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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 878
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 21/11/1810
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 878
No Pages: 4
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SHREWSBURY CORN- MARKE'I November 21, 1810 77,,, / W is arched in the most expeditious Manner through the adjoining Counties ofX^ vand WAt. fis .- Advertisers not ercetdin? ten Lines, m, erted at Vive Skillies an^ Sirpenceea^ PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, WANTED, ASTEADY middle aged Man. as COACHMAN. None need ap|> lv whose Character will not hear the » lriete « t Enquiry.— Particulars of the PRINTER OF THIS PAFEII. CAERE LNION TNCLOSURE. ROADS. THE Commissioner halh set out several oilier Roads and Ways through and over the Commons and Waste lands hereunder mentioned, in the respective Town- ships of Gellygassou, Nnntforch, and Cwmgoron and Castle, and hath ascertained them hv Marks of trigging, and pre- pared and signed a Map, in which they are accurately laid ilovvn and described : AmKhe hath deposited the said Map with his Cleik, Mr. EDMUND EDYE, Solicitor, nt Montgo- mery, for the Inspection of all Persons concerned : And the general Lines of the said intended Koads and Ways are as follows: viz. IN GELLYGASSON. XIV. A private Carriage Road, 16 Feet wide, on Rhdsfawr Common, lo branch out of the Road already set out from the Turnpike Road opposite Cue Garw, and to pass Southerly and Southwesterly in its present Direction, to Rh& sfawr Farm, belonging to Humphrey Row lands Jones, Esq. XVII. A private Carriage Road, and a public Bridle Way, 18 Feel wide, to branch out of the Road already set out from Cefngolu Common to Peuarth Township, at the Northern Corner of Harding Evans's ( nrlosures, and to pass Southerly » nd Southeasterly over Bonk Battinia Common, to the Lane leading to David Thomas's Cottage on Bron Whidw Common, IN NANTFORCH. XXXVII. A private Carriage Road, 15 Feet wide, over Ihe Burw^ dd Common, lo branch out of the public Road already set out from Cwm yr Hweh Quarry, Northerly to the Lane leading into the Turnpike Road from Pool lo Llanfair, and lo pass up the Common Northwesterly, near the North • rn Side of Nam Pijallcn Tenement, and Westerly thence into Cwmgoron nnd Cusile Townshiri. IN CWMGORON AND CASTLE. XXXVIII. A |> rivate Carriage Road, 15 Feet wide, over the lUuv. y Id Common, to pass from the Western End of the Koad hereinbefore lastly dcscibed, Southwesterly into the Roail numbered XXXIV. in the said former Notice, near William Rogers's lndosures. XXX fX A private Catriage Road, 18 Feet wide, over the said Burw^ dd Common, to branch out of the said Road num- bered XXXIV. near Rees Morris's Inclcsure, and to pass Northwesterly, Westerly. Southwesterly, and Southerly suc- cessively into Mnnafwn - Gayr og Township, near the Western isule of Richard Morris's House. The above- mentioned Roads and Ways, in Gelly- gasson and Nanifocch. are the same a. those re- spectively numbered XIV. XVII. aud XXXVII. in the former Notice, wheiein they are erroneously described. Tbe Commissioner doth hereby » pi oint a Meeting to be holdeu at Ibe Goat Inn, in tbe Town of Llanfair, on Wednes- day, ihe lOih Day of December next coming, at 10 o'CIock in the Fitfeaoou, when and where all Persons interested may « ttend ; it being purpo- ed, inCase any Obi eel ion tie made to the Line of Direction of any ofthe Roads above described, to hear, deteimine, and finally settle the same at ( Bat Meeting. MAPS. The Maps and Admeasurements of flic inclosed and Waste Lands in ihe six Townships ol Cwmgorun aud Castle, Nant- forch, Rrineleu, Kylyrweh, Gellygasaon, and Penarth, now lie tor Inspection at the Goat Inn aforesaid, and the Bounda- ries and Divisions of and between the Lordships, Manors, and Townships, are shewn therein, pursuant to the former Notice. THIRD ATTENDANCE. The Commissioner's third Attendance will be at the Goat Inn, in Llanfair, on Wednesday, the 12th of December next, at 10 o'CIock, accoiding to the former Notice. CLAIMS. And be requires the Claims ot Common and other Rights, on the Commons and Waste Lands iu the above named six Townships, ( but not in any other Part of the Manor) lo be then and there delivered to him, in Compliauce with tbe former Notice. LOT XV. Another Piece on Pantvbedol Common, contain- ing about 5A. 3R. 25P. bounded North by the said Road to F. ithnog, East by Eithnog Farm, South by other Part ofthe Common, and West by an Inclosure of Thomas Gittins. LOT XVI. A Piece on tbe Burwidd Hill, containing about 2 A. OR. 23P. bounded South and West by the intended Road from Ty coeh, North by Lands of David Vaughan, and East by nth' r Pait of the Common. 1/ rr XVII. Another Piece on the same Common, contain- ing about 10A. 2R. 8P. bounded South aud Southeast by the afo- esa'd Groes Fir Road, and West by Lot XVIII. LOTXVIII. Another Piece ( including an Encroachment) on the same Common, containing about 9A. 3R. 27P. bound- OAF ER on honed Cattle, Sheep, and Hornet. Published by Crosby and Co. Stationers'- Orart, London: and sold by EDDOWES, Wood and WattoH, Newlir. g, and Morris, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Irop Bridge and Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whit » church ; the Booksellers in Chester; J. Painter, Wrexham; ml bV all other Booksellers, Price 10s. 6d. extra boards. VERY MAN HIS OWN CATTLE- DOC- TOR , being a concise and familiar' Description of all Diseases incident to OXEN, COWS, AND SHEEP: E* ed South by the said Groes" Fir Road, Eai by Lot XVII. and | with the most simple and effectual Method of CURING each ' . . n .. k ! hrennnuti f'nrnii( r ) a 1 i » c 4 CPPC • h<* I BfflTM^ KT ftt t .< UVR SALE OF ALLOTMENTS. The Commissioner will SELL by AUCTION, at the Goat Inn, in Llaufair, on Thursday, ihe 13th Day of December next, between the Hours of three and five in the JfierwHm, the undermentioned Pieces of / Caste Lands, to raise Money for defraying Expenses, under Ike Wet of Parliament pasted for this Inclosure, viz. IN PENARTH TOWNSHIP.— ON PENARTH COMMON. LOT I. A Piece containing about 1A. 2R. 2* iP. bounded South bv the ] « iblic Carriage Road as now set out there from Pool to Groes Kir, East by ihe intended private Road there- out to Ciewcdin, North by an Iiiclosure of William Evans, auil West by Lot II. LOT H. Another Piece, containing about 2A. OR, 56P. bounded East by Lot I. South by the said Koad lo Grots Fir, West by the othirr Pint of the Coniuiou, uud North by an- other Inclosure of William Evans, LOT 111 Arwtber Piece, containing about 1A. OR, ISP. bounded Northeast by the Road lending to Manafon Dwy- riew out i f Ihe said Road lo Groes Fir, West by Cottaxe Lards ocetipied by John Evans, and South and Northwest by other P> rts- of the Common. LOT IV. Anoiher Piece, containing about 3A. OR. 13P. bounded South and Eastby the said Road to Manafon Dwy- riew. North by the said Groea Fir Koad, and Wist by Lot V. j LOT V. Another Pi « e, containing about 4A. OR. 24P bounded North by the said Groes Fir Road, East by Lot IV. South by the said Mannfon Dwyr^ w Road, and Southeast by other I'nrt of the Common. LOT VI. Anoiher Piece, containing about 2A. 0R. SIP. bounded North by Ihe said Gioes Fir Road, East by the Turnpike Road from Llanfair to Newtown, South by Lot V1L and West by other Part of ( he Common. LCT VU. Another Piece, containing obnut 2A. 2R. 34P. bounded North bv Lot VI. East hy the said Turnpike Road, South by Lot VIII. and West by incloeures of John Evans. LOT VIII. Anoiher Piece, containing about 2A. IR. 291'. bounded North by Lot VII. East bv the said Turnpike Road, South by Lot IX. and West by other Pan ofthe Coin- on the other Sides by John Evans's Inclosure , and other Part | of the Common. LOT XIX. A Piece on the Common that adjoins fhe Western Side of Bonk Battinia, containing about 9A. OR. 10P. bounded North by the Road from Gr.. es Fir to Castle Caereinion, East by Ihe Road thereout to Brou Whidw, and South aud West by other Parts ofthe Common. IN KYLYLLWCH. LOT XX. A Piece on Fron Dehaugwint Common, contain- ing about 4A. 1 R. 341'. bounded South by the intended Road fiom Llanfair to Minifordd, West by Lands of Gellygns- on Farm, North by Lands of Edward Davies, Esquire, and East by other Part of the Common. IN BRINELEN.— ON BRINELEN COMMON. LOT XXL A Piece containing about IA IR 4P. bounded Southwest by the intended Road from Minfforrld to Cyftou- ydd, East and Northeast by Ihe intended Koad thereout to John Lloyd's House, and West by bis Lands in Kylyrwch. LOT XXII. Another Piece, containing about OA. 3. R. 33P. bounded South by the said Road to Cytmnydd, West by the said Road to John Lloyd's House, North bv William Jones', s Laud, and Bast by the intended Road to Glaoyralon Tene- ment. LOTXXIII. Another Piece, containing about 2 A. 2R. 10P. bounded North by the said Road to Cyfrouydd, West by other Part of the Common, East by Lot XXIV. and South by William Jonu's Land. LOT XXIV. Another Piece, containing about 3A. JR. 3P. bounded North by the said Cyfrunydd Road, West by L° t XXUL South by Jobu Williams's Land, ana East by his Eucroacbmttnt aud other Part of the Common. Tins Lot will he eubject lo an Occupation Road to a Close of William Jones. IN NANTFORCH.— ON BUHWYDD COMMON. LOT XXV. A Piece, containing about 14A Oil. 24 P. bounded ou the Northeast by ihe intended Road from Llanfair to Cwm yr Hweh Quarry, Southeast by Lot XXVI. and South- west and Noiihwest by other Parts of the Common. LOT XXVI. Another Piece, containing aoout 14A. OR. 16P. bounded Northeast by the said Cwui yr Hweh Road, North- west by Lot XXV. and Southwest and Southeast by other Parts of the Common. IN CWMGORON AND CASTLE.— ON BURWYDD COMMON. LOT XXVU. A Piece, containing about 9A. IR. 14P. bounded West by Kees Morris's Encroachments and ttie in- tended Road from Cefnciun to Llanlair, South by Encroach ments to Cefuciun Faim, East by other Part ot tile Common, ami North by Lot XXV HI. LOT XXVIII. Another Piece, containing ubout ISA. IR. 28P. bounded South by Lot XXVII. West by Ihe said Cefncifin Road, North by Lot XXIX. and East by other Part of tbe Common. LOT XXIX. Another Piece, ' containing about 16A. OR. 31 P. bounded South by Lot XXVIII. West by the last men- tioned Road, and ou tiro other Sides by the open Common and an Encroachment of John Stephens, 111 Nantforch. All the Lots aie trigged, except where they Adjoin inclosed Lands, or a River, Biook, or Rill; and a Map of them, with printed Particulars, is left with Mr. William Hv. ghes, at the Goat Inn, in Llunf. vir, who will sliew ilie Lands. Printed Particulars uiav also be seen at tbe Public Houses in Cattle Caereinion, Berriew, Munafon, Llanwyddelon, Celncoch, Llaueil'ul, Pout Robert, LUugyniew, and Myfod, and at the principal Inns iu . Montgomery, Pool, Lluulair, aud Uaiifyllm. Further Information may be had of Mr. VICXERS, of Cran- mere, near Bridgnorth and Wolverhampton, the Commission- er; or of Mr. EDYE, of Montgomery, the Clerk and Solicitor in this luclosure. By the Commissioner's Older, H. EDYE, Clerk. Dated 15ih November, 1810. DISHRDEII through all its Stages:— the TREATM2PIT of Cows at tbe time of CALvrso, as well as before and after; also, of EWES iu the LAMBING SEASON. By FRANCIS CLATER, Author of • « Every Man his own FanSer." * if* A few Copies only remain upsolrl of the twentieth Edition of Mr. CLATER'S FARRIERY, price 6s. TEX THOUSAND of which have been sold in TUBES YEARS, aud the Sale hath rapidly increased, from a certain Knowledge of his Obser- vations being drawn from REAL PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE, Also just published by Crosby and Co. CURWEN's HINTS on AGRICULTURE, FEEDING STOCK, and Betieriug the Condition of the Poor. 8vo. Ps. board-. THE COMPLETE GRAZIER; or, the Farmer and Cattle Dealer's Assistant. Third Edition, with Plates and Wood Cuts. 12s. boards. Bv tlie same Author, A TREATISE on the CHOICE, BUYING, and MANAGE- MENT of a FARMER'S LIVE STOCK. With Wood Cuts of tbe best Breeds, A new Edition. 8 » < i. 5s. boards. purr's BRITISH FARMER'S CYCLOPEDIA ; or Com- plete Dictionary of Agriculture Wilh Plales. 4to. Re- commended by tbe late Duke of Bedford, Price 31. 13s. 6d. extra boards. Grand City Lottery. BY Order of the Lords of His Majesty's Treasury the Third and Last Grand CITY LOTTERY will begin drawing the 4th of December, 18U>. CERTIFICATE. We, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, have carefully surveyed and valued the several Freehold Building* allotted as Frizes in the Tli rd C ty Lottery, and we adjudge the separate Value of each to.- be asdolloivs : F. Fey'tier, lhoaas Sxitiin, D. It. Roper. London, AUGUST H, 1809. SCHEME. Prize of 3 Prizes of .£, 3000 2.900 2,100 2, n00 2,300 1,900 1,800 1,400 500 •£ LS, 100 9,900 9,300 0.9 0 4,100 4,000 3,800 3,500 3,300 3,100 NO FIXED PRIZE. This Property is so rapidly improving, that there can be no doubt it will be worth double its present Value in a very few Years. Tickets and Shares are selling by ROI. FE nnd Co. at their City Lotteiy Office, 15, Skinner Sireet, London; and by Mr. W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. TO BUILDERS, WORKMEN, ANDTHEjB. EMPLOYERS. This Dag " puM shrd, with ansrderaile Akera> i6ns, the 151' r Edition, cnrretUd to September, 18t0, Price A*. CROSBY'S BUILDER'S NEW PRICK BOOK, with all the recent Changes in thte PRICKS of every Thing relating to erecting and FINISHING BUILDINGS of all Descrip- tions ; comprising also the Methods of constructing Ovens, Furnaces, Water Works, MATING LIMES and CEMENTS; Tables for casting tip Labour, MEASURING TIMBER, BRICK, and other Works ; copious Abstracts of the various Acts, a List of Surveyors, & c. By JOHN PHILLIPS, Author of the " HISTORY of ISLANU NAVIGATION, aud other eminent SURVEYORS and BUILDERS. London : pruned for B. CROSBY and Co. Stationers' Court, Ludgate- Street; and sold by W. FDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all Booksellers, ' New smen, and Venders. WHITE LION INN, CASTLE- STREET, SHRF. WSBURY. Set out from the above Inn, TFTF. FOI. r. O'riSC, MAIL AMI OTHER COACHES: ! MACHYNLLETH & ABF. RYSTWITH ROYAL | Mail Coach, everv Wednesday Morning, at f'otir 1 o'CIock, during Ihe WINTER SEASON, by Way of Welsh ; Pool.' Llatifair, jnd Mallwyd, to the Unicornlrin, Machynlleth; from which Place a Coath sets out on the same Morning, at seven o'CIock, for Shrewsbury. WELSHPOOL Royal Mail Coach, every Sitnday and Fri- day Mornings, at five o'clock, and every Wednesday Morning at four o'CIoek ; returns from the Oak Inn, Welshpool, every Monday. Wednesday, and Friday Evening, at five o'clock. NEWTOWN Royal Mail Coach, through Welshpool and Berriew, every Sunday Morning, at five o'CIock; returns from the Bear's Head Inn, Newtown, every Monday at Noon. j^ s Small Parcels conveyed daily, by a Horse Post, la Welshpool, Llanfair, Dolgeiley, Machynlleth, Aberystwith, and other Parts of North Wales. CHESTER, LIVERPOOL, and MANCHESTER Coach, called THE RESOLUTE, through Ellesmere and Wrexham, every Morning at six o'Clock, Sundays excepted. The Proprietors will not be accountable for any Packages or Parcels above the Value of 51. unless entered and paid for accordingly. BANKING^ ACCEPTANCES LENT with Secrecy and Dispatch, bv the LONDON MERCANTILE AID BANK, at long or sliort Dates, on the Credit of every Species of Produce, Goods, Wares and Merchandise, rawor manu- factuied, also on approved Transferable Securities.— Printed Plans may J> e bid hy Post, of OSP. OBNE and Co. Bankers, Budge Row, Mansion House, London. No Letters received unless Post- free. Country Residents w ishing lo commence the Banking Business will have their Views assisted. Price Sixpence Halfpenny, am Welsh Pool Academy, MR. WEAVER relurns his most sincere Thanks to his Friends and bbe Public, for the very liberal Patronage he has experienced sirtce his Residence in Pool, and respectfully informs them, that after Ihe » n « uing Christ* mas Vacation he intends re- openiitg his SCHOOL at DO- I. ANOG HOUSE, near the Town; the Situation of which is, in every . Reaped, so highly desirable for a Boardine Schorl, that he hopes, by au unwearied Attention lo bis Duty, to insure a Continuance of the Support and Countenance of the Public, which it shall be his constant Study to merit. Ko- J 12, 1810. This day are published, handsomely printed, in one volume quarto, price 21, 2s. in boards, PHILOSOPHICAL ESSAYS, by DUGALD STEWART, Esq F. R. S. Kottr. Emeritus Professor of Moral Philosophy in tbe University of Edinburgh, & c. SEE. Edinburgh: Printed for WILLIAM CRISCU, and ARCHIBALD CONSTAER. B aud Co. Edinburgh ; and T. Cadell and W. Divies, John Murray, and Constable, Hunter, Pn'k, and Hun'. et, London. Sold also bv W. EODOWES, Shrewsbury. Of whom mav be had, bv the same AuthOf, ELEMENTS OF the PHILOSOPHY OF the HUM\ N MIND; the thiid edition, cor> cted, octavo, price 10s. 6d. hoards. To the Conductors of Circulatitig Libraries. This Day is published, in two targe Volf. 12mo, Priee 10*. HENRY and ISABELLA; or the REVERSES of FORTUNE. A Novel, in 2 vols. ( 1, horrid thought, to end a Mortal's Life, By Chance of deadly Feuds in private Strife, And send his Unrepented Crimes above, The dread Tribunal of his judge to prove. Printed for B. Crosbv and Co. Stationers' Court, Paternos- ter Row, Loudon ; and sold bv Eimowts, Wood an: l vVattim, Newling, and Morris, Shrewsbury; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenlock; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch ; the Booksellers iu Chester; J. Painter, Wrexham; and by all other Booksellers. Where may be had, just published, The British Novelists, with Prefaces aud Biographical Notes, bv Mrs. Barbaul'l. £ 12. 12s. Also, New Editions of flrandlson, Clarissa, Pamela, Old Manor House, Jcc. A Trfati. se on the Passions of the Human Mind, 2 vols, lis, A new Volume of the Fiuwers of Literature, 6s. Corinnaof England, a Romance, 2 vol. 8s. L EATON IN CLOSURE. Roads appointed, and Sale of Allotments to defray Expenses of th> Act of Parliament. LOTIX. Another Piece, containing about 3A. OR. 11P. bounded North by Lot VIII. E « t by an ill Turnpike Road, South hy the in « nded Road thereout to Tynybrtti, uud West by other Part of the Common, LOTX. Another Piece, containing about 4A. OR. I2P. bounded West by the said Turnpike Koad, North by Lot XI. and East nnd South by other Paris ot the Common. LOTXI. Another Piece, containing about 4A. OR. 12P. bounded West by the said Turnpike Koad, Sonih by Lot X. j North bv Lot XII. aud East by oilier Paitof the Common. LOT XII. Another Piece, containing about 2A. SR. 14P. bounded West by the snme Poiad, Noitli by the aforesaid Road from Poil lo Grocs Fir, South by Lot XL aud East by other Pari of tbe Common. ^ Lots VIII. and IX. abound with excellent Biick Clay, and are eligibly situated for Sale Brick- kilns, and the Whole of those 12 Lots are well adapted for building on, being within a Mile of ihe Market Town of Llanfair, IN GEI. LYGASSON. 1 OT XIII. A Piece on Rb& sfawr Common, containing about 1A. OR. 31 P. bounded Ninth by the Road from Graig to l* ool, Westby Lands of Humphrey Rowlands Joues, Esquire,' East by his private Road and Lands, and South by his lnclosine ou the Common. LOT XIV. A Piece on Pantybedol Common, cnnla'm ing hbout 3A. OK. 24P. bounded North by the River Eiuion, West by the Cottage and Inclosuies of John Evars, South by the intended Koad from Llanfair to Eithnog, and Ea t by lands of Edward Daviej, Usqirre. Broseley.— Estate. MINES OF COAL AND IRONSTONE, CLAY, AND QUARRY OF STONE, SEAK COAl. RnOOK DALE. To be Sold by Private Contract, ALL lhat valuable and compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, called EASTHOPE's COPPICE, siloate in the Parish of Broseley aforesaid, close to the Iron Bridge, and containing together sixteen Acres and two Roods, or thereabouts. The ESTATE consists of thr « e Parcels of rich MEADOW LAND, also several convenient DWELLING HOUSES, SHOPS, STABLES, and other BUILDINGS, with Gardens and Appurtenances thereunto belonging. The MINES consist of several Strata of COAL and IRON- STONE, which may be worked at on easy Expense, ( and the Water carried off without Difficulty), and the same » ne most eligibly situated for Sale, either lor the neighbouring Furnaces, or the Severn Trade. The IRONSTONE consists of three Strata, and that called i the Pinny Measure, has been proved to be of the very best Quality, The Ironstone would supply a Blast Furnace a considerable Length of l ime. The same might also be conveyed lo a Distance in a calcined State, by Means of the said River Severn, and the ditlerent Canals connected there, with. There are several Strata of the best WHITE, RED, and BLUE CLAYS, suitable for Pottery Ware, Fire Bricks, or any other Kind of Bricks, Tiles, and various other Purposes. The FIRE BRICK CLAYS are believed to be equal lo any iu the Kmgdom. There is also a Quarry of excellent STONE on the Premises, suitable for Furnace Hearths, Buildings, aud other valuable Purposes, and a good Bed of SAND, both of which are uow opened. Two Thousand Pounds, Part of the Purchase Money, may remain on Mortgage of the Estate, if mure couvetiient to tile Purchaser. For further Particulars apply to Mr. Vicrens, of Cran- meie, or Mr. PRITCHARD, Solicitor, in Broscley aforesaid ; w ho have each of tliein a Particular of the Estate, and of the Mines and Premises. Mr. PRITCHARO will appoint a Person to shew the Premises. ROADS. NOTICE is hereby given, lhat HENRY BOW- MAN, Esq Ihe Coinmissionei appointed lor putting into Execution an Act of Parliament, entitled " An Act for in- " closing Lauds in the Township and Mauor of I. eaton, in " the Parish of St. Mary, in Slirewsbuiy, in the County of " Salop," lias set out and appointed the following Carriage and Dri t Roads, over Ihe Lands aud Grounds to be allotted and inclosed, and has left a Map tbcreiof at tbe Office of Mr. WILLIAM HITCHCOCK, Land- Surveyor, in Shrewsbury, for the Inspection of all Parlies interested therein ; namely, A Public Cairiajie ltoad, of the Breadth of thirty Feet leading from Baschurch, Southwardly over Leaton Common towards Shrewsbury, being the present Turnpike Road. A Public Carriage Road, effft'e like Breadth, leading from Fitz, Eastwardly over Leiton Common to Ihe last mentioned Road near the Termination thereof. A Public Carriage Road, of the like Breadth, leading from Ihe first- described Rnad at the Southwest Corner of Mr. Lee's Estate, Eastwardly over Leatou Common towards Merrington. A Public Carriage Road, ofthe like Breadth, leading from M- erriugtoa Southwardly and Southwestwardlv over Burner Heath, and Southwardly over Part of'Dnnu's Heaih, towards Newton and Shrewsbury. A Public Carriage Road of the like Breadth, loading from the last mentioned Road, near Richard Williams's Cottage, Eastwardly over Bomer Heath towards Prestou Gubbals. And that the said Commissoner will hold a Sitting at the Dwelling House of THOMAS COOPER, known by the Sign of the Duncan Ilead Inn, iu Newtown, Basohurch, on THURSDAY, the THIRD Day of JANUARY next, at one o'CIock in the Afternoon, when and where any Person who may coneeive himself aggrieved hy the settiug out the said Koads, may attend, aud object thereto. NORTH WALES. TO BE LET, Far a Term not exceeding six Years f rem Lady- Day tietcl; AMANSION HOUSE, completely furnished, charmingly situated in a fertile and healthy Country, near a Market and Post Town, within a few Miles of Shrop- shire; together with convenient (' flice>, and a good Kitchen Garden, Lawn, Shrubbery, and Pleasure Grounds, contiguous tbeieto. The Tenant may be accommodated wilh about 16 or 30 Acres of good Meadow and Pasture Lands, which form Part of the Uwti, The principal Object ofthe Proprietor in letting fhe above, is to have the House inhabited by a respectable Family, and the whole Premises, with tbe Furniture, kept ill good Order and Condition. Apply lo Mr. EDDOW- ES, Printer of the Salopian Journal Shrewsbury. u Montgomeryshire, TO BE LET, And entered upon al Lady- Day next, in Lots ; ARABLE, PASTURE, & MEADOW LANDS, which may be irrigated to great Advantage, to llie Amount of 160 Statute Acres, of a FARM called RED HOUSE, situate very near to tbe Village of KERRY, in tbe Possession of Mr. John Williams. The Arable Lands are particularly adapted to the Turnip Husbandry. ALSO, A SHI'. EP WALK, cootaiulm 140 Statute Acres, or thereabouts, of sound fertile Laud, intended to be inclosed and subdivided, lying up to the great Road to Llanidloes upou the North Side, to that leading to Velindre upon Ihe East, to that leading lo Presande upon the West, and to the River, which divides the Counties of Montgomery aud Raduor, upon the South Side thereof. Enquire of EVAN STEPHENS, Esq. Newtown ; or Mr. ROUT- LEDGB, Ptntrego, Myfod. John Jones, of New House, near Kerry, Carpenter, will shew the Premises. Garth, October 29, 1810. Turnpike Tolls. NOTICI arising* Swedish Soap, MILFORD HAVEN, SOUTH WALES. rpfllS NEW SOAP will be found beyond all IL comparison the best preparation known for the MILL- ING, & c. OF WOOLLEN CLOTH, See. and to be a most important improvement. Made onlv as ordered, aud sold in CHESTS PRICE FIFTEEN POUNDS STERLING BACH, con- tainiug in general aboutTHREE HUNDRED WEIGHT, but regulated always by the current value of LONDON CURD SOAP, it bearing the same Price. ORDERS for any quantity not leas than a Chest in Past Paid Letters ( enclosing Remittances in Bankers' Paper, or they will not be attended to), addressed to ihe Sole Manu- facturers, THE MILFORD- HAVEN SOAP AND ALKALI COMPANY, PEMBROKE, will be executed within threeWeeks' Notice, and delivered free of Expense at any gf the principal Perts iu the UNITED KISCDOM. *** NO CREDIT whatever. SALE OF LANDS. To be Sold by Auction, BY GLOVER AND SON, At the above- mentioned Inn, on Thursday, the said 3d Day of January, 1811, at four o'CIock in the Afternoon, under the Powers of the said Act, the f dlowing Lots of the said Common, as the same are marked out by a narrow Chan- nel cut in tbe Sod, viz. LOT I. Bounded on the East by the Turnpike Road lead- ing trom Baschurch to Shrewsbuiy, on the North by Lot 2, on the West by Lot 5, and on the South by Thomas Cotton's Inclosure aud open Couunou, coutaining by Admeasurement 4 Acres. Lor II. Bounded on the East by the said Turnpike Road, on the North by Lot 3, ou the W est by Lot 5, and ou tbe South by Lot 1, containing by Admeasurement 5 Acres. LOT III. Bounded on Ibe East by the said Turnpike Road, on the North and West by Lot 4, and on the South by Lot E, containing by Admeasurement 5 Acres. LOT IV. Bounded on the East by the said Turnpike Road and Lot 3, ou the North and West by open Common, and on the South by Lots 3 aud 5, containing by Admeasurement 5 Acres. LOT V. Bounded on the South by the Road leading from Fitz towards Shrewsbury, on the East by Cotton's In- cisures and Lots 1 and 2, ou the North by Lot 4, and on the West by Lot 6, containing by Admeasurement 5 Acres. LOT VI. Bounded on tbe South by the Road leading from Fitz towards Shrewsbury, on the East by Lot 5, on the North by oiien Cominoii, aud on the Northwest by Inclosuresof Samuel Bevan and Ricbard Harper, containing by Admea- surement 3A. OR. 38P. Mr. Davies, of Leaton Hall, will direct a Person lo shew the Lots; aud further Particulars may be had at the Office of Mr. Lswis JONES, io Oswestry; or of Mr. WW- HAM HirsHCOCK, Land- Surveyor, in Shrewsbury. E IS HEREBY CrlVEN, That the Tolls at iheToll Gates hereundermentioned, on the se. veial TiirnpikeRoads leading trom fheTown of Bishop's Castle, intheCourttyof Salop, towards I. udtow, Shrewsbury, Knighton, Montgomery, And Pool, and from Clun to NeWtoil Green, in the several Co'untiesof Salop, Radnor, and Montgomery, will be LET BY AUCTION, tothe best Bidders, at the House of JOHN WHITEHALL, the Castle Inn, in Bishop's Castle aforesaid, on TUESDAY, the llth Day of DECEMBER, 1810, at ten o'CIock in tlie Forenoon, either for one or two Years from Lady- Day neJct, as shall he the it declared, iu Ihe Miiniter directed by an Act passed in the 3th Year ofthe Reign of bis Majesty King George fhe Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads ;" which Tolls are now Let for the re- spective yearly Sums following, and will be put up at those Sums, and subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced. Bishop's Castle Gates, on the Roads leading towards £ Ludlow, and Side Gate at Lagden Lane - 160 Bishop's Castle Gate on the Knighton Road, and Toll Bar under the Hall Orchard 65 Kempton - - - - - - i 50 Basford - a- . . 61) Knighton Galea - ^*---- 60 Clun Gates or) the Road to Newton Gieen - - - 94 Aston Gates - - - ... 140 Foul- Iane- eud and Bridges - . - - - 215 Pulverbntch - - . .-. 86 Bishop's Castle Gates on the Old and New Turnpike Koads leading towards Montgomery and Pool, with the Side Gates near Bishop's Moat - ... - 214. The intended Side Gates at Bridges and Swine Wicket, if ordeied to be erected, will be Let with the present Bridges Gates ; and the Trustees propose erecting an additional Turnpike Gate on the Road from Clun to Newton Green, near to a Place called Park Lane, which will be Let, either alone, or with the Astou Gates, as shall be declared at the Time of Letting. No Person will be allowed to bid for any ot either ofthe above ' Tolls, without previously pioducing sutiicieni Sure ties, to the Satisfaction of tbe Trustees, for Payment of the Rents at such Times and in such Manner as they shall di- rect ; and whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time, with his Suieiics, execute an Agreement fur that Purpose. Doled the 25M Day THOMAS JONES, of Ortcbrt, 1810. Clerk to . he Trustees. To be Sold by private Contract, SEVERAL very valuable Freehold ESTATES, situate in the Parishes of LLANDRINIO and ALBF. R- BURY, in the County of Montgomery, and et ASTON PIGOT, in the Pari- h of Worthen, in the County of Salop, rrr rrfE Foriotrna COTS: LOT I. All that MF. SSUAGE or Tenement called TUG RHUS, with the Outbuildings, Labourer's House, and Appur- tenances thereto belonging; together with divers Pieces or parcels of Arable, Meadotv, and Pasture LAND, Con'afuiug together 174A. OR 24P. be the same more or less situ'atS at Llandrinio, in the County of Montgomery, now in the Occupa- tion of Mr. Edward Menlovc, his Undertenants or Assigns. These Premises lie well together, and are capable of great Improvement. LOT II. All that Piece or Parcel nf Pasture LAND, called LITTLE CAE CLAWDD, nnd containing 3A. 1 R. 33P. be the same more or fess, situate at Llandiihio aforesaid, in the Ho'dingof tbe said Edward Menlove. LOT III. All those TWO PIECES or Parcels of Arable LAND, situate in the Township ol Trederwen, in the Parish of Llandritiio aforesaid, called CAE SLAWK an 1 BARN PIECE, also in the Holding of Edward Menlove, containing 33A. 3R 8P. be the same more or less. LOT IV. All that M F. SSUAGE or Tenement, called THR LOWER HOUSE, with the Outbuildings and Appurtenances, and divers Pieces of rich Meadow and Pasture LAND thereto belonging, lying within a Ring- Ferice, and containing together 81 A. : 3R. 37P. be the saine m ire or less, situate in the Town- ship of Oiggion, aud near lo Llandrinio Bridge, now in the Occupation of Mr. Ricbaid Wilde or his Undertenants. LOTV. All that MESSOAtiE or Tenement, with another Dwelling House, Outbuildings, and Farm, situate at Middle- town, iu the Parislrof Albeibnrv, and County of Montgomery, with the LANDS a , d Appurtenances thereto belonging, con- taining togetner 165A. 2R. 13P. be the same more or less, now iu ihe Possession or Occupation of Mr. Richard BroWn, hit Undertenants or Assigns, The Tenant holds the above Farm under a Lease for the Life of himself and his Wife, who are of the age of 79, or thereabouts.— Tbe Estate is capable of gieat Improvement, and has a Right of Common on Middle, town Hill. — Fot the Accommodation of Purchasers, Ihe Vendors will have no Objection to divide the Pre- mises into two or tnore Lots. LOT VI. All that Piece or Parcel of rich Arable LAND called THE FURLONG, situate at Aston Pi got, in the Parish of Worthen, in the County of Salop, adjoining thu Shrewsbury Road there, containing 7 A. 2K. i? P. be tbe samu more or less, and uow in the Occupation of Mr. John Evans, or his Undertenant. LOT VII. All those THREE PIRCfeS or Parcels of 4rnbl « LAND, called THE VIKTLES, situate at Aston Pigot afore- said, adjoining to Lands of M rs. Beiion and Mr. Lewis Cooke, containing together 23A. UK., 34P. be the same more or less, mid also in the Occupation of the said John Evans, or hi » Undertenants. l ire foregoing Estates are let to Tenants from Year to Year, except the Form at Middletown, aud are redeemed of Land- ' Puji— The Lands and Premises in Llaudrinio and Criggion are situate on and near to the Bariks ofthe River Severn, and the Montgomeryshire Canal; and the Whole are near to Linle nod Coal, and within convenient Distances of Welshpool, Oswestrf, aud Shrewsbury, all good Market Towns, and en- joy inunv other local Advantages.-- Part of the Purchasa Money may remain upon Security of the Estates iftne Pur- chasers soouhl wish it. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises; and Possession ofthe Whole ( except the Middletown Estate) may be had at Lady- Day next.— For further Particulais apply to Messrs. MADUOCK and SIMES, Snrewsbury. 1811. rpO Cover, at THE ROYALS, near Nantwich, JL Chesnire, CASTREL, At TEN GUINEAS and TEN SHI LLINGS and SIXPENCE DIAMOND, At THREE GUINEAS and FIVE SHILLINGS. Grid Accommodations for Mares and Foals at 7s. 6.1. pe> Week.— The Money to be paid at the T. me of Covering, or before ihe* Mares are tuken away. To Country Shop- keepers & Others. WHEREAS a Set of SWINDLERS are now travelling the COUN f RY to solicit ORDERS in the Names of DAY and MAR I IN, Blacking Makers, y7, fligii Holborn, London: Snup- keepers and others are, there- fore, cautioned from the Fraud Lhat is attempted lo ue piac- tised on them, as by paying Attention to ihe No. ) it will easily detect the Counterfeit, many of them having /. o number at all, and Prosecutions, after ihis Notio;, will he commenced against any Persons offering the Con derjeit lor Sale. N. B, No HAI F PINTS made. LONDON. Sal'nnt at- THHRSD* Y NOVEMBER 15. Government have received an account of th tack made be our enn boats io the Tagns upon the town of Vil'a F- • » <• » , which w< re the head- qnarters. pf one division of the French ,- itmv. ' Hie ntt- ck was made on the 13th olt. bv the eon hot- under the command of 1 ieutejian^ Berkflev, with c » ir- Ii e success : the enemV wj re <•' riven out of Villa Branca with coii- iriei able loss. The French General Lacrnix Was killed 11000 file occasion. We had eight seamen killed and wounded The foil, wing - extracts fruin private letters contain some i nterf siine nartH'iihirs : " Villi, Ptinra, October 27. The advanced posts of the cit'emv are distinctly visible from the. place where I am tvritino. The nearest post cousi- ts of 1 « (. K) light troops, a'l Freneh; at Villa Nova, fire miles in the rear, is a strong force of 11.000, Who are placed to support the out- posts. Massena himself is at Valdas, oi was there on the 2<" th instant, bv information of eight deserters, who arrived Iiere ve terday. he ventured as far as Olatios once , or twice isince we fell back from'Busaco. - " The Portnguese under Trant, in the rear ofthe French are" doing. wonders ;* it is to them Massena is indebted for the • situation in which he finds his army. Tilt French can scarcely get anv supplies from ihe north ; it is said fhrit upwards of .4000 of Ihr W have been taken prisoners or killed near Neira." Extract nf a letter fiont nil officer in the SRF <"''• ants doted Yestffriav a Gibraltar mail arrived, by which ' we have re- ceited radiz papers H> the 26th ult ' Ihe most interesting parts of their contentsfife those which relate to the proceed- ings of Ihe Coites with regard to the liberty of the press.— Ttie spea- kers in favour of tt. tr powerful engine of human lih> rtv and happiness, „ re as much Superior to their opponents; in talent as ihev are in argument, but from what falls from some of the speakers, the lamentable want of Ibis first of Social blessings is made sufficiently apparent. It is one of the . characteristics of ignorance to consider every improve- ment as an evil, and it is fit, therefore, to lock with com- place nee and kindness oil the doubts and fears of those who ' dread the introduction pf a blessing which tee know to be of value inestimable. Most ardently do we hope that the supe- rior minds of those who advocate Ihe cause of a free com- munication of thought may prevail, over Ihe impediments thrown ill iis way by their probably well intentioned, but uninformed opponents. All communication from ihe ships to the shine was prohibited, by ihe British Admiral, on ac- count of ihe epirle. mia in Cadiz up to the 24th, but tlie. dis- tase having subsided, a paiUal. intercourse was admitted. Abe GiinalfHV letters are to the' 20th. The contagion brought into the bay beneath ihe fortress bv fd » rr transports frdm Caftha^ ena, had not ihltfcted the town aud'garrisor,, and every precaution was used to prevent such a dangerous intruder, j Accounts from Gibraltar, by private letters, state, that 1 there lias beeti a sharp action with a small detachment from that garrison, and the French force in that quarter r. f Spain. I Our detachment was overpowered by numbers, and obliged j to retreat into Gibraltar, with Ihe loss of some, iWn, and | Maior general Loid Blayney, ( v I10 was wounded in the neck) | made prisoner. . .... . . The Narcissus, 36; Captain Aylmer, is arrived rlismasteo at Plymouth-, Vhete she is gone into harbour to have a u$ w set of masts, having lost her former set in consequence of being run foul of bv a large Spanish frigate of guns in the Bay of Vigo. Tlie shock wr. ssogreat, that the Spanish frigate'went down, and all bands perished, and the Narcissus's masts were carrier! away by the shock. The surgeon was killed by his skull being split open by tbe main mast falling aft. en the quarter deck. The King of Sweden landed yesterday at Yarmouth fipm the Tartarus frigate, under a salute of 21 guns. On his it aching- l- b « 4ieaclvy- he ware received with three snch hearty cheers, as perhaps he never before heard; and such an im- pression hat! they on his Majesty, that tears of gratitude were observed to trickle down li. is'cheeks. He was leceived by Loid. Gardner, the Port admiral, whose carriage was in waiting, and into which his- Swedish Majesty got, and pre. ceeded by the West York Militia, with their colours flying, ml band playing, he repanel to the Angel inn, to take re freshrneiit, previous to his setting off for London. He was dressed in scarlet, woie a star 011 his left breast, and looked remarkably welt. Yesterday the King's; twelve cream- coloured horses were brought from Windsor to London, by command of his Mas' jestv ; and the eight black horses are to be taken from London to Windsor. Yesterday morning early, the Earl of Chesteifield had an audience of his " M ajesty for a considerable time. Flail Camden, as President of the Council, we understand • was admitted to his Majesty's presence 011 Tuesday. The i nteivieu continued fur more than half an hour. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17. The dnz-' ttr contains an account of the following captures : La Jeune Louisa, a French privateer of 14 guus anil 55 men, by the boats ot the Quebec, Captain Hawtayne ; anil 1.3Venus privateer, ot 14 guns and 67 men, by the Cuiaeuo, AW. 14.—" His Majesty is still better to day, and appoars to be in a state of progressive improveineSF.*' ,-• Nov. .15. " His Majesto is much the same to- day as he His Majesty has had a little rr as vesterdav.", ' Nov. 1 ft, eight, o'clock, P. iAf —" itl'crease. of fever this evening '. 1 iVc. 17. —" His Males'y lias had a sleepless' niirht, and upon the iv hole has been more feverish fo- the last two days." ft * ( Signed as before.; French pi Captain Tower. By the Atlas man of war, cf 74 guns, letters haxe been received fioul Cadiz to the 5ili instant, containing at least one very important fact, communicated in the following terms: " I'lre Coites ( says our correspondent) have appointed a Regency, composed of Blake, Agar, and Ciscar, all m luahes, who ere vested wilh the whole exercise of the executive power." The letter adds, that this nomination had gre. gieat satisfaction al Cadiz, and that the authority of tlie Regency was now so accurately defined, that no future iniei- ferc. nce was appreheuded between the executive and legisla- tive functions. The Cadiz leltcis are all silent as to a circumstance nun tinned, and to- day repeated in the advices from Portugal, thin Victor'had broken up from ihe neigbourhood of Cad u add Seville to cross the Guadianne, for the purpose of joining the Prince of Essling j and, ou the contrary, they sty that ti. e epirliemia which prevailed in Cadiz had even reached the Fiencti army and its vicinity. The port of St. Mary, and the town ol t'hielana. were also infected by it; but in Cadiz it • was gradually subsiding, and was confined only to one paili • cular division of the town. Colonel Trant has informed the inhabitants of Oporto, that that city is not now exposed in tjie least degree to auy danger ' rom an attack ny the French ; should, however, any circum- tances occur which should iiuiuce him lo alter his opinion, he would give the merchants and others resident in Oporto, timely notice of the possibility of a visit from tbe enemy. At present, the troops updei Massena were so surrounded, thai they could not move m a northerly direction without the ut- most danger. , Letters arrived this morning fiom Hamburgh to the 7th instant. The public officers were slowly and reluctantly earrjing into execution the edict for burning £ 1 itish goods. Accounts weie received this morning to the date of the day before yesterday, Irom French Flandeis, and they bring the first iusiai. ee iil'the deciee against British property being car- riid into determined and-- viforuus execution. A cargo be- longing to a person ui Nieuport, was landed, and the wlioie of butut under the authority of that edict. Tins transaction to-. k place on the 13th. Advice has, we understand, reached Government, that the IQuadion uudei Commodore Mends had returned to Comma, the late 6alcs having prevented uny debarkation 111 Sautona Bay. According to accounts which had reached Gibraltar from Cavthagena to the I5lh ult. the contagious - lever still con- tinued unsubdued in that city. During the la* i 24 hums, urivious to the 14th ult. the average ot deaths was 83.- But 111 tbe lnlcilor, and at Alicant, the people were free from levers. One ol the letters staled, that the fever had found its way into the French ranks at Gcrtma and Rosas. At the former ' J00 of the troops were said to have ialleu victims to it and'one- third o! that number attne latter place. ' it was confidently: reported at'Cadiz, that the Princess Charlotte of Bourbon was to be appointed Regent of Spain, dining the captivity ol Feidiuaud. )! v a vessel ai lived 111 ihe river fiOtn Ostend, which she left 011 the 12th inst. and another whioti sailed flora'Dunkirk 011 the 1: 3th, advice has been received, mat Bonaparte had re- newed h's prohibitory- older against the exportation of wheat. Bonaparte's legal assa.- sinatruus- had hdherto- becn contii. e I to the conscious shades- of night; - but - he is either growing bolder fiom the - hv. bit of despotism, and the experience i f seivilily, or lie deems it necessary now and iheo to ltnpiess afie- h his volatile subjects with that sentiment of terror by which hmpoutris supported. 1 hree women, we are assured, wcie lately shot at iiut. ii day in the Hlaii. e de Crenelle, as spies iroui E « ! rtaini. They « coe Hied, or rather condenmed, by a cm mat V 0 ininusiuii 1 Willi their names, rank, aud quality, we aie unacquainted ; but the fact is slated on the authority • of two eye- witnesses to the execution. ST* TB'< R* HIS MAJESTY'S HEALTH.— The Bulletins issued since ouv last areas follows: AU-. 12, 8 o'cock P. M. " His Majesty has had some hours sleep in the course ol this day ; and, upoo the whole, appeals IMP Ell IA L EMI IJAMEST. THURSDAY, NOVywi'-' R 15. This day both Houses of PiirliaTtieut me!. In the Upper House there was a most numerous assemblage of Peers ( almost 200) by five o* c! ock j at which time the I cp. n • CHANCELLOR rose and . addressed their Midships; iu tlie course of hi- speer'il lie stated', that the nrerlical attendants of his Maiesty,- who were first celled around him, had declared themselves confiilejit of his Majesty's, speedy recovery'; and that,' in fact, his indisposition has, in ; very considerable degree, TOVated.' Those two whose assist ance has Since beeii called around liis Ma'- estjy and who had. on a'former c. e. casron, an opportunity of mark- ing the prijfi ess of his Majesty's indisposition iu a similar attack, tiave. unniiimous. ly declared, that they, see every rea- son to expect a speedy recovery, and not one, to destroy that opinion. He, therefore, hpped that, after precedents already established, their Lordships would see that the motion thick he was about to make, , uas one . in which they could all con- cur His Lordship concluded ( in considerable agitation) bv moving, that the House should adjourn till this day fortnight-. Earl MOIRA and Lord GHENVII LE concurred in the general 1 feelings of the House and of the Country, on the prospect of ' his Majesty being restored to the. ex^/. tion of the royal func- tions. The latter Nobleman, hpwever, trusted. that Ihe House would not take a declaration,,, that his Majesty was incapablf of executing the royal functions, from any individual, how. ever respectable and honourable that individual might be.— He trusted also, that the House would see the necessity of short adjournments; because their very sitting was to be questioned, whether it be constitutional or not; aud'tnat thev would also see the necessity ot being completely convinced of ihe very fact of necessity, which could 3lone, iu such a situ ation, entitle them to meet. With these ubseivatkns, he would leave it to the House, intending, for one, to vote for the motion. After a few observations from Lord Stanhope, the Duke of Norfolk, ihe Earl of Liverpool, Loid Grey, and Viscount Sidmouth, the motion of the Lord Chancellor was earned nem. con, HOUSE OF COMMONS. About half- past thice o'clock the Speaker took the Chair and bv four there were nearly 400 members present. Eight members took the oaths and their seats.— A new writ was 01 dered for Amersham, in the roum of Thomas Tyrwhit Diake Tyrwhit, deceas d. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEOUER rose, and observed lhat the Houfe was again met, pursuant to adjournment [ without having received any communication from the Crown 1 and he had no doubt were anxious for information on the subject which had deprived them of that much wisbed- fo, f communicali. n. It would be scarcely necessary for him to j enter fully into the grounds which now induced him to pro- 1 pose a fuither adjournment to the 29th instant ; his Majesty, ' previous to his illness, had signified his intention of proroguing J Parliament till that day, aud though the alteration iu his Majesty's health had occasioned their meeting at au earlier oay, yet there was no public reason for their meeting; and he felt convinced that when he had stated the favourable cir- cumslauces which had occurred since they last met, ihe House would now agree to adjourn to that day. He had the satisfaction to inform them, that he had seen his Majesty's Physicians, and questioned them on the subject uf his Majesty's indisposition, and they had alt stated that his Majesty was in a progressive state of amendment,— f blear, hrar, heai !)— The prayers of his Majesty's subjects had been heard, and he trusted, after this statement, the H arse would unani- mously agree with him in his motion,- viz.:—" That the House, at its rising, should adjourn for a fortnight." I Mr. WHITBEEAD said, no man could feet more sincere pleasure than himself in the statement of the right hou gentleman, so far as related to his Majesty's amended state < d health. Nothing could be more important to the realm, in these perilous and momentous tunes, both at home and; abioail, than that our beloved Sovereign should be lestored to- a state of health which would enable him to perform the duties attached to his high situation. To the right hon. gentleman's motion tor adjournment to the 29th inst. however, he could hot assent. The House of Commons, had now met ; there was a full attendance of Members, but his Majesty was not hi a state to'ilo business; they' were'riot, therefore, a Pailiument, but merely two Houses ot Parliament ; and could legally do no business. They had, however, pro- ceeded to business; the Speaker had issued his writ for the election of new Members, and the House was proceeding til arljourn itself. Tnese were acts or business, and performed by the House without its having been legally convened by the King. Theie must be a phy- icul caust why, in this imperfect state, the House had proceedeu to business, and that cause ought to be recorded on their Journals. Ought it to stand 011 the bare assertion of the Chancellor of the Exchequer? — Hear, hear!) Why had not the Privy Council been as- sembled, and the Physicians been examined, and the Report of that examination laid belore the House ? Where was the del caay which was to prevent such a mode of proceeding? It was all talse delicacy. Why had tne light bou. gem. de- parted from the precedent of 1788? On that occasion 10 - Lord Chancellor, Lord Thurlow, staled to the House of Peers that lie had seen his Majesty ; the right lion gentleman only says, , k I have 6een his Majesty's physician;; who tell uie that his Majesty is in a progressive state of am - iduient, aud thSrt they have hopes of his recovery." There the right hon, gentleman stopped ; he did not say at what distance of time tfiey contemplated that recovery. He did not mean by any means lo impeach the veracity of llie right hou. gentleman , but he should not consider himself as doing Ins duty if he ac- cepted itie baie assertion of any individual 011 such a subject, no man could more sincerely rejoice at the recovery ol his Majesty than liiitise. it, and bo felt th « difficulty undei which be stood iu opposing the motion tor adjournment. He, How- ever, felt it his duty to do so, and to state as his opinion, that the House shomd only adjourn Irom day to day till his Majesty's further lecovery; or till sume event took_ place, which Grid torbid, thai should render other measures neces- sary. Although such was his opinion, iie should not divide the House upon it, but should solemnly euter his protest against adjournment. Su F. liCHiiETT said, that he perfectly concur; ed in all which had fallen from the lion, gentleman ( Mr. Whilbnad), yet he could not agree to let the present question pass witn- oui dividing tile House upon it; if he did so, he should cou- sidei himseli as betraying his duty to his King and 10 the Constitution. Instead of adjournment, it was the duty of Parliament to pioceed instarder to pi ovale for the execution of those high duties attached to that important branc, h Of the Constitution, without which there could be no legitimate Government. However he might feel for the man, and It- el lor him he. did most poignantly, yet he must also feel for his country, and therefuic he should divide the House, even if he stood alone. Weie the House to lake the mere ipse itix- t of a Chancellor of the Exchequer, who acknowledged he bad not seen the King, and who, trom their pieseut conduct, had proved thai, unless for lire circumstance of the meeting, the people would never have known « r his Majesty's indisposition. I tie Hon. Baronet then alluded to the Act of Parliament regulating the management of the Prince of Wales's affairs, au act which, he said, declared his Royal H guness to be au lam, incapable of conducting his own affair.-. The same faction who passed that act wcie now endeavouring to cou- nuue it injoice j which would, ou some future day, exhibit a bad lesson to the public, when they should see the Prime taken Hum a cradle aud placed 011 the Thioue. While s. ch men were 111 office be could not agree that there should be a suspension of the power of Parliament tor a moment, or thai ( he same auaichy and contusion should reiga for another loituight iibich had prevailed through the last. Mr. Tierney, Lord A. Hamilton, Mr. C. W. Wynu, Sir S. Romilly, aim Mr. W. Elliott, contended that it was tlie duly ofthe House to usceitaiu whether it WAS silting in the cha- racter of a Parliament or a Convention, The precedent ot 1804 did nut at all apply to the present occasion, or 10 that of 178S; because in 1804, when his Majesty was aillic. i- ed vv. th illness, the parliament was regularly convened, and silling in its legislative capacity. Aud besides, bis Majesty's malady was not of such a nature as to cause any iuteiruptiou of tbe Royal functions, which the Minister of the time said, could be exetcise • 111 any case of urgent' necessity. Ttie duty of the House now wes, trr ascertai n, by the best evidence- that could be had, why the House was then met in so extraordinary a manner. If tlus was done, .110 objection could he made to any reasonable adjournment. Ttie motion of the Chancellor of the Exchequer was sup- portiid oy - Mr,- Fuller, Mr. Ponsonby, Mr. Canning, Mi. health till it appesrtd hi be absolutely necessary. They ought, not to begin, preparing to act before they knew that action would be n<- cescarr. NOT o'nHvtberr judgment mnsf ooint on' this course, but powerfully must their feelings b » interested in pre'erring it- Ther; e was not a man in th- country boF mnst'. wisb, if possible, that these painful fxnrni " nations might bc spared ;. r. ml vet, while hope smiled through their tears, rind irradiated the gloom of their prospects, who was there but must most fervently desire the short delay pro- oosed, that, to a beloved monarch, arid an adoring people, might, be given— Shatium requiemque dolori. Mr. Canning concluded by expressing his most cordial assent to the original motion. On the division of the House then? appeared for the Ad- journment to the 59th Sid, against" it 58. tetter than he has been since the commencement ol bis illness." . Sheridan, Mr. Hathurst, aud Mr. Wilbeiioroe,— Mr. CANSI. NO *• L-'-- Hin—" ci^ n't. ik- I slated, that it would be 110 dereliction of the tluty of Parlia- ment, to aclay all discussion 011 the state of his Majtesty's might Aoc. 13. " His Majesty has bad little* or 110 sleep in tbe but continues as well as iu the two preceding days." lO^ VON* Wovd'iv/ Xisl't* November IP, 1810. The King,— The folo. wing favourable Bulletins of h; s Majesty^ s health wer^ received t'^ is morning:— " Windsor Castle, N- v. 18, Half pasr jgight o'Clock, P. M.— His Majesty has had several hoars sleep in the course of the dav, and is hetter this evening. v> 7Vbo. 10.— Hifc Majesty has yjassed a quiet night,, though with Iff tie sleen, having slept several hours vesterdav evening. This morning he is quite as well as he was yesterday " Signed a? before. Dispatches have been received from S r John Stuart, giving an account of the failure of the attack upon Sicily. The following is an official abstract of the dispatches: BULLETIN. (< War Depar- merit, 19ih Ncvmbrr, 1810. A Dispatch has ibis morning b « e, n . received from Li nt - G^ npral Sir John Stuart, dated Messina, QSd Sept. 1810, port ng, th^ t at day light on the manning of the 18th Sept the . great . baly of the enemy's flotilla appeared to be preopr- ' ng'an attempt at landing, between Messina and the F\< o t while their movements escaped the attention ofthe main body of the British force, a debarkation was effected bv a detached corns under General Cavignae, near S- tefa'no,, about T miles to the south ward. Th; s corps consisted of about 0^) 00 men, Corsican and Neapolitan troons, who bad crossed the Stiaits n about 40 large bo> ts, and gained the Sicilian shore before the dawn. Upon the first alarm, Major- General Campbell had repaired to the menaced quarter, where, he found the German riflemen engaged with the enemv, and the 21st regiment, and part of the 3d Germans ocCupvihg the post of Mill, to prevent the advance of the French upon Messina, as ire! l as the mountain passes above it. As day broke, tie per- ceived the enemy already on the heights and extending from thence to the beach, but shoitly after they began to wave?, and those nearest the boats to commence a precipitate em- barkation, in cohsequence of a sudden and vigorous attack made upon their flank by the < 2d " Battalion of Light Tnfanti v, under Lient.- Colonel Fischer. Major- General Campbell obsei- ving rhis movement of irresolution, pushed forward wiHi the ' 21st regiment atid 3d Germans, along the beach, and thus succeeded in cutting off all the enemv's troops, who had gain- ed the heights, besides some whom the boats abandon1 d. lt We bnv « taken. about 900 prisoners including a Colonel, and two Officers of the General Staff, together with the colours of the Corncan Legion, Besides these, the enemy lost many in killed and WQPiuled, particularly in the boats pul'ing off from the shores.— Of the British only 3 private so'diers were wounded." The affairs of Portugal continue to engross most of the public attention. There are no arrivals to- day tbat commu- nicate any decisive intelligence from the armies ; but the Edward, Captain Crosby, arrived at Dartmouth irom Lisbon, brings information from thence, that to the date of the 8lh inst. no general battle had been fought in - Portugal between the hostile armies. Dispatcher arrived to Government from Lord Wellington at two c'Clock this day, but they are of old date. Private letters have been received to- day freni' Paris'of the 13th iust. It is stated as an absolute fact, that the Decree ofthe i 9th Oct. had been acted upon, not only as relates to burning goods of British manufacture, but with respect to the branding the merchants on the forehead with the letters V. D. although the sufferer's name or place of abode i omitted, we have full re- Vance on the fact. Licenses have actually been granted by Bonaparte to bving goods direct to. England : one of these curious instruments came to hand, dated as far back as the l< 2rh September, and countersigned the 29th of the. same month at Ostend, sets forth that the vessel sailing under the license in question might go direct to England, or any of the ports in the. North, provided she took on board 1- sixth of her cargo in wines or brandies, and the remainder .^- sixths in such commodities as might legally be exported from France; tlie vessel might return from England to France with the value of the French cargo in such articles as were not prohibited by the French. Indigo was one of the articles allowed, not formerly understood to be so. The cost of the license is stated iu the body of it to be Napoleons, equal to 40/. sterling. The following is copied from Lloyd's Books of this day.— " The Amoyn and Eliza French frisratc?-, from Havre to Cherbourg!!, were driven on shore on Wednesday last, by the Donegal, Revenge, and two frigates.— The Charles, French privateer of 22 guns and 150 men, is taken by the Amelia frigate, and sent into Plymouth.— The Barbier de Seville, French privateer, from Boulogne, is sunk- off Calais by the Phipps ship <> f war.— The Jeune Louise schooner, of 14 guns, was cut out of the Vlie on the 9th inst. by the boats of the Quebec frigate." The Books also exhibit numerous losses amongstlhe coast- ing vessels— 25 on the coast of Lincolnshire alone. This morning, Ameiican papers to the 21st ult were re- ceived ; from them the following account of adreadlul fire in Charleston, Somh Carolina, is extracted : " Charleston, Or'ok- r 8, 1810! — I take the first opportunity to. relieve you from the anxiety 1 know yon will feel for my safety on hearingof the dreadful calamity which has befallen this. citv. Just after twelve this morning, a fire broke ont near ihe old Episcopal Church, and has raged with unabated fn y until half an hour au, o ( 1 1 o'clock), during which time an immense number of houses have been destroyed ; and nearly the whole square, from Church- street, eastwardlv to the Bay, and northwardly, from Broad- street to the Market j besides some houses in other parts of'the town caught by flakes of fire from the burning houses. The number of houses destroyed may be as much as five hundred." Three per cent. Consols SHREWSBURY', Wednesday, November 21, i 810. FIRTH. Thursday last, the lady of John Humffreys, Esq. of Llwyn Montgomeryshire, of a dauglr'er. MARRIED. On Saturday, by special hcen. e, in the Palace st Hampton Court, Sir John Ftemmg Leicester, Bart, of Tablev House, Che- shire, to Georgian* Maria, } oun^ esr daughter to Colonel Cottin, and god . daughter to his Royal II ghness the Prince of Wales. On Tuesday last, R. W. H. Vvse, Esq. of . Stoke Place, Bucks, M. I', for Beverley, to Miss Frances Heskeih, secojrd daughter of Henry Hesketh, Esq. of Newlon, near Chester. On the9ilr inst. al Myfod. Mr. Jcires, ot ihe Goat Ion, Llar.- fj lliu, to M Jones, of Polity scow rid. At Wellington, Air. Rd. Lawrence, to Miss Mary Bceclr, of Small Hill. At Wcninor, Mr. II, Weaver, of Hatlingliope, to Miss Fanny Bishop, of the R. ock. DIED. Nov. 13, At Hartweli, of a diops'v, after having lingered several years in a very bad stale ot health, ihe Countess de Lille, her Most Christian Majesty. She displayed in her last moments that firmness, piety, and resignation, which are the characteristics of tire House of BourUrui. Her Majesty'* death- bed was attended by the Count de Lille and all the Princes and Princesses of the Ilc\ al BlOud, of whom she look the most aflcctionate leave. Wednesday last, at Broadway, Montgomeryshire, sued William Dunne, E- q. to rich regretted by his family. His expended life was - distinguished by great attention to relative duties, and lire strictest integrity. Saturday last, after a tew days illness, Mr. Phillips, bricklayer, Of Swan- hill, iu this town. On the 17th mst. alter a short illness, Mrs. Mary Hughes, inn- keeper, I. laitv I'. ri. Saturday last, Mrs. Beckett, widow of the late Mr. Charle Beckett, mercer, Whitchurch. s Ou the 13th instant, aged 67, Mr. Robert Harper, glover, Whitchurch. On the& itli ult. Mrs. Parker, wifeol Mr. Parker, grorer, Whit- church, and Ihe only child of Mr. Wright, bookseller, of that place. The manner of her death WES truly affecting : her clothes caught lire, and 110 assistance being at hand, shew- as so much burnt that she expired next morning, after enduring the most exqui. ite pain. Uu the 13th inst. at Thoin'ey Place, u< ar. Worcester, in her S7lh year, ill the Faith and Hope of the Gospel. Catharine Lee, relic: of tire late Lancelot Lee, lisq. of Colon Hall, i- n this coiintv. Wednesday last, in his 72d year.' tlit Rev. Robert Miller, LL. B. Chaplain'to Ih eRight. Hon. thrvEa. rl of Warw Ick-, 33 years Vicar of St. Nicholas, Warwick, and 31) years- Rector of Kimcoale, L ' te tershire. • ' • Lately, the Rev. Georgs Taylor, Rcc- tor of Church Eato i, in Staffordshire, and of A d ford, in Cheshire, aged 80. lately, Mrs. Morris of Dudstone; also Mrs. Grice,. ofRodcn, both In this county.' ^ On the 11 t) i ins^ in cony- quence of th£ bunting of a blood vessel, Mrr, Fr ance, of fluiltlwas Bridge inn. On the 3d instijit, afjarr.^ dvanted ag « \ Mr. E. Fct^ cl, Wso was Howards of 40 years one ofihe t barter Masters at Cornbrook Coal Works, on. ill- C*"' 1 H; » . Last week, in Worcester, at the advanced age of 102, Mary Marchant, who trad been for several years entirely supported by her darfghter. The order for ditrnnlinuinr; the Ad(\' rlis~ meniof the Rale of Easthope's Coppice. See. ( inserted in first page) cams too late to be attended to ' tins xeetk. Visiting Clergyman this week at the Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. " Blakr- way : — Honse- Visitors, Mr. ' Criinip,' ' anil Mr. William Eddowf » . Tho Rev. Richard Venaliles. , B D Rector of Aslnvicken and tralate, in tKe"' couiify- M Norfolk, was 1asf'' vveek" ciiTVafed by the Lord B'^ bop of St, David's to the Vicarage - of- - Clyro, in the county of Radnor. On the 6th instant, Dr. - I. P. Johnson, of this town, was unanimously elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Phy- sicians-, Edinburgh. Combination of Jmirneijmtn—. 1. Williams, T. Jor. es, R. Smith, and W. Ferrett, all journeymen shoemakers, were a few days ago brought before the Mayor awl Justices of ihis town, on the information of Joseph Saunders, for combinins together to deprive him of work. It appeared, that a short time before, some men employed by Mr. W. Joues, of this town, had refused to work or associate with a journeyman named T. Roberts ; and tbat while they had quitted the service of Mr. Jonesj the complainant, Saunders, did some work for him ; in consequence of which, the above men le- fttsed to work, unless Saunders was expelled from his employ- ment. These facts being proved by Mr. Howell, his son, and Saunders, against Williams, FVrrett, and one Thos. Thomas, ( who has absconded), Mr, Loxdale addressed them wilh much earnestness, and said that the Legislature held it as tile highest offence of which any men could be capable, by com- bining together for the purposes of depriving others of work, or to raise their own wages'. The men brought the Rules of their Society to endeavour to- prove that what they had done was not illegal : but Mr. Loxdale pronounced such n Society lo be altogether illegal, and the Magistrates demanded tli3t it should be dissolved ; at the same time observing, that the landlord of the public- house where they assembled, was liable to lose his license. They were then sentenced to three months imprisonment: but, on condition of their breaking up Ihe club, returning to their work, and bringing Thomas before them in ihe course of a month, they vveie set at tibeity till that day month, when they are to be brought up again.— The ruinous consequences of these combinations have of late b- eti frequently laid before the public; and another instance is thus- afforded, that, if nothing less will be effective, the strong arm of the law rnu- t be raised to ward off an evil of a nature so destructive to the peace and good order of society. On SUi. day last, two appropriate Sermons were preached at Si, John's Chapel, in this town, by ihe Rev J. I). Burton, in the morning from 2 Cor. viii. 9, " For ye know the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich."— Anrl in the evening from Itxodus li. 6. " And when. She had oper. ed it, she saw the child : and, behold, the babe vrept; Aud she had compassion on him, and said, This is one of tho Hebrews' Children :"—- for the benefit of the Methodist Sunday School, where children of all denomi- jratibhs are educated. The school consis s of above 300 children. The collections amounted to near ^£ 40. At Brecon leather fair, nn Wednesday, ciops sold at 20d. to- 23d. — Buffalo hides, 17d. to 18d.— Buffalo butts, 20d. to 22( 1.— Backs 2Id aud Bends' 2s. Although the late Mr. Crashavv, the wealthy ironmaster in South Wales, left two daughter-, nearly ihe whole of bis immense property, to the amount of a million sterling, he has bequeathed to his nephew. Monday last 27 prisoners were examined before R. Wright, Esq of Manchester, for various offences. Among the rest, an old woman of Chapel- street, Bank Top, pretending to be deaf and pumb, and to tell fortunes, by means of an interpreter; aqd such is the infatuation towards this kind of imposition, that no less than six femajes of respectable appearance were consulting their stars under the influence of this Sybil, at the time of her apprehension, at one shilling each. However, it is evident neither she nor the interpreter could predict, their own destiny, and they were committed till the session as rogues and vaga- bonds. The old lady found the use of her tongue before she left the Court, and used it freely against her prosecutors. occiiifcdJji. t. Jie neighbourhood of Birmingham. On Saturday, as the vrrlunhU- it earn of Messrs. . Richards anrl Goddington, of the liir. wery, Ilerilend, was returning home from Redditch, in crossing too rparl at Beoley brook, tfie driver attempted to take the horses through ; but when the waggon reached the middle of the stream, the current was so violent that ths strength'of the Cve- excellent liorees could not contend against it, and in a very short space all were drowned, the driver and a mart accompanyingb'< n escaping with great ditficu'ty Great b'ame is attached to the- waggoner ( who, by his obstinacy, has destroyed, property that cannot be replaced for 3001 ) for he was cautioned of the danger of the road across the brook, and parlictJatly desired by Mr. Thomas, the agent of the brewery, who happened to he at Ttcdditc. h, to, take the road hv Ipsley. At. Hatton, oti Saturday night, the frame of a beautiful paint- ed window, which in 17'! V had been put up in the chniicel of the . church sbv the. late ingenious Mr. Egginton, was blown upon the ground to a considerable distance, anrl broke by its fall a massy- grave stone ; ' sortie large stones which"* supportcrl ; it, were wrenched from the wait The window itself, which ; had for some time been an object of admiration, was shattered into'a thousand pieces, and one of the shatters,' which': li. vd o, sually. protected it from the weather, was' blown ov> r the church yard into an adjacent field In the Piiorv, P, rrk, ad- joining Warwick, upwards of 30 trees, nearly half of th,< m of large dimensions, have been shivered or t- difiip th^ roots. Seven, whose roots had been undermined by a. small brook," have been prostrated within the. space of fifty or s'- xrv- yards. In tbe hall of Clotnnell's Paik, near Coventry, 27 tine' trees were tom up by their roots . ptT Price of Grain in our Market on Saturday last-—. Wheat 15s. Od to 17s. O. I.— Barley 7s. 3( 1.— Pease 7s. 8d. per bushel of 3S quirts.— Oats 7s. 4d. customary measure o(" 57 quarts. Mark. Lane, Nov. 16. . To- day there are but. short supplies of Wheat, and waiting arrivals, few sales are marie, antl those nt- tast prices— Barley and Malt continue at little Variation— White I'eas keep their price—' But vety few Beans of either kind ; new Ti, cUs 3is. lo 42s.— The supplies of Oats are- small, aud those of. iirst. quality dearer. Current Price of Grain per Quarter as under : — Wheit 66s. to 92s. White Peas 00s. to 00s. Barley 32s. to 46s. j Oats 24s. to 32s. Beau- 50s. to 56s. | Malt 74s. to 80s. Fine Flour, 80s. to 85s.— Seconds 7 is. to 80s. per sack. NOVEMBER 19.— There are tolerable arrivals of WheaJ coastwise to day, with part of last weik's foreign, upwards of 4000 quarters; sales brisk at a small advance; Barley in* shirt supply and rather dearer; beans of the the two kinds Ikew ise ; Malt and white Peas at little fluctuation i O- its aie again in short supply, and sales thereof are also rather dearer; Flour at last week's reduction. ASSIZE OF BREAD, Setthe20ihof November, 1810, for the Town and Liberties oi Shrewsbury, to take place Oa Saturday o.; xL lb. oi dr. Penny loaf, or two halfpenny loaves Twopenny loaf Threepenny loaf ... Sixpenny loaf ...„ . Twelvepenny loaf ^ To weigh < 7 4 14 1' 2 14 8 13 8 All Wheaten and Household Biearl must be made of Wheat only.— Wheateu to be marked with a large VV.— Household with a larae H. f Wheaten 1 Household White . ' $ e spi'. illent re- semblance of its original form can he perceived. I he dam- age sustained by the gentlemen at that place in estimated at not less than - 10,0001. One uufortunateaccident, from the rapid rise of the waters, TO JOURNEYMEN* COOPERS. WANTED immediately, TWO JOURNEY- MEN COOPERS ; good Hands will meet with constant Employ ard good Wages, by applying to RICHAKO SMITH, High Street, Shrewsbury. ALL Persons having any Demand against the F. state of Mr. THOMAS CARTWRIGHT, late wf HODNET, in the County of Salop, INNKEEPER, deceased, are requested to send an Account ofthe same to Mr. WAT- SON, Solicitor, Whitchurch, Salop. Nov. 13, 1810. ' WANTED, a YOUMG MAN, who vviite* a good Hand, and is well versed in Accounts. Apply to* BENYON, BENVOK, and BAOE. Shrewsbury, November 20, 1810 CHEAP AND EXPEDITIONS TRAVELLING From the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, BV TJIE FLLLLOFLSS COACHES. THE PRINCE OF" WALES, very favt Post Coach, sets off every Morning at ten o'Clock, through A Shiffnal, Wolverhampton, and Birmingham, and arrives at the George and Bine Boar Inn, Lolboru, London, next Day at one o'Clock. — Carries rouR Insides only. THE ROYAL GRORQE Light Coach, with a Guard, every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, al four, through Wolverhampton, Dudley, See. and Tuesday, Thurs- day, and Saturday, by Way of Coalbrook Dale, to Birming- ham, Oxl'oid, and Henley on Thames, to the G ilden Cross, Charing Cross, George and Blue Boar, Holborn, and the Spread Eagle-, Grace Church- Street, London, at eight o'clock the following Mornings— being many hours sooner than anv other Coach of the sort from Shrewsbury ; calls goingin ami coming out Of London at Ihe New White Horse Cellar, and GlOcester Coffee- Hmse, Piccadilly, where Paieels aud Lug- gage for the West End of the Town are left, and delivers! immediately. — Inside Fare to London .£ 1. 16s. 0d.— Out sides 20s. 1^ 3? The above Coaches hare the peculiar privilege of let- ting Places to Oxford and Birmingham ONLY, at all Timej certain. THE RESOLUTE Light Po4 Coaclv, every Mornin? exccpt Sunday at six o'Clock, to the Feathers and Py'd Bull Inn*, Chester, through Ellesmere and Wrexham, where it arrives at twelve, proceeds immediately to tbe Rock Ferry a- nil the Angel tun, Dale- Street, Liverpool, at t'ro in the Afternoon, without any extra expense for Boat hire— and returns from thence the following Mornings at ten ; the same route to Shrewsbury ot htlf- fast seven in the Evening, being the onlvr certain Conveyance to and from thence— at very reduce- 1 Fares. N. B. Not accountable for Packagps above the Value of h. unless enteied and paid for accordingly. To be Sold by Auction, BY WRIGHT AND SON, At the Phamix Ion, in Drayton in Hales, in the County of Salop, on Friday, the 7ih Dav of December, 1810, between the Hours offiveand seven o'Clock in the Afternoon, ( tinier previously disposed of hy private Contract), subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced : ALL those TWO MESSUAGES, Dwelling Houses, or Tenements, wilh the Appurtenances ad- joining together, ( lately iu three Dwelling Houses), situate in the Staffordshire Sweet, in DRAYTON IN H \ LESaforesaid, now occupied by Miss Sarah Laftun and William Harrison', with a Pew in Drayton Church, in ihe Possession of Lady Markham, and two Gardens, adjoining and belonging til tne said Messuages, in the Possossi ms of the said Sarah Lartou and Mis. Beswick: together also with a Barn, Stable, and Co vhouse, and a valuable Piece of rich giaz ng Land, con- tiguous and adjoining the said Tene ments, iu tiie Possess! n of Charles Alien, containing in the Whole by Estimation 1 A. 2ft. 2bP. or thereabouts, be the samemore or less, ' t he Premises arc pleasantly situated, being io a healthful Part of tne said Staffordshire Street, and are eligibly adapted either for the Puipose of budding upon, o for ihe Residence of a Gentleman wishing lo retire from Business. Further Particulars may be known by applying to Mr. BUTTERTON, Solicitor, in Drayton aforesaid. V. JOHN DRURY, TEA- DEALER, GROCER, AND DRUGGIST, GO/. OEV CASISTER, PRIVE- HIIL, StiRrttrsBnnr, BEGS Leave to inform his Friends and the Pub. lie in general, he has just received a FRESH ASSORT- MENT nl BRITISH WINES, which prove of excellent Qua- lity ; viz. Raisin Wines, resembling as follows. Red" Port, Lisbon, Calcavella, | Orange, Cowslip, and Frontiniac, | Currant, Ginger, & Elder. The above Wines he can particularly recommend, as being suDerior to any made by private Families. An APPRENTICE WANTED. WANTED, ~ ABAILIFF, to manage a FARM of about 250 . Acres, in NORTH WALES: he must have a general Knowledge of Agriculture, and particularly qnderstand the buying, selling, and feeding of Live Stock; also draining and Irrigation on the best. Principles An unquestionable Cha- racter wiil be required for Honesty, Sobriety, and Attention to Business, and Abilities for ihe Situation. A married Man will not be objected to, provided he has not many young Children. Apply to the PRINTER < rf the NORTH WALSS GAZETTE, Bangor, Carnarvonshire ; if by Letter, Post- paid. Benefit of Mr. WATKINSON. THEATRE, SHREWSBURY. ON FRIDAY Evening, Nov. 23, 1810, wiil be presented the admired Comedy of THE POOR GEN- TLEMAN; Doctor Ollagod Mr. CRISP, Sir Robert Bramble Mr. WATKINSON : with a Variety of Entertainments, and, acted but once, the Musical Farce of HIT OR MISS, or PRIME BANG- UP ! ! 1 This celebrated Farce' having been received, at its first representation, with tbe moft flattering Applause, Mr. WATXINSO:! has much pleasure in announcing it for this Evening.— Tickets and Places as usual ; and Tickets also to be had of Mr. WAXKINSOM, at Mrs. Minton's, Barker- Street. - Colliery. TO BE LET, ACOLLIERY, near Bridgnorth ; for Particulars apply to Mr. ASTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrewsbury. 9ih November, 1810. L1 SHROPSHIRE General Agricultural Society. IST OF THE PRESENT SUBSCRIBERS. Gratuitiousfor Annua'. 1 Year only. ityeatit, ^ tetosburp. THIS PRESENT EVENING, for Ihe Benefit of Mr. SHUTElt, who returns his sincere T. banks for Favours last Season, and humbly solicits the Support, of his Friends on this Occasion, when will he presented THE FOUNDLING OF THE FOREST, a Variety of Entertain- ments, aud A BUDGET OF BLUNDERS. ELLESMERE CANAL NAVIGATION. NOTICE is hereby given, that the next Genera! Assembly of " The Companv of Proprietors of the Ellermere Canal," is appointed to be held at tbe Canal Office Ellesmere, on WEDNESDAY, the twenty- eighth Day of NOVF. HBRR, 1810, at eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon; when and where Proprietors of Shares of One Hundred Pounds each; or upwards, in the said Canal, are requested to attend by themselves or Proxies. CHARLES POTTS, Clerk to the said Company. Chester, 30(/ I October, 1810. Lord Biadford, President, - - jC2 2 0 ,£ 21 0 0 William Childe. E- q. V. ce- President, 2 2 0 21 0 0 f William Lloyd, E- q. - 8 2 0 10 10 0 0 V John Coles, E- q. M. P. 1 2 0 10 10 0 • St J Richard Lyster, E q. - 2 0 0 10 10 ( 1 •• § ,<. Joi n Hill, F.- q - - - - 2 2 0 10 10 0 1" A William Owen, F. sq. - - - 2 2 0 10 10 0 V- f Thomas Lloyd, E> q. - - 2 2 0 5 5 0 v Mr. Tench - - - - - 2 2 0 2 2 0 The Earl of Bridgewater . 2 2 0 Jjird Clive - 2 2 0 21 0 ( 1 Hon G. H. Bridgeman - - _ - 2 2 0 10 10 0 Sir John Hill, Bart. - - - - - 2 2 0 10 10 0 Sir Andrew Corbet, Part. - 2 2 0 10 10 ( 1 John Kynaston Powell, Esq. M. P. 2 0 10 10 0 Jphu Corbet, Esq. - - - - 2 2 0 10 10 0 Hon. Thomas Kenyon - - - - 2 0 • 0 5 5 0 Hon. R. H Clive - - - - - 2 2 0 lion, snd Rev. Richard Hill - 2 2 0 Richaid Heber, Esq. - 2 2 0 5 5 0 Edward Gatac re, E. sq. - - - - 2 2 0 5 5 0 William But field, E- q. - - 2 2 0 5 5 0 1' ev Thomas Sandfnrd - - 2 2 0 5 5 0 Thomas Hugh Sandford, Esq. . - 2 2 0 5 5 0 Cpionel Wolrvch Wbitmore - 2 2 0 • j 5 0 Joseph Sutton, Esq. - - - - - 1 2 0 Edward Williams, Esq. - - - - 2 2 0 Ricliaid Emery, Esq. - • - - 2 2 0 Thnmai Gitton, E q. - - - - 2 2 0 2 2 0 Henry Bowman, Esq. - - - 2 2 0 2 2 0 Rev1. Henry Burton - - - . - 0 2 0 Thomas N Paiker, Esq. - - 2 2 0 3 3 0 Mr. William A Ten - 2 2 0 1 1 0 John M" ddock, Esq. - - - 2 2 0 2 2 0 Samuel Amy Seveme, Esq, - 2 2 0 Richard Topp, Esq. - - - - - 2 2 0 £ dyard Harries, E- q, - 0 2 0 John Edwards, Esq • - - - 2 2 0 2 2 0 ' Thomas Dieken, Esq. - 3 2 0 3 3 0 Samuel Kentish, Esq. - - - 2 3 0 Rev. J. 15 Bright - - - - - 2 2 0 William Fgerton Jeffreys, F. sq. - - 2 2 0 2 2 0 Richard Croxon, Esq. - - 2 2 0 Mr. John Rogers - - - 2 2 0 Mr. Edwaid Croxon - - 2 2 0 Philip Charlton, Esq. - - 2 2 0 3 3 0 Samuel Harding, Esq. - - - - 2 2 0 2 2 0 Rev. G. Lloyd - - •• » - - - 2 ' I 0 1 1 0 William Cltve, F. sq. - - - 2 2 0 Richaid Walfofd, Esq. - » 2 2 0 Moretnn A. Slaney, Esq. - . 2 2 0 Rev. RoberfCrocitett. 2 2 0 William Moseley, Esq. - - - 2 2 0 1 1 0 Charles Dallas, Esq. - - - - . 1 1 0 2 2 0 Rev. Charles Lloyd - « - - . 2 2 0 S 3 0 ( havering Wood, Esq. - - 2 2 0 I 1 0 Mr. Natii. Phillips . - - - - 1 1 0 Mr. Richard Menlove - - - I 1 0 Mr. John Raver. shaw • - - - 2 2 0 Mr, John Lloyd - 1 J 0 Mr. William Hurley - - 1 1 0 1 1 0 Mr. Thomas Jellicoe - - I 1 0 Thomas Clarke, Esq. - - - 2 2 0 Mr Joseph Cooke - - - I I 0 Mr. John Ashdown - - - - - 1 1 0 Mr. John Edwards - - - - 2 2 0 John Dodson, Esq. . - - 2 0 0 1 1 0 Mr Thomas Evans - 2 2 0 Mr.' Thomas Dowries - - 1 1 0 Mr. John Laurence - ' - 1 1 0 1 1 0 Mr. John Dehstone - - 2 2 0 Rowland Hunt, Esq. - - - 2 2 0 3 3 0 Rowland Hunt," jun. Esq. - - 2 2 0 James Pany, li q. - - 2 2 0 Henry Warter. Esq. - - - - 2 2 0 1 1 0 John Beck, I'.- q. ... - 2 2 0 1 1 0 Mr. William J. llicoe • » - 2 2 0 2 2 0 William Cludde, Esq; - - - 2 2 0 Edward Cludde, Esq. - - - .. 2 2 0 3 3 0 William Charlton, E- q. - - 2 2 0 Mr, William Tompkins - - 1 1 0 Mr Fd. Edmunds 1 1 0 Joseph Broaifield. E< q. . 1 I 0 1 1 0 Owen Roberts, E- q. - - - 2 2 0 Valentine Vickeis, jun. Esq. - - 2 2 0 Mr. Thomas Edmunds - - 1 1 0 Rev. C. Peters - 2 2 0 Mr. T. Lloyd, Osbaston - • 2 2 0 Mr. William Eddowes - - - 2 2 0 Mi'. William Scoltock - - - 2 2 0 Mr. John Cai line - - - - 2 2 0 Mr. John Boothbv - - • 2 2 I) ivtr. William Oakeley • - 2 2 0 Mr. William Jones . - - 2 2 0 Archdeacon Corbett - . - 2 2 0 10 10 0 TO BE SOLD, nnr- IREE good BROOD MARES, ( wo in- foal by El BEt. LEROPHON, and one bv CON TRACT.— Enquire of Mr. SMOUT, Abermule, near Newtown. To'WriA^ r. " FOR SIX MONTHS CERTAIN, MOST desirable RESIDENCE, newly and elegantly furnished, consisting of a Breakfast Room, Dining Room, and Stirdy, elegant Drawing Room, three principal Bed Rooms, besides Servants, together with every convenient Office, a walled GARDEN, 3- stall Stable, Coaeh House, aud Grainerv. The above Premises are situate in the most healthy and pleasant Part of SHllEWSBURY. For further Particulars apply lo Mr. TUDOR, Upholsterer, College Hill, if by Letter, Post- paid, Shmoflu- y, 1Vim. r, lh, 1810.,.; , This Advartisetnenf will nit be continued. IJ. O USElinrTT JlJRNI TUR E. BY W. LLOYD, On the Premises, on Cross Hill, Shrewsbury, TO- MORROW, tbe 22tl Instant; ALL the neat and valuable HOUSHOLD FUR- NITURE, China, Glass, he. belonging to the late Mrs. BETTQNi deceased ; Catalogues of which may be had of Ihe AUCTIONEFR, Princess Street. VALUABLE LIBRARY. This Day is published, Price one Shilling and Sixpence, and may be had at the Place of Sale, in BIRMISCHAM ; Miller, Albemarle street; L B. Seeley, Fleet- street; J. and A. Arch, Cornhill, London ; and of W. EDDOWES, and Wood aud Watton, Shrewsbury; PART I. of NOTT and LLOYD's CATALOGUE of BOOKS, consisting of upwards af twentv thousand Volumes, iu Topography, History, Voyages and Travels, Divinity, Miscellanies, Auctores Classici et Miscellanei, Gr Lat. Heb. & c. Dictionaries, Lexicons, Grammars, and School Books. ( t^ 3 Libraries and Parcels of ftopks hough! or exchanged. Just published, Price in Parrs 3s. 4rl. or neatly half bound 4s. The ninth Edition of |^ LEMENTS OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE, Ji- J drawn up for the Use of Children, in Questions arid Answers, by J. ALLBUT, Master of Bromsgrove Lickey School. Published by Tho. Allljut,. Hanley.— Sold by Button, Kaynes, Lackington and Co, Crosby and'Go. and Sherwood and Neel* y, London; Iloulstons, yjjVJiingtpnj- AID ED* DOWES, Shrewsbury. We do not recollect to have ever, seen a \ vor]< better cal- ctda ed to answer the end proposed*. To attract the curiosity of children, and make the acquisition of knowledge an object of desire, is a great point., and for this purpose the1' Author has judiciously divided his little work into ten parts, covered with various coloured papers, in a style Of prettineps which cannot fail to catch the attention of childhood. Each part is on a different, subject, which ensures a freedom from disgust, by gratifying that fondness for novelty so characteristic of the juvenile mind, while by divesting science of its technical phrases, Ihe Author has done away one of its most formid - able obstacles, and rendered it more suited to their capacity • both for acquiring and retaining knowledge.— The subjects treated of, aie Geography, History, Chronology, Grammar, and Arithmetic, together with the more popular parts of Astronomy aud Natural Philosophy.— Those who have the care of youth will find their interest in purchasing this publi- cation,— Critical Ifavieiv. INSANITY. ASYLUMS for the Cure of ibis increasing Suicidal Dsease, being from their very Nature diametrically opposed to the Attainment of such a favourable Result; G. N. HILL, Surgeon, respectfully answers distant Enquirers, lhat he has long declined being connected with any Recep- tacle of ihis Description, Experience having convinced hun that the best of such Institutions are only calculated, as their Name imports, to afford Security to the Incurable; early Application of powerful Means itr insular Situations alone presenting any rational Hope of removing certain Bodily Diseases, which, when neglected, are ever the Founrtation of mental Derangement; conformable to this Plan, he con- tinues his Endeavours to promote the Restoration of those Subjects who are so fortunate as to excite In* timely Atten- tion of Friends sincerely desirous of their Recovery. Chester, N v 13,1810. Manors of Llartfyllin and Mechen Uuchcoed, IN THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. THE Lords of the above Manors, and several of the Proprietor of Estates therein,, having given the usual Notice that Application will be made the next Session of Parliament, for Leave to bring in a Bill, for inclosing the Commons, and Waste Lands', in each of tbe said Manors : ' The Aitendance of those Proprietors, whose Estates are situate within the said Manor of Llatifyllin, is re piested at the GOAT INN, in the Town of Llanfyllin, on MONDAY, tbe TENTH Day of DECEMBER next , at 12 at Noon ; And of those Proprietors whose Estates are situate in the said Manor of Mechen Uwchcuetl, at the Duelling Honse of. John Jehu, Innkeeper, in the Village of Myfod, on THE FOLLOWING DAY, at the same Hour ; In Order to take into Consderatmn, ihe Proprietv of the Application ; anil, if it is approved of, to choose a Commis- sioner, and settle the Heads ofthe intended Bill, which will be submitted to their Consideration at each Place of Meeting. JOHN THOMAS, Solicitor. Llanfyllin, l7// i Nov. 1810. Such Noblemen, Gentlemen, and others, as are disjiosed to add their Names to this List, will be pleased lo pay their Subscriptions at any of the Banks in Shrewsbury, or to the Treasurer. Several annual Subscribers were not present when tho Gratuitous Subscription was proposed. WILLIAM JELL1COE, Secretary. Shrewsbury, & th November, 1810. Shropshire General Agricultural Society. THE following SWEEPSTAKES were entered into at the GENERAL MEETING of tbe Society, held nt the Lion Inn, on THURSDAY, the 8th of NOVEMBER, 1810, and will continue open till the 8th December next: A Sweepstakes of 2 Guineas each, to shew an YEARLING WETHER SHEEP, b- ing iu the Subscriber's own Possession on this day, at the July Meeting, 1811, which shall make the roost Money, Fleece and Caicase included.— W. CIIILDS I W. JELLICOE BRADFORD | T. KENYON. A Sweepstakes of 2 Guineas each, for the Fleece of the greatest Value shorn from any Sheep, the Property of the Pe'rson shewing six Months before the Day of Shew.— To be shewn at the next July Meeting. BRADFORD I THOS, KENYON RD. LYSTEK I WM. OWEN WM. LLOYD ] EDW. CROXON. A Sweepstakes of 5 Guiueas each, for the three best Year. ling South Dawn Wethers, to lie shewn in July, 1511. BRADPOKD I IUCHD. LYSTEH. WM, LIOYD | A Sweepstakes of 2 Guineas each, for the best and cleanest Sevan Acres of common TURNIPS, in one t'ie| d, to be viewed at or before the October Meeting, in 1811.— To be open till the 1st Day of January next, RD. LYSTF. K ROBUST TENCH WM. JEI. UCOF. JOHN RAVEKSIIAUR THOS. LLOYD SAM. IJARDIXG, Joan LLOYD WILLIAM JELLICOF,, Secretary. OTICE is hereby given, that the TRUSTb. ES of ttie ' Turnpike Road leading from Bishop'- Castle towards Longden, in the Countv of Salop, WILL MEET at the .' House of John Whitehall, tbe CASTLE INN, in B shop'. Castle aforesaid, on'TUESDAY, the ELEVENTH Day of DECEMBER," 1810, at 11 of the Clock in the Forenoon, to consult about erecting a Toll' Gate on the Side of Ihe said Turnpike Road at or near THE BRIDGES, across a certain Lane or Highway leading out of the same Turnpike Road towards Ratlingbope, and also another Toll Gate on the Side of the same 1 urnpike Ruad, at or near a Place called Swine Wicket, across a Lane or Bye- Way leading therefrom to- waids Stednient. Dated the 15th Day of November, 1810. THOMAS JONES, Clerk to the Trustees Valuable WALNUT, ASH, ALDER, SYCAMORE, ELM, nnd POPLAR TIMBER TREES, for Sale; And most ELIGIBLE FARMS, to Let. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At tbe Cross Keys Inn, in Oswestry, in the. County of Salop, on Wednesday, the 12ih of December, 1810, at four o'Clock in Ihe Afternoon, in the following Lo's, and subject to Conditions : On PENYBONT DEMESNE, FN the Parish O/ LLANSII. IS. 1I. OT 1. I () ASH TREES, numbered with white W Pa ut, 1 to 1 10. 5 Ditto Pollards, numbered iii like Manner, with a X over tbn Number, I to 5. 3 POPLAR TREES, numbered 1 to 3. Lor II. 52 ALDER Trees, 1 to 52. 5 BIRCH Ditto, llo 5. LOT III. 35 SYCAMORE Tree?, — 1 to35. LOT IV. 13 CHERRY Trees, 1 to 13. LOT V; 20 DITTO ditto 14 to 33. LOT VI. 28 DITTO ditto, 54 to 61. LOT VIf 12 WAf, NUT Trees, — 1 to 12 On BRYN FARM, in the Parish of Llan YBLODWEI,, in the Occupation of \ John Jenes, LOT VIII. 5l ASH Tiees, numbered. whb white Paint, 1 to 51. 19 Pollards, nnmbe.- ea in like Manner, with a X over the Number, 1 to 19. LOT IX 25 ALDER. Trees, 1 to 25 LOT * 23 DITTO, 2tUo48 On BUYN FARM, in the said Parish of Lr. au YBLOD- VfEL, in the Occupation of Thomas Ftritghan. LOT XI. 3O ASH Trees, numbered- witn whue Paint, 1 to 3t>. 2 DITTO Pollards, numbered in like Manner, with a >*! over the Number, I lo 2. 3 SYCAMORE Trees, numbered 1 to 3. 3 ELM Trees, 1 to * 3. The above Timber is near the Llanymynech Branch of the F. llesmere Canal, close to excellenl Roads, but a few Miles from O- uestrv, Pool, Wrexham, Llangollen, aud Llantyllin, only 20^ Miles from- Shrewsbury, and will be found well worth tiie Attention of Timber dealers. Builders, Cabinet- makers, Joiners, Gun- makers, Coopers, Wheelwrights, & c, & c. Immediately after the above SALE, the following most eligible FARMS will be LET to the highest Bid- der, by Ticket, or publick Offer, as will then be determined on, for one ithole Year from Lady- Day next, and so on from Year to Year, and sub- ject to such Conditions as ivill be then produced: ' The Farm of PENYBONT DEMESNE, containing up- wards of TWO HUNDRED and SIXTY ONE ACRES. The Fatm of U. ORAN UCllA DEMESNE, consisting of about FOUR HUNDRED ACRES, together with a Sheep Walk of upwards of THREE HUNDRED ACRES. The BRYN FARM, occupied by ' Thomas Vaughan, com- prising more than SEVENTY THREE ACRES. ' The BRYN FARM, occupied by John Jones, of more than FORTY FOUR ACRES. Further Particulars will be published in this PapCr of next Wednesday, and for other Information apply to Mr. JOHN THOMAS, Solicitor, Llanfylliu ; Mr PRY SALT, at Oswestry; aud I HF. AUCTIONEER, HI Shrewsbury. A MOST DESIRABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE. BY S. TUDOH, At the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, on Satmdav, the 24th of November, 1810, between the Hours of thiee aud six in the Afternoon, subject tu such Conditions as wilt then be produced: LL that Messuage, Tenement, and Lands, situate at ' THE Vv'A EN, in I tie Pari 11 of LLAN- SAINTFFRAID, and County of Montgomery, now in the Occupation, of Mr. Thomas Owen, wliq will shew the Premises This eligible Farm compri- es about 127. Acres of excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, nearlv within a Ring Fence, on the fertile Banks of the Vyrnwy, within two Miles of Llanymynech Lime Rock and the Junction of the Elles- mere and Montgomeryshire. Canals, and within a convenient Distance of Welsh Pool, Llanfair, Llaufylbn, Oswestry, and Shrewsbury, all excellent Market Towns. Printed Particulars, with a Map annexed, may be had at the Oak Inn, Welsh Pnul; Goat, Llanfylliu ; Cross Keys, Llaiiymynech; Cross Foxes, and Cross Keys, Oswestry ; ol THE AUCTIONEER, aud at theOfhceof Messrs. PLMUERTON and COUPLANII, Shrewsbury. fbaleg bv tettoit, Land and Timber. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross Keys, in Oswestry, ou Wednesday, tbe l!> lh of December 1810, between the Hours of two and five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to the Conditions which will be then produced : MOST desirable and compact FARM, con- taining 160 Acres, or thereabouts, situate, Part in the Parish of KNOCKIN, and Part in the Parish ol HODNKT. ( Particulars of which will appear in n flit Are PilpSr), and now in the Occupation of . Mr. Thomas WaiVev. The above Premises are distant from Oswestry seven Mile?, and from Shrewsbury 11 Miles, and within three Miles of the Ellcs- mere Canal. At the same place and Time will be SpMthe following CAPITAL TIMBER; In the following Lots, or such other as- might be agreed upon at the Time of Sale : LOT I. 120 OAK, 9 F. lm, 14 Ash, and 1 Birch. LOT II 27 OAK, 20 A- h, 5 Butch, 3 Sycamore, 4 Poplar, 4 Alder, and 3 Birch. LOT III. 30 OAK, 23 Ash,' 5 E'm, 6 Willow, nrd 2 A'dcr. LOT IV. 44 OAK, 22 Elm, 32 Ash, 6 - Alder, and f Sycamore. Lor V. 21 OAK, 16 Elm, 28 Ash, 3 Svcamiie, 1 Birch, and 19 Alder. The above Timber is now growing, some in Woods near to Wood bouse, and Ihe res » upon several Farms in the Township of Retinal and Pari- b of West Pel ton; much of it witbjn a Quarter, and none more than Half a Mile. from the Ellssmere Canal, and distant, from'Ellesmere five Miles, Oswestry six, and Shrewsbury 15 Miles. The Timber is particularly sound, and'much of it of very large Dimensions, fit for any Purpose either for Building or the Navy. For Particulars apply to Mr THOMAS EDMUNDS, of the Buildings, Redual, who will appoint a Person to shew- Ihe Timber ; and fn- ther Information may be had from Mr. HUGHES of the White I. ion, Oswestry, ' bf au'citotf, Freehold Eslale near Q sue a try, THIS DAY, At the Cross Foxes Inn, in ihe Town of Os'vestrv, 01 Wed. nesday, the Slst Diy of November, 181( 1, b- twsen the Honrs of three and six o'Clock in th" A'Vrnoon, in tli- following, orsiic. il other Lots, and subject to such Co iditior,.; as will then be produced : AVALU ABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in lite several Township5 of Maesb irv. and Weston,, in ihe Parish of Oswestry, in the County of Salop, CoiisiAtrng of, IN MAESBCKY. ' A. II. P. LOT I. A capital FARM, called CRUMPWF. LL, with conmodioits Outbuildings, and suudi y Pieces or Parcels of rich Pasture and Arable Land, there- unto belonging - n the holding of Mr. John Fiank, and containing together by Admeasurement,' more or less, abaut Its A COTTAGE, with the Garden, nnd Hemp- butt thereunto bedons- ing, situate near ibn Ball, now in. the hei! din< i of Edward Jones, and containing by Admeasurement, nnire or less, about. ' A PIECE. of PASTURE LAND, called Cru np- well Croft, adjoining Crumpwelt Farm, now in the,, holding of Edward Jones, and containing by Ad- measurement, more or less, about 3 £ J 1 0 -. ( I 120 35 20 BY GLOVER AND SON, At ( he Oak Inn, in the Town of Welsh Pool, in the County of Montgomery, on Monday, ihe third Day of December n xt, between the Hours of 3 aud 6 (.' Clock in the After- noon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, iri the following, or such other Lots as shall then be agreed Upon : LOT I ALL that MESSUAGE or Tenement, with the Appurtenances, called DESERT, and about 31 A. 2R, II P. of most excellent LAND, most desirably situated in the Parish uf Pool, and near the Town of Pool aforesaid, 011 boih Sides and adjoining the Montgomeryshire Canal, n-. w in the Occupation of Mr. Arlhur Pierce. Lot II. A most desirable PIECE of excellent. LAND, containing OA. SR. I3P. commonly called BIG FRON LLWYI), situate in Ihe Parish and close adjoining to the Town of Pool aforesaid, now iu the Occupation of Mr. Richaid Jor. es. LOT III. A very valuable ALLOTMENT of COMMON, situate about Half a Mile distance from tbe las' Lor, in tbe said Parish of Pool, containing about 4 Acres of verv improv- able; LAND, now also in the Occupation of the said Richard Junes. LOT IV. A small Messuage or DWELLING HOUSE, « itb the Stable and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, situ- a> e 111 the Town of Pool aforesaid, near the Church Yard, now ii. the Occupation of Eleanor Evans. ALSO, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Ihe Cruss Keys Inn, in the Town of Oswestry, in the County of Salop, on Wednesday, the 5th Day of Decem- ber, 1310, between the Hours of 3 and fi of the Clock in the Afternoon, in tbe following, or such other Lot?, aud subject to such Conditions, as shall then be produced : — LOT 1. All that. MESSUAGE or Tenement, witn the Gar- den, and THREE PIECES of LAND, called (. AETANTY CAE SCYBOR, and the Common, containing about 9A. OR. 13P. now occupied therewith, situate at Trefonnen, in the Parish of Oswestry. LOT II. THREE PIECES of LAND, called CAE NEW- YDD, CAE WILLIAM, and BELAN, Containing about 4A. 2R 21 P. LOT III. A QUILLET of LAND, in a Meadow called Sir WATKIN's M EADOW, containing ab- iut OA. 2R SOP. . I'OT U"' A QUILI. ET ill MAES Y CAIAU, contain- ing OA. OR. 29P. LOT V. A QUILLET ing OA. IR. 28P. LOT VI. A QUILLET in Mr. Hollins' ing OA. 3R 23P. LOT VII. A QUILLET ing OA. 1R. 15P. The above 1 Lots are excellent Land, and all situate in the Town- hip of Trefotiuen, in tbe. Parish nf Oswestry, and within three Miles of Che Town of Oswestry; and most of them are well adapted for budding Cottages on," and are not abuve a Mile distant from Trefarclawdd and f. lwynymaen Col! ieries, LOT VIII, All that M ESSUAGE or Tenement, with the Appurtenances, commonly ' called THE BOAR's HEAD, situate in the pleasant Village of Llanf'ecbm, in the County of Montgomery, with about 34 Acres of most excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, occupied therewith, now III the Occupation of David Jor. es. The Dwelling House was formerly occupied as a Puhlic House, for which Purpose it is very well adapt- ed, and great Part of Ihe Land is watered by tneRiver Cain, by which it is on one Side bounded ; and the Premises are distant 4 Miles from Llanfyllin, aud 10 fmm Oswestry, both good Maikets. LOT IX All that ivi ESSU AGE or Tenement and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, called CRAIGNANT, styiate, ly- ing, and being in the Parish of Llanfihaugel, and within three Miles of the Town of Llanfvllin aforesaid, in the said Countv of Montgomery, containing about 85 Acres nf very improvable Land, with a valuable and unlimited Right of Common on the adjacent Commons, now in the Occupation of Evans. The respective Tenants will shew the Premises ; and for further Particulars apply jto Mr. EDMUNDS, Solicitor, iu Oswestry afoiesaid. ( One Property.) November 20, 1810. DOL CROCHAN, contain- Field, contain, in MAESYBYCHAN, contain- N. B. Crumpwell Farm, is subject to the. Payment of a yearly Chief Rent of six Shillings to Sir Thomas Jones. LOT II. A small but very eligible FARM, and Lands, in the Occupation of Edward Jones, con- taining hy Admeasurement, in- re or less, about 39 2 0 N. B. These Farms are within the Distance of two Miles of the Town of Oswestry, and veiy near ( the secund Lot adjoining), ilie Ellesmere Canal. There is a fine Stiearn of Water tunning through both of them ; whicll may be used for the Pnrno- e of Irrigation, At Gxcern y Brenin, in Maesliury ff JFeslor, LOT III Two old ( nclosures, and several other Pieces of Land ( an Allotment of Common), now in the several holdings of Edward Jones, John Watkin, and Richard Evans, containing together by. Admeasurement, more or less, about 31 3 33 ' The Purchaser of encn Lot will be required to take tha ' Timber and other Trees, at a Valuation to be produced at the Time of Sale. TIMBER. And at the same Time will be sold in the following, or such other Lots as shall be then agreed upon, the several VALUABLE TIMBER TREES herein after mentioned, viz. LOT I. 147 Oak. 27 Ash, 11 Sycamore, and 3, Limit Trees, growingon STAN WAR DINE DEMESNE, situate in ihe Parish of Baschurch, in the C ounty of Salop, now in the Holding of Mr. Stephen Denstone. LOT II. 134 Oak, 30 Ash, and 1 Alder Trees, also grnwirfg on Stanwatdine Demesne, now io ihe Holding of Mr, Thomas Di-' ken. LOT III. 23 Oak, and 12 Ash Trees, growing on a Farm at NILL GREEN, situate in the . Parish of Ba- chu ch afore- said, now in the H tiding nf Mr 1 human J n e 1. The Oak are chiefly good Navv Timber, an I the whole lie very convenient for Carriage, as the Westni Branch of the Ellesmere Canal passes thro' the Land. The respective Tenants will shew the Lands ; and for P. V . ticulars apply to Mr. PUCHARD CRO XON, ot to MR.' L'. L. JOKHS, - solieitm. Oswestry. , Freehold Estate. BY T. VAUGHAN, At the Duncan- Arms Inn, in Newtown, near Basohtir- b, In the County of Salop, 011 uri lay, the 23.1 Day of November, 1810, at three o'Cloek in the Afternoon, sul ject to Con. ditions then tn be produced : \ LL tl. ose SIX CLOSES, PIECES, or Parcels of excellent LAND situate, lying and being at MER- RINGTON, in tiie Parish ot Prestui Gubbilds, in the County of Salop: containing aboni 32 Acres; together with au Allotment of Common 011 Leatou Heath, now in the Occupation of JohnClaik. There is now growing upon THIRTEEN ACRES of the' above tand remarkably good SPRING COPPICE POLES, intermixed with black Pob's, which, together with the Tim- ber, will bp sold wiih the Land The'Tenant » i'l shew the Premises ; and for further Par- ticulars aooly to Mr LEE. Solicitor, EHi- vnere. Montgomeryshire. STOLEN, On Sunday Night, the 11th, or on Monday Morning, the 12th of November, 1810, out of a Field in Rhisgog, in the Parish of Llangollen, iu the County of Denbigh ; ASTRONG dark bay COLT, rising Shears old, between the Saddie and Cait Kind, about 14 Hands high, a small white Star iu his Forehead, a black Mane, aud a black Switch Tail. Whoever will give Information of the said Colt lo Edward Morris, of Rhiscog aforesaid, so that he may be had again, shall on Conviction of the Offender or Offenders, receive a Reward of THREE GUINEAS, from the said Edward Morris; also THREE GUINEAS, by applying to Mr. Richard Jones, Treasurer of Llangollen Association for Prosecution of Felons, with all other reasonable Charges allowed. BY S. TUDOR, At the ' Talbot Inn, in the Town of Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 1st Day of December, lMti, between tbe Hours of three and five in the Afternoon ( subject to such Conditions as shall tie then produced); AMESSUAGE and FARM, consisting of most excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, eligibly situated 011 the Banks of the liiver Virni » w, at MAES- BROOK, ill Ibe Parish of Kmnerley, in the County of Salop, and now in the Occupation of Mrs. Sodk'ett; in the following, or such other Lots as shall be agreed upou at the Time ot Sale: LOT I. Pant Meadow Croft near the River LO T II. Cae Cae- pren, and Gwerglodd Hang- mer Meiverley Field LOT III. - 4. R. P. 5 a 18 1 0 4 A. R. P. 16 30 6 2 22 10 1 6 At the Unicorn Inn, in the Town of Machynlleth, in the said County, Ou Tuesday, the £ 7lh Day of November, 1810. between the Hours of four and - ix in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced: ALL those FREEHOLD MESSUAGES and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, called RHIWLWY- FEN and MAESYQW1NTF. N, situate in tiie Parish of Machynlleth, in the said County, now in the Tenure of Lewis Jones and bis Undertenants, at the clear yearly Rent of seventy Pounds. This Estate is distant frnm the Town of Machynlleth about 2 Miles ;•' there is a considerable Quantity of thriving Coppice Wood growing thereon ; and an extensive Sheepivalk belong? ingthereto: and the Property is capable uf great Improvement. The Tenant will shew the Premises; and further Parti- cnlars may be ha I by Application to Mr, CHARLES JONES, Solicitor, at Maohynlleth. Montgomery sh ire. 20 1 38 WANTED TO PURCHASE, Somewhere within the Distance of thirty Miles from N EWCASTLE- UN DER- LYME, ACOMPACT FREEHOLD ESTATE, of about five or six Hundred Acres, with a MANSION HOUSE upon the same, in eveiy Way suitable to the Reception of a Gentleman's Family. Tbe Lichfield or Shropshire Side of Newcastle will be preferred. Address Particulars by Letter ( Post- paid) to W. EDDUWE*, Printeraud Bookseller, Shrewsbury. TO BE SOLD, OR LET For the Lease of II Years from the 25ih Sept. last 1 ALL that large and commodious WAREHOUSE, with a small HOUSE and LAND 111 front, situated at the Foot of the WELSH BRIDGE, lately in the Possession of Mr. Edward Lowe, Wharfinger. The above stand in a capital Situation for the Wharfinging Business.— Particulars may be bad by applying to Mr. Jos. TVRNER, Hatter, Shrensbury. GJ- POJ essioa may be taken at Lsdyr- day next. II 2 22 0 11 I 26 12 1 0 15 Cae Kiln 3 1 14- Cae Plas 3 0 17 Cae Bricks * 3 12 liig Ruft 5 3 21 Little Ditto 3 0 28 Gwern lssa Allotment.... 0 0 26 LOT IV. Plas Butlers S Aud Allotment on Wern Issa Common LOT V. Sheep Cote Leasuw 6 Mull Foulkes's Leasow . ' 6 LOT IV. Farm House, Buildings, Garden, Fold, & c 1 Calves Cruft 1 Garden at North End of Calves Croft C Oak Cow Pasture t Big Meaduw t Little Meadow ! Orchard aud Cowpasture before the Door 30 2 19; The Timber on each Lot to be taken at a Valuation, to be produced at the Sale. The Land Tax lias beeu redeemed, but the Estate is . subject to a Herriot aud Relief; " and Lot six will be sold subject to the Chief Rents affecting the Whole. ' The Tenant will shew the Premises; aud for Particulars apply to CLAVERINO WOOD, Esq. the Marsh ; Mr. JF. LI. IGOE, Benthall ; and Messrs. PEMselirox and COUFLAKD, Shrews- bury; at wbgise OiS.' eaMnpof the Estate and Lots is'left. Shropshire:— Estate and Colliery. At the Pig and Castle Inn, iu Bridgnorth, in the County of Salop, rip Saturday, the 8th Day'of December, 1810, at four o'Clock in the Aflernoon, subject to such Conditions as will then aud there be produced : ALL that very desirable and compact FREE- HOLD ESTATE, lying within a Ring Fence, consisting of a new. erected Messuage, or FARM HOUSE, with Barns, Stables, Cowhouses, and nther Outbuildings, and several Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND thereto belonging, containing together 133 Acres, or theie- abouts, be the same more or less, situate, Iving, and being iu the Parish of STO I'TESDON", in the Couuty of Salop, and now in the Occupation of Mr. Gwilt, under an easy Rent of ^ 200 per Annum.— Valuable MINES of COALS are now open on the Premises, and may be immediately worked to great Advantage, A considerable Quantity of young thriving TIMBER is now growing 011 the same, and the Lands are capable of great Improvement. The Estate lies between Kinlet and Riilingslev Iron Walks, adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Bridgnorth to Cleobury Mortimer, and Is distant about 7 Miles from tnose ' Tonus, aud the same Distance from the Mai kef Town of Bewdtey. Greatest Part of the Purchase Money tnay remain ou Mortgage of the Premises, if more agreeable to the Purchaser. For further Particulars apply to Mr. PARTON, of Sbineton, the Proprietor; Mr. NOCK, Solicitor, Wellington; Mr. N'ICHOLLS, Solicitor, Briuguorth ; or Mr. PEITCHAUD, Soli- tor, Broseley. 32 33 1 6 13 • 39 With Possession on the first Day of Mayliext, at the White Horse Inn, in Wem, in the County of Salop, on Thursday, the 201 h Day of December, 1810, at l'our o'Clock iu the AUernu'in; ACOMPACT ESTATE, called THE WEIR, consisting of a conveuient Farm House aud Outbuildings, eligibly situated within half a Mile of the Town of Wem afoiesaid, and about two Miles from Lime and Coal, with an excellent Garden and Orchard, and .04A, 1R. 14P. more or less, of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Greund, in a high State of Cultivat- ou, and a good Part of the M jadoiv Laud capable of being well watered. The Messuage, Outbuildings, and 51 A. 1R. 29P. more or less, of the above- mentioned Premises, are Cop} bold, and the rest Freehold. The Timber to be tak6D toby the Purchaser at a Valuation to be produced at Time ot'Sale. For liirtbsr Particulars, aud a View. of the Prrmnes, apply to Mr. ' Thomas James, at the We\ t/. ot Meets. LEE and NICKSO^, Solicitors, Wein aforesaid. At the Oak, in Pool, on Monday, the 3d Day of December, 18i0, between three and six in the Afletubon, subject to Conditions ; ALL t! ia. t MESSUAGE or Tenement, wilh the LANDS and Appurtenances thereto belonging, in the Township of KILCOCHVVEN, in the Parish of Berried, in the said County, adjoining the River Rhiew, and containing about 53 Acres of rich Meadow, Sound Arable and Pasture? Land, in a Ring Fence, now in the Possession and Occupa- tion of Mr. Lloy l Gough, who will sbe* w the Premises. There are some fine, thriving Timber Trees on th^ Esta'. e, which may be had at a Valuation to be produced at the Sale, or reserved, as shall be then agreed. For other Particulars, and a Map of the Premise- j apply to Mr. JONES, Attorney, at Maesmawr. 12ih Nov. 1810 OSWESTUY. At the Cross Keys, in Oswestry, on Wednesday, the 12th Day of December, 1810, in the following, or such other Lots, and subject to such Conditions, as will be then announced: LOT I. \ COMMODIOUS DWELLING HOUSE, / A. situate in the upper Pait of BAILEY- STREET, in the said Town of'OSWESTRY; consisting of a Shop, n spacious Hall, two Parlours, Kitchen, & o. on the Ground Floor; a Drawing Room, and suitable Bed Chambers on tlnr first aud second Stories, with extensive Cellars, well adapted fir Wine Vaults, a large Yard, Brewhbuse, and Stable, tiuiv in tbe Occupation of Mr. Thomas Mortis, Surgeou, and his Undertenants. LOT II. A good DWELLING HOUSE and SHOP, with a tai'geJYard, and otber the Appurtenances thereinto belonging, situate in the same Siieet, adjoining the fiist mentioned Dwelling House, and now in the Occupation of Mrs. Mary Edwards, Milliner. N. B. ' The Premises are eligibly situated, and ex- tremely well calculated for Trade. LOT HI. A small PLOT ot GROUND, now annexed to and occupied with Lot 1st, opening into, and immediately fronting Leg- Street, in the said Town of Oswestry; most eligibly situated for the purpose uf Building. LOT IV. A Piece of excellent PASTURE LAND, con- taining about two Acres, more or less, situate near the Turn- pike Gate loading to Wrexham, in the Liberties of tbe said Town of Oswestry, now in the holding of the said Mr. Thomas Morris. LorV. A small CROFT, containing about a Quarter of an Acrc, more or less, situate near the same Turnpike Gate, aud in the holding of the said Mr. Thomas Morris. N. E This Lot is also well adapted for Building upon. Tne Sale . to commence at. four c'C. iuck in the Afteruopn. Tbe'respec'ive Tenant, wit), show the Piemises; and for J. cnUer Parti? « ! « ?, - apply to Mr. T, L- JONES, Oswestry. Spontaneous and reflective noughts ON MORTALITY, OCCASIONED HV A sun BEN DEATlf, ( Ste our Obituary of lust week.) The poor uncertain tenants of a day, The hour we know not that shall be oar end ; Death often calls men suddenly away. To whose dread summons we most all attend. " The turrets of the great; the poor man's cot;." E'en PALACES; must yield to this decree; That " Death shall eater such is human lot! From this condition no place can be free. Wisdom, nor wealth, nor mightv power, of Man, ' Can long avert this often dreaded slate; Solon and CtdiM, both exist their span; And Alexanders must submit to fate. On day* s resplendent orb, that's now so bright, Erich tinman eve must, soon or late, be clos'd; The soul, to regions of eternal light, Remov'd; as christians long ago suppos'd. Affliction there no longer shall torment, Nor sad disasters shall our peace m ileat; But there true heav'nly love shall bring content; For TROUBLES enter not THE LANOOF REST. Thus view'd, how light appear man's various schemes, In which the rrorldling takes such fond delight 1 They seem scarce better than mere idle dreams, The vain delusions of a restless night. With honours, fame, or wealth, their hopes beguil'd, Sdme manifest, through life, no wiser plan; Which are but baubles. lo amuse a child, Scarce worthy of the zeal of christian man. Learn then, ye worldlings, as ye ought to learn, The noblest objects for your zeal and strife ! " In life we are in death ;" then wiselv spern Ttie tilings that keep ye from eternal life. Nnu. 9, 1810. REFLECTOR. Mil. EEDOWtS SIR t find we Din tiweiu to hav a Farmnr's Club in onr county, and toomor a is the first day of thair Meting, I darsav Sir thare wool be. fine work gwein on in the Plow- way by and by. We shan grow ten bushels whare now grows not half the Humber. I ham no Scholard Sir, but 1 knows a little about plowiu and Sowin ; and reads yore Paper to know what's gwein on in a Farm belungin to Mr. John Bull; whare I sees sum things dun pritty well, and others but middlin. This I hav a strung gess wool he the case wooth ttie Farmurs Club. I shall keep a pritty sharp look out. on thair Gn « ins on, and if I dunna like thair Purseedins yoe shan heir agen from me. 1 shall get our Parson to look over and kurrect my next leter, boo I darsav wool find sum wurds badley spillt; but mv Graufether and his fether wer Plowmen has I ham, and no great things in matturs of Laming. We leeves tho- e mntturs to Gen'ilmen, and ourbiznets is too find them Bread: • Hhathever thay may think off we ekidoppers. 1 ham Sir Your humbel Saivant JOHN PLOWMAN Thtcrnedge Farm, Nnel 1810. If this Club shood lowhet the Price off grain thavl rooin we Farmurs, but as things goe now we can doo pritty well and pay our Rents, skrud up has we bin. Thanks beeprarzd I dtmna how tny Laudlurd Tuppence. Owing lo a press cf other mutter, the foregoing literary curiosity - Was omitted lasi steek. EPITOME OF THE Report of the Select Committee ON SINECURE OFFICES. Hit Office. Average income. Duty. ( Nothing ; ,£ 41) 46 - J but all hy ( Deputy Master of the Mint Not stated Signs papers 1' erson, Right Hon. Geoige Rose Not named ; Clerk of the Par- liaments Not named Warden of the Mint Not stated ( Check on ) the Mas- " S ter, done £ by Deputy Not named ] C,^ ller ° f ' be ( Not » t, ted By Deputy Greenwich, it was half- past tea in the morning of Wednesday, July the 4th. Funeral of the Princess Amelia.— This ceremony took place on Tuesday evening. A solemn silence per- vaded Windsor during the whole of the day. All the shops were shut up, and scarce one individual was lo he seen in the streets who wnS not attired in mourning. The clock had no sooner struck eight than the proces- sion moved from Augusla Lodge, precisely in the manner and form described in our paper of last week. The procession moved slowly to the south entrance of St. George's Chapel', and passed up the middle aisle, wlhen the body being placed on the treSsels, Ihe Chief Mourner placed herself at the head, and the dressers and attendants ranged themselves on the sides. The stjalls on each side of the Chapel were occupied by his Majesty's Ministers, the Nobility^ and G- entry. At the lower end of the Chapel, those of the Royal Family present took their stations in their respective stalls The Prince , pf Wales sat to the left of the entrance. The Duke of Clarence was scared On his left, the Duke of Cumberland on the left ofthe Duke of Clarence, aud the Duke of Cambridge to the left of the Duke of Cumberland. To the right of the entrance, the Dukes of York, Kent, and Sussex, were seated. The anthem concluded, the funeral service was read by the Dean of Windsor, from the sdfferance stall. An appropriate dirge was then sung, and the body was deposited in a temporary vault, where it is to remain till Cardinal Wolscy's Chapel is finished. At the con- clusion of the Ceremony, Sir Isaac Heard, King al Arms, pronounced the " following words:—" Princess Amelia, aged 27, sixth daughter of his Majesty Gannon THE Tnttin, King of Great Britain, to whom UOd grant long life, health; and prosperity." Nothing could be more awftilly impressive than the whole of this melancholy spectacle. While the Mourn- ful office of rendering " dust to dust" was performing, the pensive air of sorrow, and the sympathising tear, wherever the eye was turned, presented themselves to view. Nothing could exceed the distress of the Prince of Wales. In vain he endeavoured to check the tears which forced themselves into his eyes, aiid he was obliged to give the flood of sorrow a vent. Loud Sobs burst from his generous bosom, which spoke the energy of the man at war with the softness of the brother. His brother of Clarence was affected in a similar way, and all the other Members of the Royal Family seemed fully to participate in this distress. The whole of the funeral ceremony was over by 11 o'clock; when the procession returned as it went. St. Paul's bell tolled, upon this melancholy occasion, from seven to eight o'clock. His Majesty's affection for the Princess Amelia was particularly proved during the period of his first illness. The following particulars came out on the examination of Dr. Willis:— What was the occasion of the interview with the Piincess Amelia-'— His Majesty's earnest desire. Whether the Princess Amelia was brought into the King's presence, or only shewn at a window ?— I led the Princess Amelia into the room myself.— What hap- pened on the occasion .'— He was extremely fond of her, and shewed the greatest marks of parental affection I ever saw. ™ A letter from Exeter, dated oh Sunday morning, November 11, says:— " The confusion that is here from the water is alarming several bouses in the neighbourhood are carried away. Now five o'clock A. M. and no Plymouth nor Falnmu h mails arrived. The London and Shaftsbury were brought ill by the guards in a chaise and four, after crossing the water in a bo. it; and the mail for Plymouth forwarded by six horse.-: how far it can proceed is uncertain, as the face of the level lands ore deluged, aud the city of Exeter completely inundated. Fifteen houses were destroyer! between Exeter anrl Salisbury, by the high wind j aud the towu of Chard has suffered severely. The Karl of Buckinghamshire has, in commemora- j National Debt.— An accnunt of the reductintl of tion of the Jubilee, erected a colossal statue of his I the natituial debt, from the of August tlSS, to the Majesty ( in the summit of the pillar ou Dunstan Heath, J sit of November, 1810i—• belonging to his lordship's estate. The pillar was origi- Redeemed by the Sinking Fund . i <£ 1( 17,191.530 Not named Duke S Comptroller of the ? NotsUted J Excise ( Keeper of Great? „ ot sUted of Gordon J Seal in Scotland $ Lord Melville Not stated Lord R. Seymour Lord Arden r Prothonotarv of) • 2 King's Be'ricb 10 5" ^ 9000' C years in Ireland } f Registrar gf . the \ Fiom Fees;! * Court of Ap- f if. heiiasin \ peali, Admiralty ( Possession i By Deputy By Deputy By Deputy ByDiputy At Taunton, there had been a coutinual rain for 24 hours, and the waters had risen to such a height, that all conveyances were stopt for hours ; arid Saturday, being, market- day, the whole town was iu confusion." huanity.- r- Mr. Haslaui, of Bethlem Hospital, in his treatise upon this subject, gives the following statement, from which it will be seen, that insane peisons recover in proportion to their youth, and that as they advance in years, the disease is less frequently ctped. It comprises a period of about ten years, viz. from 1784 to 1794. In the first column the age is noticed ; in the second, the number of patients admitted ; the third contains the number cured; the fourth, those who were By Deputy wholly. Fight. Hon and Delegates } .£' 207,01) 0 ) rSecretary of Ea- f .£' 2500 and 1 si ,,. ,. 5 rollments in Ja-> a Bonus ot > By Deputy C. Wyndbam \ m; lk, a $£ b0Q0 $ ( Bv Deputv ™ rc i^ f" thS I Not stated) Mr. J. Sayers < Exchequer J ) beoreMr. t ( Put. As it is stated that Mr. G. Rose became Clerk of Parliaments in 1768, and the average income of the last seven years was £ 4946 ; if somewhat is abated for the tvhole" average of 42 years, and it is put at ji£ 4S00, then Mr. G. Rose has pocketed £ 190,000, for doing nothing himself. N. B. Mr. G. Rose was a staunch supporter of the late immortal statesman Win. Pitt. Uuere, Was it for nothing ? or from mere disinterested virtue? Facts speak for themselves. Fire.— A fire broke out on Thursday se'nnight in the house of Mr. Lamploiigh, farmer, near Doncaster, which burned with great fury for upwards of an hour before assistance could be procured. Five horses were burned to death, and another so much scorched as to leave no hopes of its recovery. The house and furni- ture were destroyed. Tbe Donca » ter paper states, " that many depredations were committed, and a con- siderable part of the corn carried off in sheaves."— Four warenouscs, with property valued at half a million of marks banco, were lately destroyed at Hamburgh by fire. Writ of Inquiry.— On Saturday, in the Sheriff's court, a cause was heard, when the following particu- lar* were stated pi— A tradesman was arrested by a Sheriff's officer, and gave bail to try the action. Immediately after, his goods were taken uuder distress at the suit of the person who caused him to be arrested, and sold to a broker, as staled in the return, for 32l. The trades- man was shortly after made a bankrupt, w hen he men- tioned the particulars of this transaction, and a writ of inquiry w s issued The Jury, after hearing several witnesses, found in their verdict the value of the goods to be 2001. Remarkable Restoration of Sight.— Mr. Parkis, oilman, of Chancery- lane, has a sun who has attained his 26ih year, who had been blind from infancy. Seve- ral occuiisls iu London had been applied to, but they all pronotiuced it impossible for him to obtain his sight. He was brought up to the musical profession discharged not cured Number Number Age between ailmilted. discharged discharged cured uncured. 10 and 20 - . 113 - - 78 - - 35 20 and 30 - - 488 - . 200 - - 28S 3il and 40 - - 527 - . 180 - . 347 40 and 50 - - 362 - . 87 . - 375 50 and 60 - . 143 , . 25 . . 118 60 aud 70 - . 31 - 4 - . 27 and had attained considerable eminence on the org in and double flageolet. About two months since a gen- tleman from the country saw him, and undertook to restore his sight. At the first operation he saw suffi- cient with his right eye to distinguish a jug aud a candlestick, on a lable ; also a chandelier on a piano forte, but he could not tell what any of them were till he felt them. The gentleman being iu London but lor a few days, Mr. Parkis, juti. went to his residunce iu the country, where, after three operations, he has ol^ lained his sight in both eyes. He expresses his sur- prise at the difference of face- of persons. He is now at Exeler, where the professors and amateurs got up a Concert for his benefit, which was attended by about 500 persons, lie is visited by persons from a consider- able distance,' lo hold conversation with him. On tho voyage of the Hiudpstan, Captain Pasco, from New South Wales, Mrs. Pasco was delivered of a sou, near Isle Garudc, off the coast of Patagonia ; but, from the ship hav ins proceeded touud the wiorid easterly, a curious enigma arises respecting the tima of the birth At the place it happened, it was a quarter before eight iu the morning vf ih* ur » day, July the itti; but at Total 1664 Total 574 Total 1090 A few days ago, the wife of a respectable trade sman in tbe city, in the absence of her husband, who was in the country ou business, gave upwards of 1301. to the porter, of the name of William Skrimshaw, to carry to her banker, with which he thought proper to de- camp. Search was immedialely made after him, and it was discovered that he had taken a place on the Oxford coach. A brother of the tradesman, accom- panied by a neighbour, went in pursuit of him; aud, on their arrival at Oxford, discovered that he had taken a place to Chester, aud had changed a 5l. note to pay his fare, which bore a superscription on the back, in the hand- writing of his inislress, aud which proves to be one of the notes given to him by her. At Chester they were informed he had proceeded to Holyhead, whither they pursued him, and leanied that he had taken his passage for Ireland, hut was detained by contrary winds. They had the good fortune lo secure him, and found upon him upwards of 1001. of the money. He confessed lo them, lhat he had robbed his master at various times before, to the amount of abo « l 50s. in copper, and told them where he had secreted a 5>. paper, and that he had bought a suit of clothes, hat, shoes, shirts and a silver hunting- watch, at Oxford. They proceeded to convey him to town, to a sver the charge; but such was his apparent contrition, and pro- mises that lie would not attempt au escape, that, on their return to Chester, they were credulous enough to leave him m the custody of a waiter at one of the inns of that place, w hile they went to view the curiosities of the city. On their return to the inn, after an absence of about one hour, their prisoner had made his escape, and taken with him the bundle, containing the clothes he had purchased at Oxford. They returned to town, wi bout ttie least knowledge of the course he had taken. Extraordinary Instances of Vegetation.— Iu the parish of Painswick, Glocestershire, a single grain of wheat this year yielded 42 very fine ears of corn : aud there is now in the possession of Mr. H. Loveday, of that place, 37 ears of wheat, the produce of one grain. Most of the cars average 5| m. in length ; and, at the lowest calculation, there cannot be less than 1400 grains in each.— tu September 1809, Mr. W. Berkeley, of Hippie, planted some wheat in his garden; and, in November, one of the grains set forth 16 distinct branches, ' 1 bene were divided, nnd transplanted sepa- rately. This harvcit one of the branches produced 54 cars; another 5S ; and out of the latter were nibbed 1770 perfect corns I Cure for the <- aitf.—\ few days ngo as Mr. James Adams, of Norwich, and Mr. James liroad, of Drnrv- lapcj were returning to the former place, iu a chaise, through tho village of Thorpe, their horses having Utisen fright, ran the wheel of tne chaise against a post, and they Wcro both thrown out of the chaise with great violence ! Mr. B. at the time had a severe attack of tliegoat, Imt Hi? shock being so sudden the gout im- mediately leit him. Mr. B. afterwards walked to Norwich, a distance of three miles, without the least in- convenience, nor has he had the least symptom of the gout since. It appears that in Norway horse- flesh forms a com- mon article of lood. Since the year 1808 there have been killed at Christiana 40U horses, for the internal cutuuuipUou ti that town. nally a plain quadrangular building. 92 feet in height with an octangular lantern on the top, 15 feet ant! a half high, surrounded at its base with a gallery. Colonial Produce,— It is satisfactory lo know that the enemy's decrees, however rigidly executed, cannot produce any great injury to the Colonial interests of this country. With ragard to Sugar, the principal article of Colonial produce, the quantity annually imported from our own plantation? was proved, by tho official returns laid before the Distillery Committee of the House of Commons, in 1807, to be 270,000 hhds. The same authority shews the regular consumption of these kingdoms to be 200,000 hhds, and the distilleries now consume 50,000 more, leaving a disposable surplus of Only 20,( 100 lihds. per annum. This quanti y is so in- adequate to supply tbe demand for exportation, that since the substitution of sugAr for grain in the dis- tilleries, the glut then on hair has completely disap- peared; for the returns of the West India Dock Com- pany prove that the quantity in their warehouses, on the 16th of June last, including foreign as well as British Plantation sugar, was Only 18,430 casks, equal but to fivd weeks consumption. The sugar of the present year has been unusually short, so that, in all probability, we shall be obliged " to admit the sugars df Martinique and Guadaloupe into li< ime consumption. Bonaparte, in hil rage, deals out his blows at random, qnd often misses his aim. In this case they fall not upon British planters, but upon French planters; upon the inhabitants of Martinique and Guadaloupe, whose sugars are excluded frbm the home consumption of Great Britain, and can be sold for exportation alone; When thp captiire ot these, cdlonies was announced, he boasted that they would be. restored to him at a pence, improved by British possession, and enriched by British capital} but if they are restored to him again, he will find theui destitute both of capital and credit, and ruined by the effect of his own measures, Willi re- spect to coffee; the British Legislature has judiciously reduced the duty on home consumption of that article, if imported froni the British Plantations, so asto bring it into gerieral uie ; thus securing an exclusive market for their produce s and, therefore, in this instance, as in the former, the Restrictions imposed by Bonaparte upon the importation of it into the Continent, fall upon the produce of the foreign, not of the British Colonies; and are felt by the foreign, not by the British planter. Libeli.— In the Court of King's Bench, on Monday, the Attorney General moved, that the sentence of the Court should be passed on John Gale Jones, found guilty, at the sittings after last term, of a libel on Lord Castlereagh;— Mr. Jones addressed the Court in miti- gation of his offence ; and the Attorney General replied. Lord Ellertborough ordered that tbe defsndant be com- mitted to Newgate, and brought up for sentence on that day fortnight.-^ Tbe Attorney General then moved for judgment against Mr. Fionerty; but an affidavit being read by Counsel, stating, that the defendant was delayed od his passage from Ireland, and was expected in town every hour, the Attorney General consented to delay the motion for a reasonable time. Notice to quit.— la the Court of King's Bcnch on Saturday, the Attorney General ap lied for a rule to shew cause why a new trial should not be granted in an ejectment cause, where the plaintiffs had been nonsuit- ed, in consequence of the notice to quit having been given by a person who described himself as agent for the executors of the former landloid, such agent hav- ing no rittea authority to that effect from the parties for whom he described himself as acting, uor any power of Attorney from them. The Attorney General sub- mitted, that to a person who was agent for the landlord, such authority might be conveyed by parole, and that a written order to this effect was not necessary. A notice to quit might even be given by parole.— Lord Ellen- borough said, a notice to quit might surely be given by parole, if given by the landlord himself. It would be giving too great a laxity to the rule, however, to hold, that a notice given bj a person who described himself as agent for another, but Who had no written order to that effect to exhibit to the tenant on whom he sen ed the notice, and who could no other- wise convince him that he was actually vested with that character, than that he held it by parole, was a sufficient notice, which the tenant was bound to obey. What security could a tenant who obeyed such a notice, from a person who might really have no authority to serve him with it, have, thai he might not, after he had quilted the premises, be still sued for the rent, and subjected to the payment of it.' To give effect lo a notice to quit, given by a person acting in the capacity of agent, it was necessary thai there should be a Power of Attorney, or some other authority in writiug. Transferred by Land Tax Redeemed - 23 643,54' 1 Ditto by Life Annuities purchased - - 1,279,080 On Account of Great Britain - - - - .192,114,159 Ditto of Ireland - 7,412.310 Ditto of Imperial Loan . . . . - 1,107,925 Ditto of Loan to Portugal --..-' 43,518 # 200,6,73,012 ensuing quarter i Total • The sum to be expended ip the o£ 3, IS 1,899 3s, 9,|. French Privateers.— The narrowest part of the English Channel, under the wry nose of our Come nianders, swarms with French privateers, to the ntjn of our merchants and the destruction of our trade, and this after paying a heavy duty for protection. Now, if England had not a navy superior lo the whole world, and the full command of the seas, such destruction might be pardonable. One serious observation might be made, narpely, that without trade to suppoit them, the great number of our snips of war are nothing; if tbey afford the merchantmen protection, the . mer- chantmen will be able to support them ; they mutually render each other assistance; but as the crews of ships of war cannot eat gunpowder and cunnon tails, the Admiralty should d rect their services to the protection of our trade, and adopt some systematic plan of re- pressing the depredations of French privoteers.— Oh that the Channel could be cleared of strangers as easily as the Gallery I The French Chamber of Arts has presented lo M. Apperl, a premium of 12,000 francs, for his recent invention of preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, and all kinds of animal food, and even vegetable substances, several years, on condition that his method be made public for the general good. Au inquest was held at Hulme, near Caverswall, Staffordshire, a few days ago, on the body of Hantiah Greatrex, a beautiful child, aged four years, who was burnt to death, in the absence of her parents, who had incautiously left the deceased, and another infant child in the house, unprotected by any one, the house itself being nearly a mile distauj, from any other. On the mother's return from the coalpit, whither she had gone for coals, she found the deceased standing near an inner door, her clothes completely burnt away, and herself a miserable spectacle, except only her facc, which had received no injury. What renders this ca- tastrophe more singular, the deceased, it appears, had when on fire, gone to her infant sister then on the bed, aud communicated the flames to the bed, which was literally consumed to ashes ; but the youug thild prp- videutly received not the slightest injury, notwithstand- ing some part of its clothes had suffered from the flames. The deceased languished in extreme pain till relieved by death ihe following morning ; but bad previously informed her parents, that upon her endeavouring to reach from the chimney- piece her mother's huswife; the fire had caught her frock. And on Monday lasi, a similar occurrence happened at Romford, to Hannah Copestake, a child of the age of seven years, wtlo, in the absence of both her parents, then at labour at a considerable distance, on her endeavouring to place au article on the chimney- piece, bad her clothes entirely consumed by the fire of the grate, and herself mise - ably burnt. She survived a few hours oniyj evpry possible means, in the meipi while, having been exerted for her restoration without effect.—- Verdicts, { incidental death. The CORDIAL BALM OF GILF. AD Is a restorative, unequalled, a bracer of the whole animal functions. This- remedy, this Bahn is now in the htglies' fepute; it is re- sorted to by the first nobility and gentry iu the united king- dom ; every day adds more'encomiutilsl" to the virtues Of thij exalted medicine thou can possibly be pub'islied, yet tho- t cases which from time to time have appealed in the public prints are so con'iiucing, well attested, and extraordinary io their nature, lhat, that person must be yoid of belief in- deed, who does not attach ci edit to them. BANKRUPTS— NOVEMBER 10. Joshtil firookman, of Winchester, tanner November 28, 29, December 22, at the George, Winchester.— William Cha'torton, ot Manchester, contcetii. ncr, November 19. 26, Dcc- mber 22, ai the Mosjey Arms Inn, Manchester — William Greetihow, of Man- chester, merchant, November 20. 27 De- ember 22, at the Bridge- water Arms, Manchester.— Thomas Strickland and Thomas Newhv Rrickwood, of Liverpool, merchant-, December 4,' 5, 227 at IHie Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— J. din Bail, Wirt Batiks, and- George lire KIN, of King- street, Clreajiside, wholesale I'm en drapers, SJo- vember 13, 29, December 22, at Guildhall, London.— Thomas Philp, of Holbom, primer, November 13 11, D. ceinlier at Guildhall— Thomas George Barton, and Wil'iath White Bar on, of Liverpool, merchants, November 23, 29, December 22, at l- hc Globe Tavern, Liverpool.—. Isaac Pearson, © fCheupside, Norwich shawl- manufacturer, November 12,19, Dei ember 8' 2, at 0 mliltia'!. —. 1 eh 11 Reynolds, of Swansea, tanner, NovejUlrer 26, 27, De eeni"!?:' 22. at the Bush Inn, Sua: sen — Jo- epli Pemberton. nl Wood End, Walsall, Staffordshuie, caw- dealer, November 28,- 29, December 22, at the Littleton's Arm- Inn, penkriilge -— Joseph Round, of Dudley, Worcester, cordwau. er, Novemb- r 25, ' 29, December 22, at the Littleton's Arms Intl. Penkr i* e.--.! obn Div; es Bird, of Card- fT, fi li tn irganshire, bookseller. Nov- mber 7, 28. December 22, at Guildhall — Mare Edward fiuuibertsoo, of Kingston- upun- Hiill, sp- rit merchant. November 16, 2( 1, De- cemher22, a( the Dog and Duck Tavern, Kio-'. loii- ilpoti- Hiill — William Harper, ol' Maiiclie.- ter. e. tton manuiaetuirer, November ' 21, 28, December 22, at the George Inn, Manchester — John Soulhv, of Barnard Castle D. uham. bookseller. November 21. 22, December 22, at the King's Head Inn, Barnard Ca tie — William Ford, of Beckington, Somerset, mait ter, November 13, 17, De- cetniier 22, at Guildhall London.— Geprge Murphv, of Bread- street, Cheapside, calico primer, Novernoe 17, 21, December 22, at Guildhall.— Thomas Ciavlon, ot Maidenhead, Berks, primer, November 13, 24, December 42. at Gwl ' ball— Mane Simeon, of Bath, lace- merchant, November 17, 27, December 22, at Guild- hall.— Jos- boa Haworth, jun. oi Km^- ton upon- Hull, merchant, November 13,. 21, December 22, at the N ptimclnti, Kingston upon- tlliiH. — James Strickland, of Stourpori, Worcestershire, skinner, November 28, 29, Dtwmner 22, at fire Star and Garier. WoreeMer.- t- Edw. Wickham Dickenson, ot Liverpool, merchant, December 3, 4, 22, al the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— Henry Fourdrinier, of i anuon- striet, London, and Sealv Fojrdrinier. of Charing Cross, paper- manufacturer, November 17, 24, December G » i! dl, allf— Wm. Datlir. j, » f ¥< nk- stre » i, LoefcV- Selds, Soulli- wark, victualler, November - 26, December 3, 22, al Guildhall. Novi- WBEIT 13 > FI>* « C Eyre, of Charipg Cross, Middlesex, trunk- maker, November 17. 20, Decembei J>, at Gqildha I.— William Wood, of High- Street. Lambeth, sirrre-', copper, No- vember 17, 24, December 25, at Guildhall — Henrv Lee, of Hal- barton, Devonshire, shop'aceper, December 17. 16, ¥ 5. al the T( irw. Tuns Jnn, Tiverton, Devonshire. — Feeder'ck Cling, ol Church Court, Clement's lane, London, merchant, November 17, 24, December 2i, at Guildhall— Phireas de Ramck I'oiedano. of Great Pre. cott street, 0 "( 1 Plants Fields. Midt|! cscj(, merchant, November 20, 27 December » t Guildhal' - Wdliam [ tanks, John Bull, and George Bryton. of King street, Cheapside, Tun- d(| n, linen drapers. Nov. 15, gg, Dcc. 25, at Guildhall Seal/ Fourdrinier and William Sale, of (' hating Cross, Middlesex, stationers, Nov. 17, 24, Dcc. 25. at Guildhall.— John Easterliv. of Rplhethilhe. Surrey, rope maker, Nov. 19. 26, Dec. ' 25. at Guild- liall.- rjoho Tillrv. of' Capital! Court, Tinoitruiiton- strce', Lon- don, insurance broker, Nov. 17, 2- t, Dec ' 25, at GuijrlMI.— r Thomas Mank'ii, ol Peckham, Suriev, coal factor, Nov 17 24, D c. 25, at Guildhall.— Michael Rayn'es, and William Rawtree, of of Blue Anchor Road, Surrey, ghie manufacturers, N. iv 15, 26, Dee. 2:>, 0- Guildhall— Charles Poulton, of Read ng, Berkshire, cab. net maker, Nov. « o, 07, Dee. 25. r. i Guildhall Hehrv May, ot Bristol, corn factor, Nov. 14, 26, Dcc. 25. ai ihe Rummer Tavelll, All Saints Lane, Bustol Richard Wins'anley the younger, of King- street, Cheapsidc, L ndon, and George Hudson, of Manchester, varehonseihw, Nov. 17, Dec. 4, 85. Guildhall. --- Robert Berrirlgc, of Islington, Middlesex, merchai. il, N > v. 17, Dec. 4, 25, at Guild halt.— Thomas Lee, of Poland Street. QsEhrdx street, Middlesex, coach maker, jfov. 17, £) ee. 4. 2i, al Guild hail. - » - Wil| am Bolfe, of Lower Edmonton, Middlesex, victualler, Nov, • 20, 27, Dec. 25, al Gil Idliali— Wilii. uii Stacev, of Fromley, Surrey, horse dealer, Nov. 24, Dec. 1, 25, at Guildhall. Hats and Mice EFFECTUALLY DESTROYED, BY J. SMITH. THIS REMEDY, which has rir? ver - failed wfirro a sufficient Quantity has been used, is in Ik, about the SiEe of a X « -, one of which is sufficient todes'rovthe largest Rat, and, broken into Pieces, wilt kill sin Mic « . They will eat the Pills in Pfeferenee to all Kinds of Food, and never cease eating iVbile one exists ; yet no Cat will touch them unless starved with Hunger; and as ' he Vermin neither eat, drink, or vomit, after oating of tlw Pills, they cannot infect any Thing; therefore tihev mav be put with SRfety in Lardeis, Dairies,- Granaries, Chejewi- R'ionis. Corn- Stacks, Pastrycook- Shops, nor is there the least Danger in handling them. Thev will - bear oarrying by Sea or Laud, anil retain their V. rtue several- Years. The Pills may be had, with printed Directions inclosed iii each Packet, 24 Pilis for Is.— SO for 2s. fid. and so ii> Proportion for anv Quantity, Wholesale or Retail, « f W, fiDoo- wrs, Pi inter of this Paper, Shrewsbury ; slso of Painty Wrexham ; Baugh, Ellesmere ; Houktons, Wellington j Smith, Iron Bridge and Wenlock ; Silvester, Newport; Par. trid* e, Bridgnorth ; Miurtiall, Oswestry ; Waidson, Welsh Pool; Wright, Whitchurch; Piocter, Drayton; Griffiths, Ludlow ; and Wrmht, Printer, Hereford. If Rats or Mice are found living in anv Plac* > vher » the. Pills are left untouched for three successive Nights, if laid down aecoidit g to the Directions m the rackets, tbe Proprietor will attend personally, and kill them Gratis. CHILBLAINS are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching'iiistanOy lemoved by WHITE- HEAD'. bSSl'NCE OF MUSTARD, universally esteemed or ts extraordinary efficacv in Rheumatisms, Palate*. Souty Affections, and Complaints of the Stomach ; but- wbere thi » certain remedy hss been unknown" ™ - neglncted, and theChil- b ams have ae'uallv suppurated, or h'rolTe WHITEHEAD'S FAMILY CERATE will ease the pain, and verv soeedilv heal them. They are prepared and sold bv R. JOHSSTO*, Apoihecarv. 15, Greek- Street, Soho, London, the Essence and Pills at 2s. Oil each— the Cerate at Is. lid. They are also sold by KDDOWP. S, New I ing, and Palin, Shrewsbury; Painter, VVrejc- hainj Baugh, Ellesmere; Houlstons, & Mobbs, Wellington; Silvester, Newport; Prodgers, Ludlow ; Partridge. & Gitton, Bridgnorth ; Edwards, Price, and Minshall, 0 » westry; and by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom, The genuine has a black ink Stamp with the Name of R. Johnston, riserted on it. Dreadful slate of Holland.— A. gentleman who has recently arrived tiom Holland states, that the accounts which have appeared in the English papers, ot the distress occasioned iu that country by Bonapaitels decrees, for the prohibition of all commerce, arid of the rigour with which those decrees are executed, fall very far short of the 11 nth. No person can go even a mile out of town without being minutely searched, bath upon his leaving it, and upon his return : and if be - hould happen to meet au offle. er of the customs ( Drummer) in his walk the same ceremony is repeated The search for ( irohibited good-, in the houses of individuals, is carried on, • if possible, in a mire vexatious manner. The officers very frequently chuse to make tbeir search in the middle of the night; every individual in the house is forced to get up im- mediately, and eveiy drawer, chest, closet, & c. must, be opened, ' tins visit and examination may be repeated jn- t as often as the officer pleases, aud the slightest opposition is punished with the most unrelenting severity But the mea- sure of Bouapart* which has spread tbe greatest misery and desolation throughout Holland, was his annihilating at once tivo- thirds of the public debt, and thus robbing the public creditors of two thirds of their property. By this atrocious „ aet of violence, an immense number of families have been ' '•*'*> at'Guildhall.- John Richardson, of Berwick- upon- Tweed, Dr. Smiths Ploughman^ s Drops. FOR THE CURE OF SCURVY, KING'S EVIL, LVENEREAL COMPLAINTS, & C. ONG wished for is come at lust! What's that ? W;, y Dr. SMlTIJ's PLOUGHMAN'S DROPS; wkjch, in it vi upstanding the Efforts of mterested Men, are now in the highest Repute; and the Cuies daily performed, in Cas « « which hate baffled the Skill uf the most eminent Practitionei*, . re so numerous, and attested by such res pec table Witnesses as to prove beyond the possib litv of Contradiction, thek Superiority over aov other Medicine in the United Kingdom. KING'S EVIL. TO J) R. SMITH. DEAR SIR— As I am not used to write much, 1 humbly io. form, von, lor the benefit of mankind, that my daughter Martha Jelib at tile age of 7 years, was shockirgl. v afSicted with the King's Evil. In 1803, she was recomiivwided by a lady as an out- patient to the Infirmary, in wbipfc situation she remained until 1505, wi bout receiving any laeuefit. I was then advised to iry the Ploughman's Drops, which I did., and thank G « 1 I soon found, without the help ofthe surgeon's knife, or burning hot caustic, that mv dear daughter io tti# short space of three months « js perfectly cuned, aud neaiajo* at this time quite sound. I must obsoive that the ulcere round h « r poor little neck were enough to ihocjc the heart of any one. I am, dear Mr. Smith, yoyr's, WM. JEiSIS. Wroekwardine, Jan. 17, 1803. S^ T" MV daughter may be seen any dav, n a ( wing witness of the good your blessed Ploughman's Drops » re capable of doing. These Drops ute to be had in squaw ^ Bottles, w'rfb Words moulded on each, " Mr. Smith's P. otigkmtin's Drnps," ( all others are spurious), at .£ 1 2s. tbe large, and Us. the small. Duty included, at the Doctor's House, Upton Magna, near Shrewsbury ; of W. EBDOWES, Printer of this Paper, in Shrewsbury ; Capsey, Wellington ; Mr. Yeats, Salt Ware- house, Iron Bridge; Gitton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth; ster, Newport,- Griffiths, Ludlow; Knu? b, Ellesmere; reduced to absolute beggary. During the last few years, many of the most respectable D'itch merchants, in conse- quence i. f ttie impediments thrown in Ihe way of trade, had withdrawn their cap tals, and placed them in the lurids.— The.- e are now utterly ruined, because, though one third of the » r capital is nominally left them, yet, iu the present state ofthe finances, there is but little chance that the interest, even upon that third, will be paid. Every appearance of trade has vanished; the merchants have shut up their count- ing- houses ; and, of course, all the persons in their service have been dismissed without the possibility of obtaining any employment. But the most distressing part of tins statement is that which relates to the hospitals and charitable institutions Their chief, and, indeed, their only support, was the property they had in the funds, lor, in the present wretched state of Holland, it is in vain to look for voluntary contributions By Bonaparte's decree respecting the public funds, these in stitutions were at once deprived of all their resources, aud of course the unhappy objects whom they- supported have tieeu left destitute. Upwards of 10,000 unfortunate beings hare in conscqucuce of tnis measuie been turned out of hospitals and other charitable institutions, to perish aud starve iu the streets. The gentleman who gives tins afflicting relation saw, within these three weeks, numuers of creatures lytng in the streets of Amsterdam, and actually dying for want. In the midst of fheiie scenes of wretchedness, the French officers and soldiers betray tne most unfeeling baibarity, and the most wanton insolence: they are in general quartered upon such of the inhabitants as stiTl letain any poruon of property ; 12. 14, ui even 16, of them are sometimes quaitered upon one individual. Sueh is tne almost unparalleled state of misery o which that once rich aud happy country has been ieduced ; and all this complicated mass of human wretchedness has oeen p'Oiluced by the unprincipled ambition, and the alto ctous cruelty of one man. Bonaparte and his darling have betaken themselves lo a new species of diversion. An article fro u Fon- tainbleuu of the 2Sth jay si—" The daj before yester- day their Majesties ton It the amusement of the chase at the hermitage of Frauclurd. A circular enclosure was prepared, into which SO wild boars were driven : at a signal given, all the Hunters fired on the animals, and they were in an instant brought down." merchant, November 24, December 1, 22, at Gu ldhall. London. '-• George Schofield, ot Shrewsbury, lira tier, December 10, '. 1, 22, at the Crown, near the B itter Cross, Shrewsbury.— Thomas Bod - dington, of Northampton, mercer ard draper, December 3, 4, at ttie Sa acen's Head, Towcester; and 22. at the Angel Inn, Northampton — John llo^ ell, of Chester, Imcn- dra^ r, Novem- ber 22, 23, December 22, at the P a l. ers Inn. Chester— Thomas Bell, of Nicholas lane, m- rckant, November 17, 24. December 22, at Guildhall — Richard Plulp, junior, aud William Goslin, junior, of Great St. Helen's, up, ol- terers, November 17, 24, December ® , al . Guildha l — Richard Kob\. of Bucklersbar-, warehouseman, November 17, - 24, December 28, at Gmldhill— Nathaniel James, of Manchester, victual er, Novem er 19 26 December 22, at the Mosley Arms Inn, Manchester.— A< l" lnhas Nurdblad and Hub- berstv Middletoii, of Kingston- npon- Hull, merchant!, Nov. 16, 17, Dec. 22, at ihe Geoige Irtn, King, ton- upon- Hull.— Henry John Birkett, oi' Norton Falja'e, Bishopsgale- streel Without, cheesemonger, November 17, 27, December 22. at Guildhall— Hcnrv Cuiley, oi Brewer- street, Golden- square, grocer, Novem ber 17, 27, December 22. at Guildhall.— ftunas Terry, of Chatham, Kent, trroccr, November SO. 21, December ( 22, at Guildhall.— Adam Morton, of limn Common, Burre. i corn- dealer, November 13.40, Dccemb r 22, at Guildhall.— William Thornrrcr of Monmoulh- street, '' eve D, « ls, grocer, Novemlier 13, 17, December 22 al Guildhall,— Wi ham Blore, ot Kmghtj- bridge, carpenter, Novemlier W 17, December $ 1, at Guildhall.-- johl Tithiriogton, of Liverpool, merchant, December 3, 4, 22, at the Geoige, Lverpool.— lames Maim, of Harhury, Warwick- shire, draper, December U, 21. ai the Bell, Shipston- up « n- Stmir — Samuel Howuith ot Wilk'y, Surrev, lurtirr, Novcii. Ocr 20, 24 December 22, aiGuilriMWyWillinui Buruham Shaw, ui' St Paul's Church-) aid, vi irehousenun, November 17._ ii4. De- cienilier 22, ai Guildhall.— J„ i< is, c hamp, of Cbicnester. money- serivenei, November 17, 27, De enroer 22 at Gaildhall, London. — James S'l and William W. i son, oi Liverpool, merchants. De- cembers. 4, 22, at tbe Globe Tavern, Liverpool — I'll itnas Hay- cock, ot Whitec'hapel, victualler, Nove noer 13 21, December 82, at Gu Iclhali.— Joiuihiu Mopkiu , ot Worcester, dealer and chap- man, Di- cemocr 3, 4, 2C m the Hop Pole Inn, Worcester.— I'lioma, Croit Httxlvv, ol Liverpool, grocer. November 17,12", Decemtxr 22, ai tSuildnall, — Wdliain Cioaley, Samuel Groslev, and John Cro I v, llulhii , Halifax, Yorkshire, woollen manj- taciurers, Novemoer 13, 24, Ueieiuoer 22, at Guildhall.— James Dent, of Quebec stree-., Poiiman- suuare, butcher, November 17, 21, December 2- 2, at Guildhall.— lohn SnetcU Brickwood, of Stoke JS'ewrngtou, brewer, Novem er 17. Dec- ember 1,22, at Guildhall. — George Hooper, ( if Long. alio, Moo- tield*, November 13,24, December 22, ai Guildhail.— James Comb, ot Upper Cleveland- street, Fttjroy- square, bailor, November 13,84, ileteuiber 22, at Silve Jones, Whitchurch; Procter, Drayton; Price, Oswev. ry , Painter, Wrexham ; and Waidson, Welshpool. WITHERS's COK. DIAL BALM of QUITO, Price 2s Sd is tne best remedy io the it nverse for Nervous Complaints, the most powerful restoiative and re- animating lialin of life and Health, and the safest and bc » t medicine in the world. It is not pretended tbat tbis medi- cine can arrest the progress of nature; but it is a. ssert « d, and proved, that it will restore health even where the con- stitution appears to have been irreparablv injured. Those who have impaired their health by a residence in hot anil unhealthy climates ; ( the young of cither jex, whose infir- mities threaten premature old age, a life of misery, and an early dissolution ; and those imve advauced in years, whose tottering sapless frames appeal withered and almost worn • ait, arc: the more immediate objects of this soothing Balm, the benign mfiuence of which may be extended to the whole class of Valetudinarians. Fur in all cases and in ail ages, where the solids are relaxed, where the constitution has re- ceived a shock, or is bv anv means debilitated, this RK- 8TOKATIVE and ltE- ANIMATING BALM of LIFE and HEAL I'll will produce the happiest effects; tbe cold and tremulous nerves will lie warmed and steadied; the relaxed fibies will be braced nnd rendered firm ; the muscles will b-- invigurated ; the - sinews will be strengthened; the emaciated limhs will be covered with linn flesh ; the exhausted vessels will be replenished ; the impoverished watery blood will be- come rich and Oalsamic, and its languid circulation testored to the sanative impetus ; which is the trite criterion of health; the languid drooping spirits will be revived and exhilarated; digestion will be prom ited ; in short, the tone of the nerves will be restored, and by these means the whole constitution will be renovated; Feebleness, lassitude, anxiety, melan- choly, aud nil the deplorable symptoms of disease will vanish; and strength, ardour, serenity, and every evidence of re- novated health will be the happy result of taking this inesti- mable Balm in due time, according to the diieciions for use which accompany each bottle. The Coidial Balm ot Quito is pre| K » red and sold by W. WITHERS, Chemist, Str: » nd, London, and retail by W. Kuuowss, Wood and Wattou, Shrewsbury, and all respectable Medicine Venders, Price 2s. 9d. jier bottle. I'rinled and published by fP. Editows, Com- Market, Shrewsbury.
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