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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3388
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 02/09/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3388
No Pages: 4
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. _ —.—__ ^—,—_— —.—— i VOL. LX1II: No. 3388,] MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 2, 1811. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and village of SUSSEX in Farts of KENT SURREY, and HAMPSHIRE ; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom * ' . ' • . K£,* » The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near . ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers ' _ It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis". BATTLE SHEEP FAIR. THE Annual SHEEP FAIR at Battle, in the county of Sussex, will be hold on Friday, the 6th Of September, IBli, at the usual place. Wattles will be provided, and a good ordinary at the George Inn. BATTLE. AUG. TOHLI. . , , ' NOTICE. ~ ~ " VI7" HERE AS the Game on LOWER STONE- R T HAM FARM, near Lewes, has been unlawfully destroyed, this is therefore to caution all persons, both qualified and unqpalified, aginst sporting thereon, as all who may be found trespassing thereon, after the date of this notice, will be proseeuted as the law directz. Lower Stoneham, Aug. 20,131 ! .. Sussex, ) To all Alehouse Keepers, Consta'. fes, to wit. j Parish Officers, and others, within the Upper Division of Lewes Rape, whom these may concern. > I^ TOTIOE is hereby given, "' t the next Gc ncral Meeting of the Magistrates for granting Ale Liceases for the said Division, will he lioldeti at the White Hurt Inn, in Lewes, ON Saturday, the 7II1 day of September v. ext, at eleven o'clock io the fore- noon ; at which all Constables uiihin the said division to whom precepts to summon Alehouse Keepers hi re* liew their Licenses, hvive been directed, are to attend to make returns thereof, and at which lin y, together with Parish Officers, and others concerned therein, may and ate hereby required to prefer complaints against such Alehouse Keepers, or Innkeepers, a- have suffered disorderly conduct in their houses, or offended against ihe established regulations, of which public notice n as given 011 the last licensing day, in order that they may be dealt with according to law. By Order of the Magistrates, LANGRIDGE and KELL, Clerks. Lewes, 24tb Aug. 1811. ARMY CONTRACTS. Commissary in Chief's Office, Great George Street, London, 16th Aug. mil. N'OTICE is hereby given Jo all persons desirous of contracting to supply the following articles for the use of the Army, viz. BREAD, To his Majesty's . and Force in Cantonments, Quar- ters, and Barracks, in the undermentioned Counties and Islands: Alderney, Isle of Wight, Anglesea, Jersey, Bedford, Kent, Berks, including the Town Lancaster, of Hungerford, Leicester, Berwick, Liscaln, Brecon, Merioneth; Bucks, Middlesex, Cambridge including the Monmouth, Town of Newmarket, Montgomery, Cardigan, Norfolk, Carmarthen, Northampton, Carnarvon, Northumberland Chester, Nottingham, Cornwall, including Scilly, Oxford, Cumberland, Pembroke, Denbigh, Radnor, Derby, Rutland, Devon, Salop, Dorset, Somerset, Durham, Stafford, Essex, Suffolk, Flint, Surrey, Glamorgan, Sussex, Gloster, including the City Warwick, of Bristol, Westmoreland, Guernsey, Wills, Hants, Worcester, Hereford, York. Hertford, Hunts, And in the several Counties Isle of Man, ' in North Britain. OATS, To his Majesty's Cavalry in Cantonments and Quarters, in the undermentioned Counties and islands : Anglesea, Hereford, Bedford, Hertford, Berwick, Hunts, Brecon, Leicester, Bucks, Lincoln, Cambridge, Merioneth, ' Cardigan, Monmouth, Carmarthen, Montgomery. Carnarvon, Northumberland, Chester, Oxford, Cumberland, Pembroke, Denbigh, Kail nor, Derby, Rutland, Durham, Salop, Flint, Stafford. Glamorgan, Westmoreland, Gloster, Worcester. FORAGE, viz. OATS, HAY, and STRAW, to his Majesty's Cavalry in Barracks, and Oat* in Cantonments and Quarters, in the undermentioned Counties in South Britain: Berks. Northampton, Cornwall, Nottingham, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Suffolk, Essex, Surrey, Hants, including the Isle of Sussex, Wight, Warwick, Kent, Wilts, Lancaster, York. Middlesex, And in the several Counties Norfolk, in North Britain. As also Forage to nil Horses kept for his Majesty's ser- vice in the Island of Jersey. That the deliveries are to commence on and for the 35th day of October next; that proposals in writing, sealed up and marked, " Tender for Army Supplies." will be received at this Office on or before Wednesday, the 18th day of September, ( hut none will be received niter twelve o'clock on that day, and, if sent by post, the postage must be paid. Proposals most be made separately for each County and Island, except far the Counties comprising North mid South Wales, all of which must he included in oue Tender, as also most the several Counties in North Bri- tain ; and each proposal must have the letter which is annexed to the Tender properly filled up, by two per- sons of known property engaging to become bound with the party tendering in the amount stated in the printed particulars for the due performance of the contract; and no proposal will he noticed unless made 011 a printed tender, and tii « prices expressed iu words at length, and should it. so happen thit during the continuance of the Contract, no Troops should be stationed or supplied in the county, the expence of the, contract and bond, paid in the first instance by the Contractor, to be refunded to him by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon appli- cation at this Office, between the hours of eleven and five; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Liudesay, Edinburgh; at the Office of Deputy Commis- sary General Luteyns, GARRNSEY ; and at the Office of Assistant Commissary General Lanout, Jersey, GAME. Manor and Forest of Tilgate, and Manors of Cuckfield, Staugham, Leigh, Marshalls, Hay- ward's, Trubweek, and Franklands. rpilE late Col. Tegison having taken great pains 1 and incurred much expence, for several years pre vious to his decease, in the preservation of the game within the several Manors abovementioned, extending over the Cueklield Place and Butter's Green estates, we the Trustees of his will, feel it incumbent upon us to give this public notice, That no persons whatever will be permitted to sport over the above Manors ; and that all unqualified persons must take tin- consequences of hunt- ing, shooting, or otherwise destroying the game within any of the same Manors, Dated this 6th day of August, J8II. THUS. ATHORPE ") JOHN THOYTS, > Trustees. , T. C. M EDWIN, J EARTH AM INCLOSURE. NOTICE is hereby given, That Application will he made to Parliament at the ensuing Ses- sions, for leave 10 bring in a Kill to obtain an Act for Inclosing lands in the manor and parish of Eartham, in tile county of Sussex. W. and R. HOLMES, Solicitors, 24tli August, 1811. Arundel, Sussex. OFFHAM and DITCHELLING ROAD. ^ JOTICE 15 hereby given, That Application is X s intended to he made to Parliament iN the ensn- ing Session, fur an Act for making and maintaining a Turnpike- road from and out of the present Turnpike- road leading from the upper end of the Town of Lewes to Witchcross, in the county of Sussex, towards and into the ' Turnpike- road leading from the Town of Brighthemston to the ' Town of Lindfietd, in the county aforesaid. The line of which said Road so intended to he applied fur. lies in the several parishes of Hamsey, and Saint John under the Castle of Lewes, the hamlet of Chiltiagton, and the several parishes of Chailey, Plampton street, Westmeston, and Ditchelling, all in the said county of Sussex. Dated this Twenty- sixth day of August, One thousand Eight hundred and Ele- ven, LANGRIDGE. and KELL, Solicitors, Lewes, N. B. It is estimated that three thousand pounds will be more than adequate to complete the whole . two thousand one hundred pounds whereof is now subscrib- ed. Such of the Subscriber as, are with g to further the. application hv an addition to their subscriptions; and others who are inclined to subscribe, are requested im- mediately to intimate the saute to Messrs. Langridge and Kell. NTICE is hereby given tint; application is in- tended to he made Its Parliament, in the ensuring Session, for leave to bring in a Hill, and to obtain an Act lot making and maintaining a Turnpike- road, from Stone Street Hatch, in the. parish Ockley, in the county of Surrey ( to join the present turnpike- road road there from Capel) to the South side of a parcel of land, called the Great Nells, part of Northland Farm, belonging to and occupied by Harry Charman, in the parish of Warnham, in the county of Sussex, to join a branch there of the turnpike- road, leading from Hors- ham, in the county of Sussex, towards Guildford, in the comity of Surrey, which said intended road is to pass or be carried into, through, or along the several parishes of Ockley, Abinger, and Wotton, ill the county of Surrey; and Warnham aforesaid. Dated this 2' 2d day of August, 1B11. ' THOS. HART. Solicitor. Dorking NOTICE is hereby given, That application is intended to he made to Parliament, in the next ensuring session for leave to bring in a Bill or Bills, and to obtain an Act or Acts, for repealing two acts passed in the li'jd year . of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Second, and the - 2t) th year of the reign of his present Majesty, for erecting Piers and other works for the security and improvement of the harbour of New Shoreham, in the county of Sussex, and . tor keep- ing the same in repair; in which act or acts, provision is intended to he made for making and maintaining u Dock or Docks, and to form proper communications from the same to the sea j and also to the river 4dor, by means of a Lock or Locks, and a Canal or Canals and for otherwise Improving and rendering more safe' and commodious, the harbour of New Shoreham. in the county of Sns « ex, which said works, or some of them, will be erected or made in the several parishes of New Shoreham, Old Slioreham, Kingston Hows- y, Southwick, and Lancing, in the said county of Sussex, or in some or one of them respectively. Dated this 14th day of August, 1811. KIBBLEWII1T. K, ROWLAND, and ROBINSON, Solicitors. Gray's Inn Place, London. NAVIGATION TOLLS, . TO BE LET, Ouse Lower Navigation and Drainage. r J^ llE Tolls to he received for all Goods, Wales, JL and Merchandize, carried upon the river Ouse, between Lewes and Newhaven, in the county of Sus- sex, will he LET BY AUCTION, to the highest Bid- der, for one year from Michaelmas day next, at a ge- neral Meeting of the Trustees, at the White Hart Inn, in Lewes aforesaid, on Saturday, the 21st day of Sep- tember next, at six o'clock in the evening, which Toils for the current year, were Let for 110:, I. The person who shall be the highest bidder, must give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trus- tees, for the. payment of the rent in such manner as they shall direct. EDWARD VERBAL, Lewes, Aug. 23, 1811. Clerk to the Trustee- " CROSS TURNPIKE. ~ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT a general Meeting of the Trustees of the turnpike- road leading from Hodges, in the parish of Mayfield, to Lindfield Cuckfield. & c. will he held at the King's Head, on chailey common, on Fri- day, the 27th day of September next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon. At which Meeting, the Tolls arisng from Skayme Hill, and Newick Gates, will be let by Auction to the highest bidder, for One Year, from tiie 21st day of October next; which Tolls, produced in the last year the following Sums, viz. Skaymes Hill Gate - £ llo Newtek Gate - - - 52 clear of all Expences, and will be severally put up at those Sums. The highest bidder must give securiety with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for Pay mint of the Rents, at such times, and iu such manner, as they shall direct. And at this meeting new Trustees will be appointed i.) tlio room of those wlm are dead. Also at this Meeting, the ' Trustees intend to borrow, 01 the usual interest, the Sum of £ juu, on the credit of the Tolls of the said Road. En. Aw. TURNER. Clerk to the Trustees. Particulars, for rebuilding the Tower of East Grinstead Church. P. . ASHLAR properly squared and scalded for the inside of the Tower, in courses, to be on an average nine inches bearing, at pet foot cube. II. Rough Ashlar for backing ' he inside of the Wall of the Tower, between - the outside and inside facing stones,' at per loot cube. III. • is:, 1:, Moulded work in windows, according to moulds, and drawing, at per foot; superficial sunk bat- tlements as per moulds, and drawings at per foot, run. IV. Gothic moulded work for windows, at per foot' superficial. f? 1 ' 1 V' 194 Saddle back coping, as per moulds, at per foot run. 33b Ditto smaller ditto. VI. 82n Working sunk work in battlements, and base pinnacles, as per drawing, at per foot, superficial. In the last four items is, to be included the expence of sharpening tools, and all other expences wheat soever. All persons who ns/ 10 wi -; ug 1 • t for any of the above particulars are - • ; red s t down their prices opposite to a 11 ' articles above- mentioned, ami to deliver th; same sealed up and signed by them selves, to Mr. Barrow, Solicitor, East Grinstead, Sussex, on or before the lui's day - of September next. East Grinstead, I, 1 August, ir » ; i. BRIGHTHELMSTON. To Grocers, Linen Drapers. Haberdashers, & c. TO BE LET. By the Year, ( or the remainder of the Lease will be disposed of if required), A Commodious SHOP and DWELLlNG- f-\. HOUSE, situate in a very respectable neighbour- hood, and the most commanding part of West street, being one of the greatest thoroughfares in the town. The premises are well calculated for any line of busi- ness. Should the lease be disposed of, the purchaser may be accommodated with the adjoining Ledging- house, which commands an uninterrupted view of the sea. Enquire, if by letter, ( post paid) of S. F. Sanders, at his Academy. Middle- street. Ferry House, Near Ncwhaven Bridge. TO BE LET, At Michaelmas next, THE above Premises, which are most admirably situated for the carrying on of the Coal or Corn Trade. The tenant may be accommodated, if he choose it, with 40 acres of good Brook Land, an es- tablished Brick Yard, in full trade, together with a good Lime Kiln, & c. Tor particulars apply to Mr. J. Bull, land- agent, No. 7, Carlton place, Brighton; it by Letter, post paid. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. \ Very valuable Leasehold PUBLIC HOUSE, 11 35 years of which lease is unexpired, known by the M. rti of the KING'S HEAD, now in the occupation of Mr. James Butchers; also a good teuantable house with two dwellings, a capital garden, stable, and other buildings. APPLY to Mr. James Butchers, of Brede, who will give every information and tire premises. SUSSEX. TO BE LET, OR SOLD, BY PRIVATE TENDER, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, \ Very desirable, compact Freehold FARM, jL JL situate at Horstedkeynes, in the county of Sus- sex, containui; r r> t; acre*-. or thereabouts, of arable mea- dow and wood land, in a high state of cultivation, and well storked with thriving; timber, with a substantial farm house, barn, stable, and other convenient and re- quisite offices, in good repair, late in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Comber, deceased, and now of Mrs. Charity Comber, of Horstedkeynes, to whom applica- tion may be made for a view of the farm. These premises are situate .'. t a short distance from the River Ouse, and near several market towns. Tenders ( post paid) will he received hy Mr. Wheeler. Solicitor, Cliffe, Lewes, until the i6tb of . September next, at whose office further particulars may be had. N. B. If the estate' be, sold, a great part of the pur- chase money may remain upon mortgage, if required, by the purchaser, TO HOP PLANTERS MALTSTERS, AND FARMERS. FOR SALE, At the Soap Manufactory, Lewes, ^ Large quantity of COKE, of superior qna- » ity, on reasonable terms; and may be had at the same Wharf, any quantity of Wood Ashes, ; well known to be a manure of superior duality for meadows, brook land, and turnips. Capital Farms at Laughton, in Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, The following Estates, x\/.. AVery valuable FARM, called the MILL FARM, Situate in the parish of Laughton, in the county of Sussex, consisting of a substantial farm- house, with convenient and suitable stables, lodges, outhouses, closes, garden, orchard, and other usual and accessary appendages, and about i: i3A. vR. 3, P. of verv - rich and • fertile meadow and arable land, all of which are free- hold, except about 6A. which are copyhold, of the ma- nor of Laughton, Also, a Freehold Lodge, barn, farm- yard, and about 121 A. i li. 3< » P, of rich meadow and arable land, called the MARLES, Langhton aforesaid. These farms con- tain in the whole about 155 A. about 104 of wbicli are rich meadow land, and 5iA. are of very valuable arable laud. i he above farms are now in the occupation of Mr . Matthew Martin, under a lease which will expire the 3th of April 1313. It is thought by agriculturists that for richness end depth of soil, and abundance of produce, these estates cannot be surpassed by any land in the county of ' Sussex. They are delightfully and centrically . sun ate it; the vicinity of several of the principal Market Towns, being only about 6 ntn*- s from Lewes, b fro i llai^ hain, {> fromUckfield, 14 from Eastbourne', i4 from Brighton, and 3 from Ringmer Horse Barracks, " and distant from London about 49 miles. The surrounding country abounds with game of every description. ' ' Further particulars may be known on application as the office of Messrs. Brooker and Colbatch, . Solicitor:. Brighton, where tenders are to be sent or delivered, until the 19th day of September next. One thud of the purchase money may, if re^ ptired, lay on mortgage of the estates for three or ft• ar years. N. B. Air. Whapham; of the Stag Inn, Laughton Pound, will shew the estates. TO BE SOLO BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL those two Messuages of Tenements, with the extensive . and convenient Draper's and Gro- cer's Shop, and the buildings, garden ground, and pre- mises thereto appertaining, situate, and being at Beck- ley. in the County of Sussex • one " of the Messuages and the Shop Were lately in the • occupation of Mr. John Sisley. and the other Messuage is now in. the occopa- tion of Mr. John Colbran, senior. The situation is deemed superior to any other in the neighbourhood, for the general way of trade in the shopkeeping line, the same having been for many years carried On there in a very extensive manner. „ Also those four Messuages . or Cottages, gardens, and premises, situate and lying also at Heck ley aforesaid, Adjoining each other, and lying conuguous to. the above mentioned premises. The whole of ihe premises are freehold, and exone- rated from the land tax. For further particulars, and treaty for the purchase, applications to be, made to Mr. John Colbram, senior of Beckley, the proprietor; Mr. John Norris, of the same place; or Mr. Martin, of Battle. Extensive Freehold Farms, at Brenchley, Kent. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. By Messrs. DRIVER \ Avery desirable and extensive Freehold Estate, partly tithe free very eligibly situate in a remark- ably pleasant part of the county of Kent-, in the parishes of Brenchley, Horsemoaden, and Yarding, about to miles from Tunbridge, 6 from Yarding, 12 from Maid- stone, ar. d oiifv 40 from London, comprising seveifl!- well arranged farm4.. c& U-' d . SWIG'S HOLK, AUGUST PITS, SHELLEY MOOR, BAY- BROOKS, APPS BRAM- BLES, and GAGE WOOD; in the occupation of most respectable tenants, containing together about of the presumed value of upwards of eleven hundred pound.- per annum. Immediate possession may he had of estate, and the remainder is- held upon leases, of which only a few years am unexpired. Printed particulars may be had at the Bell, Bromley • the Dorset Arms Seven Oaks : Rose and Crown, Tun- brige; Chequers, Lamberhurst ; George, Roberts- bridge; Staff Maidstone; Gun, Horsemonden Heath; Bull, Wrotham ; Black; Lion, Farningham ; of (> Wardroper, Esq Hawkhurst ; arid of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road ; or at their Offices in the Auction Mart, London; where plans of the several farms may be seen.- FREEHOLD FARM, SUSSEX, With an early possession. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. SKINNER, TUCHIN, and FORREST, On Friday, the 20TH September, at twelve o'clock, at Garraway's Coffee- house, ' Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, ACompact FREE HOLD ESTATE, situate in the parishes of Slaugham and North Beeoing, about one mile from Handcross, in the turnpike- road to Brighton, five miles from Crawley and Cuckfield, eight from Horsham, and 3( 3 from London, called HYDE FARM, consisting « f u.; c) A. all. 13P. he the same more or les>, of pasture, arable', and forest land, a consider- able part tythe free-, a farm house* and outbuildings in the occupation of Mr. Aspland, but on lease to MY. Cave, for i2i years from Lady- day 1793, at a low old net rent of 631. per annum. To he viewed, and printed particulars may be had on the premises ; also at the. Rod Lion, Handeross ; King's Head, Cuckfield and Horsham ; George , Crawley - White Hart, Reigate and Lewes ; of Mr. Fleet, Printer, Brigh- ton ; Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Solicitors, f- itli coin's Inn; at Garraway's, and of Messrs. Skinner, Tu- chin, and Forrest, Aldersgate street, London, where a plan may be seen. WINCHELSEA, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. PRICKETT, At the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, on Wednesday, Oct. 2, i s 11. at twelve o'clock, in lots, instead of Wednesday, Aug.'^ 9, as hrfot^ advertised, ALL that capital MANSION culled the FRIARS, situate near the Borough Town of Winchelsea, in the county of Sussex, with an excellent and spacious garden thereunto belonging; together with a Public Mouse, Tolls of a Ferry, and divers Messuages and Tenements, situate in Winchelsea; and upwards of fa'o acres of extraordinary rich grazing land, immediately in that neighbourhood, the greatest part whereof is not subject to any vythe, or parochial rates, and the whole is occupied by most respectable tenants under short holdings. The, Mansion is replete with conveniences for the family of a man of fortune, and early possession will be given. The situation) fa beautiful 111 the extreme, being little more than a mile from the sea, of which it commands a full view, and the surrounding count! y is universally admired by all who know it. May be viewed, and printed descriptive particulars had at the New Inn, Winchelsea; the George, Rye; the Swan Inn, Hastings; the Ship, Brighton; the New Inn, Eastbourne ; the Kentish Tavern, Tun bridge Wells: the, Star, Maidstone; the Fountain, Canterbury* of John Hyde, esq, Worcester; Edward Morgan, esq. j 14, Gray's inn Square ; and at the Auction Mart, Lou- ! don ; and of Mr. Prickett, Surveyor, Highgate, Mid- dlesex. Caldicot Hill, near Bushy, Herts. Freehold Villa, and 30 acres* TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CHRISTIE, At his Great Room in Fall Mall, on Thursday, Septem- ber 19, at two o'clock precisely, AMOST desirable and elegant FREEHOLD . VILLA, erected within a very few years, by a man of fashion, in a substantial and expensive manner, and fitted up with singular taste, with offices suited for every domestic purpose, 011 the compact scale; stabling for six horses, coach- house, brewhouse, farm and rick yards, kitchen garden fully cropped, and neatly dis- posed pleasure ground; standing on the verge of a beau- tifully shaped park is h lawn, skirted by enclosures, partly freehold, and part copyhold, of excellent grass land, pleasingly limbered. The situation of this elegant, retreat is on the slo;> e of Caldieot- hill, overlooking a luxuriantly wooded vale, two miles from the village of Aldenham, IN the parish church of which it has a pew. in the neighbourhood of field sport, and within a drive of an hour and a half from Loudon. The dwelling comprises a small library, dining room, with circular bow and French folding sashes to the lawn; drawing room, two best bedchambers, dressing room and Water closet, and three bed rooms in a got hie tower, forming a most enviable residence for a small genteel family. May be viewed with tickets only, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, between the hour's of ten and five. Printed particulars may be had at the Auction Mart City ; and in Pall Mall. TO BE SOLI), BY AUCTION, BY MR, ATTREE, At the Royal Oak Inn. St. James's street, on Thursday* the 2_> th day of Sept. IS! 1, at 12 o'clock afternoon, by order of the Assignees, of John Phillcox, a Bank- rupt. .- the following property; without reserve, LOT 1. A substantial Leasehold MESSUAGE, in the occupation, of Mr. Philcox, situate near Saint James's - street. LOT - 2. A large piece of GROUND, used as a Car- penter's Yard. with extensive work- hops, and every requisue convenience for carrying on the trade of a Carpenter and i- ;. t- r, also, situate near Saint James's- street, in the occupation of LOT 3 » A piece of Laud, containing upward* of three acres, leuantry measure, lying in the sixth for- long, near' the Rock Brewery, and the end of St, James's street, most desirably situated either for an en- closed field, a garden, or for huilding. Also, several Messuages, a. Ground rent, well secur- ed, The premises may be , viewed on application to Mr, John Philcox, near the New Steine : and further parti- culars had of Mr. M I ihe Old Bank ; of Mr. C. Wille, of the Auctioneer^ who will also deliver printed parti- cular., ten days previous to the sale. :— —... •• —- ; — 11 . TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MILLEAR, At the Beach Hotel, Little Harron, on Monday, the 9th of September, IS'I, in two unless previously disposed of by Private Contract. ^ vVO new erected, well built ' LODGING the the sea, in the New- row, Little Hampton, contiguous to each other; each containing in front - 0 ft. iu ( i> u; ii 31 ment, one breakfast . and dining parlour, 1: -•. lour, diMwing room Q ft by rr> ft. and o- c i'tg". heu roi- u • second floor, two commondions bed rooms, and three large bed chen, with every accommodation that is required li-^ li, pansries scullery and other convenient offices, with a pamp of excellent water. v The situation of these premises Is one of the . oo-^ t beautiful summer residences on the Sussex Coast ' with a delightful terrace in front, about loo years from the sea, and a very extensive View over the water ' ' inn Beachy Head to the Isle of Wright, and a back view of a rich fertile ' country, with the finer sands on the sea coast, on which at law water carriage 1 t% be driven with the greatest safety, as for as Shoreham distance .12 miles, from Worthing. 8 miles, tArunded 4, Chichester 14, and London tin loijc » may Hotel, l.. Hampton- and further particulars known of the Auctioneer, Arundel. Freehold Estate; Burstow, Surrey, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY J STENN1NG, On Tuesday, the 17th Day « f September, 181!, at t! i « Swan, East- Grinstead, at Four Clock, id 1 Afternoon, ALL that truly desirable and valuable Freehold Estate, called ADAMSCONY, otherwise SHIP-". LEY- BRIDGE: comprising; a Dwelling; House, Barn-, Stable, and sheds in good repair, H< i'irilen mifl Orcbard, wel plumed with all kind of young; thriving Fruit- trees, together with about twenty- seven Acres of excellent Arable « nd Meadow Land, pleasantly situated la the Parish mile of the intended Turnpike- road, leading from Reigate to Cuckfield: Robert Dench. Possession may he had at Michaelmas next. The above may he viewed by application on the Premises ; and further Particulars known of the Auctioneer, East- Grinstead, Just published, AFine whole length Portrait of ROBERT POINTER, many years Driver of the Lewes and Brighton Coach, from ah original picture by De Wilder engraved by Earlosa. Sue of the plate 19 by 14, price 108. 6D. printed in colours To he had of Messrs. Laurie and Whitle, No. "-, 3 Fleet street, London, A specimen may be seen at Mr. Boulton's Office, Charing Cross. ENCYCLOPAEDIA LONDINENSIS. This day is published, NUMBER I. Of a New Edition, being the Fifth, of A SPLENDID NATIONAL WORK, Published under the protection of his Majesty's ' loyal Licence and Authority, ornamented with a magnifi- cent engraving in every Number, entitled, ENCYCLOPAEDIA LONDINENSIS, OR UNI- VERSAL DICTIONARY of Arts, S< ien-. es, a d Literature: being the most complete and comprehen- sive work of the kind ever published. It comprises un- der one alphabet the essence of every valuable publica- tion, and of every dictionary : into which all toe new improvements IN every branch of art and science are faithfully embodied; so that the substance of more than five obtained iu one uniform set of books, constituting of themselves so complete a library m every department of human knowledge, that the assistance of all others may be. dispensed with. The engravings from original drawings are alcn^ wort't double the purchase- money-- so that this is not only the most useful, but by far the chetvpe^ t work ever Oi. ered to the public. The first Ten Volumes MAY he had comn- plete, venience of purchasers, at the following prices :— On common paper, cd. each Number • ditto, wiih the plates coloured, is.' jd. Oa line vellum paper, is. ditto with the plates coloured, is. ( id. The great demand for this work, and the long illness of the late Proprietor, having occasioned many of the early numbers to be Oat or print; the public are re- spectfully informed that the present Proprietors have, at a very Considerable expence, prantep an entirely new - edition, and inserted all the improvements that have taken place down to the present period \ so that any single Number, Volume, or whole Si ts, ma, now bf had. The tile vein h Volume is it; ji, reat, forwardness; an en- » ci"'- ascd ( quantity of matter being now tii the course uf publication. The article Ireland, now publishing, * brings the his-, tory of that kingdom down to the present day; and free from party prejudice, forms, perhaps, the most per-, feet epitome of authentic in . lli& em e on that subject uo^ v exiant. RIA- LANE, ST. PAUL'S AND SOLD BY SHERWOOD, NEELY, AND JONES, PATERNOSTER- ROW: CHAMPANRE AND WHITROW JEWRY STREET, ALDGATE; J. WHITE, HORACE HEAD, FLEET. STREET ; NUTTAIL, TIMBER, AND ' DIXON, LIVERPNOL , SWIN DELL, MANCHESTER.: MERRIDEW, COVENTRY; W. LEE, LEWES, AND MAY BE HAD OF ALL BOOKSELLERS IN TOWN; AND COUN- TRY. THURSDAY'S AND FRIDAY'S POSTS". ADVICES liave lieen received from I lie river Plate, I" tli « - 1st t> f July, by a vessel which sailed fuun that river on ( tie 2d. The fall of Monte Video, so confidently rumoured for some time past, liarl not taken place up to that date.—• The Gazettes frora Buenos Ayres, hy this Convey- ance, are to the 2" tl> of June • and fruin these, combined with private accounts, theie is reason to prestime tint the example of tliat colony will he lilnitiiitelv foil wed hv the whole of South Ame- rica. Paraguay lias completely submitted and placed itself under the government of the Junta of Buenos Avres j and the Cabildo of Lima has requesied from Castelli, who is at llie Aguadaro, forty davs'to deliberate and settle the principles which they wish to adopt for their government.— All the eastern side of the Plate. from ihe Parana to ihe eastern coasts, and to the borders of the Bra' zils; have tleclaicil for the government of Buenos Ayres. Private letters of the <) ih instant from Cadiz give a very unfavourable account of that city and of the Isla. Serious dissensions, and a total dis- trust p evailed between the Government and ( he People, and what commenced in secret brooding, has prec ede I fo open complaint and accusation. — The following is a copy of a paper posted in the principal streets of Cadiz:— PLACARD. " Spaniards, l< ok to youselves. Let evftry man consult his own interest and safety, for theie is none will do it besides. It is true you have a Go- vernment j or rather a body of men calling them- selves a Regency, and what has been termed a General Cortes of the Kingdom. But they aie corrupt and inactive, and they care not for Spain as Ions; a- they can preserve themselves. Our troops a e sent away upon distant expeditions when they aie wanted at home, lest they should take vengeance on those who are at the head of affairs, If we wish ( o be free, we must take our liberty into our own hands, and we must not suffer our- selves to le blinded by hypocritical Patriots. Look to yourselves." Private letters from Cadiz, of the 7th instant, brought by the Mail which arrived yesterday, state, that General Blake had made good his land- ing at Motrille, and had proceeded on his match to join the Army of the Centre under Gen. Freyre, Soult If. it is sf i ted, with 12',( Kin men, and a quan- tity of artillery, had arrived at Cordova His head- quarters to heat Castrodel Rio, four leagues from that place. ASCENT OF THE BALLOON. Mr. Sadler, the enterprising aeronaut, on Thurs- day, again ascended in his balloon from the gar- dens of t! « • Mermaid Tavern, Hackney. If the crowd on t ie occasion of his former ascent on the |< 2tb was g ai, it was incomparably greater upon the present, attd in- t onlv Hackney, its gardens, houses, an ! church, were covered with spectators hut she surrounding country was thickly peopled for several miles It is impossible to a ( Void anv idea of th • iinmense multitude, tending from every point to one common centre. All the roads and avenues leading to the place were literally as much thronged as the most populous streets of London. The balloon was the same in which Mr. Sadler an I Lientenant Paget ascended on the 12th, and the s'v> ie car, only newly and splendidly or- namented , and by two o'clock every thing was in complete readiness ' o receive the adventurers, Mr. Sadler and a Mr Beaufoy, whose ambition to visit the aerial regions, had induced the former to un- dertake this new excursion so nearly upon the heels of hi- last. About twenty- two minutes past three o'clock, p. m. Mr. Sadler and bis intrepid companion took their seats in the car, and in two minutes afterwards Mr. Sadler, jun. disengaged the beautiful machine from the crowds, who anxi- ously hung around it to the last. The machine was so well balanced, that it arose with a ten- pound ascending power in the most majestic man- ner over '! u* surrounding trees, taking a course north and bv east, in the direction of Chelmsford, The balloon continued rapidly ascending, and Mr. Beaufoy describes the scene, which was now for the first time, presented to his view, in the mosi glowing teams, and says it far exceeded any thing." the most fervent imagination could have pictured. Whilst over Chelmsford, it entered a cloud, which was so evienvlv dense, that the earth was soon completely hidden from the view of the AEronauts, who were now exposed to the effects o?' a violent storm, which agitated the bal loon in a most frightful manner, and twisted it about with great velocity. Whilst in this state, ( hev were visited by a hail storm, which rattled against their vehicle with great violence, and by ttie subsequent melting> of the stones, subjected ( hem to all Ilie inconveniences of a complete drenching, Throughout the whole period the. bal- loon never possessed that marked and clear outline which a brighter day would have given. A dim and dusky speck indie clouds was all that the eve could distinguish in seven or eight minutes after it lose from the earth. Neither did the balloon ( in this occasion preserve that beauty of shape which depend* on regularity Upon its ascent it assumed the form of a pear flattened on one side towards the lower extremity, and preserved the same shape as long as it wnt visible. This was iath r reuia kahle, as philosophical )-, in passing through different descriptions of air, it was t « be expected ' hat the internal gas would txtritid, or compress, so as at least to give a glo- bular appearance to the machine in which it was enniined. The direction in which we lost the Balloon was inclining to the North- east, and ii is supposed the AEronauts would discend not far from Colchester. THE DESCENT. The voyage, we understand, terminated at ten minutes past four . when the voyageurs landed at a little village called East Thorp, within a few miles of Colchester. It was some time before they coald find a chaise, but one was at last procured fvoin Kelvedon, and the aeronauts, after taking necessary refreshment, set off on their return to Hackney. Ttw. v arrived at the Met maid about eleven, * vhei<> < tiev were received with every de- monstration of satisfaction and joy The ballon and car were fastened to the top of ttwehjw. On £ et< i « 2 out, Mr Sadler, had a fall, lt « it fortunately sustained no injury. Both tlii* travellers appeared in good spirits The voyage is spoken of as being exceedingly pleasant upon the uti- c. « l « .< jgh ( lie weather was part of the time vrcv unfatrmcabie. It Sasfeii just an hour and a half. u » wlucti time Jhey weut more than fifty mile. s VIOLATION' OF THE*: SABBATH.— The stimot lis f the parish • f Madely, Cheshire, after divine scrvice ou tile ^ Htlt ult„ a fine (>.<> J bs Thomas Davied a i'l Jeremiah Perry foe Sj^ Sauug i* ttie Lincoln- it'll s « « a Sunday. TV signal stations* < n the coast from Yarmouth t > ) M » « ihi (( 4. and l « - i » ™ rfwore to Sheerness « « , under t'- e c( taLieutenants « f the Navy. are a under- ^ piin a « a, <•<( » plan taltn fi < n ( tie French « . wlticfe Uii. u - it iw^ uved ; i « future they arte lobe worked bj lewes instead o! balls. TO SOPHIA. And was that kiss a parting Kiss r And was' ihat sigh a parting sigh } An< l shall tny wie- devoted head No more on that soft bosom lie? Shall we, no more, \ iritli arms entwin'd Stray fondly over hill and dale; Nor tread again tlie green- wood path, Nor taste the moon- in- light in the vale ? No more! For ever, then, farewell! A victim of disgrace avid soirow— Tlie Teivel take me but 1 will Cut both mine whiskers off to- morrow 1 THE BARON DE G CAUTION. — We insert the following extract, for the information of Parochial Officers:— Ex- tract from 3 ? d Geo. 3d, cap. 45, sec. 3— where it is enacted, that if it shall be made appear to any two Justices that aiiy poor person shall not use proper means to get employment, or if he is able to work, by his neglect of Workt or by spending his money in an alehouse, or places of bad repute, or in any other improper manner, and shall not apply a proper proportion of the money earned by him towards the support of his wife ami family by which they or any of them shrill become charge- able to their parish or township— he shall be con- sidered as an idle and disorderly person, and be subject to such punishment as is directed for idle and disorderly persons by the said Act " GAME. NOTICE is hereby given, That all persons hereafter trespassing on tlie lands in the parishes of Isfield and Little Horsted, belonging to us the un- dersigned, for tile purpose of destroying; game'', either by hunting, shooting, coursing, or in any other manner, will be prosecuted us the law directs. RICH. ATTREE, JOHN MORRIS, EDW. BOTTlNG, WM. CATT, THOS. NAILARD, THOS. MOON, THOS. JOHNSON, THOS. TRILL MOON. Horsted, Aug. 31, 1811. t NOTICE. WHEREAS, the game on the Manor of Den- ton, in the county of Sussex, lias been unlaw- fully destroyed ; ihis is therefore lo caution all persons hull qualified and unqualified against sporting thereon, as all who may be found tresspassing after tlie date of this notice, will be prosecuted as the law directs. H. BATES. James- street, London. August 27th lSli. August 31, mil. NOTICE is hereby given to the Proprietors Lands and Estates in the parish of Poling, in ilie county of Sussex, and to all other persons viliom ii may concern, lliat at the next Session of Parliament a Petition will lie presented 10 the Honourable House of Commons, for leave 10 bring in a Bill in order 10 ob- tain an Act of Parliament for dividing, alloting, and inclosing all the open and common fields, meadows, pastures, commonable lands and waste grounds, in ilie parish of Poling aforesaid. SHAWES, LE BLANC, and SHAWE, Solicitors, Tudor street, London. NOTICE is lieiehy giveu, That Application is intended to be made to Parliament 111 the next Session or au Act tor miking and maintaining a Turn- pike- road from Storrington, in tlie county of Sussex, through the several parishes of Parham, Amberley, Houghton, Madehurst, and Slindon, in the said county, 10 a place called Balls Hut, iu tlie parish of Walburton, iti the saute county. THOS. RHOADES. Chichester, i8tli August, 18 II. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. WE the undersigned Trustees to the Deed of Assignment of John Chapman, of Uckfield, Miller and Mealman, d* » hereby ^ ive notice, thai we intend holding a meeting 011 Friday, the 13th day of September instant, al the Maidenhead Inn, iu Uck field, ai four o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of making a dividend of the money arising from the estate and 1 fleets of the said John Chapman. And we hereby gite further notice, that the said Deed of As- signment is now lying at Mr. Piddington's, Uckfield, waiting Ihe signature of such creditors a, intend to partake of the dividend then and there to he made ; and that all such creditors who do not execute the same by the time above appointed, will be excluded the benefit thereof. EDWARD HEAVER, "> JAMES PIDDINGTON, J ' Trustees- Uckfield. Sept. IUII. SILK TRADE. ONE HUNDRED POUNDS PENALTY. TEN GUINEAS REWARD, Association for preventing tin- importation and sale of prohibited Foreign Wrought Silks and Velvets, Crapes, and Tiffanies. AT a Meeting of the Committee of the above Association, held at Weavers' Hall, London, Mr. WM. WILSON, iu the Chair; Resolved, That the following extracts from three se- veral Arts of Parliament, made iu the full, datb, and 5uth years of the reino of his present Majesty, be printed, and circulated : That no foreign wrought Silks or Velvets. Crapes, or Tiffanies, shall be imported or brought iuto Great Britain, » r the Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, or Man, upon pain of being seized and forfeited ; and the further penalty of One Hundred Pounds, to be paid by the importer thereof, for t- ath piece or rem- nant, together with costs of suit, " That 110 Mercer, Haberdasher, Upholder, Mantua- Maker, Milliner, Taylor, or oilier person or persons whatsoever, shall vend, utter, sell, or expose lo sale, or exchange, barter, truck, or otherwise dispose of, or sew, work, or make up the same, for, in, or upon any garment, or wearing apparel, or furniture whatsoever, upon pain of forfeiture thereof, aod of the penalty of One Hundred Pounds for every offence, together with Costs of suit. " That the same may be seized, and the Mercer, Ha- berdasher, Upholder, Mantua - Market, Milliner, Taylor or oilier dealer in, or vender, or make rup, in whose house, warehouse, custody, or possession, the - same shall be found and seized, shall, for every piece or remnant, for- feit the sum of One Hundred Pounds, together with costs of suit. That upon any seizure, if any doubt shall arise where the same were manufactured, the proof shall lie upon ihe owner or claimer of such goods, or the per- son prosecuted for being guilty of an offence against the said acts, and if 110 proof shall be given, and fully made to the satisfaction of the Court where such pro- secution shall he depending, that such Silks, Velvets, Crapes, or Tiffanies, were manufactured in Great Bri- tain, ihe same shall, without any further proceeding, be held to have lieeu manufactured out of Great Britain, contrary to uitd iu violation of the said acts." Resolved, That this Committee will give a reward of Ten Guineas for information of any person or persons, importing, selling, offering fur sale, or otherwise dis- posing of, sewing, working, or making up, for, iu, or upon, any garment or wearing apparel, or furniture, or other work, or having ill his, her, or their house, shop, warehouse, custody, or possession, any prohibited fo- reign wrought Silks. Velvets, Ribbons, Crapes, or Tiffa- nies, contrary lo, and tn violation » f the said acts, v. imteOy a seizure shall be made thereof, under the di- - rection of this Association, such information to be gi- veu ta Mr. John Phipps, Solicitor, Gutter- lane, Cheap • side, London, Secretary to the Association, and by wtious aii rewards u ill be paid immediately after the « K< z « <- e » arc ascertained. WM. WILSON, Chairman. MRS ANN BR. OWN, late of New Shoreham. 1 Innkeeper, having assigned over her estate and effects 10 Trustees for the benefit of her Creditors, all persons who have any demands 011 her estate, are re- quested to attend at the office of Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning, before the iph day of Sep- tember next, 10 execute the Deed of Assignment, aod lo deliver a p- irticular of their demands, or ihey will be exi lutled from their claims on the dividend. And all persons indebted to the said estate, are ll- sired forth- with to pay llie. ir Several debts to Messrs. Marshall « i; d Verrall, as above; or to Mr. John Edward-, of New Shoreham, one of ihe Assignees, or they will be pro- ceeded against Without further notice. Steyning, v2-_> d August, IHH MR. SAMUEL'STEPNEY, late of Henfield. Schoolmaster, having assigned over his estate and ellVcis to Mr. James Sturt; of Henfield, Mercer, for itlie benefit of his creditors, all persons who have any Idemands tin his estate are requested to attend at the loffice of Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors. Steyn- ing before the ijtli day of September next, lo execuie she Deed of Assignment, and to deliver a particular of their demands, or they will be excluded from their claims on the dividend. And all persons indebted to the Said estate are desired forthwith to pay their several debts to Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, as above; or t( i he said James Sturt, or they will be proceeded against without further notice. JAMES MARCHANT, late of Fulking. Shop'- keeper, having assigned over his his estate and effects to Trustees, for the benefit of his Credi- tors, all persons who have any demands- on his estate, are requested to attend at the office of Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning, to execute the Deed of Assignment, and to deliver a particular of their demands before ttie 91I1 day of September next, or they will be excluded from their claims on the dividend. And all persons in debted to the said estate are desired forthwith to pay their several debts to Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, as above; or to Mr. Thomas Clayton, of New Shoreham-, one of the Assignees, or they will be proceeded against without further notice. Flimwell to Hastings. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LET. WHEREAS, at a Meeting of the Trustees of llie said road, hidden this day, the Tolls arising at the several Toll- gates, ou the said road, were put up 10 Let to Farm by Auction tor one year, from ihe \ iyih day of September next, but there was no bidder for ihe same. NOTICE is therefore hereby given, that the next Meeting of the Trustees of the said road, will he holden 011 Friday, the 2/ th day of September next, at the George Inn, in Battle, at Eleven o'clock iu the Fore- noon, wbeu the Tolls arisimj ai tiie several Toll- gates on the said road, will be let to Farm by Auction for one year, from the S2t> ih day of September next, iu the manner directed by au Act of parliament, passed in the I3th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for re- gulating Turnpike- roads, and will be put at the sums followiiig, viz: The Tolls arising at Hurstgreen, and North ? bridge' - street- Gates, at J Ditto at Robertsbridge, and Battle Level- £ £ 43„ gate- al i Ditto to at Battle Lake, and Hastings gates at £'( i: 5o Ditto al Robertsbridge Clappers- gate at £' t5o Whoever happens to be the highest bidder, must, at the same time, give security, with sutlicieuf sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees for the payment of ihe cut at such times and in such manner, as shall be j ien agreed ou. Dated the jjyih August 1311. T. BARTON, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Road CAPITAL FARM, HANTS. TO BE LET, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, COMPRISING nearly the whole of DILTON and ROY DON FARMS: ihe Dillon is tythe- free, and Roydon pays only a small sum in lieu of vicarial tythes. These farms, together, lie within a ring- fence, with a good farm- house nearly in the centre, and con- venient outbuildings at Dilton will be let with it; the whole being well worth the attention of a skilful farmer of three to five thousand pounds capital, and is well cal culated for keeping u good flock of sheep, a dairy, and ( having very valuable rights i « ihe New Forest) can raise more young stock than any farm in ihe country. The Live and Dead Farming Stock al Dilton is to be taken at an appraisement; and the preparation for a succeeding crops, seeds, & c are to be paid for in the usual course. These Farms consist of 231 acres of good arable land, ( great part whereof is a sandy loam, well adapted to the turnip husbandry), 157 acres of inferior arable land, Dj acres of meadow, : u acres of pasture und homestead, lOt) acres uf furzy and heathy ground, two cottages, and four acres of underwood, with valuable rights of common in the New Forest. For a view of Ihe premises, apply to Mr. Toomer, a> Brockenhurst; and 10 treat, apply personally ai Ihe office of Messrs. Webb, Webb, and Attwood, Salisbury. N. B. A valuable Brick kiln to he let with the above, or separately. Warningore Farm, near Lewes. To BE LET BY PRIVATE TENDER. Upon a Lease for seven Years, commencing at Michaelmas next, ALL that FARM and LANDS called Warn- ingore. otherwise Wallingore Farm, situate in the several parishes of Chailey and St. John, under the Castle, within the distance of three Miles from the town of Lewes, consisting of a good Farm House, Garden, Bara, Stable, and other requisite outbuildings, with about one hundred and thirty six acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Woodland, and about eighty acres of Sheep Down, on the adjacent South Downs, all of which are now in the occupation of Mr. Richard Verrall, whose lease expires at Michaelmas next. A view uf Ihe premises may be had by applying at the Farm. Tenders to be immediately sent lu liie office of Messrs. Langridge and Kell, Solicitors, at Lewes, where a plan of the Farm may be seen, and particulars of the Lease made known, and by whom notice will be given to the person whose tenders shall be accepted. Lewes, 31st of August, ldll. STAPLEFIELD PLACE. Garden, and. thirty Acres of Meadow Land, on the Great Road from London to Brighton, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL that truly valuable COPYHOLD ES- TATE, called STAPLEFIELD PLACE, compris- ing a modern bow- fronted genteel residence, finished with peculiar care and neatness, containing five bed- chambers, two servants sleeping- rooms, handsome draw- ing room, dining parlour, large kitchen and Brewhouse, excellent cellars, coach- house, stabling, granary, and other outbuildings a lawn in front, with sweep carriage entrance; large Garden in a high state of cultivation, stocked with abundance of choice and well bearing standard, and wall fruit trees, shrubberies, & c. The whole judiciously laid out ; a farm yard adjoining, and six enclosures of meadow land, containing thirty acres, ( more or less) situate 011 an eminence at Staplefield Common, iu the County of Sussex, commanding en chanting views of the surrounding country ; thirty six miles froiu London, eighteen from Brighton, three from Cuckfield, fifteen from Reigate, and seven from Hor sham. The fixtures to he taken at a fair valuation, and the furniture of the house, prints, and other effects, at the option of the purchaser. — Immediate possession may be had. May be viewed, on application to the servant in care of' the house ; and to treat for the purchase, ap- ply to Mr. Thomas Francis is, Mr. James Webber, or at the office of Mr. Waller, in Cuckfield. . TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, At the Crown inn. Hailsham, on Wednesday, ihe llth Day of. September, 1911, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon. AMESSUAGE or TENEMENT with tlie Brick Yard, Land and Premises thereunto belong- ing, situate at the Dicker, in the parish of Hellingly, uhereon the business of a brickmaker has for several years b. en carried 011, and late iu the occupation of James Goldsmith, The Premises are Copyhold of the Manor of Laughton, and are* snb; eet to au annual quit rent of - 1s. and lid. and lo a Fine and Heriot certain 011 death of 2os, each. Particulars may be known by application to Mr. Thomas Lidbeiter, Hailsbam ; Mr. Edward Elplick, Chiddingly ; or at the office of Mr. Barton, Solicitor, Battle. ^ VERRALL and SON," REspeetfnlly inform the public that the Freehold Messuage or Dwelling - House, and old- esta- blished Grocer's Shop, situate 111 the centre of the borough of Lewes, and advertised to be Sold by Auction; is DISPOSED or by Private Con- tract. LEWES. Grocery; capital Shop Fixtures Canisters, Scales, Weights, Houshold Furnituse, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRAL AND SON, On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Itie 5th, 6th, and 7th or September, is 11, THE. whole of the Stock in Trade, fittings of A tlie Shop, Houshold furniture, and other effects 6f Mr. CHARLES BLAKER, late of Lewes: Consisting of gun powder and suchoug teas, coffee, snuffs, tobacco,' loaf and HVftst sugars, soap,' about 5nlb. wax candles, oils, vinegar, pith, tar, white lead, treacle, spices; canary,, hemp, and rape seed; confectionary, sauces, a quantity of shop paper, brushes aiid brooms; and a general assortment of grocery. The fixtures are very good, having been recently fit- ted up, and consist of two wainscot top counters, with drawers, several nests of wainscot fronted drawers, counting. house, desk, an excellent large iron chest, with two keys; 35 canisters front 7U1, lo 5tjlb. nearly new ; a most capital beam and scales that will wei^ ii ' Zo cwt. of an end ; several other very, good beams and Scales a full complement of weights of all sizes; painted sugar casks, leaded salt drawer, and butter lids, shew glasses, & c & c. The furniture consists of handsome four- post and tent bedsteads, with morine, printed cotton, and other furniture; good feather beds arid bedding; mahogany dining, Pembroke, and card tables; ditto chest of drawers aud bureaus; ditto aud painted chairs; au eight day clock ; pier aud dressing glasses ; Brussels and Kiddermintser carpets; kitchen range ; register and pantheon stoves; linen, china, glass, aud houshold furniture in general. The sale to begin each morning at eleven o'clock. N. B. Tlie Stock iu Trade will be sold tiie first day ; the remain pg part of which, together with the shop fixtures, scales, weights, & c. the second day; aud the urn it ore the last day. Framfield Place. TO RE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, At the Star inn, in Lewes, ou Saturday, the 7th day of Sept. ttstf, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, IN EIGHT LOTS. ALL that elegant MANSION HOUSE, called FRAMFIELD PLACE ( part of which has been lately re- built, anil the whole is put iuto complete repair) with convenient offices, stables, coach- house, fish ponds, bailiff's cottage, and about 711 arres of exceeding good meadow and coppice land, lying iu Framffeld, iu lite county^ of Sussex, late m the occupa- tion of the Rev. Richard Rideout, LOT II. A barn, aud about Uu acres of land, arable, mea- dow, pasture, aud coppice, lying in Framfietd aforesaid, and adjuiuiiig to Lot l, now iu the occupation 01 Mr. Wm. keuward, as a yearly tenant. LOT III. A newly crected Messuage or Tenement, with a cot- tage, barn, close, and about I acres of land, also' in Framfield aforesaid, aud now iu the several occupa- tions of the said William Kenward, — w Hart, and --— Garret, respectively, as yearly tenants. LOT IV. A Cottage or Tenement, with a small garden, and ap purtenances, situate id Framfield- street, uow iu the occupation of Michael Brooker. LOT V. A Cottage and Garden, siiuate in Framfield street, now iu ilie occupation of Pankhurst. LOT VI. A Blacksmith's Shop, in full trade, situate near the street, iu Framfield aforesaid, now iu the occupation uf John Hills. LOT VII. All the Manor of Ludlay, with the quit- rents, royal- ties, and appurtenances thereto belonging: And also au excellent Farm- House, wiin the barns, stables, buildings, farm, and appurtenances thereto be- longing, called Ludlay Farm, situate in the parish ol* Selmesrton, in the said county, coutainiug by estimation i- xlA. :! lt. 31 P. now let 10 Mr. James Hudson, upon lease, which expires at Michaelmas isia. LOT VIII. A Farm House, lately converted into two tenements with the barn, stable, buildings, arid land thereto be- longing, situaie in Selmeston aforessid, called by the name of Green- bouse Farm, coutainiug by estimation, 43A lit t6P. llow in the occupation of Mr. Trayton Payne, under an agreement for seven years, expiring al Michaelmas, l i 17. LOT IX. All the estate and interest of the said Richard Ride- out, for hi- life, uf and in the sum of 5,3301. 13a. I Id. stock, 111 the 3 per cent, reduced annuities, LOT X. AI! the estate and interest of ihe said R. Rideout, for his life, of and in one equal moiety, or half part of the sum of 7,4nul. stock, iu the 3 per. cent. consolidated annuities. N. B. The whole of the above Estates will be sold for ihe life of the proprietor ( aged Si) except lots 3 and 4, '. rid about three acres uf land, part of Lot 1, which will be sold in fee. Immediate possession may be had of Lot I. » The Estates may be viewed ( with tickets) and further particulars known upou application lo Mr. John Hilder, of Robertsbridge ; Mr. Tilden Smith of Mountfield ; or tn Mr. E. Verral, attornev- at law. Lewes. FRAMFIELD PLACE, SUSSEX. Superb Furniture, Plate, Linen, Pictures, Wines, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On the Premises, O11 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the lith, I-.' th, 13th, Itjtb, 17th, and I8tli of September, 1811, to begin each morning at eleven o'clock, THE entire elegant and modern FURNITURE, J. sideboard of plate, a very valuable aud scarce collection of paintings and prints, rare old china, an ex- tensive library of elegant bound books ; a cellar of choice old wines, green- house plants, husbandry implements, and tuber valuable effects of the Rev. Richard Ride- out, of Framfield Place, near Uckfield, iu the county of Sussex. Catalogues may he had 14 days prior to the sale, of Mr. Drayton, Auction Mart, London; Maidenhead, Uckfield '; Swan Inn, East Grinstead ; Sussex Tavern, Tunbridge Wells; Swan Inn, Hastings; Libraries at Brighton and Seaford ; Mr. Hilder, Robertsbridge ; on the premises; and of the Auctioneers, Lewes, Sussex. The effects to be viewed two days, prior lo the sale only. •;-. , ' .. MAY- FIELD. True Sussex Bred Farming Stock, Husbandry Tackle and Furniture. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, Ou Thursday a,. d Friday, the 17th and mill of October^ 181 I, ALL the true Sussex bred FARMING STOCK, Husbandry Tackle, aud Houshold Furniture of Mr. Nicholas Cornwall, of Gill Hope Farm, in the pari h lit" Mayfield, in the County of Sussex, consisting of III capital Oxen and Steers— 7 good Cows. Avery good yearling Bull; two •> yearling Steers— two 2 year- ling heifer.-— 4 yearling Steers— 3 yearling Heifers— 8 weauyer Calves— j good cart " horses— 2J South, Down Breeding Ewes— 33 Lambs— 10 fat Wethers— a good 1 wo tooth Ram, anil three fatting hogs— one narrow wheel waggon, nearly, new— a 6 inch wheel ditto— 4 Carts — ti Harrows, Rollers, Ploughs, Edgets— good Horse. Harness - i- Ox yoaks chains, and . small Husbandry implements. The Furniture consists of i compleat Beds, Tables, Chairs, Chests of Drawers, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, and Houshold Furniture ill general: The Sale to begin each day at Eleven o'clock. , S. B. The Stock and Husbandry will lie. sold tke first Day, and Houshold Furniture the second. This will not he advertised again immediately. A SUPERIOR SOUTH- DOWN FLOCK."" TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, on the Premises. On the auth day of September , ( the day before the Cliff Fair Day,) ill Lots: THE entire Flock of UPPER STONEHAM FARM, near Lewes, Sussex ; consisting of ,' Snij| Prime breeding Ewes, 2u( i Lambs, ami about ; .. 30 Rams, and Ram Lambs. N, B, The Proprietor of the above flock has obtained twenty two " premiums, from the Sussex Agricultural Society ; therefore any farther comment on the sheep is considered ' unnecessary. TO BE' SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY MR. ABBOTT, At the Auction Mart, London, on Thursday, Septem. ber I.', at twelve o'clock, in one lot, unless previously disposed of hy Private Contract, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising 7JA. III. S4p of rich land, lying iu Pevensey Marsh, ill lhe county of Sussex, producing about SI5l per an- num, al au old rent, under leases that will shortly ex- pire. Further particulars will lie shortly published by J. Willsher, esq. Salisbury- street, Strand , aud of Mr. Ab- bott, No. 4i, Leicester- square, London. Stubbington Place, near Portsmouth, Modem Houshold Furniture, Pictures, choice Wines, valuable Lice and Dead Farming Stock, & c TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On the Premises, early in this Mouth, THE genuine and entire fashionable FURNI- TURE, a few amateur paintings,' select wines,' agricultural slock of the property of Thomas Fitzher- bert, esq. quitting Stubbington Lodge. Catalogues will be timely prepared, and' may be b*< l at all the adjacent Market Towns; Place of Sale ; Auc- tion Mart; and of Mr. Weller, Chichcstcr TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, AT THE CUSTOM HOUSE ARUNDEL. On Thursday, the liih day of September, 1811, at eleven o'clock iu the forenoon, THE FOLLOWING GOODS; For private use only. About ( 14 Gallons of Brandy. 911 Ditto of Geneva. Samples of ihe above goods may he seen at the Cus, tom house the morning of the day of sale. N. B. Twenty five per cent, deposit will lie required. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, By Mr. WHITE, On Thursday, the 1- 21I1 of September, at the New Inn, South Bourne, between the Hours of five .. o'Clock and Seven iu the Evening, A COPY HOLD HOUSE and premises, situate J-\. near Holywell, in East Bourue, aforesaid, con- taining 1111 the. Basement, a good Kitchen, Cellar, Pantry, Wash- house, aud Room for fuel; ou the prin- cipal a Passage and Stair case, two good Parlours, ajid a Balcony in front, commanding beautiful and extrusive views of the Sea. Pevense'y Bay. Hastings, and the surrounding country, three good Bedchambers, a good Garden iu front, partly inclosed by a stone wall, the whole substantially built within these five . years ; the principal part of the purchase may remain ou Mort- gage if requiied, aud particulars had of the Auctioneer, > South Bourne. East- Bourne, SQ'. h August, 1SII. A SOUTH DOWN FLOCK. To be SOLD by AUCTION, BY THOMAS SONE, On Tuesday, the 171b day of September, isti, on the premises of Mr. Goble aud Co. at Cootham Farm, 111 the parish nf Storrnigton, Sussex, wli % are going to leave ihe farm, THE Stock consists of SO Ewe Lambs, 71 - 3. Wether ditto, 48 two tooth Ewes, 46 four ditto, • lo six ditto,( in aged ditto, 2 Rums, 8 two tooth Wethei- i, ( i draught Horses, Waggons, 3 Dung Carts, 3 Ploughs, 1 Roller, aud 6 Harrows. The sale to begin at eleven o'clock. TO, BE SOLD. BY AUCTION', By Mr STUBBS, By order of the Commissioners. under ; » Commission oC Bankruptcy, awarded against Henry Phillips at tljtr Steyne Hotel, Werthing, on Friday, the tith day of September, isil, at two o'clock, ASmall GENTEEL Freehold DWELLING- HOUSE* inosf advanta^ cuo^ ly situated at tiie north- west corner of the Steyne, Worthing, looking over the gar- dens of Warwick house, and tiie Brighton road, betn ® No. 1. of the Steyne Houses, which are allowed lo form » the moht elegant row of buildings « u any part of ihe coast; it ennaist-* of a kitchen u? od butler's pantry, it dining room lS ft. in. by 14 ft. a drawing room and bed chamber of the same dimensions, and two good attics; the \ vhoVe handsomely papered, aud the best rooms witit marble chimney pieces; T'n^ iabove property will entitle the owner jp to vote at all elections for the Rape of Br amber, aud also fur the County of Sussex. Particulars may be had at the Hotel, Worthing; Cas- tle, Brighton j Norfolk Arms, Arundel ; Dolphin, Chi- chester; Star, Lewes Kind's Head, Horsham; of the Printers of the County Paper; of Mr. Withy, Solici- tor, Buckingham . street, Strand ; of Messrs. Sweet and Stokes, Solicitors, Temple ; and l » Ir. Stubbs, Auctioneer^ at Worthing. TO TH LADIES. " TREBLE DISTILLED LAVENDER WATER patronized by her Grace the Duchess of Marl- borough, her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire* the Rt. Hon. the Countess of Darnley* the Right Hon. the Countess of Liverpool, the Right Hon. the Countess of Powerscourt, Lady Iv. Bentinck;, Lady- Harrington, Lady F. Hatton, the Hon. Mrs. Hope, the Baroness Montesquieu, &. c. This most fragrant per- fume has received the approbation of the Nobility, & c from its pure merit, being far superior iu point of fra- grance and delicaty of flavour to any now u » ed. Jt is deservedly esteemed a constant companion to the toilet, and may with justice be claimed as one of the first deli- cacies which are most pleasing to the refined taste. Prepared only by H. Christian, Chemist, & c. Canter- bury ; and may be had of Mr. Johnston, No, 15, Greek Street, Soho Rider and Street, No. 9, Dean'sCourt, St. Martin's le- Grand, London ; and of the respectable Perfumers iu Town and Country; also cf Mr, Stafford* Marine Library, Worthing ; Choat au4 Gregory, Brigh- ton ; uud W. Lee, Lewes ~~ POSTSCRIPT: FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE BANKRUPTS. BOLD COOKE, of Manchester, merchant— T. Taylor the younger, of Lincoln, horse- dealer — John George Skurrav, of Swithin's- lane, London, merchant— Samuel Martin the younger, and William Martin, of Loughborough, Leicester, grocers— Oliver Frederick Stocken, of. Walham- Green, Middlesex, brewerv- agent—— Manuel del Campo, of Tokenhouse- vard, London, merchant ' — Jacob Chamberlain, of Painswick Gloncester, clothier George Creswell and Richard Barnes, of Worcester, carrier— - John Pryse, of DorSet- street, London. carver. THE KINO. The following Bulletins have been issued during the week:'— Windsur Castle; Sunday, Aug. 95. The King has had several HOURS sleep in the nigm.— His Majestyis is this morning nearly as he WAS yesterday. Monday, Aug. iiti. There is no change in his Majesty's sympiouts. Tuesday, Aug. 27 His Majesty is in some respects a little better this morning. Wednesday, Aug- 28. His Majesty is to- day nearly as he was yesterday. Thursday, Aug. 29. There is no alteration in his Majesty's symptom's to- day. Friday; Aug. 30. His Majesty is to day nearly is he has Keen for some days past. Saturday, Aug. 31. There is no material alteration in his Majesty's symtoms. Yesterday American papers to the 4th instant were received. They have brought a Proclamation from the President, Convening a Congress on the 4th of November. LEWES, SEPT. 2, 1811. It should be mentioned, for the CREDIT OF IRTE- LAND, whose people have always been noted lor their hospitality and natural politeness, that through some mismanagement in the inarch of the Surrey Militia from Cork, a division of that regiment came to the same quartets ( Clogheen), and at the same time as a division of the Limerick Militia, then on their march for embarkation, at Cork A message was immediately conveyed to the Offi- cer commanding the Surrey Militia, intimating that, they being strangers, and the place not af- fording accommodation for so many as the two di- visions, it. was requested, that the British Militia • would take up all that they might want, as NONE of the Limerick WOULD TAKE CHARTERS, until ALL the SURI BY were ACCOMMODATED !!! It can hardly be doubted, that the same spirit of LIBE- RALITY, CIVILITY, and GOOD FELLOWSHIP will be shewn to our fellow- subjects during their abode here. The. agriculture of England is greatly in- debted to tile Militia quartered in several parts of the kingdom, for their assistance in getting in the harvest the Irish Militia will be found by our farmers not less patient of hard labour, willing to work, and at strong as any people whatever. The Warwickshire Militia left our Barracks last week for Ireland. And the divisions of the aid, and ( 38th infantry, left here, when those regiments took their departure for Portugal, have received routes to march to Silver- hill. These removal- from our Barracks are to make room for some of the Irish Militia, which, we understand, have been landed at Portsmouth, and will shortly arrive at their respective destinations, where, " regardless of their uncultivated habits, their national generosity will, no doubt, be respected. Last Friday about 100 Germans, deserters from the French army in Spain, marched into this town to recruit the 7th Battalion of the King's German Legion. They are very line looking young men. The parish of Beddingham has collected 71. i3s. and the parish of Firle £ b Os. 6d. towards the relief of the British prisoners in France. Lewes Stock Market, on Tuesday, and Hails ham Market, on the following day, were both well supplied, and well attended by buyers. The prices were nearly the same at both places. The best Mutton and Beef fetched about G*. per stone. In terror animals from 4s. Sd. to 5s. 6d. On Monday last, Win. Lamb, esq. third son of T. P. Lamb, esq. was elected by the Corporation of Rye, to the office of Mayor of that ancient Town, for the year ensuing. Mr. Lamb, on being sworn into office, immediately appointed his father to act as his Deputy. Some objection, we. understand, was made to the election, by a respectable inhabi- tant, but we are not acquainted with the grounds. On Monday last, Mr. Lancaster delivered at tire Town Hall, in Maidstone, his lecture on the im- portance of his mode of educating the children of the lower tanks of society; which lecture was re- ceived by his auditors with very flattering marks of approbation , and we are happy to find that Mr. Lancaster's method of tuition has been adopted in that populous town, and that it's valuable influ- ence is extending itself gradually throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. GAME.— This is the day on which the devoted race of partridges are to suffer martyrdom ; and as the corn, and even the second crops of clover, are nearly off the ground, great, we doubt not, will he their fall. The coveys, however, 1 are not so nu- merous as we have known them to he ; many nests, owing to the early grass season, having been un- avoidably destroyed by the mowers. There are, nevertheless, plenty for the true spoilsman, who certainly find^ as much amusement in looking up his game, with health- bestowing exercise, as by treading up a fresh covey in almost every stubble. •— The nides of pheasants are generally very large. The harvest, we are happy to stale, is nearly eery where in this county, secured ; and the crops, although there has been a partial blight of the wheat, will produce beyond what is deemed a fair average. The straw, certainly, is in greater abun- dance than far several years past; and the barley and oats, were seldom, if ever, better or in greater plenty. Mr. Brierly,, of the Pelham Arms, in this town has in his garden a plantation of potatoes of a species that bears, plentifully, all over the haulm. The Theatre at East Bourne we are glad to find increases in its attraction. The HEIR AT LAW, and RAISING THE WIND, by desire of the Officers of the 81st Regiment, on Thursday evening, pro- duced a crowded house. The principal characters were respectably sustained, and particularly DICK DOWLAS, by Mr. Hamerton, and CICELY HOME- SPUN, by Miss Cummins, who deserved'y gained much applause. And the audience did not appear insensible to the merits of Chambers's DOCTOR PAN GLOSS. The performances for this evening are the HONEY MOON, and ROSINA. A few days since, a young gentleman. who is presumptive heir to a title, as well as to one of the most considerable estates in this county, set off from the metropolis, in company with a very' youthful female, on a trip to Scotland, supposed on a matrimonial expedition— The young gentle- man, who had previously exhibited some eccen- tricity of character, is aged EIGHTEEN years, the Lady, his companion, has barely, seen SIXTEEN ! A few days since was seized, near the tide mill, at Bishopstone, by Messrs. Stocks and Haines, sit- ters of the Seaford and Newhaven custom- house boat, a lugger, laden with about 130 casks of con- traband spirits, the whole of which was delivered to the Collector and Comptroller at Newhaven.— The logger had been chaced by the Hasting boat from the east ward. On Friday last, Sir Cecil Bisshopp's gamekeeper, named Woods, accompanied by Daniel Naish, a labouring man, went into a coppice in the neigh- bourhood of Parham, to shoot a hate, and having shortly started one, the gamekeeper shot at it, but, owing to a sudden doubling of the- animal, un- fortunately lodged nearly the whole of his charge , in his companion's breast. The wounded man is, however, we are glad to hear, likely to recover. On Monday last, as a man, named Lewry, shepherd to W. Borrer, Esq. of West- town, near Hurstperpoint, was riding on the neb of an ox- waggon, . whilst carrying barley, he fell from the neb, under one of the fore wheels of the waggon, which unfortunately passing over his body, bruised him so terribly that he died, ill consequence of the injury, before he could be removed from the Field. On Thursday a corpulent man, very well dressed, after silting some minutes on a gate of one of the locks on the Croydon canal, at New- Cross, threw himself into the lock, which contained a depth of between six and seven feet of water ; but having been observed by a workman employed on the ca- nal, he ran for assistance, and for an implement to drag him out, and with which, after the body had been under water for nearly a quarter of an hour, he was got out, and fortunately restored to life and his family. He is, ' We understand, a tradesman at Deptford. DIED. On Thursday last, aged 14 years, of a lingering decline, Miss Madgwick, daughter of Mr. Madgwick, grocer, of this town. On the same day, aged 38 years, Mr. Arthur Grover, of this town, cabinet- maker. At his house at Brede, on Friday last, Mr. Robert Blake, cooper, aged 6t years. On Thursday n; ght last, at her house, at Ditch- ling, near this town, aged 55. years, Mrs. Attree, relict of the late Mr. W. Attree, Solicitor, of Bright- helmston. Mrs. Attree had long laboured under a grievous paralytic affection. On Friday last, whilst bathing in the sea, at Yarmouth, aged 16 years, Mr. Ridge, only Son of Mr, Thomas Ridge, Surgeon, & c. of that town. BRIGHTON, SEPT. 2, 1811. * i* The Sale of . Mr. Philcox's property, at Brighton, by Mr. Attree, will commence between six and seven in the evening, on the l2lh instant, and tint at noon, as advertised in the first page of litis paper. The altera- tion arrived too late to be attended to in its proper place. The increase of company, within these few days, has been made pleasingly visible by the occupation of Lodging Houses, ami the conti- nual arrivals of equipages at the Castle and principal Inns, and the Crowded appearance of fashion anil elegance at the Rooms, the Thea-. tre, and Loo Libraries. The Master of' the Ceremonies' Bull, on Monday last, we are happy to state, evinced much- beauty and splendor, and in point of number, exceeded what we have, of late years, been accustomed to witness on similar occa- sions. One of the CYPRIAN CORPS, either through impudence, imprudence,' or inadver- tency, aided by the introduction of a Dasher in the walks of fashion, found her way into the Assembly, but on cognizance being taken of the frail nymph, she deemed it more prudent to withdraw privately, of her own accord, than to wait the - unceremonious mandate of the Master of the. Ceremonies, to whom, on retir- ing, in a piqued tone of disappointment, she exclaimed, " I shall GO FORTH !" Subsequent conversation, has since sifted the circumstance, and bestowed much grateful commendation on the gentlemanly and spirited means which were taken by the conductor of the amusements, to shield its votaries from insult and contamina- tion. Among the various modes of. passing away time, the literati have for several mornings past, chosen that of u book sale at the Castle, at which the Auctioneer, indignant at the dull sale of some heavy volumes, roared out in a BULL AND MOUTH expression, by way of sweet- ner, " What ! no more for these volumes, why a GROCER would give more!" The excellent Baud of the North York Mi- litia continues to enliven the promenades of the Steine, previous to the company's quitting it for private patries and places of - public amuse- ment, among which the Theatre has proved ( and we hope profitably to the conductors), a pleasing and powerful attraction. The PEA- SANT BOY, and the BEE HIVE, under the pa- tronage of Lady C. Somerset, were well attended, and went off with undiminished " effect. The spirit of the latter piece was increased by the omission of the ENCORE of the tedious bravura, in the second act, much too tiresome for repe- tition, with the exertions of a most finished singer. After the Opera, an entertaining Bal- let, under the title of PAUL and VIRGINIA, by the Misses Dennett, was rapturously ap- plauded . Yesterday several transports from Lisbon passed this town, from one of which, among other Officers of our army in Portugal, was landed Major Mellish, recently of great cele- brity on the turf. He was last night at the Castle. A good show of sheep and lambs is expected at our Fair, on the Level, on Wednesday next. Amongst the fashionable Meetings of the past week, the Waltz party of Mr. and Miss Johnstone, for number, variety, and elegance, was eminently conspicuous. The patranage of this Lady and Gentleman, sanction the benefit- exertions of our deserving and aimable favourite Miss Bew, on Wednesday evening next, pre- vious to her return, with others of the London Corps Dramatique, to the Theatre Royal, Lyceum. See Advertisement. Most of the principal Partners in this neigh- bourhood, have enjoyed the felicity of harvest Home, and never was corn housed or stroked in fitter condition ; but it is said, that, the " wheats were partially exposed to blights, and in con- sequence prove very deficient in weight; if no the farmers, whose crops were thus visited, will do well to send their, best samples to market, and reserve the inferior ones for seed, it being the opinion of many able agriculturists, who have repeatedly tried th6 experiment, that mak- ing choice of the most farinacious grain for seed, is an error in practice, and injurious to to the public, as no advantages are to be de- rived from it, either in vegetation, growth, or produce. MARRIED. On the 27th ult, at Mary- le- bone Church, London, Henry Lambert, esq. Captain of the R'oyal Navy, to Catherine, se- cond daughter of Nathaniel Hall, Esq. of Truleigh, in this county. A CARD of THANKS. MR. SANDERS, late of the Broyle Park, where he practised the Sattonian system of Inoculation upwards of forty years with the greatest skill and soc- cers-, and earned through that cruel di . order several thousands of patients; hating been greatly distressed and reduced in his circumstances by the introduction of the Vaccine practice, or Cow- Pock; and also ren- dered totally incapable of any business whatever, from ail affliction at once depriving hint nearly of the use of his limbs and his speech ; and having, for the last six months, had no means of subsistence, but what has readied hurt from the spontaneous munificence and kind benefactions of a few friends, ditty administered to his comfort and support, for which he begs leave to offer his grateful Thanks: and, understanding that many of his old and more particular friends have made frequent enquiries about him, arid expressed a desire in serve hint, any pecuniary favours remitted either to MR Roscorla. of St. Thomas's Square, Academy, Cliffe, or to Mr. Rand, Lewes, to his use, will be ever most thank- fully ami gratefully acknowledged. Receipts and Disbursements may he seen, Lewes, 34th August, lai I. SUSSEX AUXILIARY B1BLE SOCIETY. A Meeting of the Committee of the above In- stitution will be held at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Friday next, the 6th of September inst. at twelve o'clock precisely, in the forenoon. SC7 » In future the Monthly Meetings of the above Committee will be held at the same place on the first Friday in every succeeding Month. THE next ASSEMBLY will be on Thursday, September the 5th. Rev. J. G. THOMAS, . R. MONEY PENNY, Esq. $ StPWRr< ls- Queen's Head Inn. August aa, isi I. THEATRE- ROYAL, BRIGHTON. Under the Patronage of the Prince Regent, BY DESIRE OF Mr. ami Miss JOHNSTONE, ton THE BENEFIT or MISS BEW,. ON Wednesday, Sept. 4, tsil, will be performed the Comedy of MAN AND WIFE. A BALLET by and under the direction of the Miss Dennetts, performed upwards of 300 nights in London, called LOVE IN A TUB. And the much admired musical Entertainment, translated from the French, called THE YOUNG HUSSAR; Or, Love and M'erev. ' Tickets lobe had of Miss Bew, 128, North- street; and of Mr. Phillip*, at the Box office of the Theatre, where places may be taken. BRIGHTON SOUTH- DOWN LAMB AND SHEEP FAIR. RF" MIE, Gentlemen attending the above Fair, on WEDNESDAY next, are respectfully informed, that a DINNER will he provided as usual, at the Old Ship Tavern, by their obedient and humble servant, L. SHUCKARD. N. B. Dinner will be on the table at Three o'Clock precisely. To Parents and Guardians. WANTED, immediately— A YOUTH of re spectable connections, as an Apprentice to a Surgeon and Apothecary. Apply to Mr. Collins, Surgeon, East- Grinstead. VST ANTED immediately, as CHAMBERMAID vV in an Inn, in a principal Town in Sussex, a steady, middle- aged Woman, who perfectly un derstands her business, Apply ( if by letter postpaid) to Mr. ARTHUR LEE, Printer, School Hill. Lewes. WANTED, at Did Michaelmas next; as CARTER, or IN- GROUND- MAN, a mar- ried man, with not more than two children, to live in ihe farm- house, ready- furnished, and to whom the milk of a cow will be allowed. It will be a desirable situation for any industrious man of the above description. Apply to Mr. Lee, Printing- Office, High- street, Lewes. WANTED immediately, a middle- aged Wo- man, who run cook in a plain way, and manage a small dairy. Mo one need apply whose character will not bear the strictest enquiry. Enquire at Mr. John Ellman's, Firle. WANTED immediately, a Youth of respect- able connections, as an APPRENTICE to a SURGEON and APOTHECARY, whose prac- tice is very expensive, in a principal Market Town, in the county of Sussex For reference, apply ( if by letter,, postage paid) to Mr. Lee, Printing Office, High street, Lewes. TO FILLERS. WANTED, Two Millers, who perfectly un- derstand their business, and can bring unex- ceptionable characters as to sobriety and honesty. If acquainted with the management of a Windmill would be preferred. Apply to Benjamin Hay, Hambrook- Mill, near Ems- worth, Hants. GAME. ~ NOTICE is hereby given, That all unqualified persons found sporting on the several manors of Allington, Barcomb, Comb, Camois Court, Ditcheling Garden. Hamsey, Newick, or Warningore, in this comi- ty, will he prosecuted : and qualified persons are parti- cularly desired to refrain from sporting thereon. Dated the 24lh day of August Is) I. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDTIORS. ]\/ IR. WILLIAM FULLER, late of Lewes, - LVJL Butcher, having assigned all his Estate and Effects to Messrs. JOSEPH FULLER, of Southover, Tanner, and RICHARD LAMBE, of Lewes aforesaid, Upholsterer, in trust tor the benefit of his Creditors: all persons who have tiny demand on his Estate, are requested to attend at the Office of Messrs. King and: Gell, Solicitors, Lewes, to execute the Deed of Assign- ment, and to deliver a particular of their demands, on or before the -> ist September next, or they will be ex- cluded from their claims' on the dividend; and all persons who are indebted to the said Estate, are desired forthwith to pay their several debts to MR. LAMBE. Lewes, 29th August, 1511. Sanctioned by the Faculty. \ BEW, Resident Surgeon- Dentist, North- street, BRIGHTON; SPeedily and efficaciously relieves all disease* of the Teeth and Gams, and repairs losses by accident or time, with substitutions so happily blended, as to bailie discovery in the keenest observer, . ; j When extraction is deemed requisite, the operation is performed on an improved principle, in which PAIN is scarcely perceptible. All oral deformities and impediments in speech, aris- ing from ill placed teeth, in young persons, of both sexes, effectually relieved, of which references will. be given to some of the first families, with inspection of the eases, by personal application to Mr. Bew. Should the parties reside at a distance, they may be accommo- dated with board and lodging;. Patients of the Brighton Dispensary, gratuitously at- tended as usual JAMES MASON, ( FROM LONDON ) BOOKBlNDER STATIONER, and BOOKSELLER, MARKET PLACE. HORSHAM, MOST respectfully informs, the inhabitants of - Horsham," and its vicinity, that he intends car- rying on the above businesses in all their various branches, and begs leave to solicit their favour*, which it will be. his utmost endeavours to merit. . J. M. having served a regular apprenticeship in one of the first houses in the Metropolis, and * ince has had several years experience as a Master, he flutters himself that what may be en- tiusted to him will be general satisfaction. Books neatly, elegantly or superbly hound, port- folios made, and libraries repaired; printing neatly ex- ecuted ; account books made to any pattern, and bound on an improved plan. The Army and Schools supplied. Bonks, bought sold or exchanged. Magazines Reviews, and all. periodical and other works procured froiu London with regularity and dispatch. Bibles, Prayers, and Hymn Books, in great variety, variously bound. A great variety of fancy and orna- mental papers. . TO BE LET, ~ And entered upon at Michaelmas next, BLACK ROCK FARM, in Brigthelmston con- taining about 134 Acres, statute measure. And several Lots of (. and, containing about two' acres each, statute measure, situate at the lower part of the West Lame, in Brighthelmston, at the lack of the New Buildings. And, also several Pieces of Land. containing together 6A. 3tt. oP. tenantry measure, situate in the Upper Furlong, Cliff Furlong, and Ea* t Furlong, in the Little Laine, in Brighthelmston. The above property may be viewed on application to William Murrell, at Brighthehmston. Fusther particulars may he known on personal appli- cation to Messrs. Hoper, and Son, at Lewes, FOR SALE, AThorough- bred GREY HORSE, four years old. To lie seen on Wednesday and Thursday next, at the Old Ship Stables, Brighton, 2d Sept. mil. ORANGE TREES.—- FOR. SALE, ANumber of large ORANGE TREES, in in foil bearing. For particulars ( if by letter, post paid) apply to Messrs. Newman and Sou, at their Nursery, and Seed- shop, Chichester. Pure Merino Sheep for Private Sale, at Cosham House, Hunts. A considerate flock of the LEONESA BREED, XV. consisting principally of two and three year old Ewes, with some remarkably handsome Rams, and a proportion of tine Lambs, selected front ( lie flocks of the Marquis of Partago, and the Royal Monastery of the Escuriel, the finest travelling Leonesa breeds in Spain. These sheep have been some mouths in this country, have been tately shorn, are free front disease, nod thriving well ; they arc of good size, and uncommonly fine figure, their wool of the finest quality They were selected last spring in Estremadura from a Cavanna of ten thousand, which from that province having become the seat of war has since been dispersed and destroyed, and an opportunity lint to lie recalled, the further importation of all Merino's having been prohibited by the Cortes of Spain, is now offered to gentlemen desirous of increasing their slock of the pure breed. The sheep will be sold in Lota to such purchasers at a moderate price, esq. of Cosham House, near Portsmouth, to whom ap- plication may he made. To Grocers and Others. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, THIS DAY AT TEN O'CLOCK, ALL the STOCK in TRADE, and HOUS- HOLD FURNITURE, of Mr. JOHN KEMP, grocer, North- street, Brighton. Ami the whole to be sold without reserve. To Farmers and Others. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, On Wednesday, September 4, 1811, at twelve o'clock, opposite the King and Queen, Brighton, rpwo capital Young Cart Horses,— Six useful i Hacks— Two handsome Ponies,— and a fine Mule. The above an the property of a gentleman, who has no further use for them, and will be sold with- out Reserve. To be seen the morning of sale, at the Gardeners' Arms Stables, Church street. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By Mr. ATTREE. On Friday next, the 6th Sept. instant, ALL the Houshol'd Goods, of Mr. William Newnham, miller, of Southwick. together with sundry articles of linen drapery. Freehold Residences; Rock- Gardens, Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, " By Mr. ATTREE, On Thursday, Sept, 1< J,' ltiM. the New Steine Hotel, St James's- street, at twelve o'clock in the forenoon; RNWO capital freehold FAMILY RESIDENCES, J. delightfully situated on the east side of Rock Gardens, in the town of Brighton. Also, at the same time will be sold Four Lots of Building Ground, situate on the north side of one of the Residences. [ Further Particulars in our next ] TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY JAMES THOMAS,. At the Bell Inn, Bexhill, in the County of Sussex, on Thursday, the 19th day of September, inst. between the Hours of Four and Seven in the Evening, if' not previously disposed of by Private Contract, or which due notice will be given in this paper, if it should happen, ALL that new erected - Brick and Tile built MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, together with the HUTCH Ell's SHOP, Garden, Stable, and Backside thereto belonging, situate lying and being at Belly hill, in the parish of Bexhill aforesaid, and nearly opposite to the old Barracks. LOT 1!. All that new- erected wood built BUTCHER'S SHOP, close to the Barrack- gate. at Bexhill aforesaid. All the above premises are now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Vincett, and there is an excellent. well of water lo the dwelling' house. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Thomas and John Vincett, Bexhill; or at the office, of Mr. Willard, Solicitor, Battle. FOR SALE. .1 A Tiles, Enquire of Comal FLRV. TO Be SOLD to the best Bidders, before Abel Money, Court of Exchequer, on Friday, the sixth day of Sep- tember next, at 12o'clock at noon, at the Assembly Room Worning Four Lots, pursuant to at order of the said Court, made in a Cause, notified " Hawkins against Ramsbottern," " A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Wort- ing, intirling the owners to vote at all electrons for the Rape Of Bramber, and also for lite county, consisting of the Assembly- House, adjoining and communicating with the hotel, and froating the Steyne. comprising the Assembly room, ' Coffee- room, and other rooms ana OF- fices, in the possession of Messrs. Stater, and Phillip yearly tetrint4-. A capital Messuage, conspicuously situated in War- wick- street, on the north end the Steyne Compris- ing the late bank- And wme officers. A capital House for trade. being the north hoase, on the west side of the High- street, in the occupation or Mr. Hick ox., I men draper. A Capital House for trade, being the south house on the west side of the High street, also in the occupation , of the said Mr. Hickox, which hai recently been nearly rebuilt. To be viewed till the Sale. Particulars may be hsM at the Hotel, Worthing; New Inn. Chichester Staf, Lewes ; King'' s Head, Horsham ; of the Printers of the County Paper; Mr. Withy, solicitor, Buckingham- street, Strand ; Mr. John Elhs; solictor, No. ( 4, Gray's 10< 0 square; Mr. Lane, solicitor. Law- rence, Poulteney Hill; and of the said Deputy Re- membrancer, in the; Excaequre Office, in the Inner Temple, London. Tythe Free, FARM in SURREY, on the borders of SUSSEX TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. \ FARM called LONOGBRIDGE,' situate at Ling- field, in the county of Surrey 28 miles from London, and 5 from Fast Grinstead, consisring of a good ther with 94 acres of excellent Land, lying very com- pact. A purchaser may he accommodated with an addition acres adjoining the above, including a cottage, yare, and large- barn. Possession will he given at Michaelmas. For further particulars apply to Mr. Barrow, Sotci- tor. . East Grantead Sussex. TO BE LET BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. AMost desirable and long- established . LINEN- DRAPER and GROCER'S SHOP, with the Messuage or Tenement, warehouse, stable. garden, laud, and premises therein belonging, situate lying and being at Castfield Green, in the parish of Catsfield. in the county of Sussex, now in the occupation of Mr. Edward Quaife, The Shop has been established in the above busi- nesses, and has also curried, on very extensive trade in second hand clothes for upwards of tm years past. The Stock in Trade and effects or such parts thereof as may be approved of by the incoming tenant, may be taken at a fair valuation and appraisement, and imme- dirte possession may he had. For further particulars and treaty. apply to Mr. Bas- sett, or Mr. William Quaife, of C'atsfield ; or at the office of Mr. Willard Solicitor - Baule. SUSSEX. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A capital well- built Freehold WINO- MILL, CALLED and will grind on the average six load-, per week ; in the occupation of Mr Geo. Downer, tenant at will. Also, a plot of Laud, about half an acre: and conti- guous to the above a comfortable Dwelling- house and garden ; a store- house for corn, yard, cart- house, sheds, and stables. Rustington is situated a short distance from that ad- mired and much improving watering place Little Hamp- ton; also Arundel. Ferring, Goring, Broadwater. Wor- thing, and Brighton ; and surrounded by a fine earn country and populous neighbourhood, forming an ad- mirable - situation for an active MAN!. The estate m ty be viewed by applying to the tenant. and for further particulars apply to Messrs. White and Son, North street, Chichester, or High- street, Ainu- del. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. IN TWO LOTS. LOT I. ALL that Copyhold Messuage or Tene- ment, House, Stable, Garden, and other premise-, situate in Sedlescomb- street, line the property, and in die occu- pation of William Waghorne, and by bun made over to Trustees for the benefit of his creditors. These premises are holden of the manor of Battle, sub- ject to an annual quit- rent of sixpence, h< rn » t. and other services, and oil which the trade of a butcher has been carried on for several years, to a considerable extent, and the same are well calculated for thai business. LOT II — A Leaschold Cottage, and about one acre and a half of laud, situate in the parish of Westfield, in the said county, late also in the occupation of the said W. Waghorne, and his undertenants, and holden of the Lord of the imuor and barony of the Rape of Ha^ titi^ x, for a term of >{ years, of which » 4 were nmixpirtd at Michaelmas last, at the yearly rent of / s. f> d. Further particulars may be had of Mr. Tildeu, Smith, Vinehall ; Mr. Henry Freciand, Sedleseomb -, and at the Office of Lucas Shadwell, and Co. Hastings. July, IS 11. ~ STRAYED OR STOLEN, ~ From Mrs. Vincent's, Cow fold, Sussex, on the: 7th o July last, ABLACK SETTER DOG, with tan legs and muzzell, and white star on the forehead, answers to the name TRAVELLER; whoever bus found the said dug, and will deliver him to Mr.. Vincent, at Cowfold shall be handsomely rewarded Tor their trouble, and all reasonable expellees paid. Any person detaining the said dog, after this advertisement, will, be proseuted with the utmost rigour of the law. The owner travels, and has friends in every principal town in this kingdom and will most probably find out the detainer, if not restored immediately, STRAYED, out of the ground of Mr. John Tulley, of Lindfield, Sussex, about the 17th of Aug. IS! I, five Dorsetshire Ewes, lately shorn, with long tails, and marked with | f. C; I• ," 1. fit in the horn. Any person giving- information » f the said Ewes, to Mr Francis Comber, of Lindfield, aforesaid, butcher, shall be handsomely rewarded for their trouble. ' " TEN GUI NEAS REWARD! Stolen or Strayed, From the Ground of Mr. Twort, of Whily Farm, in the Parish of East- Hoathly, near Uckfield, Sussex, about the 1 til li of August, Ian. ACHESNUT MARE ( of the saddle kind) fourteen Hands and one Inch high, with some while on her Face, and a large indention of the Flesh, just behind her near Shoulder She is in good Order, and goes a little limping with her m a' Fore Poor. Whoever will give information of the said MARE, to Mr. Twort, so that the may be had again, shall be handsomely rewarded lor their Trouble. If stolen, A REWARD OF TEN GUINEAS will he given for. lite apprehension and conviction of the Offender or Offenders. PRICE of CORN. — Lewes, Saturday, Aug •• 81. New White - - 3 4 0 to 0 ( 1 o New Red • - 5 0 0 to 0 0 <> Old Ditto - - - .5 < 1 O to ( I 0 0 Oats 4 1 7 0 to 000 J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. ANECDOTE. The late James Digby, Esq. of Bourn, ( whose d.- ath took place about a fortnight ago, though a very penurious character, and distinguished by some of the traits of an Elwes and a Dancer, was, notwithstanding, an excellent landlord, never ad- vancing his rtiits. He was exceedingly mean in his apparel; and although lie has died worth more than aoO. OOol- his whole expenditure is said not to have exceeded two hundred pounds per annum. The writer of this article has frequently seen him dressing scabbed sheep, picking up Sticks, locks of wool, cabbage- leaves, & rc.; and there is a heap of stones, or coggles, upon his premises, which are said to have been brought there by a few at a time in his pockets. Some years since a very con- siderable estate was to he sold in the Southern part of the kingdom: Mr. Digby attended the sale, in a dress not worth forty shillings, great- coat included; ilie auction room was crowded with persons of the first distinction; of course there were many side- looks and secret whispers about the curious- looking stranger; and some, supposing the old Hunks could have but little business there, asked him if he knew the conditions of Sale ? He saidheshould he glad to hear tl. em read— they were read, and bigness proceeded with.— Mr. Digby was silent till the estate got up to forty thousand pounds; he then bid '.— and the whole assembly stared with amazement I— The biddings went on briskly for a time; but liis competitors, imagining, perhaps, he could not make the engagement, and that there would be a re- sale, dropt the contest, and the estate was knocked down to Mr. Digby at about five and forty thousand pounds.— Being directlv callcd upon for the deposit, he said, " you shall have it, gentlemen, immediately, and the money for the whole estate to- morrow, if you can make it safely over to ine by that tiirte." He lookout his pocket- book, and gave a draft at siglit on his banker for the sum required. No sooner was the signature seen than the name was known, though the person was not; and many congees, compli- ments, and congratulations fellowed. Mr. Digby has many times told this tale himself, and seemed to dwell upon it with a peculiar kind of pride and satisfaction. LONDON. General Sarrazin complains that the Marquis Welleslev refused ihe favour which, on the Kith June, 1810, he begged of him, to he, sent out to Lord Wellington, in order to serve him, either aF Secretary, or Aid- de- Camp. Having, been em- ployed as Engineer at the siege of Charleroi, Maestricht, Mentz, and Luxenburg, says the Ex- General, i mav b'e permitted to flatter myself, that minht have bs'eti useful in conducting these operations. The fugitive General, it is said, has a pension of lSOOl. a- vear. End liberty of writing long and stupid articles in one of " the Ministerial Journals Surely this ought to content him A very heavy shock of an earthquake was felt at the Cape on the 7th of June, which occasioned considerable mischief to a number of houses; a slight shock was also felt there on the 15th, but which was not attended by any serious conse- quence. An attack of a very singular and desperate kind was made upon the Gloucester mail coach at two o'clock on Saturday morning last by the side of Nettlebury wood, not far distant from Henley- upon- Thames, as it was going up to London. A shot was fired from behind the hedge of the wood, which, from its report, was supposed to have been from a larger piece than a pistol. One of the balls, from its whistling, sound, was heard to pass between the coachman ami Mr. Stockdale, jun. of Piccadilly, who sat upon the box witji him; the coach was full within side, and had tiireeothcr outside passen- geis on the roof. The object of this extraordinary mode of assault was evidently, by killing the coach- man, to render the horses ; o unmanageable ' hat the carriage would soon be overturned; and thus the guard, passengers, and mail, be easily brought within the power of the desperate assailants. Mr. Stockdale had nearly loool. in Bank of England notes in his pocket- book, and the several other passengers had also considerable property about them. The men who laade this desperate attempt, aie supposed to he three highwaymen, who, the to . void discovery of their persons, wore crapes on heii faces, and had thrown off their coats, which were probably concealed in an adjoining The General Post- Office, with their accus- tomed vigilance, the moment that they heatd of t! os outrage, sent off various expresses, and adopted every possible means that could lead to the disco- vers of the daring offenders. The following very distressful event took place lately in this county:— A poor girl, about ) 7yeais nt age, pregnant and very near her time, left her st i vice to go to her friends at some distance. • ding herself in labour, she applied at several places on the road, and was refused accommoda- tion, through fear of her becoming burthensome to the parties. At length she delivered heiielf in a corn field, where, shocking to relate, she re- mained from the Saturday till the Wednesday following, with the infant wrapped in her under- coat, and which she used every means in her powei ' O keep alive; herself subsisting entirely upon the ears of corn, which she could pick up. The unfortunate creatine then endeavoured to crawl home with the child, and leached the place, wall the assistance of some person who met heron tne road. The infant died some days after; and stad the unhappy mother by kind treatment is likely o survive.— Norfolk Chron. CRUELTY to A HOrSE.— The. following is an instance c. f cruelty to an animal, that exceeds every thing the most savage monster, in the shape of man, has ever dired to execute in a christian country. However shocking the detail, it is a public duty to give it, in order to point out the perpetrator of such a deed to the abhorrence of mankind.— About three weeks ago, a person, who had hitherto passed under the denomination of a gentleman, in the county of Essex, and residing not far out of the high road from London to Chelms- ford, oil his horse starting with him, struck him most violently with his whip, and in consequence the animal reared up and threw him. On getting up, the rider whipped him as long as fife was able and ( hen taking him home into the stable, renew- ed the beating, with the assistance of his son, and continued it with so much severity, that the poor animal broke from his halter, and, in his agony and terror, rushed through the stable door, which was torn in pieces. His merciless assailants pur- suer' him into a small yard, and there again fell npon him, artd after lashing him till they were tir- ed, went within doors for some refreshment, thai the master might wreck a further vengeance on his animal. Til a barbarous assault « as soon re- commenced, and after long continuance the mad- dened animal tlew at some high paling, hut in the desperate attempt to escape, he broke both his fore legs just above the fetlock joints, and instant- ly fell! h might naturally be supposed, that the most hi dial would here have been satisfied; but far otheiwise; for his carcass butchers no sooner saw their Victim thus maimed on the ground, than fetching two cased- knives, they immediately cut off the two feet from the limbs, then cut his throat, and afterwards made an effort, hut in vain, to sever the head from the body! They then be- took themselves to slice the trembling flesh into tiumbei less pieces, and their man being in an ad- joining field at plough, these were wheeled out in a liar row, and dropped at regular intervals between the furrows, in order, no doubt, to reap a profita- ble harvest from this atrocious deed ' The horse was reckoned in the neighbourhood a good- tem- pered animal, and estimated at the value of J00 guineas.— MorNING HerAlD. Cinque Ports Local Militia, NOTICE is hereby given to the persons en- rolled in the above regiment, that the Lord- warden of the Cinque Ports Ixn, with the sanction of the General commanding fhe District, ftnd the approbation of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, appointed that trie said regiment shall assemble at Deal Barracks for training and exer cising in the following order; . The permanent Non- commissioned Officers and Drummers, and those Men who did not assemble last year through sickness or otherwise, and those who have been since enrolled— On Monday the 16th day of September next, for twenty- one days. And the rest of the regiment on the following Monday, the 23d day of September next, for four- teen days. The men to lib at head- quarters on such of the said of days, at nine o'clock in the morning precisely, and the periods of assembling to be exclusive of the days arriving at and departing from, and match- ing to and from the place of exercise. By order of the Lordwarden, THOS. PAIN, Clerk of General Meetings of Lieutenancy. Dover, Aug. 21, 1811. N . B. Every Local Militiaman who shall not ap- pear at the time and place appointed for his being exercised, according to law, or who shall absent himself during such exercise, shall be deemed as a deserter, and if not taken until after the expiration of the time of exercise, shall forfeit and pay the sum of Twenty Pounds, or be committed to the Common Gaol for the space of six months. A WONDERFUL DISCOVERY, Patronized bv their WAlES and DUKE OF SUSSEX, and most of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL FOr THE HAIR. r| PHE virtues of this Oil, extracted {' rum a tree A in the Island of Macassar in the East Indies, are far beyond tul'igium, fur enereasiug the growth « £ hair even i> n lull! places, to a beautiiul lco ' th and Ihiikncss, preventing it falling off « > r cltsiinHns colour to tlic latest period of life, strenghtening the curl, lie. sowing all inclinable gloss and sccin, teiiclern. > , jie liaif iti. e* pre » « ibly attracting; ttonrUlimg it after sea- bathing, travelling in hot climates, violent exercises I'm- wlueli. ii. possesses admirable qualities, promotes t| ie growth of whiskers, eye- brows, & c. In iiue, ii is ilitf lirst production n: the world for restoring and beauti- fying the hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children. Sueli celebrity has it attained, tli. it it is daily honoured with the sanctions of Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of ti e Navy and Army, the Faculty, and public at lar<* e. Ii is innoxious, extremely pleasant in use, and suited in all climates. Price an. lid. per buttle, or large family bottle, containing eight . small, with a treatise on the hair, at one guinea each. Sold wholesale and retail by the proprietors Rowland and Son, Kirby street, Hatton Garden, London; and by appointment wholesale mid retail by W. Lee, Lewes; unit retail by Gregrory, Saun- ders & Laming, and Walker, Brighton; Binstend, Chi- chester; Wyatt, Little Hampton; and by all Perfumers and Medicine Venders in every Market Town through- out the United kingdom. Beware of servile imitations, as the Genuine Macassar Oil has the signatures of Hie Proprietors, A, Rowland and Son. River Adur. TOLLS TO BE LETT. NOTICE is hereby given that the next General Meeting of the Trustees of the Navigation of the River Adur, will be holden at the George Inn, in Henfield, on Friday, the 6th day of September next, at noon, when the Tolls granted by an Act of the 4/'. b Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, and to be collected on the said River, will be LET BY AUCTION, To the best Bidder for one or more Years, from the Day of September next, at noon, in the manner dirVcjed by the said Act; which Tolls were let for one year, end .: the acilh Day of September next, at the sum of £., 35 and w ill be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must ai the' tame time give security with sufficient sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees for payment of the Rent at such times as thev shall direct. CHAS. MARSHALL, Clerk lo the Trustees Steyning, loth August, 1811. BEAUTY OF COMPLEXION Is '. he highest embellishment of tile human form— The Charms of our fair Countrywomen are especially en- lanced by it. rjpflE celebrity of Mrs. VINCENT'S GOW- 5- LAND'S LOTION has been fully demonstrated by its wonderful effects 111 removing all Scorbutic Eruptions and Cutaneous Disorders of every kind ; tint as this Incomparable specific has been basely counterfeited, it ; s ate imperious duty Mrs. ViNCeNT owes 10 herself and tie- public to observe, that every bottle O the REAL GOWLAND'S LOTION is signed by herself on the label. Sold by Mrs. Vincent, sole proprietor of Dr. GOW. LAND'S M. S. Recipe, at No. 6, Davies- street, Grosve- nor- square, London; and in Lewes by Mr. Lee, Printer; and Mr. Adams; in Brighton by Mrs. Gregory, North- street: Mr. Walker and Mr. Donaldson; Mr. Gilburd and Mr. Phillipson; and by ail the most respectable venders of genuine medicines in Europe, ill quarts 8 » . 6d.— pints 58. 6d.— half- pints <| d. To prevent counterfeits, observe M. E. VINCENT on she label on ai; ih » t is genuine. " H1U UTMOST CAUTlON cannot prevent the introduction of that unpleasant and trouble- some disorder, ilie ITCH, even into the most respect- able families; and from its infectious nature indivi- duals are constantly liable to its attacks. It will there- lore be of advantage to any who mav sillier under it to knuw, that ihey may rely 011 being effectually cured, by ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION OF BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT. This safe, speedy, and efticacious Remedy, has been in general use for upwards of eighty years, without a single instance of Us having tailed to cure the most inveterate cases. It does not contain the smallest particle of Mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and may be safely used by persons of the most delicate consti- tution. The Public are requested 10 observe, that none can possibly be genuine, unless the Names of the Pro- prietors, BARCLAY and SON, are engraved on the Stamp, affixed to each Box; and great danger may arise from the neglect of this Caution. Sold whole- sale and retail by BARCLAY and SON, ( the only suc- cessors to Jackson and Co.) No. 95, Fleet- Market, London, price Is. yd. duty included; and by their appointment, by Mr. Lee, Baxter, Pitt, Lewes; Great- head, Newhaven; Pitt, Gregory, Phillipson, Brighton; Monday, Worthing; Phillipson, Pratt, Smithers, Cot- terill, Chichester; Mr. M'George, Cuckfield; Mann, Horsham; Merchant, Steyning; Wheeler, Battle Coleman, Rye, Sprange, Tunbridge- Wells. PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover ( n.) Ptis. Od. to 92s. Od. per cwt. Old ditto 40s. Od. to , Sos. od. ditto White ditto 6 is. od. to 180s. Od. ditto- Trefoil 20S. Od. to 50s. od. ditto Rye Grass Sfls. Od. to ft is. od. per quarter Turnip SOs. od. to Cos. Od. ditto Red & Green 60s. Od. to 70s. Od. ditto W. Must. S. 8s. Od. to 10s. Od. per bushel Brown ditto 12s Od. to 16s. Od. ditto Horsham and Steyning Turnpike Tolls TO BE LET, NOTICE is hereby given, That a General Meeting of the Trustees of the said road will be holiien at the King's Head Inn, in Horsham, oil- Mon- day, the I ( illi day of September next, at noon, at which meeting the TOLLS arising at the several Gates 011 the said road, called Wappingthorn Gate and Bramber Gate, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, tti the best bidder, from the arjlb day of September next, at 110011, for one or more years, as shall be then agreed on. The Tolls arising at the said Gates were let for the year ending the said 29th of September next, at the undermentioned sums, viz. Wappingthorne Gate — jC'-' ns Bramber Gate — — 23< i And will be put up either separately or together, at such suin or sums as the Trustees present shall approve Whoever happens to be ihe best bidder, must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to ihe satisfaction of the Trustees, for the payment of the rent, at such tiuie9 and in such manner as they shall appoint. CHAS. MARSHALL, Clerk to the Trustees. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr, GOLDRING, Petworth; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM; PALMER, East- Grinsted, Mr MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen. From Tuesday's London Gazette. Admiralty- Office, Aug. 27, 1811. A letter from Admiral Young to J. W. Groker, Esq Secretary of the Admiralty, dated Marlbo- rough, off West Capel, August 21, 1811, en- closes the following :— His Majesty's ship Quebec, Heligoland, August 6, 1811. SIR, IHAVE to acquaint you with a very gallant achievement ( the capture of a division of the enemy's gun- boats) which lias been performed by boats from this part of your squadron, under the direction of the First Lieutenant, Samuel Blyth, of the Quebec, who had the honour to command a party'of brave officers and men that nobly se- conded hint. - The weather was particularly fine and settled for this kind of service, and they had already captur- ed and sent to me a vaisseau de guerre of the Douanes Imperiales, manned with an officer and twelve . iiert ( one of them was killed before she surrendered) ; and a merchant vessel which they wete towing out, v. hen being hear Ihe island of Nordeney, on the S< 1, fotlr of the enemy's gun- boats weie seen ai anchor within. The enemy silently waited the attack, their guns loaded with grape and canister ( not using any rotiud shot) until the boats were within pistol range, when a discharge took place from their whole line. The fust vessel was immediately boarded and carried, but the others, with great bravery, maintained themselves severally, until they found their vessels were no longer iu their own possession. The loss sustained was, on our s'i^ le, four killed and fourteen Wounded; on that of the enemy, two killed ai d twelve wounded. I have the honour to be, & c. ( Signed) C. HAWTAYNE, Captain. Admiral Young, & c. The Division of Gun- Boats, captured by Boats of a part « > f the Squadron of Admiral Young. ilt the Island of Cordency, the 3d of August, 1811:- r- No. 22, Guillaumel Woutersz, Lieutenant de Vaisseau, Commandant de Division, of one long twelve- ponder and two sis pounders, Dutch metal, And twenty- five men. No. 28, Christian Smith, Lieutenant de Vaisseau, one long twelve- pounder and two eight- pounders, Dutch metal, and twenty- four men. No. 31. Jan Dirk Schewe, Lieutenant de Vaisseau, one long twelve- pounder and two six- pounders, Dutch metal, and twenty- five men. Mo. 71, San Pieter Seiverda Munthr, Enseigne de Vaisseau of one long twelve- pounder and two six pounders, Dutch- metal, and twenty- four men. ( Signed) CHARLES HAWTAYNE. To William Young, Esq. Admiral of the White Commander- in- Chief. P. S. The Dutch metal is much greater than the English. A st of Men killed and wounded belonging to a Squadron of Mis Majesty's Ships and Vessels at Heligoland, in capturing four of the Enemy's gun- boats at Nordeney, Aug. 3, 1811. KILLED. Quebec, 1; Raven, 1; Redbreast, 1; Princess Augusta. 1.— To al 4. WOUNDED. Quebec, 5; Raven, 8; Princess Augusta, 1.— Total 14. BANKRUPTS. Richard Kearslev, Liverpool, butcher.— Jona- than Lees, Manchester, cotton- spinner— George Matsters Speenham Land, near Newbury, Berks, malster. An unpleasant affair lately occurred at the Mauri- tius between two Officers of his Majesty's 22tl foot. On the 3d of Dec. the day of the capitulation, Lieut. L e, after some menacing expressions, suddenly attacked Lieut. D e with his drawn sword. ' The latter, it is said, having no time to prepare for defence, retreated, till he had succeeded in getting his sword from his scabbard, when he Stood upon the defensive, and endeavoured to parry the thrusts of his assailant, by whom he was soon disarmed. Lieutenant L. still continued his thrusts, which Lieut. D. for some time turned aside with his naked hands; till at length Lieut. L. closing upon his disarmed opponent, and seizing him with one hand, with the other forced the sword into his breast. The point entered the cavity of the breast, just above the right nipple, pierced the lungs, and produced a copious discharge of blood from the mouth. Lieut. D. was for two days in imminent danger, but, by the last accounts, no apprehension was entertained for his recovery. A Court of Inquiry had been ordered to investigate the circumstances of this case.— Asiatic Mirror, Feb. 13. A tolerable estimate may be formed of the im- mense improvement in the Grosvenor estate, when his Lordship requires 300l. per acre for 80 acres of land between Grosvenor- place and Sloane- street, on a lease of 00 years; so that this tract, which in the memory of man was let at the annual rent of 2S( ll. will,' by the present valuation, produce 24,0001. per annum. A few evenings since, a man well- known by the name of Hungry Joe, undertook for a trifling wager to eat two bullocks' hearts, weighing toge- ther twelve pounds ami a half, a half quartern loaf, and to drink half a gallon of porter, and h'. If a pint of brandy, in the short space of an hour. This feat took place at a house at Bermondsey; but he lost, not being able to get down the last quarter of a pound of one of the hearts, in conse- quence of being taken extremely ill. The inha- bitants about Bermondsey were admitted to this exhibition at 6d. each.— There were several bets depending on the task. A printed account, authenticated by several respectable medical gentlemen of Lichfield, Bur- ton, Derby, & c. has just been put into circulation, containing the particulars of the remarkable case of a young woman, about twenty years of age, of the name of Sarah Houghton, from whom it ap- pears that nearlv two hundred pins and needles have at different times, and from various parts of her body, been extracted — From the respectable signatures which accompany the account, there tail be no doubt of the fact. She affirms that she has no recollection of ever having swallowed either needles or pins. EPIGRAM to the SuiTOrS OF Miss t. l- g. Though longing long for LONG, has proved your longing true ; You long shall long for LONg ' ere LONG shall long for you ! A curious report in circulation, that ( he Dau- phin of France is still alive. A person is said to have lately arrived in this country, who knows Ins place of residence, and has communicated this to our Government, besides making affidavit to the » 2me efi'ect. The Archbishops and Bishops, who lately set out from Paris for Italy, have not been dismissed in disgrace, as stated in some of the papers. They ate a deputation from the Council silting in that city, to the Pope, inviting him to sanction its proceedings. It is highly gratifying to be enabled to state, that the entire ship- timber, naval stores of every description, as also the ordnance, & c which were in the Royal Arsenal at Carthagena, have been completely removed from thence lo the Dock- yard at Port Mahon. They were accompanied by the ship- wrights, and artificers of every class, who had been employed at that place, and who, it is repre- sented have been much pleased wi'h ihe alteration. to the enemy, in the event of their obtaining possession of Carthagena, the measure must prove the cause of much disappointment, as these stores would have been of great advantage for filling out privateers lo annoy our trade. Our men of war have already experienced some benefit, in heinij enabled to receive the repairs thev stood in' ne d of at Port Mahon, without proceeding either to Malta or Gibraltar, by which they arc enabled to resume their stations much sootier. The following respectable attestation of the ef- ficacy of ( lie Medicine distinguished as Cler- momT'S VEGETAlE AntIeilious PiLls, we have received from ihe Proprietress of that va- luable compound ) and, at her request, have given it a place in our paper, as we shall cheer fully do any similar communications, lo which she may be duly authorized to give pub- licity No. 34, North- street, Brighton. MRS. CLERMONT, 1 feel great pleasure in acquainting you, that from one Box alone, of your VegETAbLE PILLS, 1 am happily relieved from a most violent pain in my Stomach, a dreadful Head- ach, and Dimness in mv Eyes, which at Times prevented me from working. I have been perfectly restored to Health, now two months since, and huve had no return of my complaints. I beg you to accept my sincere Thanks, and if yon think proper to publish my cure, for tile In- formation and Benefit of others, I sh. II always be ready, and feel it my duly to give my verbal Tes- timony thereof to any Enquiry that may be made. I am. Madam, Your obedient, and grateful Servant, ANN LULHAM. Aug. 21, 1811. SUSSEX. To Millers, Mealman, and Others, TO BE LET OR SOLD, X CAPITAL Freehold WINDMILL, ih full Xi. trade, with a Cottage and Garden adjoining, situated 011 Saint John's Common, in the parish of Keymer. l or Particulars, enquire < tf Thomas Lidbetter, Shuto- wiek; or, William Gravely, Storrington; immediate possession may he hurl. GAME. NOTICE Is hereby given, That all Unqualified Persons, who shall be found shooting or otherwise sporting, 011 any of the manors or lands lying within the parishes of Glynde and Bedding- ham, near Lewes, will be prosecuted as the law directs. And that prompt measures will be pur- sued for redress, against any QUALIFIED person or persons who may hereafter be found trespassing Upon any of the manors or lands aforementioned. HAMPDEN, T. CARR. Aug. 17, 1811 ONLY 13,500 TICKETS, and all to be Drawn on the of OCTOBER. SCHEME. 3 Prizes of £ 15,000 i . . are . . . £ 4", 000 3 5,' 100 J 5,0110 3 a, 000 0,' MJO t> 1,1100 ( 1,000 12"...... . son 0, ooo 18 100 . . |, soo 50 I, 2ou < J0 23 1.500 2> 0-' » 20 . , 5-.', 511( 1 TICKETS and SHARES are Selling CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER than for many Years, ' At every Lottery Agent's in tins County. PRESENT PRICE. Ticket . £ IQ igs 0 Half ..... £ 10 5 o| Eighth £ 4 13 0 Quarter .... 5 4 0 | Sixteenth .... 170 • V Those who may find 11 difficulty iu being supplied by the Agents, may send their Orders, ( Post or Carriage Paid). aee. in< paoied with good Bills, or Post Office Orders, t.. any Lottery Office in London, SODA WATER, & c. J. SCHWEPPE and Co. beg to inform the No- bility, Gentlemen of the Faculty, and others, that owing in reiterated complaints of the difficulty ex- perieneed iu procuring iheir Soda Water, & c. at Brigh- ton Mill us vicinity, they have appointed Mr. PITT, Chemist lo his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Castle- Square, and of Carlton- Place, Surgeon, ice. Sole Agent for their Soda, Rochelle, and artificial mi- neral waters, of whom they may constantly be had in as great perfection as at their Manufactory, 75, Mar- garet- street, Cavendish square, London, nt the under- mentioned prices. J. S, and Co. have been further induced to make the above appointment, from information that waters not preparer! by them. !.'•• » « bti n sold to the public, as coin- ing from their manufactory. s. ii. Pints Soda and Seltzer Water, per doz. - - 96 Half pints ditto, ditto - 7. y Pints Spa and Pyrmout ditto - . - - - iu 11 Half pints ditto, ditto - --•- -._ 7( j Half pints Rochelle Salt ditto - - - - - lo ti Ditto Seidlitz . .... a ( j . Ditto artificial Cheltenham ditto ----- 10 t N. B. Ninepence per dozen allowed for returned pint bottles, and sixpence for half pints. rPHE Restorative NERVOUS CORDIAL and PILLS, - M- prepared by Dr. MILLER. of Mereworth, Kent, certainly fir excels all other discoveries that have vet been made in the cure of Nervous and Consumptive Persons of every denomination, being possessed of su- perior nourishing, healing, mid strengthening qualities ; restores weak debilitated constitutions mid is the best medicine that can be t ken by young persons that are unwell, and stand iu need of assistance; for convincing proofs of ihe same, see one of ihe books thai are iu the possession ( if any of ihe undermentioned persons which contains numerous certificates of cures actually per- formed in the counties of Kent and Sussex, by ihose me dicines. The Cordial 4s. Gd. per bottle. Restorative Pills 2s. 9d. with a book of directions and advice; likewise Dr. Miller's Antiscorbutic Drops, and Worm- destroying Sugar Cakes, may be had of the following persons, viz. Mr. ARTHUR LEE, SCHOOL- HlLL, LEWES; Battle, J. Cuthbert Hastings, J. Norton Beckley, S. Colbran Heathfield, J. Ellis Bexhill, T. Wedd Horsham, T. Mann Burwash, G. Children Lamberhurst, R. Foster ' Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Lewes, Pugh and Davey Cuckfield, J. M'George Lindfield, W. Durrant Dallington, J. Pardon Maresfield, J. Mayuard Ditcheling, J. Browne Rye, M. Coleman ; East Bourne, T. Baker Cook nod Son E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Sandhurst, J. Beach Edeabridge, W. Corke Seaford, J. Brooker R. Parsons TunbridgeWells, J. Sprange Groombridge, T. Kellick Uckfield, J. Pocknell Goudhurst, J. Coachman Udimore, R. Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, W. Noakes Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew Wittersham, J. Wood. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. RT^ IIE greatest blemish to Beauty is SUPER- A FLUOUS HAIRS on the Face, Neck, and Arms, — HUBERT's ROSEATE POWDER immediately re- moves lhem ; it is an elegant article, perfectly inno- cent and_ pleasant to use, price 4s. or too 111 one parrel 7si— Sold by ilie proprietor, No, 23, Russel street, Co- vent- Garden, London; wholesale and retail, by W. Lee, Lewes;— retail by Mrs. Gregory, Brighton; Baker, Eastbourne; Norton, Hastings; Pike, Romney; Rea- der, Cranbook; Sprange, Tunbridge- Wells; Verrall; Uckfield; Goldring, Petworth; Binsted, Chichester; Blanch, Arundel; Stafford, Worthing, and by most Booksellers, Perfumers, and Venders iu the United Kingdom. Good allowance to dealers. Markets. CORN - EXCHANGE. Monday, Aug. 26. The fresh arrivals of Wheat this day make but ail inconsiderable supply; and sales in general nearly at Friday's quoted prices. Barley, with Malt, in short supply, and rather dearer. White Peas keep their price. Beans of each description somewhat higher. There are tolerable remaining supplies of Oats; and sales in this trade named at little fluctuation. Flour at last week's prices. CUrrENT PRICE OF GRAIN; Wheat 58s. 75s. 90s. Beans 42s. 49s. Fine ditto Ofs. f) 7s. Tick ditto 41s. 4 » s Rye ( new) S8s. 42s. Oats 21s. 27s 29s, Barley SOs. ." 7s Poland ditto 30s. Sis. Malt C7s. 73s. Potatoe ditto 32s. 33s White Pease > 5f) s_ Rape Seed SSl. 431. ( boilers) } Fine Flour 75s 80s. Grey Pease 41s. 47s. Seconds 70. 75s. PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be Continued at I3jd. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION s. d Sack of Flour - - 74 S^ Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 SS 4l Eighty Quartern Loaves at lSid. 8S 4 Against the Baker - - 0 oi PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. s. s. £ s. £ s. Kent 5 12 to 6 10 Kent Sussex. 5 5 to ( 5 0 Sussex 5 l( i to 6 1 © Essex 5 5 to 6 10 Farnham 9 y to 11 11 0 to 0 0 ^ - - 1 S } o 0 to 0 0 H:} <> to 0 Old Hop Duty, laid at £, 163000. SMITHFIELD- MARKET, Aug. 16. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s. < f. s. d. j Head of Cattle, this day. Beef 4 8 to 5 8 1 Beasts - - 55<> Mutton 5 0 to 5 8 | sheep & Lambs 7,5C « > Lamb 6 0 to 7 8 j Calves - - 105 Veal 5 0 to 6 8 Pigs Pork 5 4 to 6 4 j LEATHER, PEr POUND. d. d. Butts, 50lb. a 50lb. - 24 a 25 Ditto, 561b, a 601b. - 20 a 22 Merchants' Backs • 19 a 20 Dressing Hides - 17 a 18l Fine Coach Hides - IS a 19i Crop Hides for Cutting 19 a 22 Ordinary - - — a — Tanned Horse - 17 a 19 Calfskins, SOlb. to40lb. pr doz. a 32 . —,' ft! lb. to? 0ll>. 34 a 39 , 70II). togolb. SI a 38 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 3s'. a Os. , large, per doz. 100s. 150s. Od. PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. s. d £. s. d. Average. Clover 6 0 0 to 4 0 0 £ 8 0 o Old Hay 5 5 O to 8 0 0 7 19 0 Straw 3 0 0 to 4 0 0 3 15 0 PRICE OF TALLOW. S. d __ S. d. St. James's Market 3 9 Town Tallow fi t 0 Clare Market 3 9 Yellow Russia 65 0 Whitechapel ditto S White ditto 60 O Soap ditto 59 o 11 11 Melting Stuff 56 0 Average price 3 84 Ditto rough 86 < 1 Graves ] 6 6 Yellow Soap, 80s Mottled, 90s. Curd, 94s. Candles, per doz. lis. 6d.— Moulds, 12s. 6d.
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