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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 886
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 16/01/1811
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 886
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 18.] N°- 886. Wednesday, Pa S CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. January 16, 1811. Price Sixpence Halfpenny « This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.—- Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at five Shillings and Sixpence each. S JOST TCntlSHED, FOR THE USE OF SCHOOLS. I. THE FIRST BOOK OF POETRY. Intended as Reading Lessons for the Younger Clashes. With two Engravings. Price 3s. bound. < 2. THE POETICAL CLASS- BOOK; or READING J. F. SSONS FOR EVERY DAY IN THF. YEAR; selected from the most popular ENGLISH POF. TS, Ancient and ilodern. With a Frontispiece. Price 5s. hound. Both by WILLIAM FREDERIC MYLItS. Printed for M. J. Godwin, Skinner Street, London ; and to tie had of W. EPBOWRS, Shrewsbury; Messrs, Brosler and i Son, Chester; and of all other Booksellers. Where may be had, by the same Author, THE JUNIOR CLASS- BOOK; or READING LESSONS I FOR EVERY DAY IN THE YEAR. - The Second Edition. Price 4s. bound. " This is a very good selection for children ; and much pains seem to have been taken in the choice of such Tales, , Subjects of Natuial History, Historical Anecdotes, & c kc. as • re best adapted to arrest the attention of young minds, and unite sound instruction with innocent delight." Critical Review, for Nov. 1809. This Day is published. Price 2s. 6d. 011 fine, and 2s. on common Paper, MYLIUS'S SCHOOL DICTIONARY of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. To which is prefixed, A New Guide to the English Tongue, by EDWARD BALD- WIN, Esq. N. B. The object of this book is to shorten the time neces. sary for obtaining a competent knowledge of the English tongue, so that the learner may acquire all the genuine ele- ments of our speech, with less than one half the labour commonly employed for that purpose. " This motive is certainly excellent, and the success of the work has been commensurate; for we learn lhat it reached a Second Edition in two months from its first publication. We have examined the Guide by Mr. Baldwin, and the Dictionary by Mr. M. and as we think tbe former verv ingenious, and the latter extremely useful, we have no hesitation in recom- mending the voluttie in ivhlcTi they are contained." European Magazine for Nov. 1809. Printed for M. J. Godwin, Skinner Street, London ; and to be had of W. EDOOIVES, Shrewsbury ; Messrs. Broster and Son, Chester ; and of all oilier Booksellers. THEATRE OF ANATOMY, Blenheim Street, Great Marlborough Street. THE Spring Course of Lectures on Anatomy, Physiology, and Surgery, will be commenced oh Mon- day. the 21 » t of January, 1811, at 2 o'Clock by Mr. BROOKES. Surgeons in the Armv and Navy may be assisted in renew- ing their Anatomical Knowledge, and every possible Atten- tion wilt be paid to their Accommodation as well as In- struction. Anatomical Conveizatioiiee will be held weekly, when the different Subjects treated of will be discussed familiarly, and the Students' Views forwarded.— To these none but Pupils can he admitted. Spacious Apartments, thorousbly ventilated, and replete with every Convenience, are open all the Morning for the Purposes of Dissecting and Injecting, where Mr. Brookes at- tends to direct the Students, and demonstrate the varioui Parts as tbev appear on Dissection. The Inconveniences usually attending Anatomical Investi- gations, are counteracted by an antiseptic Process. Pupils may tie accommodated in the House. Gentlemen established iu Practice, desirous of renewing their Anatomi- cal Knowledge, may be accommodated with an Apartment to Dissect, in privately. STATE LOTTERY TICKETS AND SHARES. PERSONS in the Country, who are desirous of having Tickets or Shares in the present State Lottery, nnd cannot get supplied by the Country Agents, may, by send- ing their Orders, Post or Carriage paid, accompanied with good Bills, Bank Notes, or Post Office Orders, to any of the Licensed Lottery Offices in London, have Tickets or Shares at tbe London Prices. The present lottery is on a Plan en- tirely New, and contains 44 Capital Prizes, Four of which are : of -£ 20,000 each. All to be drawn iu One Dav, the 15th of PKBRUARY. Speedily will be published, in Royal Octavo, THE MORBID ANATOMY of the GULLET, the STOMACH, and INTESTINES. . By ALEXANDER MONRO, Jun. M. D. F. R. S. E. Professor of Anatomy and Surgery in the University of- Edin- burgh, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, and one of the Physicians to the General Dispensary of Edinburgh. Edinburgh : printed for Archibald Constable and Co. Edin. burgh; and for Constable, Hunter, Park, and Hunter, Lon- don; and sot<| by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. This Work will be illustrated by. 20 Engravings, by Heath, Meadows, Woolneth, & c. from the original Drawings ot Mr. Fyfe and Mr. Cleft. AFJV PLAN OF DRAW ING. STATE LOTTERY, ( Numbered from No. 1 to No. 2( 1,000,) All in One Day, 15th FEBRUARY. FORTY- FOUR CAPITAL FRIZES. 4 of <£ 20,000, And no Prize less than a£ 20. All to be Drawn in ONE DAY. SCHEME. A Prizes of.. .<£ 20,000 are.. ....-£ 80,000 8 .. 2,000 16,000 12 , 1,000 . .. 12,000 20 500 . 10.000 24 100 ..'... 2,400 25 3,600 20....;.., „ U. 76,000 4,012 Prizes, .£ 200,000 SHROPSHIRE General Agricultural Society. THE following PREMIUMS arc proposed to he given at the next JULY MEETING, which will he held at the LION INN, Shrewsbury, on FRIDAY, the 19th of tbat Mouth. PREMIUMS. A Piece of Plate, value ( m Guineas, for the best one- year old short- woolled Ram, being in the Owner's Possession six Months before it is shewn. A Piece of Plate, value ten Guineas, for the best two- year old sliort- woolled Ram, under the like Conditions. A Piece of Plate, value trn Guineat, for the best one- year old long- wonlled Rnm, under the like Conditions. A Piece of Plate, value ten Guineas, for Ihe best two year old long- woolled Ram, under the like Conditions. A Piece of Plate, value seven Guineas, for the best Pen of three short- woolled Theaves, under the like Conditions. A Piece of Plate, value seven Guineas, for the best Pen of three long- wootled Ttienvcs, nucter the tike Condition*. A Piecc of Plate, value seven Guineas, for the best. Ten of three one- year old short- woolled Wethers, under the like • Conditions. A Piece of Plnte, value seven Guineas, for the best Pen of three two- year old short- woolled Wethers, under the like Conditions, A Piece Of Plate, value seven Guineas, for the best Pen of three one- year old long- woolled Wetheis, under the like Conditions, A Piece of Plate, value seven Guineai, for the best Pen of three two- year old long- woolled Wethers, under the like Conditions, A Piece of Plate, value ten Guineas, for the best Pair of one- year old Heifers,- under the like Conditions, A Piece of Plate, value ten Guineas, tor the best Pair of two. year old Heifers, under Ihe like Conditions. A Piece of Plate, value ten Guineas, for the best three- year old Heifer, being in Milk at the Time of shewing, under the like Conditions. A Premium of ten Guineas, to the Person who shall invent or improve any Implement of Husbandry, tbat shall on Trial be found most useful in saving Labour or Expenee, Simplicity, anil Cheapness of Construction being deemed essential Parts of its Merit. To the Shepherd, being n Servant of a Member of the Society, who, from not less than 100 Ewes, shall rear, till • the 31st of May, 1811, the greatest Number of sound, healthy Lambs, in Proportion to the Number \ caned, three Guineat.— The Nature of the Breed, . Age, and Number of the Ewes • which have gone to tbe Ram ; Number and Age of those that have yeaned ; Proportion that have died from tbe Time of • ramming.; first and last Day of yeaning ; together with the Mode of feeding, and other Treatment of the Ewes and Lambs, to be accurately certified to the Society 14 Days before the Meeting. For the next greatest Number, ( too Guineas. For the third greatest Number, one Guinea. All Slock intended to be shewn for the above Premiums, to have been fed with Grass, Hay, or Vegetables only.— II fed with Corn or Cake, to be disqualified. PREMIUMS Proposed to be given ut Ihe October Meeting, lflll. A piece of Plate, value ten Guineas, for the best STALLION for the geneial Purposes of Husbandry, to be userl in the County of Salop the Seasons of 1811 and 1812. A Piece of Plate, value five Guineas, for the best MARE for the general Purposes ot Husbandry, A Piece of Plate, value five Guineas, for the best one- year old COLT, under the like Conditions. A Piece of Plate, value ten Guineas, for the best BULL, not exceeding three Years and a half old, to be used in tbe County of Salop the next Season. A Piece of Plate, value ten Guineas, fur the best Team of four WORKING OXEN, not more than five Years old, to lie shewn iu their Gearing, nnd Certificates to be produced of the Time such Oxen have been on Work. « ,' piece of Plate, value five Guineas, for the best 110 AR, to be used in the C'ouuty of Salop the following Year. A Piece of Plate, value thiee Guineas, for the best SOW. A Piece of Plate, value twenty Guineas, to the Person who shall have tbe best and cleanest CROP of TURNIPS, of any Sort ( not less than ten Acres) iu Proportion to the Quantity and Quality of the Laud he occupies. A Piece of Plate, value ten Guineas, for the second best, under tbe like Conditions. To the Day- Labourer in Husbandry only, who has main- tained himself and Family, and brought up the greatest Number of legitimate Children without Relief from bis Parish, a Premium of four Guineas. To the second Ditto Ditto, a Premium of three Guineas. To the third Ditto Dnto, a Premium of treo Guineas. To the Man- seivant iu Husbandry only, who has lived the longestTirne with the same Master or Mistress, and producing the best Charactei, a Premium of four Guineas. To tbe second Ditto Ditto, a Pteinium of three Guineas. To the third Ditto Ditto, a Premium of ftro Guineas. To ihe Woman- servant in Husbandry only, who lias lived the longest Time under the same Master or Mistress, and producing the best Character, a Premium of four Guineas. To the sreond Pitta Ditto, a Premium of three Guineas. To the third Ditto Ditto, a Premium of tiro Guineas. The Society reserves to itself, in all Cases, a Power to with - hold tbe Premiums entirely, if there appears not to be sufficient Merit in the Claims, or to give such Part only ol any Premium as the Candidate appears to desctve. TICKETS nnd SHARES CHEAPER! MORE CHOICE OF NUMBERS, anil NO INCREASE OF TICKETS! MORE CAPITAL PRIZES' anil NO PRIZE UNDER TWENTY POUNDS1. TICKETS and SHARES arc selling at all the Licensed Offices, and by every Lottery AGENT in the United Kingdom, on I much cheaper Terms, being nearly Two POUNDS per Ticket, j less than in tbe last Lottery; yet the Scheme contains superior j Benefit to the Public. HORNSBY and Co. Stock- Erokers, beg leave ! An early Purchase is recommended, as the demand has , , ..... already exceeded any former Lottery at the same period to remind their Country Correspondents, that the ; , , • . . ' . .. • , , ,, • , ' , „ ... •„ , • i r • L . i. , « ... i » r . . i before the Drawing, and | t is most probabe both Tickets anu State Lottery wi besm and finish on the 15th of Next Month, i ... ... , • „ ,„. , : ,-' - . , ,. , , - i Shares will considerably rise in Price. 1 ickets and Shares are considerably cheaper than tor many _ ; Lotteries past. The Novelty of the Scheme is approved of, and tbe demand excessive, ivbich hav caused a rise in price, and must roiitinue ; as such, HORNSBY and Co. hope their Friends will buy quickly. 38 Shared CAPITAL PRIZES. Were Sold by HORNSBY and Co. in the last State Lottety. Also, in the last Two Years, 5 of TwentyThousand, 3 of TenTbousand, 2 of EiveTliousand. No. 4,469 2,618 18,514 10.294 19.544 <£ 20 000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 No. 133 <£ 10,000 2,279 8,831 8.716 19.570 10,000 10,01X1 5,000 5,000 Besides 1 of £ 4,000, 3 of .£ 2,000, 6 of .£ 1,000, & 10 ol 4 500. TURNPIKE TOLLS, is hereby given, lliat ihe TOLLS NOTICE arising at the. Gates erected on the Turnpike Roads leading from SHREWSBURY to OSWESTRY, and from OSWESTRY through Sylattvn to CORWEN, ( viz ) at the Gates on the Road from Shrewsbury to Oswestry, and from tbe latter Place tu Krtoekin, called the Gallows- tree r, ank, Kuuckin, and ,*. 7 « esl>. oy Oaten, IVitii We- tun and Whittington Chains ; and also at the Gatp. in or near Sylattyn, on the said Road from Oswestry to Corwen ; the Tolls arising: at Llynclis and Purthywaen Gates, with Llynclis and Pwlt y- Cwrw Bars; the Tolls arising at Pen- y- borit, Garthgell, and Wem- issa Gates ; the Tolls arising at Church Street Gate, in Oswestry, nnd Coed- y- goe Gate ; the Toils arising at Willow Street Gate, inOswestiv; the Tolls arising at Llwyn Gate, near Oswestry ; the Tolls arising at Pen- y- fclawdd, otherwise Wliitehurst's, and Pnnt., y- Cvsylite Gate)'; ami also the Toils arising at Croes- Hir Gate; WILL BE LEI' BY AUCTION, to the best Bidders, at the House of Mr. William Leigh, known by the Sign of the CROSS FOXF> Inn, in Oswestry', on THURSDAY, the 31st Day of JANUARY next, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, lor one or three Years, as shall be then and there agreed upon, in tbe Manner directed by the Act uf the 13th of the King, for regulating Turnpike Roads ; which Tolls respectively produced in the current Year, the following Sums, namely: Gallows tree Bank, Queen's Head, ami Maesbury Gates, with Weston and Wliittington Chains Llynclis and Purthywaen Gates, with Llynclis and Pwll- y- Cwrw Bars Pen- y- bont, Gartbgell, and Wern issa Gates ... Church Street and Coed- y- goc Gates Willow Sticct Gate Llwyn Gate •• Pen- y- clawdd, otherwise Whitehuist's, and Pont- y- Cvsylltc Gates ....„ Croes- hir Gate £ t. d. 420 0 0 374 0 0 186 0 0 250 0 0 124 0 0 250 0 0 395 0 0 35 0 0 NEW PLAN, NEW LOTTERY, NEW YEAR. 4, Cornhill, and 9 Charing- Cross, London. T. BISH ESPECTFULLY acquaints the Public, tbat by ' theii unbounded Favours, be is enabled to boast of the Sale nf Two Prizes of £ 20,000 in the Last. Lottery, and of Five Prizes of £ 2.0,000 in the last 12 Months, besides Thirty other Capital Prizes in Shares, at his Offices as above, where Tickets and Shares are selling in great Variety of Numbers, trum No. 1 to No. 20,000, for the STATE LOTTERY, which draws the 15th next February, on an Entire NEW PLAN, with the following Advantages: — TICKETS and SHARES CHEAPER ! MOHE CHOICE OF NUM BERS, aud NO INCREASE OF TICKETS ! MORE CAPITAL PRIZES ' and NO PRIZE UNDER TWEN TY POUNDS ! Tickets and Shares are nKn selling bv bis Agents J. WRIGHT,•— Whitchurch. J. R. HUNT,— Worcester. A. MORGAN,— Stafford. W. MORGAN— Lichfield. * Several Shares of the above Capitals were sold in the Nr- ichbourhood of this Town. Tbis Dav is published. Price Is. OUTLINES OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR: Partly abridged frotn HAZt. ITT's NEW and IM- PROVED GRAMMAR of the ENGLISH TONGUE. Bv EDWARD BALDWIN, Esq. " Mr. Baldwin's Grammar contains much in a small com- pass. The discerning reader will be convinced of its value, among other circumstances., by comparing the good sense and clearness of the syntactical rules with the perplexing jargon w hich is found in some other works of a similar kind." Critical Reviem, for Sept. 1810. " This is one of the cheapest and most complete Introduc- tions to English Grammar that we have seen; and although tbe Abridgment of Lindlev Murray's is very useful, we regard the present as more comprehensive." Anti- Jacobin Review, fir July, 1810. Printed for M. J. Godwin, Skinner Street, London ; and to be had of W. EDDOWEN, Shrewsbury ; Messrs. Broster and Son, Chester ; and of all other Booksellers. Where mav be had. Price 2s. 6d. The NEW and IM- PROVE!! GRAMMAR of Ihe ENGLISH TONGUE, by William Hazlitt. . This day is published, price 5s. bound, rjp HE POETICAL CLASS BOOK; or READ- -*- ING LESSONS FOR EVERY DAY IN THF, YEAR. Selected from the most popular English Poets, Ancient and Modern. With a striking Likeness of Shakespear. Bv W. P. MY LUIS, Author of the School. Dictionary, Junior Class. Book, First Book of Poe. try, &. c. & c. N. B. Tbis collection is so formed as to contain several hundred Extracts, of precisely the length to occupy a few minutes each in the reading, without imposing upun the teacher the task of joihiug several together where they are too short, and dividing them where they are too long, and at tbe same time so chosen as to be expressly adapted for the use of Matnrer Pupils, as well as for the studies of all persons who do not cliuse the expense of a collection of the English Poets in general. Printed fnr M. J. Godwin, Skinner Street, London; ind tn. be bad of W. EODOWES, Shrewsbury ; Messrs. Broster and Son, Chester; and of all other Booksellers. TO BE LET, And entered upon the Irt Day of . May next, A NEW- ERECTED DWELLING HOUSE, - i-' jL handsomely finished, consisting of a , Vestibule, two good Parlours; Kitchen, fee. on the Ground Floor; a Draw- ing Room and well sized Bedchambers, upon the first and stcond Stories; with commodious Offices, a . Pomp, Yard, and Garden thereunto belonging, situate in WILLOW STREET, in the Town of OSWES TRY, now in the Holding of Mr, Evao Jones. Apply to Mr. T. T„ . TONUS. Solicitor, Oswestry. ^ ales bp auction, CAPITAL OAK AND* ASH TIMBER. BY WRIGHT AND SON, At the House of Mr. Job Sivinehatt, Stag's Head Inn, iri Drayton, in the County of Salop, on Thursday, the 17th of January, 1811, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, iu the three following Lots, or in such other Lot or Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale. . ^ LOT I. CAPITAL OAK TREES, now blazed and numbered with Scribes, growing on a Farm at HIN- STOCK GRANGE, near Hinstock, in the County of Salop. LOT II. 45capital ASH TRF. ES, now blazed aud numbered with Scribes, growing oil the above Farm. Lor III. 33 Capital OAK TREES, now blazed and num- bered with - Scribes, g rowing on Lands near tbe above Farm, known bv the Name of the Otterlays and Parvelt. N. B. The above Timber is of excellent Quality, and the greatest Part of large Dimensions, the Bark is exceedingly clean and free frum Scotch, aud the whole will be found very useful where t. enith and Strength are required; it lies within about half a Mile of an excellent Turnpike Road, which leads between Newport and Drayton, about five Miles from each.— The Tenant at the Farm House will shew the Timber; and any Eaquir. es answered by applying to THE AUCTIONEERS. TO BE LET, And entered upon nt Lady- day next, AFARM in the Parish of LLANWTHIN, Mont- gomeryshire, called RHIWARGOR, now iu the Occu- pation of David Erasmus, containing 300 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, also £ 00 Acres of Slncpwalk adjoining. A FARM, called BRACH YR OWEN, in Llauwthin, con- taining 150 Acres, with 150 Acres of Sheepwalk. A FARM, called VKDVV DO, adjoining tbe above, con- taining IO( i Acres, with 100 Acres of sheepwalk. Apply at Brongwin, near Llanfyllin. WANTED, a Person in tbe Capacity of BUTLER.— Apply asabove. January, 1311. Total 2034 0 0 above the Expence of collecting them, nnd they will be put up at tlnisc Sums respectively. Whoever happens tn be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties ( who shall person- ally attend), to tbe Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, anil at such Times as they shall direct. LEWIS JONES, Clerk to the Tiustees of the said Turnpike Roads. December 26th, 1810. TO BE LET, And entered upon, at Lady- cfay next, 1811, or sooner if required ; COTTON HOUSE, now in the Occupation of CORBET HOWARD, Esq. with a large Pleasure Gar- den to the front, tastefully laid out with. Shiubberies, aud Gravel Walk around, in the Centre of which is a large Pond, with a perpetual running Stream, a delightful Summer- Home, with Gulden ditto, & c. large Kitchen Garden adjoining, both of which are walled round, well stocked with wall and other Fruit Trees, in the gientest- Variety, in a high state of bear- ing; the . Pleasure and Kitchen Gardens are about one Acre and tial, or thereabouts, with an Acre and half of rich Land, which adjoins the House, commanding an extensive and beau tiful, Prospect of the Tow n of Shrewsbury, within ten minutes Watkof the Town- Hall. Tbe Situation is equal, if not superior, to any about this Town, having the Advantage both of Town and Country. The House is modern built, and handsomely finish- ed,. with a Portico Front, consisting of an Entrance Hall, handsome Staircase, witti back ditto, with large Ealing Par- lour, Breakfast ditto, Drawing- Room, anil a most pleasant Observatory over the Portico, small Servants'Hall, butler's Pantry, large Kitchen, fitted up with Grates, Stoves, Cast Iron Oven, & cc. Brewhouse, with a Pump of Soft Water there- in, Boilers, & c. Larder, two excellent vaulted Cellars, with Wine Bins of large dimension, and oi her convenient Domestic Offices, six good Red Rooms, Dressing. Room, convenient Closets, & e. Coach- house, with two Servants' Rooms over, and Stabling for four Horses, with roomy and lofty Stalls, arched over, and large Hay- loft.-- If a respectable and responsible Person offers, he will be treated with on the most liberal Terms, and a Lease granted, if required, by the aforesaid Mr. HOWARD, of Cotton House. Shrewsbury, Jan. 8, 1811. TURNPIKE TOLLS. "& JOTICE j-^ l aii TURNPIKE TOLLS, is hereby given, lhat TURNPIKE TOLLS. " j^ TOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS * arising at the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads at Lbmlyllin, Llandrinio, Alberburv, Llangyuog, Llansaintffraid, Castellmoch, Pontllngel, and Llangedwyn, called or known by the Names of Llanfylliu Upper Gate, Llaufyllin Lower Gate, Llaudtinio and Llandriuio Bridge Gate, Alberbury Gate, Llangyuog Gate, Llansainttlraid Gates, Castellmocb Gate, Pontliogel Gate, Trap Gate, and Llangedwyn Gate, will be LET BY AUCTION, to tbe best Bidder, at the EAGLE INN, iu the Town of LLANFYLLIN, ill the County of Montgomery, upon TUESDAY, the FIFTH day of FEBRUARY next, between the Hours of three and si nf ihe Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in the Man- ner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Y. iar of the Reign ol his Majesty King George tbe Third, for regulating the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls produced Ibe last Year ihe following Sums, viz. Llanfyllin Upper Gate .£ 84. Llanfyllin Lower Gate .£ 125. LlansaintlTraid Gate £ 3l> 2. Alberbury Gate ,£ 53. Llandrinio and Llandrinio Bridge Gate <£ 125. Pontllogel Gate £ 1. 7s. I. langynog Gate .£ 39. Castellmoch Gate o£ l9. Tiap Gate .£ 10. and Llangedwyn Gate <£' 10. Ills, above'he Expenses of collecting them, and will be put up respectively at those Sums.— Whoever happens to be tne best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with suffi- cient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the . Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. JOHN THOM AS, Clerk to theTrustees of tbe said Turnpike Roads. Vated the \ st Day of lanuaru. 1811. the TOLLS ising at the Toll Gates erected on the Turnpike Roads leading fioin ELLESMERE to SHREWSBURY, and from ELLESMERE to OSWESTRY, iu tbe County of Salop, called or known by the Names of Cotton Hill Gate, Stoekett Gate, aud Hardwick Gate, with the Side Gates thereto re- spectivelv belonging, WILL IIP. LKT BY AUCTION, to tbe best Bidders, at tile House of Mr. Richard Joy, known by the Sign of the RED LION Ion, in Cocksbutt, in the said County of Salop, on WEDNESDAY, the SIXTH Dav uf FEBRUARY next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two iu the Afternoon ( for one or more Yeais, as shall then be agreed upon, coin- mencing from Ladv- Dav next), in. the Manner directed by Ihe Act passed in the 15th Year nf me Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating tbe Turnpike Ruads :" which Tolls produced the last. Year the following Sums above the. Expence of collecting tlnjm, ( viz.) £ s. d. Cotton Hill Gate 522 0 0 Stockott Gate 2b3 0 0 Hardwick Gate 40 I 0 Whoever happen to be the best Bidders, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties ( wbo. sball person- ally attend) lo the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the raid Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall diiect; and the Trustees then and there present will proceed to the ELECTION of NEW TRUSTEES, in tbe Room ol those who are dead, or who have resigned or declined to act. AND NOTICE is hereby further given, that the said Trustees intend, at tbe ' Time and Place aforesaid, to proceed to make such Order or Orders as may I hen be thought proper, for the Purpose of taking down all such Increachioents as have been made on the Turnpike Road leading from the Town of Ellesmeie to the ' Town of Shrewsbury, and for widen- ing and enlarging the Whole of the last- mentioned Road to the full Breadth of'Thirty Feet; aud if any Person or Peisons may think lhat either himself, herself, or themselves will be injured or aggrieved by any such Order or Proceeding, he, she, or they may make Complaint thereof to the said Trustees, at the Time aud Place aforesaid. PETER PRlTCHAIlD, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Ellesmerc, Mill December, 1810. NOTICE is hereby given, That the Tolls arising at the Cotton Hill and Prescot Gates, on ibe Road leading from Shrewsbury to Baschurch, will be LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, on MONDAY, the FOURTH Day of FEBRUARY next, at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon, at tbe Guildhall, in Shrewsbury, for one or more Years, as may be agreed on, from Lady- dav next, in tbe Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of his present Majesty, " for regulating the Turnpike R. oads :" which Tolls now produce the Sum of Two Hundred Pounds above the Expenses uf collecting thein. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to tbe Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. TO BE LET, at the same Time, thcTollsof Frodesley Gate. TURNPIKE SUNYEYOR WANTED, to superintend the first 5 Miles of the Road leading from Shrewsbury to Westbury. JOHN JONES, Clerk to tbe Trustees of the said Roads. Shrewsbury Jan. 7, 1811. Swedish Soap, MILFORD HAVEN, SOUTH WALES. HIS NEW SOAP will be found beyond all comparison the best preparation known for tbe MILL- ING, & c. OF WOOLLEN CLOTH, & c. and to be a most important improvement. Marie only as ordered, aud sold in CHESTS I'RICR FIFTEEN POUNDS STERLING EACH, con- taining in general about THREE HUNDRED WEIGHT, but regulated always by tbe current value of LONDON CURD SOAP, it bearing the same Price. t£ jr" ORDERS for any quantity not less than a Chest in Post Paid Letters ( enclosing Remittances in Bankers' Paper, or they will not be attended to), addressed to the Sole Manu- facturer*, THE MILFOR D- 11AVEN SOAP AND ALKALI COMPANY, PEMBROKE, will be executed within threeWee! Notice, and delivered free of Expense at any of the n. t'v. Ports in the UKITEO KINGDOM. NO CREDIT • xhaUv- aer Patticu- - e„ r Welshpool To Country Shop- keepers Sf Others. WHEREAS a Set of SWINDLERS are now j travelling the COUNTRY to solicit ORDERS in the i Names of DAY and MARTIN, Blacking Makers, 97, ; High Holborn, London : Shop- keepers aud others are, there- fore, cautioned from tbe Fraud that is attempted to be piac- tised on them, as by paying Attention to the No. 07", i t will easily detect the Counterfeit, mauv of them having no j number at all, and Prosecutions, after this Notice, will be cemiiienced against auy Persons ufferiug the Counterfeit for | Sale. N. B. No HAIF PINTS made. Dili STEERS'S OPODELDOC IS lar superior to all other external applications in the Cure of Sprains, Bruises, Rheumatisms, & c. as : also in Cramps or Numbness, aud iu promoting Circulation in the Limbs when in a paralytic state. It is Hie best Remedy for Chilblains, if dissolved in a spoon, and applied warm, or with a pledget of tint, well moistened with it, and tied on the part affected. It is likewise of admirable service in the accidents, and lucal complaints to which Horses are subject. Sold only by F. NEWBERY and SONS, NO. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard ( four doors from the comer of Cheapside), Loudon, price 2s. 9d. a bottle, duty included j but none arc genuine Iwn those which have the words, " F. Newbery, No. 45, St. Paul's," engraved in the stamp, and by lliost: Venders in the Country who have an Appointment under their Hands. To Fx R. WSRS, STo. vMJSONS, limcKt. AVERS, CAU F EST una, Jot suns, and Others. BY OHURTON, ( By Order of the Assignees) on Monday, the 21st Day of January, 1811, and the following Days! on the Premises at TYRLEY HEATH FARM, and at tbe intended THREAD MANUFACTORY, near Driyton- in- Hales, in the County of Salop; ' rriHE following VALUABLE EFFECTS, late -*- belonging to SAMUEL DAVIES, Sc PE TER DAVIES, ( Bankrupts) or one of them ! comprising a large quantity of ready. dressed Red Stone, of different Dimensions, ditto of Slati3 and covering ' files ; Bricks, upon the Premises, aud it Woodseaves; a large assortment of Oak scantling and square Timber, Part of which is ready framed for different Purposes ; several Loads of Oak Joists and Spars; a quantity of Oak j Ash, Alder, Walnut, and other Timber iu tbe round ; Oak anil other Laths ; upwards of 30 Sasli Frames ai d D or Cases; a quantity of three- inch Denl Planks artd Piue Balk; a large assortment of dry Oak, Beech, Alder, and other Planks, of various thicknesses, breadths, and len » ths ; ditto of Oak quarter and flash Boards; ditto of D- al aod Elm Boards, of different strengths ; a quantity of Felloes, S| iokrs, Axle'Trees, with other Waggon, Cart, and Plough Timber; Posts and Rails; several small Hand Carriages upon Rollers; one Pair of large Timber Wheels ; Joiner's Benches, with Screws, com- plete ; Grind- Stone; large quantity of round and square Bars of wrought- Iron ; a Pair of Blacksmith's Bellows, one Anvil, several larse Vices, one valuable Pair of large Stocks; with Screws and Taps of different sizes ; numerous other Smith's Tools of every Description ( all nearly new) ; a quan- tity of old Pewter aud Lead; large and small Iron Crow, j Scale Beams and Weights; with a large assortment of other Articles, which will be particularised in the Catalogues.— Likewise, one STACK of BARLEY, all the HAY, RYE- GRASS, RICKS of STRAW, tee. a large Stone SlacliFrame, " broad and narrow wheeled Waggons, with iron Arms, Shells, & c. Harvest Cait, broad anil narrow wheeled Tumbrils, doubl « Sc. niiiKle Ploughs, large nnd small Harrow?, a valuable Thie » hmg Machine 3- borse power, Winnowing ditto, loni » and short Ladders, Malt and Crushing Mills; with mm er- ous other Lots, too tedious to mention.— Catalogues may be had of Tne AUCTIONEER, at Whitchurch, aud at Ibe principal luns at Drayton, and iu the Neighbourhood All the valuable MACHINERY for the intended Thread Manufactory, will be sold early in the ensuing Spring, of which due Notice will be given. LAND. Also, TO BF, LET, at the same Time and Place, for one Year from Candlemas next, SEVERAL PIECES or PAR- CELS of LAND, Part of the Tyrley Estate; Particulars of which will be published in a future Paper. CAPITAL TIMBER^ BY LAKIN AND SON, At the Bowling Green Inn, Overton, Flintshire, on Monday, the 28th Day of January, 1811, at three o'Clock io the Afternoon, in the following, or such other Lots as may be aureed upon, subject to Conditions: LOT I. uy OAK TREES, from No. 1 to 92 Inclusive. LOT II. 102 OAK TREES, from No. 93 to 194 inclusive. LOT III. 17 ASH TREES The Timber is chieffy sound, and of very larje Dimensions, situ ate 3 Miles from Overton, and 5 Miles from Bangor. I Thomas Jones, of Penley, will shew the Trees ; and Parti- | cnlarsmav be had fro. n Mr. TURNER, Architect, Whitchurch, j Shropshire. At the Royal Oak, in Welsh Pool, on Monday, the 28ih Day of January, 1811, iu tbe following Lots, and subject to such Conditions us will then be declared : LOT I. AN eligible and compart FARM, called BVVLCH EITHIN; consisting of a new- erected and substantial FARM HOUSE, with suitable Outbuildings, aud several Closisor Parcels of LAND thereunto belonging, containing together by Admeasurement 72A. 2R. 37P. or thereabout, situate in the PARISH of GUIL- FIELD, in the County of Montgomery, now in the Molding ot Aun > Sava^ e, Widow. LOT II TWO PIECES OF LAND, containing by Ad- measurement 13 Acres, or thereabout, situate at MOF.- I.- Y- GAR Tfl, in the said Parish of Guilsfiehli now iji. the Hold- insr of the said Ann Savage, distant about a Mile trom the said Farm. ' The Purchaser will be required to take the Timber at a Va- luation, which will be produced at the Time of Sale. The Sale to commence at five o'Clock in the Afternoon. The Tenant will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Solicitor, Oswestrv CHILBLAINS are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itcning instantly removed by WHITE- HEAD'S hSSKNCE OF MUSTARD, iniversally esteemed lor its extraordinary efficacy in Rheums. isms, Palsies, Gouty | Affections, and Complaints of the Sto lacb ; but where this certain remedy has been unknown or u< glectert, and tbe Chil- blains have actually suppurated, or- br > ke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, aud very spetdily heal iliem. They are prepared and sold by R. Joi SSTON, Apothecary. 15, Greek- Street, Sobo, London, tli Essence and Pills at 2s. « d. each— the Cerate at Is. lj: . They are also sold by Epnqiyns, Newling, and Paliu, Shi . iwsbury; Painter, Wrex- h," uf Garihtnu. Efieamere; Houls', j. is, & Mobbs, Wellington ; SIMES, Attornies, Shrewsbury. *" ow i Partridge, 8c Gitton, . - ishall, Oswestry; aud Also, NINE DWELLING HOUSES, situat Ki"" dom' The HILL, in the Town of SHREWSBURY, in the s5 " f R' Juhnston, patious of Edward Ralphs, Thomas Pr'tcham, Evau D.. v i, I 1 bom is Brown, Tlioiiia, Jepkins, Richard Everall, David Any i Win, lliomas Juries, Edward Clayton, oi'tbeir Untenants, ' SIKON PCSK, TO BRKECHKS- MAKERS AND GLOVERS. On Monday, the 4th day of February, 1811, at the Market- Hall, in Much Wenlock, iu the Couutv of Salop, unless disposed of in tbe mean Time by private Contract, of which Notice will be given : rjpHE STOCK IN TRADE of JOHN BED- JL DOES, late, of MUCH WENLOCK aforesaid, Skinner and Breeches- Maker, deceased ; c insisting of several Thou- sands of Oil Leather Skins, Allum Ditto, several Dozens of Deer Skins, a Quantity of Basils aud Ground Leather, aud about two Tons of Glue Pieces. For further Particulars, and to treat for the above by private Contract, apply to Mr. FRANCIS CuvtBV, uf Much Wenlock aforesaid, Ironmonger. Capital Oak and Ash Timber. At the Crown Inn, Bridgnorth, iu tli « Cfonly of Salop, pur- suant to an Order of the Court of Exchequer, io the latter End of January, or the Beginning of February next, of which due Notice will be given ; / On CAPJTAL OAK TREES, and 500 ASH ^ VV Ditto, now growing upon the Estate of Mrs. Loug, at Sidbury, in the said County. For Particulars and viewing the said Timber, apply to Mr. JOHN DF. VRRELL, at Sidbury aforesaid. The abovementioued Timber is of the finest Quality, and largest Dimensions, tit for tbe Royal Navy, and ail other Purposes which require first- iate Timber.— Sidbury is within five Milt's of the Severn. 1 Uh Dccrm'jer, 1810. LONDON. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9. iHjp- No A'<"-< in Inst Night's Gazette. • Yesterday arrived a Mail from Anholt. Thc'most interesting piece of intelligence in the Swedish Papers, received bv this conveyance.^ respects tbe aversion;<> f- J the Norwegian seamen toward* entering the Frebch service. The private letters add. that the same refusal laving been given at nl! the ports, the respective Go vcrnors,. alarmed at this indication of combined resist- ance, hesitated to enforce the intended levy, until Ihe receipt of further orders from Copenhagen. They had in the mean time ordered a certain portion of the rnililia to he called out to join the regulars, and lo be in " readiness to net according to the instructions of the Danish Government. Measures were also tnken tp prevent tlit: escape of the seamen into the interior. An English geolletuan who arrived lust week from iFrantb, rn consequence of a special permission to leave that country, amplv confirms Ihe account given in the Papers before, respecting the conduct of Bonaparte, ami the opinions of the people. In spite of a system of espionage Tmofe extensive than ever was known, the people contrive to express their sentiments in a manner • which the tyriht " cannot control I. He has even had frequent intimations of a probable insurrection, and vrlicn he ordered Fotfche to imprison the disaffected, lliat Minister had the boldness to say that he must im- prison all the population'of Paris. A Gentleman v. ho has Arrived within these few days from the Continent, and has been present at several burning of British manufactures, informs us, that in every place where the decrees to lhat effect were put in force, it was done at the point of the bayonet 5 French soldiers being always present to prevent tumults and | disorder, which on such occasions manifest themselves ' every where. Letters have heen received frofti St. Domingo to the ] 8th of November; Christophe was at that date Inf- lowing up the advantages he hud obtained over his rival-, who had retired with a small force lo Port- ati- Prin. ee. Some sanguinary affairs had taken place between the partisans of those Chiefs, in one of w hich, both partie , amounting to 1500 men, refusing to give or receive quarfer, were nearly all exterminated. The recent suc- cesses of Christophe are said to have gieatly increased his natural arrogance and cruelly. Al: vessels bound to the ports of his rital are seized, and their cafgoes con- fiscated j and the s'i litest disaffection among his troops or subjects, is punished by decimating the regiment or the village. Monday was the birth- day of her Poyal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Wales, who has now completed her 15th year. Her It oval lather celebrated this anni- versary with H grand entertainment al Carleton House, of which a great number of nobility and persons of die- tinctio partook. Her Ho » al Highness honoured the com - n\ w t' 1 er presence, having previously received ti c visits and compliments of the nobility at her resi- dence, at Warwick House. I11 the evening her Trades- men had entertainments, and illuminated. Lord n s it- signed tiie office of Post- master General for Scotland, aud been succeeded by the Earl of Caithness. One of the Swiss Literati, of the name of Bernard Hermann, has announced a large work, under the lit e of " The Grave of Copernicus," in which he proposes to demonstrate that the earth is not a planet but the centre of the universe. FRIDAY, JANUARY 11. Letters from Dunkirk of the 3d instant, state, that the merchants along the French coast have heen com- pelled to take an oath, lhat they will no longer hold any intercourse with England. It is understood, lhat according to t!: c latest advices • which have reached Government, fiom Ktissia, the report of tiie Emperor Alexander having consented to enforce, within his dominions, the whole of Eonaparte's late commercial decrees, is not correct, lie has imposed additional restrictions upon tho impoitation of English merchandize, hut the burning system lias not been adopted. COMMON COUNCIL.— A Cou t of Common Council assembled on Wednesday, at Guildhall, for the purpose of considering of the most efficient and constitutional means of supplying the deficiency in the Rojal Au- thority. Afler a debate of some length, ten strong resolutions were agreed to, declaratory ol their marked disapprobation of the proceedings of Ministers, with regai'il to llie restraints imposed on the Regent, and expressing Ihe fullest confidence of the City of London in the fitness of his Royal Highness the Prince of Walts to execute all the functions of royalty in their free exercise. The eighth resolution, - which may he considered as the substance of the whole, was as follows: 8. Thai Petitions In presented to the Houses of Lords ana • Commons, entreating, humbly and earnestly, that his Koval 11 ghness tin- iSin- e ( if Vales be investrd with all the pre- jognt - - - of ihe Ciown, whether intended for the exercise of substantial power ol ihe King, or thrr suppoit of the genuine lustre of the Sovereign rif a Free People. After an amendment moved by Alderman Birch, which was negatived, the several resolutions were agreed to, and the Sheriffs directed to present the Petition to the Lords aud Commons. COMMON HALL.— ON Thursday a Meeting of the Livery of London was held at Guildhall, lo consider of SATURDAY, JANUARY 12. His MAJESTY.— The following. bulletins have been issued since our last :— Jan 8..—- fits Majesty has passed a gootl night, ar. d is still rather heifer. Jan. 9.— I! is Maie"' v hits passed 11 good night, and remains asflelj » s lie tons yes eidav. Jan. 10,— H's Majesty continues to go on well. Jan. 11 His Majesty appears to be a little better siuce_. yesternav. . Ian — nie Majesty i- not quite so w? lF this morning as he has heen for some davs nast. It is reported, that dispatches were forwarded yester dav frorti the Foreign Office for the United States, containing the decision of Government upou the subject of the Orders in Council, They are to he transmitted by n s" ift- sailing frigate. An Order was 011 Wednesday sent off to the Admiral at Plymouth, to keep a vessel of this description hi readiness, to sail at a moment's notice. Extract of a letter f rom Oporto, December 19 :— " A general organization of the Guerillas is about to Hke place in this country. Several British Officers are selected for the purpose. We now think tbat the business in this country will not Ire settled for a con- siderable time." " Lisbon, Pec. 24.— The armies have not altered their positions since our last letter of Ihe 16th iust. nor is it thought in this city that any movement will be made, at least for a considerable time. It has been slated, that tiie French Genera! has ob- tained great reinforcements, but there is not any satisfactory reason for believing il to be the fact. The position his forces occupy has been greatly strengthened, and some of his w orks have been made to project into the Tagus. The British works on the other side of the river, from Counha to Alinada, are completed. We find that Lord Wellington intends lo visit Lisbon, Provisions, particularly Hour, are in abundance. The Arethusa has arrived from Corutma, which port she left, so late as the 8d iust. She has brought letters from Oporto to the date of the S4th u! t. One ofthe 22( 1 states-, that, a report was very prevalent there, that from 18 to ) 5,0<) 0 men were on the road to Celerico, for the purpose of formi g a junction with Massena's army. The same letter expresses the utmost confidence as to the result of the campaign. Letters from Gallicia, ofthe Ist of this month, state tbat Biscay is very full of French troops, which are 011 their msrch to join their countrymen on the western side the Peninsula. The C olossus man of war, which left Cadiz on the IStir of December, has brought no information of great Rail I being : pubiie importance, but very acceptable intelligence to the merchants here. The Colossus, in quilting the Bay, spoke the Bulwark man of v. ar, which sailed 011 the 18th of November from the Havahuah, and which has brought seven millions of dollars, lor the safely of tah ch serious apprehensions had heen felt. Letters have been received from Buenos Ayres, dated the 19th of October, which mention that the Cabildo, or popular assembly, whose duly it is to protect the lower classes of the community, had been dissolved by the Junta, oil suspicion of then having plotted against the new Government. The general mourning for the Ft- incess Amelia is now understood to be prolonged, by her Majesty's order, fiora the 3d to the 11th of February. On Wednesday the ISth dragoons embarked at New Passage, Plymouth j Ihe 1 Uh dragoons arrived at Plymouth the same day, and were to embark on Thurs- day ; and the 14th dragoons were lo embark, yes'erday: all for Portugal. ' lhe follow ing, according to the French papers, is an account, as accurately as it could be made up, of the colonial produce, which in the inouta of November was warehoused in Gottenburgh :— Seven million pounds of coffee ; four millions and a half pounds of rice s three millions aud a half ditto cotton; 10 millions ditto raw and clayed sugars; nine millions ditlo tobacco in leaf. There were also indigo, dye stuffs, bark, and spices of every sort.— As lo English manufactured goods, it is impossible to ascertain the quantity, hut Ihe value is immense; Ihey have bc-. a mostly conveyed to Uddewalia. So great was Ihe curiosity to see Lucien Bonaparte, that a Lady of fortune, in one of the towns through which he passed, changed dress with the waiter, and cairied in one of the dishes for his dinner. Two ships arrived a short time since from Spain, laden with silver images of saints, and other rehques, which were all cut before shipping, to avoid the duly, which would otherwise have been chargeable upon the plate in this country. A considerable number of ihe figures were from the finest of the antique models. Old Sarum is proverbial for the number of its voters, but there is a parish in Middlesex which may vie with it in extent of population. In West Twyford, near Harrow, there is only one house, and the farmer who occupies it is perpetual churchwarden, and churchwar- den of a church which has no incumbent, aud iu which no duty is performed. Overseer of the poor is not necessary; for, by submitting to the inconvenience ol hiring his servants for a term shiirt of twelve mouths, the tenant escapes that of being burthened hy paupers. The parish has been in this state since the tune of Queen Elizabeth. " Duel Extra jrdinary— Two officers belonging to one of his Majesty's ships of war, having been at vari ante for some time, were determined 011 Saturday se'nnight, alter " potations pottle deep," to put an end Berkeley, or he was not, if he was, he cnn'. a not, o « a Peer," sit in that House; 8c if lie was not, he had for- feited bis seat by giving iti a ftilsc qualification. It was im- possib'e for the House to disclaim a peerage not yet decided upon; and the county of Glocester, one of the most import- ant in the kingdom, if the motion were not acceded to, would remain without a Representative.— When the House divided, there eppearrrl for the previous question 24, for issuing the writ 30.— Majority against the Minister 6. HOUSE OF LOT1DS, I'llIDW, JANUARY 11. The Duke of Nonrom presented the prtition from the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of London, irr Common Council assembled, praying for the : mmediate supplying the defect in the personal exercise of the Royal authority, by creating a Regent. — Ordered to lie on the table. Soon after five o'clock, the Lord President ( Earl CAMOEN) stated to the House, that the Resolutions and Addiess re- lative to the Prince of Wales taking upon him the personal ex. rcise of the Roval authoiitv, bad heed presented, and his Rova! Hijrhness had returned an answer, which he should now- read to Their lordships.—( The Loid President here read his Royal Highness's nn- wer.) " My Lords and Gentlerh'P, < l I receive the coininunicaticn which the two Houses have direc- ted von to tnak'e to me of- their joint Resolutions, on the subject o! providing for " the exercise ot li. e Royal authority during his Ma- jesty's illness,' wilh those sentiments of iVgartl which 1 must ever entertain for the united desires of the two Houses. With the same sentiment, I receive the expressed ' hopes ol' the Lords and Com- mons, that from my regard lor the interest ot* his Majesty, and the Nation, Idiould- be ready to underta'ie. thc weighty and important trust proposed to be invested in me,' under the Restr- ction and hmi - tationsslated in those Resolutions. Conscious that every feeling of mv heart would liuve prompted me, from dutiful affection to my belovedVather and Sovereign, to have shewn all ti. e reverential dch- cacv towards him" Inculcated in tl- o= e Resolutions, 1 cannot refrain from expres- ing my regret that I should rot have been allowed the opportunity of manifesting to his atllictcd and loyal subjects that such would nave heen my conduct. Deeply impressed, however, with the necessity of tranquiliring the public mind, and determined to submit to d'verV personal sacrifice, consistent with the regard 1 owe to the security of mv Father's Crown, antl the equal regard 1 one to the " welfare of his Peop'e, I do trot hesitate tu accept the office and situation proposed to me, restricted as they arc ; still retaining every opinion expressed by rue upon a former ami similar ihslressing oc- casion; In undertaking the tiust proposed lo rue, I am well aware ot the difficulties of Ihe situation itr which I shall tie placed; but 1 shall rely u jlh confidence upon the constitutional advite of an en- lightened Parliament, and the -/. ealous support of a generous and loyal people. 1 will use all the means li ft to hie lo merit both. " My Lords arid Genllimen, " You will Communicate this my Answer to the two Houses, ac- companied by rnv most feivebt wishes atirl players, that ihe Divine « ill may extricate us and the nation from the grevotis embarrass- ments of our present condition, bv the restoration of his Majesty's health" HE then moved-, that the same do lie on the table."— Ordered; and to be printed. The E. irl of HARCOCBT ( Master of the Horse to the Queen), stated, lhat the Resolution and Address of both Houses, re spitting the care of his Majesty's person, and the maio- | tenauce of his Royal dignity, had been presented to her j Mnie.- ty. Her Majesty's atiswer stated, that her sense of duty to the King and to the people, induced her, as in I7S9, to accept of the duties imposed upon her by the Resolutions of both Houses. It would he a great consolation to her to receive the aid of a Council, which she would stand so [ luii. li in need of in lhe discharge of q duty, wherein the happiness of her future life was deeply interested ; but w hich the higtierobject, the happiness ofa greal, loyal, and affectionate people, rendered still more important. The Earl of LIVERPOOL then moved his promised Resolu- tion for obtaining the Great Seal to a Commission for opening the Session of Parliament. Alter a few general observations from lord GREY, the question was put, and canied by a majoiity of 53 to 33. HOUSE OF COMMONS. The Sheriffs of the City of London appeared at the ilar, and presented the petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City ; which Petition was read at the table.— The purport of it was, that il prayed the House to appoint the Piiuceot Wales Regent without Restrictions, in pursuance of the glorious precedent of the Resolution in 168S.— Ordered to lie on the table. The CHANCELLOR ut the EXCHEQUER appeared at the Bar, and stated, that in pursuance of the orders of the House, ttie Committees appointed by both Houses had waited upon his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and her Majesty, from whom they met with a most gracious reception ; anil also had received their Answers to the Resolutions aud Addiess which they had presented. [ Hoc the Chancellor of the Exchequer read the Answers, for which sre tiie Lords.] On the motion of the CHANCELLOR of the ExcHr. QUER, the Order of ihe Day for the House to resolve itself into a Com- mittee of the whole. House, to take into consideration the Suite uf the Nation, was read, and discharged until Monday next, to which day the House adjourned. MOUSE OF COMMONS), MONDAY, JANUARY IV Mr. Alderman CCMSE presented a petition from the Livery of London in Common Hall assembled, against the restrictions proposed to be placed on the office of Recent. Ordered to lie ou the Table. — A message from the Lords acquainted the House tftat their Lord- hips desired a conference wilh the House in the Painted Chamber, upon the subject matter of the lust Conference. The messengers having withdrawn— the question was put whether the House should agree with the - aid conference, and agreed tof of which circumstance, the messengers ( being recalled) were informed — On the motion of Mr. WALI. ACB. the Committee who managed the last con- ference were ordered to manane this ; and proceeded forth- with to the Painted Chamber t on their return, Lord CLIVE informed the House that the Commons had had a conference with- the Lords in the Painted Chamber, and that their Lord- ships had i les fed the concurrence of ihe House of Commons to the resolution passed hy them on Fiidav last, for the issue of a commission in fhe King's name in the usual form, for the opening of the Session of Parliament, and for placing the Great Seal thereto. * His . lordship then read the Commission, which, together with ihe resolutions be brohght up, on the motion of Mr. Wallace, were ordered to be referred to the Conimitttee appointed to consider of ibe State of the Nation. The names of defaulters at the lr. st call of the House were then called over ; some excused, and others ordered into custody of the Serjeant at Arms. On the motion of the CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER the House resolved itself into a Committee on the State of the Nation. The Chancellor of the Excheqoor after a few short observations, moved that the Committee do concur in the Resolutions of the House of Lords. Mr. SHERIDAN rose, and observed that the stale of the ques- tion of Regency in Pailiament w as totally different at this moment from what it was in ITS4*, then thete was nothing like ail approach towards even equality, much less majority, on the part of the Opposition. On the present occasion, opinious and votes approach in some points close to an equili- brium, and in others an actual majority against the plans pioposed by Ministers. The House of Lords in their Com- mittee bad actually differed from the House of Commons, although afterwards the amendment was withdrawn upon the right, to prevent the lamentable consequence that must inevit- ably follow a difference between both Houses, viz. the tonne- d'- aie extinction of any fonn of government in the country. He thought the mere constitutional mode of doing acts of government in the present posture of affairs, was rather bv Ministers taking on themselves the responsibility, with th3 chance of indemnity from Parliament. On a former occasion, he had termed them a Directory : he must do them the justice to say, they tiad abdicated I heir directorial authority, but they had called on the Houses of Parliament to usurp it; and thus had actually placed things in a nurse state than they weie before. He thought, as Parliament was placed in this predicament, it ought to he got rid of' as soon as possible ; antl tbe best, way to do this, was to address the Prince, praying hnn to take on himself the government, not as Regent, but until Parliament should Bettle tbe condi- tions, and then the Parliament might be opened at once, without tbe cucuitous mode proposed by Commission under the Great Seal. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER opposed the piopo- sition, as totally subversive of all the proceedings the House had already taken.— The hon. gentleman argued at soinr; fi ngtb, anil maintained tbat the mode adverted to would i ,„„.„._ nc -' rather tend fo retard than promote their obiect. ] ,0 ' < l" ar's- . Alter some further obseivutions Horn Mr. Sheridan, the , toTn '•• xc" anSe. J"" 9.— This day the mnrk » t continues in ques'ion was put, that the Committee do concur with the I t, ie sa., ne * tate as 1,1 m" last i " wmEt the present thaw Resolutions of the Loids respecting ihe Coinudssion, and ' , ns" ffio, en'. to ? Pen ,!, e 1' hames navigation, vessel, are agreed to without a division. The ' resolution was reported j " ot - v" al, lfito unlo. atl' consequently no sale effected sufficient forthwith, and a conference ordered wilh the Lords to com- I to ™ arranl any variation from our lale named priccs, which measures which ouglil to be taken, to supply, in the i to their controversies by an affair of honour.— The w .... » -. • . i- ii- i. - 1.1 ...,..-, » J i) wi : » . n i A'..- l « '< wt. r| v 4.\ iV I'.' i v vu'. t> n thfMi- m* » < e the person of Ihe Prince of \\ ales, the present defect in tiie Executive Power; when a string of resolutions, in substance the same as those passed by the Common Council on the preceding day, were agreed lo without a division, declaring themselves unfriendly to the pro- posed restrictions on the Regent. A Petition, founded • m the resolutions, was then drawn up, and ordered to lie presented lo both Houses of Parliament j afler which thanks were voted to Mr. Alderman Combe, for his upright conduit in Parliament ; and to the Lord Mayor, for his impartial- conduct in the chair, as we, I as the readiness w ith which he called the Meeting. The only extraordinary circumstance attending the removal of Cooke, the actor, to America, is, that, according to report, ever since lie lias been in that country lie has nut trespassed upon sobriety J— The success of this man, it seems, is so great, that with common prudence, he might return to this country with a comfortable provision for the remainder of his life. But it is b\ no means . probable that such will be the end of lis theatrical history. Sir Francis Bourgeois, whoso decease took place a i few days ago, has let! his fine collection of pictures, ' and the bulk of liis fortune, to Dulivieh College. All addition is to be made to Ihe gallery of that edifice, for the purpose ot receiving the pictures, and an ample provision is made for keeping them in due preservation. A Court- Martial was on Monday held on board the Salvador del Muiulo, at Plymouth, for the trial of Mr. \\ nu'Sullidge, Surgeon of the Unicorn frigate, for un- officei- like and ungenlleiv. aiily conduct, in having pulled Lieut. Murray, ol Ihe same ship, by the nose, at the iiies,-:- lahle. The charge being proved, he was sentenced to he dismissed from llie Navy, and to be confined 12 mouths iu the Marshals*. a prison. He made a long but unavailing defence. Lord I oui lt- ney, who has suddenly embarked for the Continent, is the su jeel of general conversation. He is in lineal descent the most illustrious of the British Peerage. He is the 17th in lineal succession from Hugh " Co-. uteuay, Earl of Devonshire, and Margaret, his wife, grand- daughter of Edward '.; and the 22rl in desce. it from Reginald de Courtenay, who came into Ei jland with Henry 21. There have been several JCii. gs of Jerusalem in this family, as well as Latin Emperors. They derive their original descent from Phaiamond, founder of the French Monarchy, being descended fiom Louis VI, King of France, surnaiucd Le Gros; and hence this lamiiv arc allied to the Blood Rpyal of France, try wished him to shire in h? r - as Stic liad vl Clip!'' Prizes to bestow in the Grand State Lottery, the 15th Next Month, liv a New Plan of Drawing. Monday sc'inf'ght, as one of the evening coaches was driv . iiit! throiurh Plymouth, one of the passengers, a lovely f- mn'e child of 7 years old, jumping towards the door on the off side, forced it open, and before its distracted neither could catch hold of its clothe-., the sweet, infant fell on the k'rb stone, and its scull was literally dashed to pieces. We understand the lady is a Mrs. Denmark, wife of a surgeon in the royal nnvv, going with her chili! to visit her fiieqtls at Dock. What make the circumstance more distressing, it was an only child, and ber husband is abroad on tfie service of his K ng and C'Mibtrv Committed to Stafford gaol, Thomas Thompson, ci^ rg- d with having uHered at Wolverhampton a forged five pound no'te, purpoTt. imr to he a note of the Governor and Coin, panv of thu Bank of England, knowing the same tn be for*- d. Abo J. Mitchell, charged witli having stolen out of a dwelling hou- e at Madeh y. in that countv, 40 guinear, 54 balf- guin as. and 80 seven shilling pieces in gold, 64 half- crown pieces, 180 shillings in silver, one five guinea note, and eight one pound promissoty notes- Ihe property of William Hilt and Caleb Hill. tntjiii- sls.— Lust week, four inquisition* were taken in f'ir- mingtiafn, on children who were burnt, torleath by their clothes taking fire. It is lamentable to relate, that they all happened in consequence of the gross neglieence of their parents, arid those to whose care they were entt listed, in leaving them atory. A few days ago, a fine boy, live years of ag'\ was so dread fully burut bv his clothes taking lire, mtlieabiep. ee of b. is mother, at Ludlow, tint he expired the same night. Bonaparte, in addition to his other atrocities, his actually stopped an Opera dancer in ber progress to this country.— What a mnnste.! Honesty. — It deserves to be recorded, that . T- i- n-> s and John Westhead, of the Warren house, Great Crosbv. found oo '. lie shore a pocket book, containing HO/, in cash snd b- ink nmes, which, supposing it to belong lo ! ome ofthe unfortunate suf- ferers in the late storm, they delivered to the care of proper persons. ASSIZE OF BREAD, Set. the 15th of January, 1811, for the Town Liberties of Shrewsbury, to take place on Saturd ly next. lb. oz dr. _ f Wbeiten 0 4 O or two ? o j Household 0 5 6 I Penny loaf, halfpenny loaves Twopenny loaf Threepenny loaf . Sixpenny loaf ..... Twelvepenny loaf T To weigh ") White ' . ditto Wheaten Household ll 10 12 0 2 0 4 ( I 8 i Wbeaten 0 12 ' ) Household I 5 Wheaten t I Household 2 5 Wheaten 3 1 Household 4 KS* All Wheaten and Household liread must he made Wheat only. — Wheaten to be marked with a large W — Household with a large H. Price of Grain in our Markel on Saturday last- Wheat 14s. 6d. to 15s. 10.1.— Barlev 6s. Od. bushel of 38 quarts.- pqr - Oats 7s. Od. per customary spot fixed Upon for tiiis bloody affray was their mess room, and they were to fire across the table,— Their seconds, having some little regard for their lives, char- ged the pistols with powder and a large portion of newly- mixed mustard On Ihe signal being given to , lire, the contents of the pistol of one of the parties lodging in the others face, caused him to sing out most dreadfu ly that he was murdered ; but, by Ihe timely application of three buckets of slops, preserved for the | occasion, he was perfectly restored to his senses, which J were before so paralized, that lie could not pull Ins trigger. _ MOUSE OF COMMONS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 10. Ttie House met tins ufttinouu agieeable to adjournment in the morning. GLOCESTER COUNTY ELECTION. Mr. HOWARD moved, that a new writ be issued fora Knight fo serve in Pailiuiuent for the county of Glocester, in ihe room of I. onl Dursioy, univ Earl of Berkeley. The hen. member called to the lecokectiou ot the House the discussion which Took place last session, on the subject of a petition against the return of Lord Dursley, when his right to sit llier e was disputed, on the gtouud of his having merely stated • himself lu he llie eldest son ot the Earl of Kerkeley ; whereas it was alledgcd in the petition, that he was an illegiti- mate son. Since ttien, however, the Ear! of Berkeley had died, aud the member for Glocestershire assumed the title • by which means theie was now a vacancy in the Representa- tion of that county ; and it was the business of the House to till it up, without enquiring w hether his claim lo'the Earldom was likely to be admitted or not.—' I he SPEAKER, befoie he put ihe motion, expressed his" doubts whether such n writ as ihis cotiId i^ sue. ' vVhcufver a writ was moved foi a member to seivf in the room of a i't.- er. it was customary to state, not only in tne write but in the motion itself, that tiie member, whose vacancy \ Utj; t. i be filled, had • been udkil to the House cj Peer*: No such tiling" was state. d in the present motion. Mi. HOWARD said, he cow Id not make such a statement in the motion, as the noble Earl's light of admission in the House of Perns was vet to be decided upon. Mr, pKRcr. VAfj siiid, the Parliament would be regularly Called together in a few days, and then the claims « , f ihe person in question i » the Peerage would be decided upon Uefore a proper tribif iat; atier whicn the motion m. ght be propei ly made. He r ien moved the previous < pu^ tiuj,— This bi ought on a discm*: ol Mr. Perceva" Loii^, and opposed Mr. Homer, Durslev b « < I uine ifiig'b, " » « n motion Mr.' $ ostsmpt. . LO. X'OOjY, Monday JV'tf « , Jan. 14, 1811. " Winder Castle, Jan. 13.— His Majesty lias had u good night, and is better to day." " Jan. 14.— His Majesty is as well to- day as lie was e - terdav." There are arrivals to day from various quarters, and by the Cormorant ship of war, which sailed from Lis- bon on the 31st ult.. letters to that date have been re- ceived.— The two following appear to he the best in- formed on lite subject of our atfairs in Portugal. Lisbon, l ee. 99, iBlti.— It is i. ow ascertained that rein- forcements tor the French army, lo ihe amount of 14,000 men, have entered the kingdom, and while some affirm that our aiuiv is about to advance, the t fficers write from head- quarters that the m st probable event is ibat it will retire to its former position at Torres Vedrlis.-— F. oin ah ind cation ol an immediate movement ihe intention ut Lord Wellington on the subject will transpire in a lew days ; at present II. S lord- ship conducts the opeiatious of the ariny with his usual seciecv, ard nothing ceitain can be calculated on. h is con- fidently reported here that the conscripts recently arrived fiom Fiance had revolted, and that Drouct had returned to Salam. u. ca. Lisbon, 30/ 4 December, lRlO.—- As no fighting has taken place, 1 have no haitie to relate to you Great importai. ee is attached to ihe seizure ot a spy here hy the Poituyuese peasants, who are ever on the watch. This fellow had been sent on some important errand by Massi- nn. but was luckily seeurid beitce his object was accomplished. As his tra- tor- ous intentions wer^ manifest, he would have been shot after a su nniary trial, but tor the important discoveries lie made to Loid Wellington.— Several of the officers who had - obtained leave to embark for England, and . » ere at Lisbon for that purpose, had been suddenly ordered back to i he arin v ; w h'icti at first induced an opinion that the British Commander in Chief ex- ected a movement mi the part of ihe enemy ; tint it is now said to be in consequence ol the discoveries made by tde s y, but of what natuie we do not learn. ' 1 lie dispatches howeve r lui- uished by Lord Wellington iu the. Conuoiant, will disclose every thing to tne Government, and it is therefore probable yon will be apprised of the icsult before 1 shall. Cadiz, 20(/ i Dcc. 1810— Last night the ( Julwaik arrivd fro. n Wia Cruz, and the llavanah, with 1,566,244 dollars h r the Government, and ' 2,12- 1,31) 8 doltais for the inert- hauls, bt sides a quantity of cochineal, indigo, 3u00 muskets, 43, uOOIb. of gunpowder, 332,400 musket ca- es, 64 cheats of shoes, and 3i0 cumpleie regimentals; the Deputies lo the Cortes froui Me. ico ami the Havanati also arrived in thissh'p. Our letters from Gibraltar reach down to the 25th ull. They communicate that no more epedemic cases prevailed either iu the Bay or iu the town. Tim American ship Essex, which has been for a long time expected tiom France, has at length anived. She has hieti out in tbe late gales, having been driven about in the channel lor tne last 14 days; but Mr. Forbes, who arrived from jVlorlaix ou SatuiUay, with dispatches for Mr. Pinckiiey, distinctly slates that the Fieuch Government do not intend to rese. nd the Berlin and Milan Deoees, aud that ad tbe. American pro- perty confiscated" in violation of them will never be resided. W t are assured by a gentleman who has leceived letieis from St. Petersbuigh ol the i3i. li ult. that the Emperor Alexander has. enmpped. with the demand of the Fiench Go- vernment to tqiuish a certain uuinbtr ol Kus& iau seamen to inan b'ltiich ships of war. Yesterday at three o'clock his Hoyal Highness the Prince of Vvaies honoured Lord Holland with a visit at ( lis house in Pall Malt ( lie being conlmed by the gout), and remained in coiilerence with Ins Lordsnip for near- ly two hours. The Prince, when he goes down to the House of Peers as Kegent, will not be scaled on the Throne, but in a thair ot Stale, oue step betore it, Which is now making for that puipose. There is io be a tnree weeks public mourning for the & ueen of France, to succeed lhat for the uiuch- ^• iucess Amelia. i inn* per l < lit Con ulr 67{ tnunicate the concurrence of this House. ' The Lords aie lo meet eaily to- morrow morning, in order It) the Conference, that the Commission be prepared against the evening.— The Regency Bill to he printed iu time for the committal on Thursday — House adjourned to to morrow. The House of Lirds also adjourned till to- morrow, when Parliament will be opened hy Commission. The Lords are summoned to appear in ilieir lobis. SIIIU^ W^ JILY, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY I6,1S11. TV. Eddowe* i Printer of the Salopian Journal, tesperAfully informs the Gentlemen of the Faculty end Students of Medicine within the circuit of this Paper, that the FIRST NUMUFR of u. Aeiv Volume of that valuable Professional tVorl:> the M CO/-. CALand PHYSICAL JOUHtfJLt conduct, d by 2) cctorsBradlei/ ifiatti/ j and Norhden^ h as published on the First Day of thin Morith; and Persons who are disposed to take it in regularly from this time are requested to send their Orders to them, or their jYeivsmen, on or before the " 25th instant* hj RTH Lately, at BeUi field Park, the seat of Sir T. Hanmer, Bart, the Lady of T. Hanmer, Esq. of a son, At Belvoii Cascle, a few days ago, tbe Duchess of Rutland, of a daughter. MARRIED. On Thursday last, at Ches- rnidine, Mr. Timmis, ofWhit- tioirton, near Keel shall, to Miss Sarah Aikinstall, of Chipnall. On the 7th inst. at ( Jhirhury, Mr. J. Probert, rf Hussinjr- t « » n, t<> Miss Mary Roberts, daughter of Mr Roberts, of Wilmington. DIED. On the fith inst. Thomas Hunt, F. sq. of Cockshoot Lydial, near Brimfield, Herefordshire, in the 76th year of hisa°; e. On the Mb Dec. at Gibraltar, early in life, and afi'eetion- ately icgretted by all who had the happiness of her acquaint- ance, Kfiza, wife of Captain Foley, of the 9th regiment, daughter of the la'e Thomas 1> e, Esq. of Warrington. A few days aco, Miss Langhml, eldest daughter of the late Robert Lanp: ford, formerly of Ellesm^ re Grange. Litelv, i » T the Cape of Good Hope, MVk. Coliier, wife of Capt. Collier, of the 2fst Light Dragoons, eldest daughter of Mr. Howt'U* of in this county. At Ludlow, Mr. Francis Massey, wine aad brandy mer- j chant, in his 68th year. Mis. Harrison, wile of Mr. . T. Hnrri* on, of Manchester, and eldest daughter of Mrs. Harris, of More ton Coi bet. On the 5th insr. at Yaimouth, Nor'olk, in the 50tb year of nis age. much respected by an extensive circle of friends, John Walter, Ksq. Chief Agent of the Victualling Office iu that place, and only brother of the Rev. Samuel Waller, of Madeley, in this county On the 3oth Dec. at Poplar, near London, Mrs. Clarke, wife of Mr. Clavke, staymaker, of Welshpool. On Saturday, the b\ h instant, Mr. Thomas Ilall, cooper, of the Sun inn, Maidol. [ The late Mr. Acton, of Brockton, ( whose death was no tiecd in our last obituary) was a gentleman of unbounded hospitality and kindness to his numerous relatives and ac- quaintance, and bis liberality to his servants and the poor in his neighbourhood will be long remembered with mournful respect.— He sustained through life the character ofan honest, respectable man, anil has died sincerely lamented by a dis- consolate * idow, and a! l who bad the pleasure of knowing him j are again considered nominal. Fine Flour 8to 90s,— Seconds 80* to 85s. JANUARY" 14.]—- The Thames navigation now likely to be soon clear, and laige arrivals of grain in general being ex- pected, the trade for Wheat and Oats is dull, and hardly Mipports last prices; owing to few sales being effected of most articles, the general named pi ices aie considered at tooti uomiiial; Flour without variation. ^ ---".. v-.- j v. i Hum win*) nag? i^ ucien oonapmi oevern," may be conveyed through the medium ot yo circulated paper, to districts, where it cau* ihe in Vis'ting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Nunn :— House- Visitors, Mr. Richard France and Mr. Joi> iah Parry. Al the Weekly Board on Saturday last, the following Aug- mentations ol bub- criptions were reported, viz Mr. Frederick Ridding, Wellington, ftoni £\ 1 to < 2 Mr. Thomas Ridding, Wellington, from £ 1 1 to l2 2 We have heen informed that the residence of Lucien Bona- , paite in this, or an adjoining county, was particularly wished j bv our beloved Monarch, sometime previous to his lamented illness. If so, it is a striking proof of his Majesty's depend- ance on the loyalty of the counties of Salop and Montgomery. Committed to our county gaol, Sarah Davies, on a strong suspicion of having wilfully murdered her female bastard child at the paiish of Hales Owen. At tbe general quarter sessions for this county yesterday, John Ashton, Sa » ah A* htonv James Pemberton, and Mary Birch, charged with uttering in payment/ at Hodnet, a quan- tity of couuteifeit shillings, knowing tl e same to be false and counterfeit, aud with having iu their possession ' MC other pieces Of false and counterfeit money, were oidered to be im- prisoned for 6 months, ami at the expiration of that term to fmd suiheieut suieties for 6 months more, or to be imprison- ed for that lime.— Mary Price, and Sarah Kichards, lorsteal- ing wheal from the threshing machine of Richaid Harper, of Stokesay, wbs ordered to be imprisoned ( 2 weeks.— Henry Williams, chaiged with stealing tuikies from Mr. Kdwaid Niceolls, of Pontesbury, entered into the marine service : and against John Hinde and John Jones, for stealing barley from the barn of Mr. I. Birch, of Kl les mere, uo bill was found.— A few remained for tual this day. Luc en Buonaparie frequently rides outside the coach, as a servant, to avoid observation ; but at Ex e'er he was recog- nized by an invalid soldier, who had served abroad, and when the cairiage stopped to change horses, ihe sold'er presented h m with a paper, saying in French, that a Lady in thiscouui To the Editor of the Salopian Journal. MR. EDIT< R, I have just read a letter signed " a BRITON" in your paper of the 9thini> taat, in which itis pietlv strongly asserted, that " die black- guards of Worcester were nearly AELE to accomplish the overthrow of Lucien Bonaparte's carriage into the Severn." This, of course, implies that they made the attempt. On this assumed fact many serious and severe refections are cast on the Magistrates and other' inhabitants, as well as on theblackgnards of that city. And although, m a postscript, this • Briton' savs, that he has since hffard thai Luc eu Bonopaifc was CH6EKED at Worcester, yet as he seems tofdou() t whether K was intended as a mark of Insull orRespect, ami says little in retraction of his former assertion, I wiil trouble sou with a word >> r two on the subject. Anrt now, Mr. Editor, as it is possible that this heaty charge, brought against the city of Worcester^ of ** SUFFERING its black- guards to nearly Overturn the carriage of Lucien Bonaparte into the c .-— » , . our widely may c. au* e the thost un; uat and erroneous opinions to be formed ot the inhabitants of that pliscc, unless the antidote be made to circulate with the poison, I cannot for a moment suppose, rhat you will hesitate to insert the following statement. And here I will just remark, thai 1 do nut think n » \ sth called upon to enter into the general reason fti or Ihe conclusions ot your correspondent4 a Briion,' lor be they true or be they lalse, they must fall to the ground, as far as regards the indi- vidual case of Worcester, if it shall appear that the data trocn which he drew them, existed, in relation to that city, only in the mis- representation of the individual from whom he received his infor- mation. I was at a window opposite the Hop Pole when Lucien Bonaparte anived at that inn j and as he did not get out of his carriage, I had an opportunity ol keeping my eye upon hun to the moment of his departure. During that lime not the slightest insuli was offered to hun by any individual of ihe immense croud who had collected, from pure curiosity, to see so interesting a visitor. When the chaise set off, the populace gave him a huzza, ( the only one lie received in this city) which 1 certainlv consider they intended as a mark of sympathy and respect- With the exception of being detained for a tew moments on the Bridge, where the individuals who were as- sembled, viewed him without any token of approbation or disap- probation, he passed through the c> tv with the rapidity, proverbial to an English post- chaise and four. On tiie most minute inquiry also, 1 cannot find that Lucien Bonaparte rece. ved ihe slightest mark of disrespect, much U'ss of personal violence, from any individual iu this citv. I am much deceived in mv estimate ot ihe character ot' " a Biiton," if lie will not be pleased at this s atement, by which a stain, in some degree, on our national urbani'v, has been temo^ ed by, ANOTHER BRITON. Worcester, Vith January, 1S11. JOHN BOWDLF. li, ( Late Foreman to Mr. ROTTON, Culler lo H. K. H. the Prince of Wales, London ; and formerly with Messrs. Richaids ic Morris, ol this'Town), SURGEONS' INSTRUMENT, & RAZOLL MAKER, Cutler, and Table- Knife Manufacturer, SIIItliWSBlinY, ESl'ECTFULLY intoims liis Friends and the Public in general of Shrewsbury and its Vicinity, that he has taken ihe House lately occupied by Mr. At- onsw JOHFS, Draper, SHOP1. ATCH. which lie will open ou SA- TURDAY, the 2tith Instant: aud from the great Ex- perience he has received, and hy a production of superior Articles, manufactuied by the first London Woikliien ( under his own immediate luspecliou), he h pes to merit a share of their Favour, which wilt be gratefully acknowledged, and executed with the gieate> t punctuality and dispatch. N. B. Crests and Ciphers neatly engraved 011 Ivory Table. Knives in the present fashionable Style; Specimens may be seen. Plated or Steel Deseit liinves, Spoon- Forks, See. & c. ot the first Manufacture. Swords, Belts, Sashes, and other Military Aitieles,— Fowl, ing Pieces, Pocket and Saddle Pi. tols, warranted of' llie best Quality. Cutlery made to any Pattern, on Ihe shortest Notice, and Old Cutlery properly repaired and ground.— Any Hoantity ot Kiiivts to Hire.— Full Value for all Kinds of Beasts' Horm. K^ Au APPRENTICE WANTED. January lu, 1611. SPYlilNG AND MAKSDluVs PVItK LEMON ACID, FOR PUNCH, LEMONADE, SAUCES, & e. | 7^ AMlLliLS, Taverns, and Inns, will fiad it ex- « L tremely convenient, as it suits every domestic Purpose, where the Lemon is necessary. Officeis and Captains of Ships, aud others, will find it particularly desirable, as it is dry and portable, and will retain its Flavour in eveiy Climate. Prepared only at 163, Boiough, London, and sold in Bottles at' 2s. od. by Mr. SCOLTOCK, in Shrewsbury, ana by most Druggists, Libraries, and Confectioners. Where also may be had, tueir PORTABLE LEMONADE, which only icquires the Addition of Water, m Packets, Price 2s. Piease to observe tneir Name on the Bottle and Wrapper, us the Label and Directions have been imitaied u>' several Jews going about the Country., deceiving Shopkeeper* and others, bv selling a spurious Aiticle; making. any^ V.; lowance to get ready Hooey, y FASHIONABLE DANCIX'G. fR3. MERCEROT respectfully informs her] Friends and the Public, that her SCHOOL, in Saint Aikmoml's Square, will re- open on WF. DN ESDAY, the 23d Instant. Ladies may be accommodated with private Lessons. Xieackn Place, Shrewsbury, Jan. 14,1811. MISS HOWELL presents her grateful Thanks lo her Friends and tire Public, for their kind Support, tbe Continuance of which she will assidulonsly endeavour to merit find re: ppetfullr Informs them, that her SCHOOL will re- open on MONDAY, the 21st Inst Butlc, near Shrewsbury. nth Jan. 1811. CASTLE- COURT, CTMNIB& ctAL and MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY. and T. BAGLEY re « peclfully inform their > Friends and the Public, that their DAY SCHOOL will open again on MONDAY. » » te 21st Instant : PRIVATE SCHOOLS, MONDAY, the Mb— January in, 1811. COLLEGE- HILL SCHOOL. " CAST1EAU respectfully inlorms his Friends « and the Public, that his SCHOOL will be opened aga- o on the 21st Instant. TERMS.— Board and Education ( French excepted), 24 Guineas per Annum, for Young Gentlemen under 13 Years of age.— Entrance 1 Guinea.— Washing2 Guineas per annum. Each Gentleman to bring one Pair of Sheets, and two Hand- Towels. January 11, 1811. CASTLE BUILDINGS, OSWESTRY\ RS. DAV IFS'School re.,. pens on TUESDAY the 29lh Inst.— Janna- y 14, 1811. This day » i'e published, price 3s. Sd. each, neatly bound, WRITTEN NV EDWATTD BALDWIN, ESQ. I. HISTORY OF ENGLAND, with HEADS of the Kings. 2. HISTORY of ROME ; from ' he Buildinit of the City to the Ruin of t'ie Republic. With Maps and other plates. 3 HISTORY of GREECE; from the earliest Records of that Country, to the Time in which it was reduced into a Roman Province. With Mans and other Plates. N. B. The above Histories are constructed ou a particular plan. They are intended to he used in the manner of a Class- Rook, the pupils placing themselves in a circle, and each repeating his par- agraph tn turn. The object of the writer has been to condense tbe information conveyed: and the facts are related with a liveliness of manner, peculiar! HE following Advaniag submitted to al] Persons who patronise Public Improvement and National Benefit. r The very extraordinary and fortunate Occurrence which happened on the First Day's Drawing of the CITY LOT- TERY, on tbe 4th of December last, viz. onlv Four of tbe smaller Prizes wine Drawn on that Dav, and which Prizes were valued bv the Surveyors at 40001.; it must therefore, be obvious, that Twenty- one Capital Prizes remain as yet to be drawn, which are valued at upwards of 100,0001. The Drawing will commence on the 7th of February next. This singular Advantage has induced ihe Proprietors to offer to Ihe Public, that all Tickets and Shares bought at ROLFEand CO's Offices, between the 12th of January in- stant, and the " 7th of February, the Purchasers of suchTickefs or Shares, if undrawn al the finish of the Second Day, may, Primed for M. J be had of W. Soil, Chester; memory. Godwin, Skinner Street, London ; anil to EDDOWVS. anil of all Shrewsbury ; Messrs, . tiler Booksellers. Broster and Black Gate, Oswestry, January 16th, 1811. [ ISS HOLBROOKE respectfuliv informs her Friends and the Public, that her SCHOOL will re- open on MONDAY the 21st Instant. CHURCH STRETl'ON SCHOOL. BELTON begs Leave to inform his Friends and tP « the Public, respectively, that his SCHOOL will he open again on MONDAY, Ihe 21st Want.— Jannan 10, 1811. JMEREDITH respectfully acquaints his Friends, 9 that his SCHOOL will re- o'nen on MONDAY NEXT, the 21st Instant. — W'sthury, January 14, 1811. TAMKSMTOARDING SCHOOL. [ RS. BRAY respectfully informs her Friends L and the Public, that her School w ill re- open on MON- DAY, the 21st Inst .— Welshpool, January 12,1811. WONDERFUL CHANCE In the City Lottery. r¥" lHE Public are respectfully inlornied, that only M. Four Pr zes were drawn on the First Day, ( which are marked with a * in the Scheme below) leaving the Wheel uncommonly rich— there being Twenty . title Capital Prizes undrawn valued at £' 100,000. Tbe Second Day will be un the Mb of February. TICKETS are now on SALE, warranted uhdr'aWn, at all the Lottery Offices in T . ' Ui apd Country, SCHEM H. ( No fixed Prize.) Capital. 1 Prize of 1 1 * 1 J; 20,000 10,500 - IS Situation. 13, Piciti tt- street. Skinner- street. Fleet- market. THE SALE or GLASS ft'JUL, BY JONATHAN PERRY, WILL continue THIS DAY, TO- MORROW, and FRIDAY, in the Great Room at the FOX INN", in Lots to accommodate Families, Innkeepers, and the Trade. Manv of the elegant CUP GOODS are now unpacked and exhibited. The. Sale will open at TEN in the Forenoon, and continue till EIGHT in the Evening. adapted to interest the attention of Youth, aud to seize with at 1 '• « •' option, by applying to the above Offices-, receive the a strong and lasting hold on the jfl>" Amount they paid for the said Tickets or Shares ; and, in additio"., a Premium of Five Shillings ; and also in propor- tion fo1 every Share, provided the said Tickets or Shares are presented f , r Payment on or before tbe 10th day of February. TICKETS nnd SHARES, warranted undrawn, are now rapidly Selling at ROl. FR and CO.' s Offices, So 15, Skinner. Street; No. 2 and 13, Pickett- street; No. 6, Aldgate: and No. 419, Oxford- street. PRESENT PRICES. Ticket „ t8 18 6 Half o£ 4 14 0 1 Eighth 14 6 Quarter 2 8 0| SjxUenth £ 0 12 6 bp £ ucttom VALUABLE TIMBER. BY GLOVER. AND SON, At the House of Mr, Cartwright, ihe Britannia Inn, Mardol Shrewsbury, on Saturday the 19th of January, 1811, pre- cisely at four o'clock in the . Afternoon, and subject to Conditions then til be produced : ] 0 / OAK, 2: S ASH, I SYCAMORE, and 15 w Pieces of NAVY IT MB l'R, squared. LOT II. 13 OAK, 8 ASH, 1 SYCAMORE. The above valuable Timber is of large Dimensions, fit foi the Navy, ptanking, or other Purposes.. The fust Lot is situate ou the RED HOllSE FARM, in the Parish of Kin- nerley ; is within half a Mile of the River Severn nt the Roval Hill:— The second Lot is growing on a Farm at WlLCOT, in the Parish of Great Ress, and distant only 2 Miles from ihe River Severn at the Royal Hid, anil 1 Mile from the Tiirnpike Road leading from Oswestry to Shrewsbury !. anil the Wnole within 5 Miles ofthe Ellesmere Canal at the Queen's Head.— Gtones WILLIAMS, of Wilcot, will shew the Timber. bp Statom L1 AY AND TURNIPS. BY W. SMITH, At the Mermaid Inn, in tbe Town of Shrewsbury, en Satur- day, the 19th of January, 1811, between tbe Honrs of four and live in, the Afternoon : ASTACK of well harvested HAY, containing about l5Tons, belonging to Mr. John Jandrell, stand- ing in THE GROVE, in the Parish of Church Pulverbutcb, in the County of Salop ( to fro olT the Premises.) likewise a Stack of BLEND FODDER, together < vi Ii 1A 3R. of good TURNIPS, which m « « ' x be eaten on tbe Premises, situate as abive. The Purchaser of this Lot to have the use of an adjoining Pasture, together wilh a Fold and Cow Ties. William Ciok, of The Grove, will shew Ihe Hay, & e. LIGHT CARTS, ~ BY WILLIAM SMITH, At the Market House, in the Town of Shrewsbury, on SATURDAY NEXT, the iM Day of January, 1311, precisely at one o'Cl ck; EXCELLENT new LIGliT CART j Li Ditto Ditto Ditto ; Useful HACK HORSE ; and Set of Shaft Gears. - bp tatioit; HAY. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises, on Monday, the 21st of January inst. 4t ten o'CIock in the Forenoon, by Order. of the Directors ; ASTACK of excellent HAY of the Growth of 18( 10, harvested in the best Condition, containing about TWELVE TONS and standing at the HOUSE OF IN- DUSTRY, near the CROSS HOUSES, about a quarter of a Mile Irotn the Severn, and a short Mile from Atcham Village. 1,0WER PF. PPERHII. L, NEAR WOtVERHAMPTON- " jVii RS. PR1TCH ARD respectfully informs her ' i- V il Friends and the Public', that her Scliool will again open on MONDAY, the 21r, t of this Instant.— She cannot omit the present Opportunity of returning her unfeigned Thanks to her Friends for the liberal Support she has ex- perienced ; and trusts, by unremitting Attention to the Heahh and Improvement of her Pupils, to merit a Continuance of their Confidence. WATL1 \ G- STREET~ SEMINARY^ KE. U WELLINGTON, SALOP. TREDDALL most respectfully informs his a Fiienris and the Public, that WATLING- STRF. ET SEMINARY Will be opened again on MONDAY, the 21st Instant. -— January 11, 1811. WM- JONES and SON beg Lea^ e to inform iheir Friends in general, their SCHOOL re- opens on MONDAY, the21st. Instant.— Ne: vtn: en, Basehurcti, Jan. 14. 1 ... 1 .. 1 ... 1 ... 1 ... 1 1 .. 1 ... 1 .. 1 .. * 1 .. 1 1 1 1 1 * t 1 N. B 3,700 ... ... 57, Ditto. 3,00i) ... ... 50, Snow- hill. 2,000 ... .. 54, Fleet- market. 1,000 ... ... 2U, luteudell- street northwards of Pickett- street. 500 ... ... 53, Fleet- market. 1.500 .. ... b0, Turnagam- lane. 2 400 .. Fleet- maiket. 7,500 ... 6, Pickett- street. 10,000 .. S 25, Skinner- street. I ' lii, Ditto. 3,500 ... ... 58, Fleer- market. 3,300 ... 14, Pickett street. 3,300 .. ... 15, Ditto. 3.300 .. ... 12, Ditto. 2,000 .. ... 51, Snow- hill. 1,600 .. ... 18, Picketustreet. 1,200 .. ... iy, Intended- stieet, northwards of Pickett- street. 4,000 .. ., 56, Fleet- market. 4,500 .. ... 52, Snow- hill. 4,600 .. , ... 17, Pickett street. 3,300 .. ... 16. Ditto. .. 19, Skinnrf-- street. . 23, Ditto. . 20, Ditto. Public are annexed the K- je, of Iry id Iso ily L kv irs iu Buschui ch, January 14,1811. MISS TON F. S most respectively informs her Friends anil the Public, her SEMINARY will re- open the 21st Instant. A Half- Boarder wanted. WELSH POOL ACADEMY. [ R. WEAVER respectfully informs the Public, lhat his SCHOOL for the Reception of Bo> r< lers le- openson MONDAY, the 28th Instant — The DAY- SCHOOL re- opens on tbe 2lst Inst.— Jnt. 14( A, 181!. WREXHAM. C.> RYN Y FFYNNON BOARDING SCHOOL, Jf for the Reception of Young Ladies, will re- open on MONDAY, January 21, 1811.— Tan. 8, 1811. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, ACLASSICAL ASSISTANT. Application to be made to the Printer of the Chester Herald. Letters Post- paid TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. T7| TANTLI) immediately, TWO YOUTHS of TV respectable Connections, as APPRENTICES to a SILK MKRCKR, kr For further Particulars apply to Mt. BRAYNR, Top of M. irrlol.—.- January \ 6!' r, 1811. APPRENTICE. WANTED, a steady active YOUTH, of strict Morals and good Ability, as an Aoprentice to a GROCER, DRUGOIST, and IRONMONGER. A Premium is exper'. ed. K3* Apolv to JoNP. fi and GRIFFITHS, Wehhoool. WANTED, To Wait upon two Gentlemen rrho reside chiefly in London, ASTEADY MAN SERVANT, who can be well recommended from his last Service for Honesty, Sobri- ety, & c lev. & c.— He will be required to ride well, anil to understand the Business of a Groom, aud wlieri injhe Country ( three Months in the Year) to take Careof two Horses. A middle- aged Person, and one who has lived in London, will be preferred.— Enquire of the PRINTER OP THIS PAPER.. Dec. 26, 1810. _ WANTED, AYOUNG PERSON who can write well, and is fond of Reading, or who has had a School Education, to superintend as Housekeeper in a Gentleman's Family, near Newport, Shropshire, only four in Number. Unless she can Wiit.' and read well, she need not apply. If suited, it may possibly be a Situation for Life, with a suitable Salary ; • whether she has been out at Service or not, is immaterial.— Apply tiy Letter only, Post paid, directed to R. W. Post Office, New| Kirt, Shropshire. LOST, ALARGE Liver and white POINTER DOG, with a tanned Muzzle, and long Tail. Whoever wi 1 bring him to Mr. Ruscos, Saddler, Market- Place, Shrews- bury, shall be handsomely rewarded, and all reasonable Ex- penses paid; and if any one detains him after this Notice will be prosecuted. ~ GAME. NOTICE is hereby given. That an ASSOCIA- TION for tl- e Pr. o » ecution of POACHERS, and other UNQUALIFIED' PERSONS, who unlawfully DEST ROY GAME, within Ihe Distance of twelve Miles of O- westry, having, been entered into, all Persons' who are desirous o! becoming Members of such Association, are requested to at- tend at the CROSS FOXES Inn, in OSWESTRY, on WED- NESDAY, the 23d Day ofJANUAHY, 1811, at the Hour of Three in the Afternoon, for the Purpose ol entering into such Resolutions aa shall be necessary lor carrying tbe Intentions uf the Association into Effect. By Order of the Association, EI) W. EDMUNDS, Secretary. A Dinner will be provided. ' HOUSES IM OSFVESTRY. TO BE LET, And entered upon the 25th of March, and the Ist of May next, respectively, riWO very eligible modern- built HOUSES, will) 11 iheir Appurtenances, adjoining each other situate in BAII EY STREET, m the Town of OSW ESTRY, now in the scveial Holdings of Mr. Robert Roberts, Su geon. ai d Mr William Price, Bookseller.— These Houses, l^ om then- Situation, are. well adapted for Trade ; the former eons sts of two food Parlours, ( one of which fronting the Street, may be converted into an txcellen. Shop), and a spacious Kitchen noon thS Ground Floor, a Drawing Room, and suitable Bed- chambers on the first Story, and very commodious Attics. The latter House is piecisely ofthe same Desciiption, except lhat the Fiout Rooui on the Ground Floor is used as a Shop. To each House is also attached a good Brcwhouse, Stable, and Garden. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. EDWARDS, Book- jel. er, Oswestry. 2.. S00 .. 1,300 ... 4,200 .-. For the Satisfaction of th' following Directions from the Loids of his Majest j's Trea • sury, viz. Afer our lieartv commendations, having considered the Memorial aforegoing, and approving thereof, We do hereby direct that the THIRD CITY LOTTERY therein men. toiled, be Dia'wn at'or in the Guildhall of the City of London, on the Fourth of December, the Seventh Day of February, the Seventh Day of March, and the Twenty thiid of March next ensuing, conformably to the Provisionso( the Acts of Pa. lia- nunt in your said Memorial recited. Signed W. BRODiilCK, } Lords of his W ELIOT, [ Majesty's DF. SART, ) Treasuiy. Whitehall Treasury Chambers, theSOth Day of March. 1810. N' TURNPIKE TOLLS. OTICE is hereby given. That the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gates upon ti. e Turnpike. Road leading from Warmer Hill to the End ul Cotton Wood, called or known hy the several Names of the Tilley Gate, Creamo. e Gate, Stone and Cross Gate, with the Side Gates, will be LE I' BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the House of Mr. William Stockall, the Sign of the BLACK LION Inn, in WEM, in tne County of Salop, on THURSD AY, the 21a Day of FEBRUARY, 1811, between the Hours ol one and lour o'CIock of the same Day, iu the Manner directed by ti. e Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Ma- jesty King George the Thiid, " for regulating- the Turnpike Roads:'" which Tolls were Let the last Year loi the follow- ing Sums ; •£• d. Tilley Gale Id O 0 Creamore Gate .'>!> 0 0 Stone aud Cioss Gate, with the Side Gates 1U8 0 0 And will be put up at the said several Sums. Whoever happens to be the best Bidd'rr, must at, the same Time give Security, with sufficient. Sureties, to the Satisfaction Uf the. Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the Rents agreed for, and at such Time's as they shall lineet. I WILLIAM BICKERTON. Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Wem. January l.*), 1811. NOTICE is arising at th TURNPIKE TOLLS, hereby given. That the TOLLS the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads leading from Montgomery to Shrewsbury through Westbury and Mnisterlev, known by Ihe Names of Aston and Mmster- ley Gates, will be. LEI' BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the House of Mr. DANIEL WKAVUI, in Ihe Village ot Wor- then, un WEDNESDAY, the 13th Day of FliliRUARY, 1811, between the Hours of ten and twelve iu the Forenoon, for one Yem, commencing at Lady- Day uext, in the Manner directed by the Act passed iu the 13th Year of the Reign of bis Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads:" which Tolls are now Lot for the Suin ot T wo Hundied and Fifty Six Pourtds, and will he put up at that Sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, most at the same Tune give Security, with sufficient Sureties to tbe Satisfaction of the Trustees ot the Said Turnpike Ro ids, for Payment ot the Rent agieed for, and at such Tunes as they snail direct. THOMAS WEAVER, Clerk to the Tiuslees of the sa. u Turnpike Roads, Mar then, lOl/ i January, 1811. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. OT1CE is hereby given. That the lolls arising at the Toll Gates upon the OLD HEATH Turnpike Roads, called or known by the several Names of Old. Heath, HaiTnscot, ' Berwick, Catwall, Crtidgington, Hulloway, and prees Gales, will be LET' BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the DivellingHouse ot Mr. John Kawlings, at LEE BRIDGE INN, on MONDAY, the 29th Day uf January, 1811, be- tween tbe Hours uf 12 and 3 o'CIock of the same Day, in the Manner diiected by lite Act passed in the 13th Year oi the Reign ofhis piesent Majesty King George tbe Third, " for regulating tlie Turnpike Roads." Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at ihe same ' Time five Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction ul ihe Trustees of Ihe said ' Turnpike Roads, for payment of the Rent agreed lor, aud at such Times as ihey snail direct. FRANCIS ALLEN, Cleik to tbe. Tiustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Theie is a New Weighing Machine erected, anil will be Lut with Old Heath Gates. WANTED, three or four LABOURERS lo work ou the above Roads, apply to Mr, FRANCIS Ants. LUDLOW. ( Ut-' Urc A COMMISSION rip BANKRUPT.) Life Estate and Interest in Four Freehold House*, Stock in Trade of a Draper and Milliner, Interest under an Agreement for House and Shop in the Bull Ring ; also a Quantity of Oak Park, Sec. BY EDWARD PASSEY, Oil Monday, the 28th Day of January, 1811, at fhe Sun Inn, Ludlow, between the flours of four and seven o'CIock in the Afternoon ( except the Bark to be sold at one o'CIoek), subjr et to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced, iu the following Lots: LOT. 1. LL the STOCK IN TRADE, Shop Fixtures, und othr r Trade Effect-, ' of , i A MRS GOODWIN, late of the Bull- Ring, LUDLOW, a iWpkrupt; consisting ol a good Assortment of Linen Diapeiy. Haberdashery, and Ho I siery as well as great Variety of Millinery Go ils, together with the Fixtures in the Shop, or not, at the Option of the Purchaser, as the same Stock is measured and assorted in the Shop late of the said James Goodwin, in Ludlow aforesaid, LOT 11. All ihe RIGH T., Title, antl Interest of the said James Goodwin, in aqd to an Agreement for the Obcnpation „ f the House am: Premises lately in his Holding, situate in the Bull- Ring, at the yearly Rent of Twenty Pounds. Togethei with the Use pf ihe BrcwJwu. se behind ihe same, in common with the other Tenants of Mi. J , hu Jones. I. or III All that the LIFE ESTATK& Interest of the snjd James Goodwin, in anil to all that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or Tenement and Outbu- Idings, situate in the Bull- Rug aforesaid, now Iu ihe Occupation of Mr. Richard Weaver, Flax- Dresser, together with the Workshop there, in the Occu- pation of Mr. Edward Crundel, Carpenter, and Ihe Use of the Brewhouse behind Lit 4, iu common with the Ojcupier of that Lot, The Premises described in this Lot are now let ( exclusive of the Shop) at the yearly Rent of Twenty- one Pounds. LOT IV. Also, all lhat the LIFE ESTATE and Interest of the said James'Gonilwiii, in and to all ' hat otiier FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or'Tenement, situate ihe next House above Lot 3, together with the Use of the Brcwhouse and Water iu common with Lot 3, and also the Use of a Plivy up the Yard belonging to Lot 3. These Premises are now occupied by Mr. William Herbert, Watchmaker, at the yearly Rent ( including tbe Shop intended to be annexed to, and sold with, the last Lot) of Eighteen Guineas. LOT v. All thai the LIFE ESTA TE, Rent, or Interest, of the s. iiil James Goodwin, in and of all that substantial B i k- built FREEHOLD MESSUAGE oi Tenement, with extensive Garden, and good Suiblc, pleasantly situate in Old- Stieel, Ludlow, now in the Occupation of Dyer, K q upon Lease tor the L'fe of the said James Goodwin, at the yearly Rem of Tnirty- tive Pounds. LOT VI, All that the LIFE ESTATE and Interest of the said James Good . in, in and to all that other Brick- built FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or Tenement, Stable, and large Garden, now iu the Occupation of Messrs. Riehaid and James Collier, or one of them ( except a Slip of the same Garden which is in Hand), as Tenants from Year to Year, al the Rent of Sixteen Guineas, Posse sion of Lots I and 1 may be had immediately; of Lot 3 at Lady- Day next; of Lot 4 at Midsummer next; and of Lot 6 at Michaelmas next. TO TANNERS. Also to he sold, aoout Six Tons ol OAK BARK, of last. Year's Baik Harvest, housed in a Building Part ot Lo: 3 of COPPICE .4A I) TIJUBElli BY S. TUDOR, At the Mermaid Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 26th of January instant, between the Hours of four and six o'CIock: LOT I. A COPPICE of 4 § Acres al ARSCOTT, 5 Miles 1 n. West of Shrewsbury, of strong lengthy OAK P( > LES, ot 30 Yeats' Growth, together with 28 BEECH and 12 OAK TIMBER TREES, ivnbin the sai. i Coppice. Tile Beech Trees, Oak Timber, Poles, and Saplings to stand, ore marked witti White Paint. LOT li. 22 OAK TIMBER TREE s, 3 ASH-, and 1 SYCA- MORE. at HAN WOOD, near the Turnpike Road, 4 Miles from Shrewsbury. — Several of the Oak are of large Dimen- sions. lor III. 1 OAK TREES, of large Dimensions, 2 lofty LARCHES, and I ASH. For Particulars of Lot I enquire of Mr. HARRII S, of Arscott, and of l/ ils 2 and 3 of Mr. WOOD, of llauwood, or of THE AUCTIONEER, Shrewsbury. FREEHOLD MANOR, ESTATE, and TITHES, , r. v thr cmiKTY or strop. BY JONATHAN PERRY, Sometime in ( lie Month of April next, (- unless disposed <> f iii ihe mean Time by private Contract) iu Lots; Particular ofwhicfli will appear in future Paners ; nnHE FEE SIMPLE an 1 Inheritance of that d'e- siraWe MANOR of SUITON" M. ADDOCK. and of several very eligible and eonpaet FREEHOLD PVR. MS, LANDS, anil Tenements, situate io the Parish of SUTTON M ADDOCK, in the County nf Salop, containing iu theWhole bv Admeasurement, THIRTEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN ACRES, or thereabouts, of excellent Arab's, Meadow, Pasture, anil Wood Land, with tbe TIT IKS of Corn and Grain arising from nearly the Whole thereof The aligve Estate lies eomolet. ely together within a Rin^ Fence, vviih excellent. Farm Houses 4nd Buildings thereon, forming a tnost desirab'e add advantageous Property, situate in a fine Sporting Coiiutry, finely wooded, and abounding with GAME. Part of the Estate adjoins to the River Severn, near to CoalbrooV Dale, has the Advantage uf gottf Roads, and is close to Lime and Coal. There is a considerable QoantPv of fine growing TIM BF. R on the Estate, and a Vein of Coal runs under a considerable Part ol the Dan- Is. The Estate is wi bin 3 Miles of Shiffiial. 1 of Bridgnorth. 2 of the Iron Bridge, ® of Coalbrook Otic.' 3 of Broseiey, and 13 of Wolverhampton, all good Market Towns. For further Particulars apply to Fn Attcis WALRORD, R « q. Croukhill; Mr WH. MAM JELI. KOE, Benthall; ur to Messrs. PEMBFRIOS and Cob Ft A it D, Solicitors, Shrewsbury. 3d Jn': Unni, 1811. SEVER AL Lots of OAK TIMBER, now growing in BOREATTON PARK, and Ihe Woods adjacent, of large Dimensions — Particulars in a few [> rvs. N. B. 15 oreatton Park is situated within one Mile anil half o( the Ellesmere Cnnal, and about 4$ Miles of theR ver Severn SHROP; H IR E— CA PITAL TIMBER, BY S TUDOR, Shrewsbury, on Wednesday, the 13th Day TURNPIKE TOLLS, hereby given, that OTICE is the TOLLS _ . . rising at the Toll- Gate, upob Ihe Turnpike Roads at Myfod, called or known by the Name of Myfod Gales, will be LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the CROSS FOXES, in the Town of LLANFAIR, in the County of Montgomery, upon FRIDAY, the FIRST Day of FEBRU- ARY next, between the Hours of th ee and six of the Clock iu the Afternoon of ihe same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign ol lus Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads ;" which Tolls produced the lasi Year the Sum of XI1 above ihe Expenses of collecting them, and will i. e. put up at. that Sum. Whoever happens to be Ihe best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties', to. the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said ' Turnpike Roads, for the Payment uf the Rent agreed foi', and at such Times as ihey shall direct, JOHN THOMAS, Cleik to the Trustees of the said ' Turnpike Roads. Dated ' th December, 1810. this Particular, at per Ton. This A. tide will be exposed for I al W'"> containing together Sale at one o'CIock in the Afternoon ( hy Permission of Mr. ' "'* ' ' Weaver), ou the Premises where it is housed. At Hie same Time also, will be sold a Quantify of 2- inch PLANK, intended to have been used for the laying of Pits; i and some Poles. Foi a View ofthe Property and Piemises comprised in Lots 1 and 2, Application may be made to EDWARD WELI. ISGS, j Esq. Old Bank, Ludlow, or to WILLIAM SMITH, the Mes- euger to i he Commissioners, iu Possession on the Premises; of Lots 3, 4, i, aud ti, to the respective Tenants ; and for any further Particulars to Messrs. RUSSEL and JONES, Ludlow, Solicitors nndei the Commission. MONTGOMERY SHIRE CAPITA L TIMBER.^ At IliK Diagun Inn, Montgomery, on Tuesday, the 19th Day of February, lbli, at five o'CIock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions : C") f . L0T OAK Timber Trees, marked wilh a Scribe 1 * to 34; 1 ASH Tree, ditto 1, standing on a Piece of I arid named the Coppice Piete, part of a Farm called ARGUED, in the Parish of Churchstoke, in the Occupation ol Mr. Thomas Williams. I. OT II. M OAK Timber Trees, marked in like manner 1 to 60, standing in a Coppice on the above Farm, beginning at Ihe bottom of the Mill Meadow, aud ending at the1 upper end of theSiang Piece. LOT HI. tri OAK Timber Trees, marked in like ' manner 1 to 62, st . oding in a Coppice adjoining Lui II. LOT IV. So OAK Timber Trees, marked in like manner ! to 50, standing iu a Coppice on tbe above Farm, near Lot III. LOT V. 28 ASH Trees, scribed 1 to J6, standing on AR. GOED Faun atoresaid. LOT VI. 8 ELM Trees, ditto 1 to 8, standing on ihe above Farm. LOT VII. 31 OAK Timber Trees, Scribe- marked 1 to 31; 3 ELM Trees, ditto 1 to 3, standing on a Farm, called BACHFCILDRE, in, the said Parish of Churchstoke, in the Occupation of Richairl O v ns. LOT VIII. 34, OAK Timber Trees, 1 to 34, standing nn STONE HOUSE Farm, in the Polish of Churchsioke, in tne Occupation of Richaid Moi ris. T he Timber on the Argued Farm is about 8 Miles from the Montgqineryshiie Canal, at Gurthinil; that on the Bacheldie Faun aboiu 6 Miles; aud thai on Stone House Farm about o Miles from ihe Canal at the said Place, The Trees are of large Dimensions, well calculated for the most superior Purposes of the Navy, ond will be fonnd deserv iug the Attention of Persons iu wait or capital ' Timbcr. (£ 1? The Tenants will shew the lots; and further Particu- lars may be had of Mr. Gt o. u>, if Golfa, near Welshpool! Montgomeryshire. At tire Talhot Inn of February, 18' 1, at five o'CIock in the Afternoon OAK'TIMBER TREES, and 132 BEECH TREES, situated at LINLEY, near Bishop's Cas- tle, in the County of Salop, in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed on at the time of Sale: O. U< TIMBER. LOT I 154 OAK TIMBER TREES ? standing in a Wood sid- II. 146 DITTO S joining the Hernery. Ill 34 DITTO, standing on Squire Hall Farm, IV. 133 DI TTO, standing in the Haves Coppice. V. 43 DITTO, standing in the Beech Coppice* BEECII TTMBfet. LOT I 88 BEECH TlMlSER TREES ) standing nerir the 11. 44, DITTO $ Hayes Coppice. The Trees in the different Lots are blazed and numbered with a Scribe.— T he Oak ' Trees ate of the best Quality, and large Dimensions; well adapted for superior Purposes of the Navy, & c. where long and large Timber Is requiredThe Beech ' Trees are sound, and many of them ol Considerable Dimensions 1.1NI. EY is 16 Miles from Shrewsbury, ana 11 from Garth- miil, on the Montgomeryshire Canal.— Mr. PtrtoHr, at Liuloy Hall, will shew the Timber; and for fuither Particu- lars enquire of Mes- rs. PEMBEIITON and Co up LAND, Shrews- bury ; or Mr. GotHD Golfa, near Wel- hoool. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES. BY S. TUDOR, At the Fox Inn, in the Town of Shrewsbury, in the County of Salop, on Saturday, the 16th Day of February, 1811, at four o'CIoek in the Afternoon, in Ibe following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale : LOT I. Quantity. ^ LL that Messuage or DWELLING A. R. j>. HOUSE, and Outbuildings, situate iu WILMINGTON, in the Parish of Cbiibury, in the County of Salop, called THE LOWER HOUSE with divers Pi, cesor Parcelsof excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LA ND thereunto belonging, uow in the Possession or Occupation of' Mr. George Roberts, containing together 69 0 13 LOT It. All those several Pieces or Parcels of rich Arabic, Meadow-, and Pastui. e LAND, situate in WILM1NG TON aloiesai l, in the several Occu - pations of the said Mr. G. Roberts, and others, containing together 69 1 13 Possession of the whole of ihe preceding Lots may be had at Lady- Day next, except about 29 Acres, which are in Lease lo Richard Wbeathall, for a Term of five Years, and of 1 A. IR. 11) 1*. to Joseph Evans, for 41 Years, from the above- meu- ti ned Period, at certain yeaily Rents. I. OT III. All that Piece or Parcel of LAND, situate in WILMINGTON aforesaid, called THE ALDWYN, now in the Occupation of Andiew Turner, as Tenant al Will, containing 3 2 31 LOT IV. AH those several Pieces or Parcels of LAND, in WILMINGTON aforesaid, in the Occupation of the Saul Andrew Turner, as Tenant SHROPSHIRE. Capital OAK, ASH, POPLAR, and other TIMBER, BY FRANCIS KITE, On Friday, the 25th of January, 1811, between the Hours of three and five o'CIoek in the Afternoon, subject to Condition* then to be produced; at. Mr. E. Smith's, the Crown Inn, io Monslow, iti the County of Sal,- ip, in such Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Ti ne nf Sale: 1 maIDF. N OAK TIMBER TRKES, US. l\ J i ASH. 5b F'Ol'LAR, 19 ALDER, 12 MAPLE, and 6 WYCHE, all numbered with White Paint, anil standing on a Farm ca'led the THuNGLANDS. in the Pari. lt of Munslow, and County of Salop, situate near the Turnpike Road leading from Ludlow to Wenlock, 12 Miles from the lormer, and 7 from the latter, and about 10 Horn the River Severn or Buildwas Badge The above Timber is of large Dimensions and excellent Quality. For a Vie* of the Timber apply to Mr. LACOII, on the Estate, ' A lio will appoint II Person to shew the same. For further Particulars apply to TIJE ACCTIONEER, T. ower Broad Street,.- Ludlow, who has several more Lots for Sale. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. BY RICHARD MADDOX, On the Premises, without Reserve, on Thursday and Friday, tlie 17th and 18th of January, 1811 ; LL the truly valuable LIVE SFOCK, IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, CORN and HAY, together with all ilie HOUSEHOLD FUR- NITURE, belonging to Mr. JOHN HARRIES, of TYN Y COED, in the Parish'of Berriev; and County of Montgmeiy, Sale to begin precisely at 10 o'Clobk each Dav. BY RICHARD MADDOX, ' On Thursday, the 24th of January, 1811, and two following Days; ALL the valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, & e. belong- ing to the late Rev JOsEPH VENABLES, nf Willow- Street, in the Town of OSWFiSTRY, in th- r 6ounty of Salop. Catalogues may be had at the following Places, viz. Cross Foxes. Cross Keys, on the Piemises, of THS AUCTIINEBB, and W, Priee, Printer, Oswestry; Lion, Shrewsbury; Britfge. vater Arms, Ellesmere; Hand, Llangollen; Eagles, and Red Lion, Wrexham; Cross Keys, Llanymynech ; and Oak, Welshpool. 6 0 28 The above Lots lie within a Ring Fence, and would make together a very complete Faun ; and iti Lot 1 iheie is a Quarry of excellent Stone for Building. LOT V. All that Messuage, in TWO DWEL- LINGS, with the Orchard arid Gardens thereunto belonging, and also a I'iei. e of LAND, situate in RORR1NGTON, in the seveial Occupations of Mr. John Roberts, Thomas Saver, and Mr. James Wynue, as Tenants at Will, containing together 7 0 0 This Lot is entitled IO a Right of Com. mon on Rorriiigton Hills. LOT VI. All that new- built MESSUAGE, Barn, and outbuildings, situate in MARTO. N, in the Parish of Chirbury aforesaid, with the several Pieces or Parcels of LAND thereunto belonging, nuw in the Occupation ul Mr. juhu Blockley, con- taining..... 25 3 12 This Lot is in Lease to the ' Tenant for five Years from Lady- Day, 1811, at the yeaily Rent uf £ li 5s. Tue Land- Tax of Part is redeemed, I LOT VII, A Piete or Parcel of rich Meadow LAND, situate 111 MARTON aforesaid, in the Occupation of Thomas Williams, containing 9 2 19 Possession of this Lot may be had im- mediately after Candlemas. LOT V11L A MESSUAGE, aud Buildings, to' be completed in two Years, ( by and afthe iix- peuceof the present Tenant', Mr. William Bostock, whi has a Lease. thereof^ for ,30 Years, trom Lady- Day next, at the yearly Rent ol ,£ 47 5s.) with the several Pieces or Parcels of LAND thereunto belonging, containing,.,, gi j o The whole of the Land- Tax upon this and the preceding Lot i< redeemed; ani all the Lots in M'artcn w, ll be entitled to a Shaie ot Murtori Mountain, upou its In- closure, which is expected to lake place in a short Time. The above Estates lie near to the Turnpike Road leading from Shrewsbury to Montgomery, and possess considerable local Advantages. Mr, RoBS* is, of Wilmington, will shew the Premises, ond further Particulars may tie " had of him ; and also from Mr. JONES, of Garthmil, heir Welshpool J aud Messrs. MADDOCX and SiMES, Attornies, Shrewsbury. Also, NINE DWELLING HOUSES, situated in ROUS- H1LL, iu the Town of SHREWSBURY, in the several Occu- pations, of Edward Ralphs, Thomas Pr tcharu, Evau D.. V: S, Thorn is Brown, Thomas Jenkins, Richard Everall, David 1 Ellis, Thomas Jwie?, Edward Clayton, ottbtir Uadei tenant J. SHROPSHIRE TIMBER. BY RICHARD MADDOX, At the Cross Keys Inn, in Oswestry, on Tuesday, fhe 29th Day of January, 18! 1, at four o'CIock in the Afternoon, in the following, or such other Lot3 as shall be then and there agreed upon: LOT I. j Fy ASH, 3 Sycamore, 3 Elm, and 4 Cherry Trees, on FERNH1LL Farm, in the Parish of Whit, tington, in Ihe Holding of Mr. John Menlove. I. OT II 23 AS! 1, IS Elm, 6 S\ camore, 1 Walnut 1 Alder, and 5 Che. iy Trees, on DERWEN- Y. PANDY Farm, ad- joining to Fernhill, in the Holding of Mr--. Williams. LOT III 12 ASH Trees, till BUCKNELL Farm, in the said Pari- h of Wbitlington, in the Holding of Thomas Vanghan. LOT IV. 1 ELM, ami 13 Ash Trees, on Lands near the Village of W hitnngton, in the Holding of Mr. J. Venables. N B. The above Lots lie near each other, and near tbe Turnpike Road from Whit tington to Chirk. LOT V. 11 ASH ' Tiees, on HISLANL) and MILEHOUSE Farms, in the Parish of Oswestry, in the Holdings of Mr. Richard Menluve ai. d Mrs. Jones. LOT VI. 10 ASH, and 4 Cherry Trees, on WOTTON- HALL Farm and Lands adjoining, in the said Parish of Os- westry, ill the Holdings of Humphrey Jones and Geurgu Davies LOT VII. 48 ASH Trees, on Lauds near Astun, in the said Parish of Oswestry, in the TI ltd ing of William Lloyd,\ E* q< LOT VIII. 104 BEECH ' Trees, on the LEASQWi FirJn, in the said Parish ot' Whittington, ii; the Holding of William Lawrence. N. B. The four last Lots lie near each other, and near the Turnpike Roads from Shrewsbury to Osivestrv and Whitting- ton.— All the Tiees are of large Dimensions, and well worthy the Attention uf Buyers. LOT IX. A large Quantity of ALDFIR and BIRCH POLES on the DECOY COPPICE, witm. i a hundred Yards of the Canal. The Tenants will shew the Trees, ( which are Scribe- marked and numbered); and further Particulars may be hud of THE AUCTIONHSR, oral the Office of Mr. LEWIS JONES, in Oswestry. MONTGOMERYSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATE. BY RICHARD MADDOX, At Ihe Dwelling House of Mr. Rees Evans, known by the Sign oi tbe Bear, in the Town of Pool, .' iii the Couiity of Montgomery, oil Monday, the llth Day of February, 1811, between ihe Hours ol four a id six o'CIock in the. Afternoon, and subject lo such Conditions as shall the , i and there be produced ; ALL that new- erected Messuage, or DWELL- ING HOUSii, and GARDEN, Ba. n, Stable, Cow- bouses, and other Outbuildings thereunto belonging ; with about 30 Acres of excellent Arable and Pasture LAND, situ- ate in the Township of BRONYGAIlfH, in the Parish of Guilsfield, in the County of Montgomery aforesaid, now in Ihe Holding of Mr. Richard Pugh, or his Undei tenants. The Timber growuu on the Estate to be taken at a Valuation, to be produced at the Time of Sale. The ab . ve Estate is pleasantly situated near the Village of Guiisfieid ; within thiee Miles from Pool, six from Llatifair awl six from Llanfyilin, all excellent Marku Towns, anil two Miles only from a Branch of ihe Canal. Also will be SOLD at tbe same Time, in Lots, a Quantity of ASH, SYCAMORE, and oilier TIMBER, now tell, anil will be drawn tu a Piece ot Laad by the Canal Side, utar Gui stieid. Any further Particular may be kno-. » n by applying to Mr. SIKO » Ft'su, ot FistcliAell; or TUB A'uc- rio. sxiK, O. WESU?, PARODY. Pity the sorrows of a little boy ! Whose pocket's light, whose pence are'rotv no more ; " Whose dtflodlrd cash denotes no coming joy : O give telief, and renovate his store ! These foutiflg'lips disquietude bespeak, These wistful eyes proclaim mv hopes and fears ; And the sly dimple in my rosy cheek Still holds the remnants of the recent tears. Yon tarts arranged clli the shelvy round, With tempting aspect drew my looks aside j Ifor raisins there a residence had found, And cherries ripe, and sugar- plums beside. Hard is the lnt of little boy? anil poor! " My pockets all were rumntat'd o'er in vain j Tor me tlie huckster open'il not the door, Fi dm me she turn'd'lo greet the richer train. O from your ample funds replenish mine ! Stroiig'crimcR the set- lit, delicious are the gales 1 So may that keen sensation ne'er be thine, When sweets allure, and pocket- money fails. Should 1 relate the tale of all my grief, If you'll remember lhat yon once was young, Yonr hands would not withhold tho kind relief, Though sage advice should issue from your tongiie. Of tarts and cheesecakes yon may say, beware- That little boysffdtii teasing should refrain — Hilt little boys, ' while little boys they are, Willvpend their mnrley, hnd then ask again. A bright half- crcwn was mine— with eager haste, Gay like the lark 1 tripp'd across the way, Hut, ah I how fkion ' twas sacrilic'd to taste, And but one sixpence view'd dtfclinmg day. That sixpence too, sweet solace of my soul, Lnt'ri by a qnrercake from its silken Home, Was soon, alas 1 to me no longer whole, Hut doom'd in circulation's speed to loam. Mv penny too! my last remaining sum ! Struc k with the thought to be itself as free, When, quickly went, a victim to a plum, And left the purse to poverty aud me. Titv the sorrows of a little boy ! Whose pocket's light, whose pence are now r, o more; Whose dwindled cash denotes no coming joy : O give relief, and renovate his store! On the death of the old Ca/ ler Idtis Guides whose pedigree has been circulated in most of the Town aud Coutiiry papers:— Death ousted Life last night from a dwelling, And ROBERT EDWARDS was the name, Not with feverish rage and swelling, He rie'ef more sly and gentle came. Tho' tenant he near ninety years, And oft had hints that he must quit, Yet Death's dread name came with such fears, He never dar'd to think of it. So, in mercy, as he slumb'ririg lay, He lured him from his house of clay 5 Then to his Lord direct was sent, T' account to HIM for all his rent, And how his laws he bad regarded, To be chastis'd, or be rewarded. Now, widow'rl SHANE, that tongue 110 more Will daily dub you — and Your furious member too will save, To pay with interest— Devil— Knave! You, like some neighbours, can with ease Tour floods of tears whene'er you please; You, when he went, if not belied, Without one bit of sorrow— cried ; Whilst MAMY BACH, if truth we hear, Strove hard, poor child, to force a tear. His fate, till doomsday, none can tell— My sanguine hope is— pretty well—. Tor, of all Death's tenants on th1 earth, The strangest he that e'er had birth. Not Homer's could, with Shakespcar's muse, Such parts unique to verse transfuse. Nor more we'll dare, but plainly say, Death's diiv'n poor PENYRONT * away : Or by distinction known more wide, He's kilI'd at last tbe GENERAL GUIDE. * In English" Head ofthe Bridge," near which he resided in. iny years, and was commonly known by that name. For the SALOPIAN JOURS AL. THE REV. RICHARD KING. A Correspondent requests the Insertion of the follow- ing short sketch of the late Rev. Richard King, Vicar of Steeple Mordeti, Cambridgeshire, and Rector of Worthen, in this comity, whose decease took place on the SOth of October last, at the age of 61. He was formerly Fellow of New College, Oxford ; B. A. 1771 ; and M. A. 1774.— He was a strenuous assertor of the rights of the Established Church ; a sound scholar; and frequently employed his pen in the respectable periodi- cal works of the day, in the defence of the religion and good order of his country. He was the author of a tract " ou the Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures and of another " on the Alliance between Church and State 1" also, of " an Answer to the Letters of Peter Plvmley," under the signature of Brother Abraham. His friendship was duly appreciated by a respectable list of contemporaries at School, at College, and in later life j among whom may he named the present Bishop of Clocester, who dedicated one of the volumes of his Sermons to liirn. His benevolence was extensive, ami unoslenlalious. He was the early friend and patron of the late George Anderson, accom| tant to the East India Board of Controul. An interesting account of his fostering kindness lo lhat young man, and the dis- tinguished talents of his protegee, may be found in a work, published a few years ago, under the tille of « Necrology."— Mr. King married Frances- Elisabeth, third daughter of the late Sir Francis Bernard, Bart. Governor of Massachusetts Bay. LOCAI. MULITJA, WAGES— A number of farmers and others were summoned and appeared before the Ma- gistrates, at the Justice Room, Shirehall, Stafford, on Saturday, December 29: h, 1810, for making a deduc- tion frpjm Ihe wages of their servants, enrolled in the Local Militia, on account of their having been absent from service wilh Iheir regiments, during the period of training and exercise. The Magistrates, after hearing the facts of each par- ticular case, observed that the Legislature had expressly provided for the point in dispute, and referred to the 15th clause of the 48th Geo. 3d. Cap. III. as decisive of the question. By that Section it is expressly pro- vided that 110 Ballot, Enrolment, and Service under the Act shall extend to make void or in any manner to affect any Indenture of Apprenticeship, or contract of service between any master or servant, notwithstanding any covenant or agreement in any such indenture or contract, no service under that act, of any apprentice or servant shall he deemed, or construed or talcen to be an absence from service, or a breach of any cove- nant or agreement, as to any service or absence from service, iu an indenture of apprenticeship or contraclof service; any thing contained in any actor acts of Par- liament, or law or lav. 1*, deed or indenture of appren- ticeship or contract of service, to the conttary not- withstanding. The several defendants upon the Act of Pailiament being read, expressed themselves perfectly- satisfied, and agreed to pay their servants the full wages for which they had been hired. General Ahercromhie, who was made prisoner by the French iu the Ceylon East Indiaman, had been but a short time released from a former captivity. He had been one of ( hose detained in France at the commence* inent of the present war, and was released about two years since, on his parole, not to serve till he should be exchanged. Gen. Brenier, who was taken at Vimiera, was sent over in exchange for him ; and 110 exception being made, Gen. Abercrombiewas made Commander of the forces in Ceylon, lie was proceeding from that island to take the command of the Isle of Bourbon, when lie wi s taken in Ihe Ceylon East Indiaman by the French frigate Venus. General Aberciotribie is a Sou of the li^ e gallant Sir Ralph. Mrs. Trimmer, the authoress, died a short time ago at her house at Brentford, under circumstances of a pecu- liar nature. On her female servant going into the room, she found her mistress sitting apparently in the utmost composure, with her pen in one hand, and her head reclining 011 the other; for in this attitude it appears that she died. What adds to the singularity of this ex- traordinary occurrence is, that no change took place in her countenance for nearly three weeks after her death, she was therefore not interred till Saturday the 5th inst. w hen her remains were deposited in the family vault at Ealing. 1— There never was any vain expectation entertained of her being in a trance, lis some of the papers have asserted. Inquest.—- On Friday se'nnight an inquest vrasheld in Gosberton Fen, on the body ofM. Slater, a labouring man, whose death was occasioned hy partaking of some cake at the house of ft shepherd, named Vellum, in • which a quantity of mercury had been accidentally mixed. It appeared that some mercury was brought to the shepherd's house at Michaehnas, to mix with seed wheat, and that a considerable part of the poison re- mained, which Vellum was desired to destroy. This caution was uot attended to;; and his wife, in order to destroy vermin, put a handful of it, and the like portion of flour, on a plate in the dairy, without mentioning the circumstance. On Sunday her Mother and sister, who were cleansing the dairy, supposing that the plate contained flour only, emptied it into a puncheon of flour. On Wednesday some neighbours were invited to spend a Christmas evening with them'; and ' several cakes were made, of which the party partook. Shortly after, they were all seized with violent pains and sick- ness, and on enquiry, the above circumstances were related. One of the party informed a neighbour of their situation, who procured medical aid, and an apothecary arrived, who found the poor people in a situation the most miserable ; neither tire nor candle at hand, and at least half- a- mile from any house. Slater had expired, before Mr, B. arrived, and the others were stretched on the floor nearly in a lifeless slate. Mr. B. however, in the course of a few hours, had the satis- faction so far to bring them about as to entertain hopes of their recovery, and they all, except the mother of the shepherd, are now considered to be out of danger. HIDES.— At the sittings after last Michaelmas Term, a Cause was tried before the Lord Chief Baron, and a Special Jury, in the Court of Exchequer, which as it is of importance should receive the greatest publicity. It was an information filed by the Attorney- General against a Currier, for having bought and taken from a Tanner's Yard two hides, which were not marked hy the Officer to denote a charge of the Excise duty, as required by law.— The Solicitor- General stated, that it was the object of this cause to make the Buyers of Hides sensi hie of Ihe obligation which the law had imposed upon them, of being a check upon the Tanners fraudulently disposing of Hides without payment of the duty. The statute, he observed, did not put it upon the Attorney- General to prove that the person who bought and removed such hides, knew lhat the duty had not been charged, but made the buyer responsible for such duty being charged, by inflicting a penalty upon him for taking the hides from the yard, if they should be found not to have been so, whether w itli or without his know- ledge.— The Lord Chief Baron in a very clear summing up ofthe evidence, fully confirmed this construction of the law, and the Jury immediately gave a Verdict for the Crown, recommending, however, the Defendant to mercy. A butcher, of UUoxeter, lately exhibited for sale a small Hereford cow, which cut in solid fat through the hip six inches, and carried it regularly along the loin vein. She was so remarkably small in the hone, thai the leg, cut off at the knee- joiut, weighed but 3' ibs. and the bone of it was only two inches and a half iu circumference She weighed 1' 2 score per quarter, and carried 14t) lbs, rough fat. Feline Fancier.— An English I. ady, many years a resident in India, has returned to her native country, leaving a doating husband behind her, for the sole purpose of pro pagatiog the breed of Persian cats in this country. She is accompanied by a male and female of the true Pei-- ian breed. Their establishment consists of a nurse- maid ( well- skilled in Ihe obstetric art,) a c. iok, and a footman. These most inter- esting animals arc much larger than the English bleed ; their tails are very long and busby, resembling a fox's brush ; they are quite white, and their hair is coarse, and of an un. common length. The female has soft grey eyes ; the male has one eye llazle and the other green. A most happy in- crease to the family has lately taken place of four beautiful kittens, who, with their dam, are likely to do welt. During her accouchement, her kind mistress allowed her Calves- foot jelly for bieakfnst, and a chicken, a pair of pigeons, or veal cutlets for dinner. Grimalkin, from his close attendance on his consort, has become nervous, and is at this moment under a regime of baik and port wine, which he receives three times a- day. The footman's business is to take these favourites each day into the garden, holding the silver chain by which they are confined, while their delighted mistress beho'ds their gambols from her chamber window iu Great Marlborough street. These animals sleep 011 a down mattress, with cur- tains drawn close round them. One of the young litter, now a fortnight, three days, and seven hours an inhabitant of this world, not having yet opened its precious eves, cards of inquiry are daily sent by all the Tabbies of the lady's ac quaintance, to know when they will be admitted to view the inlant piogenv ; and happy will the lady be who cao become a purchaser; the price we understand is not yet fixed. Anecdote.•— On the night his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex made his animated speech in the House of Peers, the Ex- Iving of Sweden ( who was behind the Throne) seemed much pleased ; and 011 seeing the Earl of Westmoreland, expressed his approbation of the manner in which his Royal Highness had delivered the speech, and wished to be informed of its meaning.— The noble Earl excused himself by saying, " he had not a sufficient knowledge of the French language to explain it, but that the gentleman who w as attending his Majesty would explain it."— We understand, that the Duke of Sussex being informed of the circumstance by a noble Earl, his ' Iiciyal Highness said, " that the noble Earl ought to have had manhood sufficient to say, that he was representing that noble Earl, and the rest of the Ministers, as men not fit to he intrusted in the manage- ment of the State I" Hill of Mortality— MANCHESTER.— From January 1, 1810, to December 31 inclusive, at the Collegiate Church in that town.—- Marriages 1220.— Christenings ( males) 1^) 8; Ditto ( females), 1387— Total 2795.— Burials, 7* 62.— Comparatively with the preceding year the Marriages are increased 23— the Christenings are decreased 198— aud the burials are increased 95. The turnips this season have had a more luxurious grow th Ihan eVer remembered. Almost all the country papers contain accounts of large ones, but none exceeds the following, grown this season, by Jonathan Smith, Esq. of Easington, in the county of Durham. Weight, 47 pounds; girth 52 inches, circumf'etence of the top, nine feet. Saturday, the 5th inst. was one of the most pierting cold days ever felt at Stamford. The wind blew bois- terously from the East, and occasioned such heavy drifts of snow, as to make the great North roadin many places impassable. The Leicester coach, on the Way to Slainford, was upset in the suo. v al Burton Lazarus, ami several passengers were much hurt in consequence. The Carlisle'mail was dug out of the snow near Ticken- cote, and'wilh difficulty got to Stamford, with eight horses, three hours later thau usual; but it could pro- ceed 110 further than Thornhaugh, whence the guard was obliged to take the letter- bags on horseback. Three coaches from the North lay all night in the snow about a uiile from Stamford, and as many bear Wans ford. With the assistance of 50 men, the road became passable for carriages at twelve o'clock 011 Sunday, In some places Ihe Snow hid drifted six feel deep. Xucien Bonaparte's motto, " Luceo uon lire," may- he thus freely rendered—" 1 throw a light on brother Nap's villainies ; but do not SIIEN my fingers, by meddling further with them." BoNAfARTg.— It is mentioned, in letters from Paris, that, either thlough excess of love or jealousy, Napo- leon never leaves the Empress. ITe attends all her steps, and his passion seems to increase as she advances in pregnancy. Not satisfied with being her keeper, he has also hecome her physician, and has taken upon himself to regulate her exercise. A short time ago, she had ordered her high- mettled courser to be brought, for she is extremely fond of riding, aud is a great adept in the equestrian " art. Napoleon was just hastening away from a State Council to her apartments, when he met her dressed for riding.—" An Empress of France must not expose the hopes of the whole nation, and of Europe, to the caprice of a horse," he said ; and dis- missing the grooms, led back his disappointed consort by the hand to her apartment.— Bonaparte, however, seems to have forgot how long, and how terribly, the hopes of Europe have been exposed to the capric • of a much more mischievous animal. Forty thousand children are to he dragged from their parents, and to he placed at the disposal of the Minister of the Marine; and, by a new Conscription, 120,000 men are to lie forced into the army; and the people of France submit to these dreadful privations, not to insure the safety, or to promote the interests, of their country, hut to gratify the ambition of one individual, and that individual a foreigner 1 Sporting F. xtraordinary.— A few days ago that iusttv celebiated sportsman, Cot. Thornton, turned out a dry bind" at" Ei< niorongli, Wilts. A fine fox- bound bitch, 2.1 years old, was uncoupled on this occasion, and at 12 o'clock the pack set out, and ran with wonderful celerity for about an boor, when tbe deer was viewed, and the hounds stopped for about twenty minutes. They were then laid on again, and had a m" st tremendous run for an hour antl a half, after which ( 9s they had not been out before this year) they seemed to be what is termed blown, but continued to exert themselves — At three o'clock the peasants, who bad occasionally seen the deer, pronounced her to be about six miles a- head going for Salisbury. The hounds had now dropped off to about fonr couple, and it was the general opinion of the company and the huntsman that she could not betaken; but, as the Colonel's hoises were fresh, he determined to try on further, when, at a distance, the deer was viewed, the hounds were carried for- ward. The Colonel rode nt the deer, beaded her, and brought her in view of the hounds, when, after a sharp burst, she w as killed, after a run of at least 35 miles over Salisbury- Plain, the finest sporting country in England, chiefly fine turf, and not a single leap.— What will ever make this day's hunt fa- mous in the annals of sporting is, the extraordinary manner in which Modish hunted throughout, ond which excites the admiration of all present. She took the lead of the hounds, and proceeded through this long and fatiguing run in such a manner as no one who did not witness it would believe. It was, indeed, considered, that no hound of any age could ac- complish what she did, much less one 23 years old ; and although she went 17 miles to cover, was so fresh after the hunt was over that she would lollow the Colonel, notwith- standing he was 24 miles from home, till lie rode back and bad her coupled.— The day was remarkably fine and mild, and all the Gentlemen in the field declared it to be the finest day's sport they had ever witnessed. On Tuesday ( Christmas Day), abottl eight o'clock in the evening, the neighbourhood of Leeds was alarmed w ith the very unusual phenomenon of a violent thunder storm, accompanied with hail. The lightning was un- commonly vivid, and the thunder tremendously loud. The electric fluid struck the house of Mrs. Waddington, of Wither, near Kirkstal, probably attracted by the conductor, which unfortunately is in an imperfect stale. The fluid forced its way through every room in the house. The main body of the electric fluid had the appearance of a globe of fire, and forcing its passage through the ceiling of the lodging room into the sitting room, it fell upon the hearth, where it exploded, driv- ing out the fire from the grate, extinguishing the candle, and leaving a strong sulphureous smell. Mrs. Waddington, her son, anil a young lady, were seated near the fire, but, fortunately sustained 110 injury. Miss Waddington, who happened to be in the kitchen, was struck down by the electric fluid, and apparently de- prived of life, but by timely application of medical aid, suspended animation was restored. Miss S. Waddington, who was in one of the lodging rooms, was also struck down by the lightning, but was less severely affected by the stroke, and she recovered strength to walk to the top of the stairs, but unfortunately, either through the effects of the severe shock, or through fear, fell to the bottom, and was very seriously injuted by the fall. We, how ever, learn that both the ladies are in a fair way of recovery.— So tremendous was the violence of the lightning, that every room in the house exhibits visible proofs of its effects. Several of the windows are completely driven out, and others much shattered, the bell wires are in many places fused, the paper of the rooms singed, and in all the apartments a strong smell of sulphur prevailed. The following curious article is copied from the Bath Herald of December 8tfc. The Rev. Mr. now of Bath, being about to engage a Curate to serve a church belonging lo him in a distant purl of the kingdom, sent for a testimonial of the Clergtiman who presented himself, to his fo'mer Rector, ivhorh he had recently quitted. The fallowing is a genuine copy of the answer re. turned: " SIR, '* Y011 enqnire of me the character of —, my late Curate— 1 have been toM that offered V. C. a shilling to damn me black and then shoot at me as I turned a hedge nook. " 1 have heard lif some villains who shot Thomas Thynne, Esq. as he was walking with ladies in the Haymarket. I have heard of some villains who condemned to death their King of glorious memory ; hut I never yet heard of a Curate offer- ing a man ,1 shilling to damn his Rector black, und then to shoot at him as he turned a hedge nook. " I have been upwards of forty years Rector bf this parish— during which time I have employed the old men in labour, and the old women in spinning ; 1 have duly buried the dead, married maidens, and christened children; and daily spent hours in mv study to qualify me for the pulpit and the press. " And shall such a man be damned black, and then shot at as he turns a hedge- nook al -——. - instigation? This is the character of my late Curate j and if such a man will suit you as a Curate, I am, Sir, your humble servant, Vaccination.— Bonaparte has ordered a number of medals to be distributed in Holland among those sur- geons who have vaccinated the greatest number of individuals. The number of persons vaccinated in Holland during the year 1809, was 51,228. The afflicted with nervous disorders, tho- e suffering from heal or change of climate, and those who labour under weak, ness and relaxations, originating in a variety of other causes, as well as those who are grown old before their time, bv having unguardedly plunged themsehes into the commissi nil of a solitary vice; a book entitled " Solomon's Guide to Health," has happily been the means of recovery of tbe mind as well aS Ibe body, and exalted thein from a state of melancholy and despair, tn lhat of lieahh, peace, and happiness. Tne delu- sive habit here alluded to, is not confined 10 tire gav, the giddy, and the vain— for, alas ! Ihe rich, the poor, the young, and those of riper years, even those of a serious and religious dispositiod, are often diawn bv an unaccountable infatuation to the commission of the melancholy crime. All such should seriously attend to the observations and the cases described irr the '• Guide to Health," price 3s. fn that mirror tbev will behold the dreadful consequences they are firocm inTtothcm- selves, and mav then, perhaps, be persuaded to retire from that road, which, though strewed with flowers, is sure to lead them on to destruction.— Sold bv W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, at 3s. only each copy, of near 3U0 pages, with engravings. Remarkable Frosts.— The following is a list of re- markably hard frosts, which occurred during the last century:— In 1709. A great frost, with heavy snow, which lasted three months, from the preceding December to March. 1716. Another very long' and severe frost, when a fair was held on the Thames. 1739. On the 24th of December a severe frost set in, which continued nine weeks, and has been generally called the " Great Frost of 1740;" every spccies of amusemeut was practised on the Thames. 1742, 1747. Very severe frosts, but less felt in F. ngland than in Germany and tbe north of Europe ; and again in 1760. 1754. A great frost, hot not of long continuance. 1763. The frost lasted 94 days. 1779. It lasted 84days. 1784. A frost for 89 day « . 1785. The frost lasted 115 days. 1788. The frost lasted from Novethber to January fallowing, a period of 51 days, when the Thames was crossed opposite the Custom House, tbe Tower, Execution Dock, Putney, Brentford, See. On the 11th ol January an ox was roasted whole, and sold to Ihe public. Near Putney a fair was held, a sheep roasted whole, and sold at 8d. a ponnd. Amusements of all kinds took place; beer, gin, & c. were- sold without licence, and without paying shop tax". At Tornhain Green, a twelve. pounder was filled with water, the mouth screwed up, and in the middle of the night it hurst with n prodigious explosion. The quicksilver in the glass was concentrated for some time. The breaking up of the frost was attended with may ludicrous circumstances. This frost was general through- out Europe, and particularly felt in Holland. 1796. The frost commenced on December 25, and was perhaps the most severe in the memory of man. The De- cember of this year proved unusually eold.— The frost came in tits of great intensity, but with intervening thaws. The night between the 24th and 2.5th was colder in some of the adjacent villages than any upon record. The months of January and February w ere also very cold, but not attended with circumstances of remark. The winter of 1794- 5, was one of the longest and most rigorously felt in France during the last century, but the mischiefs which that country experienced were chiefly owing to a sudden thaw, fbllowed by a still more intense fiost. The last century presents a list nf no fewer than 22 great frosts, though most of them were bot little felt 011 account of the shortness of theii duration. It is the duration of winters that renders them fatal. An article from Prague, of the 13th ult. says—" A melancholy event has just occurred in this neighbour- hood. Ail officer who was very fond of shooting, frequently went to take that amusement in a fine forest, where it was prohibited. The game- keeper had often given him warning, but in vain. One day he sent 1 his servant to shoot, who met the gamekeeper's man, by whom he was desired to go off the ground. The AN iMI'OkTANT DISCOVERY. THE most valuable Medicine of the present dav is THE PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS, discovered and prepared by Dr. Sit ITH, of Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury. These inestimable Drops are in the highest repute' in Shrop- shire and the adjoining Counties, and the number of cures that are daily effected by the Use of them, fully justify the proprietor in asserting that they have not their equal in the whole Materia Medica, either for rapidity of relief, or mild, ness of ingredients. Not a single particle of Mercury is used in their composition ; ori the contrary, several unfortu- nate persons who had heed reduced to the most extreme, debility by the lise nf that pernicious mineral, have been restored to full health atid vigour by tbe PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS. The number of attested cases in the Doctor's possession would swell a volume; aud many of them are of such an extraor- dinary nature, that in attempting to particularize tliein he would tar exceed the limits allotted lor advertisements of this - kind in the public newspapers; a few of them, however, u- jll be selected ami published in this paper, hv the perusal of which those . persona who are unfortunately afflicted with V « . NEREAL, KING'S EVIL, or Scohsuric complaints, and female* at a very critical period, generally termed THR TURK OP LIT?, " ill be convinced that there is a man in ihe land who can remove their complaints, and restore them to their friends with renewed health, and strength of constitution. These Drops are to be had in square Bottles, with these Words moulded on each,, " Mr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops." ( all others are spurious), at £\ 2<. the large, and lis. the small, Duty included, al the Doctor's House, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; of W. EDDOWES, Printer of this Pap.- r, in Shrewsbury; Capsey, Wellington; Mr. Yeats, Salt Warehouse, Iron Rridgc ; Partridge, Rridmorth ; Silvester Newport; Gi iffiths, Ludlow; Baugh, Ellesmere; Jonea. Whitchurch ; Procter, Drayton; Piice, Oswestry, Painter. Wrexham ; and Waidson, Welshpool. servant cocked his niece, and presented it at the man, ,, h> seJ th(, se Medicine's of Mr. wB. but it did not go ofi. The latter got in a passion, fell ' upon the servant, and killed him by repeated blows. The officer, on learning what had taken place, took his gun, went to the gamekeeper's, aud as soon as he per ceived tine man, he took aim at him and killed him. It was the gamekeeper's sun.— The father, in his phrenzy, seized a pistol which hung against the wall, and killed the officer. The gamekeeper has been arrested, and is to be tried for this offence. WPMRLV8 JhSVITi OtibPS For STRANGUAR Y— GRAVEL— OBSTRUCTIONS in Ihe URINARY PASSAGE. IN his MAJESTY'S NAVY these Draps have for near 100 years past maintained iheir character as a spe„ cific for the Scurvy, Gravel, Drop. y, Stranguary, Weakness and Obstructions in the Urinary Passage, and General Debility • but particularly far their absolute and speedy curerf the Venereal Disease, WESSEI. LS JISUITS DROPS and SPECIFIC REMEDY are the ONLY safe andexpedihcvis Cure, and are so innocent in their nature, as to require little or no restraint. As a restorative for GENERAL DEBILITY, Wessells Jesuit Drops have been long known and esieemed ; - whether ttt « Debility arises from the loo copious use of ' Mercury, from excess of Venery, or intense beat of climate, they arecqually serviceablesuch as have the misfortune to be troubled with old stubborn GLEETS, SEMINAL EFFUSIONS, or any WRASSE* of the KIDNEYS, URETERS or BLADDER, DIABETES, or Diffi- culty of making Water, will experience a - compleat Cure by due perseverance. SHAW anil Co. 156, St. Paul's Church Yard, having pur- S-' SE I. I. s, none can possibly be genuine unless their address appears on the outside of every bottle. Ask for WRSSELLS JESUITS Dnr> ps, Price Ss. 9d.— lis. and 22s. per bottle. Sold wholesale and retail by SHAVand EDWAWDI, ' 66, Sr. Paul's Chinch Yard, London. Price 2s. 9d. per box. Retail also by EDDOWES, Bythell, Morris, Palm,- and " Newling, Shrewsbury; Ridgewnv, and Procter, ' Drayton ; Chester) Newcastle ; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, Stafford.; . Mobbs' Wellington; and Smith, Iron- bridge, and Wenlook. HOUSE OF COMMONS, TUESDAY, JANUARY 8. A Committee of Conference was appointed to meet a Committee of the Lords. The Committee consisted of Lord Clive and those who composed the former Committee. On their return, lord (' LIVE reported, that the Committee had held a conference with the Lords, and communicated to them the two Resolutions voted yesterday by the House. A message was afterwards received from the Lords, desiring an immediate conference with the Commons in the painted Chamber. The members of the last Committee of Conference were accordingly again appointed as managers, to meet the Lords. On their return, Lord Clive reported, that the Lords had agreed to the Resolutions presented at tbe last Conference; and had filled up the same with " The Lords Spiritual ard Temporal."— A message from the Lords informed the House that the Lords had appointed the Lord President ( Camden) and the Lord Privv Seal ( Earl of Westmoreland) to wait 011 the Prince of Wales, for the puipose of requesting his Royal Highness to- ttrke the Government of the country upon him during the illness of his Majesty. That they had appointed Lord Douglas of Lochleven ( Earl of Morton), and Lord Harcoort, to wait 011. her Majesty, requesting her to take care of bis Majesty's Royal person, and such part of iu- Majesty's Household as may be requisite for the comfort of his Majesty and the maintenance of the Royal dignity during his illness ; and the Lords requested the Commons to appoint certain of their members for the like puipose. On the motion of Mr. PERCEVAL, the Chancellor of tlie Exchequer, Mr. Secretary Ryder, Mr. Dnndas, and tbe Master of the Rolls, were appointed to wait on the Prince of Wales ; and Lord John Thyinie, Lord Palmerston, Lord Clive, and Col. Desbrowe were appointed to wait 011 the Queen, for the above purposes. On the motion of Mr. PERCEVAL, the order of the day for the House to resolve itftelf into a Committee on'the State of the Nation, w- as put off to Friday next. The names of several defaulters who had neglected to attend the cull of tbe House were then called over: and those who did not answer, wereordered to attend 011 Monday next, — Adjourned to Thursday. [ the House of Commons having, through mistake, ad- join ned to Thursday without sending a message to the lords to acquaint them with its having appointed a Committee for such purpose, the proceeding remains incomplete in point ol form. The House of Lords adjourned to ten o'clock on Thurs- day, to afford au opportunity ( if the Commons can then muster 40 members to make a house! of receiving this communica- tion, and of presenting the addresses to the Queen and his Royal Highness without the loss of another day.] HOUSE OF LORDS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 10. Their lordships'assetublfed nt ten o'clock, and soon after the Lord Chancellor had taken hi, s seat on the woolsack, a message was received from the Commons acquainting their lordships that Committees bad been appoimed to wait upon his - Rojal Highness the Prince of Walfcj'hnd the ' Queen, as resolved upon 011 Tuesday. • T8 « OPENING o » PARLIAMENT. The Earl of LIVERPOOL gave'notice that should the answer from her MajeSty and from the Prince of Wales arrive in ihe t ine be expected, he would to- morrow propose a Resolution for •: se cotlsidVratlon of the House, similar'to the one agieed to 011 the31st ot Janilafy, 17S9, respecting the opening of Parlia- ment by Commission.— In consequence of the noble Earl's notice, the Lord CHANCELLOR, moved that fhe Order for the discussion of the motion on the'subject of Proxies, ' which he hud- intended to bring'' forward oil that day, be discharged.— Ordered.— Adjourned. HOUSE OF COMMONS. The House met at ten o'clock; when the'CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER moved tiat a message- he sent to the Lords, acquainting them with ite names of the members appointed to wait upon her Majestj, and the Prince of Wales. Agreed to.— The House then adjourned to half past three. BANKRUPTS, JANUARY 5. Robert Eldridge Willmott, of Bradford, Wilts, money- scrivener, Jar.. 18, 19, February 16, al the King's Arms Inn, Melksliam — John Dunn, of Turnmill street, Clerkenweil, Middlesex, victualler, January 12, 19, February 16, al Guildhall— Henrv James, of Cannon- street, London, bookseller. January 12, 15, Fcbrunn 16, at Guildhall.— James Meek and George Gill, of I. verpool, mer- chants, January 28, 30, Fehruai v 16, al the ( rlobe Tavern, Liver- pool.— Daniel Spalding, late ot' Thorpe next Norwich, Norfolk, liquor- merchant, January 10, 11, February 16, atthe King's Head lun, in the parish ot Si. Peter ot Mancroft, Norwich.— Robert Deakin and William Barker, both lare of Manchester, cot - ton- spinners, January 2S, 29, February 16, at the George Inn, Manchester— I, din Hill, of Liverpool, merchant, January 29, 30, February lti, atthe GlobeTavern, in Liverpool.— John Davies, ot Lower Bridge- street, Chester, grocer, January 18, 19, Feb. 16, at the Feathers Inn, in Chester.—— Joseph Hudson, of Birming- ham, Warwick, wood turner, January 18, 19, February 10, at the ' Royal Hotel, Birmingham.— Charles Boote and John Walker, of Chester, hat- manufacturers, January 2.5, February 16, at the Green Dragon Inn, in Chester.— Ja'mes Thornley, of Bolton, • Lancaster, muslin manufacturer, January 30, 31, February 16, at the Brklgclnn, Bolton .-— Richard Surie, cf Liverpool, mer- chant, February 4, 6, 16, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— James hlkington, of Birmingham, tortoise- shell and ivoiv box and case- maker, January 12, 14, February 16, atthe Royal Hotel, Birm- ingham.— William Andrew Wood, John Birch, and Allied Wood, of Manchester, cotton- merchants, January 19, 2' 2, February 16, at the Geofge Itin, Manchester.— Samuel Wright, late of Charles- street, Soho.- square, Middlesex, ( but now a prisoner in the Fleet J, jeweller, January B, 19, February 16, at Guildhall.— Charles Harrison, of Liverpool, merchant, February 6. ", 16, attheGlobe Tavern, Liverpool.— John Groombridge, of Lawrence Pountney- - hil'j London . merchant, January tl2,19, February 16, at Guildhall. — David Alexander Lindo, of Great Winchester- street, London, merchant, January 12, 19, February 16, at Guildhall.— James Carter, of York- street, Borough, Surrey, wine and biandv- mer- chant, January 10, 21, February 16, at Guildhall.—- Thomas Chidley, of BhcVmore- street, Clare- market, Middlesex, cheese- monger, January 8, 19, February 16, at Guildhall.— John Wall, ot' Oxford- street, Middlesex, hatter, January 10, 21, February 16, at Guildhall* - Thomas Manson the elder and Thomas Manse. n the yourger, of Tokenhouse- vard, London, merchants, January S, 19, February 16, at Guildhall.— William Speer, late of Bowl- ing- stieet, Westminster, oil manufacturer, January 12, 19. Feb. 16, at Guildhall.— William Cuff, ofthe Minories, London, cheese- monger. January 12, 19, February 16, at Guildhall.— John White- house Wood and William Lakin, of the City of London, ware- housemen, January 12, 19, February 16, at Guikthall — Oliver Carter, of Camomile- street, Bishopsgate, London, merchant, January 8, 19, February 16, at Guildhall. JANUARY 8.]— John Luckraft, of Plymouth, carpenter, Jan. 23, 24, February 19, at the Commercial Inn, Plymouth.— Richard Billmgton, of Cobridge, Sit'ftbrdshife, potter," January 23, 24, February 19, at the Roe Buck Inn, Newcastle- under- Lv me.-* Nathaniel Giigg, of Plymouth Dock, tea- dealer, January 22, 23, February 19, at the Fountain Tavern, Plymouth Dock.—- Henrv Hall Eve. of Bath, pastry- cook, January 16, 17, February 19, at the Full Moon lun, Bath.— F- dward Collier, of Ingersley, Cheshire, cotton- spinner, January 19, 29, February 19, at ihe Palace Inn. Manchester.—-" William Rex worthy, of North Row, St. Jame. iVMarket, Middlesex, wihe shd brandy merchant, Jan. 12, 19, February 19, at Guildhall.— David Murrav, of Fope^ Head Alley, London, insurance broker, January 12, 26, February 19, at Guildhall.— John Perryman the younger, of Otterv St. Mary, Devonshire, builder, January 17, 18, February 1* 9, at Guildhall.— Thomas Leaver, ot Plymouth, merchant, Januarv 19, 26, February 19, at Guildhall, liondon.— Nathaniel Collyer the younger, of Zoar- str'eet, Gra'Vel Lane, Southwark, iron- founder, January 12, 19, February 19, at Guildhall Kdward Burford, of Patriot Row, Bethnal G reen, Middlesex, merchant, January 16, 23, February 19, at Guildhall.— Thomas Lr lighten, of Old Ford, Middle ex, coal merchant, January 9, 22, February 19, at Guild- hall— Shjckfietd Williams, or Oswestry, Shropshire, shopkeeper, January 15, 22, February 19, at the Cross Keys, Oswe. try.— Thomas Bentley and Elienezi- r Alexander Wtiylt, of Feuchurcli- street, London, dry sailers, January 9, 22, February 19, at Guildhall.— Henry Dirks, of St. Catharine's Square, Middlesex, shojifcfrejier, January 12, i'J, February 19, at Guildhall— Leitice Norris, of Shedicht Mills, ( Berkshire, paper- n. aker, January 12, 19, February 19, at Guildhall, London.— Thomas Lumlev, of Ramsgate, Kent, jeweller, Jtmuarv 12, 22, February 19, at Guild- hall. IlALLAM's PILLS— Invented by Ji.. HALLAM, Surgeon and Apothecary, Bury St. - Edmund's.' ripHIS safe and elegant preparation is justly JL esteemed for its agreeable and certain operation, by which it. effectually removes all I naction or Obstruction of ths; Stomach anil Bowels, whether arising from Bile, Indigestion Flatulency, or Cold ; Sioknevs at Stomach, Head At- h^ Scc.— It operates by dislodging acrid- bile or other crudities retainer! in the intestinal canal, and acts as an alterative to ttie system generally. Free from any antimonial or mercurial prepar- ations, it is at all times safe; and hasb^ engiven with singular good effect during Pregnancy. - Its action is particularly adapted to Persons of Bilious Habits, and those of sedeotai v lives, where a sufficient action ot the bowels is not kept up. and crudities retained in those organs are frequently pro- ducing. pains and distensions, head- nclis, languur, and giddi- ness, or a sen « fc of weariness an, J oppression. " Remove the cause, the effect must cease." A single tiial will fully convince tbe | iatient of their efficacy. The. worst cases of Bilious o' S> tk Head Arhs un- certainly removed by a single dose, and in a much shorter time than could be credited, but from experience. The Proprietor ihinks it proper to remark, they will be found not only to aet without pain or uneasiness, but to leave the body, after their immediate action ceases, free from that costive state which generally succeeds the operation of laxative medicines. Sold wholesale and retail by SHAW aud En WARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church Y. ud, London. Price 2s, 9d. ^, er box.—— Retail also bv F. DUOWES, Bytbell, Morris, Palm, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Ridgeway, and Procter, Drayton; Chester' Newcastle; Silvester, Newpoit ; Fowke, Staff, rd ; Mobbs, Wellington ; and Smith, Iron- bridge, and Wentock. Hals and Mice EFFECTUALLY DESTROYED, BY J. SMITH. rriHIS REMEDY, which has never failed where A. a sufficient Quantity has been used, is in Pills, about the Size of a Nut, one of which is sufficient to destroy the: largest Rat, arid, broken into Pieces, will kill six Mice. They will eat tbe Pills in Preference to all Kinds of Food", nnd never cease eating while one exists ; yet no Cat will touch them unless starved with Hunger; and as the Vermin neither eat, drink, or vomit, after eating of the Pills, they cannot infect any Thing; therefore they may be put with Safety iu Larders, Dairies, Granaries, Cheeae- Rooms, Corn- Stacks, Pastrycook- Shops, 4tc. nor is there the least Duoget in handling them. They will bear carrying by Sea or Land, and retain their Virtue several YeArs. The Pills may be had, with printed Directions inclosed in each Packet, 24 Pills for Is.— 60 for 2s. 6,1. and so in Proportion for any Quantity, Wholesale or Retail, of W. EDDOWES, Printer of this Paper, Shrewsbury ; also of Painter, Wrexham ; B. mgh, Rllesmere ; Hoillstons, Wellington | Smith, Iron Bridge ami Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Par. tridge, Bridgnorth ; Miiiaball, Oswestrv ; Waidson, Welsh Pool; Wright, Whitchurch; Procter, Drayton; Griffiths, Ludlow; and Wright, Printer, Hereford. If Rats or Mice are found living in anv Place where the Pills are left untouched for three successive Nights, if laid down according to the Directions in the Packets, « hc Proprietor will attend personally, and kill them Gratis. Printed and published by W. lit'dowes, Corn- Muket, Shr. wstU'f
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