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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 882
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 19/12/1810
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 882
No Pages: 4
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^ aiop ma rPRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, • ^ ^ ^ ^ " * ' ~ CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. December 19, 1810 Price Sixpence Halfpenny Wednesday This Payer is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the adj^ f^ s of INLAND and WAdvertisements not exceeding ten Lins, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each, atlas FIRE AND LIFE Slsjsur arm ( Bompmtp OF LONDON. 8 AX. OP" PERSONS who have assured at this Office are requested to take notice, that Policies expiring at Christmas- dan next, should be renewed at that period, or within fifieen- dnys thereafter. Renewal Receipts are now ready for delivery in the bands of tbe several Anents. who are empowered to effect new Assurances confor mable to the printed Proposals of the Company. HENRY DESBOROUGH, Jun. SECRETARY. Cheapside, Condor., \ tt December, 1810. AGENTS. Shrewsbury, Mr. R. P.. Barron. Caernarvon, Mr. Rob. Roberts. F. llesmere, Mr. C. Hughes, IMyreet/, Mr. Griffith Williams Drayton, Mr. D. Proctor. Hoh/ hend, Mr. John Price. Welshpool, Mr. R Binger.) Farm near ) „ p QWf „ Chester, Mr. J. Poole. Abe. rg'le, $ Bangor, Mr. J. RasbrooV. Os-. vtslry, Mr E. Edwards. Beaumaris, Mr. John Jones. Uandovery, Mr. John Jones. The Directors are desirous of establishing Agents for the Company in those Towns where appointments have not al- ready been made. Applications, accompanied with refe- rences, to be addressed to the Secretary. i ~~ A FARM. WANTED to Rent, at Lady Day next, about 250 or 300 Acres of Tillage and Pasture Land.— The ' Advertiser would have no Objection to laying out ,£ 800 or I £ 1000 in the Improvement of a Farm, upon which he could have a suitable Lease. Letters addressed to No. 132, at the PRINTER'S, will be immediately attended to. WafTes's Bankruptcy. THE Creditors of SAMUEL DAVIES & PETER DAVIES, late of Duvton in Hales, in the County of Salop, Bankers, Dealers, and Chapmen, and Copartners in Trade, against whom a Commission of Bankrupt was lately awarded, are requested to attend a MEETING to be holdeu at the Phteniy Inn, in Drayton in Hales aforesaid, ori WED- NESDAY. the 2< ith DAY of DECEMBER instant, at 12 o'Clock at Noon, for the Purpose of assenting to, or dissent- ing from, the filing of oue or more Bill or Bills in the High Court of Chancery, by the Assignees, to enforce the Comple- tion of the respective Contracts which have been made by JOHN TAYLEUH, Esq. —— TWEMLOWE, Esq. and Mr. WAI- TER MINOR, for the Purchase of certain Parts of an Estate of the said Bankrupts situate at Tyrley, in that Part of the I Parish of Drayton in Hales which lies in the County of Stafford ; the said respective Purchasers refusing to complete their Contracts on Account of a Question raised hy Counsel, whether the Estate Tail in Remainder which was vested in thu said Peter Davies, and the Remainders expectant thereon, have or not been barred by the Proceedings under the Coin- mission, and the Bargain and Sale from the Commissioners to the Assignees, and the said Bankrupts refusing to suffer a Common Recovery to obviate, tbe Question and confirm Ihe Title. LEE St NtCKSON, Solicitors. TO BE LET, And entered upon the 1 si Day of May next, ANEW- ERECTED DWELLING HOUSE. handsomely finished, consisting of a Vestibule, two good Parlours, Kitchen, & c. on tbe Ground Floor; a Draw- ing Room and well sized Bedchambers, upon the first and second Stories; with commodious Offices, a Pump, Yard, and Garden thereunto belonging, situate in WILLOW STREET, in the Town of OSWESTRY, now in the Holding of Mr. Evan Jones. Apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Soliiitor, Oswestry, MONTGOMERYSHIRE, t . SCHEME 4 Prizes of...,£ 20,000.... 8 2,000.... I o 1,000.... ! 0 500.... 24 100.. . PASTURE, & ARABLE LAND, & c. To be Let, anientered upon at Lady Day next, IN LOTS, SEVERAL Pieces of rich feeding Pasture, Arable, and Meadow Land, which may be irrigated to great Advantage, consisting of 150 Acres, or thereabouts ; Parts nf GARTH FARM, in the holding of Mr. Tudor, and TREF- NANT FARM, in the holding of Mr. Powen ; very con. veniently situated upon the Turnpike Road between Pool and Guilsfield, about a Mile from each Place Also, a substantial Brick- built sashed DWELLING HOUSE, in the Church- Street, in the Town of POOL, wilh suitable Others, Stable, Garden, and a Piece of rich pastnrp Land near the Town, in the Possession of Mr. Payn. Enquire of Mr. ROUTLEDOB, Pentrego.— EDWARD WIL- LIAMS, of Garth, or Samuel Farmer, of Pool, will shew the Premises. FRENCH. ABRF. GF. de L'HISTOIRE ANC1ENNE, en particulier de l'Histoire Orecque, suivi d1 un Abregi de la Fable, 12mo. 4s. bound. Romaine, 12mo. 4s. bound. Uniierselle, de M. Bossutt. 12mo. 4s. bound. PIECESCHOISIES de FAmi de « Enfan « , 12mo. 4s. bound. BIBLIOTHEQUF, PORTATIVE; or, French Elegant Extiacts. By Messrs. Moysaut et de Levizac. 3 torn, royal Bvo £ 2. 8s. boards. BELISAIRE, par Marmontcl, nouvelle edition, 12mo. 4s. bound. FABLES de la FONTAINE, avec des notices sur sail, celles d'Esope et de Phedre, et de nouvelles Notes, par M. de I. evizac. tis. bound. AVENTURES de TELEMAQUR, nouvelle edition, par Wanostrocht. 12mo. 4s. hound. GONZALVE de CORDOUE; ou, Grande Reconquise. Precede du precis Historique sur les Mnuies. Par Fiorian. Nouvelle Edition. Par M Gros. 12mo. 6s. bound. H1STOIRF. de I' EMPIRE de RUSSIE, sous Pierre- le. Grand. Par M. de Voltaire. Nouvelle Edition, suigneuse- ment corrigce, et collationnee, sur les medicares impressions. 12mo. 5s. bound. H1STOIRE de CHARLES XII. Roi de Suede. ! 2mo. 4j. bound. LESINCAS; ou, La Destruction de 1' Empire dn Perou. Par Maiiooutcl. Revii et corrig£ e d'apres les meilleures editions de Paris, par N. Wanostrocht. 12mo. 5s. 6d. bound. LECONS de FENELON, extraites de ses Ouvrages, pour L'Education de PEufance, et accoinpagnees des notes. Par M. de Levizac. I lino. 5s. bound. RACINE ( CE ivies de) avec les Jugemeus de La Harpe, snr les Tragedies et de nouvelles Notes Grammaticales, par M. de Levizac. 3 torn. l2mo. 10s. 6< 1. boards. ABP. EGE de B1BLIOTHEQU.. PORTATIVE, en Prose et en Vers; squat e 12ino. 5s. bound. 4.012 Prizes. JC200,000 This Lottery has to recommend it « » TICKETS and SHARES CHEAPER! I GREATER CHOICE OF NUMBERS! MORE CAPITAL PRIZES! NO PRIZE UNDER TWENTY POUNDS! TICKETS and SHARES are selling at all the Licensed Offices, and by every Lottery AGENT in the United Kingdoms, on much cheaper Terms than the last, as may be seen by the following comparison of Prices. PRESENT LOTTERY. LAST LOTTERY. Ticket £' 11 O 0 Ticket X" 22 15 0 Half JO. 15 0 Half... 11 14 0 Quarter 5 9 6 Quarter 5 19 O Eighth..., 2 15 6 Eighth. 2 19 6 Sixteenth......... 18 0 Sixteenth 1 10 6 An early Purchase Is recommended, as the Scheme seems to meet universal approbation, and a great demand is expected. Dr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops. FOR THE CURE OF SCURVY, KING'S EVIL, VENEREAL COMPLAINTS, & c. LONG wished lor is come at last! What's that ? Why Dr. SMITH'S PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS; which, notwithstanding the Efforts of interested Men, are now in the highest Repute; and the Cures daily performed, in Cases which hale baffled the Skill of the most eminent Practitioners, aie so numerous, and attested by such respectable Witnesses, as to prove beyond the possibility of Contradiction, their Superiority over any other Medicine in the United Kingdom. KING'S EVIL. TO DR. SMITH. DIAR SIR— As t am not used to write much, t humbly in- form yon, for the benefit of mankind, that my daughter Martha Jebb, at the age of 7 years, was shockingly afflicted with the King's Evil. In 1803, she was recommended by a lady as an out- patient to the Infirmary, in which situation she remained until 1305, without receiving any benefit. I was then advised to try the Ploughman's Drops, which I did, and thank God I soon found, without the help ofthe surgeon's knife, or burning hot caustic, that my dear daughter in the short space of three mouths was perfectly cured, and remains at this time quite sound. I must observe that tbe ulcers round her poor little neck were enough to shock tbe heart of auyone. I am, dear Mr. Smith, your's, WM. JF. B B. U iock- iardine, Jan. 17, 1808. My daughter may be seen any day, as a living witness of the good your blessed Ploughman's Drops are capable of doing. These Drops aie to be had in square Bottles, with these Words moulded on each, •• Mr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops," ( all others are spurious), at £ 1 8s. the large, aud lis. the small, Duty included, at tbe Doctor's House, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; of W. F. DDoWIs, Printer of this Paper, in Shrewsbury ; Capsey, Wellington ; Mr. Yeats, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge ; Partridge, Bridgnorth ; Silvester, Newport; Griffiths, Ludlow; Baugh, Ellesmere; Joues, Whitchurch ; Procter, Drayton; Price, Oswestry; Fainter, Wrexham ; and Wa d'son, WetjSpoui. TURNPIKE TOLLS. Shrewsbury, Dec. 3, J810. 1 NOTICE is hereby given, That at a MEETING ' of the Trustees of tbe Shrewsbury District of the ' Waiting- Street, Stretion and Longden, and of the Welsh , Gate and •'. asohnrch Roods, to be holden at the Guildhall, in . Shrewsbury on MONDAY, Ihe SEVENTH Day ot JANUARY, 1811, ot Eleven o'CIock in the Forenoon, the ' tolls arising on the Roads undermentioned will be severally I. EF BY AUC- TION to lb* best Bidder, for one or more Years, as may be agired upon ( commencing at Lady- Day next), in the Mariner directed by the Act passed iu the 13th Year of his present Majesty " For regulating the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls now produce the following Sums above the En penses of collect- ing them.— Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must give Security, wilh sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they ( hall direct. No Person will be allowed to bid for any of the said lolls, uiitil his Sureties are first approved of by the Trustees. And NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN, That at the said Meeting there will be an ELECTION OF NEW TRUS- TEES for the said Roads, in the room ol others who aie dead, or have rtsighed. The Tern and Emstrey Gates, on the Shrewsbury Dis- 1 £ trictof the Watling- Street Road, with the By- Gates 630 at Cronkliill- Lane and Wroxeter - y The Tolls arising at Frodetley Gate, now in the Hands of the T rustees. The Meole Gale, on the Road leading to Church Stret- ) ton, together with tbe Cheek Gate at the End of S- 250 Meole Bridge ------ J The Nobold Gate, on the Road leading to Longden and / .- - Bishop's Castle J13 7he Tolls of the Meole and tiohold Gales are to be attvaneed at Lad,. Day next, viz. On Horses drawing Waggons, Calls, icc. with narrow wheels, from 3d. to 4$ d. Ditto ditto ditto with six Inch wheels, from 2d. to 3d. The Mount Gate, in Frank well, on the Road leading ) towards Pool and Oswestry, together with ihe Check- > 650 Gate, at Mon'tford Bridge ) Tlie Ttewern and Mtddletown Gates, on the New Branch ofthe Road to Pool, now in tbe Hands of the Trustees. The Copthorn Gate, on the Road leading to Wcstbury - 2U3 The Ga'es on the Roads leading to Minsterley - - 410 The Cotton Hill and Piescot Gates, on the Road lead- ? ing to Baschurch - .... J N. B. It is proposed to Let with the above Tolls all the PROFITS or PENALTIES, arising fiom the different Weighing Engines, for overweight, & c. LONGDEN ROAD. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that at the above Meeting the Propriety of erecting a Cheek Gate across the Bye Road leading from Nobold to Meole Brace will be taken into Con- sideration. JOHN JONES, Clerk to tbe Trustees of the said Roads, LATIN. A GRAMMAR of the LATIN TONGUE. By J. Jones, Author of the Greek Grammar. 3s. bound. This Grammar, it is presumed, while it is adapted for the use of the most bumble learner, by its simplicity, precision, and brevity, is, at the same time, calculated to interest Ihe philosophical teacher, by the novelty and solidity of its principles. The ELEMENTS of the LATIN TONGUE, with all the lules in English for the more ready improvement of Youth. Second Edition, improved aud corrected. By the Rev. Robert Armstrong, • rice 2s. 6d. bound. LIVll HIST. By Hunter. 12mo. 4s. bound. CLAVIS CICF. RONIANA, site Indices Rerum et Verborum Philologico critici in Opera Cicerouis. 8vo. 15s. boards. XENOPHONTIS MEMORABILIUM, Lib. IV. usque od Lib III. Cap. VI. Interp. Nova donavit, et var. lect. Auxin. Gutielmus Beuwell, M. A. Coll. SS. Trinitatis nuper Socius. I Textus, quod defuit, cum variii L- ctionibui e Schneider*. 3 to. 9s. beard*. * flie u\ DON. FRIDAY, DF. CF. MRRR 14, AMERICAN ' iNTBlllHIINCE. American paners have beep received to the ] 6th ult. most impAtant articles in them are a Proetam{ itionJ|< isued in the President on the 2d. and a ciYcular, of the « aW date, from Mr. Gallatin to the Collectors of tlife'Customs, both of which documents are given at length in bur last pa? e. It- appears from them, that the French Government ht^ aeWaHy notified the revocation of its edicts violating the neutral Com- merce of the ITnU* d States. We may be' » wir « f;' however, that Bonaparte has not thus abruptly gone to the extremity of concession, wrib. ii. ny. . intention . that sHth a proceeding nhonld contribute to tlie reStoratioo of haYihohy between tbis country and tbe United States.- He has aCoutierl the ad- vantage of having tbe Non- intercourse act entirety abrogated, sofaras respects France; Imt he " ill be gieiijly . disappointed, if it should not tie enforced, as tht- catened"' m'Mr. Gallatin's letter, against this country, It cannot tscape the attention of our readers, tfrat .. there is no ' mention, fii the Prrsident's Proclamation of Ihe Berlin nnd Milan decrees, riorVf the Order's In Criuncil, issued in retaliation for the Berlin decree, ' file repeal rigfet bor. jntjna- ' to ' vitnhold train the House now a plan on which he himself had before so much time t. o deliberate; nor could hs conceive any fair reason for his refusing the explanation, unless that he bad not made up his own mind as to th? measure he really meant to adoot. The order for consider- ation was then changed for Thursday, and it was ordered that the House be then callej over in the first instance. Ad- journed. If. is rumoured that Lncien Bonaparte, whose nrrtvai at Plymouth is announced in a foregoing? column, wilt he sent til Ludlow, in this county, where he will remain on his ph-' ole. m Earl Spencer iie Earl of Liverpool Hie J'arl of Puwis The Earl of Ixiusdale • Old Vmeount Sidmnuth Lord Hastings ( Earl Moira) Lord Oreiiville Lord Willesley ( Marquis Wel- leslcy) Lord Kedesdale i, ord l'. llenborough Lord Erskine, Doctors Rev in Ids, Aeberden, and Baillie, preceded by the Deputy Usher of the Black Kod, attended ut their Lordships' bar, when the Clerk administered lo them an oath, that they would declare the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, respecting tbe stale of'his Majesty'* health SATUKDAY— DECEMBER 15. The House met this, day, for the puipuse ef administering the oath to Dr. Sir H. Halford and Dr. Willis, pi< vious lo the delivery of their testimony beiorc the Committee of Ibe Peers. The two, Physicians we're accordingly sworn, aud U> e H mse adjourned until Monday. The Lord Chancellor The Archbishop of York The Lurd President ( Earl Camden) The Lord Privy Sep.! ( Earl ol Westmoreland) The Duke of Norfolk The Marquis of Lansdowne The Marquis of Abercorn Earl Graham ( D of Montrose) The Earl of Buckinghamshire HOUSE OF COMMON'S— THURSDAY, The Speaker having taken tbp chair, tbe CHANCELLOR ot the 1' xcniQUEr. rose, and addressed the House :—' Mr. Speaker,' Sir,' when I last had tbe honour pf addressing you, previous to the adjournment of this day fortnight, I had occa- sion to rectir pai liculaiy to the copituuiiicatioii nifcde to me from the'Privy (. ouuc. il; and with i. elf. reiice to that communi- cation, and the contents of it,' I conceived myself fully justified PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF LORDS— MONDAY, DEC. 17. The House met pursuant tu adjournment, but tbe Report of their Lordship's Committee upon the enquiry touching the state of the King's health not being prepared, the House adjourned lo Wednesday. HOUSE OF COMMONS. Mr. DUNDAS brought up the report'Tn » ri tbe Committee j appointed to examine the physicians respecting the state of his Majesty's health. On the motion of the CHANCELLOR OF • r » K KXCHE< IUIJR it was ordered to lie on the table, and to be printed. The Chance lior of the Exchequer then rose, aud stated, that as it was j » ossible, the report might not be printed in time tor du- eus^ ing the subject on Wednesday, as he had proposed at the last meeting, and as uncertainty on that head wiHiid be obviated by Thursday, he should, with the leave of the House, propese that the report he taken into consider- ation on that day. iie felt it. right now to state, if the House should agree to his proposal, the step he should on that day pursue, viz. that he should move the ttousie to resolve itself into a Committee on ihe state of nation, and in that Com- mittee he should propose three preliminary resolutions strictly according with the precedent under similar circumstances in 1788. The first would express the state of his Majesty's illness, which incapacitated him at present from discharging the royal functions. The the necessity of providing a substitute for his Majesty in the capacity of H'gent — And the 3d, the expediency of bringing in a bill for providing such regency, and under such limitations as he should then describe. Having thus fairly apprised the House of the out- line of the measures which it was his intention to propose, he should feel it uuneccessary to state any further explanation at the . present moment, that might tend to elicit premature discussion, reseiving what he had. to say on that subject for Tliuisday ; as conceiving the Mouse sufficiently apprised of the ratuve and object of his propositions to come fully pre- pared for discussion. Mr. PONSONBY thanked" the' right hon. gent, for the com- munication he had made of his intentiohs. To the resolution first mentioned*, he thought thete could be no objection,— The second might possibly excite some discussion, and call for some amendment ; but with respect to the third, so far as it was explained by the ri » ht hon. cent he thought it fair to an- nounce that it should meet his most decided opposition, fie thought, that if tlie right hon. gunt, had only adverted to the letter of his Royal H'gnoess the Prince of . W.- Ues, addressed Id Mr. Pitt on a lonm'r occasion, to tlie ioterveiiiugcivcutns( ances which had sir. ee occurred, and to the comparative state of things . between the present aud the former time, he would not have resolved ou-. following.- such . a precedent as the. bill introduced in 1788 j because he could not conceive, under SHREWSBURY, Wednesday, December 19, 1810. MARRIED. OiiThnrsdav, the 6th inst. at. Haihpstoad. near London, Mr. B. Davies, to Miss Wood, both of ibis town. On the 11 tb iust• at Penkiidge, in tbe countv of Stafford, by the Rev Richard Slaney, li A. Mr. John Stockley, of Kinlet, in this county, to Sarah, only daughter and sole hei- ress of the lute Richard Baguall, Esq. formerly of Eaton House, near Penkridge. On the Sth inst. at A Brighton, by the Rev. Thos. Lloyd, Mr. Savage, of Eaton House, to Miss Given, of Albrightou. D1 ED. On the 10th inst. at Bath, of an apoplectic fit, Ralph Browne Wy Ide Browne, Esq, of Caugbley, in this county. Lately, at Mount Sion, near Frodesley, aged upwards of 1CI, Mrs. Vaughan, formerly of Malpas, in the county of Che. ter. On the 11th iust.. Richard Edleston, Esq. father of Mr. E lleston, solicitor, of NaiiUvich. Last week, Mr. Bull, sen. butcher, of this town. On Thursday se'uuight, at Packington, the seat of the Right 11 in. ihs Karl of Aylesford, John Francis Rigatid, Esq. R. A. a member of the Academy of Boulogne, anil of the Royal Academy of Stockholm, and histor cal painter to Gusiavus IV. of Sweden. Lately , at Seville, a seivant in the bouse of Don Fernandez Garcia, aged 106. During the epidemic which ra£ ed vvjtb gieat. violence in Seville in 1800, he was supposed to bedead ; but at the mument of his interment, some signs of life ap- pearing lo those who canied him, he vvas recalled to sensation by pouring a small quantity of wine down his throat. He has had five masters iu tbe course of his long service in the house ot Garcia. Oh Sunday, the 9th instant, were ordained by the Lord Bishop of Winchester, at his private chapel, Chelsea:— Foil DEACON'S ORBF. RS— George Berry Gobhold, A. M. Emmanuel College. Cambridge,; Frederick Shailet Lomax, A. M. Trinity College, Caiioornlge ; K. Prodgers, A. M. Trinity College, Oxford ; T. Prince, A li. W. idharn College, Oxford; John Coles, A. B. University College, Oxford. Foa. Paissr's OSDEHS— George Hunt, A M. University College, Oxford ; Thomas Linwood Strong, A. M. Oriel College, Oxford ; . Tames Harrinstton Evans, Wadham College, Oxford ; Robert Francis King, from the East Indies. Before the Ordinal ion a Sermon was preached by the ' Itev. George Hunt, from I Timothy iy. 16. .' lboilier Ghost.— We have received the following account from a respectable gentleman, residing in the neighbourhood where the events related in ' it took place : the letter is dated on Sunday List. " ' Hie inhabitants of . Voithwnod Green, not far distant from Wem, iii this county, have been in ihe utmost consternation from witnessing an unusual aud extraordinary disturbance in a bouse near the Turnpike Gate there ; it beSan on Wednes- day last, anil continued tbe four succeeding din vs. On Wednesday, during the absence of the master of the house ( occa sioned by the death of his mother- in- law- winrresMed in the opposite bouse) for about four hours, a great number of stones, brick ends, coal in lumps of considerable size, & c. & c. were thrown, or rather dropped, in several apartments of the house, the family being at the time in different rooms, the doors and windows all shut. The stones seemed to fall from tbe first floor, where not the smallest aperture could be dii- • cemed. Several were seen lo rise from ihe celiac fl jnr, im- i ascend the stairs; in short, there was such noise in every room— stones, bricks, & c. filling in such an unaccountable ami . astonishing manner, that tbe family vvas almost distracted with fear. Two young women, maiitua- niakers, making mourning for the friends of the deceased, were taken very ill - one fainted ; the other, with the rest of the family making their escape. Several stones and brick ends fell in the op- posite house, where the corpse lav. A scene so much out of tbe common order of things, induced several persons to visit Ihe pi ice, and to endeavour to find out the cause ; but it Ins so staggered men of moie than common judgment and abili- ties, that they have gone away wondering and much alarmed ; and crowds are. daily going tn see it. ' Had I not received this information from persons upon whose veracity I could strictly depend, I should not liavr* troubled myself about it. Yesterday, however, I had the curiosity to visit the hoo- e,' where 60 persons were assembled, and found it to be as before described. Thestones and bricks were dropped into a girl's apron as sbe sat bv the fire, which induced me to be very particular in examining, but I could, not d scover bow it was possible that they could be conveyed by human hands in the manner they were; for they fell w ttl ' such a clap, and remained on the floor, without moving a hair's breadth.— t am not over credulous of such things," but you may depend On the above being fact, as several persons of respectability and veracity have witnessed the scene with tny- e| f » Fire.— The extensive Corn Mills on the Mersey, belonging to Messrs. Greaves, M. Marshall, and C. M'Niven, were d. scovered to be on lire about eteven o'clock at night, on the 8th inst. and notwithstanding the most prompt and vigorous exertions, in a few hours the whole premises were completely destroyed. For- tunately for the proprietors the buildings were insured to the amount of £ 10,000; but many persons who had sent corn to be ground, have suffered the loss of it. Ou Sunday week in the morning, two stacks of corn, the property of Mr. Dentith, of Cotton, near Chester, were destroyed by lire. Tlie impossibility of accounting for the origin of the lire has led to a suspicion that it was the act of au incendiary. In the course of the debate in the late Catholic Meeting in Dublin, on the 20th Nov. Mr, O'Contiell said—" We are assured, from authority, that his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has pledged his word, that whenever it shall be in his power, lie will redress the grievances of the Catholics. Of this fact we are morally certain, that the moment he ascends the throne we shall be delivered from the vile blotted race of tha Fertorrair, tho Poles, the Welk sleys, and the Fosters, and of their tribe of venal scribt's, who pollute and infest the free Press of our country— who now, by their affectation of delicacy, seek to divide the Catholics of Ireland." On a subject of long courtship, a gentleman observed lately, that the lady was right in delaying the nuptial tye, nntil her swain made liis suit with due energy; " Tiue," replied. bis friend ( who vvas a politician), " but whenever the energies of tiiind aie brought into action for the public benefit, they deserve support, as ill Ihe present State Lottery, whore all the advantages of past years are brought into a focus, and now presented by a New Plan of Drawing Two Hundred Thousand Pounds All iu One Day, on the I. Vh of February next. Caution to Journeymen.— On Wednesday, at theOlii Bailey, iu London, the printers lately found guilty of a conspiracy to raise their wages had the following sen- tences of imprisonment passed upon them: Robert Hewlett and John Gee, two years; William Clifton, Stephen fiecket, and George West ray, eighteen caiendur months; Stephen Hurlej, Henry Byrne, aud Thomas Woollej, one year; Roderick Paskin, Edward Kidd, William Williams, Corbet Latham, William Coy, James Macartney, John Mackintosh, Nathaniel Collins, Mac- colm Craig, John Chapman, aui John Simpson, nine Calendar jnonths. Price of Grain in our Market on SaUirday last— Wheat lis. 6( 1. to 15s. 5d.— Barley 6s. 9.1.— Pease 7s. fol. per bushel of 3S quarts!— Oats 6s. ( id. — per customary measure of 57 quarts. Mark* LMne. December 14. Wheat is neat ly at our last quotation. — Barley in plenty, and a falling article ; Malt dull sale. — Peas and B. uis » ot each description, haidly at last prices. Wo have also large supplies ot Oats, nud second, wiih inferior qualities, are named rather cheaper. — Flour is expected lower. Current Price of Grain per Quarter as under : — Wheat 5tis. to I White Peas i*.. to bO- Barley 30a. lo 42s. I ' Oats 20s. to .3: Is. Bean, 50s. to | Malt 10s. to TiJs. £ 5" 0ur readers are informed, that the Farm, called Bwlcti Eithiu, advertised in our last Journal to be Sold by Auction, at the Cross Foxes, in Osmcs- try, on Wednesday, the 26th inst. will be Sold by Auction, at Welsh Pool, ou tlie • JHtli Day o/ Jauuary next.— Sen advertisement in this Paper. We have the pleasure to acquaint the inhabitants of this town, that the proprietors of the water works have given orders for repairing the reservoir at the Butter Cross, so that it may contain the usual quantity of water, and by that means furnish a better supply to the town, till some proper plan can be fixed upon for erect- ing a new building. Visiting Clergyman this week at the lufirmary, the Uev. Mr. Owen:— House- Visitors, Mr. Jonathan Perry and Mr. William Scoltock. At the Weekly Board on Saturday last, the Sum of five shillings was received of the Rev. Mr. Saiidford, being his share of a penalty inflicted on John Barlow, servant to Mr. William Taylor, for riding in his said master's cart ou the public" highway, iu Whitchurch parish. Our Fair on Wednesday last was rather scantily sup- plied with fat beasts; which sold at an average ol 7d. per lb.— Fat pigs fell in price on that day so low as 6d. per lb.— Salt Butter from 13s. to ISs. Od. per gawu of l; 2lb. Robert Williams, a labourer from Kinnerton, in the county ot Flint, has been committed to Chester gaol, qliarged ou oath, with a violent suspicion of having set fire to tbe outbuildings of Mr. Wrench, of Huntington 13 all, near Chester, as mentioned in our last paper. Method uf preventing Cohl Feet at ILd- timi.— Uiaw oil' your stockings just before undressing, and rub your ancles aud ' iect viell with yyur hand, as hard as you can bear the pressure, Iprlioi 10 minutes; and you will never have tu complain oi cold feet in bed. It is hardly Conceivable what a phasurable glow this diffuses.— Frequent wash! rf t Wfeet," Jind robbing them thoroughly dry with a linen ci > th or flitinel, is useful. fine Flour, 80s. . to 85*.— Seconds 1 >*. to BiU. per sack. DECIMBKR 11.]- To day the fresh arrivals of Wheat make a tolerable supply ; not much ti. e, which supports last, prices; inferior somewhat lower ; Barley aud Mall are both clieapei ; Peas and Beans of eact) sort at little variation. The quan- tities of Oats are considerable; and this article likewise somewhat che'aper. Drayton Assembly ILL' be held at the TALBOT I\* N, on TUESDAY, the Sth of JANUARY, 1811. Viscountess K1LLMORF. Y Sir JOHN CHKrWODE, Bart ^ Ma II STRAYED, FROM KIXTOX, IN THE COUNTY OF SALOP, Oil Wednesday Morning, the l' 2th of December Insiant, . ADARK bay COLT, rising two Years old, has a small Star in his Forehead, and a few white Hairs oi> the near hind Leg: — Whoever has found the same, aud will bring him to Mr. ROCF. RS, of KINTJX aforesa. d, or to Mr. 1' uDoa, Upholsterer, Shrewsbury, shall be handsomely re- warded, and have all reasonable Expenses paid. STATE LOTTERY. AZARD, BURNE, and Co. Stock- Brokers, respectfully inform the Publ othit TICKETS and SHARES for the NEW STATE LOTTERY, am now on Sale at their Office, No. 93, ROYAL EXCHANGE, LONDON. The Lottery consists of 20,000 Tickets numbered from 1 to 20,000, ou an entire New Plan. The Scheme contains four Prizes of .£" 20,000,— Forty other Capitals,— and no Puzo lower than .£ 10. All to be drawn the 15th FEBRUARY Next. In the late October Lottery, No. 27, a Prize of .£ 40,600, arid 2,3t » 8, a Prize of .£ 2,000, vveie Doth sold in Sluies al the above Office. Letteis, post paid, duly answered. Schemes gratis. Agent for tbe above Olfice, Mr. NEWLING, EooUseller., Shrewsbury, of whom l'ickets a. iu Siiaics may oe hail at tiie London pt jees. No Share? but th m . tor the Stale, Lottery soid by HAZARO, Busss, & Co, Pounds, I ht'm\ t Fire- Office. KNEW AL Receipts for Polities H fulling due at Christmas, are now in the Hands of the several Agents of the Company. Insurances of cverv Description" are, effected on the must moderate Terms. Stock on a Farm may be insured in one Sum without the Average Clause, at 2s. I per Cent, per Annum. # lc* Persons insuring for Three Hundred or upwards, it ill no: ie chafed for Ihe Policy : und all Ei. df » sements xiillbe made ( bath. By Order of the Directors, H, A. HARDY, Sec. of Omntrv Department. JOHN WHIT FORI); ~ PLASTER Eli, IFYLF. COP, SHREWSBURY, » F, TURNS his sincere Thanks to the Nobility; Gentry, and Public at large, for the numerous Favours Conferred upon him in the above Business; and begs Leave to inform them, he has taken his Nephew, JosEPk WHITFORO, into Partnership ; and respectfully solicits for himself and Nephew a Continuance of that liberal Suppott'and Patronage he has hitherto received and which they will endeavour to merit by everv Means in their Power*. December 18 Ih, 18it). Wort hen' General '/ tssociuti& n. rpHE Members of. this . Association are requester! JL to attend their ANNU A I. MEETING, at Mr. D VCAVER'S, in Woithen, on WEDNESDAY. 1 lie 26th Inst. Dinhei , on the Tab'e at two o'Clock. JOSEPH HUTTER, Secretary. WorOen, WK December, 1811). Longwod Goal, Brie'?, aud Lime Works. ryiHK Proprietors beg Leave to acquaint their JL Friends and Customers, that the PAY DAY for the Works will lie at the RAVEN AND HELL INN, Shrewsbury, on SATURDAY, the TWENTY- NINTH Dry of DECEM- BER Instant; where they hope their Friends will be punctual in attending. NOTICE. THE TRUSTERS between THOMAS MASON, Esq. and his Creditors, hereby give Notice to all the Creditors who have signed the Trust Deed, that thev may re- ceive Half a Year's Interest on their respective Demands; to thfe 24LH June, 1810, by applying at the SALOP BANK And, to prevent future Notice and Trouble, the Creditors will take Notice, that they may receive, in like Manner, Haifa Year's Interest everv subsequent Christmas and Midsummer, with- out further Advice.-— All Applicants will be pleased to bring stamped Receipts where required. ABATES FCTF AUCTION. G. WILLIAMS's CREDITORS HER E A S GEORGE WILLIAMS, of CHIRBURY, in the Countv of Salop, Mercer, Grocer, &. c," bath assigned over oil his Effects for the equal Benefit of his Creditors, to Mr. S. HARLEY anil Mr. ANDREW JONSS, both of the Toun of Shrewsbury ; those Creditors who chose to reap the Benefit of it are tequested to sign the Deed of Assign meiit'on or before the first Day of January, 1811, or they wilt be \ cfinleil The STOCK IN TRADE is selling considerably UNDER PRIME COST, at his Shop in Chirburv. All Persons who stami indebted are requested to pay their respective Debts at the said Shop, where there are two Per- sons authorised to receive them, who will attend till theafore. mentioned Time ; and those Persons who do not pay by thai Time will be sued for the same without further Notice. De- ember 11, 1810. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. ALL Persons having ary Demand on the Estate or Effects of the late Mr. EDWARD HARRIES, of the WHITE HORSE INN, Frankwell, SHREWSBURY, are desired to. send, an Account, thereof to his Executors Mr. CnAkLKs HANMER and Mr. THOMAS RATCMPFK, at the said Inn, on oi befoir SATURDAY, the 22d December instant, by Eleven o'Clock on that Day, in Order that the same may be adjusted and settled ; and nil Persons standing indebted to the sold Mr. HARRIES as aforesaid, are d- sircd forthwith to pay the same to eitfier of the said Executant • Dated the I2M December, 1810. Notice to Debtors and Ci editors. ALL Persons standing indebted to the Estate ol JOHN TAYLOR, of LUDLOW, London Carriei, deceased, are hereby requested immediately to pay their respective Debts to Mr. THOMAS CADWALLAOER, Innkeeper, of Ludlow, or Mr, THOMAS ROBERTS, Ironmonger, at Kiligll ton, Radnorshire, Executors. Aud all Persons having any Demands ON the ' said Estate are desired to deliver an Account thereof to either of the saiil Executors; they having disposeil of the Carrying Business to Messrs. Robeits and Clewer. Lud'or, December 12, 181( 1. CAI REINION INCLOSURE. ~ INSPECTION OF CLAIMS. ACOPY of the Claims which have been delivered to the Commissioner, of the Common and other Rights ill, upon, or to Ihe Commons or Waste Lands within the respective Townships of Cwmgoror and Castle, Nantforch, Bripelen, Kylyrwch, Gellygasson, and Penarth, or either of th<; M, and also a Copy of the Objections uhich he bath received to the Maps and Particulars of the Lands iu those Townships, will be left with Mr. WILLIAM HUGHES, at the OOAT INN, in LLANFAIR, on Thursday ' the twentieth Day of December Instant, and will remain in his Custody there for Ihe Space of twenty- one Days for the Inspection uf all Parties interested. • Whoever hath any Objection'to the said Claims, or any of them, either wholly or in part, is required to leave the same in Writing with Mr. Hughes, before the Expiration of the said Twenty- one Days, for the Infoimatiou of theCniii- rnissioiier; and lo specify therein w hether the Objection is lo tire whole Claim; or only to Part, and if not to the Whole, then to what Part thereof. E. EDYE, Commissioner's Cleik. Dated 15th December, 1810. Farm and Timber. BY GLOVER AND SON, THIS DAY, At tho Cross Keys, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 19th of December, 1810, be- ween the Hours of two and five o'Clock inthe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be ihen produced. IN TWO LOTS i LL lhat desirable and conipact FARM, called THK FARM OF THE HEATH, containing 160 i « i-., or thereabouts, of good sound Arable Laud, with a mtabie Proportion'of Pasture and Meadow Land, which is capable of very great Improvement, all in a Ring Fence; arid situate, Part in the Parish of Knockin, and Part in Ilodnet, mid now in the Occupation Of Thomas Walker, who is under Notice to quit at lady- Day, and will shew the Premises; distant from Shrewsbury 11 Miles, Oswestry 7, from the Lime Rocks about 3, and fiotn the Ellesmere Canal 3 Miles. LOT I. consists of three Pieces of Land,, called The Game- sters, containing about 51) Acres, more or less, 12 of which are Meadow Land, capable of veiy great Improvement, and situate in the Parish of Knockin. LOT II, contains 130 " Acres, more or less, of good sound Aiable Land, divided into convenient Inclosures, with a good House and Fold Yard, and al! necessary and convenient Buildings, in good Repair, and is situate in the Parish of Hoduet, and, on account of its Distance therefrom, and by an Arrangement long since settled, is not- subject to any Poor Rates or Pamchial Duties of any Kind, and pays only a half Tithe to the Rector ot Kuockin. The Timber upon' both. Lots to betaken to by the Pur- chaser at a fair Valuation. At the suae Time o'rd Place mill be sold the following CAPITAL TIMBER; Iu the following Lots, or such other as might be agreed upon at the Time of Sole : LOT I. 120 OAK, 9 Elm, 14 Ash, and 7 Birch. LOT II. 91 OAK, 23 Ash, 5 BeeCh, 3 Sycamore, 4 Poplar, 4 Alder, and 3 Birch. Lor 111. 3<> OAK, 23 Ash, Elm, ( t Willow, and 2 A'der. LOT IV. 44 OAK, 22 Elm, 32 Ash, 6 Alder, and 1 Sycamore. LOT V. 21 OAK, 16 Elm, 23 Ash, 3 Sycamore, 1 Birch, and 19 Alder. The above Timber is now growing, some in Woods near to Woodhouse, ana the rest upon several Farms in the Township of Redual and Parish o. f West Felton ; much of it within a Quarter, and none more than Half a Mile from the Ellsstriere Canal, and distant from Ellesmere five Miles, Oswestry fix, aud Shrewsbury 15 Miles. The Timber is particularly sound, anil much of it of very large Dimensions, fit for any Purpose either for Building or the Navy. For Particulars apply to Mr THOMAS EoMttNns, of the Buildings, Redoal, who will appoint a Person to shew , the Timber ; and further Information may be had from Mr, HUCHES. of the White Lion, Oswestry. Household Goods. BY W. SMITH, On FRIDAY NEXT, the 21st of December, 1810; HE neat and modern HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE belonging to Mr. WOOD, on the Premises late ill the Occupation of Mr. Button, near the Old Factory, ill the Town of Shrewsbury: comprising Fourpost anrl Stump Bedsteads, Mattress and Blankets, large hand- some Mahogany Chest of- Drawers, Bason Stand, compass Carpet, neat Tea Room nnd Parlour Ditto, Pair of capital Mahogany elliptic Card Tables ( lined), Pair of solid square Ditto, six japanned Drawing Room Chairs and Cushions, six and one arm painted Chairs, seven Chamber Ditto, painted Fender, and Fire- irons, beautiful Pair of Prints ( by Bar. tolozzi) Peace and Victory, in Gold Frames, View of Hali- fax Bridge, in a Gold Frame ; Spectator, 8 vols. Lot of Books, Ditto Glass and Earthen Ware, together with every Kitchen Slid Cullinary Requisite. 1 The Whole of the above Goods have been purchase 1 new within nine Mmths, and are of a most respectable Description. The Sale will begin precisely . it half past ten o'Clock, and continue till the Whole is disposed of. fbalesi bp & ucttoii Valuable WALNUT, ASH, ALDER, SYCAMORE, ELM, and POPLAR TIMBER TREES, and two small FAllMS for Sale; and most eligible Farms to Let. , BY JONATHAN PERRY, THIS DAY, At the Cross Keys Inn, in Oswestry, iu the County ofSalop, oi(. Wednesday, the 19' h of December, 1810, at four o'C. lock in the Afternoon, in the following Lois, and subject to Conditions: TIMBER FOR SALE. On FENYBONT DEMKSVE,!'/! the Parish £ i/ LT. AN5tiiiN. _ .' _ LOT 1. J () ASH TREES, numbered with white W Paint, 1 to 110. S Ditto. Pollards; nunibered.' in like Manner, with a X over the Nttmbr r, j to ,5, 3 POPLAft TREES, numbered 1 to 3, T BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, nn Thursday, the 20th of December, 1810 ; ALL the LIVESTOCK, and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with all the HAY and GRAIN, belong- ing to Mr. BOWD1. ER, of MEADOWTOWN, in the Paiish ol Worthetl, in the County of Salop : consisting of 6 excel, lent Dairy Cows in calf, 5 Two- year olds, 1 Yearlings; 2 Wagg.*! Horses, 2 Ditto Mares in- foal, 1 fine two- year, old Colt, ol the Draught Kind, 1 yearling Horse Colt, of the Hack Kind; about 90 Sheep, in Lots; 1 Bacon Pig, 2 Store Pigs ; 1 Waggon, 1 Harvest Ditto, new, 2 Hand Ploughs, I Roller, 1 Winnowing Machine ; I Stack of Oats, a Bay of Ditto, 1 Ditto of Barley, and about 8 Tons of good Hay; ail of which may be taken off the Premises. The Sale tobegin nt ten o'Clock in the Morning, LOT II. 52 ALDER. Trees, 1 to 52. 5 BIRCH Ditto, 1- lo 5. LOT III. 35 SYCAMORE Trees, — 1 to35. LOT IV. 13 CHERRY Trees, —- 1 to 13. I. OT V. 20 DITTO ditto, 14 to 33. LOT VI. 28 DITTO ditto. 34 to 61. LOT VII. 12 WALNUT Trees, — 1 to 12. On BRYN FARM, in the Parish of LR. ANVBLoDWEt,, in the Occupation of John Janes. LOT VIII, 51 ASH Trees, numbered with white Paint, 1 to 51. 19 Pollard-:, numbered in like Manner, with a X over the Number, 1 to 19, LOT IX 25 ALDER Trees, 1 to 25 LOT K. 23 D1ITO, 26 to 48 On BRYN FARM, in the said Parish of LLANYRLOD- • wEL. trt the Occupation of Thomas Vaughan. LOT XI. 36 ASH Trees, numbered with white Paint, 1 to 36. 2 DIITO Pollards, numbered in. like Manner, with a » ^ over the Number, •—--— 1 to 2, 5 SYCAMORE Trees, numbered 1 to 3. And 3 ELM Trees, •—- 1 to 3. FARMS FOR SALE. LOT VIT. A verv cornoact and desirable small FARM, called TYN Y MAES, in Maengwinedd, now occupied by William Edwards, comprising a new Dwelling House anil Buildings, with near TWENTY NINE ACRES of excellent Meadow and Pasture Land ; also a most valuable SHEEP- WALK close adjoining, containing upwards of EIGHTY SIX ACRES LOT XIII- The REVERSION of a small FARM AND LANDS, celled GWERN Y PENNANT, in Llansaintffraid, and T'YDDIN POETH, in Llahfetehan, now occupied with Ltarrercbymris, by William Evans, nged 59 Years, for and during the Teim of his natural Life, and containing a Farm House, Buildings, and upwards of FORTY- SEVEN ACRES of La nd. The Timber grows near the Llanvmynech Branch of the Ellesmere Canal, close to excellent Roads, but a few Miles from Oswestry, Pool, Wrexham, Llangollen, and Llanfyllin, only 20$ Miles from Shrewsbury, and will be found well worth the Attention of Timber- dealers, Builders, Cabinet- makers, Joiners, Gun- makers, Coopers, Wheelwrights, & e. 1 tnmedialclv after the above Sam, the following most eligible FAIIMS will be LET if, the highest Bid- der, by Ticket, or publicI: Offer, as will then be determined on, for one, whole Year from Lady- Day next, and so- on from Year to Year, and sub- ject lo such Conditions as will be then produced : The Farm of PKN'YBO. N'}' DEMESNE, containing up- wards of TWO HUNDRED and SIXTY ONE ACRES. The Farm of T. I. ORAN UCHA DEMESNE, consisting of shout FOUR HUNDRED ACRES, together with a Sheep Walk of upwards of THREE HUNDRED ACRE'S. The BRYN FARM, occupied h'v Thomas Vaughan, com piisiug more than SEVENTY THREE ACRES. The BR- YN FARM, occupied by John Jones, of more than FORTY FOUR ACRES. For further Particulars, and other Information, apply to Mr. Jotin THOMAS, Solicitor, LlanfyHin; Mr. PHYNALT, at Owe'stry; and - IHE AUCTIONEER, iu Shrewsbury. ^ ALCG BP AUCTION, BY S. TUDOR, THIS DAY, At the Cross Foxes, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 19th Day of December, 1810, in tlie following, or such olher Lots, and subject to such Conditions as will then be. declared: In the Town and Liberties of OheeslrM. LOT I. TWO new- erec- ted . Messuages or DWELLING HOI'SES, with the Out- offices, Stahfes'; Gardens, and Appurtenances thereunto respectively belonging, situate in BAILEY STREET, arid now in the several Holdings uf Mr. Roberts, Surgeon, and Mr. W. Price, Bookseller. . LOT II. A large and commodious MALT KILN, wjith the Appurtenances, situate in a Street or Passage called Clawdd- rtu, and ncr^ in the Holding of Mr. E, Havcock. LOT III. A large Range of NKW- F. RECTED BUILDINGS, consisting of a Very capacious Barn, with two Bays and a Threshing Floor, and also, of" I'yes for 24 Cattle, with capital Granaries above, and a Fold- yard, situate below the Cross Keys, upon the Shrewsbury Road, and now in the Occupation of Messrs R. and F. Croxoii. N. B. A constant Stream of Water tuns in Front of this Lot, and the Situation is well- calculated for a Tan- vard. LOTS IV V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. and X. each consisting of a Plot of Ground, marked out for building, and containing respectively 10 Yards in Front, and about 50 Yards in Depth, being Parts of a Croft leading from Llys Lane towards the Theatre. IN THE PARISH OF LLANDISILIO, In the Township of Ilaughton, Montgomeryshire: LOT XI. A PIECE of verv rich PASTURE LAND, upon Haughton Wood, containing 25 Acres, or thereabout ( uiorC ot less), now in the Holding of Mr. Henry La'nglev. LOT XII. Another PIECE of very rich MEADOW LAND, known by the Name of Soncli Pool, containing 28 Ac. re. s or thereabouts ( more or less), upon the Banks nf the River Virniew, and now in the Holduig of Mr. All- m. LOT XUI. Another PIECE of very rich PASTURE LAND, upon Haughton Wood, containing 13 Acres, or thereabouts ( more or less), and now in the Occupation of Messrs. R. aud E. Croxon The Purchaser of tach Lot of Land will be required to take the Timber at a separate Valuation, which will be produced by the Auctioneer. The Sale will commence at four o'Clock in the Afternoon. For further Particulars apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Solicitor. Oswestry. CAPITAL OAK AND ASH THTBER. To be Sold to the highest Bidder, At. the White Lion, Castle- Street, Shrewsbury, between two and four o'Clock in the Afternoon nf Thursday, til- 3d of January, 1811, subject to Conditions then to be produced, iu the following Lots: BY S. TUDOR: LOT I. FORTY- NINE ASH and 10 AtDER TREES. LOT II. 133 OAK TREES, and 31 CYPHERS. The above Timber is growing upon a Farm at Farley, in the Parish of Pontcsbury, in the County of Salop, io the holding of Mr. John Briscoe, and mostly of large Dimensions. The Tenant will sheiv the Timber; and further Particulars maybe had from Mr. LEE, Redbrook, Whitchurch, Salop. ® > ATCS AUC& OM - CAPITALTEAD MINES. At the White Lion Inn, in the Town of Machynlleth, in tiie County of Montgomery, on Wednesday, the 30th Day of January. 1811, between the Hours of three and six o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless previously disposed of hv private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given, subject to s" fh Conditions as will be. then aud there produced : rjHHE UNEXPIRED TERM of , t very valuable S- and desirable LEASH of ALL the MINES and MIN- ERALS in, upon, or under, those two several Tenements antl Lauds called DYKNG WMUCI1AF and DYFNG WM G \ N O L, situate ill the Parish of Peuegoes, in the Comity of Montjn. mety, for the Term. of 91 Years, 11 of which were Unexpired on the 5th of November, last. : And also. TH E UNEXPIRED TERM of' an equally valu- able LEASE of ALL the MINES aud MINERALS in noon, or under, all that Teneiri mtond Lands called F. SKIRO U. ED, situate in the Parish of Peneitocs aforesaid, for the Term of 21 Years, 20 of which were unexpired on'the 12th of August last. These Work5. are situate close M the Tiirripikf Road lead- ing from Llanidloes to Machynlleth, and within 12 measured Milesof Derwerilas, where the River Dovev is navigable. The Prospect of Ore has witlfin these few Years greatly im- proved ; the weekly Produce is now verv great; arfrl the Ore is of a very superior Quality. i'be. Proprietors have lately, nt a grent Expense; erected some very extensive Machinery, w hich, together with the Ore now upon the Pits, a'nd all the Mining Implements, will b? sold to the Purchaser at a fair Valuation. There is a valuable Mine Work adjoining Dvfngwm, to which Access Cannot be had hotthri' the Pits and Levels of the latter, for which Privilege a very coiisideratile Bent lit may arise to the Purchist1!'. Fmtlier Particulars may he had by applying personally, r> r bv* Letter- ( Post- paid),, to Mr. THOMAS JONES, Attorney, Machynlleth, who is autliori- ed to dispose of the. Premises. 28 A iVoo. 1810. T" To be Sold btj private Contract, AN old established and commodious MERCER's . SHOP, in full Trade, with the Shelves, Drawers, Conn* t' fs, and other Fixtures complete ; ivith an excellent DWEL- LING HOUSE, Warehouse, Stable, Gaiden, Brew, house, juid l aundry adjoining, situate in tbe HIGH- STREET, in WEM, in Ihe County of Salop. The whole of the Premises are in substantial and good Repair. The Purchaser may be accommodated wilh the Grates and many useful I'iirtiues at a fair Valuation ; and Possession may be bad immediately. For Particulars apply to Mr. WATSON, Solicitor, Whit- church, Shropshire, or to Mr, THOMAS IRELAND, Weui. December nth, 1810. CAPITAL TIMBER. To be Sold by private Contract, ^ Ofi OAK TIMBER TREES, of superior Quality, and of suitable Dimensions lor Ship biilding, standing u|* m M1I. BKOOK FARM, in the Occupation of Thomas Bakir, partly in the Parish ot Bangor, and partly iu the Parish of Overtoil, iti the County of Flint, and within one Milc: and half of the navigable Part of the River Dee, The Tenant on the Farm will shew the Timber; and further Particulars may be had of Mr.' BOWMAN, of Unockin Hall, iiepr Shrewsbury. December 17, 1810. AN EVER FAILING REMEDY FOR, THE ITCH. f ipHAT very loathsome and most disgusting Com- JR. plaint, so disgraceful to Persons infected, as being par- ticularly injurious to general Society, from which they ought' to- be deluded, may now he most easily aud effectually cured ( b* SMELLING ONLY) by BYPUELVs INFALLIBLE ITCH REMEDY. - Prepared and Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by .1. BVtp& tL, Cliejiiist and Apothecary, at his Shop, Pride- Hill, Shrewsbury. —• Price 2s, 9J. the Box ( witl\ Directions), Doty included. • Sold also by" Estrones, Wood and Watton, and Pallt), Slfrcw sbury ;. Jones, Chirk; Erans, Newtown.; Walnisley, vfyiington ; " Gitton, BiidgOoit. h; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle , UfitSths, Wehi ; Griffiths, Ludlow ; Uostock, Montgomery, Jiaogll, EllcsilH. it'; Evason, Whitcouich ; Jones, Overton, CoflieH, Church Stretton; Mills, Condover; Price, am Mjuball, Druggist, Oswestry ; Jones, Mrtcli Wcnlock; S I- tistei. Neiff'Crt; a'ud Taget, High Ercall, BY MR. J. SALJER, At tbe Coach and Dogs ." Oswestry, oil Wednesday, the 25th of December, 1810, ot four o'Clock in the Afternoon, HE . following I- REEhOLD MESSUAGES and LANDS, in the undermentioned, or such o'her Lots, and subject to such Conditions, as will then be an- nounced : LOT I. A FARM HOUSE, now converted into two Dwel- lings, with'a- Barn, Stable, anil other Outbuildings theieunto belonging, called TYN' Y LLAN, situate in the Village of L'hinsilin, in the Comity of . Denbigh, together with several Pieces of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable LAND, thereunto be- longing and adjoining, in the joint Holding of Hugh Jones and William Bromley. Also, a Piece of fertile LAND ad- joining the Farm Yard, in the Holding of Hugh Edwards, comprising 30A. 2R. 16P. tie the same more or less. LOT II A fertile MEADOW, nearly opposite the Church of Llansilin, iu the Holding of Rowland Owen, containing 1A. 41'. LOT III. A Piece of Pasture LAND, called GWERN GANOJ,,, tieai' the Village, aforesaid, in the Holding of the Rev. Mr. Griffiths, containing3A. 1R. 161'. LOT IV. A Piece of Pasture LAND, adjoining ( he third Lot, in the Holding of John Jones, containing 4A. 311 35P. LOTV. APiece of LAND, called CAE GROES, in the Holding of John Jones, containing 5A. 3R, 3IP. near the Vil- lage aforesaid. LOT VI A DWELLING HOUSE, Outbuildings, and Gar- den, wilh two Pieces of LAND, called CAE'R- I'lSTILL, and CAE- TAN- Y- BERTH, iu ihe Village of Llansilin aforesaid, iu the Holding rif Hugh Edwards, as Tenant at Will. The first four Lots are under Promises of Leases, four Years of which will be unexpired at Lady- Day next. Lot V. is under a similar Promise, six Years of which will be unexpired at Lady- Day next. The above lie very compact, within a Ring Fence, and would together make a dcsiiahle Farm. Each Lot affords an eligible Situation for building upon ; the Land is capable of great Improvement ; has a Right of Common, and is distant about three Miles from Lime. Mops of ti e Estate may be seen, aud other Particulars may be iiAO^ O. I Application to Mr, SALTER, Printer, ( the Auction- eer) Oswestry^ BACHGYNNAN FARM ( advertised in a former Paper to be Sold by Auction) is disposed. of by private Contract. Household Furniture. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises, on. FRIDAY NEXT, the 21st Dec. 1810 ; ALL the neat and genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITU" E belonging to the late Mr. JOHN HAMS, in A8BEY FOREGATE, Shrewsbury; which comprise good Bedsteads, Feather Beds, and Bfeddinif: excellent Mahogany and Oak Dining, Pillar, and Dressing Tables anil Bureaus ; Scotch ' Carpets ( nearly new); two Clock*, in Oak Cases; Parlour, Chamber, and Kitchen Chairs ; Kitchen Grates, Oven, and Smoke Jack; 34 best Pewter Plates and 10 Dishes.; and various other Articles of a respectable Deserip tion— Catalogues may be had at the AUCTIONEER'S, Pride Hill , and the Sale will commence at half palf past ten pre- cisely. To IVhcehvrighls, Farmers, and others. BY JONATHAN PERRY, On the Premises, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 26. h Day of December, 1810; 4 LL the Stock of IMPLEMENT TIMBER, rV BOARDS, Timber in the Round, HOUSEHOLD GOODS, BACON and STORE PIGS, and other Effects, of Mr. JOHN WIGLEY, at LONGDEN. Catalogues will be distributed in the Neighbourhood, and may likewise be had of THE AUCTIONEER, in Shrewsbury. ' I'lie Sale will assuredly commence at half past ten, as everv Article must be disposed of on the above Day. TIMBER. GENTEEL RESIDENCE— SHREWSBURY. BY S. TUDOR, At the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 5th Day of January, 1811, at five o'clock in the Afternoon: rf^ HE unexpired Term of SO Years from Ladv JT Day next, of a LEASE of all that . substantial Brick built DWELLING HOUSE, situate ou SAINT JOHN'S HILL, Shrewsbury, late tiie Residence of Mrs. STANIER, deceased ; containing an Entrance Hall, Dining and Bieak- fast Parlours, Drawing Room, arrd seven eroo'd Lodging Rooms! The Offices comprize a convenient Kitchen, Brewhouse, Wine, Beer, and Coal Cellars, Larder, & c. The Premises may be viewed, by Ticktts only, which may be had on Application to THE AUCTIONEER; ami for further Particulars apply to Mr. ASTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. BY S. TUDOR, At the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 5th Day of January, 1811, at six o'Cloek in the Afternoon : ALL lhat large SLAUGHTfc. R HOUSE and STABLE, now in the Occupation of Mr. CORBET LECH : And nlso all that DWELLING HOUSF. adjoining thereto, now in tbe Occupation of Mr. Joseph Jackson, situate at the Upper Part of ROUSHILL, and nearto Pride Hill, iu Shrews- bury aforesaid For Particulars apply to Mr. ASTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrews, bury. At the Horrse of Mr. Richard Jones, in Ca « rsws, ou Friday, . the 4th Day of . January, 1811 : HE following Lots of rateable FtR TIMBER TREES, now growing On TREol ASTf. E FARM, in the Parish of l. hnwuwg, in the County , of Moo'arioierv • Lor I. 40 Fir Trees, growing in A Field behind Barn, numbered 1 to 40 inclusive. '• or II 45 Ditto, growing in the lower Coppice, num- bered I to 45 inclusive. LOT 111. 32 Ditto, growing in the. lower Copp'c.; in ti e Ross, numbered 1 to 32 iurlasivei I. or IV. 40 Ditto, growing in the lower Part ol the upper Coppice in the Ross, numbered I to 40 inclusive. Lor V. 40 Ditto, growing in the upper Part of the said Coppice, numbered 1 to 40 inclusive. For Particulars apply to Mr. EDWARO JONES, at Tregastle, In will shew the Timber. MONTGOMERYSIIIltF. TIMHEI^ At the Oak Inn, in Welsh Pool, on Monday, " the 7th of January, 1811, between the Hours of four arid six in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions : OAK Timber Trees, marked with a Soribe N •. 1 to 700, aid 1 Elm Tree; ? tar; d(* ng on a Farm, railed Tuft FARM in the Pd- ish rif Myf' . l, close adjoiiiin< t the' Turnpike Road between Ltausiiihlff aid and Myfod , about four Miles from the Mourgoitie'iyslfi- e Canal at Newbiirlge. The freer are mostly of large Di- mensions, appear perfectly soil ml, are ' veil cateulMt- d for Beams, Thic. K Stuff, and Plank for the Navy, or other supe- rior Purposes. Robert Davis, at the Farm, will shew the Timber; and further Particulars mSy be hid of Mr. d-) t'Lt>, of Golfa, near Welsh Pool. 100 128 TIMBER. BY MR. J. SALTER, At the Cross Keys Inn, iu Oswestry, on Wednesday,' the 2d Day of January, 1811, at five u'Clock in tb « Afternoon, subject to O nditions: 1 1 7 OAK TREES, 98 OAK POLLARDS, IS4- 1- il ASH. 21 ALDER, 1 Sycamore, aud 1 Birch Trees, growing on a Farm called l'LAS GWYN, near Llanyblodwell, in the County of Salop, in the Holding of Mr. Whitlield, who will shew the Timber. For other Particulars apply to Mr. EDMUNPS, Solicitor, or IHE AUCTIONEER, in Oswestry. _____ BY J. BROOME, At the Oak Inn, in Welsh Pool; in the County of Montgo- mery, on Monday, the 31 st of December, 1810, between the Hours of three and five in the Afternoon, in the follow- ing, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale; LO T I. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER TREES, num- tiered with white Paitit from No. 1 to 128, now growing in a Coppice on Walton Farm, in the Parish of Worthen, in the County of Salop. I. or II. 65 OAK TIMBER TREES, ifrom No. 1 to 65 with white Paint, and 30 Cyphers, from No. 1 to 30, with Ditto, glowing on i he above Farm. LOT 111. 30 ASH TIMBER TREES, from No 1 to 30 with white Paint, antl 2 Walnut Ditto, with white Paint, growing cn the said Farm. LOT IV. 26 ASH TIMBER TREES, from No. 1 to 26 witli white Paint, aud 22 ELM Ditio, from No. 1 to22, with white Paint, growing on the above Farm. Mr. SHUKF. R, on the Premises, will appoint a Person to shew the Timber; which is mostly of large Dimensions and excellent Cleft.— WALT ON is situated about 12 Mites from Shrewsbury, nearly adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Snrewsbury to Moutgoiueiy, and about six Miles from the Montgomery Canal. BY S. TUDOR, On the Premises, on Monday, the 7th of January, 1811, and the following Days: ALL Ihe neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE in and about the Dwelling House and Premises situate on St, John's Hill, Shrew'sbury, tale the Residence of Mrs. STANIER, deceased ; consisting of four- post Mahogany and other Bedsteads and Hangings, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets, Quilts, anil Counterpanes, Brussels arul other Carpels, Drawing and Dining Room Furniture, the principal of which are nearly new, Mahogany and other Chests of Drawers and Cabinets ; together with Kitchen Furniture, Brewing Utensils, & c. & c. — Also a very valuable Collection of PRINTS and BOOKS. Catalogues of which will be prepared, aud may be had of THE AUCTIONEER after the 20IH Instant. Dec - mber 6th, 1810. Valuable Freehold Estates. BY S. TUDOR, Sometime in the Binning of January, 1811 ; SEVERAL FARMS and LANDS, situate at Marton, Wilmington, and Rorrington, io the County of Salop, in the several Occupations of John Biockley, Wil- liam Bostock, Thomas Willi rms, Mr. George Roberts, An- drew Turner, John Roberts, Thom is Sawyer, Joseph Preece, Joseph Evans, and Mr. JainesWynne, or their Undertenants. Particulars of the above Estates will be inserted in a future Paper. BY MR. J. SALTER, On Wednesday, the 9th nf January, 1811, at the Bell Inn, in Oswestry, at five o'Clock iii the Afternoon, subject to Conditions; 0 / CAPITAL OAK TREES, and one large AW'- J- ELM TREE, growing on Llaiidrinio Hall Demesne, iu the. County of Montgomery, iu the Holding of Mr. Edward Bill. The Tenant will shew the Timber; and other Particulars • nay be bad of Mr. ' 1'. SALTER, Timber, Merchant, or TUB AUCTIONEER, in Oswestry, A' House, Warehouse, and Maltkiln. At the White Lion Inn, in the City of Chester, on Monday, the 7ih Day of January next,, at six o'Clock in the Even- ing, precisely, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced ; N excellent, substantial and well built DWEL- LING HOUSE, situate near St. Martin's Church, in the City of Chester, consisting of two Parlours, Drawing Room, seven Lodging Rooms, a good Kitchen, Brewhouse, Laundry, and every other suitable Office ; together witn a large double WAREHOUSE, capable of holding several thousand Measures of Grain, under which there is a conve- nient MALTKILN, with two Lead Cisterns sufficiently large to hold 50 Measures of Barley each, aud a drying Kiln, 17 Feet by 17 Feet. The Whole forming a most desirable Pro- perty for any Person in the Corn or other Trade, requiring Room ; as the Premises might at a small Expense be con- verted into a Tobacco, or Cotton Manufactory, a Distillery, or Brewery, & c. & c. These Premises are in complete Repair, and would not. be disposed of but the Proprietor ( Mr. Samuel Bennett) is about to change his Residence. For Particulars apply to the sa d Mr. SAMUEL BSKSETT J or Mr. FINCHETT, Solicitor, Abbey Square. Chute,, Dec. 13, 1810. With Possession on the first Day of May next, at the White Horse Inn, in Weill, in the County of Salop, on Thursday, the 20ih Day of December, 1810, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, either together or in Lots; ACOMPACT ESTATE, called THE WEIR, consisting of a convenient Farm House anrl Outbuildings, eligibly situated within half a Mile of the Town of Weill aforesaid, and about two Miles from Lime and Coal, with an excellent Gar. len and Orchard, and 64A. 1R. 14P. more or less, of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Ground, ioa high State of Cultivation, and a good Part of the Meadow Laud capable of tieing well watered. The Messuage, Outbuildings, and 51A. 1R 29P. more or less, of the above- mentioned Premises', are Copyhold, and the rest Freehold. The Timber to be taken to by the Purchaser at a Valuation to be produced at the Time of Sale. For further Particulars, and a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. Thomas James, at the Weir, or Messrs. LEE and NICKSON, Solicitors, Wein aforesaid. FARMING STOCK! BY R. POOLE, On Monday, the 24th Dav of December, 1810, ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, and other Effects of Mr. SHUKER, of EYTON, uear Wellington, in the County of Salop, who is quitting his Farm ; consisting of 11 capital Dairy Cows in- calf, and one fat Cow; two good draught Mares, and five Sets of Gearing; handsome hack Mare five Years old ; two well bred brood Mares in- foal by Sultan ; ohesnut Colt, by Sultan ; a grey Ditto by Ditto; a black Ditto by Ditto ; and a black one by a strong Horse, out of a blood Mare ; five store Pigs, aud one Gelt; two good Wag- gons and Gearing, two broad Wheel Tumbrels and Ditto nearly new ; a light Cart; a Gig, and Harness complete ; two Wheel Ploughs, two Pair of Harrows, Laud Roll, about eight Dozen Hurdles, three Ladders, three Siraw Cribs, five Stone Pigtroughs, four tlell Rakes, Lot of Hay Hakes and Pikels, several Scythes and Sickles,- three Waggon Ropes, F our Tub and Corn Coder, Wheclbariow, two Saddle* and Bridles, Cast Iron Furnace, Lot pf Garden jaolij; witji ,( i Variety oi, other Article's ; ' also a'Slaek or Hav, and one of Clover. The Sale to begin at tU o'C. lock in the Mo.' nicg, At the Royal Oak, in Welsh Pool, on Monday, the 28tft Day of January, 1811, in the following Lots, and subject to such Conditions as will then be declared : LOT I. AN eligible and compact FARM, Called I5WLCH El THIN; consisting of a new- erected and substantial FARM HOUSE, with suitable Outbuildings, and several Clones or Parcels of LAND thereunto belonging, containing together by Admeasurement 72R 2R. 37P, or thereabout, situate in the PARISH of GUILSFIF. LD, in tbe County of M nitgomery, now in the Holdimr of Ann Savage, Wido. v. LOT II TWO PIECES OF LAND, containing hv Ad- measurement 13 Acres, or thereabout, situate at MOEL. Y- QARTH, in ihe said Paiish of GuilsSeld, now in the Hold- ing of the said Aun Savage, distant about a Mile from tho sairl Farm, The Purchaser will be required to take the Timber at a Va- luation, w hich will be produced at the Time nf Sale. Tho Sale to commence at five o'clock In the A'term m. It^ ys The Ten int will shew the Premises ; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Solicitor, Oswestry. Sale of a CAPITAL INN, and oilier deairdh'. e FREEHOLD PR EMISF. S, in and near the Town of TENIIUH Y, ( Vorcsslcrshire. BY THOM\ S DAVIS, At the Crow Inn, in Tenbury, on Fridav, the 91st Day of* December, 1810, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale ns shall be then and there pro- duced, either in the following,, or such other £ ots as sliall be agreed upon at the Time fit' Sale ; LOT r. LL that the said INN, called THE CROW INN",- being an eligible, Ions established, commodious, and well accustomed Public House, for inauy Years past oc- cupied bv Mr. Ni. xon, deceased, but now in Possesion of • John Griffiths, situated opposite the M arket Hall, in Teubury . aforesaid, replete with every Convenience tor currying on the Business, which is in high Repute, and cornprisiiur suflu'ient Rooms, with excellent and extensive Cellaring, Out- oftices, Brewiiouse, capital Stabling for upwards of 3.0 Horses, Hay-* lofts, anil Grainary, all in good Repair: al^ o coin prising a good Yard, Garden, and an excellent Oi chard, adjoining the House, well planted w- ith'the choicest Ci i'fr Fruit Trees, and. capable of making near 30 Hogsheads of Cider in a Year ; and also a House, Shop, and Buildings, rented bv Mr. Thoaus Probyn. " A. Pv. P. The w hole of which Premises contain l2 0 0 , LOT II. All t Hose TWO PI EC < > f P A S I' ( J R i'l LAXOaud ORCHARDING, ca'led Sticking Hill, ainu Upper Sticking Hill, containing ' ogether 4- 0 0 LOT III. AH that A^ hb^ d or . PILICLI of f. AND, very productive of Hop- poles, called The firook Ashbed, - it Ivyrewood, near Tenbury, coi taining 10 0 LOT IV. AI! those TWO PlECliSof ARABLE LAND, including the Lsnd now in a Nursery, and such small Part/ as is F& otTee Land for the. unexpired Term in the satne, called Pear- tree Croit and Bradley Field containing together ( exclusive of a small Part of Mr. Cam's Land intermixed with Pear- tree. Croft) 9 0 0 LOTV. All that PIECE of ARABLE LAND and Orcharding, called Bradley Field Orchard, con- taining, 2 1 0 LOT VI. All that PIECE of GROUND, now in Hopland, called Biacksitch Hopya » d, containing ., 1 .3 0. LOT VII. ALL those TWO PIECES of Meadow, Orcharding, and Hop Ground, Called Blacksilich Orchard and Prestacre Hopyard, containing to- gether « ... 4 2 0 Total 24 2 0 Tlie Whole of the foregoing Premises being Freehold of Inheritance, are Tithe- free ( except Cock and Sheaf), and thy Land Tax upon the Wiiole is redeemed. The several Lots lie contiguous to and adjoin the Town of Tenbury; the Plantation of Fruit Trees is in its Prime, and of the ch licest Soits, and the Land is rich and fertile. Possession of the respective Lots may be had at Lady- Day next, and the Timber will bn to be taken to at a Valuation. The respective Lots may be viewed, and further Particu^ lars had, by Application at the Office of Messrs. ROUINSOH and WHEELKR, Solicitors, in Tenbury aforesaid. Capital Oak and Ask Timber. At the Crown Li. n, Bridgnorth, in the County of Salop, pur- suant to an Order of the Court of Exchequer, in the latter End of January, or the Beginning of February neRt, of which due Notice will be aivenj CAPITAL OAK TREES, and ,500 ASH 400 Ditto, now growing upon the Estate of Mrs, Long, at Sidbury, ill the said County. For Particulars arid viewing . the said Timber, apply ti Mr, JOHN DsvEiuiLL, at Sidbury aforesaid. The aiioyeinentioiied Timber is of the finest Quality, and. largest Dimensions, lit fur the Kuyal Navy, and all o oer Purposes which require lirst- inte Tiuibej.—& dl> aiy i. . vi- iiin ' five Miles, of the'Sevci n. lith Dcaaber, 1810. Just Critlci. m respecting " THE l. VJY OF THE LAKE." Ma, Kni- on, The « tatemei- • ^ iven in the Papfrs, that " the Ladv of the Lata" wns p'il'e. V,„ sed of Mr. Scott for 5000 guineas, said to he nb'nit R » . per I. in -, for the Poem, induced me to read if' itnd T here give yon 1 ' re result of jrriy enquiry, as . a critical reader; stating the quantity of mattei, the rktlo Of re- eompence. and ttiv opinion of its meiits. It is dediraterlsimply Tothe most noble'John Jafnes, Marquis of Abercorn without a word of enlogv, except what each reader cao infer from three her.. & e. & c.; which Vill imply just as much as 1he reader knows concerning the Maiquis, andnnmore. Such a dedication may be defined tbeaffec- tation of brevity :— but though culpable, it is not srt repre- hensible as a veibosei disgOsting enumeration Of virtues and talents which the Patron never really possessed. It consists of six c. Tlitot, each said to occupy the trans- actions of a day. The scene of'those transaelitriis chiefly in the western Highlands of Perthshire. Neither of the cantos contains less than 29 stanzas, nor either of them ( note than ST. The stanzas of unequal length, from 9 to 45 lines in each, but commonly between 20 and 30 lines. The aggregate of the six cantos 4958 lines ; exclusively of introduction a nit conclusion, which are 54 more. In all 5012 ; occupying 290 pages in octavo. 20 lines in a page on the average, with allowance for customary blanks. To each of the cantos are long notes with much useful information, and some tedious matter, ocupying about 140 pages.— Total 433 pages.— Thus we have fulfilled the first promise relating to quantity of ihe work. The Ratio of ttecempenee is the next object for consideration; and, as far as my skill enables me to divide ,£ 2100 into 5012 parts, itappears tobe 8s. 4$ d. for every line ofthe Poem itself; the notes being merely adjuncts, or make. weights ; and then leaving a surplus of nearly 25s. so as to pay for five bottles of wine, wherewith to treat the purchasers of copy. right when they paid him the money,— Now, let no\ a hasty censure be passed upon this Reeompence.— Igboiance cannot be competent to decide on biich au estimate of talents and money, anil persons of learning and good sense will piobobly coincide wilh my opinion. I do not think it enormous, nor disproportionate, IF it be contrasted with that recnmpence given to the Young Roscius merely for speaking the lines of other Poets with the lequisite accompaniments of action. Some of his performances gave him 4s. per line on all he uttered. Now certainly Mr. Scott, as a bard aud a man of original genius, must be entitled to more than double the reeompence idue tonm Mimic whether Boy or Man. If indeed the for jration of such a woik » » the Lady of the Lake were capable Of being accomplished wi( h tbe same facility and rapidity of progress as old Father Time makes minutes, almost as fast as the Glpcester people make pins, then I would grant that Mr. Scott, or aty other Man of wild ideas ( called a Poir) may reasonably, and ought to be content with much less re - compense than 8s. for every line: for, admitting that this wild umri, a Poet, dwelling in the caves aud 6hrubs of Par- rassns, should labour at this employment a « many hours as other labourers work, therefore ( allowing him 12 hours in every 24 foi eating, drinking, sleeping, talkirg, and so on) as thfre are 120 minutes between six in the morning and six in the evening, rhen, at 8s. per line, it would produce ,£ 288 a day, above <£ 2000 each week, or exceeding ,£ 104,000 per annum. This would really be making Poets too rich ; and might in time destroy the genius and talents of the sylves- trian Parnassians, If they were to be ( economists, or good managers of money, ( though on ihat point they cannot be judged of from practical evidence hitherto) they would not only he soon " as great as Lords and as rich as Jews," but they would, in a few years, hare " wealth'enough to encumber them ; so that like a bud overfed, they would perhaps grow fat and lazy, and sing no more. The Mu es are somewhat different from other Ladies: they are neither fond of, nor bestow their favours on, nirn who are very ' rich— Even if P6et- were to have only Is. per line, oil the scale of hours aqd minutes as before mentioned, that would be a very fair income, for a man of genius; it would exceed £ 13,000 per • ttnaum.— 2u « ' J. How many man of genius are there in the world, having i- qch income as the production or reward of their own talents } Cobbett, artd some other such men get more than Poets, for all they write; if we consider the per- manency of their profits. The real principle of estimate ( genius out of the question, as a thing ol little value) would be to know how long Mr. Scott was about this Romance of the lake ? Did he write 100' lines a day successively for 50 days? If so, he received nearly the above ratio of a shilling per minute— Another queiy, at this minute, occurs, which must be mentioned— Are there not some boobies in some coun- tries, who receive that ratio in a double degiee, or £ 26000 per annum, for doing nothing, oi doing all by deputy? — • Such men therefore receive a shilling, cvtry minuie, both • waking and snoring, both day and night. 1 think a farthing • per minute, or between 5 and bOOl. per annum, much more than such gentlemen ought to receive from the public purse t f those countries. While these tilings exist, mule be every tongue concerning Mr. Scott's Recompence. It is not more than he merits I nay, he has not his deserts ; when such facts are duly contrasted, man against man, on the score of utility. A shilling per minute far actual labour tif genius is not too much ; but that ratio, all the year through, for non- operants, or to men who do nothing, is w hat conscience tells me, and will tell every honest man, ought not to be endured without tuch strong marks of reprehension that must progressively cffect ihe lembval of grievance. Thus talking about merits I come to the third point; but first receive a biief description or analysts of the plan of the Pdrm.— A stag- hunt takes place in Scotland. Oue ofthe hunters outrides the rest, in pursuit of the stag, aud two ol the dog! close at his haunches. Tb< S stag doubles, and is lost amidst rocks arid bushes. Nearly at the close of day, on • fine summer's evening, he discovers a lady in a boat, or a slfsHop, on a lake. His blowing a horn caused her to expect her father in the person who blew it: but it happened lo be this nearly benighted hunter, who bad killed his hot se by hard galloping. A dialogue takes place ; he on shore, and the lady of the Lake in her boat: and what seems rather extra- ordinaiy, this hunter had so keen an eye, that though the sun war gone down so low that no rays could enter the glen, " For not a setting beam could glow " Within the datk ravines below ; » — ( St. xi.) And also situated, at the time, whete The wanderer's eye cou'd barely view " The Summer Heaven's delicious blue :"—( St. xii.) and the wave of ihe boat's course was almost viewless, for wint of fight, and the calmness of the evening, yet it seems, that, after the blast from his bugle, this Lady of the Lake raised np her head, cocked her ear, flung back her locks, wild luxuriant ringlety, " Whose glossy black to shame might bring " The plumage of the raven's w it g,"—( St. xix.) and stood listening for another blast. Then, what is still more wonderful, he perceived, " Like monument nf Grecian ait."— A pair of Grecian lips, half open in a lisienirig attitude ! Not only so, the handkerchief was so open, as to give this hunter, Short glimpses of abreast of snow." This young Sliallopian, ( I don't mean, Sir, a Salopian ; but a Sltallopian, a Lady tii a Rl. iat; this Nyniph of tbe Lake,) was admirably attiied. She had a sat tin snood ( or ribband) in her ringlets; a silken plaid, or covering, instead of cloak; and a goldtn brooch— but where the brooch was placed we are ntit left tvholly to goets, it was to combine the folds of the plaid near her heart. From all these signs, tlie hunter was imprrssed with ideas of her birth. The probability of the hunter seeing- tbese Grecian lips, this snood, and this brooch, at some distance from strbre, and in such imperfect degree of light, is somewhat as probable as that of an aerial travellet, who described the waggon- ruts as visible at the time when Epping Forest locked like a goosebert y bush. They who know any thing about optics ami converge nee of rays in proporlit n to distance, will credit one tale es soon as the other,— However, taking all these things for granted, aud admitting that a Pnet might see in imagination what a hunter could not in reality, we now proceed wilh a few more statements derived from the first canto, and the outset of the second.— Matters duly ex- . plained, the stranger receives an invitation to the hospitalities of the highlands. lie takes boat with the lady, and rows her across to the lone island, where dwelt her father and mother. He sleeps there, or at least goes to his couch on a heath- bed in the great hall. Such is the description at the outset ol Stanza xxxiii. but that terrible fellow, who will not let people'lest either on down- beds or heath- beds, that mischief- loving urchin. Love, became his tormentor, and he could not sleep without troublous dreams ; for, as the Poet has said in Stanza xxxiii. " But vainly did the heath- flower shed " Its moorland fragrance round his head :" so, al gentlemen do sometimes, when Cupid thus annoys thcjii, he left nis conch for a little time ; he rose ; viewed the hioon, smelt thefloneis, wild loses, eglantines, and broom ; inhabit the fiSiraut halm of Ihe birch ; saw the Lake ; then went tp bed ; tl ought again of the Lady of the Lake, a mountain inaidtu ; said his prayers j and got a uap till the Bisck- cclk of the heath ( the grouse) crew ; and waked him in the morn- , ng ; and then away he went. It does not appear that he had the good manners to stop and 6av " Thank ye," for his lodging, or had the courage again to face the fair, and stay breakfast; hut away he goe- io the Lake, takes boat, al an earlv hour, and crosses to • he main- land. Whether his two hounds both " dark and grim" ( see Stanza xxiii.) accompanied him we know not; though ihe Poet did not omit to mention, that, on the pre- ceding evenine, they swam across after the Gentleman and Lady in the skiff, " With heads erect, and whimpering cry, " The hounds hehind their passage ply."— St. xxiv. By the bye, recollecting what he had before stated in stanza x. Then through the dell his horn resounds, " From viin pursuit to call his hounds. " Back- limp'd, with slow and crippled paee, " The sulky lenders of Ihe ehace : " With drooping tail, and humbled crest, " Close to their master's side I hey press'd on reading the above couplets, and comparing tbe dogs whim- pering with these statements of their limping as cripples, after a very hard chace, which had killed the gallant grey horse, it struck me as an act of cruel disregard to suffer those two poor dogs to swim over. He might have had compassion enough to put them in the boat, even though it contained a beautiful sylvan maid, with Grecian lips and silken plain.— This is all we hear Of the dogs, except au allusion in the Lady's song after slipper, accompanied by an invisible harp, where she spoke prophetically thus: " Sleep ! thy hounds are by thee lying." This is all we hear of poor Sonndwell and Dasher. Not a word of their going back in the morning, either by plying their own passage, or at ease w ith their master in the boat.— Perhaps it might be poetic excellence to omit these minor objects in a morning, though proper enough at night. However, we must suppose the dogs were not left to the future care of Ihe Lady, whose name was somewhat different from the heroine of Homer'sTale. It was Ellin, a brunette- visaged nymph, with a dark eye and a white bosom. — ( See Stanza xviii. and xix.) The young Lady, it seems, was au eaily riser, for the. Gentleman caught a Sight of her after he had crossed from tbe lonely Isle. She w as then sitting on a rock, by the side of he'r old minstrel, " the white- hair'd AII. AN. » ANI!." It seems that the distance ^ vas not very great, for the stranger could not only see that She was Seated, but her Grecian lips were in a smite; she was smiling to see a fleet of Ducks sailing upon the Lake commanded by the gallaol Admiral Drake; and a spaniel of the Lady's vexed and barking at them. She waved her hand, or gave some " parting sign" to the fugitive stranger, and they were soon invisible to each other. See Canto II. Stanza vi. The various si bs€- quent events that take place, each reader will easily perceive; nor will I weaken the force of pleasure to he derived from such perusal, by giving him opportunity to anticipate the contents : but thus far I Ihink will not only be no injury, but of use ; for 1 found the fust Canto very weiri- some ; and in several parts was nearly so much disgusted, as to think that I could not proceed thro' it: however I formed a resolution not to he so discouraged, and persevered regulai ly to the close. The further progress became more attractive. After this hint, I hope that all who enter on the peiusal will do the author justice so far as to read the xch- le. Having thus made the readers of your Journal acquainted with the plan, my subsequent remarks will be concerning its merits ; wherein 1 am sure will be found some original re- flections, and opinion induces me to say they have strength as well as originality. If they serve to place the Lady of the Lake, and poetical romances, iu a true point of view, the time employed by oue will be beneficial to thousands.— Such is the desigu and hope of, Sir, Your's respectfully, K1UTIKOS. P. S. 1 request your insertion of this, as soon as it may suit yrtur convenience; the sooner the better on public account; and 1 will in a day or two after its appearance send you the other letter, which you will endeavour to insert soon after the arrival of it to your hands.— This is my pledge to the public, and I hope to see your's subjoined, unless you think that insertion of the Postscript is a tacit pledge of your concurrence with the request of KRITIKOS. AMERICA, BT TftE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. A Proclamation.—" Whereas by the 4th sect, of the Act Of Congress, passed on the 1st of May, 1810, entitled, ' An Act concerning the Commercial Intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France, atid their De- pendencies, and for other Purimsis,' it is provided, ' that in ease either ' Great Britain or France shall, before the 3d of March - next, v> revoke or modify her edicts as that they shall cease to violate the neutral commerce of the United States; which fact the President of the United States shall declare by Proclamation; alid if the other nation shall not, within three months thereafter, so revoke or modify her Edicts, in like manner, then the 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 1th, 8th, nth, 10th, and 18th sections of Ihe Act, entitled, ' An Act to interdict the Commercial Intercourse " between the United States and Great Britain and France arid their Dependencies, and for other Purposes," shall, from and after the expiration of three months from the date of the Proclamation aforesaid, be re- vived, and have full force and effect, so far as relates to tbe dominions, colonies, and dependencies, and to the articles the growth, produce, or manufacture, of tbe dominions, colo- nies, and dependencies, of the Nation thus refusing, or negle6ting to revoke, or modify her Edicts, in the manner aforesaid ; and the restrictions imposed hy this Act shall, from the date of such Proclamation, cease atfd be discontinued in relation to the nation revoking or modifying her Decrees in the manner aforesaid — Anil Whereas it has been officially made known to this Government, that the Edicts of France violating the neutral commerce of the United States have beeu so revoked as to cease to have effect on the 1st. of the present month, Now, Therefore, I, James Madison, President of the United States, do hereby proclaim, that the said Edicts of France have been so revoked, as that they ceased on the ,1st of the piesent. nionlh to violate the neutral commerce of the United States; and that from the date of these presents, all the restrictions imposed by the aforesaid Act shall cease and be discontinued, in relation to Franee and her dependencies. — Ill testimony whe. eof, I have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed, and signed the same with my hand, at the City of Washington, this 2d day of November, in the year of our Lord 1810, and of the independence of Ihe United States the 35th. " JAMES MADISON. " By the President, R. SMITH, Sec. of State." ( CIRCULAR.) " Treasuiy department, Nov. 2, 1810. " Sir— You will herewith receive a copy of the procla- mation of the Piesident of the United States, announcing the revocation of the edicts of Franee, which violated the neutral commerce' of the United Slates, and that the re- striction imposed by the act of May the 1st, accordingly cease from this day in relation to France. French armed vessels mav theiefore be admitted into the harbours and waters of the United States, any thing in that law to the contrary notwithstanding.— It also follows, that if Gieat Britain shall not on the 2d day of February next, have re- voked, or modified, in like manner, her Edicts violating Ihe neutral commerce of the United States, the 3d, 4th, 5lh, 6tb, lib, 8ih, 9th, 10th, and 18th sections of the Act to interdict the Commercial Intercourse between ihe United States am! Great Britain, and France, and their Dependencies, aud for other purposes, shall, iu conformity with the Acts above mentioned, be revived, and have full force and effect, so far as relates to Great Britain aud her dependencies, from and after the Sd day of Febntary next. Unless, therefore, you shall before that day be officially notified by this department, of such revocation or modification, you will, from and after the said day, cany into effect the above- mentioned sections, which prohibit both tile entrance of British vessels of every description into Ihe hatbours and waters of the United States, and the importation into the United States of any mticlcs, the grow th, produce, or manufaciure of the dominions, colo- nies, or dependencies of Great Britain, and of any articles whatever brought from the said dominions, colonies, and de- pendencies, I am, respectful!}, Sir, " Your obedient Servant, AISERT GALIATIH. " To the Collector of tbe Customs of the District of —. » Previous to the : departure of General Armslrong for the United Stales, he received a communication tVom the Duke ot Cadore. The following is the substance:— 1. The'decree rendered at Ramhouillet is revoked : every American vessel will be freely admit- ted.— 2. The confiscated property will be restored as 6oon as Congress will have revoked the law on the subject of fines incurred for the contraveutiun of the Non- intercoUrse bill.— a. The Americans can introduce freely into Our ports the produce of their own soil, and export a contra value ia the productions of the French noil." The following intelligence has been circulated in the different Government Offices:—" His Majesty's ship Forlunce is arrived at Spithead, from the Mediter- ranean, bringing an Extraordinary Ambassador from the Dey of Algiers, attended by a numerous suite.— He is the bearer of presents for their Majesties of great value and curiosity.— By the Fortun'ee, dispatches have been received from Gibraltar, up to the 20th ult. by which it appears that a formidable insurrection against the French had broken out in the province of Granada wilh every prospect of success. Veler, Malaga, and 23 of the neighbouring towns and villages, were in arms ; and some ships of war have gone frOm Gibraltar and Ceuta to assist the patriots, and tO Supply them with ammunition and arms. The people of the moun- tains of Rcftida were expected every day to rise and unite their efforts in the same causc." The Marquis de Portago and Gen. Valdemho, who have been recently sent round by the new Regency lo that neighbourhood, are, from their distinguished chaiacters, likely lo be of the greatest service to the patriotic cause.— General Campbell's dispatches convey the very satisfactory in- telligence that the fever had totally disappeared at Gibraltar, where clean bills of health wire issued on the 16th of November, and the quarantine taken off from the district that had been infected. Only six of the inhabitants and six soldiers belonging to the 7 th Veteran Battalion, have died of the disease ; the early suppres- sion of which is in a great measure to be attributed to the zeal and activity of Dr. Pym, the principal medi- cal officer of that garrison. When his Majesty was attacked with his first malady, the opinion of Dr. Willis was, " that he should have no doubt of his cure, were he a common person."— The reply of Lord Thurlow was—" If it be essentially necessary, consider him as a cobler." The observa- tion was worthy his strong mind, and the consequence justified the remark. According to the accounts in the American papers from West Florida, the Governor of Pensacola had embarked a small body of troops for Bayon- Manchaes, whence they were to proceed against Baton Rouge. The Revolutionists had detached a parly of 50 men to oppose their landing. A vessel had arrived at Glou- cester from Cape Francois, wilh intelligence that Christophe had defeated Petion, and obtained posses- sion of Cape Nicola Mole. This intelligence confirms the statement made by the master of a vessel which arrived at Belfast on the 23d ult. It is stated in an article frbm Carthagena, that the Vice- Queen of Saata Fe. had been whipped through the streets. A letter from Baltimore, of the 25th of October, Confirms the rumour of Mr. Adams, the American Minister, at St. I'ettrsburgh, having solicited his recal; assigning as a reason, that he has been both humbled and insulted in theltussian capital, as a republican, by Bonaparte's Ambassadors and pensioners: and that he complains bitterly of Bonaparte's influence iu Russia, where philosophers, reformers-, and patriots, have become quite unfashionable.— Siberia," adds the writer, " is daily peopled by them. Since Bonaparte has lost Cayenne, Alexander has permitted that country to be a receptacle also of Gallic Reformers. Within 15 months, according to letters from St. Petersbnrgh, up- wards of 60 Jacobin regenerators have passed through Livonia on their way to Siberia." Professor Monk, who succeeded Professor Porson in the department of Grecian literature at the Uni- versity of Cambridge, is expected, in the ensuing Par- liament, to claim the hitherto dormant honour of the Dukedom of Albemarle. The learned Professor's right is understood among his friends to be unquestionable. Lord Wellington's late position consisted of 107 works, mounted with 12 5)- inch howitzers, 20 24- pouuders, 282 12- poundert, 121 9- poundfers, 21 6- pounders, and manned with 28,190 infantry. The remainder of the ariny was employed in keeping up the communication between the forts aud the reserve. On Saturday a wolf and a racoon, belonging to an itinerant showman of the name of Perkins, who was on his way from Stamford to Leicester, broke out of his caravan at Empingham, ia Rutlandshire, where he bad put up for the night, it is supposed they escaped through a door that was not properly secured. The racoon has not yet beeu heard of, but the wolf has been seen in Burley- wood ; all endeavours to take him have as yet been ineffectual.— Several sheep have been mis- sing since the escape of these animals. The Angel Inn, at Grantham, in Lincolnshire-, is subject to a rent charge of 40s. for a Sermon against Drunkenness, ou the bequest of a Mr. Solomon, who, with justice, looked " upon that sin to be the inlet of almost all others." Messrs. Wetherell, Trotter, Wright, and Charge, the pur- chasers of Mr. Collin's Boll Comet, at his late sale, hive refused 1500gs. for him.— He was purchased, it will be seen by our paper of the 14th ult. for lOOOgs. Gr. u- rioNY, — On Saturday evening, a Spitalfields weaver, kuown by the name of " Jtawbone Dick," engaged, for a trifling wager, at a public- house in the neighbourhood of Long- alley, Mooi fields, to eat a shoulder of mutton ot 6ibs. weight, 3lbs. of potatoes, a three penny loaf, and to drink two quarts of porter, in the space of one hour ; which he accomplished in 54 minutes, to the astonishment of several persons present, — A great number of bets were depending upon the issue. In ihe list of Patents we see that one has been recently granted to I}. P. Payne, Esq. banker, of Bath, for a new- method of ascertaining with accuracy and exjiedition the numbers, dates, aud sums, in bank- bills, See. and to prevent forgeries defacing, and altering. COURT OF KING'S BENCH. DEC. 7. EMBEZZLEMENT.— The King. v. Richard Gardner, Esq. — This was an Indictment against the Defendant, who had been Major and Commandant of a Carnai voushire Corps of Infantry Volunteers, for making out, and returning false muster rolls; and also for sending to the War- Office certifi- cates, purporting to be those of the Captains of the several companies and to hear their signatures, although they had never seen or signed them.— It appeared, that in the year 1806, the Defendant charged for pay tothe first company 761. instead of 351.; foi the second Company 991. instead ol 261. ; for the third company 1031. 13s. instead of 361. 14s.; and for the fourth company 901. 10s. instead of 21. 17s.— Mr. Scarlett, Counsel for the Defendant, said, be would not in- sult the Court by attempting, to say any thing in his Client's deteiice. He was instructed to say, that the Adjutant who assisted the Defendant to make out the accounts, was de ceased, and he could not have the beuefit of his evidence. He ( the Learned Counsel) would not undertake to say, if he was living, that it could be of any use to him.— The Jury without hesitation found the Defendant— Guilty. W. Allen, of Radipole, innholder, December 13,14, at the Crown, Weymouth, January 19; at Ihe Antelope Inn, D rchester, — W Beardslev, of Dnftield, innkeeper. December 21, 22, Januarv 19 at the King's Arms, Derbv— J. IMIittg'on, of Cobridge, potter, January 3, 4, 19, at Ihe Roebuck,, Newcastle under- Lvme.— J. Moulding, of Liverpool, merchant, . lamiai- v 4, 5, I ® , at the Star and Garter, Liverpool— R H. F. Williams and M. Wilson, of Liverpool, merchants, Jantiarv 3,4, 19, at the George. Liverpool. E. Avern. ' of Rowingtoh, cOrnfuctor, December 51,22, Januarv 19, a| the Cast| e, frrutingham— J.' Sargr'nt, of Trowbridge cloui'er, December24, 31, Jan-. iary 19, at the George, Trowbridge.— J. Bennett apd R. Hatchman, of Denhartv Springs, calico- printers, December 20. 22, January 19, at the Bridgewater Arms, Man- chester — W. Stinchcomhe, of Bristol, cabinet- maker, December 12, 2' 2, January 19, at the RummerjTavrro, Rrislpl— G. Bcrrv, of Burnley, linen manufacturer, December 21, 42, . January 19, at the White Bear, Ramslev.— T Cole, of Woodbtidge, butcher, December 17, 18, January 19, at the Crown, Wooilbridge. DFCFMBKR II J— Christopher Leo, of Dowgate Hill, Liadon. merchant, December 15, 19, Janu » ry 22, at Guildhall— Michael Nathan, of Goulstone- street, Whilecbapel, Middlesex, taylor. December IS, 19, January 22, al GuddhaH.- iWilham Kirk," and William Broughton, of Leeds, Yorkshire, merchants, December 26, 27, Januarv 22, at Guildhall.— Harry Robinson Awe, of Brighihelmsione, Sus- cx, undertaker, December 96, 27. Jainuirv 22, at the Old Ship Tavern, Brighthelmstone.— Ann Roberts, of Nantwich. Cheshire, innkeeper, Januarv 7, 9, 22, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Thomas Hill, of Brighton, Savte*, cabinet maker, December 15, 18, January 22, at Guildhall Thomas Tailor, of Dovereourt, Essex, miller, December 27, 28. Januarv 22, at Ihe Angel Inn, Colchester — William Chanccy Pearse, of Newton Abbot, Devonshire, linen draper, December 21,22, Jan, 22, at the Golden Lion Inn, Ashburton.— James Clemmons and Charles Pricc, of Pickett- street, Strand, Middlesex, cheesemongers, December 15, 29, January 22, at Guildhall.— John Davy and Matthew Davy, of Bread- street, Ixindon, merchants, Decemlier 15, 22, January 22, at Guildhall— Edward Collin,, of St. Mary Axe, London, boot and shoe- maker, December 15; IS, January 2' 2, at Guildhall.— John Clay, of Kingston upon- Hull, merchant, December 14. 18, January 22, at the George inn, Kingston- upon. Hull.— William Spencer, of Whet- tone, Leicestershire, hosier, December 18, 19, January 22, at the Blue Bell liin, Leicester.— James Watmough, of Liverpool, ironmonger, January 1, 2, 24, at the George Inn, Liverpool— Patrick M'Ctinfev, of Liverpool, merchant, January 10, II, 22, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool. — William Miller the younger, of Liverpool, lay lor, January 7, 9, 22, at the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Richard Johnson, of Lane End, Staffordshire, manufacturer of earthenware, January 2, 3, at the Rocbuck Inn, Newcastle, 22, at the Crown Inn, Stone. Robert Chetham, of Stockport, Cheshire, check manu - facturer, December ' 21, 27, January 22, at the White Bear Inn, Mailthestcr.— James Foden, of Chester, linen draper, December 26, 27, January 22, at the Coach and Horses Inn, Chester — Thomas Danks the elder, of Oldbury, Shropshire, victualler, December 27, 28, Januarv 22, at the Jernuigham Arms Inn, Shiffnal— John Brown, of Carlisle, Cumberland, and Mat- thew Brown the younger, of Pettcral Green, Cumberland, manu- facturers, December 26, 27, January 22, at the Lion and Lamb Inn, Carlisle.— James Cope, of Newcastle. under- L\ me, Stafford- shire, mercer, January 7, 8, 22, at the Roebuck, Newcastle- under- Lyme.— John Littlewood, of Mortimer- street, Marv- le- Bonne, Middlesex, butchcr, December 18, 29, January i22, at Guildhall.— loseph Moore, of Teuenhall, Staffordshire, dealer in horses, December 13, 2' 2, January 2- 2, at- Guildhall.—^ William M Her, of Bath, grocer, December 17, 27, January 22, at the Christopher Inn and Tavern, Bath.— Thomas Bird, of Man- Chester, cotton merchant, December 26, 27, Januarv 22, at the George- Inn, Manchester.— William Bainbridge, William Flet- cher, and Jaines Barber, of Barnes, Surrev, soap manufacturers, December 15, 22, January 22, at Guildhall.— IWilham Woolcott, of Wandsworth Road, Lambeth, Surrey, builder, December 15, S9, January 22, at Guildhall.— Robert Hoskin, of Croydon, Surrey, linen draper, December 15,18, January 22, at Guildhall. W. 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Edition qf the Bible not iHittkMng that is ilhtstralpl with Notes and Annotations, and Embellished with Engravings, entitled the CHRISTIAN'! COMPLETE FAMILY BIBLE; OR, LIBRARY OF DIVINE KNOWLEDGE; CONTAINING the Sacred Texis of ihe OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, with the APOCRYPHA. The whole Illustrated with NOTES and ANNOTATIONS, Historical, Chrevol- gicat, BiOgtcphical, and Explanatory. Being; a clear and copious EXPOSITION and COMMENTARY On tbfi Hor. Y FCRII> TI! P. B « , form ng A complete TREAS0RT OF DIVINE REVELATION: Wheiein the obscure Passages are clearly explained; s- eettiing Contradictions reconciled ; important. Truths coo! firmed ; the Prophecies and Parables faithfully elucidated , tiublime Passage* pointed out; and the Whole of Divine Revelation ntudeied p'nin and easy to every Capacity, both with respect to Faith mid Pra tire. The m « t- rcm> rising a compendious BODY OF CHRISTIAN DIVINITY, As a far her Illustration, is given a general Concordance. Alio a Chrono ogi a! 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They are also sold bv EDOOWES, Newling, and Palin, Shrewsbury ; Painter, Wrex- hnrn; Bauglr, Ellesmere; Houlstons, 8c Mobbs, Wellington ; Silvester, Newport; Prodgurs, Ludlow ; Partridge, 3t Gittou, Bridgnorth ; Edwards, Price, and Minshall, Oswestry; aud by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. The genuine lias a black ink Stamp with the Name of R. Johnston inserted on It. Rats and Mice EFFECTUALLY DESTROYED, BY J. SMI PH. THIS REMEDY, which has never failed where a sufficient Quantity has been used, is iu Pills, about the Site of a Nut, one of which is sufficient to destroy the largest Rat, and, broken intct Pieces, will kill six Mice. They will eat the Pills in Preference to all Km Is of Fund, and never eease eating while one exists ; yet no Ciit will touch them unless starved with Huogtr; and as the Veiraiu neither eat, drink, or vb. nit, after eaiiug of the Pills, they cannot infect any Thing; therefore they may be pi t with Safety in Larders, Dairies, Granaries, Cheese- Rooms. Corn- Stacks, Pastlycook- Shops, & c. nor is there the least Dinner in handling them. They will bear carrying by Sea or Land, and retain their Virtue seveial Years. The Pills may be had, with printed Directions inclosed in each Packet, 24 Pills fir Is.— 60 for 2s. fill and so in Proportion for any Quantity, Wholesale or Retail, of W. F. ODOWES, Pi inter of th s Paper. Shrewsbury ; also of Painter, Wrexham ; B. iugh, Ellesmere ; rtoulstous, Wellington - Smith, Iron Bridge anil Weiilock ; Silvester, Newport; Par. tridge, Bridgnoith ; Mirish. dl, O. westry ; Waidsoii, Welsh Pool; Wright, Whitchurch; Procter, Drayton; Griffiths, Ludlow ; and Wright, Printer, Hereford. fjp H Rats or Mice are found living in any Place where the Pills are left untouched for three successive Nights, if laid down according to the Directions in the Packets, the Proprietor will attend personally, aud kill them Gratis. Site dish Soap, MILFORD HAVEN, SOUTH WALES. rpHIS NEW SOAP will be found beyond all JL comparison the best preparation known for the MILL- ING, & c. OF WOOLLEN CLOTH, & c. and to be a most important improvement. Made onlv as ordered, and sold in CHESTS PRICE FIFTEEN POUNDS'STERLING EACH, con- taining in general aboutTHREE HUNDRED WEIGHT, but regulated always hy the current value of I. ONBOH Cuau SOAP, it bearing the same Price. ORDERS for any quantity not less than a Chest in Post Paid Letters ( enclosing Remittances in Bankers' Paper, or they will not be attended to), addressed to the Sole Manu- facturers, THE MILFORD- HAVEN SOAP AND ALKALI COMPANY, PEMBROKE, will be executed within threeWeeks' Notice, and delivered free of Expense at any of tbe principal Ports in the UNITES KINGDOM. NO CREDIT whatever. To Country Shop- keepers Others. WHEREAS a Set of SWINDLERS are now travelling the COUNTRY to sol cit ORDERS in the Names of DAY and MARI'lN, Blacking Makers, 97, iHigh Holbrtrn, London : Shop- keepers and others are, there- fore, cautioned from the Fraud that is attempted to be piac- tised on them, as by paying Attention to the No. it will easily detect the Counterfeit, many of them having no number at all, and Prosecutions, after this Notice, will bs commenced against any Persons offering the Counterfeit for Sale. N B. No HALF PINTS made. This Day is published, By Mathews and Leigh, 18, Strand, 11. D. Symonds, Pater- noster- Riiw, London; Dugdale, Dublin; and may be had ot any Bookseller, in one vol 8vo. with an elegant Portrait of the Author, a NEW EDITION, price only three shillings, containing nearly 300 pages, of SOLOMON'S GUIDE TO HEALTH: or ADVICE TO BOTH SEXES, in a Variety of Com- plaints : Explaining, iu a concise aud plain manner, the mode, treatment, aud most efficacious remedies for the fol- lowing diseases, which are tieated of under their lespective heads, vi*.' BANKRUPTS— DECEMBER 8. J. Sherfield, of Oxford, draper, December 11, 18, January 19, at Guildhall, London.— J, Clemmoiis and C. Price, of Pickett- strcet, cheesemonger, December 15, 29, January 19, at Guildhall, — J. Gray, of City- road, cabinet- maker, December 11,22, January 19, atGuildhail.—- W. WooJhouse, of Noble- street, victualler, De- cember 18, 24, January 19, at Guildhall.— G. Lambert and T. Francis, of Mile end, coach- makcts, December ll, 29, January 19, at Guildhall.— M. Goff. of Wandsworth, millwright, Deccmber 15, 18, Januaiy 19, at Guildhall.— W. Hart, of Pulham, cloih- dresser, December 12, 18, January 19, at" Guildhall.— J. Robertson and J. Stein, ot Lawrence Fountney- hill, merchants, December 18, 22, January 19, atGuildnall.— C. Gudshall, of Royal- Exchange, ale- merchant, December 11, 18, January 19,. at. Guildhall.— W. Muston, of Chalfont St. Peter, . glass- dealer, December 11, 2- 1, Ja- nuary 19, at Guildhall.— E. Oates, ol' Rotherluthc, mariner, De- cember 11,22, January 19, at Guldhall.— T. Hughes, ot Liclga'e- street, bookseller, December 11, 18, January 19. at Guildhall II Boone, ol Piccadilly, haberdasher, December 15, 18. January 19, at Guildhall.— G. Jackson, of Tottenham courl- road, oilman, jDccember 15, 22, January 19, at Guildhall E. Butler, uf Buck- ingham, plumber, December 15, 18, January 19, at Guildhall.— J. Cooke, of Cloth- fail, wine- merchant, December 18, 24, January at Gil Idhall.— H Lecky aud C Bush, of Old Jewrv, merchants, December 15, 29, January 19, at Guildhall.— W. Ellis, of Dove- row, carpenter, December 15, 18, January 19, at Guildhall E. Meeson, of Alderm'a'n'oiiry, draper, December 11, 31, January IS), at Guildhall.— G. Smets, Of Soulli Moulfon- street, merchant," De- cember 11, 18, January 19, at Guilrthall.—. 1." Ruble, of VVoburn- court, broker, December 15, 22,1 January 19,' at Guildhall Ann Brauiev, ol the Strand, umbrella- maker, Deci- mlirr 1!, ' 22, January 19, at Guildhall— R. Easihain and R. Marsden, of Clilliero, calico printers, December 19, 22, January 19, at the Bridgewater Arms, Manchester.— H. Dick, of Gosport, agenl, December 17, 21, January 19, at the India Arms, Gospbrt J. Polglase, of'Bristol, w. TCbant, December 11, Si, January 19, at the Bush, Bristol.— DIXON'J celebrated ANT1BILIOUS PILLS, are patronised and used by the Royal Family, and most of the Nobility; ainoug vhom are tbe following, who have taken them with Success. Mrs. Fellows, Foscott, Bucks, Rev. John Studdart, North- ampton Rev. A. Warren, Ashington, Sussex Edward Watren, Esq. Guild- ford- street Isaac Hensley, Esq. Stock Exchange Colonel Bishopp, Storrington Philip Godsall, Esq. Piccadilly Viscountess Buckingham Viscountess Bulk, ley Duchess of Devonshire Dowager Lady Say and Sele Lord Kiltnaine Sir R. Williams, Bart. M. P. Sir Richard Welch, Bart Sir William Manners, Bart. Wm. Williams, Esq. llford, Essex. R. Hughes, Esq. 27th Light Dragoons The Pills are found to be an incomparable Remedy for re- storing the Tone of the Stomach, for curing Indigestion, for Eeventing Crudities, and their consequent disagreeable Eruc- lions and Flatulences. They prevent habitual and tem- rary Costiveness; sick Head- achs, and Heart- burn which is occasioned by Pregnancy, and a debilitated Stomach, whether arising from the Acrimony of the redundant Bilb, intemperate Diet, or Drinking to Excess. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, Comer of Paternoster- Row; and retail bv EDDOWES, Wood, palin, and Morris, Shrewsbury ; Raugh, Ellesmere ; Painter, Wrexham ; Price, Morrall, Edwards, and Minshall, Os- westry; Houlstons, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Scarrott, Shiffnal; Smith, lronbridge and Weiilock ; Gitton, and Bangham, Bridgnorth ; and most Medicine Venders, in Boxes, at 2s, 9d. and 6s, aud Family Boxes at 22s. each. Aboition or Miscarriage Asthma, Appetite, Loss of Barrenness Bilious Complaints Chlorosis or Green Sickness Child- bearing Consumptions Female Diseases Fits Fluor Albus or Whites Flatulence or Winds Gleets Gonorrhoea Hypochondria orMelanclioly complaints Indispositions attendant on Pregnancy Indigestion Juvenile Indiscretion Lowness of Spirits Meustmal Evacuations Nervous Diseases Onanism or Secret Venery Pregnancy Phthisis or Cough Rheumatism Scrofula Seminal Weaknesses Scurvy Turn of Life & c. Sec. To which is added, An E< SAV on tne Venereal Disease, Gleets, aod Seminal Weaknesses The whole illustrated and interspersed with a vaiiety of authentic facts, uever before published. By S. SOLOMON, M. D. The Author is proud to confess, that be has tp- l- n assisted by many eminent literary medical inen, to whose labour* and assistance he is much indebted ; they, as well as him- self, have tried the remedies prescribed, and acknowledged their salutary and powerful efficacy. Sold by EDDOWES, Wood, Sandford, and Newling, Shrews- bury; Guest, Broseley ; Gitton, aiid Partridge, Bridgnorth; Harding, and Scarrott, Shiffnal ; Dean, Newport; Houlstons, Wellington; Miller, and Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenlock ; Trevor, Much Wenlock; Evaiis, Welsh Puol ; lallowcs, Baugh, Jackson, and Bitch, Ellesinere; Wiight, Wblt « church; Snelson, and Craig, Nantwich; Painter, Wrexham; Pi ice, Edwards, and Minshall, Oswestry; and bythepiin « . cipal Venders of Patent Medicines m every Town throughout" the Kingdom. ,.. , . Printed andpubltsheUby IV. Eddoiees, Corn-. MarUl, ShTfjiib) if/'
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