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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3374
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 27/05/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3374
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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t£ it # H00tt ® eefel# SWwrfiwtj — 7 IIS/ <> V » - A fey £ 3 K£> r - f- vi • '/-' % v^ y i ^ vhr^ xV l\ l) , I . w1..,. Or, Lewes and, Brighthelmston Journal. Printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. VOL. LXI11. No. 3374.] MONDAY. MAY 27, 1811. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Farts of KENT, SURREY, ' and HAMPSHIRE ; and is forwarded by the Post, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly, filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers, It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. NESV SHOREHAM HARBOUR. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Commissioners of the Harbour of Ncw- Shoreham, will be bold en at the Star Inn, in this Town on Tuesday, the 4th day of June- next, at , eleven o'clock in the forenoon, pursuant to the kit adjournment. H. PARTINGTON, Clerk to the said Commissioners. New Shoreham, 19th May, 13fi. ' - ^ ( AMICABLE SOCIETY OF CLIFF -. AND SOUTH MALLING. THE next Annual Meeting and Fea » t of the above Society, will be holden the Dorset Arms, in the Cliff, on Tuesday, the 4th day of June next ; on which flay the Members of the said Society are desired to meet by eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in order to attend Divine Service. W. S. CAMP, Clerk to the said Society. N. B. Dinner to be on . Talle at One o'clock. Susses Agricultural Society. AT a General Meeting of the Subscribers of the SUSSEX AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, to ar range the Prizes and Premiums for the present year, 1811, held at the Star Inn", Lewes, The Right Hon. the EARL, of EGERMONT, President, The following Resolutions were agreed to : eitl7. ES FOR CATTLE SHEEP, & c. 1. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best hull, two years old. 2. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best bull, three years old. 3. That a Piece of Plate he given to the owner of the best bull, four years old, or upwards,— subject to the following conditions • That if either of the bulls shall remain in the possession of the owner, that the Sub- scribers, during the cause of the year ensuing, shall be permitted to send twenty cows, paying for each One Guinea for the use of the bull; in case more than twenty Subscribers shall apply on the Day of Shew, the prefer- ence to he decided by lot. 4. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best heifer, two years old. 5. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best heifer, three years old, that shall have produced a living calf, between the 1st of January, and the 1st of April preceding, and shall be in milk at the time of shew. 6. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best cow, four years old or upwards, tinder the same conditions as in the last article. 7. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best yoke of working oxen, of the same age, from four to six years old. No Prize to be given to any bull, heifer, cow, or ox, if fed at any period within the last six months, with corn, pease, oil cake, linseed, or bay dressed with lin- seed or other oil;- nor will any hull, heifer, cow, or ox, he permitted to be shewn for the Prizes but such as shall be led to the place of shew by a strong rope or chain, and shall be afterwards sufficiently secured so as prevent the possibility of breaking loose. 8. That a Piece of Plate he given to the owner of the best South Down ram, one year old, last lambing lime. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best South Down Ram, two years old, last lambing time. 10. That a Piece of Plate be given in the owner of the best South Down ram, three years old. last lambing time. 11. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best South Down ram, two years old last lambing time, which shall have worked the year before in the flock, not less than one month in the Autumn, and shall have returned to the flock on or before the 5th day of April and shall have continued with the flock till the 1st day of July, upon the down and arable land. 12. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best South Down ram, three years old last lambing time, under the same conditions as In the last article,—- object to the following conditions: That the two and three year old South Down rains, thai may be shewn fur the prizes Nos. 9 and 10, must have worked not less than one month in the Autumn preceding the Day of Shew, and that if any of the rams shall remain in the posses- sion of the owner, that the Subscribers be permitted to send fifty ewes to each ram, during the mouth of Octo- ber next, paying Half- a- Guinea for each ewe, for the use of the ram and Keep; the owners not to be permit ted to put any ewes to the ram* before the 1st of Octo- ber, nor a greater number than will make up eighty, including those sent by Subscribers to this Institution, before the 1st of November; in case that more than fifty ewes to each rani should he offered to be scut by the Subscribers, the preference to be decided by lot, as in the case of the Cows, . , 13. That Two Pounds be given to the owner of the : " best South Down rain fleece, in weight and quality. 14. That One Pound be given to the owner of the second best. No Fleeces to be permitted to be shewn for the Prizes for Fleeces, but such as are the produce of the rams shewn for the South Down Rum Prizes. The Candi- dates for the South Down Ram Prizes ( whether they sire Candidates for the Prizes for Fleeces or not) to send all their fleeces marked in the same manner as the rams to Mr. Bull's Wool Warehouse, before eleven o'clock in the forenoon of the Day of Shew, with their names | affixed.' The fleeces of all the rums shewn for the prizes must he produced in the field before the prizes . are adjudged to the 15. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best lot of twelve South Down ewes, viz. four of one year old, four of two years old, and four of three years eld. 16. That a Piece of Plate he given to the owner of the second best lot of twelve South Down ewes, of same description as the former. 17. That Two Pounds be given to the owner of the third best ditto. The two and three year old ewes dm St have produced and reared a lamb, which had not been weaned before the 24th day of June, preceding the Day of Shew; all the ewes must have been kept in a flock, and folded till within three days of the Shew, and the sheep must be divided and placed in different pens according to their ages. 18. That a Piece of Plate be given to the owner of the best boar. 19. That a Piece of Plate he given to the owner of the best sow that shall have produced one or more far- I rows of plgs. 20', That each Candidate shall produce a Certificate of the age, as near as possible, of his stock shewn, the | pedigree when it can he ascertained, with the name of the breeder, and an account of the manner in which the stock had been kept for the last four months pre- ceding the Day of Shew ; and also conform to every other particular required by the Society in the fore- going resolutions. ( See Regulation respecting Cattle, following No. 7.) 21. That each Candidate may shew cattle, sheep, or pigs, for all the prizes, but shall be entitled to no more than one prize for each sort of stock;, I. e. for bulls, heifers, cows, oxen, rams not kept with the flock, rams kept with the flock, ewes and pigs,— And that no animal which has gained two prizes shall be entitled to be shewn again for any of the above prizes. 22. Sheep, be appointed by the Committee, who will meet on the Day of Shew, at the Star Inn, Lewes, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon ; and that the Committee do consist of all the Subscribers ; seven of whom shall form such Committee, if more shall not attend ; but no per- son shall art as Judge, nor vote in the Committee, on any question in which he shall be ' interested. \ 23. That the Cattle and Sheep be brought into the field before eleven o'clock; such as come, after that hour shall not be entiled to any of the prizes. ( See Regulation respecting South Down Ram Fleecy..). . 24. That three Stewards be appointed for the ma- nagement of the business on the day of the Shew of Cattle ; and that the Stewards be appointed on the 26th day of July next, for which purpose a general Meeting of the Society; will be held at the Star Inn, at one o'clock. . 85. That the Judges be requested, in malting their de- cisions. to attend particularly to the smallness of bone; lightness of offal, symmetry of shape, in the animals, and fineness and weight of wool in the sheep, to which they adjudge the prizes; to insert In their award the name of the breeder and pedigree, as stated in the cer- tificate, and to withhold the Prize or Premium, unless the animal or animals shewn, shall be deemed by them to possess sufficient merit to be entitled to it. That the dinner be on table, at three o'clock, pre- cisely ; and that at five o'clock the Stewards shall ad- journ to the field, where the Report of the Judges shall be declared. *** The SHEW of CATTLB will take place between Brighton and Lewes Races, of which notice will be given in the. Lewes Journal; and the Candidates for the several Prizes for Stock, must give notice in writing, of their intention of becoming so, to Mr. Molineux, of Lewes, the Treasurer, on or before the Saturday preced- ing the Day of Shew. Premiums for a Plough, the best Ploughman, Turnip- Husbandry, and deserving and industri- ous Poor; 2S. That a Piece of Plate of the value of Ten Gui- neas, be given to the person who shall produce the best Plough, which shall plough half an acre of ground in the best manner, with the least draft. 27: That a Premium of Two Pounds be given to the Ploughman who shall bold the Plough, that gains the above piece of plate, No. 26. , The Stewards for the year are requested to state on the day of the Shew of Cattle, on what ground the ploughing match will lake place. 28, That a Piece of Place be given to the person who shall raise the best cultivated piece of " Turnips at the least expence, not being less than five acres, and who shall be willing to give every information to the Society, of the method of culture and expence.— No Claimant last year for this prize. The Claimant for this Premium to give notice to the Treasurer on the day of Shew of Cattle ; and Judges to be appointed on that day to examine the crop', who are to make their report to the Society on the day of the Ploughing; which will lake place between the 11th and 20th days of October,' 1811. 29. That Twenty- one Pounds be given to five Labour- ers, or Widows- of such Labourers, who shall have brought up and supported to the age of two years, the greatest number of Children ( within the last fifteen years) in habits of industry, with the least proportion- ate relief from the parish, viz.— To the mast deserving - Six Pounds. Second, - . Five Pounds, Third, - - Four Pounds, Fourth, - - Three Pounds, Fifth, - - Two Pounds. Sixth, - - One Pound. Certificates to be signed by two or more of the prin- cipal inhabitants of the parish or parishes where the Claimant has resided during the bringing up of his or her family ; and if ally Claimants are possessed of pro- perty. such property, with the manner in which tiny obtained it, shall be staled in the certificate. 30. That Ten Pounds lie given to four Wives or Wi- dows of Labourers, who shall have done the most work in hti bandry, between the 2d day of October, 1810, and the 2d day of October, 1811..— The number of days, and the different kinds of work in which the Women shall have been employed, with the number and age » of their Children, should they have any, ( which will be taken into consideration) to be staled in the certificates from their employers. Viz..— To the most industrious . Four Pound". Second, - - Three Pounds, Third, - . Two ' Pounds. Fourth, ~ - One Pound. 31, That Six Pounds he given to three household Men Servants employed in husbandry, under the age of twen- ty- five years, who shall have received wages during the greatest number of years ( not less than five) in the same service, and shall produce satisfactory certificates from their masters of their continued good behaviour, viz. To the first, - - Three Pounds. To the second, - - Two Pounds. To the third, - - One Pound. 33. That Ten Pounds he given to three Labourers, who shall, with the assistance of their Wives and Chil- dren, under ten years of age, in working by task, or otherwise, during the next harvest, earn the most mo ney, not. less than six pounds, in proportion to the prices at which they shall have taken their work, and the length of time they shall have worked. Certificates to be signed by their employers, viz. To the first, - - Five Pounds. To the second, - - Three Pounds, To the third, - - Two Pounds. 33. That Six Pounds he given to three Women Ser- vants in every kind of service, under the age of twenty. five years, who shall have received wages during the greatest number of years ( not lets than live) in the same service, and . shall have produced satisfactory certificates from their Master or Mistress, of their continued good behaviour, viz. To the first, - - Three Pounds. To the second, - Two Pounds. To the third, - - One Pound. 34. That Six Pounds be given to four Labourers in husbandry,. having been married, who shall have lived the greatest number of years ( not less than seven) in the same service, and who shall bring satisfactory certificates from their employers of their continued good behaviour, viz. To the first, - - Three Pounds. To the second, - - Two Pounds. To the third, - - One Pound, No person who has received any Premium from the Society for bringing up a family, with the least propor- tionate relief from the parish, or for a long continuance in one service, will be entitled to any premium on the same ground, nor will any premium be given, unless the Claimant shall be deemed by the Society to possess suf- ficient merit to be entitled to it. It is requested that each Claimant will observe, that every particular required by the Society, in the forego- ing resolutions, must be expressed in the certificate. Many inconveniences having arisen from certificates being incomplete, the Society have ordered some printed forms to be prepared, which may be had at the Lewes Bank; or at the Office of Mr. Gell. The Day for the Ploughing, and distributing the Pre- miums to the industrious Poor, will be fixed on the day of the Shew of Cattle, and advertised in the Lewes Journal. SURREY. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESION. TO BE LET, On LEASE, for 21 years, AGOOD, substantial;, brick- built COTTAGE containing two parlours, six bed rooms, kitchen, • and offices; farm yard, barn,. stabling, cow house, and outbuildings, detached from the road, with 4 \ ! A LAWN IN FRONT, A productive kitchen garden, and several Enclosures Arable and Pasture Land, containing altogether about 4o acres, in a Ring Fence, situate > \ V AT HORSE HILLS, Distant from London about 24 miles, on the Brighton • f Road, in the ) COUNTY OF SURREY. To be viewed, with Tickets only, which with further particulars may be had of Wells and Watt, Land A gents. No. 8, Gray's Inn Square, London. SUSSEX SOUTH DOWN FARM. TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, UPPER STONE HAM FARM, containing seven hundred acres and upwards of . very rich arable, meadow, pasture, brookland, and sheep down, of which five hundred and seventy eight acres are tithe free for a term of fourteen years, together with a very valuable chalk quarry. The farm is contiguous to the town of Lewes, and is well worth the attention of persons of large capital. Also by a separate tender, fifty seven acres and upwards of good arable land, by the free, situate, at the Broyle in Ringmer, near Lewes. Written Tenders will be received by Mr. Clutton of Cuckfield, until the 10th day of July next, where a plan of the estate may be seen, with the heads of the covenants proposed to he entered into. N. B. No, other applications will he attended to. TO BE LET BY TENDER. THE MANOR FARM of POULTON STAN- STEAD, near Ashford, Kent, containing about 54 arable and, meadow, and 52 acres woodland, with right of Common on Aldington Freight, & c. & c. Lease to he granted for 12 years, the tenant to have the cutting of the underwood, in five falls, according to the covenants of the lease, which with plan of the property, are to be seen at No. 7, York- street, Hans Place, London. Possession to be given Michaelmas next. Security for the fulfilment of the covenants, if required. Tenders to he sent in to Mr. Macdonald, No. 7, York- street, Hans Place, London, in words at length. None to be received after o'clock, on Thursday, the 13th of June next. A rent is fixed, which if not bid Up to, all Tenders to be void. But should any Tender come up to, or be higher than the price fixed, the highest bidder to have it, on com- plying with the before- mentioned conditions. Tenders will be answered, on or before the 17th of June next. TO BE LET BY TENDER, For term of years, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, AFARM, in the parish of East Grinstead, Sus- sex, lately belonging to and in the occupation of John Tray ton Fuller, esq. deceased, consisting of be- tween four and five hundred acres of, arable, meadow, and pasture land. Security will be required for pay- ment of the rent and performance of the covenants. The farm may he viewed any day during the month of June; and further particulars had on application to Mr. Caleb Killick at Ashdown- house, in East Grinstead, with whom sealed tenders, containing the name of the surety, must be left. The live and dead Stock on the Farm, will he Sold by Auction, at Michaelmas next • due notice will be given of the day of sale; GREAT TYTHES TO BE LET. TO BE LET, BY AUCTION, At the Star Inn, in Lewes, in the county of Sussex, on Saturday the First day of June next, between the hours of one and three o'clock in the afternoon, ( sub- ject to such conditions as shall be there produced) ripHE Great Tythes of the Parish of Alfriston, JL in Sussex, supposed to contain about 1150 acre « , with a barn, in which arc two floors, two cattle yards, and about two acres of grass adjoining thereto. To be entered on at Michaelmas next. Alfriston is about eight miles from Lewes, three from Seaford, and five from Newhaven. For further particulars, enquire of Messrs. W. and E. Bray, Great Russel Street, Bloomsbury, London. ' SUSSEX" To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AMost deirable Freehold TAN- YARD, con- sisting of 52 tan, grain, and lime pits, drying- sheds, leather houses, bark mill, barn, and other con- venient buildings for carrying on the Tanning Business, with very good dwelling house, iwvden, & c. Land- tax redeemed. The Premises are situate in the pleasant village of Seddlescomb, a plentiful bark country. For particulars and treaty, apply to Mr. Eldridge, on the premises ; or Mr. T. Smith, Vinehall. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, gar- den, orchard, land, Fellmonger's- yard, and pre- mises, containing together about one acre and a quar- ter, more or less, situate lying and being at Sedlescomb, in the county of Sussex, iu the occupation of Mr. James Daws, The premises are freehold, and immediate possession may be had. For further particulars and treaty, application to be. made to Mr. William Grace, of Sedlescomb; or Mr. Martin, Battle. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AGood Freehold DWELLING- HOUSE, con- sisting of a cellar, kitchen, two parlours, seven bed rooms, and suitable offices ; together with an excel- lent walled garden adjoining. The premises are plea- santly situated in the parish of Leominster, in Sussex, on the high road leading from Arundel to Littlehamp- ton, and were late in the occupation of Mr. George Duke, deceased'. The purchaser may be accommodated with acres of meadow land, aud f, acres'of arable land, lying about a quarter of a mile from the dwelling- house, or any p rt thereof. For further particulars apply personally, or by letter, { post paid) to Messrs. Holmes, Solicitor,- Arundel. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL that Freehold Piece of rich MARSH- LAND, called TANSAY FIELD, containing by estimation 4" acres, more or less, situate iN Brookland, in Kent, adjoining Guldeford Lane, aud ill the posses- sion of Messrs, Terry, the proprietors. This field is supposed to be superior, or at least quite " qual in goodness, to any in Romney Marsh, for fatting- cattle. Respectable persons will engage to take a lease of this land for ft years, and use it as pasture, so as to pay a purchaser a net rent of 4l. per cent, for his purchase money. For particulars apply to Mr. Terry Westbrook, Lydd ; Mr Terry, at Fairfield; Mr. William Terry, at Bren- zett; or ut the office of Messrs. Woollett and Danes, Rye. ' noE PLACE, SURREY. Spacious elegant Mansion, with Pleasure Ground,;, walleil Gardens, 1 12 Acres of Land, Stables ftit 14 II01S& K, three Coach Houses, llot- house, Grape- house, aiid Green- house. TO HE SOLD BY AUCTION, Hy Mr. SHUTTLEWORTH. At tlie Auction Mart. 011 Tuesday, June -.' 5, unless pre vioiisly disposed of by Private Contract, ot which due notice will be given, HPHR MANSION of MOR:' PLACE, adapted for JL the residence of a Nobleman or Gentleman}*. fa- mily of distinction, contains on the ground floor, ya ves- tibule, breakfast- room, drawing- room, with plate glass casement?, di- rting room, study* dressing room, butler's pantry; on the first floor, seven best chambers, top- tinr with a baih, dri ssino; room, and water closet ;, on the back stairs And in the attics, nine bed charfcibeW, and two dressing rooms; contiguous to the princip'il build-, ingare a servants' hall, housekeepers'room* kitchen, laundry, brewhouse, bakehouse, dairy; & e. all well sup- plied with water. The house is in excellent and substantial repair, hav- ing recently had several thousand pounds laid out upon it, Under the direction of the late Mr. S. Wyatt. The lands altogether contain about HO acres, partly freehold and partly copyhold, a part in ^ with the house, or the whole if required, inostly tif « freev and lb © land- tax of the greatest part redeemed, The river Borne runs through the grojjils; Hoe Place is six miles from Gui-. ford ; six fronF'Chertsey ; three from Ripley, dud thirty- three from London; and is situated in a fertile and beautiful part of the county of Surrey. May be viewed with tickets only, w!# ich with fu ther particulars, may be had of Mr. Teasdale, Solicitor, Mer- chant Taylor's Mall; aud of Mr. Shut^ ltworth, Auction Mart, Loudon. Compact FREEHOLD ESTATE and RESIDENCE, near Westerham, K. cnt. TO life SOLD BY AUCTION, 15y WTNSTANLEY and SON, At the Mart, near the Bank of England, on Friday, the • ijWof June, at Twelve o'clock, in One Lot, A VERY desirable and compact FREEHOLD - I^ L ESTATE, exonerated from Land- Tax, add part tree of Great Tithes, called GO 1> DA R b'S, the residence and property cf William Louttit, Est), situate in ihe parishes of Westerham, Cuilham, and Tabiield, in the « ounties of Kent and Surrey, three miles only from Westerhai*., eight from Bromley, nine from Seven Oak*, ten from Croydonfcand eighteen from London ; con- sisting of a comfortable Residence and oftice*, bailiftV apartments, suitable barn% stabling, out - buildings, yards, gardens, and sundry inclosures of excellent ara- able aud woodland, lying exceedingly compact, a$ d nearly within a ring fence, containing together near 250 acres. This property is particularly recommended to the attention of the sportsman or experimental agri- culturist, the neighbourhood abounding with game, and several packs of hounds are kept within an easy ride. To he viewed by applying to Wm, Louttit, Esq; at Geddard's. Particulars may be had at the King's Arxis, Westerham ; Crown, East Grinstead and Seven Oaks ; Bell, and White Mart, Bromley; the Greyhound, and King's Arm*, Croydon; at the Mart ; and of Winstan ley . and Son, Paternoster- rbw, where a plan may be seen. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By J. TAMSliTT, At the George Ton, in Rye, on Monday, 17th . Tunc, • till, between the hours of live und iix o'clock, in the nfternnou.( unlets 111 the mean time diiposed of by Private. Contract.) AMessuage, situate in the longer strfcet, in Rye, . Willi a large warehouse behind the siimci and stable adjoining; iu the occupation of Mr. Henry Clark, baker and confectioner, the proprietor. The House c'onsists of two front rooms on tlie ground floor, hack kitchen, bake- house- and large oven, live chambers, besides atticks, aud tsasli hoiise detached, and is now in full trade. The premises are yery eligibly situated for trade, arid are in good repair. Immediate possession may be- liad. Fur further particulars inquire of Mr. Clark, sen. or at ihe office of Messrs. Woollett and Dawes, live. SUSSKJC TO MILLERS, MEALMEN, & c. TO BE SOLD Bt AUCTION, By W. DRAWBRIDGE, At the King's Head. Cucktield, 011 Friday, the " jstli of June, mil, at four o'clock in the afternoon ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given,) \ LLthat capital freeholdWindmjlliplot ofgrouml JT\. enclosed, cottage aud garden, situated on St. Jelttr's Co- union, and ( late iu the occupation of Nathan Grate* ly, deceased), now in lull trade aod iu excellent repair, ina good country for wheat, and near the itunpike- road leading from Brighton to Cocklield, capali. c of grinding ten loads of wheat per week. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Gravely, Stor- rington; Thomas l. idbetter, Somhwirk; or of the Auc- tioneer, at Skaines Hill, near Lindtield, Sussex. Freehold Waste J. and, Surrey*' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Messis. CRAWTER, At the White Hart, Blechingley, on Tuesday, the 28th day of May, 1811, at four o'clock iu Uie afternoon, before the commissioners for inclosing land-, in the' parishes of Biechingley tint! Home, Iu the County of Surrey, ONE HUNDRED And FIVE Acres of Freehold Waste Laud,' iu 11 Lots, situate, upon Hedge Court Common, Copthorn Common, and Frogwood Heath, adjoining the Brighton turnpike road, in the parish of Home, Surrey, well calculated for cultivation or planting, and very eligible for building 011, distant only a/ miles from London. Particulars may be had at the F. vclyn Arms, New Chapel; Dorset Arms, East Grii-. tend ; White Hint, I'lechirigly ; of Mr. Trnmper, Harefield, Middle- ex ; uf Messrs. Collctt, Wimburn, and Collett, G->, ChnnceVv- l; me: and of Messrs. Crawter, surveyors, ; tg>> nt « , ike. Cobham. Surrey, and No, 4, Thanet- Place, Temple Bar, London. Carpenter's Shop, and Timber Yard. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By PLUMEK and SON, At the Crown Inn, Horihnni, 011 Saturday, tlie 8tli of I June next, at six o'clock iu the evening, unless dis- posed of by Private Contract, of which notice wiil be given in ihe County Chronicle, and Lewes journal, on Monday the 3d of June, AFreehold roomy Dwelling- house and Garden, with a large Carpenter's Shop, and several detached buildings. The yard is well'fenced, and is 111 feet by ' 8':. feet, si tune in the ', » orou* lv of 11 or- U in, niiutting on ! the turnpiko leading frmu the Market place to London. ; For view and particulars, apply to Mr. V\ m Loug- - burst, 011 the premises. The purchaser will be entitled , to vote for Members for New SborcliaHj, and tht County of Sussex. Furniture, Worthing;. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On the Premises, By tlie direction of the Assignee of !\ fr. Henry Phillips, of Worthing, on Thursday, the jotU of May, aud the following day, at 12 o'clock, rptll, entire EFFECTS Of No. 2, on the J- Steioe, and also of CARVER'S COTTAGE. near Warwick- House, consisting of a general description of the n. tvil articles of furniture. Further particulars ot'which will be given io the next paper, and Catalogues in due time, on the premise*; » t the Inns of the neighbouring Market Towns 5 and of Mr. Weller, Chichester. Valuable Estates in the island of Portsea, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELTER, Early in the next Month, VARIOUS truly desirable Feehold Estates, among which are many eligible Scitcs for Build- ing, rich Meadow and Arable Land, situate in this dif- ferent Common Fields, the property of Mrs. Ridge, chiefly iu the rental of Mr. Ivimy, of which an iiuinc- dinte possession will he given. • Printed particulars will shortly he published, and will be delivered at the principal Inns of the adjacent Towns; of Mr. Ivimy, at Kingston ; Wt* j. Gunner, esq. Bishop's Waltham; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester. Genuine And, superior- flavoured Wines. TO BE S0LD,~ BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, , - ( Oil the premises) 011 Monday the 2d of June, 181!, a| 12 o'clock, rpiIE entire valuable CELLAR of WINES,, the A. property of Sir JOHN GORE, who is quitting hi, residence at Wood End :— Comprising one pipe of pecu- liar tine Madeira, a hogshead of Port, a quarter cask of Marcella ;— in bottles, six dozen of very choice old Hock, seven dozen of Malmsey Madeira, six dozen ol' uncommonly fine Vis de Grave, ten dozen of enrma. old Malaga, thirty dozen of Carhonell's Claret, fifteen dozeil of Madeira, sixty- eight dozen of Chime's and other Port Wines of the favourite Vintages, eight j dozen of Sherry, and a few Spanish Wines. ( t^ f' . Wood End is Four miles from Chichester. Catalogue* may be had, in due time, at the principal Inns, 111 the neighbouring' Market Towns; ot Me„ n. Mottley, Portsmouth ; Messrs. Winstanley, Paternoster- Row ;• Mr. H. Phillips, Bond Street ; the Auction Mart nu the Premise*; and of Mr. WELLER, Chiechester. SUSSEX. AN EXCELLENT MANSION, ^ With Eighty- one Acres of Land, TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER, On Ihe Premises, 011 Tuesday, ihe lath of June, I8II4 at twelve o'clock, npHE truly valuable and desirable FREEHOLD A ESTATE of AVISFORD PLACE, lite residence of Admiral Montagu, ( exonerated from Lund Tax.) Comprising a most substantial Mansion, in a com- plete state of solid and ornamental repair, and contains, in the basement, ample cellarage ; on the ground floor, a handsome hall and staircase, well proportioned eating and breakfast rooms, aud a neat library and greenhouse, likewise domest offices, replete with conveniencies of every description on the first floor, a very line propor- tioned drawing room, six ni » y bed chambers, four dres- sing rowiris, water closets; four large attics, store rooms, and Housemaid's closets, capacious tanks and good spring water ; a large kitchen garden and melon ground, inclosed by lofty walls covered with the choicest fruit trees, fine espaliers and filbert hedges, abundantly crop- ped with vegetables, tool house, capital six stall stable, lofts, two carriage houses, a very complete fitted up brow house, granary, drying ynftl and poultry houses This delightlul residence is situate in a lawn of upwards of fifty acres, belted by a luxuriant shrubbery and plea- sure grounds; the agricultural buildings, which arc v> ry complete, are in ii dell, screened from view by fo- rest trees. The remaining part of the bind surrounds the paddock with three neat cottages and gardens. The eligibility of situation, unrivalled beauty of coun- try, its extensive marine and laud prospects of hall and dale, and a delightfully featured champaign country cannot be sufficiently described ; it must be seen to be properly appreciated ; the soil is peculiarly dry, the air salubrious and healthy, in a highly respectable neigh- bourhood, surrounded by the best roads, near a fashion, able and retired watering place, and a very short dis- tance from the Duke of Richmond's fox hounds. Descriptive particulars will be published one month previous to the sale, and may be had ut the Auction Mart; of Messrs. Winstaffley, Paternoster row ; Mr. II. Phillips, Bond street} at the Libraries, Tunbridge Well-, Brighton, Worthing, and liognor; ut the princi- pat Inns iu the neighbouring Market Towns; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester, of whom tickets may be had to view, from the first of May to the day of sale. STORH1NG TON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. SONE, At the White Horse Inn, in Storrington, on Tuesday. the 28th day of May, 191 1, at four o'clock in the af- ternoon, ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract,) - ACOTTAGE and Garden, in the occupation of Mr. Butcher. A Cottage and Garden, ill the occupation of Mr, Shoesmith. And a most desirable piece of Pasture Land, contain- ing by estimation ten acres, in the highest state of cul- tivation. The above premises are situate in Storrington, very Hear the church, lay together, and about to the High- street. Mr. Batcock, of Storrington, will shew the premises," and further particulars may be had, 011 application to Messrs, Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyeing. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, By T. WHITE. At the New- Inn, ifi Pevensey, on Tuesday the eleventh day of June next, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, unless disposed of in the mean time by private contract, Aneat and substantial dwelling- house, erected only a few years since, and containing a kitchen, parlour, wash house , two cellars, and four bedrooms, with stabling for four horses, a butcher's- shop, slaughter- house, bullock- pound, large hog- pound, a detached building suitable for a wood or coat- room, a neat garden and orchard, fully stocked with fruit- trees of various sorts, and a w, cll of excellent water, situate fu Hankham- street, in the parish of Westham, adjoining the public toed, tending- from Hailsham to Pevensey, and wiibitt about half a mite of Westham barracks; the whole of the premises are freehold, in compleat repair, and are in- the possesion of Samuel Cruse the propriecor, and the' house is fronted tovvard3 the sea, of ' which, and-' of Pi* vensey lc> ei, it commands an extensive prospect. Fin lb. r particulars may be had of the proprietor, or of J. Sinnock, attorney, Hailsham. Lewes Water Court. IHereby give Noticft That a SESSION of SEWERS; or WATER COURT, will beholden fiir Lewes Laughton Levels, mi Wednesday tlie'Sthdaj. « jf June next, by I t o-' tlock at noon, at tbe White Hart Inn, in Lewes; at which time, aud. place, all persons concerned, are desired to attend. J. HOPER, - Ckrk to the Commission of Sewers. Lewes, 2Sd May, It* 11. Ouse Lower Navigation unit Drainage. AGeSeuai. Meet i TIG of T he Trustees will be held at the White Hart Inn, in Lewes, on Wednesday ilie 5th day of June next, at eleven o'clock iu the fore- noon, to ascertain the amount of tlw Scots which it will jie necessary ta request the Commissioners of Sewers of Lewes and Laughton l. etrls,. to rairt by Assessments ufinn l ands in the said betels* for the ensuing year ; to inspect tlvc pilia due; to pass the Treasurer's Accounts; and for other purposes. EDWARD VERRAL, Clerk to the Trustees. Lewes, 23d May* 1A> lv . r jpHli ner. t Sleeting « > J tie Trtts ees ol the turn- JL pike- road, leading from tbe Uro l park- gate. to tlie town of Rattle, will be liolden at il * Wool pack Inn, in Gardner's street, in ihe parish of HerstmoiireUH. on Thursday the sixth day of June iu* t, at two o'clock in ihe afternoon. £ 54h Way, 1811, JOHN SINNOCK. Clerk. Intended Strive if and Sussex Canal: NOTICE is he v siveiv tliat a- M* etin'g" wi1l ' li* hfM' at the White Ha' t lnjr. ill Guildford, in jb* comity of Surrey, Wii. 8 « lurday.. jhe I si. day of June . liexf, ; i't n. iic. o* i. locli in ll^ c aVi. riioon. for the purpose;. \ » f considering the propriety . of jjpiiliing a navigable ViinnJ, to cnuniv'i, the, risers ,- WVy " lid iVrii'n, . from New iiridge, iii t| ie pa'ri. h' jif Wisborough, Green. in Sussex, to Stone'iii'ilja parishf>\ Sliaifordj in Surrey, a distance of oiily iB^ tfileiC ^ rt" * :;>:---,'. acres of which are arable.—. 57 meadow anil marsh,— and upwards of 2 coppice: with a, good, irinior or farm house and every requisite building. to contain not only the produce of tin furm, but the ! i| hes also should it be wanted ur desired all now in the holding 0/ Mr. John, Boniface, terin ex pire's at Michaelmas next, and who will shew the farm. N. li. 7<) A. lilt. t6l*. of the arable laud, and 4 Aa. 1 It » | P, Meadow, is titheahle with both great and small tithes to the vicarthe remainder of the farm with small tithes only. ' THE TITHES Of corn, grain, pulse and hay of 2. V79 acres of land, in- most contents, ( exclusive of the farm) in Oving ; 2ln8 acres of which are now arable, 471 meadow or mowing land; now let lb the several nccnpieis at rents amount iog to £ 803 I is. per annum, the tenants paying poor tax. The agreement censes at Michaelmas next when to a person having the whole estate and usiug the farm, and having the opti'ou of taking the tithes;, their value must be greatly increased also from the circnni ilaiicc of Chichester having one of the greatest fort night markets in England, for cattle, corn, & c. ar. d being so liuliieronsly and regularly attended by Ports, mouth aiid other butellers and dealers. The estate is^ suhject 4- a annual payments amount- iiig to i'W ttf. li^ i- jThjB whole is exonerated from the Eaud T'ajf. •< ••., 1f. t Tenders eealeif. nnd marked ' V Tender for Oving JluiKir,' f'i> ri » and 1' ithes," to lie delivered ui Mr. Gawue « > f Chicheiter, oil or before the IQVh d iy xif June next. J- sir- iuy farther particu ars, application to. he mad .- -{ if by letter. (>< » t paid) to Mr. Gawne. "" , May 1st, itfii-. COPPICE LAND, to be SOLD by AUCTION, In ( lie month of July, unless previously deposed of by Private Coutract, ^ - SEVERAL pieces of FREEHOLD COPPICE LAND, lying together, iu the parish of Heyshott, Sussex, com iniiig about 2ti acres. These Coppices are au excellent cover for game, and are well worth the attention of- a sportsman. " IIlv IioH is distant 2 iniles from Midhurst, f) from chirelmtex, tj from Petworth, and 8 from Petersfield, I'|| « |'< 11 « way be had at Michaelmas. 1 Por particulars apply to Mr. George Parry, Cocking. near' Midhurst; or to Messrs. Sowton and Fuller, Chi- chester. ' . ~ ~; f6" nE. St> I. lJ AUCTION, ' OnTrtd'. it,, tile 14th ."."? . J- une nexS at" the Swan Inn, ' Pnlhotoiigh, Sussex betire. on the hours of live and six i » the afii rSoon,;. •; ' v! Al" « Viiii> ftcV'ancl ( frsiraUc FREEHOLD FARM; 4; AAi rssue', jn - the parisli. of Wlliiigshurstf Sits.' • coinprisiug H. farni hsm- e, iianleh, Iwrir, hovel, gate ai. d stwral closes or pnrfcls of l. uid, containing i'liTlj h » e. je^ ps, iui, re. urjle » *. nor- ill- the occupation of Mr. Lake Latley, under a lease, . wiitcli Vill expire at' Jtaiclmciiruis. I* h 1 . j.- " - i. ' ''' '" Tor Tiinherjpartfeular.| iri « ( 0 « ly personalty",' 01 by letter ( p « « . j » *'. di/ t'o Messrs. Holmes; solk- imr^/ rfandc- lj Su>- sex, " " ' • -- - . - v -.." • Aii entire Team, Sfe. TO BE SOLD BY At'CTt- ON, " By VERR ALL and SON. .. , Before the Star Door, in Lewes, 011 Tuesday . the 4th of jane, ( being Lewes Fair Day), at four o'clock in the afternoon, ATRAM of Four » good Cart Horses,'. w'lh their I Harness, Bells, and Whip?, complete; three of them are youbgf the nthef a'grd, all sound nltm good workers;— Likewise, Two good Yearling Cart Colts :— Also, Two Ox Harrows, Three Horse Ditto, anew Turnip Cmtiv7 Stachlne, ani several good Hacks. Horses sent fur Sale should be booked by 14 o'clock TO £ FE SOLD, TJY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, ill Lewes, on Saturday the 8th day ol June next> a* s.< WD- o'clock in the evening, APaucei.. of Ptime Land, containing 29A. be- ing the western part of the Hither Rye, in Soutli- nver ; aif A. ' of which are Arabic, amt> 4 JA. are Brook Land1. The Land is Fri choldj and Tythc free; end the Land Tax has been redeemed. Possession will he delivered nt Michaelmas next. Mr. George Morley, of Southover, will shew the Land. Further particulars may he known, 011 application to Messrs, Hoper and Sou, at Lewes. ROTHERFIELD PARSONAGE. Books,— Plate— l'itrnitnre,— Live ami Dead Fttrming Stock, Sf. c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ' By. VERRALL and SON, On the premises, on Mitnday, the loth of J'iwic, J811, aiid ftillowiug days, rT^ HE entire Houshold ru- rniitsie, Plate, Linen, A a Piano Forte, Pair of Globes, a vejy. extensive and valMwhle Library of Books, Live and Deal* Farming Stock, and other'Effects; of the REV. Richard CRAW- ley. of Rotherfield Pars/ HBge, ii) the County of Sussex. Ciiml « g « e> , iiiay he hail,, in litre time, on the Premi- ses ; ' i'he'St » s. s'ex tavs' « y Ti* nhrirfge-\¥ ell » ; Star Inn, Mayfiled Queen's- Head, Wadhurst j Maiden- Head, Uckfiled Swan; East- Grinstead • Wm. Verrall's, Auc- tioneer, Brighton; and of the' Ai » ctwMiecfs, Lewes, . Sussex. jt ve9)} pleasant Situation. TO BE SOLI), BY AUCTION, By VERRAL AND SON, At the Star Inn, 111 Mayfield, oil Wednesday the 12th - of Ji « } e, at Iwe o'clock- ill the afternoon, ALL tfrat Freehold Messuage, Barn, Stable, and Garden, well planted with Ff » lt Trees in full hearing, and ahnat Six Acres of excellent Meadow Land, situate at Hadlow Down, in the parish of' May- field, lately known by the sign of the Cheqwcrs. N. B. Possession of the Land, Barn, and Stable, may be bad iimnediirtely j « nd of the House and Gar- den at Michaelmas ne » l. The premises are in good re- pair, ami may be viewed at any time; and fursliCF par- ticulaTs known, < rf the Auctioneers, Lewes, Sussex. TO ) Li>, n v AU crno N, By VERRALL and SON. At the Star I1111, in Mayfield, Sussex, 011 Wednesday the litli Junie, lbl 1, at line o'clock iu tliMhfvvrivoon, either togetlier or 111 lots, as may lre dcternffted 011 at the time ivf suk> ACompacf" and most ciesiiable little FARM, situate and adjoining close to the town of May- field, called by the nan) e of Ham . vurf Holton, co'irtiiiu ittg ulieiit lOA. 3- R. 38iP. of exceeding rich Hop and Orchard Ground, Meadow, Arable, Pasture, and Wood Land, With convenient Ostborese, Stable Lodges, and Yards thereto,"- late the property aiid'in the octTppatlon of Mr. Edward Sawyer Chatfield, deceased. The ahirve Estate is Freehold, and exonerated front Land Tax; aiid possession n » ay had at' Miclrai- Smas- day next. The present Teii. wt will shew the Pi c'mi- cs ;— sand for fqrtlier particulars apply » t the Otliee of Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Mayfjeld. . Reatl Estates of Mr. George Bodle. ' TO : BE. SOI D BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, ( Bv Order of the A- siguees of George Bodle, Of Alfrraton, in the County of Sussex, a Bankrupt,) At the Star Inn, in Alfriston aforesaid, on Monday, the 17ill day of, June, I8t I, at. four o'clock ill the Aftcr- li'. on, iu Eight Lots. - " Lot I. * •' ALL that Freeliofit, modern built Messuage or Tenenieiit,. with the appurtenances thereto lie- Innging, situate, adjoining to the pleasant town of Alfriston. aforesaid, and which is now in the tenure or occupation of. Mrs, Elizabeth Stevens. Together with a roomy building near the same, u/ lw used as a carpenters shop, iu the occupation of Edward Bodle. N. B. This is a comfortable residence' for a small amily, has a pleasant green plot iH front, & a right of fcarriagc w- ay to and from the same by the'Spir- laue. Lot 2. All that' piece or parcel of valuable arable land, situate iu the short furlong of Al-' riston aforesaid, at present partly planted with Lucern, and which is now iu the occupation of Henry Hastings, or his under- tenants. Lot 3. All that building at present ifsed as a ware- house, situate, near the centre of the town of Alfriston aforesaid, and now in the occupation of tile assignees of the said George Bodle. Lot 4. All that valuable piece or parcel of arable laud, containing 3A. 2it. 11 p. more or less, situate under Maple Bank, near Alfriston aforesaid, part whereof lias a thriving plant of Lucern growing 011 the same, and other part sown with oats, and which is .. new 111 the te- nure or occupation of John Bodle, his under tenants or assigns. N. B. This lot has a deep vein of valuable brick earth in it. Lot 5, All that piece or parcel of valuable land, as the same is now stumped out, and which has of late years becu used as a brick yard, and on which is a good kiln, and other . conveniences for making bricks;, also a brick hililt messuage or tenement, in two d « ciriugs. The yard is now iu the . occupation, of Henry Beck.. '' Lot6. All that valuable garden, inclosed Willi lofty walls, and wliWh ' itdjohls 011 the south side of Lot 5, together with a sftiiill | rifefe of grftlind .011 the . east , end thereof, as ihe sauoi. iw liowuluhipul wit. The gardeii is now in the occupation of Robert Budle or his under- tennllts. • ... ~ N. 15. The walls on the east, west', and north, to bfe- long to this Lot. Lot 7. All that fertile Piece of Groi\ nd, now divid- ed into several distinct Gardens, part of wliitit is clothed with thriving young fruit'trees of the most valuable Sorts, and which is now in the several tenures or occu- pations of Edward Bodle, • Carter, Eliz, Stevens, and Henry Hastings, Lot • » . All that modern- built Messuage or Tene- ment, situate iu the parish of Willingdon, iu the said county, and which is now or lateiti the tenure or occu- pation of Samuel Stretton. IS, 11, Lots 2, 3, 4, S, ( 5, and 7, are Copyhold of the Manor of Lullington ;. and Lot 8, is Freehold. The respective Tenants have notice to quit at Michael- mas next. The premises may he viewed by application to Mr. G. Osmond, of Alfriston, of whom further particulars may- be had ; or of Mr. T. Cooper, Solicitor, Lewes. MARSH LAND, in OLD ROMNEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, " * At " the New Inn, iii New Romney, on Thursday, the 271I1 day of Jutie, 1811, at twelve o'clock yt noon, „ T^ OUR pieces of- MARSHLAND, situate in Jt Walland Marsh, iu the parish of Old Romney, coii-- tainiiig iu the whole 411 acres, more or less, aud now in the occupation of James Dunn, w hose term will expire at Michaelmas next. Tlie above pieces of land lie together, are subject to a modus of is. per acre, and the water- rat# s and pilto- chial taxes are. very low. r . For further. particulars apply Iff Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, _ At the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday the 29th of June, 18tt, at seven o'clock. in the eVo* t* ng, AFARM, skuatg in the several P^ Wh'es of Heathtield'aiid Burwash; called by the name » f PONTS- otlicrwise KINGSDOWN ; consisting ofa Messu- age, jBarn, Stable, ?) utbuiMiug* r'and about ,11- 2 acres of Arable, Pasture, Meadow, and Wood Land, now ii'. the occupatipn of Mr. Samuel Brook, as Tenant ftonr year til year. Tl » i< festaie is desirably situated on the South side of the Turnpike Road heading from Lewes to Barwash, distant Cttoni the In- t- ter pla^ e- about three miles," and' possesses ( urge < jiK « iuiiies of Grey Lime Stone, of good quality, which may lie, drawn and - used- 011 the Estate with nittph aifi'antage. The Premises are Freehold, ( except about'. 16 acres wli'Cli are Leaselisild, held- for a short unexpired Term under the Earl of Chichester), For ffrrth'er particulars, apply to Mr. Thomas Wool, ' gar,' of Lewes ; or to Mr. Stone, Solicitor, Mayfield Sussex Farnts. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, in Lewes, oir Saturday, the 29U1 of June, 1.811, . at Six o'Clock in- the Evening, unless ac- ceptable oft'ers of purchase should be made rn . he nieau time. LoTf. \ FREEHOLD FARM, ( wrrf.' ms fing Fence) / V called Weeki, a » iis> cmrs' » fiiig of a House, Barn, - ible, i) a* tinlrF. e, and « * lw- r Baildiugs ; a- nd ahont 79 A. 2 R. 7 P> of good Land, irwi- l eligibly situate in Little Horsted, within Six Miles of Lewes, and Two of Uckfield, adjoiu » ig to the London Road', and now in the occupation of Mr. John Diplock, whose term will! expire at Lady Day, 181- 1, • N. B, • This Farm command's' very line prospects, and is . peeulia. ) y calculated for tire erection of a Villa, I. tyj PI. - . 1.. A FREEHOLD FARM, (,> k ™ witliina ring Feivcd) consisting of a good House, w. itl* irCottaige, Uai 11, ; ind ojifer Biiilditlgs, and abinit 148 A. 1 It J 14 P. jof Laiifi, ' fifetJJ. t It'. I2P. sailed CRAINSDEN, occupied by Messrs Peckham; am'd> 6 A » 11R, 2 P. ealled KNOWLE HIGHFIELD, occupied by Mr. Rose, eligibly situate the Parish, and very neaf to the Town of Mayfield. N. B. Messrs. Peckham's Teinu will expire at Lady Day, 1812, and Mr, Rose's at Michaehaus, 1812." Lot III. A compact Httle Frecliold Farm ; consisting of a Cot, tage, and Three Parcels of Land, called Smith's Mead Smith's Field, n » d Hilly Knowle Field, containing to- gether about lt> A- i ft. 38P.. situate 111 the parish and near the town- of Mayfield, and now 111 the occupation of Messrs. Peckham alicl of Mr. ; Rose, whose terms will respectively expire at Lady- Day and Michael mas 181. Lot IV. A compact Freehold Farm, cirlleit Flan- ts; eousisting of a large Home, with a Bans ijirdi other Buildings, aud about 78A. 2It. rr. P. of Land, situate in Mayfield, ad j- niitittg to Lot 2, aiid now ooenpied by Messrs. Peck ham, . whose term will expire at Lady- l> ay N. B. Ijots - 2, 3, aud 4, arc weU cwvered1 with thr'v ing Timber; and the Soil is fertile and kindly for the growth of Timber, aud for the Cultivation of Hf> p « . The several Tenants will shew the Farms. Ami further particulars may lw fcnown on appliea tion to Messrs. Hoper aud Son, at Lewes ; or to Mr. Stone, at Mayfield. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. BY TESTER AND BATES, At the house of George Taylor, bearing the sign of the Sergison. Arms, at Hayward's Health, in- tlie parish of Cuckfield, iu the eowaty of Sussex, on Wednesday the 29th of May, 1811, between the hours of four aud six in the afternoon, ' t ALL that FrtehoW Messuage or Tenernent,, Garden, Orchard, and Close of Meadow . Land, cout » i- uh) g ( by- cstimr. iion) ojre acre arid a half, uiore or less, in. the occupation of George Rice, and of Mr. T. Brigden, tI've proprietor/ . ' Tlfe premises may be viewed 011 application to George ' Rice-;— i- atid furfher pai- tieular's kiiowh at the Ollit'C of Mr. Waller s^ lkiior, in Cuckfield. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY TESTER AND. BATES, At tlie Tyger " Inn, i » Li'ndtteUU in the county ' it Sus- sex, on Thursday, the 341th day of Slav, 18i 1, between the hours of four and six o'clock in ihe_ nftc? tmen,- unless - Acceptable offer be previously made to pur.< chase by l'ri. vate Contract, THE FOLLOW" 1N( 5 FREEHOLD ESTATES; IN TWO LOTS. LOT J. AVaUiatile and desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE,. Tythe free,' and I. aud Tax redeemed, called GRAVELY : comprising a gowd fiirni bWu^ c, barn, sta- ble, convenient lodges, and Other necessary outbuildings, large gardens and orchards, and 109 ncrys, nwire or less, of meadow, pasture, and arable land, divided into con- venient iuclosures, well supplied with water, and in a high state- of cultivation \ - the" whole lying well together, situate in the. parish of Liipllield, within half a mile of the town, a short d. stance from the Ouse navigation, 3 miles from Cuckfield, 1- 2 from Lewes, 15 from Brigh- ton, and 3d from London. The premises are capable of great improvement. LOT II. A Valuable Freehold Estate, Land Tax redeemed, called A WELL; comprising a good barn, hoVel, and yards, and thirty acres, more or less, of meadow, arable, aud woodland, situate in the parish of Ardingly, within half a mile ( if the Ouse navigation, and about one mile from tlje tiiwn of Lindfield, well stocked with line thriv- ing oak timber trees and tellows, to the growth of which the soil is particularly favourable. The . pretiitses may be viewed, on application to Mr. Bennett Miles, the bailiff, at Gravely Farm; and fur- ther particulars known at the office of Mr. Waller, So- licitor, in Cuckfield. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, r By TESTER AND CO. On Wednesday the 5th of June, 1811, at thfc Red Lion luti, in Lindfield, at live o'clock in the. afternoon,., ( unless snnuer disposed of by private contract) ACopyhold- Messuage or Tenement, • witH iii! Orcliih- d; weH- plailtcd with exc'eljent Ajiple atrtP other Friiit Meees, and a'Gaiden, contaioiilg toigsUher* about Half ail Acre of Ground, pleasantly situated and adjoining , a>.< go. od Turnptke- Road, in liin j). ir;.! i of l. iudfield, now rn- the occupation of Mr. James Clubb, the proprietary by npplication to whom further'parti- culars may le had, aud tke- Prcinises * een. ' Oie above House,;& c. are held of the Manor of Plumpton Boscage, at a fine of Gd. only ; and are con- sequently nearly, if not quite, as valuable. as Freehold. TO CORN, COAL, WINE. AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE. On Thursday, the 1.1th day of June, 1811, at the Old Ship Tavern, Brighton, unless in the mean time dis posed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given, THE LEASE of all those desirable and cxten site premises, being Njos. 8, and 9, Middle street, Brighton: together with the.- commodious Corn Lofts, Wine Vaults, Spirit Cellars, Coal Yard, Slabliiig, & c. & c. The, above premises have lately undergone thorough repair, and have been greatly improved by the present occupiers;' they are well cahulatcd for the residence of a Merchant, or auy other concern requiring extensive room. - ... The House No. 9, contains on the . basement, two cominodious- Vanlts,\ fitted" up with brick'd bins, capable of stowing upwards of Gun dozen wine ; 011 tiie ground lloor, a large warehouse, counting house,, with private entrance; and good liimily kitchen; on . the lirst lloor, two excellent drawing rooms^ with bow windows', and fthree bed elkambers, liud live attics over ;*. also a Dwel- ling Hmi. e adjoining, being \ o. 8, con'taiiting two par lour>, four chambers, kitehtii, cellars, ai| d detached offices. ' '' ' .. ;. , - The above premises command a good. view i) f; the sea, ajiid- let well during'the'season. - l'ur fui tlrt- r particulars, aiid vicW of-' the saine, apply 011 the premises; or at Mr. Anlee's General Estate aiid Commission Utlice, riunh'Slrecij Brighton. BRIGHTHELMSTON.. _ Particulars of several very desirable Esfates,— con- sisting of a valuable Inn, Lodging- Houses, a large unfinished Building iiilcntiW fop a Library, and Arther littildin'gs and ( irotitA; sit^ W- te in Bright- helmston, in tlie County of- Sussex. - • ' TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, .. At tlie Norfolk- Arms Hotel, in Brighthelmston, 011 Thursday the 13th day of June, lB11, al eleven o'c! i> ck in the forenoon, -..' . Itf THE FOLLOWING LOTS, ( Unless any of sivch Lots are previously disposed of, of . which the utmost notice will be given) ; Lot 1. A LL that very handsome, capacious Free- IV hold tun; or Hotel, ra'lleifTilt. NORFOLK ARMS HOTEL, most eligibly situated 011 the Sea Cliff, jiear Bedford Square, tlie west part of the towu of Brightiiefusstum, fronting the Sea, and at a very conve- nient ^ distance frotA the public road leading from Sright- heliuston to NewShoreh. ini ;— comprizing two kitchens, pantries, vnult., cellar.*, sculleries, ui » d ( ither suitable offices, for all Inn or Hotel, a coffee- room, three par- lours aud'- har, four sitting rooms, aud waiters', p- nnlry ; — 011 the first floor, eight best bed rooms and ten upi| er ro'olns-; also a good Tap^ House adj^ iinuig, comprizing a good tap room, two sitting rooms, aud three bed rooms. Also, a compact riiuge of Coach Hon es, Stables, qtul Buildings, at the'lmck pari' thereof, eousisting of four poach Houses'and Stalin for 27 Horses Lot 2.' Aft'that genteel newly- erected Freehold Lodging- House and Libraty, w irli lh « Buildings, sod A|> pivrleiii\ iicestliereu. ii1 » lieloiigiH- g, • i| taiiUe also 011 the West Clvfl'V near Bedford- TSq. uare, iii BrighllKlui- ton. The 1 . edging- House . comprises, kitchen, butlers' room and pwiitnes, servants'ball, and sniiabfe nut offices, large drawing I- o'oni, dining rooth, three best bed rooms, aud h siliallt* ream, aiid four irpper loouu. . This Lot contains about'.> 4 I'ceV hy'iin feet ; and ^ ossessiwii thereof tiuiy lie bad 011 the 24t- U June ipst. ,> , The Library, S ock ol Books, and other. - articles, may.' be had at a fair valuation^ as also the Mowshold I'uFuilwie iis the l. odgiug- llouse, which • fs nearly new. Tot 3. ' A Pirye irf, Leasehold Biiilding Ground, immediately at^ the North of a, Lodging- II oi » e belonging to Mrs. Ann Marshall; and " Inch House is at tlie back of alarge'MiijIsiiiii or Lodging- Howie, being 59, of the Marinefrnride, iu Brighthelmston. This Lot sdinea sfcres Miont b'f feel in length by about 25 feet li inches in depth, and fronts a new road leading to the Sea Cliff, and hiw a side view of the Sea. Subject t » a Pepper Corn Rent only. Lot. 4. A veuy handsome, capital Leasehold Lodg- ing- House and. Buildings, being No. 1 ti, ou the . Marine , Parade, iu Brighthelmston aforesaid, being at the cqr- i her of Bedford- Street, and having a < 0.11 view irf she Sea — cbhsi- tiiK! of a kitchen, liousekeepa is' room, a large area With suitable out < illices, front aud back parloui., with folding doors, drawing room, three best bid rooms, aud three attics. * ' • This Lor is Leasehold for a term of 99 years, ® " abcHit1 f) u of which are unexpired, at an original rent ( including various other property} of 711I. per aim.— but which will be now sold subject to the rent; « f 17I. pep atmn- in. only, as an apportionment of such' original Gmwud Rent, - < Lot 5'. A Leasehold miliuished, but most caynchMR. and elegant Structure, designed for and intended tu be calleil, tiie NEW STEINE LIBRARY, wUU an. eHlen. sive warehouse adjoining, and Lodging- bouse attached, situate iu St. James's- sttviit aforesatdy aud- uumedhttely fronting ftie New Steilic, in Brv^ iuUeliiistou aforesaid,- liciu'gTonr stories hi° U, mid built of very good and sub- stantial materials. . - " This Lot is lea.*& held for a term, of' 99 years, of which . ahoui 96 years are yet unexpired^ at the rent ol 4Sl> per autiuiil. Lot tj. A i^ usehohl Messuage or Tenement, shop and buildings, being No. 38, ihi the Nnethside of St James's- street, ill Brighthelmston aforesaid, hue iu the occupa- tion of Richard Philp, and - used by hiin as a furniture wart'bontic, and containing a good bow.- fiuMitcd shop^ back parlour, and passage, with tide entrance; dining- r'rioni, with a Ifock be^ chamber, three cluuabers, and three aitVH. " This lot irt Vfi- Bjfcc^ also to the liefore- jnen< a< « icd grouwl i ' rfntnf 71;!. ' per atiiiuns aiid .' the y^ ecliasiir will, he £ xpectcd to covenant tu pity per aiiuiim as a « . apportionment thereof. Lot - j". AlUhnse two unfinished Lsasl'lwilii ffrick- hu- ilt Messuages or Tenements, htiildiugs and groiuid, on the west side, and at the south ' nd of a row of houses and buildings, in, Bri!; hihclmston nt'oresiwd, called Upper Rock Gardens, which is intended to communicate with St. James's- street afoj'esitid, each lioivse emitaiuing in front It) feet, and iu depth, including tlse iwea in , front, 43 feet of thereabouts. Aiid also the pieeit of building ground adjoining, at the south end tlM- reof, : uid- front- ing into St. James's- street aforesaid, contaning mi- fcont of the said street, 45 feet by about 24 fiet deep, lor the term'of 99 years, at-. the rent of 4nl, per annum. The purchaser of this lot will be obliged to compleat* the said houses, with the same frontage and heigh* as the houses adjoining 011 the north side thereof. Lot 8. All that Leasehold Messuage or Tenement, hliildings and ground, being No. 4, in Upper Rock Gardens aforesaid, being iti feet in front, by 4.1 fcet or therealyitvts in " depth, and comprising a housekeeper's room, - kitche'u, half, and butler's ' piintry; two parlours, drawing room, and chamber behind, two attics and two garrets. ... Tliis and the next lot, together - with several other hd'oses, are in the whole subject to a ground rent of look" per annum, the proportional part of which for the above lot to pay, will be 211I. per annum. Lot 9. All that other Leasehold Messuage or Tene- ment, buildings aud ground adjoining the last lot be- ing No. 5, of the said row of buildings, called Upper Rock Gardens aforesaid, of similar size and conveni- ences ( herewith, and subject also to the payment of 2oh per annum, as au apportionment of the said origi- nal ground rent of tool. , LOT in. Several well covered leasehold ground rents, issutil^ riut of ground, situate, on the west side of H igl)-. street, iii Brighthelmston a ore- aid, viz — ! • I'rotii and out of ground leased tollenry £. s. d. Watermanr. on which a messuage or te- 2 12 G .-., nji tjieut; is | » vilt - t - - Do. Do. - leased to F. Nicholls at - 3 12 6 Do. Do. . r T. Akehurst . - 1 i 0 ' •' Do1. ~ D « . Wm. Westgate - : la 0 0 ! , t » « » ..: .-"•'" '• ' — >. •>'.'" £ 25 .6 ( i t^ 0T( I l- C: . All that four pant piece of leasehold laud, fronting the sea Vir the marine parade, in Brighthelmston aforesaid, thf south part thereof underfenseed lo Mr. Miller, ' aiid'Kubseqiieuily assigned to . Ebenezer John- ston. Esq. at a rent of'jt' 31 per annum, aiid* upon - Which two lodging houses, are erected, aud the uurlh part thereof remains unbuilt upon. This lot will be sold subject to a ground rent of £ per alumni in exoneration of the said ori- ginal ground relit of £ 70. Lot 12. A piece of freehold ground, exceedingly desirable for building upon towards, the- lower ur south end, and on the east side of a certain new street, lead- ing out of St. James's street, and iiear the New Steyne in Brighthelmston aforesaid, called Devonshire- street,' containing in front from north to south feet, aud ill depth froin east to west 75 feet or thereabouts. Lot 13. Another piece of freehold ground of the same size, and adjoining the last lot on the north. Lot 14. Another ditto of the same size, and adjoin- ing the last lot 011 the north. Lot IS.' A piece of copvln> ld ground at. the north end of, and iu a line witli the row of houses iu Briglit- liclmston, called Gloucester place, tine and heriol cer- tain : also exceedingly well adapted for building upon, ' Containing in front frniu north to south 34 feet, aud in depth from east to west 14n feet, with half the head wall and Chimney therein ' of the house, belonging to C. Rand, Esq. and. also a workshop built 011 the said grouud. Lot to. Also two small copyhold messuages or tene- ments. building* aiid small piece of vacant ground adjoining, situate 011 the ea.- t side of Cumberland.-^ ireei, 111 Brighthetmstou aforesaid, subject to a rent of i,' t< 2 per annum, or, thereabouts, for an unexpired terin Of 911 . ears. Particulars and Conditions of. Sale will be printed in a few days, and may be had at any . of.-. the Bahking. Uou'ses, LiUrartes. and turfs in Brighthelm- ion, and at' the office 01 Messrs. BROOKER and COLBATCH, Solici- tors, I'riitce's Place, ' - /. TO B£. JiT OR SOLO. . , AVery capi'tafFAitW, called Brick House FARM, ( or parM&" 4)< tdf)' with a very excellent Farm House, Cottages, C. meh. - HouseV'Cow Houses, Barns, Stables, and out Buildings; consisting of about mo Acres of jirable^, Pasture, Meadow, and Wood Lands, situate about ' One Mile from Leigh", Three from Rochford, Southend, and Raleigh, in the County of Essex; the Laud is a corn pleat ring fenee round the House, & c The Purchaser may have immediate possession; all the , the growing Crop, Live Stock, & c.. may be taken or declined at the choice of the Buyer.— The Utensils i! » Trade must he taken at tlie same Valuation if pur- chased. . The Parties may he accommodated with time to pay two- thirds of the Purchase Monev, on security of the Farm — To save trouble, no Person will be treated wills who lias not himself, or by Agent, seen the Farm, and will not male a tender above Forty Shillings per Acre, for all the Lands, except the Wood Lands ; at which sum it will be Let for Fourteen Veers, if no higher is offered by private contract, on the 13th Day of July next, when iho offers will he opened — If not then disposed of, it witl be Sold by Auction some time in. September.-— For further particulars, » p| sly to. Mr. Vaq1ler7. ee Rochford, in PerWn, e< by Agent.— Letters, wllj 11 at be attended to. . .. = A THOROUR. B- BUED ALDEITNEY BTJLI.. two years old. *' • Enquire of Wm. BENEY, Westfivld Cottage. ' '""'' n e w HAVE a-'' TO BE SOLD; BV AUCTION. By ROBERT BROOKE, On tire premises, « u Tuesdky{' flie ? 2sth of May, tsir, in eWiveii o'eiock in the forenoon, The HoustroLD furniture . f the i « te . Mrs' MiTCHEtt, of Newhaveu, deceased; Consisting of goose wild other feather bed., fx- dsteadt and- iisopitigs, sheets; tl+ aiik(' tv,- tolinTei'| fQjie-. maho- gany and waurscM tuftles, chest of drawers', chairs, chick, stoves, uu&' numerous other articles iii'tlie furni- ture way. .... Gewte e, c Uesi'df- ncf, and G a ftp en Groukd: VmNT, SUSSEX •'.„ tp b" e;; sold by auction. By Messrs., CHEESMAN atjd FRY',' At ^ he. Bull I1111, in Frant. on Thursdav, the 13th of June, m11, at live. o'clock iu the afternoon. LOT. il Amessuage, or ten'e^ ent, pTeasantl/ : situated o » thai twach admired spot, Frunt Green, Wtiliin. twii miles distance fnun Tunbridge WelU, nste th(? residence of Mrs. Taylor, aud now occupied bv th « • Rev:- J. T. Wilgress.) w. i'jrtt detached. !> rewhouse, dairy rooft » ,' Wo » d. hoiiVe, chaise'hoiise, an< l. HtabUiig for three horses'. Also,": v large gimdvir thereto, well pUwi+ ed wiih . tliriving esjndier fruit, ijud othertrers. . . Tlie Me » » uage comprises, on" lh « jjrmind fltinrj a targe entrance h » H, dining roiiin,; stody, audi briiltfast p » , i I. V" r ; krfi ht- ji, pantries, aud store toonis.— i) n the first Hour, a drawing room; antt lire sleeping rooms:— and in tljwjW* ' Ij^ ce seryantr' sleeping rooms, with conveni- e| it. ceuaei, ... • l- h4tX'iir. niiurc, novr let with the above messuage, mav to taken, nt' the purchase* 1!; election, by a fair appraiie-' nVentV' , . .' .:••.''.' r- ffr ti.; ... A Piece bf. 6ARDEN. GROUNDj situate on Frant Green aforesaid', iie « ly opposite > tije above messuaee. < j!. ntamins. about » » R. 47P. now in the occupation of William Braban> < : The wliiile bti. tbe alvove premt » s « re- Copyhold, held of the Manor of Fr'anW • For i fori her particulars enrpmo of J. Aug. Bon- ney, Esq. No. 4, Ptfrcy- stsneKRariUKiue- Place, Londwi- of Mr. John Taylor, irf Fraut; or of Mr. stone, Solici- tor, Mayfield. . . to' i? i; sold Auction; 1 By THOMAS SONE, On tSe prSir. ises, dn Thursday and Friday, the Ctli and ? lh days of June, ,1 a 11,. AE£ tfie Ilonslibiil Turnitu're, . Mongfn? J Miss NORTON, at Tarriu^, uea¥ Wortbiag^ gns- " scx;— The goods consist of three prime goose fenlherf beds,, bolsters, and pillows; bt- il. u- ads a< ot linn^ tit^ -: blankets, counterpanes, mattresses two chests of draw'- ers, two mahogany night stool-, nial. ogany'riiAitfg Midi card, tables, Pembroke table,- three bason stands, tweivv mahogany chairs, one pier glass, china and glass, Turkey and Scotch'carpets, a I pair of sheet., table li- nen, washing- and brcwiug utensils, kitchen requisite*, in. general. The furniture is well worth tlie attention, of private families. •" The sale to begin nt twelve o'clock, each da v. To Millers, ami Others^ UO- RE. SOLD, BY AUCTION, 1? V T. WHITE, At the t- aniH'- lnn, Eastbourne, on Thursday thr Rib day of | usie next, between the hours of six and eight iit • the evening, ( miless previously disposed of by urivntc coiitraet'), AF'jege of L* wo4 coirtaiiiing One Rootl, si- . tivaU- iipon Ocklyn Hill, in the parish- of Willing- don, being the scue of a horizontal Windmill, lately- burnt dow n. The premises are Leasehold, for a terlttf of 199 years, | 5ti- of wllioh oreufiexpircdy under'a ykari ly rent nM-' LveSh- illingss The Land ts desiralily situated hetweeti' the paridic*. of Eastbourne and Willingdon, for the purpose of erect- ing a Windmill, and b » sinrs » to a Considerable extent was earned on tor upwards of ffcilCa- Ceiitury iu the lat » Mill. The Iron Work aud Materials of tjle late Windmill,, now remaining, are to be taken by vtlo- Ffrrebascr at * fair valuation. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Gell, Solicitor; IJilit luwirne. Dicey $ Co.' s True- Daffy's FJixw: " rPHJS niost exccllerrt Mcdicine lias been fafth- 1 fuily prepiired- Jiir. iipwa'rds of EIGHTY Years, from the purest Drugs » i| d Spirits that can be procured, by Dicey and Co. Jin. 10, Bow Church- yard, London ; and ha4 lie ii attended with the happiest success in the cure of Ihe Gravel, Stone, Fluxes, Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Ilica- t, & c, but in tlie mosl eecrti « iating Fits ef the Colic, mid in all eoiiiplaiuts, iif the Stoniach and Bowels, the genuine Daffy's filixir is ' unquestionably superior to every oilier'Medicine in the world :— Spuri- ons sorts, ofa very mieriiVr qhalhj,' afc,.| towerer, offer- ed for sale in atmost every ( own,' and some of theni esrn with the panics of Dicey and- Co. ' in. the hills of direc- tions, and. on the bottles ( wfi. eh ire also itWde in imitv lion of iheirs): The surest' way therefore to prevent < Je. ception, is, lo ask particularly, for Bicey's Daily's Elixir, aud to ob « crve not olily tl|* t the'iwords Dicey and Co. No. in, Bow Church- yard, are printed in the stamp affixed to'each bottle, and signed in the bills of directions; but also, as a further mark of distinction, that the words Dicey and Co.' s True Daffy's Elixir are printed,- in large characters, at the top of each bj| l of directions. It is sold, wholesale and ' retail, by Dicey and Co. No. 111, Bow Church- yard, in hollies at Is. 9d., and is. ltd. each, dutv included ; amfrelail by W. Lee, Pugh and Davy, and Martin, Lewes ; Heatherly, Eastbourn ; Brooker, Seaford ; Gregory, iutd Frances, Brighton ; • Matthews, Midhurst v Cave, Petersfield ; mid by the principal Venders of Patent Medicine^ in every Town throughout the Kingdom. • Of whom may lie had, from Dicey and Co.' t Ware- house, ' a » a bote,— « • d. t. d. True Daffy's Elixir s 6 Dr. Anderson's Soots Smaller Botr| e; s' - 1- 9 Pills, jo in a box I 1 § Dr. Radcliffe's Elixir 1 li Hooper's Female Pilltl 1J Button's British Oil 19 Godfrey's Cordial 09 Squire's Grand Elixir I 9 Golden & plain Spirits Bostock's Elixir J ' i of Scurvy Grass I l| Pike's Ointment . I 9 Beamtte de Vie - 36 Stoughton's Elixir J. 1 i Rymer's Ttnctiire - 3 y Friar's Balsam - 1 1 j Rymer's Cough Drops 4 9 Baching Spirits - • ,0 9 Walker'sJesuitsDrops J y Cljiitfii.' s Snuff & Oil. ly ! t) J W^ uau', Pills - t; B} tlieIVs PectocafiXo^ euges jjd. Postscript. FROM, SATURDAYS LONDON GAZETTE. Whitehall, May 25, 1811. HIS Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, ih'tlie name and ori the'bebalf of his Majesty,' to' constitute and appoint Field Marshal llii Royal Htghness Frederick Duke of York to be Commander in Chief of all hfs Majesty's. Land Forces iiv'th'e United Kingdom of Great Britain ' andIreland.'. : • . ••• • BANKRUPTS. John Sartain, Horseferry- road, Middlesex, buil- der.— Elizabeth Nussey, Bristol, dealeHn earthen* ware.- - Thomas Mercer,, Billingshurst, Sussex. brewer and miller.— Edward Lucy Meacher, Berk- hampsted Herts, luandy merchant.— P. Meacher, Newport- Pagnell. Bucks, brewer. John Wilson, Sunderland, ship- owner. Robert Allen, Bristol, fruiterer.—' Thomas Bailey, Hackney, factor.— John Carter, jun. Liverpool.—— Richard Kenton, jun. Hanley, Stafford, draper.-- Thomas Smith, Oxford, linen- draper.— Richard Stone, Clifton, Gloucester, dealer.— John Cross, Plymouth, butcher. Wil- liam swan, jun. Liverpool, merchant.— Jos. Fox, Runcorn, Chester, grocer.— William Watson Tait, Liverpool, merchant.— James Lyon, Leadenhall- street, ship and insurance- broker. Bernard Do- lan, Strand, cheesemonger.— William Jernegan, Swansea, Glamorgan, architects— John Woodhead, Linthwaite, Ynik; woollen- manufacturer.— Wm. Eames, Little Moor fields, stable - keeper. Chas. Sharood, Brigghthelmstbon; victualler. Brunswick Oels, " Lieut. Zollikofu, slightly. MISSING. — l6rh Light Dragoons, Captain Bellie. Coldstream Guards, Ensign Stodart.. 3d Ditto, " Lieut. Colonel Hill. 21th foot,, Capt, Andrews. Mrth, - Lieut; Ryan. 71st, Lieuts. Roy and Baldwin. .,,."-.; , KILLED.— Ensign Cookson, 3d Guards. Lieuts. Ireland, S> 4. lh Foot. • Houston, and Graham,. 71st . ditto. Johnston, 7,4th. Ferris, 83d, Holmes, 8.5th. Captain Irwin, 88th. Lieut. Westby, 85 ill. .,:';. In, the. House of Lords, yesterday, upon the motion for the second, reading of the five Bills in- troduce^ by Sir S. Romilly, and which had passed H| e House of Commons, the three Bills mitigating the penalty of- death for stealing in shops, in dwelling- houses, - andon- canals,, were negatived by a majority of- 17- •• flie second reading of the other two Bills," respecting Mealing from bleaching grounds in Ireland and" in' England, was agreed to without a division; Snd the saihe were ordered to be committed on Monday. . .:..'. LONDON, ( SUNDAY). . , •• J-. UJ I • - At- bid'f- past eight o'clock'^ ft Saturday morning,' Lord Wellington's Dispatches, the ai^ ftil'. pf'. wbic. l. i,, st - Plymouth; was announced yesterday,, were re- ceived at tJie Earl of' Liverpool's Office.— At twelve, o'clock, the paik and, totter ; mis' were fitted- in liortoitr of the victory, (> f whiqh thev bring an ac- count; and. a Bulletin, of which the following is a ir- ppy, was. sent to ( rhe Lord Mayor, and posted at the Mansion- house:— '; '• v . " Downing street. May 25. - '"' MY LORD - Dispatches havg been reeeiv'erl from Lord Wellington, . of rttie Stli'in'st. bv which it appears that the enemy's • whotp. army, consisting of the 2d, 6th, and 8th, roi: pi. jpid all tile cavalry Which covdd be collected i| i. Castile and Leon, in- deluding SOO i.' f the Imperial Guatrls, together with some of the battalions of the 9th corps, cros- sed the Agueda, at Cindad Rodrigo, ' on the 2d in- stant; and on the ^ d and 5th,• fiiadejtwo desperate attack* on the British Army,' for the purpose of relieving Almeida.' The - cotftcsf, j though very severe, especially on the tertttinated ' in the coirtpItsteiepu I se of the enen'ij,; a^ id'in the Allied - Army continuing to hold its position.. 4 . , , " On » h « 7th, at night, the French army. retired fiom the position which it occupied on the V^ iec'eding d* y at DuaS Casas. " On the 8th, the enemy' eontinued their retreat lb thewoods between Galligos, Espeja, and Fuentes . dpi Honor.. On,- the Qth. ythey crossed- the Agava, ami on the 1 Oth/ the Agueda, leaving Almeida to . us fate.. In " the action of the 3d of May, , the British loss consistdl of - iiHed, and 171 - wounded. Oh the 5ib, the British lofs consisted of 118 killed, and H7i woiindeiT; the Portuguese • jwif, ac filled, and I5 § wounded. The number of Hive Allies misMiig in . the two days amounted to 310. ' . '.!' " w • • t "•. lite etSijmv'sJoss appears to have been grea. t in killed, wounded, and prisoners; but np. ie. tur. l) . ibisVbe< 1n," lran> iiiltte4^ ft'ttie exaof amount. 1 i; ' 1 haveth « honour, & c: , ..; ., • .• • " LIVERPOOL." • « To the Lord Mayor." ' IMie 3d regiment of Guards, suffered' severely. Lieutenant Colonel Hill, of that regiment, is wounded, and taken prisoner. Lieutenant Colonel Cameron is also among the ( ladlv wounded. The loss of the Allies is 1,884, killed, wounded, and missing. The enemy are supposed to have lost about 7000 killed, wounded, and prisoners. The dispatches werfe brought' by Mr. Sylvester, the King's Messenger. • In addition to the intelligence communicated in the official letter, we have leant), from a private letter, the following important particulars:-— On the 9th instant, in consequence of a part of the British Army that was employed in the block- ade of Almeida bein* withdrawn', life garrison took tbe opportunity of evacuating . the town, having blown up the fortifications. • The French forpe engaged amounted to 52,000 men, as Massena had collected reinforcements from all quarters. * A'he allied force was under 30i000 men. LIST OF KILLED AND WOUNDED. Killed on the 3d of May— Lieut. Coswell, 71st regt. Lieut. Imlach, 79th regt; . Wounded.— Capt. Keauchenberg, 1st Hussars G. Legion, slightly. — Capt.. M'Donald, 42d foot, severely.— Lieut. Rudkin, 50th foot, slightly— Ensign Grant, ditto.— Lieut. Col. Williams, Ooth foot, severely Lieut. Du - Chastalet, ditto, slightly— Capt. M'lntyr, 71st foot, severely . Lieut, Fox, ditto, ditto — Lieut. M'Craw, ditto, slightly— Ensign Kearns, ditto, dangerously .. Adjutant Law, ditto, slightly — Lieut. Calder, 79th, ditto — Ensign Brown, ditto," s'evertlv . Lieut. ilill, 92d, dtttor— if'Lieut Hanache,'< J5lh, ditto. . - . MO I , jth May. 10th Hussars, Major Gen. Nightin- gate, Lieut. Fitz Clarence, and Major- General ' Stewart, slightly-.. ••<,•>'•. .' ...'.' Royal Foot Artillery, Capt. G. Thompson, Lieuts. Martin and Woolcombe, slightly 1st Royal Dragoons, Lieut. Foster, slightly. 4U) Light Dragoons, Capt. Knipe, severely Capt. Mills, Lieuts. Gwynne and Badcock, ami Cor- net Ellis, slightly. ••" : 16th Light Dragoons, Lient. Weyland, severely ; Lieut. Blake, since dead. ... 1st Hussars G. Leg. Major Mayer, slightly -, Capt. Gurben, and Lieut. Knauchenberg, severely. Coldstream 3d Guards, Capt. Hervey Clitherow, slightly. , ' ,* » . „, 69th Foot, Major Woodgate, and Lieut. Wynne, slightly. . • 71st, Ensign Cox, and Adjutant Law, slightly; EnsignVandeleur, severely. ' ' 74ih. Capt. M'Queen. severely; Capt. Moore, & Adjutant White, slightly. 79th, Lieut. Col. Cameron, severely; Capt. Fraser, slightly; Captain Fraser, seye'ieiv, since dead ; Lieuts. Sinclair, A. Cameron, Webb, and Ro- binson, slightly; Ensign D. Cameron, ditto- 834, Lieut. Verecker, severely. .. •• • 8jth; Capt. Nixon, slightly ; Lieuts. Brook and Hogg, severely, , 83th, — M'Alphene, slightly; Ensign Hogg, severely.-. .. -. . •, « 2d. Major Grant, left leg off; Lieut. M'Nabb, right arm. . Chasseurs Brittanniques, Capts. Treuler, and Tour- nefort, slightly; Lieut, Blemer, ditto; Ensign Pooto, ditto; Major Bech, ditto, lst B. L. G. L.; Capt. Meulier, severely, 2d B.; Capt. Decken, ditto; Ensign Bachelle, ditto, 7th B. indtice graziers to bring their cattle and sheep iB sufficieut- ntiinbers to supply the demand; fo, r nvljere there is a certainty of pujehasers, th'fere '> Hll.: b(; ge •. neralTy, a sufficiency of articles brought for sale.. The Svtiiiagersof the Nhiriet are. 50 iiigljly praise- worthy for tile great attention they pay to cleanli- ness, convenience, and the prevention of- aililoyanceS to the public, that the persons before whose doors the cattle aqd sheep are penned, consider a market- day. quite a treat to tli^ Hi, Hailsham Market oil Wednesday was » » efl sup- plied with Beef, and there was some Mutton, the greatest part " of which'was sold, at . prices not much differing front tbose at Lewes. Last Monday, afternoon, the Protestant Dissen- ters of this town and - neighbourhood, arid others frieridly to teligious toleration, met, after a short notice, at our Court- Hall, for the purpose of tak- ing into consideration, the propriety of presenting to the House of Lords a Petition, praying that Viscount Sidmouth's Bill, for the Restriction of Dissenters, might not be passed into a Law, when the following Resolutions weie put and carried, unanimously:—-- 1 That we consider religious liberty or the riglit of worshipping God, according to the dictates of our consciences, as an inalienable right, which is to be deemed sacred, and to be, maintained with pt r se v. e i i n g ( 1 rd o 11 r. " I'l. That tliose now present, view, with concern, fh^ attempt of Lord Sidmouth to enact* a Bill, which would restrict the. privileges of Dissenters. III. That as fr. iends to the « iibenv of conscience, we dfcm ( t. otir duty to petition the Right Hon. the House of Lords, that the Sforesaid Bill . may not be passed. •>' . ; " ''' ; IV Tliat acQmmitKSe'bt' now nominated, who ate requested to Watch tbg'^ r'tfgress of . said Bill. - The' Petition Ik- iii^ pVod^ ced and read, it was sobn signed by upwards ot- JJlO riers'ons, and on the same evening transmitted tp London, for Presen- tation. The fate of tile Bill will be seen- in ano- ther part of our paper. At the Meeting, the Rev. Mr. Kirby presided, 3nd the speakers were, the Rev. Mr. Parker, Mr. Blackman, Mr. White, Mr. E. Johnston, Mr, Thomas, Mr. Marten, and Mr. Ashdown. The Pevensey Battalion of our Local Militia, commanded by the Earl of Chichester, is now un- der full training, in this town. The men, who appear perfectly reconciled to the service, are ma- king considerable progress in their discipline; and, being impressed with a due sense of subordination, conduct themselves with great propriety, both on and off duty. On Friday and Saturday they were practised in firing at the' target, and made some good shots. The Eastern and Western regiments, command- ed by the Hon. Mr. Ashburnham, and the Earl of Egremont, though we have had no oppoi tupity of seeing the men out, we are persuaded, manifest a similar spirit, and do equal credit to their Officers. Tliere are now living in one house, in the parish of West Grinstead, four men, whose united ages amount to 348 years, viz.-^- one 95 ;— one 89;— one 85 ;— and the other 8- 2. Aboilt one o'clock on last Tuesday morning, we were visited by a severe tempest, which, after an hour's continuance, was succeeded by a heavy fall of rain. The lightning set fire to a straw- stack at Chailey, belonging to Mr. Ollive, and soon re- duced the same to ashes. Some trees- in the neigh- bourhood were shivered to pieces, and mahy horses were driven into ditches that bounded their pas- ture?, by the terrific- influence of the storm. .. K By the above tempest, an ash- tree, at Ewhurst, the property of Mr. Luckins, was shivered into a thousand pieces; and a sturdy oak, at Framfield, was also rent by the force of the lightning into slips resembling laths. At Robertsbridge, the thunder and lightning was accompanied by a tremendous hail- storm, which broke a number of the cucum- ber and tueloil lights iu the gardens of Mr. Lambe, of Higham, and Mr. Micklethwait, of Hurst- Green.— And, at Udimore, a bam belonging to Mr. Sloman, was set on fire by the electric fluid, but a number of men, alarmed by the Violence of, the storm, having left their beds, and being luckily at band, the flames were extinguished befo: e the whole of the roof was destroyed. Last week the 2d Surrey Militia passed through this town, in two divisions, on their route from Shorncliff to Portsmouth. , The Sussex Militia expect, shortly, to leave their present station at Gosport, for Liverpool; but as 110 such route had been received on Wednesday last, their destination then remained doubtful. On Monday last, an Inqccst was held at Mares- field, on view of the body of a child, that was found drowned in a pond, near that place. Verdict, Accidental death, On Tuesday, a pauper, in Cuckfield workhouse, fell down in a fit, and instantly expired. Verdict, Died by the Visitation of God. On Thursday, George Martin, 70 years of age, whilst working in a gravel pit, at Withyham, was crushed to death by the sudden fall of a quan- tity of rubbish Verdict, Accidental Death. Last Saturday morning, Thomas Moore, a ser- vant- boy, of Beddingham, not more than ten years old, being thieatened with punishment ior not having paid proper attenjion tosoine cattle he was tending, went,. into'pi lodge or hovel, and hanged himself. Verdict, Accidental Death. DIED. . On Monday, thie 2Q « H instant, at his house at Newingtpn, Surrey John Chatfield, esq. wine- merchant, of Crtitched Fryars, London. And. on Tuesday, the 2lsfinstant, at his house at Croydon, his brother, Robert Chatfield, esq. late Paymaster to the East India Company's shipping, and some years in the Commission, and an acting. Magistrate for the county of Surrey. Also, on Wednesday last, the infant son of Sa- muel Chatfield, esq. We cannot withhold our tribute to the zeal dis- played by the Propiietor of the Repository of Arts, & c. who neglects no opportunity for gratifying his readers on subjects of public interest. We under- stand, that, in the number for July, he intends to present them with a Vifcw of the Interior of White- hall, and tile trophies gained by our heroes in the Peninsula ; a » * lso a portrait and biography of the gallant and prudent Wellington. From the spirit with which this work is conducted, there is indeed the greatest probability that it will soon obtain a considerably advanced price, like others of Acker, mann's publications, such as the Microcosm of London, Wesminster Abbey and its Monuments, & c.— See advertisement, j>. 4 col. S. assembled - on" Wednesday last, to Lc Gained and exercised for 14' ( lays., The men dp not seem to hays forgotten what, they were taught last year, as their correct manner of performing their, evolu- tions on Saturday evincedi , Many . of the men came on the first day of the assembly, into the town ina landau, drawn bv- four horses; with banners mounted on poles, which demonstrated the zeal they have for the service. Col. Graham, in an addiess to them, took an opportunity of pointing out the difference between this service, and that of the conscripts of Bonaparte, who are dragged in irons to their respective destinations. The gelieral conduct of the men, is certainly exemplary; and the knowledge of their exercise is superior to what could possibly have been expected." Thfey are to join the line, we understand, on the 4th of June, when, we are creditably informed, , the Officers ^ re to present their. Colonel Commandant with an ele> gant sword," as a small to1; cu of the respect they owe to him. , The military appearance of this regiment is much heightened, by the aid of an excellent band, with an appropriate uniform, the gift of the Col. Commandant, who, in all the concerns of the corps, avows his fond regard for the " prider pomp, and circumstance of glorious war." Yester- day proved a. sort of field- day, the evolutions of which excited the approbation of all who beheld them. . Last Monday and Tuesday, the Royal South Glou cester militia, marched from this place on their route tp Honiton, in Devonshire. The Officers of the first division, on their arrival at Arundel, on Tues- day, were met by Mr. Annesley, of Marlborough ' Plrice; in^ tbls town^ wfe. gifve then ail an invitation to dine with ' film. af, the Norfork Arms, where he entertained,, them with great liberality ; and as a / urther mark of lespect to the regiment, be or- deied each man to be refreshed with a pint of beer. He exercised the same politeness and generosity towaids the 2d division, on Wednesday. Mr. An- nesley liad been to look at an estate, in the neigh- bourhood of Arundel, and healing that the South Gloucester were on their march, staid on puqiose to leceive them, and to express his approbation of their good conduct, during their long stay at Brighton, in the manner above stated. • We understand a vfirv suitable and appropriate answer to the address, which appeared in our last paper, was returned i> y Lieut. Col. Olney, of the South Gloucester Regiment, ekprCssive of his grate- ful thanks, and those of the regiment, for the very flattering and handsome manner, iu which so many very respectable infiabitapts were pleased to signify ( heir approbation of the gfeneral good conduct of the regiment, during its long abidance at Brighton, and of their regret, at its departure. The address, we are informed, wijl receive the sanction of a great many more respectable signatures. The order for the march of the Prince's Royal Hussars, to assist at the review, on the 5th 6f June, as stated in a former paper, has been since countermanded. , _ 2 Ou. r supply of mackarel has been abundant within these, few days, and lias kept the owners of fish- vans in full employment. At Horsham Fair, this day, it is expected that flie demand for' horned cattle will be unusually brisk, . owing, to the luxuriant state of the pastures; indeed, vegetation of every kind, affoids a promise almost beyond example. Mr. Lower, we are authorised to sav, had no cause to regret the visit which he received in coriunan with other Brewers, from our Town In- spectors, *-.... The gold watch, & c. ' stolen in the apartment of Capt. Hardinge, as stated in our last, has been since offered for sale, by a woman, who has, in consequence, been committed to the House of Cor- rection at Lewes. GOODWOOD RACES. THURSDAY, MAY 23. ; Hunter's Plate, of Fifty Pounds. Lord Egremont's Skeddaw, by Gohanna, out of Catherine, aged, walked over the course. Plate of Fifty Pounds, for 3 year olds, Mr. Richardson's filly, 8st. lib. - - -. 1 Lord Egremont's filly, 8st. 4lb. - - ' - 2 Goodwood Stakes of jogs, each, h. ft. with 25gs. added by the Club, for horses bona file, the pro- perty of Members, to be rode by Gentlemen, King's Plate weights, heats, 2 miles. Mr. Newnham's gr. h. St. Andrew, walked over. Farmer's Plate of Fifty Pounds, heats. Mr. Pope's Jeremy, - - - - 11 Lord Egremont's b. h. by Gohanna - 2 2 Mr. Richardson's filly - - - - - 3 3 Mr. Halsted's b. f. - - - - 4 dr Friday, May 24. A Handicap Plate of Fifty Pounds, given by the Club, for horses, the property of Members. Mr. Cross's br. h. Stripling - - 11 Mr. Cope's Tamborine - - - 2 2 Ladies' Plate of Fifty Pounds. Lord Egremont's colt, by Gohanna 12 1 Mr. Pope's Jeremy - - - 2 12 Mr. Halsted's. filly - - - 3 dr. Mr. Kingston's br. h. Jeremy, 5 vrs old, 8st. beat Mr. Cross's br. h. Striplipg, aged, 8st. 7lbv two miles. Mr. Burgh's Ormond, " beat Mr. Cope's Tambo- rine, a mile and if half, jo. ri Fifty Pounds. The above'racts wesrej- especkldy, attended, and pioducwl e. Nccilent sjxoi'tv . DIED. ,. ' On the'^ th ihst. at bis father's house at Christ- church, Hants, the eldest son of John Covert, Esq" latetV of this county. A: few days since, at Shoreham, in consequenee of a hurt he received . from the, kick of a friend's horse, whilst tiding by his side, Mr. Wm. Tate, timber- merchant, late of Findon. ' The deceased has left a widow and several childien to lament his untimely death. TO THE CLERGY. AN ASSISTANT, combining the - Duty of a Church with the business of H School, is wanted, at Brighton. The duty is single;— hetwpeo two and three hours ride; and a horse will be provided, free of expence. The stipend is SIXTY GUINEAS per milium, inclusive board and lodging ; or ONE HUNDRED GUI- NEAS, exclusive accommodations, in unity with other privileges w hich, may bo acquired. Letters addressed, post paid, to the Rev. A. B. at LEE'S Printing- Office, Brighton, with real name and place of ahode, wiH meet a due reply. WANTED immediately, two journeunen carpenters, men who are well skilled in the joinering department of the business, may hear of situations, by applying to Mr, Alexander Cheale, builder, Southover; or Messrs. Cheale, builders, at Uckfield. None need apply who are not good workmen. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, Two APPREN- TICES, to the Millinery and Dress Business. For particulars, enquire of Mrs. Chapman. School Hill, Lewes, BRIGHTON, MA Y 27, 1811. The increased number of our arrivals in pleas- ingly apparent in the larger homes of accommo- dation, on the Steine, and at those respectable resorts of ( asliioni Donaldson's and Walker's Li- braries, where sprightly notes delight the ears of our early visitors. The Centre Battalion of the Sussex Local Mili- tia, onder the command of Lieut. Col. Graham, Classical and Engiish School, HORSHAM, SUSSEX. YOUNG Gentlemen are genteely boarded and educated by Messrs. and the Rev. John Thornton, in English,- Latin, Greek, French, Writing, Arithmetic, Merchants Accompts, and the Mathematics.— The terms are ihirty guineas per annum and two guineas entrance. Parlour boarders at forty guineas, will be allowed separaie beds. Geography, Dancing, Drawing and French, each one guinea per quarter, and half guinea a entrance. Every gentleman on entrance is expected to bring six towels. The Vacations arp at Midsummer and Christmas, and residence during. either of them is three guineas. TO BE LET, ' For 14 Years from Michaelmas next. ATithe free Farm, called Combwell, in the parish of Goudhurst, Kent, containing about 2.70 acres of land, with a good residence. Also a Tithe free Farm called Chingley, in the sarin: parish, containing about 180 acres".. Thevare well situated for one occupation. Apply- to Mr. John Wiggins, land agent, Tyndalesf pear Danbury. Essex. ' TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AModern Brick Built House, together with a good Garden,. situated, in the pleasant village of Hellingly, in the county of Sussex, containing two parlours,. a kitchen, brewhouse, pantry, ahd well bouse) two paiionr chambers and one kitchen chamber. Within a quarter of a mile of the turnpike road leading to Eastbourne, and within otie mile of Hailsham; a stage coach three times a week to London, and a post every day- For further particulars, inquire of Mr. Vine, Hawk's Hill, Hailsham; of Mr. G. Peckham, music seller. Cliff, Lewes; or of Mr Longhurst, livery stables, Royal Crescent, Brighton, if by letter post paid. N. B The above is well worth the attention of a small genteel family. STRAYED, into the Lands of Mr. G. Dawson, of Horsham, in Sussex, on the 23d of April last, THIRTEEN SOUTH- DOWN SHEEP. The Owner, by applying as above, and paving for keep, advertising, & c. may have them again. May 13, 1811. . - STOLEN, 6iit of the Stable of the Black Boys, in the parish of Framfield, in the County of Sussex, on the night of Tuesday, the 2| st of May instant, A BROWN BAY MARE, seven years old, 13* hand* high, cut tail, and a small a'a- orer pne tye; the off « ye Sinall, r than the other, and weakly. The said Mare ii further distinguishable, by" being spU- headed, and Ironing wide behind. Any person or persons tTiait will bring the said Mare to Mr. J. Pankhurst, of the Black Boys, shall receive a reward of THREE GUINEAS, and all reasonable ex- peuces paid, bv the said JAMES PANKHURST. PRICE of CORN.^ Lewes, Saturday, May 25. Red Wheat - - £\ O 0 " to 4 4 t> White Ditto - - 4 10 () to » > o o J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. His Majesty went to the Queen's apartments, in Windsor Castle, last Sunday, tor the first time since bis indisposition, for the purpose of congra- tulating the Queen upon the return of her birth- day, at which time be was surrocjjided by the whole of bis family, the Prince Regent and the Royal Dukes being assembled to dine with their Royal Mother upon the occasion. * . ' - - ' ; - The circumstances attending the c. apture of Fi- gueras were as follow-.— Some Catalonian soldiers, whom the French had forced into their service, sent intelligence to Col Roviras, who, commanded a body of 1500 Catalonians, that if they would ap- proach the place at nigMt, they wojild open one of the sally- posts to his troops. ; Accordingly, SJIV the1 night of the 10th of April, Colonel Roviras. with his party, entered the citadel bf. Figu? ias, and after putting to death the rinly sentry who'discovered fherti, fie so completely'sOi prised the wjiole garri- " son in their beds, that not a shot was fired, or the sriiSllest opposition laa^ g^. anjditlw? w^ ple garrison, consisting of 1( 100 men, and 4< o\ u£ ceri, weie taken prisoners. In the Thunder storm, on Wednesday evening, two Gentlemen on horseback, in the neighbour- hood of Hampstead, were killed by the lightning. One of the horses was struck on the hip. The bo- dies of the unfortunate persons were conveyed ' to the Cock and Hoop, West End, Hampstead, where a Coroner's Inquest will beheld tins day. On Thursday night, a. minder was committed in Brick- lane, Spital- fields, attended with circum- stances of brutality rarely heard of:— A girl, stand- ing, opposite a butcher's shop, was annoyed by a bov, who wished her to be gone. The girl resisted, and threw a handful of mud at him. This the woman belonging to the shop " no sooner observed, than she knocked down the girl, and kicked her witlv such violence as to break the spinal bone, which nn- fortnnately caused her death. The wo- man instantly decamped Our leaders may recollect an ' crount in this Paper of tlje fall of part of the Cliff, near Dover Castle, bv which a mother and ht- i children were killed, whose bodies were fuueJ next day. A hog was butted in. the ruins at the same lime, and was supposed to have . also perished; but strange 3s , it rnay appear, the workmen, in reai. iving the rub- bish,, discovered- it a+ ive on Thursday, making ex- actly five month* and nine days » inc2 the accident. At the time of the accident the a linVal weighed about- i- even score; be is now wasted to about • pOtnids, but is still likely to do well. On Wednesday evening last, a-> Mr. J. Holland, of Gutter- lane, was walking bit I orse along the Green- lane, near Kilburn, in c > t » i any with Mr. Sampson, ~ of Bread street, appiiet. tly" in perfect heaMi, at that instant' 4 vivid flaslt of lightning came, and lie fell from bis JioiSj. jlcad, without a groan. ' ' . LEWES, MAY 1 811. Our readers, « fe are certain, will with heart- felt satisfaction pernse the . foregoing account of the brilliant victory obtained by our brave countrymen in Portugal, over the whole French army, com- manded by that consummate, and theretofore suc- cessful General, Massena, designated, by Napoleon himself, the. DARLING OF VICTORY! The at- tacks, it appeais, were, made t> y the French in the same determined manner, and reiterated in a simi- lar stile of perseverance, as were those which de- cided the fate of Austria, and of Prussia; but, be- fore Almeida, tbev found they were contending with BRITISH FORCES, commanded by a WEL- LINGTON! The loss of live* and of limbs of out- gallant Officers and men, is, hawever, greatly to he deplored; the total number of killed, wounded, and missing, ' s 1884. The loss of the French is estimated at 7000 1 An extraordinary Gazette giving further particu- lars of the aliove important battles, will, we un- derstand, be published in London, this morning. On the accounts published as letters, received by individuals, ftp Reliance whatever can be placed. On Thursday next the troop of Royal Horse Artillery, stationed in our Barracks, march for the neighbourhood of London, to assist at the grand review, on the 5th of June. ••< The Officers, Non- commissioned Officers,. drum- mers, and private men of the < 38th Lighf Infantry regiment stationed in our bar lacks, have. humanely, subscribed oric day's pay cach, towards the relief of the suffering Portuguese. , We understand that' the officers of the Sussex Centre Local Militia, have it in contemplation to • perform a Play ahil other Entertainments, for the above laudable purpose. The Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Chi- chester will visit and confirm within the Arch- deaconry of Lewes, at the following times and places, viz; r VISITATIONS.— At St. Clement's Church, Hast- ings, for the Deanries of Hastings and Dallington, en Thursday, July 11.— At St. Michael's Church, Lewes, for the Deanry of Lewes, on Thursday, July the 18th;— and at the same church, on Friday, July the 19th, for the Deanry of Pevensey. C0NFIRSMATIONS.-- At Last Grinstead, Saturday, June 29.— At Cuckfield, Monday, July 1.— At Burwash, Friday, July 5.— At Battle, Saturday, July 0.— At Rye, Tuesday. July 9 — At Hastings, Friday, July 12— At Hailsham, on Monday, July 15.— At Alfriston, Wednesday, July 17.— At Lewes, Saturday, July 20;— and at New Shoreham, Munday, July 92. Our Stock Market, on Tuesday last, was a very brisk one. There was lohie very excellent beef, for the season, a good supply of sheep and lambs, a few calves, and some stoie pigs. The prices were is follow :— Beef, from fls. ( id. to (! « . Mutton, FII.' 4d. to GJ. Lamb, 6s, Gd. to 7s. The number of buyers at the above market was greater than on any former day; and the almost moral certainty of finding purchasers for stock of alt kinds, will) we ha\ e nodoubt, in a short time, WANT ED,-- An active Lad, as a,. App « nt: c « " f to a SADLER and HARNESS MAKER —- Apply ( if by letter, post paid) iii Mr. Thomas Shotter, Worthing. . " : ' ',•'. • _ He > vill be treated irt eVe'ryrespect tl » one of the family a moHera. te premium, therefore, will be expeCteri, WANTED itnuiedlaiel. y; a DAIRY MAID, who » ' "' iii'tliotoughly acqtiainted witb the whole business ofadsiry, aud with mdkini; bread. She niu,, be well recommended from her last pint*-. • 5- * \ v , Apply to. the Printers. WANTED to HIRE,— Ei^ ht Ho. ses for the , HAY;- and Twelve for the CORN HARVEST, with or without Drivers, Harness, Waggous, & e Also, a steady Mali; who understands the business of a TITHE'S MAN, to find his own Horse. For- particulars, apply personaNv, at tl| e Rectory, West Chlltington. near Storrington. Sussex. WANTS a Situation, as WALTER for Hie « ea- .' Son.'. flt- a Watering- place, a young Man that has- lived some years in che above cspacitv, is pei feci IiT h is business, and can have an undeni- able character frorti the pface He is now going to leave. iA line addressed to R. H. Cambridge Cof- fee- hourse. Middlesex Hospital, London, will be immediately attended to. A situation on the road will not be objected to. " ' ? MR. ABBOT'T "" " REspeetfuIlv informs the Public tji.- 1' t the AUC- TION of ESTATES and WINE, of Mr. HENRY PHILLIPS, of Worthing, appointed for May 85 an< l S? th k postponed unril further no- tice — Leicester Square. May 23; 1811• rr> llE Commissioners jn a Commission of IJauk- 1. rupt, bearing date ihe, gfiili Day of May, 1808, awarded abd issiied forth against James Wood, lale of Lindfield, in the County of Sussex. Victualler, Dealer a, j| j) Chapman, imend to meec on the 15th pay of June next,; at Twelve o'Clock at noon, at the Star' inn, iii Lewes, in the said County of Sussex; to make^ fetiil dividend of the Estate and Effects of' the sdjd. Bankrupt, when and where the Creditors who liave iiot already proved their Debts,- are to'conte prepared to prove the Same, or they will'be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend ;~ atid all claims not then proved will be disallowed. ^ SAMUEL WALLER, Solicitor to the Assignee, Cuckfield, May 25. l8ll. THE Partnership between FINNIS and STED- MAN, BlackSmiths, Worthing, was dissolved by mutual consent, the First day of January, 181l. Signed, CHARLES FINNIS. THOMAS STEDMAN. Worthing, 24 th May, 1811. FROM TEN TO THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS to be laid out ih the purchase of ESTATES, ill the County of Sussex. Address, Particulars, tic. ( post paid) to I.. B. CHAPTER COFFEE- HOUSE, I. ondon._ LIME. \ T WALL'S END, at Seven- pence per bushel ^- k. measure, the same as at Eastbourne. Ion- quire at John Austin's, at the s| gn of the Castle, Wall's End ; or John Plumley, Pevensey. L I Q U O R W A R E LEWES. A HARVEY respectfully acquaints his Frien x \ • and the public, that he has > eeenily received and has now oo sale,' at his OLD- ESTABLlSHED LIQUOR WAREHOUSE, ( late MOLINEUX and Co.' s.) a cargo of Very > uperior HEREFORDSHIRE CYDER, Part of which is non well ilp ili lfoillr,' and in excellent Ctpidiuon for use. Also, fine bolilvd PORTER and ALES ; BRANDY, RUM, GENRVA, and COMPOUNDS, of the . bes^ ( jualities; A supply of GOOSEBERRY BOTTLES, GARDEN and GRAPE GLASSES ; and a number of « rell- scu> oii<- 4 irini- bottnd CASKS, of from a to * u gallons, are like- wise on snip, as above ; where all orders will he thank- fully received, and punctually attended to; - A, HARVEY'S WINE VAULTS, adjoining Ids Liquor Warehouse, are now well stocked with line OLD PORT, AND OTHER WINES, OF THE BEST VINTAGES; With which his friends and the public may depend on b'ing supplied on the most liberal terms. From Tuesday's London Gazette. BANKRUPTS. WILLIAM Storie, Warwick- street, Charing- cross, tailor— George Hall, Holywell- street* Shoreditch, victuailer — John Wright, Drury- lane. coach spring- maker. John Bouch and Samuel Tolson, Maryport, Cumberland. check, manufac- turers.— Thomas Brown, Steep, Southampton, fell- monger. — Henry Duckworth, Liverpool, merchant. — . John Young,' White Coppice Lancaster, bleach- er.— Thomas Cotching, Southcoat, Bucks, cow- dealer.— Matthew Phillips, Brighthelmston", Sussex, vintner. William- Cook Ward, Gloucester, mo- ney- scrivener. Richard Bowker, Bed fold, Lan- caster, cotton manufacturer. Joseph Trevit, Little Bolton, Lancaster, cotton - manufacturer.— Thomas Boss, John Richards, and Richard Jones, Liverpool, tailors.— Peter Beck', Salford, Lancas- ter, common- brewer— William Summers, Prome- Selwood, Somerset, currier. — Alexander Carson, jun. Malta, merchant.— John Scholfleld, Rochdale", Lancaster, shopkeeper— John Bunson, Chard, So- merset, jobber.— Abel Crumeck, Castleton Moor, Lancaster. corn- dealer.— Thomas Cleeve, Lincoln, mercer.— John Hardman, Blackheath- hill, Kent, victualler.— Stephen Casey, Plaistow, Essex, gar- dener. Frederick Diestrichen, Bennett- street, Blackfriars, Surrey, mercer.— John Gray Gerrard, Basinghall street, London, merchant .— John Mor- lis, Gracechurch- street, London, cheesemonger. LONDON. The Sarah, Capt. Heatley, is' arrived at Bristol from Oporto, after a passage of " eight days, with letters to the 12th it; st. inclusive, which, and also letters from Bristol, the latter founded upon the reports brought bv the people of that vessel, were' received this morning,*. They are as follow :— LLOYD'S, MAY 2I.— Extract of A letter from Oporto, dated May I! :—" Between Almeida and the Agueda, battles have been fought on the 3d , 4th, arid 5,' h inst, with Massena, who was coming to relieve Almeida: 1st day, the' Allied Army made from 9') ® to 1000 prisoners ; dtr the 4th and 5th, there was severe fighting, the result of which was, that the French were compelled to retreat towards Salamanca, leaving, as i: is said, more than 40Q0 killed and wounded on the field. The official details of those glorious successes, we suppose, voit will have hy the time this gets to hand. Co- lonel Trant is just arrived, having come down by water from Regusa, and the whole of his division will be back to this place by thj l6lh inst.— People here, as you may imagine, are much pleased, and we may now consider ourselves a « perfectly free for sometime, if not for ever" Extract of a letter fi'om Bristol, dated May 20.—" " Arrived the Sarah, Heatley, from Oporto, fiotn * l> nce she sailed ot>. the 12th inst. captain Heatley states, that the day before he sailed from Oporto, an express reached the Governor of that place with an account from Lord Wellington, of iiis having defeated the French army under Mas- sena. in an action fought near Almeida, on the 3d, 4th, and 5th of May, in which the French lost 4, i( M) in killed, and? Wi in prisoners, and the Allies J, 2( X) To killed. Lord Wellington was pursuing t!><-'>'. towards Salamanca." S: oct* writing the above, we have received the ft- l! win;< (•, » fvei j » ar( i; u! arsiu a letter from Bristol, *<•;>€•> i'Jtfc of May: — IV • .. :• '• et.- s i',? 0(> French killed, and 7' V0 pt'i- « .•••• ••."•" •' - •• « - e drowned iq'their retreat, in « * ev i '•. « ! : i « « r-.. Several British offi. cers*., . . .•• : rtv tbiscof * fie 71st Regiment— Almeida < ad n<- t fafloA, whet. Lord Wellington wrote, ! was dailv c.< jvtt<-<| '<> sorrc'ider, for wantjof niovitjnm — \ nvniWi of h '.'.- rs were put < « s imaid tlie vvss « l mil brought tmtaccnunt ( sarah, Heatley- ft om Oporto, in eight days ( as soon as the news v Government, hut they are all through tUesi cliannel, and rest upon the same authori- ty- Nit tiling ofiirial lios lieen received on the subject. A most confident expectation how- ever prevails, tliat it wiii prove true. MAY 13. THE* affair of the 4th was followed on the 5th ft? a w. st glorious action, in which the enemy Lost full 4, ooo men, and were driven from the field cti battle 3ud followed by our troops. The 71st British - reginment bore a distinguished part in i(. The Portuguese behaved nobly. General Pack's division was engaged. There is 110 doubt respecting this glorious news, si it was sent bv Colonel Trant to our Govern- ment. The regiments said to have most distin- guished themselves, are the 1st, 2d, 3d, ami 6th Cacadores; 71st, 7ii, 79' b. 52( 1, and Chasseurs Brittanniques. A mail from Gibraltar arrived this. morning, with letters and papers to the 5th inst. The sur- render of Figueras, and the capture of the Dro- medaire, in the Mediterranean, two circumstances of which we were already apprised, are the only L'dsnf any interest v* ; cli they communicate. Viscount Sidmouth's Bill, respecting Protestant Dissenters, was thrown out last night in the House of Lords, after a debate of some length.— All par- ties gave the Noble Viscount credit for the good- ness of his intentions, but, we must acknowledge, that we have enough of religious controversy in hands already, and that, until the Catholic Ques- tion is settled, it may not be adviseable to under- take more. — The force and promptitude with which the Protestant Dissenters have met this innovation, prove their zeal and perfect intelligence.— The number of Petitions presented against it was so great, and the signatures were so many, it is sup- posed they would have been sufficient to make a carpet for whole lloor of the House of Peers.— Earl Stanhope presented lG, Lord Holland 65, Earl of Moira 70, Earl Grey, 78, the Earl of Lau- derdale 2d, the Earl of Rosslyn 25, Lord Erskine 255, and theMarquis of Lansdown about 100. The total of these Petitions against Viscount Sidmouth's Bill, amounted to about 529.— In the course of the discussion, Lord Erskine moved that the Bill be read this day six months, which, after a debate, was agreed to without a division, ViscountSidmouth finding the sense of the House against him. The Bill is thus lost, and the alarm and agitation which weie spreading to a serious degree among the Dissenters may now subside. The House was nu- merously attended by Peers, amongst whom were all the Royal Dukes. The crowd of strangers be- hind the Bar was excessively great, attracted by the subject of the Berkeley Peerage, but more par- ticularly by the Bill. It was with difficulty the constables could procure a passage for Peers. The pressure was excessive. Two gentlemen actually tainted away, and we were informed, that Earl Stanhope and Mr. Wilberforce suffered materially Monday morning the Rev. Rowland Hill laid the first stone for a new range of Alms Houses, in Gra- vel- hne, in the Borough, far poor aged females of good morals. There, is also to be erected at the same place, a School of Industry. The whole will cc. it upwards of 3,000 guineas, by subscription. LORD BERKELEY'S WILL. Pending the important discussions at present prevailing in the Upper House of Parliament re specting this Peerage, wliich lias engrossed « o eminently the notice of the public, it may be some gratification to them, as it must be to cu- riosity itself, to know the tenor and items of the last Will and Testament of the deceased Lord. This Will is dated the 31st August,. 1810, and was proved by Mary, Countess of Berkeley. It com- prises nearly eighty sheets, and appears to have been drawn with considerable caution and circum- spection. To his eldest son, described at the time as Lord Dursley, he gives- personal property of the value of from 30,0001. to 40,0001. To Au- gustus, Francis, George, and Craven, 7<> 0l. per annum, each, besides S. nool. each, at their re- spectively attaining the age of. 21 years. To Mary, Caroline", and Emily, daughters, 4001. per annum, eacl., till married, and if with the consent of their mother, then loo. oool. each. Again, upon their attaining the age of 21, 200l. per annum more till married; and upon their mother's death, 5001. per annum till married. All the foregoing to be charged ou the Berkeley Estates, in the county of Gloucester. To Lord Dursley ( the eldest son), Berkeley Castle, in the County of Gloucester, for life, with remainder to his heirs male for ever j on failure of heirs, to the other sons in succession; and failing them, to the daughters and their is- ue; and failing them to his brother ( Admiral Berkeley) and his heirs. His estates in the county of Sussex- are bequeathed to his son Maurice, and his issue male, which failing, he gives to the third and other sons down to Craven; and failing them, ' hen to Lord Dursley; and failing him, then to his daughters and their issue for ever. It is pro- vided, that if the Sussex estate should devolve to the possessor of the Gloucestere estate, that then the interest to sucli possessor shall terminate as to the said Sussex estate, which is made a re mainder over. The paintings, plate, china, and household furniture of Berekeley Castle, together with those of Cranbook, in Middlesex, to descend as heir looms; but all the other personal property therein to rest for ever in the Countess Berkeley. There are powers given to children possessing real estates to make settlements. A like power to the Countess to devise annuities not exceeding a sum limited; and also a devise to her of 10001. immediately, and 20001. per annum, for life, charged on the Gloucestershire estate; together with the estates in Middlesex for life, Lugges Farm foi life, and leasehold house in Spring Garden for life; and she is made residuary Legatee to all the rest, residue, and remainder of his property for ever. It concludes with a solemn declaration of the legitamacy of Lord Dursley, and finally dis- inherits all and every of the children who presume to dispute his title and legitimacy. There are matters of minor interest. The foregoing aie prominent features of this interesting document. CUSTOM- HOUSE, LONDON. APIIIL 24, 1811. WHEREAS it hath bee represented to the * * Commissioners of li v Majesty's Cus- toms, that on the Evening oj[ the 1 ~ th Instant, Two Smugglers, who called thcmSdves EDWARD' POPE, and EDWARD BRIGNALL, of DOVER, were- committed by the Mayor, of Rye, to the Common Gaol of the Town of Rye, for being found on beard a ' Smuggling Vessel, marked Admiral Nelson, of Deal, laden with Foreign Spirits in small Casks, and not proving them- selves to have been Passengers; and that the said POPE and BRIGNALL, in fh,- following Night escaped from the said Gaol, by means of a. Door thereof having been forced from within. The said Commissioners, in order to encou- rage the retaking of the said POPE and BRIG- NALL, do hereby offer a Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS, To uny Person or Persons, who will cause them to be apprehended and lodged in any one of Ilis Majesty's Gaols.:— Such Reward to be paid by the Collector of the Customs at the Port 0/ Rye, in addition to . uy other Reward to which ike Party may he entitled. By Order oj the Commissioners, HENRY RICHMOND, SECRETARY. THE FOLLOWING IS A DESCRIPTION OF THE PERSONS:- EDWARD POPE, about 5 feet 7 inches high, dark Complexion, dark- brown hair, stout made, good looking, and appeared to be about 35 years old. EDWARD BRIGNALL, about 5 feet 5 inches high, brown complexion, brown hair, large features, stout mad;, and about 40 years old. CUSTOM- HOUSE, LONDON, MAY 4, 1811. WHEREAS it has been represented to the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, that about two o'clock in the morning of the Cd iust. the crew of a boat belonging to the Scoarge Lugger, in the service of the Customs, were feloniously fired upon by some persons unknown, near the South end of the town of Deal, when 111 pursuit of a smuggling galley called the Bee, of Deal. His Royal Highness, in the rtaine and on the behalf of His Majesty, for promoting the discovery of the persons guilty of the aforesaid felony, is graciously pleased hereby to promise His Majesty's t » ost gracious pardon, to any one or more of tnc persons concerned therein, ( except those that actually tired), who wiil discover any one or more of Itis accomplices, so that he or they may lie convicted thereof. R. RYDER. Aud the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, for promoting such discovery, do hereby offer a reward of THREE HUNDRED POUNDS to any person or persons ( except as before excepted) who will discover any one or more of the persons guilty . of the said felony; such reward to be paid by the Re-. ceivrr- General of His Majesty's Customs, on bis or their conviction. By Order of the- Commissioners, H. RICHMOND, Secretary, New- Road, from Pyecombe Church through Bolney to Staplefield Common, avoiding Clayton Hill. TOLLS TO LETT. NOTICE is hereby given, that the next general i-^ l Meeting of the Trustees of this road is appointed to be holden at the Royal Oak Inn, iu Hurstperpoint, 011 Wednesday the Mli day of June next, eleven o'clock iu the forenoon, at which Meeting, between the hours of eleven in the forenoon, and two 111 the afternoon, the tolls arising at tne several toll gates ypon the said road called Pyecombe Dale Gate, Muddles Wood Gate, and Hickstead Cross Gate, will he severally Let by Auction, to the best Bidder, from tile 10th day of June next, for one or more years as shall he then agreed on. Whoever happens to h - the best bidder or bidders, must give security with sufficient sureties to the satis faction of the Trustees I'cr payment of the rents at sui. li tiuiesas they shall direct. THOMAS MORGAN, Clerk to the Trustees. Hurstperpoint, 4th May, latf. SUSSEX: TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT ATRULY desirable Freehold Inn, called THE. SPANIARD, situate in the Town of Worthing, near lilt- Sea, built about three years ajo, now in the hands of Mr. Tuff', the proprietor, by whom the con- cern, has been established with unparalleled success; and in point of situation, is not inferior to any in the place. , These premises are 34 feet in front, and 33 feet in depth comprising numerous apartments, neatly fitted up, and judiciously planned for the purpose of a House of this description;— a view of which, together with every particular, mav be obtained, on application to Mr. Tuff, on the. Premises; or to Mr. BARTLETT, at bis Royal Exchange and, General Agency Offices, Chi Chester. Chichester. April 4. 1811. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, LOT I. AVERY compact and substantial- built Mes- suage or Tenement, with a good garden, and about Eight Acres and a Half of Land thereto adjoin- ing and belonging, together with the Lodges, Stables, and other very convenient Buildings thereon, situate, lying and being, at Little Common in Bexhill, in the county of Sussex, and in the possession of Mr. John Curties the proprietor. These Premises are Freehold, and immediate pos- session may be bad of the same. LOT 2. A Messuage or Tenement, Barn, Stable, and other Buildings, together with about Twenty- five Acres of good - Land thereto belonging, sito- ite at Little Common, 111 Bexhill aforesaid, in the occupation of the Pro- prietor. This Lot is Copyhold of Inheritance, and holden of the manor of Barnehorne, and is entitled to one undivided fourth part of the right of commonage over Little Common, which is of very considerable extent. Immediate possession may also be bad of this Land, and possession of the House which as let, at Michaelmas next. For turth » ' r particulars and treaty apply to Mr. Cur ties, on the Premises; Mr. Maplesden, Bexhill; or Mr. Willard Solicitor, Battle. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT; A LL that Messuage or Tenement, barn build- il ings, garden, orchard, lands and premises, com- orising arable, meadow, pasture and wood, situate, lying and being in Ashburnham, in the county of Sussex,- near Tilley, and containing by estimation, acres, more or less, now ill the- occupation of Mr. William Dray. And also Two pieces or parcels of arable and brook ground, situate, and lying in Ashburnham aforesaid, near Bore- ham bridge, containing by estimation, t- 2 acres, more or less, now also in the occupation of Mr. William Dray. The whole of the premises are freehold, and the tenant lias bad notice to quit at Michaelmas next. For further particulars and treaty for the purchase, application to be made to Mr. Martin. Battle. EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING,. BLUE- COACH- OFFICE, BRIGHTON. THE Original EIGHT, TEN, and TWELVE O'CLOCK, POST and ACCOMMODATION COACHES to London, set out from the General Blue Coach Office, No. 4- 1. East- street, to Hatchett's. White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly; Blossoms Inn, Lawrence lane, Cheapside; and George and Blue Boar, Holborn. Performed by the Public's obedient servant-, CROSSWELLER, CUDDINGTON, ALLEN, VALLANCE, and Co. N. B. Night Coaches carrying FOUR inside, with four horses, guarded and lighted, ill eight hours, every even- ing at Half- past Nine o'clock. The above Coaches call at tbc George Inn, Borough ; and Hope, Charing- Cross, going iu and coming oat of Town. *#* No parcels whatever, of more than r, r. value will be accounted f.> r. : j kit, unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly, LONDON WAGGONS, from Hatchet'S, New White Horse Cellar; Swan, Holborn Bridge; and the George Inn, Borough, every Wednesday and Saturday Noon, to the above Office. PORTSMOUTH; CHICHESTER, ARUNDEL, and WOR- THING ROYAL MAIL COACH, every morning at Seven o'Clock. LEWES ACCOMMODATION COACH every morning and evening after the arrival of the above Coaches. HASTINGS NEW LIGHT COACH, in ten hours, thro' Bexhill, Eastbourne, Blectchington, Seaford, and New- haven, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morn- ing, at Seven o'clock, t » the Swan Inn, Hastings ; and returns every Tuesday, Thursday, aud Saturday, at the same hour. A New Coach srts out every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning; from the Swan Inn, Hastings, at Se- ven o'Clctk, 10 Margate, Dover, Deal, Hythe, Rye, & c. CHEAP- PAINT. " PARK Paintings, Fences, Weather Boards, Brick and Plaister- Fronts, Tiles, States, & c. & c. IMPENETRABLE PAINTS. per cwt. per ewt. Invisible Green " - 56s. White - - slis Dark ditto - bus. Red - - 4( is. Bright ditto - 74s, Chocolate - 5( js. Lead Colour - 5bs. Yellow - - 5f) s. Stone ditto t - S Black - - 5( js Prepared Drying Oil, 5s. per gallon, The best prepared Paints for Fine Work, and House Painting of every description, per lb. per lb. Olive Green - Is. 3d Blue - - is. fid. Dark ditto - Is. od. Yellow - . os. gd. Invisible ditto - os. Black - - os. yd. Stone Colour - os. sd Lead Colour - os. bd. Chocolate - os. () d. Red - - os. / d. White Paint - os. ml. Best White Lead, 53s. per cwt. Turpentine ( Town) 7 » . Od. per Gallon. Boiled Linseed Oil, lis. Linseed, 5s. 6d. The IMPENETRABLE PAINTS are very ornamental, and as they are prepared for the above description of Work only, possess the greatest durability. They will, also cover a surface considerably greater than any other paint, from which circumstance alone they arc actually cheaper than the COMMON Coal Tar. Iu addition to thi-, they are as easily- worked as 1 he finest paints, and will not crack or peel off itnder tiie greatest heat, and arc a cure for the worm aud dry rot. The OTHER PAINTS are warranted tob « equal, if 110I superior, to any in London, for the finest work of every description. Sold, prepared for use, for Ready Money only, at the British Paint Manufactory, No. 41, London Wall, oppo- site Bethlem Hospital, London. INTERESTING MONTHLY PUBLICATION. RACKLRMANN begs leave to inform the • public, that 00 the 1st of June will be published No. XXX. of the REPOSITORY OF ARTS, SCIEN- CES, & c. which will complete the fifth volume of that truly popular, entertaining, and instructive Miscellany. Exclusive of the u. ual embellishment*, this Number will contain a highly finished Vignette Frontispiece, besides an extra quantity of letter press, and a copious Index. In the first Number ef Vol. VI. which will appear on 1st of July, will be given a view of the Interior of White- hall Chapel, wttli the French Eagles lately deposited there ; a id also an authentic Portrait and Biography of Lord Wellington. Purchasers who have not completed their sets of the REPOSITORY, and POETICAL MAGAZINE, arc request- ed to make early application, to prevent disappoint- ment, as m my numbers begin to grow so scarce, that complete sets ol the works will shortly fetch an advaiic cd price, A most faithful likeness of His MAJESTY, as a Com panion Print to that of the late aud much lamented princess. Amelia, will he published early 111 June next, at R Ackermann's Repository of Arts, 101, Strand, mid may be had of, . or ordered through, all the Book and l'i n sellers iu the United Kingdom, price 5s, proofs lus. 91I. 1 NEW SHIP INN, Ship Sweet, Brighton* JOHN HOWELL, late of Castle- Square, respect- fully informs ilie public, that he has recently enga- ged and opened tin- above tong- established INN, toge- ther with its extensive Stabling, & c. and from the ex- pensive improvements which the premises have under- gone, and the superior accommodation they conse- quently offer, he feels confident that he shall be honour- ed with suitable ' encouragement and support, A spacious Traveller's Room, a Larder well provided, rintl Wines of the choicest vintages, will be found iu the above Inn, at all times. Bay, Straw, and Corn, sent to any part of the town, at the lowest market prices,' and at the shortest notice. Horses taken to stand at Livery, & c. & c.—^- Coaches to and from London daily. ROYAL EXCHANGE. HAZARD, BURNE, and Co. Stock- Brokers, respectfully acquaint tne Public, that TICKETS and SHARFS f,. r the present LOTTERY, to be drawn ou 4th JUNE, Ills Majesty's Birth Day, are cu Sale at their Office, No. 93; ROYAL EXCHANGE. The following is the Scheme, which they earnestly recommend to public notice : 4 Prizes of £'- 20,000— are— £ 80,000 24 1,000——•— ' 24,000 32 — 500 1G, 000 tiO — 50 — 3,000 1,000 — 25 1 25,000 ] ,000 — 20 ———• i> 0,000 2,000 ——.- 1( 5 — 32,000 20,000 Tickets. £ 200,000 ]| 1 the la- it October Lottery, No- n Prize of £ 20,11011, and 2,38( 1, a Prize of £ j, uuu, were both sold in Shares at the above Office. Letters, post paid, duly answered. Schemes gratis. TICKETS and SHARES for the abuve Office, are also 011 Sale by Mr. W. LEE, Printer, Lewes. Mr. COLEMAN, RYE. RICHARD.- ON, GOODLUCK, & Co. RESPECTFULLY inform the Public', that the STATE LOTTERY, containing Sixty Capitals, will be drawn un the KING'S BIRTH- DAY, SCHEME. 4 Prizes of <£' 20,000 are <£ FS0,< I0FI 24 — 1,( 100 — 24, OOP 32 — 5: i0 — ] ( i, 00C CO — .50 — 3,001 1,( 100 — 2,5 — 25, Otic 1,0( 1( 1 — 20 — 20, MX 2/ 10 — 16 — 32,001 30,000 Tickets. <£ 900,00( Tickets and Shares are selling, at Lewes, by J, Baxter, Bookseller. Lymington, — West and Co. Portsea Hard, — W. Woodward, Printer. Brighton, — C. Walker, Marine Library. Hastings, — John Norton, Ditto. Battle, — George Austin, Bookseller. Chichester, — D. Jacques, Ditto. East- Bourne, — R. Tilley, Library. Petworth, — James Goldring, Bookseller. For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, & Co. LONDON" : Where, in the present and last Year's Lotteries, they sold 3 Prizes of £" Jo, 6iX) I of £- 2, ooG, Sofi'tuoo, & c. & c. KING's BIRTH- DAY. T^ BISH, strongly recommends a speedy pur- It • chase in the present popular Lottery, ( be Scheme of which is so highly approved, that an unusual demand has already taken place, and before the 41I1 of JUNE there is every prospect of Tickets and Shares being scarce. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of <£ 20,000 nre „£ so, ono iu 1,000 24,000 3- 1 500 .----- 16,000' CO 5( 1 3,000 1,000 ----- Q-, .... . 25,000 1,(> 00 20 20,000 2,000 16 32,000 20,000 Tickets ^^'" i^ OO Tickets and Shares are lo lie had in great variety of }• DONALDSON, Brighton." W. W. LUCAS, Arundel. Mrs. SPOONER, Worthing. S. MILLS, Portsmouth. Agents to BISH, who sold in the last 15 months, No. 27, Class A. No. 27, Class C. 2O1S, Class A. alj • a, Class D. S734, Class A. 14,754, and If), 754, all Prizes of £*- 2o, ooo, besides 37 other Capitals. Sever*! of, the Shares were sold to persons iu this neighbourhood. N. B. Should any difficulty occur in getting Tickets or Shares of the Agents, please to send your orders post or carriage paid, to 4, CORN HILL, or 9, CHARING- CROSS, LONDON. To Dr. MILLER, Mereworth, Kent. SIR,— I have the happiness of informing you, that the great Cure your ANTISCORBUTIC PILLS performed on me in a Scrophulous or Evil Case, in Fe- bruary and March, in the year 180,, continues well, which was of such tin alarming nature that no one ex- pected my life one day over another, and the Doc- tor that had the care of ine had given tne over, for 8 or 111 days, and 1 was so weak that 1 could not turn my- self in my bed, when my Father applied to you for your assistance, upon which you administered some of your Antiscorbutic Pills, which soon brought about a favour- able turn, and 1 continued to mend so fast, tliut in about sit weeks I found myself completely well. The warmest thanks of a heart impressed with grati- tude are due ; but so far am I from capability io ac- complish the important task of offering to you an culo- ginui competent lo half the merits comprised in those valuable medicines, ( which owe their composition to your peculiar eminence) that I can no more than say, that the pen of the most active eloquence might trem ble at the task, when ( through the bountiful hand of the Supreme) the sensitive productioas of man so far exceed the limited boundaries of mortal excellence. Aud remain with the highest respect, Your infinitely obliged humble servant, RICHARD FRY, Near Mr. Ashdowne's, East Peckham, who May 3, 13.11. is witness ta the above cure. - May be bad of the following persons, viz. Mr. ARTHUR LEE, SCHOOL- HILL, LEWES; Battle, J. Cuthbert Healthfield, J. Ellis Beckley, S. Colbran Horsham, T. Mann Bexhill", T. Wedd Lamberhurst, J. Gibbs ' Burwash, G. Gilbert Lewes, Pugh and Davey Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Linfield, W. Durrant Cuckfield, J. M'George Maresfield, J. Maynard Dallington, J. Pardon Peasmarsh, E. Bannister Ditcheling, J. Browne Rye, M. Coleman East Bourne, T. Baker ——~ Cook and SON E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Sandhurst, J. Beach Edenbridge, W, Corke Seaford, J. Brooker - R. Parsons ' Tunbridgewell. J, sprange Groombridge T. Kellick Uckfield, J. Pocknell Goudhurst, J. Couchman Udimore, R. Chester Hailsham, H. Waters Wad hurst, T. Bull Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew W. Noakes Hastings, J. Barry Winchelsea, R. Maplesden J. Norton Wittersham, J. Wood, THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE BY • • DAY ( INI) MARTIN, LONDON. r'THIS invaluable' Composition, with half the JL usual labour, produces the most brilliant jet black * cver. belielil, affords peculiar naiurUhment ( o the leather, ivill not soil the finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell, and will retain its virtues in aj: y climate. j. Sold wholesale by Day and Martin, No. 79, High- Holborn, London and retail, by their ascents, Baxter, Stationer,, Lewes; Virgoen, Basket- maker, Sea Side, Eastbourne, Jordan, and Blaker, Brighton; Blanch, Arundel Binstead, Chichester; and Meryon, Rye;~ in stone bottles, is. Cd. each. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affec- tions, with their usual concomitants, Sprains, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general De- bility, ( originating in whatever source) are relieved and frequently cured by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE. OF MUS- TARD PILLS, after every other means had failed. The FLUID ESSENCE OF MUSTARD ( used with ( lie Fills, in those complaints where necessary, is perhaps the most active, penetrating, arid effectual remedy iu the world, generally curing the severest SPRAINS axt> BRUISES in less thnn half i'ne time usually taken l> y Opodeldoe, Arquebusade, or'any other Liniment or Embrocation- and if used immediately after any accident, it prevents the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally efficacious for all ill conditioned Sores,. Sore Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ring- worms, Shingles, breakings out of the Face, Nose, Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and inflamed Eyes, Sore Heads, t£ nd Scorbutic Humours of every description. Prepared only and sold by R. JOHNSTON-. Apothecary, IS, Greek- street, Soho, London ; the Essence and Pills lit 2s. Qd. each. The Cerate at Is. I^ d. aftd , ijd.— They are also sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter, Lewes; Mrs. Gregory, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson, and Walker, Brighton; Munday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham ; Cuthbert, Battle Coleman. Rye j Pratt, and Phillipson, Chichester; and every Medicine Ven- der in the United Kingdom. N. B. The Genuine lias aBlack name of R. Johnson inserted on it. Markets. CORN - EXCHANGE. Monday, MAY 20. We had ff moderate supply of wheat to- day c'efly from Essex and Kent, and some f. 011 Suf folk. Among these tbeie Were nat mativ'samples* of first quality, but what there were of that descrip- tion obtained full as much money as last Monday : the ordinary, however,- sbhV heavily, and was pot taken off without some abatement j Barley has fluctuated since our last report, the price of which, with Malt, lathei improved this morning.— In the articles of Pease and Beans ue have little to notice, except that iheie were not many New Ticks ' here; ( he price something higher.— The fresh arrivals t> f Oats were inconsiderable, hut we liid a tolerable quantity on hand to meet the demands of ihti- buyers at nearly last week's prices. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 62s, 70s. 90s. Beans cfo'. Fine ditto 92s. <) 0s. Tick ditto 44s: 5tis Rye ( new) 34s. 3Ss. Oats 21s. 24s 2&. Barley 309. S8s Poland ditto 27s. SOs. Malt ( 5lJ. 70s. Potatoe ditto Sis. Si?.' White Pease) ... Rape Seed 47l. 5?>„ ( boileis) jj 4Us. 40s. Fine Flour 7-*> » S' . Grey Pease S7s. 43s. Seconds 70s. 73s, PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover ( n.) 80s. Od. to luAs. Od. per cwt. Old ditto 35s. Od. to 84s. Od. ditto White ditto Stis. Oil. to 120s. od. ditto Trefoil . r) f> s. Od. to '"- is. Od. ditto Rye Grass Sos. Od. to 50- i. Oil. per quarter Turnip 30s. Od. to GOs. Od. ditto Red & Green 40s. Od. to 50s. Od. ditto W. Must. S. 8s. Od. to 10s. Od. per bushel- Brown ditto 12s. Od. to ! 6s, Od. ditto PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to lie; continued at 14d. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. d Sack of Flour - - 78 It Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 93 O Eighty Quartern Loaves at I4d. < j; 3 4 In favor of the Baker - - 0 4 PRICE OF HOPS. NEW RAGS. NEW POCKETS, - fc' s. £ s. £ s. £ s; Kent ( 3 0 to 7 5 Kent 7 0 to 9 Sussex 5 12 to 6 G Sussex G 0 to 7 7 Essex 6 0 to G 10 Farnham lO 0 to 14 f? YBati21° ° ° Poet} 4 0 t(> 6 <> bS i5 0 0_ ohe; 8:} 2 10 to 4 0- SMITHFIELD- MARKET, May 13. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s. d. s. d. | Head of Cattle, this day! Beef 4 S to C 4 I Beasts - - I88O Mutton 4 S to ( i 4 I * heep & Lambs 11,400 Lamb 6 0 to 8 0 j Calves - - loo Veal ft 0 to 7 0 Pigs - - Pork 5 t) to 7 o I PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. £. s. d <£'. s. d. Average, Clover 6 0 0 to 8 10 0 £ S 5 O Old Hay 7 10 Q to 8 8 0 7 19 o Straw 3 0 0 to 3 15 0 3 7 0 ' PRICE OF TALLOW. s. d « . St. James's Market 3 9 Town Tallow ' ( i Clare Market 3 Os Yellow Russia 05 O Whitechapel ditto 3 9 White ditto S3 <> — Soap ditto 58 O 11 Si Melting Stuff 53 Average price 3 9 Ditto rough 36 ft Graves 16 o Yellow Soap, 80s —— Mottled, 90s. Curd. O- ls. Candles, per doz. lis. 6d — Moulds, 12s. Gd. LEATHER, peh POUND. d. < L Butts, r> olb. a 56ib. - So a 21 Ditto, 5G; b. a 061b. . - 24 a 25 Merchants Backs - 19 a 20 Dressing Hides - 13 a 10 Fine Coach Hides - If) a 21 Crop Hides for Cutting 17 a is Ordinary - - — a — Tanned Horse - 18 a 19 Calf skins, 30lb. to 40lb. pr doz. 28 a S- t , 5- lb. to70lb. 36 a 40 • . 70lb. toSOlb. ' 36 a 39 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 3s. a 3 « . , large, per doz. • 130s. l& Js. PRICE OF COALS. Newcastle, Gls. 0< f. to Os Od. Sunderland » — s. Od, to — s. Od. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by MR. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. COLDRING, Petworth ; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM ; TALKER, East- Grinsted, Mr, MEYRON, Rye; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and Uy the Newsmen. ^
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