitted to the worthy Al'ierman, that the coachman could not lie held in custody, beCaive theoft.' nce was proved by the evidence of ore as culpable as himself. In answer to Ihe lat- ter objection, it was slated that a comiclion on similar evi. dence had taken place at Worcester, and one at Bow- street, and' consequently ( hat such information was a sufficient gr in lid for I , f osecui ion. Mr. Aldeiiv. au Wood was satisfied that a trap had been laid for the coacnm. n, However, with respect to <: ie validity. of theevideriC'. he thought as - uch proofIKKI been received and acted on in ' he country, and a- the notes were Bank of Eng- land- note-, he was bound to receive it also; and in order to have the ca-. e subject to legal investigation, he ordeied the coaclrnan. lo find bail for his appearance at ( be Sessions. Re- 8|. cctub' b..; l a- co'dmgly attended, and ( lie defendant was discharged. The offence is a misdemeanor. A great number olci- achmeu attended tbe examination. ECHO.— A very singular echo has been d scovered iii tlie ice- house for the salmon fishery in the Bankbitl in Berwick, tbe effects of which upon, the senses are astonishing aiirt grand. By striking against the inner door the sound heigh', ens and increases, until its reverberations imitate Ihe rolling of thunder. A small pocket pistol fired when the door is shpt produces a roav like a broadside from a man of war. Some musical amateurs have tried with instruments, and declaie it-. •,.,—- r, wo. clerful. The fiute or violin, pi- iyed very slow, I, as a peculiar delightful effect, the tones being reflected « ilh exquisite modullation, and the notes of tlie voli? C are vibrated like the haimony of a company of chorister's. Although echo is a pronertv'of arches, vut this one was never supposed to possess It in so wonderful a manner until it was discovered by uccide'iit. last week. A gentleman, desiring to sec an ice- bouse, was shewn this one, arid on opeung tbe doe- r, ( be sound which it made, and tbe reflection of the voices, awak- ened curiosity to tiv its po-. vcrs, which are as described. LONGEVITY,— There is now living at Irthidgton, near Bramp- ton, in Cumberland, au interesting character, Itobert Bowman, farmer, who lias attained the patriaichal of 10t>. So little have ( be infirmities of age passed upou this hardy veteran, that his sight is su perfect as to preclude the necessity of uring glasses; aud his other senses are equally unimpaired. He walks firmly without a stick, and carries a basket of be. ttrr upon his arm to Brampton market ( a distance of about three miles) generally once a week. Not longer ago th. in the pre- sent season, he mowed the greatest part of a field of grass, wi'. h the greatest ease : he has been also very busily employed iri assisting his reapers going through a haul day's woik with nearly as much facility as any oue of his work- people; so eager, indeed, is be m this employment, that he fia's arisen from his bed, for that purpose, at tlie early boor ot three o'clock in ihe morning ' — Last year, so veiy vigorous did he conceive his fiame to be, he mounted to the top of au hay- stack, which he covered and bound down without assistance. But what most shews tbe confidence which ibis venerable person . iias in the unimpaired energy not his constitution, is the circumstance of his having lamented to a friend, that a iarm belonging to the Earl of Carlisle, which had been oc- cupied ( or two centuries by persons of the name of Bowman ( though we believe not of the same family as his own) had been taken by a person of another name; as, ii - d iie known in time, he certainly mould have taken a lease of it, in order that the name of Bowman might still be attached to the estate. Mr, Bowman is remarkably temperate, living upon the sim- plest kinds of food— butter- nnlk, potatoes; & c.~ Food which iias preseived the health, and nerved the brawny limbs, o! thousands of tbe Cumbrian peasantry. tbe city of Worcester at " lie List election; and, from the present aspect of affairs, the contest is likely to be main- tained with great spirit and peweveranee. At our Races on Tuesday the i; th iust. a Purse of £ 50 the gift of the Hon. W. Hill. and SirT Jones, Bart, was won by Mr. Shaw's b CGeneral Graham, 3yrs old 5 10 1 Sir Wr W. Wynn's Owen Glandwr, Ayri/ old I 4 o a Air- Wheeler's b m by Sir Oliver, 3 yrs old- 4 2 3 dr Air. Hipkin's b c Wanderer. 3 ytq ofd - 2 3 4 dr fir. Lewis's br c by Lignum Vitie, 3 yrs old, 3 dist. Same day, a Siveepsiukes of la gs. each, with SO gs. added by tlie Toicn. J. Egcrton's, Esq. Cestriau, li yrs eld - 1 Lord Grey's b f Stella, 3. yrs old - - S Five were drawn. On Wednesday, tnc Gentlemen's Subscription Purse of £ 50. Lord Stamford's b c Planet, 4 yCarsi old - 1 1 W. E. Powell's, Esq b e Banker, 3 yrs old - 2 2 One was drawn. On Thursday, a Sweepstakes of 10 gs. each, with 50 gs. ajtde d by the Town. R. Benson's, Esq. gl- h l.' itwycbe, 5 yrs old - 1 1 J. C. Pelham's, EsqVb cby Remembrancer, Bam by Poutac, 3 yrs old \ - - - 20 . Six weVe drawn. The ordinaries were well attended ; and there has been seldom known so, full and fashionable air assemblage al the ball room ail that of Thursday night. Among the com- pany w ere the Earl and Conutc- ss of Powi-, Lord Bradfoid, Lord dive, Ladies Harriet and Charlotte Clive, Hon. H G. " ' . — Esei. M. P. postscript. LONDON, Monday Night, September 23, 1811. THE KING.— The following are the Bulletins of yes^ rday and to- day:—" Sept. 22. His Majesty remains in the same state.— Sept. 23.— His ( Majesty has passed the night without sleep, and is not quite so w ell this morning." The following agreeable intelligence reached Lloyd's this morning: " Dover, September 22.— The cause of the firing heard on the French coast on Friday, was an engagement between our fleet, consisting of the Naiad frigate, three sloops of war, aud a cutter, ill all five sail— and tbe French flotilla i of seven large praams, each nearly as large as a frigate ; j II guu- boais, and other small craft, in all, < fl sail!!!— 1 The action commeuced nearly at noon Our shipping having dashed in among them, they were soon surrounded, but they fought like Britons, and compelled Ihe French Admiral to strike to them. At this time Bonaparte, who ; was viewing tbe action with Marshal Key, in a barge out- side the harbour, directed a French Commodore to pro- ! ceerl, with his praam, to the assistance of the Admiral; thisj being complied with, the French vessel run alongside, with intent ( o board, and captain Carter fearing this Coui- i modore would serve him as the Admiral bad done ( run- away), gave orders to lock the two ships together; when, after a short brush, the praam struck. She mounted 12 ! long brass 28- pounders. During this engagement the ; French Admiral, and the rest ot his fleet, made towards Boulogne, which so enraged his Imperial Majesty, that he ordered the . guns of llie batteries to be turned upon his invincible flotilla, to drive ( hem out to sea again, but without effect!! So confident was Bonaparte of success iu this affair, that he sent out a pilot, in the praam that was taken, to convoy the Naiad into Havre de Grace ! ! ! The praam has arrived in our roads. The Naiad had two men killed, and 15 slightly wounded ; and it is said that the First Lieutenant of llie Castnian. and two or three men, are also killed — The enemy's loss was immense " Two bags of letters bave arrived from Anholt, by which various letters have been received from St. Petersburg!! to the 24th u! t. The subject of war between Russia and France, concerning which so much bas been advanced, both for and against the probability of such ail event, is again revived wilh greater confidence than ever. The intentions of the former power to stem, if possible, the inroads of France, it is asserted have become very apparent, a id that they may be prosecuted with ultimate success, is the fervent wish of every oue who is tiny way acquainted with the gigantic strides and marauding disposition of Napoleon. The communications from Stockholm as well as from Gottenburgh are not less confident on this subject; tbe following passages are selected from one of the letters: " War between France aud some of the Northern powers is uo longer problematical— it is now certain that it will take place.— My authority rests on the word of the Crown Prince himself, aud 1 should not be surprised if a declaration was issued iu a few weeks, but it is more probable that a month or two may first elapse."— Letters have also been received to- day from Heligoland to the igth inst. Their prominent feature of intelligence, like those from Anholt, St Petersburgh, & c. relates lo the probable, and as the letters express it, " certain hostilities betwecu France and Russia." Letters have also been received from Hamburgh to the 4th inst. They still complain of tbe accumulating embar- rassments the merchants arc obliged to experience - Some of Ihe merchants were in hopes a long time back that a change of events favourable to Iheir interests) would take place, but their patience is now exhausted with their property, and nothing but gloom and depression awaited them. The measures of Bonaparte operating in this way on the merchants it is feared will prove fatal t< T many. The report of tbe capture of tbe American frigate Presi- dent, by the British frigate Melampus, is wholly dis credited.— The President was al New York oil lhe 24th ult where she was refitting. — The Melampus has taken a French prize and towed her into Halifax : it is from this circumstance the report undoubtedly originated. Wheat experienced a small declension in the London market on Friday ; and continued at same prices this day. No Business done this day at the Stock Exchange. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1811. EC^ 3 Several Advertisements, and many interes ting articles of in- telligence, are omitted this weekfor want qf room. BIRTil. Wednesday last, at Brocton Lodge, near Stafford, the Lady of Lieut Col. Chetwynd, of a son. MARRIED. Friday last, al Broseley, Mr. Pritcliard, to Miss Wil- kinson. At Pulverbatch, Air. Rd. Joues, to Miss E. Matthews. At Hales Owen, Mr. Lee, of Oldswinford, to Mrs. Dick- enson, of Whitley. Thursday, at theFriends' meetinghouse, Chester, Joseph Atkins, ot Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, to Martha Ham- lictt, of Nantwieli.' On the 4th inst. Mr. George Sutton, silk- mercer, Leices- ter- square, London, to Miss E. Ives, daughter of John Ives, Esej Hamberwetl, Surrey. DIED. On the l lth inst at Batch- acre Park, in the 73th yearof his age, Richard Whitwortli, Esq. an acting Magistrate for the counties of Salop and Stafford; formerly a repre- sentative for the borough of Stafford in two successive Parliaments. O11 the 17th iust. at Ee clegftall Castle, tbe hon. Mrs. Cornwailis, wife of the Bishop of Lichfield, aud sister of Sir Horace Matin, Bart On the 181 h inst. at Bristol, where lie had long resided for the benefit of his health, Charles Baldwyn, Esq. second son of Ihe lute Charles Laldwyn, Esq of Aqualate, iu the comity ofSlnflord. Sunday lust, a( Bettws Caedeven, in tbe county of Mont- gomery, in the prime of life, Mrs. Hassall, wife of the Rev. Samuel Ilassall, of Llanfylliu. Oil the 171b iust: at Eaton Mascott, in the 401 li year of his age, Mr. Rd. Calcott, farmer and maltster. Oil the 28th ult. J. Anderson, of Barlow, near Ryson, shoemaker, aged 108 — His general stale of health was good; lie never wore spectacles; and died in the act of soleing a pair of shoes. On Saturday last, Miss F » v Scatingc. Visiting Clergyman ( bis weeie. a ( tne Infirmary, the Rev. Thomas Stedman :— Huuse- Visitors, Air. John Hughes, junior, and Mr. William Hughes. Additional Subscriptions reported. Cecil Weld Forester, Esq. augmented from £. s. d. 2 Guineas to 10 10 0 Parish of Ercall Magna, from 3 Guineas to 5 5 0 William Henry Tomline, Esq. Riby, Lincoln- shire 550 Mr . Thomas Birch, Shrewsbury 1 ] 0 Air. Bov. ley, ditto 1 1 0 On Monday the . Shrewsbury Yeomanry Cavalry under the command of Major Dallas, assembled here, ftvrsuveii days exercise and training. Commissions signed by ihe Lord Lieutenant qf this county. South Shropshire . Local Militia — John Rogers, Esq. to be Captain. Shrewsbury Yeomanry Cavalry.— Cornet Lloyd Bayley to be Lie etenant, vice Jeffreys, resigned.— William Oakley, gent, to be Cornet, vice Bayley promoted. Mr. Robs ' ts. Air- Gordon (( he present members) and Col. Bromley, have formally declared themselves Cadidates for and Lady Smytbei Sir it Lpightou, General and Misses Robinson,' Colonel and Airs. Kynastoo Psiweil, Colonel and Mrs". Gatacre, Airs, aud Miss Lloyd, Col. and Airs. Lyster, Colonel and Mrs. Leeke, Colonel Vivian, Major Dickiu, J. Egdrtim, Fsq. MP A1vs Whitmore, Colour I and Airs Charlton, Miss BarneK, Air Eyton, Air. and. Mrs. T. Ey ton, Mr. and Miss Pembcrtoii, the two Air. Bensous; . Mrs Har- nage, A! r. Salisbury, Mr. and Aliss Burtons, Rev . Messrs. Rocke, the Mi. ss Bevans, Miss B. Pigott, Captain Procter, Mr. and Miss Blakenev, Mr. Cluelile, Air. Broughton, Mr. W. Childe, M r. and Mvs. Heathcole, &' c. Colonel Wkitmt » re, JVL P and J. Egerton, Esq, Al. P. are chosen Stewards of IheUaces for next year. On Friday morning, the Treasurer of the Salop Infirmary, Richard l. ystei-, Esq. ' attended by a very numerous and highly respetabie company of ( he nobility and gentry of ( he county, proceeded to St. Chad's church, where a njost ex- celled sermon was preached- for the benefit of that use fill Charity by tlie Rev. WiHiain Hopkins, jun from Gal. ii. 10. " Only they ivoultl tbll f. a should remember the. poor"—- Vi'ter the sermon, a collection was made at Ihe church door, which amounted to £ 2rt >. 17s. 7d.— The plate* were l-. eld by the Couiitess of Powis, and MrsAVhitiudre, of Apley Park, j supported by Thomas Bcale, Esq- and John Crtssetl j Pelhani, Esq, The Treasurer and liis friends, about three o'clock, sal down 10 a very well provided dinner at the Lion Inn. and spent the evening with the utmost harmony and con- viviality. Our Theatre, at the Bespeak of ihe Stewards of the Races on Friday evening, presented a most splendid appearance— it overflowed in every' part; several were obliged to seek ac- commodation hehiied. thfcJSCenes. By an advertisement in a subsequent column, we find lhat the Committee for managing tbe business of theShrewsbury Severn Association are fully aware of the importance ofthe undertaking in which they have, engaged, aud are proceed- ing with activity and zeal — We are ph aseel also tu find Ilia! the gentlemen of Ihe coun. y are coming forward with sub- scriptions 111 aid ofthe cause ; for there can be no doubt, if properly supported, that such associations must eventually tend to procure a very great supply of fish in the districts through whie- li they extern!. We are informed that the Magistrates of this town have appointed persons to notice those stagecoaches which are in llie habit of carrying more passengers or a greater proportion of luggage, than is warranted by act of par- liament, and to lay informations accordingly.— As the number of outsides allowed by authority is very con- siderable, and can be earned to that extent with safety only by careful driving, it may be hoped that this example of the magistrates will be generally followed, as a public good. The soldier of tbe Somerset militia, who was said to have remained in a state of torpor from April 26 to July 13, but suddenly revived after his discharge from the regiment bad been received, is now suspected, from various circumstances of having feigned Ilie torpor to procure his discharge.— While jii a state of apparent insensibility, he bore tbe dreadful operation of trepanning, without betraying auy symptoms of pain orlfceling Mouday se'nnight, R. Hollies, driver of Twiss's waggon from Birmingham to Manchester, was convicted before G. Chetwytid, Esq one of his Majesty's Justices for the county of Stafford, iu ( lie penalty of 2( is, for travelling on the Lord's day. with the said- waggon, in ti. e parish of Berks, wicb. This was his second conviction for the siune offence ; and on his refusal , t< i pay the peualty, I be sain-.' was levied by a warrant of distress granted against his goods and chattels. Air. Comberhach, formerly of Worcester, but now a resi- dent in Calcutta, bas lately bi oi- gbt to issue, by much per- severance and skill, a cause v. bid- had been for a consider- able length of 1 ime before' the Supreme Court, wherein Rajah Aloory Loll was prosecutor against four other natives, for a conspiracy to compel him to sign the release of a suit respecting his landed property. After five days bearing the prisoners were found guilty, and . the Rajah has in conse- quence, for a decision so important iei his interests, remu- nerated Mr. Comber, bjicb with a present of £ 10,000. The produce of it, 0 vineyards, in different parts of the Continent, is saiel to, have been unusually abundant this year; aud ihe extreme heat is said to have been favourable in ripening and giving a delicious flavour to the grapes. Pedestrianism without Food. — Air. James Grecnhalgb, a publican of Bolton, unelei look last wee k to walk SO mi! es a day for five successive days, without taking any kind of food during the time. He. was allow ed to drink any quantity of spirits or ( lie, and be preferred a mixture of ale and gin.— This most extraordinary, ami apparently destructive under- taking, tie completed, according to the strictest terms of it, on Wednesday last; and, our informant adds what makes ( be performance still, more wonderful— that he had tasted no kind of food for two days prior 10 the underlakirig. At a meeting of the Corporation of Glocesttr, holelen on Alonday last, his Grace the Duke of Norfolk was chosen Lord High Steward, in the room of the late Ear! of Berke- ley ; and the right Hon, Lord Signers was at tbe same time elected to the office of Recorder, vacated by his Grace.— The fast. mentioned situation w as filled by Lord Somers's illustrious ancestor, Lord Chancellor Some- rs, and of later date by his uncle, Lord Chancellor Hardwicke.—- At the same meeting, Ihe Corporal ion voted the sum of £ 20, in aid of the laudable objects of the Severn Association for the protection of ( be fishery. At Worcester great hop fair, 011 Thursday last, about COMETS.-. TIIC ' Newtonian Theory, ." that the Sun is A " body of tire, that its rays are material antl tljat Ibe " Comets are designed lo supply it with fuel to keep up " the equilibriuiu of the Universe," seems very inconsist- ent witn lhat beautiful simplicity which is observed. in all natural objects w ithin the reach of man's examination.— Dislance, in the haiid of Almighty Power, is as nothing; and the whole plicenomena of Light and Heat could be as easily produced, hy unerring Wisdom, frc- m atmospheric in- fluence without exhaustion, ashy material ignition. The old Philosophers considered tlie Comets me rely as wanderers in the immensity of space, but portentous of great events to all who courted Iheir inHuence; and as ( lie present Comet will shine with increased lustre on TUESDAY, ( he 22d of OCTOBER, this accounts for ( he attraction of Ihe present smalt S( a( e Lottery, of only 13,500 Tickets, wilb more Variety of Capital Prizes than for many years past, which will all be drawn 011 the same day. We understand ttie number ofthe nobility and gentry who bave already signified their intention of altcnding the ap- proaching Grand Musical Feslival at Birmingham, is unex- ampled ; and when Ihe object of it is considered, being tbat offurnishing ihe funds of thai useful institution for the poor, the General Hospital, the means to relieve the sick, and take in the numerous accidents that daily occur in such a populous manufacturing town and neighbourhood, toge- ther with llie infinite pains taken by the Committee, to pro- vide a musical treat 011 a scale so extensive that bas only beeu exceeded by Ihe great meetings 111 Westminster Abbey, we are persuaded every benevolent lover of music will honor it with their patronage.' In addition to tbe splendid talents engaged, it is with pleasure we announce that Sigeor Tra- mezzani, the most distinguished male singer of ( he Italian Opera, being 011 a visit in ( he neighbourhood, has kindly consented to aid tbe charity by his extraordinary vocal pow- ers We anticipate with pleasure the striking and extraor- dinary effect of a band of more than two hundred carefully selected perfoimers, with such vocal strength as Aladame Catalani, Mrs. Bianchi, Sliss Melville, Miss J. Fletcher, . Messrs Braham, Knyvett, Vaughan, Bellamy, Lacy, Hawes, and others, in selections of the choicest compositions of Ihe ancient and modern masters, and are persuaded theed, . id, and 4th of October will be found among the most bril liant peripels of musical record In order lo afford the nu- mi- vous assemblage of company the utmost gratification, we h-\ i ,1 that on Saturday morning, ihe 5th of October, Al r. Sadler will add the sublime spectacle of. an ascent of bis balloon, w hich surpasses in size aiid construction all tbat have gone Itfore it. The register of lodgings to let at Aris's Gazette Of ire affl. rds'assitraticeofconveti-. ent accom- modation at moderate prices to the company who attend, Iro w e v e l- n i! m e ro u s. ASTRONOWF. 1\/ TR. WLRSTEn'S LECTURES ON ASTRONOMY, if. WITH HIS SPLENDID ILLUMINATED OR- RERY, WILL BE THIS AM) TO- AlORitOH LVEN- ING, AT SEVEN OqxOt K, IN THE TOWN HALL. MM Bl. AlK~ : DENTIST, - OESPF. CTFULLY i'lifrnns tbe Ladies and Gentlemen . MB- ot Kbrev- sburv and its Neighbourhood, that he is AERIVEU at Mr. VINCF. NT'S, Brazier, stioplatcb, where Letters or Messages will lie duly attended to. His Stay will be ( ill Tuesday the Jst of Oclob->. U is Toot!) Powder am! Brushes mav be had, as usual, Of Mrs. Burnett, Messrs. Nightingale, iits. Uulme, Mr. Burrey, " and AV. Hai ley. INUNDATION FUND. npilE following Subscriptions have been received since tie JL former Advertisement. Parish of Albrigbteiii, by ti. e Rev. Thomas Lloyd £ 14 0 ( i PAHISII OF EDGMOKP, ( N- V THE HER. J O PIGOTT.) Rev. J. D. Pigott £ J 3 W. Briscoe, Esq 1 1 Rev. J. Scott 1 0 \ mbroneTibbatts, Esq 1 0 Sundry, small Sums ..'. - 1 7 £ 10 11 6 JOHN liilADBURNE, WHEELWRIGHT AN11 BLACKSMITH, RETURNS his sinrcre Thank* to his Friends end li e Public, for the numerous Favours conferred upon bin since his Commencement iu Ibe above Business; amifceus Leave to inform lliem he has declined ( be same >•> favour of THOMAS HUMPHREYS and EDWARD JONES, whom he recommends to, their future Notice aud Support. • Those Persons who have Demands against the said JoHif BRABBUPNE an- reqneste. l to send ati Account thereof to biin, in order lhat they maybe paid; and ail Persons in- debted lo him are requested immediately to discharge the same.— Fran ' well, Sept. 84, 1811. rTlHE ANNUAL . MEETING of the Officers of ( l-. o J MOMTGOMERYSHIUE late VOLBM- TEFP. Lniov will be held at the BE'. AK INN, ia NEWTOWN, ou W EDNESDAY, tbe Qth October, lsji. Dinner fct 4 o'CIock. Sept. 18th, 1811. Major JONES, President, SHREWSBURY THEATRE. r j~ MlIS present W EDNESDAY, Sept. mber 25th, will be B performed, Ihe grand interesting ' Drama, called The EXI1 . E , after which, Ihe very humourous Entertainment, called The MERRY MOURN ERS — Ou FRIDAY, by de On Thursday, September igih was published, Price only One SbilUng, QEYERN SALMON, or spirited Lct. ers conreriiiirg THS > 3 RIGHTS or FISHERIES; wherein the subject is. con- side red in several Points of view; Local a. nl Naliona', Al onal aiid Commercial. With a tolerably good & ONG expressly written for a convivial Association Dinner By W V. R. N. B. A Aloiety of tlie Profits of this Pamphlet will be given to the Severn Fishery Fund. Sold, by the Author and by W. Felton, Printer, at Ludlow; CCi l » tr tliultewvl liolloi- o ;<> r> I V Trtn.-. Io:.: .. „ f-> . I ' sire of Major DALLAS, antl the Officers of the Shrewsbury « 1 « > by tbe Booksellers in alt Towns and Cilies on ibe Banks Yeomanry Cavalry, tlie favourite Comedy of EVERY ONE 1 of the Severn : and in London, Ue. Copies mav be bad of nedy HAS HIS FAULT, with ( he Interlude of tbe JOViAL MILLERS, and the last new much- admired Piece, called TlieBF. E HIVE. 51 ANSTON AND FH F, EH^) 77D E5TATE, AT NETLEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, In the Month of October ; AMost desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at NETLEY, in the Parish of Stapleton, in ( he Counly of Salop, and comprising the MANSION and TWO FARMS, containing together, 252A. SK. in the Occupation of Roht. Hale, Esq and Air. Henry Hotchkiss. Particulars in a future Paper. J. Sandl'orei, Bookseller, Shrewsbury* SHREWSBURY CANAL. rilHE next GENERAL ASSEMBLY of ( he Comoanv of i Proprietors of ( heShrewsbury Canal will I t-' held rt the BUCK'S HEAD, at the Long Lane, in tbe Parish of Wrockwardiue, on MONDAY, tin- SEVF- JTH Day of OC- TOBER next, al eleven ofthe Clock, where tiie Proprietors aie requested .0 attend iu Person or bv Proxy. EGERTON LEEKE, Qtitk Sept. 1811. Clerk to the Company. TEN GUINEAS REWARD. jgtTOLEN. 011 Satu bcr. 3600 pockets were exposed for tale; and of that number, 31- 13 of new, and - 20 ot o'd, were weighed, Cut- rent prices, new from 5gs. to 6g*.; a few prime samples, from £ 13.10s. to £ 6.15s. per cwt. OSWESTRY RACES ON MONDAY, September 23d, a Silver Cup, value ' 50, the Gift of Sir VV. W. Wynn, Bart, for Hunters, Two- mile Heats. Hon. T Kenyon's br f by True Blue -' 11 J. Rowland, Esq ' s br h Marsk, aged - - .33 J. Rogers, Esq.' sbr f Oswestry Lass - - 2 3 Air. Groom's eh g Pickpocket, 5 yrs old - - dis. Same Day. a Sweepstakes of 15 Guineas each, One Mile. C. Choimondclev, Esq.' s b h Cheesefact'or, 4 yrs - 1 Sii T. Alostvu, Bart.' s br li Artichoke, aged - - 2 Sir W W. Wynn, Bart * sch e Toledo, 4 yrs - - 3 It. Afvtton, F. sq.' s b. f by Diamond, 3 yrs - - dr. R Benson, Esq.' s brf by Hambletonian, 3 yrs On TUESDAY, 24th, a Silver Cnp, value £ 50, theGift of tbe Stewards, list. each. Two- mile Heats. Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart's br g 5 yrs R. Dyott, Esq.' s ii h Champion, 4 yrs M r. Slubb's b g G yrs Same Day, the Gentlemen's Subscription Purse of £ 50, for sand 4 Year olds. Two- mite Heats. Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart.' s ch e Toledo, 4 yrs C. Cliolmoudeley, Esq '& b b Cheesefae lor, 4 yrs Sir VV. W. Wyun, Barl.' s b h by Diamond, 4 yrs Air Lewis's br c Lignum Vila1, 3 yrs THIS DAY, 25lh, theTowu Subscription Purse, of £ 50. Four- mile Heats Sir W. W. Wynn, Bai t ,' s c h Toledo, 4 y rs A Sweepstakes qf 5 Guineas each with 20 Guineas added by the Fund. The Winner to be sold for 50 Guineas. One- mile Heats Ten Subscribers. Sir W. W. Wynn Bart.' sb h bv Diamond, 4 yrs l!. R. Price, Esq's b h Cheesefactor, 4 yrs Hon. T. Kenyon's 0 g Cockspimier, 4 yrs P. Lloyd Fletcher, Esq's b g Jerry Blossbm, 6 yrs Air Stiibb's I* g6 yrs. Among the- modern dancers at the Opera House, ATon- sieu'r and Les Aladamoiseffes Giroux have been peculiarly happy iu obtaining most flattering marks of public favour. An offer is now made to the Public eif a Preparation by Mrs. LAWRANCE, of UFFINGTON, for the Cure of the RHEUMATISM; which, by her Appointment, is sold, in packets, at Ss and 4s. each, by'lhe PRINTER OK THIS 1' APEB, in Shiewsbuiy; Air. SAMUEL WALMSLF. Y, Wel- lington; Mr. HARDING, Shiffnal; Mr. T. B GRIFFITHS, Wem; Air. AIINCHALI,, Oswestry; Air. J. WRIGHT, Whitchurch; Air. P OWEN, Welshpool; Mr. GITTOH, Bridgnorth; Mr H. P SILVESTER, Newport; and Air. J. GUEST, Broseley — The most respectable References can be giveu of its certain Efficacy. TT) CREDITORS. rpiJ. E CREDITORS Of Air. WILLIAM DANILY, of Jl. Yockleton, are requested to meet the Trustees of his Effects at Ihe Hare aud Hounds I1111, near Cruckton, 011 THURSDAY, the 3d of OCTOBER, at four o'CIock in the Afternoon, " to consider the Propriety of postponing tbe Sale of the Effects to a future Time " 25th Sept. 18] I. SHLLEWSBULLY SEVERN ASSOCIATION. T a Alecting of the Committee » f tins Association, in the GUILDHALL, held OH . MONDAY, the 23d Septem- .1811: PRESENT— Thomas Lloyd, Joseph Loxdale, Francis Parry, and William Flemvng, Esqrs, the Rev. Humphrey Sandford, Air. Samue l Tudov, and Mr. Philip Hughes ; The Right WorshipfulT- H- E A1AYOR in She Chair : A Letter being read from SAMUET AMY SEVERNE, Esq of Wallop Hall, in Answer to tlie Application made to him respecting hisWear on ( he River Severn, in which lie- says— " I must request you, Sir, to inform the Committee of She " Shrewsbury Severn Association, thai I shall give positive " Orders to mjTenaot ( and at the Risk of being turned out, " if he acts contrary), not lo lay the Wear in future daring " the Months the Salmon Fry are m I he River :" It is unanimously Resolved— 1. THAT - the Thanks of this Committee be given to Air. SEV^ RNE, for the Attention he paid to the Request and Heconiaisniiation of this Com- mittee respecting bin We? r. Il having been represented to this Commit'. e » , that much Injury is done to tiie Fishery iu the River Severn at or near Poj- ke At ill, 011 ll. e River Teme, near Worcester: It is unanimously resolved— 2. THAT tbe Secretary ' lo inform the Committee ul Worcester that sucb a Representation has been made to Ibis Committee, and request their ALLCU- tion to it. 3. THA T Letters be written to the different Towns in tho County, requesting Subscriptions; it being the unanimous Opinion of ibis Committee, that: every Individual in the Comity will be materially benefitted liy the Preservation of the Fishery of the Severn and Verniew. A very important Communication having been made to this Committee, by the Committee at Worcester ; and re- commending that a Delegation of one or more Members from each Association should nit- el at some centrical Place, lo consult what Mode would be best to adopt for the Removal of all Obstructions, nnd to net, as Circumstances might occur, for ( he general Preservation of Ihe Fishery : 4 THAT WILLIAM FLEMYNG, Esq. and the Rev. COR- BET BROWNE, lie delegated from this Association; and that they be requested lo view the River Severn from hence up to ami above Welshpool, iu order to inform themselves accurately of all Obstructions, and to form their Opinion as to the best Mode of removing tbera ; so as to communicate the same at ( lie Meeting of the Delegates from Hie different Associations; and that they also be requested to altcnd such Meeting. 5 THAT in order to obtain tbe fullest and best Inform- ation on this Subject, tliey be desired to request the Assist- ance of such Gentlemen of Ihe County of . Montgomery, 011 Ihe Line of the River, as shall be willing. to attend them 011 the Occasion. 6 THAT the Secretary send Copies of ( he Communication from Worcester, and of a Letter from Al. DOVASTON, Esq. to JOHN PROBF. UT, and. JOHN' LIOYD JONES? EKJIS. and that he also send a Copy of the Communication from Worcester to Air. DOVASTON. 7 THAT the Secretary write to the Associations at Bewdley and Tewkesbury, and thank ( hem for their oblig- ing Communications read at this Meeting. 8. THAT Aiessi-. SAMUEL HAYWAP. D and DAVID COWLEY, of this Town; are appointed Inspectors of the River of the District under the Caie of this Association; and that they, from Time to Time, call in to tlieir Assist- ance and Employ, such Persons as they shall deem necessary for Ihe Purpose of watching the River, and particularly in the Night Time between Sun- setting and Sun- rising ;. that they lay Informations against ail Persons that shall, IN THIS AIONTH OF SEPTEMBER, or IN THE NEXTAIONTH OF OCTOBER, lay, draw, use, or fish with ANY KIND OF NET, ENGINE, OR' DEVICE WHATSOF. VFR, in ( he River; and that they also seize Nets, and Use their utmost Endeavours to discover and prosecute all Persons offending against the Laws for Preservation of the Fisheries; and which Laws have been published ( by Order of this Committee) by Ad- vertisements in ( lie Newspapers, anel by Handbills posted up in all Paris of tlicTown and Suburbs, and distributed upwards of a Mouth since. By Order of the Meeting, LOXDALE, Town Clerk. LEN. on Saturday Night, tbe 14U1 Scptemhr- r inst. out of a Field adjoining t lie Town of Fool - a bright BAY GELDING, foui • teen Hands high, with a Star in the Forehead, ( he hind Legs while, and one of the Knees blis- tered. nicked Tail, and is rather thick winded. Whoever will give Information of llie Offender or Off enders shall, em Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUIK EAS from the Treasurer of tbe Welshpool Association; and a further Reward of FIVE GUINEAS from Alessis. HF. IGHWAY and Co. Tanners, Welshpool. GENTEEL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, NEAR SHREWSBURY. TOTET, For a Term of Years, ivith immediate Occupation : AAIOST eligible Rl- SIKENCF, with suitable Offices and proportionate f. xtent of Meacfow and Pasture LAND, situate three Miles from Shrewsbury, and in evcr'v Way desirable to a Family of Respectability. Apply to Air. PI: RRY, Shrewsbury. NANTYAH31CHE1J INCLOSUKE. T^ TOTlCEIs hereby given, that A pplication is intended tn - s x be made to Parliament in the next Session, for Leave to br ing iti a Bill for dividing, allotting and inclosing all tt,? Commous and Waste Lands Iving within ( he Alati,-,- of Nantyrnercbed, in the several Parishes of Myfod ami Lfan- fylliii, in the County of Montgomery T PANTING, SOLICITOR TO BUILDERS, NY Persons desirous of contracting for REPAIRING, tlie BRI DGK over DOWLES BROOK, near Bewdlev iu the Comity of Salop, are requested to send, in Proposals to the Office of the- Clerk of tbe Peace, at tbe Shli- etiall, oft or before TUESDAY, the FIRST of OCTOBER next, sealed up and indorsed " Proposals fvr repairing Dowlcs Bridge." A Specification of the Work may be seen bv applying at the Clerk of tbe Peace's Office, or to the County Surveyor, at the Canal Office, Ellesmrre. J LOXDALE, Clerk of tbe Peace. Shrewsbury, Sept. 19Ik, 1811. TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. ALL Persons to whom the late Mr JAMES WRIGHT, of Whitchurch, Salop, Bookseller, Stationer, See. stood indebted at the Time of his Decease, tire requested without Delay lo send the Particulars of their respective Demands to the Office ot Messrs. KNIGHT and BROOKES, Solicitors, Whitchurch aforesaid: And ell Persons who were indebted to Mr. Wright at bis death, are desired forth- with lo pay the Amount eif their respective debts to the said Messrs. KNIGHT and BROOKES. Whitchurch, Sept. 24, 1811. TO BE iET. AND ENTEKKD UPON IMMEDIATELY, AGOOD MALT KILN, together with a convenient HOUSE adjoining the same, with a Stable and Gar- den thereunto belonging situalein the Town ofBANGOR, ill the County of Flint — Bangor is remarkably well situate d for carrying on the Malting Business, being ' in a good Bai- ley Country, aud Malt may be delivered at Chester, Liver- pool, and Alanchester, at a I if; fit Expense, by WalerCV riage.— The Kiln is in a very good Slate of Repair, and capable of wetting dnd working Fifty . Measures. Air. ROBERT HUMPHREYS, of Bangor, wil! shew' the Premises ; and further Particulars may be known upon Application to Mr. JOB ROBERTS, Alacsgwaylod, near Overton, Flintshire. SUBSCRIPTION'S. The Earl of Powis £ 10 10 Francis Parrv, Esq. I 1 Air. Richard'Wood 1 1 Benjamin Jones o 3 J. Huglies, jun. 0 10 Aliss Pi itchards, Bel- mont - - - - 0 5 Air Wm. Lawrence 0 10 Robert Cooke - 0 ID J. H Haycock- 1 1 Major Ball - 10 W. H T'hursby, Esq. ] 1 Thos. Money, Esq. 1 1 Rev. Mr. Pugh - ] 1 Mr. John Oakley - o 10 Farmer ,--- 02 Davies - 0 2 Thomas Jones 0 1 Miss Smith --- or, Mr. Hayes --,- 0 5 John Evans - 0 5 Edward Williamso 5 Tomlins, jun. -, 0 10 Mrs. Owen - - - 1 0 Mrs. Forester -- 10 Mr. Rd, Lewis - - 0 10 OjEdward Harries, E- q. 0: Arscott - - - - OiGeneral Phillips - o; Mr. Linloa -' - - ( j Stanier - - - Airs. Hiles - - - 0 Mr. Betton - - - 6 Price Watkin*, F. sq. 6 Mr. D. Priehard - 0 Knight - - oRev. W'. G. Rowhnd 0 Miss Weaver - - 0 Mr. Stanlou - - - 0 Air. Hnlbert t) Joseph Rogers - 6 Lawrence - - t) Edwrd Jenkins, Esq. 0 Charlton Hill - - 0 Air. Hodge, . ATeo/ s 0 Bract - - - - C Jones, Frodesley 0 Tt'igley, Cross 6 . Houses - - - - 0 . Joseph Wigley 0 GeorgeWigley NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons to whom the lale Mr. JOHN SOUTH ERN, of. SUTTON, near Shrcsbury, was indebted at ( he Time of bis decease, are desired to" send the Particu- lars of their Demand to Air. JOHN BEAMANP, at' Suiton aforesaid, immediately, that tliev may be examined pre- paratory to their being discharged— AND nil Persons. in- debted to him, are requested to pay their respective Debts to Air. Beamand, who is duly authorized to receive the same.— Sept. 24, 181], AlONTGOMERYSHIHK YEOMANRY CAVALRY. IEDWARD EARL of POWIS, his Majesty's Lieute nant of tbe County of Montgomery, having received, through Lieutenant- Col Commandant CHARLESWATKIN WILLIAMS WYNN, the Desire of tbe Persons enrolled to. serve intlie Corps qf Montgomeryshire Ye omanry or Volun- teer Cavalry, to assemble un ec the Command of their own Officers iu the Town of Newtown, in the said County, for tbe Purpose of being Trained and Exerc ised for 12 ' suc- cessive Days, to commence on the 71I1 Day of October next; DO, in Pursuance of such Desire and Willi bis Alajesty's Approbation," ORDER tbat sucb Corps of Yeomanry ot Volunteer Cavalry, ' do assemble at NEWTOWN aforesaid, on such 7tb Day of OCTOBER, tor the Pui poses herein before- mentioned, Phcenix Fire- Office. ' RENEW AI, Receipts for Policies n falling due at Mich- ae- lmn, are now in tile Hands of the several Agents of the L Compaiiy, Insurances of every Descrip'ion are effected on the must moderate Teiins. Stoe, k on a Farm mav be insured in one Sum withutit the Average Clause, at 9s, per Cent, per Annum. Persons insuring for Three Hundred Poinds, or - prcords, nilt not b-. charged for the Policy ; c. ndali E'. doiseinentt xillbe made Gratis. By Order of the Director", ! T. A. HARDY, Sec of Country Department. BV DUCTTOU. t i * FREEHOLD ESTATE. BY GLOVER AND SON, At llie House of Mr. Thomas Lloyd, the New Inn, NesS- eliff, iii the County of Salop, on Friday, the 27th Sep- tember, 1811, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subjcct to such Conditions as will be then produced : EOT I. ABLACKSMITH'S SHOP and GARDEN, in the Hold- ing of John Lloyd, situate in Wilcott, in the Parish of' Great Ness. LOT 11. TWO COTTAGES, with Gardens and three Closes of Land, in the Holding of Edward Jones and William Meredith. Also a HOUSE and GARDENS, oc- cupied in two Dwellings, by Edward Trevor and John Jones; together with aPiecc of Meadow Laud called Well Meadow, which may be irrigated at a small Expense; the whole con- lahiing 4.4. tR. 33P. in Wilcott aforesaid. LOT 111. A PIECE of LAND, called Pentrc Field, situate in the Township of Kintoii, in the Parish of Great Hess aforesaid, containing 15.4. oR. OP. LOTIV. TWO PIECES of PASTURE LAND, situate, in the Township of Wilcott aforesaid, called Lower Field and Hilly Gate Field, containing together 14A. ;| R. 3lXJ. . Likewise to be Let by private Contract, A FARM, called RF. D HOUSE FARM, situate in the Parish of Kinnerley, in the County of Salop, with suitable Farm House and Outbuildings, w ith a Cottage and Garden for Labourer, aud nPiece of Vlcndow Land, situate 111 Melverley. ALSO TO BE LET, a Dwelling House, Garden, and Grocer's Shop, in gootfBusiness, with convenient Outbuild- ings, excellent Orchard, and three Pieces of Land, situate in Kinton, i1; the said Parish of Great Ness. ALSO TO BE LET, a Piece of Land, called Farm Hall Meadow, situate in the Parish of Kinnerley. John Lloyd, of Wilcott, will shew the Lands ; and further Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. PAYNE, at the Red House;—{ One Property.) " VALUABLE FABMIN( TsTOCK. BY GLOYER" AND SON, Ou the Premises, on Monday and Tuesday, the 7H1 and 8th Days of October, 1811 ; A LL Ibe Valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS ! of . dL HUSP> ANDRY, Dairy Vessels and Casks, with several Stacks of Grain to go off the Premises, late the Property ot William Henry Betty, Esq. of Pyms Farm, near Wem, lathe- Comity of Salop," deceased; consisting of 13 capital Dairy Cows, four 2- year old Heifers, two Yearling Ditto, One rearing Calf, a capital Bull; four capital draught Horses, a rearing Colt, hack Mare; 11 capital Ewes, eight Lambs, two Rams, three capital Sows and Pigs, New Leices- ter Brawn; Road Waggon, Coal Cart, two Harvest Ditto, two Tumbrils, Roller^ Spike Ditto, double Plough, single Dilto, three Hand Ditto, twoWater Furrowing Ditto, Cul- tivator, four Pair of Harrows, five Sets of Horses Gearing, Winnowing Machine, & c. On the second Day will be sold, three Stacks ofcapital Wheat, two Stacks of excellent Bar- ley, Stack of Vetches, to go off the Premises. Three round Stack Frames well Timbered, Quantity of well seasoned Implement Timber iu Lots, Lot of Oak Barn Floor Plank, Oak Rails, two Saddles nearly new, Cast metal Bone Ma- chine, one Horse Power, with Horse Ring, & c. complete, atont half a Toft of excellent Cheese, in Lots, & c. & c. Catalogues will be, prepared immediately, and may be had at the following places, viz. Coach aud Horses, and Castle Inns, Shrewsbury; Cross Keys, Oswestry; Bridgewater Arms, Ellesmere; Swan, W hitchurch; Bear, Hodnet; Hawkstone I1111; White Horse, Weill; on the Premises; and of THE AUCTIONEERS. On the Evening of the second Day's Sale, will be Let by- Auction, at the White Horse inn, Wem, several Pieces of excellent GRAZING LAND till Christmas 1812. Also seven Pieces of ARABLE LAND, with immediate Pos- session for aTeriii of fiveYears, in Lots; also four aud a half Acres of Turnips and to be afterwards sown with Barley. The Farming Servant at Pyms Farm will shew the Lands; and further Paiticulars may. be known by applying to Messrs. WALFORD antl HASSALL, Solicitors, Wem. VALUABI. E FREEHOLD~ ESTXTE^ BY GLOV" ETAND SON, At the Bull and Dog Inn, Ellesmere, ill the County of Salop, Oil Friday, the 11th of October, 1811, at 4 o'Clock in the Afternoon, and subject to Conditions then to be produced: LOT I. AFARM HOUSE, called THE BANK, with Orchard, Garden, and convenient Outbuildings, in good Repair, together with several Pieces of" capital Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAN D, situate in the Township of Dudleslon, in the Parish ot" Kllefcmere aforesaid, containing together 33A. 2ll. OP. LOT If. A Dwelling House, Garden and Orchard, with two Picces of capital Land, containing 9A. 2ft.. oP. situate as Lot 1. LOT III. Several Pieces of capital Land, situate as Lots 1 and 2, containing 28A,. sR. oP. in the Occupation of Mary Crowder, together with the above Lots, as Tenant al Will. LOT IV. A new- erccted Cottage, and Garden, situate as above, in the Holding of John Crump LOT V. A new- erected Cottage, and Garden, with a Parcel of I. and adjoining, uninclosetl, in the Holding of Thomas Hopley. LOT VI. Two Allotments of Land, now in Cultivation, situate Oil Dudleston Heath, containing 1 A. 1R. 0P. The above Estate is pleasantly situated on an Eminence close adjoining the Turnpike - Road leading from Overton to St, Martin's, and within six Miles of Lime and Coal; live Miles distant from Ellesmere, seven from O,. vestry, and eight from Wrexham, nil good Market Town". Joseph Owen, Blacksmith, at the Bank, will shew the Lauds; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. LEE, Solicitor, Ellesmere; Or THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns. WELL- BRED DEVONSHIRE CATTLE, & e. & c. BY GLOVEFTAND SON, On the Premises at ONSLOW IIALL, near Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, the islh Day of October, lull, Hie follow- ing Stock, the Property of the Rev. J. WILDE : CONSISTING of 4 Cows iii- rajf, 1 four- years old Cow, fat, 1 [ two- yearsold Heifer in calf, 3 yearling Heifers, 3 Calves; 1 dark brown Couch Horse, long Tail, nearly 1( 5 Hands high, rising four Years old; I Wag!* on Mare, rising four, 1 Ditto, rising three, 1 Half bred Gig Mare, seven Years old, I capital . sucking Horse Colt, I Hack Horse, aged, fourteen Hands high ; 20 Ewes, fit, and 20 Lambs got by a Merino Ram ; 1 large Cart, and 1 Roller. " The Cattle are all of the North- Devon Breed; the Cows are in- calf, some to 11 Devonshire, and the others to an excellent Bistiop's- Cisstle Bull; ami the Horses are ail sound and useful. The Sale lo begin at 10 o'Clock. bp SUrctum HOUSEHOLDTURNITURE, THIS DAY, BY JONATHAN PERRY, On Wednesday, the 25th of September Instant; TBE Whole of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FUR- NITURE, valuable Brewing Vessels, Linen China, Glass, and other Effects of Mr MARSTON, of the Elephant and Castle Inn, near the Theatre, Shrewsbury Particulars will be expressed in Hand- bills, to be dis- tributed. BY JONATHAN' PERRY~ At the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, on SATURDAY NEST, the 28th of September instant, at five o'Clock iu the Afternoon ; raiHU valuable and highly improveable FREEHOLD .1 FARM, called LITTLE WO0LASCOT, situate three Miles from the Town of Shrewsbury; containing a Building Site oil a gentle Eminence, commanding a Diver- sity of rich Scenery, ill a desirable, genteel, antl sociable Neighbourhood, where Field Sports of all Kinds abound, in one Lot, subject to Conditions; the Timber to be taken at a Valuation to be produced at tiie Sale. No. in Quantities. Map. Names of' Pieces, 1 House, Garden, Hemp- Yard, £ cc. — 2 Long Yard — — — — — — y Barn Yard — — — — —• — 4 Meadow — — — —- — — — 5 Marl Piece — — — — — — 6 7 s 9 10 a 12 13 14 15 Coppice Lensow — — — — Brook Lcusow — — Bakehouse Leasow — — Close," adjoiuing Garden Common Field — — A. 0 2 3 3 8 • C 2 1 ; 0 - 8 S - 7 - 8 1 15 P. 9 12 33 34 31 29 8 35 O 1 13 2 2 1 14 3 25 1 33 I 3 Total - 83 3 I A Map of the Premises is with THE AUCTIONEER, who win direct a Person to shew the Farm; and for further Particulars apply to- Messrs. MABDOC* and jACKStfil, Attornies, Shrewsbury. VALUABLE PREMISES IN GAFLDETW, t'. LIGXGLi: DCHLDIMfJ SITE, COACH HOUSE, STABLES, & BILLIARD ROOM, CLAREMONV- HILJS, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, < At the Turf Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, trie I2th of October, 1811, at five o'clock in the Afternoon, in TWO I. OTS, or otherwise divided at the Time of Sale, if then preferred- subject to Conditions : LOT I. ALL that extensive GARDEN, forming a most desirable . Building Plot, and containing a valuable Bed of fine Sand, together with a large new- built" Coach House and two convenient Stables; situate on CL'ARSMONT- HILL, in the Town of Shrewsbury, lute in the Possession of Mr. James Ralphs-. LOT II. All that excellent and judiciously planned new built BILLIARD ROOM; - finished without regard ( o Ex- pense in the most complete . manner, together with theTable, and appurtenant Articles belonging to the Game, situate close adjoining the foregoing Premises, and which is in constant genteel Resort. The above Property will be sold subject to tlie Purchaser's payment of an Annuity of £ 25 during the Life of a Person aged upwards of 711 Years. Mr. ELLIS, at the Turf Inn, will shew the Premises ; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. LOXDALE, Shrewsbury. BY~ jT) NATHAN PEK, RY~ At the Darlington Arms, iii High Erciill, 011 an early Day, as will be published next Week, TTIHE most eligible small FARM of rich Land, with newly erected appropriate House and Premises attached, called ROWTON, near to High Ercall, ill the Neighbour- hood of Wellington, in the County of Salop. Particulars are with Mr. MORRIS, Solicitor, Newport and THE AUCTIONEER, S. hrewsbuVy; - j^ aieg tonom DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE IN SHROPSHIRE. BY J. ITKOOME* 111 three Lots, ai the Prg and Castle Inn, in " Bridgnorth, on Saturday, the 28th Day bf September, 1811, at 3 o'Clocli in the Afternoon; ( if not previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Noiice will lie given): A VERY eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, Consisting in ( lie whole of about 135 Acres of excellent Meadow, Pasture, aud Arable Land, situate at ATTERLEY, in the Parishes of Much Wenlock and Barrow, in the County of Salop, LOT 1. Consists of 36A. 3f> P. of Meadow and Pasture, ? nd 5SA. 2E. 2iP. of Arable LAND, a substantial Dwelling House, much superior to Farm Houses in general, good Garden, detached Dairy and Brewhouse newly built, Malt- house, Cyder Mill, and. every other necessary and conve- nient Outbuilding, in good Repair; together with an ex- cellent Threshing Machine of three- horse Power, two good Fish Ponds, and three good Orchards. LOT If. Consists often Acres or thereabouts of excellent Meadow Land, w ith a good Fish Pond end Stew. A Stream of Water runs through these Meadows amply sufficient, with theSprings ( which never freeze) in the same, to supply a Corn mill, witli Water- fall enough for that Purpose, antl good Clay upon ( he Spot, under two Feel Depth of rich Soil. This Land lies within 150 Yards of the Turnpike Road leading from Much Wenlock to Bridgnorth. LOT HI A good DWELLING HOUSE, ( which might easily be converted into two Dwellings, or make a pleasant Resilience for a Persoft of small Fortune) and an Orchard, with OA. 27P. of Keadov.-, and 2( IA. I9P. of Pasture and Arable Land, wiih a good Stone Quarry tipon the Spot for building. There is very great Reason to believe that there is Coal under great Part of this Lot of Land, as an experi- enced Collier has offered to take a Lease for twenty- one Years, and allow the customary Royalty for Coal, Iron- stone, Brick, & c & c. besides Damage for Trespass; running all Risk at bis own Expanse. A TTF. RLEY is a pleasaiit sporting Country, and good Neighbourhood ; within about a Mile and a Half of Much Weulock, four from Broseley, five from Madeley, six from Bridgnorth, ond fourteen from Shrewsbury, all good Mar- ket Towns. It lies very near to Lime and Coal, and there is a Quantity of ihriyir. g Timber upon this Estate, the Land- Tax of which is redeemed. Aft the Meadows and Pasture might be mowed or grazed at Pleasure, and there is good Turnip I. arid annexed to almost every Meadow and Pasture Piece of the whole Farm, Possession may be had at Lady- Day next. For further Particulars, enquire of F. ASH, the Proprietor, 011 the Premises. PURE NORTH DEVON CATTLE. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, at BENTH ALL, near Shrewsbury, in the Comily of Salop, on Monday, the 30th Day of September, T811 : - pEING the ENTIRE STOCK of CATTLE, belonging Jt ® to Mr. JELLICOE ( who is retiring from the Farminr Business); and which are now depasturing on Benthall Farm. THE AUCTIONEER begs Leave to inform liis Friends and the Public, that in collecting antl breeding the above Stock neither Pains nor Expellee have been spared; and he trusts upon Inspection they will he found superior to any Thing ever offered to Public Sale.— He is likewise desired by tlie Proprietor lo assure the Public that the Whole will he sold without Reserve. • Catalogues are prepared; anil in:: v he had at the principal Tons in this and the adjoining- f'ounties.— Tbe Sale lo begin precisely el eleven o'Clock ill Hie Morning. altp bv Action. BY S. TUDOR, BY WILLIAM JAMES, At the White Horse Inn, in, Overtoil, in ihe. County of Flint, 011 Wednesday, the 2rl Day of October, 1811, precisely at four o'Clock in ( he Afternoon, and subject to Such Conditions then to be produced: LOT 1. rpWO DWELLING HOUSES, Stable, and Cowhouse, - 1. together with nine Acres more or less of excellent Pasture Lund, coinniSnly called or known hy the Name of the BOWLING GREEN BANK, pleasantly situated, on the Road leading from Bangor fo Chester, in the Township of Sutton, Parish of Holt, and County of Denbigh i dis- tant from Bangor two Miles, Holt four Miles, and Wrexham five Miles; and now in the Occupation of Jonathan Phillips, as Tenant al Will. LOT II. A PIECE or Parcel ofcapital LAND, contain- ing three Acres and a Half, situate about a Mile from the Town pf Wrexham, and now in the Occupation of Mrs. Elisabeth Thomas, Widow, as Tenant at Will. The Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. FRANCIS LEE, Solicitor, Elles- luere, Salop SAUI POSTPONED, From OCTOBER the SECOND, to the NINTH, and three following Days. i.) .1. BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, the 7th Day of October, 1SII : ALL the LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, wilh. all the HAY and GRAIN, belonging to Mr. OLIVER, of the LOWER WOOD near Leebotwood, in the County of Salop ; consisting of 5 Cows in calf, 5 two- year olds, 6 Yearlings, 1 weanling Calf; 3 waggon Horses, antl Gearing for Ditto, 1 Po: iey ; about 60 good Wethers,- OQ Ewes nud 40 Lambs ( in Lots) ; 1 Gilt- iu pig, 2 store Pigs; 3 Waggons, 1 Harvest Cart, 1 Tumbrel, I Wheel Plough, 4 P'aiiTof Harrows, ] Car nnd Chains, Timber Carriage, 2 Stack Frames, with a Number of small Implements ; also, 1 Corn Stack, 1 Ditto of Barley, 1 Ditto of Oats, j Ditto of Hay, 1 Ditto of Clover, t Bay of Wheat, and 1 Dilto of Pease. The Sale to begin at ten o'Clock in the Morning. N. B. Likewise, the same Evening, TO BE LET, till Lady- Day, next, about 5 Acres of good TURNIPS, antl the GRASS upon fhe Farm. On tte Premises, in " Mardol, on Friday, the IStli Day of October, 1811, precisely at ti o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced : ALI. those TWO » W FILLING HOUSES, situate in MARDOL, known !; y the Name of the KINO'S HEAD INN antl House adjoining, tdi. rther wi: b six other Dwell- ing Houses, Stable, raid Garden, leading from Mardol. to the River, extending in Front in Msrikd 35 Feet - t laches, exclusive of a Right cf Passage, and from Mardol to the River 217 Feet Q inches, be the same reiqre or less, and tia j open Space of Ground adjoining the River, about :/ j Feet 1 by 20, where an excellent V1. hart'ege may a t a small Ex- pence ; be made, and now in the Occupation of Mr. John Manuel, j John Jones, and their Undertenants, Francis Leake, ffitlt- aid Ellis, and Charles Morgan. The respective Tenants v.'.'. l shc:. v the Premises -. and far ' further Particulars apply to THO- adjoining; all or any Part Of which may be had with the House. . The House may bf fitted up for the Reception of a I ihni- ly, at a very little Expense : and Ibe Land round the House is mostly laid di? w; i this last Year with Clover and Rye Grass. por Particulars apply to Mr WILLIAM PACKHAM, a| t Tfe- Madoc, who will shew the Premises; or to Bcjt- • SV WILLI AMS, Attornsy at Law, Carnarvon. FUKMTCRE. BY RICHMTD~ MADDOX, In a large commodious Room belonging to Mr. William Jones, Ironmonger, late in the Holding of Mr. C. Allinson, Butcher, Cross. Sheet, Oswestry, TO- MORROW, Thurs- day, the sGtli Day qf September, 18] 1: ABEAUTIFUL Assortment, of MAHOGANY and other FURNITURE, just arrived there for Sale. The Goods arc of ail excellent Quality, and most of them Mahogany. The Sale to commence at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. Mr.. CHILDE's ANNUAL SALE OF DEVON CATTLE, NEW LEICESTER SHEEP, And Suffolk- Punch Horse Stock. BY J. BKOOME, At the FarmYard, KINLET, near Bewdley, at fen o'Clock, on Friday, the 27th of September, 1811 ; JTPWARDS of forty Head of CATTLE of the pure l_ J North- Devon Breed, much superior to any the Pro- prietor lias ever hail it in his Power to offer to tire Public: consisting of more than twenty in- calf Cows and Heifers, stinted to a most valual- ie Bull, aud between twenty and thirty Bullocks, well adapted lo work, or to feed rapidly ; near one Hundred choice EWES and THEAVES, that are descended from the best Rums in the County of Leicester, and near fourscore WETHERS, tit for the Butcher, or to put to Turnips; also, six capital MARES, besides other Stock of the best Suffolk Breed. One Half of the Mares are stinted to Mr. Chiltle's Punch- Stallion Gallant, which is esteemed the best Horse that has, for many Years, beeu procured out of fhe County of Suffolk. Four of the Mares are, young, and the Whole are perfectly sound, aud as good Wofcers as any in ihe Kingdom. The Cattle and Sheep will, as usual, be sold without the least Reserve; and so will the Suffolk- Punch Horse Stock, provided it appears the Public tire sensible of the superior Merit of that Breed for all Agricultural Purposes, and are disposed to offer such Sums, iiy Way of Trial of them, as thev would readily sell foV in the County where they are with so much Advantage bred and made use of.— Every Person who may purchase a Mare at Kinlet will be at liberty to have ber covered free of Expcncenexf Scaron, 020 LOT Field 5. A Piece of Land, called Speak's Piece _ 6. A Quillet of Land, in Lower Tlion'glands 1 1 9 2 15 2 9 1 11 0 24 MONTGOMERYSHIRE. MOST DESIRABLE FREEHOLD MANSION AND PREMISES, AND WATER CORN MILL. BY J. BROOME, At the Castle I1111, in Bishop's Castle, iu the County of Salop, 011 Wednesday, the 23d Day ofOctober, 1811, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon ; LOT I. AMOST compact & desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called PENTRE HALL, situate in the Township of Castlewright, and Pai- ish of Mainstone, in the County of Montgomery, consisting of the MANSION of PENTRE, with suitable Offices, Outbuildings, Folds, Gardens, Orchards, Pleasure Grounds, Fish- ponds, and several Pieces of Ara- ble, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Laud, adjoining to and surrounding ihe same, containing together by Admeasure- ment 117- 4 lR. 15P. he the same more or " less.— Also, a most excellent WATER CORN MILL, lately erected at llie Extremity of the Pleasure Ground, and which is. sup- plied bv Water that runs thro'the Per. tie Demesne. The Mansion is delightfully situated on an Eminence, commanding a beautiful View of the rich Vale of Church- stoke, and surrounded by a Country truly picturesque, and is well worth tile Attention of aliy Gentleman who delights in the Sports of the p. eld, as the Country abounds with Game, and a Pack of Hounds is kept within a short Distance. The Estate is conveniently situated as to Markets, being only about eight Miles from Bishop's Castle, five Miles from Montgomery, and lime from. Newtown; and a very good Turnpike Road to each Town, LOT II. All that newly erected COTTAGE, w ith a very spacious Garden adjoining thereto, situated close to the Road leading from Bishop'sCastle to Montgomery. Immediate Possession, if required, may be had of the Hall and Demesne, and of the Cottage at Lady- day next. For further Particulars apply to Mr. EDWARD WEL- LINGS, Solicitor, Ludlow, Salop, where a Map of the Estate may be sten; or to THE AUCTIONEER, Church Stielton, Salop. LIKEWISE, 011 ihe Premises at THE PENTRE, on Ihe following Days, ail the valuable LIVESTOCK aiid IM- PLEMENTS in HUSBAN DRY, HAY and GRAIN, with all the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brew- ing and Dssit- y Utensils and Casks. iff Particulars in our next. J. A Quillet of Ditto in Dilto ——- 8. A Quillet of Land ill the Harp Field 9. A Ditto in Ditto 10 A Piece of Land, called The Burnt" House Yard 0 2 2 11. A Messuage or Tenement, Garden, & c. antl a Yard, called Sankey's Yard 1 0 17 12 A Piece or Parcel of Land, railed Nover's Bank Meadow 1 1 0 13. A Quillet of Land in Upper Thong- lands Field 0 2 36 14. A Dilto in dilto 0 0 36 15. A Piece of Land, called The Corners Ground 8 1 8 A Ditto, called Ditto 2 2 37 11 0 5 16. A Barn anil Piece of Land called Ditto 5 0 14 In the Holding qf Thomas Wall. 17. Part of a House- and Garden. 18. A Garden 0 0 38 In the Holding of Thomas Beamon. 19. A Close of Land.. 1 0 87 In the Holding of William Eatthope. 20. In a Piece or Parcel of Land, called Row Ground 0 10 In the Holding of Sumuel Powell. 21. A Garden ' o 3 5 A Close 1 2 11 2 1 16 Tn the Parish of STANTON LONG. in the Holding of William W^ tkiss. I. OT 22. A Messuage or Tenement, Garden, and Yard - 2 0 0 23. A Slang of Land 1 0 I 24. A Close of Land 0 3 30 Ditto 1 0 30 2 0 90 The respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and further Particulars may be. had on Application to Messrs. COLLINS antl HINTON, Solicitors, in Much Wenlock, at whose Office a Map thereof may be seen. BY JOSEPH RHODEN, At Ihe Crown Inn, in Bridgnorth, in the County of Salop, 011 Saturday, the 12th Day of October, 1811, at four o'Clock in'the Afternoon, unless disposed'of in the in- terim, of which due Notice will be given, eilher together or 111 Lots, as shall he agreed upon at the Time of Sale : ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT and FARM, called thc UPPER HOUSE FARM, situate at RUT- HALL, in the Parish of D'ltton Priors, in the said County of Salop, containing by Estimation 77 Acres or thereabouts, now in the Occupation of Mr Richard Edwards, together with a Dwelling House, Garden and Close near thereto, now in the Ofcciijiation of—"— Rea. The above is a very desirable Farm, the House and Buildings being very convenient and in excellent Repair The Lands, which are nearly in a Ring Felice, are Tvthe- f ee, and ebiefly consist of old Pasture, art! have Right of Common upon that ex- tensive Waste; called Ihe Brown Clee Hill. Also, all that MESSUAGE or Tenement, and Out- buildings, with about no Acres of LAND thereto belonging, .11. 1 ...., T,.. . U- TV-..,., NF TMR NICKI. KSS'S. situate. Occupation of John Hall. ' I bis also is a very desirable Property, being in a good Cvder and Hop ' Country, and the Orchard and Hedges being well stocked with. choice voting Fruit trees, now in full bearing, antl some of the Lands producing Flops of a very superior Quality. There is also a large Pool upon these Premises, which, oil being cleared, enables the Tenant lo manure at a trifling Expense. Mr Edwards will shew the Ruthall Estate ; and the Tenant, Mr. Hall, the latter; ar. d for further Particulars apply to the said Mr. EDWARDS, or Messrs. COLLINS and HJ. XTON, Solicitors, Much Wenlock. palm tsp Stoiom TO. WIN£ MERCHANTS AND OTHERS. VERY DESIRABLE SITUATION. BY R. POOLE, ON fhe Premises, ort Thursday, the « 6LLI Day of September* 1811, between the Hours of four and six o'Clock in llie Afternoon, s- ibject to Conditions to be then and there prodaeed) unless disposed of in the mean Time by private i .' 1 n. fruct: AU, those, very substantia' FREEHOLD PREMISES, . desirably and' pli- aaalttly situate near the Market Place, in thc fjouriuhiugTown of WELLINGTON, in the County of Sniup .( near to- which ate extensive Coal,. Irou, and Lime Work's),, now in. the UoMtng of Mr. Thomas TroLe, Wine i-. n/ Liquor Merchant ( the Proprietor), who in declining Bnsirietii,' on Account of ill Hcatlb • The ' VciVUes are 30 Feet ii> front, and Contain ihe following Ajmrtjjlents; k large Shop- IS Fcr- t square, a. small Ditto 1'; Feet 6 Inches tiy it> Feet6 Inches, Parlour 14 Feet by | tj S'eetfJ Indies, Kitchen Hi Feet by 13 Feet, vrith a large Pantry attacked thereto, r- nrt ' capita! Cellaring under the W hole; Dining Room is Feet- square, and three Lpdging Rooms en the first Floor;- end four Lodging Booms and Closet tin the Attic. Stoi- y ; e. lso, a good- dc'tas- Fed Brew- Uonse, Warehouse, pv. d Bakehouse v. ifh two; Ovens, aud Rooms over the s::> oe ; a Pigsty,, a Privy, and a Pump of exceUc- Rt Water ; a large flagged Yard, p, nd Garden adjoin- ing, extending front the Houee, OKI Fact by 4' 1 Feet wide, . wij. ii other Convccicucles. The Whole of the Buildings are in conip'i- l'- I'eirair, Laving undergone a thorough Alteration to £ t them with every necessary Conveni- * • cijce for carrying 011 the Wine, aud Spirit Trade, either w holesale or retail, end is now in full Business in tho above Line. For a View of the Premises, and further Particulars, apply to THK Pr. oi'RIE'rOtt on thc Premises, or u HIS AttfcTjONEfit, Wellington. N. B, Part of the Purchase Money may remain on Sc? Curily upon the premises, it W quiri< 1: an. d the 1' nrchascr may have the Stock olid Fixtures at a fair Valuation. The following thorough- bred and half- bred BROOD ' MARKS-, end wr. U hrei STALLIONS, On the Premises* at WYNN ST AY, on Friday, the 4' 1> Day of October, 1811, at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon: THOROUGH- B15ED MARES. LOT I MADEMOISELLE TRESI S, AGED, BY SIR PETER Teaz'e, Dsim bv Eel; pse, covered bv Casfrel. , LOT II DEVANA," six Years old, by Meteor, Dam by Highflyer, covered bv Ditto. LOT Ml. B ELLON" A, aged, hy Mercury, Dam by a SORT of Marske, with a Filly at her Foot by Sir Oliver, cover d by Ash ton,| LOT IV A bay Mare, four Years old, hy Meteor, D. im by Sir PeterTi'azle, covered by A'hton. t Lot V A bay Filly, three Years old, out of Lot 3, got by Diamond. HALF BRED MARES. LOT VI. PICKLE, aged a Chesnlil Mare, by Morwick Ball, covered by General Beningsen. LOT VI. MOLL IN THE WAD, aged, a brown Mare, by Speculator, covered by Ashton. LOT VIII A Chesnu't Mare; aged, got by Glaucus; Covered byGen& iftl Beningsen. LOT IX. A grey Mare* aged, covered by Ashton. LOT X. A black Mare, aged. LOT XI. That well hretl Stallion TITYFUS LOT XII. Ditto MEIJBCEUS, got byTityrhs, D- im by Sir Peter Teazle. In I809 Melibeeus won the Nostra Stakes at Holywell, beating Po 11 lion, Stilton, Fadladinda; andGilliver. LOTXIII. Ditto OWEN GLANDWR, by Meteor," Dans by'jHighflyer. " Lot XIV. A grey Geldinor, five Years old, out of Lot 6; by Sir YV, W: Wynn'S Arabian And several other Mares and Hacks. GLYNDWRDWY AND RtJG IXCLOSURE. BY MR. THOMAS JONES, By Order of the- Commissioner, st the Dwelling House of Mr Francis Clarke, in Corwen, in the County of Mei'i'oii- eih, on Tuesday, the 8th Day of October, 1811; at four o'Clock in ihe Afternoon* subject to the Conditions to be then and there produced ; rpHE following ALLOTMENTS of the Commons or if Waste Lands in Aberulvven, - Uchjddref and Treivyn, in the several Manois bfGlyiidwrdvyy and Rug, in the wild County of Merioneth. CLAWDD PONKEN, in AEERALWEN. LOT I. An. Allotment, containing- sA. iR 9P. hounded on the North- west by the Road leading from Ciaivtid Ponken Turnpike Gate to Wrexham, 011 the North east by Lot 2, on the South- east and South- west by uliiivctOsea Co iniiion. LOT 11. An Allotment, containing 1A. 1R 3QP. hounded on the North- west by the said Road leading io Wrexham; on tbe. South- west by Lot l, on the South- east by uninclosed Common, aud. 0.11 tbe North- east by Lot 3. LOT III. A11 Allotment, containing I A. 1R. 32P. bounded on the North- west by the said. Road leading to Wrexham, 011 the North- east by Ihe Road leading from Gwyddclwern 10 Corwen, on the South- east by uniuclosetl Common, aud 011 the South- west by Lot 2. BETTWS MOUNTAIN, in UCHELISREF. 1 OT 1. An Allotment, containing jA. 2U. 25P. bounded tin the North east by ancient InCltisures belonging to Mrs. Wynne, 011 the SotitIt west by the Road leading from Cor- wen to Bi- ltws, 011 the North- west by Let 2, and tin the South- east by nninclosed Common. LOT If, A11 Allotment, containing 7A.. lR 11 P. bounded on the South- east by ancient luclosures belonging to Mrs. Wynne and Lot 1, 011 ihe North by iinmclosetl Common, and on the South- west by the said Road leading from C01:- w en to Bettws. LOTIII. An Allotment, containing4A. oR- lsP. bounded on the Noith- east by the tvoad Uailing from Corwetr lo Bettws, 011 tiie Norl h- west and South- west by tin inclosed Common, and on the South- east by Lot 4. LOT IV. A11 Allotment, containing 5.4. iR. 8P. bounded on the Noith by the find Roatl leading from Corwen lo Bettws, on the North- west by Lot 3, aud 011 the South- west by uuiiiclosed Common.. GAER COMMON, in TRFWYN. LOT J. An Allotment, containing 1 A. oE 28P. bounded op Ihe North- west by the Road lending from tbe Pinfold" Gate towards Bryneglws, on the West by the Bridle Road to Tan y Guer ant! Corwen, on the South by uninclosed Common, and oil the E- ist by Lot 2. LOT [ I. An Allotment, containing 2A. SR. 94P. bounded 011 the North by the said Road leading towards Bryncglws, 011 the East by Lot 3, 011 the West by Lot f, and on the South by uninclosed Common. I. OT III. Aii Allotment, containing 3.4. oR. 8l'. bounded 011 the North by the said Road leading towards Blyneglws, 011 the East by Lot 4, on th? West by Lot 2, and on the South hy uninclosed Common. LOT IV. All Allotment, containing 3.4. oR. LP. bounded op the North by the said Road leading towards Bryneglw s, oh the East by Lot 5, on ilie West by Lot 3, and on the South by iiniticlosed Common. LOT V. An Allotment, containing 3A. oK. 3P. bounded 011 the North by the said Roatl leading towards Bryneglws, on the East by Lot 6, on the West by Lot 4, and 011 Ihe South by uninclosed Common. LOT VI. A11 Allotment, containing 2.4 3R. 36F. bounded oil the North by the said Road leading towards Bryueglws, on tlie East and South by uninclosed Common, and oil the West by Lot 5. Maps of the several Lots are left wiih THE AUCTIONEER, in Corwen * and RIR. HAltD JONES, Bailiff of the said Manors, w ill shew tbe Lands HETREFORDSIIIRE. At the Crown Inn, in Ludlow, on Thursday, the 17th Day ofOctober, 1811, between the Hours of three and six o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject lo Couditions of Sale to be then produced, unless disposed of in I jie meaii Time by private Contract, of which Notice will be given : A' LL that MESSUAGE, Tenement, and FARM, called BiLBUKY, situate in the Parishes of Richard's Castle and Orleton, in the County of Hereford : consisting of a Farm House, with suitable and convenient Outbuild- ings, in thc Centre of the Estate, and one Hundred and Sixty- eight Statute Acres, or thereabout, of very excellent Arable, Meadow, Pasture Laud and Orcharding, t he latter upwards of eight Acres, now in its Prime and capable of making from 50 to 60 Hogsheads of Cider in a Year. The Lands lie very compactly, and nearly the Whole of the Meadows may be irrigated at Pleasure, two valuable Si reams of Water running constantly through them. This Estate is situate in a Very fertile Part of the County of Hereford, within a short distance of Lime and Coals, oij the Turnpike Road from Ludlow to Leominster, ( both very good Market Towns), and will Ire a most desirable Properly to any Gentleman wishing to Farm. One Hundred and Twenty Acres, or thereabout, are Freehold, and the Remainder are Copyhold of Inheritance, of the Manor of Orleton, subject to'the Payment of an Annual Copyhold Rent of lii Shillings, and ihe very low Fine certain of two ' Pounds eight Shillings tin every Aliena- tion, and an Heriott oil thc Death of the Proprietor. The Distance from Ludlow is only four Miles, and from Leo- minster six Miles. Part of the purchase Motley may remain on Mortgage of the Estate if agreeable to the Purchaser. Mrs Toniblings, the Tenant, will sheiv tbe Premises, Possession of which may be bad at Lady Day next; and further Particulars may be had upon Application to Mr. • TEHCB, of Bromfielii, near Ludlow, and of Messis. LLOYDS, Solicitors, Ludlow, gf/ i September, 1811. gassf. FROM TOTS LONDON GAZETTE. Dotanir^ g- Street, September FT. A dispatch, of which the following is an extract, was yesterday received at the Office ofthe Earl of Liver- pool, from Lord Wellington, dated Fucnte Guinaldo, August 31, 1811. The enemy have made no movement of any impor- tance since I addressed ' your Lordship on the 14th. On that evening a detachment, consisting of about 1200 infantry and cavalry, arrived at Gata, which is on the south- side of the mountains which " separate Castile from ' F. kremadura* and, on the ' following morning, they surprised a small picquet in St. Martin deTrebejo, under" Lietit. Wbod, of the llth Light Drrtgooiu. whom thev made ( prisoner, with 10 men, and went'bfif that everting to Moralego, and on the next morning to Monte HerrUoso. BANKRUPTS, ' SEPTEMBER 14. v BeaUhiin Thomas John, late , ot Hgji- street, Sha'dwell, Mid- ' dlesex, apotlier » rv, Seutember21, 28, October 26, at Guildhall, London.—' Brightly WUliam, of Wildegstc street, London, printer, September 91,'" 28, October 26, ' at Guildhall., London.— Bownas John, ol Liverpool, merchant, October 16, 17, 26, at ihe Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Ellis Eduiahl, of Mercerylanc, Canterbury, Kent, halter, September IT, 18, October 26, at Guildhall. Lon- don Ellis Abraham, of Lower Fast Smithfield, Middlesex, slopse'ler, September 21, 121, October 26, at QuildlAll, London. — Forster Richard, of Carnabv- street, Carnaby- market, St. James, Westminster Middlesex, cheesemonger, September 21, 24, Octo- ber 26 ai Guildhall, London.— Higgins John, , of North Bradley, Wills, victualler, October 3, 4, 26,' at the Angclliin, Warminster. — Hughes Henry, of Manchester, Lancaster, cotton'- spinner, Sep- tember 17, October 25, 26, at Guildhall, London.— Leurnmith Alexander, sen. of Parliament- street, Westminster, Middlesex, nre ehEnls, Sentember 17, 23, October 26, at Guildhall, London. — renne. U William, jun. late of Qucenhtthe, London, merchant, September 24, Oclober 1, 26, at Guildhall.—' Piper Jdliv, late of Bald win's- gardens, Leather- lane, Middlesex, common- brewer, September 8i. 24, October 26, at Guildhall — Sheers Michael, late of the Borough- market, Surrey, horse- dealer, September 17, 28 October 26, at Guildhall London.— Webb Charles, late of Howard street, Strand, Middlesex, wine and beer- merchant, Sep- tember 21, 28. October 26. at Guildhall, London — Williams Robert. of Oxford- street, Middlesex, china and glajsman, Sep- tember 17, 18. October 26, at Guildhall. London. SEPTEMBER 17.]— Ball William, late of Newcastle- upon- Tyne, vintner, October 1. 12. 29, al the George Inn, Newcastle- upon- Tyne — RrickwoodLawrence, of St. Andrew Ccdershaft, London, dealer and rhapraan, September^. October 12, 29, at Guildhall. — Falter Henry and Sharp Granville William, of Basinghall- street, London, warehousemen, ' September24, October 1, 29, at Guildha' 1.— Gritton Thomas Joseph, late of Boston, Lmeoin, wine- merchant, September 30, October 1. 29, at the Dog and Dm< Tfvein, Kuigslon- upon- Hull.— Millinggen Van Joseph, ot Sion- square, Whitechapel, Middlesex, jeweller, September 28, October 12, 29, at Guildhall, London.— Wilson Endall John, of. Houndsditch, London, hardwareman, September 21, 24, Oc. tober 29, at Guildhall. On Tuesday H. Cadwalladar, against whom a war- rant had been issued, 011 suspicion of being concerned in the robbery of the Queen's wardrobe, together with the locksmith previously examined on thesame charge, was brought up to Marlborough- street Office. No trace whatever has yet been found of the valuable property, although every exertion has been made. It appears that the lace and trimmings alone, attached to the dresses, were worth £ 1000. Most of the servants be- longing to Buckingham- IIouse were examined yester- day, and some fresh suspicious circumstances transpired, particularly against the man who was first in custody. Cadwallader had been seen at the house under suspicious circumstances, after having been discharged from Mr. Hanson's service about the same time as the prisoner. They were remanded to a future day. All the Country Baukers, we are told, have received permission to issue silver tokens for small change. The Devonshire Bank have employed an artist in town to stamp near £ 5000 worth of tokens for shillings and sixpences. It is said, that at a dinner given a few days ago by Sir Patrick Murray, to the Town Council of Edinburgh, both Sir Patrick and Lord Melville publicly said, that there was 110 chance of any change of Administration under any circumstances; that Ministers possessed the fullest confidence of the Prince, who was determined io support them, and retain them as his Ministers. The French fleet, we are told, is in hopes of making its escape," a phrase almost literally translated from the French! Let an Englishman, think what his feelings would be, were he lo read lhat an English fleet hoped to make its escape from an English harbour. This forms tbe true comparative state of the two nations, and ought surely lo be the cause of universal congratu- lation, unless with those writers who maintain that Bonaparte's fleets do all this" to ruin us Slale of tbe weather during four days of last week, by Fahrenheit's theruiometer: — Sept. 9. in the Sun - 112 degrees. Shade 76 10. in the Sun - 125 — — Shade 80 1- 1. jn the Sun - 128 — — Shade 84 1- 2. in the Sun - 116 — — Shade 80. From the above statement it will appear, that the thermometer stood four degrees higher on the llth than is general wilh the heat in the West Indies, and eight degrees more than the usual scale at Bombay. Al the last Yotk Assizes, it was established, as a point of law, that Bank Notes, with the optional clause, " Cash, or Bank of England Notes," are an illegal issue, and that the holders of such notes cannot recover upon them. THE PROPRIETORS of the SALOP FIRE 1 OFFICE, fully impressed with a Sense of the distinguished Patronage and Pret'ei'- nce given lliem by tHeir Friends, and the Public at large through this and the adjoining Counties, for 30 Yehrs past, beg to return their grateful Acknowledgements ; and trust lhat the Liberality 6f their. Terms of Insurance, together with their pro'mpt Manner of adjusting and paying the Amount of all Loss and Damages sustained on Property insured by them, will merit a Continuance thereof. Printed Receipts for the Annrtal Premiums pay- able at MICHAELMAS, are ready for delivery al the Office, and by their respective Agents; of whom the Proposals of this Office may be had. Farming Stock at the reduced Premium of 2s. per Cent, N. B. Policies insuring £ 300 and upwards Rre issued free of Expense. The Proprietors of this Office have always pledged themselves to make good Loss or Damage on Pioperty insured by them, which has been set on Fire by Lightning. Corn- market, Shrewsbury, Sept. 25, 1811. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. JHE CORPORATION of the KOVAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do herebv give Notice, that they have authorised their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 2s. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due 011 the 29th Instant, are hereby informed that Receipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, and tlie Pariie.- assured are requested to apply for the Re- newal of their Policies on or before the 13th Day of October, 1811, as the usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy w ill then expire. / SAMUEL PENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shrewsbury, Mr. J. Eddowes. Wellington, Mr. Stephen Jennins. Oswestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. Leominster, Mr, Samuel Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr. William Ho'brooke, BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. Wrexham, Mr. Joseph'Langford. FLINTSHIRE. Holywell. Mr. William Turton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea, Messrs. J. aud W. Robert Grove. Cardiff, Mr. Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas Tudor. Newport, Mr. J. H. Smithers. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. TBISH is happy in acquaintiig the Public, that he • has contracted with Government for a small Lottery of only 13,500 Tickets, on such T « rms as enables him to sell Tickets and Shaves CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER than for many Years. They may also be had of his Agents, A. MORGAN, Stafford, J. R. HUNT, Worcester, T. CUTTER, Chester, BISH has been remarkably fortunate for several Years, ill selling a vast Numberof Capital Prizes, which have heen distributed by his Agents in this and the Neighbouring Counties. As the Whole of this small Lottery will be drawn on the 22d OCTOBER, no Time should be lost, especially as there are only 13,500 Tickets. Kj* Those who find any difficulty in being supplied by the Agents, may send their Orders ( Post or Carriage Paid), accompanied with good Bills, or Post- Office Orders, to BISH, 4, CORNHILL, or i), CHARING- CROSS, LONDON. IMPORTANT DISCOVERIES. MR. EDDOWES lias just received a supply of the following valuable medicines FOR ASTHMA, CONSUMPTION, AND WHEEZING. Fisher's prepared Stramonium and Oxymel, the reputa- tion of which, from its uniform success in the cure of Dis- eases of the Lungs, is fully established in the course of a few months ; for out of 4000 trials, it has not failed in one ca- e to afford permanent relief, and not oue instance ran be adduced in which they disagreed with the patients. FOR INDIGESTION, FLATULENCE, BE A RTBU RN, BILIOUS AND NERVOUS AFFECTIONS. Tbe Essence of Ginger and Camomile.— The peculiar Stomachic properties of the Chamomile Flowers, combined with the aromatic virtues of the Jamaica Ginger, form the " most efficacious and safe medicine that can be employed in the above diseases, and has succeeded after the Peruvian Bark, and other tonic medicines, had proved of no avail. It corrects acidity, expels flatulence, promotes digestion, allays spasms, and obviates costiveness; hence it is a very certain remedy for nervous complaints, bead- acb, palsy, aud other complaints, arising from pidigestiuVi, and irregular action of the bowels, Sec.— Sold in bottles of 3s. 6d. and 6s. each. FOR THE TEETH AND GUMS. Prepared Areca Charcoal.— The Charcoal prepared from the Areca Nut ( improperly termed Betel), is held in high estimation in the East Indies, arid is the only Tooth- powder employed by the natives, who are admired for beautiful and sound Teeth.— It has been lately adopted by the Royal Family, and is much recommended by the first Dentists in this Kingdom, as decidedly superior to any other article.— Dr. Lynd has employed it for fifty years, and at the age of seventy- eight, now enjoys a complete sel of Teeth, free from disease, and firm in Ihe socket.— Mr. Hertz, an eminent Den • fist of Berlin, highly extols it, and recomniends the gums to be sponged with the Tincture of Rhalany, instead of Tincture of Myrrh or Arquebusade, which corrects that spongy state attributed to Scurvy.— These preparations have the great re- commendation of being free. from injurious quality.— Sold in boxes of 3s. 6d. each; and the Tincturb of tthatany, in bottles of 2s. 6d. each. THE TRUE CHELTENHAM SALF. This Salt, obtained from the Cheltenham Spa, by acting pleasantly on the bowels, and at the same time correcting aiiy vitiated state of the constitution, is deservedly classed as the most efficacious alterative purgative known in this country. In eruptions of the skin, anil scorbutic complaints, piles, & c. il is a most invaluable medicine; an ounce dissolved in a quart of water, readily makes the Cheltenham water. Said by Harris, Corner of St, Paul's Church Yard, Loudon; also byW. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, and Poole, Chester. STANLEY'S BANKRUPTCY. THE COMMISSIONERS in a Commission of Bank- rupt, bcaiing Date the 3d Day of October, 1807, awarded and issued forth against JOHN STAN LEY, of the Town of NEWTOWN, in the Countv of Montgomery, TalloW Chandler, intend to meet on THURSDAY, the 3d Day of OCTOBER next, at LI o'Clock in the Forpnoon, at Ihe Red Lion, iu the Town of Newtown aforesaid, in Order to make a FIRST and FIN AL DIVIDEND of Ihe Estate and Efl'ecis of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Credi- tors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or thev will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend: And all Claims not t- hes proved will be disallowed. T. EDM. MARSH, Solicitor SMITH'S PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS VENEREAL COMPLAINTS. Copy of a Letter to DR. SMITH, of Ploughman's Hall, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury. DEAR SIR— Altho' I am a Stranger to you, the mbaculous Cure 1 have received fiom your PLOUGH- MAN'S DROPS, impels me to communicate the Particulars of my late melancholy Situation, in the Hope of your making them public for the Benefit of the afflicted.— About four Years since I was called to London on very important Bosiness, and during my Stay . I unfortunately contracted the Venereal Disease, on discovering which I consulted many celebrated Professors in the Metropolis, and took a large Quantity of Medicine to no Purpose. Finding myself in a truly deplorable State, myPains being so excruciating ns tn deprive me of Rest either by Night or by Day, I was induced to submit to Sali- vation, which I underwent and returned Home in a very weak and emaciated State, but, as I thought, free from Venereal Infection. In about four months, however, it again hrok^ out with increased Malignity, and I was under the mortifying Necessity of again undergoing Salivation, and was to Appear- ance, a second Time perfectly cured, Still doomed to the most intolerable Sufferings, it broke out a third Time, causing several Ulcers in different Parts of my body, and numerous Wounds in myThroat, so'that it was with the utmost Difficulty I could swallow. I was reduced tothe Brink of Despair, when a Salopian Journal was put in my Hands, in which was in- serted the astonishing Case of Elisabeth O'Kelly ; I lost not a Moment in sending a Servant to purchase half a Dozen Bot- tles, and took a Dose that very Night agreeable to the Direc- tions Judge, Sir, of my Astonishment, when 1 awoke in the Morning after enjoying four Hours refreshing Sleep, to which 1 had been a Stranger for many Months, I continued taking the Medicine most chearfully, found my Wounds gradually healing, my Spirits and Appetite inciease, slept soundly, and before the fourth Bottle was used, 1, that was so loath some and disgusting a Spectacle a few Weeks before, was congratulated by my Family and Friends on the wonderful Alteration that had taken place in my Appearance; and on finishing the fifth Bottle 1 found myself quite well. It is not, six months since I discontinued the Drops— I have had no Re torn, nor am 1 in the least apprehensive on that Head. As it might excite some disagreeable Sensations among my Friends to see my Name iu a Newspaper, I must beg you to omit It; but you are at full Liberty to shew the Original to any respectable Person applying for it, Stafford, hire Potteries, June 24, 1811. These Drops are to be iiad in square Bottles, with these woids moulded on each, " Mr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops," ( all others are spurious), at £\ 2s. the large, and lis. the small, Duty included, at PLOUGHMAN'S HALL, Upton Magna, near Shiewsbury; of W. EDDOWES, Printer cf this Paper, in Shrewsbury; Capsey, Wellington; Mr. Yeates, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge; Partridge, Bridgnorth; Silvester, Newport; Ciaig, Nantwich; Griffiths, Ludlow; Baugb, EllesmSre ; Jones, Whitchurch ; Procter, Dravton ; Price, Oswestry ; Painter, Wrexham ; Waidson, Weish Pool ; and Fowke, Stafford ; Holmes, No. 1, Royal Exchange, London, and every respectable vender in the kingdom. J. THOMAS'S BANKRUPTCY. THE COMMISSIONERS in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing Dale the 25th Day of September, 1810, awarded and issued forth against JOHN THOMAS, of the Parish of LLANBRYNMAIR, in theCounty of Montgomery, Flan- nel Manufacturer, Dealer, and Chapman, intend to meet on FRIDAY, the 4th Day of OCTOBER next, at 11 of the Clock in the Forenoon, nt the Oak IIID, in the Town of Pool, in the said County, in Order to make a DIVIDES n of the Estate aud Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or thev will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend -. And all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. T.. ED. M. MARSH, Solicitor. SHROPSHIRE GAME DUTY, A LIST of Gamekeepers' Certificates, issued for the County of Salop, at the Rate of ONE GUINEA each, from the lst of July to the Sth of September, 1811. WYNNSTAY AGRICULTURAL MEETINC.— Further Par. iiculars.— The business of this interesting meeting com- menced about 10 o'clock on Friday, the 13th inst. by ihe party who had assembled at Wynnstay the preceding day, in- specting the two- horse ploughs that were to start for the pre- miums offered by Sir W. W. Wynu to the person who should plough half an acre of land in 4 hours, in the neatest aud most husband- like manner.— Seven started, and it was won, after a sharp contest, by lord Bradford— Mr. Sudworth, of Blacon, near Chester, was second best. The Premiums for the best South Down ewes, were adjudg- ed to Mr. Parry, of Pen y Gardden, aud Mr. Ellis.— Mr. Coke remaiked to Mr. Parry upon the delivery of tbe prize to him, lhat " he had not seen a better pen of theaves this year." Mr. Phillips received the Silver Cup for the best heifer.— The second best to the Rev. Rowland Wingfield.— The Sweep- takes of Five Guineas each, for fat cattle, excited much interest, and was won by a beautiful cow, of the Here, fotilshire breed, belonging to Mr. Croxon, of Oswestry— i s competitor was a fine Scotch Bullock, the property of Sii W. W. Wynn.— A finer beast it is supposed, was never ex- hibited than that shewn by Mr. Croxon.— The prize for the Pig stock was adjudged to Mr. Rowlands. Afler the usual prizes were disposed of, the sale of live stock commenced.— Several Devonshire cows fetched extra- ordinary prices; one in particular was sold for £ 18. 18s — There was a good shew of sheep ; some of ihe South Down breed sold at £ 7. 5s. and ± 2. 10s. each.— Rams let from 5 guineas to 20 guineas each. A most elegant dinner was provided by the worthy host for the immense company which attended the Meeting, to which fiom 600 to 700 sat down ; among them were, The Duke of Bedford, Eat Is Grosvenor, and Wilton; Lords Bradford and Braybrooke; Sirs S. Glynne, J. Wrottesley, 11. Mninwaring, J. Foulis, F. Cunliffe, J. Hill, T. Hanmer; Honourable T. Kenyon; Generals Grosvenor, and Hill; Cols. Hill, Webber, and Edwards; Revds. Hon. Richaid Hill, Dean of St. Asaph, W. Cotton, G. Robson, R. Wing- field, Dr. Wynne, J. Jones, Offley Crewe, T. Pennant, J. Vcnobles, and 1?. Lloyd, of Whittington; Messrs Coke, M. P. Childe, 2 Cholmondeleys. Cunliffe, Kynaston Powell, Ilannier, Biddnlph, Shipley, Clough of Glan y Wern, tloaie, Evans of Etbistick Ilall, R. VY. Price of Rhiwlas, Lloyd of Rhngat, Wilbiaham, J. Williams of Gtversylt, Dallas of Tiefi. amiev. Griffith of Gam, Ablett, Lyster of Rowton, W. Marloeks, " lleaton of Plasnewydd, ( Lovatl, Rowlaudsof Uar- dden, Paik'r of Sweeney, Tench, Jellicoe-, Hall, Croxon, W. Griffith, N. Phillips; besides many others, composing a great portion of the Amatems of Agriculture in the Princi- pality and adjoining counties. When the cloth was removed Sir W. W. Wynn rose and gave the King— The Prince nnd Principality— and then pro ceeded to read the adjudication of the prizes, as above. Sir Wa kin then proposed the health of his illustrious guests, tbe Duke of Bedford and Mr. Coke, which was diank with great applause. The former, luaspeech of some length, congra- tulated the company on the evident improvement in husbandry that had taken place since he had visited this country two ye- ars ago, and concluded by proposing the health of Sir W. W. Wytin, which was received with that thunder of applause that bis hospitality and anxiety for the good ot his native country could not fail of producing. Mr. Coke also returned thanks, and after animadverting with some warmth upon the cattle shewn for the prize, strongly recommended the Scotch breed as far preferable to the usualcattle of this country. Mr. Coke's remaiks induced the Dean of St. Asaph to rise to pro- pose a sueepstakes of two guineas each for the best 3- year old Heifers to be shewn at Wyniisiay in 1812, bona fide the property of the person shewing them. A considerable nuin- bei of names were set down before the company rose to be present at the lettings of the tups, and we understand the sweepstakes is still open al Wynnstay. At this meeting Mr. Jeffeiey, smilh, of Chester, exhibited two hand- mills, on a new conduction, for Ihe purpose of kibbling corn for cattle, which were very much approved of by the eompuny ; ouq of these, by a very simple motion, is con- verted into a pair of malt- rollers. T. N. Parker, Esq. of Sweeney- Hall, also exhibited a cait which is constructed w thont an axletree. STAFFORDSHIRE, Burton, Mr. Charles Hodson. Lichfield, Mr. William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. Wolverhampton, Mr. James Brown. Hanley, Mr. John Tomlinson. Newcastle- under- Line, Mr. James Halmarack. WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, M r, Samuel Perriu. Worcester, Mr. Robert Gillam. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckley. Nantwich, Mr. William Tomlinson. Northwich, Mr. Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr. Thomas Owen. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of Expense, where the annual Premium amounts to 6s. or upwards. This Cempanv have invariably made good Losses, by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Propusals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found to be advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others ; TABLES of the RATES for such ASSURANCES and for the GRANTING ANNUITIES on LIVES, may be had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by Special Agreement J the Assurance on Lives to the Age of 75 Years. September 14, 1811, GAMEKSEPERS NAMES. Buinpstead Richard Bennett Riehaid Butterv Christopher Croft Charles Cope Benjamaln Dawson John Everall Richard Griffiths Richard Howells William Johnson Richard Jordan William Lewis George Menlove William Mountlord Edward Massey William Newton Jame3 Oare Philip Parrock William Pugh Richaid Pugh John Pritchard David Pritchard David Passey Richard Prince Henry Pierce John Potcr Petter Roby Richaid Reynolds Fiancis Snape John Statham John Stephens John Stephens John Sedgeley Thomas TO MOTHERS AND GOVERNESSES Is recommended the Use of DOCTOR FOTHERGiL's FEMALE PILLS. THIS celebrated Medicine has been long known for its infallible Efficacy in removing Female Obstruc- tions, under which the Sex are so apt to suffer at an early Period of Life, and before the Female Constitution is entirely formed; the same Disease, it is well known, alwavs take? place after the Age of forty ; the Use of Dr. FOTHERGfL's FEMALE PILLS cannot be too strongly recommended tothe Notice of every Female at these two Periods— when the Girl is passing on toward Womanhood, and liable to a Variety of Disorders from Obstructions; and afterwards, towards the Turn of Life, when the Habit, of every Woman undergoes a Change. In that Species of Disorder called Green Sickness, which is denoted by a pale, sickly Countenance, and proceeds from a general Relaxation of the System, attended with a Lassitude and Want of Inclination to move, Fothergil's Female Pills are a most sovereign Remedy; they amend the Appetite, correct the vitiated State of' the Stomach and digestive Organs, where there is Inclination for eating Chalk, and the most unhealthy Trash, and where, from Indolence of the Patient, dropsical Symptoms are apt to arise; they remove nervous Head Aches and Giddiness, Shortness of Breath, and Palpitations of the Heart, and all the other Traill Of Disorders which are connected with the above Complaints. To married Women they are no less beneficial, they invigorate the Constitution, give Tone and Firmness to the Habit, and are the best Restoratives where the Woman is weakened by bad Lyings. in, her Health impaired by too long Suckling, or where she has been subject lo frequent Miscarriages. In all these Situations Fotherg'd's Female Pills may be regarded as the Female Sheet- anchor of Health, and resorted m as a never failing Remedy against the most desperate aud incurable Diseases which afflict the Sex; they should be in the posses- sion of everyMother and Guardian of the young Females as a Family Medicine. Sold at Mr. Butlei's, No. 4, Cheapside, London; and by EDDOWP. S, Wood and Wattori, Buriey, Morris, and Palin, Shrewsbury; Houlston and Son, and Burgess, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Smith, Iron Bridge ; Edward-, Morrall, and Price, Oswestry ; Baugh, Ellesmere; Painter, Wrexham; Gitton, and Bangham, Bridgnorth; Gower and Co. Kidderminster; Procter, Owen, and Valen- tine, Ludlow ; Meredith, and Borlton, Leominster; and by most Medicine Venders, in Boxes at 2s. 9d. each. Smith John Smith Joseph Smith Joseph Thacker James Till Thomas West William West William Winwood John Williams William Yates John MANOR OR. ROYALTY. Whittington and Middleton \ Boreatton, Baschurch, Birch, Prescott, Merehouse, V Baglev, Lee and Noneley VVyken All Mauors belonging to Johu Corbet in Shropshire Frodesley Condover Longnor Stokesav, Onibury and Edgton More, Linley and Shelve Rowton, Amason, Kinnerton and Rbiston Burwarton, Wheathill and Ashfield Acton Scott, and Wistanstow Shavington and Ightfield Alberbury 5Acton Reynald, Moreton Corbet, Stanton, Besford, ? Shawbury, Charlton Grange and High Hatton J Stockton and Worfield J Sandford, Aston, F. mstrey, Petton, Preston Gubballs, ? I and Adney t Wattlesboroogh and Cardeston Hogstow and Gatten 5 Hogstow, Upper and Nether Heath, Tbe Vessons and ? } Hahberley Office J Ellesmere and Middle | Hoidley, Hardwick, Worthen, Brockton nnd Betoh-? field- cum- meinbtis \ Stow and Weston C bishop's Castle, Sadley and Astwood, and the Town- J. ships of Wentnor and Adsione in the Hundred of f Purslow Cound, Upton Cressett, Holdgate and Rushbury J Atrham, Norton, Uckington, Welbatch, Walcott i Boreton and Sutton Sand ford Acton Burnell S Hawkstone, Red Castle, Longford, Moreton Say, Wil! as-£ I ton, Stanton, Moston, Soulton and Whixall Child's Eicall 5 Downton, Upper llaylon, Middleton, Bitterley, Led I wick and Clee Stanton Stantou Lacy I Round Acton, Walton, Atterlev, Batrow- cum- mem- < hris, Morville, OtUbnry, Haughton Croft, Kinslo ( Underton and Bridgewalton Meole Brace Burton, Callaughton and Monkhopton Weston an.! Oxenbold AddeJey Montford, Shrawardine, Ruyton, Melverley and Kinnerley Isombridge Eyton Wilds, and Bratton Cainham, Chelmondwick, Middleton and Micklewick Apley, Preston on the Wildmoors and Wombridge Astley Abbotts and Caughley 1 im- y ow. C RY WHOM APPOINTED. William Lloyd, Esq. Rowland Hunt, Esq. Win. Y Davenport, Esq. John Corbet, Esq. Sir Ed* ard Smythe, Bart. J. Probert and H. Smith, Esqs. Rev. Archdeacon Corbett R. H. Johnson, Clerk Robert More, Esq. Richard Lyster, Esq. E. Baugh and Devisees in trust for the late Margaret Holland, deceased Thomas P. Siackbouse, Esq. Lord Kilmorey Sir Robert Leighton, Bart. Sir A. Corbet, Bart. Thomas Whitmcre, Esq. Sir Thomas Jones, Bart. Sir Robert Leighton, Bart. Lord Berwick Earl Tankerville Earl of Bridgewater J. Kynaston Powell, Esq. Charles Rogers, Esq. Earl of Powis J. Cressett Pelham Lord Berwick Rev. Thomas Sandford Sir Edward Smythe, Bart. Sir John Hill, Bart. Sir Corbet Corbet, Bart. Sir C. W. R. Boughtou, Bart. Earl of Craven Sir John Edward Acton, Bart. Edward Bather, Clerk Sir Robert Lawlev, Bart. Earl of Darlington Sir Corbet Corbet, Bart. Earl of Powis William Tayleur, Esq. Thomas Eyton, Esq. William Calcott, F. sq. William Charlton, Esq. Thomas Wbitmore, Esq. CENTRE REGIMENT OF SHROPSHIRE LOCAL MILITIA. TRAINING § EXERCISING. NO! ICE is hereby given to such Persons as are enrolled in the Centre Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia, andhave not been trained with the Local Militia in any preceding Year That they are to assemble at the FIELD OF EXERCISE, adjoining or near the Town of SHREW S- BURY, in the County of Salop, wherein the Regiment was trained last Year, oil TUESDAY, tbe FIRST DAY of OCTOBER, 1811, at ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, being seven Days next preceding the assembling of the Rest of the Regiment for Training and Exercising, dm ing which seven Days they will be under the Command Of the Adjutant and those Non- commissioned Officers who aie retained on permanent Pay The Non- commissioned Officers, Drummers, Fifers, and others of the said Regi- ment, who are on permanent Pay, arc required to assemble at the same Time and Place. Notice is hereby also given to all other Persons enrolled in the said Regiment, but who have been traiped in the preceding Year, that thev are to assemble at Ihe Place aforesaid, on TUESDAY,' the EIGHTH Day of OCTO- BER, 1811, at ten o'clock in the Forenoon, to he trained and exercised with the Rest ofthe Regiment for fourteen Days, exclusive of the Days of arrival at; and departure from, and marching to and from such Place. And Notice is hereby further given, That et'ery Person ( not labouring under any Infirmity incapacitating him) who shall not appear at tbe said Times and Place, is deemed a Deserter, and, if not taken until after the Time of such Training and Exercising, forfeits the Sum of TWENTY POUNDS, which if not immediately paid, he will he com- mitted to the Common Gsol, there to remain without Bait or Mainprize for the Space nf six Months, uuless he shall inthe mean Time pay the said Penalty; and that every Such Defaulter will be proceeded against with Rigour. The Serjeants will attend at the Times and Place afore- said, to deliver out Billets. By Order of the General Meeting of Lieutenancy ofthe County ofSalop, LOXDALE. N. B. Necessaries tothe Value of One Guinea will be issued at Shrewsbury, to such of the Non commissioned Officers, Drummers, and Privates, as were not out with the Regiment last Year: and Necessaries to the Value of Half a Guinea will be issued at Shrewsbury, to such of the Non- commissioned Officers, Drummers, and Privates, as were trained and exercised last Year, and are not provided with the said Necessaries, and the Money will be accounted for at the Expiration of the Time of assembling to such as come provided with Necessaries FROM INDIA. A fresh Supply of that wonderful Discovery MACASSAR OIL, Patronized by their Royal Highnesses THE PRINCESS of WALES and DUKE of SUSSEX, and most of the Nobility. ACASSAR OIL, f- Tibe HAIR. The Virtue* of this Oii, extracted from a Tree in the Island of Macassar, in the East Indies, are far beyond Enlogium for increasing ihe Growth of Hair even on BALD PLACES to a beautiful Length and Thickness, preventing it falling off or changing Colour tothe latest Period of Life ; strengthening the Curl, bestowing an inestimable Gloss and Scent, rendering the Hair inexpressibly attracting; promotes the Growth of Whiskers, EvebroWS. & c. is pre- eminent to use after Sea Bathing, violent Exercise, and Travelling in hot Climates. This is no pretended Foreign Oil, but the real produce of the MacassarTree, and possesses nutritious, emollient, and beau- tiful transparent Properties. In fine, it is the first Production in the World for restoring and beautifying the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, aud Children. Such celebrity has it attained that it is daily honoured with the Sanctions of Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of tbe Navy and Army, the Faculty, and Public at large. Sold at 3s. 6d. 10s. 6< 1. and one Guinea per Bottle, by the Proprietors, ROWLAND and SON, Kirby- street, Hatton- Gar- den, London ; aud by all wholesale Perfumers and Medicine Venders ill London.— Al- o, by Appointment, by W. EDDOWKS, Shrewsbury, who has just received a fresh supply from. Ihe proprietors; Wright, Hereford; Stevens and Watkins, Cirencester; Ingram and Walker, Gloucester; Rnff and Henry, Cheltenham ; aud all Perfumers aud Medicine Ven- ders in every Market Town throughout the United Kingdom. Beware of servile Imitators, as the genuine Macassar Oil has the Signature of the Proprietors, A. ROWLAND and SOV. Anstice William Biieh Thomas Brown Jacob Blight Daniel Boothby John Claylon James Clayton James Cross Ralph Coi field John Darral Joseph Ellams John Eggleston William Eddowes Edward Green Charles Green Charles Gould William Huiett William Haynes William Hill Robert Jebb J. W. Parsons Edward Phillips John Poweil Joseph Read William Reynolds John, sen. Read John Richards William Sambrook Francis Turner Juhn Tolley John Tranter Benjamin Turner John Lisl of Gamekeepers) Certificates, at £ 3 3s. Od. Madeley Hampton, Colemere, and Lineal Abbey Foregate Great and Little Berwick, Alkmere, Almond Park, & Newton Stapleton, Wilderley, and Cothercott Lawley Wellington and Little Wenlock l. ydleyj Hayes, and Cardington Castle Hill Ditton Priors Hinstock, Stoke, and Drayton Down Rossatl Aston Rogers, Biomlow, Meadow Town and Medlicott Rowton, Elletdine, Osbaston, Moorlown, and Walton Wytheford and Aston Eyre Hem Buildivas Eudon Bornell Manor and Hundred of Shrewsbury Whixall Tugford, Broadstone Heath, Cold Weston and Bnrley Stretton in ( e Dale Holt Preen Eaton Wenlock Petton Willey Malinslee and Sthchley Eyton and Uppington Stottcsdon Dawley Magna Wrockuardine Richard Reynolds, Esq. Earl of Biidgewater Earl of Tankerville Lissey Ann Powys Lissey Ann Powys Robert Burton, Esq. Cecil Forester, Esq. Rev. Archdeacon Corbett Karl of Darlington Francis Canning, F. sq. Sir Coroet Corbet, Bart. Cecil Forester, Esq. Mary Muckleston Earl uf Durlington William Charlton, Esq, Eai I of Darlington W. M. Moseley, Esq, Not slated S Mayor, Aldermen, and Bur- ^ gesses of Shrewsbury Sir John Hill, Bart. Earl of Craven T. B. Coleman, Cleik Jane Pelbam John Beck, Esq. Sir VV W. Wyr. n, Rart. William Sparling, Esq. Cecil Forester, Esq. Isaac Hawkins Browne, Esq, Eail of Darlington Not stated Robert Slaney, Esq. Lords of Wrockwardine 4 RECENT and very remarkable Instance of the t\- Treat Efficacy of Dr. SOLOMON'S CORDIAL BALM Ol' GILEAD, communicated by Mr. E. PIERCY, Printer and Bookseller, Birmingham. Birmingham, Ang. W, IS! I. SIR— I feel much satisfaction in being able to communicate to you a recent nnd an extraordinary case, in which the great efficacy of the Cordial Balm of Gilead was most strikingly de- monstrated. A young man, about 18 years of age, an inhabitant of Kidderminster, a few miles distant from hence, having caught a violent cold, which, either from being neslected or im- properly treated, settled upon his lungs, and produced alarm - ing symptoms of a rapid decline : Under these distressing circumstances, two eminent physicians were consulted, who attended the young man for many weeks, without being able to afford him any relief. They did not hesitate to pronounce his case to he a deep and incurable Consumption; finding they could not render him any service, aud to avoid putting his friends tn unnecessary expense, declined their visits, as- suring his relations, in their opinion, he could not survive much longer. Previous, however, to their takine leave of the young man, himself and his friends expressed a wish to try your Cordial Balm of Gilead. To this the physicians consented, saying, it could do neither harm nor good, and might tend to tranquillize the young man's mind. A family bottle was accordingly sent for, and without any apparent benefit. His friends, however, did not despair.— They sent for a second bottle, and indulged a hope, that symptoms of amendment began to appear. Thus encouraged, they continued to use the Cordial Balm of Gilead ; and when five bottles were taken, the spirits, strength, and appetite of the young man were visibly and very materially improved ; and by continuing the use of the Cordial a few vieeks longer, he was, with God's blessing, aud to the great comfort and astonishment of his family and friends, restored to perfect health.— Any further particulars may be known by applying to SIR, your obedient servant, E. PlF. RCY, Sold by EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Sandford, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Guest, Broseley , Gitton, and Part- ridge, Bridgnorth ; Harding, and Scarrott, Shiffnal, Dean, Ne w|> oit; Houlstons, Wellington ; Miller, and Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenlock; Trevor, Much Wenlock; Evans, Welsh Pool; Fallowes, Baugh, Jackson, and Birch, Elles- mere ; Wright, Whitchurch ; Snelson, and Craig, Nantwich; Painter, Wrexham; Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Os- westry ; and by the principal Venders of Patent Medicines in every Town throughout the Kingdom. Published by Order of hii Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes, MATTHEW'WINTER, Secretary. PERSONAL ELEGANCE, FEMALE BEAUTY. ACARD to the Nobility, Ladies ol Rank and Fashion, Parents, Guardians, Public Teachers, and the Public at large. ALSAJVA EXTRACT, Or ABYSSINIAN BOTANICAL SPECIFIC, for the TEETH anil GUMS, as first discovered by M. BARASBINSKA, Dentist to the King of Abyssinia. This beautiful specific far surpasses any European prepara- tion for eradicating the Scurvy from the Gums, producing a healthy red, cleanses the Teeth from tartar, renders them inimitably white, secures the fine enamel from sustaining in- I jury, imparts to the breath adelectahlc fragrance, immediately expels tbe tooth ae. li, &. preserves the rising generation from de- structive ravages in the teeth. In line, it is the restorer of the teeth, and pieserver of their beauty. It is a Stomachic. Sold at 10s. fid. and 4s. 6d. per bottle, duty included, by the proprietors, ROWLAND and Son, Kirby- Street, Hatton Garden, Lindon; and by i heir appointment, by W. EDDOWES, Shrews- bury ; and all Perfumers and Medicine Venders in every market town throughout the Kingdom. Observe the signa- ture " A. Rowland and Son."
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