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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 902
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 08/05/1811
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 902
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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itr PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 18.] N°- 902. Wednesday, ftgg'rri CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. May 8, 1811. 3= 8 Price Sixpence Halfpenny. This /' ciper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining CourUies of ENGLAND and W w^ s.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence eaich. JmniimriViiii& iiiKiurHinnimiiiilJHHUIlinill ESTABLISHED AT NORWICH IN 1797- TRUSTEES, The Right Hon. EARL CRAVEN The Right Hon. EARL BERKELEY LORD SALTOUN Sir GEORGE ARMYTAGE, Bart. SyC. & r. & c. Secretary, Mr. THOMAS BIGNOLD . " N this Office, all the Premium is returned to the Injured, except what is wanted to defray the Losses and Expenses.-— TO YOUNG HOUSEKEEPERS. Just published, a neiv Edition, Price 4*. Boards, RRIHE FEMALE ECONOMIST ; or, A PLAIN SYSTEM I OF COOKERY, for the Use of Private Families. BY MRS SMITH. | Containing 850 valuable Receipts. * 4-* This is the cheapest and most useful Cookery Book extant. Just published, the Sixth Edition, Price 6.!. 6d. Boards, THE COMPLETE CONFECTIONER, or the Whole Art of Confectionary made easv. HY FREDERIC NUTT, Esq. London: printed for MATHEWS and LEIGH, NO. IS, Strand; and sold by W. EDDOWF. S, Shrewsbury, and all other Booksellers in Town aud Country. SPYRING AND MARSDEN's PURE LEMON ACID, FOR PUNCH. LEMONADE, SAUCUS, & c. FAMILIES, Taverns, and Inn?, will find il ex- tremelv convenient, as it suits every domestic Purpose, IN tliis Office, all the Premium u rewmea to cue srrureu, ^^ ^ ^ mon npcessary. office, s and Captains of is wanted to defray ^ Ussestwrf ! , w;„ find it partlcularlydesirable, as it is dry The ProDcrtv insured amounts to many millions— ana no i > ! ... . • .. • ,,, . ' new Policies are issued eJery Year- AN IN- ! and portable, and w, II retain it. Flavourm every CI, mat less than 5000 CREASE SCARCELY TO BE EQUALLED BY ANY OTHER OFFICE. The Returns are made at the Expiration of Seven Years from the Commencement of an Insurance, and the Officc always retains a Capital, so much more than sufficient to meet the Expenditure, that Dividends ot Ml. per Cent, have been made to all wliose Period of re- payment feae arrived.— Policies issued gratis. UNION LIFE INSURANCE OFFICE. TRUSTEES, The Most Nohle the MARQUIS TOWNSHEND The Right Hon. EARL BERKELEY The Right Hon. EARL CRAVEN LORD SALTOUN & c. & c. & e. Secretary— Mr. THOMAS BIGNOLD Actuary— Mr. RICHARD MORGAN. THE Advantages of Life Insurance may be in some Degree illustrated by a single Example : A Person aged 28, can, by an annual Payment of £ 23, 6s. 8u. insure £ 1,000 to his Executors; and thus, at a moderate Expense, secure his Family from Distress. THE RATES OF THIS OFFICE ARE NEARLY £ 10 PER CENT, LOWER THAN THOSE OF OTHERS. The Profits are divided amongst the Insurers, by Addi- tions to the Sums secured by their Policies. No Charge is made for Entrance Money, Non- appearance at the Office, Policy Fees, or Neglect qf paying the Premiums in due Time, ( except the Interest lost by the Delay.) The Office makes a liberal Allowance for the Policies, if the Insured cannot continue to pay the Premium. So universal is the Preference given to this Institution, that its Funds are increasing at the Rate of £ 20,000 ptr Annum, and it already ranks among the first Establish- ments ofthc Kingdom. Persons wishing to be Agents are requested to apply to the Secretary.—{ One Concern. J ~~ FOOTMAN WANTED, EITHER IN OR OUT OF LIVERY*: HE muBl perfectly understand his Business, and bring a good Character for Honesty, Sobriety, Cleanliness, and good Temper — Good Wages will be git- en.— Apply to THF. PRINTER for a Reference. BUTLER WANTED! WANTED, a BUTLER, in a Family in the Country. — Apply to the PRINTER OF THIS PAPER. 30th April, 1811. ~ A BULL, Of the true and improved short- horned D VRIIA M BREED, WILL serve Cows at WYTHEFORD H ALL, near Shaw- bury, at ONE GUINEA.— He is now only two Years old, and defended from the Stock of Mr. CHARLES COL- LINS, of Ketton, in that County, whose famous Bull Comet was sold last Year for ONE THOUSAN D GUINEAS. Wytheford Hall, May < ith, 1811. Prepared only at 163, Borough, London, and sold in Bottles at Cs. 6( 1. by Mr. SCOLTOCK, in Shrewsbury, and bv most Druggists, Libraries, nnd Confectioners. Where also may be had, their PORTABLE LEMONADE, which only requires the Addition of Water, in Packi. ts, Price 2s. Please to observe their Name on the Bottle nnd Wrapper, as the Label and Directions have been imitated by several Jews going about tbe Country, deceiving Shopkeepers and others, by selling a spurious Article; making any Al- lowance to get ready Money. KICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. respectfully inform the Public that tbe STATE LOTTERY, con- tabling Sixty Capitals, will all be drawn on the KING'S BIRTH- DAY. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of £ 20,000 ... are ... £ 80,000 24 1,000 24,000 30 50( 1 16,000 60 "" 50 3,000 1,000 25 25,000 1,000 20 20,000 2,000 .... 16 32,000 West and North Regiments OF SHROPSHIRE LOCAL MILITIA. TRAINING AND EXERCISING. NOTICE is hereby given to all Persons enrolled in the said Regiments, Thatlhey are to appear at the TOWN- HALL, in SHREWSBURY, in fhe Count) of Salop, on SATURDAY, the EIGHTEENTH Day of MAY, 1811, at twelve o'Clock at Noon, to be trained and exercised for fourteen Days, exclusive of the Days of arrival at, and return from Shrewsbury ; being the Time and Place appointed by the Lord Lieutenant, and General Meeting of Lieutenancy for the said Counly : And that every Person ( not labouring under any In- firmity incapacitating him) who shall not appear at the said Time and Place, is deemed a De= erterS and, if not taken until after the Time of such Exercise, forfeits the Sum of TWENTY POUNDS, which if not immediately paid, he will be committed to the common Gaol, thereto remain without Bail or Mainprize for the Space of six Months, unless he shall in the mean Time pay the said Penalty; and that every such Defaulter w ill be proceeded against with Rigour. All th- Non- commissioned Officers, Drummers, and Privates, who come furnished with all their proper Necessaries, and with their Knapsacks in proper Order and Repair, will have the Bounty of Ten Shillings and Sixpence allowed by Government, some Time before the End of the Meeting. There will be an early In spection of Necessaries, and those Things that are wanting will be ordered from fhe Stores by the Captains of Companies, and charged to those who are Defaulters. The Serjeants will attend at the Time and Place afore- said , to deliver out Billets. I. OXDALE, Clerk qf the General Meetings. West and North Shropshire REGIMENTS OF LOCAL MILITIA. April 15 th, 1811. ORDF. RS FROM THE WAR OFFICE. 1H0SE Local Militiamen who may be resident within the Place where the Regiment to which fhey belong shall be assembled for Training and Exer- cise, are to receive Pay and Allowance as in Stationary Quarters only, for the Day preceding the Commence- ment, and the Day subsequent to Ihe Termination of the fourteen Days Exercise, which they have been ordered to perform during the present Year FRANCIS LEE, R. SALTER, RED LION INN, BROAD STREET, LEOMINSTER. ELISABETH SCOBLE, Widow ofthe late GeorgeSeoblc, returns her best Thanks ; to the Friends of her late Husband, for the liberal Encouragement he received during the Time he occupied the above Inn, begs leave to inform them and the Public in general of her Intention fo carry on the Business, respectfully solicits their Patronage, and humbly hopes, by sedulous Attention, to merit and obtain the Continuance of those Favours so Kindly conferred on him. Neat Post Chaises, with good Horses and careful Drivers.— April 24, 1811. WANTED immediately, a stout active Boy, as a PORTER to a Grocer.— None need apply whose Character for Honesty apd Sobriety will not bear tbe strict- est Scrutiny.— For Particulars enquire of THE PRINTER. i , NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THE CREDITORS of Mr. THOMAS COOKE, late of WEM, Mercer, are requested to meet the Assignees ou urgent and particular Business, at the WHITE HORSE, in WEM, ou WEDN ESDAY, May 16, at ten o'Clock in the Forenoon. IrL AN YM Y NECII. ~ TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, ANEAT comfortable HOUSE, fit for the Reception of a small genteel Family, consisting of a good Kitchen and Parlour, four Bed Rooms, with suitable Offices, in good Repair, together with a two stalled Stable, and an excellent Garden well stored with Fruit Trees, situate in tbe pleasaut Village of LLANYMYNECH, in theCounty of'Salop. For Particulars enquire of Mr. TAYLOR, at the Cross Keys, in Llanymynech aforesaid. NEVVTON's NEW QUARTO EDITION OF THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST. LONDON. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. DOWNINC- STREET, APRIL 30, 1811. The following Extract was this morning received from Viscount Wellington, dated Nissa, April 18, 1811. Having made arrangements for the blockade of Almeida, and having reason to believe that the enemy's army will not be iu a situation for some time to attempt to relieve that place, even if they should be so inclined, 1 have taken advantage of the momentary discontinuance of active oper ations in that quarter to go into Estremadura, tothe corps i , OU' ™ S ™ under Marshal Sir W. BeFesford, and I have got thus far on i courage to declare, that a King holds his Ci my way.— Lieut. Gen. Sir B. Spencer remains in conimand ! ' or Vle K°< M » tlle people." A sentiment This Dav is published, Price only Sixpence, Embellished with a Portrait of OUR SAVIOUR, finely engraved by Hopwood : NUMBER I to be continued Weekly, of THE EVANGELICAL HISTORY of the LI FE aod ACTIONS of our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHKIBT. Containing an Account of his Sufferings, Death, Resur- rection and Ascension, and of the Miracles, Discourses, and Events, recorded in the Gospels. To which is added, The Lives of the Apostles, Evangel- ists, Primitive Martyrs, a Chronological Table of tbe Affairs relative to the Church, from the Birth of Christ till the Reign of Constantine the Great; and a copious Index : with an Introduction, containing, an Essay on the Evi- dences of Christianity, and a complete View of the Old Testament Prophecies relative to the Messiah. WITH CRITICAL AND EX PL AN A TORY NOTES. By the Rev. JAMES NEWTON, L. L. D. The many Editions of the LIFE of CHRIST, which have of late issued from the Press, seem to preclude the Neces- sity of a New One, but the Author and Publisher, without meaning to depreciate any contemporary Publication, feel confident that all has not been done that might be done to furnish the Christian Reader with an elegant and complete History of the Life and Actions qf our blessed Lord and Saviour. To render this Edition ofthe LIFE OF CHRIST more par- ticularly acceptable, no Expense has been spared to collect tbe most interesting Subjects for the Engraver, and Ihe Manner the Embellishments are executed reflect equal Credit on the Artist. The Types are New, and cast pur- posely for Ihe Work, mid the Paper is of the first Manu- facture. Every Number shall contain twelve Pages of LetterPress, handsomely printed. Every alternate Num- ber a superb Engraving, and the Whole completed in fifty Numbers London: published by J. Stratford, No. 112, Holborn- Hill; sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury; aud by all Booksellers and Newsmen. ot the corps 011 the frontiers of Castile. Nothing of im- portance lias occurred in that quarter since I addressed your Lordship ou the 9th inst. The enemy retired entirely from the Agueda ; and, it is reported, that some of their ; troops had gone back as far as Zamora and Toro, upon the Douro.— Marshal Sir W. Beresford was not able to effect his passage across the Guadiana as soon as he expected ; and the enemy have introduced some provisions into Badajoz and Olivenra. Sir W. Beresford's advanced guard crossed the Guadiana 011 ihe. 1th inst.; and I am concern- ed to report, that a squadron of the 13th light dragoons, which were 011 picket under Major Morres, were surprised ; on tbe night ofthe tith, by a detachment ofthe enemy's cavalry from Olivenfa. I have not received the return" of the loss upon this occasion, but I am informed that'the { whole squadron, with the exception of 20 men, were taken prisoners. The enemy have since retired, as 1 am informed, entirely from Estreniadura, leaving small garrisons in Ba- dajoz and Gliven^ a. Marshal Sir W. Beresford has taken a position to invest both Badajoz and Olivenpa. A detachment from the 5th army, which is now com- manded hy Gen. Castanos, is, I understand, at Merida. Since I last addressed your Lordship, Gen. Zavas had again landed the troops under his command, and had again embarked them, and returned to fcadiz. Gen. Ballasteros' division alone therefore continues in the Condado di Nieb- la; but from a letter from Mr. Wellesley, ofthe ntli, I learn that Gen. Blake was himself about to come into the j Coudado di Niebla to take the command of Gen. Ballas- i teros' division, and the troops which had beeu under the i command of Gen Zayas, and which were to return to that quarter. Gen. Blake had expressed an anxious desire to co- operate with Marshal Sir W. Beresford. Gen. Castanos lias been appointed to command the army in Gullicia, as I well as the 5th army, lately the army of the left, command- C'd by the late Marquis of Romana. < t. | The following Dispatch and Extracts were this morning received from C. Stnart, Esq. his Majesty's Minis- ter at Lisbon, under date tbe 20th iust. stating that the garrison of Olivenf a, consisting of 310 men, surrendered at discretion to the allied army 011 the 14th inst. and was marched to Elvas.— Marshal Mortier, with 4000 men, was in the neighbourhood of Llerena, having detached a move- able column, uuder Gen. Martiniere, by the way of Almaraz, towards Toledo. Gen. Beresford, w ith that part of the allied army which does not form the siege of Badajoz, was in the neighbourhood of Santa Martha.— The corps of Gen. Ballasteros had its head- quarters in Segura di Leone on the 12th; his cavalry was at Zafra 011 the 13th, 011 which day Lord Wellington left Villa Fevmosaon theCoa tojoiu the army in Estreniadura. Tbe brilliant successes of the allied army have been cele- brated by every demonstration of joy w hich can mark the gratitude ofthe Portuguese for the exertions ofthe British in their behalf, and the satisfaction inspired by the salva- tion of their country.— Te Deum has been sung in the churches ; the city has been illuminated ; and shortly after the publication of the proclamation, enclosed in a former dispatch, the letters, of which 1 have the honour to enclose copies, were addressed to I. ord Wellington and Marshal Bercsford, by the Government and tile Minister. 20,000 Tickets £ 200, noo • | Pay masters. Tickets and Shares are selling at Shrewsbury, by W. EDDOVVES, Printer, Market Drayton, 11. GRANT, Post Master, For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. London, where in the present aud last Year's Lotteries, they sold 3 Prizes *> f £ 20,000, 1 of £ 2, noo, 5 of £ t, ooo, & c. & c. RATES OF CARRIAGE. THE Justices assembled at tlie Easter General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for tbe County of Salop, and the Town and Liberties of Shrewsbury, 1811, respectively have, pursuant to the Statutes made 111 the 5th Year of King William aud Queen Mary, and theaist Year of King George the 2d, assessed and . ated the Prices for Land Carnage of Goods as follow -*, viz. For the Carriage of all Goods and Parcels whatsoever ( except Money, Plate, or Jewels) brought into and delivered in anv Place within the said County, or Town or Liberties, from this Sessions until the Easter Sessions, 1812, by any Coach or such like Carriage, Three Halfpence per Hundred Weight of 112lb. per Mile, nnd so in Proportion for a greater or less Quantity ; except Parcels of lSlb. Weight or under ; and for such Parcels one Shilling and Eight- pence from London to Shrewsbury, and so iu Proportion for any greater or less Distance. For the Carriage of all Goods and Parcels ( except Money, Plate, or Jewels) brought into aud delivered in any Place within the said County, or Town or Liberties, from this Sessions until the Easter Sessions, 1812, by any Waggon or such like Carriage, Three farthing's per Hundred Weight qf 112* 6. per Mile, and so in Proportion for a greater or less Quantity ; except Parcels of 12lb. Weight or under, and for such Parcels one Shilling and Sixpence from London to Shrews- bury; and so iu Proportion for any greater or less Distance. Tbe said Rates and Prices to include every Expense and Charge whatever for the Carriage of such Parcel or Parcels to the Place where the same shall be delivered. LOXDALE. SWEDISH SOAP, MiLFOHD HAVEN, SOUTH WALES. Montgomeryshire Local Militia. T ING, HIS NEW SOAP will be found beyond al! comparison the best preparation known for the M1LI - & c. OF WOOLLEN CLOTH, & c. and to be a most important improvement. Made onlv as ordered, and sold in CHESTS I'BICE FIFTEEN POUNDS STERLING BACH, con. taining in general abontTHREIi HUNDRED WEIGHT, but regulated always by the current value of LONDON CURD SOAP, it bearing the same Price. ORDERS for any quantity not less than a Chest in Tost Paid Litters ( enclosing Remittances in Bankers' Paper, or they will not be attended to), addressed to the Sole Manu- factuieis, THE MILFORD- 1) AVF. N SOAP AND ALKALI COMPANY, PEMBROKE, will be executed within IhreeWeeks' Notice, and delivered free of Expense at any of the principal l> orts in the UNITED KINGDOM. * J » No CREDIT xhatever. TRAINING AND EXERCISE. NOTICE is hereby given to such Persons as are enrolled in the EASTERN Regiment of Montgo- meryshire Local Militia, and have nol been trained with the Loral Militia in any preceding Year, that they are to assemble at the TOWN HALL, in WELSH 1' OOL, in the said County, 011 THURSDAY, the NINTH Day of MAY, 1811, at 12 o'Clock at Noon; and to such Persons as are enrolled in the WESTERN Regiment of Montgomeryshire Local Militia, and have not been trained in any precedingYear, that they are to assemble at the TOWN HALL, in MACHYNLLETH, on FRI- DAY, the TWENTY- FOURTH Day of May, 1811, al 12 o'Clock at Noon, being seven Days next preced- ing the assembling the Rest of the above named Regi- ments for Training and Exercising ; during which seven Days they will be under the Command of the Adjutant and those non- commissioned Officers who are retained 011 permanent Pay. Notice is hereby also given to all other Persons who have been sworn and enrolled to nerve in the Local Militia of the County of Montgomery, that they are to appear at Ihe Times and Places undermentioned, to be trained and exercised for 14 Days, exclusive of the Day of arrival at; and returning from, the Head Quar- ters of the Regiment, such Times and Places having been appointed for such Purposes by the Lieutenancy of the said County. All the Men serving inthe Eastern Regiment at the TOWN HALL, in WELSH POOL, in the said Countv, 011 THURSDAY, the 16th Day of MAY next, at 12 o'Clock at Noon, when aud where the Non- commis- sioned Officers will attend to give them Billets. All the Men serving in the Western Regiment at the TOWN HALL, in MACHYNLLETH iu the said Countv, on FRIDAY, the 31st Day of MAY next, at 12 o'Clock at Noon, when and where the Non- com- missioned Officers will attend to deliver Billets. All the Serjeants, Corporals, and Drummers in both Regiments who are on permanent Pay, are commanded to " appear at the Head- Quarters of their respective Regiments seven Days previous to the Day so appoint- ed for assembling and exercising. Such Nou- co 111 mis- sioned Officers not appearing at the Times and Places appointed for them to appear, will be reduced to the Ranks, and subject to Trial by a Court Martial. Every private Man ( not labouring uuder any Infirmity incapacitating him) whoshall not appear at the said times and Places, will be deemed a Deserter, and if not taken till alter the Time of such Exercise, will forfeit the Sura of £ 20, and if nol immediately paid, he will be com- mit ed to the common Gaol, there to remain without Bail or Mainprize for six Months, or tho Payment of such Penalty. J. LL. JONES, Clerk of the General Meetings. Maesmawr, S5th Afrit, 1811. ^ aic0 bv auction. DESIRARI. F. FREEHOLD PROPERTY, CASTLE INN, WOLVERHAMPTON. BY RANDLE WALKER, On Thursday, the 9th Day of May, 1811, at four o'Clork iu the Afternoon, at the Castle lun, in Dudley Street, Wol- verhampton, subject to Conditions then and there to be produced ; ALL the aforesaid well- accustomed Inn, Taveru, and Market House, called the CASTLE INN, now in full Business; consisting of two Parlours in Front, Bar and large Tap Room, best Kitchen and Parlour backwards, large Dining Room in Front, 40 ft. by | 4; fourteen Chambers and Attics ; Cellaring under the whole ( Ground Floor, large Cooking Kitchen, Brewhonse, aud Pump of excellent Water; Stabling for 40 Horses, small Dwelling- House be- hind, and entire Yard, which lias a back Way, with Lock- up folding Gates, Garden walled ill contiguous, containing 5O0 square Yards, Granary, Coal house, with Storerooms over the sam'c, and every other Convenience; the Whole of which are now in the Possession of Miss Barney. The Stock, Good- Will, and Furniture, to be taken at a fair Valuation, and Possession may be had at Midsummer next. Most Illustrious and Most Excellent Lord Viscount Wellington, KB. Marshal General, Commander in Chief. Your Excellency's Dispatch, dated the ptb inst. having been laid before us, and your Excellency's glorious and transcendent services in the course of tbe present campaign having beeu duly considered, v. e have high satisfaction in testifying Our just admiration of theexaited achievements which have immortalized your Excellency's name, sus- tained the honour of tlwd combined armies, and delivered this kingdom the third time from the oppression of our enemies.— The conduct of the army having justified the confidence of their Chief, aud fulfilled the expectations of the allied nations, we are desirous that your Excellency do make known to the whole army that the Government and the country are amply repaid for their exertions and sa crifices, hy the wisdom, valour, and discipline displayed by the Generals, Officers, and Privates of w hich that army is composed.— We w ill lay before his Royal Highness, in the distinctest manner, the events which have taken place, re- commending to his roval notice the services of an army which has covered itself with glory under your Excellency's command— Your Excellency cannot fail of deriving high gratification from the result of your plans aud labours, which, crowned with the most eminent success and public opinion, leave nothing wanting to satisfy the heart of the illustrious warrior by whom tbev were conceived and ac- complished. May God preserve your Excellency ( Signed) PATRIARCH ELECT. PRINCIPE? SO COUNT REDONDO. CHARLES STI'ART. R. NOGUIF. R. D. M. PEREIRA FORJAS. Palace of Government, April 17, 1811. Part of the Purchase Money may remain 011 Security of the Premises. Miss BARNEY will shew the Premises ; anj for further Particulars apply to Mr. T. PRICE, Solicitor, Wolver- hampton, or THE AUCTIONEER, at Penn. SALE OF PART OF THE GENUINE, TRULY VALUABLE, AND MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Oil Paintings and Engravings, Plate, Linen, China, Glass, Table Services qf Earthenware. Stock qf choice Old Wines and Spirits, handsome Town- built Carriage, with other VALUABLE ARILCLES,' BY F. HALLEY, On the Premises of M. A. SLANEY, of SHIFFNAL, in the County of Salop, ( 1 Bankrupt), on Wednesday, the 15th, Thursday, tbe 16th, Friday, the 17th, and Saturday, the 18th of May Instant, 1811. riMIIS Sale will comprise the following Apartments, & c. I Attics aud Chambers from Number 1 to Number 13 inclusive, Passages, Dressing Room, School Room, Morning Room, Staircase, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Study, Hall; Plate, Linen, China, Glass, Table Services, Wiues, Spirits, and Carriage. Catalogues will be ready for Delivery, in due Time, al Messrs. Wood and Watton, Printers, Salop; Messrs. Gower and Smart, Wolverhampton ; Mr. Silvester, Newport; Mr. Houlston, Wellington; and THE AUCTIONEER, Shiffnal. N. B. In a short Time, the REMAINDER ofthe FUP- NITURE will be sold, comprising the following Apart- ments :— Housekeeper's Room, Servants' Hall, Butler's Pantrv, Kitchen, Laundry, Brew house, Scullery, Dairy, Store Room, Cellars, Yard, Garden, Stables, & c. & c. At the Cross Foxes Inn, in Oswestry, iu the County of Salop, 011 Wednesday, the 22d Day of May, 1811, between the Hours of four and six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced : ALL that MESSUAGE or Tenement, called PONT- RICKETT, with about 35 Acres of most excellent Arable, Pasture, and Meadow LAND, situate upon the Banks of the River Ceiriog, in the Parishes of Llansiliu and Ltancadwalader, iu the County of Denbigh, now in the Holding of Thomas Jones, as Tenant from Year to Year, at • th e yearly Rent of £ 60. The above Farm has an exclusive Right of Common on the adjoining Hills, which will depasture about 300 Sheep ; lies within six Miles of Oswestry, aud live of Llangollen, both good Market Towns. The House and Buildings arc in good Repair, and a con- siderable Part of the Laud may be irrigated at a small Expense. The Tenant will shew the Estate; and further Particulars known upon Application to Mr. EDWARDS, Solicitor, in Oswestry. Most Illustrious and Most Excellent Sir W. C. Beresford, K. B. Marshal Commander in Chief of the Portuguese Army. The combined armies having driven the enemy beyond tbe northern and southern frontier, with as mucli glory to the forces allied as advantage to tbe just cause they defend, the Governors of the kingdom have authorised me to ac- knowledge, in their name, the high and distinguished ser- vices for which the Portuguese nation is indebted to your Excellency in quality of Marshal, Commander in Chief of her armies.— If the success of anus be the result of valour and discipline, to your Excellency it is attributable, that intention of opposing, by every means in their power, a war with Great Britain. At some public dinners which have recently been given in those States, the following toasts w ere drank—" King George the Third" —" May wo nevar forget the land in which the bones of our ancestors are buried." At the AnnivetsHry Dinner of the Subscribers to the Westminster Library, held at the Freemason's Tavern, on Friday last, the noble President, the Earl of Moira gave the following toast:—" The Prince who had rown solely . _ . . which was received by the company with the most unbounded applause. Among Ihe sacrifices fo hniard, a rich Commoner is mentioned. The sura lost has not been named. The three winners h" sve, it is said, kindly consented to take an annuity of £ 600 for their different lives. THURSDAY, MA. Y 2. The Whiting schooner, Lieutenant Maxey, arrived on Tuesday at. Plymouth, from Cadiz, after a passaga of II days. By her we have received accounts from that city to the 18th last. On the 15th a force of 7000 Spanish troops had sailed with ail intention to effect a lauding to the north- west, between St. Lucar and the Guadiana. This was the expedition which the last advices announced was to sail under Gen. Blake. It would probably land at Moguer, or perhaps a little farther up at. Ayamonte, at the mouth of the Guadiana, and thence follow the line of inarch taken by Ballasteros. Gen. Castanos, who succeeds to the command of the remnant of Kornana', army, had readied the banks of that river. Gen. Beresford was at Zafra on the I7lh ; and from Lord Wellington's own dispatch we learn, that his Lordship had reached Nissa 011 the South of the Tagtis 011 the I8. I1. The whole of these forces would, o' course, be in a few days iu immediate co- operation wifh Ballasleros; aud from their positions we may anticipate important results. ThBir movements would soon bring them close in the rear of the army under Marshal Victor, employed in the siege of Cadiz", and as that is hot competent to encounter So great a force, it would probably fail hack upon Seville, and join the corps of Mortier and Soult, which at the date of the last accounts separated tu meditate a junction at that city. The twd armies having thus united all their parts, and being brought nearly into contact, a batlle would probably soon ensue, unless Morlier, following the example of Massena, should prefer a retreat. Some persons consider his sending off a corps in the direction of Toledo, as indicative of this latter disposition. It is certainly difficult 10 conceive any plausible reason for sending any part of his force, however small, to so great, a distance, if he meditated a battle ; for it is generally supposed that the Allies, consisting ofthe British, Por- tuguese, and Spanish, united, under Lord WeUin ' fou, Marshal Beresford, and Generals Ballasteros, Blake" aud Castanos, would bo more than equal in numbers to his whole force. The following letter from an Officer in the Portu- guese cavalry wilh Marshal Berfesford, gives an account of a most brilliant affair which took place near Zafra :— " Zafra, April 27 — Yesterday we had a smart affair with the enemy s cavalry, amounting to 800 men, at Los Santos, a village two miles from hence. The Marshal headed our Portuguese cavalry himself: we charged the French borse broke their line, and pursued them four leagues at a hard, gallop We took 200 prisoners and 73 horse's, exclusive of the killed. \\ e scarcely lost a man or horse. We have al= o taken a prize more valuable— 4,000 rations of bread, aud the same quantity of brandy. As an example to the Por- tuguese, Marshal Beresford puts himself forward in every instance in the most conspicuous manner, and they have nobly followed his lead. Upon this signal occasion we broke the French cavalry in a style that attracted the admi- ration of the English." This account must be truly gratifying fo all who have observed the effects of British discipline and example 011 the Portuguese people. It may serve to shew us what would be the consequence if the Spaniards would follow the example. Lord Kllenherough has directed the followiti" New General Rule to be'published to ths Pracliticners'of the Court of King'* Bench, viz. " That from and alter this day, in alt causes to he tried in the Sittings after Term, at Guildhall, London, notice of trial be served 011 ( he parties, either for the first Sitting Day, or for ttie Ad- journment Day, at the option of the Plaintiff; and that ,... '"' ob notice, if the parties reside more thuu 40 miles, PiiiNCirt =' soL' 7. A. i then four days before such Sitting Day." " 0 | The Prince Regent of Portugal has been pleased to direct that the Admiral of his " Royal Armada, George | Berkeley, Commander in Chief of the naval Forces in I that. Kingdom, shall receive double pay from the date ! of his patent; and that the Royal Junta of the Naval j Treasury shall see to the execution of the necessary orders for realizing this grant.— Another Decree, ap- ! points Sir Thomas Hardy Chief of Division of the Royal Armada, with double pay. James Allan Rarke, Esq. is mentioned as the successor of Serjeant Cockel!, iu the office of Attorney- General for the county palatine of Lancaster. A11 experiment of an improved method of c. liar troops, only the other day mostly recruits, have been en- with the bayonet, took place a few davs a » - o bv abled to conduct themselves like experienced veterans, and detachment of the Royal Marines, in presence of the to deserve so eminently of the sovereign and their coun- T . ., .., . . .1^' icseui. e 01 me try — The Government will lay before lus Royal Highness, L(' rds ol Admiralty, and a Committee ot Marine with au especial recommendation, the merits and glorious Officers. The wtiole plan contains many very superior achievements of his army, and desire that your Excellency advantages over the present system, particularly in do make known to thewholeof that army, in the most im enabling- Ihe rear- rank men to use their muskets at the pressire manner, the high estimation 111 which their ser- rkar„. will. aimiUr eflfoei ond , i n,„ ... . vices are held. Tbe army have amply fulfilled the expec. charge, with similar ettect, and at the same moment, as tations of their country; and so long as she shall preserve the.' rimt riU, k> causing the men to stand in a stronger the recollection of events so glorious, the distinguished position, and enabling them either to attack or defer: I, chief who disciplined and commanded that army will ever at one instant, front the front and rear. It appears to be present to her grateful memory— I have particular be particularly adapted to rCnel any attack that 111 iv satisfaction in communicating tbe sentiments of the Go- ! be ,{ laJe by ^ enemy's boarders in a naval engagement. .. the sentiments of the Go- vernors of the kingdom towards vonr Exceltcucy, being precisely those I have ever invariably entertained. May God preserve your Excellency. ( Signed)" D. MIGUEL PEREIRA FORJAZ. Palace qf Government, April 19, 1811. WEDNESDAY, MAY 1. French Papers have arrived, but the only novelty in them is a Report to the Emperor, respecting a. i alleged j plot for putting Belleisle into our hands. Mr. Macken- j zie, to whom the French Government seems to bear a great antipathy, is stated to have been privy to this affair. The story is very lamely told, but if there be any truth in it, the Swiss Government must have com- mitted a curious blunder, in considering the removal of two battalions of their 4th regiment from Britanny to Paris as a mark of honourable distinction. The letters from Paris are to the 26th. They are filled with accounts of fresh bankruptcies. Among the most recent failures are the firms of Babert and Co. closely connected with the firm of Hope and Co. at Amsterdam ; Doyen and Co.; and Pierlot and Co.— " Such," adds one of the letters, " are the happy effects of the Continental System I" A letter from a gentleman of great respectability in America, states, that a general opinion seems to prevail, that a separation of the States is an event likely to happen at 110 very distant period. The inhabitants of the Northern States are very much dissatisfied with the proceedings of the Government, and openly avow their The plan met with entire approbation ; and it ported that il will be apopteil. Bank Notes.— We are sorry to learn that a vast number of forged notes, purporting to be those ofthe Bank of England, are in circulation, particularly on this coast, to an alarming extent; we have heard to ths amount of £ 200,000, having been recently imported into Ibis country, from France aud Holland, where it is said they are manufactured!— we know not to what extent tlie evil may extend. Several £ 5, £ 10, and even £ 20, of these notes have already been detected j and numerous £ 1 of the same description are in circu- lation— indeed at Folkestone, aud some other places, the notes of the Bank of England are almost generally refused in payment, from this circumstance; and we hope some steps will be immediately adopted to put a stop to them. Two £ 5 were recently passed through the Dover Union Bank ; and a £ 20 liofe was remitted to town by a respectable tradesman iu Dover, a few days since, which proved to be a forgery. We should recommend every person to keep the numbers of the notes wh ch pass through Iheir hands, or have them previously indorsed by the person who passes them. We look upou this to be a very necessary precaution, as it is a matter of the most serious consequence to trades people iu general; for if the Bank of England can. be so readily imitated, how easy must it be to for° e the provincial notes of this aud other countics 1— ( Canter- bury Paper.) LONDON. FRIDAY, MAY 3. Cadiz papers on the 18th ultimo have arrived, and letters to the same date.— The intelligence from the different quarters of Spain is of a very favourable na- ture, the papers being filled with accounts of Hie successes of the Guerillas arid other Spanish corps iu • different parts of the Peninsula. It appears that the proposal for giving Lord Wellington the command of part of the Spanish forces has occasioncd much discus- sion.— The Cortes have commenced a discussion on the Abolition ofthe Slave Trade, the iniquity of which, we hope, will soon he removed from Spain, as it has from Great Britain.— The friends of humanity will, however, deplore that in the former country, the torture remained to be abolished in the present age.— Complaints have been made to the Cortes of unjust arrests, and a law similar to our liabens Corpus is loudly demanded by the political writers in the Cadiz journals. These papers are still occupied with the discussions respecting the battle of Barros: i. The following is an extract from one ofthe private letters : " Cadiz, April 17.— The expedition which lately sailed from this port under General Zayas, after communicating with Ballasteros, has returned." Another expedition lias however sailed. It consists of above 10,000 men, under the command of General Regent Blake, Zayas is second in command. Though a secret expedition, it is known they are going to form a junction with General Castanos, who is in the neighbourhood of Seville, commanding Romana's army, as also wilh Ballasteros and Marshal Beresford, who has marched on Badajos with 23,000 men. Castanos lias about 70110, Ballasteros 4000 brave fellows. A frigate has arrived this morning from Lisbon wit" the body of the Marquis Romana, which will be interred here wilh great full ial pomp." A letter from Gotlenburgh says—" Every thing looks very warlike in Berlin, and as tlte King is gone to Koningsbergh, it is presumed the Prussians will assist Alexander ; the events in Portugal will accelerate matters. Already the garrison of St. Petersburg!) has " been marched lo Courland ; it is high time for Sir J. Saumarez to arrive iu the Baltic. Russia has formally protested against llie incorporation into France of the territory of Holdenburg." Extract from a letter lately received from France by a Catholic of distinction at Cadiz :— " Oppressive Decrees are daily issued from theTuilleries ngainst the Church. Thc'Sulpiceans, who were lately tbe supporters of the faith, have been suppressed. Six hundred Priests, collected in different parts of Spain, have been banished to the mountains of Valais, where they are not allowed more than three sols a day to subsist themselves. The Cardinals, who were natives of the Roman States, are detained in Fiance in separate prisons. They are not per- mitted to wear the purple, and seein to have been brought for no other purpose than to lake the oath of allegiance to Bonaparte as their legitimate Sovereign. Iu this manner also are 23 Bishops treated." TIIE CORTES.— In the Sitting of April 2, three motions, of great importance to " humanity, to the following effect were made :— l. That tlie Torture be abolished.— 2. That the Slave Trade be abolished.—. 1. That the Regency com- municate to the English Government the Decree which may he adopted 011 this question.— A member proposed to add to the first motion, " and other illegal and barbarous oppressions, as handcuffs, chains, & c."— The motion, with Ihe amendment, was adopted without opposition. A numerous Meeting of the Members of the Livery of London, friends to Parliamentary Refotm, took place yesterday at the City of London Tavern, Bishops- gatc- street.— Mr. Waithman filled the Chair. After dinner, the Chairman gave " The health of His Majesty," with the usual accompaniments.—" The health of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent" followed, " and may he never forget the sentiment contained in his own declaration, that the Powers and Prerogatives of the Crown were vested in it for tbe use and benefit of the people." This toast and sentiment were drank with the most enthu- siastic applause. Mr. Waithman prefaced it with an ex- pression of confidence of tbe nation in the professions and character of his Royal Highness — The next toast was" The People," which was also drank with loud applause.—" Sir • Francis Burdett, and a full, fair,, and free representation of the people in Parliament."—" Mr. Brand, Member for Hertfordshire."—" Mr. Wliitbread, the invariable and de- termined enemy of public abuse." Drank amidst applauses. — Mr. Brand then proposed " The health of the Chairman, Mr. Waittliman," with three times three — The Chairman then proposed " The health of Lord Ossulston." His lordship after returning Thanks for tbe honour done him, represented himself as a convert to Reform, to which he had originally been averse, but late proceedings had shewn the necessity of tlie measure.—" Mr. Byng," who returned thanks in a speech of considerable length, ill which he declared himself friendly to Reform.—" Col. Wardle," who took that opportunity of Speaking at great length 011 the subject before the Meeting —" The Hon. C. Hutchinson." —" Mr. Smith, of Norwich," who, in a short speech, ob- served, that the verb to reform, in the opinion of Ministers wanted a present tense ; but it wan strange flint one of the greatest grammarians of tbe present day ( Mr. H. Tooke) was an advocate for Reform. Wow that he had mentioned grammar, he hoped lhat the people, acting conjunctively in the optative mood, would oblige the Parliament in the imperative to concede to tbe wishes ofthe people. The Meeting continued lo a late hour, and broke up in perfect harmony; after Mr. Waitliman had recon - roended the appointment of Stewards for the Meeting of next year. CAMBRIDGE.— The subjects for the Pi ires given by llie Members for ttie University, for the present year, are— Senior Bachelors, Utrum in optima Dialogarum ratione, Antiqui Re: enlioribus sint prccyonendi !— MiddleBaclielors, Studioium qua in Academia sunt institute laus et utilitas. SATURDAY, MAY 4 An extract of a letter has been posted at Lloyd's, w hich • mentions tbe capture of a vessel under Pappenburgh co- lours, by British cruizers, by whom she was ordered to be sent to Bermuda. The letter^ adds, that the captured ship was very richly laden. Yesterday letlers were received from Holland, slating that Napoleon had condescended again to issue licences for the export of provisions from that country; to which mea- sure he probably was less induced by the remonstrances of the farming interest, than by the defalcation of his revenue fromthis part of his dominions. At a Court of Common Council dfthe City of London, held ou Thursday, it was resolved, on the motion of Mr. Qiiin, seconded by Mr. Favell, " That the Freedom of this City be presented to his Royal Highness thePrinee Regent, in testimony of the deep and grateful sense entertaim this Court of his public virtues, and amiable and ende ineil by endearing qualities; of the' purity of his constitutional principles, exemplified by his unwearied attachment to the rights and liberties of the people ; of his exalted fmbearance and mo- deration during the whole of his Royal Father's afflicting indisposition ; and of. his rare self- denial ill refusing to in- crease the national expenditure, by any temporary addi- tion to his state and dignity as Prince Regent; thus prac- tically illustrating the union which must forever exist between the feelings of a great and patriot Prince, and the happiness of a free and loyal people — 1 hat his Royal jiighness be requested to honour this City by the Accept- ance of the said Freedom — That the Copy of the said Free- dom be presented to his Royal Highness in a Box of British Heart of Oak." The Lord Mayor has been requested to convene a special Court of Common Council at 1111 early day," to consider the important services rendered to this country and its allies by the brilliant exploits in Portugal of Lord Viscount Wel- lington and the brave army under his command. It is presumed that the sittings of the Queen's Council on the Saturday in each week are expected to continue for sometime, as the Lord Chancellor publicly in bis Court, while arranging with the Gentlemen of the Bar the order of the business to come on, begged that, nothing might be set down for the Saturdays, as it was likely he would not he able to sit in the Hall ou lhaf day. The Cadiz papers mention that Marshal Beresford, in reconnoitring on the Guadiaun, had been nearly taken prisoner hy the enemy. It was reported yesterday that accounts from Holland stated all altercation of a very remarkable nature had taken place pubiic| y in the Tliberies, bel ween the Ruler of France and the Russian Ambassador. The scene was similar to that in which Lord Wbitworth'bad to sustain a port pre- vious to the rupture with this country; but t lie acting of the ifreat man, it is said, was far more violent on the latter occasion. It seems that Bonaparte the Emperor has still less command of his temper thau Bonaparte the First Consul ! The Dutch letters further state, that loo licences bave been granted to the principal Merchants of Holland, but with such restriction;!, that they despair of being able to derive any advantage from trading under them. Information was received yesterday of the seizure of two British vessels in the waters of the United States, under the Non- Intercourse Law. The Furious gun brig has detained and sent into Dover a vessel, having on board upwards of 7,000 guineas, besides half guineas and seven shilling pieces, supposed lo amount to £ 1* 0,000— sl: e ws* taken off tlie South Foreland. . LONDON, Monday Night, May 6, 1811. The following Bulletin was shewn yesterday at St. James's Palace:— " Windsor Castle, May 5— His Majesty continues to go on welt." ( Signed by the five Physicians.) The prayer for the King's recovery was omitted yesterday at almost all the Churches and Chapels thioughout the Metropolis, The Queen's Council assembled at Windsor on Satur- day j only a short examination of the Physicians took place, soon after which the noble Lords returned to town. His Majesty continues in much the same state he has been for the last fortnight. The Lord Chan- cellor immedintely wailed upon the Prince Regent 011 his return from Windsor. Lieutenant- Colonel Reynell, of the 71st regiment, arrived at Lord Liverpool's Office last night with dis- patches from Lord Wellington. He came by the Bloodhound gun brig, which left Lisbon on the 28th. Colonel Reynell left Lord Wellington at Portalegre on the 25th, being the date of his Lordship's dispatches; which merely detail the fall of Olivenza, the operations before and since, awl the affair with the 13th dragoons. Lord Wellington, after inspecting the Portuguese troops at Elvas, suddenly left that place, and was at Portalegre on his way to Almeida, when the accounts came away, in consequence of having received inform- ation of some threatening movements in Massena's army, indicative of an intention to relieve that place; which, however, was thought impracticable. Badajoz was to be invested on the 25th, and 110 doubts were entertained of its speedy surrender. The letters and papers brought by the above vessel from Lisbon, add little to the information already received of the military operations in Spain and Portu- gal. Altho'dispatches have been received by Govern nier. t from Lord Wellington by the Bloodhound ; yet nothing is contained in them of sufficient interest to make an official communication to the public necessary. There is reason to believe, that the principal informa tion Government has received by this arrival relates more to future operations, thau any occurrences which have already taken place. II is sta'ed in some of the letters to the 29th inst. that Massena had indicated an intention ot making an attempt to raise the siege of Almeida, and that it is this expected movement which has hastened Lord Welling- ton's departure from Badajoz to that quarter. A former letter mentioned, that Baliasteros would have some difficulty in avoiding the enemy; and we are now told, in a letter of the 2Sth( that in consequence of Mortier and Soult having formed a junction, they had gained some advantages over Ballasteros, and ha; l prevented him from accomplishing his intention of uniting his forces with those of Blake, which had been landed at Ayamonte. The speedy fall of AlmeiJa, Badajoz, and Ciudatl Rodrigo is confidently expected. The letters confirm the former statements of au influx of provisions of all kinds at Lisbon, and a considerable number of vessels with cargoes of wheat, & c. have been obliged to look out for another market. The letters from Oporto by the packet reach down to the 24th inst. They are silent 011 the subject of military operations in the North of Portugal, but some of them state that Colonel Trant was shortly expected at that place. By the cartel from Morlaix, arrived at Dartmouth, Mr. Smith, an American Messenger, has come over wi h dispatches from the American Charge d'Affairesat Paris to Mr. Pinckney, in the hope of their being in time to reach him before his departure for the United States in the Essex.— Whether that will prove to be the case. or not, is uncertain. The Essex was ready to sail from Cowes on Saturday, and only waited for a fair wind. The following intelligence has been received from the coast of France :—" An universal spirit of discon- tent prevails amongst the French toward the govern- ment of Bonaparte. The bankruptcies, both at Paris and in ot' er large towns in France, have been very extensive, and, in the large mercantile houses, to a very great amount. The retreat of Massena from Portugal had just been published. Figuertis, a strong and important fortress in Catalonia, had been invested by the Spaniards, and had surrendered. The garrison, consisting of S000 men, French and Italian, had been made prisoners of war.' ' American Journals to the 31st of March have arrived ; the latest are from Charleston. The Captain of the Eliza, which sailed from Charleston, 011 the 31st of March, states, that three days previousTo his departure, a Fiench privateer, chased by a British cruizer, obtained shelter in that port. His Majesty's ship hud not per- mission. to enter'. Ill the House of Commons this evening the Chancellor of the Exchequer stated to the Committee, that a short time since be had proposed to raise a loan of 12 millions by Exchequer Bills at 4 per cent, but that up to the day ap- pointed to close that subscription, only ,£ 7,018,000. bad been subscribed ; therefore, as the whole sum he intended had not been raised iu the way he proposed, he had dcemail it expedient to open the loan in another form at 5 per ceut. that is to say, giving to each subscriber of £' 70. a debenture of £ 72. 12s. and giving the preference in the first instance, to the persons who had subscribed the first sum. This, he said, would answer just the same purpose to tlie public, and as an additional inducement, he proposed allowing a dis- count of 4 per cent, to subscribers of prompt payment. He bad the satisfaction to state that the original subscri- bers took the bargain 011 tlie new terms, and that there remained stilt a sum to be. subscribed for of £ 4,981,000. in order to make up the sum of12 millions.— This subscrip- tion remained open at the Bank of England, and this was the day on which it was to have closed. He bad the further satisfaction to learn from the City this afternoon, that of Ibis latter sum £ 4,700,000. had been subscribed by the public, and that the House of Baring and Angcrsfein had agreed to take tbe remaining £ 281,000. 011 the same terms. He congratulated the public upon the advantageous terms upon which this loan was obtained, which lie attri- buted 111 a great measure to the manner in which it was broken; for had he waited till a fortnight hence, and pro- posed the whole loan together, the terms would not have been so favourable for the public. Three per Cent. Consols. G5 § . I- ifclt, Mrs. Higg'ns, wife of Mr. Wiggins, of the Wern, Guilsfield.— Mr. S. Davies, of llie same place, aged 83. On Ihe30th ult. Mr. J. Davies, of the Unicorn Inn, Bishop's Castle. On the 28lh, in her 90th Tftsr, Mrs. Mary Watkis% of this town. Sunday last, at Rutkley Wood, in this county, Mr. Rd. Causer, after a li tigering illness. Saturday last, at Market Drayton, aged 72, Mr. Smith, of a mortification in his foot. He seived in the family of tire right lion. Lord Killmorev in thecapacitv of Coo't 42 years, with'the utmost integrity ; and died sincerely regretted and deservedly lamented. Lately, Mrs. Starkey, relict of Tho. Starkey, Esq. of Wrenbury Hall, Cheshire, Saturday last, John Gibbons, Esq. hanker, Oswestry. A fewdavs ago, of the Small Pox, aged 59, Mr. J. Till, farmer, cf Whitgreave, near Stafford. The order for discontinuing the Advertisement ofthe House to let at Llanymynech, arrived too late to be attended to this week. On SUNDAY morning next, a SERMON will be preached at ST. CHAD'S, Shrewsbury, for the Benefit of the LONDON SOCIETY for promoting CHRISTIANITY among the JEWS, by the Rev. William Marsh, M. A. Vicar of Basilden, and Lecturer of St. Lawrence, Read- SHREWSBURY, 8, 1811. WEDNESDAY, MAY BIRTH. Friday last, ( he lady of Francis Freeling, Esq. of the General Post Office, of a son. Wednesday last, at the Bishop's Palaie, Ban- or, the lady of the Rev, James Cotton, LL. 15- of a son. MARRIED Al Whitchurch, on the 29lh ult. Mr. Edwards, surgeon, to Miss Done. At Kidderminster, on the30th ult. Mr. Joshua Cotton Cooper, carpet manufacturer, to Miss Roberts, daughter of Ihe late Mr. Jolui Roberts, of that place. At Sandbar h, on Wednesday last, John Smith, Esq. M, P. for Nottingham, to Miss Leigh, daughter of Egerton Leigh, Esq. of H- gh- Lcigh and Twemlow, in tbe county of Chester. Tuesday, at Bath, David Uoid, Esq. of Alll- yr- Odin House, Cardiganshire, toCaroliue, daughter of the Rev. Charles Russell, of LvleartSt. Lawrence, Somersetshire. Wednesday last, at Moreton Sav, by the Rev. Thomas- Pigott, the Rev. F. W. Holme, Rector of Mevsey Hampton, Gloces er- s'hire, to Mary Elisabeth, eh'est daughter of tlie late Thomas Pigot, Esq. of A nlir. gton Hall, Staffordshire. At Birmingham, Mr. Griffi h Jones, of that place, to Miss Lavinia Esther Hughes, of Wrexham. Thursday last, Mr. Tho. GOugh, exciseman, of Che ler, to Mrs, Mary Price, ot this town. On the 30th ult. at Rroo- ley, Mr. W. T. Woodward, to Miss Ilartshorne, daughter of Mr. Hartshome, watchmaker. Lately,- at Llatibadam- lawr, Mr. Thomas Griffith, of Aberyst- v. ith, merchant, to Anne, only daughter ol Ihe late Mr. Jones, of Braich- y- Cilin, Merionethshire. Yesterday, it A'cham, by the Rev. Mr. Burlon, Mr. W Wool- rich, youngest son of the late Mr. Woolnch, of Little Ness, lo Mai v. second daughter of Mr. Davies, of F. matrey. DIED. - Wednesda\ la t, in this town, the hon. Mrs. Knox, wife ofthe right hon. George Knox, in the 29th year of her age. Her remains were deposited in a vauR in Montford church on Sunday last. Ou the 30- h nil. Mrs. Fcrriugton, wife of Mr. Fcrrington, sandier, Iron Bridge. Lately, Mr. T. Pearce, agent to the Executors of the late John W Ikinscn Esq. of LWn. v- Pi. ndy Lead Mines, Flintshire. His funeral ir » « suenrfsd by upwards 01 of his frienai & workmen may be seen at the Printer's of this Paper, We understand that the Bishop of St. David's patronizes this Institution ; and that, at a Sermon lately preached for it in Dublin, the Archbishop of Tuam and five Bishops held the plates for the Collection. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Nunn :— House- Visitors, Mr. Gronua and Mr. Evan Owen. At the general half- yearly Board held yesterday, tbe following gentlemen w ere elected Directors of that Charity for the ensuing year, instead of six others who go out by rotation: viz. L. Dowbiggin, Esq. l) r. Johnson, Mr. Lin- ton, Thomas Lloyd, Esq. James Parry, Esq. and the Rev. G. A. Thursby. Our Theatre will open on Monday, the 20th inst. for two nights only.— See Advertisement. The first Flintshire Local Militia, commanded by the Right Hon. Lord Kenyon, will meet at New port, in this County, on Tuesday next, for 14 days training and exercise. The following Collections were made on Sunday se'nniglit for the relief of the British prisoners in Frauce Parish of Uffington £ 15 9 6 Parish of Battlefield 7 7 0 Received at the Bank of Beck and Co. Edward Harries, Esq 1 i 0 Sir, Arnold Drinkwater lib, The Society of Friends in Birmingham have collected « f74. lis for the same benevolent purpose. Mr. and Mrs. John Brown are elected Master and Mistress of the Public Subscription Charity School, conducted on Dr. Bell's plan of Education, on the resignation of Mi-, and Mrs- Groves. Yesterday, an inquest was held before Robert Hill, gent, one of the Coroners for this Town and Liberties, on tbe body of John Ralphs, labourer, taken out of a pool of water near Sundorn, into which he bad fallen as he was returning from his work on Monday evening.—. Verdict accidental death. Edward Locke, Esq Surveyor of tbe Customs, Aberyst- wyth, is appointed Collector there, in the room of the late J. Jones, Esq. A tetter from Plymouth, dated on Wednesday last, says —" Part of the effects of Lucien Bonaparte is actuaPy to be sold bv auction on the 8th inst. at a cellar ill Warlshin- street," On the evening previous to the departure of the Wrekin Local Militia from Ludlow, Col. Eyton gave a concert end ball to the officers, & c. which was numerously and Splen- didly attended. Population.— Schedules for the Ministers and Overseers ofthe Poor are delivered, to take an account of tbe number ofpeopte in every parish in the Kingdom. Householders refusing to give an account of the persons in their families, or giving a false answer to the questions, forfeit a sum not exceeding £:,, nor less than 40s. BANK DOLLARS.— We are concerned to find that there are still some persons so absurd as to refuse taking Bank Dollars at more than their late value, 5s. The reason urged by sucb persons, is, that bullion is reduced in price, and that the dollar is intrinsically worth no more than os. li| d. ( which is in fact a comforting idea, as it removej the tear of their being melted down ) But as the Bank issues and receives dollars at 5s. 6d. and the Directors are to give six months notice of any alteration taking place, surely no person will continue to refuse faking these useful anil most necessary coins at their advanced price. The roan so refusing is doing an injury to himself and to his neigh- bours ; and we trust wilt be soon conscious of the absurdity of his conduct. A Bank dollar, weighed against, the pre- sent small current coin, bears down 17 sixpences, or 7 of what are called and pass as shillings ! We will take upon us to say that there is 110 tradesman of respectability in this or any other town, who will refuse acknowledging a good Bank Dollar to he now equal to FIVE SHILLINGS AND SIXPENCE, and will gladly receive it as such ; indeed, every Merchant and Banker in the Kingdom will continue so to do, until after fj months notice to the contrary has been given by the Bank of England. At the late general quarter sessions for Ludlow, Edward Price and Lewis Williams were convicted of stealing from several tradesmen in that town, to a consideraqle amount; and Diana Corfield, ( the mother of Price by a former hus- band) of receiving part of the property, knowing it to have been stolen. The Court animadverted very strongly oil their crimes, but particularly 011 that of Coifield, and adjudged Price and Williams to be transported for seven years', aud Corfield, for receiving the goods knowing them to be stolen, for fourteen years. The prisoners, since their conviction, have been removed to our comity gaol. At the last county sessions for Glocestershire was tried, an appeal to an order of removal of a female pauper from Clifton, in that county, to Leigh, in Dorsetshire. T'lie tirst question turned 011 the validity of a marriage; and on the cross- examination of the pauper, it appeared, that she was married by licence at the age of 20 years, without the con- sent of her father, who was then living The marriage was declared void, as being contrary to the Marriage Act. The storm on Tuesday the 23dult. was" felt with uncom- mon violence at Wynnstay, the seat of Sir W. W. Wynn, where much damage was done by ihe hailstones. The whole new range of hot- liouses, which were only on lhat day finished, had 1123 panes of glass broken.— At Pen y lan, the storm taking the direction'of the front of the house broke a number of large squares — The same storm broke almost all the liot- liouse glass at Bryn y p^ s. A striking proof of the mildness of the season lately oc- curred ill the garden of Greenfield, near Ayr. Tbe nest of the missel bird, with young, ripe for flight, lias been dis- covered there. The missel is the most majestic of the thrush breed. The male delights to perch on Ibe top of the loftiest tree, and to sing, especially iu tempestuous weather, whence he has obtained the name of the storm cock. He also sings during the night, and his note is charming. It is bnt within these few years that the species has been seen so far north. Extraordinary instances of fecundity.— A sheep the properly of Isaac Bambridge, of Melbourne, in Derbyshire, 7 years old, has had in that period 21 lambs — A11 ewe, in the" pos- session of James Crofts, of Wolley, in the parish of Mar- ton, in Derbyshire, hath produced iu six years 28 lambs, all of which lived except three. A woodcoek's nest, containing four eggs, was a few days ago discovered in wood, at Abbot's Lencii, Worcestershire, anil means having been adopted to continue the necessary warmth, the birds were hatched on the following day, hut they did not long survive. The appearance of woodcocks at this season of the year is accounted so rare, that some sportsmen have caused two of them to be stuffed as curi ositieS. The volunteering from the militia into the line, took place 011 Wednesday Inst in the garrison of Bristol. The following are the numbers entered— from the Oxford 8fr— North Hants 80— Glamorgan60— and Pembioke 6; making a total of232. Eighteen Oak Trees, standing in Appleton Park, Che- shire, were last week sold by auction, for the enormous sum of 6801. On Wednesday, the 24th ult a large sturgeon was canglit in the Clist river, Devonshire, near the bridge. Its weight was lsulb. length 7 feet 8 inches, circumference 3 feet 7 inches. It was forwarded to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent. J & A foot- race for fifty guineas a side, ten miles, took place trom the eleventh mile- stone on the Bath road, 011 Wednes- day, between Mr. Thorpe, a volunteer- officer, and a gentle- man of the name of Dickenson. The latter took the lead, and made play at the rate of nine miles an hour, and com- pleted halt' tbe distance in 30 minutes, with his adversary close at his heels. Mr. Thorpe got the lead at the eighth mile, and won tbe match by about ten yards, a better race never having been seen. O11 Monday last, Joseph Harrison, of Bloxwich, in the foreign of Walsall, utiiler, was convicted before the sitting Magistrates at the Public Office, in Dudley, and by tlieni committed to the house of correction at Wolverhampton, for one month, for having wilfully and maliciously damaged aud spoiled a quantity of rod iron, delivered to him to be manufactured info nails, the property of Mr. Parsons, nail- lionmonger, of Dudley. ASSIZE OF BREAD, Set the 7th day of May, lftll, for the Town and Liberties of Shrewsbury, to take place on Saturday next. lb. 0% dr. f Wheaten J Household 1 White . r Jd. ditto Twopenny loaf Sw hen ten 1 J ) Household 0 12 0 13 Penny loaf, or two halfpenny loaves To weigh Threepenny loaf 5 Wheaten I Household Sixpenny loaf Twelvepenny loaf 5 Wh ? H. ri 5 Wt ) Ho 3 " I ii| 2 6 I ! 9 fi 1 2 Wheaten 1 11 nisei, old 2 5 2 Wheaten 3 6 12 onsehold 4 10 4 KS » All Wheaten and Household Bread must lie made of Wheat only.— Wheaten to be marked with a large W. Household with a large H. L LAN FAIR FAIRS. — MONTGOMERYSJII.-. F. TT is purposed aud appointed hy the Gentlemen and I :> J. habitants of the PARISH of LLAN FAIR, that a PIG and SHEEP FAIR shall always he held on the Day pre- preceding the present established Fairs of that Iowa. The next ensuing CATTLE FAIR. in Llanfair, is on SATURDAY, the EIGHTEENTH of MAY Instant, conse- quently the PIG and SHEEP Fair will beheld 011 FRIDAY, the 1.7th of this Month.— May S, 1811. NEW MARKETS.-^ WELSH POOL. T a numerous and very respectable Meeting, con- vened by Advertisement, and held al the Oak Inn, in the Town of Welsh Poo!, IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY IIESPLV ED, THAT from the great Growth of WOOL, and the Manu- facture of BUTTER and CHEESE, in tbe County of Mont- gomery, and from the Distance of the present Markets for the Sale of each of these Artichs, it appears highly neces- sary to this Meeting that a Market should be established for theSaleof them within tlie said County of. Montgomery. Silly, THAT the Town of WELSH POOL is the most com- modious Situation for the said Markets, aud that they be there held— Fur WOOL on the FIRST MONDAY after the 10th of JULY; for BUTTER and CHEESE on the FIRST MONDAY after the 2t: th of SEPTEMBER, and on the SIXTEENTH of NOVEMBER. 3dly, THAT a Cominiitee of three be appointed, any two of whom to be capable of acting, to carry the Measure into Effect; and that PRYCE JONES, Esq. R'ev. S PRTCE, aud RICHARD MYTTON, Esq. be sucb Committee. 4tbly, Til AT a Subscription be immediately entered into, to defray the necessary Expenses for Advertisements, & c. and that ihe Committee be the Treasurers RICHARD MYTTON, Chairman. Milliner, Dress Maker, hosier, and Clover. MRS. R. " PRTTCHARD RESPECTFULLY informs her Friends and the Public in general, she is now in LONDON, selecting an Assortment of MILLINERY, DRESSES, HOSIERY, and GLOVES, which she will have the Pleasure to offer for Inspection to those who oblige her with a Call 011 MON- DAY, the 20th Instant. Gratefully embraces this Oppor- tunity of tendering her warm Acknowledgements for the liberal Favours she has been honoured with, assuring her Friends and Ihe Public, 110 Assiduity shall he spared to select the most Fashionable and choicest manufactured Articles in her various Professions; her Charges shall be moderate, and the greatest Attention paid to their Orders. Princess- Street, May 8, 1810. E. and A. PHILLIPS, Dress and Pelisse Makers, Shrewsbury, MOST re? peetfully beg Leave to inform their Friends, the Ladies of Shrewsbury and its Vicinity, that they intend in a short Time commencing in the above Business, opposite the STAMP OFFICE, in Dog- pole; and trust, from a series of Years' Experience with Miss PRICBARDS, that they will be enabled to execute such Orders as Ladies may be pleased to favour them with, in such a Manner as will ensure a Share of general Support. A. P. is now in LONDON selecting for the present Season the most prevailing and fashionable Goods, and trusts, when she returns ( of which Notice will be given iu a future Ad vertisement) that they will be found worthy of their Attention. PRESENT £ s. Lord Clive 5 5 Sir W. VV. Wynn, Bt. 5 5 Charles W. W. Wynn, Esq. 3 John Winder, Esq. 3 JohnIIumfli- eys, Ei; q 3 A. I) Owen, Esq. 3 Richard Myiton; Esq. 3 Pryce Jones, Enq. - 3 Richard Pryce, Esq. 3 Edw. lleyward, Esq. 3 Edward Farmer, Esq. 1 Matthew Jones, Esq. a 2 R J. Davies, Esq. 1 1 VV. P Richards, Esq. a 2 Geo. Meares, Esq. 3 3 Geo. Gould, Esq. 1 1 Evan Stephens, . Esq. 1 1 Rev. John Pry ce 3 3 Rev. W. Thornes 1 j Archdeacon Corbelt 3 3 John Lyon, Esq 3 3 SUBSCRIBERS, rf. l £ fc Rev. W. Browne 1 till). J. Niel, oils, Esq. 2 Major Dallas 1 0 Ri. ht. Griffiths, Esq. 1 William Owen, Esq. l iieury Foulkes, Esq. 1 Messrs. Jones and Griffiths I Mr Richard Goolden 1 Edward Pugh Thomas Bov. en James Rr. bj. rU Thomas Clarke Edward Cowles David Lloyd S. Edwards Morris Jones William Jones Arthur Gardner Thomas Bedward John Waidson John Beard d. O O 0 0 (> o o a o o o n Or (> 0 O ( » 0 6 ( 5 0 MR. BLAIK, DENTIST, EESPECTFULLY informs the Ladies arid Gentlemen of SHREWSBURY antl its Neighbourhood, that he purposes being at Mr. VINCENT'S, Brazier, Slioplatch, on MONDAY EVENING, the 13th Inst.— His Stay will be to the 25th Instant — Letters or Messages, addressed as above, will be duly attended to. His Tooth Powder aud Brushes are sold as usual at Mrs. BARNETT'S, Mr. NIGHTINGALE*' Mr. HKLME'S, Mr. HARLEY'S, and Mr. BURREY'S. Liverpool, May Gth, 1S\ 1. LINEN DRAPEBY GOODS, & c. WILL commenceSELLINGOFFat very REDUCED PRICES, on SATURDAY, the 11th instant; con- sisting of Prints, Muslim;, Safsnets, Shawls, Laces, Linens, & c. at a Shop in OX- LANE, a few Doors from the Butter- Cross Shrewsbury, 8th May, 1811. Til EAT IIE, SHREWSBURY. MR. CRISP HAS the honour to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Shrewsbury and its Vicinity, that ( by permission the Theatre will open, for positively TWO NIGHTS ONLY', MONDAY, MAY 20, and TUESDAY 21, assuredly the last night ofthe Company performing, being announced to Act ill Wolverhampton, 011 Wednesday tl, e22d. On MONDAY Evening, MAY 20,1811, bv De- ire of the OFFICERS of the WEST and NORTH SHROPSHIRE REGIMENTS cf LOCAL MILITIA, Goldsmith's cele- brated Comedv of SHE STOOPS TO COJVQUEll. Young Marlow, Mr. CRISP. End of the Comedy— Song " YF, GLOOMY CAVEI LEY, his tirst Appearance here. To which will be added the Musical Farce of NO SONG NO SUPPER. Margaretta, Mrs. CRESWELL, from the Theatre Royal Dublin, her first Appearance here. To begin at 7 o'CIock — Places for the Boxes as usual On TUESDAY Evening, MAY' the 21st, tbe Comedy of THE POOR GENTLEMAN. With the Musical Farce of HOSIJVA. Being positively the last Night of the Company performing ( ill the Season. A Copy ofthe above Resolutions, together with a List of Subscriptions, is left at Ihe Banking House of Messrs. MEARES and JONES, Welsh Pool, where those Gentlemen who are desirous of promoting this desirable Object are requested to send their Names and Subscriptions. FAIR FOR WOOL, BUTTER, AND~ CI1EESE, IN THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. NOTICE is hereby given, that a Fair will he held for the Sale of WOOL, in the Town of WELSHPOOL, annu- ally, 011 the First Monday after the 10th of July; likewise for BUTTER and CHEESE, 011 the First Monday after the 20th of September, and 011 the 16th of November. The Town ofWELSHPooi, is most advantageously situ- ated for the Carriage of the above Articles to the principal Seaports and manufneturingTowns in tbe Kingdom, having an immediate and direct Water Conveyance to Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, by the Montgomeryshire and Ellesinere Canals; and to Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Wor- cester, Glocester, and Bristol, by the'River Severn, which is navigable within a Mile and Half of tbe Town of Pool. RUYTON OF TH L KL. EVEN TOWN S ASSOCIA TION FOR THE PROSECUTION OF FELONS. WE whose Names are undersigned have bound our- selves in Articles of Agreement, to prosecute alt Persons who shall commit any Felony whatever upon any of our Property, at our joint Expense ; and the better to effect our Intention, we have resolved to pay the following Re- wards to any Person who shall by their Evidence be able to convict any Person or Persons gaitly of the following Offences. REWARDS. £. s. d. Burglary, Highway, or Footpad Robbery 8 8 0 Stealing or maiming any Horse, & c 6 6 (> ——— any Cow, Calf, or Sheep 4 4 o — Pigs, stealing Poultry, Coals, Pota. toes, or Turirips 1 1 6 Stealing any Corn or Grain, thrashed or unthrashed, out of any Barn or Field a 9 o Stealin; Bark, Leather, barking or cutting Trees 1 1 o Robbing any Orchard, Garden, or Fish- pond ...... 1 1 o Breaking or stealing any Gates or Heuges, Pales, Posts, Rails, Hooks, Thimbles, Link's, Staples, or anv Tiling belonging thereto 110 A nd for any other Felony, Larceny, or Oflr- nce not above specified, such Rewards as tbe Subscribers, or a Majority of them at any of their general Meetings, shall think reasonable. ' by Mr. MARKET HERALD. Price of Grain in our Market on Saturday last— Wheat 12s. fid. to 14s. Ot!.— Barley os. lod. per Bushel of 38 quarts,— Oats 7s. 6d. per customary measure of 57 quarts. Mark- Lane, May 3. To- day tbe Market has again sboit lemarning supplies of Wheat, and waiting expected arrivals; few sales are effected, aud those folly at last prices—' luiley l'kewiso, and in short supply— Malt heavy sale— But few Peas and Beans of each description, which are at little fluctuation— Tiiere are also short supplies of Oats, and this article again quoted some- what dearer Current Pricb of Grainper Quarter as under .*— Wheat 6.? s. to SCs. I WhiteT'eas 40s. lo 45s. Barley 38s. to 40s. 1 Oats 22s to- 26s. Beans 50s. to 55s. | Milt 64s. to 70s. Foie Flour, 75s. to 80s.— Seconds 70s. to 75s. per sack. MAY 6. J— To- ilav the fresh arrivals of Wheat make but an inconsidei able supply ; sales in the early part of the day were brisk at an advance of 2s. per quarter, but dull afterwards— Barley in short supply, ami suppoits last price — Malt heavy sale— White Peas rather rlearei— Beans of the too kinds likewise — There* are not many fresh arrivals of Oat-, and but short remaining supplies; sales in this trade are quoted fully at l. st pii « e » — Fluur v. ittiou'. vaiiatiun. TO BUILDERS. ANY Person willing lo contract for building A STONE . ARCH over tbe River TERN, upon the Abutments of the present Timber Bridge, at LONG, in theConntyof Salop, are requested to scud ill Proposals to the Clerk of the Peace of the said County, on or before MOND AY, the 20th Instant, sealed up, and indorsed, " Proposals for building Long Bridge." A Plan and Specification of the Work mav be seen by applying at the Clerk of the Peace's Office, in the County Hall, Shrewsbury, or to the County Surveyor, at the Canal Office, Ellesmere. The Contractor must be provided with proper Sureties for the due Performance ofthe Cont ract, and for upholding the same forseven Years after the Time of its Completion. Shrewsbury, LOX DA L R, May 7th, 1811. Clerk of the Peace. DETAINED, At PITCH YARD, near Broseley, on the2d Of MAY Instant, ON SUSPICION OF BEING STOLEN, ABLACK GELDING, aged, about 15 Hands high, has . lost the off Eye, and Saddle- marked on each Side the Back —- There are likewise a small Saddle, Bridle, and Hal- ter left with the above Horse.— The Person that he was detained of is about 5 Feet 5 Inches high, thill made, of sallow Complexion, and marked with tlii Small Pox; he goes by the name of PRICE, alias WILLIAMS If the said Horse is not claimed within 14 Days from the Date hereof, be will be sold to defray Expellees. May 1th, 18) 1. Ruyion. Rev. David Evans Mr. George Redd Mr. Edward Rogers Mr. Charles Glover, sen. Mr. Charles Glover, iun. Mr. R. S. Comberbach Mr. John Broughall Mr. George Broughall Mr William Sides, jun. Mr. Robert Crisp Mr. Richard Jones Cotton. Mr. Joshua Cooke Shotattori. Mr. Richard Duckett RICHARD JONES, TREASURER. Mr. William Sides, sen, Shelrocke. Mr. Roger Ireland Fardistcn. Hen. Thomas Kenyon Mr'. Richard Bassuctt Mis. Edwards Ifi key. Mr. John Bassnett Mr. James Harris Mr. William Adam* Mr. Thomas Sock ley Hoptnn. Mr. Richard Minton Mr. John Jones. ( jdl" The . Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, the I6// 1 of May, 1811 ( instead of Ihe 13th, as usual, on Account of Oswestry Eair, which happens on that Lay), at the Craven Arms, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns-, when every Member is requested to attend. * 4-* Dinner at two o'Clock. NEW AND ELEGANT ROYAL viAIL COACHES, CROWN HOTEL, LUDLOW. EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLING FROM LONDON,. THKOUCH LUDLOir TO AHERYSTIVITH. npHE Proprietors respectfully beg Leave to inform their A. numerous Friends and the Public in general, lhat tlie DEEDS LOST. REWARD OF TWENTY GUINEAS. IOST, certain Indentures of Lease and Release, dated J respectively the 25th and 26th Pays of April, 1776, made between ELIS ABETH EVANS, ot Soho- square, Lon- don, widow of George Evans, late of Portrane, in the County of Dublin, Esq. deceased, of the. one Part— and JSICHXRI) MORHALL, of Onslow, iu the County of Salop, Esq. of the other Part; whereby an Annuity or yearly Rent Charge of £- 100, issuing out of Estates in several Counties in Ireland, and payable to the said Elisabeth Evans, is assigned by her to the said Richard Morhall, in consideration of £ 2800, In June, 177c), a Memorial of the Deeds was made and signed by Mrs. Evans, and registered in Ireland in August following : tiie Memorial is witnessed by Mr Staekpole, of tbe Middle Temple, lately deceased, and by a Person named Michael Whaley, supposed to have been then a Clerk or Servant to Mr Stackpole. Whoever will deliver the Original Deeds into the Hands either of DUOALO CAMPBELL, Esq. Baggof- street, DUB- LIN, or of Mr THOMAS PANTING, of SHREWSBURY, Attorney for tbe Parties beneficially interested in ibe An- nuity, or give Information to either of them, so that the Deeds may be recovered, shall, 0: 1 the Possession of them being obtained, receive a REWARD of TWENTY GUI- NE IS 011 applying to Mr. CAMPFELL or Mr. PANTING : And whoever will inform either of them where the said Michael Whaley, if living, may be met wilh, or- if dead; when and where" he died, shall receive a REWARD of FIVE GUINEAS on applying as above, ROYAL MAIL COACH, will commence running from tie above Hotel, on Wednesday, Mav tbe stli, 1811, and will continue EVERY WEDNESDAY Morning at four o'clock, ednesday, Mav tbe 8tb, lsn, antl will / EDNESDAY Morning at four o'C1"" 1' through Bishop's Castle, Montgomery, Newtown, idloes, Devil's Bridge, and arrive at Aberyslwith the Evening. And on Saturday, June the 22d, the sum Llan- the sane , amewill- commence running TWICE A WEEK during the Season, viz. » ednesday and Saturday Mornings, at the above- stai d Tune; performed by the Public's must obedient liumtle Servants, GREEN. Crown Hotel, Ludlow, WHITEHALL, Bishop's Castle' READE, Montgomery, EVANS, Llanidloes, THOMAS, Devil's Bridge, and .... ... JONES, Royal Hotel, Aberystwith; Who will not b3 accountable tor any Parcels or Lugoage above the Value uf £ 5, unless ent ingly. FARE. Ludlow to Aberyetwifli, Inside Ditto, Outside red and paid for accoi d- £ s. d. * - 1 12 0 N. B. From London, through Worcester and Ludlow, being considerably the best and nearest Read to Aber^ yjtwith, and the Passengers by the Ludluw and London Mail have the Advantage of sleeping the Ni'ht at Ludlow The AEERYSTWITH NEW ROYAL MAIL COACH a. rivei in tl-. e Evening of the above Davs at the Crown Hotel where Passengers bave the Preference of the London Mail tbe next Morning. If Parcels are not delivered at the Ludlow and Aberystwith Conch Offices, before ten o'CIock the ore. ceding Evening, lliere can be no Certainty of such Parcel* going the following Morning; nor will the Proprietors be accountable for any, 10 delivered, ilin^ t ith, 1* U. B if o S I. o o o IV ife V* i'l, I at ten d. > N, heir ike tlie will > ek, lim- ine- will Ion, ited • b le th; ' Re, > id- I. o 0 low. ber! don low, ives ) tcl, fail and pie. tela ibe WANTED, OCT « R A RESPECTABLE FAMILY, ASTOUT active BOY, about 14 or 15 Years of Age, to carry out Parcels, and make himself generally useful iu a Retail Shop.— If lie gives Satisfaction to his Employers after one Year's Trial, lie may have the Opportunity of learning a good Trade on easy Terms.— Application to THE 1' KINTER ( if by Letter, Post paid) will be attended to. KING'S BIRTH- DAY! ~ JTt BISII strongly recommends a speedy Purchase in X • the present popular Lottery, the Scheme of which is so highly approved, that an unusual Demand has already taken place, and before the 4tli of JUNE there is every Prospect of Tickets and Shares being scarce. SCHEME ' 4 Prizes of £ 20,000 ... are ... £ 80,000 S4 1,000 24,000 32 500 18,000 tiO 50 3,000 1,000 25 25,000 1,000 an 20,000 2,000 1( 3 32,000 to, 000 Tickets ±' 200,000 ^ alejas tig_ 3uctt( M. VALUABLE LAND AND PREMISES. BY vV. SMITH, Oil Monday, the 20th of May, 1811, at the Seven Stars Inn, ill Pontesbury, in tbe Couuty of Salop, at four o'Clock 111 the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced ; LOT I. A PIECE or Parcel of valuable LAND, called LARKS J\. LEF. S, in the Occupatiun of John Thomas, situate in the Parish of P0NTE8BURY, containing seven Acres, or thereabouts.— A Stream of Water borders the Premises. It is a must desirable Scite for building upon, possessing an unbounded Prospect. There is excellent Stone close to the Spot; and it is believed by the most experienced Miners, that there is a large Body of Lead Ore under the Land.— Possession of this Lot may be had at Christmas next. LOT II. All that large and substantial DWELLING HOUSE and GARDEN, occupied by ihe Parish of Ponies- bury 11s a Poor House, subject to a Lease, of which Tickets and Shares arc tobc bad in great variety of J. R. HUN T, Worcester, A. MORGAN, Stafford, W. MORGAN, Lichfield, J. CUTTER, Chester, Agents to BISH, who sold in the last 15 Months, No. 27, Class A. No. 27, Class C; 2' JIS, Class A. 2G18, Class D; 3,734, Class A. 14,754, and 19,754, all Prizes of £ 20,000, besides 37 othe; Capitals Several of the Shares were sold to Per- sons in this Neighbourhood. * 4* Should any Difficulty occur ill getting Tickets or Shares of the Agents, please to send your Orders, Post or Carriage paid, to 4, Corn/ till, or 9, Cliaring- Cross, London. years were unexpired at i- ady Day last.— The above Pre- mises may, at a small Expense, be converted into several Dwellings.— For Particulars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, in Shrewsbury. CAPITAL GRAZING LAND. TO BE LET BY AUCTION, BY GLOVKR AND SON, At the Craven Arms Inn, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns, in the County of Salop, on Monday, the 20th Day of May, 1811, at four o'C'lock in the Afternoon : SEVERAL PIECES of excellent GRAZING LAND, situate at W1KEY, in the Parish of Ruyton aforesaid. — MI-. OSWELL, of Wikey, will appoint a Peison to shew Ihe Lands. FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, & c. BY JOSEPH RHODEN, At tbe White Hart Inn, Much Wenlock, on Monday, the 20th Day of May, 1811, belonging to the late Mrs. OLIVER," of H ARNAGE GRANGE, deceased ; CCONSISTING of 3 capital young milking Cows, calved j and in- calf, Heifers ditto, some 2- years old Bullocks, and other young Cattle; 2 very excellent. Waggon Horses, ( Character for Workers, & c. equal to auy lately o fie red uu- der the Hammer); six Sets of very good Gearing, two Waggons nearly new, Harvest Carts, Tumbrels, Hairows, Fail, Sieves and Riddles, & c. and several other Implements; three Barrels, and other very useful Articles ; w hich will be sold without any Reserve, being removed to Wenlock for Convenience of Sale. fealeg bp gttcttom HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 14th of May, 1311, ALLthe VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BREWING aud DAIRY UTEN. S1 LS, & c. belonging to Mr. GOUGH, of ACTON REYNOLD, ill the Parish of Shawbury, in the County of Salop.— Also one Road Waggon, one Tumbril, Waggon Chain, Ilorses Gearing, three Paling Irons, large Scales and Weights, an excellent Kibbling Mill, Corn Screen, Implement Timber, a Quantity of Potatoes, & c. & c.— Catalogues arc prepared, and may be had 011 the Premises; at the different Inns in the Neigh- bourhood; and of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns. The Sale to commence at ten o'Clock in the Forenoon. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the White Horse Inn, ill Wem, on Thursday, tbe 16th Day of May, 1811, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, s ub- ject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. fT^ WO PIECES of capital Arable and Fasture LAND, X situate in the Township of EDST ASTON, in the Parish of Wem, in the County of Salop, adjoining the Ellesmere Canal, containing by Admeasurement GA. lR. 8P. more or less. LOT II. TWO PIECES of capital Meadow and Pasture LAND, called Black Sytch Field, and Black Sytch Mea- dow, containing 10A. lR 4P. situate in the Township of NORTH WOOD, in the Parish of Wem. LOT III. A new- erected FARM HOU^ E, and Outbuild- ings, with a Coitage, excellent Gardens, and six Pieccs of capital Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, containing ISA. OR 7P. more or less, situate in the Township of WHIXALL, in the Parish of Prees, in the Occupation of Thomas Furbur. The above Premises are pleasantly situated, about six Miles from Whitchurch, two from Wem, and six from Ellesmere, all good Market Towns N- B. There is plenty of Marl of the best Quality under each of the Lots. The Tenant, Thomas Furbnv, will shew the Premises; • nd further Particulars may be known on Application to Mr. F. LF. E, Attorney, Ellesmere. At the Dwelling House of Thomas Jones, Innkeeper, ill tbe Town of JLlatifyllin, iu the County of Montgomery, upon Thursday, the 30th Day of May, 1 St 1, between the Hours of 3 and 6 iu the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions us shall then be produced, aud in the following, or such " other Lots as shall be agreed upon : LOT I. AGood and convenient MALTHOUSE situated in the Lower- street, in the said Town of Ll. ANI YLL. tv, now in the Occupation of Mr. Robert Jones, Innkeeper; with a ROOM adjoining thereto, ill the Occupation of Mr. Robert Jones, Shopkeeper. LOT II. A Dwelling HOUSE, Stable, and Yard, situate in the Lower- street aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Edward Owens, Butcher ; and a ROOM, also adjoining, in tbe Occupation of Elisabeth Oliver ; with a GARDEN, con- tiguous to the Church- yard, in the holding of Rich Miles. LOT III. A Dwelling HOUSE, Stable, and Garden, situate in the same Street, now iu the holding of John Bed wards, Tallow Chandler. LOT IV. TWO HOUSES, also situate in the same Street, now in the holdiug of Lowry Humphreys, and her Undertenants. LOTV. All that FIELD, Piece or Parcel of excellent LAND, called Shainber Wen Piece, near to the Town of IJanfyllin aforesaid, containing by Admeasurement LA. 3R. 20P. he the same more or less, now in tbe Tenuiv of Mr. Joseph Jones, Innkeeper. LOT VI. All those two other FIELDS, Pieces orParcels of LAND, adjoining the said last- mentioned Piece, contain- ing by Admeasurement SA. 3R 32P. be the same more or less, now 111 the holding of the said Joseph Jones. Immediate Possession will be given of the Premises com- prised iu tbe different Lots, except the Garden in the holding of Richard Miles, and the Dwelling Houses com- prised iu Lot tbe fourth. Further Particulars may be bad by applying at the Office of Mr. THOMAS, or Mr. RICHARD PUGH, Llanfyllin, who will appoiil a Person to shew the Premises ; or of Mr. DANIEL, Varcliwel Hall, Guilsfield. ^ alegs bp auction. TALUABLE FREEHOLD GARDENS, SUTTON- LANE, in the Voting Liberties of SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Raven and Bel! Inn, in Shiewsbury, 011 Friday, the 17th of May, 1811, at six o'Clock in the Afternoon, • IN ONE LOT; SIXTEEN excellent, forward, prolific, and profitable GARDENS, all let to respectable Tenants, situate ad- joining the Road leading to Sutton Spa, called Sutton- Lane, in the Parish of St. Julian, separated by strong Quick Fences of fourteen Years'Growth, now rapidly improving; the whole containing Two ACRES, or thereabouts, aud forming a very desirable Property, either as now disposed, or as a Building Site. Also, a Tu P. N PIKE SECURITY for £ 150 upon the Road leading from Shiewsbury to Prcstoii- Brockhursi, and from thence to Shawbury, Waters Upton, and Shreyhill, to join the Chester Road ! it Chetwynd's End, ou which £ f>. per Cent, per Annum Interest is regularly paid. Apply to JONATHAN PERRY, who will appoint a Person to shew the Gardens. SHROPSHIRE. SEVERN HILL FREEHOLD VILLA & GROUNDS, Vicinage of SliaBfrsBOBr, CANAL AND WINDMILL SHARES, HOUSEHOLD FIRNITVRE AND EFFECTS- BY JONATHAN PERRY, ON THE PREMISES, on Monday, Ihe tenth of June, 1811, precisely at TVVEIVE O'CLOCK, ( by Order of the Assignees of WILLIAM ROWTON and THOMAS MOR- HALL, late Bankers of Shrewsbury and Chester, Bank- rupts), in the following Lots : LOT I. mHE distinguished, cnmmodioi s, new, anil substantially I built FREEHOLD RESIDENCE iu the VILLA STYLE, erected with much Judgment, & lately occupied liy Mr. ROWTON ; situated on that most delightful Eminence, called SEVERN HILL; commanding a Diversity of Scenery truly picturesque and enchanting, environed by its own Grounds, disposed with great Taste in rich Lawn aud thriving Plantations, decorated with Octagon Observatory, and Gothic thatched Grotto, of novel Design, with beau- tiful stained Glass Windows and appropriate Appen- dages ; Orchard, and walled Fruit Garden, abundantly and choicely stored ; Kitchen and Flower Gardens, Gra- velled Walk's, Carriage Road, and Driving Ring; ill the VVhole FOUR ACRES and a HALF, 111 the highest Condi- tion, perfect Repair, and fit for the present Occupation of a Family of the. first Respectability, desirous of combining the Advantages of an excellent Market Town, supplied at a low Rate with every requisite Necessary to domestic Com- fort, and I he Benefit of Situation possessing the purest Country Air, abounding with delightful Prospects, among which, the whole Town of Shrewsbury, the Quarry Park and Promenade, the new Stone Bridge ( over which the great Road from London to Holyhead passes), an exten- sive View of the River Severn, the V.' rekiu, Haughmon Hill, Sundorn and Berwick Demesnes, and Hawkstone Park, are most prominent. The Elevation of the House is judicious and well ar- ranged ; comprising 011 the Ground Floor a handsome Ell- trance Hall, with Stone Stair Case, wrought Iron Banuis- bp % uctm. ,:.!: BY J. BROOME, On Thursday, theqili Day of May, 1S11, oil the Premises of the late Mr. RICHARD PINCHES, of CHURCH STRETTON, in tbe Countv ofSalop, deceased ; ALL the FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brewiug and Dairy Utensils, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE; consisting of 2 Cows, 1 Bull; 1 hack Horse, 5 Ponies ; about 100 Sheep, well settled on the Longmynd ; 1 narrow wheel Tumbril, 1 Hand Plough, a Pair ( if Harrows ; wilh several other Articles too numerous to particularise. The Sale to begin at ten o'Clock in the Morning. The Purchaser of the Sheep may be accommodated with a Common Right, if re- quired. * SHEEP. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, 011 FRIDAY NEXT, the 10 th Day of May Instant, precisely at two o'Clock in the Afternoon : ONE HUNDRED and SIXTY SHEEP, in Lots, be- longing to Mr. EVANS, of HOPE BOWDLF. R, ueai' Church Stretton, in the County of Salop : consisting of 80 Ewes and Lambs, 30 young Wether Sheep, 10 Fat Ditto, and about 40 Yearling Ditto. Household Furniture, Brewing Vessels, Sj'c, BY CHUKTON, On the Premises, at the BEAR INN, in HODNET, in the County ofSalop, 011 Thursday, Friday, aud Saturday, the 9U1, loth, and llth Days of May, lafl ; AI. L the VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BREWING VESSELS, PLATE, LINEN, CHIN A, GLASS, and other EFFECTS, late the Property of Mr. THOMAS CART WRIGHT, deceased: comprint; nu- merous fourpost, full, half- tester, and other Bedsteads and Hangings, twelve Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets, Quilts, and Counterpanes, Mattresses, Bed- side iind Compass Carpets', Window Curtains, Quantity of Bed andTabie Linen, handsome Mahogany Wardrobe Bedstead, with corded Dimity Furniture, neat and valuable Dressing Tables, with Drawers, & e. complete, square Ditto, Night Stools, Pier and Swing Glasses, Chamber Chairs, Oak Bureaus, and Chests of Drawers, Linen Chests 5 Quantity of CHIN A andGLAss. Also the following PLATE, viz. two Silver Tankards, one Ditto Pint, two Ditto Cream Jugs, thirteen Ditto Table Spoons, twenty- four Tea Ditto, . Pair of Ditto Sugar Tongs, four Ditto Salt Stands, and three Ditto Salt Spoons. PLATED GOODS, VIZ. three Tankards, one two- handledToaslCup, Set of Castors and Stands.— Japanned Coffee Pot, seven Dozen of Knives and Forks, four Oak Dining Tables, Oak Stands', Mahogany Card and Stand Tables, several Sets of neat Cherry Tree Chairs, Oak and other Ditto, 111 Sets, painted Beaufet, Iron Chest, Mahogany Camp Desk, Weather Glass, Clipboard, with alphabetical Compartments, Mahogany Cheese Ttay, Time Piece in Petrefactioti Frame, Telescope, Scotch Carpets, Hearth Rug, Wire Fender, and Fire Irons, Stove Grates, Quantity of japanned Trays and Waiters, iwo eight- day Clocks and Cases, one thirty- hour Ditto, Quantity of Kitchen Tills, flat Irons, sixteen Brass Candlesticks and A BY GLOVKR AND SON, On Friday, the 17th Day of Mav, 1811, LL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mrs. BLAZE, of J1 ITTON, in the Parish of Fitz, ill the County ofSalop: consisting of three capital Cows aud Calves, one Barren Cow, two capital two- year old Heifers, four Yearling Ditto; four capital Draught Horses, one capital year- old brown Draught Colt; Sow and Pigs, Gilt, iu- pig; Road Waggon, shelled, two Tumbrils, double Plough, single Ditto, two Pair of Har- rows, Winnowing Machine, four Sets of Horses Gearing, Half Strike, Corn Screen, Sieves and Riddles, & c. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Bedsteads and Hangings, Feather Bed and Bed- clothes, Mahogany Dining Table, Ditto Card Table, Dilto Chairs, Oak Dining Tables, round Tables, excellent eight- day Clock, ill Oak Case, handsome Oak Dresser and Shelves, two excellent Beau fets, two Oak Bureaus, Chest of Drawers, Dressing Tables, Pier and Swing Glasses; handsome Kitchen Grate, Cast- metal Oven, Pitgrate, Crane, Fender, Fire Irons, two Furnaces and Boiler, two Stone Cheese Presses, Cheese Tub, Churn, Cheese Vats, Milk Pail and Cans ; two large Mashing Tubs, several excellent Iron- bound Barrels, & c. with numerous other Articles, which will be particularised in the Catalogues; which may be had at the following Places, viz. Coach and Horses, Bull's Head, Caslle Inn, Elephant and Castle, and Trumpet Inns, Shrewsbury; Windmill, Alberbury ; Nag's Head, MontfordBridge; New I1111, Nesscliff; Duncaii's Head, Baschurch; on the Pre tnises; and of THE AUCTIONEERS. Sale to begin at ten o'Clock in the Morning. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross Foxes Inn, 111 Oswestry, on Monday, the 27th Day of May, 1811, between the Honrs of three and five o'Clock, subject to such Conditions as slinll he then produced, and in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed on at the Time of Sale : LOT I. AFARM mid LANDS, called ABERCYNLLETH, situate for the most Part in the Parish of Llangedwin, in the County of Denbigh, but a small Part in the Parish of Llansiliu, containing in tli. e Whole about 123A. 3R. sP. and now in the Occupation of Mr. John Griffiths. LOT II. A FARM and LANDS, called CEFN YBARTH, situate in the Parish of t. langedwin aforesaid, containing about 56 Acres, and now in the Occupation of the said John Griffiths. LOT III A FARM and LANDS, called NANTGWRID, situate in the Parish of Llangollen, in the County of Den- bigh, containing about 51 A. 2R. 2P. and uow in the Occupa tion of Richard Davies. LOT IV. A FARM and LANDS, called PEN Y BRYN, situate 111 the Parish of Llangollen, containing about ISA. 2lt. 20P. and now in the Occupation of the said Richard Davies. LOT V. A FARM and LANDS, called PANDY BYCH AN, situate in the Parish of Llangollen, containing about 22A. SR. ItfP. and now ill the Occupation of Richard Jones. The Farm Houses and Outbuildings are in general in very good Repair— Every Farm bus a very Valuable Right of Common belonging to it, and a large Proportion of every Farm is capable of great Improvement by Irrigation, and there is a great Quantity of thriving young Timber upon £ 11 the Estates. I'. ols 1 and 2 are distant only three Miles from Lime and Coal • Hint Lots 3,4, and 5, are distant only Haifa Mile from Litnaam* about two Miles from Coal. Ami all the Lots are distant about six Miles from llie Market Town of Oswestry, and the three last Lots about seven Miles from the Market Towu of Wrexham. The Tenants will shew the Premises ; and further Parti- culars mav be known by applying to Mr. PANTING, Attor- ney, in Shrewsbury, in whose Office a Plan ot the Estates may be seen. IiT the present Month, tbe Particulars of which will be inserted in » future Paper: THE MOIETY of all that capital MESSUAGE and FARM, with the Lands and Hereditaments, called WALTON HALL, situate in the Parish of Wortlien, 111 tbe County ofSalop, and now in the Holding <>( Mr. JOHN SHUKF. R, containing about RT33 Acres of Land, with a very extensive Sheep Walk upou the Long Mountain. 1 lie Timber to be taken at a Valuation. For Particulars npply to Messrs. PEKBSRTON and COUP LAND, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. SHROPSHIRE. FREEHOLD ESTATE AND TITIIES. BY FRANCIS IIALLEY, At the Jerningham Arms I1111, in Shiffnal, 011 Thursday, the l6th Day of May, 1811, precisely at two o'Cloc. k in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, iu the following, or such other Lots as shall tie agreed upon at the Time of Sale, unless disposed of in the mean Time bv private Contract: rpHE FEE SIMPLE and Inheritance of a very desirable I. ESTATE, consisting of several eligible Freehold Farms, Lands, and Tenements, situated in tbe Parish of SUTTON MADDOCK, in the County ofSalop, containing bv Admeasurement upwards of EIGHT HUNDRED AND TEN ACRES of good Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood LAND, with the Tl'l'H ES of Corn and Grain arising from nearly t he Whole thereof. LOT I. A HOUSE and GARDEN, now or late A• R. P. ill the Occupation of Daniel Adams, and Pait of a Field of Land adjoining thereto, called Sheepwash Ground, containing in Quantity about 4 3 20 LOT 11. A HousEandGARDENS, and WHARF adjoining to the Wooden Bridge over the Severn, in the Occupation of the Proprietors of the Bridge Tolls, containing 1 0 3a LOT III. Another WHARF adjoining the Wooden Bridge, with the Building thereon erccted, containing 0 0 32 LOT IV. The BERWICK ARMS INN, with the Stables, Malthouse, Oviccs, Buildings, aud LAND adjoining thereto, now in the Occupa- tion of Thomas Holt, jun. containing LOT V. A HOUSE and GARDEN, now or late in the Occupation of Joshua Bradley, with LAND adjoining thereto, containing together... LOT VI. Part uf a FIELD of LAND, called Banky Field, with Part of a Garden and other I, and adjoining thereto, in the Occupation of Thomas Holt, containing LOT VII. A HOUSE and a GARDEN, with a Croft, and a Meadow, called Lower House Mea- dow, and Land adjoining thereto, in the Occu- pation nf Thomas Holt, containing LOT VIII. A Parcel of LAND, as the same is now staked out, containing LOT IX. Ditto I. OT X. A Parcel of LAND, as tbe same is now staked out, formerly a Part of Sutton Wood Common, containing LOT XI . Ditto ... T LOT XII. Ditto LOT XIII. Ditto LOT XIV. Ditto LOT XV. Ditto ( exclusive of tbe Quarry) LOT XVI. Ditto LOT XVII. Ditto LOT XVIII. Ditto LOT XIX. Ditto LOT XX. Two FIELDS of LAND, called the Boggy Moor and Stockings, and Land adjoining thereto, ill tbe Occupation of Mrs. Farmer, containing LOT XXI. Two FIELDS of LAND, called tbe Stockings and —, with Land adjoining thereto, containing I OTXXII. A FIELD of LAND, called the Stockings, anil Land adjoining thereto, con- taining LOT XXIII. A FARM HOUSE and BUILD- 4 1 18 4 O 30 7 2 34 8 1 37 5 0 18 5 0 0 ters and Mahogany Hand Rail of the best Workmanship, extending to the Attick ; a Drawing- Room 18 by ] 6 ft. Dining Parlour 16 ft. Square, and Breakfast Parlour 14 by 13 ft. all to ft. bin, high; on tbe Chamber Floor, one Bed Room 18 by lti ft. and Dressing Room, two Bed Rooms, 16 ft. Square, and Closets to each, one- Bed Room 14 by 13 ft. and airy Lobby; on the Attic Floor, four Bed Rooms and Lobby, uniform in Size with the Chamber Floor, and 82' teet high :— every principal Room fitted up with Marble Chimney Pieces, enriched. Cornices, Jordan aud Co's. Patent Bronzed Copper Sashes, newly papered, painted, & c. The interior Offices comprise a Kitchen It) ft. Square, Brevi house, Dairy, Laundry, Mangle aud Store Rooms, all immediately connected, with extensive and excellent Wine and Beer Cellaring. The exterior consist of a Coach- house, two Stables of 2 Stalls each, large Loft for Hay ar. d Straw, Grainerv, Cow- house with Calf Kit, Cart House, Piggery, Poullry'House, Knife and Boot Rooms, and Muck Place ; ALL INCLOSED. The Premises, if seen, must be admired; and Peisous of Taste only can duly appreciate their Value. ( Land- Tax Redeemed ) LOT II. TEN SHARES in the Montgomery Branch of the ELLESMERE CANAL ( together, or separately, as may be preferred). LOT III. TWO SHARES in THE WINDMILL on CHARLTON HILL. * 4.* » Lots a, and 3 will he sold at SEVERN IIILL, in succession, immediately after Lot 1. The neat aud valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LINEN, CHINA, aud other Effects, will be sold on the Premises, 011 Tuesday and Wednesday, the llth and 12tli Days of JUN E. Printed Particulars may be had at the Auction Mart, London; of Mr. Farror, Auctioneer, Birmingham; tbe Printers of the Wolverhampton Chronicle, Gore's Liver- pool, aud Fletcher's Ci ester Papers; and for further Information apply to Mr. CRAIG, or Mr. BARBER, ( the Assignees), or THE AUCTIONEER, nil of Shrewsbury, who will appoint a Peison to shew the Premises. ^ alejs b| auction DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE?', In the Parish of Chirbury> in the County of Salop. At the Fox I1111, in the Town of Shrewsbury, in the County of Salop, on Saturday, the liitli Day of May, mi, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced, il" uot disposed nf by private Contract in the mean Time, of which Notice will be given in this Paper; ALL that Messuage called the LOWER HOUSE, at WILMINGTON, with the Outbuildings aud Appurten- ances, and about 170 Acre? of good Arable, Meadow, Pasture, anil Wood Land ; the whole lying v ry compact within a Ring Fence, tuid capable of considerable improvement. The Pre- mises afford excellent Quarry Stone, at a short Distance fi om which there is a good Scitc for Building; a pleasant; healthy Spot, nearly central;, and commanding a View of all the Lauds ; with, beautif. il aud extensive Prospects of the sur- rounding Country. MAST6N POOL is contiguous to and adjoins PArt of the Properly-; and a Piirchasei- will be en- titled to a Right of Fishery therein. Immediate Possession may be had, excepting 40 Acres or. thereabouts, which is in Lease for about five Years to come. Wilmington is situate near to the Turnpike Koad leading from Shrewsbury to Montgomery, about If, Miles distant from' the fornse'i- and • five from the latter Place:; anti near to the Montgomeryshire Canal; and is also within a convenient. Distance ot Lime and Coal. Mr. R0sF. 11ts, of Wilmington, will appoint a Person to shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be known by applying to him, to Mr. JOXES, of Garthmil, ncarWelsIt Pool; Mr. JELLICOE, Benthall; or to Messrs. MAUDOCK and STMES, AttoVnies, Shrewsbury, who are authorised to Treat for the Sale. At the Cross Keys I1111, iii Llanymyui -;- h, in the Counly cf Salop, 011 Friday, the. 24tli Day of May, 1811, between the Hours of three mid five in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced : AIJ. that MI SSUAGE or Tenement, called CAE LLIA, Willi the Lands thereto belonging, containing by Admeasurement SJA. OR. S| P. oe ibe same more or less, situate in the Township' of Bnrgediii, iu the Parish cf Guilslield, inthe County of Montgomery, and ROW in the several Occupations of Richard Griffiths, Thomas Hiynian, and John Humphreys, at the Yearly Rent of ± 50. The above Estate lies within a Ring Fence ; is situate io a good Sporting Country, within a short Distance of the Montgomeryshire Canal, four Miles from Pool, teu from Oswestry, inuisix from LlaufyUin, all good Market Towns. The Tenants will shew the Premises ; and further Parti- culars ni3y be knort'n upon Application, to Mr. EDWARDS, Solicitor, in Oswestry. FREEHOLD ESTATES AND RENTS. BY MR. YVYLF. Y, At the Raven and Bell Inn, in Shiewsbury, oil Friday, tha 3ist Day of May, 1811, at the Hour of eleven in the" Fore- noon, subject to Conditions which will be then produced : Sconces, japanned Plate- warmer, capital Pair of Steelyards, Q E V F, It A L desirable and valuable FREEHOLD Baskets, polished Kitchen Grate, large Valuable Ditto, j O ESTATES, situate at THE CLIVE, inthe Parish of upon a much improved Plan, suitable for a Nobleman's \ Saint Mary, Shrew shin y, iu ihe County of Salop, in the af- Kitehen, quite new ( wrought by Furuivnl, of Bletchley), j terinentioned Lets : viz. Smoke Jack, Back Oven, Crane and Rack, Fire Irons nnd Fenders, Ash Grates, three Oak Screens, round Stools, Dresser and Shelves, Quantity of Pewter, and Ditto Quarts, Pints, and Half- pints, three Fowling Pieces, large Brass Milk Kettle, with every ol her Article of Kitchen Requisites, in Brass, Coppei, Maslin, Iron, Tin, & c. & c. The BREWING UTENSILS, & C. comprise twelve valuable Iron- bound Hogsheads, and twelve Half Ditto, large Quan- tity of small Barrels, of various Sizes, Ditto of Stillages, Barrel Screw Hoop, a Variety of Wood Bottles, six Mash Tubs, with numerous other smaller Ditto, hud Coolers, large valuable square Plank Cooler, large Copper Furnace, and Iron Ditto and Bottoms, Buckets and Gauns, Spinning Wheels, Kibbling nnd Malt Mills, Joiner's Tools, valuable Saddles and Bridles, Pillion and Cover, large square Cast- iron Oven, Stoue Cistern and Pigtroughs, with sundry Husbandry Tools, in l. ots. The Sale will commence with the Household Furniture, on the first and second Days.— The Plate, Linen, China, Glass, & c. will commence at two o'Clock the second Day. — The Remainder of Ihe Household Goods and Brewing Vessels will be sold the third Day. The Sale v. ill commence at ten each Day. MISS CARTWRIGHT begs Leave to inform her Friends anil the Public in general, that she has ON SA LE, AT PR! M E COST, a valuable Assortment of OLD PO RT, and other WINES; likewise, FRENCH and otber BRAN- DIES, RUM, RUM- SHRUB, GIN, & c. & c. all of which have been well and carefully selected. 5 5 5 5 6 8 9 10 10 15 ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD PREMISES, Corn- Alarket, Shrewsbury. BY S. TUDOR. At the Linn Inn, oil Friday, tbe 17th Instant, G o'Cleek, in the Afternoon; ALL that Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, together with a very extensive Yard and Outbuildings, now in the Occupation of Miss LANES, Milliners and Dress- makers ; consisting of Beer, Ale, and Wine Cellars; Shop, Parlour, Kitchen, Brewliouse, Offices, with a large Yard, Stabling, & c. Drawing Room, five good Lodging Rooms, four Closets, and four very goeid Atticks ; all 111 good and Teuautable Repair. The Passage leading to the Yard may be extended to any Width with little Expense. The Pre- mises are in Fron; 2( 5 Feet 9 Inches, at the Back 23 Feet, whole Length 123 Feet, and well worth tbe Attention of those who require Room. The Premises may be viewed from 10 o'clock to 12, any Monday and Wednesday Mornings, until the Time of Sate, 011 Application to Miss Lanes ; and for further Particulars apply to the AUCTIONEER, 011 College Hill, where a Map fully descriptive of the Premises may be seen. 18 0 6 9 2 39 INGS, with sundry Pieces or Parcels of LAND, lying within a Ring Fence, with thiee small Tenements and Gardens, in tl- e Occupation of Robert Pool, Thomas Price, and others, con- taining by Estimation 75 1 3 LOT XXIV, A FARM HOUSE and BUILD- INGS, with sundry Pieces- m- Parcels of LAND, lying together within a Ring Fence, in the Holding of Thomas Holt and others, containing 221 2 9 LOT XXV. A FARM HOUSE, called SUTTON HALL, with Buildings, and sundry Pieces^ or Parcels of I, AND, lying together within a Ring Fence, in the Occupation of Mrs. Broughall and others, with several small Tenements and Gar- dens, containing by Admeasurement 342 3 0 The above Estate lies completely together, within a Ring Fence, forming a most desirable and advantageous Property, situated in a fine Sporting Country, finely wooded, and abounding with Game.— Part of the Estate adjoins to the River Severn near 10 Coalbrook Dale, has tbe Advantage of good Roads, and is close to Liine and Coal. There is a considerable Quantity of fine growing Timber on tbe Estate; and a Vein of Coal runs under a considerable Part of tbe Lands. The Estate is wilhin 3 Miles of Shiffnal, 7 of Bridgnorth, 2 of the Iron Bridge and Coalbi- ook Dale, 3 of'Broseley, and 13 of Wolverhampton, al! good Market Towns. ' Plans of the Lots may be seen at. Mr. HOLT'S, the Ber- wick Arms, near the Wooden Bridge ; and at the Office of Mr. CUXSON, Solicitoi, Sbifi'na!: aud printed Particulars may be had ten Days previously to the Sale, at Mr. Jei. LI- COE'H, of Bentball, near Shrewsbury; at Mr. CUJISON'S Office, at the Jerniughani Arms Inn, Shiffnal; Berwick Arms aforesaid ; and the principal Inns in the neighbouring Towns: and for further Information apply to Mr. VYa. J LLLicoE, or Mr. Cvxsox. BY T. JONES, At the Bowling Green, in Overton, in the County of Flint, on Saturday, the 25th Day of May, 1811, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, and subject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. AMESSUAGE or Tenement situate I11 the Township of DUDI- ESTON, in the. Parish of Ellesmere, in the County ofSalop, containing about 1( 5 Acres, in the Holding of Stephen Manford, Labourer. The above Estate is upou the Turnpike Road leading from Ellesmere to Chirk, adjoins tbe Property of Morhall, Esq. Mr Richards, Mr. John George, and Mrs. Oi ton, near the Sign of the Three Pigeons, which is about four Miles from Ellesmere. LOT II. A11 ALLOTMENT 011 Dudlcston Heath, of about four Acres. TheTenant will shew the Premises; and further Parti- culars may be had from Messrs. KENYON and PARRY, Solicitors, Wrexham, where a Map of the Estate may be seen. A GENTEEL ELIGIBLE SITUATION, NEAR WRENBURY, CHESHIRE. To be Let by Ticket, BY LAKIN AND SON, At the Fighting Cocks, in Wrenbury, in tbe County of Chester, 011 Monday, ihe 13th Day of May, 1811, at three o'Clock in tlie Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced ; ALL that compact, neat, newly ercctcd MESSUAGE or Dwelling House, with all necessary convenient Outbuildings, good Kitchen Garden, & c. together with about ten Statute Acres of excellent Grazing and Meadow LAND adjoining, in high Condition, and which can be watered at Pleasure, situate near WOOOCOTT HILL ( in a good Neighbourhood, and adjoining a Trout- stream Fish- ery), in ihe Parish of Wrenbury aforesaid, in the present Occupation of Mr. CLARE, who will give immediate Possession of the Whole. N. B. May be Viewed by applying to Mr. CLARE, 011 the • emises; to Mr. HUGHES, of Bi'ckley; or to Mr. JARRATT, Whitchurch. FA HMING STOCK, & c. BY R. POOLE, On Tuesday, the 14th Dav of Mav, 1811 : THE valuable FARMING STOCK" and IMPLE- MENTS iu HUSBANDRY, the Property of B. ROWLEY, Esq. of TRIOR'S LEE, near Shiffnal, in the Couuty of Salop, who is declining the Farming Busi- ness; consisting of six very able draught Horses and Gearing, one capital hack Horse five Years old; 20 prime Ewes and lambs, 21 yearling Wethers, and two Rains; one Sow in- pig, aud nine capital store Pigs; two broad Wheel Waggons, four narrow Wheel Ditto and Gearing, Timber Carriage and Requisites, thiee broad Wheel Tum- brels, two Tumbrel Bodies and Draughts, Sheep Cratch, one double and two single Ploughs, three Pair of Harrows, four Dog Hurdles, six Ladders, four Waggon Ropes, three Straw Cribs, Winnowing Fan, two Corn Coffers, two Wheel- barrows, three Ell Rakes, and other Implements; also, eight capital Hogsheads, three Half- hogsheads, seven Quarter Barrels, and a valuable Lot of Harvest Bottles. R. POOLE recommends the above valuable Stock to the Attention of the Public, and assures them the Horses, for Symmetry, Power, and Steadiness, arc scarcely to be equal- led ; the hack Horse goes well in all his Paces, and is fit for Road or Field ; the Sheep and I'igs are selacted from the first breeds, and the Implements are in perfect Repair, and made of the best Materials The w hole will be sold without Reserve. Catalogues are preparing, and may be bad at the Fox, Shrewsbury ; Pheasant, Wellington ; Jerninghaui Arms, Shiffnal; Lion, Wolvarhampton; Crown, Newport; Lion, Broseley; White Hart, Madeley Wood; and of THE AUCTIONEER, Wellington, and tit the Place of Sale ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURN1TUHE, Foreign I hina Table and Tea Service, Glass, BARREL ORGAN, NEAT SEDAN, IMPLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY, Brewing anil Dairy Vessels, MODERN- BUILT GIG AND HARNESS (. NEARLY' NEW). BY MR. OWEN, On the Premises, in HOSPITAL S- IREET, NANTWICH, in the County of Chester, on Monday, the 13th, Tuesday, the 14th, Wednesday, the 15th, Thursday, the iGlh, Friday, the 17th, and Monday, the 20th of May, 1811 : rpllE FOLLOWING VALUABLE EFFECTS, late the X Property of Mrs. SCOTT, deceased:— comprising a Drawing RoomSuit, in rich blue Silk Damask, viz. three handsome Festoon Window Curtains, with Gold ornamented Cornices, nine Elbow Chairs, Cabriole Sofa, and three Win- dow Scats, in burnished Gold Frames, two Cheval Fire Screens, Wilton Carpet, and foreign China Chimney Orna- ments, square and oval Diamond cut Pier and Dressing Glasses, a valuable Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, with circular Ends, 2n Feet by 4 Feet, several other M ahogany Dining, Card, and Pembroke Tables, round and oval snap Ditto, a Mahogany Side- board Table, with Drawers, Wine- cooper and Gardevine, a Pair of neat inlaid Satin Wood Card Tables, Pembroke Ditto, to match, rich eight- lap India folding Screen, Marble Slabs, Mahogany Parlour and Bed- room Chairs, Mahogany Book- ease, 8 Feet 9 Inches by 9 Feci, Mahogany and Oak Chests of Drawers, Bureaus and Linen Chests, eight- day Clock, in handsome Mahogany Column Case, Kitchen Dial, full size Mahogany fourpost Bedsteads, with real India Chintz, rich Moreen, printed Cotton, aud other Furniture, with suitable Window Curtains, prime Goose Feather Beds, Mattresses, Blankets, Quilts, and neat corresponding Chamber Furniture, Brus- sels and Scotch Carpets, Blunderbuss, two Fowling Pieces, Telescope, several Paintings and Prints; the Whole of the Kitchen Requisites, and Dairy Vessels, Large Mangle, & c. The IMPLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY consist of a Trolly, And on the following Day, being TUESDAY*, the 14th Day of MAY" instant, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ON THE SAID PREMISES, ( WITHOUT RESERVE), ALL the choice FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY. Dairy and Brewing Vessels, and new genuine valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & e. be- longing to the said Mr. CLAUE, who is Business. LOT I. A PIECE of ARABLE LAND, calledSTURDY'S CiiOrT, I'll rt ot 3. Farm called Hnlbrouk Farm, adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Wem to Shrewsbury, and containing 3 Acres or thereabouts, in the Occupation i. f Mr. Henry Deakin; who is under an Agreement to give up the Possession thereof at Michaelmas next: 1 . ot II. A MESSUAGE and FARM, called HoLERobK, with suitable and convenient Outbuildings, and containing 53A. 2R. 35P. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of the said Henry D. eakiii, tts Tenant thereof for the. Remainder of a Term, of which 13 Years were unexpired at Lady Day last, at the yearly Rent together of £ 47 19s. Gd. Lot 111. A MESSUAGE or FARM HOUSE, with suit- able and convenient Outbuildings, and six several PI ECES or Parcels of Arableand Meadow LAND, lying contiguous thereto, containing together, including the Scite of tho Buildings, 3iA. 2R. 10P. or thereabouts, in the respective Occupations of William Puleston and Joseph Robinson, yearly Tenants. LOT IV. A DWELLING HOUSE, with a Garden, Fold Yard, Slid Outbuildings adjoining, and a Croft of rich Meadow Land lying contiguous; called JOSEPH'S CROFT, containing lA. 2R. lP. of thereabouts. LOT V. A PIECE of capital Arable LAND, called Rbo; NEY'S CROFT, Contiguous to the last Lot, and containing GA. oR. 8P. 01 thtleabouts. The two'last mentioned Lots are in the Occupation Of Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant. LOT VI. A PIECE of rich Arable LAND, called GREEN REANS, containing sA. TR 22P. or thereabouts. LOT VII. THREE PIECES of Arableand Meadow LAND, called respectively YORETON MEADOW, WAT- TON'S CROFT, and MYERS, in Quantity 10A. 0R. ll'. or thereabouts, and lying close to the Village of Yoreton. LOTVIU. A PIECE cf Arabic LAND, called DODE'I CROFT, and containing sA. oR. 38P. or thereabouts. LOT IX. A PIECE of Arable LAND, called WHITLEY, and containing 2A. SR 26P. or thereabouts. LOTS. A PIECE of Arable LAND, called THISILEY CROFT,, lying contiguous to the lastuientioned Lot, and containing 3A. IR. aGP. or thereabouts. LOTXI.' A PIECE of Arable LAND, called GRAIN WAYS, and containing 3A uR. 2P. or thereabouts. The 1.191 six Lots are in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Puleston, a vearly Tenant. LOT XII. A MEADOW, called I. ARGE MEADOW, and containing 3A. oR. 24P. or thereabouts. LOT XI II. A MEADOW, called LITTLE MEADOW, lied containing 2A. uR. laP. or thereabouts. The last two Lots are iu the Occupation of the said Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant. LOT XIV. A PIECE of Meadow LAND, Called WOOD MEADOW, w ith Garden Ground adjoining, and containing together 9A. 3R. 34P. or thereabouts, also in the Holdiug of Mr. William Puleston, a yearly Tenant. LOT XV. A PIECE of Arable LAND, cMled THE THORNLEYS, aud containing 3A. lR. 39P. or thereabouts, and iu the Holuiug of the said Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant. LOT XVI. A PIECE of Arable LAND, called the NEW- FIELDS, and containing 7A. AR. 21?. or thereabouts. Lot XVII. TWO PIECES of Arable LAND, in Clive Wood, called FURTHER WOOD and NEAR WOOD, aud containing together 83A 3R otP. or thereabouts. The last two Luts are in the Occupation of Mr. William Puleston, 11 vearly Tenant. LOT XVIII. A PIECE of excellent Arabic LAND, call- ed the NEW POOL CROFT, and. containing 5A. 0R. 5P. or thereabouts. I. OT XIX. A PIECE of LAND, called the PICGINS- BURY, and Containing 3A lR. iP. or thereabouts. The last two Lots are in the Occupation of the said Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant. LOT XX. TWO PARCELS of Arable LAND, called the LARGE WOOD, and ANN'S CROFT, with a Garden adjoin- ing, in Quantity together 3 » A. lit. 2dP. or thereabouts, and in the Occupation of tbe said William Puleston, a yearly Tenaut. LOT XXI. A DWELLING HOUSE, with a Barn, Garden, and 5 Closes of LAND adjoining, situate 011 the Clive Wood, in the Occupation of Ann Wilson, a yearly Tenant, and containing together, including the Scite of Ihe Buildings, 10A. Ot!. 8P. or thereabouts. LOT XXII. A GARDEN, in the Clive, in the Occupa- tion of ihesaid Wiiliam Puleston. a yearly Tenant, or his Undertenants, and containing 21 Perches, or thereabouts. I. OT XXIII. TWO PARCELS of LAND, in the Quarry Field, in Quantity uA. alt. IIP. or thereabouts, in the Oc- cupation of the Rev. Laurence Gardner, under a Lease for 21 Years, commencing25th March, 1800. LOT XXIV. A DWELLING HOUSE, Garden, and Appurtenances, in the Clive, iu the Occupation of John Robinson, a yearly Tenant, and containing OA. iR. lGP. or thereabouts. LOT XXV. A DWELLING HOUSE and Garden, in the Occupation of Benjamin Deakin, under - a Lease for 21 Years from ( lie95th Dayof March, 1800; also some Out- buildings and a Garden near adjoining thereto, and a Piece of Meadow Land called BACKI. ANE CROFT, in the Occu- pation of the said Joseph Robinson, a yearly Tenant, and containing together aA aR. oP. or thereabouts. LOT XXVL A PARCEL of Arable LAND, called the BLAKEOOWN, open lo Lands of Messrs. Puteston, in the Occupation of the said loseph Robinson, a yearly Teiiam, and containing l. V. oft. oP. or - . lereaboitts. LOT XXVII. SIX CHIEF or Fee Farm RENTS, a- twoTumbrels, Market Cart and Cover, Ploughs, Harrows, Corn Trial and Fan, Straw Engine, Malt Mill, and Roller, Corn Drier; Harness for a Pairof Horses, Silk Horse Nets, . Saddles and Bridles ; several large Fishing Nets ; Garden pouming together to.£ 31 OS. Od. issuing out of and pay- Hand Glasses Stone Rollers See & e 1 - ie half- yearly fur the Tithes ot Prescott, Nonmlly, or Catalogues'may be had at the Feathers Inn, Chester: Nonelly, Yeaton, Little Ness, and Eytun Weston, Adcet, Roe Buck, Newcastle; Swan, Woore ; Talbot, Drayton; Exton alias Evton, Mastock, and the Mailer of Ford, la White Lion, Whitchurch; Swan, Tarporley; Auuel, North- , the. County ot Salop, wich ; King's Arms, Middlewich ; George, Sandbacli; and LOT XXVIII. SEVEN of THE AUCTIONEER, Nantwich, ten Days previous to the RENTS, amounting toget' Sale. The Goods may be viewed on Friday and Saturday, preceding the Sale'( by Ticket only), on Application to the Auctioneer.— The Sale to commence at ten o'clock in the Morning, aud two iu the Afternoon each Day. TO BE LET OR SOLI), ALL that modern and elegant MESSUAGE, in NANT- WICH, late iu the Possession of Mrs. ScoTT, being a complete Residence for a Gentleman's Family; together frith about24 Statute Acres of most excellent LAND, lying ontiguous thereto. Possessiou of tbe Premises may be ... : immediately had — For further Particulars enquire at the eiirinj ti'om, 0jT; ce of j^, Ij0WEj SOLICITOR, or THE AUCTIONJIR, Nanlwicli. other CHIEF or Fee Farm ether to J6 7s. 5d. issuing out of and payable yearly for Dunthill Grainge, and a Mill and Lands in Longdoti, for Tithes in Stanwardine in the Wood, for the Tithes of Walcot, Alston, Hedley, and Wellington, for the Rectory of Middle, and for the Mauor of Great Wenlock, ill the said Couuty ofSalop. For a View cf Ihe first 26 Luts apply to the respective Tenants thereof; and further Particulars of tbe Whole may be known, aud a Map of the Estates seen, on Applica- tion to WILLIAM VICKERS, jun. Cranmere, near Bridg- north; to Mr. WYI. F. Y, the Auctioneer, there; or to Mr. NORBURY, Solicitor, in Droitwich, Worcestershire. Printed Particulars, and a Copy or the M p, will also be tftat lbs Place of Sale, » fortoijhtbsfere the Do? of Sale. Agricultural Repot I for April.— The prospect of a plentiful produce in ail kinds of grain, is highly gratifying throughout the three kingdoms. The Wheats are generally good in all the principal corn districts, and Norfolk and the other Barley counties have derived the finest plants from the late genial rains that they have known for many years past. The Beans nnd Peas in Kent and Essex, and the Oats in Lincoln, Cambridgeshire, & c. are likely to benefit abundantly by the same prolific cause. We scarcely recollect to have seen the old meadow, and other grass lands, so full of feed as they are at this early season. Hay, as the natural consequence, is falling weekly. Karl} Potatoes plant well, and we are glad to see their extent of growth'every year increasing. Tlx hop plantations of Farnham, Kent, and Sussex, look well, furnishing the pole with plenty of bine. Lean Stock of most kinds was lower, and dull of sale, at the beginning of the month ; but has had a start in beasts, from the expectation of plenty of feed. The Meat Markets have been well supplied with prime Beef, Land), and Mutton: the Merino Sheep, however, do not yet approach the South Downs at Smithfield in price, so near as several of our principal graziers were led to expect. No advance or stir in the Wool Trade since our last. MAY FASHIONS'FOR LADIES.-— Ball or Full Dress. , A Human robe of pink crape, worn over white gossamer satin. A long Spanish slashed sleeve, with an antique cuff of fnfe net lace) horizontal stripe front, with a quilling of fine net round the bosom. The slashes of the sleeve filled with folds of white satin, and their terminations finished with silver filligrce, or mother of pearl buttons. A cestus of white satin, with correspondent clasp and broach. Hair in waved cuils confined round the head with a wreath of Persian roses, separated in the centre of the forehead. Neck- chain and cross of Peruvian gold— ear- drops of the same. An occasional scarf of Paris net, starred with silver. White satin slippers, ornamented with pink rosettes. White gloves of French kid; and fan- of spangled crape. Opera Dress.— A white muslin robe, with long sleeves. An Algerine tunic of white satin, trimmed round the bottom and bosom with net or silver fringe; • imply confined in the centre, with a Regency broach. A Turkish cloak, or short coat, with arm- holes, com- posed of plain Indian muslin, similar with the robe, and lined with cerulean blue sarsnet trimmed round the back and down each side with broad lace, put on very full. The cloak thrown open in front, so as to exhibit the tunic and under robe. A helmet cap, composed of silver net and spangles, ornamented with a cluster of Labrador roses in front. A treble neck- chain and ear- rings of elastic Indian gold. Gloves and shoes of white kid. Lord Nelson.— The Statue erected in Guildhall to this distinguished Commander was exposed ou Saturday for the first time to public view. The following in- scription appears on the tablet-, it is from the pen of Mr. Sheridan: — HORATIO VISCOUNT AND BARON NELSON, Vice- Adoiiral of the While, and Knight of the most Honourable Order ofthe Bath; A Man amongst the few, who appear At different periods, to have been created To promote the grandeur, and add to the security of nations: Inciting try Iheir high example their fellow mortals Thro' all succeeding times, to pursue the course That leads to the exaltation of our imperfect nature. PROVIDENCE, That implanted in Nelsou's breast an ardent passion for renown As bounteously endowed him with the tianscendant talent* Nccessary lo the great purposes He was destined to accomplish. At an early period of life He entered into the nava! service ol his country; And early were the instances which marked The fearless nature and enterprise of his character: Uniting to the loftiest spirit, and the justest title to self- confidence, A strict and humble obedience to The sovereign rule of discipline and subordination. Rising by due gradation lo command, He infused into the bosoms of those he led The valorous ardour and enthusiastic zeal For the service of his King and Country Which animated his own; Ar. d while he acquired the love of all, By the sweetness and moderation of his temper, lie inspired a universal confidence la the r. ever- failing resources of tiis capacious mind. It will he for his'ory to relate The many great exploits, through which, Solicitous of peril, and regardless ot wounds, He became the glory of his profession 1 But it belongs to litis brief recoid of his illustrious career To sav, that he commanded and conqtier'd At the Battles of the NILE and COPENHAGEN : Victories never before equall'd, Vet afterwards surpassed hv his own last achievement, The Battle of TRAFALGAR 1 Fought on the 21st of October, in the year 180.5, On that day, before the conclusion of the action, He fell, mortally wounded ; " But the sources of life and sense fail'd not until it was known to Him thai, thedestruclion of the enemy being completed, Ttie glory of'his country and'his own had attained their summit. ' I'lien laying his hand on his brave heart, Wilh a took of exalted resignation to the w ill Of the Supreme Disposer ofthe Fate of Man and Nations, He expired. The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council Of the City of London, Have caused this Monument lo be erected ; Not in the presumptuous hope of sustaining the departed Hero's memory, Bui to manifest their esiimalion of the Man, And their admiration of his deeds. Til is Testimony of their Gratitude, They trus', will remain as long As their own renowned Ci'. y shall exist. The period to NELSON's FAME, Can onlv be THE END OF TIME1. The late Sir JAMES PVLTBNNR, Bart."- whose decease was not'eed in our tost obituary, was a General in the Army, and Colonel of the 18th regiment of foot. He served at the commencement of the war as Adju- tant- General, under the Dtike of York, in Flanders ; afterwards had the command of an unsuccessful ex- pedition against Ferrol; and a short time since filled the office of Secretary at War, with considerable credit. Though his military character was not marked by any brilliant exploit, he was considered hy the profession a gallant soldier, and his liberal donations to the distressed, afler his accession to his fortune, proved him a bene- volent man. The immense annual revenue which he derived as the interest alone out of the l'ultency property, by the will of his late Lady, llic Countess of Bath, was full £ 50,000 per annum ; the principal of yrijicb, by his death, now devolves, by the same will, on the four children of Mrs. Markhant, daughter of gir Sutton, Bart, by a son of the late Archbishop of York, who was divorced from her husband about six years ago ; part of her children will now come into the possession of £ 250,000 sterling, as their portion of this great fortune, " left hy the late Sir William Pulteney.— Sir James Pulteuej's brother, Major- Gen. Murray, succeeds to the Baronetage, and the family estates in Scotland. It is said the late Baronet died worth £ 500,000. and that he has bequeathed £ 600,000- to the General, and the remainder to his brother, the Clergyman, who some time ago married Miss Clayton, the dancer. on the pnuctured part; and the second child bad the true characteristic of the Cow- Pock. The third ( not having been inoculated) sickened, and afterwards died on the 8th of April following, of the Small- Pox; but the second, being secured by vaccination, remains per- fectly well, although it had lain in ' the same bed with the other children most of the time.— The inference to be drawu from this needs no comment; a stronger proof of the security of Cow- Pock against Small- Pox, cannot be instanced. To say to the well- informed, that in the first child's case, the system was infected with Small- Pox previous to vaccination, would he but trifling with their understandings, hut it may perhaps be necessary to observe, that the contagion was com- municated to the first child by one who was travelling with its parents through the country, and strangers to the place.— Cambrian. Cow Tock.— A child of John Edward, of Aber- ystwith, in the county of Cardigan, was inoculated w ith Cow- Pock matter on the 14th of February, 1811 ; ou the 23d, eruptions appeared on various parts of the body, caused, without doubt, by the Smad Pox.— Another child, sister to the above infant, who constantly slept with him and a third child, was vaccinated at the same time, but ihe third unfortunately Was not. About a fortnight after vaccination, tl • arm of the child which had tho Small- Pox appear » d to hav# a light dry scab Military Promotions.— 18th regt. of foot, Lieut.- Gcn. John Lord Hutchinson, IC. B. from the 57th foot, to be Colonel, vice Sir James Pulteney, deceased.— 19th ditto, Major- Gen. Tomkyns Hilgrove Turner, Bart, from the Cape regt. to be Colonel, vice Lieut.- Gen. Sir Hew Dalrymple, appointed to the 57th foot.— 57th foot, Lieut.- Gen. Sir Hew Dalrymple, Bart, from the 19th foot, to he Colonel, vice Lord Hutchinson, ap- pointed to the ISth foot.— Cape regt. Lieut.- Gen. George Moncrieffe, from tho 90th fool, to be Colonel, vice Major- Gen. Turner, appointed to the 19th foot. It is understood that the Speaker of the House of Commons will retire from the Chair of that House, which he so alfly and honourably fills, at the end of the present session. " He is to be called up to the House of Lords by the title Of Bkron Kidbrotk, and, w ith the appointment of Speaker Off that House, to assist the Lord Chancellor, retaining his present salary of 60001. a year. Three gentlemen, all eminently qualified, are mentioned as candidates for Ihe Chair of the House of Commons, viz, Mr. C. W. Wynn, Sir. Vansittart, and Mr. B. Bathurst. Extract of a letter from an Officer in Lord Welling- ton's army, dated Reboloro, near Alfayates, April 6:— " For this month past we have been constantly pur- suing and beating the enemy, and we are now halted on the frontiers, being five leagues from Almeida, and | equally distant from Ciudad Rodrigo. I believe this is only the third'Time we have halted during the march. Massena began the campaign at Cuidad Rodrigo, with 80,000 men, at least; and lam certain he has retired with not more than half that number, if so many, while our loss has not been altogether 3000 men. No enemy was ever so completely loilcd and deceived, and they retire as spiteful as possible, burning, destroying, and committing every crime shocking to humanity ; not content with despoiling the country, they add to it murder and violation. Massena was obliged to bury the greatest part of his artillery, and burn the car- riages:; two days ago they lost a kowilzer, and 1000 men, killed, wounded, and prisoners." It is no new discovery, that iu physical strength, the French soldiers are far inferior lo the English. It was the observation of this in former wars which occasioned the familiar saying, that one Englishman can beat three Frenchmen. Recent events have surely put this matter beyond all doubt; and we can safely appeal to the genuine history of all the great victories of the French, to prove that they were, without any exception, acquired by a prodigious superiority of numbers, aided by the treachery of those with whom they contended. In an English army, this last is not to be dreaded, and we now see the consequences. On Saturday night the house of Chevalier de Souza, the Portuguese Ambassador, in South Audley- street, Grosvenor- square, was again lighted up with additional splendour. A great number of the nobility attended in their carriages, to view it. There were 14,000 lamps in the whole, which afforded a most brilliant effect. Some idea of the poverty of the late opulent farmers of East Friesland, in Holland, may be formed from one fact, of which we know the accuracy. These farmers are actually selling the butter in the streets of Rotter- dam, at the price of 2d, per lb. It is confidently repotted al Plymouth Dock, that the First Lord of the Admiralty, having written to the gallant Governor and Defender of Anholt, to know whether he would prefer rank or a pension, as a remu- neration for his eminent services, received an answer, lhat,/£ r himself he wanted nothing ; but that he had a brother, an idler ( i. e. out of employ), at Plymouth Dock ; and that if they would give him the command of a ship, it was all he wanted. Capt. Ferdinand Mau- rice has since been appointed to the Queen Charlotte, of 110 guns, At Chester Assizes the following prisoners received sentence of death :— Humph. Oulton, ngetl 47, charged with stealing a black mare, the property of John Fox, of Nantwich, and also with stealing two cheeses, the property of Saboth Church; John Clowes, aged 20, charged with having burglariously broken open the stable of John Plant, of Buglawton, and stealing a bay gelding, the property of the said John Plant; and Charles Lester, aged 74, charged with burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling house of George Green, at Buerton, and stealing weariug apparel: they were all afterwards reprieved. At the last General Quarter Sessions at Warwick, a man of the name of Richard Wall was convicted of having obtained a bounty, under false pretences, to serve as a substitute in the Warwickshire Regiment of Militia, and sentenced lo transportation for seven years. It was proved that the prisoner had been discharged from the regiment about two years since, on account of being ruptured, and thereby rendered unfit for service ; that, in October last, he contrived to get enrolled, at Coleshill, under the feigned name of John Mills, and received sixteen pounds one shilling in part of his bounty, and afterwards deserted. The prisoner's offence, as observed by the Court on passing sentence upon hiin, was aggravated by the crime of perjury, he having sworn, previous to his enrolmeut ( as required by the act of Parliament), that he was not ruptured, nor disabled hy lameness or otherwise.— The frauds committed by persons obtaining bounties under false pretences have been so numerous, and the evil so great, that the most exemplary punishment is necessarily inflicted, and it is hoped it will have the effect of putting a stop to such infamous practices. Prisoners of fVnr.— At the late Stafford assizes, two persons, named Dominique Lajus and Richard Hoskins, were tried before Mr. Justice Lawrence, and convicted of the very high crime of aiding two French prisoners of war, named Miany and St. Juste, late on parole at Leek, to escape from thence, and for this offence ( which the Learned Judge in pronouncing his judge- ment upon them declared to amount nearly to high treason), were sentenced to be imprisoned for the space of two years in the county gaol of Stafford. It is hoped that this sentence wiil operate as an example to deter others from the commission of such crimes. At Glocesler City Sessions, a country butcher pleaded guilty to an indictment, and paid the mitigated penalty of one guinea, for regrating in the public market, by purchasing meat from another butcher, and selling it at his own stall during the same day.— Wm. Kirby, an apprentice, aged 13, was convicted of profaning the Sabbath, hy playing at foot- ball, on Sunday evening, in College Green, and sentenced to 14 days imprisonment. A few days ago, the wife of William Alexander, residing near Swansea, had 27 quarts and a pint of water taken from her in the customary mode of opera- ting for the dropsy; ai d three days afterwaids she was delivered of a healthy boy of the usual size. An extraordinary fine ox, bred by Somerset Davies, Esq. of Croft Castle, in the county of Hereford, was lately killed by Mr. M. Cropper, butcher, Ludlow. The fore- quarters averaged 42 stone 2^ 11). and the hind- quarters SI stone lO^ lb. each ; the hide weighed 12 stone 9lb. and the rough fat 18 stone 6lb. in all, * 79 stone 5lb. This fine animal, when living, measured 3 yards 11 inches ia circumference, juiil stood 6 feet 3 inches high. Relief of the Pcrlugvese.— On Thursday a most respectable Meeting was held at Willis's Rooms, to open a Subscription for the suffering Portuguese, dis- tressed by the devastation's and barbarity of the retreat- ing army of the French. His Royal Highness the Duke of York, at the anxious request of the noblemen and gentlemen assembled, graciously consented to take the Chair. The following noblemen and gentlemen were present:— The Duke of Grafton, Earl Spencer, the Marquis of Buckinghamshire, Earl Darnley, the Mar- quis of Lausdowne, Marquis of Stafford, Lord Rivers, Lord Burghersh, Lord Casllereagli, the Right Hon, C. Long, Mr. Fuller, & c. & c.— His Royal Highness took the Chair about twenty minutes before'three o'clock. The Marquis of TANSDOWNE then rose and stated the purport of the Meeting. The noble marquis adverted to the brilliant progress of the British arms in Portugal, and the advantages w hich this country would gain by the patri- otic conduct of the Portuguese. In a commercial point of view, the advantage woald be generally seen. The Portu- guese had disappointed, by their firmness aiid patriotism, the designs of an insidious enemy, who had aimed at their subversion. On a subject which demanded the applause of every friend to humanity, there could be no difference of opinion, party hostility would cease, and the fostering hand of benevolence be held out without reluctance, A meeting similar to this had been held in the City of London, and subscriptions made of considerable amount.— The conduct ofthe gentlemen who had already subscribed was held so laudable, that tbe present meeting had been convened for the same purpose. The cause did not require the aid of eloquence; the bravery and sufferings of a people struggling for freedom, spoke forcibly to the hearts and wishes of Englishmen. The conduct of the Portuguese was a bril- liant example for the people of England. If tbe enemy should dare to approach our shore*, the remembrance ot what had been done by the friends of independence in Portugal would nerve the arms of Britons, and lead them to conquest, or death. The enormities which the French had committed would also teach us what we had to expect from a vindictive and cruel foe. The noble marquis con- cluded a most eloquent address, which the meeting received with loud applause, by urging the meeting to subscribe their offerings in n cause of such vital interest to the prosperity and honour of the country. His Royal Highness then put the Resolutions from the Chair, which were unanimously agreed to. Mr. SCOTCHER then addressed the gentlemen present, and hoped they would forego the natural diflideuce felt on such an Occasion', and come forward. The smallest sub- i scription, he said, would be willingly received.— Mr. Ftjr,- > LER observed, after the address Of Mr. Scotchcr, " Well, come, I'll be the first ; there ia £ 100 for J. Fuller."— Mr. SCOTCHF. R said, it would he as well if gentlemen gave iheir name and place of abode. Oil which Mr. Fuller repeated bis name, ana informed Mr. ScotCher that he resided at Rose Hill. , Subscriptions then went on. Most of the persons, with his Royal Highness, gave £ 100 each.— After the thanks of the meeting had been unanimously given to his Royal Highness for taking the Chair, and his digni- fied conduct in it, the meeting broke up. Tile total of subscriptions amounted to nearly £ 4,00( 1. On the field of battle at Barrosa, after the glorious victory, by the body of a French officer killed, was discovered a fine true French poodle dog, licking his master's face, and he was, with some difficulty, and seeming relnctance on his part, removed from his situation of fidelity. The dog is in the possession of an English naval officer. Among Ihe promotions in Tuesday's Gazette, is that of Serjeant Masterson, of the 87th, who took the French Eagle at the battle of Barrosa, to an Ensigncy in the York Light Infantry Volunteers. One of the witnesses on a trial at the last York Assizes being asked his profession, replied, " I am Clerk to the Clerk of the Deputy Clerk of the Peacs for the East Riding." It appears from an account laid before the House of Commons, that the number of persons transported as criminals to New South Wales, since the month of August 1809, is, males 140, females 15, for life ; males 33, females 9, for 14 years; and males 26, females 98, for 1 years. On Thursday last a match for £ 50 was run on the Spalding road from Boston, between Mr. Woodthorpe's bay horse by Old Lance, rising six years old, and Mr. Thomas Winter's bay mare by Old Pagan, 10 o: li years old. The ground of the race was from High- street toll- bar to Spalding bar, 15 miles : the horse was allowed two miles start ( making the distance 13 miles), and was to be trotted only ; whilst the mare waj to go the 15 miles at such pac « s as the rider should choose. The race was won by Mr. Woodthorpe's horse, which trotted the distance in 52 minutes, carrying 14 stone. Mr. Winter's mare went her distance in about 55 minutes, but the rider pulled up at the last 3 quarters of a mile. The horse trotted the eighth mile in three minutes and a half. At starting betting was 5 and 6 to 4 against him. Several persons were much amused wilh an extraor- dinary sight, last Friday, in the orchard of Mr. Goglar, in Whapload Drove, near Boston. A cock was heard to make an unusual noise, and on the cause being sought into, it was discovered that the bird was main- taining a fierce conflict with a large snake, which repeatedly reared itself up anil darted at its antagonist. The fight continued for some minutes, when a labourer in Mr. Goglar's employ interposed, and killed the reptile ; it was 3 feet long, but of what is considered the harmless kind, aud the cock had received uo injury. ffoollen Manufactures. — The following Report of the Woollen Cloth Searchers in the West Riding of Yorkshire, from the 25th of March, 1810, to the 25th of March, 1811, was exhibited at the Poutefract Ses- sions, on Monday se'nnight:— NARROW CLOTHS. This year .. 158,252 Pieces, or 6,180,811 Yards. Last year 151,911 5,951,726 .1 229,043^ Increase 6,341 BROAD CLOTH. This year 273,664 Pieces, or 8,671,042 Yards. Last year 311,239 9,826,048 Decrease 37,5/ 5 1,155,006 This diminution of the staple manufacture is to be traced to two causes— the prohibitory Decrees of Bona- parte, and the Orders 111 Council of the British Govern- ment. By the former of which our manufactures are shut out from the Continent of Europe, and by the latter onr commercial relations with the United States of America are suspended. Seeing the operation of these measures, and having their effects every day before our eyes in the number of artizans that are loi- tering about the streets for want of employment, our surprise is not that the quantity of woollens have decreased so much, but that they have decreased so little ; and this surprise will appear very natural when the Public are informed, that of 1160 shearmen in the town and neighbourhood of Leeds, about 300 only are in full employment; 500 are partially employed^ aud the remaining 360 are entirely idle for want of work. It becomes necessary, therefore to enquire, how, under these circumstances, the depression in the manufacture should not have exceeded a million of yards? And this will be accounted for when it is considered that the shipments to America, for the fall trade, in 1810, were as brisk as usual, and that for about six months in that year, Ihe deposit system prevailed with its former per- nicious activity; so that the decrease in the Broad Cloths which appears ou this official Return, though embracing a period of a whole year, has, in point of fact, arisen within the last six months; as will appear from the following quarterly Statement:— HOUSE OF COMMONS— MONDAY, APRIL 9 » . Lord PALVERSTON brought in the Innkeepers' Regulation Bill, which was read a first time, and ordered to be read a second time to- morrow. Sir S. ROMIILV presented a petition from certain persons confined for debt in the Isle of Man, praying, that the insol- vent laws might be extended to thai ' island. On the motion of Sir F. BURDETT it was ordered, that there be laid before the House forthwith the papers ordered by the. House on the 27th of February last, containing an account of the produce ofthe Danish ships, aud their cargoes, captured in 1805 — Also, a Return of the Net Proceeds of the Dutch Ships and Cargoes brought in previous to 1793, and placed under the controul and management of the Dutch Commissioners.— Also, an Account of Ihe separate sums paid by the Treasury as remunerations to persons having pro- perty sequestrated iu foreign parts, in retaliation foi acts done in this country ; with the dates of such grant, and dis- tinguishing Foreigners from Biitish subjects.— Adjourned. TUESDAY, APRIL 30. On the subject of a question put by MI'. PARNELL relative to StageCoaches in Ireland, Mr. W. POLE said, it would be highly desirable to do awav Ihe vested rights in exemption from the toll lor Stage Coaches ; and it was hit intention shortly to bring in a bill to that elTect. , Sir j. NEWPORT obtained leave to bring in a bill for more effectually securing the payment of Rents in Ireland to Land- lords"; and for extending to that country the Act which now existed in England, for collecting Rents. .. On the motion for the Committal of the Irish Stage Coach Bill, Mr. HERBERT strongly opposed the Bill, as tending to establish a most mischievous monopoly in Ireland. — After some remarks from Mr. SHAW and another Member, the House went into the Committee.— Mr. PARNELL objected to any vested rights existing to the great injury of the public.— Mr. W. POLE said, that none of these rights should ever be suffered to interfere with the public interests— After some further conversation, the Report was ordered to be iecei » ed to- morrow. The Committee cn the Bullion Report, which stood for to- morrow, was further postponed to Mondav next. The House, on the motion of Sir Jons SINCLAIR, resolved itself into a Committee on the Highways Bill; when a long conversation took placo on different clauses ofthe Bill, which was ordered to be committed again on Thursday. Mr. GIDDY moved, that an Address be presented to the Prince Regent, for laying before the House a copv ofthe ex- isting Indentures between his Majesty and th « Officers of the Mint, relative to the Coinage of Bullion. WEDNESDAY, MAY Mr. SHAW presented a Petition from the Grocers of Dublin against, the Distillery Bill,— Ordered to lie oh the table. — The Committee on the Innkeepers' Bill was postponed till to- morrow. Mr. TAYLOR gave notice, that, on the 9th Instant, he would move for a Select Committee to enquire into the state and privileges of the Theatres ; and also* info the extent of the advantages or injuries sustained by the Public in conseqnence of the existence of the same. O11 the motion of Mr. II. THORNTON, there was ordered to he laid before the House an Account of the Quantity of Bank Notes in circulation on the first of every month, in the years 1781 and 1782. The House resolved itself into a Committee of Supply.— A copy of the Sicilian Treaty, presented to the House on the 10th of Jure, 1808, by Mr. Secretary Canning, wasordered to be referred to the same — The CHANCELLOR . of the F. x- CHEao^ s moved, " 1 hat it is the opinion of this Committee, that a sum, not exceeding 400,000(. be granted to his Majesty, for making go0d the engagements entered into by treaty with his Sicilian Majesty." — On the question being put, Mr. W. HITIIREAD said, that he did not fisS to oppose the grant, hot to express his opinion, that, notwithstanding the elation of the public mind, in consequence of the prosperity of our foreign relations, it became the Members of that House to be most carefully 011 the watch. At the time of subsidizing the Court of Sicily, the House should know | jpw the assistance is to he applied, and should also endeavour tp remedy a Govern- ment, ' ban which none more profligate ever existed upon the face of the earth. He took the opportunity of expressing his regret that he was not in his place on Friday last, when the Chancellor ofthe Exchequer proposed tp the. House a Motion of Thanks to Lord Wellington. This absence he regretted the uiore, for he should have cordially concurred with the motion, and would have bestowed on the Kind's Ministers a praise which he never before thought their dije, for their se- lection of so able a General. He was also happy to say, that notwithstanding the doubts which arose in Jiis mind at dif- ferent periods of the campaign, and his opinion that some parts of it were exceptionable, the whole now appeared to be armasterly plan, doing honour to its author by its success.— He should have been happy to give to Lord Wellington his sincere tribute of piaise, and to express it in the words quot- ed, 011 a former occasion, by a young and eloquent Gentle, man in that House ( Mr. Peele), invidiam gloria superavil— He conceived that the only legitimate object of a war, and of this war in particular, is peace. This should ne> er be lost sight of. We should, therefore, endeavour to use fhe ad- vantage we had gained, nor at any time should we be led astray hy success. He did not oppose the motion. The CHANCELLOR ofthe EXCHEQUER observed, that this vote had been submitted to the Committee in consistency with the tnaty, which had met with the approbation of Parliament. It would be extiaordinary, under existin^ QiYcunistauces, to withhold it during the continuation of the war. - The { Jnuse well knew th'at Ihe objret nf sending an arfr; y lo- Siciljf was to keep it independent of France. " She manner jh tvitjsh ihe hon. gentleman expressed his praise of Lotd Wellington, was as creditable, to the gallant General as, to himself (' Mr. W.) He was most happy at hearing his unreserved approbation.— Respecting his general observations oft peace, he cbii'd not think, - nor he believed could any man in the'cojintry thidk, that this was precisely the moment favourable to the attain- ment of the object professed by the hon. . member. " * Mr.' WaITBREAD wished to vindicate himself f> orn what the right hOn." gentleman thought on imprudent characteristic of the Government of Sicily. He thought it improper and weak for the British Parliament to shut its eyes against the situ- ation and government of Sicily, or to pretend to believe that its errors could be corrccted in any other way than putting its vices before its face He observed, that he did not express any belief of the recent success leading to a speedy peace: he did not refer the observation, that peace is the legitimate object of war, to the present Government, but to the Govern- ments of the last 2( 1 years. It was not a common- place ob- seivation to say, " be moderate in success," for it was the custom of this country, at such times, to enterlai 11 enthusi- astic notions, and to think that the overthrow of France could bu accomplished. He was prepared to say, that in the course of this war, there were many times in which ttie Emperor of France might have been approached with hopes ot peace. He might be considered enthusiastic, but he would say, that such was the present moment, for we were now at the height of our success, while the enemy suffered the'utmost pressure. — Mr. W. SMITH thought that it was now the time to recom- mend to Sicily a change in its Government.— Sir T. TCRTOS said, he was aware of the unpopularity which the assertion would create out of di| o. rsv l> ijt he couCfcived that au effort fur peace should be made hy.' his. Majesty's Mjmsfers. The Resolution was them put and ajgree^ to, aud the Report ordered to be received to- ihfirrow, ,,- y^ s V . ! • • - - '' Hint.— Wm. Bishop, a private in the Huntingdon- shire Local Militia, has just been released from gaol, after having been confined six months, in consequence of absenting himself from the regiment on its assem- bling for permanent duty last year. If anyone man has ever been more successful than another, it is Dr. Solomon, who has brought hit Cordial Balm of Gilead to such peifection that it never fails in removing the worst and most Crabbed disorders of the nerves. It always exhila- rates the whole frame. Such a medicine, for its healing, balsamic, friendly, and sanative qualities upon the debilitated constitution, deserves tbe wondrous encouragement it meets with from all ranks who have been fortunate enough to have recourse to it. It is peeuliaily efficacious in all inward wast- ings, lo- s of appetite, Indigestion, depression of spirits, trem- bling or shaking of the hands or limbs, obstinate coughs, shortness nf breath, consumptive habits, 3tc. &. e. At tbii season of ihe year, Dr. Solomon's medicines are highly useful to the valetudinarian ; but caution is necessary to guard against counterfeits, by observing the words," Saml. Solomon Liverpool," engraved on the stamp affined to each bottle, without which it cannot De genuine,— Sold at 10s. 6d. or four in one 53s. bottle, ( which saves 9s.) by W. EDDOWES, Shrews'- mrv.— Dr. Solomon, when consulted, expects hi* usual fee of half- a- gumea. Such letters should, for safety, b » thus directed, " Money letter, Dr, Solomon, Gilead House, near Liverpool." BANKRUPTS- SATURDAY, APRIL 27. Anstead James, and Prickett William, of Ihe Old South Set Homo, London, merchants, May 4, II, and June 8, at Guildhall. — At/ res William, the younger, of Fleet- street, London, hatter, April 30, . vi. iy 6, ar. d June 8, at Guildhall.— Batson Joseph, late ot Ryder- street, St. James's, tailor, April 30, May It, and June 6, at Guildhall— Bennett Francis, of Seymour- court. Rucks, lace merchant, May. 4, 11, June 8, at Guildhall.— Bennett Richard, ot Houndsditch. London, mercer, April 30, May 25, and JuneS, at Guildhall.— Blanchard William, ol the Seven D als, dealer, May 7, 11, anil June 8, at Guildhall.— Buchanan William, of Oxen- don- street, Hayinark- t, merchant. May 4,14, JuneS, al Guildhall. — Chamberlain William, of Horsley, Gloecstershire, yarn- maker, May 6, 7, June 8, al ihe Clothiers' Amis Inn, Nails'vorth, Gio. cetiershire.-- Cooper Thomas, of Dudlev, Worcestershire, giocer. May 7, 11, and June 8, at Guildhall.— Croden William, of St. Philip and Jacob, Glocesicrsh; re, maltster, April 30, Mav 11, June 8, at the Rammer Tavern, Bristol.— Dear John, of Honir. gton, Wills, carpenter, May 11, 13, June 8, al the Spread Eagle, New Saruiu — Dodd Edward, of Dock Head, Bermondsev, tallow chandler, Mav 4, 11, June 8, at Guildhall Driver Joseph, of Skij >'. 011, Yorkshire, oil- merchant, Slay 17, 18, al tl.- e Devonshire Hotel, Skipton, and June 8, at the While Ho^ e, Leeds— Edward* William, of Bruton, Somersetshire, blacksmith, May 13, 14, June 8, at the Christopher Iqu, Bath — Fuwson Thomas, of Greit Piazza, Covent- garden, hotel keeper, April 30, May 11, June 8, at Guildhall— Field John, of St. Alban's, Htrlforil- hircj butcher. May 4, 11, and June 8, at Guildlial'.— Fisk Richard, of Wickham Market, Suffolk, shopkeeper; May 9, 10, and June 8, at the White Hart Inn, Wickham Market.— Henson Samuel, of Feller- lane, London, tailor, April 30, May 7, JuneS, at Guildhall Kirke James, of Little Tower- hill, wine- meichant, Mav 7,11, Juue 8, it Guildhall— Kncrwlion Charles William, ol F ee'- street, London, hatter, May 4,7, June 8, at Guildhall.— Levy Henry, of Bristol, shopkeeper, April 30, May 1, June 8, at Guildhall.—£ o) ts< Ms Gwalter Borranskill, of tlreeu Lettuce- laue, London, insurance- broker, May 7, II, JuneS, at Guildhall. — Lowe Robert, of Ih ® Hay market lir. en- draper, Mav 7, 21, and June 8, at Guildhall Morrison John, ol Lloyd's Coffee- house; London, merchant, April 30, May II, and June 8, at Guildhall Park, Thomas, of New North- street, Red Lion- square; agent, April 30, May II, Jui- e8. at Guildhall.— Petty Henry, of Bucklershur^, London, merchant- April 30, May 14, \ lune 8, at Guildhall.— Softer William, at Brixton, Surrey, merchant, May 7, IS, and June S, at Guildhall. — Slade Philip, of Chailes- street, Hampstead- mad, eoaeh- smith. May 4,7, and June 8, at Guildhall.— Stewart David, of Greek- street. Soho- square, jeweller. May 4, 11, June b, « t Guildhall Stratton Henry, 01 Blackfuars- road, Surrev, stove grate manu- facturer, April 30, May 7, June 8, at Guildhall.-— Whitaker Charles Peter, ol Great St. Helen's, London, merchant, April 30, May 6, JuneS, at Guildhall.— Wilk'msm Elisabeth, of Charles- street, St. James's square, ni'ltiner, Apt J 30, Mav 11, June 8, at Guildhall.— Young Frances and Handcoek Frances, of South Shields, slop- sellers, May 20,21, June 8, at the Rose and Crown, South Shields. APRIL M.]— Baidicell J. of Manchester, general agent, May 20,21, June It, at the TalOot Inn, Manclics'er Botodery G o£ Blaek Boy- lane. Poplar, Middlesex, meiter, Mav 4, 11, June 11. at Guildhall— Brine, p. W. of Chichester, bia'zier. May 4, 14, June II, at Guildhall— ChettleS. of Blaekman- strect, Surrev, oil and colour- man, May 4, 14, June 11, at Guildhall De- par R C. of Oieat Winchester- street, merchant, Mav 6, 15, June 11, at Guildhall— Fonseca A. A. late of Prescitt- street, Goodman't- fields, merchant, May 7, 21, June 11, at Guildhall. Ford J. lata of the Minories, trunk- maker, May' 4,14, June 11, at Guildhall. Garrett, J. jun. late of Harting, Sussex, meatman, May 17, IS, June 11, at the Roy al Oak, Portsea.— Galdne< j F. B of Sevmour- court, Bucks, lace- merchant, May 4,11, June 11, at Guildhall.— Hcmkinson M. of Pendleton, Eccles, Lancashire, dealer, May 10, 11, June 11, at the George Inn, Manchester.— Holmes H. of Liverpool, merchant. May 10, If, June 11, at the Palace Inn, Manchester— Moorhouse A. of Stockport, Cheshire, flour dealer. May 16, 18, June It, at the Warren Bulkeley Arms Inn, Sioik- port.— Null T. of Spalding, Lincolnshire, draper, May 11,15, June 11, at Guildhall.— PaultortJ. of Manchester, manufacturer. May 13, 15, June 11, at the Talbot Inn, Manchester.— Pickton T. late of Hiltiigdon, Middlesex, soap- manufacturer, May 4, 14, June 11, at Guildhall.— Prattert C. of Bristal, shoe- maker, Mav 13, 14, Inne 11, at the Rummer Tavern, Bristol.— Porter W. and Porter J. of York, skinners. May 15, 16, June 11, at the Elephant and Castle Inn, York.— Smith S. of N - w Cavendish- street, Purl-, land- place, milliner, May 7, 14, June 11, at Guildhall, Side- botham D. of S ockport, Cheshire, iron- merchant, Mav 10, II, June 11, at the Palace Inn, Manchester Socket T. of Holt otherwise Lyons, Denbigh- hire, butcher, Mav 21, 22, June it, at the White Lion Inn, Cliestcr.-- Sw « tfow G. of Cnmberland- ttreet, Goodge- strect, merchant, May 11, 25, June 11, at Guildhall. Wainwright R. of Manchester, manufacturer. May 20,21, Juno II, at the George Inn, Mar. che. ter— Walker R. ten. Walker J. and. ll'ulker J. of Armley, Leeds, Yorkihiie, cloth- merchant., Mav '•>, 23, June II, al the Bull and Mouth Inn, Leeds Well* G. latent Hadlei, Suffolk, draper, May 4, 14, June 11, at Guilit- ha'l.— WhinfieldJ. of Gateshead, Durham, iron- founder. May 20,21, and June II, at the House of W. Ward, innkeeper, in Frainwell- gate, Durham. ASTHMA, WHEEZING, WINTER COUGH, AND CONSUMPTION. SO uniformly successful has the prepared STRA- MONIUM proved in the above Diseases, lhat its Repu. tation is fully established in the short perioil of a few weeks. It is therelote onlv necessary to inform the public, that the Herb, prepared by the directions of Surgeon Fisher, for smoaking, and the Oxymel, for internal use, are sold in London only by Harris, corner of Si. Paul's Church- vard - alo by W. EDDO WES, Shrewsbury : and that these preparations have completely succeeded, after the common dried Stramo- nium hatl totally failed. Of the same Venders may be had the fouith Edition, just published, with considerable additions, of Surgeon FISHFR'U popular Treatise on the CAUSES of ASTHMA, Winter Cough, and Consumption, pi ice 2s. 6d. NARROW CLOTHS, lst Quarter - - 28,333 fid - - 46,987 3d 34, W9 4th - - - 48,123 BROAD CLOTHS. lst Quarter - - 81,371 2d - - - 75,* i66 3d - - 58, ltft 4th - - - 58,744 The Grand Tunnel on the Iluddersfield Canal is com- pleted, fiom its commencement in Huddersfield to its termination at Ashton- under- Lyne, and is entirely ready for navigation. This tunnel was projected and began in the year 1794. It has cost £ 130,000, is 5420 yards long, seven and a half feet deep of water, and seven and a half head way from the surface of the water. At the bottom of two of the pits it is made wide enough for boats to pass each other, or to unload lime or coal. Some sersous disturbances have arisen between the 10th Regiment of Dragoons and the South Gloucester Militia, quartered in Brighton. They commenced on Saturday evening, the 27th ult. between two parties of the respective regiments, at a public house in Church- street. The picquet guard, and several of the officers ofthe South Gloucester Militia, at length interposed, and separated the combatants; and a Serjeant of the 10th, and three or four privates of the same corps, were secured, and lodged inthe South Gloucester guard house. On Sunday evening, however, they broke out afresh, and were not finally quelled without great diffi culty. At the Chapel in Noith- street, where the Rev. Rowland Hill was holding forth to a closely wedged in congregation, much confusion at one time predomin- ated, for a soldier or two ofthe South Gloucester, who were closely pursued by the 10th, sought refuge there, aud where their pursuers followed them with as little hesitation and ceremony, the shrieks of the women, and the exhortations of the preacher being equally dis- regarded. Seven hatters in Wakefield have'had informations laid against them in the Exchequer Court for selling hals without stamps. The Royal Vault, in Cardinrtl Wolsey's Chapel, Windsor, is going on wilh great dispatch, under the direction of Mr. VVyatt, and is tin a very magnificent scale. It is iutendod to have a communication by a subterraneous passage to a smaller fault in St. George's Chapel, where tlie iutermeats are- to take place. T: Rats and Mice EFFECTUALLY DESTROYED, BT J. SMITH. HIS REMEDY, which has never failed where a sufficient Quantity has been used, is in Pills, about the Size of a Nut, one of which is sufficient to destroy tha largest Rat, and, broken into Pieces, will kill six Mice. They will eat the Pills iu Preference to all Kinds of Food, and never cease eating while one exists ; yet no Cat wilt touch them unless starved with Hunger; and as the Vet mi • neither eat, drink, or vomit, after eating of the Pills, ther cannot infect any Thing; therefore they may be put with Safety in Larders, Dairies, Granaries, Cheese- Rooms, Corn- Stacks, Pastrycook- Shops, & c. nor is there the least Danger in handling them. They will bear carrying by Sea or Land, and retain their Virtue several Years. The Pills may be had, with printed Directions inclosed ia each Packet, 24 Pills for Is.— 60 for 2s. 6d. and so in Proportion for any Quantity, ' Wholesale or Retail, of W. EDDOWES, Printer of this Paper, Shrewsbury ; also of Painter, Wrexham ; Bangh, Ellesmere ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenlock ; Silvester, Newport; Par. tridge, Bridgnorth ; Miruhall, Oswestry ; Waidson, Welsh j Pool; Wright, Whitchurch; Procter, Drayton; Griffiths, Ludlow; and Wright, Printer, Hereford. If Rats or Mice are found living in any Place where the Pills are left untouched for three successive Nights, if laid down according to the Directions 111 the Packets, the Pioprietor wi'l attend personally, and kill them Gratis. 1 Printed ar. d 1. l- lished by If, Bddoxees, Corn- Market, Shrmtmj^
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