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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3386
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 19/08/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3386
No Pages: 4
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* ' v ^ '. J* Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. Printed aiits pubtfsljeti bp anU tot William and Arthur Lee. VOL. LXI1I. No. 3386.1 MONDAY, AUGUST 19, 1811. PRICE SIX- PENCE. NOTICE is hereby given, That application is JL> I intended to he made to Parliament in ibe ensu- ing Session, for nit Act or Acts for erecting, establish, ing, mid maintaining a Workhouse, or House of Indus- try, for the reception, maintenance, ami employment r\> the poor of the several parishes of Westfirle, Bed dingham, and Glyode, in the county of Sussex; and for the better regulation of such poor, and fur raising mo- ney for effecting those purposes, and for other purpose* relating to the poorrates within those parishes. Lewes, loth August, IH11. HOPER. . md SON. " GAME. Manor and Forest of Tilgate, and Manors of Cuck field, Slaugham, Leigh, ' Marshalls, Hay- ward's, Trubweek, and Franklands. r THE late Col. Sergion having taken great pains X atod incurred much expence, for several year ./ pre- vious to hi* decease, in the preservation of the game within tho several Manors above tfjeniioiied, extending over the Cuckfield Place and Butler's Green estates, we the Trustees of liis will, feel it incumbent upon us to give'this public notice, That 110 persons whatever will be permitted to sport over the above Manors; and th. it all unqualified persons must take the consequences of hunt- ing, shooting, or otherwise destroying the game within < oy of the same/ Manors. Dated this( 5th day of August, istl. THOS. ATHORPE, ") JOHN THOYTS, > Trustees. T. C. MEDWIN, J British and Foreign Bible Society. A » a Meeting held at the STAR INN, LEWES, on THURSDAY, the 8th of August, i8H, for the pnrpi. se of Establishing an AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIE- TY, in the COUNTY OR SUSSEX, tn co- operate with the British AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. THOMAS READ KEMP, ESQ. M. P. In the Cl air. IT WAS RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, ). ^ OHAT the Object, the Constitution, and the proceedings of the British and Foreign Bible Society, have the cordial approbation of this Meeting. 3. That a Society he formed, to he called the Sussex Auxiliary Bible Society, for the purpose of aiding and co- operating with the British and Foreign Bible Society, in the dissemination of the Holy Scriptures, both at home and abroad. 3. That Conformably tn the principles of the Parent Institution, the only Copies in the Language of thf United Kingdom, to be circulated by this Society, shall those of tike authorized version, without note or com- ment. 4. That this Society do consist of all such Persons as shall heroine Annual Subscribers of One Guinea ; or, Life Subscribers, of Ten Guineas or more. 5. Tint the Minister or Ministers of Congregations, • alleentig for the support of this Society, be Members thereof, as Representatives of ihcir respective Congre- gation*. 6. That theaffiiniof this Society, be under the ma- nagement of n President, Treasurer, Secretaries, Com- mittee, and such Persous of distinction m the County, fcei g Subscribers, as the Committee inity procure to be Patrons of ts: r Iti. i'. mrton. 7. That the Committee consist r. f 24 Laymen, half of the Established Church, and half of other denomina- tions; at'd of such Clergymen, and Dissenting Minis- ters as are Members of the Society. fl. Tliat the Committee of Laymen, together with the Treasurer an I Secretaries, shall be elected Annually, at a General Meeting. by a Majority of ti c Members present. 9, That the Committee shall hold Monthly Meetings nt such time, and Place as they shall appoint, and at such other times as they shall think fit. to. That anv Five of the Committee be competent to act, : ind all Orders on the Treasurer, for the Payment of Money, be signed by the Chairman, and Two of the Committee. II. That in consideration of the Advantages so libe- rally held out by the British and Foreign Bible Society, the net Amount of the ' Subscriptions, after defraying tlje incidental Expences, he paid to the Treasurer of the Parent Institution. 10. That a General Meeting of this Society, he held at Lewes and Brighton alternately, iu the Month of August, in every Year; and that Ten Days Notice of such Meeting, he given in the public Newspapers , and the Committee shall tlien deliver a written Report of their proceedings, and of tile state of the Society, to gether with an audited Account, and withsueh Observa- tions as they shall think tit ; which Report shall he print- for general circulation. 13. That a Subscription he now opened ; that Sums of any amount he received, and the Subscribers entitled to the benefit of the Institution, in proportion to the Sum subscribed, 011 the Terms of the Parent Society, 14. That Thomas Read Kemp, Esq. M. P. for Lewes, be requested to accept the office of President of ihe Society. 15. That Mr. Dicker be requested to accept the Office of Treasurer. It). That the Rev. John Sargent, Rector of Graffham; the Rev. James Capper, Rector of Wilmington; tile Rev. Henry Palmer, Rector of Oare; Mr. William Martin, of Lewes; and Mr. John Glazier, of Brighton; be requested to become Secretaries to the Society. 17. That the following Gentlemen be of the Com- mittee for this vear. Nathaniel ^ Kemp, Esq. — Brown, I - q. J. Harrison, Esq. Mr. John Vallance, W. F. Hick, Esq. Mr. Hack, John Hoper, Esq. Mr. Hall, E. W. Michell, E « q. Mr. Wimble, Dr. Blair, Mr. Newman, Mr. Moore, Mr. Cleave Hooper, W. Wigney, Esq. Mr. Godlee, Charles Elliott, Esq. and that they be authorized to complete their number; 18. That the cordial thanks of this Meeting be given to Wm. Wilberforce, Esq. and the Rev. John Owen, for their kind attendance this day. THOS. READ KEMP, Chairman. That the cordial thanks of the Meeting be also given to T. R. Kemp, Esq. for his zealous attention and use- ful services this day. The following distinguished persons, with ninny others, have signified to the President their approbation 11 f this Institution, and their intention of supporting the same, viz:— The DUKE of DORSET. The DUCHESS of DORSET, The EARL of ABERGAVENNY, The EARL of ASHBURNHAM, The EARL of ARRAN, DOWAGER COUNTESS of CHICHESTER, LADY GEORGE CAVENDISH, VISCOUNT ST. ASAPH, VISCOUNT HAMPDEN, LORD WHITWORTH, The REV. LORD ASTON, The SPEAKER of the HOUSE of COMMONS, Silt CECIL BISSHOPP, BART. The REV. SIR HENRY POOLE, BART. N. B. Subscriptions will be received at all the Banking Houses in the County, The first Committee Meeting will he on Thursday next, the S2d instant, at the STAR INN.\, Lewes, at twelve o'clock, at noon, precisely. Flimwell to Hastings Turnpike. NOTICE rs HEREBY GIVEN, that a Meet- ing of the Trustees of this Turnpike Road, will he holden nt the House of John Hutchings", known by the Sign of the George, in Battle, on Thursday, the Twenty- ninth Day of August next, at Eleven of the Clock in the forenoon, at which Meeting the Trustees will let to Farm hv Auction, from the 40 » h Day of Sep. tember next, for One, Two, or Three Years, ; is shall he then agreed on, the Tolls to arise, from the several Gates on the said Road in the manner directed, by an Art passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his pre- sent Majesty, for Regulating Turnpike Roads. And that the same will he put up at the following Sums, viz Hurstgreen and Northbridge Street Gates, at • £ 454 ;— Robertsbridge and Battle Level Gates, at £> 31 Bat- tle Lake and Hastings Gates, ut £ 850 $ and Roberts- bridge Clappers Gate, at £ 233 ; being the Sums the same respectively let for last Year. And, whoever shall happen to be the best bidder or bidders for such respective Lots, must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees th^ n present for the due payment of ' he Rent, nr Rents, lie, or they, respectively contract for in such manner, and at sueh times, as shali be then agreed 011. Dated the' 20th of July, I8li. T. BARTON, Clerk to the said Trustees Horsham and Steyninq. TURN PIKE TOLLS TO LET. NOTICE is herel> v p; iven? Th. it a general Meet- ing of the Trustees of the Turnpike- road, lead- ing from Horsham t « » Beeding, yn. l from Steyning to the Top of Steyning Hill, in the county of Sussex, is ap- pointed to be holdeii at the White Horse Inn, in Steyn- ing, on Monday, the 19th d:< y of August next, at noon, at which meeting, Uif TOLLS aiising at the several Gates on the said road, callt d Horsham Gate, Crock- kiln Gate, Bines Gate, Wappingthorn Gate, and Bramber Gate ; and also ; » t the Gate between the Town of Hors- ham and Horsham Barracks, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidders, from the 29th day of September next, at noon, fur one or more years, as shall be theft agreed <> n. TSe Tolls arising at whicli said several Gates, called Horsham Gate. Crock- kiln Gate, Bines Gate. Wapping thorn Gate, and Bramber Gate, were let for the year ending the sui. J « 2t) ih September next, at the undermeii- uoued sums, viy. — Horsham Gate — — — — £ r, r> 0 Bines Gate and Crovk kiln Gate 1 Wappingthorn Gate — — « — 2> 5 B amber Gate — — — — 230 £ 1095 and will be put up at those sums, cither separately Or together. And the Tolls to ari « e at the Gate between Horsham and the Barrecks ( the ? nme having n vtr been let) will be put up at s>- eh sum as the Trustees pres nt diall approve. Wboevet hap o ns to be the best bidders, must at the same time give security, with sutiiei nt sureties, 10 the satisfaction < f ttie Trustees, tor tne payment of the rent, at such times and in such manner as they shall appoint. CHAS. MARSHALL, Clerk to the Trustees, WORTHING TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. NOTICE is hereby given, That a General Meeting of the Trustees nf the Turnpike- road leading from Worthing, in the parish of Broadwater, in the county of Sussex, by Findon, Washington- Hill, Rock, and Ashington Common, to Dialpost, and from thence by Knepp Castle, and Baybridge- lane, to the Steyning Turnpike, at West Grinsted, iu the said county, will be held at the Red Lion Inn, on Ashing- 1011 Common, on Monday, the *! d day of Spetember next, at noon, at which meeting the TOLLS arising at the several Tell- Gates upon the « aid road, called Worth- ing Gate, Ashington Gate, and Dialpost Gate, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, 10 the best bidder, from the ' jpth day of t'ue said month of September, at noon, for one or more years, as shall hi' then agreed on; which Tolls were let for the year ending the said -> i) th day of September next, ut the fol- lowing sllills, viz. Worthing Gate — — £ 3' ii Ashington Gate — — ai)^ Dialpost Gate — — Stin I.. 57 and will he put up at those sums, either separately or together. Whoever happens to he the best bidder, must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction ol the Trustees, fur the payment ut'the rent, at such times as they shall appoint. CHARLES MARSHALL, Clerk to the Trustees. Steyning, sgth July, ] 8ti. THE next Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- road leading front the Broil- Park Gate j to the Town of Battle, iu the county of Sussex, will be hidden at the Wool Pack Inn >. in Gardner- street, in the parish of Herstmonceux, in tbe said county, on Thurs- day, the 5th day of September next. at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at which meeting the TOLLS arising at the several Gates upon the said Road, called by the names of Laughton Gate, Amberstone Gate, Boreham Gate, Ninfield Gates, and North Trade Gate, will, be- tween the hours of two and four in the afternoon, BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, separately, for such term as shall then be agreed on, to commence from the *_ » 9tl> day of the said month of September, in the manner directed by the act passed iu the i;{ th year of the reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike- roads," which Tolls were let the last year for the following- sums, clear of ail deductions, and will be, respectively, put up at those sums, viz. Laughton Gate £ 407 Amberstone Gate aao Boreham Gate lljil Ninfield Gates 25o North- Trade Gate 2utl Wbaever happens to be the best bidder must, 14 days at the least, previous to the said 291b day oi Septem- ber, pay to the Treasurer of the said Road, two month's rent iu advance; and give security, with sufficient sure- ties, to the satisfaction of the said Trustees, for pay- ment of the remainder of the rent agreed for, at such times us they shall direct; and at the same meeting new Trustees of the said road will be elected in the room of those who ave dead, or have refused to act. JOHN SINNOCK, Clerk to the said Trustees. NEW TURNPIKE ROAD. TO AVOID BEEDING HILL. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Ge- neral Meeting of the Trustees of the above road will be holdeit at the White Horse Inn, in Steyning, on Monday, the 19th day of August next, at noon at which meeting the TOLLS arising at the Toll- Gate on the said road, WILL BE. LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, from the 29th day of September, now next ensuing, at noon, for one or more years, as shall be then agreed on, which Tolls were let for the year ending the said ? 9! h September next, at X'IS. j, and will be put up at that sum. Whoever happens tn he the best bidder, most at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, fur payment of the rent, at such times as they shall direct. CHAS. MARSHALL; Clerk to the Trustees. Steyning, 20th July, 1811. River Ad!' rl TOLLS TO BE LETT. NOTICE is hereby given that the next General Meeting of the Trustees of tli" Navigation of the River Adur, will be holden at the George Inn, in Henfield, on Friday, the 6th day of September next, at noon, when the Tolls granted by an Act of the 47th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, and to be collected on the said River, w ill be LET BY AUCTION, To the best Bidder for one or more Years, from the 20th Day of September next, at noon, in the manner directed by the said Act; which Tolls were let for one year, ending tfce 29th Day of September next, at the sum of £' 5JO and will be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be th- best Bidder, mast at the same time give security with sufficient sureties to th « satisfaction " f the Trustees for payment of the Rent at such times a* thev shall direct. CHAS. MARSH ALL, Clerk to the Trustees Steyning, Huh August, tun. Particulars for Rebuilding the Tower of East Grinstead Church. I. HOISTING and Setting Inside and Outside Plain Work, at per foot Cube. Mortar and Grout included. Ditto Stright Moulded and Circular ditto, at per foot Superficial. Ditto Saddle Back Coping per foot rnn. II. 127 Feet Oak, and labour for Girders and Joists, of the saa" ie description of Timber, . size and work, as IMI'V in . other parts of the Tower, properly fixed, at per foot Cube. Sqr, < jj; in Rough Oak floor, wrought, jointed, free from Sap, laid, ( including nails) at per square. Oak Dove Tails at per Dozen. III. Iron Cramps and square Window Bars at IV. Cramping Lead per cwt. ftu Cwt. Sheet Lead, 8lb. per foot, completely fixed, pn 1 soldered at per cwt. 3< 0 feet Rain Water Pipe. 4 In. at per foot run. Ditto Water Heads^ eacb All persons who may be willing* to Contract for any of the above Particulars, are desired to set down their prices opposite to such articles above mentioned: and to deliver the same sealed tin and signed by themselves to Mr. Barrow, Solicitor, East Grinstead, Sussex, on or before the 26th day of August next. East Grinstead, 2d August, 1811. SUSSEX To Millers, Mealman, and Others, TO BE LET OR SOLD, ACAPITAL Freehold WINDMILL, in full trade, with a Cottage and Garden adjoining, situated on Saint John's Common, in the parish of Keymer. For Particulars. enquire of Thomas Lidbetter, Shuto- wick; or, William Gravely, Storrington; immediate l>) » sseHsion may be had. STAPLE FIELD PLACE. Gar dm, and thirty Acres of Meadow Land, on the Great Road from London to Brighton, TO BR SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL. that truly valuable COPYHOLD ES- TATE, called STAPLE, FIELD PLACE, compris- ing a modern bow- fronted genteel residence, finished with peculiar care and neatness, containing five bed- chambers, two servants sleeping rooms, handsome draw- ing; room, dining parlour, large kitchen and Brewbouse, excellent cellars, coach house, stabling, granary, and other outbuildings, a lawn in front, with sweep carriage ! entrance; large Garden in a high state of cultivation, stocked with abundance ol choice and well- bearing standard, and wall fruit trees, shrubberies, & c. The whole judiciously laid out ; a farm yard adjoining, and six enclosures of meadow land, containing thirty acre's, ( more or less) situate on an eminence at Staplefield Common, in the County of Sussex, commanding en chanting views of the surrounding country ^ thirty- six miles from London, eighteen from Brighton, three from Cuckfield, fifteen from Reigate, and seven from Hor- sham. The fixtures to be taken at a fair valuation, and the furniture of the bouse, prints, ar> d other effects, at the option of the purchaser. — Immediate possession may be had. May be viewed, on application to the servant in care of the house ; and to treat for the purchase, ap- ply to Mr. Thomas Francis, Mr. James Webber, or at the office of Mr. Waller, in Cuckfield. Freehold Farms in Mayfield. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFARM, ( within a ring Fence) consisting of a good House, with a Cottage, Barn, and other Buildings, and about I48A. lR. 14P. of Land, viz. I4< s2 A* I ft. 1 a P. called Crainsden, occupied by Messrs, Peckham ; and OA. « > R. aP. called Knowle High Field, occupied by Mr, Rose, eligibly situate in the Parish, and very near to the Town of Mayfield. Also, a compact little FARM, consisting of a Cot- tage and three parcels of Land, called Smith's Mead, Smith's Field, and Hilly Knowle Field, containing to- gether about 16A. IK. 38P. situate in the Parish, and near the Town of Mayfield, and now in the occupation of Messrs. Peckham and Mrs. Rose, respectively. And also a compact FARM, called Hunts, consisting of a large House, with a Barn and other Buildings, and about 78A. 2ft. I5P. of Land, situate i; i Mayfield, adjoining Crainsden Farm, and now occupied by Messrs. Peckham. N. B. Messrs. Peckham's Term will expire at Lady Day, 1812, and Mrs. Rose's, at Michaelmas, lb 12, and they will shew their respective Farms. All the above Farms are well covered with thriving Timber; and the Soil is fertile, and kindly for the growth of Timber, and the cultivation of Hops. Further particulars may be known, on application to Messrs. Hoper, at Lewes or Mrs, Stone, at- May- field, _ ... .. Monday Morning for unwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY, Thi. Paper . hich has been regularly publijc POST, * Persons of'the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. ^ and HAMPSHIRE, A. NR M^ TAYIFRAND NEWTON WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, hv whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will he received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers, The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER IS regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, ^ llnlt. ll the principal COFFEE- HOUSES . in th. Metropolis. _____ SUSSEX. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Convenient modern HOUSE, upon a small A scale, two barns, a stable, and a lodge, and about 72 acres of good meadow and arable Land* situate in the hamlet of Chiltington, within four miles of Lewes, and now in. the occupation of the proprietor. The house is of brick, and stands oil an eminence in a meadow or lawn of 14 acres in front, sloping to the south- east,. ; aml commands fine views of tho South Downs and the Weald. The land is in a good state of cultivation, and the whole property lies within a ring* fence. About 40A. of the Estate are leasehold, for the re- sidue of a term of umo years ; a small part is freehold ; and the residue copyhold ; and of such residue, the greater part is subject only to trifling heriots, and fines certain. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. James Holman, the Bailis, will shew the Land and or further particulars apply to Messrs. Hoper and Son, Lewes. SUSSEX. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ACapital well- built Freehold WIND- MILL, called RUSTINGTON MILL, in excellent re. p: ir, and will grind on the average six loads per week j iu the occupation of Mr. Geo. Downer, tenant at will. Also, a plot of Land, about half an acre;. and conti- guous to the above a comfortable Dwelling- house and garden ; ft store- house for corn, yard, cart- house, sheds, and stables. Rustington is situated a short distance from that ad- mired ai. d uuirh improving watering place Little Hamp- ton ; also Arundel, Ferring^ Goring, Broadwater, Wor- thing, and Brighton ; and surrounded by a fine corn country and populous neighbourhood, forming an ad- mirable situation for an active man. The estate may be viewed 1 » Y applying to the tenant ; and for further particulars apply to Messrs, White and Son, North- street, Chichester, or High- street, Arun- del. Chichester. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD COTTAGE, 20 feet in front, and 25 feet in depth, containing, 3 sleeping, Rooms, Parlours, Kitchen, and a plot of Garden ground behind, 75 feet by 20 feet. Two Ditto, each iG fe « ' t in front, - 25 feet in depth, containing, 2 Sleeping Rooms, Parlour and Kitchen, and a Plot of Garden- ground behind, 75 feet by 16 feet. These Cottages, with immediate possession, may be purchased eitber together or separate, are situate in the North skirt-- of the city, a neighbourhood increasing in celebrity, and near the direct road leading to the truly respectable ami rural villages of Ashling, Funtington, Stoke, & c. Further particulars may be ol: t:; incd, and the estates viewed by Application to Mr. John Halsey, on the pre- mises; or to Mr. Bartlett, at his Royal Exchange, and General Agency Office. chichester. " TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE. CONTRACI'. IN TWO LOTS. LOT I. ALL that Copyhold Messuage or Tene- X 1L ment, with a Butcher's Shop, Slaughter. House, Stable, Garden, and other premises, in Sedlescomb- street, . « oe property, and in the oc< v pation of William WAghorne, and by him made over in Trustees for the benefit of h:* creditors, These premise* are hidden of the manor of Battle, sub- ject to an annual quit- rent of sixpence, heriot, and oilier ' services, and on which the trade of a butcher has been carried 00 for several years, to a considerable extent, and the same are well calculated for that business. LOT 11 — A Leasehold Cottage, and about one acre and a half of land, situate in the parish of Westfield, in the said county, late also in the Occupation of the said W. Wagborne, and his undertenants, and holden of ttie Lord of the honor and barony of the Rape of Hastings, for a term of 21 years, of which 14 were unexpired at Michaelmas last, at the yearly rent of 7s. tjd. Further particulars m. iy be had of Mr. Tilden Smith, Vinehall ; Mr. Henry Freeland, Sedlescomb • and at the Office of Lucas Shadwell, and Co. Hastings. July, 1 s I ft. Pure Merino Sheep for Private Sale, at Cosham House, Hants. A considerable flock of the LEONESA BREED, consisting principally of two and three year old Ewes, with some remarkably handsome Rams, and a proportion of fine Lambs, selected from the flocks of the Marquis of Partago, and the Royal Monastery of the Escuriel, the finest travelling Leonesa breeds in Spain, These sheep have been some months in this country, have been lately shorn, are free from disease, and thriving well ; they are of good size, and uncommonly fine figure, their wool of the finest quality. They were selected last spring in Estremadura from a Cavanua of ten thousand, which from that province having become the seat of war, has since been dispersed and destroyed, and an opportunity not to be recalled, the further importation of all Merino's having been prohibited by the Cortes of Spain, is now offered to gentlemen desirous of increasing their stock of the pure breed. The sheep will be sold in Lots to such purchasers at a moderate price. They are upon the grounds of William Pad wick, esq. of Co sham House, near Portsmouth, to whom ap- plication may be made. WORTHING, SUSSEX. TO he SOLD, ( o- the best Bidders, before Abel Movsey, Esq. the Deputy Remembrancer of the Court of Exchequer, on Friday, the sixth day of Sep- tember next, at 12 o'clock at noon, at the Assembly Room, Worthing, iu Four, Lots, pursuant to an order of the sajd Court, made in a Cause, intitled u Hawkins against Ramsbottom," A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Worth- ing, intithng the owners to vote at all elections for the Rape of Bramber, and also for the county, consisting of the Assembly- House, adjo'. v. ing ; vud communicating with the hotel, and fronting the Steyne, comprising the Assembly- room, Coffee- room '., and other rooms and of- fices, in the possession oi" Messrs. Slater and Phillips, yearly tenants. A capital Messuage, conspicuously situated in War- wick- street, ou the north end of the Steyne, . compris ing the late bank and wine offices. A capital House for trade, being the north house, on the west side of the High- street, in the occupation of Mr. Hickox, linen- draper. A capital House for trade, being the south house on the west side of the High street, also iu the occupation of the said Mr. Hickox, which has recently been nearly rebuilt. To he viewed till the Sale. Particulars may be had ut the Hotel, Worthing j New Inn, Brighton ; Norfolk Arms, Arundel ; Dolphin, Chichester j Star, Lewes ; King's Head, Horsham j of the Printers of the County Paper-, Mr. Withy, solicitor, Buckingham- street, Straud; Mr. John Ellis, solicitor. No. 14* Gray's Inn- square: Mr. Lane, solicitor, Law- rence Poulteney Hill; and of the said Deputy Re- membrancer, in the Exchequer Office, in tli « Inner Temple, London* CHAILEY, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, BY MR. EDMUND DRAYTON, At the Auction- Mart, London, near the Bank of Eng- land, on Tuesday, Aug* 2/, r* U. at twelve o'clock, AValuable and desirable FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATE, delightfully situate ia the village of Chailey, in the county of Sussex, ( S miles from Lewes, 14 from Brighton, m from Tunbridge Wells, 13 from East Grinstead, and 43 froth London, comprising an excellent family residence, with stabling, coach house, pleasure ground, garden, and 50 acres of meadow land, in the centre of a neighbourhood of the first respectability; the house is pleasantly situated in a paddock of about 20 acres, commanding full and ex- tensive views of the South Downs, and has- been built within these few years, and fitted up on the most mo- dern principle, replete with f vew convenience, for the immediate accomodation of a' respectable family. The land is in a high state of cultivation, pleasingly inter spersed with timber; the pleasure and garden grounds laid out in a most tasteful manner. The estate is enti- tled to an extensive right of commonage, the copyhold part held of the Manor of Warringore, at a small fine and heriot certain, and timber free, an I a quit rent nearly nominal. The purchaser may be accommo- dated with all the neat and modern houshold furniture, live and dead stock, farming implements, & c. at a fair valuation, or decline it. May be viewed 21 days prior to the sale, by tickets only, which may he had of Mr. Drayton, Auction Mart; Ashmore and Far, Solicitors, Henrietta street. Covent Garden, London; Messrs. Brookor and Colbatch, Soli- citors, Brighton, aud of whom descriptive partU'ular* may be had; also at the Star, Lewes; King's Head^ Cuckfield ; Dorset Arms, East Grinstead ; Crown Inn- Tunbrirlge Wells; Swan, Hastings; Crown, Sevenoaks, and the Greyhound, Croydon. TUNBRIDGE WELLS, KENT. Freehold Residence* with. 24 Acres of Meadow Land. , TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION; l! v Messers. SKINNER. TUCHIN, and FORREST, On Thursday* tKc jgth inittniit* : n twelve o'clock, nt Garrawy jN Coffee- house, ' Change Ally, Cornhill, London, iit one lot, AVALUABLE, and very r'e< iraMe FREE- HOLD ESTATE, BUiian; on Mount Ephraim a H<' h? UtfuI eminence at tli. it celebrated and much ad- mired watering; place, Tunbridge Wells, HI the county ' IF KENT ; cotuprisittj; 1 commodious II. residence, CUIIM!, GREAT CULVERDEN House-:, with s^ italiln domestic offices. t", coach house, stabling, lawn, ; gardens, and the arljoninij meadows, containing altogether almut . A. free of great tythes, lying within a ring fence, in easy swells, ; md might at a small expence he formed into a beautiful paddock. The premises command most extensive and charming prospects, and are lit for the immediate reception of : L family of respectability, having been recently cr> ni- pleatiy repaired, and highly improved, at a very con^ l. der; « hl « ! expence. A part of the ground is extremely eligible for build- ing tijicm. To he viewed by tickets, which, with printed parti- culars, may he had of Mr. Spranage, at th:* Library, Tunbridge Wells; and of Messrs; Skinner, Tuchin and Forrest, Aldersgate- street, London. Particulars also of Mr. Blake, Printer, Maidstone Messrs. Lee, Printers, Lewes j Mr. Fleet, Printer Brighton: Messrs. Batcheller and Potts, Solicitors Serjeants Inn, Fleet- street, London ; and at Garraway's. WINCHELSEA, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION, By Mr. PRICKETT. At the Auction Mart, London, near the Bank of Eng- land, on Wednesday, Aug. 28, at li o'clock, in lots, ALL that capital MANSION, called the FRIARS, situate near the Borough Town of Winchelsea. in the. county nf Sussex, with an excellent spacious garden thereunto belonging; together with a Public house. Tolls of a Ferry, and divers Messuages or Tenements, situate iu Winehelsea and upwards of 120 acres of extraordinary rich grazing land, immediately in that neighbourhood, the greatest part whereof is not subject to any tithe or parochial rates; aud the whole is occu- pied by mn. t respectable tenants undeir short holdings. The Mansion is replete wiih conveniences for the fa- mily of a man of fortune, and early possession will he given. The situation is beautiful in the extreme, being little more than a mile from the sea, of which it com- mands a full view, and the surrounding country is uni- versally admired by all who know it. May be viewed, and printed descriptive particulars bad, at the New Inn, at Winehelsea ; the George, at Rye; the Swan Inn, Hastings; the Ship, Brighton; the New Inn, Eastbourne; the Kentish Tavern, Tunbridge Wells; the Star, Maidstone; the Fountain, Canter- bury ; of John Hyde, esq. Worcester; Edward Morgan* esq. No. 14, Gray's Inn Square; at the Auction Mart, London; and of Mr. Prickett, Surveyor, & c. Highgate, Middlesex. HOE PLACE, SURREY. Spacious elegant Mansion, with pleasure ground--, walled gardens, IIS acres of land, stables for 14 horses, three coach houses, hot house, grape house, ice house, and green house. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION* By Mr. SHUTTLE WORTH, At the Auction Mart, London* on Friday, August Ro, at twelve o'clock, if not previously disposed of by Private Contract, HOE. PLACE, adapted for the residence of a Nobleman or Gentleman's family of distinction ; — contains on tho ground floor a vestibule breakfast a room, drawing room, with plate glass casements, dining room, study, dressing room, and butler's pantry ; on the first floor, seven best chambers, together" with a bath dressing room", and water- closet; on the back Stairs, and 111 the attics, nine bed chambers, « » d two dressing rooms; contiguous to the principal part of the building is a servants' hall, housekeeper's room, kitchen, laundry, brewhouse, bakehouse, dairy, & c. all well sup- plied with water. The house is in excellent and sub- stantial repair, having recently had several thousand pounds laid out upon it, tinder the direction of the late Mr. S. Wyatt. The lands altogether contain about 119A. partly freehold, partly Copyhold ; part to go with the house, or the whole, it required, mostly tithe free, ai d the land tax of the greater part redeemed; ilie river Borne runs through tlie ground*. Hoe Place is tj miles from Guildford, 6 from Chert- sey, 3 from R pley, a-.' d - jr, from London, aud is Mtnat ® in a fertile uud in beautiful part of the county of Surrey. May he * ie » et • i- h tickets only, which with further particulars, may be had at the Sun, Kingston; White Hart, Guildlord ; Talhot, Ripley ; ot . Mr. ' Teasdale, So- lictor, Merchant Taylor's Hall; and of Mr, Shuttle worth, i at itiii Auction Mart, London. Way and Arun Junction Canal. At the WHITE HART INN, in GUILDFORD, On Saturday, the 10th of August, 1811. PRESENT, The Earl of Egremont. in the Chair; His Grace the Duke of Norfolk.— The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Cranley.— SamnelThornton. Esq. M. I'. — George Holme Summer, esq. M. P.— i. M. Mo- t lyneux, Esq.— JohnNapper, Esq.— John King, Esq.— The Rev. Jnhu Austin.— The Rev. ,1. Wolfe, ftte. & c. AT THIS MEETING, the Report of Mr. JOSIAS JESSOP, Engineer, and also a Plan and survey by him, for making a navigable Canal, to con- nect the Rivers Wey and Arun, from Stonebridge, in the Parish of Shalford, in the County of Surrey, to New Bridge in the Parish of Wisborough Green, in the County of Sussex; together with the estimate of the expences attending the execution of the said Plan, with the Several variations that may be made in the course of the said Canal, having been read and con- sidered. It was resolved, that the line of Canal proposed by Mr. Josias Jessop, marked on the said Plan with the letter A. appearing practicable, and to interfere less with the convenience of the individuals, through whose property it will pass, he adopted : and that it will be expedient to apply to Parliament for power to execute the said Canal. That the sum of frill, 000,* be raised by Subscription, in shares of £ 100 ChcIi. That Books lor Subscription he opened at the several Banking Houses and Places after mentioned, viz. Messrs. Haydon and Co- and Messrs, Sparkes and Co. Guildford; Messrs. Bushby and Co. and Messrs. Oliver and Co.' Arundel; Messrs. Moline and Co. Godalming ; Messrs. Lauham and Co. Horsham; and Wesssrs. Dewd- itey, ' Piper, and Co. Dorking; and that they he re- quested to report to Mr. John Smallpiece, Guildford, ( the Solicitor and Secretary to this concern) previous to the next meeting- if any, and what SabsCriptions have been received by them respectively. That a deposit of £ 2 per cent, be paid at the time of Subscription, towards defraying preliminary ex- pences. That this Meeting do adjourn until Saturday, the n't day of August instant, ut this place, at Ou-' i ' Cluck. EGREMONT, Chairman. Draper, Mercer, Hosier, & C. Dealer in new and second hand Cloaths, UNION STREET, BRIGHTON ; BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public, he has taken the shop of Mr. John Stubbs, with all the extensive Stock, where he intends carying on the above business, and upon terms, he Hatters himself, that will merit the approbation of those that may honour him with their commands. The Stock which lie has now on hand he is selling at very reduced prices, pre- paratory to hi- purchasing an entire new stock. JUST IMPORTED, August 10, And now ou sale, in the Oak Timber Yard, Cliff, Lewes, on reasonable terms, ACARGO of good NORWAY TIMBER, from ti inches to 12 inches square; Yellow and White Deals from 7ft. to 2oft. m length ; Battens, yellow and vhii . Masts for barges, and large boats; and Ladder und ir: « Told Poles, from 20ft. to 3sft. long. lor particulars enquire of Alexander Cheale and Son-. Southover; or of Mr. Leney, at the Thatched- house Inn, in the Cliff, on application to whom the timber, mny be seen. TO BE LIST; By the year, or for a term of years certain, with imme- diate possession, ASubstantial and well- built HOUSE, nearly new,- suitable for a genteel family or boarding school, situate in Edward- street, at the north- east cor- ner of George- street, Brighton, overlooking Dorset Gardens. The premises consist of a good drawing room, two parlours, five bed rooms, large attic, dressing room, kitchen, excellent cellar, larder, wash house, an engine pump, a good yard, and oilier requisite conveniences. For further particulars and terms, apply at the office of Mr. Hill. Solicitor, Brighton. • _ HURSTPERPOINT A FARM. TO BE LET, BY PRIVATE TENDER, For 14 Years, to Commence from Michaelmas nest, ALL that valuable inclosed FARM, situate in the parish of Hurstperpoint, in the county of Sn^ ex, near the new Turnpike- road, leading from, Briglit- helmston, through Bolney to London, called KING'S FARM, consisting of a farm house, barn, and about ON acres of arable and pasture land, now in the occupation of MR. John Ashford, of Hurstperpoint, to whom ap- plication may be made for a view of the Farm. Tenders ( post paid) will be received until the first day of September next, by Mr. Morgan, Solicitor. Hurst perpoint, at Whose office' further particulars as to the lease, and terms of entering upon the farm, may be known. \ CARRIAGE BAY HORSE, about fifteen JC\. hands and a half high, five years old, and of quiet habits in harness. For particulars, apply to Mr. Verrall, auctioneer, Lewes. ROTTING DEAN. TO BE SOLD, AFAMILY RESIDENCE, with coach- house, stithies, large walled garden, & c. & c. situate at Rottingdean, in the county of Sussex. The Mansion commands a beautiful and uninterrupt- ed view of the sea, and the neighbouring downs, and is peculiarly calculated for the residence of a genteel fa- mily. Rottingdean is only four miles from Brighton ; its air healthy and salubrious j its neighbourhood respectable; and, as a fashionable watering- place, inferior to none of its size in the kingdom. For further particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. Lee, in Prince's Place, Brighton; if by let- ter, postpaid. N. B". Part of the purchase money may remain on se- curity. if required. TO BE SOLD BY. PRIVATE CONTRACT. AL!> that long cstal) li » lieiI anil t; ood accustomed INN, known by the name or sign of the QUEEN'S HEAD, in Sedlescomb, in the county of Sussex, com- prizing an extensive Messuage or Tenement', stables, large garden, and premises, which are now in the oc- cupation of Mr, Richard Bishop, who hires from year to year, and has had notice to quit at Michaelmas next, at which time his year expires. The premises are Copy, bold of Inheritance, holden of the Lord of the Manor of Battle, and are fully equal in value to freehold, being subject to a fine and tain, of tjd each, and no other charge or payment whatever, except a quit rent of iHd annually. The pur- chaser may be accommodated with a considerable part of the purchase money, on the security of the premises. For further particulars, and treaty for the purchase, application to be made either to Mr. James Bourner, or Mr. Martin, both of Battle. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, In the great road from London to Brighton, AFREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE, in the centre of the Town of Cuckfield, in Sussex, oppo- site the Talbot Inn, calculated for any business what- ever, as there is room for great improvements, contain- ing seven bed rooms, one attic, two shops or parlours, a front kitchen, ditto a back, with an oven, a pantry, wash- house, warehouse, a good cellar, with a vault; a pump, with good water, which never fails; an exteusive garden, well stocked with young fruit trees, and a large drying yard. A good brick stabling in the front of the town, large enough for leu or twelve horses; a good stable yard ; an miles from London, 15 from Brighton, and t- t from Lewes. May be viewed on application to Robert Chatfield, proprietor ; or to Mr. John Kennard, St. Ann's, Lewes, TO BE SOLD, At Glassenbury House, near Cranbrook, Kent, \ PAIR of bright bay CARRIAGE HORSES, 4. JL in high condition and of j » resit action; the pur- chaser may have the harnesses, & c. which qre nearly new, at a valuation. Enquire of the Coachman, between the hours of ten ami two o'clock, who will shew, ami drive the horses, if required. Tythe Free. FARM in SURREY, on the borders of SUSSEX TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. AFARM called LONGBRIDGE, situate at Ling- field, in tile Country of Surrey, 28 miles from London, and 5 from Last Grinstead, consisting of a good Farm House, and convenient outbuildings, toge- ther with 94 acres of excellent Land, lying very colli, pact. A purchaser may be accommodated with an additional 37 acres adjoining the above, including a cottage, yard, and large barn- Possession will be given at Michaelmas. For further particulars apply to Mr. Barrow, Solici- tor, East Grinstead. Sussex. TO BE SOLD, BY ^ AUCTION, BY MR. ABBOTT, At the Auction Mart, London, on Thursday, Septem- ber 12, at twelve o'clock, iu one lot, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising 72A. ) R. 24P. of rich land, lying in Pevensey Marsh, in the County of Sussex, producing about gist. per an- num, at an old rent, under leases that trill shortly ex- pire. Further particulars will be shortly published by J. Willsher, esq. Salisbury- street, Strand, and of Mr. Ab- bott, No. 42, Leicester- square, London. Lower Lancing, near Worthing. TO BP. SOLD BY AUOT( ON, BY MR. F. STUBBS, At the Nelson lull. 111 Worthing, on Thursday, the 29th day of August, 18) 1, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ALL that newly- erected MESSUAGE, toge- ther with yard or garden, now held therewith, situate at Lower Lancing, and lately in the occupation of Mr. Henry Gates, hutcher. The premises are Copyhold of Inheritance, holden of the Manor of North Lancing and Monks, South Lanc- ing and Lyons; are subject to a small quit rent, and to a heriot of Is. certain, on death or surrender, and a line of is. certain on admission. Further particulars may be had by applying to Messrs. Marshall ami Verrall, Solicitors, Steying. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr STUBBS, By order of the Commissioners, under a Commission of Bankruptcy, awarded against Henry Phillips, at the Steyne Hotel,' Worthing, on Friday, the 6th day of September, tail, at two o'clock, ASmall- genteel Freehold DWELLING- HOUSE, Most advantageously situated at the north- west corner of the Steyne, Worthing, looking over the gar- dens of Warwick- house, and the Brighton road, being No, 1. of the Steyne Houses, which are allowed to form the most elegant row of buildings on any part of the coast ; it consists of a kitchen and butler's pantry, a dining room 15. lt. b in. by 14 ft. a drawing room and bed chamber of the same dimensions, and two good attics; the whole handsomely papered, and the best rooms with marble chimney pieces. The above property will entitle' the owner to vote at all elections for the Rape of Bramber, and also for the County of Sussex. Particulars may be had at the Hotel," Worthing ; Cas- tle, Brighton ; Norfolk Arms, Arundel ;" Dolphin, Chi- chester; Star, Lewes; King's Head, Horsham; of the Printers of the County Paper; of Mr. Withy, Solici- tor, Buckingham- street, Strand; of Messrs. Sweet and Stokes, Solicitors, Temple ; and Mr. Stubbs, Auctioneer, at Worthing. New Inn, Brighton. TO BE LET BY PUBLIC. AUCTION; On the Premises, On Thursday, the 22d instant, between five and seven in the afternoon, for a term of Twenty- one Years, sub- ject to such conditions as will be produced at the time and place of sale, if not in the mean time dis- posed of by Private Contract, ALL that elegant, commodious, and well ac- customed HOUSE, called the NEW INN, Hotel and Tavern, together with suitable stabling, coach- houses, two yards, and an exceeding well accustomed T-; i, all adjoining the same, situated in the centre of the town, and ill the vicinity of the Pavilion, Theatre, and the principal street!., and nearly opposite the road lately made by his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, at the entrance from London. N. B. Any person desirous of treating fur the same by Private Contract, is desired to apply by letter, ( post paid,) to Mr. Whichelo, No. I, Clarence Place, Brigh- ton ; or at Air. Buckler's, Artist, No. 2, Spa Road, Ber- mondsey. Pursuant to an order of the Honourable the Commissioners of his Majesty's Customs, WILL BE. SOLD BY AUCTION, At the CUSTOM- HOUSE, at Brighthelmston. within the limits of the Port of Shoreham, on Wednesday, the 2 1st day of August, Jd11, at twelve o'clock, SEVENTEEN bales of COTTON, and the Body of a Two- wheel Chaise. And at the CUSTOM- HOUSE, at SHOREHAM, on the following day, at twelve o'clock, Nine casks of COCOA NUTS, all winch said articles having been picked up floating at sea, are consequently damaged. Samples of the cotton, and the body of the chaise, may be seen at the Custom house, at Brighthelmston ; and samples of the cocoa nuts, at the Custom- house at Shoreham, on the mornings of the respective days of H. PARTINGTON, Collector. T. EDWARDS, Compt. Custom- house, - Shore ha in, 17th August, igil. ______ ___ TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. JOHN SLATER, On Thursday, the 29th ( day of August, 1811, at the Thurlow Anns, Edward- street, between the hours of six and seven o'clock in the evening, unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given, LOT I. ASubstantial- built FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, being No. 12, Carlton Hill, comprising a kitchen, parlour, and two good sleeping rooms, with convenient offices, let to Mrs. Brown, at 16l. per annum. LOT 11. A substantial built bowler fronted Freehold Resi- dence, being No. I, Richmond Hill, commanding an uninterrupted view of the sea, from the Isle of Wight to Beachy Head, Worthing, and the adjacent country; the premises, which are quite new, comprise two kit- chens, a parlour, and drawing- room, with a balcouy fronting the sea, two good sleeping rooms, a large shop with a bow window, and convenient out- offices; now in the occupation of Mr. Penfold, at the yearly rent of twenty- six guineas. LOT III. A Freehold Messuage, being No. 2, 011 Richmond Hill, comprising a good kitchen, parlour, two good bed rooms, with convenient offices, let to Mr, Hughes, at I2l. per annum. There is a draw- well of excellent wa- ter, that supplies the above houses, and the laud tax is redeemed. LOT IV. A piece of Freehold Ground, fifteen feet in front, and twenty- four feet deep, ill Spring Garden*, at the top of Church street, suitable for a convenient messuage or tenement. Further particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Thomas, Coates, plumber and glazier, George- street; or of the Auctioneer, No. 1, Crescent Buildings, Brighton. Stubbington Place, near Portsmouth, Modern Houshold Furniture, Pictures, choice Wines, valuable Lice and Dead Farming Slock, & c. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On the Premises, early in the next Month, rJ" MlB genuine and entire fashionable FURNI- TURE a few amateur paintings, select wines, agricultural stock of the properly of Thomas Fitzher- bert, esq. quitting Stubbington Lodge. Catalogues will be timely prepared, and may be had at all the adjacent Market Towns; Place of Sale ; Auc- tion Mart; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester - TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the 19th, 20th and 21st of August, at six o'clock in the evening, at the Royal Oak, Portsea, EIGHTY- TWO FREEHOLD ESTATES, si. mate in Beeston Cherry Garden, Baldwin's Croft, Pitcroft Common Fields, with a valuable inclosure in Lake Lane, with many eligible scites for building.- The contiguity of these lands to the first maritime port in the kingdom, renders these lots of great impor- tance and advantage to the skilful speculator. Printed particulars may be bad at the Place of Sale, Crown, Gosport; Red Lion, Fareham; Bugle, Titch- field; Bear, Havant; Wm. Gunner, Esq. Solicitor, Bishop Waltham; at the Auction Mart, London; or of Mr. Weller, Chichester. SUSSEX. Curious old Wines, a Pack of Beagles, Hare Hounds excellent Live and Farming Stock, at Cuckfield Place. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER On the Premises, By order of the Trustees, on Monday, the 96th of Au- gust, and the following day, at twelve o'clock, THE gennuine and entire choice Wines, Live and Dead Stock, See. of the late Colonel SERGI- SON. Consisting of 1,440 bottles of Hermitage, Hock, Cla- ret, Madeira, Sherry and Fort Wines, a clever pack of hare hounds, two ricks of meadow hay, broad and nar- row wheeled waggons and carls ; a capital iron roller, ploughs, harrows, and other agricultural implements; six uncommonly fine working oxen, cows, and some few sheep j six powerful young cart hors. es, breeding ' and store pigs, Sic. Catalogues will he issued three days before the sale, and may be had at the principal Inns of the neighbour- ing Market Towns ; of T. Medwin, esq. Horsham; S. Waller, esq. Cuckfield; Auction Mart; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester. 1125 Acres of Land. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY WINSTANLEY AND SON, At the Mart, near the Bank of England, on Friday, the 23d of August, at 1 2, by order of the Assignees, AVery desirable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, held for near 90 years, consisting of I 125 acres of land, situate at Plummer's Plain, St. Leonard's Forest, in the county of Sussex, distant from Handcross one mile, Horsham 4, Crawley 5, Cuckfield 5, and about a mile from the Brighton Road, let to respectable tenants, and producing a net rent of I7wl. To" Be viewed by permission of the tenants. Printed particulars may be had at the Inns at Reigate. Crawley, Cuckfield, Horsham, Dorking, and Hand cross ; of Messrs. Bovell and Tustin, Solicitors, New Bridge- street, London; at the Mart; and of Winstanley and Son. Paternoster- row. Rutlandshire.— Valuable Manor Instate. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY and SON, At the Mart, near the Bank, of England, 011 Thursday, the' 29th August next, at twelve o'clock, ( by order of the Assignees of Messrs. Bowles, Ogden, Wyndham, and Barrow, late of Shaftsbury, Bankers, Bankrupts), THE Reversion in Fee, of and in the Manor or Lordship of CASTERTON PARVA, in the county of Rutland, together with about 47 acres, in the adjoin- ing Lordship of Ryhail, and the perpetual Advowson and Presentation to the living of Casterton Parva, ex- pectant on the. demise of a Nobleman and his Countess, without issue, whose ages are 4j3 and 43, having no chil- dren. The estate is situated about one mile from Stamford, 19 - from Grantham, and 89 from Lon- don, and consists of Solethorpe Hall, a substantial stone- built mansion- house, with suitable offices, stabling for 12 horses, gardens, & c. a water corn- mill, sundry farm- houses, with convenient outbuildings, and about 1098 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, in the several occupations of Sam. R. Fydell, esq. Mr. R. C. Simpson, Clement Bland, Thos, Busley, T. and F. Simpson, and others, estimated to be of the annual value of one thousand eight hundred pounds and up- wards. The estate may be viewed on application to Mr. R. C. Simpson, at Casterton Parva aforesaid ; descriptive par- ticulars may be had at the George Inn, Stamford ; of Messrs. Hodding, Solicitors, Salisbury ; at the Mart, and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- row, London, where a plan may he seen. Freehold Manors, Residence, and 170 acres of land, 2 miles from Horsham, 13 from Dork- ing, 12 from Brighton, 20 from Wothing, and SSI from London. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY WINSTANLEY AND SON, At the Mart, near the Bank of England, on Thursday, Aug;. ' J9, at twelve o'clock, in three loin, by order of the Trustees and Executors, HOLBROOK, the late residence of John Man- ley, Esq. deceased, consisting of a substantial well- built brick and plated Dwelling- bouse, sealed iu a paddock of 61 acre's, with suitable accommodations for a family of great respectability., with double coach- house, two five stall stables, and men sevants' apart- ments over them, carriage and farm yard, husbandry building*, rick- yard, drying- ground, productive gar- dens, lawn, fish- ponds, shaded walks, woods, planta- tions, and cottage, containing altogether about 170 acres, well limbered, amply supplied with water, and exonerated from Laud Tax. This very desirable estate is situated near the verge of Horsham Common, in the county of Sussex, lying within a ring, bounded in part by good roads, affording views of great extent, richness, and beauty, intersected with large sheets of water. The grounds are tastefully laid out, the paddock is encompassed by full grown shrubberies, thriving plantations, aud handsome orna- mental timber, principally oaks, inclosed on the east side with park paling. The house and buildings gene- rally are in good repair, and an early possession of the whole may be bad. Also, the very extensive Manors of SHORTSFIELD and NUTHAM, in the said county, with the quit rents, heriots, rights, and royalties thereunto belonging. The premises may he viewed after the 3d of August, by cards only, which, with descriptive particulars, and engraved plans, may he had of Wm. Sandham, esq. at Horsham; of Messrs. J. and W. Lowe, Solicitors, Tem- ple; and of Mr. Shaw, Architect, as, Gower- street; and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- row, London. Particulars may be had likewise at the Red Lion, Dorking; the Spread Eagle, Epsom ; the Libraries, at Brighton and Worthing; the Star, at Lewes; of Mr. Weller, at Chichester; at the Crown, at Arundel; King's Head, Horsham; the White Horse, Steyning; and at the place of Sale, THE GEORGE INN, HURSTGREEN, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. TO RE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SOS, ( On the Premises,) On Tuesday, the 271b of August, I811, at six o'clock lii the evening, ( unless an acceptable offer should be made prior to the sale, in which case due notice will \ Ll^' that old established FREEHOLD INN, JTjL and Appurtenances, known by the sign of the j George, with coach- house and stabling for forty horses, I convenient offices, excellent water, and a large garden, well planted and cropped, situate iu the parish of Sale- hurst, in tl " county nf Sussex. The premises may be viewed, by applying to Mrs. Hason, the proprietor and occupier, tor upwards of thirty years ( whose advanced age and infirm health, pre- vents her continuance). Further particulars may be known of Mr. C. Geer, Burwash; or of the Auctioneers. Hurst Green is within one mile of the Garrison of Silver hill, two of Robertsbridge, eight of Battle, 16 of Hastings, and 13 of Tunbridge Wells ; and is considered one of the best situations for an Inn in the eastern part of the county. The Mail passes the house every day. The London Stage Coaches call at the door twice every day ; and a Night Coach six times a week. Marshland in Pevensey Level, and Upland in the parish of Wartling. . TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On Wednesday, the 28th day of August, 1811, at the Crown Inn, Hailsham, at five in the afternoon, ( un- less chase by Private Contract) in three lots, LOT 1. A- Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE,' called BOMZILS, situate in the parish of Wartling, in the county of Sussex, comprising a hovel, yard, and about 01 - A. 3oP. ' if arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Parker, jun. of Herstmonceux, whose tenancy wilt expire at Old Lady- day, 1814. N. B. The above lit includes about lnA. IR. GP. of woodland, well stocked with thriving timber trees and fellows, for the growth of which the soil is fertile and kindly. LOT it. . Four Pieces of Freehold Marsh Land, situate in • Pryenscv Level, in the parish of Pevensey, adjoining the road leading from Down- Ash to Horse- Eye, con- taining about 4 1 A. 311. I a P. with the sheep and bullock pound thereon standing. LOT III. Two Pieces ( formerly in four) of very valuable rich Freehold Marsh Laud, containing about 13 A. ioP. situ- ate in the parish of Pevensey aforesaid, adjoining Lamp- ham Drove, and situate near the high road leading from Pevensey to Wartling Hill. Lots and 3, are now in the occupation of Mr. Miller Bristow, of Westham, whose tenancy will expire at Old Lady- day. IsU. The above estates may he viewed, oil application to the respective tenants. , Printed particulars may be hid. in due time, of the Auctioneers, and at the Crown Inn, Hailsham; and further particulars known at the office of Mr. Morgan, Solicitor, Hurstperpoint; and the Rev. George Hay- garth's, at the Vicarage- house, Ditcheling, where also a map of the estate may be seen. Kent and Sussex Freehold, Copyhold, and Leasehold Estates. Land Tax Redeemed, with early possession. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, At the George Inn, Rye, on Saturday, the 31st Day of August, 1811, at Three o'clock in the afternoon ;— the following Lots: LOT I. AVERY DESIRABLE FREEHOLD FARM, comprising a Messuage or Tenement, Barn. Oasthouse, and other Buildings ; and several pieces of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land; containing by estimation 15 Acres more or less, situate in the Parish of Wittersham, in the Isle of Oxney. and County of Kent; now in the occupation of Mr. William Dengate. LOT If. A piece of Freehold Woodland, called virriers; con- taining by estimation 11 Acres, more or less; situate in the Parish of Iden, in the County of Sussex. LOT III. A Freehold piece of Land, parcel of Broad Oak Farm; containing by admeasurement 6 A. oft. - 36 P. called the Highfield, situate in the Parish of Brede, in the County of Sussex, and adjoining the Turnpike Road, leading from Broad Oak to Ewhurst, LOT IV. A Freehold piece of Land, other part of Broad Oak Farm; containing by admeasurement 5A. OR. 23P. called the Digfield, situate in the Parish of Brede aforesaid, and adjoining the High road leading from Brede to Broad Oak, and the Turnpike Road, from Broad Oak to Ewhurst. LOT V. Two pieces of Freehold Land, ( also part of Broad Oak Farm,) containing together by admeasurement 7A. 1R, 16P. called the Great Roger* and the Little Rogers, situate also in the Parish of Brede, and adjoining the High- road leading from Bede Hill to Broad Oak. LOT VI. Four Pieces of Freehold Land ( likewise part of Broad Oak Farm) containing together by admeasurement I2A. iR. : H> P. called the Green Field, the Kiln Field, the Four Acre Field, and the Shaw; situate in the Pa- rish of Brede aforesaid, and adjoining the Turnpike, Road leading from Broad Dak to Rye. LOT VII. The remainder of the Farm, called Broad Oak comprising a Messuage, Barn, Oasthouse, Lodges, and oilier Buildings, Garden, Orchard, and six several pieces or parcel of Land, called the Barn Meadow, the Lower Meadow, the Hop Garden Field, the Little Field, the Barnes Field, and the Oast Meadow ; containing together by admeasurement 19A. 2R. 37P. situate in Brede, adjoining the Turnpike Road ; leading from Broad Oak to live, and also the Road leading from Broad Oak to Northiam. LOT VIII. Four Freehold Messuages tit Tenement., ( two of which are used in Two Dwellings each) Gardens, and Premises together with an old established pottery and Rrick Yard ; comprising Pot, Brick, and Stone Kilns; Warehouses, Clay Mills, and other Buildings, surrounded by about Ten Acres of Pasture Laud. Also a piece of Woodland, called the Great Park Wood, containing by admeasurement 1116A. sjR. 361'. ( more or less) adjoining the Pottery, and contiguous to the High Road, leading from Bride Hill to Broad Oak. LOT IX. A Freehold Messuage, in Two Dwellings, with a Gar- den and piece of Land thereto belonging, containing by estimation half an Acre, ( more or less,) situate at Brede Hill in the Parish of Brede, and now in the oc- cupation of James Baker. LOT X. A Copyhold Messuage or Tenement ( in Two Dwel- lings,) with a Garden, and about half an Acre of Land, situate near the entrance to Stub Lane, " in the Parish of Brede, adjoining the Turnpike Road, leading from Broad Dak to Rye, and now in the occupation of Tho- mas Giles, and Stephen Watson. LOT XI. A Leasehold Cottage and piece of Land, containing about three quarters of an Acre, situate on Chatham Green, in the Parish of Udimore, in the County of Sussex, now in the occupation of Richard Christmas. Mr. Dengate, of Wittersham, will shew Lot I.*,. and for viewing the property in Brede and Iden, apply to Mr. Thomas Ades, or Mr. John Ados, of Brede. Descriptive particulars are preparing, and may shortly be had of Mr. Dengate, Mr. Thomas Ades, and Mr. John Adesl; at the Office of Messrs. Lucas shad- well, and Co. Hastings; and of the Auctioneers, Lewes. Framfield Place. TO RE SOLD. BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, At the Star Inn. in Lewes, 011 Saturday, the 7th day of Sept. 1811, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, IN EIGHT LOTS. ALL that elegant MANSION HOUSE, called FRAMFIELD PACE ( part of which has been lately re- built, and the whole is put into complete repair) with convenient offices stables, coach- house, fish- ponds, bailiff's cottage, and about 70 acre, of exceeding good meadow and coppice land, lying in Framff'eld, in the county of Sussex, late in the occupa- tion of the Rev. Richard Rideont, LOT 11. A barn, and about 120 acres of land, arable, mea- dow, pasture, and coppice, lying in Framfield aforesaid, and adjoining to Lot 1, now in the occupation of . Mr. Wm. Kenward, as a yearly tenant. LOT lit A newly erected Messuage or Tenement, with a cot- tage, barn, close, and about 18 acres of laud, also in Framfield aforesaid, and now in the several occupa- tions of the said William Kenward, — Hart, ami—• Garret, respectively, as yearly tenants. LOT IV. A Cottage or Tenement, with a small garden, and ap- purtenances, situate in Framfield- street, now in the occupation of Michael Brooker. LOT V. A Cottage and Garden, situate in Framfield street, now in the occupation of — Pankhurst. LOT VI. A Blacksmith's Shop, in full trade, situ ate near the Street, in Framfield aforesaid, now in the occupation of John Hills. LOT VII. All the Manor of Ludlay, with the quit- rents, royal- ties, and appurtenances thereto belonging: And also an excellent Farm- House., with the barns, stables, buildings, farm, and appurtenances thereto be- longing, called Ludlay Farm, situate in the parish of Sehneston, in the said couuty, containing by estimation 24SA; 3R. 3iP.' now let 10 Mr. James Hudson, upon lease, which expires at Michaelmas 131b. LOT VI11. A Farm House, lately converted into two tenement, with the barn, stable, buildings, and land thereto In— longing, situate in Selmeston aforessrd, called by the name or Green- house Farm, containing by estimation, 4iA. lit. ItiP. now in the occupation of Mr. Trayton Payne, under an agreement for seven years, expiring at Michaelmas, IS17. N. B. The whole of the above Estates will be sold foe the life of the proprietor ( aged 53) except lots 3 and 4, and about three acres of laud, part of Lot 1, which will be sold in fee. ^ Immediate possession may be had of Lot 1. The Estates may be viewed ( with tickets) and further particulars known upon application to Mr. John Milder, of or to Mr. E. Verral, attorney- at law. Lewes. / FRAMFIELD PLACE, SUSSEX. Superb furniture, Plate, Linen, Pictures, Wines, Jft- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On the Premises, On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday* and Wedne> day, the llth, i* tlt, 13th, 16th, 17th, and 18th of September, JtJll, to begin each morning ai eleven o'clock, rpHE entire elegant and modern FURNITURE. iL sideboard of plate, a very valuable and scarce collection of paintings and prints, rare old chinaman ex- tensive literary of elegant bound books; a cellar of choice old wines, green- house plants', husbandry implements, and other valuable effects of the Rev. Richard Hide- out, of Framfield Place, near Uckfield, in the county of Sussex. Catalogued may be had 14 days prior to the sale, of Mr. Drayton, Auction Mart, London; Maidenhead, Uckfield ; Swan Inn, East Grinstead ; Sussex Tavern, Tunbridge Wells; Swan Inn, Hayings; Libraries at Brighton and Seaford; Mr. Hilder, Robertsbridge ; on the premises and of the Auctioneers, Lewes, Sussex. The effects to be viewed two days prior to the sale only. Freehold Residence, Brighton. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, At the Old Ship Tavern, on Wednesday, August 1811, at seven o'clock in the evening, AGenteel FAMILY RESIDENCE, with how front, pleasure ground, and side entrance, de- lightfully situated in Upper Rock Gardens, in the town of Brighton, commanding a most extensive view of the Sea and Downs, and immediately lacing East Lodge, the residence of the Earl of Egremont. The premise, which are in excellent repair, consist on the basement, of a good front kitchen boarded, a back kitchen paved with Portland stone, scullery, an arched ccal cellar, paved yard, and convenient offices; on the ground floor, breakfast and dining particulars; on the first floor, a drawing room, with balcony and vi." randa, and chamber behind; on the. second floor, two sleeping rooms ; and two good attics over. The whole fitted up in a superior style, with force pump, water closet, & C, The fixtures, which are adapted to the premise?, be taken at a fair valuation* The premises to be viewed, and printed particulars had, seven days previous to the sale, by applying to Mr. Attree, at his general Estate and Agency Office, North street, , Brighton. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY MR. ATTREE, At the Royal Oak; Inn, St. James's- street, on Thursday, the 29th day of August, 1811, at 12 o'clock at noon, by order of the Assignees of John Philcox, a Bank- rupt, the following" properly, without reserve, Lor i. \ Substantial Leasehold MESSUAGE. xJL in the occupation of Mr. Philcox, situate near Saint James's- street. LOT A, A large PIECE of GROUND, used as a Car- penter's Yard, with extensive workshops, and every requisite convenience for carrying on the trade of a carpenter and joiner, also situate near Saint James's- street, in the occupation of Mr. Philcox. LOT 3. A piece of Land, containing upwards of three acres,. tenantry measure, lying in the sixth fur- loner, near the Rock Brewery, and the end of St. James's- street, most desirably situated either for an en- closed field, a garden, or for building;. ' Also, several Messuages, a Ground- rent, well secur- ed, and other property, deserving attention. The premises may be viewed on application to Mr. John Philcox, near the New Steine ; and further parti- culars had of Mr. Mills, at the Old- Bank ; of . Mr. C. Withe, Lewes; at the office of Mr. Hill, Brighton; and of the Auctioneer, who will also deliver printed parti- culars, ten days previous to the sale. Rich. Marsh Lund for Sale. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. NEVE, At the Royal Oak, at Brookland, in Kent, on Wednesday, the 28th August, IS 11, between the Hours of Three and Four o'clock in the Afternoon, unless an ac- ceptable offer for treaty by Private Contract is mado in the mean time, of which, if it happens, the earliest notice will be given, ALL that Freehold Piece of Rich MARSH LAND, called Tansay Field, containing by it late admeasurement, 33\. oil. 32P. situate in Brookland and in the possession of Messrs. Terry, the Proprietors. This Field adjoins Guldeford- Lane, and lies in Wa1- land Marsh, and is supposed to be superior, or at least equal in goodness for fattening Cattle to any in Romney Marsh. The Outgoings are very low and the Scots seldom exceed 6d. per acre per annum. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. For Particulars, apply to Mi. Terry, Westbrook Lydd ; Mr. Terry, at Fairfield; Mr. William, Terry, at Brenzett; or at the Office of Messrs. Woollett and Danes, Rye. i Postscript. FROM SATURDAYS LONDON GAZETTE ADMIRALTY- OFFICE. AUGUST IC, LSLL. Copy of a Letter from Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, Bart. late Commander- in- Chief of tiis Majesty's Ships and Vessels in the Mediterranean, to John Wilson Croker, Esq. Secretary to the'. Admiralty, dated San Josef, off Toulon, 5th July, lSll. SIR, . , THE Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty will he informed by my Dispatch. No, log, of the 4: h ultimo, of the state of atTiiis in Catalonia up to the 24th May. 1 have now the honour to transmit accounts of the further events in that quarter to the 1st instant, contained in the accom panying extracts of communications from Captains Codrington and Adam, and Lieutenant- Colonel Green, by which tlveii Lordships will regret _ to to see tba' the last accounts brought me this day bv the Volontaine state the Town of Tarragona to have been stormed, taken, and set fire to by the French force under Suchet, oh the 2Sth July. 1 have the honour to b", & c- ( SIGNED) CHARLES COTTON. [ Here follow several extracts numbered from I to 7, containing statements of the situation of the Town of Tarragona up to the date of that which follows, closing the eventful narrative.] BLAKE, OFF TARRAGONA, 29TH JUNE, 18) 1. SIR, Yesterday morning, at dawn of day, the French opened their fite Upon the town ; about half past five in the afternoon a breach was made in the works, and the place carried by assault immediately afterwards. From the rapidity whb which ijjey entered, I fear they met with but little opposition; and upon the Barcelona side a general panic took- place. Those already without the walls Stripped, and endeavoured to swim off to the ship- ping, while those within were seen sliding down' the face of the batteries ; each party thus equally endangering their lives more than they would . have done by a firm resistance to the enemy. A large mass of people, some with muskets and lonie without, then pressed forward along the road, suffering themselves to be fired upon by about twenty French, who continued running beside rhein at onlv a few yards distance. At length ihey were stopped entirely, bv a volley of fire from one small party of the enemy, wdio had entrenched themselves at a turn of the road, supported by a second a little higher up, wjv> opened a masked battery of two field pieces. A horrible butchery Jthen ensued ; and shortly after the remainder of these poor wretches, amounting to about 3000, tainelv submitted to be led away prisoners by as many hundred French. [ Here follows a statement of the assistance rendered by the ships' launches, & c. to the suf- ferers, from 500 to ( Jim of whom were brought , of! to the shipping. — In this humane service, and even while the British were taking off the wo- men. children, and wounded, they were assailed fcy the shot and shells of the enemy, without the , least intermission.') It is impossible to detail in a letter all that has passed during this short but tragic period; but humanity has given increased excitement 10 our • exertions. Our own ships, as well as the transports, have been the receptacles of the miserable objects which saw no shelter but in the English squadron ; and you will see by the orders which we have found it necessary to give, that we have been called upon to clothe the naked, and feed the starving, beyond the regular rules of our service. 1 have the ho- nour to be, & c. ( Signed) EDW.. CODRINGTON. Captain Codrington fnither states, that he had received intelligence that General Contreras was wounded and made prisoner, and that the general personally silstinguistiert himself; ftiat the gover- nor ( Gonzalez), with a handful of men, defended, himself to the last, and was bayonetted to death in the square near bis house: thai man, woman, and child were put to the sword upon the French first entering the town, and after wards all those found ^ in uniform or. with arms in their houses: and that many of the women, and young girls of ten years old, were treated in the most inhuman way; and that after the soldiers had satisfied their lust, many of them, it was reported, weie thrown into the flames, together with the badly wounded Spaniards; one thousand men had been left to destroy the works : the whole city was burnt to ashes, or would be so, as the houses were all set fire to, the only chance in their favour was the calm weather and the sudden inarch of the French, by which houses might escape. ' s Total return of killed and wounded of his Majesty ( Ship, Centaur — i Seamen killed; l Lieutenan ( Henry Ashworth) 1 Quarter- Master, 1 Seaman' wounded. J. C. WHITE, Captain. BANKRUPTS. James Murray, Nottingham, hosier . James Waugh, Lamb's Conduit- street, haberdasher Charles Dufrene and John Penny, Nottingham, haberdashers .— John Kay, Cheetham, Lancaster, cotton- manufacturer. — Benj. Butler, Painswick, Gloucester, clothier. — John Read, Gospel- Oath, Stafford, iron- master. — John White and William Sloan, Manchester, millwrights. — Geo. Ludeman, Fore- street, Limehouse, baker.— Thomas Dukes, Radcliffe- highway, slopseller. — Jacob Ridley, Lan caster, merchant — Joseph Leigh, Liverpool, mer- chant. — Joshua Mawlon, Bradford, York, tea- dealer — Clement Hardwick, Wolverhampion, locksmith. — Abraham Hitchin, Wybunbury, Chester, cheese- factor.—— Daniel Solomon, Sion square, White- chapel. — Edward Bishop, Bristol, tape manufac- turer. Stephen Clement Webb, Bath, money- scrivener — Abraham Dean, Old- street.- road, coach- maker.— Richard Crawford, Lambeth, victualler.— Thomas Freeman, Aldermanbury, warehouseman. — Sidney Clarke, Marchmont - street, Brunswick- square, plumber and glazier. — John Peltier, Duke- Street. Portland- place, merchant. LONDON, ( SUNDAY5); The following Bulletins have been issued during tile week : Windsor Castle, Sunday, Aug. 11. His Majesty had several hours sleep in the night, and is this morning much as he was yesterday. Monday, Aug. 12. There is no alteration in his Majesty's symptoms. ' Tuesday, Aug. 13. His Majesty is not better to- day. Wednesday, Aug. 14.. There is no improvement in his Majesty's symp- toms to- day. Thursday, Aug. 13. There is no alteration in his Majesty's symptoms since yesterday. Friday, Aug. 16. The King has recovered his usual good appetite, but is is feared bv the Doctors, that it operates to increase his mental malady. Saturday, Aug. 17. His Majesty continues altogether in the same state as he has done for some time past. The following is an extract of a letter from an Officer on board one of the ships which compose Sir Joseph Yorke's squadron.— « ' Lat 44.45. N— Long 19,10. W. " We have at length got a fair wind, and are now steering ' a direct course for America, carrying all . sail, ard extending our line, chasing every thing we see. Whether we are bound to America or not, time only can tell." A Mail from Anholt arrived yesterday. It has brought deplorable accounts of the situation of every part of the Continent. No trade— no ma- nufactures— estates rapidly falling in value, while the burthens upon them are increasing. LEWES, AUG. 19, 1811. The Lord Bishop of this Diocese has collated the Rev. Joseph Francis Fearon, A. M. F. A. S. to the Prebend of Ferring, in his' Lordship's Cathedral of Chichester. ; . it At the assizes for Surrey, which ended at King- stone, on Thursday last, seven prisoners were ca pitallv convicted, and received sentence of death, viz. John Frith, shoe- maker, aged 20, for a felony in tile dwelling house of John Depeck, of Newing- ton — William Harris, 28, labourer, and George Lulan, butcher, for robbing William Maggs, of a metal watch, 011 the King's highway, at St. George's, Southwark. — John Clark, labourer, 25, for assaulting John Roffey, 011 the highway at Chal- den, with an intent to rob him.-' — George Tayler, labourer, 32, for stealing a trunk, containing sun- dry articles, of the value » f <£ 30, the property of Ann Stark, of Thorp. — William Back- shall, but- cher 85, removed by habeas corpus, from Hor- sham gaol, for stealing a brown mare, the proper- ty of , John Tyler.— And Hufton White, labourer 40, for being found at large before the expiration of the term for which he was sentenced to be transported. A detainer was lodged against him, under a suspicion of his being concerned in the robbery of the Glasgow Bank The above unfor- tunate offenders were all reprieved before the judges left the town. John Read, paper- hanger, aged 27, convicted of stealing a bill of exchange from the person of George Fraas, was sentenced to transportation for life. — William Edward Turner, pawnbroker, at Newington; 29, for receiving in pledge from Ann Sting comb, 2.) pair of shoes, knowing them to have been stolen, * S'as sentenced to transportation for the term of fourteen years — Thomas Rice, ba- ker, 22, for feloniously breaking into, and bur- glariously breaking out of the dwelling- house of James Thomas, of St. George's, Southwark;— T. Chapman, Tinman, and Richard Hemmington, for stealing a hat, the property of Roger Kavan, of Lambeth 5— and George Feels, butcher, aged 14, were severally ordered to be transported for the term of seven years each. Mary Milverton, charged With the murder of William Bright, at Southwark ; arid James Mawley, a. soldier of the driver's corps, indicted for felo- niously killing and slaving his Comrade, were seve rally found guilty of manslaughter. The former was ordered lo stand recommitted for the space of four months; and the latter lo pay a fine of one shilling and be discharged. Mary Brill, arraigned on the coroner's inquisi- tion, for the murder of her bastard child, was, through some seeming error in wording the inqui- sition, acquitted. Friday afternoon, Wm. DEARLING, Esq. our worthy High Sheriff, arrived heie, to perform the important duties of liis office at the assizes. His equipage and retinue made a highly respectable ap- pearance, and without the least semblance of osten- tation, commanded from every spectator, in their procession down tile town, a degree of reverence which we have not always been accustomed to wit- ness, on similar occasions. The Sheriff entertained Ins javelin gentlemen with a sumptuous dinner, at the Star Inn, where, 011 the removal of the cloth, his liberality was evinced by the pines, champagne, & c. with which the table was covered. After din- ner they wtnt out to meet the Judges. whi » arrived, in the Sheriffs carriage, about six o'clock. The Commission was opened at nine 011 the fol- lowing morning, after which the Judges went lo Church, and heard an excellent sermon preached on the occasion, bv the Sheriff's chaplain, the Rev. Mr. Blake, and on their return, immediately pro- ceeded to business, Lord Ellenborough in the Crown Court, and the Chief Baron in that of Nisi Prius. The gaol calendar exhibited fifteen priso- ners for trial, five of whom were capitally convict- ed and received sentence of death, viz.— James Parker, aged 20, for feloniously breaking and entei ing the dwelling- house of John Furner, in the parish of Heathfield, and stealing therein, divers articles of wearing apparel and linen, of tire value of twenty shillings, tlie property of the said John Furner. William Legg, alias Gibb, for stealing in a field, in the parish of Lingfield, in Surry, four wether- sheep, of the value of six pounds, the property of Robert Bristy. Thomas Warren, an accomplice, was- admitted an evidence, and discharged. Jacob Kiobossy, a Polander, and a deserter from the French army, to the King's German Legion, aged - 2fi, for burglariously hi raking and entering the dwelling- house of Thomas Wedd, of Bexhill, with an intent to steal. Elizabeth Hazelden, aged 15, for feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling- house of John Munn, of Bexhill, labourer, and stealing therein seven shillings, in silver, a tea caddy, three petti- coats, half a hard of muslin, three yards, and a half of cotton print, a black cloak, and other things, the property of the said John Munn. And William Light, aged 17, for feloniously stealing a dark brown mare, the property of Wm. Bow, of Stoughton. James Richardson, convicted of stealing in the dwelling- house of John Parsons, of West Grinsted two one pound notes of the Sussex and Horsham Bank, five shillings and sixpence in silver, and a canvas bag, was ordered to be imprisoned eighteen months in Petworth house of correction. Charles Limeburner, for stealing in the dwelling house of George. Sargent, of Battle, a one guinea note of the Hastings Bank, was sentenced to two years imprisonment in the house of correction at Lewes. Elizabeth Rider, for privately stealing in the House of Benjamin Harding, esq. of Preston, a gold watch, with chain and seals, was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment, in Lewes House of Correction. John Batis Shuckard, the swindler, for a frand 011 Mr. Leonard Shuckard, master of the Old Ship tavern, at Brighton, under circumstances detailed in our last, was sentenced to six months imprison- ment in Horsham gaol, that being the greatest pu- nishment the Court could inflict. We understand a detainer is lodged against him, for having ob- tained, of a gentleman, under false pretences, the go d watch which we stated to have been found con- cealed under his' rupture truss, on searching h m iti our house of correction. James Lanbellia, 38, for firing two pistols, load- ed with powder and ball, at William Venal, She- riff's Officer, in the parish of Littlehampton, was acquitted. As was Esau Sparkes, charged on the Coroner s inquisition with manslaughter. The bills of indictment preferred against Samuel Quinnell, for bigamy ; and John Richards, aged 13, for horse- stealing, were returned by the Grand Jury, IGNORAMUS, George Bowler, alias Bowling, committed on suspicion of bestiality wi. h a cow, wadischarged, no one having appeared to prosecute him. = The above capital convicts are all reprieved, y. On the civil side, ig Causes' wei'c entered ; two of which were withdrawn, and seven tried 011 Satur- day, bn, t none of them proved of sufficient interest to render them worthy of recording. Nine remain for trial this day, five of which - are to- be heard before special juries, but we understand, that not jnore than two or three of them are likely to occupy much time. The Court will open at Seven o'clock. • The Judges 011 the home circuit have manifested great mercy, not having left a single offender for execution. ... > ;• Last Monday, a royal salute was fired on Cliff hill, by the artillery, at Ringmer, in honor of the anniversary of ( he Prince Regent's. natal day. A small detachment from the 4th Dragoons in Portugal, composed principally of the non- com- missioned officers of two troops, which the fate of war has subjected that regiment to the reduction of, marched into this town, oil their route to the depot at Canterbury. . Colonel Leighton, well known here, who had one day the command of the regi- ment, at the battle of Albuera, , they report, dis- tinguished himself in a very gallant manner. The following copy of an inventory of Farming- Stock, on a farm at Newick, taken in the year 1737, will shew, in a striking point of view, the diffe- rent value, ( or rather nominal value) of some of those animals and effects which constitute the np- cessariesof life:— :. • : v An INVENTORY of - the Goods and Chattles of Marga- ret Jenkin, Widow, lately) distrained for rent and ar- rears of rent, { toe to Lord Mausel, done the 23d day of October, I7 » 7 V' For Eight Oxen - - - - 10 0 Fourteen Cows - 23 o o Four three yr old Heifers - . 6 flu 0 Two three yr old ditto - - - a 5 o Three Steers - - 4 o O' Eight one yr old Cattle - i. 6 8 0 Four Calves and one Yearling - 300 F « r three Horses and one old Mare - f) 10 0 One Mare ft" d Colt - - - si 5 0 One small Mare and Colt - - SIS O Five Pigs - - - - t'i80 For the hay. being - 21 acres - - SI 0 O For husbandry implements - - 6 11 6 I1.8 2 t> Our Stock Market, on Tuesday, was well sup- plied, both with neat Cattle and sheep, nearly all of which were briskly disposed of, at good prices. The above market is found, as we always thought it Would be, of great convenience and utility, both to the graziers of whom there are a great number within a distance of eight or ten surrounding miles, and to the butchers at Brighton, Seaford, and other places, where the consumption, as well as at the se- veral circumjacent barracks, is very considerable. At Hailsham market, on Wednesday, there was also a good supply of beef, mutton, and lamb, and a great deal of business was transacted. The prices were from 5s. to Os. per stone. The annual Venison Feast, at Firle, on Thurs' day last, was fully attended. The dinner, wines, and dessert, did great credit to Mr. Leney, under whose direction they were furnished. Our Theatre, which was very well attended during the whole of last week, closes to- morrow evening, with the HEIR, AT LAW, and TOM! THUMB, for the Benefit of the Company, who afterwards take their departure for East Bourne. We hope their success will be equal to their merit, of which they are not deficient, although they may have occasionally appeared to disadvantage, as must be the case in the country, where it generally happens, that all the parts cannot be cast as they should be; convenience takes the place of propriety, and performers are often constrained to assume characters totally foreign to their taste and manners; and this has not rarely been the case with Miss Cummins, in particular; but her ready disposition to make herself useful, sufficiently accounts for it. Mr. and Mrs. Hamerton take a benefit to them- selves this evening. — See Advertisement. A few days since, a poor woman at Seddlescomb, named Benge, with an infant in her arms, fell into her kitchen- fire, supposed in a fit, and was so mise- rably burnt before assistance reached her, that ' tis thought she will, in consequence, be completely deprived of sight; and the unfortunate child was burnt to death I To add to the above melancholy circumstance, a neighbouring woman, in running from the sur- geon's with a bottle of liquid to bathe the parched flesh of Mrs. Benge, in her haste, fell down, broke the bottle, and so terribly cut one of her arms, that the surgeon's attention was called from the first ob- ject of commisseration, to staunch the blood of the wounded woman. On Tuesday last a girl named Morfee, daughter of a fisherman at Hastings, was sadly burnt bv her clothes having caught the flame, whilst in the act of taking a tea kettle from the fire. There are, how- ever, hopes entertained of her recovery. Last Wednesday an infant, named Harmer, whilst sleeping near the gleanings of its mother, in a wheat- field, at Laughton, was run over by a wag- gon employed in carrying the corn, and unhappily killed on the spot. During the storm on the 9th iost. Mr. Shoe- bridge, of Seddlescombe, had a cart horse, esti- mated at fifty guineas value, killed bv lightening. The Celebration of the Prince's Birth- Day, is observed at Bexhill, and some other favors, are, I' r waul of room, postponed till next week. BRIGHTON, AUG. ic>, i8li. The Nobility and Gentry, are respectfully informed that the MASTER of the CERE- MONIES BALL, will be on Monday, the ' iGth instant. W. S. FORTH, M. C. Castle- Rooms, Brighton, Aug. 17. The influx of company here 011 Saturday, was immense; the and grief- giving words of " To be Lett" begin pretty much to disappear from the win- dows of the lodging- houses. His Royal Highness the PRINCE REGENT, it is reported, will shortly honour us with his presence. Last Monday a royal salute was fired fro; it the battery guns in honour of the anniversary of the Prince Regent's Birth- day ; it was answered by four gun b: igs, that were riding off here, one of whichj was full- drest. The 10th Royal Hussars, the Royal Horse Artillery, the Warwick Militia from Lewes barracks, and the North York Militia which is sta- tioned here, were reviewed by Lord C. Somerset' and fired a feu- de- joie Most of the public places in the town were illuminated in the evening; among the most brilliant were Donaldson's library, the Theatre, and the Castle tavern. All his Royal Highness's tradesmen also illuminated on the joy- ful occasion. The officers of his Royal Highness's regt. gave a grand dinner at the Castle Tavern-, to which upwards of seventy persons sat down,. The dinner was most sumptuous-, and consisted of every delicacy of the season. Mr. Tilt tvas justly complimented by the party, for his judicious; ar- rangements, but indre. particularly for the exquisite flavour of the wines with which hii' served them. • The Ball at the above tavern in the evening was most fashionably and numerously attended. A sermon was prettied yesterday evening, to a numerous congregation, by the Rev. J. Styles, on the much- lamented death of die Rev T Spencer. The Theatre continues to attract numerous and fashionable audiences; The HONEY- MOON and the BLIND BOY, is announced for Tuesday, when a full house is anticipated. • A verbal challenge was one day last week given by a military character of some notoriety, to a gen- tleman of this town, whilst walking in Castle square. The insult the Son of Mars complained of, was a glance from the optics of JOHN BULL, who, how- ever treated the challenge with the contempt it de- Served. The church- yard was the appointed spot for the meeting, where the disappointed MAN of WAR, meditated ALONE, among the tombs, until Im sunk into so melancholy a mood, . that ' tis said " he shed tears fast as Arabian trees, do their me dicinal gums." On the 10th instant was seized at Pevensey, bv Mr. Cruttenden, riding- officer of customs, stationed there, the stage coach and horses that run to and from Brighton and Hastings, on its Way to the for- mer place, for conveying contraband good's directed to persons at Easbourn aiid . Brighton. The whole were taken to his Majesty's Custom- hous, at East- Bourne. The Contractor for - the - present Lottery lias wisely chosen three objects to ensure the Sale of } iisr: Tickets:— In the first place, the Lottery contains' only 13,500 Tickets, instead of 20,000 as usual ; in the next place,. the Tickts are only 19 Guineas instead of 221. 10s. or 231 and in the next the lowest prices are 20l. instead of 16I. as was the case in the last lottery, The time for sale is short, but the application must be the quicker, as the whole Lottery will be drawn the 2 jd of October. THEATRE. LEWES. LAST NIGHT BUT ONE. For the Benefit of Mr. and Mrs. HAMERTON. THIS present Evening, Monday August 1[), A will be presented, THE GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. With THE REVIEW. LAST NIGHT. On TUESDAY, August 20, THE HEIR AT LAW, TOM THUMB. With other Entertainments. Boxes, 3s. Cd Pit., 3<: Oil Is "- 1 THEATRE, EASTBOURNE. MESSRS. JONAS and PENLEY, respect- fully inform the Nobility and Gentry of Eastbourne., likewise the Gentleman of the Army, that this Theatre will open on Thursday next, August 22, with THE HONEY MOON, . ROSIN A, And other Entertainments. On SATURDAY, A US. 94. THE WAY TO GET MARRIED, And, THE TURNPIKE GATE. Boxes 4S. Pit and "> Slips 2s- Gal. Is. Curacy ; or da exchange of Preferment. AValuable LIVING, 11). « t desirably situated, 011 the north side of the Metropolis, with a good house, garden, & c. is wished to be exchang- ed for one near the coast. Or a CURACY, with a Commodious house, near the sea, Would be equal- ly eligible. A letter addressed, postage paid, to A. B. No. 4, St. James's- street, Brighton, will be duly at- tended to. WANTED, in a Farm House, where the fa- mily is small, a steady, middle- aged Wo- man, as HOUSEKEEPER. She will have a ser- vant under her, and if a widow the more desir- able. Apply, ( if by letter, postage paid, to Mr. LEE, Printing- Office, High- street, Lewes. WANTS a Situation, as BAILIFF, & c. a Man » nd his Wife, who have been brought up in the farming line; can have undeniable characters. Can keep nc£ orti|, ts.—— Enquire at Mr. Panuatt's, Nuthurst Lodge, near Horsham, Sussex. WANTED Immediately. — A sober, steady man, as Journeyman FELMONGER, one who is capable of taking the management of a small yard, may have constant employ and good wages, by applying to Mr. Arthur Lee, Printer, School- Hill, Lewes. BRIGHTON. MADAME CLANCHETTINI, ( Sister of Mr. DUSSEK,) HAS the honour to acquaint the Nobility and Gentry, that she will continue, as usual, to give instructions on the Piano Forte, from July to January, at No- 32, High- street- Families attended at their own residencef. DANCING. THE MISSES DENNETS,' OPERA- HOUSE PUPILS of Mr. D'EGVILLE, yielding to the re- quest of several families of distinction, who have been pleased lo honour their public exertions with the most flattering testimonies of approbation, have made such arrangements as will enable tbrm, during tin ir short stay, to give private lessons in the polite art « F DANC- ING, together with PRINCIPLES of POSITION, pecu- liarly calculated to proitucc in young Ladies an easy and elegant personal deportment, alike essential iu the drawing- room or dancing assembly. Particulars may be known by application NoJ at, West' street. BRIGHTON LAMB FAIR. THE above Fair will be held, on the Level on Wednesday, the 4th of September next Wattles will be provided by JOHN STREETER who requests orders may be sent him as early as possible, 10 prevent disappointment " GUESTLING FAIR, WILL be on FRIDAY, the 30th of August Mil. There will be a Shew of South Down Sheep and Lambs, penned for sale, its Usual. Dinner 011 table, at the White Hart Inn, at two o'clock. ' H. HUMPHRY'S PETITION. HHUMPHRY begs to return his sincere • thanks to those individuals who so- charitably came forward to relieve him, in the expences of the re- pairs of bis Dwelling- house, which was umeh damaged by the violent thunder- storm, lytli July, itsu. Horsham, Aits:, 13, 1311. TO BE SOLD, TWO brace of staunch POINTERS; and also H two brace of young Pointers, that have been well broken, and are at command, and have had some gaze killed to them. Enquire of Mr. Geo. Hammond, Cock, South- water, near Horsham, Sussex. TO SPORTSMEN. For Sale at Mr. G. H. VERRALL'S Cliff ACapital Staunch POINTER. stands and backs well, has homed two seasons, and is well known ifi the neighbourhood. Price Ten Guineas. Also a good plain stubb twisted double bar- relled. Gun, price Five Guineas. GAME'. NOTICE is hereby given. That all unqualified L^ i Persons, who. shall he found shooting or otherwise sporting; on any of the' manors or lands lying within the parishes of Glynde and Bedding-, ham, near. Lewes will be prosecuted as the law directs. And that prompt measures will he pur- sued for redress, against any QUALIFIED person or persons who may hereafter he found trespassing upon any of the manors or lands aforementioned. HAMPDEN, T. CARR. Aug 17, iRi 1 THE Creditors of EDWARD AUGER, of A. Eastbourne, in the County of Sussex, Gen- tleman, are desired to meet at I fie Lamb Inn; Eastbourne, on Friday, the 23d instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, in Order to take intci consideration the state of his affairs, CHAS. GILBERT, WM. HARISON, RICHD. HART. Eastbourne, August 16, 181,1. THE Creditors of Mr: WILLIAM FULLER JL late of Lewes, butcher, are requeued to meet at tlte. White Hart Inn, in Lewes aforesaid, on Saturday, ' the 24th day of August instant, at six o'clock in the even- ing, in order to isike into consideration the best mode of settling his affairs. Lewes, 17tit . August, IS I L NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THE . Reverend, tk Gilbert Cooper, late of Ewhurst, in the county of Sussex, having* assigned Ins estate and effects to Mr. Thomas Hilder, of Nor- tbiam, and Mr. Thomas, Barton. of Battle, in trust I, J(, r the benefit of. certain of bis creditors. All persons who have any demands 011 the said Mr. Cooper,' are requested to send the particulars thereof without delay to tlie ba d Thomas Hilder, or Thomas Barton'. August iC>, 1 si 1. A a. Page, of Newhaven, in the county of Sussex, Grocer, Draper, dealer and chapman. to, a Bankrupt, are requested to 1 > ! v their respetive debts to Mr. George Osmond, nt Newhaven, who is. authorised to receive the Manic, by the Assignees, of the estate and effects of the said Thomas Page. NOTICE. to DEBTORS and CREDITORS. ALL Persons indebted to lite Estate of Mrs. Barbary NewnHam, late of Framfield, deceased, are requested to pay the amount of their respective debts to. Mr. E'ruard, or Mr. Stapley, of Framfield, aforesilid. And nil persons having any claim on the said Estate, are desired lo deliver in their accounts a, above, in order to their being settled. Notice to the Creditors of Mr. John Pooke, deceased. ALL persons who have any dan a nils 011 the Es- tate of Mr. John Pooke, lute of Sale burst, in the county of Sussex, deceased, are requested forthwith to deliver their accounts to Miss Pooke, one of the execu- tors, at the Deceased late dwelling- house, near Sale- hurst church. — Salehurst, 3: 1th July, tail. MR. WM. NEWNHAM, of Southwick, Mil ler, having assigned over his estate and effect* to Trustees, for the benefit of his Creditors, nil persons * ho have any demand no his estate, are requested to attend at the office of Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyuing, to execute the Deed of Assignment, mid to deliver 11 particular of their demands before the t) ib day of September next, or they will be excluded front thc- ir claims on the dividend ; and nil persons who are indebted to the said estate, are desired forthwith to pay their several debts to Messrs. Mar- hall and Verrall, 11- above . Stevning, 1 r> tb August. 1 f I , IVA litiving assigned o'er bin estate and etl'ecu t.< Trustees, for the benefit of his Creditors, all persons who have any demands on his estate are requested to attend at the office of Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning, to execute the Deed of Assignment* and 10 deliver a particular of their demands before the gib day of September next, or they will be excluded from their claims 011 the dividend • and all persons who are indebted to the said estate ure desired forthwith to pay iheir several debts to Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, as above.—•— Steyning, 1Mb August, isi 1. August 1- 2, 1SI I. Speedily will be published, APORTRAIT of the late Rev. THOMAS SPENCER, Newington Chapel. Liverpool, engraged from a drawing made by EDM. SCOTT, Portrait Engraver to his Royal Highness the PRINCE REGENT. Size of the plate, ten inches by eight. Proof impressions 10s. Cd. Prints 5s. The drawing was done from sittings which Mr. Scott had of the late Mr. Spencer, during li s vi- sits to Brighthelmston; it is esteemed a striking likeness, and as the utmost exertions are employed in the execution of the plate, it is presumed that the possession of the Portrait, will be desired by those who were acquainted with the talents, and virtues of that interesting youth, and who lament his untimely death. Names of subscribers received by Mr. Williams, Stationer's Court; Carter and Sons, Royal Ex- change; and Mr. Conder, Bucklersbury, London j also by Mr. Hay, Mr. Gore's, Castle- street, and at Messrs. Taylor and Co. Church- street, Liverpool ; and 10. Scott, Brighthelmston. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, Situate in Mailing- street, Lewes, AFreehold DWELLING HOUSE, compris- ing a Shop in front, a parlour, pantry, two- chambers, one garret, and a convenient wash- house, with an oven. Further particulars may be known by applying to Mrs. Mockfoid, the proprietor, OH the pre- mises ANY Gentleman who has a family, wishing for a genteel residence near the sea, having con- venient offices, garden', and stable, may be accom- modated with one, nmv in the possession of Chas." Warburton, Dissenting Minister, situated in St. Luke's Lane, Newhaven, which premises- are now to be sold. For further particulars apply lo Mr. Warbur- ton. BRIGHTHELMSTON. To Grocers, Linen Drapers, Haberdashers, & c. TO BE LET. By the Year, ( or the remainder i- f the Lease will be disposed of if required), ACommodious SHOP and DWELL1NG- HOUSE, situate in a very respectable neighbour- hood, nod the most commanding part of West street, being one of the greatest thoroughfares in the town. The premises arc well- calculated for any line of busi- ness. Should the lease be disposed of, the purchase may be accommodated with the adjoining Lodging- house, which commands am uninterrupted view of tLtf- sea. ' Enquire, if by letter, ( post paid) of S. F. Sanders, at . ; tis Academy, Middle- street. PRICE of CORN. — Lewes, Saturday', Aug. 17, Red Wheat - - of4 16 0 to O 0 White Wheat - - • r> 0 o to 0. 11 w Oats-— 1 10 0 to 0 0 ' o J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. Poetry. FOR THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. SONNET, Written an Ridgway Hill, near Weymouth, June 4, 1811. BY CLIO RICKMAN. TRUE. ' lis a PARADISE on every hand, \ nd Nature here, her richest stores hus ven; Commingled every charm of sea, and land, And bade die glowing prospect breath of heaven. All tbT see, with undelighted eve, f, thro' whose breast the tide of raptdre r. ln; Who felt each varied beauty ' neath the sky. Exulting felt, alu! joy'd to he a man. Ah ! now no more hat Nature charms for me, 1 cea^ e ( o admire her, and with tears behold. The landscape rich, the son that thwart the sea Now slanting beams, and tips the hills with gold, All that endear'd this PARADISE to me, O1 my angelic EVE! is flown with THEE. The three vacant blue ribbons, it is now said, will be given by the Prince Regent to Earl Moira. the Duke of Norfolk, and Earl Fitzwilliam. It is said that the French Government has noti- fied to the merchants of Paris, and of the other principal towns, that to prevent the necessity of a clandestine correspondence with England, all letters sent Unsealed to ilie Post- Office at Paris, addressed to merchants in England, will be for-' warded conformably to their address. After this no- tification, no indulgence will he shewn to any per- son detected in a private correspondence with England. The evident reason for this regulation is, that Bonaparte has deemed it necessary to grant a few licenses for ships to trade with this country, under certain conditions; and as this necessarily requires some correspondence, he wishes it to be placed more completely under his controul, Upwards of eight hundred Dutch fishermen have recently made application to the British Govern- ment to be taken undents protection, and have so- licited to be allowed to settle on some part of the east coast of Scotland. The situation o[ these poor men is truly pitiable, the unsettled state of the Continent. having deprived them, for a Ion? time past, of the means of pursuing their peaceful occupations with either safety or success. We are glad to learn that Government, humanely listening to ( heir request, are now devising measures for procuuing a permanent settlement for these useful and industrious people on some part of that coast, and it is underssood that the Idte visit of the Go- vernors of the Merchant Maiden Hospital of Edin- burgh, to fhe town of Peterhead, was connected with this subject. To any one acquainted with the inoffensive disposition and frugal industrious habits of the Dutch fishermen, it is needlers to point out the incalculable advantages which such an acquisition will be to that quarter of the Island. They are infinitely better acquainted with the fishing banks and stations upon the coast than our own fishermen, and the patient labour and econo- my with which they pursue their occupation must render them valuable members of any community. The great body of these fishermen has already ar- rived at Heligoland, and many others on various parts of the Dutch coast are prepared to follow their example. I'lie Nabob of Oude lately gave a grand hunt, to which a number of European Officers were in- vited, and in the course of which not fewer than jwentv large tygers, which had long infested the country, and committed great depredations, were destroyed. Some elephants were, however, wounded in this diversion, and two or three of ( he hunters killed. An European gentleman ( Mr. Collet) was dangerously wounded. An estimate has lately been made, by Imperial edict, of the floating capital of the Empire of China, together with the state of the public trea- suries, by which it appears that there was a su- perabundance of silver in the country beyond ail former example, which determined the Government to extend its circulation to European traders fur a limited period. Mr. Sadler, the Aeronaut, yesterday ascended in his balloon from the Green at the Mermaid, Hackney. He was accompanied by Lieut. Paget, an officer in the navy, who had solicited and ob- tained a place in the car for lOogs At a quarter before thr? e Mr. Sadler and his companion step- ped into the car, and ro « e into the air immediately with great rapidity: they " ere in sight about a quarter of an hour. An immense crowd of peo- ple were assembled in every quarter, where there was any chance of catching a view of the balloon. It was seen distinctlv towards the east from several pa; ts of London a few minutes before three, but was soon out of sight Though the weather was f. tir. vet the day was not remarkably clear, or they would have been visible considerably longer. They took with them, besides life- preservers, grappling- irons, clothing, and ballast, two purple Hags, " bich they continued to wave as tbev pursued their trackless path, in grateful testimony to the reiterated shouts and plaudits of the innumeiable spectators. The aeiial travellers descended in safety within a quarter of a mile of Tilbury Fort, at fo. Ur in the afternoon; having during their voy- age kept nearly the course of the Thames. HEBREW WEDDING.— On Wednesday last, one of the most numerous meetings of Jews took place, at the Cumberland Gardens. Vauxhall, that w< ever witnessed. About three o'clock upwards of four hundred of the most lespcclable of that per- suasion sat down to a most sumptuous dinner pro vided for the occasion, which consisted of every delicacy the season could afford, and which was dressed by their own cooks. After many appro- pi iate toasts and sentiments were given, the com- pany withdrew to the gardens, where, at six o'clock, the marriage ceremony was performed, and two couple were united in the pretence of uptvards of a thousand spectators. The ceremony being em'ed, the happy couple, with their friends, returned to tlie ball room, where they commenced the even- ing's amusement with the dance of " OFF SHE GOES!" in great style. There were upwards of se- venty carriages in the procession, which conveyed the party to dinner. An avalanche took place on the 1- tth June, at Villenauve, in the neighbour hood of the Lake of Geneva. The heavy rain during the preceding month is supposed to have penetrated a part of the mountain in the vicinity of the above town, and detached the summit from its base, as large fissures, three yards in width, were observable tw> weeks preceding. These appearances warned the inha bitants of their danger, and they removed their families and ^ fleets. The prudence of this mea- sure was shortly evinced; for on the 14th at mid- day, the atmosphere being renia'kably serene and clear, < he summit of the Fourches, covered with several hundred trees, suddenly gave way; the concussion was so loud, that the report was heard at the distance of eight miles The ruins occupy a space of one mile and a quarter, including a part of the town of Villenauve. One of the Clerks in the Post- office at Leeds was apprehended on Sunday, charged with secreting a letter, and conveyed to York. A gentleman of the name of Hardiston, an Offi- cer, was shot through the body in a duel witii Captain , betwixt Bagshot and Oakingham, on Saturday, and he died in '. wo hours after. An Officer in the Buffs, who had been on a re- cruiting party, at Newbury, for upwards of two years, w; ts on Tuesday found shot in a coppice on the Andover road. When discovered, he was en- tirely lifeless, and no pistol or other fire- arms could be foiuid. At the late cross- examination at the grammar- school of Dumfries, a young lady, from the parish of Kirkmahoe, supported the honour of Ihe Greek class, and completely demonstrated the fitness of the female faculties for receiving a classical educa- tion. She made Latin and Greek exercises and versions, read Homer with ease, and answered every quest ion which was put to her in philology, antiquity, or grammar, with accuracy and prompt- ness. A butcher, named Bosson, was lately condemned to death, at Perigueux, France, for haying poisoned his father and mother. NOTICE is hereby given, That application \ i intended . to tie made to Parliament, in the next ensuing Session for . onve io bri. g i: i a Bill or Bills, and to obtain an Act or Acts, for repeViipg two acts passed the 33d year of . the reign of Ma late Majesty King George the Second, and '. ? Qtii year of the reign of his present Majesty, for erecting Piers and other works for the. r.,* ci: rity and improvement of the harbour of New Shoreham, in the county of Sussex, and for keep- in." the same in repair; in whjch act or acts, provision is intended t'J be in i'! e - making and maintaining a Dock or Docks, ami to form proper communications from the some ro ihe sea ; and also to the river Adur, by means of a Lock or Locks, anfl a Canal or Canals, and for otherwise improving and rendering more safe and commodious, the harbour of New Shoreham, in the county of Sussex, which said works, or some of them, will be erected or made io the. several parishes of New Shoreham, Old Shoreham, Kingston Bowsey, Southwick, and Lancing, in the. said county of Sussex, or in some or one of them respectively. Ifated this I4th day of August, 1811. KIBBLEWHITE., ROWLAND, and ROBINSON, Solicitors., Gray's Inn Place, London, TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. A LL persons who have anv claims or demands J.\ ( Hi tlu' estate and effecK of Thomas Stone, . late of Stonebridge, in the parish of Framfield, in Sussex, esq. deceased, are requested to transmit an account, thereof to Mr. Wm. Thomas Stone,. of Stonebridge aforesaid; ot- to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Mayfield, in order to their be- ing forthwith discharged. And all persons standing in- debted to the said estate, are desired to pay their re- spective debts to. the said Mr. Wm. Thomas Stone, or Mr. Stone, of Mayfield. By Order of the Executors. 13th August, 1811. TMR Creditors of John Keeping, late of Bur- pham, in the county of Sussex, Brewer, Maltster, dealer and chapman, a Bankrupt, are requested to meet the Assignees of the estate and effects of the said Bank- rupt, on Thursday, the d day of this instant August, at the Norfolk Anns Inn, Arundel, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, to. take into consideration a proposition. v. hich has been made by and on the part and behalf the said Bankrupt, to pay to" the several creditors six shillings and eightpence in the pound, at '. he expiration of eighteen months, to he secured to the several and respective creditors, in such manner as at such meet iug w ill be explained. Dated this p » h day of Aug. 1811. DALLY and BLAGDEN, Solicitors * o the Commission. WE, the Undersigned, now confined in His Majesty's Gaols or Prisons hereafter mentioned, and not being charged in custody on the first day of May, One Thousand eight hundred and eleven, with any debt or debts, sum or sums of money, exocit'dinff io the whole, the sum of Two Thousand Pounds, do hereby give this public notice, that we intend t « > t- tke the benefit « > f an act parsed in th « '. fifty- first yc: u of His present Majesty's reign, intitled, " An Act for the relief of certain Insolvent Debtors in England," and we do hereby give notice, that true and perfect schedules, containing a discovery of all oor real and personal estates, hereafter to be sworn to, are now ready to he delivered to any creditor applying for the same, to the Keepers or Gaolers, or their Deputies of the said prisons, Prisoner in His Majesty's King's Bench Prison. THIRD NOTICE. WALTER LONGDEN, formerly of Blackfriars- road, in the county of Surrey, and late of Petworth, in the county of Sussex, horse- dealer. For ASSURANCE on LIVES, & granting ANNUITIES, rpms office was established in Lombard- street, JL London, in the year 1797, by a numerous and re- spectable Proprietory; and the Board of Directors with confidence, arising from the increased prosperity and permanency of the establishment, as well as from the experience of the usefuluess and benefit to the public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the importance and advantages of Life- Insurance, briefly to suggest some of its leading and peculiar re- commendations to almost every degree and rank in society. Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to all who hold estates for Life, situations and offices, civil, eccle- siastical, or professional; to officers in the army and navy, & c. as by payment of an annual premium, the party insured is enabled to provide for wife, children, or others, whose future welfare he may wish iu vain, by other means to promote. It affords permanent, ultimate security to those who advancc money upon annuities or otherwise. It renders leases determinable on one or more lives, nearly equal in value to freehold estates; as an insurance to the amount of the tine payable on the demise of a party nominated in such leases, will produce the sum required for renewal. It is a cheerful refuge to parties engaged in extensive and speculative undertak- ings,; it affords to persons in trade the certain means of indemnification against a had or doubtful debt; in short, Life Insurance, established in policy, sanctioned by Government, aud confirmed by the teat of experience, is become, to almost every situation of human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable terms, under a special Act of Parliament, granted to this Oitfce. ' THOMAS PARKE, Sec. ^ Company's Agents at Chichester — R. PHILPOTT. Portsmouth J . C. MOTTLEY. Lymington J WEST. Ferry House, near Newhaven Bridge. TO BE LET, At Michaelmas next, HP HE above Premises, which are most admirably A situated for the carrying on of the Coal or Corn Trade. The tenant may be accommodated, if he choose it, with 20 acres of good Brook Land, an es- tablished Brick Yard, in full trade, together with a good Lime Kiln, & c, L'or particulars apply to Mr, J. Bull, land- agent. No. 7, Carlton place, Brighton ; if by Letter, post paid. Henfield, Sussex. TO BE LET, AN excellent Family Residence, either by the year, or for a term of years, to be entered upon at Michaelmas next, a capital Mansion, neatly furnish- ed, situate in the pleasant village of Henfield, in a gen- teel neighbourhood, surrounded by several packs of har- riers, ten miles from Brighton, Worthing, and Horsham with good roads to each.— The premises contain two parlours, drawing room, four best bed chambers, and five attics, servants' hall, kitchen, and requisite offices, together with a garden well stocked with fruit trees, stable and coach house, with or without a few acres of prime meadow land, adjoining the house.— Coaches to and from London pass through Henfield every day. Further particulars maj be known by applying to Mr Vinall, draper, Henfield ; or to J. Bull, Esq. No. 7, Carlton- place, Brighton. Barnet's Place, Sussex. TO BE LET ON LEASE, AND ENTERED ON IMMEDIATELY, \ " Modern- built' comfortable Residence, of a L hand- ome elevation, comprising on the basement an entrance- hall t. » feet by 9. Parlour 15 f" et by ] 5. Dmitig room same. Library 4 5 feet by 10, and drawing- room )£* 1 feet by 15. Pantry, brewhouse, kitchen, scul- lery, and other offices; fhe best bed chambers on the first floor, and on the second four servants' rooms, with capacious cellaring; a large wood house, stabling for nine horses, coach house, four barns, and all other farm buildings, with a large garden and extensive orchard, in prime bearing, and 213 acres of land, consisting'' of ara- ble, meadow, pasture, and wood, together with the cus- tomary right of common over Ashdown Forest. The tenant will have the privilege of sporting over the extensive estate of the proprietor, which is well stocked with game, and may be increased to almost any extent. The furniture m the house, and the whole of the live and dead stock, to be taken at a valuation, according to the custom of the country. Barnet's Place is situate in the parish of West Hoath- ly, distant from London about 34 miles, Brighton 20, East Grinsted 4, and 2 from the turnpike- road from London to Lewes. Further particulars may be had, and tickets to view, by applying to Mr. Jer. Simpson, No. 7, King's Bench Walks, Temple; Messrs. Seton and Plomer, George- street, Adelphi; Mr. C. N. Hastie; and Mr. Fulcher East Grinstead; and of Mr. Martin, on the premises. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, EITHER TOGETHER OR SEPARATELY, ALL those two Messuages or Tenements, with the extensive and convenient Draper's and Gro- cer's Shop, aud the buildings, garden ground, and pre- mises thereto appertaining, situate and being at Beck ley, in the county of Sussex; one of the Messuages and the Shop were lately in the occupation of Mr. John Sisley, and the other Messuage is" now in the occupa- tion of Mr. John Colbran, senior. The situation is deemed superior to any other iu the neighbourhood, for the general way of trade, in the shopkeeping line, the same having been for mauy years carried on there iu a very extensive manner. Also those four Messuages or Cottages, gardens, and premises, situate and iymg also at Beckley aforesaid, adjoining each other, and lying contiguous to the above- mentioned premises. The whole of ihe, premises are freehold, and exone- rated from the land tax. For further particulars, and treaty for the purchase, applications to be made to Mr. John Colbran, senior of Beckley, the proprietor ; Mr. John Norris, of the same place; or Mr. Martin, of Battle. WHEREAS, I SARAH COOTER, of Saint Ann's, Lewes, having been detected in stealing wheat from the sheaves,' in a field of Thomas Tourle, esq. whilst. I was gleaning, and having been charged with the felony, and taken into custody preparatory to an indictment being preferred against effe for the same, I have interceded viiih Mr. Tourle Mot to proceed fur- ther in such prosecution, by promises of never being guilty of such offence again, or of gleauing before the Reaves are removed from the field. 1 do hereby make this public acknowledgment, as a warning to all other persons. SARAH COOTER. Lewes, 17th August, 1811. This day is published, in 2 vols Price 12s. boards. BRIGHTON IN AN UPROAR'I comprising a number of highly curious and original letters, with anecdotes of Sir Timothy Flight, Mr. Abraham Solomon, alias Modish and Family, & c. & c. By MRS. M. MORIARTY. < 4 Truths like these, " Will none offend, whom ' tis a praise 10 please.'" London: Printed for the Author, and sold by H Colburn, Public Library, 50, Conduit- Street, New Bond- street ; Donaldson, Brighton ; and all other booksellers. THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE BY DAY AND MARTIN, LONDON. q^ ms in valuable Composition, v- itU half the u-. ua! hibnnr, produces the mo^ t brilliant jet black ever beheld, nfffirds peculiar nourishment to the leather, will not soil the finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant sine11, and will retain its virtues in any dictate. . Sold wholesale by Day and Martin, No. 79, High- Holborn, London;— find retail, by their agents Baxter, Stationer, Lewes; Virgoe, Basket- maker, Sea Side, Eastbourne: Jordan, and Blaker, Brighton; Blanch, Arundel Binstead, Chichester; and Meryon, Rye;— in stone bottles, is. tid. e:? cb. SODA WATER, & C J SCHWEPPE and Co. be? to inform the No- . bility. Gentlemen of the Faculty, and others, that owing to reiterated complaints of the difficulty ex- perienced in procuring their Soda Water, & c. at Brigh- ton and its vicinity, they have appointed Mr. PITT, Chemist to bis Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Castle- Square; and of Carlton- Place, Surgeon, & c. Sole Agent for their Soda, Rochelle, and artificial mi- neral waters, of whom they may constantly be h id in as great perfection as at their Manufactory, 75, Mar- garet- street, Cavendish- square, London, at the under- mentioned prices. J. S. and Co. have been further induced to make the above appointment, front information that waters not prepared by them, have been sold to the public, as com- ing front their manufactory, s. d. Pints Soda and Seltzer Water, per doz. - - 9 ti Half pints ditto, ditto - - -- -- -- 70 Pints Spa and Pyrmont ditto - - - - - 10 0 Half pints ditto, ditto - — 76 Half pints Rachelle Salt ditto - • . • - 1116 Ditto Seidlitz • - - - 8 C Ditto artificial Cheltenham ditto ... - - io 6 N. B. Ninepence per dozen allowed for returned pint bottles, and sixpence for half pints. BEAUTY OF COMPLEXION IS the highest embellishment of the human form— The Charms of our fair Countrywomen are especially en- hanced by it. npiIE celebrity of Mrs. VINCENTS GOW- JL LAND'S LOTION has been fully demonstrated by its wonderful effects in removing all Scorbutic Eruptions and Cutaneous Disorders of every kind; but as this incomparable specitVc h* s been basely counterfeited, tt is an imperious duty Mrs. VINCENT owes to herself and the public to observe, that every bottle of the REAL GOWLAND'S LOTION U signed l> y herself on the label. Sold by Mrs. Vincent, sole proprietor of Dr. GOW- LAND'S M. S. Recipe, at No. 6, Davies- street, Grosve- aor- square, London ; and in Lewes by Mr. Lee, Printer; snd Mr. Adams; in Brighton by Mrs. Gregory, North- street; Mr. Walker and Mr. Donaldson; Mr. Gilburd and Mr. Phillipson; and by all the most respectable i venders of genuine medicines in Europe, in quarts I 8s. 6d.— pints 5s. 6d.— half- pints 2s. gd. i iCr To prevent counterfeits, observe M. E. VlNCENT ! ou the iabei ou aii that is genuine. TO THE LADIES. TREBLE distilled LAVENDER WATER- patronized by her Grace the Duchess of Marl- borough, her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire, the Rt. Hon. the Countess of Darnley, the Right Hon. the Countess of Liverpool, the Right Hon. the. Countess of Powerscourt, Lady E. Bentinck, Lady Harringtfer, Lady F. Hatton, the Hon. Mrs. Hope, the Baroness Montesquieu, & c. This most fragrant per- fume has received the approbation of the Nobility, ike. front its pure merit, being far superior ill point of fra- grance and delicacy of flavour to any now used. [ t deservedly esteemed a constant companion to the toilet, and may with justice he claimed as one of the first deli- cacies which are most pleasing to the refined taste. Prepared only by H. Christian, Chemist, & c. Canter- bury; and may be had of Mr. Johnston, No. 15, Greek Street, Soho; Rider and Street, No. 9, Dean's- Court, St. Martin, s- le- Grand, London; and of the respectable Perfumers in Town and Country; also of Mr. Stafford, Marine Library, Worthing; Choat and Gregory, Brigh- ton; and W. Lee, Lewes. A WONDERFUL DISCOVERY, Patronized by their Royal Highnesses the PRINCESS OF WALES and DUKE OF SUSSEX, and most of the Nobility. MACASSAR OIL FOR THE HAIR. r[ pHE virtues r> f this Oil, extracted fr « tn a tree A in the Island of Macassar ill the East indies, are far beyond eulogium, fur encreasing the growth of hair even on bald placcs. to a beautiful length and thickness, preventing it falling oil" or changing colour,, to the latest period of life, strenghtening the curl, he- stowing an inestimable gloss and scent, rendering the hair inexpressibly attracting ; nourishing it after sea- bathing, travelling in hot climates, violent exercises, & c. for which it possesses admirable qualities, promotes the growth of whiskers, eve- brows, & c. In tine, it is the first production iu the wot Id for restoring rfnd beauti fying the hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, Such celebrity has it attained, that it is daily honoured with the sanctions of Royalty, Nobility, Gentlemen of the Navy and Army, the Faculty, and public at large. It is innoxious, extremely pleasant in use, and suited t all climates. Price 3s. t) d. per bottle, or l. rge family bottle, containing eight small, with a treatise on the hair, at one guinea each. Sold wholesale and retail by the proprietors Rowland and Son, Kirby- street, Hatton Garden, London; and by appointment wholesale and retail by W. Lee, Lewes; and retail by Gregrory, Saun- ders & Laming, and Walker, Brighton; Binstend, Chi- chester: Wyatt, Little Hampton; and by ull Perfumers and Medicine Venders io every Market Town through- out the United Kingdom. Beware of servile imitations, as the Genuine Macassar Oil has the signatures of the Proprietors, A, Rowland and Son. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE. & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEAVES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, ad Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester ; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GQLDRING, Petworth ; Mr. WHITS, Arundel CHAMPION, HORSHAM ; PALMER, East- Grinsted, Mr MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen. FOR THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. THF, following Letter, written by the great Sir Walter Raleigh, to Prince Henry, Son of James the First, was handed to us by a Correspondent, who thinks it somewhat applicable to the present time. It is extracted from Knox's elegant Epis- tles. " May it please your Royal Highness! , " The following lines are addressed to your Highness from a man who values hi « liberty, and a very small fortnns in a remote part of this island, tinder the present constitution, above ail the itches and honours that he couitl any way enjoy under anvotherestablishment, You see, Sir, the doctrines that are lately cotno into the world, am! how far th « phrase has obtained of calling your Royal Fa- ther, God's Vicegerent, which ill men have turned both to the dishonour of God, and the impeach- ment of his Majesty's goodness They adjoin Vice- gerency to the idea oc being all- powerful, aod not to that of being all good, [ lis Majesty's wisdom, it is to he hoped, will save him from the snare thai mav lie tinker gross adulations; but your youth stud the thirst of praise which 1 have observed in yon, mav possibly mislead you to hearken to these charmers, who would conduct votir noble nature hi to tyranny. He careful, O HIT Prince! Hear them not, fly from their deceits; you are in the succession to a throne, from whence no evil can be imputed lo vou, hut all good must he conveyed from you. Your father is called the Vicegerent of heaven; while he is good he U the Vicegerent of heaven. Shall man have authority from the foun- tain of good to do evil? No, my Prince, let mean and degenerate spirits, which want benevolence, suppose votir power impaired bv a disability of do- ing injuries. If want of power to do ill he an in- . capacitv in a prince, with reverence be it spoken, it is an incapacity be IKIS in common wjih the Deity. Let me not doubt but all pleas, which do nr> t carrv iti them the mutual happiness of prince and pe:...! e, will appear as absurd to your just un- derstanding, as disagreeable to your noble nature; exert vouiself, O. generous Prince, against such sycophants, in the glorious cause of liberty; and nssutne sncb an ambition worthy of you, Io secu. e voitr fellow- creatures f om slavery ; from a cott'ii tion as much below that of brutes, as to act with- " ul reason is less mise'ahle than to act sn> ainst it. Vrr erve to votir future subjects the divine right of being free agents, and to your own royal house the divine right of being their benefactors. iiP. lieve nrt', my Prince, there is no other ri' » ht can flow from God While your Highness is forming yourself for a throne, consider the laws as so riWiv common places in vMir study of Ihe science of Government ; which when you mean nothing but justice, tbev are an ease aud help to you. This way of thinking is what gave men the glorious ap- pellations of deliverers and fathers of their country ! this made the sight of them rouse their beholders • into acclamations, and mankind incapable of bear- ng their very appearance, with applauding it as a benefit. Consider the inexpressible advantages which will ever attend your Highness, while- vou make the power of rendering men- happy the tnea- sinc of your actions? while this is VOUF impulse, bow easi'v will that power l> e extended } The glance of;, m eve will give gladness, and your vei v sen- tence have a force of bounty.— Whatever some men would insinuate, yon have lost your subjects when you have lost their inclinations. Yoti are to preside over minds, not the bodies of men; the sottLis the essence of man, and you cannot have the true man against his inclinations. Chuse, there fore. to be ( he King, or the Conqueror of your People; it may be submission, hot it cannot he obedience that is passive. I am. Sir, your High- ness's faithful friend. London, August 12, id). " From Sir Walter Raleigh to Prince Henry, Son of James the First." From Tuesday s London Gazette. Admiralty- Office, Aug. 13, 1311. ADMIRAL Sir Charles Cotton has transmitted to John Wilson Croker, esq. a letter from the Hon. Captain Dundas, of his Majesty's ship the Euryalos, giving an account of the boaft of that ship and the Swallow sloop having, on the 7th of June last, captured after a long chase, off the Island of Corsica, L'Intrepide, a French privateer, of two eight- pounders, and fifty- eight men; and also a letter from Captain Jackson, of the Herald sloop, giving an account of her boats, with those of Pilot sloop, having cut out four coasting vessels from under the town of Monastarrachi, on the Qth of May. BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. Thomas Dunstan, Falmouth, linen- draper. BANKRUPTS. John Percy Clark, Stratford- upon- Avon, War- wickshire, linen- draper.— John Lloyd, Woolwich, cheesemonger.— John Dando, Langport, Somerset, cornfactor. Charles Dufrene, and John Penny, Nottingham, haberdashers.— John Sisley, Beckley, Sussex, shopkeeper. James Robinson, Maiden- lane, St. Paul, Covent- garden, coffee- house keeper. LONDON. By a recent decree. the Apothecaries and other compounders of medicine at Paris, are subjected to annual visits from the professors of the special schools of medicine. Those found guilty of using improper drugs, or medicines of inferior qu4vl+ tv, or not having a sufficient stock in hand, are liable to suspension and imprisonment. A dreadful conflagration has occurred at Smyr- na, where, it is said, 4' W> houses, with an im- mense properly, have been destroyed by the flames. rrMIE UTMOST CAUTION cannot prevent the introduction of that unpleasant and trouble- some disorder, the ITCH, even into the most respect- able families; and from its infectious nature indivi- duals are constantly liable to its attacks. It will there fore be of advantage to any who may suffer under it to knew, that they may rely ou being effectually cured, by ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION OF BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT. This safe, speedy, aud efficacious Remedy, lias been in general use Tor upwards of eighty years, without a single instance of ils having tailed to cure the most inveterate cases. It does not contain the smallest particle of Mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient, and may be safely used Ivy persons of the most delicate consti- tution. The Public are requested to observe, that none can possibly be genuine, unless the Names of the Pro- prietors, BARCLAY and SON, are engraved on the Stamp, affixed to each Box j and great danger may arise from tlie neglect of this Caution. - Sold whole- sale and retail by BARCLAY and SON, ( the only suc- cessors to Jackson and Co.) No. 95, Fleet- Market, London, price is. ryl. duty included; aud by their appointment, by Mr. Lee, Baxter, Pitt, Lewes; Great- bead, Newhaven; Pitt, Gregory, Phillipson, Brighton; Munday, Worthing; Phillipson, Pratt, Smithers, Cot- terill, Chichester; Mr. M'George, Cuckfield; Mann, Horsham; Merchant, Steyning; Wheeler, Battle; Coleman, Rye, Sprange, Tunbridge- Wells. Markets. CORN - EXCHANGE. Friday, Aug. 16. This < Toy the fresh arrivals of Wheat make a to. lerable supply. Sales exceeded last weeks advance — Rye rather dearer— Barley and Malt maintain their prices— Beans of both sorts in plenty, and somewhat lower. CURRENT PRTCF OF GRAIN: Wheat 58s. 7ni. 00s. Beans 42s. 43s. Fine ditto flis. 0< s Tick ditto 41s. 49j Rye ( new) S8s. 43s. Oats 21s. 27s 2fls. Barley 80s. 37s Poland ditto 80s. 3Is. Malt 67s. 73s. I Potatoe ditto 32s. 33s. White Pease V. rr Rape Seed 381.431. ( boilers) > S" 8- JftS- Fine Flour 7fis 80s. Grey Pease 4ts. 47s. I Seconds 70. 75 ® , PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be continued at 13jd. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. d. Sack of Flour - - 74 S| Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 88 * 4i Eighty Quartern Loaves at 13{ d. 88 4 Against the Baker - - 0 Of • PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover ( n.) 8t » s. Orl. to 92s. Od. per cwt. Old ditto 40S. od. t « 80s. Od. ditto White ditto 60s. od. to 1203. oH. ditto Trefoil 20S. od. to .50s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 30s. od. to 60s, Od. per quarter Turnip SOs. Od. to 60s. 0d~. ditto Red & Green 60s. od. to 70s. od. ditto W. Must. S. 8s. Od. to 10s. Od. per bushel Brown ditto 12s. Od. to 16s. Od. ditto PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. s. £ s. £ s. £ s. Kent 5. 12 to 6 10 Kent 6 0 to 7 f> Sussex 5 5 to 6 0 Sussex 5 16 to 6 IK Essex 5 5 to 6 10 Farnham 9 9 to 11 11 YBaa: l- Jo 0 to 0 0 yit:\ 0 0 to 0 « CI" 0,° ° ° ° t0 " » Old Hop Duty, laid at £, 165000. SMITHFIELD- MARKET, Aug. 16. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s. d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this dav. Beef 4 8 to 5 8 Beasts - - 55t> Mutton 5 0 to 5 8 Sheep & Lambs 7.50O Lamb 6 o to 7 S Calves - - 10.5- Veal 5 0 to 6 8 Pigs 22t> Pork 5 4 to 6 4 LEATHER, PER POUND. d. d. Butts, 50lb. a 561b. - 24 a 25 • Ditto, 561b. a 661b. - go a 22 Merchants' Backs - 19 a 20 Dressing Hides - 17 a 185 Fine Coach Hides - 13 a 19i Crop Hides for Cutting 19 a 22 Ordinary - - — a — Tanned Horse - 17 a 1<> Calf skins, 30lb. to 40lh. pr doz. 28 a SI , 5i lb. to 70lb. 34 a 39 , 70ib. to 80lb. 34 a 38 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 3s. a Os. , large, per doz. 100s. 150s. OA, PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. £. s. d £. s. d. Average. Clover 6 0 0 to 4 0 0 £ S 0 O Old Hay 5 5 0 to 8 0 0 7 19 0 Straw 3 0 0 to 4 o o 3 15 PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d s. < f. St. James's Market .= » <> Town Tallow o Clare Market 3 9 Yellow Russia 65 o WhitechapeldittoS 7i White ditto 6( i O Soap ditto 59 ti 11 1| Melting Stuff 66 0 Average price 3 bfc Ditto rough 86 o Graves 16 O Yellow Soap, 80s Mottled," 90s. Curd, 91s. Candles, per doz. lis. 6d.— Moulds, 12s. 6d.
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