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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal


Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3364
No Pages: 4
The Sussex Weekly Advertiser page 1
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal
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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser; Or, Lewes and  Brighthelmston Journal

Date of Article: 18/03/1811
Printer / Publisher:  William and Arthur Lee
Volume Number: LXIII    Issue Number: 3364
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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SUSSEX. | I HEREBY give Notice to the Gentlemen of the. Grand jury, and to all Mayors, Bailiffs Coroners, Constables, Petit Jurors, and other " Persons having any thing to do at the next ASSIZES, or General Gaol Delivery, to be holden at Horsham, for this County, that the ' Judges of Assize will open the Commission, on Monday, the 25th day of March instant, at Nine o'clock in the forenoon; and will immedi- ately afterwards proceed to Business. WILL1A M DEARLING, Sheriff. " GRAND SOUTHERN CANAL. At a general Meeting of Subscribers held at the City of London Tavern, on Thursday, the 28th Feb. last, The Rt. Hon. LORD ERSKINE., in the. Chair. ' THE Report of the Managers having been read, the following Resolutions were passed unani- mously :— That a proportionate part of the Subscriptions be ap- propriated towards making the Merstham Branch. That the proposition of the Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Egremont for navigating the river Aran, between Arundel and Newbridge, and continuing a Canal from thence to Horsham ( surveyed by Mr- Rennie) be aceeded to; and tint the Committee be authorized to take such measures thereupon, as they shall deem adviseable. That the Right Hon. Lord Erskine be requested to take the Chair, in the Committee of general management. That the Committee of General Management do con- sist of the Right Hon. Lord Erskine, and . Eight other Subscribers, and that they have the like authorities, with those already vested in the Managers, and also full powers to enter into such agreement", and accede to such clauses in the bill as they shall find necessary, or think expedient. ERSKINE, CHAIRMAN. Resolved Unanimously— Vimt the Thanks of ibis Meeting he given to the Right Hon. Lord Erskine, for the liowr which he has done the Subscribers in taking the Chair, and for the able and impartial manner in which he has conducted lhe business of the day. By Order of the General SWEET and STOKES, Solicitors. GRAND SOUTHERN CANAL. At a Meeting of the Owners and Occupiers of Land through which this Canal is intended to paw, and other* likely to be prejudiced by thin undertaking, at Wills' Coffee- House, near Lincoln's Inn, London, on Tuesday, the 5th of March, 1811 ; HENRY STREATFIELD. Esq. in the Chair ; THE mischievous and destructive Effects of the proposed Canal to the Lands in the several conn ties through which it is intended to pass— the improba- bility of its being completed, on account of the enor- mous e\ peuce attending its execution, with the impos- sibility of any adequate return to the Speculators who are numerous amongst the Subscribers were duly consi- der,.,!. RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY. That the Bill for making tbe « - aid Canal be ni.' ioscd every means in the power of the parties present. ORDERED. That The said Resolution be advertised in some of the Public Papers; and that Persons likely to be aggrieved, who ere desirous of ' joining in the Opposition, be re- quested to apply in Mr. Tyrrell, at Guildhall, London, for that purpose. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND DEBTORS. NOTICE is hereby given. That WILLIAM CROUCH, of Cripps Gorner, in the parish of Ewhurst, m the County of Sussex, Shopkeeper, lias as- signed the whole of bis Estate and Effects to Mr. John Hilder. of Robertsbridge, in the said county, and Mr. Samuel Kennett, of the same place, in Trust. for them- selves, and the rest of those of his other Creditors iu proportion to their several debt", who sh" ll come in and sign the Trust Deed, which is in the hands of Mr. Ken- nett; to whom, or to Mr. Martin, of Battle, all those who stand indebted to the Estate, ate desired forthwith to pay their respective debs. March I •>, tail. NOTICE is hereby given. That the Partnership lately subsisting between William Inskipp and ' John Vine, of the parish of Battle, in the county of Sussex, builders and carpenters, was this day dissolved by mutual consent; and that the Business in future will be carried on by the said Joint Vine, on his own separate account ; who most humbly solicits a conti- nuance of the favours they have hitherto received.— -. Such persons as have any claims on the s: ud copartner- ship, are requested to transmit the same to ill* said John Vine, in order in their being discharged ; who is also impowered to receive nil debts due and owing to the said Copartnership, Dated this 8th day of March, tfcll. WM. INSKIPP, Witness, JOHN VINE. EDWARD LATTER. Five Hundred Pounds Reward. WHITEHALL, Feb. 123s tail. WHEREAS it has been humbly represented to 11 is Royal Highness the Prince Regent, that ^ bout nine o'clock in the evening of the 18th instant, a Boat of the Rattlesnake Lugger, in the service of His Majesty's Customs, commanded by Henry Pulley, Male of the said Lugger, and the Boats of the Lively Cut- ter, in the service of the Excise, chaced on shore, at the North End of Deal, a Smuggling Lugger, laden With ninety- six half- ankers of Spirits, which were seiz- ed by the Officers of the Excise, and shortly after the seizufe a firing was commenced oil the Revenue Boats and Officers by the Smugglers assembled on the shore, whereby the said Henry Pulley was dangerously wound- ed, and Thomas Sutton, one of the Mariners of the Excise Cutter, was likewise dangerously ( and it is supposed) mortally wounded ; and that after the said Lugger and her cargo were gotten off the. beach, a Party of the Military, and of the Crews of the Revenue Boats, who were left to guard the said Boats, were again attacked and fired upon by the Smugglers, but fortunately without any mischief ensuing. His Royal Highness in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, for promoting the discovery of the per- sons, guilty of the aforesaid Felonies, is graciously pleased hereby to promise His Majesty's most gracious PARDON, to any one or more of the Persons concern- ed therein ( except those that actually fired) who will discover any one or more of his Accomplices, so that he or they may be convicted thereof. R. RYDER. And the Commissioners of His Majesty's Customs, adverting to the recent frequency of such Outrages, in the vicinity of Deal, in di tinner of law. and endan- gering the lives of the Officers of the Revenue, and of the Military, aiding them in the discharge of their duty, in order to evince their determination to bring the Of fenders to condign punishment, and further to promote, discovery for the attainment of that object, are induced hereby to offer a Reward of FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS, to any Person or Persons ( except as before excepted) who will discover any one or more of the Persons guilty of either of the said Felonies ; such Reward to be paid on his or their conviction, by the Receiver- Gene- ral of His Majesty'. Customs. By Order of the Commissioners, H. RICHMOND, Secretary. NOTICE f. CREDITORS and DEBTORS. NOTICE is hereby given, That WILLIAM _ CHAMBERS, of Robertsbridge, in the county of Sussex, innkeeper, has assigned his Estate and Effects to Mr. William Newberry, of the same place, and Mr. John Cambers, of Lamberhurst, in Kent, in Trust, Mr. themselves, and the rest of such of his other Creditors, in proportion to their several Debts, as shall conic in and sign the Trust Deed, which is in the hands of Mr Newberry, to whom, or to Mr. Martin, of Battle, all those who stand indebted to the Estate, are desired to pay their respective Debts forthwith. March 5th, 1811. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Partner- ship lately subsisting between Messrs, George and William Hull, of Baltic, in the county of Sussex, and Roger Lynn, of Bexhill, ill the said county, was dis- solved by Mutual Consent, on the 19th day of February last ; and that the business of currier and leather cut- ter, will be continued and carried on at Battle aforesaid, by the said George Hull, on his own separate account • and that the said William Hull will also continue the business of hoot and shoe making, at Battle aforesaid, on his own separate account ; and also that the said Roger Lynn will Continue the business of tailor and shopkeeper, at Bexhill aforesaid, on his own account ; in which respective concerns, they pledge themselves to use every exertion to merit a continuance of the sup- port and encouragement they have hitherto experienced. — Witucssour bauds, the 7th day of March, 181 t. G. HULL. WM. HULL. Witness, EDWARD LATTER. R. LYNN. ^' PLANTING SEASON. JOHN CORMACK and SON, Nvft. SKKY. MEN, NEW CROSS, near LONDON, BEG leave to state that they have for sale this Season, a large and nourishing Stock of FRUIT and FOREST TREES, EVERGREENS, and FLOW- ERING SHRUBS. Also, one and two years seedling Larch, Scotch, and Spruce Firs; two years seedling and bedded Quicks: one and two years seedling Beech, Oaks, Sycamores, Horse and Spanish Chesnuts, Alders, Hornbeams, & c. which they are determined lb sell on such terms as cannot fail of giving general satisfaction. N. B. Apples, Pears, Plums, and Cherries, of clean growth, and very handsome, An extensive col- lection of Greenhouse and American Plants. TO BE DISPOSED OF FOR READY MONEY ONLY SIXTY Chaldrons of exceeding good COALS, lying in the Yard of Mr. Bridges, Mailing- street, Cliff, Lewes. Price Two GUINRAS per Chaldron. Apply to Mr. Bridges, as above. ' TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A VERY good BRICK YARD, with Sheds, & c.& c. conveniently situated near Hailsham Turnpike- Gate, ( where there is a constant demand for Bricks and Tiles) consisting of about Two Acres and a Half of Land, most of which produces very excellent brick and tile earth ; and where a great stores. of busi- ness may be transacted. Half the purchase. money may, if required, remain on mortgage. N. B. If nut sold within three weeks the Premises will be to he let. Apply for particulars to Mr. Jay, Chiddingly. To SHOPKEEPERS and OTHERS. " TO BE LET, With immediate or early Possession, A LARGE, convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, a roomy and convenient SHOP, IN the general Shopkeeping Line, together with a large yard, and a five stalled stable, most eligibly situated in the centre of the town of Winchelsea, ( near the barracks) and in which a respectable Trade has been carried on several years. The Premises are sufficiently commodious to carry on two descriptions of business, and will conve- niently accommodate two families. The• Tenant will not be required to take the Stock. Apply to Air. F. Meads, Hastings. If by letter, post- paid. ______ By the year, or for a term not exceeding seven years, ALL that commodious Dwelling- House and Shop, with the appurtenances thereunto belong- ing. most desirably situated for any kind of trade, near- ly facing the Star Inn, in the High- street of the Bo- rough of Lewes, in the occupation of the proprietor, Mr. Fuller, upholsterer and cabinet- maker, who is about to decline those branches of his business, and is, in consequence, selling off' his valuable Stock in Trade, at and under prime cost. For further particulars apply to Mr. Fuller, n » above. HERSTMONCEUX. LADIES BOARDING and DAY SCHOOL, • i TO BE LET, and entered on at Midsummer next, in a healthy srtua- tion, where a School for young Ladies and Gentlemen has, till' many years, been carried on, situate at Gardner street. The House consists of a parlour or school- room, kitchen, wash- house, and two pantries, a sitting- room, and five bed chambers; likewise a good cellar; a well with excellent water ; and kitchen garden. J. SMITH begs leave to inform his friends that he intends continuing a DAY SCHOOL, for young Gentle- men ; and hopes by a strict attention to bis Pupils ( which he is determined to adhere to) to merit the sa- tisfaction of all those Friends who shall think proper to place them under his care. N. B. Young Ladies will also, if required, have an opportunity of being instructed in Writing, Arithme- tic. & c. by their obedient Servant, J. S. For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. S. Wratten, the Occupier, and to treat for the same to Mr. J. Smith, Gardner- street. TO BE LET, By private Tender, for Seven Years, from Lady- day next, AVERY desirable FARM, called BOWDERS, situate in the parish of Balcombe, in the county of Sussex, comprising a most comfortable Dwelling- House, lately fitted Up at a considerable expence, two barns, stables, and requisite out- buildings, garden, and orchard, planted with choice fruit trees in full bearing, and 73A. oil. 37 P. of exceeding good Land, including the garden and orchard ; 21A. aR. 29P. of which are meadow and pasture, 3* 6A. oil. yP. arable, and the re- mainder wood and furze. The. premises arc most pleasantly situate near a mile South of the village of Balcombe; and within loo yards of the new turnpike- road from Horley to Cuckfield, commanding fine and exten> ive vi< 2\ vw of the South Downs and surrounding country ; 35' miles from Lon- don, is from Brighton, 4 from Cuckfield, and 1 from the River Ouse Navigation. , The premises may be viewed on application to Thos. Croucher, at the Parsonage- house at Balcombe; and further particulars may be known, and also the terms and Conditions of the Lease intended to be granted, as well as the terms of entering thereon, at the Office of Mr. Waller, solcitor, Cuckfield. Tenders will be received at the Talbot Inn. Cuckfield on Thursday, the 21st day of this instant March, be- tween the hours of Twelve and Two. SUSSEX— DESIRABLE PURCHASE. ANY Person wishing to lay out from Eleven to Ewelve Thousand Pounds in the purchase of a FREEHOLD LANDED ESTATE, ( land- tax redeem- ed) within 14 miles of Lewes, may hear of such a pur- chase by personal application, or By letters, post- paid, to Messrs. H61ines, Solicitors, at Arundel. The Estate may be purchased at a price which will now render upwards of 4 pee cent, fur the money ex- pended. 14th March, 18!!. MERINO SHEEP of the ESCURIAL FLOCK FOR SALE BY AUCTION, In a Field, near East Ham Church, Essex, on Thursday i lie - j 1st of March, I si l, at 10 o'clock in die forenoon, THIRTY eight RAMS, 20 EWES with their Lambs, 34 Ewes supposed to be in Lamb. Three Rams and three Ewe. were exhibited at Lord Somerville's Show. They were selected under circumstances of particular favour, are in original bands and considered by the best Judges, as choice a lot as were ever imported. The Sheep may be viewed on application 10 William Carter, Sewer Bailiff, near East Hum Church, any day preceding the Sale. Catalogues, and further particulars may be bad of T. MARTIN and Co. Wool Brokers, No, 6.1. Coleman- street, London. ROWFANT MANSION, Near EAST GRINSTEAD, SUSSEX, excellent Furniture, Live and Dead Farming Stock, and valuable Effects. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HERMON', On the Premises, on Friday, March - 29ih, IS it, and two following days ( Sunday excepted) at eleven o'clock, by direction of the Executors :— ALL the excellent and genuine Household Fur- niture, China, Glass, two Piano Fortes, Live and Dead Farming Slock, about 40 loads of prime Meadow Hay. capital Draught Horsey, Waggons, Carts, Harness, Garden Implements, Green, House Plants, . Brewing Utensils, and a variety of effects, at ROWFANT MAN- SION, in the parish of Worth, and County of Sussex, live miles from East Griustead, 21 from Lewes, 24 from Brighton, three from Crawley, lo from litigate, and 30 miles from London. To be viewed two days preceding, and Catalogues had on the Premise^ at all the Principal Inns, in the Towns adjacent; of Mr. Crosweller, Solicitor, at Brighton; of Messrs, Forster, Cooke, and Frere, Lincoln's Inn, New Square: ami of Mr, Hermon, Conduit- street, London. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER, SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. W1LLOOK, At Gangway's Coffee- House, in ' Change- Alley, Corn- hill. Loudon, on FRIDAY, the j> ytb of March, at Twelve o'clock,— IN LOTS: SEVERAL THOUSAND OAK TIMBER TREES, now standing in the Hark at BATTLE- ABBEY, and on sundry Farms and Lands, iu the sur- rounding parishes of Battle, Salehurst, Robertsbridge, Ewhurst, Bodiam, Fairlight, Bexhill, fee. in the coun- ty of Sussex, many of which ARE OF LARGE DIMEN- SIONS, ond peculiarly calculated for the USE OF THE NAVY. This Timber, which is one of the finest falls that has been offered to public Sale for some years past. Is with- in an easy distance of Hastings, ami other parts of the Sea Coast ; and Mr. WILLOOK recommends it as well worth the particular notice of Timber Dealers in ge- neral. To be viewed Three Weeks preceding the Sale, by applying to Mr, Inskipp, at Battle, of whom Catalogues may then be had ; also at the Swan, at Hastings ; ' Star, at Lewes ; White- Horse, at Steyning ; Norfolk- Arms, at Arundel ; Swan, at Chichester ; Fountain, at Ports, mouth; Rose and Crown, at Tunbridge ; Star, at Maid stone ; Saracen's . Head, at Ashford ; Fountain, at Can- terbury ; of Messrs. Dawson and Wratislaw^ Solicitors, in New Burlington- street; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Willock, No. - il, Golden- square, London. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By RICHARD LAM BE, At the Talbot Inn, in Cuckfield, ( unless previously dis- posed of by private contract, of which doe notice will be given), on Tuesday the ' 2d day of April next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, ASubstantial- built Freehold House, and Garden, a convenient stable, with a good loft, and corn bins, pleasantly situate iu the town of Cuckfield, ad- joining- the much- frequented Road from Loudon to Brighton, with Stages passing almost every hour in the day, now in the occupation of Mr. Thos Evershed, the proprietor ; of wham immediate possession may be bad. On the ground floor, a kitchen, two parlours, and wash- house, with convenient offices; and five bed rooms over the same. For further particulars, enquire of Mr. WALLER, Solicitor, Cuckfield; or of the Auctioneer, Lewes. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On Saturday, the 23d of March, 1311,, between the hours of Five and Six o'clock in the Evening, at the Golden Fleece, Chichester ; AVery Desirable ESTATE, called Wood. HOUSE FARM, consisting of a Barn, and Ninety Acres, One Rood, and Fifteen Poles, of excellent ara- ble and pasture Land, lying very compact, situate at SELSEA, let on Lease to Thomas Souter, Esq. whose term expires at Michaelma, 1314. Seventy- four Acres, One Rood, and Thirty- seven Poles of which are Free- hold, the remainder Fifteen Acres. Three Roods and Eighteen Poles, Copyhold of Inheritance. A. R. p. ( Copyhold) Footway Field, arable, - - bits Eight Acres, adjoining, - - 7 2 3 ( Freehold) Ram Field, arable ... - 8 3 13 Twelve Acres, ditto ... 13 3 t5 • Seven Acres, ditto - - - - 7 3 2H Five Acres, ditto - - - - 5 3 4 Marsh, ------- 1 38 2 27 f)' l 1 15 Further particulars may be known by applying to Messrs. Johnson, Price, and Freeland; or Mr. Weller, Chichester, where a Plan of the Estate may he seen. " TO SHIP - BUILDERS, CARPENTERS, COACH- MAKERS, WHEELERS. & c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By MR. WELLER, On Monday, the 25th of March, tail, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Dolphin Inn, Chichester, UPWARDS of 300 OAK TREES, with their Lop, Top, and Bark,— and 611 clean ASH TREES, situate at Lagness, in the parish of Pagham, 5 miles from Chichester, and 2 from Bognor. — The Trees will be all painted and classed in Numbers, tie- cording to their respective Lots. Catalogues may be had 12 days previous to the Sale, at the Auction Mart ; of Messrs. Winstanley, Pater- noster- row ; Mr. H. Phillips, Bond street; King's- Arms, Godalming; Messrs. Lee, Printers, Lewes; . Messrs, Mottley and Co. Primers, Portsmouth ; Messrs. But- ler, solicitors, Havant; at the Place of Sale ; and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. N. B. The Timber may be viewed by applying to Mr. Shutler, the Tenant, on the Premises, SUSSEX. A CAPITAL FREEHOLD FARM, WITH EARLY POSSISSION. TO BE SOLD. I5Y AUCTION, By Mr, WELLER, On Saturday, the : ioih of March, Mil, at one o'clock, at the King's Head Inn, Horsham, ATruly valuable and desirable Freehold Estate, . called Dial Post Farm, exonerated from Land " Tax, comprising a superior Farm- house, with all necessary out- buildings, together with 33* 5 statute acres of capital arable, meadow, and pasture ground, lying in a ring fence, in a good state of cultivation, particu- larly favourable for the growth of wheat, and is also a Stock Farm, having a good proportion of meadow and pasture ground ; the soil is genial to the growth of tim- ber ; a broke is now fit to cut; al « o 4.12 thriving oaks, and tellers, which are to be taken at a fair valuation. This estate combines every object to rentier it worthy the attention of the Gentleman Agriculturist, eligible in point of residence, in a highly respectable neighbourhood, with a plenitude of game and field sports, surrounded by good mills and markets, near the turnpike- road and navigable river, with lime, chalk, and coals, on easy terms, situate in the parishes of West Grinsted and Shipley ; in the occupation of Mr. James Heasman, Whose lease expires at Michaelmas next. Further paticulars, with an engraved Plan annexed, may be had at the Auction Mart; of Messrs. Winstan- Ifcv and Son, Paternostor- row ; of iMr, Harry Phillips, Bond- street, London; Mr. Knight, banker, Kingston ; at the Libraries Tunbridge- Wells Brighton, and Worthing; of T. C. Medwin, Esq, Horsham, and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. HAMPSHIRE. TO BE SOLD, BY " AUCTION, By Mr. WELLER, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 16th of May, l8ll, if not previously disposed of by private Con- tract ) at Twelve o'clock, ATRULY desirable and well connected FREE- HOLD ESTATE, called Quallett's Grove, the property and residence of Peter Cherry, Esq. ( who is going abroad) situate within a quarter of a mile of the pleasant village of Horndean, at a good distance from the ' Turnpike Road, lending from thence to Portsmouth, and consists of a MODERN VILLA : a handsome edifice, firmly and uniformly built with grey slock bricks, trellis colonade. On the ground floor— a spacious lofty hall, excellent stair- case, well proportioned drawing, eating, and breakfast Rooms, a Bath with a closet, M good Kitchen. Butler's Pantry, ample Cellarage, complete Brew and Wash- house, back Kitchen, with a Well of excellent water. Larder, Aleut Pantry, Wood and Coal House and other domestic Offices ; First l ino;— four* superior Bed Rooms, with water and other Closets, live servant's Rooms, Laundry, and a Back- stairs, A convenient and well fitted up COTTAGE and GARDEN, Dairy, and Farm yard adjoining, with Coach- house, Stables, Cow,' Curl, Dove, and Fowl Houses, Granary and Piggery, all tiled, with a Well of tine water, a large thatched Barn, together with about SIXTY ACRES of rich Land, chiefly in grass, in a ling fence; a right of pasture for 5e; sheep, on Horn- dean Down, with a Lawn before the House, Pleasure Ground!', terminated by a beautiful Coppice, orua- mented with Oak* and and other forest Trees, awaited Garden and Orchard, with a Pew iu the Church. The Country is beautifully featured with Timber, within three miles of a pack of Fox Mounds, abound- ing with field sp? rts, in a highly respectable neighbour- hood-. near a capital posting bouse and post- office ; day and night Coaches. Horndean is in the direct road from London to Ports- mouth, distant from the former t} 2, and the latter 10 miles. Nearly the whole of this valuable Estate is exonerated from the Land- Tax ; the ' Timber and Tellers on the Es- tate, with the Fixtures in the Residence,' to be taken at a valuation ; together with the neat and appropriate Houshold Furniture, if required. Printed Particulars will shortly be published, and may be had at the principal Inns and Coffee- Rooms of the neighbouring Market Towns ; of Mr. Knight, Ban- ker, Kingston: the Auction Mart; Messrs. Winstanley, Pater- noster- Row ; Mr. H. Phillips, Bond street ; Mr. Stevens, Solicitor, Havant. ; and of Mr. WELLER, Chichester. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BARTLETT, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 21st day of March, 1SI I, and following day, AVariety of superfluous HOUSHOLD FUR- NITURE. elegant Damask Linen, about J2u Volumes of Books, Hot House and other Effects, be- longing to Mrs. Barwell^ at her summer residence on the Crescent, Bognor: consisting of— handsome double screwed lath and sacking bottom bedsteads, with carved mahogany feet pillars, chintz and dimity furnitures, seasoned goose beds, blankets and counterpanes; in mahogany, two wardrobes, one of which is. « ft. bin. in front, and 7f1.9i1r. iu height, the other Qiu. U) front, and 7ft. gin. in height, elegant secretaire and book- case, with glazed doors, 4ft. Sin. in from, and aft. gin. in heigth, pillar and claw sopha, dining and Pembroke ta- bles on lions' paw casters, a lady's dressing table, nine cabriole arm chairs, cane bottoms and squabs, cellaret, satin wood secretaire, cross ' banded and varnished, eight satin wood chairs with cane bottoms, a barrel organ of eight tunes, a pair of elegant tripod fire screens in black and gold with bronze feet, brass sticks, mounted with green silk on a new principle, a Roman chair in black and gold, scarlet cloth bottom, with a black printed border, a sopha, and a sopha bedstead with chintz co- vers, a lounging, and Leicester chairs; a water closet, fitted up with mahogany ; a lady's dressing glass, plate 37in. by 23iu. on claws with casters, pier glasses in oval and square frames; Kidderminster carpet ; several two three, a d four leaved screens in mahogany frames; two portraits and a landscape painting, a few glazed prints in rich gilt frames, a set of water- colour table ornaments on frost work, calculated for a bail supper table ; two pair of candelabras in bronze and brass, on marble pe- destals; two cut glass plated liquor sets, and one each of casters and soys, dl elevation stands and a centre, 3 elegant cut glass spire lustres, 4 glass dessert set, a wedgwood sandwich set and tray ; 57 rich damask table cloths- 99 napkins, 3b real India cotton napkins, 210 doilies, « pair of calico sheets ;— Bell's Shakespeare, 20 vols, ditto Theatre, 21 vols. History of America, t> vols. Peregrine Pickle, Spectator, Connoisseur, Guardian. Sir Charles Grandison, Pamela, the World, & c. all of which are in excellent preservation ;— a hot- house, cu- cumber frame and- fights, fifteen glazed sashes ; a child', double chaise, a donkey harness with plated furniture ; three camphor wood chests ; part of a east iron fei. ee, a Portland stone floor of an octagon figure, measuring about aim square feet ; a Piano Forte, by Gahusac, Loudon, & c. The Effects to be viewed the Tuesday preceding the Sale, which will begin each day at 12 o'clock. Catalogues will lie delivered at the place of Sale ; and by Mr BARTLETT, at bis Royal Exchange and General Agency Offices. Chichester, at one . hilling each, to be returned to purchasers. N. B. It is. particularly requested that no waggon or cart be seen oil the premises. TO INNKEEPERS AND BREWER*. Vicinity of HASTINGS and the BARRACK'S. To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRA"!',. ALL that long- established Freehold Messuage, Tenement, or Inn, common!, called or known by the name or sign of THE HARE AND HOUNDS-, with a a outbuilding, comprising several convenient apart- ments, thai may be used either as sitting or sleeping, rooms ; stabling for eight horses ; garden ; and .1 Piece of Meadow or Pasture Land, containing ( by estimation) one acre and a half, more or less • situate tit the several parishes of Ore and All Saint", in Hastings, in the coun-. ty of Sussex,-^ adjoining the Turnpike- road leading from Hastings to Battle, distant about one mile from the town of Hastings, and within five minutes walk from the Barracks, and now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Paris, the Proprietor, who will give immediate posses- sion. The House has lately been considerably enlarged and improved, by the addition of an excellent Cellar, a large Dining. Room, with Sleeping Rooms over the same; and the Premi. es are altogether very cimveoi- en', in good repair, and most desirably situated for business. For further particulars, apply at thus Office of Messrs. Shadwell, Bishop, and Thorpe, . Solicitors, Hastings, January, tan. CHICHESTER. Wholesale Grocer, Irish Provision. Cheese, But- ter, and Corn Merchant, To BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AHandsome RESIDENCE, with unmerous well proportioned Rooms, recently fitted up with a large Warehouse and Counting House, immediately behind the same, extensive' Cellarage, and nearly con- tiguous lo a substantial BACON STOREHOUSE, and SMOKE- ROOM, and opposite the latter Building, „ very capacious STOREHOUSE, with Store Cellars in the basement ; on the ground floor— Stables. Waggon and Cart House, and a large Cheese and Butter Store, with two floors over, of sufficient stowage for Kmb qrs of corn ; the latter premises are Leasehold, under the Dean and Chapter; all the other Buildings are Free- hold. A capital Trade in the several branches of a Whole- sale Grocer, Baton, Cheese, Buher, and Coth Mer- chant, have been severally carried on, on this spot with very considerable success. for upwards of 80 years. The above premises are centrally situated in the East Street, now in the occupation of Mr. EDWARD HIDE, The Proprietor ; who is engaged in another Concern. The returns of ibis Business arc. very considerable , the Connexions old and respectable ; " to - 1 City very much improving in its Commerce, surrounded by populous towns and villages. ' This Business cannot fail of being lucrative, under the drection of a skilful and active Mere bunt, The Stock, which is considerably reduced, lo be ta- ken at a fair valuation. The Purchaser may be accommodated with Eight Acres of good Meadow Ground if required; The whole of the purchase money may remain for one year and a half, on an adequate given. Further particulars may be known at the Action Mart; of Messrs. Winstanley and Son, Paterbosier row • Mr. Harry Phillips, Bond- street ; and Mr. WELLER, Chichester. TO BE SOLD, PURSUANT to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, bearing date the ad day of August, 1810, made in a Cause " Lambert against Lambert," CURTAIN PARCELS OF OAK TIMBER, consisting of S.' ia Trees, standing in the parishes of Nultield, Blechingley, and Horley, in the County of Surrey. . The said Timber will be sold before William Alexan- der, . Equire, one of the Masters of the said Court. of the Sill day of April. 131 :, between the hours of 13 and 10 o'clock in the afternoon, at the Public Sate Room, of the said Court, in Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London, in four separate ami distinct Lots. Particulars, with the conditions of sale, may be had ( gratis) at the said Master's Chambers, in Southampton Buildings aforesaid ; of Mr. Winckley, solicitor, Elm Court, Temple; of Mr. Gloier, solicitor, Reigate; at the White Hart, Godstone; the White Hart, Blech ingley; the Red Lion, Dorking"; the Anchor. Horsham the King's- head, Cuckfield ; and the Dorset Arms, East Grinstead. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HENRY SIMMONDS, At the Tyger: Inn, in Lind field, on Wednesday, ( he 271 day of March, 1811, between the hours of 4 and in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced ( unless in the mean time disposed of by private Contract, of which, should it happen, doe notice will be given in this paper,) AVERY valuable and desirable Freehold Farm, called In holmes, situate at Danehill, in the pa- rish of Horsted Keynes; in the county of Sussex, com- prising a Farm House, with a barn, convenient outbuild- ings, and farm- yard, and several inclosures of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood Land, containing fifty- two acres ( more or less) well stocked with thriving oak and other timber. Immediate possession may be had. Also, at the" same time, will be sold in Five Lots, 432 OAK and 33 ELM Timber Trees, now standing on Fresh field Farm, in the parish of Horsted Keynes, with- in one mile of the river Ouse Navigation. The Estate and Timber may be viewed on applica- tion to Mr. John Mills, of Fresh field, the proprietor, of whom particulars . may be had; and at the office of Mr Waller, Solicitor, Cuckfield. CAPITAL INN, or PUBLIC HOUSE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By HENRY EATON, On the Premises, on Monday, the 22d day of April, 1811, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, unless previ- ously disposed of by Private Contract ; Atruly desirable Freehold Messuage or Tene- ment, known by the Si « n of the White . J Jan, situate at Guestling, in the County of Sussex, now in the occupation of William Barman, the Proprietor • comprising, on the Ground Floor, a large Kitchen, Bar, • two Parlours, one fifteen feet by fourteen, Wash- house, Brewhouse, Cellaring, and other necessary offices. On the First Floor, a commodious room, twenty six by four- teen feet : five airy Bed Chambers, with very good Attics ; Coach- house, and Stab ing for upwards of twenty horses; Carpenters Shop and Yard, and divrr* useful Out- Buildings, and two Garden*, well stocked with Fruit Trees. The house is now, and has been for many years, in full trade: and is most pleasantly situated on an emi- nence commanding: a very extensive view of the sea and opposite shore, comprehending a distance of upward.- of thirty' miles, including Calais Cliff's and tin; hills of Cologne ; and a very exensive prospect of the surround country, as Dungenes Dover Cliff, the U^ ish l. iils, and is situated wnl » in two miles of the Town of Hastings, and one of the Barracks,, five of Winchelsen, eight of Rye, and seven Battle. . . . ' Possession may be had immediately. For further particular apply to the said William Harman, the Auctioneer or John Carey, attorney, Hasnogs Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston journal. m printed and published by and for William and Arthur Lee. VOL, LXUt. No. 3364. MONDAY. MARCH. 18, 1811. [ PRICE SIX- PENCE. This paper which Has been regularly published every Monday Morning, for upwards of SIXTY YEARS, is delivered with the utmost Dispatch and Regularity, in every Town and Village of SUSSEX, in Fails of KENT, SURREY, '* and HAMPSHIRE; and is forwarded by the POST, to Persons of the first Distinction, in London, and to every considerable Town in the United Kingdom. The SUSSEX WEEKLY ADVERTISER is regularly filed by Messrs. TAYLER and NEWTON, WARWICK- SQUARE, near ST. PAUL'S, by whom ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. will be received and punctually forwarded to the Publishers It may also be seen at all the principal COFFEE- HOUSE in the Metropolis. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY'S POSTS. LONDON, MARCH 15.; HOUSE' OF LORDS, WEDNESDAY. NrO nil NO <> f any importance occured in the House of Peers this day. THURSDAY, MARCH 14. The Mntiriv Rill, ami ( lie Marine Mutiny Bill. Were tend a second time, and ordered to be com,, - nutted to- morrow,— Adjourned till to- mornow. HOUSE OF COMMONS. WEDNESDAY . The several Rills before the Mouse were forward- ed in their respective stages -^- Adjourned. THURSDAY, MARCH 14. At four o'clock the Speaker took the Chair, and proceeded TO count the House, when Only 35 Mem- bers being present, the House adjourned till to- morrow. Licences are now granted for ships'destined to France, hut the returns are restrcted tos<> pds only. A private letter, dated Etnas. the 2.1d February, savs, " The Spaniards, have been surprised and entiled dispersed. Suspicion is entertained against some of the Chiefs, on account of the humanity of the enemy towards the dispersed troops, as they might have destroyed numbers of them, which they avoided, calling out to the soldiers not ' 0 be alarm- ed, for that they would not injure them, if they ^ esttoyed their arms. Brigadier ' Madden attempted to charge with the Portuguese cavalry, but found it impossible to m^ ie them face the enemy." EXCESSIVE GRIEE.— The mother of White, the drum.- boy, who was executed a few days since with Hepburn the Ensign, died of a broken heart on the day subsequent to her son's untimely end. She never left her Bed after having taken farewell of the culprit on the evening previous to his execu- tion. The father of White is an industrious me chanie residing in the neighbourhood of St. James's Market. Jeffery, the seaman, who was left on the desolate island of Sombrero, is now exhibiting himself in London, and a painting of the rock on which he was put, with a likeness of himself, and the dress he had on when he left the ship. DUKE OF GRAFTON— This venerable and much respected Nobleman departed this life on Thursday night at Euston Hall. Suffolk, where his Grace had been long in. a declining slate He was in the 75th year of his age. By his death there become vacant the Chancellorship of the University of Cambridge, and a riband of the Order of the Carter. His Grace was Governor of the ports of Cornwall and Devon, Receiver- General of the profits of the Seals id the King's Bench and Com- mon pleas, and of the Prisage of Wines, & c.; and also Recorder of Thetford and Coventry, & c, f J is Grace is succeeded by his eldest son, the Earl of Euston ( now Dti^ i! of Grafton), in consequence of which a vacancy tsl. es place in the Parliamentary Representation of the University of Cambridge, for which his Lordship was one of the Members, Turnpike From staplecross to Northiam, B'eckley, Bodiam, and Silv'erhill, all ill the'county o" f Sussex. NOTICE hereby given; That'the Trustees of these road* will, at ; i meeting of the said Trustees, to he holden at the dwelling house of Richard Allen, the sign of the Red Lion, in Bodiam, on Wednesday, die isihilay of September ueirt, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon; •"•<•' , . LET TO FARM BY AUCTION* (• separately for one, t « o, or three year<, as shall be then agreed on) from the '.' pill of the said month bf Septem- ber, the TOLLS to arise at each of the Main Gates and Side ( Sates, upon and on the sides of these roads, iii the manner directed by the act passed for amending and widening the roads: and also by an act passed in the 13th yew of the ' reign of hit present Majesty, for regu- lating turnpike roads. I Ire Tolls of the Hornscross Gate, and Side ; Gate ad- joining. are now let at £' 76 per annum, and will be put up at that sum. The Tolls of the Staplecross Gate and Side Gate ad- oining, and of the Side Gates at Adams's Lane and Hel- Ien's Hull Lane, are now let at £ 131 per annum, and will he put up at that sum. The Tolls of the Knowlhill Gate, and Side Gate ad- joining, are now let at I'l39 per annum!, and will be put up at that sum ; and The Tolls of' the Springate hill Gate, and Side Gate adjoining, are now let at jl'ng per annum, and will he put up at that s « m.— Such persons as happen to he the best bidders, must at the same lime give security, with suf. ficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees, for the paying ( he rent -, ninthly or quarterly, as the'Trus- tees shall direct, WOOLLETTand DAWES, Clerks & Treasurers. Rye, I5th March, JS1 U THE HOUSHOLD FURNITURE OF MALLING » DEAN'RY. TO BR SOLD, BY AUCTION, . By VERRALL and SON, On tile Premises, on Friday next, the lnsl » nf, THE valuable HOUSHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, of South Moiling Denary, near Lewes, in Snssex • Consisting of live neat bedsteads, with printed cotton and check furnitures ; tine old sweet feather beds and bedding; chests of drawers; pier and swing glasses.; mahogany- dining, pillar, claw and card tables; ditto chairs and bason stands ; ditto secretary and book case ; two handsome sideboard*; japanned chairs with cane bottoms, and cushions ; Brussels and Kidderminster carpels ; an eight day, and a thirty hour clock ; china,., stone, and glass ware ; a' few valuable prints and maps- tale and lad linen ; a brewing, and a washing furnace ; tubs and casks; about 2U dozen of glass bottles; kitchen requisites in general ; garden seats, ten hand glasses,,' cucuinber . lights,- and garden tools ; a cow and calf; an aged draft mare ; a handsome four year old ridnig'filly ; a large drawing net; about four hordred faggots, and about five cord of roots, & c. To beam at ten o'clock in the morning. TV, I!. A Boat will be provided, with a careful water- man, for the conveniency. of the purchasers, opposite the Deanry. Money to be advanced on Mortgage. ANY Sum from .£, 300 to £ 10( 10, may be had on Mortgage of Freehold Land, within the Comi- ties <> f Sussex or Kent, ' The object of the Security is ott Freehold Farms, and the interest In be regularly paid. For Particulars, apply to the Printers of ( his paper. _ LAW. AN ARTICLED CLERK wanted, in the Of- fice of an Attorney and Solicitor, in established practice, in the county of Sussex. t Letters ( postage paid), addressed to Mr. LEE, Print- iug- 6Hjce, High- street, Lewes, will be duly attended t » . BOARD and LODGING.— Wanted by a Gen- tleman, at a respectable Farmer's, in the Vicinity of Lewes, or Cuckfield : Situation to he cheerful, and near a public turr) piUe- road. Undeniable references can be givevn^ Letters descriptive of Situation, number in Family, Terms, & c. addressed to Mr. Geo. Foster, Post- Office, Brighton, will he duly attended to. WANTED, an active, industrious Lad, of re- • pec able Connections as an Apprentice to a general SHOPKEEPER, in the Country, He will be treated as one of the Family.— A premium will be ex- pected.— Application, personal or by letter, made to Mr. CONSTABLE, Horley, HEAR Reigate, Surrey, will be attended to. \\ T ANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, a Lady- VV tide next, H FOOTMAN. He must perfectly understand his Business, and have an unexceptionable character from his last place,— Apply to Mr. LEE, Prin ter, High- street, Lewes. WANTED, on Ladyday next, a middle- aged Woman as COOK. She will have the care of two Cows.— Apply at Asbeombe, WANTED, an Apprentice to a SURGEON '' and APOTHECARY, who will he treated in every respect like one of the Family,— Enquire of Mr. C. VERRAL, Surgeon, Scaford. Sussex. WANTED, a person who understands the management of Woodbinds, to act as WOOD- REEVE, 011 an extensive Estate, who can he well re- commended. He should be able to read and write, and keep an account of the Underwoods which are cut, the form of which will be given him. — A House, and good weekly wages will he allowed. Enquire at the Steward's, Sheffield Place. XJOTiCJS is hereby given, . That on Ladyday next, at Pevensey, TWENTY- ONE PARISH CHILDREN, will be put out to service, or otherwise disposed of, E. CRUTTENDEN, Overseer. New Turnpike Road from Steyning to Washington' TOLLS TO LET, NOTICE is hereby given. That the next Meet' ing of the- Trustees of tills Road, will be held at the White Horse in Stevning. on Wednesday, the 10th of April next at noon, at which Meeting the Tolls aris- ing at the Gate at Siyier's Hill, ill the parish of Wiston, on the - aid Road, will be LET by AUCTION, to the best Bidder, for such terms as the Trustees theu present • hull think proper, not exceeding Three Years. Whoever happens to he the best Bidder, must, at the rune time, give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees for the payment of the rent at such times as they shall direct. C. MARSHALL, Steyiling, l5thMarch. mi l. Clk to the Trustees. BAT AND BALL. Houshold Furniture, Booth Geer, Tents, & c. See. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By VERRALL and SON, On Monday and Tuesday, t^ e 1st and ed of April, I8V1, 011 the premises, by order of the Proprietor, who i » going into another line of business, ALL the neat, Houshold Furniture, and other effects of Mr. WW MARSHALL, at the Cat and Bait public- house, being situate near the Dicker, in Sussex Consisting of ten goose and other feather beds, neat bedsteads, with printed cotton and check furniture ; pier and dressing glasses, tables, chairs, a large brewing furnace, a washing ditto, grates; ait assortment of bowls, rummers, glasses, and tea things; 20 dozen of knives and forks ; a large quantity of booth geer. viz. sail cloths, tables, boards, ^ fcsscls and poles; a marque and a bell " tent; kitchen and washing; requisites, ami a general assortment of useful houshold furniture. The Sale ( q begin each morning at eleven o'clock. N. B. The Booth Geer and Tents, with part of the Houshold Furniture, will be sold the first day. Wheelwright's Shop and Business to be disposed of. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. MOTT, On Tuesday, the ad of April* itU I, at. the Swan Inn, in Sandhurst, in Kent, between the hours , of four and live o'clock in the afternoon, in Lots, ns follows ( unless sold in ihe mean time by Private Contract) LOT I. A LLthat Messuage, Wheelwright's Shop, Stare- fl houses, Yard, Garden, and Appurtenances there-. onto belonging, situate at Sandhurst, in the county of Kent, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Harris, jun. the. Proprietor. The business of a Wheelwright has been carried on formally years past, upon the above Premises, which are extensive, and well situated for business, and is well worth the attention of persons desirous of taking such a Trade. All the Stock in Trade, Tools, and Imple- ments to be taken by appraisement. Immediate possession of this Lot ^ ! be had. LOT 11 A new erected Messuage or Tenement with Iarge Garden and Appurtenances thereto belonging, adjoin- ing Lot I, in the occupation of Mr. Thos. Harris, sen. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr.' Thomas Har- ris, jun. of at the Office of Messrs. Woolett and Dawes-, live; - TO BE ' SOLD, BY AUCTlON, , . By TESTER and Co. On the premises, on Wednesday, March 27, 1811, at Twelve o'clock, ALL the Live and Dead Stock, and Houshold Furniture,; cif Mrs. Alfrey, at. Cold Harbour Farm, Worth, Sussex : comprising five capital young cart horses, one two yearling ditto colt, • three barren cows, One pair two- yearling steers, one two- yearling heifer, three yearling ditto, one yearling steer, two weanyers, eight south- down ewes, one sow in pig ; two narrow- wheel waggons, one of which is. nearly new; dung carts, ploughs, harrows, land ro, ll, six sets of harness, winnowing, corn sacks, isc. with a general assortment of Husbandry Implements. Likewise the following day. at twelve o'clock.— ihe; Houshold Goods; Consisting of three beds and fural . tore, bed and table linen, chest with drawers, a thirty- hour clock, tables, chairs, a 3o- galton furnace, dairy, brewing, and washing utensils, kitchen requisites, home made cheese, & c. with a general assortment of Houshold Goods. May be viewed three days prior to the sale, - ~ SPRINGFIELD, HORSHAM:' •' TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By PLUMER and. SON, On the premises, 011 Wednesday the 27th of March, 1811, and two following days, St Springfield, near the town of Horsham, late the residence of JOHN MORRIS, esrj. ALL the neat, modern Houshold Furniture;— comprising twelve- goose and other feather beds ^ mattresses, blankets, quilts, and counterpanes ; l . nr post and tent bedstead's, with silk damask, printed cot- ton, dimity, and stuff furnitures; Ottoman and other sofas; printed drugget; Brussels and Kidderminster carpels; pier and dressing glasses; Indian cabrdet; — in mahogany, set of dining tables Complete ; Pem- broke, dressing, work,. an. 1 night tables ; chairs ; chest of drawers ; dumb waiter, Sic. — Japanued- and. stained chairs; eight- day clock ; kitchen requisites ; and sun. dry other effects. -.. .:' May be viewed one day previous to the sale; and" Catalogues hart at the Whin- Horse, Steyning ; White. Hart, Henfield ; Talbot,' Cuckfield ; , Sun^ Crawley; lied Lion, Dorking; and of the Auctioneers, Horsham. To begin, each day, at eleven o'clock. - TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. JOHN TAMSETT, <;_ : At the Rose AND CROWN Inn, Brciiiv,. Sussex, On Monday: the 25th of March, 1811, betWen i the liou^ s of lour and five o'clock in the afternoon,' ALL- that Water Corn Mill, in fall trade, wjtli convenment Cottage, large garden, stable, and other appurtenwices thereunsto belonging, situate in the parish of - Brede, in the county of Sussex, now in the occupation of Mr. Solomon Colbran. " In the Mill, are three pair or' Stones, and it capa- ble of grinding, upon an average, 10 Load of Wheat in a week, having a constant and plentiful supply of the finest Spring. water. 1 * ' The Mill, Machinery, and ' Gotng^ Geer. are all in good repair;, as are the Cottage- and outbuildings. . The Mill, may,, with. ease, be converted into « Paper Mill, for which bu, iuess the situation is m< ist desirable. _ The Premises are Freehold, and immediate posses- sion may be had. For further particulars, enquire of Mr. Elias Gilbert the proprietor, who lives near the Mill ; or at the office of Messrs. Woollett and Dawes, Rye. TO LINEN- DRAPERS" AND GROCERS. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By JOHN TAMSETT, At the Cock Inn, Peasmarsh, Sussex, On Fridays the 49th of March, 1811, between the hours of five and six o'clock ill the evening, ( if not previ- ously disposed of by private contract, of which notice will he given) ALL that newly- erected Messuage, Shop, and adjoining Warehouse, with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging, now in full trade in the Linen- Drapery and Grocery businesses, situate in Peasmarsh, street, now in the occupation of Mr. Christopher Chris- tian, the proprietor. - The Stock in Trade, and Fixtures, to be taken by appraisement. Immediate possession may he had. For further' particulars, enquire of John Tamsett, Auctioneer,' Rye. TO COVER THIS SEASON, At SHOUBRIDGE'S Stables, Prince's- street, Brighton. At THREE GUINEAS, and FIVE SHILLINGS the Groom, ( To be paid at the Time of Covering), The beautiful Bay Horse NUNCIO.' NUNCIO is rising S - years old, upwards of 1,5 hands 2 inches high, of fine symmetry, bone, and action; was bred by the Earl of Egremont, got byGo- hanna, his dam by Sir Peter, out of Deceit, by Tan- dem ; her dam Perdita, by Herod, out of Fair Forester, by Mr. Panton's Sloe.— Sir. Peter was got by Highflyer, out of Papillion, by Snap ; Gohanna was got by Mer- cury, out of an Herod mare; her dam Maiden, by Mateh'em, out of Mr. Pratl's Squirt mare. The blood of Gohanna and Sir Peter are too well k'nown to need any comment, they'having got more true good renners than all the other Stations in England. NUNCIO is the only Gohanna horse ever offered to the Public us. a Country Station ; his sire having^ for many years, covered at FIFTY GUINEAS a Mare, %* NUNCIO, will attend STEYNING, LEWES, and HiIl/ SitAM Markets, regularly at other times he will be found at home. 1811." TO cover this Season, till- the first of August, at Mr. Brown's Racing Stables, Lewes, at Two Guineas, and Three Shillings the groom, ( the money to he paid at the time of covering), CRAFTY. - a bay horse, rising eight years old, 15 hands and a half high, bred by the Duke of Hamilton, got by Walnut, dam by Javelin, out of Young Flora, sister IN Spa- , dille. Walnut was got by Highflyer, out of Mr. Pratt's Maiden, own sister to Pumpkin, Purity, tce. Maiden was 1 be dam of- Gobanna's, dam, and ont of the Old Squirt Mare,, who bred 17 Foals ;' three were never trained, Lwo died young, and the other twelve were good runners. Crafty has covered . four years ; his slock now Si years old, are remarkably honey, and promising. He is a good foal getter, as most of bis mares prove in foal. He will attend Hailsham Market. X I'I." He is .. suffi ieuily recovered from' his lameness as to travel. OAny ' Gentleman wishing him to attend his ; Mares at th& vacaiit time, by sending'a letter post- paid , and expences, he will attend- Crafty has a great deal 1 0:' bone, and as well bred as any horse that covers. ADUR NAVIGATION and DRAINAGE, NOTICE is hereby given. That a general Meet- ing of the Trustees will he held at the White- Horse Inn, in Steyning, on Tuesday, the 2d Way of April next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in order to di- rect the Works to be done, ami on other important Bu- » ' « '' » » . CHAS. MARSHALL, Steyning. 15th March, tail. Clk to the Trustees. SEWERs- BRAMBER RAPE. VTOTICE it hereby given, I hat a general Session of Sewer for the said Rape will be held at the White Horse Inn, in Steyning, 011 Tuesday, the 2d day of April next, at One o'clock, at which Meeting the - Collectors of Scots are desired to attend, and pay nil Arrears of Scots ( if any) to the Expenditer, and to make rem ™ of all d. fu| tcrs. CHAS. MARSHALL, steyning 15th March; 4811. Clerk. UCKFIELD PROSECUTTNG, SOCIETY. NOTICE is hereby given, ' That a General Meeting of this Society mil lie hidden this year on Tuesday, the 8(> th March inst, at the Maidenhead Inn, l; ekti. Id, where all the Members are rei| ue. ttd to attend. Dinner 011 table at two o'clock. CALEB PEARCE, Clerk. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, . By Mr. ATTREE, At the St. James's Tavern, in Brighton, on Thursday, the 4th day of April, 1811, at six o'clock in the even- ing, (. unless previously disposed of by pravate contract, of which, if . it shall happen, public notice will be given)— IN TWO LOTS: Lot 1. \ Freehold Messuage, Tenement, or Lodg- Xl. i » g-- House, being No. 2- 2, situate 011 the. East Side of the New Steine, In Brighton aforesaid, subject to a Lease, for an unexpired term of four year*, from the 25th orf March inst.— at the yearly rent of 60I. Lota. A Leasehold Messuage or Tenement", used as a Public House, and known by the sign of the PRINCE OF WALES, situate ill Carton Hill Street, in Brighton aforesaid, together with the Outbuildings and Ground as how enclosed and used therewith, in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Merle. Also, a Piece of Building Ground enclosed, adjoining to the North part of the Premises so occupied by Mr. Merle. The Messuage, Public House, a » d Premises., in the . occupation of Mr. Merle, are subject to an under. Lease granted to him for a Term of a I years, from Michaelmas 113118, at the rent of fiol. per annum. N. B. The whole of the Ground contains, in length, from North to South, upwards of Three Hundred Feet, and. is held und^ r a Lease for 99 years, from the 1st of March, 181) 7, at a Ground Rent of 3ul. For further Particulars, and Treaty by Private Con- tract, apply at the Office of Mr, Hill, Solicitor, Brigh- ton ; or to the Auctioneer. MARY CRUIZE. . WHOEVER will give such information to the printers of this papers as will lead to the disco- very of Mary Cruize, late of Maresfield, Sussex, mantua- maker, on or before Saturday next a.) d instant, shall be handsomely rewarded for their Trouble ; or if the said Mary Cruize will herself apply to the printers of this- jonrnal, » he shall receive a remuneration. It is supposed, that the said Mary Cruize, is either in the parish of Brightheinisioin Maresfield, Chailey, or Withyham. rI~, HE Partnership lately subsisting between us, JL the undersigned, at Billingshurst, Sussex, as Spirit Merchants, has been this day dissolved by mutual con- sent. Wituess our bauds, this 25th day of February, 1811. THOS. MERCER, GEO. DAWSON. ri^ ME Partnership, lately subsisting between WILLIAM PIX, THOMAS PIX, and JOHN PIX, of Northiam, Merchants, is this day dissolved, by mu- tual consent, as far as concerns the said JOHN PIX. The husiness will henceforward lie carried 011 under the firm of WILLIAM and THOMAS PIX Northiam, March 14, lilt. THOMAS PIX. JOHN PIX. NOTICE TO CREDTTORS. ALL Persons having any Demands 014 the Es- tate of JOHN MILLER, late of Pelt, in Sussex, deceased, are requested to send the particulars thereof to Edmund Austen. 0/ Rye, in Sussex, wheelwright, one of his Executors, 011. br before the First of June next: and any person indebted to the Estate of the said Des ceased, are requested immediately to pay their several debts to the said E Austen — Rye. 15th March. 1811, *! . SEEDS. BEARD and TRIST, beg,. respectfully, to inform the Gentlemen Farmers in the neighbourhood of Lewewes, and Brighton, that they have selected a great variety of EXCELLENT SEEDS, purchased of the- Growers ;— 11 and trust their attention in procuring good samples, will merit a continuation of those favours which they have experienced since their commencement in business. 8, MIDDLE- STREET, BRIGHTON. —:—, —• -. x •— • ONE MORE FORTNIGHT, And the Sale of the CHEAPEST ASSORTMENT of LINEN- DRAPERY, & C. & C. ever offered to the INHABITANTS of LEWE. S, and its Vicinity, will POSITIVELY CLOSE. TNEWMAN, of School- Hill, Lewes, begs • most respectfully to inform the Public, that he has so far arranged the negociation for the concern he is about to undertake in a different line of business, at a considerable distance from Lewes, as, that it will re- quire bis PERSONAL ATTENTION in a VETY SHORT TIME,— it is, therefore, his intention to Close the Sale of the BANKRUPT'S STOCK, he has had committed to his car?, and the remainder of his OWN STOCK, on SATURDAY- the strth INSTANT. He scarcely need add, for the Public no doubt w ill see, the WONDERFUL ADVANTAGE they will de- rive, by purchasing before the Sale closes. March 18, 18 II. LEWES UPPER NAVIGATION. ' T'VIE Barge- Masters on the Upper Navigation JL of the River Ouse, respectfully inform the Mer- chants and others, trading 011 the said Navigation, that from the present high state of Provisions and ull Other . Articles of Life, together with the additional Tolls im- posed . by the Commissioners of the said Navigation, they are under the necessity of increasing the Rate of Carriage of all Articles barged by them, from the 25th day of March inst. according to the under- mentioned Prices 0.5 J! .=- rs 53 fS 1 | f, if. s = i = Carriage | A £ % J S g 1 €| F Lewes Bridge, j c. J J'i^ i aT 1 -- 3-? - % SI I 2 = " 5 . B V J u 3 J. o s. d S. d S. d S. d, S. d. s. d. S. d. TOMnirCom, i£] 0 i'V0 6 j 10 0 0 u 0 To Old Mill - 4 (| 3 U. rtll In J ,3 8.0 3 2 To Shorthridge 5 0 4 " I 8 3 7 1 8 9 tl' I II To Goldbridge . 5 - 4i: V 4i J3 9 tf " 0 4 3 rMiHtCt-" R'i 5 « > ' • 0 9 M><> To. Sheffield • ti ti t 7tf 0.3 44 6 Kl n s I To Fresh field - 5 < j 4 1'- j i> I 94 910 G 5 6 To East Mascalls 7 9 5, b i (' ii ' 35 t> il 46 7 To Lindfield- J . „ ' r Bridge - \ S " ' 3 S V "'" 3I* " - 7 "> . L O S T; r A few days since;' between Laughton and Firle, - ALarge RED CORNELIAN SEAL, with the Letter it. cut thereon, and set in Gold. Whoever has found the same, and will deliver it to Mr. Irish, Watchmaker, at Lewes, shall receive HALF- A- GUINEA reward. 1 BRIGHTONT ~ New Steyne House Seminary for Young Ladies. MRS.' JAMES WINBOLT returns. Iter best thanks to her friends for the liberal- support with which she has been hitherto favoured. The Season ap- proaching, and having a few vacancies, she takes this method of informing them and the public, that she has spared 110 efforts to render her establishment worthy the confidence of those who may honour her with line care of their children. Mis. W. has selected the most ap- proved Masters and Teachers, The French department is conducted by a Lady, a native, whose accentuation in that language is correct. There is also- a Lady, whose knowledge of music enables her to superintend the prac- r tire of the pupils ill the absence of the Master. I The system of s(| a bathing is pursued under the di , rection of such gentlemen of the profession as the friends may select'. Those to whom Mrs. W. is yet unknown may have( if required) reference to families of the first respectability. ' New Steyne House, March 18, tSU, ~ TO BE LET BY~ TENDER : - For the Term of Seven for more) Years, commencing t from the 5th Day of April next. LITTLE BUTTS FARM, in Wadhurst, in the " J-' County of Sussex, containing by estimation < lo.' i Acres of Arable, Pasture, Meadow and Woodland, ' now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Playsted. ' Tenders to be delivered on or before the last day of Ibis month, at the office of Mr. E. Verral, Solicitor, Lewes, where a draft of the covenants intended to be inserted in the Lease may be seen. Wadhurst, March It), 1811. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, In several Lois, at the Malster's- Arms, Broadwater, Sussex, 011 Wednesday, the loth day of April next. Unless sooner disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given, THE FOLLOWING ESTATES!— An ex cellent Dwelling House, situate in the centre of the High- street,, at Broadwater, with a Commodious garden and yard, outbuildings; and seven acres of good arable land, adjoining. Also, one Croft of arable Land, containing about one acre and aliill^ be the same more or less, situate in Broadwater Street. Also, ten tenements ( under lease which will expire at Michaelmas 1815, whereby the Lessee v* bound to keep and leave the Premises in repair at £ 3u per. anuum) now underlet at £ 4 each per annum, situate at Broadwater. Immediate possession may he had of the two first Lois, which, a* well as each of the tenements, will entitle the owner to vote for tlie county of Sussex* itnd the Rape of lb- amber. Any of the Tenements may be purchased separately by private Contract, at a considerable advan- tage beyond that of voting for Members of Parliament. . The whole of the Premises are in the occupation of Mr. Edward Penfold, who will shew them to any gen. tleman applying for a view. For further particulars, apply personally* or by- letter ( post paid ) to Messrs. Holmes, Solicitors, Arun- del.— 14th March, la 11. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By It. MARK WICK, On the Premises!, on : Frfday, fhe aid day of March, 18tl. r I H1> E Live mid Dead Stock and Houshold Furni- X tore, of Mr. John Chapman, ofUcklield, miller and mealman, consisting of a Brown Mare, a tight Cart and Harness, and a Miller's Pad, nearly new, a Bridle and Saddle ; about mo Sacks; 2<> Bushels of mix'd Com, 2o Bushels Bran and Pollard,. 12 Bushels of Peas ; and 1711 House Faggots.- r- The Houshold Furniture con- sists of 3 Feather Bed', 3 Beadsteds and furniture, tj Blankets, 7 pair of Sheets ; a mahogany Bureau, Chairs, 5 Tables, I Clock, a 3< i- galloii Copper; Wash- ing and Brewing Utensils, and Kitchen Requisites in general. The Halt to begin at Ten o'clock. The Deed of Assigument of the above Effects, having been duly executed by- the said John Chapman, is now in the hands of Mr. Newnham, Uckfield, waiting the Signature of such Credit'ors w ho have hot already signed, - n— : '— ! A Capital Stock of Linen Drapery, Haberdashery, Ho- siery, &. e. & c. of X' 2, nou value. . CHICHESTER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, „ . By WHITE and SON, Oil the Premises, without reserve, on Monday, the 25th March, I8tl, and Eight following days, ALL the well selected STOCK IN TRADE of Mr. A. Groombridge, at his warehouse, near the Unicorn Inn, East- Gate; ( who has taken another con- cern in Kent) comprising Ell and yard- wide prints, and ginghams, seven- eighthS and four- fourths, Irishes, stripe cottons, checks, 7- 8 and- 4- 5 brown Holland, calico, ( flannels, dimities. Russia, Scotch, Lancashire and Irish Sheeting*; blankets, rugs, counterpanes, bed ticks, and bed furniture; ladies' and gentlemen's silk handkerchiefs, 6- 4 and 4- 4, silk and cotton shawls, plain and twil'. d sarsuets, worked and plain muslin, thread and cotton lace, 4- 4 aud t) 4 cambric muslins, a large assort- ment of ladies' and . gentlemes' silk, cotton, and worsted hose, superfine broad and narrow cloths, pelisse . cloths, kerseymeres, waistcoat pieces, corduroys; large assortment of Haberdashery, mens* and boys' hats, gloves, ladies' and children*' shoes, umbrellas, ic. & c. The Salt- to begin each day precisely " at, Eleven o'clock and continue till Ten in the Evening ; and on the last day will be Sold. by Auction all the modern Household Furniture, linen, china, glass, and Brewing Utensils ol Mr. A. Groombridge. Which will be duly expressed in Catalogues to be had at tid. each ( to he returned to purchasers) at ihe prin- cipal Inns of the adjacent Market Towus, Place vi' S de, and of'Messrs. White and Sou, North Street, Chiches- ter; or. High succtj Arundel. . r CORN EXCHANGE, March 15. We have to- day several further arrivals of Wheat, 1 part from Scotland, and sales rather gave way in prtee. There are again Urge a rivals, of parly this week about 30,000 quarters, and talcs wiod * » t a further' reduction in price.— Malt hetry White and Grey Peas and Beans of each sort nearly r at late prices— New Tieks 32s. tO 37s—- Old ss per currency— Oats hav ei ike wise arrived in great abun- dance, and Second with inferior qualities are lower —- Flour remains at our late quotations. CURRENT PRICK OF GtfA. IV : Wheat 6is. H is, Beans 48s. 54s. Fine ditto <) ts. yHs. Tick ditto 44s. 50s. us Rye ( new) . 34s. S8s. Oats < 2ds. S2S af> s. Barley 20s. 33s Poland, ditto27s. SOs. o » . Malt 60s. 68s. Potatoe ditto 35s. fld. White Incase) - Rape Seed 481. 5^ 1. ( boilers) > '.'.,...' Fine Flour 8ns. 8/ is. Grey Pease 37s. 43s. Seconds - Jos. 80s. SMITHFIELD- MARKET, March 15V This day's market, but a short supply of different • kinds of cattle : Beef and Mutton we're dei « ii*, Veal is cheaper ; Pork sold at last price; and ( lie Wade in general Was'not over- brisk. The sale, in Hay market were not lively ; May, Straw, mid Glover, fetched last, prices. The ' following, prices and numb, era are a correct statement:— To sink the offal. - per stone rf Sib. s d. s. tl. | Hea< l ofCaitie, litis day. : Jfe? f ' ,- 0 to 0- ^ Beasts •„..-;.;. P50 Mutton 4 4 t9 t> t> i Sheep - f 3SiH » Lamb o 0 to o ij. i Calves - - <) » Veal £ . 0 t; 7 O. ll'igs. - - I Pork .5 o Jo 7 oj. . postscript. -, from Saturday's London Gazette. Downing- Street March 14, 18- 11. HIS Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been graciously pleased, in the Name and on. the Behalf of ( lis Majesty, to appoint Sir James Cockburn, Bart, to be Governor and Commanded. in Chief of the Bermuda Islands. Admiralty- Office, March 16. ml. "" J His'Majesty's Ship Desiree off the ' Texttt SIR, March 10, l « i 1. 1. HAVE the Pleasure to acquaint" vow, that at" Two o'Clock this Morning, in I lis Majesty's ship ^ under my Command, we recaptured a Danish Bark. laden with Timber, bound to Sheern'ess. And at- Seven A.' M.- we captured, after a Chace of ail Hour, the- French Cutter Privateer Veloci- fere, of Fourteen Guns and Fifty- seven Men, com- manded by Jaques Lonis ). e Due; she is a fine new Vessel, on her first Cruize from Dunkirk,' which she left on the tth Instant, and h^ d only captured the Danish Bark above- mentioned. v • I have the Honour to be. Src. f( Signed) ARTHUR FARQUHAR. vice- Almiral Sir Edward Pelew, Bart, isfc. htc. • • '' '• BANKRUPTS. • J Pearce, Basinghall- street, London, clothier. — H. White, late of Drury- lane, Middlesex, apo- . theeary.— rT. Rust st, Marchmont- street, Tavistock- Middlesex,, oilman,--. W. Bowden, Down- heads. Somerset - dealer and- chapman.— E. Robe, Plymouth . Dock, Devon, miilliicr.-^ J'. Longsden. Stockport', Cheshire', " timber merchant;—\ V: Mar- man.' Old Gravel- lane, St.' George's iii the. East, Middlesex, butcher.— R. Hughes, of the Poultry, London, goldsmith and jeweller.— T. Pearson, of the New Road,- St. George's in the East, Middle- sex, grocer.— M. Ainscow and R. Ainscow, late of Clayton- in- le- Woods, Lancasnire, cotton mann- facturers.— T.- Sumner, of the Hamlet of Bands, Lancashire, miller.— R. Selway, of Bath, barness- maker-— W, Mildrum, of Totness, Devon, Imen draper— M. Swancott, of Foster- lane, Cheapside, London, Warehouseman— W Sharman, Hockley, Warwick, corn dealer.— W. A. Bartelott,. late of • Portsmouth, Southampton, perfumer.— T. Sutton, of Woolwich, Kent, victualler.— A. Hart and P, Simons, late of Portsea, Hants, navy agents — T. Battye, of Lane, Yorkshire., clothier.— Matth. Plaister, Huddersfield, Yoikshire, boot ami shoe- maker.— James Macneall, of Preston, Lancashire, linen draper.— E. Kay, of Birmingham, Warwick- shire, brandy merchant.— T. Higgins, late of Mere, Wilts, victualler. — J. L. White, late of Cannon- r street, London, wine merchant.-—* G. S. Prestwidge, ol Maid- lane. Southwark, Surry, brewer.— Joseph Spencer, of Brighthelmston, Sussex, linen draper — C. P. Melbourne and James Swan, of Old Bond- street, Middlesex, paper- hangers. LONDON, ( SUNDAY.) HOUSE ~ o7 LORDS. FRIDAY, MARCH 15. I, The Mutiny Bill passed through the Committee, and was ordered to be reported on Monday. *'•' The Order for taking the Prince Regent's Mes- sage into consideration on Monday was discharged, and the same ordered for Thursday next.— Adj. HOUSE or COMMONS. The House resolved itself into a Committee of Supply, and passed ( he several Resolutions moved by Mr. Yorke and Mr. Wharton; after winch it adjourned. to Monday. r'A communication has been made by the Board of Trade, to the Governor of the Russian Company, to the following effect-.— jt " Licences will be granted to import goods from the Baltic, on the subsequent conditions —* " The Captain, the ship's name, and her burthen, must lie inserted in the Licence, as well as the loading port it) the Baltic. If the port be east of the'Oder, the ships are to sail with convoy .' from the same rendezvous as last year." Arthur Young, esq. has undergone the operation of couching within these few days, with every pro- bability of complete success. Mr. Rogers, one of the Cadets at Woolwich, was gored by a bull, on Tuesday, and died of the wound on the next day. Another Cadet was pursued by the same animal, but escaped injury by throwing himself flat upon the ground. The journeymen manufacturers at Nottingham, we are sorry to hear, were last week greatly in- clined to lie riotous, in consequence of want of employ. At the Lincoln Assizes, on Wednesday last, Mr, William Drakard, was found guilty of pub- lishing a seditious libel, in his paper. THE STAM- FORD NEWS. MARRIED. On the 8th instant, at Gretna Green, the Hon. Charles Ewan Law, second son of the Right Hon. Lord Ellenborough, to Elizabeth o- phia, daughter of the late Sir Edward, and er to the present Sir Charles E. Nightingale of Knees worth House, in tha county of. Cambridge capal Inns of the adjacent Market Towns, Place • fthe disasierous, death- dealing expedition tn Wal- cheren. On this occasion, however, he should not dilate at any length upon that topic, a better op portunitv would present itself ere long, when the • Constituents and the Representatives must meet face to face. But from what had taken place at the discussion of the question in the House, and from the successive diminution of the minorities be txpected much more from the virtues of the Prince, than from those of the Representatives. Let the Prince have a full opportunity of dis- closiog liis political principles, of shewing himself ' ( he . aAvoriii, nf conciliation Ajift' refoim, ( he willing bearer, of the complaints, anu . redreiser of the grievances of the people, and he Would venture to rttlinf!,; That tlie shrit'ie'of venality would no lotiger be exalted in the fiyue of Commpns, but its wor- shippers slink away to hide their ignominious mtads. The Nobles' would evince those virtues whiih belong to that privileged order; virtues for the display of which their rank loudly calls; vir- tues to which they themselves lay peculiar claim, separated as they are ftom the herd of society. Mr. Blackman concluded an animated and elo- quent speech, to which we are unable to do justice in our detail, by moving a resolution, including the principal topics of his speech. Mr. Blackman's resolution having been se- conded, Mr. Harrison got lip and stated, that be supposed an address was to follow, that the constables were to go to London to present t| ie same, and asked who. wpre to pay the expence thereof? " W hp." said he, " but the inhabitant householders paving seot and lot !" He therefore reprobated the system which had . of late prevailed in the l> orou£> h, in calling meetings of inhabitants generally, insteadof INHABITANT HOUSEHOLDERS rJil/, and concluded bv moving, " that the latter only should vote on the present occasion."— on the suggestion of Mr. Hoper, however, Mr. Har- rison waived the motion at this time, still per- severing in his idea of . the propriety of it, and re- serving the right of agitating it 011 another Occasion. Mr. Hoper was perfectly willing to join in an Ad- dress expressive of veneration and affection for our beloved Sovereign; and his- Royal Highness the Prince Regent, but-; lamented the introduction of any topics that would ex'cfte dissension. He objected to- any illusion in the address, to the restrictions which the legislature had imposed on the Prince Regent, because bo. practical good could result from it. He wished that instead of introducing the sub- ject of public grievances and Parliamentary Re- form in the proposed Address, it had been framed with a view to meet the approbation of all good subjects, whatever their political opinions might be. He objected to the complaint of grievances in any address ; observing that the proper mode of making' such complaint was by petition to the Crown, or to Parliament. ' fie was sorry to heat in any pnblic meetings lan- guage which had a tendencyto inflame the niinds of the populace, and rouse their honest feelings im- properly. He wished that the Gentleman who moved the Address, instead bf taking so gloomy a view as he had done of the state of the country, and advert- ing so much to public abuses, and to the miscon- duct of public affairs, had looked a little to the brighter side, and had compared the situation of this country with that of any other under the sun. He complained of the fallacy of discussing the question of reform on an abstract principle of per- fection, because government must be administered by men subject to the frailties and imperfections of human nature, and it could not be expected that the stream could be purer than the source. He did not believe that public affair? were con- ducted with less integrity than was experienced in the common course of life. Unhappily, self- interest prevailed too much every where, and the great evil was t< t be found in our own vices. And therefore the only effectual re- form was that which was to be made in the heart. If those who were so desirous to reform the go- vernment would ,' ook into the best of all books, with a view to the discharge of their own indivi dual duties, and would attend to the admonitions on that subject, which they often received from the Reverend Gentlemen present, they would act wisely. It was wneandid and unfair to presume that men in public situations were more disposed than others to act from impure motives; for his own part he felt grateful to those who had hitherto conducted the affairs of the nation, and had preserved to us the blessings we enjoy. He lamented the general corruption of the times, and denied that government was more corrupt than the people. There was a common saying too much acted upon, that there was no harm in cheating the King, the Lord of the Manor, and the Parson. The principles 00 which individuals generally acted towards government were every where appa- rent. They had been shamefully manifested in the erection of barracks, and in other public works in this county, and in the practice of smuggling. The truth was that the people, individually, were too much disposed to cheat the people collectively, and in their own frauds to find a reason for tearing the government to pieces. He would ask all those who were so clamorous for reform, whether their own motives were quite pure, when they were called upon to vote at the election, of their Representatives in" Parliament ? and whether they did not look more to their own private interests than to the public good; and it would be well for 11 s all to remember, that we ought to pluck the beam out of out own eyes before we attempt to remove the mote from the eyes of our brethren. He observed, ' hat none of the advocates for Par- liamentary Reform had ever yet agreed as to the mode; and that the wisest and best men that this country ever produced, had agreed in thinking that. if was better to preserve, unaltered, the excel- lent, constitution under which we had hitherto en- joyed unrivalled happiness and prosperity, than to risque changes, the consequences of which no man could foresee. Instead of drawing a dismal picture of calamity, he looked with pleasure- on our national prosperity. At home we were rich and nourishing: Abroad the exploits of our navy and army were unequalled bv any thing recorded of the proudest days in En ghsh history. The power of our enemy was extirpated in the East and in the West. He looked with admiration at the efforts which were making in support of liberty in Spain and Portugal, and honoured our government for the manly spirit and firmness with which thev acted, and would gladly pay the income Tax, even if it were, 20 per cent.' iijsupport of so glorious a cause, But, when he professed himself a friend to the cause of liberty; he wished to explain himself, as the subject was often misunderstood; and that he meant not merely natural liberty, which could only exist iii a savage state, and consisted in the power of doing any thing good or bad, but civil and " ra- tional libei'tv, the only liberty which could be en- joyed in social life, and " which consisted equally in permission and restraint; permission to do every thing that was good, and restraint from doing every thing that was evil. lie regretted that there were so many instances of men. endeavouring to get into powei by exciting clamour, and misleading the populace on political subjects; but it was observable that when thev had attained their end by such means, they generally altered their note, and in plain English, after they had raised the devil to serve their purpose, they were glad to lav him again. On the subject of the failure of the Walcheren Expedition, he wished it to be remembered how much the unfavourable weather, and the disagree- ment between the Commanders had contributed to it; and if there had been errors on the part of Ministers, it was unfair to condemn them without also taking into consideration in how manv other instances they have done well; and that instead of judging of the propriety of an expedition from the eveut of it, the fair way was for every man to ask biiRseV, hosv he would have acted. if be had beefi " in the situation of those who had planned it ? Whether the affairs of the country were*' ma- naged by Mr. Perceval and Lord Liverpool, or. by Lord Grenville and Lord Grey, be hoped and trusted that all. Rood men would always remember1, that on the maintenance of government depended their comforts in social life, and would unite- against those who, under the pretext of reform, were pur- suing measures likely to end in anarchy and con- fusion, . Mr. Hoper concluded by moving, that the pro- posed Address should be amended 1. By the omission of all expressions « f disappro- bation of the Restrictions which the legislature bad thought proper 10 annex 40 the app « inment under which bis Royal Highness the Prince Be- gem now cxercises the powers of Royalty. And, adly. By the ami. siiMi of all those passage* in which public men' or measures are complained of, and . by the substitution of expressions of grateful acknowledgement of the disposition uni- formly manifested by our beloved and revered Sovereign, and by his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, " ' toregulate their conduct upon the u established principles of that ancient nnd ex- " cellcnt constitution under which the people - K t » f this Country have " hitherto enjoyed a state of niirirnllcui prosperity and happiness." And of our reliance on the paternal care of bis Majesty and the' Prince Regent, ami on the wisdom of Parliament, sit to administer the pow- ers of Government as to preserve to the people of this country the blessings tljey now enjoy; and to avert and remedy, as ' far as may be practicable, the evils and grievances win' ti ftrt' - necessarily incident even to the best and wisest of all hmiian institutions. This amendment was seconded by Mr. Whitfield. Mr. Parker agreed, with. Mr. Hoper, that we should all endeavour to reform ourselves; but because such reform was needful, he could not. see the necessity of abstaining from all other endea- vours to meliorate the condition of the country; nor did he see the propriety of this mode of rea- soning, that because we could not accomplish every thing desirable, we were not to attempt the accomplishment of any thin*. It was possible to draw too bright a picture of the prosperity of the nation ; those possessed of 1.5001. or 20001. a year, might be able, and perhaps willing, to contribute to the support of the present system; but that could not be the case with the lower orders of society, who laboured hard to procure the very necessaries of life. There was another class who suffered severely by the unequal and disptapor- tioned manner in which the income, tax was levied, persons of limited incomes not exceeding 1501. or 2001. a year. Every attempt, he conceived, might , be made with propriety to introduce measures tiiat would diminish the oppressive load; on this account the topic of reform might pertinently he intro- duced in the address, which should certainly possess some other merit than that of being merely compli- mentary. It was not from measures of reform that revolution and anarchy were to be appre- hended, but from a perseverance in an injurious system. Mr. Harrison again rose, and said, he could neither agree to the address entirely, nor to the amend- ment. He observed that he . could not be pledged by the petitions which had been voted at a former meet- ing as had been argued ; for he thought the mode ofappoiiuin& the Regent was so Constitutional, that he Only considered how those professing themselves the warmest friends of Liberty could object to it. The Right to nominate a Regent was undisputed: it was a valuable precedent not to be given up, and it might be necessary to exercise it in the co. urse of events for the Prince's protection. He wished the restraints on the Prince to be the lightest possible satisfied as he was that he would only have exercised his powers withj the same discretion as those he was now vested with. On the subject of Parliamen- tary Reform, Mr. Harrison alsp objected to the in- troduction of it without any precise limit or pro. position, since no two could quite agree in their ideas on that head. For bis part he should be satisfied were placemen, pensioners, and officers on full pay, excluded from parliament. In a neig- bouring County one plan of reform had been sug- gested, which was to sweep awav the right of re- turning members to parliament when there were less than 500 voters. The voters in Lewes, he believed, were less than 500, hut would they be content to remove their franchisis? He thought not. He could not approve of the system pursued by Mr. Pitt, and those who followed his steps since the year 1799 at which period ministers neglected the opportu- nity of conciliating Bonaparte, by listening to ' lis overtures for peace on his return from Egypt, and when his power was unfixed and precarious in France. He owned that he wished for a change of ministers, and with a change of ministers, he wished for a change of measures ; but he had no objection to the censuring of the ministers. Mr. Blackman in reply to what had fallen from those gentlemen who opposed the address, observed, that though anxious for unanimity, on this occasion he must deprecate all compromise of principle to obtain it; it was indeed desirable, but he could not consent to purchase it bv any sacrifice of political opinion. Onthe charge of inflaming the public mind, and appealing to popular feeling, he must observe, that those who would totlch the hearts of thei auditors, imist speak from the impulse of thei own; and that the man who felt strongly, would naturally express those feelings in strong language. Such charges had at least no noveltv; for every ad vocate of reform from the Sons of Cornelia to Sir Francis Burden, had been accused of violence. The term of fallacy was strongly applicable to the argument of the honourable gentleman, who recommended lis to compare the condition of thi country with that of others, and judge by. that comparison of our halppines^. rtnd our freedom Such was not the scale by which the situation of Englishmen ought to be measured; because it fol- lowed," tiiat if on that scale our condition was but one degree higher than that of our neigh- bours, we ought to sit down contented without' an effort to better our lot. His was a different, but, he beljeved, a more correct estimate of liberty and happiness: a free people were not to consider whether their condition could be endured, to live or rather to groan Under; but whether it was such as nature and reason entitled { hem to possess, poti- livelynot comparatively good. The opinion which had been advanced that the imperfection of human nature is an ample apology for all public mismanagement, and a sufficient plea to be urged for the faults and delinquencies of pu blic men, must terminate, beyond all doubt, in the slavish doctrines of passive obedience and non- resistance; nor Could the ablest supporters of such arguments draw the line of distinction. The address which he had had the honour of reading, contained no sentiments favourable to anarchy, no sentence which could be Construed into an approbation of revolutionary principles; it Contended indeed for the necessity of reform ; and as long as he had the example of Shoreham before his eves, as often as he read in the public prints that ihe Duke of Norfolk had purchased the borough of Horsham, or the Duke of Dorset made his arrangement with the burgage holders of East Grinstead. an angel from heaven would fail to convince him that such necessity did not exist It had been complained that he had drawn too gloomy a view of public affairs; let gentlemen read the report of the commercial credit committee, and ( be description which that gave of the distress of our great manufacturing towns, would bear him out in the fidelity of his statement; let them look too, at the resolutions of parliament, which voted a loan of si:< Kiillions, ifiot indeed to those whose distress called so loudly for relief, but to the merchants who had lent such strenuous suppoit to the ini- quitous measures of administration. An honourable gentleman had apologised for the failure of the Walcheren expediton, by talking of winds and waves, and disputes between the com- manders ; he ( Mr., B.) would state the real cause which had not been mentioned, and give it as bis opinion, that tlig author of that, failure was ( he no- torious Mrs. Clarke! It would be recollected that the examinations of that celebrated ladv, de- veloped the disgraceful attempts of Lord Castle- reagh ( o barter Indian patronage for a seat in the honourable house, and that at that very time was going forward the shameful intrigue to remove his lordship from the cabinet. But. rather than ex- hibit to the country any disapprobation of his Lordship's conduct in the bartering transaction, the intrigue, as appeared from the documents of the intriguers, was for a while suspended, and Lord Castlereagh was left. in office to appoint the- com- manders of the expedition, to send thousands of Englishmen to rot in the pestilential marshes of Walcheren, and cause thousands more to expire in the crowded hospitals of their native land. If the amendment passed, the most valuable part of the address would be lost; he meant the fnentipn. of our grievances and our prayers for reform ; the regret that any restrictions should have been imposed on ihe power of the regent ought not to be omitted, and these restrictions, he contonded,. were not, as had been represented, im- posed by the legislature, because onexif. the three branches had given no.' gertuir. e assent. He de- precated the omission of " any allusions to public men in the first address to the Prince Regent; by such conduct we sacrificed a valuable privilege for an empty compliment, and proclaimed to the world that we had a . right to . address the throne, provided we had the delicacy to refrain from all expression of complaint. In his opinion an address, speaking the full undisguised sentiments' at the, meeting, in the language of affection and with the tone of freemen, would be most honourable to their own character, and mojt welcome to the noble and gracious disposition of the Regent. Mr. Hoper's amendment, was then pot and nega- tived. ' ..... . At the suggestion of Mr. A. Lee, who conceived that the add reSs'was so Worded, as to preclude op position, Mr. Blackman consented to alter his resolution and read the address, whiebwas afterwards put and carried. It is written in firm but res) jec(- ful language, and embraces the various topics to which Mr. B. had alluded. After it has been pre- sented to the Regent, it will be published agreeably to a resolution of the meeting, in this paper. The Address is to be presented by one or both of our Chief Officers, on the next levee duy. - Cant. Shiffner had the honour' of beini? pre- sented to the Prince Regent, at his levee, 01} Tuesday last. • The Gazette of Saturday contains Addresses to the Prince Regent, from the county of So merset, the cities of Chester, York, Canterbury, and Hereford; the Corporation of Portsmouth ; and the towns of Beverley, Great Grimsby, and Nottingham; nil of which are expressive of thanks to his Royal Highness for his having accepted the Regency, and most of them of regret at the restrictions which have been im- posed upon the Regal Power. His Royal Highness the PRINCE REGENT has been pleased to appoint J. B. Stone, of the Newhaven Volunteer Artillery, to be ' First Lieu- tenant;, vice Geere, resigned; and Henry C. Verrall, gent, to be Second Lieutenant," vice Stone, promoted. The Commission of Assize for this county will be opened on next Monday morning ; im- mediately after which the Judges will proceed to business.— See advertisement iu the first page. The Sheriff and his retinue will arrive at Horsham on Sunday, to dinner; after which they will proceed a small distance on the Lon- don road, to meet the Judges, who will, on that day, dine at Dorking. Their Lordships are ex- pected to reach Horsham about six o'clock on Sunday evening. There are now about prisoners for trial at the above Assizes, most of whom are charged with capital offences. We hear of nothing likely to excite much interest at the bar of NISI PRIUS. The late fijie and drying weather has been highly favourable to agricultural pursuits. The arrivals of wheat have been unusually great at the port of Newhaven, during the lust fen days— 1S00 quarters have been brought in from London and Norfolk; several coal brigs have called at the port, but only a few of them have sold, 011 account of the prices being low. The trade of the port, in general, for the last four months, has been duller than in any winter for upwards of ten years past. Last Monday, Thomas Pelvin, the younger, was committed to the House of Correction, in this town, charged with stealing on the premises of Lydia Faulconer, of Lindfield, one hand- hill, one top- axe, one pair of hedging- cuffs,; and a clasp knife, the property of the said Lydia Faul- coner. O11 Tuesday Jesse Bates, a labourer of Nor- thiam, was committed to the said House of Cor- rection, by C. Lamb, esq. charged with steal- ing a pair of hall- bootSi Jthe property of John Juniper. The young woman charged with stealing di- vers trinkets of considerable value, and sundry articles of wearing apparel, the property of Mrs. Augur of Westham, in whose service she had lived some little time ; and Butcher Bray, charged with stealing and slaughtering a bul- lock, the property of Mr. Elphick, of West- ham, whose commitments we mentioned in a former paper, were 011 Wednesday last removed by habeas corpus, from the prison at Pevensey, to Horsham Gaol, for trial at our ensuing As- sizes. The slaughtered animal, by the. order of Mr. Elphick, was distributed. to the poor of the parish of Hooe, where the offender lived. The two men taken up for stealing poultry, as stated irr our last paper, . on Tuesday under- went a re- examination, and were fully com- mitted for trial at the assizes, for which purpose they were removed to Horsham mi Thursday EXTRAORDINARY CALF Last Friday se'n- night, a « alf was drawn dead, from n cow be- longing to Mr. Guy, of Chalvington, that weigh- ed the next day, sixteen stones and one pound ! The cow is doing very well. One day last week the body of a seafaring man, clothed in two jackets, . and two pair of trowsers, was picked up 011 the beach near Bi- shopstone. The head and neck were entirely gone. The decapitated corpse, which inrasurcd five feet nine inches,' wag put. i it to a coffin and decently interred. The deceased must havi been an extremely tall man, and was probably lost iii some vessel which foundered at sea. - The Charity Lands, near Hastings; were let . by • Auction; on the 9th instant,; bursiiaut to noiicp; and were knocked down : it: tie rcut fixed upon them,. without a single biddihg; except bitty upon one Lot, which bore a small - advance of 41.; but it should be observed,, th< jt the bidder on this J-< ot, has since requested permission to withdraw his bidding, in consideration of its disadvantages, „ .. Yesterday morning the skin and entrails of rt ii/ sep that hud been recently killed by a clumsy butcher; were found in the stream that runs through a field, near. Winterbourn, used by Mr. Irish. The skin exhibited a nWk, but too inioerfecj. ly to be made out. BIRTH. At the Rectory, on Friday; March 8;, the lady, < jf tlie Rev. John Pratt, Rector of Seddlescomb, of a- son.. MARRIED. A tew days since, Mr. Thomas Palmer, jun. of East Grinstead, to Miss Har- riet Jackson, only daughter of the Rev. Wm. Jackson, of Rye, in this county. DIED. On Monday last, on the 11 th inst. after, a very lingering ' illness,. Jane, the wife of Mr. Thomas Clio Rickman, of Upper Mary Bone- street, London. . With, a highly cultivated • mind she combined the most kind . and affec- tionate heart; her death,' therefore,- will be deeply lamented by a ' circle of friends. One of these who hiMoni? knpwi'i andttteemed her, and Who wmpathizfe* ift '' tlie'. atRictions of her'husband, feels a me^ ah^ oTy in thus beariii2. testilrio. ny & lier virtues. At . Uckfield, 011 Wednesday-, liist.; of apo- plexy, the Rev. S. Bostock, Vicar of East Grinstead, in this county,,- a gentleman greatly respected by all who had the pleasure'of his acquaintance. " Oil Thursday morning, at his House at Street, near this town, Mr. Richard Marchant, a re- spectable yeoman' apd farmer. A few days since, Mrs. Harvey, wife of Mr. Harvey, tea- dealer, in the Cliff. On Thursday, the 7th instant,. Between eleven and twelve o'clock at night,'. suddenly, ur. Brede, in this county} Mr. Thomas Ades, si- u. ja. On Friday se'nnight, after a linger! hi;-' illtie.- s, of nearly eleven years, which lie bOr'e'vyVth grJnt fortitude and resignation, Mr. Philip Elen, « f Arlington, yeoman. * » * Tlie Letter signed, A Sussex. FARMER, awl FRIEND TO THE POOR, will be attended to. ulVeii wc have rooni. ' A COUNTER- CAUTION, as it applies only to an it. au virtual, aud i* of no public import whatever, " inad. riiisxihle. The Lines respectinffs petsoii in a Parish Workhouse, are unfit for publication.' A POOR MAN'S CASE, Shall appear in our NEST Journal. BRIGHTON, MARCH IB, 1811. The PRINCE REGENT'S levee, on Tuesday,! was extremely fully attended ; and a great niuo ber of presentations afterwards took place, lit the publication of names,, in the London pa- pers, we observed that of Dr. Tierney, wag placed, by mistake, among the Rev. Doctors; it should have been in the same line as Doctors Baillie and Maton.— It has been whispered in town, that his Royal Highness will not hold more than one other public levee. This ra- i mour, we suppose, is grounded on the idea of the King's expected recovery. The Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Egre- mont, who are the most considerable proprietors of estates, through which the Grand . Southern Canal will jJaSss, have warmly interested them- selves in that important undertaking, svhich is under the superintendence of Mr. Rennie, and will complete a line of inland navigation be- tween London and Portsmouth. .- The Steyne begins to wear the garb of spring, whose Verdant hue, together with the salubrious and renovating breezes from the sea, which we have for some days past experienced, called forth no small number of" fashionable protnercaders. The late tine weather has been . highly favor- able to many of our valetudinarian visitors, whom the uutoward atmosphere, at the commencement of the month, totally deprived of exercise. The ides have, in consequence, been numerously attended. The 10th Light Dragoons, commanded by the Prince Regent, whose distinguished bravery, when on foreign service, we. have before felt pleasure in noticing, by his Royal Highness 8 permission, are in future to bear the title of THE ROYAL HUSSARS, A meeting of Boat Owners, and others in- terested in the Fishery, was held at our Town- Hall, on Thursday last, when it was resolved to petition the House of Commons, in oppositirn to the Bills now pending for the establishment of the " Western Fishery Company, & c." We have had a supply of coals, since our last, from three or four colliers, which, from the propitious weather that prevailed, were safely and expeditiously unladen on the bench, to the no small satisfaction of our merchants. The Fish Market has been pretty plentifully supplied since our last; turbot, soles, and brills, were sold 011 the beach at lOd. per pound for the London Market. Our Corn Market was better attended on- Thursday last, t^ ian we had seen it for some time before; but' little business, however was transacted. An ancient brooch or buckle of virgin gold,, was dug' up here a tew days since, by some workmen employed in digging for the founda- tion of a new house. It. presents an inscription, and from what we have heard of it, in. Saxon characters, but our antiquaries are puzzled in their attempts to decypher - it. Yesterday sennight, a gentleman from Wor- thing, who had put up his horse at an Inn, in this Town, on- his ordering him out in the even- ing, had the mortification to find, that he had been claimed as a stolen horse, arid taken away by his owner, who, however, indulged the gen- tleman with the use of the animal to take him home. Last week, between 30 and 40 breeding ewes, were killed in some- marshes near Chichester, by two hungry dogs, who were detected in the fact, and very properly punished with death. PRICE of CORK. — Lewes, 8aniula\, Maicn 19 Red Wheat - • - « £' 4 1( 5 0 ' to 4 18 „ White Ditto - - 5 < t ( I to' t> o 1, Barley - - - I 8 0 to I 12 0 J. LEIGHTON, Inspector. PRICE of STOCKS. Ou Saturday, at One o'clock. COIIMIU . . RertUifd - . "' Omrtijim - - di,. SpetCVnt, » - g- j From Tuesday's London Gazette. rpms night's Gazette contains llie subjoined ex- 1 tracts of dispatt- lies to the Earl of Liverpool fri. irt Lieut.- General Lord Wellington: CARTAXO, FEB. 10.—''[' he Portuguese cavalry having been unsupported in their pas> age of the Eynra on the 61I1 ins » » weic obliged to retire across the Evora, ill which operation they sustained a loss of not less than fij officers and .5( 10 soldiers killed and wounded, including the Brigadier- General Don Carlos D'Espagne anion; the latter. It appears that the Spanish troops behaved remarkably well upon this occasion. Although 1 have observed and heard of various movements by the enemy in the interior of their position. 1 have not found upon the wlvile an. v material alteration; aud i imagine that these movements have been made principally to endeavour to obtain subsistence. The difficulty in finding any increases daily;- and the inhabitants of Torres Novas and Thomar, who alone had gene- rally remained in their habitations upon the ene- my's invasion, ate now coming into this part of the country nearly starving. CARTAXO,'' FEB. 23^— Trie French attacked Ge- neral Mendizabel on the 191I1 inst. in the position which he had taken on the heights of St. Christo- val, near Badajoz, and totailv defeated him. The enemy had to cross the Guadiana and the Evora, but surprized the Spanish arinv in their camp, which was standing, and is taken, with baggage and artillery. The eticMy have not been abb to establish themselves within the redoubt of Par- dailleros since they carried it on the 11th inst. and have made po progress in the operations of the siege. Their position, ^ however, 011 the l ight of tiie Guadiana, gives them great advantages, of which they will know how to avail themselves; 1 mid they actually commenced to entrench it 011 the evening of the day on which they obtained pos- session of it. I am informed that there are 2000 good troops in Bnjadoz, some having retired into that fortress from the field of battle; and that the garrison is well supplied with provisions, which have been left there by the inhabitants, who quit- ted the place when the communication with it was recently opened. Tllje works are still untouched, and the enemy's fire had hitherto done but little damage to the town. General Claparere's division of. the 9th corps still continued upon Guarda, with their advanced guard at Belmonte, when I last heard from that part of the country. They had made an attempt to obtain possession of Covilhao on the 12th, but were repulsed with some loss by Col. Grant, who had occupied the town with a partv of Ordenanza of Lower Beira. Major- General Sir Wm. Erskine who command- ed the out- posts on the left of the army, has re- ported to me the capture of General Clanfel's aid- de- camp, and a detachment of the enemy's ca- valry and infantry, on the iQth inst. by Cot net Stremwitz, of the hussars, who acauitted himself with great judgment and boldness. ' Mte operations of the Guerillas continue throughout the interior. Don Julian Sanchez, whom I have frequently men tioned to yotir Lordship, has recently captured a large convoy of biscuit on its march from Ledesma to Cindad Rodrigo, which had come from Palen cia; and another party has recently done the ene mv considerable injury near the bridge ofArzu- bispo. It is said that General La Houssave has been killed in an affair at that place. A consider- able quantity of baggage has been sent out of San- tarem, but I am inclined to think it belongs to sick officers and soldiers who have been moved from thence to the rear of the army. CARTAXO, MARCH 2. The enemy have conti- nued their operations against Badajoz, but without much etfect; find the tire of the place is well kept tjp, and the garrison in good spirits. Gen. Men- dizabel is endeavouring to collect and re- organize his corps at Villa Viciosa, 111 Portugal. The enemy moved a large force, with cannon, upon Lieut.- Col. Grant, at Covilhao, on 18; h Feb. and he was obliged to withdraw the Ordenanza from thence, and to retire to Alpedrinha. The enemy have made no movement of any importance in the front of this aimy. BANKRUPTS. Charles Henry Stokes, and John Henry Schnei- der, sen. Birmingham, leather- sellers.— William Parsons, Shepton- Mallet, corn- factor.— Joseph Din- gle, Plymouth- Dock, cabinet- maker.— Robert Bal- lingali, Liverpool, merchant.— Joseph Maynard, Wells, cabinet- maker.— John Williams, Compton- street, baker.— William Finlayson and Thos. Dears, Liverpool, merchants.— Martin Webber and Wm. Webber, Ilchester, dealers in cattle.— Wm. Easton, Breadstreet, factor.— Richard Bath, Maker, rope- maker.— Isaac Parkes, Birmingham, timber- mer- chant— Thomas Hastings and Rowland Hastings, Southwark, silversmiths. William Spencer and Abraham Woodhead, New Court, merchants. Martin Chariton, Argyle- street, victualler.— W111. Harper, Friday- street, silk- weaver.— Sarah James and Ambrose Gosling, of Mark- lane, wine- mer- chants. LONDON. HOUSE OF LORDS. — MONDAY, MARCH 11. BERKELEY PEERAGE. Counsel were again called in, and further evi- dence was given at the Bar. when the Solicitor- General requested indulgence for more time; after which the Committee adjourned till the first Thursday after the recess. Upon the motion of Lord Redesdale, the Report of the Population Bill was brought up and agreed to.— Adjourned. TUESDAY.— Marquis Wellesley presented a mes- sage from the Prince Regent, requiring further as- « ; tance from Parliament, for maintaining the forces in Portugal.— Ordered to be taken into Considera- tion 011 Monday next — Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS, Monday, March II. IMPORTATION OF BARLEY. Upon the motion of Mr. Curwen, there was or- ^ re l to be laid before the House an account of the ouautity of Barley imported into Great Britain from the year 1800 to 1810, specifying what had been brought from foreign parts, and what from Ireland. REGENCY. Mr. Whitbread stated, that he had given noticc a, s to his intention to- morrow to move some perma- nent- measures as to the Regency; but on account • of the Members being obliged to go to the Assizes, be should postpone it to Wednesday the 27th of March. Mr. Perceval's Plan for, the relief of the Com- mercial World, by a Loan of Six Millions, was then discussed, and at length agreed to. Adj. TUESDAY,— The Chancellor of the Exchequer presented a Message from the Prince Regent, si- milar to that presented by Marquis Wellesley to the House of Lords ; it was ordered to he taken into consideration on Monday. Adj. Under the present critical state of affairs with America, it is said that all Governors and other civil and military officers arc about to be ordered to repair, without lo- « of time, to their respective stations. The number at home, at the present moment, is beyond former precedents. Sir George Prevost, it is reported, is to succeed Sir James Craig, iu the important command of Canada.— This will occasion further changes. ' Tuesday* tile Prince Regent held his. setotld levCe at Carlton- House, which was very numerously and splendidly attended. Advices have been received by Ministers from General Graham. He had embarked and sailed with a considerable arm'auvent of English and Spa- nish troops, and had landed at Algeziras on the 21st ult. A severe gale had come 011 which dis- persed the ships, and prevented him from disem- barking all the troops at the same poiht; but it was hop^ d that he would be able, if duly seconded by the Spanish garrison in Cadiz, to raise the siege of that citv. The ' arrival of Sir Joseph York's squadron at Lisbon, is now certain. It arrived in the Tagus on Sunday week, just as the Sea flower, which is ar- rived at Plymouth, was coming away. Mr. Perceval's plan for the relief of the Com- mercial World, by a loan ot Six Millions in Ex- chequer Bills, was discussed on Monday night in the House of Commons. A motion for an Address to his Majesty for that purpose was carried without a division. American Papers to the 12th last. They contain a Message sent to the House of Representatives, announcing the seizure of a vessel from New York, under the Berlin and Milan Decrees. On the 2d ult. the dav 011 which the Non- Intercourse Law was to take effect, Mr. Randolph moved for a Bill to repeal the Law.— An interesting debate took place, but his motion was negatived hv 70 against 45. He then moved to suspend it, which was also rejected. A motion was then carried, that the Non- Intercourse Enforcing Bill be re- committed to the Committee upon Foreign Relations, " on « tc . unt,"' said the Mover, " of the peculiar situa- tion of our foreign relations, and the cloud which at present appeared to overhang them, and un- til it should he dissipated, he thought we ought to make provision for the relief of our citizens, under the operation of the Non- Intercourse Law." The following are at the head of the Deputation- appointed to present the Catholic Address to the Prince Regent:— Earls Shrewsbury, Fingal, and Kenmare. Viscounts Gormanstown, Netterville, and South- well. Lords Trimblestown and Ffrench. Sirs Thomas Esmond, Edward Bellew, Hugh O'Reily, Thomas Burke, and Francis Goold, Ba- ronets. Major- General O'Farrell. Colonel Burke, fcc. HASTINGS, SUSSEX. TO be DISPOSED of, and entered upon im mediately, a desirable Situation in the IRON- MONGERY, HARDWARE, and UPHOLSTERY bu- siness. For particulars, apply to Mr. Joseph Hannay, or Mr John Cossum, at Hastings. OAK TIMBER. SUSSEX. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. THYNNE, At the Swan Inn, Forest- Row, near East- Grinstend, Sussex, on Thursday, the 4th of April, lull, at three o'clock in the afternoon, precisely, '" pHREE Lots of excellent OAK TIMBER, situ- X ate 011 Cans Iron Farm, within three nules of the town of East- Grinstead, and J2 from London, Particulars may he had at the Dorset- Arms, East- Grinstead ; the Star, Lewes; the King's- Head, Cuck- field ; the Maidenhead Inn, Uckfield ; the Angel, Tun- bridge ; at the Place of Sale ; and at the OtKce of Messrs. Pearce and Kent, Craig's- Court, Charing- Cross, London. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By Mr. ATTREE, "( Under a Commission of Bankrupt),— at No. 3, Sussex- Place, in Brighton, on Friday, the 29th day of . March instant, between the hours of eleven and twelve o'clock in the forenoon,— IN THE UNDER MENTIONED LOTS". Lot 1. A LODGING - HOUSE and BUILD- INGS, being No. 7, in Curlton- Place, in Brighton aforesaid, near the Grand Parade, bring a Copyhold of the Manor of Atlingworth, fine and heriot certain ; containing, in front, about 17' feet, and about 75 feet deep ; comprising a kitchen, pantry, house- keeper's room, and ont- otiices, front and back parlours with folding doors, drawing- room, with bed room be- hind, and four bed rooms above. This Hou--. c is let furnished to the 1st of'June, 181' ; the furniture therein will be sold to the purchaser of this lot, if required, at a fair appraisement, but iu case be should decline, the Assignees to have the liberty to sell the Furniture on the premises, at the expiration of the present letting. Lot 2, A Lodging House and Buildings, Copyhold, fine and heriot certain, of similar size with the last house, and comprising the like number of rooms and conveniences, being: No. 1 J, in Carlton- Place aforesaid, now let on lease for 14 years, 13 of which are unexpi- red, at 70 guineas per annum. Lot 3. A Lodging House and Buildings, Copyhold, fine and heriot certain, of similar dimensions with the last lot, and comprising the same number of rooms, and with the like conveniences, being No. 12, in Carlton- Place aforesaid ; the purchaser of this lot, will have the option of purchasing the Furniture therein, at a fair appraisement. Lot 4. A Pi^ ce of Freehold Ground, enclosed as a Garden, on the East side of Circus Street aforesaid : containing in front from North to South 34 feet, and iu depth from East to West 50 feet, or thereabouts ; to tiler with half the wall on the South side. Lot 5. A Piece of Land, containing Four Pauls, be- ing No. a, of the Terrier of the Common Lands, of Brighton, made in the year 17;;**; situated in the second Furlong in llie North Laine : Also. Four Pauls of Land, being No. J8, of the same Terrier, situated iu the same Furlong: Also, Eight Pauls of Land, situate in the residue of the fourth Furlong, in the Hilly Lame aforesaid, being No. 35, in the said Terrier : Also, Four Pauls of Laud, described in the said Ter rier, as No. 3( 5, situate in the said residue of the fourth Furlon", in the Hilly Laine, which said several Pieces of Laud arc Copyhold, and holden of the Manor of At- lingworth: A| so. Four Pauls of Land, situate iu the second Fur long, Hilly Laine aforesaid, being No. 46, in the said Terrier, also Copyhold, holdeu of the Manor of Brigh- ton. Lot 6. All that spacious Yard, lately used as a Coal Yard, situate at the buck of, or near to, Carlton- Place aforesaid, with a very capacious granary, warehouses, stables, and- buildings ; also a good- sized garden, and a piece of ground near, or adjoining thereto, and leadin into the public road fronting Ivory Place. Lot 7. A Piece of Copyhold Land, described in the Terrier of the Common Lands of Brighton; as No. 30. containing Five Pauls, situate iu the Crooked Furlong, in the North Laine, upon which a Messuage, or Tene ment mid Buildings, been erected a - d built, aud'lute in the occupation of William Mac Euin. This lot fronts the road leading from Brighton to Preston. Lot 8. Three Pieces of Copyhold Land, containing Two Acres, tenantry measure, situate iu the second Furlong, in the North Laine, in Brighton, let to Mr Rendall, for the term of Qy years, commencing. the 25th day of March, 17yy, at the yearly rent « f 17I. payable half yearly. Also, a Piece of Copyhold Land, containing < 2 Pauls, in the Furlong beading the barns iu the West- lane te liautry, let 10 Mr. Thunder, for a term of 99 years, at the yearly rent of 3l. Lot y. A Piece of Freehold Laud, highly desirable Tor building upon, iu a line with Sussex Place, Brighton aforesaid, containing iu front 17 feet, and . depth 4S feet or thereabouts. Further particulars may be known, of Mr. Mills, at the Old Bank,— and of Messrs, Brooker and Colbatch Prince's- Place, Brighton. iitriirm nRPOisf. to ESNKLEPERS, BREWERS, kc. To be SOLD by TENDER, \ LL that long- established Freehold Meihiage XJt Tenement, or Inm called or known by the name or sign. of the ROYAL OAK, comprising a large < liuing- rnotn, two parlours, a bar room, kitchen, brewhouse, 101 excellent cellar, and several sleeping- rooms ; toge- ther with the several stables, outbuildings, garden, yard and premises thereto belonging, situate in the town of Hiirstperpoint, iu the county of Sussex, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Bartley, the pro- prietor, who will give immediate possession. The Premises are altogether very convenient, and mo> t desirably situated for business. Also, it, the same Tender, A ( I those two Freehold Cottages or Tenements, and Sadler's Shop, adjoining and belonging to the aforesaid Intiand Premises, uowin ihe occupation of several te- nants from year to year-( except the Sadler's Shop, which is in the occupation of the proprietor, Mr. T. Bartley, who will give immediate possession of the same.) Scaled Tenders ( post- paid) to be addressed to Mr. Thomas Bartley, on the Premises, 011 or before the 2 « th day of this instant March ; of whom further par- ticulars may be knowu; TO BE SOLD. BY AUCTION, By JAMES THOMAS, At the Bell Inn, Bexhill, on Friday, the 22d day of March instant, at four o'clock iu the afternoon, ADesirable little FARM, situate in the parish of Bexhill, iu the county of Sussex, comprising a Messuage, Out- buildings, atid 21 acres of Land, more or less, now iu the occupation of Mrs. Jenny Spray, One acre of the land, or thereabouts, is freehold, and the remainder of the premises are copyhold of in- heritance, holdeu of the manor of Bexhill. finable at the will of the Lord, subject to three heriots, accord- ing to the custom of the manor, and to the payment of annual quit- rents, amounting together to is. 7d. Immediate possession may be Had, For further particulars, apply to Mr. Thos. Lansdell, at Bexhill ; or at the Office of Messrs, Shadwell, Bishop and Thorpe, Hastings. 7th March, 1811. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By J. THOMAS, On Thursday, the 4th day of April, 1811, between the hours of four and six in the evening, at the New Inn, Sidley- green, in alms: LOT A Freehold well- built POST WINDMILL, 1. XJL In full trade, together with 11 Stable for two horses, and a new- erected cart- lodge, with half an acre of ground, more or less, situate near the extensive Barracks, at Bexhill, the general resort of from 4 to 5600 Troops. Lot 2.— A Piece of very rice Meadow Land, situate djoiningthc Mill, containing 2 acres, more or less, • opyhold, holden of the manor of Buckholt, sub- ject to a heriot and a small quit rent of I id. yearly. N. B. Part of the purchase. moue/ may remain on a mortgage if required ; and for further particulars, ap- ply to Mr. John Bridger. the Proprietor, at Bexhill. Thorough- bred Covering Stallions, thorough- bred Colts, Cart Stallions, & c. TO BE SOLD, BY AUCTION, By RICHARD WILD, At his Repository, Canterbury, Saturday, March 3U, I8I I, LOT I. SCUD, ( late Ptarmagan) the property of the late Lord Monson ; he is a dark brown without white, 15 hands three inches high, is a remarkab'y good hunter, an exceeding good hack, is without bleniUli and quiet to ride. He was got by Moorcock, his dam Matron ( the dam of Sir Soloman) by Florizel, grandam Maiden bv Match'em, great- grandam Mr. Pratt's famous old Squirt mare; Maiden is full sister to Pumpkin, is ihe dam of Walnut and the great grandam of Gohana. which horse s now covering at 25 guineas each mare; Moorcock was got by Highflyer, his dam Georgiana by Match'em. Scud proved himself a sure foal getter last season, ( which was his tirst,) most of his mares being in foaL Lot 2. NOYEAU, a beautiful black horse, five. years old, 15 hands three inches, got by Whiskey, his dam Spinatta ( sister to Peggy) by Trumpator, Herod, Snap Gower stallion, Childers, Whiskey was got by Saltram, his dam Calash, by Herod. This horse is sound', has been hunted a few times this season, is perfectly temperate with hounds, and likely to make a good hunter, aud likewise a covering horse. Lot 3. A DARK BROWN COLT, rising three years old/ 15 hands one inch high, is thought t( i be as strong if not the strongest thorough bred colt of his age, at this time in the kingdom; was got by Didler, his dam Gal- lipot by Apothecary, ( Gallipot was a capital racer), gran- dam Desdemona by Mask; Apothecary was got by Evergreen, his dam Sylvia by Blank; Evergreen was got by Herod- This colt is broke, is quiet to ride, has never had a gallop, is engaged iu a produce sweepstakes with ten others, ten guineas each, at Canterbury, 1811. Lot 4. A BAY COLT, rising two years old, full bro- ther to lot three, of great size, with uncommon boue and large muscular powers ; is supposed to be superior in strength to any thorough bred colt of his age, at this day in existence; is engaged 111 a produce sweepstakes with nine others, ten guineas each, at Canterbury, 1812. Lot 5. A BAY COLT, rising one year old, got by Eagle, his dam Kitty, out of Kitty Bean, by Teddy the Grinder. Lot6. AINDERBY, a bay well- bred covering stal- lion, six years old, lb bands high, a good and safe horse to fide, a remarkable fast walker, an exceeding good trotter, and a remarkable sure and good foal getter ; was got by Ainderby, his dam .1 strong hunting mare; Old Ainderby was got by Match'em, his dam by Snap, was full brother 10 Alfred, Dictator, and Conductor, for whose performances and pedigree see Racing Calen- ders. Lot 7. WAXWORK, a beautiful black cart stallion, has covered iu Kent three seasons, where he has proved himself a superior stallion, being the sire of the best colts in the county; he won the prize at Canterbury, 1808 ; he is 16 hands one inch high ; is a good worker ; rcmatkably quiet, aud a very sure stock getter, and may justly be said to be the compleatest covering stallion iu the kingdom; is calculated for any country, being a horse of great weight, and at the same time particularly active, light head, short back, deep carcassed, wide bo- somed, wide thighs, and short legs; and will, 011 in- spection, be found to claim the atteuliou of breeders in general. Lots. RODNEY, six years old, is a black horse, 16 bauds one nch high, h is covered three seasons in Kent, has proved himself a sure aud good stock- getier, is sup- posed by judges to be as useful a horse as can be shewn, is a particular quiet worker, a remarkable good consti- tution, and is calculated as a covering stallion for any county. Lot 9. BLAZE, a beautiful black, six years aid, iG hands high, is of the true Suffolk breed, was bred by the Earl of Bristol, aud is thought to be the compleatest Suffolk Punch in this kingdom, is a remarkable good worker, and particular quiet, with a most extraordinary hard constitution; covered iu Kent last season, most of his mares arc in foal. Lot It). FARMER'S GLORY, a beautiful black cart stallion, four years old, tG hands high, it good worker, a » ure foal getter, remarkably quiet, aud supposed to be the widest horse of his age, this day iu England, Lot tl. A BAY STONE CART COLT, rising three years old, 16 hands high, remarkably handsome, is par- ticularly short in his back, deep 111 his carcass, wide in his thighs, and short on his legs, will be found 011 in spection to claim the attention of Stallion Masters in ge- neral, as being a colt likely to make a horse of great value. Lot 12 A BLACK STONE COLT, rising three years old, iG bauds one inch high, is supposed to be the largest boned coll of his age, at this time to be found ; is likely to make a horse of great value. This colt may justly be said to possess iu every respect the parts of a six year old horse, having that depth of carcass and width of frame, so uncommon to horses at his age. STRATFORD's FOLIO EDITION OF HENRY's COMMENTARY. Printed verbatim from the best London Edition, with- - out any Abridgment whatever. This day is published; Price only Sd. ( Each Number containing Three whole Sheets bf large. Demy Letter Press, and many of them Four Sheets), NUMBER 1. Embellished with an elegant PORTRAIT of the Rev. MATTHEW HENRY, ( To be continued weekly)— OF AN EXPOSITION ON THE OLD and NEW TESTAMENT, Wherein each Chapter is summed up in its Contents; The Scared Text Inserted at large iu distinct Paragraphs; Each Paragraph reduced to its proper Heads; THE SENSE GIVEN; And largely illustrated with PRACTICAL REMARKS and OBSERVATIONS. FORMING A MOST COMPLETE FAMILY BIBLE. By MATTHEW HENRY, late Minister of the Gospel. With a Preface by the late REV. WILLIAM ROMAINE, M. A. This work is embellished with upwards of One Hun- dred beautiful Engravings, which are selected from such Passages of Holy Writ, as not only to represent a complete HISTORY of the LIKE and SUFFERINGS of OUR BLESSED REDEEMER, b( it the most remarkable Mirai Its and Transactions of the Patriarchs, Pro- diets, Evangelists, Apostles, See. These Engravings are larger and superior to any- given ill works of double the Price. To which is added, A COPIOUS ACCOUNT of the AUTHOR'S LIFE, and Extracts from his other cele- brated Writings. The Proprietor having experienced the Public Patro- nage, to all extent unprecedented, for upwards of Four- teen Years, during which Period he has been honoured with the Names of above TWELVE THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS, Begs leave, ingratitude, to slate the following facts: That notwithstanding the great advauce in the Price of Paper, Printing, aud Engravings, he continues to give | Three whole Sheets of large Folio Demy Paper, print- ed to the full extent of the Margin for EIGHT- PENCE ; and, in the course of the work, upwards of One Hun- dred Engravings, of superlative magnitude aud beauty, forming the most perfect Copy of MATTHEW HENRY's EXPOSITION OS THE . HOLY SCRIPTURES, Ever presented to the Public, This Work may lit- had by one or more Numbers weekly, or in Three Volumes neatly bound. Subscribers are requested to he particular in giving Orders for the FOLIO EDITION. Printed and Published for J. STRATFORD, No. 112, Holborn- Hill, London ;— sold by W. Lee, Lewes : and all other Booksellers and Newscarriers iu the King- dom. TO COVER, THIS SEASON, At the Winterton- Arms, Lindfield Bridge, The well- bred Horse, FORTUNlO ; HIS STOCK ate large and BONEY, and many of them may be seen at the. above place. HOPE INSURANCE COMPANY, FIRE, LIFE, and ANNUITIES, CAPITAL TWO MILLIONS, OFFICE, LUDGATE- HILL, LONDON. PERSONS insured with this Office, whose Po- licies expire at LADY- DAY, are respectfully in- formed, that Receipts for the Renewal of the same are now ready for Delivery at the Office, and with the re spective Agents of the Company throughout tiie united Kingdom. WILLIAN BURY, Secretary. N. B. Policies of Insurance, which expire at the above Period, should be renewed within Fifteen Days thereafter. The following Agents are appointed by this Office in the Counties of Sussex, Hants, Surrey, and Kent,— of whom Proposals maybehad gratis; and every Informa- tion obtained. Mr. Moore, Crawley Gibson, Lewes Bradley & Co. Shore- ham Challen, jun. Petworth Smith, Steyning - Wicking, Lindfield Phillipson, Brighton W. Sharp, Portsmouth Sharp, Romsey —~ Hardley, Newport, ( Isle of Wight) Johnson, Alton ' Sutton, Southampton • Perkins, Lymington • Tory, Christchurch — Roach, Cowes, ( Isle of Wight) — Earle, Winchester — Greenwood, Egham — Walter, Godstone — Walker, Hampton- Wick —- Stroud &. Hicks, Tooting Mr. Shepherd, Walton- upon- Thames Walker, Walworth - Waddington, Croydon Wilkinson, Elsted Norris, Richmond Greaves. Dorking Constable, Wands- worth Stewart, Putney Walker, Blasted Gould, Rochester Christian, Deal Hampshire, Deptford Ranwell, Woolwich ' Bracey, Margate • Hagell, Canterbury Nettlefold, Bromley Fisher, Gravesend Rogers. High- Street, Rutherhithe Morphew, Dover King, SheernesS Furner, Hythe. Royal Exchange Assurance Office. MARCH, 13 11. THE CORPORATION have reduced the Pre- miums 011 Farming Stock, from is. Cjd. per cent, to 2s. per cent, aud existing Insurances, covering, such property, will be reduced as they become due, upon application to the Agent through whom the Insurances were made. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall- due on the 25th instant, are hereby informed that receipts ate now ready to he delivered by the Company's Agents under- mentioned, and the parties assured are reipiested to ap- ply for the renewal of their Policies on or before the 91I1 day of April next, as the tiiual fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the date of each policy, w ill then expire. SAMUEL FENNING, jun, Secretary. SUSSEX. ARUNDEL, William Olliver. BATTLE. William Ticehurst. BRIGHTH ELMSTON, John Mills. CHICHESTER, J. Bartlett. HASTINGS, William Gill. HORSHAM, Humphreys and Turner. HAILSHAM, Wm. Martin LEWES, Henry Brown. MIDHURST, John Geering, jun. PETWORTH, Thomas Holt. RYE, Daniel Gill. TICEHURST, Samuel Perigoe. SURREY. CROYDON, J. and C. Strudwicke DORKING, Samuel Dendy EPSOM, J. Scott. FARNHAM, W. Cock GUILDFORD, Winkworth and Cooper KINGSTON, W. Strange REIGATE, W. Moore N. B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of expence, where the annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards'. This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned- by Lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES, being found to be advan- tageous to persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others; Tables of the Rates on such Assu- rances, and for the granting Annuities on Lives, maybe had of the said Agents. And, for the greater conveni- ence of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by special agreement) the Assurance ou Lives at the age of 75 years. ALBION . FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, sew. BRIDGE- STREET, LONDON ; IMPOWERED by ACT of PARLIAMENT: AGENTS:— Portsea, Mr. George Levi, Grocer. Seaford, Mr. S. Cooke, Porter- merchant. Lindfield, Mr. Marchant Pierce, Stationer. Romsey, Mr. Richard Sweeper, Silversmith. Guildford, Mr. James Greenfield. Insurances fjlling due at Ladyday, should be renewed within fifteen days from that period. Abatements are made, according to the plan which originated with this Company, on llie Premiums of all Fire Insurances OUT OF LONDON. A large advantage is allowed on Life Insurance ; and every facility is af- forded by wl| ich the interest and convenience of the public may he promoted. WARNER PHIPPS, Secretary. DR. STEERS's OPODELDOC. ~ IS far superior to all other external applications in the cure of Sprains, Bruises, Rheumatisms, & c„' as also in Cramps or Numbness, and in promotion- cir- culation in the limbs when in a paralytic state. It is the best remedy for Chilblains, if dissolved 111 a spuon," and applied warm, or witii a pledget of lint well moist- ened with it, and lied on Ihe part affected. It is like-, wise of admirable service ill the accidents and local complaints to which horses are subject. Sold only by F. Newbery and Sous, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard ( four doors from the corner of Cheapside;, London, price as. gd. a bottle, duty included ;. hut none arc genuine but those which have llie Words " F. New- bery, No. 45, St. Paul's," engraved in the stamp. Anii by those Venders iu the Country who have an appoint- ment under their hands. TO DR. MILLER, MEKEWORTH, KENT. SIR, EVER anxious to reward yonr merit by expres-' - Lid siug a Sense of the Obligations I lie under, u j„ my sincere desire that you publish the following Case for the benefit of others who mav be KtHicted with sij severe a Scourge to the Human Race as a Scorbutic' Leprosy. ft- c. 2, 1810. JOHN CLARK, Hadlow. " I. JOHN CLARK, of Hadlow, in Kent, had fre- quently been troubled with a Scorbutic Humour, but during this present Autumn was so severely aifticfed with a Scorbutic Le^ ro.- j a<- to be rendered incapable at following my bu< ints>; during which time I tried many things, in hopes of gcttius some relief, but could obtain none, till 1 applied to DR. MILLER, ou No- vember 1H, mm, and procured sormi of hU Antiscorbutic Drop*, wh-. ch enabled rue to wait en the Doctor, in a fortnight, to thank him for having received CURE in to short a time; and 1 hereby authorise him to make mention of the sam?."— Dec. 2, lam. Dr. Miller's Antiscorbutic Drops, price < 16. 6d. per bottle,— his Restorative Nervous Cordial, 4s. 6d. aud tl. e Restorative Pills (> vInch are recommended to be taken with the Cordial) price 2s. (| d. per box.— and Worm- Destroying Sugar Cakes,— may be had of the following persons; 1'' ® MR. ARTHUR LEE, Battle, J. Cuthbert Beckley, S. Colbran Bexhill, T. Wedd Barwash, G. Gilbert Brighton, Mrs. Gregory Cuckfield, J. M'George Dallington, J. Pardon Ditcheling, J. Browne East Bourne, T. Baker E. Grinsted, Palmer & Son Edenbridge, W. Corke R. Parsons Groombridge, T. Kellick Goudhurst, J. Couchman Hailsham, H. Waters Hartfield, Mrs. Morphew Hastings, J. Barry — J. Norton School Hill, Lewes ; Heathfield, J. Ellis Horsham, T. Mann Lamberhurst, J. Gibbs Lewes, Pugh and Davey Lindfield, W. Dutrant Maresfield, J. Maynard Peasmarsh, E. Bannister Rye, M. Coleman Cook and Son Sandhurst, J. Beach Seaford, J. Brooker Tunbridge Weils, J. Sprange Uckfield, J. Pocknell Udimore, R. Chester Wadhurst, T. Bull W. Noakes Winchelsea, R. Maplesden Wittersham, J. Wood. UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF The Right Honorable LORD SOMERVILLE, The Right Honorable EARL of WINCHELSEA, JOHN BLACKBURNE, Esq. M. P. And other uoble and scientific Gentlemen of the Board of Agriculture. HUGHES's PICK'S CORDIAL, AN invaluable Remedy, and Cure, fur all Scour- ing Complaints, Staling of Blood ( or Red Water),, and Gripes, iu Sheep, Lambs, Cows, Calves, H « rse » and Foals.— Numerous witnesses ore ready to attest t efficacy and lalue of thi » Medicine in the above Com- plaints, and is particularly recommended to Ewes iu the. Lambing Season, Sold by W. Lee, Lewes; Adams, Lewes; Phillipson, Brighton; Pratt, Chichester; Belam, Fareham; Earle, Winchester; Howell, Farnham ; Waller, Guildford ; Mann, Horsham; Lucas, Tarring: Constable, Stor- rington. Wholesale, by the Proprietor, J. HUGHES,. 2111, St. John Street, West- Smithfield, London;— ami by every respectable Vender of Medicines, in the uni- ted Kingdom. PECTORAL ESSENCE OF COLTSFOOT. HTV'IE herb Coltsfoot, called Tussilago by the 1L ancient.*, was distinguished, as its name couvevs, for its excellence in the cu'- e of Coughs, and other pul- monary complaints; aud this Essence has, in the course of a long practice been found the most effectual remedy fur Coughs, Asthmas, and all Disorders of the Lungs, ft gently opcils the breast, and gives liberty of breath- ing, without danger of taking cold. It allays the tick- ling which provokes frequent coughing, cleanses thw small glands, relaxes the fibres, and thereby enlarges llie cavities of the vessels. Thus it will prevent Con- sumptions, if taken before the lung* are- ulcerated. It cures also alt husky and dry Coughs, heals rawness nntl and soreness of the Breast, and ^ ives relief to those who, liWougb age or infirmity, are deprived of rest or slee p-. Prepared by James Ryan,, svrgean, in Bristol; and sold only by F. Newbery and Sons, No. 45, the east- end of St. Paul's, London, or No. 29, Dame- street, Dublin ; in bottles 5s. tid. each, duty included ; and unite are genu- ine but those which have the words " F. Newbery, No- 45, St. Paul's," etigreved oil the stami. And by those Venders in the Country who have » u appointment under their hands, RHEUMATISMS, Palsies, and^ CJouty AHL- C-' HA ttons, Willi their usual concomitants, Spasm, „ r flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general XV. bihty, ( originating in whatever source) are relieved and frequently cured by WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUS- TARD PILLS, after every other means had failed The FLUID ESSENCE OF MUSTARD ( used with il,,. Pills, ill those complaints where necessary, is perhaps ihe most active, penetrating, aud effectual remedy 111 the world,. genera1 ly curing llie severest SPRAINS AND BRUISES in less than half the time usually taken by Opodeldoc Arquebusade, or any other Liniment or Embrocation- and if used immediately after any accident, it prevents, the pari turning black. WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE is equa lly efficacious far all ill- conditioned Sores, Sn » e Legs, Scorbutic Eruptions, Blotches, Pimples, Ring- worms, Shingles, Breakings out on the l ace, Nos « , Ears, and Eyelids, Sore and Inflamed Eyes, Sure Heads, and Scorbutic Humours of every description. Prepared only and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- street, Soho, London; the Essence aud PiH* at 2s. gd. each. The Cerate at is. i\ d. mid 2s. <) d - They are also sold by Lee, Adams, Pitt, aud Baxter, Lewes; Mrs. Gregory, Pitt, Donaldson, Phillipson, and Walker, Brighton; Munday, Worthing; Mann, Horsham; Cuthbert, Battle; Coleman, Rye; Pratt, and Phillipson, Chichester ; and every Medicine Ven- der in the United Kingdom, N. B. The Genuine has u Black Ink Stam, willl. the. name of 11, Johnson inserted ou it. Punted and publish'd by WILLIAM and ARTHUR LEE, by hom ADVERTISEMENTS, ARTICLES of INTELLIGENCE, & C. are received at their Offices, at BRIGHTON and LEWES. AovERrrsKMe^ TS will alio be received, and arefully forwarded to the Printers, by Mr. HUMPHERY, Mr. SEAGRAVE, and Mr. SHIPHAM, Chichester ; Mr. ROE, Midhurst; Mr. GOLDRING, Petworth ; Mr. WHITE, Arundel. Mr. CHAMPION, HORSHAM PALME , East- Grinsted, Mr. MEYRON Rye Mr. BARRY, Hastings aud by the Newsmen.
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