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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 904
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 22/05/1811
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 904
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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C PRINTED BY WILLIJM EDDOWES, Vol. 18.] N0, 904.: Wednesday, CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. May 181L Plnce Sixpence Halfpenny. 77; « zs circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES .— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. TO YOUNG HOUSEKEEPERS. Just published, a new Edition, Price 4, s. Board", THE FEMALE ECONOMIST; or, A PLAIN SYSTEM OF COOKERY, for the Use of Private Families. BY MRS. SMITH Containing 850 valuable Receipts. * 4_* This is tbe cheapest and most useful Cookery Book extant. Just published, the Sixth Edition, Price 6s. 6d. Boards, THE COMPLETE CONFECTIONER, or tlieWhc hole Art of Confectionary made easy, BY FREDERIC NUTT, ES « . London: print fc for MATHEWS and LEIGH, NO. IS, Strand; and sold Sir W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all other Booksellers in Town and Country. THE first Production in tiie World is the MACASSAR OIL, for the GROWTH of HAIR; sanctioned by their Royal Highnesses the PRINCESS of WALES and DUKE of SUSSEX, and most of the Nobility. Tbe Virtues of tbis Oil, extracted from n Tree in the ISLAND of MACASSAR, in tbe East Indies, me far be- yond Eulogium for encouraging the Hair to grow to a beau- I tiful Length anil Thickness, even on Bald Places ; preserv- ing it from falling off or changing colour ( particularly after SEA BATHING, which is injurious to the Hair;) - pro- ducing an inestimable Gloss; strengthens the Curl ; dif- fuses an odoriferous Scent. Should be constantly used after Accouchements, & c. Also for Children's Hair, instead of Combs, Soaps, & c. This Oil eradicates the Scnrf much easier, is extremely pleasant to the Infant, precludes all Disorders, and brings the Hair to a beautiful State. This Oil is no PRETENDED FOREIGN OIL, but the real Produce ofthe Macassar Tree, and is admirably calculated for improving, purifying, and beautifying the Hairof La- dies, Gentlemen, and Children. It is innoxious, and suited to ail Climates.— Vide Rowland's Essay on the Hair'. Prepared and sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Pro- prietors, ROWLAND aud SON, Kirby Street, Hatton Gar- den, London; and sold by their Appointment by W. EDIJOWKS, Shrewsbury ; Watkins, Hereford ; Stevens and Watkins, Cirencester;' Jones, Glocester: and all Perfumers and Medicine Venders throughout the. Kingdom. Observe the Signatures of the Proprietors on the out- side Label in red ink, without which none are genuine. 4th JUNE. WIFT and Co remind their Friends and the Public, that the present ON. 4ND SPATE LOTTERY, CONTAINING SIXTY CAPITAL PRIZES, will begin and finish Drawing on the KING'S BIRTH- DAY.. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of £ 20,000 24 1,000 32 500 60 - - « > 1,000 25 l., 000 " 20 2,000 LLANFA1R FAIRS. — MONTGOMERYSHIRE. IT is purposed and appointed by the Gentlemen and In- habitants ofthe PARISH of LLANFAIR, tbat a PIG aud SHEEP FAIR shall always be held 011 the Day pre- ceding tbe present established Fairs of that Town. FAIR FOR WOOL, BUTTER, AND CHEESE, IN THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. NOTICE is herebv given, that a Fair will be held for the : Sale of WOOL, in the Town of WELSHPOOL, aniin- ally, on the First Monday after the loth of Jn'v; likewise for BUTTER and CHEESE, on the First Monday after the 20th of September, and on the 16th of November. The Town ofWELSHpoOL is most advantageously situJ ated for the Carriage of the above Articles to the principal Seaports and manufacturing Towns in the Kingdom, having an immediate and direct Water Conveyance to Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, by tlie Montgomeryshire and Ellesinere Canals; and to Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Wor- cester, Glocesler, aud Bristol, by the River Severn, which is navigable within a Mile and Half of the Town of Pool. ~~ ION^ TBIRTH- DAY. rr^ BISH strongly recommends a speedy Purchase in X • the present popular Lottery, the Scheme of which is so highly approved, that an unusual Demand lias already taken place, and before the 4th of JUNE there is every Prospect of Tickets and Shares being scarce. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of £ 20,000 ... are ... £ S0,000 24 1,000 24,000 500 16,000 50 3,000 25 25,000 20 20,000 lC 32,000 ^ aleg by auction* BY W. SMITH, At the Castle Inn, Shrewsbury, 011 Monday, the 27th Day ofMay, isn, at fouro'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced : ALL those TWO DWELLING HOUSES, MALT- HOUSE, Yards, and Gardens, situate iu the CASTLE FOREGATE, Shrewsbury, now in the Occupations of Mr. Jonathan Scott, Maltster, and Mr. William Chilton, Shoe- maker, who will shew the Premises; and further Particu- lars may be known by applying to Mr. ASTERLEY, Attorney, Shrewsbury. At the Fox Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 22d Day of June, 1811, between the Hours of four aud six o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless previously disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given, subject to such Conditions as shall then and there be produced: ALL that MESSUAGE, Tenement, and FARM, with the Outbuildings, Stack Yards, Gardens, Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, aiid Pasture LAN D thereunto belonging, situate, Vying, and being at WESTLEY, in the Parish of Westbury, in the County ofSalop, containing by Admeasurement thereof 110 Acres, or thereabouts, he the same more or less, and now or late ill the Tenure of Mrs. Jones, Widow, her Undertenants or Assigns. The Tenant will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Messrs. MADDOCX audSlMES, Attor- nies, Shrewsbury, who are authorised to treat for the Sale, S' 32 60 1,000 1,000 2,000 20,000 Tickets £ 200,000 If) £ 60,000 , 24, boo 16,000 3,000 25,000 , 20,000 . 32,000 ijo, ooo Tickets £ 200,000 Persons in the Country maybe supplied with TICKETS and SHARES, by sendiug their Orders with Remittances _ to either of SWIFT nnd Co.' a T. ondon Offices, Viz No. 11, POULTRY, No. 12, CHARING CROSS, or No. 31, ALDGATE HIGH STREET, or by Application to their Agents, ' I. WOOD, Printer, Shrewsbury, H. P. SILVESTER, Newport, Salop, D. PROCTER, Market Drayton, J. PAINTER, Bookseller, Wrexham, and W. FELTON, t. udlovs. Tickets and Shares are tobc bad in great variety of J. R. HUNT, Worcester, A. MORGAN, Stafford, W. MORGAN, Lichfield, J. CUTTER, Chester, Agents to BISH, who sold in the last 15 Months, No. 27 Class A. No. 27, Class C; 26lS, Class A. 261b, Class D; 3,734 Class A. 14,754, and 19,754, ail Prizes of £ 20,000, besides 37 other Capitals. Several of the Shares were sold to Per- sons in Ibis Neighbourhood. * 4> Should any Difficulty occur ill getting Tickets or Shares of the Agents, please to send your Orders, Post or Carriage paid, to 4, Cornhill, or 9, Charing- Cross, London, LONDON. COURT CALLMORE, near MONTGOMERY, TO COVER this SEASON ( 1811) at £ 2 2s. each Mare, and 2s. 6d. the Groonr, ( iheMouey to he paid at Mid-' Hummer next, or charged One Guinea more) CONTRACT, A beautiful brown Horse, eightYears old, 16 Hands high, a sure Foal getter, and his Stock are extremely promising ; he was bred hy Lord Osbourne, sot by Overton, Dam by Hiehflyer out of Fair Barbara by Eclipse: for further Pedigree, vide Racing Calendar. BELLEROPHON; A beautiful dark cliesnut Horse, seven Years old, 15 Hands three Inches high, of uncommon Power, Make, and Action ; be was got by Old Glaucus, his Dam Petrowna own Sister to Cheshire Cheese.— A sight of the Horse, and reference to the Stud Book, will convince any Person who is a Judge, that there is no Stallion better calculated to get Hunters or King's Platers. Bellernplion will attend at Welshpool every Monday ; Myfod every Tuesday; Bishop's Castle every Friday; Clun, Clunton, Kemplon, The Moor, Churchstoke, and Chirbury, every Saturday j and the rest of liis Time at Home, during the Season. N, B. Mares not stinted la3t Season, or this, covered at Half- price. Good Grass for Mares at 6s. per Week, and every At. tention paid them: open Bays if required. SHROPSHIRE. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising at Ibe Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Road leading from Wem, in the County of Salop, to the Lime- kilns, ai Bion- V- garth, and called and known by Ihe Names of Trimpley, Bryug- willa, aud Brou- y- garth, will be LET BY AUC- TION, to the best Bidder, at tlie House ofTbos. Havwaid, at Dudlistou Heath, in the Parish of Ellesmere, and County of Salop aforesaid, known by the Sign of THE PIDGEONS, 011 MONDAY, the iotii Day of JUNE next, between the Hours of twelv arid tivj o'Clock, in the Manner directed by an Act passe 1 for regulating UieTuiiipike Roads: which Tolls produced last Yeat the undermentioned Sums above the Expense of collecting them, and will he put up at those Sums. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at tlie same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of ihe Trustees of tbe . said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they will appoint. F. LEE, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Bryng- willa and Broil- y- gartb, £ 160 Trimpley, 40 • - EUcsmerc, Ti. A Ma'if, 1811. FREEHOLD ESTATES AND RENTS, BY MR. WYLF. Y, At the Raven and Bell Inn, in Shrewsbury, on Friday, the 31st Day of May, 1811, at the Hour of eleven in the Fore- noon, subject to Conditions which will be then produced : SEVERAL desirable and valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate at THE CLIVE, in the Parish of Saint Mary, Shrewsbury, in the Comity of Salop, in the af- termentioned Lots : viz. LOT I. APIECE of ARABLE LAND, called STURDY'S CROFT, Part of a Farm called Hnlbrook Farm, adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Wem to Shrewsbury, and containing 3 Acres or I hereabouts, in the Occupation of Mr. Henry Deakin, who is under an Agreement to give up the Post, ision thereof nt Michaelmas next. LOTII. A MESSUAGE and FARM, called HOLP. ROOK, with suitable and convenient Outbuildings, and containing 53A. 2lt 35P. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of tbe said Henry Deakin, as Tenant thereof for the Remainder of a Term, of which 13 Years were unexpired at Lady Day last, at the yearly Rent together of £ 47 19s. 6d. LOT III." A MESSUAGE or FARM HOUSE, with suit- able and convenient O / buildings, and six several PI ECES or Parcels of Arable and Meadow LAND, lying contiguous thereto, containing together, including thescite of the Buildings, 31A. 2R, loP. or thereabouts, in tbe respective Occupations of William Puleston and Joseph Robinson, yearly Tenants. LOT IV. A DWELLING HOUSE, with a Garden, Fold Yard, and Outbuildings adjoining, and a Croft, of rich Meadow Land lying contiguous, called JOSEPH'S CROFT, containing 1A. 2R. I P.. or 1 hereabouts. LOT V. A PIECE of capital Arable LAND, called ROD- NEY'S CROFT, contiguous lo the last Lot, and containing 6A. OR. sP. or thereabouts. The two last mentioned Lots are in the Occupation of Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant. LOT VI. A PIECE of rich Arable LAND, called GREEN REANS, containing 8.4. lR 22P. or thereabout.. LOT VII. THREE. PIECES of Arable and . Meadow TO VHUGGlSlS AND GROCERS. TolilT LET, For a Term of Years, if desired, AND' ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, Salop, late in the Holding of Mr. WILLIAM SCOTT, Drug- gist and Grocer. The STOCK IN TRADE of the said William Scott ( which is small, aud recently laid ill) may be had at 11 fair Valuation — For Particulars apply to Mr. CHARLES HuGHES, Tanuer, or Mr. F. LEE, Solicitor, Ellesmere. Such ofthe Creditors of the said William Scott who have not executed the Deed of Assignment, are respectfullj informed, that if tliey do not execute the same on or before tbe 6th of June next, they will be excluded all Benefit arising therefrom. Ellesmere, iZth May, 1311. THE CORDIAL BALM of GILEAD affords the most permanent Relief, and is happily calculated for the Weak, the Sickly, and Infirm. Persons nf either sex, who from habits of indulgence, late silting up, sedentary employment, anxiety of mind, frequent intoxication, sudden frichl, over exertion, a weakly constitution, the bile, or other causes, are subject to various distressing nervous affections, including sick head- ache, hysterical and consump'ive com- plaints, disrelish for society or business, tremor and general emotion on the most trifling iccasions, loss of appetite, in- digestion, Sue. will Hud immediate relief from the use of this medicine. , . . ,, In debility, seminal weaknesses, bilious and irritable habits, tabes dorsalis, cr nervous consumptions, its merit stands unrivalled. It enters into aud mixes with tbe most subtile of the animal fluids; assists, invigorates the decayed juices, and throws a general warmth upon the debilitated and relaxed parts that stand in need of assistance. Persons entering upon the holy stale of matrimony, should consider lhat " where the fountain is polluted, tbe streams that flow from it cannot be pure." In the most excruciating pains of the stomach and viscera, or- wijirliness, it gives instant relief; and where the vital principle has been impaired, and animal vigour exhausted by the irregularities of youth, bringing 011 a premature old age, il will be found an invaluable remedy. In all those diseases lhat have their rise from irregular living, or an enfeebled state of the digestive powers, its effects are astonishing, debility of speech, and al! other the menial and corporeal powers that depend 011 the tone of tbe nervous system, have so frequently and suddenly yielded to its power, as render unquestionable its efficacy iu those disorders. A saving of nine Shillings in two Guineas.— The Cordial- P- alm of Oilead is sold in bottles, price half- a- guinea each ; there are also Family Bottles, price 33s. containing equal to four bottles at 10s. 6d. bv which the patient saves 9s. i- clud- ing also the duty , the Stamp of which bears the proprietor's name and address, " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool, to imitate which is felony. N. 15. The postage of all letters to the Doctor, and a fee of 10s. 6d. inclosed for advice. Sold by hoDOWEf, Wood and Watton, Sandford, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Guest, Brnseley ; Gitton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth; Harding and Scarrott, Shitfnal ; Dean, Newport-, Houlmons, Wellington; Miller, and Smith; Iron Bridge.; Trevor, Much Wenlock; Evans, Welsh Pool; Fallows, Baugh, Jackson, aud Birch, Ellesmere; Wright, Whitchurch ; Snelsoti, and Craig, Nantwich ; Painter, Wrexham; Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswfesftiy; and by the principal Vendeis of Patent Msdiciaes id every Town thRiughaut tbe Kingdom, A BULL, Of the true and improved short- horned DURHAM BREED, WILL serve Cows at WYTHEFORD HAI. L, near Shaw- bury, at ONE GUINEA.— He is now only two Years old, and descended from the Stock of Mr. CHARLES COL- LINS, of Ketton, in that County, whose famous Bull Comet was sold last Year for ONE THOUSAND GUINEAS. Wytheford Hall, May 8th, 1811. SWEDISH SOAP, MILFORD HAVEN, SOUTH WALES. rriHlS NEW SOAP will be found beyond all SL comparison the best preparation known for the MILL- ING, Sac. Of WOOLLEN CLOTII, & c. and to be a most important improvement". Marie obly as ordered, aud sold in CHESTS I'RICB FIFTEEN I'OUNDS STERLING EACH, con. taming in general aboutTHREE HUNDRED WEIGHT, but regulated always by the current value of LONOON CURD SOAP, it bearing the same- Price. i£ j> ORDERS for any quantity not less than a Chest in Post Paid Letters ( enclosing Remittances iu Bankers' Paper, or they will not be attended to), addressed to tbe Sole Matiu. factureis, THE MILFORD- HAVEN SOAP AND ALKALI COMPANY, PUMBROKP., will be executed within threeWeeks' Notice, and delivered free of Expense at any of the principal Ports in the UNITEO KINGDOM. V No CREDIT whatever. Smith's Ploughman'' s Drops HAVE received another honourable testimony of iheir wonderful power in curing the Veneieal Dis- order, & c & c. In addition to the cases already published, read the following. Dear Sir,— For five years I was violently afflicted with a certain disorder, insomuch that my flesh fell absolutely rotting from my bones; it hail cost me nearly the whole of mv little property amongst druggists and apothecaries, but all to no purpose ; in this dreadful state 1 met with a friend who had been cured by your Ploughman's Drops, aud he gave me part of a bottle he had left; and I ( riunrl myself so milch better by taking it, that 1 bought two bottles of Mr. Smart, of Wolverhampton ; they so far relieved me, that I took two more boities, which thank God, entirely completed my job, for I am now as free from any disorder as ever I was iu my life ; and with thauks to you, dear sir, I remain your's, & c. E. N. Jun. These Drops are to be had in square Bottles, with these woids moulded 011 each, " Mr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops," ( all others are spurious), at £\ 2s. the large, and lis. the small, Duty included, at PLOUGHMAN'S HALL, Upton Magna, near Sbtewsbury; of W. EDDOWES, Printer of this Paper, in Shrewsbury; Capsey, Wellington; Mr. Yeates, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge; Partridge, Bridgnorth; Silvester, Newport; Ciaig, Nantwich; Griffiths, Ludlow; Baogb, Ellesmere; Jones, Whitchurch; Procter, Diavton ; Price, Oswestry ; Painter, Wrexham ; Waidson, Welsh Poul j and Fu* k « , staffing LOTVIII. A PIECE of Arabic LAND, ' called DODD'S CROFT, and containing 3.4. oR. 38P. or thereabouts. LOT IX. .4 PIECE of Arable LAND, called WHITLEY, and containing 2A. 3R 26P. or thereabouts. LOT X. A PIECE of Arable LAND, called THISTLEY CROFT, lying contiguous to tlie lastmeutioned Lot, and containing 3A. lR. 2dP. or thereabouts. LOT XI. A PIECE of Arable LAND, called GRAIN WAYS, and containing 3A 11R. 2P. or thereabouts. The last six Lots are in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Puleston, a yearly Tenant. LOT XII. A MEADOW, called LARGE MEADOW, and containing 3A. oR. 24 P or thereabouts. LOT XIII. A MEADOW, called LITTLE MEADOW, and containing 2A. oR. lsP. or thereabouts. Tbe last two Lots aie in the Occupation of tbe said Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant. LOT XilY. A PIECE of Meadow LAND, called WOOD MEADOW, with Garden Ground adjoining, and containing together 9.4. 3R. 34P. or thereabouts, also in the Holding of Mr. VVi I liana: Puleston, a yearly Tenant. LOT XV. A PIECE of Arable LAND, called THE THORN LEYS, and containing 3A. 1R. 39P. or thereabouts, and in the Holding uf the said Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant. LOT XVI. A PIECE of Arable LAND, called the NEW FIELDS, aud containing 7A. 2R. 2P. oi thereabouts. LOT XVII. TWO PIECES of Arable LAND, in Clive Wood, called FURTHER WOOD and NEAR WOOD, and containing together 23A 3R 34P. or thereabouts. Tbe last' two Lots are in the Occupation of Mr. William Paleston, 11 yearly Tenant. LOT XVtll. A PIECE of excellent Arable LAND, call- ed the N EW POOL CROFT, and containing 5A. 0R. 5P. or thereabouts. LOT XIX. A PIECE of LAND, called the PIGCINS- BURY, and containing 3A lR. lP. or thereabouts. The last two Lots are in the Occupation of tlie said Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant. LOT XX. TWO PARCELS of Arable LAND, called the LARGE WOOD, and ANN'SCHOFT, with a Garden adjoin- ing, in Quantity together 30A. lR. 28P. or thereabouts, and in the Occupation of the said William Puleston, a yearly Tenaut. LOT XXt. A DWELLING HOUSE, with a Barn, Garden, and 5 Closes of LAN D adjoining, situate on tbe Clive Wood, ill the Occupation of Ann Wilson, a yearly Tenant, aud containing together, including the Scite of the Buildings, 10A. Oil. 8P. or thereabouts. LOT XXII. A GARDEN, in tbe Clive, inthc Occupa- tion of the said William Puleston, a yearly Tenant, or his Undertenants, and containing 21 Perches, or thereabouts. LOT XXIII. TWO PARCELS of LAND, in the Quarry Field, in Quantity oA. SR. IIP or thereabouts, in the Oc- cupation of the Rev. Laurence Gardner, under a Lease for 21 Years, commencing25th March, 1800. LOT XXIV. A DWELLING HOUSE, Garden, and Appurtenances, in the Cliye, in the Occupation of John Robinson, a yearly Tenant, and containing oA. IR. 16P. or thereabouts LOT XXV. A DWELLING HOUSE and Garden, in the Occupation of Benjamin Deakin, under a Lease for 21 Years from the 25tli Day of March, 1800; also some Out buildings and a Garden near adjoining thereto, and a Piece of Meadow Land called BACKLANE'CROFT, in the Occu- pation of the said Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant, and containing together 2.4. 2R. oP. or thereabouts. LOT XXVI. A PARCEL of Arable LAND, called tbe BLAKEDOWN, open to Lands of Messrs. Puleston, in the Occupation of the said Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant, and containing 1 A. oR. oP. or thereabouts. LOT XXVII. SIX CHIEF or Fee Farm RENTS, a- mountin,; together to £ 31 gs. od. issuing out of and pay- able half- yearly for the Tithes of Pres'cott, Nonnillv, or Nouelly, Yeaton, Little Ness, aud Eyton Weston, Adcote Exton alias Eyton, Mastock, and the Manor of FoTd, in the County of Salop. LOT XXVIII. SEVEN other CHIEF or Fee Farm RENTS, amounting together to J. C, 7s. 5d. issuing out of and payable yearly for Dnnthill Grainge, and a Mill and Lands in Longdon, for Tithes iu Stanwardine in the Wood, for the Tithes of Walcot, Alston, Hadley, and Wellington, for tbe Rectory of Middle, and for the Manor of Great Weinlock, in the said Couuty of Salop. For a View of the first 26 Lots apply to the respective Tenants thereof; and further Particulars of the Whole may be known, and a Map ofthe Estates seen, 011 Applica- tion to Mr. VICKERS, jun. Cranmere, near Bridgnorth ; tn Mr. WYLEY, the Auctioneer, there; or to Mr. NoR BURY, Solicitor, in Droittfich, Worcestershire. Printed Particulars, and a Copy of the Map, will also be FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. 1 ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, MAY 14. [ Transmitted by Sir C. Cotton ] Ajax, of Elba, March 31, 1811. SIR— In pursuance of the instructions I had the honour to receive from you, on the 26th inst. for intercepting the frigates which had escaped from Toulon to the eastward, I lost not a inomeut ill pushing thro' the Straits of Bonifacio, directing the Unite at the same time to go round by Cape Corse. On my rejoining her last night, oft" this island, I was informed she had been chased during the day, by tbe enemy's frigates, and that they were working through the Piombino passage. All sail was immediately made in that direction, and, at dawn this morning, they were discovered a little to windward, viz. Emily, 40 guns, Adrian, 40, Dromedaire, 20. From the short distance they were from the land, I regret we could only succeed in cutting off the Dromedaire, the rear ship; the other two narrowly escapcd from Capt. Chamberlayne by running into Porto Ferrajo.-— The Dromedaire is a very fine frigate built ship, of 800 tons, sails remarkably well, and is only live months old; she was constructed by the French government for the ex press purpose of carrying stores. Her cargo consists of 15,000 shot and shells, of different sizes, and 90 tons of gun- powder.— She was commanded by a Lieutenant deVaisseau, and her compliment 150 men. From the report of the firisoners, it appears they were bound to Corfu.— I have the lonour to be, £ IC. 11. W. OTWAY. [ Transmitted by Sir R. Calder ] Scylla, within Les Triagos Rocks, of Morlaix, May 8. SIR— I have the pleasure to inform you that, being close in with the Isle of Bas, this morning at halt- past 9 o'clock, observed a man of war brig, with five small sail under con- voy, to leeward, which I immediately grve chace lo; half- past 11 came up, and commenced firing at her and convoy ; 45 minutes past 11, finding we were within LesTriagosaud Pontgalo Rocks, and she was determined, if possible, to rnn on shore, obliged me to lay the Scylla 011 board her, then going eight knots ; in two minutes afterwards we got possession, but not before her first captain, one midship- man, the boatswain, and three seamen, were killed ; one midshipman and five seamen dangerously, and five seamen slightly Wounded. She proves to be the French national bi- ig La Cannonere, of ten 4- pounders, one 24- pound car- roiiade, and four swivels, with a compliment of 77 men, commanded by Monsieur Jean Joseph Benoit Schilds, Enseigue de Vaisseau, out only two hours from Pcrros, bound to Brest 1 think if we had been off the land she would not have fired a shot at us; but with the hope of running her on shore, and being close to it, they fought hard, and I am sorry to say, the Scylla bad two seamen killed; oue midshipman aud oue marine slightly wounded. I was only enabled lo get possession of one of her convoy, a sloop laden with wheat, the other four having got within the rocks and run 011 shore; indeed I was glad, from tbe shattered state of La Cannoniere, and tbe wind and sea in- creasing, to get out from where 1 was, with what I had — I11 tbis little affair I have great satisfaction to mention, that Mf. Speck, my first lieutenant, all the officers anil crew I have the honour to command, did all they could; 1 should be proud to have an opportunity where thev could shew themselves to a greater advantage— 1 have the " honour to be, Ike. ( Signed) A. ATCHISON. Sir C. Cotton lias transmitted to J. W. Croker, Esq. a letter from Capt . Talbot, of the Victorious, giving an ac- count of tbe destruction, on the coast of Albania, of the Leoben, Italian schooner of war, of 10 guns and 60 men, bunud from Venice to Corfu, with ordnance stores, 011 the 30 til of January last. WEDNESDAY, MAY 15. PRINCE REGENT.— The Prince Regent has signified his Royal intention of reviewing; the whole Volunteer Force ofthe Capital and its environs, in Hyde- Park, 011 Wednesday, the 5lh of June. Bui that this day may be dedicated to something more than the mere purpose of military parade," his Royal Highness, we understand, proposes to give on that evening a magni- ficent Gala Ball and Supper, at Carlton House, to the ( lueeu, Princesses, and Noblesse, indutifulcommemora- tion of the Birth Day of his Royal Sire, whom he so affectionately loves, and his afflicted Sovereign, whom he fervently reveres; and that this may bo made fur- Iher subservient to national good, the Prince Regent has directed it to be expressly notified on the several cards of invilatiixi, " that every person, of whatever " rank or sex, is expected to appear on this occasion " dressed entirely in the MANUFACTURES OF THE " UNITED KINGDOM OF THESE REALMS! 1" After such a notification, what visitant will be found, that has not zealously conformed to a dictate benevolently directed lo the prosperity of the people. We also trust it will operate as an example and introduclion for a general system of encouraging and supporting the skill and industry of British workmen, by the disuse and discountenance of the frippery derived from the enemy. I11 the last interview which the Lord Chancellor had with the King at Windsor, his Majesty very calmly discussed the claim of the Berkeley Peerage, and stated some circumstances concerning it, but little knowji, with the utmost precision. Soon after his Lordship withdrew, his Majesty's conversation with those attend- ing him, is said to have been less temperate. Accounts have been received from Paris to the 6th inst. but no intelligence has been made public relative to the armies. We learn, however, that the lale failures in the French capital have in a considerable degree affected the fortunes of some of Bonaparte's Marshals and favourites. The bankruptcy of the I • use of Pierlot and Co. has produced a shock iu the cominer- i cial affairs of France, which wiil probably be felt over all the continent. The money dealings of this house were immense. Bouricnne is said to have deposited near half a million sterling in it, the fruits of his cor- ruptions and exactions while he was in office in Ham- burgh. In our last we mentioned that intelligence had been received of the arrival of the lleet commanded hy Sir James Saumarez in the Baltic. The appe ranee of so powerful a naval force in that sea has spread an alarm thro' all the stales on its shores. In Denmark, Sweden, Prussia, and Russia, the report of the approach of the British flag could not fail to excite emotions both of hope and fear. The latter has been quickly manifested by the Danish and Swedish Governments. The par- ticulars of the preparations in Denmark we have not yet heard: but it is said, that immediately oil our squadron anchoring off Gottenburgh, Couut Vou Essen the governor, directed the batteries to be manned, the troops to line the coast, and every attempt at landing lo be repelled; measures were also taken to guard tiie ships of war at Carlscrona. Bernadotte was lo quit Stockholm on the 6U1, to make a tour ofthe coast, and was expected to visit Gottenburgh before his return. The troops were inarching from the interior towards the principal places on the coast. There are six prisoners confined for debt in the county gaol at Maidstone, whose united ages amount to nearly 423 years: the average of their debts is £ V2 each; one has been confined nearly two years; three eleven months; and two about five months. Superstition — Thursday evening, as Mr. Drewe, a tradesman in Wapping, was sitting by the fire- side, a piece of coal exploded, and part tell at his feet. Mr. D. 011 examination, found it shaped like a coffin, and this accidental concurrence with a dream that he had the preceding day that he should die that evening, had so powerful an effect 011 him, that he became extremely ill, and, notwithstanding the atlentions of hi3 family, left at the Place ofSule, a Fortnight before the Day of Sale, and the aid of medical men, he died the following day. THURSDAY, MAY 16. Dispatches have beeti received from Lord Welling- ton, from which it appears that active hostilities were very llkelv to be soon renewed, and that the reason assigned for the return of Lord Wellington to the north- eastern frontier was the true one— namely, the return ofthe enemy to that quarter. It now appears, that the defence of Almeida has been entrusted to no less a person than Regnier, who has about 1S00 men in the place. There has been some indirect information of Massena having received reinforcements from Sala- manca, and having further strengthened himself by getting rid of all his useless hands. He has by these means been rendered able, if not to attack Lord Wel- lington, to occupy him by various manoeuvres s and his Lordship seems to hold it not improbable, that the enemy may attempt a second entrance into Portugal, for he has again called into service the Portuguese militia, who had been permitted to return to their homes. AI Oporto the militia, under Tranf, Wilson, and Bacell ar, had been collected, and on the presumption that the French w; puld retire into the interior of Spain, they bad been dismissed, to pursue their rustic duties, for the supply of the country at the approaching har- vest. The return of the enemy in force to the fron- tiers, induced a change in this purpose, and four days after they Were recalled, in drder to garrison the prin- cipal towns, and lo set the regulars of the allied army at liberty to resume offensive operations. Under these circumstances, we learn that the militia having met at the place of rendezvous are now in full march to Visen, Pinhcl, and Guarda, to garrison those places, leaving a competent force at Lamego in the event of a new visit from Gen. Claparede, that he may be pro- perly received in that vicinity. Nothing official has been published from General Beresford, but it is said lhat Soult and Mortier have joined, aud that they threaten to make an attempt for the relief of Badajoz, the siege of which place is going on. French papers have been received to the 12th, but they Contain no intelligence of importance. Letters from the coast, ( luted the 14th, say nothing of mili ary affairs, but enough of commercial disasters. Two mo:' e failures had taken place at Paris, and as the houses which had stopped were of the first rank, they v. ere expected to involve many rubers in their rtiin. I11 the list of failures is a Swiss House, one of Lie most re- spectable in Paris. This particular failure was expected to involve several more houses, a dozen at least, iu. a similar calamity, as they were most extensively con- nected. The Imperial Banker at St. Petersburg!), Baron Rolli and the House of Hasselgreen and Co.^ at Amsterdam, have also; failed. A Lisbon Mail has also arrived, bringing Ihe papers of that place to the 6th inst. They inform us that Ballasteros had formed a junction with Marshal B'eres- ford. His troops were attacked On their march 5 ' but he is stated to" have succeeded in effecting liis object with very lit'lje loss. The troops - which lately sa letl from Cadiz, and which were disembarked 011 different, points of the county of Niebla, had been concentrated by Gen. Blake, who on the 21st marched to Caslillegos. Gen. Zayas remained at Ayamonle, There have beeu some skirmishes on the Guadilaa, but according to the last accounts at Lisbon,' nothing of importance lias oc- curred. A letier from Villa Nova, in Catalonia, stales, that the French, under Gen. Macdouald, bad been d._- fealed near Maiiieza, with the loss of 15u0 iv; en. The Auckland packet has arrived at Harwich with a mail from Heligoland. The Horalro frigate h i - I return- ed from her cruize up the Jahde, after an unsu. cussful attack upon the French giin- hoals, of which she had gone in pursuit.— His Majesty the King of Sw eden, who accompanied Captain Stuart, landed 011 his ret. i iio the island, and " had taken up his residence at the 1 HISJ of Edward Nicholas, Esq., The letters and papers by the mail are to the Sth instant. They stats, that h i Swedish Majesty had, in the cruize, volunteered his services as the leader of a storming party. It is nmrgh he will take an active p rt in the operations medrated iu tbe North. It is now conjectured that the House of Lords, how- ever well they may be inclined to the contrary, caniio come to a decision on the Berkeley claim and peerage this Session of Parliament. The Counsel for til - Crown , and tho Counsel for the younger brother, are s'. ill to produce evidence against the claimant. They will then have to answer the arguments of the claimant's Counsel, and finally he will have to make a general reply. The Loan.— Yesterday the gentlemen who waited- upon the Chancellor of the Exchequer, ou the business of the loan, were informed that he would be ready to receive their biddings at ten o'clock 011 Monday morning, for the amount required, which would b"> £ 12,000,000. The subscribers t. i have for each £ 100 money, £ 100 three per cent, reduced £ 20 tiiree per cent, consols, £ 20 four per cent.; and the biddings to be taken in long annuities. There is a most extraordinary trial coming on in the Court of Common Pleas, Bolton v. the Queen, for £ 44.000, a charge made for instructions given to the Princesses in writing and drawing. Her Majesty has- entered tile pie 1 of assumpsit, and also the statute of limitations. These have been replied to, and the case will probably he tried in the sittings after the term— Mr. Bolton also brought a charge against ihe Princess Elisabeth for £ 12,000; hut her Royal Highness has' been advised to file a bill in equity against In, a. We understand a great number of tin ooafs are making at Woolwich, to carry about five men in each, and to he drawn by horses. They are said to be for Portugal; but whether for this or any other service, it seems that Government are desirous of having them got ready immediately, as upwards of 200 , , eii have been employed for some days past, in order to complete them with the utmost dispatch. Amount of the Income of, and charge 011, the Con- solidated Fund for corresponding quarters of lalo and 1811-.— r Qr. ending Income. Sth Jau. 1810 -£ 11,313,042 6 3| Do. 1811 - 10,891,426 11 71 5thApril, 18IO - 9,6/ 2,832 6 4| Do. 1811 - 8,727,710 17 5 Produce of Permanent and War Taxes, and Su"- ar, Malt, Tobacco, & c. annually granted :— Year ending 5t, h April. 1810 - - - £ 62,264,842 15 ai Do. Do. 1811 - - - 61,763,98! 17 s| At the late Quarter Sessions for Liverpool, tiie Grand Jury in Iheir presentments recommended Lo tho Mayor and the Magistrates to use every exertion in their power to decrease the number of public- houses, which they observed might be effected by refusing to grant a uew licence to any house when the present occupier leaves it; and also when a licence was taken Irom any person, not to grant a new or. e to another. They thought this would be the means of preventing a great number of offences. The Mayor assured them tbat their recommendation should be attended to. Charge. -£ 10,100,000 0 q" - 10,425,309 11 2, 7,439,780 9 K1 » 7,730,782 19, oi from tup. lonmx gazette. rOWNING- STREET,, MAY 18. ! A dispatch, uf which the followingU an extract, was on the 15th inst. received at Lord Liverpool's office, addressed to his l ordship by Lieuietiaiit Geu. Viscount enemy hod on the 23d attacked our I> ii quets on the Azav3, but were repulsed. Captains Dubbs and Campbell, of tiie r. 2d regiment, and Lieut Kelts, of the 05tli regiment, dis- tinguished themselves upon this occasion, iu which ' the allied troops defended their post against very superior numbers of the enemy. One Lieutenant ( Lieut. Pritchardj and J7 soldiers were wounded. The enemy, repeated their attacks upon our piequels on the Azava ou the 27th, and were again repulsed : and this day they Reconnoitred the . bonks of this river with eight squadrons of cavalry iml three battalions of infantry. They did, not make any at- tempt to pass the river, uor did they attack the picqnet lipon the bridge of Marialva. They have collected a very large force at Cuidad Kodngo. Marshal M- assena and the head- quarters of the army are at that place. The river Aguedaisnot yet fordable for infantry; but is so for cavalry. Sir William ISeresfojd has taken up the position which I bad proposed for him in Estreruadura ; hut I have not y « hoard that he bad re- established the bridge at Jurauieuha. The Gazette contains dispatches from Admiral ^ ir Charles Cotton, Commander in Chief in the Medilier, ra. iean, inclosing an acconnl from Capt. Koste, ojf a most gallant action which has been fought in the Adri- atic; and a letter from Capt. Bullett, of the Cambrian, giving the particulars of the surrender of Figtterjas, ion the Coast of Catalonia, to the Spaniards; from which we have made the fo lowing extracts: II. ill. S. Amphion., off the Jdavd of Lissa, " March 24. It is with much pleasure I have to acquaint you that after au action Of six hours we liavi Completely defeated the combined French and Italian squadrons, consisting of five frigates, one corvette, one brig, two schooners, one gun- boat, and one xebec; the force opposed to. them was his Majesty's ships Amphiou, Cerbej'. ux, Active, ajid Yolaec;* On the morning ofthe 1: 1th, the Active made the signal for a strange fleet to windward, and daylight'discovered ta us the enemy's squadron lying to, off the north point of the island of Cissa ; the wind was at tbat time from the north- west, a fi « e breeze. The enemy having formed in two divisions, iosiautly bore down to attack us under all possible sail. The Bi itish line, led by the Amphion, was formed hy signal in the closest order ou the starboard taek to receive tltem. At nine A. M. the action commenced by our tiring oil the headmost ships us they came within range ; the in. ter. tion of the enemy appeared to be to break our line in two places, the starboard division, led hy the French Com- modore, bearing upon the Amphion and Active, and the larboard division on the Cerberus and \ olage; in this at. tempt he failed ( tlio' almost aboard of Us) by tbe well directed tire and compact order of our line. He then en- deavoured to ronnd the van ship, to engage to leeward, nnd thereby place us between two fires, but was so warmly re- ceived in tbe attempt, aud rendered so totally uninanagc. able, that in the act of wearing lie went on shore on the rocks of Lissa in the greatest possible confusion. The lint- was then wore to renew the action, the Aniphiou not halfa cable- length from the shore ; the remainder ot the enemy's starboard division passing under our stern and engaging us at leeward, whilst tbe larboard division tacked anil remain- ed to windward, engaging the Cerberus, Volage and Active. In this situation the action commenced wilh great fury, his Majesty's ships frequently in positious which unavoidably e- poseu them to a raking fire of the enemy, w ho, with his superiority of numbers, had ability to take advantage of it; but nothing, Sir, could withstand the brave squadron 1 had the honour to command. At 20 minutes past 11 A. M. flic Flora struck her colours, and at 12 the Bellona followed her exumple. The enemy to windward now endeavoured to make off, but were followed up as close as the disabled stale of his Majesty's ships would admit uf, and the Cerberus and Active were enabled at three P M. to compel the stern- most of them to surrender when the action ceased, leaving us in possession of the Corona, of 44 guns, and the Bellona, of32 guns, ( the French Commodore) tbe Favourite, of 41 guns ou shore, who shortly after blew up with a dreadful explosion, the corvette of the enemy making all possible sail to the north- west, and two frigates crowding sail to the port of Lessina, the brig making off to the south- cast; aud the small craft flying in every direction, nor w as it iu my power to prevent them, having no ship iu h state to follow them. I must now account for the Flora's getting away after hav- ing struck her colours. At the time I was engaged with that ship, the Belloua was raking us; and when she struck, I had no boat that could possibly take possession of her.; I therefore preferred closing with the Bcllona and taking her, to losing time alongside the Flora, which I already con- sidered belonging to us. 1 call on the officers of my own squadron as well as those of the enemy to witness my asser- tion. The correspondence I have had on this subject with the French Captain of the Danae ( now the Commodore) is convincing, and even their own officers ( prisoners here) acknowledge the fact. Indeed 1 might have sunk her, and so might the Active ; but as the colours were down, and all tiring from her had loug ceased, both Capt. Gordon and myself considered her as our own : the delay of getting a boat on board the Bellona, and the anxious pursuit of Capt. Gordon after the beaten enemy, enabled him to steal off, till too late for our shattered Bhtps to t ome up with him; his rigging and sails apparently not much injured; hut by the laws of war 1 shall ever maintain lie belongs to us. The squadron of the enemy was commanded by Monsieur l) u- lrourdieu, a Captain de Vaisscau, and a Member of the l egion of Honour, who is killed. In justice to a brave man I must say, he set a noble example of intrepidity to those under him. They sailed from Aiicona the nth inst. with 500 troops on board, and every thing necessary for fortifying and garrisoning the island of Lissa. Thanks to Providence we have this time prevented them. ORDER Of BATTLE OF THE ENGLISH SQUADROTI. with Silva, will also shortly lie ours. The fall of Figurcas has roused the Spaniards, who are arming in all directions, and Hostali ic. il and GeroUa are at this moment garrisoued by Spanish troops. The only correct account I can learu is, that ion Italians, with 200 French troops, were left to pro- tect Figueras, and that the former, disgusted with the treatment tliey daily receive from theFreiicn, and being albo half starved) opeuedlhe gates of thefortess to a body of the Spanish troops ( apprised of their intention) who rushed into the castle, and put every Frenchman to the sword. At this moment about 2000 effective Spanish troops are in full pos- session of this important place; and General Sarsfield is on his way with more, as well as supplies of every kind. The French General D'Hi liters, who has the command in Cata- lonia, on hearing ofthe fall of Figueras, lias abandoned all his holds in Spain, except Barcelona, and is collecting the whole of his force to attack it, as well as lo prevent supplies from getting in ; hut I am told a quantity of provisions was concealed iu the town, unknown to the French, which liave been/ given up to the Spanish troops in the castle, who are in the highest spirits possible.— The Termagant continues to \ f atch Barcelona, and I purpose remaining off here with the Volontairc, ready for auy thing that may offer, as under all the existing circumstances I think it likely Rosas may give up. I also beg to inform you, that a large settee, deeply laden with grain for Barcelona from Port Vendee, was the night before last most handsomely cut out from under the Moles islands aud batteries, hv the boats of this ship, led oil by Lieutenant Conolly, without a man being hurt. P. S. Since writing the above, 1 spoke a small boat from Begar, which tells me the French General had made a rash attempt to recover Figueras two days since, and lost 700 men. • SATURDAY, MAY 19. Paris papers to- the 9th inst. have arrived. The Moniteur has published a long report on the slate of the war in S. pain and Portugal. It includes an account of the retreat of Masseua, and Morticr's operations after the surrender of Badajoz. Gen. Latour Maubourg is stated to have- kept Marshal Beresford in check, and to have sustained some severe actions with our army, in which the enemy are said to have been successful. The vessel which brought the French papers, also brings intelligence to the following effects— That a de- tachment of select emissaries had been employed by Bonaparte to entrap and carry off his Majesty the King of Prussia. These men, having arrived near Berlin, are said to have dispatched a messenger to his Majesty, intimating that an ambassador from Bonaparte was in the vicinity, and requested an immediate interview. The King, previous to receiving such summons, had heard of their approach; and either being informed, or suspecting the object of the mission, declined the in- terview proposed ; and has been since said to have put his persotl under the protection of the Emperor of Russia. BY letters of the 9th from Paris, we learn, that the commercial distress is so very great, that confidence no longer exists, ar. d discounts are become impossible. Two per cent, per month is patd for money borrowed upon goods, with the condition, that the lender may sell the goods at the expiration of the month, if nol redeeoied. A mail arrived from Cadiz yesterday, which has brought accounts of some successful operations by the armies under Marshal Beresford and General Ballas SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, iSli. MARRIED. Monday last, at Berriiigton, Mr. Samuel Elsmere, of Ilaughuiond, lo Miss Juliana R? mell, of Canllope. Lately, Mr. James Butler, to Miss Madeley, mcce to Mr. Willett, of the lied L1011 inn, Whitchurch. O11 the l4lh inst, at Coventry, Mr. Cope, of Edgbaston, to M iss Bennett; of the Hornier place. On Tuesday last, at rifcwent, Mr. W. Taylor, late of Mals- w ick, iu tkat parish, aged 82, to Mrs. Mary Harward, of the same place, aged 79. S he happy pair were attended to the altar by Mr. Thomas Gatley, balclielor, aged 8fi, and Mrs. M. Morgan, aged 74 ; making in the whole 321 years. After the ceremony, tlie bells rang a merry peal ; and the party were entertained with a good dinner, at the George inn, provided for them by the Rev. Mr. Onslow, Vicar. DIED. Thursday last, at the Rev. Mr. MattJiews's, in this town, after a lingering illness, in the prime of life, Rich. Plumer, Esq. a Captain IU the Regular Militia of this county. Monday last,' Mr. Ptiilfips, whitesmith, of this town. A few days ago, Mr. Read, surgeon and apothecary, Rtty- ton of the Eleven Towns. Friday se'unight, in Chester, Miss Hughes, youngest daughter of Richard Hughes, Esq. of Ccfnllyfnog, Mont- gomeryshire. Mrs." Woud, relict of Isaac Wood, Esq. late of Newton, near Middlewich, Cheshire. Tuesday, in London, of a sudden attack of tbe gout in his stomach, the right hou. the Earl of Shaftesbury. His Lordship, dying without issue male, is succeeded in his titles by his brother, the hon. Cropley Ashley Cooper, Clerk of the Deliveries in the Ordnance, and M. P. for Dor- chester, now Earl of Shaftesbury.— Lady Barbara Ashley Cooper, only daughter of the late Earl, succeeds by her father's dentil, to estates of tlie value of £ 20,000 a year. On the 13th, Mr. Ripley, landlord of the inn, at Ellesnierc- port, ou the river Mersey; very generally respected for polite behaviour lo his numerous guests. Thursday night, at the advanced age of 92, William Hamilton, Esq. of Chester. Saturday last, at Wem, Mr. W. Clarke, formerly of this tow 11, On the 81I1 inst. at Tauloght, nearTralee, at the advanced age of 103, Lucius Bolton, Esq — For tlie last six years he never slept ou a bed, but took liis repose iu an arm- chair, from which he seldom allowed himself to be removed during that period, lie retained the possession of his faculties until a few hours previous to his death. Lately, Ileal- Adrn. Graves, of Peuricc House, Cornwall. Mouday se'uuight, aged 88, Susannah Ricketts, a pauper in the House of Industry, Tewkesbury; having existed ten weeks without eating any kind of food, the only nutriment she leceived during that period being a few spoonfuls of beer each day. Her disease was of an apoplectic nature; and although it so long deprived her of the power of eating, and the use of speech, she was perfectly sensible till the day previous to her dissolution. This singular fact is rendered less wonderful, from the case of Mrs. Ann Moore, ofStaf- fordsh ire, who has so long engaged public attention, aud has now sustained life more than two years without food ; but it will serve to give additional strength to tbe belief in that unparalleled instance of abstinence. Ships. Commanders. Amphion Capl. W. Hoste Active —— J A. Gordon Volage —— Phipps Hornby...... Cerberus Henry Whitby....... Deduct ships short of complement TRENCH SQUADRON. duns. 33 . 38 , 22 . 32 . . 124 Men. 254 . 300 . 175 254 983 104 m Ships. Cans. Men. Dc Augusta 16 105 escaped. Truly Great News from Portugal. Extract of a Letter from a very respectable Gentleman al Bristol, dated Monday last, to the Editor of this Paper : " Yesterday evening arrived iu this port, " the brig Sarah, John Heath,, master, in seven days from Opor- :, L r 11 • , '. p. .. -. L ' Plough ice coincide in the sentiments contained in the lines of Newportoniensis, ice do not think them sufficient correct to'meet the public eye*— Several Advertisements, the State., ' of the Markets. & c. are unavoidably postponed. Visiting Clergyman this week at tbe Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Campbell :— House- Visitors, Mr, Haycock and Mr. E. Hughes. Additional Subscribers to the Society for promoting Christianity among the Jeuis. Miss Bevan.,....'. £\ I 0 MissS. Bevan....;'. „...;....- I I 0 Miss Louisa Bevan 110 That fine body of men, the West and North regiments of Shropshire Local Militia, commanded by Colonel Kynaston Powell, assembled in this town ou Saturday last, for fourteen days training and exercise. Military Promotions. — Ensign David Fidlor, from the Shropshire Militia, to he Ensign in the 43d foot.— Ensign William Baxter, from the Shropshire Militia, to be Ensign in the 53d foot— Ensign David Eraser, from the Shropshire Militia, lo be Ensign in the 82d foot— Ensign Charles Gar diner Humphreys, from the Royal Montgomeryshire Mili- tia, to he Ensign iu the 6tli foot.— Lieutenant John Mytton, from the Royal Denbigh Militia, to he second Lieutenant in the 23d foot By a circular letter from the Secretary of Slate's office, to the Commandants of Local Militia regiments, it appears, that they will be permitted to recommend officers for ensigncies in the line, on the regiment furnishing in Ihe proportion of 50 men to one officer, for general service; and the Commissions will be still allowed, if the quota be not completed till the following year. Mr. Miles's grand Menagerie has arrived here, and may be seen in the Square, opposite the Town Hall, ( for this day anil to- morrow only). It is a most exqui- site treat, and will 110 doubt amply reimburse the spi- rited proprietor. Among this collection, is that half- reasoning creature, the stupendous Elephant, which our readers will recollect us noticing as having carried 16 jolly tars on his back at North Shields, and safely landing them one by one with his trunk without the least injury. The other animals are equally rare, and as the whole are kept so extremely clean and secure, the most delicate may approach them with perfect safety.— See . Advert. Consumption of the Lungs and Asthma.— Accounts from every part of England of the most extraordinary effects of the piepared STRAMONIUM and TLIE OXYMFL, HI the cure of the above Diseases, are daily received. Mr. Caparn, of Newark- on- Trent, states, that these preparations have been of wonderful service to a great number of people in lhat neighbourhood, who have been great sufferers from Asthmatic Complaints aud Consumption for several Years; and Surgeon FISHER, in the Fourth Edition of his Familiar Treatise on the Cure and Causes of Asthma and Consump- tion, has given such respectable testimonies of their eflicacv, that cannot fail to establish their reputation as a specific Remedy fur Diseases of the Lungs. So uniformly successful have these Remedies proved, that not one case can be pro- duced in which it has not been of the most essential benefit. The prepared Herb and Oxyinel are sold by HARRIS, Corner of St. Paul's Church- yard; and W.' EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. Likewise the celebrated French Medicine for the GOUT, viz. the Eau Medicinale D'HUSSOH. '' LION ROOMS. fTVflCJLE will be a DANCING and CARD ASSEAIBI Y X at tuese Rooms, on THURSDAY, the 23d Instant. Shrewsbury, May 21,' 1 Mil 7 DRESS AND PELISSE MAKERS. E. and A. " PHILLIPS, MOST respectfully beg Leave to inform their Friends, the Ladies of Shrewsbury and its Vicinity, that they have COMMENCED Business opposite tbe Stamp Office, in DOUPOLF and trust, from a Series of Years' Experience with Miss PRICK A P ns, that they will he enabled lo execute such Orders as l. adies may be pleased to favour them with, iu such a Manner as will ensure a Share of general Support. A. P. is just returned from LONDON, wlu- rc she has been r some Time selecting the must prevailing aud very fashionable GOODS, suitable for the present Season, which arc Now READY FOR THE INSPECTION of Ladies who may please to honour them with a Call. Sbrmshury, May 2\ st, 1811. WELLINGTON to the Governor of Opoito, giving an account of a general battle having been fought between the Allied Army and the French under General MASSE- NA, 011 the 3d, 4th, and 5th inst. near Almeida ; that on the 5th THE FRENCH WERE COMPLETELY DEFEATED, with the lots of Four Thousand men killed in the field, and Seven Hundred taken prison- ers, besidesnumbers drowned in the retreat across three rivers. Lord Wellington said, that at the time of writ- ing his dispatches, he was in pursuit of the remains of the French Army towards Salamanca. The loss on the side of the Allied Army was Twelve Hundred killed. Several British Officers fell, particularly those of the 71st regiment.— Almeida had not fallen when Lord Wellington wrote, but was daily expected to surrender for want of provisions. " A number of letters were sent on board the Sarah after the news reachcd Oporto, and she was assisted over the Bar with extra pilotage by express orders from the Governor. " The above is fully' credited here. I have seen the Captain, who is a highly respectable character." A'arair. Shins, fiuns. Men La Favorite 44 350 burnt. ri.„ ,, ,,„< struck, Schooner ... JO 60 escaped. Flore 44 150 J but esc. Schooner... 3 37 escaped. Danae 44 350 escaped. Xcbec 6 70 escaped. Corona 44 330 taken. Gun- boat ... 2 35 escaped lielloua 32 224 taken. Troops,.. 500 Caroline .... 28 224 escaped. — — Total 272 Guns— 26"> 5 Men. KJLLED AND WOUNDED IN THE BRITISH SQUADRON. Killed. Wound. Killed. Wound. Amphion 15 47 I Active < 1 ...... at) Cerberus 13 44 | Volage 13 33 Total so Killed— 150 Wounded. His Majesty's ship Amphion, Island of List". O11 my arrival here this morning, I found the remainder of the French Commodore's crew and troop6, 2oo in niira- ? sr, had retired to Lissa; they were summoned to surrender y Messrs. Lee and Kingston, two midshipmen oftheArtive ( who had been left in charge of prires) and several men be- longing to privateers. T he summons was acccded to ; they laid dow n their arms, and were made prisoners of war. The spirited conduct of those young men deserves every praise, nor can I forbear mentioning the dastardly behaviour of a Sicilian privateer brig of 14 guns, named Ihe Vincitore, and commanded by Capt. Ctemcnto Fama, who was lying in this port and previous to the commencement of the action hauled down his colours lo a small one gun Venetian schooner; this was witnessed by every man in the squadron, and I believe there was but one opinion 0: 1 the subject. Messrs. Kingston and Lee afterwards went on board, took charge of the brig, beat off Ihe schooner, and prevented her from destroying the vessel in the bay 1 have omitted a circumstance iu my former letter respecting the Corona, whit h, froni the meri- torious conduct of those officers and men employed, de- serves to be mentioned The Corona caught fire inthe main top, shortly after lier capture, and the whole of her iriain- uiiist and rigging was instantly iu liaiucs. Lieutenants Dickenson,. of the Cerberus', and Hay, of ihe Active, with a parly of men, were on hoard her at the time. The ship now presented a most awful spectacle, and I bad quite given her up us lost. No possible assistance could he afforded from the squadron, aud she bad to trust xilone to her own exertions; these, liewever, were not wanting, and by the extraordinary perseverance aud coolness of Ihe officers And men employed, Ihe fire Was at last extinguished, w ith the loss of the maiu- iuasl, and the ship of course saved to the service. Cambrian, off Rosas, April 16 I have great pleasure in sending tp you, by the Blossom, the important intelligence ot llie surrender of Figueras to the Spaniards on the 10th instant, anil that St. PhiliOn and Palanios were taken possession of by Ihe Cambrian and Volonfaise on the lath aud 14th, the guns all embarked, J'- hn Cudworth - William H. il - A Francis Hodman - John Tisdale - - Henry Williams - Edward Austin John Ho'tnes - - Edward Williams - PierCv . Smith - David Edwards Samuel F. dw. sbutg . Thomas Pogh - - William France John Lloyd - * Thomas Dutton - Richard Edge - - Samuel Buiroughs Edward Piiee - - HORN. County. teros. It was reported yesterday in the City that the ! to, with the following important information, with siege of Cadiz had been raised, but this intelligence is which we are favoured by Mr. Sawtell, merchant of this not confirmed by any authority. i city, in fullest confidence of its truth. It is stated on respectable authority, that Lord Wei- ! « Captain Hcatly status, that on the 1 Ith inst. ( the linglon, in a letter ofthe lst of May, has expressed his j day before lie sailed) an express arrived from Lord strong conviction to the Government of this country, that Masscna, acting, it is presumed, under orders from his superiors, wonld make a desperate effort to relieve the garri'on of Almeida. His Lordship is said to add, that in consequence of this he deemed it most probable that a general engagement between the French army and hi3 own would within a few days take place; or that at least, should this supposition fail, the surrender of the besieged town would be protracted for fourteen days, by the resolute attempts of thecneray without its walls for its relief. By the Anholt mail, arrived this morning, we learn that a detachment of the Sect under the British Admiral had entered the Baltic sea. No ships were allowed to prrceed to the Prussian ports, not even such as were in ballast; and which, therefore, had 110 property liable to seizure in those, harbours. All vessels destined to the Russian ports were allowed to proceed thither, under the supposed good understanding as to the com- mercialarrangements which subsisted between theCourts of London antl Petersburg)!. But the most important fact is, that Alexander has listened to the petitions of his injured merchants, and has signified it to be his in- tention to grant licences, in coudeaccnsiun to the prayer they have presented him. This morning New York Papers lo the 9th last were received. It was lately slated, that the Magdalen, from Liverpeol, had arrived at New York; but having left the British port subsequent to the 2d of February, she was directed to cruize off the port until tbepleasure of the Government was known. This application the Secretary of the Treasury answered, by directing the Collectors of the different ports to admit all vessels to entry, whifji shall have cleared out from Great Britain previous to the 2d of February, and shall have used all due diligence in departure. Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales's Birth- day. was yesterday celebrated, at Kensington Palace, by a public bceakfast. In the evexing her Royal Highness and her Royal Daughter, Princess Charlotte, and se- veral Nobility, diued with the Duchess of Brunswick, at her house in Hanover- square. The argument in the case of Sir Francis Burdett v. The Speaker of the House of Commons, was closed yesterday, and the Court immediately gave judgment against the Plaintiff upon all the points. The Court consisted of the Lord Chief Jnstice, Justices Grose aud Bailey; Mr. Justice Le Blanc being absent inconse- quence of indisposition; and they were unanimously of opinion, that the House of Commons had a right to arrest for a breach of their Privileges— that the Speaker was authorised to issue a Writ for that purpose— and that the writ in the present case was duly executed.— No qui • ion of constitutional law has occurred, since the issue of Press Warrants, that appears to have ex- cited greater interest, nor to which the public attached greater importance. The talents of the House of Commons have been laboriously exercised upon it; It has been most ably argued at the Bar; and the judg- ment now pronounced is lhat of a Com I iu which the Chief Justice who presides, while not inferior in talents and learning to the most distinguished of his prede- cessors, was excelled by none of them in his regard for the liberty of the subject, aud attachment to the Constitution. An offer is now made to the public of a preparation by Mrs. LAWRANCE, of UFFINCTON, for the Cure of the RHEUMATISM ; which, by her appointment, is sold, iu packets at 6s. fld. and 3s. 6d, each, by the PRINTER OF THIS PAPER, in Shrewsbury ; Mr. SAMUEL WALMSLEY, Wellington; and Mr, HARDING, Shiffnal.— The most respectable References can be given of its certain Efficacy. SHROPSHIRE CAXJL. THE PROPRIETORS of the said Canal are hereby informed, thai thev may receive, 011 or after ihe FIRST Day of JUNE next, a DIVIDEND of Three Pounds per Share on their respective Shares, by applying to the Trea- surer, at thcBauk of Messrs. EYTON and Co. in Shrewsbury, By Order of theCommittee, Madeley, DAVID DAVIES, ISM May, 1811, Clerk to the Company. TWO GUINEAS REWARD. WHEREAS WILLIAM SWAIN, Waggoner to Mr. BOWEN, of Frodesley, was hallotted to serve in the SHROPSHIRE REGIMENT of MILITIA ou the 13th of May, Ibll, at Pitchford, and hath absconded: He v « s born at the Day House, Is nbout 21 Years of age, fair Complexion, and about six Feet high ; lie lived last Yeaj as Servant with Mr, Bowen, of Whettall, and formerly with Mr Cotton, of Preen. It any Person will give Information where William Swain can be found, so lhat he may be apprehended nnd delivered to the Constable of Condover Hamlets, lie shall receive a Reward « 1 TWO GUINEAS from the Paiish Officers of Condover. A. JONES, MILLINER AND DHr. SS MAKER, HIGH STP. EET, RESPECTFULLY informs fhe l. adies of SHREWS- BURY and its Vicinity, that she has taken to Mrs. PRITCHARD'S Business, ( who has declined it in her Ire- half), aud begs Leave to solicit a Share of their Favours, likewise a Continuance of Ihc Support received hy lier Predecessor, assuring them lhat every Attention shall he paid to execute Orders conferred upon her. A. J. Has laid in a fashionable Assortment of Goods suitable to the present Season, which w ill be ready TO- MORROW, Thursday, for the Inspection of those Ladies who please, to honour her with a Call, g High- Street, May < 22d, 1811. w ELEGANT FANCY MUSLINS, LINEN DRAPERY, ASTONISHINGLY CHESP, At tfie SCOTCH MUSLIN, and SHAW I. WAREHOUSE, NEARLY OPPOSITE THF. BUTTER CROSS, PRIDE HILL, SHREWSBURY. INGLISH and Co. have the Pleasure of announcing to the Ladies of Shrewsbury and Vicinity, that they have just received an extensive Assortment of Muslins, Shawls, Laces, Linen Drapery, Hosiery, & c. which being selected under the immediate Inspection of One of the Part- ners, w ill be Offered to the Public 011 such Terms as will be found considerably under the Prime Cost Prices of any . Old. Stock whatever, mid which cunnot fail to show the evident Advantages of Purchasing for READY MONEY. Country Dealers aud Shopkeepers furnished on the mosi liberal Terms — Vay 22, I SI 1. G. A Parmer without a Weather Glass, Is like a Mariner at Sea without his Compass. LEWIS GIANNA, Barometer and Thermometer Maker, SHOPLATCH, near the TALBOT INN, OFFERS his grateful Thanks for the liberal Support hr has so long received during his Residence in Shrews- bury ; and he begs to recommend to his Country Friends an early Purchase of Barometers, es he was unable to sup- ply all his Orders prior to the HARVF, STlast year. Self- register Thermometers, superior to every other In- vention, Spying Glasses, Weather Glasses, Looking Glasses, Spectacles, and gilt and plain Picture Frames, made and repaired on Ihe shortest Notice, ou moderate Terms. LEWIS GIANNA assures t. he Public that no Persoo is authorised to travel in his Name. Shrewsbury, May l6, 1811. rjpHis F.' S. ™ NOTICE, that there willb7a rAItt held and kept, aud continued at t'tl- SOTc SOD AIC POWDERS, FOR MAKING SODA WATER. T. HIGG1NS IS induced to recommend the above Powders, not only from the high Approbation they have received, but fioicr the full Assurance that the Soda Water produced by them is equal, in every Respect, if not superior, to what is generally sold in Stone Bottles; and in Gout, Gravel, Fever, Indiges- tion, Corpuleucy, & c. has been proved to be of essential Service, hy many uf the most respectable Families in this TOWNI aud Neighbourhood. Sold in Packets ( containing a sufficient Quantity to make 12 Bottles of Soda Water), Price 3s. each, with Directions. Corn- Market, May tilth, isil- Deserted Jrom the West Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia, i 811 1 he following Persons, who have been Enrolled to serve in the said I! BYTH ELL'S Drenches for drying Cows. THESE Drenches lutvc been in the greatest Repute fop manyYeam, and are universally allowed lo be infinitely , v:— —. J* - • They are perfectly inrc whatever have Twenty- tour Hours is the Tims necessary to keep the Cow upon dried Food- Sold by the Proprietor, Mr. BYTHELL, Pride- Hill, Shrewsbury, price 2s. ( id. with ample Directions; and may be had of the Printer of this Paper. supetiqr to any thing yet discovered safe ; and so infallible/, ha, in mn^ ta^ e^- hile^ r'ha^ they been known to fail. Twentv- fonr Hn. l7. Height. Ft. 1 n Nation. 36 5 3? England ii b 5 Ditto 30. 5 V Ditto « 5 a Ditto il- 5 d Ditto 19 ' 5 9 Ditto ' 20 .5 -' h Ditio it 5 Ditto 22 a s . Ditto , S Dilto | 8 5 lo Diito ' 21 5 « * Ditto ' 26 A 4. Ditto 11 5 5 Ditto ' 24 5 H Ditto 21 5 s Ditto 27 5 H Ditto 20 5 6 Ditto Town. Yorkshire Shropshire Yorkshire Shropshire Ditto Ditto Montgomery Shropshire. Ditto Denbigh - Ditto Montgomery Shropshire Dilto Warwicksh. Cheshire - Shropshire Ditto Haleshall - Sn rewsbury Knaresbro' Shrewsbury Ditto Colernere - Berriew Newmarton Shrewsbury Bronygarth Wrexham - B. irriew Dudhston - Llanyblodwell Meridine - nr. Whitchurch Ellesmeie - Perihy egiment; Tiade, om \ pteTron.\ Weaver Ditto - - Flaxdresser Weaver Tinman Flaxdresser Currier Shoemaker Weaver Servant Joiner - Gardener Butcher Servant Dilto Cabinet. mr. Shoemaker Seivant Brown Ditto Fair Brown Fair Ditto Light Ditto Black Fair Ditto Ditto Ditto Fresh Fair Ditto Fair Ditto Colour uf Hair. Puis. Blaok Brown Black Ditto Dirk Dtto Light D, rk Duo D, tto Light Biowa Dtto Brotvn f/ gbt Dark Lt. Br. Brown H'azle Brown Ditto Black Grey flazle Giey 11.12 le Black Ditto Gr* y Ditto Bine H. izle Ditto Grey Ditto Ditto I'luce of £ snl'inre Shrewsbury D uo - . liuaresbro' Snrewsbury Ditto - - Colemere - Shrewsbury Ellesmere • Shrewsbury Coed y Glyng Chester - Shrewsbury Liverpool . Wrexham - Cound - - Shrewsbury Ellesmere - Ditto - . Settlement. St. Julian's St. Chad's Knaresbro' St. Julian's St. Mary's Ellesmere St. Chad's Ellesmere Shrewsbury Wrexhain ' Ditto Llanymynech Liverpool Not known Ellesmere Shrewsbury Ellesmere Ditto R- marks. SB..- $ ostscript. LOXIMJY, Monday NIGHT, May 20, 1811. This morning the following gentlemen waited on tiie Chan- Cfllor of the Exchequer, with their biddings for the ensuing Loan, as follows :— Messrs. Robarts, Curtis, and Co. 6s, lid. Messrs. Batnes, Uicarilo, aud Co. t3s. ltd. Messrs, Bating, Bnttie, and Co. 7s. 4d. Messrs-, Reid, Irving, Jackson, and Co. V..— It being understood tbat those gentlemen, who took the smallest tjuantify of Long Annuities, were to be Contract- ors, Messrs. Koh:> ris, Curtis, aud Co. and Barnes, ftieardo, and Co. paving both bid the same, viz. 6s. lid. per annum Long Annuities, and that being the smallest, quantity agreed to he taken, were of conrpe declared jointlv Contraptors. As soon n& Ihe terms weie know n, Omnium was done at 2 prem. hut, at one oV- oek, il had fallen to, prem. J; is, f> elirvcd theie will not be occasion for any new taxes, inasmuch as the suiplus of the consolidated fund, aud the pioduceof the new duties on wash on barilla, uud timber, will be suificienl to meet any exceeding!* in the estimates for this year in the public service. A genth m; ir » arrived from Koningsberg by way of Gotten- burgh, conoborates the affair at Coiherg, about the truth of which there ci. x's not lemain the slightest doubt. It is stiM avowed that the King of Prussia has proceeded on his way to Petersburgh, in consequence it is said of the diabolical scheme to entrap him to France, which is a Circumstance that does not stand in need of confirmation. Yesterday the foliowing Bulletin uas shewn at St, James'* and ( he batteries destroyed.. 1 aro.' now. on my way lo Rosaj J'T7 . , MnforCvttjMof 18 ml. nud Cadcquis, and I have reason to hope Ihe . to « W: lrt « ce, ' '' llliMnje- jn, qmteas » e « : atJ, e. a. la*, week." . 1 Three pur Ceut, Consols o4 J. Names. 5. Height Pi. In. Nation. BORN Count it Thomas Ashcroft ¥ 6 1 John Plimmcr a 5 1 Wales Moritg' mery John F. vans . « 19 5 8 England Salop Morris Morris . 10 S 9 Ditto Ditto David Robci ts 2' 2 5 H Ditto Ditto William Ashmore 13 5 5 Ditto Yoik David Elder 2.1 5 6 Scotland Fife Griffith Griffiths - 34 5 n Wales Carnarvon John Robeits - . 27 5 5 Ditto Denbigh - Robert Wright JO 5 6i England Lancaster Isaac Ackers 19 5 6i Ditto Berkshire James Daiies — ?( 5 4/ Ditto Salop Ed waid Pierce 24 5 5' Ditto SlalWd - James Broughall 2o 5 5 Ditto Salop George Axon 21 5 8 Ditto Ditto . Edward Gitiius - 22 5 1 Ditto Ditto - Edward Jones - 5 7 Ditto Ditto - James Trnlove .' 1 5 10 Ditto Nottingham William Haughty lb 5 4 Ditto Yoik William Duty 5 0 Ditto Lancaster John Cliff - 5 5 Ditto Salop Abraham Wynne • It 5 6 Ditto • Ditto - Edward Aaion a, 5 10 Duo Ditto Thomas Jones ti 5, 0 Wales Ruthin - David Lewis 25 5 11 Unglaud Salop Evan Oliver 2.1 6 2 vVatcs Montgomery John Rogers >< 5 10 i England Salop Joseph Greatbanks 33 5 6 [ Ditto Cheshire Deserted from the North Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia, 1811 J he following: Persons, who have been Enrolled to serve in the said Regiment: ' Tore, Welshpool llabberley Shrewsbury Loppington Bewtrey Pittenweam Pemnowa - Rhuabon - Lancaster - Battle Bridge Ellesmere - Dudley Hormerhill Drayton • Shrewsbury Oswestry - Drayton - York Lancaster • Drayton Ditto Oswestry - Corwen Cressage - Welstipopl.. Oswes'ry - Dodcott- Cum Wiikselv YVhoever will apprehend, or cause to b Gaols, shall receive a REWARD of T Trade. Com. ulerion. Co'. oi Hair, ir of Eyes. t* lace of Residence. Settlement. Biazier Dark Da. k — Drayton Stourbridge B icklayer Fair Light Grey Shrewsbury St. Chad's Sei vant Ditto Ditto Dilto Dilfo - Holy Cross Wbeelw right Tailor Dark Faii- Brown Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto St. Chad's Ditto • Flaxdresser Dark Ditto Haz'e Ditto - St. Mary's Ditto Tailor Fresh Dark Ditto Black Ditto Ditto Oj « £ i, try Rippon Peninowa Servant Fiesh Lt. br. Ditto Ditto - Oswestry - Plasterer Ditto Brown Grey Ditto Ditto . Flaxdresser Servant Tailor Stonemason Carpenter Cordwainer Skinner Smith Weaver Filer „ Papermaker Ditto Carrier Dark Ditto Fair Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Dark Dit; o Fair Brown Light Fair Ditto Dark Pair Dark Brown Red Brown Grey Dark Fair Brown Grey Black Ditto H izl « ( J rey Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto Dilto Ditto Knarsbrongh, Yorkshire DllddllStOll m Harmar Hill Birmingham Wrexham - Oswestry Ditto - Shrewsbury Birmingham Drayton Ditto O. weatry - Ellesmote Middle - Drayton - Salop • Oswestry Mansfield Cotton Lancaster Adderley - Drayton - Oswestry Cordwainer Carpenter Cooper Dark Fair Ditto Dark Lght Dark Diito Dillo Dark Ruthin Ci es- age Welshpool • Ruthin - (' re- sage Welshpool Tailor Sawyer Ditto Ditto Ditto Dark Rlack Dark Oswestry Dodcoit Oswestry - Dodcoit . WFV^ mlto ° fAhe sai(' Hrserters, on or before the ^ ceoud Day o. SY Jfl J' a, » y of thc said Deserters shall not be taken until lit not immediat the laid Penilty. Remarks. Slight made, suppofed to be near Stourbridge. Stout made, remarkable long chin, and supposed to be In London, Slender made, and rather stoops in the shoulders, ilendermad", & pilted with small pox. Stout built, and supposed to be in Manchester Stout made, supposed to be at Rip- pon, in Yorkshire. Ditto, ditto. Slender made, and suppose 1 to be at or near Peuuiowa. Round shouldered and very hard of bearing, supposed lo be in Liverpool. Very much pitted with the small pox, and supposed lo be in Lancaster. Supposed to be at Hnarsborough, Stout ^ vade and stipposed to be at Liverpool. Supposed to beat Corwen. Supposed to be at Newtown, Monts, goinervshire. Supposed to be in London. Supposed to be at Newcastl-. FORFEIT the Sum of TWENTY l'OdN& Va^ S T takc" ^ 8d ' SSyrf Ju » £ Sjl"' they w. f^ eh Space of Si, Months, or uhtilttey . Ml Ime./. K talj * * « * Common Gaol, there to remain without bJ JRJIFFIWF^ kOXDALE, Cterlf of the General MettinS,. COTTON AND OTHER GOODS, AT the WAREHOUSE belonging to Hl'LBERT's COTTON MANUFACTORY, WYLE COP, Shrews- bury, now selling by Retail, at Wholesale Prices, and niauy Articles considerably under what they originally cost the Manufacturer ; particularly, plain and striped Jeauct NAN- keens, printed Cottons, Calicoes!, Marseilles Quilting ifor Waistcoats, See. Corduroys, Veivrlteeus, Patent Cords, Irish Linens, Woollen Cloths; Umbnjllas ( verycheap). I N B. Excellent ALE, PORTER, and CYDER, < in Bottles aud Casks.— Apply at HULBERT'S CELLARS, Water Lane, near the Infirmary; or at tbe Factory Warehouse, on the Wyle Cop. " MR. BLAIR, DENTIST, T9ESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies and Gentlemen g V of SHREWSBURY and its Neighbourhood, that he is arrived at Mr. VINCENT'S, Brazier, Slioplatch.— His Stay will be to tbe 25th Instant— Letters or Messages, addressed as above, will be duly attended to. Ilis Tooth Powder and Brushes are sold as usual at Mrs. HARNETT'S, Mr. NIGHTINGALE'S, Mr. HOLME'S, Mr- HARLEY'S, and Mr. BURREY'S. Shrewsbury, May nth. 1811. " LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPERY, MERCERY e; HOSIERY. S. BARBER MOST respectfully informs his Friends ond tbe Public, that he is JUST RETURN ED froniLoudon andManclies- ter, where he has purchased a large and fashionable AS- SORTMENT of GOODS, suitable for the present Season, which are now READY for the INSPECTION Of those Friends who favour him with a Call; aud froin I lie present State of the Markets, every Article will be sold, at very reduced Prices. ' N . B. A large Assortment of Table Linen, - Col ton Counterpanes, Marseilles Quilts, Blankets, Russia and other Sheetings, considerably under the regular Prices. _______ ~ y* Corset- maker, RESPF. CTTTTLLY informs the Ladies of . Shrewsbury, and its Vicinity, she is returned from. London, and has now ready for their INSPECTION, PATENT SPRING STEELS, and every Thing t.- at is fashionable in the above Business. Wyle- Cop, Shrewsbury, May 22, 1811. NEWCASTLE UNDER LYME ' • ( VIIITSVNTlDE FAIR. IT having been represented that Accommodations for the SALE OF SHEEP at THIS FAIR, and all other Fairs at Newcastle, will be desirable and convenient to the Public, tbe Corporation have ordered that the necessary Accommodations shall be provided upon THE MARSH, in Readiness for tbe next Fair, which will be held on MONDAY, tbe ad Day of June, 1811 SPARROW, Town Clerk. Newcastle, May \ 6lh, It'll. Purchasers mav depend upon a Supply, as a Number of LOTS of pri- ne FAT SHEEP will be brought to this Fail. D1SHLEY RAM SHOW. THE SHOW OF RAMS will begin this next Season, on SATURDAY, the 8th of JUNE, and be continued, ( Sundays excepted,) to tbe 8th of JULY, inclusive The LETTING will begin on MONDAY, the loth Day of. JUNE, at twelve o'CIock, independent of the Rules of tho Society. Dishley, 15th May, 1811. >•'. - TYTHTZS. TO BE i LET BY AUCTION, FOR. A TERM OT YEARS, BY S. TUDOR, At the House of Mr. Weaver, of Worthen, in the County of Salop, on Wednesday, the 5th Day of June, 1811, precisely at two, o'clock ill the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced ( unless previously disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given): rilHE GREAT aud SMALL TYTHES of all that ex- JL tensive PARISH of WORTH EN, in the Counties of Salop and Montgomery, together, or by ihe following Townships separately, viz-. Worthen aud Brocton— Aston Pigot — Aston Rogers— Bing Weston — Beachfield aud Walton— Bromlow— Meadow Town— Leigh aud Grimmer — Hope— Heath's Habberly Office— Trelustan— Rlios Goch — and Lcigbton.. Particulars may be known, and an accurate Map and Survey of every Township, and the Farms contained in each, may be seen by Application to Mr. S. TUDOR, College Hill, Shrewsbury, who requests those who may wish to treat by Private Contract to make an early Application. BY PERMISSION OF THE MAYOR. the TO SHEEP BREEDERS. WE tbe undersigned resnectfully inform thePublic, that our SHEW of NEW LEICESTER RAMS commences on the 8th of June as usual, and closes oil the 8th of July. The Sth and loth ( the gth being SuAday) are Shew- days only; and on tbe llth, at 10 o'CIock, we purpose beginning TO LET. The SECOND SHEW will be on the 8th of September,, and continue to tbe End of tbe Season. Richard Aslley, George Watkinson, D. andJ. Farrow, M. Buckley, W. and H. Brcedon, John White, V Green, S Knowlrs, N. Buckley. TO BE LET, And entered upon at Midsummer, or Michaelmas, APLEASANTLY situated and convenient HOUSE,, in the Town of ELLESMERE, called THE MOUNT; together with a good Garden, Hothouse, Stabling, & c. The House consists of two Piaioore. a Kitchen, Laundiy, and other Requisites ; a Drawing Rootn and three Bed Chambers ou tire tirst Floor; and four Chambers in the Allies. The Tenant may be accommodated with from four lo eight Acres 0f excellent Land, adjoining the Town. Further Particulars mav he bad, by applying to Mr. KYNASTON, the Mount, Ellesmere. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that ESTATE called GUNGROG FAWR, in the Parishes of Pool, BiUtingtOO and Guilsfield, now in • the Possession of Mr John Vauglian, Tenant- at- will, in such Lots as were offered for Sale in the Year 1808. Proposals for the same to be made to JOHN PALMER ^• HICHESTER, Esq. Arlington, Barnstaple, Devon. May 8th, 1811. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS k LL Persons to whom FRANCIS COTTON, late of A. MONTFORD' BRIDGE, in the County of Salop, Innkeeper, deceased, stood indebted at Ihe Time of his Death, are desired to send in an Account Of their respective Claims lo the Exccutors, Mr. ROBERT WOODWARD, of Frankwell, in Shrewsbury, or Mr. MINTON, of Eustfo 11,- 111 order that the same may be paid 1 And all Persons who are indebted to the Estate or Effects of the said Francis! Cotton, are desired to pay the Amount of their respective Debts to the said Executors, or either of them, immediately. . HIS MAJESTY'S BIRTH- DAY. Sir J. BRANSC0MB and Co. J. S1FEIVRIGHT, SOLE SURVIVING PARTNER, SOLICIT the Public Attention to the Scheme ofthe New Lottery, which will be found to contain Sixty Capital Prizes, all to be drawn 011 the 4tb of JUNE. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of . 24 32 f) 0 ), 000 1,000 2,000 £ 20,000 „. 1,000 .... 500 ... so .... 25 ... 20 .... 16 ... 20,000 Tickcts. . £ 80,000 ,.. 24,000 ... )( i, ooo ... 3,000 .. 25,000 .. 20,000 ... 33,000 £ 200,000 Tickets and Shares are selling by SWINNEY and FERRAI. L, Birmingham, JONATHAN DUNN, Nottingham, and J. MONK, Chester, Agents to BRANSCOMB and Co. who in the last Two Years' Lotteries sold No. 2,570, £ 40,000, Eight of £ 30,000, .£ 25,000, aud £ 20,000, 1000 Tickets producing £ 24,705, nnd 50 other Capitals. JUST ARRIVED IN THIS TOWN, Where Ihey Kill remain till Thursday Evening, 23d Inst, and positively no longer, AND to be seen iu seven large Caravans, built on a new Construction, entirely foi the Purpose, in the Market Square, near the County Hall, ALL UNITED TOGETHER, MILES's Grand Collection of Living Curiosities, From Exeter ' Change, Strand, London. T MILES,. duly impressed with a grateful Recollection of former Patronage, begs Leave to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public, that be lias once more brought forward bis beautiful Exhibition of living Birds and Beasts ever shown in Ibis Kingdom. The most Noble ELEPHANT, The greatest Living Curiosity in Europe, and tbe only one now travelling In Europe. Tins amazing half- reasoning Ani- mal was taken by Col. Atkinson, of the East India Com- pany's Service, at Bombay, on the Malabar Coast. The Colonel was returning with his Troops from a Field Day, & heard a tremendous roaring iu au adjoining Wood, where they found tbe Dam of this Elephant immersed in a deep Pit, inlo. whicb she bad fallen, and the young one was mak- ing . Efforts. to Suck' her. This Creature was Iherefoe made a Captive; and given to Capt. Campbell, who con manded the Lord Keilh; and was safely landed in go » d Health, 011 the first of February last, at Blackwall, wlioe the . present Proprietor bought it for 110 less a Sum than FIFTEEN HUNDRED GUINEAS. It is docile, tract- able, and good tempered as a Lamb, and possesses all that wonderful Sagacitv, which Pope emphatically calls " The half- reasoning Elephant." This Creature and the Carnage weigh about Six FOBS. Two Large and Beautiful BENGAL TYGKRS, The largest and most stately of their Species travelling this Kingdom, and whose terrific Appearance excels any before seen in Ibis Country. In Strength they are little inferior to tbe Lion, being enabled lo carry an Ox or a Buffalo 011 their Back with the greatest Ease; and their Majestic Form strikes every Beholder with Astonishment. A Beautiful Leopard &> Leopardess. ONE NOBLE SEA LION, The largest ever seen, which far surpasses any of its Spe- cies ever lauded in England, and is allowed to be the most perfect Animal ever exhibited. He was taken 011 a Moun- tain of Ice, 300 Miles from any Land, and brought to North Shields on board the Isabella. The Singular aud Astonishing Quadrupeds, THfi KANGAROOS, The Male, and two Females, with their Young Ones Wliat renders these Creatures particularly curious is, that the Female lately brought forth Young tines, which come out aud retire into the Cavity or Pouch at Pleasure, and are allowed to be the first Specimens of N. tnre ever ex- hibited, aud not to be seen in uy other Collection. ONE BEAUTIFUL OSTRICH, from New South Wales : Tbe only Bird of this description that ever travelled in Great Britain, w hose swiftness is far superior to that of any horse. The M ale stands 10 Feet high'. GRAND CASSOWARY, Lately arrived, and which cost tbe Proprietor One Hundred Guineas; this Bird, though' not so tall as the Ostrich, yet more bulky mid'proportionally m,.< W, io uu Inhabitant of the Island of Java ill the East Indies, bis Countenance is tierce, and his Appearance altogether singular, being about 5 Feet high, covered with Feathers of variegated Colours, Two Feathers in • very Quill, and crowned with ail impene- trable Helmet 01 Horn. Tpger Cats, Male and Female, From Seringapatam ; the most beautiful Animals of this Description ever seen. Ttvey are striped like the Tyger, spotted like tbe Leopard, and are allowed to surpass all Quadrupeds. ROYAL HUNTING TYGER, from Seringapatam. The Ravenous Untameable IIYJEN A, The ONLY ONE in this Kingdom ; resides in Caverns, or Holes, aird- Dcns, which it digs in the Earth. Its Disposi- tion is so ferocious, that though taken young, it can never be tamed. It lives, like the Wolf, by Depredations, but is stronger, more daring, and rapacious. It inhabits Asiatic Turkey, Syria, Persia, and Barbary. The superstitious Arabs, when they kill these dreadful Creatures, bury the Head, for fear it should be applied to Magical Purposes. When irritated for Want, il tears up the Earth, where dead Men and Beasts are deposited. TWO REAL SATYRS, Male and Female, Six Fecthigh, from the Interior ofSouth America, stronger than any two Men, such Animals were liever seen in Great Britain ; ICHNEUMON, or Man- preserver, tbe only one in this Kingdom; the Abyssinian OUNCE, the onlv one ever brought to England; CIVET CAT; WOLVERINE or GLUTTON; a Pair of COTAMUNDAS, well known Enemies to the Crocodile and Alligator; EAGLE of the SUN; Silver FALCON, from the East Indies; Silver- beaded VULTURE ; with more than One Hundred other rare and valuableWILD BEASTS and BIRDS, and a great Variety of other Natural Curiosities, which canuot in llie Limits of an Advertisement be described. Mr. MILES, grateful for the liberal Encouragement be has experienced from an enlightened Pi.'. die, most respect- fully begs Leave to assure them, that his present Collec- tion, which has cost him some Thousands of Pounds to procure, is considered by Naturalists as the most rare and taluable ever offered to the View of tbe Public. Admittance, Ladies and Gentlemeu 2s. ; Trades- people Is. To be seen from eleven in the Morning till eight in the Evening; aud as tbe Animals are fed between eight and nine, sucb Persons as wish may see them fed at 3s. each.— The Booth is kept well aired, and every Attention will be rendered for the Accommodation of Ladies anil Gentlemen who may 11 ; ase to honour the Proprietor with their Pa- tronage. BIRDS and BEASTS bought, sold, or exchanged. n-- S> It Is intended to exhibit the above Collection at the IRON BRIDGE, on FRIDAY EVENING NEXT ; at NEWPORT FAIR on TUESDAY; and proceed from thence lo Birmingham. , NEW MERKETS.— WELSH POOL. \ T a numerous and very respectable Meeting, con- £%. vened by Advertisement, and held at the Oak Inn, in the Town of Welsh Pool, IT WAS . UHANIMOBSLY RESOLVED THAT, from the great Growth of WOOL, and the Manu- facture of BUTTER and CHEESE, in the Couuty of Mont- gomery, and from tbe Distance of tbe present Markets for the Sale of each of these Articles, il appears highly neces- sary to this Meeting that a Market should be established for the Sale of them within the said County of Montgomery. 2dly, ' THAT the Town of WELSH POOL is the most com- modious Situation for the said Markets, and that they be there held— For WOOL on the FIRST MONDAY after the loth of J ULY' ; for BUTTER aiid CHEESE on the FIRST MONDAY after tbe 811th of SEPTEMBER, and ou the SIXTEENTH of NOVEMBER. 3dly, THAT a Committee of tlilee be appointed, any two of whom to be capable of acting, to carry the Measure into Effect; and that PRYCE JOI* ES, Esq. Rev. S! PRYCE, and RICHARD MYTTOJJ, Esq. be such, Coirfmittee. 4thly, THAT a Subscription be immediately entered into, to defray the necessary Expenses for Advertisements, & c. and that the Committee be the Treasurers RICHARD MYTTON, Chairman. PRESENT SUBSCRIBERS. £'"*• d. £ s. d. Messrs. Jone Lord Clive Sir W. W. Wynn, Bt. 5 Charles WW' Wynu, Esq. 3 John Winder, Esq. 3 John Humffreys, Esq. 3 A. D. Owen, Esq. 3 Richard Mytton, Esq. 3 Pryce. Jones, Esq. 3 Richard Pryce, Esq. 3 Edw. Hey ward,. Esq. 3 Edward Farmer, Esq 1 Matthew Jones, Esq. 2 R. J. Davies, Esq. 1 W. P. Richards, Esq. 2 Geo. M eares, Esq 3 Geo. Goulu, Esq. 1 Evan Stephens, Esq. 1 Req John Pryce 3 Rev. IV. Thornes 1 Archdeacon Corbett 3 John Lyon, Esq. 3 Rev. W. Browne 1 D. J. Nicholls, Esq. 3 Major Dallas 1 Robt. Griffiths, Esq. 1 William Owen, Esq. 1 Henry Foulkes, Esq. 1 2. 0 and Griffiths 1 Mr. Richard Goolden 1 Edward Pugli Thomas Boweti . James Roberts Thomas Clarke Edward Cowles David Lloyd S. Edwards Morris Jones William Jones Arthur Gardner Thomas Bedward o 10 John Waidsou o ) o John Beard 0 10 Rev. H. J. Williamcs ( omitted before by mistake) 1 1 Mr. Thomas Howell o JO John - Mytton, Esq. 2 2 0 Rev. Devx. Mytton 1 1 0 Richil. Edmunds, Esq. 2 2 0 Mr, Pryce Owen 0 10 o Mr. James Harris 1 1 oJuhn Owen, Esq. 0 Penrhos 3 3 0 M11. Richard Lewis o 10 A Copy of the above Resolutions, together with a List i Subscriptions, is left at the Banking House of Messr of ,, . - — — ... ng House of Messrs. MEARES and JONES Welsh Pool, where those Gentlemen who are desirous of promoting this desirable Object are requested to send their Names and Subscriptions. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. ~ CAPITAL INN. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, THAT commodious aud well- accustomed INN, the BEAR'S HEAD, in Newtown, uow in tin Pat ion of Mr. Thomas'Asliford, who retires from tbe Business l'a called the Occu- tlie publie ^ aleg bp & ucttott. Valuable Hunters, Lady's Pad, and Hack. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Market- Place; iu Shrewsbury^ on SATURDAY NEXT, the 25tli of May Instant, precisely AT HALF- PAST ELEVEN IN THE PORF- NOON, in the following Lots: LOT L - ABLACK GELDING, ( Port), aged; ascasoned Hunter. LOT II. A BLACK, GELDlNG( Lead£ r), aged ; the Proprietor's favourite Horse, well known in tbe Shropshire Hunts, ' •••.... 1 LOT III. A GREY GELDING ( Major), aged; the Propri- etor's other favourite Hunter. ' I. OT IV. A BLACK GELDING ( Rebel), six Years old, hunted two Seasons, proves safe at his Leaps, fast in Pace, and very stout. LOT V. A BROWN GELDING, 5Years o'd, by B* « WJI GEORGE, Dam by Bishop, hunted tbe latter Part of last Reason; and highly promising. ; LOT VI. A BAY GELDING, with black Legs, 5 Years old, by GLAUCUS, 15i Hands high, calculated to built, and Power enough for a Carriage. LOT VII. A beautiful BLACK FILLEV, bv DIAMOND, out of tbe Dain pf Lot 5, 14 Hands 3 Inches high, 4 Years old, broke steady; and tractable, ( a handsome Lady's Pad). LOT VIII. A BAY GELDING ( Grog), 5 Years old, ) 4* Hands high, a very strong and active Hack, suitable oc- casionally for a Gig. The above are the sqle Property of a GENTLEMAN leaving off Fox- Hunting. The Horses may be seen prior to Sale, by applying to THE AUCTIONEER, iu Shrewsbury, of w hom further Particulars may be bad BY JONATHAN PtfftRY, * At the Market Place, Shrewsbury, oni SATURDAY NEXT, the 25th Instant, at HALF- PAST TWELVE : ASINGLE HORSE CHAISE, with Cover, 011 Curricle and Grasshopper Springs, in excellent Repair. A CHESNUT GELDING, six Years uld, a good Road- ster, and capital Hunter. The Proprietors may be referred to. ' < « " * , -— tlicin a handsome Dining Room, and numerous comfortable Bed- Rooms: beneath are roomy Cellars, and Vaults, with VVitie Bills, & c. Iu a spaci- ous Hack Yard are a Brew- bouse, Boot- room, Partner's Measuring Room, Stabling ( containing 18 capital Stalls), large Stable without Stalls, CoaclfTuiuacs, « railleries. Hog- styes, and Poultry- sheds, with almost cverv Convenience that is required at an 11111. Adjoining to the Yard is an ex- cellent Kitchen Garden, and also a small Fruit Garden — The Land usually let with the House consists of three Pieces of good Grass Land, containing about seven Acres, almost close to the Town — If required, a Tenant may be accommodated w ith more at a moderate Distance. Newtown has ii good weekly Market, several large Fairs in I lie Year, and a Considerable Trade; is much frequented by Travellers, both K, and onf of Business; of whose Com- pany, the BEAR'S HEAD INN has hitherto had the prin- cipal Share. Mr. ASHFORD w ill give any further Particulars respecting the Premises; anil to treat for the Occupation thereof, ap- ply to Mr. THOMAS COLLEY, near Newtown. None but Persons of good Character aud Responsibility need apply. N. B. Tbe coming- on Tenant mav have Mr. Astiford's Stock of Horses, Chaises, Liquors, aiid Furniture, at a fair Valuation. ^ aleg bp Auction, FREEHOLD ESTATES. BY MR." THOMAS WALLEY, At the Dwelling House of Samuel Shuker, tbe Crown Inn, ill Audlem, in the County of Chester, oTi Monday, the loth Day of June, 1811, between tbe Hours of four aud live o'CIock in tbe Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced, in I he following Lots, if not previously disposed ot by private Contract," of which due Notice will be given: LOT J. tics, and convenient Cellars, with a Brew house and Lam. drv SHROPSHIRE. SEVERN I11LL FREEHOLD VILLA & GROUNDS, Vicinage OF SHREWSBURY, CANAL AND WINDMILL SHARKS, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. BY JONATHAN PERRY, ON THE PREMISES, on Monday, tbe tenth of June', 1811, precisely at TVVEIVE O'CLOCK, ( hv Order ofthe Assignees of WILLIAM ROWTON and THOMAS MOR- HALL, late Bankers of Shrewsbury and Chester, Bank- rupts), in the following Lots : LOT I. rjMIE distinguished, commodious, new, and substantially .1 built FREEHOLD RESIDENCE iu the VILLA STYLE, erected with much Judgment, & lately occupied by Mr. ROWTON ; situated on that most delightful Eminence, called SEVERN HILL, commanding a Diversity ofSeenery truly picturesque aud enchanting, environed by its own Grounds, disposed with great'Taste in ricli Lawn- and thriving Plantations, decorated with Octagon Observatory, and Gothic thatched Grotto, of novel Design, with beau- tiful stained Glass Windows and appropriate Appen- dages ; Orchard, and walled Fruit Garden, abundantly and choicely stored ; Kitchen and Flower Gardens, Gra veiled Walks, Carriage Road, and Driving Ring; in tbe Whole FOUR ACRES and a HALF, in the highest Condi- tion, perfect Repair, and tit for the present Occupation of, a Family of the first Respectability, desirous of combining the Advantages of au excellent Market Town, supplied at a low Rate with every requisite Necessary to domestic Com- fiiri, and Ibe Benefit of Situation possessing the purest Country Air, abounding with delightful Prospects, among which, the whole Town of Shrewsbury, the Quarry Park and Promenade, the new Stone Bridge ( over which the great Road from London to Holyhead passes'), an exten- sive View ofthe River Severn, the VVrekin, Haughmon Hill, Sundoi- n and Berwick Demesnes, and Hawkstone Park, are most prominent. The Elevation of tbe House is judicious and well ar- ranged: comprising on the Ground Floor a handsome En- trance Hall, with Stone Stair Case, wrought Iron Bannis- ters and Mahogany Hand Rail of the best Workmanship, extending to the Attick ; a Drawing- Roum 18 by it) ft. Dining Parlour 16 ft. Square, and Breakfast Parlour 14 by 13ft. all io ft. 6 in. high; 011 tbe Chamber Floor, one Bed Room 18 by It) ft. and Dressing Room, two Bed Rooms, 16 ft. Square, and Closets lo each, one Bed Room 14 by 13 ft. and airy Lobby; on the Attic Floor, four Bed Rooms aud Lobby, uniform in . Size with the Chamber Floor, aud 8i feet high :— every principal Room fitted up with Marble Chimney Pieces, enriched Cornices, Jordan and Co's. Patent Bronzed Copper Sashes, newlv papered, pain ted, & « :. The interior Offices comprise a Kitchen 16 ft. Square, Brcwhouse, Dairy, Laundry, Mangle and Store Rouuia, all immediately connected, with extensive and excellent Wine and Beer Cellaring. The exterior consist of a Coach- bouse, two Stables of 2 Stalls each, large Loft for Hay and Straw , Grainei y, Cow^ house with Calf Kit, Cart House, Tiggery, Poultry House, Knife and Boot Rooms, and Muck Place ; ALL INCLOSED. Tbe Premises, if seen, must be admired-; aud Persons of Taste only can duly appreciate their Value. ( Land- Tax Redeemed ) LOT II. TEN SHARES in the Montgomery Branch of tbe ELLLSMERE CANAL ( together, or separately, as may be preferred). LOT 111. TWO SHARES in THE WINDMILL on CHARLTON HILL. * 4* Lots 2, and 3 will be sold at SEVEP. N HILL, iu succession, immediately after Lot 1. The neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LINEN, CHINA, aud other Effects, will be sold 011 tbe Premises, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Dili and 13th Days of J u N E. Priuted Particulars may be bad at the Auction Mart, London; of Mr. Farror, Auctioneer, Birmingham; tbe Printers of the Wolverhampton Chronicle, Gore's Liver- pool, and Fletcher's Ct ester Papers; and for further | Information apply to Mr. CRAIG, or Mr. BARBER, ( the Assignees), or THE AUCTIONEER, all of Shrewsbury, who Land in the Whole, These Premises are delightfully situated iu Aytdlem aforesaid, 111 ibe Possession of TIMr. John Nickscm, and 111 capital Repair: the Garde,- and Orchard wellstock- cd with Wall and other cli ® i< e Fruit Trees; and form a desirable Residence for a genteel Family. LOT 11. A couvenient Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, consisting of a Sitting Room, Parlour, Kitchen, and Pantry ou the Ground Floor; four good Lodging Roo/ us, aeon- . , „„ ,„„, ,„ .„, venient Cellar, with a Brewhouse, Barn, good Garden, and ! will appoint a Person to shew tbe Premises. Crott ot Land, containing about two Acres adjoining, and now iu the Occupation of Mr. Johu Watim. LOT III. A CLOSE of LAND, known by the Name of THE FLATS, containing by Estimation about six Acres, of Laud now also iu the Possesion of the said John Watkin. LOTIV. A PIECE of LAND inAuilleni aforesaid, known by the Name of THE THORNHILLS, containing by Esti- mation about twelve Acres, now in tbe Possession of the said John Walkin. LOT V. A PIECE of LAND in Audlem aforesaid, known hy the Name of THE CROSS FIELD, containing by Esii- mation about four Acres, uow iu the Possession of the said John Watkiu, LOT VI. A PIECEof LAND in Aidlem aforesaid, called by the Name of THE RYE CROFTJ containing by Esti- mation about 1A. 2lt. OP. now in the- Possession of the said John Watkin. Mr Watkin will shew the Premises ; and further Parti- culars may be had by applying toMr. GROOM, Solicitor, in Audlem aforesaid. ' ., t . - • ^ aleg bp auction: NEW WAGGONS. BY WILLIAM SMITH, Precisely at fcVf past Twelve o'CIock, on SATURDAY NEXT, the 25th of May, 1811, at Ihe Market-| Shrewsbury; , , j, -, ONE capital NEW WAGGON, with RIPPLES, I- in a superior Manner. ' ' Olie WAGGON, with RIPPLES, iu excellent Repair. Market- House, mat'C HOUSEHOLD FtTRMTURE, & c. ! , BY JOSEPH, RHODEN,; r 1 On the Premises, . at MT THOMAS DAVJES' 6, Draper, & e. opposite the Church, Mu. cn WENLOCK, on Friday, the 24th. of May, inn, aud 011 ihe foilowiug Dav, Saturday Ibe 25th, if the Whole is not disposed ot tbe.' tilsl Day ; ALL the very valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; of Mr. DAVIES,. aforesaid, consisting of handsome Cast Kitchen Grate, Kitchen. Chairs and Tables, a good Clock iu handsome Oak Case, Corner aud oilier Cupboards, a Quantity, of PeiVtcr Dishes aud Plaits, elegant Brass and ntlioii rioiwtli>>. i-!/> l,< l I ' i1;-.,,, il... 1 _ 1 > gant Piqr and Swing Glasses, in Gilt and, Mahogany Flames, several handsome Pairs, of fluted .& c. Mahogany Fourpost, Tcut,, audiother. Bedsteads, with Dimity and Chintz, Hang, ings, capital . Goose Down Feather Beds, a large Assortment of excellent Table Ltucu, Blankets, Matlrasses, Counter- panes, lied Carpets,.& c, 6cc with a very good Assortment of well- seasumjii Casks aud Barrels of various Sizes, BREW- ING UTENSILS, TKC. ; , : The Whole of the above Furnitqre the AUCTION ERR. begs to recommend to the Notice of Public, being chiefly recently laid in, and of the mosi Modern Sort, aud will be sold without any Reserve, The Sale to Commence precisely at LO- o'CIock in the Morning. . , * BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross Foxes Inn, in Oswestry; on Monday, the37th Day of ftfliy, toil, between the Hours of three and. five o'CIock, subject to such Conditions as shall he thed produced; and 111 the following, .0- such other Lots as shall be agreed on at the Time of Stile: LOT i. AFARM and LANDS, railed ABERCYNLLETH) situate for Ihe most Part in the Parish of Llangedwin,, in the County uf Denbigh, but a small Part in the Parish of Llailsilin, containing iu the Whole about ] 2JA. AR. SP. and now iii tbe Occupation of M r. John Griffiths. LOT II. A FARM and LANDS, called CEFN Y BARTH; situate in the Parish of Llangedwin aforesaid,' containing about 5( i Acres, ami uow in the Occupation of the said John Griffiths. LOT III A FARM and LANDS, culled NANTGWRlD; situate iu the Parish of Llangollen, iu Ihe County of Deui high, containing about 51 A. AR. 2P. aud liow in the Occupa lion of Richard Davies. LOT IV. A FARM and LANDS, called PEN Y BRYN) situate in the Parish of Llangollen, containing about 15A. 2R. 2oP. aud now in the Occupation of the said Richard Davies. LOT V. A FARM and LANDS, called PANDY BY( HAN, situate ill Ihe Parish of Llangollen, containing about iaA. 2R, loP and now in tbe Occupation of Richard Jones. The Farm Houses and Outbuildings are io general in very good Repair— Every Farm has a very valuable Rigl t of Common belonging lo it, and a large Proportion uf. v rv Farm is capable of great Improvement by Irrigation, V I there is a great Quantity of thriving young Timber IS'; ,. a all the Estates. Lois 1 and 2are distant only three Miles frolu I ime and Coal; and Lois 3,4, and 5, are distant only Haifa M il. from Lime and about two Miles from Coal. And ail the Lots are distant about six Miles from Ibe Market Town ofOkwexlry, aud tho three last Lots about seven Miles froin the Market Town of Wrexham. The Tenants will shew the Premises ; and further parti- culars may be known by applying to Mr. PANTINO, Attor- ney, in Shrewsbury, in whose Office a Plan of the Estates may be seen. BY MR. .), SALTER, At the Cross Keys Ihn, iu Llanymynech, iu the County of • Salop, ou Friday, the24tli Day of May, 1811, belweeli'the Hours of three and tive iu the Afternoon, subject to stica Conditions as shall then be produced t ^ j^ LL that Ml SSUAGE or Tenement, called CAE LLIA, with the Lauds Thereto belonging, co-. ttaim ^ TEA. FAMILIES at all nice in the Article of Tea, and whomritwill suit to take a quantity not less than Half a Dozen Pounds weight al once, may have part of a few Chests of a particular fine flavour, fresh, and ill the same genuine state as brought from CHINA; Green, at Ten Shillings the Pound, and Eight Shillings the Black. . _.'•„, '., .. , . ft3- ORDERS, in Post- paid Letters, ( covering payment in Cash Notes, or they will not lie attended to) addressed- to- Messrs. WHITE and Co. WHOLESALE TEA DEALERS, SHEPHERD STREET, NEW BOND JvraEET, LONJOON, sent to any part of the kingdom. DESERTED from the Royal Eastern Regiment of Local Militia for the County of Montgomery, commanded by The Lord Viscount CLIVE, the following Persons, who have been enrolled to serve in the said Regiment. FARMING STOCK & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. BY K. HALLEY, ( Under an Execution) ou Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, May the ,23d, 24th,'. and 25th. 1811 : rpHE FARMING STOCK,. IMPLEMENTS in HUS- Numes. Hundreds. Townships. Occupation. Company. Age. DESCRIPTION. Height. I Plain Ft. I•• | Eye s. John Rees . Samuel Reynolds William Evans Ev^ ii Evans Riehaid Reynolds Edward Bowen Llanidloes Manchester Milhrafal Newtown Pout Weeg Llanfair Rhandir My tod Llansaiqtfraid Labourer. Carder Servant Tavlor Weaver Cooper Grenadier Ditto Ditto Light Company Ditto 4th Company 23 25 20 20 24 23 • 5' 10 5 9 b 10 5 8 b 8$ 5 9 Brown Ditto Light Fair Fair Fair Giey Ditto Ditto Haz'e Brown Grey Whoevcr will apprehend, or cause to ho apprehended, any of the said Deserters, on or belore the 31st Day of May instant, and lodge them in any of his Majesty's Gaols, shall receive a Reward of TWENTY SHILLINGS. If any of the said Deserters shall not be lakeu until after the said 31st Day of May, they Will - eaeh-- f » efeit- tlie Stmr of TWENTY POUNDS, and if not immediately paid, will be committed to the common Gaol, thereto rem » ifl without Bail or Waitiprizc for the Space of six Monhs, or until they shall have paid the said Penalty, , , J. LLOYD JONES, Clerk of the GenerahMeetings, IHaemawr, WthMayt 1? 1J. Glass, Books, Pictui. es,. Wine, Liquors, Ale, and other Effects, ofMhe late Mr." J. WRIGHT, of HATTON GRANGE, near Shiffnar, in the County of Salop. THURSDAY and SJITURDAV'S- Sale; will comprise the Househuld Furniture, Plate, Linen, China, Glass, Books, Pictures, Wines, & c. & e. ivbich'will lie sold iu the following Rotation, viz. Atticks, Chambers, Stair- case, Hall, three Purloins, Kitchen, Pantries, Scullery, Cheese Rooms, Dairy, Brewhouse, Store Room, Wine, Ale, and Beer Cellars, Yard, Garden, and Tool House. FRIDAY'S Sale, will comprise ihe Farming Stock, viz. two large Stacks of Wheat, eight draught Horses arid Gearini, hackney Mare and Colli, three 2- year old Colts, four Milking Cows, one Bull, one Bullock, seven yearling > CalJes. 102 Ewes aud Lambs, 113 yearling Sheep, six Rams, one Sow in- pig, two Gelts, one Boar, seven store Pigs ; three Waggons, three Tumbrels, four Ploughs, Twins, Cultivator, five P" air of Harrows, Land Roll, Ladders, 20 Dozen Hurdles, 70 Bags, Winnowing Machine, Quantity of Bacon, and great variety of useful Implements. Also, a new ereye,) Threshing Machine. The Auctioneer particu) aHy requests an early At- tendance, as tbe whole riiust be Sold in the Time stipulated. Hatton Grange | s a most elegihle Farm, consisting of a good House and Buildings, arid upwards of 330 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture l. and ; lying together within a Ring Fence, Tytbe free, and the Parochial Rates are low; situated two " Miles from Shiffniil, io from Wolverhampton, anil near to severalother good Market Towns, hath the ad- vantage of good Boads, aud is near to Lime and Coals. The unexpired Term and Interest of the I. ease of t his Farm, wilt he put up to sale on Friday the £ 4ib Iosfivnt, at one e'Clock in the Afternoon. BY. S TUDoR, In ELEVEN LOTS, at the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, 011 Tuesday, the llth Day of June, 1811, at four o'CIock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced: i LL those MESSUAGES or Tenements, FARM and £ V LANDS, with the Appurtenances thereunto belong ing, containing together 143A. 3R 34P. situate at ASTLEY", iu the Parish of Saint Mary, Shrewsbury, now in the Occupations of Mrs. Mary Minton and Mr. Richard Adams, or their Undertenants. The above Estates are within 4 Miles of Shrewsbury, near Ihe Turnpike Road.— May be viewed by applying to the respective Teuanls; aud Particulars of tbe Lois bad at Mrs. Million's, at Astley ; the Place of Sale ; from THE AUCTIONEER; and at Ihe Office of Mr. ASTERLEY, Soii citor, Shrewsbury, where a Map of the same maybe seen. BY S ' IT' I >' Mi', . ' ~~~~ At the Elephant and Castle Inn, in Mardol, Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, the 25 th Day of June, 1811, at 4 o'CK- ck ill the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced; SU N DR Y desirable FR EEH OLD PI ECES or Parcels of LAND, situate at FOR I), in the County of Salon, uow iu the Occupation of Mr. William Gough and his Under- tenants, iu the following Lots : LOT A. R P A. R. P. 1. Upper Breeches 5 2 23 Lower Breeches 4 9 30 Long Breeches 6 1 15 II. The Croft Further Shoot Hill Middle Shoot Hill Nearer Shoot Hill III. Brook Furlong IV. Upper Cats Hill Lower Cats Hill , Long Meadow Upper Leas Lower Leas . 1 1 9 . 2 3 2( i . 4 0 39 . 6 8 22 .. 4 3 23 •• 7 2 29 .. q 3 14 2 2ti 1 21 16 1 £ 8 0 16 0 1 40 I 33 V. Moor Coppice 20 1 23 The above Estate is situate within 5 Miles of Shrewsbury, near to a good Turnpike Road ; may be viewed on Appli- cation to Mr. GOUGH ; and further Particulars known from him, or Mr. ASTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury, where a Map of the same may be seen. In the present Month, tbe Particulars of which will be inserted in a future Paper: THE MOIETY of all that capital MESSUAGE and FARM, with tbe Lands and Hereditaments, called WAI TON IIAI. L, situate in the Parish of Worthen, in Ihe County of Salop, aud now in the Holding of Mr. JoHN SHUKER, containing about 223 Acres of Land, with a very extensive Sheep Walk upon Ihe Long Mouutaiu. ' The Timber to be taken at a Valuation. For Particulars apply to Messrs. Pl^ lg VtTOSt and CoVP " Solicitors, Sl- jewsbury. by Admeasurement 22.4. oR. 31 P. oe the same nior. ol- less situated in ( he Township of Burgedin, 111 the Pan ;,. of Guilsfield, in tbe County of Montgomery, ana uow ... the Occupation of Robert Jones, or his Undertenants, at the yearly Rent of £ 511. The above Estate lies within a Ring Fence; is situate in a. good Sporting Country, and will- in a short Distance . the Montgomeryshire Canal : It is distant four Miles fioir. Pool, ten from Oswestry; and six from l. li'. ufylli. i, all good Market Towns. TneTenant will shew the Premises; and further Parti- culars may be known upon Application lo Mr. EDWARDS, Solicitor, in Oswestry . At the Dwelling House of Thomas Jones, Innkeeper, in t Town of Llanfyllin, in the County of Montgomery, upon Thursday, the 30th DayofMay, 1811, between the Hums of 3 and 0 in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, and 111 the follow iug, or such other Lois us shall be agreed upou 1 LOT 1. AGood and convenient MALTIIOUSE situated in the Lower- street, in the snidTowu of LLANFYLLIN, now in the Occupation of Mr Robert Jon. s, Innkeeper , v. ith a ROOM adjoining thereto, in the Occupation of Mr, Robert Jones, Shopkeeper. LOT IL A Dwelling HOUSE, Stable, and Yard, situate in the Lower- street aforesaid, now iii the Occupation uf Edward Owens, Butcher ; and a ROOM, also adjoining, iu the Occupation of Elisabeth Oliver ; with a GARDEN, < tn- tiguous tothe Chitrcb- yard, in the holding of Rich Miles. LOT 111. A Dwelling HOUSE, Stable, and Garden, situate in the same Street, now 11. the holding of John B. d- wards. Tallow Chaudler. LOT IV. TWO HOUSES, also situate iu the same Street, now iu the holding of Lowry Humphreys, aud her Undertenants. LOT V. All that FIELD, Piece or Parcel of excell nt LAND, called Shamber Well Piece, near to the Tow. . f Llanfyllih aforesaid, containing by Admeasurement , A sR. 2oP. he the same more or less, now in the Tenure uf Kr Joseph Joues, Innkeeper ' LoT VI. All those two other FIELDS, Pieces orPnrcels of LAND, adjoining the said last- mentioned Piece, contain- ing by Admeasurement aA. 3It 32P. be the same more cr lens, now in the holding of the said Joseph Jones Immediate Possession will be given of fhe Premises com- prised in the different Lots, except the Garden iu the holding of Richard Miles, and the Dwelling Houses com- prised in Lot the fourth. Further Particulars may be bail bv applying at the Office of Mr. THOMAS, or Mr. RICHARD PUGH, Llanfyllin, » ho will appoin a Person to shew the Premises; or of Ml. DANIEL, Varcliwel Hall, Guilsfield. MONTGOME R Y SHI RE. : At the Bear Inn, in " the Towu uf Pool, in the said County, 011 Moiiday, the 17th Day of June, 1811, between tjje Hours of ihree and six o'clock iu tbe Afternoon, subject to Conditions : A LL that MESSUAGE, Tenement, Farm, and LANDS, J\. with the Buildings aud Appurtenances thereiirWo belonging, called and known by the Name of LLE1 Y- GWILLIM, situate, lying, and being in the Parish of Llanfair, iu the said County, containing by Admeasurement 77 Acres, 3 Roods, more or less, and now In the Occupation of John Williams. The above Premises are capable of great Improvement; lie upun the Side of the River Riew, where M ill-, or Manu- factories may be erected ; have an extensive She< pv alk on the Commons adjoining, « J icli are going lo be divided 1 his Summer, and it is expected a handsome Allotment will be added to the Farm. Further Particulars may be had by applying at the Office of Mr. WILLI AMES, Solicitor, in Pool aforesaid. At the White Horse Inn, in Weill, iu the County of Salop, ou Thursday, theOth Day of June, 1811, between the Hours nf four and six in tbe Afternoon ; THE Principal Sum of Two HUNDRED and FIFTY- SEVEN POUNDS, THIRTEEN SHILLINGS and SIX- PENCE, with thelntcrest to grow due ihereon, Ihe Payment whereofis secured by the Bond of MARY' MADDOCKS, of Wem aforesaid, Widow, bearing Date the 17th Instant; but by Agreement between tbe Parlies the same is not to be called up, nor any Proceedings taken to enforce Ihe Payment thereof, until after the Expiration of two Years, to be computed from the Dale of the Bond, unless Ihe said Mary Maddocks, her Executors, Administrators, or As- signs shall sooner receive the Share of the Property w hich, as one of the next uf Kin of CHARLES BARBER, Esquire, deceased, and his Mother MARGARET BARBER, or one of tliem, she is entitled to, a Verdict having been obtained in her Favour, in a Cause now pending in ihe High Court of Chancery. For further Particulars apply to Mr. WATSON, Attorney at Law, Whitchurch, Shropshire. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. Carllon- llouse, April 23, 1S11. The following address has heen presented to bis R « ) al Highness the Prince Regent; which Address his Royal Highness was pleased to' receive very graciously : To the PRINCE REGENT. Thc dutiful Address of the Householders of the city and liberties oftWestminster. MAY IT PLEASE YOUR ROY AT. HIGHNESS, Sincerely attached to your person, as on the present oc- casion will he evinced, it is- with a lively sensibility we par- ticipate in the sorrow your Royal Highness must feel for the cause of your having been called to your present situation. But we trust, that," by taking on you a nation's cares, de manding, as they now do, au undivided mind, the private griefs of your Royal Highness must be less painfully felt — it has been, sir, With extreme dissatisfaction we. have con- templated those habitual suspensions of the regal authority, some of which have been but recently brought to lighl, that have been so derogatory to your Royal Highness, and are in I'. ieir nature so portentous; but we trust that a repetition of such suspensions, which we know not bow to distinguish from usurpations, will be rendered impracticable. Inde- pendent of these unconstitutional proceedings, there had been much cause of complaint, if not of suspicion, in the obstacles interposed by Ministers for preventing the ac- customed access of tbe subjects to their sovereign ; where- fore, sir, in now beholding your Royal Highness Regent of the kingdom, we are inspired with a cheering hope, because his Majesty, should his health be hapily restored, will assuredly, through the faithful report of your Royal High ness, learn the true condition of his kingdom, and the real sentiments of his loyal and aggrieved people. In habitual suspensions of the regal functions it is uot a mere token we discover whence to infer the existence of evil. In breaches of the Constitution so flagrant we do not witness" mere slight indications of something wrong: but they are so many proofs that a borough faction, trampling 011 the rights of crown and people, triumphant reigns. In the example now fresh in all our minds, the indignant nation hath seen in full display that factiuu's odious pretensions, and your Royal Highness has been made sensible of its detested power Thirty years ago it was declared by Sir George Savile, in his place in Parliament, that the Commons House was no more a representation of the people of this kingdom than it was of the people of France. The scats iu that House, both for close and for open boroughs, are noto- riously marketable. One of them, as we are credibly informed, was once bought by a French King's mistress for her English correspondent in time of war; and it stands 011 record that, at another time, those seats were purchased wholesale by the Nabob of Arcot for his intriguing agents. None then, sir, can assure us, that at this day a whole troop in the pay of a Napoleon may not sit and vole in lhat House. The inveteracy of this disease was made manifest to the whole world, when, in the cases of Mr. Henry Wellesley, Lord Castlcreagh, and the piesent Minister, Mr Pcrccval, all accused of trafficking in those seats, not only no punish- ment ensued, but the traffic was vindicated— and for this extraordinary reason, that it was become as notorious as the sun at 110011- day. Here, sir, is the cancer of the state. With a House of Commons rapidly becoming., by the virulence of this pest, a mere mass « f corruption, death must ensue, unless the cancer to its last fibre be eradicated, and free Parliaments restored. For such a restoration your Royal Highness must perceive that no talent, no wisdom, no virtue in ministers can become a substitute. Proud and., lighl meahave indeed in all ages, pretended to such a skill. Pulled up with a conceit of their own sufficiency, they have been abundantly ready todispense with Ihe consitution. But did not all history proclaim the absurdity of such pretensi- ons, that absurdity must, to every reasoning mind, be self- evident. The nature of the nefarious system of government, which hath grown with the growth and strengthened with the strength of the boroiigli faction, is ascertained to us by long and calamitous experience. Its root is tyranny; its fruit is ruin. It scourged Ameiica into resistance: Ireland it tortured into rebellion. 11 disinherited your Royal High- ness of many and flourishing states; and the numerous seamen of those states it alienated from the English navy. It was this system of government which peopled our prisons with innocent persons, for the malignant persecution of whom Ministers took shelter, under a bill of indemnity passed by themselves and their abettors. It is this system of government which hath pauperised more than a million of our English fellow- subjects ; and which daily augments the number. It is this system of government that covers our once free land with bastiles and barracks; that brands the millions of England as cowards, needing foreign sol- diers for defenders ; and that brings back upon us the doc- trines and the cruelties of the Star Chamber. This system of government, bj a blind infatuation, confers 011 French and other foreign Roman Catholic officers what it offen- sively refuses to native Irish, filling the hearts of the Irish millions with indignation and resentment; combusti- ble passions, which, so pent up, cannot without terror be contemplated. This system of government halli hi the end demonstrated the wickedness and exposed the folly of those who, lb tear from the people all hope of a just reform, forced them into an unjust war. Tor, after hundreds of mil- lions have been insanely squandered, after rivers of blood have been inhumanly shed, after the nation, foiled and disgraced, has heen reduced to a forlorn hope, after all this lias been brought on us by corrupt, short- sighted and tyrannical men, for putting down anil treading under foot Parliamentary Reform, it is at length seen that in this Reform, and in this Reform alone, national salvation can be found. During the machinations for fettering your Royal Highness and bringing you under tbe galling yoke, you must, sir, have noticed the faction's base ingratitude to the King your father, for whom, with the deepest hvpocrisy, they affect the greatest devotion. That system of govern- ment which has been our bane, that system of government which had its origin 111 the worst corruptions, and the most treacherous counsels of ill advisers, they made 110 scruple to call the King's own system of government. There is 110 view, sir, of the nation's affairs hut must impress 011 yo Royal Highness a conviction ofthe pernicious con sequences of a system of government founded on a House of Commons iu which the people are not represented. Wherefore, the suhjcct which above all others, for its paramount importance, we are anxious, sir, to rivet Oti your thoughts, is that which your Royal Highness has found to be uppermost in our own, Parliamentary Reform. It being our confident hope that flic present session will uot pass away without a renewal of Parliamentary efforts jn that cause, we believe, sir, that a public knowledge of an earnest desire on the part of your Royal Highness for the success of those efforts, would assuredly cause theiT early triumph. Convinced indeed we are, that whenever thc crown and the subject, for mutual self- preservation, shall make common cause in pursuit of this indispensable object, the odious, the intolerable usurpation of tbe borough faction, smitten hy thc united rays of I lie law, the constitution, the throne, and thc nation, must, like a noxious exhalation, melt in air, and disappear. Against all counsel for protecting or fortifying the borough faction, who are hostile to your every interest, we trust your Royal Highness will be 011 your guard. Ours, sir, were we entitled to offer it, would be counsel of another complexion ; as will be that of all those loyal and faithful advisers, whose desire it is that your Royal Highness should escape the toils of the wicked, that you may not lie unconstitutionally shackled, arid made to appear the patron of a faction, instead of standing li ce, dignified, independent, and illustrious at thc head of the nation. Once, sir, identified with the borough faction, farewell to greatness! Think, sir, of a Prince of Asturias and aGodoy! Surrounded hy the toils of that traitor, the unhappy Prince became instrumental in undermining his own reversionary throne, and in accelerating thc downfall of the kingdom of his inheritance! Ill the borough faction » ir, behold an army of Godoys '. It is this faction, sir, ostentatious of its usurped do- minion, which, for several months at a lime, you have now a scconil time seen carrying 011 government over the English nation without either a King or a Regent; thus striking in public opinion at the utility of the kingly office; thus striving todeepen the root of their own usurpation, and to accustom the people to the most extravagant exercise of their hateful power. Wherefore, sir, we repeat, that it is a faction which alike tramples on the rights of crown nnd people. All but the name of King this insolent taction hath usurped. Nay, sir, with a King's authority it is not content; Hie faction aims at noihing short of being- despotic. When therefore your Royal Highness, with ns, shall be convinced, that the usurped authority of the faction is utterly incompatible with " the safety, honour, and dignity of his Majesty, and tbe welfare of his people," which, as Regent, you have sworn " you will in all things, to the utmost of your power and ability, consul! and main- tain," that conviction in ti. e 111 iud of your Royal Highness will he to us a source of the most animating hope, and a presage of recovered rights and liberties. Were it not, sir, a law cf nature, tbat none can taste the godlike pleasure reserved to the patriot Saviour, who hath not fitst acutely felt the pain of contemplating public wrongs and calamities, the citizens of Westminster would have to regret that the wrongs and calamities of their country should have made the principal theme of this their first salutation of your Royal Highness, in the character of Regent. But having not failed to dwell slso v* ith emphasis 011 that Reform which is ihe sole remedy for Ihe nation's political ivits, tliey trust tlicy have given the best proof of their anxiety tbat the blessings of a grateful people should await your Royal Highness; and that hy all posterity your name should be venerated as long as human records shall cudure. It is thus. Sir, the citizens of Westminster give you their pledge, that, in all vour exertions for saving the state, they, with life and fortuno, are determined to staud by your Royal Highness, The Duchess of Bedford is establishing a school for girls at Woburn, in which a new system of needle work will be taught. The Georgics of M. Delille, in the course of a forty vears sale, have produced a fortune lo a whole family-, iis not lower than 200,000 copies are supposed to have been circulated. The copy- right has at length been sold to Messrs. Michaud, of Paris, for 1000 guineas. Miss Tilney Long, confessedly the richest heiress in Europe, after having been besieged by Dukes, Mar- quisses, and Earls, English, Scotch, and Irish, is said to be about to surrender to a subaltern of the enterpriz- ing corps of WELLESLEY. At a grand fete given by William Beresford Parfect, Esq . nephew of Sir H. Addison, of Milton- court, So- mersetshire, on the former coming of age on Friday last, a grand display of gymnastic exercise was given as a Ireat to the neighbouring gentry. Somerset beat Hants at backsword, as did Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, and after prizes had been distributed to the most light heeled damsels of either county, for their speed in run- ning, a boxing match closed the amusements oi the day, between the coachman of Mr. Parfect, and an athletic navigator of the name of Swaine, for a sub- scription purse of £ 2,0. LIBEL — In the Court of King's Bench, on Monday, Mr. Dampier moved that the rule iu the case which called 011 Mansell Phillips, Esq M. P. to shew cause why a criminal information should not be filed against him for a libel, of which he was thc author, reflecting 011 the conduct of tlie Bishop of Deny, which appeared in a newspaper published at Swansea, called The Cambrian, should be made absolute. — No cause being shewn, the rule was made absolute. MANDAMUS.— Mr. Holroyd moved for a rule to shew cause why a Mandamus should not issue to two magistrates of the town of Sheffield, demanding them to hear a com- plaint against a woman of the name of Sarah Parker, for making knives there, and exercising thc trade of a cutler iu that town, without being duly authorised, being neither free herself of that corporation, nor yet the widow of a free- man. It appeared by Hie act of incorporation for that town, that she should have one or other of those qualifica- tions, hut actually was not possessed of either. The rule vi as therefore granted. National Debt,— An account of the Reduction of the National Debt, from thc 1st of August, 1786, to the 1st of May, 1811. Redeemed by the Sinking Fund - - £ 175,542,305 Transferred by Land- Tax redeemed - - 23,782,945 Ditto by Life Annuities purchased - - - 1,380,562 Hampton in a post- chaise with the major. The parties slept at Hounslow on Saturday night, and parted, but thc lady was surprised on leaving the inn, and a talka- tive chamber- ma d disclosed sufficient for the discussion of the sages in Westminster- hall. Cily Deputation to the Regent.— On Friday, about two o'clock, Ihe Lord Mayor of London, accompanied by the Recorder, the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, Messrs. Aldermen Sir William Plumcr and Goodbehere, and the City Remembrancer, went to Carleton House, as a deputation from the Corporation of the City of Loudon Soon after their arrival, they were intro- duced by Colonel M'Mahon, General Turner, and Col. Bloomfield, into the presence of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, in the State Room, where the Recorder read to ilis Royal Highuess the Address of the Cor- poration, voting his Royal Highness the Freedom of the City, and praying to know when he would be pleased to receive the same.— His Royal Highness made a most eloquent answer, acknowledging his sense of the honour intended to be conferred upon him, and his attachment to the Corporation. At the same time expressing his regret that the spirit of the Constitution prevented him from receiving it, owing to the office he held of Prince Regent. They were all most graci- ously received, and invited by his Royal Highness to partake of a cold collation. CHESTER RACES. Monday, May 6.— Produce Stakes-^- a Sweepstakes of 15 gs. each ; Colts, Sst. fib. Fillies, 8st. Two Miles. T. Tarleton, Esq ' s b. f. by Newcastle ( W. Dunn) ... 1 HOUSE OF LORDS— FRIDAY, MAY 10. ! INSOLVENT DEBTORS' BILL. Upon the motion for the House to resolve itself into a Committee upon this bill, Lord ELI. ENBOROUGH said, he rose for the purpose of opposing this motion, because he was satisfied the bill was composed of such mischievous and dangerous matter as would destroy the commercial credit of the country. To the common retail dealers in trade this bill would be absolute'destruction. The creditor was entirely neglected in its provisions, and he was sure that House ought, iu all its legislative acts, particularly to attend to the honest and injured creditor. If this measure passed into a law, a debtor, whatever might he his conduct, provided Jit were not an offence coming under the description of obtaining goods by false pretences, which was made, iu some instances, a transportable offence, would have the power of claiming the benefit, whereby lie could remain 110 longer iu prison than six months.— The hill in its principle was full of various objections, and he should therefore oppose the motion for going into a Committee — The Earl of MOIRA said this hill was not that which accorded with his own notions of what it otiglit to be, but that would not prevent him from giving it iiis firm support, for he was persuaded some measure of this description was absolutely due to the justice of our laws, and was confidently cxpecteil by the people of this country. His noble and learned friend had certainly mistaken the object of Ihe Committee; for lie could assert, without a possibility of contradiction, that in that Committee the same regard was equally extended to the creditor and the debtor. The dirt aud rubbish ofthe present system must he removed, otherwise 110 wholesome superstructure could be erected in its place; and lie thought this bill, though not what he wished it to be, would produce that happy effect.— The LORD CHAN- CELLOR said there were so many objectionable parts in the bill, and be perceived so much difficulty in amending them, that although he was not averse to its principle, yet he was afraid when it should have gone through the Committee, aud should have been recommitted again, it would not be that hill which would permit him to give it his support, in order that it might pass into a law.— The House then went into a Committee. Earl STANHOPE said, he did not approve of the present bill, though lie approved of tlic principle ou which it was founded. The noble earl then suggested several amend- ments to the bill, particularly one altering the time of confinement.— Lord REDESDALE opposed this, as being contrary to the general intention of thc measure.— Earl STANHOPE observed, he should not divide the House Lord Grey's b. f. by Sir Oliver dam Scotilla L. Hodgson, Esq.' s b. c. by Hambletouian ...... v....... R. Benson, Esq.' s filly, by Beningbrough Earl Grosvenor's f. by Alexander, dam Hind Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart.' s f. by Diamond SirH. M. Main waring, Bart, s f. by Diamond Seven were drawn.— 5 to 2 against Lord Grey : Sir Walkin and Lord Grey made play.— Won easy. Same Day— a Sweepstakes of 15gs. each, p p. for Maiden Horses, that never won either Mutch, Plate, or Sweepstakes, before the lst of May, 1811. Two Miles. Thrce- year- obls to carry 6st. \ 2lb. four- year- olds, Sst. five- year- olds, Sst. \ dlb six- . ... , year- olds, gst, and aged Horses, gst. alb. Mares to he alloxved ilb. because it would inform the public of their em pty benches On account of Great Britain - - - - £ 200,705,812 Ditto of Ireland 8,054,000 Dittoof Imperial Loan ---- » - 1,162,116 Ditto of Loan to Portugal 67,205 Total - 209,989,133 The sum to be expended in the ensuing quarter is £ 3,276,230 4s. lid. Extracts from the Heads of the Act for taking an Account of the Population of Great Britain, now carrying into effect:— The overseers of the poor, or some substantial house- holder of every parish and place in England, shall take an account of the number of persons found within each parish and place, and set down the particulars— Penalty on persons refusing to answer, or wilfully giving false answers, a sum not exceeding five pounds, nor less than forty shillings — Officiating ministers in England shall transmit an answer lu the questions in the Schedule relative to baptisms, burials, and marriages, before the 20th of June, 1811, to the Bishop of the Diocese, who shall transmit the same, before the lothofjuly, 1811, to his Archbishop, to belaid before Ihe Privy Council by the 1st of August; who shall cause an abstract thereof to be laid before Parliament.— Justices in England shall appoint a time and place ( between the 24th gf June, and 20th of July, 1811), for the overseers or house- holders to attend with returns and answers to the six first questions stated in the Schedule, and cause notice of such time and place lo be given to them and the high constables ; and the overseers, & c. shall then deliver the returns upon oath.— The account taken throughout Great Britain for preparing the answers and returns, shall be preserved by the churchwardens, & c ill England, aud delivered over to their successors ; and the clerks of the peace, & c in Eng land, and the sheriff deputes, & c. in Scotland, shall trans- mit the returns to the Secretary of State by the lst of August, 1811; an abstract of which shall be laid before Parliament within three months.-— Persons employed to have an allowance for then- trouble and expenses from the county' rate and poor's rate.— Penalty on clerks of the peace, constables, churchwardens, overseers, schoolmasters, &. c. tor- wilful default, a sum not exceeding five pounds, nor less than forty stuffings; aiid in case of such wilful default, or of omission to attend with the returns, other persons shall he appointed: Confined Debtors.— In the Court of King's Bench on Tuesday, Mr. Taunton applied for a rule to shew cause why a debtor, confined in the gaol of Glocesler, should not be discharged out of custody, on the ground that his plaintiff, in paying him the weekly allowance under the Lords' Act, had given him a bad shilling, which was uot the current coin of the realm. It ap- peared, from the affidavit of the debtor himself, and of two other persons, prisoners in the same gaol, that on Monday the 22d of last month a person came to pay him the sixpences ; that he paid 3s. 6d. and went away before an opportunity was afforded of examining whether they were good or bad ; but that on investigation one piece which purported to be a shilling, was bad, antl never had been the current coin of the kingdom.— Lord Ellenborotigh asked, whether the defendant had de posited the piece with the Turnkey or any other Offi- cer of the gaol, or whether he had shewn it to, or complained of il, to any Officer of that gaol, and like- wise whether it was in Court— To all these questions no affirmative answer could be given; and his Lord- ship said, that under these circumstances it would only be doing an injury to the party to grant a rule, to put him to expense, and excite hopes which must be baffled.— Rule refused. Projected Travels in Africa.— A German, of the name of Routgen, a scholar of the celebrated Blumenbach, in Gotliugcn, has announced his intention to endeavour to penetrate into the interior of Africa, nearly iu the track pursued by Mr. Hornemann, who, as he has not been heard of for nearly ten years, is thought to have perished in the enterprise. This young man is about twenty years of age, aud seems to have obtained all that kind of knowledge which is particularly necessary for his purpose, lie under- stands thc Arabic language, is remarkably abstemious, and has accustomed himself lo make raw flesh arid insects his food. At Gottingcn lie submitted to circumcision, that he might appear to be a true b liever in the Koran, and in the character of a physician travel through those countries where the name of a . Christian would infallibly lead to slavery or death. Ill his peregrinations 011 foot through Germany and Switzerland, he always chose the worst lodgings and accommodations, to inure himself to hard- ships. Iu Germany and Paris he has collected a number of questions proposed by the literati, relative to the unknown regions which he intends to visit. He means to endeavour to accompany a mercantile caravan from Modagor to Tum- buctoo.— From the Hamburgh Correspovdc- nten of April 17. Parish Registers.— It has been proposed, as an improvement upon the method now in use of register ing baptisms, marriages, and deaths; that in the case of baplisms, the trade or profession of the father, when and where the parents were born and married, should be iuserted. Wilh respect to marriages also, the Iradeor profession of the husband, and when and where the parties were born; and in the case of burials, the trade or profession of the deceased, whether married or unmarried, and when aud where bom ( if it can be ascertained). It is further proposed, that the officiating Minister iu every parish in England and Wales shall send, 011 thc first Monday in every month, or oftener if required, lo a Registrar to be appointed for the pur- pose, ( having an office in London) separate lists of baptisms, marriages, and burials solemnized in his parish during the preceding month. The Registrar in Loudon to make out alphabetical lists of the whole, for the purposes of general reference. The difficulties that have frequently been felt in proving pedigrees, which have often produced the most injurious effects to par- ties claiming property, and always greatly enhance the expeuce of legal pioceedings in such cases, must at once tend to shew the vast utility of such a plan. An unlucky discovery of a faux pas occurred the latter end of last week between a gallant major, who resides in Berkshire, and the wife of a tradesman in the neighbourhood of Charing Cross. The lady had gone on a visit to her relations, and Thursday last was ap- pointed for her return ; but not having made her ap- pearance 011 Friday, it was discovered that'she had left the cor. ch at Cohbrookc and gone from thence to 1 1 3 2 2 dr. 4 dr. 5 dr. 6 dr. dr. against Mr. Bettison's b. c. by Sir Oliver, 3 yrs. ( J. Carter).. Duke of Hamilton's b. f. Bashful, 3 yrs. old 2 SirT. Mostyn's b. c. Tyrolean, by Pegasus, 4 yrs. old 3 Mr. Glover's b. h. Crisp, 4 yrs. old 4 Lord Grosvenor's br. f. Boadicea 5 Mr. Terrett's Maria Louisa, 4 yrs. old dis. The Dnke the favourite ; 2 to 1 against Sir Thomas Mos- tyn, and 3 to 1 against the Winner. A Match for 5ogi, each, p. p. Sst. each. Twice rsund the Course. John Egerton, Esq.' s b. li. Qttin, 4yrs. old ( B. Smith) i F. R. Price, Esq.' s b. b. The Twinkler, 4 yrs. old 2 10 to 4 against Qttin, who took the lead, was never headed, and won cleverly. Match for 100^. h. ft. Two Miles. ,1. Clifton, Esq.' s Roderle Dhu, Sst. 3lb. ( Carr) 1 Sir W. Huiiloke, Bart.' s Cheshire Round, Sst. 71b. ... 2 5 to 4 011 Sir Windsor; a fine race, and won with great difficulty. Same Day— a Maiden Plate, Value £ 50, the best of Heats, twice round the Course to a Heat; to start at the coming- in Chair. Three- year- olds, to carry bst. 12/ 6. four- year- olds, sst. five- year- olds, Sst. 8lb. six- year- olds and aged, 8st. 11/ 6. Mares and Geldings allowed lib. Matches and Sweepstakes excepted.— The second- best- horse to receive £ 10. Mr. Price's b. c. The Twinkler, 4 yrs. ( Spencer) 7 SirT. Stanley's b. c. by Remembrancer, 3 yrs. 1 Mr. Clifton's b. c. Jassmine, 4 yrs 2 Mr. Harris's b. f. 4 yrs. old 3 Mr. C. Chohnondeley's b h. Cheesefactor 4 Duke of Hamilton's b. c. Ashtonian, 4 yrs 6 Mr. Shaw's b, g. by Cesario, 4 yrs. old .*. 5 Two were drawn.— b to 4 against the Duke, 2 to Clifton, 3 to 1 against Sir Thomas Stanley, and 10 to 1 against the Winner ; after the heat, 2 to 1 on Sir Thomas ; after the second heat, 4 to 1 on The Twinkler.— A fine race. Tuesday, May 7.— A Sweepstakes of 20gs. each, p. p. for Fillies then three Years old, 8rf. each. Once round the Course and a Distance; to start at Distance Chair. I, ord Grey's b. f. Stella, 3 yrs. old ( Spencer) 1 Lord Grosvenor's b. f. Rerecynthia, 3 yrs. old 2 Mr. Clifton's b. f bySirUlic 3 Sir W. W. Wynu'sbr. f. by Meteor 4 Two paid forfeit.— 5 to 4 on Stella.— Won easy. Same Day— the Earl of Chester's Plate of lobgj. fourjyear- olds, to carry Sst. lib. five- year olds, sst. 10lb. six- year- olds and aged, 9st:— Winners of- one Plate, Match, or Sweepstakes to carry 5 lb. of two ylb. and ofthree or more 10/ 6. extra.— One Heat of three Times round the Course. Sir T. M. Stanley's g. c. Fitzjames, 4 yrs. ( Jackson) 1 Mr. Shaw's b. g. Harnblctou Jack, 5 yrs. old 2 Sir T. Mostyn's b. c. Tyrolean, by Pegasus, 4 yrs. old 3 Mr. Terrett's b. h. Weaver, 6yrs. old 4 Sir W. W. Wynn's b. h. Gleudwr, 4 yrs. old 5 Ten were drawn.—; to 1 oil Fitzjames, who was run home most gallantly by Hambleton Jack, and won with difficulty. Same day— Sixty Guineas ( clear), the Gift of T. Gro- venor and John Egerton, Esqrs. for three- year- olds,— Colts to carry 6st. Sib. Fillies, 6s<. 6lb.— four- year olds, Colts, sst. 4 li. Fillies, Sst. alb.— Two Mile Heats. Mr. Shaw's b. g. Cockspinner, 4y.( B. Smith) 4 2 11 Sir W. W. Wynn's ch. c. Toledo, 4 yrs. old 2132 Mr Benson's b. f. Black Eyes, 3 yrs. old ... 13 2 3 Mr. Terrett's Maria Louisa, 4 yrs. old 2 4 dr. Two were drawn — 5 to 2 on Sir Walkin, and 10 to 1 against Cockspinner; after the heat even betting ; after the second heat, 3 to t 011 Sir Watkin; after the third heat, 5 to 1 011 Cockspinner, who won in most capital stile, with great ease. Match for loogs. Two miles.— Sst. each. Mr. Benson's b. f. by Beningbrongh ( Spencer) 1 Mr. Mytton's b. f. by Diamond 2 7 to 4 ou Mr. Benson's filley, who won iu a canter. Wednesday, May 8— A Sweepstakes ofi'ZOgs. each, p. p. for three- year- olds.— Once round the Course and a Distance ; to start at the Dis'once Chair.— The Horses to be bona fide the Property of the Subscriber s— Colts to carry Sst 3lb. Fillies, Sst. Mr. Glover's b. h. Cross- bow, ( Carr) 1 Mr. Tarletou's b. c. Coxswain, 3 yrs. old 2 Mr. Hodgson's b. h. by Hambletonian 3 Duke of Hamilton's k c. by Bacchus, 3 yrs ;.-..... 4 Sir T. Mostyn's b. c by Gohaaua 5 Lord Grey's b. c. Planet, 4 yrs. old 6 Mr. Price's b. c. Flodoardo, by Waxy, 4 yrs. old 1 7 One was drawn.— Even betting 011 Bacchus ; a most capital race, hut won cleverly at the end. Same Day— the Annual City Plate, of Sixty Guineas ( clear), given by the Corporation ; the best of Heats— Three Times round the Course to a Heat, to start at the coming- in Chair.— Three- year- olds, to carry Gst. fib. four- year- olds, 8st five- year- olds, sst. 12lb. six- year- olds and aged, 9st 2lb. Mares and Geldings allowed alb. Mr. Benson's gr. h. Lntwyche, 4 yrs. ( Carr) ... 2 1 1 • Mr. Egerton's Cestrian, 6 yrs. old 1 2 2 SirW. W Wynn's Apollo, 6 yrs. old 3 3 3 Two were drawn.— 11 to 8 011 Cestrian ; after the heat even betting ; after the second beat, 6 to 1 on Lutwyche, who won with difficulty. Thursday, May 9.— A Sweepstakes, of 20gs. each, j, p. Two Miles, bona fide the Property of the Subscribers^ four- year- olds, to carry Jst. 12/ 4. five- year- olds, Sst To lb. six- year- olds, 9s<. 2 lb. and aged, gst. 5Z6. Mares ami Geldings lo be allowed sib. Mr. Clifton's b. c. Roderic Dhu, 4 yrs. old ( Carr) , Duke of Hamilton's gr. c. 4 yrs. old Lord Grey's b. c. Planet, 4 yrs. ol. l Mr. Egerton's Qnin Mr. Benson's b f. . Eglette, 4 yrs. old Mr Murray's brown colt, 4 yrs. old 6 lo 4 on iEglette.— A fine race. Same Day— a Cup, Value £ 70, the Gift of the Right Hon. Earl Grosvenorx the best of Heats', three Times roHnd the Course to a Heat ; to start at tie coming- in Chair.— Three- year- olds to carry 6?/. 4/ 6. four- year- otds, Sst. five- year- old,', 8si. 12/ 6. six- year- olds and aged Horses, yst. alb. Mares and Geldings al- lowed alb. Mr. Clifton's b. c. Jassmine,- 4 yrs. old ( Carr) 1 1 Mr. Shaw's b. g. Hambletou Jack, 5 yrs. old 3 2 Mr. Cbolmondeley's h. h. Cheesefactor 5 3 Lord W'ilton's br. f. Boadicea, by Alexander 6 4 Mr. Benson's g. h. Lutwyche, 4 yrs. old 2 dr. Mr. Glover's b h. Cross- bow 4 dr. Mr. Locklev's b. m Jenny Bang the Weaver dis. 7 to 4 011 thc field; after the heat, 2 to 1 011 Jassmine, who won by half a length. Friday, May 10— The Ladies' Purse, Value £ 50, the best of Heats, twice round the Course to a Heat, to start at the coming- in Chair.— Three- year- olds to carry 6. rf. 10/ 6. four- year- olds,^ Sit. five- year- olds, Sst 9/ 6. six- year- olds and aged, 8si. 12/ 6. Mares and. Geldings, allowed alb.— A Winner of one fifty to carry 3/ 6. extra, of two 5/ 6. and of three or more sib. Matches and Sweep- stakes excepted. Mr. Price's b. c. The Twinkler, 4yrs. ( Spencer) 7 1 1 Mr. Shaw's b. g. Hambleton Jack 3 2 2 Mr. Saunders'br. c. Thaddens, 3 yrs. old ...... 5 5 3 Sir W. W. Wyiin's Toledo 464 Mr. C. ChoImondeVey'sb. c. Cheesefaclor, 4 yrs. 6 4 5 Lord Grey's b. f. Monimia, 3 yrs. old 1 3 dis. Mr. Lockley's h. m. JennV Bang the Weaver... 2 7 to 4 against Lord Grey's filly ; after the beat even betting on the field; after the second lieat Hambletoii Jack the favourite; third heat Lord Grey's filly took the lead, hut was won by Spencer's superior jockey ship. ( there were few peers present).— Indeed the House was thin he should not press his amendment; but there was grtai defect in thc machinery of this bill, and tbe expenses weie so great that it appeared to him like an oyster when it Wat opened; for tire lawyer would eat the inside himself, ancone of the shells would be left for the debtor and the otter for the creditor—( A laugh).— The defects of it were ; < lf", 1 k .- hit lies so great, that they appeared almost impossible to be mend- 01 cronies, ed ; they reminded him of a baker and Mr. Pope, when Mr. Pope said " God mend me!" " Ah," said the baker, " he had better make half a dozen like me, than he at the trouble of mending such a crooked thing as you"—( A laugh).— The noble earl, after suggesting some other defects, said he should leave the bill 111 the hands of the noble and learned lord, who might cook it as he pleased, but if he did not admit some alterations, it would not be cooked at all to his taste.— The Earl of MOIRA suggested the propriety of avoiding debate, and for thc present let it proceed through the Committee ; which it accordingly did. HOUSE OF COMMONS. The Report of the Parish Apprentices' bill was taken into further consideration, read, and agreed to, and the bill ordered to be read a third time 011 Monday uext. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER submitted several Resolutions relative to the Countervailing Duties upon Spirits, and also one relative to an additional duty upon wash or wort made for the distillation of spirits from grain, which lie said, would produce a supply towards the service of the year lu the amount of £ 400,000. As the Countervailing Duties upon Spirits were unfair, in two parts of the united kingdom, as to the third part, the object of his Resolutions would go to remedy tbe defect: but as there might be vari- ous contradictory opinions upon the proper mode of doing it, he should merely this day submit certain Resolutions upon the subject, and propose that they Should be taken into consideration upon some future day. For this purpose he should submit two plans, leaving it for future election which of the two should be adopted. He begged at the same time to state, that he should 011 Monday move for leave to bring in a bill to prevent, for two months, the Spirit Intercourse between Ireland and Great Britain.— He then moved several Resolutions of tbe tendency he had stated, which were agreed to, and the Report was ordered to be received 011 Monday, Tbe Highway Bill was committed, and progress being reported, it was ordered to be recommitted upon Wednes day next. MONDAY, MAY 13. The Honsc resolved itself into a Committee, to take into consideration the Bullion Report.— Mr. VANSITTART, agreeable to notice, brought forward his counter resolutions to those proposed by Mr. Horner.— These were opposed. by Mr M agens, Mr. H. 1 hornton, and Mr. Canning ; the lat- ter of whom concluded a very animated sperch, condemn- ing the whole of Mr. Vansittart's resolutions, and wishing that the Bank would take warding, and adopt of them- selves, as soon . as possible, llie means of enabling lliem to make cash payments ; he moved that the chairman do leave the chair — A division took place on this amendment — Ayes 42— Noes 82.— Majority for the resolutions 40. HOUSE OF COMMONS, TUESDAY, MAY 14. Mr. DUNOAS obtained leave to bring in a bill for making an addition to the salaries of clerks and other charges for offices, in the service of India ; to restore military officers sentenced by courts- mai tial; aiid to authorise the company to take up ships by private contract, in case of unforeseen emergency. Mr. Secretary RY'DER obtained leave to bring in a hill to permit the interchange of the services of the English and Irish Militia respectively. The Report of the Bullion Committee was brought up, when the two first of Mr. Vansittart's Resolutions, after some opposition, were agreed to; and the further consider- ation of the report was then adjourned till to- morrow. WEDNESDAY, MAY 15. Mr. BRAND, in compliance with the wishes of many of his friends, ou account of the discussion as to Bullion not being finished, postponed his motion as to Parliamentary Reform, from this day to an early day iu the ensuing month, hut. be could not name it, as he had to- morrow to go to the country to perform some important duties. Mr. MORRIS obtained leave to bring in a bill to amend the 38th of George the Third, c. 52, to enable Justices to remand prisoners to thc prisons of their respective juris- dictions, till the execution of their sentences. COMMITTEE ON COTTON GOODS. Upon the motion of Mr. ROSE, the House went into a Committee to consider the act laying duties upon coltou wool; aud he therein moved " that an additional duty of one penny be imposed upon every pound of cotton wool im- ported or exported, cxccpt that from our possessions in the East andWest Indies."— Agreed to, and tne Report ordered to be received to- morrow. The House in a Committee to consider the East India Company's Petition, Mr. ROBARTS moved—" That leave be given to bring ill a bill to enable the East India Com- pany to raise a further sum of money upon bond, instead of increasing their capital stock ; and to alter and amend the 47th of bis present Majesty respecting their affairs."— Leave given. Upon the motion of Mr. ROSE, the House went into a Committee upon the act imposing duties on Pot and Pearl Aslies, wherein he moved uTliat a duty of 4s. 8d. be charged upon every bundled weight of pearl and pot ashes, not being the produce of our colonies "— Agreed to, and leave given to bring in the bill. On the motion of Mr POLE, leave was given to bring in a hill to appointCominlssiuners to establish a general system of education of the poor in Ireland, and to regulate the grammar schools. The Timber Duty bill was read a second time, and order- ed to be committed on Monday next. Mr. EusrilNGTON moved for the appointment of Com- missioners to prepare an estimate of the clothing of the militia for the year 1811 : which was agreed to. The remainder of Mr. Vansittart's Resolutions on Ihe Bnliion Report underw ent a discussion of some length ; in the course of which Mr. Thornton stated that he had this day been applied to by a Banker, to give BankTokens for 500 guineas in gold, anil a few days ago, to the amount of 300 in the same way.— This shewed the value of these Tokens. — Mr. Horner proposed several amendments, which were all negatived, and the original Resolutions passed. A remarkably fine cart marc, the property of Mr. Sharpe, miller, at Horsham, died one day last week, and on opening her a sloue, weighing illlis. and mea- suring 17i inches in circumferei ce, was taken from Ihe region of the kidneys. The parts adjoining were in such a slate of modification, that the original situation of the stone could not be ascertained. Fluor volatile alkali has been discovered in France, by M. Sage, lo be of great efficacy when taken inter- nally, in all cases of severe apoplexy. I11 a memoir read to the National Institute, he vouches the experi- ence of 40 years, for its beiug an immediate remedy, if employed on the first appearance of thc disease. The Speaker.— In D'Ewes's Journal, p. 159, we find, lhat in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the following extraordinary qualifications were deemed necessary to be united in the person and condition of a Speaker of the House of Commons :•— " On the 24th of October, 1597, one Yelverton, a Lawyer, was chosen the Speaker of the House of Commons. YVith an affected modesty he declined that office, oil account of the deformity of his person, and the poverty ot his estate, saying, * he that supplieth this place ought to be a man big and comely, stately, and well spoken ; his voice grave, his carriage majestical, his nature haughty, and his purse plentiful and heavy." This Yelverton was an ancestor of the late celebrated Irish J udge of that name. Swindlers.— Two respectable looking men lately took a house at Eckington, near Pershore; and, from their insinuating appearance and easy manners, they found tradesmen " nothing loath" to furnish their dwelling with every article suitable to the rank they assumed. Many industrious men at Pershore and its vicinily were eager to evince their promptitude in order to give salisfaction lo their exalted neighbours ; and several at Tewkesbury, with characteristic energy, lent their willing aid to deck out the villa al Eckington, which the impostors asserted they had only taken as a temporary residence, preparatory to their purchasing, when opportunity offered, an extensive estate in the rich and picturesque Vale of Evesham, with which they expressed themselves irresistibly enamoured. An upholsterer, in Tewkesbury, sent them goods to a very large amount; aud the clock- maker, china- man, brazier, saddler, & c. all more or less contributed towards the embellishment or conveniencies ofthe house, as did the taylor iu decorating their persons with three new suits But no sooner was the house com- pletely furnished, than the farce was at au end: the would- be gentlemen absconded, taking with them all the moveable goods; whilst a stranger, to whom they had given a bill of sale for an alledged debt, took possession of the remainder, and made preparations for selling off. Having, however, neglected to give the necessary notice to the excise, this aspiring knight of the hammer, who was strongly suspected of being- connected with the gang, was conveyed before a ma- gistrate to attest his qualfication to act as an auctioneer. He represented himself as being Mr. J. Kelly, of known respectability, of London, and produced documents to prove thc property to be his by assignment, declaring himself totally deceived in the persons Of the impostors. But the suspicions as to his real character increasing hy his asseverat ons and more recent conduct, the magis- trates fined him in the full penalty of £ 50, for selling without a licence. As he was not prepared to pay this unexpected demand, distress wis levied upon the goods, time being allowed for his going to London, in order to prove the uprightness of his conduct; but failing to return within Ihe stipulated period, the furniture was ordered to be sold ; and it is much to be regretted, that afler the fine and expenses are defrayed, very little if any will remain for the unfortunate creditors. Tho' the swindlers profited much less by this villainous scheme than they anticipated, many honest tradesmen are considerable sufferers; but such Vigilant measures have been adopted, as to encourage hopes that the principal in this nefarious transaction will speedily ba brougnt to answer for his conduct before a legal tri- bunal. He is a well- knov n character among the run- ners atBow- street; and occasionally passed, at Ecking- ton, by the names of Nayler and VValcheni; and t. ie other went by the names of Neale and North. They were accompanied bv two lads, who called Nayler their father, and Neale iheir uncle. We have been induced to enter thus minutely into the subject, in order to put the public 011 their guard against trusting too lar to specious appearances iu strangers. BANKRUPTS, MAY 11. Allen Benjamin, of Bedford^ fellmonger. May 20, 21, June 22, at the hwan Inn, Bedibiu.— Allen Richard, of Bedford, wool buyer. May 20, 21, June ' 22, at the Swan L. ri, Bedford.— Ault John, of Love- lane, East. Cheap, London, broker, May I 21, 26, June 22, at Guildhall, London.— Beck Thomas, of Upton, breiver, May 20, SO, June 22, at tlu Motley Arms Inn, Manclies er.— lllackmore Richard, of Tottenham Court Road, painter, May 14, 21, June 22, at ihe Guildhall, London Boraman Joseph, of Brighton. Place, Haciney Road, flour fac- tor, May" H, 21. Ju. c22, at Guildhall, London,— Brown Thomas, Leonard, 01 White Cross- street, Middlesex,' leather- pip. - maker, May 13, 23, June 22. at Gu'dtil. all, London.— Cabburn William, of liielpsAich Anus, Lower Thames- street, Loud 11. victualler, May 14, 23, June 22. at Guildhall— Cousins Witium, of Great Alie- street, Goodman',- fi. Id., broker, May 14, 23, June 22, at Guildhall, London.— Dicker George, of Norlhtawtou, Devon* shire, serge- maker. May 23, 24, June22, at the Hotel, Exeter. — Duke Elisabeth, and Duke Frances, ot Eltham, Kent, linen- dr.. per*, May 14, 25, June 22, at Guildhall, London.— Fitch WHIiain, of Surrey- street, St. and, tailor. May 14, 23, June 22, at Guildhall, London,— Flaxiuan John, of Dean- sticet, Red Lion Sqiiare, cheesemonger, May 14, 23, Juue 22, at tiie Guildhall, London.— Grimwood Daniel, ot' Kenniiigton- lane, Surrey, factor. May 14,23, June 22, at Guildliall, London.— Haddock Uriah, ot Bristol, colour- manutaclurer, Va\ 13, 2'), End June 22, at the Rummer Tavern, Bristol— Hall Robert Willis, of Cleinerl's lane, London, merchant, Ma. i4, 25, and June 22, at Guildhall, London.— Haywatd Jan? p, of Suflollc- street, Charing. cross, car- penter, May 14, 24, June 22, at Guildliatt, London.— Jones John, of Davies- atreef, St. George, Hanover- square, upholder,* May 14, 21, June 22, at Guddii& il, London.— Leman John, of Peony- fields, Poplar, Middlesex, viclualter, May 14, 21, Juue 22, at Guildhall, London•— Martin Thomas, and Ed/ cards John, ot High Holborn, blacking manutactuiers, May 14, 28, June 22, at Guildhall, London.— Pell Thomas, the younger, of Maidstone, cooper. May 14,25, June 22, at Guildhall, London — Paice Abraham, ol' Bridge- street, Lambeth, tea- dealer, May 14, 23, June22, at Guildhall, London,— Ponsfotd Mary, ot Drew steington, Dcvonsliiic, spinster, shopkeeper, lvtay 21, 22, June 22, at the Globe Tavern, Exeter.— Prebble John, llie younger, of Stratford How, Middlesex, miller, iVlay IS, 25, June 122, alGuildliall, London. — Robinson Thomas, of Liverpool, meiehant, June 4, 5, 22, at the GlolieTavern, Liverpool.— Robinson Thomas, ot'Roinford, Ks.- ex, Madame Catalani's appearance in scarlet and gold, under a blaze of jewellery, at the Porlnguese Ambas- sidor's fete, is said to have carried with it a presump- tion, in the opinion of many ladies of Portuguese, as well as English distinction, jfor which her vocal excel lence that night did not entirely atone. It was rather pettishly rernarked by lady C- , that she thought the woman was retained to sing, and not to dress tor the entertainment of Ihe company ! A conflict occurred . a few days ago in the Cork Ti; eatre. One of the vocal performers having up- braided a fuller in the orchestra with playing out of tune, the enraged musician rushed upon the stage, and broke the bridge of the actor's nose A principal actor at Rath, humorously, perhaps not inaptly, terms his benefit " A meeting of his creditors," nter, May 18,23, June22, atGuildhall, London.-- RoseWHliam^ Mratiord, Evsex, dealer, Mav 15, 28. June 22, at Ginl. lliall, L ndon.— Routhjohn, Le Mesurier Thomas, ami [ loath Henry Lloyd, ol Austin- friars, London, merchants, May 18, Juue 1, 22, al Guildhall, London — Shirvey William, of Cliailotte- strcel, Wlutectiapel. giocer, Mav 21, 23, June 22, at Guildhall, Loudon- — Stanley Joseph, and Fleming Thomas, of Deal, Kent, ship, agent--, May lb, 25, June 22, at Guildhall,' London.— Taylor William, of Beccles, Suffolk, hatter. May 20, 25, June 22, « t Guildhall, London.— Thomson William, of Manchester- build- ings, Westminster, merchant. May 14, 21, June 22, at Guildhall, London.— Thomas David, of Picket- street, Strand, linen- draper, May 18,25, June 22, al Guddhall, London.— Vandrunt James-, ot Bristol, dealer, May 13, 59, June 22, at thfc Hummer Tavern, Bristol.— WiiSiiam Samuel, ol the City Road, Old street, tavlor. May 21, 23, June 22, ai Guildhall, London.— Wood Richard, ot Market street, St. James's market, wine- merchant, M. iv 18, ' 25, June 22, at Guildhall, London,— Wood John Ellis, ai Ashl'ord, Kent, wine. merchant," May IS, Juue 1, 22, ut Gu'. ld- liall, London. MAY 14.]— Amick John, of Old Bond- street, Middlesex, per- fumer, May 20, 25, June 25, at Guildhall, London. — Berry Matthew, of Baruslev, York, hire, jroccr, May 23, 24, June 2/>, at llie Wliite Bear ton, Bartisley.— Hunt Richard, 01 King's Lynn, Norfolk, lailor and woollen draper, Mav 23, 24, June 25. at Guildhall, in King's Lynn.— Hvfam Christopher, aud William Henry, of Line house, Middlesex, sbip- cliaiulieis, May 25, June S, 25, at Guildhall, London.—- Jucobs John, of Walcot, Somer- set- bile, plaisteter, May 16, 25, June ' 25, at the Christopher Inn, Bath.- Keyes Robert, of Skinner- street, Loudon, victualler, May 21. 23, lune' 25, at Guildhall,— Robinson Isaac, of Whitehaven, Cumberland, mercer. June 5, 6, 25, at the Red Lion, While- haven.— Shaw Zachariah, ol Dudley, Worci'Ste^ hire, mercer and draper, June ti 7. 25, at the I itdeton Arms Inn, Penkridge, Staffordshire.— Saffcry James, of Canterbury, boufeeller, May 27, 33. June23, at 25, ai ihe Guildhall, Canterbury.— White- Henry, of George- stieet. Manchester- square, Middlesex, coal meichant, May 25, June 8, 23, at Guildhall, London.— White John, of Liverpool, tailor and draper, June 5, 6, 23, at the G lobe Tavern, Liverpool. Prinltd andpu! lished by W, Eddovts, Corn- Market, Skrtxsburj.
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