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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3376
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 10/06/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3376
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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WMm Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. VOL. LXI1I. No. 3376.] MONDAY, JUNE 10, 1811. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. This Paper which lias been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in farts of KENT, SURREY, ° and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town, in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & c. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publisher;. V It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. WAR. OFFICE, 30th May, lull- BACK PAY FROM INDIA. THE Corporals and Private Men who have arrived from India, and had not received Addi- tional Pay for Length of Service when they left that Country, may apply to the present Agents of the Regi- ments from which they were discharged, who have re- ceived directions from the Secretary at War to settle with them for the Amount that may be due to them on that Account. ( Signed) PALMERSTON. ARMY CONTRACTS. . Commissary' - gHifcPit Office, GREAT George Street, London, 27th May, t3ti. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons desirous of contracting to supply the following articles tor the use of the army, viz. BREAD, To his Majesty's Land Forces in Cantonments. Quar- ters, and Barracks, ill the under- mentioned Counties and Islands :— Alderney, I Isle of Wight, Anglesea, | . Jersey, Bedford, Kent, Berks, including the Town } Lancaster, of Hungerford, Leicester, Berwick, Lincoln, Brecon, Merioneth, Bucks, Middlesex, Cambridge, including the Monmouth, Town of Newmarket, Montgomery, Cardigan, Norfolk. Camardren, Northampton, Carnarvon, Northumberland, Chester, _ Nottingham, Cornwall, including Scilly, Oxford, Cumberland, Pembroke, Denbigh, Radnor, Derby, Rutland, Devon, Salop, Dorset, Somerset, Durham, Stafford, Essex, Suffolk, Flint, # Surrey, Glamorgan, ' Sussex, Gloster, including the City Warwick, of Bristol, Westmoreland, Guernsey, Wilts, Hants. Worcester, Hereford, 1 York. Hertford, I Hunts, I And in the several Conn- Isle of Man, I ties in North Britain. OATS, To his Majesty's Cavalry in Cantonments and Quarters, in the undermentioned Counties and Islands: Anglesea, Hereford, Bedford, Hertford, Berwick, Hunts, Brecon, Leicester, Bucks, Lincoln, Cambridge, Merioneth. Cardigan, Monmouth, Carmarthen, Montgomery, Carnarvon, Northumberland, Chester, Oxford, Cumberland, Pembroke, Denbigh, Radnor, Derby, Rutland, Durham, Salop, Flint, Stafford, Glamorgan, Westmoreland, Glister, Worcester. FORAGE, viz. Oats, Hay, and Straw, to his Majesty's Cavalry in Bar- racks, and Oats in Cantonments and Quarters, in the undermentioned Counties in South Britain t Berks, Northampton, Cornwall, Nottingham, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Suffolk, Essex, Surrey, Hants, including the Isle Sussex, of Wight, Warwick, ' Kent, Wilts, Lancaster, York. Middlesex, '— And in the several Coun- Norfolk, ties in North Britain. As also Forage to all Horses kept for his Majesty's service, in the Island of, Jersey. That the deliveries are to commence on and for the 4fjth day of July next; that proposals in writing, sealed up and " marked, TENDER FOR ARMY SUPPLIES, will be received at this Office on or before Wednesday, the 19th day of June, ( but none will be received after twelve o'clock mi that day,) and, if scut by post, the postage must be paid. Proposals must be made separately for each County and Island, except for the counties comprising North and South Wales, all of which must he included iu one Tender, as also must the several counties in North Bri- tain ; and each proposal must have the letter which. is annexed to the Tender properly tilled up, by two per- sons of known property engaging to become bound with the party tendering in the amount stated in the printed particulars for the due performance of the Contract 5 « nd no Proposal will he noticed unless made on a printed Tender, and the prices expressed in words at length, and should it so happen that during the conti- nuance of the Contract, no troops should he stationed or supplied in the County, the expence of the Contract And Bond, paid in the first instance by the Contractor, to be refunded to him by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon appli- cation at this Office, between the hours of eleven and five; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Lindesay, Edinburgh; at the Office of Deputy Com- missary General Lutyens, Guernsey ; and at the Office of Assistant Commissary General Lamont, Jersey. STORES for ORDNANCE BARRACKS. Tg" VlE Right Honourable and Honourable the . « . principal OFFICERS nf^ Jis Majesty's ORDNANCE do Wri'tiy give notice, that they are ready to receive Teane&' s from any Person or persons who may be wil- . » Ii » AGREE to supply the ORDNANCE BARRACKS, 111,0 AT RINGMER, With Coals, Mould Candles, Dipped Candles, Straw ( for Bedding), Birch Brooms, and Heath Broom, For ONE YEAR, from the 1st July, 1311, to the 30th June, 181 Particulars may be known on Application to J. A. BIGGS, ESQ. Ordnance Barrack- Master, Southovcr, Lewes. Such persons as may be desirous of furnishing either, or all of the above STORES, are desired to send I EN- TERS, for each article separately, addressed EXACTLY - as follows— (( ^^ •• R. H. CREW, Esq. ' « kc.& c. * c. " Ordnance Barrack " Office of Ordnance, Department." u PALL HALL." ^ No Tender will be received after the t4lh June, ten.. " v • STORES FOR ORDNANCE BARRACKS. HPHE Right Hon. and Hon. the Principal Offi- JL cers of His Majesty's Ordnance do hereby give Notice that they are ready to receive Tenders from any Person or Persons who may be willing to agree to supply the Ordnance Barracks and Towers, near to Eastbourne, with COALS, MOULD CANDLES, DIPPED CANDLES, STRAW ( for bedding) BIRCH BROOMS, and HEATH BROOMS, for one year, from the 1st July 18I i, to the 5ath. June 1812. Particulars may be known 011 application to R. S. BATE, Esq. Ordnance Barrack- Master, Eastbourne. Such Persons as may be desirous of furnishing cither, or all of the above STORES, are desired to send TEN- DERS, for each Article separately, addressed EXACT- LY as follows— " To « R. H. CREW, Esq. " 4tC. & c. & c. " Ordnance Barrack " Office of Ordnance, Department." " PALL MALL. No Tender will be received after " the 14th June 1311. " STORES FOR ORDNANCE BARRACKS. npHE Right Hon. and Hon. the Principal Offi- JL cers of His Majesty's Ordnance do hereby give Notice that they are ready to receive Tenders from any Person or Persons who may be willing to agree to sup- ply the Ordnance Barracks and Towers near to BEX- HILL, with COALS, MOULD CANDLES, DIPPED CANDLES, BIRCH BROOMS, and HEATH BROOMS fir one year, from the 1st July IS'. l, to the 30th June I § 12. Particulars may be known on Application to Mr. GRIFFITHS, Ordnance Barrack Master, Bexhill. Such Persons as may be desirous of furnishing either Or all of the above Stores, are desired to send Tenders, for each Article separately, addressed EXACTLY as follows— " To « R. H. CREW, Esq. " & e. & c. & r. " Ordnance Barrack " Office of Ordnance, Department." " PALL MALL." *„ » No Tender will be received after the I4lh June, 1311. CUSTOM- HOUSE, LONDON. MAY, 4, 1811. WHEREAS it has been represented to the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, that about two o'clock in the morning of the 2d inst. the crew of a boat belonging to the Scourge Lugger, in the service of the Customs, were feloniously fired upon by some persons unknown, near the South end of the town of Deal, when in pursuit of a smuggling galley called the Bee, of Deal. His Royal Highness, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, for promoting the discovery of the persons guilty of the aforesaid felony, is graciously pleased hereby to promise His Majesty's must gracious pardon, to any one or more of the persons concerned therein, ( except those that actually fired), who will discover any one or more of bis accomplices, so that he or they may be convicted thereof. R. RYDER. Aqd the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, for promoting such discovery, do hereby offer it reward of THREE HUNDRED POUNDS to any person or persons ( except as before excepted) who will discover any one or more of the persons guilty of the said felony; such reward to be paid by the Re- ceiver- General of His Majesty's Customs, on his or their conviction. By Order of ' the Commissioners, H. RICHMOND, Secretary. . SURREY. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. TO BE LET, On LEASE, for 21 years, AGOOD, substantial, brick- built COTTAGE; containing two parlours, six bed rooms, kitchen, aud offices; farm yard, barn, stabling, cow house, and outbuildings, detached from the road, with A LAWN IN FRONT, A productive kitchen garden, and several Enclosures of Arable and Pasture Land, containing altogether about acres, in a King Fence, situate AT HORSE HILLS, Distant from Loudon about 24 miles, on the Brighton Road, in the COUNTY OF SURREY. To he viewed, with Tickets only, which with further particulars may be had of Wells and Watt, Land Agents. No. 8, Gray's Inn Square, London. Oving, near Chichester, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, ( Unless disposed of by Private Contract before the day for delivering Tenders, of which Notice would be immediately given. AVEttY valuable estate, held under the Chaunter of the Cathedral Church of Chichester, by Lease for three good lives of the respective ages of 4KI, 34, and 20. Consisting of the Manor, or Lordship of Oving. About 277 acres of rich land, and divers cottages, in Oving, are held of the Manor by copy of court roll, each estate for three lives. Upon any life dropping the Lord grants for a new life upon agreement with the Tenant. Half the tines and heriots are reserved to the Chaunter; the other moiety belongs to the Lord, with the quit rents; the latter amount 10 £ 6 19s, b$ d. The whole profits to the Lord for the last ten years, average at about i' 58 17s, od. per annum. A FARM Containing about 252 acres outmost contents ( in- cluding gaterooms, gardens, . fee.) be it more or less, customary measure of 120 rods; 192 acres of which arc arable,— 57 meadow and marsh,— and upwards of ' J coppice : with a good manor or farm- house and every requisite building, to contain not only the produce of the farm, but the tithes also should it he wanted or desired; all now in the holding ot Mr. John Boniface, term ex- pires at Michaelmas next, and who will shew the farm. N. B. 79A. 0R. | 6P. of the arable lartd, and 4.4a. 1 R. 21 P. Meadow, is tilheable with both great and small tithes to the vicar; the remainder of the farm with small tithes only. THE TITHES Of corn, grain, pulse and hay of 2579 acres of land, in- most contents, ( exclusive of the farm) in Oving ; 2I" 8 acres of which are now arable, 471 meadow or mowing land; now let to the several occupiers at rents amount- ing to £" 303 12s. tid. per annum, the tenants paying poor tux. The agreement ceases at Michaelmas next, when to a person having the w hole estate and using the farm, and having the option of taking the tithes, their value must be greatly increased ; also from the circum- stance of Chichester having one of tlie greatest fort- night markets in England, for cattle, corn, & c. and being so numerously and regularly attended by Ports- mouth and other butchers and dealers. The estate is subject biannual payments amount- ing to £ 52 Its. id.— The whole is exonerated front the Land Tax. Tenders sealed and marked " Tender for Oving Manor, Farm and Tithes," to be delivered to Mr. Gawne, of Chichester, on or before the 19th day of June next. For any further particulars, application to be made ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Gawne. May 1st, lot 1, WORTHING MARKET. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Commis- sioners acting in the execution of the Acts of Parliament passed for paving, lighting, and cleansing the Town of Worthing, in the county of Sussex, aud for establishing a Market therein, at their next meeting, to be holden at the Nelson Inn, in Worthing, 011 Monday, the 17th day of June instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, will proceed , TO LET BY AUCTION, to the highest bidder, the several TOLLS arising and payable from the said Market, for one or more years, ( not exceeding three years,) as may be then agreed upon, from Midsummer- day next. The person or persons taking the said Tolls will be required to give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the said Commissioners for payment of the rents, at such times as they shall direct! Notice is hereby further given, That the said Com- missioners will, at the same meeting, , " LET BY AUCTION, for the term of one year, the dirt, scrapings, and rub- bish, to be taken from the streets, lanes, ,& c. in Worth- ing, to commence from Midsummer next. By order of the Commissioners, JOHN WATTS, Clerk. Worthing, June 1, ] 8lt. ' SUSSEX SOUTH DOWN FARM. TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, UPPER STONEHAM FARM, containing seven hundred acres and upwards of very rich arable, meadow, pasture, brookland, and sheep down, of which five hundred and seventy eight acres are withe free for a term of fourteen years, together with a very valuable chalk quarry. The farm is contiguous to the town of Lewes, and is well worth the attention of persons of large capital. Also by a separate tender, fifty seven acres and upwards of good arable laud, tythe free, situate, at the Broyle in Ringmer, near Lewes. Written Tenders will be received by Mr. Clutton of Cuckfield, until the 10th day of . July next, where a plan of the estate may be seen, with the heads of the covenants proposed to he entered into. N. B. No other applications will be attended to. TO BE LET BY TENDER. R FMIE MANOR FARM of POULTON STAN- A STEAD, near Ashford, Kent, containing about 54 arable and meadow, and 52 acres woodland, with right of Common on Aldington Freight, & c. & c. Lease to be granted for 12 years, the tenant to have the cutting of the underwood, in five falls, according to the covenants of the lease, which with plan of the property, are to he seen at No. 7, York- street, Hans Place, London. Possession to uc given Michaelmas next. Security for the fulfilment of the covenants, if required. Tenders to be sent in to Mr. Macdonald, No. 7, York- street, Hans Place, Loudon, in words at length. None to be received after 12 o'clock, on Thursday, the 13th of June next. A rent is fixed, which if not bid up to, all Tenners to be void. But should any Tender come up to, or he higher than the price fixed, the highest bidder to Irate it, on com- plying with the before- mentioned conditions. Tenders will be answered, oil or before the 17th of June next. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFARM HOUSE, in good repair, and plea santly situated by the Turnpike Road leading from Staple Cross to Beckley. Also, Two barns, oasthouse, stable, lodges. & c. two Cottages in four Tenements, and about 77A. of meadow,- pasture, arable, wood, and hop Land, all of which is lying in the parish of Ewhurst, in the county of Sussex. Part of the said Lands and Pre- mises are Copyhold and part are Freehold. The whole of the Laud- Tax redeemed. The said Lands and Pre- mises are now in the tenure and occupation of Messrs. John and William Needham, the proprietors, and their undertenants. Possession to he had at Michaelmas next. For further particulars, and treaty, apply to Messrs. J. and W. Needham, of the parish of Whatlington ; or Mr. Henry Freeland, of the parish of Sedlescomb, in the county of Sussex. Farm in Surrey. TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered on at Michaelmas next, ,\ Farm called Ferry Lands and Colliers, situate in the parish of Horley, four miles south east of Reigate, containing 50 acres of good arable laud, accessible by a turnpike road. For a view, apply to Mr. William Sanders Robinson, at Reigate, of whom, and Messrs. Strong, Still, and Strong, Lincoln's Inn, further particu- lar may he had, and to whom tenders are to be delivered, or sent by letters ( post paid) before the first of July next. Neat Mansion House and Land, Sussex. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A N excellent FAMILY RESIDENCE, with stabling, coach- house, pleasure grounds, garden, and about 50 acres of meadow land, delightfully situate in the most preferable part of the county, and immedi- ately contiguous to some of the principal towns, being 6 miles from Lewes, 14 from Brighton, 18 from Tun- bridge Wells, 13 from East Grinstead, and 43 from Lon- don. The house has been lately fitted on the most mo- dern principle, replete with every convenience, for the immediate accommodation of a most respectable fa- mily; with detached offices of every description. The land is iu a high stale of cultivation, pleasingly inter- spersed with wood, and the pleasure and garden grounds laid out 111 the most tasteful manner. The estate is situate in a respectable neighbourhood, bMng surrounded by seals of Noblemen and Gentlemen of the first consequence. The interest is partly freehold, and part copyhold. For further particulars, and tickets for viewing, apply- to Mr. Edmund Drayton, 12 and 13,' Auction Marl Offices, London. FREEHOLD and TITHE FREE ESTATE," and Rectoral Tithes, near Rye, Sussex. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, By Messrs. DRIVER, A Remarkably valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Tithe free, most advantageously situate in the pa- rish of Broomhill, seven miles from Romney, five from Rye, and three from Lydd, in the counties of Sussex and Kent, in the occupation of the proprietors, con- taining about One Hundred and Eighty acres of very excellent, rich, fatting Marsh Laud, iu a very high state of cultivation. Likewise, the Rectorial Tithes of about One Thou- sand Two Hundred acres, situate in the parish of Broom- hill. This estate is particularly well adapted for vesting money, as upwards of 5 per cent, may be obtained im- mediately from the most respectable tenants. Imme- diate possession may be had. May be viewed by application to , of whom printed particulars may be had ; also, at the George, Rye; Swan, Hastings; New Inn, Romney; George, Tenterden; Rose and Crown, Tunbridge; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road; or at their offices in the Auction Mart, Loudon, where a plan of the estate may be see r Copyhold Farm, Burwash, Sussex. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Auctian Mart, on Tuesday, June 18, at 12, ARemarkably desirable COPYHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a very compact Farm, in a good slate of cultivation, containing about One Hundred acres of very good arable, meadow, and. coppice land, abounding with game of every description, with a re- markably fine trout stream, and in the occupation of Mr. Robert Ellis, who has received notice 10 quit at Michaelmas next. This estate Is situate near Burwash- Wheel, about 13 miles from Tunbridge Wells; live from Robertsbridge, fine from Battle, and 18 from Lewes; and is a most desirable situation for a sportsman. Printed particulars may be had at the George Inn, at Robertsbridge and Battle; Star, Lewes ; Maidenhead, Uckfield; Swan, Hastings; Sussex Tavern, Tunbridge Wells; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Laud Agents, Kent- road; or at . their offices in the Auction Mart, London. Capital extensive Freehold Estates Tihe- free, in the Isles of Sheopey and Harty, in Kent. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER,. At the Auction Mart, on Wednesday, June 26, at 12, in several lots, SUNDRY very valuable and improveable Free- hold Estates, Tithe- free, offering an, excellent op- portunity to Gentlemen desirous of vesting their money iu landed security to very great advantage, containing together upwards of One Thousand Six Hundred acres, desirably situate in that well- known fertile part of the county called the Isles of Sheppy and Harty, about three miles from Feversham, in the county of Kent. This very valuable property is divided into convenient Farms, and let to must respectable tenants upon old leases, some of which will expire at Michaelmas next, and the remainder the Michaelmas following, and are of the low estimated value of nearly Four Thousand Pounds per annum. Printed particulars will be ready for delivery after the first of June, and may then be had at the principal ' Inns at Dartford, Rochester, Sittingbourne, Feversham, Canterbury, & c. and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Laud Agents, Kent road; or at their offices in the Auc- tion Mart, London. Compact FREEHOLD ESTATE and RESIDENCE, near Westerham, Kent, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WIN STANLEY end SON, At the Mart, near the Bank of England, on Friday,/ the- 28th of June, at Twelve o'clock, in One Lot, AVERY desirable and compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, exonerated from Land- Tux, and part free of Great Tithes, called GODDARD'S, the residence , and property of Williaml Lourrit, Esq. situate in the parishes of Westerham, Cudham, and Tatsfield, in the counties of Kent and Surrey, three miles only from Westerham, eight from Bromley, nine from Seven Oaks, ten from Croydon, and eighteen from London ; con- sisting of a comfortable residence and offices, bailiffs apartments, suitable barns, stabling, out- buildings, yards, gardens, and sundry iiiclnsttre3 of excellent ara- able and woodland, lying exceedingly compact, and nearly within a ring fence, containing together near 250 acres. This property is particularly recommended to the attention of the sportsman er experimental agri- culturist, the neighbourhood abounding with game, and several packs of hounds are kept within ail easy ride. To be viewed by applying to Wm. Louttit, Esq. at Goddard's. Particulars may be had at the King's Arms, Westerham ; Crown, East Grinstead and Seven Oaks ; Bell, and White Hart, Bromley; the Grey hound, and King's Arms, Croydon; at the Mart; and of Winstan- ley and Son, Paternoster- row, where a plan may he seen. BRIGHTON— GENTEEL RESIDENCE, With immediate possession. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Messrs. SKINNER, TUCHIN, and FORREST, On Thursday, the 8/ th instant, at eleven o'clock, on the Premises, AFREEHOLD ESTATE,* delightfully situate in the Royal Crescent, on the East Cliff. at that fashionable and celebrated Watering place, Brighton, in Sussex; consisting of a convenient resilience, No. I, with gardens, and ground for coach- bouse and stabling. The House contains two drawing- rooms, with folding doors, dining and breakfast parlours, six bed- chambers^ with convenient offices. The premises command a full and uninterrupted view both of the Sea and the Downs,. In front of the Royal Crescent is a spacious lawn, inclosed with handsome railing, with a drive round. The Land Tax is redeemed. On the same day, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The Houshold Furniture, linen, china, glass, plate, & c. The House may be viewed ten, and the effects two days, preceding the sale., when particulars and cata- logues may be had on the premises ; also, of Messrs. Lee, Printers, Lewes; B. C. Williams, Esq, Lincoln'.,- Inn- fields ; and of Messrs. Skinner, Tuchin, and For- rest, Alder, gate- street, London. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. ABBOTT. At the spacious Assembly Rooms, Old Ship, Brighton, ( a sale not being permitted upon the premises) On Friday, June 21, and following days at one, under a bill of Sale, THE Elegant Furniture, Plate, Plated articles, linen, china and glass, late the property of Mr. Matthew Phillips, New Inn,. North street, Brighton, comprising excellent mahogany, cabinet work, in ward- robes, bookcases, chests of drawers, sideboards with cellarets, breakfast, dining, card, pembroke, and sopha tables, a large billiard table, mahogany and japanned chairs and sophas, plate, glasses, brussels and turkey carpets, fashionable window curtains, upwards of forty, field and four post bedsteads, wti| b handsome cotton and other hangings, and prime bedding, a profusion of kitchen requisite and articles necessary for a first rate Inn— The whole new within a short time and in excel- lent preservation. To be viewed the day before the sale, catalogues may be then had as above; of the printers of this paper; Old Ship, Brighton; Star, Lewes; King's.- Head, Cuck- field, and Horsham; Norfolk Arms, Arundel; Half Moon, Pet worth ; Dolphins, Chichester; of It, Withy, esq. Buckingham street, Strand ; aud of Mr. Abbott, No, 42, Leicester- square, London. COPPICE LAND. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In the mouth of July, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, SEVERAL pieces of FREEHOLD COPPICE LAND, lying together, in the parish of Heyshott, Sussex, containing about 26 acres. These Coppices are an excellent cover for game, and are well worth the attention of a sportsman. Heyshott is distant miles from Midburst, 9 from Chichester, 8 from Petworth, and 8 from Petersfield, Possession may he had at Michaelmas. Foi* particulars apply to Mr. George Parry, Cocking near Midhurst; or to Messrs. Sowton and Fitter, Chi- r Chester,. Capital Freehold Property in the Isle of Wight. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Messrs. HOGG ART and PHILLIPS, At the Auction Mart, on Thursday, the 27th of June at 12 o'clock, in Two Lots: LOT I. I , AVALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, called WOOLVERTON FARM, situate in the parishes of Woolverton and Shorwell, about 6 miles from Newport, in the Isle of Wight ; consisting of 400 acres of rich ara hie. pasture, and wood Land, free from great tythes, well wooded and watered; the whole lying within a ring fence, and hounded by excellent roads, in one of the most beautiful situations in the Island, with a spa- cious Mansion House, suitable for - the aecouimodation of a respectable family ; with Offices of every descrip- 1011, Buns, Stabling for 24 horses, and Outbuildings, pleasure • Grounds, an, d Plantations, productive Gardens, lofty Walls, and abundance of; FrontlTrees. The Estate has been lately surveyed and valued, at tsoo per annum. The present tenant's lease expires at Michaelmas next. LOT 1J. A FREEHOLD ESTATE, at a short distance front Lot 1. coasiting of two enclosures of rich Land, called Mealands, in a good situation for building, containing together about 17 acres, accessible by the road from Knighton to Woolverton Farm. To be viewed, with leave of the tenant ; and Parti- culars had 20 days preceding the sale, at the Bugle, Newport; Dolphin, Southampton ; Crown, Portsmouth ; India Arms, Gosport; at the Auction Mart; and of Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, No. 62, Old Broad- street, Royal Exchange. 1 TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION By R. LAM BE, On Wednesday, the 12th day of June instant.' rPHE. HOUSHOLD FURNITURE of Ms. ROGERS, late of Southover, deceased: consisting of five feather beds, four- post and half- tester bedsteads, with stuff furnitures, blankets, and counterpanes ; ma- hogany and wainscot chests of drawers; a wainscot bu- reau, sofa, pier and dressing glasses; mahogany and wainscot dining; card, add tea tables, floor Carpets, aud a painted floor cloth; mahogany chairs, earthenware, china, and glass ; two clocks; . with kitchen requisites ; a copper furnace, wash tubs and barrels; ami houshold furniture in general. The sale to begin at ten o'clock in the morning. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By RICHARD LAM BE, At the Buck Inn, at Laughton Pound, on Thursday the I3tb day of June next, at three o'clock hi ilia , afternoon, in two lots, LOT A COPYHOLD MESSUAGE, in two Tene- XJL ments, with a garden, a piece of rich meadow land adjoining, containing one acre, more or less, a right of pasturage on Laughton Common, and on the extensive waste lands in the manor of Laughton, situate near the turnpike- road leading front Levies to Laughton Pound, in the several occupations of J. Stepner, and Edward Batcock. LOT II. A Copyhold Messuage, in two Tenements, with a gar- den,•• a piece of rich meadow land adjoining, containing one acre, more or less, with a right of pasturage on Laughton Common, and on the extensive waste lands in the manor of Laughton, situate near Lot t. in the seve- ral occupations of Sam. Ellis, and Wm. Maigor. Particulars may be known by applying to the Auc tionee, and the premises viewed by application to the tenant. GENTEEL RESIDENCE, and GARDEN GROUND'; FRANT, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. CHEESMAN and FRY; At the Bull Inn. in Frant, on Thursday, the 13th of June, 1811, at five o'clock in the afternoon, LOT I. AMESSUAGE, or TENEMENT, pleasantly situated on that much admired spot, Frant Green,' within two miles distance from Tunbridge Wills, ( late the residence of Mrs. Taylor, and now occupied by the Rev. J. T. Wilgress,) with detached brewhouse, dairy room, wood- house, chaise house, and stabling for three horses. Also, a large garden thereto; well planted with thriving espalier fruit, and oilier trees. The Messuage comprises, onthe ground floor, a large entrance hall, dining room,. study, and breakfast par- lour; kitchen, pantries, and store ronms,~ on the first floor, a drawing room, and live sleeping rooms':— and in the attic., three servants' sleeping rooms,' with conveni- ent cellars. The Furniture, now let with the above messuage, may he taken at the purchaser's election, by a fair appraise- ment. LOT 11. A Piece of GARDEN GROUND; situate on Frant Green aforesaid, nearly opposite to the above messuage, containing about 111. 27 P. now in the occupation of William Braban. The whole of the above premises are Copyhold, held of the Manor of Frant. For further particulars enquire of J. Aug. Bon- ney. Esq. No. 4. Percy- street,' Rathbone- Place, London:; of Mr. John Taylor, of Frant ; or of Mr. Stone, Solici- tor. May field, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By T. WHITE, At the New- Inn, in Pevensey, on Tuesday the eleventh' day of June next, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, unless disposed of in the mean time by private contract. A neat and substantial dweHit%- house, erected xX'ouly a few years since, and containing a kitchen,' parlour, wash- house; two cellars, and four bed rooms,' with stabling for four horses, a butcher's- shop, slaughter- house, bullock- pound, large hog- pound, a' detached building suitable for a wood or coal- room, a neat garden and orchard, fully stocked with fruit- trees of various Sorts, and a well of excellent water, situate in Hankham. street, in the parish of Westham, adjoining the public road, leading from Hailsham to Pevensey, and within' about half a mile of Westham barracks ; the whole of the premises are freehold, in compleat repair, and are m the possession of Samuel Cruse the proprietor, and the' house i., fronted towards the sea. uf which, and of Pe. vesey level, it commands an expensive prospect. Further particulars may be had of the proprietor, or of J. Sinwock, attorney, Hailsham. TO MILLERS, MEALMEM, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. DRAWBRIDGE, At the King's Head. Cuckfield, on Friday the 28th of June, tail, at four o'clock in the afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given,) A LL that capital freehold Windmill, plot of ground MX. enclosed, cottage and garden, situated on St. John's' Common, and ( late in the occupation of Nathan Grave- ly, deceased), now in full trade and in excellent repair, in a grind country for wheat, and near the tnrnpike- road leading from Brighton to Cuckfield, capable of grinding ten loads of wheat per week; For fun her particulars enquire of Mr.. Gravely, Stor- rington; Thomas Lidbetter, Southwick; or of the Aue- tioneer at Skamcs' Hill, near Lindfield, Sussex. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY's POSTS. From Tuesdays / on/ Ion Gazette. " BANKRUPTS. JOHN Graham. Calisle, joiner.— Robert Yello- ley Newcastle- upon- Tyne. merchant. Jas. Nut Ml I, Manchester, dealer in twist and weft. Jonathan Fell and William Bean, Nottingham, ho- siers.— John ( Hover, Liverpool, hoot and shoe- maker.— William Hobman and Christopher Hob- man,, Deptford, cow- keepers • William Croker, Radchffe - highway, ironmonger.— William Pretty- man, Whitechapel, cooper.— William Wightman Petticoat- lane. Whitechapel, victualler.— Samoel Bovingdon, Carpenter's Arms, Vine- street, St. Martin's- lane, victualler.— James Flanagan, Hert- ford, baker —- Ebenezer Hoppe, Church- street, Little Minories, mathematical instrument- maker. BRIGHTON TOWN SOIL. rID Commissioner's for Paving, Lighting, and Ji Cleansing the' Streets, Lanes, $: c, of Brighton, hereby give notice, th; it the ' Right of Cleansing the Street's, Lanes & c; will be LET by AUCTION, for the ' Term of Two Years, from the « 2< 30 » of July ' next, at. the Old Ship Tavern, in Brighton, on Thursday the 4th day of July, at seven o'clock in the evening. T. ATTER, Clark. TITHE FREE FARM. TO BE LET, for Seven Years at Michaelmas, 1.81 1* A DESIRABLE; Farm, comprising a very good xi. . and substantial dwelling house- and homestall, and upwards of two hundred and sixty acres of productive arable, meadow and coppice land, the whole tithe free: Adjoining to a tornpike road, lying compact in a good corn country, twenty six . miles from London. For further particulars, ' apply ( if by letter post paid) to Messrs. Crawter, Cobham, Surrey. N. B. A reference will be required. To INNKEEPERS, & c. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, HHME CROWN INN, HAILSHAM. For par- JL ticulars, apply to Mr. Wigney, - Brewer, Brigh on. To be LET, at MIDSUMMER next, J\ Near. SHOP AND GOOD HOUSE, where the • JI Business of Watch AND Clock - maker has been carried on for some years, in the town of Roberts- bridge, SUSSEX.-. Roberts bridge is distant . from Lon- DON. I> 0 miles, I 4 from Hastings, through WHICH a coach PASSES;- daily ( SUNDAY excepted) and is like- WISE' - ABOUT one mile from Silver hill Bariacks,- which J/ anwhen full, hold:£ F900 men. For far- the; particulars enquired of O'bed. Wickens, watch- MAKER, . ROBERTSBRIDGE.' The STOCK in Trade and FIXmay or may not be taken. HpO BE LET, and entered upon at Midsummer JL i DAY NEXT, a NEW and substantial MESSUAGE or T. N EMENT, situate- in the* High Street, of the Cliff, . in THE COUNTY of Sussex :— Comprising", on the ground' floor, a spacious shop and parlour, with a large kitchen and wash - house both adjoin- ing, but detached, with. excellent" Cellars beneath; on the second floor, a. drawing- room, }£) feet by 1.4, and a good bed room, and three good attics. There is also a Piece of Garden Ground behind. These premises ; may bea iated to, and are p-' u'- v."'. Mtun'ed. for almost any trade. Particulars may be had of Mr. Wheeler, Attor- ney at Law, Cliff, Lewes. "" h sslOL ) BE LET OR SOLD. ~ A Very capital FARM, called BRICK HOUSE. FARM, J X\ ( or uirt « hereof) with a very excellent Farm House, COH0> arU House, Cow Houses, Barns, Stabler, and'• out Buildings; consisting of about 18'> Acres, . of AMeadow, and Wood Lands, situate about One Sloe from Leigh. Three from Rochford, fcowthench, avid Raleigh, in the County of Essex; the Land is a compleat ring fence round the House, — The Purchaser may have immediate possession; all the the growing Crop Live Stuck, & c. may be taken or d ht the choice of the Buyer.—- The Utensils in . Trade must be taken at the' same Valuation if pur- • chased ! ' ' The Parties may be accommodated with time to pay two, thirds of the Purchase , Money, on security of the Farm — To save trouble, no Person will be treated with u I;:/, h- i* oot hio* « eb', or by Agent, seen the Farm, and will not make a tender above Forty Shillings per Acre, for- all the Lands, except, the Wood Lands"* at which f., wot i will be Let for Fourteen Years, if no higher is. offered by private contract, on the I3th Day of July next, when the offers will be opened.— If not then - disposed of, it will he Sold by Auction Some time to September,— For further particulars, apply to Mr. Vandoi-' rzee- Rochford, in Person,- or by Agent.— Letters will not be attended to Valuable Freehold farms and bandy Kent, and Extensive Freehold Wood, Sussex. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY MR EDMUND DRAYTON. On Wedansday 26th June, IBM. at I- 2, at the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, London, by order of the Proprietors in Lots, A Bt rC'F 300 acres of arable, meadow, wood and /. I hop land, with excellent farm houses and cottages, situate in the most delightful part of the county, in the parishes of Lamberhurst and Pembury, 6 miles from Tunbridge, and about from London ; the land is in a high. state, of cultivation, pleasingly and profitably interspersed wiih . fine growing oak timber, for which the soil is peculiarly adapted ; part of it is much elevated, commanding extensive prospects of the finest part of the conntry, the whole forming a most desirable acquisi- ti « n to any gentleman wishing either to establish or . extended ' an interest in the county : about 200 acres is on the turnpike r^ tad to Hastings, in the occupation of Mr, Wiles-;, tenant at will, At the same time will be Id, a most extensive and valuable piece of freehold wood land, con- taining about>• » .'* acres, known as Foot land wood,' in the parish of Suddlescomb, in the county of Sussex, and ad- joining the turnpike road, leading from Battle, and Robert' •• ndije to Bye, with ali the timber and tinder- wood.. , h'reou, eon* jstnjg of several thousand young. thriyi- h. willow, and Chesnut plants ; a map of the Ken test ' may be seen at Mr. Dray ton's, offices, Auc- V.;< i. f.' t Mart, o >: iiorn titkets" may be had for viewing with " descriptive particulars ; also at the Crown Inn, Tun- bridge ; Kent and Sussex Taverns. Tunbridge Wells; Crown, Seven Daks; George* Farnborough; Bell, Broney; Star, Maidstone Bull, Cranbrook; Wool • pack. Tenterden ; Star, Lewes, ; and of Mr. Underdown, at. the Blue Boys, Kipping's Cross, near Pembury, who will shew . ••• late ; the wood Ian i may he seen hy application to Mr. Richard Thomas, Inn- keeper,- Vine- ba TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY SAMUEL MAPLESDEN, At. the Star Inn, in May field, on Wednesday, the 10th Day of July, 1811, at - Six o'clock in the Afternoon, ( unless disposed of in a the mean Time by private Con tract, of. which. if it happens. Notice will he given), \ COMPACT FARM, Situate in the Parish of jt\ Rotherfield, within the Distance of One Mile - ffiMti the Town of Rotherfield, called by the JS'ame'of GRAVEL HILL. consisting of a very good Brick built DWELLING HOUSE, pleasantly situated, and com- manding beautiful and extensive Prospects ; Two Barns • a • Brick- btr it Stable., Oasthouse, and Granary, with o'her convenient Outbuildings ; and about t ; H Acres of Arable, Meadow. Pasture, and Wood Land, now in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Tuearsly, the Proprietor, This Estate is part Freehold, and part Copyhold and the the Copyhold part whereof is held of the Manor of the I! e< tory of Rotherfield, subject to stinted Fines. The Farm is beautifully interspersed with good WOODS and SHAWS; well set with young Timber, to the Growth of which the Soil and Situation are peculiarly , farvourable. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next, Mr. Joseph Tuearsly, the Proprietor, will shew the Pre. rri. js. es • ' atidffuriher Thoticuhus muy he had on Application to hun; or' to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, May field. SUSSEX.- AN EXCELLENT MANSION, With Eighty- one Acres of Land TO BE SOLD, I5Y AUC1H0. N, By MR. WELLLER, On the Premises, on Tuesday, Ute 18th of June, S8I1, at twelve o'clock, rpHE truly valuable' and desirable FREEHOLD A ESTATE of AVISFORD PLACE, the residence of Admiral Montagn, ( exonerated from Land Tax.) Comprising a most substantial Mansion, in a com- plete state of solid and ornamental repair. and contains, in the basement, ample cellarage; ON the ground floor, a handsome ball and staircase, well proportioned eating and breakfast rooms, and a neat library and greenhouse, likewise domestic offices, replete with conveniencies of every description; on the first floor, a very fine propor- tioned drawing room, six airy bed chambers, four dres- sing rooms, water closets, four large attics, store rooms, and housemaid's closets, capacious tanks and good spring water; a large kitchen garden nod melon ground, inclosed by lofty walls covered with the choicest fruit tr. es, fine espaliers and filbert hedges, abundantly crop- ped with vegetables, tool house, capital six stall stable, lofts. two carriage houses, a very complete fitted up brewhouse, granary, drying yard and poultry boosts. This delightful residence is situate in a lawn of upwards of fifty acres, belted by a luxuriant shrubbery and plea- sure grounds; the agricultural buildings, which are very complete, art in a dell, screened from view by fa- Test trees. The, remaining pint of the land surrounds the paddock with three neat cottages and gardens. The eligibility of situation, unrivalled beauty of conn, try, its extensive marine aitil land prospects trf hi11 and dale, and a delightfully featured champaign country cannot be sufficiently described; it must be seen to tie properly appreciated ; the soil is peculiarly dry, tile air salubrious and healthy, in a highly respectable neigh- bourhood, surrounded by the best roads, near a fashion able and retired watering place, and a wry short dis- tance from the Duke of Richmond's fox bounds. Descriptive particulars will be published one month previous to the sale, and may he had at the Auction Mint; of Messrs. Winstanley, Paternoster- row ; Mr. H. Phillips, Bond street; at the Libraries, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Worthing, and Bognor; at the prince pal Inns iu tin-' neighbouring Market Towns; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester, of whom tickets may be had to view", from the first of May to the day of sale. SUSSEX. A Genteel Residence, Garden, Coach House and Stables, and Eleven Acres of Meadow Land. TO BE SOLD - BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, Oil Thursday, the 4th July, at five o'clock in the Afternoon, at the Fleece Inn, Chichester. AResidence, recently modernized, replete with every domestic comfort, situate in the pleasant hamlet of Norton, in the parish of Aldingbourne, com prising in the basement, ample cellarage— Ground floor, a neat entrance, eating, breakfast, and gentleman'.- rooms, housekeeper's rooms, an excellent kitchen, dairy, brew and wash house— First floor, two moderate sized drawing rooms, communicating with folding doors, five bed rooms and two dressing rooms, principal and hack stair cases, three very good attics and a store room; a court yard, coal pen. three stalled stable with haylofts, a coach sweep mid shrubbery in front of the house, a large and productive vegetable garden, walled in and planted with fruit trees,- surrounded by three inclosure of very rich int- adow land, in the highest state of calti- vation ; the most considerable part of this estate i » copyhold of mebritance, and the remainder is held for 3 healthy young lives under the Bishop of Chichester. Immediate possession will be given. Norton is a retired, cbearful, and healthy situation, environed by a beautiful country, a social and polite neighbourhood, 5 miles from Chichester, Bognor', and Arundel respectively, only three miles from the Duke of Richmond's kennel. and half a mile on the public road leading from Chichester to Brighton, from which there is a coach daily. Pointed particulars may he had at the Crown Inn Arundel; at the Libraries, Tunbridge Wills, Brighton, Worthing and Bognor ; Messrs. Winstanley,. Paterons ter- row ; Mr. H. Phillips, Bond- street, and the Auction Marl, London; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester; of whom tickets may tie had to view. SUSSEX. A neat Residence, Garden, Fellmonger' s Yard and Parchment Manufactory. TO BE SOLO, BY " AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On Friday the 19th of July, 1811, between the hours of four and five o'clock in the afternoon, at the Lamb Inn. Westbourne :—. LOT I AMOST comfortable- RESIDENCE, in a good state of repair, with a walled garden, to which is attached au excellent Fellinouger's Yard, with a NEVER FAILING STREAM OF THE FINEST WATER surround- ing the premises, numerous sheds,' storehouses; and every convenience for the conducting of an extensive business in the Fellmongery and Parchment Manufac- tories, which have been established on these premises for many years, with considerable success, by the pro- prietor, Samuel Benniss, esq. who is retiring from bu- siness ; together with two Tenements, stables, row and chaise houses, and a small slip of Meadow Ground ;— an eligible opportunity presents itself to any person who is conversant in these branches, to carry on a lucrative trade, being in the heart of a populous breeding coun- try, where skins are collected on the best terms, and near the best Markets for the sale of its produce. The major part of the premises are Copyhold of Inheritance, subject only to a small quit rent of - 2s. and heriot 6d. a small part thereof is Copyhold of Inheritance, quit rent Is. 3d. herint best good, and the remainder Lease- hold for a long term of years, quit rent 6d. " LOT II. A COPYHOLD ESTATE of INHERITANCE, con- sisting of a very rich and productive Meadow, about A. at a convenient distance from Lot 1. Possession of the whole will be given on the I2th of November next. Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on Mort- gage. Printed Particulars will be published in due time, and may be had at the principal Inns, iu the neighbour- ing Market Towns;— at the Auction Mart; Messrs, Winstanley, Paternoster- row ; and Mr. H. Phillips, Bond street, London;— at the Place Of Sale; and of Mr. WELLER. Chichester. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Swan Inn, Pulborough, on Friday, the I4'. h day of Join-, mil, at, four o'clock, ( subject to such con- ditions at shall be- then produced), LOT I. AVery desirable ESTATE, consisting of a Mes- suage, baru, stables, and outbuildings, and four acres of excellent arable, and 13 acres of rich meadow land, situate in the parish of Hardham; with six cattle leazes, and one hug leaze, in Hardham Brook, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Rice, ( being Copyhold of Inheritance, of the Manor of Hardham). The Lands are discharged from tithes, under a modus of 5s, Cd. LOT II. Two Freehold Messuages, with their outhouses. and orchards or gardens, pleasantly situate at Marehill, in the parish of Polborough, and now in the several occu- pations of Messrs. Francis Greenfield, and Samuel Stacy. The respective tenants will shew the premises; and for further particulars apply to Mr. Tyler, Petworth. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION By J. TAMSETT, At the George Inn, in Rye, on Monday, 17th June, ltfll, between the hours of five and six o'clock, in the afternoon, ( unless in the mean time disposed of by Private Contract.) AMessuage, situate in the longer street, in Rye, . with a large warehouse behind the same, and stable adjoining, iu the occupation of Mr. Henry Clark, baker and confectioner, the proprietor. The House consists of two front rooms on the ground floor, back kitchen, bake- house and large oven, live chambers, besides atticks, and wash house detached, and is now in full/ trade. The premises are very eligibly situated for trade, and are in good repair. Immediate' possession may be had. For further particulars- inquire of Mr. Clark, sen. or at the office of Messrs. Wonllett and Dawes, Rye. To BE sold for twenty guineas, ' A. A good neat and strong GIG, with HARNESS, & C. Enquire of John Ade and Son. Coachmakers, Lewes. ' ! CHICHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. BARTLETT. On Wednesday, the 13th of . June. IS 11, at Six o'clock in the livening at the Dolphin Inn, . AGENTLEMAN's contingent Reversionary Interest in the Sum of TWO HUNDRED POUNDS, Payable at the death of a' Lady, - Ag « d ( i. 3 Years, the Gentleman i- 5( 1 Years of Age.— The Two Hundred Pounds t » secured una Freehold Estate, within a mile of Chichester. Further Particulars may be obtained- by application to Mr. Bartlett, at his Royal Exchange and General Agency Offices, Chichester. "''"'; CHICHESTER. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. BART LETT. On Wednesday, the 12th of June, tsi t, at Six o'clock in the Evening, at the Dolphin Inn, A FREEHOLD ESTATE, - for THREE LIVES : i. jL comprising a Dwelling House, extensive Hay and Straw Lofts; and Corn store, stabling for seven horses, enclosed Gateway, Qvj feet in front, and 5- 1 feel iu depth, and a paved Yard. The Lives are Mr. Samuel Cubby, aged at years, Mrs*. Mary Cleverden, aged 25 years, and Mr. Richard Plummer, aged 21 years. Quit- Rent 5s. per annum, payable, to the Custos and Poor St. Mary's Hospital. These Premises are most eligibly situate in St. Martin's Square, and are admirably adapted for the business of a Corn Factor, Dealer in Hay, Straw, & c. for which purpose they have been used by the proprietor, Mr. William Burbury, who is leaving Chichester. Further Particulars may be obtained, and the Estate viewed by application to Messrs. Willmot, Solicitors; and of Mr. Bartlett, at his Royal Exchange and General Agency Offices, Chichester . SUSSEX. Oalcenden Cottage, barn, stable, and about seven acres of land, customary measure, in a high state of cultivation, Leasehold for 1000 years, with immediate possession. > TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BART LET By order of the Assignees of Mr. P. Davis, baker, kc. a Bankrupt, on Wednesday, the t- 2th June, tSf l, at six o'clock iu the evening, at the Dolphin Inn, Chichester; ATruly desirable COTTAGE, Soft, in from, and 29ft. in depth, containing three servants and four principal sleeping rooms, two sitting rooms, dairy, • pantry, and cellar, and an attached building, erected within the last two years, 27ft. by 14ft. and a half, used as a bakehouse; i! ie whole firmly built with brick and tile. An extensive garden, lawn, and shrubbery, thatch- ed barn, and stable, yard, and gate room, and the land, one acre and a quarter, arable, & t he remainder meadow. The fixtures to be taken at a valuation. This estate is most pleasantly situate in a fertile part of the Man- boot!, at an agreeable distance from the direct roads to It chenor, East and West Wittering, & c. distant from Chichester 5 miles, from ltcnenor Harbour i| utile, and from the s- a 2 miles, the rides and drives pleasing, and the neighbourhood truly respectable; the whole forming a delightful Cottage retirement, replete, at a - very trilling expence, with comfort ant! convenience, and fit for the reception of a genteel family, and may be. viewed till the sale, by applying to Mr. Bartlett, this Royal Exchange and General Agency Offices, Chichester. All persons who stand indebted to the estate and effects of Mr. P, Davis, lire requested to pay the same immediately, or they will be sued for the same; 10 Mr. Richard Fosbrook, Chichester ; to Mr. J. Bourne, Bos- IVI111 1 or Mr. . James Fowler. AnplrdraOl. south Bersied, near Bognor, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the Premises, ( unless previously disposed of by private Contract,) BY MESSRS. WHITE AND SON, On Tuesday the 11 ih of June, Hi (, at Twelve o'clock, the following desirable and Improvable ESTATES, in one Lot i A COMFORTABLE DWELLING HOUSE, i 3k. in good Repair, situate at South Bersted, late in the occupation . of Mr. J. Heather, deceased, and com- prises, two parlours, a kitchen, wash- house, convenient cellars ao- J pantries, four bed- chambers and a skilling- room. And annexed is a shop in a general line of busi- nes in Mercery, Hosiery, Haberdashery, Grocery, & c. together with a detached Tailor's Shop, Wool House, Wood House, Hog Pounds, & c. Also a very Extensive : GARDEN, the soil of which is particularly favorable for every vegetable, and is most abundantly cropped, with fine young fruit trees in high perfection; about one half of the Garden is surrounded by an excellent quick hedge, the remainder walled in, and measures, includ log the buildings, iu front 195 feet, and from front to back 103 feet. And very contiguous to the above is a firm built four stalled STABLE, Yard, and plot of Ground, with twelve withies growing thereon, being go feet in front, at the South end 11 feet in depth, and at the North l, » feeti These Estate" are Copyhold of Inhe- ritance in two copies of the Manor of Bersted, quit rent 4s. ( Jd. per annum. Half the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage. Immediate possession will he given.— The fixtures to he taken a valuation. The Busi- ness in the respective branches, lias been conducted by the late Mr. Heather for half a century, with considera- ble success, and here oilers to an industrious man, a situation which cannot fail to succeed ; there is 110 Shop of consequence in this place, or the adjoining populous Villages ; there ore extensive Infantry barracks very near, • s contiguity to that fash onable Watering Place, Bog nor, will, no doubt, give it a decided preference to any oilier spilt iu the county for a shop of this description. And immediately after will be Sold by Auction part of the Houshold Furniture and Stock in Trade. A neat GIG, clever GALLOWAY, for Saddle or Gig, iscc. & c. The Estates may be viewed any Day previous In the Sale by application on the premises; and for particulars apply- to While and Son, Ninth Street, Chichester, or High Street, Arundel. _ Chichester. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Messrs. WHITE and SON, On Wednesday next, the 12th of June, 1S11, in the Beast Market, opposite the Council Cham- ber, precisely at eleven o'clock, A Strong Timber Carriage, in good repair,— an XX excellent strong pair of wheels, 7 feet li gli, with a nib,— and a small nib and wheels,— 2 bv^ e chains,— a modern Gig and Harness,—< i waggons, carts, and harness:— Also, several Horses of vari- ous descriptions. TO CORN, COAL, WINE. AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, On Thursday, the I3th day of June, 1811, at the Old Ship Tavern, Hrighton, unless in the mean time dis , posed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given, r|~, HE LEASE of all those desirable and exten- A sive premises, being N » s. 8 and 9, Middle street, Brighton : together with, the commodious Corn Lofts, Wine Vaults, Spirit Cellars, Coal Yard, Stabling, & c. & c. The above premises have lately undergone thorough repair, and have been greatly improved by the present occupiers; they are well calculated for the residence of a Merchant, or any other Concern requiring extensive room. The House No. 9, contains on the basement, two commodious Vaults, fitted up with bricked bins, capable of stowing upwards of 600 dozen wine ; on the ground floor, a large warehouse, counting house, with private entrance; and good family kitchen; on the first floor, two excellent drawing rooms, with bow windows, and three bed chamber*, and five attics over ; also a Duel- ling House adjoining, being No. 8. containing tw » par- lours, four chambers, kitchen, cellars, and detached offices, v The above premises command a good view of the sea, and let well during the season. For further particulars, and view of the same, apply on the premises • or at Mr. Attree's General Estate and Commission Office, North street, Brighton. , - BRIGHTHELMSTON. Particulars of several very desirable Eita'. es,—; on- sistingofa valuable Inn, Lodging- Houses, a large unfinished Building intended for a Library, and . other Buildings and Ground, situate in Bright- helmston, in the County of Sussex. TO BE SOI D, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, At the Norfolk- Arms Hotel, in Brighthelmston, on Thursday the 13th day of June, 1811, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, IN THE FOLLOWING LOTS, ( Unless any of such Lots are previously disposed o,' of which the utmost notice will be given): Lot i. ALL that very' handsome, capacious Free- L JL hold fun, or. Hold, called ' THIS NORFOLK ARMS HOTEL, most eligibly situated on the Sea Cliff; near Bedford- Square, on the west part of the town of Brighthehmston, fronting, the Sea, and at a very conve- nient distance from the public road leading from Bri^ ht- helmston to New Shoreham comprizing two kitchens, pantries, vaults, cellars, sealleries, and other suitable offices, for an ' inn or Hotel, a corFee: roonvthree par- lours and bar, four sitting rooms, and waiters' pantry ; — on the first floor, eight best bed rooms and ten upper rooms ; also a good Tap Bouse adjoining, coniurizin^. a good tap room, two sitting rooms, aud three bfcd rooms'. Also, a compact range of Coach Bouses, Stables, and Buildings, at the back part thereof, consisting of four Coach Houses and Stalls for < 27 Horses Lot 2. All that genteel newly- erected Freehold Lodging- House and Library, with the Buildings and Apportenauces there into belonging, situate also on the West Cliff, near Bedford- Square, in Brighthelmston. The Lodging- House comprizes kitchen, butters room and pantries, servants' ball and suitable out large drawing room, dining room, three best bid rooms and a smaller room, and four upper r-^ oms. - - This Lot contains about 24 feet by 130 feet ; and possession thereof may be had on thf iMtb June inst. N. B, The Library.*. Slock ; of; Books** and other articles, may be had at a fair valuation^ as also the Houshold Furniture in the Lodging- House, which is nearly new. Lot 3. A Piece of Leasehold Building Ground;' immediately at the North of a Lodging- House belonging to Mrs. Ann 4WaMi- al't; and which House is at the hick of a large Mansion or Lodging- House, being 59, of tt? e Marine Parade* in Brighthelmston. This Lot adntea / « ures- about 60- feet in length hy about 25- feet 6 inches in depth, and fronts a new road leading to the Sea Cliff, and ha-, a side view of the Sea. Subject to a Pepper Corn Rent only. Lot 4. A very handsome, capital Leasehold Lodg- , ing- House and Buildings, being No. 76, on the Mavine Parade, in..• Brighthelmston aforesaid being at the cor- ner of Bedford- Street, and having a full view of the Sea —• consisting of a kitchen, hdu^ keeper-' riiom, a large area with suitable out offices, front and back parloui a with folding doors, drawing room, three best bed rooms, and three attics. -- ' This Lot is Leasehold for a term of 99 years, about 90 of which are unexpired, at au original rent ( including various Other property) of 7oi. per anu. « — but which will be now sold subject to the rent <> f 17L per annum only, as an apportionment of such original Ground Rent. Lot s. A Leasehold unfinished, but most capacious and elegant Structure, designed i'o » and intended to he called, the NEW STEINS LIBRARY, with an exten- sive warehouse adjoining,'. aud Lodging- house attached, situate in St. James's- street aforesaid, and . immediately fronting the New Seine, in Brighthelmston aforesaid, being four stories high, and built of very good and sub- stantial materials This Lot is.; leasehold for a term of 93 years, of which about 90 years are yet unexpired, at the rent 04 451. per annum. . Lot 6. A Leasehold, Messuage or Tenement, shop and buildings, .. being-. 3b, on ihe North side of ^ ijaines1 W street, in Brighthelmston aforesaid, late in- the occupa- tion of Richard Philp, and used by him as a furniture warehouse," and containing a good '- low- fronted shop, back parlour, and passage, it a side entrance \ dining- room, with a back bed chamber, three chambers, and three attjes. i'lhs lot is subject also to the before- mentioned ground rent of 7ol. per auuum5 and ui « i purchaser will tje expected to covenant to pay £ per a^ nuiu as an apportionment thereof. Lot 7. All those two unfinished Leasehold Brick- built Messuages-" or Tenements,--. buildings' and ground, on the west side, and at the south end of a row of bouses and buildings, in Brighthelmston aforesaid, called Upper Bock Gardens, which is intended to communicate- with. St. James's street aforesaid, each house containing in front it) feet, and in depth., including the area in front, 45- feet or thereabouts. And also the piece of building ground adjoining, at the south end thereof, and front- ing into St. James's street aforesaid, contaning in , front of ihe said street, 45 feet by about 24 feet deep, for the • term of 99 years, at the rent of 4 > 1. per annum. The purchaser of this lot will be obliged to compleat the said houses, with the same frontage and height as the houses adjoining, on the north side thereof. Lot's. All that Leasehold Messuage or Tenement, buildings and ground, being No. 4, in Upper Rock Gardens aforesaid,' being 16 feet in front, hy 45 feet or thereabouts in depth* . and comprising a bousekeepei% room, kitchen,, hall, and butler's pantry ; two parlours, drawing robin, and chamber behind, two attics and two garrets. This and the next lot, together with several other houses, are in the whole subject to a ground rent of 1 owl. per annum, the proportional part of which for the above lot to pay, will be 20I. per annum. Lot 9. All that other Leasehold Messuage ' or Tene- ment, buildings and ground adjoining the. last lot be- ing'No. 5, ot' the said row of buildings called Upper Rock Gardens aforesaid, of similar size aud conveni- ences therewith, and subject also to the payment of • 2oh per annum, as an apportionment of the said origi- nal ground rent of tool. LOT to. - Several well covered leasehold ground rents, issuing out of ground, situate, on the west tide, of High- street, in Brighthelmston a oresaid, vtz.- From and out of ground leased to Henry £. s. d. Waterman, on which a messuage or te- 2 V2 6 nement is built - - - Do. Do. leased to T. Nicholls at - 3 12 G Do. Do. T. Akehurst - 110 Do. Do. Win. Westgate * IS 0 0 £ 25 () 0 LQT n. All that four paul piece of leasehold land, fronting the sea or the marine parade, in Brighthelmston aforesaid, the south part thereof under| easeed to Mr. Miller,' and subsequently assigned to Ebeuezer John- ston, Esq. at a rent of V£' 3I per annum, and upon which two lodging houses are erected, and the north part thereof remains unbuilt upon. This lot will be sold subject to a ground rent of £ per annum in exoneration of the said ori- ginal ground rent of £/ 0. LOT 12. A piece; of freehold ground, exceedingly desirable for building upon towards the lower or south end, and on the east side of a certain new street, lead- j ing out of St, James's street, and near the New Steye. in Brighthelmston aforesaid, called Devonshire- street, containing in front from north to south feet, and in depth from east to west, 75 feet or thereabeuts. LOT 13. Another pi. ee of freehold ground of the same size, aud adjoining the last lot on the north. LOT 14. Another ditto of the same si? e, and adjoin- ing the last lot on the north. LOT IS. A piece of copyhold ground at the- north end of,. and in aline with the row of houses in Bright- helmston, called Gloucester place, fine and heriot cer- tain: also exceedingly well adapted for building upon containing in front from north to south 34 feet, and in depth from east t0 wt'st ' 40 feet, with half the head wall and chimney therein of the house, belonging to C. Rand, Esq* and also a workshop built on the said ground. LOT 16. Also two small copyhold messuages or . tene- ments buildings, and small piece of vacant ground adjoining, situate on the east side of Cumberland- Street, in Brighthelmston aforesaid* subject to a rent of X'l-^ per annum, or thereabouts, for ail unexpired term of 90 years. Particulars and Conditions of Sale will' be printed in a few days, and may be had at any of the Banking houses. Libraries, and huts in Brighthelmston, and at the office of Messrs. BROOKER and COLBATCH, Solic- ions| Prince's Place. Brighton. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE LEASE of a genteel FAMILY RESt- DENCE, pleasantly situated in the most desira- ble part of West- street, and of which immediate pog « , e » - sioti may be had. To be viewed, and further particulars known, by ap- plying to . Mr. Attree, at his General Estate and Com- mission Office, North Street, Brighton. Valuable Leasehold Premises, Brighton, Sussex9 with immediate possession. TO BE SOL D, BY AUCTION, By Mr ATTREE, At the New Steine Hotel, St. James's- street, Brighton9 on Monday, June 17, isn, at seven o'clock in the evening, ASubstantial built FAMILY RESIDENCE, op Lodging House, shop, and premises, situated in the most desirable part of the town, being No. 1454 North- street, Brighton, admirably, planned, and forming: two complete distinct apartments. The House is well calculated for the residence of < 4 Gentleman', family, and the shop and premises attached thereto, are peculiarly adapted for any trade, where a public situation is required. The House contains on the basement, a commodious kitehen, house Keeper's- room, butler's pantrys larder, scullery, coal, and beer cellars; » the first floor, a spacious, drawing room, with balcony, and dining room • — croud, floor, three excellent sleeping rooms, and three servant's rooms over, fitted up with force Pump, water closets, & c. The other apartment consists of ii Shop 33ft-. by i6f(. » itli oi)( i'e, and parlour behind, and two good chamber, oier; also a kitchen, seallery, pantry, wine, coal, and beer cellars, iMid detached yard. The above premises are household, for a. term of 99 year.* g( i « f which are unexpted subject in a ground rent iif£ j6 per aim. fee simple; to be sold at a fixed price, which will be named at the time of sale. the time of sale, to be taken at a valuation. Further particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Attree, at his General Estate and Commission Office 13', North- street, Brighton, Bed and Table Linen. ^^ ^ TO KG SOLD By AUCTION. BY MR. ATTREE, On Tuesday. the 18th Jane, i » M, at Old Ship Tavern. Brighton, ( where it is removed for the con- venience of sale,^) AMOST useful and valuable assortment at BED and TAB LB LINEN.; conjsiting of fine, elegant, and M01. it damask table cloths, from < J 4 to yards long fine damark breakfast cloths, and napkins • excellent fine and stout Holland, Russia, and other sheets, all nearly equal to new; four capital Marseille* quits; and- an excellent well- seasoned Dantzic goose feather bed. The whole will be sold without reserve,! being the property of a large respectable family now dividing. H. R. Attree respectfully assures the Nob- lity. Gen-, try, Innkeepers, & r. that the above sale will be well worthy tlieir, atteudi! nee, as such linen was never before offered for public sale in this town. To. be viewed on Monday, June 12th. and Catalogued' may be had at the Place of Sale, and , of Mr. Attree, at the Estate and Agency Office, North street, Brighton. The sale to begin at Twelve o'clock. NOTICE BOLLARD, sex, Wheel Might, has couveyed and assigned his reat: and personal estates to Robert Chatfield, of Ditcheling aforesaid, Gentleman, Peter Rowland, of Ditcheling aforesaid, Master, James Browne,. if Ditcheling, „ . re- Shopkeeper, and Thomas' Bla.- T- n. vr,' of clayton, in the.- said county, Gentleman , in Trust, for ibern .'.- Ives and others the creditors of the said Richard Bollard » That the. Trait Deed lies fur execation with the said . James Browne, to whom ail the creditors of the said Re hard Bollard are requested to dtli er a particular account of their several demand-; and, because it w intended to finish the business as speedily as possible iS1 is desired that SUCH ACCOUNTS. may be delivers d. the Trust Deed Bollard, paid to the said Trustees without any delay. RD. WATTS,; Solicitor, I. ewes, a ll June, 18tt. s TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION' By Mr. RICHARD LAMDE. At the Dwelling house. Shop, and Yard of Richard Bol- lard, of Ditcheling, in the county of Sussex, . Wheel- wright, on Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 18th and 19th days of June, 18! I, ALL the Houshold Goods and Furniture, Stock in Trade, Working Tools, and other effects of the said Richard Bollard, assigned to Trusters I or the be- nefit of his creditors. The furniture consists of t » o feather beds aud bedding, tables, chairs, tubs, barrels, and furniture iu general. The Stock io Trade consists of a large assortment of seasoned timber, a » vved and cut for wheelwright's pur- poses, which is well worth the attention of farmers, or persons in the trade. The Houshold Furniture to he sold on Tuesday the fSlh » and the Stock in Trade, and Working Implements' on Wednesday the 19th instant • the sale to begin each- day at ten o'clock in the forenoon. Also at the Ball Inn, in Ditehling, on Tuesday the lStU • instant, at four o'clock iu the afternoon. The truly valuable and eligibly situated . COPYHOLD. MESSUAGE or Tenement, barn, saw house, < lose, and crofi of land, now used as a garden, situate adjoining the turnpike- road in Ditehling, in the occupation of the said Richard Bollard, hidden of the manor of Duck- ling. by two several annual quit rents, amounting toge- ther to four pence, and subject to a heriot of tlia best beast, 011 every change of « tenant, aud a fine at tho will of the I. ord. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, * By R. LAM BE, On Friday next, the 14th of . June instant, ALL the modem and valuable Houshold Forni- ture, Linen, and other Effects, of Mr. W. Fuller, Butcher, opposite the Star Inn, in Lewes; Consisting of four- post, tent, and stump bedsteads, with printed cotton, dimity, and check furnitures; seven feather beds; mattresses, blankets, and coun- terpanes; chests of drawers; bason stands; dressing tables and glasses; Kidderminster floor carpets; pier glasses; mahogany chairs; mahogany dining, tea, and card tables; festoon and French window curtains; eleven pair of sheets,. and a quantity of other houshold linen; an eight- day clock ; a kit- chen tange; two copper furnaces; and houshold furniture in general. The sale to begin at ten o'clock in the forenoon. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, " On Friday, the l4th of June instant, at the Swan Inn, Pulborough, Sussex, between the hours of five and six in the afternoon, ACompact and desirable FREEHOLD FARM-, at Adversane, in the parish of Billingsburst, Sus- sex, comprising a farm- house, garden, barn, hovel, gate room, and several closes or parcels of laud, containing^ forty- five acres, inure or less, now in the occupation of Mr. Luke Latley, under a lease, which will; expire at Michaelmas, 1813. For further particulars, apply personally, or by letter ( post paid} to Messrs. Holmes, Solicitor, Arundel, Sus- sex. ~ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION " By Mr. SONE, At the White Horse Inn, in Steyning, on Thurs- day, the ® 0tb day of June, IS 11, between the hours of two and four in the afternoon, ONE Hundred aud Sixty- eight OAK TREES, the Bark lying on Wapping horn and Stable- fields Farms, situate in the parish of Steyning : tlie Timber to be measured as soon as possible after the Sale; the pat t of the trees not measured to remain the property of the Owner. A Deposit of 4001. to be paid at the time of Sale, and the remain- der to be paid the 11th of October, 1811. This will be advertised but once. If disposed of by private contract, notice will be given in the next paper. Postscript. FROM SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. Downing- Street, June 8. ADISPATCH, of which the following is a copy, was, on the Oth instant, leceived at Lord Li- verpool's Office, addiessed to his Lordship by Lieutenant General Viscount Wellington, dated Elvas, 24th May, 1811. MY LORD,— Since I addressed you on the 93d instant, 1 have received reports that Marshal Soult h$ d retired to Llerena; and the 3d and ? lh divisi- ons having arrived at Campo Mayor, [ have given directions that Badajoz tray be closely invested on the right of the Guadiana to- morrow, and 1 pro- pose forthwith to recommence the operations of the siege. * I learn from Castile, that Marshal Massena, Generals Junot, Loison, and others, had set out for France, and that the three Corps d'Armee, the id', 6th, and 8th, had been formed into six divi- sions, still called the Army of Portugal, having for its Commander in Chief Marshal Marmont, aud General Regnier as Second in Command.. Marshal Sir William Beresford reports, that the gi. eatest number of the Officers and Men returned missing, in the at'iioh of the Ifith instant, have re- joined their regiments. 1 have tbehoijor to be, & c. ( Signed) WELLINGTON. BANKRUPTS. Nath. Gibbs Ingram. jun. Threadneedle- street, merchant.— David Williams, Cardigan, shopkeeper. —- Thos. Curtis, Beverley, York, tanner.— Thomas George Clay, Coventry, ribbon- manufacturer.— Edward Jones, Birmingham, liquor- merchant.— Richard Gill, Birmingham, draper - Wm. Mason, Rainew, Chester, cotton- spinner. — Peter Long, Mere, Chester, tanner.— Samuel Ridgway, Eccles, Lancaster, painter.— Robert Smith, Hedon, York, grocer.—- Wm. Jarman, Walworth, upholsterer.— Simeon Nathan Joseph, St. Mary Axe, merchant. — Edward Millard, Durley, Gloucester, innbolder. — James Stephens, Joiner's- Hall- Buildings, coal merchant:— Hannah Walker, Ludlow, miller. Joseph Sparks, Strand, serivener.— John Hochin, Biddeford, Devon, spirit- merchant.— John Brown, Prince's- street, Cavandish- square, haberdasher.— John Wilkinson, Appledore, Kent, miller,— Philip Overton, Windmill- street, Finsbury- square, victu- aller.— Stephen Maurice Ferriter, Forestreet, mer- chant.— Wm. Dickson Watson, Lawrence- Pount- ney hill, merchant. Joseph Howell, Liverpool, merchant. > Samuel King, Union- street, White- chapel, dealer.— John Pull, Norwich, victualler.— Robert Hartley Langroyd, Lancaster, calico manu- facturer. LONDON, JUNE 9 In both Houses of Parliament, on Friday, una- nimous votes of thanks iteie passed to Marshal Beresford, and the survivors in his brave army. British, Portuguese, and Spaniards.— l'wo witnes- ses on the Berkeley Peerage, were committed to Newgate for prevarication. Loid Milton's motion for censuring ministers, for re- appointing the Duke of York, negatived. ' LEWES, JUNE 10, 1811. - The several Battalions forming our County Lo- cal Militia, were last week disembodied, as their appointed times of training expired ; and the men, feeing thus relieved from their MILITARY obliga- tions, are now, with additional ze- t, enjoying the sweets of CITIZENSHIP. The season fui ( lie perfor- mance of the above military duty, was, this year, certainly well chosen, as we are inclined to think, • hat it did not materially interfeie with the pursuits of agriculture. Yesterday se'nnight, the Rev. Mr. Jenkins, Mi- nister of Barcomb, preached in the Church of tlrat i- illage, a Charity Sermon, which produced a Col- ieption of <£' 10 2s. 6d. to he uiven in aid of the lurid raisiiig.- for the relief of the British prisoners ol war in France. At Chalvington Church, yesterday, the sum of £ S 3s. was collected for the same benevolent pur- pose. Liist Saturday 350 of the 7tst Light Infantry matched into this town, from Deal, on their route to Portsmouth, to embark for Portugal, to fill up the ranks of the 6: st battalion, which was exposed to. great slaughter, in the late victory gained by General Beresford. Capt. Dalbiac, of the 4tli Dragoons,. had his horse shot tinder him, in the bloody battle of Albu- era; but he afterwards mounted a troop horse, Which bore him, unhurt, through the action. Last Monday and Tuesday, the 68lh Light In- fantry, marched ill two equal divisions from our Barracks, for Portsmouth, whcie, soon after their arrival, they embarked for Portugal. The officers, and the men, generally, conducted themselves with great propriety, during their stay here. The soldier, stated in our last to have had found upon him, a'bag of counterfeit shillings, was taken before a Magistrate, charged with the offence; but as his regiment was about to march, he was kept in the custody of the military, to be tried by a Court Martial. The long wished- for convenience of a covered Both, in this town, is now advertised for the use of 6tich as may stand in ncad of that pleasant and pow erful tonic.— cee Advt. in a following column. A fishing boat, belonging to Hastings, was sunk, on Monday morning last, during a gale of wind, a short distance from the shore, off'that place, and her crew, consisting of James White, the master, arid three others, were unfortunately drowned, Another boat, in which. wis the brother of White, was within sight of the accident, but could render l) o assistance to the sufferers. Our Whitsun Fair for country beast', and the fortnightly Stock Market, happening both on the same day ( Tuesday last) occasioned a great deal of bustle, and a great deal of business ; the lean Stock was bought, with much avidity, at high prices ; and the market prices of fat Stock per stone, weieas follow, viz.— Beef, 5s. 6d. to 6s. Od. ! Lamb, f> s. Rd. to 7s. Od. Mutt. 5s. 4d. to 6s. nd. I Veal, 6s. od. to 6s. 4d. SUSSEX AGRICULTURAL REPORT, JUNE8.— The Wheat crops have universally a more promis- ing appearance, for quantity, than the land has for several past years presented; and the young Barley on the Downs has an equally favourable as- pect.— Pease have in some instances suffered from the slug, which are unusually numerous; but in most situations they will produce a fair average crop.— Beans are generally good, and likely to prove productive.— Potatoes are also exceedingly promising :— And Grasses, both in the meadows, and what are called artificial are in great abun- dance, and nothing but a want of fin- weather for making, can prevent a plentiful stock . if good hay. The late high winds have destroyed all hopes of a large crop of Apples ; and Cherries have amaz- ingly suffered from the same cause. DIED. On Tuesday la « t, at her house in Old Burlington- street, the Countess De Bruhl, relict of his Excellency Count De Bruhl, upwards of SO \ ears Envov from the Court of Saxony. She was the only daughter and heiress of the late Thomas Chowne, Esq of Alfriston, in this county. On Wednesday last, in the KJ2d year of her age, Mrs. Ridge, a widow lady, of Rottingdean, aud grandmother to James Ingram, esq. of thaf plate. — Mrs, Ridge Pvcd in four Sovereigns' reigns, viz H years in tha' of Queen Ann, 13 during the reign of George I., 32 George II, and 51 years since the accession-. f the present King. Same dav,. of , a decline,. Wm. Kenward, son of Mr. Kenward, collar- maker, in the Cliff, a very promising youth, in the 21st year of his age. BRIGHTON, JUNE 10, 1811. Our arrivals begin to have a decided superiority over the departures. Among, the latest at the Castle, on Saturday weie. Sir John and Lady Smith, and Dr. Marryott. The interior of our Theatre is decorating, pre- paratory to the ensuing campaign, which will com- mence under the very able command of Messrs, Holland and Powell, a short time before our races. The Centre Sussex Local Militia, on Monday last, fired at a target on the beach, near Hove, which bore ample testimony of their dexterity as marksmen. Oil the following uay they fired three vollies in honour of the anniversary of his Majesty's birth- day. The Ball and Supper in the evening at the Old Ship Tavern, on the above occasion, under the patronage of Col. GRAHAM, and the Officers of the Centre Sussex Local Militia, were fashionably and numerously attended. Lord DUNDAS, and the Officers of the North York Militia, the Offi ceis of the 10th Hussars, with many other mili- tary characters, were present. On Wednesday evening the Officers of the above Battalion of Local Militia, performed the Comedy of the Poor Gentleman, with other Entertain, tiients, at our Theatre, for the benefit of the suf- fering Portuguese. The house was brilliantly and numerously attended. The performers acquitted themselves better than could possibly have been ex- pected, arid the pieces went off . with great ECLAT. The receipts jif the House were upwards of an Hundred Pounds. Too much praise cannot be given to the Proprietors of the Theatre, for the very ready and handsome manner in which they gave the use of it for the above purpose. . FEMALE SYMPATHY, perhaps, never shone more conspicuously than, at the above performance, on which occasion it was observed, and truly, that the boxes exhibited, at least, THREE Ladies to ONE GENTLEMAN. The Centre Battalion finished their 14 days training on Thursday last, when they were dis- missed. During the period of their assemblage, their conduct, as soldiers, was inferior to none in the service, and as citizens, their demeanour was truly exemplary. The loth Royal Hussars commenced their march from our barrack one day last week, to Epsom and its vicinity, preparatory to the grand rev iew, which is to take place, we understand, this day. Five men of war sailed majestically past, this town to the westward, on Saturday; one of them was the Queen Charlotte. On Friday the 3 1st ult. the body of a gentle- man, in a military uniform, a good- dfal defaced, apparently by the time it had lain in the water, was picked up on tlx: beach at West- Wittering, near Chichester. In the pockets of the deceased were found, a gold watch, fourteen seven- shilling pieces, and two half guineas in gold, and two one pound notes, which were properly taken care of, and the body was decently interred in West Wittering church yard. The figure 5, was on the buttons of bis uniform. La » t Monday evening the remains of Mr. D Northwood, Tyler of the Royal Clarence Lodge of Freemasons, in this town, » cc interred, with ma- sonic honours. The mournful procession being preceded by the band of the North York Militia, composed of twenty- one performers, and bearing the standard aud banners of the Royal Arch Or- der, with the body and mourners in the rear, had a very grand and solemn appearance; and in its progress to the church, and at the grave, seemed to impress with a religions and awful regard, a very large concourse of Spectators. The masons having paid the last tribute of respect due to their departed brother, by seeing his body and accompanying scroll committed to tiie dust, they returned in procession- al order, to their lodge- room, and there closed the funeral rites. WANTED immediately. Two APPRENTICES to the Millinery and Dress Business. For particulars, enquire of Mrs. Chapman, School. Hill, Lewes. WANTED, — A FOOTMAN, who perfectly understands his business An unexcep- tionable character will lie required. Apply to the Rev. J, Rideout, Woodmancote, near Henfield, ANTED immediately - a BRICK- MAKER. who peifectlv understands his business, to superintend the concerns of a small yard. — Apply to Mr. Back, Richmond- Place, Brighton - __ - - — — AMATCH of CRICKET " all be play'd at May- field, the Gentlemen of Mayfield against the Gentlemen of Wadhurst, on FRIDAY the 14th instant, for Half a- Guinea a Man. The wickets to he pitched at nine o'clock, ah » the Game to be plaved out. COLD BATH, OF EXCELLENT SPRING WATER. OPPOSITE ALL SAINTS CHURCH, LEWES, ( Considered tobeone'of the finest Springs tli Sussex) '' p BOXALL, respectfully informs the Gentle- JL . men of Lewes, and its vicinitv, that HIS COLD BATH is now OPEN for reception, at One Guinea the Season — Reasonable Prices for Single Bathing. N. B. No Bathing on Sundays, > after Ten o'clock. ALL persons who have any demands on the Estate of Mr. WM. TATE, late of Findon, are requested to send particulars thereof to Messrs. George Tate and John Edwards, of New- Shoreham, his Executors, in order to the same being dis- charged. And all persons who are indebted to the said Estate, are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their several debts to the Executors, as above. 7th June, IS11. WM. FULLER, owing to ill health, being unable to carry on his late business of a BUTCHER, in the High- Street of LEWES, begs leave to return his sincere thanks to his numerous friends, for the liberal support and eucouiagement which lie and his father have for many veais past experienced; and having disposed of his concern to Mr. PETER DANDY, he. now solicits a continu- ance of the favour, of those Friends and Custo- mers in behalf of the said Mr Peter Dandy. Kj* All persons having any demands on Mr. W. FULLER, are requested to deliver the same to Mr. R. Lambe, Auctioneer, Lewes; to whom all per- sons standing indebted to the said Estate, are re quired to pay their respective debts, he being au- thored- to receive the same. Barrack- Office, 7th June, 1811. STJCtl persons ias are willing to contract for erecting an additional Building to . ihe Cavalry Barracks.. at Brighton, may see the drawing, speci- fication, form of proposal, and agreement for the same, at the office of the Barrack- Master, at Brighton, any day after the ifth instant, between the flours of ten and fotir o'clock. The proposals must be addressed to ." The. Commissioners for the AfiS s of Barracks, Barrack Office, Sp'ing Gar- dens, London," with " Tender for erecting an Additional Building to the Cavalry Barracks at Brighton,' inaikddon the cover, and delivered at the Barrack- Office in London, on. or before: two o'clock on Thursday,, the 4th of July, after which hour no tender wi t be received. WORTHING TURNPIKE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Subscribers to.. the Turnpike- Road leading from West- Grinstead to Worthing, mav receive a dividend on their. several Securities, tip to Lady- Day last, on application to the Rev. Henry Warren, of Arling- ton, the Treasurer. " 20th May, 1811. r jPUJE Coiiitiiissioneis in a Commission of Bank- i. rupt bearing date the Eleventh day of July, IfMO, awarded and issued against Thomas Bull, of Wadhurst, iti the county of Sussex, shopkeeper, dealer and chapman, intend to meet on the 2? d day of June instant,. at twelve o'clock at noon, at the Star Inn; hi Lewes,. in the said county of Sussex, in order to make a dividend of the estate and effects of the said Bankrupt, when and where the credi- tors who have not already proved their debts, are to come. prepared to prove the same, or they will 1> « excluded the benefit of the said Dividend; and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed. T. COOPER, Solicitor under the Com. WILLIAM STEVENS's CRED1TORS. \ LL Persons who have anv demands on the l\ effort. .. r Ike late WILLIAM STEVENS, of East Boarne, Shopkeeper, . Urea** < 1 i and win, ti. vt not rxeruted tlie l> t, . l of Assignment oi' hi" Efficts fur the Benetu nf his Creditors, urr juajiN'strrl to sign the same, previous to the 24ll> of June instant, or tUi v will lie excluded t'roni auv Benefit arising IVoin his Effect", as a Dividend thereof will. be made without delay, Lewes, ] une7, lilt. J- FARNES. N. B. Tins will not he, advertised again. r 5 ^ IE Creditors of Charles Susan, late of Sea- JL ford, in 1 he County of Sussex, Shopkeeper, who have not executed the Deed, whereby he has assigned over his Effects for the Benefit » t' his Creditors, are hereby informed that the said Deed is now in the hand- ,. f IHr. J . Woollgar, of Lewes, and that Mi'.' h of hU Creditors who intend to take the Benetit of the same, tare requested to sign the same forthwith, as a dividend of his" Effects is intended to be shortly made.. J. OUTRIDGE, T tsi* — J. FARNES, J Lewes, June 1,. 1811. Steyning Boarding School for Young Ladies, and preparatory School for Young Gentlemen. APARKER, truly grateful for past favours, • which she has so liberally, experienced, re- spectfully solicits a continuance of them. Tlieva-, cation commences June 90th, and the School will re- open oil the Qlst of July. Terms Board, Washing, arid Education. IS Guineas per annum. Each puvil is- expected to br: ns> a knife and folk and four towels. Wanted, a voting person, as teacher at the above Seminary; she must be perfectly steady and good- tempered, write a good band, understand s> iam- mar, geography, and fancy work, and be cnliable in every respect of superintending a genteel School Letters, addressed to Mrs. Parker, Steyning, ( postage paid) stating let ms, will be immediately aixwered. Steyning, June8, 1811. New and Commodious Four- Horse Coaches, To and from London every Morning, ( Sundays excepted), on the newest construction, from the Old Coach Office, coiner of C?, . North- Street, Brighton, by the new road (' which avoids the hills) and the most pleasant way fi om Brighton to London, through Henfield, Hors- ham, Dorking, Boxhill, Leatherhead, Epsom, Ewell, Morden, Merton, Tooting, and Clapham, to the White- Lion, Talbot Court, Gracechurch- street, — and Angel Inn, St. Clement's, Strand, London. N. B. The above Coaches book at the Bolt- in- Tun, Fleet- street; and Catharine Wheel, Borough 1 Parties, taking the inside of the Coaches, may be accommodated, bv being set down either in the City, or at Charing Cross. Performed By the Public's obedient Servant, WM. PATTENDEN. TO BE, SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL that brick- built • Messuage, or Tenement, long since, and now, used as a Public House, and known by the sign of the WHEAT- SHEAF, on the Upper Dicker, in the parish of Arlington, late the property of John Bedwell, deceased; together with a brick- built four- horse stable, large garden, ami well stocked orchard, and piece of rich, arable Land adjoining the House, containing about one acre and a half. I'lie above Premises are Copyhold of Inhe- itance, and holden of the Manor of Mitchelham, at the quit tent of 4d. a year, and fine 4d. on death or alienation.— The purchaser may be accommodated with pait of the purchase- money lying on mort- gage. For further particulars, enquire of John Bed- well, Gardner- street, Herstmonceux, the proprie- tor; or Mr. George Gwynne, Lewes, Sussex. CASTLE TAVERN, BRIGHTON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On the Premises, on Thursday, the iSth day of July next, at twelve o'clock at noorr, unless pre- viously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will b* given, AN Undivided Fourth Part of ( he Castle Ta- vern, and the elegant and spacious Assembly and Card Rooms. * For further particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Attree, Solicitor, Brighton. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ROW, On Friday, the 12th day of July, 1811, at the Swan lnn, in Pulborough, Sussex, between the hours of four and six in the afternoon, in two lots, subject to such conditions as shall he then produced, THE FOLLOWING ESTATES, viz. LOT 1. A Threshing barn, stable, Dutch barn, jl A. yard, or gale room, aud eight closes of good land, arable, meadow, and pasture, containing in the whole by estimation, 42 aeres, or thereabouts, and situate in the parish of West Chiltington, in Sussex, The whole of this lot is Leasehold for a very long term of years ( except one close, containing about seveii acres, which is Freehold): the Leasehold pari pays a reserved yearly rent of ( is. 8d. and a lieriol, the best beast, ( Hi death. LOT 2. Two Cleses nf good Freehold Arable Land, containing together, by estimation, about 3o acres, ( he the same more or less) and situate io Thakeham, in Sussex aforesaid, ai the distance of about a mile and a half from the former lot. Both lots are in the occupation of Mr Luke Green- field, the proprietor, and are in a good state of cultiva. tion, and lie within convenient distances of Petworth, Horsham, Steyning. Arundel, Chichester, aud other markets; and may be viewed on application to the said Mr. Greenfield ; of whom, or of Messrs. Ellis and Hale, Solicitors, at Petworth, further particulars may be had. Possession way be had at Michaelmas next. MERINO SHEEP. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, Qu Wednesday,, the 12th June, at three o'clock in t| ie af ernooiv, iu the New Town, communicating with the Beast Market. Chichester, ONE HUNDRED TRUE BRED EWES, from two to six teeth; and ten line rams, from ( he j° nihir flocks of tin- PRINCE OF PEACE. ROYAL ESCURIAL, and LEONISA TRAVELLING SHEEP. This flock is recently imparted, and remarkable five their superior quality of wool and shape, A regular • cnificaie will he given with thj sheep, aud the pritici pal shepherd may lie referred to, who is now in London. N. B. Five ewe* will he sold tii. a lot. A very pleasant Situation. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By VERRAL AND SON, At tlie Star lun, iu Mayfield, on Wednesday t'te ltflh cf June, 181l, at live o'clock hi the afternotvu, ALL that Freehold Messuage, Barn, Stable, and Garden, well planted with Fruit Trees in full hearing, and about Six Acres of excellent Meadow Land, situate at Hadlow Down, in the parish of May- field, lately knovvu by the sigu of the Chequers. N. B. Possession of the Land, barn, and Stable, may be lud immediately ; and of the House and Gar- den at Michaelmas next The premises are in good re- pair, aud may he viewed'at any time; and further par- ticular., known, of the Auctioneers, Lewes, Sussex. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, iu Mayfield, Sussex,, on Wednesday the l- 2th June, tSu, at five o'e! ; i: k in the afternoon, either together or tuiots, us ntaj be determined ou at the time of sale, ACompact and most desirable little FARM, situate ami adjoining close to the town of May- field, called by the name of tram aud Holton, co- rlai mg about ISA. HU 3* V » i' exceeding rich Hop and Orchard Grouad, Meadow, Arable, Pasture, and Wood Land, with convenient Osthouse, Stable Lodges, and Yards thereto, late the property and iu the occupation of Mr. Edward Sawyer Chatfield, deceased. The u'b. ive Estate is Freehold, arid exotierated from Land Tax; and possession may be had at Michaelmas- day next. The present Tenant will shew the Prethi- es :— and foe fun her particulars apply at the Office of Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Mayfield. SUSSEX. Freehold and Copyhold Estate*, Land- Tax re deemed, and in part free of Corn Tithe, late the property of Robert Blackman, Esq, de*.- easetl, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the King's Arms lnn, Ninfield Stocks, in the county of Sussex, on Wednesday, the i; th d » y nf July next, at three o'clock in the afiCrnoon, three lots, LOT 1. AVerv desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called MARTIN'S and LODGELAND, situate at Broad- street Green, in the pleasant vilti( f" c of Hooe, in the county of Sussex, withju three tpiles of the sea, ot which and the adjacent country, the situation com- mands a beautiful and extensive pr spect. ' i bis estate comprises a substantial Messuage or Mansion house, with a detached dairy, « ajt hciu.- c, barn, stahles, can. home, yards, garden, orchard, and dirers pieces of ara. ble, meadow, pasture, aud brook land, containing toge- ther by adittf isurentenf sS'/ i. JR. 3aP. The house and buildings, ( with the exception of the ham) aud about 13 acres of land, are occupied by Mr. James Ellis who has notice to quit at Michaelmas next. The barn, and 2t> acres of the land, or thereabouts, are under lease to Mr. James Cooper; and the remainder of this lot is in. eluded with other lands, in a lease to Mr. John Pocock, which leases respectively will expire at Michaelmas, 1812. N. B. The portion of this lot, called Martin's, is sub- ject to an annual qtiit- rent of 3s. 3d. tot the Manor of Hooe and l. odgeland, pays Is. a-. mually to the same manor, but by the custom of this manor only, one heriot accrues on the death of a Tenant, fur any number uf tenements. LOT II. A most valuable Freehold Farm, called DOWKES, otherwise HUNTS, principally free of Corn Tithe, situ- ate in Hooe aforesaid, contiguous to lot I, consisting of a Messuage, barn, stable, and other buildings, aud H7A. 9it. I4P. of exceeding good arable aud hop ground, now in the occupation of Mr. Pocock, under a lease ex piring at Michaelmas, 1812. N. B. This lot is subject tij an annual quit- rent of 3s, lud. to the manor of Hooe. LOT III. A Copyhold Est; Called MAYNARD'S, situate in Hooe aforesaid, adjoining lot I, holden of the manor of Barnhorne, in two tenements, at aunual quit rents, amouuting together to los. Cd. comprising a Messuage in two dwellings, barn, and aiA. v'R. 35P. of arable, meadow, and pasture land, now in the occupation of Mr. Ellis, under a lease expiring at Michaelmas, l812. Broad- street Green is distant 6 miles from Battle, 9 frem Hastings, 10 from Eastbourne, and 22 from Lewes. The purchasers of the respective lots may be accom. modated with a reasonable proportion of the purchase- money on Mortgage, if required. The premises may be viewed on application to Henry Porter, Esq. at Hooe Lodge; or Mr. Benjamin Black- man, jun. of the Grove, in Hooe; and further particu- lars obtained troni them ; and likewise of Messrs. Shad- well. Bishop, « nd Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings ; at whose office maps of the estates may he seen. ° ROTHERFIELD PARSONAGE. . Books,— Plate,— Furniture,— Live and Dead Farming Stock, § c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, Oil the premises, 01 Monday, the loth 01" June, 1811, . . and following days, r jH- lE entire Houshold Furniture, I'lafe, Linen, A a Piano Forte, Pair of Globes, a very extensive and valuable Lihrar- v of Books, Live and Dead Farming Stock, and other Effects, of ( he Rev. RICHAKD CRAW- LEY. of Rotherfield Parsonage, iu the County of Sussex. . Catalsgues may now he bad. on the- Premi- ses ; the Sussex Tavern, ' Iunbridge- Wells ; Star lun, Mayfield ; Queen's. Head, Wad burst ; Maiden- Head, Uckfield; Swan, East- Grinstead ; iVm. Verrall's, Auc- tioneer, Brighton ; and of the Auctioneers, Lewes, Sussex, A Most Desirable Freehold Villa WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, BY VERRALL AND SON, OP LEWES, IN SUSSEX, A LL that neat, compact, FREEHOLD Villa, 1\ called HOOE LODGE, consisting of a modern brick- built House and 11 ppnrlenatices in complete repair, delightfully situate, fronting the i. ea in the Parish of Hooe, about 2 miles front Pcvensey, 6 from Battle, 9 from Hastings and East Bourne, The premises comprise on the basement storv, an excellent wine and beer cellar; on the ground floor, a neat entrance and light stair cast; a good parlour, kitchen, pantry and wash- house: ou the chamber story, three airy cbearful sleeping rooms, and a neat dressing room: on Ihe attic story, two serranls sleeping rooms: a detached uniform brick- built coach house, tun stables with men servants sleeping room aud loft over; other convenient out buildings, a garden, orchard, meadow, and a well of excellent water, the whole containing about three acrcs— The . pleasure ground blended with orchard and garden, surrounds the house, and is beau tifully laid out ill walks, lawn, shrubbery, and or'na- mented with an octagon summer house, which com- u\ a: iilj a most delightful prospect of Pevensey Bay, and the rich surrounding country. The premises may be viewed at any time, and the purchaser may he accommodated with tiie neat modern houshold furniture, by appraisement, or the same will be sold by auction the latter end of July next. Further particulars may be known of Mr. W. Bonnet, Stockbroker, Bank of England ; Mr. James Warne, 126, Tottenham- court- road ; and Henry Porter, esq. occu- pier and proprietor. N. B. Two of the Farms in the precsdinsj advertise- ment adjoia this eatats. Real Estates of Mr. George Bodle TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, 5 ( By Cffijpr i) l'; ihe A. signet ? ot' George Bodle, o! Alfriston, in llt County of Sussex, a Bankrupt,) At the Star Inn, iif Alfriston aforesaid, 011 Monday, tha 17th day i'f June, IS. l t, at four o'Cluck in the After, n-; o! t, in Ei| hi Lots. ; LOT I. ALL that Freehold, m6dertl built- Messuage or Tenement, with the appurtenances thereto b> longing, sitiiste, i^ ljoiiiing to the pleasant town of Alfriston aforesaid,' aird which is now iu the tenure or occupation of Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens, Together with ai roomy building near the sartii1, nrvw ttscd as a carpenter* shoo, in tlie ocCupatihn'of Edward Bodle, N. B. This is a. ctfivfor'tnbSe re- idt'iuc for a small family, has a pleasant greeu fi^' in front, a rigiit of carriage way to and from the same by the Star- lane. LOT2. All that piece or parcel uf valuable arable land, situate in the short furlong of Alfriston aforesaid, at present partly planted vvitb Lucern, and which is now in tin: occupation of H, Hastings, othis Undertenants. LOT 3. All that building at present u- ed as a ware- house, situate, near the centre of the town O Alfriston aforesaid, and now iu the occupation of the assignees of the said George Bodle, LOT 4. All that valuable piece or parcel of arable land, containing a A, 3it. 1 I P. more or less, situate imdci' Maple Bank, near Alfriston aforesaid, part whereof ha* a thriving plant of Lucern growing on the same, and other part sown with oats, and which is now nt the te- nure or occupation nf John Bodle, his under tenants etf assigns.—— N. B, This lot has a deep vein of vwluabla brick earth in it. LOT 5. All that piece or parcel of valuable land, a*' the same is. now stumped out,' tiud which h » » of lave years been used as a brick yard, and on which is a good kiln, and other conveniences for making brick,:' also a brick built nies- uage * tr teneurent, in two diyelling^ l'lie yard i. now iii the occupatioo cf Henry Beck. LOT 6. All tlk. it valuable garden, ioclo- i d with lofty wtdls.- aud which adjoins ou the south side of Lot 5, together with a small piece Vif ground ou tlie east cud thereof, as ihe same is now stumped out. rhe .> . rdcu is nttw in ihe o'cupatiou of R. Bodle or his nude tenants, N. B. The walls on the cast, west, » ...•! north, tu be. long to this . Lot. LOT 7. AH tlint fertile Pioce of Ground, now divide ed into several distinct Gardens, psrt ofwhu b isi lothed with thriving young fruit trees oC toe tu- ist \ luaivle sorts, aud uiiicli 1. now iu tlie several teuurcs or occtl- patio. is of Edward Bodle, Carter, Eliz. Stevens, aud Henry Hastings. LOT 8. AH that modern- built Message or Tene- ment, sitwi e i. i tire parish of Willingdon, in the ssldl county, and which is now or late in the tenure or occu- pation of Samuel Stretton. _ N. B, Lots 3,. 4, s, ti, and 7, are Copjhold cf the Manor of Lullington ; and Lot 8, is Freehold. Tiie respti live Tenants have notice to quit at Michael- mas next. The premises may he viewed Ivy application to Mr. G. Osmond, of Alfriston, of whom fo.' oer p. tfttcttlars may he had ; orol Mr. T. Cooper, Solicitor, Lewes, MARSH LAND. in OLD ROMNEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By VERRALL and SON, At the New Inn, iu New Romney, ou Thursday, tha y; th dav of June, 1811',- at twelve o'- i lor- k ot 110011, I^ OUR ' pieces of MARSHLAND, situate in ft. Wallnd Marsh, ill parish of Old Romney, en- taining iu the whole acrr- s, mure or less, and'ionv irt tt-. e oi yUjiatiiia c'f James Dunn, whose ter. u will e> 1 at Michaelmas next. Tlie above pieces of laud be together, are so': et tr> a modus of is. per acre, and the water- t. it. sad siro- ' Chini tav< al- e very low. For further piirticdlars apply to Messrs, Marshall ail Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON. At the. Star Iun, in Lewes, on Saturday. the 23th of June, 1811, :. t seven o'clock to the evening, AFARM, situate in the several Finishes nf Heathfifeld aud Burwash, called by the name of PONTS otherwise KINGSDOWN ; consisting of a Messu age, Barn, Stable, < Iik'ju I.!. Js. an( t aboe. t 112 acr-. of Arable, Pasture. Maadow, and Wood Land, now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Brook, as Tenant from year to year. This Estate it desirably situated on the South side of the Turnpike Road leading from Lewes 10 Burwash, distant Iroin the latter place about three mile-, and possesses large quantities of Grey Lime Stone, ofgo- ul quality, which may be drawn and used 011 the Estate with much advantage, . The Premises are Freehold, ( except about 16 aeres which are Leasehold, held for a short unexpired Term under, the Earl of Chichester). For further particulars, apply to Mr. Thomas Wool- gar. or' Lewes; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Mayfield PRICE of CORN.— Lewes, Saturday, June 8, White Wheat - - 4 0 0 to 4 3 SUSSEX FARM TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday, the 29th of June, lyn, at Six o'Ciock in the Evening^ unless i- c- ceptable offers of purchase should bo made in the mean time. LOT I. AFREEHOLD FARM,-( within a rini; Fence) called WEEKLANDS, consisting of a House, Barn, Stable, Oasthouse, aud other Buildings ; and about 79 A. a H. 7 P. of good Laud, most eligibly situate iii Little Horsted, within Six Miles of Lewes, and . l'wo of Uckfield, adjoining to the London Road, and now iu the occupaiiou of Mr. . John Diplock, whose term willl expire at Lady Day, la12. N. B. This Farm commands very fine prospects, and is peculiaily calculated for the erection of a Villa. LOT II. A FREEHOLD FARM, ( also within a ring Fence) consisting of a good House, with a Cottage, Barn, aud other Buildings, and about 14S ; t. I It. I t P. of Land, viz. I42A. lit. lj! P. called CRAINSDEN", occupied by Messrs. Peckham ; and 6 A. O R. A P. called KNOWLE HlGHFIELD, occupied by Mr. Rose, eligibly situate, in the Parish, and very near to the Town of Mayfleld, . N. B. Messrs. Peckham's Term will expire at Lady Day, 18L >, and Mr. Rose's at Michaelmas, lata. LOT III. A compact little Freehold Farm ; consisting nf a Cot- tage, and Three Parcels of Land, called Smith's Mead, Smith's Field, and Hilly Knowle Field, containing to- gether about ittA. iR. 881'. situate iu the parish and near the town of Mayfield, and now in the occupation of Messrs. Peckham and nf Mr. Rose, whose terms will respectively expire at Lady- Day aud Michael, mas 1812. LOT IV. A compact Freehold Farm, called Hunts; consisting of a large House, with a Barn aud other Buildings, aud about 78A. 2R. 15P. of Land, situate in Mayfield, ad- joining to Lot a, and now occupied- by Messrs. Peck- ham, whose term will expire at Lady- Day lata. N. B. Lots 2, 3, and 4, are well covered with thr- v- iug Timber; aud the Soil is fertile and kindly for the growth of Timber, and for the Cultivation of Hops. The several Tenants will shew the Farms. And further particulars may be known on applica- tion to Messrs, Hoper and Son, at Lewes ; or to Mr. Stone, at Mayfield. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. W. Drawbridge, At the. Red Lion Inn, in Lindfield, iu the county of Sussex, on Thursday, the 21st inst. unless previwu. ly disposed of by Private Contract, AMOST desirable Copyhold Messuage in two Tenements, ati excellent detached dairy room, aud room over the same, the whole of which premises are in good repair. A good Garden well stored with fruit trees of different kinds. The principal dwelling comprises a large and dry cellar, 2 good parlours, a kitchen, wash- house, pantry, and four good bed rooms, together with several small rooms or closets, particularly convenient. Fhe smaller Tenement comprises a good cellar, kitchen,, washhouse, and 2 chambers. The above described premises are situated in the pleasant town of Lindfield, within about a mile of the Ouse Navigation, 14 miles from Brighton, and 13 from Lewes, late iu the occupa- tion of Mr. G Haynes, deceased. For further particulars enquire of the Auctioneer, at Scarmes hill, Lindfield. TO~ THE PRINTERS OF THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. GENTLEMEN, AS the following observations mav lie worthy the notice of ihose Parents or Guardians who niay hp about to educate a young Gentleman in the Profession of a Surgeon and Apothecary, ! will thank yon to give them a place in your paper It was formerly the custom, and is siill too fre- quently so, lo take a boy from School at the age of 14 or 1ft, and apprentice him for seven years^ five is now the more customary term, but f. s two or three years at the utmost is amply suljicient to enable him to acquire any knowledge, which an apprenticeship can afford him, how much better would it be to keep a boy to his classical education til! he is 17 or 18, and then place him in an apo- thecary's shop for two or three years, by which plan both a good classical and professional educa- tion would,. bt attained ? A Member of the Royal College of , Surgeons. Lewes, June 1st, 1811. LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY. Monday, June 3. Downing- street, June 2, 1811. DISPATCHES, of which the following are ex tracts, have been this day received by the Earl of Liverpool, addressed to his Lordship by Lieuterant- General Viscount Wellington, dated Elvas, 2- 2d May, 1811- On the night of ( he 15th instant, I received from Marshal Sir William Beresford letters of the I2th ami 13th instant, which reported Marshal Soult had broken up from Seville about tfie 10th, and had ad vanced, towards Estremadura, notwithstand- ing the reports which had been previously received that he was busily ttccupied in strengthening Se- ville and the approaches to that city by works; iUid that all his measures indicated an intention to remain on the defensive in Andalusia. 1 therefore set out on the following morning from Villa Fermosa; and having received further information on the 14th, from Sir William Beres- ford, of the enemy's movements, I hastened mv progress, and arrived here 011 the 19th, and found that Sir William Beresford bad raised the siege of Badajoz, without the loss of ordnance or stores of » nv description • and collected the troops under his command, and had formed a junction with Generals Castanos and Blake at Albuera, in the course of the 1.5th instant. He was attacked there on the 16th by the French army under the command of Marshal Soult; and gfter a most severe engagement, in which all the troops conducted themselves in the most gallant manner. Sir William- Beresford gained the victory. The enemy retired in the night of the 17th, leaving between prio and 1000 wounded on the ground. Sir William Beresford sent the allied cavalry af- ter them; and on the 10th, in the morning, rein- vested Badajoz. I enclose reports of Sir William Beresford, of the I6ih aud 18th instant, on the operations of the tiegc to the moment of raising it, and on the battle at Albuera; and 1 beg to draw your Lordship's at- tention to the ability, the firmness, and the gal- lantry manifested by Marshal Sir William Beres- ford throughout the transactions on which he has written. I will add nothing to what he has said of the conduct of ill the officers and troops, except- iug^ tii express mv admiration of it, and my cordial concurrence in the favourable reports by Sir Wil- liam of the good conduct of all. ALL has remained quiet in Castile since I quitted that part of the country. The battalions of the 9th corps belonging to regiments serving in the corps d'armee in An- dalusia, had marched from Salamanca on or about tite 15th, and went towards Avila, aud were to Come by Madrid. I send this dispatch by Major ( Lieutenant- Color nel) Arbuthnot, the Secretary of Marshal sir Wil- liam Beresford, who was present in the battle of Albuera, and can give your Lordship any further information you can require; and I beg leave to recommend him to- your Lordship. Albuera, 28th May, 1811. MY LoRD— I have infinite satisfaction in com- municating to your Lordship, that the allied army, united here under my orders, obtained on the ] 6th instant, after a most sanguinary contest, a Complete Victory over that of tlte enemy, commanded by Marshal Soult. Marshal Soul', it appears, had been long strain- ing every nerve to collect a force which he. thought fully sufficient to his object for the relief of Bada- joz, and for this purpois he had drawn consider- able numbers from ihe corps of Marshal Victor and General Sebastiani, and also I believe from the French army of the centre. Having thus complet- ed his preparations. Ire marched froin Seville on the 10th instant, with a corps then estimated at 15 or. 16,000 men, and was joined, 011 descending into Estremadura, by the corps under Gen. La- tour Maubourg, stated to be .5000 men. His Excel- lency General Blake, as soon as he learnt the ad- vance of Marshal Soult, in strict conformity to the plan proposed bv your Lordship, proceeded to form his junction with the corps under my orders, and arrived at Valverde in prison on the 14th in- stant, where having consulted with his Excellency and General Castanos, it > vas determined to meet the enemy, and to give him battle. On finding the determination of the enemy to relieve Badajoz, I had broken up from before that place, and marched the infantry to the position in front of Valverde, except the division of the Hon. Major- Gen. G. L. Cole, which, with 2000 Spanish troops, I left to cover the removal of our stores.— The cavalry which bad, according to orders, fallen back as the enemy advanced, was joined at Santa Martha by the cavalry of Gen. Blake; that of Gen. Castanos under the Count de Penne Villamur had been always with it. As remaining at Valverde, though a stronger position, left Badajoz entirely open, I determined to take up a position ( such as could be got in this widely open country) at this place; thus standing directly between the enemy and Badajoz, The army was therefore assembled hereon the 15th instant. The corps of Gen. Blake though making a forced march lo effect it, only joined in the night, and could not be placed in its position till the morning of the 1.5th instant, when Gen. Cole's division, with the Spanish brigade un- der Don Carlos d'Espagne, also joined a little be fore the commencement of the action. Our. ca valry had been forced on the morning of the 15th inst. lo retire from Santa Martha, and joined here. In the afternoon of that day the enemy appeared in front of us The next morning our disposition for receiving the enemy was made, being foifaed in two lines, nearly parallel to the river Albuera, on ( he ridge of the gradual ascent rising from that river, and covering the roads to Badajoz and Val- verde; though your Lordship is aware, that the whole face of this country is every where passable for all arms. Gen. Blake's corps was 011 the right, in two lines; its left on the Valverde road, joined the tight of Major- Gen. the Hon. Wm. Stewart's division, the left of which reached the Badajoz road; where commenced the right of Major- Gen. Hamilton's division, which closed the left of the line; General Cole's division, with one brigade of Gen. Hamilton's, formed the second line of the j British and Portuguese army. The enemy, on the morning of the 16th did not long delay his attack; at eight o'clock he was ob- served to be in movement, and his cavalry was seen passing the rivulet of Albuera, considerably above our right, and shortly after he marched out of the wood opposite to us a strong force of cavalry, and two heavy columns of infantry, pointing them to our front, as if to attack the village and bridge of Albuera; during this time, under cover of his vastly superior cavalry, he was filing the principal body of his infantry over the river beyond our right, and it was not long before his intention appeared to be to turn us by that flank, and cut us off from Valverde. Major- Gen. Cole's division was there- ordered to form an oblique line to the rear of our right, with his own right thrown back. And the intention of the enemy to attack our right becom- ing evident, I requested Gen. Blake to form part of his first line, and all his second, to that front, which was done. The enemy commenced his attack at nine o'clock, not ceasing at the same time to menace our left; and after a strong and gallant resistance- of the Spanish troops, he gained the heights upon which they had been formed; meanwhile the division of the Hon. Major- General W. Stewart had been brought up to support them; and that of Major- Gen. Hamilton brought to the left of the Spanish line, and formed in contiguous close columns of battalions, to be moveable in any direction. The Portuguese brigade of cavalry, under Brig.- Gen. Otway, remained at some distance on the left of this, to check any attempt of the enemy below the village. As the heights thp enemy had gained, raked and entirely commanded our whole position, it became necessary to make every effort to retake and main- tain them; and a noble one was made by the divi- sion of Gen. Stewatt, headed by that gallant olhcer. Nearly at the beginning of the enemy's attack, a heavy storm of rain came on, which, with the smoke from the firing, rendered it impossible to _ discern anv thing distinctly. This, with the na ture of the ground, had been extremely favourable to the enemy in forming his columns, and in his subsequent attack. The right brigade of General Stewart's division, under Lieut.- Col. Colborne, first came into action, and behaved in the most gallant manner; aud finding that the enemy's co- lumn could not be shaken by fine.' proceeded to attack it with the bayonet; and, while in the act of charging, a body of Polish lancers ( cavalry), iphich the thickness of the atmosphere and the nature of the ground had concealed, ( and which was, besides, mistaken by those of the brigade, when discovered, for Spanish cavalry, and there- fore not fired upon), turned it; aud being thus at- tacked unexpectedly in the rear, was unfortunate- ly broken, and suffered immensely. The 81st regi- ment being the left one of the brigade, alone escaped this charge, and under the command of Major L'Estrange kept its ground, until the arrival of the third brigade under Major- Gen. Houghton. The conduct of' this brigade was most conspicu ously gallant; and that or the second brigade, un- der the command < « f the Hon Lieut.- Col. Aber- crombie, was n 4 less so: Major- Gen. Houghton, cheering on his brigade to the charge, fell pierced by wounds. Though the enemy's principal attack was 011 this point of the right, he also made a con- Anual attempt upon that part of our original front at the village and bridge, which were defended in the most gallant manner bv Major- Gen Baron Alten, and the light infantry brigade of the Ger- man Legion, whose conduct was, in every point of view, conspicuously good. This point now formed our left, and Major- Gen. Hamilton's division had been brought up there; and he was left to direct the defence of that point, whilst the enemy's attack continued on our right, a considerable proportion of the Spanish troops supporting the defence of this place. The enemy's cavalry, on his infantry attempting to force our right, had endeavoured lo lo turn it; but by the able manoeuvres of Major- Gen. the Hon. W. Lumley, commanding the allied cavalry, though vastly inferior to that of- the enemy in number, his endeavours were foiled. Major- Gen Cole, seeing the attack of the enemy, very judiciously bringing up his left a little, marched in line to attack ihe enemy's left, and arrived moit opportunely to contribute, with ( lie charges of the brigades of Gen Stewart's division, to force the enemy to abandon his situation, and retire precipi- tately. and to take refuge under his reserve; here the fuzileer brigade particularly distinguished it- self. He was pursued by the allies to a consider- able distance, and as far as I thought it prudent, with his immense superiority of cavalry; and I contented myself with seeing him driven across the Albuera. I have every reason to speak favourably of the manner in which our artillery was served, and fought; and Major Hartman, commanding the British, and Major Dickson, commanding the, Por- tuguese, and ihe officers and men, arc entitled to my thanks. The four guns of the horse- artillery, commanded by Capt. Lefebvre, did great execu- tion on the enemy's cavalry, and one brigade of Spanish cavalry ( the only one in the field) 1 saw equally gallantly and well served* we lost in the misfortune which occurred to the brigade, com- manded by Lieut.- Col. Colborne ( whom General Stewart reports to have acted, and was then act- ing, in a most noble manner, leading' 011 the bri gade in admirable order) one howitzer, which the enemy, before the arrival of. the gallant General Houghton's brigade, had time to carry off, with 200 or 300 prisoners of that brigade. After he had been beaten from this, his principal attack, he still continued that near the village, on which he never could make any impression, or cross the rivulet; though I had been obliged to bring a very great proportion of the troops from il, to support ihe principal point of attack ; but the enemy seeing his main attack defeated, relaxed in his attempt there also. The Portuguese division of Major- Gen. Ha- milton, in every instance, evinced the utmost stea- diness and courage, and manoeuvred equally well with the British. Brig- Gen. Harvey's Portuguese brigade, belong- ing to Gen. Cole's division, had an opportunity of distinguishing' itself when marching in line across the plain, by repulsing with the utmost steadiness a charge of the enemy's cavalry. It is impossible to enumerate every instance of discipline and valour shewn on this severely con- tested day. But never were troops tlut more va liantly or more gloriously maintained ( he hpnour of ( heir respective countries. The behaviour of the Spanish division* was most gallant and honour- able; and though from the superior number and weight of the enemy's force, that part of them that were on the position attacked were obliged to cede the ground, it was after a gallant resistance; and they continued in good order to support their Al- lies. The battle commenced at nine o'clock, and con- tinued without interruption till two in the after- noon when the enemy having been driven over the Albuera, for the remainder of the day there was nothing but cannonading and skirmishing. It is impossible by ar. y description to do justice to the distinguished gallantry of the troops, bat every iitdiviclual most nobly did his duty, and sVMch will he well proved by the great loss we have suffered, though repulsing file enemy; and it was observed, that our dead, particularly the 57th regiment, were lying, as they had fought, in ranks, and every wound was in the front. The Hon. Major- Gen. W. Stewart most particu- larly distinguished himself, and conduced much to the honour of the day; he received two contu- sions, but would not quit the field. Major- Gen. the Hon G. L. Cole is also entitled to e'very praise • and I have to regret being deprived for some time of his services, by the wound he has received. ( Marshal Beresford here returns particular ac- knowledgments, for their gallant conduct, to the Hon. Lieut- Col. Abercrombie, Major L'Estrange, Col. Inglis, Hon. Major- Gen. Lumley, Major- Gen. Hamilton, Brig - Gens. Fonseca and Campbell, and Major- Gen, Alten;- also to the Spanish Generals Vallasteros, Zayas, and D'Espagne. j I have, 1 fear, to regret the loss to the service of Colonel Collins commanding a Portuguese bri- gade, his leg having been carried off by a cannon shot: he is an officer of great merit. And 1 deeply lament the death of Major- Gen. Houghton; and of those promising officers, Lieut.- Cols. Sir Wm. Myers and Duckworth. It is most pleasing to me to inform your Lord- ship, not only of the steady and gallant conduct of our allies, the Spanish troops, under his Excel- lency Gen. Blake, but also to assure you that the most perfect harmony has subsisted between us. During the battle, be most essentially, by his ex. perience, knowledge, and zeal, contributed to iis fortunate result. 1 am also much indebted to Ge- " neral Castanos, who is ever before hand 111 giving whatever can be beneficial to the success of the common cause. Our loss in this hard- contested day is very severe; and in addition to it is the loss of the troops under Gen. Blake, but of which I have not trie return. The loss of the enemy, though 1 cannot know what it is,' must be still more severe. He has left 011 the field of battle aboyt 2000 dead, and we have taken from 900 to 1000 prisoners. IfeJjas had five Generals killed and wounded; of the for- mer, Generals Werle and Pesim; and Gazan, and two others, among the latter. His force was much more considerable than we had been informed of, as 1 do not think he displayed less than from 20 to 22,000 infantry ; and he certainly had 4000 cavalry, with a numerous and heavy artillery. His over- bearing cavalry cramped and confined all our ope- rations, and, with his artillery, saved his infantry, after its rout. He retired after the battle to the ground he had been previously oil, but occupying ilin position; and on this morning, or rather dur- ing the night, commenced his retreat on the road he came, towards Seville, and has abandoned Ba- dajoz to its fate. He lefta number of bis wounded on the ground he had retireJto, and to which we are administering what assistance we can. 1 have sent our cavalry to follow the enemy, but in that arm he is too powerful for us to at'empt any thing against him in the plains he is traversing. Thus we have reaped the advantage we proposed from our opposition to the attempts of the enemy; and whilst he has been forced to abandon the object for which lie has almost stripped Andalusia of troops, instead of liaving accomplished ihe haughty boasts with which Marshal Soult harangued his troops on leaving Seville, he returns there with a curt- ailed army, and wlnt perhaps may be still more hurtful to him, with a diminished reputa- tion. ( The Marshal here particularly notices the ser- vices of the officetsof bis own staff, viz Brig,- d'Urban, quarter master- general, and Lieut.- Col. Hardinge, deputy quarter- master- general, aird Brig, Gen Mozinho', adjutant general, of the Portu- gueze auny; Lieut.- Col. Rooke, assistant adjutant general to the united British and Portuguese forces; and Brig.- Gen. Lemos. To the services of Lieut - Col. Arbuthnot ( major in bis Majesty's service) 1 am also i^ iucli indebted ; and he is lire bearer of this to your Lordship and is fully enabled- to give you any further Informa- tion you may desire ; and is most deserving of anv favour your Lordship may be pleased to recom- mend him for to His R. H. the Prince Regent. I have the honour to be, &: c. W. C. BERESFORD. VISCOUNT WELLINGTON. P. S, Major- General Hamilton's division, and Brig.- Gen. Maddens brigade of Portuguese caval- ry, march to- morrow morning to re- invest Badajoz 011 the south side of the Guadiana. Killed, wounded, and missing in the battle with the French army commanded by Marshal Soult, lit AI- huera a. ttiili May. Total British loss— I general Staff, T lieut.. colonel, 1 major, 7 captains, 1* 3 lieutenants, 9 ensigns, 13 ser- jeants, 4 drummers, 815 rank and file, 54 horses, killed ; 7 general stall-, 4 lieut.- colonels, ,4 majors, 4;! captains, 81 lieutenants, 20 ensigns, 6 staff, 132 Serjeants, 9 drummers, 2426 rank and file, 21) bores, wounded ; 1 major, 4 captain*, 8 lieutenants, t ensign, 23 ser- jeants, 10 drummers, 492 rank aud file, 17 horses, rnis- sine. Total Portuguese loss:.— I general staff, 1 staff, 2 scr- jeants, 98 rank and tile, 9 horses, killed ; I general staff, I lieut.- colonel, 1 major, 5 captains, 5 lieutenants, 2 ensigns, 1 staff, 14 serjeants, I - drummer, 23n rank aud file, 9 horses, wounded, I drummer, 25 rank and file missing. Marshal Sir William Beresford incloses a letter from Gen. Gazan to Marshal Soult, which had been intercepted by some of our parties. General Gazan, wounded himself, was marching with the wounded. " After the severe battle was had, it is satisfactory to know ( says the Marshal) that our cal- culations of the enemy's loss were not exaggerated : by Gen. Gazan's letter to Marshal Soult, it appears that in killed and - wounded it cannot be less than 8000 men: left dead on the field and taken, we have the knowledge of near 8000: Gen. Gazan states that he bas more than 4000 wounded with him, an I only five surgeons to dress them: 320 were at Almendralejo, by the same letters; Gazan says many have died on the road, and which we know must have been the case^ as it is in the few first days that the bad cases die in numbers, and a precipitate retreat and want of convenient car- riage must increase the mortality. Thus we can scarcely calculate the loss of the enemy, from these data, at less than 9000 men. — Our " advance was close lo Azuchal and Almendralejo, and I pro- pose putting a strong column of infantry in inarch towards those places to- morrow morning, and shall accompany it."— 21st May. LONDON. The Royal Bucks, or King's Own Regiment of Militia, under the command of Lord Temple, has volunteered its services too Ireland in case cf in- vasion, rebellion, or tumult, and provided the men are not separated from their colours and their officers. The same regiment has volunteered to join the army upon the Peninsula, should the Prince Regent deem it advisable to accept its ser- vices. During the clamour at the Mansion- house on Sunday night for the production of the Bulletin, a little boy affixed a paper to one of the lamp posts. The crowd immediately rushed to the spot, and seized it with avidity. O11 perusal, the, supposed Bulletin was found to contain the following words— " Young Bonaparte has defiled his cradle !" The report of Thursday, to the inquirers at ( he Castle at Windsor, was, that the king was not worse, And much in ( he same state as be had been on the previous day", but every thing was kept secret, and the Doctors continued in constant at- tendance. The following statement, amongst many others, was yesterday reported to the Committee at the the City of London Tavern, for the relief of the suffering Portuguese. It is the substance of an official document, transmitted from London, of ihe horrid devastations and cruelties- committed by the enemy in their retreat through the district Arganil, which alone suffered in corn; wine, oil, cattle, and other necessaries of life, to the amount of 1- 10,59,5, milreas, between 30 and 40,000l. Their churches, were destroyed, their houses burnt, men, women, and children were killed and violated, without res- pect to age or sex; nearly one hundred young women were violated, and many carried off by these barbarians. In the documents alluded to, and which we have seen, every particular is mi- nutely described,, and we feel the greatest satis- faction ill in assuring the pubic, that our brave troops 1; > sooner drove the enemy from several places, but particularly from Fuentes de Honor, than they immediately contributed, not only in a pecuniary way bv appropropriating part of their pay, but even divided their provisions with the miserable inhabitants who remained. A MOST EXTRAORBINAHY PHENOMENON took place in the port of Plymouth on Saturday, a great convulsion of the sea, in the Sound, Sutton Pool. Catwater, and the Lara. At three o'clock, a. ni. the tide suddenly receded from the pool of Sutton, rushed through the sluices of the pier- heads, and left all the shipping and craft dry. Iti about half an hour, a BOAR, nearly from nine to eleven feet high, came in with a tremendous noise accompa- panied by a - violent gust of wind at S W. it was dead low water, and in an instant all the vessels and craft were afloat, and knocking against each other. The boar then receded through the pier heads again the same height and with the same rushing noise, and left the pool high and dry. h • then made its way up Catwater to the Lara head, driving the ships from their anchors against each other, by which - means two lost their bowsprits The boar then broke adrift from an immense cable ihe flying bridge near Pamphlet Mill Lake, and drove it 011 the Lara Sands, but going back as sud- denly, it took back the flying bridge with it, which was secured by a fresh cable and anchor. The boar retained about seven o'clock, a. m. in the same manner, at seven feet high, accompanied by a gust of wind, and a « suddenly receded. Ai seven o'clock, the boar, about four feet high, rushed in again, and receded in the same manner. The winds were, duiing its operation, very variable, but principally blew haid at S. W. The quicksilver in the ther- mometer was observed to sink and rise with a tre- mulous motion during the operation of the boar. Monday, a gentleman slipt from a barge lying at Westminster Biidge, into the Thames, and nearly 20m. elapsed before he could be discovered and brought ashore, having been drawn under a line of barges near the spot. The resuscitative process was continued for near two hours, when he was fortunately restored to life. On Monday morning (! ie; l,. at his house at Ten- derden- street, aftsr -. 1 lingering illness, in the 70th of his age, Henry Herbert, Earl of Carnarvon, and' Baron Porchester, of High Cleve, in the county of Hants, Privy Councillor, and LL. D.— He is succeeded in title and estate bv his e'dest son, Henry George Lord Porchester, M. P. for Crick- lade." When the Polish lancers make a charge, a red flag is suspended at tlu? end of every lance, and that flag is so carried by the rider, as lo prevent ihe horse from seeing any other object. These red flags, in the late action, were not only effective in preventins, the horses from seeing any other ob- ject, but they had such an effect upon the sight of our horses, that it rendered every effort imprac- ticable to induce lliem to meet the charge. WORTHING. Sea House Hotel, Inn, and Tavern. GPARSONS, truly grateful to the Nobility, . Gentry, and the Public, fo. r the very liberal en- couragement he bas experienced i- iuce altering aud en- larging the aliove house, respectfully solicits a continu- ance of ibcir patronage and support. The local situa- tion of the Inn, commanding an uninterrupted view of ( lie Channel, from Beachy Head U lire Isle of Wight, may vie, for beauty of prospect, with any house in the county ; while its internal advantages, the rooms being spacious and airy, are not to be surpassed for neatness and convenience of accommodation. The best foreign wines, a well supplied larder, a qua- lifier! man Cook, together with neat Post Chaises, good horses, careful drivers, & c. may be lonnd at the Sea House Hotel, at all times. BURWASH PARISH. ON MONDAY the 8th Day of July, 1811, at Four o'clock in the Afrernoon, Ihe Church- wardens and Overseers of the said Parish, will attend in the Vestry Room, lo receive Tenders for the under- mentioned Articles, viz. Second Flour, at — per sack.— Malt at per bushel— Meal, Rans, Mouse- pieces, Clods, Flanks, and Beef Suet, at per Stone.— Derby Cheese, Irish But- ter, Moist Sugar, at . per cwt.— Candles and Soap at per dozen. Contract, for Three Months, the Bills to be Paid One Month after. The Flour to be delivered at Burwash Town, and lire Workhouse, as the Officers shall order. N. B. Samples will be expected, and if the Articles are not agreeble to Contract, to be returned ; no Tenders will be received after Five o'Clock in the Afternoon of the aforesaid Day. SPORTS AND RECREATlONS. ON Monday the 17th of June, 011 Broad Oak Plain, Dicker Common, in Chiddingly, this year the Annual Pleasure Fair will exhibit a Foot Race by Men, for a tine Hat, at noon; not less than three to start. In the afternoon a Donkey Race for a Cheese; and a Poney Race for a Saddle, & c. Eleven Cricket Bats lo be played for as usual; the Gamesters are entreated to attend at an early hour. Henry Hoad ( successor to Mr. W. Marshall, at the Bat and Ball Public- house)- as neither pains nor expence will be spared, flatters himself he shall be enabled to give that satisfaction, and rhose accommodations winch the season, the rural sports,' and above all the spot so peculiarly invites, and has never failed to command a numerous and respectable assemblage. *** A good Ordinary on the plain. Bat and Ball, June 1, 1811. NOTICE TO CREDITORS ALL persons who have any claim or demands on the Estate and Ejects of WM. COLLINS, late of Ringmer, in tho county of Sussex, Carrier, and have signed the Trust Deed, may receive a dividend of Five Shillings in the Pound, by applying lo Wm. Gravett, at the Dorset- Arms, in the Cliff, 011 Saturday the 2sd day of June next, between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and four o'clock in the afternoon ; when it is requested all persons will produce their securities ( if airy), or the particulars of their demands. And all persons who have not signed the Trust Deed, are desired to lake notice, that unless they sign the same, or signify their intentions to do so, in writing, di- rected to the said Wm. Gravett, on or before the said 22d day of June, they will be excluded front the benefit of the said deed. Dated juth May, lau. NOTICE is hete'by given, that a general SeS- L^ i sinus of Sewers for the Levels within ths Rapes of Pevensey and Hastings, will be holden at the Lamb Inn, in Eastbourne, on Thursday, th « 13th day of June next, at Eleven o clock in tlia forenoon. Dated the 29U1 of May, ISM. T. BARTON, • " > ... , SHAD WELL & BISHOP, \ clerks' ALBION FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, New Bridge- street. London; EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT! AGENTS: — PORTSEA. Mr. George Levi, grocer. SEAFORD, Mr. Samnel Cook, porter merchant. LINDFIELD, Mr. Marchant Pierce, stationer. ROMSEY, Mr. Richard Sweeper, silversmith. GUILDFORD, Mr. James Greenfield. Insurances failing due at Midsummer should be re- newed within fifteen days from that period. Abatements are made, according to tin: plan which originated with this Company, on the Premiums of all Fire Insurances out of London. A large, advantage is allowed on Life Insurance; and every facility is af- forded by which the interest and convenience of the public may be promoted. _ WARNER PHIPPS, Secretary. THOSE scorbutic cai. es so frequently taken - fi. notice of within the circuit of this paper, are cures performed by Dr. MILLER'S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS; we know them to be facts, as ihey arc done in th « neighbourhood ; in justice of which tire reiterated theme of grateful rhapsody so duly pays its tribute through this public ledger of occurrences : indeed ft would betray at) evident want of candour to entertain a doubt of their efficacy, afier a review of the incon- testible proofs which are lo lie found in the files of thin paper, from yearn past up to ibis present date ^ whereiu lire names of so great and respectable a ' number of the inhabitants of this county are signed, declaring that their present- happy enjoyment, in dear health's pos- session, derived their source through the healing and wonder working powers of this medicine. Dr. Miller's Restorative Nervous Cordial and Pills, Antiscorbutic Drops, and Worm- destroying Sugar Cakes,, may l) t had ( genuiue) of the following persons; viz. Mr. ARTHUR LEE, SCHOOL. HILL, LEWES; Battle, J. Cuthbert Heathfield, J. Ellis Beckley, S. Colbran Horsham, T; Mann Bexhill, T. Wedd Lamberhurst, J. Gibbs Burwash, G. Gilbert Lewes, Pugh and Davey Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Lindfield, W. Durrant Cuckfield, J. M'George > Maresfield, J. Maynard Dallington, J. Pardon " Peasmarsh, E. Bannister Ditcheling, J. Browne Rye, M. Coleman East Bourne, T. Baker Cook and Son E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Sandhurst; J. Beach Edenbridge, W. Corke Seaford, J. Brooker R. Parsons TunbridgeWells, J. Sprange Groombridge, T. Kelick Uckfield, J. Pocknell Goudhurst, J. Couchman Udimore, R. Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wadhurst,' T. Bull Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew -' W. Noakes Hastings, J. Barry Winchelsea, R. Maplesden . —- J. Norton Wittersham, J. Wood. CAUTION.— It is necessary to bo particular that it i* Dr. MILLER-' S ANTISCORBUTIC DROPS thai you purchase, as there are many medicines very similar in name. None are of Iih preparing but what hate it r, d stamp, signed with the Doctor's name, in his own hand writing.; are sold at 4s. ( 3d. per bottle, with a book of directions aud advice. A WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. Patronized by their Royal Highnesses the PRINCESS OF WALES, DUKE OF SUSSEX, and nio. t of th » NOBILITY. MACASSAR OIL for the HAIR. The Vir- • J-' l tues of Lhii Oil extracted from a Tree in the Island of Macassar, in ihe East Indies, are far beyontt Eulogium for encreasiug the GROWTH OF HAIR evert in ba'd places, preventing it falling oft or chang- ing colour, strengthening ihe curl, bestowing an ines- timable gloss a-.. d scent, eradicating AM. impurities of the Hair, nourishing it after sea bathing, and restoring it to a . most beautiful state, promotes the growth of Whisker", Eyebrows, & C. This invaluable Oil for ren- dering the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, inexpressibly attracting, is Sold at 3s. bd. per Bottle- or larger Bottles, with a Treatise on the Hair at £\ is. each, by tire Proprietors ROWLAND AND SON, Kirby- street, Hatton Garden, London; and by Appoint- ment by Messrs. Lee, Medicine Venders, Lewes ; Gre- gory, Brighton ; Binstead, Chichester ; Wyatt, Little Hampton; Fillary, Croydon; and all Perfumers and Medicine Venders, throughout the Kingdom. Beware of servile Imitators, as the Genuine Macassar Oil, has the Signatures, A. ROWLAND and SON. To Country Shopkeepers and Others. WHEREAS, a Set of SWINDLERS are now travelling the COUNTRY lo solicit OKDEK9 in the names of DAY and MARTIN, Blacking Makers, 97 High Holborn, London. Shopkeepers and other* are, therefore, cautioned from the FRAUD that is at- tempted 10 be practised on them, as by paying allentioiv to. the No-. 97, it will easily detect the COUNTERFEIT, many of them having NO NUMBER AT ALL; and prosecutions, after this rrotice, will he commenced agaiust any persons- offering the COUNTERFEIT for sale. N. B. " N0 HALF PINTS made. London, March 3, 18tl. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. THE greatest blemish to Beauty is SUPER- FLUOUS HAIRS on the Face, Neck, and Arms. — HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately re- moves them; it is an elegant article, perfectly inno- cent and pleasant to use, price 4s. or two in one purcel 7s.— Sold by the Proprietor, No. 23, Russel street, Co- vent- Garden, London ; wholesale and retail, by W. Lee, Lewes;— retatl by Mrs. Gregory, Brighton; Baker, Eastbourne; Norton, Hastings; Pike, Romney; Rea- der, Cranbrook ; Sprange, Tunbridge- Wells. Verrall. Uckfield; Goldring, Pet worth- Blasted, Chichester; Blanch, Arundel; Stafford, Worthing ; and by most: Booksellers, Perfumers, and Venders, iu the United Kingdom. Good allowance to dealers, RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Afiec- Hons, wiili their usual concomitants. Sprains, or- flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general X) e— bii ity, ( originating in whatever source) are relieved & n& frequently cured by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUS- TARD PILLS, after every other means had failed. The FLUID ESSENCE OF MUSTARD ( used with ths Pills, in those complaints where necessary, is perhaps ihe most active, penetrating, nud effectual remedy ia. the world, generally curing the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than half the time usually taken by Opodeldoc* Arquebusade, or any oih. r Liniment or Embrocation and if used immediately after any accident, it ureventi the part turning black. F WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally efficacious for all ill conditioned Sores, Sora Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ring> worms, Shingles, breakings out of the Face, Nose, Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and inflamed Eyes, Sora Heads, and Scorbutic Humours of every description Prepared only aud sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Soho, London; the Essence and Fills at 2s. 9d. each. The Cerate at is. l td. and is t They are also sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, ami Baxter, Lewes; Mrs. Gregory, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson. and Walker, Brighton; Mnnday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham; Cuthbert, Battle; Coleman, Rye; Pratt and Phillipson, Chichester; and every Medicine Ven- der in the United Kingdom. N. B. The Genuine has a Black Ink Stamp, wilh the name of R. Johnson inserted on it. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & c. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES ADVERTISEMENTS HflUliG be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. COLDRING, Petworth.; Mr. WHITE Arundel Mr, CHAMPION, HORSHAM; PALME- R, East- Grinsted, Mr MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen
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