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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3366
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 01/04/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3366
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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The Susses Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal. ; , „•;, ,., ,. ... • ••••••! • ! MKI.^ W. V • « ..,, . ••• , •- ..,.••• .. i ,— - ; ..... — i prtntetJ an5 publtsJjeO bp aud for William aud Arthur Lee. VOL. L- XUi: NO. 3366.] MONDAY. APRIL. 1, 1811. ( Thick SIX- PKNCK, Thii P& uer which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in. every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Parts of KENT, SURREY, * ' and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, W AR. wicK- SQU ARE, IV: ar ST. PAUL'S, bv whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publisher? It mav also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. NEWHAVEN PIERS. 1Hereby give notice, that a general Meeting of the Commissioners and Trustees of the Har- bour and Piers of Newhaven, will be bolden at the While Hart Inn, in Lewes, on Monday, the 1st day of April next, at 12 o'clock at noon: Lewes. 22d March, I SI I. J. HOPER. ' ARUNDEL RAPE. NOTICE i9 hereby given, That the next Ses- sion* of Sewers for the Rape of Arundel, in ilic County of 5> o » » i'x, will he bolden sit the Crown Inn, Arundel, on Friday, t| ie lO'b dn y of April next, ai • lev. u o'clock in the forenoon. WM. HOLMES, Arundel, ioth March. Clk t0 iht Commissioners. ~ EARTHAM MANOR. NOTIC iris Wrcbv given, That th Right Ho- nourable the Earl of Newburgh, Lord of the Manor of Eartham, in the county of Sussex, will per- ambulate the bounds of the said Manor on Tuc » « lay. tlie aotU divy of April next, beginning at a place called Slindon Bottom, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of the same day. And notice is hereby also niven, That a general Court Baron will tic held in and for the said Manor, at the usual place, at llirrc o'clock in the afternoon of the same 30til day of April; nt which Court it is intended that the Customs of the said Manor . hall be investigat- ed and ascertained ; and therefore all persons whom- soever, being TiiienU of the said Manor, whether free- hold or copyhold, tire hereby strictly, enjoined to he ihen and there present. Arundel, 28th March, IHtt. WM. HOLMES. Steward New Turnpike Road from Steyning to Washington, TOLLS TO LET, NrOTlCE is hereby given. That the next Meet- I ingof Ihe Trustees of this Boad, will he held at the White Horse in Meytiing, on Wednesday, the 10th of April next at noon, at which Meeting the Tolls aris- ingat the Gate ill Sivier's Hid, iu the parish of Wiston, on the said Road, will be LET by AUCTION, to the best Bidder, for such terms as the Trustees then present shall think proper, not exceeding Three Years, Whoever happens to be the best Holder, must, at th* same time, give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees for the payment of the rent sit such times as they shall direct. C. MARSHALL, Steyning, 15th March, 18 11. Clk to the Trustees. FT> HE Partnership lately subsisting between us, J. the undersigned, at Billingshurst, Sussex, as Spirit Merchants, has been this day dissolved by mutual con- sent. Witness our hands, this 35th dav of February, MIL. THOS. MERCER, GEO. DAWSON. THE Partnership, lately subsisting between WILLIAM PIX, THOMAS PJX, and JOHN PIX, cf Northiain, JUerehauls, is this dav dissolved, by mu- tual consent, as far as concerns the said JOHN PIX. The business will henceforward lie carried on ujtder • he lirin of WILLIAM and THOMAS PIX Northiam, March 14, Ull. WILLIAM PIX, THOMAS PIX. JOHN PIX. " NOTICE TO C ft E Li I TO Its. ALL Persons having any Demands on the Es- tate of JOHN MILLER. late of Pctt, in Sussex, deceased, are requested to send the particulars thereof to ( Edmund Austen, of Rve, in Sussex, wheelwright, one of his Executors, on or before the First of June next; and any person indebted to the Estate of the said De- ceased, are requested immediately to pay their several debts to the mid E. Austen — Rye. 1Mb March, tail.. NOTICE to DEBTORS ami CREDITORS, ALL Persons who stand indebted to the Effects of Mr JAMBS BATES, Farmer, of Nuthurst, deceased, are requested to pay the same to Mr. John Bates, oi Nutliurst, his Exec utor, and all Lent Mo- nies, on or before May IS, IK11 ; and if three are any Monies found out afier that time, those owing them may expect trouble. And all Persona having Claims on the » aid I-' fleets, arc to deliver iu an account of the same to Mr. John Bates, of Nuthurst, in order tA their being discharged. NOTICE TO ( JKhDIroits ANl.) DKIi l'ORs. " XT Of ICE is hereby given, That WILLIAM l\| CROUCH, of Cripps' Corner, in the parish ot Ewhurst, in the County of Sussex, Shopkeeper, has as. ligncd the whole of his Estaleand Effect* to Mr. John Hilder, of Robertsbridge, in the said county, and Mr, Samuel Kennett, of the same place, in Trust, fur them twelves, and the rest of those of his other Creditors in proportion to their several debts, who shall come in and sign the Trust toeed, which is in the bauds of Mr. Ken nett; to whom, or to Mr. Martin, of Battle, all those • who stand indebted to the Estate, are desired forthwith to pay their respective debts.—— March 12. mil. A'utice to Creditors and Debtors. NOTICE is hereby given, That WILLIAM DIGGENS, of Newhaven, in the county ol Sussex, Bricklayer, Las assigned bis estate and effects to Mr. Geo. Elphick, Mr. J. B Stone, and Mr. Wm. Close, of the same place, in trust, for the benefit of his Creditors, in proportion to their several debts, as shall come in and sign the Trust Deed, which is in the hands of T. W. Wheeler, esq. Solicitor, of the Cliff, Lewes. All persons who stand indebted to the estate of the said William Diggens, are desired to pav their respective debts forthwith, to Mr. Elphick, Mr. Stone, or Mr. Close. Newhaven, 23d March, 1811. ' TEA. ' ' - IFAMILIES who are desirous of obtaining this 7 most essential article genuine, and at a moderate price, are earucsly mid respectfully solicited to apply ti> E. EAGLETON and Co.' s Tea Warehouse, No. 83, Newgate street, London, where there is now on sale a large stock of prime foil flavoured Teas, which they feel contideuta-'. nnot be equalled at the respective prices by any other house in London. Dealers, Coffee- houses, & c. purchasing a quantity, will be supplied at the wholesale price. % N. B. New Malaga and Smyrna Raisins for Wine. Bv Authority of the Prince Regent. TICKETS. and Shares are selling bv HORNSBY and Co. who solicit the favours of the Public on this particular occasion, as the Schetnc is the best that ran be set forth for public approbation. All Prizes boagut at their Offices are paid immediately. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of ,£ 66,000 are <£ so. ono 1,000 ----- 21-, 0( in" Si 500 1.6,000 60 50 3,000 1,000 - 25 25,000 1,(, 00 20, 20,000 8,000 lG y » , ooo 20,1100 Tickets <£' 200,000 In the course of Five, Lotteries Hornsby and Co. have shared and sold 5 of i' 2n, 8on, 3 of flu, nun, 2 of i.' 5, uon, jiesidcs 83 Prizes of t' 2,00U, A' 1,0110, A'Sno. No. 26, Cornhill, and St. Margaret's Hill, Borough. Letters, post paid, duly answered. Schemes gratis. JOSEPH PEAKE begs leave to inform his friends and the public, they may be supplied with any sort of SEEDS, at his WAREHOUSE, in NICHOLAS LANE. Lewes, March 23, 1SI1. ~~~ CLIO RICKMAN, BOOKSELLER, PRINTER, AND STATIONER, A DOPTS this method respectfully to acquaint his SUSSEX friends, that himself, and daughter, continue, the above business;— and lie takes the liberty to s ilicit their fuvnurs- in behalf of A LARGE FAMILY, for whom, the death of their iuvalnable mother, renders this application, peculiarly pressing and necessary. NN. 7, Upper Maryleflone street, Lomlon. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Paitner- ship lately subsisting between GEORGE STONE and RICHARD BUCKLEY STONE, of the parKii of Newheten, in f1-- c::> ." tv of Sttssex, Coal Merchant., and dealers iu Pitch, Tar, and Varnish, was this day dis. solved by mutual consent; ami tleit t^ ie business iu fu- ture will he carried ou by the said George Stoue, on his own separate account; who most humbly solicits a con- tinuance of ihe favours they have hitherto received. Such persons as have any claims on the said Copart- nership, arq requested to transmit tile same to the said ( ienrge Stone, iu order to their being discharged ; who is also empowered to receive all debts due and owing to the said Copartnership. Dated at Newhaven, this ' Jjth March, ISM. GEO. STONE, R. B. ST ONE. DAVID CHAPMAN, BREWER AND COAL- MERCHANT, EASTBOURN, RETURNS thanks to his friends and the public, for the support he has hitherto received iu the above branches, mid begs to inform ihem, that lie has tnken Mr, U. B. STONE, of Newhaven, into the con. ccrn, as a Partner; and froiu the experience Mr, Stone has had iu the business of brewing, he trust, a good ar- ticle will be ottered for v> le, such as will give general satisfaction, • N. I?. ' Ill persons having any demand on pavid Chap- man, arc requested to send in their accounts ; and all p. rsons indelitVd to him ar requested to liny the same. CHAPMAN AND STONE, BREWERS AND COAL- MERCHANTS, EASTBOURN, INFORM their friends and the public, that they have entered into the above business, and that they shall use their utmost exertions to execute orders mi the » horte> t notice, and by a strict attention they hope to merit ihe support of the public. Eastbourn, March 25, 1811. BRIGHTON. New Steyne House Seminary for Young Ladies. MRS. JAMES WINBOLT returns her best thank' to her friends for the liberal support with which she has been hitherto favoured. The Season ap- proaching, and having a few vacancies, she takes this method of informing them and the* public, that she has spared no efforts to render her establishment worthy the confidence of those who may hone. or her with the rare of their children. Mrs. W. l) as cted the most ap- proved Masters and Teachers. I tie VreitcJi depaMmeut i. Conducted by a Lady, a native, abuse accentuation in that language is correct. There is also a Lady, whose knowledge of musfc enables her lo superintend the prac- tice of the pupils in the absence of the Master. The system of sea bathing is pursued under the di rection of such gentlemen of the profession as the friends may select. Those to whom Mrs. W. is yet unknown may have ( if required) reference to families of the first respectability. New Steyne House, March 18, Hit. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, THE LEASE of the STAR INN, at Roberts- A bridge, of which 14 years are unexpired ; toge- ther with four acres of very excellent meadow laud. For further particulars enquire of Thomas Robinson; or Mr. Robert Jones, grocer, of Robertsbridge ; if by letter, post paid. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, At the Cnstuni- Hmise, Newhaven, oil Wednesday, the 3d day of April, mil, at two o'clock in the after-, itooii - precisely, iu sundry lots : HP* HE broken- up HULLS and MATERIALS 1 of a LUGGER and two Custom- House GALLIES. — The Materials belonging to the Lugger are nearly new. The above Goods Inay be viewed on the morning of the day of Sale. H. HARISON, Coll. J. B. STONE, Compt. Custom. House, Newhaven, 28th March, ISM. The following letter has been transmitted to the PRINTERS, by the Collector and Comptroller of the Customs, Newhaven, who have desired the same to be inserted in this paper ] TREASURE CHAMBERS, Mtli March, 1811. Gentlemen, THE Lords Commissioners of His Ma jesty's Treasury, having received a Communica- tion from the Lords of the Committee of J'rivi/ Council for Coin, stating, that the Hank of England, in Consideration of the increased Price of Silver, hare undertaken to receive all Bank Dollar Tokens, tendered in Payment at the Bank, at the Rate of Five Shillings and Sixpence each, ( until a public ]\' ptlce to the contrary, of not less than Six Months, shall have been given J, and to pay and issue all such Tokens as shall be paid or issued hereafter bi/ them, at the same Rate of Five Shillings and Sixpence each, and recommending that Direc- tions should be given to all the Officers of Re- ceipt of the different Branches of public Reve- nue, to receive Bunk Tokens at the Rate of Five Shillings and Sixpence each, in Payment of all Taxes and Duties, in the same Manner as they have hitherto received them at the Rate of Five Shillings each : I am commanded by their Lordships to acquaint you of these Cir- cumstances, and to desire that you will give immediate Directions to all Officers in the Re- ceipt of the public Revenue wider your Ma- nagement, to receive Bank Dollar Tokens in Payment ut the Rate of Five Shillings and Six- pence, each, in the same Manner as they have hitherto been received, at the Rate of Five Shil- lings each r and that you will take the most ef- fectual Measures, by public Advertisement or otherwise, for notifying these Directions to all Persons concerned. I am, Gentlemen, Your most obedient Servant, G. HARRISON. H. Richmond, esq. Sfc. Customs. TO HE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By T. WHITE, On Wednesday, the 3d of April, at the Terrace. Stable Yard, South- street, Eastbourne, HMWO exceeding good travelling CARAVANS, JL with four wheels each, otic light Cart, one good Horse, and sundry Harness, & c. & c. The sale to begin at three o'clock. OAK TIMBER.— SUSSEX. ~ TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. THYNNE, At the Swan Inn, Forest- Row, near East- Grinstead, Sussex, on Thursday, the 4th of April, istl, at three o'clock in the afternoon, precisely, THREE Lots of excellent OAK TIMBER, sitn- X ate on Cans Iron Farm, within three miles of the toivn of East Grinstead, autl 3- 2 from London. Particulars may be had at the Dorset- Arms, East- Grinstead ; the Star, Lewes;. the King's- Head, Cuck field ; the Maidenhead Inn, Uckfield ; the Angel, Tun- bridge; at the Place of Sale; and at the Office of Messrs. Pearce and Kent, Craig's- Court, Charing- Cross, London. OAK TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By TESTER and BATES, At the Crown, Hoisted Keynes, Sussex, on Friday, April 5, IJHl, at four o'clock in the afternoon, 171KFY capital OAK TIMBER TREES, with their top And bark, standing in the Ottye Wood, in the parish of Horsted Keynes aforesaid, within about a mile distance of the River Ouse Navigation. Mr. Stephen Langridge, Carpenter, at Horsted- Green, will shew the said timber; of whom further particulars may be known. OAK TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Thursday, the 4th of April, is 11, at the Crown Inn, Arundel, precisely at Three o'clock, LOT I. FORTY OAK TREES, numbered with white JL paint, now standing in the Rook's Coppice in the Parish of Arundel. Lot 2. One Hundred and One Oak Trees, well headed and barked, numbered with white paint, now standing on New House Farm, iu the Parish of War- minghurst. Lor 3. Eighty- three Oak Trees, calculated for plank, num- bered with white paint, now standing in Mill Coppice, iu the Parish of Warminghurst. The whole will be sold by the Load, and measured hen cut down. Lot 2 and 3 may lie viewed by ap- pl) i| 1g lo Mr. William Gold, Warminghurst. Lot I, by pplying to Mr. Richard Elliot, Arundel, of whom irtictilars may be known. SALES OF TIMBER. SURREY, HERTFORDSHIRE, AND KENT. IMIE Governors of Christ's Hospital, London, give Notice, That a Committee will sit iu the Counting House of the said Hospital, on Wednesday, the nth Day of April, 1811, at Eleven o'clock in the fore, noon, precisely, 10 treat for the Sale of 407 Oaks, with the Lop, Top, and Bark, HOW standing upon Farms belonging to them, in the Parishes of Horley and Charl- wood, about five Miles from Ryegate, upon the road tn Brighthelmston, as under: LOT 1. One Hundred and Eighty- eight Trees upou Lodger's Farm. LOT 2. Forty- eight Trees upon Court Lodge Farm; nd Vieurnge. LOT 3. Eighty- six Trees upon Spier's Farm. LOT 4. Thirty- two Trees upon I . abrook Farm. LOT .5. Fifty- three Trees upon Hookwood. Four Hundred and seven Trees in the parishes of Horley and Charlwood, Surry. Note. The above Timber may be bid for either 111 one Lot, or five Lots. LOT ti. For the Sale of Forty- five Oak Trees upon a Farm called the Falls, at Punsborne, in the Parish of Hat tied, Herts, occupied by Mr. Raine. LOT7. Also for the Sale of Sundry Oaks upon a Farm at Staplehurst, Kent, occupied by Mr. Ballard. The timber iu Surry may be viewed by applying to Mr. Holliday, jtin. at Duxhurst Farm; and'the" re- mainder by applying to the Tenants. The above Timber is of superior worth; and the Trees are to be felled and taken away this Season, at the Expence of the Purchaser, and measured after felled by Mr. John Trumper. on Behalf of the Governors, and by the Purchaser himself, or some person whom lie may appoint; ihe Tops to be cut off at six inches girth. A Deposit will be required ; and the Contract to be signed by the Purchaser may be seen, and any further Particulars' known, by applying at the Counting- House in Christ's Hospital, where all Persons bidding must attend the Meeting of the Committee to answer their Proposals. Christ's Hospital, 18th March, 1811. RICHARD CORP, Clerk. TIMBER. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, rT'HE following Lots of Timber, standing on the JL Waste of the Manor of Framfield, in the parishes of Framfield and Buxted : 25f) l," k Trees, rased with a Cross, at Mount Ephraim. 88 Oak Trees, and one Ash Tree, rased with a Cross, on Palehouse Common, and Eason's Green. 53 Oak Trees, hammer marked T M, at Tarble Down, and Whitlock's Pits. 183 Oak Trees, and 2 Ash Trees, hammer marked I'M, in the Lanes leading from Framfield Street to Gatehouse, at Tickeridge Bank, and in the Lanes from thence lo the Hundred House and Lapham Down, 111 the Lanes leading to Bish Pits, and in Bish Pits. 96.1 Oak Trees, rased with two strokes, beginning at Langhurst Oak, and 011 Blackboys Common, and Poun- sley Wood. 218 Oak Trees, rased with one stiwke, and hammer marked 1' M, at Scantlings Common, Itching Wood Pott'ens Green, and Bailey Pits. lpt Oak Trees, rased with a Cross, and hammer maiked T M, at Wilderness Bank and Crow Pits, and i the Lanes 10 Pouusley, Homebush Bank, and Roses Common. 48 Oak Trees, hammer marked T M. in Buxted Wood. 1110 Oak Trees, rased with one stroke, iu Haycrst Wood. ItiO" Oak Trees, rased with two strokes, and hammer marked T M. in Hayerst Wood. 50b Oak Trees, rased with three strokes, and hammer marked T M, on the North Eastern side of Barnett Wood, and extending South East. 332 Oak Trees, rased with a double Cross, and ham mer marked T M, on the Eastern side of Barnett Wood opposite to Hawkhurst Common. 349 Oak Trees, rased with four strokes, and hammer marked T M, 011 the. Eastern side of Barnett Wood, ad joining Novis's Inclosure. 27ii Trees, rased with one stroke, and hammer marked T M, 111 Barnett Wood, near the Cyder House. 2ill Oak Trees, rased with five strokes, ami hammer marked T. M, iu Barnett Wood, adjjoiitig the last Lot. Robert Driver, of Framfield, will shew the Trees ; and further particulars may be known 011 application lo Messrs. Hoper and Sou, at Lewes; or Mr. Thomas Markwick, at Chailey. TO BE SOLD, AONE HORSE CHAISE, with head and knee flap. Made only two years since by Hatchett, & Co. Long Acre; and also the Harness in good condi-' lion, and not much the worse from its use. Custom House, Rye, 23d March, mil. THERE will be put up to Sale on Thursday the 4th Day ( if April, 1311, at ll o'Cloek iu the forenoon, iu sundry Lots. ISO Gallon's of Brandy Legal streifgth for Dealers j. iO Gallons of Ditto " I n M 4 Gallons of Geneva / FOR PN, A, E 08E Also sundry pieces of old Cordage, and other unser- viceable Stores, lately belonging to the Stag Cutter. Tile Goods to be viewed the Morning of the Sale. 85 per cent Deposit will be required. SUSSEX. CHICHESTER. Wholesale Grocer, Irish Provision, Cheese, But- ter, and Corn Merchant. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AHandsome RESIDENCE, with numerous well proportioned Rooms, recently fitted up with a large Warehouse and Counting House, immediately behind the same, extensive Cellarage, and nearly con- tiguous to a Substantial BACON STOREHOUSE, and SMOKE- ROOM. and opposite the latter Building, a very capacious STOREHOUSE, with Store Cellars io the basement ; 011 the ground floor— Stables, Waggon and Cart House, and a large Chee « e and Butter Store, with two floors over, of sufficient stowage for IIHK) qrs of roru ; the latter premises are Leasehold, under the Dean and Chapter; all the other Buildings are Free- hold. ! A capital Trade in the several hranrhes of a Whole- sale Grocer, Bacon, Cheese, Butter, and Corn Mer- chant, have been severally carried on, 011 this spot with very considerable success, for upwards of 8u years. The above premises are centrally situated in the East- Street, now iu the occupation of Mr. EDWARD HIDE, the Proprietor ^ who is engaged in auotli r Concern. The returns of this Business are very considerable , the connexions old and respectable ; in a City very much improving Iu in Commerce, surrounded by populous towns and villages. This Business cannot fail of being lucrative, uuder the dreetion of a skilful and active Merchant. The Stock, which is considerably reduced, to be ta- ken at a fair valuation. The Purchaser may he accommodated with Eight Acres of good Meadow Ground if required. The whole of the purchase money may remain for one year and a half, ou an adequate security being given. Further particulars may be known nt the Auction Mart; of Messrs. Winstanley and Son, Paternoster- row ; Mr. Harry Phillips, Bond street ; and Mr. WELLER, Chichester. HAMPSHIRE. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On the Premises, ou Thursday, the ioth of May, 1811, if not previously disposed of by private Con- tract) at Twelve o'clock, ATRULY desirable and well connected FREE. HOLD ESTATE, called Qualletl's Grove, the property and residence of Peter Cherry, Esq. ( who i going abroad) situate within a quarter of a mile of the pleasant village of Horndean, at a good distance from the Turnpike Road, leading from thence to Portsmouth, and consists of a MODERN VILLA : a handsome edifice, firmly and uniformly built with grey stock bricks, trellis colouade. On the ground flour— a spacious lofty hall, excellent staircase well proportioned drawing, eating, and breakfast Rooms, a Bath with a closet, a good Kitchen, Butler's Pantry, ample Cellarage, complete Brew and Wash- house, back Kitchen, with a Well of excellent water, Larder, Meat Pantry, Wood and Coal House and other domestic Offices ; First Fluor— four superior Bed Rooms, with water and other Closets, five servant's Rooms, Laundry, and a Back- stairs. A convenient and well fitted up COTTAGE and GARDEN, Dairy, and Farm yard adjoining, with Coach- house, Stables, Cow, Cart, Dove, and Fowl Houses, Granary and Piggery, all tiled, with a Well of line water, a large thatched Barn, together with about SIXTY ACRES of rich Land, chiefly in grass, in a ling fence; a right of pasture for 5< j sheep, 011 Horn- dean Down, with a Lawn before the House, Pleasure Grounds, terminated by a beautiful Coppice, orna- mented with Oak and and other forest Trees, a walled Garden and Orchard, with a Pew in Ihe Church. The Country is beautifully featured with Timber, within three miles of a pack of Fox Hounds, abound- ing with field sports, in a highly respectable neighbour- hood, near a capital posting house and post- office ; day and night Coaches. Horndean is in the direct road front London to Ports- mouth, distant from the former 62, and the latter 10 miles. Nearly tliewliole of this valuable Estate is exonerated from the Land- Tax ; the Timber and Tellers 011 the Es- tate, with the Fixtures in the Residence, to be taken at a valuation ; together with the neat and appropriate Houshold Furniture, if required. Printed Particulars will shortly be published, and may be had at the principal Inns and Coffee- Rooms of the neighbouring Market Towns ; of Mr. Knight, Ban- ker, Kingston! the Auction Mart; Messrs. Winstanley, Pater- noster Row ; Mr. H. Phillips, Bond street ; Mr. Stevens, Solicitor, Havaut ; aud of Mr, WELLER, Chichester. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. BARTLETT, Oil tile premises, on Thursday, the 4tli of April, I8II, ALL the HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, Stock, aud uteasils iu trade, belonging to Mr. Edward Northeast, wheelwright and carpenter, at Eastdean ; consisting of four- post and tent bedsted,, with cotton furnitures, a goose bed, blankets, and counterpane*;—. ill mahogany, dinin » and tea tables, dr awers ; Kidder- minster carpets, Venetian stairs carpet, pier glass, black chairs, kitchen grates, tea urn, spinner, clarionet, haut- boy, beer barrets, cyder press, 6ic.& c. The Stock comprises 280 dozens ut' jut ax helves, .24 dozens mop and broom handles, 150 seasoned fellies, cross cut aud 5 pit saws; turning lathe, and set of hoi low turner's tools ; 3 grindstones, a boiling copper a feet long, trough and brick work ; a quantity of pitch ; 125 bundles of ash and withy laths, | 2, IMKI thatchers' spars. 3 single harrows, dozen ash and withy hur- dles; 24 sheep cages, a wheelbarrow, 2 pair dung cart wheels, set of light waggon wheel*,? apades, 3$ e. 2 fatting pigs, a velveteen pall, quantity of shrouds, coffin furni- ture, locks, joints, screws and nails; a deal counter seven feet long, wiib 14 drawers, & c. Also the Good Will of the rerv old established con- cern, tor which the yard, shops, & c. arc * u well adapted, io which a very considerable husiucss. is attached, and with attention may be increased. Mr. Northeast the present occupier will al- o engage to render all assistance iu bis power to the purchaser. The sale to begiu tti Leu o'clock, iu order to finish iu one VALUABLE TAN YARD, Drying Sheds, Mill House, Barn, Stable, Gate Room, about 7A. Meadow Land, recent Dwel- ling House, Two Cottages, & c. AT WOOLLAVINGTON, NEAR MIDHURST. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION. By WHITE and SON, O11 Thursday, the 85tb day of April, 1811, ( unless dis- posed of by private contract), at the Angel lull, Midhurst, between the hours of 4 and 5 iu the evening, rpilE" FOLLOWING FREEHOLD ESTATES, IN ONE LOT I A very compact nnd desirable Tan Yard, consisting of requisite drying sheds, mill house, 59 tan, lime, mid grain pits, a uood barn, stable, and gate room, with various convenient outbuildings ; and tiA.-' of in. li Mea- dow Land, and Half an Acre of Abler Moor, we I plant- ed— also a valuable Right of Common to turn out cattle and cut turf. - Also, a recently- erected Dwelling-, House, comprising a kitchen, parlour, dairy and wash- house, pantries and cellars, and three good bedchambers — a large and productive garden and orchard, full of fine young fruit trees ; together with Two Cottages, which are occupied by ihe workmen ou the premises. Land- Tax redeemed. The Timber 011 the Estate, down to ( jd. which, with the Stock in Trade, mid Working Implements, to be taken at a valuation. This Estate is most pleasantly Situ itejj in a fine bark country, only half a mile from the pleasant, romantic town of Midhurst, and bounded by a navigable river.— f ' Ihe advantage of the London waggons, passing wiih easy access to the respective market. — the business has been carried on by Mr. G. PENNY, fur a numb r of years, ( uho is now about to retire'* and ai'. l prove a most eligible situation for any active man who may wish to engage in an old- established and lucrative concern,' The Estate may be viewed by applying 011 the Pre- mises ;— and further Particulars may be known, by ap- plying at the Auction Mart, London; and ot'Messrs. White and Son, North Street, Chichester; or High Street, Arundel. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, BY WHITE AND SON, On Wednesday, the 171I1 « f April, 1811, at the Dolphin J tin, Chichester, between ihe hours of five and six in the evening, \ Truly valuable and desirable ESTATE, totn- prising a convenient Farm Mouse and Office^ farmyard, two barns, stabling for seven horse., curt and cow houses, poultry ditto, and piggeries, together with 79A. ( more or less) of Arable, and Four of Meadow Land, the whole particularly favourable fi. r the growth of Wheat. Also a valuable and u. thinned Right of Commons, to the extent of the parish. The above Estate is situated at Aldwirk Green, in the parish of Pagham, in ihe occupation of Mr. John Bridger, who will render immediate possession ; 17A, of the property is Leasehold, lor 999 years, and the re- mainder C. pyholdof liMcritanre of the Manor of l'ag. bain : subject to a small Unit Kent. ' 1 he whole of the Farm has |, eeo recently drained, chalked, and manured, and in iljp bisrlrest state of cul- tivation ; and the Timber ( which is very considerable) to be included iu the purchase. The Purchaser may ( if required) be accommodated with from 30 to 5.1 acres of rich Arable Laud, in addi- tion to ihe above Estale, which Land is hounded by the above Farm. The Estate may be viewed any day previous lo the Sale, by application to . Mr. John Bridger. Printed Particulars nny be bad, 14 days previous to the Sale, at the principal Inns, in the adjacent . Market Towns; at the Libraries, Brighton, Worthing, Bognor, nnd Tunbridge Wells at the Auction Mart; and' Messrs. White and Son, North Street, Chichester, or High Street, Arundel. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, At the St. James's Tavern, in Brighton, on Thursday, the 4th day of April, 1811, at six o'clock iu the even- ing, ( unless previously disposed of by pr- vatc contract, of which, if it shall happen, public uoiicc will bs given)— IN TWO LOTS; . Lot 1. \ Freehold Messuage, Tenement, or Lodg- Xi. in » . House', being No. 24, situaiC 011 the East Side of the New Steine, 111 Brighton aforesaid, subject to a Lease, for an unexpired term of four years, from the 23th of March insl.— at the yearly tent of ( Sol, Lot 2. A Leasehold Messuage or Tenement, used as a Public House, and known by the sign nf the Pill NC)! OK WALES, situate in Carlton Hill Street, in Brighton aforesaid, together with tile Outbuildings aud Ground as now enclosed and used therewith, in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Merle. Also, a Piece of Building Ground enclosed, adjoining to the North part of tlig Premises so occupied by Mr. Merle. The Messuage, Public Hou; e, and Premises, in the occupation of Mr. Merle are subject to an under Lease granted to him for a Term of 91 years, from Michaelmas 1808, at the rent nf flol, per annum. N. B. The whole of the Ground contaitj*, in length, from North to South, upwards of Three Hundred Feel, and is held uuder a Lease for 99 years, from the 1st of March, 18117, at a Ground Rent of 3ol. For further Particulars, aud Treaty by Private Con- rad, apply at the Office of Mr. Hill, Solicitor, Brigh- ton ; or to the Auctioneer. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, ' By Mr. JONES, On Friday, the 5th of April, 1811, at six o'clock in th « afternoon, at the George Inn, in Robertsbridge, ii< the county- n"' Sussex, ALL that Leasehold Messuage or Cottage, Shop, Garden, aud Premises, situate aud lying at Cripps* Corner, in the parish of Ewhurst, iu the conniv of Sussex, iu the occupation of • • ••• Crouch, bis under- tenants or assigns. The situation is eligible for Ir. ide in general, and a rcry good business iH the Shopkeeping Line is attached thereto. Immediate possession may be had, For particulars, application lobe made to Mr, Mar tin, of Battle. ' jPO cover this Season, till the ' first of Augtjst, A ( rt Mr. Brown's K icing Sttb!- « ; Lewes, at Two Guineas, and Three Shillings the groom, ( the money to be paid at I be time of covering), CRAFTY, a bay horse, rising eight years old, 15 hands and a half hitth, bred by the Duke of Hamilton, got bv Walnut, dani bv Javelin, out of Young Flora, sister t< » Spa- dille. Walnut was got by Highflyer, out of Mr. Pratt's Maiden, own sistertu Pumpkin, Purity, 6ze. Maiden was the dam of Gohanna's ( lam, aud out of the Old • Squirt Mare, who bred I' Foals ; three were never trained, two died young, and the other twelve vvetr; good runners. Crafty has covered four years; hit stork now > years old, are remarkably boney, and promising IK- i » a go. ul foul getter, as most of bis in ires. pp. ve nl foal. Ifv wilt atrend' Ha| b> hant Market. N. B. He is sii'T, i- eoiiy recovered front Iris Inne we j as to travel. Any ( ienilemaii wishing huh 1., airetid hi- Mares at the vacant time, b, sending a letter po- i j. > .1 and cxpeiice*, he will attend Crafty ha, a gre a rf. al of In.. :, - Hud a » weii bred .1' ' i.* v iwrs.' that elve rs. From Tuesday's London Gazette. BANKRUPTS. WM. Balmer, of Oldham, Lancaster, grocer— T. Topham, of Manchester, merchant.— John Nicholls, of Lane Dolph, Stoke- upon Trent, Stafford, Victualler- - Thomas Blackburne and Gamble Yates Bonner, of King's Lynn, Norfolk, inctchantH— George Green and Thomas Green, of Great Marlborough- street, tailors— John Gascoin, of Wood- street, St George, Hanover: square, Mid- dlesex, tailor— Francis Bedford, of Crewkerne, Somerset, butter- factor— William Stone, of Queen- street, Cheapside, London, but now of Villiers- street, Strand, Middlesex, merchant Lewis Morris, of Cardiff, Glamorgan, merchant— Alex ander Carson and William Distell, of Liverpool, ineicii'ahis— William Cooke, of Liverpool, mer- chant— David Parry, of Liverpool, merchant— Thomas Vine, jun. of Brighthelmstone, Sussex, grocer— Benjamin Cope, of Frodsham, Chester— Christopher Behrends, late of Messina, Sicily, but now or late, of Artillery- court, Chiswell- street, Middlesex, merchant— Josiah Dancer, of Lamb's Conduit- street, ' Middlesex, lamp- maker— Thomas Turner, of Walworth, Surrey, builder— Joseph Dewshap late of Bell's- biiiidifius, Salisbury- square, London, and of Woodstock, Oxford, but now a prisoner in the Fleet, glover— Isaac Barnett, of Shadwell, Middlesex, slopseller— Thomas Maynard Knight, late of Hammer smith, Middlesex, chymist. LONDON, MARCH 29. . The Thanks of both Houses of Parliament were I Thursday night unanimously voted to the gallant General Graham, and the officers and soldiers under liis command, for one of the most brilliant ser- vices ever performed even by a British for^ e. Lord Folkstotie's Motion, relative to Informa tions ex officio, was last negatived by a majority of 119 to 36. We received, on Thursday morning, German Papers to the 18th instant, from which we have niadc the following extracts:— FROM THE NEUE STAFETTE OF MARCH 17- " The Austrian army, bv a late reduction, has been brought to loo. ow infantry, and 80,01) 0 ca- valry; and a part of the troops have had furloughs granted them It is from this, with reaton, con- cluded, that there is prospect of lasting peace. " Bv oider of the Porte, a strong army is col- lecting in Syria, to repress the incursions of the Wachabites. The jealousy and dissention of the Pachas in Asiatic Turkey have hitherto too much favoured their progress. " An Imperial Decree, relative to the payment of the arrears ot the public debt of Holland, or- der* that the sum for the six months, due March 2'?, shall be is# lied, but reduced one- third. The Supplement to the Amsterdam Courier thus announces the baptism of the young heir ap- jiaient to the empire of France, under date of Paris, March yt>—" This evening the King of Home was baptised in the Chapel of the Thuille- ries, by his Excellency1' the Cardinal Grand Al- in mer." Yesterday a Court was summoned to meet his Royal Highness the Prince Regent at Carlton- House. A little ^ iefore tW> o'clock, bis Royal Highness left bis private apartment, aitended by Lord Heathfield, Generals Tinner and Hammond, and Colonels M'Mahon and Baillie; when they pro- ceeded to an awfi- room adjoining the State- room, where his Royal Highness gave private audiences to the Lord Chancellor; Earls Camden and Li- verpool; and Lord Ellenborough. •• ^ After which his Royal Highness proceede3 to the State- room, where his Royal Highness held a Privy Council, which was numerously attended. At the breaking up of this Council, iJhich was held upon some official business, his Royal High- ness held another Council, at which the RepSrder < jf London attended, was admitted, and maUe his report of the following capital convicts, under sentence of death in Newgate, viz. James Foster, Joseph Blair, and Gustavus Lowe, fof forgery— and Josef Franco Cordoso, and I awtvences Jotta, for cutting; when Joseph Blair, Lawrence Jotta, and Josef Franco Cordoso, were ordered fof execu- tion on Wednesday next. The Prince Regent has ordered an allowance to be made to the military messes of all regimeilts, in proportion to their strength, *| uivalent to ihe drawback of the duty on wine to the navv On board their ships. A regiment of ten companies will have an altuwance of 2501 per annum ; and so in proportion for regiments under that number. The King of Sweden embarked on Thursday morning at Yarmouth, auiidst the acclamations of th" ti* ands of spectators. We understand the Turkish Ambassador to this Country, died on Thursday morning at 9 o'clock. The threat of Bonaparte, respecting Shipping Licences, has been carried into execution They a t no longer gunied bv the French Government. It has proved singularly unfortunate, that the fniir officers of the Guards, who fell in the action • if Barrosa, were the only sons of their respective iimitie*. The following are the names of the Noble Peer; Hm lately voted for an Account of the number of • tnfoEwialions for Libel that ' had been filed ex ( ijfiao: The Duke of Bedford, Marquis of Lansdowne, Marquis of Douglas, Karl of Albemarle, Earl of Stanhope, Earl of Grosvenor, Earl of Cowper, Karl of Charlemont, Earl of Rosslyn, Lord Say and Sele, Lord Holland and Lord Erskine. A cannon- ball, weighing ninety- six pounds, and aieasutiivg upwards of 30 inches in circumference, has within a few days been dug out from the ruins of ( lie Old Castle in Berwick- upon- Tweed. Ac- cording to Fuller, in the year 1405, a conspiracy was formed in Berwick against King Henry IV. in which the Earl of Northumberland and several Others were the principal leaders. The Earl held possession of the Castle at that time, who bearing that Henry was bringing against him S7.000 men, uiih engineers and artillery properly fitted for a siege, retired into Scotland. The Royal Army ad- vanced to Bet wic with some engines of destruc- tion, which had never bffori been brought against it; and which were on this occasion for the first time employed in Britain.— The. fcrst discharge f. om Que of tlieSe'canhons of a large bore demolishing one of tli£ principal towers of the Castle, the gar- rison was thrown into such consternation that it made an instant surrender.— From this account it Is probable that this is the identical ball whieh, 406 year s ago, occasioned the surrender of Berwick to ( he English arms. PHOENIX FIRE- OFFICE RENEWAL Receipts for Policies ( ailing due at Lady- Day, are now in the Voids of lite several Agent* til' the Company. . Insurances of every description are effected on the ( n » - t moderate term's. IStnek nil a I-' arm may lie insured in one Sum without lite Average Cluusivai is. per cent, per aim. Persona iii. sunog for Torec Hundred Pound)*, or tipiards, will not he charged' for lite Policy: Moduli Endorsements will- he made graiis. liy Older of the Direilois, H. A. HARDY, See. of Country Department. NOTICE TO CREDITORS rr^ iiE CREDITORS of Robert aroles DURRANT, of Ringmer, in the county of Sus- sex, Maltster, aire requested to meet file Assignees of his Estate and Effects, on Thursday tiext, tlie 4th of April, at five o'clock in the evening, at the Bear Inn, in the Cliff, in order to make arrangement! for > he im- mediate disposal of hid Effects ; ai d such as have not yel executed the l) eed of Trust, rue particularly re- quested to attend, that tliey may . sign the same, in or- der thai . Mr. Durrant may return to his family, and as- sist in facilitating the sale of the property, and collect iug in the outstanding debts All persons indebted to the Estate, and who shall neglect to discharge llieir debts after leu days from the date hereof, will he proceeded against. Lewes, Until March, 1411. NOTICE TO CREDITORS; WHEREAS GEORGE JUDGE, of South- over, near Lewes, Builder, has assigned over all bis estates and effects to Samuel Flint, of Lewes aforesaid, merchant, and William Stuard, of the same place, ironmonger, in I rust, for tbe equal benefit of his creditors, Notice is hereby given, that the Trust Deed is now lying at the Lewes Bank, for the signature of such creditors of the said George Judge as may chuse to execute and take the benefit of the said assignment. All per- sons having any demands upon the said George Judge, are desired to send an account thereof to the said Samuel Flint, on or before the Q3d day of April next? and all persons who stand indebted to the said George Judge, are desired immediately to " pay the amount of their debts to the said Samuel Flint, or they will be sued for tbe same. Lewes, 23d March, 1811. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LET. AT a Meeting of the Trustees of tbe Turnpike- Road, lead iug from Arundel to the junction of the Petworth and Pulborough Roads, and from thence to join the present Turnpike- Road on Fittleworth Com- mon, in the county of Sussex, balden at the Crown Inn, in Arundel, oil Monday the I lt! i day of March instant, the Tolls arising at the Gates on the said Road were ptu up at £ lt> 3, for which tliey were letten the last year, to be let by Auction for one year, from the 1st day of May then and now next inclusive, hut there was uo bid- der for the saidTolU :— Notice is Ihtrefore hereby given, That the next Meeting of the said Trustees will he holden at the Crown Inn, iu Arundel, oil MONDAY, the 25th day of April next, at the hour of ten iu ilie forenoon ; at which Meeting tbe said Tolls ( between the hours of eleven and twelve of that day) WILL BE LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, for one . year, from tbe said Isl day of May next inclusive, in manner di- rected by the Act passed iu the 13th year of the reign of bis present Majesty, ' for regulating the Turnpike- Roads, aud will be put up at such Sum or Sums us the said Trustees shall think lit. Whoever happens to he the best bidder, must, at the same time give security, with spiftcltffit sureties, to the satisfaction of the said Trustees, forjthe Payment of the Kent agreed for, at such times as they shall direct, WM. HOLMES, Clei to the said Trustees 20lb March, mil. j/ J LEWES UPPER NAVIGATION. THE Barge- Masters on the Upper Navigation JL of the River Onse, respectfully inform the Mer- chants aud other*, trading on the said Navigation, that from- tbe present high stale of Provisions and all other Articles of Life, together with the additional Tolls im- posed by the Commissioners of the said Navigation, they are under tbe necessity of iycreasing the Rate of Carriage of all Articles barged by them, from the 25th day of March iust. according to the under- mentioned Prices :— - Is" is'sa „ . I S 2 £ s- S . = 5 Carnage o u £| S A I % £ - g 5 - troin Si a. a. ' E S " Lewes Bridge. | & ^ J - ^^ = j ^ - t S5 ! a S S -= . a u J.^ 0- 0 s. d. S. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. S. d. s. d. T° M! iirC° mh. Brighton. To be DISPOSED of by PRIVATE CONTRACT, rI", iIE Good Will and Slock ill Trade of a very JL valuable COAL YARD, in an eligible situation, near the West Cliff; life Trade of which is extensive and capable of great improvament. For further particulars apply personally, or hy let- ters ( post p. lid) to Mr. Crosweller, solicitor, St, James's Street, Brighton. N. B. A Lease of the Premises may be bad, if re- quired. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, for the term of four or seven Years, ASubstantial Family MANSION HOUSE, now undergoing a thorough repair, containing on the ground floor, 3 good parlours aud a kitchen, with four bed chambers over them, four garrets, and suitable of- fices and apartments tor servant*,, a coach- house, 4 stall stable, a large walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees, a good orchard, and, any quantity of excellent Meadow Land, not exceeding 12 acres. The Premises are situated near the viilage of East- hothly, in a healthy and desirable part of the county of Sussex, 4 miles from Uckfield, 7 miles from Lewes, 14 miles from Eastbourne, and 15 miles from Brighton and the Stage Coaches aud Waggons to and from East bourne and London pass within a ; few yards of the house. 1 The premises may be viewed, upon application to Mr. Richard Hohnan. of Framfield; and for further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Edw Verral, Attorney at Law, Lewes. TO BLACKSMITH'S. TO BE LET, AHOUSE, and BLACKSMITH'S SHOP, full trade, with two Forges, at Bletchingly, the county of Surrey. And likewise another BLACKSMITH'S SHOP, with tvfo Forges, at Nut field, Surrey, a short mile from the other shop, late iu the tenure and occupation of James Bond, deceased. The stock in trade to be taken at a fair valuation. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Wm. Gardner, of West Heathly, Sussex, the Administrator; or of Mr. Thompson, Solicitor, East Grinstead. The House and Shops may be viewed by application to Mrs. Bond, on the premises. HAWKHURST, KENT. TO BE LET, OR SOLD, ASubstantial new- erected DWELLING- HOUSE, and premises, pleasantly situated near High- gate, in Hawkhurst, adjoining the Turnpike- road from thence 10 Rye; comprising two front parlours, kitchen, brewhouse, pantry, scullery, and roomy cellar, with five good bed chambers, chaise- bouse and stable; together with about three quarters of an acre of garden and orchard ground. The Coach and Post goes by the door, and is comfortably adapted for a retired family. Possession may be immediately had. For further particulars apply to Mr. Richard Wenham, of Hawkhurst. FOR BENEFIT OF THE UNDERWRITERS. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, At the Bridge Inn, Newhaven, on Tuesday, the yth of April, 181 J, at twelve o'clock at noon, Duty free for salvage in- sundry lots. ABOUT 40 Hogsheads excellent French Red Wine, being pan i f ihe Ship Medbedatch, strand ed in Seaford Bay, the 7th Dec. 4 Pieces bf superior French Brandy. 13 Cases containing bottles French Wines, and preserved Fruit in Brandy. The above goods are well worth the attention of dealers and others, • Also, a number of empty Wine Casks. Catalogues of the above may be had, ( after Wednesday next;) and further particulars known, by application to the Collector aud Comptroller, Customs; or A. MURRAY, Agent, Newhaven, 30th March, 1811. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By RICHARD LAMBE, At tbe Talbot Inn, iu Cuckfield, ( unless previously dis posed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given), 011 Tuesday the ad day of April next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ASubstantial- built Freehold House, awl Garden, a convenient stable, with a good loft, and corn bins, pleasantly situate in the town of Cuckfield, ad- joining - the much- frequented Road from London to Brighton, with Stages passing almost every hour in the day, now in the occupation of Mr. Thos, Evershed, the proprietor ; of wh^ m immediate possession may Ix; had. On the ground tloor, a kitchen, two parlours, aud wash- house, with convenient offices; and five bed rooms over the same. For further particulars, enquire of Mr. WALLER, Solicitor, Cuckfield ; or of the Auctioneer, Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. LAMBE, Al the Star Inn, in Alfriston, on Wednesday. Hie 4th dav of April next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, 170RTY- SIX ELM TREES, proper for the use . bf Wheelwrights and Carpenters, now lying at the bottom of Winton- street, in the parish of Alfriston, which will be put up in small lots for convenience of purchasers. A deposit of 20 per cent, will be required. TO BREWERS AND INNKEEPERS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Wednesday the 17th Day of April next, at 4 o'Cloek in the afternoon, ( unless previously disposed ( if by Private Contract, of which notice will he given in this paper,) ALL that't'opyhold, or. Customary Messuage, or Dwelling House, Stables, Buildings, Gar- den and Premises, situate in the town of West Tarring, in the County of Sussex, called or known by the Sign of the Castle Inn, now in full trade Possession of the above will be delivered on Michaelmas Day next, to a Purchaser. For Particulars ( and to treat Private Contract) apply to Mr. Watts, solicitor. Worthing. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, In several Lots, at the Malster's- Arms, Broadwater, Sussex, 011 Wednesday, the loth day of April next, unless sooner disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given, THE FOLLOWING ESTATES;— An ex- cellent Dwelling House, situate in the centre of the High- streets at Broadwater, with a commodious garden aud yard, outbuildings, aud seven acres of good arable laud, ad joining. Also, one Croft of arable Land, containing about one acre and a hall), be the same more or less, situate 111 Broadwater Street. Also, ten teneinentsXnnder lease which will expire al Michaelmas 1815, wiierehy the Lessee is bound to keep and leave t| ie Premises in repair at X' 3o per auiiuin) now underlet at ft each pgr annum, situate at Broadwater. Immediate possession may be had of the two first Lots, which, as well as each of the tenements, will entitle the owner to vote for tbe county of Sussex, and ihe Rape of Bramber. Any of the Tenements may be purchased separately by private Contract, at a considerable advan- tage beyond that of voting for Members of Parliament. The whole of the Premises are iu llie occupation of Mr. Edward Penfold, who will shew them lo auy gen- tleman applying for a vieiv. For further particulars, apply personally, or by letter ( post paid J to Messrs. Holmes, Solicitors, Arun- del,— Hlli March, 1811. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, At the Dorset Arms, in the Cliff, on Wednesday ( tie 3d of April, at 6 o'clock iu the Evening-— A HOUSE, divided iiito two dwelling, and a A! Butcher's Shop, with the Garden behind the same, situate on the Western side of Mailing Street. Immediate possession may be had of the Northern Dwelling 5 and the residue of tlie Property IR iu the occupation of James Gates, whose bolci'itfg wiU deter- mine on the- ioth October next. For particulars apply to Messrs. Hoper and Son, or Mr. William Richardson, at Lewes. VERY VALUABLE TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On the Premises, on Wednesday,, the 3d of April, and following days, ALL the valuable HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, and remaining part of the STOCK IN TRADE, of Mr. T. NEWMAN, in the parish of All Saints, iu Lewes : The Furniture consists of four complete beds j a ma- hogany secretary and hook case, ditto secretary bed- stead, ditto dining, Pembroke, aud tea tables, ditto chairs and bason stands 3 elegant pier and dressing glasses j floor ttfrpets • china, glass, and stone ware; kitchen and washing requisite* in general. The Stock in Trade consists of a variety of worked and plain muslins, white and printed calicos, ginghams, handsome printed furnitures, handkerchief*, glove*, ho- siery, ribbons, silk goods,, straw bonnets, laces, pelisse cloths, a leiiglh of superfine scarlet cloth, stuffs, brown Irish and other lineus, haberdashery,, perfumery, &<„ The whole of which will be offered 111 such lots as to suit either the Trade, or Private Families. N. B. The sale will begin' each day at two o'clock, except Friday, the 5th of April, on which day the HOUS- hold Furniture will be sold, and the sale wiU begin pre- cisely at ten o'clock in the morning. TO BE LET, i\ ffd entered upon imniediatelv, ripHE remaining part of the LEASE of the A Dwelling- House and Shop, situate on School- Hill, Lewes, now iu the occupation of Mr. NEWMAN, Draper. The premises are cctUricoHy situated, and admirably adapted for any business that does not require much outlet. The fixtures to he taken at a fair valuation. For particulars apply to Mr, John Spilsbury, No. G3, Holborn- hill, London, ( if by letter, post paid.) N. B. Four years aud a Iwilf of ihe lease were unex- pired at Lady- day last. TRUE SUSSEX- BRED DARK RED STOCK, And known to equal any in the County. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, * By VERRALL and SON, Ou the premises, On Thursday, the 11ill day of April, 1811, THH truly valuable FARMING STOCK, of BELLMOUNT FARM, in the parish of Easthoathly, in the county of Sussex: CONSISTING OF Ten extraordinary liue eovvs in calf, and calves by their sides. A Deautiful dark- red three year old bull. A yearling ditto. Sixteen prime working oxen, from 3 to 6 years old. Six t » i » . yi: ar old steers, and 2 yearling ditto. Two yearling heifers. Also a stack of excellent meadow hay, about - malt mills. To begin exactly at twelve o'clock. A cold' collation at four o'clock. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, - By VERRALL and SON, At the White Hart Inn, 1: 1 Lewes, on Saturday the 13th Day of April, at Eight o'Clock iu ibe Evening, with immediate possession, ANEW Brick Built Dwelling House and Pre- mises, situate ill the High itr. et, n/\ St. Michael', in Lewes, iu the occupation ol Mr. John. Dudeney. Comprising an excellent front Shop, Parlour, Kitchen, Pantry, Dining Room, four good Sleeping Rooms, con- venient back Offices, a back Yard, aud a double rooniv Vault under the whole. The Premises may be viewed at any time, by appli cation to Mr. Daniel Leggatt, 011 Keere Hill, in Lewis, and further particulars known of the auctioneers. SUSSEX. Capital Timber standing near the River Ouse. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, O11 Saturday, the I3th day of April, 18tl, at the Star Inn, Lewes, at four o'clock iu the afternoon, THE following lots of OAK TIMBER 01 straight growth and good dimensions, with the top and hark, standing 011 Longford Farm, in Barcomb, within a uiile oCthe river Ouse. LOT I, Fifty- nine Oak Trees, marked with a X, standing near Longford House, and iu the Sole Meadow at Barcomb Cross. LOT 2. Three hundred and three Oak Trees, marked with II, standing in the west side of the Down Coppice. LOT 3. Two hundred and forty- eight Oak Trees, marked with III, standing injlhe east side of the Dowu Coppice, and in the Dollige Coppice. John Winder, the Bailiff at Longford, will shew the timber; and further particulars may be had of Messrs. Shadwell, Bishop and Thorpe, at Hastings. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY VERRALL AND SON, At the Star Inn, in Lewes, ou Saturday, the at) tb of June next, at six o'clock in the evening, AFreehold FARM, within a ring fence, consist- ing of a house, barn, stable, oasthouse, aud other buildings, and about 7yA. alt. 7P. of Laud, called Weeklauds, situate iu Little Worsted, about 5 miles from Lewes, adjoining the load from Loudon, through Uckfield, to Lewes and Brighton, and in the occupa- tion of John Diplock, w hose term will expire at Lady- day, 18!' 2. This Farm commands very fine prospects, and is pe- culiarly well calculated for tbe erection of a Villa. The Tenant will shew the property ; and for further particulars apply to Messrs. Hoper aud Sou, ut Lewes; or Mr. Stone, at Mayfield. TIMBER. ~~ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At tbe Bells, at Northiam, about the middle of next month, iii Lois, BETWEEN Three and Four Hundred Oak Frees, now standing, marked with white paint, iu Blossom Wood, and Cinder Hill Wood, in the Parish of Beckley, in Sussex ; likewise three large Beech Trees. This timber is well worth ihe attention of Ship Builders, as most of the Trees will produce tine plank. The Woods are within seven miles of Rye Harbour, and join the Turnpike road. Further Particulars will be given in next Week's Paper. Mr. Bates, of Pearsmarsh, • ill shew the Timber. GOOD HOMEMADE CLOTH. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By R. MARKWICK, Ou Friday, the 5th of April, at tliii Maidenhead Inn, Uckfield, SIXTY pair of exceeding good homemade Tire Sheets, and upwards of 300 yards of homemade Huckaback Table Cloth and Toweling. The sale to begin at four o'clock 111 the afternoon. WEST- TARRING. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. MARKWICK. At the George Inn, on Saturday next, the Cth of April, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ASubstantial DWELLING- HOUSE, eligibly situated in tbe High- street of the said town, with stable, outhouses, good garden, well stored with fruit trees, and an excellent enclosed field, of about two acres, half uf which is prime grass land, and tbe other half well cropped with wheat. The premises may be viewed at any time, by apply- ing to Mr. Halcomb. TO BE, SOLD, BY AUCTION, On the < ji2( l, of A|> ril, tail, at the Six Bells, in Nor- ihiam, Sussex, between the hours of four anil live o'cioeii rn thu afternoon, AWINDMILL, capable of grinding from four lo live loads of wheat in a week, with a very con- venient Home and Storehouse, Stable,. Cunt Lod^ e, Garden, aud Plot of Laud, containing nearly Half HI, Acre, thereto belonging, situate at Northiam lute the Estate of Mr. Leonard Miller, deceased, and now iu Ihe occupation of his Executors. The Premises are Freehold ; and the Mill House aud Buildings are all in excellent repair. Immediate possession may be had. The Mill stands in a very eligible situation for busi- ness. ' ' for further particulars, enquire of Mr. Tress, Gate. Court; or Mr. Hilder, Northiam Place, iu Northiam; the Executors .— or at ihcjOtliee of Messrs. Woollett find Dawes; Rye. _____ TIMBER ~ On French Court Farm, in Fairlight. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. . By HENRY EATON, On Friday, the 5ih day of April, isl i, at the. sign of'the Sawyers, in Fair light, at ibree o'clock iu the after, noon, in the following lots, LOT 1. ONE Hundred and Eighty- sir OAK TREE'S, standing in the Malthouse Wood, marked wiili II. LOT 2. Eighty- three OAK TREES,'. lauding in the Sand 1' it Wood, marked witli a X, LOT 3. line Hundred and Thirty- seven OAK TREES, standing in tbe North- west part of Fairlight Wood, marked with III. a LOT 4. Two Hundred and Fifty- one OAK TREES, and one ASP, standing iu the East part of Fairlight Wood, marked with a X. The- WHole of this Timber ' w cont'urnnos to tlie road leading from Pett to Hastings, witbitt a rery easy distance of the sea. Messrs, Gorham, at French- Court- Farm, will shew the lots; and furrier particulars may he had, ai liie office of Messrs. Shadwell, Bishop, anil Thorpe, Hast- ings. CAPITAL INN, or PUBLIC HOUSE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HENRY EATON, On the Premises, on Monday, the iid day of April, 1811, at Four o'clock ia tie afternoon, ui'iless previ- ously disposed of by Private Contract , Atruly desirable Freehold Messuage or Tene- ment, known by the Sign of the White Hart, situate at Guestling, in the County of Sussex, trow in the occupation of William Harman, ihi- Proprietor- comprising, dii the Ground Floor, a large Kitchen, Bar*, two Parlours, one fifteen feet by fourteen. Wash- house, Brewhouse . JXtaring, aud other necessary offices, Ou the First Floor, a cominodionsroom, twenty by four- teen feet.: live airy lied Chambers, with vcrv ijood Attics; Coach- house, and Stabling for - upward, of twenty hbrses; Carpenter'* Shop and Y u- d, a't, d: divers useful ' Out- Buildings, aad l « ' o Gardens, well slocked with FruitTrees. Tin: house i? now, and has been for msny years, in full trade; and is most pleasantly situated on an emi- nence commanding a very extensive view of the sea aud opposite shore, eonipiehi ndi w a distance of upwards of ' thirty miles, including Calais Cliffs, and ihe lulls of Bologue; aad a very extensive prospect of the surrouud- eouiitryvas Dungetiess, Dover ' itf;, the Kentish hills. Sic. aud is situated Vi'Inn two in les of the Town of Hastings, iii. ll one iif-. tUe Barracks, five of Winchelsea. eight of ' Rye, „ nd sew. of Battle. Possf.- Mv:- : my be h immediately. v- For'fariher ' j> » rticuiHr » , apply to the said William Harman, the Auctioneer ; or John Carey, attorneyfl Hastings. Tin* ( lay was published, price Is. 3d. THE TRIALS, of ihe Rev. ROBT. BINGHAM, i Curate o; Maresfield, acquitted ot the following Charges preferred against him, on Tuesday, March 2ti, 18ri. before the Chief Baron Macdonald, at ihe Gene- ral Assize, at Horsham, in the county of Sussex : Charged oil suspicion of having written a Letter lo Mr R. Jenner, without a name subscribed thereto, threatening to murder the said R. Jenner, and the Par- sou, Churchwardens, and Farmers ; and also charged 011 suspicion of feloniously setting fire to a Dwelling- House, ill Maresfield, in liis occupation. Together with his DEFENCE, as dclivere< rby himself. To which is added, a CALENDAR of the Prisoncrt tried at the above Assizes, with their several sentences annexed. Lewes: Printed and sold by J. Baxter; and Crosby ond Co. Stationers'- Conrt, London ; and by all Book- sellers in this County. SINGULAR TRIAL. AFULL Report of ( he TRIAL of the REV. ROBERT BINGHAM, Curitic of Maresfield, Sussex, en a Charge of writing a Threatening Letter, and setting Fire to his House, so briefly aud ubscurclv given in all the public Journals, is this day published by Messrs. Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, I'nternoster- liow, London; aud may be bad « f ait Booksellers.— Price is. 6d. STOLEN, About ten Days ago, ou the Premise* of Mr. Farrant, of Framfield. A BLACK MARE, full agedj about u Hands high, full Mane and Tail, a white tpot, just above the hoof uf the oft" hind leg, and blind of. the uear eye. A Reward of Five Guineas is hereby offered for the recovery ot the said Mare, or for ihe apprehension and conviction of ihe Offender, to be paid by Mr. Farrant as above. Royal Exchange Assurance Office. MARCH, lull. ' THE CORPORATION have reduced the Pre- - 1. miunis 011 Farming Stock, from 2s, tjd. per cent, to 2s. per cent, aud existing Insurances, covering such, property, will be reduced as tliey become due, upon application to the Agent through whom the Insurance* were made. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on tlie 25th instant, are hereby informed that receipts aie now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents under- mentioned, and the parties assured are requested to ap- ply for the renewal of llieir Policies oh or before the 9th day of April next, astheu^ ual fifteen days allowed lor payment, beyvnd the date of each policy, will thca expire. SAMUEL PENNING, jun. Secretary. SUSSEX. ARUNDEL, William Olliver. BATTLE, William Ticehurst. BRIGHTHELMSTON, John Mills. CHICHESTER, J. Bartlett. HASTINGS, William Gill. HORSHAM, Humphreys and Turner. HAILSHAM, Wm. Martin LEWES, Henry Brown. MIDHURST, Johu Geering, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Holt. RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe. SURREY. CROYDON, J. and C. Strndwicke DORKING, Samuel Dendy EPSOM, J. Scott. FARNHAM, W. Cock GUILDFORD, Winkworth and Cooper KINGSTON, W. Strange REIGATE, W. Moore N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expenec where the annual Premiums amount to lis, or upwards.* This Company have invariably made gpod Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES on LIVES, being'fouiid to be advan-' tagcous to persons having Offices, Employ menu, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on tne Life or Lives of themselves or others ; Tables of the Rates on such Assu- rances, aud for tlie granting Annuities uu Lives, may he had of the said Agents, And, for the . greater conveni- ence of the Public, the Company have deicrnihied to extend ( by special agreement; titc Assurance ou Lives til the age'oj' 75 years', *'" "' Postscript. FROM SATURDAYS LONDON GA2EfTE. Admtrsliy- Offiof, Maitb So. lfclt., €< rpy of a letter from ( lie. Hon. G. C. Berkeley. Admiral of the Bine, Sic. to John Wilson Croker, taq. dated at Lisbon, lilt alii of ' Jarch, lair. SIR, J 111 AVE great Pleasure in informing llieir Lord- shi| » s of the evacuation of ( he strong post which the enemy possessed at Santarem, and that our ariuv are now advancing in close pursuit. Lieu- tenant Claxton of the liartleur, who commands the gun boats til co- operation with the division of the army under Marshal Sir William Beresford, on the South side of the Ta^ us, yesterday informed me, that on the evening of the 5th instant, in recon- fioitring under Santarem, he perceived the enemy departing; aj, id imrnediatelv crossed with the officer of the British Piquet* and gave the intelliRence to Lord Wellington. Me then went to Santarem, where lie found the enemy had left three rough built boats or pontoons, two rafts, and twelve or fourteen of their heavy cannon, the carriages of which had been burnt. The army is now moving on, and the boats are ordered to follow them up the Tagns, the Navigation of which is now cleared Vp 19 Abranies. I am, & rc. ( Signed) G. BERKELEY. Whitehall, March 30, 1SI1. His Royal Highness the Prince Recent has been graciously pleased, in the Name and on Behalf of Hit Majesty, to constitute and appoint Franc s Lord Napier to he His Majesty's Hi nil Commis- sioner to the General Assembly of the Church of fccoilaud. • BANKRUPTCIES" SUPERSEDED. Charles Hartley and William Hartley, both of Binley, in the Count v of York, Worsted Spinners— James Laveder, of Yeovil, in the County of So- merset, Gardner— James Buckley the Younger, of Sholver, near Oldham, in the County of Lancaster, Manufacturer— Hugh Dick, of Gosport, in the County of Southampton, Navy and PI ize- Agent'— Thomas Windeatt, of Bridgetown, in the Comity of Devon, Wool- spinner. BANKRUPTS. William Stooke, late of the .-' aii> h of St. Pancras, inithe County of Middlesex, Baker— John Wood- " ward, of Birmingham, in the County of Warwick, Hardwnreman-— Henry Venn the Younger, of Wal- worth, in the Parish of St. Mary, Newington, in the County of Surrey, Upholsterer— Wright Tur- nell, of Lower Smith- street, Northampton- square, in the County of Middlesex, Corn- dealer— Henry Sherrington, George Cooper, Leonard Cooper, and John Young, of Heapy, near Chorley, in the County of Lancaster, Whitsters— Rich& id Scholes, of Daley Lever, in the County of Lancaster, Inn- keeper, Coal- dealer— William Lewis, late of Aber- gavennr, in the County of Monmouth, Cordwainer — Thomas Hopper, of Manchester, in the County of Lancaster, Liquor- Merchant— John Scott, now or late of Finningley, in the County of Nottingham, Butcher— John Dray, of Hythe, in the County of Kent, Miller— Ester Curtis, of the City of Bristol, Broker— David Forster, late of Basinghall- street, London, Insurance Broker— James Delatnain late of the Town and County of Kingston- upon- Hull, but now of the Parish of Sculcoates, in the County of York, Merchant— William Lacey, of Nunney, in the County of Somerset. Linen- draper— John Price, of Rathbone- place, in the County of Mid- dlesex, Taylor— Samuel Swallow, of Crown Court, Threadni- edle- slreet, London, Russia Broker- Samuel Cliff, of Bolton- le Moors, in the County of Lancaster, Muslin and Cotton- Maunfatturer— William Criddle, now or lite of Wivelscombe, in the County of Somerset, Clothier— Thomas Crid- dle, now or late of Wivelscomhe, ill the County of Somerset, Clothier— James Young, of Frome Selwood, in the County of Somerset, Clothier— Nathan Sturge Builder, of the City of Biistol, Woollendraper— Richard Collett, late. of Leeds, In tii.> County of York, Grocer— Richard West, of Liverpool, in the County of Lancaster, Timber- dealer— William Morgan, late of the Town of * Neath, in the County of Glamorgan, Innkeeper— ' Moreton Aglionby Slaney, of Shiffnall, in the County of Salop, Money- Scrivener— Nicholas date's, now or late of Little James- street, Bedford- row, in the County of Middlesex, Ale and Porter- Merchant— Jacob James Lester, and Robert WooU combe Lester, of Rotherhithe, in the County of Surrey, Mast anil Sail Makers— Charles Mesnil, of Sackville- street, in the County of Middlesex,. Vint- ner and Hotel- keeper— Edward Shelton, of Great Grimsby, in the County of Lincoln, Brandy- Mer- chant and Hardwareman— William Budden and Hen. Pyefinch, now or late of Friday- street, in the City of Loudon, Wholesale Grocers. LONDON. ( SUNDAY.}. HOUSE OF LORD, S, FRIDAY. The Exchequer Bills Funding Bill, and the Militia Indemnity Bill, were read ilu- third time and patted. COMMERCIAL CRliDIT BILL. Vpnn the motion of Earl Bathurst, this Bill was com- mitted, and pasted ihroueli the Committee without any amendment. Adjourned till Monday. HOUSE OF COMMONS. FRIDAY. The Bill for preventing itnlrbery in. Dwelling Houses, wag- read a sccoud time uu the motion of Sir Samuel Romilly. Tlie Navigable Canal Robbery Bill, and the Bill for pneireiiting the stealing from Bleachihg- grounds. were severally read a second time, ou the motion of Sir S. Romilly. Adjourned at half- past One. Saturday her Majesty's Council are to meet at Windsor, for the important object of examining the Physicians, preparatory to the Declaration which they are directed by the Act io make in the first week in ihf month of April. ' J'hey will meet again on some day next week, finally to make up their Report^ but on Saturday they will examine thp Physicians on oath. A few letters have been received, via Holland, from Hamburg!), and we have some information from o Gentleman who has just ariivd from that city, it is impossible to overstate the misery of this once flourishing mart of commerce. We are told, but not from- the same authority, that the Bank of Hamburgh has been plundered, and that three waggon loads of specie have already been tent off from i's treasury, in the direction of' Pal is. A Gentleman of the name of Greffulhe landed at Dover on Thursday, from Boulogne. Accounts of the retreat of Massena, find of the battle of Bar- rosa, had reached Pat is, hut they had not been noticed in the public papers tip to the 24th. • A vessel arrived at a Welsh port lias brought letters from Cadiz to the 11th, They take np no- tice of the effort which was to be made by General Brake to raise the siege of that city. On Saturday last Wm. Townley was executed at Gloucester for burglary. We regret to hear, that about 20 minutes after the unfortunate man had been turned off, a reprieve arrived, the letter " containing it having been put into the post office at Hereford, addressed bv mistake to " Wilton, esq. Under Sheriff, llerefotdshiie, instead ofGlou- cckicrsbjre.— SHREWSBURY Lewes, APRIL r, mi. mi » i « : » i— i' • — At our Assizes, which ended at Horsham, at) Wednesday last, sixteen prisoners were tried, three of whom were capitally convicted, and received sentence of death, viz William Mitchell, a boy of sixteen years of age, For breaking open a bag of letters, which he was employed to « ? onvey from Gardner- street to Battle, and stealing therefrom a letter, containing the patts of jfoifr promissory notes ofthe Hastings Bank,— Jane Nye, a girl, aged only 15, for feloniously setting fire to the dw6lling- hoilse of Mr. James Cortis, of Ahgmerin^.— 1- And William Bray for stealing an ox, the propel ty of Mr. Walter Elphick, of Westham. They were all reprieved before the Judges left the town. George Robinson and John Johnson, each of whom ha\ e just attained their 21st year, for steal- ing poultry, the property of George Shiffner, esq. and others, were each of them sentenced to seven years transportation. William Clarke, aged 77, for sodomy, with Ste- phen Pentecost, at Isfield.— And Richard Dougherty, aged 42, for a similar Crime with William Parker, at Eastbourne, were seveially sentenced to two years imprisonment. Henry Edwards, a lad only 17 yean old, for fe- loniously stealing five pounds in notei and money, the property of Mr. Streeter, of Preston.— And Naomi Stonestreet, for robbing her mistress, Anna Maria Augur, of Westham, of divers articles of wearing apparel, were severally fined one shilling, and ordered to he kept to hard labour in our House of Correction for the space of 12 months. Lucien Brown, for stealing a watch, the pro- perty of Elizabeth Best, of Crawley, was fined one shilling, and ordered to be kept to hard labour, in Petworth House of Correction, for the space of six months. Edward Kent, and Thomas Macdonald, for man- slaughter, in killing John Bycroft, of Horsham, were fined one shilling, and recommitted to Pet worth House of Correction, for three months,-" And Samuel Lindfield, for a similar offence, in killing Hen. y Naldret, at Nuthurst, being insane, was ordered to be confined in the said House of Correction, until his Majesty's pleasure concerning him shall be known, James Fogden, for stealing a tea chest, and three canvas bags, containing gold and bank notes, value 5001.— Daniel Mapel, for stealing sundry sacks, and a quantity of malt.—' And the Rev. Robert Bingham, for writing and sending a letter to Mr. Richard Jenner, of Maresfield, without a name subscribed thereto, threatening to murder him, the said R. Jenner, and also the Parson, Churchwar- dens, and Partners; and also for setting fire to his dwelling- house, at Maresfield, were severally AC- QUITTED. Peter Akehurst committed for stealing divers quantities of Oats, Barley and Peas, the property of Mr. Tourle, of Swanburgh.— And Julin Carter, charged with the crime of manslaughter, iii having killed John Homer, by shooting him with a pistol, were discharged by proclamation. John Jackson, William Smith, aivd John Shean, committed far a riot at Arundel, and wounding Charles Bowman, William Till, Peter Bowman and others, traversed their indictment until the next Assizes, and were liberated on Bail. As such a mutilated account of Mr. Bingham's Trial, as our narrow limits would admit of, might tend to mislead the public; and as that very in- terim; Trial, will in a few days, be published at full length, we shall only observe here, that the inves- tigation, on both Charges, occupied the attention of the Court, and a very crowded auditory, from eight o'clock on Tuesday morning, until nearly nine at night. And that the prisoner, when called upon for his defence at the close of each Trial, produced, and read with great emphasis, and ap- puiently unshaken mind, two very able, ingenious and impressive ones, which we understand were written for him by his Brother, the Rev Richard Bingham, of Gosport. The Jury retired and delibe- rated some time on their first Verdict; but that which regarded the arson, they pronounced without the least hesitation. The Chief Baron, sat on the Crown side, and we believe, a more merciful Judge never presided in any ciiminal Court of Justicc. On Wednesday Mr. Garrow officiated for his Lordship, who, we understand, proceeded on to Croydon, to open the Commission for Surrey, on that evening. At the above Assizes, there were only two Spe- cial Jury Causes; in the one of which, viz. Harben versus Hardwick, for Breach of Covenants in a Lease, the damages were laid at 50001.— Referred to Mr. Lawes, to ascertain, whether the Farm has been injured by the mismanagement of the De- fendant; if it has, to asceitain the ampuut, and enter a verdict for that sum. The other was an Ejectment Cause, Richardson versus Smith, which for the want of attendance ofa sufficiency of Special Jurymen, stands over to the next Summer Assizes for this County. There were about twenty other Causes entered at NISI ptuus, but not one of them had » ny claim to public notice. Our High Sheriff, William Dearling, esq. made a truly lespectable appearance ;. he was each day in a full diess; and his Javelin- men, who are com- posed of the Yeomanry of his neighbourhood, and a few Tradesmen of Chichester, wore neat diab coloured Uniforms. By the judicious management of Mr. Palmer, the Under Sheriff, tf. e Courts, although much crowded, were exceedingly well kept; and the whole was conducted with a degree ot order which was truly exemplary and praise- worth;;- The trial of the Rev. Mr. Bingham, was certain- ly the most interesting one that has . happened it) this county, for many yeais ; and was consequentL a principal means of filling . Horsham, during the assizes, with company; nay, the influx amounted U. a complete , overflow ; and several gentlemen were constrained to procute i eds, & c. at the neigh- bouring villages. The same interest, thete is no doubt, must pervade among great numbers of those who. could not be present, to procure, a full and authentic account of all- the judicial proceedings on that very solemn occasion To such we can confidently recommend the Trial at large, taken by Mr. J. V, BUTTON, which^ will contain the arguments of Counsel ou both sides, the whole of the evident*, by question and answer, correct co pies of Mr. Bingham's affecting defences, and the summing up, ( with the exception of the lepetition of the evidence) of the learned Judge, befoie whom, and a Jury of his Country, the Rev. Gen- tleman. vviis tried and acquitted. The above Trial will be published on Saturday next, by W. and A. Lee, and may be had of them, and of the Carriers of this Paper, price 2s. 6d. I 1 Last Friday Capt. Kemp's Independent Troop of Yeomanry Cavalry wa?, by the general consent and approbation of those who composed it, dis- solved. 1' he fines which had been incurred bv non- attendances, < with additional subscriptions) in- stead of being expended ON AN' enteitainment, it was resolved, should go in aid of the subscription raising for tb » English Prisoners in France- Thiec division's of the Kentish Local Militia, are ordered out for training, on the 8tli and 15th of Apfil instant. Those who from sickness, or any other cause, did not attend last ye'r, and, those en- rolled since the 15tb of June last, on tbfe former day, for 21 days training; and all other pbrsons in the said Local Militias, on the latter day, for 14 days training. The drummers and non- com mis- sioned officers ate to assemb'e of course with tlie first levy. FAT SUSSEX- BRED STEER— A remarkably fat Steer of the excellent breed of this county, only three years and ten months old, was, a few days since slaughtered by Mr. Michael Holmden, batcher, at Maidstone. The weight of this animal was as fol- lows, viz. st. lb. The four quarters — 182 6 Loose fat — — 18 3 Hide — — 15 2 2lC 3 He was bred and fed by Mr. Thomas Coveney, of Benenden, in Kent ; and was esteemed by the best judges, as complete a young ox as Was ever Slaughtered. One day last weet, a sow, belonging to Mr. King, of Silverhill, farrowed twenty- one pigs, which are all living. A few days sincei Mr. Gill, jun. of Rye, in get- ting over a fence, at the back of his house, had the misfortune to fall, and break one of his ' highs. We are, however, glad to hear, that he is in a fair way of recovery. A woman named Jeffery, died last week in the Poor- house, at Coxheath, near Maidstone, at the extreme age of 10G years. The remains of the late Rev, Styleman Bos- tock, were, on the 20th nit. interred in he fa- rfiily vault, at East- Grinstead. bv the Rev. J. Langley. Mr. Bostock was in his 5Gth year, and had been vicar of East- Grinstead parish 19 ^ ears. His loss is greatly and generally regretted, by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. DIED. On the 24th ult. in his 6Sth year, John Trayton Fuller, esq. of Ashdown- house. On the 12th ult. at Greenwich, in the 27th year of his age, after a long ® nd painful illness, brought on by service in the West Indies, Captain Alexan- der Carr Edgar, of the Royal Artillery. One day last week, Mrs. Brown, wife of Mr. Brown, Poplar- row, in this town. BRIGHTON, APRIL 1, 1811. Although the weather, during the past week, wils unusually fine lor the season, yet the town was extremely dull, except on Thursday, when public curiosity was so much excited, by the pillory- scene, which took place in Castle- Square. A little before ntnn, Fuller, the offender, attended by the Keeper of Lewes House of Correction, and Mr. Eager, his assistant, made his appearance, and mounted the platform, which, after his head and hands had been placed in their proper positions, lie traversed round for the space of an hour, agreeably to his sentence, for fraudulently passing, in our market, Twopenny for Two Pound notes ; and such was the novelty of thfe Exhibition, that not less than 4000 spectators assembled to witness it, whose conduct on the occasion ( probably owing to the judicious arrangement of Mr. Pal- mer, the Under Sheriff, and Mr. Hargraves, the High Constable) was exemplary in the ex- treme, for all was order, regularity, and good humour; not the least harm, or even insult, was offered to the culprit, who would have done well had he felt half as much from his disgraceful situation, as the spectators appeared to feel f6r the safety of his person. Ho-. vever, on beirfg released, he betrayed some symptoms of grati- tude, by respectfully bowing to the populace; after which he was refreshed, and taken back to the House of Correction, at Lewes, to compleat his imprisonment, which we believe does not expire before the month of June next. Most of the windows in the neighbourhood of the ma- chine, were crowded with spectators, apparently of rank and fashion. Tlie multitude departed from the scene of action as pcaoeably as they approached it, and thereby stamped credit on the town. Our fishermen were, during the late fine weather, very successful in their pursuits, and we have had, in consequence, a plentiful sup- ply of fish, at modei ate prices. Several porpoises made their appearance on the surface ofthe water, dose in shore, on Sa- turday last, a prognostic, we fear, of some change in the weather. A iine new pleasure yacht or cutter, belong- ing to Sir Thomas Clarges, was on Thursday and Friday last, worked on blocks, from the top of Edward- street," ( where she was built) and down St. James's- street, to the beach, pre- paratory to her being launched, which we un- derstand, will take place in a few days. This beautiful vessel made a very pretty appearance in her passage down the streets, and attracted the attendance of many spectators. The following Case is submitted for the opi- nion of any professional Gentleman, who will have the goodness to communicate the ? ame thro' the channel of this paper, for the information and benefit of a POOR MAN :— A FEMME SOLE being intitled to a Copyhold Estate under the will of her father, was admitted thereto, to hold to ' her and fcer heirs. Soon after her admission she intermarried, and she and her husband let the land, and received the ' ents there- of during their joint lives, After the marriage there weie born three children, who all died at dif- ferent ages, during the lifetime of their mother, who is since dead— The husband, after the death of his wife, received the rents thereof, for about 5 years, after which time, the youngest sister of the deceased wife, claimed title to the premises, as her heir at law, and got admitted to the same about twelve yeats ago, he living many miles off, and not knowing of any Court. She, after her admis- sion let the same, and received the tents. About ten years ago, she and her husband, ( being married.) sold the Premises far a considerable sum, and received the money, and under their surrender the purchaser was admitted, and is now in pos- session of the Premises. The husband claim* the'tand for life, by having bad and been in possession of the following le qiiisites, which Cjmpletea Tenancy by the Curtesy of England, ( th. it is to sav) iliv mSrriagc li.- iitg i lawful, the letting the land, a. id iic .* tud his wife | receiving the rents during thci'j lint lives , and' having had children, born and living during tlie Coverture Is then this poor man'debarred from holding, this estate for life, because they, say, theie is no such custom within t) rte Manor? bdt admitting that there is no » Uch custom, it is tlie general custom of the land, as part of thd Cotil in oil Law; and naving bad living issue, lie Was intituled to do homage to the lord of his wife's, land alone; for as soon as a child Was b'rirh, he began to have a permanent interest in the land for life, as Tenant by the Curtesy of England. Therefore, under the cfircurilstattceS of the case, I as this poor man has been kept out of possession of great part of the tents since tile death of his wife, and tlie same being now sold for a considerable sum, is lie intitled to any part of the tents re- ceived by his wife's sister, or to anv part of the purchase money, for which the same was sold, or how otherwise; and if intitled, what'niode must he take for the recovery thereof? Last Monday morning a waiter id the Anchor Inn, at Horsham, was foiind drowned in the stream, some little distance from the church, into which it is supposed he had fallen by acci- dent. On view of the body, the Coroner's Jury returned ii verdict— Accidental death. On the same morning, Mr. E. Harwood, a farmer, at Rustington, near Littlehampton, was found drowned in a pond, not vefy distant from his own house. The deceased had been out to spend the preceding evening, and it is conjectured, missed his way on his return home, on horseback, and rod'.' into the pond. DIED. OU Wednesday last, Mr. Wilmshurst, watchmaker, of North- street, aged 6~ years. ! HL ' . " . . ' » • ' I i REV. Mr. BINGMAM's TRIAL, At the SUSSEX ASSIZES, before the LORD CHIEF BARON. On Saturday next, will be published, BY W. AND A. LEE, l'rice Js. tid. THE TRIAL, AT LARGE, Rev. ROBERT BINGHAM, Charged, nil suspicion, of having feliiuinusly and un- lawfully sent a threatcuui'.: L' tter. without a Name subscribed thereto, to Mr. RICHARD JENNER, of Maresfield : And also, on suspicion « f having feloniously and mali- ciously set Fire to a Dwelling- House, then in his possesion, at Maresfield, Sic. &. c. As taken at Horsham, on Tuesday, tlie 26th of Marfb, 1811. BY J. V. BUTTON, B. A. RJ* Order* for the ahnve, very interesting Trial, will be received at tlie Omens of the PUBLISHERS, at LEWES ' or by tbeil » several NEWSCARRIERS, through- out the County. STEYN1NG. I^ IIE next ASSEMBLY will be on Friday, the 5th of April, isi I, at the White Horse Inn. March > 5. E. BROWN. ANTED on a MORTAGE, FOUR o,' FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS, on ii free- hold Estate in the county of Sussex. Interest paid half- vearly. A letter left with the Printers, directed for John Thom| isett, will have immediate attention. WAN TED to purchase, LAND in the County of Sussex, with early possession, for which u liberal price will be giveu. A frroprriion of woodUud. and some uncultivated or Down land, or au extensive rijhtof common, will be considered a recommendation, Letters ( post paid) addrewd to Mr. ARTHUR LEE, Primer, School Hill, Lewes, will be forwarded ty the Advertiser. ANTED imrnediatelv, a YOUNG LADY, as an Apprentice to > he MILLINERY and DRESS MAKING.. For particulars, enquire of Mrs. CHAPMAN, School- Hill, Lewes, Letters, post paid. WANTED to REN I', m the County of Sussex, a GENTEEL COUNTRY- HOUSE, furnished, situated on a dry spot, and free from dampness; with a good kitchen garden, and a coach- house. It is requi- site that llie water with which the house be supplied, should be particularly soft and good. Letters to be directed to A, B. care of Mr, Francis, Linen- Draper, 7, St. . lames's- strect, Brighton, TO THE CLERGY. ALADY at the head of a highly respectable Es- tablishment, near tl « e metropolis ha » a relation whom she i » desirous of placing, ill the. w ay of exchange, with a serious Clergyman, who takes pupils, and who has a daughter that lie wishes to educate from home.— Address A. Q. at Darton and Harvey's, No. 55, Grace- church- street. TO MEDICAL MEN. WANTED an active person as a PARTNER, in a respectable country practice, about 20 miles distant from London. For particulars enquire of Messrs. Rugg and Co. Druggists, 90, Fleet- street, London. Letters post paid. ANTED, an Apprentice to a SURGEON and APOTHECARY, who will be treated in every respect like one of the family.— Enquire of Mr. C. Verral, Surgeon, Seaford, Sussex. TO MILLERS. ~ WANTED,— A Situation for a Youth of re- spectable Connections as 1111 Apprentice to a Miller, where such Apprentice wjll be treated as one of the Family. A Premium wlll. be given. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. Morgan, Solicitor, Hurstpcrpoiut. WANTED, a careful steady person, that has been used to children, ns CH1LD M AID. She must have n good character from'lier last, place. Apply, for a reference, at tlie office of Mr. ARTHUR LEE, PI inter, School Hill, Lewes. ANTED,—' THREE ROPE MAKERS; who may have six months constant employ. For particulars, enquire of Mr James Breeds, Hastings. March 23, 1811. ANTED. A JOURNEYMAN TAYLOR. A good Workman, who can cut well, and i » sober and steady, may hear of a good scat of Work, by applying to Mr. Thomas Verrall, Tallow Chandler, Clitl, Lewes; if by Letter Post Paid, N. B. A married man would be preferreji. W" ANTED to RENT, unfurnished,- A small, geoteel COTTAGE, with Garden- annex- ed, if a wall, it will he prefeired;— not to contain more than four rooms, besides kitchen, wash- house, and cellar : — If a small field to pasture a cow, it will be preferred; — no stable required, but a neat, good garden indispensable. The situa- tion must be good, dry, and airy; and the sur- rounding scenery pleasant;— if near a Trout stream, more agreeable;— great care will be taken to keep the garden, & c. in good older. The rooms not too small or low;— not in a town ; 110 objection to a pleasant village. Letters, post paid, addressed to A. 15. Mr. Clare's, Linen- draper, Midhurst, with FULL iiaititulars, will be duiv attended to. t *(.•;.-. : . • . 1 * ' < - ^ j ,. LEWES AND LONDON COACHES, ET out from English's Coach Office, Lewes, ' 10 the Golden Cross, Cbarin^- t'ros.. and 1 lie Spiead Eagle, ( iiaivchurch- street, every lunriiing at hall pa- t seven O'i 1 K- k. ( Sundays excepud). < . t Tlie lultubitauls of Lewes and Towns mljaee. it are respectfully informed, tlivt for llieir accommodation passengers and parcels are booked , at the Goldoii Cross, Charing I'hiss, and the Spread Eagle, Giaecchuri h. - ttect, London, every morning, at seven o'clock, Tlie Proprietors return llrauk » fur ihe liberal support thejr have rtceived, and rely from the above arrangement, lli l lbty will be found | n ine/ it a continuance uf that support ihby haie hit ttf( o " i- eii favoured Willi. Performed by the public's obliged servants, ; S. GOURD ENGLISH and Co LADIES' BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL," fNo. 27, Great Russell street, Brighton. MISS IMMS, most respectfully acquaints the 1* 1. Visitaiits, and Inhabitants of Brigliloo.. and its Vicinity, that sfje lias opened the Above Sell 11 j where young I. ndies afe bi> tried and in- irucnd 11.- the' ENGLISH LANGUAGE, » Xl » NEEDLE WORK, At 80 Gliiiii as pur annum. French, Writing, Dniiciug, Music, and Washing, urg exira Charges. . Day Scholar, ncr uunrter. Ki » . Gd. MESSRS. BARBER and HIGGINS, wSo JJviL Coodutiest lb.- business of the late Mr, BUR- FIELD, < if North Street. Brighton, for so- cral \ ear*, beg leave to inform the Nobility, Ceusrv. and ' their Friends in general, that ihey have cniumeliwd Business, At No. 7, Hanover- street, Hanover- square, LONDON; And also that it is their intention, early in the MolHli of May. At 91, St. James's- street, BRIGHTON, TfiOPEN Willi an elegant AssnrHneui of fu- hionnbW MILLINERY and DRESSES, and trust, bv ibeir uo. r* tnitt| n4 attention, to gajii that support," which it shall ever be their study 10 merit a couiiuu •><:( „ r. To Fanners curious in the < irowth of ' J\ mih> s FOR SALE, At JOHN ELLMAN'S, Grocer, 111 the Cliff, Lewes, AQuantity of very prime transplanted Swedish TaiiWd, Norfolk white, and Red Round TUR- NIP SEEDS.—— Also, a quantity ot'exceedin- lv tine RAPE SEED. TO BE LET, * ir Tub YEAR. Olt Faa A TERM, ALL that commodious D- vellin^- Uouse; and Shop, wjth the appurienaiiees thereunto I. OIQI,;;. nig, most desirably situated for any kind of trade, near- ly facing the Slur Inn, ill the Hub- Street of the Do- rough of Lewes. in the occupation of the proprietor, Mr. Fuller, upholsterer and culliu t maker, who is about to decline those branches of his business ; and is, in consequence, selling oft bis talUible Stock in Trade, at and under prime cost. For further particulars apply l « Mr. Fuller, as n!| ovc. To Shopkeepers, TO BE DISPOSED OF, ALong- established and valuable business in lb<( general ' ShopUeepinjj Line, which was formerly carried ou by Mr. William Stevens, mid Intterly l> v Mr. George Bodlr, at Alfriston, in Sussex ; and in which a very handsome return has been regularly . umle. The premises consist of » very coinforta , modern Pwf Uiiie- tlouse. excellent Shop, rftua: . viirtlionses, convenient stable and outbuildings, auci .1 go- id :; ard-.- ij and are situate ill the centre of the pl'eiuaut town « . t' Alfriston aforesaid, surrounded by nuoierbtfs repntaUv South Down Farmers. The remaining part of the Sto It it* Tr. » : le, which is well calculated for the business, and in gotid- conditioU, to be taken 111 a fair raluaiiou. Further particulars may be fcuowo, bv .-'. p'. vin- r t0' Mr. T. Woolgar, sit* I t- TO BE SOLD BY I'iiiVATK CONTRACT, Fit for the iuiuidiaie Reception of a Gc. .-. . i F- iiniVy, A Good House, Newly Ktunishecl, with Coach -. i. Mouse and a two Stall Stable, the whole frieHoid, coniniaiidiug an extensive aod beautiful prospect', s. iii- nted iu the pleasant ami fashionable Sea Port Town , f Hastings, in Sussex. For particulars apply to Mr. Williams, Goldsmith, East Lodge, Albany, Sackville row; London ; ut Mr. Diplock's, North- street, Brighton, and ut Mr. Diplock's Library, High- street, Hastings. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE (' t) NTRACT, NINE HUNDRED and FIFTY Capital OAK TIMBER TRF. F. S, now standing 011 IN110L'tES FARM, in the parish of Horsted Keynes, ami within one mile and an half of the River Ouse. For particulars, eiKJuire of Mr. John Hills, Freshfield Farm, Worsted Keynes, Sussex, BRIGHTON * ~ To bSOLD BY, PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL those Pive Mesytages or. Tencments, beinpf Nos. 4.5, 16, 4", 43, and - 1<>, situate at the upper end of West- street, with a yard and iranlen behind the same, now in the occupation of Mrs. Wren, and others,—- The premises are h. ilden of the Manor of Atlingwoith. —*-\; i>< further par- ticulars, apply to Mr. F. Lee, printer, auctioneer* & c. Prince's- Place; or" to Mr. Beech Roberts, the proprietor, No, j, Ship street Lane. TO BE SOLD BY PliIVATCoHtRA'J'I',' LL that Dwelling- house, with Glover's Shop, i 1l and l-' ellinonger's Yard, how iu full trade, lying and being iu the parish of Niufield, oeitr Battle, 111 Sussex, ill the occupation of William Carrick, the | n- o- prietor. The bouse consists of parliiur, kitchen, pantry, wash- house, two shops, ' and four, good chamber* ; over which is a loft 41 by I. feet, Dutch moled, lor the pur- pose of / trying wool; together with abooi ball' uu acre of prime orchard and garden ground. The premises are freehold, and well situated for the collection of skins, being four miles from Battle Bar. racks, four from Bexhill Barracks, und ten from Hast- ings, to all which places the road! are good. For a view of the premises, apply to W. Carrick, as above. TO BE SO Li), BY^ ATfCTl7) N~ At Brighthelmston, on Thursday, the 4th of April, at Three o'clock ill the afternoon, ( pursuant to the Siil- vag; Act) / AN unclaimed ANCHOR, of about Five Cwt. and 3o fathoms of 9 inch Cable, THOS. TASKER, Deputy Vice Admiral. Newbaven. - 27th March. ISI I. •" - Tt) BE SOLD ll\' AUCTION, " By Mr. ATTREE, At the St. James's Tavern, iu Brighton, in the county of Sussex, on Thursday, the 41I1 day of April, lull* at seven o'clock ill Ihe evening ( unless prAiou- ly disposed of by private contract, of which, if it * houl « J happen, due uoiice will be given) in Two Lois, LOT 1. AFREEHOLD MESSUAGE- or TENEMENT situate and being in Oxford- Place, 011 the Level, near tbu turupikc- road, from Brighton to Pi colon. Lot e. A Messuage or Tcileinent.| No. - 2, situate and being 011 the East side of Marine- street, near the Crcsccni, on the Marine Parade. ' I'his Lot is btld under a Lease for a lerm of e) » years, from the 2"> ih March, iwub, at the lowgroaurt rent of £ s per anuuiii. For particulars, and treaty by private contract, apply at ihe office of Mr. Hill, vuliciior, Brighton ; or to the Auctioneer. - » " ' • —— r PmcE of CORN. — Lewes, Saturday, March St). Red Wheat - - £ % 8 <>" to t 12 0 White Ditto - - 4 lli < 1 to 5 o 11 Barley - - - 1 8 O to | 10 it Seed ditto - - lli ( r to 0 0 0 Olt » - - - 1 5 0 to 1 8 0 J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. PRICE uf - STOCKS " Consols ... 3 yer Cent. - - THE LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY,. Downing- street, March 35, 1811. Dispatches, rif which the following, are copies, weir* last night received at the Earl of Liver- pool's Office, addressed to his Lordshp by Lieute- nant Genera! Ouabain, dated Isla de Leon, 6th ami 10th of March 1811. Isla de Leon, March f). 181 I. MY I oun,— Capt. Hope, my first ^ id- de- Cainp, wilt have the honour of delivering this dispatch (.• inform vnnr Lordship of the " lotions iSsue of an acti. in fought yesteiday bv the division under my command, against the army commanded by Mar- shal Victor, composed of the two divisions, Rutin and Laval. The circumstances were such as compelled me ( o attack this very superior force. In order as well to explain to your Lordship [ he circumstances of peculiar disadvantage under which the action was begun, as to " justify myself from the imputation of rashness in tfie attempt, 1 must state to your Lordship, that the allied army, after anight march of sixteen hours from the camp near Veger, Ar- rived in the meriting of the 5th on the low ridge of Barrosa, about four miles to the southward of the mouth of the Santi Petri river. This height ex* tends inland about a mile and a half, containing on the North the extensive heathy plain of Chiclana. A great pine forest skirts the plain, and circles round the height at some distance, terminating down to Santi Petri; the intermediate space be- tween the North side of the height and tt. e forest being uneven and broken. A well conducted and successful attack on the rear of the enemy's lines near Santi Petri, by the vanguard of the Spanish army tinder Brigadier- General Ladrizabel, having opened the communi- cation with the Isla de Leon, I received General La Pesaz's directions to move down from the po- sition of Barrosa to that of the Torre de Bermesa, about half way to the Santi Petri river, in order to secure the communication across the river, over winch a bridge had been lately established. This latter position occupies a narrow woody tidge, the right on the sea cliff, the left falling down to the Almanza creek on the edge of the marsh. A hard sandy beach gives an easy communication between the western points of these two positions. Mr division being- halted on the eastern slope of the Barrosa height, was marched about 12 o'clock through the wood towards the Bermesa ( cavalry patroles having previously been sent towards Ohic- lana without meeting with the enemy). On the march I received notice that the enemy had ap- peared in, force on the plain, and was advancing towards the heights of Barrosa. As I considered that position as the key of that of Santi Petri, I immediately countermarched in order to support the troops left for its defence, and the alacrity with which this manreuvre was executed served as a favourable ottttjl. It wa « , however, im- possible in such intricate and difficult ground to preserve order in the columns, and there never was time to restore rt entirely. But before We could- p; et ourselves quite disen . tangled from the wood,'' the troops on the Barrosa hill were seen returning from it, while the enemy's left wing was rapidly ascending. At the same time his right wing stood on the plain, on the edge of the wood, within cannon shot. A retreat in the face of such an enemy, already within the reach of the easy communication by the sea beach, must have involved the whole ailed army in all the danger " of being attacked during the unavoidable confusion » f the different corps arriving on the narrow i idge of Bermesa nearly at the same time. Trusting to the known heroism of British troops, regardless of the numbers and position of their enemy, an immediate attack was determined on. Major Duncan soon opened a powerful batierv of ten nuns in the pentre. Brigadier- General Dilkes with the brigade of Guards, Lieut.- t. ol. Browne's ( of the 23th) Flank Battalion,. Lieut. Col. Norcott's two companies of the 2d Ritle Coprs, and Major Acheson with part of the 67th Foot ( separated from the regiment In the wood formed on the right. Colonel Wheatley's brigade, with three compa- nies of the Coldstream Guards under Lieut Col. Jackson ( separated likewise from his battalion in the wood), and Lieut. Col. Barnard's flank battalion, formed . on the left. As soon as the infantry was thus hastily got to- gether, the guns advanced to a more favourable position, and kept up a most desttuctive fire. The ring wing proceeded to the attack of Gen. Rutin's ' division on the hill, while Lieut. Colonel Barnard's batlallion and Lieut. Colonel Busbe's detachment of the 20th Portuguese, were warmly engaged with this enemy on the left. General Laval's division, notwithstanding the havoc made by Major Duncan's battery, continued to advance in very imposing masses, opening his tire of musquetry, and was only checked by that <> F the left wing. The left wing now advanced filing; a most, determined charge by the three com- panies of Guards, and the 87th Regiment, sup- . poi led by all the remainder of the wing, decided the defeat of General Laval's division. The Eagle of the 8th regiment of Light Infantry, which suffered immensely, and a howizer, rewarded tliis charge, and remained in possession of Major Gough, of the 87th Regiment. These attacks were zealously supported by Col. Kelson with the Regiment, mid Lieutenant Colonel Prevost with a part of the 07th. A reserve formed beyond the narrow valley, across which the enemy was closely pursued, next shared the same fate, and was routed by the same means. Meanwhile the right wing was not less success- ful; the enemy, confident of success, met Gen. Dukes <> n the ascent of the hill, and the contest was sanguinary ; but the undaunted perseverance of the brigade of Guards, of Lieut. Col. Browne's hattalimi, and . of Lieut. Colonel Norcott's and Major Acheson's detachment, overcame every ob- stacle, and General Rutin's division was driven from the heights in confusion, leaving two pieces of cannon. No expressions of mine could do justice to the conduct of the troops throughout. Nothing less than the almost unparalleled exertions of everv officer, the. ill vincible bravery of every soldier, and the most determined devotion to the honour of His Majesty's Arms, in all, could have achieved this success, against such a formidable enemy, so posted. In less than an hour & a half from the com- mencement of the action, the enemy was in full retreat. The retiring divisions met, halted, ahd seemed inclined to form: a new and more advhncied position of our artillery quickly dispersed them. The exhausted state of> the troops'made pursuit impossible. A position was taken on- the eastern sideof the hill; and we were strengthened on our right by the return of the two Spanish battalions that had been attached befoie to my division, but which I had left on the hill, and which had been ordered to retire. ' These battalions ' Walloon Guards and Cindad Real) made every effort to come back in time, • when it was known that we were engaged. I understand, ton, from General Whittingham, tjiat with three squadrons of cavalry iie kept in check a corps of infantry and cavalry that at- tempted to- Ui+ n the BorroSa height by the. sel- One squadron of the 2d, Hussars, King s German • Legion, under Capt. Busche, " mid directed by Lieutenant Colonel Ponsonby ( both had been at- tached to the Spanish cavalry) joined in time to make a brilliant and most successful charge against a squadron of French dragoons, which was entirely routed. Ait eagle, six pieces of cannon, the General fit Division Rufin, and the General of Brigade Ros~ seau, wounded and taken; the Chief of the Staff General Bellegrade, an Aid- de- Camp of Marshal Victor, and the Colonel of the 8th regiment, with many other officers killed, and several wounded and taken prisoners; the field covered with the dead bodies and arms of the enemy, attest that my con- fidence in this division was nobly repaid. Where all have so distinguished themselves, it is scarcely possible to discriminate anv as the most deserving of praise. Your Lordship will, however, observe how gloriously the brigade of Guards, un- der Brigadier- General Dilkes, with the Comman- ders of the battalions Lieutenant- Colonel the'Hon. C. Onslow and Lieut.- Colonel Sebright ( wounded), as well as the three separated companies under Lieut.- Colonel Jackson, maintained the high cha- racter of his Majesty's household troops, Lieut.- Colonel Browne,' with his flank battalion, Lieut.- Colonel Norcott, and Major Acheson, d^ erve equal praise. And I must equally recommend to your Lord- ship's notice, Colonel Wheatly, with Colonel Bel- son, Lieut.- Colonel Prevost, and Major Gough, and the officers of the respective corps composing his brigade. The animated charges of the 8~< n regiment were most conspicuous; Lieutenant- Colonel Bavnard ( twice wounded), and the Officers of his flank bat- talion, executed the duty of skirmishing in advance with the enemy in a masterly manner, and we e ablv seconded by Lieutenant- Colonel Bushe, of the 2oth Portuguese, who, likewise twice wounded, fell into the enemy's hands, but was afterwards rescued. The detachment of this Portuguese re- giment behaved admirably throughout the whole affair. I owe too much to Major Duncan, and the Officers ahd carps of the Royal Artillery, not to mention them in terms of the highest approbation ; never was artillery better setved. The assistance 1 received from the unwearied ex- ertions of Lieutenent- Colonel Macdonald, and the Officers of the Adjutant- General's department, of Lieutenant- Colonel the Hon. C. Cathcart, and the Officers of the Quarter- Master- General's depart- ment, of Captain Birch and Captain Nichols, and the Officers of the Royal Engineers, of Capt. Hope, and the Officers of my personal Staff ( all animat- ing by their example), will ever be most gratefully remembered. Our loss has been severe; as- soon as it can be ascertained by the proper return, I shall have the honour of transmitting it. But much as it is to be lamented, I trust it will be considered as a necessary sacrifice for the safety of the whole allied army. • I cannot conclude this dispatch without earnestly recommending to his Majesty's gracious notice for promotion, Brevet Lieutenant- Colonel Browne, Major of the « Stl> Foot, Brevet Lieutenant- Colonel Norcott, Major of the 95th, Major Duncan, Royal Artillery, Major Gough, of the 87th, Major the Honourable E. Acheson, of the 67th, and Captain Birch, of the Royal Engineers, all in the command of corps or detachments on this memorable service; and 1 confidently, trust that the bearer of this dis- patch, Captain Hope, ( to whom 1 refer your Lord- ship for further details) will be promoted; on being permitted to lay the Eagle at his Majesty's lYet. i have the honour to be, & c. THOMAS GRAHAM, Lieut.- Gen. P. S. I beg leave to add, that two Spanish offi- cers, Captains Miranda and Naughton, attached to my Staff, behaved with the utmost intrepidity. T. G. MARCH 10 By the best accounts that can be collected froin the wounded French officers, the enemy had about 8000 men engaged. Their loss, by reports from Chiclana, in killed, Wounded, and prisoners, is Supposed to be about 3000; I have no doubt of its being veiv great. Detachments of cavalry and infantrv have been daily employed in carrying off the wounded, ami burying the dead, till the evening of the 8th itist. by which time all the enemy's wounded that could be found among the brushwood and heath were brought in. Ordnance taken In the action of Barrosa.—< J i » even- inch howitzer*, 3 henry B- pnilnder » , I four pounder; with their ammunition . waggons, and a proportion of horses. Prisoners taken— 2 general officers, 1 field officer, 9 captains, H subalterns, 4- 2o rank and tile.-— N. B. The general of brigade Rosseau and 2 captains, dead of their wounds. Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missing. —•> captains, 5 ensigns, 6 Serjeants, > 2 drummer*, 187 rank and file, l24 horses killed ; 5 lieut.- colonels, 1 major, 14 captains, 36 lieutenants, 8 ensign*, 1 staff; 45 serjeants. 4driunmers, D3ti rank file, 42 horsed, wounded.— Total killed and wounded, 1^ 43. Officers killed and wounded.— Killed.— Ensign Eyre, 1st, guards, acting aid- decamp to Col. Wheatly; 1st reg. guards, Ensign Commerell; . Coldstream guards, Ensign Watts \ 3d guards, Capt. Swann ; 47th, 5d butt. Ensign Delacherois ; 87th, ad bait. Ensign E. E. Kough; 95th, 3d hatt. Capt. Kmpe. Severely wounded.— Jd hussars King's German le- gion. Capt. Voss ( since dead); royal artillery, Lieuts. Maitland and Pester; 1st guards, Lieut.- Col. Sebright, ' Capt*. Stables and Colquitt, Ensigns Sir H. Lambert, Cameron, and Vigors: 3d guards, Lieut. Col. Hepburn; 1st halt, gtti toot Captain Godwin, and Lieut. Seward ; 1st hatt. - iatli foot, Hon. Capt. Mullins, Lieuts. Wil- kinson, Moore, and John Anderson ; ad hatt. sad foot, Lieut.. M'Koy ; 3d hatt, 93th foot, Lieut. Colonel Bar- nard, Lieut. W. Campbell; 2d, batt. 67 foot, Capt. Pa- trickson, Eusign Sutherland; 2d batt. 87th foot, Major Maclaine, Capt. Somersall, Lieuts. J. G. Fennell and J. C. Barton; 2d yr, th foot, Lieuts. Cochrane and Hope. Dangerously wounded.— Royal artillery, Lieut. Wool, coombe ( since dead); 1st bait. 95th fool, Lieut. Taylor; 1st halts 23th foot, Lieuts. Light and Bennett ( since dead); « > oth Portuguse, Lieut. Col. Busche. Slightly wounded — jd hussars King's German Le- gion, Lieut. Bock ; royal artillery, Capts, Hughes and Cator, Lieuts. E. Mitchell, Brereton, and C. Manners; 1st. guards, Capt. Adair, Ensig:. Fielde; Coldstream guards, Ensigns Bentick. and Talbot; 3d guards, En- sign and Adjutant Watson ; 1st baU. yth toot, Lieut. Robinson ; 1st hatt. iath fool, Capt. Bradbey, Lieut. Blakeney; 2d ban. sad foot, Capt. Stewart: 3d hatt. 93th foot, Lieut, Hovenden; 2d batt. 47th foot, Capt. Fetherstone; 2d halt. O7. th'f.> ot, Lieut. Col. Prevost, Lieut. W. Ronald; 20th Portuguese, Capt. Barrieras, Lieut*. Dom. Estavan, Pantalchao de Oliviero, Ensign Felix. Antonio Miranda; Capt. D. Mercer, 3d reg, guards. A Supplement to the Gazette Extraordinary was published on 711 outlay night, containing dis- patches from Rear- Admiral Keates,. who, it had been arranged, should make an attack on the French batteries in Cadiz Bay,. while Gen. Graham was taking their army in the rear. The naval at tack, owing to the unfavourable state of the wea- ther, could not be executed until the 6th, when it was carried into effect with all the bravery and coolness of British seamen. All the batteries on the east side of the Bay from Rota to St. Mary's, with the exception of Fort Catalina, were carried by storm, the guns spiked, and the works destroyed. Our loss trilling. HOUSE OF LORDS MONDAY, March 4s, The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the Sugar Drawback and Bounties Bills, the Irish Linen arid Yarn Trade Bill, the Dublin Coa'Jm- poitation Bill, the Dublin City Improvement tiill, and the Expiring Laws Bill. The Commissioners were, the Lord Chancellor, Earl Camden, and the Earl of Aylesford.— Adjourned. TUESDAY, MARCH 2.5.' GENERAL GRAHAM. The Earl of Liverpool gave notice, that it wSs his intention, oil Thursday next, to move the Thanks of that House to General Graham, and the Officers and Army under his command, for their gallant and meritorious behaviour at the bat- tle of Barrosa. ' LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE. The Order of the Day for t'lie, secmid reading of the Bill for the better securing of the Liberty of Conscience, was moved by Earl Stanhope; and the Bill was accordingly read the second time. The Earl of Liverpool then rose, and moved, " That'the further proceedings on this Bill be postponed till this dav six months." The question, al'ier a long speech from Lord Stanhope, was then put, " That the further pro- ceedings 011 this Bill be postponed to this day six months," and agreed to without a division— after which the House adjourned. MOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY. The Bribery ami Corruption Bill was negatived by a majority of 47. Adjourned. TEESDAY. The several Bills before the House were for- warded in their respective stages. Adjourned. The Duke of Gloucester, 011 Tuesday last, was elected Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. He headed his antagonist the Duke of Rutland 114 Votes. General Graham's army were taking some re freshment when the van of the French . ppeared about a mile in their rear, on which Gen. Graham, with the utmost celerity, formed his line, and made the necessary dispositions. He rode up the front of the Guards, 87th, 1st , German Legion, and Portuguese cavalry, and waving his hat, said, " Now, mv lado, spare your powder, but give them steel enough." On which they gave three cheers, fired one volley into the French column, and then charged with such impetuosity, that the French fled in all directions from the field of battle. The French officers, who came in with flags of truce to see their wounded fiiends, next day, declared to the British, it was the severest conflict they were ever engaged in. Our artillery was admirably well served, and did great execution. The French 8th regiment of the line, out of 1,400 men, carried out of the field of battle only 2f) 0 alive. Marshal Victor had. a narrow escape from the rifles, as he was rallying his disordered troops. Major Gough, of the 87th Foot, in a personal con- test with an officer of the French 10th regiment, actually cut off his head at a single stroke.— Ge- neral Graham" charged twice at the head of the 87th Foot, which has suffered severely,' and had two horses killed under him; it was the87th which took an Eagle from the enemy. It may perhaps not be universally known that this regiment are, to a man, Irish, commanded by their countryman. General Sir John Doyle, who has always taken care to infuse into the hearts of his soldieis that high national spirit with which his own is ani- mated. Their motto is—" Faugli. 0 Bol-' oug/ ji."— Char the way .'"— The event shews that they acted up to it. The two Eagles taken from the French by Ge- neral Graham, are deposited in Lord Liverpool's Office. In the hard- fought battle of Barrosa, the fire was hotter than ever remembered bv th1; oldest soldier; scarcely au Officer escaping without some mark of shot. General Graham wits hihiself pierced in the coat in two places, so was his Aide- de- Camp, Capt. Stanhope of the Guards. Lieut - Colonel Norcott, of the .{.) r> th Regiment, General Dilkes, Colonels Wheatley arid Townshend, of the Guards, had their horses shot under them; Lieut - Colonel Col- quitt, of the Guards, likewise was shot through the sleeve of his coat bv a musket- ball, and a cannon- shot liteiallv touched his saddle while he was in the act of dismounting to pass a ravine. Many others had similar escapes. Letters from Lisbon were received on Thursday, from one of which the following is an extract:— LISBON, MARCH 7. " Massena is retreating towards Almeida; the news of our reinforcement, arid also of Gen. Gra- ham being afloat from Cadiz with 10,000 men, did not please him;' he destroyed all his stores, and the suburbs of Santa* env; but, as usual, had 24, houss start of tis. Lord Wellington is in hot pur- suit of him ; but as all thisi and much more,, will be detailed to you by a Gazette, it would be idle to give you oiir imperfect information: " A Court Martial was held yesterday on hoard the Barfleur, on Lord William Fitzroy, R. N. for tyranny and oppression against his Master, whom he put in irons. He has been dismissed the service in consequence. ' J'he Court was ipiost respectable, the: Voungest Member was not less than S; » years in the service— all were highly indignant. This place is dreadful. lv dear indeed; nothing is to be had, evep; wine, but from England, You may recollect the name of a villain who set fire to Diana's Temple, at Epliesus, 10 obtain no- toriety. An equally extraiv- dmar'y and singular event happened last week in our'army. Lieut. Burke, 45th Regiment, being on piquet- guard, deserted to the army— he has a wife and large family I" The following is an extract fiom a letter re- ceived at Lloyd's this morping, dated Guernsey, 2- ltbf March " v A vessel arrived, here yesterdnv from Lisbon, with several letters of the lltli inst. all stating that the French arrpy had broketj . up, and was retreat- ing, and a general battle momentarily expected. " The French had been foiled in ail Attempt to cross the Zezere, with the loss of 70'- prisoners and two- pieces of cannon. They were taken on- the 7th. and 8th." . . ' The safe accouchement of BONAPARTE'S spouse was announced by a general discharge of artillery from the batteries on the French coast on Wed- nesday. " A person who left Calais on Friday states, that she had been delivered of a son. Great pre- parations were making for this event. The whole of the stores, & c. of the. Amethyst, lately wrecked in Plymouth Sound, have been saved. On Wednesday the stern- frame, and part of her hull, were floated, ahd . towed into that harbour; and on Friday the remaining part of the hull were floated.— The whole will be uroke up. It has been solely through the exertions of the Master- Attendant that these parts of her have been saved s The price of bullion has advanced in consequence of the experiment of the Bank on their tokens. The dollar was on Saturday sold at 5s. 8d. and gold was sold at £ b per ounc. The price of bullion is nearly as high in France as here; and the cause assigned somewhat similar, j namely, the continual drain of specie to. pay the troops ia the Peninsula. Wrirewori^ No. io, istd « ' TO DR. MILLER. SHY,— T am very happy in being able to repeat my acknowledgements to you by this public declara- tion, to express that my Daughter's [ iyes continue quite well, tiiat were cured last Spring hy yotir Antiscorbutic Drops. The case was as follows: Eye sight, how great the blessing, and how easy lost," Which was the case with Mary Harryman, of Mere- worth, in the 12th year of her age, who, had it not been for timely care and , attention, had frequently been at- tacked with humours in different parts of her body ; but in the year ISuO, she had a violent humour settled in her eyes, which hud nearly deprived her of sight for a considerable tjnie, nine or ten weeks, at least she was almost in total darkness; but her Medical Assistants, and her Parents, apprehending it might he a Scorbutic Case, they were induced to give her some of Dr. Miller's Antiscorbutic Drops, which soon inended her health, ( that had been impaired for some time), and by perse- vering in the use of the Drops for a considerable time, completely conquered the humour, which had nearly deprived her of sieht, in all probability for ever. She has been quite well about three months. C Thos. HARRYMAN, Witness, her father olid mother,< Wheelwright, MARY HARRYMAN. Mereworth, 29th June, tain. Dr. Miller's Antiscorbutic Drops, price 4s. Gd. per bottle,— bis Restorative Nervous Cordial, 4s. 6d. and the Restorative Pills (. vbich are recommended to be taken with the Cordial) price 2s. <) d. per box and Worm- Destroying Sugar Cakes,— may be had of the following persons, viz. Mr. ARTHUR LEE, School Hill, Lewes ; Battle. J. Cuthbert Beckley, S. Colbran Bexhill, T. Wedd Burwash. G. Gilbert Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Cuckfield, J. M'George Dallington, J, Pardon Ditcheling, J. Browne East Bourne, T. Baker E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Edenbridge, W. Corke — R. Parsons Groombridge, T. Kelick Goudhurst, J. Couchman Hailsham, H. Waters Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew Hastings, J. Harry ———. J. Norton Heathfield. J. Ellis Horsham, T. Mann Lamberhurst, J. Gibbs Lewes, Pugh and Davey Lindfield, W. Durrant Marcsfield, J. Maynard Peasmarsh, E. Bannister Rye, M. Coleman ••• Cook and Son Sandhurst, J. Beach Seaford, J. Brooker Tunbridge Wells, J. Sprange Uckfield, J. Pocknell Udimore, R. Chester Wadhurst, T. Bull W. Noakes Winchelsea, R. Maplesden Wittersham, J. Wood. DR. STEERS'S OPODELDOC. IS far superior to all other external applications in the cure of Sprains, Bruises." Rheumatisms, die. as also in Cramps, or Numbness, and io promising cir- cuh.; ion in the limbs when in » paralytic state. Jt is the best rein.-. v for hUblaips, if dissolved iu a spoon, and applied warm, or with a pledget of iint well mnist- cned « it! i ipid lied tui thej part affected. It i « like- wise of admirable service iu the accidents and local coinphmiVs ii't whi.' ti horses are subject. Sold Onlv' by F. Newbery and Sons, No, 45, St. Paul's Church yin- d , four doors £ rOr.'. the corner of Cheapside) London, price Us. 34. a bottle, duty iucfuSed , but none are genuine but tKose1 which liave the words ; New- bery, No. 45, St. Paul's" cngraWrf ' in the st- mp. And; l> v those Venders in the Country i^ io have an - ainioiilt- ment tinder their hands.' s / H GUM ATI> M >, Falsi*, and Gouty -. tR- c" & * tionsj with thtir'usual concomitants, Sp'a.'. s, or flying Pains, Flaiolciipy, Indigestion, and general >%' bility, ( originating in whatever source) . arc relieved uotl frequently cured by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUS- TARD PILLS, after ev< ry other rrteaUs ha., tailed. The FLUID ESSENCE OF MUSTARD ( used v ith the pills, in those complaints where necessary, is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, generallv curing the severest SPRAINS isi) BRUISES in less than half the time usually taken hy Opodeldoc, Arquebnsadc, or any other Liniment or Embrocation , and if used immediately after any accident, it prevents the part turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equally efficacious for all ill conditioned Sores, Sore Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ring- worms, Shingles, ' breakings out of the Pace, Nose Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and inflamed Eyes, Sore Heads, and Scorbutic Humours of every description. Prepared only and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- street, S0I10, London; the Essence and Pills at 2s, gd. caeh. The Cerate at Is. l| d. and 2s. pd.— They are also sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, and Baxter, Lewes; Mrs. Gregory, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson, and Walker, Brighton; Monday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham ;. Cuthbert, Battle ; Coleman, Rye ; Pratt, and Phillipson, Chichester; and every Medicine Ven- der in the United Kingdom. N. B. The Genuine has a Black Ink Stamp, with the name of R. Johnson iuserted on it. To GENTLEMEN, FARMERS, GRAZIERS, & c Calves Cordial, ACertain Cure for the Scour of Calves, Oxen, Cows, Horses, Sheep, & c. an infallible Remedy, if givtn at an early stage of the Complaint, unquestion- ably proved bv many years experience, innumerable testimonies.' the sale of many thousand bottles — the ap- probation of the most eminent Holders of Live stock, and particularly recommended by the Proprietor, W. H. Biggs, for causing al, l kinds of Cattle to thrive timl fatten sooner. Sold, wholesale, by Howard and Evans. 42, Long- Lane, West- Smithfield ; anil, retail, by Lee, ? , Miller, Craubrook Pitt, $ Cuthbert, Battle Mann, Horsham Gilbert, 7 Burwash Upton, Petworth Mannering, J Blake, \ Maidstone Matthews, Midhurst Brown & Co./ Maidson Dann, Ryegate Bristow, Canterbury Cheeseman, Ticehurst, & c, Cooke, Rye kc. Si. c. WALSH'S MEDICINES. CGAM AGE, sole Proprietor of R. Walsh's • Antipertussis for the Hooping Cough, Asthmas, and Complaints of the Lungs, and R. Walsh's Coltsfoot Lozenges for Coughs and Colds, respectfully informs the public that Walsh's Medicines, when genuine, will be signed C. GAMAGE, 011 the stamp. To Mr R. Walsh, Catharine Street. Sir— The cause of my troubling you with this is that I thought it a duty which 1 owed yourself and Society, to mention the salutary effects the Antipertussis had upon a Child of mine, who was dreadfully afflicted with the* Hoopiug Cough, he was attended by some of the most eminent professional men here, who fur thee days gave him over : at this time, n friend of mine mention- ed the wonderful cures that had been effected by the Antipertussis J though we had no expectation that the Child could possibly recover, yet I resolved to try it, 1 Hid, and at this time have the happiness to say he is quite well, and not the least symptoms of his complaint re- maining. 1 am, Sir, Your humble servant, JAMES ELLIS TOM KINS. Bath, June 90th, 180( 3. Sold by C. Gamasfc. 32, Brydge's- street, Strand ;— also by W. Lee, and Pugh and Davy, Lewes ; Phillip- son and Gilburd, Brighton: Norton, Hastings; Whee- ler, Battle ; Maun, Horsham ; Pr » u,. Chichester; Cole- mail, Rye; and . most medicine venders in England, Ireland, Scotland, and America. Where may be had, R. Walsh's Antipertussis - - us, and 3 « . 6d. — Coltsfoot Lozenges - Is. i.'- d. F. ——— Powder'd Ginger - 8s. and 4s. Oil. Improved Paregoric lis. and 2s. yd. — H uxham's Tincture of Bark 1 Is. and 2s. yd. • ' Aromatic Vinegar 2 » . yd. A liberal allowance to Merchants for Exportation, Observe C. Gamage on the Stamp. DR. JAMES'S POWDER, FOR Fevers, Influenzas, Colds, Sore Throats, the Measles, Rheumatisms, Pleurisies, Head Achs, St. Anthony's Fire, and for Inflammations of the Lun^ s, Bowels, ifcc.— This Powder, which is allowed to have been the greatest discovery in the healing art during the last century, will often remove a Fever in a few hours, when taken, as it should be, on the iirst attack: and besides its efficacy iu the above complaints, it is found to be equally good in chronical cases, when given every night as an alterative; and thus has been known to cure disorders^ thought even heyoud the reach of me- dicine. Sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 4 ,, St. Paul's Church- yard, London, in packets} 2s.. 9d. each, or iu hot- tics containing a dozen, as made up for the Army and Navy, price ll. 49. with ample directions, so that per- sons, remote from medical advice, may administer it with safety and success. Observe, that the words « p. Newbery, No, 45, St. Pant's," are engraved in the stamps! Sold also by those Venders who have an appointment under their hands. FOR COUGHS, CONSUMPTIONS, & c. ' PECTORAL ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT. herb Coltsfoot, called Tussilago hy the A anciants, was distinguished, us its name conveys, for its excellence in the cure of Coughs, and other pul- monary complaints; and this Essence has, in the course ofa long practice hi en found the most effecuul remedy for Coughs, Asthmas, anil BII Disorders of the Lungs. It gently opens the breast, and gives liberty of breath- ing, without danger of taking cold. It allays the lick- ling which provokes frequent coughing, ricauses the • small glands, relaxes the fibres, and thereby enlarges the cavity of the vessels. Thus it will prevent Con- sum prions, if taken before the lungs are ulcerated. It cures also all husky and dry Coughs, heals rawness and soreness of the breast, and gi. es relief to those who, through age or inlirmity, are deprived ofrfst or sleep. Prepared by James Ryan, surgeon, in Bristol, and „ ild only by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, the east end of St. Paul's, London, or No. .;;), Dame- street, Dublin • in bottles 5s. fid. each, duty included ; and none are genu- ine but those which have the wc\ ds « Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," engrav'ed 011 the stamp. And by* those Venders iu the Country who liave an appointment under heir hands. UNDER THE PATRON AGE OF The Right Honorable LORD SOMERVILLE, The Right Honorable EARL of WINCHELSEA, JOHN BLACKBURNE, Esq. M. P. And other noble ami scientific Gentlemen of the Board of Agriculture. HUGHES'S PICK'S CORDIAL, AN invaluable Remedy, and Cure, for all Scour* nig Complaints, Staling of Blond, ( or Red Water), and Gripes, iu Sheep, Lambs, Cows, Calves, Horses, and Foals.— Numerous witnesses are ready to attest the efficacy and value of this Medicine in the above Com- plaints, and is particularly recommended to Eyres ( he Lambing Season. Sold by W. Lee. Lewes; Adams, Lewes; Phillipson,. Brighton ; Pratt, Chichester; Belam, Foreham; Earle, Winchester; Howell, Farnham; Waller, Ouildford ; Mann, Horsham ; Lucas, Tarring, Constable. Stor- rington. Wholesale, by : he Proprietor, J. HUGHES, (" I. St, John Street. West- Smithfield, Loudon ;— and by every respectable Vender of Medicines, 111 the Uni- ted Kingdom, Markets. CORN- EXCHANGE;' MONDAY, MARCH 23, 1811. CURRENT PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 65s. 80s. ( R's. • Beans 4Ss. 54s. Fine ditto 96s. loos. Tick ditto 42s. 4 « s. t us* Rye ( new) S. js. 4ns. Oats 24s. 20s Otis. Barley 23s. 3.5s Poland ditto 27s. 30s. Malt 62s. 68s. J Potatoe ditto 32s.- 3,3s' White Pease > r I llape Seed 481. . Hi! ( boilers) I 4bs' j2s' l ine Flour 80s. 85s. Grey Pease 36s. 42s. | Seconds 75s. t- os. PRICE OF SEEDS. Red Clover 6< is. od. to laos. Od. per cwt. White ditto 05s. od. to 130s. tiU ditto Trefoil 2 2t) s. Od. to 7i) s. Od. ditto Rye Grass 30s. od. to 56s. od. per quarter Turnip 20s. Od. to 45s. Od. ditto Red & Green 45s, od. to 56s. Od. ditto W. Must. Si 8s. Od. to 10s. Od. per bushel Brown ditto 12s Od. to 16s. od. dmo PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be continued at 14Jd. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION . s. d. Sack of Flour - , 83 10J Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 97 lit Eighty Quartern Loaves at 14^ d 93 4 In favour of the Baker - - • 0 4 J PRICE OF. HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. X S. £ t. £ s. £ s. Kent 6 0. to 7 10 Kent 6 6 to Average price 4 6 Ditto rough . s6 0 Graves jg < 1 Yellow Soap; 80s. Mottled, 90s. Ctird. < HJ, Candles, per doz. 12s. Od.— Moulds, 13s. od. LEATHER, Pia POUND. d. - d. Butts, 50lh. a 561b. . 2fi a 21 Ditto, fc6lb a 661b. . 21 a 25 Merchants' Backs - 19 a 2o£ Dressing Hides - In a ) t) Fine Coach Hides - ig a HI Crop Hides ( or Cutting 17 a is*. Ordinary - - — a — Tanned Horse - 18 a Calfskins, Stilb. to40lb. prdoz. 28 a S4 , 5t lb. to70lb. S6 a 40 , 70lb. to 801b. 36 a 39 Seals, small, ( Greenland) pr lb. Ss. a 3s. id. , large, per doz. 130s. a leos.- o^ PRICE OF COALS. Newcastle, 48s. 6d. to 57s 6d. Sunderland. 48s. 9d. to 51s, od. Printed and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & c. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. ADVERTISEMENTS will also be received, and carefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth, MR. WHITE, Arubdel. Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM; PALMER, East- Grinsted, Mr. MEYRON, Rye; Mr. BARRY, Hastings; and by the Newsmen.
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