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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3391
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 23/09/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3391
No Pages: 4
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i j: ^. f 1% If II PCI HP 11 * /< i Or, Lewes; and Brighthelston Journal. Vol,. LXIH. No. 3:? 91.] MONDAY SEPTEMBER 23, isii. ( PRICE SIX- PENCE. • • '•:""- T~. I i; o, pd" every Monday Morning for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Farts of KENT, SURREY, This Paper which lias been regularly PUBLISHED AND HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. ADVERTISER IS regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. The SUSSEX WEEKLY J jt OTav „! so he seen at alj the principal OofFRE- Hoi- srs in the Mftrnvolis NOTICE is hereby given. That Application- is intended to be made to Parliament tn the next Session for an Act for making and maintaining a Turn pike- road from the town of Storrington, in the county of Sussex, through the - ever, if parishes of Storrington, Parham, Amberley, Houghton, Madehurst, and Slindon. in the said county, to a place called Balls Hut, in the parish of Walberton, in the same county. J THOS. RHOADES, Chichester, loth Sept. I8U. _____ TVJOTICE is hereby given, That Application iN will be made to Parliament in the next Session, for leave to bring in a Bill for explaining mending, and rendering more effectual an act passed. health year of the reign of her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth, entitled, An Act fur the bringing of the Ha. cn of the City of Chichester, by a new Cut Channel. to the sub- arbs of the same City," and also for m '" g and main- ' taning certain reservoirs, and other necessary works, for better supplying the said City, and parts adjacent, with water; and also that the said Cut Channel, reser- voirs, and other necessary works, are respectively in- tended to be carried, varied, or altered, or are or will be, respectively situated within the said City and the liberties thereof; or within the parishes of All Saints, Saint, Andrew, St. Bartholomew, Saint Martin, Saint Olave, Saint Pancras Without, Saint Pancras Within, St. Peter the Great, alias Sub- deanry of the City, Sub- deanry of the County, Saint Peter the Less, the Pre- cinct of the Close, and parishes of New Fish bourne, Apledram, Donnington, and Hunston, all in the county of Sussex. Bloomsbury square, London, September ) 3, lull. - WILLIAM NICHOLSON, Civil Engineer. NOTICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the ensuring Session, for leave to bring in a Bill and obtain ail Act for continuing he term, and amending, enlarging, and ren- dering more effectual, the powers contained in an act passed in the forty- third year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, intituled, " An Act for amending, widening, tillering, and improving the road leading from the High- street, in the Town of Arundel, to the junction of the Petworth and Pulbo- rough Roads, aud from thence to join ihe present Turnpike- road on Fiitle « orlh Common, in the county of Sussex-," and also for removing the present Toll- gate. or Toll gates, upon the said Turnpike- road, and for erecting other Toll- gate or Toll- gates, as well there on: as , on an Intended branch of the said road pro- posed to be made, to a certain common meadow, called Hard ha in, Brooks, in i be parish of Hardham, in. the county of Sussex ; and also for increasing the Toils payable by the said act, which said road will com- mence at the High- street, in the Borough of Arundel, and extend to a gate at the south west entrance of thesaid common meadow, calledHardhamBrook-, and to the said Turnpike- road on the said Fittle worth Common. and will pass through, from, or into the several parishes of Arundel, Houghton, Bury, Coldwaltham, Hardham. and Fittlewortb, in the county of Sussex. WM. HOLMES, Solicitor. Arundel, Sussex, Qlh Sept. ia| l. NOTICE is hereby given, thai application is in- tended to he made to Parliament, in the ensuing Session, for leave to bring in a Hill, and to obtain an Act for making and maintaining a Turnpike road, from Stone Street Hatch, in the parish of Ockley, in the county of Surrey ( to join the present turnpike- road there from Bear Green, in Capel,) to and into the Parish of Warnham, in the County of Sussex, to join a Branch thereof, the present Horsham and Guildford Turnpike road, between Stone Farm House, and a certain place, called Chaffolds Gill, in the said Parish of Warnham, more particularly to be described in the Plans, to be deposited with the Clerks of the Peace, for the counties of Surrey and Sussex, on or before the Thirtieth Day of litis instant. September - which • aid intended road i. to pa » s, or be carried into, through, or along the several Parishes of Okley, Abinger, and Wotton, in the said County of Surrey, and Warnham aforesaid. Dated this 4th day of September, 1811. THOS. HART. Solicitor. Dorking. Worminghurst, Ashington, and Chankton Inclosures. " T^ J" OTICE is hereby given, That Application is _ 1. s| intended to be made to Parliament, in the en suing Session for an Act or Acts for dividing, allotting, and inclosing the several open and common field., com- mon meadows, common and waste lands, within the several manors of Worminghurst, Ashington, and Chankton, in tile county of Sussex, and for asceriaiu- ing, settling, and perpetuating the limits and bounds ries thereof, which said several manors, are situate, ing, and . being within, or extend into the several pa rishes, vills, hamlets, townships and chapelries, of Worminghurst, Ashington, Washington, Bunkton, Wiston, Ashurst, and Fraden, in the said county of of Sussex. Dated at Horsham, this 3rd day of tember, mi. THOS. CHARLES MEDWIN, Steward of the above Manors. INCLOSURE Horsham Common, and Waste Laud. adjacent, or contiguous thereto. NOTICE is hereby given. That Application is intended to be made to Parliament, in the en suing Session for an Act for dividing, allotting and in closing Horsham Common, and the Waste L lids adja- cent or contiguous thereto, lying within the several manors of Horsham, Roughey, and Hawksbourn, in the parish of Horsham, in the county of Sussex : And also terrain Waste Lands, lying on the North and West sides of and adjoining to the said Common, parcel of the Manor of shortsfield, in the parish of Horsham, • foresaid : And, also ail other Waste Lands ( if an adjoining to, or forming part of the said Common, within or parcel of any oilier manor or manor, in the said parish of Horsham. Dated at Horsham this fourth day of September, mil, THOS. CHAS. MEDWIN, Solicitor. Turnpike from Park Street Corner in Slinfold, • to Pulborough, in Sussex. NOTICE is hereby given. That Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the ensu- ing amending, enlarging, and rendering more effectual, the powers, and also for removing the present, and erecting new Toll Gate or Gates, upon the Turnpike Road, made or to be made in pur- nance of an Art passed in the 49th year of the reign of bis present Ma- jesty King George the Third, intitled, " An Act for linking and maintaining a Road from Horsham, to join the Turnpike Road leading to Guildford, with two branches therefrom, in the counties of Sussex and Sur- rey and also for extending the said Turnpike Road, and' making and maintaining thereof, from a place called Park Street Corner, in the parish of Slinfold, iu the county of Sussex afore- aid, through Billingshurst to Pulborough Bridge, in the said county, which said ex- tension of the said road will pass from the said parish of Slinfold, and through or into the same parish, and the parishes of Billingshurst and Pulborough, in the said county of Sussex, Dated this 3d day of Septem- ber, tali. NOTICE IS hereby given, That • Application is intended to be made in: ihc next Session of Par- liament, for an Act to make and maintain it navigable Cut or Canal, with all necessary works, from a Naviga- tion, or an intended Navigation, in the parish of Wis borough- Green, to a place- called Farthing- Bridge, near the town of Horsham; and which said Cut or Canal, and other Works, will pass through or into the several parishes of Wisborough- Green, Rudgwick, Slinfold, It. chingfield, Sullington, Warnham, and Horsham, or some of them, iu the county of Sussex. NOTICE is hereby given, That Application will be made to Parliament, in the next Sessions, for an Act for inclosing Lands in the pa- rish of Durrington, in the county of Sussex. MARSHALL and VERRALL, Solicitors. Steyning, 6th Sept. 1811 - NOTICE is hereby given. That an Applica- tion will be made to Parliament in the next Ses- sions, for an Act for continuing the term, and altering and enlarging the powers of an Act passed in the 43d year of the reign hf bis present Majesty, intitled, " An Act for amending, widening, improving, and keeping in repair, the road leading from Worthing, in the pa rLh of Broadwater, in tile county of Sussex, by Find- in, Washington Hill, Rock, aud Ashington Common, to Dial post. and from thence by Nep Castle, and Bay bridge- lane, to the Steyning Turnpike at West Grin sted Park, in the said county," and in which said act so intended to lie applied for, provision will he made for extending the present Turnpike road, or making an addition thereto by a new branch of road, to lead from the said Furnpike- road, in the parish of Findon, to the road leading over Clapham Common, in the parish of Patching ; and which said new br inch of ro d passes, or is intended to piss, from the s Turnpike- road in the said parish of Findon, through or into the parishes of Findon, Clapham, and Patching, or some or one of them, iu the said county of Sii-; iex ; and application will also be made at the same time for making, improv- ing, and maintaining such part of the said road leading from Worthing to West Grinsted Parks as lies in or passes through, or into, tin parish of West Tarring, in the said county. MARSHALL and VERRALL, Solicitors. Steyning. .5th September, ISII. NOTICE is hereby given. That Application is intended to be made to Pari- tun- it in the ensu- ing Session, for leave to bring in a Bill for the purpose of obtaining an Act for making and in maintaining a Na- vtgable Cut or Canal, with proper tannels, aqueducts, tawing piths, bridge., culvert., reservoirs, channels, feeders, basins, quays, warehouses, locks, and other ne- cessary works, from the River Wey, at or near a cer- cain place called Stonebridge, in the parish of Shalford, in the county of Surrey, to the River Arun, at or near a certain place called Newbridge, in the parish of Wis- borough Green, in the county of Sussex; and winch sand Cut or Canal, and other works, is or are intended to be made and carried, anil to pass in, to, or through, the several parishes of Shalord, Braiitley, Wonersh, ' Dansfold. Cranley, Athury, Ewhurst, Hascomb, as Alfield, or some or one or them, in the- county of Surrey , and in, to, or through, lire several parishes of Wi, borough Green, Rudgwick, and Billingshurst, in the county of Sussex. J. SMAULPIECE. Solicitor, Guildford. Dated this rtlst day of August Wey and Arun Junction Canal. RESOLUTions having been entered into for an Application to Parliament in the ensuing Ses- sions, to obtain an Act for miking and maintaining a Navigable Canal from the River Wey, at Stonebridge. in the parish of Shalford, in the county of Surrey, to the River Arun, at Newbridge, in the parish of Wisbo rough Green, in the county of Sussex, thereby open- ing a communication from London to the Sea, at the Port of Arundel, and for raising the sum of £ po, ooo by subscription, in Shares of 1 ' ill. each, for effecting such work, of which a deposit of V1. per rent, be paid at the time of subscription, towards defraying prelimi- nary expences. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That a Subscription has been already set on foot for this purpose, and the sum of iMosiun subscribed for, a. d that Subscriptions will continue to be received nil further notice, at the following Bunking Houses, viz. Sir James Esdaile and Co. ii, Lombard- street. Messrs, Harrison and Co. 1. Mansion House street. Messrs. Fry and Sous, St. Mildred's Court, Poultry. Messrs, Heydon and Co. ) , , . . . > i, milliard, Messrs. Sparkes and Co. ^ Messrs. Moline and Co. Godalming. Messrs. Bushby and Co. Messrs. Oliver and Co. ) Arundel. Messrs. Laabam and Co, Horsham. Messrs. Piper, Dewdney, and Co. Dorking. By order of the Committee, JOHN SMALLPIECE. Guildford, ! 4tU Sept. Solicitor and Secretary List of present Subscribers, with the Sums subscribed. Arundel Port Com- £ Mangles James, esq. i- um missioners of - 500 Mangles John. esq. looo Austin Rev. John - looo Mangles Robert, esq. 5oo Croughton, Wm esq. - ioo Mellish William, « sq. 100O Curtels William, esq. 500 Newland win esq. 5oo Egremont Earl of 30, « < Ot » Nicholsoo Sam. esq. r> » o Elkins , Mr. Edmund 5o<> Perrin^; Philip, esq. 1000 Elkins Mr. William 5o « > Piggott Mr. Thomas 10 French Mr. John Goo Red Capt. Hugh 5oO Gulstone Fred. esq. 500 Reid Mr, Thomas 500 Haydon William, esq. r » 00 Roberts Rev. Wm. 500 Holmes William, esq, iwo Roberts Miss Eleanor 5 - o Hughes Miss - 50o ! Sharp Mr. John - luf- 3 Hutton Charles, esq. 200.1 Sparkes Richard, esq. 500 Jackson Thomas, esq. MOO Sparkes Mr. William r> oo Johnson Magnus, esq. 5<> o Smallpiece Mr. John 500 King Rt Hon. Lord Lord Turner Mr. J. Fulham 5< » o Lane J. esq. . 200 Wolfe Rev. John 5u » NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rTHlAT a general Meeting of the Trustees of Jl the turnpike- road leading from Hodges, in the parish of May field, to Lindfield, Cuckfieid, & c. will he held at the King's Head on Chailey Common, on Fri- day, the 27th day of September next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon. At which Meeting, the Tolls arisng from Skayme Hill, and Newick Gates, will be let by Auction to the highest bidder, for One Year, from the > 21st day of October next; which Tolls, produced iu the last year the following Sums, viz. Skaymes Hill Gate - £ 110 Newick Gate - - - - 53 clear of all Expences, and will he severally put up at those Sum's. The highest bidder must give securiety with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for Pay- ment of the Rents, at such times, and m such manner, as they shall direct. And at this meeting new Trustees will he appointed in the room of those who are dead. Also at ibis Meeting, the Trustees intend to borrow., at the usual interest, the Sum of £ 200, on the credit of the Tolls of the . said Road. RD. Aw. TURNER. Clerk to the Trustees, NOTICE is hereby given, That a General Meet- ing of the Subscribe to the proposed Wey and Arun Junction Canal, will lie held at the White Hart Inn, iu Guildford, on Saturday, the l- ith day of Octo- ber next, at one o'clock, for the election and appoint- ment of fit and proper persons to be a permanent Com- mittee, for the care and management of the concern of the said undertaking, and fur other purposes. JOHN SMALLPIECE, Guildford, it Sept. 1811. Solicitor and Secretary. N'OTICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made in the ensuring Session of Parliament, to the Honourable House til" Commons, for leave to bring in a Bill or Bills, for making and maintaining a Turnpike road, from a place called Park- street Corner, in the, parish of Slinfold, in the county of Sussex, to join the present Turnpike road, leading from Arundel towards Petworth, at or near Bury Com- mon, in the parish of Bury, in the said county ; which said intended road will pass into, or through tit ' several parishes of Slinfold, Billingshurst, Pulboroagh, Hard ham, Coldwaithbam, and Bury, ill the said county of Sussex. till Sept. ISII. NOTICE is hereby given, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament. in the ensu- ing Session, for leave to bring, in one or more Bill or Bills, for making and maintaining a Navigable Cut of Canal, with proper tunnels, towing paths, bridges, cul- vert!, reservoirs, channels, aqueducts, feeders, bason, quays, wharfs, warehouse?, lock-, and other necessary works, from tbe Surrey iron Railways, at or near Merst- ham, in the county of Surrey, into the Newbridge Ca- nal, at or near Newbridge, in the said county of Sussex ; which said Navigable Cut or Canal, and other wo, ks, are intended lo be made, carried. and pass, into, i.., and through, the several parishes, townships, tythm,; s, hamlets or places, of Merstham, Gallon, Reigate oilier- wise Reygate, Notfield, Burstow, Horley, and Home, in the said county of Surrey ; and of Worth therwise Worne, Crawley, I field, Beeding otherwise Seal. Rusper, Horsham, Warnbam, Itchingfield otherwise Etchingfold Shofold, Rudgwick, and Wilborough Green, in the said county of Sussex ; and also for making, completing, and maintaining reservoirs, aqueducts, and feeder-, f, r < n: iveyiilg water from the said reservoirs, for lite pur poses of the said Cut or Canal, which reservoirs, aque- duct., and feeder,, will | ye within the several parishes, townships, tything. hamlets, aud places, of Merstham. in the said County of Surrey; and Tilgate, Worth other- wise Worde, Crawley. I field, Slaugham. Bee- ding other wise Seat, Natharst, and Horsham, in the said county of Sussex. iVfi'l'lCE i, ue. fiy given, That Application is i-^ l intended to he made to Parliament in the ensu- ing Sessions, fur leave to bring in a But to continue the term, enlarge the powers, and alter the Tolls, Rues, or Dunes granted and made payable by an art passed in the 47th year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, intituled, " An Act for continuing the term, and enlarging the powers of two acts of the 10th and ji, t years of bis present Majesty, for repairing the road. from Brighthelmston to Love Heath, in the county of Sussex, and for amending a certain piece of road to communicate therewith," which said road passes from,' through, or into the several parishes of Brighthelmston, Preston, Patcham, Pyecombe, Clayton, Keymer, Cuek- field, Slaugham. I Held. and Crawley . all in the said county of Sussex: And also for making and maintaining :. Turn- pake road from a certain place called Austy Cross, in the parish of Cuckfield aforesaid, to communicate w; th the Turnpike- road leading from Horsham to Henfild, at or near tlie village of Cowfold, which said intended road will pass through or into the several parishes of Cuckfield aforesaid, Bolney, and Cowfold, iu the said county of Sussex. SAM. WALLER, Solicitor. Cuckfield, Sept. 12, I8I1. Theatoe of Anatomy, Blenheim- street, Great Marlborough- street. THE Autumnal Course of Lectures on Anatomy, Physiology, and Surgery, will be commenced on Tuesday, the in of October, nt two o'clock, by Mr. BROOKES. Surgeons tu the Army and Navy may be assisted in renewing their Anatomical knowledge, and every possible attention w ill be. paid to their acconmmo dation as well as instruction. Anatomical Gonverza tiones will be held weekly, when the different subjects treated of will be discussed familiarly, and the Students' views forwarded. To these none but Pupils can bo ad mined. Spacaous apartments. thoroughly ventilated, and replete with every convenience, are open all the Morning for the purposes of Dissecting and Injecting, where Mr. Brookes attends to direct the Student-, and demonstrate the various parts as they appear on Dissec- tion. An extensive Museum, containing preparations Hustrat a of every part of the Human Body, and Diseases, appertains to this Theatre, to which Students will have occasional admittance. Gentlemen inclined to support this School by contributing. preternatural or morbid parts. subjects in Natural History, & c. ( indivi- dually of little value to the possessors) may, have the pleasure of seeing them preserved, arranged. and regis- tered, with the names of the Donors. TERMS. For a Course of Lectures, including the DIS- 1. s. sections - -- 55 For a perpetual Pupil to the Lectures and Dissections - - - . lo lo The Inconveniences usually, attending; Anatomical Investigations, are counteracted by an antiseptic pro cess. Pupils may be accommodated in the house. Gen- tlemen established in Practice, desirous of ' en wing their Anatomical- Knowledge may be accommodated with an Apartment to Dissect in privately. TO SCHOOLMASTERS. HP HE Trustees of the Charity School, at May- JL field, will meet at the Star Inn, in Mayfield, on Friday, the 4th day of October next, at two o'clock in the afternoon, in order to elect and make chose of a Master for the said School, in tlie room of the present Master, Mr. Stephen Swaysland ;. at which time and place persons desirous of succeeding to the appointment are requested to attend. The School is founded for the purpose, of instruct- ing a certain number of poor Children in reading, writ- ing, and arithmetic; and by one of the articles of the institution, it is required that the Master should be a Member of the Church of England. The salary is £ 04, per annum, added to which the Master will be entitled to reside in a neat ind commo- dious dwelling HOUSE, ( to which the School Room is attached)- with a very good garden, rent free. r|\ lLi Creditors of John Tidey, the younger, JL late of Horsham, in the county of Sussex, School mister, au insolvent debtor, are desired to meet th Assignee of the/ said Insolvent's estate and effects, on the 7th day of October next, at six o'clock in he even- ing, at the Royal George, at Worthing, in the county of Sussex, to assent to or dissent from the said Assignee commencing, prosecuting, or defending any suit or suit.- at law, or in equity, for recovery of any part of the said Bankrupt's estate and effects, or to the compounding, submitting to arbitration, or otherwise agreeing to any matter or tiling relating thereto, and on other special affairs; and any creditor desiring or wishing to have or give any information relative to the said Insolvent's estate, will please to apply to Mr. Dalston, Took's* Court. Chancery- lane, London, Contain and Chichester Turnpike. r | next Meeting of the Trustees of this 1- Turnpike Road, will be held at the Swan Inn, in Chichester, on Saturday, the ,5th day of October next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. Chichester, I4 « h ' ept. 1811 Farnhurst, Chichester and Dell- Qvay Turnpike y j^ HE next Meeting of the Trustees of this 1 Turnpike Road will he held at the Swan Inn, in Chichester, on Saturday, the 5th Day of. October next, at eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. THOS RHOADES Clerk to the Trustees. Chichester, Uih September, ISII. rpO [ BE SOLD— A very fine and powerful Jl MARE, about Fifteen Hands Three Inches high, a good goer in all her pices, ha-- a light mouth, carries a remarkable forehand, > s quite fresh, in excellent con- dition, able to draw and warranted sound — She. is the property of a Gentleman, who has lode her Two Years, and is parted from for no fault.— Price SIXTY. GUINEAS. Enquire of Mr. Raglass Post Office, Bognor. A Farm to be Let, at Willtingdon, in Sussex. TO BE LET ON LEASE, For Seven or Fourteen Years, from " Michaelmas next. AFARM, now in the occupation of Mr. Richard Reed, of East bourn. containing 34A. of exceeding rich arable, pasture, and meadow land, within a good barn, thereon.. For view, apply to the Bailiff, the premiers; or to '• n-. x for the same to Mr. John Hull, Land Agent, No. ' ' H;... Ql 0. P> i-. glitor » i' bv ! iter, post , paid. For three years from Michaelmas Day now next ensuing if the present incumbent shall so long ' i'f) I'VIfi great and small Tythes of the Parish of Earnley five miles from Chichester, consist- ing of looo Aetes of { itch Arable, and 0 Acres ofliich Pas'u'e Land, Proposals to- be made hefoie the 1 « t of November next, to Messrs. Marshall and Vena: I, Solicitors, • StpvnHlg TO BE LET BY TENDER, ON LEASE FOR SEVEN YEARS, And filtered Upon at Michaelmas, isiq. TO THE BEST BIDDER, ( If Mr. Harcourt should approve of linn for a Tenant,) \ ymi. Y FARM, III the parish of Easthoathly » * Sussex, lieU1 by Mr. Tworl, and purl by Mr.- Jenner; consisting of 4110 acres of amble and land, in a very healthy situation, with a very light pleasant dwelling house, comprising two. good particulars, five bed- chamber- on the first floor, and ample lodging rooms tor servants an the second floor, with excellent kitchen, wash- house, brew house, bake house, dairy, pantry and cellars- very good stabling for ten horses; half an acre of kitchen- garden, wailed in on three sides All the buildings are brick and tile, in good repair ? it 1, a manor farm, tvthe free. Excellent water, good ii. h ponds, and plenty of game: good turnpike- roads on two side. » l ih farm, leading: 10 London. Lewes, and Eastbourne ? the land lies round tlie house in a ring fence, good bar IS, lodges and yards for caule; the fauces tire iu excellent repair. Proposals in sealed letters, directed to R. B. Har- court, esq. at Ml. Engledow's. Easthoathly, near Uck- field. Sussex. Mr. Engledow will shew the premises. N. B A Coach passes to and front London in East- hourne, three times a week, and the post every day to London and Eastbourne, SUN FIRE- OFFICE, Bank Buildings, and Craig's Court. Charing Cross. London ; lor Insur- ing Houses and other Buildings. Goods. Merchandize, Ships in Harbour, in Dock, or Building, and Craft, from LOSS and DAMAGE by FIRE WE, whose names arc underwritten, being AGENTS, for the SUN Fine OFFICE, have authority from the Managers, to inform the Public, and alt Persons insured ill the said Office. that the Premium on the Slock of Corn and Hay, being the produce of a Farm, also Cat- tie and Implements of Ho- hard, r.. thereon. « ill he rated at I wo Shillings per cent. AND ALL persons insured in ihl- Offfice are requested tn r fee tn their Policies. in order that they may receive the benefit of this Reduc- tion of the Premium on Farming Stock, nit tl>. ir re- spective Renewals sit MICHAELMAS NEXT ; and that Primed Receipts, under our hands, are ready for dell, very,- fur she Premium and Duty on Policies, as tl. ey Heroine due; and thai Primed Proposal • of the lee,', of Insurance may he had of. us, which- will lie found as Moderate, iu every Respect, as iiui- c of ihe other Offices. Z7" Farming Sfock may be Insured, generally, in all Barns and Out- houses, on a Farm, without the average clause, which mas In seen by applying 10 Us, vim .. Til give any further information which may be required for the explaining this uiwde of Insurance. Arundel, Richard Parker I Croydon, J. Blake Chichester, J. Plaisto ! Dorking, H. Niblett Cuckfield. J. M. George ' Tunbridge Wells. E Seamer Horsham, D. Stedman Portsmouth• W. Baker Lewes, E. Verrall Winchester, R. Bucksey Rye, Thos Cotman Steyning, C. Marsha Tarring, Farnham, W. Frinmer East Grbsted. — Burt Guildford. R. Sparkes Epsom, J. Jaqnet Kingston. T. Baker N. B. issued free of expence; and all Payments, for Losses by Fire, are made by this Office without deduction. * » * The San Fire Office have always paid Losses, or Damage by Fire from Lightning. HOPE INSURANCE COMPANY— FIRE, LIONS.— Office. Ladgate Hill, London. Persons insured a- iil. this Office, whose Policies ex- pire at Michaelmas, are respectfully informed, that Re- ceipts for ibe Renewal of the same are now ready fur Delivery at tbe Office, and with the respective Agent, of the Company throughout tbe United Kingdom. WILLIAM BURY, Secretary. N. B. Policies of Insurance, which expire at the above Period, should be renewed within Fifteen, Days thereafter. The following Agents are appointed by this Office in the counties of Sussex, Hants, Surrey, and Kent, of " horn Proposals may be had gratis . aud every inf. iinia- tio; i obtained. Jos. Moore. Crawley W. Walker, Walworth Thus. Gibson, Lewes J. Wandington. Croydon Bradbry & Co. Shoreham Jas. Wilkinson, Elstred B. (,; ( illen. jun. Perworth J. F. Norris, Richmond C. Steyning I R. Greaves. Darking J. W* t! eking, Lindfield R. Constable, Wandsworth J W Sharp. Portsmouth ham Clement Sharp, Romsey S. Walker, Brasted Jos. Handley, Newport A. Gould, Rochester Isle of Wight R. H. Christian, Deal John Johnson, Alton Geo Hampshire, Deptford Thos. Sutton, Southampton W. Romwell, Woolwich R. Perkins, Lymington S. Bracey, Margate Edw. Fory, Christchurch jns. Hagett. Canterbury J Roach, Cowes, Isle of A Nettlefold, Bromley Wight Thomas Fisher, ( Bank) John Earl. Winchester Gravesend John Greenwood. Egham J. R. Rogers, High- street. R. Walter, Godstone ! Rotherithe H. Walker, Hampton Wick Jeffery Morphew, Dover Robert Hicks, Tooting King, Sheerness H. Laker, Walton upon- Turner, Hythe Thames ALBION FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, NEW BRIDGE- STREET, LONDON; EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT; AGENTS : PORTSEA, Mr. George Levi, Grocer. SEAFORD, Mr Samuel Cook, Porter Merchant, LINDFIELD, Mr. Marchant Pierce, Stationer. ROMSEY. Mr. Richard Sweeper, Silversmith, GUILDFORD, Mr. . lame, Greenfield. Insurances falling due. at Michael; , , should be re- newed within fifteen days from that ^' rnid. Abatements are made, according lo the plan which originated with this Company, on the Premiums of all - Fire Insurances OCT of LONDON. A large advantage is allowed on Life Insurance; and every facility is afforded by which the interest and convenience of the public may be promoted. WARNER PHIPPS. Secretary. Royal Exchange Assurance Office. ' JP!, E CORPORATION have reduced the Pre- J1 miums on Farming Stock, from 2*. 6d. per cent, to 2s. per cent, aud existing Insurances, covering such property, will be reduced as ihcv become due^ upon application to the Agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose Annual Premiums . fall due on the 25th instant, are hereby informed thai receipts a* e mar ready tn be delivered by the Company's Agents under- mentioned, and the parties assured ore requested lo tip- ply for the renewal of the r Policies on or before tbe < Hh day of July next, as ihe usual fifteen days allowed fur payment, beyond the date of each policy,' will then expire. . SAMUEL. FENNING, jun. Secretary. ARUNDEL, William Olliver. BATTLE, William Ticehurst. BRIGHTHELMSTON, John Mills. CHICHESTER, J. Bartlett. HASTINGS, William Gill. HORSHAM, Humphreys and Turner. HAILSHAM, Wm. Martin LEWES, Henry Brown. MIDHURST, John Geering, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Holt.' RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe SURREY. CROYDON, J. and C. Strudwicke DORKING, Samuel Dendy EPSOM, J. Scott. FARNHAM, W. Cock GUILDFORD, Winkworth and Cooper KINGSTON, W. Strange RE1GATE, W. Moore N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expense where the annual Premiums amount to tis. (> r upwards. *** This Com any have invariably made good Losses hy Fire, occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES, being found to be advan- tageous to persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others . Tables of the Hates on such Assu- rances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And, for tbe greater conveni- ence of the Public, the Company hire determined to extend ( by special agreement) the Assurance on Lives Pure Merino Sheep for Private Sale, at Cosham House, Hants. Aconsiderable flock of the LEONESA BREED, consisting principally of two and three year old' Ewes, with some remarkably handsome Rams, and a proportion of line Lambs, selected from tbe flacks of the Marquis of Partago, and the Royal Monastery of the Escuriel, the finest travelling Leonesa breeds iu Spain. These sheep have been some months in this country, have been lately shorn, are free from disease, aud thriving well ; they are of good size, and uncommonly tine figure, their wool of the finest quality. They were selected last spring in Estremadura from a Cavanna of ten thousand, which from hat province having become the seat of war, has since been dispersed and destroyed, and an opportunity not to be recalled. • he further importation of ail Merino's having been' prohibited by tbe Cortes of Spain, is now offered to gentlemen desirous of increasing their slock of the pure breed. I be sheep will he sold in Lots to such purchasers at a moderate price, They are upon the grounds of William Pad wick, esq. of Co ham House, near Portsmouth, to whom ap- plication may he made. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Capital well- built Freehold WIND- MILL, l\. called RUSTINGTON MILL., in excellent repair, and will grind on ihe average six loads per week ; in ibe occupation of Mr. Geo. Downer, tenant at will, A' a pint of Land, about half an acre; and conti- guous lo the above a comfortable Dwelling- house aud garden ; a store- house lor corn, yard, cart- bouse, sheds, and stables. Rustington is situated a short distance from that ad- mired and much improving watering place Little ton ; also Arundel, Ferring, Goring, Broadwater, Wor- ding, and Brighton : and . surround, d by a line Corn country a, id populous neighbourhood, forming an ad- mirable situation for an active man. The and til further particulars apply to Messrs. white and s. 0. \.. rih sireel, Chichester, or High street, Arundel. Extensive Freehold Farms, at Brenchley, To By Messrs. DRIVER, \ Vcrv desitah:.- a. id extensive Freehold Estate, partly titln free, very eligibly smite in a remark- ably pleasant part of • i Brencheley, Horsemonden, and Yalding, about In miles front Tunbridge, ( j from Yalding, 12 from Maid- stone, a d onlv 4" from London, comprising several • ell arranged farms call, d SWIG'S HOI. E.'". AUGUST PETS, SHELLEY MOOR, BAY BROOKS, Apps BRAM- ILES, and GAGE WOOD, in the occupation of most respectable ,1 . auis. containing together about GJ- IA of the presumed vaiUe of upwards of eleven bundled pnUtiiis p* r ant, urn Immediate possesion may be had of a part of the estate, and the remainder i. held upon leases, of which only Printed particulars may be had at the Bell, Bromley • the i^ crse*. Alios, Seven Oaks ; Rose and Crown, Tun- nudge; Carquers, Lamberhurst; George, K. berts- • bridgo; star, Maid- tone-, Gun, Horsemonden Heath; Bull, Wrotham; Black lion, Farningham; of C- Wardroper, Esq. Hawkhurst 5 and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road; or at their Offices III lb. Aaction Mart, London; where plans of the several farms, may be seen. f Estates at Lewes and Nutley, Sussex. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFreehold Messuage or Dwelling- house, with yard and appturtenances Ijcluhd the sarnie; de- sirably situated in Market- street, corner of West- street, Lewes. And also a valuable Copyhold Estate, consisting of Capital new- erected Stables and Cottages, and about 1<> acres and a cuarter of pasture land, situ- ate Nutley, arid adjoining the turnpike- road from Lewes to London T last mentioned premises are holden of tbe Manor pf Duddleswell, and are'subject to certain yearly quit- rents, ani'- untini? together to U. Os fed. and ' o heriots and fines of if. Os. fd. each, ceita n For further particulars apply t ) Messrs. King and Gell, Solicitors, Lewes. WM. ENGLISH begs leave on behalf of him- self and Partners, to return sincere Thanks to the inhabitants of Lewes, for the protection they have hitherto been favouied with as Coach Proprietors and still relying upon a continuance of that support they have so Ions* experienced, herein inform their Friends, that they have added to their present establishment the Union Coach to the City, far accommodation of this town and vicinity, whieh they hope so to conduct as to give general satisfaction. • N. B. particulars in advertisement below. Bohemia Farm, Hastings, Sussex. TO BE, LET BY PRIVATE TENDER, Upon a Lease for seven Years and Six Months, com- mencing at Lady day next, ALL that valuable FARM, tailed BOHEMIA, . . delightfully situated io the parish of Saint Marv Magdalen, within a miTe of thar fashionable resort of company for sea bathing, the Town of. Hastings, in the county of Sussex, and wYich eoHiiuaods « nv of ihe grandest and most extensive sea vien- s of Mni; it" tn burcfiertu^ Upoii' th « £ English channel; coin prising an exceediiig good' dwelling house, garden, yards; liar < » '.' find oilier appropriate buildings ^ . together . aith about 8f » . acres of rich arable, meadow, and pasture land, plentifully watered, and- contiguous to' the dwelling . house, now in the occupation of Mr Heur, Farncomb. Y The above farm i~> well worthy the a'ttoifti^ wt, hot Onl> of a farmer, hut of a family, d^ iruns of " a marine resi dence; iaud thiijt ^' liit'ji renders the premises tlu irtiore m' 0II » eccas. it » u of making po-. u* ratevi. he- parish c^^ Jsung Avholly, or principally, of that aiidat; adjauiiu^ farm. Tenders to l » e, sent to the oflke of . Messrs. Lang ridge and Kell, Lewes, on or before the 31 « * day of October next, after which period none will bV , ire Reived, where a plan of the premises may be seeu » aai< j particulars of the lfca » e known ; and from whence no tice will be sent to the- person whose tender sli d! aa'ie been accepted. N. B, Mr, John Cramp, of Little Ridge Farm, Hast- ings will, upon application, attend to shew the pre- mises, - LEWES UNION COACH, SAM. WALDEGRAVE and CO. mostgespect- fully return their grateful . ackuowlcd& emntw'to the ! nh: ibitaots, of Lewes, and Vicinity, for tUBUheral support tbev have experienced since they, cstijXUhed the ACCOMMODATING COACHES, and havjijfc now formed an union with the Proprietors o' the LEWES OLD COACHES, earnestly solicit a continuance of those favours aiiead\ received, pledging themselves that no exertion shall . be. spared- to render this coUvey. aU. ee vdfthy approbation of the public. To afford moie general convenience, the Union Coach will leave Lewes at Nine o'Clock, to Waldegrave's Hotel, and General Coach Office, Bishopsgate- street, London; and return from thence at Light o*< cl » fk in. the morning. Pi i fortried by the Public's obedient servants, WALDEGRAVE, London; ENGLISH, Lewes ; GOURD, TUT. ^ A i". • v, and r'o. . Brighton. GLYND BRIDGE, TURNPIKE. \ General Meeting of the Trustees of the • JT\. Turnpike- road leading from ilje south end of South- Street, in the parish of Southmalling, near the Town of Lewes, to Glynde Bridge, and from thence through Firle- street, under the Hill to Loogbridge, in the parish of Alfriston, in the county of Sussex, will" be held at tlie Ram Inn, in Westfirle, on Thursday, the '{ d day of October next, at eleven o1* lock in the fovetioon, for the purpose of electing new Trustees, and oil other upe/ tal business concerning tlie said road. Lewes, 12th Sept. 1811. EDW. VERRAL, Clerk. Ferry House, near Newhaven Bridge. TO BE LET, at Michaelmas next, above Premises, which are most admirably situated for the carrying on of the Coal or Corn Trade. The tenant inay be accommodated, if he choose it, with 20 acres of good Brook Land, an es tablished Brick Yard, in full trade, together with a good Lime Kiln, & c. For particulars apply to Mr. J. Bull, laud agent, No. 7, Carlton place, Brighton; if by Letter, post paid. To Builders and Others— TO BE SOLD, ALarge pile of Buildings, standing; at Stopham, in Sussex, close to the Aron Navigation, Io be taken dowtl and cleared awsv at the expence of the purchaser, a large BARN and MALT HOUSE, with all its materials, consisting of Brick and Stone, Tiles and good Timbers, Malt kiln, Lead and Cistern, & c. Mr. James Blunden, of Stopham, will shew ' lie Premises, and for further particulars, enquire of Mr. Henry Upton, of Petworth. To Ba « ers, Mealmen, and other . TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, With immediate possession, if required, AMost deniable Freehold Dwelling- house, situ- ate in the centre of the West- street, in the Bo- rough of Horsham, now in full trade, consisting of two front shops,'- two bakehouses, kitchen, parlour, aud pleasant sleeping rooms; a garden, stab! e for two horses, large hog pounds, faggot flight, aud every con- venience for carrying on the baking business ; ra part has been Jet nfF as a separate Tenement, hut the whole may be us d together, if necessary. The proprietor i » carrying on the whole of the Army business at Horsham, with a full share of other trade.. Any person wanti! » g u situation in the above line will finn litis a m0.1l desirable opportunity; the only reason the present proprietor wishing to dispose of it is on ac- count of ill health. for particular* apply to Mr. Henry Stanford, West- street, Horsham, Union Fire and Life Institutions. I\ * hese Lstablishnients All the Savings aie re- ti> n> ed to the Insured. In const q enee of this plan, the Members « f the Fire Insurance Department, whose period of re p yrneut has arrived, have received back Irif » \ per Cent, of the I'reavt- mns they deposited. The rates'of the Life | u^ titutioo are nearly Tet » per Cent. lo<* « * r than, those of other Kstahlishioems; aud it* Insurer* Jtave ti e additional advantage of beiug eu- litled to a periodical, bonus. Further particulars insy he had of the Agents, gratis. Houshold Furniture, Live and Dead block, & c. By Mr. HARRIS, On Thursday September ISI1* and following day, on the premises, ia the parish of Herstmonceux, ALL the Houshold Furniture and other effects of Mr. ABEL ATTWOOD, Horse Dealer, for the benefit of hi « creditors consisting of four good fea ther buds, t » Hjr p « > s< bedsteads nuA furnitures, mat- tresses, blankets, Ate, window curtains, dressing tables and glasses, mahogany dining, card, aud tea tables; ditto, Hud other chairs; mahogany bureau, ditto single, and watuscot chesis of drawers; floor and bedside car- pets, Bath stoves, fenders and fire irons ; a good clock atwi rase, tea urn, china and glass; ti pair of sheets, 13 table cloths, towels, >& to the Sale, 011 the premises, and of Mr. Attree, at his Estate and Avency Office, North Street, Brighton. Freehold Building Ground, Bedford- square9 Brighton. By Mr. ATTREE, On Thursday, October itfii, at ihe- Old Ship Tavern, between the hours of 6 aud 7 o'clock iu the evening, CjlX Lots of Freehold Building Ground, delight- fully situated in Bedford- square, at tlie west eud of toe town, cotumauding; a good view of the sea.— The plan to be seen, and printed particulars had, seven days previous to the sale, at the General Estate and Agency Office, North- street, Brighton. BY MR. ATTREE. Oo Friday, October 4, ut the Old Ship Tavern, at 7 o1Clock in the Evening, ACapital FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, > bein^ No. North Buildings, 4u the town of Brighton, commanding a delightful view of the Downs, Steine, Sea, Military Parade, 6iC. comprising on the baseaient a large kitheu, house- keeper's room, nu enclosed yard ai^ i couvenieut out otiices, 011 the ground floor, two parlour? j on the tirst floor, a spacrous drawing roonra rind chamber on the second Hovr, twoexecllent sleep* ing rooms, aud two> at; icjt over ; with a piece of grotind bo 1 lie south and east fronts enclosed by a neat little pallisade fence. i be above premises arc in gbod repair j and fit for the. reception of a gentleman's family. To be viewed, and further particulars had, by apply- ing to Mr. Attree Hi Ills General Agency Office, North Street, Brighton GOLD COIN. Custom- house, London, 12th Sept. 1811. VjyZigUE- AS great quantities of the Gold * ' Coin of this realm, Jha. ee been clandes- tinely and ' illegally exported from various parts vf England . bid tehereas it is highly expedient io prevent such unlawful practice' and to dis- 1 Cover and punish the offenders. The Commissioners of his Majesty's Cus- toms iu England, do hereby give notice, that in case any person or persons will give infor- mation of any Such illicit practices, so that any seizures shall be made of any such gold coin in | consequence thereof, the person or persons giv- ing such information, shall, immediately after such coin shall have been condemned, receive ONE THIRD PART of the. value of such seizures, without any deduction whatever. This reward the said Commissioners of the Customs will direct to be paid to such person or persons, or to whomsoever he or they shall appoint to receive the same; and the greatest care will be taken, as well in making the sei- zure, as in the payment of the reward, that the name of every person giving such information shall he concealed. Such information may be given either to the Secretary of the Customs in England, or to any Officer of his Majesty's Navy or Customs, as may be most convenient to the party. By Order of the Commissioners, G. DELEVAVD, pro Secretary. Custom- house, Newhaven, l3th Sept. 1811. H, Harison, Coll. J. B. Stone, Comp. J. WILMSHURST, Watchmaker, Jeweller, and Silversmith, Lewes, REMINDS i, be public of l » U warranted stout and serviceable Four Guinea WATCHES, of which he lias a lai oe assortment, just finished for the Michaelmas Trade, and which are parti- cilia. I v adapted for the service of Farmer's Servants and Working Men. An elegant Assortment of Gold Watches of every description. JOHN BLAKER, Hi the absence of hiis brother, Charles Blaker, late of Lewes, Grocer, begs leave to return Thanks to ail his Friends for their support, and tlie Favours conferred upon his said Brother, during tlie time of his Carrying on the said business. All peisons having any demands upon tlie said Charles Blaker, ate desiied forthwith to send an account ' hereof to the said J Blaker, in order that they msv be immediately discharged ; and all persons standing indebted to the said Charles Blaker, are requested to pay the amount to the said J Blaker, who is legally authorised to re- ceive the same. — Lewes, 14th September, 1811, Nonet: is he'etn given, all persons that have any claim or demand on the late NA- THAN GRAVELY, of St John's Common, Mil- ler. defeated, are requested to send their account to Wm. Drawbridge, of Scames Hill, Lindfield; and all pei OK indebted to the said Nathan Gravely, are i(- quested to pay the same immedi- ately to W. Drawbridge, who is authorised to re- ceive the same. WHEKAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and imued Wr'th against. EDWARD AUGER, late of Eastbourne, ill till' county of Sussex, merchant, dealer aud chapman, and lie t. ein^ declared a bankrupt, is lierft> y required 10 surrender biiiisetf to the Commissioners iu. ibe ssiid Commission named, or lite nuijor ^ artwf thern. m> itW sIh and " 3nlh d iVs of Sep tember iu-^ t mt, and oil ilu- id day of November next, at- el. (. ei^' ia. tire iitt- fimHio, nncat- b day, at tlie Star Inn,. Lewes, m tb » county of Sussex, and make a full dis cnv « r< y ' AK'J fi: urr iit his estate a. id effects when ttud. wliepe- t+ re' creditors jrfe' ' tii e* iute prepared to ^ rove tl^ eir. debt « ; » i. d ^ F'LH' ^ LM ' MH! sitting to chuse assigneees ; , and a' iV') lni* Mfic/ i'fr tl'e said Bankrupt is required to tiulsb In- exantn » » ^ oii. and lite creditors are to as^ e.. t to . or d' » s « ' iit tiom the HH. i- ivaiiee of In* rertifieai, All ju rs wa/ l^ lHt-. t to ilttf said Bankrupt, or tiiat have ativ of Ii- » • fleet-, are tuit- ttt fray or deliver tlie same hut to wlinoittte Commissioners shall appoint, t- m to give Ijooc. t . Messrs. Hoper and Son. of Lewes. NEW TURNPIKE ROAD TO AVOID BEEDING HILL. XTCVnPJC is herebv ^ iven, Thai the next Ge- J* ^ t neral Weetktg of the Trustees of I be above road tnll be | » o d « * a a! tin* White Horse Inn, in Steyning, OH Wednesday, tUe tf.^ th d i^* ot'v September next, at bifb wicetio^ ibe TOLLS arHioy; at the Toll Gate * U said road, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to tit- e tff'. t.. bidder, troio fbf 2f) tb Hay of September now ucict v. ti- utnt* c n< « va. i \ r our or mere yeai,-., as shaii hv tin'it tkbjcli Tolls vt? rt> let tor the « the i^ tii A* y « f September i* cKt% at • mtt j » ut up ax vm- h * « « u the. Trustees present Mljlll K^ pt^ Vf. SXymrvei' t<* he the best bidder rrtw. it at the . HW& e Mrttt. igive ' Witcfiy*. with * « jftr^ ut ica, f' « » r wf atjtuck' tuay^ K - Aiui ill « « cb citajitvr a- n ib< f Trustees [ present Uintl dirt- t f CM A - vi I HALL, Clerk to the Trustees. WORTHING TURNPIKE. N'OTiri-; is Hereby given, ri> at. t) u* next Meet ! ing of tbe Trustees of tbVi' road svitS be bobleti at the Gon Inn, in Finton, on Monday nay of September 1811, at twelve ( I'FLOFK, at noon, >\ t wbirb meeiin^ ( he; TOLLS arising at the several Gates on the called Worthing Gate, Ashington. Gate, and Dial Post Gate, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, from the 29th day of September, isn, at noon, for otie or more yearn, as sh'al! be then agreed on, .. . The Tolls Arising at the said Gates « < re let for the year ending the said l29< h day of September ltisiant, at tbe uiiderfoenuoiled sums, viz. I Worthing Gate - i,':> i> 2 Ashington Gate • 397 ) Dial Post Gate - 3( iti— And will be jiut uj> either separately, or logetber, at such sum or suim, as the Trustees present shall ap- prove. Who^ vrr bafjpens to be the be* t bidder, must at the same time give security, with sufiicieirt sureties to the j satisfartion of the Trustees, for payment of the rem, at sucb. tiiueB and in such manner aj » they shall appoint. 4lso tit such Meeting the Trustees present will, in base the said Tolls shall not be then In, decide oii the propriety of taking the sauie into their own hands fur the ensuing year. Also at such Meeting, new Trustees will be elected in the room of those who are dead, or have refused or I declined to ad. CHARLES MARSHALL, Steyning. 3d, Sept, 1811. Clerk to the Trustees. Flimwell to Hastings. Turnpike Tolls to Let. WHKRCAS, at a Meeting of tlie Trustees, of the said road, holden this day, the Tolls arising at the several Toll- gates, on the said road. were put up" to Let to Farm by Auction for one year, from tbe' 29th day of September next, but there was uo bidder for the same. ; : - . NOTICE is th< frfore hereby given, that, the next Mfeeting of tlu- Trustees of the said road, w ill be holden on Friday, the - 2/ th day of September dex't, at the George Inn, in Battle, at' Eleven 0' Clock in the Fore- noon, when the Tolls arising at the several Toll- gates 011 the said road, will he let to Farm by Auction for one year, from the' 29th day of September next, in the manner directed by an Act of Parliament, passed in the « . ifU Year itf the Reign of bis present Majesty, for re- gulating Turnpike- roads, anct will be p'isi at thfc sums following, viz: The Tolls arising at Hurstgreen, and North- ^ £ 3: 3o bridge- street- Gates, at y 1 Ditto at Robertsbridge, and Battle Level- ? £ 430 gates at J Ditto at Buttle Lake, and Hastings gales at £ 650 Ditto at Robertsbridge Clappers gale at £ iuo Whoever happen, to be the highest bidder, must, at the sime time, give security, with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of tbe Trustees for the payment of tbe rent ai such times and in su< h manner, as shall be then agreed on. Dated the sqth August 1811. T. BARTON. Clerk to the Trustees of the said Road Tythe Free. FARM in SURREY, on the borders of SUSSRX TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. AFARM called LONGBRIDGE, situate at Ling- field, 111 the county of Surrey, miles from London, aud s from East Grinstead, consisting of a good Farm House, and convenient outbuildings, toge- tber with 94 acres of excellent Land, lyiug very coin pact, A purchaser may be accommodated with an additional 37 acres adjoining tbe above, including a cottage, yard, aud large barn.. Possession will he given at Michaelmas. For further- particulars apply to Mr. Barrow, Solici- tor. Eest Grinstead. Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AValuable and desirable Freehold Estate, called tbe INHOLMES, most jileasantly situate at Danehill, iu the parish of Horstedkeynes, on lite Lewes and Brighton Turnpike road, 3S utiles from London, ft from East Grinstead, 1J from Lewes, from Bright- helmston, and aitbiii a miles of tbe Ouse Navigation; the premised consist of a good farm- house, barn, lodges, atld farm- yard, aud sj acres, ( more or less) of arable, meadow, pasture,. aod woodland; tbe hedgerows aud woodland are iwell stocked with line thriving oak and oilier Umber trees, to the growth of which the soil is particularly favorable. The purchaser may have immediate possession. Tlie premises may be viewed ou application to Mr. John Hills, of Freshfield, the proprietor, of whom fur- ther particulars may be had; and al. o at the office of Mr. Waller, Solicitor, in Cuckfield. Sales by Auction. SUSSEX. A Select, Pure- Bred, South Down Flock. By MR. WELLER, ( On tbe Premises) 0u Tuesday, the 24th of September, 1811, at 12 0' Clock, the genuine and entire LIVE AND DEAD STOCK, the Property of Mr. WOODMAN, quhtiug his Farm, at East Marden. ( CONSISTING of 375 Prime Ewes, ISO Lambs. J IUO Wethers, io Ram Lambs, ( j capital well- shaped Rams, all bred from tb^ estimable Flock of SIR. HARRY FEATHERSTONEHAUGH, and MR. PINNIX— 4 Cows, 7 Cart Horses, 2 very excellent Riding Horses, calculated for the road Or field, 4 Cows, Waggons, Dung Carts, and all other Agricultural Implements. The- LIVE STOCK will be Sold Duty Free, Catalogues ue- ry he had at the principal luus of the neighbouring Market Towns, at the Auction Mart, London; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester. Furniture, Farming Stock, 100 Loads of Hay, and Effects of Holbrook Lodge, near Horsham Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY and SON, On tbe Premises; on Mondays Oct. 7, and following; day, at I t O'cbick, by order of the Trustees and Executors., ALL the Houshold Furniture, China, Glass, an eig'bt day Clock, two Harpsichords, Live and Dead Farming Stock, Garden and Brewing Utensils, aud numerous other effects of JOHN MANLEY, Esq. Deceased, a* his late residence, Holbrook Lodge, uear Horsham Common, Sussex. . The furniture consists of 19 prime goose feather beds, and bedding, mattresses, blankets, quilts, and counter ' panes; hedsteds with dimity and cotton hangings, ward- robes, chests of drawers, bookcases, set of dining tables aud chairs, pier and dressing glasses, kitchen requi- sites, and other arti. cles. The Farming Stock consists of 3 cart horses, 7 cows, 3 steers, and a bull; 3 rams, So sheep, pigs, poultry, & c. about lof) loads of well got meadow hay, 2 wag- gons, 5 carts and harness, ploughs, barrows, 20 do2en of hurdles, land roll, cow cribs, sheep racks, ladders, corn sucks, cheese presses, faggots, & c. . To he viewed on Friday and Saturday preceding, aud rn< » rnings of sale, when Catalogues may be Wad at ihe King's Head, and Black Horse, Horsham; Red Lion, Dorking; Swan, Leatherhead; White Hart, Guildford; Spread Eagle, Epsom; Swan, Reigate; on the premises, and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- row, London. FINE MERINO SHEEP, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr DANIEL SMITH, On Tuesday, tlie 24th instant, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon, at Mr. Bone's, the Old Sheep Market, at Faddington, in the county of Midalesex, SEVERAL patticula. ly fine MERINO RAMS, KJ selected from the Prince of Peace's pure flock of Spanish Sheep, the property of Culling Charles Smith, aud were imported early in the year ISio. The above Sheep were selected by a Gentleman iu Spain from amongst the primest flocks, and at a period when they were h- Id in the highest estimation, since which an interdict has been passed by the Cortes for- bidding the exportation . of tii 111, To be viewed on the morning of sale. Catalogues may be had of Mr. James King, Newgate Market; at the Ram, Smithfield; place of sale; of Mr. Smith, Windsor-, and at No. 9, Mew Broad- street, Royal Ex change, London. FARMING STOCK, BOOKS, HOUSHOLD FUR- NITURE, & c, of the Rev. T. HUDSON, of Fit- tleworth, - TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By THOMAS CHRIPPES, • Qn ibe premises, on Tuesday, October 1st, 1811, at' tic- eleven o'clock ; THE valuable FARMING STOCK comprises • two narrow wheel waggons, 2 dung carts, one plough, 5 harrows, about 5 do2fn of wattles, 3 trace and 2 thill harness, a gig horse, 2 cart mares, one poney, one Alderney cow, one heifer, a sow and shut ; a very good single- horse Chaise, with head, lamps, aud harness; h stun » p of excellent old Meadow Hay, a ditto of Clo ver ditto, a quantify of new Hay; 2 pipes of Cyder; about 60 yards of green palisade fencing, aud various . b er articles. The BOOKS consist of upwards ofioo volumes, among I which are Stow's Annals. Rushworth's Historical Col- lection, Budæi Lexicon, Pinkerton's Geography, &, c. In FURNITURE, mahogany diesis Drawers,, a Night Table, two 32 gallon coppers, & c. Sales by Auction. Live and Dead Stock, with Houshold Furniture. By TESTER AND CO. i . On the Premises. On Wednesday, the 2Sth Sept. 1811, and following day at eleven o'clork, Live and Dead Stock, and part of the Houshold Goods of Mr. RICHARD BAX, at High House, Chailey, Sussex, removing:-— Comprising 4 valuable cart horses, 1 saddle horse, 4 yearling; colt, 4 p « . ir of excellent working oxen,' i cow in. calf, 3 cows, s store pigs - 8 sets harness, and 1 set latring bell-, 4 narrow- wheel road waggons, one. of " which is'nearly new ; h dung carts, 3 land rollers,* hep edget, harrows, ploughs,, & c. with numerous husban pry inipkuneuts. ' t he houshold. goods consist of 2 cop.- per fornaces, Washing and brewing tubs, drink barrels, patent and o her churns $ a new cheese press, meat tubs and boilers, h dresser and shelves, tables, chairs, two pair chest drawers, bed steddles, and numerous other houshold r< S< c.— The Stock the i^ t. dav.-;- BY MR. SONE. On tlie Premises, on Thursday, ihe 26th September, lt^ ll, pre. « i « ely two » rclock in the afteruo" n, A Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, in the pa- rish of Ashurst, called WARD'S LAND, or Little Fell Bridge, con- i tiug of a tenement, o< i>. houses, gar- den, and sunday closes of exc* bent Meadow Land, con- taining hy atlineasUrv ii » « » it JIA. | R. Aud HumediauiU aft^ r tlie Estate is dispost' 4 of will . be sold, thq Houshold Furniture, three carts, a poney, 0tc. < ke. 6i. c. For particulars enquire of the Auctioneer, at Stey- nintr ; if by letter, post paid, . v ~~~ By THOMAS SONE, Obv Thursday, Id xji October, I8rt. on ihe premises of Mr. John Jeffery, of Sweet hill, iu* the parish of As! ijjr-} l, wb. o is- goiug to leave - the said farm, ''^ JfJl'lE Stock consists of :> two > ca. ling heifers, i. cows, 2 cart horses, 1 colt thrre years Old, got? • Hlfi Mr. Winton's horse. at Cokeham j 2 large hogs; r^ plough, 1 pair barrows, 1 dung cart, | pair waggon wheels, 2 winnows, » pair plough traces, 2 pair harness, and sundry tackle.. The Houshold Furniture consists of out hid, bolster, pillows, bedsteads and haugings chafts tables, washing, brewing, and dairy utensils • one iUilt mill. f h:: sate of the stock t « » begin at n oMo< k, and Houshold Furniture By Mr PRICKETT, At the, Auction Mart, nvur th » Bank of England, on Wednesday. Oct. 2. til l, at twelve o'cloVk in 24 lots, instead of Wednesday, Aug. < M, as before adverti ed, x LL that capital MANSION called the FRIARS, a. sitnam near the Borough Town of Winchelsea, iu the county of Sussex, with an excellent and Spacious girden thereunto belonging-, together with a Public House, Tolls of a Ferry, aod divers . Messuages and Tenements, situate in Winchelsea; and upwards of 120 acres of extraordinary rich grazing land, imuie. diately 111 that neighbourhood^ the greatest part whereof is not subject to any tythe, or parochial rates; aud the whole rs < icciipjed by most r. espet table tenants under sb > rt holdings. Tbe Mansion is replete with conveniences for the fainily of. a man of fortune, and early possession w ill be giveii. The situation is beautiful in the extreme, being hi tie more thaii a mile from the sea, of which it commands a tull view, and,'" the surrounding Country is universally admired by all who, know it. May be viewed, and printed descriptive particulars had at the New Inn, Winchelsea; the George, Rye; the Swan Inn, Hastings; the Ship, Brighton; the New Inn, Eastbourne; the Kentish Tavern, Tunbridge Wells; the Star, Maidstone; the Fountain, Canterbury; ot John Hyde, esq. Worcester; Edward Morgan, esq. 14, Gray's Inn Square; aod ut the Auction Marl, Lon- don; and ot Mr. Prickett, Surveyor, Highgate, Mid- dlesex. . . .. A Cophold Estate, near Steyning, Sussex. By Mr. SCOTT, On Friday. the 4th dav of October, at o'clock, at the Mart, London, unle3S an acceptable offer shall he previously made by private contract, A Small desirable FARM, in a healihv admirech t\. situation, agreeah y e evated, at Washing- Ion, on the high road to, and 74 mile's fioai Worthing, three from Steyning and Storrington, 10 from Arundel, by good roads in every direc- tion, comprising near 44 acres of excellent mea- dow* good pasture, and arable la OP, the greater part compact and inclosed, well supplied with water by a stream running through the estate j with a farm house and buildings, let to a respect- able tenant on lease, which will expire in five years, at a modeiatr. rent. May he viewed by leave of Mr. Penfold, and particulars had a^ the Sea House, Worthing; White Horse Brighton ami Steyning;: Norfolk Arms, Arundel; King's Head, Horsham; at Ash- ington Common; - he Mart; and of Mr, Scott, 2S, New Bridge- street, London. SUSSEX.— P^ pj enn^/ in the parish of Burpham, two mites from Arundel. ' By Mr. ROW, On Thursday, the TENTH of OCTOBER, 1811, at five o> elbck in tbe afieruoon, at ihev Norfo1k Arms Inn, S w Arundel; ( by order of . tbe Assignees of Mr. John Keeping a Bankrupt,) AFreehold DWELLING- HOUSE, brewhouse, malthouse, with convenient' stables, out- houses, and other oliic. es,. late in the « ) Ccupatiou of Mr. Keeping, situate at Peppering aforesaid. This Estate is beautifully situaiedj the River Arun runs clo. se by its side, aud comuiauds a delightful pros- pect <,* f . Arundel Castle, Park, a id the surrounding woods and levels, forming altogether a scene truly ani- mating and picturesque. Its immediate viciwity to the river renders it a desirable spot, either for the man of business or of pleasure. Barley ( of which great quati titles are grown in this neighbourhood) Can be deliver- ed by the farmer with ease two or three carriages a day, and malt can be put in barges, with little difficulty. The malthouse is one of t, he best in the county, nod capable of making from 5ob to 700 quarters annually, and the brewery of brewing Sou quarters. Tbe water r mm tog over beds of chalk, clay, and gravel, and cleans- ing itself with the tide, is peculiarly wholesome, iu short, the whole coueeru oilers most essential advan- tages to the speculator. The fixtures, coppers, & c. to be taken at a valuation. And 011 the following day will be Sold on the premises, All the Houshold Furniture, and other effects of Air. John Keeping. For particulars apply to Mr. Summerton Bennett, Tarrant- street, Arundel; or Messrs. Dally and Blag- den, Solicitors, Chichester. PEPPERING, SUSSEX. j^ TOTiCE is hereby oiv^ n, That the Sale of L> 1 tbe Dwelling- house, Malthouse, of Mr. JOHN KEEPING, advertised to take plaee on the sbib of Sep- tember instant, at the Norfolk Arms, inn, Arundel, js POSTPONED to tbe loth of OCTOBER iiext, ot the s. auie place ; and the sale of . the Fumiixire to the fol- lowing day. DALLY nod BLAGDEN, Chichester, Solicitors to the Commission issued ugaiiist the said John Keeping. TO BE SOLD.— or Thirteen ceup'e of WtlI bred Boney HARRIERS, llity [ iirlii Willi for > 10 fttult, tilt- owl" r having no funliur ocsasio » i fur Ilieui. For further particulnra, iuquirc. of JOHN BEAN. ESQ. Clepham House, near Seaford, or of NA- THANIEL BARHAM, Huntsman. ~~~ BRIGHTHELMSON. BY Mr. ATTREE, Uni^ er a Comilii- siou of Bankrupt, at No.. 3, Sussex Place, io Brighthelmston, on Thursday, tlie >( iili day o? September. isil, between hour=' of eleveu and twelve o'rlock in tlie tori in. on, SHVMOltAL valuable ESTATES, situate in Brighton, in lots as under: LOT 1. Three pieces of Copyhold Land, containtug two acres, tenantry niea. urc, . ituat iu the second fur- |,, ngv. iu the North- lane, let to Sir. Rendall for a term of yc) years, conum- uring the- jotli of March, 1791), at the yearly rent of 1 / 1 payable half ye.- nriy. ' 1 his pro- perty in simatetl uear the North Buildings, Mid is well covered with houses, Al. p a piice of Copyhold Land, contaiiiitij; two pank, iii tlie furlong heading the barus, in the West Lane, uow nu'il US a garden, and let to Mr. Thunder, for a tent) cif years, » 3; yejru of winch were unexpired the 10th of October last, at the > railv rent of dl. |. or £ Twelve paul., or one acre aud a half of Copy- hold Land, tenantry measure, ll . lilcn of ihe manor of Atlingworth, hue and heriot ceitaiu, situated 111 the third fb/ l. itig", 111 tlie Hilly Lane, usually described as pan of the Prince's- field, ahmiiuij on the north- end, t » the Leeke road between the third and fourih furlong. i « ihe Hilly Lane; aud ou the south, abutting to the L. eeke road, in a line wiift Ivory Place. Possession of be had. iiiiuiediaiely. l, oT. i^ fHiXt « co ^ iaiil>, or two acres of land j tenantry meii- ure. 111 four pieces, situate in the. secood furlong in the North Lane aforesaid, twelve pauls of which are let to Mr. John Smith, lor a term of yi years at ii>(. 0 r annum, 84 years of which were unexpired 011 the • 53( b of March last, eight pauls of the said twelve pauls so let to Mr. Smith, are Copyhold, and four pauls are Leasehold, fi> r a leriu of yy jears, fro. 11 the loth of October t/ tlii) at tbe yearly rein of jr. and the remain, iii^ four pauls, palt of the 10 pauls lir- t mentioned, arc let ou an agreement tor lea. e to Mr. P. Mighell, for 99 y 1 ars. Comment. the i. itb of October raub, at per . aiinuni rent. Lor 4. A Freehold enclosed Field, or croft of land, well calculated fur building upon, situate behind, and only a short distance front Richmond Place, containing pauls, or one acre and a half tenantry measure, lyin* iu ihe residue of the fourth fuilung, io the Hilly Lane, containing about 5J0 leet 111 length, fioiu north to south, and about 7r, feet iu width. LOT 5. All thai barn, buildings, farm yard, and here- ditaments, with their appurtenances, aud aLo all thosit ( s several pieces or parcels of laud, situ ite as follows, viz. itipte. es in the th'ifd furlong 111 the North Lane, and two pieces of land, situate 111 ihe first furlong in tin; Hilly Lane, coutaiuiug altogether upward, of tjt> pauls,, or seven acres and a half, tenantry measure; ( j pauls of this lot are Leasehold, for the residue of a term of 2( years, conimenciug the mth . lay of October i/ 09 » uriuinally grained by N. Kemp, esn. ai the yearly rent together of til. Two oilu r pieces of this lot containing together l> pauls are also Leasehold; one fur the residue of a lerm of yi) years, commencing at Michaelmas ijybj aud the other for the like lerm, vuiiiiseticing at Christ- mas ItJtlt ; originally granted hy C. S. Dickens, esq, » u » . jeet together to a rent of 61. tus. per annum. The whole of the above premises are subject to a lease, granted thereof 10 Thomas Alexander deceased for a term of Jo years, c'imui'' ucing the astU of March tao3, at tbe yearly rent of aul. except as to the two pieces of land leased by the said Nathaniel hemp, esq. which at the expiration of the said lernr of Sit years, must be given up, and which will then reduce the rent to 74I. per au- iiuul. The above premises ire exceedingly well covered vvitb buildings The tenures of the different pieces of land comprised in this loi^ together with the covenants of the respective leases, will be described at the time of sale. . ' •.' I! Loir 6 A small piece of Freehold Land, situate on the north side of Oxford Place, iu Brighthelmston, be- iug' 4< v't, ett in front, by 40 feet deep, 111 a line with Ox- ford Place aforesaid. LOT 7. One paul piece of Copyhold Land, situate in tUe secoud luriougs tn the Hilly Lane, in Brighthelm- ston, holden o' the manor of Brighthelmston, ou the east side of the coal yard aud garden,' iii Circus- street, abutting to the Leeke road ou the north, aud iu u line with Ivory Place. LOT a. A piece of Freehold Land, highly desirable for boildiug upon, in a hue with Sussex Place, in Brighthelmston, containing 111 front | 7 feet, and in depth 47 feci, ur thereabouts, being the 6th lot of 17 feet from the North- house erected 111 Sussex Place aforesaid. The purchaser of this lot must covenant to build in a hue with the houses already erected in Sus- sex Place. LOT y. All that very eetigihle aud capacious Freehold granary, warehouses, stables, buildings, aud large yard adjoiutug,- lately used as a coal yard, situate 111 Circus Street, 111 Brighthelmston, exceedingly welt adapted for the carrying on of any concern which requires room. Possession ofihis let uiay be bird immediately. Lor to. Ail that Freehold inclosed garden, with a piece of Freehold vacant grooud adjoi nin£ the &-< tme on the north, well calculated for a garden, partly walled roui « i, running in a line wall the coal- yard btloie- uien- tioiieU* rtbutUng to the Leeke road, running in a line With Ivory Place aforesaid, on the north, the garden heiiirj hboot bb feet in length, by ubovii 5. ri feet m breadth, aud the piece of 1 ant ground, being about f^ et iu length, by about ^ eet iu depiii. iiuiuedi- ate possession uuiy ber had. N. B. Plaus of the property will be produced at the time of sale.— further p; iiiiculari may lie kuowu of Mr. Mills, at the Old Bank; aud at the Office ot Messrs. | Brooker and Colbatch, Solicitors. Brighton. Postscript FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON- GAZETTE BANKRUPTS. ^ THOMAS'WILSON, of Liver- pool, Lancaster, 1 and Thomas Green, of Burslem, Stafford,' manufacturers of earthenware — William Wardle, of Liverpool, cotton merchant— Philip Lewis, ot Birmingham, merchant— Samuel Fursam. of the Borough- of Plymouth, baker— John William Scott, of Graotham, banker - William Newman,, « » ' Bocking, silk- throwsetr — Philip Hodge, of Barnsia- ple, builder- George Gudgio, of Clipstone- street, London, straw- hat manufacturers— . John Postles, » f Manchester, builder— Edward Auger, of East- . bourne, merchant — Dorothy Earnsbv; of Daventry, milliner— George Cox, of Wood- street, London, factor— - Benjamin Nobles, of Scaldend, tavlor— Henry Cooper, and Richard Sandson Cooper, of Mount- street; London,' coach- makers, [ The above Gazette contains a letter frohi Capt. Cadogan, of his Majesty's shirt the Havannah, giv- ing; a brief, but Veiv pithy account of the boats of his ship havin^ on the pih inst. taken froth under a fort near the Penmarks. five French merchant ships, and set fire to a sixth, without the loss of a single man.] . LONDON, ( SUNDAY). The London papers have sins week been nn- usually barren of intelligence, the follrtwifig are the heads of the principal articles':— The last dis- patches from Lord Wellington, dated- Uie 58th nit, Stale llis head- quarters' to W at Fuente Guinaldo. And that our troops had blockaded Cindad Ro- drigo ..,''.'.' ' , The following' Bulletin gg| issued yesterday evening:—• '. - ; • •• His Majesty's state has not varied for some time past." " The accounts from Windsor, received at a late hour last night, • confirm the general repot t of the Bulletins that no change has taken place in the state of his Majesty's health for some time past. From ilie report - made by the' general assembly of ihe four Doctors, yesterday, to the Members of the Queen's Council, assembled at the Queen's Lodge; it is t'o be feared that the malady is j fixed. His Majesty now takes his meals as ' regularly as if Ke was in perfect health ; in fact his bodily health is now tolerably good. The Melampus frigate of 3G guns, commanded fev Captain E. Hawker, is staled, on th<* authority mf letters from Plymouth, to have captured the American frigate President; U, under the com- mand of Commodore Rodgers, and to have carried her into Halifax The American is said » o have fired tl) « three first shots, on Captain Hawker's re fusing to discharge all American seamen on board his ship This account Ins not been received at the Admiralty. Thursday bight a boat, containing, guineas, was ran down upon the Kentish coast by the Decoy cutter Three of the men were wounded, and got on shore near Folkstone; the others ate ori board the cutter The Harvest in some parts of the country has not been quite so productive as in the last year; bat whoever. experiences disappointment. in theii crops, may be. amply supplied from the golden granary of Fortune.', where Independence may be reaped in a single Day, by a Ticket or a Share. in. the present Lottery, which embraces an increased • variety of Capital Prizes, and Tickets, and Shares considerably, cheaper than far many years past, . There are only 13/ 100 Tickets," and it is probable they w ill be all sold before the aid vf' October,. , - when all the Lottery will be' drawn. ' LEWES, SEPT.' 23, Wl}.;-,.,' In lite Advertisement of EARNLEY TYTHES to be. let hy Tender, i" li> » . first page, after tlt » /' word Land, add " Iff thereabounts, V tins addition arrKcii ; loo bits ' t'u'be otherwise attended to. The'Subscription ( or carrying into effect the in- tended Wey aiid Arun Junction Canal, * e are pleased to find has commenced with distinguished spirit . and liberality. By an advertisement in a pre- • ceding page, ' it will be seen, that one patriotic Noble- man subscribes TWENTY THOUSAND POUNDS; and a worthy Minister of the Church of England, ONE THOUSAND POUNDS, to give encouragement, • to ( tic important undertaking* than which, we think, 110 better proof of its anticipated success, can be given. * ,, The . Cattle Shew at Horsham, for the Rape of Bramber, on Friday next, is expected to be very fully attended by Agriculturists and Amateurs; and we. do not know a. town better calculated for iucli an exhibition than Horsham, ' The Inns are • very commodious, and tit fol' the entertainment of the guests, and the Shew Field is convenient aud contiguous. The Petersfield Sheep Shew, on Tuesday last, • was very numerously- and respectably attended. Sir Thomas Miller presided at the dinner. The ad- • vertisement of the award of prises, & c. wjU appear 111 our next. At Selmeston Fair, on Thursday last, there was a tolerable shew of sheep anil lambs, but the buyers in attendance being very few, 110 business of con sequence was transacted. This once celebrated mart lost' much' of its EPICUREAN attiactiofi, liy tlie demise of poor Coleman,, whose SAVORY GRISKINS had long given him the reputation of holding the first booth in the fair. • At tbe great • fair for South- Down Sheep and Lambs, held here 011 Saturday last, .^ mething dir- tier 40,000 were penned,' ft number anK^ 1 several Thousands less than, was ejthfbrtetl ;" for sale last year; and- » £ these a considerable : portion was driven away unsold. 1' his slackness is attributed principally to the , late ; long-. continued dry season, " which has tendered the grass very scarce, and con- siderably injured the turnips and rape iiitehdec Jbr sheep feed'; the' prices were as follow:— Wethers froui s6s. to 40s.— Ewes, from 3Bs. to 42s. and some of indifferent quality for less;— Head Wether Lambs, from 2is. to 2i) s. Cd. inferior opes from 14s. to 20s.— For Ewe Lambs there wai. little or no demand-— With these prices, though five or six shillings under those- of last year, the sellers, in general, taking all circumstances into cp'nsideiatioi!, appealed well satisfied.. . . Lord Gage obtained the highest price for Ewes, • viz. 42s. and Mr. Upperton for Lambs, 2 « ) s. 6d. Another fair is intended to be held on the same spot, on the Old Fair Day, the 2d of October; the reasons for Much are assigned in ar. advertise- ment in a following column. In the Cemetery at Framfield, near. this town, although rather ati extensive Parish, only nine persons were interred from the 17th of May, to the i7th of this instant September, inclusive, five of • whom had attained the a* e of four - score' years, and - upwards, viz. Mary Cripps, 84, Richard Wharton 9T, Thomas. Stone 80, Martha Winton 83, and Lucy " Mew 80. Three of the other four died infants! The heavy baggage of'the Sflth 44th, 06th, 89th; and 09th Regiments, arrived ou Thursday and . Friday last at Horsham Barracks, thert to remain till the. return of the respective Regiments liom foreign service. Oil Sunday,, the 151h instant, at the parish church of Eastbourne,- the Rev. Alexander Brodie, D. D. . Vicar of that parish, pleached a Charity • Sermon to a crowded and . most respectable congre- gation, on behalf of the• distressed Portuguese, wlieu the' collection amounted to- upwards of 4; l More ' than 30, O00l. have been already remitted to those unhappy sufferers, from the liberality of ( his country, exclusive of what has been, given by Go- vernment, ... ', On Wednesday, the 4th instant, the Right Hon. Lady Viscountess Turnour, was. safely ' deliveied of a daughter, at Upper Sunbury Lodge, the house of her Ladyship's mother. On Monday last, whilst the family wis busied in the hop- gardens, some thief or thieves broke into. a shop belonging to Mr, Fuller, at Icklesbam, and stole therefrom cash and silver spoons to the amount of twenty pounds and upwards. And on the same day, the cottage of a poor wi- dow woman, also at Icklesham, was feloniously en- tered by means of a false key, and robbed of a silver watch, two gold' rings, and cash, of the va- lue of about twelve pounds, being the whole fruits of her industry for many years. Last Friday night . the brewhouse of. Messrs. Bodle and Ade, of Alfriston,' was feloniously entered by some robbers, who- stole therein a till, contain- ing cash nod notes to the amount of about four pounds, add got clear " off with. th'^ jr'booty. The thieves took a. pane of glass fiom ' a back window, and therfcby effected an entry. The empty till was lound the next morning in t, he brick yard behind the brewhouse. Ou Wednesday last, as Mr. Read, of Hurst- Green, was mounting his horse, a knife which he carried in his pocket, by a sudden motion of the horse, was forced through its sheath, and effected a terrible wound in Mr. Read's side ; hut we are glad to hear hopes are entertained of his recovery. One day last week as , Mr. Fisher, of Mayfield, was driving his brother in a gig, into the Maiden- head yard, at Uckfield, the vehicle came in. contact with a spur post, and was overturned, by which accident one of ihe brothers had the misfortune to have his thigh broken. On Wednesday last a poor woman, the wife of a labouring man, and the mother of six children, was found hanging and quite dead, i. 11 her bed- chamber, at Hastings* SPORTING INTELLIGENCE;— A gentleman, who some time si net held his' residence in the eastern part of this county, on the 2d of the present month, went 011 a shooting excursion into Norfolk, and after pursuing his diversion for eleven succes- sive days, made liie following return fo his friends : f Partridges - . l' » t Brace. KILLED •'.' Hares - - - 1,8 Ditto. [ Rabbits - - .-. 17 Ditto. Making inthe whole, if rabbits may be so called, ,812 head of game, with- which' lie daily retired from the field, Unattended, and really, loaded like a PORTER ! A- correspondent, under the ' signature of A. B>. requests us t'> insert as tinder :—" Should any, of vour readers . be acquainted with the mode of clean-. ing out large Ponds, hv BURNING ' THE MUD, as practised in some countries,' a* communication- of the process,- through the - medium'bf^ pul' paper, might prove veivv' serviceable ui_ nunyi" - « A young' gentleman of this town, jh. a letter ad.-, dressed to the Printers FWJS .. fiiyouieil jUs twiih the following account of - the COMET :— - , - " ' The present Comet: is the tnost remarkable one that has appealed for many' years; far exceed- ing in splendour tti « t of. 180"-- The French astro- nomers, as was the case with the last mentioned Comet, were the first - to ohseiv'e if,. both before and after ils' perihelion: by us.. if" was first observed on the 21st of August, and had tji^ o apparently no tail, u-' r was it couspicuous till the beginning of September, when its. nearer approach to the earth rendered its brightness superior, and : i ts' Velocity apparently increased, though in reality retarded hv its recess fiom till? sun. Kniin lhe 2! st August' to the 20th - September, it had passed over > n arc of a great circle, 88 dec. SO min. iii length; which gives a mean motion of S. Smiii. in 2t hours; hut as its velocity, as well as the' length of its tail, has, in appearance, all along gradually increased, iis present motion is nearly a degree and a half in that time. It is now probably near its perigee,. or point of nearest approach to ihe earth, and consequently ils brilliancy and the apparent' length of irs tail, are nearly at a maximum. Its right ascension on ihe aOth was 180' leg- 2f) min. and N. declination 4fi deg. 2.' i min. The three stars Omega, Psi, and Chi, Ursa have successively been observed through the coma or tail, which although various conjec-. tures have been ' made respecting irs nature, suffi- ciently shews it to consist Of some transparent mat- ter. On lire I9tb ihe Comet was nearest 10 the star of the second ' magnitude; called Gamma in Ursa Major, being then about 0 deg. distant, and the tail about 8 deg! in length, pointing directly to that star. 1' s course seems to be towards a point a little below Eta, the star at ihe' tin of the tail of Ursa Major, which it will probably arrive at, before it becomes invisible to, us. J. W W. " BRIGHTON, SEPT'. 23, ISi 1. Among our last arrivals, are the following distin- guished persons,— Ladies Richardson> i'' Rawlinson. and Harewood;— Lord and Lady Rad4stock ; Lord, Colerane, & c.& c '.:. ' ••'-"'-'''''• £ J The- long continuance of fine Weather, which nearly filled this distinguished watering" place with beauty, elegance, and fashion, met a check on the evening of Friday last. The sudden assem- blage of thick, heavy clouds, and some remarkably vivid flashes of lightening, were the hasty pre- ludes of a torrent of rain, ' which by its rapid ap- proach, wetted many of our beaux and belles to the skin, before they could escape from the Steine Promenade to the Libraries, the' Theatre, and their own houses. Rumour is still proclaiming, a speedy; visit from our illustrious Patron, the Prince Regent; how far it sounds the note of truth we are unable to say; but we can vyith truth assert, that his august presence is not more talked of, than wished for. Indeed it is only wanting to complete the brilliancy of the season. Last Wednesday, Mr. Collard, of this town, was robbed of money, notes, and other property, by Jane Sims, his servant ' maid, who contrived to ab- scond with her booty. . On Sunday next-,- in the forenoon, a Charity Sermon for the benefit of the Sunday Schools, the School of Industry, and Day School, will be preached at the Chapel Royal, by the Rev.. George Savage, A. M. S. A. S. and Rector of Kingston cum Richmond, in Surrey, and we hope it will be productive of a liberal contribution, as the Cha- rity is not confined wholly to die education of the I children, but often extended to the cloathing them, partially. Chichester Market, 011 Wednesday last, was, as " usual, well stocked with every sort of animal sold at such markets. Beef fetched, from 5s. to 8: 1. Mutton from 5s. to 6s. and Pig Pork from .5s. to 6s. 4d. per stone. The above stock Market, v » e believe, is reckoned the third 01 fourth iu magnitude in England Last Saturday informations were lodged before a sitting of Magistrates at Lewes, against certain persons for keeping houses of ill fame, in Cum- berland- street. A man named Boxall, has been committed to Horsham Gaol, for being concerned with, others, in having left a female • infant in a coppice nea Goodwood, where it was on the next day found by a gamekeeper, as mentioned in a former Paper. The remains of the late Henry. Howard, esq. of Arundel, were on Thursday removed for inter- ment, in the family vault, at Reigate, in Surrey. DIED, On last Thursday afternoon, after a short illness, Mrs. Biddle, wife of Lieut. Biddle, of the North York Militia, stationed herfe. On Saturday last, at his house in this town, the Rev. William John Brook, A. M. in the SOth year of his age. %* A. Z,' s Epigram, respecting a Lady's Manor, has been received ; but is, on account of its perso- nality, inadmissible. Under the Patronage of their " Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales. BRIGHTHELMSTON SUNDAY SCHOOLS SCHOOL. OF INDUSTRY, A » n DAY SCHOOL 0n Sunday, the 49th of September, 1811, at the Chapel ROYAL, Brighthelmiston;— a SERMON ' VUt he preached, iu the Morning, by the REV. GEORGE' .' SAVAGE, A. M. — s. A, s. Vicar of Kingston cum Richmond, Surrey. —- The Service will begin ai Eleven o'Clock , after watch. there will be a Collection for the Children.— Hymns 1 be sung; by the Children. The Trustees beg leave to acquaint the Benevolent that there are upwards of Two Hundred Children Educated ; Eighty of whom fire partially cloathed. It is particularly requested, that no Money i- paid for Seats, or given to the Persons who open ti. Pews. LEWES CLIFFE FAIR, OCTOBER 2, I8ti. WHEREAS it being last year cried through the Fair, that it would he held, annually, 011 tht SECOND of OCTOBER, and never contradicted by any advertisement in tiie public paper, many of ns, ( Flock masters) in the West, have withheld our Sheep tor the above . time; and a great many beirg left unsold, at th First Fair, we intend holding the Fair on Ihe SECOND of OCTOBER, as usual. TO Parents and Guardians. — WANTED, . A YOUTH of respectable connections, and proper education, a » an Apprentice to a SURGEON and APO- THECARY .— For particulars, apply to Mr. HODSON Senior, Surgeon, at Lewes, WANTED, for a young person of genteel T V connections, a situation as GOVERNESS ti young children, in a private family ; or as COMPA- NION to a Lady ; it required, would not object to tlx superintending domestic affair.. Letters. ( postage paid) addressed' G. L.. at the Prin- ters of this Paper, will be duly answered. WANTED, at Michaelmas next, as OXMAN, and as SEEDSMAN occasionally, a sober steady man, either married,, or single, as there will he a cottage provided. No one need apply, unless he can bring a good character. Apply to Mr. Stunt, Southeram. yr ———-—•— 1 ... 1. . WANTED in a general SHOP of extensive V V Trade iti the Country, an active YOUNG MAN, • kilo wilt b.- expected to take a part in every Branch ut, tlie Business, but whose employment will principally lay 111 the Drapery department — Aoy Young Man ' Viil> VMftf produce satisfactory testimonials of his cha- raeter aiid abilities, may be treated with,. hy applying by Letter, to R. L.. Post Office, Petworth. WANTED, either to rent or purchase, within fifty miles of the metropolis, a good ESTATE, or MANOR FARM, and suitable mansion thereon, for the accommodation of a genteel family, with convenient out offices, & c The Estate must comprise sou acres of arable and pasture land at least, and if something beyond that, it will not be considered as an objection. The counties of Sussex, Kent^ Surrey, or Hampshire* . will be preferred. — For particulars apply to Mr. . John Bull, land agent,- No. 7, Carlton place, Brighton, if l) y letter, postpaid. TO JOURNEYMAN SMITHS. — WANTED A iniiiiediately, a . Journey man to superintend in a ^ country shop for a widow, the Smithing Business ill a general line, where every attention will be given to make him as out; of the family ; the wages will not he considered an object. None need apply hoi what can have an undeniable character for honesty, sobriety, & c, & c For further particulars, apply to Mr. LEE, Printing- Office, High- street. Lewes; or ai Mr. Thos. Packham's St. John's Common ; or at Mr. Wm. Coleman's, Bletchingly, Surrey. BARRACK- OFFICE:, IQTH SEPTEMBER, 1SII. SUCH Persons as arc willing to Contract for performing the painting to the Barracks at Blatch ington and Newhaven, in the county of Sussex, may see the specification, form of proposal, and agreement for ihe same, at the Office of the ' Barrack. Master, at Blatchington, auv day between the hours of Ten and Four o'clock. The proposals must be addressed to " The Commissioners for the Affairs, of Barracks, " Barrack Office, Spring Gardens, London," with •• Tender for painting the Baracks at B atchington apd Newhaven," marked ou-^ the cover, nod delivered sealed it Ihe Barrack Office, on or before two o'Clock, ou Wednesday, the and of October next » , after which hour no Tender will be received SAnctioned by the Faculty.—• BEW;': Resident O Surgeou- Dentist,- North^ street; Brighton. speedily aod efficaeiously relieves all diseases of the teeth and gums, and repairs losses ishtVis accident^ Af time, wiiTi substitutions iisl,- iu whieh nature and art are so hap- pily blended, as t< ibafile discovery, hi'it he keenest ob- server. — Wiu- n extraction is deemed requisite, the ope- tation is performed on an improved principle, in which PAIN is scarcely perceptible. All oral deformities and impediments iti speech, aris ing from ill placed teeth, in young. persons, of both sexes, effectually relieved, qf whifch references will be given lo Slum of the first families, with inspection of the cases, by personal application to Mr. Bew. Should the parties reside at a distance, they may be accommo- vated with board aud lodging. Patients of the Brighton Dispensary, gratuitously at- tended as usual, • BRIGHTON and Cuclcfield Road.— The Creditors on the Tolls of this Road, may receive two years' interest ou their respective securities, those in ihe Brighton district on application to Mr. Smithers, at Preston, one of the treasurers ; and those in the Cuck- field Listrict, m. i applying at my office, 111 Cuckfield. S. WALLER, Clerk to the Trustees of ihe said Road. TURNPIKE.— The next general Meetings of A ih. - Trustees of Offham, Mailing, Ringmer, Short- gate, aud Lewes to Brighthelmston roads, ( ire ap pointed to be held at rhe While Hart Inn, iu Lewes, on Monday next, the Sollt instant, at Eleven o'Clock, in the Forenoon, Dated this gjd Day of September, lsil. ' JOS. SMITH. Clerk. THE Co- partnership heretofore carried on at X Storrington, iu the county of Sussex by John Hughes, Francis Bennett, and Harry Gravely, common- brewers, under the firm of Hughes,' Bennett. aud Grave- ly, is ibis day dissolved IVy mutual consent. Witness oe. r hands, this it) th day of. September^ ihi 1. . JOHN HUGHES, FRANS. BENNETT, HARRY GRAVELY Signed in the presence of—, J. L.. Ellis, Petworth, Sus- sex— Richard Smith, Storrington, Sussex, STRAYRD into the grounds of Messrs. J. gm! T. Ford, of Clayton, three South- Down SHEEP, and one Lamb. The o-. i uc,, by applying as ( iliove, and paying for keeping advertising, ipid crying, may have 1 hrm again, , t • . STOLEN, about three weeks THice, fiom Land KJ lylTig iu the parish of Pevensey, two two - tooth WETHERS, one whole eared, the other clipped on tlie near ear; autl the latter was, when stolen," marked with a little tiver 011 the pole. — A reward of TWO GUINEAS, over and above the MUM offered hy the Eastbourne Prosecuting Society, will be paid 011 the con- viction of the offender or offenders, by application to Mr, Charles Wilfard, of Crowlink. WHEREAS, JANE SIM'S, clandestinly left her place, on Wednesday Evening^ the isilt of September, iust. taking with her Money, Notes, and other Effects,— Whoever will give information to Mr. COLLARD, of Bread Street, Brighton, where she may be found, - shall b< r handsomely rewarded.— She is tall, about an Years of Age, and came front Tollbridge, or Tonbridge Wells ; her father was a Shoemaker. Brgihton, Sept. I8U. JAMES COLLARD. WHEREAS, on Monday night, or early on V T Tuesday morning, the 16th of September iust, . Servant belonging lo Joseph Jeffery, of Wivelsfield, absconded from his service, and took with him a SPANIEL BITCH, the property of the said Joseph [ effery, Mid' H One Pound Note, the property of bis fellow servant. Whoever w ill give information so that he may be apprehended^ and brought to Justice, shall 1 conviction, receive ONE GUINEA REWARD > er and above the reward given by the. Ditchling Prosecuting Society. The Offender when j,, absconded; wore a dark round 1rock. and dark corded breeches; is very stout. and faced, andi* turns bis toes out very itiucli; stands about > feet rf inches high, . of a, light complexion, afinl about it* years of age . ' ' The Bitch 1 < -^ s .. liver, coloured all oVtr; has a. short bead and rough . oars^ a , short... tail, ud is very short legged, N. B Whoever will give . information, so that the Bitch may be bad again, shall receive .* 1 ii-• ail"* Reward • PETWORTH. SUSSEX— To BE Let, a gentee L RESIDENCE, containing' two parlours, a drawing ' o. u, five bed rooms, two ' attics, a good: kitchen, and her' suitable ' offices, a stable, & c. with a ' good garden commanding 3 beautiful and extensive view of the South owns; and adjacent country. Immediate possesion ay be bad. For particulars enquire Ut' Mr. HENRY .' PTON. Petworth, Sussex. TO be LET 1 the mil day of October next, LOWER NORTH BROOK, situate 111 Goring, near Worthring, and con .: ai ng on A. more or less. Proposals to be seen on ap- plication at the office of Messrs. Marshall and Verrall. Solicitors, Steyning, mid Tenders to be delivered to bem before the Oth day of October next. Custom Hou e, Rye, iStli September, 18n, THERE will he put up to Sale, on Thursday, the 26th itist. at 11 o'Clock 111 the forenoon, 111 sundry Lots, 350 Gallons Brandy, legal strength for dealers.— > 5o Gallons, Geneva, for private use— One Mainsail. A Parcel Cordage, unserviceable Stores.- . lately belong, nig lo the Stag Cutter. The Goods to he viewed the Morning of the Sale. , 25 per cent, deposit, will he. required. ' THE Land riu hand being considerably reduced X in quantity, the following. Cattle and Sheep, will he SOLD BY AUCTION, in lots, at the Farm yard, and Sheep yard, SHEFFIELD PLACE, 011 Monday, the 30th of September instant :— Flock Ewes and Ewe Tags, 137— Ewe Lambs, 13s, Wether Lambs, ISO— Rams, 12. 1 OTJ 1. 407. Three- year old Heifers in Calf, 5— two year old ditto 3— one year old ditto, 3— Bull, 1— Working Oxen ot different ages. 9— two- year old Steers, 3— one year old ditto, 1— Steer and Heifer Calves, ( J — TOTAL, 30. The whole of the young Stock of both kinds is in- cluded in tlie above, and may be secti on application to Wr Steward,' Sheffield Place. . ; .; . . ASHDOWN HOUSE . IN' SUSSEX. . True Sussex- Bred Furming Stock, surpassing, most, and well worth the attention of those Gentlemen who wish to' excel.. . ; By VERRALL and. SON, ( On the Premises) ^ • On Tuesday the 2- ub September. I Sll, THE Intire true Sussex bred- FARMINGSTOCK, 1 of the late JOHN TRAYTON FULLER, Esq. of. Ashdown House, near Forest Row; in the County of Sussex, who is well known to liavv paid uncommon attention to tlie breeding of the true Sussex Stock, lt> r many years, consisting of' Fifteen very handsome Milch Cows 111 Calf-— 9 Heifers, ( 5 in Calf)— 8 Steers— i- fj pair of Working Oxen— j pair Scotch Runts— 12 weanyer Calves, 1 do Bull— 4 hand- some two year old Bulls— 3 yearling do. very promising — 73 Ewes, 2 Rams, and 9? Lambs— 4 good Cart Horses, and a Grey Mare— A neat Whiskey and Harness— Wag- gons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Roller's, Harness, Ox Yokes, Chains, other Husbandry Implements iu general, and all the Dairy Utensils. To begin with Husbandry at II o'Clock, the Stock at 12, and Dairy articles at 4. X. B. The father of one of the yearling. Bulls won the prize this year at Lewes, aud now belongs to Lord Whitworth. The sale takes place 011 account of the Farm being Let. ' BOROUGH OF LEWES.- Valuable Building Ground. By VERRALL. and SON. At the Star Inn,. in Lewes, - 011 Wednesday, the 25th Day of September, 1811, between the hours of six' and seven o'Clock in the Evening, ill Lots APiece of Freehold ' Meadow Land, called the RIDING HOUSE FIELD, situate withm the Borough uf Lewes. Also a Barn called the RIDING HOUSE.. This Land being near the centre of the town of Lewes, is particularly valuable as Building- Ground, or to be used as Gardens; aSid for rfie accommodation of Purchasers uill be sold iii small ' Lots. At ibe sahifi' time u^ ilf also bc ' lijld, 1' .'."''.',.' A Copyhold Cottage aiid' Garden, situate at Chilting ton. Til tlie parish of Westmeston, now or late in the oi'ciipitinti of Cheesman. " Printed particulars, with plans of the Lots, may be had of the Auctioneers ; or at the office of. Mr. Hill, Brighton, seven days previous to " the sale. Prime Farming Stock and Furniture. By VERRALL and. SON, ( On the Premises,) On Thursday and Friday, ihe 2btti uud27tb September, 1811, THE whole Farming Stock of Mr. THOMAS . and Mr. JOHN PARKER, of Ripe Minor Farm, in the County of- Sussex, consisting of Nine young capital true Sussex bred Cows, forward in Calf-— 8 Working Oxen, .3 4 atld 5 years old— s two year old Steers — tj Yearling ditto atid Heifers — io weanver Calves— 4 young Barrens and 1 - Spaid Heifer— if) Hogs, — aud a general assortment of Household Furniture, ami Dairy Utensils. To begin each morning at eleven o'clock. N. B. The Stock and Dairy articles will he sold the first Day. Oxen, Horses, Cows. & c. BY VERRALL AND SON, On the premises, on Saturday- next, the 28tli September. THE LIVE STOCK, arid HUSBANDRY - S TACKLE, of Mr. JOHN FARNCOMBE, of Upper- Stoneham Farm, near Lewes.— Consisting of SEVENTEEN Capital Working Oxen— i Cows in Calf— 4 good Cart Horses— 3 Waggons— 4 Dung Carts — 3 Wheel Ploughs— I Foot Ditto— j Horse Harrows 2 Ox Ditto— 1" Scarifier— 2 good Rollers— Ox Yokes, Chains, Horse Harness and other Husbandly Imple- ments. Brewing and Washing requisites, and Houshold Furniture. To begin precisely at 1o: io'Clock '. itii rite Husbandry, rhe Livestock at " 11, and other Effects in 1.', that ( be whole may be sold before the' Lewes Market, commences, Capital True Sussex Bred Stock, & c, By, VERRALL AND SON, • On Tuesday, « ie ftih 5f: October, I « ii, THE FARMING true' SUSSEX BRED STOCK; Husbandry Tackle, and part . of the Houshold Furniture of Mr. Leonard Caldicot, oi the parish of Ripe, jii Ihe County of Sussex, who quits his Farm at Michaelmas next,.—-. Consisting of 8 Working Oxen, 3, 4, and .3 years old— I Three Year Old Steer— 1 Capital Two Year Old Ditto— 1 D> « . Heifer / ti Calf, ' remarkahly handsome 3 Yearling Steers — j Ditto Spaid Heifers— 2 Open Ditto— 4 Young dark red handsome l Cows, forward in Calf— A very handsome dark red Yearling Bull, froui the breed of William Harison,' Esq.— 1 Beautiful Light Grey Stallion, 7 off— 1 Ditto Gelding.% and 1 Ditto Mare, the same colour— 2 Broad Wheel Waggons, 2 Ditto Ox Carts — J Ploughs, 3 Harrows, I Edget^— A Roller, nearly new, two. feet diameter, with double rods aud neb— Ox Yokes, and Chains, double and single. Horse Harness, Prongs, Rakes, aud other Husbandry it general Two compleat Beds, a Clock, Tables, Chairs. Dairy and Washing requisites, aud a great variety of useful Furniture. To begin at Eleven o'Clock iu the morning with the Husbandry, the} Stock at One, and' Furniture at Three. Mr. Auger s superior South- Down Flock. IN LOTS, BY VERRALL AND SON, At East Bourne, S6s~ x. on Thursday, the 10th of Oc- tober, 1811, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, *" THE entire South- Down Flock of Mr. ED- • 1 WARD AUGER, of East Bourne. Consisting of 176 fuRii1oUtitM Ewe Sheep— 123- ix- ootlrd ditto — 1.7,5. four tooth'd ditto— u) 2 two tooth'd- ( ditto— 114 Wether Lambs— 2 « li Ewe Lamb—' 27 coiled Ewes - ii » two tooth'd " Rams 17 four and six tooth'd • Rams *— 2( 5 Ram Lambs— 19 fat Wether Sheep > Me- rino ™ Ewe Sheep—> 1 Merino Lamb— Merino Ram. The a- tiove flock has been crossed ff„ m time 10 time by - Mr. Ellman's rams'; Jifitj Mr. Auger' is quiting his farm,, iii> reserve!- vyill he, made. "-'' N'." B:--- A fine - Bull; ' aWVll- tbe-' saddle horses, cart, horses, oxen, cows, and Vfibcr | i, v. 1 Stock Vfl the farm- « iih a variety of farming implements, will be sold an ihe same, time. . A- Further panic- Mars m,\ v be'knnwo nn application to ibo. Auctioneers, at Lewes ; aud ' Thomas Shorter, the Bailiff will shew the stock.- LINEN and Woollen- Drapery, Hosiery, & c. J To SOLD by, AUCTION, by Mr. SPARKE, Tuesday the 24th, Wednesday, the 2.5th, and Thurs- day. the *( 5th, of September, tail, rr- tiiovfd for the coo- reniency or sale,- to a commodious Room, at the PEL HAM ARMS Inn, Lewes. The above W ill - be found worihy the attention or the Public. May be viewed oi> the mornings of the sale. The whole to he sold without reserve, and put op its small Lots,' for the couveniwicy of purchasers. True Sussex- bred Slock, with Husbandry Tack- ling. &* c. BY JAMES THOMAS, On Thursday and Friday, the 3d and 4th days of October, lsn, . ALL the Stock,,. Husbandry Tackling1, Farming Implements. > r » i part of tHt? Houshold Fur- niture, o; W . J' Dugell, esq. of Fair light- place Farm, near Hastings / ln the county of Sussex, con- sisting of 3' » 0 breeding ewes, ( 20 ewe lambs, 7 prime rams', 2 pair six yr old working oxen, 1 pair five yr ditto, 1 pair four yr ditto, 1 pair three yr ditto, fi cows in calf, Q two yearling heifers, 3 two yearling steers rising three years old, 2 two- year- ling ditto, 8 weaned calves, 4 cart horses, 1 six- inch wheel waggon, 1 narrow wheel ditto, 4 dung carts, | roller, together with ploughs, harrows, im- plements of husbandry, arid « oo wattles. The sale will begin in the forenoon of the first day, at ten o'clock, with the husbandry Tackling ; the Stock iii the afternoon ; and the Houshold Furniture ort the second day at two o'clock, which will coilsistiSf featherheds, bedsteads, and furniture —- washing, brewing,- and ' dairy . utensils— glass and . earthenware— with a" Variety of Houshold Furniture in general. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, On the Coast between Eastbourne aud Hastings, 011 ihe first of October, 1811, THE MATERIALS now standing of sundry Workshops, Store Rooms, and. Accommodations for use of Workmen, lately employed erecting the Martello Towers on the coast of Sussex, the, property of his Majesty's Ordnance, viz. ~ ^.^ jT LOT* 1 A Stable at Anthony Hill, near Eastbourne,, 4oft, hy 14ft. ( sides timber and weather board,' itud roof thatched), at the hour of ten in the forenoon LOT 2. A Cooking House at Pevensey Wall End, Iflf't. hy 15ft, ( sides bricknogging aud tiled roof), at ihe hour of eleven in tlie' forenoon. LOT 3. Workmen's Barrack, at Culvercroft Tower, No. 51, 3.5ft. by 17ft. ( sides bricknogging, aud tiled roof), at the hour of one in the afternoon. LOT 4. Mortar House, at Tower No. 51, 48ft. by efift. sides bricknogging, aud tiled roof, at the hour. of one in" the afternoon. LOT5. Workmen's Barrack near Bexhill Tower, No. 47, 35ft. by 17ft. ( sides bricknogging. and weather board roof), at the hour of three in the afternoon. LOT G. Guard House, ( formerly part of Pelham's Tent), at Bulverhithe Tower, No. 43, 17ft. by 12ft ( sides bowler work, aud tiled roof), ai the hour of four in the afternoon. LOT 7. Mortar House, in Bulverhithe Bay, between Towers No. 41 aud 42, 48ft. by 26ft. ( sides bricknog- ging, at the hour of five iu the afternoon. Between Rye Harbour aud. Cliff End, 011 2d October, 1SI I. LOT 8. Workmen's Barrack, near the White Hart, Pett Level, at Tower No, 33, 23ft. by 13ft. ( sides wea ther board, aud tiled roof), at the hour of twelve at noon. LOT 9. Mortar House, near Tower No 33, 48ft. by 26ft, ( sides bricknogging, roof tiled), at ihe hour of twelve at noon. LOT 10. Workmen's Barrack, near Rye Old Harbour Tower, No, 28, 38ft. by 17fi.) isides bricknogging, roof tiled), at tbe hour of four iu the afternoon. ' STATE LOTTERY OFFICE, No. 20, Cronhill, London, - HORNSBY - audi ! Co.> beg leave to remind their Country, Correspondents, that Ihe State Lottery will begin Drawing 011 the02d of October, and finish on the same Day. Only 13, Son Tickets, which are selling at the following low prices:—- TICKET i'lci 19s. Half - . £ 10 o 0 Eighth - - £ 2 13 o Quarter - - 5 4- 01 Sixteenth - 170 HORNSBY and Co. Tiaye befeu truly fortunate in sending their. Country Friends Shares of all the Capital Prizes sold by them. —— N. B. All Orders, by Post or Carrier, executed exactly the same as if present. STATE LOTTERY, t « be Drawn Tuesday, o? i OCTOBER, 1811, consisting of ONLY 13,500 TICKETS. SCHEME, 3 Prizes of £ 15,111111 . . . are . . . £ 4", 000 3 5, UUV • • J 5, oiio 3 a, ouii 6,11( 10 6 ...... . 1,000 . . ti. noo 12 ...... . 5i> o 6, won 18 100' J, S( I0 <•' 24 50 :........ . J, 2110 . .60 ' 85: . . '. .. . : . . . I,. inn 2.62", ....... 90 . Vi. 5oo Tickets and Shares are selling bv HAZARD, BURNE, and Co Stock- Brokers, at the State Lot- tery- Office, No.,' 93, Under -- the ROYAL EX- CHANGE, London, where in the last October Lottery, No. 27, a Prize of 20.000I. and a, 388, a Prize of ,£ 2,000; were sold iti Shares Tickets and Shares a e 111 this Lottery CONSI- DERABLY ' CHEAPER ' ban for many years, past Letters, post- paid, duly answered, and orders from the country, accompanied with remittance, attended to by' return of post. . Agents for the : above Office, Mr.. WM LEE, . Printers Lewes. Mr. W. T. COLEMAN. Rye. Mr. P. BURGESS., Library, Ramsgate. Mr. GEO• - HAWKINS-; Child Thomas, Arlington Carr L. H esq. Bedding. ham Cooper Thomas, Bishopstone Catt Edward. Bletchington Challen S H. esq. ditto Cosham Thomas, Eastdean Constable Rev. J Ringmer Cave William, Ripe Caldicott Leonard, Ripe Chichester Earl of, Stanmer Cranston E. esq East Grinsted Catt William, Little- horsted Collins John, Wadhurst Cameron John, Withyham Colgate John, ditto Clark Thomas, esq. Ashurst Carter Peter, ditto Chatfield John, Beeding Carter William, ditto Chandless E esq Broadwater Cogger Thomas, ditto Coppard C. esq. Findon Coppard T jun. Woodmancote Challen Rev J G. Shermanbury Charman William, Cowfold Chitly Charles, esq. Horsham Cutler William, Ifield Calhouse W. J Rudgwick Chatfield John, Lewes Crofts Rev P. G. ditto Courthope Rev. W. ditto Cheeseman John, Barcomb Campion W. J. esq. Hurstperpoint Cripps J. M. esq. Lewes Corney John, Arundel Carlton W. esq ditto Cortis George, Angmering Cosens Thomas, Felpham Cosens Edmund, ditto Cumberland Chase Littlehampton Carpenter Rev. T. Southstoke Cortis John, Ferring Clear Thomas, Billingshurst Chatfield Thomas. Greatham Challen James, Kirdfotd Cox Samuel, Lurga hall Chalwin H. jun. ditto Carter James, Pulborough Clement Luke, ditto Constable James, Stopham Chatfield John, West Chiltington Conchman John, Salehutst Courthope George, esq. Ticehurst Carties H. esq Wartling Chrismas James, ditto Cruttenden Spencer, Westfield Crouch J. P. ditto Cruttenden T. jun. ditto Catt George, Etchingham Camac W esq. Hastings Cosham Johnt ditto Cruttenden Stephen, Brightling Collings John, Bexhill Cruttenden Thomas, ditto Curtis John, ditto Collins Thomas. Catsfield Cheal Henry. Crowhurst Chrismas William, Heathfield Carter Rev. D. W. Mountfield Coleman Alexander, Ninfield Collins Thomas, Pelt Cruttenden John, Salehurst Cruttenden Edmund, ditto Cowper H. esq. Hastings Clark P. esq Rye Catt William, Ticehurst Chatfield Henry, esq. Balcombe Chatfield Rev. H ditto Caffin John, Crawley Cherry J. P. esq. Cuckfield Clutton w. esq, ditto Cherry W. G. esq ditto Clifford Thomas. Westhothly D. D'Oyly Thomas, esq. Buxted Dapp Isaac, Framfield Davall George. Rotherfield Dadswell E. O ditto Dalrymole J. A esq Mayfield Durrant James, lsfield Dorset Duke of. Withyham Duke Thomas, Durrington Deane Isaac, Thakeham • Denne't John, esq. Woodmancote Dawson John, Horsham Dendy Peter, Itchingfield Dendy John, Horsham Dendy W. sen. Shipley Danam William, Lewes Dennett John, ditto Davis Thomas, Littlehampton Durand F H. esq. ditto Dawson George, Billingshurst Downer Joseph. Kirdford Dixon George. esq. Storrington Dulney John, Udimore Dann John, Etchingbam Duedney C. sen. . Hastings Duke Walter, Bexhill Dugdell W. J esq. Farelight Davies Joseph, Guestling Duedney Thomas, Herstmonceux Dugdell Rev. J. W. Pelt Durrant Thomas, Salehurst Duedney C jun. Hastings Dundass Captain, R N. ditto Dawes Edwin, esq. Winchelsea Davey Edmund, jun. Twineham E Elliott W. esq. East Bourn Elphick William, Friston Ellman John, esq. Glynd Ellman John, jun: West Firle Elphick W. esq Willingdon Elliott Obadiah, Hartfield Elliott J. B. ditto Ellis John, Slinfold Ellis Thomas, West Grinsted Elliot Thomas, Rudgwick Ellis Horace, Horsham Etheridge Jeseph, ditto Erskine Hon. D. M. Beeding Elige J. P. Lewes Elphick George, Meeching Elphick James, ditto Evett Edward, Wivelsfield Egles George, Barcombe Elliott Richard, Arundel Ede Richard, Bury Eldridge John, Kirdford Edwards Richard, ditto Egremont Earl of, petworth Easton John, ditto Evershed R Pulborough Evershed T. Wisborough- green Elliott John, ditto Elliott John ( A.) ditto Evershed Edward, ditto Edwards Thomas, ditto Evershed John, Pulborough Ellenden James, Rye Eversfield James, esq. Catsfield Ellison Rev. Robert, Slaugham Ellvatt John, ditto Edwards Richard, Worth Fuller Joseph , Arington Farncomb Thomas, Bishopstone Farncomb George, ditto Foord Richard, Beddingham Fuller Thomas, Eastbourn Fuller A. E. esq. East Grinsted Fulcher Thomas, ditto Fatly Charles, Easthothly 1 Fuller Thomas, Cliff Fuller Robert, Lullinglon Friend Thomas, Hoisted Keynes Fry John, jun. Mayfield Fry Robert, ditto . Fry Thomas, ditto Fry Richard, ditto Fry Robert, esq Rotherfield Fuller John, Uckfield Filder Joseph, sen Waldron Fisher Edward, Alfriston Fowke John, esq. Broadwater Faulkner William, Shipley Faulconer William, Shermanbury Faulconer W H. esq. Henfield Fisher Thomas, Lewes Faulconer Stephen, Plumpton Fuller J A Rodmell French William, Angmering French George, ditto Fall William, Goring Fuller Edward, Bury Fuller Thomas, ditto Farhall Charles, Billings hurst Fuller James. ditto Fitzherbert T. esq. Lurgashall Foard James, Petworth Farncomb Edward, St. Leonard's Fuller Rev. Thomas. Catsfield Farncomb Henry, Hastings Fuller John, esq M P Brightling Foster N. B. M. Battle Fox John, ditto Fairhall John, Beckley Francis Thomas, Cuckfield G. Gilbert C esq. Eastbourn Guv Thomas. Chalvington Gorring William. Buxted Gree John, esq East Grinsted Grantham S Southmalling Greenfield Luke, Chiltington Gell Francis, Coombs Golds John, jun. Ashington Gorring W P. esq Kingston Groome Henry, Steyning Gates George, ditto Gates Samuel, ditto Gates Richard, jun. ditto Groome Rev. W. Thakeham Gorring C. F. esq. Washington Gold Thomas, Warminghurst Godsmark Robert, Horsham Grinsted Richard, ditto Golds William, ditto Gardner James, Ifield Grinsted Charles, Horsham Godson Stephen, Newick Gabbittas Rev, Mr. Rodmell Gates John, Rodmell Gladman W. M. Southover Gwynne Samuel, esq. Lewes Grant James, jun. Angmering Goble J. H. esq Burpham Gorring Richard, Leominster Greenfield M. Billingshurst Green George, Fittleworth Gould Richard, Kirdford Greenfield D Westchiltington Gregson John, Salehurst Grace William, Sedlescomb Gilbert W B Wartling Greenhall Rev G. ditto Green Rev. R. Warbleton Gregory Captain, Battle Golden John, Dallington Gilfin Wm. Guestling Goodwin Rev. Dr. Heathfield Gearin John, Twineham Grainger T. C. esq. Cuckfield Greenfield Edmund, ditto Hurst Thomas, Eastbourn Harrison W esq. Folkington Hook Charles, Hailsham Hall James, Hellingly Hlder John, Laughton Hitchins John, Littlington Hemmings Thomas, stanmer Hall Henry, Tarring Neville Hardwick Wm. Littlington Hicks James, Chiddingly Head William, East Grinstead Hooker Thomas, ditto Hastie, C. N esq ditto Holman Richard, Framfield Holman George, ditto Hooker John, jun. Hartfield Hackman George, Lindfield Hall Wm. Mayfield Hider Wm. Rotherfield Homewood Nicholas, Wadhurst Hicks Richard, Chiddingly Hoad Henry, ditto Harland John, Lindfield Holman William, Albourn Heather James, Broadwater Holmes Robert, Lancing Henty Thomas, esq. Tarring Holmes Thomas, jun. Washington Holmes Philips, ditto Hull Wm. Slinfold Holland Philip, ditto Hurst R H esq. Horsham Hughes John, Shermanbury Hodson Wm. West Bletchington Hitchenor Thomas, Ciayton Hart Richard, Falmer Hendley Robert, ditto Hardwick John, Hangleton Hall John, Newick Hammerwood F. Plumpton Hollingdale Richard, ditto Hamshar W. jun. Street Hodson Thomas, ditto Hurley Richard. en. Iford Hurley Richard. jun. ditto Hargraves, J. V. esq. Lewes Harrison Jonathan, esq. ditto Hoper Henry, ditto Holmes Richard, Arundel Hall Henry, jun. ditto Holmes William, ditto Howard H. T. esq ditto Horne Robert, di to Hersee Dennett, Burpham Henty William, Ferring Hazlegrove George, Leominster Hyne C W. Littlehampton Hobbs Henry, Walberton Halsted William ditto Halsted Wm jun. ditto Hardy Rev. R. ditto Halsted J C. ditto Haines Gregory, Kirdford Holden Thomas, Northchapel Harwood William, Pulborough Heather Samuel, Sorrington Heath James, Stopham Hammond C West Chiltington Milder Charles, Salehurst Hawes Robert, esq. Warbleton Hawes Robert, ditto Hollands F. Wartling Hyland- Joseph, Erchingham Hollands Richard, Beckley Hollands William, ditto Harland H H. esq. Burwash Hollist Richard, esq. Ticehurst Hayley Rev. J. B Brighthing Holloway Thomas, ditto Hoad Harry, ditto Hollands Stephen, Bexhill Hilder Jesse, ditto Hollands Samuel, ditto Hayward Thomas, Etchingham Hemming T. Herstmonceux Hyland David, Hooe Howard Thomas, Icklesham Harmer William, ditto Hoad John, Icklesham Hilder. T. P Northiam Hilder Edward, ditto Haizleden John, salehurst Hilder William, ditto Hay Richard, esq. Rye Hollands James, Ninfield Hunt Henry, esq Worth Harris Thomas, ditto Humphrey James, Crawley J Jeffries S esq East Grinsted Jones Richard, esq Frant Jenner Samuel, Isfield Johnston Thomas, Little- horsted Jenner Richard, Maresfield Johnston Henry, Waldron Ireland Harry, Rudgwick Ireland H. sen. ditto Ireland Thomas, ditto Johnson Joseph, Ifield. Ingrain James, esq Rottingdean Johnston Thomas, jun Lewes Jenner Thomas, jun. Charley Johnson James. Newick Ibhetson Thomas. Arundel Jupp William, Goring Jeffery Richard, BiIlingshurst Ide James, Coldwaltham Jacob James, Pulborough Jupp | iii, sen. ditto Jupp Henry, ditto Jupp Henry, jun. ditto Jenny W. esq. Woolavington Ireland Thomas Wisboro'- green Jarvis Jesse, Warbleton Jones J. Icklesham Jones William, Ore Isenbart Captain, Hastings Jackson Jeremiah, Worth Jupp Thomas, Slaugham Jupp Stephen, ditto K. King John, esq Wilmington Kettle F B. East Grinstead Kenward Wm. Framfield Kenward Wm Uckfield Killick John, Rotherfield King Richard, Wadhurst Killick John, Shipley Killick R esq. Horsham Killick Soloman, Shipley King James, Rudgwick King Thomas, Lewes Kemp N esq. Ovingdean Knight Richard, Hamsey King Hon George, storrington King William, Tillington Kingshort John, ditto . King John, esq. Wisborough Green King George. Icklesham King Lieutenant, Iden Knowlys, W. C. esq. Slangham Knight John, ditto L Lidbetter Richard, Ringmer Lamb John, Wilmington Lamb William, ditto Law, W. esq. Little, Horsted Linfield John, Linfield Look Thomas, Clapham" Lucas Thomas, Tarring Lindup Henry, ditto Lidbetter John, Thakeham Limbrest Henry, Woodmancote Lee Arthur, Lewes Lane Peter, Arundel Lane John, ditto Lane Charles, do Lucas William, Burpham Lear Jeremiah, Leominster Leaves Wm: jun. esq. Tortington Lathy Thomas, Billingshurst Lickfold Edward, Lurgashall Lickfold John, ditto Lucas John, Pulborough Lefroy A esq. Salehurst Landsdell George, Bexhill Landsdell W. jun. ditto Landsdell John, ditto Luck Thomas, Battle Landsdell Thomas, Ninfield Lamb Charles, esq Salehurst Lamb, T. P. esq Rye Lamb, Rev. G. A. ditto Lindfield Samuel, Slaugham Leppard James, Bolney M. Martin John, Alfriston Mason W esq. Hellingly Muckemore W. East Grinstead Magens M D esq. ditto Morris Joseph, Laughton Marten Matthew, ditto Morris Thomas, Southmalling Morgan R. G esq. Frant Morley Henry, Lindfield Moone Thomas, Little Horsted Moone Thomas Trill, ditto Marchant William, Mayfield Mannington George, Uckfield Maynard John, Waldron Maynard Wm. Withyham Miles Michael. Rotherfield Mitchell Henry, Ashurst i Margesson W. esq. Broadwater Margesson W. jun. esq ditto Muzzell Thomas, Henfield Mills A. C. Slinfold Medwin Thomas, Horsham Manly John, esq. ditto Mann John, Rudgwick Mann William, ditto MurchinSon R J. Horsham Martin John, Brigh helmston Markham John, esq Chailey Moon William, Falmer Morfee William, Hurstperpoint Marchant John, ditto Marshall William, ditto Marshall Rev John, Ovingdean Mercer Richard, Kingston Morley William, Arundel Markwick George, Angmering Murrell John, Eastergate Mill W Billingshurst Mann Noah, Kirdford Mitchell Edward, Storrington. Martyn Rev. R. L. Tillington Mit ford C. esq. ditto Milford J. esq. ditto Mills John, Diddlesfold Martin William, Salehurst Mosley Spencer, Sedlescomb Mercer Robert, Westfield Mercer Joseph, ditto Mannington Thomas, Hastings Mercer Joseph, sen. Brede Mills George, Bexhill Maplesden Thomas, do Mugridge R. sen Heathfield Mugridge R. jun. ditto Morris William, sen. Peasemarsh Morris William, jun. diito Marshall Robert, esq. Peasmarsh | Marshall R. ditto Meryon Thomas, Rye Mil ward E. Esq. Hastings Mitchell John, Crawley Mallett wm. esq. West Hoathly N. Newman Richard, Arlington Newman Robert, Willingdon Noaks Thomas, Jevington Newnham John, esq Maresfield Newington John, Wad hurst Newington Joseph, ditto Neville Lord, Frant Nyren Thomas, Horsham Newland John, esq Broadwater Newland H. esq. ditto Napper James, Rudgwick Nailard John, West Grinsted Newland George, Broadwater Noaks Ned, Keymer Newnham J. L. esq. New Timber Newman, Win. Lewes Newland Wm. Tortington Neal John, Bignor Neal John, Coldwaltham Napper Edward, esq Kirdford Napper J. L. Pulborough Napper H F. esq. Wisborough Green Napper John, esq ditto Newland John, esq Petworth Noaks William sen. Ticehurst Noaks William, jun. ditto Noaks Robert, jun West field! Noaks H jun. Ticehurst Neevs William, Beckley Newington James, Burwash Newington John, ditto • Newberry John. esq. Heathfield Newberry E. esq ditto Newnham William, Balcomb Newnham Wm. Ardingly Noble William, Cuckfield O Olive Joseph, Chilington Olive Wm. Arundel Oliver Thomas, ditto Overington John, Burpbam Olliver Wm jun. East Preston Osborne W. Leominster Osborne James, ditto Oliver Thomas, Little Hampton Osborne John, Petworth Overy Charles, St. Leonards Overy Robert, Heathfield Overy Cater, Hollington Press John, Jevington Paine Samuel, Laughton Paine William, East Grinsted Pocock John, Stanmer Pierpoint Matthew, Lindfield Pierce Caleb, Uckfield Playsted Alfred, Wadhurst Playsted Samuel, ditto Paysted Henry, sen. ditto Playsted George, ditto Playsted Henry, jun. ditto Penfold John, Beeding Page William, ditto Penfold W. Broadwater Prowert Rev. John, Edburton Pattenden Richard, Henfield Packham Phillip,> Steyning Penfold Edward, esq. ditto Phipps Rev B. Nothurst Potter Joseph, Ifield Phipps lsaac, esq Nuthurst Patching George. West GrinSted Palmer Thomas, Brightheltnston Poole Thomas Farmer Pollard Rev J Hurstperpoint Patterson W. F. esq. Lewes Paine Henry, ditto Powell James, esq Newick Pilfold James, Newtimber Paine John, esq Patcham Penfold John, Going Parlett William, Madehurst Palmer Thomas, jun. Middleton Parlett John, Southstoke Philpot Captain, Walburton Parlett Thomas, Bury Puttock P. Billingshurst Palmer Robert. Fittleworth Peachy Wm. Esq Kirdford Peachy John, esq. ditto Petar E. T. Petworth Peermai^ John, Woolavington Pratt, Rev. John Seddlescomb Prosser William, Udimore Pinyon Thomas, Warbleton Peacock G. E. Ticehurst Phillips Richard Ashburnham Philcox James, sen. Burwash Philcox James, jun. ditto Philcox John, ditto Pursglove Richard, Hertsmonceux Pocock James, Hove Porter Henry, ditto Pix Thomas, Northiam Pitchard Rev. W. S. Slangham Pilfold John, esq. Cuckfield Packham, Wm ditto R Ridge, WM sen. Alciston Ridge, Wm. jun ditto Raynes Rev. E. Hellingly Righton W. A. esq. Buxted Raynes Rev. Thomas. Ripe Rickman David, Hellingly Rogers John, Wadhurst Rawson Benjamin, Clapham Rebacca John, Broadwater Richardson, J. esq. Findon Rideout Rev. John Woodmancote Raper W. A. Horsham Roe F. A. esq Parcham Rogers Thomas, Kingston Rogers Thomas A. Lewes Rycroft Henry, esq. Brighton Roberts Major, ditto Rich J Lewes Rudd, T. A. esq, Little Hampton Rudwick Charles, Madehurst Roberts Clement, Bury Redman, John, Palborough Redman Thomas, ditto Reeves T. W Beckley Reeves Samuel, ditto Russell. W m. Bexhill Roffe Wm. Peasmarsh Reed John, Pett Russell Thomas, ditto Reed Captain W. esq Rye Rice George, Cuckfield Reynolds J. C. West Loathly S. She Matthias, Hailsham Sinncock John, ditto Sinncock George. E. Bourn Sadler Edward, East Grinsted Shooter John, Esq. ditto Sanders John, ditto Stone Robert, Framfield Stone William, ditto Saunders Charles, Denton Scrase William, Laughton Sttckland James, Frant Spencer Abraham, Hartfield Stone John, Horsted Keynes Stone William May field Stapley J. B. Richerfield Smart John, Shipley Stanford Matthew, Horsham Staker John, Durrington Standen , Sullington Stater Joseph, Thakeham Scrace William, Albourn Standen, W. esq. Ashurst Stanford James, ditto Shelley Sir B. Bart. Horsham Stanford William, jun. West Grinsted Smith Rev. W. Horsham Simmons John, Shermanbury Steele Edward, Cowfold Shelley Timothy, esq. Warnham Sturt James sen. Horsham Snashall Samuel, Lewes Shadwell W. L. esq Barcomb Smith Captain, W. Brighton Shiffner George esq. Hamsey Shiffner J. B. esq. ditto Shiffner George, jun, ditto Smith H G. Lewes Staplev Richard, ditto Stort William, Newick , Sanderlin R B. Patcham Shoebridge Charles, ditto Scrase Thomas, ditto Saxby Thomas, Rodmell Streater Charles, Arundel Suter Thomas, Smith James, esq Amberley Smart Steater John, ditto Stent George, Coldwaltham Salter John, Fittleworth Symonds Thomas, Kirdford Stove'd William, Petworth Smyth W. esq stopham Stent Wm. Tillington Seward John, Wisborough Green Salter Richard, Bury Standen Stephen, Ticehurst Sloman John, Udimore Sober A. esq Warbreton Saunders John, ditto Scrase John jun. Wariling Selmes James, Westfield Sawver George, Etchingham Snepp John, jun. ditto Smith Wm. esq. Hastings Selmes Samuel, Beckley Stonham John, ditto Stonham James, ditto Stonham Thomas, ditto Standen George, ditto Sterpart George, Burwash Smith Tilden, Brede Skinner Charles; ditto Skinner William, ditto Smith John, Stunt Thomas, Bexhill smith Tilden, Battle Suepp John, Etchingham Stonestreet John, Icklesham Smith Henry, Mountfield Spray James, jun. Ninfield Simcock Thomas, Ote Standen William, Peasmarsh Skinner. James, Playden Skinner George, ditto Shelley John, Salehurst Smith Samuel, Rye . Stilman R. esq. Winchilsea Smith Robert, Crawley Sewell Wm. esq. West Hoathly Shaw Phillip, ditto Sexby R. Westdean T. Trill Richard, jun. Buxted Twart Thomas, East Hothly Thompson Rev. J. Framfield Thomas J. Esq. Willingdon Thomas G. esq. ditto Tester Samuel, sen. Waldron Tuppen R. S. Lindfield Tompsett James, Mayfield Tooth William, ditto Taylor John, Rotherfield Turner John, Uckfield Tompsett James, Wadhurst Turner John, Withvham Turner John, Rusper Tredcroft R. esq. Horsham Turner William, Rudgwick Telly John, jun. Thakeham Toburt Simeon, Nuthurst Thorns Thomas, West Grinsted Turner James, Horsham Tredcoft Henry, esq. ditto Tourle J. V. Iford Turner R. A. Lewes Turne Richard, ditto Tounle Thomas, esq. ditto Tasker Thomas, Meeching Trew T. E Newick Tilt Rev. William, Newtimber Tompsett Samuel, Rodmell Tanner William, Wivelsfield Tanner Anthony-, ditto Tyrrell Samuel, Piddinghoe Tanner Anthoiiv, Ditchling Tillstone B. esq. Brighthelmston Trower James, Billingshurst Turner Thomas, ditto Tribe John, Fittleworth Turner John, jun. ditto Tripp Rev. James, ditto Trower James, Kirdford Turner Rev. N. Lungashall Turner Captain N. ditlo Tooth Edward, ditto Trower John, Storrington Tompsett Junes, jun. Ticehurst Tompsett John, Beckley Tomney Robert, Bodiam Thompsett John, Battle Thorp J. M. Fanlight Thorpe John, jun. ditto Thorp Charles, ditto Taylor J. C. Herstmonvrux Tress Francis, Northiam Thorp C. Ore Tatlow Anthony, jun. Penshurst Thomson James, Heathfield Thompson J. esq. Worth V. and U. Verrall Underwood John, East Grinstead Vincent R. W. Cowfold Upperton Edward, Sompting Upperton Luke, Thakeham Verrall Edward, esq. Lewes Vallance John, jun. Brighton Upperton John, Amberley Upperton Joseph, Bury Upion Vinson William, ditto Vine T. P- Herstmonceux. Vincent James, Bolney W. Willard N. esq. Eastdean Waters H. H. Hatlsham Wilard Charles, Fuston Wildish Wilham, Buxted Wheatly William, ditto Weller Samuel, East Grinsted Waterman Henry, Framfield Woodhams William, Lullington Wright Edward, Frant Wilgress Rev. T. ditto Whateley Thomas, jun, Waldro , Whitworth Rt. Hn. Ld. Withyham Wood John; Shipley Whiting John, Beeding Woolven Thomas, Westgrinsted White Charles, esq. Cowfold Wood John, esq. Henfield Willis William, Lancing Winton Harry, esq. Sompting Ward Jas, esq. Westgrinsted Woodward Rev. W. P. ditto Woobery William, Rudgwick White James, esq. Horsham Wood John, Ditching Warded Robert, Brighthelmston Wilkinson J. B. esq. ditto Wicker John, Chailey ,, Waterman Edward, Piddinghoe Whiteman T. D. Keymer Wood John, ditto Whiteman T. D. jun. Keymer Warington I. P. esq. Lewes Willes Charles, Arundel Winter William, ditto Wyatt Richatd, esq. Leominster White General J. Walberton While Alexander, esq. ditto Wilson E. S. esq. Billingsburst Wooldridge Thomas, Kirdford Warren William, Petworth Wyndham Hon. C. ditto Wyndham C. esq. ditto Wicker Thomas, Storrington Whicher Rev. J. C. Stopham Whiteman John, Seddlescomb Walker Wm. Ticehurst White Stephen, ditto Woodhams W. sen. Udimore Woodhams John, ditto Waters John, Warbleton Waters Benjamin, ditto Waters Thomas', ditto Woodhams W. C. Peasemarsh Woodroffe William, Hastings Wenham Edward, ditto Water house W. jun. Burwash Watts Robert, Battle Willard Peter, ditto Warts John, ditto Webster Sir Godfrey, bart. ditto Wardroper C. esq. Etchingham Wilhar Robert, ditto Whapham John, Heathfield Weeks Thomas, Peasemarsh Watson William, esq. Rye Walker Robert, ditto Ward William, esq. Westhoathly Wheeler Jasper, ditto Wood J. esq. Twineham Wood William, ' ditto Wood Henty, Twineham Wood John, jun. ditto Walker Peter, Worth Wileman John. jun. Cuckfield Wicherstone J. esq. Slaugham Court of Clianeery, nmde in a cause Earle against Wilson, the en doors of William Kempe, late of South Mailing, in the county of Sussex, esq. Serjeant at Law, ( who died on or about the 7th of June, 1797,) are fort with to come in and prove their debts before Robert Steele, esq., Chambers, in Southampton buildings, Chan- cery latte, London, or in default thereof, they Notice to Debtors ami Creditors. Whereas Abel Attwood, horse- dealer, of the parish of Herstmonceux. in the county of Sussex, ban assigned all bis estate and effects over into the band, of M. Harris. Auc- tioneer and E. Vine, Farmer, for the benefit of his creditor., all persons who have any claim or demand, or stand indebted to the said estate or effects, are requested to send in such claims and to pay such respective debts to as immedi- ately; and the Trust Deed is now lying at the house of M. Harris, Herstmonceux, for the sig- nature of such creditors an shall thiols proper to sign the same. Sept. 18 1811. SKETCHES OF LIVING CHARACTERS, This day was published, In one volume small Price 7s. VTUW CANTERBURY TALES; or the GLORIES of the Garrison. By OLIVER OUTLINE, MAJOR GENERAL & C. " Dixero se quid forte, Cum venia dabis.*' Hur. London : printed for and sold by H. Colbrun, English and Foreign Public duit- street, New Bond street, London ; and may be bad of • l • ——** 11 • ; k, * R. ABBOTT respectfully gives notice, lVi that . the Land in Pevensey Marsh, ad- vertised for Sale by Auction, at the Mart, on the 26th, IS DISPOSED OF BY PRIVATE CON- TRACT. East misted and Horsted keyness, Sussex. rB"^ HE sale of the Estates situate at Lags- 11 heath, near Past Grinstead, and at Hor- stedkeynes ( advertised to be sold by Mr. Grant- ham, at the Auction Mart, London, on Tues- day, 94th Sept. 1811,; 13 POSTPONED. The sale will take place in the month of October,, and the day will be announced by a future ad- vertisement. r J^ O BE LET, and entered upon imme- A diately, or at Lady- day next, A compact Tan Yard, well watered, and now in full trade, with dwelling- house, bark barn, drying sheds, and various other convenient buildings, in the hands of Messrs. Smith and Eldridge, the proprietors, of whom further par- ticulars may be had. GOLD COIN. Custom House, London, 12th Sept. 1R1K WHEREAS great quantities GOLD COIN of this realm, have been clan- destinely and illegally exported from, va- rious parts of England: And whereas it in highly expedient to prevent such unlawful. practise, and to discover and punish the offenders. The Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs in England, do hereby give no- tice, that in case any person or persons will give information of any such illicit practices, so that any seizures shall be made of any such gold coin in consequence thereof, the person or persons giving such information, shall, immediately after such Coin shall have been condemned, receive ONE; THIRD PART of the value of such seizures, without any deduction what-, ever. This Reward the said Commissioners of the Customs will direct to be paid to such person or persons, or to whomsoever he or they shall appoint to receive the same; and the greatest care will he taken, as well in making the seizure, as in the payment of the reward, thai the name of every person giving such inhumation shall be con- cealed. Such information may be given either to the Secretary of the Customs in England, or to any officer of his Majesty's Navy or Customs, as may be most conve- nient to the party. By order of the Commissioners, G. DELAVAUD, pro Sec. [ Advertised by order of the Collector of Cu8- Ney Shoreham lt, lrM, PRINTED BY W. & A. LEE. GAME. DUTY, 1S11. A\ Alphabetical List of Persons who, have obtained General Cer- tificates for killing Game, in the County of Sussex, for the present Year, which List is made out up to the 9th September instant, and pub- lished by order of His Majesty's Com- missioners for the Affairs of Taxes. MATTHEW WINTER; Sec. A. Ac on William, Ripe Adds Henry, Laughton Austin Edward, Frant Abbot Charles, Hartfield Attree John, Isfield Arkcol John, Mavfield Avery William, ditto Aubin J. S esq. Ashurst Abbott William, Broadwater Andrew James, Irchingfield Ashbridge Rev J. ditto Agate Michael, West Grinstead Armstrong Major J. Broadwater Awcock George. Barcombe Avery John, Chailey Attwood William, Lewes Alexander William, Southover Anscombe G. Wivel field Amoore George, Angmering Ades Moses, Sedlescombe Allen Richard. Bodiam Ades Aaron, Brede Apps William, ditto Ashburnham Sir W bt. Guestling Arkcoll Thomas, Herstmonceux Asplin George, Staugham B. Ball Sir W. bart. East- Bourn Barton John, Hellingly Barton Hatty, ditto Bean John, esq. Littlington Blaker Nathaniel, Selmeston Baker Rev. Thomas, Stanmer Bret George, Buxted Buckwell George, East Grinsted Back William, ditto Barrow M. H ditto Barnett Thomas, Framfield Butting Edward, Isfield Burnett John, Lindfield Brooker Michael, Mayfield Brooker N. Uckfield Blackman J P. Wadhursf Bonnick josias, Waldron Bishop John, Withyham Boater Moses, ditto Beauclerk, C. G. esq. Horsham Bristow Edward, West- Grinsted Buckoll Stephen, Horsham Batcher James, Rudgwick Bates John. Horsham ^ Brook; J C. ditto ,.* .. Burtenshaw John, Shermanbury Butting William, Shipley.', , Burrell W. esq. West Grinsted Batchelor John, ditto Borting Edward, Shipley, Briggs W. sen. Slinfold Briggs W jun. ditto Beckett Thomas. Henfield Bridger H. esq. Old Shoreham Bannister John., esq Steyning Blake Daniel, esq Sompting Borer J H esq Woodmancote Bridger Rev Charles. Albourn Busch E Esq Broadwater Bean William, Wivelsfield Blackman Henry, Lewes Borer John. Di chling Bond Andrew, Brighthelmston Best Thomas, ditto Borrer Wm. esq Hurstperpoint Bull Charles, Lewes Ball Henry, ditto Buys John, ditto Buys William, ditto Baker George; Ovendean Bull John jun. Pyecombe Charles, Southover Pin field Charles, Arundel Branch John ditto George ditto Byass John ditto Burcher George ditto Boniface George, Eas ergate Boniface John, ditto Boniface Thomas, ditto Bine Francis, ditto Budget John, Felpham Boniface J jun Ford Blake John, Leominster Blonden George. Poling Bowman John, jun. Arundel Bisshopp James, Bury Bowler Thomas, jun ditto Biddulph, C. esq. Burton Brown Benjamin, Houghton Baker E Jas. Lurgashall Baker Rev R. H. Northchapel Baker George, ditto Boxall John. Petworth Barnard Allen, Pulborough Blunden John, ditto Boniface Charles, Storrington Bisshopp H. esq. ditto Bridger Wm T Ilington Butcher George, Wisboro'- green Bridget T. C. Felpham Baker James, Salehurst Baker W. sen Treehurst Baker W. jun ditto Blackman John, Warbleton Black man B Wailing Bellingham James, ditto Bnkei Wi liam, Nonhiam Blackman William, Wattling Brisee W esq. Hastings Baker W. sen. Beckley Button Richard, Burwash Buckland James, Brede Brook Arthur, Bexhill Brook Stephen, ditto Baker Samuel. Heathfield Blackmail B. Hooe Biker Samuel, Northiam Bates John, Peasmarsh Bates William, ditto Butler A sen. ditto' Butler A. jun. ditto Bisshop John, esq. Hastings Browne, E. W. esq Rye Braize'r Wm ditto Benfold N esq. Winchelsea Baxter A. Brightling Bourner Stephen, Battle Barton Thomas, ditto Billion George, Catsfield Barnard Ned, Herstmonceux Braizer Samuel, Worth Brvant William, esq. ditto Bethune Rev. V. G ditto Brooker Thomas, ditto Borer William, ditto Benson G. esq Slaugham Burden Thomas, Cuckfield Briggs Henry, Slaugham Browne Timothy, West Hoathly Best Faulconer, Chckfield Blaker John, Boney C Chitty William, Hailsham
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