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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 881
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 12/12/1810
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 881
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 17.] N°* 881. Wednesday, CVWil CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. December 12, 1810. Pn'ce Sixpence Halfpenny. This Paper is circulated, in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties OF ENGLAND AWRF WALES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. Royal Exchange Assurance Office. KSTAW'TSH ED r. YCHARTICRa rilHE CORPORATION of ihe 1 ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that they have authorised their respective A stents to receive Proposals for the Assuiance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 2s. per Cent, per Annum. Persons whose annual Premiums fall due on the 25th Instant, are hereby informed that Receipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, INCHBALD's BRITISH THEATRE. T' This Dav are published, in 25 Vols. Royal 18mo. embellished with Engravings, Price £ 6. 16s. 6d. and on fine Paper, with Portraits, and Proof Impressions of the Plates, Price ,£ 13. extra Boards, HE BRITISH THEATRE ; or a COLLEC- TION of PLAYS, which are acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Hay Market. Printed under the Authority, and by Permission of the Ma- nagers, from the Prompt Books, with Biographical and Criti- cal Remarks. BY MRS. INCHBALD. A COLLECTION of FARCES and other AFTERPIECES. _ which are acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent he Parties assured are requested to apply for the Re- | Garden, and Hav Market. Punted under the Authority of ~ ' * the Managers, from the Prompt Books. Selected By MRS. INCHBALD. In 7 Vols. Royal IStno. Price £\. 15s. hoards, or on fine Paper, with Portraits, Price £ 1. 12s. 6d. boards. Also, THE MODERN THEATRE, or a Collection ol successful Modem Plays, acted at tlieTheatres Royal, London. Printed from the Prompt Books, by Authority of the Ma- nagers. Selected by Mrs. INCHBALD. In ten Vols, royal ! 8mo. to correspond with Inchbald's British Theatre, and Collection of Farces. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London; sold hy W. EDDOV. ES, Shrewsbury; J. Painter, Wrexham ; and VV. Smith, Irnnbridge. new a! of their Policies, on or before the 9th Day of January, 1811, as the usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shretesbury, Mr. J Eddowes. Wellington, Mr. Stephen Jennins. Vsuestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. l. cominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr William Holbrooke. BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. Wrexham, Mr. Joseph Langford. FLINTSHIRE. Holywell, Mr. William Turton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea. Messrs. J. and W. Robert Grove. Cardiff, Mr. Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas Tudor. Newport, Mr. J. H. Smithers. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. STAFFORDSHIRE. Burtcm, Mr. Charles Hodson. l. ichf. eld. Mr. " William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stepnenson and Webb. Wolverhampton, Mr. James Brown. JJanlry. Mr. John Tomliuson. Keiuastle- urukr- Linc, Mr. James Halmarack. WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, Mr. Samuel Perrin. Worcester, Mr. Robert Gillam. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Raker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckley, Nantmich, Mr. William Tomlinson. Northwich, Mr. Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr Thomas Owen. N. B. fire Policies will he allowed free of Expense where the annual Premium amounts to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses, by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be had of the different Agents. „ ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found to be advantage- ous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Iniomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of them- selves, or others; TABLES of the RATES for sueh ASSURANCES and for the G » > « xi » c ANNUITIES nil LIVES, may be had of • her said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by Special Agreement) tbe Assuiance on Lives to the Ageot 15 Years, December 10, 1810. Clatcr on horned Cuttle, Sheep, and Horses. Published by Crosby and Co. Stationer6'- Court, London and sold by EDTJOWES, Wood and Watton, Newling, and Morris, Shiewsburv ; 1- loulstons, Wellington ; Smith, lion B'idge and Wenlock ; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whit- chi; r h ; the Booksellers in Chester; J. Painter, Wrexham; at'! bv all other Booksellers, Price 10s. 6d. extra hoards. EVKKY MAN HIS OWN CATTLE- DOC- TOR , being a concise and familiar Description of all Diseases lucident lo OXEN, COWS, AND SHF. EP: xvitli the most simple and effectual Method of CURING each DISORDER through all its Stages:— tbe TREATMENT of Cows at the time of CALVIKC, as well as before and alter : also, of EWES in the LAMBINC SEASON. By FRANCIS CLATER, Author ol " Every Man his own Fanier." * if* A few Copies only remain unsold of the twentieth Edition of Mr. CLATIR'i FARRIERY, piice 6s. TEN THOUSAND of which have been sold in THREE YEARS, and the Sale hath rapidly iucieased, from a certain Knowledge of his Obser- vations beingdrawn from REAL PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE, Also iust published bv Crosby and Co. CURWEN's HINTS on AGRICULTURE, FEEDING STOCK, arid Bettering the Condition of the Poor. 8vo. 9s. board . THECOMPLETE GRAZIER; or, the Farmer and Cattle Dealer's Assistant. Third Edition, with Plates and Wood Cuts. 12s. boards. Bv the same Author, A TREATISE on the CHOICE, BUYING, and M ANAGE- MENTof a FARMER'S LIVE STOCK. With Wood Cuts cf the best Breeds. A new Edition, 8vo. 5s. boards. POTT's BRITISH FARMER'S CYCLOPAEDIA; or Com- plete Dictionary of Agriculture. With Plates. 4to. Re- commended by the late Duke of Bedford. Price 31. 13s. 6d. extra boards. " MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PASTURE, & ARABLE LAND, & c. To be Let, and entered upon at Lady Day next, IN LOTS. SEVERAL Pieces of rich feeding Pasture, Arable, and Meadow Land, which may be irrigated to great Advantage, consisting of 150 Acres, or thereabouts ; Parts of GARTH FARM, in the holding of Mr. Tudor, and TREF- NANT FARM, in the hoiding of Mr. Bowen ; very cor., veniently situated upon the Turnpike Road between Pool and Guilsfitld, about a Mile from each Place. Also, a substantial Brick- built sashed DWELLING HOUSE, in the Church- Street, in the Town of POOL, with suitable Offices, Stable, Garden, and a Piece of rich pasture Land near the Town, in the Possession of Mr. Payn. Enquire of Mr. ROUTLEDOE, Pentrego.— EDWARD WIJ.- LIAMS, of Garth, or Samuel Farmer, of Pool, will shew the Premises. TO BE LET, And entered upon the 1 st Day of May next, ANEW. EKECTFD DWELLING HOUSE, . handsomely finished, consisting of a Vestibule, two good Parlours, Kitchen, & c. on the Ground Fluor; a Draw- ing Room and well sized Bedchambers, upon the first and second Stories; with commodious Offices, a Pump, Yard, and Garden thereunto belonging, situate in WILLOW STREET, in the Town of OSWESTRY, now in the Holding of Mr, Evan Jones. Apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Solicitor, Oswestry. Pelham's New Collection of VOYAGES AND TRAVELS, IN 130 NUMBERS. This Day is published, Price only Sixpence, EMBELLISHED with a SUPERB FRONTIS PIECE, engraved in a highly finished Manner by CHARLES WARREN, from an Original Drawing HV UWINS, NUMBER I. ( the succeeding Numbers to follow Weekly) of a NEW WORK, entitled THE WORLD; Or, THE PRESENT STATE OF THE UNIVERSE. Being a Genetal and Complete Collection of Modern Voyages and Travels. Selected, arranged and digested, from the Narratives of the latest and most authentic Ttavellers and Navi^ atois. By CAVENDISH PELUAM, Esq. Illustrated with appropriate Maps, Picturesque Scenes, Representations of the Persons, Customs, Ceremonies, & c. of the respective Inhabitants of different Countries, consisting of upwards of One Hundred and'Fhirty Engravings, BY THE FIRST ARTISTS. The MAPS and CHARTS by tbe celebrated Mr. J. RUSSELL. The original purchase of Publications from which this Work is compiled would amount to upwards of ONE HUNDRED GUINEAS, and have all been receutlv ushered into the World. AI THE CLOSE OF THE LAST VOLUME WILL BE OIVEW A Scientific Epitome of Geography, Including a Description of THE PRESENT STATE op EUR">' E; with the relative Costume of its Inhabitants and an Account of its recent Divisions and Sub. Divisions. From indisputable Au- thorities. . i A larger and very elegant Edition, Price One Shilling each Number, Is printed on fine Royal Papehoi pressed, with Proof Im- pressions of the Engravings, and Vignette Title Pages.—' I he Maps, Charts, STc. of this Edition will be highiy coloured, forming the most ELEGANT, BEAUTIFUL, and COM- PLETE COLLECTION of VOYAGES AND TRAVELS Ever submitted to the Public. One Hundied and Twenty- Six Numbers being already published may he had together or separate, or the First Volume, neatly done up in Boards, price £\. 14s Od. London: Published bv J. SRATFORD, No. 112, Holbnrn- Hill; Sod bv W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, aud all other This Day is published, In 5 Vols. 8vo. Price <£ 3. 13s. 6d. Boards, AGEOGRAPHICAL & HISTORICAL VIEW of the WORLD ; exhibiting a complete Delineation of the Natural and Artificial Features of each Country ; and a Succinct'Narrative of the Origin of the different Nations, their Political Revolutions, and Progress 111 Arts, Sciences, Litera- ture, Commerce, & c. The whole comprising all that is impor- tant in the Geography of the Globe and the History of Mankind. BY JOHN BIQLAND. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster Row; sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury; J. Painter, Wrexham; and W. Smith, Itonbridgeand Wenlock. Of whom may be had, by the same Author, 1. HISTORY of SPAIN, 2 vols. 8vo. 24s. boards. 2. NATURAL HISTORY, 12mo. Plates, Is. 6.1. boards. 3. LETTERS on ANCIENT and MODERN HISTORY, 12mo, 6s. boards. 4. Ditto. 8vo. 10s. 6d. 5. MODERN HISTORY of EUROPE, 8vo. 8s. 6. On the RESURRECTION, i2ino. 3s. 6d. Speedily will be published, beautifully priuted in six Vols. Post Octavo, with Portraits, LETTERS OF ANNA SEWARD. Written between the Years 1784 and 1807. Bequeathed to Mr. CONSTABLE for Publication. Edinburgh : printed for Archd. Constable and Co. Edin- burgh, and Constable, Hunter, Park, and Hunter, Loudon. Sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. gf- This Work will consist of upwards of 600 Letters, written by Miss SEWARD to her numerous Correspondents; and, besides much valuable Literary Criticism aud Anecdote, many of the Letters contain Discussions on the principal Oc- currences of the Times, and on Topics of a Public as well as a Domestic Nature. Among the Persons to whom the Letters are addressed, may be named James Boswell, Esq. Dr. Per- cival, William Hay ley, Esq. Lady Mary Ann Carnegie, Dr. 1 Dai win, Helen Maria Williams, H. Kepton, Esq. Mrs. I Knowles, Court Dewes, Esq. Archdeacon Clive, George Har- dinge. Esq Rev. T. S. Whalley, Mrs. Brooke, F. N. C. MUM. dy, E- q Mrs. Mompessan, Dr. George Qregory, Mrs. Piozzi, Josiab Wedgwood, Tbeophilus Swift, Esq. Sir Brooke Boothby, Lady Blaiktslon, Dr. Dovvnman, John Courtenay, Esq. Mem- ber of Pailiament, Edward Jeruingham, Esq. Lady Gresley, Rev. R. Polwh. le, Dr. Parr, Mrs. Jackson, Colonel Dowdes- ; well, Mrs. H. Thornton, Lord Bagot, Lady Eleanor Butler, 1 Miss Ponsonby, Earl ol Cailisle, Mrs. Sneyd, Thomas Park, I Esq. Walter Scott, Esq Rev. H. Todd, Couutess of Cork and Ossory, Robert Southey, Esq. Rev. R. Feilowes, & c. & e. In the early Part of the Correspondence will oe fouud Anecdotes of Dr. Johnson and his Connexions at Lichfield, David Gar- riek, Esq. General Washington, & c. See. nips between Sir John Hill, OfBey Crewe, J. Taylor, and W. Biiscoe, for two Guineas each, decided in Favour of Mr. Briscoe. ORDERED, That all Notices required, are to be given in Writing, whether So expressed in the printed Lists of Pre- miums, or not. Sir W. W. WYNN, Bart, elected President for the en- suing Year. Sir JOHN CHETWODE, and Sir ADDREW CORBET, Barts. Vice Presidents. The following Premiums are offered for the nelcl Year. To the Person who at the next JULY MEETING shall produce the best long. hurned Bull, for Stock, not more than three Years old the preceding Spring, bona fide Property three Months before the £. Day of Shew 3 To the best slwt. hornecl Ditto, ditto ........... 3 To the best Pollard Ditto, Ditto 3 To the best Pair of Yearling long- homed Heifers, own Breeding and Property, three Months before tbe Day of Shew 2 To the best Ditto, short horned Ditto, Ditto 2 To the best Ditto, Pollard Ditto, Ditto 2 To the best Pair of Two- years old long- horned Heifers, Ditto 3 To the best Ditto short- horned Ditto, Ditto 3 x. rf. 3 0 3 0 3 0 2 D 2 0 2 0 3 0 3 0 3 0 Dp % ucttotr, BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Monday, the 17th Day of December. 18IO; nnHE valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS ahd JL FURNI TURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils and Casks, with all the IMPLEMENTS iu HUSBANDRY, and about 70 lorn, of excellent HAY and CLOVER, now in StacKs close to the River Severn, the Whole of which mav be taken off the Premises, belonging to Mr. TAYLOR." of MONKVIOOR, near the Town of Shrewsbury.— The Household Furniture consists of Fournost and other Bedsteads, with Hangings Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Mahogany, Oak" and other Tables and Chairs, Pier and Swing Glasses, painted Wardrobe, hanging Press Oak Beaufet, Ditto Dresser, with Drawers and Pewter Frame complete, a large Kitchen Taole and Forms, Kitchen Grate, Pit- grate, Fire- irons and Fender, with a large Assortment of Kilchen Furniture, Brewing aod Dairy Utensils aud Casks, the Whole of which will be found in good Order. The IMPLEMENTS consist of 2 Waggons, 2 Broad- wh Tumbrils, Pair of Cart Wheels, Wat . r Carriage and Bar 2 2 0 2 2 5 5 0 5 5 0 TURNPIKE TOLLS. NOTICE is hereby given, that the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gates lieieunder- inentioned, on the Roads In the Western Division of tbe third District of the • Montgomery and Bishop's Castle Roads, in the Counties of Montgomery and Salop, will be LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidders, at the House of Edmund Read, known by the Sign of the DRAGON, in Montgomery, on THURSDAY, the THIRD Day of JANUARY next, at eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for one Year ftom Lady Day next, in the Manner directed bv the Act parsed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of bis Majesty King George tbe Third, for regulating the Turnpike Roads; which Tolls are now let for the respective yearly Sums following, and will be put up at those Sums, viz. £ Ktalloe and Samybryncaled Gates on the Road to Pool 247 Montgomeiv Gale on ihe Road to Cbirbury 56 Uwynobin Gate on the Road to Bishop's Castle, and ? Cefnnycoed Gate on the Road to Kerry J Brynderwen Gate on the Road to Gnnley Aylesfoid Gale on tbe Road to Marlon ... Churchstoke Gate on the Road from Bishop's Castle Booksellers and Newsmen. To be Let, and entered upon immediately, LARGE DWELLING HOUSE, with TWO large GARDENS, and suitable Outbuilding there- unto belonging ; and from lb to 24 Aetes of good GRAZING LAND, all in the Township of WHITTINGl'ON, and County of Salop. For further Particulars enquire of THOMAS RICHARDS, Wbittingtou, Shropshire. 28th November. 1810. to Forden in Bishop's Castle ? 124 17 55 Cliirbury and Rhydygroes Gales on the same Road Whoever happens to be the best Biddei for the Tolls of any or either of the Gates, most give Security with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent agieed for, at such Times as they shall direct; no Person will be allowed to bid who does not produce bis Sureties at the Time of the Auction. Montgnmenj, FRANCIS ALLEN, lid Nr. v. 1810. Cleik to the Trustees, ON SALE, ACHESNUT GELDING, nearly thorough bred, seven Years old off, 16 Hands high, of very great Speed and Powers, and a peifect good HUNTER. The present Owner bought him at three Years old from the Breeder. He was got by King John, full Brother to Werter, and bred by Mr. Hutchinson. His Dam by Jack, by Somebody out of Orange Girl's Dam, bred by Mr. Prat, of Askrig. Somebody was by Match'em. The Horse may be seeo, and every Particular known, by applying to Mr. ROBERT WILSON, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, To be Sold by private Contract, SEVERAL very valuable Freehold ESTATES, situate in the Parishes of LLANDRINIO and ALBF. R- BlIRY, in the County of Montgomery, and at ASt'ON PIGOT, in the Parish of W. riben, iu tiie County of Salop, IN THB TOLLOtriSG LOTS: LOT I. All those TWO PIECES or Parcels of Arable LAND, situate in the Township ol Trederwen, in the Pari h of Llandrinio aforesaid, called CAE MAWR and BARN PIECE, in the Holding of Edward Menlove, containin; 33A. 3R. BP. be the same more or less. LOT II. All that MESSUAGE or Tenement, called THE LOWER HOUSE, with the Outbuildings and Appurtenances, and divers Pieccs of rich Meadow and Pasture LAND thereto belonging, lying within a Ring- Fence, and enntaining together 81 A. SR. 37P. be the same more or less, situate In the Town ship nf Criggion, and near to l. lanririnio Bridge, now in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Wilde or his Undertenants. For the Accommodation of Purchasers, the Ven- dors will have no Objection to divide the Premises into two or more Lots. LOTIII. All that MESSUAGE or Tenement, with another Dwelling House, Outbuildings, and Farm, situate at Middle town, in the Parish of Albeibury, and County of Montgomery, with the LANDS and Appurtenances thereto belonging, con- taining together 165A. 2R. 13P. be the same more or less, now in the Possession or Occupation of Mr. Richard Brown, his Undertenants or Assigns. The Tenant holds the above Farm under a Lease for the Life of himself and his Wife, who are of the age of 79, or thereabouts.— Tbe Estate is capable of gifat Improvement, and bus a Right of Common on Middle- town Hill. LOT IV. All that Piece or Parcel of rich Arable LAND called THE FURLONG, situate at Aston Pigot, in the Parish of Wnrthen, in the County of Salop, adjoining the Shrewsbury Road there, containing 7A. 2R. 8P. be the same more or less, and now in the Occupation of Mr. John Evans, or bis Undertenant. LOT V. All those THREE PIECES or Parcels of Arable LAND, called THE V1RTLES, situate at Aston l'igol afore, said, adjoining to Lands of Mrs. Betton and Mr. Lewis Cooke, containing together 23A. OR. 34P. be the same inore or les9, and also in the Occupation of the said John Evans, or his Undertenants. The foregoing Estates are let to Tenants from Year to Year, except the Farm at Middletown, and are redeemed of Land- Tax.— The Lands and Premises in Llandrinio and Criggion are situate on and near to the Banks of the River Severn, and the Montgomeryshire Canal; and the Whole are near to Liine and Coal, and within convenient Distances of Welshpool, Oswestry, and Shrewsbury, all good Market Towns, and en- joy many other local Advautages.-- Part of the Purchase Money may remain upon Security of the Estates if the Pur- chasers should wish it. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and Possession of the Whole ( except the Middletown Estate) may be bad at Lady- Day next.— For further Particulars apply to Messrs, MADDOCK and SIMES, Shrewsbury, 1 1 0 1 1 0 5 5 0 3 3 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 3 3 0 Turnpike Tolls. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the TOLLS arising at the Toll Gates erected oil the Turn- pike Roads leading from Ell'- smere to Shrewsbury, and from Ellesmere to Oswestry, in the County of Salop, called or known by the stveral Names of Cotton- Hill Gate, Stoekett Gate, and Hardwick Gate, with the several Side Gates thereto respectively belonging, will be LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidders, at the House of Mr. Richard Joy, known by the Sign of the RED LION Ion, iu COCK- SHUT, in the said County of Salop, on FRIDAY, the 21st Dav of December next, between the Hours of twelve and two in the Afternoon, ( for one or more Years, as shall then be agreed upon) in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the Thirteenth Year of the Reign of his Majesty King GEORGE the Third, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads:" which Tolls produced the last Year the following Sums : £. s. Cotton Hill Gate 522 0 Stockett Gate 263 0 Hardwick Gate 40 1 above the Expense of collecting ihem, and will be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happen to be the best Bidders, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties ( who shall per- sonally attend) to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. P. PRITCHARD, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Ellesmere, 10th Nov. 1810. Drayton Agricultural Society. AT a Meeting, held at the Talbot, on Thursday, the 8th Day of November, 1810, present. Rev. OFFLEY CREWE, President; Henry Jervis, William Briscoe, Edward Bayley, T. Bayley, S. Hopkins, J. B. Harding, Thomas Taylor, Wm. Watkiss, John Foden, Thomas Wheelock, and others; The Secretary's Accounts were examined and allowed ; the Claims of the several Candidates for Premiums were consider- £ s. d. 5 5 0 2 2 3 3 0 ed, and the following directed to be paid : To Mr. Taylor, of Ellerton Hall, for the best Dairy of Cheese, a Silver Cup, value To Mr. William Briscoe, for general Improvements as Tenant, Ditto To Ditto, for the best Crop of common Turnips ... To Mr. John Foden, for the best Crop of Swedes ., To Ditto, for the best Crop of Barley sown with the Drill To John Smallvvood, Servant in Husbandry 29 Years with Mr. Harding To Phebe Arkinstall, Ditto 15 Years with Ditto ... To John Boughey, Labourer in Husbandly 15 Yeais wi h Ditto, and not fed in his Master's House To George Wright, of Drayton, for bringing up a Family of 12 Children -. Mr. OlHey Crewe receiveil Forfeit frum Mr. William Jellt- coe ou the second Year's Match of Sheep. The Sweepstakes for the best eight Acres of common Tur- To the best Ditto Pollard Ditto, Ditto To the best New Leicester Ram, for Stock, not more than Two Years old the preceding Spring, bona fide Property Six Months before the Shew .. To the best real true- bred South Down Ram do. do. To the best Ram of any other Sort To the best Pen of Two Ncxc Leicester Yearling Ewes, own Breeding and Property three Months before shewing To the best real true bred South Down Ditto, do. do. To the best of any other Sort, ditto, ditto To the large- tand best Dairy of Cheese, according to the usual Conditions, - - Silver Cup, value Claims to be giveo in before 1st October. To the Farmer, being a Subscriber, or Tenant to any Subscriber, at Rack Rent, and not under Lease for more than Seven Years, who hetvveen the Society's Meeting in November, 1809, and No- vember, 1811, shall be fouud to have made the greatest and most substantial Improvements, by Marling, Draining, or otherwise, S loe, Cup, or To the Landlord or Owner of any Farm, being a Subscriber, for the like Ditto or Ditto Candidates to give Notice in Writing to the Secretary, on oi before 1st of May next, specifying tbe Farm, & c. for which the Claims are made. To the Servant or Labourer, who, under the Di- rection of his Master, in tbe Year 1811, and before the 20th of October, shall Plough 10 Acres or more with any Plough diawn by Four Oxen, without a Driver, in the least given Time and best Manner To Ihe like for Ploughing with Two Horses, un- der the same Conditions To the Farmer who shall Plough not less than 10A. w'ith only Two Horses, drawn double without a Driver, in the least given Time and best Man- ner Silver Cup, or Claims for ploughing, with regular Cer- tificates signed by two Members, to be given in before 1st November. To the Person who shall Sow with tbe Drill the greatest Number of Acrei ( not less than Fiv.) with Lent Corn, Hoe the same, and produce the cleanest and best Ciop at Harvest Notice to be given before 1st of July. To the cleanest and best Crop of Common Turnips ( not less than Eight Acres,) under the usual Con- ditions To the best and cleanest Crop of S eedes ( not less than Five Acres) under same Conditions Claims for Turnips to be given before 1st October. To the Man- Servant and Woman- Servant in Hus- bandry, who shall each have lived the greatest Number of Years in same Service, or on same Fann, to each To the Person who shall have lived the greatest Number of Years in same Service, or on same Farm, either as a Labourer and Servant, or as Servant and Labourer To the Day- Labourer in Husbandly, who shall have worked the greatest Number of Years in samo Service or on same Farm, arid not been fed in his Master's House To the second ditto, ditto Claims for Servants and Labourers, with ptoper Certificates signed by the Master or Mistress, to be delivered to the Secretary before 1st of November. To the Day- Labourer in Husbandry, who shall have brought up the greatest Number of legitimate Children, in Habits of Industry and Husbandry Business, without Relief from the Parish, except in Illness Not less than 6 Children, or 14 Years' Service, will be deemed sufficient Pre- tension. To the Labourer who shall cut, plash, and lay, in the best and most effectual Manner, not less than 20 Roods of Quick Pence, between 29th Sept. last, and 30th April, 1811 Claims to be given before 1st of May, specifying the Quantity, aud certified by the Master. N. B. The Silver Tankard, value 25 Guineas, given by Sir JOHN Hut, Bart. for the best managed Farm, will be decided al ihe November Meeting, 1811. All STOCK intended to be shewn for Premiums, must be on the Ground by eleven o'Clock at the latest, and ptoperly secured.— Cattle and Sheep to havs been fed with Hay, Grass, and Vegetables, and not to have had Corn.— And in all Cases where no real Merit appears, the Premiums will certainly be withheld. ORDERED,— That all Notices required, are to be given in Writing, whether so expressed in the printed Lists or not. The following Members aie appointed on the Committee for the ensuing Year. Sir Jons HILL, Bart. I Rev. R. CROCKET, J. HAVVORTH, I Rev. R. W. HILL, EDWARD BAYLEY, I P. DAVIES. T. BAYLEY, [ There will be a Side by Auction of the Stock belonging to any Subscriber at Ihe July Meeting, as usual. The following MATCH and SWEEPSTAKES are entered into, and the latter remain open for SUBSCRIBERS uutil the 1st of May, 1811: Mr. J. B. HARDING and Mr. OrtLEY CREWE agree to shew the Fleeces of Wool cut last Season from their South Down Rams, which is the finest Fleece, Two Guineas each; to be decided at the next JULY MEETING by Mr. THOMAS WOOD, of HOUNRT. For the best eight Acres of Common Turnips, without Manure, TBOMA9 TAYLOR, WILLIAM BRISCOE. For the best eighteen Acres of Swede Turnips, Ten Guineas each, OPPLIY CREWS, WILLIAM BRISCOE. For the best five Acres of Or Cabbage, Five Guineas each, ORTTIY CREWE, WILLIAM BRISCOE For the best Yeailing long- horned Bull, own breeding and property, THOMAS DICKEN. Tbe best Pair of real Souih Down Th- aces, Two Guineas each, OFFLEY CREWE, J. B. HARDING. The best Pair of Yearling Ewes, own breeding, Two Guineas each, T. TAYLOR, WILLIAM BRISCOE, J. B. HARDING. The next Meeting will be held on the last Thursday in July; and the Annual Meeting on the Thursday before the full Moou in November, 1311. By Order of the Meeting, THOMAS DICKEN, Secra'. a- v. heel .... . „, . . - -,- rriage and Barrel, W heel Plough, I Hand Ditto, 4 Pair of Harrows, 2 Ri,:|„, s. | J Ladders, Winnowing Fan, Sieves and Riddles, a Number | ot Stone and Wood Pig- trougbs, several Sets of Horses' j Gearing, & e. See. The Auctioneer hopes tbe Company will attend pre- cisely at ten o'Clock, as be certainly intends to begin with o the Implements at that Time- then the Hay and Clover, and the Sale of the Furniture positively atone' o'Clock. ESTATE of the said 3 3 0 1 1 0 ( By Order of tbe Assignees of Thomas Muitiii a Bauk- rupt) at tbe Bowling Green, in Overlon, in the Countv of Flint, on Monday, the 17th Day of December Instant, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions then to be produced : THE FREEHOLD Bankrupt, in tbe following Lots- LOT I. A HOUSE and GARDF. N situate in the Burou- h of OVERTON, in the holding of Edward Paddock Lor II. TWO HOUSES and GARDENS ia the' Borough ,°.; er 0'' uaforesa, d. the holdings of Richard Thomas and Abel Robeits. LOT III. A HOUSE and BLACKSMITH'S SHOP with a large Garden and Orchard, in the borough uf Overton aforesaid, in the holding of William Clav LOT IV TWO HOUSES, a Btrn, " and Garden, in ? he Borough of Overton aforesaid, in the holdings of John Jones and John Williams. LOTV THREE new erected HOUSES and GARDEN in the Borough of Ove. ton aforesaid, in the holdings of Joseph Phillips, Henry Tomkins, and Randle Piatt LOT VI. A PUBLIC HOUSE, with the Lands and Ap- purtenances thereunto belonging, situate within tbe Borough of Overton aforesaid, and adjoining the Turnpike Road lead - ing from Overton to Ellesmere, in the holding of John Gough. LOT VII. APIECE of excellent LAND, in the Parish of St. Martin, in the County of Salop, containing upwards of two Statute Acres, in the holding of Hugh Price. LOT VIII. A QUILLET of LAND in the Borough of Over, ton aforesaid, containing one Acre and six Perches, or there- abouts, late in the Possession of the said Bankrupt. LOT IX. A valuable MEADOW, situate near the Town and within tbe Borough ot Overton aforesaid, containing about seven Statute Acres, in th? holding ofjnhu Jones. t- oT X. A PIECE of excellent LAN IT, iMose to tfieTown and within the Borough of Overtoil aforesaid, late in the Pos- session of the said Bankrupt. Mr. JOHN HUGHES, of Overton aforesaid, ( one of the Assignees) will shew the Premises ; and further Information may be bad from him, or from Mr. BROWNE, Solicitor, Wrexham. - With Possession on tbe first Day of May next, at tho Whit,; Horse Inn, in Wem, in the County of Salop, on Thursday, the 20ih Day of December, 1810, at four o'clock in tbo Afternoon, either together or in Lots ; ACOMPACT ESTATE, called THE WEIR, consisting of a convenient Farm House and Outbuildings, eligibly situated within half a Mile of the Town of Weill aforesaid, and about two Miles from Lime and Coal, with an excellent Garden and Orchard, anil 64A 1R. 14P. more or less, of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Ground, in a high State of Cultivation, and a good Part of the Meadoiv Lul l capable of being well watered. The Messuage, Outbuildings, and 51 A. 1R 29P. more or less, of the above- mentioned Premises, are Copyhold, and tbe rest Freehold. The Timber lobe taken toby the Purchaserat a Valuation j to be produced at the Time of Sale. For further Particulars, and a View of the Premises, apply to Mr. Thomas James, at tbe Weir, or Messrs. LEE aud NICKSON, Solicitors, Wem aforesaid. At the Cross Foxes, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 28ih Day of December, 1810, either entirely, or io Lots, and subject to such Conditions as will then be declared : AN eligible and compact FARM, called BVVLCH EITHIN; consisting of a new- erected aad substantial FARM HOUSE, with suitable Outbuildings, and several Closes or Parcels of LAND thereunto belonging, containing together by Admeasurement 72R. 2R. 37P. or thereabout situate in the Parish of Guilsfield, in the County of Mont- gomery, now in the Holding of Ann Savage, Widow. Also, TWO PIECES OF LAND, containing by Admea- surement 13 Acres, or thereabout, situate at Moel- y- Garth, in tbe said Parish of Guilslie. ld, now in the Holding of the said Ann Savage, distant about a Mile from the said Farm. 1' he Purchaser will be required to take the Timber at a Va- luation, which will be produced at the Time of Sale, The Tenant will shew the Premises; an I f> r further Particulars apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Solicitor, O. w Vrv. 3 3 0 3 3 0 CAPITAL LEAD MINES. At the White Lion Inn, in the Town of Machynlleth, in the County of Montgomery, on Wednesday, the 30th Dav of January, 1811, between the Hours of three and six o'Clock in the Afternoon, unless previously disposed of by private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given, subject to such Condi ions as will he then aud there produced : THE UNEXPIRED TERM ol ,1 very valuable and desirable LEASE of ALL the MINES and MIN- ERALS in, upon, or under, those two seveial Tenements and Lands called DYFNGWMUCHAF and DYFNGVVMGANOL, situate in the Parish of Penegues, in the County of Montgo- mery, for the Term of 21 Years, 11 of which were unexpired on the 5th of November last. And also, THE UNEXPIRED TERM of an equally valu. able LEASE of ALL the MINES aud MINERALS in, u;. nn, or under, all that Tenement and Lands called ESKlltGALRD, situate in the Parish of Penegoes aforesaid, for the Term of 21 Years, 20 of which were unexpired on the 12th of August last. These Works are situate close to the Turnpike Road lead- ing from Llanidloes to Machynlleth, and within 12 measured Miles of Derwenlls, where tbe River Dovey is navigable. The Prospect of Ore has within these few Years greatly im- proved ; the weekly Produce is now very great; antl the Ore is of a very superior Quality, The Proprietors have lately, at a great Expense, erected some very extensive Machinery, which, together with tbe Ore now upon the Pits, and all the Mining Implements, will be sold to the Purchaser at a fair Valuation, £ 3" There is a valuable Mine Work adjoining Dyfngwm, to which Access cannot be had but thro' the Pits aud Levels of the latter, for which Privilege u very considerable Benefit may arise to tbe Purchaser. Further Particulars may be had by applying personally, or by Letter ( Post- paid), to Mr. THOMAS JONES, Attorney, Machynlleth, who is authorised to dispose of tbe Premises, 2Sth N. t. 1818. LONDON. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5. The Paris papers contain a summary of me opera- tions of the French armies in Spain.— Under the he;" of Cadiz, il is announced, that the labours for the in- vestment of tbe Road and Isle of I. eon are proceeding; thai SOO cannon have beentnoiruted, and a npm'erou- flotilla created ; the Trocadero is said to have become an important post, « udn fortress able to sustain a siege. — Under the heat's of Andalusia, jVlurcia, La Manchn, Guada! a* arn, Biscay, itrd ti- e ^ sMirias, only a few skir- mishes are detailed, which, as might be cScpected, are sairl to have been uniformly favourable to the French arms.— Our unfortunate expedition against Malaga is likewise noticed $ al the conclusion of which it is an r. otinred that ll, e Duke of Dalmatia has detached the fith corps, and sent it upon- ihe Tagns, Il is also said that Gen. Dumourier, with six regiments of fusilcers of the guards, snd ihe J. anciers of lierg, has gone to Val- ladolid, to ioiil the other corps of the guards which arc there, and to form a reserve to Gen. Drotlet, which will amount to SO, 000 chosen troops. Napoleon, by a decree issued on the 12th bit. has United fo the Front h empire Ihe territory ofthe Valais, under the name of Ihe department of Sitnplon. American papers ! o 3d Nov. are received. There is a letter from Air. Pinckney to Marquis Welles'cy, dated S'Sth Aug. referring to C'hampagny's ( the French minis ter) letter lo Mr. Armstrong, relative to the projected repeal of the Berlin and Milan Decrecs from the 1st Nov. ISIO, and taking for granted " lhat in consequence the British Orders in Council would be repealed." Lord Wellesley's answer is also given; by which Ihe Ameri- can Government is assured, that" whenever the repeal cf the French Decrees shall. have actually taken effect, and llie commerce of neutral nations shall have been restored to the condition in which it stood previously lo the promulgation of tho- e decrees, his Majesty will feel the highest satisfaction in relinquishing a system, which the conduct of fhe enemy compelled him to adopt." [ It is necessary however to add, ihataltho'a month has now elapsed from the period when the Berlin and Milan Decrees v. ere lo cease, yet no public notice to that effect has been given by fhe French government ]— The National Intelligencer ( the Government paper) contains some comments upon the above correspondence, which shew that the American government will not be satisfied \ vitb Ihe lreie rescinding of our Orders in Council; but that it means to require that we should revoke our " blockading proclamations," and renounce the right of searching American vessels for our seamen. A number of regiments are spoken of as intended to reinforce I. ord Wellington ; among them the2dhatt, 42d, 2d halt. 52d, 68th, 75th, and 86th regts, besides other corps from Ireland. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6S Bonaparte having got his prefect ( Bernadotte) settled Sweden, appears determined to rule that ill- fated ith a heavy hand. He has demanded her complete and entire adherence to the Continental sys- tem, an immediate declarator ~ 1 J and the confiscation of all English colonial pi SATURDAY DECEMBER 8. The Royalist sloop of war, Captain Downe. has captured, „„ the roai- t of France, the Roi d< Naples, lugger privateer, s. f 14 guns, anil. 48 men, a few hours from Dieppe, and had made no c. ap'teve.— Gczett-. „, s MAJFSTY'S HFAITH.— The, bulletins issued and is still a state of amend- indifferent night, and . oi 1 r, •!„ , IV p. errv Cbirlei Glover 1 text—" We must all appear before the Judgement- seat of a nd Mar^ To< 5ev^ we° eTapitaUy c^ v^ ted for^ U& Huga pair Christ » and bad advanced hut a short way in its illustration, of silk stockings from a shop window. ; Bcriv is only 13 years « " « « • Hepburn and . STATU OF since our lr » « r are follows Per. 3.— Hi*- Maiestv has had a good night, a little better this morning.— Evening — The ment whith'has been observed in his Majesty for the last three d. ivs, « - i| t continues. . Dei. 4.— His Mijesty has passed another good night, and is fullv as well as he was yesterrlnv. — Evening.— His Majesty continues the same as tie wps in the morning.. Dec. 5 His Majesty tias passed another good nicht, and is still a little better this morning.—[ I he Evening bulletin is discontinued, j Dec. 6.— The King has hod but an is n. t quite s< » w'ell this morni'- g. Pec. l.— His Majestv's indisposition increased throughout the r'ay yesterday; hut he has bad some hours steep in the night, nnd is better this morning. Dec. 8.— His Maiestv has pissed a sleepless niatht, and is not noire so well rrc he was ve- terdnv. ( Signed an usual.) The last French papers contain a Decree by Bona parte, relating to the press in France ; from which it appears that, th'e number of printers having been ante- cedently reduced, those into whose possession the pro- hibited or olher presses hiav Come, are to make declarations of their having such dangerous weapons in tlie r custody, and apply for permission lo use or keep tVcm. In'o what a siate of mental blindness is this Barbarian gradually pi tnging the fairest portion of Europe? lis inhabitants must neilher see, nor hear, except so far as he pleases. Frenchmen, indeed, never enjoyed much liberty of speech or action ; but now they are actually degraded to something below an intelligent class of beings ! and will, if this tyranny Continue, as soon as the lights derived from happier times shall have died awav, be Ihe most ignorant race of men upon earth. How will they wonder, when, at the fall of this tyrant, the general occurrences of Europe, ( from w hich thev are now debarred) are let in upon them 1 The other articles are a Russian Bulletin, giving an account of some successes in the war with the Turks; an order at Berlin for burning English manufactures; and some account of the proceedings in the Swedish Diet* which terminated its Session by a resolution against his Swedish Majesty now in England, and a reduction of the civil list. " The ex- Icing GustaVus Adnlphus imil his posterity tire banished far ever in country ano enure innm. ... tern, an immediate declaration of war against England, confiscation of all English colonial produce within her territories. Sbe has presumed to hesitate upon the subject of confiscation, hoping thai the tyrant will he satisfied with a prohibition of all such produce in future. The other demands have been complied with ; and on Ihe 85th. War was formally declared by --. r'—( u„<,„/„ fhij inioortautintel- whifh . jnru, u iin LII ....., Sweden against Great Britain. This important intel- ligence was brought by the Auckland packet, tvhkh arrived yesterday at Yarmouth, with two mails from Anholt.— The Swedish and German papers, brought by this vessel, add, that an Armistice has been signed be- tween Turkey and Russia.— They also state, lhat an emba go has been laid upon all Danish and Norwegian vessels in the porfs of Norway, for the purpose of rais- ing 4000 seamen ; and that a similar measure was ex- pected in Ihe ports of Zealand: the object is distinctly avowed to be for the equipment of the Imperial fleet in the Scheldt. A similar proceeding has been enforced at Bremen. When the last packet left Malta, on the 22d ultimo, Lucien Bonaparte and family continued at the palace of St. Antonio, which Gen. Oakcs had appointed for him to reside in. By letters of the UlYi ult, received yesterday from Hamburgh, it appears that a new Decree has been passed, inflicting additional pains and penalties on per sons maintaining any intercourse, direct or indirect, with Great Britain and her dependencies. In obedience to this order, a banker at Hamburgh writes to a friend atCarlshamm that he will uot draw, accept, or indorse any bills whatever to which any English merchant is a party. Another correspondent writes, " As I have de- termined to accede to the continental system, t must desire you to write no more on matters ot trade." The goods are delivered up by the Hamburgh merchants to the French Commissioners, thro' the fear of being shot. The French are not satisfied with the quantity of effects obtained, and domiciliary visits are to bo re- newed in Hamburgh. In the Moniteurs, which have be- n received to the 2d inst. we observe a very long aconnt of the military operations in Portugal; and never was there a more laboured attempt to concent err misrepresent ihe real state of fact'. It appears from this story, for which we cannot find room in detail, that the battle of Puzaco was ontv 3 feint! Massena was aware ot the strength of the position, and therefore ordered two brigades to pretend to attack the English, while he tuined their flank ! and all these mai < sums were completely successful, with the loss of only two hundred killed, and from twelve la fifteen hundred wounded I From this specimen of verac ty, the Reader may ju-' ge * hnt reliance is to be placed on the rest of the narrative. We have lord Wellington's positive assertion, backed by all tbe private letters from his aimv, that 2000 of the enemy tvere found dead on Ihe field, and of the 5000 taken at frimbra, it is ascertained that the major part were wounded in the battle of Bnzarn. City Business.— Yesterday a Court of Aldermen was held at Guildhall, which being the first Court, of Alder men in the mayoralty, llie Lord- Mayor went in state from the Mansion- house to Guildhall. The thanks of tho Court were voted to the lale Lord Mayor. The Court inspected the meal- weighers' reports, and or dered the price of bread to be raised half an assize, or Id. in the peck- loaf, to commence to- morrow; the quartern loaf of wheaten is then to be sold for Is. 8d. and household at Is. 1 ; d.— It uas referred to a Com- mittee of the whole Court to consider the present Jet rf Parliament foi regulating the assize of bread, and repor. what alteration ( if any ) should be made therein and what steps are necessary to be pursued thereon. ell a Meeting of the Catholic Committee, in Dublin, on the 1st inst. it was stated by Mr. O'Coiinel, that a report had leached hinv, that " a Roman Catholic private soldier, be- longing to a certain regiment of Militia, for no other offence than for attending at Chapel, to discharge thise religious duties which he, in common with all mankind, owed to his Cod, has heen sentenced to be transported for lite ' I !— and had actually, like a common convict, proceeded so far on his passage into exile as the Isle of Wight"— and, on bis pvo- position, it was resolved, that a subscription should he uiade, for the purpose of defraying the expense of having the matter fullv investigated; and lhat a Sub- Committee, consisting of five, should be appointed to eiiquite into the truth of the facts, und to report to the General Committee. On Sunday morning last the sloop Morning Star, belonging to Plymouth, Lnvis, master, sailed from thence with some passengers, for Fowey ; and when within five miles of the latter port, the sloop was becalmed, ami in consequence, the passengers, togetb' r with the. master of the vessel, took to the boat, for the purpose of getting ashore. Soon after leaving the vessel they weie followed by a huge monster, the nature """• I""" » ••- r - .7 „ i from the Swedish territory, and prohibited front ever \ Orford, at entering it, under pain of death." ' Lordship's From some American papers, just received, we leurn, that the revolution which took place at Santa Fe, on the 20th of August, was effected wilhont bloodshed. The people compelled the Viceroy to liberate the Pa- triots who had been imprisoned, and to transfer his authority to the Cabildo, in whose hands, with the addition of 17 Deputies on the part of the inhabitants, the Supreme Government had heen ad interim deposit- ed. Don Joseph Amar, a native Colonisl, of great talents and respectability, was appointed President. On the 21st a body of 4000 horsemen came in from the countrv to support the new Government, the installa- tion of which was celebrated with all the usual demon strations of joy. We have no intelligence fiom t/ ird Wellington this day, but we anticipate, even from the articles in the Moniteur, tbat the next dispatches will be good. They seem to he preparing the people of France for the abandonment of the expedition against Portugal. Everv line of them shews the fury and the disappointment of Bonaparte, He proves that the people of Portugal have found out the means of brffiing him. He knows thst the failure of the attack upon Portugal will render his affairs in Spain mo e desperate, and he feel- and fears tbat the lessons which these two countries have taught may not be lost, upon the rest of Europe. How ridiculous and contemptible must his lamentations over the deseited state of Portugal, anil his expressions of astonishment at the flight of the peasants, appear in the eyes even ofthe French. The peasants would not stop and supply the French army ; they would not. remain to be robbed, and to afford an enemy the means of conquering their country.— No— they had the example and the recollection of the Spanish peasants before them, whom the French butchered in the cruetest manner, hanging them up by hundreds upon trees, after having destroyed their cottages and property, because they had dared to take up arms in defence of their country. The peasants of Portugal fled, destroying with their own hands their property, and laving waste their country rather than it should afford the means of subsistence to so ferocious an in- vader. A nil tin- reward of tlieii patriotism and their fortitude will probably be, that the invader will be fo ced to fly also. Prisoners of War.— A letter which the British Government has ordered the Commissioners of the Transport Board to send in reply to all the demands of French officers heie to be released, proves that, although the negociation is broken off, our Government, will siitl soften, as much us possible, the m'sery of individuals, and exchange on the principle of man for man, and rank for rank such of the French prisoners as may obtain the consent of their own Government for their release. Letters from the Caraccas of the 1st of October, and from Veia Cruz of the 9th, contain an official document of the Supreme Junta, of much commercial interest, in whicn an arrangement is recognized with Colonel Robertson, under which a free correspondence is to be admitted with the Bii'i- h Colonies, and the same privileges and tariff is to be ' allowed to the Somh Americans in the Antilles which ttie ' English possess. By the same treaty, the merchandize of South America, not the production of the country, may b- imported into tbe Antilles, if the same be not pioltibited when imjiprted in Britisli vessels. Some Gazettes were received this morning from Buenos Ayres, noticing tbe degradation of several of the Spanish authorities who had been allowed provisionally to letaiu thei; situations. l etters from St. Bartholomew stale, that owing to some arbitrary acts of Government, a revolution hail taken place there; that the judge of the island, Bergstedr, his wife, prin' ipa! secretary, servants, &, c. had heen sent off, and have arrived at Saietn. An embargo has heen imposed norm all shipping. This island is principally inhabited by Irish and French, and will probably be taken possession of by the British. An American ship, bound from the United States to Bour- desux, iu the confidence of the repeal of the decrees of Berlin and Milan, lias been sent into Plymouth by a British frigate, undei the sanction of the ordeis iu council. A gentleman, who li ft Paris only a few days ago, states that 50,000 men weie on their way to reinforce the armies of Bonaparte in the Peninsula. Contrary to expectation, a new levy of 150,000 soldiers had been ordered immediately to be executed throughout the French Empire. A petition was presented, a few days ago, by the Con- tractors for the loan, ami tlie holders of omnium, to Ihe Directors of the Bank of England, to postpone ttie time for ihe redemption of omnium — The Bank has agreed to this request; and an answer has been sent to the Stock Exchange 1 to that effect, fixing the payment of the instalments for the following days, viz. February 1, 30 per cent.; February 15, 30 per ceiit.; and March 8, 40 per cent — The day pre- viously appointed fur the redemption was the 27th of January. Perjury.— In the Court ol King's Bench, on Friday, Jolin King, esq. was tried and found guilty of willul and corrupt porjurv. The plaintiff was Mr. Cliarle? Harrison, an attoi ney, and the alleged perjury was stated to have been contained in an affidavit made before the Loid " Chancellor by Mr. King, for the purpose of piocuring an attachment against Mr. Ha- riton for a contempt of the couit, committed by him in having issued a writ ol executiou against Mr. King, after he hurl been served with a notice hy tbe defendant, that Ihe Lout Chancellor hud granted an injunction staying all pro- ceedings. The Mexican Colfee honse, in I, isle- strect, Leicester- square, kept by Mr. Simonet, lale cook to the Prince of Wales, was entirely consumed by fire this morning, and we lament to say, the landlord und landlady both perished in the flames. Three female servants saved their lives by jumping out at a two pair of stairs win * • • - • * ' - » - - - I- N VI.. of age, Glover 14, the the girl 15.— Ensign TtvmasWhite, a drummer, whose trial had been put off two sessions, were sentenced to death, for an unnatural crime. The Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, met on Wednesday ; when a ballot was com- menced for tho election of a Vice- President, in" the room of the late Earl of Dartmouth. The candidates were, the Earls of Liverpool and Morton ; the former of whom was elected bv a majority of eight.— An invention is before the Society, which is likely to afford great comfort to the Water Gilders. The process in carrying on this branch of business is most pernicious to the health uf those concerned in it, owing to the. noxions effluvia from metallic? and other substances, which comprise tbe preparation used for gilding. The machine in question is so contrived, that persons in tbat line of business may pursue their avocations without the least injury to their health. An eagle was shot 8 few davs ago, on Tredake, in T. anlegtos, near Fowey, whilst feeding on the carcass of a sheep. It was three feet long, from the extiemities of its hit! and tail. The expansion of its wings was six feet ten inches. When this mighty aerial adventurer descended on the sheep's carcase, the magpies and crows feeding thereon, in haste, with shrill chatter, and dreadful cries, forsook their prev, and sought shelter in the nearest trees and thickets. On Wednesday night, between 11 and 12 o'clock, Mr. Charles Marten was caller! out of bed by an alarm that his premises, consisting of spacious warehou. es. See. situated in Well- street, Fast Smitbfietd, were ou fire ; on searching, he discovered a burning link ( which appeared to have been thrown from fhe street), on tfie roof of a snap- manufactory, opposite his dwelling- house, and withm au inch of some com- bustible composition, which, had it set on fire, would have immediately communicated the destructive clement to every part of the premises. The extraordinary circninstance of finding llie link in that situation prompted Mr. M. to en- deavour at finding the wicked perpetrator of this action; and, passing two gir'sof the town, be heaid one of tlieni sav, she knew who did it. He immediately seized Iter, and com- mitted her to the care ofthe watchman; and on examination, - he said, that the link was thrown bv one of the firemen belonging to a certain Insurance Company, and that she knew the man, and could point him out.' The whole of the fire- men belonging t, o that Office are summoned to appear at the Police Office, and it is hoped that the wicked and diabolical incendiary may meet with merited punishment. It is sin- gular, that within an hour from tbe time this aff., ir happened, the vrry serious and alarming fire in Prescott stieet broke out ; and that the night before, a fire hart consumed a laige house, within a very little distance from Well- street. Collectorship. — At a sale of books, printed tiy the late Lord Strawberiv Hill, on Tuesday last, a copy of his Lordship's Tragedy, of The Mysterious Mother, was knocked down at .£ 6 15s. ! 1 I Griy's Odes, with Behtley's deiigtis, £ 5. 12s. tifl.—: i parcel of scraps and louse leaves of poetrv, epigrams, Lc. for sixteen pounds ; and his Lordship's Hiero- glyphic Tales ( which are in his printed works), a smalt puti- phietof about two sheets, crown. nctavo, was gladly purchased bv eminent Collector, for the same sum of sixlren pouids sterling !— Can Bonaparte ruin such a country ? The following subjects are proposed for the Chan- cellor's prize at Oxford, for the ensuing year: viz. For Latin Verses— Herculaneum. For an English Essay— t-' noeral and Sepulchral Honours. For a Latin Essay— De Styli Ciceronian! in diversa ma teria varietate. The first of the above subjects is intended for those gentlemen of the University who have no} exceeded four years from the time of their matriculation ; and the other two for such as having exceeded four, but not completed seven years. Sir Roger Newdigaie's Prize: — For the hest composition in English Verse, not containing more than 50. lines, by. any Under- Giaduate who has not exceeded four ytars from the time of tiis matriculation— The Parthenon. when he fell down in his pulpit, and instantly expired. On the 1st instant, H. Clatk, Esq. of Boston. In exerting himself during the late inundation to remove some casks in his cellar, he lacerated his finger with an iiou hoop, which caused his death. Same day, at Newcastle, where she had resided from her birth, Thomasin Robinson, aged 111; when upwards of 100 she broke her thigh, and recovered perfectly of the accident. Latelv^ at Richmond, Yorkshire, William Moor, aged 101. On the 27th jjlt. Charles Vaughan, Gent, of Colebatc. h, in this countv, aired 79. Friday last, at Dennis, the Lady of T. Hill, Esq. banker, of Stourbridge. Lately, at Liverpool, while on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Bon'ton, relict of the late Joseph Boulton, Esq. banker, of Bridgnorth. Latelv, at Middlewich, in the 90tli vear of lii « age, Mr, Peter Jackson. He had been oneof the ringers there Howards of 50 years, and the week preceding his death, rung the first peal after completing tne repairs of the church. IBostscrtpt. LONDON, Monday Night, Dec. 10, 1810. STATE OK THE KING'S ILEALTH, " fVtndsor, Dec, 9. — His Majesty has had. several hours sleep, and appears better than he was any part of yesterday. 14 Dec. 10.—- Bis Majesty is quite as well a9 he was yester- day, though be has passed the night with little sleep." ( Signed as usual.) We can with peifppt confidence assure our Readers, that it is the intention Ministers to proceed to o measure of great importance in both Houses on Thursday ' he 13th instant, and that the idea of a further adjournment is abandoned. Letters to this efTiiot. have been issued from the Treasury to the friends 1 ofthe Minister. — The Globe. There are no fresh arrivals from Portugal, Oerman Papers to the 20th ult. are received. The only article of news iu them is that an expectation is held out, that Bonaparte and Berthier are « b<> ut to proceed to. the Peninsula, in order to biing the war to a conclusion iu the course of the winter. . A Gentleman has arrived in this country, frorr> the Dutch coast— He states some interesting facts whieh ar?.. passing on the other side.— The invasion of England i* again the topic, and a fleet is assembling in the Scheldt for that, purpose •— Every exertion is making to man them with experienced sea- men, and a number of Danish sailors have been unpiessed for that purpose. The French party in Holland are greatly out of humour at the tardiness of Massena's operations in'. Portugal ; and also at the protracted warfare in Spain.— The report of a war between France and Russia is very current on the Continent. The merchant* have relinquished al! idea of attempting to trade with Ivugland eithet by direct or indirect means.— At Mum burgh, tne merchants have satisfied all the demands of the French Government as to the 40 per cent., on colonial produce; but this has not set their poods at liberty, for the Emperor will not give permission for this description of mer- chandize to be transported from Hamburgh. The greatest exertions are making to send off the f.^ et of transpoits now taking in stores for the Army of Portugal, amongst which are clothing of every description, bed clothing, hammocks, camp equipage, cartridge hoses, and various ther articles for the use of the army } as sonn as these are gone others will take their places, to take in cargoes of the same kind. This proves, at least, that Government have no idea of the British army being compelled to leave Portugal this winter, notwithstanding the reinforcements that Massena may receive. Accounts have been received from Jamaica, of a dreadful hurricane having taken place at St. Domingo, on the 27th of Sept. in which upwards of oO vessels, of various descriptions, were driven on shore; Three per Cent. Consols. 67£, ( fj* The pTea; a>? t Letter of " a Literary Tourist" received; nridf agreeable tn request, shall appear the dau after Christmas ; nnt dotjbtivg that il will contribute to enliven the conversation of many a Tea- party at that social season of mirth and frolic.— Kiitfkos on the Lady of ' he Lake, next zceek. The sale of the Freehold Estates advirtis° d in a former paper to take place e. t Osroestrn^ by Mr. Salter, on Wednesday, ihe 19lh, is postponed to Wednesday, the 26th instant.— See Advertisement. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. S'edman House- Visiters, Joseph Carless, Esq. and Mr. Drinkwnter. At our Pig and Sheep Fair yesterday, fat pie*, of which there was a good supply, sold at an average of hfd. ! n con- sequence of the heavy fall of snow on Monday, the number of sheep for sale was rather short ; prices flom 7d to 8d. per lb. The Worcester Theatie. greatly improved under thedirec tiou of Mr. Crisp, opens with a prospect of unabating success on the 31st instant. Caution.— In the course of last week, several respectable tradesmen in this citv have been waited upon bv an elderlv gentleman, of respectable address, with a prospectus for the publication of a work on Chemistry, and soliciting sub- scriptions — The price of the work he stated to be three Gti neas, one guinea to be paid in advance, and to be de- livered in about six weeks. We understand he succeeded in several instances in obtaining the whole of the subscription money. Having invited one or two of his credulous sub- scribers to the Feathers Inn, to drink a glass of wine with him, a traveller in the same room identified him, as a person who had visited York about two years ago on a similar errand, and hid obtained a considerable sum of money upon the same pretences, promising then, as now, that his work should be delivered in weeks I We sincerely recommend to the study of Dr. Shannon ( the name he assumes) the s'mple process of common honest. v, and to the public the compound virtues of caution and prudence.— Chester Couram.— This person alluded to in the above caution, was last week in this town, on the •- a- Tie business; but was fortunately known soon after his arrival, and admonished to pass on. There was a plentiful supply of fat and lpan cattle, & c. at Worcester fair on Monday se'onight, which experienced ? declension in prices, and many were driven away unsold Sheep were rather scarce, aud prices unaltered. The shew of horses was large, but being principally of an inferior de- scription, the sale was not very brisk. Karlv on Tuesday morning last the outbuildings belonging to Huntington Hall, near Chester, were discovered on fire, and in a short time were entirely destroyed. The fire en. seines were of infinite service in arresting the progress of the flames from the adjacent premises. We haveHot heard how the calamity originated, but suspicions are entertained that some villainous hand was instrumental in the conflagration. The Boscobel estate, in Staffordshire, so well known and so greatly celebrated as the place where Charles II. was con- cealed in an oak tree, the scite of which is now occupied by another tree, is to be sold.— It contains upwards of 695 acres of land. The Entertainments at our Theatre are drawing very near to a close. We announce Mr. G. Crisp's benefit for Monday being the last week but one of performing, and we have every reason to believe the ivght will collect a numerous and fashion ab'e company.— See Advertisement* Thirty- six additional bankruptcies are announced in the, Gazette of Saturday. The total of the failures in the course of la^ t month, was not less than 273. The numbers in the same month fot the six preceding years were, hi 180$, 130 ; 1808,100; 1807, 97 ; 1806,65 ; 1805, 87; 1804,60. A correspondent informs us, that the opinion of au eminent Counsel has been taken on the construction of the Acts of the 4- 24 of Geo. III. c. « R), s. 43, and 43d of f? eo. 111. c. 10. a? to Licensed Teachers of separate or dissenting congregations claiming exemption from the ballot under the aforesaid Militia Acts. Mr. Chitty gives it as his decided opinion, that " no dissenting teacher who shall have bee » duly licensed " twelve months before the annual general meeting, to be " held iu October, shall be liable to serve personally itr the " Militia, or to provide a substitute, wh° t. her he futs actually " hctonged to or preached at a regular dissent/ Mi place of uarsh/ p 11 or not ; and that tbe real object of th « Legislature in " passing the 4Sd Geo » HI. c. 10, was clearly to put Licensed " TeaClie'is on a level with Clergymen of the Church of " England, as far as respects serving in tne Militia ; and it is "" quite clear that a Clergyman, whether he have a benefice " or curacy or not, is exempt." The " Eeu Medicinale D' Bussonso much esteemed for its virt ues in the Gour, has, at. last, turned out to be a mixture of sweetened wine, with an infusion of tobacco, slightly bittered with Colombo ^' m— Londbn Medical and Physical Journal for November, 1810. Oxford, Dec 8 — Wednesday last, tbe following gentlemen were admitted to degreesKev. John Shipton, of Baliol, Grand Compounder, and Rev. W. H. Langton, of Wadham, to be Doctors in Divinity. Rev. Thus. Marwood, of Queen's ; Rev. G A. Seyinet, of Oriel; Mr. J. C. Marshall, of Wad- hum ; Mr. David Longtands, of Christ Chinch; and Rev. H. W. Cobbe, and Rev. Win. Boscawen, of Trinity, to he Masters of Arts — Mr. E. W. Richards, of Jesus*; Mr. W. K. Clementson, of St. Alban hall ; Mr. S. H. Peppiti, and Mi A. M. R. Storey, of Wadham; G. IL W. Hanopp* Esq* ot Chii- t Church ; Mr. Henry Hicginson, and Mr. Charles Tyrwhitt Drake, of Braseuose; and Mr. Henry Taylor, of Baliol, to be Bachelors of Arts. ASSIZE OF BREAD, Set the 11th of December, 1810, for the Town and Liberties of Shrewsbury, to take place on Saturday next. lb. oz ' LAST WEEK RUT ONE. Benefit of Mr. GEORGE CRISP, N MONDAY, Dec. 17th, will be presented an admired Comedy, rolled THE DRAMATIST; or, STOP HIM WHO CAN '. The Bait of Vapid fthe Dramatist) by Mr. CBISP. and Ennui h^ Mr. O. CRISP The favourite mu- i- cal Interlude of THOMAS AND SALLY, or THE SAILOR'. RETURN ; amURe celebrated Melo Drama of THE TALE OP MYSTERY ; the Part of Mechclli ( the Miller) by Mr. G. Cntsp.— Tickets, and Places as usual; and Tickets . if Mr. G. CRISP, AT Mrs. STUANC. E'S, Corner of Barker- Street. CTIIULBERT, COrrO. Y MANVFACTUURn, MERC El!, DRJPER, HOSIER, 8, c. GRATEFULLY thanks his numeipus Friends and Customers; for their very liberal Encouragement during a Period of nearly seven Years; and notwithstanding the Distance of his Shop from the. Market and Centre of the Town, he has been honoured wilh an unexpected Share of theii Favours. C H. respectfully informs them, that to obviate everv Difficulty arising from Distance, & c. he bos THIS DAY opened. A COMMODIOUS SHOP, ON THE WYLE COp', NEAIt THE POST- OrKlCE, SHO E tVSBU AV, where he will have the Honour to offer on Sale, an Assortment of genuine Cotton arid other Goods, particulailv Calicoes, aud Cotton Shirtings, of everv Description ; superfine printed Cot. tons at Is. per Yard, with the newest Winter Patterns, at various Prices; Bed- furniture Prints, of beautiful Patterns and Colours; Cambric Muslins, Shawls, Handkerchiefs, Neckerchiefs, & c.; Pelisse Cloths; g mil stout broad Cloths at 10s. per Yard ; supeifine Yorkshire and West of England Cloths very cheap; good Kerseymere at 5 » . per Yard, anil upwards; Waistcoat Pieces; Worsted Cords. Woollen C irds, Corduroys, Velveteens ; Checks. Flannels, Bad- Ticks, Blan- kets, Counterpanes, ( Home- made), and Irish Linens; Cotton, Worsted, and Woo lun Hosiery; Umbrellas front 3s. 6d. to 24 N. P. Country Shopkeepers, Taylors, or Pamilies, « unolied with Calicoes, Shirtings, Cotton Thread ( in Balls), & c. & e. at the lowest Manchester Wholesale Prices. December 11 th, 1810. Shrewsbury and Chester Banks. ROWTON & MORHALL's BANKRUPTCY. 4 COMMISSION having been issued by the J\ LORD CHANCELLOR, for the Purpose of taking the Proof of Debts undei the Sum of Twenty Pounds; NO TICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Commissioners will sit foe th « Purpose of ta'sing such Proofs, at the TOW N. HALt, in SHREWSBURY, on FRIDAY, the 41st Day of DF. CF. M. BER next, at Ten in the Forenoon, and on the following Day at the same Hour. All Persons desirous of proving their Debts must attend on one of the above- mentioned Days, and are requested previ- ously to furnish the Amount of their Debt, and the Particu- lars of the Notes they hold, at the Bank, in order that their Depositions may be prepared without Expense to the Creditors. A DIVIDEND will be made on the 31st of January next. 26/ A November, 1810. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AXD CREDITORS. ALL Persons having any Demand on the Estate or F. ffecU » f the late Mr. EDWARD HARRIES, ofthe WHITE HORSE INN, Frankwell, SHREWSBURY, tire desited lo send an Account thereof to his Executors Mr. CHARLES HANMER and Mr. THOMAS RATcLirre, at the said Inn, on or before SATURDAY, the 22d December instant, by Eleven o'Clock on that Day, in Order that the same may be adjusted and settled ; and all Persons standing indebted t-> the said Mr. HARRIES as aforesaid, are desired forthwith to pay the same to either of the said Executors, Dated the \ 1th December, 1810. G. WILLIAMS's CREDITORS. WHEREAS GEORGE WILLIAMS, < BF CHIRBURY, in the County of Salop, Mercer, Grocer, & c. hath assigned over all his Effects for the equal Benefit of his Creditors, to Mr. S. HAKHY and Mr. ANDREW JONES, bnth of the Town of Shrewsbury ; those Creditors who chuse to rea|> tbe Benefit of it are requited "" sign the Deed of Assignment on or before tbe first Day of January, 1811, or they will be excluded The STOCK IN TRADE is selling considerably UNDER PRIM E COST, at his Shop in Chirbury. All Persons who stand indebted are requested to pav their respective Debts at the said Shop, where there are two Per- sons authorised to receive thein, who will attend till the afore- mentioned Time i and thme Persons who do n > t pay oy that Time will be . ued for the same without further Notice. De ember 11, 1410. A FARM. WANTED to Rent, at Lady. Day next, about 250 or 31H> Acres of Tillage and Pasture Land r .. Land.— Tlife Ailvertrser would have no Objection to laving out ,£ 800 or <£ 1000 in the Improvement of a Farm, upon which lie could have a suitable Lease. Letters addresied to No. immediately attended to. 132, at the PRINTER'S, will be SHREWSBURY, Wednesday, December I 2, 1810. Penny loaf, or two halfpenny loaves close to of which Could not at first be ascertained ; but on his coiiiifig j d0W) j„ their night dresses, which we're in flames. Mr. ' '' *" h" " Simonet had lived 15 years in the capacity of cook to the late Duke of Portland, and previously iu the same situation with his Hoynl Highness the Prince of Wales, l'he unfortunate people were but recently married, and kail no children. A wan out has been issued by the Lords of the Treasury, for permitting al! goods warehoused unrter the general ware- housing act, to remain warehoused without payment of duty, until the lit of Jiuie, 1811, on fresh bonds being given by tbe partiei. the stern of the boot, it was found to be a large grampus, upwaids of 40 feet long, the tins of which reached Six feet above the surface of the water. Its magnitude caused great alarm to the person* in the boats; but they kept beating it about the head wilh the oats, in order, if possible, to drive it a » av, winch was after some time effected. It was close to the stern of tiie Ixiut, which was expected every moment to lime bc. e. t upi. LT; l.. r Innately, however, that was not the case, and ull tht puisoil* mere landed in safety at Fowcy ashprt time after. MARRIED. On the 1st instant, at I'easmarsn, in Sussete, the Rev. John Newling, Canon Residentiary of Lichfield, to MU* Lettice, | daughter of the Rev. Dr. Letticc, Chaplain to the Marrjuis of Douglas. On Thursday, at Edinburgh, the Duke of Argyle to Lady Paget. The ceremony was, performed after the ijtes ofthe Kirk of Scoiland. Her Ladyship is third daughter to the late Earl of Jersey, and has, we believe, 10 children living hy her divorced Lord, to whom she has been married J3 years. She is now 3b years of age. Lord Paget i » six rndnths older than the Duke of Argyle : they are both iu their 42d year. On the 29th ult. C. Bodenham, jim. Esq. of Rotherwas, Hereloidshire, to Eliza, fourth daughter of the lateT, Weld, Esq of LulworthCastle, Dorset. On Saturday last, at Wrockwardine, by the Rev. J. Gilpin, Mr. Win. Hooper, of Kinnersley, to Mi » s Pickering, of the Moss, botfi in this county. DIED. On the 2d instant, aged 19, Mr. Gittins, of Ruyton ot the Eleven Towns, formerly an opulent and respectable farmer, but had retired fiom business for some years. Lately, Mr. William Freke Williams, sou of the late Wm. Williams, Esq. of Peuiarth Uchaf, Meiionethsh re. On tiie- S8th ult. at Edinburgh, Luid Cullen, one of the Judges iu the second division of the Couit of Session, and one of the Lords of Justiciary. His Lordsnip was eldest son of the celebrated Dr. William Cullen. He entered Advocate in 1764, and was raised to the Bench in November 1796, upon the death of Lord Alva, l. oid Culleii was- a man of acknow- ledged talents, a sound law- yei, and always conspicuous in professional argument. He Uad a great taste loi polite litera- ture ; aud soute papers iu " i'hii Mirrui'' and " Lounger" evince the elegance of his pen. At Waterford, ou the 18th of October, while employed with his accustomed euergy io the discharge of the sacred functions of his office, the Rev, Mr, D. cksjn, tie had taken for his Twopenny loaf Threepenny loaf ,,, Sixpenny loaf ..... , Tvvelvepenny loaf dr. SWheaten 0 4 3 Household 0 5 9 White . 0 3 3i Id. ditto I) 1 oj S Wheaten 0 8 6 I Household Oil 2 Wheaten 0 12 9 Household 1 Oil S Wheaten 1 9 2 t Household 2 1 6 \ Wheaten 3 2 4 / Household 4 2 12 THE ANNUAL FOX HUNT WILL be held at the BKAR INN, in the Town of POOL, on WEDNESDAY, the 19th Instant, wheie the President will be happy to see all his Friends. GEORGE MRARES, Esq. President. A Fox wiil be turned out, and the Dogs laid on at eleven o'Clock.— Dinner oo the Table at Three. CLASSICAL USHER. ANTED, immediately after the Christmas Holi days, a CLASSICAL U- iHER on the Founda- tion ofthe FREK GRAMMAR SCHOOL, WHITCHURCH, Salop. The Salary is upwards of ^£ 50 per Aunnm, arising from landed and funded Properties, with a Certainty of future Increase. By thv Statutes of the Scliool it is required that the Usher be a Member of the established Cnurch of England. Candidates are requested to send Testimonials addresser! ( Post- paid) to Mr. CORSER, Whitchutcb, Salop, befote tbe 25th Day of December next. Whitchurch, 30th November, 1810. 1 All Wheaten and Household Bread must be made of Wheat only.— Wheaten to be marked with a lurge W.— Household with a large H. Price of Grain in cur Market on Saturday last— Wheal I ts. 6( 1. to 15s. 6d.— Barley 6s. 9d.— Pease 7s. 6d. per bushel of 38 quarts.— Oats 6s. 4d. — per customary measure of 37 quarts. Mark- Lane, December 7. The quantities of Wheat here to- day are very considerable, and sales thereof do not maintain last prices— Barley and Malt at the late reduction— lu Peuse and Beans of each de- scription but little variation— New Ticks 36s. to 42s. per quarter— Old as per currency— The supplies of Oats are again large, aud this article has a further reduction in price; and prices of Flour hard iy at the last quotation. Current Price of Grain per Huarter us under :— Wheat 54s. to 81s, 1 White Peas 54s. to 60.. Ba. lev 30s. to 44s. I Oats 22s. to 30s. Beaus 54s. to 00$. | Malt 72s. to 78s. Fine Flour, 80s. to 85s.-^ Secouds 7is. to 80s. per sack. DECEMBER 10.— Sales of Wheat, Barley, and Mult, nearly at Friday's reduction. Oats, Pease, and Beans, are suijie- what lower. Flour is hardly at Jast prices. HORSES TO BE SOLD BY PKIVATE CONTRACT, LOI' I. ASTRONG BLACK. HORSE, got by Suliaii, Dam by Minister, rising 7 Years old. a tuady H- » t « , and Master of great Weight. Lor 11. A BROvVN MARE, got by Cicero, Dam bv Druid 10 Years old, a very safe Hack, fast enough for any Pack of Hounds with a light Weight, and a very capital Lea per. LOT III. A BROWN HORSE, got by George out of a capital Hunting Mare, lising five Years old, very strong. LOT IV. A BAY FILLEY, got by Jack Bull out of the same Mare as Lot 3, two Years old, of great Strength and Power. LOT V. A BROWN YEARLING COLT, got by Kill Devil out of Lot 2. Particulars of the PRINTER or TKISPAPER. A NEVKll FAILING REMEDY FOR THE ITCH. f I1HAT very loathsome and most disgusiing Com- JL plaint, go disgraceful to Persons infected, as being par- ticularly injurious to general Society, from which they ought to be excluded, may now be most easily and effectually cured ( by SMELLING ONLY) by HYTUEL. L's INFALLIBLE ITCH REMEDY. Prepared and Sold, Wholesale pud Retail, by J. IIytheju, Chemist and Apothecary, at his Shop, Pride- Hill, Shrewsbury, — Price 2s, 9d. the B. x ( with Directions), Duty included. NEW PLAN, NEW LOTTERY, NEW YEAR. 4, Cornhill, and 9 Charing. Cross, London. TTMSH ESPECTFULLY acquaints the Public, that by i their unbounded Favours, he is enabled lo boast of the Sale of Two Prizes of ,£ 20,000 iu the Last Lottery, and of Five Prizes of ,£ 20,000 in the last 12 Months, besides Tlur y other Capital Ptiees in Shares, at his Offices as above, where Tickets and filiates are selling iu great Variety of Numbers, from No. 1 to No. 20,000, for the STATE LOTTERY, which draws tbe 15th next February, on an Entire NEW PLAN, with the following Advantages:— TICKETS antl SHARES CHEAPER ! MORE CHOICE OF NUMBERS, and NO INCREASE OF TICKETS! MORE CAPITAL PRIZES > and NO PRIZE UNDER TWENTY POUNDS! Tickets and Shares are also selling by his Agents J. WHIGHT,— Whitchurch. J. K. 111) NT,— Worcester. A. MORGAN,— ii afford. I W. MORGA.>— Lichfield. ' *** Several Shares of the above Capitals were sold in the Neighbourhood uf this Town. uf y rt> • s, Jh N, DAVIE^ s BANKRUPTCY. THE Creditors of SAMUEL DAVIES & PETER DAVIES, late of Duvlon in Hales, in the County of Salop, Bankers, Dealers, and Chapmen, and Copartners in Trade, against whom a Commi « « ion of Hankmpt was lately awarded, are requested to attend a MEETING to be holden at the Phrenix Inn, in Drayton in Hales aforesaid, on WED- NESDAY, the 26th DAV of DRCEM8RR instant, at 12 o'Clock at Noon, for the Purpose of assenting to, or dissent- from, the filing of otic or more Bill or Bills in the High Court of Chancery, by the Assignee*, to enforce the Comple- tion of the respective Contracts which have been made hy JOHN TAYLEUK, Esq. TWFMtoWt, Esq, and Mr. WAL- TER MINOK, for IBE Puict. ase of certain Parts of an Estate of the said Bankrupts situate at Tyrlev. in that Part of th » Parish nf Drayton in Hales which lies in the County of Stafford ; the said respective Purchasers refusing to complete their Contracts on Areonnt of a Question raised bv Counsel, whether the Estate Tail in Remainder which was vested in the said Peter ftavies, and the Remainders expectant thereon, have or not bwi barred by the Proceedings under the Com- mission, and rtie Bargain and Sale from the Commissioners to the Assignees, and ' ibe said Bankrupts refusing to suffer a Common Recovery to obviate the Question nnd confirm Ihe Title. LEE Si N1CKSON, Solicitors. TURNPIKE TOLLS. Shrewsbury, Dec. 3, 1810. NOTICE is hereby given, That at a MEETING of the Trustees of the Shrewsbury District of the Watling- Ptreet, Stretion nnd Longden, and of the Welsh Gate and Baschurch Roads, to be ho'den at the Guildhall, in Shreivsbnn, on MONDAY, the SEVENTH Dav of JANUARY, 1811, at Eleven o'Cloek in the Forenoon, the Tolls arising on the Roads undermentioned will he severally I. ET BY AUC- TION to the best Bidder, for one or more Years, as may be agreed opon ( commencing at Ladv- Dav next), in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year nf his present Majesty " For regulatingth » Turnpike Roads:" which l olls now produce the following Sums above ihe Expenses of collect- ing them.— Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must give Security, wilh sufficient Snreties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and ot. such Times as they shall direct. No Person will he alluwed to bid for any of tbe said Tolls, until his Sureties are first approved of by the Trustees. And NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN, That at the said Meeting there will be an ELECTION OF NEW TRUS- TEES fur the said Roads, in the room of others who are dead, or have resigned. The Tern and Ernst rev Gates, on the Shrewsbury Dis-") £ trictof the Watline- Street Road, with the By- Gates, V 630 at Cronkhill- Lane and Wroxeter - - • ) Ttie Tolls arising at Frixlesley Gate, now in the Hands of the Trustees. The Meole Gate, on tbe Rond leading to Church Stret- ton, together with the Check Gate at the End of Meole Bridge The Nobold Gate, on the Road leading to Longden and Bishop's Castle ------ The Tolls of the Meole and Nohotd Gates are to he advanced at Lady- Day next, viz. On Horses drawing Waggons, Carts, See. with narrow wheels, from 3d. to 4$ d. Ditto ditto ditto with six Inch wheels, from 2d. to 3d. The Mount Gate, in Fratikwell, on tbe Road lead towardsPool and Oswestry, together with theChee Gate, at Montford Bridge TheTrewern and Middletown Gates, on the New Branch of Ihe Road to Pool, now in the Hands of the Trustees. The Copthorn G3te, on the Road leading to Westbury - 203 The Gates on the Roads leading to Minsterlev The Cotton Hill and Present Gates, oil the Road lead- ) ing to Baschurch ----- S N. B. It is proposed to Let with the above Tolls all the TROF1TS or PENALTIES, arising from the different Weighing Engines, for overweight, & c. LONGDEN ROAD. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that at the above Meeting Hie Propriety of erecting a Cheek Gate across the Bye Road trading from Nohold to Meole Brace will be taken into Con- sideration. JOHN JONES, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Roads. 250 165 ding! eek- > 650 The Cheapest Folio Edition of the Bible note publishing that is illustrated with Notes and Annotations, and Embellished with Engravings, entitled the CHRISTIAN'S COMPLETE FAMILY BIBLE; OR. LIBRARY OF DIVINE KNOWLEDGE; CONTAINING the Sacred Texts of the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS, with the APOCRYPHA. The whole illustrated with NOTES and ANNOTATIONS, Historical, Chronological, Biographical, and Explanatory. Being a clear and copinus EXPOSITION and COMMENTARY On the HOLY SCRIPTURES, forming a complete TREASURY OF DIVINE REVELATIONi Wherein the obscure Passages are clearly explained; seeming Contradictions reconciled , important Truths coo- firmed ; the Prophecies and Parables faithfully elucidated , sublime Passages pointed out; and tbe Whole of Divine Revelation rendered plain and easy to every Capacity, both with respect to Faith and Practice. The Whole comprising n compendious BODY OF CHRISTIAN DIVINITY. As a farther Illustration, is given a general Concordance. Also a Chronological Index o^ Transactions from Adam to the Time of Our Blessed Saviour. A Geographical Index of Places mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. An Account of the Apostles and their Successors, who propagated the Christian Religion. A complete Illustration of the Doctrines and Duties contained ill the various Parts of the Holy Scriptures, and useful Admonitions at the End of each Chapter. By tbe Rev. THOMAS BANKF. S, Of St. Mary Hall, Oxon; Vicar of Dixton, in Monmouthshire. This Work is embellish d with Sixty Engravings, and is completed in one One Hundred and Twenty Folio Numbers, Price Sixpence each, which may be pwchased separately by one or more', at a time, or bound, Calf Lettered, 31. lis. Elegantly Gilt 31. 13s. London: printed for C. COOKE, NO. 11, Paternoster Row; and may be had of W. JiupowEs, and all other Booksellers in Great Britain. Of whom may be had the following valuable Work, The Rev. Dr. Fleetwood's Life of Our BLESSED LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. Containing everv Transaction in tbe Life of tbe GREAT REDEEMER OF MANKIND, From his Birth, to his Crucifixion, and Asceti- ion into Heaven. Together with the Lives of his holy EVANGELISTS, APOSTLES, DISCIPLES, And other PRIMITIVE MARTYRS, who have sealed the great Truths of Christianity with their Blood. As also I tie LIFE of t'ne Blessed VIRGIN MARY, & c. To which is added, a full Defence of the Christian Reli- gion; in whie, h the Objections of Atheists, and Deists, arc completely refuted; and the Religion inculcated by the GREAT REDEEMER, proved lo be tbe true Souice of eternal Happiness. By Ihe Rev. JOHN FLEETWOOD, D. D. This Work is Embellished with Twenty Engravings, il is printed in Quarto, and completed in Foily Numbe- s, Piice Sixpence each, which may be purchased separately, or hound in Calf and lettered price One Found Six, or el gantly Gilt, One found Seven. (£ 3= To prevent Mistakes, the Public are intreated to give positive Orders for Cooke's Ediliou of FLEETWOOD'S LIFE OF CHRIST. A superior Edition of the Work is printed on a Wove Vellum paper, Price One Shilling each iu Thirty Numbers. ^ ales bp aitcttom . BY MR. SALTER, At tbe Coach and Dog3, Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 26th of December, 1810, ( and not ou the [ 3th, as advertised in » former Paper), at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in six Lots, unless disposed of in one Lot in tbe mean Time by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given : SEVERAL MESSUAGES & PIECES OF LAND, . in or adjoining the Village of LLANS1L1N, in the County of Denbigh. ^ Also, A FARM, comprising 157 Acres, called BACHCYN- NAN, in the Parish, and pleasantly situated near the Village of Llancadivalader. Particulars will he prepared in due, Time, and mav be had of Mr. S< LTFR, Printer, ( the Auctioneer), who is empowered to treat for tbe same. BY S. TUDOR, On the Premises, on Thursday, the 13th Dav of December, 1810 : ALL the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNI- TURE, belonging to Mr. WAKEFIELD, at the TAL- BOT TAP, Swan Hill ; consisting of six handsome Four- post anil other Bedsteads and Bedding, Mahogany Chests and other Drawers, Chairs, Tables, & c. Sec. together with Kitchen Furniture and Brewing Utensils Catalogues of which will be prepared in due Timg, and may be had on the Premises, and of tbe Auctioneer. The Whole of the Goods being intended to be sold in one Day, the Auctioneer requests an early Attendance. The Sale will positively begin at ten o'Clpckin the Forenoon, and continue until the Whole- is disposed of. BY S. TUDOR, At the Talbot Inn, in the Town of Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 15th Day of December, 1810, between the Hours of three and five in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions as shall he then produced) ; mos lily situated on the Banks of the River Virniew, at MAES- BROOK, in the Parish nf K'tnnerley, in the County nf Salop, and now in the Occupation of Mrs.. Sockett ; in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale: LOT I. Pant Meadow Croft near the River .. ... LOT II. CaeCae- pren, and Gwerglodd Hang- mer auction, BY S. TUDOR, On the Piemises, on Monday, the 7th of January, 1811, and tbe following Davs: ALL the neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE in and about the Dwelling House and Premises situate on St, John's Hill, Shrewsbury, late tbe Residence of Mrs. STANIKR, deceased ; consisting of four- post Mahogany anil other Bedsteads and Hanging-, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets, Quills, and Counterpanes, Brussels and other Carpets, Drawing and Dining Room Furniture, the principal nf which are nearly new, Mahogany and other Chests of Drawers and Cabinets; together with Kitchen Furniture, Brewing Utensils, & e. & c. — Also a very valuable Collection of PRIN TS and ROOKS. Catalogues of which will be prepared, and may be had of THE AUCTIONEER after the 20th Instant. December CM, 1810. BY S. TUDOR; At the Lion Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 5th Day of January, 1811, at six o'Clock in tbe Afternoon: ALL that large SLAUGHTER- HOUSE and STABLE, now in the Occupation of Mr CORBET LECH : And also all that DWELLING HOUSE adjoining thereto, now in tbe Occupation of Mr. Joseph Jackson, situate at the Upper Part of ROUSHILL, aud near to Pride Hill, iu Shrews- bury aforesaid For Particulars apply to Mr. AsTrnLEY, Solicitor, Shrews- bury- leg aucl& ti HAY— SAL E~ TO. MO R R O TV. BY JONATHAN PKRRY, At the Four Crosses Public House, at Udiingtoi, n » ar Si r • « •!• bury, on Thursday, the 13; b of December Inst. at thiee "' Clock in the Afternoon, in one or two Lots, es may thefc b' preferred; NE STACK of upland HAY, containing about CO Tons; and PART of a STACK of DITTO, contain- ing about 14 ' Tons, now standing in Mr. Maxon's Farm- yard at Udlington, about a Mile and a half from Shrewsbury, or. the Oswestry Road. 4MESSUAGE and FARM, consisting of mt excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, eligib A. P. P. 5 2 18 1 0 4 A. R. P- 6 2 22 410 200 ROYAL MERIONETH MILITIA. TOLLS TO BE LET. NOTICE is hereby given, ( hat the Tolls arising and tube collected at the several Toll Gates erected upon the Turnpike Roads leading from Pool, in the County of Montgomery, to Oswestrv, in the Couuty of Salop, called tbe Buttington Cross Gate, the New Bridge Gate, and the Llanymvnech Gate; and at the sevtral Toll Gates erected upon the Turnpike Road leading from Pool aforesaid to Shrewsbury, iu the said County of Salop, called the Butting- ton Cross Gate, the Leighton Gates, and the Rose and Crown Gate ; and at the Toll Gate elected upon the Turnpike Road leading from Tregynon bv Tiefnant, both in Ihe said County of Montgomery, to the West End of the sen Road adjoining Powis Cnslle Park, in the same County, called the Trefnant Gate; WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, in the Town Hall, intheTnwn of Pool afoiesaid, on WED- NESDAY, the SECOND Day of J ANUARY NEXT, precisely at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon, pursuant to the Directions of th* several Acts of Parliament made and passed relating to the said Turnpike Boads, and in the Manner directed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the l3thYear of the Reign or his present Majesty, " for regulating the Turn- pike Roods " Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said ' Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rents agreed for, and at such Times and in such Proportions as the said Trustees shall appoint. And NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, that the said Trustees will, at Ihe Time and Place aforesaid, proceed to ELECT NEW TRUSTEES, in the Room of such » » are deceased, or alio have resigned. ^ ^ JJICHOI LS 6th Drc, mber, 1810. Clerk to the said Trustees^ Turnpike Tolls lo be Let. "\ TOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising JL^ I from the seveial Turnpike Gates on the Road leading from Cleobiuy Mortimer to Bridgnorth, in the County o. Salop, called the Wall Town Gate, the Yew Tiee Gate, Killingsley Gate, the Half- way- House Gate, and Bridgnorth Gate will be LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the Eagle and Serpent, Cleobury Mortimer in the said County of Salop, on THURSDAY, the THIRD Day of JANUARY next, between the Hours of eleven o Clock in the Morning and two in the Afternoon of that Day, in the Manner directed by tbe Act pas, ed in the thirteenth Year ot th. P. ovft,. ,, f V. U vros. nt Majesty King George the third, Third, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads :" Which lolls produced last Year, over and above the Expense ol collect- ing, the following Sums, ( viz.) Wall Town Gate Yew Tree Gate 50 Hillingslev, Half- way- House, and Bridgnorth Gates 71 And will he put up at those respective Sums. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, if required, to the Satisfaction nf the Trustees of the said Roods, for Pay- merit' of ibe Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall diiect, By Order of the Trustees, JOHN FOX, Clerk. Cleobury Mortimer, Dec. 6, 1810. WHEREAS HUGH OWEN, Servant at at Hendre Ucha, in the Parish of Bettws, was duly chosen by Lot to serve iu the said Militia for the Parishes of Beltws and Llaugar jointly ; and as he has not appeared as is required bv ihe Act of Parliament, afier due Notice being given, before the Deputy Lieutenants, at their Meeting for that purpose assembled, but has ABSCONDER: NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN, that, whoever shall apprehend the said Hugh Owi u, aud lodge him in any of his Majesty's Gaols, will be entitled to a REWARD of FIVE GUINEAS, over and above " TWENTY SHILMNOS allowed by Act of Parliament; anil any Person harbouring, concealing, or assisting him, will be liable to the Penalty nf FIVE POUNDS. N. B. Hugh Owen is a native of I. laudderfel, about five Feet 10 Inches high, stoops a little in his Shoulders, bronn Hair, and has a fair Complexion. WALTER JONES, Clerk to tbe Geneial Meetings, Cefu Rue, 28i/ i November, 1810. Melverley Field I LOT III. — Cae Kiln 3 Cae Plas 3 Cae Bricks 4 Big Roft 5 Little Ditto 3 Gwern lssa Allotment „.-... 0 LOT IV. Plas Butler And Allotment on Wern Issa Common LOT V. Sheep Cote Leasow 6 Moll Foul kes's Leasow . f I. OT IV. Farm Honse, Buildings, Garden, Fold, & c Calves Croft Garden ot North End of Calves Croft 16 30 10 1 6 1 14 0 17 3 12 3 21 0 28 0 26 20 1 38 3 2 32 O 11 1 26 1 0 15 1 1 32 0 1 33 8 3 1 4 3 6 2 1 13 . 11 2 39 12 1 37 LOST OR STOLEN, On Saturday, the lilli Day of November last, ADARK Liver- coloured young DOG, between the Setter and Pointer, with curled Ears, long Tail, and answers to the Name of " BRANDY:" Whoever will bring, or give Information of the said Dog, to Mr. Thomas Wycherly, of file Back- Street, in Wem, will be handsomely rewarded ; and if any Person detains him after this Notice, he will be prosecuted wilh the utmost Rigour of the Law. Wem, December 4th, 1810 Big Meadow Little Meadow Orchard and Cowpusture before tbe D'- or 30 2 19 The Timber on each Lot to be taken at a Valuation, to be produced at tbe Sale. The Land Tax has been redeemed, but the Estate is subject to a Herriot and Relief; and Lot six will be sold subject to the Chief Rents affecting the Whole. ' The Tenant will shew the Premises; aud for Particulars applv to CLAVERING WOOD. Fsq. tbe Maish ; Mr JEI. LICOE, Benthall ; and Messrs. PEMBERTON and COUPLAND, Shrews- bury ; at whose Office a Map of the Estate and Lots is left. Valuable Freehold Estates. BY S. TUDOR, Sometime in the Binning of Januarv, 1811 i SEVERAL FARMS and LANDS, situate at Mai ton, Wilmington, and Rorrington, in the County of Salop, inthe several Occupations of John Blockley, Wil- liam Rostock, Thomas Williams, Mr. George Roberts, An- drew Turner, John Roberts, Tito mas Sawyer, Josenh Preece, Joseph Evans, and Mr. JamesWynne, or tbeir Undertenants. Paniculais of the above Estates will be inserted in a future Paper, BANKRUPTS EFFECTS. BY FRANCIS HALLEY, THIS, AND FOLLOWING DAYS, On Wednesday, December the 12th, and three following Days: THE entire STOCK in TRADE of WILLIAM SWANN, Breeches- maker, Tailor, and Habit- maker, of SHIFFNAL, in the. County of Salop, a Bankrupt. The Stock consists offline, black, green, olive, corbo, and other colouted superfine broad and narrow Cloths ; white and drab Velveteens,; narrow, broad and hunting Cords; Ben- nett's superfine Woollen, Sarragossa, and Bedford Cords ; single aud double milled Kerseymeres; Vigona and printed Shag; Velveteens, Woollen Cord, figured Swansdowu, Toile- net, Silk stripe and Marseiles Quilting Waistcoat Pieces; 31 Brace of Foreign Buck aud Doe Skins, of prime Quality ; Wash Leather, prime Grounds, and dyed Sheep Skins; 35 Coals of various sizes of superfine broad and narrow Cloths, Nankeen and Baragon; 29 Waistcoats of London Print, Velveteen and Shag; 55 Pair of Kerseymere, Velveteen, and Thickset; 11 Paii uf new Doe Skin, three Pair of new Spanish Lamb, 15 Pair of new Grounds, and 12 Pair of second- hand Buck and Die Skin Breeches; 100 Pair of Worsted Stockings; 300 Pair of Woodstock, Doe, Beaver, ' an, F. iwn, Wash Leather, and Worsted Gloves; 60 Pair of Silk and other Biaces; upwards of 100 Pair of Leather Baragon, long and short Gaiters, mud Boots, Knee Caps, See. aud a Quantity ot Buttons, with great Variety of otbei Articles, Catalogues to he had in due Time by applying to Mr. Hartshorn, the Old Post- office Inn, Salop ; Sivan, Stafford; Talbot. Drayton; White Lion, Wellington; Raven, and Bell, Newport; l. ion, Wolverhampton; Hand and Bottle, Bridgnorth; l'alcou, Wenlock; Lion, Broseley; White Hart, Madeley Wood ; and of the Auctinneer, Sbiffual. Ail Persons who stand indebted to the said Bankrupt, are desired to pay the same immediately, to FRANCIS HALLEY, Shiffnal, one of the As- ignees. Nov. 28, 18' 0. ^ ales hp auction. A' HOUSES IN OSWESTRY. BY MR. SALTER, THIS DAY, At the Cross Keys, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 12th Day of December, 1810, in ihe following, or such other Lots, and subject to such Conditions, as will be then announced: LOT I. COMMODIOUS DWELLING HOUSE, situate in ihe upper Pait of BAILEY- STREET, in the said Town of OSWESTRY; consisting of a Shop, a spacious Hall, two Parlours, Kitchen, & c. on the Ground Floor; a Drawing Room, and suitable Bed Chambers on the tirst and second Stories ; with extensive Cellars, well adapted for Wine Vaults, a large Yard, Brewtiouse. two Stables, Piggeries, Stc, now in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Morris, Surgeon, and his Undertenants. LOT II. A good DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, with a large Yard, and other tbe Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate iu the same Stieet, adjoining the fnst mentioned Dwelling House, and now in the Occupation of Mrs. Mary Edwards, Milliner. N. B. The Premises are eligibly situated, and ex- tremely well calculated for Trade. Lor III. A small PLOT ot GROUND, now annexed to and occupied with Lot 1st, opening into, aud immediately fronting Leg- Street, in tbe said ' Town of Oswestry ; most eligibly situated for the purpose of Building, Lor IV. A Piece of excellent PASTURE LAND, con taining 2 Acres 39 Perches, more or Ies9, situate near the Turnpike Gate leading to Wrexham, in the Liberties of the said Town of Oswestry, nuw in the holding of the said Mr. Thomas Morris. LOT V. A small CROFT, containing 2 Roods 39 Perches, more or less, situate near the said Turnpike Gate, and in the holding of the said Mr. Thomas Morris. N. B This Lut is also well adapted for Building upon. The Sale to commence at four o'Clock in the Afternoon. The respective Tenants will shew the Picmiscs; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Solicitor, Oswestry. BY S. TUDOR, At the Cro* 5? Foxes, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 19th Day of December, 1810, in the following, or such . other Lots, and subject to such Conditions as wilt then be declared: In the Town and Liberties of Oswestry. LOT I. HTl\ VO new- erected Messuages or DWELLING JL HOUSES, with the Out- offices, Stables, Gardens, and Appurtenances thereunto respectively belong'mg, situate in BAILEY STREET, and now in the. several Holdings of Mr. Roberts, Surgeon, and Mr. W. Price, Bookseller. LOT II. A large and commodious MALT KILN, with the Appurtenances,. situate in a Street or Passage called Clawdd- du, and now in the Holding of Mr. E. Haycock. LOT 111. A large Range of NEW- ERECT BUILDINGS consisting of a very capacious Barn, with two Bays and Threshing Floor, and also of Tyes for * 24 Cattle, with capital Granaries above, and a Fold- yard, situate below the Cross Keys, upou the Shrewsbury Road, and uow in the Occupation ! of Messrs R. and F. Croxon. N. B. A constant Stream of Water runs in Front of this Lot, and the Situation is'Well calculated for a Tan- vard. LOTS IV. V. VI. VIL VIII. IX. and X. each consisting of a Plot of Ground, marked out for building, and containing respectively 10 Yards in Front, and about 50 Yards in Depth, being Parts of a Croft leading from Llys Lane towards the Theatre IN TIIE PARISH OF LLANDISILIO, In Ihe Township of Ilaughton, Montgomeryshire: LOT XL A PIECE of very rich PASTURE LAND, upon Haughton Wood, containing 25 Acres, or thereabout ( more 01 less), now in the Holding of Mr. Henry Langlev- LOT XII. Another PI ECE of very rich MEADOW LAND, known by the Name of Soucli Pool, containing 28 Acres or thereabouts ( more or less), upon the Banks of the River Virniew, and now in the Holdnig of Mr. Allen. LOTXIII. Another PIECE of very rich PASTURE LAND, upon Haughton Wood, containing 13 Acres, or thereabouts ( more or less), and now in tbe Occupation of Messrs, R. and E. Croxon The Purchaser of each Lot of Land w ill be requited to take the ' Timber at a separate Valuation, which will be pioduced by the Auctioneer. The Sale will commence at four o'Clock in the Afternoon. For further Particulars apply to Mr. T. L. JONES, Solicitor, Oswesti y. BY J. BROOME, On the Piemises, on Thursday, the 20th of December, 1810 • AL. L the LIVESTOCK, and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with all the H AY and GRAIN, b< long- ing to Mr. BOW- DLER, of MEADOWl'O WN, in the Parish of Worthen, in the County of Salop : consisting of 6 excel, lent Dairy Cows in calf, 5 Two- year olds, 7 Yearlings; 2 Waggon Horses, 2 Ditto Mares iu foal, 1 fine two- years old Colt, ol the Draught Kind, 1 yearling lloise Colt, of the Hack Kind; about 9,0 Sheep, iu Lots; 1 Bacon Pig, 2 Store Pigs ; 1 Waggon, 1 Harvest Ditto, new, 2 Hand Ploughs, 1 Roller, 1 Winnowing Machine ; I Stack of Oats, a Bay ol Ditto, 1 Ditto of Bailey, and about 8 Tons of goud Hay; all of which may be taken off the Premises. Tne Sale tobegin at ten o'Clock in the Morning. Valuable WALNUT, ASH, ALDER, SYCAMORE, KLM, and POPLAR TIMBER TREE?, and two small FARMS for Sale; and most eligible Farm, to Let. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Cross Keys Inn, in Oswestrv, in the Co mty of Salop, on Wednesday, the 19" h of December. 1810, at four ••' Clock in the Afternoon, in lhe fullowing Lois, and subject to Conditions : TIMBER. FOR SALE. On PCNYBONT DEMESNE.^! the Parish O/ LUNSIMN. - j , LOT I , I () ASH TREES, numbered with white ^ Paint, 1 to .110. 5 Ditto Pollards, pumbeted in like Manner, with a y, over the Number, I to 5. 3 POPLAR TREES, numbered I to 3. LOT II. 52 ,\ LDF. R Trees, 1 to 52. 5 BIRCH Ditto. 1 lo 5. I. OT III. 35 SYCAMORE Trees, — 1 to 15. LOT IV. 13CllERRYTrees, 1 to 13. LOT V. 20 DITTO ditto, 14 to 33. Lot'VI. 28 DITTO ditto, 34 to 61. LOT VII. 12 WALNUT Trees, — 1 to 12. On BRYN FARM, in the Parish of LI. ANYBLODWELJ in the Occupation of John J tries. LOT VIII. 51 ASH Tiees, numbered with white Paint. 1 to 51. 19 Pollards, numbered in like Manner, with a X over tbe Number, 1 to 19 . TOT IX 25 ALDER Trees, —- 1 to 25 LOT K. 23 DIITO. £ 6 ,„ 48 On BRYN FARM, in the said Parish of LLANYBLOD. WEL, in Ihe Occupation nf Thomas Fanghan. LOT XI. 3b ASH Trees, numbered with white Paint. 1 to 36. . DITTO Pollards, numbered in like Manner, with a over the Number, • ] to 9. 3 SYCAMORE Trees, numbered 1 to 3. And 3 ELM Trees, -—- 1 to 3. FARMS FOR SALE. LOT XII. A very compact and desirable small FARM, called TYN Y MAES, in Maengwinedd, now occupied by William Edwards, ecmpiisipg a new Dwellin" House and Buildings, with near TWENTY NINE ACRES of excellent Meadow and Pasture Lund-; also a most valuable SHEI-' P. WALK close adjoining, containing upwards of EGHTY SIX ACRES I. OT xiii. THE REVERSION OF A SMALL FARM AVD LANDS celled GWERN Y PENNANT, in Llansaiutffraid, and TYDD1N POF. TH, in Llanfechan, now occupied with Llarercbymris, by Wdliam F. vans, aged 59 Years, for and during theTeim of his natural Life, and containing a Farm House, Buildings, and upwards of FORTY- SEVEN ACRES of Land. The Timber grows near the Llanvmynech Branch of Ihe F. llesmere Canal, close to excellent Roads, but a few Miles from Oswestry, Pool, Wrexham, Llangollen, and Llanfyllin, only 90$ Miles from Shrewsbury, and will be found well worth the Attention of Timber dealers, Builders. Cabinet- makers, Joiners, Gun- makers, Coopers, Wheelwrights, & c. See. I mmcdiately after the above Sale, the follotvin » most eligible FARMS will be LET to the highest Bid- der, by Ticket, or publiclc Offer, as will then be determined 011, for one whole Year from Lady. Day next, and so on from Year to Year, and sub- ject lo such Conditions cs will be then produced: The Farm of PENYBONT DEMESNE, containing tip. wards of TWO HUNDRED and SIXTY ONE ACRES ° The Fa, m of I. l. ORAN UCHA DEMESNE, consisting of about FOUR HUNDRED ACRES, together with a Sheep Walk of upwards of THREE HUNDRED ACRF. S. The BRYN FARM, occupied hy Thomas Vaughan, com. prising more than SEVENTY THREE ACRES, ' The BRYN FARM, occupied by John Jones, of more than FORTY FOUR ACRES. For further Particulars, and other Information, apply to Mr. JOHN THOMAS, Solicitor, Llanfyllin; Mr. PHYNALT, at Owestry; and THE AUCTIONEER, in Shrewsbury. CAPITAL OAK AND ASH TIMBER. FARMING STOCK. X. Montgomeryshire. TO~ BE LET, ' Jvd entered upon at Lady- Day next, in Lots ; ARABLE, PASTURE,& MEADOW LANDS, which may be irrigated Advantage, to the Amount of 160 Statute Aces of a FA . M caU.- d R D HOUSE, situate tety near lo the Village ot KERRY, in the Possession of Mr. John Williams. Tbe Arable Lauds are particularly adapted to the TTLI| OI! UIbaSHEEPWALK, containing 1* 0 Statute Acres or thereabouts, of sound fertile Land, intended to be Inclosed and subdivided, lying up to the great Road to Lla. ud pes npon the Korth Side, to that leading to Velindre upon the East, to that leading to Presande upon the West, and to the River, which divides Ihe Counties ot Moulgomeiy and Radnor, upon the South Side thereof. „ .„„ Enquireof EVAN STEPHEN., Esq. Newtown ; or Mr. Rour- LFDCB, Pentrcgo, Myfod. John Jones, of New House, near Kerry, Carpenter, will shew the Premises, Garth, October S9,1810, A1 BY R. POOLE, On Monday, the 24th Dav of December, 1810, LL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENTSin HUSBANDRY, and other Effects of Mr. SHUKER, of FY TON, uear Wellington, in the County of Salop, who is quitting bis Farm; consisting of 11 capital Dairy Cows in- calf, and one fat Cow; two good draught Mares, and five Sets of Gearing; handsome hack Mare five Years old; two ivell bred brood Mares in- foal by Sultan; ohesnut Colt, by Sultan ; a grey Ditto by Ditto; a black Ditlo by Ditlo ; and a black one by a strong Horse, out of a blood Mare ; five store Pigs, aud one Gelt; two good Wag- gons and Gearing, two bmad Wheel Tumbrels aud Ditto nearly new ; a ligiit Cart; a Gig. and Harness complete ; two Wheel Ploughs, two Pair ut Hairows, Land Roll, about eight Dozen Hurdles, three Ladders, tlpee S raw Cribs, five Stone Pigtroughs, tour Hell Rakes, Lot of Hay Rakes and P'kels, several Scythes and Sickles, thiee Waggon Ropes, Floor Tub aud Corn Coffer, Wheelbariow, two Saddles and Bridles, Cast Iron Furnace, Lot of Garden Tool.- ; with a Variety ol other Articles; also a Stack of Hay, aud one of Clover. Tbe Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning. To be Sold lo the highest Bidder, At the White Lion, Castle- Street, Shrewsbury, between two and four o'Clock iu the Afternoon of Thursday, the 3il of January, 1811, subject to Conditions theo to be pruduced, in the following Lots: BY S. TUDOR: LOT I. ORTY- NINE ASH and 10 ALDER TREES. LOT II. 133 OAK TREES, and 31 CYPHERS. The above Timber is growing upon a Farm at Farley, in the Parish of Pontesbury, in the County of Salop, in the holding of Mr. John Briscoe, and mostly of large Dimensions. The Tenant will shew the Timber; and further Particutais may be had from Mr. LEE, Redbrook, Whitchurch, Salop. GENTEEL RESIDENCE— SHREWSBURY. BY S. TUDOR, At the Lion lun, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 5th Day of January, 1811, at five o'Clock in the Afternoon: ri^ HE unexpiied Term of 50 Years from Lady JL Day next, of a LEASE of all that substantial Brick built DWELLING HOUSE, situate on SAINT JOHN'S HILL, Shrewsbury, late the Residence of Mrs. STANIER, deceased ; containing an Entrance Hall, Diniug and Break- fast Parlours, Drawing Room, and seven good Lodging Rooms: Tbe Offices comprize a convenient Kitchen, Brew- house, Wine, Beer, and Coal Cellars, Laider, See. ' The Premises may be viewed, by Tickets only, which may be had on Application to THE AUCTIONEER; and for further Particulars apply to Mr, ASTERLET, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. Farm and Timber. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross Keys, ' 111 Oswestry, 011 Wednesday, the 19th of December, 1810, between Ihe Hours of tivoand five o'clock inthe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, IN TWO LOTS: ALL that desirable and compact FARM, called THE FARM OF THE HEATH, containing 160 Acres, or thereabouts, of good sound Arable Land, with a suitable Proportion of Pasture and Meadow Land, which is capable of very great Improvement, all in a Ring Fence; and situate, Part in the Parish of Knockin, and Part in Hodnet, and now in the Occupation of ' Thomas Walker, who is under Notice to quit at Lady- Day, and will shew the Premises; distant from Shrewsbury il Miles, Oswestrv 7, from the Lime Rucks about 5, and fiom the Ellesmere Canal 3 Miles. LOT I, consists of three Pieces of Land, called Tbe Game- sters, containing about 30 Acres, more or less, 12 of which aie Meadnw Land, capable of very great Improvement, and situate 111 the Parish of Knockin. LOT II, contains 130 Acres, moie or less, of good sound Aiable Land, divided into convenient luclosures, with a good House and Fold Yard, and all necessary and convenient Buildings, in good Repair, aud is situate in the Parish of Hoduet, and, on account of ils Distance therefrom, am by au Arrangement long since settled, is uot subject to auy Poor Kates or Parochial Duties of auy Kind, and pays only u half Tithe to tbe Rector of Kuockin. The'Timber upon both Lots to betaken to by the Pur- chaser at a fair Valuation. At the same Time and Place will be sold the follow.' g CAPITAL TIMBER; I11 the following Lots, or such other as might be agreed upon at the Time of Sale : LOT 1. 120 OAK, 9 Elm, 14 Ash, and 7 Birch. LOT II. 27 OAK, 20 Ash, 5 Beech, 3 Sycamore, 4 Poplar, 4 Alder, and 3 Birch. LOT III. 30 OAK, 23 Ash, 5 Elm, 6 Willow, and 2 Alder. Lor IV. 44 OAK, 22 Elm, 32 Ash, 6 Alder, and 1 Sycamore. Lo- rV. 21 OAK, 16 Elm, 28 Ash, 3 Sycamore, I Birch, and 19 Alder. ' The above Timber is now growing, some iu Woods near to Woodhouse, and the rest upon several Farms in the Township of Rednal and Parish of West Felton; much ot' it within a Quarter, and none more than Half a Mile from tbe Ellesuiere Canal, and distant from Ellesmere five Miles, Oswestry six, and Shrewsbury 15 Miles. The Timber is particularly sound, and much of it of very large Dimensions, fit for any Purpose either for Building or the Navy. For Particulars apply to Mr, THOMAS EDMUNDS, of the Buildings, Rednaf, who will appoint a Person to shew the Timber; and further Information may be bad from Mr, HUGHES, of the White L' 1011, Oswestry. At tbe House of Mr. Richarit Jones, in Caersws, ou Friday, the 4th Day of January, 1811 : rjHHE following Lots of valuable FIR TIMBER 100" M O N T G O M E R Y S tl IR E ' IT M B E H, At the Oak Inn, iu Welsh Pccil, on Monday, the 7th of January, 1811, between the Houis of four and six in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions i OAK Timber Trees, marked with a Scribe No. 1 to 100, and 1 Elm Tree; standing on S Farm, called THE FARM, in the Parish of Mvtnd, close adjoining the Turnpike Road between Llausaintffraid and My. fotl ; about. four Miles from the Montgomeryshire Canal at Newbridge. The Trees are mostly of large Di- mensions, appear perfectly sound, arc well calculated tor Beams, Thick S'. uff, and Plank for the Navy, or other supe- rior Purposes. Robert Davis, at the Farm, will shew the Timber; and further Particulars may be hid of Mr. GOULD, of Golfa, near Welsh Pool. Sale of a CAPITAL INN, nnd other desirable FREEHOLD PREMISES, in and near the Town of TEN BURY, W or cssler shire. BY THOMAS DAVIS, At the Crow Inn, in Tenburv, on Friday, the 21st Day of December, 1810, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then aud there pro- duced, either in the following, or such otber Lois as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale ; LOT I. LL that the said INN, called THE CROW INN, being an eligible, long establi lied, commodious, and well accu- tomed Public House, for many Years past oc- cupied bv Mr. Nuxon, deceased, but new in Possession of John Griffiths, situated opposite the Markst Hall, in Teobury aforesaid, replete with every Convenience for carrying on tha Business, which is in high Repute, and comprising sufficient Rooms, with excellent and extensive Cellaring, but- ottiees, Brewhouse, capital Stabling for upwards of 30 Horses, Hay- lofts, and Grainary, all in good Repair: also comprising a good Yard, Garden, and an excellent Orchard, adjoining the House, well planted with tbe choicest Ciller Fruit Trem, and capable of making near 30 Hogsheads of Cider in a Year ; and ' a House, Shop, and Buildings, rented by Mr. Thomas TREES, now gruwing on TREGASTLE FARM, in the Parish of Llauwnwg, in the County of Montgomery : LOT I. 40 Fir Trees, growing iu a Field behind Barn, numbered 1 to 40 inclusive. LOT II 45 Ditto, growing iu the lower Coppice, num- bered I to 45 inclusive. LOT III. 32 Ditto, growing in the lower Coppice in the Ross, numbered 1 to 32 inclusive. LOT IV. 40 Ditto, growing in the lower Part of the upper Coppice in the Ross, numbered 1 to 40 inclusive. LOT V. 40 Ditto, growing in the upper Pait of the said Coppice, numbered. l to 40 inclusive. Fur Particulars apply to Mr. EDWAXV Jonas, ot Tregastle, whp will shew the Timber. Probyn. A. R. P. The whole of which Premises contain 2 0 0 LOT II. All tho- e TWO PIECES of PASTUR E LAND and ORCHARDING, called Sticking llill, aud Upper Slicking Hill, containing together 4 0 0 Lor 111. All that Aslibed or PIECE of LAND, very productive of Hop- poles, called The Brouk Ashbed, at Kyiewood, near Tenbury, containing 10 0 LOT IV. All those ' TWO PIECES of ARABLE LAND, including the Lsnd now in a Nursery, and such small Partas is Feeffee Land for the unexpired Term in the same, called Pear- tree Croft and Bradley Field, containing together ( exclusive of a small Part of Mr. Cam's Land intermixed with Pear- tree Croft) 9 0 0 LOT V. All that PIECE of ARABLE LAND and Orcharding, called Bradley Field Orchard, con- taining 2 10 LOT VI. All that PIECE of GROUND, now in Hopland, called blacksitcn Hopyaid, containing 13 0 LOT VII. All those TWO PIECES of Meadow, Oicharding, and Hop Ground, called Blacksitch Orchard and Prestacre Hopyard, containing to- gether 4 2 0 Total 2+ 2 0 Tbe Whole of the. foregoing Premises being Freehold of Inheritance, are Tithe. free ( except Cock and Sheaf), and the Land Tax upon the Whole is redeemed. The several Lots lie Contiguous to and adjoin tbe Town of Tenbury; the Plantation of Fruit Trees is in its Prime, and of the choicest Soils, and the Land is rich and fertile. Possession ef the respective Lots may be had at l ady- Day next, and the Timber wilt bn to be taken to at a Valuation. ' The tespective Lots may be viewed, and further Particu- lars bad, by Application at the Office of . Messrs. ROSIKSOM and WUULGS, Sjli.' ito. s, 111 Teabury aforesaid. Bints for British Ministers TO CONTINUE THE BLOCKADE. Mp. EDITOR, My Letter which you inserted in your last paper, signed ' A BRITON, was written and sent to yon in very great haste; so much that I doubt whether it was read over after composition, but am certain it was not twice writ- ten. This will be excuse for some trifling oversights in the language : however'it is good enough to please the generality of even intelligent readers, and as to fastididus critics let them snarl, and be—— atigrv or censorious, if they please. The mallei is what I am most anxious about; and, on perusal of mv own thoughts so rapidly sketched, that when I recollect tbe shortness of the time and see the quantity of space oc- cupied therewith in your paper, t could almost doubt whether I wrote the Whole; yet, " feeling each sentiment so perfectly coincident with my thoughts, 1 credit that all came Irom the same pen. When, sir, I examine it deliberately, I perceive that it does contain highly valuable matter, matter of great public importance with respect to political regulation at this juncture: and 1 hope you had the good sense to do what 1 ought to have requested, I ' mefin, sir, send a copy of your Journal for the breakfast- table decoration of a certain gen- tleman in Downing- street. If heVeiai- RIIE SYSTEM OF BLOCK- adc to gratify American merchants, I hope the British mer- chants, who have true British spirit, will, to a man," vote for his ejectment from that fiowning- street House. Sir, lam convinced that the system of Bloikade is'that which will rtiin our enemy. If he, in bis'ruffiarr- like phrenzy, - should issue his totai interdict against British commerce, let us coolly, but with firmness not Zeis than his own, issue an interdict against all commence with other countries, except What shall come by medium of British merchants. This will drive him to absolute phrenzy— He now borders on it; and thus " the paths of glory" or military prowess Would lead to a marl house before the grave. 1 have long predicted what might be done, and what I thought would be done ; and nothing is now wanted but courage, au3 intellect in our rulers, to confirm that prediction. The crisis Seems near, when the Beast shall be penned up in a large den. , ( SocRAtES was said to have an attendant genius. I will not so far pretend to be a man of genius, as to have a little gentleman of aerial body alxtays in wailing; but 1 do frankly declare that on inspecting the letter uow in print, I imagine there was some aid superior'to my natural faculties*.— My genius is not now in wailing ; for if 1 had a million of pounds offered as a premium I could not write such a letter as that, at this time. It contains matter worthy of consideration from statesmen, and Englishmen in general. Even its short statement, on the Regency are an epitome of that course of patriotic conduct whic h ought, to be adopted " both by the Senate and the Prince. Sincerely, sir, do I hope that the Regent and Regent- makers will go hand- in- hand, be prompt and decisive in their con- duct; and not suffer England to be bullied by American merchants into a revocation of the Blockade decrees. If the American Minister think proper to demand his passports, let him have them within 24 hours ; and in the mean time let him reflect on the character of the British people; that they are courageous in war; honourable in comttieicial transactions; and spiiited in fhe adjustment of political differences: that they must not be insulted ; but that I heir generosity is equal to their courage, and therefore let the Americans understand that whatever prcperty we detain, coming toEuiope shall not be lost fiom the American owners, unless ihey choose to declare war, or to proceed in a way of hostility equivalent to declaration ; but that most decidedly they shall have a British interdict against their European commeice so long as the '" Rex, Imperator, et Tyrannus" of France shall piesume to interdict the commerce of Britain. This, in my judgement, should be the " sine qua non, whereby any vessel trom America, or eleswhere, should enter any ipoit in Europe. - In this instance I will not forget to ask you, thus publicly, to forward a copy of these sentiments to Mr. Peicival. Whether he remain Minister or not is comparatively of small importance to me. If the measures be good, 1 care not who are the men from w hom they proceed. I hope to see this eventful period ably conducted. This is the unfeigned wish of, Sir, your's respectfully, Nov. 29th, 1810. " A BRITON- * If any of those who read this letter should imagine that he dis- covers herein symptoms of Insanity, let him read the 44th chapter of JOHNSON'S RASSELAS, where it is snid, that " There is No MAN Vhose IMAGINATION does not sometimes predominate over his Reason. All Power of Fancy over Reason is a degree ol Insanity. Perhaps, rigorously speaking, no human mind is in Us RIGHT slate." — In this view of the subiect of Sanity, the Earth is bin a large Bedlam. and he is onh LEAST MAD who suffers Imagination to • have least influence on his speech and actions. persons were heard running away. The proprietor of j From the close Confinement of the Princess Mary, in the shop had, on Saturday, received an anonymous letter attendance upon the late Princess A r • c 1 1 • .1—. !.:„ .1. .. • n! ll. I- L n>„ i/\(- . >. U.,,. < 1 noill llllr ti iW! \ together AuiucoxTt'jiAi. Kironr FOR NOVEMBER.— The mild weather, through the greatest part of last month has been extremely favouiahle to the young wheats, of which there is a very large breadth sown. The young plants are very strong, and have thrown out a thick flag, that will shelter and protect the roots from the frost through the winter.— Oats are of prime quality, and may be expected to fall in price as soon as the frost makes a demand for the straw. The weather being mild and open at the beginning of the month, made it favourable to eat off the row en and lattermaths, by • which means the cattle have been kept out of the farm- yard. Effects of Fear on animals.— The following curious circumstance may be depended upon as a fact; it pre- gents an interesting feature in the character of the bull, not before noticed: A young gentleman was upon n visit at the house of a far- mer, who had a bull JO wild and ferocious, that he was kept constantly chained, except when Ird to water, See. at which time he was never suffered to be out of the hands of a trusty person. This an mal seemed to have conceived a pat titular antipathy towards tbe gentleman, who, being young and dar- ing, had probably at some time irritated him. He never saw him approach the shed in which he was kept without begii . ning to bellow most dreadfully, which he continuid while the object of his dislike was in view, at the same time tearing up the earth wilh his horns, and giving eveiy symptom of the utmost aversion. On two occasions, while leading to water, he very cunningly watched an opportunity, and endeavoured to make a sudden spring out of the hands of his attendant at the gentleman who was standing in the yard. Some of your readers in this part of England, may probably recollect that in the night of Ihe 10th of August, last year, there was a most tremendous storm of thunder and lightning. This took place during my friend's sojourn in tne country; and though he has often been in tropical storms, he declares that for about ten minutes he never witnessed any thing more awful. The lightning resembled sheets of fire, and each flash was instantly succeeded by a thunder- clap as loud as if a volley of 10,0110 cannon hud been discharged. But what most affected him were the piteous roarings of the poor bull, which, exposed in its open shed to all tbe fury of the elements, set forth every instant a yell of terror beyond description hideous. Imagining that it was the lightning which chiefly alarmed the animal, the gentleman proposed to the men servants to go aud remove it into the barn, but iu vain. They were one praying in one corner and another in another, as much terrified as the bull, w hose roarings made no impression on them. He then said, " well then, I will go myself; the poorcreature will be tame enough now." He accordingly put on his great coat and went into the yard. The moment he approached the bull, which was lying trembling on its back, aud had almost torn Its chain through the gristle of its nose ill iis efforts to get loose, it rose, and by its fawning actions expressed how de- lighed it was at the sight of any thii'g human amidst such a Scene of horror. Like Roderick Dhu's bull in tbe Lady ot the Lake, when it had been pricked on some scores of miles by the lances, of a troop of Highland foiagers, its ferocity was gone; and with Ihe utmost quietness it suffered my friend to untie it, and lead it into tbe barn. The next morning, in cros- sing the farm- yard, the gentleman remarked that the bull, who had rrgained his shed, no longer saluted him with bis accustomed bellow. It struck him lhat the animal might rt member his last night's kindner s. He accordingly ventured by degites to approach it, aud found that so far fioin showing any ill- will towards him, it with tbe utmost gentleness suf- fered him to scratch its head : and from that day it became to him as tame as a lamb, suffering him to play all kinds of tricks wi- h it, which no other person about the farm durst ventuie to attempt; and seeming even to take pleasure in being noticed by him. SPUING GUNS— On Thursday morning, about three o'clock, a watchmaker's shop in High- street, Glasgow, was bioken into by boring holes in a window- shutter with a centre bit. No sooner had one of the villains, of the name of Thomas Thomson, about 16 years ol age, entered, than lie was killed on the spot by aspring gun. There were found upon him a loaded pistol, a quantity of powder, two balls, a small viai of phos- phorus, and a gardener's knife, made like a saw. The inhabitants in the shop below, upou hearing the report f the gun, immediately gave au alarm, when several from a friend, informing him that his shop was to be broken into, and requesting him to he on his guai'd.— He, along with an acquaintance, watched several nights, when, worn out with fatigue, the above successful ex- pedient was adopted. Extraordinary Scene.— The greatest hoax that ever has been heard of in the metropolis, was a few days ago prac- tised in Berners- street, Oxford- street. The house of Mrs. Tottenhatn, a lady of fortune, at No. .14, was beset by about a dozen trades- people at onetime, with their various commodi- ties, and from the confusion altogether such crowds had col- lected as to fender the streets impassable. Waggons laden with coals from rhe Paddiugton wharfs, upholsterers' goods in cart loads, organs, piano- fortes, linen, jewellery, and every other description of furniture, " sufficient to have stocked the whole street, were lodged as tie'ar as possible to thedoor of 54, with anxious tradespeople atid a laughing mob. About this time the Lord Mayor of London arrived in his carriage, and two livery servant's, but his lordship's stay was short, and he was driven to Marlbnrough- stfeet Police office. At the office his lordship informed the sitting Magistrate lhat lie had received a note purporting to have coine from Mrs. Tottenham, which stated that she had been summoned to appear before him, but that she was confined to her room by sickness, and re- quested his lordship's favour to call on her. Berners- street at this time was in the greatest confusion, by the multiplicity of trades- people, who were returning with their goods, and spectators laughing at them. The officers belonging to Marl- borough- stteet office were immediately ordered out to keep order, but it'was impossible for a short time. The first scene tnessed by Ihe officers was six stout men bearing an organ, surrounded by coal- merchants tilth permits, barbers with band- boxes, opticians with their various articles of trade, and such was the pressure of trades- people who had been duped, that at four o'clock all was consternation and confusion. Every officer that could be Mustered was enlisted to disperse the people, and ihey were placed at the corners of Bei riers- stieet, to prevent trades- people from advancing towards the house with'goods. The street was not cleared at a late hour, servants of every denomination wanting places began to assemble at five o'clock. It turned Out that letters had been written to the different trades- people, which stated record mendations from persons of quality. A reward has been offered for the apprehension of the author of the criminal hods — The hoax exceeded by far that in Bedford- street, a lew months since ; for besides a coffin, which was brought to Mrs. Tottenham's house, made to measure, agreeable to letter, five feet six hy sixteen, there were accoucheurs, tooth- drawers, miniature- painters, artists bf every description, auctioneers, undertakers, grocers, mercers, post- chaises, mourning coachcs, poultry, rabbits, pigeons, & c. In feet the whole street was literally filled with the motley group. The following are a few of tbe notes sent in the name of Mrs. Tottenham, for the purpose of collecting this most ex- traoidinary group: " Mrs. Tottenham requests Mr. will call upou her at two to morrow, as she wishes to'consult him about the sale of an estate— 54, Bemers- stfeet, Monday." " Mrs. Tottenham requests that a post- chaise and four may be at her house at two to- morrow, to convey her lo the first stage towards Bath.— 54, Berners- street, Monday." " Mrs. Tottenham begs the hon. Mr. will be good enough to give her a'call at two to- morrow, as Mrs. T. is de- sirous of speaking with him ou business of importance.— 54, Berners- street, Monday, fee. & c." In the reign of Henry III. a Jew fell by accident into a pr ivy on the Saturday, which being his Sabbath, he would not suffer any one to take him out; and the Earl of Gloucester not only permitted him to remain in this filthy condition his own Sabbath, but would not suffer any one to take him out on the Sunday, by which cruel joke the jew was suffocated. A hog, only 13 months old, fed at Lord Cawdor's seat, in Wales, measures from the tip of the nose - to the extremity of the tail, f6 feet 7 inches, 8 feet ' iu girth, and near four feet in height, weighing iu the whole, 10171b. At the last Glasgow circuit a person of the name of Ogilvie was tried for the murder ot his wife, found guilty, and ordered for execution. Doubts having occurred with respect to the evidence, the case was submitted to his Majesty, who was pleased to grant a respite for a time, which expired ou the 28th of November. It appears from the Scots papers of the 23d, that a further respite for 14 days had arrived, which must have been given since his Majesty's illness. Who can say, then, that the Royal functions arfc sus- pended } The question is, who exercises them I The coachman and groom at Belmont, near Hereford, were both suffocated lately, in consequence of the room over which they slept having been aired with coke, which was left at night in a burning state, and the noxious effluvia from which produced the melan- choly result already Sated. Thus two young men in the bloom of life, excellent servants, greatly regarded by the family where they lived, and all who knew them, have fallen victims to an act of inadvertent imprudence. The carbonic gas has been supposed to he so much heavier than common air, as not to ascend to any great height; it might consequently have been imagined, that this deadly vapour would not have penetrated by ascending from a lower room into one over it, between which the communication seemed to be cutoff by aclose ceiling, and a door well fitted at the top of a staircase. The present fatal instance proves, that no person should think himself safe in sleeping in any situation at all near the poisonous influence of such effluvia, which is the more dangerous from being attended with little or no smell. A Newfoundland dog was on Thursday brought to the hammer, in the neighbourhood of Wapping, among other effects of a naval officer, and knocked down for 18 guineas' A competition was excited among the bidders, by the Auctioneer stating that tho animal had, at different times, saved three persons from being drowned. A lady advertised for a husband about a month ago in some of the public prints, and had several applications to marry. One gentleman had an interview with her iriends, w ho describ- ed her as beautiful, of an excellent temper, but was unfor- tunately tongue- t ed from her birth. Tbe bargain was in- sfat^ l'y struck, as what they considered a misfortune, the gen- tleman conceived to be one of the greatest perfections in a wife! Pointer.— In the Court of Common Pleas, on Satur- day, an action was brought to recover £ 22. 10s. paid to the defendant for two pointers, warranted staunch, & c. The plaintiff is a gentleman of fortune, residing at Teddington, and the defendant a dealer in dogs. On the dogs being tried, they flushed several covies of partridges, and were altogether useless. The plaintiff agreed to take a setter dog of the defendant's, which ttie latter also warranted, for £ 12, and if disapproved of, the three dogs were to be returned, and the money re- funded. The setter was described by a gamekeeper as a Newfoundland dog in action. A justification was set up lhat the dogs were not returned in time.— Verdict for the plaintiff. Assault.— At the Middlesex Sessions on Tuesday, Isaac Kinipton, a butcher, in St. John- street- road, was tried for assaulting a Mr. Elliot, who was one of a Court LeetJury, lhat had gone to his shop to examine his weights. The defendant made use of the most abusive language. When the prosecutor took hold of the scale, he swore he would knock his b— y life out, and gave lum a blow, with intent of pushing him away. The scales being taken up, there was found a new halfpenny ingeniously fastened to the bottom of one of them, which made a very material alteration in the things weighed. They were then broken in pieces.— Mr. Alley argued for a verdict of acquittal, ou the ground lhat the Jury had no right to break the scales— The de- fendant was found guilty ; and the Chairman observed, that he had committed a most serious offence— that of obstructing and assaulting persons belonging to the most useful institution in the kingdom. He could not plead ignorance in extenuation ; because it appeared he had himself on a former occasion been ou one of these Juries. His sentence therefore was— One month's im- prisonment in the House of Correction. A volunteering from the militia will, it is said, take place in the course of the spring, and the battalions of several regiments are to be increased. The Scots Rojals, Inniskillings, 42d, and the Bifle Corps are to have each four battalions; the 7 th, 43d, 52d, and 71st, to have eaclx three battalions. with the grief for her death, her Royal Highness is now in a low nervous state The Board of Trade has refused to grant any further licences, for the introduction, by neutral ships, into British ports, of any articles from the Baltic, excepting gran. On Saturday the Lords of appeal in prize causes, affirmed the judgment of condemnation against four American vessels, captured hy his Majesty's ships, for carrying on an illegal traffic in slaves. The Swedish Government has acceded to the demand of Bonaparte to declare war aga'nst this country. The declaration of hostilities was to be read in the churches at Gottenburgh, and, no doubt, in every other part of the kingdom, on Sunday last. A letter from Got- tenburgh, of the 26th, contains the following infor- mation upou this subject: " With respect to the de- mantis lately made on the part of France, to our Court, we learn from good authority, that they were, 1. that a declaration of war should be immediately issued against Great Britain; and 2dly, that, all English property and colonial produce, however imported into Sweden, should be confiscated. An unconditional acceptance of these terms was insisted on, and an answer required, within five days; in default of which, the French Minister was to quit Stockholm. The answer said to have been given to the first proposition was, that a declaration of war should be issued, as required, against Great Britain. A limited time was required for the further consideration of the second proposition; but the Government, at the same time, assured the French Ambassador, that if, after the 24th of April, it should be found that any new merchandize had been illicitly imported from England, sentence shall be pronounced as respecting such importation, conformably to the laws of the country. It is said, that his Royal Highness, the Hereditary Prince, has expressed himself in the most positive manner against any concession to Frauce beyond this extent. We are not yet informed whether, as the answer given is not a positive acceptance of the terms proposed, the French Minister will, or will not, quit Stockholm." A Royal Mint is completed by Messrs. Walt and Bolton, at Soho, for a new coinage for money to the Prince Regent of Portugal, at the Brazils, to be shipped immediately. A seizure was lately made on board a foreign vessel at Gravesend, just as she was ou the point of sailing, of 6000 guiueas, and bars of gold to the amount of 4000/. — The quantity of gold lately seized on board a vessel, at Yarmouth, was 2870 ounces, in 22 bars. The seizure was made by Mr. Elias Loveday, the Title Surveyor there, who found the gold concealed between the timbers of the vessel, under about 80 tons of shingle ballast. A gentleman of the sister kingdom lately gave an extraordinary price at a sale for an alarum clock ; as- signing as a reason, that he loved to rise early, and should now have nothing to do hut to pull the string, and he could wake him » e! f. It has been stated, that every Englishman in arms, in Portugal, costs us at the rate of 15s. per day ; and every load of hay sent from England, aud landed in that country, £ 40. Tornado.— On Thursday se'nnight, Mr. Fuller, of Buckingham, in Sussex, received considerable injury from the effects of a tornado, or whirlwind, which completely unroofed his car'.- horse stable, and took away the greatest part of a large haystack, about two tons of which were carried full two roods across a field. The cloud, when first observed, exhibited the shape of a cylinder standing on one end, of a red colour ; and it was then a little to the westward of Shoreham, where it crossed the river ; and, the tide being at ebb, a con- siderable quantity of the mud was thrown over the banks to some distance across the adjoining land. It then took the direction of Buckingham, and wrought as before stated on Mr. F.' s property ; it next passed very near to Portslade, without meeting with any further obstruction, and went off iu a line for Saddlescomb, where it spent itself. The coach with the London mail arrived at Milford, Thursday last, without coachman or guard. It seems they got down at Haynton, about two miles distant, in order to light one of'the coach- lamps, which had been blown out ( it being a very stormy night), when the horses, which are reported to be the best on the road, took fright, set off at a very brisk rate, and could not be overtaken; and, although they came in at full gallop, reached the Nelson Hotel yard in safety : had they come in contact with the corner in getting into the yard, coach and horses must have been literally dashed to pieces. There was one gentleman passenger in the coach who leaped out on its approaching the church, without receiving the least injury. Prospective Sporting.— No less than twenty six sub- scriptions, of two hundred guineas each, have been made for a race to be run at the Craven Meeting of 1815 ; the horses for which race are not only not yet born, but not yet begotten I In Cowdroy's last Manchester Gazette appears not fewer than twenty- two jtrni advertised for running aw ay from their wives, and leaving their families destitute. What punishment can be too severe for such atrocious conduct ? ^ There was lately taken up out of a field belonging to Mr. Clingen, of Holywell, a turnip, of the white Norfolk kind, measuring three feet four inches in circumference, and weighing upwards of thirty- one pounds. Miraculous escape.— Extract of a Letter from Jaulnah, ( East Indies) dated May 19, 1810.—" I arrived here this morning with Colonel Conran's force. There is good hunting and shooting about 12 miles from this place, but it is dangerous from the number of wild beasts.— I had yesterday a most miraculous escape, which is the talk and wonder of all the camp.- I usually go out on the flanks, and yesterday was healing down a nullah parallel to our line aud about 300 yards distant; I had killed one hare, and was anxiously looking out for another. The place appeared by no means dangerous, because the hushes were low and insulated, but in one of these did my Beatee dis- cover one of the largest tigers I ever saw. The cir- cumstances were as follow : I was passing on at my usual slow pace, and taking care that every bush was well beaten. I arrived at a low and narrow, but rather long bush, and had passed to the further end, when Beatee cried out Saheh, Sak- b— Baugh ! liaugh ! I withdrew a few paces, put two balls into each barrel of my gun, over the shot; sent one man lo call assist- ance from tbe line, and was endeavouring to get a sight of the animal, as the man who remained was pointing out his head, his legs and his face, but my endeavours were vain— my eyes had led me into the greatest peril, for finding that I could not see him, I unwisely concluded that he was further off than my Beatee declared, and with my gun cocked I advanced crouching towards the bush ; as I expected to see him through the branches near the ground, which seldom have any foliage, but could not get a glimpse of him : when, lo I as I had just touched the outer sprays, the monster rose not a yard from me, and rushed out with a roar that withdrew all my strength. It appeared as if the bush was coming up by the roots ; he brushed me in passing, and sprang at my Beatee, when to my as- tonishment I wituessed more courage and presence of mind than I ever hope lo see again— as the tiger was springing, the man, undismayed, struck at him with his bamboo full in the face, and the tiger turned off; I had neither presence of mind nor strength to fire, and perhaps it is fortunate I did not. The tiger galloped off, turned about, and then galloped at some distance past us, and in sight of the whole line of baggage. Four men were killed by a tiger on the road, and 1 have no doubt but it was by this one. You will agree lhat I had a narrow escape, for it was wonderful that he did not spring on one of us on first beating the bush, and more wonderful that he did not paw me in passing, for he actually touched me— the only reason that can be given is, that he must have been gorged," Skiddaw. the mountain pride of Cumberland, and the a1 m ration of numerous visitors from all parts of the United Kingdom, was sold oo Wednesday, the 21st u! t. for the sum of 1,970/. The purchase comprises 1,732 acres. An asthmatic patient, who is rather deficient in ortho- graphy, wrote to his physician on Thursday, stating, " that his coffin had returned," and desiring to know what he should do ; to which the latter sent him an answer, recommending him to send it back to the undertaker. On Friday se'nnight, the Marquis of Downshire, in person, acknowledged and suffered recoveries, before the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas in Ireland, of his immense estates in six counties in that Kingdom ; by which proceeding he has acquired the fee simple and absolute dominion over his entire property. Thursday night near three score abandoned, or, per- haps in some instances, unfortunate females, found parading the streets of Bath were apprehended, and are to be confined, sent to their respective parishes, or admonished, as their different conduct may appear to require, for the preservation of the public morals. Eastern Jealousy. — A letter from Travancore, dated March 1, states the following tragical occurrence. A shock of an earthquake being experienced during the night, at one of the small forts, owing to which some houses were thrown down; nearly at the same moment a fire broke out, which so much alarmed the people, that numbers left the place, and sought safety in the open country. Among the fugitives were several fe- males, who, under the impulse of terror, had fled half naked from the Rajah's Zenana. The natives, pitying their condition, took them in, and the next morning conducted them back to the fort; when their jealous tyrant ordered eight of them to be immediately decapi. tated, for having exposed themselves to fhe observation of men; and sentenced five of their innocent con- ductors to have their eyes put out, for having had an opportunity of gazing upon their persons. BANKRUPTS— DECEMBER I. George Willis, of Bath, upholsterer, December 8, 15, January 12, at Guildhall, London.— Jonathan Pearson, of Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted spinner, December 10, 13, January 12, at the Wool packs Inn, Wakefield— Henry Mancur, of Maiden- lane, London, lacenran, December 6, 12, January 12, at Guildhall.— Samuel Browne, of Derby, architect, December 19, 20, January 12, at the George Inn, Derby.— J ones Brew- erton, jun. of Oxford, dealer, December 7, 8, January 12, at the Town- Hall, Oxford.— John Brook, of Stow Market, Suffolk, cabinet- maker, December 14, 15, January 12, at the Pickerel Inn, Slow- upland, Suffolk,— Samuel Hutchm, of Wigan, Lancashire, skinner, December 26, 27, January 12, at the Buck in the Vine, Wigan.— William Wright, of Manchester, grocer, December 19, 20, January 12, al Ihe Star Inn, Deansgate, Manchester,— Robert Tipping and Geo. Flemirg, of Holden Clough, Yorkshire, calico printers, December 11, 12, January 12, at Ihe Palace Inn, Manchester.— Samuel Showed, nf China Terrace, Lambeth, Surrey, music seller, December 8, 18, Iatiuar. v- 12, at Guildhall John Rogers, ofthe Strand, Middlesex, and Thomas Thomas, of Charte. house square, London, merchants, December 8, 15, January 12, at Gundhall.— Johu Hentscfi, of Holborn, Middlesex, haberdasher, December 4, 18, January 12, at Guildhall.— Joseph Kernot, of Bear- street, Leicester Fields, Middlesex, druggist, December 8, 15, January 12, ot Guildhall — Saint Ange Simeon, of Winc- strcet, Bristol, luce merchant, De. cember 14, 15, January 12, at the While Lion Inn, Broad street, Bristol.— John Barker, of Sedgley, Staffordshire, nail ironmonger, December 20, 21, January 12, at the Litdelon Arms, Penkridge, — Joseph Ousfon, of Sculcoates, Yorkshire, grocer, December 10, 11, January 12, at the Paragon Inn, Kiogston- upon- Hull.—- Jonathan Wildey, of Cheltenham, Glocestershire, horse dealer, December 10, 11, January 12, at the Plough Ian, Cheltenham — William Lane, of Manchester, victualler, December 20, 24, Janu- ary 12, at the Palace Inn, Manchester — James Easton, of New Sarum, Wiltshire, bookseller, December 18, 19, January 12, at the White Hart Inn, New Sarum.— John Carey, of Liverpool, sail- maker, January 1, 2, 12, at the Bull and Punch Bowl, Dale- street, Liverpool.— Peter Brown, of Paul- street, Finsburv- square, Mid- dlesex, baker, December 4, 11, January 12, at Guildhall—- Asher Samson, and Isaac Samson, of No. II, Crutched Friars, London, merchants, December 4, 18, January 1- 2, at Guildhall.— Richard Grestv, of Manchester, victualler, December '. 2,29, January 12, at the Spread Eagle, Hanging Ditch, Manchester.— John Greig, ot Cf. arles- street, Hampstead- road, Middlesex, baker, December 8, 15, January 12, at Guildhall.— John Wiliats, of Qracechurch- street, London, hardwareman, December 10, 17, January 12, at Guildhall.— Richard Francis King, ot Gracechurch- street, London, tobacconist, December 4, 8, January 12, at Guildhall.— Uirani Atkins, of Fmsburv-. square, Middlesex, merchant, December 4, 15, January 12, at Guildhall.— John Shearcraf't, of Glocester- street, Queen- square, Middlesex, lay lor, December 8, 15, January 12, at Guildhall.— George Smith, of High Beech, Essex, victualler, December 8, 15, January 12, at Guildhall Thomas Reed Futchcr, of Sherborne— lane, . London, merchant, Decem'oer S, 11, January 12, at Guildhall. DECIMS£ » 4.]— Thorn:, s Dagnall, of Liverpool, comb maker, January 2, 3, 15, at Ihe Bull and Punch Bowl, Dale- street, Liver- pool.— John Conrade Cooke, of Brighthelmstone, Sussex, con- fectioner, December 20, 27, January 15, at the Old Ship Tavern, Brighthelmstone.— William Hill, of Cirencester, Qlocestcrshire, salt merchant, Deer mber 13, 14, January 15, at the Horse and Groom Inn, Glocester.— Henry Crawley, of Bristol, rectifier, Decembers, 18, January 13, at the Bush Tavern, Bristol— George Grcce, ol St. Ann, Soho, Westminster, Middlesex, taylor, December 8, 18, January 15, at Guildhall.— Thomas Sailer, of Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire, currier, December 13, 14, January 15, at " the Dolphin inn, Honiton.— Arthur Chichester Allen, of Ironmonger- tane, London, merchant, December 8, 18, January 15, at Guildhall.— William Phelps, of Worcester, baker, December 27, 23, January 15, at the Talbot Inn, Worcester.— Samuel Baify and George Maguire, of Fore- street, Cripplegate, London, ironmongers, De- cembers, 15, January 15, at Guildhall.— Thomas Errington and Christopher Bowstead, of Wood- street, London, warehousemen, Derember S, 15, Jauuaiy 15, at Guildhall.— John Henderson and Archibald Neilson, of Mitre Court, Milk street, London, merchant;, December 8, 22, January 12, at Guildhall. If any one man has ever been more successful than another, it is Dr. Solomon, who has brought bis Cordial Halm of Gilead to such perfection that it never fails removing tbe worst and most crabbed disorders of tbe nerves, it always exhilirates aud cheers the spirits, braces and invigorates tiie whole frame. Such a medicine, for its healing, balsamic, friendly, and sanative qualities upon the debilitated con- stitution, deserves the wondrous encouragement it meets with from all ranks who have been fortunate enough to have recourse to it. It is peculiarly efficacious iu all inward Wastings, Loss of Appetite, Indigestion, Depression of Spirits, Tremb- ling or Shaking of the Hands or I. imbs, obstinate Coughs, Shortness of Breath, Consumptive Habits, & e. & c. At this season of the year, Dr. Solomon's medicines are highly use- ful to the valetudinarian ; hut caution is necessary to guard against counterfeits, by observing the words, " Saml. Solomon, Liverpool!," engraved on the stamp affixed to each bottle, without which it cannot be genuine. Sold at 10s. 6el. or four in one 33s. bottle ( which saves 9s.) byW. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. Dr. Solomon, when consulted, expects his usual fee of half- a- guinea. Such letter should, for safety, be thus directed, " Money Letter, Dr. Solomon, Gilead House, near Liverpool." CHILBLAINS are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching instantly removed by WHITE- HEAD'S ESSENCE OF MUSTARD, universally esteemed for its extraordinary efficacy in Rheumatisms, Palsies, Gouty Affections, and Complaints of the Stomach ; but where this certain remedy has been unknown or neglected, and the Chil- blains have actually suppurated, or broke, WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, aud very speedily heal ihem. They are prepared and sold by R. JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, tbe Essence and Pills at 2s. Od. each— the Cerate at Is. ljd. They are also sold by EDDOWES, Newling, and Palin, Shrewsbury; Painter, Wrex- ham ; Baugh, Ellesmere; Houlstons, & Mobbs, Wellington ; Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow ; Partridge, & Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Edwards, Price, and Minshall, Oswestry; and by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. The genuine has a black ink Stamp with the Name of R. Johnston, inserted on it. Hallam's Pills, INVENTED BY EDWARD HALLAM, Surgeon and Apothecary, Bury St. Edmund's. ^ HIS safe and elegant preparation is justly esteemed for its agreeable anil certain operation, by w hich it. effectually removes all Inaction or Obstruction of the Stomach and Bowels, whether arising from Bile, Indigestion, Flatulency, or Cold ; Sickness at Stomach, Head Ach. & c — It operates by dislodging acrid bile or other Crudit es retained in the intestinal caoal. and nets as an alterative to the system generally. Free from any antimonial or mercurial prepar- ations, it is at all times safe ; and has been given with singular good effect during Pregnancy. Its action is particularly adapted to Persons of Bilious Habits, and those of sedentary lives, where a sufficient action of the bowels is not kept up, and crudities retained in those organs are frequent! y pro- ducing pains and distensions, head- achs, languor, and giddi- ness, or a sense of weariness and oppression. " Remove the cause, the effect must cease." A single, trial w; Il fully convince the patient of their efficacy. The worst cases of Bilious o- Sipk " lead Ac. hs arc certainly removed bo a single dose, an I iq tpuch shorter lime than could be credited, bat from exptnepce. The Proprietor thinks it proper to remark, thev wiil be fonnd not onlv to act without pain or uneasiness, but to leave the body, after their immediate action ceases, free from that costive state whictx- generally succeeds the operation of laxative medicines. Sold wholesale and retail by SHAW and EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, London. Price 3s. 9d. j « r box — Retail also by EDUOWE3, Bythell, Morris, Palm, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Ridgervay, and Procter, Drayton; Chester, Newcastle; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, Staff . id ; Mobbs, Wellington ; and Smith, Iron- bridge, and Wenfock. ATKI NS's~ CO M P O SlTTo V, For Destroying Bats and Mice: S allowed lo be the most efficacious Thing ever yet discovered, for speedily extirpating these pernicious Vermin from Corn- Stacks, Barns, Stables, Dwelling- Houses, Mills, Mall- Houses, Granaries, & c.; and sucb are the extraordinary and attracting Powers it possesses, that the Inventor lias frequently known them to take it from his Hand with the greatest Avidity. The Number of Letters tha Proprietor has been favoured with from Persons of Credit and Respectability, testifying the gieat Advantages ihey have derived from the Use of it, are too extensive for a Newspii^ r Advertisement, but may be seen at large in the H ind hills. By Appointment of tbe Proprietor, if is sold, Wholesale, by Dicey and Co. No. 10, Bow Church- Yard, London, Priori 2s, 6d. the Box, with proper Directions for n ing it; an- l Retail by W. Eosow. cs, Shrewsbury, and the principal Dealers in Patent Medicines in every Town throughout Great Britain. CC? Be careful to ask for Atkins's Composition for destroying Rats, each Box of which is inclosed in a blue Wrapper, signed with the Name of J. ATKINS, the Inventor. Dr. Smiths Ploughman's Drops. FOR THE CURE OF SCURVY, KING'S EVIL. VENEREAL COMPLAINTS, & c. LONG wished for is come at last! What's that { Why Dr. SMITH'S PLOUUHMAN's DROPS; which, notwithstanding the Efforts of interested Men, are now in the highest Repute; and the Cures daily performed, in Cases which have baffled the Skill of the most eminent Practitioners, aie so numerous, and attested by such respectable Witnesses, as to prove beyond the possibility of Contradiction, their Superiority over any ^ ther JVJedicin © in the United jtCiiigck> tu » KING'S EVIL. TO DR. SMITH. DEAR SIR— AS 1 am not used lo write much, I bumblv in-' form you, for the benefit of mankind, that my daughter Martha Jebb, at the age of 7 years, was shockingly afflicted with the King's Evil. In 1803, she was recommended by a lady as an out- patient to the Infirmary, iu which situation she remained until 1305, w- hhout receiving any benefit. I was then advised to try tbe Ploughman's Drops, which I did, and thank God I soon found, without the help ofthe surgeon's knife, or burning hot caustic, that my dear daughter in the short space of three months was perfectly cured, and remains at this time quite sound. I must obseive that the ulcers round her poor little neck were enough to shock Ihe heart of any one. I am, dear Mr. Smith, your's, WM. JEBB. Wrockwardine, Jan. 17, 1808. My daughter may be seen any dav, as a living witness of the good your blessed Ploughman's Drops are capable of doing. These Drops are to be had in sqnon? Bottles, with Words moulded on each, " Mr. Smith's Ploughman's Drops," ( all Others are spurious), at £\ the large, and I Is, the small, Duty included, at the Doctor's House, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; of W. EDDOWES, Printer of this Paper, in Shrewsbuiy; Capsey, Wellington ; Mr. Yeats, Salt Warehouse, Iron Bridge ; Partridge, Bridgnorth ; Silvester, Newport; Griffiths, Ludlow; Baugh, Ellesmere; Jones-, Whitchurch ; Procter, Drayton ; Price, Oswestry ; Painter, Wrexham ; and Waidson, Welshpool. ForSTRANGUARY— GRAVEL— OBSTRUCTIONS iu Ihe URINARY PASSAGE. Wesse lis Jesuits Drops. IN his MAJESTY'S NAVY these Drops have for near 100 years past maintained their character as a spe- cific for the Scurvy, Gravel, Dropsy, Strnjtguary. Weakness and Obstructions in me Urinary Pas, age, and General Debility ; but particularly for their absolute and speedy cureof the Venereal Disease, WESSELLS JESUITS DROPS anil SPECIFIC REMEDY, are the oNtv safe and expeditious Cure, and are so innocent in their nature, as to require little or no restraint. As a restorative for GENERAL DEBILITY, Wessells Jesuits Drops hare been long known and esteemed ; whether thi: Debility arises from the loo copious us,: of Mercury, front excess of Venery, or intense beat of climate, they are equally serviceable:— such as bave the misfortune to be troubled with old stubborn GLEETS, SEMINAL EFFUSIONS, or any WEAKNESS of the KIDNEYS, URETERS or BLADUER, DJABBTES, or Diffi- culty of making Water, will experience a compleatCute by due perseverance. SHAW and Co. 66, St. Paul's Church Yard, having pur- chased these Medicines of Mr. WSSSEI. LS, none can possibly be genuine unless their address appears on the outside of every bottle. Ask for WESSELLS JESUITS DROPS, Price 2s. 9d,— lis.— and 22s. per bottle. Sold wholesale and retail by SHAW and EDWARDS, 66, St. Paul's Ch uteh Yard, London. Price 2s. od, per box.— Retail also by EDDOWES, Bythell, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Ridgewav, and Procter, Drayton; Chester, Newcastle; Silvester, Newport; Fowke, Stafford; Mobbs, Wellington; and Smith, Iron- bridge, aud Wenlock. Swedish Soap, MILFORD HAVEN, SOUTH WALES. rriHIS NEW SOAP will be found beyond all A comparison the best preparation known for tbe MILL- ING, & c. OF WOOLLEN CLOTH, & c. and to be a most important improvement. Made only as ordered, and sold in CHESTS PRICE FIFTEEN POUNDS STERLING EACH, con- taining in general about THREE HUNDRED WEIGHT, but regulated always by the current value of LONDON CURD SOAP, it bearing tbe same Price. ORDERS for any quantity not less than a Chest ia Post Paid Letters ( enclosing Remittances in Bankers' Paper, or they will not be attended to), addressed to the Sole Manu- facturers, THE MILFORD- HAVEN SOAP AND ALKALI COMPANY, PEMBROKE, will be executed within threeWteks' Notice, aud delivered free of R- qiense at any of the principal Ports in the UNITED KINGDOM. *** NO CREDIT whatever. DR. FREEMAN'S GUTTA SALUTARIS. SIR— I beg you will publish the following Cure, for the Benefit of those labouring under a similar Com- plaint. Last Autumn I contracted a Venereal Complaint, and applied to an eminent Surgeon, under whose Care I was three Months; during that Period I underwent Salivation three Times ; the Disorder was so violent that Wounds broke out all over my Head and Body; and I was recommended the Change of Air and Sea- bathing, but I continued in a worse State if possible; at last I was recommended, by a Gentleman, to use Dr. Freeman's Gutta Salutaris, by the use of it, thank God, I am perfectly cured, to the Astonishment of every Person who knew my Case. When I leave Brighton I will relate mure Particulars. Sir, your devoted humble Servant, WILLIAM JAMES. Brighton, May 6, 1807. Si R— Owing to making too free with the Fair Sex during my Stay in London, 1 contracted the Lues Venerea, so as to be incapable of paying Attention to Business ; I had the best Medical Advice, but to no Effect; 1 was reduced to tbe greatest Object possible; a Friend, who had contracted a Venereal Disorder, and had been cured by your Gutta Salu- taris, procured me a small Bottle ; its good Effects I expe- rienced in a few Days, and by the Use of six large Bottles I am perfectly cured. Injustice to the Medicine, 1 wish, for the Benefit of those that labour under a similar Disorder, that you will publish this Case. My Family Connections are such that I trust you will only annex the Initials of my Name. Your humble Servant, J. H— N, Manchester, Feb. 6, 1801. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, Corner of Paternoster- Row; and retail bv EDDOWES, Wood, Paliu, and Morris, Shrewsbury ; Baugh, Ellesmere ; Painter, Wrexham; Price, Morrall, Edwards, and Minshall, Os- westry; Houlstons, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Searrott, Shiffnal; Smith, Ironbridgu aud Weulock ; Gitton, aud Bangham, Bridgnorth ; and most Medicine Venders, in Bottles at 2s. IW. and 4s. 6d. each. P rinted and published by W, tddowes, Corn- Market, Shrewsbury |
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