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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3369
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 22/04/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3369
No Pages: 4
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wSSsm / " t ^ v ^ ' Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. printed and published by and far William and Arthur Lee. VOL. LXIII. No. 3369. J MONDAY. APRIL. 22, 1811. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. ~ This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parte of KENT, SURREY", IB. t laper wuitu urn 0 j v and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. THE SUSSEX It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. - ' 1 ' • " ' ..•'.'. '. - 1 •. "" • 1 " 1 • •• SUSSEX. LOCAL MILITIA. HIS Royal Highness the PRINCE REGENT having been pleased to- order that the LOCAL MILITIA, of the COUNTY of SUSSEX, raised under the several Acts of Parliament relating thereto shall be called out for the purpose of being trained and exercised, I have the commands of His Grace the DUKE of NORFOLK, E. M. Lieutenant of the said County, & c. & c. & c. to notify, That the several Men raised within the respective Rapes, and forming the several Regiments here- under mentioned, do, and shall assemble for such training and exercise, as hereafter is particularly mentioned and expressed, viz:—• f All Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the said Rapes of CHICHESTER and ARUNDEL, and who duly attended the training and O exercise, at Chichester, in the Month of September last, are particularly re- 2". quired and enjoined to assemble at the CITY of CHICHESTER aforesaid, § on SUNDAY, the FIFTH day of MAY next, at the hour of Twelve at Noon, < then and there to present themselves to the Officer commanding the said c WESTERN REGIMENT, for the purpose of being trained and exercised g for the space or number of FOURTEEN entire days only, exclusive of the • days of arriving at, and departure from, and marching to and from the place g Composing above- mentioned, and appointed for muster, training, and exercise : J? v the < And all Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the said Rapes of Western Regiment. CHICHESTER and ARUNDEL, since the said month of September; and § also those enrolled prior thereto but who omitted to attend the last muster, C training, and exercise as aforesaid, are likewise particularly required and S enjoined to assemble at the CITY of CHICHESTER aforesaid, on <•> SUNDAY, the TWENTY- EIGHTH day of this instant APRIL, at the hour of Twelve at Noon, then and there to present themselves to the Officer com- , W manding the said WESTERN REGIMENT, for the purpose of being , trained and exercised for the space or number of TWENTY- ONE entire days, tti exclusive of the days of arrival, departure, and marching, as aforesaid. All Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the Rapes of BRAMBER and 35 LEWES, and who duly attended the last muster, training, and exercise at W Brighthelmston, are particularly required and enjoined to assemble at P BRIGHTHELMSTON aforesaid, on WEDNESDAY, the TWENTY- SECOND day of MAY next, at the hour of Twelve, then and there to pre- „ sent themselves to the Officer commanding the said CENTRE REGIMENT, § for the purpose of being trained and exercised for the space or number of f" ® FOURTEEN entire days only, exclusive of the days of arrival, departure, Composing and marching as aforesaid: S the •< And all Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the said Rapes of S Centre Regiment. BRAMBER and LEWES, since the month of September last; and also those enrolled prior thereto, but who omitted to attend such last muster, training, and P5 exercise, as last aforesaid, are likewise particularly required and enjoined to as- « * semble at BRIGHTHELMSTON aforesaid, on WEDNESDAY, the FIF- ° TEENTH day of the said month of MAY, at the hour of Twelve at noon, y then and there to present themselves to the Officer commanding the said 5; CENTRE REGIMENT, for the purpose of being trained and exercised for jtf the space or number of TWENTY- ONE entire days, exclusive of the days of arrival, departure, and marching, as aforesaid. All Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the Rape of PEVENSEY, and who duly attended the last muster, training, and exercise at Lewes, are particu- larly required and enjoined to assemble at LEWES aforesaid, on MONDAY, ^ the TWENTIETH day of MAY next, at the hour of Twelve at noon, then and there to present themselves to the Officer commanding the said PEVENSEY jg REGIMENT, for the purpose of being trained and exercised for the space or jy number of FOURTEEN entire days only, exclusive of the days of arrival, Composing departure, and marching as aforesaid. the ^ And all Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the said Rape of PEVEN- Pevensey Regiment. SEY, since the month of September last; and also those enrolled prior thereto, ° but who omitted to attend such last muster, training, and exercise as last W aforesaid, are likewise particularly required and enjoined to assemble at LEWES < aforesaid, on MONDAY, the THIRTEENTH day of the said Month of C5 MAY, at the hour of Twelve at noon, then and there to present themselves to the Officer commanding the said PEVENSEY REGIMENT, for the purpose of being trained and exercised for the space or number of TWENTY- ONE en- tire days, exclusive of the days of arrival, departure, and marching as aforesaid, f All Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the Rape of HASTINGS, and who duly attended the last muster, training, and exercise at Battle, are parti- cularly required and enjoined to assemble at BATTLE aforesaid, on MONDAY, the TWENTIETH day of MAY next, at the hour of Twelve at noon, then Q and there to present themselves to the Officer commanding the said HASTINGS JC REGIMENT, for the purpose of being trained, and exercised for the space or H number of FOURTEEN entire days only, exclusive of the days of arrival, Composing departure, and marching as aforesaid. EC the- And all Men enrolled in the said Militia, within the said Rape of HAST- Hastings Regiment. INGS, since the month of September last; and also those enrolled prior there to, but who omitted to attend such last muster, training, and exercise, as afore- said, are likewise particularly required and enjoined to assemble at BATTLE < aforesaid, on MONDAY, the THIRTEENTH day of the said month of MAY, at the hour of Twelve at noon, then and there to present themselves to the Of- ficer commanding the said HASTINGS REGIMENT, for the purpose of be- ing trained and exercised for the space or number of TWENTY- ONE entire days, exclusive of the days of arrival, departure, and marching, as aforesaid. Of which several and respective times and places of assembling, the several Men enrolled, are parti- cularly required to take notice ; as by their neglect or default in not punctually attending, they will be deemed DESERTERS, and subject to the heavy pains and penalties prescribed by the Act of Parliament in that' case made and provided. N. B. Regiment of Local Militia, requiring the attendance of all Serjeants, Corporals, and Drum- mers, belonging, or attached to the same, on the prior day of such assembling,— I am authoriz- ed and commanded to state, that Serjeants, Corporals, and Drummers, belonging, or attached to the several Regiments ( except those on PERMANENT PAY) arc not required to assemble at their respective Head- Quarters, until the LATTER DAY mentioned for the assembling of the Men of the respective Regiments. WILLIAM BALCOMBE LANGRIDGE, LEWES, 10th April, 1811. Clerk of the General Meetings of Lieutenancy. ••• / BARRACK- OFFICE, 1 STEYNE HOTEL, WORTHING, SUSSEX. • ILLth APRIL, 1811. MESSRS. SLATER and PHILLIPS, beg leave SUCH " Persons as are willing to Contract for to return their most grateful thanks to the No- erecting certain Additions to the CANTEEN, at bility, Gentry, and their Friends in general, for the Battle Bar, rack", in the County of Sussex, may see the very liberal support they have experienced ill the above Plan, Specification, Form of Agreement, and Proposal house; and most respectfully solicit a continuance of for the same, at the OFFICE of the BARRACK- MASTER, their future favours. at BATTLE, any day between the hours of Ten and Messrs. S. and P. also beg to inform th « ir friends and Four o'clock. the public, from the unequalled situation to any other The Proposals must be addressed to " The Commis- House on the Coast, they have been induced to make a " sioners for the Affairs of Barracks, Barrack- Office, still further addition to the Hotel, so that they will he " Spring- Gardens, London,"— with, " Tender for erect- enabled to accommodate Parties with Board and Lodg- " ing Additions to the Canteen at Battle,"— marked on ing, " the Cover ; and delivered at the BARRACK in LONDON, on or before TWO O'clock, TUESDAY, Applications ( by letter, post free) for private the 30th instant. Houses, or Lodgings, will immediately attended to. THE next Meeting of the SUSSEX CLUB, will be held at the THATCHED HOUSE TAVERN, St. James's- street, London, on Saturday, the 4th of May, 1811. J. NEWLAND, Esq. in the Chair. Dinner at Six o'clock. ~ SUSSEX. IHEREBY give Notice, That the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the County of Sussex, will be held as follows:— For the Western Division of the said County, at the Sessions- House, in Petworth, on Tuesday, the - 23d day of April instant, at the hour of Ten in the Forenoon. And for the Eastern Division of the said County, at the County Hall, in Lewes, on Friday, the 26th day of April, at the hour of Ten in the Forenoon. WM. BALCOMBELANGRIDGE, Clerk of the Peace for the said County. Lewes, April 13, 18I I. IN consequence of the Decease of the late Mr. R. Bradley, the Partnership subsisting between him and Mr. Thomas Clayton, is this day dissolved, and the Business, for the future, will be carried on by Messrs. CLAYTON and HIDE, who hereby give No- tice to all Persons indebted to the late Firm of " Brad- ley and Clayton," to pay the amount of their accounts to them, as they are duly authorized to receive the same; and those Persons to whom the said Firm is indebted, are requested to send in a statement of the same to Mr. Thomas Clayton, that the accounts may be speedily adjusted. Shoreham, April l, 1811. ALL persons claiming to be the next of kin of JANE TASKER, late of the parish of Saint Thomas in the Cliff, near Lewes, in the county of Sus- sex, widow, whose maiden name was JANE EWEN, and who lately died intestate, as to 3- 4ths parts of the resi- due of her personal Estate, are desired to send a state- ment of the grounds of their respective Claims, with sufficient evidence in support thereof, to Messrs. Hoper and Son, at Lewes. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Partnership lately subsisting between Stephen Bassett and Ed- ward Quaife, of the parish of Catsfield, in the county of Sussex, butchers, was this day dissolved by mutual Consent, and that the said business will, in future, be carried on by the said Stephen Bassett, on his own se- parate account. All Persons that have any demand on the said Part- nership, are requested to send an account thereof to the said Stephen Bassett, in order to their being dis- charged, who is also empowered to receive all debts due and owing to the said Copartnership. Dated this 25 th day of March, 1811. STEPHEN BASSETT, EDWARD QUAIFE. Witness, JOHN BLACKMAN. Alfriston, April 10th, 1811. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the Copartnership lately subsisting be- tween us the undersigned, Sarah Newman and James Vigor, of Alfriston, in the County of Sussex, butchers, un- der the firm of " Newman and Vigor," is, by mutual consent, dissolved { from the 6th day of this inst. April. All persons having demands on the said late copartner- ship, are requested to send an account thereof to Mr. C. Brooker, of Alfriston; or to the said James Vigor, in order to their being discharged ; and all persons in- debted to the said late copartnership, are requested immediately to pay the same to the said Charles Brooker, or to Mr. Vigor. S. NEWMAN. JAMES VIGOR. Mrs. Newman, with grateful acknowledgments, takes this opportunity of informing her friends, that she has resigned the above business to Mr. Vigor, and entreats a continuance of their favours in his behalf. James Vigor begs leave to acquaint his friends and the public, that the above business, will, in future, be carried on by him on his own separate account, at the place where the same has been carried on for a great number of years; and he humbly solicits a continuance of their favours, which he hopes to merit. JAMES VIGOR. WHEREAS, ABOUT Ten o'clock in the evening of Tuesday the Second day of this instant April, some evil- minded Person or Persons threw a large oblong Stone, with great force, through the fan glass light, over the door of my dwelling house, called ADUR LODGE, in the parish of Old Shoreham, in this county, and broke such light, and shivered in pieces the glass Lanthorn, in the vestibule; thereby also endangering the persons of several of my family, passing to and fro : And, whereas, violent suspicion has ( from circumstances im- mediately and since collected) fallen upon certain per- sons, who were supposed to pass the road by my house, ( which is not the public turnpike road) about the time the outrage was committed : Now a reward of FIFTY GUINEAS, is hereby offered to any person or persons ( except the actual perpetrator or perpetrators) who will give information of the person or persons throwing the said Stone, or which may lead to the positive disco- very of the facts or conviction of the offenders, to be paid by me, as witness my hand, this loth day of April, 1811. CHARLES CALLAND, ADUR LODGE. Witness, T. C. MEDWIN, of Horsham. TURNPIKES. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Gene- ral Meetings of the Trustees of the Off ham, Mailing, Ringmer, Shortgate, and Lewes, to Bright- helmston Roads, are appointed to be held at the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Monday the 13th day of May next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, when the TOLLS arising at the several Toil- Gates hereinafter mentioned, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, for one year, or for such other time as the Trustees then present shall think proper, to commence front the First day of July next, in the maimer directed by an Act passed in the 13th year of his present Majesty King George the Third, ' for regutating Turnpike- Roads,"— which Tolls were let for the current year, at the several sums following, viz. Witchcross, Uckfield, and Chailey Gates, with Danehill Gate, for the sum of r £ 490. Offham Gate, for the sum of - 470. Mailing Gate, for the sum of - - 45- 2. Ringmer Gates, for the sum of - . 784. Shortgate, for the sum of - - 254. Blackboys Gate, for the sum of - - 164. Cross- in- Hand Gate, for the sum of - 132. Swy the Gate, for the sum of - - 132, Ashcombe and Brighthelmston Gates, for the sum of .... 702, And will be severally put up at those sums. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder or Bidders, must give security to the satisfaction of the said Trus- tees, for payment of the rents agreed for ; which rents are to be paid in equal Monthly Payments;— and one of such Instalments is to be paid to the Treasurer in ad- vance, oil the Said First day of July next; and the like Instalment on the First day of every succeeding Month during the terms. JOS, SMITH, Clerk. Lewes, 13th April, 1811. Wannock Lime Works. rr* NOAKES, begs to inform his Friends and the A • Public, they may be supplied with any quantity of LIME, at per bushel N. B. FULL MEASURE, j TOLLS TO BE LET. CITY ROAD. NOTICE is hereby given, That the TOLLS ' arising at the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Road called or known by the name of the City Road, leading from Finshury- square to Islington, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, at the house of George Baker, known by the sign of the Fountain, Fountain- Place, in the said Road, bn Friday the a6th day of April inst. between the hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon and one o'clock in the afternoon, fur Two Years, from the 34th day of June next, in the manner directed by the Act passed in the 10th year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, for ' regulating the Turnpike- Roads.' Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time give secti- rity, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- Road for payment of the rent agreed for, and at such time as they shall direct; and a deposit of One Hundred Pounds must be made by the best bidder, at the tune of letting. 22, Red Cross- Street, " I PETER EARNSHAW, London, > Clerk to the Trustees of the 13th April, 1811. J said Turnpike- Road. N. B. The Tolls produced last year £' 1420, and are collected at one Gate;— and there is a Toll- House that will be convenient for any two persons who may jointly Farm the said Tolls, and shall be desirous to collect them without hiring a Collector. TO BE LET, 1 And entered upon immediately, for the term of four or seven years, ASubstantial Family MANSION HOUSE, now . undergoing a thorough repair, containing on the ground floor, 3 good parlours and a kitchen, with four bed chambers over them, four garrets, and suitable of- fices and apartments for servants, a coach- house, 4 stall stable, a large walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees, a good orchard, and any quantity of excellent Meadow Land, not exceeding 12 acres. The Premises are situated near the village of East- hothly, in a healthy and desirable part of the county of Sussex, 4 miles from Uckfield, 7 miles from Lewes, 14 miles from Eastbourne, and 15 miles from Brighton : and the Stage Coaches and Waggons to and from East- bourne and London, pass within a few yards of the house. The Premises may be viewed, upon application to Mr. Richard Holman, of Framfield ; and for further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Ed- ward Verral, Attorney at Law, Lewes. " SUSSEX. ' TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ATRULY desirable Freehold Inn, called THE SPANIARD, situate in the Town of Worthing, near the Sea, built about three years ago, now in the hands of Mr. Tuff, the proprietor, by whom the con- cern has been established with unparalleled success; and in point of situation, is not inferior to any in the place. These premises are 34 feet in front, and 33 feet in depth ;— comprising numerous apartments, neatly fitted up, and judiciously planned for the purpose of a House of this description;— a view of which, together with every particular; may be obtained, on application to Mr. Tuff, on the Premises; or to Mr. BARTLETT, at his Royal Exchange and General Agency Offices, Chi Chester. Chichester, April 4, 1811. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, And possession immediately had, the Proprietor going into another line of business, THAT well- known, long- established, and very respectable WAGGON CONCERN, from Arun- del, Little Hampton, Worthing, Shoreham, Steyning, & c. to London ; carried 011 now, and for many years past, by WM. ROBINSON, and at present in full trade: together with his capital Stock of HORSES, WAGGONS, CARTS, and every necessary article to continue the same. A Lease may be had of those very extensive and eli- gible premises at Worthing, now occupied by W. Robin- son, of whom particulars may be had, ( if by letter post paid; and of Mr. Wm. Mellersh, King's Head Inn, Borough. London. N. B. Half the purchase- money may remain upon proper security. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AFREEHOLD ESTATE, desirably situate in the centre of the Town of Lewes, and exon- erated from the Land Tax : Comprising a handsome Modern Edifice, firmly and substantially built; on the ground floor, a lofty hail, ex- cellent stair case, well proportioned dining room, 23 feet by 18 ditto ; breakfast room, 21 feet by 14 ditto; library, 18 feet by 15 ditto; first floor, drawing room, 23 feet by 13 ditto; two superior bed chambers, and three other bedchambers; three servants' rooms; con- venient closets; and a back stairs; a good kitchen, butler's pantry, ample cellarage, a complete brewhouse, wash- house and laundry, and other domestic offices ; with a coach- house, four stall stable, a granary, a large garden, fenced with lofty walls, and a green- house. The whole in complete repair, and fit for the imme- diate reception of a genteel family. For treaty apply to Messrs. Langridge and Kelt, Soli- citors ; and for a view of the premises, to Mr. Timothy Ridge, upholsterer, Lewes. TRADES OF CURRIER AND LEATHER- CUTTER, & c TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. LOT I. AMessuage or Tenement ( in two dwellings) with the gardens, orchards and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate and being in the town of Tenterden, and now in the occupation of John Wicken, and LOT 2. A Messuage or Tenement ( well established in the trades of a currier and leather- cutter) with the ware- houses, buildings, gardens and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate and being in the town of Tenterden, and now in the occupation of Mr. Stephen Wicken, the proprietor. LOT 3. A Messuage or Tenement, with the out houses, edifices, buildings, gardens, and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate and being in the town of Tenterden, and now in the occupation of King Wicken and Ni- cholas Wratten, the younger. LOT 4. A Messuage or Tenement, with the garden and appurtenances thereto belonging, containing by estimation, half an acre, more less, sitnate and being at Birdsile, in the parish of Tenterden, and now in the occupation of Philip Newnham, the younger, Samuel Fuggle and Thomas Bishop. For particulars, inquire of Mr. Stephen Wicken ( the Proprietor) or at the office of Mr. Waterman, Solicitor, Tenterden. N. B. The household furniture and stocks in trade as a currier, leather- cutter, and shoe maker, of the said Stephen Wicken, will be sold by auction, on the pre- mises, on Friday, the 26th day of April, instant. The Kale to begin at ten o'clock. - Newhaven 11th of April, 1811. AHOUSE of very extensive concerns in the glass, lead and paint trade, having made a large depot of Newcastle crown window glass- ( of perior quality) the trade, or consumers of glass, may be accommodated on the most reasonable terms ; par- ticularly for Ready Money, by applying to • WM. BROWN*. ~ PELICAN OFFICE, For ASSURANCE on LIVES, & grafting ANNUITIES. THIS office was established in Lombard- street, London, in tile year 1797, by a numerous and re- spectable Proprietary, and the Board of Directors with confidence, arising from the increased prosperity and permanency of the establishment, as well as from the experience of the usefulness and benefit to the public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the importance and advantages of Life Insurance, briefly to suggest some of its leading and peculiar re- commendations to almost every degree and rank in society. Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to alt who hold estates for life, situations and offices, civil, eccle- siastical, or professional; to officers in the army and navy, & c. as by payment of an annuel premium, the party insured is enabled to provide for wife, children, or others, whose future welfare he may wish in vain, by other means to promote. It affords a permanent, ulti- mate security to those who advance money upon an- nuities or otherwise; It renders leases determinable; on one or more lives, nearly equal in value to freehold estates ; as an insurance to the amount of the flue pay- able on the demise of a party nominated in such leases, will produce the sum required for renewal. Is is a cheer- ful refuge to parties engaged in extensive and specula- tive undertakings; it affords to persons in trade the certain means of indemnification against a bad or doubtful debt; in short, Life Insurance, established in policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by the test of experience, is become, to almost every si- tuation of human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial. Annuities are granted upon the most equitable terms, under a special Act of Parliament, granted to this office, THOMAS. PARKE, Sec. 1 Company's Agents at. Chichester :— R. PHILPOTT. Portsmouth J . C. MOTTLEY, Lymington - J WEST. — K. B. D. ~ Sir J. BRANSCOMB and Co. J. SIVEWRIGHT, Sole Surviving Partner, SOLICIT the public attention to the Scheme of the New Lottery, which will be found to contain Sixty Capital Prizes, all to be drawn on the 4th of June. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of =£ 20,000 are £ S0,()() 0 32 5OO 16,000 60 ----- 50 3. oo0 1,000 35 25,000 1,000 20 20,000 2,000 - - - - . 16 .... - 32,000 20,000 Tickets ^ 2OO. OO0 Tickets and Shares are selling by J. Yeates - Brighton. W. Mason - Chichester. J. Nichols - - - Farnham. J. Markby, bookseller - Croydon. J. B. Harding - - Gosport. James Horsey - - Portsea. Agents to Branscomb and Co. who in the last Two Years' Lotteries sold No. 2,570, jf40,0ti0. Eight of £ 3( 1,0110, £ 25,000, and £ 20, odd, i, uoo Tickets pro-. ducing £ 24,765, and 54 other Capitals. I *** Should any person in the country find a difficulty in procuring Tickets on Shares of the Agent, they art desired to apply by letter, post- paid, to BRANSCOMB and Co. Cornhill, Holhorn, or Haymarket, London. Early in May will be published, price Five Shillings, hound in green forrel, or on fine paper, bound in green vellum, price seven shillings and sixpence, THE READIEST RECKONER, ever invent- ed, for assisting the Tradesman, the Merchant, the Gentleman, & c. in finding the amount, at any gi- ven price, of any number; from ONE to TEN THOU- SAND. By this NOVEL ARRANGEMENT, accounts may be examined with a facility and dispatch, hitherto unexam- pled ; and even the value of the complicated fractional' parts, atony price, may, in a moment be determined. Those, who are ignorant of arithmetic may, with the least trouble to themselves, be assured of the correct- tness or inaccuracy of their statements; and those fully conversant in the matter, may save all the loss of time the practice of it occasions. The whole constructed, and separately calculated, by STEPHEN SIMPSON and EDWARD WISE, ACCOUNTANTS. London : Printed for Sharpe and Hailes, Piccadilly • and may be had of W. Lee, Lewes. A most important and useful Medical Work, particularly recommended to the heads of Families, and public Seminaries; and to the Youth of both Sexes. THE MEDICAL MONITOR, Containing observations on the effects of early dissi- pations, in which the most destructive and most pre- valent species of Juvenile Debauchery is investigated and explained ; with an humble hope that the author's remarks, founded on long experience, and Supported by unquestionable authorities, any give a check to that progressive degeneracy in the human race, which ap- pears to be making rapid strides to its total extinction. The whole interspersed with friendly medical ad- monitions to youth of both sexes, and instructions how to preserve a good, invigorate a feeble, and repair a shattered constitution. By E. SENATE, M. D. London: Published by the Author; and sold by Sher- wood and Co. 20, Paternoster- row ; Parsons and Son, 166, Fleet street ; W. Lee, Lewes; and by all other respectable. Booksellers. Price Four Shillings, in Boards; UNFAILING SUCCESS during A period of years, has fully established the excellence of BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT, in the cure of that disagreeable disorder, the ITCH, which it never fails to effect in ONE HOUR's APPLICATION, OF BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT! 1. This safe, speedy, anil efficacious Remedy, lias been in general use for upwards of 80 years; without a single instance of its having failed to cure the most inveterate eases. It does hot Contain the smallest particle of . Mer- eory, or any other dangerous ingredient; and may he safety used by persons of the most delicate constitution. The Public are requested to observe, that none can pos- sibly be genuine, unless the names Of the Proprietors, BARCLAY and SON, are engraved on the Stamp affixed | to each Box ; and great danger may arise from the neg- Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay and Son, ( the ; only Successors to Jackson and Co.) No. 95, Fleet- Market,' London, price Is. 9d. duty included ; and by , their appointment, by Lee, Pitt, and Baxter, Lewes ; M'George, Cuckfield ; Smith, Newbaven; Hyde, Rot- . tingdean; Phillipson, and Pitt, Brighton; " Monday, Worthing ; Phillipson, Pratt, and Smither, Chichester » Wheeler, Buttle; and Coleman, Rye. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY'S POSTS. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. GERMAN PAPERS. STOCKHOLM MARCH 25.. THE illifcss and imbecility of t$ ie King daily in- crease. The idea that ill? Will ever be able to W- MMiie ( he reins i> f Gtr> V. ei'nment i « completely abandoned. ' I'liere is a rtmai kable sinrili. il il v be- t> ve « » ' he S'Ktc i. f ( hi- Country and England, in that respect. Their lawful Monarchs are both, from disease, unable to pelform their duties; and tlie Government is confided to a Prince ! n whom the inmost reliance is placed, His Royal Higness ilrp Crown Prince has but one object— his peo- ple's happiness; arid perhaps the soonei- he re- ceives the full power of loyalty, the more advan- tageous it will be to the subjects of the Swedish Crown. HAMBURGH, APRIL 1. Rv letters from the neighbourhood of Antwerp, we a'e in formed that 1 .<> 00 seamen had arrived ti'ere, raised in the Netherlands, to mail the Scheldt fleet. A few mariners from Sweden, and the crtws ol some Russian ships in Toulon, will complete the armament for sea. Tire English Government is preparing a large fleet to act again in the Baltic this year What at- tempt is to be made we do t\< t learn, but its mag- nitude ( 25 sail of the line) indicates something more than the impotent- shew of last season. They can- not keep up trade, as every port will be shut against tiieni. Yesterday arrived 300 men from Hanover, who are to i emain here during the summer, and to form our gatrisoti. " LORD WELLINGTON'S, DISPATCHES.' OFFICIAL BULLETINS, War Department, Downing- street April 18, 1911. ' A dispatch was last night received from Lord Wellington, dated Marmoliero, April 2. llis Lordship states, that having collected his army near Celorico, on the 28th of March, with a view to dislodge the enemy from the position he seemed inclined to maiutajn at Guarda,' some skir- mishing took place at Avelans and at Traxedas, fi. om whence the enemy wasdiiven with the loss of many piisoners. Brigade Major Stuart, of the y" iilv, was killed. Upon the morning of the 20tb, Lord Welling- ton moved in force again* t the position of Guarda, but the enemy abandoned it without firing a shot, and retreated to Sabugal. Our cavalry pursued and took some prisoners. Upon the 3( ith, Sir William Erskine, with the cavalry and horse- artillery, fell upon the rear of the second corps, killing some and making some prisoners. The enemy has taken a position on the Coa, and orir army was collected on the 2d inst. upon the left of that river. Lord Wellington transmits an account of Mar- shal Beresford's partial action with the enemy, near Campo Mayor, on the 25th of March ; the French force consisted of four regiments of cavalry, and three battalions of infantry, with some horse artil- lery. The cavalry only of the Allies was engaged. The enemy was pursued to Badajoz, with Uie loss of 5 or 600 men. One French howitzer was brought off The total loss of the Allies amounts to 24 killed, 09 wounded, and 7? missing." No British Officer was killed. The enemy abandoned Campo Mayor, and a considerable supply of provisions. They have like wise abandoned Albuquerque. , It appears that the resistance which had been made at Campo Mayor to the French fore, reflect- ed a* eat honour upon the Governor and the inha- bitants. TO THE LORD MAYOR. Marquis Wellesley presents his respectful com- pliments ' o the Lord Mayor, has the honour to transmit an extract from the intelligence received from C. Stewart, Esq. his Majesty's Minister at Lisbon, dated April 0:— " Downing- slreet, April I". " Dispatches bavr been received this night by Marquis Wellesley from Mr. Stewart, bis Majesty's, Minister at Lisbon, dated Lisbon, April ( T, staling,, that on the 2R.: h u4t. Gen. Bacelar, with Colonels Trant and Wilson, moved towards Pinkel and Avelosl The enemy's head quarters were trans- ferred to Celorico; and the advanced guard in the direction of Guarda were thrown forward to within half a league of thai town. " The enemy, who had placed the greater part of theii force towards Guarda, manifested a dispo- sition to make a stand, and had extended his line hv tbrowinghis detachments towards Belmonte; he was, however, compelled to abandon that post on tut and went off in great confusion towards Coa, with the loss of many stragglers and much baggage. " A great part of his force had retired in the di- fectioiv of " Sabugal. The British head- quarters were at Montelrzo on the 1st of April, and the whole arm v occupied the left bank of the Coa. " The accounts from the North of Portugal state the return of Marshal Bellaserios from Valladolid, and the consequent permission of the Militias of the provinces of Tro- o- montes to return to their homes. " The enemy in the South of Spain have with- drawn their force from the Fort of Alberquerque, which had been in the possession of the Spaniards, ami had concentrated their force near to Badajoz. The junction of the corps under Marshal Bal- lasteros and that under General Zayas, has been prevented bv the arrival of the Prince Darem- berg with a body of men, near 4000 strong, in the Condado de Niabel, upon which General Ballas- teros retired upon Castilllgo, and General Zayas re- imbarked on the 291b. " Received at the Mansion House, at one o'clock. " J. J. SMITH. " April 18, 1811." The Anholt mail has brought the Danish account of their late unsuccessful attack upon that island. It is not unworthy, of a brave people, and for ms a strik- ing contrast with the disgusting falshoods that cha- racterise the military accounts of t'hei? Gallic friends. Extract of a tetter received at Nassau, dated' Sa vannah, Jan. U.;—" His Britannic Majesty's ship Implacable came off litre this morning, on her voy- age from Vera Cruz to Cadiz, having on board four millions and a half of dollars, and one thousand se- rotis of cochineal, and is now standing off to receive on board the Member of the Cortes for this Island, Don Andres de Jauregui Some of the officers who have landed say, that the revolutionists in Mexico, though beaten in every engagement, were still gain- ing strength." In addition to the defalcations in Excise Duties, mentioned in our last, six more deficiencies, to the amount or 553il. Is. 9d. have been discovered.— Paper. Thursday inorniirg, about five o\ lock, a house U. Red Lion- square. lately oi:< upifd by Mr. Lawes, the Barrister, fell down with n tremendous crash. —- The house adjoining had been pulled down a Short time since,- and ,> new one tfas erectinu 011 its site; and it is supposed the workmen had injured the foundation of Mr. Lawes's house. AM gr. tr, d p- igso'n tnitdi in Wiltshire last week, in which Captain Hicks, a famous marksman, con- tended with the game- keeper of C. W. Morris, esq. the parties exceeded iri science ." tiy thing before ' eard rif The Ynatch was for 100 gtinl'eas aside, at fifteen birds, at the usual distance of twenty- one yards, and, astonishing to s'are, each kilhAl his number; and in shooting off tie. at seven other birds. Captain [ licks missed his sixth, which save Hinksman, his adversary, the stake contended for. The following remarkable instance of Continued immersion is related 011 the authority of Dr. Ro- bertson, late Surgeon- General of the Naval Hos- pital at Barbadoes.— A gentleman in that island, a great votary of Bacchus, was in the practice, from ' Vt to 3' » years, of plunging into cold water when rose from his bottle, and of actually going to sleep in a trough full of water, with his head sup- ported on a kind of wooden pillow made for the purpose, above the surface. In this watery bed he would Sleep one, two, three, or even more hours, exptrienting always the greatest refreshment. His wife and family; When they wished to change his quarters, used to draw out the pJlig and let the waier draw off; when he would awake, arid hu- tubrouslv complain of the los9 of his bed- clothes. An alarming fire broke out oil Wednesday night, about twelve o'clock, in the dwelling- house belong- ing to Lady Montague, in Portman square, which burnt with such fury as to preclude all hopes of getting it under nlil the building was burnt to the ground. The Volunteers of St. George's, Ha- nover- square, and the Royal York Mary- le- bone Light Infantry corps, paraded the squares and streets adjoining. The whole of the building was destroyed. PARSIH APPRENTICES. The following are the Clauses of the Bill ( as amended by tile Committee), to mend the Laws respecting Parish Apprentices:— No parish apprentice to be bound out of the saint; county, or to a greater distance than 40mi es Indenture to be allowed by two Justices of the county into, which apprentice is to he bound, as well as by tivo Justices of the county from which he is bound. The allowance by County Magistrates to be valid in towns and places having exclusive jurisdiction No child to be bound to a peison who has more than nine parish apprentices. No indenture to be allowed till the apprentice shall have served 40 days. Notice to be given to the parents to make objec- tions. Before indenture is allowed, affidavit of such no- tice is to be endorsed, and affidavit of master as to the number of his apprentices. Blaster's affidavit not necessary in compulsory apprenticeships, Such indentures shall contain the names of the father arid mother of the child, and within six months shall be enrolled with the Clerk of the Peace, who shall endorse the enrolment on the in- dentures, and enter the name in an alphabetical index; the certificate of such enrollment to be evi- dence of the allowance of the indenture. No set- tlement to be gained by any indenture not so en- rolled. No settlement shall be gained out of the aforesaid, limits, or for a residence of less than three years, or unless the apprentice shall be 15- years of age, or unless the master shall reside rn the place. Restraining clause of 5th Eliz. ch, - 1, repealed, and discretion given to two Justices to bind parish apprentices for seven years,- so as that tl) ey are n6t free under the age of eighteen years. No master to require his apprentice to remove beyond forty miles front the place where he was bound. I11 case of master's, removal, the apprentice to be discharged, or assigned to some other person tiBrler similar regulations. If master deserts apprentices, two Justices may order relief to he paid by that parish, and recovered in the usual manner; Two Justices may require Church- wardens and Overseers to inquire into the treatment of parish apprentices. Two Justices may order prosecutions for ill. treatment of apprentices, and expences to be paid by the palish in which the master lives. The remaining clauses relate to the penalties. DIED. Last week, at the extraordinary age of 112 years, after two days' illness, John Leary, an honest, faithful domestic, in the family of Currah, county of Limerick, for upwards of 80 years. He com- menced his service with the late Vere Hunt, esq. as groom, in the ye r 1730, and remained with him until his death; since which period lie continued his service with Sir Vere Hunt, Bart, until within the last ten years, when he retired ( although in perfect health and strength) to a cottage built for him within the demesne, lie. was mar pied to eight wives, by seven of whom he had children— his last he martied in his 108d year. He lived in the reign of six monarchs, and saw, as he recorded before his death, from five to seven genera1 ions of most of the families of this country, of the vicissitudes of which honest John Leary was the stationary spectator for above a century; and before his death ( retaining his senses and perfect memory to the last moment] he declared that he never suffered a day's illness, or an hour's pain, unless for the death of a friend, or occasionally for tho loss of a wife! His remains were interred in the'chuich yard of Nantinan, at- tended bv the entire neighbourhood. Royal Exchange Assurance Office. MARCH, 1811. fTVlE CORPORATION liave reduced the Pre- .11 initials on Farming Stock, from 2s. 6d. per cent, to 2s. per cent. and existing Insurances, covering such property, writ lie reduced as they become dne, upon application to tlie Agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose 4nnn. il Premiums fall due on the 25th instant, are hereby informed that receipts ate now ready to he delivered by the Company's Agents under- mentioned, and the parties assured are requested 10 ap ply for the renewal ol' theii- Policies en or before the yth day of April next, as the usual fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the date of each policy, will theu expire, SAMUEL FENNING, jun. Secretary. SUSSEX. Chichester, J. BARTLETT. ARUNDEL, William. Olliver. BATTLE, William Ticehurst. BRIGHTHELMSTON, John Mills. HASTINGS, William Gill. HORSHAM, Humphreys and Turner. HAILSHAM, Wm. Martin LEWES, Henry Brown. MIDHURST, John Geering, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Holt. RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe. N. B. Fire Policies will he allowed free of expenee,. where the nuuual Premiums amount to tis. or upwards. *** This Comuany have invariably made guoit Losses by Fire, occasioned by Ltghfcmig; Proposals may be had of ihc different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES, being found to be advan- tageous to- persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable oil the Life or Lives of themselves or orbsrs-; Tables of the Rates " on such Assu- rances, and for the panting Annuities on Lives, maybe Imd of the said Agct. t-. And, for the greater conveni- ence of the Public, the Company have rifctcruiined to extend ( by special agreement]; the Assurance ou Lives r: t the age of 73 • yeara* Castle Tavern, Hotel, and Assembly- Rooms, BRIGHTON, SUSSEX. WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILLOCK, At Garraway's- Coffee- House, in Change Alley, Corn- lull, London, 011 Friday, ihe i( ith of April, al Twel » 5 o'clor k, by order of the Representatives of Mr. Tho- mas Tilt, deceased : ^ l^ kli valuable LEASE of that spacious and J. eommodioiis Tavern aud Hotel, THE CASTLE, situate in the most distinguished part of the Town of BRIGHTON, near the Pavilion, and must delightfully over looking the Steine and the Sea, containing nume- rous airy, cheerful bed chambers, handsome sitting- rooms antf eating- rooms, billiard room, card- room, 110 ble, spacious, and loftv ASSEMBLY- ROOMS, most elegantly finished,—- CAPITAL CELLARING for wholesale and retail Wine and. Spirit Trade ; lee Well; Coachhouses for TWENTY- FOUR CARRIAGES, Stabling for EIGHTY HORSES, aud excellent GRA- NARIES. The Premises which are admirably calculated for the complete accommodation ol* Families and Parties, pos- sess every requisite for carryiugoii business in the most advantageous manner, they are all iu perfect repair, aud are heitl tor an unexpired term of nine years ai an easy rent, and the Purchaser may have immediate pos- session, ou taking the furniture, plate, linen, china, stock of wines and liquors, horses, carriages, anil ef- fects, at a fair valuation ; pajmerit for which will be made convenient. To be viewed till the Sale, and particulars may be hid on the premises; of Mr. Fynmore, solicitor, Cra- ven, street, Strand •> at Garraway's ; and of Mr. Wil- lock, No. 4! 5, Golden- square, London. Valuable Freehold Farm, in the Isle of Wight. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By HOGGART and PHILLIPS, At the AUCTION MART, 011 Friday, May 17, it ta, in One Lot, ATHERFIELD FARM, in the Parish of Brixton, free from laud tax, consisting of TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY- FIVE ACRES, of excellent Arable and Pasture Land, in high cultiva- tion, ucar Chale Bay, and only eight miles from the re- spectable'town of Newport, with a capital Farm- house, Barn, Stabling, and Outbuildings,', let to Mr. James Rogers, a respectable tenant ift will, at a rent of only Four Hundred Pounds per annum. To he viewed with leave 6f the tenants, and Particu- lars bad 3( 1 days previous to the Sale, at the Bugle, Newport; Crown, Portsmouth; India. Arms, Gosport; Dolphin, Southampton; of Mr. Boswell, Solicitor, St. Michaels Church- yard, Cornhill ; at the Mart; and of Hoggart anil Phillips, ( ii, Broad- street, near the Royal Exchange, where a Map of the Estate may be seen. Marine Residence, Ryde, Isle of Wight. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By HOGGART aud PHILLIPS, AT the AUCTION MART, 011 Friday, May 17, at is, A- Valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, consist ing of a commodious Brick RESIDENCE, re- c. ehtfy erected at a considerable expenee, and com- pletely furnished ; . situated in the above- mentioned fashionable aud iiuprav. ing wateriag- place, commanding beautiful tea aud land prospects, with a smaller. House and Gardens adjoining, supplied with good water. The: above premises are held for a tevui of 99 years, from the, io'th of March", 1807.* on three young . lives, subject, to an heriot of five shillings on the demise of any pne of the lives, and benefit of renewal;' also subject to a small yearly rent of 7I. t'es. To be viewed", by applying to Mr. James Perkes, Pilot, ou the Premises, and Par. pcu. la. rs bail te'n days previous to the Sale. 011 the Premises; at Ihe . India Arms, Gosport Bugle, Newport; Angel, Lymington ; Dolphin, Southampton; of Mr. Aunesley, Solicitor, Temple j'at the Auction Mart; aryl, of Hoggart aud Phillips, C2, Broad- street, Royal Exchange. Dwelling- House, and Meadow Land, near Yarmouth, in the Isle of Wight. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By HOGGART and PHILLIPS, At the AUCTION MART, oj> po » Ke* thif' Bank of Eng- land, 011 Friday, Wasi > 7,' at 12, "' ACommodious FAMILY "' HOUSE, with nu. roerou9' oilices aud oul- bilildiugs, forming a very desirable Marine Residence, late in the possession ol James Willis, Esq. about four miles from Lymington, in the Parish of Freshwater, near the Borough of Yar- mouth', with extensive pleasure and kilcbeu' gardens, and; a quantity of rich rneaflW lalld, ' containing to « e tber about' 37 Acres, held for upwards of tvyelvw years, free from rout. Tlie Purchaser uiay have immediate possession. To be viewed by applying to James Gilbert, at the Red Lion, Freshwater, of whom Particulars may he had' 311 days previous to the Sale; also, at the Angel, Lymington ; George. Yarmouth; of Mr. Boswell, Soli- citor, St. Michael's Church- yard, Cornhill; at the Auc- tion Mart ; and of Hoggart add Phillips, G.', Old Broad street, Royal Exchange. FREEHOLD ESTATE, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. MUNN, On Thursday, the Itjtb of May, at the Auction Mart, London, with early possession, AFARM, of nearly One Hundred and Twenty Acres of. pasture, arable, and wood bihd, in hand, divided by thriving fences, into twenty- two enclosures, called GOTHWICK FARM, in the parish of East Grin- stead', in the county of Sussex, and lvbre, with the ex- repriori of' a bridle- way, to a iieigbhoUi'itrg farm, within a ringfeuee. The whole is unusually w « l! watered; and is supplied from two pits 011 the farm, wit- h excellent marie- The present occupier, who is a yearly tenant, at an old and low rent, has received notice to'iput, and will shew the estate ' Particulars may be had of Messrs. Swain, Stevens, • Maples, and Pearse, Solicitors, Old Jewry; nt the Dor- set Arms, East Grinstead; the White Hait, Godstone; the King's Arms, Croydon; the Star, Lewes; the Li- braries, Brighton ; at the Auction Mart; \ ind of'Mr. Munn, Walbrook, uear the Royal Exchange, London. FREEHOLD GAME PRESERVE, : . WITHIN A RING FENCE, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. MUNN, . , At the AUCTION MART, London, ou Thursday the Ititb of May, at twelve, UPWARDS of 130 Acres of Freehold Wood Land, situate within three miles of Fast Grin- stead, in the County of Sussex, presenting superior co- ver for Game, including the fine thriving Timber and Underwood, together with several Hundreds of. fine young I'rrs of the most promising growth. May be viewed by applying, to . Mr. J. Gardner, of Mill Place Farm, East Grinstead, of whom Particulars may he bird. Particulars likewise of Mr. Dawes, Soli- citor, Angel Court, Throgmorton street, London; at the- Dorset- Arms, East Grinstead; at the While Hart, Godstone ; the King's Arms, Croydon; at the Auction Mart - and of Mr, MUNN, Wabrook, near the Royal Exchange, London. OAK. TIMBER. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. WRIGHT. Ou Monday, the 29th day of April, 1811, at the Crown Inn, Turner's Hill, near East Grinstead, IN THREE LOTS. UPWARDS of 300 OAK TREES, with tlHr tops and hark, as how standing 011 Hospitality Hall, Turner's Hill, and. Cold Harbour Farms, 111 the parish of Worth, Descriptive particulars will he ready for delivery tlie 18th of April, and may then be bad ai the place of sale ; at the principal Inns at East Grinstead, Godstone, Rei- pile, and Crawley; of Messrs. Strong, Still aud Strong, No. New Square, Lincoln's Inn ; and of Mr. Wright, Land Siwvf joi> No iu, Charles- street, St James's square, London. Building Materials, Marble Slabs, & c. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Lamb Inn, in East Bourne, on Friday, the zGih of April, 1811, at three o'clock . in the afternoon, nPHli following suhstalitial- huilt Premises and 1- •. tber Effects ; tire whole to 1> e taken down and cleared away by the S4lh day of June next :-— Lot I. The Materials of that well- timbered and brick- built House, called Lark's Field House, with the exception of the following Lots, situate at the South side- of South Bourne; consisting of a drawing- room, dining parlour, housekeeper's room, entrance hall, and excellent steep- ing rooms over. Lot II. The Materials of a detached Kitchen and Offices, wiih sh epuig Rooms over. Lot III. The Materials of a Four- stall Stable and . Coach- House, with sleeping Rooms over. Lot IV. Two Marble Slabs, two Ditto Chimney Pieces, with the two Stove Grates, iu Lark's- Fields Drawing aud Dining Rooms. Lot V. Four Stove Grates, a Ckitlie, Pre,", and a Window Blind, in Housekeeper's Room, room over Drawing- room, Dressing- room, room over Dining Parlour, and the Garret. . Lot VI. Two Kitchen Ranges with Oven, two Boilers, Stone Sink, Roasting Jack, Copper Furnace, Coffee Mill, with all the Bricks, Iron Work, and other Materials, to each. Lot VII. A Lead Pump, Bottle Rack, Cinder House and Sieve, Step Ladder, Corn Bin. and Privy, N. 13. Half the Purchase- Money will he required as a Deposit for Lots I, 2, and 3 ; arid tlie whole for the orh'- r Lots. For view, apply to Mr. James Smith, at Compton- Place. TO BE LET BY ACTION, By VERRALL and SON, FOR SEVEN YEARS, At the Star Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday, the 27th day of April, 1811, at six o'clock In the evening, A PARCEL of BROOKLAND, containing ii 17 A. sRJ. liP, more or less, lately part of Rams- combe Farm, in Southmailing, and iu the occupation of Mr. Robert Cole. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Hoper aud Son, at Lewes; or to Mr. Richards, at Firle Place. CROWN INN, LEWES. Houshold Furniture, Linen, Hogs, Sfc. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION; By. VERRALL and SON, ( On the premises), for the Benefit of the Creditors, Oa Tuesday the 3 ( J ill ' of April, and Wednesday the 1st of May, 1811, ALL the Houshold Furniture, and other Effects, of WILLIAM LONGLEY, of the Crown Inn, M Lewes:— Consisting of li feather beds ; bedsteads and bedding ; 2 neat press bedsteads ; 8 soldier's beds com- plete; mahogany dining and claw- tables ; a long set of- wainsicot and deal dining tables; about 6 dozen chairs ; pier and'dressing glasses ; chest of drawers; a clock ; about 2. S dozen of pickled pork ; 2 copper furnaces ; bowls; glasses; pewter dishes ; plates; mugs; a large, ' quantity of earthenware ; kitchen, washing, and brewing utensils; 21 pair of sheets; J- 2 large table cloths; towels. n, apkinsT & c.; aud a general' assortment of , Houshold Furniture. i Likewise,' two good hogsT. a quantity of manure* one 1 ton of hay, about G dozen baiters, aud various other I efl'eets; , The sale to begin, each day, at eleven o'clock. Houshold Furniture, Malt, Husbandry, l- c. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On tlie P remises, ( for tlie benefit of the Creditors) 011 I Thursday, tire < jd of May, 1811, ALL the neat Houshold Furniture, Husbandry Tackle, and other Effects, of Mr. Rob. Angles Durrant, Maltster, of Wellingham, in the parish of Ringmer, consisting of a usefivl Bay Marc, 7 years oldr- either to ride or draw, a Cow and Calf, part of a Stack of Meadow Hay, a neat Taxed Cart and Harness, a Light Cart aud Harness, with a tilt, a Dung Cart, 2 . Harnesses, a Plough, •> Rollers, 40 new Wattles,, about ,5 Loads of Sacks, nearly new, a Gentleman's and a Lady's Saddle, both very good, about 20 Quarter* of exceeding good Malt, aboiit seven Bushels of Split Peas, a Malt Mills, a set of Measures, a quantity of Manure, Malt House Implements, and a few Husbandry Tools. : The Furniture consists of five Heat complete Beds, a mahogany Bureau Bedstead, ditto Chest of Drawers, ditto Dining, Card, and Claw Tables, ditto Chairs, Pier and Dressing Glasses, Carpet, a handsome pair of Urns, a Bureau, a good Clock, Table and Bed Linen, 2 Furnaces, excellent Barrels, Tubs, Keelers, and Houshold Furniture iu general The Sale to begin precisely at TEN o'clock ( 011 ac- count of there being so maiiy lots) with the Hu'. buudry, Malt, & c. and the ftiruittire at One, All persons indebted to the above ROBERT ARGLES DURRANT, are desired to pay the same immediately lo Mr. C. Serase, of Broyle Place: and all those who have tbiiiiM on the above Mr. Durrant, are requested to deliver in an accunuti- of the same to Mr. Scrase, as . above, • 1 Prime Farming Stock. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRAL AND SON, • • Oa tltp premises^. by otfdei" of'^ he Executors, on Fridayj .... of May. JSI I^ , A . LlJ the Farming Stock of Mr. Henry Farley, XjL ed, of Hayleigh Farm,' M the parish of • Westmeston, iti t'Ke' Countf of Sussex, consisting 6f . ' ; El4 » ' ven true Sussex bred cows wUli eleven calved * * •; ' Fvyo'VVelsh COHVS and two'calves. . , ^ ^ OuC'two year- old heifejv fyip tvyo year old da- rk red Sussex huJK , " Four three "$ i) d two year old steer ® . , : Faur yearling steers mid heifers, Nine ewes with twelve lambs. Ninety- eight whether and ewe ta^ s. Spven very valuable, eart hors « § and liarnesfl/. A dark brown strong saddle mare, ^ years old. An aged hlaek saddle nv( » re. And two cart eoltsS, three and two years old. - To he^ in at eleven oVlock in the njorniujr. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Star Inn, 111 Lewes, on Saturday, the 8Mb of May, at five o'clock in ibe afternoon, ABOUT 28 acres of' Arable and Wood Land; together with a Cottage, known by the name of LYE WOOD, situate ou the west side of Chailey North Common. N. B, The above, has a very extensive right. oF com-' mori, and other privileges. Immediate possession may he had, aud further. particulars know", of the Auc tioneers, Lewes, Sussex. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, At the Star I011, iu Lewes, on Saturday, tlie Jtjth of June next, nt six o'clock in the evening, AFreehold FARM, within a ring fence, consist- ing of a bouse, barn, stable, oasthduse, and' other buildings, and about 79A. 2R. 7l\ of Laud, called Weekland's, situate in Little Hoisted, about 5 IIK les from Lewes, adjoining the road from London, through Uckfield, 10 Lewes and Brighton, and ill the occupa- tion of John Diplock, whose term, will expire at Lady- day, 1812, This form, commands very fine prospects, and is pe- culiarly well calculated'for the erection of a Villa. The Tenant will shew the property; and for further particulars apply to Messrs, Hoper and Son at Lewes-; or . Mr. Stone, at Mayfield. COTTAGE. TO BE DISPOSED OF. AVERY desirable, complete COTTAGE; kno'. vu by the name of LIMBRICK, situate at Goring, in the county of Sussex, within three miles of Worthing nrrrl lulf a mile of the sea, together with tlieHoushold l- urnilure, replete with every convenience, and fit for the immediate reception of a small genteel family ; a double coach- bouse, wuh a live stall stable^ mid other convenient outbuildings. I'or further particulars, apply 10 Mr. May, No. y, Gray's Inn Square; or at tlie Cottage. Live and Dead Stock, with Houshold Furniture,& C/ TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCT1ON. By TESTER, and BATES, 00 the Premrae<, On Tuesday the / th day of May 1811, nt One o'Clock in the Afternoon, SEVERAL Valuable Draught Oxen, Alderney • O Cows in Calf, and others with Calves at rWe- r fje, . Irish Heifers in Calf ; Yearling ami two Y ears old true- bred A Mersey Calves, and Horses, Waggons, Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, and other Imple.- ments of Husbandry ; an excellent nine lueti Waggon with Tilt Hoops, and several articles of Household furiiitnre, ite. At the same time will he disposed of, a ryiantitv of Oats and Barley, and the Bat age of u considerable quantity of Land, ' till Lady day, isis. Printed Catalogues may be had ( 15 days previous t » the Sale) at the principal fun* at Crawley, Ryegate, Cuckfield and Horsham ; of ihc Auctioneers, aud at the place of Salt. N. B. The only reason of disposing ol the- Stock, ,- fcc. arises from rlre Proprietor, leaving Tilgate, Sussex.— Tilgate Estate. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, In the Mouth I. f August next, ai. the. AUCTION MAR*, opposite the Bank of England, ( if not previously di » - puied of by private . contract) AVery. valuable, ilighlv iiii| iro'veal> l « , and velH connected LEASEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of about I t3u acres' ( be tlie saine more or less) of Ara- ble, Meadow, Pasture, forest, arrd Wood Laud, situate at TILGATE, in the County of Sussex, and held tmder Lease frwi iid September, 1759, for 1000 years, ( wanting a day), subject toe an incoasid'erable Grdiriid Rent. I'he bieb part of tl. i. J Estate, coinprisiii^ double iro<$ suv; ie Collages, aM excellent ihofelred Barn,' with about 700 acres of Laud, w situate ou. a pl, efisiug ( aliineuce, coil), nandiug a picutresryre view of- a rre'oiy diversified Country, terminating with a distant prospect pfthe bolit range of the Surrey Hills.- 4- flie proposed ! urnpike r. uatf from East- Grinstead to Horsham, v> iil pass in a direct line, a distance of two miles, throusb this." part of the property, rendering it particularly eligible for the erec- tion of rv Mansion. The low port of ihe Estate comprizes about 430- acres' of Land, with Farm- House, Cottages, Barns, Stables, Farm Yards ; Cow, Car t; Dove, and Fowl Houses; Gra- naries, and Piggeries ;— a very valiPahle WATER CORN MILL, of great'capability, 1101 more than half a mile distant from the Brighton road :— 1 neat, compact Resi- dence, iu the COTTAGE STYLE, lately occupied by Abraham Goldsmid, esqr. deceased, called THE FISHING COTTAGE, with a Lawn, and Stews, taste- fully arranged, and privilege of sporting oil same fine SHEETS of WATER. The whole of this valuable Estate, is exonerated from the Land Tax. The Timber Trees and Tellers to be taker* at a fair valuation. The Estate adjoins the direct Road from London to' Bright on distant from, the former. 31, and from ihe latter 9:) miles; and within two nwles of a good Postin- Town, and Post Office. The Navigation of the . River Owe bo* been brought within four miles of tho Estate ; and from the great pro- bability of effecting a collateral Cut from tjiat River, i„ a direction that must intersect this prop'rty,' theadisa* tajes. arc too manifest, to fecjuire cornmeiit. A I. sr>, , Several Plots or Parcels of FREEHOLD GROUND, adjoining the direct Road from London to Brighton, IS LOTS; each of which, at a very trill ng e- xpifncc. will he cuiillcii to a VOTE for tiie RAPE of BRAMBER. Tickets 10 view, may be bad. on application to Wells and Watts, Land Agents, is, Gray's- luu Square, Lon- don, where a Plan of | UetEstite may be seen.—- Anti printed Particulars will bfc published in the course ofn Month, aod may be had at the principal luns of tlie neighbouring Market Towns; al the Auction Mart; and- on tlie Premises. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, ( on tl » « > premises} By Mr. BARTLETT, Unrlcr « BiM for the Benefit of'Cmljtivrv On Tuesday il » e J3d clay of A pril, 1811, and the fuUow- • ing day, at 12 o'clock, ALL the genaine-- and enHre Howshold Furni- ture, Plate, Linen, Stock and Uteusils in Tra^ e,' belonging to Mr. W. Greenfield, Shopkeeper and Poul- terer; Warwick street, Worthing;:— ConsUung of h; ind- sosne stained four- post bedsteads, with cliints, diniitv,. and calico furnitures; fifteen seasoned goo it' and other beds ; biaukets, counterpanes, and UKtttreswe* ; t^ dsrde^, staircase1', autl room carpus ; in mahogany, are drawer*, dining, Pembroke, and ' claw tables* biM- ca- u, sofa, & c.; pier and deeping glasses; , rangt\ » stoves, feuders, lire irons, kitchen • furniture of all kind's, Sec. The Stock and Utensil^ which will be sold the day, convist ' of a variety of articles constituting'a- ifeue^ p'al s1ro\ » , v eoirotets, nesfs of drawers^ shelves, light^ eayt and harness, i& t. All persons- standincj indebted to t4ie estate of Mr. William Greenfield, are desired to pay the sarn « im- ine'di itely into the hands of Messrs. White, Foocks, auf^ • H. Hobbs, of Chichester, who are Tfu>; tieeV for the Cre- ditors; and all persons who have any claim on the said estatcv are requested to deliver in liieir. accouius Vd th « said White and Co. ! Sunwool Farm, Heyshott. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, In the Month of . loiie, ( Uules% p- reviowsjy . disposed of by private cositract), AFREEHOLD ESTATE; comprising a Farm- House, two burns and gattr rooms, convenient stairs, and o, tlier farm buildings/, wjth about \ a-<; ret* Of Arable, 25 acres of Meadow, and ^ i acres of Cop- pice Land, situate m the parish of Heyshott, liear tl » a London road. - . . The Arable aud Meadow' Land* are naturally fertile ; A' and, having been many years iu the occupation of th< r Proprietor, are in ahi^ h state of cultixatton. ' I'he Coppices are full of thriving Timber, which is- to he taken at a valuation. The (^ oniniou llig, hts are extensive aad extremely va- luable. • ' "" Hpyshott is distant 2 miles from Midhurst, 9; frut » Chichester, 8 froiw Petworth, and 8 from Petersfield. P< » sse. ssi( » n will be given at M> icha? liuas. Particulars will shortly he published, a ) d niay be had at the Inns in the neighbouring Market Toivus ; of Mr. Thomas Newman, Cocking, near Midhurst, -(- who- will shew the Premises) ; and at the Oilice of Messrs. Sow- ton and Fuller, Chichester. \ TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, BY MR. JAMES THOMAS, Oil Tbiirsrbw, tli£ ad Day of Mliy » il8- Il,. lit the Bell inn, in. Bexhill, in the County of Sussex, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon, undter such Conditions as sliaU be then and there produced* ALL that BARM and several Pieces or Parrel" of good arable? meadow pamure, hrook, ami wood LAND, containing, by admeasurement,. Twenty- iliree Acres and Eleven Perches, more or less, lying aiid'beiu^ in Bexhrll afore> tnidr aud adjoining the High- road leading from Catsfield to Sidley Green, late iu lUo occupation of Mrs. Sarah Neeves, widow, deceased. The premises are freehold, aud- immediate possession may he had. Mr. Stephen Neeves of Bexhill aforesaid will shew ibt preruiscij and. particulars may had of Mr. James Boarner und Mr. Marun, both otliullle. ioffitetBaagKSHB^ jras& iluamsammsrm^^ sss^ f' Postscript. FROM SATURDAYS LONDON GAZETTE. BANKRUPTS. GEORGE Jones, Platform, Rotherhithe, tobac- conist— Simon Jones, Lanhiddel, Monmouth, shopkeeper.— Thomas Powell, Malpas, Monmouth, timber- merchant—- John Bramley, Halifax, mer- chant.— Nelson Gibhorn, . Trull- street, Brunswick- square, grocer. • William Field. - Oxford- street, fringe and trimming manufacttt. ier,— Thomas Chad, wick, Rochdale, Lancaster, woollen- manufacturer. — James Pyer and Jonathan Payne, Bristol, drug- gists-— Richard Pitton, Manchester, dyer.— Thos. Parry, Salford, Lancashire, cotton- spinner— Wm. Wells. jun. Bradford, Yorkshire,—- John Hickon, Worthing, Sussex,' draper. William Raworth, Birmingham, grocer.— John Spencer,; Colly hurst, Lancashire, brewer.— William Delamore, Liver- pool, corn- dealer.—— Daniel Coley, John- street,, Adelphi, Strand, druggist! John Hack, Broad- street, St. George's in the East, carpenter.—"' lenry Prosser, London, master and mariner. Hugh Cormack, Watling- street, underwriter. The above Gazette contains a copy of Lord We Hing- | .,? » Dispatch, received on the 17th at Lord Liverpool's Office; but tile contents of it are published in the bnMctins in the preceding page, we shall only add the official returns. which are follow: Return of the killed, wounded, and missing, in the Corps of the allied army under the orders of Marshal Sir W, C. Beresford, K. B. on the 25TH March, 1811.— Total — 1 Cornet, 23 rank and file, 20 horses, killed; 2 Lieutenants. I Staff, I Quarter- Master, I Serjeant, 65 rank and file, 33 horses, wounded ; I Serjeant, 76 rank and file. 108 horses, missing. Names of officers wounded..— 19th light dragoons—. Lieutenant Smith, badly; lieutenant Gate. Adjutant Homes, and Quarter- Master; Green ham, slightly. Return of ordnance and store taken from the enemy On the 25th March, 1811, by the allied army. under the • rrd - rs of Marshal Sir W. G. Beresford. K. B.— I French six- inch howitzer, 6 French caissons with ammunition, I French forge cart.- » Sltioe destroyed; ( Signed) E. PAKENHAM D. A. C. LEWES, APRIL 28, J811. The General Quartet Sessions of the Peace, for the Eastern Division of- our county will be holden on Friday next, at the Court Hall, in this Borough. The Gaol Calendar will exhibit a long list of prisoners, bat we are glad to hear that there offences, for the. most part, are of a trifling nature. Take Sermon advertised in our last, to be preached by the Rev. Rowland Hill, at the Old Cliff Chapel, on Wednesday next, we have good reason to believe, will be deferred till Sunday, the 28th instant. Mr. Madgwick, our senior Chief Officer, will To- morrow " attend the Prince Regent's' levee, for the purpose of presenting to his Royal Highness, our Borough Address, a copy, of winch; with the Resolutions of the Meeting that voted it, will appear in this Paper, on Mon- day next. Mr.: Lawes, who at our last assizes was ap- • pointed Referee, in a cause, Harben v. Hard- wick, attended at the White- Hart, in this town, on Friday last, and commenced his exa- mination of witnesses, which he continued' till Saturday afternoon, when, on finding the in- vestrgation would require more time than his present avocations would admit of, he postponed his further proceedings, until the long vaca- tion. The first witness was upwards of seven hours under examination. Mr. Bowes, the Gentleman to whom we al- luded in our last, as the purchaser of Corsiea- Hall; " on last Saturday se'nnight, was met at the Buckle, at Bishopstone, by many of the inhabitants of Seaford, who took the horses from his carriage, and drew him along the beach, into the town, amidst- the acclamations of the people.- The freemen were entertained, with a dinner, by Mr. Harben, as a condition of the transfer of the lease of the common to Mr. Bowes; and in the evening that Gentleman gave a treat to the Votesmen, who, we ate told, are engaged for the establishment of a WEEKLY JOLLIFICATION, twenty at a time, in rotation, at Corsica, under the able direction of Mr. Mellish. Last Wednesday Mary Dennis, find Mary Richard Son, her daughter, were ' committal to the House of Correction in this town, charged with stealing, . in the a! hop of Mr. Bodle, of • Alfriston, about 80 yards of ribbon, of diffe- rent sorts, in lolls, the greatest part of which, on searching them, was found concealed under the peaks of their stays. One day last week Richard Edwards, was al- so committed to the said House of Correction for th; space of a month, to be kept to hard lahou', he having, improperlv left the service of his master, Mr. Buck, of East- Grinstead. Last Tuesday a dog belonging to a gentle- man of this town, of the pointer and fix- hound bree I, whose hostility toother dogs, placed him under the suspicion of madness, after being seized and chained up for a few hours, was shot, by order of his owner. On the preceding day this supposed rabid animal, took it into his head to pay a lonely visit to Brighthelmston, where, it seems, he perambulated the streets without molestation ; but, on his return home in the evening, he caused considerable distur- bance among the canine race, by exercising, his tusks freely, and with great severity, on such as stood in his way; this, and similar acts of hostility on the following morning,; after being at large all night, - caused an information to be lodged against him, when he was secured and chained up as above stated; and in that situation he indeed shewed evident signs of uneasiness, but certain- ly betrayed no symptoms of hydrophobia, as he lapped water, and took his food freely; we therefore could have wished, that the life of the animal, being in safe custody, had been a little longer spared, with a view of ascertaining the fact to a certainty, which would have afforded much satisfaction to many' persons, whose dogs were known to have been bitten ; be that how- ever as it may, we are glad to hear, for the safety of the public, that the operation of the doubt tended to the destruction of most of then. EXTRAORDINARY FECUNDITY.— A. few days since, five ewes, belonging to Mr. Button, of Tott's - Farm, in Burwash, yeaned SIXTEEN. lambs, viz, four of them three each, ( one of which was dropped dead), and one FOUR! The fifteen were all living, and likely to do well on Saturday last, MARRIED. On Thursday, the 18th of April, 1811, at. Denton, by the Rev. Mr. Geer, Mr. M. Marten, yeoman, of Beddingham, to Miss H, Harriott, of Denton. DIED On Wednesday last, at her. house at Eastbourne, in the 79th year of her age, after a long illness, which she bore with, the greatest fortitude and resignation, Mrs. Lushington, re- lict of the late Rev. Henry Lushington, , D. D. This most amiable lady died as greatly regretted as she had lived respected, by all her friends and acquaintances; and her loss will be long and severely felt by the poor, to whom she was a constant and liberal benefactress. INCLOSED, with the following Lines, we re- ceived a SEVEN SHILLING PIECE, - to GO in aid of the Fund, raising for the British Priso- ners of War, in France. NO ostentatious hand, this gift bestow.. To soothe the . wrongs, the Seaman undergoes; Though not a favorite, of Fortune's smiles, I freely give THIS PITTANCE, from my toils Nor can my heart ungratefully To British prisoners, this small supply, Who in a hostile dungeon's baleful gloom, In want, and wretchedness, their Shall British Sailors ask our alius in vain ? Shall British Soldiers, now unheard, complain? Shalt they neglected, for compassion plead, Who're England's safeguard, in the hour of need ? O And let your Bounty tighten every ill, For whilst their Breasts with gratitude shall swell, BRITANNIA'S HEROES ARE IN VINOIBLE; EUROPE and ASIA, thunderstruck with awe, And GALLIA'S - Eagles shun'd the Lion's paw; May we from France, fresh victories obtain, And bring back PEACE to ALBION'S shores again. Damp not the ardour of each warrior's heart; But of your wealth, let them partake a part; Then may BELLONA, vanquish'd by the Dove, Exchange the Arms of War, tor those, of Love ; Then may our ploughshares, of our Swords be made, Our warlike weapons, form the Sickle's blade ; May Commerce spread her sails, from shore to shore, And Peace- return to quit Mankind no more. C -, April 111, tail. ARATOR. BRIGHTON, APRIL 22, 1811. The General Quarter Sessions for the Wes- tern Division of our county, will be held To- morrow at PetWorth. The Easter recess has contributed greatly to the. list of our arrivals ; among the last may be numbered, the Countess. Dowager of- Aberdeen, Lady Shee, Marchioness of Downshire, and her son the young Marquis. The Marquis of Hartington, Sir George and Lady Wombwell, Sir C. Talbot, Sir Win. Abdy, Mr. Quintire, Mr. Dick, Mr. Calvert, Mr. Ricardo, Mr. Fitz- patrick, the Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond, Marquis Mountnorris, and Mr. Pinckney, the American Ambassador, on his route to Porte- mouth, A Court- of Enquiry was - instituted here on Thursday last, for the examination of witnesses relative to the riot which took plate- between a party of the South Goucester soldiers, and some of the lower classes of the town's people. The following officers domposed the Court,— Major Dickenson of the Warwick Militia, President, three Captains of the same Regiment, and one Captain of the Bedford Militia. Many wit- nesses were examined on both sides, and the investigation finished on Saturday. The Court being a private one, its proceedings cannot yet be made known ; and any anticipation of result would, therefore, be highly indecorous. The Court was ordered to assemble on Wed- nesday, which would have been carried into effect, but for an untoward accident which oc- curred to Captains Loveday and Boultbee, of the Warwickshire Militia, two of its Members ; who in their way to tins' place in a BUGGY were owing to the shafts of the vehicle snap- ping asunder, soon after they had passed thro' New haven, both precipitated, with great vio- lence to the ground.— Capt. Loveday had one of his legs terribly broken ; and Capt. Boult- bee was seriously bruised. . The unfortunate Gentlemen, as soon as assistance could be pro- cared, Were conveyed back to BletChington Barracks, from whence they had proceeded, where, we are happy to add, they are both con- sidered in a fair way of recovery. On Monday evening a second disturbance took place between some, of the South Glou- cester soldiers and a party of the lowest rabble of the town, to quell which the picquet, guard was called out, and one of the latter was con- veyed to the guard room, and there kept all the night. On Saturday he was taken before the Sitting of Magistrates at Lewes, to answer for his conduct. Fashionable parties have been numerous here throughout the past week. ... Messrs. Thunder and Newington' were on Monday last re- chosen Churchwardens of, this; parish for the year ensuing; and at a Court Leet on the following day, Mr. Colbron was sworn in as High Constable in the room of Mr. Hargraves. " "'' Yesterday se'nnight, the barrack- room of an Officer of the 10th Royal Hussars, was robbed of. a gold repeater, with chain and seals, valued at: 180 guineas. Some exertions were immedi- ately made to find out the robber; and the next day the watch, with its appendages, was again deposed in the, owner's apartment, during his absence, by the compunctious thief!. '< | Thursday a main of cocks was fought a, t the White Lion Inn, in this town, the Isle of Wight against Sussex. The main consisted of ten battles, out of which the former won nine. On Wednesday evening last a mackarel- boat returned to the shore with 15 mackarel on board, and two red mullets. The former were sold as 4s. each ; and the two latter were eagerly purchased at seventeen shillings by an epicure, who had been anxiously waiting the arrival of the boat for a long time. On Tuesday last, the Second Battalion of the West York Militia, marched into Chiches- ter Barracks, Chichester Market on Wednesday last had a good supply of every kind of stock Usually sold there ; a considerable , number of buyers at- tended, and there was, of course, a great ileal of business transacted. Lusus NATURE.— Mr. C. Shoubridge, of Withdean, near this town, had a Lamb lately yeaned, by one of his ewes, that has three shoul- ders, five legs, and six feet ; and this extra- ordinary little animal gambols with the others of the flock, and is as healthy and as sportive as the most perfect amongst them. TO THE PRINTERS OF THE SUSSEX ADVERTISER. SIRS, Green hill Farm, April \ % 11. MY Nephew, on Monday last, came laughing into the par| otir with the newspaper in his hand, and told me I had prettily caught it, fur writ- ing the letter under my assumed name of Agricola! Have I indeed, Boy, ( said I) and what have they be- stowed upon me, prithee? -- Wily, said Richard, you are called a VERY BAD LAWYER !- Now, Sirs, as I think a bad Lawyer is a very dangerous charac- ter, I trust, you will allow me " to refute, or at least deny, the calumnious accusation; and very briefly endeavour to set your New Correspondent right in another particular or two. Presuming; on your permission, I shall beg to assure an inhabitant of Lewes, that I certainly can- not he a bad lawyer, as I neither am, pretend, nor desire to be, any lawyer at all. I pretend to no- thing more than a common share of common sense; and with that stock, ( as our Acts of Parliament are, or ought to be, founded on reason), I have as good a right to judge of the meaning of a statute, as any inhabitant of any . town whatever; and with only common sense to guide me, I do still aver, that the words so as to obstruct, & c. do apply to every fore- going sentence in the clause; for, how can it, in reason, he intended , that the mere act of placing a single- horse chaise in a wide part of the street, fu- tile purpose of altering its head.& rc. shall lie penal, any more than the act of placing a WAGGON there, for sale? — Matty other instances, equally conclu- sive, I could adduce, but I am aware. Sirs, of the impropriety of going at too much length into a subject about which only a portion of your readers can be at all interested. ' With this statement, therefore,? shall leave him ; and again observe to mv fellow glaziers, that it is the decided opinion of a plain Matter- of- fact Man, that there is nothing in the Act alluded to, to prevent their exposing their Stock to, sale on a Market day in the streets of Lewes, so as they " do not obstruct the passing arid repassing of Passengers, Horses, Cattle, or Carriages." The public utility of a Market for Stock, in Lewes, I believe is very generally admitted ; and I do not think the Inhabitants' of Chichester, or any other Town, who have such an advantage; would, on any account, wish it removed from the public streets, which are certainly the proper places for public business, except, perhaps, a solitary indi- vidual or so, who may fear the shoes of his wife or daughter might be soil'd by the nasty Cattle! As to the smell occasioned, many a delicate female has come a distance of three and font- miles, to Greenhill- Farm, purposely to sniff the health- bestowing odour of the Close and Sheep- fold. I remain. Sirs, Your obedient Servant, AGRICOLA. N. B Dick shall never drive another head of my Stock to Lewes Market, except, that Market be held where it ought to be. BINGHAM'S TRIALS. MR. BUTTON'S FULL REPORT of the above very interesting TRIALS, price 2s. 6d., published by W. and A. LEE, may now be bad of Button, Paternoster- row ; Hodgson, Wimpole street, London Deighton and Nicholson, Cambridge; Mnson, Humphrey, and Smither, Chichester; Palmer, East - Grintead ; at the Libraries, Brighton ; of the Publishers, Lewes ; and of the Sussex News carriers. COOK AND HOUSEMAID, & C. in the South of Sussex. WANTED, in the compact family of an elderly Clergyman, ( single gentleman, of regular horns, and retired habits, as keeping little company) a middle- aged woman; most be a very good, plain cook, to dairy also one cow. Of the utmost steadiness, trust worthy, and willing (. if required) to train- up a young person in the management of household affairs. The in- door family sever exceeds four persons. The most satisfactory reference as to character for ability, sobriety, honesty, and tolerable temper, is indispensi- ble.— Direct Rev. P. D. Post- Office, Arundel. . NOTICE is hereby given, That . WILLIAM LONG LEY. of Lewes, in the county of Sussex, Victualler, has assigned over' his effects to Trustees, for the benefit of his Creditors; and that the Tenet Deed is now at the office of Mr. Thomas Cooper, Soli- citor, Lewes, for signature. The Creditors are requested to meet the Trustees, at the Crown inn, Lewes, 011 Wednesday, the 24th April ins a t, at six o'clock in the evening, to take into con- sideration the state of the insolvent's affairs. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Partner- ship between us SOLOMAN COLBARN, and WIL- LIAM NEEVES, Millers, Berkley, was dissolved on day, the 1st day of January, 1811, by mutual consent, W. Neeves having resigned the said business to S. Col- bran.— As witness our hands, S. COLBRAN. WM. NEEVES. Any persons standing ind bted to the said Mill, are desired to pay their respective debts to S. Colbran, or before the 25th day May next 1811. rJ^ iIAT no copartnership. subsists between Ed- - ward Elphick and Samuel Elphick, Millers, Bed- dingham. ' April 20._ ian. EDWARD ELPHICK FROM HORSHAM TO GUILD FORD. NOTICE is Hereby given, that the next general meeting of the Trustees of this road, is appointed . to be holden at the Anchor Inn, in Horsham, on Saturday the 4th day of May next,, at 3 in the afternoon ; at which meeting The TOLLS WILL BE LET BY AUCTION TO THE BEST BIDDER. arising at the several Toll Gates on the said road, called Strood gate. Bucks gate, and Wild wood gate, from the 11th day of the said May, for one or more years as shall he then agreed upon. Whoever happens to he the best Bidder, must at the same time give security, with sufficient satisfaction of the Trustees, for payment of the rent - at such times as they shall direct. Horsham, THOMAS MEDWIN, 19th April, IBM. Clerk to the Trustees. SHORT GATE TURNPIKE. Aspecial Meeting of the Trustees of the said Turnpike- road, is appointed to be held at the Black boys Inn, in Framfield, on Monday next, the 29th instant, at 11o'clock in the forenoon. Lewes, 22 April, 1811. . JOS. SMITH, "" ' RAUAt E SEED. ~~ FLINT, BROWN, and Co, respectfully inform t- - their friends and the public, that they, have, now lying at their warehouse, Lewes Bridge, a quantity of new dwarf, seed, of a superior quality; to. obtain which they have spared no expence, Orders will- be thankfully received, and executed with attention. April 22. IBM. Lewes, Brighton, Seaford and Newhaven Accommodation Coaches TO THE NEW HOTEL, AND GENERAL COACH OFFICE, 93, BISHOP GATE STREET WITHIN LONDON. SAMUEL WALDEGRAVE and Co. beg leave Inhabitants of Lewes, Brighton, Seaford, Newhaven, and their vicinity, for the liberal encouragement the ACCOMMODATION COACHES have hitherto re- ceived, assuring them that every attention shall be paid to secure their future favours. For the convenience of persons residing at, or travelling to the west end of the town. S. W. and Co. have established a connection at THE BLACK BEAR INN, PICCADILLY, from whence passengers and parcels' arc carefully for- warded to Lewes, Seaford, Newhaven, Blatchington Barracks, Uckfield, East Grinstead, & c. & c. taken a part in the concern, respectfully solicits the patronage of his friends and the public in general, being determined, as well as the other proprietors, to do every, thing in bis power to give general satisfaction. ( Sunday excepted) at the usual hour.— And Sea ford, New haven, and Blatchington Barracks, op Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at five o'clock, returning to those places every Monday, Wed- nesday, Friday and Saturday. LIME. JRASON respectfully informs the public, that his LIME KILNS, near Willingdon, are now in full work, and that farmers, and other consumers of that article, may be supplied with any quantity on the most liberal terms. by applying at the said Kilns, Easthourne. April 1. Iijll. . — - - Furnished, by the year, or tor the Summer season, ANeat COTTAGE, situate at Guestling, about three miles from Hasting, on the Winchelsea Road;— containing a dining 10m. parlour, breakfast- room, kitchen, servants' pantry, five bed rooms, a de tached wash and bakehouse, and a larder, in a cool si - tuation ; a two scall stable, and coach- house; a small orchard, and grove. The situation is dry and healthy ; It commands a view of the Weald of Kent and Kentish Hills, Dover Cliffs, Dungeness, the Sea, and the Coast of France, Possession may he had immediately. For particulars, apply ( post paid) to Mr. Shorier, Hasting. 1 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CON TRACT, rp\ VO houses with about half an acre of land, - 8- more or less, situated in the parish of Fletching, in the. road leading to Lind field, copyhold, in. the Minor of Sheffield, subject to 6d fine only. Posession may be had at Michaelmas next. For further particulars apply to Mr. James . Mitchell, the proprietor, Pilt Dawn, Flectching, Sussex. OF very good and valuable OAK TIMBER, be- tween Three and Four Hundred Threes now stand- ing in the several parishes of Northiam and Berkley, near Rye, TO BE SOLD in ten VATE CONTRACT, in the way of TENDER. Printed particulars will be ready for delivery, at the Inns in the Neighbourhood. And proposals in writing, free of charge, will continue to lie received by the Rev. Wm. Lord; at Northiam, to and on the 29th of this month; after which day imme- diate notice will be. given to those, whose proposals shall be accepted. _ , TIMBER. ~~~ To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. r|^ HIu following Lots of Timber, standing on the A Waste of the Manor of Framfield, in the parishes of Framfield and Buxted : Oak Trees, rased with a Cross, at Mount Ephraim. .88 Oak Trees, and one Ash Tree, rased with a Cross, on Palehouse Common, - old Eason's Green. 5S Oak Trees, hammer marked T M, at Tarble Down, and Whit lock's Pits. 183 T M. in the Lanes lending from Framfield Street to Gatehouse, at Tickeridge Bank, and in the Lanes from thence to the Hundred House and Lapham Down, in the Lanes leading to Bish, Pits, and in iiish Pits, 263 Oak Trees, rased with two strokes, beginning at Langhurst Oak, and on Blackboys Common, and Poun- sley Wood. 191 Oak Trees, rased with a. Cross, and hammer marked T M, at Wilderness Bank and Crow Pits, and in the Lanes to Pounsley, Homebush Bank, and Roses - Common. 4S Oak Trees, hammer marked T M, in Buxted Wood. 34t) Oak Trees, rased with four strokes, and hammer marked T M, on the Eastern side of Barnett Wood, ad- joining Novis's Inclosure, 27b Oak Tree's, rased with one Stroke, and hammer marked T M, in Barnett Wood, near the Cyder House. 2111 Oak Trees, rased with five strokes, and hammer marked T M, in Barnett Wood, adjoining the last- Lot. Robert Driver, . of Framfield, will shew the. Trees ; and further particulars may be known on application to Messrs, Hoper and Son, at Lewes ; or Mr. Thomas Mark- wick, at Charley, GREAT TYTHES TO BE LET. TO BE LET, BY AUCTION, At Saturday the First day of June next, between the hours of one and three o'clock in the afternoon, ( sub- ject to such conditions as shall be there produced) r jpHE Great Tythes of the Parish of Alfriston, JL in Sussex, supposed to contain about 1150 acres, with and about two, acres of grass adjoining thereto. To he entered on at Michaelmas next, Alfriston is about eight miles from Lewes, three from Seaford, and five from Newhaven. For further particulars, enquire of Messrs. W. and E. Bray, Great Russel Street, Bloomsbury, London. To Coal Merchants. ... . ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. BY MR. AT TREE, On Wednesday, the 24th of April, | 8H, an the premi- ses, in Black Lion. Street, Brighton, ABOUT 50 Chaldrons of excellent COALS, Two strong- built Carts, a valuable draught Horse, Harness, Sacks, Measures, Barrows, & c. & c.— The Coals will be put up in lot. of five chaldrons each. Valuable Paintings, & c . TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. ATTREE, Some time in the Month of May, of which due notice will he given, SEVERAL valuable PAINTING'S, by some of the most various articles in cut glass, china, plated, & c. mir- rors;. bed and table linen ; an. eight day clock, with chimes, and other effects ; the property of a geutlemnii going abroad. Catalogues to be had, seven days previous, of Mr. At tree, at his General Commission and Agency Office, North- street, Brighton. ' AT ALFRISTON, IN SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. JAMES PIERCE. At the Bear Inn, Lewes, on Saturday, the 27th of April instant, at three o'clock : j • •' ; Lot 1. • •' " ' ACompact new- built. Messuage or Tenement, with a garden Well stocked with capital fruit trees, late situate in . Lot II:. A Messuage, divided into Two Tenements, near to Lot f. , Printed Particulars may be had at the Bear, Lewes; the Ram, Firle ; the George, Alfriston; the Crown, Hailsham, & c.; of the Auctioneer, Seaford ; or of Mr. Patterson, Solicitor, Lewes. Mr. Morfett, of the George, Alfriston, will shew the Premises. - Old Rowfant, Live and Dead Stock. Form ure, & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER AND BATES. On the Premises, on Wednesday, the 1st of May, if) i 1, at Eleven o'clock, precisely: the Live and Dead Stock, and part of the Houshold Furniture of Mr. Tho- mas Brooker, a- Old Rowfant, near East Grinstead, Worth, Sussex, leaving the place, comprising EIGHT valuable cart horses, five of which are under 7 . years old: I capital cart stallion. 3 years old, 3 two- yearling cart colls, 1 saddle- mare, I saddle poney, 7 working oxen, 1 barren cow, 6 Sussex cows with calves, 3, three yearling heifers, 7 two yearling ditto and steers, 4 yearling ditto, 75 South Down lags, 33 South Down ewes, with lambs, 83 sheep and lambs; ; 4 young fat hogs, 3 spaniels; I six inch waggon with iron axeltrees, don. hie tackling, nearly new ; i narrow road waggon, I do corn waggon, carts, ploughs, drag and horse harrows, land roller, 8 sets of harness, I timber carriage, a capital chaff- cutting machine, 3 iron wheels, with a general assortment of husbandry implements. Likewise the following day, the household furniture, comprising, goose and poultry beds, with suitable furniture, double and single mahogany and wainscot Chest with drawers. Do. tables, 1 eight day and 1 thirty hour clock, bureau, 2 fowling pieces: dairy, washing, brewing, and kitchen furniture, a targe quantity of pickled pork. bed and table Imen, with a geueral'u, soi- tiu. aoi of lwuistii, td furniture. To be viewed" two days preceding, and: catalogues had at lite " ei^ b. l'ooring. fnijs. the place of Sale, and of. the auctioneers To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. LAMBE, : ' » On Thursday, the 25th day- of April instant. r|", HE HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, of Henry REED, of Winton; near. Alfristion, wheelwright. , The Sale to begin at T;' ll h!'- tnck in the ; \ 0- i1-- ' TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. LAM BE, At the White Hart Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday, the 4th day of May next, at six o'clock in the evening. ( un less previously desposedd of by private contract. of which, if it should happen, notice will be given in the next week's Lewes paper). TWO newly erected- Freehold Messuages of Dwelling Houses, situate nearly opposite to the Church, in South over, with the Gardens thereto be- longing; and also a large Yard and Workshops adjoin- ing, late the property of Mr. George Judge, builder. Immediate possession may be had of one of the Houses, and of the Yard and Workshops ; - and the Premises « may he viewed, and further particulars known, upon application to Mr. Samuel Fliot, or Mr. Win. Stuard, of Lewes aforesaid. • TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. By RICHARD LAM BE, At the White Hart Inn, in Lewes, on Saturday the 11th day of May next, between the- hours of 7 and 8 o'clock in the evening,—( by order of the Assignees of Tha- mas Weller, of Lewes aforesaid, Common Carrier and Bricklayer) ALL those two compact Freehold, brick built Messuages and Outbuildings, Yards, Garden-, and Hereditaments, situate and being in North Street, in the parish of Saint John's, in Lewes now in the several tenures or occupations of the. said Thomas Weller and James Gates, their undertenants or assigns. Immediate possesion may be had. . For particulars, enquire of Messrs. Fisher and King, Solicitors, Lewes. C?* All persons having any demands on the said Thomas Weller. are requeued in deliver the particulars of their Claims, to Messrs. Fisher and King, whoare likewise authorised to receive all debts owing to his Estate. All Creditors of the said Thomas Weller, who have not signed the Trust Deed, arc dressed to lake tlQI. eej that the thine is now lying at their Office, for Execu- tion, and that unless they execute the same on or lie- fore the 1st day of June next; they will be excluded from the benefit arising there from, ait a dividend will be made of the Effects immediately after the said' t-. r day of June next. WILLIAM CATT. April 20, 1811. CHRUSOPHIUS CHITTY, FREEHOLD HOUSES., at BEE DING. ' TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. SONE, At the White- Horse. Inn. in Steying, on Wednesday the 8th day of May, 1811, at four o'clock in the af- ternoon:- Lot I. A Messuage and School- Room, together with the yard behind the same, ami now in the occupation of David Goddard, schoolmaster. The buildings upon this lot are very extensive, are capable of great improvement, and tire most advantage- ously situate for a Country shopkeeper. Lot II. A Messuage, adjoining Lot I, in the occu- pation of Wm, Welling. Lot III. A Messuage and Garden, in the occupation of Harry Goddard. The whole of the above lots are situate it, the High- street. of Beeding ; are in excellent repair; and pos. session will be given at Michaelmas next. The Purchaser of each Lot will be entitled to vote, for the Rape of Bramber, and County of Sussex! Further particulars may be had, by applying to Harry Slaughter, of Beeding; or Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning. To Grocers, Linen Drapers, dad others. Valuable and very Desirable Freehold Estaty, Sussex. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By W. LIEF CHILD, By Order of the Proprietor. On Wednesday, May the 1st, IS! 1, at Four o'clock iii the Afternoon, at the George Inn, Battle, without Reserve, A VALUABLE Freehold Estate, eligibly si- tuated in the most preferable part of the Market Town of Rattle, Fifty- six miles from London. Comprising a sulistantial well ' hitilt Brick and Sashed Dwelling House, in complete repair, with a capital Double Fronted Shop, many years established in the Grocery line. Attached and Detached Offices of all Descriptions; - Roomy Warehouses, replete with every convenience; a Paved Yard, with good Stabling, and a large Garden plentifully stocked. The whole con- structed in such a manner as to be capable of earning on a business of the first con<~ » Meni.' e in the above branches, and presenting a most excellent opportunity to any Person wishing to embark in a concern of great respectability. The Purchaser to take the Fixtures at a fair valuation, and immediate possession will be given. May be viewed any time preceding the Sale, and full Descriptive Particulars had at the New Inn, Brigh- ton ; . Swan, Hastings; Star, Lewes; George Battle; on the Premises, and at the Secretary's Office, Auction Mart, London. JOHN FUNNELL of St. John's street. I Lewes, Brewer, do acknowledge to have at used Mr. WM. CRUTTENDEN, of the same - ue, i", grocer and coal merchant, for which be has threatened to commence an action against me : but, upon my ex- pressing, my couiritioo, and nnljoig he bus kindly agreed to drop all further proceedings against me. . The mark of JOHN FUN NELL. Witness, ARTHUR LEE,- Jun. April 16.1811. . 1 ROYA'L EXCHANGE. HAZARD, BURNE, and Co. Stock Brokers, respectfully inform the Public, that Tickets and Shares, for the NEW STATE LOTTERY. Which con- tains 60 Capital Prizes, are on sale at their Office, No. 93, Royal Exchange, London. SCHEME. .4 Pirzes of i.' 20, pntr are ^ fSO. tiOO at s- s- i ,00 © — yi. ooiy 32 S'lO — Jfi. ooo firt — 50 — 3.000 1,000 — 23 , — 2.5,000 1,000 — 20 - J- on,' 00 2,0( 0 — 10 - it 39,000 2tiy00o Tickets. £< m,< m All to be drawn the 4th of JUNE. In the last October Lottery, No. .17, a Prize of £ J(|."||||, and - 8. a Prize of i; a, i) nii, were both sold in Shares at the above Office. Letters, post paid, duly answered. Schemes gratis. Tickets and Shares tor the above Office, are also on Mr. W. LEE, Printer, Lewes. TRIMMER. TO COVER - THIS SEASON, At Cokeham, in the parish of Sompting, Sussex, ( Late the proper y of Mr. Winton) THE above- said Horse TRIMMER, at Two Guineas and Half- a- Crown, the Mare ; the Monty to be paid at the Time of Covering- He is a full- bred beautiful hay horse, 13 years old, full fifteen hands high, cut by Tippoo Sath, son of Mercury, the sire of Precipitate and Gohanna, . his dam by Verminous, his " grandam by Turf; bis- great grandam was, out of Levia- than's dam.- For blood, beauty, and action, he is infe- rior to none. Tippoo Saib's dam was the last old mare of Signet's, who was son of the Godolphin Arabian,- nearest to the Darn ley's Arabian of any horse living at that time, which was the sire of the Duke of Devon, shire's Flying Childers.— TRIMMER is a very certain foal getter,- and gets remarkably fine Stock. Cokeham is two miles from Shoreham- Bridge, - Good Grass for Mares at 3s. per week.' No Mares will be delivered till paid for Grass, & e. PRICE, of CORN — Lewes, Saturday, April 20',. Red- V\ he; U - - 4 () " to O o o' White Ditto - - •} l> o to 000 Barley - - - 110 0 ti 1 14 n Oats - - . 1 5 0 lo 1 ip ^ From Tuesday's London Gazette. Admiralty- Office, April 16, 181!. \ J ICE- Admiral Thornborough has transmitted lo John Wilson Croker, Esq. a letter he had leceived from Capt. Maitland, of his Majesty's shtp Emerald, giving an account of his having, on the 6th instant, capiuied L'Agusto, a French ship privateer, of 18 f- tins. and men ; out three days Iretn Brest, without making any Capture. BANKRUPTCIEs SUPERSEDED. Robert Wright, William Malcolm, and Charles Wright, Watling- street, warehousemen.— John Shaw, Rochdale, Lancaster. hatter. BANKRUPTS. Charles Wright, Wolverhampton, Stafford, malt- ster. - Alexander Johnston, Manchester, draper. Patrick Dunn, Liverpool, sadler.— Thomas Aulse- brook, Rollestone, Nottingham, miller.— William Barker, Wigton, Cumberland, manufacturer. Thomas Creswell, Chester, flax- dresser and rope- maker. Joseph Lingard, Manchester, cotton- merchant. John Reed, Prendwick, Northum- berland, dealer. Thomas Kelly Mildrum, Tot- nes, Devon, linen draper.— William Oddie, Li- verpool, merchant.—— William Whitworth, Sow- erbv, Halifax, York, cotton- manufacturer ' Maurice de Jongh and John de Jongh, Hart- street, Clutched Friars, merchants. William Shuttles- worth, Dartford, Kent, victualler.— James Shoo- smith, Petworth, Sussex, sadler. LONDON. The Victory obtained by General Beresford over Mortier at Campo Mayor on the 83th last, was a splendid achievement. The notice of it in the Gazette is very short. Government not having yet leceived General Beresford's Dispatches, which are transmitted by Lord Wellington, the following particulars will in their absence be found interest- ing:— The enemy were driven from Portalegre on the 2.7th, and closely pursued bv our troops until they tame to Campo Mayor, where they formed on a hill to the right of that town. The 13th Light Dragoons, the 3d Dragoon Guards, and the 4th Dragoons immediately charged, and with the assistance of some pieces of artillery which came up at the moment, they drove the French two miles towards Badajos. Here four regiments of French cavalry, viz. the 20th, and 26th Dragoons, and the 4th and 1.3th Hussars wheeled about and prepared to receive the charge of our brave cavalry. The lSMi Dragoons who were in advance, hesitated not a moment, but observed the four French re- giments in the usual style of British troops. They quickly succeeded in forcing a passage through the enemy's line, but it was immediately closed on their rear; instantly the brave 13th wheeled, charged, and cut their way through a second time; — the French infantry then commenced a heavy fire 011 these gallant fellows, who continued to pursue the enemy flhtil they took shelter under the walls of Badajoz. From the account of a French Quarter- master taken prisoner, we learn that the French cavalry amounted to 8S0 men— the 13th did not exceed 200. A great number of prisoners were taken, and the ro* d was covered with the slain of the enemy. The letter speaks high in commendation of Colonel Head who com- mands the 13th, and the gallant manner irt which General Long led them to the charge. The Por- tuguese horse did little, except in pursuit)— We kid 40 men killed and 39 wounded. Lieutenant Smith, of the 13th, a fine young officer, is wounded rather dangerously. Lieutenant Gale and the Adjutant were also wounded. The 13th were at one time in possession of 16 pieces of artillery and a quantity of baggage, but were reluctantly obliged to abandon them to a large body of the enemy which unexpectedly made its appearance. A letter from an officer, dated Lisbon the SOtli tilt, giving an account of the horrible excesses committed by the French in their retreat says— To bear the semblance of a female, was to be tortured— to be an infant, to be a sacrifice. One circumstance, almost beyond credibility to be com mitted, by human beings in the heart of Europe, and the 19th century: A convent of eleven nuns, with two Priests, were escaping in a boat; un- happily they were hte, and overtaken near Villa Franca, the Priests were one shot and one drowned One only of the nuns was young; she was instantly violated, as well as the rest; and the bent age of 05 was no defence against these savages. These very nuns were thus treated successively by 1111111 bers, and confined until disease made them loath- some to the hell hounds themselves. When a flag of truce introduced them to 11s, the sight was most • hockiug. Every one tried to comfort them ; and to the immortal credit of Commissary Aylmer, they were conducted from Valada, by water, with nil the comfort and consolation that war and si- tuation could possibly k, rive." EXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM AN OFFICER OF RANK, DATED PENICHE, MARCH 22, 1811. " We have no news whatever in this direction, except a history of misery that few have witnessed. Thousands have perished from hunger, while we are daily discovering wretched objects, at the last gasp, from the same cause. A physician of great activity and humanity, with the Military Com- mandant of Obidos, merit the gratitude of their countrymen. One hundred and fifty people died in two davs at Caldos, and that the deaths chiefly proceed from want, is proved by collecting the unfortunate people; the next day the deaths were reduced to 20, and yesterday ( 21st), of 500, the deaths did not exceed 18. One example will speak more than a page. From one hovel were withdrawn the father, mother, son, and daughter, dead. An infant child had yet survived this scene of horror, though with worms of three Or four inches length crawling in its flesh; the child will be saved, In- fant children who have lost their parents, and wretched parents who have lost their children, Wives their husbands, and husbands their wives, and now expiring themselves, if not saved by the recent providence of Government— fill the bos- pitaj, but were recovered. How are they to reach their houses, and subsist till the lands produce again}" During the time of the Prince Regent being with the Duke of Cumberland, at Kew, on Sunday last, one of the spectators, Mr. Wall, of Richmond, sud- denly fell down, and instantly died. Mr. Wall had come from Richmond with two of his young chil- dren and a female servant, purposely to see the Prince Regent. He fell down between his chil- dren, and was carried lifeless into a neighbouring public- house, where, when he was found completely dead, his body was kept till it should undergo the investigation " of the Coroner and his Jury. His children and servant were conveyed in a chaise to Richmond, to acquaint the rest of his family of their loss. Mr. Wall was a very worthy tnan, very much tespected at Richmond, and has left a widow and nine children to lament his premature death. His family has been known at Richmond for up- wards of 120 years, as booksellers, stationers, and newsmen, and" kecpiers of the circulating library, since that institution has been known. FRENCH EAGLE. The following letter, copied from the Dublin Freeman'* Journal, contains a more particular ac- count than any before published, of the manner in which the French Eagle was taken. The Dublin Editor says, with just pride—" The reader will be rejoiced to learn, that the only Eagle that was taken was seized by a Connaught- man ( Masterson), a native of Roscommon." " ISLA DE LEON, March 7. 1811. " At four o'clock on the 4th we got orders to move on, and marched i6 hours without halting As we were passing through a wood, the General received an express that the French were formed on the hill to our right to give us battle; we came to the right- about, and met them with the impetuosity of lions. Their force consisted of 11,000 men, tin- der the command of Victor ( Duke of Belluno). The Spaniards had previously left us, and were at the distance of four miles, destroying the French encampments and works opposite Point St. Petre. We then drew out our light brigade, the 95th rifle corps, the 2d Hussars ( King's German Legion), and our flank battalions, to cover our formation as we left the wood. We now formed independent lines, und « r the hottest and most g'lling fire of large shot, « liell, grape, cahnister, and musketry, that ever was seen or felt in the annals of wan " The French advanced close to our front, heat- ing the pas de charge; the Prince's Irish were formed at this time, and at ordered arms; they lost one Major, one Captain, four Lieutenants, one Ensign, and 100 rank and file before we shouldered— for if we attempted to fire, we should inevitably destroy our own light troops, who were performing deeds of valour: being overpowered by numbers, they were obliged to fall back. We proceeded to take up the position they quitted; 1000 of the brave Guards, and the 67th on our right, the 23th and remainder of the 2d and 3d Guards, nearly the same number, on our left; we kept up an immense fire for two hours, with great slaughter on both sides; our ammunition was nearly exhausted, when we gave three cheers, and brave Graham cried out " Charge with the bayonet"— which they got in fine style. The 87th charged the 8th Grenadier French battalion, the pride of France, and I am happy to say we took their two howitzers and wreathed Eagle in the charge, a glory never be- fore achieved by any regiment in the world. All the other regiments had their Eagles screwed otv, in order to take them off when hard pushed; but Bonaparte ordered the 8th ( sixteen hundred Gre- nadiers) to nail theirs on, as he said it was impossi- ble to take it; but, thank God, a Roscommon man took it, one of my volunteers, Masterson, who was the right- hand man of Capt. Roper's company, in which J was, when in that regiment. I had him made sei^ eant about two years ago, and am now happy to say 1 saw him promoted to the rank of Serjeant- Major on the field of battle. The French lost nearly four thousand men, and our little army, 1 am sorry to say, lost the third part of their force. I herewith send you a return of our killed and wounded. I cannot conclude, without expressing my unfeigned regret for the loss of poor Keogh, an Ensign of ours, who was shot thro' the heart in the act of seizing the Eagle with Mas- terson. " I am your affectionate brother, " T. D. without a wound." We cannot omit reciting a trait of conduct highly honourable to a British Officer, which took place during the flight of Massena:— Lord March, the son of our worthy Lord Lieutenant, and Aide- de- Camp to Lord Wellington, was sent with an order to the Officer commanding the 14th Dragoons, to charge the enemy; that gallant Officer instantly gave the word, and Lord March joined in the charge, by which the two regiments of the French were cut to pieces; his Lordship himself made prisoner a French trooper, and brought him into the British camp.— Dublin Paper. The Chesterfield packet is arrived at Falmouth, after a passage of 15 days from Cadiz, and has brought an account of a dreadful storm and ship- wreck in that Bay. The storm lasted three days, viz. the 27th, 28th, and 29th last. The men of war rode it out; but of the merchantmen and other ves- sels, 150 were driven on shore, and one- third of them were totally wrecked. Of those that were driven to sea, few had returned, and it is feared many of them have been lost. Nothing new of any importance liaa occurred since the battle of Barossa. There is no truth in the report that a second Expedition had set out to attempt to raise the siege of Cadiz. The reinforcement sent to Ballesteros appears to have given rise to this re- port. Lucien Bonaparte, with his family, and his thirty Corsican servants, are removing from the vicinity of Ludlow, into Worcestershire. Report in the neighbourhood states this Ex- Prince and his crew to be purely French, as far as filth and indecency can render them such. lie has mate- rially damaged the mansion ha resided in, it is said, by the style in which they have figged to- gether. His thirty servants, instead of lying in beds, were swung in hammocks from the cielings, and eat together like so many wild Arabs. They are represented to be, altogether, a strange me- lange of parade, of finery, and- of filth '.—( Stafford Paper). Milton, the horse- dealer, has engaged to drive four blood horses, in a chaise- marine, 1.5 miles in 48 minutes— a period of four minutes and a half less time than the celebrated match undertaken by Mr. Sheward. The race will be attempted about the middle of May next; the road is not as yet fixed upon. A great deal of betting has already taken place: one bet is 100 guineas to 1,000 that Milton performs his task in 45 minutes. The de- posit was paid down on Monday; the wager is for 1,000 guineas a- side. All the sporting gentlemen from Melton Mowbray and Yorkshire are expected in town to attend this charioteering feat. At Cardigan Assizes, 011 the first day, Chief- Justice Heywood called over the names of the Counsel, accordin ® to their standing, when it ap peared not one of the Learned Fraternity of the Long Robe had a single motion to make. The Judge smiled, the Bar looked at each other, and in a short time every man retired to his own tent. This extraordinary circumstance had a varied re- sult: men of mercenary talents, who harvest 011 li- tigation, became sullen from disappointment; whilst the true Briton felt indescribable pleasure in per- ceiving Envy and Discord in some degree banished from Cambria, the hilly remnant of their ancient inheritance. On Monday there were 300,000 dollars sent fiom the Bank to Mr. Bolton's, at Soho, to be stamped, and the same quantity are io be forwarded in a few days. They are expected to be in circulation in the course of three weeks. THE LAST OF THE POPES.— Many prophetical conjecturers have laboured to establish an opinion that Pius the Sixth, the present Pope, is to com- plete the haads of Popedom. The conjecture has some air of probability now. It is certainly rather singular, that, at this crisis of time, " all the niches in the grand Mausoleum, where the Pontiffs are buried, are tilled up, except one." A charge of a criminal rtahire was made to the Police the latter end « f last week, against a young Divine belonging to a nob'e family, for an assault 011 a waiting- woman under the same roof, and the wife of a butler in An adjoining family. The charge was, lliat the young gentleman had wan- tonly entered her bed- room on his return home, at the late hour of four in the morning, whete he committed the assault. A warrant was isstied, but the bird was flown. At Stafford Assizes, the trial of Hunt v. Hunt, excited considerable interest. In ejectment. The Plaintiff in this cause claims an estate, as being the eldest son of Benj. and Mary Hunt; but on the part of Defendant, it was proved Mary Hunt retained her maiden name of Unit, at the time of Plaintiff's birtb, which was ill December 1760, whereas the marriage did not take place until the 1.5th of Jannary 1701. It was also proved, that it was the Lady's own fault that she remained so long d Unit-, but she would not marry, not believing she was with child, but fully convinced her disorder was a dropsy, nor would she be convinced to the contrary Until the child was born. Mr. Dauncey ( Counsel for the Plaintiff) observed, that he thought his client's mother had preferred remaining a single Unit, but on again referring to his brief, he found she spelt the name with an E, which made her Unite. A Yorkshireman and a Leicestershireman con- tending for the superior fertily of their respective counties, the Leicestershirman declared, that he could turn a horse into a field new- mown, and the next morning the grass would be grown above his hoofs. " Poo! that's nothing ( cried the York- shireman), you may turn a horse into a field in Yorkshire, and not be able to find him next morning!" Molineux and Rimmer the Lancashire man.— Wednesday being the day to make good a stake of 100 guineas aside, betwixt the parties for the much- talk « d- of boxing match, a disappointment took place; to the astonishment of the circle of pugilistic amateurs, Rimmer's money not having been made good, under a forfeiture of 101. Whether the fame of the black has had the effect of damping the box- ing ardour of the present race of pugilists, or the needful was wanting, is not for us to conjecture: the former seerriS to be the case, as Molineux in the room challenged to fight any man in the world the next day, or in three months) ( no slur upon modern training) for 500 guineas, or any lesser sum, Crib being in the room; but the challenge was not excepted. Thus has the beaten man be- come the champion of England ! HORRID ACCIDENTS, & C. A singular but dreadful accident occurred a few days ago, on board his Majesty's ship Menelaus:— A sailor having over- reached himself, fell from the main- top, just as the sentinel was passing beneath, pitched directly on the point of the bayonet, and was literally impaled. The violence of the shock wrested the piece from the arms of the sentinel, and threw it, with its wretched burden, over the gun- wale : thus the poor fellow found, in one instant, a death- blow and a grave. Saturday afternoon, a sad occurrence took place at Catwater, in Plymouth:— A seaman, of the name of Francis Esca, belonging to the vessel Prince, of London, Captain Smith, bound to Quebec, had obtained leave from the Captain in the morning to proceed on shore in the afternoon; the latter, shortly after giving permission, left the ship, and accordingly Esca told the Mate that he had ob- tained leave, and was going ashore, a waterman's boat then lying alongside the ship with two hands in it; on which the Mate immediately replied, that he was determined he should not leave the vessel; but Esca persisted, and was proceeding on shore, and when about 20 yards from the ship, the Mate, seized a musket, which he loaded with ball, and fired at him, when he fell, being dangerously wounded, the ball passing thiough both his thighs; he bled profusely, and was instantly conveyed on shore, where he was attended by several eminent surgeons of that place, who are in hopes the wounds will not prove mortal. The Officers ef Justice were then sent on board the Prince to apprehend the delinquent, but he had escaped fiom her a few minutes before, and has yet eluded the vi- gilance of his pursuers. At Haverfordwest Assizes, on Thursday, John Griffith was found guilty of having poisoned his wife, and was executed on Saturday last It is asserted, that this abandoned criminal had poisoned a former wife, and was preparing himself for the ensnaring of a third into a fatal union ! Last week, a woman at Leighton- Buzzard, actu- ated by motives of jealousy, formed the resolution of murdering her husband. For this purpose she heated a quantity of lead in a tobacco- pipe, and while he was aslesp poured some of the liquid into bis ear, but it had not the desired effect. The sufferer, however, has since laboured under violent mental derangement. Monday morning one of the cavalry transports in Hamoaze caught fire, but by a signal from the fiag- ship, the Salvador, the utmost activity pre vailed, a boat with tow- ropes and grapplers was sent directly from each ship of war, and they in a short time succeeded in towing her on the West Mud, where she quietly burnt to the water's edge, without doing any other damage. Happily the Captain and crew were all saved. She was destined to take the forage of the 11th dragoons; it was all packed up for embarkation, but luckily was not on board. THE REAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE BV DAY AND MARTIN, LONDON. THIS invaluable Composition, with half the usual labour, produces the most hrilliaat jet black ever beheld, affords peculiar nourishment to the leather, will not soil the finest linen, is perfectly free from any unpleasant smell, and will retain its virtues in any climate. Sold wholesale by Day and Martin, No. 97, High- Holborn, London ;— and retuil. by tbeir agents, Baxter, Stationer, Lewes; Virgoen, Basket- maker, Sea Side, Eastbourne ; Jordan, and Blaker, Brighton ; Blanch, Arundel; Binstead, Chichester; and Meryon, Rye;— in stone bottles, Is. 6d. each. HEALTH AND LONGEVITY. DR. JAMES'S ANALEPTIC PILLS, which were contrived by the Inventor as a remedy for himself, and which preserved him to an advanced age, are admirably calculated for Rheumatisms, Colds, and all those complaints to which the human frame is liable from the vicisitudes of our climate: likewise for Bilious, and all other disorders of the Stomach and Bowels; and for Head- ach's occasioned by indigestion or by free liv- ing. Recourse should be had to them after any excess, and upon every slight indisposition ; and thus their well- known characteristic of promoting longevity will be maintained; for, by timely assisting nature in the due discharge of the animal functions, they preserve the body in health and vigour, and prevent premature decay. Sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, at the Warehouse for Dr. James's Powder, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard, London, in boxes, price 4s. (> d. duty included ; or six in one large box, for 11.4s.— None arc genuine but those which have the words " F. Newbery, No, 45, St. Paul's," engraved in the stamp. And by those Venders in the Country who have au appointment under their hands. ENORMOUS RATS DESTROYED. rrVlE great success with which the Hampshire X Miller's Rat- Powder has been attended in the de- struction of the above Vermin, induces the inventor, T. RAISS, merchant, at Havant, Hants, to recommend it to the farmers and others, at this season of the year, to dBstroy the Rats, and Mice, infesting bartls, stables, malt- houses, mills, granaries, and other stores, previous to putting in new corn ; as by this ill tans those de- structive vermin maybe completely extirpated; Masters of ships may also^ in one night, be witnesses of its astonishing effects, by alluring those vermin to the Spot, where they will eat it till they drop, and will not be driven from it— Yet no cat will toticli it.— The sue- cess with which it has been Used in the Sugar Planta- tions, in sugar houses, and in hot climates, where enor- mous Rats were devoltring the crops on the ground, de- serves the attention of Merchants and Planters. Be- ware of counterfeits, wliirh its general utility has en- couraged. The genuine packets, price Gs. 6d. each, arc done up in a red stamp, whereon is the name ofT. RAISS. They are sold in Loudon only at No. 17, Ave.- Maria Lane, St. Paul's; Champante and Co. Aldgate; and may be had of W. Lea, Lewes, and by the Booksellers and Stationers in every Town in the kingdom. The Great Restorative to Health, IS MANN's APPROVED MEDICINE; REcommended by Physicians and patronised by Ladies and Gentlemen of the first distinction.— Sold in bottles at 2s. ( 3d. and 4s. 6d. each, duty includ- ed; engraved on the stamp " Thos. Mann, Horsham, Sussex, the inventor and sole proprietor," without which it cannot be genuine. No Medicinc has been so much blessed in restoring such multitudes, when all hopes of recovery have been given over in consumption, coughs, colds, convulsion fits, long standing asthmas, hooping coughs, influenza, dropsy, relaxed habits, and in a low nervous debilitated state ; also ladies in a pregnant state may take doses of ten to fifteen drops with perfect safety, and the infant from the first week to the aged in any state. Ample directions accompany each bottle, with many authentic cures, amongst which is one from an eminent physician, together with 15 affidavits sworn before different Justices of the Peace for the County of Sussex, and many other respectable characters who have Witnessed their names to many astonishing cures effected by this celebrated remedy. It strengthens the coats of the stomach, helps digestion, creates an appetite, and re- animates the whole frame. A remarkable Cure of the Hooping Cough To Mr, Thomas Mann, Horsham, Sussex. Sir, Last Summer six of my Children were afflicted with the Hooping Cough, and three of them in the most violent degree; their continual coughing and bleeding at the nose, attended with a high fever, brought them to so low a state, that tiiey were reduced almost to skeletons. Such was their hopeless case, that my neigh- bours said, " If they lived, they should never think of any dying wilh the Hooping Cough." At this time you were informed of tbeir deplorable state, and sent some of your Approved Medicine, together with directions for that complaint; and I have now the pleasure to in- form you, by the blessing of God, they are all recovered, and I think it right to be made public. Wisborough- Green, near Petworth, Sussex, Nov. li, 1806. Extract of a Letter from Dr. SAUNDERS, to Mr. MANN, Horsham, Sussex, dated Dcc. 10, I8ot>. SIR— 1 Saw an advertisement respecting the case of Mary Streeter's family, and as I was an eye witness to it, can amply testify to the truth of it. I never saw such dreadful effects from the Hooping Cough in my life. Six children were most severely afflicted with it ; some of the children were reduced to mere skeletons, and no one expected them to survive their heavy cala- mity ; your Medicine was alone taken, and their reco- very was a most signal proof of its superior efficacy in that disease. S. SAUNDERS. *** Dr. Saunders, of Wisborough- Green, near Pet- worth, Sussex, gives his attestation to the virtues of this Medicine, Nov. I2th, 1805, as may be seen in the bill of directions. Numerous Cures of the Hooping Cough, & c. since the above, by the same Remedy : among which was a Child of Mr. Honeywood's, at Warnham, near Hors- ham, was for days thought to be dying with the Hoop- ing Cough ; in this stale, by applying to Mr. MANN, of Horsham, Sussex, and taking his Approved Medi- cine, and paying attention to the directions given, it recovered. As this Medicine has the decided preference over all others, in the Hooping Cough, is an incontestable proof of its superior efficacy in all other Coughs, Colds, & e. as no other Medicine has performed so many astonish- ing cures, in so short a time, as MANN'S APPROVED MEDICINE. Sold wholesale and retail by the Proprietor at his Warehouse. Horsham, Sussex; and retail by Mr. ARTHUR LEE, LEWES, and by the principal Ven- ders of Medicine in the United Kingdom. THE ODONTALGIC, OR CHEMICAL ESSENCE OF HORSERADISH. A Cure for the Tooth- Ach and Ear- Ach ; AND CARBONATED DENTIFRICE, An elegant and efficacious Tooth Powder, result- ing from the recent discoveries in Chemistry. rpHE Essence possesses the property of safely A and immediately stopping the Tooth- Ach, and has the peculiar ell'ect, if it come in contact with the ex- posed nerve, to prevent the recurrence of that torturing malady, its operation being the same as a styptic, or a bleeding vein ; in colds and rheumatic afiections of the jaws it will be found particularly beneficial; also in the painful dentition of children. The Carbonated Dentrifice restores to the enamel all its native whiteness, gives a florid colour to the gums, and by its peculiar antiseptic quality, removes every un- pleasant colour from the mouth, and imparts to the breath a delicate fragrance. Observe the names of Barclay and Son are en- graved on the stamp affixed to each, price 2s. gd. each. Prepared by Dr. King, Apothecary, Brock- street, Bath ; and sold wholesale and retail by his Agent, Messrs. Bar- clay and Sons, Fleet- Market, London. Also by Lee, Pitt, and Baxter, Lewes ; M'George, Cuckfield ; Smith, Newhaven; Hyde, Rottingdean; Phillipson, and Pitt, Brighton; Munday, Worthing ; Phinipson, Praat, and Smither, Chichester; Wheeler, Battle; and Coleman, Rye. RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and Gouty Affec- tions, with their usual concomitants, Sprains, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general De- bility, ( originating in whatever source) are relieved and frequently cured by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUS- TARD PILLS, after every other means had failed. The FLUID ESSENCE OF MUSTARD ( used with the Pills, ill those complaints where necessary, is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, generally curing the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than half the time usually taken by Opodeldoc, Arquebusade, or nny other Liniment or Embrocation , and if used immediately after any accident, it prevents the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally efficacious for all ill conditioned Sores, Sote Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ring- worms, Shingles, breakings out of the Pace, Nose Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and inflamed Eyes, Sore Heads, and Scorbutic Humours of every description. Prepared only and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Soho, London ; the Essence and Pills at 2s. gd. each. The Cerate at is. t^ d. and 2s. gd.— They are also sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter, Lewes; Mrs. Gregory, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson, and Walker, Brighton; Munday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham; Cuthbert, Battle; Coleman, Rye; Pratt, aud Phillipson, Chichester; and every Medicine Ven- der in the United Kingdom; N. B. The Genuine has a Black Ink Stamp, with the name of R. Johnson inserted 011 it. DR. RADCLIFFE's ELIXIR. FOR a general alterative Medicine, this Elixir has Stond unrivalled for more than Half a Century, and the Public cannot have recourse to a more efficaci- ous Remedy, as a Purifier of the Blood from all Hu. mours, whether contracted by too free Living, or from Surfeits, Jaundice, Scurvy, or Humours after the Mea- sles, Small Pox, & c. & c. l or all Obstructions in the Bowels, and for the Cure of Worms in Children or Adults, it will he found equally serviceable. In Com- plaints incident to the Female Sex, it has frequently proved of the greatest service; it assists Digestion, strengthens the Stomach, and has been found of iu6- nite service to those who take long Voyages, as a Pre- servative against the Scurvy. Be careful to observe that the words " DICEY 5C CO. Nil. to, Bow CHURCH- YARD," are printed in the Stamp nflixed to each Bottle, as Counterfeit Sortn ar « offered for Sale in almost every Town, Sold, wholesale, by Dicey and Co. No. in, Bow Church- Yard, London, price Is. lid. a Bottle, duty included ; and retail, by W. Lee, Pugh and Davey, and Martin, Lewes; Heatherly, Eastbourne; Brooker, Seaford; Gregory, aud Frances, Brighton; Matthews, Midhurst; Cave, Petersfield ; and the principal Ven- ders of Patent Medicines in every Town throughout the Kingdom. Of whom may he had, from Dicey and Coi's Ware, house, as above :— BETTON's BRITISH OIL. for the Cure of external and internal Bruises, Inflammations, green aud other Wounds, Burns, Scalds, & c. kc. Price Is. Jd. a Bot- tle— The Refined 2t. ( Id. PIKE's OINTMENT, for effectually coring the ITCH, without Confinement-, or the least offensive Smell. — Price Is. gd. a Box. s- s. d. True Daffy's Elixir 2 6 Dr. Anderson's Soots Smaller Bottles - 19 Pills, at) in a box- lit Dr. Radcliffe's Elixir I Hooper's Female Pills 1 Betton's British Oil 1 9 Godfrey's Cordial o 9" Squire's Grand Elixir 2 0 Golden & plain Spirits Bostock's Elixir . jfl of Scurvy Grass 1 1 i Pike's Ointment . 1 9 Beaume de Vie - 3 ( y Stoughtou's Elixir - i l| Rymer's Tincture - 39 Friar's Balsam - 1 ]£ Rymer's Cough Drops a $ Bathing Spirits - 09 Walker's Jesuits Drops 2 91 Clinton's Snuff & Oil 1 ( j Wyman's Pills - S 9 Bythell's Pectoral Lozenges - is. ijd. Markets. CORN- EXCHANGE. MONDAY, APRIL 15, 1811. The arrivals of Wheat to- day make a consider- able supply, and the trade heavy sale, at a reduc- tion of about 2s. the quarter.— Barley in short sup- ply, and again dearer.— Malt and White Peas heavy in sales, at little variation.— Beans, of the two kind, likewise.— The supplies of Oats are very large, chiefly last week's arrivals, upwards of ' 22, OoO quarters; and seconds, with inferior qualities, quo- ted cheaper.—— Flour at late prices. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 62s. 75s. 80s. Beans 48s. 54s. Fine ditto SSs. 93s. Tick ditto 42s. 48s 00s. Rye ( new) 35s. 40s. Oats 18s. 22s 96s. Barley 30s. 40s Poland ditto 27s. 28s. Malt 64s. 72s. Potatoe ditto S! H 80s, White Pease) Rape Seed 461. SOL ( boilers) 5 4- s' 4as' Fine Flour 75s. 80s. Grey Pease 36s. 42s. Seconds 70s. 75s. PRICE OF SEEDS. R. Clover ( n.) 84s. Od. to 115s. Od. per cwt. Old ditto 40s. Od. to 102s. Od. ditto White ditto 80s. Od. to 140s. Od. ditto Trefoil 8s. Od. to 65s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 2Ss. Od. - to 60s. Od. per quarter ' Turnip 80s. od. to 40$. od. ditto Red & Green 40s. Od. to 50s. Od. ditto W. Must. S. 8s. Od. to 10s. Od. per bushed- Brown ditto 12s. Od. to 16s. od. diito PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be.', reduced to 14d. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. d. Sack of Flour - - 79 CJ Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 9? 7i Eighty Quartern Loaves at 14d. 95 4 Against the Baker - » 0 3| PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. | NEW POCKETS. £ s. £ s. £ s. £ s. Kent 6 10 to 7 5 Kent 7 0 to 9 0 Sussex 5 12 to 6 6 Sussex 6 6 to 7 10' Essex 6 0 to 7 0 Farnham lo 0 to 14 0 YBati5 0 t0 6 P„ ect) 5 ** 6 0 BagU210 <° 4 4 Po » 9 l0t « > 4 * SMITHFIELD- MARKET, April 19. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s. d. s. d. Head of Cattle, this day. Beef 4 4 to 5 6 Beasts - - 20I> Mutton 4 4 to 5 8 Sheep & Lambs 11,5.00' Lamb 7 0 to 9 0 Calves - - 1 » 0* Veal 5 0 to 7 0 Pigs- - - 30tt Pork 5 0 to 7 0 PRICES OF HAY AND STRAW. £. s. d £. s. d » , Clover 7 10 0 to J1 8 ' J\ r Hay - 7 10 0 to 9 0 6 Straw 3 0 0 to S W 0 PRICE OF TALLOW. d S. ( L, St. James's Market 4 1 Town Tallow 70 0 Clare Market 4 1 Yellow Russia 65 6 White chapel ditto 4 0 White ditto Hi o —— Soap ditto 60 o 12 2 Melting Stuff 54 ft Average price 4 Ditto rough SG u Graves 16 ft Yellow Soap; 80s.— Mottled, 90s. Curd, 9ts. Candles, per doz. 12s. Od.— Moulds, 13s. od. LEATHER, PER POUND. d. d. Butts, 50lb. a 561b. - 20 3 gi Ditto, 561b. a 661b. - ^ 24 a 25 Merchants' Backs » 19 a 20| Dressing Hides - 18 a 1Q Fine Coach Hides - 19 a 2! Crop Hides for Cutting 17 a 18 Ordinary - - — a — Tanned Horse - 18 a 19| Calfskins, SOlb. to40lb. prdoz. e8 a 84 , 5( lb. to 70lb. 36 a 40 , 70lb. to SOlb. 36 a 39 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. 3s. a Ss. Id. , large, per doz. 130s. a l6os. od. PRICE OF COALS. Newcastle, 42s. 6d. to 55s, 9d. Sunderland, 4Ss. 3d. to 41s. Od. Piinted and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ^ 0V8RT « EM « b'TS will a! « c be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM; PALMER, East- Grinsted, Mr. MEYRON, Rye; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen.
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