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Nottingham Journal


Printer / Publisher: George Stretton George Stretton
Volume Number: 69    Issue Number: 3541
No Pages: 4
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Nottingham Journal
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Nottingham Journal

Death of Lord Collingwood
Date of Article: 21/04/1810
Printer / Publisher: George Stretton George Stretton
Address: No.14, Long Row, Nottingham
Volume Number: 69    Issue Number: 3541
No Pages: 4
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Additional information:
Extract from obituary of Lord Collingwood

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( KOfi And Newark, Mansfield, Gainsburgh, Retford, Worksop, Grantham, Chesterfield, and Sheffield General Advertiser* Fo/. 6 9 . — N o . 3541.] SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 1810. [ Price Sixpence, or i ' l . J s . per Atmum.- T i - - , Y - - T T - - T — — — •' '. • '. I Printed and published by G E O R G E S T R E T T O N , N ° . 1 4 , L O N G R O W , and circulated with the greatest expedition, through all the Towns and populous Villages in this and the adjoining Counties.— All Prdjira addressed FP the Putjliiher, or tlie Agents in the different Towns, will be carefully attended to, and the Paper sent franked toiny Part of the kingdom. ' ' SUNDAT and TUESDAT's MAILS. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, April 14. DOWNING STREET, April 9. Extract of a letter from discount Wellington, « fte £ ari o/" Liverpool, daftti Vigea, March 28,1810. The French corps under the command of Marshal Ney, aud that under Loison, and Kellerman's corps, are in old Castille, and in positions on the Tormes, with their advanced posts upon the Agueda. The advanced posts of the British army, under Brigadier- General Crauford, are likewise upon the Agueda, and between that river and the Coa. The French attacked the post at Barba del Puerco, which was occupied by four companies of the 95th regiment, under Lieutenant- Colonel Beckvvith, on the night of the 19th inst.— Immediately opposite Barba del Puerco, on the other side of the river, is Saint Felices, and between these two villages the only bridge on the Agueda below Cindad Roderigo; and the recent fall of rain had filled the river, which was no where fordable. The enemy had collected a brigade of infantry at Saint Felices, and crossed the bridge with 600 men, after dark; keeping the remainder on the other side. These followed the piquet of the 95th up from the bridge, and immediately made their attack; but they were repulsed with the loss of two officers and seven men killed, and six prisoners and thirty firelocks.— I am sorry to add, that Lieut. Mercer, of the 95th, and three ijieu, were killed, and ten were wounded, in this affair ; which was highly creditable to Colonel Beckwith, and displayed the gallantry and discipline of the officers and troops under his command. The Adjutant Lieutenant Stewart distinguished himself. A D M I R A L T Y O F F I C E , April 1 4 , 1810.— Admiral Lord Cambier has transmitted to John Wilson Croker, Esq. a letter from Capt. Malcolm, of his Majesty's ship theRhin, stating his having captured, on the 22d of last month, the Navarrios French privateer, carrying 10 guns and 152 men, out four days from Bayonne.— Rear- Admiral Sir Richard Strachan has also transmitted to J. W. Croker,' Esq. a letter he had received from Capt. Mounsher, of his Majesty's sloop the Drake, giving an account of his having, on the 9th instant, captured, off the Texel, the Tilsit French privateer, carrying 18 guns, of difterent calibres, and 6 4 men. LONDON, APRIL 16. Dutch papers to the loth instant have been received. They contain the copy of a new Treaty between France and Holland, which was ratified at Paris on the 91st ult. One article in the treaty says, " Until Great Britain shall rescind those Orders in Council of the year 1807, all commerce shall be prohibited between England and Holland." It appears also, that the whole of Zealand and Brabant, the territory between the Meuse and Waal, including Nimeguen, together with the Bomnielerwaard, and the territory of Altona, have been ceded to France. That America may not go without punishment, the treaty places under sequestration not only the American merchant s which has reached the ceded provinces of Holland; but that too which has been imported into the rest of the United Provinces, since tho beginning of 1809. The treaty is followed by a proclamation of King Louis, addressed to the inhabitants of the ceded countries, in vhich he announces their transfer to France, and relieves them from their oath of allegiance to him. The Dutch Government engages to keep afloat nine sail of the line, and six frigates, besides a number of gun boats, to be ready for sea in June next. The German papers received on Friday state, under the head of Paris, March 19, that on the preceding day the daughter of the Senator Lucien Bonaparte arrived in that city ; Lucien, either disgusted with the apostacy of Napoleon, or fearing for the permanence of his power, has long declined to partake of his fortune : the arrival of his daughter at Paris, is probably the signal of a reconciliation between the two brothers. We also find, from these papers, that the blessings of the military conscription are to be extended to Naples, Denmark, and all the other countries and states which enjoy the benefit of French fraternity !! The following is an extract of a letter received fcy a gentleman from Cadiz :— CADIZ, March 22.— This very morning a plot has been discovered to deliver up the ships in the Bay to the enemy. Twenty- five of the principal ring- leaders have been arrested, and among them an officer, who was detected the other night malting signals to the enemy, at the instant a sortie was leaving the town. Mr. M'Kenzie, who is to negociate an exchange of prisoners of war between France and England, embarked at Plymouth on Friday, on board a cartel trawl boat, lying in the Sound, and sailed immediately for Morlaix. Admiral Cotton has set sail in the Lively frigate, to succeed J. ord Collingwood on the Mediterranean station. The Gleaner ketch has received orders to proceed directly to Isle Sombrero, to search for the remains of Jeffrey, the seaman who was landed from the Recruit, 18, Capt. J. ake; and if not found there, or any remains of him, she i « to proceed to Philadelphia, and obtain a description of his person, and the circumstances attending his being sent a- shore advertised in all the Government and other Papers in America. The Thais sloop of war, on her passage home, off the Island of Bermuda, spoke his Majesty's sloop Goree, Capt. Byng, who informed her, that two days before, she fell in with a vessel from that island, who told her that the Thistle schooner, of six guns, had fallen in with and captured a Batavian East Indiaman, of ten guns, said to be worth 400,000 dollars. The East Indiaman hoisted American colours; upon a shot being fired from the Thistle, she hauled down the American colours, hoisted Uatavian, and returned a broadside; when, after an action of fix hours, she struck to the Thistle. She proved to be a ship from Batavia, bound to America, having on board Admiral Hartsink ( who was desperately wounded), with all his property. The Thais brought home only four pri- — Ajuyte letters, and these in answer to the four she had carried out. Sir Francis Burdett has served the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Serjeant at Anns, with notice of an action in the Court of King's Bench, for an assault and false imprisonment. His notice to the Speaker was read in the House of Commons on Friday. The right claimed by the House of Commons, and acted upon by the Serjeant at Arms, will thus receive a legal discussion and decision. COPY OF A L E T T E R TO T H E SPEAKER. To the Right Honble. Charles Abbot, Speaker of the House of Commons. " SIR,— You having, on or about the 9th day of April instant, as Speaker of the House of Commons, forcibly broke and entered the dwelling- house of me, the undersigned Francis Burdett, situate in Piccadilly, iu the parish of Saint James, Westminster, in the county of Middlesex ; and having also, on the said 9th day of April, caused me to be apprehended, and unlawfully committed to a certain prison, called his Majesty's Tower of London, a id t « be there imprisoned, and yet kept and detained in prison there, without any reasonable or probable cause whatsoever,— I do, therefore, according to the form of the statute in such case made and provided, hereby give you notice, that I shall, at or soon after the expiration of one calendar month from the time of your being served with this notice, cause a bill to be filed against you, in his Majesty's Court of King's Bench, at Westminster, and a writ of summons, to be thereupon sued out of his Majesty's said Court of King's Bench, at Westminster, against you, at my suit, for the said trespass and false imprisonment, and shall proceed against you, thereupon, according to law. " Your's, & c. " FRANCIS BURDETT." " Dated this 12th day of April, 1810." In consequence of the disgraceful riots and disturbances which took place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday se'nnight, in Piccadilly and other parts of Westminster, Government has offered the following reward :— " For the detection of the persons who were concerned in firing at and wounding our subjects employed by the Civil Magistrates iu keeping our. peace, and iu preventing such unlawful proceedings, We are graciously pleased to promise, that if any person shall discover any other person or persons who, directly or indirectly, was or were concerned in firing at and wounding any of our subjects as aforesaid, so as that the person or persons discovered may be prosecuted for the same, such discoverer shall have and receive, as a reward, upon conviction of such offender or offenders, the sum of £ 500. and also our gracious pardon for the said offence, in case the person making such discovery shall himself he liable to be prosecuted for the same, and shall not be one of the persons who actually fired at, or wounded, any of our loving subjects as aforesaid." A proclamation, signed by the Secretary of State,, was issued on Thursday, offering a reward of =£ 500. for the apprehension of the person who fired at Mr. Stephen Cowel, Ensign in the Coldstream Guards. The paper states, that Mr. Cowel was proceeding from Old Palace Yard, Westminster, to the Horse Guards, about twelve o'clock on Monday night, when, opposite to St. Margaret's church, he heard the report of a gun or pistol, and saw the flash; at that moment he felt his hat go from his head, and on taking it up', he fiiund it perforated by u ball.. This morning, about half past eight o'clock, all the cavalry in and necfcLoudotf, t'ogether with a large body of horse artillery, assembled in Hyde Park, on the horse rides leading to Kensington, where they passed in review before the Commander in Chief. The Prince of Wales, aqd all the Royal Dukes were present. The whole body amounted to about five thousand men, who made as fine an appearance as any troops ever did in the world.— The review ended by ten o'clock. The horse and foot collected in and round the metropolis, in consequence of the late disturbances, independently of the Volunteers, amounted to 19,600 men.— A reserve of 1.5,000 more were within a day's march of the capital. The East India Company intend to apply to Parliament for a loan. Although the pecuniary affairs of the Company are deficient in England, it is stated, that in Bengal they have a surplus in specie, of three millions sterling, and this reference to Parliament was not determined upon until the Company had considered that it would be injurious forheir interests to bring the above surplus home.— The ships going out, contrary to the former practice in the export to India, are to take no specie with them. GRANTHAM CANAL NAVIGATION. T^ HE General Annual Assembly or M'eeting of the Company of Proprietors of this Undertaking, will be held at tile Black Moor's Head Inn, in Nottirktliani, on Thursday the 3d Day of May next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Morning, for currying the Acts into Execution, and transacting such Business respecting the said Canal Navigation as may then appear necessary. Blank Proxies are left at the Bar of the Black Moor's Head Inn, Nottingham; where, as well as by Application to the Clerk, they may be hid gratis; anil it is requested that those Proprietors who cannot attend will make Application for such Proxies accordingly. WM. OSTLER, Clerk to the Company. Grantham, 11th April, 1810. WORKSOP, Nottinghamshire. T O BE S O L D BY PRIVATE C O N T R A C T , IN O N E LOT, ALL that Newly- erected FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, wfiiate near a Street in WORKSOP,. in the County of Nottingham, called Forest Lane, fronting towards; " and commanding a beautiful View of, Worksop Manor Park, with the Citable and other Outbuildings, Yard, Garden, Pleasure Ground, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, now in the Occupation of Major Shergold. . . " • Another MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE,' fronting the above Street, now in the Occupation orMrs. Sculthorpe. ' Another MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, having the like Front, with tht* Stable aiid other Appurtenances thereto belonging, late ill the Possession of Mr. Skynner, now deceased. And THREE other TENEMENTS- or DWELLING HOUSES, adjoining to the last- imuitioned, McWiage, with the Yard ana Appurtenances thereto''• belonging; two of them being in the Occupation of Getrfge Gillings and John Marsden, and the other late; Mr. Skyiiner's own Possession. A Plan or Ground Plot of the Estate may be seen on Application to M r . DETIIICK, or M r . CLAY, of Worksop; and further Particulars may be had of them, and at thvOffice of Messrs. WILSON and SHARPE, Solicitors, there; and of Mr. JOHN CRESSY HALL, Solicitor, in Alfreton, Derbyshire. April 2d, 1810. N O T T I N G H A M S H I R E . A P R I L , 1 8 1 0. TO TANNERS.— CAPI TAL OAK BARK. TO BE SOLD Bl~ PROPOSAL, THE BARK of 169 OAK TREES and SIX CYPHERS, now standing and numbered at Holbeck, and Holbeck Woodhouse; and of 47 OAK TREES, at Belleeau Park, near Southwell, in the County of Nottingham : Also the BARK of 96 TREES and 6 CYPHERS, at Oldcotes, near Chesterfield, in the County of Derby. Most of the Timber is of the beat Quality and good Dimensions, fit for the Navy and other Purposes, and principally growing in Hedge Rows: the Bark is of a very superior Quality. Any Persons wishing to become Purchasers, are requested to- send their Proposals, in Writing, to Mr W. I. Piciin, of Whitemoor, near Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, on or before the 1st Day of May next, stating the Quantity proposed to be taken, and at what Sum per Load of one Ton. Holbeck is five Miles from Worksop, on the Chesterfield Canal: the Bark, at this Place, will be shev/ n by John Coupe, of Bonbusk.— Belleeau Park is nine Miles from the River Trent: this Bark will be shewn by Mr. Edw. Harvey, of Belleeau Park. Oldcotes is ' live Miles from Chesterfield ; this Bark will be shewn by Mr. Humphrey Goodwin, of Heath. Wl/ ttemoor, 6th April, 1810. To farmers and others. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. CANNER, On the Premises of Mr. JAMES CHADBURN, of Trowell Moor, iu the County of Nottingham, or. Monday tbe 23d of April inst. ( Sate to commence at Ten o'Clock), AVARIETY of FARMING UTENSILS and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, as follows: ( viz.) a Cart with Rathes, Pair of small Harrows, Pair of Swingletrees, Wheel Plough, Twenty four Stave Ladder ( nearly new), a Wallow for sinking Wells, 7 Forks, 2 Rakes, 2 Weeding Spuds, Bluff Halter, Pair of Gears, Shovel, Spade, Pig Form, & c. The Household Furniture comprises three Tables, three Chairs, Stump Bedstead, Oak Chest, Set of Drawers, Cheese Press, 3 Cheese Vats, 3 Gathering Tubs, 31 Gallon Copper ( nearly new), 15 Gallon Boiler, good Side Oven, three isurrels, and other Effects. TTpY Direction of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, I do JIS hereby GlVE. NOTltE, that the E j s rm Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the saiaCounty of Nottingham will be holden at the several Places, and OIL the several Days following ( to wit) No TT I N A H A M , Monday the 30th April inst.; NEWARK, ... Wednesday the 2d May next; And EAST RETFORD,.. Friday the 4 t h : Of which all Persons who are bound by Recogtihance to appear, or who have any Business to transact at the said respective Sessions, arc required to take Notice; and all i , , . Persons who have Bills of Iudictmcnt to prefer at the said ; At the above Inn, on Wednesday the 25th Day of April Sessions, are requested to call upon the Clerk ' of the. Peace fir instant, at 1 liree o Clock in the Afternoon, ( subject to . I • I R< . 7- .• I , R „.. „•* 4.1,., 7 i J T . . s i i r . h (- onflltions as siiail t- npn hf RED LION INN, RIPLEY, DERBYSHIRE, IN T W O L O T S. T O BE S O L D BY A U C T I O N, By Mr. HICKSON, the said County the Evening before, or early in the Morning yf each Sessions Day, to give Instructions for preparing the suiet Bills, that they may be ready before the Court sits. E D W A R D S M I T H G O D F R E Y, CLERK o r THE PEACE. BOROUGH of NEWARK " J TV) Y Command •/ His MauroN TRENT, in the LJIJt jetty's Justices of the Peace, County of Nottingham \ acting HL and fur the said Borough, I 1) 0 HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS OP THE PEACE for the said Borough, will be holden at the Town Hall there, on Thursday the ' Ml Dai/ of May next, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon; of which ail Persons who are bound by Recognizance to appear, or who have any Business to transact, at the said Sessions, are required to take Notice. And all Persons who have Bills of Indictment to prefer atthesaid Sessions, are requested to cult upon the Clerk of the Peace fur th' said Borough the Evening before the Sessions Day, to give Instructions for preparing such Bills, that they may be reddy before the Court sits. W. E. TALLENTS, Cleric of the Peace of the said Borough. April 12th, 1810. such Conditions as * hall then be produced) ALL that commodious and well- accustomed Inn, called THE RED LION INN, in the Centre of the Town of RIPLEY, in the County of Derby, with excellent Stabling for 20 Horses, two Coach Houses, Granary, and other Outbuildings, Yard, Garden, and Croft, lying compact together. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. HEWITT, On the Premises at Sutton Bennington, in the County of Nottingham, on Friday the 27L! I Day of April, 1810, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, ABOUT Nine T O N S of capital HAY, in one or _ more Lots, as may be most agreeable to Purchasers at the Time of Sale, and Four capital New Milch and Ir.- calf Cows, the Property of Mr. TiiOS. SHALOVV, who is leaving his Situation at Sutton. April 17th, 1810. BLOOD HORSES TO COVER. T O COVER THIS SEASON, A T . S A K D R E C K , at T E N GUINEAS a Mare, and T EN SHILLINGS and SIXPENCE the Groom, SIR SOLOMON, by Sir Peter, out of Matron, by Fl^ rizel, out of Maiden.— All Money to be paid before the Mares are taken away, for whom there will be good Gi u s and Accommodation. N. ii. Sundbeck is 9 Miles from Doucaster, 8 from Worksop, and 7 from Bawtry. T O COVER THIS SEASON, BACCHANAL. ' - p u i s well- known Racer will Cover Blood Mares J L at Five Guineas, and Ten Shillings' the Groom ; Mares not full Blood at Three Guineas, and Five Shillings the Groom.— He will be at Newark on Wednesdays, and at Bingham on Thursdays ; the rest of the Week at Normanton, near Southwell. Bacchanal is a beautiful Brown, 6 Years old, 16 Hands high. He was got by St. George, his Dam by Mercury ( Sister to Calomel), Grandani by Herod. Marske,- Sire of Eclipse, ike. St. George was got by Highflyer, his Dam ( own Sister to Harmonia, Soldier, & c.) by Eclipse, out of Miss Spindle- shanks, by Omar, Bolton Starling, Godolphin Arabian, Curwen Bay Barb, Old Spot whife legged, Lowther Barb, out of the celebrated Vintner Mare.—( For his Performances on the Turf see too Racing Calendar.) Good Grass, & c. for Blood Mares, at Normanton, at Seven Shillings per Week. Normanton, April, 1810. T O COVER THIS SEASON, At BLYTH, in the County of Nottingham, At- Five Guineas and a Crown, Blood Mares; and Two Guineas and a Crown, Half- bred Mares, STAVELEY, got by Shuttle, dam by Drone, and Winner of the St. Leger Stakes; now the Property of H E N R Y CHADBOURN.—( For Staveley's Performances see the Racing Calendars for 1805, 1£ 06, and 1807.) Good Grass for Mures, with proper Care, at 7s. per Week. The JHoney to be paid at Midsummer. 4 Prizes of. =£ 20,000 12 1,000 20 100 T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. OWSTON, At the House of Mr. George Dibben, the White Hart Innj, in Leicester, at the Hour of Five o'Clock of Saturday the 12th Day of May next, subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced ( unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given), ALL that DWELLING HOUSE or TENE « MENT, and Spacious SHOP, in winch is now carried on a very extensive Business of a Wholesale. and Retail Draper, most desirably situated in the most eligible Part of Galfowtree Gate, in LEICESTER, late in the Occupation of Mr. Atkins, Draper, now deceased. *„* If the above Premises are not sold at the Time and Place above- mentioned, the Owners will Let the same for a Term of Years, For Particulars enquire at the Office of Mr. B O N D , Solicitor, Leicester. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, AND CO. RECOMMEND to the Notice of the Public, the NEW STATE LOTTERY, which is all to be drawn on the 8th of June next. This Lottery is on ; ui improved Plan— the Scheme contains 4 Prizes of. £ 5,000 20 500 44 50 & c. See. 5,000 Prizes, 5,000 Numbers, Foar Tickets of ever* Number, and FOUR EXTRA PRIZE of loo WHOLE TICKETS each. By this improved Mode of Adventure A single Ticket may gain =£ 100,000 All Half. =£ 50,000 I An Eighth =£' 12,500 A Quartor 25,000 | A Sixteenth 6,250 T I C K E T S and SHARES are on Sale by 1 G. STRETTON, AVm » c » i « i P. SISSONS, WORKSOP ; For RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. Bank Buildings, Cornhill, and facing the Gate of the King's Mews, Glaring Cross, Luialon, the only Office that ever Sold in Shares Two Prizes of. =£ 30,< » 00 Audi who Sold and Shared in the last Lottery, Two Prizes of. =£ 20,000 3,734 « =£ 20,000— 3,7^ 4 D =£ 20,000 Also 999, D. .£ 1000— 2,952, B. =£ 1,000— 3,436, C. ^ 500. NEW STATE LOTTERY, to bedntwn In JUNE7~ MESSRS. HAZARD, BURNF-, and CO. Stock Broilers, Lona'rw, respectfully inform the Public, that TICKETS and SHARES for the present STATE LOTTERY are on Sale at the, r Office, No, 93, Royal Exchange. ' The Sch> me is on the samo Improved Plan as the last, as to Number of Tickets, Mode" ol Drawing, & c. and presents, in addidon to the =£ 200,000 of Prizes, FOUR. F. XTKA B E N E F I T S , of L'OO Whole Tickets each, Which are to be given to the Jour Ticket* of the Firtt Number drawn a Prize above =£ i5. Letters ( Post paid) duly answered, and Schemes gratis. Bank, India, and South Sea Stocks, with their several Annuities, India Bonds, F. xcheouer Bif! « , and every Description of Government Securities, bought aud sold by Com- T O COVER THIS SEASON, 1810, At Two GUINEAS each Mare, and 2s. 6d. the Groom, HIERA PICRA, ( late the Property of Thomas Marsden) now the Property of John Gilbert, Fishmonger, Nottingham. He was got by Critic, out of an own Sister to Pretender, i by Old Marske, Sire of Eclipse; his Grandam by Bajuzet; I , ' l i e above Inn has lately been re built at a great Expenee, ! g 1re ra... ti 1G rriarynndHamam b yh vM Misiss sW Wesetsetrenr, n , o fo fS Sudubdubruyr; v : g rierraeta t grireraeta t and comprises spacious and suitable Apartments, and• a l• a rgeI Griuidam, Mother Western, by Smith's Soil of Snake ; great Yard, with a wide Gate- Way, leading from the Street. The Front next the Street is 105 Feet in length, and the Croft and Premises, including the Yard and Scite of tiie Buildgreat great Grandam, by Montague; great great great great Grandam, by Hautboy ; great great great great great Grandsm, by Brimmer.— Critic was got by Match'"'/ n, Dam by Hundreds of NEWARK VPON TRENT, TUURGJRIOS, and BINGHAM, in the County of Nottingham. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That His Majesty's Justices of the Peace, acting ill and for the said Hundreds, have appointed a Meeting to be holden at the Sessions' House, in Newark upon Trent aforesaid, on Wednesday. the 9th Day of May next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of appointing QYERSEERS of lhe POOR for the several Parishes and ' Townships witiiin the said respective Hundreds, for the Year ensuing. ( By Order of tile Justices) ings, contain 1A. OR. 13P. ' The whole is now marked out Whitenose, Grandam by Spinner, great Grandam by Crab, in two Lots, and the West Part of the House and Premises Darley's Arabian, out of F ustina. is well calculated for ' Trade, particularly in the Mercery and Shopkeeping Line, and Part of the Croft might be converted into an excellent Rope Walk. For further Particulars apply to Mr. Fletcher, of Ripley, or at the Office of Mr. JOHN CRESSY HALL, Solicitor, in Alfreton. Alfreton, 6th April, 1810. Newark, 15th April, 1810. JOHN FOX. O V E R S E E R S O F T H E P O O R. T HE Magistrates acting within and for the _ . . Hundred of BASSETI. AW, in the County of Not- at Swmderby aforesaid, which will be disposed of in such tingham,' DO HEREBY GIVE PUBLIC NOTICE, j n. » nrtti « » » m » *. nt the C ™ , ™ ™ , „ f P„ rri,,,^,- That they have appointed a Meeting to be holden at the ! Moot Hall, in East Retford, in the said County, on Satur- j day in Easter Week ( being the 28th Day of April), 1810, at | Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose ot appoint- j ing Overseers of the Poor for the respective Townships I within the said Hundred, for the Year ensuing. And it is j required that due Attendance will be given by all Persons OAK TIMBER. T O BE S O L D BY A U C T I O N, By Mr. HAGE, At the House of Mr. M. Oxby, the Red Lion ( half Way between Newark and Lincoln), on ' Tuesday the 1st of May next, about 0 0 0 n A K ™ E S ( many of them of large ' A V / Dimensions), with their Lops and ' Tops, as they now stand at Swinderby and Morton, in Lots, to suit the Convenience of different Purchasers. The usual Credit will be given, on approved Security. Dinner on the ' Table at One o'Clock, tbe Sale to- begin at Three, ALSO, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CON TRACT, ABOUT 200 OAK TREES, Of large Dimensions, now lying ready for Delivery, Swiuderby aforesaid, which will be disposed of in suet Quantities as may suit the Convenience of any Purchaser. . Swinderby and Morton are within four Miles of the River Trent. For a View of the Timber apply to William Hufton, the Wood- man, on the Premises; and to treat for that Part 10 be Sold by Private Contract, apply to Mr. Jallaud, Newark. concerned, that the Appointments may all be completed the same Day, and thereby an Opportunity afforded for those who may think themselves aggrieved to appeal to the Sessions, which will be holden at East Retford in the then following Week. IUCHARD HANNAM. East Retford, 3d April, 1810. LEICESTERSHIRE.—. LOUGHBOROUGH ESTATES. T O BE S O L D B Y A U C T I O N , TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, AGOOD substantial DWELLING HOUSE, with a Stable, Butcher's Shop, & c. situate at LANGI. EY MILL, in the Parish of Heanor, in the County of Derby. ' The House contains a good Cellar, House- Place, Parlour, and Kitchen, with good Chamb' rs, & c. over the aauie.— There is also a good Garden attached. The Premises are in excellent Repair, and very conveniently situated for carrying on any Business, being close to the Junction of the Erewash, Nottingham, and Cromford Canals. For Particulars enquire of WiLLJAM BROUOII, Mill Hay, near Heanof. 14th April, 1S10. great great Grandam by Darley a daughter to Mr. Thompson's Old Milky. HieraPicrastands 15 Hands 1 Inch high, is of a rich Brown Colour, has proved himself a sure Foal- getter, and his Stock universally approved. He was bred by the Earl of Abingdon, as certified by Thomas Pellicot, Stud Groom to his Lordship. A Gelding bred by Mr. Littlewood, of West Broughton, and got by the above Horse, was lately sold at Melton Mowbray for 300 Guineas. Blood Mares, on a Certificate being produced of their having won a Plate or Fifty, will be covered at Half Price.— Mares that proved barren last Year will also be covered at Half Price. Hiera Picra will be on Mondays at Carlton, Gedling, Burton, Bulcote, Lowdham, Woodborough, Oxton, Calverton, Mr. Holt's, Red Hill, and from thence to Nottingham ; on ' Tuesdays, at Beeston, Sawley, Castle Donington, and to Mr. Hackett's, Breedon, on Tuesday Evenings; at the Crown, Mountsorrel on Wednesday Evenings; Boot Inn Loughborough, on ' Thursdays ; and through Bunny, and Bradmore to Nottingham, 011 Fridays, where he will remain until the Monday Morning following. Money to be paid at the time of covering, or at Midsummer next. Good Grass for Mares at Six Shillings per Week, with proper Care. TO COVER THIS SEASON, 1810, r p H A T capital Hunter BACCHUS, well known J . in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Leicestershire, late the Property of the Earl of Sefton, now of GEORGE RAVEN, of Barrow, at One Pound Eleven Shillings and Sixpence per Mare, and One Shilling the Mall. BACCHUS is 15 Hands 3 Inches high, and is allowed by ! Judges to be one of the strongest Blood Horses in the Kingdom; he regularly carried 17st. for 9 Years in Hunting.— The Earl of Sefton purchased him of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, who declares him to be the best Hunter he ever rode. He was bred by Sir H. Liddle; got by Bacchus, Dam by TO YOUNG HOUSE- KEEPXRS. Just Published, The Second Edition, Price Four Shillings, Boards, rT"' HE FEMALE ECONOMIST; or, a PLAIN 1 SYSTEM of COOKERY. For the Use of Private Families. Cpntaining Eight Hundred and Fifty valuable Receipts. By Mrs. SMITH. This is the cheapest and most useful Cookery Book extant; and it is only by a very extensive Sale ( which from every Appearance will be unprecedented), that the Publishers expect Remuneration. V One very large Impression of this Bock was sold ia three Weeks. , London: Printed for M A T H E W S and L X I O H , No. 18 Strand; and sold by the Printer of this Paper, and by al! the Booksellers,' Stationers, and Newscarriers throughout the United Kingdom. At the Bull's Head Inn, Loughborough, on Wednesday the j E v e r r e e n 0l d fcacchus by LlghtfoOt,' Dam by Bagaret, Ihunday the loth, and Friday the 11th Days of, Bacchus won a Sweepstakes of lOOgs. each over Narbrook May, 1810, in 211 Lots, AVERY Valuable FREEHOLD and TYTHETREE ESTATE, situate in the Parish of LOUGHBOROUGH, and County of Leicester; comprising the ' BULL'S HEAD INN, the WORSTED MILL, and WATER CORN MILLS, with several MESSUAGES andpARM BUILDINGS. ' The W H A R F S 011 the Loughborough and Leicester Navigations, and upwards of One Thousand Acres of very rich Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND, surrounding the Town, and ill Part well calculated for Build- Down, carrying 12st. against the Hon. Berkeley Craven's Arrow, and Major Rook's Tally- ho ! He will be at Widmerpoole New Inn, on Monday; the Hart, Ruddington, on ' Tuesday; at George Raven's, Barrow, on Wednesday; the Cross Keys, Loughborough, on ' Thursday ; he will go on Friday through Austy, Grooby, Rotby, and Kirby, to Leicester, to the Blue Boar, where he will remain till Saturday Night; on Sunday at George Raven's, BarroW, where there is good Grass for Mares at Six Shillings per Week. ing Ground. Bacchus is a sure Foal-_ g etter, and his Stock very much ' To be viewed by applying to Mr. T H O M A S W A R N E R , of j approved of; one of his getting has been sold for 200gs. Loughborough, where a Plan of the different Lota may be j and many at great Prices; he has stood his Ground these seen, and Particulars had; also at the principal Inns at i last seven Years. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales Loughborough, Leicester, Derby, and Nottingham; of ; sent two thorough- bred Mares to him. JOHN EVANS, Esq. St. Mildred's Court, Poultry; and of ! The Money to be paid either at the Time of Covering, Mr CLARIDGE, Pall Mall, London, where Plans of the j or the last ' Time of the Horse going round; or extra charge j iliUtes may also be seen. | Five Shillings. Letter from Lieut- Col. HURXON, to the Projnietor of Dr. Johnson's Vegetable Essence. SlR> Stafford, Nov. 15, 1808. SOME years before your most useful Syrup, the VEGETABLE ESSENCE, was made known as a public medicine, I was very much afflicted with the Scurvy, and Eruptions on my back, breast, and face, which were very troublesome and disagreeable. By taking about five bottles of your Essence* ( which I was induced'to use, because I was convinced it was composed of Vegetable Materials only, having employed a medical friend to examine its properties), I found myself perfectly cured, and free from Scurvy. The eruptions on my face and body disappeared, and my skin became perfectly clear. 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HUBERT'S ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them, is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent, and pleasant to use 5 price 4s. or two in one Parcel 7s.— Sold by the Proprietor, 23, Russell- Street, Covent- Garden, London; G. Stretton, Nottingham ; Ridge?, Newark ; Taylor, Retford ; Sissons, Worksop; Bradley, Chesterfield; Sheppard, Mansfield; siddall, Alfreton; Drewry, Derby ; Beadsmore, Ashbvde- la- Zouch; Adams, Loughborough; Clementson, Melton- Mowbray; Hurst, Grantham; Baron, Lincoln; Price, Leicester; Sheardown, Doncastcr; and by » r. e Person in every Town. Good Allowance to Dealers. T WEDNFS DATtSf TIWR S p A T s M A IL _ ( ; J 7 _ S ' APafstesri vae loonf g hains d « « inutietrieosnti~ ngtW des baMter, . thJeo nmeos tihoand onfe t Sdiro nSe.. L O N B O N , APRIL, t Rotnilly was lost,{) y a division of 112 against ICO. • Majo- A Mail from Malta and Gibraltar arrived yesterday morning: it has brought a piece of intelligence which wilt bt received with the deepest concern ; it is the death of that distinguished Admiral Lord ™ e" 5arV Ref° W'i: rity against Mr. Jones's liberation, 48. Mr, Braid gave notice, thatshortly after the recess, he should bring forward a- motion . on the subject of Parli » Collingwood. His health had been long in a declining state, but he persisted in keeping- the sea, j being anxi, bus to bring the Toulon fleet to action, j and by the defeat of the last naval force of the" enemy, t o complete the destruction and ruin of the French navy. He had not above once set his foot on shore since the great victory of Trafalgar. At . length his health became so bad, that he was under the necessity of determining t o return to England: it pleased Heaven, however, that he should see his native land no more. On the 6t'n ult. his Lordship left Minorca, v, ith the fleet., to cruise off Toulon, but finding his health would not support the active energies of his mind, he ordered the Ville de Paris to return to Minorca. Just as the ship bove in sight of the island on the j t h o f March, his brave and ardent spirit departed his worn- out frame, andtook its ( light t o a better world. On Monday the Nereus brig arrived at Portsmouth with the r. obic Admiral's honoured remains from Gibraltar, to which place they had been carried by the Ville de Paris. His Lordship, who had nearly attained his COth year, was horn in the county of Northumberland, where his family haSjbeen settled, for several years. On the 22d of Match, 1780, he was- made a Post Captain; the 1- lth of February, 1799, a Rear Admiral of the Blue ; the 28( 1 of April, 1804, a Vice Admiral of the Blue ; and on the death of Lord Gardner, he was, 4th January, 1809, created Major General of the Marines. His Lordship died of a stoppage in the pylorus, or inferior aperture of the stomach. For some time before his death he was incapable of taking any sustenance. By his death the command of the Sir Francis Burdett's amended notice ( in consei' quence of having described his house in his first notice in a j wrong parish')' was delivered ufcthc'Speuker yesterday, and " a few words of conversation- ensued relative to the warrant for taking the Baronet into custody. Mr. Perceval suggested it for the consideration . of the Members, " whether the signing of the warrant vvas not a proceeding in the House, and therefore, by the Bill of Rights not to he questioned out of the House."— Mr. Whitbread replied, that it was not a thing propounded in the Housfe, but an act committed out of the House.— This is the great difference: this signing. of the warrant might be perfectly le<>- al, ajid yet th$ manner. of executing it out of the House illegal. - M r . GasUll's public Engagements. CAPITAL STOUT BLACK . St Al LION KORSE, Or THE CART KIND, .. . T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, > By Mr, GA5K1LL, In Mojttlnghja Market Place, oil. Saturday the 21st April Instant," at Twett- e'o'Clock. E w i s got , bv Mr: Read's Old Black Legs, of Stoke, near Newark, out of " a capful Mate, bred by Bake- well, of Dishley. " For.' Particulars' apply to Mr. ( JASKTL'L, New Rooms, Carltoil Street. HE: St fleet in the Mediterranean devolves upon Admiral Martin, until the arrival of Sir C. Cotton, who has been sent out to succeed to that honour.— In the celebrated victories of the 1st of June, and of the Nile, Lord Collingwood ^ acted a distinguished part; but. it was reserved for the hattie of Trafalgar to raise his fame to its. highest pitch. It . will be recollected, that in that great and glorious battle, the combined fleet of France and Spain were drawn up in the form of a crescent, and that their line was broken by I lie British fleet in two divisions ; one led by the immortal Nelson, and the other by his friend Lord Collingwood. His ship, the Royal Sovereign, in which he broke the centre of the enemy's line, appeared, as viewed from the Victory, which led the other division, a blaze of fire. " See, t said th? great Ntrison in viewing it) how that noble fellow, Collingwood, carries bis ship - into action."— On the death of Lord. Nelson, Admiral Collitigwood succeeded to Ihe command in chief, and was created a Baroft. Since $ a t great and memorable day, comprising an interval of more than four years, his Lordship has been constantly at « a, employed in the arduous and harassing duty of watching the Toulon fleet.— His death is a national misfortune. His bravery was the theme of every one's praise; and it being regulated by a sound and cool judgment, great foresight, and a thorough knowledge of his profession, it was always efficient when the enemy gave him an opportunity • feiercising it. Dr. FuIWton, Physician to the Mediterranean fleet, and his Lordship's- Flag Lieutenant, are arrived in the Nereus, which ispqt under qiiarr » itine. This morning Cadiz Papers to the; i s t instant were received. They mention that the French have been defeated in an attack which they made on the 5th instant, with 12, OlX> men, upon the suburbs of Valencia; and that they have also been obliged to evacuate Malaga, in Andalusia the enemy are suffering mud', from the desultory warfare carrying on, by whicfe convoys are intercepted, and detachments harassed ar. d frequently cut off. Nay, iccording to some letters fr<> fri Gibraltar, the Patriots have been able to attempt more important operations. The Marfean de Romans has ftfugfct a battle near Seville, with 10,000 of the enemy, wtjnm he defeated with considerable less on their part. \ V j shall be glad to find this account correct. Further reinforcements of British troops have arrive;! ' n Cadiz, and that City is considered as nearly impregnable. " The Junta of Seville has reported from Ayamonte, to the Supreme Council of Regency, under the date of the 5Mth- instant, that the French have been completely driven out of Estran v. dtira, and pursued by General Ballasteros, Tvho arrived jn the 22d in S. Olalla, and that the dispersed enemyretrejted partly to Seville and partly to the Sierra." — Qcvcrnr. u- nt Gazette, March 27.) The Kerens has brought dispatches for Government, which state, that Ceuta has at length been taken possession of, and is now garrisoned by British troops. Gc/. eral Eraser, with the 4th regiment of foot landed and took possession of Ceuta, on the 24th of March, in consequence . of a peremptory order to the Governor from the Junta at Cadiz. This officer, it is said, had previously f. received an order from the renogade O'Farrel, commanding him to retain and defend Ceuta for their Sovereign, King Joseph. • Dutch papers to the j i t h inst. contain no news of much importance ; they state that Bonaparte . and his bride are going soon t o visit." our beloved people of Italy." The Duke of Reggio, after taking possession of the Dutch territories ceded to France, is to establish his. head- quarters at Hamburgh, where he is to assume the command of the troops to be stationed in Hanover and the Hanse Towns. The homeward- bound East India fleet is arrived in the River. A young man was, on Saturday, committed from the Secretary of State's Office to Tothill- Fields' prison, on suspicion of being the person who shot at Ensign Cowell, of the Coldstream Regiment of Guards, and for the apprehension of whom a reward of 500I. has been offered. It is rather a whimsical circumstance, that in 1799, an order was signed by the late Duke of Portland, to prevent Sir Francis Burclett from obtaining an entrance into any prison in the city of London or county of Middlesex ; and that in 1810 the greatest exertion should be made to get him into one ! A requisition is circulating through the county of Middlesex for signatures t o call a meeting of the Freeholders to consider the case of Sir F. Burclett. The county borough of Carmarthen has called a public meeting, to consider the late measures against Mr. John Gale Jones and Sir F. Burdett. — In consequence of a requisition from several respectable burgesses and inhabitants, the Mayor has appointed Monday the 13d instant for that purpose. Mr. Ebrall, the corn- meter, who was shot in the • hoe- maker's shop, at the corner of Mincing Lane, died yesterday, about 12 o'clock, in St. Thomas's Hospital. Mr, Curran, the Master of the Rolls in Ireland, has, is said to have undertaken to advocate the process which Sir Francis Burdett is about to institute in the Court of King's Bench against tile Speaker of the House of Commons, and the Serjeant at Arms, for breaking open his house. Mr. Curran is not regularly of the English Bar ; but a Barrister who is a Privy Councillor, we understand, may plead in any of the Courts of the United Kingdom. • The power of the House of Commons to commit one of its Members is not the question at iesue, and we are per- « ua Jedthat none of the Courts of Law would suffer it to be agitated; but the breaking open an outward door in the execution of its warrant is unprecedented, and thus presents itself as a subject for discussion. In addition to Mr. Curwen, Serjeant Lens, Mr. Warren, and Mr. Clifford, haye been retained as Council for Sir F. Burdett, In the House of Commons on Monday Sir S. Roirilly brought forward the motion, of which he had given notice, for the discharge of Mr. Gal^ lones from his confinement for a contempt of that House. The opinion, he » aid, which he had already expressed on the legality of the warrant under which Mr. Jones now suffered, still remained perfectly unaltered; but he did not move for . his liberation on tbeie grounds: he rested his motion solely upon the ground, that that person had'suffered imprisonment enough,—- The niotion was opposed upon the principle, tkut a person imprisoned should present a petition, ex- THE WESTMINSTER MEETING. Yesterday a vast number of the Electors of Westminster met in Palace Yard, for the purpose of determining how to act, in consequence of being deprived of the services of their Representative, Sir. F. Burdett. It was intended to hold the Meeting in Westminster Hall; but as the concourse would be so great, it was deemed more advisable to have it in the open air, opposite Westminster Hall gate. Preparations were accordingly made, an, d hustings raised for ihe speakers. The Meeting was fixed for one o'clock : at 12 o'clock the concourse of people began to be very great. Before I one all Palace'Yard was choaked full. At that time about 14,000 persons were assembled. The High Bailiff,, attended by Lord Cochrane, Mr. Wardle, Mr. Jejinings, and a number of other Gentlemen, appeared upou the hustings at the time appointed, ar. d were gteeted with loud - acclamations.— The High Bailiff opened the Meeting in the usual form ; when Mr. Sturcli came forward, and addressed the meeting in a long speech, in the course of" which he reminded the Electors, that they had been deprived of their Representative, who liad been carried by an army to prison, and that that Representative was one of the most able and constitutional they could possess. He had been thus treated without having committed any crime, and even without having been brought to trial. All that he had done was, to endeavour to defend the rights of the people against the exercise of an assumed power: for this he had been imprisoned, and the means takeii to accomplish that purpose were equally unconstitutional and illegal; but he could assure them, that such was the firmness of mind which their Representative possessed, that he was able to bear up against every persecution. When, however, he wu$ assailed, it was their duty to express their gratitude, affection, and attachment to him. In the mean- time, while the arm of power was thus raised, he requested the citizens pf Westminster to preserve their temper, to act with that moderation and propriety which became them as good subjects. He asked for nothing but what was legal and constitutional, and should endeavour to procure it by such meaps. Mr. Sturch concluded by reading the Resolutions. The first stated, that the meeting most highly approved of; Sir Francis Burdett's Letter to his Constituents, the subject being of the utmost importance, and the argument incontrovertible.— The second, that Sir Francis Burdett's conduct, in calling upon the Civil Power for the protection of his house against a militatv" force, was dictated by prudence, knowledge of, and confidence in, the laws of his Cpuutjry.— The third, called upon the House of Commons to restore to the Electors their heloved Representative, and to co- operate in a Reform of Parliament.— The fourth and fifth directed the Petition to be presented by Lord Coifwane, and a letter to be sent to Sir F. Burdett. Mr. Wishart seconded the Resolutions, which were agreed to unanimously; as ivere also the following Petifion and Remonstrance.— Not the least disposition to tumult was manifested by the multitude. The military, however by way of precaution, were kept under arms. To th ' c Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, in Parliament assembled. " The Petition and Remonstrance of the Inhabitant Householders,. Electors of the City and Liberties of Westminster, assembled in New Palace Yard, the 17th day of April, 1810, by the appointment of Arthur Morris, Esq. the High Bailiff, in pursuance of a Requisition for that purpose. " We, the Inhabitant Householders, Electors of the City and Liberties pf Westminster, feel most sensibly the indignity offered to this city, in the person of ou'r; beloved Representative, whose Letter to us has fallen under the censure of your Honourable House, but which, so far from deserving that censure, ought, in our opinion, to have led your Honourable House to re- consider the subject, which he had so ably, legally, and constitutionally discussed. "' We, are convineed that no one ought to be Prosecutor and Juror, Judge and Executioner, in his own cause, much less to assume, accumulate, and exercise all those offices, in bis own person. " We are also convinced that the refusal of your Honourable House to inquire into the conduct of Lord Cosflereagh and Mr. Perceval ( then two of his Majesty's Ministers), when distinctly charged with the sale of a Seat in your Honourable House, evidence of which was offered at the Bar, by a Member of your Honourable House ; and the avowal in your Honourable House " that such practices were as notorious as the' sup at noon- clay," practices, at the bare mention of which the Speaker of yoar Honourable House declared " that our ancestors, would have started with indignation," and the committal of Sir. Francis Burdett to prison, enforced by military power,— are circumstances which render evident the. iinperiQUS necessity of an immediate Reform in the Representation ot the People. " We, therefore, most earnestly call upon your Honourable House to rest'ove.' to us our Representative, and, according to the notice he has given, to take the state of the Representation of. the People into your serious consideration ; a Reform, in- which is, in our opinion, the only means of preserving the country from military despotism." The above Petition was presented to the House of Commons in the course'" of the afternoon, ar: d produced some debate. It was contended by some Members,' that it w, as not sufficiently decorous; by others, that the House ought not to be too nice in criticising the language of Petitions. The Petition and Remonstrance were, however, received by the House, and ordered to lie on the table. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By M r , . G A S K I L L , At his' New Rooms, Carlton Street, Nottingham, on Saturday th< 21st Day of April inst. at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon ( subject to the Conditions of Sale then to be produced), . APARCEL of LAND, in the Lordship of CARLTON, at the Top of Carlton Hill ( in a Place called the Long Hawthorn;, containing S Acres and 39 Perches, or thereabouts. The Premises are Tythe- Free, and may be entered upon immediately; lyingwithin one Mile of the Town of Nottingham, and adjoin tK4 high Road leading from Carlton to Nottingham, and to a Roadbelonging to John Musters, Esq. 011 the Westward Side thereof. Very neat HOUSEHOLD . FURNITURE, in excellent Condition, on the Premises Of Mrs. PKNNISTON, Park, Row, Nottingham, ( who is declining House- Keeping), T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKILL, . On Monday the 23d of April inst.; Sale to commence at / Ten o'Clock, COMPRISING two good Pier Glasses, Swing and Dressing Glasses, two Camp Bedsteads ( clothed in good Furniture), two excellent Feather Beds and Bedding, neat Mahogany Pembroke, Tea, and other Tables; Carpets to- fit the Dining- Room and Parlour, Stair and Bedside Carpetting, neat painted Bamboo Chairs, with Arm ditto' t « match ; Sets of Drawers, Night Convenieucy, together with an Assortment of Kitchen Requisites. lO* To be viewed on Friday the 20th inst. from Eleven o'Clock till Four, when Catalogues may be had. MryGaskilFs public Engagements. . Nottingham, April 19th, 1810. MR. G A S k l L L respectfully informs the Public, that, all the Mudevn and . Elegant HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of Mr. STEVENSON, jun. Surgeon, of Kegworth ( who- is immediately going to London to sue'-"' ceed the late Mr. SAUNDERS), WILL BE DISPOSED OF BY AUCTION, " In the course of a Fortnight or three Weeks, Further particulars in the next Week's Paper. . N. B. T h e c a p i t a l HOUSE a n d PREMISES, h o w in t h e occupation of MivSteveftspn, to be Let immediately. For Particulars apply to Mr. GASKILL, Carlton Street, or Mr. STAVELFA", Surveyor, Nottingham; T PEREMPTORY SALE OF ABOUT 137 FRAMES,- Principally in full Work, and in good Condition, H E l a t e . M r - N F W H A M ' S F R A M E S , a b o u t 6 ® , ar. d 77 F R A M E S , t h e P r o p e r t y of a HOSIER, w ho is declining Business, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKILL, At his New Sale Room, Carlton Street, Nottingham, on Tuesday the 24th of April inst. at One o'Clock-,— M r . NEWHAM'S FRAMES. In whose Possession. Plain 2- Needle James Gibson, Lenton. » - John Fletcher, BeestoQ. Sainl. Copstick, Chilwell. M r . Gaski/ l's public Engagements. VALUABLE SITUATION, in the MARKET PLACE. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASK1I. L, At hi' New Rooms, in Carlton Street, in the Month of Mjy ( unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), AL L that very extensive RANGE of BUILDINGS, YARDS,, and GARDENS, now in the Occupation of Mr. Bdward Hall, Hosier; consisting of an excellent D welling- House, With very extensive Offices, Hosier's Warehouse, Stable, and Gig- hOuse; with a very plea- | sant Garden to the Front, and convenient Yard behind; the 1 whole communicating with Mount Street.— From, the Situation of the Land and Buildings, the Estate is capable of being divided to very great Advantage. For further Particulars apply to Mr. STAVELEY, Surveyor Nottingham. April 20, 1810. —, , • -, ... ,— NEXT THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. No. Gge. IVth. - 87 ; io 16 25 24 68 37. ' 59 13 16 16 24 SB 24 24 S. N. 31 .19 30 , COTGRAVE PLACE. . SHEEP, CATTLE, HOUSES, WAGGONS, ' T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKILL, SOME good EWES and LAMBS, two or three RAM HOGS; a few HORNED CATTLE; some DRAUGHT HORSES; WAGGONS, CARTS, and various IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY— The Lambs are by a Ram of Mr. Stubbins and Mr. Burgess. Also, a- Capital FOUR- YEAR- OLD MARE, by Beelzebub, out of a Greyling Mare. Notice will be given of the Day of Sale in a subsequent Paper. Valuable Situation, in the Market Place, Nottingham. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKILL, On Tuesday, May 1, 1810, at his New Sale Rooms, in Carlton Street, Nottingham ( unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice Will be given), HE SHOP atid HOUSE, situate on the Long Row, now in the Occupation of Mr. Crifchley, Draper; with the Yard and Out- houses, & c. Also, a HOSIER'S WAREHOUSE, in Cannon Yard, occupied by Mr. Joseph Heath. A good STAJ3LE. adjoining the abc<' e, in Tenure of Francis Talbot; and the HOUSE and WAREHOUSE, adjoining and fronting into parliament Street, in the Occupation of Mr. " William Christian, Hosier. For further Particulars, or to treat for" the same, apply to Mr. STAVELEY, Surveyor, or the Auctioneer. March 29 th, 1810. 57 7 9- 5 3 90' 85 .53 4 91 47 48 73 24 : io 30 24. 30 27 24 21 37 83 35 32 11 30 m 13 16 16 13 16 13 16 17 13 16 1 ri. l 13 13± 16 15 T* 28 28 17 66 69 18 ' 30 16 T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By M r . G A S K I L L, At his New Sale Rooms, in Carlton Street, Nottingham, on Tuesday the 15th of May next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to the Conditions to be then produced, ( By Order of the Assignees under the Bankruptcy of WILLIAM CHKSSCN SHEPHERD, l a t e of t h e T o w n of N o t - tingham, Iron Merchant, Dealer and Chapman), THE LEASEHOLD PREMISES, lately occupied by the said Bankrupt; comprising a good Dwelling House,^" Warehouses, Iron Sheds, and Nail Shops, with a large Garden, formerly used as a Wharf, and situate within the Liberties of the Town of Nottingham, on the Banks of, and communicating with, the Nottingham Canal, and held far the Term of 53 Years, from 29th September, 1802, at an Annual Rent of ^ 18. A Plan of the Premises may be seen, and further Particulars known, on application at the Office of Mr. WM. STRETTON, Surveyor, and of Mr. PAYNE, Solicitor, Nottingham. Nottingham, AprillOth, 1813. 1 and 1 Rib, Drawing Tackle and Moulds, Peter Kirby, Stapleford. 97 26 15J 2 and 1 Rib, Drawing Tackle and Moulds, Michael Rigley, Sandiacre. Plain 2- Needle Charles Gervap, Stanton. ——- Thos. Holmes, Ilkeston. Rd. Severn, Eastwood. • Ditto. — — E . Hufton, Heanor Comm. Saml. Smith, Beggarleej ——— C. Price, Clifton. Broad Rib, Moulds and Drawing Tackle, J. Plowright, R ndtlington. Flain2- Needle John Horsley, Carlton. Geo. Brittle," Arnold. Wm. Sulley, ditto. Anthony Denhum, ditto. Henry Barker, Kirkby. J. Beardsmpre, Suttoil Ashf. • Matthew Platts, ditto. > . Rbt. Elliott, Dob Park, near Basford. • Thos. Clay, Papplewick. John Lamb, Bulwell. — Robt. Kelk, Caythorpe. 30 TwUledMachine Beni. Wathel, North Street, New Radford. Silk John Greaves, Turn Calf Alley, Nottingham. Plain 2- Needle H. Smith, Bellar Gate, do. • I and 1 Rib, Mould and Drawing Tackle, T. Richards, Fislier Gate. Plain 2- Needle Robt. Theobald, White- str. Carter Gate, Nottingham. — Jas. Lawson, York- str. do. 1 and 1 Rib, Moulds. and Drawing Tackle, W. I jttlerv Priuces- squa. Sandy- lane, ditto. Plain 2- Ncedle W. Clarke, York- street, do. ' 1'. Jepson, TyK r- str, ditto. — Mr. Rogers, Hounds' Gate. Mr. Nevvham's Warehouse, Dot Yard, GreyFriarGate. Mill, Broad Marsh. . Ditto, 1 and 1 Rib Ditto. Plain 2- Needle Ditto. Ditto. • Ditto. ——— Ditto. 2 and 1 Rib Ditto. Plain 2- Needle Ditto. Warp John Stubbins, Kind's Yard, Morket Place. Nottm. Plain 2- Needle John El,: y, Loscoe. " Mr. Sharp, Grocer, Turn Calf Alley, Nottingham, Ditto. Ditto, Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Silk Ditto. Plain 2- Needle Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. — Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. At Mr. GASKILLV New Rooms, Carlton Street, ma be PEREMPTORILY SOLD by AUCTION, On Thursday ajid Friday, the 26th dnd 27th of April inst. at Ten o'Clock each Day, AVARIETY of Useful and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PLATE, CHINA, & c.; comprising Mahogany Dining, Pembroke, Card, and Screen Tables; Mahogany Double and Single Sets of Drawers; Four- Post and Camp Bedsteads, and Furniture'; Feather Beds, Mattresses, Blankets; Eight- Day Clock; Piano Forte ; Blunderbuss ; Painted Wardrobe; Pier and Swing Glasses; several Syts of Mahogany Choirs, with Arm ditto to match ; a Variety of Kitchen Requisites, Garden Engine, & c, ( removed from Asply Hoxfu, and other Places, for Conveniency o f Sale). Catalogues may be had of Mr. GaskiU on Saturday next. Nottingham, April 19,1810. 25 18 81 50 55 6' i ' 17 26 49 6 93 29 42 30 27 31 25 33 18 24 52 25 24 41 - 23 BANKRUPT'S EFFECTS. Household furniture, upwards of 100 Ounccs of Silver Plate, Linen, Hooks, ij; c. VALUABLE FREEHOLD LAND. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE, CONTRACT, Either together, or in Parcels, FIVE CLOSES of rich MEADOW and PASTURE LAND ( lying contiguous the one to the other),. called HAWLEY CLOSES, situate in LAMSLEV, in the County of Nottingham, containing together 51 A. 1R. 32P. and upwards; and also a COTTAGE HOUSE thereon, with a Garden, containing about 1R and 39P. ~ The above Estate adjoins Hawley Wood, and a fine Stream of Water runs through the same, containing Trout and other Fish, which ( at a very small Expence) might be made to answer every useful and ornamental Purpose. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, up to Mr. R. l'ADLEY, of Burtou Joyce; or Messrs. JA' SON and LEF. SON, Solicitors, Nottingham. N. B. Possession will ( if required) be delivered immeeiately. [ Nottingham, April 17,1810.. I t l STATHERN, Leicestershire. T O BE S O L D BY A U C T I O N , By Mr. BURTON, At the Red Lion, Stathern, on Wednesday the 16th Day of May, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, IN LO T S, SEVERAL CLOSES of excellent LAND, Tythe Free; 58 Acres of which are Freehold, and 15 Copyhold, in the Occupation of Mr. Levesley, who will shew the Estate. The Canal from Nottingham to Grantham communicates with the Estate. . Particulars of the Lots, See. may be had at the Place of Sale; of Mr, HEALY, Wymondham; aiid of Mr. C. LATHAM, Melton, where a Plan may be seen. WILL BE SOLD HY AUCTION , ( PREE FROM AUCTION D t r r V ,) By Mr. GASKILL, By O r d e r of t h e A s s i g n e e s of WM. CIIESSON SHEPHERD, a Bankrupt, on the Premises, Canal Street, Nottingham, on Monday, April 30th, and Tuesday, May 1st, 1810, at Ten o'Clock each Day precisely; COMPRISING Mahogany Dining and Card Tables; Painted and other Chairs; Floor and Bed- side Carpets ; China and Glass; Camp Bedsteads and Furniture; Feather- beds; Mattresses; Blankets; two Painted Wardrobes ; Chest of Drawers; Dressing Glasses; Wash- hand Stands; with a Quantity of Kitchen Requisites dnd Effects Catalogues may be had of Mr. GASKILL, on Wednesday next, at his New Sale Rooms, Carlton Street. To be viewed, on Friday and Saturday before the Sale, from Eleven o'clock till Four. *** T h e f o l l o w i n g ARTICLES c o n t i n u e t o b e SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, on the Premises, viz. Various quantities of English and Foreign Bar Iron, Steel Tyre, Sinker- Plate, Sheet iron, Plate Iron, Boat Plate, Jack Iron, Nail Rods, Horse Shoes, Shoe Moulds, Hoops, Bellows, Hammers, Vice, Anvils, Clouts, Sheer Moulds, Pig Hogs, S t .; aiid a considerable Quantity of Horse Nails, Clout Nails, Boat Nails, Floor Brads, Spriggs, and common Nails, of all Descriptions. BEESTON. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. GASKll. L, In the Month of April next, or early in May, on such Day, and Place, as will appear in a future Paper, VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, situated at BEESTON, three Miles from Nottingham, late belonging to John Ball Mason, Esq. decased:— No. inthe Map iff LOT 1. Enclosure. A. R. P. 7. A Capital MANSION HOUSE, situate at Beeston; consisting of 4 Dining Room, Drawing Room, Servants' Hall, Butler's Pantry, Kitchen, Back Kitchen or Brewhouse, Dairy, and Cellars; five Bed Rooms on- the second Floor; and five Garrets; a good Six- stall Stable, with Chambers over the same; a Garden House, Green House, and other small Outbuildings ; with Yard and Garden, in excellent Order, containing together,, .,...,....^.. 1 1 21 10. Three small Crofts, opposite the Garden, called Flitter Crofts, adjoining each other, with a Lane, allotted to Mr. Mason 1 3 26 12. The Pasture Allotment, adjoining ditto 4 2 10 " 8. A House, called Cross's House, with a Barn, Stable, Yard, and other Outbuildings. 0 1 24 80 4 13 117 102 178 171 31 105 138 53 177 101 175 24 197 198 37 152 20 ' 44 144 38 68 72 11 59 143 10 16 140 10 67 81 28 21 16 30 16 15+ GRANTHAM CANAL. T O BE S O L D BY A U C T I O N, By Mr. GASKILL, At the Black Moor's Head bin, Nottingham, on Thursday the 3d of May, 1810, between the Hours' lif Three and Four in the Afternoon, H P E N SHARES, of ^ O . each, in the ORANTX HAM CANAL NAVIGATION, ir. separate Shares. For Particulars apply to Mr. GASKILL, at his New Ro— om s, Ca— rlt on S— tre- 1e t. , . B I L L I A R D S. AN exceeding good full- sized new BILLIARD TABLE tu be SOLD, on very moderate Terms: the Frame and Cushions Mahogany, the Bed Oak, in small Pannels; with Cloth, Balls, Queus, Maces, and Marking Dials complete, and of the best Quality. May be viewed at Mr^ GASKII. JL'S, Carlton- Street, Nottingham, in the Course of Seven Days. 24 24 24 S! 5 24 30 31 23 24 24 26 30 30 15 15i 154 16 16 16 16 15 16 16 T o be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. " WM. GASKILL, Oil Saturday the 28th of April, 1810, at Twelve o'Clock, in the Market Place, Nottingham, AGIG, and HARNESS, well calculated for a Traveller. Shoe Booths, Nottingham, April 20. Auctions by M r . BlackwcU. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. BLACKWEl. l., On Wednesday the 2d of May, andvfoilowing Days, THE FURNITURE of a Gentleman's House, 111 Castle Gate ( who is leaving Nottingham) ; consisting of Feather Beds; Dining, Card, and Pembroke Tables; Wardrobes; Sets of Drawers ; Swing Glasses; valuable Prints; Lustres; China; Brewing and Kitchen Utensils, & c.— tiie - while- comprising such an Assortment as is not frequently offered for Sale, il he Goods, to be viewed by Ticket on the Monday and Tuesday preceding'the Sale', from Eleven toThree o'Clock ; and Catalogues, and: Tickets, of View, will be ready for Delivery at Mr. Blackwell's,' Long Row, on the 23d of April. ' 26 17 16 2% 15i 25 154 A STRAYED, Out of a Stable belonging to Mr. Frost, at the George and Dragon Inn, Long Row, on Thursdav the 19th Ir. st. r P W O MEW^ MiLCH COWS'; one a Black 1 Polled Cow, afid the other Dark Pied, rather high Horned.; about Six Years Old each. Any, Person W'howiinirilig thcni.- td Mr. FROST, or give Information;, where they are, will be handsomely W. warded, and all reasonable Expenct6 paid. 9. 6. 1. LOT 2. 8 1 A Garden and Cottage House, called Pares's Cottage, adjoining Lot 1..... 0 0 28 LOT The Upper Croft, opposite Lot 1, and adjoining the Suwley Turnpike Road ... 1 2 37 LOT 4. Broad Gate Close, adjoining the SawleyTurnpike Road ( desirably situate for Building Purposes, being an elevateil Situation, and commanding all extensive View of Wollaton Hall, Cliftoii House and Grove, Trent Vale, and Belvoir Castle, containing... 1 1 35 LOT 5. 2. Broad Gate Allotment, adjoining Lot 4 .1 1 22 LOT « . ,13. The Meadow Allotment ............ 2 3 28 , V.' i M I) Af T, on the Premises, will - shew the respective lints; and Plans of the same may be seen, by applying 10 Messrs. BOLTON and RENSHAW, Solicitors, .' or to Mr. BROWN,' Surveyor, Pllchcr Gate, Nottipghim: Nottis sham; March 2s, ItiiU. 76 . 7 116 84 54 99 19 51 37 41 18 35 36 50 54 56 47 53 16 43 46 51 55 45 14 75 33 26 49 62 31 63 80 73 32 48 52 93 28 90 44 28 85 73 40 57 58 12 74 79 48 81 82 90 & 8 23 20 30 24 24 23 23 26 30 24 30 30 36 24 23 26 32 24 26 30 34 36 24 24. 26 30 32 26 26 31 36 24 34 30 34 32 32 30 32 34 30 24 34 26 23 30 34 24 26 30 36 27 26 31 33 24 23 32 30 26 27 26 30 36 36 38 27 26 31 £ 6 30 25 36 30 30 . 28 30 15 15 15 16 15 16 15 14 16 15 13 16 16 15 17 16 17 16 13 16 16 16 13 12 16 16 16 16 16 16 15J 15 16 15 ISi 16 154 16 16 16 15i 16 16 16 16 16 16 15 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 18 21 16 12 16 16 15 llii 16 16 1<> 16 16 26 1 and 1 Rib 2 and 1 Rib Plain 2- Needle Ditto. Sillt Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. FRAMES OF A HOSIER, Plain 2- NeedIe Mr. B. Soar, Loscoe. 1 and 1 Rib Ditto. Broad Rib Ditto. Plain Ditto. Broad Rib Ditto. Plain Ditto. — J. Ottiwell, Horsley Woodh. Broad Rib Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Matthias Horsley, Denbigh. Wm. Helford, Tag Hill, near Heanor. Ditto. Plain 2- Needle Samuel Woollcy, Heanor. — W111. Haines, Loti^ ley. Wm. Clifton, Hill Top, near Eastwood. Ditto. Robert Shelton, ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto- Samuel Clifton, ditto. Francis Grooby, Beggarlee. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Joseph Burton, Eastwood. ' Robt. Cooper, Moor Green. 1 Ditto. Ditto. Luke Allen, Newthorpe. Wm. Woolley, ditto. Ditto. Robt. Clark, Newthorpe. Ditto. John Meakin, Hill Top, near Eastwood. Geo. Wilkinson,- Hucknajl. Joseph Clark, ditto. John Rawson, Red Hill. Ditto. ' Wm. Smith, Arnold. Ditto. Ditto. Joseph Taylor, ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Wm. AUcock, Arnold. ——— ' John Peck, dit; to. —-— Luke Bradbury, ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Silk John Houlding, Carlton. Plain 2- Needle Wm. Foster, Epperstone. Ditto. . Thos. Walker, Beeston. Mr. Rogers, Nottingham. Mr. Sallis, Parliament- st. do. Ditto. Ditto. Silk Ditto. . — Ditto.- Ditto. T O B E S O L D B Y A U C T I O N , By Mr. BLACK WELL, On Saturday the 21st of April, 1K1U, at Twelve o'Clock, at the Top of tile Corn Market, Nottingham, A BAY HORSE, 8 Years old, 16 Hands high; L 1- a Bay Mare, 7 Years old, 14 Hands 3 Inches high; J a Chesnut Mare, 8 Years old, 15 Hands high; a Bay Hone, 7 Years old, 14J Hands high; a complete Set of Coach Harness for four Horses; a Narrow- wheel Cart, with Rathes; a light Market Cart; three Saddles, a very good Pillion and Cover, and a Straw Cutter. 55- Purchasers to pay the King's Dftty. ARNOLD WORKS, NEAR NOTTINGHAM. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, B Y M R . W I L L O C K , At the L I O N Hp T E L , at Nottingham, on Monday the 14th of May; at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon fby Order of the Assignees and Mortgagees of Mr. John Hav.- ksley), n ^ H E capital,' Spacious, and very valuable i . FREEHOLD WORSTED MILL, Five Stories; high, and most'desifably situate at ARNOLD, three Miles from the great manufacturing Town of Nottingham, eleven Miles from MaSsfield, and twenty- eight from Leicester; With the substantial and well- built WORK SHOPS, Wool Warehouse, and other large Warehouses, Foundry, Wash Houses, Dye House, Acccmpting Houses Granary, Stables, Sheds, Yards, large Mill Pool, and EXTENSIVE RANCE . or DWELLINGS f o r t h e . n u m e r o u s W o rk People and Apprentices, and all requisite Outbuildings for c a r r y i n g on t h e CONCERN in t h e COMPLEATEST MANNER, and on the most EXTENSIVE SCALE ; the Trade having returned, on an Average of the last Seven Years, AN HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS PER YEAR. Descriptive Particulars of the Mill and all the Buildings, Ground, and Premises connected with it, may now be had at the Accoinpting- Hpuse, at Arnold; of Messrs. Coldham. and Enfield, Solicitors, at Nottingham; also at the Lion Hotel there; of Mr. White, Solicitor, at Grantham; of Messrs. Barnard and Codd, Solicitors, at Gainsburgh; at the Swan, Mansfield; Kingston's Arms, Newark ; Anchor, Loughborough; Three Crowns, Leicester ; Bull's Head, Hinckley ;• Bell, Derby j Angel, at. Chesterfield and Sheffield ; Hotel, at Leeds; Bridgewater Arms,- Manchester; Tontine, Glasgow; Adams's Hotel, Aberdeen ; Cameron's Hotel, Edinburgh; Commercial Chambers, Dublin ; of Messrs!' Seymour and Montriou, Solicitors, in Margaret Street, CaVendish Square; and of Mr. Wiilopk, No. £ 5, Golden Square, London, where Plans aiidElevyions of the Mill and Kuiluings may be seen. Plain 2- Needle John Housely, Arnold. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Silk R. Smith, Water- lane, Nott. Ditto. Plain 2- Needle Han.' Wheat, FlsherGate, do. Silk W. Britain, Carter Gate, do. 28 KnottedW% sted Ditto. 16 Silk Mr. Gaskill's Office. 16 Plain 2- Needle Ditto. 30 Silk Knotted Ditto. 28 Ditto. 30 KnottedWorsted Ditto; 16 Plain 2- Needle Ditto; - . .*„* Most ofthe abpye frames are in- good Hands. Catalogues may. be had of. Mr. GASKILL, at his New Rooms, Carlton &*< e « ; CHESTERFIELD. Eligible Family Hov^ c, Gardens, Croft, and iSiiallconvenient , Dwelling Houses, . Stable, ... T O B E S O L D B Y A U C T I O N , ( Unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given,) At the Falcon Inn, in Chesterfield, on Friday the 18th day of May, 1810, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, r ; r H E following Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, i either ' together, or in such Lots, and subject to such Conditions, as shall be mentioned at the Time- of Sale A most excellent, convenient;, roomy, and substantial BftfcK DWELLING HOUSE,, with Lead and Slated Roof, and with attached and detached Offices, Yard, Pleasure and Kitchen Gardens, situate on the East Side of the Lordsmill Street, in Chesterfield, late the Residence of White, Hosier, deceased, and now of his Wiilow, Mrs White. The House contains an Entrance Rirom, and Breakfast and Dining Rooms, with Butler's Pantry, Servants' Hall Kitchen, and Brewhouse, on the Ground Floor; a Drawing Room, five Chambers, and three Dressing Rooms, 011 the first Story ; very good Attics and Servants'Apartments dry and spacious Cellars, and ev^ ry other domestic Convenience; V . The Pleasure Garden is walled round, and well stocked with choice Fruit ' f rees. The House and Gardens are'- in " excellent Repair and Condition, an< J possess every Accommodation requisite for the Residence of a genteel Family. Also, a CROFT, contiguous to the above Premises, which is very convenient to be occupied therewith, and is also, from its Situation, extremely desirable- for Building. Possession of all the above Premises qiay be had at Midsummer next. Also, Two small convenient DWELLING HOUSES or TENEMENTS, and . Stable, . nituate " 011 the West Side of the - above- mentioned ' Street, now in the several Occupations of MurmadukeEyre and Saimiel Brooinhead. * ' Hit Promises may be viewed, fourteen'Days precedirz the Sale'; and for further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, Application may be made to Mr. White, Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire ;. to Mr. George Bain'orklge, Builder, or. at the, Office. of Mr. RQBERT- WALLER, Solicitor, . Chesterfield; Derbyshire. FRIDAY'S E X P R E SS LONDON, THURSDAY, APRIL 19. French papers have arrived to the 15th, and Dutch Papers to the 14th instant. Louis Bonaparte arrived in his capital 011 the 11th; aiid we are told that the .. greatest activity already prevails ip the Dutch dock- yards, , r tp » eenqiuiiinp trhh. e" ssqanuaaddrroonn aanndd fflloottiillllaa wwhhiicchh hhee hhaass eetnugraagceedd ttoo have in readiness by the 1st of July. If, however, the independence of Holland is to rest- upon the literal execution of the 8th article nf the recent treaty, we apprehend that her fate may be'Considered as already sealed. Curtailed of a large extent of her territory and resources, with her mass of debt undiminished, and burthened with the maintenance of 18,000 troops, we scarcely conceive it possible that she can prepare for the service of her oppressor, by tKe time appointed, a fleet of nine sail of the line, six frigates, and 100 gun- boats. Her failure in the execution of this stipulation is, most probably, in the contemplation of Bonaparte, whom it will supply with an additional pretence for the total extinction of her independence. The Dutch will then only have the consolation of being once more fold, that their country naturally forms a part of France, being composed of the alluvial soil earried down by the Rhine, the Meuse, and the Sheldt, Bonaparte's marriage continues to be regarded as the fcnacia for all the evils which have afflicted the Continent. This event has been noticed in the Rusiian Court Gazette, but under the disguise of a pretended communication from Riga. The Russians arc stated to have effected their longmeditated junction with the Servians; and hostilities have commenced between the French and Turks on the frontiers of Dalmatia. Mr. Adair was, it appears, to leave Constantinople on account of ill health; but, for the present, all the efforts of the French Government to produce a rupture between the Porte and this country 6cem to have been Unavailing. Murat is again making demonstrations of an attack upon Sicily. Besideij the Cadiz Papers received yesterday, Government also received dispatches from that place of the 1st instant! General Graham has taken the command . of the . British troops at Cadiz, and the Duke of Albuquerque has, resigned the command of the Spanish Army to General Blake, the former General having, it is said, been appointed Ambassador to tbis country. The accounts from the South pf Spain describe the spirit of insurrection as continually breaking out, and distracting the attt '- ion of the French, so asto prevent them from pursuing any steady plan of operations against Cadiz. Letters From Gibraltar confirm the intelligence • ot a victory having been gained by the Spaniards in Estramadura;. 3000 of the enemy are said to have been killed, and 15UO taken prisoners. Spanish military titles have been bestowed by the Junta at Cadiz, on General Stewart and several other British officers under his command. CORN EXCHANGE, April 18.— The supplies of Wheat this day are considerable, but not much of first quality, which is- in demand, and those samples are rather dearer ; Barley likewise. There are tolerable supplies of Oats, and the samples are quoted rather higher. Flour continues . without alteration. *' Wheat...... 76s. 92s. 104s.— Fine ditto, 108s. 112s. STOCKS..., 3 per Cent. Cons, for mon. 69$. 5 per Cent. Nav. 9Sf. t ) nhrt Hobaon, Wm. Carding, John Rrue, Edm- id Hoilg- '" kinson, Henry Clarke Hutchinson, . Martin bower, and ' Richard Roe, Gents, to be Lieutenants. William Thornton, Samuel Potter, Humphrey Bearrishaw, John N- sylor, and Job Slierratt, to be Ensigns. Luke Holmes, Gent, to be Surgeon. 401, or Newark JlcgmUid of Local MiUtia. Tho^ ias Thorotun, Esq. to be Lieutenant Colonel Commandant. Thomas Bradshaw, Esq. to be Lieut. Colonel, Thomas Stanfall, John Jalland,. William Bland, Charles Moor, James Dyson, William Edward Tallents, William FiDingham'j and William Readett, Esqrs. to be Captains! J. Sudbury, T. Caparn, G. Ordoyno, J. Fox, George Varah, Richard Forster, George Hodgkinson, Jul in Watkm, and Joseph Andrews, Gents, to be Lieutenants. Win. gook, Gent, to be Ensign. Robert Cook, Gent, to bit. Surgeon.' ' - \. ' COFFEE- HOUSE, I. ENtON. RS. M.. WOMB WELL takes this opportunity _ --. of informing her ErMiHs,, that she has fitted up the tfbove' Premises in a neat Manner, and laid in an Assortwent^ fAVINja,' LIQUORS, & c. of the best Quality, and Soli. tits t& ir'jPatroiiag'e," - ' . - $ r> Parties" accommodated with" TEA",' COFFEE, & c. on t i e shortest Notice. . . .. . . •'• P A T I E N T S admitted and discharged at the G E N E R A L H O S P I T A L , Nottingham, since our last. Out- Patients discharg- 7 ed cured - - - - £ Do. for non- attendance 8 In- Patients admitted — 7 Accidents - - - - - - - O Out- Patients admitted - 22, Remain in the Hospital 51 Remain Out- Patients - 307 In- Patients discharged 7 cured - - - - — 5 Ditto relieved - - - - - Ditto made Out- Patients Ditto incurable - - - - Ditto dead - - - - - - Ditto for irregularity - Ditto without relief - - HOUSE V I S I T O R S, Mr. Alderman Allen, and Mr. Eott. The Rev. Robert Foster, of Sutton Bonington St. Michael's, has been pleased to become an Aunual Subscriber of Two Guineas to the above Charity. > « < Collection after a Sermon preached in behalf of the LUNATIC AsrLUM, near Nottingham ; East Retford £ 0 13 7 . Mr. Hollins, of Angel Row, has been pleased to become an Annual Subscriber of Two Guineas to the same Charity. , . . . .. M. KIl'. l. mGLKY, ATTIRE WINE VAULTS, SMITHY ROW-, •:•;•• B& S pte^ arcd f o r Sale, in Addition t o her usual ArUlfes, the Mowing BRITISH WINES,. of a s m - , UIOR Q U A L I T Y :— • .. -.',-•. .'.*'."' Lemon andfirai} gg Wine, at 25s. per D02. or 2s.. 4d./> o' Bottle. Ginger ditto, ditto, ditto ditto. Cowslip ditto, 9s. 4d » ji( r Gal. or 2s. 4d. per Quart. Her much esfeemed Rnisin Wine, at 31s. per Doz. er 7s. 6d. per Gallon. The best genuine Cogtiiac Brandt/, Jamaica Hum, and Holland's: Gin, of. full Strength and good Flavour; also B R I T I S H " COMPOUNDS, Wholesale and Retail, and upon the most friendly Terms to Private Families. N. B . PUBLICANS ( tq whom a liberal Allowance will be made)' will experience ail Advantage of Strength and Flavour, in the Article of Spirits. Nottingham, 10th April, 1810. T O W N O F N O T T I N G H A M . Y Command of his Majesty's ' Justices of the Peace for the Taivil ami County of the TOUOL of N O T T I N G H A M , I do hereby give Notice, That the Eirstir Quarter Sessions of the Peace for the said Town and Comity, wilt beheld onTliursday the Day of May nctrt, and will b" from thence immediately ailj » - ned'to'Friday. the 4th Day of the saijtc Mmith, when they w'il he held for the Dispatch of Jiusrnesi,< it. tke &* iikl- Ha/ t ofthesui< l jViwj, ai Ten oCloci in the Forenoon ; at which lust- mentioned Time and Place, • all Bers& ns who have any Business 10 transact at the said Sessions, are desired to attend. And ail Persons who hare any Hril . orftiUp oj' Indict m- ill to prefer tit the said Sessions, arc desired to attend at my Qjjicr., on the'Evening preceding, or early in the Mynting ofthe said 4th Day of May next, Jar the Purpose of giving Instructions for such Bill or Bills, in order that the same may be prepared before the Sitting of the Court. ( By Order) GEO. COLDHAM, Clerk of the Peace. 18th April, 1810. A REPORT having been circulated, that I had i l entered into Partnership with J. R. K1LLINGLEY — This is to inform all whom it may conccrn, and the public in general, that no such Partnership either does or ever did exist. April 19, 1810. , . EDWd. JEFFS, jun. Nottingham, — Friday, April 2 0 . BIRTH. On Wednesday morning tlie wife of Mr. Richard Hardy, of the Balloon public- house, in this town, was delivered of three male children, who, . with the mother, are all likely to do well. MARRIED, On Monday last, at St. Nicholas's, Mr. B. Schofield, of Sheffield, to Miss Barrows, of St. James's Street, in this town. At St. Mary's, on Tuesday, Mr. George Poole, of Sutton in Ashfield, to Miss Sarah Hinds, of this town. A few days ago, Mr. Wm. Frost, whitesmith, to Miss Frances Miller, both of this place. DIED, Yesterday morning, Miss Barnett, sister of Mr. H. Barrett, bookseller, of this place. Yesterday, at his son's house, near Farnjfield, in this county, at tbe advanced age of 98, Mr. Wright, father of Mr. James Wright, of the Market- Place, in this town. Wednesday night, at Lenton, Mr. Chamberlain, an opulent farmer and grazier, aged 86. . On Tuesday last, Mr. Dixon, flax- dresscr, of Academy Court, > b this town, aged 86. On Wednesday morning, of a brain fever, aged 27, Mrs. Rose, wife of Mr. Rose, of tbe Pheasant public house, Charlotte Street. Monday, Mary Rickard, of Stotiey Street, aged 84. A route has been received for the ad battalion of the 45th regiment to march from hence to Portsmouth, '• where they expect to be embarked for foreign service. . They are to proceed in two divisions. The first division, ' consisting of the right wing, will leave this place to- morrow jtuid the second, or left wing, will follow on Monday. His Grace t h e Duke of Newcastle, Lord Lieutenant of this, county, with the approbation of His Majesty, has been pleased to order the 2d, or Southwell regiment of Local Militia, commanded by Lieut. Col. Sherbrooke, to . assemble at Southwell on Monday morning text, to receive their clothes and appointments, and to march from thence to Newark'on the same day, to be trained and exercised for todays. Should'any individual, whose name has been enrolled, neglect to appear at the time, lie will be liable to be proceeded against as a deserter, as the Acts direct. On Monday last, Mr. Stones, hosier, was elected one of the Senior Council of this Corporation, without opposition, in the room of Mr. Wm. Wilson, chosen Alderman. The following persons have been committed to the town gaol, since our last, to take their trials at the ensuing quarter sessions, ( viz.) John Luff, charged with stealing a number of glass bottles, and aquantity of spirituous liquors and wine, the property of Mr, James Severn; Thos. Etherington, charged with stealing various articles, the property of different individuals, and Ann his wife, charged with stealing adeal wash- tub; MaryQenham, charged with stealing one piece of silk ribband, the property of Mr. Thos. Musson; William Barrowcliffe, charged with stealing one pairof boy's shoes, the properly of Thomas Towlson ; and Mary Bruce, charged with stealing two sheets, the property of Emery Austin. There was an additional clause added to the Local Militia Bill, which passed the House of Commons, on Thursday, exempting Members of Friendly Societies from fine for non- attcndance while on duty. Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Nottingham. NOTTINGHAM, M I L I T I A . — F r a n k Sotheron and John Hall, Esqrs. to be Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Nottingham. lst, or Nottingham Regiment nf Locql Militia. lchabod Wright, Esq. to be Lieut. Cof. Commandant. John Chaworth, Esq. to be Lieut. Colonel. Mark Huish, and John Smith Wright, Esqrs. to be Majors. Nathan Tempest" Haines, William Marriott, Francis Hart, Wm. Howitt, Richard Eaton, Frederick Robinson, John Ray, Drinkall Pritt, James Edward Freeth, and Wnv. Hurst, Esqrs. to be Captains. William Chamberlin, Henry Parr, Edward Staveley, Henry Sleight, John Stevens Howitt, Daniel Pawlett, Kirk Swann, Samuel Payne, John Fellows, jun. and Isaac Hall, Gents, to be Lieutenants. Robt. Cowle, William Lacey, Francis Beardsley, and Caractacus Shjlton, Gents, to be Ensigns. John Bigsby, Gent, to be Surgeon. fid, or Southwell Regiment of Local Militia. William Sherbrooke, Esq. to be Lieut. Col. Commandant. William Wylde, Esq. to be Lieut. Colonel. Robert Padley, and Gregory Gregory Williams, Esqrs. to be Majors. Henry Hawley, John Brettle, Edward Jones, William Hooton Deverel, Frank Clay, Win. H. Barrow, Wm. Taylor, Launcelot Rolleston, John Coke, and Rpbt. Burgess, Esqrs. to be Captains. Samuel Carding, Thos. Brierley, John Tomlinson,' John Foster, Siwnuel Hewes, Stephen Cooper, John Lambert, William John Calverf, John Darby, and Robert Bush, Gents, to be Lieutenants. Francis Cooke, Gent, to be Surgeon. Sd, or Retford Regiment of Local Militia. Sir Thomas Woollaston White, Bart, to be Lieutenant Colonel Commandant. John Kirk, Esq. to be Lieutenant Colonel. John Shergold, Esq. u> be Major. Nathaniel Mason, Thomas Holworthy Swymmer, William Potter, George Pegg, John Thcrold, Wilhum Duncan Campbell, and Robert Barber, E- qrs. to be Captains, Thos. Bradshaw, George Justice, Jose Jackson, George Thornton, NEWARK, MANSFIELD, GAINSBURGH, & c. BIRTH. On the 15th inst. at his Lordship's house, in St. James's Place, the Couutess of Loudon and Moira, of a daughter. " MARRIED, At Rotherham, on Thursday the 12th instant, Jedcdiah, second son of G. B. Strutt., Esq. of Belper, Derbyshire, to Susanna, only daughter of Joshua Walker, Esq. of Clifton, near Rotherham, Yorkshire. Same day, at Pentrich, Derbyshire, Mr. Robert Whysail, to Miss Stanley, both of Ripley. DIED, At Chesterfield, on the 6th instant, suddenly, in her 80th year, beloved, revered, and most deeply regreted, Mrs. Rogers, relict of the late John Rogers, M. D. A few days since, at his brother's, in London, in his 23d year, Mr. Benjamin Wykes, late of Leicester. The Belper Regiment of Local Miiitia, commanded by Lieut. Colonel Strutt, is directed to assemble at Derby on Monday the 21st May, at II o'clock in the morning, for twenty- two days, including the days of marching to and from Derby. On Tuesday morning last, Mr. Dixon, a respectable horse dealer, of Scaiford, near Melton Mowbray, was found dead upon the road leading to the latter place. He left Melton the preceding evening, on. his return home, and it is conjectured that lie was not. only thrown,* but kicked by his horse, as his skull was fractured, and his brains lay scattered at the distance of twenty yards frjoui the body wh£ 1i found. The most desperate fight ever witnessed in the' county of Nottingham, took place at Worksop, on Thursday the 12th inst. between James Stringfellovv, a blacksmith, well known for his scientific skill in boxing, and John Story, a stout athletic man, of equal celebrity. The parties fought fifty- five minutes, during which many severe blows were exchanged. Story, however, was at length compelled to yield, after being completely blinded, and bis face dreadfully cut and disfigured. Stringfellow also presented a hideous appearance about the body, from the effects of his antagonist's blows.— The spectators assembled to witness the combat, were very numerous. GAINSBURGH.— Vessels arrived and sailed since ourlast. ARRIVED.— Harriet, Boulton, with barley ; Joshua and Mary, Smithwaite, with ditto; Two Sisters, Rhodes, with ditto; Six Brothers, Howard, with ditto; ail from l. ynn. Thomas and Mary, Thompson, with barley, from Yarmouth. Friends, Jackson, with flints:; Manchester, Taukersley, with goods and ditto ; both from London. SAILED.— Retford, Cawkwell, with goods; Trent, Hailstone, with ditto ; Packet, Holland, with iron pipes ; Sarah and Elizabeth, Clough, with oats and lead; all for London. Mary, Smith, with goods, for Lynn. St. Petersburgh, Packet, Morden, with, ditto, for Colchester. Fortune, Mackie, with oak timber, for Montrose. Zephyr, Warren, with plaster; Nymph, Saul, with goods; both for Newcastle. . Ceres, Bath;' ate,' with Stourbridge clay, '& c. for Leith, Success, J. outher, with oats, for London. Ridley, Kill, with goods, from Ipswich. TO STONE MASONS. AT a Vestry, convened by public Notice, and held in the Church- of E A S T R E T F O R D , it was determined to take down the Steeple, & c. to within one Course Of the Water Table, and to rebuild it in its present Form and Dimensions.— Any Person wishing to undertake the RE- BUILDiNG of the said STEEPLE, may inspect the same, by applying to the Churchwardens of East Retford; and all Proposals for executing the same to be sent to the said Churchwardens, on or before the fourth Day of May, 1810. East Retford, 17th April, 1810. LIBERTY of SOUTHWELL and SCROOBY, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Ill7' Order of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace, actidg in and fur the said Liberty, 1 no HEUEBY GIVE N O T I C E , That the Master Quarter" Sessions of the Peace, Jur the same liberty, will be held. At Southwell, on Saturday the 5th Day of May, and Ai Scrouty, on Monday the 7th. Day of May instant, At Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of each Day: of which all Persons who are bound by Recognizance to appear, or who have any Business to transact at the said respective Sessions, as also the several Jierors, Constables, and other Officers concerned therein, are required to take Notice, and to attend accordingly.—- And all Persons who lia oe any Bills of Indictment to prefer, are requested to call upon the Clerk of the Peace the Evening before, or early in the Morning of such Days, to give Instructions fir preparing the said Bills, that they may be ready be fire the Court sits. GEO. ' H. BARROW, Clerk of the Peace. Southwell, 14th April, 1810. NOTTINGHAM CANAL COMPANYr " p H E Annual General Meeting of the Nottingi ham Canal Company will be held at tbe Spread Eagle Inn, in Nottingham, on Tuesday the lst of May, 1810, at Eleven in the Forenoon. *,* Dinner at Half past Two. NOTTINGHAM and MANSFIELD TURNPIKE ROAD. Notice is hereby Given, r" l~ TIAT the next Meeting of the Trustees of the, 1 above Read will be held at the Blackmdor's Head Inn, iu Nottingham, oil Tuesday, the lst Day of May next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. MIDD1. EMORE and PERCY, ClerksUo the Trustees. Nottingham, ApriHSth, 1810, H I G H W A Y A S S E S S M E N T . . THE Collectors of the Rate or Assessment made upon the Occupiers of Houses and Land, in the Parish of S A I N T ' MAR'V, iii t h i s T o w n , f o r t h e p r e s e n t . - Y e a r , f or the Preservation and Repair of the Highways, in the said Parish, having been dela yed beyond . the usual Time,—/ am directed, by the Magistrates to give Notice, That Samuel Kilbourn, of the'said Town, Victualler, is duly appointed and authorised to collect and receive the. said Rate or- Assessment, of and: from the several Persons from whom the same is due, ant) tbsthe will oil. Moiidjy next begin to collect ihesame. . . - V . . - . G E O - ' C O L D H A M , T O W N CLERK. Nottingham, April 19,1810.' ; AMAIN of COCKS win be FOUGHT at the White Lion Pit, Nottingham, betwixtthe Gentlemen of Leicestershire and the Gentlemen of Derbyshire: to shew and weigh Forty- One in the Main and Ten Byes ; to fight for Two Guineas a Battle, and- Fifty Guineas the Main. To weigh To- Morrow ( Saturday), the til stinstaht, and to fight on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next, ( being the Easter Holidays).— A Pair of. Stags will fight tbe first Battle on tlie Monday for Twenty Guineas. s , j HAYNES', for Leicestershire. r t e a t r s ' LTOMLINS, for Derbyshire. . 15* A Pair of Cocks will be on the Sod each Day precisely at Twelve o'Clock. M R . JVILD's S A L E S . • HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, ( The Property of a Gentle num declining Housekeeping, and removed to ' Mr. Pursuis' Rooms, Angel Row, Nouing. ham, for Conxcilieney of Sale, J T O BE. S O L D BY A U C T I O N , By Mr. WILD, Oil thf said Premises', on Mstiday and Tuesday the 23d and 94Ji of April instant, without Reserve, / C O N S I S T I N G of Feather Beds ' and Bedding j O Fcur- post and ' Camp Bedstead; Mahogany and Elm Chair*; Dining; Card, and Pembroke Tables; Pier and Swing Glasses; capital Eight- day Clo-, k ; and an useful assortment of . Kitchen Requisite; likewise some Books, & c. Catalogues are now ready, and m a y h a d at the Office of Mr. WILD, Pepper'Street, and at tUv Place of Sale. Sale to commence at Ten o'Clocl: focli Day. FREEHOLD ESTATE, A T STAPLKjFORD. T O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WILD, At the House of Mr. John Grcasley, the SlgH of the Nag's • Head, ill Stapleford, on Wednesday the 25th of April, 1810, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, ( subject to Conditions to be then prod, iced) IN O N E I„ OT, A EL that valuable and compact E. REEIIOLD x i . ESTATE, pleasantly, situated at Staplefofd, 6 Miles from Nottingham, and fronting the . lierby Turnpike Road, now in the Possession of Mr. James' Greasiey, who is going to reside at Satidiacre. ..'• ' For further Particulars, apply at Mr. WILD's Office and Auctfon Rooms,' Pepper Street. • '• FREEHOLD ESTATE, AT CARLTON, Near Nottingham, T O BE S O L D BY A U C T I O N , ' By Mr. WILD, A( TO BE LET, And entered upon at Midsummer, GOOD HOUSE, near the Market Place, in NOTTINGHAM, with large Shop in Front, Cellar under it, Parlour adjoining, and roomy Kitchen; Dining- Room, seven Lodging- Rooms, and four Attics. For further Particulars apply to Mrs. SPSNCISR, upon the Premises. Wheeler Gate; 19th April, 1810. _ - TO BE I. F. T, AVERY genteel HOUSE, either Furnished or . Unfurnished, situated in Parliament Street, Nottingham ; with Coach- House, Stabb, and Garden.— For. further Particulars enquire of Mrs. Lingford, Jeweller,, Market- Place, Nottingham. ditions to be then produced) ALL those Three substantial and ncwly- erected Freehold MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, sin ato at CARX. TON, three Miks from Nottingham, in tue several Occupations of Messrs. John Ogle, James All-. vobii, and John Alvey, with good Work Sh > ps that will hold six Frames each; also a Well of good Water, Goa - House, Pigsties, Privy, and Garden to. each House.' For further Particulars apply at Mr. WILD's Office anil Auction Rooms, Pepper Street, Nottingham. April 20, 1810. To JOINERS, CABINET- MAKERS, AND PERSONS CONCERNED fN BUII. DING. T O BE SOLD BY , A U J ' i I O N, ; O W T R A M V D E B T O R S JRRWF C R E D I T O R S . A' ' ivD; Persons standing . indebted t o REBECCA OWTRAM, who lately carried on the Business of a , Brazier, at Worksop, in the County of Nottingham, are desired immediately to pay their Debts to Messrs.- W I L S ON and SHARPE, Solicitors there ; and her Creditors are likewise requested to send in an Account of their respective Demands to the Office of. Messrs. Wilson and Sharpe. So soon as the Debts and Credits of Mrs. Owtrain can be made out, a Meeting of - the Creditors will be called by Public Advertisement, and a State of the Affairs teid before thpm. Worksop, 18th April, 1810. T iwqR\ Tottinga e d ME WHOLE O: PRICES OF GRAIN at Guinsiurgh, April 17. Wheat, 96. to 100s... Rye, 54 to 60s... Barley, 34 to 51s... Oats, 17 to 32s... Beans, 56 to 66s. NEWARK MARKET, April 18. Wheat, 100s to 120s... Rye, 60s to 63s... Barley, 44s to 52s... Oats, 24s to 80s... Seed ditto, 00 s... Beans, 46s to 50s... Old ditto, 00s. F7URS. Monday, April 23, Kegwofth, Bakewell, Sleaford, Newcastle ( Staff.) Tuesday 24, Gainsburgh, Lincoln, Ashby- de- la- Zoucl., Daventry, Longnor. Wednesday, 25, Loughborough, Ripley, Dronfield, Ashover, Leek, Wellingborough, Brackley. Thursday, 26, Fillingham, ( Line.) Friday,.., 27, Lincoln, Spalding. frj* We are obliged to postpone the insertion of several Advertisements and articles of Intelligence for want of room. \ \ T A N T E D , a MAN SERVANT, accustomed * » to House Work, and also an experienced clever Warehouse Servant.— Enquire of the Printer. WANTED, an APPRENTICE to the Silversmith, Jewellery, and Ironmongery Businesses.— Apply to Messrs. O R M E and H U L S E , Nottingham. TT J ANTED, a FARMING MAN, to manage Yr and work about Twenty Acres of Tillage Land, near Nottingham. He must be a sober, steady, single Man, with a good Character from his last Place. For Particulars enquire of Mr. BLACKWELL, Auctioneer, I, ong RoW. Nottingham, April 20, 1810. T- IOMAS WEST, of Radford, i^ WNottingham, Victualler, having di\ ly assigned toe WHOLE of bis'Estate and Effects to ' Cornelius Huthwaite and Samuel Maltbyyof'theTown of Nottingham, Wine Merchants, and John Spencer, of Adbolton, in the County of Nottingham, ' Maltster, in TRUST, for the equal Benefit of his Creditors: Notice is herebgjdaat. That the Deed of Assignment lies at the Office of Messrs. ALLSOPP a n d . W E L L S , Solicitors, Nottingham, for the Perusal and Execution of such of the said Creditors as may be willing to take the Benefit thereof. April 20,1810. TO BF. LET, And may be entered upon immediately, AHOUSE, situate ?. t C m i w i t i , four- Miles from Nottingham; consisting of 2 Parlours, Kitchen, . Pantry, Cellar, and 4 Lodging Rooms; a Garden in. Front I? of the House, with 3 Acres of rich Land adjoining the ' same, well Supplied with Water. ... For further Particulars enquire of Miss BARKER, Castle Gate, Nottingham. VTTHEREAS. VY an a Commission of Bankrupt is . . awarded and issued against W I L L I A M P O T T E R the Younger, of the Town of Nottingham, Grocer, Dealer, and Chapman ;' and ha'being declared bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or to the major Part of them, on the 28tli Day of April instant, and on the 11th Day of May aud the sd Day of June next, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon of eachDay respectively, at the Ram Inn) in the said Town, ana" make a full Discovery apd. Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where, the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, at the second Sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the last Sitting tbe said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are then to assent to or dissent from the Allowance of his Certificate.— All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliyes; the sa. ne otherwise than as the Commissio iers shall appoint, but give Notice to Messrs. ALLSOPP and W E L L S , Solicitors, Nottingham, or to Mr. R. S. TAYLOR, Ficlu Court, Gray's Inn, London. BY'B,. ROBU, TSOi\, , On Easter Monday, April 83d, aila'fejlti'ivirij'Days, on the Premise's of the late Mr. S WES i'oN;' W.- ck- Ilay- Cross, Nottingham— The WlioletO be Soid'- without R serve; COMPRISING a large and very desirable Joiner'and Cabinet- mnkd- V STOCK- IN- TRADE ; consisting of Maliogany in Logs, Beards, & c..; beautiful Veneers, Xcopard. Wood,. Satin Wood, und Purple Wood; Oak ii: Plank and Boards; Deals, Elm, Ash, and Beach, in great Varieties, and sawn for various. Purposes; a large Qui ntity of Bedstead Wood, and- s'cver^ l, Bedsteads in Workmanship tir. d fihijliea ;"' Cotiier ' CupboiJs ; Oik and Mahogany Dining Tables; E t a and'Mshc? g. iny Chiirs; Mahogany Pembroke Tables;' • Chests ot ' Drawers, and handsome S- DtryGiocW ;• Rim i- Tables,'' Salt- box; s, Spittoons, and-' ssmlry other Articles, of Furniture; T » - i- lve Pier Glasses, in Gold,, and Mahtjgqr. y, Frame*; sevi ai Dozens of modernS; vingGlasses ana ,. Glas& Bates; s - -, al j. Patinel. Dpcr. and Door, Cases ;. ' h v Ive Sash Window., and Frames; a Quantity pf Brass- work in Commodes, Hat. dk-*, Cloak- pins, Hinges, ' Screws,' & c.;' a great many Lots of Wend, and various Articles, wbuh will ,- e found well worth the attention of the Trade and, l-' am- lb s, as well as Persons. concerned in Building. . Qatalogus are now reaCy and may be had of tbe Auctioneer, and ut the - Place, of Sale.' N. B. The whole must be positively si^ d, as the Premises are let to another Person, . ' O L L E T L T O N T U R N P I K K R O A I ' . NOTICE FOR LETTING TOLLS. O T I C E IS H E R E B Y - G I V H N , T h a t the TOLLS atifaiig at two of the Toil Gates, called - WCLLOW E A R AI^ Y CAR BURTON BAR, upon the ' I urnpike Road from WorksOp to Kelhim, aiid from Debdale Hill to tbe great . Nor thern Road at •> South Muskham, in the j County of Nottingham, will be LET B Y AUC 1 ION to the For Particulars, and a View of the Premises, enquire ! BEST BIDDER., at the House of Mr. Richard Flower, the of THOMAS CROSS, near- tbe Blue Ball,, Bccston. ' j Hop- Pole bin, in Ollerton, in the sfiid County, <; n Monday the 21st- ot May next, between the Hoars of Twelve o'Clock at Noon and Two in the Afternoon, in Manner directed by the Act passed in the Thirteenth Ytar of his TO BE LET; And entered upon immediately, A Very desirable D W E L L I N G HOUSE, plea- I~\ santly situated at SUTTON IN A S H F I E L D , formerly the Residence of the late Mr. George Else, Hosier ; containing two good Parlours, a Kitchen, Brewhouse, Laundry, and Cellars, with eight Lodging Rooms, and suitable Out- buildings, together with a good Garden adjoining. For further Particulars application may be made to Mr. Downing, or to Mr. Woollcy, of Sutton aforesaid, who will shew the Premises; and if by Letter, Po » t paid. April 19th, 1810. To be LET, at BEESTON, near. N O T T I N G H A M , ' ATENEMENT, containing- six good Rooms, i & c. with Garden and Croft. j N( B E E S T O N . To be LET, and may be entered upon immediately, AHOUSE, situate near the Church ' '" ing the Turnpike Road, late in the Occup; Hugh Wilson ; containing, on the . Gronnd Flo} and Drawing Room, with KitcHfen, Pant; - es, & c.; four Bed Rooms on the first Story, and two on the second : together with the Garden and Croft adjoining, with a Stable, Ci} w- House, Dovecot, Gig- House, and Cottage i the whole containing^-} Acres. For furtHer Particulars apply to Mr. Needham, Lenton, near Nottingham. < To be I. ET, and entered, upon immediately, ACapital Hosier's ( or Commission) WAREHOUSE, situate in Peiham S^ Jeet, and ill Possession o f M r . G A S K I L L . \ N. B. Additions may be made to it, so as to form an ex1 celler. t Shop, & c. for a Mercer, Grocer, or any other' Wholesale and Retail Dealer. Enquire of Mr. GASKILL, at hi: April 2 « th, 1810. * Pounds and Five Pence Three Earthings, the Expence of collecting them ( to WitJ. WELLOW BAR .-..,. , . . £ . 1 01 CARSURTON BAR ; 58 • nty ever and above Si 24 WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against D A N I E L PAWLETT,' of the Town and County of the' Town of Nottingham, Tallow Chandler and Grocer ;' and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the 28th Day of April instant, the n t h Day of May next, and on the iiu Day of June next, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon on each Day, at the House of i homas and John Simpson, the Black Moor's Head Inn, in Nottingham, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects., when and where the Creditors are to come to prove *.''•'! r Debts, and at the second Sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to - finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent, from the Allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects,' are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Messrs. BROMLEY ar( d BI-.' I.' L, NO.' 4, Holbpni Court, Gray's Inn, London; or Mr. C. D. SIULTON, Solicitor, Nottingham. 17th April, 1810. WANTED, in a small Family, a good COOK. 85* Apply to the Printer. WANTED immediately, Two Apprentices to the MILLINERY and DRESS- MAKING Business. Apply to E. SHIPMAN. Southwell, April 19, 1810. Total...,.. 220 - 0 5} And the TOLLS at such several Gates will be put up at those Sums respectively :— Whoever happens to be the best Bidder for all or any of the Tolls above mentioned, must at the same Time give •'" nd, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the ^ ustees of the said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the tent agreed for, and at such Tiir. es as they shall dir. ct.,.. ) ated the Tenth Day of April, One. Thousand, Eight Hundred and Ten. WILSON And SHARPE, Clerks to, t!! e Trustees of. the Said Road. TO COVER THIS SEASON, 1810, At Mr. HILTON'S, Adbolton, ivar Nottingham, l At Two Guineas and a Half a Mart, aljd Two Shillings I N G and Sixpence fhe Groom, B r e a k ; ! TJEELZF. BUB-— He was got by Rockingham, l J his dam own Sister to Vickie' Toby, by Alfred, grandam Cotlia, by Herod, greatgraudam Proserpine, own Sister to Eclipse, by Marske. TO BE LET, from Tear to Tl AHandsome and lately erected HOUSE; containing Dining, Drafast Rooms, six roomy Chambers and two good Kitchens and Pantries; a Two- Stall' Stable, Coal- House, & c. attached to the above; and a beautiful Iaid- out Garden and Grying Gmwid. Adjoining the Premises are two Tenements. and^ Bpst valuable Piece of rich PASTURE LAND, betweflBRvo and three Acres, ill which has lately been built an Open Stable, capable of containing four Horses. The above are situated in the upper part of the Town of Southwell, and immediate Possession may be had _ | and Rushlight, and owing to an over- reach he received on Ihe whole is Freehold, and a considerable Portion of | h i s Tendon, rendered him unfit Ibrtraini'nfr . the Purchase- Money may remain on Security of the Premi- | T h e M ' for Covering and Keep to be Paid before the ses— Apply to Mr. Evelm Faikner, Southwell. 1 Mares are. taken away. " - " Good Grass for Mares, with proper Care, at Seven Shillings per Week. . At 3 yrs. old he won the ^" 50 Maiden Plate at Derby, I beating Lure, Eona Roba, and Sir Gilbert Heathcote's grey colt by Delpini; also the £ M at Northampton, beating Kill s- , Devil, Wowski, and Miss Totteridge At four yrs. old, he " j won the City Plate a'i Chester, beating Dapple-, Midnight, TO BE SOI. D BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, And entered upon immediately, AN E W Genteel Brick and Slated HOUSE, with a beautiful Sashed Front, a large Garden, well planted with Fruit Trees, and several convenient Outbuildings, situated in HOVERINGHAM, a pleasant Village, ten Miles from Nottingham, eight from Newark, and not half a Mile from the River Trent, being a desirable Situation for a genteel Family. For further Particulars apply to Mr. Edward Gadsby, of Hoveringham aforesaid. WANTED, in a Family, in Nottingham, a HOUSE- MAID. Wages, Eight Guineas, without any Perquisites, She must have a good Character from her last Place.— Enquire of the Printer. April 20, 1810. WANTED, a steady MARRIED MAN, to teach a DAY SCHOOL, consisting of Boys and Girls— to be instructed in Reading and Writing: The Mistress must be capable of teaching the Girls to read. The School and Dwelling- House will be Rent- free : and many of the Scholars will be paid for by the Friends of the Institution. No Persons but those of strict Church Principles need apply. Enquire'for further Particulars of the Printer. TO BRICK- MAKERS. WANTED immediately, a JOURNEYMAN BRICK- MAKER. A good Hand may have constant Employ, by applying'to'Mr. GEORGE OGLE, Moor Gate, East Retford. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. THE Creditors of Mr.. WILLIAM EYRE, late of the Towii'of Nottingham, Carrier, are requested to meet at the House of Mr. JOHN A S T I I . I . , the Sign . of the . Wheat Sheaf, on the Long Row, oil TRIDAY next, thy 27. th Instant, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, in Order that they may receive the Remainder- Part, of their Money due from the Estate and Effects of the said William Eyre. J& iitk. tt. r-"-----"- GENERAL COACH OFFICE, BLACK MOOR's HEAD INN, NOTTINGHAM. r T ' , HE Public are most respectfully informed, that I the LORD NELSON COACH will commence RUNNING EVERY DAY, onMoNDA-/ the 23d ofApril, through WirksworcU, Buxton,-& c. at. Half past Five o'Clock in- the Morning, and arrive at the Palace Inn, Manchester, at Half past Seven o'Clock the same Evening. The T R U E BRITON COACH to London every Morning, at a Quarter past Seven o'Clock, through Loughborough, Leicester, and Northampton, and arrive at the Bull and Mouth Inn the following Morning at Seven o'Clock. The ROYAL M A I L COACH to Derby, Burton, Litchfield, and Birmingham, every Morning at Half past Six o'Clock, and ' returns every Evening, at Six o'clock. The ROYAI. M A I L COACH to London, through Melton, Oakham, Uppingham, Kettering, and Bedford, every Morning at Nine o'clock. . The T R U E BRITON COACH to Leeds, through Mansfield, Chesterfield, and Sheffield, every Morning at Six o'Clock. The ROYAL M A I C ' C O A C H to Leeds, through Mansfield, Chesterfield, and Sheffield, every Afternoon at Three o'Clock. Performed by SIMPSONS, WILLAN, AND CO. N. B. The Proprietors of the above Coaches beg Leave to inform the Pubhc, that they will Hot hold themselves accountable for any Package containing Cash, Bank Notes, ' Bills, JeNyels, Plate, Watches, Lace, Silks, or Muslins ( however srtinll . the Value), nor for any other Package of more tha'p Five Pounds y able, if lost or damaged, unless tbe same be specified and an Insurance, paid over and above the common Carriage, when delivered here, or to any of their Offices or Agents in the different Parts of the Kingdom, TO BE SOLD, TOGETHER OR SEPARATE, ASMALL compact FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate in A P P L E Row, Milk Street, Nottingham; consisting of Four good well- built Tenements, each containing a House, Chambers, Workshop, and Garrat; also a good Arched Cellar, and convenient Closets. Likewise | Four smaller Tenements ( facing the above) With a Piece of Land between them and a Privy: also the Use of a. Weli, along with Six other Tenements; are pleasantly situated, clean, healthy, airy, and dry ; and in the Occupations of Joseph Bennett, Sen. William Brown, John Hutsby, Robert Bennett, Joseph Bennett, Jun. Joseph Dowenam, Timothy Roberts,'& hd William Pearson; are easy Rented. For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to John Walker and Sons, Builders, Nottingham. THE CELEBRATED MAGNETIC RAZOR TABLET, ( Sanctioned by the special Approbation of Ids Royal Highness the PRINCE of WALES,) AS been proved an invaluable I N V E N T I ON H and ACQUISITION to Professional Gentlemen in the Army and Navy, whose Opportunities of applying to Cutlers are frequently circumscribed.— This Tablet is exceedingly portable, and is so decisively effective upon a Razor's Edge, that it. is impossible to exceed the Acuteness produced by its Use; also, the Rapidity of its Action is beyond the Power of Description.— The Mature of the Edge produced by this ' Tablet enables the Operator to lay the Razor flat on the Skin, an Advantage which infallibly prevents the too frequent Accident of cutting the Face. In Order to protect the Public from Deception, each Tablet will be sold with the Proprietor's Signature, " John Thos. Rigge," and numbered in Red Ink, at his Warehouses ill London, 52, Park Street, Grosvenor Square, and < 35, Cheapside, Price 7s. ( id. each ; where also may be obtained his NEW INVENTION for Sharpening Pen- knives and Surgical Instruments, without the Use of Oil, & c. Sold, by Special Appointment, at Mr. CORBETT'S, Per- j fumer, North End of Bridlcsmith Gate, Nottingham; at ' which Place. Shaving Implements may also be had ; and by I regularly appointed Agents throughout the Kingdom. ' TO COVER THIS SEASON, T ' HAT capital and well known Horse, L I T T LE .1 JOEY, belonging to Mr, H. Abbott, of'Mapperley, Derbyshire ( late the Property of. H, F, Mellisb, Esq.) Thorough Blood Mares at rive Guinea*, and other M. res at Two Guineas and 2s. 6d. the Groom.— Barren Mares last Year, Half Price this. . LITTLE JOEY was bred by'Mr, Joseph,, Acred, of White Wall House, r. ear' Maiton, ar., d got" by Coriander, his Dam by Espersykes ( Rtfbriiugns Dam), Grandam by Priani, Son of the Gower Stallion, great Grandamby Cadee, Son of Cade, out of a Daughter of Sampson.— Little Joey is near 16 Hands high, and allowedly Judges to be one of the strongest and best bred Horses in the Kingdom ; he is a good Bay, perfectly sound, and free from all natural Blemishes, and was bought at 150 Guineas, by Mr. Mellish, before he started. ' In 1803, at York Spring Meeting, when three Yec. r o'd, be beat Mr. Walker. s Colt, by Screveton> Dam by King Fergus,'. 100 Guineas ;' the same Year he won tbe Town Plate at Doncaster, 70i. beating Cinnamon, Sparrow Hawk, Dappie, Stretch, Susan, and a Filly by Buzzard; the next Day be won the Corporation Fifty Pounds at two Four Mile Heats, beating a Bay Horse; by Jupiter, and a Celt by Traveller.— In 1804, at Newmarket First Spring Meeting., he beat Dick Andrews ( now covering at Newmarket i t Ten Guineas a Mare) and Surprise; at Boroughbridge, a Sweepstakee of Ten Guineas each, ( Sis Subscribers) three Miles, beating Spitfire, and a Colt, by Ormond; the next Day lie won the 501. at two Heats, beating Bagsman and others; at Bibury, carrying 12st. he beat General Grovvenor's Humming Bird, lOst.- lf lbs. 50 Gdine^ s.; For his Performances see fye Ra'ting'Calendq'r'. ' ' The Money to be paid at the Time of Covering; or or. the last Round, or Five Shillings cadi Mare will be charg; d extra.— The Groom's Fees to be paid at' the Time of Covering. Little joey's Colts are very large, handsome, and have capital Action, Little. Joey will be at the Red Lion, Ripley, every Monday, at Noon; on Monday Night, at the George, Aifreton ; on Tuesday, at Noon, at the Bull and Butcher, Selstoti; returns to Mapperley till Friday Morning ; at tbe King's Head, Derby, till Friday Night; returns to Mapperley till Saturday Morning; will be at Mr. Keetley's, Sandlacre, at Seven o'Clock, and remain. till Nine; when he will procied to Mr. Priestley's, - Parliament Street, Nottingham, and return to Mapperley that Evening, where he will remain till : Monday Morning. I jrT Good Accommodation f j r Mares at 73. per We, k, and Cora if required. T H E A T T O R N E Y - G E C T . R A L ' A O P I N I O N U P ON S I R F R A N C I S B U R D E T T ' S A R R E S T. Query. TILE SERJEANT AT AMIS ATTENDING THE HOUSE OF COMMONS HAVING, IN THE EXECUTION OF THIS " WARRANT, BEEN RESISTED, AND TURNED OUT OF SIR FRANCIS BURDETT'S PRIVATE DWELLING- HOUSE BY FORCE, YOM OPINION IS DESIRED, WHETHER, IN THE EXECUTION OF THIS WARRANT, HE WILL BE JUSTIFIED IN BREAKING OPEN THE OUTER OR ANY INNER DOOR OF THE PRIVATE DWELLING- HOUSE OF SIR FRANCIS LIURDETT, OR OF ANY OTHER PERSON, IN WHICH THERE IS REASONABLE CAUSE TO SUSPECT HE IS CONCEALED, FOR THE PURPOSE OF APPREHENDING HIM : AND WHETHER HE MAY TAKE TO HIS ASSISTANCE A SUFFICIENT CIVIL OR J MILITARY FORCE FOR THR. T PURPOSE, SUCH FORCE ACTING UNDER THE DIRECTION OF A CIVIL MAGISTRATE: AND WHETHER SUCH PROCEEDINGS WILL BE JUSTIFIABLE DURING THE NIGHT, AS WELL AS IN THE DAY- TIME ? Opinion, " NO INSTANCE IS STATED TO ME, AND I PRESUME THAT NONE IS TO FOUND, IN WHICH THE OUTER DOOR OF A HOUSE HAS BEEN BROKE OP# T » UNDER THE SPEAKER'S WARRANT FOR THE PURPOSE OF APPREHENDING THE PERSON AGAINST WHOM SUCH WARRANT ISSUED THEN BEING THEREIN : 1 MUST, THEREFORE, FORM MY OPINION ALTOGETHER UPON CASES WHICH HAVE ARISEN UPON THE EXECUTION OF WRITS OR WARRANTS ISSUING FROM OTHUR COURTS, AND WHICH SEEM TO FALL WITHIN THE SAME PRINCIPLE. " I FIND IT LAID DOWN INSEMAYNE'S CASE, 5 CO. 9 1 . , THAT WHERE THE KING IS A PARTY, THE SHERIFF- MAY BREAK OPEN THE DEFENDANT'S HOUSE, EITHER TO ARREST HIM OR TO DO OTHER EXECUTION SIT THE KING'S PROCESS ; IF OTHERWISE, HE CANNOT ENTER. SO IF THE DEFENDANT BE IN THE HOUSE OF ANOTHER MAN, THE SHERIFF MAY DO THE SAME ; BUT HE CANNOT BREAK INTO THE HOUSE OF THE DEFENDANT IN THE EXECUTION OF ANY PROCESS AT THE SUIT OF AN INDIVIDUAL. THIS DISTINCTION PROCEEDS, AS 1 APPREHEND, UPON THE GREATER IMPORTANCE OF ENFORCING THE PROCESS OF THE CROWN FOR THE PUBLIC BENEFIT, THAN THAT OF INDIVIDUALS FOR THE SUPPORT OF THEIR PRIVATE RIGHTS. REASONING FROM HENCE, I SHOULD THINK THAT THE SPEAKER'S WARRANT, WHICH HAD ISSUED TO APPREHEND A MAN UNDER SENTENCE OF COMMITTAL FOR A BREACH OF THE PRIVILEGES OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, MIGHT BE EXECUTED IN THE SAME MANNER WITH CRIMINAL PROCCSS IN THE NAME OF THE KING, INASMUCH AS THOSE PRIVILEGES WERE GIVEN TO THE HOUSE OF COMMONS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PUBLIC ONLY ; AND THE PUBLIC ARE INTERESTED IN THE DUE SUPPORT OF THEM.— IF THE ACT HAD BEEN DONE, AND I WERE ASKED WHETHER IT COULD BE DEFENDED, I SHOULD SAY THAT IT COULD ; BUT WHERE IT IS PREVIOUSLY KNOWN THAT THE EXECUTION OF THE WARRANT WILL BE RESISTED BY FORCE, AND IF DEATH SHOULD ENSUE IN SUCH A CONFLICT, THE OFFICER WHO EXECUTES THE WARRANT WOULD STAND JUSTIFIED, OR NOT, AS THE BREAKING OF THE HOUSE MAY BE HELD LAWFUL OR UNLAWFUL, I FEEL MYSELF OBLIGED TO BRING THIS UNDER HIS NOTICE, LEAVING HIM T « JUDGE FOR HIMSELF WHETHER HE WILL VENTURE TO ACT UNDER MY OPINION, WHICH HAS NO DIRECT AUTHORITY IN POINT TO SUPPORT IT, BUT RESTS UPON REASONING FROM OTHER CASES, WHICH APPEAR TO ME TO FALL WITHIN THE SAME PRINCIPLE. SHOULD THE OFFICER RESOLVE TO BREAK INTO THE HOUSE ( IF IT BE FOUND NECESSARY), HE MUST BE CAREFUL, FIRST, TO SIGNIFY THE CAUSE OF HIS COMING, AND MAKE REQUEST TO OPEN THE DOORS, AND NOT USE ANY FORCE UNTIL IT APPEARS THAT THOSE WITHIN WILL NOT COMPLY ; AND HE SHOULD BE ASSURED THE PARTY WHOM HE SEEKS TO APPREHEND IS WITHIN THE HOUSE. FOR THE PURPOSE OF EXECUTING THE WARRANT, HE MAY TAKE WITH HIM A SUFFICIENT FORCE OF SUCH DESCRIPTION AS THE NATURE OF THE CASE RENDERS NECESSARY. IF HE HAS REASON FO APPREHEND A DEGREE OF RESISTANCE, WHICH CAN ONLY BE REPELLED BY A MILITARY FORCE, HE MAY TAKE SUCH FORCE WITH HIM ; BUT IN THIS IT WILL BE PRUDENT TO TAKE WITH HIM ALSO A CIVIL MAGISTRATE. " I DO NUT THINK IT ADVISABLE TO EXECUTE THE WARRANT IN THA NIGHT. " THE OFFICER SHOULD UNDERSTAND, THAT WHEN SIR FRANCIS BURDETT HAS ONCE BEEN ARRESTED, IF HE AFTERWARDS EFFECTS HIS ESCAPE, OR IS RESCUED, HIS OWN HOUSE, OR THE HOUSE OF ANY OTHER PERSON INTO WHICH HE RETREATS, MAY BE BROKEN FOR THE PURPOSE OF RE- TAKING HIM. " LINCOLN'S INN, APRIL 8 . V. G I B B S ." Mr. jHTon. mr- GFSnR. ti.' i Examination before tlic House of Commons. WERE YOU CONSULTED UPON THE SUBJECT OF THE SPEAKER'S WARRANT, AS DIRECTED AGAINST SIR FRANCIS BURDETT, AT ANY TIRTIE PREVIOUSLY TO RHU CASE BEING SUBMITTED TO YOU UPON THE PART OF THE SERJEANT AT ARMS ?— I WAS NEVER CONSULTED UPON THE LEGALITY OF THE WARRANT, BUT I WAS CONSULTED UPON THE QUESTION, WHETHER IT COULD BE EXECUTED BY BREAKING THE OUTER DOOR OF SIR FRATICIS BURDETT'SHOIRCE. WHEN, AND HY WHOM ?— ON SATURDAY MORNING I WAS DIRECTED TO ATTEND THE COUNCIL; AND I DID ATTEND IT; 1 CANNOT CHARGC MY RECOLLECTION WITH THE TIME ; 1 CAN RECOLLECT, FROM THE EFFECTS OF HAVING SAT UP SO LATE THE PRECEDING NIGHT, I WAS EXTREMELY LATE; I SHOULD THINK IT WAS ABOUT ONE O'CLOCK, BUT I WILL NOT PRETEND TO SPEAK TO THE TIME. IT WAS ASKED AT THE COUNCIL WHAT I THOUGHT OF THE LEGALITY OF SO EXECUTING THE WARRANT, I MEAN BY BREAKING THE OUTER DOOR OF THE HOUSE ; IT WAS A NEW QUESTION ; IT AROSE UPON THE EXECUTION OF A WARRANT, WITH THE MODE OF EXECUTING WHICH I WAS IN PRACTICE UNACQUAINTED. NO INSTANCE COULD BE STATED TO ME IN WHICH SUCH A WARRANT HAD BEEN EXECUTED BY BREAKING THE OUTER DOOR OF THE HOUSE; I COULD THEREFORE ONLY REASON FROM ANALOGY TO OTHER CASES IN THE LAW, WHICH I HAD IN MY RECOLLECTION. THE TENDENCY OF MY OPINION CERTAINLY THEN WAS, THAT IT MIGHT BE SO EXECUTED ; THAT IS, THAT THE SERJEANT HAD A RIGHT, HAVING DEMANDED ENTRANCE, AND BEING REFUSED, AND HAVING STATED THE GROUND UPON WHICH HE DEMANDED ENTRANCE, NAMELY, TO EXECUTE SUCH WARRANT, THAT HE WOULD BE JUSTIFIED IN BREAKING THE OI DOOR OF THE HOUSE: I STATED, AT THE SAME TIME, THAT IT QUESTION NEW, FOR THE REASONS I HAVE STATED, AND THAT I CO NOT GIVE A DECIDED OPINION ; HUT THAT, AS FAR AS MY OPINII WENT, WHICH WAS THE RESULT OF REASONING, AND NOT CF ANY AUTHORITY UPON THE PARTICULAR POINT, I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE SO EXECUTED. WAS THAT WHAT PASSED AT THE COUNCIL UPON THE SUBJECT OF THE SPEAKER'S WARRANT ?— THAT WAS THE SUBSTANCE OF WHAT PASSED; I THINK I ALSO STATED THE CONSEQUENCE THAT MIGHT ARISE TO THE SERJEANT IN SO EXECUTING THIS WARRANT, IF HE WERE NUT JUSTIFIED IN LAW ; THAT IF ANY CONFLICT SHOULD TAKE f LACE, AND A DEATH SHOULD ENSUE ( PRETTY MUCH ILL THE TERMS AFTERWARDS USED IN MY OPINION), HE WOULD OR WOULD NOT BE JUSTIFIED, AS THAT MODE OF EXECUTING THE WARRANT MIGHT BE DEEMED LEGAL OR ILLEGAL; AND I THINK I STATED LIKEWISE, THAT IF ANY THING FATAL WERE TO HAPPEN TO HIMSELF, AND IT SHOULD BE HELD THAT HIS MODE OF EXECUTING THE WARRANT WAS ILLEGAL, CO PERSON RESISTING SUCH AN EXECUTION OFTHE WARRANT WOULD BE CRIMINALLY ANSWERABLE FOR THAT CIRCUMSTANCE. Authorities applicable to the late Proceedings in the Commons House of Parliament, " THE COURSE OF ALL COURTS OUGHT TO BE CONSIDERED, FOR THAT IS THE LAW OF THE COURT."— Pryn's abridged Records. " WHAT THE LAW AND COURSE OF PARLIAMENT IS, THE JUDGES WILL NEVER INTERMEDDLE WITH ; THEY ALWAYS LEAVE IT TO THE PARLIAMENT, WHO ARE TO DETERMINE THE MATTER BEFORE THEM." — Sir John Hales. " THE LORDS AND COMMONS, IN THEIR RESPECTIVE HOUSES, HAVE judicature"— Salkcld. Tnstit. " THE HOUSE OF COMMONS IS A DISTINCT COURT TO MANY PURPOSES; THEY EXAMINE THE RIGHT OF ELECTIONS, EXPEL THEIR OWN MEMBERS, AND COMMIT THEM TO prison.— Btackstone's Comment. TL IT IS A VERY HIGH REFLECTION UPON THAT GREAT AND SOLEMN ASSEMBLY, TO ENTERTAIN A THOUGHT SO MEAN AND DISHONOURABLE OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE NATION, THAT COURT WHICH IS TO CORRECT THE ERRORS OF ALL OTHER COURTS, AND IS THE LAST RESORT OF THE NATION, THAT THEY SHOULD BE GUILTY OF INJUSTICE AND PARTIALITY.— NO MAN THAT IS A LOVER OF HIS COUNTRY, OR A FRIEND RO HIS OWN TRUE AND HONEST INTEREST, WILL HARBOUR A DISHONEST THOUGHT OF THAT GREAT ASSEMBLY, WE EASILY AGREE, THAT A PARLIAMENT MAY ERR, FOR THEY ARE NOT INFALLIBLE; BUT THE LAW HATH PROVIDED A REMEDY AGAINST THOSE ERRORS, AND A WAY TO REFORM THEM.— A SUBSEQUENT PARLIAMENT MAY REFORM THE ERRORS OF A PRECEDING PARLIAMENT; BUT TO SAY THEY WILL BE PARTIAL, OR UNJUST, OR CORRUPT, OR DO ANY THING OUT OF MALICE, IS TO RAISE A SCANDAL UPON THE WHOLE NATION, WHOSE REPRESENTATIVES THEY ARE." — Atkins fur'ndict. ttfc. Upon the extraordinary conduct of Sir Francis BURDERT, IT IS SUFFICIENT TO OBSERVE, THAT IF HE CONSCIENTIOUSLY BELIEVED THE SPEAKER'S WARRANT TO BE AU ILLEGAL INSTRUMENT, SUCH A RESISTANCE TO THE WARRANT AS WOULD HAVE ENABLED HIM TO TRY ITS LEGALITY IN A COURT OF LAW, WAS ALL THAT WAS NECESSARY. IN A QUESTION WHERE THE RIGHT OF A PASSAGE IS CONTESTED, IT IS SUFFICIENT TO CUT A SINGLE RAIL OF A GATE ILL ORDER TO INSTITUTE AN ACTION OF TRESPASS, WHICH MIGHT DECIDE THE RIGHT. THE AGITATION OF A GREAT METROPOLIS, THEREFORE, FOR THE SPACE OF FOUR DAYS, ENDING AT LENGTH IN THE DEATHS OF SEVERAL INDIVIDUALS, IS A PROOF OF THE VIOLENT AND DANGEROUS CHARACTER OF THE BARONET'S POLITICS, WHICH MUST LOSE HIM THE SUPPORT AND £ OOD OPINION OF SUCH RESPECTABLE PERSONS, WHO WERE BEFORE INCLINED TO GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR GOOD INIENJIONS.— THEUNGENTLEMANLY CONDUCT, TOO, OF SIR FRANCIS TO THE SERJEANT AT ARMS, IN DECEIVING HITN INTO THE BELIEF THAT HE WOULD QUIETLY SURRENDER AT A STATED TIME, AND HIS INTEMPERATE AND INSULTING LETTER TO THE SPEAKER, ARE DESTRUCTIVE OF THE CHARACTER HE HAD OBTAINED FOR GENTLE AND AMIABLE QUALITIES, AND HAVE GREATLY DIMINISHED HIS POPULARITY. THE SUBJOINED OBSERVATIONS OF ONE OF THE MEMBERS FOR WORCESTER ON THE DISCUSSION ON TUESDAY SE'NUIGHT RELATIVE TO SIR FRANCIS BURDETT'S LETTER, FORM PART OF A MOST ENERGETIC SPEECH, AND NOTHING BUT THEIR EXTREME IMPORTANCE COULD PERSUADE US TO GIVE THEM OUT OF THEIR PROPER PL- ICE :— " THE HON. BARONET C » .! D CERTAINLY HAVE ENTERTAINED NO HOPE « R PROSPECT OF BEING ABLE, HY MEANS OF A RIOTOUS MOB, SUCCESSFULLY TO RESIST THE WHOLE MILITARY FORCE AT THE DISPOSAL OF THE GOVERNMENT; AND YET HE HAD, TO THE GREAT DISTURBANCE OF THE QUIET OF THE METROPOLIS, PERSEVERED IN A FRUITLESS RESISTANCE FOR FOUR DAYS. AMONGST THE GROUNDS OF COMPLAINT WHICH HE HAD AGAINST THE HON. BARONET, HE COULD NOT PASS OVER HIS IMPLIED PROMISE TO THE SERJEANT AT ARMS, TO ACCOMPANY HIM TO THE TOWER. HE HAD LIVED ON TERMS OF FRIENDSHIP WITH THAT HON. BARONET ; BUT THIS WAS AN ACT WHOLLY UNWORTHY OF HIM, THAT HE MUST FOR EVER ABJURE HIM, EITHER AS A PRIVATE OR A POLITICAL FRIEND. ANOTHER GROUND OF COMPLAINT ON HIS PART AGAINST SIR FRANCIS BURDETT WAS, THAT FROM THE FIRST TO THE LAST MOMENT OL" HIS OBSTINATE RESISTANCE, HE HAD BEEN ATTENDED IN HIS HOUSE by a Brother of a notorious and avowed ' Traitor ! THIS HE CUULD NOT EASILY FORGIVE HIM. HE WAS FAR, INDEED, FROM INFERRING THE TREASON OF ONE BROTHER TO THE TREASON OF ANOTHER. HE DID NOT MEAN BY ANY MEANS TO SAY, THAT MR. ROGER O'CONNOR WAS A TRAITOR. BUT IF, WHAT WAS IMPOSSIBLE, HE HAD BEEN IN THE SITUATION OF SIR FRANCIS BURDETT, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE ASSOCIATED WITH ANY MAN TO WHOM SUSPICION COULD ATTACH; HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ATTENDED BY THE BROTHER OF ARTHUR O'CONNOR, THAT VILE TRAITOR, WHO EMPLOYED HIMSELF IU WRITING, IN A PAPER PUBLISHED ILL THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AT PARIS, THE MOST FOUL, FALSE, AND SCANDALOUS LIBELS UPON THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT AND NATION ; A PAPER PRINTED IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, NO DOUBT WITH A VIEW TO BE CIRCULATEDIN THESE REALMS. WAS THIS THE MANNER, BY THE INTRODUCTION OF FOREIGN LIBELS AND TREASONS, THAT THE LIBERTY OR THE PUBLIC SPIRIT OF THE COUNTRY WAS TO BE ASSERTED AND MAINTAINED ? ALL SUCH PROCEEDINGS OF THE HON. BARONET HE SHOULD DISCLAIM, AND WAS DETERMINED TO OPPOSE HIM IN EVERY INSTANCE." A Coroner's inquest was held at the King's HEAD, JAMES STREET, WESTMINSTER, ON SATURDAY, ON THE BODY OF JAMES PLEDGE, WHO DIED IN THE WESTMINSTER HOSPITAL ON FRIDAY MORNING, IN CONSEQUENCE OF A WOUND HE RECEIVED IN THE LEFT SIDE, FROM A PISTOL, ON SATURDAY NIGHT THE 7TH INST. VERDICT, wilful murder against a Life Guardsman unknown. MR. EBRALL, THE CORN METER, WHO WAS SHOT IN THE BREAST ON MONDAY THE ' JTH OF APRIL, WAS MUCH WORSE ON FRIDAY EVENING, AND ALL HOPES OF HIS RECOVERY HAD CEASED ON SATURDAY MORNING, THE BALL, WHICH HAD LODGED IN A MUSCLE OFTHE SHOULDER, AND DEPRIVED HIM OF THE USE OF HIS ARM, COULD NOT BE EXTRACTED.— BY AN AFFIDAVIT MADE BY HIM, IT APPEARS, THAT HE DID NOT MOLEST, NOR PROVOKE THE MILITARY, EITHER BY THROWING STONES, BRICKS, DIRT, & C. OR BY HOOTING OR HISSING AT THEM, OR ENCOURAGING- OTHERS TO DO SO. HE IS A YOUNG MAN, ABOUT 2 4 YEARS OF AGE, AND VOLUNTEERED TO ASSIST IN LANDING THE TROOPS AT WALCHEREU. HE WAS AT THE REDUCTION OF FLUSHING, AND OBTAINED, AS A REWARD, AN APPOINTMENT IN THE CORN METER'S OFFICE. IN THE VICINITY OF LONDON, DURING THE LAST THREE DAYS, AN INVESTIGATION HAS BEEN GOING ON, UNDER THE AUSPICES CF A COMMITTEE OF ALDERMEN, FOR THE PURPOSE OF ASCERTAINING THE CAUSES AUD CONSEQUENCES OF THE LATE DISTURBANCES IN THE CITY.— THE EVIDENCE WILL NOT BE MADE PUBLIC, UNTIL THE WHOLE ENQUIRY HAS BEEN COMPLETED. WARWICK.— MUNTZ, Assignee of Madeiey and Co. Birmingham, Bankrupts, VERSUS NORTON.— THIS CAUSE, WHICH IS OF CONSIDERABLE IMPORTANCE, CATNE ON TO BE TRIED AT THE LATE ASSIZES. THE DEFENDANT WAS INDEBTED TO THE ESTATE OF MADEIEY AND CO. IN A CONSIDERABLE SUM; HE BECAME IN SOLVENT, AND OFFERED A COMPOSITION TO HIS CREDITORS. MR MUNTZ, ON ITS BEING REPRESENTED TO HIM BY NORTON AUD HIS ATTORNEY THAT THE OTHER CREDITORS HAD ACCEPTED 3S. IU THE POUND, TOOK THE SAME SUM, AND SIGNED A RELEASCMENT FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE DEBT; BUT FINDING AFTERWARDS THAT HE HAD BEEN IMPOSED UPON, HE BROUGHT THIS ACTION TO RECOVER, FOR TLIE ESTATE, THE WHOLE OL" THE MONEY GIVEN UP BY THE RELEASEMENT. IT WAS SHEWN THAT OTHER CREDITORS HAD RECEIVED MORE THAN 3S. IN THE POUND ON THEIR DEBTS, AND THE PLAINTIFF OBTAINED A VERDICT OF 1281. 12S. ( ID. THE WHOLE OF. THE SUM GIVEN UP BY RELEASEMENR, WITH INTEREST. THE LEARNED JUDGE ( SIR JOHN BAYLEY) OBSERVED, THAT I P 0 ^ ! ? . 1 ? , ^ IT WAS THE DUTY OF ATTORNIES NOT TO DELUDE PEOPLE INTO FRAU- 1 * DULENT AUD FALSE SECURITIES. T H E DIFFERENT PRISONERS WHO HAD BEEN COMMITTED FOR TRIAL AT THE NEXT QUARTER SESSIONS FOR THE COUNTY OF STAFFORD, WERE IN HIGH LUCK AT THE LATE ASSIZES.— WE UNDERSTAND, THAT MR. BARON WOOD HELD, THAT THE ASSIZES BEING A General Gaol Delivery, ALL WHO WERE IN CUSTODY AT THAT TIME WERE ENTITLED TO HE TRIED. THE PRISONERS THEREFORE, WHO WERE CIRCUMSTANCED AS ABOVE- MENTIONED, HAVING NO BILLS OF INDICTMENT PREFERRED AGAINST THEM, WERE ALL ORDERED TO BE DISCHARGED.— WE THINK IT RIGHT TO NOTICE THIS, PARTICULARLY FBR THE INFORMATION OF THE MAGISTRACY, AS COMMITMENTS FOR TRIAL AT THE QUARTER SESSIONS, THOUGH THE ASSIZES MAY intervene, HAVE BEEN HITHERTO FREQUENT. THE LEARNED JUDGE IS DISTINGUISHED FOR HIS HUMANE CONSIDERATION TOWARDS ACCUSED PERSONA, AND OF WHICH THISFS A STRIKING INSTANCE. THE RULE IS CERTAINLY CONSONANT TO THE LIBERTY OF THE SUBJECT, AND THE SPIRIT OF OUR FREE CONSTITUTION. SOMERSET.— JUDGE CHANIBRE, IN HIS CHARGE TO THE GRAND JURY AT THE ASSIZES FOR THAT COUNTY, NOTICED ONE INSTANCE IN THE CALENDAR, OF MAGISTRATES COMMITTING PRISONERS FOR TRIAL AT THE ASSIZES, CHARGED WITH OFFENCES WHICH ARE RIABLE AT THE QUARTER SESSIONS, AND WHEN SUCH SESSIONS OCCUR BETWEEN THE TIME OF COMMITTING AND THE ASSIZES. PRISON- " OMMITTED ARE PUNISHED FREQUENTLY BEFORE TRIAL SE- " ~ ENCE ^ VOULD WARRANT WHERE CONVICTION HAS FOLLL B A N K R U P T S TN S A T U R D A Y ' : G A Z E T T E . JOHN STEVENS AND EDWARD BAKER, OF WHITCOMBE STREET, MIDDLEFEX, BREWERS, TO FTIRFENDER APRIL 17, 28, MAY ZFL, AT GUILDHALL SOLICITOR, MR. CHS. EDWARD REYNOLDS, CATTLE STREET, FALCON SQUARE. JOHN BALL, OF AILARTI STREET, ADELPHI, MIDDLEFCX, AUCTIONEER, APRIL » I , JG, MAY 26, AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, MR. GREENLIILL, GRAY'SLNN SQUARE. JAMES KNIGHT, NOW OR LATE OF CALNE, WILTS, CLOTHIER AND DYER, APRIL 27, 28, MAY 26, AT THE BIIFLI TAVERN, BRIFTOL. SOLICITORS, MEFI'RS. DAVIS AND POOLE. BRIILOL. THOMAS WALLER, OF CANTERBURY PLACE, 1 . AMBETH, TALLOW CHANDLER, APRIL 21, MAY 8, 26, AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, AIR. MEYMOTT, BURROW'S BUILDINGS, BLAEKFRIARS' ROAD. THOMAS BOYD, OF MAIDA HILL, EDGWARE ROAD, PADDINGTON, MIDDLEFEX, FLIOP- KEEPER, APRIL 8, MAY 7, 2 6 , AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, MR. JEYES, FITZROY SQUARE. JOHN HARTLEY, OF MANCHEFTER, GROCER, APRIL 2 3 , MAY 8, • 26, AT THE STAR INN, MANCHEFTER. SOLICITORS, MELL'RS. KAY AND REUFLIAW, MANCHEFTER. JAMES DAVIES, OF LEDBURY, HEREFORDFHIRE, GLAFS AND EARTLIENWAREMAN, MAY 4, 5 , 26, AT THE FEATHERS LULL, LEDBURY. SOLICITOR, MR. WIN. RECCE, LEDBURY. ALEXANDER SCOT., LATE CAPTAIN OF THE ( HIP OLIVE BRANCH, IN THE WELL INDIA TRADE, AND THOMAS PURVES, LATE OFSAINT MARY AXE, LONDON, MERCHANTS, APRIL 18, MAY 7, 26, AT GUILULIALL. SOLICITOR, MR. HACLFETT, CHANCERY LANE. JOFEPH FOULKCS, OF HACKNEY ROAD, MIDDLEFEX, BUILDER, APRIL 28, MAY 5 , 26, AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, MR. RUTFON, WELL- CLOFE SQUARE. WILLIAM REYNOLDS, LATE OF CHEFHUNT, HERTS, DEALER, APRIL 21, MAY 8, 26, AT GUILDHALL, LONDON. SOLICITOR, MR. COPPARD, BAPTILL CHAMBERS, CHANCERY LANE. JAMES DONGWORTH, OF GROVE STREET, COMMERCIAL ROAD, AND THOMAS AIMER, OF STEPNEY, MIDDLEFEX, BUILDERS, APRIL 17, 2 8 , MAY 26,, AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, MR. RUTFON, WELL- CLOFE SQUARE. THEOPHILUS RIPPON, OF HONITON, DEVON, CONFECTIONER, APRIL 21, MAY 15, 26, AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, MR. JOHN RIPPON, LONDON ROAD, SOUTHWARK. D I V I D E N D S . May 2- 2, J . F. HUGHES, WIGMORE STREET, BOOKFELLER, AT ONE, AT GUILDHALL.— 8, J . CHAPMAN, YARMOUTH, LINEN DRAPER, AT ELEVEN, AT GUILDHALL, LONDON.— 27, J. DOWFE, GREAT JAMES STREET, BEDFORD ROW, FCRIVENER, AT TWELVE, AT GUILDHALL.— 9, C. CHARLTON, EAFT FARLEIGLI, KENT, YEOMAN, AT NINE, AT GUILDHALL.— 9, J . MACKENZIE, OLD CITY CHAMBERS, BIFLIOPFGATC STREET, MERCHANT, AT TEN, AT GUILDHALL.— 9, J. CLCNTIEL, NEWCAFTLE UPON ' L'YNE, PIN MANUFACTURER, AT TWELVE, AT THE SHAKEFPEAR TAVERN, NEWCAFTLE.— 7, WNI. BURY, FILTON, DEVON, CLOTHIER, AT TEN, AT THE GOLDEN LION, BARNFTAPLE.— 17, D . ' 1'. MYERS, STAMFORD, LINCOLN, DRAPER, AT FIVE, AT THE GEORGE INN, STAMFORD BARON.— 15, R . DANFON, GOLGATE, LANCALTER, COAL- MERCHANT, AT ELEVEN, AT THE KING'S ARMS, LANCALTER— 16, J. WINTERBOTTOM, MANCLICLTER, MERCHANT, AT ELEVEN, AT THE STAR INN, MANCHEFTER. — 10, J . SMITH ANDS. WORTHINGTON, AFHTON UNDER LINE, MUFLIN MANUFACTURERS, AT ELEVEN, AT THE PALACE INN, MANCHEITER.— 7, R . BRIGGS, LIVETPOOL, MERCHANT, AT ELEVEN, AT THE YORK HOTEL, LIVERPOOL.— 8, G . WATTS THE ELDER, CHICHELTER, SUFFEX, HATTER, AT TWO, AT THE FLEECE INN, CHICHEITER.— 10, ANN CHADWICK, BREDBURY, CHELTER, WIDOW, HAT MANUFACTURER, AT THREE, AT THE WARREN BULKELEY ARMS, BRIDPORT.— 10, J . CHADWICK, BRADBURY, CHELTER, HAT MANUFACTURER, AT THREE, AT THE WARREN BULKELEY ARMS, STOCKPORT.— 5, T . PIERCE, CANTERBURY, BRAZIER, AT TEN, AT THE GUILDHALL, CANTERBURY.— J, J . GREATRIX SMITH, LOUDON, INFURANCC- BROKER, AT ELEVEN, AT GUILDHALL. C E R T I F I C A T E S , MAY 5. T . GIFLING, BOROUGH ROAD, ( HOP- KEEPER. R. DEAN, BOW, MIDDLEFEX, BAKER. C. KNOWLTON, BRIFTOL, LINEN- DRAPER. W. P « RKER, GRAY'S INN, MONEY- L'CRIVENER. G . WALTON, MANCHCFLER, GROCER. J . AMBLER, JUN. IFLINGTON, HORFE- DEALER. \ FOFTER, HALLAS BRIDGE MILL, YORK, COTTON TWIFT FPINNER. . RAYMOND, FOWEY, FAIL MAKER. PEPLOE, KENNING TON, COACH MAKER. | J. DEACON, BAKER STREET, PORTMAN SQUARE, CONFECTIONER. .. I J . BAILEY, KINGFLON UPON HUH, MERCHANT. W. PORTER, HANINIERFMITH, COMMON BREWER. M a r y , D C S » I I > T h o m a s , TROTT. FOR WELLS, WILLIAM AND SUFAN, LLLES. FOR SCARBOROUGH, ROBERT AND MARY, l i d - MOND. FOR SALTFLEET, TWO BROTHERS, JACKFON. FOR YARMOUTH, JOHN BULL, PYE, L OR WAINFLEET, WAIUFLEET, DAVY. FOR BOLTON, AIMWELL, TOWNEND. FOR RYE, CERES, RUBY. FOR LONDON, NANCY, FILHER ; WILLIAM AND SARAH, SINYARD; HORATIO, BROMLEY J KBOR, MYERS ; FRIENDS, DUCKELS; WILLIAM AND ELLEN, MARTLEET; HEBLILE, RAPER; WILLIAM, PADLEY; COMMERCE, PEARFON; UNION, STANILAND; MULBRO', FOREMAN; AGRICULTURE, SHILLITO ; UNION, DEAN ; THORNE, BENTON; SUTTON, BELL; OCEAN, WARE ; LNDUFTRY, TURPIN; HOPEWELL, MOXON ; LOUDON, LEACH; DIANA, WHITE. C O R N E X C H A N G E , LONDON, Monday, April 1G. BY LICENCE EITHER SPECIFIED OR IMPLIED, AND THE CHANGE EF SHIPS' PAPERS TO ANSWER THE PURPOSES REQUIRED, WE CONTINUE TO RECEIVE LARGE SUPPLIES OF FOREIGN WHEAT, SAY DURING THE LAST WEEK, NOT LESS THAN 4 0 , 0 0 0 QUARTERS ; OF OUR OWN GROWTH, HOWEVER, WE HAVE BEEN, AND WERE THIS MORNING HUT SCANTILY SUPPLIED ; IN RESPECT TO PRICES, THOUGH FINE SAMPLES ARE IN REQUEST, YET THEY DO NOT FETCH QUITE SO MUCH MONEY AS LAST MONDAY: THE INFERIOR SORTS WERE LIKEWISE RATHER CHEAPER.— BARLEY AND MALT CONTINUE STEADY AT LAST QUOTED PRICES, NOR WAS THERE ANY MATERIAL ALTERATION IN PEASE, EXCEPT THAT GREY WERE RATHER A FALLING ARTICLE.— BEANS OF THE TWO SORTS HAVE ACQUIRED BETTER PRICES SINCE OUR LAST.— THE OAT TRADE LIKEWISE WAS RATHER BRISK, AUD AT A SMALL ADVANCE. C U R R E N T PRICE QR G R A I N A T M A R K - L A N E. WHEAT - - - 60 TO 8FIS FINE DITTO - - 9FI TOL02S SUPERFINE WHEAT I OS TOLLOS RYE - - - 40 TO 52S BARLEY - - - 28 TO 47S MALT - - - 68 TO 76S | OATS - - - POLANDS - - BOILING PEASE - GREY PEASE BEANS - - - 2 0 TO 26S 3 0 TO 34S 6 2 TO 68S 4 0 TO 46S 3 8 TO 61S RAPE SEED PER LAST, 50TO 551. FINE FLOUR, 8 5 TO UOS SECOND DITTO, 8 0 TO 85S AMERICAN FLOUR PER BARREL, OF L^ CWT. 5 8 TO 60S. THE QUARTERN LOAF, 4LB. 5 OZ. S DR LS; J- § D. TARES, 10 A 14S PER BUSHEL— TURNIP SEED, 12 A 2 4 S— HEMP SEED, 6 5 A 70S— LINSEED, 9 5 A 115S— CLOVER, RED, 8.5 A 1 6 0 S ; WHITE, 5 6 AL20S— TREFOIL, 3 0 A 90S— MUSTARD, BROWN, 1 4 A 21S.— LINSEED OIL CAKES, 16L. LCS. PER THOUS. Dr, FOTHERGT/' s Female Restorative Pills. \ T 7 0 M E N are subject to a variety of Disorders, ' V WHICH ARE ATTENDED WITH MUCH SUFFERING AND PAIN V AND, IF NEGLECTED, IMPAIR THE HEALTH, AND DESTROY THE CONSTITUTION. THE h i g h MERIT OF DR. FOTHERGIL'S FEMALE PILLS, AS A CARE OF THESE MALADIES, HAS BEEN EVINCED BY THE MOST AMPLE TESTIMONIES. IT HAS BEEN PROVED A NEVER- FAILING REMEDY in ALL CASES OF OBSTRUCTION, AND FROM FEMALE SICKNESS, AND in r e l i e v i n g THE UNEASY SYMPTOMS OF PREGNANCY, PARTICULARLY, VIOLENT SICKNESS, HEARTBURN, AND FLATULENCE, FROM its RESTORING THE VIGOUR OF THE RELAXED FIBRE AFTER CHILD- BED. FOTHERGIL'S PILLS IS EARNESTLY RECOMMENDED TO THE ATTENTION OF EVERY FEMALE, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE THE CARE OF THE YOUNG, AND WHO VALUE THEIR HEALTH, BEAUTY, AND EXTERNAL APPEARANCE. SOLD AT MR. BUTLER'S, N ° . 4 , CHEAPSIDE, CORNER OF PATERNOSTER R O W ; ALSO BY THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER, DALE, AND DUNN, NOTTINGHAM ; ROBINSON, MANSFIELD ; FORD, CHESTERFIELD ; BROOKS, BURTON ; AND BY MOST COUNTRY VENDERS, IN BOXES AT 2S. 9D. AND 5S. FID. EACH. Of whom ma?/ be had, DR. FOTHERGIL'S NERVOUS CORDIAL DROPS, SO JUSTLY RECOMMENDED FOR THE CURE OF ALL NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, IN BOTTLES* PRICE 4S. FID. AND 22S. EACH. BAGS HOPS. KENT £ 4 0 TO 5 12 SUSSEX...... 3 10 TO 4 10 ESSEX 4 O TO 5 5 POCKETS KENT £ 4 0 TO 6 0 SUSSEX 3 10 TO 4 15 FARNHAM... 6 0 TO 10 0 M E A T — S m i t b f e l d , APRIL 16. BEEF 5S OD TO FIS 4( 1 I VEAL 5S OD TO 7S 4D MUTTON fis OD TO 6S 8D PORK FIS 8D TO 7S 8D ORDERIN; THAT THI An ASSIZES AGAINST MR. ENCE W AGISTNTTES SHOULD THEREFORE BETAUTIOUS IN , D OFFENDERS TO TRIAL AT THE FIRST BAR TO. as tried before a Special J u r y at the ERSET, BROUGHT BY GEORGE BALCH, ESQ, CLEMENT POOLE, A GENTLEMAN OF CONSIDERABLE PROPERTY, FOR HUNTING AND KILLING A DEER WHICH HAD ESCAPED FROM MR. BALCH'S PARK, AT SAINT AUDRIES^ HEREIN A VERDICT WAS GIVEN FOR THE PLAINTIFF.— THIS VERD^ HIEWS THAT THE OPINION GENERALLY ENTERTAINED, AND WINDERS BEEN TOO OFTEN ACTED UPON, THAT DEER WHICH BREAK OUT OF A PARK CEASE TO BE THE PROPERTY OF THE ORIGINAL OWNER, AND THAT ANY GENTLEMAN HAS A RIGHT TO HUNT AND KILL SUCH DEER, IS ERRONEOUS; THE DEFENDANT'S COUNSEL DID NOT EVEN SET UP SUCH a RIGHT ON THE TRIAL. A carter, named Santer, in the employment of MR. BAKER, OF BECKLEY, IN SUSSEX, WAS A FEW DAYS AGO COMMITTED TO HORSHAM GAOL, ON A CHARGE OF HAVING MALICIOUSLY POURED OIL OF VITRIOL INTO THE MOUTHS OF FIVE VALUABLE CART HORSES. THE PRISONER, IT SEEMS, WAS INDUCED TO THIS ACT OF CRUELTY BY A SPIRIT OF REVENGE, WHICH HE HARBOURED IN CONSEQUENCE OF HAVING RECEIVED NOTICE TO QUIT HIS MASTER'S SERVICE , AND THAT THE HORSES MIGHT THUS BE MADE TO LOSE THEIR CONDITION UNDER THE CARE OF HIS SUCCESSOR. O N SATURDAY SE'NNIGHT IN THE AFTERNOON, A YOUNG MAN WHO HAD WITNESSED THE EXECUTION OF THE FIVE UNFORTUNATE PERSONS WHO WERE CONDEMNED AT YORK ASSIZES, WENT TO HIS HOME AT FULFORD, NEAR THAT CITY, AND HUNG HIMSELF • IN A COW- HOUSE, WHERE THE MILKMAN DISCOVERED HIM, BUT TOO LATE FOR RECOVERY. NO CAUSE CAN BE ASSIGNED FOR COMMITTING THIS RASH ACT. From the returns of convicts sent t o Botany Bay FROM THE YEAR 1 7 8 7 , TO THE YEAR 1 8 0 9 , BOTH INCLUSIVE, IT APPEARS THAT THERE WERE SENT THERE DURING THAT PERIOD, FOR LIFE, 1 8 7 6 MALES, AND 2 4 3 FEMALES; FOR FOURTEEN YEARS, 5 7 4 MALES, AND 1 0 0 FEMALES; FOR SEVEN YEARS, 4552MALES, AND 1 7 5 4 FEMALES. The prophetic spirit OF MOORE, the Almanack- MAKER, IS AGAIN MADE MANIFEST, BY THE FOLLOWING PREDICTION, WHICH WILL BE FOUND UNDER THE MONTH OF APRIL FOR THE PRESENT YEAR;— " AS WE HAVE SOME MAL- CONFIGURATIONS OF THE PLANETS NEAR THIS TIME, SO, DOUBTLESS, SOME VERY CONSIDERABLE MATTERS WILL now be warmly DISPUTED. THE PUBLIC AFFAIRS APPEAR WITH A heavy AND sour disposition ; AND THE MINDS AND ACTIONS OF MOST PERSONS ARE TINCTURED WITH MALICE AND REVENGE ; WHICH WILL OCCASION VERY HIGH DISPUTES!" B A N K R U P T S I N T U E S D A Y ' S G A Z E T T E . CUTHBERT MARFLIALL, OF RATCLIFFE SQUARE, MIDDLEFEX, MARINER, TO FURRENDER APT IL 21, 28, MAY 29, AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, MR. SHERWOOD, CUFHIOU COURT, BROAD STREET. CHARLES ADDIS, OF NEW BOFWELL COURT, SAINT CLEMENT DANES, MONEY- FCRIVENER, APRIL 24, MAY 9, 29, AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, MR. HINDNIAU, ALDERMAUBURY. JOHN VAUGLIARI, OF BRAUUFTON QUAY, NEAR DAVENTRY, ifliire, MERCHANT, ApnT2I, 18, MAY 29, AT ^^ FCDON, SOLICITOR, MR. MARFON, CHURCH RAW, | NEWIUGT^ HSTTS. • DAVID T ^ R R , OF MILE- END ROAEL, MIDDKFEX, CABINET . MAKER, APRIL 21, MAY 5, 29, AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, MR. WEFT, RED LION STREET, WAPPING. ELIZABETH COX, OF OLVTFTON, GLOUCEFTERFLIIRE, FHOP KEEPER, MAY 8, 9, 29, AT THE BUFH TAVERN, CORN STREET, BRILTOL. SOLICITOR, MR. GTIEFT, BRIFTOL. AARUN STAFFORD, LATE OFSTEALEY BRIDGE, LANCAFHIRE, ( HOP KEEPER, MAY 9 , 10, 29, AT TBE WHITE BEAR, MANCHEFTER. SOLICITOR, MR. HIGGINBOTTOIN, AFLITON UNDER LINE. CHARLES DALLEY, OF MANCHELTER AND NOTTINGHAM, LACE MANUFACTURER, MAY 1 5 , 1 9 , 2 9 , AT THE STAR INN, MANCHELTER. SOLICITOR, MR. HTFLOP, MANCHDTER. WILLIAM GOUGH, OF CRAUBOURNE STREET, WEFTNIINFTER, MERCER, APRIL 21, 28, MAY 29, AT GUILDHALL. SOLICITOR, MR. TURNER, CAVENDIFLI SQUARE. THOMAS STURLEY, OF SWAFFHAM, NORFOLK, UPHOLDER, APRIL 28, MAY 5, 29, AT GUILDHALL, LONDON. SOLICITORS, MEII'RS. SWEET AND STOKES, NO. 6, KING'S BENCH WALKS. GEORGE MAGGS, OF BRIFTOL, LINEN- DRAPER, MAY 7 , 1 1 , 2 9 , AT GUILDHALL, LONDON. SOLICITOR, MR. TILFON, NO. 5, CHATHAM PLACE, BLACKFRIARS, LONDON. JONATHAN ROOFC, OF LIVERPOOL, MERCHANT, MAY 9, 10, 29, AT THE GLOBE TAVERN, LIVERPOOL. SOLICITOR, MR. THOMAS WINDLE, JOHN STREET, BEDFORD ROW, LOUDON. \\ ILBAM GRIFFITHS, OF WELTWOOD, WILTS, DYER, M A Y 7 , 8 , 29, AT THE GEORGE INN, TROWBRIDGE. SOLICITORS, MCFLRS. WILLIAMS AND BUFH, TROWBRIDGE. ROBERT ROBERTFON, LATE OF STOURBRIDGE, WORCCFTERFHIRE, DRUGGITT AND GROCER, MAY 7, 8, 29, AT THE STOURPORT INN, STOURBRIDGE. SOLICITOR, MR. RUBERTS, STOURBRIDGE. WILLIAM DAVIES, LATE OF CRADLEY, WORCELTERFLIIRE, GUN BARREL MAKER, MAY 7, 8, 29, AT THE STOURPORT INN, STOURPORT. SOLICITOR, MR. ROBERTS, STOURBRIDGE. DANIEL MOL'ELEY, NOW OR LATE OF WAKEFIELD. YORKFHIRE, INN- KEEPER, MAY 8, 9 , 2 9 , AT THE NEW COURT HOUFE, WAKEFIELD. SOLICITOR, MR. B. CLARK INN, WAKEFIELD. JOHN PEARFON, OF BATH, IIOFIDR AND LACE MANUFACTURE! 1, APRIL 2 1 , 3 0 , MAY 29, AT THE CHRIFTOPHER INN AND TAVERN, BATH. SOLICITOR, MR. R . A . SHEPPARD, BATH. D I V I D E N D S . May 12, MARGARET PRCIFT AND JOHN PREIFT, THORNEY STREET, BLOOMFBURY, COACH MAKERS AND PAINTERS, AT ONE, AT GUILDHALL.— 22, JOHN AYRES, BIFHOPFGATC STREET, TALLOW CHANDLER, AT ELEVEN, AT GUILDHALL.— 12, JOHN MAGEE AND DAUITI M'NULTY, OXFORD STREET, MIDDLEFEX, LINEN- DRAPERS, AT ELEVEN,- AT GUILDHALL.— 5, CHARLES HINGELTON AND ROBERT HINGCLTON, WALBROOK, LONDON, MEN'S MERCERS, AT ELEVEN, AT GUILDHALL.— 12, JOHN FERGUFON, BURR STREET, MIDDLEFCX, MARINER, AT ONE, AT GUILDHALL.— 12, ANN HOLEHOUFE, UNION STREET, SHADWELL, FUGAR REFINER, AT ONE, AT GUILDHALL.— 8, GEORGE THOMAS, OF PEMBROKE, FHOP- KEEPER, AT TWELVE, AT THE BUFH TAVERN, BRIFTOL.— 8, A . A. PRYNN, SAINT COLMNB, CORNWALL, MERCER, AT ELEVEN, AT ELIZ. PRICE'S, INN- KEEPER, SAINT AULTLC.— N, ROBERT BELL AND ROBERT HEDLEY, MEWCAFTLE UPON TYNE, WOOLLEN- DRAPERS, AT ELEVEN, AT THE QUEEN'S HEAD, NEWCATTLE. C E R T I F I C A T E S , M A T 8. f o i l 11 WILLIAM BENLOU, HOLBEACH, LINCOLN, APOTHECARY, ROBERT HAMILTON, STALBRIDGE, DORFET, LINEN- DRAPER. FIDWARD ELLIOTT, LAUIBETH, SURREY, VICTUALLER. JOHN BABB, LCADCNHALL STREET, LONDON, WHOLEFALE HOLIER. P A R T N E R S H I P S D I S S O L V E D. STOTHARD AND WOODTHORPE, MILK STREET, LONDON.— DAVIS AND SAUNDERS, BRAFS FOUNDERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF BRAL'S WORK, WEFT STREET, SEVEN DIALS, MIDDLEFEX.— FRENCH AND GROONIBRIDGE, GREAT EALTCHEAP.— T. BURROWS AND H . BURROWS, 1 UNBRIDGE- WELLS, MANUFACTURERS.— WEEMYS AND SHERMAN, COOPERS, NO. 30, JOHN STREET, SOUTHWARK. — H . P e n n , W . PENN, B. PCNN, AND J . T . SMITH, COAL MATTERS AND IRON RR, ALTERS, AT L'OOLHAYES AND ALHMORE FARMS, NEAR WOLVERHAMPTON.— LANE AND GRIFFITH, ATTORNIES AND FOLICITORS, HEREFORD.— WYNNE AND HAYS, TARPAULING MANUFACTURERS, SWAN STREET, EAFT STNITLIFIELD. Tumours of the Breasts, and Scrophulous En- LARGEMENTS, IN YOUNG PERSONS, WILL TLISPERSE BY THE USE OF SntsBURv's P A T E N T A N T I S C O R B U T I C DROPS. IT IS A SAFEAND EFFICACIOUS MEDICINE, AND ITS SUCCESS HAS BEEN PROVED IN NUMEROUS CASES OF ERUPTIVE, SCORBUTIC, GOUTY, RHEUMATIC, AND OTHER DISEASES, CONNECTED WITH BAD DIGESTION ABERDEEN, ANN, ALLEN, AND IMPERFECT SECRETION OF BILE. THIS REMEDY PROMOTES T,|" J, R* I',. .. GREAT SPIRITS AND A GOOD APPETITE. THE GENUINE MEDICINE HAS THE WORDS," BY THE K I NG'S P A T E N T , " EXPRESSED 011 THE BOTTLE, BILL OF DIRECTION, AND OUTSIDE WRAPPER, AND THE KING'S DUTY IS PRINTED IN BLACK INK. SOLD AT THE DISPENSARY, 15, SOLIO SQUARE, LONDON, IN SMALL BOTTLES of 5S. FID. DOUBLE BOTTLES 10s. AND LARGER J£ 1. 2S.; COMPOUND E^ ENCE, TO ALLAY UNPLEASANT IRRITATION, 8 S . ; IN NOTTINGHAM, b y THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER; IN NEWARK, BY MESSRS. RIJGE AND ILAGC, THE APPOINTED VENDERS. H U L L S H I P P I N G L I S T , from APRIL 9 , to APRIL 16. roKr. iGN suivs ARRIVED. FROM HELIGOLAND, ACTIVE, MYER. FROM STROMLLADT, TWO BROTHERS, KIERKEGARDE. FOREIGN SHIPS CLEARED OUT. FOR OPORTO, ACTIVE, LAFHLEY. FOR HELIGOLAND, SARAH, BEAVERIDGE; VROW MARTHA, JANFEN; SALLY, PARKIN; SAMPFON, BARRON. FOR QUEBEC, JOLIH AND SARAH, EILTON. COASTERS AKMVCN. FROM NEWCAFTLE, ZEPHYR, WARREN. FROM SPALDING, FRIENDS, STORY. FROM WELLS, MARGARET, YOUNG. FROM FROM BLAKENEY AND CLAY, B10- XETER, SCLIUA, BULKELEY. FROM BO'NEFS, LATONA, MIRK. FROM YARMOUTH, BCTILY, BEACH ; MARGARET, JOHNFON. FROM ROCHELTER, ELIZABETH, CLIFF FROM BOLTON, ANIL, JCWITT. FROM LONDON, ECONOMY, KEWA- RTH ; PLANTER, HARRIFON ;• SHEFFIELD, W RIGHT; PROVIDENCE, MARKBANA; PROVIDENCE, ANTOIRIE; KUAREFTIRO', SHILLITO; PHCEBE, WRIGHT. . COASTERS CLEAREU OUT. FOR HARWICH, FOUR BROTHERS, HODT- FON. FOR LYNN, FREE BRITON, ROWLEY, T OR ROCLICITTR, OUTERS, HOWARD, FOR NCVVCAFTLE, ZEPHYR, WARREN; MARGARET, YOUNG; AVERAGE PRICEOF SUGAR, COMPUTED F ROM THE RETURNS MADE FOR THE WEEKENDING 11TH APRIL, 1 8 1 0 , IS 21. 10 S. - LW. PER CWT. EXCLUSIVE OFTHE DUTY. P R I C E S O F L E A T H E R . BUTTS 50TO5FILB. 2 1 ^ D TO 2 2 ^ 1 . DO. 5 6 TO FIFILB. 2 2 * D TO 24D. MERCH. BACKS, 21 TO 22D. CROP HIDES FOR CUTTING, 3 5 TO40LB 17-£ TOL9^ D. DITTO 45 TO 50LB. 20TO22D. FINE COACH HIDES, 2 0 TO 21D. DRESSING DITTO, 1 9 TO 20D. CALF SKINS, 3 0 TO 4- 5LB PER DOZ. 2 7 TO SSD. DITTO, 5 0 TO 70LB 8 8 TO 42D. DITTO, 7 0 TO 90LB 3 8 TO 40D.— SMALL SEALS, GREENLAND, 3S OD TO 3S 2D PER LB. LARGE DITTO, 100S TO 1 5 0 PER DOZ.— TANNED HORSE HIDES, 19^ D TO 2 2 ^ D PER LB. RAW HIDES.— BEST HEIFERS AND STEERS, 3S. 4D. TO3S. 6D. PER SR. ORDINARY, 2S. 4D. TO 2S. FID. MARKET CALF, 14S. EACH. HORSE HIDES, 15S. TO 16S. SHEEP SKINS, 4S. 6D. TO 7S. 6D. C H U R C H ' S C O U G H D R O P S, THE CHEAPEFT AND BELT MEDICINE FOR COUGHS, COLDS, AN< J ALTBMAS. Afresh Proof of their astonishing FJJieaa/. THOMAS EDMUNDS, Guard t o the Birming- HAM AND SHEFFIELD MAIL COACH, DECLARES HJS LIFE WAS PREFERVED TO HIS WIFE AND FAMILY BY THE L'OLE UFE OF CHURCH'S COUGH DROPS; ONE BOTTLE OF WHICH, PURCHAL'ED AT MR SWINNEV'S, BOOKFELLER, HIGH STREET, RELIEVED HIM FROM A MOLT FUFFOCATING AFTHMATIC COUGH, WHEN HE HAD NOT ANY EXPECTATION OF LIVING MANY MIUUTES; AND THAT BY PERFEVERING IN TAKING THEM, TO THE NUMBER OF FIVE BOTTLES, WAA ENABLED TO RELUME HIS EMPLOYMENT, AND IS COW PERFECTLY RELTORED, WHICH HE VOLUNTARILY CERTIFIES UNDER HIS HAND AT BIRMINGHAM, THE 1 6 t h OF MARCH, 1805. T H O M A S E D M U N D S . MEFLRS. SHAW AND EDWARDS, 6ft, ST. PAUL'S CHURCH. YARD, HAVING PURCHAFED THIS AND ALL MR. CHURCH'S M E D I - CINES, NONE CAN POLFIBLY BE GENUINE BUT I'UCH AS HAVE THEIR NAMES ENGRAVED 011 THE STAMP," SHAW AND EDWARDS, 6S ST. PAUL'S CHURCH YARD," THE IMITATION OF WHICH IS FELONYL , PRICE ONLY IS. 6d. PER BOTTLE. SOLD RETAIL BY THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER; DUNN, ROBINFOIL, WILCOCKL'ON, AND PROCTOR, NOTTINGHAM; SHQIPARD AND ROBINL'ON, MANSFIELD; AND ADAMS, LOUGHBOROUGH." B Y R O Y A L A U T H O R I T Y. EL L I O T T ' S LOZENGES, for destroying WORMS, PURGING THE BODY, PURIFYING THE BLOOD, AUD CURING ERUPTIONS OF THE SKIN, & C. & C. WHICH HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO MANY THOUSANDS OF PERSONS, AND NEVER KNOWN T'. FAIL, OR IN A SINGLE INSTANCE TO DO HARM 1 THE DEMAND FOR THIS SAFE AND EFFICACIOUS MEDICINE INCREASES DAILY.— ITS AGREEABLE FORM RENDERS IT PLEASANT TO CHILDREN, AND SO POWERFUL IS THIS EXCELLENT COMPOSITION, THAT IT DESTROYS EVERY SPECIES OF WORMS, AND REMOVES EVERY THING THAT IS NOXIOUS FROM THE STOMACH AND BOWELS, AND PASSING THROUGH THE MINUTEST CANALS OF THE BODY, CORRECTS THE WHOLE CONSTITUTION ; CONSEQUENTLY TO PARENTS, GUARDIANS, HEADS OF SEMINARIES, AND ALL OTHER PERSONS WHO HAVE THE CARE OF CHILDREN, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. PRICE IN PACKETS, 9D.; OR IU BOXES, CONTAINING THE QUANTITY OF THREE PACKETS, 3S. OF THE SUPERIOR EFFICACY OF THESE I. OZENGES, THE FOLLOWING VOLUNTARY TESTIMONIES, FROM MR. M . PICKERING, OF WATISFORD, NEAR DRIFFIELD, ARE DESERVING OF PARTICULAR ATTENTION. To Mr. R. Elliott, Huddersfield. AFTER ORDERING OTHER MEDICINES, HE THUS WRITES : U YOUR J- OZENGES ARE IN GREAT REPUTE IN THIS NEIGHBOURHOOD; YOU CANNOT SPEAK TOO HIGHLY OF THEM. THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN THEM A TRIAL SAY, THAT NOTHING EQUAL TO THEM HAS YET BEEN OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC." To Messrs. Taylor and Moxon, Huildcrsficld. SIRS,— ELLIOTT'S LOZENGES HAVE BEEN VERY USEFUL BOTH TO ADULTS AND CHILDREN HERE. SEVERAL INSTANCES OF CHILDREN VOIDING VERY GREAT QUANTITIES OF WORMS, HAVE COME TO MY KNOWLEDGE ; AND TO OTHERS WHO HAVE TAKEN THEM AS AN ALTERATIVE MEDICINE, THEY HAVE PROVED OF GREAT SERVICE.— IN OCTOBER, 1 8 0 9 , I MYSELF WAS AFFLICTED WITH SICKNESS AT MY STOMACH, PAIN IN MY HEAD AND HEARTBURN, YET HOPING 1 SHOULD BE BETTER, I DELAYED APPLYING TO ANY MEDICINE FOR SOME TIME, BUT GROWING WORSE, I TOOK ON'E DOSE UF YOUR VALUABLE LOZENGES, AND TO MY GREAT SATISFACTION, UNDER THE BLESSING OF GOD, THEY WERE MADE THE MEANS OF MY RESTORATION. AND AN ACQUAINTANCE OF MINE ASSERTS, THAT HE NEVER TOOK ANY PURGATIVE MEDICINE TO EQUAL THEM. YOU MAY MAKE WHAT USE YOU PLEASE OF THIS ACCOUUT— I AM READY TO ATTEST THE TRUTH OF IT. M I C H A E L P I C K E R I N G. WANSFORD, NEAR DRIFFIELD, MARCH 1ST, 1 8 1 0. PREPARED ONLY BY TAYLOR AND MOXON, CHYMIFTS AND DRUGGILTS ( SUCCEFFURS TO MR. ELLIOTT), HUDDERSFIELD ; AND FOLD BY THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER; SUTTON, NOTTINGHAM ; DREWRY, DERBY; TAYLOR, WIRKFWORTH; ROBINI'ON, MANSFIELD ; L'ORD, CHEFTERFIELD; GALES, SHEFFIELD; HAGE, NEWARK ; DRNRY, LINCOLN; ADAMS, LOUGHBOROUGH; AND PRICE, LEIEEFTER. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC.— IN PROPORTION AS THE CELEBRITY OF ANY MEDICINE INCREAFES, THE MORE PROBABILITY THERE IS OF A FPURIOUS ONE BEING IMPOFED UPON THE PUBLIC, IT IS THEREFORE NECEFL'ARY TO OBLERVE, THAT MCLFRS. TAYLOR AND MOXON HAVING PURCHAFED THE WHOLE OF MR. ELLIOTT'S RECIPES, NONE OF THE MEDICINES CAN BE GENUINE, UNLCFS IIGNED BY THEM. B Y T H E K I N G ' S P A T E N T . PIKE's O I N T M E N T , for effectually curing the I T C H , WITHOUT CONFINEMENT, OR THE LEAST OFFENSIVE SMELL. ' I BIS PREPARATION IS A SOVEREIGN AND EFFICACIOUS REMEDY ( NEVER KNOWN TO FAIL) FOR ALL ERUPTIONS AND CUTANEOUS DISORDERS OF EVER SO LONG STANDING, WITHOUT CONFINEMENT, HINDRANCE OF BUSINESS, OR THE LEAST OFFENSIVE SMEIL. IT ENTIRELY ERADICATES, ROOT AND BRANCH, ALL THE REDUNDANT ANDPECCANT HUMOURS BY INSENSIBLE PERSPIRATION, AND IS THE MOST INFALLIBLE REMEDY EVER YET OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC, FOR THE ABOVE DISORDERS.— ITS VIRTUES ARE MANY; AND THE A P - PLICATION IS EASY, GENTLE AND UNCOMMON, GIVING THE PATIENT AN OPPORTUNITY OF EFFECTING A CURE WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF ANY ONE, AND OF PERFORMING HIS DAILY BUSINESS AS USUAL, BEING ALWAYS CLEAN AND COMFORTABLE; WHEREAS MOSTLY IN THE CURE OF THIS DISORDER, AN OINTMENT FOR THE WHOLE BODY IS APPLIED, WHICH, IT MAY BE JUSTLY SAID, IS MAKING THE REMEDY NEARLY AS BAD AS THE DISEASE. gj" BE CAREFUL TO AFK FOR Pike's Ointment. SOLD, WHOLEFALE AND RETAIL, BY DICEY AND CO. NO. 10. BOW CHURCH YARD, PRICE ONE SHILLING AND NINEE- PENEE PER BOX, DUTY INCLUDED; AND RETAIL BY THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER; SHEPPARD, AND ROBINF'ON, MANSFIELD; TAYLOR, RETFORD; TOMLINFON, RIDGES, AND HAGE, NEWARK; MITTON, AND HURIT, GRANTHAM ; PRICE, LEICEFTER; DREWRY, DERBY; WHITE, CLAUGHTON, FORD, AND BRADLEY, CHELTERIIELD ; CLARK, TUXFORD; SHACKLOCK, MILWARD, AND WHITEHEAD, BOLFOVER ; HUFTON, SUTTON; AND BY THE PRINCIPAL C H I N G ' S P A T E N T W O R M L O Z E N G E S. WORMS are the most frequent sources of CHILDREN'S DIFEAFES. L'HCIR FYMPTOIUS EVERY PARENT AND GUARDIAN OF CHILDREN FLIOULD BE ACQUAINTED WITH. THEY OCEAFION LOT'S OF APPETITE, A PALENEFS TIT THE COLOUR OF THE FACE, EMACIATION AND IRREGULAR LTATE OF THE BOWELS ATTENDED AFTER WITH VIOLENT PAINS; THEY BRING 011 COU'VULFIONS; THEY AFFECT THE GROWTH OF THE BODY, AND THEY PROVE FATAL BY ENDING IN A CONFNMPTION OR DECAY. BOTH AS A PREVENTIVE AND CURE OF THEFE ALARMING COMPLAINTS, THE ABOVE EXCELLENT MEDICINE IS UNIVERFALLY ALLOWED, ON THE TELTIMONY OF THE HIGHEFT CHARACTERS OF THIS COUNTRY, BOTH IN RANK AND REFPECTABILITY, TO HAVE NO EQUAL. THEIR PUBLIC APPROBATION, GIVEN TO THE PROPRIETOR, FROM A PERI'ONAL KNOWLEDGE OF ITS WONDERFUL FUCCEFS IN THEIR OWN FAMILIES, ITAMPS ITS MTRI^ BEYOND COMPETITION, AND GIVES A FANCLION TO IT, OF WHICH 110 OTHER MEDICINE OF THE KIND CAN BOALT. PARENTS AND OTHERS, WHO HAVE THE CARE OF CHILDREN, FLIOULD HAVE THIS REMEDY AS A FAMILY MEDICINE TOREL'ORT TO, WHENEVER THE STOMACH OR BOWELS OF CHILDREN ARE ANY WAY < IILORDERED, WHICH IT WILL ALWAYS BE FOUND TO RELIEVE. SOLD WHOLEFALE AND RETAIL AT CHING AND BUTLER'S, NO. 4 . CHEAPFIDE, CORNER OF PATER- NOFTER ROW, LONDON ; AND RETAIL BY THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER, ATUL DALE, AND DUNN NOTTINGHAM; ROBINFON, MANSFIELD; FORD, CHEFTERFIELD J BROOKS, BURTON ; AND BY MOLT COUNTRY VENDERS, IU BOXES AT 2 s . 9< I. AND 5S. 6D. EACH. DR. FREEMAN'S GUTTA SALUTARIS is THE ONLY CERTAIN MEDICINE FOR CURING VENEREAL, GLANDULAR, AND CUTANEOUS DIFORDERS, GLEETS, & C.— A BOTTLE OR TWO WILL CONVINCE THE PATIENT OF THEIR FALUTARY e f f e c t s ; A FEW BOTTLES HAVE EFFECTED A CURE, AFTER FALIVATION AND EVERY OTHER MEANS HAVE PROVED ABORTIVE, AND EVEN WHEN THE DIFORDER HAS BEEN HANDING I'EVERAL YEARS. NO REMEDY CAN BE BETTER CONTRIVED, MORE FAFE. OR MORE CONVENIENT THAN THIS FOR FUELI AS ARE OBLIGED TO GO LONG JOURNICS, OR TO FEA, AS IT NEEDS NO CONFINEMENT OR REFTRAINT OF DIET; AND FORTY YEARS* EXPERIENCE BY DR. FREEMAN IN a n EXTENFIVE PRACTICE HAS PROVED IT NO LESS FUCCEFSFUL IN THOFE DEBILITIES WHICH ARIL'C MORE FROM IMPRUDENCE THAN a CERTAIN CAUFE— TO FUCH PAREFIEF " H ° K T S ° U T 3 N E V E R ' F A I L I U 8 > p e r m a n e n t , a n d FPEEDY SOLD WHOLCFALE AND RETAIL AT MR. BUTLER'S, N o . 4, CHEAP, FIDE, CORNER OF PATER- NOFTER ROW, LONDON; AND RETAIL BY THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER, AND DUNN, AND DALE, NOTTINGHAM ; ROBINFON, MANSFIELD ; FORD, CHELTERFIDD ; BROOKS, BURTON ; AND MOFT MEDICINC VENDERS, IN BOTTLES AT a s OD 4S- 6D. AND 22s. EACH. By bis Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. L E A K E ' S G E N U I N E P I L L S, SO JUFTLY FAMOUS FOR- THEIR FUPERIOR EFFICACY ILL CURING EVERY DEGREE AND SYMPTOM OF THE VENEREAL DIFEAL'E, THE SCURVY, & C. WITHOUT CONFINEMENT OR RELLRAINT OF DIET, ILL AN EAFY, EXPEDITIOUS, L'AFE, AND FECRET MANNER.— ONE FMALL TAFTELEFS PILL IS A DOFE, ITS OPERATION IMPERCEPTIBLE AND REQUIRING 110 PARTICULAR ATTENTION. IN FIFTEEN DAYS THEY GENERALLY CURE THOSE CRUEL DIL'ORDERS; AND WHERE THEY FAIL IU THAT TIME OF PERFECTLY RELTORING HEALTH, THE PATIENT' HAS THE HAPPY AFLURAIICC THAT HE OR FLIC IS AT THE EVE OF BEING FO RELTORED, LET THE DEGREE OF MALIGNANCY BE EVER FO GREAT. IT IS AN EXCELLENCY PECULIAR TO THEFE PILLS, TO MAKE DIRECTLY TO THE COMPLAINING PART, AND ENTER INTO CONTELT WITH THE OFFENDING MATTER, WHICH THEY FPECDILY DILLODGE AND EXPEL. THEY ARE DECLARED BY EXPERIENCE TO BE A PREFERVER OF HEALTH, AS WELL AS A R C - ITORER, BY TAKING ONLY EIGHT SINGLE PILLS, SPRING AND FALL, IN EVERY YEAR: IN FHORT, THE PATENTEE HAS THIS EXTRAORDINARY OBLIGATION TO THEM, THAT WHATEVER HE PROMIL'ED HIIUFELF FROM THEM, THEY WERE FURE TO FULFIL AND EXCEED, AA THOUGH IMPATIENT OF IMMORTAL AND UNIVERL'AL FAME. THEFE PILLS ARE MOLT WORTHY A PLACE IN THE CABINETS OF MATTERS AND CAPTAINS OF SHIPS; THE MORE FO, FOR THAT THEY WILL KEEP GOOD IN ALL CLIMATES ANY LENGTH OF TIME, AND THAT THEY HAVE NOW BORNE THE TEFT OF NEAR FIXTY YEARS, WITH INCIEALING CREDIT TO THEML'ELVES AND HONOUR TO THEIR AUTHOR; INFOMUCH, THAT DURING THE LALT EIGHT YEARS THEY HAVE RADICALLY CURED UPWARDS OF 4 0 , 0 0 0 PERFOUS, NIANY OF WHOM HAD BEEN DIL'CHARGED FROM HOFPITALS, WHERE SALIVATION HAD BEEN FREQUENTLY REPEATED, AND ALL OTHER METHODS MADE UFE OF J WITHOUT EFFECT. PREPARED AND FOLD BY THE FOLE PROPRIETOR, THOMAS TAYLOR, MEMBER OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS, LONDON, AT HIS HOUFE, NO. 9, NEW BRIDGE STREET; WHERE AFTER A CONFTANT REFIDEUCE OF MORE THAN FORTY YEARS, IN A PRACTICE PARTICULARLY DIRECTED TO THE CURE OF VENEREAL COMPLAINTS AND THOFE INCIDENTAL TO THE PARTS OF GENERATION IN BOTH SEXES, WITH THAT INVIOLABLE FECRECY WHICH MEN OF HIS PROFEFFION FLIOULD ALWAYS OBFERVE, HE FLATTERS HIMFELF, THE ADVICC AND AFFILTANCE HE GRATUITOUFLY ADMINIFTERS TO PERFONS TAKING THIS MEDICINE, WILL BE ELTEEMED, BY A DIFCERNING PUBLIC, AS AN ADVANTAGE L'ELDOIN TO BE OBTAINED, AND VOID OF AMBIGUITY. ALFO FOLD, BY APPOINTMENT, FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF THOFFC LIVING AT A DILTANCE, AT G . STRETTON'S, THE PRINTER OF THIS PAPER, AND HIS AGENTS, MEFI'RS. RIDGE, ATID HAGE, NEWARK; ROBINFON, AND SHEPPARD, MANSFIELD; TAYLOR, RETFORD ; DREWRY, DERBY; WHITE, FORD, AND BRADLEY, CHEFTERFIELD ; PIERFON, SHEFFIELD; MITTON, GRANTHAM ; BILLINGE, LIVERPOOL; ATKINFOU, MANCHESTER, AND MANY OTHERS IN THE VICINITY ; ALIO BY BAXTER, SOUTH- BRIDGE, EDINBURGH ; I \ M H - NALD, GLAFGOW ; CALDWELL, DUBLIN ; FOUDRY, BERWICK ; JOLLY, CARLIILE; AND BY ONE PERFON IN EVERY CONIIDEI ABLE TOWN IN GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ; IN BOXES 01 ONLY 2s. 9 d . EACH, FEALED UP, WITH FULL AND PLAIN DIRECTIONS, WHEREBY PERFONS OF EITHER SEX MAY CURE THEML'ELVES WITH EAL'E, FPEED, FECRECY, ANDFAFETY. N. B. EVERY BOX FOLD IN GREAT BRITAIN IS FEALED UP WITH, A STAMP, ON WHICH, BY FAVOUR OF THE COMMIFIIONERS, IS HEAD, ISOLLOVER LIUTTON, BUTTON; PPRRIINNTTEEDD,, AATT TTHHEE SMTAAMMPP-- OUFMFICCEE,, « T1.. TI AAYYLLOORR,, NNOO.. 99,, NNEEW VENDERS OF PATENT MEDICINES IN EVERY TOWN THROUGH- | BRIDGE STREET;" TO IMITATE WHICH IS FELONY, AND ALL OTHERS OUT THE KINGDOM— OF WHOM MAY BE HAD, FROM DICEY j ARE COUNTERFEIT, AND CO.' S WAREHOUFE AS ABOVE, I D K . R A D C L I F F E ' S E L I X I R , THE MOST SALUTARY MEDI- J CINE THAT CAN BE MADE USE OF AT THE SPRING a n d Fall OF THE 1 YEAR, AS A GENERAL SWEETENER OF THE BLOOD, AND. FOR ALL E - I RUPTIOUS WHETHER CONTRACTED BY TOO FREE LIVING, SURFEITS, I OR PROCEEDING FROM SCURVY, OR FRPM HUMOURS AFTER MEASLES, SMALL- POX, & C. PRICE IS. I ^ D . A BOTTLE. S. P . 1 S TRUE DAFFY'S ELIXIR - - 2 6 SMALLER BOTTLES — - - 1 9 ' BATON'S BRITIFH OI! - 1 9 SQUIRE'S GRAND ELIXIR 2 o BOLLOCK'S ELIXIR - - - 2 6 STOUGHTON'S ELIXIR - - 1 1-' Beaiune de Vie 36 BATHING SPIRITS - - - - 0 9 ANDERION'S SCOTS' PILLS 1 X[ THE GOLDEN & PLAIN SPIRITS OF SCURVY- GRAFS 1 I \ HOOPER'S. 1 ENIALE PILLS 1 I- J' GODFREY'S CORDIAL - - 0 9 RYMER S TINCTURE - - 3 9 WALKER'S JEFUITSDROPS 2 9 WYMIIN'S PILLS.- - - - 2 9 FRIAR'S BALFAM - - • • I LI BALEMAN'S DROPS' • - I 5 PRINTED AND PUBLIFHED BY G . STRE 1 TON, NO. 14, LONG ROW, NOTTINGHAM ; FOLD ALFO BY THE FOLLOWING AGENTS, BY WHOM AUVERTIFEMCNTS US WELL AS ARTICLES OF INTELLIGENCE ARE RECEIVED, VIZ. MEFI'RS. SHEPPARD, I. OCKWOOD, AND ROLIIRFON, MANSFIELD; BRADLEY,' FORD, AND WHITE, CFTEITERFIELD; PIERFON, SHEFFIELD; MEFFRS. S. AND J. RIDGE, AND HAGE, NEWARK; HURFT, GRANTHAM; G. BAXTER, AND HILL, BINGHAM; PRICE AND CO. LEICEFTER; DREWRY, DERBY ; HMEDLEY, ALFRETON ; TAYLOR, RETFORD ; SILVON. PARKER, WORKIOP, AC.; JACKFON, GA NFLJURGH; MERLAND, OLLERTON; W. TAYIER, AND T . NEWTON, WARWICK- COURT, LONDON, ( WHTA- E THERE IS A REGULAR FILE KEPT) : ALIO AT THE CHAPTER, PEELE, AND LONDON COFFEE- HOUFES: AT ANY ONE OF WHICH PLACES IT MAY HE EEN EVERY- WEEK.
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