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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 884
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 02/01/1811
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 884
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 18.] N°- 884. Wednesday, Hi If- 1 V^- va*- Ja/ Jtf^' 1 Cfe^ Sp^ J v- • . tttorVv iHn CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. January 2, 1811. Price Sixpence Halfpenny. This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties of ENGLAND and WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, MFTRFERF at five Shillings and Sixpence each. Birmingham Fire Offictf, I/ iV/ OiV STREET, BIRMINGHAM, FOR INSURINGHOUSES, WAREHOUSES, MANUFACTO- RIES, and other BUILDINGS, FARM INC. STUCK, GOOBS WARES, MER- CHANDIZE, SIIIPSINH arbour, and other Property. from ij0" una Damage by Fire. EMPIWERED BY ACT OF PAR- LIAMENT. Persons insured in this Office, whose insurances become due at Christmas next, are respect- fully informed that the Receipts for renewal thereof, are now ready for delivery by the respective Agents, and that the tame should he renewed on or before the Pth Day of January, MS the 15 Davs allowed for Paj merit beyond the Date nf each Policy will then expire. Farming Stock on any Part of a Farm, or in any Building • hereon, insured in one Sum, at the reduced Rate of 2s. per Cent. No Charge made for Policies where the Premium amounts to 6s. nor oo removal from other Offices. Losses by Fire from Lightning made good. Bv Order of the Directors, R. I. WITHERIDGE, Secretary. December 24M, 1S10. AGENTS SHROPSHIRE. SCHOOL BOOKS, ENGLISH, FRENCH, LATIN, GREEK, Sfc. Royal Exchange Assurance Office. Shrewsbury Whitchurch Cteohury Mot timer Market Drayton , JOSEPH F. NOCK. , JOSEPH I, EK. JOHN EATON. THOMAS GRIFFITH, Jun. JPem ARTHCR ItEETENtON. Tfcnport RICHARD LOWE. ], ndiorc THOMAS GRIFFITH. Fenley, near Ellesmere THOMAS EACHIIS. Csaeslry JOHN STANTON. Hales Ovcen JOSEPH GRANGER. Sh, final J° S'* « HARDING. Wellington THOMAS CRANAGE. Ellesmere ANDREW CROSS. STAFFORDSHIRE. Stafford JOSFTH HFNSHAW. GEORCF. BENNETT. THOMAS PEARCE. THOMAS RUITER. WILLIAM WAIN. CHARLES CHESTER. THOMAS MASCAL. STEPHEN BASFORD. RICHARD NEWBOLD. CHARLES CoTTPim. t.. WILLIAM HAW KINS. JI IIN W ARD. Fenkridge Walsall Lichfield Tamnorth Newcastle IValverhampton Billion Jane End and Cheadle Cannock Rngeley Burslem WALES. Aberyshcith .. Neittoien Welsh Fool Wynn HaU, near Ruabon The above Agents are also Agents to the Birmingham Life Insurance and Annuity Office, of whom the Rates and Con- ditious of Insurance may be had Gratis. POPULAR ANNUAL USEFUL DOOKS. Published by B. CROSBY and Co. Stationers' Court, Paternoster- row, London. Sold by W. EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Newling, and Morris, Shrewsbury ; Houlstons, Wellington ; Smith, Iron Bridge and Weill, ck ; Silvester, Newport j Wright, Whit' church; the Booksellers in Chester; J. Painter, Wrexham ; and by all other Booksellers. DAVID GRIFFITH. Mr. JONES, Druggist. . JAMES ROBERTS. JOHN KENRICK. 1. Price 2s. fid. ni extra bound 3s fid. CROSBY's GENTLEMAN'S, MERCHANT'S, and TRADESMAN'S COMPLELF. POCKET JOUR- NAL, for 1811; Essays and Maxims on Business— 108 ruled Pages for Memoianduuis— Tables of Dividends, Discounts, Annuities, Funds, Holidays, Stumps, Taxes, Bankers in Town and Country— Agents— Towns in England and Wales, Dis- tance, Market Days, Members, and other useful Things. 2. Price Is. fid. or extra binding 2s. CROSBY's CHRISTIAN LADIES' POCKET BOOK, for 1811, adapted to the difl'ereut Denominations of the Christian Wo. Id. BY THE REV. J. EVANS, Author of the Sketch of Religions. Containing the Portraits and Lives » t ihe Archbishop of Yo'k, Dr. R. Hawker, Rev. T. llarmer, and Rev. R. Robinson — The Churches, Chapels, and Meeting Houses in London — Names of Preachers and Time— Short Essays, Pieces of Poetiy, useful Tables, & c. 3. Price Is. fid, common, or 2s. extra bound, CROSBY's LADIES' NEW ROYAL POCKET COM- PANION, embellished with Plates, Enigmas, Charades, and Rebuses, New Songs, Dances, Poetry, and pleasant Talcs. 4. Price Is. 6d. common, or 2s. extra bound. CROSBY's LADIES' FORTUNE TELLING POCKET BOOK, containing entertaining Articles on that Suhject, and all the useful ruled I'ages, Tables, Songs, Dances, & c. 5. Price 4s. or extra Tuck 5s. CROSBY's FARMER'S, GRAZlER's, STEWARD'S, and CATTLE KEEPER'S POCKET MEMORANDUM BOOK, lor 1811, on a new and improved Plan. 6. Price 2s. neatly printed, CROSBY'S COMPLETE HOUSEKEEPER'S ACCOUNT j BOOK, lor 1811, consisting of ruled Pages for every Day in theYiar, of Articles for Family Use, Events of 1810, Holi- days, Moveable Feasts, Coach Fures, Tables of Exponces, j Stamps, Bankers, variuus Acts, and many useful and important Aiticies and Observations ou Domestic Affairs. Alio just published, for the Use of Indies only, THE MIRROR OF THE GRACES, on ( lie Subjectsof j EASB in DUBSS, TASTE, BEAUTY, ELEGANCE, DICNITY, GRACE, , MOHESTY, ECONOMY, HEALTH, SIMPLICITY,- CONVENIENCE, I and general DEPORTMENT, 5s. or fine, coloured, 7s 6d. DOMESTIC MANAGEMENT, or a general System of COOKERY, wherein Health is considered, 12mo. 5s. ' TO BE LET, And entered upon the Isi Day of May next, ANEW- ERECTED DWELLING HOUSE, handsomely finished, consisting of a Vestibule, two good Pailours, Kitchen, See on the Ground Floor; a Draw- ing Room and well sized Bedchambers, upon the fust and second Stories; with commodioos Offices, a Pump, Yard, and Garden theieunto belonging, situate in WILLOW STREET, in the Town of OSWESTRY, now in the Holding of Mr. Evan Jones. Apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Solicitor, Oswestry. Swedish Soap, MILFORD IIAVEN, SOUTH WALES, nptlis NEW SOAP will be found bevond all . JL comparison the best preparation known for the MILL- ING, & c. OF WOOLLEN CLOTH, & c. and to he a most important improvement. Made onlv ns ordered, and sold in CHESTS PRICE FIFTEEN POUNDS S TERLING EACH, con- tabling in general aboutTHREE HUNDRED WEIGHT, but regulated always hy the current value of LONDON CUKU SOAP, it hearing the same Price. ORDERS for any quantity not less than a Chest in Post Paid tellers ( enclosing Remittances in Bankers' Paper, or they will not be attended lo), addressed to the Sole Manu- facturers, THE MILFORD- HAVEN SOAP AND ALKALI COMPANY, PEMBROKE, will be executed within three Weeks' Notice, and delivered free of Expense ut auy of the principal Ports in the UNITED KINGDOM. *** NO CREDIT whatever. The following approved and established School Books are published by J. MAWMAN, 22, Poultry, London ; sold also by W. EUDOWFS, Wood and Watton, Sandford, and Morris, Shrewsbury. ENGLISH. ANEW GEOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, and COMMERCIAL GRAMMAR, and present State ol the several Kingdoms ofthe World. By WILLIAM GUTHRIE, Esq. Illustrated with a correct Set of Maps, engraved from the mo- t recent Observations and Draughts of Geographical Travellers. In one very large Volume, medium 8vo. 18 « . bound; the Twentieth Edition, corrected, and considerably enlarged. SUMMARY of MODERN GEOGRAPHY, 12mo. 3s. bound. CLASSICAL GEOGRAPHY, being « second Part of a Summary of Geography, Ancient and Modern; a new and improved Edition. 12mo. 3s. fid. PRACTICAL GEOGRAPHY, containing a concise View of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Ameiica. A fuller Description of the same Parts. A select Table of the Latitude and Lon- gitude of the most remarkable Places on the Earth. A con- cise Index to Universal History, with Tables ofthe Kings of England nnd France. By J. Otiiscau, A. M. Fourth Edition, considerably enlarged, in one Vol. 12mo. 4s. bound. STUDY of ASTRONOMY, adapted to tbe Capacities of Youth, in Twelve Familiar Dialogues, between a Tu'or and his Pupil, explaining the general Phcenomena of the Heavenly Bodies, tbe Theory of the Tides, & e. Illustrated with Copper- plates. By John Stednian. Fourth Edition, Is. fid. bound. SUMMARY of ANCIENT HISTORY, from the earliest Ages, to the Dissolution i f the Roman Empire, A. D. 416. With a Geographical Index, describing the Situation of the several Countries, Cities, Rivers, and Mountains, the Names of which occur in the History. 12mo. 4s. bound. fl^* This concise and complete Summaiyof Ancient His- tory contains the History of the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Merles and Persians, Indians, Gre- cians, nnd Romans, to the Dissolution of the Roman Em- pire, in 476.— In this Volume are compiised the. general Outlines of History, necessary to be known in Schools, pre- vious to reading the Historvof England. LECTURES on the ART of READING, in two Parts; containing, Part I. The Art of Reading Prose; Par t II. The Art of Reading Verse. By Thomas Sheridan, A. M. The sixth Edition, 12mo. 4s. boards. PLUTARCH's LIVES; translated fnm the original Grerk; with Notes, Critical and Historical; and a Life of Plutarch. By John Langhorne, D D. and William Lang- home, A. M. A new Edition, in 8 Vols, with Concctions and Additions. J? y the Rev. Francis Wrangham, M. A. F. R. S. £ 1. 1 fis. hoards. HISTORICAL DIALOGUES for YOUNG PERSON'S of both SEXES; particularly designed for the elder Pupils of Schoo's. By Mary Hays, Author of Female Biography, See. 3 Vols. l2mo. 12s. boards. YOUTH'S HISTORICAL GUIDE, together with the Evidences of fhe Christian Religion, comprehending an In- troduction to History in general, History of the Jews, His torical Heads of Greece, Rome, and England, & c. By John Saliine. l- 2mo 4s. bound. MF. NTORIA; or, The Young I allies' Instructor, in familiar Conversions on moral anrl entertaining Subjects; calculated to improve young Minds in the essential as well as ornamental Parts of Female Education. By Ann Murry, 12ino. 3s. fid. bound. HOLIDAYS at HOME; written for the Amusement of Young Persons. By Charlotte Sanders. 12mo. 3s. Cd. bound. Bv the same Author, The LITTLE FAMILY; written for the Amusement and Instruction of Youth. 4s. bound. EDMUND : A Tale for Children. Is. fid. half- bound. The ELEMENTS of READING: being Select and Easy Lessons in Prose and Vtrse. By the Rev. J. Adams. 12nio. Price 4s. bound. GRAMMA riCAL INSTITUTES: or an l- asy Introduc- tion to Dr. I^ iwth's English Grammar. By John Ash, LI . D. 18mo. Price Is bound. The BEAUTIES of HISTORY : or, Pictures of Virtue and Vice, drawn from real I. ife. By L. M. Stretch, A. M. 19mo 4s. bound. MISCELLANIES in PROSE and VERSE. By Mrs. Chapone. Foolscap 8vn. 3s. 6d. boards. Ditto, D » mv 18mo. 2s 6d. Ixiunrl. LETTERS on the IMPROVEMENT of the MIND. By the same Author. Piinted uniformly with the above. Fools- cap 8vo. 4s. boards ; 18nu. 2s. 6d. bound. RILHE CORPORATION of the - M. ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that they have authorised their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at tbe Rate of Is. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due on the 25th Instant, are hereby informed that Receipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, lino in. parlies assured are requested to apply for the Re- i ewal of their Policies on or before the 9th Day of January, 1811, as the usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. K'ireirsbtiry, Mr. J Eddowes. Wellington, Mr. Stephen Jejinitis. Osiceslry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. Leominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr William Holbrooke. BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert WiHiam*. Wreiham, Mr. Joseph Laneford. FLINTSHIRE. Holywell, Mr. William Turfon. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Srans'a, Messrs. J. and W. Robert Grove. Cardiff, Mr. Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas Tudor. Newport, Mr. J. [ 1. Sinilher. s. MONTGOM ERYSHIRE. STAFFORDSHIRE. Piirfnn, Mr. Charles Hudson. Lichfield, Mr. William Bond. S'affnrd, Messrs. Stepnenson and Webb. Wolverhampton, Mr. James Brown. Hartley, Mr. John Toinlinson. Newcaslle- nniler- Ijne, Mr. James Hahnarack. WORCESTERSHIRE. hidderminsier, Mr. Samuel Peri in. Worcester, Mr. Robert Gil lam, CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckley. Nantivirh, Mr William Tnmlirli- on. Norllmiclt, Mr, Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr. Thomas 0* ven. N. B. Fire Policies will be allnweit free of Expense where the annual Premium amounts to fis. or upwards. { l^ ys This Company have invariably made good Losses, by Eire, occasioned bv Lightning.— Proposals may he had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found tn be advantage- ous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Iniomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of them- selves, or others; TABLES of the RATPS for such ASSURANCES and for the GRANTING ANNUITIES on LIVES, msty he had of the said Agents. Ami for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by Special Agreement) the Assurance on Lives to the Age of 75 Years. December 10. 1810. LEATON 1\ CL6^ URET~ Roads appointed, and Sale of Allotments to defray Expenses of tin Act of Parliament. NEW QUARTO EDITION OF THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST. FRENCH. ABREGEde L'HISTOIRE ANCIF. NNE, en particnlier de 1' Histoire Grecque, sum d' tin Abregc de la Fable, 12mo. 4s. bound. ... Fomaine, 12ino. 4s. hound. Un'neiselle, de M, Bossnet. 12mo. 4s. bound. PIECES CHOISIES de I'Ami desEnfans, ] 2mo. 4s. bound. B1BL10THKQUE PORTATIVE; or, French Elegant Extracts. By Messrs. Moysant et de Levizac. 3 torn, royal 8vo £ 1. 8s. hoards. BELISAIRE, par Marmontel, nouvelle edition, 12mo. 4s. bound. FABLF. Sde la FONTAINE, avec des notices sur sa vie, celles d'Esope et de Phedre, et de nouvelles Notes, par M. de Levizac. fis. bound. AVENTURES de TELEMAQUE, nuuvelle edition, par Wanostrocht. 12mo. 4s. bound. GONZALVE de CORDOUE; ou, Grande Reconquise. Precede itu precis Histoiiqne sur les Mauies. Par Florian. Nouvelle Edition. Par M Gros. 12mo. fis bound. HIST01RF. do I'EMPIRE de RUSS1E, . tins Pime- le- Grand. Par M. de Voltaire. Nouvelle Edition, soigneuse- ment corrigee, et collatioiinee, sur les meilleures impressions. 12mo. 5s. bound. H ISTOIRF. de CHARLES XII. > i de Suede. I2mo. 4s. bound. I. ES INCAS; ou, La Destruction de l'Ernpire du Perou. Par Maimoutel. Revii et corrigee rf'apres les meilleures editions de Paris, par N. Wanostrooht. 12mo. 5s. 6d. bo< nd. LECONS lie FSNELON, extraites de ses Ouvrages, pour L'Education de I Eufanee, et aceompaguees des notes. Par M. de Levizac. I'lino. 5s. bound. liACIN E (( Envies dejavec tes Jugemeus de La Harpe, siir les Tragedies et de nouvelles Notes Grammatical, par M, de Levizao. 3 torn. l2tno. 10s. 6d. boards. ABREGEde B1BLIOI'HEQUE PORTATIVE, en Prose et en Vers ; square 12mo. 5s. bound. ROADS. OTICE is hereby given, lhat HENRY BOW- MAN, Esq. the Commissioner appointed for putting into Execution an Act ol Parliament, entitled " An Act lor in- " closing Lands in the Township and Manor of Leaton, in " the Parish of St. Mary, in Shrewsbury, in the County of c< Salop," has set out and appointed the following Carriage and Drift Roads, over the Lands and Grounds to he allotted and inclosed, and has left a Map thereof at the Office of Mr. WILLIAM HITCHCOCK, Land- Surveyor, in Shrewsbury, for the Inspection of all Parties interested therein ; namely, A Public Oatriajre Road, of the Breadth of thirty Feet, leading from llnschurch, Southwardly over Leaton Common towards Shrewsbury, being the present Turnpike Road. A Public Carriage Road, of tne like Breadth, leading from FifZ, East ward ly over Leaton Common to the last mentioned Road near the Termination thereof. A Public Carriage Road, of the like Rreadth, leading from the first- described Road at the Southwest Corner of Mr. Lee's Estate, Eastwardly over Leaton Common towards Merrington. A Public Carriage Road, of the like Breadth, leading from Merrington Southwardly and South west wardlv Over Homer On Saturday, December C9, 1810, was published, Pi ice only Six- pence, Embellished with a Portrait of OUR SAVIOUR, by Hopwood, NUMBER 1. ( io lye continued Weekly), of THE EVANGELICAL III STORY THE LIFE AND ACTIONS LORA am MAINOUR JESUS CHE I ST. CONTAINING an Account of his Sufferings, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension, and of the Miracles, Discourses, and Events, recorded in the Gospels. To which is added, the Lives of the Apostles, Evangelists, ntid Primitive Martyrs; a Chronological Table ofthe Affairs relative to the Church, from the Birtli of Christ till the Reign of Constantine the Gieat ; and a copious Index : with an Introduction, containing an Essay on the Evidences of Christ- | iauitv, and a complete View of the Old Testament Prophecies I relative to the Messiah. WITH CRITICAL AND EXPLANATORY NOTES. By the REV. JAMES NEWTON, LL. D. The many Editions of the LIFE OF CHRIST, which have of late issued from the Press, seem tn preclude the Necessity of a S'rze One, but the Author and Publisher, without meaning to depreciate auy contemporary Publication, feel confident that alt has not been done that might be done to furnish the Christian Reader with an elegan' arid Complete Hislort, of the L'te and Actions of our blessed Lord and Saviour, decorated villi Embellishments suitable to the Grandeur and Sublimity | ot the Subject.— To render this Editi in of THE LIFE OF CHRIST more particulary acceptable to the Religions World, a strict Attention has been paid to the Evidences between the New iestoment and the Old, and it is brought lorward with a Degree of Elegance superior to Works of a similar Nature. No Ex- pence has been spared to collect the most interesting Subjects for the Engraver, and the Manner in which the E nbeltish- menis are executed reflect equai Creriit 011 the Artist. The Types are new and cast, purposely for the Work ; the Paper is of the first Manufacture. Such is the Nature of the Publication now off- red to the Reader, and it is trusted, he will uot find himself disappointed in his Expectations by a Perusal, as every Care and Exertion has been used to make it an acceptable Titbute to THE CHRISTIAN WORLD, F. very Number shall contain twelve Pages of Letter- Press, handsomely printed. — Every alternate Number a superb Ennraving. The Whole shall be comoleted in Fifty Numbers, forming one handsome Volume in Quarto, The first Number may be had for Perusal, and the Money returned if not approved of. A List of Subscribers will be printed gratis. London; published by J. STRATFORD, No. 112, Holborn- Hill; sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and alt Booksellers and Newsmen. MISS EMMA PARKFR's NOVEL. This Day is published, in hour large Vohones, Price One Pound in Boards, ELFRIDA, HEIRESS OF BELGROVE, By Miss EMMA PARKER, Of Fairfield House, Denbighshire. IT is presumed the Readers of Miss Parker's Novel, will soon fancy someot the Characteis real ; they are recent Honn; Scenes, and painted with natural Ease, in the Counties of Hampshire, Kent, York, Devon, See. as well as the great Metropolis. London : printed for B. CROSBY and Co. Stationers' Court; sold by W EDDOWES, Wood and Watton, Newling, and Morris, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whit- church; Wright and Co. Liverpool; Painter, Wrexham; and the Booksellers in Chester, Portsmouth, Gosport, South- ampton, Canterbury, Chatham, York, Doncaster, Exeter, Plymouth, 4cc. & c. In a few Days will be published, 1. The Dead Letter Office, by rite Author of the Banks of the Wye— Corinna of England— Woman of Colour— Winter in Bath, fee. & c. 2 vols. 10s. 2 The Mirror of the Graces, or the English Ladies' Cos- tume, with elegant Plates, intended entirely fur the Use of Ladies, 5s, or 011 hue Paper, coloured, Is. 6d. Just published, Henry and Isabella, or the Reverses of Fortune, 2 vols. 10s. Just published, in Octavo, Price 12s. Boards, or on Royal TPaper, Price 18s. Boards, HE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS from this World to that which is to come, l. i two Parts. BY JOHN RUNYAN. A new anil corrected Edition, in which the Phraseology ti the Author is somewhat improved, some of his Obscurities elucidated, aud some of his Redundancies done away. BY THE REV. J. GILPIN, /'/ car of tVrockwardine, Salop. Also, hy the same Author, in 12uio. Price 3s. 6d. extra Boards, the Fourth Edition of A MONCMSNT OF PARENTAL AFFECTION TO A DEAR AND ONLY SON. Wellington: printed bv and for F. Houlston and Son— Soldl. yJ, Hatchard, 190, Piccadilly, and G. Robinson, 25, Paternoster- Row, London; and W. EDDOWES, Snrewsbiirv. In the press, arid speedily wilt be published, iu two volumes Octavo, ESSAYS on the NATURE and PRINCIPLES of TASTE. By ARCHIBALD ALISON, LL. R. Prebendary of Samro, & c. senior Minister of the Episcopal Chapel, Cowgate, Edinburgh. _ SECOND EDITION, WITH ADDITIONS. Edinburgh : — Printed for BELL and BRSUFCTE, and ARCUIB C INSTABLE and Co Edinburgh. Sold also by W. EuDowts Punter, Shrewsbury. To this Edition are added. Observations on the origin of the beauty of the human countenance and form. HENDERSON'S MODERN COOKERY, The Sixteenth Edition, Containing all the Improvements in the Art to the Yeir 1311. This Day is published, Price SIX- PEJVCE, Embell shed with a, PORTRAIT of Mr. J. C. SCIINF. BBELIE, and a View'of the ALBANY. Piccadilly, London, NUMBER 1. ( to be continued Weekly), of The Housekeeper's Instructor; UNIVERSAL0 FAMILY COOK. BEING a full and clear Display of Ihe AR. T of COOKERY, in all its various Brail : hes. AI. S0, TIIE WHOLE ART OF CONFECTIONARY PICKLING, PRESERVING, & c. The making aud keeping in Perfection British IFines; and proper Rules for Biemng. TO WHICH 13 ADOED, The Complete Art of Caning, ILLUSTRATED WITH TWENTY- THREE UN CRAVINGS t And Bill? of Fare for every Month in the Year. The Maimer of decorating a Table, displayed hy Copper Plates, Directions fjr Maiketing. Observation? 011 Culinary Poisons, And the Management of the Kitchen and Fruit Garden. The ( Vhole formed on an entire new Plan, BY WILLIAM AUGUSTUS HENDERSON, CORRECTED, It EVISED, AND CONSIDERABLY IMPROVED I By every modern Addition and Vuriatnn in the Art [ BY JACOB CHRISTOPHER SCHNEBBELIE, Late Apprentice lo Messrs. Ttrp^ ud Perm. Oxfnd Street ; afterwards Cook at Melon's Hotel, Bath, and the. Albany, London. Printed for J. STRATFORD, No. 112, Holborn- Ilill. London ; sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all other Booksellers and Newscatriers in the United Kingdom. This Work may be had complete in Fourteen Numbers, Price fid, each, or Eight Shillings neatjv bound. TURNPIKE TOLLS. Shrewsbury, Dec. 3, 1810. NOTICE is hereby given, That at a MEETING of the Trustees of the Shrewsbury District of the Watling- Street, Stretton and Longden, and of the Welsh Gate and Baschurch Roads, to be holden at'the Guildhall, in Heath, and Southwardly over Pait of Dunn's Heath, towards ; Shrewsbury, on MONDAY, the SEVENTH Ray of JANUARY, Newton and Shrewsbury. | 1811, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, the. Tolls arising on A Public Carriage Road of the like Breadth, leading from the last mentioned Road, near Richard Williarus's Cottage, Eastwardly over Bonier Heath towards Preston Gubbals. And that the said Cnmmissoner wilt hold a Sitting at the Dwelling House of THOMAS COOPER, known by the Sign of the Duncan Head Inn, in Newtown, Baschurch, 011THURSDAY, the THIRD Day of JANUARY next, at one o'Clock in the Afternoon, when aud where any Person who may conceive himself aggrieved by the ' setting out the said Roads, may attend, aud object thereto. LATIN. A GRAMMAR of the LATIN TONGUE. By J. Jones, Author of ttie Greek Grammar. 3s. bound. This Grammar, it is presumed, while it is adapted for the use of the must humble learner, by its simplicity, precision, and brevity, is, at the same time, calculated to interest the philosophical teacher, by the novelty and solidity of its principles. The ELEMENTS of the LATIN TONGUE, witfl all the rules in English for the more ready improvement of Yoni h. Second Edition, improved and corrected. By the Rev. Robert Armstrong. Price 2s. 0d. bound. LIVII HIST. By Hunter. 12mo. 4s. bound. CLAVIS CICERONI ANA, sive Indices Rerum etVerborum Phil. ilngico critici in Opera Cicerouis. 8vo, 15s. boards. XENOPHONT1S MEMORABILIUM, Lib. IV. usque ad Lib. 111. Cap Vl. lnterp. Nova douavit, et var. lect. Auxits. Gulielnius Benwell, M. A. Cull. SS. Trinitatis nuper Socius. Textus, quod del'uit, cum variis Lcctioiiibus e Schucideic. Svo. 9s. boards. SALE OF LANDS. To be Sold by Auction, BY GLOVER AND SON, At the above- mentioned Inn, ' on Thursday, the said 3d Day of January, 1811, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, under the Powers of the said Act, the following Lots of the said Common, as1 the same are marked out by a narrow Chaii' nel cut in the Sod, viz. Lor I. Bounded on the East by the Turnpike Road lead- ing from Baschurch to Shrewsbury, on the North by Lot ' 2, j on the West by Lot 5, snd on the South by Thomas Cotton's Inelosure and open Common, containing by Admeasurement 4 Acres* LOT II. Bounded on the East by the said Turnpike Road, on the North by Lot 3, on the West by Lot 5, and on the South by Lot 1, containing by Admeasurement 5 Acres. LOT 111. Bounded on the East by the said Turnpike Road, on the North and West by Lot 4, and on the South by Lot 2, containing by Admeasurement 5 Acres. LOT IV. Bounded on the East by the said Turnpike Road I and Lot 3, on the North and West by open Common, and on the South by Lots 3 and 5, containing by Admeasurement 5 Acres. LOT V. Bounded on the South by the Road leading from Fitz towards Shrewsbury, on the East by Cotton's In- cisures and Lots 1 and 2, on the North by Lot 4, and on ihe West by Lot 6, containing by Admeasurement 5 Acres. LOT VI. Bounded on the South by the Road leading from Fitz towards Shrewsbury, on the East by Lot 5,;<> it the North by open Common, and on the Northwest by: Incisures of Samuel Bevan and Richard Harper, containing by Admea- surement 3A. OR. 3bP. Mr. Davics, of Leaton Flail, will direct, a Person lo the Lots j anti « iurther Particulars may be had at the Otlice of Mr. LEWIS JOSES, in Oswestry J or of Mr. WILLIAM HU'CHCOCK., Land- Smveyor, iu Shrewsbury. 250 165 the Roads undermentioned will be severally LET BY AUC- TION to the best Bidder, for one or rnoie Years, as may be agreed upon ( commencing at Lady- Day next), in the Manner directed by tiie Act passed in the 13th Year of his present Majesty " For regulating the Turnpike Roads:" which Tolls now produce the following Sums above the Expenses of collect- ing them.— Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must give Security, with sufficient Sureties to tbe Satisfaction* of the Trustees, for Paym « » t of ttie Rent agreed for, andW > » ch Times as they shall direct No Persou will be alluweft f^ bid for any of the said Tolls,^ itil his Sureties are'first approved of by the Trustees. And NOTICE IS AL'SO HEREBY GIVEN, That at the said Meeting there will be an ELEC TION " OF NEW TRUS- TEES for the said Roads, in the room Of others who aie dead, or have resigned. The l'ern and Emstrey Gates, on the Shrewsbury Dis- trict ofthe Watling- Street Koad, with the By- Gates at CroivithjU- Lane and Wroxeter - The Tolls arising at Frodesley Gate, now in the Hands of the 1 uistees. The Meole Gate, on the Road leading to Church Stret- f ton, together with the Check Gate at the End nfS : Meole Bridge . - ] The Nobold Gate, on the Road leading to Longden and I - Bishop's Castle ------ J J31 The Tolls of Ihe Meole and Nobold Gates are to be advanced at Ladi^- Day next, viz. On Horses drawing Waggons, Carts, & c. with narrow wheels, from 3d. to 4^ d. Ditto ditto ditto with six Inch wheels, from 2d. to 3d. The Mount Gate, irr Frankwell, on the Road leading towards Pool and Oswestry, together with IheCheck- > Gate, at Montford Bridge ) The Trewern and Middletown Gates, on the New Branch ofthe Road to Pool, now' in the Hands of the Trustees. The Copthorn Gate, on the Road leading to Westbury - 203 The Gates on the Roads leading to Minsterlev The Cotton Hill and Prescot Gates, on the Road lead- > ing to Baschurch .... J N. B. It is proposed to Let with the above Tolls all the PROFITS or PENALTIES, arising from the different Weighing Engines, for overweight, & c. LONGDEN ROAD. NOTICE IS HEREBY GiV EN, that at the above Meeting the Propriety of erecting a Check Gate across the Bye Road hading from Nobold to Meole Bra; r Part of tne upper ' ~ sideration. , u inclusive. Clerln the upper Pait « f tbe said - iiclusiye. . Mr, EDWARD JONES, at Treg -. TO BE LET, JKD ENTERED UPON IMMn01,1TBLY, ANEAT and commodious COTTLE, consist ing of two Parlours, Kitchen, and Hrewhoitse, with appropriate Lodging Rooms; a 3 Stalled Stable, Kitchen Gar- den, antl about 5 Acres of Meadow or Grazing LAND, pleasantly situated on a gentle Eminence near the Village of LLANRHAIDll YN MOCHNANT, in « ie. County of Denbigh. A Tenant may, if required, be accommodated with about 5 Acres inore of Land, — For furthetfl'articiilars apply to H. P. DORSBTT, Esq Plas Ucha, near OswestrvV Messrs. GLOVER and SON, Auctioneers, Ruyton; of'to Mr. EDMUNDS, Solicitor, in Oswestry aforesaid. I bis Advertisement will not be continued. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. " PASTURE, &. ARABLE LAND, & c. To be Let, and entered upon at Lady Day nert IN LOTS, ' SEVERAL Pieces of rich feeding Pasture, Arable, aud Meadow Land, which may bo irrigated to great Advantaee, consisting of 150 Acres, or thereabouts • Parts of G ARTH FARM, in the holding of Mr. Tudor, audTREF- NANT FARM, in the holding of Mr. Bowen ; very run. venientlv situated upon the ' Turnpike Road between Tool and Guilsfield, about a Mile from each Place. Also, a substantial Brick- built sashed DWELLING HOUSE, in the Church- Street, in the Town nf POOL, wilh suitable Offices, Stable, Garden, and a Piece of nc. i pasture Land near the Town, in the Possession of Mr. Pavn. Enquire of Mr. ROUTLRDGS, Pentrego.— EDWARD WIL- LIAMS, of Garth, or Samuel Farmer, of Pool, ivill shew the Premises. Mon Igomerysh ire, TO BE LET, And entered upon at Lady- Day next, in Lots; ARABLE, PASTURE,& MEADOW LANDS. which may be irrigated to great Advantage, to the Amount of 160 Statute Acres, of a FARM called RF. O HOUSE, situate very near to the Village of KEKP. Y, iu the Possession of Mr. John Williams. The Arable Lands are particularly adapted to th Turnip Husbandry. ALSO, A SHEEP WALK, containing 140 Statute Acres or thereabouts, ol sound fertile Land, intended to be inclose, and subdivided, lying up to the great Road to Llanidloes upo the North Side, to that leading to Velirrdre upon the East to that leading to Presande upon the West, and to the River which divides the Counties of Montgomery nod Radnor, ujn the South Side thereof. Enquire of EVAN STEPHENS, Esq. Newtorvn ; or Mr. Bou- i LEDOE, Pentrego, Myfod. John Jones, of New House, ilea Kerry, Carpenter, will shew the Premises. Garlh, October 29, 1810. 650 410 200 STATE LOTTERY. HAZARD, BURNE, and Co. Smck- Broker respectfully infor m the Public that TICKETS and SHAR for the NEW STATE LO TTERY, aie now on Sale at Ihe Office, No. 93, ROYAL EXCHANGE. LONDON. The Lottery consists of 20,000 Tickets numbered from 1 20,000, on an entire New Plan. The Scheme contains Foi Prizes of ,£ 20,000,— Forty other Capitals,— and no P lower than .£ 10. All to be drawn the 15th FEBRUARY Next, In the late October Lottery, No. 21, a Piize of ,£ 20,00 and 2,388, a Prise of ,£ 2,000, weie Doth sold in Shares the above Office, Letteis, post paid, duly answered. Schemes gratis. Agent for the above Office, Mr. NEVVLING, Bookseller, Shrewsbury, of whom Tickets anu Shares may be haJ at the Loudon prlc. Theaboveuii ^ Shares but thesj fur the State Lottery sold largest 1' urpjj DJ^& T / « ;: « , & Co, ^• n 11. i'ure LONDON. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26. \ 7hr Gazelle of last night, containing dispatches from Lord Wei ling ton, and an order for the change of Court Mourning, v> i le found in the last page.] Iondon was yesterday thrown into much alarm. The fact, c f the Prirce of Wa- es having been sent for in the middle of ti e night ? ave rise to the most gloomy repoits, and the anxi- ety universally expressed, furnished our venerable Sovereign v jih a fresh proof of his people's love. The most eager en-' quirics were trade for the Bulletin, which rot arriving so early as usual, c rested a verv general belief that there was but tc< much foundation for the reports in circulation. It was no' till Monday even? up that the fever came on with such sever!' ty— His Majesty's how els were so seriously disordered, that ar cnetimeit vas feared an inflammation had taken place I Mr. Milton had pone over mile?. TL' arrived at Stamford at 25 minutes past twelve— thus winning the rp. ger by 35 minutes. Bets, before starting, were 7 to 4 agaifist the per- formance. STATE OF JUS MAJESTY'S HEALTH.*—' The Pallet ins issued irce our last are as follow :— Pec.. 25.— flic M. iiestv had a severe attack of fever vaster- day, evening ; but, he got some hours sleep in the night, and ' he symptom.* are very- much abated this,.. merr. ing. ' Pec. 96.— His Majesty, ^ sin& e the. abatement of his fever, has eon* i" ue'd nearly in th? same state. Dec. 27.— His Majesty has passed an indifferent night, and continues- much the same as he w as yesterdav. Dec. 38.— His Majesty has been rather better through the last twentv- four hours. Pre — Hi's Majesty Vas passed a good night, and conti- nues as weli as he was yesterday. The j ulse v as at ICO, and his Majesty was in acute pain. At ten < ' deck it was deen ed cdviseaMe to send off an express to the Prince of Wales, who reached Windsor between four and fm 31 the morning ; but before he arrived the pulse had becorr* ]< ss quick, and the pain subsided. His Majesty had ' fa 1 lei rsleep, and when he awoke the fever had greatly abated.-- The Prince on going down toWindsor encountered all the vio- lence of the then prevailing storm, having the windows of jii- carriage beaten in by the force of the tempestuous wind aud l. ai! stories. Ixtract from n private letter, dated Lisbon, Dec. 9:— The situation of the two armies has not been altered since my last of the 2nd instant, nor has there, with the exception cT me skirmishing, been any fighting. It is clear howevei lhat the enemy has received more injury by the waiy con. Vluct of Lord Wellington than if he bad attacked them within * hpre tliat received here that the same ac- oimls add, I lint hi, a, m ** thousand being in the hospitals. _ \\ rart bo » lyem their lines. Yesterday accounts were Masrcna was returning towards the north, toil fourteen ValmcllH, for the purine or Ju^ cte'theemintry ^ that e ofthe r bodies. j do veil in strengthening the lines from Almeida - - - ' purpose protecting the ecu . side of the Tagus should an attack be made on it by small fly- gVo l es. The army is abundantly supplied w, lb provisions w r people of thil puuu are but scan^- J** have been directed to mm Indian corn wilh their flour. General Hill was nd it not so healthy as it has onantitv of the latter being very limited. understood to be labouimg under severe indisposition , is also undet stood that the army is — be! r",'" , to 1 is Mairstv brought by the Ambassador on their by , he AlgPri„ e Ambassador for the The dress Queen is . declared to be more supciu ,„„ : r It is purple ar. d gold, with buttons made of diamonds of great fize. A verdict of 2501. damages was given on Saturday in tbe XYl. rt of CCiririon Pleas against one of the proprietors of the Brighton stage- coaches, in favour of a Mr. Lewis, who was seiiously bruised in consequence of the vehicle's breaking down on its way to London. last night noless than seven Norwich roaches, drawn wi'h six horses t ath, arrived atdifteient inns in the city with sealed iltois and windows, all the inside passengers, as veil as those without, consisting of diad game, aud crammed tuikies, hung in sausages chains! TURNSDAY, ri'crMBF. K vt. Catalonia, the theatre of heroism, has not ceasrd to give triumphs to the Spanish arms. Jlacdonald, intent to succour (,' eiona, divided the corps under bis command into thiee divisions, one of which l as been beaten and destroyed by Campoverde, and the other two dispersed. The partisan Nanso, who had collected under bis orders about BOO men, has i ut off ihe waters from the mills of Barcelona. ' lire Emperor has issued a decree, ordering that the Spaniards who fight for Ferdinand VII. shall no longer le called insurgents, but be considered as regular armies, ? nd v hen taken prisoners shall be tieated with the gieatest con- federation. : is intelligence Irom Lisbon, somewhat later than the There i date of Lord Wellington's ^ f^ ZVl ™ ^ seme moments tithe ^^ J^& fi from its I be supposed* ir w of this detachment fiotn Santarem present position. rnimbra. Lord Wellington that made a shew of attacking Ooimbra. Las been busily employed in projecting new fortifications on ihe Southern Bank of the Tagus.— Works are to be thrown up from Palema Castle to the Tagus, and the country intersected with a kind of ravine oi canal, so that should the enemy ma- ike an iiR^) tion into the province of Alentej o, they might be pre* vented molesting either Lisbon or the entrance of the harbour. General Blake's army has experienced a reverse in Gre. I; ad a. He had intended to surprise a body- of- the enemy Jtear Cusa; but the enemy being apprised of his design, sud- denly sallied forth in gieat numbers, and defeated him, with the loss of 500 " men and six pieces of- cannon, i Private accounts fiom Paris state, that Bonaparte has made application to the Ex- Empress Josephine, for her jewels, alledging lhat the campaign in the Peninsula had been atten- ded with such expenc* as to ieduce him to great pecuniary difficulties, and that Josephine was obliged to comply with Hi is request. England, it would appear, is not the only quarter in which - t& S ® ® ;,., • King Joseph lias intimated to ihat in Rents in future are to be made in which arrived yesterday, lef Letters of the 17th say, that dated the end most bis^' loyal fc^^ r^^^^^ r'Kl,'',| hat'' ln, c011^^ 1^^ scarcity " t Modfid, ,,, 8The Leewaid Maud mail ,' acn the 20th ult. St. Thomas .... ; vc( l fiort, Caracas, by w hirl ate, in c civil - war. The | ieo| intelligence bv * uiseUled state, in " fift^^^ Cm were disci- lntetngtnec ., « . - „,„„,„ , i, at matters were in a mos « " T preparations lor t Mexico. The sanguine hopes of success, Civil - Win. i ,. —, plih'mg to the number of between four and five thousand men v lui weie aimed aud supplied by the Viceroy of ptople of> C « raccas entertained and- were enrolling themselves with much spiijt. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29. Tbe Gazette of this evening contains a letter from Rear- Admiral Sii It. G. Keats, dated Cadiz Day, Nov. 24, detailing Ibe particular of the naval attack on Ihe gun- boats of the enemy iu the llivcr Santa Maria, in the port of Cadiz. The • damage to Ihe enemy by this attack bad not been ascertained. • • .1 - f .1 « i, ts T. Worth and J. Buckhmd, Hawkins, midship- Oor h^ s consisted of - Lieutenants T. Wort r^ ffWSi and * Kligh,, sea- , nen, wounded M the official account of the h Irigate, which was on shore near Ihe Diana, Capt. Grant; and the on the coast ol Tiie'OalP-- binning ol the Ehze, French Irigate, 11 Mo « ue, b\ lh> boats ol of tw' strn. ll Danish cutter piiva eers, lle . c P,, N„ S Ingate, CS, which slie left on the 12th, • caplul Norway, by Iheboats of the Pallas frigate. Captain Monke. nas lin. w^..,- - . , v. ith the intention it is supposed of flushing forcauiz. Sebastiaui, with 1- 0,000 inrn, has arrived before Cadiz.— The enemy have tdllictcd a flotilla ol gun- hoats. An attack was made upon them by a Srilish and Spanish loree, and tnree weie diivcn ashore : we lost two Officers in the attack. The Spanish Cot tes, at the same time lhat tliey voted a Tponument of the eternal gratitude of Spain to the British Monarch and nation, for their saci ificts in her cause, came to . a resolution never to lay dow n their arms till they secured tbe independence of their country in both hemispheres, without nent, aud their lawful King free, called the Enterprise, hits airived in the Downs, fork i bj her American Papeis have been leceived inst. It appears from these that Mr. Gallatin is that the Oideis iu Conucil of November, 1807, are , by tbe order of blockade of April, 181) 0, so that f our paper blockades, as Uiey aie called, is the icpeai oi oui p,- iucipa! thmg d « i^ , of E. cnch M^ iister The piesidciit, by makingun conditions E^^ k, her irorSE Ot J^'- RDS— THUP. SD. AY, DEC. 27. THE HEGFNCY. On the m'Mio'n of the Earl of T. IVERPOOL, the. Hortsp went into a Committee, and the Resolutions which hwd bfen pa? srjd by the Commons we< e read — On the first of them, which declares the inraparity of the King, beius: put, the EArl of LIVFRPOOT, addressed the House at. great length, in support of the PeSo'iitions, and in jus'iftcation of the corduct of himself nnd his r'olleacues, for the , c1Vps thev had taken on the present extraordinary occasion. The first Resolution was carried nemine dissentievte.— Upon the second, that it is the right and duty of the two Houses to supnly the deficiency,- beinff read, Lord' STANUOVE said it was iric « frnplete ; and proposed an addition to the " Resolution, to the effect that such supply should onlv exi t. " until the Irro Houses, hpyh a full end satis factory proof rf the tact, Ttavr declared that his Majesty, is so far recovered as to he capable of p'rforniinj* the duties of his office " — His lordship- thought no objection could be made to this proposition. All parlies were agreed as to the competency of the, two Houses to decide on the steps to be pursued in the present emersrfency, for if they had not the right, where was the Court that could decide on it? The present case put. him in mind of an answer made bv a very wise Judge ( Burnet) to an observation once made to him, A person onCo observed to him, that the office of a Judge was a very s'rlht office; every case must have a right side and a wronsr; and it as surely very easy to deride between black and white.' ' True,' replied the learned Judge ; * when the case is simn'v black and white, it is an easy matter to determine ; but the greys were much moie difficult to determine upon.' So it was in the present case, where the least difference in shade from former precedents became important. Tiie noble lord concluded hy putting the amendment he had before proposed ; which was rifaratived without a div's'on.— Lord HOLLAND observed that this Resolution was similar to one, upon which there was a recorded difference of opinion on their lordships' journals. Some persons thought the Heir Apparent had a right to the office of Regent— some thought the light to appoint, was vested in the two Houses of Parliament— w hile others denied that principle, and asseited that it revetted to the people at large, But all men knew there could he but one Regent, and the universal wish was, that the repal authority should be conferred on the Heir Apparent, He would, therefore, feel it his duty to move the previous question on the second Resolu- tion ; and, should that motion be acceded to, be would then move—" That the lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Co n- mons of Great Britain and Ireland, in Parliament assembled, j should take such measures as the exigencies ofthe case re- quire • and that those measures should be in conformity with the principles of the Constitution." The question w as then put on lord Holland's motion, '* that the House do resume;" and negatived without a division.— The original Resolution was of course carried. The 3d Resolution, that the two Houses proceed by Bill, was then moved by the Earl of I IVERPOOI.— Lord HOLLAND after a long argument tending to shew tlw mode of proceed- ing hy bill to be quite incorrect and unconstitutional, and admitting that no line of proceeding would be perfectly correct, said that in his opinion proceeding by Address would be the preferable course of the two, being less liable to delay, more candid, and having les? the appearance of art and contriv- ance : and whatever might be the result of the present dis- cussion, it would be the duty of Parliament to institute a close investigation of the past, and to provide for the future* it wa « a dut\- they owed to the Sovereign, to the Country, and to themselves, to provide agiinst the usurpation of the Royal functions They had it now upon their Journals, that at a time when the King was labouring under a malady similar to that which they now had to lament, he had been represented as performing all the functions of Government. And the noble lord and his CoMeagues bad, in the face of the dav, taken upon themselves, contrary/ to law, without the consent of Parliament, and without the knowledge of the Sovereign, to usurp all the power and prerogative of the Crown. The noble lord concluded with moving as an amendment, that • instead of proceeding by bill, " An Address be presented to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, requesting him to take upon him the exeiciseof the royal power and authority in the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, during his Majesty's indisposition, and no longer; with a proviso, that his Royal Highness should not assume the exercise of tho? e powers, until j both Houses of Parliament had passed a bill or bills with certains restrictions," The Amendment was supported by the Duke of NORFOJ K- The Duke of SUSSEX also spoke foi the amendment, He insisted ihat Ministers had acted treasonably in having, so long suspended the Royal functions. The House and the Country had been deceived bv them ; they had been one day cheered by the hope of his Majesty's recovery, and the next day had brought, them disappointment. In this melancholy crisis, he looked to that. House and to the Country for support. That House bad an undoubted right to preserve the rights of the people against, any ministerial faction whatever: so also hid they a right, and it was therr duty, to preserve the preroga- tives of the Crown. He had heard of restrictions being put on the Regent— it could not be. If theie was a necessity for a Regent, it was necessary he should be the FULL and efficient Representative of the monarch, not a . puppet in the hands of Ministers, and he trusted their lordship* would not consent to make a mockery of Royalty,—( liar. Hear.' J—- Tbe illustri- ous Duke observed, it had been his fate to piss tiie last IB year.- of his life on the Continent, witnessing the fall of states and empires; and he had universally found that the road for the downfall of monarchy was Tn St paved by bringing the kingly office into disrepute. In this country we had au ex- cellent Constitution, founded on a glorious Revolution, and beautified by time. Feeling as he did, lie could not avoid once more calling their lordships attention to a circumstancc which struck at the very vitals of the Constitution. A noble lord ( Lord Tburlpw) in a former illness of his Majesty had said in that House, " When I forget my K'ng, may Gud for- get me;" but he would go further, aud say, " When I for- get the Constitution, may God forget me." It was ihat Con- stitution to which be was attached bv every tie— to which his family owed their succession, and his country its prosperity, its power, aud its greatness. Loid M, UL- GRAVE argued that as long as the King was in existence his political capacity remained entire; and Parlia- ment, during the suspension of his judgment, had a right to ( xucise that authority for his benefit; they bad a right to presume bis intention; and when the exercise of the Royal functions became necessary, and they put the Great Seal to a j bill of Regency, that became an Act ol Parliament, and bad > all the poweiN of Royal authority. His lordship assorted that the mode of proceed ng bv bill wa^ the only safe and con- | stitutional means of appointing a Regency. The Duke ol YORK, in a short speech, intimated that he should most cordially give his vote for the amendment pio- posed, and he thought the suspension of the Royal power ought not to be continued. five Ear] of MOIUA said, lie hailed the principle held forth that night, that the power with which a Soveiei° n was to be invested, was not given as a boon to the individual, but as a right to be exercised for the benefit of the people. There was nothing which the Constitution mere carefully guarded against that tho noble lords who now pretended to be the King's servants, were not Ministers, for the very moment the report of the Physicians declared the King incapable, from that moment they ceased to be his servants. TbeV had brought every kind of distress and calamity on the country ; and yet they considered themselves a tolerable bunch of kinglings: thev took the kingly power into their own hands Not content with ruining the trade and commerce, they now attempted to ruin the constitution of the countiv ; and if their lordships suf- fered these men to destroy the great bulwark of the consti- tution. which protected tbeir importance and property, they would be the vrrv first to suffer for their supineness; and they would bring down irreparable calamities not only on them- selves, but on their, remotest posterity. The Earl of BUCKINGHAMSHIRE supported the resolutions, merely as an act of duty to Ministers and his country.— The Marqr. is of LANS'DOWNE spoke in favotVr of the amendment. — Lord GRENVILLE declared his complete conviction of the propriety ofthe resolutions. He could not, however, defend the conduct of those w ith whom they originated on the present occasion. For eight weeks, on unfounded allegations, their lordships had been induced to delay any proceeding, in- stead of applying themselves to the discharge of their duty by way of bills He entertained a d ep sense of the'[ Crimi- nality of those arrogant men, by whom ( for the first time since the days of Cromwell) it had been said, that the regal authority could be exercised by any one but the Monarch, without an act of Parliament for that purpose : and he would shew, by his vote this night, his conviction that Ministers • had, by their late conduct, committed an outrage upon Par- liament, compromised the best interests of the Crown, and criminally violated the fundamental principles of the Con- stitution.— The House then divided— for the Amendment 74-, against it 100— Majority in favour of Ministers 16— Adjourned at half past three o'clock, till Monday. HOUSE OF LORDS— FRIDAY, DEC. On the Report of the Committee of the whole House oh theStateof the Nation being received. and the question being put on the third Resolution, Lord Holland opposed it, and moved an amendment, which was supported by Lords Erskiue and Darnley ; and combated by Lord Kenyon ; after which the amendment was negatived without a division.— Adjourned till Monday. HOUSE OF COMMONS. The CMANCF. LI. OR of the EXCHEQUER stated, that their meeting was in expectation of receiving some Resolutions from the House of Lords, but as none had been brought, he should propose that the House do adjourn till Monday,— Iu reply to a question put by Mr. Tierney, on the subject of the Regency, Mr. Perceval replied, that the limitations would be confined to the period of twelve months, and besides these, there would be regulations as to the custody and management of the King's person. The distinct and specific limitations to be proposed would not appear in the Resolutions, but in the Bill.— Ad- journed till Monday ; oh which day there will be a Call of the House. SHREWSBURY, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 1311. MARRIED. Thursday last, the Hon. Windham Henry Qu; n. M P. for the county of Limeiick, to Caroline, only daughter of Thomas Wyr. d- ham. Esq. M. P. for Glamorganshire. Monday last, at Newport, Mr. John TVV(? on, Master of the Free School, in Church Stretton, to Miss Waring, only daughter of Thomas Waring, Esq. of the same place. Same day, Mr. Joseph Capper, of Redbrook, near Whitchurch, to Miss Broom hall, of Iseoyd. On the, 23d December, st St, George's, Hanover- square, Mr. Osgood, merchant, to Miss Underbill, daughter of Mr. Underbid, of Eaton Mascot. On the 24th ult. at Hampstead, Mr. Joseph Whitford, of this town, plasterer, to Miss Fawell, of Preston. Lately, at Whitchurch, Mr. John Llewel n, of Aldington, farmer, to Miss Marv Allin; on, second daughter of Mrs. Dawson, of the New Ir. n, Whitchurch. Latelv, at Cardington. Mr. F. vason, to Miss Woof, only daugh- ter of Mr. Woof, publican. Wednesday la t, at Church Streiton, Mr. Rromlev, of Lower Wood, to Miss Homes, of Leebotwood— Mr Rogers, of Beach, to Miss Biotnley— Mr. Tinslev of Walk- nulls, to M ss Oliver, of Hodster. On the 24( h instant, O, Holland, Esq. of Liverpool, to Miss Sarah N> cholls, youngest daughter of Mr John Nicholls, of Chester. At Ellesmere, on the * 22d ult. Mr. Shone, of Kiwi ton, near Overton, to Miss Elisabeth Marsh, of Green Hill, near Ellesmere. DIED. Wednesday last, at Mr. Palin's, Castle Street, after a few days illness, Mr. H' 11, solicitor, of th s town, aged 33. Same day, Mrs. Bowen, of Frode- lev Lane. At Tenbv, on the 14' h ult. aged 103, Mrs. Ja^ e Bevan, laving resided there nearly 60 years, and preserved all her faculties till within a short period of her decease; she was a native of Scotland, where her daughter is now living at the age of nearly 90. On Christmas- day, verv deaervedlv lamen'ed, aged 59, Mr. Richard Leg'n, of Ellesmere, many years a faithful steward to John Kvnaston Powell, Esq. M. P. for this count. v. Saturdav last, after a few hours illness, Mr. George Humphreys Lloyd, of Welsh Pool. more than is sufficient to defray their losses. Now if alt their Insurances were effected on tbe Union plan, the premium ( a* it always lemains seven years funded) would make a con- stantly existing capital of more than £ 2t000,000.— and tlie surplus premium, being regularly repaid to the insured, as their respective terms of seven years expire, th y would thus* make an actual saving of move than <£ 300/. 00 per annum. This is surely an object of sufficient magnitude to justify my troub ing you with these observations, the, inseition of which will oblige, Sir, your's, See. A MEMBER OF THE UNION. LION ROOMS. HnHERF. will be a JMNCINO and CARD « ASSEMBLY a' these Room*, on TUESDAY EVEN". IN'G, the 15th instant Shrewsbury, January 1, 1311. SHRKiysBvnr, Jj\. - 2, 1H11* rpHE next COMMERCIAL DANCING and a CARD ASSEMBLY, is fixed for TO- MORROW, the 3d January, To MERCF. HS, MILLINERS, & DRESS- MAKERS. MISS PARTON, Milliner, &: c. Shrewsbury, impressed with Sentiments of Gratitude to a srenerons Public for tbe many Favour, she has received since her com- mencement in Business, which she means to decline ; b" ir* Leave to offer to her Friends and Ihe Public, all her valuable STOCK IN TRADE at PRIME COST.— Persons desirous of commencing Bij< ines « in any of tbe above Branches, have a very favourable Opportunity of being accommodated with the Whole or Part of the S o- k. the House, Shop, & c. Letters addressed ( Pint- paid) to Miss PARTON, St. John'* Street, will be duly attended to. Uiat a formal repeal cl the annexed, one blockades. Fioin tbii it is inferred, the tirt^ rs in Council ol November wilt i. ot be defined satis factory by tbi » Government, iofiu as to] ir<: « ciit tileo^ ieiation I - — of the Noii- tulorcouist Jaw. | age about It is uudtistuul, in America, that the sections of the Non- ' "'" ' intercouise Ian - revived on the 1- st of May last, apply only to the excursion ol tbe British flag Irom the waters of the He public, and to, the prohibition of the import of all Hi it it. ii ao. l ihiri American ships wish caigoe. may |> rocccd t . in'. lUui iWin as her- eiofo:*, even if she should not revoke her , the 6th from Cadiz, it appears that the v succeeded so far as to be enab. ed to throw the, KbWhUbiwalU of Cadiz, which before was con- * idiTd ^^ e^^^ y « hich Mr hor& e- dealer, - engaged for a considerably - rejected on Thursday pisely at eight o'clock, toi. de to U, in five hours, having, tljeoi' 1- le st ad than thi*— that neither one nor bji. b of the Houses of Parlia- ment should ever presume to know what were the sentiments of the Sovereign on any occasion. With respect to the re- strictions intended, his lordhhip said, ihe illustrious per » on- to be appointed Regent had manifested no desire for thai office, He had made no preparation— no solicitation. His name was mentioned as the person most fir to be appoint- ed ; and lie believed nobody could be found so weak or so wicked as to think of appointing any other person to the office of Regent. Their lordships therefore must, as a matter • of Necessity, come to his Royal Highness, who was now to be called on to relieve toe country from one of its mo; t dis- tressing euibariassmt nts, and at the same time he was to be considered as a pet son s n suspicious—( Hear, hcar!}— that, while the weight of the Government was to be thrown upon him, he was to be. deprived of all the grace belonging to such Government; he w as now to be told, that he teas a person unfit. dent of 1738, now attempted to bo to the present case, and it ad not the meicifui interfer- , t from taking place, the it. He contended idostsenpt LONDON* Monday Night, Dec. 31, 1810. " Windsor Castle, December 30.— His Majesty has passed a good night, and is rather better this morning." Windsor Castle, December 31.— His Majesty has passed a good night, and as well to- day as lie was yesterday " Dispatches from Lord Wellington were received yesterday to the 16th. They contain no intelligence of great importance. The campaign is considered at an end, and both parties re- main in the positions which they have occupied for some time - Lord Wellington at Cartaxo; Massena at Santarem.— General Ilill defends the southern bank of the Tagus; and General Siiviera, Colonel Miller, and Colonel Trant, occupy positions in the rear of the enemy. As no attack has been made upon Coimbra, it is supposed the enemy had no serious intentions of making one, or had been prevented by the swell- ing of the M ond ego, and the strength of the division ( 15,000 men), which occupies Coimbra. Three Anholt Mails reached town this morning. The letters continue to furnish fresh disasters in the Baltic— between ' 20 and 30 vessels have been lost or wrecked in a gale of wind near Archangel. From Petersburg!} they write, that the merchants there have begun to experience the baneful effects of ihe Continental system, and that several failures had taken place, one of them Baron Roll, who had been a defaulter for a very considerable sum. It. was perfectly understood at Peter- burgh that Finland had been demanded of the Emperor by France to annex to the Swedish territory, and, if the opinion of the merchants can be relied on, the Emperor of Russia was decidedly resolved on a refusal. . By letters from Hamburgh of the 18tb instant, received to- day, it would appear that the Continent has reached its climax of misfortune. Thev state from, thence, that it has been notified to the Senate that the French Government have resolved to annex that city to France, as well as Luoeck, Biemen, and Luenburgli. The letters add, that the people of Bremen are so depressed at the intelligence that they have closed the Theatres and all places of amusement. It is impossible to conceive the misery occasioned by the rigorous measures pursued by Napoleon on the Continent. All the principal Merchants at Dantzick have, as if by oneaccoid, suspended their payments for a term of six months, when they hope to be enabled to renew them to the extent of all they owe. To the numerous losses of India ships, we have to add the Elizabeth extra ship, which has been attended with disastrous consequences.— We also r « gret to state, that the accounts from the French coast mention the loss of the Salcette British frigate, off Cherbourgh, and nearly the whole of the crew perished ' I hree Protests have been entered on the Lords' Journals, against the Resolutions of Friday last. They are signed by the Princes of the Blood, as well as bv a numerous body of Peers. HOUSE OF COMMONS— MONDAY, DEC. SI. A message from the Lords desired that a Committee of Conference of this House be appointed to confer wilh their lordships on the subject matter of the conference on the 22d inst. between both Houses. A Committee was. immediately appointed, and went up forthwith to the House of Peers — lu about a quarter of an hour the Committee returned and Mi. Spencer Stanhope reported, that the Lords had agreed to the Resolutions ofthe House communicated to them on tiie 22d instant, without any amendment. The Rep. « t was laid on the table— On the motion of the Chancellor of the Ex- chequer, the names of the defaulters on the last day the House was called over were now read.— Mr. Owen, a defaulter, was ordered to betaken into the custody of the Serjeant at Arms for not attending , in his place.— The older of the day for culling- over the House was postponed tiil Monday. REGENCY. • On the motion of the CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER the House resolved into a Committee, to take into further consider- ation the State of the Nation, to whom weie referred the former Resolutions of the. Committee, and which were agreed to. by the House of Lords.— Mr. PERCEVAL then rose, and addressed the Committee and stated what be had before laid ftown as the practical measure which should be adopted upon the resolutions before agreed to by the Committee ; the which were, 1st. That his Hoy a I Highness the Prince of Wales should be appointed sole Regent, with certain restrictions., viz. that lie must not grant any places for liie ; that he itiust uot create any peers of the Realm; or advance any public promotions, except in such cases where the conduct of particular indi- viduals peculiarly and eminently call fur such a record. — 2d! y. That tiie care and protection of. His Majesty's person be vested in the. Queen and a Council.— 3dly. That this Regency do not continue longer than a tweKvcmonth, and this with a view to secure the certainty of the Execu- tive Power; — and 4thly. That part of this twelvemonth must take place during six weeks of the sitting of Parlia- ment,— The right hon. gentleman anticipated very little ob- jection to these restrictions. He did this upon the general agreement, that as Parliament had the power to give, it had also the power to restrict. He put out of his consideration any lespect to particular persons. This was a measure to provide a substitute for the Royal functions, which were now vacant. He concluded that on looking to precedents it had not been thought disrespectful, or derogating from the Royal Authority., to restrict that authority when it was thougnt neces- sary This he thought was such a case, and came precisely within its limits, because, in a great constitutional question, a question like this, it was the duty of Parliament to protect and provide for the security of the Royal authority, which might by possibility be impaired in the hands of a Regent. Auot hei clause he should introduce into the bill which would be, that in case his Maiesty should recover during the 12 months, he should immediately resume bis Royal authority ; and this was an happy issue he mo> t confidently expected, confirmed as he was, by the general opinion of the King's j Physicians, who gave it as their judgement, that although his I age was advanced, that did not preclude the probability of his recovery. The right hon. gentleman after a most able and elaborate speech, n; which he contended he was borne out in this measure by thepiecedent of H38, concluded by moving for leave to bring iu a bill upon the grounds thus stated. Tiie debate on this motion was expected to be protracted to a coiuiderable length, as it was known that Mr. Sheudan, and several members ofthe opposition, were prepared to enter fully into the discussion of the question. t^ p The Letter of a Briton on the treatment due to Strar. gerx, in reference to the arrival of Lupien Bonaparte at Lwt'ozo, shall appear next week.— Percautus zvill reaaily conjecture our mot ves for not insetting his last letter. The Public Subscription Chaiity School in this town, now conducted on the principles of the Rev. Dr. BELL, has re- ceived a very handsome Donation of 200/. from the Rev. Dr. Madan, Thomas Hinckley and Edward Boodle, Esqrs Trus tees of the Estates of the late Andrew Newton, Esq, of Lichfield. Visiting Clergyman this week nt the Infirmary, the " Rev, W. G. Rowland:— House- Visitors, Mr. William Jones and Mr Thomas Humphreys. At the weekly board on Saturday last, the following annual subscriptions were report'** 1, viz. R. S. Dickin, Esq. Wem 2 0 W. Lloyd, Esq. Shrewsbury 2 2 0 Rev. Hamlet Harrison, Pontesbury 2 2 0 We are happy to learn, that letters of a recent date from Portugal announce the recovery of our gallant countryman, General Hill, from the severe indisposition which he had experienced. Sir Andrew Corbet, But. a few davs ago, give his usual donations of money to tiie poor in the neighbourhood of Acton Reynald Hall, on his birth- day; and the Griushill troop of ( avalry, of which the Baronet is Captain, dined at the | Elephant Inn, Shaubury. Extract of a letter from Ludlow, 31st Dec.—" Wednesday ' last, Lncien Bonaparte, and his Nephew, accompanied by Mr. Mackenzie, arrived at the An « el Inn, Ludlow. On the following day they were vi- ited there by some ofthe nobility and gentry of the town and neighbourhood ; nd the same evening attended the Assembly at the Town- hall, where every due respect was shewn them bv tbe company.— Madame Bonaparte, with seven children, were expected to arrive at I udlow in the course of this week, where they will remain two months before they proceed to Stone House, five miles from that town, instead of going to Lymore, ir. Montgomeryshire, as at fust fixed on.'' Lucicn and his party travelled in two chariots and four, and were attended by three servants. He behaved with much affability towards those who were solicitous of seeing him in the places through which thev passed. At Glocester, ( where he slept on Tuesday night), he walked out for a quarter of an hour before they dined ; aud, upon his returning to the hon* e, found tbe room so warm, that be ordered the door to be left open ; so that numbers of curious spectators were highly gra- tified by this means. Early on Wednesday morning, he visited the Cathedral, with which fabric he seemed highly pleased ; and, soon after eight o'clock, they set off for Tewkesbury, where they breakfasted at the Hop Pole. After remaining there about an hour, they proceeded on their route, and arrived at Worcester about twelve o'clock ; but the horses being in readiness, they did not alight from their carriages, and, continuing their journey with great rapidity, reached Ludlow to dinner. I. ucien observed, that all he had heard of the curiosity of the English was greatly surpassed by what he had witnessed. Numerous gronpes of people were assembled in every town, village, and at every turnpike through which they passed. At Worcester he was cheered by the populace on his departure, which he politely acknow ledged bv repeat- edly bowing. It is reported that he has brought considerab e property with him, not less than three millions twenty- five thousand pounds sterling. The effects of the storm on Tuesday have been awfully felt at spa, on most of the English and Welsh coaits, and in many exposed situations on land. The Liverpool papt rs state that a great number of vessels are totally lost. A Member of a City Club, who, from a terse mode of speaking, has acquired the appellation of Laconic, lining asked lately his opinion of the present state of public aff. urs, replied, in short, B maparte is now more busy in soliciting Fortune, than in obtaining Title ; or why should he send so many orders ( in contradiction to his political decrees) to purchase Tickets in the State Lottery, to be drawn on an j entirely New Plan, in One Day, containing Forty- four | Capital Prizes, amounting toTwo Hundred Thousand Pounds, f'our of which are of Twenty Thousand Pounds cach, on the loth of February next. Price of Grain in our Market on Saturday last— Wheat 13-. 6d to J5>. Od.— Barley 6s. 0d.~ Pease 7s, 6d. per bushel of 38 quarts.— Oats 6s. 9d. — per customary measure of 57 quarts. CORN EXCHANGE, DEC. 23— To- dav there are but short supplies of Wheat; fine in request, and those samples somewhat dearer ; prime Dantzic about 104s. Barley, with Malt, hardly support last piiees. Flour continues at lait prices. DFCEMBER 31.— There is a tolerable supply of Wheat tl. is day, not much foreign, and sales rather deaicr than or. Fridav.; Barley likewise dearer; Malt at little variation, wlnte and grey Pease also ; Beans of each kind nearly at last prices; Oats are in some consi- derable quantities, and last prices fully supported. WEM HUNT ILL be held at the Sign of the BUCK'- t JANUARY^" WCm' M0NUAY' , h3 7lh E. WALFOR1), K- q. J R. P. DICKIN, Esq! p'- eward*. Dinner 011 Ihe Table at two o'CIock. U'em, Dec. 27, 1810. ] V| 1SS PUTTRELL and Miss NUNN respect- crT,, i',, f" rm , hei'' Friemls an,: " le Public' » '" their JANU\ RYW15l'l|, e" a° a'n M0N'DAY' tl, e U! h " f EDUCATION. PR EES- HALL, SHROPSHIRE. MISS GREGORY acquaints her Friends and the Public, that on l. adv Day, 1811, ( under tbe Patronage of LADY KILLMORIY) she pornoses tocommenee a SEMINARY at Prees- Hall, ( the late Residence of Sir John Hill, Hart.) for educating younrr Ladies, in the several De- partments of Instruction, and polite Literature. PKF. ES Hitt is ab nit 15 Miles from Shrewsbury, and five Miles from Wbitr. hurrh; from whence Masters of all lie. scriptinus will attend. The House H in an airy, pleasant Situation, with many circumstances attending it suitable to the Purpose. Miss GaECORY hopes, bv unremitting Attention to the Heal'h, Morals, and Education of those Pupils, whose Parents or Guardians may honour hei with the Care of theie Children, to merit and insure their Patronage and Support. Terms, and other Particulars, in, v b • known by Appli- cation to Miss GBEOORY, at Mr. Marshall's, Prees; or to . lones, Printer, Whitchurch. MISS JONES, MILLIXER ASD DRESS MAKER, EGS leave to acquaint Ihe Ladies of SHREWS- BURY, and its Vicinity, that she has comm'need in the Millinery aud Dress Mnkinp Business in tbis Town ; nnd that she has now a FASHIONABLE ASSORTMENT of MILLINERY and DKbSSES for the public Inspection, at Mr. PUG H's, St. JOHN'S HILL, iu- t brought down bv her from London, where she has for some Years been engaged in several el* the ovist respectable fi nises in theabnve Branches : She therefore offers her Services to tbe Public in general, and under a Confidence of her Experience, and the unremitted Attention which she will pay to tho-.. I.. Jiva who may Honour her wiib their Commands, she hopes to merit their P atronage and Support. Shrewsbury, Dec 21, 1810. Shrewsbury and Chester Banks. ROWTON ANJD~ MOItIIALL's BANKRUPTCY. AC O M M I S S IO N having been issued by the LORD CHANCELLOR, for the Purpose of taking the Proof of Dfbts under the Son of Twenty Pounds : NO T1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Commissioners will sit for the Purpose of taking such Proofs at the TOWN HALL, in SHREWSBURY, on SATURDAY, the Stli Day of JANU- ARY, 1811, at Ten in the Forenoon- All Persons desirous of proving their Debts must attend on the above- mentioned Day, and are requested previously to furnisn the Amount of their Debt, and the Particulars of the Noies they hold, at the Bank, in order that their Depositions mgy be piepaied without Expense to the Creditors. N. 1!. I'his is the last Day that the Commissioners will sit for receiving the Proof of Debts 111 Shrewsbury. A DIVIDEND will be made on tbe 31st of January next. Persons living lit a Distance, who have proved their Debts, may oider any Fiiend in Town to receive their Divi- dend. IRICHARD BENNION, burgee wife, and Apothecary, at LLANDRINP on, Man Mi 1- IO, in the County of Montgomery, DO hereby inform all Persons, that 1 shall nor will prescribe any Thing for any One henceforward on he SABBATH DAY, except upon CASES of EMERGENCY. v£ n under my Hand this 27th Day of December, 1810, at Llandrinio R. B. N. B. Permit me to return my most sincere Thanks to- numberless Patients by whom I have been employed, likewise to all my Well- wishers. To the Editor of the Salopian Journal. Sin— There are many subjects of serious importance to individuals and to the public, which have hitherto been but little considered, and are consequently but imperfectly under- stood. This is the case with regard to Insurance against Loss by Fire ; a subject which deserves to be maturely weighed by all who have property to insure, for it is a fact, ( not consi dered, however, perhaps, hy one person in a thousand) that the expense of insuring against loss by fire, including com pound iuteiest on the premium paid, amounts, in the course of a long life, to more than the value of the property injured I am, therefore, induced to request the attention of you readers to a few observations upon the nature and effect of the two principal modes of Insurance adopted in this country. | The returns made to Government of the duty shew, that ] the premium now paid in this kingdom for Insurance amounts to about ,£ 600,000 per annum ; and it has been clearly ' ascertained that not half that sum is required to pay all the losses by fire whicb occur within the year— of course upwards of o£ 300,000 is annually paid by the public over and above the amount lequired to defray the losses. Whilst Insurance was an untried expciiment it was advise- able to raise large capitals by subscription, in order to guard against any possible contingency ; but since we find, by long experience, that the average Joshes are so far below what the premiums have amounted to, it now becomes the interest aud the duty ot every man to adopt a Jess expensive system. The object of the Norwich Union Office, in which I am an insurer, is, to provide means of obtaining security without this heavy expense to the party ; and its plan is simply that of rceivmg the usual annual premiums for 7 yeais, and then eturning all that has not been wanted to pay losses aud charges. This Institution has now been established neatly fourteen years— has paid all claims on account of fires— has returned toils insurers more than half the premium iftey deposited, and has now an existing and increasing capital, which far exceeds the probability of loss. 1 have before shewn, that in the common mode of Insur- i ance, the public are annually paying away above .£ 300,000 THE WOLVERHAMPTON BOAT COMPANY TJETURN Thanks to their Friends and the Pub- JSLiL lie, for the liberal Encouragement they have hitherto- received ; and hereby beg Leave to inform them, that a smelt Advance of F. eights will take Place the FIRST of JANUARY, lflll ; but have no d mbt it will meet their Approbation from the Arrangements they have made for the Dispatch of Busi- ness, and the Attention they are determined shall be. paid to their Consignments — All Letters, & c. are desired to be addressed to THE WOLVERHAMPTON BOAT COMPANY, Union Wharf, Wolverhampton, Mr. Crowley declining' the Agency at the conclusion of this Year, Wolverhampton, Dec. lMk, 1810. 1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. HEREAS SAMUEL HAMMONDS, of the Toco of SHREWSBURY, Carpenter, hath assigned over his Effects to Messrs. HAZLFOIS'R, 1' ROSSER, and HAY- COCK, for ihe Benefit ot themselves and all other the Creditor! of the said Samuel Hammond^: NOTICE is hereby given, that such Assignment now remains in the Office of Mr. ASTERLHY, Shrewsbuiy, for the Inspection of such Creditors as may chuse to take the Benefit thereof, who are to execute the « aid Assignment on or before the FIRST Day of FEBRU- ARY next; and such Creditors refusing to sign the same will be excluded the Benefit thereof.— 1 st January, 1811. WANTED, | rpVVO young MEN to Serve as SUBSTITUTES A in the'sHROPBHIRK MILITIA.— A liberal Bounty will be given, by applying to J. NORTON, Cotton Hill, Shrewsbury. None need apjdy but Natives of the above County. WANTED, wait upon two Gentlemen who reside chiefly JL in London, a steady MAN SERVANT, who can be well recommended from his last Service for Honesty, Sobriety, 8tc. See. & o.— He will be required to ride well, and to understand the Business of a Grooin, and when in tbe Country ( three Months in ibe Year) to take Care of two Horses. A middle- aged Person, and one who has lived in London, will be prefetred.— Enquire of the PRIMTEK OP THIS PAPER. Dec. ' 26, 1810. ALL Persons it> whom the late Mr. JOHN . NORTH WOOD, Of ALL STRETTON, was muehted at the Time of bis De^ eaije, are desired to send an Account of their Demands to the Rev. RICHARD WOOING, of All Stret- ton: and all Persons indebted to him me desiied to pay the ' same to the said Rev. H. WILDING, who is dulv authorised to 1 receive the same. — All Streiton, Dec. 28, 1810, rr* HE - NEXT WELSH POOL DANCING M ASSEMBLY will be belli at the OAK INN, on WED- NESDAY, ihe NINTH of JANUARY, 1811. G. IIARBRIDGE, Hosier, Glover, tyc. Princess- Street, Shrewsbury, DEEPLY impressed wilh a Sense of Gratiiude f<- r tbe great and unexpected Sucess he has received from the Inhabitants of Shrewsbury, and its Vicinity, since Ms commencement in the above Business, and for which lie returns them his most sincere Thanhs, beg* Leave to in. f.. rm » h* » m that hp ha « a NEW and EXCELLENT ASSORT ]\ 1 F. NT of GOODS in the above T, ine; consisting of Silk, Cotton, Angola, and Woollen Hose; Glomes, Socks, & c Ladies' coloured Cotton Hose ; F'teecv Socks; Ladies' Net t » nd patent Scarf*. Tippets, and Comfortables; Knitting Cottons; Angola. Woollen Yarn, and Worsteds for Knitting; Sewing, Flos, and embroidery Silk ; coloured Worsteds nnd Iambs' Wool for Working and Netting ; Sewing and Net- ting Cottons; Hassock, round Stool, Rug, and other Pat t* » rns, for Ladies1 Work; Silk, Cambric, and Shirt Buttons; with Needles, Tapes, Laces, &, c which he can offer to the Public upon such Terms, as, he doubts not, will merit a Continuance of their Favours. Princess Street, Dec. 27, 1810. " C. HULBERT, Cotton Manufacturer, Mercer, Draper, Hosier, Sfc. GRATEFULLY Thanks his numerous Friends and Customers, for their very liberal Encouragement during a Period of nearly seven Years ; and notwithstanding the distance of hi « Shop from the Market nnd the Centre of the Town, he has been honoured with an unexpected Snare of their Favours. C. H respectfully informs them, that to obviate every difficulty arising from the distance, the un- pleasant Road, & c. he has removed his Warehouse adjoining the Manufactory to a SHOP on the WYLE- COP, near the Post- Office, SHREWSBURY, where he has now on Sale, an . Assortment cf genuine Cotton and other Goods, particularly Calicoes, and Cotton Shirtings, of every Description; super line printed Cottons, at one Shilling per Yard, with the newest Winter Patterns, at various Prices : Bed Furniture Prints, of beautiful Patterns and Colours, at 16d; Cambric Muslins, Shawls, Handkerchiefs, Neckerchiefs, & c. good stout broad Cloths, at ten Shillings per Yard ; superfine Yorkshire and West of England Cloths, very cheap; good Kerseymere at fve Shillings per Yard, and upwards; Waistcoat Pieces; " Worsted Cords, Woollen Cords, Corduroys, Velveteens: Checks, Flannels, Red Ticks, Blankets, Counterpanes ( home- made,) and Irish Linens, very cheap; Cotton. Worsted, and Woollen Hosiery; Umbrellas from three Shillings and Sixpence to 24 Shillings, — Superfine Black Cloths and Cassemeres. Country Shopkeepers, Tailors, or Families, supplied with Calicoes, Shirtings, Cotton Thread ( in Balls), & c. & c. at the lowest Manchester wholesale Prices, Several COTTAGES to LET between and Lady Day. Boys, Girls, and young Women, will meet, with Employment at Hulbert's Factory, in Coleham ; but none need apply either for House, or Employment, whose Chaiacters will not bear the strictest Scrutiny. TUllNPIkE TOLLS, is hereby given, that OTICE the TOLLS aiising at the Toll Gates erected on the Turnpike Roads J 1 I leading from ELLESMERE to SHREWSBURY, and fr > m ELLESMERE to OSWESTRY, in the County of Salop, called or known by the Names of Cotton Hill Gate, Sloekett Gate, and Hardwick Gate with the Side Gates thereto re- spectively belonging, WILL BE LET IlY AUCTION, to the best Bidders, at ihe House of Mr. Richard Joy, known by the Sign of the RED LION Inn, in Coekshutt, in the said County of Salop, on WEDNESDAY, the SIXTH Day of FEBRUARY next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two in the Attcrriuon ( for one or more Years as thall then be agreed upon, com- mencing from I. ady- Day next), in ihe Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of Ihe Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, '' for regulating the Turnpike Roads :" which Tolls produced the last Year the following Sums abuse the lixpenee of collecting them, ( viz.) £ s. d. Cotton Hill Gate 522 0 t) Stockett Gate 2c, 3 0 0 HardwickGate 40 1 0 " Whoever happen to he the best Bidders, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties ( uhosha'l person ally attend) to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of the Rent agreed ( or, aud at such Times as they shall direct; and the Trustees then and there present will proceed to the ELECTION of NEW TIIUSTEES, in tbe Room of those who aredead, or who have resigned nr declined to act, AND NOTICE is hereby further given, that the said Trustees intend, at the Time and Place aforesaid, to proceed to make such Order or Orders as may then be thought proper, lor the Purpose of taking down all such Incrouchinenis liave been made on the Turnpike Road leading from the Town of Ellesmeie to the Town of Shrewsbury, and for widen- ing and enlarging the Whole of the last- mentioned Road ro the full Breadth of Thirty Feet; and if any Person or Persons may think that either himself, herself, or themselves will b injured or aggrieved by any such Order or Proceeding, h: she, or they ntav make Complaint thereof to tbe said Trustees at the Tune and Place aforesaid. PETER PRITCHARD, Clerk to the Trustees ofthe said Turnpike Roads Ellesme- e, 29/ A December, 1810. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. H^ JOTJCE is hereby given, That the Tolls arising JLHI at the Toll Gates u| ion the OLD HEATH Turnpike Roads, called or known by ihe several Names of Old Heath, Harlescot, Berwick, Catwall, Crudgingtun, Holloway, aud Prees Ga- es, will he LET IlY AUCTION, lo the best Bidder, nt the DwellingHouse ot Mr. John Rawlings, at LEE Bill DUE INN, on MONDAY, the 29ih Day of January, 1811, be- tween the Hours of 12 and 3 o'Clock of the same Day, in the Manner dliected by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George tbe Third, f H regulating the Turnpike Roads," Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Tune give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent agteeil for, and at sucti Times as they shall diiect, FRANCIS ALLEN, Cleik to tho Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, JOHN RO& EN, TOBACCO- PIPE MAKER, SON TO THE I. ATE S IMUEI, KOCTS, PIPE KAKEK, BROSELEY, EGS lo inform Gentlemen, and the Public in general, that he has taken to the Business heretolore carried on by his late Father, and purposes continuing it at the same House ( No 155, in the Parish of Broseley,) where he solicits their Patronage j and hopes, by executing Iheir Orders inthe best Manner, and on the lowest Teims, to merit a Continuance of that Support so liberally experienced by his Father. Long or short Pipes, tipt or plain with different siz? d Bowls, made to Otder, and on the shortest Notice. ______ At a Meeting of several Gentlemen, Freeholders, and Farmers of the Hundred of Oswestry, held at the Cross Fo. ves Inn, in the Town of Oswes try, on IVednesday, theWth of December, 1S10: IT WAS RESOLVED, Thai it is expedient an ASSOCIATION should be formed for the Purpose of pre- serving the Game within tbe said Hundred, which hrsoflate been much destroyed by Poachers, and other unqualified Persons. THAT nn annual Subscription is neressiry for effectuating, Ibe above Purpose ; and that such Persons as shall subscribe this Pap" r shall be Members of tne said Assoeiition, THAT the FIRST MEETING - he h » ld at the Cross Foxes Inn, on WEDNESDAY, tbe NINTH Day of JANUARY next, when al! Persons desirous of becoming Members are re- quested to attend ; at which Meeting a Treasurer, Secretary, and Solicitor, and also a Committee, will be appointed. Lord BR^ CFORO I THOMAS KF. NYOM Sir W W. WYNN, Bart I WILLIAM LLOYD. WM. OWEN 1 DINNER at FOUR o'Clock. STOLEN or STRAYKl), FROM KI. NTON, IN THE COUNTY OF SALOP On Wednesday Morning, the 12th of December Instant, ADARK bay COLT, rising two Year? old, has a small Star in his Forehead, and a few white Hairs on the near hind J, eg:— Whoever has found tbe same, and will bring him to Mr. ROCFRS, ot KINTON aforerad, or to Mr. Tup in, Upholsterer, Shrewsbury, shall receive, if stolen, on Conviction, a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS, over and above what is allowed by tbe Knorkin Association.— If strayed, all reasonable Expenses shall be paid. TO BUILDERS. ANY Person, or Persons, willing to contrarf for 1 the Repairs of the PARISH CHURCH, of WELSH POOL, in the County of Montgomery, are desired to send their Proposals, in Writing, t < Mr. EDWARD PUC. II, or Mr. THOMAS MORRIS, the Churchwardens, in Pool, on or before Friday, January 18th, 1811 ; on which Day me Committee appointed for the Management thereof, will meet at tin Vestry- room iri the said Church, nt twelve o'Clock, to take such Proposals into Consideration, aud contract for the Ex- ecution. Tne Repairs consist chiefly in stripping tbe whole of tbe Roof, and covering it with Llanevnoff, Oirnani, or Carnarvon- shire Slates, taking up all the Lead Gutters. Tallies, Hips, and Ridges, re- casting the Lead, laying them anew, and erecting four Stacks of Lead Pipes, new Steps and Flagging to Entrance, of Free stone, repairing the Glass Windows, and paintins tbe FAMILY RESIDENCE,— SHREWSBURY. TO BE LET, IPith immediate Possession, or al Lady- Bay next, FOR A TERM OK YEARS, Oil AT WILL; nnHE ABBEY MANSION, wilh Coach House, K. Stables, and other su, table Offices, two Acres of excel lent Vetistable and Fruit GrrdOn, stocked with every kind of choice Wall and Standard Fruit Trees, Green and Peach Houses, Orchard, Pleasure Grounds, and eieht Acies of excellent Meadow Land ; the late Residence of Sir CHARI ES OAKRLEY, Bart, and in every respect calculated for a Family of Distioction. Apply to Mr. PERRY, Upholsterer, Shrewsbury. { t^ This Advertisement will not be repeated. fcp faction* CAPITAL OAK AND ASH TIMBER. To tie Sold to ihe highest Bidder, T0- M0RR0ir, At tbe White lion, Castle- Street, Shrewsbury, between two and foor o'Clock in tbe Afternoon of Thursday, the 3d of J. muary, 1811, subject to Conditions then to be produced, io the following Lots: BY S. TUDOR: LOT I. TTOORTY- NINE ASH and 10 ALDER TRF. ES. • tL J, or II. 133 OAK TREKS, an< l 31 CYPHERS. The above Timber is growing upon a Farm at Farlcv, in the Parish of Pontesbury, in the Countv of Salop, in the holding of Mr., John Briscoe, and mostly of large. J"> imentions. The Tenant will shew the Timber; and further Partiou ars may be had from Mr. LEE, Redbrook, Whitchurch, Salop. BYnS. TUDOR, Ou the Premise?, on Friday, ihe 4' h DJV of Januarv Inst. PART of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITU RE, consisting of Pourpost, Tent, and Half Tester Bedsteads, with P! a; d, Pimi; v, and other Hangings Feather Beds, Bolsters, Blankets, Quilts, and Counterpanes • Pier, Swing, and hanging Glasses, Chairs, Tables, See. & c. Kitchen Furniture; plated Tankards, Pin's, aud Half pints, in high Preset vrtion ; a quantity of Pewter Measures, & c. & c. together with a large Assortment of Bievvipg Vessels of every Description, in good Condition, belonging to Mrs. TOMK1S, Wine and Spirit Dealer, Wyle Cop, who is declining Business. ( t^ r5 The Sale will begin precisely at half past 10 o'C'ock in the Forenoon : an early Attendance is requested, as the Whole is intended to be sold in one Day, Sbreicsbwy, January J, 1811. by totioir. nAY, MUCK, ST. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the White H irse Lin. Frankwell, Shrewsbury, on SATUR- DAY NFXT, the St. li of January Instant, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon ; ABOUT NINE TONS of EXCELLENT Up- land HAY, the Produce of 1809, and about SIX TONS of DITTO, the Produce of last Harvest, both got in the best State of Condition, now stacked on Ground dose to the above Inn, and convenient for Removal.— Also a luge M1XON of rotten HORSE MUCK. And likewise, a large soitnd OAK SUMMER, valuable to anv Person intending to build. rou-* ork, repairing and whitewashing the Cielings and Cor- nices, repairing and colouring the Walls, & c. Specifications of the difleret t Works may be seen bv ap- plying to the Churchwardens, in Pool, or to Mr. THOMAS JOMES, Suiveyor, Oswestry, in the County of Salop. Security for Performance of Contract will be required. BY S. TUDOR, At tb" Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, tbe 5th Day of January, 1811, at six o'Clock in the Af'ernoon : ALL tli. it large SLAUGHTER HOUSE and STABLE, now in the Occupation of Mr Conne r I, F. OH : And also all that DWELLING HOUSE adjoining thereto, now iu the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Jackson, situate at, the Upper Part of KOUSHILL, and near to Pride hill, iu Shrews- bury aforesaid For Particulars apply to Mr. ASTERLEV, Solicitor, Shrews. bury. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At Ihe Phoenix Inn, in the Abbev- fovepate, Shrewsbury, on Monday, tbe 14th Day of January next, at five o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then AP LL'" that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, situate on the East of . the A 13B- F. Y FOREG ATE aforesaid : consisting of auond Kitchen, Par- lour, with suitable Lodgintr Rooms, Brewhons' 1, Pantry, and Cellar, together with a Stable, Yard, Garden, and Pnrno, supplied with excellent Water, and now in the Tenure or Occupation of Thomas Langford. I and Tax i? redeemed. Tbe Tenant « ill shew the Premises : and for further Par- ticulars apply to Messrs. MADDOCK and SIMSS, . Shrewsbury. TIMBER. BY MR. J. SALTER, On Wednesday, the <)! h of Januarv, 1811, at the Bell Inn, in Oswestry, at five o'Clock iri the Afternoon, subject to Condi- ions; Q / CAPITAL OAK TREES, and one large ^"- f- ELM TREK, gro » vin* On Llandrinio Hall Demesne, in the County of Montgomery, in the Holding of Mr. Edward Bill. The Tenant will shew the Timber; and other Particulars may be had of Mr. T. SALTER, Timber Merchant, or THE Auctio^ e- vr, in O^ westrv, yTJ^ T. yBLE TIMBER. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the House of Mr. Cartwright, the Britannia Inn, Mardol, Shrewsbuiv. on Saturday the 19ih of January, 1811, pre- cisely at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, and subject to Conditions then to be produced : - w I'OT 10/ OAK, 28 ASH, 1 SYCAMORE, and 15 1U' Piecesof NAVY TIMBER, squared. I. OT II. 13 OAK, 8 ASH, 1 SYCAMORE. Tbe above valuable Timber is of large Dimensions, fit foi the Navv, Planking, or other Purposes. Tbe first lot is situate on the FED HOUSE FARM, in the Paiish of Kin- nerlev ; is within half a Mileoft. be R ver Severn at the Royal fbatcg bp tottmT; BOOKSELLER'S STOCK. BY WILLIAM LLOYP, Without reserve, on Fridav. the 4th Dav of January. 1RO, ( and not on the 2d as before advertised) in the School- Psorn, at Milling! on's HosnitaL Shrewsbury; HHHE remaining Part of th^ STOCK in TRAD''", 0. h'jlo" ging to Mr. WILLIAM SLADE, late of M ird., 1, BOOKSELLER : consisting of about 15 hundred Volumes of Rooks, in vatioos Languages ami Classes of I iteratnre; com- prising the Writings of most of our Kitlish Divines and Philo- sophers ; a cuiiotts Collection of Tracts, 2) volumes Ouvrto; mid a urear number of Classical and other Works, edite I bv Mtnellius, Heinsitis, Gutter, & c aud printed by tne K zevi'S, Wet stein, Planlin, illeau & c. & o. The Sale will commence at 10 o'Cloek, and continue till tbeWhole are sold.— Catalogues to be had at theAuivnoNSER's, near the Market- Hall. T1M3EK, OAK POLES, AND COPPICE WOOD. BY WILT. JAM LLOYD, At the White Hart Inn, in Wenlock, in the Countv of aal ip, on F id, iv, the 1 Ith D< v nf January, 1* 11, at three o'Cloi It in the Alternonn, subject to sur- h Conditions as shall be then produced, in the following Lots ; LOT 1. OAK TIMBER TREES, marked and nurn- • herewith a Scribe, now standing and growing in a Coppice at GRETTON, near CaMinarton, in the Countv of Saloo, called Orikwood Lower Copoice ; and a'so all the POI. ES and UNDERWOOD in the same Coppice, consist! i* chipflv of Oak, Ash, Birch, Ald^ r, and HaJzle, and containing 12A. 3R. 3P. LOT II 71 OAK Tl MB ER TREES, m^ rk^ d and num. bercd with a S rbe from No. 86 to No. 15b inclusive, now standing and growing in a Coppice at. GRETTOtf aforesaid, called Oakwood Lower Coppice; and also all the UNDER- WOOD in the same Coppice, consisting chiefly of O ik, A> hj Birch, Alder, and Hazle, and containing 9A. 2R 2+ P. All the Timber and Sanlirizs marked with red Paint in the said Coppices are ?<* be reserved. The above Timber is worth the Attention of the Traders in general; the Coppices are si'uate about 8 Miles from Wen- lock. 4 Miles from Church Str^ tton; and near to the Turnpike! Road. Mr. Darnel Lowe, of Gret. ton, will aonoirit a Person to sh^ w the Timber and Coppices; and further Particulars mav 1).; had by applying to Mr. WILLIAM HICKMAN, of Stan'ev, near Bridgnorth, or to Mr. AVTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbu v. To Fahxrrs, Svone Masons, Bmcklaybus, Car • penters, Joiners, and Others. BY CHURTON, ( Bv Order of the Assignees) on Monday, the 21st D'iv of January, 1811, and the following Davs, on Ihe Premises at TVR. LEY HEATH FARM, and at the intended T lREiTt MANUFACTORY, near Drayton- in- Hales, inthe County of Salop; NEW PLAN OF DRAIVING. STATE LOTTERY, ( Numbeied from No. 1 to Nn. « n, 000,) All in One Day, IStb FEBRUARY. SCHEME. 4 Prizes of...<£ 20,000 are., 8 2,000 12 1,000 20 500 0.1 100., 144 25 3,800 20 4.012 Prizes. ....^ RO. OfO 16,000 .. .. 12,000 10 Ml ...... 9,' 00 3, fi00 76,000 J£ 200,000 GENTEEL IIESIDENCE— SHHiiWSBURV. BY S. TUDOR, At the Lion Inn, S! uew> bury, on Saturday, the 5th Day of January, 1811, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon: P TJ1H& unrxpiied Term of 50 Years from Lady JL Dav next, ot a LEASE of ail that substantial Brick built DWELLING HOUSE, situate on SAINT JOHN'S HILL, Shrewsbury, late the. Hesitlence of Mrs. STANIER, deceased ; containing an Entrance Hall, Diniug and Bieak- fast Parlours, Drawing Room, and seven good Lodging Rooms: The Otfices comprize a convenient Kitchen, Brewhouse, Wine, Beer, and Coal Cellars, Larder, 6cc The Premises may be viewed, by Tickets only, w\ iich may be had on Application to THT AUCTIONEER ; and fur further Particulars apply to Mr ASTERLFY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. in the Parish of Great Ness, and distant only 2 Miles from rhe River Severn at the Royal Hill, and 1 Mile from the Turnpike Road leading from Oswestry to Shrewsbury: and tbe Whole within 5 Miles ofthe Ellesmere Canal at the Queen's Head.— GEORGE WILLIAMS, of Wilcot, will shew the Timber. TICKETS nnd SHARES CHEAPER! MOPE CHOICE OF NUMBERS, and NO INCREASE OF TICKETS • MORE CAPITAL PRIZES! end NO PRIZE UNDER TWENTY POU: 7DS^ TICKETS and SHARES are selling at all the Licensed Offices, and by everv Lottery AGENT in the United Kingdom, on much cheaper Terms, being nearly, Two POUNDS per Ticket less than in the! a? t Lottery; vet the Scheme contains superior Benefit to the Public. An early Purchase is recommended, as the demand has already exceeded anv (• jrmer Lottery at tiie same period before the Drawing, and it is most probab'e both Tickets and Sh.' oes will considerably rise iu Price. TURNL'LKE TOLLS. that the TOLLS NOTICE is hereby given, arising at the Gates erected on the Turnpike Roads leading from SHREWSBURY to OSWESTRY, and fioin OSWESTRY thiough Sylattvn to CORWEN, ( viz ) at the Gates on the Road from Shrewsbury to Oswestry, aud fro. n the latter Place to Knockin, called the Gallows- tree Hank, Iinockin, and Maesbury Gates, with Weston and Wl. iitingtun Chains ; aud also at tbe Gate in or near Sylattyn, on the said Road from Oswestry to Corweri; the Tolls arising at JJynclis and Purthywaen Gates, with Llyuclis and Pwll y- Civrw Bars; I be Tolls arising at Pen y- bont, Garthgell, and Wein. issa (, ates ; Ihe Tolls arising at Church Street Gate, in Oswestry, nnd Coed- y- goe Gate ; the Tolls aiistnu: al Willow Street Gate, inOswestiy; the lolls arising at Llwyu Gate, near Oswestry ; the Tolls arising at Pen- y- Clawdd, otherwise Whitehnrst's, and Pont- v- Cvsyllte Gatel ; and also tbe Toils arising nt Croes- Hir Gate; WILLBE LET BY AUCTION, to ihe best Bidders, at the House of Mr. Wi liam Leigh, known liy the Sign of the CROSS FOXES Inn, in Oswestiy, on THURSDAY, the 31st Day of JANUAKY next, at Five ti'Clock in the Afternoon, tor one or three Years, us shu. l be then and there agreed upon, iu the Manner directed by the Act of the 13th of the. King, for regulating Turnpike Road.; • which Tolls lespectiiely piodueed iu ihe curreul following Sums namely: Galtows tree Bank, Queen's Head, and Maesbury Gates, with Weston and Whittiupton Chains Llynclis and Porthywaen Gates, with Llyuclis and Pwll- y. Cwrw Bars.. . . Pen - y- bont, Garthgell, and Weru- issa Gales ... Church Stieet and Coed- y- goe Gates Willow Sheet Gate l. twyn Gate Pen- y- clawdd, otherwise Whitehuist's, and Pout- y- Cysyllte Gates Croetj- liu Gate Total 2034 0 0 above the E. npence of collecting them, and they * ill be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time jtive Security nith sufficient Sureiiis ( » ho shall peison- ally attend), to the satisfaction of the Tius— es of the said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of the Hem agieed for, aud at such Times as they shall direct. LEWIS JONES, Clerk to ihe TiU- stees of the said Turnpike Roads, December Mill, | U10, RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. Respectful I v inform the Public, that THE NEW STATE LOT IF. KY Will be Drawn the 1; 5th of FEBRUARY, 1811. # FCHFME CONTAINS I Four Prizes of o£ 20,00Q, 40 Other Capitals, ' Ami l!<. e Lo'vest Prize X' 20. TICKETS and SHARES, in Variety of Nnfribers, are on Sale at. Shrewsbury, hy W. EDDOWES, Printer. Market Drayton, Rd. GRANT, Post Master. For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. LONDON, Who sold last Lotiery No, 27. A Prize of ,/ 20,000, In Sixteen Sixteenth Shcves ; And in tbe Lottery drawn February, 1810, 3,73+ - - B - - in Shares - - d20,000, 3,734 - - 1) - - Ticket - - - .£' 20,000, TIMBER. BY S. TUDOR, At th" Britannia Inn, in Mardol, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 5th Day of January IBM, between the Hours of four and six o'Clock in the Afternoon, iu- thVs following Lots, or such other ps shall be agreed ou at the Time of Sale, subject to Conditions: LOT I. J/ ASH TRF. ES, marked 1 to 32. LOT If. l2l2 ASH TREES, marked 1 to 22, 1 Elm, 1 Sc yea more, 3 Cyphers LOT ill. 23 ASH TREES, marked 1 to 23, 1 Elm Tree. LOT IV. 90 ASH TREES, marked 1 to 90, 9 F. LM Frees ditto 1 to 9, 4 Alder ditto, ditto, 1 Sycamore ditto, 1 Withv ditto, b Beech ditto. LOT V. 65 capital OAK TREES, marked and numbered with white Paint, number 1 to 65, 1 Oak Cypher. The first four Lots are standing and growing on Estates at or near Cruokton, maiked and numbered With red Paint, distant from Shrewsbury five Miles on a good Road. The I Timber on Lot V. at. Cruck Meole. The above Timber will be found worth the Attention of l imber Meichant- s, or any other Persons who may want vuch Timber ; several of the different Sorts of Trees being of large Dimensions.— Mr. EDWARD DIGGORY, ot Crucktou, will ^ hew the different Lots. Further Particulars may be had of Mr. BEAN and GRAND- SON, Albion Hays; or of Mr. PHILLIPS, Attorney, Shrews- bury. ~ BY S. TUDOR, On the Piemises, on Monday, the 7th of January, 1811, and tbe following Davs: the neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD ) OD3 and FURNITURE in and about the Dwelling 1 Bou^ e and Premises situate on St. John's Hill, Shrewsbury, hue the Residence of Mrs. Sl'ANlER, deceased ; consisting, of four- post Mahogany and other Bedsteads and Hangings, Feather B* eds, Bolsters, and Piliows, Blankets, Q. rilt>, and Counterpanes, Brussels and other Carpets, Drawing and Dining Room Furniture, the principal ol' which are nearly new, Mahogany and other Chests of Drawers and Cabinets j together with Kitchen Furniture, Brewing Utensils, & o. & c. --' Also a very valuable Collection of PRINTS aud BOOKS. Catalogues of which will be prepared, and may be had of THE AUCTIONEER after the 20th Instant, December tith, 1810. OAK, ASH, ANI) POPLAR TIMBER. bY J. BliOOMK, At tbe Crown Inn, in Church Stre. itou, in the Countv of Salop, on Thursday, tbe 10th Duv of January, 1811, between the Hours of three and live in Ihe Afternoon, in the following, or such otner I. ols as shall be agreed upon ai the Time of ; I. OT I. 30 CAPITAL OAK TIMBSR TREES, now errowingr in a Coppice, and Fields adjoining, close to ALL ST RET ' I ON, inthe County of Salop, numbered with white Paint from 1 to80 LOT I(. 34 excellent ASH Tree « , growing iu the same Fields as Lot I. numbered with white Paint from 1 to 34. Lor III. 1ft POPLAR, and 3 ELM ditto, growing in Fields adjoining1 Lot I!, numbered with white Paint. LOT IV. 32 OAK Trees, now growingon Land close adjoin- ing All Stretton aforesaid, numbered from 1 to 32. LOT V. 82 Ab- H Trees, growing in the same Fields as Lot IV. numbered from 1 to 82. LOT VI. 18 POPLAR, and 3 ELM Trees, growing in same Fields as Lots IV. and V. numbered with white Paint. N B. THE AUCTIONEER will appoint a Person to shew the Timber, which is mostly of large Dimensions and good Cleft. — Ail Stretton is situated 12 Miles from Shrewsbury, on the great Turnpike Road leading to Ludlow. Mill— The second Lot is graving mi a Farm at WILCOT, i HpHE ' following: VALUABLE EFFECTS, Infp » u\. o„..; r. r> - f - 1 ^ belonging to SAMUEL DAVIES, & PETER DAVIE^ ( Bankrupts) or one of them : comprising a large quantity of ready- dressed Red Stone, of different Dimensions, ditto of Slates and covering Tiles; Bricks upon the Premises, and it Woodseaves; a large assortment oi Oak scantling and square Timber* Part of which is reddy framed for different Purposes ; several Loads of Oak Joists and Spars; a quantity of Oak, Ash, Alder, Walnut, and other l imber in the round ; Oak and other Laths ; upwards of 30 Sash Frniiies ai d D K> r Cases; a quantity of three- inch Deal Planks aiid Pine ISalk; a large assortment of dry Oak, Beech, Alder, aud other P'anks, of various thicknesses, breadths, and lengths; ditt- o of Oak quarter and flash Boar Is ; ditto of Deal and El hi Boards, of different strengths ; a quantity uf Felloes, Spokes, Axle Tree?, with other Waggon, Cart, and Plough Timber; Posts and Rails ; several small Hand Carriages upon Rollers; one Pair of large Timber Wheels; Joiner's Benches with Screw>, com- plete; Grind- stone; large quantity of rodnd. and square Bars of wrought Iron; a Pair of Blacksmith's Bellows, one Anvil, several large Vices, one valuable Pair of largo Stocks, with Screws and Taps of different sizes ; numerous other Smith's Tools of every Description ( all nearly new) ; a quan- tity of old Pewter and Lead ; large and small Iron Crows; Scale Beams and Weights; with a large assortment of < t:,) ef- Articles, which will be paaticul irised iu the Catalogues. — « Likewise, one STACK of BARLEf, all the HAY, RYE- » GRASS, RICKS of STRAW, & c a large Stone StackFr . ne, broad and narrow wheeled Waggons, with iron Arms, Saells, & c. Harvest Cait, broad and narrow wheeled Tumbrils, double Sc single Ploughs, large and small Harrows, a valuable Thieshing M . chine 3- horse power. Winnowing ditto, long and short Ladders, Malt and Crushing Mills ; with nmner- oils other Lots, too tedious to mention.—- Catalogue* may b « had of I'HE AUCTIONEER, at Whitchurch, and at the principal Inns at Drayton, and iu the Neighbourhood. All the valuable MACHINERY for tlie intended Thread Manufactory, will be sold early in the ensuing Spring, of which due Notice will be g- ven. LAND, ALo, TO BE LET, at the same Tim^ and Place, for onti Year fiom Candlemas next, SEVEil^ L PlEpES or PAR- CELS of LAND Part of the Tyrlev K- tlt^ jfParticulars of which will be published in a future Pape^ i' A LL Xil GO TIMBER. BY JOSEPH RHODEN, At the Cross Keys Inn, in Hridgnorth, on Saturday, the 12th of January, 1811, at the Hour of 11 in the Forenoon pre, cisely, iu one or more Lots, as shall be then agreed upon : / pf ASH Timber Trees, 1 Elm, 1 Poplar, and y 3 With es. growing on Lands near to the Town of Bridgnorth ^ 50 OAK Timber Trees, growing upon Lands at Bridge Walton, in the Parish of Morville ; and 20 ELMS, growing. upon Lands at Barrow, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Thursfield ; all Scribe- maiked and numbered. Mr. James Brawn, of Bridgnorth, will shew the Timber near to that Town, and Mr. William Rhoden, of Mm kley Cross, will shew the Residue; and further Particulars may be had of M ssrs. COLLINS and HINTON, Solicitors, in Wenlock, ~ BY JOSEPH RHODENT" At tbe White Hart Inn, in Much Wenlock, on Monday, the 14th Day of January, 1811, at the Hour of four in the Afternoon precisely, in one or more Lots, as shall be ihen agreed upon: | Ql \ ASH Timber Trees, and 3 Wych E'. lms, X V/ now growing upon Lands contiguous to the Town of Much Wenlrick. Fur'her Paiticulars may be bad of Messrs. COLLINS and HINTON. Solicitors, in Wenlock aforesaid, who will direct a Petson to shew tbe Timber. litiSES, WAD DO CAPITAL POPLAR ! BY MR. RICHARD MAD DO X At the Cross Keys Inn. iu Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 9th Day of January, 1811, at five o'clock in tiie Afternoon, in Lots, unless the whole are previously disposed of by private Contract'. \ Q i> CAPITAL POPLAR TREES, just fallen ! and lying iu two Pieces of Land, close i. i S1 RISE OF PRICE. WIFT and Co, respectfully inform the Public, that tbe Tickets and Shares of the SI'ATE LOTTER Y have already advanced in Price, and will in ail probability experience a further Rise in a short time. This Lottery will be drawn in ONE DAY, (! 5th of FEBRUARY NEXT): it has 20,000 diffeir. nt Numbers, no Prize less than £ 20, and 4i Capitals, viz 4 of <£ 20,000 I 12 of .£ 1,000 8 2,000 | 20 500 Tickets and Shares are selling at SWIFT and Co.' s Offices, No. II, Poultry, No. 12, t haring- Cross, and No. 31, Aid- gate Hi'/ h- Street, London ; and bv iheir Agent, I). PROCTOR, Market Drayton. ot d. 420 0 0 374 0 0 186 0 0 2i0 0 0 124 0 II, 250 0 tl 305 0 0 35 t) .0 NEW PLAN, NEW LOTTERY, NEW YEAR. 4, Cornhill, and 9 Charing- Cross, London. T. BISH RESPECTFULLY acquaints the Public, that bv Ineii unbounded Favours, he is enabled to boast of the Sale of Two Prizes of £ 20,000 iu the Last Lottery, and of Five Prizes of £ 20,000 in the last 12 Months, besides THIR y other Capital PI izes in Shares, at his Offices as above, where Tickets and Shares are selling in great Variety of Numbers, from No. 1 to No. 40,000, for the STATE LOTTERY, which draws tbe 15th next February, on au Entire NEW PLAN, with tile following Advantages: — TICKETS and SHARES CHEAPER ! MORE CHOICE OF NUM BHRS, and NO INCREASE OF TICKETS! MORE CAPITAL PRIZES I and NO PRIZE UNDER TWENTY POUNDS! Tickets and Shares are also selling by his Agents J. WRIGHT,— Whitchurch. J. R. HUNTWorcester. A. MORGAN,— Stafford. W. MORGAN— Lichfield. * Several Shares of the above Capitals were sold in the Neighbourhood of this Town. Taluable Freehold Estates. BY S. TUDOR, Sometime in the Beginning of January, 1811 ; SEVERAL FARMS and LAtNDS, situate at Marton, Wilmington, and Roniugton, in the Countv of Salop, inthe several Occupations of John Blqekley, Wil- liam Bos. tock, Thomas Williams^ Mr. George Roberts, An- drew Turner, John Roberts, Thomas Sawyer, Joseph Preece, Joseph Evans, and Mr. JamesWynne, or their Undertenants. Particulars of the above Estates will be inserted in a future Paper. On Mouiiay, the ah Day ot January, l£ U 1, UI TNR OAK IUTI, in Welsh Pool, in the County of Montgomery, between the Hours of three and live iu the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall then be produced : AMESSUAGE or Tenement, with about two Acre-, of LAND, tbe gieatest Pait of whicn is planted with Fruit Trees, adjoining the River Severn, in the Township of RETESKIN, in the Parish of Guilsfieid, in the County of Montgomery, now M the Holding of John Price. Also, a PEW in the Parish Church of GUILSFIELD, in the Holding of Mr. Green. The Tenants will shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be known upon Application to Mr, EDWARDS, Solicitor, in Oswestry. TO BREECHES- MAKERS AND GLOVERS. nO Monday, the 4th day of February, 1811, at the Market- Hall, in Much Wenlock, iu the County of Salop, unless disposed cf in the mean Time by private Contract, of which N . tiee will be gi^ eu : npHE STOCK IN TRADE of JOHN BED- JL DOES, late of MUCH WENLOCK aforesaid, Skinner and Breeches Maker, deceased ; consisting of several Thou- sands of Oil Leather Skins, Allnni Ditto, several Dozens of Deer Skins, a Quantity of Basils and Ground Leather, and about two Tons of Glue Pieces. For further Paiticulars, and to treat for the ahove by private Contract, apply to Mr. FRANCIS CLIVLBY, of Much Wenlock aforesaid, Ironmonger. , t.> tile Town otOsive- try, and within 100 Yards of the Shrewsbuiy The frees are from 40 to tiO Feet long, and of very large Ur^ e Dimensions. FOR Particulars enquire of Tai AUCTIONEER, Road. O. w estry. At the Royal Oak, in Welsh Pool, on Monday, the 28th Day of January, ISil, iu the following Lots, aud subject to such Conditions as will then be declared : LOT I. AN eligible and compact FARM, called BWLCH E1THIN; consisting of a new- erected and substantial FARM HOUSE, with suitable Outbuildings, ' and several Closes or Parcels of LAND thereunto belonging, containing together by Admeasurement T2R. 211. 3" P. or thereabout, situate in the I'ARISH of GUILSFIELD, in the County ot Montgomery, now in the Holding of Ann Savage, Widow. LOT II. TWO PIECES OF LAND, Containing bv Ad- measurement 13 Acres, or thereabout, situate at MOEL- Y- GARTH, in the said Paiish of GuilsSeld, now inthe Hold- ing of the said Aon Savage, distant about a Mile from the said Farm. The Purchaser will be required to take the Timber at a Va luation, which will be produced at tbe Time ot Sale, The Sale to commence at five o'Clock in the Attemonn. The Tenant will shew the Premises; and for furthe Paiiieulars apply to MR. T. L. Josss, Solicitor, Oswestry. MONTGOMERYSHIRE TIMBER. \ T the Oak lun, in Welsh Pool, oil Monday, the 7th of January, 1811, between the Hours of four aud six inthe Afternoon, subject to Conditions : i AAOAK Timber Trees, marked with a Scribe IVJ''-' No. 1 to 100, and 1 Elm Tree ; standing on a Farm, called TUB F'ARM, in ihe Paiish ot Myfed, close adjoining the Turnpike Road between Llausaiutffraid and Myfod ; about four Miles from the Montgomeryshire Canal at Newbridge. Tbe Trees , e mostly of large UI mensions, appear perfectly sound, are well calculated for Beams, Thick Siulf, and Plank for the Navy, or other supe- lior Purposes. Robert Davis, at the Farm, will skew the Timber; and j further Particulars may be had of Mr. GOULD, of Golfa, near Welsh Pool. At the House of Mr. Richaru Junes, in Caersws the 4th Day of January, 1811 : rpEIEfof • • - • JL TREE, on Friday, BY RICHARD MADDOX, At the Plume of Feathers, in tbe Town of Oswestry, in the County of Salop, on Wednesday, the 1 ( itb Day of J. inuaiv, 1811, beiweeu tlie Hours of three and six iu the Afternoon, in tbe following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon • at the Tune of Sale, and subject lo such Conditions as ilia. I be then produced: I. OT I. ALL that MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, called the GYRN, with three Pieces or Parcels of LAND thereunto adjoini m, and near to the Village of Svlattcr, CO - ta iling by Admeasurement 4A. 311. I bP. be the sartie mure or less. LOT II. A Piece of most excellent. Meadow LAND, nearly adjoining the last Lot, ami situate below the R, iad leading truin Svlait n to ibe Race Course, and containing by Ad- measurement I A. 2R.. Ol'. bo The same more or less. LOT 111. Two Pieces ct Arable LAND, called GWERN UC11A, nearly adjoining tbe Vicarage in Svlattiu aforesaid, containing by Admeasurement 4A. OR. 24P. be tbe sain: mure or less. LOT IV. Two Pieces of Meadow LAND, called GWERN ISSA, adjoining the last Lot, and containing by Admeasure, ment 8A. NR. 16 P. be tbe same tn > re or less. LOT V. A Seat or PEvV in ihe Parish Church of Sylattin aforesaid. N. li. The Whole of the above Estate is in Lease to Mr, John Wynu, of the Nant, the present Tenant, at the yearly Rent of .£ 20, for a Term of Years, 1 Yeaisof which remain unexpired at Lady Day next. LOT VI. A Piece of Common LAND, udjoiuing the Road leading fioin Sylattin to Cyrn- y- Bwch Li. lie Kilos, containing 1 Acres or thereabouts, be ihe same more or less, aud distant from the former half a Mite, and from the lailer about a Mile. The above Estate lies within three Miles of the Mar- ket Town of O. ivestry, and two Miles from Lime and Coal, and is capable of very great Improvement. A Person will be appointed lo shew the Premises ; and further Particulars ktio- sn upon Application to Mr, EDWARDS, Solicitor, in Oswestry. s Lots of valuable FIR TIMBER Iiuw growing on TTTEUASTLE FARM, in follow in S. the Parish of Ll. inwnwg, in the County of Montgomery : LOT I. 4J Fir Trees, growing iu a Field behind Barn, numbered 1 to 40 inclusive. LOT II 45 Ditto, growing iu the lower Coppice, num- bered I to 43 inclusive. LOT III. 32 Ditto, growing in the lower Coppice ia the Ross, numbered I to 32 inclusive. I/ RR IV. 40 Ditto, growing in the lower Part of the upper Coppice in the lloss, numbered 1 to 40 inclusive. LOT V. 40 Ditto, growing in the upper Pail # f tbe said Coppice, numbered 1 to 40 inclusive. For Particulars apply to Mr, EDWARD JONES, at who will shew tiie Timber, Capital Oak and Ash I tmher. At the Crown Inn, Bridgnorto, in the County uf Salop, pur suant to an Order of ihe Court of Exchequer, in the latter End uf January, or the Beginning of Feoruary next, of which due Notice will be given; // Vj- w CAPITAL OAK TREES, and 500 ASH '- j UU Ditto, now growing upon the Estate of Mis. Long, at Sidbury, in the said County, For Particular* and viewing the sai. l Timber, apply to Mr. JOHN DSVEBELIJT Sidbury aforesaid. The a0, ivcin Jkd Tnuoer is of ihe finest Quality, an} lit fm the - tUyil Navy, and c » ta finit- iate Timber'.— Sidbuiy i Criticism continued ON THE LADY OF THE LAKE. A ROMANCE. Mr. EDITOR, Tn my fonner letter, I described the quantity of printed matter in Nr. Scott's Romance so greedily sought after at this moment ; adverted to the circumstance of recompence bestowed on the author by those who purchased his work; and gave, ill the conclusion, an analysis of its plan, arising out of the first canto and part of the second.— I promised to give jny opinion of its merits, it follows that 1 must also speak of its defect's; and 1 should be happy if there weie less cause for blame and more for praise, than truth Will admit there is of either. The author appears like a builder amply provided with materials for a. fine edifice; but wanting either correct judg- ment or sufficient good taste, he disposes of some in a way laihei tending to disfigure than adorn the structure. The execution falls short of the original grandeur of design, or rather possible excellence of poe- tic architecture.— Some, of the apartments are admirably planned to produce fine effect on the minds of spectators; and not only are the rooms' veil formed and proportioned, but filled with paintings so strong lhat must forcibly str- keeach beholder, at the moment lie turns bis eye upon them.— Such is the fifth canto ! The leader who does not perceive I herein matter enough to produce strong sensations anil high admiration ( lhong. li not such ad- miration as to call forth the plaudits due lo viitue). must have an intellect not fit to take in hand a volume of romance. Having traced this Lady - Lake poem from Alpha to Omega, from bi ginning to end, with a disposition to lie candid, and at the same time closely scrutinous and strictly just, in forming my estimate of its merits and defects, 1 asked myself these questions: Well now, pray what advantage have 1 derived frotn it > What has it added to my stock of knowledge ? What improvement has it effected on iny heart ? " Now have I, bv consulting at this shrine, " Retnrn'd the wiser, or the more instruct, " To flee or follow what concerns me most ?" Paradise Regained, II. 1 L. 438. — Am I duly recompensed for the labour of perusal ? Speak, judgement, an: l let candour now declare What are my gains. Really then I do not think the reward adequate to the toil. It is true that my knowledge of Highland customs has been somewhat increased, IF the Poet's narrative were a detail of facts; but it happens to have only a few circumstances of fact, for the base and the superstructure is ihe idle fiction of a poet's brain ; whose judgement is not strong enough to apply his materials to good purposes: it is a narration of diabolical fury, a detail of deeds of blood ; an acbount of rivalship anil combat, " Where martial spirits, all on fire, " Breath only wrath, and mortal ire. " Where blood pours down from many a wound ; 11 Where desp'rate is the strife and lone, 11 Aud either warrior fierce and strong. Lay of Ihe Last Minstrel, C. v. St. 6 and 01. What can we suppose the product of such knowledge ? Will it extend the sphere of philanthropic love, hy a stronger con- sciousness of man's amiability ? No ! the contrary The lieart of the reader of such strong scenes of wrath feels a portion of its malignant influence acting for a time ou his feelings; but when sufficient interval have elapsed, after perusal, for Ihe mind to recover its real bias ; if not much depraved by vice, tbe soul of every reader, must bv the re- action of thought arid due contemplation become indignant at beholding man little better than a monster of depravity ; a detestable compound of malignant selfish passions, and ruffian- like violence, arising from ferocity, lust, and greui bodily strength. To produce this virtuous indignation against vice should he the great object of the poet; hut instead of this what do we find ? Why some grey- headed old lascals introduced as ntinstrel- harpers, — minstiels forsooth; pretty minstrels they are— whose object is, by lamenting the loss of such scenes — to excite ycutli to deeds of fury and sanguinary revenge, in stead of acting as sage experienced Nestors, or rather i would say as old men taught wisdom by experience, and striving to counsel them against ferocious, and brutally lustful indulgence - of the passions. - Such poetry, as Mr. Scott's, is destructive of morality : and all ntbeis who so apply Ihe arts of invention and metrical language to strengthen rather than to curb vicious and in- ordinate desires, are evidently men who either labour under defect in judgement, or cov. rtly aim to sop the foundations of morality.— There is either blemish in the head or vice in the heart of such men.— From some few passages, I would not impeach the heart of Mr. Scott, but I do say, that if he pos- sessed more judgement and less fancy, he would he o beter poet, though perhaps not so charming a writer of romance.— Before 1 have done with hiin, and a few more of those roman- tic- brained gentlemen, I hope, Sir, to give him and them a few hints worthy of their attention ;— and which they shall be sui e lo remember. Mr. Scolt's poem is founded on these three base principles, Ambition, Lust, and sanguinary Strife.— To accomplish the design, Woman, lovely, charming, amiable woman, is made a chief instrument in exciting and strengthening such violations ofthe moral law.— There may be some shallow- pated readers who will consider this as gallantry, or compliment to woman's charms. It appeals to hie such gallantry as may be applied to animals iuhabitirg both towns and forests; which worry and lacerate each rtlher with teeth and talons, on account of a female whose kind looks they are anxious to gain, prompted thereto by feivour of the raging blood. If this be real gallan- try. my notions of it are radically w rong Besides, the plan has not novelty to recommend it. It is only a diversity ot machinery and incidents to produce the same effect, namely, to shew man as — a cut- throat; and woman as— the cause.— Aie we lo be for ever pestered with these servile imitations of preceding poets ? Aie we never tn lie freed from the shackles imposed on us by the dealers in fiction, who lived in days of old, and wrote for men at Alliens and at Home ' Are WAS and WOMAN to be perpetual means uf annoying human happiness ? Is human intellect to be eternally fetteird, and in bondage to the ancients " t Is mind, like body, to decrease in vigour as it proceeds in age ' Is the understanding of MAN to exper'- eirce a second childhood; and to be pleased or terrified with tales of fairies, elfin wizards, witches, spirits, hobgoblins, and foul fiends on earth ? Is philusophy never . to dispel from the human mind the pre- judices and fears of ignorance ? or rather let us say, shall not the fire and light of science warm and invigorate the faculties of the human race, and chase away the superstitions and monk- taught terrors of the darker oges ? Realty I am dis- gusted with Ibis rei urrence of similarity in the works of men pretending to be poets 1 wish, Sir, to see a poem in honour of Itoman, which makes. her. lhe medium of terminating the baser passions of innn; aud purifying his heait from its coiruptions, its rest*, less ajnbrlion, and blood- thirsty propensities. ef- iusidrrnlile number of what appear to rne good thoughts, neither wqokly imagined, not faintly expressed, in reference tb flic fair sex, here presented themselves. 1 made record of them- immediately with the peu , lest, being deferred to a future day, they should be lost: a circumstance I have too often experienced, and I presume is not unfrequent with other persons habituated to composition. 1 huve therefore, Sir, learnt to be more cautions, and not rely wholly on the kind. Jiess of memory to keep for me the obliging presents ol judgement; but to keep them myself; mernoi y being n lady somewhat fickle in her domestic habits, and not always to be found at home wfieri 1 want ttie aiticles assigned to her care. I am happy therefore to say that these thoughts are now wholly at my command, for the formation of another letter at a future time. 1 observe, Sit, from your paper, that you stand pledged to give the thoughts of another correspondent on the 2t> th, and if you find any inconvenience lo make rootn lor this my second letter, it will I hope be announced for appearance in the first paper of Ihe new year. 1 now subscribe Your obliged, & c. KRIITKOS. LUMEN BONAPARTE.— The circumstances relative to the arrival of this person iu England, arc sl. ued in the London papers to be as follow :— " In cuuseqnenee of tbe repeated demands of Napoleon, that he should separate hum his wile, and suffer his futur. destiny tu be arranged by the French Ruler ; and the repeated refusal of I. qcien lo conform to these demands, the fatter began to be appitheiisive that forcible measures would fie re- soited to by Napoleon, and therefuiB Lurien, many months ago, wrote hem Rome to Mr. Hill, our Minister at Sardinia, requesting lhat that Gentleman would obtain fiom his Court, a passpoit for Lucien and his family to proceed to America.— Mr. Hill, naturally anxious to facilitate the removal of one brother from another, who seemed likely to result to the most desperate violence in older to ao^ iklith his purpose, ventured to send'an answer, encouragiuj^^ tii.' ii^,. Sardinia, and then communicated what ' Government, who immedii tely expiessc grant tbe passports. Mr, H. ll then t rocet- d to to our him, that the permission which be requested eotild not be ob- tained. Lucien. however, soon availed himself of the favour- able letter from Mr. Hill, and proceeded to Sardinia, alleging that the prohibitory letter never reached him " The baggage of Lurien Bonaparte and his attendants, is stated to weigh 33 tons. There was a perfect squabble among the innkeepers of Plymouth and Dock, to know which of them should have the honour of lodging these persons under his roof. Lucicn studiously avoids all pomp and Ostentation. His eldest son, a fine youth of 11 years of age, was on Tuesdav taken through the dock- yard, accompanied by Capt. Warren, who brought them to England. What an impartial receiver is England of every sort of unfortunate greatness, legitimate or illegitimate I— The French Revolution not only sent us the Prince of Orange, nearly ail Llie House of Bourbon, and the King of Sweden, whom it ruined ; but it has also sent us Lucien Bonaparte, whom it aggrandized and enriched. We not only receive the latter with humanity, as we ought; but with nearly the same honours as the former, and perhaps with more consideration, calculation, and mensuration about the space that may be requisite for the accommodation of his extensive suite ! Sacrilege.— The following is a more particular ac- count of the robbery committed at St. Paul's Cathedral, than the limits afforded in our last paper would allow us to give.— On Sunday morning, the Sacrist of the Cathedral, on approaching the repository where the sacramental plate is kept, in order to take it to the altar, found the iron door had been double locked ; as his key could only open it if single locked; lie conclud- ed the officer who kept tile master- key had done it; lie accordingly went to him, anil they both repaired to the spot; when, on opening the door, a most affecting scene presented itself: the two large chests had been forced open and rifled of their most valuable contents ; a magnificent edition of the Bible and Common Prayer, in two volumes, the covers of which were of solid silver, most beautifully chased with Scripture History, was de- prived of its ornaments ; and the whole of the immense booty, amounting to 1761 ounces, was carried off.— The villains seem to have acted with the most cool deliberation : to effect their purpose, they had to pass eight doors before they reached the repository ; each of these doors they opened, and on their return, care- fully re- locked, excepting the iron door, which they double locked. The large chests were each secured wilh two immense padlocks, besides the principal chest locks; the padlocks they opened, but the locks baffling their exertions, they contrived to force the chests open. The robbery must certainly have been committed on the night of Friday or Saturday, as on the former day the. plate was useil at an ordination. The intrinsic. value of the plunder is not the only thing lo he lamented ; as a great part of it was of the most curious antique work- manship, being presents from different Deans and other pious persons, and might be considered as exquisite spe- cimens of the workmanship of the different ages in which they lived, and could not. now be executed at so low n sum as £ 2000. Every precaution and means have been taken to discover the depredators, and every engine is at work for that purpose: numberless exami- nations, and some apprehensions, have taken place, hut particulars on these points canuot at present be suffered to transpire- The Duke of ftueensberry, whose decease was noticed in our last paper, had been for some days afflicted with a severe flux, which no medicine could check. Dying without issue, the title of Duke of Queensberry is extinct; but his other titles descend, and his immense estates are divided. He is supposed to have died worth near two millions in ready money, Ti e Earldom of Qtieensberry descends to Sir Charles Douglas, of Kilhead, who married one of the daugh- ters of'the Duke of Buccleugh, with estates amounting to about 12,0001. a year. The Duke of Buccleugh succeeds to the estates of Drumlaurie, and we suppose to the title of Earl of Drumlaurie. Lord Douglas suc- ceeds to estates of less consideration, amounting to between 6 and 700ol. per annum. It is supposed, that the great bulk of the late Duke's personal estate, will go to the Earl of Yarmouth ; but his Grace used to say, that his will would surprise the public. His Grace had a presentiment of the time of his death : he laid a gentleman a wager of 5001. that he should die at a ceriain hour on Saturday ; which of course he lost, and he paid his wager, fhe Duke's principal medical attendant is, it seems, a serious loser by the exit of his valuable patient; as his Grace stipulated to pay him 6001. per annum, during the preservation of his life; wisely assuring him, at the same time, that all the Doctor's emoluments would inevitably cease at his death. The predominant feature of the Duke of dueensberry's character was. to use a common phrase, to do what he liked, without caring who was pleased or displeased at it. He was, upon the whole, one of those characters on which the strict moralist will not dwell with much complacency. His life was a life of pleasure, protracted lo an unusual period, and leaving few of those reflec- tions behind which can be moulded into the language ^ f panegyric. This, however, may he affirmed with truth, that/ he was a liberal friend and patron; and, during his life- time, performed some acts of princely munificence, which he intended to have included in his will. And this, he used to say, he did, " because he would neither tire his friends by longevity, nor diminish his bounty by the legacy duty." The last Will ol this venerable Peer was opened a few days ago, atul read in the presence of the nearest of his nohle Relatives now in London, It is loaded, it seems, with codicils, aud counter- codicil), to o most embarra- sing extent, and being all in the hand- writing of the testator, were in some instances not easily to be dccyphered.— In so capricious a uisposal and revocation of his bequests, some will find themselves unexpectedly noticed, while a greater number may experience a niorlil'ying disappliniment, several of whom, who knew themselves liber ally pensioned in the body of ihe will, being coniciLED down to a moiety of the donation looked for. The following stand amongst the principal bequests, viz — To Lord Douglas, dfc'lOO. l'OO The Earl of Yarmouth, for Ins life, antl lhat of Lady Yarmouth, and then to descend to their issue male, ,£ 1.70,01X1. the two houses in Pall- mall, and the villa at Richmond, w ith all their furni'ure. His Lordship is also named residuary le- gatee, b\ wh cli it is supposed lhat he will eventually derive a further sum of ,£ 200,000.—' The Duchess of Somerset = 6' 10.000. in- dependent of the Duke.— Countess of Dunmore .£' 10,000.— Lady Ann Hamilton-, jSlO. OfX) Lady'Hauhllon, ,£ 500. per anil, and £ I ' 000.— by a former codicil it st'o. d J. 1,000. per aim. and .£ 2, O0<>. — Gen. C. Craufurif, ilO. OOO. - J0en. R. W. Crawford, <£ 500 per ann.— Mr. James, j£ 5,000.— Mons'ear Pierre Elezee ( the French Surg. on} ,£' 5,000. -- Hon. Gen R. F. tzpatrick, <£' 500. per ann. for Ilis lite. In a former codicil it stood £. 10,000.— Governors of the I, opk Hospital, .£ 35,1) 00. — Governors of St. George's ditto, £ 15, « >!>.— Governors of Middlesex ditto, <£ 10.000— The£ h « jne Clerk it Mr. Colitis's Bank, who kept his Grace's account, <£ 600. per ann.— Mr. Da Buis, Home Steward, lor thirty years, ,£. 300. per annum.— His fa. lhl'ul Head Groom, John Radford, .£ 200. per ann. with all h: s h rses and carriages. — Mr. Burrell, Confectioner, <£' 200. per annum.— His Footman Michael, who had been in the coil slant tiabit ol using the catlieta, .£ 200. per annum.— To his Italian Fuotinau, ,£ 100. per annum.— To Signor Salpeitro, for- merly Leader of the Baud at the Italian Opera, Hoymaiket, <£ 1(; 0. per annum.— The Duke has marie Ihe most liberal provision lor all his male domestics ; but ( strange to sav !) he has omitted to mention Mr. Fuller, his Apothecary, in his will, a lio slept by his bed- side every night for the last six years of Ins lite; nor, with all his partiality lor the sex, lias he renumbered his house- keeper, or any other female domestic servaut of his establishment. Besides his extensive landed estates, he has died worth a million sterling ol uttier disposable properly. Perkins alias Williams, who lately absconded with the properly of his employers, Messrs. Tripp and Dyer, of Bristol, was ou Friday se'nuig'ht apprehended in a poor lodging house in Belfast, by Cortland Skinner, Esq. and George Bristow, Esq. Magistrates, accom- panied by an officer. He was disguised in very coarse apparel and trowsers. He denied his name was Perkins, oi tint he was the person they were in search of , but as he wanted part of the fore- finger of iiis right hand, there remained no doubt of his identity, and he was im- mediately committed to Carrick. terg. us gaol under a guard. We hear he has since given such information as has led to the recovery of a great deal of property. One box of linen, of great value, was on board a vessel bound for America, and above 800/. in good bills, ou ew York, have been fouud concealed iu a hay- stack in ounty of Down. PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. ' DOWNING- STREET, DECEMBER 25, 1810. A dispatch, of which the following is a copy, was received last night at the office of the Earl of Liverpool, from Lieut, General Viscount Wellington, dated Cartaxo, Dec. 8,1810. MY LORD, The detachment of the enemy's troops, commanded by General Gardanne, which had returned to Sobreira Formosa, have continued their march to the frontier, and by . the last accounts had entered Spain.— I have not heard that this detachment had any communication with the enemy's troops on the left of theZezere, from whom they were distant about three leagues. I under stand that, having lost some prisoners, taken by a patrole and hy a party of the ordonenza which accom- panied the Hon. Lieut.- Colonel Ponsonby on a recon- lioissaiice from Ahrantesto the river Codes, they made very particular enquiries respect ng the position of Lieut. General Hill's corps, and the means which the allies possessed of crossing the ' I'agus at Abrantes ; and, having commenced their march from Cardigos towards the Codes in the morning, they retired about eleven with great precipitation, and continued their retreat in the same manner till they reached the frontier. They were followed by the ordonenza, who did them much mischief on the march, aud took innch baggage from them. The enemy destroyed many hoises and mules which could not keep up with them ; and this march, if it was ordered hy superior authority, and is connected with any other arrangement, had every appearance, and was attended by all the consequences of a precipitate retreat.— No alteration of any importance has been made in the position of the enemy's troops since I addressed your Lordship. I have the honour, & c. ( Signed) WELLINGTON. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, DECEMBER 25, 1310. Copy of a letter from Captain Douglas, of his Majesty's ship B IIor 10, arldresserl to Vice- Admiral Sir Edward I'ellew, Bart, and transmitted by tile latter to Johu Wilson Croker, Esq. SIR, Bellona, al Sea, Dec. 11, 1810. I beg leave to inform you, that about ten o'clock this morning, the Texel bearing E. by S. 14 leagues, we gave chace to an armed vessel, cirrying a press of sail to the northward, aud at twelve o'clock we captured the French schooner privateer, Le Heros du Nord, belonging to Dunkirk, mounting 12 two- pounders, and two twelve- pound carronades, and 44 mill on board, Mons. Pierre Malfoi, acting commander. She left the Brill last evening, and had made no capture. I have the honour to be, & c. J. E, DOUGLAS. NEW EDITIONS OF SELECT LAW PUBLICATIONS for 1811. Printed for J. STRATFORD, NO. 112, Holborn Hill, London, sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, arid all other Booksellers. This Day is published, in One Volume Octavo, Price Thiee Shilli nss and Sxpence, sewed, THE EIGHTH EDITION, A COMPLETE GUIDE TO lami! orD& tenants, < s? Lonxm, BRING AMETHODICAL Arrangement of the whole Law respecting the taking or letting of Lands, Houses, or Apartments;— giving Warning or Notice to quit, ejecting ; seizing for Rent; Repairs, & e. With Forms of Leases, Agreements, Assignments, Su" renders, Receipts for Rent, Notices, & c. communicated in ail easy and familiar Manner. Including ample Instructions for Landlords to conduct them- selves legally aud securely towards the Tenants; and to enable Tenants to guard against encroaching Landlords. With clear and practical Directions for making a Distress for Rent, and all the new adjudged Cases and Acts of Parliament down to the present Time. By ROBERT SUTTON, Esq. Barrister at Law. The Opinion of a Gentleman of high professional Abilities, will preclude the Necessity of any further Eulogium. " The Guide to Landlords and ' Tenants, bit Robert Sutton, " Rsq. possesses a Degree of Merit far beyond the generality " if Works of that Size, being a judicious end well- selected " Arrangement of such Matters as usually occur on thosi Points in the common Transactions of Life. 2.— In One Volume, 8vo, Price 4s. served, THE LAW of WILLS, CODICILS, and REVOCATIONS; By EARDLEY MIL FORD, Esq. Conveyancer. 3.— In One Volume 8co. Priee 4s. sewed, THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN'S LAWYER; And Farmer's complete Law Library. By WILLIAM MARRIOT, Esq. 4 — hi One Volume 850. Price 4r. sewed, THE NEW COMPLETE PARISH OFFICER; By HENRY CLAVERING, Esq. Barrister at- law. 5. — In One Volume 8vo. Price Sr. sewed, THE LAW OF BANKRUPTS; By SOAMS WHITTAICEH, Esq. 6.— 111 One Volume 8co. Price 3s-. sewed, THE LAW OF BILLS ( IF EXCHANGE, By EDWARD WINDIIAM MANNING, Esq. The whole of the above SELECT LAW TREATISES may be had together in one Volume, Price 24s. bound in Calf and Lettered, or 21s. Boards. Lord Chamberlain's Office, Dec. 1\. 1810. Orders for the Court to change Mourning on the 6th of January next, for her late Royal Highness the Princess Amelia, viz. The Ladies to wear black silk, fringed or plain linen, white gloves, black and white shoes, fans, and tippets, white neck- laces and ear- rings.— Undress, white or grey lustrings, tabbies, or damasks. The Gentlemen to continue in black, full trimmed, fringe,), or plain linen, Hack swords and huikles.— Undress, grey frocks. SHROPSHIRE GAME DUTY. 4 DDITIONAL LIST of the Game Certificafes, , is" fi< 1 f' » ' ' he County of to the 20th December, 1810. Crump Tho.. jun. Stottesdon Fvalis John, Pentrehody Edwards John, Baschnreh Gibbon Thomas, Rushbury Harper Richard, StokesBv Harper Thos. Hope Bowdler Hawkins John, Clerk, Ratling hope Hutchinson G. P. Ludlow HillThomas, Cleobury Foreign Hulbert Charles, Shiewsburv Morgan John, Clerk, Tugford Morris Joseph, Bridgnorth Milner ' I homas, Ditto Mytton Henry George, Cleo- burv North. Morris Edward, Ditto Mediicot William, Medlieoit Middleton Thos. H ebbendfid Salop, from the 13th October Nicholls George, Bridgnorth Owen William, Stokesay Onions John, Ditto Penny Peter, Stanton Lacy Parton William, Shineton Parton Join, Astley Abbotts Piyce Thomas, Clerk, Stan- ton Lacy Reynolds John, jnn. Much Wenlock Shepperd Thomas, Stokesay [ Jrwick William, Wistanstow Wynn. lohn, Upper Porkington Wettings Jn. Whitcott Kevsett Wheelwright Thomas, Holgate Wheeler Humphrey, Cleobury Foreign Woof Edward, Cardington. BANKRUPTS— DECEMBER 22. John Jarratt, of Assembly- row, Mile- end, Middlesex, dealer and chapman, December 29, January 1, February 2, at Guildhall,— Thomas Robertson, of Oxford, atlomey- at law, December 29, Ja- nuary 5, February 2, at Guildhall.— Charles Grant, of Cushion • court, Broad- street, London, merchant, December 29, January 5, February 2. at Guildhall.— William Cox, of Birmingham, grocer, December 29, January 5, February 2, at Guildhall.— Wm. Major, of Friday- street, London, Norwich shawl manufacturer, January 1,8, February 2, at Guildhall.— James Wharton, jun. of Chester, corn- merchant, January 15, l6, February 2, at the Bull and Punch Bowl Deal- street, Liverpool.— Alexander Gotten, otherwise Gotten SVlingay- of Kingston- upon- Tluimes, Surrey, ironmonger, De- cember 29, January B, February 2, at Guildhall, London.— John Clark, late of Shoe- lane, London, and of North- place, Gray's Inri- lane, Middlesex, builder, December 29, January 3, February 2, at Guildhall William Freeman, late of I amb's- Conduit- street, JV5 iddlesex, upholsterer, December 29, January 5, February 2, at Guildhall.— John Wells, of Minehead, Somerset, tanner, January 18, 19, si the P-' ume of Feathers Inn, Minehead, February 2, at the Luttrell Arms, Dunster.— Peter Ryan, of Bath, Somerset, bu'eher, December 29, January 2, February 2, at the Half Moon Inn, Old- bridge^ Bath.— Peter Johnson, of Old- street, Middlesex, Cabinet- maker, December 29, January 8, February 2, at Guildhall. — John Lomas, jun. of Micklev, York, paper- manufacturer, Janu- ary 11, 12, February 2, at the Black Bull Inn, Ripon— Joseph Biggers, of Giacechurch- street, London, jeweller, December 29, January February 2, at Guildhall.—- Richard Acton, of' Man- chester, corn- factor, January 5, February 2, at the George Inn, Manchester — Aaron Rayner, of Union- place, Citv- road, dealer and chapman, January 1, 8, February 2, at Guildhali.— John Loveil, ol Aldersga'e- strcet, London, jeweller, December 29, Ja- nuary 5, February 2, at Guildhall — Geo. Ulrich, late of Croydon, Surrey, baker, December 29, January 8, February 2, at Guildhall. — Jonathan Barker, of Liverpool, sugar- refiner, January 5, 12, February 2, at the George Inn, Liverpool.— Thomas Billinge, jun. of Liverpool, bookseller, January 17, 18, February 2, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— John Smith, of Liverpool, merchant, January 17, 18, Fcbruan 2, at the Globe Tavern. Liverpool.— Richard Whidborne, ot'Crediton, Devon, maltster, December 31, January 14, February 2, at the Ship Inn, Crediton. — George Barton Marsden, of Manchester, upholsterer, January 9, 19, February 2, at the Mosley Arms, Manchester.— William Lungley, now or late of Burton Mills, Suffolk, merchant, January 9, 10, February 2, at the Angel Inn, Bury St, Edmunds.— William Piatt, of Bolton- le- Moors, Lancashire, muslin and cotton manufacturer, January 10, 11, February 2, at the Swan Inn, Bolton le- Moors.— Thomas Davis, of Prince's- row, near Kennington Cross, Surrey, tea- dealer, December 29, January 8, Februarv 2, at. Guildhall, London.— James Jenkins, of the corner of K. ns>- street and Brown- street, Montagu- square, Mid- lle.- ex, baker, December 29, January b, Ftbruary 2, at Guildhall.- Henry Bidwell, of Whitechapel, Mid- dlesex, linen draper, December 29, January 5, February 2, at Guildhall.— Thomas Brincelow, of Ash. ton- within Mackerfk- ld, Lancashire, fustian- manufacturer, January 14, 15, February 2, at the Vine Inn, Wigan.— Eclwaid Jacob, la'e ot or near Lan- trissent, Glamorgan, cattle dea'er, January 3, 4, Feoruar\ 2, at the Black Rock, Portskewitt, Monmouth.— Wm. Parker, of Waltham- A:> bey, Essex, timber- merchant, January 8. 9, February 2, at Guildhall.— Thomas Truman, of Si. Mary Axe, London, mattress- maker, January 1, 8, February 2, at Guildhall.— Samuel Pursell, of Milk- street, London, warehouseman, December 29, January 8, February 2, at Guildhall. — Charles B own, of Union- sueet, Bishopsgate- street, Middlesex, baker, December 29, January 5, February 2, at Guildhall.— Thomas Mallars, of Gravel- lane, Christ- church, . Surrey, baker, December 29, January 5, February 2, at Guildhall, London. DECEMBER 25."]— Joseph Mason, of Bishop Auckland, Durham, draper, January 4, 5, February 5, at the Wheat Sheaf, Frame! i- gate George Wjatt, of Exeter, victualler, January 7, 8, Febru- ary 5, at the London Inn, Exeter.— Sarah Bairaclough, of North Biei ley, Yorkshire, shopkeeper, January 2, 3, February 5, at the Talbot Inn, Halifax, — Benedict Roome, of G^ eat Carter- lane, Doctors' Commons. London, coach master, December 29, January 5, February 5, at Guildhall.— John Mills, of Hol\ well- street, Strand, Middlesex, merchant, January 1, 8, February 5, at Guild- hall.— Joseph Dudley Webb, ot Liverpool, merchant, January 17, 18, February 5, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Edward Evans, of Mertln rtidvil, Glamorganshire, nailor, January 11, 12, Febru- ary 5, at ( he Angel Inn, Cardiff.— Henry Lawrence, of Liverpool, merchant, January 23. 24, February 5, av the Globe Tavern, Li- verpool.— William Crantner, of Carlisle, Cumberland, hat manu- facturer, January 10,11, February 5, at the Blue Bell Inn, Carlisle. — Thomas Hordern, of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, grocer, January 16, 23, February 5, at the White Harp and New Star, Uttoxeter. — John Kent, of Southampton, builder, January 8, 9, February 5, at the George Inn, Southampton.— Enoch King, of Bateman's Rotv Shored itch, Middlesex, paviour, January 1, 5, February 5, at Guildhall.— Philip Phillip, of Drury- lane, Middlesex, ta lor, January 1, 8, February 5, at Guildhall.— William Phipps, of Shoreditch, Middlesex, straw hat manufacturer, December 29, Ja- nuarys, February 5, at Guildhall.— Thomas Bennett Stothard, of Warrington, Lancashire, cotton spinner, January 18, 19, February 5, at the Mosley Arms, Manchester.— John Bowcher and William Wood, of Exeter;, wine and brandy merchants, December 27, January 9, February 5, at the Old Loutlon Inn, Exeter.— Baker Walter, of New Romney, Kent, grazier, January 8, 9, February 5, at Guildhall, Canterbury.— Evan Thomas, late of Merthyrtiavjl, Glamorganshire, grocer, January 11, 12, February 5, at the Angel Inn, Cardiff. It is evident, that every person, young and old, should purchase books wherein they are materially interested. This being the case with respect to the 4< GUIDE TO HEALTH," which is so justly recommended to young men and boys, an early attention to its maxims will guard them from a fatal rb'ck. on which thousands have split j and be the means ot : preVmrvg their oodies from disease; their souls, their minds, and all tlieir faculties from destruction. Tne Guide to Health » s sold by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, and by ail Booksellers and Pinners of Provincial Newspapers in the United Kingdom, and contains nearly 300 pages, price only 3s. delivered f » ve of Carriage. Dicey and Co.' s True Daffy's Elixir. ffpHIS most excellent Medicine has been faithfully JSL prepared for upwards ot EIGHTY Years, from the purest Drugs and Spirits that can be procured, by Dicey and Co No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London; and has been attended with the happiest Success in the Cure of the Gravel, Stone, Fluxes, Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Breast, & c. ; but in the most excruciating Fits of the Colic, and in all Com- plaints of the Stomach aud Bowels, the Genuine Daffy's Elixir is unquestionably superior to every other Medicine in the World :— Spurious Sorts, of a very inferior Quality, are, however, offered for sale in almost every Town, and some of them even w th the Names of Dicey and Co. in the Bills of Directions, and on the Bottles ( which are also made in Imi- tation of theirs:) The surest YVay therefore to prevent De- ception, is, to ask particularly for DICEY'S DAFFY'S ELIXIR, and to observe, not only that theWords Dicey and Co. No. 10, Box C/ i'irck Yard, are printed in the Stamp affixed to each Bottle, and signed in the Bills of Directions: but also, ns a furthei Mark of Distinction, that the Words Dicey and Co.' s True Daffy's Elixir are printed iu large Characters, at the Top of each Bill of Directions. Sold wholesale and retail, by Dic « y and Co. No. 10, Bow Cimrch- Yard, London, in Bottles at Is. 9J. and2s. fid. each, duty included; and retail by EDDOWES, Wood, Sandford, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Harding ami Scarrot, Shiffual; Dean, Newport ; Houlstons, and Mobb*, Wellington ; Miller, and Smith, Iron Bridge; Smith, Trevor, Much YVenlock; Evans, Welsh Pool; Fallows, Baugh, Jackson, aud Birch, E. les- mere; Wright, Whitchurch; Snelson, and Craig, Nantivich ; Painter, Wrexham ; Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry; and by the principal Venders of Patent Medicines in every Town throughout the Kingdom.— Of whom may be had, pom Dicey and Co's Warehouse as above, f. d. s. d. Dr. Batemon's Drops - 1 6 ( Bathing Spirits - - 0 9 1 H Squire's Grand Elixir - 2 0 Godfrey's Cordial - - 0 9 1 1 Golden and plain Spirits Gamekeeper^ Cert/ ficciUi at the Uate of One Guinea each. Griffiths Edward, Gamekeeper to the Earl of Craven, for the Manor or Royalty of Stokesav, Ouiburv, and Edston. Wood John Gamekeeper to Richaid Rowley, Cleik, for the Manor or Royalty <> f Middleton Scriven. Gamekeeper's Certificate at the Ft ate of Three Guinea?. Webster George, Gamekeeper to —— Lutwyche/ Esq. for the Manor or Royalty of Wildeibope and Coates. Published bv Order of his Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes. MATTHEW WINTER, Secretary. HTU^ L J A LACK! iNTT/ Made by Day and Martin, London. THIS invaluable Composition, with halt the usual Labour, produces the most brilliant jct- black ever beheld; affords peculiar Nourishment to the Leather- will n » t soil the finest Linen ; is perfectly free from any unplea- sant Smell j and will retain its Virtue it) any Climate. Sold wholesale, by Day and Mai tin, removed to No 97 High Holbor o, London j aud retail by their Agents, W EDDOWES, Printer, aud J. Palin, Shrewsbury; Partridge* Bookseller, Bridgnorth; Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenloel • Houlstons, Wellington; Owen, Boot- maker, Ludlow; Crai?! Bookseller, Nantwich; Morgan, Stationer, Stafford ; Brown & Son, Grocers, Bersbam; Smith, Stationer, Newcastle; Gower and Smart, Wolverhampton ; Poole, Bookseller, Chester • and J. Painter, Wrexham ; in Stone bottles, priee Is. 6d. each. Beautiful Women, THE greatest Blemish to Beauly i9 Superfluous Hairs on the Face, Neck, and Arms; HUBKRT's ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them, is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant 10 use. Price 4s, or two in one Parcel Is. Sold by the Proprietor, 23, RusseUStreel, Covent- Garden, London. rl3> T. WOOD having been appointed the Wholesale as well at Retail Agent for this and tiie adjoining Counties, will supnh/ Booksellers and Dealers rritk the above Article on liberal Term ',. The fallowing are Venders in this Neighbourhood: H. P. Silvester, Newport; W Edwards, Oswestry; W. Smith, iron- bridge; T. Griffiths, Ludlow; E. Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; D. Procter, Drayton. Hooper's Female Pills - Dr. Anderson's Scots Pills, 30 iu a Box - Dr. RndciifFe's Elixir - Bostoi k's F- lixir Stoughton's Elixir - - Friar's Balsam - - - Pike's Ointment Clinton's SitnlT, and Oil Dr. Lockyer's Pills - - of Scurvy- Grass - - 1 Beaume de Vie - - - 3 Betton's British Oil - - 1 Rymer's Tincture - - 3 Rvmer's Coogh Drops 2 Walker'.- Jesuits Drops 2 Wyinatl's Pills - 2 Bvlhell's Pectoral Lozenges Is. lid. RGNHE CELEBRATED MAGNETIC RAZOR M TABLET, patronised by his Royal Highnessthe PRINCE of WALES, having become so high in imputation as to be considered Ihe only invention in the World, capable of form- ing a most scientific and acute Edge to a Razor without tba use of Oilor Grease; JOHN THOMAS RIGGE, the Pro. prietor aud Inventor, feels it his duty to caution the Public that none are genuine but sucb as are signed in Red Ink, with his signature, and numbered ; pi ice Is. 61. Sold at bis Warehouses in London, bi, Park- street, Oros. venor- square, and G5, Cheapsirle ; also by regular appuiuied Agents in every City and Town in the United Kingdom. The following Persons are appointed in Shrewsbury; Messrs. W. Hulme and Son, Perfumers, & o. Ilnir...,, nf Pijde Hill Messrs. Nightingales, Wyle- Cop, and Mr. Morris, Bookseller! Ptineess - Street. An important Discovery in Medicine. NPHE CELEBRATED CUMBERLAND P. I- ii TUMJNOUS FLUID is the most effectual Remedy ever discovered, or made know to the world for the Relief aud Cure of Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout, Sciatica, Lumbagot Pains of the Back and Kidnies, Numbness, Palsy, tXc Wigton, 28th August, 180B. Tbe following wonderful Cure deserves particular attention ; from Mr. CUMMINC, master of Ihe King's Arms Inn, Wigton, Cumberland. " Sir, I think it a duty due to you, ns well as to society in sreucral, that the following extraordinary Cure, effected by the Cumberland Bituminous Fluid, be made public. " A niece of mine, residing with her paients at Dundee, had, from a paralytic affection, entirely lost the use of both legs and one side. Her parents had applied to nearly all the medical gentlemen in lhat neighbourhood, without ihe least prospect of ever gaining Relief,- when accidentally mention ing the deplorable situation of their little daughter to me, and having before witnessed tbe beneficial influence of your medi- C ne in similar cases, I procured two bottles from Mr. llether- toii, anil sent per coach. A few days ago 1 received the pleas- ing intelligence that the medicine had performed the most miraculous cure that perhaps was ever witnessed, as my niece had recovered the full use of her limbs, and was in other re- spects in perfect health. " 1 am, Sir, your most obedient servant, " JOHN CUMMING." Discovered and prepared only by G. Ramsay, Apothecary, Penrith, ( many years of Apothecaries Hall, London), and is put up in bottles, with full instructions, at 2s 9d. each. Sold Wholesale by BARCI. AY and Son, No. 95, Fleet- market, London: and Retail by W. EuDOwas, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Miller, Maoeley Market- Place; Houlstons, and Mobbs, Wellington; Smith, lion Bridge and Much Wenlock ; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Evanson, Whitchurch ; Baugh, Crosse, Ellesmere ; Procter, Dray ton; Weaver, Montgomery ; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, Welsh Pool; Morrall, Priee, Edwards, and Min- shall, Oswestiy ; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle ; Griffiths, Ludlow; Gitton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth ; Scarrott, Shlffnal; Pain- ter, Wrexham; Jones, Chirk ; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llangerniew; Evans, Newtown; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. The first Production in the World is THE MACASSAll OIL, FOR THE GROWTH OF HAILL. Sanctioned by their Royal Highnesses the PRINCESS of WALIS and DUKE of SUS. EX, and most of the N ihility. IHE Virtues of this Oil, extracted from a Tree in the ISLAND of MACASSAR, in the East Indies, are fai beyond Eulogium for encouraging tbe Hair to grow to a beautiful Ieng h and Thickness, even on Bald Places; pre- serving it from falling oil" or changing colour ( particularly alter SEA BATHING, which is injurious to the Hair); produc- ing an inestimable Gloss; strengthens the Curl; diifnses an odoriferous Scent. Should be constantly used after Accouche. meats, & c.—- Also foi Children's Hair, instead of Combs, Soaps, See. This Oil eradicates the Scurf much easier, is extremely pleasant to tbe Infant, precludes all Disorders, and biings the Hair to a beautiful State. This Oil is no PRETENDED FOREIGN On., but the real Produce of the Macassar Tree, and is admirably calculated for improving, purifying, and beautifying the Hair o( Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children. It is innoxious, and suited to all Climates.— Vide Rowland's Essay on the Hair. Prepared and sold, Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprie- tors, ROWLAND and SON, Kirbv Street, Hatton Garden, Lon- don ; and sold by their Appointment by W. F. ODOWES, Shrewsbury; Watkins, Herefoid; Stevens and Watkins, Cirencester; Joues, Glooelter; and all Perfumers and Medi- cine Venders throughout tbe Kingdom. * lf* Observe the Signatures of the Proprietors on the out. side Label in red Ink, without which none are genuine. T R. FOTHERGILL's NtRVOUS CORDIAL DROPS is considered by the Faculty as the best Me- dicine for the Cure of the following Disorders: Lowness & Nervous Affections Consumptions, Hypochondria- ism Hysterics, Spasms, Palsy, Apoplexy Loss of Appetite, Bilious Com plaints Convulsions aud Fits attending Pregnancy, proceeding from a disordered State of the Stomach ; and Indigestion, accompanied by Sick Head Aches, Heart- burns, & c. &. c. s Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, Corner of Paternoster- Row; and retail by EDDOWES, Wood, Palin, and Morrisj Shrewsbury; Baugh, Ellesmere; Painter, Wrexham; Price, Morrall, Edwards, and Minshall, Os- westry; Houlstous, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Scarrott. Shiffnal ; Smith, Ironbridge and Wenlock; Gitton, and Bangham, Bridgnorth; and most Medicine Venders, in Bottles at 4s. 6d. and lis. each. Of whom may be had, Dr. FOTHERGlL's FEMALE PILLS, for different Com- plaints, incident to Females at various Periods ot Life, Price 2?, per lO those who are so UN FOR PUN ATE a* to suffer by that disagreeable Disorder, the lPCIi, to which, as daily experience proves, the most respectable persons are from its infectious nature liable ; it will be of advantage to know, that they may rely on being effectually cured, by ONE HOUR'S APPLICATION Of BARCLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT. This safe, speedy, and effectual Remedy, has been in genera! use for upwards of eighty years, without a single instance of its having failed to cure the most inveterate cases. It does not contain the smallest particle of Mercury, of any other danerous ingredient, and may be safely used by person s of the most delicate constitution. The Public are requested to observe that none can possibly be genuine, unless the Names of tbe Proprietors, BARCLAY and SON, aie engraved on the Stamp affiled to each Box; an J great danger may arhe from the neglect of this Cuuiion.— Sold wholesale and retail by Barclay and Son, ( the only successors to Jackson and Co.) No. 3d, Fleet Market, London, price Is. 9d. duty included ; and by their appointment, by W. EDDOWKS, Morris, Palin; aud New li rig, Shrewsbury ; Miller, Madeley Market- Place; Houlstons, audM) bbs, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge awl Much Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Evanson, Whitchurch; Baugh, Crosse, Ellesmere; Procter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery; Jones and Co. Evans, Roberts, and Powell, WeNi Pool; Morrall, Price, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; GriHiths, Ludlow; Gitton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth ; Scarrott, Shitf. ial ; Painter, Wrexham; Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llangerniew; Evans, Newtown; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. CHILBLAINS are prevented trom breaking, and their tormenting Itching instantly removed by WHITE- HEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUSTARD, universally esteemed for its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections, and Complaints of the Stomach ; but where this certain remedy has been unknown or neglected, and the Chil- blains have actually suppurated, or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pam, and very speedily heal them. They are prepared and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, the Essence aud Pills at 2s. 9d. each— the Cerate at Is. ljd. They are also sold by EDDOWES, Newling, and Palin, Shrewsbury ; Painter, Wrex- ham ; Baugh, Eilesmere; Houlstons, & Mobbs, Wellington j Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow ; Partridge, & Gitton, Bridgnorth; Edwards, Price, and Miushall, Oswestry; and by every Medicine Vender iu tne United Kingdom, The geuuine has a black ink Stamp with the Name of R, Johnston, inserted on it. Printed and published by IV, £ dciowest Corn- Market, Shrewsbury.
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