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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3378
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 24/06/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3378
No Pages: 4
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. Printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. MONDAY. JUNE 24, 1811. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. VOL. LXIII. NO. 3378.] This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY, " and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers. It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. ' ri^ HE General Meeting of the Governors of the JL Society, established for the Relief of the Widows and Orphans of indigent Clergymen, Within the Archdeaconry of Lewes, and the seve- ral Pecu'iars in the Eastern Division of the County of Sussex, is appointed to be held at the King's Head Inn, in HORSEBRIDGE, on Thursday, » 7th of June inst. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. JOS SMITH. Treasurer. ~ """ Barrack- Office, 7ih June, 1811.' SUCH persons as are willing to contract for erecting an additional Building to the Cavalry Barracks at Brighton, may see the drawing, speci- fication, form of proposal, and agreement for the some, at the office of the Barrack- Master, at Brighton, any day after the 17th instant, between the hours of ten and four o'clock. The proposals must be addressed to " The Commissioners for the Affairs of Barracks, Barrack Office, Spring Gar- dens, London," with •• Tender for erecting an Additional Building to the Cavalry Barracks at Brighton," marked on the cover, and delivered at Barrack- Office in London, on <> r before two •' clock on Thursday, the 4th of July, after which hour no tender will be received. ' • • BRIGHTON TOWN SOIL. THE Commissioners for Paving, Lighting, and Cleansing the Streets, Lanes, & cw of Brighton, hereby fire notice, that the Right of Cleansing the 1 Streets Lines, & c. will be LET by AUCTION, for the Term of Two Years, from the ' 25th of July next, at the old Ship Tavern, in Brighton, on Thursday the 4th day of July, at seven o'clock in the evening. T. ATTREE, Clerk. WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against Thomas Page, of New haven, in the county of Sussex, Grocer, Draper, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a bank- rupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named and an thorised, or the major part of them, on the 6th and 8th days of July, and the 3d day of August next, at eleven o'clock of the forenoon, on each of the said days, at the Star inn, in Lewes, in the said county of Sussex, and make a full discovery end disclosure of his citato and effects ; when and where the creditors arc to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second silting to chase Assignees; and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate. All persons indebted tlie paid Bankrupt, or that have any of hi" eifc : are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. Thomas Cooper, Solicitor, Lewes; or Mr. George Palmer, Solicitor, Doughty- street, Loudon. ~ TO BE 7. . And entered upon immediately, • term of four or seven year' ASubstantial Family MANSION HOUSE, now undergoing a thorough repair. containing on the ground floor, a stood parlours and a Kitchen, with four bed chambers over them, tour garrets, and suitable of- fices and apartments for servants, » coach house, 4 stall • table, u large walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees, a good orchard, aud an> quantity of excellent Meadow Land, not exceeding 12 acres. The Premises are situated near the village of East- hothly, in a healthy and desirable pari of ihe county of Sussex, 4 miles from Uckfield, 7 miles from Lewes, 14 miles from Eastbourne, and 1.5 miles from Brighton: and the Stage Coaches and Waggons to and from Eastbourne and London, pass within it few yards of the house. The Premises may be viewed, upon application to Mr. Richard Holman, of Framfield; and for further particulars, apply ( if by letter post paid) to Mr. Edward.. Verral, Attorney at Law, Lewes. ESSEX. TO BE LET OK SOLO. AVery capital FARM, called BRICK HOUSE FARM, ( or part the reof) with a very excellent Farm House, Cottages, Coach House, Cow Houses, Barns, Stables, and out Buildings; consisting of about Itni Acres of Arabic, Pasture, Meadow, aud Wood Lands, situate about One Mile from Leigh. Three from Rochford, Southend, and Ra » leigh, ill the County of Essex; the Land is a compleat ring fence round the House, & c— The Purchaser may have immediate possession; all the the growing Crop, . Live Stuck, & c, may be taken or declined at the choice of the Buyer.— The Utensils iu Trade must he taken at the same Valuation if pur- chased. The Parties may he accommodated with time to pay two- thirds of the Purchase Money, on security of the Farm — To save trouble, no Person will be treated with who has not himself, or by Agent, seen the Farm, and will not make a tender above Forty Shillings per Acre, for all the Lauds, except the Wood Lands; at which • urn it will lie Let for Fourteen Years, if 110 higher is offered hy private contract, 011 the iatlt Oav of July next, when the offers nil) lie opened — If not then disposed of, it will he Sold by Auction some time ill September.— For further particulars, apply to Mr. Vanderzee B ochford, iu Person, or by Agent,— Letters will net he attended to, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. • ' fHE perpetual advowson, or, the next presen- X tation, of a valuable and deferable Vicarage, sitaute near the Sea Coast, in an healthy, and pleasant part of the County of Sussex ; the terrier of the Parish amounts to near £ 500 per annum; with an handsome and substantial Dwelling House, and other suitable Offices; also ail excellent Garden attached thereto, containing about one acre of Land. The present in- cumbern is 5tj years of age. For particulars ( if by Letter, post paid,) please to apply to H. Buckton, Solicitor, Canterbury. , Brighton TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE LEASE of a genteel FAMILY RESI- DENCE, pleasantly situated in the most desira- ble part of West- street, and of which immediate posses ion may be had. To be viewed, and further particulars known, by ap- plying to Mr. Attree, at his General Estate and Com- mission Office, North Street, Brighton. To Shopkeepers and Others. TO BE LET BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMost desirable and long established Linen- draper and Grocer's Shop, with the Messuage or Tenement, Warehouse, Stable, Garden land, and pre- mises thereto belonging, situate, lying and being at Cats field Green, iu the parish of Catsfield, in the County of Sussex, now in the occupation of Mr. Edward Quaife. The shop has been established in the above businesses, land bus also carried 011 a very extensive trade in second '. hand cloaths, for upwards of sixty years past. The Stock in Trade and Effects may be had at a fair valuation and appraisement, and also immediate pos- • cssiou. For further particulars and treaty, apply to Mr. Bassett; Mr. William Qualfe ; or of Mr. Willard, Soli- citor, Buttle. SUSSEX SOUTH DOWN FARM. TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered Upon Sit Michaelmas next, UPPER STONEHAM FARM, containing seven hundred acres and upward- of very rich arable, meadow, pasture, brooklend, and sheep down, of which five hundred and seventy eight acres are tithe free for a term of fourteen years, together with a very valuable chalk quarry. The farm is contiguous to the town of Lewes, and is well worth the attention of persons of large capital. Also by a separate tender, fifty seven acres hurt upwards of good arable land, tythe free, situate, at the Broyle in Ringnier, near& r Lewes. Written Tenders will he received by Mr. Clutton of Cuckfieid, until the Kith day of July next, where a plan of the estate may he seen, with the heads of the covenants proposed to he entered into, N. B. No other applications will be attended to. TO BE " SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFARM HOUSE, in good repair, and plea santly situated by the Turnpike Road leading from Staple Cross to Beckley. Also, Two barns, oasthouse, stable, lodges, & c. two Cottages in four Tenements, and about 77A. of meadow, pasture, arable, wood, and hop Land, all of which is lying in the parish of Ewhurst, in the county of Sussex. Part of the said Lands and Pre- mises arc Copyhold and part are Freehold. The whole of the Land. Tax redeemed. The said Lands and Pre- mises arc now in the tenure and occupation - of Messrs. John and William Needham, the proprietors, and their undertenants. Possession to be had at Michaelmas next. For further particulars, aud treaty, apply to Messrs. J. and W. Needham, of the parish of Whatlington ; or Mr. Henry Frceland, of the parish of SedlesComb, in the county of Sussex. ~ TO BE SOLD ANeat Modern built House, with a good garden, a Barn, a Stable, Farm yard, and a piece of pasture ground, containing by estimation, six acres, situate at the west entrance to the town of Hailsham, and within about ten rods of the turnpike road leading from London, Brighton, Lewes, and Tunbridge- wells to Eastbourn, distant from London 5i miles, from Brighton Lewes 12, Tunbridge- wells 22, and Eastbourn 7, and a stage coach and post from Loudon to Eastbourn pass by the house, the post every day, and the coach every day except Sundays; the ground adjoins the House and Garden, hut the Barn, Stable and Yard, are entirely detached therefrom; the House contains a Kitchen, Parlour, Wash- house, Pantry, and four Bed- rooms, and the whole of the Premises are Freehold, and in the possession of Mr. Thomas Woodhams, a yearly enant, who has h id notice to quit at Michaelmas next. To treat for the purchase, application to he made to Mr. Sinnock, Attorney, Hail- ham. FREEHOLD and TITHE FREE ESTATE, and Rectorial Tithes, neat Rye, Sussex. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, By Messrs. DRIVER, \ Remarkably valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, XX Tithe- free, most advantageously situate iu the pa- rish of Broomhill, seven miles from Romney, five from Rye, and three from Lydd, in the counties of Sussex and Kent, in the occupation of the proprietors, con taining about One Hundred and Eighty acres of very excellent, rich, fatting Marsh Laud, in a very high state of cultivation. Likewise, the Rectorial Tithes of about One Thou- sand Two Hundred acres, situate iu the parish of Broom- hill. This estate is particularly well adapted for vesting money, as upwards of 5 per cent, may be obtained im- mediately from the most respectable tenants. Imme- diate possession may be had. May be viewed by application to , " f whom printed particulars may he had ; also, at the George, Rye; Swan', Hastings ; New Inn, Romney; George, Tenterden; Rose and Crown, Tunbridge; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road ; or at their offices 111 the Auction Mart, London, where a plan of the estate may lie se* 1* Capital extensive Freehold Estates Tithe- free, in the Isles of Sheppey and Harty, in Kent. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Auction Mart, on Wednesday, June 26, at 12, in several lots, SUNDAY very valuable and improveable Free- hold Estates, Tithe- free, offering an excellent op- portunity to Gentlemen desirous of vesting their money in landed security to very great advantage, containing together upwards of One Thousand Six Hundred acres, desirably situate in that well- known fertile part of the county called the Isles of Sheppy and Harty, about three miles from Feversham, in the county of Kent. This very valuable property is divided into convenient Farms, aud let to most respectable tenants upon old leases, some of which will expire at Michaelmas next, and the remainder the Michaelmas following, and are of the low estimated value of nearly Four Thousand Pounds per annum. Printed particulars will lie ready for delivery after the first of June, and may then he had at the principal Inns at Dartford, Rochester, Sittingbourne, Feversham, Canterbury, & c. and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent road; or at their offices iu the Auc- tion Mart, Loudon. Capital Freehold Property in the Isle of Wight. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS, At the Auction Mart, on Thursday, the 27th of June, at 12 o'clock, in Two Lots : LOT I. AVALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, called WOOLVERTON FARM, situate in the parishes of Woolverion and Shorwell, about 6 miles from Newport, in the Isle of Wight; consisting of 4110 acres of rich ara- ble, pasture, and wood Land, free from great tytbes, well wooded and watered; the whole lying within a ring fence, and bounded by excellent roads, in one of the most beautiful situations in the Island, with a spa- cious Mansion House, suitable for the accommodation of a respectable family ; with Offices of every descrip- tion. Barns, Stabling for 24 horses, anil Outbuildings, pleasure Grounds, and Plantations, productive Gardens, lofty Walls, and abundance of Fruit Trees. The Estate has been lately surveyed aud valued at £ m> 0 per annum. The present tenant's lease expires at Michaelmas next. LOT II. A FREEHOLD ESTATE, at a short distance from Lot 1, consisting of two enclosures of rich Land, called Mealands, in a good situation for building, containing together about 17 acres, accessible by the road from Knighton to Woolverton Farm. To be viewed, with leave of the tenant; and Parti- culars had 20 days preceding the sale, at tire Bugle, Newport; Dolphin, Southampton ; Crown, Portsmouth; India Anns, Gosport; at the Auction Mart; mid of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, No.( i< t, Old Broad- street Royal Exchange, Compact FREEHOLD ESTATE and RESIDENCE, hear Westerham, Kent. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WINSTANLEY and SON, At the Mart, near the Bank of England, on Friday, the 28th of June, at Twelve o'clock, in One Lot, AVERY desirable and compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, exonerated from Land- Tax, and part free of Great Tithes, called GODDARD'S the residence and property if William Louttit, Esq, situate in the parishes of Westerham. Cudham, and Tatsfield, in the counties of Kent and Surrey, three miles only from Westerham, eight from Bromley, nine from Seven Oaks, ten from Croydon, and eighteen from London ; con- sisting of * comfortable residence and offices, bailiffs' apartments, suitable barns, stabling, out buildings, yards, gardens, and sundry inclosures of excellent ara- able and woodland, lying exceedingly compact, and nearly within a ring fence, containing together near 250 acr. s. This property is particularly recommended to the attention of the sportsman or experimental agri- culturist, the neighbourhood abounding with ' game, and several packs of hounds are kept within an easy ride.. To be viewed by applying to Wm. Loutt, Esq. at Goddard's. Particulars may be had at tin. King's Arms, Westerham; Crown, East Grinstead and Seven Oaks ; Bell, and White Hart, Bromley; the Greyhound, and King's Arms, Croydon; at the Mart; and of Winstan- ley and Son, Paternoster- row, where a plan may be* seen. KNOCKHOLT, NEAR SENENOAKS, KENT. Small Freehold Farms and Dwelling Houses, TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION. BY MESSRS. W1NSTANLKY and SON, At the Mart, on FRIDAY the 28th inst. at 12 o'clock, LOT t. A VERY* DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising a small but neat brick Dwelling, called OLD DYES, with a Barn, Stable* Chaise House, five enclosures of very rich Meadow, and one of Wood Land ; containing together about 11 Acres, pleasantly situate at Knockhold Street, in the County of Kent, one Mile out of the high road to Tunbridge Wells, five from Seven Oaks, five from Westerham, eight from Bromley, and eighteen from London. LOT it— A FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a new brick Dwelling House, and sundry enclosures of Meadow and Pasture Laud, containing together about 23 Acres, called Burlings Farm, situate a shun distance from Lot I. May be viewed by applying to Mr. Thomas Chapman on the premises, of whom printed Particular's tuny be had. Particulars also at the Crown," Seen Oaks aud Westerham ; the Hell and While Hart- Bromley ; the Greyhound, Croydon ; at ihe Mart, and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster Row, BRIGHTON— GENTEEL RESIDENCE, With immediate possession. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, BY Messrs. SKINNER. TUCHIN, and FORREST, On Thursday, the cgtb of JULY, at eleven o'clock, 011 the Premises, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, delightfully situate in the Royal Crescent, on the East Cliff, at that fashionable and celebrated Watering place, Brighton, in Sussex; consisting of a convenient residence, No. j, with gardens, and ground for coach house aud stabling. The House contains two drawing- rooms, with folding doors, dining aud breakfast parlours, six bed- chambers, with convenient offices. The premises, command a full aud uninterrupted view both of the Sea and the Downs,. In front of the Royal Crescent is a spacious lawn, inclosed with handsome railing, with a drive round. The Land Tax is redeemed. On the same day, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The Houshold Furniture, linen, china, glass, plate, & c. The House may he viewed ten, and the effects two days, preceding the sale., when particulars and cata- logues may be had on the premises ; also, of Messrs. l. ce, Printers, Lewes ; B. C. Williams, Esq. Lincoln's Inn- fields; and of Messrs. Skinner,- Tuchin, and For- rest, Aldersgate- street, London. Valuable Freehold Estates, Manor, Fishery, & e Romney Marsh, Farm- house, and Buildings, Cottage, Public- house, and about 1766 acres of I Meadow, Marsh, and Salt Marsh Land, in tlie parish of Lydd, near to New Romney, in the county of Kent. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROBINS, At Garraway's, London, on Tuesday, July 9, at twelve, AValuable and improvable Freehold Estate; comprising upwards of One Thousand Seven Hun- dred and Sixty five acres of Meadow, Marsh, and Salt Marsh Land, with Farm- house and buildings, Cottage, and Public- house, all in a ring fence, in the occupa- tion of Messrs. Steady, Russell, Baker, Allen, Oyler, and others, situate in the parish of Llydd, between Hythe and Rye, in the county of Kent, adjoining the lands of the Earl of Thanet, and George Witherden,. esq. also the Manor, or reputed Manor of Lydd, with right of fishery extending near two miles on the beach, and including the sewers of the estate. This estate is highly improvable, and by temporary fences may be considerably encreased as the tide . recedes. Particulars may be had on the premises; at the Inn, Lydd; at the Post- house, Rye; New Inn, Romney; White Hart, Hythe; Public- house, Dimchurch ; Sara- cen's Head, Ash ford ; London Hotel, and Ship, Dover; at Mitchener's Hotel, Margate; Fountain, Canterbury ; of Messrs. Jones and Green, Solicitors, Salisbury square ; at Garraway's; and of Mr, Robins, Warwick- street, Golden- square, London, where a plan uf the estate may be seen. I TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY SAMUEL MAPLESDEN, At the Star In, in Mayfield, on Wednesday, the loth Day of July, 11, at Six o'Clock in the Afternoon, | ( unless disposed of in the mean Time by private Con- tract, of which, if it happens, Notice will be given), I ACOMPACT FARM, situate in the Parish of Rotherfield, within the Distance of One Mile from the Town of Rotherfield, called by the Name of GRAVEL HILL, consisting of a very good Brick- built DWELLING HOUSE, pleasantly situated, and com- manding beautiful and extensive Prospects ; Two Barns; a Brick- built Stable, Oasthouse, and Granary, with other convenient Outbuildings ; and about l: M Acres of Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land, now in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Tuearsly, the Proprietor. This Estate is part Freehold, and part Copyhold ; and the the Copyhold part whereof is held of the Manor of the Rectory of Rotherfield, subject to stinted Fines. The Farm is beautifully interspersed with good WOODS and SHAWS; well set with young Timber, to the Growth of which the Soil and Situation are peculiarly favourable. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next. Mr. Joseph Tuearsly, the Proprietor, will shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be had on Application to him; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Mayfield. Valuable Freehold l arms and Land, Kant; and Extensive Freehold Wood, Sussex. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, . BY MR. EDMUND DRAYTON. At the Chequers I1111, Lamberhurst, Kent, on Wednes- day, July 3, 1811, at Three o'Clock, by order of the Proprietor, in Lots, ABOUT . log acres of arable, meadow, wood and hop land, with excellent farm houses and cottages thereon, situate in the most delightful part of the county, in the parishes of Lamberhurst and Pembury, 6 miles from Tunbridge, and about 36 from London, which will be divided into lots as follows : LOT I.— About 35 acres of rich meadow, pasture, arable, and wood land, with farm house, and other ere(?, ion3 thereon, 011 the south side of the toad from Tollbridge to Hastings iu the parish of Lamberhurst. LOT 2,—' Eight Acres of Land, with tuo new built cottages thereon ill the same parish. LOT 3,— About 27 acres of arable, meadow, and wood land, on the north side of the road, called Bald- ings Farm, with farm house, and other buildings thereon. LOT 4.— About 25 acres of arable and wood land ad- joining lot 3. LOT 5.— About i2 acres nearly adjoining in the pa- rishes or Lamberhurst and Brenchley. LOT 6.— About 25 acres of arable meadow, pasture, and wood land, on the north side of the turnpike road, and bordering in Cookoo Lane. LOT 7.— Hoots Farm, containing about 47 acres. LOT 8-.—" About to acres, with two cottages thereon, situate at Pembury. LOT 9— About eight acres, with three cottages there- on, at Pembury. LOT IU.— Snipe Wood, about 33 acres in Pembury. LOT 11.— Hayes Wood, in the parishes of Pembury and Brenchley, containing about 4< i acres. LOT 12-— Foot land wood, in the parish of Seddles- comb, in the county of Sussex, adjoining the turnpike road, from Battle and Robertsbridge to Rye; the laud ' Kent is in a high state of cultivation, pleasingly and profitably interspersed with fine growing oak timber, for which the soil is peculiarly adapted, part of it is much elevated, commanding extensive prospects of the finest part of the country, the whole forming a most1 desirable acquisition to any gentleman wishing either to establish or extend an interest iu the county ; about 2n'i acres is on the turnpike road to Hastings, iu the occupation of Mr. Wilts, tenant at will; the wood land in Sussex, is well timbered, and the under wood thereon, consisting of several thousand young thriving ash, willow, and chesnut plants. A map of the Kent estate may be seen at Mr. Drayton's offices, Auc- tion Mart, and descriptive particulars had of him; Bedford Coffee House, Coven; Garden ; Place of Sale; Crown inn, Tunbridge ; Kent and Sussex Taverns, Tunbridge Wells; Crown, Seven Oaks; George, Farn- borough ; Bell. Bromley ; Star, Maidstone; Bull, Cran- brook. Woolpack, Tenterden ; Star, Lewes, and of Mr. Underdown, at the Blue Boys, Kippiag's Cross, who wilt shew the estate. Tlie wood land may be seen by application to Mr. Richard Thomas, Ian- keeper, Viue- haii, near Robertsbridge. ; The public are respectfully informed, that the above property was advertised for sale at the auction mart, on the 26th June, but post- poned to the above date. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By Mr. JAMES LEAR, On Thursday, the 4th day of July, 1811, at the Crown Inn, Arundel, between the hours of five and seven in the afternoon, AMANSION HOUSE, and about 22 acres of excellent arable and meadow land, part Freehold and part Copyhold, situate iu the parish of Goring, in tbe county of Sussex. Part of the Land, together with the Mansion- house, is let on agreement to A. Calland, esq. whose term will expire at Lady day, 1315. The remainder of the land, about Iacres, together with a barn and gate- room, is in hand, and possession thereof will be given to the purchaser at Michaelmas next. Particulars may be known by applying to the Auc- tioneer, ( if by letter, post paid), and the premises may be viewed by permission of the tenant, A. Calland, esq. and hy applying to the Bailiff of T. Bushby, esq. at Goring, ^ Ellis Farm and Timber, Mayfield, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY SAMUEL MAPLESDEN, At the Star Inn, in May field, on Wednesday, the loth ] Day of July, 1811, at Six o'Clock in the Afternoon. ADESIRABLE FREEHOLD FARM, ( with the Timber included, without being subject to a valuation) situate within half a mile distance of the town of Mayfield, called by the name of Ellis, contain- ing about 54A. tiR. 30P. of very good Arable Meadow Pasture aud Woodland, with a convenient Barn, Lodges, and Bullock Yards, now in the occupation of Thomas Latter, as Tenant, from year to year. This Estate is exonerated from Land Tax, and pos- sesses a very large and unusual quantity of fine thriving Timber, there being in number nearly 30110 Trees. For further particulars apply to Mr. John Rose; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, May field. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY TESTER AND BATES, At the Bed '. ion Inn, in Lindfield, on Thursday the 27th day of June, lull, between the hours of 4 aud 6 iu the Afternoon, | \ LL that Copy hold, Messuage or Tenement, - LJL with the Workshop, Garden, Orchard, Croft of' Land and Premises, containing by estimation, three quarters nf an acre, more or less, situate, lying and being in tbe town of Lindfield, iu the County of Sussex, and now iu the occupation of Thomas Willard. The above premises are hi Id of the Manor of South mailing, Lindfield, by the yearly quit rout of 3d and other services. May he viewed by leave of tbe tenant, and further particulars known on application at the office of Mr. Waller, Solicitor, Cuckfield. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY W. VERRALL. At the Gardener's Anns in Brighthelmston, in the County of Sussex, on Thursday the ' 27th inst. between the hours of five and seven o'clock in the Afternoon. ALL those two Leasehold Messuages or Te- nements, Butcher's shop, convenient Slaugh- ter- house, Stable, Washhouse, and other premises adjoining, held for the remainder of a Term of 86 years, at the yearly ground rent ofofc' 2 17s. 4\ d. well and substantially built about nine years ago, the whole admeasuring 25 feet 6 inches East and West, and 60 feet North and South, adjoining to Church street; on the South to Thomas- street, otherwise Pimlico, on the East; and to the Rev. Mr. Brook's . Chapel 011 the West: these pre- mises ate very advantageously situated in a po- pulous neighbourhood, and no other shop in the trade near thereto. For further particulars enquire on the premises; of the Auctioneer, at his Upholstery and Cabinet Warehouse; and at Mr. Hughes's Office, North- street, Brighton. TO INN- KEEPERS AND OTHERS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By JAMES THOMAS, On the premises, on Wednesday, the 3d day of July next, between the hours of 4 and 7 in the evening, ALL that long established Public House, known by the Sign of the MAY- POLE, together with a Grocer's and Linen draper's Shop, warehouse, garden^, and premises thereto belonging, situate, lying and be- ing, iu the parish of Brede, in the county of Sussex. The Shop- Goods, and Effects, to be taken by ap- praisement, aud immediate possession may be had. For further particulars apply to Mr. Philcox, on the premises; or at the office of Mr. Willard. Solicitor Barn, —— — I. 1 S ^ OFFIGE, Bank Buildings, and Craig's - Court, Charing Cross London; for Insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Merchandize, Ships in Harbour, in Dock, of Building, and Crafr, from Loss and Damage by Fire, WE, whose NAMES are underwritten, being AGENTS for the SUN- FIRE OFFICE, have authority from the Managers, to inform the Public; and all Persons insured in the said Office, That the Pre- of a Farm, also, Cattle and Implements of Husbandry thereon, Will be rated at Two SHILLINGS percent And all persons insured in this Office, are requested ttfej to their Policies, in order that they may rec, . il, e benefit of this Reduction of the Premium on Farming Stock, on their respective Renewals at Midsummer next ; and that PRINTED RECEIPTS, under our hands, are ready for delivery, for the Premium and Duty on Policies, as they become doe; and thai Piiuted Pro- posals of the Terms of Insurance may be bad of us, which will be found as moderate, in every respect, as those of the other Offices. ^ S5" Farming Stock may be Insured, generally, in all Barns and Out- houses, or on a Farm, without the ave- rage clause, which may he seen by applying to Us, who will give any further information which may be required for the explaining this mode of Insurance. ARUNDEL, Mr. Richard Parker, CHICHESTER, Mr. J. Piasio, CUCKFIELD, Mr. J. M'George, HORSHAM, Mr. D. Steadman, LEWES, Mr. E. Verrall, RYE, Mr Thomas Coleman, TARRING; Mr. D. Mc. uk, FARNHAM, Mr. W. Trimmer, GUILDFORD, Mr. R. Sparkes, KINGSTON. Mr. T, Baker, CROYDON, Mr. J. Blake, DORKING, Mr. H. Niblelt, TUNBRIDGE WELLS. Mr. E. Seamer, PORTSMOUTH, Mr. W. Baker, WINCHESTER, Mi. B. Bucksey, STEYNING, Mr. C. Marshall, BRIGHTON, Mr. Joseph George Merle, EAST GRINSTEAD, Mr. Burt, EPSOM, Mr. Joseph Jaquet, N. B. Policies insuring THREE HUNDRED POUNDS, are issued free of expence ; and all Payments for Losses by Fire, are made by this Office without deduction. *** The Son Fire- Office have always paid Losses, or Damage by Fire from Lightning, June IBM, Royal Exchange Assurance Office. JUNE isn. ' THE CORPORATION have reduced the Pre- miums on Farming Stock, from 2s. tid. per cent, to 2s. per cent, and existing Insurances, covering such property, will be reduced as they become due, upon application to the Agent through whom the Insurances were Made. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 45th instant, are hereby informed that receipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents under, mentioned, and the parties assured are requested to ap- ply for the renewal of their Policies on or before tin 9th day uf July next, as the usual fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the date of each policy, will then expire, SAMUEL FENNING, jun Secretary. ARUNDEL, William Olliver. BATTLE, William Ticehurst. BRIGHTHELMSTON, John Mills. CHICHESTER, J. Bartlett. HASTINGS, WILLIAM GILL. HORSHAM, Humphreys and Turnor. HAILSHAM, Will. Martin LEWES, Henry Brown. MIDHURST, John Gcering, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Holt. RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe. * SURREY. CROYDON, J. and C. Strudwicke DORKING, Samuel Dendy EPSOM, J. Scott. FARNHAM, W. Cock GUILDFORD, Winkworth and Cooper KINGSTON, W. Strange REIGATE, W. Moore N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expence, where the annual Premiums amount to tis. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning, Proposals may be had of the different Agent,,. ASSURANCES ON LIVES, being found to be advan- tageous to persons having Offices. Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others Tables of the Rates on such Assu- rances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may he had of the said Agents. And, for the greater conveni- ence of- the public, the Company have determined to extend ( by special agreement) the Assurance on Lives to the age of 75 years. CHEAP PAINT ~ For Park Paling, Fences, Weather Boards, Brick and Plaister Fronts, Tiles, Slates, &- c. PRICES OF THMMPENr. TR. ABLE PAINTS, Invisible Green, 56s. per ewt. White . . 56s. per cwt. Dark Ditto litis. Red . . . 48s. Bright Ditto 74s. Chocolate 5( is. Lead Colour Stis. Yellow . . s6s. Stone Ditto 5tw. Black . . 56s. Prepared Drying Oil, 5 » . per Gallon. The Impenetrable Paints are very Ornamental, and being prepared for the above description of work only, they possess the greatest durability. They will ais# cover a ( surface considerably greater than any other Paints, from which circumstance . done they actually cheap, r than tlie Coal Tar. In addition to this, they are as easily worked as the finest Paints, will nut peel off under the greatest Heat, and are a Cure for the Worm and Dry Rot. * » * Also Paints for House Painting, and the Finest Work of every description, twenty per cent under the usual Prices. These Paints are not sold in less quan- tities than seven pounds, and the Fence Paints not less : than twenty- eight pounds weight. Sold, Prepared for Use, for Ready Money only, at the BRITISH PAINT MANUFACTORY, No. 11, London Wall, opposite Bethlem Hospital. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY POSTS. From Tuesday's London Gazette. BANKRUPTS. JOHN WYNDE. late of Leominster, Hereford, merchant— Henry Lines. now or late of Eyton, Northampton, grocer— Thomas Parkinson,. Jate of Liverpool, currier—— John Grimlep, of Ashted, Astonjuxta- Birmingham, Warwick, die sinker—— Thomas Robinson - of Liverpool, and Nathaniel Lawrence, late of North America, but now of Liverpool, merchants— Thomas Poulson. of Stoke- Trent, Stafford, potter.— Thomas Warington, late of Burton- upon- Trent, Stafford, victualler Mark Earnshaw, late of Burnley, Lancaster, vic tualler— George Lake of Exeter, Woollen- draper— Henry Jackson, of Red Lion- street, Holborn, Mid- - victualler— William Petty,- of Manchester, builder— John Grimsbaw Cogger, ' of Weymouth street, St. Mary, Newington, Surrey, wire worker. — John Jolley, jun. late of Vere- street, Clare- market, Middlesex, carcass- butcher— George Bell, late of Cross- lane, London, wine- merchant— John Ewart, late of Cross- lane, London, wine- merchant TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ACOPYHOLD FARM, containing - 21 aciei" of ricli arable, meadow, and pasture land, iwi> good Dwelling- houses, barn, and other Mit buildings, with an unlimited right of commonage on Laughton and the Dicker Common, siuiale at Whitesmith, ill the parish of Laughton, . adjoining the turnpike- road lead- ing from London to Eastbourn, now in I he occupation df Mr. Joseph Hodgetts, Possession of ll.' e farm may be had at Michaelmas next. Por further particulars c'nijriire of Mrs. Watlin, Nut- ley ; Mr. S. Starnes, Laughton; or of Mr. George Ran- ger, Whitesmith- Green, wjio will shew the premises. LONDON, JUNE 21. Paris Papers to tile l6t. li inst. have been received, ..* bi » ; h" captain. Marshal Soult's accomu of the bat- tle of " Albuera. Like a: 1 French accounts of defeats, it claims the victory, i » despite of all the advantage of ground and inferiority of force.— The Allied army is represented at 30,000, that of the French at i8,000.— Tile loss of tile former, m killed and wounded, at 0000, that of the latter at only •£, 800.— He hod sent off his fick and wounded to Seville, which circums'ance gave lise to the report of his actual return with his whole f « « ce to that ci• y.—' The boast subjoined. that he shall manoeu- vre to join other corps, aniMhen complete our de- feat, would le, ad us to expect the speedy arrival of the account " of antnher actfpt>. * , The Duchess of Bedford, Ion her return from the FETE, yesterday ' moriiing, alighting from her carriage, at Her. h^ use, in Hamilton- place, dropped a diamond wort^ j 660 guineas. The Judges met in the King's Bench Treasury Chamber, Westminster- Hall, on Thursday morn- ing, and chcse their respective.< jirpui, ts:— • HOME— Lord Ellenborough aud Lord Chief Baron. , NORFOLK— Lord Chief Justice. Mansfield Mr. Justice Heath. •; . .',.-'• MIDLAND— Mr. justice Grose and Mr. Baron Thomp- son. OXFORD— Mr. Justice Lawrence and Mr. Justice Le Blanc. • • ' NORTHERN— Mr. Justice Chambre and Mr. Baron Wood. WESTERN— Mr. Baron Graham and Mr. Justice Bailey. ASTHMA — It is now ascertained, beyond contra- diction, that the simple unadulterated herb Stra- monium operates as an immediate relief, and rati- cal cure of Asthma. Drs. Sims, Reid, and otheis, hane set the question at rest, in a lespeetable pam- phlet, recently published by the Editor of The Monthly Magazine, in which the culture, prepa- ration, and mode of administering the herb, are fully illustrated, and a colotiied Engraving given of the Plant. SUSSEX. A Genteel Residence, Garden, Coach House illd Stables, and Eleven Acres of Meadow Land. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER, On Thursday, the 4th July, at five o'CloCk in the Afternoon, at the Fleece Iiiti, Chichester. AResidence, recently itemized; replete with every domestic comfort, situate in the pleasant hamlet of Norton, rm the parish of Aldingbourne, com- prising iu the basement, ample cellarage— Ground Hoor,' a neat entrance, eating, breakfast, and gentleman's rooms, housekeeper's rooms, an excellent kitchen, dairy, brew and wash house— First floor, two moderate sized drawiugroamsc « mumtiiciiti » 3 with folding doors five bed rooms and two dressing rooms, principal and back stair cases, three very good attics and a store room; a court yard, coal pen, three stalled stable with haylofts, » coach sweep and shrubbery in front of the house, a iarge and productive vegetable garden, walled in and planted with fruit trees surrounded by ihrec inclos'tiics of very rich meadow land, iu the highest state of culti- vation-. the most considerable part of this estate is copyhold of niehritauce, and the remainder is h « M for 3 healthy young livesunder iVie Bishop of Chichester, immediate possession will tie given. Norton is a retired, chearfnl, and healthy situation, environed by a beautiful country, a social aod polite neighbourhood, 5 miles from Chichester. Bognor, and Arundel respectively, only three miles from the Duke of Richmond's kennel, and half'a mile on the public road leading from Chichester to Brighton, from which there is a coach daily. Printed particulars may lie had at tile Crown Inn Arundel; at the Libraries Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Worthing and Bognor; Messrs. Winstanley, Paternos- ter- row; Mr. H. Phillips, Bond- street, and the Auction Mart, London; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester; of whom tickets may be bad to view. MARSH LAND, in OLD ROMNEY. TO EE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the New lnn, iu New Romney, mi Thursday, the i> 7t'n day of June, 1811, at twelve o'clock at noon, IjVJUIt" pieces of MARSHLAND, situate in Walland Marsh,* iu the parish of Old Romney, con- taining in the Whole 4n acres, more or less, and now in the occupation of James Dunn, whose term will expire at Michaelmas next. The above pieces of land lie togetlrev, are subject to a modus of i « . per acre, and the water- rates and paro- chial taxes are very low. For further pariiculars apply to Messrs. Marshall and Verrall. Solicitors. Steyning. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, . BY VERRALL AND SON, At the Star Inn, ill Lewes, oil Saturday the 29th of June, 1811, : it seven o'clock in tire evening, AFARM, situate in the seveial Parishes of Heathfield and Burwash, called by the name of PONTS otherwise KINGSDOWN; consisting ofa Messu- age, Barn, Stable, Outbuildings, and. about 11- 2 acre* of Arable, Pasture, Meadow, and Wood LJUH, now iu the occupation of Mr. Samuel Brook, as Tenant from year to year. This Estate is desiraTily situated 011 the South side of the Turnpike Road le « '() tit of June, 181 tv at Six o'Clocli iu the Evening, unless ac, ceptahie offers of purchase should be made 111 the mean time. LOT I. AFREEHOLD FARM, ( within a ring Fence) called WEEKLANDS, consisting of 8 House, Barn, Stable, Oasthouse, and other Buildings : and ajioiit 711 A. 2: R. 7 P. of. good Land, most eligibly situate in Little Horsted, within Six Miles of Lewes, and- Twoof Uckfield, adjoining to the London Road, and now in llwiitccupation of Mr. John Diplock, who » e terni willl expire at Lady Day, 18l2. N. B, This Farm comrRHuifs very fipe prospects, and is peculiuily calculated for tbe'xrtcti'on pf. a Villa, LOT II. A FREEHOLD FARM, ( also within a rin^ Felice) consisting of a good House, witba Cottage, Barn,' and other Buildings, and about 148 A. I R. 11 P. of Land, viz. 142 A. I R. 12 P. called CRAINSDEN,- occupied by Messrs. Peckham; and ( i A. q E. 2 P. called KNOWLE HIGHFIELD, occupied by Mr. Rose, eligibly situ sue in the Parish and very near to lUe Town of Mayfield.^ ' N. B. Messrs. Peckham's Teratf w'ill expire at Lady Day, M\.' 2y and' Mr. Rose's Michaelmas, LOT III. , A crmipart little Freehold Farm; enuftiwivj^ rif a Cof- tas> e, and Three Parcels of. Land, ealje^ Smith's Mead, Smith's Field, and Hilly Knowle Field, containing'to- gether about io" A'. iR. 3SP. sHiwite'in t'Ue parish and near the town of Mayfield, und now the occupation ^ of Messrs. Peckham and of Mr.—— whose terms will respectively expire Lady- Day and Michael- mas \ H\ 2i LOT IV. A- compact Freehold Farm, called" Hunts; con sist in^ of a large iiouse, wvtljf a Barn and other buildings, aud about 78A. 2R. 15P. of Land, situate. in. Mayfield, ad joining t<> Lot and now occupied by Messrs. Peck- ham, whbse teriiY will expire a^ Lady- Day IH1- 2. N. B. Lots " J, 3, and 4, arewell covered with tbrw-; : intr Timber; and the S « il i- ferti^ p and kindly for the growth of Timber, and for the Cultivation < » f Hops. The several Tenants will shew the Farms. And further particular* may be kmnvn on applica tiou to Messrs, Hoper aud Son, at Lewes; or to Mr. Stone at May Held. MARSH AND UPLAND TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At Hailsham, about the last week of August, or the first week in September next ( of which timely notice will1 be sjiven) Y7MFTY- four acres and upwards of valuable Free- V hold MARSHLAND, Jyiiiff in Pevensey Level, well worth the attention of graziers, . now in the occu- pation of Mr. Miller Bristow, as yearly tenant. Also, 54 acres of UPLAND, known by the name of Bemzils, in the parish of Wartling, now in the occupa- tion of Mr. Thomas Parker, as yearly Tenant, being the property of the late Rev. Rich. Burton. deceased. A Most Desirable Freehold Villa, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, BY VERRALL, AND SON, OF LEWES, IN , . SUSSEX; ALL that neat, compact, FREEHOLD Villa, called HOOE LODGE. consist ion of a modern brick- build House ana nppnttenances in complete repair, delightfully sitiiate, fronting the sea iu the Parish of Hooe, about 2 miles from Pevensey, 6 from Battle, 9 from Hastings and East Bourne. The premises comprise on the basement story, an excellent wine and beer cellar • on the ground floor, a neat entrance - and light stair case 5 a good parlour, kitchen, pantry and wash- house i on the chamber story, three airy chearful sleeping rooms. and a neat dressing room: oil the attic story, two servants sleeping roomsi a detached nuiforni brick- built coach house, two stables with men servants sleeping room and loft over; otber convenient out buildings, a garden, orchard, meadow, and a well of excellent water, the whole containing about three acres— The pleasure ground blended « itU orchard and garden, surrounds- the house, and is beau tifully laid out in walks, lawn, shrubbery, aild orna- mented with , an octagon summer house, which com- mauds a most delightful prospect of Pevensey Bay, aud the rich surrounding country. The premises may he viewed at any time, and the purdbaser may be accommodated with tlie neat modern houshold furniture, by appraisement, or the saiae will be sold by auction the latter end of July next. Further particulars may be known of Mr. W. Bennet, Stockbroker, Bank of England ; Mr. James Warne, I26, Tottenham- court- road ; and Henry Porter, esq. Occu- pier and proprietor. N. B. T'. vo of the Farms iu the preceding advertise- nVeut adjoin this estJite. If recjuivt'd, a Cottage, and six acres of good Meadow Land adjoining, may be had at a moderate rate A most desirable Freehold Estate, WITH EARLY POSSESSION. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By VERRAL AND SON, tfn Friday, the 19th of July, 181 J, at Mr. Edward Strangers . Market Room, iu Tunbridge Wells, at four . o'clock'iu/ ihe efcernoou, rj^ HAT mos't. d'esi r Ie Freehold Estate, ( Land . Jb ' Tax redeemed, and nearly the. whole free- from Great TH& e*) known by t'ie name of HURST FARM, fiitu'ate in the parishes of Tunbridge. and Speldhurst, about a mile frt? m Tunbridge Wells, and .. fi ve from Tunbridge Town ; comprising* d' comtVirtabJe - snbstan- stautiul - brick and stone built, Farm- house, eypry cohV^^ ient out building in excellent repair, together with 7- aA. 34P. of good- arable, Meadow, hop and wood land ( which lie compact ifi twelv^ pieces,' viz. nine in • Tunbridge, free- of great Tithes, Containing 5<> A; cill. and three in Speldhurst, subject to tithe) in tbe occnpatiOti of Mr. Thomas Martin, whose timii of holdftig expires at Michaelmas, l « ilv The estate may be viewed ' ut anytime, by applying to George Sales, of' Rust- hall Farm, Tunbridge Wells, of whom printed particulars may bo had; abo on the • at'tive Library ; and principal ittus adjacent 5 a nil-' of. this Auctioneers, Lewes, Sussex. • SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ( IN LOTS) BY GEORGE PEAT, At die Angel Inn, Midhurst, oil Thursday tV. e 1st ' August, hi tivccii 5 and ( j n Clock, unless previously dip. ist- d of by Private Contract, ^ EVISUAL inclasures of excellent Arable anit Meadow Land, siuiale in the parish of Cocking, aliiut two miles from Midhurst, and containing togethef utiaci- eivur thereabouts. For PurtiruUrs aud Conditions apply to Messrs. SOWTON AND FULLER, Chichester. Buildings. TO BE PEREMPTORI Y SOLD BY AUCTION; BY VERRALL AND SON, At the Crown Inn, in Hailsham; on Wednesday, the 3d day of July next, at 5 o'clock in the Afternoon*. ALL that Copyhold Substantial Brick Building, with convenient attached tVflice-, recently huilt for a Brewhouse, situute iu Hailsham, ill the County of Sussex. The premises may he easily converted into a com- fortable Dwelling House, or the materials, wliith . ire in excellent preservation, may he removed;., a. licence having been obtained from the Lord of the Mauur for that pui^ H » se. For particulars, apply to Messrs. Godlee, Woodhams und Hall, the Trustees; of Benjamin Bennett, late of Hailsham, Brewer; Mr. Martin, Solicitor, Buttle; or Mr. George Gwynne, Solicitor, Lewes, Lewes, June t . is I 1. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. SONE, On Ihe Premises, on Monday, the 1st day of July, 1811, aud two following ditvs, . A r. L the HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, of the Star Inn, iu New Shoreham, consisting of rourtecu goose aud other feather heds, 14 bedsteads wiih mahogany feet, posts, and hangings,— st pair of blankets, I counterpanes and quilt^,— 1- 2 mahogany ta- bles, ) set of dining tables with circular cuds, 3' i ma hogany chairs—. au eight day clock— sheets and table linen— a beer engine— and kitchen requisites 111 general. Also, the Stock of wines und Spirits, aud a Cow and Calf. The Sale to hewin each dav nt. lc> o'clock. Lodging House at Heene, and Houses at West Tarring, near Worthing. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. MARKWICK, Al the Castle Inn, in West Tarring, on Friday, the 2Sth day of June, 1811, at five o'clock in ihe afternoon. Lot 1. A Compact well- built Freehold LODG- JTjL ING HOUSE, situate at Heene, froiitiug ihe sea, cmnmanding an extensive view uf the'sett coast, and comprising two parlours, two bed rooms, two good attics, a detached kitchen, and convenient • Oices, This Lot is particularly well adaptvri for the summer residence of 11 small family, is held by the proprietor, aud immediate possesion will be given. Lor II. Four Copyhold Houses, situate in tlie high street, of West Tarring, holden of the manor of Tar- ring with Marlpost, und occupied by Edward Holland, William Bartlett, William Winchester aoii John Paine as Tenants at Will. The premises may he viewed by application to Mr. James Burtenshaw, Castle Inn, West Tarring ;, caud fur- ther pariiculars jnay be had by applying to Messrs. Mar- shall mid Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning. Cliff, Lewes. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Dorset Arms, in the Cliff, on Wednesday, the 20th of this icstant, at So'clbck in the even- ing : . \ L. L that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TE- J.\ NEMENT, comprising a large front Shop, and front Parlour, back Kitchen, Pantries, seve- ral good Sleeping- rooms, the whole in complete repair, together with a good Garden, and every other convenience, situate in the high- street, of ( he Cliff aforesaid, in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Dine, the proprietor The above premises ate advantageously situated for anv kind of trade, and may he viewed at any time, by appHca'ion- lo the occupier, of whom fur- ther particulars my be U. tdj or of ilia Auctioneer. SUSSEX. Freehold and Copyhold Estates, Land- Tax re- deemed, and in part free of Corn Tithe, late the propei ty of Robert Blackman, Esq. deceased. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON. At the King's Arms Inn, Ninfield Stocks, in the. County of Sussex, on Wednesday, the 17th day of. fuly next, at three o'clock iu the afternoon, iu three lots, LOT I. AVerv desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called MARTIN'S and LODGELAND, situate at Broad. - street Green, iu the pleasant viil ige of Hooe, 111 the county of Sussex, wiiliiu three miles of the sea, of which and ihe adjacent country, Ihe situation com- mands a beautiful and extensive pr. ispcci. This estate comprises a substantial Messuage or Mansion- house, with a detacljed dairy, oast- house, barn, stables, can- house, yards, garden, orchard, and divers pieces of ara- ble. meadow, pasture, aud brook land, containing toge- ther by admeasurement 53A. 3R. 3( iP. The- hoM. e and buildings, ( wiih the exception of the barn) and about 1- 2 acres of land, are occupied by Mr. James Ellis, who Im- s notice to <; uit at Michaelmas next. Tlie barn, and . J'vacres ' of the laud, or the^ eaiVouis, are under leftsVru MR. James Cooper; aud the remainder of iIns Kit is in- cluded with . iiher laiids, in a lease to Mr. John Pocock, which leases respectively will expire at Michaelmas, In I.-. ' N. B. ' Hie portion of t'ifts lot, called Martin's, Is sub- ject to au apuual quit rent i\ f 3s. 3d. to the Manor of Hooe and Lodgeland, pays Is. HJJ. anntialfy 10 " the same manor, hut by llift custom of ttiis ' manor Only, one heriot accrues on the death of a Tenant, ( or any number of tenements. ' LOT II. A most valuable Freehold Farm, called DOWKES, ( itlier « I « e HUNTS, principally free of Corn Tithe, situ- ate iu Hooe aforesaid, ctlntigitiius " to lot I, consisting of ... a Messuage, barn, stable, a| id other buildings, and A, 2R. J•! 1'. of-. excceding good arable Und hop ground, now, in tlie oceiipatioii of Mr. Pocock, iiiufcr a lease ex- piring at Michaelmas, I8l2. N. B.- This lot is subject to ati annual quit- rent of 34. tod. to the manor of Hooe. LOT III. •> A Copyhold Estate, called MAYNARD's, situate in Hooe aforesaid, a( ijoi. uin^., lot I, hidden of the. manor of Barnhorne, iu two tenements, at . annual, qutt renis, amounting together to liis. bd. comprising, u Messuage in two dwellings, barn, and Ml 35P., of arable, meadow, aud pasture land, now iu the occupation of Mr. Ellis, under a lease expiring at Michaelmas. 1812. Broad- street Green is. distant ( i miles froili Battle, 9 from Hastings, io from Eastbourne, and iifroni Lewes. I he purchasers of the respective lots maj be accom- modated with a reasonable proportion of the- purchase- liiouey 011 Mortgage, if required. The premises may he viewed oil application to Henry Porter, Esq. at Hooe Lodge; or Mr. Benjamin Black- man, jun. of the Grove, in Hooe; and further . particu- lars obtained ll'om them ; aud likewise of Messrs. Shad- well, Bishop, and Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings. - at whose ( iiliee maps of the estates uuy be seen. A MOST DESIRABLE SITUATION FOR TRADE. To. Taylors, Drapers, and Shop Keepers, West Ashling, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. WHITE and SON, On Monday, file ' sth df July,' 1811, at 1 be Swan Inn, Bosham, precisely al i> ue otlocW; ACompact firm- built DWELLING HOUSE, consistiiig iii the basement, good cellarage; ground iloor, a parlour, kitchen anil brewhouse, 1 with' a pamp ' of excellent water, a productive garden,- sttible, coai house, and other conveliieilt buildings; second floor, three large bed chambers; together with a Mercer's, Draper's and[ Taylor's Shop,' 110W in full trade, which h: is been conducted by Mr. Wm. HOWICK, deceased, for a number of years, with considerable success; the situation is- very excellent for a shop of this descrip- tion; there are a number of geuicel families iiv the ' neighbourhood, and being also surrounded by populous villages, renders it truly desirable. The estate is Copy- hold, of the Manor of Bosham, subject to a small quit- rent, The fixtures in the shop to lie taken at a fair valua- tion, and immediate possession will he. given ; the stock atso at ihe, option of the purchaser; possession of the house, garden, to be given at Michaelmas next. ALL persons indebted 10 the lute Mr. Wm. HOWICK, of West Ashling, are requested without delay, to pay the same to Mr. Martin, pr Mr. Sharp, of Ashling, Trus- tees s- oll persons having any claim, are requested to de- liver the satue, that it may jie discharged. Aldwick near Bognor, Sussex. • Freehold Cottages, and valuable Building Sites, calculated for the erection of Marine Villas, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MESSRS. WHITE AND SON, At the Hotel, Bognor, 011 Monday the 1 jili of July, isl l precisely at Twelve o'Clnck, Ihe following valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES: LOT 1,' \ COMPACT ORNAMENTAL COT- ii TAGE, with n rustic Veranda in front, exceedingly well built, and iu. good repair, .! putnp. of » xr. el| eut water, a< garden iu good enliivatiou, coach hiittse and three stalled stuhle, with loft over, yard, cart house and sheds, ingciber with aA. of exceed iog rich Land, miw 111 barley, aud seeds, and prepared for a Meadow, aud'live tUrinug Elm Timber, growing thereim. LOT 2.— Three recently ererted Freehold ornamen- tal Cottages, - with excellent Garden* and green plats laid out ; also a rich Arable Field behind, now in clover, containing lit. 4P. iu ihe occupation of Captain Wright, Mrs. Bridger, and Mrs. Mackarel, ut very low rents. LOT 3.— A Freehold rich Arable Field, now in Wheat, hounded by Land belonging to Sir T. B. Pechell, Bart, oo'lhe East, aud Mr. Heather, uu the West, measuring 7- V- I R. sP. The greatest part of this L > t is calculated tor Bui ing Laud, us the new road from Aldwick has comniuiiicaiioh with it: There i- s also very exceileiu brick earth, to be procured from this Lot, w. hicli ren- ders it very valuable. LOT 4.— » A neat Freehold Cottage and excellent Gar- den, aud pump of good water; the above is iii front of Aldwick Green, near the Sea, ami iate in the occupa- tion of Mr. John Guy. LOT .5.— An angle piece of Freehold Land, wiih a road in front, aud bonuded by Land of Mr. Heather, on the North, measuring tA. jit.< jP. NOT 6.— A valuable piece of Freehold Arable Land, mr.'- t admirably calculated for ihe erection of a Villa, hetug i, n front of Lot 5,. and measures 1 A,. l tt. 10P. with hold aud uninterrupted views of the ocean ; Bognor, Little- Hampton, and Selsea Bill, aud adjacent rich and fertile country, to the westward. LOT 7.— A valuable piece of Freehold Land, adjoin- ing Lot 0, measuring lA lit. oP. This adjoins ihe last mentioned Lot, and is equally adapted for a build- ing site, • Lot 8. — A rich Arable Field, measuring 10 Acrcs and 36 Perches, in bounded by Laud bclougiug to Mr. John Bridger. LOT 9.— A valuable Freehold Meadow, of 1 A. 3R. 93P. adjoining the wood to the Westward, - this might also be reudered a particularly desirable - Lot to build on. LOT 10.— The Lease of a compact Cottage aod Gar- den, in excellent cultivation, abundantly cropped, walled round, and in uiost excellent repair;' the interior also has been prepared and very recently fitted tip al a very considerable expeuce; three years of the Lease is unexpired at Michaelmas next. Aldwick is one mile front that fashionable watering place Bognor, six from Chichester, l-. i from Arundel, is frotu Petworth, ' 24 from Portsmouth, anrl 08 from London. The estates may he viewed any day previous to ihe Mile; ( lot 10, the Cottage on Aldwick Green excepted) • which may be viewed three days' previous to the sale- Descriptive particulars may lie bad in due time, of Messrs. White and Son, Chichester; Hotel, Bognor; Crown, and Norfolk Arms, Arundel ; the Libraries, Brighton and Worthing ; Half- Moon, Petworth ; Dol- phin, Southampton ; Crown, Portsmouth ; and at the principal Inns, in the adjacent Market Towns. A plan of the estate may be sc& u at White and Son's, North street, Chichester. FJJ> HEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affec- J- V tions, Willi their usual concomitants. Sprains, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, aud general De- bility, ( originating iu whatever source) arc relieved a frequently t; ured by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUS- TARD PILLS, afler every other means had failed. The FLUID ESSENCE OF MUSTARD (\ ised with the Pills, in those complaints where necessary, is perhaps the most active, penetrating, ami WJectiwl remedy io the win- Id, generally - enring the severest ^ ' SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than half ihe time usually taken liv Opodeldoc, Arquebusade, or any other Liniment or Embrocation , and if u, ed inmiediaicly after any accident, it prevent* the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE > f equally efficacious for all ill conditioned Sores. Soro Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ring- worms, Shingles, breakings out or the Fs. ee, Nose Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and inflamed Eyes Sore Heads, and Scorbutic Humours of every description." Prepared only and sold by R. JOHNSTON, A pothecary, t5, Greek- street, Soho, London ; the Essence and Pills at 2s, yd. each. The Cerate at Is. t- Jd. and as. yd,— They are HISO sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter, Lewes; Mrs. Gregory, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson, aud Walker, Brighton; Monday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham; Cuthbert, Battle; Coleman. Rye- Pratt, add Phillipson, Chichester; aud every McdicVue fen- der in ihe United Kingdom. 1' N. B. The Genuine has a Black Ink Stamp, * ith the nanis of R, Johnson iusertei 011 it, 1 COPPICE LAND. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By GEORGE PEAT, At the Angel Inn, Midhurst, on Thursday, the first of August, between five aud six o'clock, IN FOUR LOTS, SEVERAL PRECES OF FREEHOLD COPPICE LAND, situate in the parish of Heyshott, Sussex, con taming about ati acres. These Coppices afe excellent covers ( of gamfr; and are well worth the attention of sportsmen. Heyshott is distant ^ miles from Midhurst, 9 front. Chichester, 0 from Petworth. audi ij from Petersfield. Possession will be given at Michaelmas. The timber 10 be taken at a valuation. For particulars and conditions apply to Mr. William Smith, Cocking, near Midhurst; to ttte Aliftioneer, at Mid hurst; or to Messrs. Sowton and Fuller, Chichester^ SODA WATER, & c, " J SCHWEPPE and Co. beg to inform the Nc> « » -* « bilily, Gentlemen of'tlie Faculty, aud oiher^ that i » ( iii< to reiterated coniplaints trf the difficulty ev penenced in procuring iheir Soda Water, & c. at Brigh- ton and its vicinity, tli'ey have appointed Mr. PITT, Chemist to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Castle- Square, and of Carlton- Place, Surgeon, & c. Sole Agent for their Soda, Rochelle,-& nd artificial mi- neral waters, 0f whom they may constantly be had in as great perfeetidir as nt » l « lr iVlannfaito y, 75, Mar- garet street, Cavendish square, London, at the under* mentioned, prices. J. S. and Co. luwe been further ii- daced to, make ihc above appointment, from information that waters h, ot prepared by tliem, baye> Sen sold to. the pub. ic, as c„ a- iiijj from their manufactory. .. • ; •*• ' - " - s. d. Pints Soda and Seltzer Water, per doz, - - 06 Half pints ditto, ditto - - . I * - . v. - j u Pints Spa and Pyrmont ditto - - ' "- - . 1!( ^ Half pints ditto, ditto. - - - . '-' - . ._ W 5 Waif pints Rocbelle Salt ditto '- -,'- - -" jot, ® Ditto Seidlitz - . - ' - - - . . . . . . " 8 g Ditto artificial Cheltenham ditto "- '- . , .' < J N. . bodies, Aim si. xpenoi for half pints. • BEAUTY OK COMPLEXION Is thq- highest embeftishuient of tfc lnunaii- form— Tlje Charms. ofttuir tai^ Countrywomen, are especially eu- haucetj ji, _ . • , r|?. HE celebritsi of Mrs. VINCENT'S GOW- *'* LANDS LOTION has been fully demonstrate! by Iftr. woudarfnl stieets m removing all Scorhniic. Eriiiktions^ aud Cirtaueons Disorders of ever. y kind.- but .- K- jX| Hs « tnc( jin| iiirahle specific lias bee. -- basely counterfeited, it is an iiutferions dnry Mrs. VINCENT owes to . herself . and the public to oliserve, that ever* bottle of the REAL GOWLAND'S LOTION i, sis„ e4 by herself 011 the, label. .. Soiil by Mrs. Vincent, sole proprietor of Dr. GOW- LAND'S M. S. Recipe, at No. 6, Davies- street, Grosve- nor- square, London ; and in Lewes by Mr. Lee, Printers and Mr. Adams; in Brighton by Mrs, Gregory, North- Street; Mr. Walker and- Mr. Donaldson; Mr. Gilburd and Mr. Phillipson; aud. by all the most respcctahle venders of genuine medicines, in Europe, in quart* 8s. till.— pints 5S. till.— half- pints 9s. yd. To prevent counterfeits,: observe M. E. VINCENT oil the label on all that is genune. Dr. MILLER's Restorative Nervous Cordial and Pills ARE decidedly the most healing and strengthen- iDg Medicines that have been otFercd to PyhliC Scrutiny. They are unrivalled iii their quallli'es to re- lieve and restore persons whose nerves' are injured, ami' all bodily weakness; likewise," for convincing proofs of the same, see one of the book* that is in the" possession' of the undermentioned Agents, which contain iimnerou* certificates of cures actually performed iu ' the counties of Kent and Sussex, by those Medicines. The Cordial is in boitle « \ at 4 » . 6d. each, with a book of ' direction* iii advice with each bottle. The Restorative Pills, whirl* are recommended to be taken with the Cordial, aro 9s. 9d. per box. * - DR. MILLER'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS, whieti are universally esteemed the most powerful altcri alive, purifier, and sweetuer of the blood, and may bo confidently relied 011 as the tno. it safe and certain re- medy for the Scurvy, Scrophula, King's Evil, Scorbutic Eruptions, Leprosy, aiirt all oilier disorders arising from an impure slate of the blond ; they may be taken with- out danger by persons of every sex and age. ( Jut II lit necessary to be particular that it is Dr. Miller's Ann scorbutic Drops that you purchase, as ihere are many . Medicines very similar III name, Non: of the Agi- nf* ever receive any of bis for sale, but > vhat have Red Stamp, signed with tlie Doctor's name, in his own band- writing, are sold at 4s. ( id. per botile, wiili a bonk of di- rections aod adviee. M.' iy be had get- nine of ihe follow- ing persons, viz. Mr. ARTHUR LEE, SCHOOL. HILL, LEWES; Battle, J. Cuthbert Heathfield. J. Ellis ' Beckley, S. Colbran Horsham, T. Mann Bexhill, T. Wedd Lamberhurst, J, Gibbs Burwash, G. Gilbert Lewes, Pugh and Davey Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Lindfield, W. Durrant Cuckfield, J. M'George Maresfield, J. Maynard Dallington, J. Pardon Pensmarsh, E. Bannister Ditcheling, J. Browne Rye, M. Coleman East Bourne, T. Baker Cook and Son E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Sandhurst, J. Beach Edenbridge, W. Corke Seaford, J. Brooker R. Parsons TunbridgeWells, J. Sprane » - Groombridge, T. Kellick Uckfield, J. Pocknell Goudhurst, J. Couchman Udimore, R. Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, T. Bull Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew W. Noakes Hastings, J. Barry WinChelsea, R. Maplesden J. Norton Wittersham. J. Wood. CAUTION.— Ii is necessary to he particular that it i* Dr. MILLER's ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS that you purchase,' as there are many medicines very similar ii> name. None are of his preparing but what have a red stamp, signed wiih the Doctor's name, Hi his own hand writing; are sold at 4s. Ijd. per bottle, with a hook ot directions and advice. ,< ' Postscript. FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY OFFICE, JUNE 93, I8lj. Copy of a Letter from Rear- Admiral Dixon, act- dressed. to Vice- Admiral Sir James Saumarez, Bart, and K. B. and transmitted by the latter to John Wilson Croker, Esq. . Hts. Majesty'sShip Vigo, off Ramsoe, June 1, 1S11. ISIR, HAVE the pleasure to inform you that captain • Watts, of the Woodlark, captured; on the night of the 3.9d ultimo,- after a smart chace over the Natter Reef, a very fine Row- Host, Thirty- four feet long, armed with two brass howitzers and small arms, and commanded by a Lieutenant of the Danish Navy, with, twenty men-; one of the Danes was killed . and one. wounded; a Galliot whose cable she had cut was rescued by, the. guard boats of the Dictator. ' On the nights of the 31st ultimo and 1st, instant two privateers, armed with swivels and small arms, and with twelve men in each host, were captured By the guard boat's of the Vigo; the first was boarded singly' by ' Lieutenant Streatfield in the ' pinnace, and" makes the seventh ' privateer this' brave and active officer has taken and destroyed; the other was surprised under, the shore of Romsoe,. and taken by Mr. Hodger, Midshipman ; five, of the crew escaped in the, woods. I have the honour to be, .:' . . MANLEY DIXON. To Vice- Admiral Sir James SaumarezrBart. & c. & c. & c. • • - - » BANKRUPTS. HENRY WILLACY and Cuthbert Willacy, of Liverpool, sail- makers— . Welcome Cole, formerly of Lambeth; and late of Paradise- row, Surrey, Victualler— William Ludlow and . lames Ludlow-, ' of Bishop's- Cannings, Wills, colourmen - Peter Pritchard, of Ellesmere", Salop, money- scrivener— John Banks, of Canterbury- square,. Southward, Surrey, dealer— John Samuel, of Tenterden, Kent, • watch- maker— William Wallace, shopkeeper-— George Scott, of . Houghton- Ie- spring,. Durham; manufacturer - John Jackson, . the younger, of Greenlaw- Walls, Durham, miller— Thomas Chap- man, of East- Retford, . Nottingham, mercer— Wil- liam Lee, of Hy the, Kent, stationer— Thomas Page, of Newhaven, Sussex, grocer-^- Thomas Goom. of Bermondsey New- Road, Surrey, fell- monger Balthazar Adams and Edward Adams, of Buck- lers hard, Soulhainp'to, n.. ship- builders Samuel Dver, of Newberry, Berks, master— Edward Lewis, of New Bond- street, Middlesex, haberdasher— Ben jamin Hanson, of Middle Scotland- Yard, and of Hammersmith, Middlesex, wine and brandy mer- chant'- ' Charles Hopkins, of . Eastgate- street, Gloucester, hatter. - Brownlow Bourdillon, of Walthamstow, Essex, insurance- broker— Joseph Greaves the Younger, late of Copthall- court,; London, insurance- broker. LEWES, JUNE - 24, 1811. Lord Ellenborough, and the Chief Baron, art the Judges of Assize for the ensuing Home Circuit. The annual meeting of the . Governors" of the Clerical Fund, to he held oil Thursday next, will be at HORSEBRIDGE, and not at Uckfield, as men- tioned in an advertisement last week, by mistake. The following particulars relative to. the grand Review of two troops of the . Royal Horse Artillery, the . Royal 10th or Prince's Own, the 15th or King's, and 18th Regiments of Hussars, Commanded by Lord Paget, which took place at Hounslow Heath, on Monday last, have been communicated to us by a military Gentleman who was present, and who conceives that their insertion will- prove interesting to many of OUT readers :— The Prince Regent, with his numerous suite, ar- rived on the ground about, half past eleven, and, attended by his Royal Highness the Commander- in- Chief, and the Dukes of Clarence and Cum- berland, immediately proceeded to inspect the troops, after which he took his station in the front, when the line marched past in review order, and then by single files, the 10th and 15th bands al- ternately playing the most admired martial airs. The Line next proceeded to manoeuvre as if in action, the Royal Horse Artillery opposed to the Brigade of . Hussars, and VICE VERSA. The Line charged in front of the Prince, at full gallop, when Capt. Smith's troop of Artillery excited the won- der of every spectator, for such was the celerity with which this troop advanced, that the guns were brought into action before the general line halted, and with an adroitness that rendered it truly deserv- ing of the well- known appellation of— FLYING ARTILLERY. After going through a variety of manoeuvres, the different regiments formed line, when the PRINCE REGENT again inspected them, and after ordering Lord Paget to express to the regiments, respectively, his entire approbation of their appearance and performance, retired from the ground. After the Review, Lord Paget invited the offi- cers in attendance to a public breakfast, at the Castle Hotel, Richmond, where they partook of a sumptuous repast; every rarity the season pro- duced, and a variety of the choicest wines were given in great profusion. At five o'clock dinner . was announced by the discharge of cannon, on the other side of the water, directly opposite the grand Assembly Room, in which the company dined. The Duke of Cla- rence presided. Soon after the removal of the cloth, the. three colonel* of huzzars, viz. Col. Quintin, Cot. Grant, and Col. Jones, bore in a massy and LONDON; ( SUNDAYT. HOUSE OF LORDS, THURSDAY, JUNE 20.; Their Lordships were occupied until arfter six' • o'clock, in hearing Sir T. Plomer sum uptin the Berkeley Peerage Claim, immediately after which the House adjourned. FRIDAY — The Army Prizes Bill was read a third time and passed. Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS,' THURSDAY, JUNE 20. There being only 35 Members present at four •' cloek, the Speaker took the Chair, and adjourned FRIDAY.— Mr. Wliitbread presented a petition from Mr Finnerty, under confinement for a libel in Lincoln Jail, complaining of ihe extreme hard- ships he endured; which, after some debate, was ordered to lie 011 tile table.— Adjourned. The Anholt Mail, which arrived yesterday, brought letters from St. Petersburg!) and Gotten- burgh ; in which it is stated with greater confidence than ever, that all matters in dispute between Russia and France have been finally adjusted. On Wednesday, L » rd Louth was brought up in the King's Bench, Dublin, to receive judgment being convicted upon a criminal information, for abuse of his authority, ahd oppression as a Magis- trate, in imprisoning Mathews, his tenant, for an aiiedged felony in Dundalk gaol. His. Lordship, after paying Ihe prosecutor £. 300 and costs, ( near JCSOO more) was sentenced by the Court to thiee mouths imprisonmett. tjn Newgate. His Royal Highness the Prince Regent's domestics bad permission, on Friday night, . to regale their friends with a ball and supper. ; truly magnificent piece of ' silver plate, beauti- fully wrought, and of_ the value of three thousand guineas, which they presented 10 Lord Paget, as the gift of the three huzzar regiments above- men- tioned, in commemoration of his glorious exploits, during tile Spanish campaign, when commanding the light troops. Its exterior is decorated with emblems " of those heroic and honourable achieve- ments. Col Jones read the inscription to Lord Paget, when his Lordship rose,' and in an appro- priate speech expressed his thank's and gratitude for the high honour which had been conferred upon him, but appeared to sutler some embarrass-' ment from the agitation of his feelings; find the Earl of Uxbridge," his Lordship's. Father, from " a : sort of sympathetic impulse, could not refrain from shedding tear's on the occasion. The Duke of Clarence made some, excellent speeches, and gave the following toasts': ' ' The King, God bless him. The Bands playing " God Save the King,'" with a discharge of artillery; and three ( in es " three. The Queen and Family. ; The Prince Regent, three times three. The Duke of York, and the Army, three times three, the Bands playing the ' 1 Duke of York's • March." 1 ' " " ' .. Here the Duke of Clarence rose, and in a long and admirable speech, addressed the company on his Royal Brother's re- appointment to the office of Commander- in- chief, which was received- with reiterated applause." Lord Paget then took the chair, and gave his Royal ' Highness the Duke of Clarence, and the British Navy, the Bands playing " Rule Britannia,'' and a discharge of artillery. " The Duke of Clarence resumed the chair, and among many other appropriate and apposite toasts, gave Lord' Wellington and. the ' glorious Army in Portugal, the Band playing, " The British Grena- diers','" with a discharge of artillery, and three times three. * - • '" This was followed by some excellent speeches, and particularly from Lord TEMPLE and Lord Palmerston; after which, and some favourite alls from Capt. Kelley of tile ' Guards, the ' company retired '" highly' gratified with ' the entertainment they had received.' . ' His Royal Highness the Prince Regent took some: refreshment at the Castle, and proceeded was town, on state affairs, as " was afterwards observed by the Duke of Clarence. ' ... ' ' Richmond' Bridge was covered with barouches, and; the river below the Assembly' Room,' with; pleasure boats, ' containing'" many ladies of fashion, whose smiles of approbation" evinced," that some of the most beautiful part of the creation were not, . wholly ' excluded from the pleasures of the day,. '' The first division of ( he Royal Denbigh ' Militia, marched on Friday morning from Rochester for Bristol: the remainder followed on' Saturday morn- ing. Never was the removal of, a.. reglment more •. deservedly regretted. The regular, conduct of the men, and the gentlemanly deportment of the offi-, cers, have justly endeared them to the whole neigh-: , bourhood. They had also, from their • long- Tesi- - dence, become, in a manner, domesttcated RO- : Chester, and were regarded as fixed and selfied in . habitants. Before their removal, they" Presentedn the gentleman who had officiated as^ eir Chaplain, with a valuable piece of plate, bearing the . fallow ing inscription :—^ . t \ A Token of Regard and Gratitude ...„ fr< iiu the '.....,** Officers, Non- commissioned Officers and Privates, of the Royal Denbigh Militia, to the Rev. John Griffiths, their Chaplain, at Fort Pitt Barracks, in the years 1306, 7, 8,9, lu iuid il. WOBURN SHEEP SHEARING-— This great rural FETE. commenced on . Monday last, and was attend-' ed by a larger number of the Nobility, and ama- teurs of agricultural improvement, than were pre- sent at any former meeting; about 250 dined with his Grace each day, and were entertained in a man- ner worthy the representative of the House of Rus- sell. The most interesting circumstance, at the above meeting, ( particularly as it applies to the Sussex Farmer), was the comparison between the true va- lue of the South- Down and Merino breeds of sheep, as exemplified by the prices . they produced at the sales, and the degree of estimation they were respectively held in, at the letting of rams, which were as follow :— On MONDAY, 1OO South- Down ewes, drafted from the Duke of Bedford's Moulden flock, fetched 2591. ! 7s. 6d. which averaged 2l. 12s. Il} d. for each sheep Twenty half- bred Merino and South- Down, sold for 40I. 19s.. the average of which is. 21. Os. llid. per sheep. N. B. The South- Downs had been sheered, and the mixed Merinos were sold in their wool, which was valued at IDs. per fleece. On TUESDAY, loo . South- Down ewes, were put up, and fetched 406L os. - average 4l. li) s. 3d. ' And, on WEDNESDAY, 6' i dttlo were sold for 23( 11. .' js. averaging a; 31. 17s. id. The Sheep of the two last days were from the Wohurn Flock; from Rams of Mr. Ellman, at Glynd, • - - . Twelve South- Down Rams were put up, for use the ensuing season, ten of which were hired with avidity, at . high prices.; . and . six pure Merino Tups were in a similar manner offered, but not one of the latter was engaged ! The prizes aiid premiums at the above meeting, nearly the whole of which were Confined to Bed- fordshire breeders, were, distributed by the Duke, with appropriate . remarks, to the fortunate compe- titors, soon alter dinner on the third day; after which his Grace took leave of bis numerous guests and set off for London. As usual, a great deal of useful agricultural LORE was promulgated at the above meeting; a very pro- minent subject, of conversation was that - of Enclo- sure, and from whence it appeared, that no less than 189 Acts for Inclosures had been brought before Parliament in this Session. Sir J. Sinclair ( the president of the board of agriculture)' concluded a speech 011 that subject, with the following sentiment. —" May a Common soon become UNCOMMON throughout England 1" A sweepstakes of five guineas each, . p., p. to be continued for three years, for the best South Down Ewe, to be produced at the next Sussex Agricultu- ral Shew, was commenced at the Woburn sheep shearing ; to which the Duke of Bedford, the Earl of Chichester, Lord Whitworth, Sir J. Seabright, the Hon. Mr. Brand, and several other- noblemen and gentlemen immediately subscribed; particulars of which, we have reason to think, will be adver- tised in our next paper, and by which, we trust, this useful spirit of emulation will be diffused among the Sussex flock- masters; and we have no doubt but the subscription, ( which- we have heard is to be limited to twenty) will very shortly be full. Our Stock Market, on Tuesday, had a larger supply of Mutton and Lamb, than on any preced- ing market; and there was a sufficient quantity of good Beef for the season. Prices nearly the same as on preceding market day. Hailsham Market,-, on Wednesday, was also very will supplied with Beef and Mutton; but pur- chasers, ( perhaps owing to the large quantity of fish) were not So numerous at either of the above mar- kets, as they generally are. The pleasure Fair, oil Broad Oak Plain, Dicker, oil Monday last, ,( as we anticipated) the day being remarkably fine, brought a very large and respecta- ble assemblage to grace the, lawn,-- especially of the fair sex-, • ' - Whose numrous - Made captive many a bean, . Whilst their soft bosoms, nothing less,. " .. Felt Love's enrapt'ring glow, - . The progress of hay- making has been retarded in • this Heighbourhood, by the: rain, which fell in- pretty heavy showers, towards the end of the- past week. On Monday and Wednesday, the 1Oth. and i 2th instant, a traveller,' having discounted at the two. Banks here, some bills drawn by , the Bankers, at Brighton on. their respective.. Bankers in London, the, circumstance, with others, raised, a suspicion that all was not right, and, on the matter being communicated to Mr. Irish, of this town, - who was acquainted with the particulars of the late robbery of the Union Bank, at Canterbury, that " gentle- man; accompanied by two others'," one from each of our Banks, immediately set off for Brighton, where it was found the suspected person, - whose name is Lawton, had given for - the drafts .- obtained these, several notes, of. THE- CANTERBURY UNION BANK, ' which had been advertised as . stolen. This so con- firmed their' suspicion, that they' immediately 4& A warded ' the information to Bow- street, With . a de scription of Lawton's person; who was. in ' conse- quence* pursued by H. Adkins, and . Vickery, to Rmsgate, . where, he was taken, together.' with a lady who, accompanied him- and by. these active officers conveyed - to Canterbury, and: by; the. Mayor of that- city committed for - further ' examination.- Union Canterbury Bank Notes to a large amount were - found in their possesion. Great praise is due to the Bankers in this town, as well as to( Mr. Irish, for, their activity on this occasion. . A. few days since as a labouring, man, . named Elsey, was, descending from a, Barley- Mow, • in a barn at Ardingly, in this county, by. the, help of a' pitch- fork, his feet slipped, and let him down, in a perpendicular ' direction; with such force,' on the • head of the prong handle, - that' it penetrated his body six inches, as appeared on its extraction by : his son, who witnessed the accident. A copious; hemorrage ensued, but it being unaccompanied, by any wound of the intestines, great hopes are . enter.- • tained of the poor man's recovery. • The same day as a gardener, named Backsheld, was nailing a grape- vine, at the same place, he fell 1- 6 feet ' from a ' ladder, and broke three of his ribs, and dislocated his shoulder. Last year this man had the misfortune to cut his leg with a scythe, in mowing, which rendered. him incapable of work for some months.. _ .... ._ . BIRTHS The Countess of CHICHESTER, at her TOWN Residence, Stretton- street, Piccadilly, of a daughter. « :.. - At Coney boroughs, -. near this town, on Wednes- ; day last,' the Lady of Capt. West, of a daughter. "*" » * " The OTTER FEAST HAS been received ; but as the subject is of a local nature, we - think. its publication many be dispensed with. We will, however, re- peruse it prior to our next. BRIGHTON, JUNE 24, 1 « 8U. Oil Saturday our arrivals were more numerous than on any day since the commencement of the present season: ' '" < Among our latest arrivals are: Mr, Sutton, Mrs. De Grave, Miss Johnston, Mr. Hodson,' Mr. Cotes, Mr. Bragg, , Mr. Jewell, Mr. Beaumont, Mr. Clarence, Lady Clayton, & c. It is confidently reported, that his Royal High- ness the PRINCE REGENT will keep the anniver- sary of his birth- day on the 12th of August, at ( he Pavilion here, in a style of elegance not infe- rior to the late grand fete at Carlton- House.' The cold air . of Saturday evening,, unpropitious as it- was to the promenading system, . prevented not a pleasing appearance of beauty and gaiety on the Steine, where, opposite the mansion of Lady Amcotts, the excellent band of the North York Militia, delighted the lovers of scientific- harmony with some excellent pieces; at the conclusion of which the Libraries were crowded with the vo( aries of news, conversation, music, and- loo, till a late hour. Several private parties enlivened ( lie evening, amongst which that of Lady A moots held the lead. The private band of his Royal Highness the PRINCE REGENT who left US to be present at the late fete at Carlton- House, returned on Saturday, Our Theatre will be opened, we understand, on Saturday, ( he 6th of July, with the School foi- Scandal, and Rosina. The company already en- gaged, is composed of performers who s( and high in the profession ; and from this and other judicious arrangements of the managers, we anticipate a rich theatrical treat; and we trust they will meet with . that patronage and support, which their disposition to render the Theatre what it- ought to be, deserves. The tease of the' New Inn Hotel, in North- street, lately occupied by Mr. Phillips, was oh Sa- turday put up to auction by Mr. Abbott, and knocked down., at. twenty pounds. General Houston is the,, fortunate purchaser of Avisford Place, the residence of Admiral Mon- tague, advertised in this paper to be sold by Auc- tion by Mr. WELLER ;.. Sit was;. oh Tuesday-" last, knocked down by that genll" inan to fire' General, at three thousand and twenty- five pounds.* "* ' ; Last Tuesday the return match of cricket,' this Town against Twineham, . and Cowfold Club, was played on Oakenden,, green, and terminated, two wickets, in favour of Brighton. , ... We were quite - glutted with mackarel and other fish, during the whole of last week. • •' • . Two pilot boats have been faying off heie for some days past, waiting the arrival of the V^' est In- dia fleet,, which is daily expected ( o pass. HAWKHURST ASSEMBLY, THE first ASSEMBLY will be on Thursday, June s> 7, lull. Rev. . J. G. THOMAS, 1. v , ROBT. MONEYPENNY, esq. ^ • Queen's Head, Hawkhurst, 1 June 14. I SI I. WANTED immediately, an Apprentice ( o a WATCH MAKER and SILVERSMITH. As he will lie treated in every respect as one of the family, a premium will he expected. For particulars, apply to M. Irish. Lewes. WAN TED immediately, a steady Lad, as an Apprentice to a SADLER and HARNESS- MA- KER, in a principal tow in Sussex. Enquire of the Printers. - •••• » TO SHEPHERDS. WANTED, at Old Midsummer, next, at West Blatchington, a SHEPHERD. A in ui » itji a family would be no objection, as a house wiFi be pro- vided. Appier to Mr, Hudson,' at West Blatchington near - • Brighton.. ' '-'..' WANT HI), a careful, steady - WOMAN; as HOUSEKEEPER, and Upper. Servant, in a • farmhouse, upon the South Downs. Si> e. must bring with her an undeniable character. ...... No objection would be - made to a. Widow, bringing with her a grown up daughter, who might. ly; employed ' ar a servant under her. Apply, for a reference to Mr. Arthur Lee, Printer, & e. 1 School- bill, Lewos, LANCING SOCIETY ; FOR PROSECUTING THIEVES AND OTHERS. THE next General Meeting; of the Members of this Society, will be. held at the Sussex !'.' tliffd to produce their securities. ., , '. [' ', * J. HOPER. Lewes, roth'Junej 131 r." - ' ' BRIGHTON - " jt/ f- ESDAMES BARBER'_ and HIGGINS. who ' IVJl conducted the Business of the late Mr. BURFIELD, of North- street; for several years,. bet; leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry, ' and their friends in general, that they have commenced business at gr-, Se. James's, street; with air elegant assortmen't of fashionable - Mil- litery,- Dresses, & e;> - And trust, by an nureulittins: at- tention, to gain that support it shall ever be their " study to jni'r11, ' '' EAST- HOTHLY. ~ THE usual Vacation having now commenced, Miss NORRIS avails herself of the opportunity which, it affords tier, of expressing her sincere grateful { acknowledgement of the very flattering encouragement, which she has experienced from her friends, who have entrusted to her the education of their children. She'is anxious to apprise ihem of the perfect fallacy of aov report, relative 10 iier discontinuance of the arduous office in which she is now embarked aud assures tlieni, that it is her intention to persevere, with unrelated exertion,. in endeavouring, by a diligent attention to the minds, . the morals and the health of her pupil-, to deserve that patronage with which » he has been hitherto honoured. The School will open again on Monday, the - jgth of July, ISI t. ' ••>••-. At Mrs. W. Scutt's Preparatory School, Lind- field, near Cuckfield; Young Ladies are Boarded, and Educated . at Twenty- five Guineas per annum. N. B. Day Scholars One Guinea per quarter.- MRS. SCUTT takes this opportunity to return her grateful acknowledgments to those friends who have so kindly patronized her- since her residence at Lindfield, and hopes by, the same attention . to her pupmpilsi rovement, to merit the continuance of their favours. The school will re- open on Tuesday, the - J3d of July, 18ll, till which . period, application may be made to Mrs. S. at Ihe Rev. . Frederick Hamilton's, Brighton,—— Lindlield, June 1), Ji) n. - . - LOST, . " " Between Crawley, and Cuckfield, oil Sunday, the ( 6th of . June, ASMALL LEATHER TRUNK.', Whoever . will send or . bring the same, to Spooner's Library, Worthing, shall receive the regard of . Two Guineas. ~ ' STRAYED, On Saturday " last, from the ground of Mr. Elphick, of Newhaven, - • . ASHE MULE . about twelve hands and a half high, of a mouse colour, and distinguished by a fresh mark on the off shoulder.- Whoever will give- information of the said Mule, so that she may he bad again, to Mr. Manby, of Newha- ven, shall he handsomely rewarded for their- trouble. STOLEN OR STRAYED" From Westham Parish, in the Liberty of Pevensey, oil the Night of the 9th instant. AHandsome- Dark Brown Mare Poney, 5; years old, with ent inane and tail; about lif- hands high; and a Bay Mare 13 hands I inch high,- long tail and a small, spavin on both hind legs and a saddle mark . on each side. Wlioevef.: » hal. l.," hruig either of the said Poneys, or give information to Mr. . Francis Wood- hams, or Thomas Gaston of Westham, shall receive, if strayed, one Guinea Reward and all expences ; aud if stolen, 5 Guineas on Conviction. COUNTRY- HOUSE, FRIARS, WINCHELSEA, - - SUSSEX. TO BE LET , FOR 3, 6, 9, or 13 months, the above House, completely furnished, consisting on the Ground Floor, of a Dining- room, Drawing- room, a small Study, Housekeeper's- room, Kitchen, and all other convenient Offices. Ou the Second Floor, ( 3 Bedchambers, and • At licks oyer for servants, with a large garden stocked with all manner of Vegetables and Fruit Trees in great abundance; Coach houses an, d Stables for any number of carriages uud , horses ; .3 or 4 Acres of Pasture Land may be had. The situation is very retired, about a mile' from lite sea; commands a view of every ship going up and down the Channel. A Bathing Marhine is kept for the accommodation of" the inhabitants of the house. - For particulars apply to' Mr. Lloyd, No. 9, Warwick Court; Gray's Inn, and Mr. Lewnes, Winchelsea, Sussex. TIMBER.— FOR SALE, At Burg- Hill Farm, Chiddingly, ASOUT 250 OAK TREES, particularly well adapted for buildings. May be viewed by application 011 the premises. BILLINGSHURST.• ' TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION. By BLUMER and SON, ( On the Premises,) On Tuesday, the 91b July. 13 11, and following day, al Mr. Thes. Mercer's, Miller, Billingshurst, Sussex, a bankrupt, ALL the neat modern HOUSHOLD FURNI- TURE, Linen, and other effects; consisting of elegant four- post and tent bedsteads, mahogany posts, with murine cotton and cheque furniture, prime goose and other feather beds, mattresses, blankets, and 11111- lerpanes ; Brussels d Kidderminster carpets,— in mahogany, dining, Pembroke, und night tables ; buuau, chest Of drawers and chairs ; eight day clock, mahogany case; pier and dressing glasses-, japan chain; china, glass, and Staffordshire ware ; kitchen requisites, See. books; nine pair sheets, table and other liuen ; British wines, sacks, wood, faggots, and various other effects ; a!- o a mare, celi, sow, 15 pig,, gig naA harness. To begin each day at eleven o'clock. Catalogues to be had at the Half Moon, Petworth • Swan, P,.( borough ; White Horse, Stornington; Place of Sale, and the Auctioneer's, Horsham. To BE SOLD / C" Convenient modern HOUSE, ' ifyjon - a sriialf CA Scale, two bat os, A stable, and a lodge, and about 7- 2 acres of good meadow and anable Land, situate, in tlie hamlet of Chihington,- within . four miles of Lewes, and now in the occupation of the proprietor." T, he house is. of In irk, and stands ,1.11 an eminience a meadow or lawn of it a, in- s in front,' sloping to iti. rt South- east, - and commands fine views of the South Downs a, ttd the Weald. -. The land is good state of cultivation, and the whole property lies within a ring fence. About 40A. of the Estate are leasehold, for the re- » ' sidne of a term of rimn years ;- a . Small part is ftet- b » ld ; arfcf ihe residue copyhold : and of , such . residue, ills greater part is subject only to trifling heriots, and. fines • certain., Possession. may be had at Michaelmas next. .. . . James- Holman. the Bailiff will shew the Land ; and for further- particulars apply to Messrs. Hoper and Son, Lewes.-. .-. '-' '...'_" ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, " ' BY MR ABBOTT, . At the New Inn, Brighton, before the major part of the • Commissioners named in a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued, and now in prosecution against Matthew Phillips, of the New Inn aforesaid, on Tues- . day, July a, at two o'clock, rpiiii LEASE of A BARN Cottage, Yard, AND A- 13 acres of meadow and pasture land, at Aasty, in. the parish of Cuckfield, late in the occupation of the said Matthew Phillips; term, 7, 14, or 21 years, rent 5' il. . To be viewed. Particulars may be had at the George, add at the' Falbot, Cuckfiel; of the- Printers of the Lewes and Brighton Papers': of R. Withy,. Esq Solic- tor, Buckingham street ; ,- ind of Mr. Abbott, Ko. Leicester- square, London.- * BY " MR. ABBOTT, •• •• At the New Inn, Brighton, 011 Tuesday,'' July !, at |-. VT> , o'clock, before, the majort part of C. o. » in: isso » oers named . in. a Commission issued, and now in prosecution against Mathew Phil- lips, of the New Inn aforesaid, ACOPYHOLD ESTATE, pleasantly sitna— 1 at HenfieM,' iif Sussex, ' I 1 in ties from Brighton^ and 11 from Worthing, comprising a large capital House, with Spacious school room adjoining, coach- house and stable, in an about five acres, in the occupation of Mr. Lock- wood, schoolurate; 011 lease for two, six, or nine years, at the rent of 73(, : os. „ . The house., is very spacious, and suitable for a: i i demy on a large scale, or convertible, into a private re- sidence. The estate is copyhold of inheritance. To be viewed by permission, of the lenat. Particulars may be had at the George, Henfield' King's Head, Horsham ; at the place of sale; of the Printers of the Lewes Witlu. e- fj. Solicitor, l- l! r!; ip -, , ' Abl.. i » l, So. '. t >. I. ci. .-- ii 1:'..--- iji} r - At the White Hart Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday, the 20th day of July . llGxt, at to the highest Bidder ) \" New Built Messuages or Dwelling Houses. A situate in southover. 1 < ir Lewes, with a large and, convenient Carpenter's Shop and Yard, behind the same, late in the Occupation of Mr. George Judge, the Proprietor. Furnber particulars may be known upon application, to Sir. S Flint, Estate of the- and George Judge; or Attorney at Law, at Lewes aforesaid. All Persons standing indebted to the said George Judge, are desired forthwith to pay the amount of respective debs to the said Samuel Flint or William Stuard, Or legal proceeding will be immediately com. menced against them for the recovery, thereof.., . SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, By AUCTION',-- At the Swan Inn, at Chichester, on Thursday, the : 1I1 day of July, Mil, unless acceptable offers of pur- chase should be made in the mean time. AValuable ESTATE, consisting of the Manor or Grange, aod Farm, called THE BROYLE FARM, lying in or near^ he City of Chichester, in the county of Sussex. Lor 1. Four parcels of Meadow Land, lying iu the parish of . St. Peter, otherwise Subdeanry, containing tl A, ill. I P. statute measure, more or less, now ill tho occupation of Richard Daily, esq. who holds the same under a lease, which will expire at Michaelmas 1MQ. LOT i. A Farm, consisting of a Messuage, and oilier building., and about 131A. nH, KiP, statute iii.- a » ure of land, lying lu Ihe said pj| ri « ii of St, Peter, otherwise Subdeanry, and now iu the occupation of William Ridge, esq. under a lease, which will expire at Michaelmas, IS 19. Also a parcel of land, called WATKINS'S FIELD, ad. joining the above, containing about 10 A. I It. P, statute measure, likewise in the occupation of Mr. Ridge, as tenant from year to year, N. B. This farm is within a- ring fence, and is in a state of very high cultivation. LOT 3. A Farm, consting of a Messuage, barns, . stables, gaterooms and oilier building, aud about S4I4.3R. 3< P. of laud, eligibly situate near the < ity , o( Chichester, and now in the occupation of Mr. Thos Rossiter, under a lease, which will expire at Michael- mas, IS 19. LOT 4. Four parcels of Arable and Coppice Ground^ lying near tlie City of Chichester, containing about 44A. I It. liP. statute measure, now in the occupation of John Newland, esq. under a lease which expires at Mi- chaelmas, l « 19, LOT S. Several parcels of Meadow Land and Coppice Ground, situate out the Broil, near the City of C^ ii bea- ter, containing about gaA 3ll. 37 P. statute measure,, now iu thj; occupation of Mr. Home, under a lease which expires at Michaelmas, 181J}. A compact Farm, consisting of a House, barn, ami other buildings, aud several parcels of laud, called LATE HOLLIST'S,' containing together about 79A. sta- tute measure, now in the occupation of Mr. James La- cey, under a lease, which expires at Michaelib. is, 131;. LOT ( j. A Farm, consisting of a ( louse, bans, anil other buildings, and several parcels of laud, called. UPPER BROIL, containing about I42A. olt, 11 P. st » , tuie measure, situate near the City of Chichester, mitj now in the occupation of Mr. James l. aeey. N. B, This lot is held by Mr. Lacey, under a- lease, which expires at Michaelmas, 1814, . This lot contains the ground occupied by Govern- ment upon which the barracks are built. LOT 7. A Messuage, call'd The BROIL House, wjili | h « buildings and croft of land adjoining, containing about ' 2A, statute measure, now in the occupation of Mr, William Ridge, or his undertenants., under a lease which expires at Michaelmas 13 .4. LOTS. TWO parcels of Meadow Land, called THE BISHOP'S LIGHTON, and THE BISHOP'S GARDEN, lying under the wall of ihe City, containing together about tsA. oK. I5P. statute measure, now in the occu- pation of Mr. John Topper, as tenant front year to year The building* 011 ibis lot are tiie property of the te- nant, ": . . LOT 9. A Croft of Laud, called THE CHANTRY OR- CHARD, lying also under the wall of the City, used as a garden, containing about 311. 17P. xtatnte measure now iu the occupation of Mr. James Briffin, as tenant tinder a lease which will expire at Michaelmas- next with a promise of renewal at an advanced rent. The buildings on this lot are the tenant's property, This Estate is advantageously situate within two unlet of the City of Chichester, is held under a lease from the Bishop of Chichester, for tlu- ee lives, or' ihe respec- tive, ages of t> 7, . lid, 37, under rill annual rent of 3ul. 15s. and is subject to a ijuit vent of ids. payable to ( lie Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Chi- chester. The laud tux is very low. The Land may he viewed on application 10 the dif- ferent tenants; and further particulars may be Imd of Mr. Turner, Solicitor, Lewes, with whom a map of lim estate is left; aud to whom offers may be made for th « whole, or any of the lots. • —— » - .. 111 ' 1 ' ''' .— Ml PRICE of CORN— Lewes, Saturday, June 2: 4. Red Wheat - - d.' 0 0 tl to- 3 la 0 White Wheat - - 4 o 0 t » o n ( y J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. TO THE PRINTERS OF THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. GENTLEMEN, . ISHOULD » ot have troubled vou with any re- marks on the Letter of " A Member of ( lie Royal College of Surgeons," inserted in your Pa- per of the l'oth inst. had I not seen a SECOND EDITION with ADDITIONS in tilts week's Journal, tfnd, therefore, thinking it not improbable that it might appear a third time witlj still GREATER im- provements, I shall feel highly obliged if you will favour me with the insertion of the following ob- servations in your excellent paper. I take it for granted the worthy Member will allow that the prfoessional abilities of a Surgeon are Of far greater importance to hit patients than his classical knowledge, however brilliant: I therefore deny the assertion that " two or three years at the Utmost ARE amply sulhcient to enable htm to ac- quire anv knowledge which an apprenticeship can afford him " If ( as is too often - the case) the pa- rents are deceived in the medical person to Whom their son is apprenticed, and the lad is placed be- hind a counter merely to dispense medicines, .' hen will I willingly allow, that not" two or three years but two or three months, are amply sufficient for him to attain the art of compounding drugs :— But if the medical man performs the duty he owes to his apprentice, he will not only teach him the ru- diment* of Anatomy, but also the Prognosis, Diag- nosis. and treatment of the cases that occur in his practice, and then the young. man will attain a fund of professional knowledge of infinitely more utility to himself and to society in general, than the most accurate acquaintance with the classics, Every one must be aware that the rudiments of any science gradually instilled into the minds of youth, take much deeper root, And have greater " nfluence on the conduct, than a superficial know- ledge acfiuiied in haste— Aqua cavot lapidem NON . J VI led SAEPE CANENDO. The observation printed in Italics " to attend the hospitals and medical classes for at least two or three years," is liable to still greater objections than bis former observations. When the apprentice has only acquired the art of dispensing medicine, I agree with the M. R. C. S. that he should " attend the hospitals at least two or three years;" but when he has acquired that professional knowledge which every conscientious master will impart to his ap- prentice, then a far less period at the hospitals will suffice. It is the opinion of two of the most emi- nent men in the profession, Mr. Abernethy ( wl'o pai ( icularly expresses. it in his public lectures) and Mr. Carpne ( in the preface to his Myologia) that a young man who is restricted as to the period he is to attend the hospital, will be more likely to be- come eminent in his profession, than one, who knowing that he is to attend for two or three win- ters at the hospitals, defers paying that attention to his studies which is requisite, until the last course of Lectures, and then to his sorrow, finds himself excelled, by a fellow student who had at- tended but six 01 eight " month's. The Member of the College of Surgeons must know, that itis not a very uncommon circumstance for a young man, who has attended but two courses of Lectures, to pass, his examination at the College with eclat, whilst another who has attended- three or four years has been rejected. The Court of Examiners of the Royal College •(". Surgeons in London, will; never admit any one, a Member of their College, who is not a complete anatomist, sjnd thoroughly acquainted with every branch of his profession It is therefore evident that one year is sufficient for a Student, by attention and perseverance, to acquire e complete knowledge of his profession, when his apprenticeship has been popeily attended to: per- mit me to conclude in the words of Constantine Carpue—•" L « t not a Student be three or four years acquiring that knowledge which may, by assi- duity be acquired in one year." I beg pardon, Gentlemen, much on your valuable Journal, and remain, Your's, & c. A Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London. Lewes, June 21, 1811. LONDON. HOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY, JUNE 17 INSOLVENT DEBTORS' BILL. On the motion of the third reading of this Bill— The Lord Chancellor proposed to alter the sum from a, pool, to 2,0001. He observed, his mind was not satisfied with the division of a former night, when the numbers wer » six arid four. Lord Holland stremously recommended the clause to stand unaltered upon the principle that the gradual increase in this and former Bills was founded upon the deteioration of the medium of dirculation and the circumstances of the times.— He spoke in high terms of the perseverance of his Noble Friend ( Earl of Moira), and regretted their Lordships had not adopted a general Bill for reme- dying the law of debtor and Creditor this session.— Such was the law as it now stood, that on all hands it was acknowledged it was opprobrium juris conful- torum. Lord Ellenborough again reminded their Lord- ships of the nature of the liberality they were go- ing to bestow. He noticed all the Acts of insol- vency from Queen Anne to Geo. II. from which it appeared, that the sum was first 1001. afterwards 5 il and then 5001. and it was only tit late years it was increased to 15001. By ibis sort of liberality they were going to wrench from the creditor the only means, he had left for the payment of his debt. The Earl of Moira conceive j that no man could defend the present system'. of law between debtor and creditor. Imprisonment was penal in all its consequences— and, he mint say, that to inflict punishment without inquiry, without knowing . whether or not there was- a particle of fraud in the contraction of that debt, was a disgrace to the Le- gislature of the country. With respect to the sum, lie coincided with the observation of his Noble Friend ( Lord Holland ) After a few words from the Duke of Norfolk, in favour of i he clause, the House divided— Contents - - - . - - 17 Non Contents ------ 32 Majority - - - - — 15 Consequently the sum is altered to 20001. The consideration of other Amendments proposed ' Lord Ellenborough was adjourned till to- mor- row. TUESDAY The Bank Token Bill, the Norway Timber Bill, and the English and Irish Vote of Credit Bills passed through Committees, and were reported • without anv amendment. THE INSOLVENT DEBTORS' BILL, " Was read a third- time, and passed. THE CATHOLIC QUESTION. Lord Donoughmore rose, to present a Petition from the catholics of the county and city of Cork, praying to be relieved from the existing disabilities, which being received and read, and the general petition of the catholics of Ireland having been aUo read, the Noble Lord proceeded to address to the House at considerable length, and a long and argumentative speech, rnovSd " thess peii tions be referred to a committee." The Question being put from the Woolsack— The Earl of Longford, Lord Redesdale, the Earl of Buckinghamshire, Earl Camden, the Lord Chan- cellor, and the Earl of Moira, Supported the mo- tion. Their Lordships then divided, the question be- ing, loudly called for, when their appeared. Contents - - - 3.6 Proxies - 26- 62 Non Contents - T- f Proxies - * - '* V ur Majority - — 59 Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. TUESDAY, JUNE 17, PETITION OF MR. DRAKARD. Lord Folkestone presented a Petition' from Mr. Drakard, proprietor of The Stamford News, set- ting forth the peculiar hardships of his case, and praying for sftch redress as the Honourable House may think fit. PRIVATE BILLS. Mr. Shaw Lefevre brought up the Report of the Committee appointed fa inquire into the Standing Orders relative to Private Bills; a- nd, after some conversation between Mr. Lock hart, Mr. Davies Giddy, Mr. Bankes, and Mr, Shaw Lefevre, the Resolutions were agreed to. Mr. S. Lefevre then moved, " That all Petitions for Private Bills be presented within fourteen days from the first Friday in the next and every future Session," which was agreed to, after a few remarks from Mr. Rose, Sir James Graham, Sir P. Murray, Mr. Shaw Lefevre, Mr. Simeon, and the Speaker. Mr. Shaw Lefevre next moved, " That the said Resolutions form part of the Standing Orders of the House."— Agreed to. MILITARY FLOGGING. Sir Francis Burdett rose to make his promised motion on the above subject. The Hon. Baronet, in a long and luminous speech, reprobated^ the flogging system as practised in the English military service, which he stated to be the very worst service in Europe, and concluded by moving — •\ That an humble Address be presented to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, praying that he would be graciously pleased to take into his consi- deration the practice of flogging soldiers, and that he will issue such orders to officers commanding regiments as are best calculated to restrain and finally abolish that cruel, unnecessary, and igno- minious mode of punishment." Mr. Manners Sutton, Lord Palmerston, Mr. Yorke, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Mr. Adam, opposed the motion. Mr. Brougham ( the seconder) Mr. Whithread. Mr. Wm. Smith, and Mr. Hutchinson, supported the Address. The House then divided— For the motion - - - 10 Against it - - - - 94 Majority - • 84 Adjourned. THE PRINCE REGENTS FETE. Carlton House was opened last night to the nu- merous persons of distinction who had been ho- noured with cards of invitation. Soon after nine e'cl<> c.! c the company began to arrive, and although fiie utmost order and regularity were observed, it was between twelve and one o'clock before the whole assemblage was formed. , The Illustrious Family of the House of Bourbon entered through the Gardens about ten, when fhfv were ushered into the Privy Council Chamber, where the Prince Regent, was sitting under a crimson canopy of State, surrounded bv the Officers of his Household, who, on their approach, immediately rose to re- ceive them. The French Sovereign was intro- duced by the Earl of Moira as Comte de Lisle, and her Royal Highness the Duchess d'Angouleme by the Duchess of York, and the French Princes by Lord Dundas. They were received not only with the utmost respect, but every mark of affec- tionate regard. The amiable daughter of Louis theXVIth naturallv attracted his chief attention, the exhilirating effect of which was clearly dis- cernible on lier woe- worn but interesting coun- tenance. From this grand ceremonial, the Illustrious Strangers retired into the sky- blue satin room that adjoined ; the expensive suite of curtains of which were of the same colour, lined with white silk, and massily embroidered gold fringe, leaves and tassels, and beautifully decorated with FLEUR DE- LIS. The Prince Regent now passed through into the Grand Saloon, which was most brilliantly il- luminated, and is confessedly, in every respect, the finest room in Europe. Here his Royal High- ness now paid his respects to the Noblesse, &< crowded and assembled, in his most graceful and truly'fascinating manner. The company were for some time naturally lost in amazement at the COUP D'CEIL, which the views through two distinct suites of apartments so magically presented. It would be a difficult task to describe, in terms adequate, the effect produced by the profusion of magnificent objects, which, at eveiy glance, con- veyed an exalted idea of Princely taste, national grandeur, and the fine arts, cherished in a state of perfection The apartments wete decorated with splendour perfectly new. The Palace was a scene of enchantment, and every elegant female, clad in the attire of her native country, appeared the Al- mida — The Conservatory wjs one of the most dis- tinguished objects in the splendid arrangement.— The building, of the Gothic order, appeared to be the most perfect and beautiful Specimen of that style executed in modern times. It presented, at one glance, the fine effect of a lofty aisle in an ancient cathedral. Between the pillars, CANDE- LABRAS were suspended twelve feet above the ground, each presented four patent burners, which spread a breadth of light not easy to describe. The interior struck the beholder with astonish- ment. Tire grand table extended the whole length of two hundred feet. Two feet of space was al- lotted each guest in the original calculation. Along the centre of the table, about six inches above the surface, a canal of pure water continued flowing from a siver fountain, beautifully construct- ed at the head of the1 table. Its faintly waving, ar- tificial banks, were covered with green moss and aquatic flowers; gold and silver- coloured fish were by a mechanical invention made to swim and sport through the bubbling current, which produced a pleasing murmur where it fell, and formed a cascade at the outlet. At the head of the table, above the fountain, sat his Royal Highness the Prince Re- gent, on a throne of crimson velvet, trimmed with gold. The throne commanded a view of the company. The most particular friends of the Prince were arranged 011 each side. They were attended by six Serviteurs; seven waited on the Prince, besides six of the King's and six of the Queen's footmen, in their state liveries, with one man in a complete suit of ancient armour. At the back of the throne appeared Aurcola tables, covered with crimson drapery. constructed to ex- hibit, with tile greatest . 3 profusion of the most exquisitely wrought . silver gilt plate, con- sisting of fountains, tripods,- epergnes, dishes, and other ornaments. Above the whole of this superb display appeared, a . royal crown and his Majesty's cypher, G. R. tp. lendidlyillumine'!. It jsalmost, unnecessary. to add, that his Royal Highness gav- e all the grandeur and honour of this brilliant fete tu Iris Royal Parent. The lesser wax lights in silver, placed on the table; \* ere corres- pondent with the whole mass of elegance. The sides of the conservatory weie hung with variegated lamps, The arches vrere also alluminated with lamps springing from the pillars. Down the centre from the roof were suspended several beautiful chandeliers and lustres, and the whole raised in the minds of the spectators the most exalted ideas of the Prince's taste and liberality. The Supper was the most superb in spectacle ar- rangement that perhaps ever was exhibited i'h this - country. The state table of the Prince Regent was ranged along the Conversary, the west end of which ( being the head)*, was hung semi- circular- ly with a crimson silk ground, covered with trans- parent muslin, drawn " into a variety of apertures, for the splendid display of numerous gold vases, tirns, massy salvers, & c. & c. embossed by admi- rable . workmanship, and the whole surmounted by a most superb ancient urn, captured in the reign of Elizabeth from the Spanish Admiral, wh'o com- manded what was so presumptuously styled the " Invinsible Armada.'* The. service, of this table was in gold. Adjoining to this were tables running through the library and whole lower suite of rooms, the candlebras in which were so arranged, that the Regent could distinctly see, and be seen, from one end to the other. Along those tables the Royal Family of England, and that of the Bourbon's, and the Noblesse, were seated, conformably to their respective ranks. On the right hand of the Prince Regent wa » placed the Duchess d'Angouleme— 011 his left, the Duchess of York. — A limpid stream of water ran through. the Centre of the Regent's table during supper — From the Library, and room beyond, branched out two great lines of tables under canvas far into the garden*, each in the shape of a cross, all richly served with silver plate, and covered with every de- licacy that the season could possibly afford. When the whole company was seated, there was a line of female beauty, more richly adorned, and a blaze of jewellery more brilliant than England probably ever displayed before. The library and the council- room displayed the greatest taste. The latter was appropriated to dancing, and the floors chalked' in a beautiful style. In the centre appeared G. R. III. with tile crown, supporters, and blazonry. The external decorations were equally grand and pleasing. The alsle' opposite the Grand Conservatory was furnished with large mirrors, girandoles, arid candleabras. It formed a superb promenade, rendered delightful by gardens and festoons of roses, pinks, carnations, and the finest flowers of every species. Orange- trees, fruits, and flowers also bloomed along the banks, growing in a state of nature. Four handsome marquees were pitched on the lawn of Carlton House, with a abevaax de frize to guide the company in their promenades. Bands of music were stationed in the tents; and when danc- ing commenced, the gay throng stepped over floors chalked with Mosaic devices, and moved through thickets of roses, geraniums, and other fragrant' sweets, illumined by variegated lights, that gleam- * ed like stars through the foliage. In the course of the night, a brilliant discharge of fire- works, took place, which gratified ail immense body of spectators. The company sat down to supper about one o'clock ; and after they had taken some refreshments, they returned to the cheerful dance, which continued till the blush of morn warned the gay throng to retire. A vast concourse of persons continued near the Prince's residence until the fete, which was, perhaps, the grandest entertain- ment ever witnessed m this country, ended. At six o'clock, the'grenadiers of the Guards pa- raded in white gaiters, with the bands of their regi- ments in the Court- yard of Carlton house. Tlfev were soon after joined by a strong party of the Life Guards dismounted. A troop also paraded in Pall Mall to keep order among the carriages, according to previous arrangement. At this early hour, the anxiety of the public to witness the preparations was conspicuous. Persons were seen coming in every di- rection of the town towards the Prince's residence. At eight o'clock, the carriages began to approach with company, and before nine, when the Prince's gates were opened, the different ranks extended to Piccadilly The Park was guarded, and no person admitted, at nine o'clock, when the Band began playing as the carriages entered the Court- yard. The populace then approached in large crowds. Pall Mall was soon thronged, and the windows oc- cupied by ladies. The avenues to Carlton House weie completely invested by ten o'clock, and the streets at the west end of the town exhibited a scene of mirth and bustle. Several of the Prince's particular friends sent their upper servants; dressed in black, with white waistcoats and silk stockings, to wait on the company. Letters from our squadron in Basque Roads, re- present the enemy as making the greatest exertions in the equipment of all their vessels nf war in Brest, Aix Roads, the Charente, & c The Master of a French coasting sloop, captured on her passage from Brest to Isle Dieu, states, that several hundred Danish, Norwegian, and other foreign seamen, had arrived at Brest, to complete the crews of the shipping lying there. He also states, that two sail of tiie line and four frigates were lying there, ready to sail on a secret expedition, as soon as our shipping should be driven off the coast. Letters from the army in the South of Spain state, that most of the officers and men, who were made prisoners in the gallant action of Albuera, are fast returning to the army. Among the former are Major North, Capt. Furnice, and Capt. Despard, of the 7th: the two former Gentlemen are wounded. Capt. Prevost, returned as wounded, has lost his arm; and Lieut. Mullins, who was returned as wounded, having lost an arm, is since dead. Both battalions of the 7th Foot are broken tip; the men have joined the 28th Foot, and the Officers, it is reported, are coming home. The first Lottery in England, of which we have any account, was drawn at the western door of St. Pauls Cathedral, in the year 1569, and consisted of 40,000 lots ( or tickets) at 10s. each lot. The prizes were plate; and the profits wete to be ap- plied towards repairing the havens of this kingdom. In 1612, King James, for the plantation of English colonies in Virginia, appointed a Lottery, to be held at the west end of St. Paul's, in London aforesaid : the chief prize was 4,! 00 crowns! We hear the Government are going to make a grant of the European Dutch Government planta- tions and labouring negroes in the colonies of Su- rinam, Berbice, Demarara, and Essequibo, to Mr. Wilberforce, Mr. Thornton, Mr. Brougham, Mr, Stephen, & c. & c. for the purpose of experiment, with respect to those estates and people; and we hope their, efforts will be attended with more suc- cess than their endeavours in Sierra Leone.— { Morning Chronicle.) The statement of an adjustment of differences between France and Russia derives considerable strength from a measure adopted by Government yesterday. The Board of Trade has issued to the merchants the following notice:—• " No Baltic Licence for importation will be granted for any vessel chartered in a foreign port, unless such vessel shall have been chartered on or before the 15' th day of August next. " Nor for any vessel to proceed from any port of the United Kingdon in ballast, except;, upon condition fhat such vessel shall clear out befHe the last dav of June. ' " The above regulations have been adopted by the Lords of the Board of Trade, with the avowed object of preventing the renewal of Baltic Licences; it being now distinctly undersood, that no renewal of the Licences for the Baltic trade will take place." The hams, tongues, and viands of several other descriptions, were prepared for the REGENT'S FETE, on the day first announced for that most splendid entertainment; but as soon as the order for its postponement was known, they were distributed among the workmen, & c. of the house. About half past six o'clock on Tuesday morning, a young man perceived a bag lying underneath some timber in a yard, adjoining the Globe Public House, Borough- road, which contained the lower part of a man's body, with the intestines and heart wrapped up. Several medical Gentlemen examin- ed the corpse, but no decisive opinion could be given. The upper part is not yet found. The body is severed above the hips; and it is thought by some, from the nature of the cut, that the corpse has been taken from a grave, although a mail recognised the remains, frott a wound iti the leg, to be his lost son- in- law. Some of the late West India' Journals contain extravagant praises of the Alcornoque tree, the inner bark of w frich, infused in a glass of liquor, and taken morning and night, is said to have ac- quired the reputation of a specific jn all complaints of the liver and lungs. Sir John Shelley is said to have netted <> 000 guineas, by betting upoi* the Derby Stakes. Newmarket has sustained an injury by the late atrocious act of poisoning the horses, from which it is not likely speedily to recover. Most of the principal Noblemen and Gentlemen have refused to enter their horses for the plates, and our breed of horses must of course suffer. Wednesday the most valuable pictures from tfie Cabinet of Mr. Schmidt, of Amsterdam, were sold bv Mr. Christie. For fhe chef d'eeuvre of Rem- brandt, the" Portrait of the Master Ship builder," Lord Yarmouth, for the Prince Regent, gave • 500n guineas. The infallibility of VACCINATION is again called in' question, by a son of Earl Grosvenor having recently caught the SMALL- POX, notwithstanding he had previously had the cow- pock of the most promising kind. Tuesday morning two Bow- street Officers, Ad- kins and Vickery, arrived at Ramsgate, in pursuit of persons that had been traced fiom Brighton), putting off at every town and Bank they passed notes of the Canterbury Union, Bank., which was broken open and robbed a short time since: they secured the parties, and carried them off for Can- terbury immediately. The man calls himself Ed- ward Lawton; he was in company with- a Lady, and they arc both secured for examination. On searching them notes of the Canterbury Union Bank to a considerable amount were found on them, as well as cash which had been taken for other notes of the Canterbury Union, at different parts of this county and Sussex. It is said liiat Lawton was acquainted with Armitage and Ro- berts the Bank clerk; and there is every reason. to suppose, that it is in the power of this man to give such information as will lead to discover the per- petrators of tbs robbery in question. NOBLEMAN DECEASED. Died, at his house in South- street, Grosvenof- square, on Thursday last, after a short illness, Henry Skeffington, " Earl of Massareen, Viscount Massareen, Baron Loughnea in Ireland. His Lord ship is succeeded in his titles and estates by his only brother, the Honourable Chichester Skeffing- ; on, Annadale, county of Antrim, and Collector of' Belfast, whose. only child v; as lately married to the Right Honourable Colonel Foster, son to the late Chancellor of tiie Exchequer for Ireland. PHOENIX FIRE- OFFICE. RENEWAL Receipts for Policies falling due a XV Midsummer, are now 111 the hands of the . several Agents « f the Company. Insurances of every Description are effected on the must moderate Terms. S'tock on a Farm may be insured in one Sum without tire Average Clause, at as. per ccut. per aim. *** Persons insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or upwards, will n„ t he charged for the Policy: and all Endorsements will be made Gratis. By order of the Directors, H. A. HARDY, Sec. of Country Department. HOPE INSURANCE COMPANY. Fire, Life, and Annuities, CAPITAL TWO MILLIONS, OFFICE, LUDGATE- HILL,, LONDON. PERSONS insured with this Office^ whose Poli- cies expire at MIDSUMMER, are • respectfully in- formed, that Receipts for the Renewal of tile same are now ready for Delivery ai the Office, and with ilie res peeuve Agents of tlie Company throughout the United Kingdom. WILLIAM BURY, SEC. N. B. Policies of Insurance, which expire at the above Period, should be renewed witliin FIFTEENDAYS thereafter. ( The following Agents are appointed by this Office in the Counties of Sussex, Hants, Surrey, and Kent, o( whom Proposals may be had gratis; and every Informa- tion obtained. J. Moore, Crawley, T. Shepherd, Walton on T. Gibson, Lewes, Thames, Bradley & Clayton, Shore- Wm. Walker, Walworth, ham>, J. Waddington, Croydon B. Challen, Petworth, J. Wilkinson Elsted, C. Smith, Steyning, J. F. Norris, Richmond, J. Wicking, Lindfield, R. Graves, Dorking, J. B. Phillipson, Brighton, K. Constable, Wandsworth Wm. Sharp, Portsmouth, J. Stewart, Putney, C. Sharp, Romsey, — Ede, Clapham, J. Hardley, Newport Isle S. Walker, Brasted, of Wight, A. Gould, Rochester, J. Johnson, Alton, R. H. Christian, Deal, T. Sutton, Southampton, G. Hampshire, Deptford, R, Perkins, Lymington, Wm. Ranwell, Woolwich K. Tory, Christchurch, S. Bracey, . Margate, J. Roach, Cowes, Isle of J. Hagell, Canterbury, Wight, A. Nettlefold, Bromley, J. Earle-, Winchester, T. Fisher, Gravesend, J. R. Walter, Godstone, | J. Morphew, Dover. H. Walker, Hampton Wick — King, Sneerness, St ud and Hicks, Tooting — Turner, Hythe, DR. ANDERSON, OR, THE TRUE SCOTS PILLS, Have been, for almost a Century, and still continue he, faithfully prepared by DICEY & Co. No. 10, Bow church yard, London; whose name, by favour of th « Hon, Commissioners, is engraved in the stamp affixed < 0 each box of their genuine Pills the counterfeiting of which is felony. THEY are singularly efficacious in bilious, fla- tulent, ami Dropsical complaints, and all disor- ders of the Head, Stomach and Bowels; promote Di gestion, create au Appetite, remove Obstructions in the Kidnies, and Consequently are Antidotes to the Stone and Gravel ; but for the Expulsion of Worms in Chil- dren or grown Persons, the whole Materica Medioa has not their equal- Travellers, who are too often obliged to drink v. ll kinds nf liquors, as well as Sea- faring Peo- ple, should never be unprovided with them, as by fre. puently taking one or two of them, they are kept from Costiveness, Scurvies, Fevers, and most malignant dis- tempers. The Scots Pills prepared by Dicey and Co. retain their virtue for any length of time, and in all Climates j and from the peculiarity of the composition, they ne- ver run together; an advantage no other Scots Pills, possess And therefore for Exportation, or the use of Gentlemen in the Maritime Line, they have a manifest? superiority. CJ* Spurious sorts, of a very inferior quality, are sold in almost every Town; be careful therefore to ask par- ticularly for Dicey's Anderson's Scots Pills, and to ob- serve, that the words DICEY & Co. No. in, Bow CHURCH- YARD, are printed in the Stamp affixed to each box, and signed iu . the margin of each bill of di- rections. They nrfc sold, wholesale and retail, by Dicey ajiit. Co. No. 10, Bow Church yard, at is. ild. per box, con taing 3u pills- and retail by W. Lee, Pugh & Davey# and Martin, Lewes ' Heatherly, Eastbourne; Brooker, Seaford; Gregory, and Francis, Brighton; Matthews, Midhurst; Cave, Petersfield; und by the principal Venders of Patent Medicines in every Town through, out the Kingdom. Of whom may be had, from Dicey an4 Co.' s War* » house, as above, s. d. s. d. True Daffy's Elixir a 6 Dr. Anderson's Scots Smaller Bottles - )' c, Pills, 30 in a box 11$ Dr. Radcliffe's Elixir ' 1 ) 4 Hooper's Female Pills 1 Betton's British Oil 1 9 Godfreys Cordial - 09 Squire's Grand Elixir 2 0 Golden & plain Spirits Bostoek's Elixir - 26 of Scurvy Grass - 1 i § Pike's Ointment - 1 y Beaume de Vie - - 36 Stoughtonn's Elixir - ) j . Uyiuer'sTiiicyirs - 3 <„ » Friar's Balsam - , i . S j Rymer's Cough Drops 0 c » Bathing Spirits - 09 , Walker'sJesuits Drops^ jj Cliniton'Souff& Oil 16 Wyman's Pills - - 2 9 Bythell's Pectoral Lozeuges - Is, ijd. Markets. ~—— « * » « - MONDAY, JUNE 17. This day, in consequence of the short fresh s » p~ ply of Wheat, fine samples fetched a small advance iu price; other qualities at little variation Barley rather lower. Malt heavy sale. Very few White and Grey Pease, and each dearer. Beans of both sorts, nearly at last prices. There are considerable supplies of Oats, partly last week's arrivals, up- wards of 20,000 quarters, and this trade likewise nearly at last quotation. Flour at last prices. CURRENT PRICE Of GRAIN: Wheat — s. 56s. S5s, Beans 44s. S0s » Fine ditto 88s. 92s. Tick ditto S4s. 40s Rye ( new) 80s. 36s. Oats 22s. 25s 289. Barley. 28s. 35s Poland ditto 30s. S4s. Malt64s. 72s. Potatoe ditto 32s. 33s. White Pease} Rape Seed 441. 481. ( boilers) > 42s' 48s" Fine Flour 70s. ,75s. Grey Pease 40s. 45s. Seconds 65s. 70s. PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to b4 continued at t4d. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. d. Sack of Flour - - 79 1 Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 93 u Eighty Quartern Loaves at" 14d. 93 4 In favor of the Baker 0 2, PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover ( n.) 80s. od. to < J2s. od. per cwt. Old ditto 40s. Od. to 80s. Ofi ditto White ditto 60s. Od. to 120s. Od. ditto Trefoil 20s. Od. to 50s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 80s. Od. to 60s. Od. per quarter Turnip 30s od. to 60s. od. ditto Red & Green 60s. Od. to 70s. Od. ditto W. Must. S. 8s. Od. to 10s. od. per bushel Brown ditto 12s. Od. to 16s, Od. diito PRICE OF . HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. X S. £ S, £ S. £ » . Kent 6 10 to 7 12 Kent 7 0 to 9 0 Sussex 6 0 to 6 10 Sussex 5 15 to 8 O Essex 6 0 to 7 0 Farnham lO 10 to 14 6 f* io to a 0 ££•} 4 0 to 5 o S ! 3 0 " 4 4 Pock3:} * 0 to 4 < SMITHFIELD- MARKET, June 17. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s » d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day. Beef 4 4 to 6 41 Beasts - - 1,860 Mutton 4 8 to 6 6{ Sheep & Lambs I6,70t » Lamb 5 0 to 8 O 1 Calves 80 Veal 5 O to 7 0 Pigs - • 300 Pork 5 0 to 7 0 I LEATHER, per POUND. d. d. Butts, solb. a 561b, - so a 21 Ditto, 561b. a 061b. '„ 24 a 25 Merchants' Backs - 19 a 20 Dressing Hides - 18 a 1<> Fine Coach Hides - 19 a 21 Crop Hides for Cutting 17 a Is Ordinary - - — a — Tanned Horse - 18 a 19 Calfskins, SOlb. to 40lb. pr doz. 28 a S4 , 5 lb. to 70lb. 36 a 40 —— , 70lb. to SOlb. 36 a S9 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 3s. a Ss. Itk . large, per doz. ISOs. I60s. PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. £. J. d £. s. d. Average. Clover 7 0 0 to 8 8 0 £ 7 14 O- OldHay 6 10 O to 7 10 0 7 0 O Straw 2 15 0 to 3 8 0 3 1 G PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d s. < J. St. James's Markets 8* Town Tallow 63 0 Clare Market 3 8i Yellow Russia 64 0 Whitechapelditto 3 7a White ditto 59 ( Soap ditto 58 ( 11 Of Melting Stuff £ 6 C Average price 3 8 Ditto rough S6 ( Graves 16 I Yellow Soap, 80s Mottled, 90s.—— Curd, 94s, Candles. per doz. lis. fid.— Moulds. 1Q « . fill Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & c. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS wilfaJio be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEA GRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester ; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth 5, Mr. WHITE, Arundel. ^^^^ BBWBtBIBMB^ BBI^ BWIBM^^^ PALMER at Grinsted^ Mr MEYRON ^ RyeMr BARRY Hastings; asd by the Newsmen.
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