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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 844
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 28/03/1810
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 844
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDBOWES, Vol. 17.] N°- 844. Wednesday, • i'I '!> jt- Wl CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. March 28, 1810. as Price Sixpence Halfpenny. 77MS Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through- the adjoining Counties OF ENGLAND AW/ WAI. ES.— Advertisements not exceeding ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings, and Sixpence each. THE PROPRIETORS of the SALOP FIRE OFFICE, sensible of ( lie preference given them by their Friends and the Public, in this and the adjoining Counties, beg to offer their most grateful Acknowledgements in leturn for the same. They also hope and trust that a strict adherence to their usual Plan of liberal and prompt Pavment of all Loss and Damage on Property insured by them, will induce a Continuance of that Patronage and Support they have so many years experienced. Printed Receipts for the Annual Premiums pay- fcle at LADY DAY, are ready for delivery at the Office, and by their respective Agents; of whom the Proposals of tills Office may be had. Farming Stock at the reduced Premium of Cs. per Cent. N. B. Policies insuring <£ 300 and upwards are issued free of Expense. The Proprietors of this Office have always pledg- ed themselves to make good Loss or Damage on Property insured by them, which has been set on Fire by Lightning. Gorn- i* arhet, Shreietbttry, March 2( 1, 1810. ~ A FARM. SALES BY AUCTION. MONTGOMERYSHIRE OAK & ASH TIMBER. At the Herbert's Arms Inn, Kerry, on Thursday, the Day of March, 1810, ( unless previously disposed of by private Contract, of which Notice will be given), subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then there prottuced : - w LOT I. 1 I 5 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered with A A ^ a Scribe. LOT It, 20 ASII TRUES, also numbered with a Scribe. The. above Timber are standi ig upon GLAN11AFRF. N FARM, near Newtown, about seien Miles distant from the Canal dt Garthmil, and 22 from Machynlleth, to both which Places there are good Roads. The Oak Trees are sound and large, and fit for Navy and Plank ; and the Ash aro so And and large. For Particulars apply to Mr. WN T IAM% Timber Surveyor, Kerry; or Mr. STEPHENS, Solicitor, Newtown. Nezctom, Villi March, 1810, ' A Farming' Stock worth Notice. BY WRIGHT AMD SON, On the Premises, at the CITADEL, near Hawkstone Inn, in the County of Salop ; on Tuesday the 3rd, and Wed- nesday the 4th I) avs of April, 1 Sit), at ten o'Clock in the Morning of each Day ; LL the truly valuable well selecled LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, and a Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, of the laie GEORGE DOWNWARD, Esq. deceased: consisting of twelve capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, one Barren Cow ; four useful Draught Horses, and Geaiiug lor six Horses; two good Waggons, one on Shells, with Geaiiug, one Long Cart, two Dung Carts, one Six- inch- wheeled Harvest Cart or Trolly, one covered Murket Cart, one double Plough, two Hand Ploughs, three Pair of good Harmws, about twelve Dozen of Hurdles, in Lots, Laud Roller, two Stack Fiamcs, two Straw Engines on an improved Construction, two Corn Coffers, Malt- mill, Beam Scales and Weights, twenty Corn Sacks, several Fodder i Cribs and Cratches, Cisterns ami Hug Troughs, Stone and Wood, three Drag Rakes, with I. ime Shovels, Yelvijs, SALES BY AUCTION. A1 TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately ; AMOST desirable FARM, consisting of a good House, and convenient Outbuildings, in ncellent Re- ' Spades, Rakes, Foi" ks, Wire and other I- anthorns, Weeding pair, with fiorn two to three Hundred Acres of good Arable, Tongs, Peas Hooks, two " Whecibariows, and various other Meadow, and Pasture Land. The above Farm consists of i Farming Utensils; and about twenty Seed Casks, in Lots, one Hundred Acres of excellent Meadow Land, of which a ] The Furniture consists of two Pair of Bedsteads, with blue great Part is watered, situated at ASTON, in the Parish I and white Plaid Hangings, two good Feather lleds, Bolster: of HOPESAY, arid County of Salop ; within nine Miles of the Town of Ludlow, and seven of Bishop's Castle: distance from Mnne three Miles. For Particulars apply to Mr I, tun, of Aston aforesaid. None need apply but sucli as can be well recommended. GLYNDWRDWY, HUG, AM) GYVYBDELWERN INCLOSGRE. TVTOTICE is hereby given, That a MEETING ll of the Parties interested will be held at the NEW INN, in Coru en, on TUESDAY, the THIRD Day of APR1L next, at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of reading oyer and considering the Draft of the Bill now before Parlia- ment, for dividing and allotting the Commons or Waste Lands in the above mentioned Manors; and the Attendance personally of all Parties interested is particularly requested, for the Purpose of having the Subject fully and satisfactorily investigated, arid of saving Expense. LEWIS JONES, EDWARD JONES, \ SOLLCLTO"- SOrfi March, 1810. TURNPIKE TOI LS. " "^[ OTICE is hereby given, That the. TOLLS arising at the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads at Alberhury and Llangedwyn, called or known by the Names of Albeibury Gates and t. langedwyn Gate, will be LETby AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at. the EAC. IF. INN, in the Town of I. lanfyllin, in the County of Montgomery, upon TUESDAY, the THIRD Day of APRIL next, between the Hours of three and six of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13( h Year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " for regulating the Turnpike Roads;" which Tolls pro- duend the last Year the following Sums, viz. Alberbftry Gate of!' 1. and Llangedwyn Gate <£ 8> above the Expenses of collecting them, and will be put up respectively at those Sums,— Whoever happens to he the best Bidder,. must at the same Time give Security with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for the Payment ol the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as thev shall direct. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. 6th March, 1810. ROCKWAKDINE INCLOSURE. IJOHN B1SHTON, of Kilsall, in the County of Salop, Gentleman, the Commissioner appointed in and by an Act of Parliament made ami passed in the forty, first year of his present Majesty, entitled " An Act for divid- ing, Allotting, Inclosing, Draining, and Improving several " Common Moors, called Sydney Moor, Small Moor, Rod- 11 way Moor, Waters Upton Moor, and niher Commons and " Waste Lands within the several Parishes of Roekwardine, " Eyton, . Kynnersley, and Waters Upton, in the County of " Salop, and within' the several Townships'of Crudgington " and Sleap, in the Parish of High Ercall, otherwise Ercsll " Maina, in the same County," DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that, in Pursuance of the said Act., 1 have allot- ted, maiked, arid staked the said several Common Moors, and other Commons and Waste Lands, in the said Act mentioned; and that Plans and Schedules of such Allot- ments will be left at the Dwelling House of JOSEPH SAMUEL, known by the Name, or Sign of the BUCK'S HF. AD Inn, situate in LONG LANE, in the said Parish of Rnckward- dine, on the 2d and 3d Days of April next, with a proper Person to she. w ( be same; and that the said Plans and Sche- dules will remain there for the Space of one Month for the Inspection of all I'm tits interested in the said Inclosure. ' iWh March, 1810. JOHN HISHTON. Solomon's Cordial Balm of Gileacl, A S0Y8RE1ON RF. MBDV FOR WEAK AND SHATTERED CONSTITUTIONS, NERVOUS DISORDERS, WEAKNESS of sight or memory, hypochondria, tremblings, horrors of the mind, sexual debility, and nil other disorders arising from a relaxed state of the nervous system, and often the consequence of intemperance, debau- chery, inattention to the necessary cares of health, luxury, Sec. Old coughs, asthmas, and consumptive habits, are under the immediate influence of the Cordial Balm of Gilead, which it soon relieves, and speedily cures.— Poverty of blood, and emaciated limbs, will, ere long, meet the happiest change ; the chill vvgtery fluid will become rich and balsamic, and the limbs be covered nithflesli, firm and healthful. In affirmation of its truly happy, healing, balsam'c, and renovating efficacy, such testimonies of the first authority are now extant, as must convince the most incredulous of its amazing restorative powers. Tbis medicine issold in bottles, price 10s. 6d. each ; or lour in one lamili/ lhllle, for 33 shillings, by which the purchaser saves its. including the duty. Sold bv W. EDDOWES, ami T.' Newling, Shrewsbury; Gitton, Bridgnorth •. Greening, Bromsgrove ; Harding, Ilewd- ley ; Ilann, Dudley; Baugh, Kllcsmere; Goner, Kidder- minster; Rvdgewav, Market Drayton; Craig, Nantwich; ' Brown, Ruilpn; linllason, Heating, Stourbridge; Tymbs, Hunt, Worcester; Painter, Wrexham; Houlstons, Welling- ton; Smith, Iron Bridge; Simpson, Goner and Smart, Wolverhampton ; Tudor, Monmouth ; Price, and Edwards, Qjweslry ; am) of the piincipalVenders of genuine Medicines in the United Kingdom. To prevent Counterfeits, observe particularly, that the words " Sam, Sn/ fmoi, Liverpool," are engraved on the stamp. Blankets and Cover?; one Mahogany Oyal Dinjng Table, ten beautiful Mahogany Medal Back Chairs, Satin Hair Seats over the Ruii, with several other Chairs, Tables, £ ce, a good Kitchen Grate and Appendages; Oak Dresser and Shelves, Pillar and Claw Stand, Wire and other Fenders, Fire Irons and Kitchen' Requisites ; a large Mash Tub, Cheese Tub and Cover, three Lead Milk Coolers, a large Stone Cheese Press, t, en Cheese Vats ; ten large and small Casks in good Condition, six Wood Bottles, Cheese Screw, Horse and Appendages, tvith Pails, Gauns, and all Kinds of Household Furniture, Dairy, and Brewing Vessels; two good Fowling Pieces, and numerous other Articles. N. B. The late. Mr. Downward's Farming Stock is too well known to need any Comment; tlie Farming Utensils, Household Furniture, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, are in good Condition, and Ihe whole will be Sold without Reserve ; therefore the Auctioneers request the AtteutuSii of the Public. — The Live Stock and Implements in Husbandry, will be Sold on the first Day's Sale. LARGE AND VALUABLE Farming Stock, Household Furniture, Kc. BY G. TAYLOR, On Monday the 2nd, and Tuesday tho 3rd Days of April, 1810, on the Premises at AGDEN, in the Parish of Malpas, and County of Chester; ALL that young and excellent LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy, Brewing Vessels, and Hart ot the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. the Property of Mr. JOHN HENSHAW, who is quitting bis Farm : consisting of sixteen Dairy Cows, calved and inpfalf, four Barren Ditto, two yearling Calves, one handsome 1 year old Bull; one Waggon Mare, in foal by that noted Horse called Ihe Farmer's Glory, two other Ditto ; five Ewes in lamb, and one Ram; one in- pig Sow, two strong Stores ; one Harvest Waggon and Gearing Complete ( nearly new), loi g. Cart and Gearing, Plough, Pair of Harrows, Crank and Foot Chains. The Dairy Vessels, Household Furniture, See. consist of large and small Mash Tabs, several English Oak Inn- bound Barrels, capilal Cheese Screw and Horse, a Quantity of Milking Cans, an. Assortment of Cheese Vols, large Oak- Cheese Plank, Stone Cheese Press, an excellent large Press Bedstead, three Stuinp Ditto, Oak Dining Tables, Dressing Tables, a number of Oak Coffers, large Oak Kilcben Table, and Bench, large strong Oak Screens, several stout Kitchen Chairs, large Iron Furnace and Bottom, Stone Cistecus and Pig- troughs, with numerous other Articles, loo tedious for Insertion. N. B The Auctioneer begs Leave to acquaint the Public, that the above Stock of Cows are chiefly young and well bred; notwithstanding the seamy Produce of the Farm, thev are all in fine Condition, and such Milkers for Quantity and Quality, as can scarcely be equalled ; Toe Horses are full ol Bone and Activity, steady Workers, and suitable for Ihe Fanning Purposes Trso Live. Stock and imple cents will be Sold the fust Day.— The Sale to begin each Morning at. Ten n'Cli ck. t Capital Farming Stock, Kc. BY R. MADDOX, On the Premises, without I be least Reserve, on Thursday, tile 29th Day of Marc. U, I8H), and the two following Cays: ALL the truly valuable and weU- wfccted LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairv Utensils, together with Part of the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. THOMAS SUMMERFIKLD, of LI. ANFoRDA, near Oswestry, in the County of Salop, who is declining the Farming Business. Catalogues may be had at the following Places, ( viz.) Royal Hotel, and Feathers Iuns, Chester; Lion; and Talbot, Shrewsbury ; Eagles, Wrexham ; Hand, Llangollen ; Eagles, Rusbon; Hand, Chirk; liiidgewater Arms, Ellesmere ; White Hoise, Overton; Boot, and While Lion, Whiltingtun ; the Place ot Sale; of the AUCTIONEER J and Mr. HOWARDS, Printer, Oswestry. CAPITAL OAK TIMBER. BY WRIGHT AND SON, At the House of Mr. Job Swincliatt, known by the Sign of the Stag's Head, in Diayton, in the Couuty of Salop, on Tuesday, the 10th of April, 1810, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subiect lo such Conditions as will be then pro- duced, in Ihe following Lots, or in such other Lots as shall be agreed upon at the Time of Sale : ALL those 155 valuable OAK TREES, now blazed and numbered with Scribes, growing ou two Fa ms, in THE MURREY, in the Parish of ADDERLEY, in Ihe County of Salop : Lot. No. 1 — 20 excellent OAK TREES, marked as aforesaid. 2 — 30 Ditto Ditto 3— 20 Ditto Ditto 4 — 20 Ditto Ditto 6 — 2i Ditto Ditto 6 — 20 Ditto Ditto 7 — 20 Ditto Ditto N. B. The Murrey is distant from Drayton five Miles, aud from Whitchurch six Miles; the Trees arc very lengthy, of large Dimensions, perfectly sound aud clefty ; the Bark is extremely fresb, aud free from Scotch ; therefore the Auc- tioneers bag Leave to recommend this Timber to the Notice of the Public, for any Purpose w hcie Length and Strength are required ; John Hunt, jun. at the Cottage, in the Murrey, will shew the Timber, and explain each Lot. CAPITAL LIVE STOCK. BY DA VIES AND SON, On the Premises, on Monday, the 24 Day of April, 1810* TITHE truly valuable mid Well selected LIVE JL STOCK, IMPLEMENTS ill HUSBANDRY. Brewing and Dairy Utensils, and some Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. THOMAS, of DOMMEN CASTELL, in the Parish of Llanfechan, in Ihe County of Montgomery : consisting uf H excellentCnws, calved and in calf, seven 3- years old Bullocks, three 2- years old ditto, three 2- years Old Heifers, two Si- years old Spayed ditto, one capital 3- years old Bull, one 2- vears old ditto, nine Yearling Calves ; three strong Waggon Horses, one 3- years old Filly, of Ihe Draught Kind, one 2- j'eais old ditto ; five strong Store Pigs ; « Harvest Cart,' Lime ditto, two Plough's, three Pair of Har- rows, G'earing for four Horses ; strong Timber Chain, a Win- nowing Fan, Sieves and Riddles, Drag Rakes, I. ime Sbaravels, two very large Oak Coffers, Cheese Press, Cheese Vats, several Pair of Bedsteads, and some Bed Clothes, & c. with many other Articles too numerous to mention. The Sale to begin at 10 O'Clock in the Morning. SALES BY AUCTION. M O NTGO M ERYSHI RE CAPITAL OAK AND OTHER, TIMBER. THIS, DJ J', At the Goat Inn, in the Town o, f Llanfyllin, in the County of Montgomery, on Wednesday, the 2Sth Day of March, 1810, at four o'Clock in tl> e Afternoon, subject to Conditions: LO I' I. 345 OAK TIMBER TREES, blazed and * ' dumbfircd with a Scribe 1 to. 345, standing1 in a Co}> pice on a Farm r? i1! e< I CWMHT, ANH ALEN, in the Parish of Llanfvllin, in the Occupation of John Oadwnlnder. LOT II. » 33 OAK TIMBER TREES blazed and number- ed in like- Manner I to 133, standing ( with little Exception) in the Coppice aforesaid. LOT ITI. 21 ASH TREES, numbered in like Manner 1 to 21, standiug on other part of Cwmglauhalen Farm. LOT IV. 11 ALDER TREES, numbered in like Manner 1 to 11,"' and 5 SYCAMORE TREES, maiked 1 to 5, standing on the same Farm. The Oak Trees are stiaight, lengthy, and many of them of considerable Dimensions, appear perfectly sound , and toell calculated tor Thick stuff, Mends, Plank, and capital Cleft ; the'oilier Trees are mostly large. The above Timber is remarkably well. situated, clo^ eto the Turnpike Road leading from LlanFyllin towards Llanfihanfcel, two Miles from the former Place, and about nine Miles! from the Montgomeryshire Canal* The Tenant will shew the Lots; and further Particulasr ' point of beili£ adjusted maybe had of Mr. JONES, of Hope, near Welshpool ; or of Mr. GOULD. Golfa, near Welshpool aforesaid. LONDON. MONTGOMERYSHIRE AND MERIONETHSHIRE OAK TIMBER AA~ 1) POLES. At the Unicorn Inn, in the Town of Machynlleth, on Tuesday, the 17th Day of Apiil next, unless previously disposed of by Private. Contract, together, or in Lots; ALL the OAK TIMBER TREES and POLES ill LLYNLLOKD WOOD, in the Parish of Machynlleth. ALSO, 310 Fill TREES, on Llyntloed aforesaid. ALSO, in one or moie Lots, a considerable Number of OAK TIMBER and Poles, now growing on Cwmcadiau Farm, within three Miles of Machynlleth. Mr. John Davics, of the Skinners' Anns Inn, Machyn- lleth, will shew the Timber aud Poles. — For Particulars apply to Mr. STEVHENS, Solicitor, Newtown. bih Merck, 1810. A; SHROPSHIRE AND MONTGOMERYSHIRE FREEHOLD ESTATES. At the Oak Inn, in Welsh Pool, in the County of Montgo- mery, on Monday, tho 7th Day of May, 1610, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced : LOT I. NEW erected Stone MANSION HOUSE, with the liams, Stables, and Out buildings thereto belonging, and the several Closes, Pieces, or Parcels ot Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND adjacent thereto, and lying in a King Fence; with THREE other ' lENSMKN'TS and GARDENS, containing all togethsr 232A. 2R. 27P. in the Tenure of Mr. Williams, Tenant at Will, and his Under- tenants. This Estate is situate at WOT11ERTON, in the Parish of Chirbury, in the County of Salop, and adjoining the Shrewsbury Turnpike Road, about five Miles from Montgo- mery, in a very fertile District, in a Picturesque and Romantic Country, abounding with Game; is now a very desirable Farm, but may at a small Expense be converted into a genteel re- tired Residence for a Person of independent Fortune. LOT II. A very compact and valuable FARM, delightfully situated on the BANKS of the RIVER SEVERN, called THE MUNLYN, lying in a Ring Fence, in the Parish of Foideu, four Miles from Montgomery, comprising a Farm House and proper Offices, with 138A. 2K. K7P. of useful Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the Tenure of the Directors of the Montgomery and Pool House of Industry. There is a consideiable Quantity of valuable Timber on the Estutes ( particularly on Lot the first), which must be taken to by the Purchaser at a Price named prior to the Lot being put up. To view the Premises apply to the Tenant! ; and Plans may be seen and Particulars bail by applying to Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Welsh Pool. BY DA VIES \ ND SON, On Saturday, the 14th Day of April, 1810, at the House of John Williams, in ine Village of Myfo. l, in the Count? of Montgomery, between the Hours of 4 and 6 in the After- noon, subject to Conditions then to be produced : LOT I. ACOMPACT TENEMENT and LANDS, called CAE DTT, compriiing a Dwelling House and Outbuildings, ivith !> 3 Acres, or thereabouts; of good Meado* 1, Pasture, and Arable Land, si'uate in the Township of Pen- niarth, in the Parish of Myfod aforesaid, now in the Occu- pation of John Peter, as Tenant from Year to Year, at a very moderate Rent. There is in a Coppice upon this Tenement some Timber and young Saplings growing, which will be sold to the Purchaser at a fair Valuation. LOT II. THREE PIECES or Parcels of good Arable and Pasture LAND, containing about 10 Acres, be the same more or less, with a Scite of a House there called Cae Bychan, lying under the upper End of Allt y Main, in the said Township of Penniarth, now let to Mr. Bryan, of Myfod, as Tenant frotn Year to Ye^ r, at a very moderate Rent. These Tenements are capable of very gieat Improve- ments, and each have a Right of Common upon the adjoining llills. For a View of tlijs Estate apply to John Peter, the Tenant, who will shew the Premise?; and for further Particulars en- quire of THE AUCTIONEERS, at Llanfyllin. Montgomeryshire Oak and Ash Timber. At the Herbert's Arms Inn, Kerry, on Thursday, the 29th Day of March Instant, ( uiih- ss previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given), subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then there produced : 200 OAK Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe, upon Garthilio Farm, in the Holding of Mt. Richard Powell. I ox II. 800 0AK Timber Tree « , and 2 ASH Trees, also numbered with a Scribe, upon Wenallt Faiin, in the Occu- pation of Mrs. Morris. LOT III 204 OAK Timber Trees, also numbered with a Scribe, upon Graig Farm, in the Occupation of Mr. Richard Owen. LOT IV. 711 OAK Timber Trees, alio numbered with a Scribe, upon Penaron Farm, in the Occupation of Mr. P. yce Brumwell. LOT V. 30 FIR Trees, on the same Farm. LOT VI. 35 ASH and 8 ELM Trees, on the same Farm. Lor VII. 33 FIR Trees, on Lower Peuaron Farm, in the Occupation of Mr. Edward Jones, LOT VIII. 42 OAK Timber Trees, numbered with a Scribe, upon Tyn- y- ron Farm, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Jones. The above mentioned Farms are situate in the sevetal Parishes of Keny and Moucbtrey, distant each about 8 Miles from the Canal at Garthmil, to wbich Place there are good Roads, LOT IX. 76 OAK POLLARDS, numbered with a Scribe, upou Freedd Farm, in the Parish of Llanllwchairn, within hall a Mile of the Town of Newtown, in the Occupation of Mr. George Matthews, The Oak Timber Trees are principally of large Dimensions, appear sound, and fit for Navy and Plank Timber ; the Ash for Hoops and Wheelwright Work, aud several of the Pollards appear sound. The several Tenants will shew the Lots growing upon the Farms in their respective Occupations ; and further Parti- culars may be had from Mr. WILMAMS, Timber- Surveyor, Kerry, or Mr. STEPHENS, Solicitor, Newtown. 5th March, 1810, DENBIGHSHIRE. Sale of Farming Stock by Auction. MR. PENSON informs the Public, " that lie shall SELL BY AUCTION' at Eibistock Hall, near Overton, in the County of J> enbigh, on Wednesday, April 11th, 1S10 ; All the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, and Dairv Uten- ils, the Property of JOHN EVANS, of ERIUSTOCK HA l- L aforesaid, Esquire : Which consists of between twenty and. thirty Head of fine useful Dairy Cows, a Number of calving Heifers, a capi- tal 3- year old high- bred Bull;, seven extremely handsome young draught Horses and Gearing; two verv goed Waggons, oneCait. cue Tumbril, Ploughs, Harrows, & c, which will be sold without the least Reseive, as Mr. Evans has set the Farm. Catalogues will be ready for Delivery within fourteen Days ot the Sale, and may be bad at the Feathers Inn, Chester ; the Kridgewatcr Arms, Ellesmere ; Cross Keys, Oswestrv; Bowling Green, Overton ; aud from Mr. PENSOS, Wrexham. • VALUABLE FARMING STOCK, <& c. BY CHURTON, On the Premises, attbn TRENCH FARM, in the Parish of Worn, and Countv of Salon, on Monday and Tuesday, the 2d and 3d Davs of April, 1810; ALL that noted LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, ( with- out the least Reserve), Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, and Other Effects, the Property of Mr. HALES, who is declining Farming: consisting of 13 calving Cows and Heifers, one 2- years old Bull, five Stirks, five yearling Calves ; four Waggon Horses, one ditto Mare rising 3- ycars o'd, full of Action, capital Waggon Colt, one Yearling ditto, useful Hackney Mare, rising 6 years old, got by a blood Horse, out of a Gig Mare ; 12 Ewes in - lamb, and one Ram; in pig Sow, seven Store Pius ; capital Waggon with Harvest Gearing, one Harvest ditto, two Tumbrils, one ditto with Harvest Gearing, Market Cart, covered Top and Seats, good as new, Laud Roller, two double Wheeled Ploughs, single ditto, one Hand ditto, Water- furrowing and Scuffle ditto, three Pair of Harrows, eight Sets of Horse Geating, Cranks and Chains, Winnowing Machine and Fan, Stack Frame, Ladder, large Scale Beam aud Bottom*, Weights, & e. Timber Chains, Straw Cribs, capital Steel Mil! for Grinding Malt or Kibling, Quantity of well seasoned Wheelwright's Timber, in Lots; for other Implements, See see Catalogue. The DAIRY and BREWING VESSELS, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & c. eonsUt of Milk Cans and Pailsl Barrel Churn, Cheese Screw and Huse, Butter Tub ami Mils, Cheese. Boards, three valuable Stone Cheese Pres< ps, large Suanllty of Cheese Vats, compleat range of Milk Coolers, lined with Lead, Cheese Tubs, See. capital large square Salt- ing Turnel, ( Bottom in one Piece, nine Feet long by three Feet wide), Mash Tubs and Salting Planks, small Tubs, large Cooler, four capital Iron- bound Hogsheads, four half ditto, two quarter ditto, small Barrels and Spirit Casks, several excel- lent Wood Bottles, Spinning Wheels and long ditto, four Pair of Bedsteads, three Feather Beds and Bolters, eight Pair of Sheets. Blankets. Bed Coverlets, Linen Chests, Bureau, Painted Cupboard, Chairs, Pier Glass in Gilt Frame, Oak Dresser with Drawers to Bottom, oval and square Dining Tables, Tea Uin, and Japanned Tea Tray, Servains' Dining Table and Form, capilal Butcher's Bow- back Saw, Stove Grates, Wire aud other Fenders, Cupper Cutfie- pot andTea- kettle, 15ra> « and Iron Candlesticks, Copper War ning- pan, Quantity « f Tins, valuable large Kitchen Grate, with Stove and Hot Hearth, capital Stnoak Jack, oompleat, Ash Grate, Fender and Sets of Fire Irons, Iron Guard, Iron furnace and Boiler, with Bottoms, wuh a Urge Assortment of other Articles. The above Live Stock have been bred and selected with the greatest Cate and Judgment, the Dairy Cows stand noted as Milkers, aud come in for early Dai'rying ; young Stock very promising; the H.' rses merit Attention, being one of the best belted Teams in the County. The Live Stock and Implements will be sold tile First Day. The Auction will comtnenceat 10 each Morning. Catalogues are prepared, and may be had at the following j Places: viz. Talbot, Went; Red Lion, Ellesmere; Red I Lion, Malpas; Phoenix, Drayton; Bear, Hodiiet; Hawk- J stone Inn ; Lion Ion, Shrewsbury; on the Premises; aud ! of THE AUCTIONEER, Whitchurch, Salop. YOUNG AND SUPUR- EXCKLLJiNT FARMING STOCK, & c. BY T. VAUGH AN, On the Premises, ( without the least Reserve,) on Monday and Tuesday, the 2d mid 3d Days of April, 1810: ALLthatwell known and carefully selected LIVE STOCK, I MPLF. M ENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, togetn. T with Pait of the neat and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, belonging to JOHN BRADBRIDGE, Esq. of PEN Y BItYN, in ihe Parish of St. Martins, in the County of Salop, who is retiring from the Farming Business; consisting of seven valuable Dairy Cows, calved aud in- calf, young Aldcrney Cow, in- calf, two Heifers, one yearling well bred Bull; two active draught Mares 4- years old, one draught Gelding, 7- years old," handsome chcsnut Filley, 2- years old, ( by Glaucus), one ditto ditto, ( by Planet,) a truly desirable Poncy ; two Pork Pigs ; Harvest Cart with Gearing complete, Coal Cart ( shelled), Market Ditto, ( Iron Arms), Tumbrel, new Tumbiel Body and Draughts, Land Roller, ( new), new Essex Plough, ditto Ditto, Scotch Ditto, Potatoe Ditto, Pair of Harrows, Stack Frame ( Stone Pillars), Quantity of Hemp, Ditto Hay, Ditto Barley Straw, Ditto Oat Ditto, Ditto Oak Timber in the round, Yew Tree, Coopers' Stuff, Plough Beams, large Draught Net., also a variety of other Implements, Dairy Utensils, Kitchen Requisites, & C. &. C. The Sale to commence each Day at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon, and continue without Intermission till the Lots for each Day are sold. Catalogues are prepared, and may be bad at the principal Inns in the neighbourhood; of Mr. Minshall, Printer, Os- westry; and THE AUCTIONEER, Ellesmere. THE AUCTIUNESR wishes to recommend the above valuable Live Stock, Implements, & c. to the serious At- tention of the Public, real Utility having been the Object in the Selection of the whole. TUESDAY, MARCH £ 0. , This night's Gazette contains a letter from Captain ^ cottof Ins Majesty's fixate lloratia, lo J. VV. Croker, hsq, K, vmS ail account of the capture of the French tripate Neressite, pierced for 40 » nns, mounting 33; and laden with provisions and stores for the Isle ' of France. She was from Brest, and was taken after a running fight of onfc hour. Neither of the vessels suffered any material injury. It also contains a letter from Sir J. S. Yorke, of his Majesty's ship Christian the Seventh, transmitting an account of a gallant action by the boats of the ship under his command, near t: ic enemy's batteries between Aix and Rochelie, when three ships laden willi brandy. See. were driven on shore aud burnt. Our boats en- gaged those of the enemy in a most gallant maimer. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21. A few Dutch Papers, of the date of Friday last, hire been received. They are chiefly filled with fulsome articles respecting the Imperial marriage.— Among the few which do not relate to this subject, there if oue which stales, that the negotiations between Austria and Russia, respecting their limits in Poland, are oil thn point of being adjusted.— But more light is thrown on the state of the Continent, by a few lines, under the head of " DusseldorfJ"," than is usually i0 be found in j thqse papers— Boqaparte U still draining the population I of the countries, which groan under his dominion, and ; enforcing his conscriptions with so much rigour, that the unfortunate victims of his tyranny ' mutilate them- i solves, to avoid being enrolled. These are to be sent to Juliers or Wesel, to bo employed in Ihe works ont he ramparts. j A vessel arrived yesterday from Cadiz, and a sloop of war from the Mediterranean, A greit quantity of j merchandize was shipping of! from Cadiz, aud the" in. habitants were daily diminishing by emigration. | The proposals recently received from I'rance relate ! to an exchange of the French . Medical Stuff taken in | Walehereo, for that part of the English Medical Staff which had been left with our sick and wounded at Talavera. A civil message has likewise been received from Bonaparte, relative to the conduct of an English Officer, whose name, for the present, we shall " for- bear to mention, but whom the French Government fancy they are compelled to try by a cou t- martiid. His alledged offence is this; that l) aviug, been on his parole, but being, ou account of soma irregularity, subjected to a more rigorous confinement, he had r'e- pealedly escaped from prison, and his as repeatedly been retaken. The last time lie absconded, he joined two French deserters, and attempted to effect his escape with them. The offence, for which he is to be tried, is for having rescued these deserters from the o- ens- d'armes, in whose custody they were. The Engtisk Officer presented a memorial in exculpation of' his conduct; hut the offencc is represented to be sue i us to render the form of a trial iudispcnsihle. Bonaparte, ho ever, has consented, that in the event of his being found guilty, he shall be pardoned ; but that with tho form ot trial, the laws and constitution ot the French empire cannot dispense. Letters have been received from Hio Janeiro, Bahia, and Pernambuco, to the 26th January, by which we learn that Count d'Almeidi, formerly Ambassador at th is Court, has been appointed Minister of Marine. The commerce of Bahia and Pernambuco has greatly improved, it not being liable to the same difficulties and exactions to which it is exposed at the seat of the For- tuguese Government. The Master- Generalship of the Ordnance still lies between the Duke of Richmond and Lord Mulgrave. Should the former receive the appointment, Earl Powis it is said, will succeed to the Lord Lieutenancy of Ireland. An order is issued for putling all officers under arrest, whose leave of absence expired on the 10th of March, and who have not returned to their respective corps. If ever it were wise to learn from an enemy, it be- comes us to meditate Upon a passage in one of Bona- parte's late papers, relative to the Dutch ( in a fesr words of which there is much, which a little thought will shew concerns ourselves. Speatimg of tiu. r ex- treme attention lo individual gain, he s. iys, indutlrious and intelligent, they form a respectable cammertbil society, but do not compose a nation. Let us con- sider how rapidly we are filling into th it state, in which we may ourselves be thus described. It would till columns if we were to make a catalogue of the instances, afforded by the great, of an immoderate desire of gain, defying public opinion, the induence of which is oue of the vital principles of political society, and laughing even at the solemn interests of a period, which miy, perhaps, be among the last hours of the Britisn nation. We have a war without upon points which immediately affect our prosperity; and which may hereafter endanger our existence. YVe have a straggle within between the wise patience of those who would bear some abuses of the p. iwer of Government, knowing tint no ex- tensive transaction can be • aisolutely pure, and the ferocious rapacity of those, by whom every error of Government is exaggerated, that it may furnish a plausible clamour for a If evolution. At such a mo- ment, is it like the conduct of men who cau perma- nently " compose a nation," to waste the tune that should be employed for the public, in personal intrigue! and quarrels for place— to waste aud wear o it the pa- tience, which is the security of the Constitution, by such an improvident use of the public resources, as to give one of the most valuable sinecures, not to an Admiral or General, who has a claim upon the public purse, but to an expert debater— the champion merely of one of oar parliamentary parties against the other ? In digging among the ruins of the fire in Holies- street, yesterday, a pocket- hook was discovered, one corner of which was burnt away, but the rest was perfectly safe, and contained near 4001. in notes; tlie propi- rty of Mrs. Ingram, whose daughter died a few minutes after being conveyed from the house where the fire brokeout.— The rest of her pioperty, in gold, we un- derstand, has been tound in a closet. Yesterday Ihe sale of live animals belonging to the late Menagerie, at Exeter ' Change, commenced, amidst a numerous body of spectators. The Elephant which arrived a short time since, in the Lord Keitn Indt t- iiiau, was disposed of by private contract. Two I. ions were sent to the Tower, as the property of the Prince of Brunswick, and the remainder of the savage collec- tion remained to be purchased by the best bidder. A Liou and Lioness of majestic deportment were sold to a person named Miles, for 260 guineas. Both these animals were so lame, that a child might caress and play with them without danger. It was slated, that they had been taken in a French prize, going as a present to Bonaparte. A Royal Bengal Tyger sold tor eighty- guineas, and many more scarcc and beautiful Uuai i xupeds produced large sums. rrr FBIDAY, MARCH 2S. German letters and papers to the date of March 11, have been received this morning. " By these if appears that, the speculations on the Continent are strongly in favour of an alliance. otlenrivennd defensive, between Fiance ami Austria, the chject of which is to compel Turkey to enter into the general leapne against this country, and ' tint our commerce out of all the ports of the levant It is olso stated, that Prussia has been called upon by France to be prepared to furnish a contingent, should the latter country be engaged in a war with any northern power, in allusion it is supposed to Russia. A threat is moreover held out to Denmark, that France will occupy Holstein, should not all the maritime re- strictions imposed by Bonaparte, be stronglv enforced. Den- mark, however, appears sufficiently obsequious. It appears. from what transpired in the House of Lords last night, that a proposition for an exchange of prisoners is now under consideration. It is understood that licences were yesterday refused by the Board of Trade, for the importation of commodities of any description bom Fiance. Thirty- two ships are now, however, in prepress of lading for France, with tin, train oil, logwood, indico, and a great variety of other articles used in dying. Eliab Harvey, Esq. who was broke for disrespeet to l. ord Ganbier, was restored to bis rank of Rear- Admiral of the White, or Wednesday last. A Cartel from Morlaix arrived at Plymouth on Tuesday, having six English ladies passengers. who came home with leave of the French Government from Valenciennes and Chantilly. They left our unfortunate countrymen as well as their situation would allow them to be. These poor ladies have been absent about seven years. They describe living in France as very cheap, but every article of dress amazingly dear. The French people are so blinded that they endeavour- ed to persuade these ladies not to think of returning to England, as the peo| le of England, from bad crops last year, were actually starvlng, and had nothing to make use of but cocoa, sugar, and coffee ; that they often fed their cattle on sugar and molasses. It was reported at Morlaix, that the marriage of Bonaparte and the Archduchess of Austria had taken place the beginning of last week. SATURDAY, MARCH 24. Rear Admiral Sir Richard Strachan has transmitted to John Wilson Croker, Fsq. a letter from Captain Mounsher, of his Majesty's sloop Drake, giving an account of his having, on the 7th inst. driven a large French privateer schooner on shore near Camperdown, where she bilged , and also a letter firm f apt. Hawtayne, commanding the Quebec, reporting the capture of a French privateer schnyt, of four puns, cut out cn the 16th instant near the Texe!, under a beavv fire or musketry from the shore, by the boats of the Idas and King George cutters.— Gazette. American papers to the 20th ult arrived in town yesterday. It appears from these journals, that Mr. Macon's bill had passed in the House of Representatives by a majority of 13 to 32, and had been sent to the Senate, where it bud been read a first time, and ordered to he read a second time on the following day. Private letters of the date of the 21st state, that it had been read a second time, and was to be discussed in the Committee. 1 n this stage it was expected to tindergo many considerahle alterations, and much doubt was enter- tained whether, thus materially changed, it lvonld receive the concurrence of the branch of the Legislature in which it originated. Some letters reached town this day, dated Paris, 20th inst. which Confirm the accounts previously received, of the dis- pleasure which Bonaparte had expressed towards the conduct of America. They state, that the moment Bonaparte was made acquainted with the conference which had taken place between Marquis Wellesley and Mr. Pinckney, and that they had come to amicable terms, he immediately directed a decree to be drawn up, and sent to every port in France, Italy, Holland, and Spain, ordering the instant seizuie of American ships, cargoes, and property of every description. This decree had not actually been issued on the 18th, but it had been prepared and approved, and sent to the press, with directions to be in readiness for distribution on the following day. The respectability of the source through which this intelligence is derived entitles it to full credit, and fixes the long pending question, whether Ameiica shall be at war with France or with England. Mr. Armstrong is said, in those letters, to be preparing to leave Paris. On the subject of the adjustment of difference between this country - and Ameiica, we Understand that every thing is settled as fur as it '- an be done on this side of the water. The present violence of France, which we have above stated, will uo doubt have a powerful efiect in producing the ratification of the provisional arrangement concluded between Lord Wellesley and Mr, Pinckney. from the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin, and Edinburgh: those gentlemen were all in their progress to honourable professions ; and there was no possible course better than that which thev had adopted, for the improvement of their minds and the acquisition of political experience They had adopted this course from an honest and honourable impulse, and had to boast the association of many great names who rose from poverty TO reputation. This had been long the employment and indeed chief subsistence, of Doctor Johnson and Mr. Burke : such were the men, at whose de pression this legal bye- law aimed How dangerous was it now to attempt any invidious and unjust distinction, when the period might be so immediate which would call for the united effects of our whole population — Mr. S. concluded by moving that Mr. Farquharson's petition might he referred to the Committee of Judicature.''— Mr STEPHEN, in a most speech, declared that he had been a member of Lin for 35 years-, but bad not Ihe most remote connexion with the framing of this most obnoxious' bye- law. I will put a cese said Mr. Stephen): I will suppose a young man of education and of talent contending with pecuniary difficulties — difficulty not proeceding from vice, but from family mis- fortune— I will suppose him honestly meeting his obstructions with honourable industry, and exercising his talents by re- porting the debates of this House, in order to attain a profes- sion. Where. I ask, is the degradation of such an employ- ment ? who would be so meanly Cruel as to deprive him of it? The case which I have supposed, was thirty years ago, my own. I was then acquainted with eight other Reporters, who have all since risen to the highest eminence in their respective professions, and one of whom has since had the honour of a seat in this House. Of their talents the public would have been deprived, had this illiberal law been in existence.— Sir JOHN ANSTHUTHER also reprobated the bye- law in question ; and, after what had passed, was convinced it would be im- mediately rescinded. Obnoxious, however, as the law was, it was a curious fact that it proceeded from two men who had particularly boasted their friendship for the press. Mr. Henry Clifford was its father, and Lord Erskine its godfather! — Mr. SHERIDAN, after disavowing the idea that popularity was his object , in bringing forward this business, declared that he sought only to redress injustice. He had attained his object in having drawn from all sides of the House a reprobation of the principle upon which the law was first established.— The motion was then withdrawn. The House in a Committee of Supply, the sum of was-, after some oapposition from Sir G. Warrender, Mr. Cal- craft, Mr. Wardle, and Gen. Tarleton, granted for the ex- pences of the Staff for the year. the Crown bar, had delivered a brirf charge to the Grand Jury, the trials of the prisoners commenced.— Thomas Wil liams, for breaking open the dwelling house of Samuel Walton, of Nesscliff; Wm Whatmow, and James Whatmow, jun. for stealing two wether sleep, the property of John Bluck. of Kinlet; and Robert . lines, alias Jospph Walker, far stealing a mare, the property 6 the proprietors of the coal and iron work, in the parishes if Shiffnal and Lilleshall; were found guilty,. and received sentence of Death.— Hannah Shone, and her son Thos. Shone, for having in their possession forged Bank of England notes withmt lawful excuse, knowing the same to bp forged, were senterced to be transported for 1 \ years— Samuel Walker, for stealing a linen shirt and other articles from the dairy house of Robert Fregleton, of Claverley,,^ nerf 1.'. « tid imprisoned in the, House of Correction 1 years.— John -, st ruanly i Nevals, for stealing out of a boat on the canal near Longdon • riln's Ititi ' Bridge, a box containing 11 lbs. of copper, the property of B Postscript. LONDON, Monday Night, March S6, 1810, Three Gottenbnrgh Mails have arrived since Saturday.— A passenger in the last of these writes as follows :—" How long thp communication with England will remain uninterrupted is at present entirely of conjecture, hut no apprehensions of an immediate slop are entertained. The arrival of the French Mirister at, Stockholm wilt, whenever it taVes place, put an rnd to speculation, and enable us io decide on this point.— On the 15th inst. we were nitinsed with reports of war being on the eve of taking place between France and Russia, hnt they were contradicted by statements of persons of the fir> t Consideiation, who ai rived on the followingdav from St. Peters- bnrgh. War does not detieml on the mutual inclination of ' he parties, hut on the views and dispositions of Bonaparte eolelv." We were informed also on the ISth of a circumstance, which if titie, is very serious, viz. That Bonaparte has liren sounding the temper of the Swedish Government in lepud the exclusions of Americans from their ports, convinced that so long as they are admitted, his " Continental Sv- tcm" can- not be carried into effect : taken with his late measures towards America, the thing is probable. It is suggested in some of the Letters by the ( lottetihurgli Mails, that one of the most formidable intentions of the BritUli squadron under Sir J. Saumarez, on i"- Arrival iu the Baltic, is to obtain possession of the Swedish Fleet, should anv hostility from that countiy he shewn toward* England. lieutenant Elliot arrived yesterday at Portsmouth, from London, with Mr. Pinckney's dispatches, and the American frigate meant to sail the moment the weather moderates. She will proceed, in the fir- rt instanc", to Morlaix, whe e Mr. Elliot will land with bis dispatches, intended foi Genera' Armstrong at Paris. If, howevt r, the acc put bionght by the Gottenburgh Mails of the seizure of all American property in the ports of Fiance and her Confederate Status be true, be will probably be saved the trouble of a journey to that city, a> it wor. M be impossible fur the American Minister to eoMiinui his fui ctions at that Court, after a measure of such decidic hostility was adopted. It is stated, on the alleged autlioiuv of letters, of the 17th, from Paris, that lie had actually de- mandrd his passports, in which event, be will probably meet Mr. Elliot, at Morlaix, and return with him, iu the John Adams, to America. Lord Porchcster's Resolutions on the Expedition to the • Scheldt will be submitted to , the House of Commons this evening, and are expected to produce one of the longest and most interesting debates in the history of Parliament. The House, we understand, will adjourn at twelve o'clock, and it is probable that the debate will occupy tuaily the whole « eek. An Expedition, on a large scale, will in a shcrt time be fitted out for South America, It will include some cavalry and artillery, and not only every effective regiment in he kingdom, but likewise several of the ineffective Walcheren, corps, as it is thought that this change of climate will pro- mote their recovery. Three per Cent. Consols, 6SJ. HOUSE OF COMMONS- THURSDAY, MARCH 22. Mr. HuTCHinSON moved a Vote of Thanks to Sir R. Wilson, for his eminent services in Spain and Portugal.— The ChAN- CELlOR of the EXCHEQUER, Mr. Canning, Lord Castlereagh, Gen. Tarleton, & c. bore ample testimony to the distinguished J seniles of Sir K. Wilson, but thought the, present case was not at all analogous tu any of those where a Vole of Thanks had been passed, and recommended that the motion might be withdrawn.— Mr. HUTCHINSON observed, that his only object was to do justice, to his gallant friend, and, as he found the sense of the House adverse to his motion, he should withdraw it.— Mr. rydER obtained leave to bring in a bill to amend the . Militia Act. FriDaY.- ON the motion of Mr. H. MARTENllmis, ordered that an humble address be presented to his Majesty, lor a Return of all the Offico treated since the year 1780, with their re- tucctive salaries, the dates of their first commissions, and the names of the present liolder*. Mr. SmMDAN brought forward his motion for the condeni- nat.'' not a bye law, enacted by the Benchers of Lincoln's lull, excluding gentlemen who wrote f ir the Newspapers fn, m their Society. Soon after he commenced tiis address, Mr. Windham moved that mangers should be excluded— M I". SH T S ID A N said, of ell the people in that House, he least expected the cnfoiccment of that order from ( lie right hon. gentleman, who he thought would have eagerly seized this opportunity to recant the false doctrines he had formcily so unguardedly uttered, and become a true convcit to the true faith of the fieedoin of the press. Tile bye law iu question, which had been enacted only two years ago, chielly affected those w ho ft polled the proceedings in the Law Courts and in • Parliament, lie stated that there were amongst tnose who rei'orteu the debates of that llouse no less than 23 graduates SHREWSBURY, Wednesday, March 28, J 810. BIRTH, At Guildhall, the Lady of the City Remembrancer, of a son, her fourteenth child. MARRIED, lately, Mr. Daniel Holford, of Preston- hall, near Malpr. s, to Miss Ann Speed, of The Cloy, near Overton, t Wednesday, at Lewisham, Mr. George Edmunds, of the Ex- chequer Office of Pleas, Lincoln's Inn, to Miss Charlotte While, of Soho Square. DIED. On the 14th instant, in the 61* t sear of his age, the Rev George Taylor, rector of Hinstock, in this counts, and minister of Wren- bury, Cheshire. Lately, aged 62, the Rev. H. Owen, D. D. Precentor, of Bangor. Cathedral, Rector ot Aberssraw, in Anglesea, and of Llanllyfni, Carnarvonshire. At Taunton, aged 83, Captain Hyde Curtis, of the Royal Navy This officer was present at the execution of Admiral Byng. Lately, Mr. D. Jones, of Trustewellin, near Welsh Pool. At Church Strelton, Mr. Dolphin, formerly of this town. On the 19th instant, in Dublin, the Right Rev. John Law, D. D. Lord Bishop of Elphin, and brother to Lord Ellenborough. Friday ! a: 4, in tin* 92d year of Ins age, Mr. John Green, a re- spectable farmar, of Ellerdine, in this county. Wednesday last, in the 65th year of his age, the Rev. Sir Charles Cave, Bart. ot Theddingworth, Leicester hire. The Farm at Aston, in the Parish of Hopesay, advertised in our . first page, IS LET. Visiting Clergyman this Week at the Infirmary, Ihe Rev, Mr. Linzee :—- House- Visitors, Messrs. C. and s. Hulbert.— At the weekly Board ou Saturday last, Mrs. Lovell, of Whit- church, was reported a Subscriber of two Guineas per Annum lo that Charity. Additional Subscribers ' o the Public Subscription Charity School on Dr. Bell's System, Mrs. Mytton <£ 1 1 0 Rev. H Campbell ... 1 I tl Mr. Stirrop 2 2 0 There arc 33 prisoners in the Calendar for Stafford, where the Commission w ill be opened this evening. The Wrekin Regiment of Shropshire Local Militia will as- semble at Ludlow on the 9th of April fur 20 days training and exercising.— See Advertisement third page. A bill was lately presented to the House ol Commons for inclosing lands in the manor of Caereinion Iscoed, in the county of Montgomery ; and for inclosing lands in the parishes of Llanaber, Llanddewy, Llanenddwyu, Llanbedr, and Llau- fair, in the county of Merioneth. We are informed there is no truth io the report of the gamekeeper at Chirk Castle having been shot at and killed. We understand that it is the Baptist Congregation meeting iu Dog- lane, in this town, who have adopted Mr. Lancaster's plan for their Sunday School, and not the. Scotch Baptists meeting at Cole Hull, Hill's Lane. The commission for holding the Assize for this county was opened on Saturday last, before Mr. Baron Wood; who attended divine service at St. Chad's church on Sunday morn- ing, where a very appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. G. N. K. Lloyd, the brother of the High Sheriff, from Psalm xii. 1.— Mr. Justice Lawrence, owing to the length of business at Hereford, did not arrive here till Sunday after- noon. Both the Judges proceeded to business on Monday morning; and when Mr. Justice Lawrence, who presided ut Messrs. Williams and Clayton of the parish of Wellington. and Jane Davies, Frances Whittle, and Esther Jones, for stealing divers promissory notes from the person of B. F; Heywood, his property, were sentenced to 12 months imprison- ment,— John Gongh, for manslaughter ; William Browne, for stealing a silver table spoon from the dwelling house of Mr. John Sing, of Bridgnorth ; Letilia Wellings, for stealing a piece of coal from the works oF the hon. G. L. Gower and others ; . and Jane Rody, for- stealing a cotton gown out of the dwelling house of Esther Price; were sentenced to 6 months imprisonment— William Polchman, for stealing half a bushel of wheat from the barn of Richard Potham, of Rushton, to be fined If. and publicly whipped 100 v< i'ds.~- James Whatmow, sen. Joseph Edwards, Mary Baldwell, and John Williams, were acquitted ; one was discharged by proclamation; and against three nn bills were' found. W. Humphreys, John Humphreys. and James Roberts? removed bv habeas corpus from Dodelley, charged with assaulting and obstructing two excise officers in the execution of their duty, were found guilty j sentence to be passed by the Court of King's Bench At these assizes ROBERT MONK, of Prescott, in the parish of Stottesdon, shepherd and bailiff to Mr. Bluck, of Kinlet, re- ceived from the Grand Jury of the County tne sum of Jiir guineas, as proposed by their Foreman, the hon. Thomas Kenyon, for the great attention he had paid to his master's property, and for his skill and diligence in discerning a theft, wherebv he set the example of a good and faithful servant. A Bill ot Indictment was presented to the Grand Jury, and bv them found a true Bill, against Elisabeth Ridley, for a misdemeanor, in having neglected and refused to provide her late servant, Jane Williams, with sufficient and necessary provisions, and also for having exposed her person to the . in- clemency of the weather. Yesterday came on, before a very intelligent and respect- able jury, in the Sheriffs Court, a cause in which Mr. Grant, of this town, was Plaintiff, and John Wynne, Esq. of Garth- meilio, Denbighshire. Defendant. The demand was for lodgings and necessaries, which Mr. Grant had supplied to Mrs. Wynne, the defendant's lady, whom her husband, under circumstances of aggravation into which the learned counsel did not on this oscasion think it necessarv to enter minutely, had refused to admit into his house. No defence was attempted, and the jury without hesitation found a ver- dict for 148' ) 6s lid. being the whole extent of Mr- Grant's claim.— Counsel for the Plaintiff, Mr. Dauncey and Mr. Eyton, Solicitor, Mr. Panting. Mr NIELD, ( whose advertisement mav be seen in the 4th col. of this page) eomes highly recommended by numerous Toadies and Gentlemen of'the first respectability and scien- tific acquirements : hence there is little doubt but that his Lectures wiB be numerously and respectably attended The cultivation of the mind is of all Objects the most desirable, and being possessed of the means to assign the rationale of a great number of the pi ajnomena of nature, wiu^ t elevate our notion of the infinite Wisdom of Nature's Author. At Hereford there were 25 prisoners in the ca'endar, of whom Wm. Lavender, for horse stealing, and John Juffs, for stealing two pirces of ribbon, iu the shop of Ann Payne, of Leominster, were condemned, but were afterwards reprieved. Rd. Harris, for a burglary in the dwelling- house of Mr. James Powles, of Hereford, was sentenced to be transported for seven years. There were six other indictments against Harris, far different burglaries in that city. An extraordinary circumstance happened at Hereford, on tne- night of Tuesday, the 20th inst. As Mr. Bevan, of the Oak public house, at Ross, ( who had a horse stolen some ' eeks ago) and another person, were conveying the supposed offender to Heretord, when the prisoner bad reached the 3d arch of the bridge over the river Wye, he took the desperate resolution of leaping into the river, on the upper side. He was caught by the skin of the coat, which instantly tearing off he plunged into the stream, and has not since been seen. The river was dragged the following morning iu vain ; and it is supposed he was drowned. At Worcester ass zes, John Slinton, George Perrins, Elis. King, and John Overton ( late Hereford coachman), were acquitted. R. Ellens, a youth about 17 years of age, who was employ- ed io carry the mail from Bewdley to Stourbridge, broke open the Kidderminster bag on the morning of the 28th ult. and stole therefrom a letter, containing upwards of « £ 1000. iui bank notes j and on Friday last he took from the bag another letter, containing more than « t/ 2000. which led to the ' discovery. He was apprehended, and part of the stolen bills being found in his possession, he has been committed for trial. The whole of the property, except a five guinea old Glocester note, has been recovered. At a sale of cattle at Ingestrie, Staffordshire, la- 1 week, 30 oxen sold for Ul5l, 2s. Ten fat cows and a bull 3- lSI. 4s. i Three in calf cows 651 14s. MARKET HERALD* Average price of Grain in our Market on Satur- day ast— Wheat 16s. 6£ d. Barley 8s. 6d.— iVas 9s. 0d. per bushel ol quarts. Oats 7s. 9ii. per customary measure of 5V quarts. Mark- Lane, March 23. There arc tolerable supplies of Wheat coastwise, aud owing to the late foreign arrivals of about 30,000 quarterand » ever* l tar- gne; of Flou , causes heavy sale&; second and uUeriur qualities are cheaper. Barley and Malt incline lower, la Vtases and Beans of the. two kinds little fluctuation. New Ticks 36s. to 40s. per quarter. Oais are in nvddling supply, nearly at our la> t prices. ( urre-. t Price of ( Jrain per Quarter us under :— Wheat 80s. tol() 6s. j White Peas 00*. to 00,. Ba. ley 33s. to 47s. I Oats to 30s. Beans 00s. to OOs. | Malt 70s. to 7tSs. Fine Flour, S5s. to 90P.— Swonds 80s. to 8.5s. per j- ack. MARCH < 6.-— The arrivals of Wheat are considerable : fine is in request, and maintains its price ; other qualities are cheaper. Barley, Malt, Uals, and Beans, are hardly at last prices. White Pease rather dearer. WARRANTED BAROMETERS'. A Farmer or Grazier without a Weather- glass1 Is just like a Mariner at sea without a Compass. LEWIS GIANNA, Barometer and Thermometer Maker, , AT THE TRUMPET INN, MARDOL, EGS Leave to inform tlie Public, that lie still remains in Shrewsbury, and will bp happv t' » supply tboiji with as ( mod ^ aromntprs mid improved Thermometers as any in the Kingdom, and at 86 reasonable Prices. He need, onlv mention, that the false Economy of saving a Trifle of Money for an Article of such Value and Utility, subjects many to Losses and Injuries they would afterwards be glad to have'avoided, ' Perpendicular Barometers from 10s. 6d. to £ i. 2s. Od.— Wheel Barometers from £< 2. 2s. 0d. to .£< 2.. 12s. 0d.— And all other Barometers he makes and warrants. Barometers delivered without any further Exp^ nce within 30 Miles of Shrewsbury. Old Barometers and Ther- mometers repaired on the lowest Terms. t, alters Post- paid will be attended to. *** N- B. LEWIS GIANNA assures his. Friendb that no Person is authorised by him to travel in his Name. March lid, 1810. RICHARD HARRIS, ( t. ate Apprentice and Assistant to Mr BETTON), GLAZIER AND GLASS- STAINER, TAKES this Liberty most respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public in general, that he has lately commenced in the above Businesses, and intends carrying on ihe same in all their various Branches ; aud assures them that he will ever make it his particular Study to serve those Persons who may be pleased to favour him with their Com- mands. AM Orders and Letters addressed to R. HARRIS, at Mr. Harris's, Builder, near St. Alkmond's Square, Shrewsbury, wtll be duly attended to. D. NIELD T> RESPECTFULLY acquaints the Ladies and . Gentleman of Shrewsbury and its Vicinity, that his FIRST LECTURE will commence on FRIDAY the 30th Instant, in the TOWN HALL and be continued every su - ceedtng MONDAY, TUESDAY. THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, till the Course is finished. The Coarse will « o: isist of twelve Lectin e » . Outlines of the Lectures may be had at Mr. Eot. owss's, Wood and Watton's, and ai Mr. Sandford's, Booksellers: where Subscriptions are received, and Tickets delivered. Subscription for the Course— Gentlemen .£ 1. 1s Od T adv Apprentice, or Student, 10s. flit.— Single Lecture « s 6,1. ' ' Wellington Provident Annuity. Society. THE next Quarterly Meeting of the Members of A this Institution will be held, as usual, at. Mr. William Webb's, White Lion Inn, in Wellington, on Friday, the 30' h Day of March Inst. where and when the Members are re- quested to pay their Contributions. Anv Person mav then be admitted a Member whose Age does not exceed 3b and has attained 18 Years. RICHA RD COPE, Jiin. and Co. WINE and BRANDY MERCHANTS, MARDOL, MOST respectfully inform the Inhabitants of SHREWSBURY, and the Public, that th.- v have im- ported some very choice OLD WINES and SPIRITS: anil have selected with peculiar Care their BRITISH SPIRITS anil RICH CORDIALS; they therefore beg Leave to solicit a Share of public Favour, on the Principle of supplying their Friends with each Article genuine and of superior Quality, Wholesale and Retail: which, on Trial, they have no doubt will be approved. In order to give entire Satisfaction in the Wines they send out for immediate Use, until those of their own buttling are in Condition, they have removed a considerable Quantity of Old Port, and other Wines, tliat have lata near two Years in Bottle. COCKING. AMAIN of Turn- out COCKS will be fought or. the Close Pit at the BOWLING GREEN, in OVER- TON', Flintshire, in the Forenoon of Monday April 2d 1810. Also a MAIN of seven Battles of small Cocks, in the Evening of the same Day, between the Gentlemen of F; i, lt. sh. re and the Gentlemen of Shropshire, for 5 Guineas a Battle, and Fifty Guineas the Main. Feeders LOVETT. for Flintshire, ) and ROGERS, for Shropshire. Bowling Green, Overton, March 26th 1810. WANTS a SITUATION, as BAILIFF, or LAND STEWARD, to anv Gentleman, a SCOTCH- MAN. from Berwickshire, who is well versed in 1! . ok- keen-: mg aud Accounts, and has a thoiough Knowledge of the b » * t Mode of Agriculture practised in Scotland. — He can hare the most respectable Testimonials as to Character — For further particulars enquire of the PRINTER OF THIS PAPER, or of Mr EDGERLEY, Grocer. Shrewsbury, March H, 1810. WANTtD, a middle- aged WOMAN as COOK and HOUSEKEEPER.— N'one need apply whose Character will not hear the strictest Enquiry. Apply to the prINTER OF THIS pAPER. WANTED, an APPRENTICE to a DRUG- GIST and GROCER, in an old established Business, — A Premium will be expected.— Apply to R Bookseller, Whitchurch. Prime old Red Port, Madeira, — Mountain, Lisbon, Sherry, Teneriffe, Tent, Claret, & c. Genuine old Jamaica Rum, Ileal Cognac Brandy, Shrewsbury, March 10 1810. Reil Holland Geneva, Rich Orange Rum Shrub, Rest F. nglish Gin, Rectified Spirit of Wine, Rich Cordial Peppermint, —•— ——— Anniseed, Carraway, •• • Cinnamon, —— Citron, Usquebaugh, Sic. LAW. Stamp Office, Birmingham. L. THOMSON, Conveyancer, Law Stationer, . and Stamp Distributor, Stamp Office, Birmingham, returns his most sincere Thanks to the Solicitors of Birming- ham, the adjacent Towns, and the Profession in general, for the very liberal Encouragement he has met with since his commencement iu the above Business ; and begs Leave to inform them, that he has taken into Partnership, in the LAW STATIONARY Business, Mr. HILL, of London, Law Sta- tioner, and 0f they doubt not of receiving a continuance of their Favours, they have engaged several excellent Hands from Town, and are enabled to prosecute the Law Stationary Busi- ness in all its various Departments, with as much facility as any House in Loudon. The Profession may rely on the most inviolable Secrecy, aud the strictest Punctuality.. Attornies in the Country inay always depend on havin" tiiry Business T. and H. may be favoured with, returned a! any time thev may appoint, however voluminous. DEEDS of every Description, Wills, 8cc. & c. drawn for the Profession only; TITLES accurately abstracted ; DEEDS and WRITINGS neatly and expeditiously engrossed and copied in the Loudon mode. ALL Persons who have any Claim or Demand whatsoever on the Estate and Effects of WILLIAM MENLOVE, formerly of Uffington, in the County of Salop, Farmer, deceased, or of ELISABETH MENLOVE, late of the same Place, his Widow nnd Executrix, also deceased, are requested forthwith to send an Account of their respective Demands to Mr. ANDREW DA WIS, of Brompton, or Mr. WILLIAM TAYLOR, of Roden, both near Shrewsbury, the Executors of the said Elisabeth Menlove, or tu Mr. GRIF- FITHS, Great James Street, Bedford Row, London. NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS, ALL Persons that are indebted to the Estate and Effects of the late GEORGE MORRIS, of HODNET, in the County of Salop, Farrier, ore hereby requested to par the same to Mr. THOMAS CARTWRIGHT, or Mr. SANDFORD GRAY, of Hodnet, immediately: and all Persons to whom the s » id George Morris was indebted, are requested to deliver in their Accounts, that they may be discharged. March ' 26th, 1810. B. Josss, t5r> This Advertisement will not be continued. WANTED, in a regular Family, distant about from Shrewsbury, a COACHMAN and run I MAN : the Coachman must perfectly understand the Management of Horses; and for either Situation none need apply but those who can be well recommended from their ast Place to, Sobriety, Attention, and well understanding their Business. _ For further Particulars enquire of T. IR PRINTER of THIS PAPER. 28th March, 1810. READY FURNISHED HOUSE. TO be LET, and entered upon immediately, a small, neat, comfortable DWELLING House situate in the Noble. Street, Wem ' enquire of Mr, J. B. For further Particulars GriffithS, Mercer, Wem. NOTICE TO CREDITORS^ on theEstaieand LLWYNYM APSIS, ALL Persons ang having Claims on EffeLts of SAMUEL JONES, late of LI . n the County of Salop, Gentleman, deceasert,^" are" requested' to send Particulars thereof to Mr. THOMAS JONES, SOLICITOR Montgomery.— 2tiM March, 1310 ' ' TO BE LET, OR SOLD, And entered upon immediately, ready furnished A HOUSE and a GARDEN, with or without - ra. about eight Acres ol LAND adjoining, with „ Stable CHURCH STRETTON, suitable for the Residence of a genteel Family. Also a small HOUSE, and 32 Acre, of I. AVD adjoining with Right of Common on the Long, nent Hills. „„ which ar, ofAge, SIX HUN- about 200 Sheep are now depasturing, which ihe Tenant or Purchaser mav have if agreeable. Apply to Mr JOHN DAVIS, at Dudgley, near Church Stretton aforesaid. TO BE SOLD After the Decease of a Life of lb Tsars of THE REVERSION of ONE or SIX . DRED POUNDS a YEAR ; the first arising out of 110 Acres, in a Ring Fence, with suitable Buildings; the latter out ot cat) Acres, also i„ a Ri„ s Fenc. e, lvith 8oitable Build- ings & c. being Part of an Estate of 2300 Acres of good i„. closed Land, iu the West Part of Staffordshire, near Stafford and in the Eastern Part of Shropshire. Any Lady or Gentleman who has 18 or 20,0001. for a Spe- culation ol this Sort, may lay their Monev out to grea Advantage. s A Letter directed to B. C. at W. EDDOWES'I, Shrewsbury will have an immediate Answer. NOTICE TO CREDITORS AM) DEBTORS. ALL Persons to whom THOMAS GOUGH, late of FORD, in the County of Salop, Gentleman, deceased, stood indebted, are desired immediately to send in the Account of their respective Demands to Mr. ASTERLEY. Solicitor, Shrewsbury :— And those Persons who are indebted to Mr. Gough's Effects, are requested forthwith to pay such Debts to Mr. ASTERLEY 20th Ma ch, 1810. NOTICE. ripHE Public are informed, that the Horse TRUE JL BLUE, advertised lately in this Paper lo cover at Atonain, near Shrewsbury, HAS SINCE DIED. Marc'i 1- 2, 1810. Atlas FIRE AND LIFE TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, AWIND and WATER MILL, with a good House, Barn, and other convenient Buildings, the whole erected within these few Years, with from 10 to 80 Acers of Land, Tvthe- free. N. B. The above Premises. are situate at LONGFORD, in the County of Salop, within one Mile and half of Newport. Partbulats apply at LONGFORD. THE Stallion ROSARIO may be seen at the WHITE LION INN, Raven- Street, Shrewsbury, on SATURDAY NEXT, the 31st Instant. OF LONDON. PERSONS who have assured at this Office, are requested to take Notice, that Policies expiring at //. j'y day next, should be renewed at that Period, or within fifteen day< thereafter. - Persons ilesirous- of encreasing the Amount of their Assur- ances iu consequence- of the increased Price of building Ma- terials, are informed, that no additional Expense of Policies is inclined at this Office. The following arc among the Advantages derived from etfecting Assurances at t his Office, viz. Thai Rent is paid in Case of Fire, without any additional Premium. That Farming Stock is Assured, without an average Clause, at 2s. per Cent, per Annum That Damage by'Lijrhtning is made g* od.; and That Policies are issued, and Endorsements and Surveys made, free of Expend lo the assured. Printed Proposals may be had, on Application at the Office in London, or to the following Agents in the Country. By Order of the Board, HENRY DESBOROUGH, jun. Secretary Cheapside, London, March 21, 1810. AGENTS. Mr. ROBERT EDWARD BARRON, of Shrewsbury. Mr. EDWARD EDWARDS, of Oswestry. Mr. DAVID PROCTER, of Drayton. Mr. Poole, Bookseller, of Chester. MONTGOMERYSHIRE OAK TIMBER, To be Sold by private Contract, Either in one or two Lots, 1 on OAK TREES, and 17 CYPHERS, grow- AvJV ing principally in a Coppice uptn a Farm called i ITHA BACH, in the Parish of Guilsfield, near a good Carriage- way, and within about two Miles of the Mont- gomeryshire Canal.— The Tenant will shew the Timber, which is numbered with a Scribe ; and for Price and Par- ticulars, apply to EDWARD HEYWARD, of Crosswood, Guils- field, Esq. MONTGOMERY ASSOCIATION, AGAINST FELONS, & c. THE Persons undernamed having entered into an , Association to pursue, opprehend, and prosecute , uch as snail commit any Murder, Felony, or other Depredation upon any of their Persons, Houses, Lands, Cattle, or other 1 roperty in the undernamed Places in which they respectively' reside, or in any adjoining Parish; the Committee for con- ducting the same do offer the folio, ving Rewa. ds to the Persons Who shall fust give such Information as shall lead lo, or bj the Means of the Recovery of the stolen Property, and A i- prehension „ f the respective Offenders, in the undermentioned Cases; to be paid on Conviction of such Offenders bv thu treasurer of the Society, viz. £_ ' riie felonious burning any House, Bain, or other Building, or anv Rick, Slack, or Mow of Corn Grain, Straw, Hav, or Wood ' J The felonious breaking aud entering any House in the Night Time 4 The like in the Day Time 2 1' lie felonious stealing, killing, maiming or wound- ing any Horse, Mare, or Gelding .. The like of any Bull, Ox, Cow, Calf, Sheep, Lamb, Hog nr Ass _ < j The like of any Goose, or other Poultry I j Any other Grand or Petit Larceny ' "' ) { Stealing any Gale, Pale or Rail, or any Iron Work or other Thing belonging thereto, or breaking, cutting down or destroying the same, or any Hed- e or other Fence j ° I : Stealing, cutting down, barking, lopping, destroy- ing or damaging any Trees, Saplings, Pole, or Wood 1 I Stpalinir tiLin. ..„ — : i: _ ... •• s. d. 5 0 Steer, Heifer, 3 3 0 Solomon'' s Guide to Health. WHICH contains a treatise on female diseases, nervous, hypochondriac, and consumptive com- plaints, and in which is explained the symptoms, mode of treatment, and remedies iu the different stages of the venereal disease; cautions to young persons ot the danger of improper connections, or improper treatment, & c. with the difference between venereal symptoms, and those frequently mistaken for them ; also advice to Bathers at Bath, Buxton, Scarbro', Southampton, 9ic. London: Piiuted for the Author; and ' old by Matthews and Leigh, No. 18, Strand; Sherwood, Neelv and Jones; and Longman aid Co. Paternoster- row; by W. Eddowes, and T. Newling, Shrewsbury j Gittou, Bridgnorth; Greening, Bromsgrove; Harding, Kinderminster; Kidgeway, Maiket Drayton j Craig, Nantwich; Brown, Ruthin j Rollason, Iteming, Stourbridge ; Tymbs, Hunt, Worcester; Painter, Wrexham ; Houlstom, Wellington; Smith, Iron Bridge ; Simpson, Gower and Smart, Wolveihampton ; Tudor, Mou- inoutbj; Price, and Edwards, Oswestry; also by all Booksellers in the United Kingdom. N. 11. Purcnasers are particularly requested to ask for " Solomon's Guide 19 Health,' as tlie great celebrity of this woik has induced unprincipled persons to publish books, under similar titles, with a view to mislead the public. Stealing, taking up or spoiling any fruit Tree, Root, Shrub, or Plant, In any cultivated Land Robbing any Omhaids or Gardens, or stealing or maliciously pulliug up or destroying any Turnips Potatoes, Parsnips, Carrots, Cabbages, or Peas' growing in any inclosed Ground ' Any Seivant unlawfully selliug, bartering, giving away or einbezrling any Coals, Lime, Hay, Corn or other Property, of his or her Master or Mistress' And for Information agf iust or Apprehension of tt„ y p,. rson committing any other Offence on or against the Prooertv of any Member such a Reward as shall be directed by any Meeting of the Society. ' ' I I 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 The Devisees of the late Earl of Powis, Lymore Mr. Anthony, Montgomery Mr. Bowen, Nantcribba Tho. Browne, Esq. Mellington Mr. Burnford, Gwernyruchau Mr. Cowes, Weslon Mr. Davies, Rhydwymon John Davies, Esq. Marrington Mr. W. D. Davies, Montgo- mery Mr. Dunn, Henfron Mr. Edye, Montgomery Mr. Farmer, Wotherton Mr. Francis, Llwynobin Mr. Griffithes, Meadows Mr. Griffithes, Bank Mr. Griffithes, Llwynmadoc Mr. Griffiths, Memlin Mr. Jones, Court Mr. John Jones, Montgomery Mr. John Jones, Gweritygo Mr. Mau. Jones, Montgomery Mr. Thomas Jones, Ditto Mr. Jones, Penbryn Mr. W. E. Jones, Montgomery Rev. Mr. Lloyd, Ditto Mr. Lloyd, The Wood Mr. Tho. Lloyd, Montgomery Rev. Mr. Owen, Churchstoke Mr Rich Owen, Montgomery Mr. Parry, Chirbury Hall Mr. Mau. Powell, Montgomery Rev. Mr. Pryce, Gaer R. Pryce, Esq. Montgomery Mr. Tho. Pryce, Foden Win Pugh, Esq. Caerhowell Mr. Read, Montgomery Mr. Smith, Cefullan Mr. Smith, Whitenall Mr. Jos. Weaver, Montgomery Mr Wilcox, Llwynmadoc, ' ' MAURICE JONES, Treasurer ANNUAL MEETING and DINNER, at the DRAGON INN, m Montgomery, on the « ? th of APRH. N THURSDAY MARCH The Paris contain a piece of intelligence which we would fain persuade ourselves has no foundation.; It states, that such of the Tyrolese Insurgents as look refuge in Vienna. had received orders to quit it, and that some of them had even been arrested. If this be true, we know not which to execrate most, the vengence that could demand, or the means that could consent to such a sacrifice. Yesterday his Mayesty held a Levee, at which the following had the honour of being presented Dr. Fellows, on his going to the army at Cadiz. upon which occasion he received the honour of Knighthood ; Sir Samuel Achmuty, on his promotion, and his departure for Madras: Sir John Went- worth, upon his return from Nova Scotia and several other Officers on Promotions, and return from foreign stations. The General Catholic Committee of Ireland have ad- journed To the 24th of April, and Special notices are issued for their Meeting in Dublin on that day, in other to take into conservation the propriety, of disavowing, on the part of the Catholic Body. any art authorizing an offer in Parliament to concede the Veto, or any similar measure, A Decree was passed in the beginning of this month, in France, relating to State prisoners ; and the Preamble says, that there is a certain number of persons in the State Pri sons, whom it is not convenient either to bring to trial, or to set at liberty that though they would be condemned by the Tribunal to capital punishments superior considerations oppose their being brought to trial— that several are men accustomed to crimes, but who cannot be condemned by our Courts, though thev have the certainty of their culpability that some belong to different Countries, which have been united to France, but that they cannot he tried because their offences are either poli. tical, or anterior to the union of these states !!!"— This quotation is given to prove, if any proofs he yet wanting, the horrible nature of BONaparte's tyranny, and the debased state of the people to whom he dares' so fearlessly to avow it, and to make our own countrymen more in love, if it he possible, with tbat system of British jurisprudence, which gives equal protection to all, and in the eyes. of which the Prince is of no more value than the Peasant. Of the discarded Empress Josephine, we hear nothing.— According to the terms of SEParation. she was to continue to enjoy the title of Empress, but it will he of little value, if no person or paper is allowed to mention her name; and that state of degradation she will assuredly be reduced. the moment the new star, advancing from Vienna, has gilded the horizon of Paris. Prince Eugene had nearly proved as un fortunate as his mother. On his late return from Paris, tr resume his functions as Viceroy of Italy, he was, surprised or Mount Cenis by a violent storm, and, with his suite, was it great danger of perishing in the snow and precipices. They lost part of their baggage. WKEKIN Regiment of Shropshire Local Mitilia. TRAINING AND EXERCISING. NOTICE is hereby given to all Person* enrolled i. n the said Regiment, that they are to appear at the TOWN HALL, in LUDLOW, in the County of Salop, on MONDAY, the NINTH Day of APRIL, 1810, at 12 o'Cloek at Noon, to be trained anil exerc^ ed for 50 Days, exclusive of the Days of arrival at, and return from, Ludlow : beinp the Time and Place appointed by the Lord Lieutenant, or General M eft ins; of Lieutenancy for the said County i And that every Person ( not labouring; under any Infirmity inca- pacitating him) who shall not appear at the said Time and Place, is deemed a Deserter, and, if not taken until after the Time ot such Exercise, forfeit* the Sum of TWENTY POUNDS, which if not immediately paid, he will be com- mitted to the common C4aot, there to remain without Boil or Mainprise, for the Space o? six Months, or unless lie shall in the mean Time pay the said Penalty; and that every such Defaulter will be proceeded against with Rigour. The Serjeants will attend at the'l ime and Place aforesaid, to deliver out Billets. LOXDA LK, Clerk of the General Meetings. N. B. Necessaries to the Va'ue of one Guinea will be issued at Ludlow, to each of the Non commisSioned Officers, Drummers, and Privates. The Chief Constable, or other Officer, is immediately on receipt hereof, to deliver to every Pettv Constable, or other Officer, of everv Parish, Tythinj*, and Plane in his Division, one of the above Notices, who is to affix the same on the I) oor of the Church or Chapel belonging to his Parish, Tything, or Place ; or, if any Place shall have no Chinch or Chapel belonging thereto, on ihe Door of the Church or Chapel of some Parish. Tv'hinsr. or Place thereunto adjoining* UNION FIRE INSURANCE OFFICE. • ' ( Fitabl shea in Norwch, in March, 1197 J TRUSTEES TVttifrM Hon. EARL CRAVEN, Sir JOSEPH SCOTT, Hurt. IN ( his Office, all the I'rt- mium is returned to the insured, eriept tv'ut is rtanted to ( if/ ray the Losses, and rbe Deposits have hitherto been found so mnch moic than sufficient to meet the Expenditure, that Dividends of 50 per rent, and'prcards have bten made to a considerable proportion of the Insurer* •— Politic* gratis FARMING STO' K Insured at 2s. perccnt. UNION LIFE INSUKANCE OFFICE. TRUSTERS. The Most Noble the MAROIJIS TOWNSHEND, TheRifthi Hon KARL CRAV I'N, And iranv other Gentlemen of Rank and Respectability. | 1HE RATES OF THIS OFFICE ARE HEAHLY 10 MR CKNT Lovrm THAN THOSE OF OTHERS ' I he surplus capful, af er ntisfying t/ ie < taim. of the i- sured, it returned to them at timed Period>, by Add, t on to Ihe sums originally insured — No charge s made for entrance money for nonappearance at the chief Office, foi Pnlicie , IXc. THE STAMM ARE E vt N GRATIS WHERE THE INSURANCE IS » OR A CONSIDER AH E AMOUNT. Auents are involuted in eveiy considerable Town in the Ki< sd-. O' fttwt aw nr.) BKl'l ii> H Grinshill.— Bouse and Land, TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately ; ANEAT and convenient DWELLING HOUSE, fit for the Reception of a genteel Familv, Consisting of two Parlours, Kitchen, Housekeeper's Room, three \ ied- Rooms, on the first Floor, and Atticks over the same, with Closets adjoining. A Brewhouse and every other necessary Convenience, with Servants' Room over the same. A laige Garden, walled round, and well planted with Wall Fruit Tiees. A pood Orchard well stocked with young Trees. A three- stall Stah'e, an open Stable for five Horses, Cow- House, Ram, and every other necessa v Outbuilding, with or without a Malt Kiln adjoining, which will wet and dry 25 Measures. The Tenant may be accommodated with a few Acres of T. and sufficient to keep a Cow and a Horse. GRINS!!!!.!, is distant from Shrewsbury seven Miles, to and from which there is a regular daily Post; and five Miles from Welti. N. B. There is a Pack of Fox Honnds within three Miles, and a Pack of Harriers within half a Mile. For a View of the Premises, and Paiticulars, apply to Mr. WOOD, Solicitor, Grinshill, Salop. SALES BY AtOT'ON. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK, & c. & c. HY J OS FPU ilHODEN, .,. On the Premises nt Oakhamn, in the Parish of F. aton, and County of Salop, on Wednesday, the 11th Day of April, IR10: LL ( lie valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy aid Brewing Uten- sils, and Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, & e. of Mr. THOMAS FORTUNE, of OAKHAM aforesaid ; con- sisting of several capital voting milkirg Cows, calved and in- calf, some voung Cattle ; four voting Waggon Horse, well known to be good Workers, with several Sets of Gearing; Harvest and othet Waigons, nearly new, Ditto Tumbrels, Carts, Plomrhs, & c. & c. Dairy and Brewing Utensils, tec. with a considerable Part of the Household Furniture, See. The Sale to begin nt 10 o'clock in the Morning. A' T FIRE OFFICE. THE BRITISH FIRE OFFICEin the STRAND and COI'MHLL. TONDON. and by AGENTS in J. DINHOhOUGH, GLASGOW, DUI1L1N, and other prin- cipal TO NS, g ant Insurances against FIRE. Premiums lor Insurance t. ncwable at Lady Day, must be aid within fifteen Days therefrom. TI e Di ccttrs of the BRITISH FIRE OFFICE earnestly re- quest lit* attention of Ihe Public to the uniform and equitable M'' de with which at all Times they have conducted their Business, without regarding the impolitic Fantasies lately introdue. d. tne pretended Advantages set forth, or the ill- Oigest'd Plans, equally baneful to the Insurer and Insured. Engines of ihe best Construction and Firemen of Activity are proviued to a'tend at Fires. aNMJAL premiums. Common Insurance, 2s. per Cent.— - Hazardous, 3s—— Double Hazardous, 5s. Insurance of greater Hazrrd and large Sums by special Agreement. Policies ( Gratis) or heretofnre for Sums of 3( 101. and upwards. Insurance on FARMING STOCK, at ' 2s. 6d. per Cent, tpecifving the Sums to In* insured on Hie dtflerent Sorts of Grain or Is. fid. per Cent, only on the whole Stock of any one Farm, with Salvage Clause, RORERT SKELTON, Sec. " \ T7si MINSTER SOCIETY FOR INSURANCE ON LIVES AND SURVIVOR- SHIPS, AND GRANTING ANNUITIES, Strand and Cornhill, London ; And by Agents in EDINBOROUGH, GLASGOW, DUBLIN, and other principal TOWNS. Insurance on Liven affords the opportunity To provide for the Aged, the Widow, and tne t'atiierless, and to guard against the loss and disappointment of a de- pendance" on the casualty of Life; To provide Fines lor the renewal of Leases, held on Lives ; To secure the Purchase Money tor Annuities Or auy Lite Intetes', as, Church Preferment or other Situation, by nhich they pos- sess only Income for Life ; To facilitate the Arrangement of Marriage Settlements and other t. eeumnry Tiansactlons ; To assist Debtor and Creditor in accomplishing the Settle- ment of Affairs to prevent Bankruptcy. Granting Annuities Affords a resource ugainst Old Age, Sickness, bodily In- fumity, and other Casualties of Life. ROBERT SKELTON, Sec. Solomon's celebrated Abstergent Lotion A SPECIFIC B1MEDV FOR ERUPTIONS ON THE FACE AND SKIN. IT rentiers the lace fair and delicate, removes every kind of stain tan, sunburn or freezes, which warm weather, long illness or fatigue generally produce: In short, it is the onlv cosmetic a Lady can use at her toilet with ease and C; snto t, or a Gentleman have recourse to, when shaving is become n dreadful operation by tin eruptive disseasc on the face. — Price 4s. 6d. a bottle, with directions. Sold by W. EDDOWIS, and T. Newling, Shrewsbury ; Gitlon, Bridgnorth ; Greening, Bromsgrove; Harding, Bewd- ley ; Rann, Dudley; Baugli, Kile- mere; bovver, Kidder- minster; Rirlgeway, Market Drayton; Ctaig, Nantwicb; Brown, Ruthin; Rollason, Hcmiug, Stourbridae; Tymbs, Hunt, Worcester; Painter, Wrexham ; tlouistuiis, Welling- ton; Soiith, Iron Bridge; Simpson, Goner and Smait, Wolverhamjiton; Tudor, Monmouth; Price, and Edwards, Oswestry ; and of the principal Venders of genuine Mcdiciues in the United Kingdom. To prevent Counterfeits, observe particularly, that the wolds " knul. Soianion, Liverpool," are engraved on the t. tamp. TURNPIKE TOLLS, NOTICE is hereby given/ That the Tolls arising at the To'l Gates upon the Turnpike Road leading from Berrien' to Castle. Caerijiiou over Pontsvcharth, to join the Turnpike Road from Myfod to I. lanfair, at or near Heniarth, in the Countv of Montgoir. eiy, called or known hv the several Names of Castle Caermion and Melinrbydd Gates, will be LKT by AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the House of MAHY DAVIES, Widow, Innholder, in the Village of Ca- tlc Caeiinion, in the said Countv, on SATURDAY, the TWEN- TY EIGHTH Day of APRIL next, between the Hours of twelve and two, and in the Manner directed by the Act pass- ed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third, " For regulating the Turnpike Roads." Whoevi r happens to he the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. THOMAS JONES, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Monl/ romeru,' i6tli March, 1810. SALES BY AUCTION. Next' and Fashionable Household Furniture, VALUABLE DRAWINGS, PRINTS, 8fc. BY JONATHAN PF. RRY, THIS D. 4Y JXI) TO- MORROW, On the Premises, St. John's Hill, Shrewsbury, near the Frit rids' Meeting House, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 28th and 29tii ofMareh, 1810, ( the Property of a Gen- tleman changing his Residence): fl^ HE WHOLE of the superior. Modern, new, I and nearly new HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, con- sisting of a DRAWING ROOM Suit of Curtains mid Dra- peries, most tastefully executed in elegant I/ iedon Chintz, lined with superfine yellow Callico, richly ornamented bv a Greek Border and Parisian Fr nge, & c. Grecian Chairs and Sofa, with CoverS, en-^ uite ; au elegant Brussels Carpet; Card Tables, Center Tea Table ; handsome MIRROR, with rich burnished Gold Fiame, bronzed Eagle Ornament, and Pair ef light Branches ; elegant Chimney Ornaments, polish- ed Steel Fender, Fire lroos, See. A DINING PARLOUR Suit of most capital Mahogany Grecian Chairs, best Hair Seats; superfine Scotch Carpet; handsome Chirtz Curtains : valuable Side Board and Secre- taire ( in one); Wine CHIeret ; Tables, &, c. and an exceeding fine- toned PIANO FORTE, bv LONGMAN and BUODERIF. The Bed Chamber and other Furniture comprise one handsome Mahoganv four- post Be'Mead, with rich Chintz Furniture lined with super vcllow Callico, made up with superior Taste with French Fiinge, and Window Curtains to suit; several other Four- post Tent and Servants Bedstead*, with different Furnitures ; prime, sweet seasoned GonfeFeUher Beds; Straw and excellent Hair Maltrasses; Counterpanes and Marseilles Quilts; Mahoganv Chests of Drawers, pern- broke and Card Tables; very neat painted Chests of Drawers; Dressing Tables, Corner Bason Stands and Cnamber Chairs; large and small Swing G'asses, and various oth- r Articles ; the greatest Part of which are perfectly new, and the whole of the most respectable Description. Also, one F. VANS'S nine Sheet Map of NORTH WALES wiih a Case, and one capital Map of England and Part of Scotland by CAFY, with Case, on a verv large Scale. Likewise some really valuable DRAWINGS and PRINTS, the former of large s zes, with PLATE GLASS and costly gilt, and burnished Frames. To be viewed the Day preceding the Sale, from ten to four o'Cloek. The whole will he specified in Catalogues, which will be dis- tributed in Shrewsbury, and may he bad of THE AOCTIONEEB, who particularly requests the attention of Families to this Sale, upon bis assurance that, the Furniture is generally excellent both in Taste and Workmanship, and superior to anv he EVER HAD for sale hv Auction. Capital Inn upon the great Road leading from HOLYHEAD TO LONDON. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the New Inn, in West Felton, in the Comity of Salop, on Friday, the 30th of March, 1810, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, and subjee. t to Conditions then to be, produced : ALL that large and commodious Inn, called or known bv the Name of the NEW INN. situate at WEST FF. LTON, in the County of Salop, now in the Oc- cupation of Mr. George Wvmie, consisting of an excellent Kitchen, Bar, Parlour, Brewhouse, large Dining Room, six l- odgine Rooms, Cellar, and Pantry, a capital five Stall Stable, and another without Stalls', the Whole entirely New within these six Months. Also a HOUSE consisting of two Dwellings, and five Acres, or thereabouts, of ex- cellent T. AND. The above valuable Premises are situate Middle House between Shrewsbury and Llangollen, thro' Whittington. Mr. Wynne, on the Premises, will shew the same ; and for further Particulars apply to the Auctioneers, at Ruyton of the EUven Towns. SALES BY AUCTION. VALUABLE FARMING STOCK, & c. . BY GLOVE It AND SON, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 10th Do* of April, IftlO, ALL the valuable and well- selected L I V F, STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairy V" « « cls, belonging to the Rev. JJORGAN PRYCK, of KILRHIF. W, in the Parish of I. lansaintffraiil, in the County of Montgomery ; consisting of 12 capital Cows,. calved and in- calf," 2 calving Heifers, 2 three years old Splays, a 3 years old Bull of the Mohtt » otrierysliire Kind, a 2- yearn. old ditto of the Herefordshire, Kirtd. one 3- years old Rollojk, three 2. years old Heifer*, 9 Yearlinj Calves; 10 strnnj Store Pijs 30 couples Ewes and Lambs, 10 dry Sheep; 4 capital Draught Horses, one 2- years old Draufht Filley ; Road VVaeuon, Harvest Ditto, Tumbrel, Roller, Slead, five Sets of Horses Clearing, Cheese Press, Barrel Churn, four Pair of Cheese Vats, a Malt Mill, & c. Catalogues will be prepared immediately, and may be had at the following places ; viz. Elephant atl 1 Castle, Shrewsbury; 0; il(, Welsh p. iol; Goat, Llanfylliti! Cross Kevs, I. lany- mvnecb; Lion, Llansaintttraid ; King's Heiid, Myfod ; Cross Keys, Oswestry; New Inn, Kuockin ; oti the premises ; and of THE ACCTIONEKHS, Ruytnn of the Eleven Towns.- The Sale to commence at 10 o'clock in the Mornine. SALES BY . AUCTION, CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the. S'l of April, 1810 ; ALL the valuable LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS of HUSBANDRY, Dairy Vessel*, & c. belong- ng to Mr. ROGERS, of HINTQN. in the Parish of Pontesburv, in the County of Salop ; consisting of 12 capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, three barren Cows, four calving Heifers, one 5- year old splayed Ditto, one 3- year old BuMoek. Pair 2- year old Heifers, Pair ditto Bullocks, four yearling Heifers, four ditto Bullocks; 16 strong Store Pigs, one Sow, in- pig; 10 Wether Sheep, one Ram; a capital draught Stallion, an excellent Worker, six capital draught Horses, and one ditto Mare, in- foal, a 3- vears old Gelding by . Toe Andrews, a 2- vears old Colt, by True Blue, dam by Beaufre- mont, yearling Ditto, a ditto Ditto, a 2- years old draught Colt, Brood Mare, tiv Magog, a hack Mare, well bred; two Road Waggons. Harvest Ditto, Coal Cart, two broad Wheel Tumbrels, double Plough, two single Ditto, one Hand Ditto, two Pair of Harrows, two Stone Stack Frames well timbered ; a luree Quantity of seasoned Implement Timber, in Lots; two Drag Rakes, Kibbling Mill, Corn Screen, Stone Cistern, and Pigtrough, seven Sets of Horses Gearing, & c. Catalogues may be had at the following Places, viz. Trumpet, Elephant and Castle, George Inns, Shrewsbury; Lion, Westburv ; Oak, Pool ; Mr. CJeuwon's, Coidway; New Inn, Nessclitl'; Nag's Head. Mootfonl Bridge ; on the Premises; and of THIS AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns. The Sale to commence at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. CHILBLAINS Are prevented from breaking, and their tormenting Itching instantly removed, by Whitehead? s Essence of Mustard, UNIVERSALLY cUeemed for its extraordinary Efficacy in Rlieumatifirts, Palsies, Gouty Affections, and Complaint! of the Stomach ; hut where this certain re- medy has been unknown or neglected, and the Chilblains have ; ietually suppurated, or broke. Whitehead's iumiht Cerate will vase the pain, and very speedily heal tliein. They are prepared and sold by R, JOHNSTON, Apothecary, 15, Greek Street, Soho, Loudon, the Essence anil Pills at 2s. <) d. each— the Cerate at Is. l} d. They ate sold bv KDOOWIK, Nevvling, and Palin, Shrewsbury • Painter, Wrex- ham; llaugh, Ellesmere; HouKton, Wellington; Silvester, Newpoit; Prodgers, Ludlow; Partridge, and Gittou, Bridg north; Edwards, Price, and Minshall, Oswestry; and by every Medicine Vender in the United Kingdom. Thegcnnim has a black Ink Stamp with the Name of It. Johnston inserted on it. ELIGIBLE GENTEEL RESIDENCE, ST. JOHN'S HILL, SHREWSBURY, H ITII IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, on Friday, the 6th of April, 1610, at four o'clock in the Afternoon, ( unless an accept- able Offer is made previous to that Time, by private Treaty); npHE unexpired TERM of FIFTY- THREE YEARS of and in the LF. ASK of all that excellent MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, with GARDKN, and Appurtenances* situate <> n St. JOHN'S HILL, Shrewsbury, lately in the Tenure of Mr. P. KEIE, and since occupied bv Mr. FIDLOU ; containing on the Ground Floor a Dining Room, 204ft by 14} ft. Breakfast Parlour 15 ft. by 14 ft. Hall, and Stair Case; on the First Floor, a Drawing Room same Size as Dining Room, best Bed Room, Dressing Room, and Study ; on the Second Floor, three good Bedchambers arid Store Closet, and two Servants* Rooms above. The Offices com- prize a good Kitchen, with Closets, Pan'rv, Brewhouse, Wine, Beer, and Coal Cellars; and a very pleasant Garden is attached. The Premises are in perfect Repair, have recently been papered and painted, and in every respect are ready for the immediate Reception of a genteel Family. A Pump set, and Well sunk, by the late Proprietor, sup- plies the Premises with Abundance of excellent Water, which, with numerous other Fixtmes of considerable Value, will be Sold with the Lease, but which will be the Pur- chasers PROPERTY. The Drawing Room and Chamber above command a pleas- ing View of St. Chad's Church, and delightful Prospect of the Quarry Walks and adjacent Banks. The Lease will be Sold suoject to the Purchaser's paying the Ground Rent of 13$. Od. per Annum, and the Land Tax, which is low. Further Particulars of Mr. ENOCK, High Street, or THE AUCTIONEER. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. BV GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Wednesilny and Thursday, the 4th and iih Days of April, 1811) : ALL the truly valuable and well selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS* HUSBANDRY, HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE, Brewing and D. iiry Uiensils, of the late Mr. BATHER, of ROSSALL, near Shrewsbury; con- fluting of 19 capital Cmvs ( chietlv of the Montgomeryshire breed) calved and in- calf, two eapitnl fat Oxen, two ditto Heifers; 24 fat Wethers, three Ewes to loinb, four dry Sheep; nine targe store Pigs, nine" smallei Ditto, nine ditto Ditto, Sow mid six Pigs, three ditto in- pig ; a capital draught Mare, 5 years old, a ditto Ditto, af. ed, with their Tails on ; a capital draught Filley, 3- yrars old, a ditto Ditto 2- yeyrs old, a ditto Colt Ditto, a ditto Killey, 1- yeor old, a ditto Ditto, a ditto Ditto, a fine bay Horse, 5- years old, by Vermin, hi- i Dam by Javelin, a capital Hunter, a capital buck Mure, rising 1 years old, a Brood Mare, by Beaufremout, in- foal by Intruder, a capital Nag Mare ; three Road Wapgon « , ( one with Shells) with Harvest Geai ing, three broad Wheel Tuni- bicls, one nariow Wheel Ditto, double Plough, two single Ditto, two Hand Ditto, three Sets of Horses Gearing, Win- nowing Machine new, 21 Stone Stack Frame Pillars and Caps, Stone Cisterns and Pigtruughs, a large Quantity of sea- soned Implement Timber, in Lots, Sheep Cratch, Drag Rakes, Paling Irons, Rakes and Pikels, a lar< e Quantity of old I on, a large Salmon Fishing Net, two double Trainel Fishing Nei?, • 20 Yards each, live Casting Nets, a Partridge Net, Saddles and Bridles, three Sets of Horse Cloathing,, Set of Chair Harness, Stable Buckets, fee. & r. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, which will be Sold the second Day, consists of Bedsteads and Hangings, several excellent Feather Beds and Bed clothes; Mahogany anil other Tab'ts, tjhaiis. Chests; Chests of Drawers, I'ier and Swing Glasses ; excellent Eight day Clock, Alarum Clock, Dresser and Shelves, a large Quantity of Pewter, ah mt ' 2 cwt. two Stone Cheese Presses, two Cheese Tubs, Churn, several laige Pairs of Cheese Vats, Milk Pails, Cans, Butter MitU, Butter Tubs; a la ge Mash Tim, two Coolers, 19 ex- cellent Iron- bound Barrels, See. Sec. with numerous other Articles particularised in the Catalogues, winch may be hud at the following Places, viz Raven and Bell, Coach and Horses, and Elephant and Castle Inns, Shrewsbury; Lion, Westbury ; Oak, Welsh Pool ; Cioss Keys, Oswestry ; Bridgeuater Anns, Ellesmere ; Black Lion, Weni ; Swan, Whilchuich; Talbot, Wellington ; Plios iix, Market Dravton ; While Lion, Newport; on the Premises; and of tne Auction- eers. Ruyton ot tiie Eleven Towns,— Tne Sale to commence each Dav punctually at Ten o'clock in the Foieuoon. N. B. Upwards of 30 Tons of excellent HAY, situate at MITTON, to be disposed of by Private Contract.— Enquiie of Mr BHAYNX, Mardol Head, Shrewsbury. ( One Property.) CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. BY GLOVER AND SON, . On the Premises, on Thursday and Friday, the 12th and 13th Days of April, 1810; ALL tlie valuable and well- selected FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMtN I'S nf HUSBANDRY, with Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mr. ROBERTS, of CRICK HEATH, near Llanvmynech, in the County nf Salop, who is declining the Farming Business ; consisting nf 22 capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, o calving Heifers, 6 thiee- year old Bar- rens, 2 two- year old Heifers; 80 Connies Ewes and Lambs, 20 Ditto to Lamb, 16 two year old Wethers; 9 strong Store Pigs, 8 smaller Ditto, one in- pis; Sow ; a handsome black Stallion, of the draught Kind, rising 6 venrs old, cot bv Black Prince, a Ditto Ditto, aged, Black Prince, ( the Stock from these Horses is proved to be uncommonly good); 6 capital Waggon Horses, with Gearing for Ditto, a capital brown Colt, 3- vears old, likely to make a Coacher, a ditto Chesniit Filley, by Smoaker, a ditto strong brown Filley, 2- vears old, a ditto ditto bay Colt, n ditto draught Filley, n ditto yearling Ditto, a ditto Ditto, a ditto bay hack Fdlev, a ditto ditto strong bay Colt, a brood Marc in- foal; Road Waggon, shelled, with Harvest Gearing, Harvest Cart, Coal Cart with broad Wheels, Tumbrel, Ditto . Body and Draughts ( new), three Ploughs, three Pair of Harrows, Stack 1 Frame, Winnowing Pan, Corn Screens, Sieves and Riddles, [ Malt Mill, large Scales and Weights, ic. & c. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, See. will be sold the I second Day, consisting of Bedsteads and Hangings, Feather Itcds and Bed Clothes, Tables, Chairs, Chests, two Oak Wardrobes, Dtesser and Shelves, (' lock, Kitchen Grate, Pitgrate, Cast Metal Oven, Crane, three Iron Furnaces, three Stone Cheese Presses, Cheese Tub, Churn, Milk Pails, Cans, Cheese Vats, Butter Tubs, Butter Mils, Mash Tubs, Coolers, Bnriels, & c. & e. Catalogues will be prepared immediately, and may be had , at the following Places, viz. Trumpet, and Coach and Horses Inns, Shrewsbury ; Oak, Pool; Goat, Llanfylliti; Cross Keys, l. lanymyuech ; Cross Keys, Oswestry; Brldgewater Arms, Ellesmere; Blark Lion, Wem ; New Inn, Kuocki i; King's Head, Myfod ; on the Premises; and of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Towns. The Sale to commence each Dav at 10 o'Clock in the Morning BY J. BROOME, On the Frenik- es, or. Monday and Tuesday, ths 2' and J. I Days of April,' 181( 1; LL tiie LIVE STOCK and IMPLEMENTS ir. HUSBANDRY, with ali the ITOU- iF.' iOLD GOOD", and FURNITURE, belonging to Mr. 0<" » FF, of- the COP- PICE FARM, near Dirringten,' in Ihe County of Salop; consisting of five Cows, calvp-. l and in "' ilf th; ee Heifers, in: calf, four 2- year old Bullocks, three Yearlings ; live young Waggon Horses; five Sets of Glaring; tweiPv F. v.' es with Lambs, twenty Ditto with Ditto and in ditto ; iiinf Storf Pigs, one Sow in- pig; three Waggon*, nearly new, two. Broad • vtheel Tumbrels, one Narrow Ditto, one double Plough, one wheel Ditto, one hand Ditto, three Pair of Harrows, hearty new, one Roller, one Car; three Dngen Of Hurdles; Lrir. Of Bags; Scales and Weigh" s, Winmiwirtg Fan, Corn Scret- n, Sieves and Riddles, three large Rakes, small Ditto and Pikels, two Waggon Ropes, a Ditto Chain, three Corn Coffers; Wheelbarrow, four Stone and two Wood Piglroughs, Malt Mill, Kibbling Ditto, Grindstone, three Ladders, with a Number of small Implements, and a larg. i Quantity oF well- seasoned Implement Timber; one Stack of Wheat, o le D tto of Rarley, Part of a Ditto of Oits, Part of a Ditto of Peas, all of which mav be taken off the Premises. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of three Fea- ther Beds anil Bolsters, Fourpo. t and other Bedstead-, Blank- ets and Coverlets ; Mahogany and Oak Tables and Chairs; Oak Chests of Drawers, Looking Glasses; Corner Cup- board, China, Glass, &. c. and a large Ass ' rtmeftt of Kitchen Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Ut - nsils, 3cc. & c. The Sale to begin at tenn'Clook - n the Morning, BY J. BROOME, I On the Premises, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 4th Day of I April, 1310: ALL tlie valuable aijd well- selected LIVE STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c belonging to EDWARD HARRIES, Esq at HUGLtTH, near Castle Pulvcrbatch, in- the County of Salop; consisting of one fat Co- v, one Cow and Calf, seven calving Heifers, five 3- vears old Bullocks, two 2- vears old Ditto, four ditto Hcifeis, five capital young Waggoii Horses, two ditto Mares, in. foal; eight Sets tf goo I Gearing, one Ponev ; thirteen strong Store Pigs, two Gilts, in pig. one Brawn; forty Ewes aud Lambs, twenty fat Wethers, on" Rim; two Waggons ( nearly new), two broad- wheel Tuoib iK one narrow- wheel Ditto, one Wheel Plough, three fl uid Ditto, four Pair of Harrows, two R illers, one Car, four Sets of Gear- ing f » r Oxen, one Winnowing Machine, two Dozen of Bags, five Dozen of Hurdles, with a Quantity of I'liplement Tim- ber, and a Nuiuberof small Implement*, Stc, A.' sj, the rrtijje Evening, Atarge Assortment ot HOUSEHOLD GOOD? and FUR- NITURE, Brewing and Dairy ITteusiis nn 1 Ca- ks, the W i ile of which will be found in excellent Orl.- r, and well worth Ihe Attention of the Public, a< the greatest Part hath been laid in New, within a short Time, and will be Sold without the least Reserve. r£ j> The Auc i meer hopes the Compane will attend earlv, as the Sale will positively c nn netice at ten o'CI > ck, and the Whole wilt be Sold in one Dav. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. BY WILLIAM SMITH, Oil Tuesday ijfxt, the 3tl of April, 1810, on the Premises, on the VVyle Cop, in the Town of Shrewsbury : ALL the HOUSEHOLD GOODS and" FUR. NITURR, belonging to Mr. JB. TOMLINS, who is leaving Shrewsbury; comprising Tent and other Bedsteads, willi Furniture, Feather Beds, Mattiesses, Blankets, & . valuable Mahogany Desk and Bookcase, Harpsichord, a 10 Spiunet, several Mahogany and Oak Tables, Pier Glass « r Gold Frame, Carpets and Prints, Chamber, Parlour, a no Kitchen Chairs, with a variety of useful Articles, - including Kitchen Requisites ; 12 exeelleut Casks, and a Quantity ot Bottles j a large Pair of Scales and Weights, The Sale to begin at 10 o'Cloek. B. TOMLINS returns his grateful Thanks to his Friends and Customers for all Favours received during his Residence in Shrewsbury. He also hopes it will not be thought presuming to request the Favour of those Perhons who stand indebted to him, to pay the same on or before Saturday, the 31st ln* tantj and all those to whom he is indebted are desired forthwith to iend their respective Accounts, in order that the same may be discharged. tVyleCop, March 0,1th, 1810. ( One concern.) JH1LES, having uken to ihe Slock of Mr. * TOMLINS as above, begs Leave to solicit a Continuance of the Favours ot his own Friends, together with those of Mr. T. Shrewsbury, Q, llh March, 1810. BY S. TUDOR, At the Fox Inn, on Saturday, the 31st of March, 1810, between the Hours of six and seven in the Evening, IHE following Lot* of OAK and ASH TIM- BER, subject to Conditions then to be pioduced : LOT 1. 15.1 OAK TIM BF. R TREES, - H Ditto POl. I. ARDS, mark- ed and numbered with led Paint; ! t> 6 OAK POLES, cyphered with Ditto. jf^ P The Timber marked with white Paint is not to be sold. Lor II. 84 large ASH TIMBER TREKS, marked and numbered with red Paint; 9 AS1I POLES, cyphered with Ditto, 15 ELM TREES. The above Timber is now growing upon the DAYMODSK FARM, in the Parish of Meole B> ace, and about two Miles from the Town of Shrewsbury, upon very good Ronds.— Mr. SUTTON, ihe Tenant, will appoint a Person to shew the Tim- ber ; for Particulars apply to Mr. JOIIM LEE, Builder, or THE AUCTIONP. EII, in Shrewsbury. PRIME FARMING STOCK, Of the Pure t\ orth Devon, Hereford, and Montgo- mery Breeds, BV J. BROOME, OnThursdnv, the 29th Dav of March, 1810, on the. Premises lit BOCKLETON COURT, in the Parish cf Stoke Saint ' Milborough, and County of Salop ; rnwo Bulls, 2+ Cows and Heifers, calved and JL in- calf; four 2- year old Heifers," It) yearling Heifers, 10 very serviceable Cart Horses and Mares, with excellent Gearing for Ditto ; three Waggons, three Tumbrels, with six Inch Wheels; a one Horse Cart, a two Horse Roll, double and single Plough*; six Pair of Harrows, of different sizes and descriptions; with various other Implements in Hus- bandry* as hercaiter described, belonging to Mr. TBNCH, « h i has let the aforesaid Farm. BY J. BROOM 10, On the Premises, on Monday and Tuesday, the 9th and 10th Davs of April, 1810 ; ripHE LIVESTOCK and IMPLEMENTS ' ti Jl HUSBANDRY, with PART of the HOUSEHOLD I GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy UtensiU and | Casks, See belonging to Mr. YE 7MAMS, of the HILL ' FARM, near Leebotwo il, in the Couotv of Salop.—. Particu- lars in our next — Catalogues will be pre. iare I in due Time. BY J. BROOMli, On the Premises, on Wednesday aod Thursday, the 11th and 12th Days of April. 1810 : ALL tiie truly valuable LIVE STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, with all the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, 5cc. tic. belonging to Mr. LEWIS, of the NEW HOUSE, in the Parish of LUollwch* aim, near Abertnule, ill the County of Montgomery : eon. sisting of seven excellent young Cows, calved and in calf, two Heifers iu ditto, four fresn iHrfcns, five 2- ye . rs old Heifers, six Yearlings; five Wa> rg) n M lies, one D ito H irse, wi » h Gearing tor six, one brown Mare, 5- years old, by Intruder, Dam by Regulus, one Ditto 6 years old, oiif; 4 years old Horse, an excellent Roadster, one 3- vears old Blood Colt, uueuy, by General, D un Oi l Crazv, one 2 y » ars old Filley, one Ditto yearling; six Store Pigs, one Sow in- pig, two ( Jills in ditto, oty; Boar; two Waggon., two Broad* wheel Tumbrels, nearly new, ihr. f Pair o:' Harrows, one " heel Plough, one hand Ditto, 1 Ground Cir, Wneelbarrow, Winnowing Fan, Sieves, Riddles, Corn Screen, one Liud Roller, four Dragrakes, Lot of small Ditto, Lot of Pikels, Forks, Shovels, See. The HOUSEHOLD PURNITURE consists of an excellent Eight- day Clock, Mahogany and Oak Dining, Dressing, and other Tables, handsome Chairs, F mrpoit and I'ent Bedsteads, with Hang tigs, Pier and Swing Glasses, Chests and Drawers, Bureau, Corner Cupboard, Weather Glass, and a large Assortment of Kitchen Furniture, Brewing and Dany Ute. n- sils, & c. Uc. The. Sale to beirin at ten o'Cloek iu the Mornitii*. BY J. BROOMK, Oil the Premises, on Thursday, the ,19th Dav of April, 1810: ^ LL the well selected LIVE STOCK and CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. BY GLOVLR AND SOM, On the Premises, on Fiiday, the 6th of April, 1810 ; ALL the truly valuable and carefully selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mr. WILDE, of KEYN ANT, in the Parish ot Guilstield, in the Cnunty of Montgomery ; consisting of 12 capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, 2 calving Heifers, 2 barren Ditto, 3 two- year old Heifers, 2 ditto Bullocks; 11 Store Pigs ; 4 young and able Waggon Horses, with Gearing for b, a capital Hack Mare ; Road Waggon, new, Harvest Cart, ditto, 3 broad Wheel Tumbrcis, 2 Ploughs, 2 Pair of Hariows, 2 Rollers, Winnow- ing Machine, Straw Engine, tc. The Brewing and Dairy Vessels ( which will be sold in the Evening), consist of Cheese Tub, two Churns, Cheese Vats, Milk Pails, Cans, Butter Tub*, Mash Tubs, Coolers, Barrels, & c. with numerous other Articles particularised in the Cata- logues, which may be had at the follcwing Places, viz. Trumpet Inn, Shrewsbury; Lion, Westbury; Eagles, Welsh Pool; Goat, Llanfylliu; Cross Keys, Llanyniynech ; Cross Keys, Oswestry; on the Premises; and of THE AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven Tonus. The Sale to commence at 10 o'Clock in the Forenoon. VALUABLE FAKM1NG STOCK. BY GLOVER AND SON, On the Premises, on Monday, the 9th of April, 1810 : ALL the valuable FARMING STOCK, . be- longing to Mrs. MYlTON. of HALSTON, in the Parish of Whiltingtou, in the County of Salop ; consisting of six capital Dairy Cows, calved and in- calf, one calving Heiter, two yearling Heifers, a well bred yearling Bull; a capital 5- years old Horse, will carry double aiid draw a Gig, a capital li. ck Mate, 4*- years old, a capital Colt, 3- years old, by Cheshire Cheese, out of a thorough bred Mare, a It- years old strong Colt, likely to make a good Roadster and draw a Gig,; two Gelts, iu- pig; 40 Couples ot Ewes and Lambs, crossed from the Southdown and Leicester, a 2- yeais old Svulhduwn Ram, two yearling Ditto; a modern built G1Q. Alsoabout 10 TJIIS of excellent HAY. Catalogues will be prepared immediately, and tnay be had at the following Places, viz. Taibot, Shrewsbury ; Cross Kevs, and Cross Foxes, Oswestry; Eagles, Wrexham; Bowling Green, Overton; Bridgewatcr Arms, Ellesuiere; Blaek Lion, Wem; on the Premises; and of riiB AUCTIONEERS, Ruyton of the Eleven I'owns. The Sale to commence at 10 o'Clock in the Forecoon. Lois, 1. Devon Cow 2. Ditto Ditto 3. Ditto Ditto 4. Ditto Ditto 5. Ditto Ditto 6. Ditto Ditto 7. Ditto D- tto S. Ditto Ditto 9. Ditto Ditto 10. Ditto Ditto U. Ditto Bull, 3- yrs, old, bred bvWm. 1 Childe, Esrj. Kiu- Iet- Hall Hereford Cow, gotj Mr. Gvrill. am old bull Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto 12, 43 41. Lion, chesnutGel- duig, with Geari 42. Maggot, Ditto Mare, Ditto Diamond, Do. Do. j a thorough bred Suflok Punch, & in- loal by the no- ted Horse Sweep belonging to Mr.| Fox, of Pitchtord Park Lots 15- Ditio D tto 16. Ditto D. tto 17. Ditto Heiter 118. Ditto D. tto 19. Duto Ditto 20. Ditto Bull. 2* yrs. old, out nt Lot 12 21. MontgomervCow 122. D tto Heifer | 23. Montgomery Cow 24. D. tto Ditto 25. Ditto Ditto 26. Duto Ditto 27. Heifer, 2- vrs. old 28. Ditto Ditto 29. Ditto D tto 30. D. ttu Ditto 31. H ifer. l- vearold. i N. B. The dam CART HORSES AND MARES. Lots. of this Heifer was out of ihe Mother of Mr. G William's old Bull [ 32. Ditto Ditto; the Dainot'this Hei- fer is Lot 12 | 33. Ditto Ditto 14. Ditto Ditto | 3. i. Ditto Ditto :)'> Ditto Ditto [ 37. D tto Ditto : 38. Ditto Ditto 39. Ditio Ditto | 40. DiltoDitto, across between thellere- ford Bull and Al. derney Cow. 54. A narrow wheeled W a^ gon 55. A Ditto 56. A six Inch Ditto 57. A Do. Do. Tum- brel 44. Lion, black Geld- witli Gears 45. Wag, Ditto Ditto, Ditto 46. Diamond, black Mr re, Ditto 47. Sliyrper, Ditto Gtldiug, Ditto 43. Darbv, brown Mare, D. tto 49. Puppet, Chesnut Dnio, Ditto IMPLEMENTS. 58. A Ditto 159. A Ditto 60. A one Horse Carl 61. A two Horse Roll 62. A double Plougli 63. Ditto .50. Norman, Ditto Oelding, Ditto, a thorough bred Suffolk Punch 51. A clever brown Cart Colt, 2- yr « , old 52. A bay hack Filly, 5- years old, un- brwke, and got by Admiral 153. A Dilto Mare, All the Cattle, except tour, are Colour. " 4- Single Ditto 3.5. Duto 36. Ditto > 7. Six Pair of Har- rows, in Lots 63. Sundries, of a uniform deep red IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairv Utensils, belonging to Mr. ADNEY, of STANTON LONG, in the County of Salop; lonsistiug of fivr Cows and Calves, thiee calving Heifers, four 3 years old Bullocks, seven 2- years old Ditto, three ditto Heifers; two Waggon Hoiscs, one 3- year old Cult of the draught kind; Gearing for live Horses; two Waggon-., one Tumbrel, one Plough, two Par of Harroivs, three Ladders, with small Implements, & c. etc. ' The Sale to begin at 10 o'Clock in the Morning BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Wednesday, the 25th Day of April, 1810: ALL the valuable and well selected LIVE STOCK, and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, & c. Sec. belonging to Mr, N1CKOLDS, of KE. V1TON, in the Parish of Clunbiv -* ' " " iy, in the County of Saluy, ( tj" Particular^ iu our neitt. The Cows and Heifers, calved and iu calf, were put to a thorough bred North Devon Bull, hired last Season of Mr. Jellicoe, of Betithall. The whole of the Cart Horses and Marrs are well known iu the Neighbourhood to be extreme good Workers, aad the Pro- prietor will uphold them to be so. BY J BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 17th and 18th Days nf April, 1810: ALL the valuable and well selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS m HUSBANDRY, HOUSE- HOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, belonging to Mr. BRADLEY, of ROWLEY, iu the Patish of Harley, in the County of Salop. Particulars iu our next. BY J. BROOME, On the Premises, on Tuesday, the 24ih Day of April, 1810 - ALL the well selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLE- MENTS iu HUSBANDRY, JSO. & C. belonging to Mr. INSTANCE, of LU fWYCHE, in the County of Salop, fc?" Particulars in our next. At the Dragon Inn, iu Montgomery, on Tliuisd. iy, iheo: h Day of April, 1810, precisely at tlree o'Clock in the After- noon, subject to Conditions then to be produced ; Qrv k ASH, ELM, and other TIMBER. TREES, } y\ J% s of excellent Quality, particularly tue Ash, which is very long and clear, and arivantag rorisly situated for Carriage, being contiguous to ihe Turnpike Road leading from Newtown through Xierry, to Bishop's Castle and Mont- gomery ; and about five Miles distant from the Gaithmill Wharf, on the Montgomeryshire Canal : ALL FELLED, and lying on Gweruygo and Bahaillon Farms, in the Parish of Kerry, and in Lots Scribe- marked as follows: Oil G'c> rn;.;; o farm, LOT I 35 ASH TREES, on the South- east Side the Turn- pike Road, 1 to 35 inclusive. LOT 11. 55 Ditto, ou the same Side the Road, 36 to 90 inclusive. LOT III. 71 Ditto; on the North- wejt Side the Turnpike Road, 1 lo 71 inclusive. LOT IV. 64 Ditto, on tbe same Side the Road, 12 to 135 inclusive. LOT V. 18 ELM, 19 ALDER, and 4 BIRCH TREES, 1 to 18 inclusive, 1 lo 19 inclusive, and 1 to 4 inclusive. LOT VI. 57 ASH TREES, in Coed y Berrin Wood, 1 to inclusive, and also 1* to 5* inclusive. Lor VII. 51 Ditto, in Ditto, 53 to 101 inclusive, and also 5* and 6*. LOT VIII, 45 Ditto, in Ditto, 102 to 1* 5 inclusive, and also 7*. LOT IX. 53 Ditto, in Ditto, 14t'> to 198 inclusive. LOT X 59 Ditto, in Ditto, 199 to 257 inclusive. LOT XL 58 Ditto, iu Ditto, 258 to 314 inclusive, and also 9*. LOT XII. 50 Ditto, in Ditto, 315 to 353 inclusive, and alio i*. LOT XLLL. 39 Ditto, in Ditto, 364 to 402 inclusive. On the Turnpike Road near ( in'ernygo. J. OT XLV. 82 ASH TREES, 1 to 82 inclusive. LOT XV. 48 Ditto, 83 to 130 inclusive. tin Buhaiilon Fairn. LOTXVI. 79 ASH, 16 ALDER, and 2 POPLAR TREES, 1 to 79 inclusive, I to ib inclusive, and 1 and 2. The respective Tenants will ap, » >. nt a Person to shew the Lots; and for further Particular apply to Mr. POUNPLEY, Montgomery; or Mr WiliiAUS, Timber- Surveyor, Kerry, jie » r Ntwttiwn. 52 HOUSE OF COMMONS— MONDAY, MARCH 19. Oa the motion of Mr. liyug, a standing order was mnde, thnt no t> i! l relating to the Poor of any Parish, should be introduced, without a previous notice. Ou the motion of Mr. Secretary Ryder, leave was given to bring in a bill to amend the Local Militia laws. Mis principal object in this, was to diminish the expen- ces of the force. The Commandants should have a dis- cretionary power to exercise the number of one- fourth of the Non- commissioned Officers ; while the number of other Officers would be diminished. With a view to place the Volunteers on the same footing with the Local Militia; he would also propose to diminish the number of days' training ; there were also some minor regulations. Mr. II. MARTIN brought forward his resolutions founded on the Third Report of the Finance Com- mittee, with a view of impressing on the House the necessity of a rigid economy in all our public expendi- ture. He entered at great length- on the subject of sinecure places and pensions, the latter of which should always be in the gift of Parliament, not of the Crown, because it was injurious to the rights of the King's successor. He would not agree to any officer under the Crown possessing a power which the Crown did not — that of granting Places in Reversion. He concluded with moving his first Rcsolutiou : which was in sub- stance as fallows : That attention to the expenditure of the pub ic money was one of the great and imperious duties of that House, and at all times expedient; and more especially, at this time, to recommend and inforce economy in all the public offices and departments of Government.— The CHANCEI. I. OII of the EXCHEQUER proposed, insfead of the words " duty of this House," that " it is at all times a great and public duty"— should be substituted.— The first resolution was carried imani mously.— Mr. BANKES moved, by way of amendment to Mr. Martin's second resolution, the following— " That it was expedient that all sinecure places should be abolished ; and also those where the emolument was superior to the service performed ; except those situ- ations which arc immediately connected with the Crown and the lloyal Family, after the removal of the present possessors, whom his Majesty might reward by pen- sions."— He did not wish the servants of the Crown to go unrewarded, but the present system gave the country- no security.— The CIIANCEI. I. OR of the EXCHEQUER thought the Committee were not prepared to meet such a proposition ; and his serious advice to them was not to be taken by surprise; for his own part he totally disapproved of them.— Mr. WIIITBREAD defended Mr. liankos from the charge thrown out against him of attempting to take the House by surprise.— After some observations from Mr. Rose, Sir J. Newport, & c. Mr. II. MARTIN moved that the further consideration of the Resolutions lie postponed till Tuesday fortnight: which was agreed to. " TUESDAY— MARCH 20. Mr. BANKES moved for leave to bring m a bill " for altering the law respecting the mode of granting places in re'versionTor joint lives."— The CHANCELLOR of the ExcHEQyiiji. proposed that the words " for a time to be limited" be added to the motion: which was agreed to, and leave given to bring in the bill. On WEDNESDAY nothing materially interesting oc- curred. Lord Porehester, it is said, means to move three Resolutions relative to the late expedition on Monday next. The first goes to declare the expedition itself impolitic; the second censures the retention of the island of Walchcren, after the ulterior objects of the expedition had been found to be unattainable; the third, it is said, relates to the appointment of the Earl of Chatham. Boyal Exchange Assurance Office. rHE CORPORATION of the - SOVAI, EXCHANGE ASSURANCE < lo hereby give Notice, that they have authorized their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the* Ra te of Is. per Cent, per Annum, Persons whose annual Premiums fall due on the 25th Instant, are hereby informed that Iteceipts are now reailv to be delivered by the Company's Agents undermentioned, and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the Re- newal of tf. eir Policies, on or before the 9th Day of April, 1810, as the usual Fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire. SAMUEL PENNING, Secretary. SHROPSHIRE. Shrewsbury, Mr, J. Eddowes. Wellington, Mr. Stephen Jennins. Oswestry, Mr. Thomas Hughes. HEREFORDSHIRE. Hereford, Mr. John Allen. Leominster, Mr. Samuel Nicholas. Ledbury, Mr. William. Holbrooke, BRECKNOCKSHIRE. Brecon, Mr. Charles Wild. DENBIGHSHIRE. Ruthin, Mr. Robert Williams. IVrex/ uim, Mr. Joseph Langford, FLINTSHIRE. Holywell, Mr. William Turton. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Swansea, Messrs. J. and W. Robert Grove;: Cardiff, Joseph Davis. MONMOUTHSHIRE. Monmouth, Mr. Thomas Tudor. Newport, John H. Smithers. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. STAFFORDSHIRE. Burton, Mr Charles Hudson. Lichfield, Mr. William Bond. Stafford, Messrs. Stephenson and Webb. IVokerhamptlm, Mr. James Brown. Hatiley, Mr. John Tomlinson. Nexnastle- under- Line, Mr. James Halmnraeki WORCESTERSHIRE. Kidderminster, Mr. Samuel t'crrin. Worcester, Mr. Robert Gillam. CHESHIRE. Chester, Mr. Samuel Baker. Macclesfield, Mr. William Buckley. Nantaich, Mr. William Tomlinson. Northreich, Mr. Peter Maddock. Stockport, Mr. Thomas Owen. N. B. Fire Policies " ill be allowed free of Expense where the annual Premium amounts to 6s. or upwards. This Company have invariably made good Losses, by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.— Proposals may be had of the different Agents. ASSURANCES ON LIVES being found to be advantage- ous fo Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, or other Incomes, determinable on the Life or Lives of them- selves or others; TABLES of the RATES for such ASSUKASCES and for the GRANTING ANNUITIES on LIVES, may be had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend ( by Social Agreement) the Assurance on Lives to the Age of 75 Years. March, 1810. BIRMINGHAM FIRE OFFICE, UNION- STREET, BIRMINGHAM, For Insuring Houses, IVarehouses, Manufactories, and other Buildings, Farming Stock, Goods, ( Fares, Merchandize, Ships in Harbour and olher Property, FROM LOSS AND DAMAGES BY FIRE. rip HE Directors of this JL Office, impressed with a lively sense of Gratitude for the distinguished Patronage and Support they have experienced , beg to return their most grate ful Acknowledgements to their Friends and the Public, and re- spectfully solicit a Continuance of'their Favours. Farming Stock on any Part of a Farm, or in any Building thereon, injured in one Sum at the reduced Rate of 2s. per Cent, per Annum. Receipts for the Renewal of Insurances due on the 25th of March Instant, are ready for delivery by the respective Agents, of whom Proposals, containing the Rates and Con- ditions of Insurance, may be had gratis. Losses from Fire by Lightning made good. No charge made for Policies where the Premium amounts to 6s. nor to Persons removing from other Offices. By Order of the Directors, R. I. W1THERIDGE, Secretary. Birmingham, March 14, 1810. AGENTS. SHROPSHIRE. Shrewsbury, JOSEPH ENOCK. Whitchurch JOSEPH LEE. Wellington, THOMAS CRANAGE. Cleobury Mortimer JOHN EATON. Market Drayton, WILLIAM GRIFFITH, jun. Wem, ARTHUR BEETENSON. Newport, RICHARD LOWE. Ludlow, THOMAS GRIFFITHS. Penley, near Ellesmere, THOMAS EACH us. Oswestry, JOHN STANTON, EUesmere, ANDREWCROSS. IJales Owen, J" s. GRAINGER. Shiffnal, JOSIAH HARBIN O. STAFFORDSHIRE. ...... JOSEPH HENSHAW. PIKE NIX FIRE OFFICE. MENEWAL Receipts for Poli- cies falling due at LADY- DAY, are now in the Hands of the several Agents of the Company. Stock on a Farm may he Insured in one Sum without the Aver- age Clause at 2s. per Gent, per Annum. Persons Insuring for Three Hundred Pounds, or upwards, will not be charged for the Policy. By Order of the Directors, H. A HARDY, Sec. of Countrv Department. KOTECTFION 1810, PRACTICAL ARCHITECTURE. This day mas published, corrected , In February, Price 3s. 6d. sewed, TAYLOR'S BUILDER'S PRICE BOOK, new arranged, containing a Correct List of the Prices allowed by the most eminent Surveyors in London, to the several Artificers concerned in Building, with the Journey- men's Prices affixed to each Article. To which are added a Variety of important Memorandums and Tables, useful to every Person concerned in Building, Estimating, or Valuing, now first selected and composed for this Work. BY AN" EMINENT SURVEYOR. Printed for J. TAYLOR, at the Architectural Library, No. 59, High Holborn.— Sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury. Where may be bad, lately published, 1. NICHOLSON'S Carpenter and Joiner's Assistant, illus- trated with TO plates and copious Explanations, 18s. bound, 2. NICHOLSON'S Carpenter's New Guide, a complete Book of Lines for Carpentry and Joinery, ivith 7S plates, 15s. 1 3. Nictioi, SON'S Student's Instructor in drawing and work- ing the Five Orders, 33 plates, 6s. bound. 4. PAIN'S Practical House Carpenter, 148 plates, 18s. 5. TOD'S Plans, Elevations and Sections of Hot- Houses, Green- Houses, Conservatories, & c. on 27 plates, Folio coloured, 21. 12s. 6d. 6. LUGAR'S DesignsforFarm- Honses, Farm Yards, Dairies, Cottages, & c. 21 plates', Quarto, II. 5s. in Boards. CORN MILL. TO BE LET TO TUB HIGHEST RIMKOt, At Guildhall, tit the Town of . Ludlow, on Tuesday,_ the i T' Day of April next, at 11 o'clock in the Morning; WATER CORN GRIST MILL, called the CASTLE LOWER MILL, situate on the River Team, near the said Town, and now occupied bv Mr. Thomas Harding. The above Mill is at all Times abundantly supplied with Water, belotns'to the Corporation of Ludlow, and wilt be Set for a Term of 2T Years from Michaelmas next, at half Rack Rent, and half Pine ( which will lie eight Years' Purchase on half the reserved Rent), and under such other Conditions as shall be expressed at the Time of letting. Fur further Par- ticulars apply to Mr. " BAXTER," Ludlow.— ltith March, 1810. __ — rsno COVER this SEASON, at Ercull Park, in JL the Countv of Salop, at Two GUINEAS each Mare, J FEARNOUGHT. He is a Horse with gieat Bone, fine Shape, and calculated ' o get good Carriages, Riding, or Plough Horses ; a beautiful brown with black Legs; rising four Yeats old, and ftauds fifteen Hands three Inches high. ' Stafford, Penkridge Walsall, • Lichfield 7 am worth, Nexvcastle, Wolverhampton, .. .: Bilston, Burton- upon- Trent Lane End and Cheadle, ... Cannock, .. .. CHARLES COTTERIIL. Rt'dgley, .. WILLIAM ILAWKTNS. Burslem JOHN WARD. WALES. Aberystwith, DAVID GRIFFITHS. Newtown Mr. JONES, Druggist. Welshpool, JAMES ROBERTS. Wynn Hall, near Ruabon, ... JOHN KF- SRICK. .. GEORGE BENNETT, ... THOMAS PEARCE. ... THOMAS RUTTER. . WILLIAM WAIN. .. CHARLES CHESTER, .. THOMAS MASCAI.. ... STEPHEN BASSFORD. .. THOMAS WAITE. ... RICHARD NEWBOLC, A1 Some papers respecting the expedition to the Scheldt are before parliament, which shew that the Austrians expocted our Expedition in the Elbe ; and also demon- strate npon what slight grounds our Ministers expected that the armistice, of which they had information previous to the sailing of our troops, would end in a, renewal of hostilities. The bill now before Parliament, provides, that every person convicltd of embezzling public money shall suffer the punishment of transportation for seven years, and be rendered incapable of holding or enjoying any office under the Crown, The penalty for. furnishing false statements is fine and imprisonment, and. tile offender to be rendered incapable of holding, or enjoy- ing any office uBder the Crown. Similar pains and pe- nalties on Auditors, Comptrollers, & c. concealing frau- dulent charges or omissions, or " admitting fictitious or fraudulent vouchers. • The Law's Delay.— About eighty years ago, a banker in Ireland, named Burton, became a bankrupt. His affairs- were thrown into the hands of trustees, and for seventy- four years they have been involved in liti- gation. The last spring the subject was brought to a final issue in Chancery, and the descendants of the first trustees paid to the posterity of the original cre- ditors their dividends. As the whole producc of Mr. Burton's assets were thrown into the funds, it had accu- mulated so very considerably, that one hereditary le- gatee, for an original sum of £ 819received as his dividend upwards of £ 600CL Prevention and Cure of the ltol in Sheep.— Mr. W. Pilkington, a medical gentleman of Coventry, has pub- lished the following observations on this important subject:—" It is, I believe, an admitted fact, that the disease is produced from acidity in the food which the animal receives, and which arises from a stagnation of the fluids in the earth, and causes an ulcerous com- plaint on the liver, and, at the season, spasm and death. Let the farmer ( where draining is either by the nature of his tenure, or otherwise, impracticable) take up a small portion of his land in the furrows, and sow it with parsley seed j in this lie would find a considerable and valuable herbage, at a small expense, and a food of which the sheep are very fond. This food acts on the habit of the body medicinally, and carries off the acidity of the food which they take ( at the same time) and which causes the disease ; and has in many, if not in every instance, proved an effectual preventative where it has been attended to. If the complaint has taken effect, let the farmer take five grains of calomel, with two grains of opium, made into a pill, and give one to each sheep ; let them lie removed, while taking the pills, into a dry field, and fed with hay, or malt- coom. One dose is generally sufficient, but it may be repeated with safety, and an additional grain of calomel. This has been found to save its hundreds, if not its thousands, id Gipcestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, and Leicestershire." Bunting to Death.— The many shocking instances oi females having been burnt to death, renders the know- ledge of a discovery lately published by Sir Richard Phillips, in the Monthly Magazine, for their total pre ven ion, of the highest consequence. He deduces from the principle of the ascension of fire, that ladies ought to lie down as soon as ihey discover their clothes to bo on fire, that the progress of the flames will by thai means instantly be checked, and may be easily and deliberately extinguished without any fatal injury, as usual, to the head, face, bosom, and throat, lie proves his principle by the following experiment.: he took two slips ol printed, cotton, a yard long, and on light- ing ore of them at the lower end, and holding it per- pendicularly, it w as consumed to a cinder in the fifth of a minute, and ifie volume of flame was so great as to rise nearly two feet. He then lighted an exactly simi- lar piece of cotton, and laid it horizontally on a pair of tongs, so as to lie hollow, and in this situation it was five minutes burning, and the flames, al no one lime, ascended at. inch in height, and might have been ex- tinguished by the thumb and finger.— This plain and easy experiment ought to be repeated in the presence of the females of every family. This Dav is' published, in One Volume Octavo, Price Three Shillings and Sixpence sewed, the seventh Edition of ACOMPLETE GUIDE to LANDLORDS, TENANTS, and LODGERS, being a methodical Arrangement of the whole Law respecting the taking or letting of Lands, Houses, or Apartments j giving Warning or Notice to quit, ejecting ; seizing lor Rent; Repairs, & c. With Forms of Leases, Agreements, Assignments, Surrenders, Receipts for Rent, Notices, & c. Communicated in an easy and familiar Manner. Including ample Instructions for Landlords to conduct themselves legally and securely towards their Tenants; and to enable Tenants to guard against en- croaching Landlords. With clear and practical Directions for making a Distress for Bent, and all the new adjudged Cases and Acts of Parliament down to the present Time. By ROBERT SUTTON, Esq. Burristcr- at- Law. The Opinion of a { Gentleman of high professional Abilities, will preclude the Necessity of any further Eulogium. " The Guide to Landlords and Tenants, by Robert Sutton, " Esq. possesses a Decree of Merit far beyond the Generality " of Works of that Size, being a judicious and well- sefected " Arrangement of such Matters as usually occur on those " Points in ihe common Transactions of Life, and properly " attended to would frequently prevent Applications to the " Courts of Law, and be the Means of adjusting Differences " without Litigation or Animosity." London: Printed for J. STRATFORD, No. 112, Holborn Hill, London j and Sold by W. EDDOWES, Shrewsbury, and all other Booksellers. Where may be had, just published, in One Volume Octavo, Price 3s. 6d. sewed, THE LAW OF WILLS, CODICILS, and REVOCATIONS. With plain and familiar Instructions for Executors, Administrators, Devisees, and Legatees. In- cluding great Variety of Forms of Wills and Codicils, adapted to the Ci: cumstances of all Persons, as well as all the modern Decisions and Acts of Parliament on these Subjects. To which is added, a clear and distinct Account of the LAW'S DISPOSAL of the ESTATES of those who die Intestate or without a WILL. With ample Instructions for obtaining Probates of Wills, and Letters of Administration, The fourth Edition with Additions. Bv EARBLEV MITFORD, Esq. Conveyancer. TO BE LET, And entered upon immediately, LL ( hat DWELLING HOUSE, with a very capital SHOP, Yard, and Premises, situate in the most eligible Part of the MARKET, at MUCH WENLOCK, now in the Holding of Mr. Richard Beddoes, Glover and Breeches Maker, and Mr. Nicholas, Tinman and Brazier, for either or all of which Trades a very superior Situation is now offered, as there is no Person resident in Weulock in any of the above Businesses.— For Particulars apply to Messrs. COLLINS and HINTON, Solicitors, Wenlock. T, H 1£ UM ATI SMS, R HEUM AT1C GOUT, SCIATICA, LUMBAGO, PAINS of the BACK and KIDNIES, NUMBNESS, PALSY, & c. are speedily and effectually cured by that inestimably newly- discovered medi- cine, The Cumberland Bituminous Fluid. " SIR, July 28. " The following: remarkable cure having been effected by your Cumberland Bituminous Fluid, 1 think it a duty incumbent upon me to send you an account of it, as does Mr. Charles, who desires it may be published for the benefit of those who mav be affected in a similar manner. " Mr. Charles, grocer, of Wigton, a truly respectable man, had for eight years aiid upwards been afflicted with a severe Rheumatic Complaint, so that he conld neither stand upright nor dress or undress himself, and was totally disqualified to attend his business. Having applied to several medical gen- tlemen, and made use of almost every public medicine to no effect, he had given up all hopes of ever gaining relief, when a friend of his from Penrith, ( Mr. Harrison, tobacconist) strongly recommended to him a trial of your medicine; and from the use of three bottles, he was happily relieved from ibe above Complaint, and is now as able as ever he was to attend to his business. 1 am, Sir, vour most obedient servant, " R. HETUERTON." Discovered and prepared only by C. RAMSAY, Apothecary, Penrith, ( many years of Apothecaries Hall, London), and is put up in bottles, with full instructions, at 2s. 9ei. each. Sold wholesale by BARCLAY and SON., NO. 93, fleet- market, London J and retail by EDDOWES, Morris, Palin, and New ling, Shrewsbury ; Miller. Madeley Market- Place; Houlston, Wellington) Snrth, Iron- Bridge; Silvester, Newport; Maddccks, Kllesroere; Procter, Drayton ; Weaver, Montgomery ; Jones and Co. Evans and Roberts, Welshpool j Morrall, Price, and Kd wards, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle ; Griffiths, Ludlow ; Gjtton, and Partridge, Bridgnorth j Scarrbt, Shiflnal; Painter, Wrexham; Jonss, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llangernicw; Evans, NowVcwn ; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. A NEW COLLECTION OF VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. HIS Day is published, Price only Sixpence, Embellished with a superb Frontispiece, engraved in a highly finished Manner by Charles Warren, fiom an original Drawing, by Uwins, NUMBER I. The succeding Numbers to follow Weekly, of a New Work, entitled, THE WORLD; Or, The Present State of the Universe. Being a general and complete Collection of MODERN VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Selected, arranged, and digested, from the Narratives of the latest and most authentic Travellers and Navigators, BY CAVENDISH PF. LHAM, Esq. The Whole illustrated and embellished with appropriate Maps, Picturesque Scenes, Striking Representations of the Persons, Customs, Ceremonies, & c. of ihe respective Inhabit- ants, and whatever may tend to elucidate and decorate a Performance so interesting, essential, and universal; con- sisting of upwards of One Hundred and Thirty Engravings, By the first Artists; among whom are Charles Warren, Milton, I. andseer, Fittler, Watts, Ankersmith, Ambrose Warren, Hawkins, Taylor, Poole, Sparrow, Cook, &. C. & c. The Mapsaml Charts by the celebrated Mr. J. Russell. The Work shall be completed in One Hundred and Thirty Numbers, making Two handsome Volumes in Quaito. Indexes and a List of Subsciibers will he given. The almost infinite Variety of Publications from which we have gathered much of our Authorities, the original Pur- chase of which would amount to upwards of OXF HUNDRED GUINEAS, have all been recently ushered into Ihe W. oildj and the Reader need not be informed, that a Collection of Voyages and Travels is rendered the mere interesting and valuable when- its Sources are from modern Information. To render this Work as complete as possible, at the Close of the last Volume will he given a SCIENTIFIC EPITOME OF GEOGRAPHY OSt ITS PRESENT SCALE, enumerating the Mutations which have actually taken Place, in Consequence of the Successes of Honaparte, including a Description of the Present State of Europe; with the relative Costume of its lnhabtauts, and an Account of its recent Divisions and Sub- Divisions; from indisputable Authorities. A larger and very elegant Edition, Price one Shilling each Number, is printed on flue Royal Paper, hot- pressed, with Proof Impressions of the Engiavings, antl Vignette Title Pages to each Volume. The Maps, Charts, & e. of this Edition will be highly co- loured, forming the. most ELEGANT, BEASTliUL, and COMPLETE COLLECTION of VOYAGES AND TRAVELS Ever submitted to the Public. One Hundred and ' l'en Numbers being already published, may be had together or separate, or the first Volume, neatly done up in Boards, Price JEl. 14s. London: Published by J. Stratford, No. 112, Holborn- Hill, London ; Sold by VV. EDCOWBS, Shrewsbury ; arid by all Booksellers and Newscarriers iti the United Kingdom. NEW PLAN, WITH ADDITIONAL AND SUPERIOR ADVANTAGES. STATE LOTTERY, To be DRAWN the 8th of JUNE, 1810. HE CONTRACTOR begs leave to call the attention of the Public to the undermentioned Scheme, Containing, besides its Novelty, several grand Features and superior Benefits, which, it is conceived, will fully merit their approbation, and afford a Chance to Adventurers never given in any other Lottery. SCHEME. 4 ... of....£ 20,00D .... are....<£ 80,000 4 5,000 20,000 13 1,000 12,000 2( 1 500 10.000 20 100 2,000 44 50 2,200 36 2.5 900 4,860 15 72,900 And to the first- drawn Prize above „£ 15, ( not being one of the under- mentioned Numbers) will be given in addition to the above Money Prizes, if the said fortunate Number is of the Letter A, 100 Tickets comprised in No. 1,251 to 1,275 Letter 8, 100 Ditto comprised in 3,001 to 3,025 Tetter C, 100 Ditto comprised in 4,751 to 4,775 Letter D, 100 Ditto comprised in 2,501 to 2,525 With all the Prizes they may contain : upon this plan it is evident that one Ticket may gain i' 100,000. In withdrawing so many Tickets from the quantity usually on Sale, ( although for the Purpose of forming chem into Four such distinguished Prizes, possessing Chances hitherto un- known) the Contractor is not insensible to the Objections that may be started by those who could iwt procure Tickets at the close of the last Lottery,— he can only anticipate such Objections fey announcing that Tickets and Shares will be promptly distributed to every Lottery Office in the United Kingdom. r § 10 COVER THIS SEASON, at GARTH, A nenr WelsUpooj, PAV1LIO N. Thorough- bred Mares at FIVE GUINEAS, and a CROWN* the Groom : Half- bred Mares and others, at THRBB GUI- NEAS, and the Groom's Fee.— Winners of two Fifties, or Mares which hnve bred Wimiers to that Amount; - lso Mares covered by Pavilion last Year and proving Barren, Gratis, For Pavilion's Pedigree and Performances, \ idc Racing Calendar and Stud Book. STALLION.— 1810. JACK BULL, ( r. ATK GOiD TOt*), BEAUTIFUL BAY, with Black Legs, sixteen Hands high, perfectly Sound, ami free from Blemish, superior in Bone to anv Blood Horse in tbi. County, tho Property of T. BOTBVYLE, of CAI. COT, near Shrewsbury y mu CO l~ F. It this SEASON, AT TWO GUINEAS AND A HAJ. 1', ( Groom's Fee included.) Mares stinted to him last Year, proving Barren, at 1 Guinea and Half. He was bred by Earl Wilton, got by T. ord Grcisvenot's John Bull, out of Bucephalus's Dam, Brunette, by Amaran- thus; Dam Mayfly, by Match'em; Gratidam Dam by ( he Ancaster Stalling ; Look at me Lads, by Grasshopper, Sir M, Newton's Arabian, the Oldfield Mare, & c. Amaranthus was got by Old England, own Brother to Blank, Dam by Second, own Brother to Snip, tne Sire of Old Snap, Qrandam by Starling, Great Grandam a Sister to Vane Little Partner. — Match'em was got by Old Cade, Dam by Old Partner, Makeless, Place, Wliite Turk, DaJs- worth, Lay ton Barb Mare. He will be at Shawburv every Tuesday at twelve o'Clock ; go through Hodnet, and sleep at Ternhill that Night ; » ttewl Drayton the next Day; return through Hodnet anrl Shaw- bury on Thursday ; attend Shrewsbury on Saturday. Good Grass at 5s. per Week. TOLLS TO BE LET. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Toils arising and to he collected at the several Toll Gates erected upon the Turnpike Roads leading from Pool, in the County of Montgomery, to Oswestry, in the County of Salop, called the Buttington Cross Gate, the New bridge Uate, and the Llanvmyuech Gate ; and at the several Toll Gates erected upon the Turnpike Road leading from Pool aforesaid to Shrewsburv, in the said County of Salop, called the Buttington Cross Gate, the Leigbton Gate, and the - Rose and Crown Gate; and at the Toll Gate erected upon the Turnpike Road leading from Tregunnon by Trefnant, both in the said County of Montgomery, to the West End of the New Road adjoining Powis Castle Park, called the Trefnant Gate; WILL BE LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidder, in the Town Hall, in the Town of Pool aforesaid,' on WEDNESDAY, the FOURTH Day of APRIL next, precisely at the Hour of eleven in the Forenoon, pursuant to the Directions of the several Acts of Parliament made and passed relating to the said several Turnpike Roads, aud in the manner directed by an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 13th Year of the Reigu. of his present Majesty, " fir regulating the Turn- pike Roausi".. which ? aid Toils produced the last Year the several Sums after mentioned, above the' Expenses of collect- ing the same: Whoever nappens to be the best Bidder, ipust at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rents agreed for, and at such Times aud in such Proportions as the said Trustees shall appoint. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN, That the said Trustees will, at the Time and Place aforesaid, proceed to ELECT NEW TRUSTEES in the Room of such as are deceased or who have resigned; and that at the Hour of three in the Afternoon the said Meeting will be adjourned. D. i. NICHOLLS, Clerk to the said Trustees. New Bridge Gate and Llanymynech Gate .. ^ 240 Buttington Cross Gate9 aud Leightou Gate 400 Rose and Crown Gate 15 Trefnant Gate U) For Sprains, Bruises, Rhcurautisms, He. DR. STEEKS'S OPODELDOC. T is with Regret that the Proprietors of this Medicine, in Consequence of the increased Expense of the Articles of which it is composed, find themselves under the Necessity of adding Threepence, the Value of the Stamp, per Bottle, to the Price, in Order that they may be able to continue the Business with a fair Profit. They however pledge themselves to the Public, that when any material and permanent Reduction in those Articles shall take Effect, that they » ill lower the Charge accordingly. The superior Excellence of, and the great Demand for this OjJudeldoc, having produced a variety of Counterfeits, Pur- chasers aie requested to observe, that on the Outside of each Bottle of the genuine, is pasted a Stapip, in which the Worn? " K " Jfcff- teiry, No." 45", St. Paul's," are engraved. Sold only by F. Nsvasity aiid Sojis, at No. 45r St.. Paul's Church Yard, London ; or at their new Warehouse, No. 2' J, Dame- strcct, Dublin, in Bottles,- Price 2s. 9d, each, Duty included.— It is also. Sold by EDDOWFS, Shrewsbury ; and by their usual Country Venders. FOR Ve The astonishing Cures daily performed by Smalt's Ploughman's Drops, OR the Cure of the King's Evii, Scurvy, enereal Disease, Barrenness, Weakness, & c, have established their reputation in the highest degree, and have placed them far above the venemous tooth of calumny. During the last twelve months, only one remained out of two hundred and sixty patients iu the neighbourhood of Shrews- bury, but. was relieved from ilie jaws of death, aud perfectly cured, and the flesh of that one unfortunate person was putrtfied, his blood exhausted, aud his bones lotteu by the USE of MERCURY ; against which infernal antidote to the health of maukiud, the Ploughman's Drops act as a grand enemy, destroying at once the pernicious effects of all mer- curial preparations, never failing to drive the fievy viper from the body, and restoring it to health and vigour! — Females, in particular, will hnd a certain happy relief in the too many lnfiimities incident to the sex, and ought never to be without thcua as a valuable Household Medicine. These Drops are to be bad in square Bottles, with these Words moulded ou each " Mr. Smith's Plongnman's Drops," all others are spurious, at £\. 2s. the large, auu lis. the small, Duty included, at the Doctor's House, Upton Magna, near Sbiewsbury ; and may be had of EDDOWES, Shre wsbury ; Capsey, Wellington-; Yates, Ironbridge; Partridge, Bridg- north ; Silvester, Newport; Griffiths, Ludlow ; Baugh, Elle:,- nitre; Jones, Printer, Whitchurch; Procter, Drayton j Price, Oswestry; Painter, Wrexhaul ; WaUiaon, Welshpool; Nicholson, Slourport; Goic, Printer, aud Jones, Druggist Ilaymaiket, Liverpool. Death, unlo man, seems most conccaI'd, when near, And sends the dreadful tidings IS THE BLOW." Da. YOUNS. HERE cannot perhaps be a more forcible illus- tration of this solemn warning than is so commonly afforded by the awful effects of that mortal'malady, the Apo- plexy. Those who are subject to epileptic and convulsion tits, paralytic affections, and such as are of gross habits, gradually increasing by indulgence, are the most in danger of a deadly attack of apoplexy.— It behoves them therefore to adopt the safest method of prevention ; and for this pur- pose we should be happy to point out a specific if possible. All the remedies which have been prescribed by the faculty for Epilepsy, have failed iu numerous instances; and this unwelcome truth is candidly acknowledged by the editors of the Edinburgh Dispensatory. Bonaparte, it was confidently reported some time ago, was attacked bv a violent epileptic ftt, which endangered his life: " The paths of glory lead but to the grave I" Since that event some ingenious French physician has dis- covered a neuo way of curing epileptic fits, and this wonder- fully sagacious discovery is gravely reported in our London papers. It eousists frisum teneatis !) in causing the person attacked with this dreadful malady to spend bis nights and davs in a cow- house, and to inhale the breath of Cows t We think John Bull won't relish. tUis recipe, tho' for aught we know it may be as efficacious as the remedies prescribed by our own faculty.— Having noticed these prescriptions, and their failure, it is incumbent upon us to state, that a medical gentleman of the present day, now practising with uncommon success, has been prevailed upon to publish through this public medium, a Remedy called Dr. TAYLOR'S ANTI SI>/ » SMO » IC PILLS, which is the surest and- most effectual medicine in the cure of epileptic and convulsion fits, and for the prevention ol apoplexy ; and we hear from all ( juaj- tsrs instances of its extraordinary success. It is sold by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, and most venders of patent medicines. Price 4s. 6d. duty included. O COVER, at THE ROYALS, near Nant- wicli, Cheshire : DIAMOND, ( Sire of Brilliant, Noblessa, Violet, Master Diamond, Mary, Fairy Queeu, and other Winners in Ireland); At FIVE GUINEAS each Mare, and Half- a- Guinea the Groom. Good Accommodations for Mares and Foals, at Is. per * Week. All Demands to be paid before the Mares are taken away. At the same Place, GOLDEN HERCULES, At ONE GUINEA, and Half- a- Crown. -- SPR1NG puv. sia Dr. JOHNSON'S VEGETABLE ESSENCE is a safe, certain anif efficacious Remedy for ihe SCURVY, and fir the Cure and prevention of all the baneful fiain of dreadful maladies of which that disease ( so common to the inhabitants of this country) is the source, viz. Scrophula, Leprosy, Nervous aud- Bilious Head Ache, Indigestion, Hypochondriacal, Rheu- matism, Gout, Pimples and other Eruptions, and ' many ' dis- oiders peculiar to the female sex, which have their origin in too great acrimony of the blood and juices.— As a mild a - perient Syrup, which mart benefit the constitution, and can- not possibly injure it, it is recommended to the public-, and . especially to those who are in the habit of indulging in whit is termed free living. At this season of the year the most prevalent malady is tha Scurvy, and indeed no constitution is free from it. Those; who neglect taking spring . physic, of which this Vegetable Essence is the most salutary aud efficacious ever yet art - ministeied, will be liable, either late or early, to some one or more of tiie above horrid diseases, e> f which tlja Scurvy H the real source. Ladies wno are troubled with pimples, eruptions, or scurf upop the skin, instead of using dangerous cosmetics, which repel the humours into the frame, are recommended to the^ use of Dr. Johnson's Vegetable Essence, whose effects ate not only certain, but safe and peimaneut. This salubrious specific possesses the peculiar and impor- tant advantage of being composed of materials PURELY VEGE- TABLE, Sold wholesale only by BARCLAY and SON, 95, Fleet- market, and Retail, price 15s. a packet, with plain 8& easy directions for use, by EUDOWES, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury ; Miller, Madeley Market- place; lloulstons, Wellington; Smith, Irou Bridge ; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Evauson, Whit- church ; Baugh, Cross, Ellesmere ; Procter, Drayton; Weaver, Montgomery; Jqups and Co. Evans, Robeits, and Powell, Welsh Pool; Morrall, Price, and Edwards, Oswes- try ; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle;. Griffiths, Ludlow; Gittoii, and Partridge, Bridgnorth ; Scarrot, Shllfnal; Painter, Wrexham; Jones, Cniik; Morris, Ruabou ; Evans, Llair- gerniew ; Evans, Newtown; and by every Medicine Vender in the Kingdom. MACASSA. R OIL, FATRONIZllD by their Royal Highnesses the PRINCESS of WALES and DUKE of Sussax, is the tinest Invention ever known for encreasing the GROWTH OF HAIR, noiuisbingand preserving it; in short, its Properties are inestimable for improving, purifying, aud beautifying the Hair of Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children [ Vide Rowland's Essay on the Hair.\ This iuvaluab- le Oil, recommended on the Basis of Truth and Experience, is sold at 3s. 6d. or large Bottles at one Guinea each, by the Proprietors, Rowland and Son, Kirby- Street, Hatton Garden, London y and by W. EBDOWES, Shrewsbury; Watkius, Hereford; Jones, Gloccs- ter; Stevens, and Watkias, Cirencester; aud all Perfumers and Medicine Venders throughout the Kingdom. BANKRUP IS.— MARCH 17. C. Marshal, of Little Hermitage- street, s^ il- maker, March 2i> 31, April 23: at Guildhall, f. oud" u.— J. Davis, of Merth\ r Tydvil, Glamorganshire, druggist, March 22, 23, April 28, at the Crown Inn, Merthvr Tydvil.— J. Davison, or New Brentfmc!, linen- draper, March 24, 31, Ap- ll 2$, at Guildhall R. Heison, K. Higgins, and J. Ilet, of lsleworth, calico- printers, March 27, 31, April 28, at Gmldiiall.— J. Welchnuin, of CiewiiBrne, Somerset- shire, linen » dr. iper, April 2, 3, 28, at the Bush Tavern, Corn- street, Bristol.—\ V. Lifford, of ShadwelJ High- street/ rope- makee, March 20, April 14, 28, at Guildhall, London.— G. Edwards, of Wootton- Umler- etlge, Glocestershire, shoemaker, April 2, 3, 28,. at the Full Moon Inn,, Bristol.— G. Lye, and E, L. Lve, of Bath, common carriers, March 30, April 13, 28, at the York Hotel, Bath. — C. Marshall, of Vinegar- yard, Bermondsey- street, Southwark, worsted- manufacturer, March 24, 31, April 28, al Guildhall. P. Howell, of London- road, Soutliwark, haberdasher, March 24, 31, April 28, al Guildhall.— J. Aldridge, ol Bowling- street, West- minster, taylor, March 20, April 11, 21, tt Guildhall. — J. C. Jones, of New Tothili- street, Westminster, victualler, March 27, 31, April 28, at Guildhall.— T Heaver, of St. James's- inarkei, We, haunter, poulterer, March 24, April 10,28, at Guildhall.— D. Simmons, uC High- street, Southwark, builder, March 17, 31, April 28, at Guild- hall.— J. Bi- hop, jun. of ShadweH, victualler, March 24, 31, April 28, at Guildhall.— J. Pliinplon, W. Goddard, and J. Plimpton, of Wood- slreet, Chc- apside, warehousemen, March 27, 31, April 28, at Guildhall.— J. Barnes, of New Malton, Yorkshire, linen- draper, April 7, al Ihe Sun Inn, New Malton. MARCH 20. j— William Hole,. of Islington, Middlesex, apothe- cary, March 24, April 3, May 1, at Guildhall, London — Mo, e » Franco, of Spital- square, Middlesex, insurance- broker, March 24, April 7, May 1, at Guildhall.— James Tetstail, of Chaddeslcy Corbet, Worcester, tailor, April 9, 10, May 1, at the Guildhall Coh'ee- house, Worcester.— Thomas Fowler, of Tiverton, Devon, shopkeeper, March 31, April 30, May 1, at the Three Tans Inn, Tiverton.— Richard Hall, of Liverpool, grocer, April 10, 11, Miy 1, al the Globe Tavern, Liverpool.— William Charles Cox, late of Nether Knulsford, Chester, innkeeper, April 11, 12, May 1, at the George Inn, Nether Knulsford.— Joseph Cowgdl, Henry Sandlord, and John liarlow, of Manchester, calico printers, April 4, 5, May I, at the Star Inn, Manchester. j {£ 3* Printed and puqiisUed by WU. LIAM EDDOWES, C'oru- Markety SHREWSBURY, where Advertisements and Artrclei of Intelligence ( Post- paid) are received. Also, by YV. Tayler and T. Newton, Printers' Agents, No. 5, Warwick- Square, Newgate- Street j at GaErawaj's, the Chapter, Peele's, aud Salopian Coffee- Houses, Londun j by all the Printers ot the Provincial Papers, and the BooJuelU- rs in the Neighbouring Towns. A
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