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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3365
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 25/03/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3365
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Or, Lewes and Brighthelm'ston Journal. Pfe printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. VOL. LXill. NO. 3365. j MONDAY. MARCH. 25, 1811. PRICE SIX- PENCE.- This Paper which has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Farts of KENT, SURREY, and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSES in the Metropolis. { The following letter has been transmitted to the PRINTERS, by the Collector and Comptroller of the Customs, Newhaven. who have desired the same to be inserted in this paper.] TREASURY CHAMBERS, 18th March, 1811. Gentlemen, THE Treasury, having received a Communica- tion from the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Coin, stating, that the Bank of England, in Consideration of the increased Price of Silver, have undertaken to receive all Bank Dollar Tokens, tendered in Payment at the Bank, at the Rate of Five Shillings and Sixpence each, ( until a public Notice to the contrary, of not less than Six Months, shall have been given.), and to pay and issue all such- Tokens as shall be paid or issued hereafter by them, at the same Rate of five Shillings and Sixpence each, and recommending that. Direc- tions should be given to all the Officers of Re- ceipt of the different Branches of public Reve- nue, to receive Bank Tokens at the Rate of Five Shillings and Sixpence each, in Payment of all Taxes and Duties, in the same Manner as they have hitherto received them at the Rale of Five Shillings each : I am commanded by their Lordships to acquaint you of these Cir- cumstances, and to desire that you Will give immediate Directions to all Officers in the Re- ceipt of the public Revenue under your Ma- nagement, to receive Bank Dollar Tokens in Payment at the Rate of Five Shillings and Six- pence each, in the same Manner as they have hitherto been received, at the Rate of Five Shil- lings each ; and that you will take the most ef- fectual Measures, by public Advertisement Or otherwise, for notifying these Directions to all Persons concerned. lam, Gentlemen, Your most obedient Servant, G. HARRISON. H. Richmond, esq. & c- & c. Customs. GRAND SOUTHERN CANAL. At a general Meeting of Subscribers held at the City of London Tavern, on Thursday, the ittth Feb, last. The Rt. Hon. LORD ERSKINE, in the Chair. THE Report of the Managers having been read, X the following Resolutions were passed unani- mously :— That a proportionate part of the Subscriptions be ap- propriated towards making the Merstham Branch. . That the proposition of the Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Egrement fee h'tV' - a^ i < g'th'' river Arun, between Arundel and Newbridge, and continuing a Canal from thence to Horsham ( surveyed by Mr. Reanie) be acceded to; and that the Committee be authorized to take such measures thereupon, as they shall deem adviseable. That the Right Hon. Lord Erskine be requested to take the Chair, in the Committee of general management. That the Committee of General Management do con- sist of the Right Hon. Lord Erskine, and Eight other Subscribers, and that they have the like authorities, with those already vested in the Managers, and also full powers to enter into such agreements, and accede to such clauses in the Bill as they shall find necessary, or think expedient. ERSKINE, CHAIRMAN. Resolved unnnimously— That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Right Hon. Lord Erskine, for the honor which he has done the Subscribers in taking the Chair, and for the able and impartial manner in which he has conducted the business of the day. By Order of the General Meeting, SWEET and STOKES, Solicitors. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO LET. AT. a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike- Road, leading from Arundel to the junction of the Pet worth and Pulborough Roads, and from thence to join the present Turnpike- Road on Fittleworth Com- mon, in the county of Sussex, holden at the Crown Inn, in Arundel, on Monday the 11th day of March instant, the Tolls arising at the Gates on the said Road were put up at i'lf> 3, for which they were letten the last year, to be let by Auction for one year, from the 1st day of May then and now next Inclusive, but there was no bid- der for the said Tolls:—— Notice is therefore hereby given, That the next Meeting of the said Trustees will be holden at the Crown Inn, in Arundel, on MONDAY, the 25th day of April next, at the hour of ten in the forenoon ; at which Meeting the said Tolls ( between the hours of eleven and twelve of that day) WILL BE LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, for one ' year, from the said 1st day of May next inclusive, in manner di- rected by the Act passed in the 13th year of the reign of his present Majesty, ' for regulating the Turnpike- Roads, and will be put up at such Sum or Sums as the said Trustees shall think fit. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must, at the same time give, security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the said Trustees, for the Payment of the Item agreed for, at such times as they shall direct, WM. HOLMES, Clerk to the said Trustees 20th March, mil. LEWES UPPER NAVIGATION. ^ THE Barge- Masters on the Upper Navigation JL of the River Oase, respectfully inform the Mer- chants and others, trading on the said Navigation, that from the present high state of Provisions and all other Articles of Life, together with the additional Tolls im- posed by the Commissioners of the said Navigation, they are under the necessity of increasing the Rate of Carriage of all Articles barged by them, from the 25th day of March inst, according to the under- mentioned Prices :— oc . . s - ns 5 s - 7 = - - fc- " - gjo t Jt. 5 , o ~ = Carriage r. g ~ Z - e - / ~ J! ~ - S J " v. from ^ L 1 a Lewes Bridge. J g.. £ - - „ \ . ""„ ; " h [ ii % i h » . i 1 % 5 ~ o - - S y s. d S. d. s. < 1 s. d. s. d s. d. s. d. To Barcombe? 0lJ „ 4 6 „ „, „ „ „ „ Mill - i To Old Mill - 4 6 3 6 3 lit 10 3 2 8 tl 3 2 To Short bridge 3 1) 4 ' 4 K 2 " 3 b t) ( 13 11 To Gold bridge - 5' M 85 .1.' ci 3 99 ti 4 3 ToM!, Tlth- ng" js 14 4,5 <, i " 9 0 4 , o To Sheffield ii (. 4 ; j 0 3 i 4 li til o 5 1 To Fresh field - 6 < 14 I' 7 0 1 § 4'' 9 10 65 t) To East Mascalls 7 tj- 6 i 0 4 3 5 ojil 4 ti 7 To Lindfield- ? 3 S1 04 u i I 0 ' l0 Bridge . ^ if. npiIE Second Meeting of the SUSSEX CLUB JL will be held at the Thatched House Tavern. St. James's street, London, on Saturday, the 6th April, 1811. Dinner at Six o'clock. D. MAG ENS, Esq. in the Chair. ~ ARUNDEL RAPE. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Ses- sions of Sewers for the Rape of Arundel, in the County of Sussex, will be holden at the Crown Inn, Arundel, on Friday, the 19th day of April next, at- eleven o'clock in the forenoon. WM. HOLMES, Arundel, 20th March. Clk to the Commissioners. ~ SEWERS.— BRAMBER RAPE. NOTICE is hereby given. That a general Session of Sewer for the said Rape will he held at the White Horse inn, in Steyning, on Tuesday, the 2d day of April next, at One o'clock, at which Meeting the Collectors of Scuts are desired to ai* en ', and pay all Arrears of Scots ( if any.) to the Expenditer, and to make return of all defaulters. CHAS. MARSH ALL, Steyning, 15 th March-, 1811. Clerk. . • ADUR " NAVIGATION and DRAINAGE. NOTICE is hereby given. That a general Meet- ing of the Trustees will be held at the White- Horse Inn, in Steyning, on Tuesday, the 2d day of April next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in order to di- rect the Works to be done, and on other important Bu- siness. CHAS. MARSHALL, Steyning, 15th March, 1811, Clk to the Trustees. New Turnpike Road from Steyning to Washington, TOLLS TO LET, NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees of this Road, will be held at the While Horse in Steyning, on Wednesday, the Kith of April next at noon at which Meeting the Tolls aris- ing at the Gate at Sitter's Hill, in the parish of Wiston, on the said Road, will bo LET by AUCTION, to the best Bidder, for such . terms as the Trustees then present shall think proper, not exceeding Three Years. Whoever happens to he the best Bidder, must, at the same time, give Security,. with sufficient Sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees for the payment of the rent at such times a, they shall direct. C. MARSHALL, Steyning, 15th March, 1811. Clk to the Trustees. THE Partnership lately subsisting ' between us, the undersigned, at Billingshurst, Sussex, as Spirit Merchants, has been this day dissolved by mutual con- sent. Witness our hands, this 25th day of February, isit. THOS. MERCER, GEO. DAWSON. THE Partnership, lately subsisting between WILLIAM PIX, THOMAS PIX, and JOHN PIX, of Northiam, Merchants, is this day dissolved, by mu- tual consent, as far as concerns the said JOHN PIX. The business will henceforward be carried on under the firm of WILLIAM and THOMAS PIX Northiam, March 14, 1811. WILLIAM PIX. THOMAS PIX. JOHN PIX. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Partnership lately John Vine, of the parish of Battle, in the county of Sussex, builders and carpenters, was this day dissolved by mutual consent; and that the Business in future will be carried on by the said . John Vine, on his own separate account ; who most humbly solicits a conti- nuance of the favours they have hitherto received.— Such persons as have any claims on the said copartner- ship, are requested to transmit the same to the said John Vine, in order to their being discharged ; who is also impowered to receive all debts due and owing to the said Copartnership, Dated this 8th day of March, 1811. Witness, WM. INSKIPP, EDWARD LATTER. JOHN VINE. ~~ NOTICE to CREDITORS and DEBTORS. NOTICE is hereby given, That WILLIAM CHAMBERS, of Robertsbridge, in the county of Sussex, innkeeper, has assigned his Estate and Effects to Mr. William Newberry, of the same place, and Mr. John Cambers, of Lamberhurst, in Kent, in Trust, for themselves, and the rest of such of his other Creditors, in proportion to their several Debts, as shall come in and sign the Trust Deed, which is in the hands of Mr. Newberry, to whom, or to Mr. Martin, of Battle, all those who stand indebted to the Estate, are desired to pay their respective Debts forthwith. March 5th, 1811. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ALL Persons having any Demands on the Es- tate of JOHN MILLER, late of Pett, in Sussex, deceased, arc requested to send the particulars thereof to Edmund Austen, of Rye, in Sussex, wheelwright, one of his Executors, on or before the First of June next: and any person indebted to the Estate of the said De- ceased, are requested immediately to pay their several dents to the said E. Austen live, 15th March. 1811. NOTICE to DEBTORS and CREDITORS. ALL Persons who stand indebted to the Effects of Mr JAMES BATES, Fanner, of Nuthurst deceased, are requested to pay the same to Mr. John Bates, of Nuthurst, his Executor, and all Lent Mo- nies, on or before May is, I811 ; and if there are an; Monies found out after that time, those owing them may expect trouble. And all Persons having Claims on tin said Effects, are to deliver in an account of. the saint to Mr. John Bates, of Nuthurst, in order to their being discharged. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. NOTICE is hereby given. That WILLIAM CROUCH, of Cripps' Corner, in the parish of Ewhurst, in the County of Sussex, Shopkeeper, has as- signed the whole of his Estate and Effects to Mr. John Hilder, of Robertsbridge, in the said county, and Mr. Samuel Kennett, of the same place, in Trust, for them- selves, and the rest of those of his other Creditors in proportion to their several debts, who shall come in and sign the Trust Deed, which is in the hands of Mr. Kennett; to whom, or to Mr. Martin, of Battle, all those who stand indebted to the Estate, are desired forthwith to pay their respective debts. March 12, 18II. ~ HERSTMONCEUX LADIES BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL, J TO BE LET, and - entered on at Midsummer next, in a healthy situa- tion, where a School for young Ladies and Gentlemen has, for many years, been carried on, situate at Gardner street. The House consists of a parlour or school- room, kitchen, wash- house, and two pantries, a sitting- room, and live bed chambers; likewise a good Cellar; a well with excellent water ; and kitchen garden, J. SMITH begs leave to inform his friends that ho intends continuing a DAY SCHOOL, for young Gentle- men ; and hopes by a strict attention to his Pupils ( which he is determined to adhere to) to merit the sa- tisfaction of all those Friends who shall think proper to place them under his care, N. B. Young Ladies will also, if required, have an opportunity of being instructed in Writing, Arithme- tic. &. c. by their obedient Servant, J. S. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. S. Wratten the Occupier, and to treat for the same to Mr. J. Smith, Gardner- street, SEEDS. BEARD and TRIST, beg, respectfully, to inform the Gentlemen Farmers in the neighbourhood of Lewewes, and Brighton, that they hate selected a great variety of EXCELLENT SEEDS, purchased of the Growers;— and trust their attention in procuring good samples, will merit a continuation of those favours which theylijtveexperiencedsir. ee their commencement in business, 8, MIDDLE- STREET, BRIGHTON. SUSSEX — DESIRABLE PURCHASE! ANY Person wishing to lay nut from Eleven to Twelve Thousand Pounds, in the purchase of a FREEHOLD LANDED ESTATE, ( land- tax redeem- ed) within 1 > miles of Lewes, may hear of such a pur- chase by personal application, or by letters, post- paid, to Messrs. Holmes, Solicitors, at Arundel. The Estate maybe purchased - it. a price which will now render upwards of 4 percent, for the money ex- pended. 141 it March, 181!. ~ TO BE DISPOSED OF, FOR READY MONEY ONLY. SIXTY Chaldrons of exceeding good COALS, lying in the Yard of Mr. Bridges, Mailing- street, Cliff, Lewes. Price TWO GUINEAS per Chaldron. Apply to Mr. Bridges, as above. TO BE LET BY TENDER. For the Term of Seven ( or more) Years, commencing from the 5th Day of April next. LITTLE BUTTS FARM, in Wadhurst, in the County of Sussex, containing by estimation 105 Acres of Arable, Pasture, Meadow and Woodland, how in the occupation of Mr. Henry. Playsted. Tenders to he delivered on or before the last day of this month, at the office of Mr. E. Verral, Solicitor, Lewes, where a draft of the covenants intended to be inserted in the Lease may be seen. Wad hurst, March 1G, 1811. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVERY good BRICK YARD, with Sheds, & c. & c, conveniently situated near Hailsham Turnpike Gate, ( where there is a constant demand for Bricks and Tiles) consisting of about Two Acres and a Half of Land, most of which produces very excellent brick and tile earth ; and where a great stroke of busi- ness may he transacted. Half the purchase money may, if required, remain on mortgage. N. B. If not sold within three weeks . tin Premises will be to be let. Apply for particulars to Mr. . Jay. Chiddingly. — ROWFANT MANSION, Near EAST GRINSTEAD, Sussex, excellent Furniture, Live and Dead Farming Stock, and valuable Effects. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HERMON, On the Premises, on Friday, March 29th, 1811, and two following days ( Sunday excepted) at eleven o'clock, by direction of the Executors :— ALL the excellent and genuine Household Fur- niture, China, Glass. two Piano Fortes, Live and Dead Farming Stock, about 40 loads of prime Meadow Kay, capital Draught Horses, Waggons. Carts, Harness, Garden Implements, Green House Plants, Brewing Utensils, and a variety of effects, at ROWFANT MAN- SION, in the parish of Worth, and County of Sussex, five miles from East Grinstead, 21 from Lewes, 24 from Brighton, three from Crawley, 10 from Reigate, and 30 miles from London, To be viewed two days preceding, and Catalogues had on the Premises; at all the Principal Inns, in the Towns adjacent; of Mr. Crosweller, Solicitor, at Brighton; of Messrs, Forster, Cooke, and Frere, Lincoln's fun, New Square; and of Mr. Hermon, Conduit- street, Loudon. C A P I T A L O A K T I M B E R, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. W1LLOCK, At Garraway's Coffee- House, in ' Change- Alley, Corn- lull, London, on FRIDAY, the 29th of" March, at Twelve o'clock,— IN LOTS : SEVERAL THOUSAND OAK TIMBER TREES, now standing in the Park at BATTLE- ABBEY, and on sundry Farms and Lauds, in the sur- rounding parishes of - Battle, Salehurst, Robertsbridge, Ewhurst, Bodiam, Fairlight, Bexhill, & c. in the coun- ty of Sussex, many of which ARE or LARGE DIMEN- SIONS, and peculiarly calculated for the USE or THE NAVY. This Timber, which is one of the finest fails that has been offered to public Sale for some years past, is with- in an easy distance of Hastings, and other parts of the Sea Coast ; and Mr, WILLOCK recommends it as well worth the particular notice of Timber Dealers in ge- neral. To be viewed Three Weeks preceding the Sale, by applying to Mr. Inskipp, at Battle, of whom Catalogues may then he had ; also at the Swan, at Hastings ; Star, at Lewes; White- Horse, at Steyning ; Norfolk Arms, at Arundel; Swan, at Chichester ; Fountain, at Ports- mouth ; Rose and Crown, at Tunbridge ; Star, at Maid- stone ; Saracen's- Head, at Ashford ; Fountain, at Can- terbury ; of Messrs. Dawson and Wratislaw, Solicitors, in New Burlington- street; at Garraway's ; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden- square, London. " TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By RICHARD LAM BE, At the Talbot Inn, in Cuckfield, ( unless previously dis- posed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given), on Tuesday the 2d day of April next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ASubstantial- built Freehold House, and Garden, a convenient stable, with a good loft, and corn bins, pleasantly situate in the town of Cuckfield, ad- joining the much frequented Road from London to Brighton, with Stages passing almost every hour in the day, now ill the occupation of Mr. Thos, Evershed, the proprietor ; of Whom immediate possession may be had. On the ground floor, a kitchen, two parlours', and wash- house, with convenient offices; and five bed rooms over the same. For further particulars, enquire of Mr. WALLER, Solicitor, Cuckfield ; or of the Auctioneer, Lewes.' TO - BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By TESTER and Co. On the Premises, on Wednesday, March 27, 1811, at Twelve o'clock, ALL the Live and Dead Stock, and Houshold Furniture, of Mrs. Alfrey, at Cold Harbour Farm, Worth, Sussex : comprising live capital young cart horses, one two- yearling ditto colt, three burren cows, one pair two- yearling steers, one two- yearling heifer, three yearling ditto, one yearling steer, two weanyers, eight south- down ewes, one sow in pig ; two narrow- wheel waggons, one of which is nearly new; dung- carls, ploughs, harrows, land roll, six sets of harness, winnowing, corn sacks, & c. with a general assortment of Husbandry Implements. Likewise the billowing day, at twelve o'clock,— the Houshold Goods ; consisting of three beds and furniture, bed and table liner, ehest with drawers, a thirty- hour clock, tables, chairs, a ,30- gallen furnace, dairy, brewing, and washing utensils, kitchen requisite-, home made cheese, with a general assortment of Honshold Goods. - - May be viewed three days prior to the sale. CHICHESTER. Wholesale Grocer, Irish Provision, Cheese, But- ter, and Corn Merchant. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AHandsome RESIDENCE, with numerous well proportioned Rooms, recently fitted up with a large Warehouse and Counting House, immediately behind the same, extensive Cellarage, and nearly con- tinuous to a substantia! BACON STOREHOUSE, and SMOKE- ROOM, and opposite the latter Building, a very rapacious STOREHOUSE, wit li Store Cellars in the basement ; on the ground floor— Stables, Waggon and Cart House, and a large Cheese and Butter Store, with two floors over, of sufficient stowage for 1000 qrs of corn ; the latter premises are Leasehold, under the Dean and Chapter; all the other Buildings are Free, hold. A capital Trade in the several branches of a Whole- sale Grocer, Bacon, Cheese, Butter, and Corn Mer- chant, have been severally carried on, on this spot with very considerable success, for upwards of 80 years. The above premises are centrally situated in the East- Street, now in the occupation of Mr. EDWARD HIDE, the Proprietor ; who is engaged in another Concern. The returns of this Business are very considerable , the connexions old and respectable ; in a City very much improving in its Commerce, surrounded by populous towns and villages. This Business cannot fail of being lucrative, under the drection of a skilful and active Merchant. The Stock, which is considerably reduced, to be ta- ken fit a fair valuation. v The Purchaser may be accommodated with Eight Acres of good Meadow Ground if required. The whole of the purchase- money may remain for one year and a half, on an adequate security being given. Further particulars may be known at the Auction Mart; of Messrs. Winstanley and Son, Paternoster row ; Mr. Harry Phillips, Bond street ; and Mr. WELLER, Chichester. SUSSEX. A CAPITAL FREEHOLD FARM, WITH EARLY POSSESION. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On Saturday, the : 30th of March, 1811, at one o'clock, at the King's Head Inn, Horsham, ATruly valuable and desirable Freehold Estate, called Dial Post Farm, exonerated from Land Tax, comprising a superior Farm house, with all necessary out- buildings, together with 356 statute acres of capital a ring fence, in a good state of cultivation, particu- larly favourable for the growth of wheat, and is also a Stock Farm, having a good proportion of meadow and pasture ground ; the soil is genial to the growth of tim- ber ; a broke is now fit to cut; also 432 thriving oaks, and 1,920 tellers, which are to be taken at a fair valuation. This estate, combines every object to render it worthy the attention of the Gentleman Agriculturist, eligible in point of residence, in a highly respectable neighbourhood, with a plenitude of game and field sports, surrounded by good mills and markets, near the turnpike- rood and navigable river, with lime, chalk, and coals, on easy terms, situate in the parishes of West Grinsted and Shipley; in the occupation of Mr. James Heasman, whose lease expires at Michaelmas next. Further paticulars, with an engraved Plan annexed, may be had at the Auction Mart; of Messrs. Winstan- ley and Son, Paternostor- row ; of Mr, Harry Phillips, Bond- street, Loudon ; Mr. Knight, banker, Kingston : at the Libraries Tunbridge- Wells, Brighton, and Worthing ; of T. C. Medwin, Esq. Horsham , and of Mr. WELLER. Chichester. H A M PSHIRE. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 16th of May, 1811, if not previously disposed of by private Con- tract) at Twelve o'clock, ATRULY desirable and well connected FREE- HOLD ESTATE, called Quallett's Grove, the property and residence of Peter Cherry, Esq. ( who is going abroad) situate within a quarter of a mile of the pleasant village of Horndean, at a good distance from the Turnpike Road, leading from thence to Portsmouth, and consists of a MODERN VILLA : a handsome edifice, firmly and uniformly built with grey stock bricks, trellis colonade. On the ground floor— a spacious lofty hall, excellent stair- case, well proportioned drawing, eating, and breakfast Rooms, a Bath with a closet, a good Kitchen, Butler's Pantry, ample Cellarage, complete Brew and Wash- house, back Kitchen, with a Well of excellent water, Larder, Meat Pantry, Wood and Coal House and other domestic Offices ; First Floor-— four superior Bed Rooms, with water and other Closets, five servant's Rooms, Laundry, and a Back- stairs. A convenient and well fitted- up COTTAGE and GARDEN, Dairy, and Farm- yard adjoining, with Coach house, Stables, Cow, Cart, Dove, and Fowl Houses, Granary and Piggery, all tiled, with a Well of fine water, a large thatched Barn, together with about SIXTY ACRES of rich Laud, chiefly in grass, in a ting fence ; a right of pasture for 5o sheep, on Horn- dean Down, with a Lawn before the House, Pleasure Grounds, terminated by a beautiful Coppice, orna- mented with Oak and and other forest Trees, a walled Garden and Orchard, with a Pew in the Church. The Country is beautifully featured with Timber, within three miles of a pack of Fox Hounds, abound- ing with field sports, in a highly respectable neighbour- hood, near a capital posting house and post- office ; day and night Coaches. Horndean is in the direct road front London to Ports- mouth, distant from the former 62, and the latter 10 miles. Nearly the whole of this valuable Estate is exonerated from the Land- Tax ; the. Timber and Tellers on the Es- tate, with the Fixtures in the Residence, to be taken at a valuation ; together with the neat and appropriate Houshold Furniture, if required. Printed Particulars will shortly be published, and may be had at the principal lute, and Coffee- Rooms of the neighbouring Market Towns ; of Mr. Knight, Ban- ker, Kingston: the Auction Mart; Messrs. Winstanley, Pater- moster- Row ; Mr. H. Phillips, Bond street ; Mr. Stevens, Solicitor, Havant; and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. ~ TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By J. THOMAS, On Thursday, the 4th day of April, 1811, between the hours of four and six in the evening, at the New lun, Sidley- green, in 2 lots : LOT A Freehold well- built POST WINDMILL, horses and a new- erected cart- lodge, with half an acre of ground, more or less, situate near the extensive Barracks, at Bexhilll, the general resort of from 4 to 5<> o<>' Troops. 2.— A. Piece of very rice Meadow Land, situate adjoining: the Mil!, containing 2 acres, more or less, copyhold, holden of the manor of Buekholt, sub- ject to a heriot and a small quit rent of l i d. yearly. N. B. Part of the purchase- money may remain on a mortgage if required; and for further particulars, ap- ply to Mr. John Bridge, the Proprietor, at, Bexhill. i TO COVER, THIS SEASON, At the Winter ton- Arms, Lind field Bridge, The well- bred Horse, FORTUNIO ; HIS STOCK are large and BONEY, and many of them may be seen at the above place SUN FIRE OFFICE, Bank Buildings, and Craig's Court, Charing• Cross, London; For insuring Houses and other Buildings, Goods, Mer- chandize, Ships in Harbour, in Dot- It, or Building, and Craft, from Loss and Damage by Eire. WE, whose Names are underwritten, being all Persons insured in the said Office, That the Premium on the Stock of Con, and Hay, being the" produce of ,, - farm, also Cattle and Implements of Husbandry, thereon " ill be rated at Two Shillings per cent. And' all Per- sons insured in this Office, are requested to requested to their Policies, in order that they may receive the be- nefit of this reduction of the Premium on Farming Stock, on their respective renewals at Lady day; and that Printed Receipts, under our hands, are ready for delivery, for the Premium and Doty on Policies, as they become due; and that Printed Proposals of Terms of Insurance may be had of us, which will he found as mo- derate in every respect, as those of the other Offices. Farming Slock may be insured, generally, in all Barns and Out houses, or on a Farm, without ' the ave- rage clause, which may be seen by applying to Us, who will give any further information which may be required for explaining this mode of Insurance. Arundel — — Richard Parker. Chichester — — J. Plaisto. Cuckfield — — J. M. George. Horsham — _ D. Siedman, Lewes — — E. Verral. Rye— — Thomas Coleman, Tarring — _ D. Monk. Farnbam — _ W. Trimmer. East- Grinstead — Burt. Guildford — _ R. Sparkes. Kingston — — T. Baker. Croydon — —• J. Blake. Dorking _ H. Niblett. Epsom — — J. C. Jacquet. Tunbridge- Wells — E. Seamer. Portsmouth W. Baker. Winchester— _ R. Bucksey. Steyning — _ Charles Marshall, Brighton _ _ J. Burfield N. B. Policies insuring Three Hundred Pounds, are issued from of expence; and all Payments for Losses by Fire, are made by this office without deduction. *•* The Sun Fire Office have always paid Losses, or Damage by Fire from Lightning,— March 22, 1811. Royal Exchange Assurance Office. MARCH, 1811. THE CORPORATION have reduced the Pre- - » miums on Farming Stock, from 2s. 6d. per cent, to 2s. per cent. and existing Insurances, covering such; property, will he reduced its they become due upon application to the Agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due oil the 25th instant, are hereby informed that receipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents under- mentioned, and the parties assured are requested to ap- ply for the renewal of their Policies on or before the for payment, beyond the date of each policy, will then expire. SAMUEL. FUNNING, jun. Secretary, SUSSEX. 1 ARUNDEL, William Olliver. BATTLE, William Ticehurst. BRIGHTHELMSTON, John Mills. CHICHESTER, J. Bartlett. HASTINGS, William Gill. HORSHAM, Humphreys and Turner. HA1LSHAM, Wm. Martin LEWES, Henry Brown. MIDHURST, John Geering, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Holt. • RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe. SURREY. ' CROYDON, J. and C. Strudwicke DORKING, Samuel Dendy EPSOM, J. Scott. FARNHAM, W. - Cock GUILDFORD, Winkworth and Cooper KINGSTON, W. Strange REIGATE, W. Moore N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expence where the annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards.' * t* This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may he had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES, being found to he advan- tageous to persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others; Tables of the Rates on such Assu- rances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And, for the greater conveni- ence of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by special agreement) the Assurance on Lives lit the age of 75 years. HOPE - INSURANCE COMPANY ' FIRE, LIFE, and ANNUITIES, CAPITAL ' TWO MILLIONS, Office, LUDGATE;- HILL, LONDON. PERSONS insured with this Office, whose Po- licies expire at LADY- DAY, are respectfully in- formed, that Receipts for the Renewal of the same are now ready for Delivery at the Office, and with the respective Kingdom. WILLIAN BURY, Secretary. N. B. Policies of Insurance, which expire at the above Period, should be renewed within Fifteen Days thereafter. The following Agents are appointed by this Office in the Counties of Sussex. Hants, Surrey, and Kent,— of whom Proposals may be had gratis; and every Informa- tion obtained. Mr. Moore, Crawley Mr. Shepherd, Waltou- — Gibson, Lewes upon- Thames Bradley & Co. Shore- Walker, Walworth ham - Vaddingto'n, Croydon Challen, jun. Petworth Wilkinson, ELsted Smith, Steyning Norris, Richmond - Wicking, Lindfield —— Greaves, Dorking Phillipson, Brighton Nonstable, Wands- - W. Sharp, Portsmouth worth sharp, Romsey Stewart, Putney . Hardley, Newport, Walker, Brasted ( Isle of Wight) Go'uld, Rochester Johnson, Alton Christian. Deal Sutton, Southampton — Hampshire, Deptford Perkins, Lymington Ranwell, Woolwich Tory, Christchurch Bracey, Margate Roach, Cowes, ( Isle Hagell, Canterbury of Wight) . Nettlefold, Bromley Earle, Winchester - Fisher, Gravesend Greenwood, Egham Rogers, High Street, • Walter, Godstone Rutherhithe - Walker, Hampton- Morphew, Dover Wick King, Sheerness — Stroud & Hicks, Tooting — furner, bythe, TUESDAY, WEDNSDAY, THURSDAY. AND FRIDAY'S POSTS. LONDON, March 22. A N interesting debate took place on Thursday J. X night in the House of Lords, on the ques- tion of " the Subsidy to Portugal, which was at length agreed to without a division. There was also a conversation upon the subject of the Bank Dol- lar Tokens. There was no business of any material impor- tance in ' he House of Commons, on Thursday. The Elisha, Tupper, Seep' re and Harmonic, car- tels, arrived oh Thursday at Portsmouth, from Morlaix. Oh the I9lh instant, the Upton Castle, Last Indiaman, arrived at that port in 98 days from the Isle of Prance, With French prisoners of war on board. Another ship arrived at the same time with the Upton Castle from the same place, but her name is not known. Arrived the Africaine, Admiral Bertie, at Ports- mouth, from the Lie of France, last from the Cape of Good Hope. All was quiet and likely to conti- nue so in the Last. Miss Bertie, the Admiral's daughter, and Captain Pym, late of the Sinus, were among the passangers in the Africaine. She sailed from the Cape the latter end of January, touched at St. Helena, and sailed from thence on the 2d of February. The Tigress Indiaman, from Bengal, had arrived at St. Helena. The Midas, Juliana, Ann, Harriet, Sir Win. Bensley, and In- dus, arrived in Bengal the 7th November. His Majesty's ship Nereide arrived at St. Helena the 2( ith January. The Windham was to sail from Bourbon the first week in January, with a cargo. The Company's regular and extra ships were on the point of leaving the Isle of France for India 011 the l6th December.--- GLOBF.. The following country ships were engaged to tike the French garrison " to Europe, viz.. Lord Castlereagh, Upton Castle, Lady Barlow, Helen, Bengal Anna, Burrows, Good Hope, and Portia. At the departure of the Africaine from the Isle of Fiance, the French banners were floating above 1 he ramparts of the capital, and the adjacent heights, and it was hoped that some French fri gates, which were expected, would fall into the snare. . The Board of Trade have communicated to the merchants the precise conditions on which licences will be granted. The subject baring hitherto been but briefly alluded to, we shall here subjoin parti- culars:— Imports from the Baltic are to continue until the 1st day of January 1819, confined to the ports to the eastward of the river Odro, on the south side of the Baltic; on condition that the name of the vessel, the country to which she belongs, the tonnage, the name of her master, and the port from which she is to clear out, are all specified in the licence. " NEW HAVEN PIERS. IHereby give notice, that a general Meeting of the Commissioners and Trustees of the Har- bour and Piers of Newhaven, will be holden at the White Hart Inn, in Lewes, on Monday, the 1st day of April next, at' 12 o'clock at own. Lewes, 22d March. 1811. J. HOPER. " TO BE SOLD, AONE- HOUSE CHAISE, HORSE, and HARNESS complete, The Chaise made by HATCHETT and Co. Long- Acre, mid almost new. The Home rising six years old,, of a bay Colour, perfectly sound, upwards of 15 bands high, good tempered, an ex- cellent goer, and a fine figure both in and out of the harness, has good bone, and shewn much blood. For particulars, apply at the Nelson Mews, Worthing. ' NOTICE TO CREDITORS. WHEREAS GEORGE JUDGE, of South- over, near Lewes, Builder, has assigned over all his estates and effects to Samuel Flint, of Lewes aforesaid, merchant, and William Stuard, of the same place, ironmonger, in trust, for the equal benefit of his creditors. Notice is hereby given, that the Trust Deed is now lying at the Lewes Bank, for the signature of such creditors of the said George Judge as may chuse to execute and take the benefit of the said assignment. All per- sons having any demands upon the said George Judge, - are desired to send an account thereof to the said Samuel Flint, on or before the 23d day of April next; and all persons who stand indebted to the said George Judge, are desired immediately to pay the amount of their debts to the said Samuel Flint, or they will be sued for the same. Lews, ' 23d March, I. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THE Creditors of Robert Argles Durrant, late of Ringmer, in the comity of Sussex, Maltster, who have not delivered in a statement of their demands against his estate, arc requested to send the same to, Mr. George Gwynne, Lewes, Solicitor to the Trustees, under the assignment for the benefit of his creditors. And such as have lint executed the Deed of Trust, are requested to do so at their curliest convenience, that a dividend may be forthwith declared. All persons standing indebted unto the estate, are de- sired to pay the same unto Mr. W. Payne, Thomas Dur- rant, and Edward Sense, or one of them, without fur- ther notice. W. PHILLIPS BANKRUPTCY. '' T^ IIE Creditors, who have proved their debts X under a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued against WILLIAM PHILLIPS, of Brighthelm- • too, in the county of Sussex, Builder, dealer and chap- man, are desired to meet the Assignees of the estate and effects of the said Bankrupt, on Tuesday, the 26th day of March instant, at 12 o'clock precisely, at the New Steine Hotel, at Brighthelmston in the county of Sussex, to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commeoeing any action or actions at law, against the several persons claiming to he Mortgagees of certain parts of the Bankrupt's property, or otherwise to have liens or securities thereon, or to file any bill or bills in exnity RgtloH all or any of such persons respectively, for the purpose of recovering any part of the Bankrupt's property iii their possession; or to resist any action or . nit til suits in equity, or petitions, which may be com', menced, instituted, or presented to obtain the same ; and to compound, by taking a part for the whole, or otherwise to compromise or adjust the claims of and differences with such persous, in such manner as may seem expedient to the said Assignees: And also to the said Assignees filing any hill or bills in equity, or com- mencing any action or actions, or presenting any peti- tion or petitions to '. lie L « rd High Chancellor, against the Trustees, under a certain assignment, in trust for the benefit of Cf'iiors made by the said Bankrupt, < 0 recover the whole or some part of the property possessed by them by virtue of the said assignment; and of en- tering into any compromise with them, or the present- ing any petitions to the Lord High Chancellor, respect- ing such accounts, or to refer lite saute to arbitration ; or to adjust such accounts as to them may seem expe- dient : A1 -> to the said Assignees assenting to or resist- ing the'elaims made by certain persons to a priority of payment, out of the Bankrupt's effects, for work per formed or ail edged i « have been performed, upon the credit of the Bankrupt's property : And also to tile ally bill in equity, or present any petition to obtain from the Mortgagees an allowance or remuneration in respect of the suuts of otoitey expended upon the mortgaged property, siuce the said deed of assignment in trust; And ; i( so to the agreeing to the said Assignees selling or dis- posing of any part of the Bankrupt's property, either hv public auction, or private contract, and to take such security for the payment thereof as to them may seem expedient; And also to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees commencing, or prosecuting, or defend- ing any suit or suits in law or in equity, for the rccover- in » -< d' » " V part of the Bankrupt's estate or effects; or ( « the compounding, submitting 10 arbitration, or other- wise agreeing to any matter or tiling relating thereto; ANd an other special matters. THE Rev. H. B. Wilson, B. D is preparing for tile press A History of Merchant Taylor's School, London, from its foundation to the present time, in eluding the lives of the eminent men who have been edu- cated at it, to be comprised ill due volume, quarto, price two guineas, in boards. It is designed to em- bellish the work with engraved portraits of Dr. William Juxon, successively Bishop of Loudon and Archbishop of Canterbury; Sir William Dawes, Baronet, succes- sively Bishop of Chester and Archbishop of York ; Dr. Hugh Boulter, successively Bishop of Bristol and I Archbishop of Armagh; and in proportion to the degree of patronage conferred upon the undertaking) of other distinguished Scholars of the School. But as it is not intended to print more copies than shall be subscribed for, gentlemen, who design to patronise the publication, are requested to signify their intentions to the author, who takes this opportunty of soliciting a communication of biographical and literary notices connected with the subject. 3, Laurence- Pountney- Hill, London, March 1811. *„* No money to be paid till the delivery of the book. Young gentlemen, under education at Merchant Taylor's School, are hoarded by Mr. W. at forty gui- neas per annum. Entrance live guineas. One quarters notice to be given or paid for, previous to the removal of a boarder, ill all cases, except when such removal shall be occasioned by Election to College or Superannuation at School. BRIGHTON. New Steyne House Seminary for Young Ladies. MRS. JAMES WINBOLT returns her best thanks to her friends for the liberal support with which she has been hitherto favoured. The Season ap- proaching, and having a few vacancies, she takes this method of informing them and the public, that she has spared no efforts to render her establishment worthy the confidence of those who may honour her with the care of their children. Mrs. W. has selected the most ap- proved Masters and Teachers. The French department is conducted by a Lady, a native, whose accentuation in that language is correct; There is also a Lady, whose knowledge of music enables her in superintend the prac- tice of the pupils in the absence of the Master. The system of sea bathing is pursued under the di- rection of such gentlemen of the profession as the friends may select. Those to whom Mrs. W. is yet unknown may have ( if required) reference to families of the first respectability. New Steyne House, March 18, 1811. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, for the term of four or seven Years, ASubstantial Family MANSION HOUSE, now undergoing a thorough repair, containing on the ground floor, 3 good parlours and a kitchen, with four bed chambers over them, four garrets, and suitable of- fices and apartments for servants, a coach- house, 4 stall stable, a large walled garden, well stocked with fruit trees, a good orchard, and any quantity of excellent Meadow Land, not exceeding 12 acres. The Premises arc situated near the village of Ea « t- hothly, in a healthy and desirable part of the county of Sussex, 4 miles from Uckfield, 7 miles from Lewes, 14 miles from Eastbourne, and 15 miles from Brighton ; and the- Stage Coaches and Waggons to and from East- bourne and London pass within a few yards of the house. The premises may be viewed, upon application to Mr. Richard Hotmail, of Framfield; and for further particulars, apply ( if by letter, post paid) to Mr. Edw. Verral, Attorney at Law, Lewes. SALES OF TIMBER. SURREY, HERTFORDSHIRE, AND KENT. rB~ VIE Governors of Christ's Hospital, London, JL give Notice, That a Committee will sit in the Counting- House of the said Hospital, on Wednesday, the tilth Day of April, 1811, at Eleven o'Clock in the fore, noon, precisely, to treat for the Sale of 4117 Oaks, with the Lop, Top, and Bark, HOW standing upon Farms belonging to them, in the Parishes of Horley and Chart- wood, about five Miles from Ryegatc, upon the road to Brighthelmston, as under: LOT 1. One Hundred and Eighty- eight Trees upon Lodger's Farm, LOT 2. Forty- eight Trees upon Court Lodge Farm; and Vicarage. LOT 3. Eighty- six Trees upon Spier's Farm. LOT 4. Thirty- two Trees upon Labrook Farm. LOT 5. Fifty- three Trees upon Hookwood Four Hundred and seven Trees in the parishes of Horley and Charlwood, Surry. Note. The above Timber may be bid for either 111 one Lot, or five Lots. LOT 6. For the Sale of Forty- five Oak Trees upon a Farm called the Falls, at Punsborne, in the Parish of Hatfield, Herts, occupied by Mr. Rame. LOT 7. Also for the Sale of Sundry Oaks upon a Farm at Stapleliurst, Kent, occupied by Mr. Ballard. The timber in Surry may be viewed by applying to Mr. Holliday, jun. at Duxhurst Farm; and the re- mainder by applying to lite Tenants. The above Timber is of superior worth; and the Trees are to be felled and taken away this Season, at the Expence of the Purchaser, and measured after felled by Mr. John Trumper, 011 Behalf of the Governors, and by the Purchaser himself, or some person whom he may appoint; the Tops to be cut off at six inches girth. A Deposit will be required ; and the Contract to be signed by the Purchaser may be seen, and any further Particulars known, by applying at the Counting- House in Christ's Hospital, where all Persons bidding must attend the Meeting of the Committee to answer their , Proposals. Christ's Hospital, 18th March, 1811. RICHARD CORP, Clerk. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, About the middle of the next Month, of which further particulars will be given in the next paper, AConsiderable quantity of very fine OAK TIM- ber, standing 111 Cinder- hill Wood, in the parish of Beckley, about seven miles from Rye Harbour, and near to the Turnpike- road. TIMBER. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. rp, HE following Lots of Timber, standing 011 the J. Waste of the Manor of Framfield, in the parishes of Framfield and Buxted : 2r,<) Oak Trees, rased with a Cross, at Mount Ephraim. 88 Oak Trees, and one Ash Tree, rased with a Cross, on Palehouse Common, and Eason's Green.. 58 Oak Trees, hammer marked T M, at Tarble Down, and Whitlock's Pits. 183 Oak Trees, and a Ash Trees, hammer marked T M, in the Lanes leading from Framfield Street to Gatehouse, at Tickeridge Bank, and ill tile Lanes from thence to the Hundred House and Lapham Down, 111 the Lanes leading to Bish Pits, and in Bish Pits. 2ti. » Oak Trees, rased with two strokes, beginning at Langhurst Oak, and 011 Blackboys Common, and Poun- sley Wood. til8 Oak Trees, rased with one stroke, and hammer marked T M, at Scantlings Common, Itching Wood, Pottens Green, and Bailey Fits. U) l Oak Trees, rased with a Cross, and hammer marked T M, at Wilderness Bank and Crow Pits, and in the Lanes to Pounsley, Homebush Bank, and Roses Common. 48 Oak Trees, hammer marked T M, in Buxted Wood. ton Oak Trees, rased with one stroke, in Hayerst Wood. Itj( j Oak Trees, rased with two strokes, and hammer marked T M, in Hayerst Wood. Sutj Oak Trees, rased with three strokes, and hammer marked T M, on the North Eastern side of Barnett Wood, and. extending South East. 33- 2 Oak Trees, rated with a double Cross, and ham- mer marked T M, on the Eastern side of Barnett Wood, opposite to Hawkhurst Common. Oak Trees, rased with four strokes, and hammer marked T M, 011 the Eastern side of Barnett Wood, ad- joining Novis's luclosure. 27ti Oak Trees, rased with one stroke, and hammer marked T M, in Barnett Wood, near the Cyder House. 201 Oak ' Trees, rased with five strokes, and hammer marked T M, in Barnett Wood, adjoining the last Lot. Robert Oliver, of Framfield, will shew the Trees; and further particulars may be known on application to Messrs, Hoper and Son, at Lewes; or Mr. Thomas Markwick, at Chailey, OAK TIMBER.—- SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD; BY AUCTION', By . Mr. THYNNE. At the Swah lull, Forest- Row, near East- Grinstead, Sussex, on Thursday, the 4th of April, 1311, at three o'clock in the afternoon, precisely, THREE Lots of excellent OAK TIMBER, situ- ate on Cans Iron Farm, within three niilei of the town of East Grinstead, and 32 from London. Particulars may be had at the Dorset- Arms, East- Grinstead ; the Star, Lewes ; the King's- Head, Cuck- field ; the Maidenhead Inn, Uckfield ; tile Angel, T1111- bridge; at the Place of Sale; anil- at the Office of Messrs. Pearce and Kent, Craig's- Court, Charing- Cross, London. ' OAK TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, . By TESTER and BATES, At the Crown, Horsted Keynes, Sussex, on Friday, April ,">, 1811,' at four o'clock in the afternoon, 7HFTY capital OAK. TIMBER TREES, with JL^ their top and bark, standing in the Ottye Wood, ill the parish of Horsted Keynes aforesaid, within about a' mile distance of the River Ouse Navigation. Mr. Stephen Langridge, Carpenter, at Horsted- Green, will shew the said timber ; of whom further particulars may be known. OAK TIMBER. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Thursday, the 4th of April, IS11, at the Crown Inn, Arundel, precisely at ' Three o'clock, LOT 1. T^ ORTY OAK TREES, numbered with white 1- paint, now standing in the Rook's Coppice in the Parish of Arundel. ' Lot 2. One Hundred and One Oak Trees, well headed and barked, numbered with white paint, now standing 011 New House Farm, in the Parish of War- minghurst. LOT 3. Eighty- three Oak Trees, calculated for plank, num- bered with white paint, now standing in Mill Coppice, in the Parish of Warminghurst. The whole will be sold by the Load, and measured when cut down, Lot 2 and 3 may be viewed by ap- plying to Mr. William Gold, Warminghurst. Lot I, by applying to Mr. Richard Elliot, Arundel, of whom particulars may be known. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By R. LAMBE, At the Star Inn, in Alfriston, 011 Wednesday, the 4th day of April next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, I^ ORTY- SIX ELM TREES, proper for the use . of Wheelwrights and Carpenters, now lying at the bottom of Win ton- street, in the parish of Alfriston, which will be put up itt small lots for convenience of purchasers. A deposit of 20 per cent, will be required. BAT AND BALL. Houshold Furniture, Booth Geer, Tents, & c. & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On Monday and Tuesday, the 1st and 2d of April, 1811, 011 the premises, by order of the Proprietor, who is going into another line of business, ALL the neat Houshold Furniture, and other effects of Mr. WM MARSHALL, at the Bat and Ball public- house, being situate near the Dicker, in Sussex Consisting of ten goose and other feather beds, neat bedsteads, with printed cotton and check furniture ; pier and dressing glasses, tables, chairs, a large brewing furnace, a washing ditto, grates, an assortment of bowls, rummers, glasses, and tea things ; 20 dozen of knives and forks ; a large quantity of booth geer, viz. sail cloths, tables, boards, tressels and poles; a ' marque and a bell tent; kitchen and washing requisites, and a general assortment of useful houshold furniture. The Sale to begin each morning at eleven o'clock. N, B, The Booth Geer and Tents, with part of the Houshold Furniture, will be sold the first day. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON. At the Dorset Arms, in the Cliff, on Wednesday the 3d of April, at < j o'Clock in the Evening— A HOUSE, divided into two dwellings, and a Butcher's Shop, with the Garden behind the same, situate on the Western side of Mailing Street. Immediate possession may be had 01' the Northern Dwelling; and the residue of the Property is in the occupation of James Gates, whose holding will deter- mine on the loth October next. For particulars apply to Messrs. Hoper and Son, or Mr. William Richardson, at Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, ~ AT THE CUSTOM- HOUSE, NEWHAVEN", • On Wednesday, the 27th day of March, 1811, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, precisely, in sundry lots, Hp HE FOLLOWING GOODS, viz. A For Dealers and others. About 81J Gallons of Brandy. 41 Waistcoat Pieces. 1 Piece of Muslin. 1 Hearth Rug. For Private use only. 10 J Gallons of Brandy. 31 Ditto Geneva. Custom- House, Newhaven, 21st March, 1811. H. HARISON, Collr. J. B. STONE, Compr. Samples of the above goods may We seen at the Cus- tom- House the morning of the day of sale. N, B. Twenty- five per cent, deposit will be required. CUSTOM HOUSE. SHOREHAM. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Custom House. Shoreham, on Tuesday, the 2d Day of April I SI I, at Eleven o'Clock in the forenoon — THE following Goods, which have been seized, and legally condemned, viz. 32 gallons of Biandy 1 c • , , 21 gallons of Geneva } for Prlvate use on 2 Pieces of Fir Timber 12 Chaldrons of Coals The broken up Hull of a large Boat. Unserviceable Stores, viz. The broken up Hull of a six Oar Boat. Samples of the above Goods may be seen at the Custom House, the Morning of the Sale. N. B. A Deposit of 25 per cent will be required. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, IN JUNE NEXT. \ Freehold FARM, within a ring fence, consist- of a house, barn, stable, oasthouse, and other buildings, and about 79A. 2R. 7P. of Laud, called Weeklands, in Little Horsted, about 5 miles from Lewes, adjoining the road from London through Uckfield to Lewes and Brighton, and in the occupation of John Diplock. whose term will expire at Ladyday, 1812. i bis Farm commands very fine prospects, and is pe- culiarly well calculated for the erection of a Villa. And, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A Freehold Farm call d Cransdens and Knowle Lands consisting of a good bouse, with convenient cottages and other buildings, and about icitA. 12P. of Land adjoining the town of Mayfield, and remarkably well situated for the growth of timber, and kindly lor the cultivation of bops. Cransdens is occupied by Messrs. Peckham, whose term will expire at Ladyday 1812, and Knowle Lauds by Mr. John Rose, whose term will expire at Michaelmas, 1812. Also the Freehold Farm called Hunts, adjoining Cransdens, consisting of a large house, barns, and other buildings, and about 78A. 2R. tsP. of Land, occupied by Messrs. Peckham, whose term will expire at Lady- day. 1812. Both these Farms are eompact, are well covered with thriving young timber, and 1 lie soil is fertile. The tenants will shew the Estates; and further par ticulars may be known 011 application to Messrs. Hoper, at Lewes; or to Mr. . Stone at May filed. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By MR. JONES, .. On Friday, the 5th of April, 18( 1, at six o'clock in the afternoon, at the George Inn, in Robertsbridge, in the county of Sussex, ALL that Leasehold Messuage or Cottage, Shop, Garden, and Premises, situate and lying at- Cripps' Corner, in the parish of Ewhurst, in the county of Sussex, in the occupation of Crouch, bis under- tenants or assigns. ' The situation is eligible for trade in general, and a very good business in the Shopkeeping Line is attached thereto. Immediate possession may be had. For particulars, application to be made to Mr. Mar- tin, of Battle. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, ( Under a Commission of Bankrupt),— at No. 3, Sussex- PUce, in Brighton, 011 Friday, the 29th day of March instant, between the hours of eleven and twelve o'clock in the forenoon,— IN THE UNDER MENTIONED LOTS: Lot 1. A LODGING - HOUSE and BUILD- INGS, being No. 7, in Carlton- Place, in Brighton aforesaid, near the Grand Parade, being Copy- hold of Inheritance 01' he Manor of Atlingworth, fines and heriots ( id. certain each ; containing, in front, about 17 feet, and about 75 feet in depth ; comprising a kit- chen, pantry, housekeeper's room, and out- offices, front and back parlours with folding doors, drawing- room, with bed room behind, and four be: i rooms above. This House is let furni- hed to the 1st of . June, 1811 ; the furniture therein will be . sold to the purchaser of this- lot, if required, at a fair appraisement; but. in case he should decline, the Assignees 10 have the liberty to sell the Furniture on the prcirpt. es, at the expiration of the present letting. Lot 2. A Lodging House and Buildings, Copyhold of Inheritance, fines and heriots 6d. certain each, of si- milar size with the last house, And comprising the like number of rooms and conveniences, being No. 11, in Carlton- Place aforesaid. This house is let on lease to Stephen Atkinson, esq. for a term of 14 years, 13 of which were unexpired the 29th of September last, at 70 guineas per annum. Lot 3. A Lodging House and Buildings, Copyhold of Inheritance, fines and heriots 6d. certain each, of si- milar dimensions with the last lot, and comprising the same number of rooms, and with the like conveniences, being No. 12, in Carlton- Place aforesaid ; immediate possession of which maybe bad. The purchaser of this lot, will have the option of purchasing the Furniture therein, at a fair appraisement. Lot 4. A spacious Yard, or Piece of Ground, situate at the back of Carlton- Place, and fronting into Circus. Street, lately used as a Coal Yard, being 93 feet or thereabouts in length, by 71 feet in depth or there- abouts, with a very capacious granary, warehouses, sta- bles, and buildings, near or adjoining thereto. The above premises are exceedingly we| l adapted for the car- rying on of an extensive concern that requires room. Also two enclosed Gardens 011 the north side, in a line with the Coal Yard, one of which is S6 feet in length, by 13 feet in depth, and the other tj3 feet In length, by 54 feet in depth or thereabouts, adjoining the carriage road, and nearly opposite Ivory- Place. Part of this lot is Freehold, and part Copyhold, fine and heriot certain. Immediate possession thereof may be had. Lot 5. A Piece of Freehold Ground, walled round, and used as a Garden, 011 the Ea « t side of Circus . Street aforesaid ; containing in front, from North to South, about 34 ft. and in depth, from East to West, 50 ft. or there abouts ; together with half the wall 011 the South side. Possession of this lot may he bad immediately. Lot ( j. Three Pieces of Copyhold Land, containing Two Acres, tenantry measure, situate in the second Furlong, in the North Laine, in Brighton, let to Mr Reudall, for the term of 99 years, commencing the 2stli of March, 1799, at the yearly rent of 17I. payable half- yearly. This properly is situate near the North Build- ings, and well covered with houses. Also, a Piece of Copyhold Land, containing2 Pauls, in the Furlong heading the barns in the West laine te- nantry, now u » cd a » a Garden, and let to Mr. Thunder, for a term of 99 years, 83 years, of which were unexpi red the 10th of October last. Lot 7. A newly- erected Copyhold Messuage or Te- nement, Oil the East side of, and fronting the load lead- ing from Brighton to Preston, a short dlstui. ee beyond the row of houses called Union Street North, together with Five Pauls of Land thereto adjoining ( being up- wards of Half an Acre tenantry measure) late in the occupation of William M'Euin. The purchaser of this lot may have immediate possession. Lot 8. Twelve Pauls, or One Acre and a Half of Copyhold Land, tenantry measure, holden of the Ma- nor of Atlingworth, situate in the Third Furlong in the Hilly Laine in Brighton, usually described as part of the Prince's Field, the North end, abutting to the Leeke road between the Third and Fourth Furlongs in the Hilly Laine, and the South end abutting to the Leeke road in a line with Ivory Place, Possession of this lot may also be bad immediately. Lot 9. Four Pauls of Land, held of the Manor of Brighton, situate in the Second Furlong ill the North Laine, in Brighton, formerly B. Masters's, and distin- guished ill the Old Terrier of the Common Lands, as No. 2. Also, Four Pauls of Land, held of the Manor of Brighton, formerly B. Masters's, situate 111 the last- mentioned Furlong, and distinguished in the said Ter- rier, as No. 28. Also, a Leasehold Piece of Laud of Four Pauh, held under an agreement, for the term of 99 Years from the loth of October, 1796, at the Yearly rent of £ 1. These three Pieces of Land are let to Mr. John Smith, for a term of 92 Years, at £ 12 per annum, 84 Years of which will be unexpired the 25th of March, 1811. Also, Four Pauls of Land, formerly R. Masters's in the said 2d Furlong, in the Hilly Laine, described in the said Terrier, as No. 56, abutting jo Twelve Pauls of Land, formerly John Friend's, of Portslade, now Na- thaniel Kemp's Esq. 011 the East, and to Four Paul, of Land, formerly Israel Paine's, now Mr. Phillip Migh- ells, 011 the West. LOT TO. A Freehold enclosed Field, or Croft of Land, containing Twelve Pauls, or One Acre and a Half, Tenantry Measure, situate in the residue of the 4th Furlong in the Hilly Laine, containing about 52o feet in length, and about 75 feet in medial width, well calculated for building upon, and which is considered as particularly v limbic on account of its contiguity to Richmond- Place. LOT 11. A Piece of Freehold Land in Sussex Place, containing in front 17 feet, and in depth 47 feet, nr thereabouts, highly desirable for building upon, being the 6th lot of 17 feet from the North House, erected in Sussex Place aforesaid. The purchaser of this lot, must covenant to build in a line with the Houses already erected in Sussex Place. Plans of the Property will he produced at the time of the Sale, and further particulars may lie known, of Mr. Mills, at the Old Bank,— and at the Office of Messrs. Brooker and Colbatch, Prince's- Place, Brighton, ' ••:.- RRIGHTON | To BE, SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ' ALL, those Five Messuages or Tenements, being Not 4 j, 40, 47, 48, and 4<), situate at the j tipper end of West- street, with a yard and garden behind the same, now in the occupation of Mrs. Wren, and others. The premises are holden of the Manor of Atlingworth. For further par- ticulars-, apply to Mr. F. Lee, printer, auctioneer, & c. Prince's- Place; or to Mr. Beech Roberts, the proprietor, No. 1, Ship street Lane. A Capital Stock of Linen Drapery, Haberdashery, Ho- siery, & c. & e. of £_>, OIMJ value. CHICHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By WHITE and SON, On the Premises, without reserve, on Monday, the 251b March, 1811, and Eight following days, ALL the well selected STOCK IN TRADE of Mr. A. Groombridge, at bis warehouse, near the Unicorn Inn, East- Gate ; ( who has taken another con- cern in Kent) comprising Ell and yard- wide print* and ginghams, seven- eighths and four- fourths, Irishes, stripe cottons, checks, 7- 3 and 4- 5 lit own Holland calico, flannels, dimities, Russia, Scotch, Lancashire and Irish Sheetings, blankets, rugs, counterpane*, lied ticks, and bed furniture, ladies' and gentlemen's'silk handkerchiefs, 6- 4 and 4- 4, silk and cotton shawls, plain and twil'd sarsnets, worked and plain muslin, thread and cotton lace, 4- 4 and 6- 4 cambric muslins, a large assort- ment of ladies' and gentlemes silk, cotton, worsted hose, superfine broad and narrow cloths, pelisse cloths, kerseymeres, waistcoat pieces, corduroys, large assortment of Haberdashery, mens* and boys' hats, gloves, ladies' and children"' shoes, umbrellas, & c. The Sale to begin each day precisely at Eleven o'clock and continue till Ten in the Evening; and 011 the last day will be Sold by Auction all the modern Household Furniture, linen, china, glass, and Brewing Utensils of Mr. A. Groombridge. Which will be duly expressed in Catalogues to be had at 6d. each ( to be returned to purchasers) at the-' prin- cipal Inns of the adjacent Market Towns, Place of Site, and of Messrs. White and Sou, North Street, Chiches- ter; or High street, Arundel. VALUABLE TAN YARD. * Drying Sheds, Mill House, Barn, Stable, Gate Room, about 7A. Meadow Land, recent Dwel- ling House, Two Cottages, & c. AT WOOLLAVINGTON, NEAR MIDHURST. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By WHITE and SON; On Thursday, the 17th day of April, 1811, ( unless dis- posed of by private contract;, at the Angel Inn, Midhurst between the hours* of 4 and in the evening, THE FOLLOWING FREEHOLD ESTATES. A 1N ONE LOT: A very compact and desirable Tan Yard, consisting of . requisite drying sheds, mill house, 59 tan. lime. n„ r! grain pits, a good bam, stable, and gate room, with various convenient outbuildings ; and fiA. of rich . Mea- dow Land, and Half an Acre of Aider Moor, weik plant- ed— also a valuable Right of Common to turn out cattle and cut turf. - Also, a recently- erected Dwelling- House, comprising a kitchen, parlour, dairy and wash- house, pantries aud cellars, and three good bedchambers — a large and productive garden and orchard, full of fine young fruit trees; together with Two Cottages, which are occupied by the workmen o. n the premises, L » tid Tax redeemed. The Timber on the Estate, down to Od. which, with the Stock in Trade, and Working implements, to be t » . u » n at a valuation. This ESTATE is most pleasantly situ ited in a fine bark country, only half a utile from the pleasant, romantic town t. i Midhurst, and bounded by a navigable river.._ The advantage of the London waggons, passing with easy access to the respective market — the business lues been earried 011 by Mr. G. PENNY, for a numb r of years, . who is now about to retine), and wil1 prove a most eligible situation for any active roan who may wish to engage in an old- established and lucrative concern. The Estate. may be viewed by applying 011 the Pre- mises and further Particulars'may Vie known, bv ap- plying at the Auction Mart, London; imd of Messrs. White and Son, North Street, Chichester ; or Street, Arundel. TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, By WHITE and SON. On Wednesday, the 17th of April, tail, at the Dolphin Inn, Chichester, between the hours of live and six in the evening, ATruly valuable and desirable ESTATE, com- prising a convenient Farm House and Offices, farmyard, two barns, stabling for seven horse., cart and cow houses, poultry ditto, and piggeries, together with 79A. ( more or less) of Arable, and Four of Meadow Land, the whole particularly favourable for the growth of Wheat. Also a valuable and unlimited Right of Commons, to the extent of the parish. The above Estate is situated at Aldwick Green, In the parish of Pagham, in the occupation of Mr. John Bridger, who will render immediate possession; 17A. of the property is Leasehold, for 909 year*, and the re- mainder Copyhold of inheritance of the Manor of Pag- ham : subject to a small Quit Rent. ° The whole of the Farm has |, een recently drained, ^ chalked, ami manured, and in the highest state of cul- tivation; and the Timber ( which is very considerable} to he included iu the purchase. The Purchaser may ( if required) he accommodated with from 3o to 5o acres of rich Arable Land, in addi- tion to the above Estate, which Land is bounded by the above Farm. The Estate may be viewed any day previous to the * Sale, l> y application to Mr. John Bridger. Printed Particulars may be had, 14 days previous to the Sale, at the principal Inns, in the adjacent Market Towns; at the Libraries, Brighton, Worthing, Bognor, and Tunbridge Wells; at the Auction Mart; and Messrs. White and Son, North Street, Chichester, or High Street, Arundel, TO COVER THIS ' SEASON, ' At MR. SIMON GROVER'S, Stables, Cliff Lewes. At Two Guineas, and Three Shillings the Groom, that Beautiful Brown Horse, NIMROD. Fifteen Hands and a Half High, rising five Years Old, got by that favourite Horse Trimmer, son of Tippoo Saib, dam by Archer, his grand dam by Matchem, his grand dam's sire of Sir Robert l; agg' « breed. Nimrod's dam proved herself to be one of the best Mares on the South Downs, having hunted ten seasons up to the fastest Hounds in the Country. Nimrod, this year, has proved himself one of the best four year old Horses, in this County, on the Downs, up to the fastest Hounds; his " stock; for Blood, Bone, Shape and Colour, cannot be equalled ; his stock may be seen with the Horse. His Mares, last Season,) nearly all proved in foal. * N. B. He will attend Hailsham Market; and cover till the 1st of August; the Money to be paid at the time of Covering. rpo cover this Season, till the first of August, A at Mr. Brown's Racing Stables, Lewes, at Two Guineas, and Three Shillings the groom, ( the money to be paid at the time of covering), CRAFTY, a bay horse, rising eight years old, 15 hands and a \ ei\ t high, bred by the Duke of Hamilton, got by Walnut, dam by Javelin, out of Young Flora, sister to Spa- dille. Walnut was got by Highflyer, out of Mr. Pratt'r Maiden, own sister to Pumpkin, Purity, & c. . Maiden was the dam of Gohanna's dam, and out of the Old Squirt Mare, who bred 17 Foals ; three were never trained, two died young, and the other twelve were good runners. Crafty has covered four years; his stock now 3 yearn old, are remarkably honey, and promising. He is a good foal getter, as most of bis mates prove in foal, He will attend Hailsham Market. N. It. He is sufficiently recovered from his lameness as to travel. Any Gentleman wishing him no attend his Marcs at the vacant time, by sending a letter post- paid and expellees, be will attend- Crafty has a great deal of bone, and as well bred as any horse that covers. • TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, At the St. James's Tavern, in Brighton, 011 Thursday, the 4tlt day of April, 1811, at six o'clock in the even- ing, ( unless previously disposed of by private contract- of which, if it shall happen, public notice will be given)— IN, TWO LOTS: Lot 1. \ Freehold Messuage, Tenement, or Lodg- - ATjL ing- House, being No. ' 24, situate 011 the East Side of the New Steine, in Brighton aforesaid, subject to a Lease, for an unexpired term of four years, from the 25th of March inst.— at the yearly rent of ( Jul. Lot 2. A Leasehold Messuage or Tenement, used as a Public House, and known by the sign of the PRINCE OF WAI. ES, situate in Carlton Hill Street, in Brighton aforesaid, together with the Outbuildings and Ground as now enclosed and used therewith, in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Merle. Also, a Piece of Building Ground enclosed, adjoining to the North part of the Premises so occupied by Mr. Merle. The Messuage, Public House, and Premises, in the occupation of Mr. Merle, are subject to an tinder Lease granted to him for a Term of 21 years, from Michaelmas 1808, at the rent of Gnl. per annum. N. P. The whole of the Ground contains, in length, from North to South, upwards of Three Hundred Feet, and is held under a Lea* e for 99 years, from the 1st of March, 1807, at a Ground Rent of 30I. For further Particulars, and Treaty by Private Con- tract, apply at the Office of Mr. Hill, Solicitor, Brigh- ton ; or to the Auctioneer. POSTSCRIPT, FROM SATURDAYS LONDON GAZETTE. War- Office, March 93, 1611. HIS Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased, in. the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, to order that the 10th ( or Prince of Wales's Own) Regiment of Light Dragoon^ shall in future be styled the mill ( or Prince of Wales's Own Royal) Regiment of Light Dragoons. BANKRUPTS. Robert Gibbon, jun. Monkwearmouth, Durham, coal- fitter.- John Adams and John Spragg, Great St. Thomas Apostle's, London, stationers.— Wm. Batty, Flanshaw- lane, Wakefield, cloth- manufac- turer.— William Hinton, Painswick, Gloucester, grocer.— James Hay and Jeremiah Hill, Borough High Street, Surrey, linen- drapers.— Jos. Floun- ders artd John Thomas Morley, Huddersfield, York, linen- drapers.— James Hamper. High- street, Bo- rough, Surrey, hosier. — William Carter, jun. Li- verpool, merchant. Thomas Hill, Clayworth, Nottingham, butcher.— Richard Northmore, Bed- minster, Somerset, victualler. Thomas Parkin and Thomas Scobell, Broad- street, London, mer- chants. James Franks, Lambeth, cabinet- maker. . William Chapman, Birmingham, stationer.— John Whitehead and James Whitehead, Liver- pool, brewers.— William Baiss, Warminster, Wills, and James Baiss. Fisherton- Anger, Wilts, coopers. — Thomas Dell, Macclesfield, Chester, silk- manu- factuter. Michael Sloper, Bathwick, Somerset, tavlor. William Heywood, Manchester, small- wave- manufacturer. Thomas Hall, Stoke- New- ington, victualler. Stephen Dadd, Rochester, Kent, grocer. Thomas Sharrock, Preston, Lan- caster, shopkeeper. LONDON, ( SUNDAY.) IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE FROM PORTUGAL. A Telegraphic Communication has been made from Plymouth, stating that Massena broke up his Camp on the 15th instant, and that Lord Wellington is gone in pursuit of him. The following is an exact Copy of the Bulletin sent from the Admiralty to the Officers of State ;— " Plymouth Telegraph. " Massena retreated from Santarein. Lord Wellington in pursuit, 5th or 15th March ( doubtful).— Garnet is arrived." There was nothing of particular import in the Proceedings of either House of Parliament, on Friday. His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, and the Duke of Rutland, are Candidates for the Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, for which the Election commences to- morrow. Lord Palmerston and Mr. Smith, are Candidates for the vacant seat in Parliament. The Election for which will begin on Wednesday. LEWES, MARCH 25, 1811. We have heard, but we know not with what truth, that a requisition to the Sheriff for a County meeting, to consider of an Address to the Prince Regent, will be produced for the signatures of such gentlemen as may choose to sign it, during the present Assizes at Horsham. " The Bank Dollar Tokens, it will be seen, by an advertisement in the first page of this Paper, now pass current for FIVE SHILLINGS and SIXPENCE. At our Assizes, which commence this day, at Horsham, before the CHIEF BARON and Mr. JUSTICE HEATH, there are 21 Prisoners for Trial, viz. :— Samuel Lindfield, charged with the murder of Henry Naldret, at Nuthurst.— Edward Keht, and and Thomas Macdonald, for the murder of John Bycroft, at Horsham.— And John Carter, for man- slaughter, in having killed John Homer, in the parish of St. John's, Lewes. William Clarke, aged 77, for the crime of sodo- my, with a boy, at Isfield, named Stephen Pente- cost, — And Richard Dougherty, charged with sodomy, with William Parker, at Eastbourne; and with an assault, with intent to commit the same Crime on Michael M'Rosary. The Rev. Robert Bingham, charged on suspi : ion of having written and se- nt a letter to Richard Jen tier; of Maresfield, without a name subscribed thereto, threatening to murder the said Richard . tenner, and also the Parson. Churchwardens, and Farmers; and also charged on suspicion of having feloniously set ftre to a dwelling house, at Mares- field, in his own occupation.— And Jane Nye, for feloniously setting tire to the dwelling- house of James Cortis, of Angmering. William Mitchell, charged on suspicion of hav- ing broken open a bag of letters, delivered to him to be conveyed from Gardener- Street to Battle, and stolen thereout a letter, containing the parts of four promissory notes of the Hastings Bank — Henry Edwards, for feloniously stealing 51. in notes and money, the property of John Streeter, the elder, of Preston.— And James Fogden, charg- ed with feloniously dealing a t a chest, and three canvas bags, containing gold and bank notes, va- lue 5001. the property of the executors of Richard Fogden, the elder, of Boxgrove, deceased. William Bray, for feloniously stealing a black runt ox, the property of Mr. Elphick, of West- ham.— George Robinson and John Johnson, for stealing eleven turkies, six fowjs, and one goose, the property of Thomas Ellis, John Sicklemore, and G. Shiffner, esq. Lucien Brown, for feloniously stealing a watch, the property of Elizabeth Best, of Crawley,— And Naomi Stonestreet, for feloniously stealing divers articles of wearing apparel, the properly of her mistress, Anna Maria Augur, of Westham. Peter Akehurst, for stealing divers quantities of oats, barley, and peas, the property of J. V. Tourle, of Swanburgh.— And Daniel Mapel, for stealing at Dorrington and Goring, eight sacks, and a quan- tity of malt, the property of Thomas Street and William Fall. And John Jackson, William Smith, and John Shean, charged with a riot at Arundel, and with assaulting and wounding Charles Bowman, Wil- liam Till, Peter Bowman, and others. For the Nisi PRIUS side, there are entered two Special Jury Causes, and 18 or 20 Causes to be tried by Common Juries. The town, it is expected, will be crowded with company. Last Thursday the Royal Horse Artillery stationed in our Barracks, were reviewed near Ringmer, by Col. Cookson, who seemed well satisfied with the appearance and performance of the Troop. A gentleman on a visit to the Colonel, being in the field, on a spirited horse, the animal took fright at the rapid motions of the Corps, and dismounted his rider: but we are happy to say, without the infliction of any serious hurt. Fuller, who was convicted at the last Epi phany Sessions, held here, of having de- frauded a: i ignorant man, by passing on him two Twopenny Notes, instead of Two Pound Notes, will be placed in and upon the Pillory, at some convenient part of Brighton, agreeably to his sentence, on Thursday next. The Sheriff has very humanely caused the constables of the several neighbouring hundreds, as well as the peace bikers of fliafc town, its fe Summoned to j attend, in order to prevent the ' culprits punish- ment being Carried beyftnd the sentence of the • law. .... ; Manifold havel. ieen the exhibitions we have, at different periods witnessed in that Town, and very numerous have often been the spectators; but, we are inclined to think, tlm novfelty of the above man's performance, will attract a far greater multitude to behold him, than any pre- ceding Actor lias ever been- able to do. The Jury, who returned the Verdict against Mr. Drakard, for the publication of a seditious Libel, in his paper, entitled The Stamford News, as recorded in our last Journal, was composed of the following gentlemen, viz. SPECIAL JURORS. GEORGE UPPLEBY, WILLIAM GRA- BORN, JOHN NICHARDSON, JOHN GREEN, JOHN MANNERS, JOHN EL- LIOTT, Esquires. COMMON JURORS. J. ELLIS ( Cherry Willingham) THOMAS BROWN, CHRISTOPHER WOOD, GEO. SANDERS, JOHN COULSON, WILLIAM MOSSOP. The following is a fact on record, which fur- nishes an example of the fallibility of presump- tive evidence :— A pedlar, journeying on the eastern coast of England, fatigued with his load, entered one even- ing a smalt public- house by the road side, where he sought a lodging for the night; on making his wishes known, he was informed, bv the landlord, that his only lied bad been already engaged . by a sick person, who was sitting by the fire- side. The pedlar, however, being ignoraflt of the road, and unwilling to proceed farther, besought the sick stranger to allow him a share of his bed, and after some hesitation, his request was complied with. On the following morning the landlord went into the chamber, to enquire after his sick guest, and was much surprised to find only one person in the bed, and still more so, when, on approaching it, he perceived that person to be the pedlar fast asleep. A knife, stained with blood, was discovered on the bed, and on further examination, traces of blood were seen from the bed down the stairs, and from ( he house to the sea side, which was at no great distance. A suspicion naturally arose in the mind of ( lie landlord, that the sick person had been murdered, and that the murderer could be no other than the pedlar. A warrant was immedi- ately obtained for apprehending him, when he Was carried to prison, and afterwards tried, condemned, and executed.— By one of those accidents which are known to have happened, the execution was not complete, and when the body was given up to the pedlar's friends, the means of resuscitation were resorted to with success. The pedlar, so unex- pectedly restored to life and liberty, thinking it most prudent to avoid the chance of again en- countering a fate he had so miraculously escaped, betook himself to Holland, where he soon, to his great astonishment, met with the very identical sick man, for whose supposed murder he had been hanged. The pedlar made himself and his story known to the other, who, in explanation of hrs ex- traordinary disappearance, informed him, tl. at his fever increasing during the night to a degree of delirium, he cut, with a knife, the bandage from his arm, where he had been lately bled, and hav- ing rushed out of the house, in search of water, on coming a little tohis recollection, be found himselfat the sea- side, among a party of smugglers, who were hiding their cargo, and lest he should betray them, they carried him away with them in theif boat to Holland. The General Fast, on Wednesday, was ob- server! here, as it every where should be, with great solemnity and devotion. Yesterday se'nnight a ( ire broke out in a small house at Northbridge, in the parish of Salehurst, which, as well as two adjoining ones, were entirely consumed; by the active exertions of the neighbours the furniture was principally saved; and the lire- engine from Silverhill Bar- racks was very useful in extinguishing the flames of the ruins. One person was severely burnt ; but luckily no lives were lost. The tenements were occupied by Messrs. Adams, Gurr, and Miles. Last Wednesday afternoon, as Mr. Durrant, merchant of this town, was returning from Brighton, in a two- wheel chaise, the horse, as he was desc& ndinsr the brow leading to Ashcomb ( late, stumbled and fell, by which accident Mr. D. was chucked out of the carriage, and received a contusion, near the shoulder, that was attended with much pain. Last Saturday, a child belonging to a soldier, occupying one of the barrack huts, was thrown dowu by the wheels of a Waggon carelessly left in the road, and would have been inevitably killed, had not the accident been witnessed by the mother, who rescued it just in time to save its life; but not. until it had received consider- able hurt, The driver of the waggon was taken up, and is to answer for his inebriety and care- lessness, before a sitting of Magistrates on some future day. * » * The article from Battle, respecting a per- son's curing animals hit by mad dogs, is, to all in- tents and purposes an advertisement. The Translation of one of HORACE'S Odes, signed HORSAMICUS, shall appear the first op portunity. If the writer of an Anonymous Threat, should put us to the expence of any more letters, we shall exert ourselves to trace him out, and expose him. A poor mans Case is, for want of room, post- poned till next week. BRIGHTON, MARCH - 25, 1811. Yesterday the promenaders on the cliffs had the gratification of beholding no less than six gnn- brigs riding majestically off this town, viz. the Persian, Zephyr, Vulture, Linnet, Ganet, and the Fly. GENERAL FAST was among oUr arrivals on Wednesday. The General sojour. ied here dur- ing the whole day, and on the following morn- ing set off to take the Command of the French Army in Spain ! Fuller, the Huckster, who was convicted of having passed Twopenny Notes, for Two Pound Bank Notes in our Market, will, on Thursday next, perform a sort of Pedestrian Match here, on a Wooden Horse. He is to start, we under- stand, iu Castle Square, at 12 o'Clock, and run round in a Machine, constructed for the purpose, for the space of one hour, with his head in a. peculiar situation. This Machine is con- structed so as to revolve, like the Earth, on its own axis, and therefore, the Spectators, who are expected to be extremely numerous, will all have an opportunity of witnessing his Speed. A poor man named Wood, was one day last week, badly bitten on the leg, by a dog in this town, supposed to be affected with hydropho- bia. The poor ' fellow almost immediately un derwent tta operations of th'e Wtfe ami cautery, which we sincerely': hope ( should'* hc unitfial re- ally have been m- i4) will eventually prevent any distressing consequences. ; » . The dog - above alluded to, lifter be had in- flic ted the wound on Wood, . ran Off towards Wick, where he was killed by a shepherd with- out doing further mischief. How' often shall We have occasion to warn the Owners of dogs against letting them wander about the streets ? Surely THEY must be Mitt, or they would be aware, that they are thereby exposing not only their oj'n lives, but thosb of their fellotv- crea- tures, to the most imminent danger! We were misinformed, it . appears, in having stated, in our paper of the 11th. instant, that Mr. Pattenden, the proprietor and driver of the coach from this town through Horsham to Lon- don, had fallen from his box, in a fit, and there- by received considerable bruises. His hurt was occasioned by an accidental fall, whilst loading his coach at the Inn yard in London, from which it sets out. He never was afflicted with fits. Tiiat beautiful ship the Linnet, whose co- lours were flying off this place, nearly the whole of last week, is appointed to guard our coast in the room of the Hope gun brig, which is gone to cruize on another station. The officers of the Linnet frequently come on shore, and are remarkable for their gentlemanly demeanour. Of this a stronger proof could not be given, than their forbearance furnished, the other day", under the course treatment the; received, whilst gallantly conducting some ku i;.'.'. cross the beach, who had just returned on shore from their ship, where they had been oil a friendly visit to the y « ung midshipman. On Friday sennight, as the Linnet, and four other of our cruizers, were in pursuit of a French privateer, or smuggling cutter, it is doubtful which, a gale of wind sprang up, that placed one of them, we believe, the Persian sloop of war, in great peril, and from which she was relieved only by the giving way of her main mast, which, in its fall, unfortunately knocked two of her crew overboard, and consigned them to a watry grave, DIED On Friday the 22d inst. at Brighton, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. II. Chat- field, of Balcomb, in this county, whose amiable disposition and perfect goodness of heart, endeared her to her friends, and renders her loss most deep- ly afflicing. The beginning nf last week, Miss Patty. Fore- man, of Egleston- Place, near Storrington, aged upwards of 70 years. She possessed great proper- ty, and having no relation living, bequeathed the greatest part of if, upwards of CO. OOOI. to her Bailiff; in addition to which she gave a legacy of 101) 01. to one of his daughters. Not many days before, the Bailiff purchased, at Chichester mar- ket, four valuable horses, for his Mistress's car- riage, though latterly she had but rarely used it. Money to be advanced on Mortgage. ANY Sum from £' 300 to £ l000, may be bad on Mortgage of Freehold Land, witjiin the bounties of Sussex or Kent. The object of the Security is on Freehold Farms, and the interest to > e regularly paid. For particulars apply to the Printers of this paper. LAW. AN ARTICLED CLERK wanted, in the Of- fice of an Attorney and Solicitor, in established practice, in the county of Sussex. Letters ( postage paid) addressed to Mr. LEE, Print- ug- Office, High- street, Lewes, will he duly attended to. WANTED, a person who understands the management of Woodlands, to act as WOOD- REEVE, on an extensive Estate, who can he well re- commended. He should be able to read and write, and keep an account of the Underwoods which are cot, the form of which will be given him. — A House, and good weekly wages will be allowed. Enquire at the Steward's, Sheffield- Place. WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, a Lady- tide next, a FOOTMAN. He must perfectly understand his Business. and have an unexceptionable, character from his last place.— Apply to Mr. LEE, Piin- ter, High- street, Lewes. TO MEDICAL MEN. WANTED an active person as a PARTNER, in a respectable country practice, about 20 miles distant from London. For particulars enquire of Messrs. Rugg and Co. Druggists, 9o, Fleet- street, London. Letters post paid. To Parents and Guardians. WANTED, as an Apprentice, by Mr. GOR- RINGE. Surgeon, at Burwash, a well- educated YOUTH, of genteel connections. WAN FED immediately, a small neat PUBLIC HOUSE, in or near a Sea- port Town or Village in Kent, or Sussex, and the trade good in all its branches. Address, post paid, with particulars, to A. B. at the Guy Earl of Warwick Wine Vaults, St. John's Street, West- Smithfield, will, if approved of, be answered immediately. WANTED,— An Apprentice toa BUTCHER, in a Shop of good Trade, in a Country Town, in this County Enquire of Mr. T. Verrall, Tallow- Chandler, Cliff, Lewes. WANTED immediately,— A steadv person, as HOUSE M AID.—— Apply at Ashcomb. WANTED,— THREE ROPE MAKERS; who may have six months constant employ. For particulars, enquire of Mr James Breeds, Hastings. March 22, 1S11. WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, in Sus- sex, three Servants. 1. An active Farm Servant, used to carting, & c. and to the care of cattle. 2 A good Laundry Maid, who has been ac- customed to Milking. 3. A young woman to assist the Cook, & c. & c. who has had some experience in a creditable service, and understands the business of a small dairy. Good characters wiil be required. Apply for reference, at Mr. Lee's Printing- office, High- street, Lewes; or to Mr. W. F. Lee, at his General Agency Office, Prince's Place, Brighton. ANTED to RENT, unfurnished,— A small, genteel COTTAGE, with Garden annex- ed, if a wall, it will be preferred ;— not to contain more than four rooms, besides kitchen, wash- house, and cellar: — If a small field to pasture a cow, it will he preferred;— no stable required, but a neat, good garden indispensable. The situa- tion must be good, dry, and aity; and the sur- rounding scenery pleasant;— if near a Trou t stream, more agreeable ;— great care will be taken to keep the garden, & c. in good order. The rooms not too small or low;,— not ia a town ; no objection to a pleasant village. Letters, post paid, addressed to A. B. Mr. Clare's, Linen- draper, Midhurst, with E U L L particulars, will be duly attended to. JOSEPH- PEAKE, begs leav^ tb inform b. K- frieuAs aikt the public, they may be supplied with any SOI t of SEEDS, at his ? WAREHOUSE, in NICHOLAS LANE. Lewes, ? 4arcb 23, lSll, COCKING A MAIN of " COCKS will be fought, at die THURLow- ARMS, BRIGHTON, on Thursday, March the 2Sth, 1811, hetweefi the Gentlemen of Brighton, and rile Gentlemen of Horsham. - A Pair of Cocks to be on the Pit at 12 o'clock, precisely. . " NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership LX lately subsisting between Edward Milder and James Dawes, of Rve. in Sussex, ironmongers, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due or owing to or from the said Partners, will be paid and received by the said Edward Hilder, who will continue to carry on the business on his separate account. Rve, 21st March 1811. Witness EDWARD HILDER. THOMAS PROCTER. JAMES DAWES. Notice to Creditors and Debtors. NOTICE is hereby given, That WILLIAM DIGGENS, of Newhaven, iii I he county of Sussex, Bricklayer, has assigned his estate and effects to Mr. Geo. Elphick, Mr. J. B Stone, and Mr. Wm. Close, of ihe same place, in . trust, for the benefit of his Creditors, in proportion to their several debts, as shall come in and sign the Trust Deed, which is in the hands of T. W. Wheeler, esq. Solicitor, of the Cliff, Lewes. All persons who stand indebted to the estate of the said William Diggens, are desired to pav their respective debts forthwith, to Mr. Elphick, Mr. Stone, or Mr. Close. Newhaven, 23d March, 1811. STRAYED, out of the premises of THOMAS GOSDEN, of Arlington, SIX EWE TAGS, marked with a black spot on the right side. The legs of one of thetn are perceptably shorter than those of the others, and the Wool on its hind legs is remarkably rough. Whoever will give intelligence of the said Sheep, so that thevinay. be bad again, to Mr Gosden, as above, shall be well satisfied for their trouble. . , • j———— STRAYED, into the parish of Westham, in this county, about the latter end of January, A BAY PONEY, rising 4 years old, and has two letters marked on one hoof The owner may have him again, by applying to Mr. G. Alderton, Butcher, Westham. STRAYED, into the grounds of Moses Cloke, in the parish of Guestling,- on the 4th of March, 1811, A dark aged MARE PONEY, brown muz- zle, switch tail, about twelve hands high If anv person owns the said Poney, find pays for keep and advertising, may have her again; if not owned she will be sold to defray the expences. ONLY SIX DAYS MORE, And the Sale of the CHEAPEST ASSORTMENT nf LINEN- DRAPERY, & c. & c. ever offered to the INHABITANTS of LEWES, and its Vicinity, will POSITIVELY CLOSE. T NEWMAN, of School- Hill, Lewes, begs 1- • most respectfully to inform the Public, that he has so far arranged the negotiation for the concern lie is about to undertake iu a different line of business, at a considerable distance from Lewes, as, that it will re- quire his PERSONAL ATTENTION in a VETY SHORT TIME,— it is. therefore, hi « intention to Close the Sale of the BANKRUPT'S STOCK, he has had committed to his care, and the remainder of his OWN STOCK, on SATURDAY the 3oth INSTANT. He scarcely need add, for the Public no doubt will see, the WONDERFUL ADVANTAGE they will de- rive, by purchasing before the Sale closes. At liie same tittle that T. NEWMAN begs to return his thanks to MOST of his friends for the prompt manner in which they have settled their accounts, be desires the FEW accounts that remain, may be settled, AT LATEST, by SATURDAY next. TO INNKEEPERS AND BREWERS. Vicinity of HASTINGS and the BARRACKS. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that long- established Freehold Messuage, Tenement, or Inn, commonly called or known by the name or sign of THE HARE AND HOUNDS ; with an outbuilding, comprising several convenient apart- ments, that may be used either as sitting or sleeping- romns stabling for eight horses ; garden ; and a Piece of Meadow or Pasture Land, containing ( by estimation) one acre and a half, more or les* ; situate in the several parishes of Ore and All Saints, in Hastings, in tile coun- ty of Sussex,— adjoining the Turnpike- road leading from Hastings to Battle, distant about one mile from the town of Hastings, and within five minutes walk from the Barracks, and now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Paris, the Proprietor, who will jive immediate possession. The House has lately been considerably enlarged and improved, by the addition nf an excellent Cellar, a large Dining- Room, with Sleeping Rooms over the same; and the Premises are altogether very conveni- ent, iu good repair, & mostdesirably situated for business. For further particulars, apply at tlis Office of Me » rs. Shadwell, Bishop, and Thorpe, Solicitors, Hastings. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By T. WHITE, On Wednesday, the 3d of April, at the Terrace Stable Yard, South- street, Eastbourne, TWO exceeding good travelling CARAVANS, JL with four wheels each, one light Cart, one good Horse, and sundry Harness, & c. & rc. The sale to begin at three o'clock. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HENRY SIMMONDS, At theTyger Inn, in Lindfield, on Wednesday, the 27th day of March, lSll, between the hours of 4 and ti in the afternoon, subject 10 sitch conditions as will be then aud there produced ( unless in the mean time disposed of by private Contract, bf which, should it happen, due notice will be given in this paper.) AVERY valuable and desirable Freehold Farm, called Inholmes, situate at Danehill, in the pa- rish of Horsted Keynes, 111 the county of Sussex, com- prising a Farm House, with a barn, convenient outbuild- ings, and farm- yard, aud several inciosures of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood Land, containing fifty- two acres ( more or less) well stocked with thriving oak and other timber. Immediate possession may be had. The Estate and Timber may he viewed on applica- tion to Mr. John Hills, of Freshfield, the proprietor, of whom particulars may be had ; and at the Office of Mr. Waller. Solicitor, Cuckfield. THE public are respectfully informed, that the JL Oak and Elm Timber, advertised to be Sold by Auction, by HENRY SIMMONDS, in Five Lots, at tire Tyger Inn, Lindfield, on Wednesday next, the 27th of March instant,— HAS BEEN DISPOSED OF BY PRIVATE CONTRACT- SPRINGFIEI. D, HORSHAM. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, • By PLUMER and SON, On the premises, on Wednesday the J/ tli of March, 1811, and two following days, at Springfield, near the town of Horsham, late residence of J. Mortis, esq. ALL the neat, modern Houshold Furniture;— comprising twelve goose and other feather beds ; mattresses, blankets, quilts, and counterpanes ; f • nr- post and tent bedsteads, with silli damask, printed t ot- ton, dimity, and stuff furnitures.; Ottoman and other sofas ; printed drugget; Brussels aud Kidderminster carpets; pier aud dressing glasses; Indian cabinet; — in mahogany, set of dining tables complete ; Pern broke, tire- sin;, wofk, and night table*; chairs; chest of drawers dumb waiter. & c. — jupunitcd and stained chairs; eight- da\ clock; kitchen requisites j aud. sun- dry oilier effects. May be viewed one day previous 10 the sale; aud Catalogues h id al the White- Horse, Steyning ; White- Hart; Henfield ; Talbot, Cuckfield; Sun, Crawley ; Reu Lion. Docking; and oi'the Auctioneers, Horsham. To begin, each day, at eleven o'clock. ; • HAWKHURST KENT * 4 TO : BE LET. OR SOLD, ASubstantial! new- erected DvnELLmo- Mousis* iand p. reniisM,' ' plMSantly. situated near' High- Rate, in HawkhuHti adjditiihg thfc Turnpike- road from - thence 10 Rve ; comprising two fiot. t parlours, kitchen, brewhouse, . pantry, scullery, and inoTny cellar, with five good bed r. hambers, ctyuhe house and stable; together with about three quarters of an acre of garden and orchard ground. The Coach and Post gofes bv the door, ; rnd is comfortably adapted for a retired family. Possession mav be immediately had. For further particulars apply to Mr. Richard Wenham, of Hawkhurst. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, EITHER SEPARATELY OR TOGETHER; ALL that Messuage or Tenement, in two Dwel- lings, situate at the Dicker Cdmuion, ' in the pa- rish of Hellingly, id tile county of Sussex, atiil now id the several leutfres or occupations of Thomas Mitchell and William Farrance. Tog. tli- r with about two arret of arable Land, situate and being on the said CoiuHion, aud now ni the occupation of Mr. Thomas Dunk. Also, about Three Acres of Arable Land, situate on the said Dicker Common, and now also in the occupa- tion ot the said Thomas Dunk. The whole of the Prcjpise* tirfe Copyhold of Inherit tance, holden of > the several inanoi S of Alciston and Laughton, in the said county. For particulars anil treaty, application tti be made t(< the said Thomas Dunk, tbe proprietor; Mr. W. Mitchell at the Crock- kilns, on the said Dicker Common ( who will slietv ihe premises ; or Messrs. Fisher aud King, Lewes. TO BREWERS AND INNKEEPERS. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. On Wednesday the l? th Day of April next, at 4 o'Clock in the afternoon, ( Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of tfhicli notice will be given in ibis jitoer,) ALL that Copyhold, or Customary Messuage, of Dwelling House, Stables, Buildings, Car- den and Premises, situate in the town of West Tarring, ill the County of Sussex, called or known by the Sign of the Castle Inn, now in full trade Possession of the, above will be delivered on Michaelmas Day next, to a Purchaser. For Particulars ( and to neat Private Contract) apply to Mr. Watts, solicitor, Worthing. TO LINEN- DRAPERs AND GROCERS TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, By JOHN TAMSETT, At this Cock Inn, Peasmarsh, Sussex, On Friday, the iytli of March, 1811, between ihe hours of five and six o'clock iu the evening, ( if not previ- onsly disposed of by private contrail, of which notice will be given) ALL that newly- eretted Messuage, Shop, arid adjoining Warehouse, * lth all I be appurtenandes thereunto belonging, now in full trade in the Linen- Drapery and Grocery businesses, situate iu Peasmarsh- Street, now in the occupation of Mr Christopher Chris, linn, the proprieter. f he Stock in Trade, and Fixtures, to be taken b: appraisement. Immediate possession may be had. For further particulars, enquire of John Tamsetr, Auctioneer. Rye, CAPITAL INN. or PUBLIC HOUSE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HENRY EATON, On the Premises, on Monday, the - jed day of April, mil, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, unless previ- ously disposed of by Private Contract ; Atruly desirable Freehold Messuage or Tene- ment, known by the Sign of tint White Hart, situate at Guestling, 111 the County Of Sussex, now in the occupation nf William Barman; the Proprietor • comprising, on the Ground Floor, a large Kitchen, Bar, two Parlours, one fifteen feet by ftiuitern. Wash- house Brewhouse, Cellaring, and other nece- sary offiivs. <) n the First Floor, a commodious room, twenty six t, y four- teen feet : five airy Bed \ Oh. tinliers, witii vrry good Attics; Coach- house, and Stabling for upwards of twenty I10rs. es; Carpenter's Shop and Yard, and divefs useful Out- Buildings, and two Gardens, well stocked with Fruit Trees. The house is now, and has been for many years, in full trade: and is most pleasantly situated on an emi- nence commanding a very extensive view of the sea and opposite shore, comprehending a distance of upwards of thirty miles, including Calais Cliffs, and the hills of Bologne ; and a very extensive prospect of the surround- country, as Dungeness, Dover Cliffs, the Kentish hills, & e. and is situated witlun two miles of the Town of Hastings, and one of the Barracks, live of Winchelsea, eight of Rye, and seven of Battle. Possession may be had immediately. For furth'c- r particulars, apply to the said William Harman, the Auctioneer ; or John Carey, attorney, Hastings, ~ A DROLL AND ENTERTAINING UOttu, Just published, ACOCKNEY'S ADVENTURES dur! n< r a RAMBLE into SUSSEX, in Three Parts, addressed to his Country Friends 011 his return to London.— A True Tale.— By JOSEPH WILLIAM COYTE. Adorned with Pla'es, in extra Boards, 2s. fid. and with Coloured Plates, 3s. The great demand which is expected for ibis woik, as many Sussex People are mentioned, &- e.. renders it necessary that Booksellers should be earlv in their application. Printed, and sold, by J. BAXTER, Lewes. K. B. I). TBISEI recommends a perusal of the under- • mentioned Scheme nf the New Lottery, which will be found to contain Sixty Capital Prizes, " all to be drawn 011 the 4 th of JUNE. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of ,£ 20,000 are £ so, ono 2- 1 - ---- 1,000 21,000 500 16,000 CO 50 g. fitio C'lOO 25 26,000 1,000 ----- 00 20,( 100 2,000 ----- 1G 32,000 • 20,000 Tickets .£ 200,000 Tickets and Shares arc selling by J. DONALDSON, Brighton R. BISHOP, Whitchurch S. MILLS, Portsmouth Agent to BISH, who 111 the last Lottery sold two Prizes of £ 2u, uuo, also Two Prizes of £' ia, noo iu the Lottery tlrnwu in October last, and Thirty- seven other CAPITA L PRIZES in the last 11 Months. *#* Should any Person iu the Country find a diffi- culty in procuring Tickets or Shares of the Agents, they are requested to apply by Letter, Post- paid, to BISH, at either of his Offices, 4, CORNHILL, or 9, CHARING- CROSS, London. To Country Shopkeepers and Others. WHEREAS, a Set of SWINDLERS arc now travelling the COUNTRY to solicit ORDERS in the names of DAY and MARTIN, Blacking Makers, < 17 High Holborn,* London. Shopkeepers ami others are, therefore, cautioned from the FRAUD that is at- tempted to be practised- oit them, as by paying attention to the No. 97, it will easily detect the COUNTERFEIT, many of them having NO NUMBER AT ALL; and prosecutions, after this notice, will he commenced bgaiust any persons offering the^ WuNTERFEIT for sale. N. B. No HALF PINTS made. PRICE of CORN. — Lewes, Saturday, March .23 Red Wheat - - £ 4 12 ()' to 0 0 O White Ditto - - so 0 to 0 0 o Bailey - - - 1 8 0 lo 1 1ft 0 Seed ditto - - 1 li 0 to 0 0 0 Oats - - - 1 5 0 to 1 8 0 J. LEIGHTON, Inspector, From Tuesday's London Gazette, BANKRUPTS. I? DWHRD - Norris, Hchester, Somerset, inn- j holder. — William Marsden and Henry Mars- den, Manchester, cotton- manufacturers.— William Marsden and Joseph Marsden, Honghton- tower, I ancaster, cotton- manufacturers.— Eben. Whit- tenbury, Manchester, merchant.— John Hartley, Manchester; manufacturer.— Sarah Moore,. Wol- verhampton, sadler.— Thomas Jackson, Cheetham, Manchester, cotton manufacturer.— Thomas Dut- ton, Liverpool, cabinet- maker. Miles Eawcett, Liverpool, music- seller.— John Ellam, sen. West- Ieigh, Lancaster, butcher— Henry Worms, Wap- ping Dock. street, upholsterer. John Lewis, Abergavenny, Monmouth, cabinet- maker.— Wm. Batty, Wakefield, York, cloth- manufacturer. John Kemp, Islington, dealer' in hay,-— James Midwood, Huddersfield. York, maltster.— Bristow Brapley, Farnham, Surrey, common- brewer.—— Thomas Brownhill, Leeds, silversmith. Thomas David Rees, Great May's- buildings, St. Martin's- lane, victualler. John Wibberley and William Pepper, Nottingham, hosiers. Robert Soanes, Upper Last Smithfield, provision- merchant. Moses West, Colchester, Essex, merchant.— Wm. Hooke, Beccles, Suffolk, grocer. John Taylor, Bristol, manufacturer.— William Carter, jun. mer- chant.— Samuel Beaton, Downhead, West Camel, Somerset, jobber. Hamlet Mullion, Liverpool, merchant.— John Waistle, Liverpool, builder.— Herman Ernest Sievers, Hackney- road, merchant. — Thomas Cooper, Higham, Kent, butcher. ~ LONDON " HOUSE OF LORDS, MONDAY, March 18. Mr. Bankes and other Members brought up some private Bills, which were laid upon the table, and afterwards read the first time. The Mutiny Bill was read the first time and passed. Adjourned TUESDAY, MARCH 19- The Marine Mutiny Bill was read the third • lime, and passed. MARSHALSEA PRISON. Lord Holland said, he merely rose to give notice that on Thursday, when most likely there would be' a numerous attendance of their Lordships, it was his intention to move the printing of the ver- dict and evidence relative to the unfortunate indi- vidual found dead in prison; and he should, as he had done before; take an occasion of delivering to the House his observations upon the nature of that evidence.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS, MONDAY, March 18. A new writ was ordered for Cambridge Univer- sity, in the room of Lord Euston, called up to the House of peers, by the title of Duke of Graf- ton. On the motion of the Chancellor of the Exche- quer, a sum not exceeding two millions was voted for the maintainanee of Portuguese Troops. Adjourned. TUESDAY, MARCH 19- Sir John Newport moved for the appointment of a Committee to examine the Papers relative to the state of the lrish Finances, which motion was negatived by a majority of 27. Mr. Henry Martin moved " for leave to bring in a Bill to alter and amend, and explain the act of the 39th of his present Majesty George HI. re- lative to Printers." The motion was seconded by Lord Folkstone, and agreed to. Lord 1' olkstone's motion relative to Informations for Libels, was postponed to Thursday, the 28th instant. Adjourned to Thursday. The election for the Chancellorship of the Uni- versity of Cambridge, is txed for Tuesday next. The Dukes of Gloucester and Rutland are the Candidates. In consequence of the increase in the price of bullion, it has been found necessary to affix an ad- ditional value to the dollars now in circulation ; and the Bank Directors have in consequence given public notice, that they shall issue and receive the bank Dollar Tokens, until six months notice to the contrary be given, at Five Shillings and Six- pence each. If this measure had not been adopted, the dollars would very soon have been withdrawn from circulation, because they were worth more, to be sold as bullion, than the price at which they were current. It appears by recent letters from Holland, that the offensive rigour of the Conscription Law has been relaxed, by the adoption of the principle on which men were some few years ago raised in this country for the navy. A certain number of men arc required from each district, leaving the people to raise them in such manner as shall be least in- convenient to themselves. The. total amount of the English Militia on the 25th of January last was 48,703', being about 7000 juore than in August last. The amount of the Scotch is 11,166; being altogether 59,869- The quantity of British coin seized during the year ending February 1, 1811, amounts, in gold, to 10,4271. 7s. 6d. and in silver, to 90I. 15s. The gold exported, during the same period, amounted, in bullion, to 12,035 ounces, 12 dwts. in coin, to 4\ 8'< S ounces, 3 dwts and 1,200 pieces; in plate, 73 ounces, « dwts. The silver coin exported, to •. 387,463 ounce, and 3 dwts. The silver plate, to 8H, 132 ounces, 6 dwts. A meeting of the Householders of Westminster was on Monday convened, for the purpose of ad- dressing his Royal Highness the Prince Regent; when an Address, proposed by Major Cartwright, was adopted. The address dwells almost solely on the necessity of effecting an immediate and entire reform in the representation of the people. It al- ludes to the " habitual suspensions of the Royal Authority, some of which have been but recently brought to light:" suspensions which the addressers they " know not how to distinguish from usur- pations;" and notice is taken of " the obstacles imposed by Ministers for preventing the accustom- ed access of the subject to the Sovereign." With reference to this latter subject, the addressers, in a desolation passed by the meeting, state, as one of their motives in making known to the Recent their sentiments 011 Parliamentary Reform, ' a hope that, in case of surrendering his charge, he may report the same to his Majesty; evil counsellors having, formally years ' past, deprived the people of this realm of access to the throne." The Hon. E. Law, second son of Lord Ellen- borough, and Miss Nightingale, now Mrs. Law, in their late matrimonial excursion to Gretna Green, travelled in their own carriage at the rate of 300 miles in two nights and a day. The great success of the French privateers in the Channel is attributed by many naval men to their peculiar class and structure; Government, it is said, intend in future to purchase such of the French privateers as are taken, fit for service — They are all lugger- rigged, and sail so close to the wind that they escape with little difficulty from our cruizers; and it is therefore determined to have ves- sels of the sains class, and seamen competent to work this species of lugger rigging, the protec- tion of our trade, and security of the shipping in the Channel. A grand march of pigeon shooting; at twenty- one birds, took place 011 Tuesday, on Ripley Common/ betwixt two expert shots, whose names are Keene and Elliot; The match was for 50 guineas, and Keene killed twenty birds, which beat his adversary by one. On the night of the 26th of January, a large globe of fire, of a very deep red, was seen to pass through the air at Wasserbourgh, a small town of Bavaria, ten leagues from Munich: it descended gently, and fell into the Inn without explosion. A shepherd of the village of Kappel, near Klan- geiffurt, Carinthia, found accidentally, during the last Autumn, a vein of quicksilver: this discovery will in part compensate to the Austrian Govern- ment for the cession of Taria—- There has likewise been discovered in Transylvania, a mine of quick- silver, which produces annually 700, quintais of this mineral 1 VOLCANO IN THE SEA.— Extract of a letter from St. Michael's, Feb. 7, 1811.—" Being informed by a person from Ginetes on Saturday, the 2d of Feb. that the day before a tremendous volume of smoke was seen constantly issuing from the midst of the sea, and that by night the flames were visible, I resolved in company with a friend, to proceed to the spot. This we did upon the 5th instant. When we arrived at Monte- Gordo, just above the Feitei- ras, we perceived a vast column of thick dense smoke ascending from the sea, which was disco- loured from Ginetes down to where we stood ( a distance of two leagues at feast), and at intervals a dark muddy substance, - resembling the lodo of the Furnas, was hove up to the heighth of ten, and sometimes twenty fathoms. As yet, we Could not distinguish any fire; but tile country people as- sured us we should plainly see it, if we staid till night; and we accordingly continued our journey towards Ginetes, where we arrived just after sun- set, and found 0111 selves precisely opposite the scene of our curiosity and admiration. We kept so bad a look- out, however, that we did net happen to be watching the first and second time it appeared ( as we learnt from our host, who did not come in doors all night.) But as morning approached, and being desirous of bearing testimony to the fact, I resolved not to withdraw myself for a moment from the window; when, between five and six o'clock, 1 and my companion were tided with the most sublime sensations, at the awful appearance of these devouring elements. We saw the fire distinctly three several times. The first volume of it did not ascend very high; perhaps not more than twenty feet above the surface of the sea; but an- other body of less circumference accompanied the smoke to a greater height, carrying with ii sub- stances resembling pieces of stone or metal. The third and last explosion we beheld was just at day- break ; it was far more tremendous than either of the others, and ascended like a host of sky- rockets to an immense height, and the burning fluid or lava was not extinguished till it plunged again into the water." THE FOLLOWING EULOGIUM IS ADDRESSED TO Dr. MILLER, of Merewortb, ON THE VIRTUE OF 111S MEDICINES, By a PATIENT of his Restored to HEALTH. TOO many are the Ills we Mortals find. That e'en in Health oppress the human Mind ; But when Disease brings on her gloomy Train, The Nerves affecting from their source the brain ; When Langour loosens all the sinewy Frame, Winds ruck the Breast, and Crudities enflame ; How dismal is the State ! How blest the Friend '. Who gives Relief, and bids the Conflict end I That Friend thou art: with Gratitude I write These Thanks for all 1 know of true Delight. Eas'd l> y thy Medicines of long- felt Woes, My Heart feels Comfort and my Eyes repose. Such mny'st thou ever know, whose wond'rous skill such this Flow to my neglected Five Hundred Pounds Reward. WHITEHALL, Feb. 23, LSN. WHEREAS it has been humbly represented to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, that about nine o'clock in the evening of the 18th instant, a Boat of the Rattlesnake Lugger, in the service of His Majesty's Customs, commanded by Henry Pulley, Mate of the said Lugger, and the Boats of the Lively Cut- ter, in the service of the Excise, chaced oil shore, at the North End of Deal, a Smuggling Lugger, . laden with ninety- six half- ankers of Spirits, which were seiz- ed by the Officers of the Excise, and shortly after the seizure, a tiring was commenced on the Revenue Boats and Officers by the Smugglers assembled on the shore, whereby the said Henry Pulley was dangerously wound- ed, and Thomas Sutton, one of the Mariners of the Excise Cutter, was likewise dangerously ( and it is supposed) mortally wounded ; and that after the said Lugger and her, cargo were gotten off the beach, a Party of the Military, and of the Crews of the Revenue Boats, who were left to guard the said Boats, were again attacked and tired upon by the Smugglers, but fortunately without any mischief ensuing. His Royal Highness in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, for promoting the discovery of the per- sons, guilty of the aforesaid Felonies, is graciously pleased hereby to promise His Majesty's most gracious PARDON, til any one or more of the Persons concern- ed therein ( except those that actually tired) who will discover anyone or more 6f his Accomplices, so that he or they may be convicted thereof. R. RYDER. And the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, adverting to the recent frequency of such Outrages, in the vicinity of Deal, in defiance of law, and endan- gering the lives of the Officers of the Revenue, and of the Military, aiding, them in the discharge of their duty, lu order to c\ ince their determination to bring, the Of- fenders to condign punishment, and further to promote discovery for the attainment of that object, are induced hereby to oiler a Reward of FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS, to any Person or Persons ( except as before excepted) who will discover any one or more of the Persons guilty of either of the said Felonies • such Reward to be paid 011 his or their conviction, by thc~ Receiver: Gene- ral of His Majesty's Customs. By Order of the Commissioners, H. RICHMOND, Secretary. Wheelwright's Shop and Business to he disposed of. TO BE SOLO BY AUCTION, By Mr. MOTT, Oil Tuesday, the 2d of April, 1st I, at the Swan Inn, in Sandhurst, in Kent, between the hours of four and live o'clock in the afternoon, in Lots, as follows ( unless sold in the mean time by Private Contract) LOT 1. ALL that Messuage, Wheelwright's Shop, Store- houses, Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances there- unto belonging, situate at Sandhurst, in the county of Kent, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Harris, jun. the Proprietor, The business of a Wheelwright has been carried on ft is many years past, upon the above Premise?, which are extensive, and well situated for business, and is well worth the attention of persons desirous of taking such a Trade. . All the Stock in Trade, Tools, and imple. ments to he taken by appraisement. Immediate possession of this Lot may be had. LOT 1! A new erected Messuage or Tenement with large Garden and Appurtenances thereto belonging, adjoin- ing Lot I, in the occupation of Mr. Thos. Harris, sen. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. Thomas Har- ris, jun. or at the Office of Messrs. Woolett and Dawes, Rye. COOKE's ELEGANT EDITIONS Of the most admired and popular Works, SUPERBLY EMBELLISHED; With numerous Engravings by Bartolozzi, R. A. Heath, A. E. Smith, . E. A. Neagle, Warren, & c. And sold at a Cheaper Rate than the most common and unadorued. SELECT POETS. Gray - - 0 6 Falconer - I o Waller - 2 0 Collins - o 6 Mickle - I o Langhorne 2 0 Otway - - o G Fenton - I 0 Parnell .- 2 0 Rochester - o Rowe -- it) Akenside - 2 6 Walsh - o tj ' Broome - I li Glover - - 2 6 Sheffield - n 6 Warton - I Shenstone - 2 6 Smollet - n G Moore - I ti Watts - - 2 ti Hammond Tickell - 1 6 Somerville 2 ti & Spratt 0 G Lansdowne I ti Thomson - 3 0 Armstrong - o ti Cunningham I Gay - 4 0 Johnson - ; 0 j Congreve - 1 6 Prior - - 4 u Garth. - \ >, ! Mallett - 1 G Butler -- 40 Pomfret - 1 j Blackmore I 6 Milton - 4 G DodsLey I > t Addison - 2 0 Pope - - 4 ti Lyttleton i o ' Savage - 2 0 Young - 4 ti Goldsmith 1 o | Shakespeare 2 0 Dryden - G 6 SELECT NOVELS. Solyman and Almena 0 6 Gulliver's Travels - 2 6 Nourjahad - - - 0 6 Sine. - - 3 o. Almoran and Hamet 1 u Henrietta - - 3 0 Sentimental Journey I 0 Joseph Andrews - 3d Zadig .... jo Female Quixote - 3 ti Rasselas - - - - 1 G Telemachus - - 3 6 Castle of Otranto - 1 6 Humphry Clinker - 4 n Pompey the Little - 1 6 Moral Tales - - 4 0 Theodosius & Constan. 1 6 Count Fathom - - 46 Journey to next World I 6 Tales of the Genii - 4 G Belisarius 1 3 Roderic Random - 46 Adventures of an Atom I 6 Tristram Shandy - 5 o Candid - - - - I ti ] Amelia - - - SO Louisa Mildmay - 2 0 Robinson Crusoe - 5 6 Vicar of Wakefield - 2 o / Adventures of a Guinea 6 Jonathan Wild - - 2 0 Gil Bias - - - G G Peruvian Princess - 2 0 : Peregrine. Pickle - 8 u I Chinese Talis - - 2 0 Tom Junes - 8 0 Launcelot. Greaves - 2 6 Arabian Nights - 90 Tale of a Tub - 2 6 Don Quixote - - 10 0 Devil on two Sticks - 2 6 Pamela - - - 11 6 SACRED CLASSICS. Fenelon's Pious Reffleet. o 6 Dodd'sP'risonThoughtsl G Economy of Human Life 1 o • Addison's Evidences . 1 G Rowe's Devout Exereis. I G Blackmore's Creation t 6 Death of Abel -, - 1 G Pilgrim's Progress - 26 Dodd 011 Death - I G Hervey's Meditations 3 o Centaur not Fabulous 1 6 Rowe's Lette rs - 30 BRITISH CLASSICS. Goldsmith's Essays I 6 Citizen of the World 3 G Shenstone's Essays - I 6 Adventurer - - - ft o Johnson's Idler - 3 0 Rambler - - 7 6 MISCELLANEOUS WORKS. New Bath Guide - 00 Walt's Essays - - 20 Stevens's Lee. on heads 0 6 Watt's Improvement Life of Col. Gardiner 1 6 of the Mind - - 2 o Fenelon's Dialogues 1 6 Cooke's Description Watt's Logic - - 20 of London - - 2 o The above Works may be had bound, or in separate Numbers, price Sixpence each. To accommodate the Virtuoso in Embellishments and the Admirers of beau- tiful Printing, SUPERIOR EDITIONS are printed on the best Vellum Paper, containing additional Plates, which Editions are sold at double the price of the above. London: Printed for C. Cooke. 17, Paternoster- row ; and sold by W. Lee, Lewes; Heydon, Brighton ; and by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom. ' The Great Restorative to Health, IS MANN's APPROVED MEDICINE; REcommended by Physicians and patronised by Ladies and Gentlemen of the first distinction.— Sold in bottles at 2s. 6d. a » d4s. Gd. each, duty includ- ed ; engraved on the stamp " Thos. Mann, Horsham, Sussex, the inventor and sole proprietor," without which it cannot be genuine. No Medicine has been so much blessed 111 restoring such multitudes, when all hopes of recovery have been given over in consumption, coughs, colds,, convulsion fits, long standing asthmas, hooping coughs, influenza, dropsy, relaxed habits, and in a low nervous debilitated state ; also ladies in a pregnant state may take doses of ten to fifteen drops with perfect safety, and the infant from the first week to the aged ill any state. Ample directions accompany each bottle, with many authentic cures, amongst which is one from an eminent physician, together with 15 affidavits sworn before different Justices of the Peace for the county of Sussex, and many other respectable characters who have witnessed their names to many astonishing cures effected by this celebrated remedy. It strengthens the coats of the stomach, helps digestion, creates an appetite, and re- animates the whole frame. A CHILD of Mrs. Sharp, of Horsham, about three years old, had been dangerously ill for upwards of 12 mouths, attended with loss of appetite, great pain in her bowels, so much debilitated that her flesh was wast ed to such a degree as to reduce her almost to a ske- leton ; by taking MANN'S APPROVED MEDICINE found relief in a short time, and in three weeks came with her mother to Mr. Mann's, of Horsham, 011 foot, a distance of three miles, in the enjoyment of health. Mrs. Sharp thinks it right the extraordinary Ciire of her Daughter should be made public. ( Signed) SARAH SHARP. 26th May, 1809. The above is now a fine growing Girl, having enjoyed good health since she took Mann's Approved Medicine to the present time March II, 1311, which she was ever a stranger to before. Sold wholesale and retail by the Proprieton at bis Warehouse, Horsham, Sussex; and retail by Mr ARTHUR LEE, LEWES, and by the principal Ven- ders of Medicine in the United Kingdom. ' HEALTH AND BEAUTY. BURGESS's LILAC FLOWER SOAP, JS far superior in its fragrance, and infallible in its efficacy, to any other Soap ; being prepared with the Milk extracted from the Flower. ' I bis Milk being of an oily substance, will make the Complexion beauti- fully white, soft, and smooth ; it braces and cherishe the Skin for ever; in old age, it produces a blooming ap pearance of youth. It is unnecessary to comment upon this valuable discovery, as the Proprietor will pledge himself to return the Money, if not found to answer tiie desired effect. BURGESS's GENUINE OTTO OF ROSE SOAP, meets with the decided preference to any other intro- duced to the public. Sold, wholesale only, by the Proprietor, at his Manu- factory, No. 20, Cursitor- street, Chancery- lane, Lon- don ; and retail, by appointment, at every principal town in the united kingdom. Price is. Go. a Square. A Caution. None is genuine, hut such as has BURGESS stamped on each S juare of Soap. HEALTH AND LONGEVTTY~. DR. JAMES's ANALEPTIC PILLS, which were contrived by tl » e Inventor as a remedy for himself, and which preserved him to an advanced age, are admirably calculated for Rheumatisms, Colds, and all those complaints to which the human frame is liable from the vicisitudes of our climate: likewise for Bilious, and all other disorders of the Stomach and Bowels -, and , for Head- ach's occasioned by indigestion or by free liv- ing. Recourse should be had to them after any excess, and upon every slight indisposition; and thus their well- known characteristic of promoting longevity will be maintained ; for, by timely assisting nature in the due discharge of the animal functions, they preserve the body in health and vigour, and prevent premature decay. Sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, at the Warehouse for Dr. James's Powder, No. 4.:, St. Paul's Church yard, London, in boxes, price 4s. Gd. dnty included • or six in one large box, for ll, 4s*— None are genuine but those which have the words F. Newbery, No, 4.">, St. Paul's," engraved in the stamp. And by those Venders in the Couutry who have an appointment under their hands. , TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, < lu several Lots, at the Malster'sArms, Broadwater, Sus^ ej, on Wednesday, the loth day of April uext, unless sooner disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given, THE FOLLOWING ESTATES;— AN ex- cellent Dwelling House, situate in the centre of the High- street, at Broadwater, with a commodious garden and yard, outbuildings, and seven acres of good arable land, adjoining. Also, one Croft of arable Land, containing about one acre and a half, J » e the same more, or less, situate in. . Broadwater Street. Also, ten tenements (" under lease which will expire at Michaelmas 1815, whereby the Lessee. is bound to keep and leave the Premises in repair at £ 3u per annum) now underlet at £ 4 each per annum, situate at Broadwater. Immediate possession may be had of the two first Lots, which, as well as each of the tenements, will entitle the owner to vot'efor the county of Sussex, and the Rape of Bramber. Any of the Tenements may be purchased separately by private'Contract, at a considerable advan- tage beyond that of voting for Members of Parliament. The whole of the I5remises are in the occupation of Mr. Edward Penfold, who will shew them to any gen- tleman applying for a view. For further particulars, apply personally, or by letter ( post paid) to Messrs. Holmes, Solicitors, Arun- del.— 14th March* 1811. Thorough- bred Covering . stallions, thorough- bred Colts, Cart Stallions, TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By RICHARD WILD, At his Repository, Canterbury, Saturday, March 30,1811, ( J CUD, ( late Ptarmagan) the property of the late KJ Lord Monson ; be is a dark brown without white, i5 hands three inches'high, is a remarkably good hunter, an exceeding good back, is without blemish and quiet to ride. He was got by Moorcock, his dam Matron ( the dam of Sir, Soloman) by Florizel, grand am Maiden by Match'em, great- grandam Mr. Pratt's famous old Squirt mare; Maiden is full sister to Pumpkin, is the dam of Walnut and the great grandam of Gohana, which horse is now covering at 25 guineas each mare; Moorcock was got by Highflyer, his dam Georgian a by Match'em. Scud proved himself a sure foal getter last season, ( which was his first,) most of his. mares being in foal. Lot NOYEAU, a beautiful black horsey five years old, 15 hands three inches, got by Whiskey, his dam Spinatta ( sister to Peggy) by Trumpator, Herod, Snap, Gower stallion, Childers, Whiskey was got by Saltram, his dam Calash, by Herod. This horse is sound, has been hunted a few* times this season, i » perfectly temperate with hounds, and likely to make a good hunter, and ' likewise a covering horse. ' Lots. A DARK BROWN COLT, rising three years old, 15 hands one inch high, is thought to b^ as strong if not the strongest thorough bred colt of his age, at this time in the kingdom; was got by Didler, his dam Gal- lipot by Apothecary, ( Gallipot was a capital racer), gran- dam Desdemona by Mask;, Apothecary was got by „ Evergreen, his dam Sylvia by Blank ; Evergreen was got by Herod* This colt is broke, is quiet to ride, has uever 1 had a gallop, is engaged in a prnduce sweepstakes with ten others, ten guineas each, at Canterbury, 1811. Lot 4. A BAY COLT, rising two years old, full bro- ther to lot three, of great size, with uncommon bone and large muscular powers ; is supposed to be superior in strength to any thorough bred colt of his age, at this day in existence; is engaged in a produce sweepstakes with nine others, ten guineas each, at Canterbury, 1812. Lot 5. A BAY COLT, rising one year old, got 6y Eagle, his dam Kitty, out of Kitty Bean, by Teddy the Grinder. Lot 6. AINDERBY, a bay well- bred covering stal- lion, six years old, 1( 5 hands high, a good and safe horse to ride, a remarkable fast walker, an exceeding good trotter, and a remarkable sure and good foal getter ; was got by Ainderby, his dam a strong hunting mare; Old Ainderby was got by Match* em, his dam by Snap, was full brother to Alfred, Dictator, and Conductor, for whose performances and pedigree see Racing Calen- ders. Lot 7. WAXWORK, a beautiful black cart stallion, has covered in Kent three seasons, where he has proved himself a superior stallion, being the sire of the best colls in the county; he won the prize at Canterbury, 1808 ; he is l6 hands one inch high; is a good worker ; remarkably quiet, and a very sure stock getter, and may justly be said to be the compleatest covering stallion in the kingdom; is calculated for any country, being a horse of great weight, and at the same time particularly active, light head, short back, deep carcassed, wide bo- somed, wide thighs, and short legs; and will, on in- spection, be found to claim the attention of breeders in general. Lot 8. RODNEY, six years old, is a black horse, l6 hands one inch high, his covered three seasons in Kent, has proved himself a sure and good stock- getter, is sup- posed by judges to be as useful a horse as can be shewn, is a particular quiet worker, a remarkable good consti- tution, and is calculated as a covering stallion for any county. Lot9. BLAZE, a beautiful black, six years old, 16 bauds high, is of the true Suffolk breed, was bred by the Earl of Bristol, and is thought to be the compleatest Suffolk Punch in this kingdom, is a remarkable good worker, and particular quiet, with a most extraordinary hard constitution ; covered in Kent last season, most of his mares are in foal. Lot 10. FARMER'S GLORY, a beautiful black cart stallion, four years old, l6 hands high, a good worker, a sure foal getter, remarkably quiet, and supposed to be the widest horse of his age, this day in England. Lot 11. A BAY STONE CART COLT, rising three years old, 1( 5 hands high, remarkably handsome, is par- ticularly short in his hack, deep in his carcass, wide in his thighs, and short on his legs, will be found on in spection to claim the attention of Stallion Masters in ge- neral, as being a colt likely to make a horse of great value. Lot 1.2 A BLACK STONE COLT, rising three years old, 16 hands one inch high, is supposed to be the largest boned colt of his age, at this time to be found; is likely to make a horse of great value. This colt may justly be said to possess in every respect the parts of a six year old horse, having that depth of carcass- and width of frame, suncommon to horses at his age. PELICAN OFFICE, For ASSURANCE; on LIVES, & granting ANNUITIES. TillS Office was established in Lombard- street* London, in the year 1797, by a numerous and .' re. selectable Proprietary; and the Board of Director, with confldence, arising from the increased prosperity and permanency of the establismentf as well as from the experience of the usefulness and benefit to the public, think it due to those who may be still unacquainted with the importance and advantages of Life Insurance, briefly to suggest some of its leading and peculiar recommenda- tions to almost every degree and rank 111 society. Life Insurance is of manifest consequence to all who hold estates for life, situations and offices, eivil, eccle- siastical, or professional; to officers in the army and navy, & c. as, by payment of ail annual premium, the party insured is enabled to provide for wife, children, or others, whose future welfare he may wish in vain, by other means to promote. It affords a permanent, ulti- mate security to those who advance money upon an- nuities or otherwise. It renders leases determinable on one or more lives, nearly equal in value to freehold estates ; as an insurance to the amount of the fine pay- able 011 the demise of a party nominated in such leases, will produce the sum required for renewal. It is a cheer- ful refuge to parties engaged in extensive and specula- tive undertakings; it affords to persons in trade the cer- tain means of indemnification against a bad or doubtful debt; in short, Life Insurance, established in policy, sanctioned by Government, and confirmed by the test of experience, is become, to almost every situation of human life, a measure equally important, useful, and beneficial.' Annuities are granted upon the most equitable terms, under a special Act of Parliament, granted to this Offics. THOMAS PARKE, Sec. Company's Agents at Chichester ^— R. PH1LPOTT. Portsmouth—.— J. C MOTTLEY. Lymington J WEST. DR. ANDERSON'S, OR', THE TRUE SCOTS PILLS'. lave been, for almost a Century, and still continue to be, faithfully prepared by DIOEY & Co. No. 10, Bow Churchyard, London; whose name, by favour of the Hon. Commissioners, is engraved in the stamp affixed to each box of their genuine Pills ; the counterfeiting of which is felony. THEY arc singularly efficacious in bilious, fla- A tulent, and Dropsical complaints, and ail disor ders of the Head, Stomach, and Bowels; promote Di- gestion, create an Appetite, remove Obstructions in the Kiduies, and consequently are Antidotes to the Stone and Gravel ; but for the Expulssion of Worms 111 Chil- dren or grown Persons, the whole Materia Medica has not their equal. Travellers, who are too often obliged to drink all kind of liquors, as well as Sea- faring Peo. pie, should never be unprovided with them, as by fre- quently taking one or two of them, they are kept from Costiveness, Scurvies, Fevers, and most malignant dis- tempers. The Scots Pills prepared by Dicey and Co. retain their virtue for any length of time, and in all Climates • and from the peculiarity of the composition, they ne- ver run together; an advantage 110 other Scots Pi||, possess: And therefore, for Exportation, or the use of Gentlemen in the Maritime Line, they have a manifest superiority. Spurious sorts, of a very inferior quality, ave sold in almost every Town ; be careful therefore to ask par- ticularly for Dicey's Anderson's Scots Pills, and to ob- serve, that the words DICEY & Co. No. 10, Bow CHURCH- YARD, are printed in the Stamp affixed 10 each box, and signed in the margin of each bill of di- rections. They are wild, wholesale and retail, by Dicey and Co. No. 10, Bow Church. Yard, at Is. id*, per box, con. t& iniii" 30 pills; and Retail by W. Lee, Pugh & Davey, and Martin, Lewes; Heatherly, Eastbourne; Brooker, Seaford i Gregory, and Frances, Brighton; Mattluws, Midharst; Cave, Peterstield ; and by the principal Venders of Patent Medicines in every Town through- out the Kingdom. Of whom may be had, from Dicey and Co.' s Ware- house, as above,— s- d- s. d. True Daffy's Elixir 2 6 Dr. Anderson's Soots Smaller Bottles - 19 Pills, 30 in a box lit Dr. Radeliffe's Elixir J l| | Hooper's Female Pills 1 1 Bolton's British Oil 1 9 Godfrey's Cordial 0 9 Squire's Grand Elixir 8 D Golden & plain Spirits Bostock's Elixir - art' of Scurvy Grass 1 11 Pike's Ointment - 1 9 Beaume de Vie - 3 ( j Stoughton's Elixir - 1 | i Rymer's Tincture - 39 Friar's Balsam - 1 j| Rymer's Cough Drops 2 0 Bathing Spirits - o 9 Walker's Jesuits Drops 2 4 Clinton's Snuff & Oil I ( i Wyman's Pills - 2 9 Bythell's Pectoral Lozenges - is. i', J. Markets. CORN- EXCHANGE. MONDAY, MARCH IS, IS 11. The arrivals of Wheat this morning were not numerous, but having a portion of last week's on hand mostly from the North, there was no scarcity With this supply, a reasonable business 111 the sales of fine samples, were obtained— Bailey ( of which large quantities subsequently arrived, and underwent a reduction of 3s. and 4s. per quarter) has in consequence of a good deal being taken o( T by the distillers, rather revived from its sudden depression — Malt, with Peas and { Scans, 110 varia- tion in price.— Very large arrivals of . Oats have come in within these few days, and the price lower than on this day week. CURRENT- PRICE OF GRAIN: Wheat 65s. S ' s. £) 2' s. Beans 48s. 54s. Fine ditto 90-. 100$.' Tick ditto. 42s,' 4Ss. HOS Rye ( new) 35s. 40s. Oats < 2u. SFO Oils. Barley 23s. S5s Poland ditto 2? s. 30s. Malt 02s. 03s. Potatoe ditto Sli, SSs. White Pease) fi Rape Seed 4bl. 52L ( toilets) i Pine Flour 80s.", 85S. Grey Pease 36S. 42s. Seconds 75s. bus. PRICE OF SEEDS. Red Clover 6: 1s. Od. to l- 20s. od. per cwt. White ditto 95s. Od. to 130s. od. ditto Trefoil z 20s. Od. to ? 9S. Od. ditto Rye Grass 30s. od. to 50s. Od. per quarter Turnip 20s. Od. to - L^ S. Od. ditto Red & Green 45s'. Od! to .56s. Od. ditto W. Must. S. . 8s. Od. to 10s. Od. per bushel Brown ditto l- 2s. Od. to lCs. Od. ' ditto PRICE OF BREAD. His Lordship ordered the price of Bread to be continued at 14- Jd. the quartern loaf, wheaten. CALCULATION S. d Sack of Flour - - 83 IOj Baker's allowance and Salt, 14 1 07 115 Eighty Quartern Loaves at - I4} d B3 4 In favour of the Baker - . - 0 41 PRICE OF HOPS. NEW BAGS. NEW POCKETS. <£ s. £ s. £ s. £ s. Kent 6 O to 7 10_ Kent 6 6 to £) o Sussex ft 12 to 6 6* Sussex C 0 to 7 .' » Essex 5 12 to 6 C Farnham 11 0 to 11 0 SMITH FIELD- MARKET, March .22. To sink the offal, per stone of 8lb. s. d. s.
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