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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3375
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 03/06/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3375
No Pages: 4
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. VOL. LX1II. No. 3375.] MONDAY, JUNE 3, 1811. [ PRICE Six- PENCE. r— r~ ~ i„„ i published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered With the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Farts of KENT, SURREY, This Paper which has been regularly V I ^ HAMPSHIRE; AND is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. „.„ p... v is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publisher? The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER, s ' ^ It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. ' > Lewes Water Court. I HEREBY give Notice, That a SESSION SEWERS, or WATER, COURT, will be holden k for Lewes Laughton Levels, on Wednesday the 5th day of June next, by 12 o'clock at noon, at the White Hart Inn, in Lewes at which time and place, all persons concerned, are desire d to attend. J. HOPER, Clerk to the Commission of Sewers. 1 Lewes, 23d May, 1811 _____ Ouse Lower Navigation and Drainage. AGENERAL Meeting of the Trustees will beheld at the White- Hart inn, in Lewes, on Wednesday the 5th day of June next, at eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, to ascertain the amount of the Scots which it will be necessary to request the Commissioners of Sewers of Lewes and Laughton Level's, to raise by Assessments upon Lands in the said Levels, for the ensuing year; to inspect the Bills due; to pass the Treasurer's Accounts ; and for other purposes. EDWARD VERRAL, Clerk to the Trustees. Lewes, s? 3d May, 1811. * NEW SHOREHAM HARBOUR. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Commissioners of the Harbour of New- Shoreham, will be holden at the Star Inn, in this Town on Tuesday, the 4th day of June next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the last adjournment. H. PARTINGTON, Clerk to the said Commissioners. New Shoreham, igth May, 1811. AMICABLE SOCIETY OF CLIFF AND SOUTH- , MALLING. THE next Annual Meeting and Feast of the above Society, will he holden the Dorset Arms, in the Cliff, on Tuesday, the 4th day of June inst ; on -#*. hich day the Members of the said Society are desired to meet by eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in order to attend Divine Service. W. S. CAMP, Clerk to the said Society. N. I!. Dinner to be 011 Table at One o'clock. ARMY CONTRACTS. Commissary in Chief's Office, Great George Street, London, 27th May, 1811. NOTICE is hereby given to all persons desirous of contracting to supply the following articles for the use of the army, viz. BREAD, To his Majesty's Land Forces in Cantonments, Quar- ters, and Barracks, in the under- mentioned Counties | and Islands :— Aldernev, Isle of Wight, Anglesey, Jersey, Bedford, Kent, Berks, including the Town Lancaster, of Hungerford, Leicester, Berwick, Lincoln, Brecon, Merioneth, Bucks, Middlesex, Cambridge, including the Monmouth, Town of Newmarket, Montgomery, Cardigan, Norfolk, Carmarthen, Northampton, Carnarvon, Northumberland, Chester, Nottingham, Cornwall, including Scilly, Oxford, Camberlaad, Pembroke, Denbigh, Radnor, Derby, Rutland, Devon, Salop, Derset, Somerset, Durham, Stafford, Essex, j Suffolk, Flint, _ Surrey, Glamorgan, * [. Sussex, 1 Gloster, including the City I Warwick. of Bristol, Westmoreland, Guernsey, Wills, Hants. Worcester, Hereford, York- Hertford, f Hants, And in the several C01111- Isle of Mil", tics ill North Britain. OATS, * To his Majesty's Cavalry in Cantonments and Quarters, in the undermentioned Colonies and Islands : Anglesea, I Hereford, Bedford, Hertford, Berwick, I Hunts, Brecon, Leicester, Bucks, Lincoln, Cambridge, Merioneth, Cardigan, Monmouth, Carmarthen, Montgomery, Carnarvon, Northumberland, Chester. Oxford, Cumberland, Pembroke, Denbigh, Radnor, Derby, Rutland, Durham, Salop, Flint, Stafford, Glamorgan, Westmoreland, Gloster, Worcester. FORAGE, viz. Oats, Hay, and Straw, to his Majesty's Cavalry in Bar- racks, and Oats in Cantonments and Quarters, in the undermentioned Counties in South Britain: Berks, Northampton, Cornwall, Nottingham, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Suffolk, ' Essex, Surrey, Hants, including the Isle Sussex, of Wight, Warwick, Kent, Wilts, Lancaster, York. Middlesex, And in the several Coun- Norfolk, ties in North Britain. As also Forage to all Horses kept for his Majesty's service, in the Island of, Jersey. That the deliveries are to commence on and for the 25th day of July next; that proposals in writing, scaled up and " marked. TENDER FOR ARMY SUPPLIES, will he received at this Office on or before Wednesday, the 19th day of June, ( but none will he received after twelve o'clock on that day,) and, if sent by post, the postage must be paid. Proposals must be made separately for each County and Island, except for the counties comprising North and. South Wales, all of which must be included in one Tender, as also must the several counties in North Bri- tain ; and each proposal must have the letter which is annexed to the Tender properly tilled up, by two per- sons of known property engaging to become bound with the party tendering in the amount slated in the printed particulars for the due performance of the Contrail; and 110 Proposal will be noticed unless made on a printed Tender, and the prices expressed in words at length, and should it so happen that during the conti- nuance of the Contract, no troops should he stationed or supplied in the County, the expence of the Contract and Bond, paid in the first instance by the Contractor, to be refunded to him by the Commissary in Chief. Particulars of the Contracts may be had upon appli- cation at this Office, between the hours of eleven and five; at the Office of Deputy Commissary General Lindesay, Edinburgh ; at the Office of Deputy Com- missary General Lutyens, Guernsey ; and at the Office of Assistant Commissary General Lament, Jersey. STORES FOR ORDNANCE BARRACKS. r pEIE Right Hon. and Bon: the Principal Offi- 1. cers of His Majesty's Ordnance do hereby give Notice that they are ready to receive Tenders from any Person or Persons who may be willing to agree to supply the Ordnance Barracks and Towers, near to Eastbourne, with COALS, MOULD CANDLES, DIPPED CANDLES, STRAW ( for bedding) BIRCH BROOMS, and HEATH BROOMS, for one year, from the 1st July 1811, to the 30th June ISI2. Particulars may be known on application to R. S. BATE, Esq. Ordnance Barrack- Master, Eastbourne. Such Persons as may he desirous of furnishing either, or all of the above STORES, are desired to send TEN DERS, for each Article separately, addressed EXACT- LY as follows— " To « R. H. CREW, Esq. ",& tc. & c. " Ordnance Barrack <* Office of Ordnance, Department." " PALL MALL. V* No Tender will be received after the 14th June | IS11. STORES FOR ORDNANCE BARRACKS. THE Right Hon. and Hon. the Principal Offi- cers of His Majesty's Ordnance do hereby give Notice that they are ready to receive Tenders from any Person or persons who may be willing to agree to sup- ply the Ordnance Barracks and Towers near to BEX- HILL, with COALS, MOULD CANDLES, DIPPED CANDLES, BIRCH BROOMS, and HEATH BROOMS for one year, from the 1st July 1811, to the 301I1 June 1812, Particulars may he known on Application to Mr. GRIFFITHS, Ordnance Barrack Master, Bexhill Such Persons as may be desirous of furnishing either or all of the above Stores, are desired to send Tenders, for each Article separately, addressed EXACTLY as follows— « To « R. H. CREW, Esq. 1 » & c. & c. & c. « Ordnance Barrack " Office of Ordnance. Department." " PALL MALL." *** No Tender will he received after the 14th June, 1811. CUSTOM- HOUSE, LONDON, MAY 4, 1811. WHEREAS it has been represented to the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, that about two o'clock in the morning of the ad inst. the crew of a boat belonging to the Scourge Lugger, in the service of the Customs, were feloniously tired upon by some persons unknown, near the South end of the town of Deal, when in pursuit of a smuggling galley called the Bee, of Deal. • • . i His Royal Highness, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, for promoting the discovery of the persons guilty of the aforesaid felony, is graciously pleased hereby to promise His Majesty's most gracious pardon, to any one or more of the persons concerned therem, ( except those that actually fired), who will discover ally one or more of bis accomplices, so that he or they may he convicted thereof. R. RYDER. And the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, for promoting such discovery, do hereby offer a reward of THREE HUNDRED POUNDS to any person or persons ( except as before excepted) who will discover any one or more of the persons guilty of the paid felony ; such reward to he paid by the Re- ceiver- General of His Majesty's Customs, on his or their conviction. By Order of the Commissioners, H. RICHMOND. Secretary. SURREY. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. TO BE LET, On LEASE, for 21 years, AGOOD, substantial, brick- built COTTAGE; containing two parlours, six bed rooms, kitchen, and offices ; farm yard, barn, stabling, cow house, and outbuildings, detached from the roan. with A LAWN IN FRONT, A productive kitchen garden, and several Enclosures of Arable and Pasture Land, containing altogether about 40 acres, in a Ring Fence, situate AT HORSE HILLS, Distant from Loudon about 24 miles, on the Brighton Road, in the COUNTY OF SURREY. To be viewed, with Tickets only, which with further particulars may be had of Wells and Watt, Land Agents, No. 8, Gray's Inn Square, London. Oving, near Chichester, Sussex. TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, ( Unless disposed of by Private Contract before the day for delivering Tenders, of which Notice would he immediately given. AVERY valuable estate, held under the Chaunter of the Cathedral Church of Chichester, by Lease for three good lives of the respective ages of 43, 31, and ' 20. Consisting of the Manor, or Lordship of Owing. About 27/ acres of rich land, and diver, cottages, in Oving, are held of the Manor by copy of court roll, each estate for three lives. Upon any life dropping the Lord grants for a new life upon agreement with the Tenant. Half the fines and her lots are reserved to the Chaunter; the other moiety belongs to the Lord, with the quit rents ; the latter amount to £ 6 lf) s. o'- d. The whole profits to the Lord for the last ten years, average at about i'sa 17s. 0d. per annum. A FARM Containing about 255 acres outmost contents ( in. eluding gate rooms, gardens, & c.) he it more or less, customary measure of 120 rods; jyj acres of which are arable,—-, 7 meadow and march,— and upwards of sf coppice : with a good manor or farm- house and every requisite building, to contain not only the produce of the farm, but the tithes also should it be wanted or desired, all now in the holding 0f Mr. John Boniface, term ex- pires at Michaelmas next, and who will - hew the farm. N. B. 79 A. 0R. HiP of the arable land, and 4 A a. lii. 21 P. Meadow, is titheable with both great and small tithes to the vicar; the remainder of the farm with small tithes only. THE TITHES Of corn, grain, pulse and hay of 2579 acres of land, in- most contents, ( exclusive of the farm) in Oving ; 0103 acres of which are now arable, 471 meadow or mowing land; now let to the several occupiers at rents amount ing to A'Snii Us. ( id. per annum, the tenan's paying poor tax. The agreement ceases at Michaelmas next, when to a person having the whole estate and using the farm, and having the option of taking the tithes, their value must he greatly increased ; also from the circum- stance of Chichester having one of the greatest fort- night markets in England, for cattle, corn, & c. and being so numerously and regularly attended by Ports, mouth and other butchers and dealers. The estate is Subject to annual payments amount- ing to £ r, i ris. id.— The whole is exonerated from the Land Tax. Tenders scaled and marked " Tender for Oving Manor, Farm and Tithes," to he delivered to Mr. Gawne, of Chichester, on or before the 19th day of June next. For any further particulars, application to be made ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Gawne. May 1st, mil. HOE PLACE, SURREY. Spacious elegant Mansion, with Pleasure Grounds, walled Gardens, 1 12 Acres of Land, Stables for 14 Houses, three Coach Houses, Hot- house, Grape- house, and Green- house. TO BE SOLD BY. AUCTION, By Mr. SHUTTLEWORTH, At the Auction Mart, 0n Tuesday, June 25, unless pre- viously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given. nnnE MANSION of HOE PLACE, adapted for JL the residence of a Nobleman or Gentleman's fa- mily of distinction, contains on the ground floor, a ves- tibule, breakfast- room, drawing room, with plate- glass casements, dining room, study, dressing- room, butler's pantry; on the first floor, seven best chambers, together with a Path, dressing room, and water closet; on the hack stairs, and in the attics, nine bed chambers, and two dressing rooms; contiguous to the principal build- ing are a servants' half, housekeepers' room, kitchen, laundry, brewhouse, bakehouse, dairy, & c. all well sup- plied with water. The house is in excellent and substantial repair, hav- ing recently had several thousand pounds laid out upon it, under the direction of the late Mr. S. Wyatt. The lands altogether contain about 112 acres, partly freehold and partly copyhold, a part to go with the house, or the whole if required, mostly tithe free, and the land- tax of the greatest part redeemed. The river Borne runs through the grounds; Hoe Place is six miles from . Guilford; six from Chertsey ; three from Ripley, and thirty- three from London; and is situated in a fertile and beautiful part of the county of Surrey. May be viewed with tickets only, which with further particulars, may be had of Mr. Teasdale, Solicitor, Mer- chant Taylor's Hall ; and of Mr. Shuttleworth, Auction Mart, London. N Compact FREEHOLD ESTATE and RESIDENCE, near Westerham, Kent. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WIN STANLEY and SON, At the Mart, near the Bank of England, on Friday, the i28th of June,. at Twelve o'clock, in One Lot, AVERY desirable and compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, exonerated from Land- Tax, and part free of Great Tithes, called GODDARD'S, the residence and property of William Lj. iditi, Esq, situate in the parishes of Westerham, Cudham, and Tatsfield, in the counties of Kent and Surrey, three miles only from Westerham, eight from Bromley, nine front Seven Oaks, ten from Croydon, and eighteen from London ; co « i- sisting of a comfortable residence, and offices, bailiffs, apartments, suitable barns - ' stabling, cut- buildings, yards, gardens, and sundry in closures of excellent ara- able and woodland, lying exceedingly compact, and. nearly Within a ring fence, containing together near 250 acres. This property is particularly recommended to the attention of the sportsman or experimental agri- culturist, the neighbourhood abounding with game, and several packs of hounds' are kept within an easy ride. To be viewed by applying; . to Wm. Louttit, Esq. at Goddard's. Particulars may be had at the Kind's Arms, Westerham; Crown, East Grinstead and Seven Oaks-; Bell, and White Hart, Bromley; the Greyhound, and King's Arms, Croydon- at the Mart ; and of Wiastan- ley and Son, Paternoster- row, where a plan may be seen. " t TO MILLERS, MEALMEN, & c. . TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. DRAWBRIDGE, At the King's Head, Cuckfield, on Friday, the 28th of June, l- 8tl, at four o'clock in the afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given,) LL that capital freehold Windmill, plotof ground . A- JL enclosed, cottage and garden, situated on St. John's Common, and ( late, in the occupation of Nathan Grave- ly, deceased), new in full trade and in excellent repair, in a good country for wheat, and near the turnpike- road leading from Brighton to Cuckfield, capable of grinding, ten loads of wheat per week. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Gravely, Stor- rington; Thomas Lid better, South wick; or of the Auc- tioneer, at Skames Hill, near Lind field, Sussex; COPPICE LAND. To be SOLD by AUCTION, In the month of July* unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, SEVERAL pieces of FREEHOLD COPPICE LAND, lying, together, in the parish of Heyshott, Sussex, containing about 26 acres". These Coppices are an excellent cover for game, and are well worth the attention of a sportsman. Heyshott is distant 2 miles from Midhurst, 9 from Chichester, 8 from Petworth, and 8 from Petersfield, Possession may be had at Michaelmas. For particulars apply to Mr. George Parry, Cocking, near Midhurst; or to Messrs. Sowton and Fuller, Chi- chester. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION On Friday, the 14th of June- next, at the Swan Inn, Palborough, Sussex, between the hours of five and six in the afternoon, A Compact and desirable FREEHOLD FARM, at Adversane, in the parish of Billingshurst, Sus- sex, comprising a farm house, garden, barn, hovel, gate- room, and several closes or parcels of land, containing forty- five acres, more or less, now in the occupation of Mr. Luke Latley, under a lease, which will expire at Michaelmas, 18 tj. For further particulars, apply personally, or by letter ( post paid) to Messrs. HOLMES, Solicitor, Arundel, Sus- • seX. GENTEEL RESIDENCE, and GARDEN GROUND", FRANT, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. CHEESMAN and FRY, At the Bull Inn, in Frant, on Thursday, the 13th of June, 1st 1, at five o'clock in the afternoon, LOT 1. AMESSUAGE, or TENEMENT, pleasantly situated on that much admired spot, Frant Green, within two miles distance from Tunbridge Wells, ( late the residence of Mrs. Taylor, and now occupied by the Rev. J. T. Wilgress,) with detached brew house, dairy room, wood- house, chaise- house, and stabling fur three horses. Also, a large garden thereto, well planted with thriving espalier fruit, and other trees. The Messuage comprises, on the ground floor, a large entrance hall, dining room. study, and breakfast par- lour; kitchen, pantries, and store rooms.— on the first floor, a drawing room, and five sleeping rooms:— and in the attics, three servants' sleeping rooms, with conveni- ent cellars. The Furniture, now let with the above messuage, may be taken at the purchaser's election, by a fair appraise- ment. LOT II. A Piece of HARDEN GROUND, situate on Frant Green aferesaid, nearly opposite to the above messuage. containing about lit. 27lJ. now in the occupation of William Braban. For of the Manor of Frant. For further particular, enquire of J. Aug. Bon- ney, Esq. No. 4, Percy- street, Rathbone. Place, London; of Mr. John Taylor, of Fraut; or of Mr. Stone, Sa. u:- tor, Mayfield FREEHOLD and TITHE FREE ESTATE, and Pectoral Tithes, near Rye, Sussex. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, By Messrs. DRIVER, ARemarkably valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Tithe- free, most advantageously situate in the pa- rish of Broomhill, seven miles from • Romney, five from Rye, and three from Lydd, in THE counties of Sussex and Kent, in the occupation of the proprietors, con- taining about One Hundred and Eighty acres of very excellent, rich, fatting Marsh Land, in a very high state of cultivation. Likewise, the Rectorial Tithes of about One Thou- sand Two Hundred acres, situate in the parish of Broom- hill, This estate is particularly well adapted for vesting money, as upwards of 5 per cent may be obtained im- mediately from the most respectable tenants, Imme- dia'e possession may be had. May be viewed by application to , of whom printed particulars may he had ; also, at the George, Rye; Swan, Hastings; New Inn, Ronmey; George, Tenterden; Rose and Crown, Tunbridge.; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road; or at their offices in the Auction Marl, London, where a plan of the estate may be seen. Copyhold Farm, Burwash, Sussex. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Auctian Mart, on Tuesday, June IS, at IS, ARemarkably desirable COPYHOLD ESTATE, consisting of a very compact Farm, in a good stale of cultivation, containing about One Hundred acres of very good arable, meadow, and coppice land, abounding with game of every description, with a re- markably fine troat stream, and in the occupation of Mr. Robert Ellis, who has received notice to quit at Michaelmas next. This estate is situate near Burwash- Wheel, about 13 miles from Tunbridge Wells, live from Robertsbridae, nine from Battle, and 18 from Lewes; and is a most desirable situation for a sportsman. ' Printed particulars may be bad at the George Inn, at Robertsbridge and Battle; Star, Lewes; Maidenhead, Uckfield ; Swan,- Hastings; Sussex Tavern, Tunbridge Wells; and of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent- road; or at their offices in the Auction Mart, London: Capital extensive Freehold Estates Tithe- free, in the Isles of Sheppey and Marty, in the county of Kent. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messrs. DRIVER, At the Auction Mart, on Wednesday, June 26, at 12, in several lots, SUNDRY very valuable and improveable Free- hold Estates, Tithe free, offering an excellent op- portunity to Gentlemen desirous of vesting their money in landed security to very great advantage, containing together upwards of One Thousand Six Hundred acres, desirably situate in that well- known fertile part of the county called the Isles of Sheppy and Harty, about three miles from Feversham, in the county of Kent. This very valuable property is ' divided into convenient Farms, and let to most respectable tenants upon old leases, some of which will expire at Michaelmas next, and the remainder the Michaelmas following, and are of the low estimated Value of nearly Four Thousand Rounds per annum. Printed particulars will he ready for delivery after the first of June, and may then he had at the principal Inns at Dartford, Rochester, SittingiKurne, Feversham. Canterbury, & c of Messrs. Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent road ; or at their offices in the Auc- tion Mart, London, TO CORN, COAL, WINE, AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE. On Thursday, the 13th d; iy of June, 1811, at the Old * Ship Tavern, Brighton, unless in the mean time is posed of by Private Contract, of. which due notice will be given, THE LEASE of all those desirable and exten- sive premises, being Nos. 8 and 9, Middle street, Brighton : together with the commodious Lofts, Wine Vanits, Spirit Cellars, Coal Yard, Stabling;, & c.& c. The above premises have lately undergone thorough repair, and have been greatly improved by the present occupiers; they are well calculated for the residence of a Merchant, or any other concern requiring extensive room. The House No. 9, contains on the basement, two commodious Vaults, fitted up with brick'd bins, capable of stowing upwards of ( 3 « > 0 dozen wine ; on the ground Hour, a large warehouse, counting house, with private entrance; and good family Kitchen ; on the first floor, two excellent drawing rooms, with. how windows, and three bed chambers, and five attics over ; also a Dwel- ling House adjoining, being No. 8,. containing two par lours, four chambers, kitchen, cellars, and. detached offices. The above premises command a good view of the sea, and let well during the season. For further particulars, and view of the same, apply on the premises', or at Mr. Attree's General Estate and Commission Office, North- street, Brighton. ~ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By THOMAS SONE, On the premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 6th and 7th days of June, 1S I1, \ LL the Houshold Furniture, belonging to Miss NORTON, AT Tarring, near Worthing, Sus- sex :— The goods consist of three prime goose feather beds, bolsters, and pillows; bedsteads ana hangings; • blankets, counterpanes, mattresses, two chests of draw- ers, two mahogany night stools, mai ogany dining and card tables, Pembroke table, three bason stands, twelve mahogany chairs, one pier glass, china and glass, Turkey and Scotch carpets, - 21 pair of sheets, table li- nen, washing and brewing nlensils, kitchen . requisites in general. The furniture is well worth the attention of private families. The tale to begin at twelve o'clock, each day. To Millers, and Others, TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By T. WHITE, At the Lamb Inn, Eastbourne, on Thursday the 6th day of June next, between ' the hours of six and eight t. i the evening, ( unless previously disposed of by private contract) APIECE of LAND, containing One Rood, si- tuate upon Orklyn Hill, in the parish of Willing don, being the scite of a horizontal Windmill, lately burnt down. The premises are Leasehold, for a term of ' 90 ly rent of Five Shillings, The Land is desirably situated between the parishes of East bourne and Willingdon, for the purpose of erect- ing a Windmill, and business to a considerable extent was carried on for upwards of Haifa Century in the late Mill. The Iron Work and Materials of the late Windmill, : now remaining, are to be taken by the Purchaser at a fair valuation, Furfur particulars, apply to Mr. Gell, Selicitor, Eastbeurne, ESSEX. TO BE LET OR SOLD. A Very capital FARM, called BRICK HOUSE FARM, ( or part thereof) with a very excellent Farm Housed Cottages, Coach Mouse, Cow Houses, Barns, Stables^ and out Buildings; consisting of about ISO Acres of Arable, Pasture, Meadow, and Wood Lands, situate about One Mile from Leigh. Three from Rochford, . Southend, and Raleigh, in the County of Essex; the Land is a compleat ring fence round the House, & c.—= The Purchaser may have immediate possession; all . the the growing Crop, Live Stock & c. may be ' taken or declined, at the choice of the Buyer.— The Utensils in Trade must be taken at the same Valuation if pur- chased. The Parties may he accommodated with time to pay two- thirds of the Purchase Money, on security of the Farm —- To save trouble, no Person will he treated with who has not himself, or by Agent, seen the Farm, and will not make a tender above Forty Shillings per Acre, for all the Lands, except the Wood Lands; at which sum it will be Let for Fourteen Years, if no higher is offered by private contract, on the 13th Day of July next, when the offers will be opened.— If not then disposed of, it Will be Sold by Auction some time in September'.— For further particulars, apply to Mr., Vanderzee Rochford, in Person, of by Agent— Letters will not be attended to. BRIGHTON— GENTEEL RESIDENCE With immediate possession. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Messrs. SKINNER, TUCHIN," and FORREST; On Thursday, the 27th instant, at eleven o'clock, on the Premises, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, delightfully situate fashionable and celebrated Watering- place, Brighton, in Sussex consisting of a convenient residence. No. I, with gardens, and ground for coach- house and stabling. doors, dining and breakfast parlours, six bed- chambers, with convenient offices. The premises command a full and uninterrupted view both of the sea and the Downs,. In front of the Royal Crescent is a spacious lawn, inclosed with handsome railing, with a drive round. The Land Tax is redeemed. On the same day, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ' The Houshold Furniture, linen, china, glass, plate. &. c. The House may lie viewed ten, and the effects two days, preceding the sale,, when particulars and cata- logues may he had on the premises ; also, of Messy. Lee, Printers, Lewis; B. C. Williams, Esq, Lincoln'--- lun fields; and of Messrs. Skinner, Tuchin, and For. rest, Alder- gate- street, London. " ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. ABBOTT. At the spurious Assembly Rooms, Old Ship, Brighton, ( a sale not being permitted upon the premises) On Friday. June 21, and following days at one, under a bill of Sale, r1", HE Elegant Furniture, Plate, Plated articles, J. line., china and glass, late the property of Mr, Matthew Phillips, New Inn, North street, Brighton. comprising excellent mahogany, cabinet work. ,, cellarets, breakfast, dining, card, pembroke, and tables, a large billiard table, mahogany and japanned chairs and sophas, plate, glasses, brussely- e and iarkey carpet's, fashionable window curtains, upwards forty, field and four post hedstrads, with handsome. cotton and other hangings, and prime bedding, a profusion of kitchen requisite and articles necessary for a first rate Inn — The whole new within a short time and in excel- lent preservatianil.• To be viewed the day before the sale, catalogues may be then had as above; of the printers of this paper; Old Ship, Brighton; Star. Lewes; King's- Head, Suck- field, and Horsham; Norfolk Arms, Arundel: Half Moon. Petworth ; Dolpllins, Chichester ; of R. withy, esq. Buckingham street, Strand ; and of Mr. Abbott, No. 42, Leicester square, London, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION By T. WHITE, At the New INN, in Pevensey, on Tuesday eleventh day of June next, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, ai. f • disposed of in the mean time by private contract. A neat and substantial dwelling house, erected only a few years since, and containing a hitrhrn, paflo; ur, wash hoase; two cellars, and four bed rooms, with stabling for four horses, a batcher's- shop, s « laughter-- house, huilork- pound, large hog- pound, a deta bed building suitable for a wood or coal room, a neat garden unit orchard, fully stocked with fruit- trees of various sort-, and a well of excellent water, situate in Hankhant- street, in the parish of westham, adjoining the public road, leading from Hailsham to Pevensey. and within about half a mile of Westham barracks; the whole of the premises are freehold, in compleat repair, and are in the possession of Samuel Cruse the proprietor, and the house veusey level, it commands an extensive prospect. Further particulars may be had of the proprietor, or of J. Sinnock, attorney, Hailsham. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Swan Inn, Pulborough, on Friday, the 14th day of June, mi, at four o'clock, ( subject to such con- ditions as shall be then produced), LOT I. A . Very desirable ESTATE, consisting of a Mes- suage, barn, stables, and outbuildings, and four acres of excellent arable, and 13 acres of rich meadow land, situate in the parish of Hardham; with sis cattle leases, and one hog leaze, in Hardham Brook, in the occupation Inheritance, of the Manor of Hardham)." The lands are discharged front tithes, Under a modus of5s. 6d. LOT II. Two Freehold Messuages, with their outhouses, and orchards or gardens, pleasantly situate at Marehill, in the parish of Pulborough, and now in the several occu- pations of Messrs. Francis Greenfield, and Samuel Stacy. The respective tenants will shew the premi. es; and for further particulars apply to Mr. Tyler, Petworth. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, By J. TAMSETT, At the George Inn, in Rye, on Monday, 17th June, Itfil, between the hoars of live and six o'clock, in the afternoon, ( unless in the mean time disposed of by Private Contract.) A Messuage, situate in' the longer street, in Rye, with a large warehouse behind the same, and stable adjoining, in the occupation of Mr. Henry Clark,' baker and confeenoner, the proprietor. The House consists of two front room's on the ground floor, back kitchen, bake- house and large 0vea, live chambers, besides atticks, and wash- house . detached-, and is now in full trader The premises are very eligibly situated for trade, and are in- good repair. Immediate possession may be had. For further particulars inquire of. Mr. Clark. scn, or at the office of Messrs. Woollett and Dawes, Rye. STORES for ORDNANCE BARRACKS. Right " Honourable and Honourable the 1 principal OFFICERS' of Ills Majesty's ORDNANCE do hereby give notice, that they are ready to receive TENDERS from tiny person or persons wl. o may be wil- ling to AGree 10 supply tile ORDNANCE bArracKS. At RINGMER, With Coals, Mould Candles, Dipped Candles, Straw ( for Bedding ), Birch Brooms, and Heath Brooms, Tor ONE YEAR, from ( lie f t July, 1311, to the 30tli June, In 1.2. Particulars may be knowr, on Application to J. A. BIGGS, Esq. Ordnance Barrack- Master, Southover, Lewes. Sttcli persons as may be desirous of furnishing either, or all of the above STORES, are desired to send TEN- DERS, for each article separately, addressed EXACTLY as follows— - " To » R. H. CREW, Esq. " & c.& c. « Ordnance Barrack Office of Ordnance, Department" » PALL MALL." £ 3?*' No Tender will be received after the 14th June, ' 1811. FORAGE CONTRACT. ALL Persons having dellveied Forage into Brighton, Shoreham, ami Bletchington Bar- racks, from the 25th of April to the 24th day of May, are requested to ' bring the cheeks for pay- ment to Messrs. Beard and Trist; Middle Street, Brighton, ou Thursday, tlYe 6th of June, or at the White Hart Inn, Lewes, on the Saturday fol- lowing, between the hours of 19 and 4 o'clock. NOTICE is hereby given, Thai a general Ses- 1. ^ sions of Sewers for the Levels within the Rapes of Pevensey and Hastings, will be holden at the Lamb Inn, in Eastbourne, on Thursday,- the ISih day of June- next, at Eleven o'clock it! the forenoon. Dated the- 29< h day of May, 1811, T.. BARTON, , SHADWELL& BISHOP, ) clerks"' BRIGHTON TOWN SOIL. THE Commissioners for Paving, Lighting, anc JS Cleansing the Streets, Lanes, & c. of Brighton hereby give notice, that tlie Right of Cleansing 1I11 Streets, Lanes, & c. will be LET by AUCTION, for the Term of Two. Years, from the 26th of July next, at the Old Ship" Tavern, in Brighton, on Thursday the 4th day of July, at seven o'clock iu the evening. T. ATTREE, Clerk. EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING. BLUE COACH- OFFICE, BRIGHTON. THE, Original EIGHT, TEN, and TWELVE 5 O'CLOCK, POST and ACCOMMOdATIOn COACHES to London, set out from tlie General Blue Coach Office, No. 44, East- street, to Hatchett's, White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly,, Blossoms Inn, Lawrence lane, Cheapside; aiid George and Blue Boar, Holborn. Performed by the Public's obedient servant*, CROSSweLleR, CuDDINgtON, ALLen, VALlANce, and Co. N! B. Night Coaches carrying Four inside, with four horses, guarded and lighted, in eight hours, every even- ing NT Half past Nine o'clock. The above Coaches call at the George Inn, Borough ; and Hope, Charing- Cross, going iu and coming out of Town. " V* No parcels whatever, of more than si. value will be accounted for, 1// « I/, unless entered as su'clr, and paid for accordingly. London WAGGONS, front Hatchet's, New White Horse Cellar; Swan, Holborn Bridge; and the George Inn, Borough, every Wednesday anei Saturday Noon, lo the. above Office. PORTSMOUTH. CHICHESTER, ARunDeL, and WOR- THING ROyAL MAIL COACh- every morning at Seven o'Clock. LEWES ACCOMMODATIOV COACH every morning and evening after the arrival of the above Coaches. HASTINGS NEW LIGHT COACH, iu ten hours, thro' Bexhill, Eastbourne, Bletchington, Seaford, and New- haven, every Monday, Wednesday, aird" Friday morn- ing, at Seven o'clock, to lite Swan Inn, Hastings ; and rcloril% every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, ait the same hour. A New Coach s~ ls out every Tuesday, Thursday,'' and Saturday morning, from the Swan Inn, Hastings, at Se- ven o'Clock, to . Margate, Dover, Deal, Hythe. Rye, & c. ' CHEAP PAINT. PARK Paintings, Fences, Weather Boards, Brick- and Plaister Fronts, Tiles. Stales. & c. & c. IMPENETRABLE PAINTS. percv/ t. per cwt. Invisible Green - 30s. White - - 56s- Dark ditto titis, Red - - 4( js. Bright ditto - 7* » . Chocolate- - r, Gsi Lead Colour - 5Gs. ' Yellow - • 56s. Stone ditto - - Mis. Black - - 5tis. Prepared Drying () per gallon. The best prepared Paints for Fine Work, and House Painting of every description. per ill. per lb. Olive Green - In. 3< l Blue - - Is. fSd. Dark ditto - Is. ud. Yellow - . Os. yvf. Invisible ditto - w f) d. Black - - os, yd. Stone Colour - os. ud. Lead Colour - " ns. sd. Chocolate - Os. yd. Red . - - Os. 7d. White Paint - os. b" d. 1 Best White Lead, 5-> s per cut', Turpentine ( Town) 7 » . tid. per Gallon. Boiled Linseed Oil, Gs. Linseed, W6d. The IMPENETRABLE PAINTS are very ornamental, Hud as ihey are prepared fur the above < ft » cripii.. u nl Work only, possess the greatest durability. They will, a'so cover a surface considerably greater than any other paint, from which circumstance alone ihey arc actually cheaper than the common Coal Tar. lit audition u thi-, they are as easily worked as the finest paints, a- u 4 had iinniedJattiy ; and of the House and Gar- den at Michaelmas next The premises are iu good re- pair,' autf may be viewed at any time ; and farther par- ticulars known, of the Auctioneers, Lewes, Sussex. TO' BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, fn Mayfield, Sussex, 011 Wednesday the 12lh J" uue, 1811, at five o'clock ii) the afternoon, either tngcther cr in lots, as may be determined ou at the time of sale, A Compact and most desirable little FARM, A situate and adjoining close to the town of May- field,. called by the name of » Ham . Afd1 Horton, contain- ing about iGA. 3R. 38P. of exceeding rich Hop and Orchard Ground, Meadow, Arable, Pasture, and Wood Laud, with convenient Osthouse, Stable Lodges, and Yards thereto, late the property and iu the occupation of Mr. Edward Sawyer Chatfield, deceased. The above Estate is Freehold, and exonerated from Land Tax; and possession may be had at Michaelmas- day next. The present Tenant will shew' tlie Premises ;— am for further particulars' apply at the Office of Mr. Stone Solictor Mayfield. Real Estates of Mr. George Bodle TO Be; SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, ( By Order of tliti A- sigiiccs of George Bodle, of Alfriston, iu the County of Sussex, a Bankrupt,) At tlie Star Inn> iu Alfriston afnresaid, on Monday, the 17th day of . line, 1811, at four o'Clock iu the After- noon, 111 Eigltt Lots. .-.' .-- TI LOT 1. A LL that Freehold, modern built' Messuage or XJL Tenement^ w'illi the appurtenances thereto be- longing, situate, adjoining to the pleasant town 0 Alfriston aforesaid, and which is now iu the tenure or occupation of Mrs.. Elizabeth Stevens. Together with ; roomy building ileal'lire same, now used as a carpenters shop, in the occupation of Edward Bodle. N.. B. This is' a comfortable residence for a small family, li. is a pleasant green plot in front, & a right 0 carriage way to and from the same by the Star- lane, LOT 2. All that piece or parcel of valuable arable land, situate in the short fur- long of Alfriston aforesaid » t present partly planted with Lucern, and which i now in the occupation of Henry Hastings, or his under tenants. LOT 3. All that building at present used as a ware house, situate, near the centre of the town of Alfriston aforesaid, and n- - iu the occupation of the assignees of tlie said George Bodle, LOT 4. > that valuable piece or parcel of arable land, containing 3A. 21t. 11 p. more or less,- situate under Maple Bank, near Alfriston aforesaid,- part whereof has » thriving plant of Lucern growing 011 title same, aud other part sown with oats, and which is now ill the te nure or occupation of John Bodle, his Under tenants 0r assigns. N. B. This lot lifts a deep vein of valuable brick earth in it,. Lot s. All that piece or parcel of vnltmblc land, ti the same is now. stumped out, and which has of lat years been used as, a brick yard, and 011 whiclris'a goo kilu. aud other conveniences for making bricks: also brick built mes- uage or tenement, in two dwelling The yard is tiij. w i. i the occiipaiiou . of Henry Beck. LOT ti. All iliat Valuable' garden, inclosed with lofty Walls, and which adjoins 011 the south side of Lot together with a small piece of ground 011 tlie east end thereof, as the same is now stumped out. The garden is now Ul the occupation of Robert Bodle or Ins undcr tenants. ^ ; • N. B, The walls on the east, west, and north, to b long 10 this Lot. - 3< lsc> * ' ' LOT ed iiilo sever. il distinct Gardens, part of which is clothed with thriving young'" fruit trees of the ntopt valuable 1 sort-, and which is now iu the' several tenures. or ocicu i patiiuis of Edward Bodle, ., Carter Eliz. Stevens and Henry Hastings'. LOT 8. AU tlv. it modern- built Messuage or Tene ment, situate in the parish of Willingdon, in the said county, and which js now or late in the tenure or occu paiion of Samuel Stretton. N. B. Lots > 2, a; 4, .1, 6, aiid 7, are Copyhold the Manor of Lullington ; and Lot s, is Freehold. The respective Tenants have notice to quit at Michael mas next. The premises may l> e viewed by application lo Mr. G Osmond, of Alfriston," of whom furlher particulars 111 be had ; or of Mr. T. Cooper, Solicitor, Lewes. MARSH LAND, ill OLD ROMNEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the New Inn, in New Romney, 011 Thursday, the a; tli day of June, 1811, hi twelve o'clock at noon, FOUR pieces of MARSHLAND, situate in L Walland Marsh, iu the parish of Old Romney, cont taining iu the whole 40 acres, more or less, and now the occupation of James Dunn, whose term Will expire at Michaelmas next. The above pieces of land lie together, are subject a modus of is. per acre, and the water- rates and paro chial taxes are very low. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Marshall and Vrrall, Solicitors, Steyning. ' r t f e r s A r 1 s c d u s, y d it r- e- I- d It a s e L u 0 si G a h i > r i n r tl TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, it the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday Jbe gytliNjf June, 1811, t seven VeW'^ jli in, the ev « nihp[, AFARM, situate in tire several Parishes of Heathfield nod Burwash, called by the name of PONTS otherwise KINGSDOWN y consisting of a. Messu- age, Barn, Stable, Outbuildings and about 112 acres of Arable, Pasture, Meadow, itnd Wood Land, now iu the occupation of Mr. Samuel Brook, as Tenant from year to year: This Estate desirably situated on the South side - of the Turnpike Road leading from Lewes to Burwash, distant from the latter place about three miles, and possesses large quantities of Grey Lime Stone, of good quality, which may be drawn and used on the Estate with much advantage. The Premises are Freehold, ( Except about 16 acres which lire Leasehold, held for a short unexpired Term under the Earl of Chichester). For further particulars, apply, to Mr. Thomas Wool gar, of Lewes; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor. Mayfield Sussex Farms TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, - By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday, the agth of June, 1811, at Six o'Clock M the Evening, unless ac ceptable offers of purchase should be made in the mean time, LOT I. AFREEHOLD FARM, ( witHiri a ring Fence) called WEEKLANDS, cousisting of a House, Barn, Stable; Oasthouse, aiid other Buildings ; and about 79 A. 2 K. 7 P. of good Land, most eligibly situate iu Little Horsted. within Six Miles of Lewes, and Two of. Uckfield, adjoining to tl> e London Road, anttuow in the occupation of Mr. John Diplock, whose term will: expire at Lady Day, .18 U. I N. B. This Farm* coutjntfands very fine prospect's, and is peculiaily calculated for the erection of a Villa. LOT II. , A FREEHOLD FARM, ( 4W within a ring Fence) consisting of a good house;* with a Cottage, Barn, and other Buildings, and about T48 A: I R. 14 P. of Land^ viz. 143' A, I R. 12 P. called CRAINSDEN, occupied by Messrs*. Peckham ; and, 6/ i. OR. 3 P. called' KNOWLDGE HIGHfILD, occupied by Mr. Rose, eligibly situate in the Parish, and very near to the Town of Mayfield. N. B, Messrs. Peckham's Term wit! expire at Lady Day, 1812, and Mr. Rose's at Michaelmas," 1813, LOT III. A compact little Freehold Farm ; consisting of a Cot- tage, and Three Parcels of Land, called Smith's Mead, Smith's Field, and Hilly Knowle Field, containing to- gether about lf$ A. IR. 38, P; atuate in the parish and near the town of Mayfield, and now in the occupation of Messrs. Peckham aiicT of Mr. Rose, whose terms will respectively expire at Lady- Day and* Michael, mas 1812; , . LOT IV. A compact Freehold Farm, failed Hunts; eoti< 3sting of a large House, vvitb a Barn and other Buildings, and about 78A. 2R. I5P. of Land, situate in May field, ad joining to Lot 2, ssird now occupied by Messrs. Peck- ham, whose terra will expire at Lady- Day 1812. N. B. Lots 2, 3. and 4, are well cowered with thriv- i iilg Timber; and the Soil is fertile an^ kindly for the growth of Timber, and for the Cultivation of Hops. The several Tenants will shew the Farms. And further particulars may be known on applica- l tioa. to. Messrs. Hoper and Son, at Lewes; or to Mr Stone, at Mayfield. Capital Freehold Property in the Isle of Wight. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION,- By Messrs. HOGGART and PHILLIPS, At tire Auction Mart, on Thursday, the 27th of June, at 12 » >' clock, iivTwo Lots: LOT I. AVALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, called WOOLVERTON Farm, situate, ill the parishes of Woolverton and Shorwell, about 6 miles from Newport, rn the Isle of Wight - r consisting of 4on acres of rich ara ble, pasture, a- ncf wood Land, free from great tythes, well wooded* aivd watered ; the whole lying within a ring fence, and bounded by excellent roads, iw out' of the'must beautiful situations in the Island, witli a spa- cious Mansion House, suitable for tlie . accommodation of a respectable family ; with Officer of every descrip- tion, Barns, Stabling fur 24 horses and Outbuildings, pleasure Grounds, and Plantations, productive Gardens, lofty Walls, and abundance of Fruit Trees. The Estate has beeu lately surveyed and valued at .£ 800 per annum. The present tenant's lease expires at Michaelmas ue » i. LOT II. A FREEHOLD ESTATE, at a short distance from Lot 1, consisting of two enclosures qT rich Land, called Mealands, iu a good situation fir building, containing together ubout 17 acres, accessible by the road from Knighton to Woolverton Farm. To be viewed, with leave of the tenant; and Parti- culars had 20 days preceding the sale, at the Bugle. Newport; Dolphin, Southampton ; Crown, Portsmouth India Arm Gosport; at the Auction Mart; and oi Messrs. Hoggart and Phillips, No. fii, Old Broad- street Royal Exchange. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. SONE, On the Premises, on Tuesday, ihe 11th and Wed- nesday, the 12th June l$ ll, ( under an Execu- tion from the Sheriff' of Sussex) A LL the Houshold Furniture of No. 7. War- XI. wick street. Worthing: consisting of 3 ma- bogany chests of drawers, dining, card, and claw tables S beds, willt bedsteads and furnituie, pier and dressing glasses, anil other implements of fur> niture. Alio the fixtures and utensils in the shop and bakehouse. To begin each day at eleven o'clock. Brighton . To BE? SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE LEASE of a genteel FAMILY REST A DENCE, pleasantly situated in the most desira ble part of West- street, and of which immediate posses sion may lie bad. To be viewed, and further particulars known, by ap plying to Mr. Attree, at his General Estate and Com mission Office; North Street, Brighton. Houshold Furniture, Brighton. » TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr ATTREE, Oil Wednesday, the 5tli of June, ( by order of the As signces, A LL the genuine HOUSHOLD FURNITURE XX. at Carlton Place, Brighton. The sale lo begin at eleven o'clock iu the forenoon. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, On Wednesday, June r>, at Ihe Old Ship Tavern, at 7 o'clock in the evening, A CAPITAL FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, be XJL ing No. 3, North- Buildings, iu the town of Brigh ton, commanding a delightful view of the Downs, Stein Sea, Military Parade, & e.— Comprising, 011 the base ment, a large kitchen, housekeeper's room, an enclosed yard, and convenient 0111- 11 offices ,— on the ground floo two parlours ; on ihe first floor, a spacious drawing room and chamber ; on the second floor, two excellent sleeping rooms ; aiid two attics over.;— . vith a piece ground on the South and East fronts, enclosed by a neat pallisade fence. The above premises are in good repair, and fit for t reception of a gentleman's family. To be viewed, and further particulars had, by applying to. Mr. Attree, at his General Agency- Office, . North street, Brighton. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY . MR. ATTREE, On Thursday, June 6, 1811, opposite the King and Queen, Brighton, ASTRONG, useful, Brown Gelding, Gig and Harness, Light Cart and Ditto, Three Loads of Sacks, Sixteen Loads of rich Manure. Sundry Casks, Measures, Husbandry Tackle, &. c. The Sale to begin at twelve o'clock,— and tlie whole to be sold without reserve. brighTELMSTOn. Partjcill^ ri- of several very desirable Estates,.—' ccrd- - sisting of a valuable Inn, Lodging- Houses, a large un) finijj! ed Building intended for a Library, a id other Buildings and Ground, situate id Bright- helmston, in tlie County of Sussex. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, ' By Mr. ATTREE, At the-, Norfolk- Arms Hotel, in Brighthelmston, nit ^ ' Thursday the vsth day of June, 1811, at eleven o'clock iu ihe forenoon, IN THE FOLLOWING LOTS, ( Unless any of such Lots are previously disposed orr of which the utmost notice will be given) : Lot 1. A LL that very handsome, capacious Free- . J- * hold Inn,' OR Hotel, cirHei) THE NORFOLK ARMS HOTEL, most eligibly situated on the Sea Cliff near Bedford Square,- on the west part of the town of Brighthelmston, fronting the Sea, and at a very conve- nient distance from the public road leading front Bright- helmston to New Shoreham ;— comprizing two kitchens, pantries, vaults, cellars, sculleries, and other suitable offices, for an Inn or Hotel, a coffee- room, three par- lours and bar, four sitting rooms, and waiters'pantry ; — on the first floor, eight best bed rooms and ten upper* I rooms; also a good Tap House adjoining, Comprizing m " good tap room, two sitting rooms, and three- bed rooms. Also, a compact range of Coach Houses, Stables, and Buildings, at the hack part thereof, consisting ot* four Coach Houses and Stalls for 27 Horses. Lot2. All. that genteel newly erected Freehold Lodging- House and Library, i. ivh the Buildings and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate also- 011 the West Cliff, near Bedford- Square, in Brighthelmston " The Lodging- House comprizes kitchen, butlers* room i and pantries, servants' hall and suitable out offices, large drawing room, dining rooqi, three best bed rooms, and a smaller room, and four upper rooms. » This Lot contains about 24 feet by 1311 feet; and possession thereof may be had on the 24tb June iust. N. B, The. Library, Stock^ oT Books, And other articles . may be bad at » fair valuation; iu » also the Hoi hold Furniture ill the Lodging-' House, which is nearly new. Lot 3. A Piece of Leasehold Building Ground^ immediately at the North of a Lodging- House belonging 1 o Mrs. Ann Marshall; and which House is at the hack, of a large Mansion or Lodging House, being 59, of the Marine Parade,, in Brighthelmston, lon. » his Lot- admea- sures about 6b feet in length - by about 2S feet 6 inches in depth, and. fronts a new road leading to: the Sea Cliff, and lias a side new of the Sea; Subject to a Pepper Corn Rent only. Lot 4. A very handsome, capital Leasehold . Lodgi ing House and- Buildings, being No. 76, on the Marine Parade, in Brighthelmston aforesaid, being at the cor • uer of Bedford- Street, and having a full view of the Sea. — consisting of a kitchen. housekeepers ' room, sr. large area with suitable out offices, front and back parlour. 1 with folding doors, drawing room, three best bed rooms'**- and three attics. This Lot is Leasehold for ' a - term of git ve » r » » - about 90 of which are unexpired, at an ' original rent ( including various other property) or 711I. per ann.— hut which will be no\? sold subject to the' rent, of 17I. per annum only, nii an apportionment of such original' Ground Rent Lot 5. A Leasehold unfinished, but most capacious and elegant Structure, designed for and intended ta'be called, the> NEW STEINE LIBRARY, . with mi exten- sive warehouse adjoining, and Lodging- house utt. ichcdi.' situate 111 St. James's street aforesaid, immediately fronting the New Steine, in Brighthelmston a^ ottjui'di being four stories high, and built of very good and spW stantial materials. This Lot is leasehold for a terms of 99 years, of whicW about 96 years are yet unexpired, at the rent of 45b per annum. Lot 6. A Leasehold Messuage or Tenement, shop and buildings, being No. 38, oil the North side nf St. James's- street, iu Brighthelmston aforesaid, lai. it, ihe occupa- tion of Richard Philip, aiid used by him as a furniture' warehouse, anil containing a goodr bow- fronted shop, back parlour, and passage, with side entrance; dining- room, with a. back bed Chamber, three chambers, au"^' three- attics. , This lot is subject also to the before- menliotied ground V rent <* per annum, and the purchaser' will be expected 10 covenant to pay £ . per annum as au apportionment thereof. Lot 7, - All those two unfinished Leasehold Brick built Messuages or Tenements, buildings and ground, on the west side, and at th « south end of a row of houses and buildings in Brighthelmston aforesaid, called Upper- Rock Gardens, which is intended to comniunicate with St. James's street aforesaid, each bouse containing in front ] G feet, and. in depth, including the area in front* 45- feet or thereabouts. And also ihe piece of building: " ground- adjoining, at the south end thereof, and front ing into St. James's street ahrcairf, contaning in front' of the said street, 45 feet by a'.„„ t a4 fcct deep, for the term of 99 years, at the rent of 4 .1, jx- r annum. The purchaser of this lot will be obliged to compleat the said houses, with the same frontage at » d height ^ as the bouses adjoining 011 the north side thereof. Lot 8*. All that Leasehold , Messuage ir- Tenement, buildings and ground, being No. 4, in Lfper Koclr Gardens aforesaid, being. iG feet in front, by 4- fK( 1t or thereabouts- iu depth, and comprising a housekeeper's*- * room, kitchen hall, and butler's pantry; two parlours drawing room, and chamber behind', two attics and two garrets, . -. This and the next lot, together with several other houses-, are in the whole subject to a ground rent of loul, per annum, the proportional part ofwhicl*. for the nhovc lot to pay, will be sol. per annum. Lot 9. All that oilier Leasehold Messuage or Tene- ment, buildings and ground adjoining the last lot be- ing No. 5,. » f tlie said row of buildings, called Upper Rock Gardens aforesaid), of similar size and conveni- ences therewith, arid subject also to the payment of Jul. per annum, as an apportionment of tlie said* origi- nal ground rent of'jool. LOT 10. Several well covered leasehold ground rent's, issninS out of ground, situate, 011 the west side of High- street, iu Brighthelmston a oresaid, viz.— From and out of ground leased to Henry £. s. < f. Waterman, OH which a messuage or te- S jj Q nement is built .... Do. Do. leased to T. Nichols a, t . 3 la S Do.. Do. T. Akeburst , h 1 Do. Do, Wm. West- gate - 1.8 jt> . & £• 25 6 0 LOT 11. All that four paul piece of leasehold land, . fronting the sea or ibe marine parade, in Brighthelmston aforesaid, the' south part thereof underleased to Mr, : Miller, and subsequently assigiieH to Ebenezer John- ston, Esq. at a rent of F3L per annum, and U| M> II which two lodging houses are erected, and the north part - thereof reuiaius unbuilt upon. This lot will be sold subject to a ground rent of £ per annum in exoneration of the said ori- - ginal ground rent of £ 70. LOT 12. A piece of freehold ground, exceedingly. . desirable for building upon towards the lower or south . end, and on the east side of a certain new street, lead- C, ing out of St. James's- strcet, and near llie New Steyne i- ill Brighthelmston aforesaid, called Devonshire- street, d containing 111 front from north to south feet, and r, in depth from ejist to west 75 feet or thereabouts. • LOT 13. Another piece of freehold ground of the lt same size, and adjoining the last lot on the north, jf LOT 14. Another ditto of the same size, and adjoin- ing the last lot on the north. LOT 15. A piece of copyhold ground at the north le end of, and iu a line with the row of houses ill Bright- helmston, called Gloucester place, fyie and heriot cer-' j, tain: also exceedingly will adapted for building upon ,. containing in front from north to south 34 feel, and i: i depth from east to west I4n feet, with half the head — wall and chimney therein of the house, belonging to C » Rand, Esq. and also a workshop built 011 the said ground. id LOT 16. Also two small copyhold messuages or tene- ments, buildings, and small piece of vacant ground adjoining, situate 011 the cast side pf Cumberland - street, 111 Brighthelmston aforesaid, subject to a rent of iMa per annum, or thereabouts, for an unexpired term of 90 years. ' Particulars and Conditions of Sale will be printed ii) a few , days, and may be had at ally of the Banking houses, Libraries, and Inns i. i Brighthelmston, aud ai the office of Messrs. BROOKER and CELBATCH, Solici- tors, Prince's Place. iiini mmmmmm* mmmm* rnmi* mm* mMimmih • — ^ poststript. FROM, SATURDAY'S LONDON GAZETTE. Carlton- House, June 1, l$ ll. NOTICE is hereby given \ o the Ladies and Gentlemen invited by the command of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent to the Ball at ^ arlton- House, in celebration of his Majesty's birth- day, that it is unavoidably postponed from Wednesday the 5th to Wednesday the 12th inst. BANKRUPTS. Nathaniel Porter, Birmingham. factor, and clock- dial- maker. — Thomas Rowlandson and Joseph Bates, Cheapside, merchants. Dudley Bagley, Sedgley, Staffordshire, ironmaster. Ed- ward Creaser, Great Driffield, York, chymist and druggist. George Lapraik, Bishopsgate- street, cheesemonger. George Dodd, Vauxhall- place, surveyor.—- Thomas Dunstan, Falmouth, linen- draper.^—— Jaines Young, Foolow, Derby, shop- keeper, - George Park, North Shields, anchor- smith. Richard Attwell, Toddington, Bedford, baker.— John Coates, Park- lane, Piccadilly, taylor. •— John Wilson, Leeds, merchant.— James Brooks, Queen- street, Cheapside, wine- merchant — Thos. English, Hull, ship builder.— William Urquhart, Lloyd's Coffee- house, merchant.— James Waller, Lower Tooting, Surrey, butcher.— John Keeping, Burpham, Sussex, brewer and maltst, er.— Headly Ackland, Leadenhall Market, provision merchant. —— Thomas Oldham, Rupert street, Haymarket, painter and glazier.— Charles Asling, Hind- court, Fleet- street, jeweller.— Ambrose Deyk in and John Deykin, High- Holborn, accoutrement- makers. 1 HannahEure and Robert Richards, Worship- street, Fmsbury, Middlesex, wheelwrights.— Wm. Atkin- Son, Three King- court, Lombard- street, hat- manu- facturer.— Peter Jack, Covent- Garden, victualler. —- Peter Dalgairns, Liverpool, merchant. This Gazette contains two letters from Captain Whitby, of the Gerberus. dated the 4th and 13th of February, at sea, giving an account of some successful enterprizes performed in the Adriatic by that ship and the Active His Majesty's ships Successful in recapturing and destroying fourteen transports and other ships, with inconsiderable loss. ^ LONDON. ( SUNDAY). We embrace the earliest opportunity in laying before our readers, the following Official Bulletin, issued on Saturday afternoon : — " Home Department, June 1. " General Don, the Governor of Jersey, has transmitted to this Office a Lisbon Gazette, brought to that Island in five days from Lisbon, from which the following is an extract: — The Telegraph, announces the following news:— " Elvas, II o'clock, May 19. " Before eight in the evening the enemy's army begat1! to retire; at eight in the morning our army : in arched after the rear guard of the enemy. In . the battle of the 16th, the enemy had three Gene- rals killed and three wounded, Rupin and Gazan, are two of the killed, •' Elvas, 3 o'clock. " Lord Wellington is arrived." From the above- mentioned Gazette; the follow- ing article is extracted: — " By authentic letters received this day from the army of Estramadura, we learn that we have gain- ed & great victory, which however has cost us dear, the French lost between 12 and 18,001) men, and abandoned their killed and wounded. The Allies lost between 7 and 8000. The three allied nations , behaved like heroes, and had an equal share, as well in the glory as in the loss. With regard to the list of killed and wounded, and the other particulars of this memorable battle, we refer to the official ac- count, because in letters there is always some dif- ference in the relation, however well founded in fact.' The Spaniards are said to have refused quarter to the French, and put every man to the sword that were in their way. , The Catholic Question was brought forward on Friday, in the House of Commons, and negatived by a majority of 63. Loup MELVILLE died on Wednesday last, at Edinburgh. He was found dead ill his bed in the morning. LEWES, JUNE 3, 1811. Last Friday the 68th Light Infantry, stationed here, were inspected on the Downs, nigh to the' Barracks, by Major- General Erskine, before whom they were practised in many of the Rifle- Corps manoeuvres, which we understand they performed adroitly, and to the satisfaction of the General.. This morning the first division of the above re- giment marched from our- Barracks, on its route to Portsmouth, there to embark with other troops, to join Lord Wellington's army in Spain. The 68th is reckoned a very effective regiment, being in number 800, and the height of the men princi- pally between 5 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 10 inches, te which standard it was restricted, when the late Militia Volunteerings took place. The other divi- sions follow to- morrow and next day. Immediately" after the inspection of the 68th. the General proceeded to the inspection of the Peven- sey Battalion of our Local Militia, and expressed great satisfaction at the appearance and performan- ces of both officers and men. General Erskine afterwards dined at the Mess, where the . Colonel of the 68th, and several Gentlemen of the town, di- ned also, by invitation, The above Battalion, having completed its ser- vice for the present year, will, this day, be disem- bodied ; and • we are happy In having it in our pow- er to say, that their conduct has been creditable to - their: both as. citizens and as soldiers. The population of the four Parishes in this Bo- rough, as taken on Monday last, agreeably to the instructions of an Act of Parliament, is as follows, viz. St. Ann's, 918 St. Michael's, ,.. 949 St. John's, 1108 All Saints, . 1447 .... . 4S82 In the parishes forming part of the town, not within the Borough • In the Cliff, ... 1258 Southover 503 South- Malling, we have, nut yet been " j able to procure, but suppose it about > 500 equal with Southover, J Total 6637 Mackarel were on Friday and Saturday last in tolerable plenty ; in our market, and at the Bridge, they were sold four for a shilling. Last Friday Mr. Moore, butcher, of this town, killed a calf, whose tongue, on being divided, ex- hibited, sticking in the very centre ef it, a fine needle, the point of which had caused the genera- tion of a small quantity of pus. The external part of the tongue had not the least abearance of wound or blemish. Last Tuesday a man fell out of a cart he was driv- ing on the Brighton road, near Ashcomb, and be- ing very drunk, one of the wheels ran over his body before . he could recover himself; but fortunately Without doing him any material injury: At our fair to- morow, a large supply of stock, and a numerous attendance, may be reasonably expected- On Saturday, two men, whom the Court of Quarter Sessions had sentenced to a public whip- ping, were punished accordingly, at the gates of the Town Hall, one for. stealing wine which had been saved from a wreck, at East Dean ; and the other for bigamy. The same Day, a soldier of the 68th Light In- fantry, in a state of extreme drunkenness, fell into a privy of the White Hart Inn, where he would have been suffocated in a very short Time, had not assistance been at hand. On taking off his clothes to wash him, a bag, containing base shillings, was found upon him. Storms of thunder, lightning, and rain, and in some instances hail, have visited this neighbour- hood almost every day during the last week; and several buildings, & c. have been set on, fire by the lightning. Between six and seven on Monday evening, a sharp storm of about an hour's continuance, was experienced at Uckfield and Maresfield, proceeding in an easterly direction to Pevensey, where a barn belonging to Mr. Whiteman, was ' set on five by the electric fluid, and totally consumed. The barn had fortunately, only a quantity of straw within it. On Friday morning, about seven, we were again visited by a storm of considerable magnitude, which was most awfully experienced at Eastbourne, where a very large barn, the property of Charles Gilbert, esq. was set fire to by the lightning, and notwithstanding the most active exertions were instantly made to extinguish the flames, it was entirely consumed, together with a portion of the corn, and other articles which the barn con- tained. By the very prompt and unremitted assist- ance of the neighbours, aided by the military from the Artillery Barracks, another, barn almost adjoin- ing, and divers other buildings, likewise the pro- perty of Mr. Gilbert, were saved from the destroy- ing element. Mr. Auger, Captain Gosset, Air. Mudge, Mr. Langford, Mr, J. Willard, and Messrs. Hurst, were particularly active; and some artillery- men worked a fire- engine with great ability, and with effect, as to saving the other buildings from the conflagration. We understand Mr. Gilbert was insured in the Sun Fire Office. On the same morning, during the above storm, a Barge, moored near a conductor at Bletchington Mill, was forced from her situation to the opposite side of the river, and the water near to where the barge was lying appeared agitated for an instant, in a very extraordinary manner. We do not find any injury was done to the barge. Storms have also been very general throughout the kingdom, and in some places their effects have been awfully destructive:— On Monday last, by the bursting of a cloud, during a tremendous tem- pest, several rivers in Shropshire, not far from Shrewsbury, overflowed their banks, and swept away almost every thing in the course of the tor- rent:— At Minsterly and Pohtesbury, 16 or 17 persons were swept away and perished; and at Crockmeole, 26 cows, the property of Mr. War- ier, and other stock, were carried away; and the damage in that quarter is estimated at upwards of <£ so, ooo. On the same day, a most tremendous storm of hail, accompanied by peals of thunder and light- ning, fell at Worcester, by which nearly all the glass in some parts of the city was destroyed ; and at Hallow, near Worcester, a slight shock of an earthquake was felt by the inhabitants. At Hopton, in Derbyshire, a tornado, tore up trees by their roots, carried them from 20 to 30 yards from where they grew, removed cows and other cattle from one field to another, and did other almost incredible damage. BIRTH.] On Friday last, at East- Bourne, Mrs. Watson, wife of Lieut. Colonel Watson, of a son and a daughter, both whom, with their mother, are likely to do well. DIED. On Monday last, the 27th ult. Mrs. Hoper, wife of John Hoper, esq. of this place. ERRATUM. For Accidental Death, the conclud- ing words of the last article but three, of the Lewes Newps of last week, read LUNACY. BRIGHTON, JUNE 3, 1811. At a Meeting of Town Commissioners, on Wed- nesday last, several newly elected Commissioners took the oaths prescribed by the act; after which Mr. T. Vine, senior, was unanimously elected Town Surveyor, for the ensuing year. The North Yorkshire Militia have taken posses- sion of the barracks so long occupied by the Royal South Gloucester Regiment, near this, town, and a more respectable corps, we believe, does not wear the military uniform. They arrived, in three di- visions, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday last; their route was from Chatham, through East Grin- sted, Uckfield, and Lewes. On the 26th of May, early in the morning, the Angmering Volunteer Light Infantry, commanded by Captain Holmwood, marched from thence to Finden, for the purpose of having a field day, which ended in a SHAM fight, on the South Downs, and terminated WITHOUT LOSS OF BLOOD, about one o'clock, after which, the corps refreshed themselves at the Gun Inn, aud marched . to their respective homes. The fineness of the day, and the assemblage of company from the surrounding neighbourhood, formed a delightful scene, with which every one present seemed highly pleased, as well as at the military appearance and steadiness of the corps; aud went home perfectly persuaded, that if ever the Tyrant of Europe should send his hordes on English ground, that British Volunteers will treat them as our brave countrymen have lately done in Portugal I On Saturday last, the Sussex Centre Local Mi- litia were reviewed by Major General Erskine, near Brighton; their steady discipline and soldier- like appearance induced the warmest praise from the general, who was pleased to express his approba- tion in the strongest terms of their excellence in the different manoeuvres. The General honored the mess with his presence after the review, where he was met by the Earl of Chichester, several Officers of the 10th Hussars, Officers of the Ar- tillery, 35th regiment, and many gentlemen of the town. . The Officers of the Sussex Centre Local Mili- tia, presented their Colonel with an elegant and splendid sword, in pursuance of a proposition made by the Officers who had served under the command of Lieut. Col. Graham, since 18) 3, in the South Lewes Volunteers, and who transferred their services with the Colonel to the Local Militia, which proposition was agreed to, with the unani- mous approbation of the Officers of the Centre Sussex Local Militia. The sword bears the following inscription : " The Officers of the Centre Sussex Local Militia t6 li Lieut. Col. G. E. Graham : —^- A tribute of respect for him as an Officer, and of esteem for him as a Gentleman," Lieut. Col. Cripps, in presenting the sword, addressed the Colonel to the following effect:—- " * Lt. Colonel Graham, " I am desired by the Officers of the Centre Sussex Local Militia, to present to you in their name, this sword, as a . tribute of their high respect of your conduct* as an Officer, and of their esteem for you as a Gentleman. " This warm expression of their regard will convey to your honourable mind, the sentiments which animate the breast of every . Officer of the Battalion, towards their Colonel ; the same feeling is the unanimous voice of the Regiment ; and I am fully sensible that no energy of language I can make, use of, can possibly Express the sentiments of regard . and" esteem of the Sussex Centre Militia for their worthy Commandant. ' " It has fallen to my lot to have the honour of addressing you this day, at the head of the Regi- ment, and never did my duty and my inclination so cordially join, as on the present occasion. " Colonel Graham, that you may long continue to command the Regiment, is the spontaneous and unanimous voice of the Centre Sussex Local Militia." •'••: • ' . ' •'•".. .'•' The Colonel replied as follows:—' " Gentlemen, . ' " I cannot even attempt to express the feelings of my mind; on receiving ' this, highly flattering and most honourable ' mark" of your approbation and regard. , •'' " That my humble . endeavours to improve and establish the discipline of the Regiment, have been crowned with success, is more owing to. YOUR ZEAL, Gentlemen, and " co- operation in the ser- vice, than to any merit which your partiality has imputed to ME. " When I review the. perfect unanimity that has subsisted among OURSELVES; the soldier- like conduct of the MEN, and the general approbation of the PUBLIC, it will ever. be the greatest satis- faction, as it is the pride of my life, to' have had the honour of commanding this Regiment. " Yes, Gentlemen, it will ever be my greatest pride to have commanded the Centre Sussex Lo- cal Militia. " This Sword, which I most gratefully receive, will be to ME both a lasting token of YOUR PRI- VATE friendship and regard, and the highest re- ward of MY public services; it will ever remind me, Gentlemen, of the honourable men who have so distinguished me by their good" opinion; it will remind me of the interest I have in the general welfare of the Regiment, and above all, it will re- mind me of the duty which WE all owe, and are ready with one heart, to perform, in defence of our King and Country. " Lt. Col. Cripps, to yourself, Sir, I must beg leave to return my warmest thanks for the parti- cularly handsome manner in which you have been pleased, on this occasion, to express the sentiments both of the Officers and Men of the Regiment. Believe me. Sir, that I ever have, and ever shall continue to think it, the greatest pleasure, and the greatest honour of my life; to meet you on this ground, or wherever our duty shall call us, as the Commander of the Centre Sussex Local Militia." . Regimental Orders, Brighton, June 2, 1811. The very flattering and particularly handsome manner in which Major- Gen. Erskine was yester- day pleased to express himself on his review of the Centre Sussex Local Militia, to the Commandant of the Regiment, and the assurance's of his inten- tion to make the most favorable report possible ' to his Royal Highness the Commander in Chief, of the particularly forward state of discipline of the Regt. Lt. Col. Graham feels no small gratification in com- municating by the General's particular desire these his sentiments, and at the same time returns his warmest thanks to the officers, non commissioned officers, and men, for their attention in the field, and the great exertions they have made, to which alone can he attribute that high applause which they have so satisfactorily obtained; and he can- not but congratulate them on this additional mark of praise that has been bestowed on the regiment. The population of this town as taken by the Overseers on Monday and Tuesday last, agreeably to the directions of a late Act of Parliament, amounts to nearly 14,000 souls. The number of visitors are fewer, perhaps, at this period, than at any other season of the year:^— About 13,000, we therefore think, may be the number of the inha- bitants. Soon after noon, on Wednesday last, a number of Freemasons, of the Order of the Royal Arch, assembled at the Old Ship Tavern, in this town, for the purpose of opening a new Royal Arch Chapter, denominated in the constitution THE LENNOX CHAPTER. The consecration, and busi- ness that followed, were, we understand, very ably conducted by some of the most distinguished offi- cers of The Royal Arch Grand Chapter of Eng- land,. at which His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex presides, as the Principal. Thirty Master- Masons presented themselves as Candidates for ex- altation, and they were accordingly exalted, with the usual ceremonies, which were not ended ' till past six in the evening, when the chapter was closed. About seven the Companions sal down to dinner, and spent the remainder of the day with all that order and harmony which the occasion required. ,. „, < Chichester presented, nearly the whole of last week, the appearance of a garrison. A division of the Guards, the 75th Regiment, from Steyning, a party of the 50th, and divers other corps, having, in their turns, and several- of them at the same time, occupied it, on their march to Portsmouth, there to embark, to reinforce their brave comrades in Portugal and Spain. The 2d Surrey Militia also marched through that city, to take the garrison duty at Portsmouth. On Wednesday last, as one of our boats, with 3000 mackarel on board, was coming on shore in a gale of wind, her ballast shifted, and placed her in great peril; she, however luckily righted, and soon after landed her cargo in safety. These fish fetched upon the beach, about 54s. the hundred. The Stock Market, at Chichester, was on Wed- nesday, well supplied with beef and mutton, the most of which was sold at rather advancing prices. An unfortunate woman, apparently far advanced in a state of pregnancy, made two attemtps to de- stroy herself by jumping into the sea at the western part of the town on Saturday Evening, but was, in both instances, happily discovered and taken out by one of our fishermen. DIED. On Wednesday last, after a short illness, Mr. Northwood, of East- street, grocer, and Ty- ler to the Royal Clarence Lodge. His remains are to be interred, at four o'clock this afternoon, with masonic honours, TURNPIKES. rf^ HE next General Meetings of the Trustees of JL the Off ham, Mailing, Ringmer, Shortgate, and Lewes, to Brighthelmston Holds, are appointed to he held at the While- Hurt Inn, in Lewes, on Monday the loth day of June instant, at Eleven o'clock in the fore- noon. JOS. SMITH, Clerk. Lewes, June 1, ISjt. THEATRE ROYAL,' BRIGHTON.. • ,/> On WEDNESDAY. next will•• be'per• formed, by The Officers of the Centra Sussex ' Local Militia, The. Comedy of THE POOR GENTLEMAN. With other ENTERTAINMENTS. AS will be ex- pressed in the Bills of the Day. Being; for the Benefit of ' THE SUFFERING PORTUGUESE. *,* Tickets to he had, aud Places in the Boxes to be taken, at the Theatre. Mr- SHUCKARD. ~ HAS the honour of informing the ' Nobility and Gentry of Brighton, and the Vicinity, that there will. be a BALL AND SUPPER, . At the OldShip Assembly Rooms, on Tuesday, the 4th of June, in honour of His Majesty's Birth Day, under the Patronage of Lieut.- Col Graham, and the Officers of the Centre Sussex Local Militia, A Master of the Ceremonies will be appointed for the occasion. Tickets, 10s. 6d. to be had a, t the Bar of the Old Ship Tavern. WANl'liD,— An active Lad, as an Apprentice to a SADLER and HARNESS MAKER. Apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Thomas Shottor, Worthing. He will be treated in every respect as one of the family; a moderate premium, therefore, will he expected. To Carpenters and Joiners. WANTED,— Two or Three . good Hands, that will make. themselves useful in the above bran- ches. They will have twelve months work, or it may be constant employment, at 24*. per week. Apply to Colbron and Saunders, Brighton. TO JOURNEYMEN CARPENTERS. Wages 4s. per Day. WANTED immediately,—' Several good Hands. i Apply to the Foreman of the Buildings, in Broad street, Brighton. WANTS a Situation, a Young Person, as Ladies': Maid, 21 years of age, or Nurse Maid in a genteel family; can work well at her needle, get up small linen, and has some knowledge of dress- making; has no objection to travel, and can be well recommended. A letter, post paid, to be left at the Post Office, Henfield, for B. C. will be attended to. ~ WHEELWRIGHT'S MEETING. Tilt Annual Wheelwright's Meeting for the Neighbourhood of East- Grinstead, Hartfield, & c. for setting the Prices of Work, was held at East Grinstead, on Friday, the 24th day of May, 1811. After dinner, and drinking the usual toasts, " Success to Trade," " God speed the Plough,'' & c. they went to business, and having voted Mr. John Newton, of Hartfield, in the Chair; after fully discussing the business, they resolved not to make any alteration in their Prices from last year, altho' Timber was something advanced. JOHN NEWTON, Chairman. East- Grinstead, May 31st, 1811. ANNUAL PRIZE MELON SHEW. ' AT a Meeting of the GARDENERS, holden at the Crown Inn, on Saturday, May 4, 1311, it was re- solved, that the next Shew be fixed for the 2lst of Aug. to be hidden at the white- Hart Inn ; when those who wish to become Competitors fur the Prizes, are request- ed to deliver in their names to WM. MILES, Seedsman, opposite the Town- Hall, oil or before the 28th of July, or they will be excluded from shewing. M. PHERSON, Steward. Lewes, May 4, lSlii Upper Dicker, Arlington; NOVELTY I THE LOVERS of CRICKET are invited to a novel Game, on Tuesday the nth instant,— the Wickets to be pitched at ten o'clock,— which may ex- cite general attention; Twenty- two Players, none un der SIXTY YEARS of AGE,— the Umpires and Scorers are selected from the most antiquated in the neighbour- hood.— The spirit of Cricket is herein intended to be revived, and the example of the once youthful Game- ster distinguishing ancient traits, perhaps meriting mo- dern attention ; the event of a fine day must realize the sports. The Plain is in excellent order. ( f3> A good Ordinary at the PLOUGH; By the Public's obedient servant, June I, 1S1I. JOHN CROWHURST. WORTHING. I ' Sea House Hotel, Inn, and Tavern. GPARSONS, truly grateful to the Nobility, • Gentry, and the Public, for the very liberal en- couragement lie has experienced since altering and . en- larging the above house, respectfully solicits a continu- ance of their patronage and support. The local situa- tion of the ( nil, commanding an uninterrupted view of the Channel, from Beachy Head to the Isle of Wight, may vie, for beauty of prospect, with any house in the county ; while its internal advantages, the rooms being spacious and airy, are not to be surpassed for neatness and convenience of accommodation. The best foreign wines, a well supplied larder, a qua- lified man Cook, together with neat Post Chaises, good horses, careful drivers, & c. may he found at the Sea House Hotel, at all times. ~~ NOTICE TO CREDITORS ALL persons who have any claim or demands on the Estate and Effects of WM. COLLINS, late of Ringmer, in the county of Sussex, Carrier, and have signed the Trust Deed, may receive a dividend of Five Shillings in the Pound, by applying to Wm. Gravett, at the Dorset- Arms, in the Cliff, on Saturday the 22d day of June next, between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and four o'clock in the afternoon ; when it is requested all persons' will produce their securities ( if any), or the particulars of their demands. And all persons who have not signed the Trust Deed, are desired to take notice, that unless they sign the same, or signify their intentions to do so, in writing, di- rected to the said Wm. Gravett, on or before the said 22d day of June, they will be excluded from the benefit of the said deed. Dated 3titli May, IBII. To- Morrow, Kings Birth Day, All the Lottery, Sixty Capital Prizes Of £ 20,000, Sj- c. Will be Drawn : Buy immediately. SEAFORD. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY ROBT. BROOKE, On Thursday next, the 6th day of June, 1811. ALL the valuable Houshold Furniture, of Air. James Allwork, of Seaford, deceased, con- sisting of goose and other feather beds and bedding — mahogany four post bedsteads— bureau and book- 1 case— chests of drawers— mahogany, dining, and Pembroke tables— chairs— Turkey and Scotch car pets— pier and swing glasses— and various articles of Houshold Furniture. The Sale to begin at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. Particulars may be known of Mr. T. Allwork, jun. Seaford; or of the Auctioneer, Newhaven. TO BE LET, . At Midsummer next, ANeat shop, now in full trade, pleasantly situ- ated in a market town, in Sussex, where the business of a milliner and fancy dress maker has been carried on for some years; the present pro- prietor relinquishing business. The Stock in Trade to be taken at a fair valua- tion, and aaso the houshold furniture, if agreeable. Letters post paid, addressed to A. B, at the post office, Fast- Grintead, will be duly attended to ~" WORTHING MARKET^ ' XJOTICE is hereby given, That the Commis- 1- n sioners acting in the execution of the Acts of Parliament passed for paving, lighting, . and cleansing the Town of Worthing, ill the county of Sussex, and for establishing a Market therein, at, their next meeting, to be holden at the. Nelson Inn, in Worthing, on Monday, the 17th day of June instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, will proceed TO LET BY AUCTION, to the highest bidder, the several TOLLS arising and payable from the said Market, for one < Jr more years, ( not exceeding three years,) as may be then agreed upon, from Midsummer- day next. The person or persons talcing the said Tolls will he required to give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the said Commissioners for payment of the rents, at such times as they shall direct. Notice is hereby further given, That the said Com- missioners will, at the same meeting, LET By AUCTION, for the term of one- year, the dirt, scrapings^ and rub- bish, to be taken from the streets, lanes, & c. in Worth- ing, to commence from Midsummer next. By order of the Commissioners, , . , JOHN WATTS, Clerk. Worthing, June 1,1811. Neat Mansion House and Land. Sussex To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. AN excellent FAMILY RESIDENCE, with stabling, coach- house, pleasure grounds, garden, and about So acres of meadow laud, delightfully situate in the most preferable part of the county, and " immedi- ately contiguous to some of the principal towns, being 6 miles from Lewes, 14 from Brighton, 18 from Tun" bridge Wells, 13 from East Grinstead, and 43 from Lon- don. The house has been lately fitted on the most mo- dern principle, replete with every convenience, for the immediate accommodation of a most respectable fa- mily; with detached offices of every description. The land is in a high state of cultivation, pleasingly inter- spersed with wood, and the pleasure and garden grounds laid out in the most tasteful manner. The estate is situate in a respectable neighbourhood, being surrounded by scats of Noblemen and Gentlemen of ihe first consequence. The interest is partly freehold, aud part copyhold. For further particulars, and tickets for viewing, apply to Mr. Edmund Drayton, la and 13, Auction Mart Offices, London. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, ~ By R. LAM BE, On Wednesday, the laih day of June instant, THE HOUSHOLD FURNITURE of Mrs. ROGERS, late of Southover, deceased : consisting of five feather beds, four- post and half- tester bedstead", with stuff furnitures, blankets, and counterpanes • ma- hogany and wainscot chests of drawers ; a wainscot bu- reau, sofa, pier and dressing glasses; mahogany and wainscot dining, card, and tea tables, floor carpets, and a painted floor cloth ; mahogany chairs, earthenware^ china, and glass; two clocks; with kitchen requisites; a copper furnace, wash tubs and barrels; and houshold furniture in general. The sale to begin at ten o'clock in the morning. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION^ B. v RICHARD LAM BE, At the Buck inn, at Laughton Pound, on Thursday the 13th day of June next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in two lots, * LOT 1. ACOPYHOLD MESSUAGE, in two Tene- ments, with a garden, a piece of rich meadow land adjoining, containing one acre, more or less, with a right of pasturage on Laughton Common, and on the extensive waste lands in the manor of Laughton, situate near the turnpike- road leading from Lewes to Laughton Prfund, ill the several occupations of J. Stepner, and Edward Batcock. LOT H. A Copyhold Messuage, in two Tenements, with a gar-, den, a piece of rich meadow land adjoining, containing one acre, more or less, with a right of pasturage on Laughton Common, and on the extensive waste lands iu the manor of Laughton, situate near Lot I. in the seve- ral occupations of Sam. Ellis, and Wm. Maigor. Particulars may be known by applying to the Aur tionee, and the premises viewed by application to the tenant. KENT. FREEHOLD ESTATE NEAR TENDERDEN, TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, ( Unless disposed of by Private Contract, before the day for delivering Tenders 1, AFREEHOLD FARM, consisting of a Mes- suage, garden, orchard, and suitable buildings, to- gether with about 38 acres, statute measure, of arable, meadow, and pasture land, lying in a ring fence, culled BROOMBOMRN FARM, situate in High Halden, in the county of Kent. And also a piece of Meadow Land, freehold, with the sit aw thereto adjoining, containing seven acres, or there- abouts, starute measure, culled BETHERSDEN FIELD, situated in Bethersden, in the said county. The whole of this property lies within a short distance of the Market Town of Tenterden, and is in the occu- pation of George Wratten, as tenant from year to year. The estate is subject to a trifling yearly quit rent of • 2 « . t » tne manor of Boughton Alupn, and to a relief ( a year's quit- rent) oil every change of tenant. The Land Tax is redeemed. The timber trees and fellows, down to the value of r#. each, to be valued to the purchaser in the usual man- ner. A separate Tender may be made for the land in Bethersden, and half the purchase money may, if de- sired, remain on mortgage. The Tenant will shew the premise*. Tenders to be sent to Chas. Mortimer, esq. East India House, London ; or to Mr. Gell, Solicitor, Easthourn. Sussex, on or before the first day of August next; of whom further particulars may be known, and where maps of the estate may be seen. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affect tions, with their usual concomitants, Sprains, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general De- bility, ( originating iu whatever source) are relieved anil frequently cured by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUS- TARD PILLS, after every other means had failed. The FLUID ESSENCE or MUSTARD fused with the Fills, in those complaints where necessary, is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, generally curing the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than half the time usually taken by Opodeldoc, Arquebusade, or any other Liniment or Embrocation t and if used immediately after any accident, it prevents the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally efficacious for all ill conditioned Sores, Sore Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ring- worms, Shingles, breakings out of the Face, Nose Ears, and Eyelids. Sore and inflamed Eyes, Sore Heads, and Scorbutic Humours of every description. Prepared only and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Soho, London ; the Essence and pills at as. yd. each. The Cerate at is. lid. and i.-. nd, They are also sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter Lewes; Mrs. Gregory, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillips « n| and Walker, Brighton; Monday, Worthing; Mann Horsham; Cuthbert, Battle; Coleman. Rye; Pratt, and Phillipson, Chichester; and every Medicine Ven- der in the United Kingdom. name of R Johnson inserted on it. PRICE of CORN.— Lewes, Saturday, June 1 NO MARKET. From Tuesday's London Gazette. Downing- street. May 23, 1811. ADispatch, of which ( he following is an extract, was this day received at the Earl of Liver- pool's Office, addressed to his Lordship by Lieut Gen. Lord Viscount. Wellington, K. B dated Villa Formosa, Mav 15, 1811:— Villa Formosa, May 15, 1811. No part of the enemy's army remained on the left of ihe Agueda, on the evening of ihe 10th in- stant, except one brigade of cavalry close to the bridge of Cindad Rodrigo. The 2d corps had cros- sed at Barba del Puerco and the ford of Vald Espi- no, and were cantoned in lhat neighbourhood; and our advanced posts were upon the Azava and the Lower Agueda. The O il division resumed the duty of the block- ade of Almeida on that evening, and Major- Gen. Sir W. Erskine was ordered to send a battalion to Barba del Puerco to guard the bridge there, which had been previously ordered, and had been posted to observe the passages of the Duas Casas, between Aldea del Bispo aad Barba del Puerco. The enemy blew up some mines which ihev had constructed in the works of Almeida, a little before one of the morning of the Utb, and immediately attacked the picquets bv which the place was ob- served, and forced their wav through them. They fire,: but little, and they appeared to have marched between the bodies of troops posted to support the picquets; and in particular could not have passed far from the right of the Queen's regiment. Upon the first alarm, Brigadier- General Pack, who was at Malpartida, joir. ed the picquets, and continued to follow and to fire upon the enemy, as a guide for the march of the other troops employed in the blockade; a-. ul Major- General Campbell marched from Malpartida with a part of the first battalion 36th regiment,. But the enemy conti- nued their march in a solid compact body, without firing, and were well guided between the positions occupied hv our troops. The 4th regiment, which was ordered to occupy Barba del Puerco, unfoitunaiely missed the road, ai. ri did not arrive there till the enemy had reached tlv pv. ee, and commenced to descend the bridge: and at the same moment with the 36th regiment, with Major- General Campbell, and the light bat- talions of the 5th division, which Major- General • Sir William Erskine had detached from Aldea del. Bispo to Barba del Puerco, as soon as he had beard that the enemy had come out from Almeida. The enemy suffered very considerable loss both in prisoners and in killed and wounded, as well in the march from Almeida as in the passage of the Agueda. It appears that that part of the 2d corps which were in St. Felices, formed upon tlie river to protect their passage as soon as they heard the firings and the Honourable Lieutenant- Colonel Cochrane, of the 36ib, who had crossed with a de- tachment of the 30th and of the 4th regiments, was obliged to retire with some loss. The cnemv are intended for the small part of the garrison which they have saved owing to the unfortunate mistake of the road to Barba dal Puerco, by the 4th regiment. During the whole period of ihe blockade, but particularly during the period ttiat the enemy's army were between the Duas Casas and the Azava, the garrison were in the habit of firing cannon duting the night; and the piquets near the place were frequently attacked. On the night of the 7th there had been a very heavy fire of cannon from ihe place, and the piquets were attacked; and ai, other on the night of the 8th, and the Queen's Regiment in particular, anil the other troops employed ill the blockade, were induced to believe, ( hat the explosion which thev heard in the iri' ining of the lltli, was of the same description with t'uose which thev had heard on the preced- ing nighrs; and the Queen's Regiment did not move a' all, not the other troops, till the cause of the explosion t--.-] been ascertained. Since ' he 11: it instant, the enemy have continued their retreat towan's the Tormes. ! enclose a leturn of the killed and wounded of the troops engaged at Barba del Puerco. Return of killed, wounded, and missing of the ar- my under the command of Lieutenant- General L - id Viscount. Wellington, K. B. at Barba del Puerco, on the 11th May, 1811. Head Quarters, Villa Formosa. May 15, 1811. 1st Bat!, vth Foot— 2 rank and file killed; 1 Lieut. 10 tank and file wounded; 1 Serjeant, 4 rank and file, m - ing. 1st Ha. tr. sfith Foot— 2 rank and file killed; 5 rank and file Bounded; 1 Lieutenant, 10 rank and fih- missing. Total— 1- rank and file killed; 1 Lieutenant, 15 rank and file, wounded; f Lieutenant, 1 Serjeant, 14 ' ank and file mi- sing. Nnmes > f Officeis kdied, wounded, and missing. 1st Batr. 4th Foot—! ieut. K. M'lntosh, wounded. Is' Ball. 46th Fool — Lieut Moody, missing. Lieut Col. P. Cameron, of the 7<> th Reg. wounded on the 5th May, died on the 13th May, 1811. CHARLES STEWART, Major- General a; tl Adjutant- General. Foreign Office, May 28, 1811. Dispatches were this morning received at the office of ( lie Marquis Wellesley, from Mr. Stuart, his Majesty's Minister at Lisbon, dated the 18th insti-:' hv which it . appears that on the 11th, at midnight, the garrison at Almeida blew up the works of that fortress, and effected a retreat to Barba del Puerco with considerable loss. Marshal Soult broke up from Gillena on the f) th of May, at the head of 15,000 men, and his head- cuarters were at Zafra on the 13th, where he effected a junction wiili the division of General Latour Maubourg. which inc reased his numbers to near 22,0o0 men. General Ballasteros immediately fell back and united Ivis cor ps with that of General Blake; their combined strength moved from Xeres to Ba'carotta. On the 13th, Marshal Beresford atul General Castanos concentrated their forces in Valverde, where it would appear they have been since joined by General Blake. On ihe lCtli, Marshal Soult attacked the Com- bined Army at Alboera, aiid, after an obstinate action, was repulsed with great loss, abondoning liis wounded, and retiring to a position in sight of the British advanced posts. The loss on the part of the Allies is not specified, hut- understood to be verysevere. Major- General Houghton; killed; Major- Generals Cole and W. Stewart, slightly wounded; Lieutenant- Colonels Sir W. Myers, and Duckworth, killed. The following is a translation of the Telegraphic communication received at Lisbon:-— May 17, 1811.— Elvas, half- past eleven, a. m. At nine yesterday morning. Marshal Soult at- tacked out army at Albuera It was a great battle Our armies were victorious. Tl. e enemy aban- doned their wounded, and took up a new position in sight of our army. Elvas, May 18, seven p. m. The battle lasted six hours and a half. It was contested. The armies maintained the same posi- tions The Allies had General Houghton killed and three Generals wounded. The enemy two kilied and one wounded. At eight this morning, General Houghton was buried. Horse Guards, May 25. His Royal Highness the Commander in- Chief has been pleased to appoint Lieutenant- Colonel Henry Torrens, of tile 89th Regiment, to be his Military Secretaiy. BANKRUPTS. J. Parry, Quality Court, Chancery- lane, Lon- don, scrivener.— J. Bell, Fleur- de- lis- court, Spi- talfields, soap- maker.— T. Doewra, Haydon, Hack- ney, Middlesex, dealer.— W. Higginbotham Good- will, Liverpool, timber- merchant.— J. Brown Tay- lor. Doncaster, joiner.— T. Andrews, jun. Hot- wells, Gloucester, coach- maker.— J Duckworth, Manchester, alehouse- keeper.— J. Cooper, North Shields, Northumberland, ship chandler. - Wm. Baker, York, confectioner.— J. Jones, St. Helen, Worcester, glover.— Samuel Wall, Salisbury, Wilts, linen- draper.— W. Arnold Ludlow, Ando- ver, Southampton, wine- merchant.— J. Smith, Bridgewater- square, London, lapidary.— Elizabeth Shewen, Threadneedle- street, coffee- house- keeper — J. W. Page, Laurenny, Pembroke, soap- boiler, — M. Swabey, Bethnall- gieen, draper.— W. Gould, Chippenham, Wilts, innholder.— J. Carter and J. Rusby, Skinner- street, mangle- makers.— Richard Hughes, Pontipool, Monmouth, tallow- chandler. — H. Clarke, Liverpool, merchant.— A. Moss, Stockport, Chester, plumber. LONDON. The official details of the battle of the 16th, at Albuera, have not yet arrived; but we have this moment received a private letter frm Lisbon, from which we have made the following extract:— " LISBON, MAY 19. ' The packet is just sailing, and 1 have only time to mention the following particulars respect- ing the battle of the i6th. It was a most tiemendous battle. Albuera, where it was fought, isj four leagues from Badajos. The total loss of the Allies is near 5,000— that, of the French 12,000. The Buffs and a Spanish corps that formed the van, bore the brunt of the day.— Thev were cut to pie- ces, Major King and two or three subalterns at e all that escaped of the Buffs!!!— On the 13th, Lord Wellington sent off the 5th and 7th Regiments ( Picton's and Houston's) to reinforce Beresford.— They are expected to join at Campo Mayor, on the 23d. His Lordship is also on his way to the South. " Of the officers among the. killed an.! wound- ed, mentioned in my letter of yesterday, General Cole, the brother of the Earl of Enniskillen, air' General Stewart, the brother of the Earl of Gal- loway, are slightly wounded. Lieutenant- Colonel Sir William Myers died of his wounds. Colonel Duckworth, killed, was the son of tl. e Admiral of that name. Colonel Collins, who lost his leg, be- longs to a Portuguese Regiment." Massena has been recalled. Marmont, Duke of Ragusa, takes the command. General Picton, it was reported, died of a fever, but it is not true. We could ill spare so good an officer. The following article proves the desire of Bona- parte to conciliate America; and though his ob- ject may be to embroil England with the country, that so far he is acting towards her with good faith List of American vessels arrived or carried into France since the 2d November last, and now re- leased under the Repeal of the Berlin and Milan Decrees: — The Globe, Murphy, from Baltimore; the Atlas, Forbes, ditto; the Female, Creagh, ditto; the Milo, Johnson, ditto; the Ann, P. Harrismondy, from New York; the Traveller, Preadergrast, ditto; the Grace Ann Green, Green, ditto; the Susan Emmeline, Hutchinson, from Philadelphia; the Meteor. Hawley, ditto; ihe Liberty, John Scheer, ditto; the Sally, , from Marblehead; the Adventure, Collyer, ditto; the Alert, Nicholls, from Newburyport; and Ihe Newburyport; and the Bird, Evans, from Salem. ( Signed) The Minister of Foreign Affairs, DUKE DE BASSANO. Last Tuesday night, the prisoners at Valleyfield, near Pennycuick, had run two mines from the air- ing- ground, quite through under the line of cen- tries, and terminating in the inside of a prison which is building. One of these was of a very considerable magnitude, and was so completely ready for a burst, that the person who was sent to examine it, found no difficulty in thrusting his hand through the surface. Had this discovery not taken place, there is no doubt an immense number would have got off, as there is good reason to be- lieve they were all prepared for it. Gold medals, descriptive of the action in the Adriatic, are preparing, and will be presented to the gallant Captains Hoste, Hornby, Gordon, and Whitby, to be worn by them ; ri the usual manner. fh Prince Regent will honour the, Eton Mon- tem with his presence, which fixed for Saturday, the 8th of June. The Chancellor of the Exchequer's proposed alteration in the assesed. taxes, is to exempt per- sons going to Ireland from the payment of the tax on horses, carriages, and servants, which they mav take over to that country, having previously paid the tax thereon in England , and vice versa, those brought from Ireland to England, which ire, how- ever, in such case, to pay additionally to the full amount of the English duties. The Abunda ice store- ship is arrived from Gib- raltar, which place she left on the 1,5th inst. and brings 3 strong runnurof the French under Gen. D'Hilliers having lost COOO men on the 18th ult. in an attevpt t> retake the important post of li- gueras. The fortress had fortunately been rein- fo. ced by 7000 Spaniards under Baron Erolles, a few days before th-- attack. The Lisbon Gazette of the 1 Gth, contains two letters from Lord Wellington ( 0 General Beresford, and the Portuguese General, Bacellar, congratu- lating them 011 the complete expulsion of the French from Portugal, and expressing his apnro- bation of the Allied Army, officers and soldiers, with the exception of some Portuguese individuals, who deserted their ranks during the progress of the campaign. These cowards, he requests, may be apprehended and punished, and that the names of the officers be published through the country. The Portuguese General, in his answer, admits, and laments that there are persons of that description, and promises to obey his Lordsip's instructions A soldier is in custody, on his own confession, at Uford, for the murder of Lieutenant Johnson, some time ago, 011 the Greenwich road. His ac- complice he states to be dead. A duel was fought at Putney Heath, at day- break cn Monday morning, between Mr. Hale, a surgeon, and Capt. H— l, belonging to an infantry regiment, in which the former was wounded in the shoulder, and carried off the ground in a bad sta- te. The par- ties exchanged cards at the Opera on Saturday night. DIED, on Thursday morning, aged seventy- six, at his Lordships seat, at Castle Mary, the Right Hon. Richard Longfield, Viscount and Baron Lon- gueville. His Lordship's titles are extinct, [ lis Bantry estates go to Lord Viscount Bantry and his b other; but his other estates arfe, for the most part, devised to Colonel Longfield, M. P. his Lord- ship's cousin. Classical and English School, HORSHAM, SUSSEX. XT'OUNG Gentlemen are genteely boarded and ll educated by Messrs. and the Rev. John Thornton, in English, Latin, Greek, French, Writing, Arithmetic. Merchants Accompts, and the Mathematics.— The terms are thirty guineas per annum and two guineas entrance. Parlour boarders at forty guineas, will he allowed Separate beds. Geography, Dancing, Drawing and French, each one guinea per quarter, and half guinea a entrance. Every gentleman on entrance is expected to bring six towels. The Vacations are at Midsummer and Christmas, and residence during either of them is three guineas. SPORTS AND RECREATIONS. ON Monday the 17th of June, on Broad Oak Plain, Dicker Common, in Chiddingly, tins year the Annual Pleasure l air will exhibit a foot Race by Men, fur a Hue Hat, at noon ; not less than three 10 start. In the afternoon a Donkey Race for a Cheese; and a Poney Race, for a Saddle, & c; Eleven Cricket Bats to be played for as usual; the Gamesters are entreated to attend at an early hcur. Henry Hoad ( successor to' Mr. W. Marshall, ;: t the Bat and Ball Public- house) as neither pain. nor txpenct will be spared, flatters himself be sh d! be enabled to give lhat satisfaction; and those ijccommod.- ttioiis which llie season, tin rural sports, atid above all the spol so peculiarly invites, and has never failed to command a numerous and respectable assemblage. *** A good Ordinary 011 the plain. Bat and Ball, June 1. 1811. rrMlE. Commisyoheis in a Commission of Bank- L rupt, bearing'date the Soth Day of May, 1S08, awarded and issued forth against James Wood, late of Lindfield, in the County of Sussex, Victualler, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on the 15th Day of June next, at. Twelve o'Clock at noon, at the Stai Inn, in Lewes, in the said County of Sussex; to make a final dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Deb,;, arc to come prepared to prove the saiue, or thev will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend; and alt claims not then proved will be disallowed. SAMUEL WALLER, Solicitor to the Assignees, Cuckfield, May 25, 1S11. STRAYED, to the house of William Freem an, at West Grinstead park, Sussex, the 13th April, 1811, A young spaniel dog; whoever has lost the same may have him again by paying the expencc of keeping ami advertising. If not owned within - 14 days from the dale hereof, he will be sold to pay the ex pence. West Grinstead Park, June 1st. STRAYED, into the Lands of Mr. G. Dawson, of Horsham, in Sussex, on the 23d of April last, THIRTEEN SOUTH- DOWN SHEEP. The Owner, by applying as above, and paying for keep, advertising, & c. may have them again. May 13, 1811. New- Road from Pyecombe Church through Bolney to Staplefield Common, avoiding Clayton Hill. TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, that the next general Meeting of the Trustees of ibis road is appointed to be holden at the Royal Oak Inn, in Hurstperpoint, on Wednesday the 5tli day of June next, eleven o'clock 111 the forenoon, at'which Meeting, between the hours of eleven in the forenoon, and two 111 the afternoon, the tolls arising at the several toil gates upon the said road called Pyecombe Dale Gate, Muddles Wood Gate, and Hick- tead Cross Gate, will he severally Let by Auction, to the best Bidder, fro. 11 the loth day of June next, for one or more years as shall be theo agreed on. Whoever happens to ho the best bidder or bidders, must give security with sufficient sureties to the satis- faction of the Trustees for payment of the rents at such times as they shall direct. THOMAS MORGAN, Clerk to the Trustees. Hurstperpoint, 4th May, 1811,. SUSSEX SOUTH DOWN FARM. TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, UPPER STONEHAM FARM, containing seven hundred acres and upwards of very rich arable, meadow, pasture, brookland, ni. d sheep down, of which live hundred and seventy eight Acres are tithe free for a term of fourteen years, together with a very valuable chalk quarry. The farm is contiguous to the town of Lewes, and is well worth the attention of persons of large capital. Also by a separate tender, lifiy seven acres and upwards of " good arable land, tythe free, situate, at the Broyle in Ringmer, near Lewes. Written Tenders will be received by Mr. Clutton of Cuckfield, until theioih day of July next, where a plan of the estate may be seen, with the beads of the covenants proposed to he entered into. N. B. No other - applications will he attended to. TO BE LET BY TENDER. THE MANOR FARM of POULTON STAN- STEAD, near Ashford, kent, containing about 54 arable and meadow, and 5- j acres woodland, with right of Common on Aldington Freight, oce. & c. Lease to be granted for 12 years, the tenant to have the cutting of llie underwood, in livu falls, according to the covenants of llie lease, which with plan of the property, are to be seen at No. 7, York- street, Hans Place, London, Possession to be given Michaelmas nexi. Security for the fulfilment of ihe covenants, if required. Tenders to be sent in to Mr. Macdonald, No. 7, York- street, Hans Place, London, in words at length. Koue to ha received after 12 o'clock, on Thursday, the Iiith of June next, A rent is fixed, which if not bid up to, all Tenders to be void. But should any Tender conic up to, or be higher than the price lixed, the highest bidder to have it, on com plying with the before- mentioned conditions. Tenders will be answered, 011 or before llie 17th of June next. Farm in Surrey. TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered on at Michaelmas next, Farm called Perry Lands and Colliers, situate / JL in the parish of Horley, four miles south east of Reigate, containing 50 acres of good arable land, accessible by a turnpike road. . For a view, apply to Mr. William Sanders Robinson, at Reigate, of whom, and Messrs. Strong Still, and Strong, Lincoln's Inn, further particu- lars may he had, and to whom tenders are to he deliveied, or sent by letters ( post paid) before the first of July next. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, gar- den, orchard, laud, Fellmonger's- yard, and pre- mises, containing together about one- acre and a quar- ter, more or less, situate lying and bc'ng at Sedlescomb, in the county of Sussex, in the occupation of Mr. James Daws. The premises are freehold, and immediate possession may be bad. For further particulars and treaty, application to be made to Mr. William Grace, of Sedlescomb; or Mr. Martin, Battle. To- Morrow ! KING'S BIRTH- DAY. TBISH, strongly recommends a speedy puf- • chase in the present popular Lottery, the Scheme of which is so highly approved,, that an unusual demand litis already taken place, and before the 4th of JUNE there is every prospect of Tickets aud Shares being scarce. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of ,£ 20,000 are <£ SO, 0'' 0 24 ----- 1,000 24,000 3 2 500 16,000 60 SO - - - - - 3,000 1,000 25 - - - - - 25,000 i, ooo ----- 20 20,000 2,000 16 32,000 20,000 Tickets ,£ 200,000 Tickets and Shares are to be had in great variety of J. DONALDSON, Brighton. W. W. LUCAS. Arundel. Mrs. SPOONER, Worthing, S. MILLS, Fortsmouth. R. BISHOP, Whitchurch. Agents to BISH, who sold in the last 15 months, No. ' 27, Class A. No. 27, Class C. 2618, Class A. 21118, Class- D. 3731, Class A. 14,754, and 19,7.11, all Prizes of i.- Jo, oon,' besides 37 other Capitals. Several of the Shares were sold to persons in, this neighbourhood. N. B. Should any difficulty occur in getting Tickets or Shares 6f the Agents, please to send your orders post or carriage paid, to 4, CORNHILL, or 9, CHARING- CROSS, LONDON. To- Morrow ! ROYAL EXCHANGE. HAZARD, BURNE, and Co. Stock- Brokers, respectfully acquaint toe Public, thatTiCKF. TS and SUA it's for the present LOTTF. UY, to be dra .11 on 4th JUNE, his Majesty's Birth- Day, are on Sale ut their Office, ' No. 93, ROYAL EXCHANGE. The following is the Scheme, which they earnestly recommend to public notice : 4 Prizes of £ 20,000— are— £ 86,000 24 1,000 2- 4,000 32 500 —, 16,000 60 50 — • 3,000 1,000 ' 25' 25,000 1,000 20 20,000 2,000 — Hi 32,000 20,000 Tickets. £' 200,000 In the I a- 1 October Lottery, No 27, a Prize of f3( 1, lion, and 2,388, a Prize' of £ 2,000, were both sold in Shares at the above Office. Letters, post paid, duly answered. Schemes gratis. TICKETS and SHARES for the above Office, are also on Sale by Mr. W. LEE, Printer, Lewes. Mr. COLEMAN, RYE. GARDENING AND ANGLING. Just published by B. Crosby and Co. 4, Stationers* Court, London ; and sold by J. Baxter, Lewes, The Twelfth Edition, price 2s. sewed, or 2s. Gd. hound. THE GARDENER's POCKET JOURNAL; or, Daily Assistant in tlie Modern Practice of En- glish Gardening* iu a concise monthly display of all the general works throughout the year. By John Abererom- bie, Author of Every Man his own Gardener, with a de- scription of the varibi's implements. Abercrombie's Treatise on the Garden Mushroom, price A Treatise on the Culture of the Pine Apple, Second Edition. By W. Griffin, Gardener to J. M. Sutton, Esq. Kelham, Notts, los. Gd. extra boards. A Treatise on the Culture of the Apple and Pear, Manufacture Of Cider, Perry, & c. by T. A. Knight, esq. third edition, 4s. boards. A , Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling, confirmed by actual experience, interspersed with several new and recent discoveries, by Thomas Best. The Ninth Edi- tion improved, \ vith a frontispiece, representing tlie va- rious flies used in angling, 2s. Gd. sewed. The Angler's Pocket Book, or Complete English Angler, with Nobbs's celebrated Treatise on Trolling, and many wood cuts, 2s. Gd. sewed. A REAL BLESSING TO MOTHERS. DR. BUCHAN most pathetically describes the sufferings of Children while cutting their Teeth a mr> st dangerous period, at'." which tim 1 the utmost at-, tcntion ought to be paid them: particularly at this cri- tical season, when the Chin Cough aud Meazles are so prevalent. If the irritation of the Gums. come with anv other disorder, very few- infants recover. Mothers ought never to be without the AMERICAN SOOTH- ING SYRUP in the Nursery, for if a Child wakes in the night with pains in its Gums, t!> is valuable Medi- cine applied, will immediately open the pores, heal the Gums, and thereby prevent Fevers or Convulsions. Pa- rents who may he dubious of the. vinucs of the Soothing Syrup, may refer to the diiTerent cases that have ap- peared in this and other Papers. Since Mrs. Johnson has distributed gratis one hun- dred bottles weekly, fifty on Tuesday and fifty on Sa- turday morning, from nine to ten o'clock, to the Poor who may have Children afflicted in cutting their Teeth, by bringing a letter from a Housekeeper, that the Mo- ther is a real object of charity, has made it so universal- ly known, that cases would I^ e superfluous, as its virtues are known in almost every family where there are young Children. To be had of the Proprietors, J. Johnson and Co. 94, Newman- street, Oxford street, London; and by all the principal Medicine Venders in Town aud Country, at 2S. 9d. per bottle, for ready money only. N. B. Be sure to ask for Johnson's American Sooth- ing Syrup. The Great Restorative to Health. IS MANN's APPROVED MEDICINE; REcommended by Physicians and patronized by Ladies and Gentlemen of the lirst distinction.— Sold ill bottles at 2s. ( id. and 4s. 6d. each, duty includ- ed; engraved on the stamp " Thos. Mann, Horsham, Sussex, the inventor and sole proprietor," without which it cannot be genuine. No Medicine has been so much blessed in restoring such multitudes, when all hopes of recovery bave been giien ov. er in consumption, coughs, colds, convulsion fits, long standing asthmas, hooping coughs, influenza, dropsy, relaxed habits, and in a low nervous debilitated state; also ladies in a pregnant state may take doses of ten to fifteen drops with perfect safety, and the iufant from the first week to the aged in any state. Ample directions accompany each bottle, with many authentic cures, amongst w hich one is from an eminent physician, together with 15 affidavits sworn before different Justices of the Peace for the county of Sussex, » ird many other respectable characters who have witnessed their names to many astonishing cures effected by this celebrated remedy, Il strengthens the coats of the stomach, helps digestion, creates an appetite, and re- animates the whole frame. Mrs. PEARCE, of Nuthurst, near Horsham, Sussex, some time since was dangerously ill with the measles, for one week n. it expected to live ; after all medicines bad failed totlirow. it out, Mann's Approved Medicine was taken, froai which it soon made its appearance, and in a short time was perfectly recovered. Also a daughter of Mr. Boniface, of Nuthurst, some time « ince, after having the measles, by taking cold, at- tended with a violent cough, & c. that her life was de- spaired, was perfectly recovered by taking Mann's Ap- proved Medicine; which proves the great utility of this medicine leing taken in cases of a similar nature, and not to desfair of relief till a trial is made of the same. Sold wholesale and retail by the Proprietor, at his Warehouse, Horsham, Sussex; and retail by Mr. ARTHUR LEE, LEWES, and by the principal Ven- ders of Medicine in the United Kingdom. STROUD. To Dr. MILLER. — I l'^ ve to congratulate you on the happy kJ? success of- your RESTORATIVE NERVOUS COR- DIAL and PILLS, in my case, which was that of a De- cling. when I was so weak as not to be able to followtuy business— J make 110 doubt you will recollect my having applied to you for your advicc and Medicine in the month of July, I809, and of my mending fast, that you agreed to my returning to my work in a careful way, provjded I did not overdo myself, and continue my me- dicines, until I bad gathered my full strength, which thank God, 1 have experienced, and have been able to follow my business,' which s that of a sawyer, to this present date; and as 1 had not the least prospect of ob- taining any benefit from Medicine until I had the good fortune to be reco imeded to you, I think it Dut riirht it should be made know n to the public at large, for the, relief of other poor sufferers that may labour under af- flictions as 1 did. 1 am, Your much obliged and very humble servant, 18th March, 1811. RICHARD. SAVAGE. Two doors from Mr. Martain's Public House, and np. positu Mr. Wheelar's, Grocer, in Stroud, of whom fur- ther information may be had. j rf- Dr. Miller's Restorative Nervous Cordial an<| Pills, Antiscorbutic Drops, and Worm- destroying Sugar, Cakes, may be had ( genuine) of the following persons, viz. Mr. ARTHUR LEE, SCHOOL HILL, LEWES: Battle, J. Cuthbert Heathfield, J. Ellis Beckley, S. Colbran Horsham, T. Mann Bexhill, T. Wedd Lamberhurst, J. Gihbs Burwash, G. Gilbert Lewes, Pugh and Davey Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Lindfield, W. Durrant Cuckfield, J. M'George Maresfield, J. Maynard Dallington, J. Pardon Peasmarsh, E. Bannister Ditcheling, J. Browne Rye, M. Coleman East Bourne, T. Baker Cook and Son E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Sandhurst, J. Beach Edenbridge, W. Corke Seaford. J. Brooker R. Parsons TunbridgeWells, J. Sprange Groombridge, T. Kellick Uckfield, J. Pocknell Goudhurst, J. Couchman Udimore, R. Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wadhurst, T. Bull Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew W. Noakes Hastings, J. Barry Wmchelsea, R. Maplesden J' Norton . Wittersham. J. Wood. Markets. CORN- EXCHANGE. MONDAY, MAY 27. To a considerable number of arrivals of Wheat, coast ways this morning, we had in addi ion, the left- over of last week's Foreign, amounting to be- tween nine Slid ten thousand quarters. Thus sup- plied, and with ' he general appearance of the weather, sales were very heavy, and cot: ld not be effected at more than 32s. per quarter ( for the fine) being 4s below la; t Monday's quotation.— Not- withstanding Government have lately made so « » purchases of Barley for Portugal, this ai tic e scarce- ly maintained the last- reported pi ices.— Malt, as well as the various kinds rvj p. as and Beans, were nearly unaltered in' their value.— Oat, of the ti st quality, were a trifle dearer.— The supply rather inconsiderable. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat — s. 54s. 60s. Beans — s. 56s. Fine ditto 70s. 82s. Tick ditto 34s. 411s Rye ( new) S6s. 38s. Oats ' 20s. 2 Is aCs. Barley 24s. 34s Poland ditto 2, Ss. 30s. Malt 60s. 70s. Potatoe ditto — s- S5 « . White Pease) ,. Rape Seed " 471.5- 31. ( boilers) ~ i 4is- Fine Flour - s 80s. Grey Pease SGs. 40s.. Seconds JOs. 75s.. PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover ( n.) 80s. od. to <) 3s. 01, per cwf. Old ditto 40s. ( id. to 80s. Od. ditto' White ditto 60s. Od. to 120s. Oil. ditto' Trefoil 20s. Od. to 50s. 0- 1. ditto Rye Grass 30s. Od. to 60s. Od. per querter Turnip gos. Od. to 6us. od. ditto Red & Green 60s. od. to 1 70s. Oil. ditto W. Must. S. 8s. Od. to ins. od. per bushel Brown ditto 12s, Od. to lGs. Od. ditto PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the pi ice of Bread to he, continued at 14.1. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S, D. Sack of Hour - - 7J> V Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 Eighty Quartern Loaves at I4d. 03 4 In favor of the Baker - - 0 2 PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. » :• s. £ s. £ s. K s. Kent 6 10 to 7 12 Kent 7 0 to 9 a Sussex 6 I) to 6 10 Sussex 5 15 to 8 t> Essex- 6 0 to 7 0 Farnham 10 10 to 14! « Y3eaaIs | 4 10 to 5 0 4 0 5 " S J3 « 4 4 S} 3 0 to 4 t SMITHFIELD- MARKET, May 27. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day. Beef 5 0 to 6 4 I Beasts - - 13.!? Mutton 5 0 to 6 0 I Sheep & Lambs 14,0 K » Lamb 7 0 to 8 4 Calves - - 125 Veal 6 0 to 7 0 Pigs - - 200 Pork 5 4 to 6 8 PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. £• s. d £. s. d. Average. Clover 7 0 0 to 8 8 0 £ 7 14 O Old Hay 6 10 0 to 7 10 0 7 0 0 Straw 2 15 to 3 8 0 3 1 0 PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d s. St. James's Market 3 8 Town Tallow 62 O Clare Market 3 0 Yellow Russia 65 o Whitechapel ditto 3 ' 7l White ditto 59 0 Soap ditto 59 o 10 31 Melting Stuff 53 » Average price 3 7i Ditto rough 36 ( 1 Graves 16 ( i Yellow Soap, 80s. Mottled, 90s Curd, 9 ( v Candles, per doz. lis. 6( 1.— Moulds, 12s. Od. LEATHER, PER POUND. d. d. Butts, 5olb. a 501b. - 2 i a 21 Ditto, 56 b. a 661b. - 24 a 25 Merchants' Backs - 19 a 20 Dressing Hides - is a 19 Fine Coach Hides - 19. a 21 Crop Hides for Cutting 17 a 18 Ordinary . - — a Tanned Horse - 18 a 19 Calfskins, 30lb. ( o 40lh. pr doz. 28 a 34 , 5( lb. to70lb. SO a 40 • , 70lh. to solb. 36 a 39 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 3s. a 3s. Id.. , large, per doz. iSOs. lCos. PRICE OF COALS. Newcastle, 45s. 6d. to 53s 6d. Sunderland, 45s. 9d. to — s. Od. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENT will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chchester ; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth ; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. Mr, CHAMPION, HORSHAM ; PALMER, East- Grinsted, Mr. MEYRON, Rye; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen.
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