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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 897
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 03/04/1811
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 897
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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• 4 PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 18.] N* 397. Wednesday, mmlM life an** . CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. — •••' —==== s= J== r- sr, .,• --- April 3, 1811. Pn'c- s Center; nnd Cross Keys hms, Oswestry; Cross Keys, Llanytnynech ; Bull Inn, Pool; Lion, Llansaintffraid ; King's Head, Myvod ; and of THF, AUCTIONEERS, Llanfyllin.—- The Sale to begin at ten o'Clock each Morning. BY DAVIES AND SON, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the Qth, and Thursday, the 11th liays of April, 1S11, ALL the truly valuable and carefully well- selected LIVF. ST be paid at t FITHs, in the Town of Pool, any Day subsequent lo the said 8th Day of April next; which Dividend w ill com- prise all the Assets late of tbe said David Powell, which may be then in the Hands of Mr. Maurice Jones, of Leigh- toll. NEW BOOKS published this Day by JAMES CUNDEE, Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, London ; and sold by IP. EDDOWES, Bookseller, Shrewsbury. ANEW and IMPROVED EDITION of IlERVEY's MEDITATIONS and DIALOGUES, wilh near inented bv valuable Recipes, a. i'it the Method of Preparing jf Utensils, belonging to Mr. HUMPHREY JON ES, ud Compounding alt the Medicines recommended. PKNYUOMT, in the Parish of Llansilm, in the County BY FRANCIS CLATER, Of Retford, lale of Newark. OCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, and of . „ of Denbigh, who is irtiring from the Farming Business : con- sisting of 24 capital young Dairy Cow s, calved and in- calf, M The Public arc respectfully informed, that the whole '•} » « calving Heifers, a fat Cow, a capital well- bred of this Edition lias been re- writ ten and coiisnlrr ably enlai z< Hl B « H, four Years old, six 3- veara old Bullocks, fonr 2- years by the Author, and upwards of One Hundred New and Ori- « ' « » Dttto eight 2- years old Heifers seven yearlmgBnllocks, ginal Recipes incorporated in their respective Places. yearling Heifers, a fine well- bred yearling Bull; four London: printed for CROSBY and Co. Stationer's Court, str"" S y » < » > K Waggon Horses, with their Tails uncut, also Paternoster- row, and sold by W. EDBOWES, Wood aud « capital Draugln Al arc seven ^ ears old in- foal by a good Watton, Newling, and Morris, Shrewsbury; Ilonlstons, Horse, a fine 3- years old Coll, likely to make a good Htufter 20 beautiful Engravings from original Designs: in 34 Numbers, ljmo. price Od. each. Containing Meditations among the Tombs; Reflections 011 a Flower Garden; a Descant on Creation: Contemplations on the Night; Contemplations on the Starry Heavens; and a Winter Piece. To which is now first prefixed, an Original Memoir above are contained in the first twelve the Non- commissioned Officers, Drummers, ana rn- numuers, nil .. .... in a handsome Volume in itself com- " vatcs as were trained and exercised last Year, and are P'ete; price lis. lid. in boards: then follows the DIA- not provided with the said Necessaries, and the Money l OG. Vh* l"' t"';, n Tlicron and Aspasio, in 22 Numbers; ..,[ . . ,. ... , c. i „,• r forming Two Volumes, - dl ho accounted for at the Expiration of the I ime ol | u. B? A fine Edition, of the Meditations only, may he N B. Necessaries to the Value of one Guinea will be issued at Ludlow, to such of the Noncommissioned Officers, Drummers, and Privates as were not out with the Regiment last Year: and Necessaries to Ihe Value of Haifa Guinea will be issued at Ludlow, to such of ofthe Author, the a lh « and Pn- Number, whjch on, will be Exp assembling to such as come provided with Necessaries. ART OF ANGLING ENLARGED. This Day was published. Price 2s. 6d. sew ed, or 3s. hound, the ninth Edition, with an additional Chapter, and olhei considerable Improvements, embellished with a new Plate, representing the different Baits; ACONCISE TREATISE on the ART OF ANGLING, confirmed by actual Experience, with several recent Discoveries, Prognostics of the Weather, Rules how lo judge by tbe Barometer, & c. Also 11 Description of various Fishes, Rods, Hooks and Tackle, Baits, Flies, and Manner uf Dubbing, making Fish I'ouds, principal Rivers, Laws, ike. BY THOMAS BEST *.- Tf « t FrJv. t - I. toe 1. GSTTIRVY, ••„,! Co. Stationers* Court, Lndgate Street. Sold hy W. EDDOWES, tt\>„ « „„< 5 Watton, Morris, and Ncwli. ig, Shrewsbury ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenl'ock ; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch ; the Booksellers in Ches- ter; J. Painter,' Wrexham; and all other Booksellers: also by ail Tackle Sellers in the Kingdom. Where may he had the 121I1 Edition of ABERCROMBIE'S GARDENER'S POCKET JOURNAL, or the Modern Practice uf English Gardening, in a concise monthly Display, Is. lid. Edition, had in two vols, small » vo. price ion hot- pressed. 2. Rev. Mr. M'N'ICIlOLL's EDITION' of BUNYAN's PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, from this World to lhat which is to come; delivered under the similitude of a Dream; wherein is . discovered the manner of his setting out; bis dangerous Journey, and safe arrival at the destined Coun- try; a new and improved Edition, with Notes and explana- tory Head Lines; to which is prefixed, anew Life of the Author, by Mr. M'NICHOI. L, recommended by the Rev. Dr. ADAM CLARKE ; with fine Engravings, from Original Designs, 111 One Vol. lis t> d. boards. 3. PERRY'S NEW LONDON GLEANER. Printed in two handsome volumes, with Sixtceii Eugravings, price 17s. in hoards. THE" NEW LONDON GLEANER; or GENERAL RFROSITONV OF SOUOAHT, USEFUL, ANP AMUSINO LITERATURE; comprising Btntoricn. l : ui4 Uiogvcphieal Sketches, Moral Talcs, Remarkable Adventures, Humor- ous and instructive Essays, General Anecdotes, Select Poetry, & c. chiefly from the Works of Modern Authors, English aud Foreign. By JOHN I'FRRY, Esq. This work may also lie had in 32 N umbers, at lid. each. 4. Printed in Four neat Pocket Volumes, w illi Forty Portraits, & e. price jt'l 2s. boards. THE CRIMINAL RECORDER; or, Biographical Skelclics of Notorious Public Characters, who have suffer- ed the Sentence of the Law for Criminal Offences. Em bracing n variety of curious and singular Cases, Anecdotes & c. carefully selected from the best Authorities, w ith oc- casional Notes; and illustrated by Portraits of the most remarkable Characters contained in this Work. By a Student of the Inner Temple. 5. COOKERY BOOK UPON A SAVING PLAN, Printed 011 a clear and bold type, iu One thick Volume, large Octavo, illustrated hy several Engravings, price lis. boards ; or iu 20 Numbers, 6d. each. THE NEW LONDON FAMILY COOK; or, TOWN AND COUNTRY HOUSEKEEPER'S GUIDE. Com- prehending directions for Marketing, with illustrative free' and expeditious hand ceipts, and Bills of Parcels. Plates, on a Principle entirely new; General Observat 10ns, a short time, choosing 5. Specimens of Writing, by and Bills of Fare lor every Week lu the Year; Practical lu and making pens, ink, the first Schoolmasters. structions for preparing Soups, Broths, Gravies, Sauces, * G. Chronology, and Letters and other Made Dishes ; and for dressing Fish, Venison, Grammar & Punctuation. on Various Subjects. I, a'T9> Butchers Meat, I uultry, Game, ice.. 111 all their 3. Arithmetic, Gcog. and As- 7- Books for Youth, and other varieties. W ith the respective Branches ot Pastry nud trouomv. useful Tables & Forms, & c. Confectionary, the Art of l otting, Pickling, Preserving, ' —,..,. .111 1 & c. Cookery for the Sick, and for the Poor; Directions tor „ , , ™ , Vj7vrxi-° nVCrr 1e| ' P'' andr r'' K , A , Carving; and a Glossary of the most generally received BY JAMES LEVETT, of Colchester, Author of Astrono- F , Culinary Art. Also a ni. cal and Geographical Lessons selection of valuable Family Recipes, iu dyeing, Perfu- V. CROSBY'S ELEGAIV T PRECEPTOR, or Intro- mery, & c. Instructions fir Brewing, Making of British duction to tbe Knowledge of Ihe Wor'd ; containing In wines, Distilling, Managing the Dairy, and Gardening — stiuctions in Morality, and other useful and ornamental A„, i a„ Appendix, containing general Directions for accomplishments, is 6d. , Servants relative to the Cleaning of Household Furniture, 3. CROSBY'S LONDON CNHF. RSAL LETTER Floor- Clotlis, M uble Chimney- Pieces, & e. Forming in the WRITER, a great variety of plain, easy, entertaining, and w\ 10| 0 a most complete Family Instructor. By DUNCAN familiar Original Letters,- on Friendship, Business, Love, MACPONALD, Head Cook at the Bedford Tavern and and Education, Forms of Petitions, Methods of addressing Hotel, Coveut- Garden ; and Assistants. DUTIES of HUMAN LIFE in YOUTH and MANHOOD.- FAMLY PH YSICLAN? S, V. Ihin>^ m, hfH « hBtar, w. ll. bwrt.. PROVED DOMESTIC MEDICAL GUIDE: Containing 5. IHE DEATH OF CAIN, in I ive Books, aftn l e , . f , Symptoms, and method aml « » "\ B "<- iitU Abcd, Sxth Ed l. ofcJ, P Disease incident to the Human Body ; with . post I - UIO. With a New Introduction, . soles, & C. 3 . boards. , \ . ' d . , M <) f preTeillil r u* e b Another Edit. on, B4. no. uniform with Sutlaby. Books, d pl d R ime 4, J1U, Exercise, adkpt- i " f l'r MX l f ' t ,. 1 etovf „, ' „' Cd to the Use of Private Families Together with Observ- , °. i n? n f'ias? ; « » » ' Introductory Companion j lh(. Effecw of thc pas> ion8 tlA „ icir influe„ ce 1 aWSBYV ON'iVFRSAL GaVk? TEER n M NI thc Prevention of Disease. Including ATURE? OM. eGco1^^ I » - » " CTIO„. ... Farents ami Nurses respecting the , ' » r. . c, « . • ,, . ^ r,. 4 r., A , Disorders peculiar to Children. 1 o which is added, a very Empire, Kingdom, State.. Province, City, I own Port, Sea, eJ( lellsive £ oliecti„ n uf Medicines and Prescriptions, ac- Harnour, River, Lake, Mountain, Cape, fcc. n the know,, ^ u Recent Practice of the London and world; containing every article in the mosl; recent and E( linb5rgl, Col| ai- ling- Street, and the Woodbouses in Aston ; and also a small Fart of the Corn in Aston, for which distinct Modusses are paid). Wellington Parish consists of the following Townships, i viz. Wellington, Arlleton, Aston, Walcot, Vl'appenshall, > Lcegomcry, Hadley, Horlon, Ketlev, Lav, lev, and Parts of Eyton and Preston, containing together upwards of S/ So j Acres, chiefly of very f.- rtile Arable and Meadow Land: The Moiety of fhe Tithes, Buildings, and Lands itie held under the Prebend of Wellington for the Lives IU'EDWAHU PF. VIBERTON, of Lotignor, in the said County, Esq. aged 49 Years, PHILIP CHARLTON, of Great Wythet'ord, in Ihe said County, Esq. aged 44 Years, auil SAINT JOHN CHJ- VERTON CHARLTON, sou of WILLIAM CHARLTON, of Aplev Castle, in the said County, Esq. aged 11 Years, mid the Survivor of them; mid the Lease has usually been renewed on the Demise of any Life 011 the Payment of a moderate Vine Paint, standing on the West End of Mathrafal Frydd, 111 The reserved Rent for the Moiety is only £ 13. fis. ad.— - - 1 Land- Tax £ 10. t> s. 31I.— Further Particulars niav be had of GEORGE BITRLEY, of Lincoln's- Imi, Esq. MI-.' ECFRTON LEEKE, Solicitor, Vineyard, near Wellington; and of Mr. VICITERS, Craninere, near Bridgnorth. extensive B-- r- *,. bd. boards, or extia bound, with a tuck, 3s. t) d. DESIRABLE ESTATES In the Parish of Chirbury, in the County of Salop. TO be SOLD by private CONTRACT, all that Messuage called the LOWER HOUSE, at WILMINGTON, with the Outbuildings and Appurtenances, and about 170 Acres of good Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and Wood Land ; the whole lying v ry compact within a Ring Fence, and capable of considerable Improvement. Tue Premises ali'oril excellent Quurry Stone, ut a short Distance from which there is a good Scite for Building; a pleasant, healthy Spot, nearly central: and commanding a View of all the Lauds ; with beautiful aud extensive Prospects of thc sur- rounding Country. MARTON POOL is contiguous to and adjoins Part of the Property ; and a Purchaser will be en- titled to a Right of Fishery therein. Immediate Possession may be had, excepting 40 Acres or thereabouts, which is in Lease for about live Years to come. Wilmington is situate nenr to the Turnpike Road leading from Shrewsbury lo Montgomery, about 16 Miles distant from thc former and four from thc latter Place, and near lo the Montgomeryshire Canal; and is also wilhin a convenient Distance of Lime aud Coal. Mr. ROBERTS, of Wilmington, will appoint a Person to shew the Premises; mid further Particulars may be known bv applying to him, to Mr. JONES, of Garthmil, nearVVelsh Pool; MI-. JEI. HCOE, llentliall; or to Messrs. MADJOCX SAD SIMZS, Attornies, Shrewsbury. ELIGIBLE AND GENTEEL RESIDENCE, SHREWSBURY, With Co. tcH- IIovsE, STJBLE, GARDKS, F>' C. TO BE LET, ITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION), " Elements on the Practice of Midwifery, & c 7. The Rev. Mr. EVANS's JUVENILE TOURIST ; A new and Improved Edition, being the third ; printed in One Volume 12mo illustrated hy Maps and Plates, Price THF'JUVENILIS TOURIST; or, EXCURSIONS tliro' ' End OICLAREMONT- BUILDINGS), wilh every Couveniency various Paris ofthe Island of Great Britain : including the ! suitable for a genteel Family, formerly in the Occupation West of England, Midland Counties, and tbe whole County j of Jos. JONES, Esq. and now vacated by the death ot me of Kent Illustrated with Maps, and interspersed with . late THOS. JONES, Esq— The House ( which is a handsome _ J » ..- « .'— I » ~ « — cts, for the Ira- S Historical Anecdotes and Poetical Extracts, piovemcilt of the Rising Generation. By JOH N E\ ARS, A. M. M aster uf a Seminary for a limited Number ot Pupils, Pullin s- Row, Islington. 8. EVANS'S NEW ROYAL ATLAS ; Illustrative ofthe various Divisions of which the Surface of li e Globe is comprised; contained in Twenty handsome and correctly Engraved Maps in Super- royal Quarto, of the Wi rid, Europe, Sweden, and Norway, Russia 111 Europe, THE very complete and most desirable Premises ( near that beautiful Promenade the QUARRY, at Ihe West- Building of Modern Structure) comprises 011 the bound, price 12s.; or with the Maps plain, 9s. uound. * t* This superior and comprehensive Atlas, is intended as a Companion to EVANS'S GEOGRAPHICA L GRAMMAR, lit CI. AN D'S VIEW of the WORLD, and every other standard Work of a Geograplijcal and Historical nature, ' lhe usual allowance made t » the Conductors of Schools. Ground Floor a Drawing Room 23$ ft. by'ia, a Dining Room 24 ft. by ldi, both lilted un with Statuary Marble Chimney Pieces aud appropriate Grates ; Breakfast Parlour and Study adjoining; Entrance Hall, with handsome Stone Staircase ; 011 the First FIOOI- 2 lofly large sized Bed Rooms, with dressing Room attached ; on the Second Floor 3 very | pleasant Bed Rooms, with 4 Servants' Rooms in the Attick ' Story: the Basement Story consists of a couvenient House- keeper's Room, Kitchen, Brewhouse, Laundry, Store Room, Butler's and Cook's Pantries, Scullery, Knife and Coal Houses, and excellent Wine aud Beer Vaults ; the Whole well supplied w ith Water hy a Pump from a pure and con- stant Spring, and completely fitted up with Fixtures of every denomination, which will be Let with the Premises. — A pleasant GARDEN is attached, and immediately con- nected is a 3- stalled STABLE and COACH- HOUSE. For further Particulars apply to Mr. BUCKLE, Wolver- hampton J or to JOXATHAX PEP. HY, Shrewsbury. | the Parish of Llangyniew LOT II. 402 OAK'Timber Trees, numbered with aScribe, 1 standing iu Mathrafal Frydd aforesaid. | LOT III. 459 OAK Timber Trees, numbered wilh a Scribe, standing in the said Frvdd. LOT IV. 473 OAK Timber Trees, standing in the said Frydd, and in like Manner numbered with a Scribe. LOT V. 359 OAK Timber Trees, standing in thc said Frydd, and numbered w ith a Scribe. LOT VI. 141 OAK Timber Trees, standing in the said Frydd, and numbered with a Scribe. LOT VII. 4S2 OAK Timber Trees, standing in the said Frydd, and numbered with white Paint. LOT VIII. 330 OAK. Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe, standing ou a Part of Mathrafal Frydd, called the Crane Coppice. LOT IX. 300 OAK Timber Trees, numbered with white Paint, standing in the Crane Coppice afoiesaid. LOT X. 209 OAK Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe, standing ou a Piece of Land called Cae ty ucha Ysgnbor, adjoining Mathrafal Frydd, in the Occupation of Mary Gittins LOT XI. 190 OAK Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe, standing 011 Mathrafal Demesne, in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Davies. t MATHRAFAL FRYDD, famous in all Ages for thc excellent Quality as well 11s for the Quantity of Timber it produced, is situate near the Turnpike Road leading from Myfod to Llanfair, about 7 Miles from the Montgomery shire Canal at Welsh Pool, and abuut 8 Miles from the same Canal at New Bridge, near Llanymynech. ' The ' Trees are of great Length, and well calculated fur Frame Timber, Beams, Tliickstuff, and planks for the Navy, aud other superior Purposes. Further Particulars may be had by applying at TH1 OFFICE, at Powis Castle; or of Mr. GOULD, at the Golfa near Welsh Pool aforesaid ; and R jbert Daviei, living near Mithrafal Park, w ill sh « w thc Timber. STOKE PARK. SHROPSHIRE. At the Red I. ion Inn, in Newpoi t, in Ihe County of Salop, on Saturday, the 27th Day of April, 1811, at six o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced : t LL that capital antl commodious MANSION HOT'- E, J\. called S I OKE PARK, iu the Parish cf St. d. e upon Tern, in the County of Salop ; consisting of a Hall, Lin- ing Room 24 Feet by 18 Feet, Draw ing Room 19 1 .'< t iiy 18 Feet, Kitchen, Housekeeper's Roum, Scivanti.' Mali, and Pantry, on the (. round Floor ; 10 Lodging Rooms, and two Dressing Rooms ; four Cellars, une fitted lip with Pius, & c. a Brewhonse, aud Dairy, with two Cheese Roun. s er them : a double Coach House, n five- stalled Stable, an open Stable fur six Horses, Saddle House, two double tmyfcd Barns, Tvings for 15 Cows, with Calf Kits, Fodder Rii sis, a walled Fold, Shades, Hoestics, Ike. Wnsrcon House, Gra- nary, Smith's Shop, Colt Hovels, and otherconvenieiicies ; all Brick and Tile, and in eood Peptiir. Together with a pleasant and sjpaciou.? Gar.' en, Fishpond. Bowling Green, walled 011 01. e Side, aud about 183 ACRES of rich Arable, Pasture, aud Meadow LAND, of which 151 are Acres within a Ring Fence, 18 Acres divided only by u lloud, and the Remainder at a very short Distance. The Estate is finely wooded, ana the Trees tn be left for the Purchaser at a Price to he named at Ihe Time uf Sale ; is situate in a fertile Part nf tbe Cin- nty, about five Miles from Market Drayton, eight Miles front Newpoit, 12 Miles from Whitchurch, and 14 Miles from Shrewsbury, all ex- cellent Markets, and not more than In Miles from Lime and Coal. Immediate Possession may he had; and, if desired, Two- thirds of the Purchase Money mav remain on Mort- gage.— Fur further Particulars apply to Mr. . MORRIS, Soil, citor, iu Newport, Shropshire. the LONDON. THURSDAY, M ARCH 2P. SATTLE OF BARROSA.— In our last we GAVE Gazette Extraordinary, containing the official accounts of th's important action.— The following are particulars which hove since come to hand : — The Portuguese cavalry, German Legion, and British infantry, behaved with the utmost gallantry; but the Span- iards ran away after the first onset: the Portuguese in con- tempt call them Water Curriers. Our soldiers hod marched 12* 2 mile. « , and had just taken some refreshment, when the me my appeared ; on which Grn. Graham formed his troops, and pulling off his hat, said—" Now, gentlemen, spare your powder, but give them steel enough :" on which the Guards and the 87th gave three cheers-, a volley, and then charged with the utmost impetuosity. The French officers say they had been in several battles with the British, but never fought so severe a hatt'e as that of the hill of Barrosa : all Victor's staff were either killed or wounded. Our artillery did un- common execution, hy their heavv fire. The French 8th 1400 men bad 1200 killed and wounded. MaWGough of the" 87lh'rVuiment, in a personal contest with . J .. !• French lfith. actually cut oft the commanding officer of the French 16th, his head at one stioke, by a coup de sabre, and caught it on it& point, which he held up in triumph in view of both armies, like David with Goliah's head.— The exhaustion of the troops was excessive. Gen. Graham had three horses shot under him ; r one of which received four wounds. Marshal Victor was very near being taken. He was once • in the rear of our left wing, and was pursued by a dragoon ; hut the stviftness of his horse saved him. The French Eagle which has been taken, was surrounded by six French officers, • who were all killed. The Eagle was then borne off in tri- umph, by the gallant 87th.— This Eagle was held in the highest estimation throughout the French aimv, from the Columns in which it wus advanced having distinguished themselves s'o a* to receive the thanks of Bonaparte in person : *> n this account the neck of the Eagle heart a gold collar, filth a victorious inscription. The Cortes of Spain have unanimously decreed the Thanks of the Natron to Gen. Graham, and have elected him GrandeeTman of Spain ofthe first class, " free of tribute," for the " aston. ' rlm, v ishing bravery and discipline" manifested by his Majesty's at ttos Crown and Anchot Tarera, a Petition was agreed upon to the House of Lords, against that clause of the Debtor and Creditor Bill, which extends the sum for which ariests may may be made from £ l() to £ 20. BATTLE <- F BARRQ^ A — The following vote'/ bf thanks unani- mously pavised both Houses of Parliament on Thursday :— " That the thanks of this Housfe be given to Lieut.- Gen. Thomas Graham, for the. distinguished intrepidity and valour displayed bv him upon the 5th of March, 1R1 /, in his attack upon the French on the heights of Barrosa, which terminated in the defeat of the superior force of the enemy. " That, the thanks of this House be given to Biiga, dicr> Gen. William Thomas Dilkes, and the several other officers who distinguished themselves upon the name occasion. " That this House do highly approve of the courage, valour, and intrepidity displayed by the non- commissioned officers, subalterns, and soldiers serving under Gen. Graham; and that he b « desired to intimate to them the thanks of this House." This day her Majesty's Council are to meet at. Windsor, for the important object of examining the Physicians, pre- paratory to the . declaration which they are directed by the act to make in the first week in the month of April. They will meet again some day next week, finally to m;< ke up their report; but this day they will examine the Physicians upon oath. postscript. LONDON, Monday Night April i, 1811. Tlic wind continuing to tlie Eastward, prevents unv Arrivals from Portugal by which the result of the retreat of Massena, and Lord Wellington's pursuit, can be known. In the mean time, various reports arc set afloat on tbe sub- ject, which ought to be received with great caution. For instance, a gentleman is just arrived from Cadiz, landed from a vesselon the coast bound to Guernsey, which left Cadiz on the evening of the 15th ult. lie reports, that two days after they sailed, they hailed a Poi tuguese boat off the coast of Portugal, the crew of which informed them that Lord Wellington bad come up w ith Massena, and defeated him with tlie loss of several thousands.— That the gentle- lieard communications of such intelligence there is 110 doubt, as his veracitv is unimpeachable; but how far the Portuguese information is correct we cannot determine. The intelligence from Cadiz, of several shots and shells of the Spanish General. Capt. Hope, w'ho brought home the dispatches, is promoted to the rank ol Maior hv Brevet. FRIDAY, MARCH 29. The Conjecture as to the cause of the firing heard on the French'coast is well founded. Dutch papers to the 26tn have been received, announcing that the Empress was safely de- livered of a son, on the 20th, at nine in the morning. The bappy event was immediately announced by the tclcgruph " to all parts of France, and was celebrated by firing and illuminations. The Theatres were openedgratis, and laigesses bestowed upon the Parisian populace. The Moniteur of the 21st instant, announces, that tho Prince had been lioptifed at 20 minutes past nine in the morning by the name and title of the King of Rome. Tbe ceremony was performed in the Chapel of theThuilleries. The Austrian army has been duced to 100,000 infantry and 31,000 cavalry. The Count De Gottorp left London on the 56th instant, for Yarmouth, from whence he w ill proceed to Heligoland, having obtained permission of the Biitish Government for his conveyance 011 board his Majesty's ship Horatio, which is about to sail for that island. We do not pretend to be ac- quainted wilh the ulteiior views of this illustrious personage; but we are confident, that if, in w- ithdrawing himself from the jnotection which he enjoyed under the British Government, the Count has acted from motives of a political nature, bis Majesty's Ministers have it not in contemplation to take part in any measure that may be adopted by him, in furtherance ' of his object. The Prince Regent has ordered sn allowance to be made to the military messes of all regiments, in proportion to their strength, equivalent to the drawback of the duty on wine to the navy on board their ships. A regiment of ten companies will have an allowance of ,£ 250 per annum, and so in pro- portion for regiments under that number. On Tuesday the Itev. Robert Bingham was tried at Hors- ham, on a charge of writing an anonymous letter to Richard - Jenner, threatening the destruction of himself and property ; but it appearing from the evidence that liemugt have been Inad if he had committed the crime, there being no motive for it, he was found not guilty. He was afterwards fried for setting fire to his own house, in order to defraud the lusuiarice Office, and also acepiittcd. In the House of Commons, Lord Folkestone's motion, re- lative to dx officio informations by the Attorney General, was • negatived by a majority of 119 to 36. Cambridge F. lcclions.— The election for a Chancellor com- menced on the 2.5th instant, in the Senate Unti e. Cambridge, which was fitted up for the occasion. At the upper end the Vice- chancellor ( Dr. Douglas) took his scat at a table divided from the body of the room by a high partition. The two Proctors, an assistant to the Vice Chancellor, and a friend to each candidate, sat round this table, and received the votes wriien on slips of paper. On the table stood a box with two divisions, into which the votes were separately put by the Vice Chancellor, with the concurrence of tfce parties around him ; and in case of dispute the vote was disposed of iu a drawer. At the final close of Ihe poll the numbers were, For the Duke of Gloucester 470 Duke of Rutland 350 Majoiity for Ihe Duke of Gloucester —— 114 His Highness's majority did not exceed from 14 to n before dinner, but after dinner increased rapidly. The Duke of Rutland did not poll 20 after that time; and when the election ck » ed, he was totally exhausted, not having one vote left, The election of a Representative for the University of Cam- bridge concluded at fen o'clock on Wednesday evening, when tho numbers were— For Lord Pa'lmerston 459 | For Mr. Smyth 347 Majority for Lord Palmerston 112. PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. AnMinAITV- OFPICE, VARCH 30. Copy of a Letter from the honourable George Craniield Berkeley, Admiral of the Blue, See. dated at Lisbon, 8 th March. I have the pleasure to inform their Lordships of the evacu- ation of the strong post which the enemy possessed at Sautarem, nnd that our army iir. now advancing in puisuit. Lieut. Claxlon, of the Bai flenr, who commands the gnu boa ts in co- opeiation with the division of tlie army under Marshal Sir W. Bereslbrd ou the South side of the Tagus, yesterday informed me, that, on the evening of the 5th inst. in recon- noitring under Santarem, he perceived the enemy departing, and immediately crossed, with the officer of the B " '- picqnet. and gave tbe intelligence to Lord Wellington. • -... » .... « , f,„,,„ i thp piieuiv ha Umtt. j .— r-- t,' 00ps:- and a strict enquiry is to be made into the conduct J ^ V'y jj^' g^- j^ o " thrown subsequent to the victory by General Graham over Marshal Victor, is said to be con- firmed by this conveyance. The trial of General De la Pena bad terminated,' and lie was acquitted of the charge of cowardice. The people, nevertheless, were highly in- censed against hiin. On the afternoon of tbe 15th some British forces were actually embarking on a second expedi- tion against the enemy. Positive intelligence bad readied Cadiz from I. ima, of that Colony having withdrawn its allegiance from tlic Mother Country, and declared its indcpendance Although the Swedish papers, brought by the Anliolt mail of to- day, are silent on tbe subject, we have positive intelligence by a private hand from Gottenbnrgh, that the Crown Prince had gained another step towards sovereign powers, having been appointed Prince Regent in conse- quence of the allcdged illness of the King, whose life is despaired of. The opinion is still maintained on the Continent, of an approaching rupture between France and Russia. Ham- burgh letters, by the way of Gottenburgh, state that it was on the 13th ult. that all passports were refused for persons proceeding to tie Russian or Prussian dominions. General Nugent is certainly to be Commander in Chief of India, as has been already stated; and General Craddock to be Commander at the Cape. It is said the Duke of York will soon resume the office of Commander in Chief. Windsor Castle, March 01.—" Considerable improvement has taken place in his Majesty's health within these few days past, that the Bulletins are to he exhibited ou Wed- nesdays and Sundays only iu carli week in future." Yesterday the followidg Bulletin was shewn at St. James's Palace: " Windsor Castle, March 30. " The King continues to go on well." ( Signed by tfcc live Physicians.) Three perCent, Consols. 64^. SHREWSBURY, 1811. Mr. R. H. Jones, to Miss E, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3 BfRTH. Wednesday last, the right hon. Lady Bagot, of a son and heir, at Blithficld House, S'. aflbrdshite. MARRIED. On the 25th instant, at Donnington, in this county, Thomas Bisliton, Esq. of Kdsatl, to Elisabeth, second daughter of Josaph Dale, Esq. of Clu'ller. Ai Cheltenham, A. P. Wilton Philip, M. D. of Worcester, to Marv, 6! h daughter of Hie tale Charles Domvile, Esq. of Sentry House, in the cfiunty of Dubl. n, Monday week, Mr. George Slicard, of Rfillev, clothier, aged serentt/' two, lo Miss Eliza fowling, aged nineteen. The bride- groom six children, 46 grand- children, and lix great- grand - children, all living. Moiula. last, at St. Alkmond Thomas, both of this town. Same day, CharleiTaylor, parish clerk of Ardslev, near Wake- field, to Martha Marsden. Their united ages- are 1- 10 years, the virorwus bridegroom being 64, and tlie tender bride 76. 6 DIED. Thursday last, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. Haycock, of this town, after a long and painful illness, supported wilh a truly christian mind. On llie25ib instant, in the prime of life, after a short illness, universally regretted, John Jones, Esq. many years Collector of his Majesty's customs at the Port of Abervstwith — In his official department tie was alwaj' affable and polite; as a - on, lie pos- sessed the social and filial virtues in an eminent degree j and as a friend, and the agreeable companion, his numerous relatives and acquaintance will, long, have to tegret their los*. Oa the25th ult. after a few bonis illness, Mr. Francis Cotton, ' of the Swan Inn, Montlord Bridge. Monday last, Mr. Edward Chester, tailor, of this town, aged 71. On the23d ult. Mrs. Edward?, ofCefn Mine, in Carnarvonshire, mother to Colonel Edwards, of Nanlioran. Sunday last, Mrs. Marsh, wife ot Mr, Marsh, of Crosemero, near Cockshutt, in this county. A lew days ago. Miss Patty Foreman, of Eggleston- place, near Storr ngton, aged upwards of 7l) years. She possessed good pro- perty, and having no relation living, bequeathed the greatest part ot it, upward., ot. ZfiO 000, to her bahff; in addition to which, she gave a teuacy of ,£ 1,000 to one of his daughters. Not many days before, the Bailiff purchased, at Clveheslcr market, four valuable horses lor his mistress's carriage, though latterly she had but rarely used it. Latelv, at Jamaica, Mr. Thomas Plant Nixon, ion ot the late Mr. Nixon, attorney, of Nantwiih. Lately, at Hidgiiiont, Bedfordshire, aged 80, John Axiom, a laliouring man, and Elisabeth his wife, aged 76; tlie. y had been married above 60 years, died within an hour of each other, and were buried iu tire same grave. to prove by the evidence of many rcspcciable persons; but when he had finished bis address to the Jury, and was about to call his witnesses, the learned judge suggested, that, as the indictment did not state the girl fo be of tender years, and under the entire dominion and controul of her mistress, tbe defendant must he acquitted; and, in au- thority of such suggestion, his lordship cited a similar case that came before Mr. Justice Le Blanc, at Exeter, and which was afterwards laid before ten of tbe Judges, who decided that the error iu the indictment was fatal— The Jury wVre therefore directed to acquit Mrs. Ridley — When she withdrew from court, the indignant populace followed her to h'cr lodgings, where they continued till she was taken away in a post chaise about three o'clock in the after- noon. The Mayor attended with constables to prevent any outrage being committed, and she escaped w ithout personal injury. Jones v Edwards and others.— This cause, which is of importance to the owners of sheepwalks, was tried at our assizes.— T he question in dispute w as, whether Mr. Gill, as owner of a farm in Dei ' ighsliirc, was intitled to the soli and mines, or only to a right of common ; or whether they belonged to Sir Edward Lloyd, who claimed to he the lord of the manor, as well as owner of an adjoining farm.— On the part of Mr. Gill, it was proved, that the tenants of his farm had for time immemorial exclusively occupied tbe whole of the sheepWalk in question, hy depasturing their sheep and rattle tliereon, and driving off the sheep and catilej of the defendant and all others therefrom.— On this evidence the Jury ( which was special) found a verdict fu- tile Plaintiff— Tire trial lasted two days, owing in a great measure to the necessity of employing an interpreter, most of the witnesses being unable to give their evidence in English.— Attorney for plaintiff, Mr. Panting, of this town ; for defendant, Mr. Thomas, of Llanfyllin. Du ring our assizes, a verdict of £ 100 and costs was given in tlie Sheriff's court, against a person of the name of Daniel, for a most outrageous assault and battery against Miss Hughes, aged about 2ti, at Oswestry, in the month of August last, by whftdi she w as bruised aud cut in her bauds, face, breasts, and thighs, and, in consequence of this treat- ment, n succession of hysteric fits was brought on. It appeared from the statement of counsel, that the Mayor of Oswestry, before whom the defendant was taken, for the purpose of being bound to keep the peace, had recommend- ed him to make satisfaction, without resorting to a Court of Law, hy paying the paltry sum of.£' 5, which would have been accepted bv the plaintiff; but which offer was indig- nantly refused by the defendant STAFFORD ASSIZF. S— liarber Cause.—' This was an issue directed by the Court of Chancery which was tried at these assizes on Saturday last Peter Shore, aud Hannah, the wife of Jauies Kirkman, were the plaintiffs, and the ques- tion to be tried was. whether they, and one John Shore, deceased, w ere the next of kin on the part of the father to Charles Barber, deceased, at the time of bis death : and John Barber and others ( nine in number), who have already obtained a verdict in their favour, as first cousins on the part of the Father: Thomas Matthews and others ( also nine in number), who have likewise obtained a verdict ill their favour as first cousins on the part of the mother; and Charles Coekeiell and another, the executors of the said Charles Barber, deceased, were the defendants The case was opened on the part of the plaintiffs by Mr. Pcake.— lie was followed by Mr. Jervis, who stated the case al considerable length, aud called evidence in support of it; but which wholly failed in making it out.— No evidence was called on the part of the defendants. Mr. Dauncey made a most excellent speech on their behalf, insisting that the plaintiffs had not made out lheir case ; and the Judge having summed up to that effefct, the Jury returned a verdict for the defendants. The consequence of which is, tbat as the matter now stands, the property is divisible amongst the defendants ( the Barbers, and the Mattbews's) in equal moieties : but much yet remains to be done in the cause in Chancery, before any division can take place.— Mr. Daunccv, in his address to the Jury, stated the property in question to he £' 150,000, besides an accumulation of inter- est ; but this being an exaggerated statement; it was thought proper to have it corrected; especially ds many of the parties interested were present; and might ctniceive themselves entitled to a much largtr sum of money, than they actually were: and upon Mr. D. being informed of this, he very readily acknowledged tbe statement to he incorrect, and that tbe money to be divided was nothing like what he had estimated it at. The fact is, that the money in court amounts to about £ 120,000, 3 per cent, consols ; out of which there are legacies unpaid, amounting to from £ 25,000 to £ 30,000, and the costs of the cause in Chancery, whiclr will amount to a large sum, yet to be deducted. Maria Sawers has been committed lo our gaol hy E. Seager, F. sq. coroner, charged with the wilful murder of a new- born male bastard child, in the parish of Halesowen. Daring Robbery.— On Monday se'nnight, the dwelling house of W. C. Norcop, F. sq. at Betton, near Drayton, in this county, was entered by three men dressed in smock frocks, who came into Mr. N.' s bed- room with a candle; two of them approached his bedside, and one, holding a pistol over him, demanded his rnonv and keys, but did not permit him to rise. One fellow took Ills breeches, which lay near the bed, and rifled the pockets of the money, and a small key, with which tbey attempted to open a desk ; but noteucceediug, they wrenched it open, while the third stood over Mr. Norcop. After they had plundered the desk of bauk- post, and other bills and casb, to the amount of <£ 140, they decamped Three persons were apprehended at Birmingham on Friday last, on suspicion of being concerned in lliis robbery; That part of the Wrekin Regiment of Shropshire Loral Militia which lias not been trained ill any preceding year, are to assemble at Ludlow on Saturday next; and those who have been before trained, on the 13th iust.— See Adver. We have before noticed the extraordinary success of Dr. palliative of her guilt, Is a fact notorious end uiiqutition- able. Why then is she not made, without delay, amenable to justice; Why is she not immediately indicted ou a charge commensurate in its penal consequences with the magnitude of her imputed and apparent crime• What, may be the sentiments of others respecting this transaction I pretend- not to be informed: but my own deliberate reflexions upon the subject prompt to the avowal of the following unqualified opinion, viz. that where the presumptive evidence Of guilt, the most atrocious, presses so irresistibly upon the public mind, us it docs, confess- edly," in the present instance,— not to subject to an adequate and complete judicial trial the object of suspicion and accusation so well founded, would be a measure incompar- ably more disgraceful to our provincial cbarneter, than would be even lhat of her entire acquittal, thro' the corrupt verdict of the Jury, appointed to determine finally upon the event of her life, or death. And I judge thus, because the charge of uiie. bris'ian apathy, necessarily consequent lo such exemption, will apply, on the latter supposition, solely to a small ni- mber of obscure individuals ; » liilst on Ihe former, it will deserv- edly attach to a large, and that the most conspicuous Sfer • I' jAMfcS POV. T. Lf., rM0r. and Woollen Draper, Haberdasher, Ucsier, Glover, Jlu'ter, and Grocer, WT& R, IN TIN; COUNTY OF SALOP, OSV respectfully informs his numerous Fritnds it:, that Town titnl its Vicinity, that lie hasjust returned from the different Markets of M ANCMT STI It, 1 o » no » , « f. where lie has purchased a CHOICE and VALVA31. L ASSORTM ENT of GOODS in every Branch, which he is determined to sell on the J. ow KST Terras ; uud by an un- remitting Attention to Business, iic hopes to merit the Approbation of those friends who are kind enough to honour liitu with their Support. T he following Articles are selling particularly cnsAP, foi RCA t) Y MONEY ONLY, and will be ready for Inspection portion of the neighbouring population. To obviate the danger of so opprobrious a charge ; to prove, or rather to facilitate the means of proving incon- testable,— that the arm of penal justice, which, iu this country, is always seen so promptly efficacious in vindicat- ing the violated lights of affluence nnd rank, w ill never he permitted to bccoine unnerved and paralised, when called on to avenge the fatal sufferings of outraged poverty and help- lessness, in the person of a youthful female,— is the object of this address. March Mh, lull. DICEPHILCS. SHROPSHIRE. At GENERAL MEETING of his Majesty's Lieutenancy a/ a. for t/ ie (' ounti/ of Salop, is appointed to be he'd nt the SHIRE fl A LL, in SHREWSBURY, on WEDNESDAY, the 24th Day of APRIL, 1811, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, for ordering the Returns of the Navies qf Persons liable to le balloted in the Old Militia, to fill up the present Vacancies. LOXDALE, Clerk. Thanks to the TRUSTEES of the SALOP INFIRMARY for their Attendance and Support; but assures them, if he had known that it was. unusual to produce Testimonials, he should not have troubled the Patrons of the Institution. High- Street, March 27th, 1811. JOHNSON returns his most sincere DISSOLUTION m l'AHTNEi; r< HIP. rinllF. Partnership lately subsisting between JOIITf i HDGERLEY and GEORGE HARRIS, both of this Town, under the l inn of Edgerley ar. d Harris, Giocers, Tea- Dealers, Uc. was on Monday the Stub Day ef thix present Month DISSOLVED hy mutual Consent: And. all. Persons who have auy Demand upon thJc nforesaid Partner- ship are desired to send an Account thereof to Jo TIN En- GFULF. Y, that it may be discharged : And also all Persons who stand indebted to the said Partnership are requested to pay the same to the aforesaid John Edgeiley. Shrewsbury, March IS, 1811. JOHN EDGERLEY, GROCER AND TEA- DEALER, IMPRESSED with a lively Sense of Gratitude to hi » Friends and tbe Public, for their many Favours con- ferred upon him since liis Commencement iu Business, begs Leave to return them his unfeigned Thanks, aud lo recommend to their future Favours Mr. SAM DEL Pl. IM- I. EY, to w in- on lie bus disposed of liis Premises and Slock in Trade in Mardol; and whose Integrity and Uprighlncs* he has the highest Opinion of. Shrewsbury, March Si, 1811. JOHN' KDGERLF. Y, GEOItGE HARRIS. : TO THE LADIES. JOHN WORTON, LONG STAY AND COKSF. T MAKER, QUEF. N- STB. EET, SHRI/ WSBURY, MOST respectfully returns Thanks for past Favours ; at the same Time begs Leave to inform them he 19 JUST RETURN EH FROM 1. ON DON, where he has been for some Time experiencing the Make of the different Modes of Dress, as worn by the first Circles of Fashion in tbe Metropolis. Those Ladies who may please to honour him with their Commands, may depend upon the greatest Attention being paid, aud which will be gratefully ac- knowledged. ( C?" NEW STAYS ( called the TRAFALGAR SHIELD) up- on improved Principles, which add in a peculiar Degree to Female Elegance, are exceeding comfortable to the Wearer, and retain their Shape a greater length of Time than any littherto offered to the Public. J. W. has brought with him SPRING STEEL BUSKS, which are introduced in the Stay, and very much ap- proved of. NEW FRUIT. SAI. OP BRITISH WINE MANUFACTORY, And GROCERY and TEA WAREHOUSE-, HIGH- STREET, SHREWSBURY. JPR1TCIIARD, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Manufacturer . of British Wines, returns Thanks to his Friends and the Public, for tlie very liberal Encouragement he has received since his Commencement in Business; and re spectfully informs them, that he has just received aQuantity of FINK NF. W DEM A RAISINS for WINE, which he can particularly recommend to private Families, being of a superior Quality. j. P has on sale in High- Street, and at his Vaults in the Corn- Market, a Prime Stock of OLD BRITlUl W INES, superior to anv offered for Sale. FINE TEAS, GROCERY, PICKLES, SAUCES, & C. N. B. An APPRENTICE WANTED. April Id, 1811 SAMUEL PL1MLEY, GROCER, TEA- DEALER, Sfr. BEGS Leave to inform his Friends and the Public, that he has opened his SHOP in MARDOL, late in the Occupation ot Messrs, EDGF. ULEY and HARRIS, with ni » Assortment of every Article in the Business, w hich he is determined to sell upon the lowest Terms : Aud he solicits, the Favours of bis own Friends, together with those of Mr. Edgerley, upon the Assurance of Fidelity and diligent At- tention to the Orders he may be indulged with. Genuine CONGO TEAS, at REDUCED PRICES. Shrewsbury, March° 7, 1811. GEORGE HARRIS, " GROCER, TEA- DEALER, be. opposite the BUTTER CROSS, Pride Hill, SI) REWSBUUT, ( lale EDGF. RLF. Y and HARRIS, Mardol); BEGS Leave to return sincere Thanks to his Friends and the Public, for the runny Favours conferred upon him during his Partnership with Sir. Edgerley, ( who is now retired from the Business) ; and respectfully informs tlieut he has REMOVED from Mardol lo the SftOP lately oc- cupied bv Mrs. URWICK, where he intends to carry ou tbe various Branches of GROCER, TEA DEALER, Sic. & c. as formerly ; and hopes, by a Selection of good Articles and unremitted Attention, combined with Punctuality, to merit their fullest Confidence and Support. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED LION INN, SHREWSBURY. WTOMPKINS takes this Opportunity of returning . sincere Thanks to his Friends iu the Town and Neighbourhood, for their kind Favours since lie has been at the above Inn, and begs Leave to inform them, that be has a meat HEARSE and MOURNING COACHES, with suitable Appendages, which will enable hiin to FCRN'ISH FUNERALS in a superior Style — Orders will be thankful- ly received, and punctually executed. Biiti- h He then went to Santarem, Whole lie found the enemy had left three rough built boats or pontoons, two rAfts and 12 or 14 of their heavy cannon, the carriages of which had been burnt. The army is now moving on, and the boats are ordered to follow them tip the Tagtis, the navigation of which is now cleared np to Ahrantes. G. C. BF. RKSI. F. Y. jflhe Gazette likewise contains a letter fropi Capt. Macna- flafa, of the Berwick, of 74 guns, giving an account of ihe : m destruction ofthe French frigate Amazon, off La Hogue, by that fluff? in conjunction with the Amelia and Niobe frigates, and the ( Soshawk and Hawk sloops of war j ^ JgSP' SATURDAY, MARCH 30. Slate of his Majesty's Health.— The following Bulletins iiave been published since our / ast: — , jXlarrh 26, — t- lis Majesty goes on favourably. AlnzrjSi-. 48. « - His Majesty goes On well. jAu Anieiican gentleman, of the name ofGrten, has arrived town fiom Paris, charged with dispatches, addressed to I'tnckney ; which, as far as they relate to France and the ( hited Stuti"-, are not of Ihe consoling nature so generally expected. Tliev give us to understand, that, with the exiep tion of ships laden with fish, that none had been allowed to unload hut, on the contrary, were put under orders of seques- tration, Aud were to abide the decisions of all other vessels from the same country. It is reported, that some misunderstanding has taken place between our Government and that of Sweden. Au order was this day sent down to the Judge of the Vice- Admiralty Court, forbidding any further payments to be made from the Registrar on Swedish account. Tliv orders arrived just iu time to prevent the payment of a large sum. All Baltic produce fell in the market to- dav, fri Pe ctation < f the rene swat of our commerce with that sea, grounded on the la'e advices. The Emp « rorof Russia anil the Archduke Charles of Austria* are said to be the sponsors of the infantine Napoleon. The Dublin Papers of the 26t. li mention, th: t the late assizes at Monaghan have developed the existence of an Association in that county for seditious and rebellious per- poses. The oath, the pass- word, and the constitution ot this Association, are represented as resembling those of the United Irishmen in 1798. At a numeious meeting of Tradesmen held, on Thursday, Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Hugh Owen:— House- Visitors, Mr. Barber and Mr Stirrop. — At the weekly hoard on Saturday last, Miss Langford, of Dodiugton, Whitchurch, was reported an annual subscriber of £•>. 2s. to that Charity. A very numerous and highly respectable General Board of Trustees was held at tbe Infirmary ou Wednesday last, to elect a Physician in the room of Dr. Tayleur, when Dr. Thomas Du Gard w as chosen hy 125 against 28 — A vote of thanks was unanimously passed to Dr. Tayleur for his valuable sei- Vices to the Charity. Additional Subscribers to the Public Subscription Charity School Edward Davies, Esq. Cotton House ..-.., £ 1 ti 0 Mr. Thomas ( Jopley l tj 0 Mr. Robert Wilkinson..,' ....*, 1 ( J- o The gold medals annually given by the Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, to the two best classical scholars among the commencing Bachelors of Arts, were on Saturday [ last adjudged to Mr. 1. C. Blomfield, ofCaius, and Mr. R. | W. Evans, of Trinity College, formerly a pupil ofthe Rev. Dr. Butler, at tho Free Schools, in this town. The following- are the sentences of the prisoners found guilty at our late assizes:— Richard Jackson and Joseph Williams for manslaughter, fined is. and sentenced to imprison- ment 1 month ; and George Bowater for manslaughter, fined Is. and imprisoned 2 months.— Thomas Davis for horsesteal- ing, near Shiffnal; Sarah Richards for stealing a lauthorn, in this town; ami Margaret Parsons, for stealing a chip bonnet, h; ui sentence of Heath passed upon them, but were afterwards reprieved.— William Ikiu, for stealing apparel ' at Wellington ; Mary Faulkner, for stealing apparel, at Ctnu; Richard Mears, for a similar crime, ul Lillesliall; Thomas Jarratt, for stealing apparel and a watch, from Beatchcott, fined as. and imprisoned 12 months.— John Saudywell, for stealing bags aud wheat, at Bishop's Castle ; William Lloyd, for stealing a spade at Oswestry ; John Gittins, for stealing apparel at Clun, were fined Is. and imprisoned 6 months— Thomas Lee, for an attempt to commit an un- natural crime, nt Shiffnal, imprisoned tu- o years, and twice publicly whipped in the gaol :— His Lordship ill passing sen- tence upon this prisoner, said— that the general punishment for au offence so odious, was exposure in the pillory ; and that nothing hut an apprehension that public indignation 1 :- » - * » -- ' i.'. i .—.:.. » — i Solomon respecting the astonishing cures ourformed by that sanative medicine the Cordial Balm of Gilead, which has amazingly promoted the sale in this neighborhood. These cases, so respectably attested, prove its intrinsic value in nervous consumptive complaints in general, and universally stamp its fame as the fiist medicine extant, MARKF. T HEHALD. Price of Grain in our Market on Saturday last— Wheat 13s. Od to 13s. 3d.— Barley 6s. 9d. per bushel of 38 c] uarts.— Oats 7s. Od. per customary measure of 57 quarts. Mark- I. ane, March 29. This day there are tolerable supplies of Wheat 011 hand, and owing to the late full Stocks of Flour, very few sales are effected, excepting fine samples, which nearly support last prices— Barley, heavy sale, scarcely at the last quotation— Malt and White Peas nt little variation— lleans of the two kinds likewise— New Ticks 32s. to 37s. tid.— Old as per currency— There are also tolerable remaining supplies of Oats ; and sales in ibis trade quoted lather lower, except for the first quality. CttrreiU Price of Grain per Quarter as under :— Wheat 63s. lo 90s. | White Peas 00s. to 00 » . Barley 24s. to 35s. I Oats 20s. to 25s. Beans 43s. lo 54s. | Molt 62s. to68s. Fine Flour, 80s. to 85s.— Seconds 75s. to 80s. per sack. APRIL 1.]— To- day there are considerable fresh arrivals of Wheat; sales in general at a reduction of about 2s. and 3s. per quarter; Barlev and Malt in demand, and rather dearer; White Peas fully keep their prices; Beans of the two kinds likewise. There are likewise considerable sup- plies of Oats, mostly last week's arrivals, upwards of 30,000 quarters ; and this trade, for second and inferior, is quoted cheaper. Flour hardly at late prices. Want of roani compels us to omit several advertisements, which will be inserted next week. WANTED, a steadv, active, and experienced Young Man as Principal SHOPMAN in the Oroccrv Tvadr, where three or four Young Men are kept. r- rLikewise, au active Young Man as PORTER and WAREHOUSEMAN, who will have the Care of a Horse.— Apply lo the PRINTER. April id, 1811. WANTED, a voung Man, out of a respectable Family, as an APPRENTICE to tbe Printing, Bookselling, aad Bookbinding Business, with whom a Premium will he expected— For Particulars apply ( if by Letter, Post- paid) to THOMAS GRIFFIT its, Bookseller," Ludlow. ft^ p'Pbis Advertisement w ill not be continued. NOTICE is hereby given, lhat the Partnership subsist-' ing between JOHN WILLIAMS and WILLI AM HEICII- WAY, of Shrewsbury, ill the County of Salop, Brass anil Iron Founders, was 011 the FIRST Day of FEURUARY last DISSOLVED by mutual Consent. All Persons indebted to the said Partnership, are requested to pay their respec- tive Debts to the said William Heighway, who is dolv au- thorised to receive the same ; and all Debts owing from the same Partnership will be paid by the said William Heighway ; by whom the Business will in future be carried 011, upon his own Account, at his Foundry in Riinsliilt, Shrewsbury.— Witiiess oar Hands this 23d Day of March, • 8U. J. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM HEIGHWAY. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. WTANTED, in a Gentleman's Family in SHRFWS- \ T BURY, a steady, middle- aged Man, as FOOT . MAN, and to look after one Horst— Good Wages, and many Advantages, will be given to a deserving Servant. Apply to THE PRINTER OFTIUSPAPEB. WANTED, as BUTLER, in a Gentleman's Family ( where a Footman is kept), a middle- aged, steady Man, who is capabtc, and will not object to over looking a small Farm. Liberal Wages will be given, aud a most unexceptionable Character required. Apply to THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER. the Time of his decease, are desired to send an Account of their respective Demands and the Nature of their Securi- ties, to Mrs. CATHERINE AI. I. ERTON, of tbe SOND afore- said, the Widow and Executrix of the said William Aller- ton, or to Mr. PRITCIIARO, Solicitor, Broseley. And alt Persons indebted to the Estate late of th » VViWijia Allerton, are desired to pay llieir respective Debts imme- diately to the said Catherine Allertou or M'r. Prifchard. st) th March, 1811. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ^ LI, Persons Estate or • UK having anv Claims or Demands on th « r Effects of WILLIAM GITTINS, late of RUYTON OF THE ELEVEN TOWNS, in tl. e Connty ^ F nil, are to Salop, Gentleman, deceased, ave requested 10 send an Account thereof to Mr. W. EGERTON JEFFREYS, Solicitor, Shrewsbury, that the same may be discharged : And all Persons indebted to the Representatives of Ihe said Mr. Gittins, are desired to pay their respective Debts to th. 6aid Mr. Jeffreys. Shrewsbury, April ls<, 1811. HOUSE, MALTHOUSE, AND LAND. To o'e Let, from Year to Year, or for a Term of Years, AND MAY RE ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, ACOMFORTABLE DWELLING HOCSE, with • MALTHOUSE, good Orchard, Garden, and about three Acres of capital LAND, situate in the Parish of I. I. ANDRINIO, in the County of Montgomery — The House consists Of a Kitchen, Parlour, and suitable C011- venieucies on the Ground Floor, and good Lodging Rooms above; and the Malthonse will wet 7" Bushels per Week. The Proprietor, Mr. W. EVANS, of Llandisilio, will she » the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to him, or to Mr. DOV ASTON, sen. of Yyruiew Bank, near Lluuy- niyncch. Scrivener, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners iu the sard Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the 12th Day of April next, at five o'Cloek iu the Afternoon, on the 13th of the Rame Month, and on the 11th of May following, at 12 nt Noon, at the Jerningliam Arms Inn, in Shiffnal afore- said, and make a full Disclosure and Discovery ot his Estate and Eflccts: when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Meeting to chnse Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and tbe Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the Allow ance of his Certificate.— All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effccts, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. PRITCHARD, Soli- citor, Broseley.— March 30,1811. LODGINGS. might inflict severities which the law did not intend, pre- vented him from adjudging il in this instance. The Hi- fig v Ridle:/ — This was an indictment against Mrs. Ridley, ou the verdict of a coroner's jury, for withholding snstemim- c from— ill- treatment of— and exposing to the inclemency ofthe weather, her servant girl — The Case, on the part of the prosecution, was stated bv Mr. Clifford with great candour and perspicuity, aud the facts lie uudertook To the EDITOR of the SALOPIAN JOVRXAI.. SIR,— That the protection of unoffending weakness, against every oppressive action 01' attempt ol lawless power, is the chief object of criminal jurisprudence, is a truth too manifest to require either proof or illustration: nor is it less evident, that the only effectual mode of accomplishing this object, is ihe speedy and impartial trial of every justly presumed delinquent. 1 make this remark with a reference to tlie unexpected issue of the late indictment against E. Ridley. When tbe charges against this woman were first sub- mitted to the consideration of the Grand Jury of our coun- ty, it is well known to have been the unanimous opinion of that respectable and enlightened body— that instead of being tried for a mi- demeanor, she ought to have been indicted capitally, as the murderer of her recently deceased female servant: and it is equally notorious, that the only cause of the original indictment being at that time persisted in, was ttie alledged facility witlrwhich it might he sub- sequently changed into a capital accusation— provided the nature of the evidence produced on her approaching trial for a misdemeanor should prove such as would both wur- rant and require the adoption of that measure The case, however, is now essentially altered ; on the charge of a misdemeanor the person alluded to has been formally acquitted ; and for the Clime which constituted the subject- matter of that charge, 110 similar indictment can ever be again pn fVned against her. Hut is public justice in any degree satisfied with this result? and is a ( usual, and merely presumed informality in the wording of the late indictment,— the single omission of describing the deceased servant, as " of tender years, and under the entire controul and dominion of her mistresssufficient to preclude all further judicial investigation of the subject ?— to silence the loud, the continually ascending cry of guiltless blood unexpiated ? — 1 trust not. That since the date of the opinion expressed officially by the Foreman of the Grand ^ nry, on the occasion above referred to, 110 oue circumstance has transpired, wbicli is in the least presumptive of tbe defendant's innocently, or CORN There is an Entrance w itli- EECKBURY. TO BE LF. T, And entered upon immediately, ALI. that Messuage orTcueruent, called THE LOWER HALL, situate in the pleasant Village of BECK- BURY, in the County ofSalop; with tlie Stable, Dove- house, Garden, and three Parcels of excellent GRASS LAND thereunto belonging, containing together about seven Acres.— BECKBITRY is situated three Miles from Shiffnal, four from Coalport, and seven from Bridgnorth. Mr. HOOLE, of Beckbury, will shew the Premises ; and further Particulars may bc'had of Mr. PRITCHARD, Soli- citor, Broseley, who is authorised to let the same. TO BE LET, nnHE Principal Rooms in a HOUSE in the J. MARKET, Shrewsbury, out passing through the Shop. For Particulars and a View of the Rooms, apply to HARLEY and SON, Jewellers and Watch- makers. March 27th, 1811. TO GROCERS, TALLOW CHANDLERS, TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, \ MODERN built HOUSE, situate in the Village nf PONTESBURY, and late in the Occupation of M r. K. B. D. TBISH recommends a perusal of the under- mentioned . Scheme of the New Lottery, which will be found t « contain Sixty Capital Prizes, all 10 be drawn on the 4th of JUNE. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of £ 20,000 ... are ... £ 80,000 24 1,000 04,000 32 500 16,008 tio 50 3,000 1,000 25 25,00l> 1,000 SO 20,000 2,000 1(> 32,00l> /\ Thomas Lcc, Tallow Chandler The House consists of a large and commodious Shop, a good Kitchen, Brewhouse, and Parlour 011 the Ground Floor, w ith Cellars beneath ; three best Lodging Rooms on the first Floor, with Attics over the same; aud is a most desirable Situation for a Person in Trade: if a Tallow Chandler, he may be accom- modated with every Apparatus for carrying 011 the Business 011 an extensive Scale. The House, with little Alteration, maybe fitted up for the Residence of a small genteel Family. A good GARDEN and STABLE adjoining will be let with the House. For Particulars enquire of Mrs. JONES, VVestbury, or of Mr. WILLIAM LEWIS, iu Pontesbury. 20,000 Tickets £ 200jOO* Tickets and Shares are selling by R. HUNT, Worcester, A. MORGAN, Stafford, W. MORGAN, Lichfield, J. WRIGHT, Whitchurch, Agents to Bisli, who in the last Lottery sold Two Prizes of . i20,000, also Two Prizes of £ 20,000 iu the Lottery drawn in October last, and Thirty- seven other CAPITAL PRIZES in the last 15 Months. Should any Person in the Country find a difficulty in procuringTickets or Shares of the Agents, they are request- ed to apply hy Letter, Post- paid, to BISH at either of liii Offices, 4, CORNHILL, or 9, CHARING- CROSS, Iondon. TO COVER this Season, at P1TCHFORD PARK, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays ouly, ACTIVE, and SWEEP, AT TWO GUINEAS A MARE, To be paid at the Time of covering, nnd Five Shillings a Foal to the Man when called for next March. •% J" OTICF. is hereby given, That all Barren Mares that l^ t were covered last Year by YOUNG DRAGON, the Property of ISAAC NORRIS, are desired to he sent again immediately, if the Owners like, as hi t*, going to be parted with.— More* 27,1811. ISAAC NORRIS: STALLION. TO RE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, At Mr Arthur Slmne'. s qf Dudliston, near Eilesmert, YOUNG ASHTON. " U^ OUNG ASHTON is a dark buy of the Hack Kind, JI rising 4 Years old, ISj Hands high ; was got by Aslitor, the Property of Sir w. w. w vim, Bart. Dam by Hercules, Grandam by Nortlimercle. lie is of strong Bone and good Action. He. may be seen on Application to Mr. SHONE aforesaid. msErnmm TIIE RESOLUTE COACH, FROM SHREWSBURY TO F. LLESMERE, WREXHAM, CHESTER AND LIVERPOOL, CONTINUES to run ( as usual) from theTALBOT INN and WHITE LION INN, Castle Street, SHREWS BURY, every Morning at Six o'Ci OCK ( Sundays excepted) — The Proprietors also beg Lcuve to return Thanks for t bat generous Support it has met w ith from tbe Public ; and to inform them no Exertion shall be wanting on their Part to continue it on the same Plan which has hitherto afforded sucb general Satisfaction. Carries only FOUR IKSIDES.— Fares as usual. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BR LEI'. NOTICE is hereby given, that tbe TOLLS arising at the Turnpike Gates, called tlieCucitow OAK GATES, near Madelev, iu the Cuuuty of Salop ; aud at the Gate, tailed the MEADOW GATE, near Coalbrook Dale, in the same County, will be LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, either together or separate, and for one or three Years, as shall be agreed upon ( to commence the fust Day of May next), at the TONTINE INN, near the Iron- Bridge, at Coalbrook- Dale, in the Couuty of Salop, on FRIDAY, the lyth Day of APRIL next, between the Hours of four and five in the Afternoon, in tbe Manner directed by tbe : t passed in the 13th Year of tbe Reign of his present j aiestv King George the Third " For regulating Turnpike Act , Ro^ df^ Whoe've7happens to be " the " best Bidder or Bid- ders, must at tbe same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, lo the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, at • ucli Times as they shall direct. ^ pRlTCHARD> Clerk to the said Trustees. Broseley, March^ th, W\\. - I TOWING- PATH TOLLS TO BE LET. •" VrOTlCE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising oil the SEVESN TOWING- PATH, between BEVVDLEY- BRIDGE ami a Place called the M E A DO W- W H A It F, nt Coalbrook- Dale, in tbe County of Salop, will be LET TO THE BEST BIDDER, either together, or in three Lots, namely: those between Bewdley- Bridge and Bridgnorth- Bridge, in one Lot; those between Bridgnorth- Bridge anil the Mile- Post next above the Wood- Bridge, near Coal port, in another Lot; and those above the said M ile- Post in a tliirel Lot; for one Year or three Years, as shall be agreed upon, on FRIDAY, the 19th Day of APR I L next, at tbe TONTINE INN, near the Iron- Bridge, in the County of Salop, between ttie Hours of three and four in the Afternoon.— Whoever Iiappens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to tbe Satisfaction of tbe Trustees of the said Towing- Path, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, at sucb Times as they shall direct. JOHN PIUTCI1ARD, Clerk lo the said Trustees. Broseley, March 17th, 1811. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gates upon Turnpike Road L ading from Elles- Biere in tbe County of Salop, to Wrexham, in the County of Denbigh, called or known bv the Name of Overton Cates, will be LET BY AUCTIJN, to the best Bidder, at tbe Bowline Ureen Inn, in Overton, in tbe County of Flint, * in Wednesday, the 24th Day of April next, between tbe Hours of twelve and two iii the Aflernoon, in tbe manner directed by the Act passed in the thirteenth Yearof the Reign of his Majesty King George the 3d, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads;" wliicVTolls produced the Inst Year the Sum of five Hundred and Twenty- eight Pounds two Shillings above the Expense of collecting them. Whoever Iiappens to be tbe best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to tiie Satisfaction of the " trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the Bent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. P. PRITCHARD, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. ' Ellesmere, 16th March, 1811. SOUTH WALES. To Innkeepers, and Persons inclined to commence the Public Business. A MOST DESIRABLE OPPORTUNITY, TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, tbe Lease ( of which 10 Years will be unexpired at Lady Day next) of that well- known capital Inn, called THE MACK- WORTH ARMS, situate in the Town of Swansea, the most populous Place ill South Wales, 011 the Sea- coast, and a fashionable Resort ill tbe Summer Season, when the Town is filled with genteel Company. The LEA'E includes an eligible and compact FARM, of « tout 4* 1 Acres of rich t. and, with Dwellings, and a gooel I - Kitchen Gardes, all tying Within liutf a Mile of the lull, « ud forming a valuable Appendage thereto. Tbe House possesses every means of Accommodation for tbe Nobility, Gentry, and Travellers, on Business or for Pleasure; has very lately been neatly fitted up, stands iu tlic principal Street, aud near the Sea; it alsocontalns a spacious " anil elegant new Ball Room, in which crowded Public As veroblies are frequently held; and is 011 the whole deservedly esteemed tbe principal Inn in South Wales. The Mail Coach runs to and from the House tw ice every Day, and has hitherto been worked by the Landlord the first Stage on the two givat Roads from Swansea to Mil ford and Bristol; an Advantage of great Consequence to the Concern. The Stabling is excellent, which has been recently built. Immediate Possession may lie had ; and tbe Purchaser • will he required to take to all the Household Furniture ( wliich is principally new), aud Stock inTrade, by Appraise- ment iu the usual mode. A. Person qualified to conduct the Business nf an exten aive Inn, will find the present an Opportunity which seldom occurs, and he will meet with evciy possible Accommoda- tion iu regaid to coming in. If the above Lease be not disposed of by private Contract before Monday, the 22d of April next, the same will on that. Day lie Sold by Auctiou, on the Premises, at four u'Clock in the Afternoon For further Particulars apply to T. JENKINS, Cambrian Printing Office; or to Messrs. HERRI NOTON and JENKINS, Solicitors, Swansea ; or to Mr. THOMAS WOODWARD, CHocester. March 18, I8ti ^• aietf bp auction. bp auction. THIS DAY, ( Not on the \ st, as mentiored by mistake in the last Shrewsbury Chronicle. J VALUABLE AND EXTENSIVE PREMISES, East Side of Castle- forcgate, Shrewsbury. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Upper Plough, Castle- Foregate, Shrewsbury, 011 Wednesday, the3ii Day of April, 1811, at fiveo'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions tlieu to be produced : riMIE following most ELIGIBLE PKOPEHTY, situate J in and near that most increasing aud populous Part of Shrewsbury, called CASTLE- FOREGATE, in tbe following Lots : LOT I. All that substantial Brick- built PUBLIC HOUSE, ( formerly in two Dwellings) called the PLOUGH, with its Appurtenances, in tbe Tenure or Occupation of Mr John Jones ; comprising, 011 the Ground Floor, a good Kitchen, Parlour, Brewliouse, Pantry, Coalbonse, Yard, and good Cellaring underneath ; 011 the first Floor, a Dining Room, extending the whole length, and two Sleeping Rooms; and on the Attic Floor, four good Bed Rooms. These Premises are abundantly supplied with Water, by an excellent Pump appertaining. I. OT II. All that excellent Brick- built DWELLING HOUSE, containing a convenient Kitchen, Parlour, Pan- try, Brewlumse, Yard, Cellars, and five Sleeping Rooms, now in the Occupation of Mr. William Maybury. Also, that well- established and fnll- accustomcd Corner HOUSE and SHOP, close adjoining; together with six other TENEMENTS or DWELLING HOUSES, Part with Gardens attached ; p. large Malthouse, with Lead Cistern, ranging a considerable Distance in the Street Line; like- wise, two very extensive and a small GARDENS, the whole immediately connected, situate Part in Castle- Fore- gate, and other Part in Navigation- street, leading to tbe Coal Wharf; the whole in the Tenure or Occupation of the said Mr. Maybury, or his Under- tenants, except one large Garden in the Tenure of Mr. Prynalt. These Premises have also an excellent Pump, with abundance of Water. I. OT 111 All that very substantial and reccntly- liuilt DWELLING HOUSE, containing a good Kitchen, Pur- lour, Brewliouse, Yard, Cellars and four Sleeping Rooms, in the Occupation of Air Samuel Rogers ; also, two TENE- M ENTS adjoining, in the Occupation of Thomas Wyclier- ley, and Robert Linley, situate iu tbe said Street, Called N avigatiOn- Street. LOT IV. A convenient DWELLING HOUSE, contain- ing Kitchen, Parlour, Pantry, Shop, and two large Sleeping Rooms ; also, a BAKE- HOUSE, with Oven, kc. complete, in the Occupation of Mr. Leake, and very eligibly placed for Trade, situate . in Castle- Foregate. Mr. Clarke, in Castle Place, will attend Persons wishing to view the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to the Auctioneer. ^ aleis bp iuctiorti BY J. BROOME, On the Piemises, on Wednesday and Thursday, the loth and llth Days of April, 1811 • rpHE LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBAND- RY, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. belonging to Mrs. HARDING, ofCA LLAUGHTON, near Much Wen- lock, in the County of Salop 1 consisting of seven Cows, calvied add in- Calf, five calving Heifers, five Fat Cows, one ditto Bull, one young Barren, four 2- year old Heifers ; four capital Waggon Mares, with long Tails; two of them in- foal, two Geldings, with longTrfils, one 6 year old Hack Mare, in- foal, one Ditto, four Years old, two 3- vear old Cults of the Saddle Kind, two Ditto of tbe Draught Kind, one Yearling Ditto of Ditto, one Ditto of the Saddle Kind ; 86 Ewes and Lambs, 87 Yearling Sheep; two Sows, and Pigs, one Ditto in- pig; three Waggons, two nearly new, two broad- wlieel Tumbrils, one double Plough, two baud Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, one Roller, one Sledge, six dozen Hurdles, and Implement Timber, kc. Tbe HOUSEHOLD FuttN ITURE consists of Fourjjost and otber Bedsteads, with Hangings,- Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets and Quilts, Mahogany and Oak Dining and other Tables and Chairs, with a large Assort- ment of Kitchen Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, and Casks. The LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS will lie sold the FIRST DAY.— The Sale to begin at Ten o'Cloek each Morning. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, at the LITTLE HEM, in the Parish of Forden, iu tbe County of Montgomery, 011 Moiiday and Tuesday, the 15th and Kith Days of April, 1811 : ALL the valuable LIVE VTOCKj IM PLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, and Part of tbe HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, late the Property of Mr. EDWARD EDWARDS, deceased ; consisting of 14 capi- tal Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, three very capital calving Heifers, three young barren Cows, one capital yearling Bull of the Herefordshire breed, bred by the Rev. John Pryce, of" the Gaer; four 3- years old spayed Ileifers, four ditto Bullocks, 10 2 years old Cattle and nine Yearlings. The Team, which are young and well known to be excellent Workers, consists of two capital Geldings, three Ditto Mares, one strong hackney Mare four Years old, will carry double or draw occasionally, two excellent well bred Saddle Colts, rising 3- years old, unbroke, one very excellent yearling Colt of tbe Cart kind ; one Sow and eight Pigs, two Ditto in- pig, and six store Pigs. The Implements consist of two good Road Waggons, two broad Wheel Tumbrils, two Ploughs, and three Pair of Harrows, Win- nowing Machine, a Lot of Bags, with Pikels, Rakes and otber Articles too tedious to mention. The Live Stock will be sold the first day ; the Household Goods and Furniture, and the Brewing and Dairy Utensils 011 tbe second Day. ^ alcg bp auctioii BY CHURTON, On the Premises, at HODNET, in the County of Salop, 011 Monday and Tuesday, the 8th and 9th Days of April, 1811 : All the well- bred and choicely selected LIVE STOCK, a valuable THRESHING MACHINE ( by Onions, of Broseley, upon an improved Plan), IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, and Dabv Vessels, late tbe Property of Mr. THOMAS CARTA1! RIGHT, deceased: comprising 20 most excellent calving Cows and Heifers, a three- years old Bull, 5 yearling Calves, of the Herefordshire Breed, 1 yearling Bull; 6 capital Waggon Horses, two black Waggon Colts, two Years old, 1 dun Ditto, orte Year old, 1 Brood Mare, nearly full Blood, in foal by Suiiderlin, 1 dlin Mare, ih- foal by Sailor, a bay two- years old Colt, out of a Blood Mare, 1 Yearliug Ditto, out of the Brood Mare; 14 Ewes, in- lamb, 2 Wethers, and 4 Ranis, in Lots; 4 in- pig Sows, 2 Sows and Pigs, a Brawn; Quantity of Store Pigs, in Lots; a Threshing Machine; 1 Waggon, with Shells and Gearing, 1 valuable Dilto, with Shells, Gearing, See. ( quite new), Harvest Waggon, 3 Tum- brels, Land Roller. 2 Ploughs, 2 Wheel Ditto, 2 Pair of Harrows, capital Winnowing Machine, Straw Engine, 6 Sets of Horse Gear's, 2 Cranks and Chains, 2 Ladders, 3 Doz. of Hurdles, in Lots, Corn Trial, 3 Stone Stack Frames; with 11 large Assortment of other Implements, in Lots. The DAIRY VESSELS, & c. comprise Stone aud Beix Cbeesie Presses, capital Churn, Milk Cans and Pails, Cheese Screw and Horse, 2 Cheese Tubs, 3 Brass Milk Pans, Quantity of Cheese Vats, Salting and Butter Turnels, Oak hanging Press, Clock and Case, Kitchen Grate, P air of Swifts, Kneading Turnel, kc. with other Articles. THE AUCTION FF. R calls the Attention tif the Public to tbe above Stock, which are in high Condition, having beerl well wintered, and the Experience of the ltite Proprietor guarantees its being well selected— The Auction commen- ces at Ten each Day— The LIVE STOCK and PART of the IMPLEMENTS will be sold the FIRST DAY. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing Ves- sels, kc. ( at. the Bear Inn, in Hodnet), will be sold early in MAY NEXT: descriptive Particulars will appear in due Time. 81 ^ alcjs bp Stuctlom CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. BY F. KITE, Al the Crown Inu, Ludlow, bn Monday, the 8th Day of April, 181], ut three o'Clock in tbe Afternoon, subject to Conditions : . MAIDEN OAK TIMBER TREES, of large Di- mensions, now standing oil An Estate in the Parish of B1TTERLEY, and County of Salop; numbered with white Paint as follows lot), 147, 144, 162, I lis, t& t, 185,238, 230,291, 2( 6, 82, SI, 80, 79, 84, 83,73, 8ti,' 7t>, 139, 140, 70,158,66,71. 64, 50,44,43, 37,. 311,211,33; 8 » 6, 28", 290, 2(> 1, 25l, 250, 449, 247, 271, 468, 4011, 504, 5t 2, 499, 513, 514, 51/, - 27, 536, 532, 5.14, 5.37, 543, 546, 550, 391, 389, 015, 612, 607, 603j 6< k, 580, 582, 588, 592, 523, 594, O09, 56s, 509, 563, 562, 347, 352, 322. N. B. The dbove Timber is fit for naval and Other Pur- poses, and within a Mile of the Turnpike Bond lending from Ludlow to Bridgnorth and Bewdlcy, distant 5 Miles from tbe former, and 1 5 from I lit latter Place. For a View of tbe Timber apply to Mr. Thos. PHtLtlPS, of Warthiil; in the Parish of Bitterlcy aforesaid. A1 MOUNT COTTAGE, SHREWSBURY. BY JONATHAN PERIIY, On FRIDAY NEXT, tlie stli Day of April, Inst on tbe Premises, THEcntire and valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Major YONGF, ( the Family leaving Shrews- bury for Sea Air): comprising Articles in general Use; the Whole nearly new, neat, and peculiarly tasteful. Catalogues are prepared, anel the Furniture may be view- ed Tins DAY, from twelve till three, by TICKETS ONLY, to be had of THE AUCTIONEER. NEAT AND VALUABLE GIG AND HARNESS. BY JONATHAN PFRRY, At ONE O'CLOCK on SATURDAY NEXT, tlicGtli of April Instant, at the Market Place, Shrewsbury; AVERY excellent GIG, upon its first Wheels, 111 a per- fect State of Repair, with appropriate, neat, aud good Harness. To be seen prior to Sale. TIMBER. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Talbot lull, in Shrewsbury, 011 Saturday, the 6th Day of April, 1811, between the Hours of four and six 111 the Afternoon, in one 01 more Lot or Lots, as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale ; OAK TREES, BY J BROOME, On Saturday, the 90th Day of April, 1811, at BEDSTONE, near Clungunford, in the County of Salop : THE entire LIVE STOCK, of the late Mr. RICHARD ELLIS; consisting of 20 capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf; one well bred Herefordshire Bull, 3- years old; one Ditto yearling ; seven 2- year old Bullocks ; five Ditto Heifers; five yearling Bullocks ; five ditto Heifers ; three capital black Waggon Mares, one of them iii- foal ; two capital black Geldings, rising five Years old, with long Tails ; 1 capital chesuut Gelding, 4- years old ; one Gel- ding, rising 3- years old, hy Sultan ; one Filley, Ditto ; one Dilto rising 2- vears old, by Ditto; one Poney Mare ; two Sows with sniail Pigs ; 123 store Sheep, in Lots. The Sale to begin at nine o'Clock in the Morning. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 25th Day of April, 131 I'- LL the valuable LIVE" STOCK, belonging to Mr. M ADLIN, of HUGHLEY, near Much Wenlock, in the County of Salop ; consisting of 14 Cows calved and in- calf, 3 calving Heifers, 5 two years old Ditto, 2 Yearlings, 2Wag- gon Horses, 1 Ditto Mare in- foal, I two- year old Draught Cult, 1 Hack Mare, 1 yearling Colt of the Hack Kind. The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. 211 and 169 ASH TREES. The above Trees are blazed anil numbered with a Scribe, and growing upon a certain Farm in MIDDLETOWN, in the County of Montgomery, in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Browne, nearly adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Shrewsbury to Welshpool, within about three Miles from tbe Montgomeryshire Canal, and two Miles from the River Severn. Mr. Browne, llie Tenant, will shew the Timber; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. LI. OYD, of Rowton, or Messrs. M AD DOCK and SIMES, ofShrewsbury VALUABLE FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, & c. BY CHURTON, On the Premises, at CORRA COMMON, near Ightfield, in the Comity of Salop, ou Monday, Tuesday, nun Wednes- elay, the 15th, 16th, and 17th Days of April, 1811 ; ALL the truly valuable L1V F. STOCK, IM PLEM ENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy aud Brewing Vessels, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, late the Property of Mr. ROBERTGREGORY, deceased ; comprising33 choice young calving Cows, Heifers, and Barrens, 6 Sturks, 6 yearling Calves; 4 capital Waggon Horses and Mares, one of them in- foal by Tom, a valuable black Colt, rising three Years old, stands 16 Hands high, a two- years old Waggon Colt, gut by Young Tom, a yearling Ditto; 2 Gilts, ia- pig, 1 Store Pig, I Brawn ; valuable Waggon, with Gearing com- plete, nearly new, Cart, and Gearing, 3 broad- wheeled Tumbrels, 4 Ploughs, 3 Pair of Harrows, 6 Sets of Horse Gears, 3 Cranks and Chains, Waggon < bain, Corn Fan, 2 Corn Trials, Quantity of Bags, ill Lois, Half- measure and Hopper, marling Auger, 3 Stone Pigtroughs, with other Implements, in Lots. The DiinY VESSISLS, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. & c. comprise two Box Cheese Presses, Quantity of Cheese Vats, Milk Cans and Pails, Brass Pans, Lead Milk Cooler, three Churns, Cheese Tub, Salting Turnel, Sbuter Boards, Scale Beams, Bottoms, and Weights, Cheese Screw and Horse, Mash Tub, Ale Barrels, kc. various Fourpost Bedsteads aud Hangings, Feather Beds, Bolsters, aud Pillows, Blan- kets, Quilts, Bed aud Table Linen, Oak Chest of Drawers, and Linen Chests, Chamber, Parlour, and Kitchen Chairs, Dressing Stand, capital Dining and other Tables, Corner and other Cupboards, Mahogany Tea Trays, Dintler Table anel Forms, Oak Screen, Eight day Clock and Case, Kitchen Grate, Back Oven, Fenders and Fire Irons, Crane, Spinning Wheel, Fowling Piece, Steelyards, Man's Saddle, Pillion, with a large Assortment of otber Articles, in Lots. N. B. THE AUCTIONEER particularly recommends the above Stock, See. as being well and carefully selected.—' The Live Stock and Implements will be sold the first Day, and the Dairy Vessels on the sccund Morning. The Sale to commence at ten each Day. FAR Ml KG STOCK, & c. BY IL TOO I. E. . On Monday end Tuesday, the 15th and 16th Days of • April, 1811 i LL tiie FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in . HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, aud otlicr Effects, of the late Mr. AUSTIN, of BO. LAS MILL, in tho County of Salop, deceased: Consisting of seven useful draught IlorSes and dealing, 011c Poney, two Valuable Dairy Cows iii- calf; one Sow in- pig, and five store Pigs 5 two Waggons and Gearing, four Carts and Ditto, one Tumbril, nearly new, a Wheel Plough, a Pair of Harrows, Winnowing Machine, Slack Flame, with 12 Stone Pillais, Stone Cisterns and Pigtroughs, with Wheelbarrow, Rakes, Pikels, Sieves, Riddles, and other useful Implements; also tbe whole of the Household Furniture: Particulars of which will be distributed in due Time. Kj* The Sale to begin each Morning at half past ten o'Clock. The Farming Stock to be sold the first Lay. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, 011 Wednesday, tbe 17th of April, 1811 ; A LL the truly valuable and carefully selected LIVE J\. STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, belonging to Mr. GOUGH, of ACION- REYNOLD, in the Parish uf Shawbury, in the County of Salop, ( who is declih- | . ing tbe Farming Business): consisting of 26 capital Dairy Cows, ( 16 of which have calved, and the remainder near calving), four calving Heifers, six 2- years old Heifers, to yearling Ditto, Well- bred Bull 3- veil is old, Dilto 2- years old ; 10 capital and young Waggon Horses, 3 of which are Marcs in- l'oal, Hack Mare in- foal, two yearling Draught Colts, capital Policy ; nine store Pigs, four Sows and Pigs, one Sow in- pig, capital Brawn ; two Road Waggons, Coal Cart, Harvest Cart, four broad wheel Tumbrils, two double Ploughs, one single Ditto, one hand Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, large Ox Harrow, Winnowing Machine, loSets Horses ( bearing : with numerous other Articles, which will he particularised in the Catalogues, and may be had at the following Places, viz. Castle, Coach and Horses, Bull's Head, Raven and Bell, and Unicorn Inns, Shrewsbury; Talbot, Wellington ; Elephant aud Castle, Sliawbury ; Ri d Lion, Newport ; Phcrnix, Drayton; Bear, Hodnet; Swan, Whitchurch; Black Lion, Wcni; Bridgewater Arms, Elles- mcre; lied Lion, Cockshntt; on the Premises; and of the AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns. The Sale to commence at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon, fcj" The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, & c. will be sold on a future Day. VALUABLE STOCK 0? CATTLE, BY GLOVLll AND SON, Oil the Premises, on Friday, tbe 26th of April, 1811 : \ I. L the valuable Stock of DAIRY COWS and YOUNG J\. CATTLE, belonging to WILLIAM LLOYD, Esq. of ASTON HALT,, near Oswestry, in the Comity of Salop : consisting of ten capital Cows, calved and in- calf, one calving Heifer, one 3- year old Barren, three 2- year old Heifers, and one yearling Heifer. Catalogues may be bad at the following Places, viz. Lion and Talbot, Shrewsbury ; Cross Keys aud Cross Foxes, Oswestry ; Red Lion, Wrexham; Bridgewater Arms, Ellcs- juere; Pluck Lion, Wem; 011 the Premises; aiid of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns. ~ I7YT~ BTkhiml, On the Piemises, 011 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Ilie 29th and 30th of April, and tbe 1st Day of May, 1811: , t LL the valuable LIVE STOCK, Implements " in Hus- i\ bantlry, with all the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, & c. & c. belonging to Mr. VV'ORTHINGTON, of TOTTERTON, near Bishop's Castle, in the County of Salop. Particulars iu our next. MOUNT COTTAGE LEASE, FREEHOLD COACH HOUSE and STABLE, and FURNITURE, FRA NKWEL I, SURE If SB UR Y. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On an early Day, Particulars of which will be immediately published ; rTlHE LEASE of the above beautifully situated and rn- JL inantic COTTAGE, now occupied by Major YONGB; Also the Freehold new- built COACH HOUSE and STA- BLE, nearly adjoining ; and likewise the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of Mr. MORHALL. Further Particulars of Mr. CRAIG, or Mr. BARBER, Assignees; or of THE AUCTIONEER, in Shrewsbury. BY J. BROOMK, On Thursday and Friday, the 4th and 5tb Days of April, 1811 ; All tbe ALUABLE LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS iu HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS aud FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, belonging to Mr. HODGES, of MEOLE BRACE, near Shrewsbury, who is retiring from tbe Fann- ing Business; consisting of eight Cows, calved aud in- calf, two calving Heifers, five fat Cows, five Ditto splayed Heif- ers, three fresh Barrens, three Ditto Barrens, four 2- years old Bullocks, three ditto Heifers, two Yearlings, one Bull, five Waggon Horses, one 2- years old Horse Colt of tbe Draught kind, one Ditto Ditto 3- years old Ditto Ditlo, two ditto of the Hack'kind, Gearing for six Horses, 27 Ewes with Lambs and iu- lamb, 17 Theaves, six fat We- thers, two Rams; one Sow and 10 Pigs, one Ditto and nine Pigs, eight store Pigs, one youngBrawn; three Waggons with Iron Arms, two broad Wheel Tumbrils, one double Plough, single Wheel Ditto, one Hand Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, one Roller, round Stack Frame, stone Cistern and Pig Trough, Winnowing Machine, four large Rakes, with a Number of other Implements too tedious to mention. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Four- post and otber Bedsteads, with Hangings, Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Blankets and Qnilts, Mahogany and Oak Dining, aud other ' Fables and Chairs, with a large As- sortment of Kitchen Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks.— The Sale to begin al lo o'Clock each Morning. BY SAMUEL TUDOR, At the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, 011 Thursday, the 11th Day of April, 1811, at four o'Clock in tbe Afternoon, in tlie following Lots, and subject to such Conditions as will be then produced: I. OT I. ALL tliat substantial Messuage, or DWELLING HOUSE, witb the Warehouses, Yard, and Appur- tenances thereunto belonging, situate in MARDOL, Shrewsbury, now in the Occupations of Messrs. Cooke and Son, Grocers, LOT II. All that substantial Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Workshops, Yard, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate iu MARDOL, adjoining the first Lot, now iu the Occupation of Mr. Tliomas Mot- train, Flax- dresser; also a large Room over Part of the said Workshops, now in the Occupation of Mr. George Asterley. LOT III. All that extensive MALTHOUSE, with the Ap- purtenances thereunto belonging, situate near to and ad- joining to the back Part of the before- mentioned Lots, now iu the Occupation of Mr. George Asterley, Maltster, except the said Room over Mr. Mottram's Workshops. The above Premises are conveniently situated for ex- tensive Business, either Wholesale or Retail; may be viewed by applying to the respective Tenants j and further Par- ticulars know n from Mr. ASTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury BY CHURTON, On the Premises, at BESSFORD, in the Parish of Sluw- bury, and County of Salop, on Thursday and Friday, the 18th and 19th Days of April 1811, ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Toni/ i 1 T\ rtUJMi'rfm p _ „ _ i FARMING STOCK. BY S. BAGNOLD, Od Tuesday, the 16th Day of April, 1811, and two follow- ing Days; ALI. the FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, tbe Property of Miss HAYNES, of STOKF. PARK, in the Parish of Stoke upou Tern, ill the County of Salop. The FARMING STOCK consists of 12 useful Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, 1 barren Cow, 5 calving Heifers, 9 Heifer Sinks, 7 Calves, one 3- yeer old Bull, aud 1 excellent Bull Calf; 4 capital young Draught Geldings, 1 aged Ditto, and two hackney Mures; 1 Sow w ith 6 Pigs, 1 Gill and S large Store Pigs; 6 Sel3 of good Gearing, 2 Saddles and Bridles, and j Side Saildlb ; 2 Waggons, 3 broad- wheel Tumbrils, 2 Ploughs, 3 pair of Harrows, Land Roll and Winnowing Machine, a Quantity of Hurdles, 3 Ladders, 3i Straw Cribs, Wheelbarrows, Malt Mill aud Kibbling Ditto, with various other Implements in Husbandry ; 1 long Rick Frame anda round Ditto, 1 Pair ofSmitli's Bellows, Anvil, Vice, and otberSniith's Tools, Stc. & c The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of Fourpost, Tent, and other Bedsteads and Hangings, excellent Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Mattresse-, Blankets and Bed Quilts; Mahogany Dining, Tea, Card, Dressing and other Tables, several Sets of good Chairs, Bureaus aud Book- case, Chests of Drawers and Linen Chests, Oak Dresser anil Cupboards, 2 eight- day (. locks and Cases, large Pier aud Sw ing Glasses, 1 large Oak Dresser and Shelves, a Quantity of Pewter, Glass, China, and EartheiiwaVe; wilii a Variety of otber useful Household Furniture nnd Kitchen Requi- sites, excellent Dairy and Brewing Utensils, Irou- bouhtl Hogsheads, Halt- liogiiheads, and Quarter Ditto, large Cop per Furnace and Cast- metal Ditto, Brass, Copper, and Iron l'ots, Saucepans, Stew pans, Stc. & c. : also five Sides of ex- cellent Bacon, and a Small Quantity of Cheese. The Farming Stock w ill be sold oil the first Days of Sale, and ibe Sale to begin each Day at ten o'Clock. ESTATE IN MUCH WENLOCK. BY WILLIAM WYLF. Y, At the Raven * nu, in Much Wenlock, in the County of BY J. BHOOME, On the Premises, on Saturday, the 6tli Dayof April, 1811, rg- UlE LIVE STOCK, of Mr. RICHARD MOI1RIS, of I FRONHAILOG, in the Parish of Kerry, and County of Montgomery ; consisting of thirteen Cows and Heifers, calved and in- calf, three four- year old splayed Heifers, Out- liers, in great Condition, eight three years old Bullocks, eight two- years old Ditto, two ditto Heifers, nine Yearlings, capital three- years old smoky- faced Bull ; two capital Waggon Marcs, wilh their Tails 011, three ditto Horses, with ditto, capital Saddle Horse, rising five Years old, by Abhathule, young Mare, rising three, by ditto, two Brood Marcs ( one in- foal by General), Draught Filly, rising two- years old, two Saddle Ditto, one Draught year- old Horse Colt, six strong l'igs, one Brawn. ( fj* The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. BY S. TUDOR, At the Falcon Inn, Hay Gate, near Wellington, in the County of Salop, on Thursday, the 18tli of April, tail, at three o'Clock iu the Afternoon, subject to sucb Con- ditions as will be then produced : AMESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, with tlieTlTHES of HAY and CLOVER arising therefrom, situate at ALSCOTT, iu the Parish of Wrockwardine, ill the said County, in the Occupation of Mr. HENRY POVAI. L, in the following Lots: Lot A. R. P. A. R. P. I. House, Buildings, Gardens, Fold Yards, & c. ...." 3 2 33^ Little West Croft 5 1 s. 3^- 23 3 37 Big Ditto 7 120 V Part of Upper aud Lower Meadows 71 1 II. Remainder of Upper and Lower / Meadows...., J III. Wheat Croft 5 134>: Broomy Lcasow 4 3 26 J IV. Cross Lcasow V. Garden, formerly Part of Sand i Furlong o 1 l6> Sand Furlong 8 3 28 5 VI. Lane, formerly Part of Penny Fur- . long O 0 21 Penny Furlong 4 2 23j VII. Portway Meadow 2 VIII Lily Furlong 9 IX. Rush Moor Ditto 8 X. Mill Meadow 5 0 20> Mill Croft 6 1 11$ 11 The above Estate is situate within two Miles of Welling- ton ; may be viewed 011 Application to the Tenant i and for further Particulars apply to Mr. DODSON, Cound ; or Mr. ASTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury, where a Map of the same may be seen. 4 0 0 1 20 2 26 9 I 4 , _ . , neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, the Properly of Mr. PIDGEON, who is declining Farming; comprising 12 most excellent and well- bred calving Cows ; a line Waggon Horse, rising five Years old, Ditto rising seven Years old, capital in- foal Mare, rising six Years old, a two- vears old Waggon Colt, a Poney; 4 in- pig Sows, 9 Store Pigs ; 2 Waggons, with Harvest Gearing complete, Coal Cart and Gearing, i> broad- wheeled Tumbrels, Land Roller, w heeled Plough, double Ditto, 2 Pair of Harrows. Large Ditto, 5 Sets of Horse Gears, 2 Cranks and Chains', Win 11 own)^ Machine, Corn Screen, 2 Peeling Irons, Sieves and Riddles, Lot of Bags, 20 new Ditto, Quantity of Hur- dles^ Stone Stack Frames and Pillars, Ladder, long Ditto, Wheelbarrow, Mall Screen and Trough, Malt Mill, 4 Drag Rakes, Hopper and'Half- measure, Straw Crib, Bee Bench ( new), Grind Stone, Straw Engine, 2 Stone Cisterns, 4 Stune Pigtroughs, Com Coffer ; with numerous other Implements, and Cart Timber. The DAIRY and BREWING VESSELS, & c. comprise two Stone Cheese Presses, three Brass Milk Pans, Milk Cans and Pails, Quantity of Cheese Vats, Butter Turnels, Salting Ditto, Cheese Tubs, Sliuter Boards, Salting Benches, oval Cooler, Cheese Screw and Horse, Mash and other Tubs, Quantity of capital iron- bound Barrels, Copper Furnace I and Bottom, Iron Boiler and Ditto, Kitchen Dresser, Sink Stone and Trough, Wood Bottles. The neat HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of several Fourpost and other Bedsteads and Hangings, five Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets, Counterpanes, and Coverlets, Bed and Table Linen, handsome Mahogany Chest of Drawers aud wash- hand Stands, Dressing Taoles, Pier and Swing Glasses, Chamber Chairs, two Oak Chests of Drawers, Linen Chest, two Clocks and Cases, Dresser and Shelves, Oak Beaufet and Cupboard, Oak Dining Tables, Mahogany nnd japanned Tea Trays, Oak Stands, eleven neat Elm Chairs, with Rush Seats, Weather Glass, Kitchen Tables aud Chairs, polished Kitchen Grate, Asli Ditto, Fender, and Fire Irons, two Cranes, Back Oven, Steelyards, with either Kitchen and culinary Articles, in Copper, Brass, 1 ron, Tin, Earthenware, icc. wilh numerous other Articles. Commenting upon the above Stock, & c. will be unneces- sary; Mr. Pidgeon's superior Judgement, in selecting the same, is sufficient to recommend them— T he Live Stock and Implements will be sold the first Day. The Sale will commence at ten each Day. Salop, on Tuesday, tbe I6th of April, 1811, betw een'the Hours of four and six o'Clock in the Afternoon, in Ihe under- mentioned, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at ihe Time of Sale, and subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced ; rpHE following verv desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, J. situate in and near the Town of MUCH WEN LOCK aforesaid, now in the Occupation of Richard Davies, viz. LOT I. 411 that Piece of rich Meadow Land, situate id the Town of M tich Wenlock aforesaid, called Gnmblestoue Meadow, or Woof's Yard, containing ) A. oR. 32P. or thereabouts. LOT II. Mcssdage, Fpld- y Furlo A Messilage, Barn, and Fold- yard, with two Pieces, of Meadow I- aud, called the Furlongs. Ats 4 3 14 1 2 1 0 2 37 1 31 BY J. BROOME. On the Premises, 1111 Tuesday, the 9th Day of April, 1811, PART of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNI- TURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, be- longing to Mrs. NORRIS, of THE HOLT, iu the Parish of Cardington, and County ofSalop ; consisting of excellent Four- post and other Bedsteads, with Cotton, Manchester stripe, and other Furniture, excellent Feather Beds, Bols- ters, and Pillows, Blankets, and Quilts ; a number of Mahogany and Oak Dining and other Tables, and Chairs ; Pier and Swing Glasses ; Linen Chests, one Ditto \\ lh Drawers ; Bason Stands, Clock; with a large Assortment of Kitchen. Furniture, Brewing aud Dairy Utensils and Casks; all of which will be certainly found ill good Order well worth the Attention of the Public. The Sale to begin at ten o'Clock in the Morning. BY J BROOMET On the Premises, at SUTTON, near Shrewsbury, 011 Mon- day andTuesday, the 22d and 23d of April, 1811 : AI. L the I. IVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUS- BANDRY, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, be- longing to the late Mr. JOHN SOUTHERN.— Particulars in I our next. MONTGOMERYSHIRE CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. 1 • BY THOMAS WILLIAMS, At the Herbert Arms Inn, Kerry, on Saturday, tbe 20th Day of April, 1811, between four aud six o'Clock in tbe Afternoon, subject to Conditions to he then produced, the following Lots of valuable Oak Timber : LOT I. Q^- j OAK TIMBER ( TREES, numbered with aScribe, ( standing on the North Side of GREAT CLODDIA Farm, in tlie Parish of Kerry, and County of Mont- gomery, adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Kerry to Garthmil, about three Miles from Newtown, and six from Garthmil Wharf. LOT II. 50 OAK TIMBER TREES, also numbered with a Scribe, growing 011 the South Side of tbe. same Farm. The above Timber i. of large Dimensions, and well calculated for Naval Purposes. The Tenant will shew the Timber ; and Particulars may be had of Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, Kerry. BY CHURTON, On Monday, the 29th Day of April, 1811, and the following Days; rf^ HE valuable HOUSEHOLD TURNITURE, PLATE, 1 LINEN, CHINA, GLASS, CARRIAGE, HORSES, FARMING STOCK, and all other the Effects at SLEAP HOUSE, near Wem, Salop, late the Property of C. G. GREEN VVOLI. ERS, Esq. deceased.— Catalogues are pre- parin: Particulars iu our next. BY ORDER OF THE ASSIGNEES. BY CHURTON, Ou Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 6th, 7th, and 8th Days of May, lsi 1 ( not as before advertised); ALL THE VALUABLE ACHINERY, & c. & c. at the intended THREAD MANUFACTORY, near Drayton in Hales, inthe County of Salop; late the Property of SAMUEL DAVIES and PETER DAVIES, ( Bankrupts), or one of them. Particulars ill our next. Sling or Road Place, leading thereto, containing together 10A. lR. 24P. or thereabouts. This Lot will be sold subject to an Occupation Road along the Sling or Road Pldce to Lots 3, 4, and 5, and lo Lands of Sir VVatkin Williams Wynn; Bart, and M r. Phillips. LOT III. Two Pieces of Arable Land, called the Upper anil Lower Hoar Leys, bounded oil the East hy Lands of Sir VVatkin Williams Wynn, Bart, and containing 9A. 0R. 11 P. or thereabouts. LOT IV. All that Piece of Pasture Ground, called Near Stocking, containing 5.4. SiR. 35P. or thereabouts, situate near to Wenlock aforesaid, and adjoining I^ iuds of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, lit. and Mr. Howells on the East. LOT V. A Piece of rich Arable Laud, called the Far Stocking, adjoining Ihe last- mentioned Lot 011 Ihe East, and Lands of Sir VVatkin Williams Wynn on the West, containing sA. ill. 3oP. or thereabouts. tcnances, 1011 of Mr, ruble Land, called tbe Harp, adjoining to Lot 3, and the Turnpike Road leading from Wenlock aforesaid to Chinch Stretton. This Lot will be sold subject to a Lease of ihe House. Garden, and Appurtenances, and also of aA It oP. of the Harp, for the Remainder of a Term of Years, of which 48 remain unexpired, at the reserved annual Rent of £ 3. The above Estate is Freehnld of Inheritance, and enjoys many local Advantages The Land Tax is redeemed. A Map, descriptive of the Lots, may he seen at the Place of Sale, aud at the Office of Messrs. Co: 1.1 NS and III NTON. Solicitors, VVenlock, of whom, aud of Mr. VICKI ns, of Craumere, further Particulars may be had. The Tenant will shew Ibe Premises. LOT VI. A Dwelling House, Garden, and Appnrti situate in Wenlock aforesaid, in the Occupation Thomas Davis, together with a Piefce of rich Arab WINTERBOURNE, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. At tbe Exchange Coffee Room, Bristol, on Thursday, ( be 11th Dayof April inst. at one o'Clock in the Afternoon, if not disposed of iu the mean Time, by Private Contract . of which due Notice will tjc given ; , M" the County of Gloucester, about 6 Miles from llienj « tli City of Bristol, and now in hand : consisting uf afi « L„. furnished good FAMILY HOUSE ( to which an eir't^ nt • ' new Entrance, aud Driving Way liaVe lately been" madet '* containing upon the Ground Floor, a handsome DiifSmi I. ARDEN SALE. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, kc. BY JOSEPH RTIODF. N, On Thursday and Friday, the 18th and 19th Days of April, 1811, on the Premises, at LAliDEN, iu the Parish of Sliipton, aud County of Salop: ALL the very valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. of the late Mr. EDWARD ACTON, of BROCKTON, deceased ; consisting of a large Quantity of calved Cows, Cows in- calf, Heifers ditto, Ditto of Two- year olds and Yearlings; Waggon Horses, Hacks, Colts, & c. a great Number of capital Sheep; with many Store Pigs, in Lots ; and a very general Assortment of Im- plements in Husbandry.—- Further Particulars in our next Paper. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. SHROPSHIRE AND MONTGOMERYSHIRE. In the following Lots, at the Dragon Inu, in Montgomery, 011 Friday, the 26th Day of April, 1811, between the Hoursof four and six o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions: 1 AA L0T 1 J^ tjv./ OAK TimberTrees, numbered with a Scribe 1 to 100, standing on Marrington Hall Farm. LOT II. 141 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner 1 to 141, standing on other Part of Marrington Hall Farm, and Little Marrington Farm, in the Holding of Mr. Butler. LOT III. 155 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Manner 1 to 155, standing on Calcot Farm, in the Holding of Mr. R. Jones. LOT IV. 50 OAK Timber Trees, numbered in like Man- ner, standing ou Allport Farm, late in the Occupation uf J . Hudley, deceased. The above Farms adjoin each other, inthe Parishes of Chirbury and Churchstoke, aie distant about five Miles from the Belan Wharf on the Montgomeryshire Canal, about nine Miles from Pool Quay, and have an excellent Turnpike Road to each Place. The Trees are of considerable Dimensions, calculated for Frame Timber and Plank for the Navy, or other superior Purposes; lie remarkably well to convert, and are deserv- ing the Attention of Persons wanting good Timber. Mr. BUTLER, of Marrington, will shew the Trees; and for further Particular- apply to Mr. ASTI RLFY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury; or Mr. Gov ID, Golfa, near Welsh Pool. , —, ^ anil on the Chamber Flour are five good Lodging Ronnn., v and a Dressing Room, wilh 11 new and most cummoiVM. ua.'-.. Water Closet, supplied by a new forcing Pump, a Nursery? " and Store Room, and another good Room foi a Library or Office— An UNIQUE TEMPLE, or SUMMFR HOUSE, sub- stantially built, and elegantly filled up with Painted Win- dows, & c. ascended by Slone Steps from the principal Shrubbery, and commanding a most extensile beautiful Prospect; Lawn, twoCoach Houses, and a good fi » e- M ullcd Stable, and Harness Room, with Fire- place, Ihe Whole chambered for Servants, kc. and other capital Offices : tw o walled Kitchen Gardens, well stocked with choice I ruit Trees, Shrubberies, Orchard, Fish Ponds, and a compact Farm Yard, in which are Cow Houses, a well- built Piggery, a complete lock- up Poultry Yard, and attended with every other Convenience.— Also, T'rto FIFLDS of the finest . any t Appendages. The Place is entire, and within a Ring Fence, aud is surrounded with a capital Plantation and sunk Fence, lately made at a great Expence to open the View from the House with Very great Effect Immediate Possession may be given, and the Purchaser, if he wishes it, be accommodated by Part of the Purchase Money being left oil Mortgage. For a View, and any further Particulars, and Condition* of Sale, apply on the Premises, or to Messrs. BAYLY' and ANDP. EWFS, Solicitors; or to Mr. JAMES WILLIAMS, A » ctioi) » er, Shauuet Cuurt, Cora Street, Bristol. LONDON. HOUSE OF LORDS, T HURSDAY, MARCH 21. Earl SiANiiorp. brought in a bill for the better securing I. ibeity of Conscience, which was read a first time, and ordered for a second reading on Tuesday. This bill is founded on the clause tvbich his lordship Intended to bave introduced into tbe mutiny bill. BASK DOLLARS. Lord CRENVILLE called tire attention of the House to what he thnughl was a paper of great importance, relating to Ihe currency of the country. In his opinion, the Rank of Eng- land had taken upon themselves the highest act of sove- reignty, in raising the value of the current coin of Ihe king- dom, even with the consent of the Privy Council, He moved lhat there be laid before the House a copy of the Resolution of the Bank Directors for raising the value of the Bonk Tokens.— Earl RATHURST said. Government were willing to take upon itself the responsibility of that measure ; whenever that, question should come lo be argued, it would be impos- sible for his noble friend, with all his ingenuity, lo confound those tokens with the current coin of the country.— Lord LAUDERDALE said, that the depreciation of coin arose, as in King Wnoam's time, from nn over issue of Bank paper. — Lord ELLENBOROUCH observer!, that in charging juries it was his outy to tell them that those tokens were not legal tenders — The Earl of Ross stated, that Ihe rise in Ihe price of bullion did not, as a matter of course, depreciate the value of paper money ; and instanced the case of the Bank of Ireland paperiu 1804, adding, that even now the rate of ex. chage was in favour of Ireland, where a guinea can always be obtained on a premium of 4d,— Lord LAUDERDALE contended that the very reverse of that fact was the case. His lordship related an instance where a certain nobleman in lhat part of the United kingdom having refused lo receive any thing but guineas in payment for bis rents, when the tenants came and tendered bank notes, ihey were informed that they must pay in specie. The first who attended declared his total inability to procure guineas- be was answered by tbe Steward, that at a neighbouring chandler's shop there were 200 lo be pur- chased. Tbe prior man accordingly repaired there, bought the gold, and paid his rent. Tney were, immediately after, returned back to the < amechandler's shop, and successively purchased by each subsequent tenant, till, in the course of two days, the sum of „£ 7000 w'as paid in that way.— Earl STANHOPE said, that the ciYcu'mst.- nce of being able to raise the value of money in a moment, might lie converted into an engine of the foulest corruption, lie remembered that cer- tain persons had contrived b e'x& ct some secrets from Mr. Pitt, whereby they made their fortunes. Now the satne might have been done on this occasion ; and the sectet of raising the price of dollars being khown, individuals might have an opportunity, iu like manner of enriching themselves. — The motion was then agreed to, os was another by Lord Grenville, for the production of all correspondence between tbe Government and the Bank Duectois on ihe subject of raising the value of the Bank tokens.— On Ihe motion of Marquis VYELI. FSLEY, and after some observations by Lord GRENVILLE, who spoke decidedly against the measure, the House agreed to the Message of the Prince Regent, recom- mending a supply in aid of Portugal. HOUSE OF COMMONS. General GASCOIGNE put off from Tuesday next fo Thursday the 4th of April, his intended motion relative to Ihe pay and allowances made to officers in the army.— Lord A. HAMIL- TON'S motion for Ihe production of copies of all orders, di- rections, & c. relative to the Piess of India since 1707, and all acts done by Ihe Presidencies on the subject of Restraints upon the Press; was lost by a majority of 35— theie being for it 18, against it 53. Read n first, time a bill to render valid certain Indentures for binding Parish Apprentices. EAST INDIA COMMITTEE, On the motion of Mr. DUNDAS, a Select Committee was appointed lo enquire into the state of the affairs of the East India Company, ant] to report to the House thereon.— On the motion of Mr. WHARTON, leave was given to bring in the usual Indemnity bill. COMMERCIAL CREDIT. On the further consideiation of tbe Report of the Com- mercial Credit bill, Mr PERCEVAL proposed that the blank for Ihe insertion of the Interest on the Exchequer bills should be filled up with the words " 2d. per day."— Mr, H. THORN- TON proposed as an amendment, that the interest should be 2{ il. per day. Mr. Thornton's amendment was cariied by a majority of 1— the numbers being for the amendment 29, against it 28.— The Militia Enlistment bill went through a Committee, the Report uas received, nnd ordered to be taken info further consideration on Monday next, HOUSE OF LORDS, FRIDAY, MARCH 22. The Roval Assent was given by Commission tothe mutiny bill, the Marine Mutiny bill, the British population bill, the Silk Manufacturers' Wages bill, and nine private bills. The Commissioners were, the Lord Chancellor, tbe Duke of Mout- lose, and the Earl of Aylesford. HOUSE OF COMMONS. The Market Harburongh Canal bill was lost, on the motion for its beir. g read a second time, by 96 to 48.— On the motion of Mr. ABCRCROMBIE, ordered that there be laid before the House a return of the number of Deseiters from the army, from Dec. 1S09, till Dee. 1810, distinguishing those who had enlisted for hn* L'd, from those who had enlisted for ununi ted service. In reply to a question by SirC. M. BORRELL,( O what pur- poses the'fines paid by the different counties of England, in defect of furnishing their quotas of militia, were appropriated ? — Mr. OouLDBUifsc answered, thai they were added to the Consolidated Fund, for Ihe general service of the country.-- Mr. VANSITTART snid, that, by Aet uf Parliament, he be- lieved tlinse fines should be applied to the expenses of the Militia, and not to the Consolidated Fund. He would there- fore move, 11 That there be laid before the House au account of Hie number of fines paid by the seveial counties Of Great Britain, distinguishing each, for deficiencies in the general and local militia, during the years 1807, 8, 9, and 18."— Ordered. MR. WUITBRBAD put off his motion relative to the affording a permanent provision for any future recurrence of his Ma- jesty's indisposition, until the 3d of April.— The House in a Committee of Supply, Mr. YORKE moved that the sum of .£ 1,157,731 be granted for Ihe Navy Ordinaries for the pre- sent year ; which was agreed to; as were also the following— .£'" 42,925 for the Barrack Department. For the relief of Dissenting Clergymen in Ireland £ and Scotland 9280 For defraying the expense of Woiks building and completed in the Mint, in tbe year 1811 To paying Ihe erection of additional machineiy now eteftiug ut the manufactory of Messrs. Bolton & Watt To defray the expense of making a tunnel under the Mint .. ... 4500 For the use of the Board of Agriculture 4900 The House resumed, and the Report of the Committee was ordered fo be received on Monday. The bill for affording relief tucertain Merchants BIUI Manu- facturers, during the present distresses in trade, was read a third time, and passed. HOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY, MARCH 25. The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the Sugar Bounty, and Drawback, the Linen Yarn, the Irish Coal, and ihe Expiring Laws bills,— The Commissioners were the Lord Chancellor, Lord Walsiiigham, and the Earl of Aylesford. HOUSE OF COMMONS. The motion for the second reading of the bill for erecting a new Theatre in ihe Metropolis, was opposed by Mr. Sireridan on the ground of its being unnecessary, as arrangements were lv v made for the re- erection of Drtirv Lane Theatre, and also-, fur building a t'niid Theatre, which Ihe patentees had a njtlit to clo, should such a thing be found expedient.— Mr. TCOVN assured the House, lhat if the paities who applied k. icw to a certainty that Drury Lane T heatre was to be rebuilt, Ihey would nut press this bill. — Mr. WHITBREAD had confident expectation that the Theatre would be rebuilt, but sufficient progress had not been made in the investigation su as to enable the parties to say when; lie therefore moved that tbe bill should be put off for six weeks lunger: The amendment was carried without a division. BRIBERY AT ELECTIONS. On I he order for the second reading of Ihe bill to prevent Bribery at Elections being moved, Mr. C. WYNN entered into- FI jong explanation of iu nature and object.— Mr. BRAND thought Ibis measure would have no other effect than that ol giv ug the monopoly, in the sale uf seats, to the Ministers for the time being. No good could aiise hum applying par- tial leniedies lo a general evil, which could only be removed by some great constitutional measure. It was his intention, shortly alter the Easter recess, lo bring forward a motion on tiie subject of a Parhameutaiy Reform.— Mr. G. JOHNSTONE contended, that the laws now existing against bribery had been effectual to their purposes; Iheretore, be would not haie any new law upon the subjcct.— Mr. CURWEN thought the House of Commons wanted reform— it wanted it to regain tbe atieciions of the people; and if this bill would in the smallest degree prtmote that object, by restoring puiity to the House, they ought to feel obliged to the lion, member who brought it in. He thought a Committee was the proper place for discussing its merits, and therefore he should sup- port the second reading.— Sir J. ANSTRUTHER said, he op- posed the present bill on several grounds ; particularly that clause which obliged witnesses to criminate themselves. It was against law and natural justice. The hon. gentleman savs, " Aye, but I will indemnify him ;" that, however, would destroy his otvn character, and for Such a loss it was impossible to indemnify him. Sucb a regulation would also take protection from innocence, throw a shield round guilt, and opeu a door for perjury; and it was chiefly upon this clause that he should oppose the bill.— Sir'.!. NEWPORT thought the bill should go to a Committee,, where it might be dis- cussed, and the objectionable parts done away.— Mr. MORRIS thought the clause relating to witnesses would go to change the nature of the law of evidence. Purity of election was a consummation devoutly to be wished, but he would not con- sent to purchase it at this price. — Mr. WYNN shortly replied, and the House divided. For the second reading 17— Against it 64— Majority against the bill 47. The Hou< re in a Committee of Supply, several sums were voted for miscellaneous services in Ireland. HOUSE OF LORDS, TUESDAY, MARCH 26. Lord STANHOPE moved the second reading of his bill for the better securing the Liberty of Conscience, particularly with respect to compelling Roman Catholic soldiers to attend at places of Divine Worship which they thought inconsistent with their religious faith,— The Earl of LIVERPOOL objected to the bill ; and moved that it be read a second time this day six months.— Loid . STANHOPE contended that soldiers hat! fou duties to perform— their duty to their Country, their duty to their King; their duty to their officers, and one duty which was infinitely superior to all those— their duty to the Almighty, their maker. He asked their lordships to suppose | the case of a Catholic soldier being ordered by his officer to go to church, and tbe soldier should reply, " No, 1 won't; it is against my conscience;" and then suppose that a scuffie ensued, and that the officer lost his life, what could they do, ( for the articles of war expressly said, that a soldier is to obey in all things that are legal.) Now that forcing the soldier to go to church against his will, was an illegal act; and eVen if it was not so, was it not prudence and justice to prevent such things from happening, by enacting a law on the subject which should be clear and explicit ? It was but in lhat case giving to every man that religious liberty which he ought to possess by the same charter w hich was secured to him the air which he breathes. The motion was further opposerl by Lord Redesdale;. and supported by Lord Holland and the Earl of Cailisle.— After a short reply from Lord Stanhope, the ' amendment was carried without a division. HOUSE OF COMMONS, Mr. CHAPMAN moved to postpone the second reading of the Spilsby Poor bill to this day month — Sir S. ROMILLY said, when this bill was last before the House, he had op- poserl it, on the grounds of the improper power given by it to the Overseers and Directors of the poor. Since that time he had looked into the bill, and found still more objectionable clauses than those which he had before stated to the House. Indeed, be was of opinion the bill was, in its principle and framing, so inconsistent with what it ought to be, that, in his opinion, it would be impossible to mend it; he should, therefore, oppose its going to a Committee at all, and move that it be read a second time this day six months.— This amendment was agreed to without a division. CHARITAGLFE DONATIONS. Mr. LOCKWART moved for leave to bring in a bill to register Cbaiitahle Donations. It was known that abuses existed in the management of charitable institutions, and if, alter the report of the Committee appointed to enquire into the subject, the House should netlect to make some provisi on for preventing such abuses in future, it would hold out encouragement to persons practising them. — Mr. WILBER- FORCR seconded the motion,— Sir S. ROMILLY doubted whether the bill would have the proposed effect. The abuses did not exist in consequence of ignorance of their existence; but froin the. expensive method of remedying the evil, namely, by infuimation filed by the Attorney General, which was a mode not only extremely injutious to the funds of the chaiity, but also loo tedious to produce any beneficial effect in the result. The only remedy for the evil, in his opinion, would be, to render the mode of proceeding more summary and less ex- pensive.— After a few words from Mr. W. WYNN, in favour of the motion, leave was given lo bring in a bill. The Parish Apprentice bill was read a second time, and committed for this day month. BIRMINGHAM FIRE OFFICE, UNION- STREET, BIRMINGHAM, FORINSUHINO HOUSES. WAREHOUSES, MANUFACTO- RIES a,| d Other lie i iDiscs, FARM- ING STOCK, GOODS, WARES, MER CHANJIIZE, Snips in Harbour, and other Property, from Loss and Damage by Fire. EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PAR- LIAMENT. Persons insured in this Office, whose insurances become due at Lady Day next, are respectfuliv informed that the Receipts for renewal thereof, are now ready for delivery by tbe respective Agents, and that the same should be renewed oo or befote the 9ih Day of April as the 15 Days allowed for Payment beyoud the Date of cach Policy will then expire. Farming Slock on any Part of a Farm, or in any Building thereon, insured in one Sum, at the reduced Rate of 2s. per Cent. No Charge made for Policies where the Premium amounts to 6s. nor on removal from other Offices. Losses by Fire from Lightning made good. Bv Order of the Directors, R. 1. WITHERIDGE, Secretary. 21,500 4000 March 23d, 1811, AGENTS- Shreresbury Whitchurch Cleobury Mortimer Market Drayton Rem Newport Ludlow Penley, near Ellesmere Oszcest'y Hales Owen JOSEPH GRANGER. Shiff/ ial JOSIAH HARDING BANKRUPTS, MARCH 13. Adams John, and Spragg John, of Great St. Tboinas Apostle's, ' London, stationers, March 26, April 26, May 4, at Guildhall Batty William, of Wakefield, cloth manufacturer, March 26, 29, May 4, at the New Court House, Waktfield.— Baiss William, of Warminster, Wiltshire, and Baiss James, of Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire, coopers, March 26, April 11, May 4, at the Lamb Inn, Warminster.— Carter William, ttie younger, ol Liverpool, mer- chant, Apiil 8, 10, May 4, at the George Inn, Liverpool.— Chapman William, of Birmingham, stationer, April 15, 16, May 4, at the Seven Stars Inn, Birmingham— Dadd Stephen, of Rochester, grocer, March 26, April 16, May 4, at Guildhall, London.— Dell Thomas, of Macclesfield, manufacturer, April 3, 9, May 4, at the Macclesfield Arms Inn, Macclesfield f- Flounders Joseph, and M or ley John Thomas, linen- drapers, Iluddcrsfield, Yorkshire, March 26, 29, May 4, at the Neptune Inn, Kiugston- uoon- Hull,— Franks James, Lambeth, cabinet- maker, March 26, April 2, May 4, at Guildhall, London.— Gibbon Robert, Ihe younger, of Monkwcarmoulh, Durham, coal- fltter. April '.' 9, 30, " May 5, at the Bridge Inn, Bishopwearmoilth — Hinton William, of Painswick, Gloucester, grocer, April 10, 11, May 4, at the Falcon Inn, Painswick.— Hay James, and Hill Jeremiah, of Borough High- street, linen- diapers, Match 26, April 6, May 4, at Guildhall, London.— Hamper James, of High- street, Borough, hosier, March 30, April 6, May 4, at Guildhall, London .— Hill Thomas, of Clayworth, Nottingham. hire, butcher, April 22, 23, Mav 4, althe White Swan, Scrooby, Nottinghamshire.— Hey wood William, of Manchester, small ware manufacturer, April 8, 9, May 4, at the Mosley Anns Inn, Manchester.— Hall Thomas, of Stoke Newington, victualler, March 26, April 16, May 4, at Guildhall, London.— Northmore Richard, of Bcdminster, Som- ersetshire, victualler, Mann 30. April 11, May 4, at the Rum- mer Hotel, Bristol.— Parkin Thomas, and Scobell Thomas, of Broad- street, London, merchants, March 26, April 6, May 4, at Guildhall, Loudon — Sloper Michael, of Bathwick, Somersetshire, tailor, April 5, 16, May 4, at the Christopher Inn, Bath— Shar- rock Thomas, of Pre. ton, Lancashire, shopkeeper, March 26. April 2, May 4, at Guildhall, London.— Whitehead John, and Whitehead James, of Liverpool, brewers, April 26, 27, May 4, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool. MARCH 26. J— Balmer William, of Oldham, Lancashire, grocer, April 10, II. May 7, at the White Bear Inn, Manchester Blackburne Thomas, anil Bonner Gamble Yates of King's Lynn, Norfolk, merchants, April 16, 17, May 7, at the Guildhall, King's Lynn.— Brufortl Francis, ol Crewkerne, Somersetshire, button- factor, April 9, 10, M > y 7, at the George Inn, Ciewkerne Bchrends Christopher, of Artillery- court, Chiswell- street, mer- chant, March 30, April 13, May 7, at Guildhall, London— Burnett Isaac, of Shadwell. slopseller, March 30. April 16. May 7, at Guildhall, London.— Carson Alexander, and Distell William, ot Liverpool, merchants, Aprd 11, 15, May 7, at the George Inn, Liverpool.— Cooke William, ol Liverpool, merchant, April 11, 15, May 7, at the, George Inn, Liverpool.—(' ope Benjamin, of Frods- liam, Cheshire, merchant, April 15,16, May 7, at the George Inn, Liverpool.— Dancer Josiah, of Lamb's- Conduit- street, lamp- maker, March 30, April 9, May 7, . t Guildhall, London.-- Dewsnap Joseph, of Bell's- buildings, Salisbury- square, glover, April 2, 9, May 7, at Guildhall, London.— Green George, and Green Thomas, of Great Marlborough- strcet, taylors, April 2, 9, May 7, at Uuldtiall, London,— Gascoin John, ol Woodclock- s'reet, llahover- squkre, tailor, April 2, 6, May 7, at Guildhall, Ijoadon. r- Knight Thomas Mayvard. of H. mniershuth, chemist, April 2, 6, May 7, at Guildhall, London— Morris Lewis, of Cardiff, Glamorganshire, merchant, April 15, 16, May 7, at the Crown Inn, Merthyr Tydvil.— Nic/ tolls John, nf Lane Detph, Staffordshire, victualler, April 16, 17, May 7, at the Blue Bell Inn, Stent'.— Parry David, of Liverpool, merchant, April 11, 15, May 7, at TIL- George Inn, Liverpool.— Stone William, ol Viilers-. treet, Strand, merchant, March 27, April 3, May 7, al Guildhall.— Tophatn Thomas, of Manchester, merchant, April 4, 5, May 7, a' the Tontine Inn, Sheffield.— Turner Thomas, of Wal- worth,' Surrey, builder, March 30, April 6, May 7, at Guildhall, London.— Vine Thomas, the younger, ol Brighton, groccr, March 30, April 16, May 7, at Guildhall, London. SHROPSHIRE. LOSEPH ENOCK. JOSEPH LEE. .... JOHN EATON. .... THOMAS GRIFFITH, Jun, .... ARTHUR BFETENSON. ... RICHARD LOWE. ... THOMAS GRIFFITHS. .... THOMAS EACHUS, JOHN STANTON. Wellington Ellesmere . Stafford Peek ridge . s... • • Walsall - Lichfield Tumworth Newcastle Wolverhampton BUston ... —• Lane End and Cheadle Cannock Rngeley , Burslsm THOMAS CRANAGE. ANDREW CROSS. STAFFORDSHIRE. JOSEPH HENSRAW. * GEORGE BENNETT. • THOMAS PEARCE. THOMAS RUTTER. WILLIAM WAIN. CHARLES CHESTER. THOMAS MASCAL. STEPHEN BASFORD. RICHARD NRWBOI. D. CHARLES COTIERILL. WILLIAM HAWKINS. JOHN WARD. IVALES. Aberystwith '. DAVIA GRIFFITH. Newtown Mr. JONES, Druggist. Welsh Pool — -- ... .... JAMES ROBERTS. Wynn Hall, near Rusbon JOHN KENRICK, The above Agents are also Agents to the Birmingham Life Insurance and Annuity Office, of whom the Rales and Coh • ditions of Insurance mav be had Gratis. TROJAN, WILT. COVER this Season, at the 20th of MARCH totbc20th of JUNE, at three Guineas a Mare, and five Shillings the Groom. TROJAN IS a beautiful brown Horse, without any white; is eight Years old, and Stands fifteen Hands three Inches high.— Got by Sir Peter Teasle, his Dam by Moss's Old Snap, & c. Sic. and in Poiut of Symmetry, Strength, and Fashion, cannot pussibly be excelled. Mares taken to Grass at 7s. per Week. O COVER at THE ROYALS, near NANTWICH, Cheshire, CASTREL, At 10 Guineas; and 10s. 6d. DIAMOND, At three Guineas, and Ss. T TO COVER this SEASON, at the TALBOT INN, ATCHAM, near Shrewsbury, at Two Guineas and a Half, BENINGBROUGH, OWN BROTHER TO MAIDSTONE. He was got by Old Beningbrough ( who has covered at 25 Guineas a Mare ; at present be covers by Subscription, at a much higher Price); liis Dam was Lardella, by Young Maisk, from the Blood of Eclipse, & c. His Strength, Bone, and Beauty, require no more Eulogy. He will attend at the Unicorn Inn, Shrewsbury, every Saturday ; Plough Inn, Wellington, every Thursday ; and the Rest of his Time at Atcliam. Good Grass for Mares at 7s. per Week. GALLANT, ACAPITAL HORSE, ofthe pure Suffolk Puncli- brccd, will Cover this Season, at THE NEW INN, KIN LET, at One Guinea and a Half a Mare, aud Half- a- Crown the Groom. GALLANT was purchased last Summer by Mr. Cliilde, from the Breeder Mr. Hayle, of Leiston, near Saxmuudham, and was cousidered to be the best bred, and the most per- fect shaped Horse that has for many Years been procured Out of the County of Suffolk. He was got by Mr. Spinks' Horse, ( which is the present favourite Punch Stallion) who is a Son of Mr. Blake's Britain, that was sold for Five Hun- dred Guineas, and afterwards covered in Northumberland; aud out of Mr. Amos's well- known Bob Tail Mare, whose owa Sister was tlie Dam of seven capital Stallions: the late Mr. Amos, and Mr. Blake, were both supposed to have possessed the best and purest Suffolk Punch Blood in the Country. GALLANT is rising nine Years old, is upwards of 17 Hands high, perfectly sound and free from Blemishes, with as much Power as can be necessary for any Description of draught Horse to possess; and although be has plenty of Bone, his Legs are as lean and free from Hair as those of many thorough- bred Horses, and his Action is particularly light and good It has uniformly been admitted by such Persons as bave been possessed of Suffolk Punch Stock, that there is no breed in this Kingdom so well adapted to all Agricultural purposes, as they are the kindest Workers, the best tempered, and tlie soundest Horses thai have yet been produced. GALLANT will be shewn once in several of the principal Towns in the Counties of Salop and Worcester, after which he will not move from the New Inn, Kinlet, during the Season ; nor will he be permitted to serve any Mare, unless the Money be paid at the Time of Covering. Several Brood Mares, Geldings, and Colts will in future be regularly offered to the Public at Mr. CHILDE'S Annual Sale of Stock. SfVEDISH SOAP, MILFORD HAVEN, SOUTH WALES. fB^ illS NEW SOAP will be found beyond all M- comparison the best preparation known for tbe MILL- ING, & c. OF WOOLLEN CLO TH, & c. and lo be a most important improvement. Made only as ordered, and sold in CHESTS PRICE FIFTEEN POUNDS STERLING EACH, Con. taming in general abuut THREE HUNDRED WEIGHT, but regiihrt. il always by the current value of LONDON CURO SOAP, it beaiing the same Price. ORDERS ' or any quantity not less than a Chest in Post Paid Letters ( enclosing Remittances in Bankers' Paper, or they will not be attended to), addressed to the Sole Manu- facturers, THE MILFORD- HAVEN SOAP AND ALKALI COM I'ANY, PEMBROKE, wiltbe executed within three Weeks' Notice, and delivered free of Expense at any of the principal Ports in the UNITED KINGDOM. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE OFFICE. THE CORPORATION of ihe ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Nutice, that they have authorised their respective Agenls to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Fi rming Stock at the Rale of 2s. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due 011 the 25th Instant, are li.. vl herel, y informed that Receipts arc now ready lo be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, and the Parties assured are. requested to apply for the Re- newal of their Policies on or before tbe 9th Day of Ap'il, 1811, as tbe usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyoud tbe Date of cach Policy will then expire. ' SAMUEL PENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shrewsbury, Mi. J. Eddowes. Wellington, Mr. Stephen Jennins. Oswestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. Leominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr. William Holbrooke. BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. Wrexham, Mr. Joseph Langford. FLINTSHIRE. Holy- cell, Mr. William Tri ton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea, Messrs. J. and W. Robert Grove; Cardiff, Mr Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas Tudor. Newport, Mr. J. H. Smilhers. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. STAFFORDSHIRE, Burton, Mr. Charles Hodson. Lichfield, Mr. William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. Wolverhampton, Mr. James Brown, Ihnley, Mr, John Toml'mson. Newcastle- wider Line, Mr. James Ilalmartck. WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, Mr. Samuel Perrin. Worcester, Mr. Robert Gillam. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Alacclesficld, Mr. William Buckley. Nantwich, Mr. William Tomlinson., Norlhwich, Mr. Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr. Thomas Owen. N. B. Fire Policies w ill be allowed free of Expense, where the annual Premium amounts to 69. or upwards. This Company bave invariably marie good Losses, by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be bad of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found to be advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others; TABLES of the RATES for such- ASSURANCES and for the GRANTING ANNUITIES 011 LIVES, may be had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by Special Agreement) the Assurance 011 Lives to the Age of 75 Years. March 12, 1811. " ESTABLISHED BOOKS ON COMMERCE, FOR TIIE USE OF Wholesale and Retail Dealers, Merchants, Bankers, fee. Published this Day bv CROSBY, and Co. Stationers'' Court, London: Sold by W. EDDOWES, Wood and Walton, Morris, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Welling- ton ; Smitli, Iron Bridge and Wenlock ; Silvester, New- port ; Wright, Whitchurch ; the Booksellers ill Chester; Painter, Wrexham; and by all other Booksellers. COLLlNS's COMPLETE READY RECKONER iti Miniature, containing Tables accurately cast up ot any Quantity, aud at any Price— w ith interest Tables, Commis- sion, Brokerage, Weights and Measures, Stamps, Bankers, Duties &. c. & c. Printed and bound in a neat Manner for the Pocket, is. Cd. or Calf lettered, 2s. " A very pretty Edition of a very useful little Book, which is neatly and correctly printed. Such a modest Vo- lume must be particularly acceptable to those who require its Assistance."— Antijacobin Revive, for October, 1808. 2. TABLES OF INTEREST, correctly calculated trom 1 to £ 3000, at 5 per Cent, for 1 to 96 Days, aud for 1 to 13 Months.— Ditto of Commission from J to a per Cent— Also for calculating any given Sum per Year, Month, Week, or Dav. By Mr. THOMAS MITCHELL, Accountant, London. The decided Preference given to Mr. Mitchell's Interest Tablesi for general Use, by the London Bankers and Mer- chants is, from its Accuracy, and convenient Size for Reference. 3. TABLES OF INTEREST AND EXCHANGE at all tlie usual Rates per Cent, oil a new and accurate Plan. To which are annexed, a new Table for reducing Interest, a complete Ready Reckoner, and other Commercial Tables. Dedicated to the Governors of tbe Bank, and Royal Bank of Scotland. The second Edition, loyal Svo. 21s. Boards. By WILLI AM STENIIOUSE, Accountant, al Edinburgh. These Tables appear sufficiently complete, they are very accurate, and compute the Interest for a Day to tbe 7300th Part of a Farthing, and he obtains an exacter Justice thau M r. Hurry."—. litem's Annual Review. 4. On fine Paper, Price ( is. ( id. Boards, uniform with Crosby's Gazetteer of England and Wales, CROSBY's MERCHANT'S AND TRADESMAN'S POCKET DIC- TIONARY, adapted to every Branch of Commerce. " This is one of ( he most wanted and useful Dictionaries we have seen ! !! the vast Variety of Subject it contains will be found necessary and convenient for every Person, from the Peer to the menial Servant "— Anti- Jacobin Rev I808. r>. A NEW INTRODUCTION TO THE ITALIAN M ETHOD of BOOK- KEEPING, by the Rev. R. TURNER, Author of the Geography, and Introduction to the Arts, & c. The fifth Edition, corrected bv Mr. Malham, Is. (>. CROSBY'S NEW and COMPLETE GAZETTEER, ofENGI. ANDaad WALES, or TRAVELLER'S COMPAN- 011 fi^ ie Paper, 18mo, with Maps, 5s ATES of Insurance against Fire, ( exclusive of Government Duty), in the- BRITISH FIRE OFFICE, No. 429, STRAND, and No. 21, CORVHII. L, LONDON ; and by AGENTS in EDINBURGH, GLASGOW, DUBLIN, aud other prin- cipal TOWNS. Common Insurance . . 2s. 0d. 5 Hazardous 3s. Od. r perCent. per Annum. Doubly Hazardous . . 5s. Od. } Additional Rates are charged when increased Hazprd ap- pears, either from the Construction or Situation of the Buildings, the Quality « t the Property, or the Nature of Ihe Trade or Manufacture. Policies ( Gratis), as heretofore, for Sums of 300/. and upwards. Premiums FOR Insurance renewable at LADY- DAY, must be pairi within Fifteen Days therefiom. Merchandize and Ships insured in the West Ind: a and London Docks ; and also at ti. e different Ports in the United Kingdom. Insurances also granted on Property in His Majesty's Dominions abroad, and in Foreign States at amity with these Kingdoms FARMING STOCK insured at 2s. 6d. perCent. speci- fying Ihe Sums on Ihe different S- irts of Grain— or Is. 6d. per Cent, only on the whole Stock of any one Farm, with the Salvage Clause. ROBERT SKF. LTON, Sec. 7. GENERA I. HISTORY of IN LAN D NAVIGATION, Foreign and Domestic, a complete Account of the Canals already executed in England, with Considerations on those projef'ted, bv J. PHILLIPS, Author ot" the New Builder's Price Book, 5th Edition, 8vo. 10s. 6d. Boards. R. FREEMAN'S GUTTA SALUTAR1S, an approved Specific for the Scurvy and every Foulness and Impurity of the Blood.— Scorbutic Complaints are the most genera! Malady of the British Constitution, no Family is, more or less, exempt from them, and they shew them- selves in a variety ot w ays ; they produce Roughness, Ulcer- ation, aud other diseased States of the Skin ; they occasiou Loss of Appetite, Weakness, and Dejection of Spirits, nnd the Mass of B: ood being rendered Foul, il is incapable of affording a healthy Supply of Nourishment to enable Ihe Functions of Lite to be properly and actively performed. As a Remedy fiom all Impurities from this Cause, Dr. Fieeman's Gutta Salutaris has proved itself, by a Reputation of 30Years, a certain Specific and never- failing Cure; it requires only a few Bottles of this invaluable Medicine to remove the most obstinate and inveterate Scorbutic Complaints,— At this Period of the Season it is well known that Scurvy and its Consequences are much to be dreaded ; in every Constitution w here they are prevalent the above Medicine is recommend- ed, as the only certa- n Means of curing as well as preventing the Malady from breaking out; n 0 is it less successful against the Effects of a well- known Contagion, which pro- duces a certain Disease that imbitters the Souice of Enjoy- ment; every Injury arising from this Taint, whether exter nally appearing or latent In the Blood, is radically and safely removed by it, without the Necessity of Confinement or those other Restrictions which Medicines of a less superior and active Kind requite. It is therefoie recommended to Youth of both Sexes, and tn those who are about to enter into a married State, anil would wish to preserve firm Health and a sound Constitution; by it they will be fieed from every debility to which their Irregularities may have exposed them. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, Corner of Paternoster- Row; and retail by EDBOWES, Wood, Palin, and Morris, Shrewsbury; Baugh, Ellesmere; Painter, Wrexham; Price, Morrall, Edwards, and Miusball, Os- westry; Honlstons, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Scarrott, Shiffual ; Smith, Iropbridge and Wenlock; Gitton, and Bangham, Bridgnorth; and most Medicine Venders, in Bottlei at. 2s. 9d. and 4s. 5d. each. IHE CELEBRATED MAGNETIC RAZOR TABLET, patronized by his Royal Highness the PRINCE of WALES, having become so high in reputation to be considered tbe only invention in the World, capable of forming a most scientific and acute Edge to a Razor without the use of Oil or Grease; JOHN THOMAS RIGGE, Ihe Proprietor, aod Inventor, feels it bis doty to caution tbe Public that nonp are genuine but such as are signed in Red Ink, with his signature, and numbered; price 7s, 6d. Sold at his Warehouses in London, 52, Park- street, Gros- venor- sqnare, and 65, Cheapside; also by regular appointed Agents in every City and Town in the United Kingdom. The following Persons are appointed in Shrewsbury ; Messrs. W. Ilulme and Son, Perfumers, See. Bottom of Pride Hill, Messrs. Nightingale, Wyle- Cop, and Mr. Morris, Bookseller, Princess- street. FIRE AND LIFE SISSWANTECAM^ ATTI) OF LONDON. 0 ERSONS vvhi) have assured at this Office are requested to take notice, that Policies expiring at Laety Day next, should be renewed at that period, or within fifteen Days thereafter. Renewal Receipts are now ready for delivery in the Hands of the several Agents, who are empowered, to effect new Assurances conformably to the printed Proposals ot the Company. HENRY DFSROROUGH, Jun. SECRETARY. Cheapside, London, March 20, 1811. AGENTS. Shrewsbury, Mr. R. F. Barron Drayton, Mr. David Procter Chester, Mr. Thomas Poole Ellesmere, Mr. C. Hughes Nantwich, Mr. S. Walton Os- eestry, Mr. Edw. Edwards B mgor, Mr. John Risbrcek Beaumaris, Mr. John Jones Carnarvon, Mr. Rob Robetts Ho'jitrt/<, N^ r. Griffith Williams Holyhead, Mr, John Price Farm near J Mr. Edward Abergele, J Oldfieid Bala, Mr. Thomas Anwyl. Whitchurch, Mr. Jms. Davie Bank Newport, Mr. Wm, Masefield The Directors are desirous of Establishing Agents for the Company in those Towns where appointments have not al. teadv been made. Applications, accoinpahined with Refer- ences, to be addressed to the Secretary. 10 Grass Farmers, Feeders, and Dealers in tattle. This Day is published, price 6s isvo. boards, The second Edition, with seme important additions ; ATREATISE on the Choice, Buying, and Management of LIVE STOCK; comprising Descriptions of the Principal Breeds of BLACK CATTLE— SHEET— HORSES— SWINF.— ABIES— MULES— POULTRY— RABBITS— BEES—< DOGS, & C & c TO which is added an Appendix on the Improvement of British Wool— Destruction of Vermin, & c. by tbe Author of the COMPLETE GRAZIER. Embellished with many Wood Cuts and Copper Plates. London: Printed for B. CROSBY and Co. Stationers* Court; anil sold by W. EDDOWES, Wood end Wattou, Morris, aud Newliug, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iron- Bridge, and Weuluck; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch; the Booksellers in Chester; J. Painter, Wrexham ; and all other Booksellers. Also Just published, CLATER's EVERY MAN HIS OWN CATTLE DOC- TOR ; svo. 1US. txl. boards, Author of EVKRYMAN HIT, OWN FARRIFB., aro. y » . boards. Twenty one Impression* of this valuable Work have been sold, and the sale Is daily increasing. . COMPLETE GRAZIER, or FARMER and CATTLE DEALERS'ASSISTANT, Comprising the WHOLE MA- NAGEMENT of a GRASS FARM, by a LINCOLNSHIRB GRAZIER, with many Plates and Wood Cuts, xvo. 123. CROSBY'S FARM'ERS' DALLY JOURNAL, for IBLL— 4s, or extra bomid, 5s POTTS' BRIT ISH FARMER'S AGRICULTURAL. DICTIONARY', including every science, connected with Husbandry, 4tu. with many plates, £ 3.13s 6d. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN'. rjpHE greatest Blemish 10 Beauty is Superfluous JL Hairs on tbe Face, Neck, and Arms; HUBERT'e ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes Ihem, is as elegant Article, perfectly i.' nocent and pleasant, to use. Pricc 4 « . or two in one Parcel Is. Sold by the Proprietor, 23, Russel- Street, Covent- Garden, London. 7'. WOOD having been appointed the IVho'esale as well os Retail Agent for this and the adjoining Counties, rrdl supplif Rookselle's and Dealers mth the above Article on liberal Terms. The following are Venders in this Neighbourhood: H. P. Silvester, Newport; W Edwards, Oswestry ; IV. Smith, Iron- bridge; T. Griffiths, Ludlow; E. Griffiths, B shop's Castle; D. Procter, Dear/ ton. HEUMAT1SMS, PALSIES, and GOUTY AFFECTIONS, with their usual Concomitants, Spasm, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indiges'iun, and general Debility ( originating in whatever Source), are relieved and frequently cured by Whitehead's Essence of Mustard Pills, after every olher Means bad failed. The Fluid Essence of Mustard ( used with the Pills, in those Complaints wheie necessary), is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual Remedy in the World, generally curing the severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than Half the Time usually taken by Opodeldoc, Arquebusade, or any other Liniment or Embrocation ; and if used immediately after any Accident, it prevents the Part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally efficacious for all ill- conditioned Sores, Sore Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ringworms, Shingles, Breakings out on the tace, Nose, Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and Inllamed Eyes, Sore Heads, and Scoibutic Humours of every Description. Prepared only and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, the Essence and Pilis al 2s. od each— the Cerate at Is. ljd. They are also sold bv W. EDDOWES, Newling, and Palm, Shrewsbury; Painter, Wrexhain ; Baugh, Ellesmere ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow ; Partridge, & Gitton Bridgnorth; Edwards, Price, and Minshall, Oswestry; and by every Medicine Vender in tiie United Kingdom, The genuine has a black ink Stamp with tbe Name of R. Johnston, iuscitod on it. HEAL JAPAN BLACKING, MADE: BY DAY AND MARTIN, LONDON. THIS invaluable Composition, with halt the usual Labour,' prodiices the most brilliant jet- black ever beheld; affords peculiar Nourishment to the Leather; will not soil tbe finest Linen ; is perfectly free from any unplea- sant Smell; and will retain its Virtue in any Climate. Sold wholesale, by Day and Martin, removed to No. 97, High Holborn, London; and retail by their Agents, W. F. UDOWES, J. Palm, Abr. Owen, and Bowdler and Studlev, Shrewsbury ; Partridge, Bookseller, Bridgnorth; Smith, Iron Bridge aud Wenlock ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Owen, Root- maker, Ludlow; Craig, Bookseller, Nantwicii; Morgan, Stati- oner, Stafford ; Brown aud Son, Grocers, Bersbam; Smith. Stationer, Newcastle; Gower and Smart, Wolverhampton ; Poole, Bookseller, Chester ; and J. Painter, Wrax'iam ; io Stone bottles, price Is. fid. each. F. AR 20 Years Experience, together with an extensive Sale, has sufficiently proved that FORD'S Federal Balsam of Horchound has the pre- eminence over every other Medicine, yet oferei IO the Public, for radically curing the mo; r obstinate Coughs, Asthmas, Hooping Cough, Consumptions, and all Disorders of the Breast and Lungs. Hovehound is an Herb which has ever been esteemed br the mo.- t able Physicians, for its salubrious Qualities in the Cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, aud all Pulmonary Com- plaints. As the usual Method of using it'. vas attended with considerable Inconvenience, the Proprietor of this Medicine was induccd to offer the Public an elegant Preparation from that universal and well- known Herb, and the distinguished Approbation it has received from an impartial and generou* Public, is a sufficient Testimony of its superior Virtue over every other Medicine « The Public- are particulaily requested to observe that each Bottle of the Balsam of Ilorehonnd is enclosed in an Affidavit, made before the Riaht Hon. the Lord Mavor of th** City ol London, June the 7th, 1805, and. signed by the Proprietor, without which it cannot be genuine. Sold in Battles at 10s. 6d. 4s. 6d. 2s 9d. and Is. l£ d# R. FORI) respectfully informs the Public, that the large Bottles are made larger in Proportion to the Price; as the. 10s. bd. Bottle contains three of 4s. od.— The 4s. Gd. Bottle two of 2s. 9 I.— The 2$. ? d. Bottle three of the small Is. l^ J. Sold by Dicey and Co. Newbery and Sons, Shaw and Edwards*, Barclay and Sons, Howard and Evans, Johnston, W. Green, by the Proprietor, Goswell- place, Islington, R# Butler, London; by W. EDDOWES, Printer of this Paper, Shrewsbury; and all other respectable Vender* in every town in the United Kingdom. Printed and published by IV. Eddozces, Corn- Market, $/ re » sbur$.
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