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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3382
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 22/07/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3382
No Pages: 4
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Or, . Lewes and Brighthelmston JournaL Printed an5 published by anti for William ana Arthur Lee. VOL LXIII No. 33S2T] " MONDAY. JULY 22, 1811. : [ PRIce SIX- Pence: , This Paper which has been regularly pubished^ e very^ Monday^ Morningfor^ upwards sixty years is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regulartiy in, every Town and village of SUSSEX, in parts of KENT, SURREY, and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the Post, to the Persons of the first distinction in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom The SUSSEX ^ ^ It may also be seen at all principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. • . _ QUEEN ANNE'S BOUNTY OFFICE, DEAN'S Yard, WESTMINSTER, I8T11 JULY, 181 I. THE Governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne, for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of tlte poor Clergy, having £ UK), ttoO granted in the last Session of Parliament, to dispose of for increasing that Main- tenance, DO GIVE THIS PUBLIC NOTICE, That they will apply it for t'tVe Augmentation of Livings * hich, hy the Rules of ibis Corporation, are fitly qua- lified to receive it: and that, to encourage Benefactions, they will give Three Hundred Pounds to any particular Cure, where any Person, in order to obtain the Bounty, will give ±' 2tio or a greater sum in money, or the value thereof iu lands or tithes, or a. clear rent charge or annuity of £ 15. That the Governors wtil receive pro- posals tor Benefactions till Christians next; and then • proceed, in tile first place, to augment such Livings as ihull have Benefactions offered and accepted ; and afterwards augment with f2H0 by lot, such Livings as are fitly qualified, until the whole sutn shall be ex- hausted.— By order of the Governors. RICHARD BURN, Secretary. BARRACK- OFFICE, uith JULY, ISII SUCH Persons as are willing to Contract ft r pulling down and rebuilding fifteen huts for Officers, » nd 15 huts for Soldiers, at the new Barracks at Bexhill, OT. iv see the plans, specifications, form of proposal, and agreement for the same, at the Office of the Barrack Master, at Bexhill, any day after the 16th inst. between . the hours of ten and four o'clock. The proposals must • fce addressed to " The Commissioners for the Affairs of H Barracks, Barrack Office. Spring Gardens, London ;'" with, " Tender for pulling down and rebuilding Officers •' and Soldiers Huts, al the Barracks, at Bexhill," mark- ed on the Cover, and delivered at the Barrack Office, in London, on or before two o'clock, on Thursday, the 8th of August next, after which no Tender iviil be re- ceived. NOTICE t > DEBTORS and CREDITORS. A LL persons having any demands on RICHARD MARCHANT. yeoman, late of Street, in the county of Sussex, deceased, arc requested to send their accounts to Mr. G. Hackman, of Lindfield, or Mr. Richard Bennet, of Keymor, bis executors; and all per Hons indebted to the said Mr. Richard Merchant, are ? tqnested to pay their respective debts to ihe said Mr. Hackman, or Mr. Bennet. CLASSICAL AMD ENGLISH SCHOOL, HORSHAM, SUSSEX. YOUNG Gentlemen are genteely boarded and educated In Messrs. and the Rev.- JOHN THORN TON, iu English, Latin, Greek, French, Writing, Arith- metic. Merchants Accounts, and the Mathematics. The terms are Thirty Guineas per annum, and Two Guineas entrance. Parlour Boarders at Forty Guineas, nil' lie allowed separate beds. ' The School opens on the Old of July, and every Gen- tleman entrance is expected to bring six towels. ' Toe Vacation; are ill Midsummer * » d Christmas, and residence. Outin.: cither of them is Three Guineas. " " TO BUILDERS. IT- being proposed to erect a NEW CHURCH iu the City of CHICHESTER, Sussex; any person wtllinF to Contract for building the same, tna\ see tile plans elevations, sections, and specification, at the office of Messrs • . Johnson, Freeland aod Price, Solici- tors OM an. day before the esth instant, between the hours of nine sird four. The Contractor to find two approved sureties for the due execution of the contract ; and tl . estimates to he delivered, under cover, directed to the Committee, : t Messrs. Johnson, Freeland, and Price, specifying the sum, in WORDS al length, with the names of the sure- ties, oil or before the third of August next. Chichester, July 12, 1811. A VALUABLE DISCOVERY, BY PALMER, regular HAT- MAKER, Lewes, which merits the ROYAL PATENT. Having from en unwearied application prepared a Chemical compo- sition which will not crack, as a substitute to glue, and « powerful repellant to water, as a rain of forty- eight hours has proved to those who are in possession of his elegant light WATER PROOF HATS, which he now offers to the Public as an article which w ill meet their most sanguine expectation, with no advance in price. Orders punctually executed, wholesale and retail, by Palmer, opposite All Saints Church. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, for the term of four or seven years. ASubstantial Family MANSION HOUSE, now undergoing a thorough repair, containing on the ground floor, 3 good parlours and a kitchen, with four bed chambers over them, four garrets, and suitable of- fices and apartments for servants, a coach- house, 4 stall stable, a large walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees, a good orchard, aud any quantity of excellent Meadow Land, not exceeding 13. acre's. The Premises are situated near the village of East. hothly, in a healthy and desirable part of the county of Sussex, 4 miles from Uckfield, 7 miles from Lewes, 14 miles from Eastbourne, and 15 miles from Brighton: aud the Stage Coaches and Waggons to and from Eastbourne and London, pass within a convenient dis- tance of the house. The Premises may be viewed, tiprtil application to Mr. Richard Holman, of Framfield ; and for further particulars, apply ( if by letter post p- iid) to Mr. Edward Verral, Attorney at Law, Lewes. ~ TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LET. NOTICE is hereby given, that tile next Meet- 1> I ing of the Trustees of the Turnpike Road, lead- ing from the town of Brighthelmston through Cuckfield, to the County Oak on Lovel Heath, in the County of Sussex, is appointed to be held at the Talbot Inn, in Cuckfield. ou Tuesday the 23d day of July next, at the Hour of Eleven in the forenoon, at which Meeting, between the Hours of Twelve and Two of the same day, the Tolls arising at the several Toll- gates on the said road, called Preston. Stone Pound, Saint John's Bar, Ansty and Ansty side Gate, Slough Green, I field Bar, and Crawley Gates, will be let by Auction to the best Bidder for one year, from the thirtieth day of Sep- tember next, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the Thirteenth Year of his present Majesty's Reign, * for Regulating the Turnpike- Roads," and will he put up in tw" Lots, viz. Preston, Stone Pound, Saint John's Bar, Ansty and Ansty side Gates in the first Lot, and Slough Green, I field Bar, and Crawley Gates, iu the second Lot; which tolls were let the last year at the several following sums, vi/.. Preston, Stone Pound, Saint- John's Bar, Ansty and Ansty side Gates at the sum of £ 1,545: and Slough Green, I field Bar aijrfi Crawley Gates at the sum of £ 1,893 aud will respectively be put up at those sums. Whoever happens to he the best Bidder, must pay into the hands of the Treasurers of the said road, two months rent in advance, aod also give security with sufficient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said road, for the due payment of the reiuitinder at such times as they shall direct. SAMUEL WALLER, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Road. Pet worth Sussex. TO BE LET, AGOOD HOUSE, containing two Parlours, a Drawing- room, five Bed- rooms, two Attics, a good Kitchen, and suitable Offices, a Stable, & c. with a good Garden, commanding a beautiful and extensive view of the South Downs, and adjacent Country. Immediate possession may be had. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Henry Upton, Petworth. Sussex. Capital Farm, Tythe free. TO BE LET BY TENDER, From Michaelmas next, for a term of 14 years certain. ALL that capital FARM, called GREAT PEP- PERING FARM, lying in the parrh of Burpham, in the county of Sussex, noiv tu the occupation of Mr. John Overington. The firm is very pleasantly situated within three miles of the Town of Arundel, by the side'of the River Arun ; the house, barns, and other buildings, are commodi- ous; the contents of the farm are estimated at 300 acres, besides which there are 450 sheep leazes, and 53 bullock leazes 011 the adjoining downs and meadows. Tenders must be. sealed up, marked, " Tenders for Peppering Farm," and left at the office of Messrs, Holmes, Solicitors, Arundel, 011 or before the 4th of September next A plan of the farm may be seen, with the conditions of the old and new leases ; and other particulars known, by personal application at the office of Messrs. Holmes. N B. Proper seeds are sown amongst all the Lent corn, and the turnip seed will shortly be got in. Pure Merino Sheep for Private Sale, at Cosham House, Hants. Aconsiderable flock of the LEONESA BREED, consisting principally of two and three year old Ewes, with some remarkably handsome Rams, and a proportion of fine Lambs, selected from the flocks of the Marquis of Partago, and the Royal Monastery of the Escuriel, the finest travelling Leosesa breeds in Spain. These sheep have been some months in this country, have been lately shorn, are free from disease, aud thriving well ; they are of good size, and uncommonly fine figure, their wool of the finest quality. They were selected last spring in Estremadura from a Cavanna oi ten thousand, which from that province having become the seat of war, lias since been dispersed and destroyed, and au opportunity not to be recalled, the further importation of all Merino's having been prohibited by the Cortes of Spain, is now orT red 10 gentlemen desirous of increasing their stock of the pure breed. The sheep w ill be sold in Lots to such purchasers al a moderate price. I'hey are upon the grounds of William Padwick, esq. of Cosham House, near Portsmouth, 10 whom ap- plication may be made. Chichester. To BE SOLD- BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. A FREEHOLD COTTAGE, 20 feet in front, - cjfc. nurt - 20 feet i: i depth* coutaiftuig, ' A sleeping Rooms, Parlours, Kitchen, aud a plot of Garden ground behind, 75 feet by 20 feet. Two Ditto, each 16 feet iu front, and 25 feet in depth, coiitiining, 2 Sleeping: Rooms Parlour and Kitchen, > n t a Plot of Garden ground behind, 75 feet by 16, feet. These Cottages, with immediate possession, may be purchased either together or separate, are situate in the North" skirts of the city, a neighbourhood increasing in celebrity, and near the direct road leading to the truly respectable and rural villages of Ashling, Funtington, Stoke, & c. Further particulars may be obtained, and the estates viewed by- application to Mr. John Halsey, on the pre- mises; or to Mr. Bartlett, at his Royal Exchange, and General Agency Office, Chichester. SUSSEX. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ACapital well- built Freehold WIND- MILL, called RUSTINGTON MILL, in excellent repair, ami will grind on the average six loads per week ; iu the occupation of Mr. Geo. Downer, tenant will. Also, a plot of Land, about half an acre; and conti- guous to the above a comfortable Dwelling- house and garden ; a store- house for corn, yard, cart- house, sheds, und stables. Rustington is situated a short distance from that ad- mired aiid much improving watering place Little Hamp, ton ; also Arundel, Ferring, Goring, Broadwater, Wor- thing, and Brighton; and surrounded by a fine corn country and populous neighbourhood, forming an ad- mirable situation for ati active man. The estate may be viewed by applying to the tenant; and for further particulars apply to Messrs. White and Son, North- street, Chichester, or High street, Arundel. TO BE ~ SOLD BY~ PRlVATE CONTRACT. A COPY- HOLD FARM, containing 21 Acres ^ of rich arable, meadow, and pasture land, two good Dwelling- houses, barn, and other outbuildings, with an, unlimited right ( if commonage on Laughton and the Dicker Common, situate a Whitesmith, iu the parish of Laughton, Sussex, adjoining the turnpike- road from London to Eastbourne, now iu the occupa- tion of Mr. Joseph Hodgetts. Possession of the farm may be had at Michaelmas next. For further particulars enquire of Mrs. Watlin, Nut- ley ; Mr. S. Starnes, Laughton ; or of Mr. George Ran- ger, Whitesmith Green, who will shew the premises. * To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ( Exonerated from Land Tax,) ASmall, compact, and desirable COPYHOLD ESTATE, held of the Manor of Framfield, and situate near POUNDSLEY, in the parish of Framfield, iu Sussex, consisting of Two Messuages ( one of which is in two dwellings) with barn, outbuildings, and seve- ral parcels of land, containing together 3yA. UA. IINP. now in the occupation of John Holman, who will quit possession at Michaelmas next. The Tenant will shew the premises; and for treaty and further particulars apply to Mr. Stone, Solicitor. Mayfield. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. IN TWO LOTS. LOT I. A LL that Copyhold Messuage or Tene- xV ment, with a Butcher's Shop, Slaughter- House, Stable, Garden, and other premises, situate ill Sedlescomb- street, late the property, and in the occu- pation of William Waghorne, and by him made over to Trustees for the benefit of his creditors. These premises are holden of the manor of Battle, sub- ject to an annual quit- rent of sixpence, heriot, and other services, and 011 which the trade of a butcher has been carried on for several years, to a considerable extent, and the same are well calculated for that business. LOT II— A Leasehold Cottage, aud about one acre aud a half of land, situate in tile parish of Westfield, in the said county, late also in the occupation of the said W. Waghorne, and his undertenants, and hidden of the Lord of the honor and barony of the Rape of Hastings for a term of SKyears, of which 14 were unexpired ^ t Michaelmas . last, at the yearly rent of 7s. 6d. Further particulars may be had of Mr. Tilden Smith, Vinehall ; Mr. Henry Freeland, Sedlescomb; and at the Office of Lucas Shadwell, and Co. Hastings, July, 1SII. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ACompact FREEHOLD ESTATE, called THORNDEN, situate at Cowbeech, in the parish of Hetstmonceux, consisting of a house, barn, two lodges, yards, & c. with about 63; acres of exceeding good arable, meadow, pasture, and wood lands, well planted with choice young timber; is miles from Lewes, tl from Battle, and 4 from Hailsham, on au ex- ceeding good road, nnw in ihe occupation, of Mr. John Colbran, the Proprietor, of whom particulars may be had ; or of Edw. Vine, Herstmonceux, where a map of the estate may be seen. N. B. Part of the purchase- money, if required, may remain on mortgage. Capital Mansion House and Land, Salehurst, in the County of Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Auction Mart, on Friday, August l6tli, at Twelve, unless previously disposed of by private con- tract, AMOST desirable Freehold Residence and Farm Ornee, called HIGHAM, containing about 1911A. of arable, meadow, pasture, wood and hop grounds, in the highest state of cultivation ; the Mansion is modern, in an elevated situation, and consists uf a breakfast par lour, elegant dining and drawing room, the two latter overlooking a lawn of upwards of 24A. interspersed with fine growing timber, aud commanding most exten- sive rr. id beautiful views; live bed chambers, four ser- vants'rooms, aud other suitable offices; together with hot houses, coach- house, stables, barn, out- house, and all requisite outbuildings. A daily coach passes thro* Salehurst, which is distant from London about 5u miles, I.; from Hastings, and about the same distance from Tunbridge Wells. The estate may be viewed by applying to Charles Lamb, esq. the proprietor, on the premises, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, previous to the sale. Printed particulars will be ready for delivery after the isili instant, and may be bad of Mr. Wardroper, Solicitor, Hawkhurst, Kent, ( who is authorised to tn at for the » am>: by Private'Contract), at the principal Inns ia the neighbourhood ; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent Road ; or at their Offices in the Auction. Mart, London. FREEHOLD HOUSES, TITHES, & c. ISLE OF WIGHT. Grove House, eligible residence, offices, gar- dens, and meadow land, about - 20 acres, and tithes, Arreton, near Newport; compact '•, re- sidence and cottage, at Sansdown, near Shank- lin, the late residence of John Wilkesf esq. deceased. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's, London, ou Wednesday, July 24, at twelve o'clock, in three lots, AVALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE,— Land Tax redeemed. LOT IN Comprises a desirable Family Residence, containing a neat entrance, dining- parlour, drawing room, break- fast- room, suitable bed chambers, and dressing rooms, eiu the first story. aod servants' chambers aud laundry over ; the offices consist of a convenient kitchen, pan- tries, & c. brew- house, coal and wood- houses, good cel- lar-, & c. detached stahles, barn, and various out- build- ings, excellent garden, orchard, & c. anil enclosure of rich meadow land, the whole about 3.1 acres ; situate at Arreton, five miles from Newport, on the road to Sans- down, Oil a beautiful part of the Island; and immediate possession may be had. LOT II. The. Great Tithe of Corn and Hay, arising from about g8 acres of land, 111 the parish of Arreton. LOT III. A Freehold small Villa, planned for the accommo dation of a Gentleman's family, with offices, garden, stable, and a cottage, & c-. situate at Sansdown, near Shanklin, a beautiful situation, and commanding ex tensive views of the ocean, i; c. the late residence of John Wilkes, esq. deceased. May be viewed by applying to Mr. Miller, at Arre- ton- street, of whom particulars may be had ; of Messrs. Clarke and Sewell, and at the Bugle, and Green Dragon, Newport; Union Hotel, Ryde; Hotel, East Cowes ; Dolphins, Southampton ; Fountain, and George, Ports- mouth ; Bush. Staines ; of Messrs. Forster, Cooke, aod Frere, Lincoln's Inn; at Garraway's; and of Mr Ro- bius, Warwick- street. Golden - square , London. SUSSEX. Leasehold Estate, nearly equal to Freehold. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HERMON. At the Auction Mart, on Friday, the 26th day of July, 18 11, at twelve o'clock, in lots, AVery valuable and highly improvable Estate, held under lease from Lady- day 1759, for loco years ( wanting three days) comprising a remarkably neat sporting box, lately fitted up by Abraham Gold- smid, esq. deceased, with farm houses, cottages, and other necessary outbuildings, and about 1130 acres of desirable meadow, pasture, forest, and wood land, distant from London 32, and from Brighton 22 miles. Printed particulars may he bad, and plans seen, at the principal Inns 00 the Brighton and Lewes Roads: of Messrs. Debary, Scudamore, and Currey, Solici- tors, Lincoln's Inn- fields; John Latimer, esq. No. 13, Gray's Inn- square ; Mr. Hermon, Conduit- street; nt the Mart; and of Wells and Watts, Land Agents, No. 8, Gray's Inn- square, London. Manor Farm and Woodlands, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. SNOW and SCRIVENS, At the Auction Mart, London, opposite the Bank of England, on Wednesday, July 24, 1811, at twelve o'clock, THE valuable Manor Farm of BRAINTRIDGE, J. comprising a farm- house, two barns, stable, and other convenient buildings, with 222A. all. 99P. of land 1 17A. 2!?. 8P. of which are wood, situate in the parish of Cuckfield, about one mile out of the direct road from London to Brighton, distant from the former 35, from the latter 15, aud within 5 miles of the town of Cuckfield. This estate is exonerated from . Land Tax, is only 2* miles from the navigation of the river Ouse; the wood- abound in pheasants aud other gome, aud arc of an ex- tent equal to the forming an excellent preserve. The land is capable of much improvement, aud the soil of the woods is peculiarly favourable to the growth of timber. Thomas Tester, the tenant, will shew the estate, and for further particulars apply to Samuel Waller, esq. of Cuckfield; at the Auction Mart; to Messrs. Snow aud Scrivens, Earl- street, Blackfriars, London, where plans of the estate may he seen; or at the office of Messrs. Lucas Shadwell, and Co. Hastings, BOGNOR, SUSSEX. Capital Freehold Residence, with 36 Acres of Meadow Land, sundry Messuages, <& c. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, Bv WINSTANLEY and SON, At the Hotel, Bognor, on Monday, the 19th August, al twelve o'clock, in lots, AVery valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, con- sisting of that capital Dwelling house, called BOGNOR LODGE, with Suitable attached aud de tached offices, stabling for eight horses, standing for four carriages, lawn, walled garden, orchard, drying ground, & c. beautifully situate at the entrance of that much admired retreat and watering- place Bognor, in the county of Sussex. Also, sundry pieces or parcels of very rich meadow land, containing altogether about 36 acres, part of which is well adapted for building upon, aud will be lotted accordingly. Together with five . Messuages, a large stable, and other outbuildings, i. u the several occupations of Lady Collins, Messrs. Tomset, Madgwick, Farringdon, aud Ragless. This property is particularly recommended to any Gentleman who may be desirous of a most comfortable residence in Bognor. The house may be viewed 14 days preceding the sale, between the hours of eleven and four; particulars, with engraved plans, may he had on the premises; also, at the Hotel and Library, Bognor; the Inns in Chiches- ter; the " Crown, Arundel ; the Half Moon, Petworth , at the Libraries at Brighton and Worthing; al the Mart; and of Winstanley aud Son, Pateruoster row, London. SUSSEX. Freehold Manors, Residence, and 170 acres of land, 1 miles from Horsham, 13 from Dork- ing, 22from Brighton, SO from Wothing, and 37 from London. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY WINSTANLEY AND SON, At the Mart, near the Bank of England, on Thursday, Aug. 29, at twelve o'clock, iu three lots, by order oi' the Trustees and Executors, HOLBROOK, the late residence of John Man- ley, Esq. deceased, consisting of a substantial well- built brick and slated Dwelling- house, seated io a paddock ( if til acres,. with suitable accommodations for a family of great respectability, with double coach house, two five stall stables, and men- sevants' apart- ments over them, carriage aod farm yard, husbandry building-, rick yard, drying- ground, productive gar- dens, lawn, fish- ponds, shaded walks, woods, planta- tions, and cottage, containing altogether about 170 acres, well timbered, amply supplied with water, and exonerated from Land Tax. This very desirable estate is situated near the verge of Horsham Common, in the county of Sussex.^ lying within a ring, bounded in part by good roads, affording views of great extent, richness, aud beauty, intersected with large sheets of water. The grounds are tastefully laid out, the paddock is encompassed hy full gru n shrubberies, thriving plantations, and handsome orna mental timber, principally oaks, inclosed 0: 1 the east side with park paling. The house aud buildiags gene- rally are iu good repair, aud au early possession of the whole may be had. Also, the very extensive Manors of SHORTSFIELD and NUTHAM, in the said county, with the quit rents, heriots, rights, and royalties thereunto belonging. The premises may be viewed by cards only, which with descriptive particulars, and engraved plans, tie \ be had of Win. Sandham, esq. at Horsham, of Messrs. J. and W, Lowe, Solicitors, Temple; aud of Mr. Shaw, Architect, 28, Gower street; and of Winstanley a:. d Son, Paternoster- row, London. Particulars may be had likewise at the Red Lion, Dorking; the Libraries, at Brighton aud Worthing; the Star, at Lewes; of Mr. Weller, at Chichester, t the Crown, at Arundel; King's Head, Horsham; the White Horse, Steyning; and at the Place of Sale. ' ST. LEONARD'S FOREST, SUSSEX. 1150 ACRES QP LAND, TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY and SON, At the Mart, near the Bank of England, sotae time in August next, AVery valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, held for near 90 years, consisting of 1150 acres ol land, situate at Plummer's Plain, St. Leonard's Forest, in the County of Sussex; distant frem Haud- Cross one mile, Horsham four miles, Crawley five miles, Cuck field five miles, aud about a mile from the Brighton Road ; part let to respectable tenants, and producing a uetl rent of I70I. The remainder is in hand. The day of sale, with further particulars, will be no- ticed iu this and other papers. Freehold Waste Land, Surrey. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Messrs. CRAWTER, At the Chequers Inn, Horley, near Reigate, on Thurs- day, the 25th inst. at twelve, before the " Commis- missioners for inclosing lands in the parish of Horley, in the county of Surrey," ONE Hundred and Nine Acres of Freehold WASTE LAND, ttl eleven lots, situate 011 Hor- ley Common, adjoining the Brighton Turnpike- road, calculated for cultivation ami planting, and a desirable opportunity for a gentleman fond of agricultural im- provement, distant only 27 miles from London. Particulars may he had at the Evelyn Arms, New Chapel; White Hart, Reigate; Chequers, and Thorns, Horley. Particulars may also be had, aud plans of the lots seen ' at Mr. Trumper's, Harefield Middlesex; Mr. Tatham's, 35, Lamb's Conduit street Mr. Maberley's, King's- road, Bedford- row; aud al Messrs. Crawler's. Surveyors and Agents, Cobham, Sur rey ; and No. 4, Thanet- place, Temple- bar, London. Freehold Waste Land, Surrey. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs, CRAWTER, At the White Hart Inn, Bletchingley, on Friday, the 26th inst. at four, before the " Commissioners for in- closing lands iu the parishes of Blechingley aud Horne, iu the county of Surrey," ONE Hundred and Eleven Acres of Freehold WASTE LAND, iu nineteen lots, most eligibly aud advantageously situate upon Blechingley Great Common, Copthorn Common, Frogwood Heath, and Tyler's Green, adjoining the Brighton Turnpike Road, und in the several parishes of Blechingley, Horne, and Godstone, Surrey, commanding beautiful aud pictu- resque views of the Surrey Hills aud surrounding coun- try, and extremely eligible fur the erection of country residences aud villas, distant from London 2:) miles. Particulars may be had at the Evelyn Arms, New- Chapel; White Hart, Godstone; White Hart, Blech- ingley; White Hart, Reigate; of Mr. Trumper, Hare- field, Middlesex; Mr. Iveson, 47, Pall . Mall ; Messrs. Collett, Wimburn, aud Collett, 1) 2, Chancery- lane; aud of Messrs. Crawter, Surveyors and Agents, Cobham, Surrey ; aud No. 4, Thanet place, Temple- bar. London, A Flock of Sheep. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY TESTER a^ d BATES, At Tilgate, near Crawley, Sussex, » n Friday, the 2d of August, 18ft, at Three o'clock, precisely. AFLOCK of SOUTH DOWN SHEEP and LAMBS, with about a score of RAMS, comprising in the whole, between six and seven hundred; the said sheep v. ill be put in convenient lots; also about 14 young Alderney Beasts, a Waggon, a Gig and Harness, several sets of plough and trace harness, rind various implements in Husbandry. May he viewed three days preceding the sale by ap- plication to the Bailiff, at Tilgate ; and further particu- lars known of the Auctioneers at Cuckfield. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY WILMER AND SON, On Tuesday, the 3oth of July, 1811, in Eastmeon Stroud, near Petersfield. Hants AVALUABLE SOUTH DOWN FLOCK; amounting to near 600 true bred Rams and Ewes; ram Lambs, ewe and wether Lambs, reared with great attention for the last ten years, by crosses, selected from the Stock of Messrs. Lipscomb, Pinnix, Stone, Reed, atld others, the most celebrated Flocks in the Counties of Sussex and Hampshire, the pro- perty of Mr. William Bailey, of Bordean Farm, near" Petersfield. The Sale to begin precisely nt Two o'clock Particu- lars may be had at the ' principal Inns of the adja- cent Towns, at Bordean Farm,. and of Wilmer and Son, Petersfield. Southwick Windmill, and Dwelling- House at South wick. TO BE SOLD~ BY AUCTION, BY MR. ATTREE, At the Old Ship Inn, iti Brighton, on Thursday, the 25th of July, 18.1 I, at Five o'clock in the Afternoon, LOT 1. A FREEHOLD Substantial well- built 1%. WINDMILL,- iu full trade, and good r.., ir, called SOUTHWICK WINDMILL, together Willi the piece of Land, whereon ihe same now stands, and the cottage and stable now used therewith. The Windmill is most advantageously situate neat the road leading from Shoreham Bridge t. Brighton, within half a mile of Shore- ham Harbour, and four miles ot Brighton, and is very well adapted for carrying on au extensive trade. LOT 2. A Freehold Messuage, Garden, and Out- build- ings. Situate III Southwick- street, and now occupied by Mr. Wm. Newnham. This Messuage and Buildings have been recently built, aud are in complete repair. Further particulars- ni„ v he had on application to Messrs. Marshall aud Verrall, Solicitors. Steyning, or t„ Mr. Attree. at his- Agency Office, North street, Brighton EASTBOURNE TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WHITE, day, of July, I8II, at five o'clock in ihe afternoon, '' LOT I. A Substantial, modern- built MESSUAGE or MX. TENEMENT, stable, coachhouse, large coal- yard, and premises, with the appurtenances thereto lie- longing, very desirably situated at the sea side, East- bourne. The house commands delightful sea and land views, and is well adapted for a Lodging- house, or for the residence of a - call genteel family. This lot is holden on lease of the Lords of the Manor of Eastbourne, at a small annual rent, for a term of which 52 years were uuexpired at Michaelmas last. LOT II. Two newly- erected Lodging Houses, with inclosed yard, aud premises thereunto belonging, aud six Cot- tages or Dwellings nearly adjoining thereto. Lot 2, adjoins to lot 1, and is holden under an agree- ment with the Lords of the Manor of Eastbourne. Further particulars may be known hy applying to Mr. Alex. Webb, or Mr, G. Burrows, at Eastbourne;' or at the office of Mr Barton, Solicitor, Battle. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTIO\~ At the White Hart Inn, iu Lewes, on Saturday, the 27th day of July instant, between the hours of two and four in the afternoon, ttole- s previously deposed of by Private Contract, of which timely notice will he given, ALL that Messuage or Tenement, garden, Lodge, yard, and three several pieces or parcels of rich Pasture land, and one small piece of wood land, con- taining together 14A. 3R. 32P. or thereabouts, situate lying and being in the parish of Street, in this county, and adjoining the highway, leading north of, and at a small distance from the Church of Street aforesaid, now in the tenure or occupation of Mr. Trayton Paine; of which land possession may be had at Michaelmas next if required. The premises are Copyhold of Inheritance, holden of the Manor of Street, under a small quit- rent, aud sub- ject only to two heriots o." 6d. each certain, on death, and a fine of 6d. certain, 011 alienation, which renders them equal ( at least) if not superior in point of tenure to freeholds; and are particularly worthy ihe attention of Coach Proprietors, Livery Men, and Butchers, resid- ing at Brighthelmston or Lewes, either for depasturing of cattle, erfor hay; the land being sound, iu exceed- ing- good heart aud condition, having been constantly stocked with neat cattle and sheep, and amply watered. The land may be viewed previous to the day of sale, by applying to the Widow Friend, who resides in the house ; aud further particulars bad by application to Mr. John Kennard, of Lewes, Miller, who is authorised to treat hy Private Contract. SUSSEX. Desirable Residence and Cottage, at Willing- don, near Eastbourne. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By T. WHITE, At the Red Lion, iu Willingdon, 011 Friday, the 9th of August, 1811. between the hours of five and seven in the evening, ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), A Neat modern- built COTTAGE, well calcu- VTJL lated for the residence of a genteel family, com- manding a beautiful and extensive view of the Sea and Weald of Sussex, with a garden and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate in the pleasant village of Willingdon, about two miles from the fashionable. water- ing place of Eastbourne, aud now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Ade. Also, a COTTAGE and garden adjoining the last mentioned premises, now m the occupation of Henry Head. The whole of the above property is Copyhold, holden of the Manor of Willingdon. The first mentioned cot- tage is subject to a yearly quit rent of 2d. a heriot the best beast on death aud surrender, and is fineable at- the will of the Lord, l h last mentioned cottage is subject ton quit- rent of id. nnd to a trifling heriot and 1 fine of 2d. each, certain, on every change. Possession may be had o » the tub of October next. The respective tenants w„| shew the premises ; and fot further particulars apply to Mr. Gell, Solicitor, East- bourne. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. WHEREAS, Isaac Atherall, of Brighthelmston, in the County of Sussex, Victualler, hath con- veyed all his real estate to Trustees for the benefit of his creditors. . Notice is hereby given, that. the Trust Deed may be" executed, and every information obtained by applying to Mr. Crosweller, Solicitor, Brighton. N. B. All persons indebted to the said Isaac Atherall, are requested to pay the same, forthwith, to Mr. Cross, weller. • Sale of Cattle, & c, rSHHE annual Auction Sale of Stock at Ashdown A. Park, will be held at Wych Cross, on Wednesday, the 14th of August, comprising about fifty head of the Galloway Scots and Sussex breeds ( several of which will calve in November) and sixty South Down Weather Lambs, Also part of the extensive nursery stock, consisting of nearly 50,000 Firs of different kinds anil sizes, and a large quantity of Ash, Sycamore, & c. is to be disposed of by Private Contract, for the particulars of which application may be made to the Gardener, at Pipping ford Lodge. The plants that liny be Sold, may, to suit the con- venience of purchasers, remain in the nursery until the first of March next. TO BE DISPOSED OF BY TENDER. TWO Copyhold MESSUAGES or TENE- MENTS, situated on the south side, and upper end of North- Street, Brighthelmston, now in the occu- pation of Mrs. Greenaway and Mr. Paine. Letters sealed ( post paid) to be addressed to Thomas Attree, esq. Brighthelmston ; or Messrs Collins and Hewson, Gosport, on or before the 24ih instant. To Millers and Mealmen. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. AWELL BUILT POST WINDMILL, in full Trade, together with a new erected Dwelling House, Stable, Granary, and Carl Lodge, with an Acre of Land, more or less, situate in the Parish of Ashburnbam, 4 Miles from Bexhill, 4 from Battle, and 8 from Hastings, the general re-, sort of a great many Troops. The premises are situate contiguous to a very good road, aiid an easy carriage to any of the above- named places. The Premises are Copyhold, subject to a Quit Rent of of 4il Yearly, and stinted fine and heriot. For further particulars apply to Mr. Edmonds, the Proprietor, on the premises. STAPLEFIELD PLACE. Garden, and thirty Acres of Meadow Land, on the Great Road from London to Brighton, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL that truly valuable COPYHOLD ES- TATE, called STAPLEFIELD PLACE, compris- ing a modern how- fronted genteel residence, finished with peculiar care and neatness, containing five bed- chambers, two servants sleeping- rooms, handsome draw- ing room, dining parlour, large kitchen and Brew ho'i- e. excellent cellars, coach- house, stabling, granary, and other outbuildings, a lawn in front, with sweep carriage entrance; large Garden in a high state of cultivation, stocked with abundance of choice and well- bearing standard, and wall fruit trees, shrubberies, & c. The whole judiciously laid out ; a farm yard adjoining, and six enclosures of meadow land, containing thirty acres, ( more or less) situate 011 an eminence at Staplefield Common, iu the County of Sussex, commanding en. chaining views of the surrounding country ; thirty- six miles from London, eighteen from Brighton, three from Cuckfield, fifteen front Reigate, and seven from Hor- sham, The fixtures to he taken at a fair valuation, and the furniture of the house, prints, and other effects, at the option of the purchaser.— Immediate possession may be had. May he viewed, on application to the servant in cart of the house ; and to treat for the purchase, ap- ply to Mr Thomas Francis, Mr. James Webber, or at the office of Mr. Waller, in Cuckfield. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT," \ FARM HOUSE, in good repair, and plea santly situated by the Turnpike Road leading from Staple Cross to Berkley. Also, Two barns, oasthouse, stable, lodges, & r. two Cottages in four Tenements, and about 77A. of meadow, pasture, arable, wood, and hop Land, all of which is lying 111 the parish of Ewhurst, in the county of Sussex. Part of the said Lands and Pre- mises are Copyhold and part are Freehold. The whole of the Land- Tax redeemed. The said Lands and Pre- mises are now iu the tenure and occupation of Messrs. John and William Needham, the proprietors, and their undertenants. Possession to be had at Michaelmas next. For further particulars, and treaty, apply to Messrs. J. and W. Needham, of the parish of Whatlington ; or Mr. Henry Freehold, of the parish of Sedlescomb, in the county of Sussex. To HE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, \ Convenient modern HOUSE, upon a small scale, two barns, a stable, and a lodge, and about 72 acres of good meadow and arable Land, situate in the hamlet of Chiltington, within four miles of Lewes, and now in the occupation of the proprietor. The house is of brick, and stands 011 an eminence in a meadow or lawn of 14 acres in front, sloping to the south- east, and commands fine views of the South Downs and the Weald. The land is in a good state of cultivation, and the whole property lies within a ring fence. About 4( 1 A, of the Estate are leasehold, for the re- sidue of a term of toon years ; a small part is freehold ; and the residue copyhold ; and of such residue, the greater part is subject only to trifling heriots, and fines certain. Possession may be bad at Michaelmas next. James Hotmail, the Bailiff, will shew the Laud ; and for further particulars apply to Messrs, Hoper and Sou, Lewes. TO BE SOI D BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVerv desirable FREEHOLD FARM, called STONEHOUSE, situate in the parish of Hellingly. in the county of Sussex ; comprising a large substantial farm house, stables, barn, and other convenient out- buildings, for a farm, together with yards, gardens, and an orchard of half an acre, well . stored with young, choice, and flourishing fruit trees; and several pieces of exceeding good arable, meadow, pasture, and brook land. The farm lies contiguous to the road, and is well watered, containing together upwards of 50 acres. The situation is healthy, hut a short distance from the church, and within half a mile of the turnpike- road. The land may be viewed, and further particulars known, by applying to Mr. Joseph Comber, the propri- etor, on the premises. ~~ HORSES TO BE SOLD. ABAY GELDING, 3 years old, by Totteridge, dam by King Fergus. A Black Gelding, 4 year old, hy Stamford, dam by King Fergus. A Black Mare, 5 years old, by Lord Sondes's Gover- nor, dam by Hyperion, grandam by King Fergus. The above are to be seen at Reigate, in Surrey, by applying to Mr. Turner, farrier, who is authorised to sell them, and from whom price and further particulars may be known. They were bred hy the owner, have been handled, but not backed, are very promising, and to be sold on reasonable terms. TO BE SOLD - ANeat Modern built House, with a good garden, a Barn, a Stable, Farm- yard, and a piece of pasture ground, containing by estimation, six acres, situate ' at the west entrance 10 the town of Hailsham, and within about ten rods of the turnpike road leading from London, Brighton, Lewes, and Tunbridge wells to Eastbourn, distant from London 55 miles', from Brighton 2' i, Lewes 12, Tunbridge- wells 22, and Eastbourn 7, and a stage coach and post from Loudon to Eastbourn pass by the house, the post every day, and the coach every day except Sundays; the ground adjoins the House and Garden, but the Barn, Stable and Yard, are entirely detached therefrom; the House contains a Kitchen, Parlour, Wash house, Pantry, and tour Bed- rooms, and the whole of the Premises are Freehold, and in the possesion of Mr. Thomas Woodhams, a yearly tenant, who has had notice to quit at Michaelmas next, To treat for the purchase, application to he made to Mr, Sinnock, Attorney, Hailsham. Horsham and Steyning TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LET. NOTICE is hereby given, That a general Meet- ing of the Trustees of the Turnpike- road, lend- ing from Horsham to Beeding, and from Steyning to the Top of Steyning Hill, in the county of Sussex, is ap- pointed to be holden at the White Horse Inn, in Steyn- ing, on Moody, the lptli day of August next, at noon, at which meeting, the TOLLS arising at the several Gates on the said road, called Horsham Gate, Crock kiln Gate, Bine.. Gate, Wappingthorn Gate, and Bramber Gate ; and also at the Gate between the Town of Hors- ham and Horsham 3arracks, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidders, from the 29th day of September next, at noon, for one or more years, as shall be then agreed on. The Tolls arising at which said several Gates, called Horsham Gate, Crock- kiln Gate, Bines Gate, Wapping- thorn Gate, and Bramber Gate, were let for the year ending the said 29th September next, at the undermen tioned sums, viz.— Horsham Gate — — — — £ 550 Bines Gate and Crock- kiln Gate 110 Wappingthorn Gate — —• — 2o5 Bramber Gale — — — — 230 £ 101) 5 and will be put up at those sums, either separately or together. And the Tolls to arise at the Gate, between Horsham and the Barracks ( the same having never been let) will be put up at such sum as the Trustees present shall approve. Whoever happens to be the best bidders, must at the same time give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for the payment of the rent, at 6ucb times and in such manner as they shall appoint. CHAS. MARSHALL; Clerk to the Trustees. FAIRLIGHT LODGE, NEAR HASTINGS, SUSSEX, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee bouse, in ' Change Alley, Corn- hill, London, on Tuesday, the 3mh instant, at twelve o'clock, ASmall genteel, FREEHOLD VILLA, called FAIRLIGHT LODGE, Or the OCTAGON COTTAGE most delightfully situate near the verge of Fairlight Down, a little more than a mile east of the beautifully romantic Watering Place and Town of Hastings, 10 lit county of Sussex, with convenient offices, detached coach- house and four- stall stable, garden, and twenty- four acres of meadow and arable land, lying all within a ring fence. The premises command the most charming views ol the sea, and the richly cultivated inland Country ; they are in very excellent repair, and immediate possession may be had. To be viewed till the sale, and particulars may he had on the premises , at the Swan, tit Hastings ; George at Battel, New Inn, at Winchelsea; George, at Rye Lamb, at Eastbourne;' at Garraway's ; and of Mr. Wil- lock, No. 35, Golden- square, London. Marine Freehold Residence, Leasehold Cottage, Elegant Furniture and Effects, Brighton, Sussex. \; TR. SAMUEL PEARCE respectfully informs 1V A the public, that the sale of the above property is unavoidably postponed, until Monday, the 5th of A13 GL) ST, instead of the day as before advertized No. 44. Lombard- Street, London, July lb, 1811. Superior Freehold Residence, elegant Furniture, and Effects, on the Coast of Sussex. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. S. PEARCE ( Late with Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips J On the Premises, 011 Monday, the 5th of AUGUST, at two o'clock 111 the afternoon, by order of the Assig- nees, A Valuable and desirable FFEEHOLD RESI- DENCE, eligibly situate in front of the ocean, in that much improved and fashionable spot, the East Cliff, Brighton, which is so justly esteemed for the sa- lubrity of the air, and its highly respectable and social vicinage. The House is built in the most substantial manner, and equal, if not superior to any buildings in its vicinity ; containing numerous sleeping chambers, drawing, dining, and sitting rooms, gentleman's study, and domestic offices of every description, suitable for the reception of a family of distinction. Early posses- sion may he had. On TUESDAY, AUGUST 6, and following days, will be sold, all the elegant and modern HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, consisting of every requisite appen- dage of upholstery and cabinet furniture. May be viewed, and descriptive particulars and cata- logues to be had on the premises •. at the Libraries Brighton, Lewes, and Worthing; of Mr. Woolley, No. 196, Piccadilly; of Mr. Setrae, Solicitor, Ball Court, Walbrook ; and of Mr. Samuel Pearce, appraiser, sur- veyor, and auctioneer, No. 44, Lombard Street, Lon- don. Cottage Residence, Furniture, & c.. on the Coast of Sussex. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. SAM. PEARCE, ( Late with Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips J On the premises, on Monday, July 22d, 181at two o'clock, in the afternoon, by order of the Assignees, ADesirable COTTAGE RESIDENCE, plea- santly situate in St. James's- street, Brighton, fit- ted up with every accommodation suitable for a small family, Containing 5 airy sleeping chambers, drawing and dining rooms, kitchen, cellar, yard, and garden; held on lease for 20 years at a low rent. On FRIDAY, July 26, will be Sold, all the HOUS- HOLD FURNITURE, Linen, China, Glass, and Ef- fects, May he viewed, and descriptive particulars and cata- logues had on the premises ; at the Libraries,— Brigh- ton, Lewes, and Worthing; of Mr. Woolley, No. l<) tj, Piccadilly ; Mr. Setree, solicitor, Bell Court, Walbrook ; and of Mr, Samuel Pearce, appraiser, surveyor, and auctioneer, No. 44, Lombard- street, Loudon. Sporting Residence, with 32 Acres of Land, containing a mine of Fuller's Earth, 111 the vicinity of Gattton- Park, in the county of Surrey. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. S. PEARCE, ( Late with Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips) ASingularly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, on the high road leading from Godstone to Rei- gate, a situation which is so justly esteemed for the sa- lubrity of the air, and is suitable for such as are fond of agricultural pursuits, or field sports, being iu the immediate vicinity of several packs of hounds, and abundance of game in every direction. The Estate comprises a modern built Family Residence, erected in the most substantial maimer, containing suitable ac- commodations for a genteel establishment, garden, or- chard, labourer's cottage, barn, farm yard, and out buildings, and about 32 acres of rich pasture, arable, and woodland, lying in a ring fence ; the whole tythe free and exonerated from the land- tax Under the Es- tate is a valuable mine of FULLER'S EAR i ll, of superior quality, and capable of considerable produce. May be viewed, with cards only, which, with des- criptive particulars, may be had of Mr. Sam. Pearce, appraiser, surveyor, and auctioneer, No. 44, Lombard- street, London. " TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Six Bells, Northiam, 011 Monday, the 19th of August, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ( unless IN the" mean time disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given), AFREEHOLD FARM, containing about 86 acres, called SPARKS, situate in the parish of Ewhurst, the property of the late Mr. Pix, of Nor- thiam. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next; and part of the purchase money may remain on mortgage, if re- quired. For further particulars apply to Mr. W. Pix, Beckley; Sir. John Pix, Tenterden ; Mr. Tress, Northiam; or . Mr. Samuel Baker, Heathfield. SURREY. TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION, By Mr. DANDRIDGE, At the White Hart Inn, Reigate, on Friday, August 2, at eleven o'clock, in- seven lots, VALUABLE FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATES, in the parishes of Reigate, Hurley, and Charlwood. LOT 1. A Field of Arabic Land, called BUSH MEAD, adjoining the Town' of Reigate ; containing 7 A. IR, 15 P. about one acre of which is copyhold, and the remainder freehold. LOT 2. A Field of Arable Land, adjoining the Town of Reigate, called BENT- HILL; and MAD MEAD ; con laming : jA 111. 3 iP, about two acres of which are free hold, and the remainder copyhold. Lot 3. A Freehold Field of Arable Land, adjoining the last lot, called LONG FIELD; containing 2A. 1R. 4P. Note.— The above three lots arc in the hands of the Proprietor, who will give possession at Michaelmas next. The crops thereon will he sold at the same time. LOT 4. A Barn, and 211A. and 30P. of Arable and Meadow Land, lying in the parishes of Reigate and Horley, in the . occupation of Mr. Joseph Brown, as' tenant as will : this estate lies very compact, and is all freeholds excepting two acres; it is well stocked with fine growing timber, and its common rights very valua- ble, as it adjoins the extensive common called Earl's Word. ' LOT 5. A very compact Freehold Estate, called PEA BARN FARM, situated iu the parish of Horley, ad joining the river Mole; consisting of a barn, and 21A. IR. 6P. of capital meadow and arable land, in the oc cupation of Mr. Philip Francis, tenant at will, who has a very extensive common right. LOT 6. A Farm House, stable, two barns, cart- lodge, & c. and 50. A. 3R. iff. of meadow and arable land, 111 ihe parishes of Horley and Charlwood, iu the occupa- tion, as tenant at will, of Mrs. Mary Peters. This farm is copyhold, but nearly as good as freehold, as the fines and b'* iots ' tf('. certain ; it is particularly well stocked with thrivingi: y » Dng timber, and adjoins the extensive common called Norwood hill. LOT 7. A. Freehold Estate; consisting of a farm house, stable,, two barns, curt- lodge, < tc. and 53A. aU. -'') i'. of arable, meadow, and wood land, m the parish of Charl- wood, io the occupation of Mr. William Jour ( Ian, tenant at will ; | i is extremely well adapted for the growth of timber, with win h it is well stocked, and ad joins I, oi 0, and Norwood hill Common. The above estates the Land Tax of which is, with a verv trifling, exception, redeemed) may be viewed by applying to the tenants, and to Mr. Richard Wood, of Reigate, of whom particulars may be had ; at the prin- cipal Inns in the neighbourhood; of the Auctioneer; and of Messrs. G. and J. Smallpiece, Surveyors, Guild ford, where plans may be seen. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. BARTLETT. On Wednesday, the - 24th day of July, 18 U, precisely at six O'CLOCK IN.. the evening,- at the Fleece Inn, Chi- chester, ADesirable Copyhold Estate of Inheritance . held under the Manor of Aldwick, comprising acres, more er less, of arable and meadow land ; a cat barn, stable, cart- house and gate- room, in the fol- lowing lots:-— LOT !. Six acres and a half of Meadow Land, more or less, situate near live direct road to Bo £ nor, and adjoining* the land, belonging to Mr. Thomas Halsted, and Mr. Crouch ; four acres, more or less, now in beans, is, an admirable spot to build on, irnr& ediately adjoining the Bognor road, Mr. Henry Halsted's, and Mr. Moore's land ; three acres, more or less, now in oats, adjoining Mr. William Peachey and Moore's land $ the whole of this property is near each other. LOT N. Eight acres, more or less, in tares, called NOROPS, situate near the Bognor road v•' a good site to build on, and is adjoining Mr. Edmund Peachey, and Mr. Ran- dall's land LOT in. Seven acres,, more or less, in oats, called NEW BARN FIELD, situate • adjoining MR. Thomas,' and Mr. Henry Halsted's land. This situation is also desirable to build on. LOT IV. Three acres, more or less,' in oats, called LOATS, now in fallow, adjoining a coppice called COBDEN'S COPPICE, AND between Mr. Henry Halsted's lands. LOT V. A thatched cottage, large and productive garden, let to Messrs. Wittington and Richards, a barn," stable, cart: house, gate- room, together with I chain acre and 17 rood of meadow land, called GASTON'S, immediately behind these premises. The estate is very desirably situate in the parish of North Bersted, and is within a mile and a half of Bog- nor, and six and a half from Chichester; is let on lease to Mr. Nicholas Wilshire, whose term expires at Mr- ckaelmas, IB14. Further particulars may be obtained, and the estate viewed by applying to Mr. Bartlett, at his Royal Ex- change and General Agency Offices, Chichester. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY MR. BARTLETT, ( Without Rererve) On Monday, the 29th of July, 1811, between the hours of four and five in the afternoon, at the Hotel, Bognor, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising a firm- built HOUSE, 25ift. in front, and 2l| ft. in depth, contains four sleeping rooms, parlour, kitchen, wash house, and cellar, together with a plot of garden ground immediately behind the same, " 4ft. by 214ft. These premises, of which immediate possession will be given) are well situate for business, and not far from the sea, late in the occupation of Mr. Daniel Etheridge, and erected within the last eighteen months. Further particulars may be known, by applying to Mr. Bartlett, at his Royal Exchange, and General Agency offices, Chichester. EAST- GRINSTED, SUSSEX. To Innkeepers, Halters, and Others. An exceeding good accustomed Inn, Hatter's Shop, both now in fall trade, and other Freehold Houses and Land, situate in and near the Town of East- Grinsted, in the county of Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROW, At the Swan Inn, East- Grinsted, Sussex, on Tuesday, the 33d day of July, 16( 1* between the hours of four and six iu the afternoon, in three lots, LOT I. TWO substantial Freehold Houses, comprising all that well- established and good accustomed INN in full trade, known by the sign of the Swan, in the town of East Griusted,' in the county of Sussex, in the occupa- tion of Mr. William Head, as tenant from year to year: and al- o all that long and well established HATTER'S SHOP, adjoining the Swan Inn, and now also, in full trade, in the occupation of Mr. John Tooth, al » o as . tenant from year to year.; together with a brew house, wash- house, four stables, two granaries, coach house, three hatter's shops, and other convenient and neces- sary . outbuilding", with yards, gardens, and orchard, lying at the back, and adjoining to the said houses ; and containing by estimation one acre aud ail half of land, little more or less. LOT II Two substantial well built freehold Houses ; one a brick and tile house, divided into two tenements, with the backside thereto adjoining, situate also in tlie Town of East- Grinsted, in the several occupations of Eliza- beth Newnham, Joseph Taylor, and Julio Tooth ; and the other a late erect, d well built brick and tile house, adjoining the above, and now in the occupation of Ed- ward Dadswell, all of whom are tenants from year to year. LOT HI. About eleven acres and a half of very rich meadow, and an acre and a half of exceeding good arable land, called the COMMON FIELDS and WELLS BOTTOM, ly- ing about three quarters of a mile from the Town of East Grinsted, adjoining the road leading from thence to Lingfield, in tile county of Surrey, well stocked with thriving young timber, and extremely well adapted for building, being most delightfully situate upon an emi- nence, commanding an extensive view of ihe Surrey lulls, the vale lying between those bills, and East Grin- sted, and now also 10 tlie occupation of William Head, as tenant from year to year. N. B. The several premises may be viewed, and fur- ther particulars known, by applying to Mr. Barrow, Solicitor, East- Grinsted, Sussex, Marshland, in Pevensey Level, '' ( LAND TAX REDEEMED) To be SOLD by AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On Wednesday, the 31stday of July, I9II, at the Star Inn, Lewes, at 4 o'clock iu the afternoon in two lots, LOT I. ^ JRHREE Pieces of MARSH LAND, si- Jl twite near the Sluice, iu the pari It of Bex- hill, containing by- admeasurement ' J. 1A. lit. 24!'. little more or less, with the sheep and bullock pound thereon standing. LOT II— Three Pieces of Marshland, adjoining Lot I, containing by admeasurement, itfA. 2R. 3P. little more or less. The Land is of very superior quality, is well- watered, adjoins the high- road leading from Hastings to East- Bourne, and possession will be given at Michaelmas next. John Furbey, the Looker, at the Sluice, will shew the Lots ; and for further particulars, apply at the Office of Messrs. Lucas Shadwell and Co. Hastings, where maps of the Estate may be seen. Building Land, Brighton. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, At the Old Shin, in Brighton, 011 Monday, Aug. 5, SEVERAL Plots of Building Ground, contain- ing upwards of 700 feet in front, situate on the West Cliff, Brighton, near Belie Vue house, a most desirable spot for buildings of the first plass,. commanding extensive views of the sea and surrounding country, and possessing great local advantages. This property is laid out upon a plan, calculated, to beautify and improve this much admired and fa- shionable watering- place, and to' afford the public accommodation of a superior description. Particulars and Conditions may be had 14 days previous to the Sale, of Messrs. Verrall, Auc- tioneers, Lewes; Messrs Shaw, Le Blanc, and Shaw, Solicitors, New Bridge- street, London; Mr. Restall Surveyor, Lemon- street, Goodman- fields, London; Mr. James Poune, • Surveyor, Brighton ; and at the Libraries, and principal inns there. ~~ SUSSEX. A desirable Estate, with Common Rights, at East Ashling, near Chichester. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, By Messrs. WHITE and SON, On Monday,, the 29th July, tail, at the Dolphin Inn, Chichester, between the hours of six and seven iu the evening; in one lot, FORTY- SEVEN Acres of rich arable, pasture; - and coppice GROUND, with a capital barn, gra- nary, good stabling for seven horses, cart and chaise houses, piggeries, & c. together with a large brick, tiled, and sash fronted Dwelling- house, in perfect repair - a capital gar3e. il, walled in oil the north, east, and west Sides; with a cold bath 011 the same ; the garden mea- sures 23', ft. hy 2311 ft. also a prime orchard adjoining, abundantly cropped, now in full bearing, the whole be- ing upwards of two acres. The house comprises the following apartments: entrance hall, and good stair case, eight bed chambers, dressing room and store rooms, with good garrets over; the ground floor contains three good parlours, two kitchens, dairy, and pantries; brew, and wash- houses, with conducting pipe- for rain water, with good arched cellars under the same ; also a green plat of ground walled in, as a drying ground, in the south side of the house, a good well of water, with every convenient office. Copyhold under the Manor of Bosham, quit- rent 19s. 7d. per annum, in the possession of Mrs. Pesket,- the proprietor, who will give full possession at Michael- mas, ( stable and gate room immediately after harvest); one moiety of the purchase- money may remain on mort- gage. The timber to be taken at a fair valuation. The estate may be viewed any day previous to the sale by tickets; and printed particulars delivered in due time, and to be had by applying to Messrs. White & Son, North street, Chichester; or High street, Arundel. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. RICHARD LAMBE, At the Star Inn in Lewes, in the county of Sussex, on Saturday, the 17th day of August, 1811, between the hoars of six and seven in the evening, in five lots, an, less previously disposed of in the mean time, LOT t. \ COMPACT FARM, situate in the pa- L- k. rish of Jevington, in the said county, con- sisting of two very good houses,, three cottages, ( in six dwellings,) five barns, three stables, and one granary, with an orchard, gardens, and about 130 acres of ara- ble, meadow, and pasture land ; together with j sheep leazes, on the Tenantry Down, and 12 cow leazes on the Cow Down, in Jevington aforesaid. This lot is part freehold, and part copyhold ; the free- hold part whereof is held of the manor of Jevington, subject to an annual quit rent, in the whole of 19s. 1 id, to an heriot on death only, and to a relief on death or alienation ; and the copyhold part is held of the said manor, subject to an annual quit- rent of ' il.' gs. 5d. and to an heriot and line, on death or alienation, at the will of the Lord. LOT a. A piece of arable land, containing about four acres and a half, situate at Wannock, iu the parish of Jevington aforesaid, called by the name of HORSCROFT. This lot is also copyhold, held of the said manor of Jevington, subject to an annual quit rent of three shil- lings, and to an heriot and fine, at the will of the Lord. LOT 3. Two pieces of arable land, containing about five acres and three quarters, situate at Wannock afore- said, called by the name of the BATS. This lot is also copyhold, hi Id of the manor of Jev- ington Rectory, and subject to an annual quit- rent of 3s. 4d. and to an heriot and fine on death or alienation, at the will of the Lord. LOT 4. A piece of Meadow Land, containing about four acres and three quarters, situate at Wannock afore- said, called by the name of Row CROFT. This lot is freehold, subject to an annual quit- rent of 3^ d. payable to the Lord of the Manor of Pigdean; also to an heriot, best beast, on death only, and to a re- lief on death or alienation. LOT 5 A piece of Marsh Land, containing about four acres and a quarter, situate and being in Willing- don ( Marsh, in the parish of Willingdon, in the said county. This lot is also freehold. The above premises arc in the occupation of Mr. " Ed- mund Cooper. N. B. The Land Tax of the whole of the above pre- mises( except 26 acres of the freehold land, part of lot 1,) has been redeemed. Possession of the land may be had at Michaelmas next, and the tenants of the several and respective Mes- suages and Cottages, comprised in lot 1, have had no- tices to quit at the same time, Mr. Samuel Thorpe, the Bailiff' at Jevington aforesaid, will shew the pre- mises ; and further particulars may be had on applica- tion to Mr. Will Duke, of Bexhill; or Mr. Wm. Catt, of Bishopstone, Executors of Mr. Edmund Cooper, de- ceased . SUPERIOR SCHOOL BOOKS. SIR RICHARD PHILLIPS respectfully ac- quaints the Masters and Governesses of all Schools and Academies, that he has completed, in the present Midsummer Holidays, the undermentioned superior and desirable Elementary Books, for the use of Schools. I. Blair's Universal Perceptor or Grammar of Arts, Sciences, and General Knowledge, with many engrav- ings, price 4s bd. a. Hundred Questions, to exercise Pupils in the preceding work. Is. 3. The Tutor's Key, or Answers to the preceding, and to the Questions in the Grammars of Geography and Chemistry, price 3s. 4. Blair's Models of Juvenile Letters on Familiar Sub- jects, in English, French, and Italian, with numerous sets elf Topics for Exercise, thereby rendering, for the first time, the necessary An of Letter-- Writing, a prac- tical branch of Education, price 3s. fid. To be had at No. 7, Bridge street, London; sold also by, Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Paternoster- row ; by W. Lee, Lewes; and by all Booksellers and Stationers, with the full allowance to Schools, LEWES RAGES, 1818, WILL be on Thursday, August 1, Friday August 2, and Saturday, August 3. Balls and Ordinaries as usual. HENRY CAMPION. " I Ste'w!) rils. W. W. RICHARDSON, Esq; J It. WILLIAMS, Clerk of the Course. Sussex Agricultural Society, A T a general Meeting of thb Subscribers of the J'\- Sussex Agricultural Society, to arrange the Prizes and Premiums for the present year 1811, held at the Star Inn, Lewes, The Right Hon, the EARL of EGREMONT, President, The following Resolutions were agreed to : PRICES for CATTLE, SHEEP, & c. 1. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best. Bull, two years old. 2. That a Piece of Plate be, given to the owner of the best Boll, three years old. 3. That a Piece of' Plate he given to the owner of the best Bull, four years old or upwards— subject to the the fallowing conditions: That if ihe either of the bulls shall remain in the possession nf the owner, that the sub- scribers, during Ihe course of the year ensuing, shall be permitted to send twenty cows, paying for each One Guinea tor the use of the" bull ; in case more than twen- ty Subscribers shall apply on the day of shew, the pre- ference to be decided by lot. 4. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the test Heifer, two years old 5. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best Heifer, three years old, that shall have produced a living calf, between the 1st of January, and the 1st of April preceding, and shall be in milk at the time of shew. 6. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the liesi Cow, four years old or upwards, under the same conditions as in the last article. 7. That a Piece 01" Plate he given to the owner of the best yoke of Working Oxen, of the same age, from 4 to C years old. No Prize to be given to any bull, heifer, cow, or ox, if fed at any period within the last six months* with corn, pease, oil cake, linseed, or hay dressed with linseed or other oil-.— nor will any bull, heifer, cow, or ox, he permitted to be shewn for the prizes, hut such as shall be led to the place of shew by a strong rope or chain, find shall be afterwards sufficiently secured, so as to pre- vent the possibility of breaking loose. 8. That a Piece nf Plate he given to the owner of the best South Down Rum, one year old last lambing time. 9. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best South Down Ram, two years old, last lambing time. 10. That a Piece of Plate lie given to the owner of the test South Down Ram, three years old last lambing time. 11. Tint a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best South Down Ram, two years old last lambing time, which shall have worked the year before in the flock, not less than one month in the autumn, and shall have re- turned to the flock 0: 1 or before tlie 5th day of April, and shall have continued with the flock till the 1st day of July, upon the down and arable land. 12. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best South Down Ram, three years old last Iambi', g time, under the. same conditions as in the last article — subject to the fallowing Conditions : That the two and three year old South Down Hams, that may be shewn fur the Prizes Nos 9 and I *, must have worked not less thou one month in the autumn preceding the dayof shew; and that if any of the Rams shall remain io the pos- session of the owner, that the subscribers be permitted to send fifty ewes tn each rain, during the month of October next, paying half a guinea for each ewe, for the use of the ram and keep ; the owners not to be permit- ted to put any ewes to the rams before the first of Oc- tober. nor a greater number than will make op eighty, including those sent by Subscribers to this Institution, before the 1st of November; in ease that more than fifty ewes to each ram should be offered to be sent by the Subscribers, the preference to he decided by lot, as iu the cause of the Cows. 13. That Two Pounds be given to the owner of the best South Down ram fleece, io weight and quality. 14. That One Pound he given to the owner of the second best. No Fleeces to be permitted to ire shewn for the frizes for Feces, but such as are the produce of the rams shewn for the South Down Rani Prizes. The Candi- dates for the South Down Bam Prizes ( whether they arc Candidates for the Prizes for Fleeces or not) to send all their fleeces marked in the same manner as the rams. to Mr. Bull's Wool Warehouse, before eleven o'clock in the forenoon of the Day of Shew, with their names affixed. The fleeces of all the rams shewn for the prizes must lie produced in the field before the prizes are adjudged to the rams. 15. Tint a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the host lot of twelve South Down ewes, viz. four of one year old, four of two years old, and four of three years old. 16. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of tl'C second best lot of twelve South Down ewes of the tame description as the former. 17. That Two Pounds he given to the owner of the third best ditto. The two and three year old ewes mint have produced and reared a lamb, which bad not been weaned before the' 24th day of June, preceding the flay of Shew ; all the ewe. must have been kept in a flock, and folded till within three days of the Shew, and the sheep must be divided and placed iu di*. rent pens according to their ages 18. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the. best boar 19. That a Piece of Plate he given to the owner of the best sow that shall have produced otic or more far- rows of pigs'. 20. That each Candidate shall produce a Certificate of the age, as near as possible, of his stock shewn, the pedigree when it can he ascertained, with tlie name of the breeder, and au account of the manner in which the stock had been kept for the last four months pre- ceding the Day of Shew ; and also conform - to every other particular required hy the Society iu the fore- going resolutions. ( See regulation respecting Cattle, following No. 7.) , 21. That each Candidate may shew cattle, sheep, or pigs, for all the prizes, but shall be entitled to no more than one prize for each sort of stork ; i. e. for bulls, heifers, cows, oxen, rams not kept with tire flock, rams kept with the Hock, ewes and pigs— And that 110 annual which has gained two prizes shall be entitled to he shewn again for any of the above prizes. ' 22. Thai three Judges for the Cattle and three for the Sheep, be appointed by the Committee, who will meet 011 the Day of Shew, al the Star Inn, Lewes, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; and that the Committee do consist of all the Subscribers; seven of whom shall form such Committee, if more shall not attend ; but no person shall act a Judge, nor vote iu the Committee, on any ' question in which be shall be interested. 23. That the Cattle and Sheep be brought into the field before eleven o'clock; such as come after that hour shall not be entitled to any of the prizes. ( See Regula- lation respecting South Down Ram Fleeces.) 24. That three Stewards be appointed for the ma- nagement of tlie business 011 the Day of the Shew of Cattle ; and that the Stewards he appointed on the 2litll day of July next, for which purpose a general Meeting of the Society will be held at the Star Inn, at one o'clock 25. That ihe Judges he requested, in making their decisions, to attend particularly to the smallness of bone, lightness of offal, symmetry of shape, iu the animals, nod fineness and weight of wool in the sheep, to which they adjudge the prizes ; to insert in their award tin name of the breeder and pedigree, as stated in the certificate, and to withhold the Prize or Premium, unless the animal or animals shewn, shall be deemed by them to possess sufficient merit to he entitled to it. " That the dinner be 011 table at three o'clock, precise- ly; and that at five o'clock the Stewards shall adjourn to the field, where the report of the Judges shall be declared *„ » The SHEW or CATTLE will take place on Wed- nesday, the 3 in of July, an intervening day between the Lei. es and Brighton Races; and the Candidates for the several Prizes tor Stock, must give notice 111 writing, of their intention of becoming so. to Mr Molineux, of Lewes, the Treasurer, on or before the Saturday pre tctiing the Day of Shew, Postscript. FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. DOWNING- STREET, JULY 20, 1811. ADISPATCH has been receiver! from Lord Viscount Wellington, addressed by bis Lord- ship to the Earl of Liverpool, dated Quinta de St. Joao, June 27, 1811 The enemy made a great reconnoissance with a very large body of cavalry upon Elvas and Campo Mayor on the 22d instant. The cavalry of the Army of the South went upon Elvas from the neighbourhood of Olivenca, and the woods between that town and Badajoz; and the cavalry of the army of Portugal upon Campo Mayor, from the neighbourhood of Badajoz. The former succeeded in cutting off a picquet of the 11th Light Dragoons which had been posted on the Caya in front of Elvas, under the command of Captain Lutyens. It is understood' that the cause of this was that Captain Lutyens mistook a regiment of the enemy's Hussars for a body of ours sent to bis support. The 2d Hussars also, which were on the Gua- diana, on the right of Elvas, suffered in their retreat towards Elvas. The enemy were kept in check in the neigh- bourhood of Campo Mayor by the Honourable Major- General De Gray's British and Brigadier- General Madden's brigade of Portuguese cavalry, and they retired without seeing the position of our troops. Since that day they have made no movement of importance. Their army is, along the Guadiana between Badajoz and Merida, and their principal occupation appears to be to procure subsistence, They are already beginning to experience; in some degree, the effects of drawing together, in Estremaduray their whole force. General Bon- net has evacuated the Asturias. Don Julian Sanchez has possession of the open country in Old Castille, and has recently inter- cepted a valuable convoy of money and provisions on the road from Salamanca to Ciudad Rodrigo; and I learn from Valladolid, that a very valuable convoy, consisting of Joseph Buonaparte's baggage and property, has been intercepted by Mina, near Victoria. General Blake crossed the Guadiana ( as bad been arranged) on the 22d instant, and I understand • was at Castillegos on the 24th. m " BANKRUPTS. . William Wilson, Bishops- Wearmouth, Durham, coal- fitter. William Burgess, Broughton, Lan- caster, cotton- spinner.— Richard Naylor, jun. Li- verpool, liquor- merchant. Edward Lee, Broad street, merchant. John Short, East Smithfield, victualler, ' Joseph Hill, Great Mary- le- bone street, taylor.—— John Shoel, Houndsditch, ware- houseman and slopseller. Joseph Wood, Liver- pool, merchant. —- Walter Lewis, . Cheltenham, Gloucester, grocer,— Richard Badger, Bury, Lan- caster, innholder.— Wm H. Sawbridge and Chas. Sawbridge, Northampton, ironmongers.— Thomas Johnson, Oxford- street, smith.— James Lodwidge, Richmond- place, Walworth, insurance- broker.— Joseph Freeman Rattenbury, Copthall- court, in- surance- broker.— John Daniel Hose, jun. Walbrook, merchant. Thomas Stacey, Wandsworth, malt- ster, - Joshua Hodgskinson, jun, Curtain road, Shoreditch, scavenger. Ann Lanchester, Saint James- street, milliner. Thomas Halliday, Old South Sea House, merchant. - William Hubble, Dartford. Kent, miller.— Richard Bayly, Swithin's- lane, merchant. Vincent Talochon, Old Bond- street, druggist. John Thompson, Manchester, cordwainer.— William Hart, South Shields, ship- owner. LONDON. ( SUNDAY). ALARMING STATE OF HIS MAJESTY'. S- HEALTH. We regret to report that the state of His Majesty's health, during the whole of the last week, was such as to occasion the most serious apprehensions of a most serious termination- The several Bulletins were as follow :— " Windsor Castle, July 16, 1811. " The symptoms of the King's disorder, since the late accession of it, have continued to increase, and his Majesty has passed a very restless night. H. HALFORD, W. HEBERDEN, M. BAILLIE, R. WILLIS. On the arrival of the Bulletin in London, a copy of it was sent to the Lord Mayor, and it was exhibited on the outside of the Mansion House. " the night, and his disorder has not increased since yesterday. ( Signed as above.) " night, but he is not better this morning " ( Signed as above.) 1 44 JULY 19.— His Majesty has passed a sleepless night, and he is not better this morning." ( Signed as above.) « JULY' 20 — The King has had several hours sleep in the course of the night. His Majesty is iu no respect worse this morning." ( Signed as above.) The Sunday's Bulletin had not arrived from Windsor, when our account left the metropolis; but very little hopes were entertained of His Ma- jesty's Restoration to Health. Lord Stanhope's Bill was, on Friday, read a third time in the House of Commons; after which the House adjourned to Tuesday next. PARSONAGE- HOUSES.— By an Act of Parliament just passed, an incumbent of any living is empow- ered to borrow at 4 per cent, of commissioners ap- pointed for that purpose, twice the amount of the net annual income of his living, for the purpose of building a new or improving his parsonage- house. This sum, however, is to be restored by instalments in 20 years. Should the incumbent die before the whole is paid off, his successor is bound to discharge what remains, at the same pro- portions, and under the same conditions. Govern- ment have advanced £ 50,000 expressly for this purpose. All applications are to be made through the Diocesan. This measure will not affect Queen Anne's Bounty, and is therefore particularly de- sirable. LEWES, JULY 22, 1811. At the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the Eastern part of this county, held hereon Friday last, there was but little business for the decision of the Court.— Frances Saunders, convict- ed of having obtained, under false pretences, divers articles of shop goods from John Ovenden, was or- dered to- be re- committed for the space of three- calendar months. Richard Hobden, found guilty of stealing in the house of W. Lester, of Brightling, a bottle, con- taining about a pint of rum, was ordered to stand re- committed for the space of six weeks. John Comber was tried for stealing a faggot of wood, the property of Charles Shoubridge, and acquitted. Lydia Saurey for breaking the windows and threat- ening to cut the throat of Nathaniel Jacobs, of Frant, was ordered to stand re- committed for the space of 14 days. ' Mr. John Knapp, of Brightbeli » ston, for assault- ing Mrs. Elizabeth Bate, his sister, was, by the Court, lined TWENTY POUNDS, and committed to the House of Correction until the same should be paid, " and until he entered into a recognizance, himself in 50l and one surety in 20l. for his good behaviour towards his Majesty and all his liege subject's, and especially towards the said Elizabeth Bate, for twelve months. Mr. Knapp, the next morning, submitted to the sentence of the Court, and was discharged from his confinement. Frances Wilson, Mary Ball, and Hannah Hay, for acts of vagrancy ill the Town of Brigtahelm- ston, were recorded rogues and Vagabonds, and re- committed for a month, at the expiration of which they are to he passed home. Mary Mailey, for a similar offence, at Lewes, was ordered to stand re- Committed for the space of two calendar months, and then to be discharged. The Proprietor of two new houses that are electing in East- Street, Brighton, was indicted at the above Sessions for an encroachment; but the Grand Jury rejected the Bill. The Bishop of Chichester's Visitation for the Deanries of Lewes and Pevensey, held here on Thursday last, was very numerously and respecta- bly attended by the clergy of both deanries. The Sermon, preached on the Occasion, by the Rev. Mr. Ellison, Rector of Slaugham, from Matt, c. V. v. 14. '• Ye are the Light of the World" riveted the attention of a large congregation, the clerical part of which felt it most sensibly, and acknow- ledged the discourse to be a masterpiece of com- position and oratory. The Bishop delivered an impressive charge with his accustomed dignity and eloquence. His Lordship dined with the Clergy, at the Star, and retired about seven o'clock. On Saturday the Bishop administered the church- rite of Confirmation, to about. 500 young persons, in St. Ann's Church ' The morning proving very wet, was a distressing circumstance to the females, who had to come from a distance, many , of whom were as compleatly soaked as if they had been drawn through the river, and had, Spoor girls, to remain in their wet clothes the whole day. Last Wednesday and Thursday two divisions of the 5th Dragoon Guards, marched into ibis town, on their route to Portsmouth, where, we apprehend, the whole regiment has, ere this arrived, to em- bark for its destination in Portugal. It may be fairly presumed, that in making out the route for the first division, no geographical line could have been consulted, as, in obedience to its directions, the men, in coming from London to Lewes, had to travel one hundred and fourteen miles! The Royal Carnarvan Militia, marched into this town, on their route to the barracks, at Playden, in. Kent, on Wednesday last. Our Annual Wool Fair is fixed for Friday next. See advertisement. There was a very good supply of Mutton and Lamb, and, considering the time of year, a fan- shew of beef, at our' Stock Market, 011 Tuesday last, every head of which, we understand, met with purchasers. The prices were, as nearly as they can be estimated, as follow: Beef, - from 5s. Od. to 5s. fid. per Stone. Wether Mutton as. 6d. to 6s. Od. Ewe ditto - 5s. Od. to 5s fid.' Lamb, - - ( 53. od. to Cs. 6d. The above market is very rapidly increasing ; and when the great consumption of the neighbour- hood in which it is situated, with its many other advantages, are considered, no doubt, we think, can be entertained but it will shortly become one of the most considerable marts for fat stock in the county Hailsham Market was also well supplied with Stock, which bore prices, similar to the foregoing On Tuesday last, in the evening, the remains of the late Warden Sergison, esq. whose death we men tioned in our last paper, were interred with much funeral pomp in the family vault in Cuckfield church. The above deceased Gentleman has left a will, by which, we understand, the family estate, called Cuckfield Place, becomes the property of his sur- viving brother, Francis Sergison, Esq.--- and the Butler's- Green Estate, we hear, he has bequeath- ed to his sister, Mrs. St. Pritchard. The Executors named in the will are, the Rev Sir H Poole, Bart, and two officers in th:- Royal Horse Guards, Blue, of which the deceased was formerly Lieutenant- Colonel. The following benevolent collections have been recently made in this town, viz — At St. Ann's Church for the British £• s. d prisoners of war in France - - 11 9 8 At All Saints' Church, to be equally divided for the Relief of the Priso- ners in France, as above, and the Portuguese sufferers - - 31 6 4 At the JAIRA Chapel, in the Cliff, for the prisoners in Fiance - 21 1 0 63 17 0 The storm, on Friday morning, which we believe was very general throughout the county, was most tremendously felt at Horsham, where the thunder was as loud and the lightning as vivid as was ever remembered by the oldest inhabitant. About half past three o'clock the electric fluid struck the house of Mr. H. Humphrey, a lath cleaver, on the Common near to the Dog and Bacon, the tiles of which were completely stripped off by the shock, the beams and rafters shivered, and the brick- work so much damaged, that the whole must be taken down. Pro- videntially no person was hurt, although a child was sleeping in the room through which the ac- tive fluid mule a complete passage. A strong sul- phureous smell was left by the lightning in ever part of the premises.— At Hailsham, the lightning struck a chimney, and descending its flue, broke all the glass of the windows in the room below, but did no other material damage. The rain fell with so much violence that it beat down and lodged the corn in many situations. PEDESTRIANISM.— On the 14th instant, Thomas Standen, of Salehurst, near Silver- Hill Barracks, finished the arduous task, which, for a mere trifling wager, he bad undertaken, of walking 1100 miles in as many successive hours, going one mile only in each hour. This- man is nearly 60 years of age ; and his performance certainly considerably outdoes that which Captain Barclay, after such great train- ing, performed at Newmarket. Standen says, that be is ready to perform the task over again, and that he will cheerfully under- take it, if any gentlemen of Sussex will back him. One evening last week, the wife of a military Gentleman stationed in this neighbourhood, eloped with a stranger, who, the better to effect his wicked and adulterous design, took up his abode, for a few days, in Southover. He is reported to be of the army. ST. SWITHIN'S arrival, on Monday last, was accompanied by rain, and nearly every day since has borne testimony of his WATERY influence, to the no small discomfiture of the haymakers. The rain, throughout the whole of yesterday, was like that of winter, steady and incessant. On Tuesday evening a lad named Wenham, of rather weak intellects, fell into a well at Slaugham, and was drowned before his unfortunate situation was discovered. Coroner's Verdict accidental death. The remains of T. Stone, esq. of Stone- Bridge, were not interred, until last Tuesday, ARRIVALS AT SEAFORD. — Mr. and Mrs. Mun- dell and Family— Mr. and Mrs. Lyon— Mr. Burt--- Rev. T. Grover- Rev. J. Newell.-- Edward Alfrey, esq J. Winkfield, esq. and Family— Mrs. Iredell -- J. Leach, esq.— I. Douglass, esq. and Family--- Mrs. and Miss Thwaits— J. Howell, esq. & c. & c. Among the recent improvements at Seaford, are the Circulating Library and Reading Room, lately established by Mr. Samuel Cook, who to extend the amusements' of the place, has also furnished a con- venient room with a billiard- table, which has ob- tained him the approbation and encouragement of many gentlemen, and of those of the army, sta- tioned in the neighbourhood, in particular. The Following is the Copy of a Letter which has been transmitted from Dover, to the other CINQUE 1' OR. TS, and the Members thereof:— RIGHT WORSHIPFUL SIRS Loving Brethren Combarons and Friends,— our right hearty affections and salutations to you presented. Forasmuch as by the greater part of the brethren of the Cinque Ports and ancient towns, it is con- cluded, that a BROTHERHOOD and GUESTLING be arreared this Year ' These are therefore to pray and brotherly require you to be at the port and town of New Romney, in she county of Kent, on the Tuesday after the feast of St. Margaret next ensuing, being the 23d day of July now next coming, 011 the hour accustomed, being ei^ ht o'clock in the morning, with the full number of per- sons duly returned and commissionated, according to their ancient customs and usages, tune out of mind used and approved, & c. And so we commit you to God, and rest, Your very loving Brethren Combarons GEO DELL, Mayor and Jurats of the Town and Port of Dover— Speaker. From Dover, the 12th June, 1811. There has been no assemblage of this kind since the year 1772. Last Monday, Wilbar, of this town, a man in the employ of Sir H. Biackman, fell down in a fit and expired. DIED. On Saturday the 14th inst. Louisa, wife of the Rev. W. Moreton Moreton, of Westerham, in Kent and second daughter of the late W, Board, esq. of Paxhill Park, in this county. ERRATA. In the Local Militia Advertisement in our last, and_ two former papers, under the head Centre Bat- tallion, dele WM. LOWER, and RICHARD LOWER, of Lewes, who both attended, and were trained as the law directs. BRIGHTON, JULY 22, 1811. Yesterday the heavy and continued rain proved most unpropitious to the amusements usually re- sorted to 011 the Sunday preceding our Races, and generally looked up to as a matter of pleasure to a certain class of individuals, and of profit to the publicans, who erect booths for the accommodation of company on the course. Our arrivals still continue to increase, though not so rapidly as we anticipated. Among the most recent are Lord Glenbervie; Lord C. Somerset and family ; Capt. P. Rainie, R. N.; Mr. Hoggard ; Mr. Crichton ; Mr. Stuart ; Mr. Daker ; Mr. Douglas; Mr. D. Macdonald ; Mr. Cherry; Mr. Gosslen ; Rev. J. Crowther, & c. The decoration;, and arrangements at the Prince's riding- house, are carrying on with the utmost acti- vity, more hands having been employed in the course of the last week to expedite its completion in the first style of elegance, as well as the avenues leading to and from the pavilion, and grounds adja- cent. The whole plan, has, we are confidently in- formed, been long arranged tinder the approval of His Roya Highness the Prince Regent, who is re- ported, from most undoubted authority, to have sanctioned it by his personal inspection, a short time since, by a private visit of part of a day and one night; the secresy of the inspection having been made known only to the heads of the estab- lishment, and that alone by the sudden appearance of his Royal Highness. We anticipate a very splendid and magnificent fete here, on the 12th of August.— A grand review will, we understand, take place;— the • lOth Hussars, together with three or four other regi- ments of the same description, will be brigaded; and it is reported that some experiments will be made with Congreve's rockets, for the approbation of his Royal Highness. We sincerely hope, that the next bulletin will contain a more favourable re- port of his Majesty's health than the last; and that nothing will occur to prevent the participation of that pleasure which every one anticipates at the approaching anniversary of the natal day of our beloved and revered Patron. We understand that a Provincial Grand Chap- ter of ROYAL ARCH MASONS, will be held at three o'clock, on Wednesday next, the 24th instant, at the Old Ship Tavern in this town, of which every R. A. Mason in the county, may consider himself a Member. Our Races commence on Friday next, and we hope they will be productive of good sport. Walker's Marine Library, Donaldon's on the Steyne, and Choat's in North- street, have lately been well attended. The latter has recently been enlarged, and when properly completed, will be inferior to none in point of elegance and accom- modation. The Theatre was well attended every night of performance last week. On Saturday, the pieces were Love in a Village, and The Village Lawyer ;' Justice Woodcock, in the former, was well per- sonated by OWEN.— GILBERT obtained, as he me- rited, great applause in Hodge.— BENNETT, as Haw- thorn, was, as he always is, respectable.—- JONES as Eustace, proved himself a singer above mediocrity. — Madge, by our favourite Miss BEW, was played admirably, and loudly applauded. For - Tuesday, the Peasant Boy is announced.- r- On Wednesday, we understand, Lord Glenbervie honours the Ma- nagers with a bespeak. A grand Match at Cricket, is to be played on Friday next, at Highdown- hill, near Worthing, the Storrington Club, with Hammond, Beldam, Ho- ward, and Bentley, against the Gentlemen on the Coast between Shoreham- Bridge and Chichester, with Lambert, Bennett, Small, and J, Walker ,-— See advertisement. On Friday next the Lord Bishop of Chichester will confirm at Horsham, At Horsham Fair, on Thursday last, there was a good shew of horses and lambs, for the latter of which there was a very brisk sale; and the evening being fine, the bonny lads and pretty lasses, for which that part of our county is remarkable, dis- played their holiday habiliments to the greatest advantage. At the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the Western Division of our county, held at Horsham, on Tuesday last, Thomas Hambridge, for stealing a shirt of the value of 5s. the property of R. Wilkins, of Midhurst; Margaret Groves, for stealing ten pair of worsted stockings, of the value of 10s the property of William Daws ; and Sarah Smith, for stealing six shirts, SIX pairs of white stockings, two pairs worsted ditto, six neckcloths, and a waistcoat; were each sentenced to three months imprisonment, in Petworth House of Correction. Three were re- committed for want of sureties; and Phoebe Sturgess, placed at the bar for a breach of the peace was discharged by proclamation. DIED. On Saturday last, at Westburton, Mrs. Wyatt, daughter of the late Mr. Bishop of that place. On Thursday last, at Horsham, Mrs. Buckoll, wife of Mr. Stephen Buckoll, of the depot at that place. On Saturday,' Mrs. Dean, wife of Mr, Dean, of the King's- Head, in West- street. AN OCCASIONAL ADDRESS Spoken at the opening of the Brighton Theatre, BY MESSRS. POWEL AND HOLLAND, AND WRITTEN BY E. J. EYRE. Enter Mr. Powel. AS now our great Dramatic- convocation^ Like to some grand Assembly of the Nation, Has, by a mandate from Parnassus' Hill, ( And who'll dispute Apollo's Royal Will r) Been formally in London, late dissolved, To stand Enter Mr. Holland. MR. HOLLAND And so have I, and no offence to give, I wish to be your REPRESENTATIVE; And in your Cause, 1 pledge my best affections.— POWEL. The cant of Candidates at all Elections ! How happy shall I. prove, if it content you. That 1 be one of those to REPRESENT you I HOLLAND. Mere Words, and Flatt'ry-—- POWEL, Sir, no interfering, I only ask a fair, and candid hearing— Elect me, and I promise to your Faces, To get you, all in turns, the best of Places! HOLLAND. Trusting alone to your impartial voice. Should you fix me the Object of your Choice, 1 here protest, the Contract too, I'll keep, 1 That too' my Pow'rs of Eloquence be weak, > Unlike most Members, I will Nightly Speak ! J And that no Right of Britons be oppos'd, On no Debate, the gall'ry shall be clos'd! POWEL. Sir, as I deem your Politics are- true, I should be glad to coalesce with YOU ! HOLLA ND. The offer. Sir, bespeaks a Patriot's Soul, Together, if you please we'll stand the Poll. If, after this, ( TO THE AUDIENCE,) you should with scorn reject us, POWEL, Or, make one honest scruple to elect us, HOLLAND. Another Year, we'll lay our Scheme aside, POWEL. - And own ourselves not duly Stualified! HOLLAND. We crave your Votes— POWEL. ' tis useless; look around— No opposition to our Names is found ! HOLLAND. Yet, as old customs. Englishmen revere, The Freedom of Election POWEL. Hear! hear ! hear! HOLLAND. The Freedom of Election, Sir, demands That you approve us, with a Shew of Hands. POWEL. Thanks! thanks! you have returned us due Elected! HOLLAND. And for the favor, bow your most respected ! POWEL. But now to drop the Electioneering tone, And speak our Sense in Language of our own. No pains we'll spare, within our best endeavour To court your Praise, and merit Public- favor. HOLLAND. Nay, Hope's bright Pencil flattering Prospects draws, For Royal Patronage protects our Cause I POWEL. Can Genius languish, can fair Science bend ? Whilst BRITAIN'S HEIR continues Learning's Friends' HOLLAND. A PATRIOT PRINCE, who dignifies the Throne, And makes the People's Happiness his own. POWEL; Then to this House, our nighty call attend ! And imitate your Prince, and be the Drama's Friend. Population. THEREBY give notice to all Constables, Church- wardens; Overseers, and others concerned in taking an account of tlie Population of ihe several parishes and places within the county of Sussex, under an Act of Parliament passed for that purpose, that the several returns must he made to me on or before Friday next the 96th instant, or those who make default therein will be answerable for the consequences. WM. BALCOMBE LANGRIDGE, Clk of the Peace for the County of Sussex. Lewes, 20th July, JSLI. LEWES WOOL FAIR. THE ANNUAL WOOL FAIR will be held at the BEAR INN, in the Cliff, on Friday next, the 26th of this instant July. Dinner will be on table at Three o'clock. WANTED, Ten or Fifteen JOURNEYMAN CARPENTERS, and JOINERS. Good hands may have constant employ and good wages, by applying to the MASTER BUILDERS, of Lewes.— i.-. tli July, " WANTED at Michaelmas next, a young Married Man and Woman ; the former as a Man of all work on a farm, wages given to the man, as. 6d. per day ; a good house, rent and tax free ; all the milk of a new . milch cow, 26 weeks in the summer. The Woman to have employment at light work at ls. 6d, per day, the summer part. Good characters will be re- quired. Apply to Mr. Stephen Fryman, Rye, Sussex. WANTED immediately, in a principal ' Town in Sussex, a steady Lad as an Apprentice to a Sadler and Harness Maker. Apply, for a reference, to the Printers. WANTED, in a small family, about ten miles from Lewes, a COOK. She must he a steady, careful, cleanly woman, between 3d and 40 years of age, who perfectly understand her business, in every respect, and can bring an undeniably good character. Apply to Mr. LEE, Printing- office, High street, Lewes. WANTS a Situation as an Apprentice, a young LAD, about 14 years old, of respect- able connexions, in any line of business, except that of Blacksmith, Cordwainer, or Wheelwright. Proposals to be forwarded to, and further par- ticulars known, by applying to Mr. T. Palmer, jun. East Grinstead. A MATCH OF CRICKET WILL be played on Highdown Hill, near Worthing, on Thursday the 25th of July, and the following day, by Storrington Club, with four given men :— Namely, Hammond, Beldam, Howard and Bentley :— Against Gentlemen residing on the sea coast between Shoreham Bridge and Chichester, with four given men ; — Namely, Lambert, Bennett, Small, and Walker, for One Hundred Guineas a side. Wickets will be pitched at ten o'clock. N. B. A good Ordinary on the ground each day at two o'clock. RIVER OUSE NAVIGATION. THE Second General Meeting or Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the River Ouse Navigation, for the present year, will be holden at the Tyger Inn, in Lindfield in the county of Sussex, on the 5th day of August next, being the first Monday in the month, at the hour of eleven in the forenoon, pursuant to the Statute passed in the 46th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, intitled " An Act for altering, " amending, and rendering more effectual an act " passed in the 30th Year of his present Majesty, " for improving the Navigation of the River Ouse, " in the county of Sussex." SAMUEL WALLER, Clerk to the said Company of Proprietors. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Partner. ' ship lately subsisting between JOHN HUM, PHREY and JAMES SPARSE, of the Market plate, Brighthelmston, iu the county of Sussex, Linen and Woollen Drapers, was dissolved on ihe 27th day of May last, by mutual consent. And. that all debts due and Owing to or from the. said late Partnership, are to he received and paid by the said James Sparke, Who has from the said 27th day of May,' and will continue to carry on the said businesses on his own account. Witness their hands, this ijih day of July. itMl. . JAMES SPARKE. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDTIORS. ALL persons having demands 011 Mrs. Kemp, late of Chailey, Shopkeeper, are requested . to d - liver accounts of the same, to Mr. Mainard, of Chailey, her successor in business, in order to their being discharged. And all persons indebted to the said Mrs. Kemp, are desired to pay the amount of their respective debts to Mr. Maynard, as above, on or before the 26th day of August, 1811, or they will be • - sued La- the same, without further notice. STEYNING LIME PIT. " ~ rF, HE public are respectfully informed, that Mr. A Philip Norris, sen. has this day give., up the trade of the above pit, in favour of' his son, Mr. Philip Nor- ris. jun. and Mr. Edward Brown, of Steyning, by whom the same will in future he carried on. P. Norris, sen. returns his best thanks to his friends for the favours be has received for the hist 3" years; ami begs to solicit a continuation thereof to his Son and E. Brown. Steyning, July 1 c>. Mil. GAME NOTICE. ~ IHereby give notice, that, no person or persons, is, or are, to shoot or hunt, on or over my grounds in the parishes of Barnbam and Easter gate, without consent. JOS. MURRELL. July go, 181 1. His Majesty's Royal LONDON MAIL COACH. THE public are respectfully informed, that the above Coach is removed from the New Inn, North- street, to Mr. J. Howell's, New Ship Inn, Ship- street, from whence it will continue to run every Evening at Half- past Nine o'clock, to the Bull and Mouth Inn, Bull and Month street, Lon- don, and returns from the same Inn every Even- ing at a Quarter before Eight: N. B. The above Mail calls at Bradford's Coach Office, in East- street, where Passengers and Par- cels are booked. Performed by J. WILLAN. Brighton. July IS, 1811. At Preston near Brighton. MISS PRINCE, RESPECTFULLY informs her Friends, she " intends opening her School on the 29th instant, when she solicits their Patronage; and hopes by a strict attention to the Health, Morals, and instruction of her Pupils, to merit their support. TERMS. For Board, and Tuition, including English, Geogra- phy, with the use of the Globes, and Needlework, ® * Guineas per annum. Entrance two Guinea". Trench per Quarter Fifteen Shillings Writing and Arithmetic Fifteen Shillings Dancing One Guinea Drawing One Guinea Music Two Guineas Washing Half a Guinea per Quarter, No extra charges. MESSRS. HOPKINS and PENFOLD, Wine and Coal Merchants, Worthing, beg leave to inform the. Visitors and Inhabitants of Wor- thing, and its Vicinity, that they have added con- siderably to their stock of choice old Wines and Spirits, the superior quality of which, they trust, will ensure to them that patronage and support they have already so liberally experienced. They have also Bottled Cider, Ales, and Brown Stout, in high perfection; and the best Newcastle Coals upon moderate terms. TO BE LETT ~~ 1 " And entered on at Michaelmas next, AMessuage & Lands call'd Northlands & Mount Noddy, with the Barns, Yards, Stables, Hopkiln, & appurtenances, in the parish of Fletching, containing one hundred and seventy eight acres, more or less, of Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Hop ground. Inquire particulars of the Steward of Sheffield Place. A TRULY DESIRABLE FARM~ TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, CESSINGHAM FARM, at Arlington, in the county of Sussex, containing about One Hundred Acres of fatting and arable land, of the Very first qua- lity. 1 Written Tenders, post paid, will be received by Mr. James Skinner, sen. Alfristom until the. 30th day of July The Estate may be seen with farther particulars, by . applying to Mr. Thomas skinner, on the premises. BRIGHTHELMSTON , • To Grocers, Linen Drapers, Haberdashers, & c TO BE LET, By the Year, ( or the remainder of the Lease will be disposed of if required), ACommodious SHOP and DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in a very respectable neigh- bourhood, and the most commanding part of West- street, being one of the greatest thoroughfares in the town. The premises are well calculated for any line of business. Should the lease be disposed of, the purchaser may be accommodated with the adjoining Lodging- house, which commands an un- interrupted view of the sea. Enquire, if by letter, ( post paid) of S. F. San- ders, at his Academy, Middle- street. Kingstone Farm, near Worthing. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES LEAR, On the Premises, on Friday, the 2d of August, ] ttn and the following day, 1 nrHE neat Houshold Furniture, China, Glass, A & c. of the late Mr. George Olliver, consisting of prime seasoned goose feather Beds, four post bedsteads, with moreen printed cotton and other furniture, mat, tresses, blankets, and counterpanes ; Brussels and Kid- derminster carpets, pier and dressing glasses in maho- gany and gilt frames, a safa, neat mahogany chairs, di- ning and Pembroke tea and dressing tables, double and single chests of drawers, desks, and bookcase, an eight day clock, roasting jack complete; brewing, washing, and dairy utensils, kitchen requisites, &' c. & c. The Sale to begin each day at eleven o'clock. Catalogues may he hail, in due tune, at the principal Inns in the adjacent market towns; and of the auctioneer, at Arundel. STRAYED; Into the grounds of Messrs. T. and H. Bourne, of Brightling, Sussex, about the 25th of April, iat 1, A BLACK PONEY, about twelve hands high X, a. with a long full tail. The owner, by applying as above, and paying ( or keeping, advertising, may have him again ; but it- nut so claimed within . two months from th.- , Uie hereof, lie will, at the next Battle Market, be publicly sold, to' pay expellees. Brightling, July an, Ian; I. OST, on Monday, July 1, I811, a POINTER, J PUPPY, about three months old, with a large black spot 0n the back, black ears, and black tail, the other part white. Whoever has found- the same, and' ' will give information to Air. TRILL, of South Farm, Broadwater, shall he handsomely rewarded lor their trouble ; any person detaining the above puppy after has .11 in. 1 i. p. • 1 ....• . ii hi ^ PRICE of CORN:. — Lewes, Saturday, July 2O" Red Wheat - - it's 16- « to 4 0 0 From Tuesday's London Gazette. Downing- Street, July 10, 1811. ADispateh, of which ( he following is an extract, was on Sunday received at Lord Liverpool's Office, add reused tn his Lordship by Lieutenant- General Viscount Wellington, dated Quinta de St. Joan, 20th June, 1811. The enemy moved forward liis advanced- guard, consisting of ahovil 10,( 100 men, to Los Santos, on the rooming of the 13th. Upon this occasion Lieutenant Streenuwitz, of the 21st Light Dragoons, « - as sent out by Major- General Sir William Erskine to reconnoitre the enemy, with a small detachment of the 2d Hussars and 3d Dragoon Guards, which diuingtnshed them- selves in an attack upon a superior number of [ lie enemv, and ' ook some prisoners. I had arranged that the cavalry, and 2d and 4th divisions of the Allied British and Portuguese - Army, and tie corps of Spanish troops under Ge- neral Blake, should collect if the enemy should • advance t> interrupt the siege or blockade of Ba- dajoz; and 1 went to Albuera on that night to su- tler intend the movement of the troops. T also moved, on the night of the 13th, General Hamilton's division from rhe blockade of Badajoz, with an intention to stop the enemy in case the Army of the South alone should have moved for- ward. On the 14th, in the night, Lieutenant Ayling, of the 40th regiment, who had been employed to ob- serve the movements of the enemy, arrived at Al- buera wiih the account, that the advanced guard of the enemy's army of Portugal from Castile had entered Truxillo at noon on the 13th, which con- firmed the other accounts which I had received of their pro< ress tip to the 12th, and as foil Truxillo they might have been at Merida on the 15th, and in communication with the army of the South, [ determined to raise the blockade of Badajoz, and that all the allied troops should* cross the Guadiana on the 17th. This was accordingly effected with out difficulty or loss of any description ; and Gen, Blake likewise crossed with his corps at Juramenha on the 17th. Since that period, the Allied British and Por- tuguese army have been encamped in the woods upon the Caya about Torre de Mouro, having their right upon the Ponte de Caya; the 3d and 71I1 divisions and Brigadier- General Madden's cavalry being in Campo Mayor. And the troops which had been under the* command of Lieut. Gene- ral Sir Brent Spencer on the frontiers of Castile, have crossed the Tagus at Villa Velha in proportion as the enemv have crossed . hat river at Almaraz. The whole aie now upon the Caya, between this place and Arronches. The enemy's advance have appeared in the neigh- bourhood of Badajoz this day. and I conceive t- liat their whole am. will be collected to- morrow The enemv have collected upon this occasion ail their force from Castile, then whole force fr m Madrid, and what is called their > entre Army, and ail their force from Andalusia, excepting what is- absolutely necessary ' o maintain their position be- fore Cadiz, and that held by Sebastiani in the eastern kingdoms of Andalusia. The enemy have abandoned Old and New Cas- tile, with ' lie exception of a small garrison in Ma- drid, and have riilted every thing in ail par's of Spain, in order to collect . his large army in Estre- madura. I have to lament ( tie loss or S< 2 men kilted and wounded, among whom is the Master. Mis Majes- ty's sloop is much damaged in her masts, sails, rigging, and hull, and as there are many shot through between wind and water, and many shots still remaining in her side, and upper works all shot away, starboard pump also, I have judged it proper to proceed to Halifax, which will, I hope, meet with your approbation. I cannot" speak in too high terms of the officers and men I have the honour to command, for their steady and active conduct throughout the whole of this business, who had much to do, as a gale of wind came on the second night after the action My First Lieutenant, Mr. John Moberly, who is in every respects most excellent Officer, afforded me verv great assistance in stopping the leaks himself in the gale, securing the masts, and doing every thing in his power. . It would be the gieatest in- justice was I not also to speak most highly of Lieutenant Lovell, Second Lieutenant, of Mr. M'Queen, Master, who, as 1 have before sta'ed, was wounded in the right arm in nearly the middle of the action, and Mr. Wilson, Master's Mate. Imited, the conduct of ever,- officer and man was so good, it is impossible for me to discriminate. I beg leave to enclose a list of the thirty- two men killed and wounded, most of them mortally, I fear. i hope Sir, in this affair I shall appear to have done my duty, and conducted myself as I ought to have done against so superior a force, ami that the honour of the British colours was well sup- ported. ' I ( Signed) A. B. BINGHAM, Capt. To Herbert Sawyer, esq. Rear Admiral, & c. Return of Officers, Petty Officers, Seamen, and Marines killed and wounded on board His Ma- jesty's Sloop, Little Belt, Arthur Batt Bingham, Esq. Commander, in action with the American Frigate President, May 16, 1811 Killed— Mr. Samuel Woodward, Midshipman ; Christ. Bennett, captain of the foretop; Jacob Greaves, carpenter's crew; Thomas Shippard, gunner's- mate; George Wilson, able seaman; Robert Liversage, able seaman; James Grey, or- dinary seaman; Robert Howard, ordinary seaman ; John Pardoe, private marine. Wounded— Daniel Kilham, landman, danger- ously, died ten hours after the action; Richard Coody, ordinary seaman, ditto, died twenty hours after the action; John Randal, able seaman, dan- geiously; Nicholas Manager, gunner's crew, ditto; Mr. James M'Queen, acting master, severely; James Dunn ( 2), captain of the maintop, ditto; James Lawrence, able seman, ditto; John Richards able seaman, . ditto; Thomas Ives, able seaman, ditto; Michael Skinners, landman, ditto; William Fern, boy, ditto; David Dowd, marine, ditto; William Harold, marine, ditto; Mr. James Frank- lin, boatswain, slightly; Mr. Benjamin Angel, car- penter, ditto; Peter M'Caskell, captain of the mast, ditto; William Andrews, ordinary seaman, ditto; William Weston, boy, ditto; Edward Graham, able seaman, ditto; George Delany, able seaman, ditto; George Roberts, boy, ditto ; George Shoard, marine, ditto; Daniel Long, marine, ditto. ( Signed) A. B BINGHAM, Captain. W TURNER ( 2), Surgeon. BANKRUPTS. WILLIAM DARKE. of Birmingham Warwick, bookbinder James William Glass, of Wood ford. Essex » !>•' of Size- lane.. London merchant James Waddington. late of Bishopgate- street, London. vintner— John Wheatcroft of Loughor. Glamorgan, dealer and chapman Edward Hammond Stenhens. late of Barnstaple, Devon, sadler John Mosdell, of Berks. baker Richard Bailey, late of Swithin's- lane. London Charles Anthorp, wheelwright, of Cullum street, London, merchant Walter Bridge, of Liver- pool, soapboiler Joseph Lings, of Sawley, Dethy. dealer in coals Thomas Harrison, Li- verpool, cowkeeper— John Wright, of Derby, apo- thecary— Samuel Barnett, late .. f rhe dial, Long. alley, Moorsfields, Middlesex victualler John Tiddeman, of John- street, Oxford- street, Middle- sex, furnishing ironmonger His Majesty's stoop, Little Belt, May 21. 1811, Lat. 36. 53.. N. Lon. 71. 49 VV. Cape Charles hearing west notes, tfnt, I beg leave to acquaint you, that in pursu- ance of your orders to join bis Majesty's ship Guerriere, and being on mv return from flip north ward, not having fallen in with her, that at about eleven a. 111. May l( i, saw a strange sail, to which I finmedi,. elv gave chace; at one p. m. discovered lier tn be a man of war, apparently a frigate, stand- ing to the eastward, who, when he made us out, enged nwav from us, and set his royals; made ( he signal 273, and finding it not answered, concluded she was an American frigate, as lie bad a Commo- dore's blue pendant flying at the maifr; hoisted the colours, and made all sail south, the course » I intended steering round Cape Hatteras, the stran- ger edging away, but not making any more sail. At half past three he m& de sail in chace, when I made the private signal, which was not answered At half past six, finding I e gained so considerably on us as not to be able to elude him during the night, being within gun- shot, and clearly discern- ing the stars in his broad pendant, I imagined the more prudent method was to bring to, and hoist the colours, that no mistake migh arise, and that he might see what we were; the ship was therefore brought to, colours hoisted, guns double shotted, and every preparation made in case of a surprise. Bv his manner of steering down, he evidently wished to lay his ship in a position for raking, which I frnstated by wearing three times. About a quarter past eight he came within hail. [ hailed, and asked what ship it was ? He repeated my ques- tion. i again hailed, and asked, what ship it was? He again repeated my words, and fi'ed a broad- side, which I immediately returned The action then became general, and continued so fur three quarters of an hour, when he ceased firing, and appeared tobe pn fire about the main hatchway. He then filled. I was obliged to desist from filing, as the ship falling Off, 110 gun would bear, and bad no after- sail to keep her to. All the rigging and sails cut to pieces, not a brace or bowline left; he hail- ed, and asked what ship this was? I told him. He then asked me, if I had struck my colours} My answer was, no; and asked what ship it was? As plainly as I could understand, ( he having shot some distance at this lime) he answered the United States frigate. He fired no more guns, but stood from us, giving 110 reason for his most extraordi- nary conduct At day- light in the morning, saw a ship to windward, which having made out well what we weie, bore up and passed within hail, fully prepated for action. About eight o'clock he hailed, and said, if! pleased, he would send a boat on board; L replied in the affirmative, and a boat accordingly came with an Officer and a mes- sage ftotn Commodore Rogers, of the President United States frigate, to say that he lamented much the unfortunate affair ( as he termed it) that had happenet^ and ihaHhad he known our force was so inferior, he should not have fired at me. I asked his motive for having fired at all; his reply was, that we fired the first gun at him, which was positively not the case. I cautioned both the Offi- cers and men to he particularly careful, and not suffer any more than one man to be at tiie gun. Nor is it probable that a sloop of war within pistol- shot of a large forty- four gun frigate should com- mence hostilities. He offered me every assistance 1 stood in need of, and submitted 10 me that I had better put into one of the ports of the United States, which I immediately declined. By the manner in which he apologized, it appeared in me evident, that had tie fallen in with a British frigate he would certainly have brought her 10 action; and what further confirms me ill that opinion is, that his guns were not'only loaded with round and prapc- shot, but with every scrap of iron that could possibly be collected. CONSISTORY COURT, DOCTORS COMMONS. PROMISE OF MARRIAGE, DALRYMPLE V. DALRYMPLE. This was a suite at the instance of Mrs. Dalrym- ple, formerly Miss Gordon, for a restitution of conjugal rights, as the wife, by the law of Scotland, of Captain John William Henry Dalrymple, a son of the late General Dalrymple. It appeared that Captain D. accompanying his regiment to Edinburgh, was there first introduced to Miss Gordon; they conceived a mutual regard for each other, which entered in a matrimonial contJact. Family circumstances, however, ren- dering it necessary, as he persuaded her, that the knowledge of the marriage should he concealed during the life- time of his father, Miss Gordon yielded to his injunctions of secrecy, and they ac- cordingly exchanged mutual wrilteji promises to this purport:—" I do solemnly promise, as soon as it is in my power, to marry you. and never any other person."— Upon the faith of these promises, they conducted themselves towards each other as man and wife ; and at a subsequent period ex- changed farther acknowledgments of the relation ill which they stood to each other, to this purport: — I hereby acknowledge John William Henry Dalrymple to be mv lawful husband;" and " I hereby acknowledge Johanna Gordon to be my lawful wife;( antl signed respectively. Upon Cap tain Dalrymple's departure with his regiment from Scotland, he obtained a written promise of secrecy from Miss Gordon, in which she declares, " that nothing but rhe strongest necessity— a necessity which circumstance alone could justify, should ever force lier to decl. ve her marriage with him." — He continued earnestly his injunctions to heron this heed, till almost the very moment of his de- parture from England, constantly addressing her by letter from Portsmouth, and even when abroad, and pointing out t « her ( he agency of Sir Rupert orge as the channel of their communication. Some time afterwards the correspondence was dis continued 011 his part, and Miss Gordon, in conse- quence, wrote to his father, to ascertain his ad ' ress Upon being apprised of this, he directed a confi- dential friend, Mr. Hawkins of Brighton, to inter cept her letters to his father; but this Gentleman finding considerable difficulty in such a service, wrote to her himself to discontinue the correspond- ence ; and General Dalrymple dying about this time, Miss Gordon, considering herself released from her promise of secresy, immediately made a frank ayowal to Mr. Hawkins of the nature of hei situation with Captain Dalrymple. He shortly afterwards returned very unexpectedly from Malta; and, in a conversation with Mr. Hawkins, hinted at his determination. 3f abandoning his connection wi ill Miss Gordon. This Gentleman used every a. gument to dissuade him from such a purpose, and as he had reason, from his conduct to think, with success; but in a day or two afterwards, lie was surprised to hear of Captain D.' s marriage with Miss Manners, a sister of the Duchess of St. Alban's This coming lo the knowledge of Miss Gordon, she'in justice to her own lights, commenced the ^ resent suit. Sir William Scott, in a learned and elaborate, vet perspicuous speech, recapitulated the evidence and delivered the judgment of the Court. He said, that bv the Scotch law, CONSENSUS NON- CUBITUS FACLT MATRIMONIUM, and that with- out the intervention of a priest; it was a civil con- tract, consent was the very essence of a contract, and was, therefore, equally so in this, to which heaven was a witness. The Learned Judge then took a view of the opinions of tl e Scotch Professors, from which he inferred, that as most of them agreed in points conformable to the old Canon Law, that that Law must be the basis of the Scotch Law, and consent. therefore, was the real marriage of Scotland. He was clearly of opinion, ' hat the marriage was a valid one, and that the Lady had used 110 unnecessary delay in claiming herjemedv. He pronounced, therefore, that her claim to conjugal rights was a just one, and that Mr Dalrymple was bound to receive and treat her accordingly. LONDON. HOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY, JUlY 22. The House was engaged with some Appeal Causes, ' till two o'clock, when it adjourned to- morrow. TUESDAY Earl Stanhope moved several resolutions, relative to the Circulating Medium, which were ordered to be printed.— Adjourned HOUSE OF COMMONS. MONDAY JULY 15. The Circulating Medium Bill was read a 2d time.— Adjourned TUESDAY. At four o'clock ihe Speaker counted the House, when only 38 Members being present, an adjourn- ment necessarily took place till to morrow. His Majesty, we lament to sav, was on Tuesday considered in a very alarming state Expresses were sent off in all directions, and the following Bulletin was published at Windsor in the morning: WInDSOr CastlE, JULY 16, 181I " The symptoms of the King's disorder, sinee the late accession of it, have continued to increase, and 1 lis Majesty has passed a verv restless night. " H. HALFORD. " W. HEBERDEN, " M. BAILLIE. « R. WILLIS" The whole of ( he Jamaica Fleet is arrived safe. About JO sail are in the liver. I'ifty Tons of silver were on Thursday lodged in the Bank, recentlv arrived from Lima. Twenty- six head of cattle were killed last week by lightening, at Risby and Walsham, in Norfolk. The population of males and females, in the parish of Coningsby, in Lincolnshire, by the late return, is exactly even.- The fees and emoluments taken by the Lord Chancellor, is his capacity as Speaker of the House of Lords, for the Session commencing Ja nuary, 1810, amounted to ,£ 6844 15s. CHINESE TARTARY.— It is sinted in a German paper, on the authority of some merchants who have arrived ar Moscow, from China, that an ad- venturer, named Baghvan Ho, has recentlv col- lected a number of followers in Grand Tartary, and has induced them in conjunction with several wandering tribes of Mingals, to submit to his au- thority in the double character of Prince and Pon tiff. His followers believing him lo be possessed of supernatural power, profess the most ardent devotion to his will; and their conduct on several occasions, when attacked by other tribes, was cha- racterized by all that zeal which marks the adhe- rents of a new religion. The caravans which tra- verse the desert island pav him tribute, though escorted by Chinese or Russian soldiers. The merchants who were introduced to him fill pros- trate at the threshold of his tent, and remained in that posture darilig the audie ice: he spoke to them in four languages, and was courteous in his man- ners. The Chinese Governor of Nayman, not daring to attack him, lately aent some individuals in his confidence with presents, and orders to learn his views, resources, ftc Baghvan- Ho, at this audience, assumed the title of King of Tartary ami made a pompous display of his followers, about 60,000 of whom were armed with bows and arrows, I inces, and indifferent guns. To she w the in- fluence he possessed over them, he made a signal, and 100 voluntary embraced death hy stabbing themselves to the heart. — The Chinese Govern ment. alarmed at the proximity of this aspiring chieftain, wjs strengthening the frontier garrisons, and taking other measures of precaution against the consolidation of a power, which not only threatened the independence of the country, but menaced the extinction of the present dynasty. Royal Exchange Assurance Office, JUNE 1811. ' TM- IE CORPORATION have reduced the Pre- X miums on Farming Stock, from 2s. 6d. per cent, to 2s. per cent, and existing Insurances, covering suck property, wiM be reduced as they become due, upon application to the Agent through whom the Insurances were wade. Persons whose 4nnital Premiums fall due on the 95th instant, are hereby informed that receipts are now ready to be delivered liy the Company's Agents under- mentioned, and the parties assured are requested to ap- ply for the renewal of their Policies on or before the 9tli day of July next, as the usual fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the date of each policy,' will then expire. SAMUEL FENNING, jun. Secretary. Chichester, J. BARTLETT. ARUNDEL, William Olliver. BATTLE, William Ticehurst. BRIGHTHELMSTON, John Mills. HASTINGS, William Gill. HORSHAM, Humphreys arid Turner. HAILSHAM, Wm. Martin LEWES, Henry Brown. M1DHURST, John Geering, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Holt. RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe. N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expence- where the annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. * ti This Company have invariably nuide good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES, being found to be advan- tageous to persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others ; Tables of the Rates on such Assu- rances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. A* id, for the greater conveni- ence of the Public, the Company have determined to. extend ( by special agreement) the Assurance on Lives to the age of 75 years. In the Paris Papers of July the loth is a ludi- crous, and yet an affecting ins ance of the state of degradation to which the French nation is sunk under its present tyrant. The Legislative Body— have expressed a desire to present to BONAPARTE'S child, but just horn, the homage of their respect, love, and fidelity! BONAPARTE has acceded to the unanimous wish of the Legislative Body, and twenty five of its Members are accordingly de- poted to present an address to the preceding effect to His Majesty the King Rome. This exceeds the extravagance of the Roman Despot, who ordered his horse to be made Consul, and served with gilded oats. The horse ate the oats, but the infant cannot comprehend tile gilded flattery of the Legislative Body. On Monday the 1st inst. a thunder- storm passed over Ecclefechan, in Scotland, and we are sorry to say, was fatal in its effects. Two young women cutting peat in a moss in that neighbourhood frightened a; the storm, wrapped themselves in a plaid, and took shelter bv the side of a peat stack The lightning struck them; one was killed instantly, and the other so severely injured as to render her recovery still uncertain. Last week arrived Carnarvon, and joined an anxious wife and family, after an absence of seven years, Mr. MORRIS ROBERTS, master of the brig Asheton Smith, which was taken by a French pri- vateer, and he has been in captivity for the above period; but at length, together with two others, lie escaped from the depot at Auxonne; after en- during incredible hardships, traversing on foot into Switzerland, through Germany, Bohema, Si- lesia, and to Koningsberg, the capital of Prussia, where he got shipping for Stockholm, and after- wards walked to Gottenburgh, a distance of nearly 300 miles, lias arrived safe in his native country, in excellent health and spirits. During the last fortnight further Writs of En- quiry from the Board of Excise have been excuted at Bury, when 11 persons, in the malt and beer trades, were found deficient in payment of duties to the amount of <£ 7872 12s. 9d. Markets. CORN - EXCHANGE. Monday, July 15. Our supply of Wheat this morning for the tircye of year was pretty fair; and the left over of Foreign being nearly exhausted, last Monday's terms we're obtained, but not, however, without " a heaviness in the sales towaids the close of the market — Barley, of Erst quality, continues to fetch 35s. and S6s. pec qr.— In Malt, there was little alteration.— White and Grey Pease have become more plentiful, and were both something lower— Beans and Oats, were short in quantity, and rather dearer.— Rape Seed cheaper. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 56s. 72s. 88s. Beans 47s. Fine ditto 90s. 93s. Tick ditto 4es, ± u Rye ( new) 3<> s 34s. Oats 22s-. 25s Barley 30s. 36s Poland ditto 80s.' 3V4, Malt < 38s 74s. 1 Potatoe ditto S2s. i. Sj] White Pease 1 Rape Seed S8I. 421. ( boilers) J J" s' 57s- Fine Flour 7v> s 75* Grey Pease 44s. 50s. 1 Seconds 65s. 74. SODA WATER, & c . JSCHWEPPE and Co. beg to inform the No- • bility, Gentlemen of the Faculty, and others, that nicuisr to reiterated complaints of the difficulty ex perienced in procuring their Soda Water, & c. at Brigh- ton and its vicinity, they have appointed Mr. PITT, Chemist to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Castle- Square, and of Carlton- Place, Surgeon, & c. Sole Agent for their Soda, Rochelle, and artificial mi- neral waters, of whom they may constantly be had in as great perfection as at their Manufactory, 75, Mar- garet street, Cavendish- square, London, at the under- mentioned prices. J. S, and Co. have been further induced to make the above appointment, from information that waters not prepared by them, liuve been sold to the public, as com- ing from their manufactory. s. d. Pints Soda and Seltzer Water, per doz. - - 9 ( j Half pints ditto, ditto - • j j Pints Spa and Pyrmont ditto ----- lu 0 Half pints ditto, ditto - •.••;.••.. 7 b Halt pints Rochelle Salt ditto - - - - - 10 0 Ditto Seidlitz jjt, Ditto artificial Cheltenham ditto - - - - - lot, N, B. Ninepence per dozen allowed for returned pint bottles, and sixpence for half pints. AMONGST the Restoratives to Health, we ha reason to believe, that Or. Miller's NERVOUS COR DIAL and PILLS, are decidedly the most healing and strengthening Medicines that have been offered in pu:. lie scrutiny. They are unrivalled in their qualities to relieve and restore the Consumptive, the Nervous, and indeed, the grand specific ( or mental and bodily w eak- ness. They are successfully applied to youug persons unwell, particularly from the age ot 14 to Su, For convincing proofs of the same, see one of the hooks that is 111 the possession of any of his Agents, which contain numerous certificates of cures actually performed in the counties of Kent and Sussex by these Medicines. The Cordial is in bottles at 4s. 6d. each. Likewise Dr. Miller's Antiscorbutic Drops, and Worm- destroying Sugar Cakes may be had genuine of the following persons :— Mr. ARTHUR LEE, SChOOL- HILL, LEWES; Battle, J. Cuthhert Heathfield, J. Ellis Beckley, S, Colbran Horsham, T. Mann Bexhill, T. Wedd Lamberhurst, J. Gibbs Burwash, G. Gilbert Lewes, Pugh and Davey Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Lindfield, W. Durrant Cuckfield, J. M'George Maresfield, J. Maynard Dallington, J. Pardon Peasmarsh, E. Bannister Ditcheling, J. Browne Rye, M. Coleman East Bourne, T. Baker - Cook and Son E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Sandhurst, J. Beach Edenbridge, W. Corke Seaford, J. Brooker R. Parsons TunbridgeWells, J. Sprange Groombridge, T. kellick Uckfield, J. Pocknell Goudhurst, J. Couchman Udimore, R. Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, T. Bull Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew W. Noakes Hastings, J. Barry Winchelsea, R. Maplesder J. Norton Wittersham, J. Wood. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE. & c. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth ; Mt. WHITE, Arundel, Mr. CHAMPION. HORSHAM ; PALMER, East- Grinsted, Mr MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen. SECOND NOTICE. TX7E, the undersigned, now confined iti His » v Majesty's Gaol at Horsham, in the said county, and not being charged in custody on the first day of May, One Thousand eight hundred and eleten, with any debt or debts, sum or sums of money, exceeding iu Ihe whole, the nuni of Two Thousand Pounds, do hereby give this second public notice, that we intend to take the benefit » > f an act passed in the fifty first year of His present Majesty's reign, intitled, " An Act for ihe relief of certain Insolvent Debtors 111 England," and we do hereby give notice, that true and perfect schedules, containing a discovery of all our real and personal estates, hereiifter to be sworn to, are now ready to he delivered to any creditor applying for the same, to the Keeper or Gaoler, or his Deputy of the said prison. LUCY ANDERSON, of Brighton, in the county of Sussex, and formerly of Elizabeth Place, Vauxhall, iu the county of Surrey, Widow. WILLIAM ARROW, of South Bersted, near Chi- chester, 111 the county of Sussex, Taylor. JOHN BADCOCK, of Wadhurst, in the county of Sussex, Breeches- maker and Fellmonger. THOMAS BAKER, of Worthing, in the county of Sussex, Labourer, JOHN GILL, of Beckley, near Rye, in the county of Sussex, Well- digger. WILLIAM NAPPER, of Ewhurst, in the county of Surrey, and formerly, of Rudgwick, iu the county of Sussex, Farmer. JOHN SHEARSMITH, of Worthing, in the county of Sussex, and formerly of Horsham, in the said county, Surgeon and Apothecary. JAMES SLATER, late of Brighthelmston, in the county of Sussex, Surveyor. WILLIAM STEeL, of South Lancing, in the county of Sussex, Publican. GEORGE STENT, of Coldwalttham, in the county of Sussex, and formerly of Pulborough, in the said county, Farmer. STEPHEN SWAYSLAND, of Brighthelmston, in the county of Sussex, Publican. JOHN TIDEY, the elder, late of Worthing, iu the county of Sussex, Builder. JOHN TIDEY, the younger, late of Worthing, iu the county of Sussex, Schoolmaster. JAMES TILL, of Houghton, near Arundel, in the county of Sussex, Cordwainer. JOHN SMART, Keeper of Horsham Gaol. 19th July, 1811. UNION INSURANCE OFFICE, ESTABLISHED at NORWICH in 1797. TRUSTEES, The Right Hon. EARL CRAVEN, The Right Hon. EARL BERKELEY, LORD SALTOUN, The Hon. SIMON FRASER, & c. & c. Secretary, Mr. THOMAS BIGNOLD. IN this Office, all the Premium is returned to the Insured, except what is wanted to defray the Losses and Expences.— The Property insured auiount9 to many millions— and no less than soon new Policies are issued every year— AN INCREASE SCARCELY TO BE EQUALLED BY ANY OTHER OFFICE. The returns are made at tl^' expiration of seven years from the commencement of an insurance, and the Of fice always retains a Capital, so much more than suf- ficient 10 meet the expenditure, that Dividends of Sni. per cent, hove been made lo all whose period of re- pay- ment has arrived.— Policies issued gratis. Union Life Insurance Office. TRUSTEES, The Most Noble the MARQUIS TOWNSEND, The Right Hon. EARL BERKELEY, The Right Hon. EARL CRAVEN, LORD SALTOUN, & c. & c. & c. Secretary— Mr. THOMAS BIGNOLD, Actuary— Mr. RICHARD MORGAN. The advantages of Life Insurance may he in some degree illustrated liy a single example. A person aged is, can by an annual payment of 83l. ( is sd. insure £ limit lo his executors: and thus, at a moderate expence, secure bis family from distress. The Rates of ibis Office are nearly tot. per cent, lo'ver than those of oilier*. The profits ure divided among the insurers, by addi- tions to the slums secured by their policies. No charge is made for entrance- money, non appr- ar- ancs at Ihe office, policy fees, or negicct of paying the premiums 111 due time, ( except the interest losi hy the delay.) The Office makes a liberal allowance for the policies, if the insured caunot continue to pay tiic premium. So universal is ( he preference given to tins Institution that its funds are inrreaeing at the rare of 20,0001. per annum, and it already ranks among ihe first establish- ments of the Kingdom. Persons wishing to be Agents are requested to apply to ihe Secretary —( 0NE CONCERN.) PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be continued at ISJd. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION D, Sack of Flour - . 74 4 Baker's allowance and Sal% 14 1 88 5i Eighty Quartern Loaves at l^ d. 88 4 Against the Baker - - 0 PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover ( n.) 80s. Od. to 95> s. Od. per cwt. Old ditto 4' IS. ( Id. t » 80s. Od. ditto White ditto 60s. Oil. to 12() s. Od. ditto Trefoil 2() s. Od. to 5() s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 3os. od to 60s, od. per quarter Turnip 30s od. to 60s. od. ditto Red & Green 60s od. to 70s. od. ditto W. Must. S. 8s Od. to 10s. Od. per bushel Brown ditto 12s Od. to l6s. Od. ditto PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. £ S. £ S. £ S. £ S. Kent 6 10. to 7 7 Kent 7 0 to 9 o Sussex 6 6 to 7 O Sussex 6 10 to 7 7 Essex 6 0 to 7 0 Farnham lS 0 to 14 0 YBaals Jo 0 to 0 0 K; J 0 0 to 0 0 Bags \ 0 0 .0 0 0 f^ k8;} 0 0 to o 0 Old Hop Duty, laid at £ 14u, 0( j0. SMITHFIELD- MARKET, July 15. To sink the offal, per stone of 81b. s d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day. Beef 4 2 to 5 4 Beasts - - 550 Mutton 4 0 to 5 6 Sheep & Lambs 7,600 Lamb 6 0 to 7 8 Calves - . 105 Veal 5 4 to 6 4 Pigs - . 22a Pork 5 8 to 6 10 « - LEATHER, per POUND. d. d. . Butts, 50lb. a 561b. - 24 a 25 Ditto, 561b. a 661b. - 20 a 22 Merchants' Backs - 19 a 20 Dressing Hides - 17 a 18l Fine Coach Hides - 18 a 191 Crop Hides for Cutting 19 a 22* Ordinary - - — a Tanned Horse - 17 a 19 Calf skins, 30), b. to 40lb. pr doz. 28 a , 5( Ib. to70lb. S4 a 39 , 70lb. togOlb. 34 a S8 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 3s. a Os. Od. , large, per doz. 100s. I50s. PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. £. s. d £. s. d. Average Clover 6 O O to 4 0 0 £ s 0 o Old Hay 5 5 0 to 8 0 0 7 19 0 Straw 3 0 0 to 4 0 0 3 15 o PRICE OF TALLOW. . s. rt s d St. James's Market 3 9 Town Tallow 04 o Clare Market 3 9 Yellow Russia 65 0 Whitechapelditto 3 71 White ditto 6„ 0 Soap ditto 5q 11 li Melting Stuff « ,($ a Average price 3 8£ Ditto rough s( i » Graves , 16 o Yellow Soap, 80s Mottled, 90s.——•~ Curd, 94s , Candles, per doz. l is. 6d — Moulds, 12s. od.
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