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The Salopian Journal


Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 837
No Pages: 4
The Salopian Journal page 1
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The Salopian Journal
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The Salopian Journal

Shropshire Newspaper - With News from Herefordshire and Wales
Date of Article: 07/02/1810
Printer / Publisher: William Eddowes 
Address: Corn-Market, Shrewsbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 837
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Coaching Advertisement 1810

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PRINTED BY WILLIAM EDDOWES, Vol. 17.] N°- 837. Wednesday* CORN- MARKET, SHREWSBURY. February 7, 1810. Price Sixpence Halfpenny. This Paper is circulated in the most expeditious Manner through the mljoiningfbuntiesaf ENGLAND and WALES. — Advertisements, not exceeding, ten Lines, inserted at Five Shillings and Sixpence each. To Journeymen Whitesmiths. WANTED, two good Workmen in the above Line; steady Men will meet with constant Employ- ment and good Wages, by applying to W. BARNES, Furnish- ing Whitesmith, Bell- hanger, & c. Wyle- Cop, Shrewsbury. Wanted also, two APPRENTICES. - • RN oavMa initfit! rt! ifl! to « i> M!.< iiin> mjijimitimfit Established in March, 1797. TRUSTEES. The Right Hon. EARL CRAVEN, Sir JOSEPH SCOTT, Bart. JOHN HENRY LOFT, Esq. M. P. STARLING DAY, jun. Esq. and Aid. 4cc. & c. & c. REDUCED FARES— TEVFEIIY DA*. Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury. rpHE Proprietors of the ROYAL GEORGE A COACH return tin ir sincere Thanks to the Inhabitants of Shrewsbury, and the Public in general, for tbe veiy great Encouragement the said Coach has experienced since its Commencement; and inform them, in future it will leave the Talbot Inn, EVERY MORNING at 4 o'Clock ( Mondays excepted), by Way of Ovford, to the White Horse . Cellar, Piccadilly, Golden Cross, Charing Cross, and George ami Blue Boar Inn, Holborn, London, where it arrives the NEXT MORNINGS at 9 o'Clock punctually. Inside Fare, only .'. £ l 16 0. Outside ditto, .," ,£ 1 0 0. Performed by the Public's humble Servants, W LEIGHTON, C. IBBERSON, G. BbULTON, and Co. N. B. The PRINCE of WALES Post Coach every Morning as usual, at 9 o'Clock, carrying FOUR INSIDES only, to the SALES BY AUCTION. Secretary, Mr. THOMAS BIGNOLD. IN this Office, all the Premium is returned Lo the Insured, except trhat is wanted lo defray the l. osses. The 1 '' B'" e B" ar' Holborn number of person" combined amounts to near 17,000, and the property insured to many millions. The I made to each member at the expiration of seven year- from • he commencement of his insurance, and the deposits have been found so much more than sufficient to meet the expen- dittiie, that dividends of £ b0 percent, and upwards have been made ( o a very considerable proportion of tbe insurers, the names of a few of whom are inserted below. ~ Received lack. £ 9 10 IS 4, 26 5 32 12 8 18 40 8 Faid in. Mr. J. Satchell, Wellingbro' £ l9 0 Mr. W. Blow, Whittlesford 27 19 Messrs. Ashton & Upsher, of St. Ives 62 10 Mr. Angus, Newcastle ... 105 0 Mr. J. Hill, Peterboro' 17 17 MESSRS. Burnett and Co. Ancliff 80 17 ALL poliCIES GRATIS. Agent for Shrewsbury, Mr. JOHN BIRCH, Castle- Street. Ellesmere, Wem, and Whitchurch, Mr. P. Walford, of Ellesmere, Solicitor. Broseley, W. HARTSHORN. BRidgnorth, D. MACMICHAEL. Cleobury Mortimer, J. WOODWARD. Ludlow, W. FELTON. Market Drayton. W. FURBER. Madeley and Shiffnal, E. HARPER, of Madeley. Newport, H. P SILVESTER. Oswestry, Johs HURI. ESTON. Wellington, S. WALMSLEY. FARMING STOCK Insured at tbe reduced rate of 2s. per ceut. without any average clause. 1 his day is published, The Returns are A new Edition, in Drmy Octavo, with twenty- nine coloured Plates, from BUNBURY and ROWLA^ BSOS, price 12S boards, THE ACADEMY for GROWN HORSEMEN, JL containing the complctest Instructions for Walking, Trottine, Cantering Galloping, Stumbling, and Tumbling. The ANNALS of HORSEMANSHIP; containing Account) of Accidental Experiments and Experimental Accidents, both Successful and Unsuccessful; communicated by various Cor- respondents to the Author, GEOFFERY GAMBADO, Esq. Riding Master, Master of the Horse, and Giand Equerry to the Doge of Venice. UNION OFFICE, For the Insurance of Lines, grunting Annuities, and Endowment of Children. TRUSTEES. The Most Noble the MARQUIS TOWNSHEND, Wic Right Hon. EARL CRAVEN, SJR JOSEPH SCOTT, B^ rt. SIR ROBERT BURNETT, Knt. JOHN PATTESON, Esq. M. P. and Aid. JOHN HENRY LOFT, Esq. M. P. tee. & c. Secretary, Mr THOMAS BIGNOLD, Actuaiy, Mr. RICHARD MORGAN. r|^ HE Advantages of Life Insurance are too nu- JL Biennis to be compressed within the limits of a few . sentences; but the great utility of it will be in some degree . illustrated by a single example. A person 28 years of age may, by an annual payment of .£ 2. 6". 8d. insure £ 100; payable to his executors at his / decease ; or for =£ 23. 6s 8d. he mayinsuie ,£ 1000, and ihu » , at a moderate yearly expense, secure his family from distress. THE BATES OP THIS OFPICB ARE NEARLY 10 PER CENT. LOWER THAK THOSE OF OTHERS. The surplus capital, ofter satisfying the claims of the in- sured, is returned to them at stated periods, by additions to tbe turns- to which their policies entitled them. IVo charges made for entrance money, for non- appearance at the chief office, for policies, or for neglect of paying the annual premium in due time, ( except the mere interest lost by the delay.) The office makes a liberal allowance for the policies, if the insnri d cannot continue to pay the premium. Tbe agents for the Union Fire- Olliuc are also agents for the Union Life- Otlice.— ( one Concern.) Printed for Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe, 31, Poultry; Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme ; J. Walker; and J. Harris. Sold by W. EPDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury. This day is published, A new Edition, in two Vols. 8vo. with an elegant Head of the Author, and other Plates, price 14s. Boards; THE REMAINS of HENRY KIRKE WHITE, of NOTTINGHAM, late of St. John's College. Cambridge; with an ACCOUNT of his LIFE, by ROBERT SOUTHEY. Printed for Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe; Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, London; J. Deighton, T. Barrett, andj. Nicholson, Cambridge. Sold by W. Eddowes, Printer, Shrewsbury. BY T. DAVIS, At the Swan ! nn, near to the Town of Tenbury, in the County of Worcester, on Monday, tbe 19th Day of February, 1.110, nt 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, THE several FREEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES. with the Buildings and Offices thereto belonging, artd TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY ACRES, or thereabout*, of FREEHOLD LAND, Tvthe- Free, situate and being on the Clee- Hill, in the Parish of Cainham, adjoin- ing or near the Turnpike- Road leading from Ludlow to Cleobury- Mortimer, in the County of Salop, in the following Lots: LOT I. Containing One Hundred and Fifty- three Acres, or thereabouts, of Freehold Land, held bv Mr. John ttite of Cainham, under a Lease granted to him thereof for a Term of ninetv- nine Years ; if the said John Bate, now aged forty- One Year.-, and John ' I'mlev, aged about sixteen Years, or eithrrof them, shall so long live, at the Yearly Rent of Tuentv- sevei. Pounds, Fiv « Shillings, and Sixpence. LOT II. The Scite of a House, and Seventeen Acres ot upwards of Freehold Land, noiv held by the said John Bate, as a yearly Tenant. LOT til. A Tenement, Garden, and four Closes of Land, containing twelve Acres and nine Perches, now iu the holding of Thomas Tonks, a yearly Tenant. LOT IV. Two Tenements, under one Roof, with the Gar. dens, and several Pieces pf Land, containing fifteen Acres, one Rood, and twenty Perches, now held by Mary Gittons, for ninety- nine Years ; if or either of them, shall so long live, at tl^ e yearly Rent of Four Pounds, thirteen Shillings, and Fourpence. LOT V. Two Tenements, with the Gardens, and several Pieces of Land, containing six Acres, thiee Roods, and twenty Perches, now held by John Gittons, for a Term of ninety- nine Years j if the said John Gittons, aged thirty Years, and or either of them, shall so long live; at the yearly Reiit of Two Pounds, six Shillings, and Eightpence. LOT VI. Three Tenements, or Dwelling. Houses, with the Gardens and several Pieces of Land thereto belonging, con- taining together seven Acres and twenty- one Perches, how held by Francis Hartland, as a yearly Tenant, LOT VII. A Tenement Barn, Stable, Garden, and several Pieces nt' Land containing twenty- five Acres and ten Perches, now in the holding of Charles Hammond, as Tenant thereof^ at the yearly Rent of seven Pounds ten Shillings, under i Lease for ninety nine Years ; if the said Charles Hammond, Martha bis Wife, and Levi Hammond, or either of them, shall so long live. For further Particulars apply to Messrs. CLARKE and PARDOE, Solicitors, Bewdley. MONTGOMERYSHIRE. To be Sold, or Let, Inj private Contract, ACAPITAL FARM, called CWMLLECOE- niOG, comprising 000 ACRES, 3 ROODS, and 28 PERCHES, of Arable,. Meadow, and Pasture Land ; situate in the Parish of MALLWYD, in the County of Montgomery, iu the Holding of Mr. Rowland Jones, as Tenant trora Year to Year, of which he now hah liad Notice to Quit. This Farm admits of great loiprpvement, is well calculatcd for Mauling, and tfiay be irrigated to much Advantage. CWMLLECOEDIOG is noted fofr rearing Young Cattle, and its Sheep, of which it may contain. from 800 to 1000 ; and is distant finui Dulgelley 12 Miles, Machynlleth 10, and Dinas Mowddu 3. For a View of the Premises aoply to the Clerk of tbe Pai isli at Mallwyd ; and for further Information to the REV. ROBERT MORGAN, Rectory, Cerrig- y- druidion, Denbighshire, North Wales, where a Map of the Estate may be sceh, , The Lands to be entered upon the 2nd Day of next February, and the Houses the 12th of May, 1810. Rectory, Cerrig. y- Druidion, Jan. 26, 1810. OAK TIMBER. STEREOTYPE EDITION. This Day is published, Elegantly printed in two Vols Post 18mo. with Head of the Author, price 8s hoards, THE FARMER'S BOY, RURAL TALES, and WILD FLOWERS. By ROBERT BLOOMFIELD. Printed fur Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe, 31, Poultry; and Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, Paternoster- Row. The same Works may be had separate, viz, FARMER'S BOY, f. c. boards, 4s, The RURAL TALES, f. c. boards, 4s. The WILD FLOWERS, f. e. boards, 4s. fid. STEREOTYPE EDITIONS FOR SCHOOLS. Sold Wholesale and Retail, by Vernor, Hood, and Sharpe, London: Sold by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury. JONES'S PRONOUNCING and EXPLAN- ATORY DICTIONARY; or Sheridan and Walker Im- proved. A new Edition, greatly enlarged, 3s 6d. bd. Entick's Spelling Dictionary, best Edition, 2s. 6d. bound. Voltaire's History ol Charles the Twelfth, in Frencb, 12oio. ^ s. bound. Young's Latin and English Dictionary, greatly improved by Dr. Dakins, 8vo. 13s. bound. The Greek Testament, 12mo. 5s, 6d. bound. The French Testament, 12mo. 4s. bound. Goldsmith's History of England, Abridged, with Heads, 3s. 6d. bound. ————— Roman History, Abridged, 3 « . 6d. bonrd. •• — History of Greece, Abridged, 3s. 6d. bound. Fenning's Universal Spelling Book, Is. 3d. bound. Dilivcrth's Spelling Book, Is. 3d. bound. Si lion's Abridgment of the Old and New Testament, 8s. 6d. bound. Ditto, with Twenty- four Plates, 3s. bound. Bloomfield's Poems complete, viz. Farmer's Boy, Rural Talcs, and Wild Flowers, 2 Vols. Post, 18ino, with an elegant Mead of the Author, 8s. boards. Watts's Psalms and Hymns, smallest Size, 4s. bound and gilt, 5s, 6d. Moiocco, The Adventure> of Robinson Crusoe, 2 Vols. 12mo. Plates, tbe complete V\ oik, 5s. boards. The Vicar of Wakefield, Wnto Plates, 4s. 6d. boards. The Death of Abel, 12mo. Plates, 4s. 6d. boards. til tint's Seu'imeutal Journey, 12 Plates, 18mo. 3s. bds, Thomson's Seasons, Hymns, and Odes, with Dr. Aikin's Criticisms, Foolscap 8vo. Plates, is. 6d.— Ditto, Post 8vo. fine Plates, 10s. 6d. Economy of Human Life, 32mo. sewed, 9d. Gregory's Legacy to bis Daughters, 32mo. sewed, 9d. Shakespeare's Plays, Foolscap 8vo. from a beautiful Typo, « ith elegant Wood Cuts, 12 Vols. 31. N. B. All the above Editions have been Stereotyped from tlrgaot new ' I'sf. To be Sold to the highest Bidder, At the George, in Knutsfoid, in the County of Chester, be- tween the Hours of lour and six o'Clock in tbe Afternoon of Thursday, the 15 h Day of February, 1810, subject to Conditions then to be produced : OAK TREES, and 125 CYPHERS, marked with a Scribe, and growing upon a Farm in OVER PEOVER, near Knutsford aforesaid, in the Holding of Joseph Chatham. Mr. WINSTANLEY, of Knutsford, Auctioneer, will diiect a Person tn shew the Trees; and further Particulars may be had from Mr. LEE, at Redbrook, near Whitchurch, Salop. 180 SALES BY AUCTION. 1 Q OAK TREES, blazed and numbered witl 1 AJ Seribe 1 to 19, standmpon ROY TON FARM, in I Shropshire-— Capital Timber. At the Craven Arms Inn. in tbe Parish of Newton, in the County of Salop, on Friday, tbe 9th Day of February, 1810, between the Hours of four and six ir. the Afternoon, subject to Conditions: • mmJW— I itli a tine Parish of Stoke, tn the Occupation of Mr. Onion. LOT II. 61 ASH TREES. blaz » d and numbered in like Manner 1 to 61, standing ori Royton Farm aforesaid. LOT III. 46 POPLAR TREES, blazed aud numbered with a Scribe 1 to 46, and 27 ELM TREES, numbered in like Manner 1 to 27, standing on Rnyton Farm aforesaid. The above Lots are situate near the Turnpike Road from Ludlow inwards Bishop's Castle. The Oak Trees are large, as are some of the Elm and A^ h Trees; the Poplar Trees are of very targe Dimensions, appear perfectly sound ; and the Whole will be found deserving the Attention of Persons in Want of such Timber. Mr. Onion will appoint a Person to shew the Lots ; and further Particulars may be had of JOHN JAMES, Esq Syifaen, near Welsh Pool, Montgomeryshire ; or of Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Pool aforesaid. LONDON. Shropshire— Capital Timber. BY S. TUDOR, At the Talbot Inn, Shrewsbury, on Wednesday, 14th February, 1810, at. Three o'Cloek in tbe Afternoon : WEDNESDAY, JANTJARY 31. Dutch Papers to the 27th utt. have come to hand. — Bonaparte had not left Paris for Spain on the 25d ; but Berthier had arrived at Bayonne; in his way to Spain, as Chief < jf the Staff, or Field Minister of the War Department. ' , Preparations were making, on the largest scale, for the final subjugation of Spain. An article from llav- onne of the 12tl » ult. states, that on an average from 12 to 15,000 men arrived there every day, on their ma cli to the Peninsula. The articles from Amsterdam clearly prove that some great change is intended to be made ui Holland but the nature of it is not yet explained. The Treaty cf Vienna has been executed by the French, and tile last body of French troops has arrived at Passau. But Germany is ' till to be burthened with llic maintenance of a French army of near 100,000 men. — These are obviously for the purpose of overawing the Emperor of Austria, and to keep the tributary States of Germany in subjection. In the Tyrol tran- quillity is stated to be completely restored. The exiled King of Sweden, after a residence of five days at Hamburgh, left that city witb liis family, on the 18th, on his way to Switzerland. It is said that a vessel from New York has arrived off the Isle of Wight, which has brought letters, statiu"- 1 1 O/^ OAKTIMRFR TREES SCOTCH Bill to have been lost on a motion for a 5,45 reading, and that Congress bad adjourned frotri 1 tte^ dofDccembcr to ll. eV of jX. We aic LINI. F. Y, near Bishop's- Castle, in the County of Salop, in the following Lots, or such as shall be agreed on at the Time of Sale still rather doubtful of the truth of this'statement though we continue to hope and believe that matters OAK TIMBER. LOT I. — 200 II. — 250 III. — 354 IV. — 332 Worcestershire. FIR TIM0BR. LOT I. — 134 It. — 120 III. — 137 IV. — 60 BEECHTIMBER ! Jg^ a ljU3lCd ^^^ ^ ^ thd LOT I. 1L III, IV, 85 62 76 52 BY MR. GEORGE WINTON, At tbe Oak Inn, in Tenbury, on Tuesday, the 20tn Day of February next, between the Hours of three and five o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions of Sale : AVERY desirable and compact COPYHOLD ESTATE, called DEEP CROFT, situate in the Parish of Lindridge, ill the County of Worcester; comprising a very good Farm House, with all necessary and convenient Out- buildings, iu excellent. Repair, and about SIXTY TWO ACRES of very valuable and improveable Arable, Meadow, Pasture Land, and Orcharding. Great part of the Meadow and Pasture is capable of being irrigated at Pleasure. This E> tate is holden of the Manor of Lindridge, under a small Fine certain of one Year'? Copyhold reserved Rent, amounting only to £! 13s. 8d. on Admittance, and situate within about 2 Miles of Tenbury, and close to tbe Turupike Road leading from thence to Worcester.—- Th" Timber npon it is to be taken to by tbe Purchaser at a Valuation, which will he declared at tbe Time of Sale. The Premises, of which Possession may he bail at Lady Day next, may be viewed on applying at the Farm House ; and further Particulars maj be had of Messrs. LLOYDS, So- licitor, Ludlow. nth January, 1810. Shropshire. Capital Oak Timber. To be Sold to the highest Bidder, At the Py'd Bull, in Chester, between the Hours of three and five o'Clock in the Afternoon of Tuesday, the 27th Lav uf February, 1810, in the following Lots, subject lo Con- ditions then to lie produced : LOT I. OAK TREES, 14 CYPHERS, and 10 ASH TREES, growing iqwo a Farm at TRE- VALLYN. in the Parish of Gresford, in the County of Denbigh, in the Holding ot Mr. Peter Reece. LOT II. 100 OAK TREES, and 8 CYPHERS, growing upou a Farm at Trevallyn aluresaid, in the Holding of Mr. Rowe Smith. LOT 111. 82 OAK TREES, grlwing in a Coppice npon a Farm near Gresford aforesaid, in the Holding of Robert Bellis, jun. LOT IV. 58 OAK TREES, 1 SYCAMORE, and I ASH TREES, growing upon a Farm at ISCOED, near Holt, in tbe said County of Denbigh, in the Holding of Mr. Gardner. Tbe Tenants will shew the Trees, which are alt scribe- marked ; and further Particulars may be had tiom Mr. LEE, at Redbrook, near Whitchurch, Salop. On Wednesday, the 21st Day of February next, at the Buffalo's Head, in Clun, between the Hours of three and five o'clock in tbe Afternoon, subject to Conditions of Sate, ( unless ditjinsed of in the mean Time by Private Contiact, ot which Notice witl be given) s SEVERAL PARCELS of very improveableArable, j Meadow, and Pasture LANDS, containing together about 24 Acres, more or less, with i very valuable aud extensive Right of Common on the adjoining Hills, situate nt SPODE, in the Parish of Clun, in the County of Salop, in the Hold- ing of Mr. Edward Bryan, as Undertenant to Mr. Francis Williams, who is Lessee for Life of the Premises, and aged about 65 Years. Mr. Williams, on Application to him at Redgate, near Spode, will shew the Premises ; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. TENCE, Bromfield, ur Messrs. LLOYD and LLOYD, Solicitors, Ludlow. 20/ 4 January, 1810. Capital Timber. BY MR. THOMAS PRYCE, It wai stated it! our last, that somo correspondence had been passing between the Chancellor of the Exche- quer and Lord Grenville, and the nature of the rumours TheOak Timber is numbered with white Paint, standing « » « ! in consequent; been circulated It is actually in a Wood called the Hernery ;_ is o' the best Quality and true, that a correspondence has passed between Item, large Dimensions, well adapted for superior Purpose, of the : The subject of which was, the dithculty which, it was feared, might be felt in the transactions ol the Exche- quer, from" the absence of the Hon. Mr. Eden, a Teller ; that office having been granted hint in reversion above twenty years since, in testimony of his Majesty's con- sideration of the service reddercd by his lather, Lord Auckland, in concluding the celebrated Treaty of Com- merce with France; and the reversion haying recently fallen in. Though live business of the teller is, like that of Auditors, done bv Deputy, yet it is necessary, in point of form, that the Deputy should have the authority of his Principal; and our readers will i ecoliect, that a deficiency in a point of form of this kind, in the instaiipc of Lord Grenville himself is the cause v+ hy Astlett could not be ciecuted, and why it became nccessary to pass a special act to legalize and render valid. the Exchequer ilills is< tied under the informality alluded to.. To guard against a similar informality, anil the consequences that would result front it in the pie- sent instance, was the object of the correspondence between Lord Grenville and the Chancellor ol the Ex- chequer. Yesterday a messenger came ( o town from Windsor, with a letter for Sir Henry Ilaiford ( iate Or. Vaughau), requiring his attendance lit Windsor, upon the Princess Amelia, with all possible speed. Report states, that since the appearance of Lord Grenville's letter to Lord Fingal, a letter has been ad- dressed to the King by his Royal Highness tlie Prince of Wales, which is supposed to relate to the present state of the country. Thanks of the City to Colonel Wardle,— Colonel Wardle attended at Guild tall yesterday, to receive the Thanks and the Freedom of the City, in a gold box of the value of 100 guineas, voted hiin by the Corpo- ration. He was introduced to the Chamberlain by Mr, Alderman Goodbehere and Mr. Waithman; the mover and seconder of the motion, attended by several of the Livery; After administering the oath, Mr. Chamberlain addressed him in the following words: " GWYLUM LLOYD WARDLE, Esq.— I give you joy, and in the name of the Right Hon. ihe Loid Mayor, Aldermen, and Commoners of ihe City of London, in Common Council as • seinhled. and agreeable to their unanimous Resolution, admit you to the Freedom of the Metropolis of tlie British Empire. " The Court has likewise unanimously resolved, that ypu • having, unawed by Ministerial threats, exhibited serious charges against the late Commander in Chief, which have been clearlv substantiated, atid which have, in fact, induced his Royal Highness to resign a situation, of which, in the opinion of the Coiirt, he is unworthy,' are entitled to ( ire esteem and gratitude of this Court aud the Country, " I am, therefore. Sir, to return you the Thanks of the Court, together wi h a Memorial ot your admission to the Freedom of this City, iu a gold box of tbe value of one hundred guineas, € in grateful testimony of the high sense they entertain of the zeal, intrepidity, and patriotism, which ore so eminently evinced in mat tlrduous and laudable the Lower Cuckow Oak Field, situate and lying near to Crip- . _ _ . . . - - " The Court having so fill!) expressed their sense of the importance of the late Investigation, and of your meritorious Navy, & e. where long and larire Timber is required.— The Pir Timber is numbered with while Paint, is large, and of the best Quality ; as also the Beech, which is numbered with red Paint. LINLEY is 16 Miles from Shrewsbury, and 11 Miles from Garthmil, on the Montgomeryshire Canal. Mr. PEFLOW, at LinleyHall, will shew the Timber ; and for further Particulars enquire of Mr. BLOCKLEY, Broadstone; Mr. JOHN LEE, Shrews- bury; or of Messrs. PEMBERTON and Coupland, Shrewsbury. Freehold Houses and Land, AT MADELEY, IN THE COUNTY OF SALOP. BY FRANCIS HALLEY, At the Bell Inn, Shiffnal. on the 26 b Day of February, 1810, between the Hours of two and six o'Clock in tbe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there pro- duced : THE undermentioned desirable FREEHOLD HOUSES and LANDS, situate at MADELEY, in the County of Salop, in the following I^ its; LOT I. All that Messnage or Tenement, witb the Garden and Appurtenances thereto belong nc. situate in Uphill Lane, in Wadeley aforesaid, in tbe Occupation of Thomas Barker. I. oT It. All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Garden and Appurtenances, adjoining to Lot the 1st, in the Occu- pation of John Linell. LOT III. All that Meisnage or Tenement, with tbe Garden and Appurtenances, adjoining lo Lot the 2d, in the Occupa- tion of Basil Wellings. LOT IV. All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Garden and Appurtenances, adjoining to Lot the 3J, in the Occupa- tion of Audley Bowdler. LOT V. Ail that new- erected Messuage or Tenement, with two Cottages near adjoining, and the Outbuildings, Gardens, 3nd Appurtenances to tbe same belonging, situate iu the Lower Town of Madeley aforesaid, in tbe Occupation of Wm. Rochell, or his Undertenants. LOT VI. All that nrw erected Messuage cr Tenement, with the Outbuildings. Garden, and Appurtenances, situate in the Lower Town of Madeley aforesaid, in the Occupation of Edward Taylor. LOT VII. All that other new- rrectcd Me'snage or Tene- ment, with the Outbuildings, Garden, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, adjoining tbe last described Lit No. 6, iu the Occupa'ion of William Skitt. LOT VIII. All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Gar- den and Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate in the said Lower Town of Madeley, in the Occupation of Wm Rudd. LOT IX. All that Messuage or Tenement, with the Garden and Appurtenances thereto belonging, adjoining Lot 8, in the Occupa- ion of William Lawrence. LOTX. All thovc four Messuages, Dwelling Houses, or Tenements, with the Barns, Stables, Cowsheds, Outbuildings, Gardens, Yards, and Appurtenances thereto belonging, situ- ate and being near the Church, in tbe High Town of Madeley afofesaid, now or late in the several Occupations of the Rev. Mr. Walters, William Bentley, Timothy Rudd, Mary Motram, and George Crocket Nicholls. LIT XI. All that Close or Piecc of Meadow Laud, called | the Lower Cuckow Oak Field, situate and tying near to Crif At the Cross Foxes Inn, in the Town of Llanfair, in the t pte's Bridge, containing 2A. 2R. OP. or thereabouts, in the County of Montgomery, on Thursday, the 22d February J Occupation of the said George Crocket Nicholls. next, subject to such Conditions as snail be then produced : • LOT XII. All that other Close or Piece of LAND, called the OAK TIMBER TREES, now growing on RHIEWHIRIETH FARM, near the Town of Llanfair, and the Turnpike Road ; only 7 Miles from Pool, and a remarkable good Road. The Timber may be viewed, by applying to the Auctioneer, Mr. THOMAS PRYCE, of Llanfair. January 10, 1810. FOR THE SEASON, 1810. SAXE COBOURG WILL Cover on the same Terms as last Year. He is the most powerful thorough bred Horse in England, and his Stock, for Bone, Action, Symmetry and Constitution, cannot be excelled. Keep for each Mare seven Shillings per Week, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY W. LLOYD, At Netley, near Shrewsbury, on Tuesday, the I3th of February, 1810; Several thoroughbred COLTS and FILLIES; also several well bred COWS, HEIFERS, CALVES and SHEEP, with a few IMPLEMENTS for Husbandry Purposes, & c. This Stock deserves particular Attention, and printed Par- ticulars may be had at the George Inn, in Shrewsbury ; M r John Wanlson, Printer, Welsh Pool; Mr. Edwards, Book- seller, Oswestiy; the Royal Oak, Ellesmcre; Crown Inn, Nantwich ; Mr. Houlston, Printer, Wellington ; Mr. Silvester, Newport; Mr. Scarrott, Printer, Shitfnal; Mr. Partridge, Pr. nter, Bridgnorth; Mr. Smith, Printer, Iron Bridge; Mr. Griffiths, Bookseller, Ludlow, and Mr. Jones, Printer, Whitchurch. { One Concern.) Shropshire— Capital Oak Timber. At the Castle Inn, in Bishop's Castle, on Friday, the 23d of February next, between tbe Hours of four and six in tbe Afternoon, subject to Conditions : LOT I. OA0 OAK TIMBER TREES; blazed and tJUU numbered with a Scribe No. 1 to 300, standing in Hopton Park, iu the Parish of Hopton Castle, in the County of Salop. LOTU. 300 OAK TIMBER TREES, blazed and num- bered in like Manner No. 1 to 300, standing in other Part of Hopton Park aforesaid. LOT III. 116 0AKT1MBERTRF. ES, blared and num- bered in like Manner No. 1 to 116, standing in the Ley- Wood, in the said Parish of Hopton Castle, in the Occupation of Mr. Edwards. LOT IV. 73 OAK TIMBER TREES, blazed and num- bered in like Manner No. 1 lo 73, standing on Little Hagley Farm, in the said Parish of Hopton Castle, in the Occupa- tion of John Merrick. Many of the above Trees are of very considerable Dimen- sions, calculated for the most superior Purp > ses of the Navy, such as Rother Pieces, Stemposts, Upi> er Pieces for Stem, Keelsons, & c. &. C. and the Remainder for Frame Timber, and Plank, or any other Purposes for which large Timber is required. John Denton, at Heath House, will shew tbe Trees; and further Particulars may be had of Messrs TOI. DERVY and JONES, Bishop's Castle ; or of Mr. GOULD, Golfa, near Welsh Pool. 24/ A January, 1810. Upper Cuckow Oak Field, adjoining Lot It, Containing 3A. 2R. OP. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of the said George Nicholls LOT xiti. All tfat other Close or Piece of Land, called the Barn Yard, adj ining the Shropshire Canat, containing 2A. 3R. OP. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of the said George Nicholls. LOT XIV. All that other Close or Piece of Land, called the Upper Brooke Lcasow, adjoining Lit 13, containing 1 A. 2R. 20P. OT thereabouts, in the Occupation of the said George Nicholls. LOT XV. All that other Close or Piccc of Land, adjoining the last described Lot, called tbe Lower Brooke Leasou', containing 1 A. 3R. 5P. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of James Harris. LOT XVI. All that other Close or Piece of Land, called the Little Burnt Hall, situate in Upper Madeley, adjoining Land belonging to Mr. Purton, containing 3A. OR. OP, or theie- abouts, in the Occupation of the said George Nicholls. LOT XVII. All that other Close or Piece of LAND, railed the B g Burnt Hall, adjoining Lot 16, containing 5A. 2R. OP. or thereabouts, in the Occupation of the said George Nicholls. LOT XVIII. Also all that Close or Piece of excellent Mea- dow Land, called the Yard, situate in the High Town of Madeley aforesaid; adjoining to the Tenements comprised iii Lot 10, containing seven Acres, or thereabuuts, in the Occu- pation of the said George Nicholls. Lor XIX. All that Pew, or Seat, in tbe Aisle of the Parish Church of Madeley aforesaid, No. 18, containing 5 Kneelings. LOT XX. Also all i hat other Pew, or Seat, in the Gallery of the said Chtirch, No. 17, containing 6 Kneelings. LOT XXI. Also all that ether Pew, or Seat, in the said Gallery of tbe said Church, No. 25, containing 6 Kneelings. The Estate" is subject to Land - Tax ; and the Timber grow- ing upon it will he sold to the Purchaser at j* fair Valuation. — Possession of Lots 10 and 18 will be given at Midsummer, and of all the others at Ladv- day next.— For Views of Ihe different Lots apply to the respective Tenants; aud fuither Particulars may be had from Mr. George NICHOLLS, of Stirehley; or at the Office of Mr. Moreton SLANEY, iii Shiffnal. conduct an. l perseverance; thefe is nothing left for me to aud upon that subject: but, Sir, allow me to express a wish for your heil'h and happiness, anil that yon may live to witness the good which we may hope will result from your exertions ; aod may tliankiml in general; and especially those of Ex- alted rank, and in confidential sitUatioris, be deeply impressed with the truth of wliat has been declared by the Prince ot Historians, that " A woman devoid of chastity, is devoid of every thing estimable." Mr. Wardle then, on receiving a copy of the Thank* and the Box from the Chamberlain, addressed him as follows:— " Sia— With sentiments of the highest respect and grati- tude, t accept the Freedom of the City of Loudon. I am little capable of saying HOW MUCH I feel honoured by so high and proud a mark of distinction : for, however strong my nerves may be when my duty calls me forth in detence of Lhe Rights and Liberties of the People, still, when so hijhly respected a portion of that People are conferring upon me such an invaluable pledge of their approbation, I feel myself unequal to do more than offer my plain, but heartfelt thanks. And yet, Sir, it is not alone this matk of favour that 1 am bound to acknowledge ; but 1 have also to express my giati- tude for that uniform aud steady support given me by the Citizens of Loudon, during the progress ol those unexampled attacks that have been made upon me, in consequence of that very conduct which lias been so distinguished by their approbation. That support. Sir, has enabled me successfully to defend myself against my enemies— the enemies of every public man who dares to expose and attack Corruption. By continuing to expose and attack it, wherever it may offer itse'. t, I tri/ st to having continued to nie the confidence and support of the first City in the World ! " It is no small satisfaction to me, to receire my Freedom during the Mayoralty of a Gentleman, who has already sllr* wn himself tbe firm f. iend of the Rights and Liberties of ihe People and of our excellent Constitution. — such as it once was , and such, as I trust, it once more will be I To you, Sir, for the handsome and flattering manner id which you have conferred this high honour upon uie, much ' 4 due; and 1 beg leave to thank you kindly." LONDON. FRIDAY, FVRRUARY 2. The following is the Finance Committee as it now stands: Mr Raikes, Mr. H. Thornton. Mr. Biddulph, Mr. S. Bourne Mr. Brogden, Mr N Culvert. Mr. Cavendish, Mr. Combe, Mr. T. Baring, Mr. Sumner, Mr Milnes Mr. C. Ellis, Mr Peele Mr. Giddy. Mr. Babington, Sir J Newport, Bart, and Sir G. Warrender, Bart. la Niermen frigate. nirivei1 at Plymouth, brings a confirm, at ion of the account of a squadron of French frigates having put to sea; it is supposed, destined to therehefof Guadaloupe The Niemen, while cruising in the Bay' far to the westward, fell in with font of them, which she dodged for a day aud a night, in hopes pt' cutting off one ; hut thev kept so close together, and- Ihgre beiiig such gruat odds, the Niemen gave up the pursuit. An article from Madrid speaks of the probable advance of Joseph towards Valentia. The march is said to be open though, as we are informed the collected remains of the'aimv of Ocana lie in the way. The Spanish Civil Functionaries have been all removed in Biscay, and been replaced by Frenchmen. The same measure will, it is said, he adopted in Navarre, Alava, & c. ; it may be added, " in all Spain, if the French succeed; for the native Spaniards wil be only preserved* to cultivate the ground, and to do menial offices. No circumstance has vet transpired whiib tends to throw any light oti the mysterious disappearance of the Hon. Mr. Eden ; and his family still continue in tnc greatest distress on his accomit. A late Inspector of forged notes ill the Bank of England, and who has been very active iu prosecuting and convicting for forging and uttering has. been in confinement for some davs, charged » with uttering some notes of the Wootton Basset Bank, which had been stolen. He has undergone two private examinations before the Lord Mnyor. A poney,' the property of Mr. Harris, publican, went 18 miles - within an hour on'Wednesday on the Bath road for a wager of Ml guineas. The match was done in one minute and a half under the given time. The animal is Considerably undei 14 hands high — A certain old- fashioned Book, says, " A merciful man, is merciful to his beast." Whether the owner of this animal has any claim to the title, we leave the reader to decide. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY OFFICE, FEBRUATY 3, 1810. His Majesty's ship Amazon, at sea, January 21, 1810. My Lord— I have the honour to acquaint your Lordship that the French privateer brig I e " General Perignon, of 14 guns a'prl 83 men, was this mot ning raptured bv his Majesty's ship under my command, after a run of 160 miles { the left St. Maloes on the 8th Inst, since which - tfhe captured the " Unanimity brig from Porto, and fiom her'superior sailing has cruized very successfully against our trade, since the com- mencement of the war. 1 have'the iionOur to he. & c. ( Sinned) W. PARKER. To Admiral lord Gambier. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3. A New York packet has arrived at Falmouth, after a'voyage of 24 days. The letters and papers are to the 8th ult. and no doubt are highly interesting. A few letters from the United f t i'es, dated the 4th nit. have been received at'Liverpool, and are of a much more hostile character than'was expected ; but there is little doubt that the intemperate conduct of- France towards America will turn the scale; and while she is iiri tatcd against nur rival on the Continent, she will be much more inclined to conciliation'with Great Britain. Two letters have been received from Bourdeaux, dated the 18th of last month, which Confirm all that has been ( said of the confis. cation of American ships and cargoes in France, and that part of Snairi unde' her authority. One of these letters is from a gentleman who has five ships under seizure in the port of St. Sebastian. - Letters frcm Sicily, of the 12th of December, inform ns, that the British troops were quartered principally in the neigh • bourhocd of Palermo and no apprehensions were felt at Messina of any visit from the forces of King Joachim on the opposite shore. The country was almost ruined, and of course • commeice was in a very low condition. This morning letters were received from Malta and Gibraltar, and from the latter to the date of the 8th ult. The advices from Gibialtar rnufiim what bad been stated of the levy en- masse in Catalonia, and add, that 30,000 so raised, had actu- ally joii rd General Blake, who was recommencing offensive operations. Private h tiers from Jamaica state, that a great number of that distinction of traders, called Contrabandistas, had arrived at that island from the neighbourhood of Campeachy. These adventurers had brought with them a great quantity of produce and money, to barter for British manufactures and other commodities on the island, 50 that trade was in a state of prodigious activity. The report of a commotion in Amsterdam is unfounded; the latest letters from thence are to the 28th ult. and they are wholly silent as to any such distuebance. Letters fu. m Malaga, dated at the end of December, speak in very desponding terms of the situation of that kingdom.— Not si) those which have been received from Catatonia and Biscay. The foru er province had adopted Ihe expedient re- sorted to in Gallicia to raise men and money ; we noil- find, that the means employid had been effectual} and that 30.000 recruits, and 5 000,000 of dollar? were collected in a very few days. By intelligence from Bilboa, we have the satisfaction to learn, thai the towns of. the province, ol which it is the capital, had bctn deseited by their youth, who had fled to tlie adjacent mountains, from whence they annoyed the enemy on every favourable occasion. Some days ago accounts were received, that American vessels in the ports of Naples, and also 111 the ports of Spain, vi re ordered to be confiscated. Paris Papers to Ihe 23th ulf. haw reached town. That part of the French army which lately occupied Arragon, is said to have entered the province of Valencia, and approached within a few leagues of the city of that name. Some: accounts state that Buonaparte does not yet intend to incorporate the whole ol the Dutch Provinces with France ; but that lit " ill suffer them to remain a nominally indepen- dent kingdom. Louis Bonaparte is still ft be King; but Breda, Bergen- op- Zoom, and Bois le Duc are to be incor- porated with France. Part of the Duchy of Berg is to be ceded to Holland. The Dutch Government takes upon itself the payment ot debts due by the ceded countries, and pro mists to poor a million of guilders into the French tieasuiy. After the gallery was cleared last night, it, » as observed that his Royal Highness the. Duke ol Cumberland, Lord Mul- grave, and Lord Erskine, were sitting uuder the gallery. Seveial members demanded that the Order, if enforced at all, should be literally enforced, and they called out—" Strangers must withdraw." After several repetitions of this call, the Royal Duke and the two other Lords withdrew. During the administration of Lord North, the gallery was once shut. The report of the proceedings, however, went on in the newspapeis the same. They were by member, thcmselvei.: till at length the good- humoured Lord in the blue ribband stepped across the House to Mr. Fox, and said, " Really, Mr. Fox, since we have turned Reporters ourselves, II the speeches are so clumsy, tliere is so much misrepresent- 11 otion, and so much nonsense, that we must open the gallery " door in our own defence." HOUSE OF LORDS— THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1. AMERICA. Earl GREY moved for a considerable number of Papers relative to Mr. Erskine's Negociation with the Government of America, which he thought necessary 10 ibe'elucidation ol the whole of that transaction.— Ordeied.~. Lord ERSKINE » as anxious to say a few words upon toe subje ct to which these Papers r< ferred. He pledged his honour to tneii Lordship that he had never seen the documents moved for by his noble friend, amongst which weie the instructions sent to his veiy neat relation, except a small piece ot paper, which would appear when the other Papers weie produced.— He was tne more anxious to address a few words to their Lordships upon this subject, because it being known that Mr. Erskine had very ear and dear connections amongst those who were hostile to his Majesty's Ministers, it hail been insinuated by some, that he had adapted their opinions in the execution ol his mission, and had acted upon a | xj| icy of his own, instead of Hie policy of the Government by whom he was sent. On the part ot ins very near relation, he distinctly disavowed his being actuated by any such motive. Had his relation been capable of be- traying the interests ot the Government by whom he was employed, and of acting deliberately in opposition to the commands ul his Majest;, and the directions of Ins \ liuistets, lie ( Lord Erskine) would never have spoken to him again.—. Jlis relation was incapable of such conduct, aud he thought it < lue to him thus publicly to slate it. At the same time he wished it to be distinctly understood, that he did not conic there upon this subject as a father, but to do his duty as a Peer of Pailiament.— Adjourned to Monday. HOUSE OF COMMONS. STAMPS ON BANKERS' CHECKS. Mr. GILES rose to bring foiward his promised motion- for leave to biiug iu a Bill fur the Repeal or Amendment of so much of the Stump Duty upou Checks drawn upou Bankers, by persons residing at a greater distance than ten miles from London, or from the Bankers' residence. The hon. Member stated at considerable length the inconveniences which had arisen from the Act in question, ' Tilt CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER was not disposed to encourage an expectation that the proposition was at all ad- missible, considering that every man was called on at this crisis to bear tils share of the public burthens, and that any relinquishment of revenue bv this measure might rail for im- posts upon other classes of the community much less able to bear t- hem than the monied men, for whose exemption the Bill was prbposed. He should not, however, oppose the motion ; but reserve to himself the right of opposing the lii. 1,1 in its progress, if he should . think it expedient.— Leave was givten to bring in the Bill. COIN And BULLION. Mr. HORNER, pursuant to his notice, rose to move for the production pf several returns and accounts relating to bullion, . foreign and domestic coin, and other matters connected with tli « money system of the united kingdom. The present state of bullion iu this country, the liiah market price it bore above the mint price, aud the great inconvenience which was ex- perienced in all commercial transactions from its present state, had induced him to move for those papers with a view to the appointment of a Committee, to enquire into the orighi aud cause of the evil, and according to the best, judgment they could form from these documents, and any other information they should be able to procure, to apply a remedy. He admitted that the subject was attended with much difficulty, and wis a matter of the first national mportance. To account for the present depredated state of bullion, was more than was ' in hii power. Some thought a great deal was owing to the great circulation of country hank notes; others argued that it arose from the present state of our commercial intercourse with foreign nations: hot he was not prepared to adopt either of those causes. The excess of the market price of bullion above the mint price was become alarming to a degree. This excess might be the consequences of other circumstances, and the affect of other causes, than j tlio!, e alleady mentioned; and, as. far as lie Was able to cort- I lecture upon the oirgin of the e vil, it arose from the excessive issueof Bankcf England notes, and, ill some measure, to our foreign trade, as at present carried on. Bank of' England paper might be more or less'depreciated, according to cir- cumstances ; his only'object was to give the House as much information upon this important subject, particularly as to th< 3 importation and espo'itation of gold and silver, in order for them to- do justice when they should come to a full in- vestigation of the subject; at the same time he was quite sure the subject could never be properly understood but in a Committee, where persons of great practical experience might be examined. Another blanch of itifbrmation he. wished to lay before them was ah annual return of the number of notes and dollars issued by the Bank of England; and also, as far as fcau be ascertained, the extent of that illicit trade which has beeii of lite carried on, namely, the exportation of British gold coin. HO hCxt: adverted'to the state of the mine of Mexico and Peru, ' which, by proper methods, might be rendered mucb'tiiore productive than ihev were at present; and next, to the depreciated and debased state of the silver currency, " whose present relative value to gold was as one- to • fifteen; and Concluded.' by ' moving*— That there be laid • before fhe House a return of the quantity of gold and silvei bullion exported to foreign parts fot the last teti years, up to February 1B10, distinguishing the parts whence and wbithei exported, SEE.— Also, an account of the gold aud silver im- poited'for the same period— Also similar returns of the im- ports and exports- of gold and silver bullion in Ireland and Scotland— Also of the notes and doPars issued by the Bank of England, and in circulation, from 1808 to 1810— Also an aecountof the quantity of money sent abroad to his Majesty's armies and oltr foreign allies, and thetjuantitv of bullion sent to China on account of the East India Company, & e. — Alter a few- observations by Mr. D. Giddy, Mr. G. Johnstone, Mr. Magens, • the Chancellor Of the - Exchequer, See. the motion was agreed to. BATTLE OF TAlavera. Mr. PERCEVAL ruse to move the. Thanks eff the House to Loid Wellington, and the army under his command, for the victory obtained at the battle of Talavera. This, he said, was a victory obtained over veteran troops and an experienced French General, and as such be considered it one of the most glorious atchievements that distinguished the present times j and when he considered how necessary rt Was to give the due rewards to an act so signally meritorious, he hoped gentlemen on the other side would lay aside all party feelings 011 this occasion. — He meant to abstain from all " Considerations of other circumstances, or of the nature erf the campaign ; and he should Confine himself cl » sely to the battle of Talavera, iu the motion he was about to make— a battle in. which the skill of the commander was only equalled by thei valour of the hoops. However, while he confined himself to thia-|> » int alone, he did not mean to give up other [ Mints relating to the cam- paign, throughout the whole of which, he contended, thert was nothing but what merited tlie. highest commendation. lle, e the Right. Honourable Gentleman entered into a short history of the maieh of Lord Wellington towards Placentia and Talavcra. Lord Wellington, after his return fn, m the North of Portugal, proceeded to the Tagus On the 12th 01 June. Heie be halted till the 27th of the same month, aud then marched from Abrantes to Placentia. Ou his march, he was joined by Cuesta, with whom he settled a combined plan ot operations to attack Victor, drive liiin beyond the Alberche, and defend the South of Spain. Connected with tins, a movement on Madrid was to be made by Venegas and the aimv under, his command. Tins movement was not made. On the 27th, the Freuch began the attack on the division under General Hill, posted upon a height. The manner in which they weie repulsed, and the position regained at the point of the bayonet, was fresh in the memory ofeyeiyone, and required no eulogy from him On the 2Slh, the attack was renewed on the w hole British line, and was met with equal steadiness and gallantry. Never was there a more glorious display ot valour and skill than that by which an amy of double their numbers was repulsed by our brave troops, and a splendid victory was obtained.— So glorious, 1 that theie could not, by po- sibility, be h difference of opinion upou it iu this country, in Spain, in Portugal, or even in France. He called then, 011 the House, to reward with its highest honours this brilliant achievement, and concluded with moving the thanks in tbe usual form. Lord MILTON, aftr a variety of arguments against the motion, said, " Of a Commander who displayed such skill and valour it was painful to speak disparagingly. But Sir A. WtiUeslev, not only at Talavera, but at Vimiera, was fighting for his owu glory— he fought fur his peerage more than a pru- dent Commander ought to do. After he was obliged to abau- : don 3,500 sick and wounded men 011 the field of battle, how cuuld any Minister think of conferring that honour upon him. The army had remained since in a state of inactivity ; and the affairs of Spain were wrapped up in great mystery— Sorely this inactivity was not consistent with Lord Wellington's ohavacter." The noble lord concluded with moving, as an amendment. " That the Thanks he given to the officers and troops uuder Lord Wellington, for their un- daunted bravery, at the battle of Talavera," and added to the same seveial remarks,- lamenting the consequences re, suiting from this battle, and disapproving the conduct of Lord Wellington ill entering into the. engagement.— The vote of Thanks to Lord Wellington was opposed also by Mr. G. G. Vernon, Gen. Tarleton, Mr. C. Lemon, Mr. Whitbread, Mr. Ponsonby, and Lord Folkestone; and supported by Loid Castlereagh, General Crawford, Gen. Stewart, Mr. Windham, Mr. Lyttelton, Mr. C Adams, Gen. M. Mathew, and Mr. Canning.— Lord Milton afterwards withdrew his amendment, and the original motion was carried without a division. — Adjourned. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2. General GASCOIGNE presented a petition froin certain of the inhabitants of Liverpool, ptajing a continuation of the bill prohibiting the. Distillation of Spirits from . Grain.— Orueied to he on the table.— Mr. BANKES brought up u bill for render- ing perpetual ihe act tor suspending the granting of Places in Reversion. Read a first, and ordered to be read a second time on Monday next.— Sir JOHN SINCLAIR gave notice, that lie should 011 Monday next move tor a Committee to consider the Acts relating to Highways, and also for regulating thfc number of passengers carried 011 the outside of stage coaches. —' Mr. CALCRAFT moved for returns of the regular army ; the regular militia; and the desertion from the army atWalcheren. Ordered.— Ou the motion of Mr. WHARTON, it was agreed, that on VVedncsdaJ next the House should resolve itself into a Committee, to consider the supply to be granted to his Majesty. EXPORTS AND IMPORTS. Mr. G. ROSE brought up accounts of various articles of Export and Import for the last year. He said it had been erro- neously suggested by gentlemen on the other side, that the trade of this country had been of late carried 011 by bullion alone; and that the renewed trade with America was only m consequence of the mission of Mr. Erskine having been sup- posed favourable by the Americans; hut, the accounts he hail just laid 011 fhe table would falsify that opinion. The balance of trade iu our favour ivas nearly 16 millions in the last year, beyond ail comparison greater than ever it had been befoit. If we had lost the trade of the United States, it would have been made up by the- incr'ease of our trade to other parts of America.— Our whole experts to America were millions greater than before the late disnute with that country. — Mr. HORNER doubted it wai but a flimsy account, calcu- lated to deceive li° ; for the excess of balance in our favour was met bv the increased expenditure at home; neither could it be called permanent.— Mr. G. ROSE said, the accounts were a dry statement of the real trade of Ihe country : as to how permanent the balance in < inr favour would be, he would not take upon him tosay.— Mr. BARING thought ht « Majesty's Ministers had been the creat cause of the misrepresentations respecting the trade of the country.—' The CHANCELLOR. of the EXCHEQUER said, those papers would shew, thatthe mea- sures adopted by Government had not been injurious to the trade of the Country ( instead of that, they iiad been the means of increasing it; notwithstanding the efforts of the enemy to the contrafv.-— The accounts were then ordered] to lie 011 the table, and to be printed EXPEDITION TO THE SCHELDT. Lord PORCHESTER said he had some observations to . make on tbe campaign in Holland, previous to the House entering on the enquiry. He said there was not among the papers any copy of instructions to the General commanding the troops, and he would move on Monday for papers to supply this defect.— Lord CASTLEREAGH agreed that the papers now 011 the table were wholly incomplete ; and the office to vv hicli he lately belonged did not furnish the necessary information. Some recent information was not forthcoming ; hut tbe records of the war department did not furnish theinf irmation required in the discussion of this business. The question to be dis- cussed divided itself into two hranches— the Policy, and the Conduct of the Expedition. The papers now before the House did not furnish any documents by which the policy of the expedition was to be judged of; it would therefore be material for the House to have before it communications and if presentations from foreign powers, together with esti- mates of expenses As to the execution of the plan, it was not for him to presume to state any thing on that point. The instructions alluded to by the noble lord were of a general nature, by which a greater degree of discretion was left with the military commander than with the naval commander, but his Majesty's cabinet was not competent to act in a similar manner towards the General commanding the troops. He should be ready to justify the part he took inadvising the expedition ; and he should state his opinion as to the ex- ecution, with a viewof justifying the officers from auv censure that might he directed against them. He wished 10 know if the noble Lord meant; fo call evidence as to tbe execution of the expedition ?— Lord PORCHESTER said, it was not possible for him to separate Ihe policy of the expedition from the con- duct of the officers empbyed in it. It was | iossib! e that while the conduct of Ministers was liable to condemnation, that of the officers might be free from blame. He should begin his evidence as to the policy and the progress o| f every thing that had been done; and the two points must be inttparahly blended together.— Mr. CANNING said, he felt a particular wish to say a few words on. this subject. He thought it neces- sary to disclaim ar. v intention of referring the business to any other tribunal than the one before which it was " now to be investigated; or to divert it from the objects which the House had in view. There were two points in which the subject was divided generally ; naniely, the policy and the execution of the expedition. With respect lo the execution, so far as it regarded every tiling done at home previous to the sailing of the armament, he begged leave to lio'd himself as much re- sponsible as if he himself had been Carrying, it on. With « - spi- ct to the naval and military execution, no responsibility whatever could attach to him. There was also a fourth question to be considered, and that was the policy of the motive's which dictated the evacuation of the Isle of Walcheren. Upon this point he had no responsibility, nor could he even give an opinion. Should any quesiion arise as to where the blame might be ascribed to him, if he took any active part in this business; for ( lieu his interference might be construed into an intention of throwing blame 011 others. He would give the most constant aud diligent attention in his power to the w hole of the proceeding about to " be entered into before the Com • mittec, but he would caicfully abstain from taking any active part iu the discussion. Lord PORCHESTER then moved the order of the day for the House to go into the Committee, of. Enquiry into the Ex- pedition.— Mr. YORKE immediately rose', and moved the standing order for the exclusion of strangers, and the gallery was accordingly immediately cleared, by orderof the SPEAKER. It is understood that the House then resolved itself into a Committee, when Lord Porchester moved that Sir D Dundas be immediately examined. To this the Attorney- General objected ; observing, that Sir David, as a Privy Counsellor, was bound to keep the King** Councils. He was supported in this bv the Chancellor of the Exchequer. The Speaker was, however, of a. tlilfnenf opinion ; but as no precedent could be adduced, tbe case was postponed, and the House was lesumedand immediately adjourned, without making any progress in the inquiry. postscript- LONDON, Monday Night, February 5, 1810. ; A Leeward Island Mail arrived this nrorning with Letters » nd Papers from Barbadoes to the 27th December. They inform us of .11 most brilliant achievement on the shores of Guadaloupe, wheie, of the four French frigates that sailed some time ago from Nantz, two have been blown up, besides our having stormed and taken batteries, s> nd driven before us, like chaff before the wind, the military force that was landed from the French frigates. These frigates had in their passage, taken the British frigate Junon, after a desperate contest maintained against them all. So dreadfully was she cut up that it was found impossible to mak • her keep the sea, aud she was set fire to.— The two frigates that have for the present escaped are ihe Clorinda and the Seine, which, after having turned over their troops to the two that have beentdowp up, are supposed to lie returning to Eu, ope. Iu addition to ihe above intellirence we find that the Melampus frigate1 has captured a fine French corvette brig, from Nantz, with troops, & c. bound to Guadaloupe, and sent the prisoners to Martinique She was the companion of the- four French frigates.—\ Ve have'to lament the loss of Captain Cameron of the Hazard, in the attack on the French frigates. He was killed in returning to the boat with the French colours tied round his body. Mails from the Leeward Islands were received in town on Satuiday, containing letters from Barhadoes of the 14th December, from Martinique of the loth, and from Antigua of the ioth, From these we learn, that Admiral Cochrane had returned to the West Indies from Halifax, and was at Port Royal, Martinique, the 17ih December, making airange- inenis for the intended expedition against Guadaloupe, but which, it was supposed, would wait the* arrival of the exp- cted reinforcements from England. The force assembled at Bar- badoes, including the troops from Halifax, was estimated at 8000 men, aud the different Islands were expectcd to con tribute 3000 more; in wuich case the conquest could not be attended with much difficulty, as the enemy had r. ot moie than 800 or 1000 regular troops previous to the arrival of the two frigates from L'Orient; aud with these, and some newly formed black Corps, the Governor had retired to the' strorfg fort of Fleur de la Pays, where he was preparing for resistance. It is stated he had been obliged t. i disband the militia, iu con- sequence of their disaffection. A regular series of New York papers, from the 1st to the 31st December, has been received, containing the proceedings in Congress to the 27th. The bill against offending Foreign Ministers passed in the Senate with a majority of 20 to 2, and was read a first and sec aid time, and committed iu the House of Representatives. Tne resolution of the Senate, approving Hie conduct of the executive, in refusing to hold any further communication . with Mr. Jackson, had been under discussion several days, ioa Committee in the House of Representatives, but 110 idea could be'formed of tlie result. Among the mem bers who particularly distinguished themselves 111 the Uebatc upon this Resolution iu the Senate, is Mr. Giles. The New Y01 k Papers were brought by the Duke of Kent packet She sailed on tbe 2d ot' Jauuaiy. Mr. Jackson was at Philadelphia. The American Government is entering sea- men at iili dellais a month. Ministers have not yet determined 011 the appointment of a successor to Mr, Jackson, for the ultimate adjustment of our dispute with the United States. At the sitting of the Court of King's Bench on Saturday, Mr. J. Richardson,- barrister, who held the Office of Fdazer and Clerk of the Writs, aud Errors ot this Court, iu trust for Lord Kenyon, resigned that situation, upuu the Noble Lord's attaining' his full age. His Lordship attended 111 propria persona, « heu the Lord Chief Justice delivered the grant from, the Crown into the hands of his Lordship, who was accordingly sworn into office with the usual ceremonies. In the House of Commons, this evening, the SPEAKER, in au eloquent address, communicated the Thanks ot the House to Brigadier General Charles Stewart, for his distinguished bravery and conduct on the 27th aud Wtn uf July last, wr. ieil teuniuatcd 111 -. the glorious battle ol' Talavera. — Sir Charles Stewart returned thanks in a neat speech, in winch he attri- buted the success ot that day to the ski fill dispositions ol tbe gallant Geueial who commanded upon that occasion — Loirl CASTLEREAGH moved for certain papers relative to the ex. pedition to the Scheldt: and in reply to Mr. Perceval said, that if they were not forthcoming, he should on Thursday move for an humble address to bis Majesty for their produc- tion.— Mr. SHERIDAN- gave notice that as one of the standing ordei- s of the House had been enforced in a rather unusual manner, he should to- morrow call the attention of the House to that subject.— Mr. FULLERS moved that tiie Committee be instructed to give in a list of all such sinecure places, ns onghi to be abolished after the lives of the-' preseut possessors.— Mr. PERCEVAL objected to the fnotion.' Tnree per cent. Consols SHREWSBURY, Wednesday, February 7, 1810. - MARRIFD. A few days since, Mr. Jonathan Farror, to Miss Brewer, only daughter of the Rev. Jehoiada Brewer, of Birmingham. On the 29th ult. at Acton Burnell, Mr. John Broome, tailor, of the Abbey- foregate, to Miss Elis. Evans, of the former place. Lately, at Munslow, in this county. Mr. Thomas Cox, maltster, of the Field Hall, to Miss Edwards, of Broadstone. On Thursday, the Rev. George Illingworth, to Emma Asheton Smith, youngest daughter of Thomas A. Smith, Esq. M. P. of Tedworth, in Hants. . v ' DIED. Wednesday last, at his house at Meole Brace, John Bather, Esq. in the 84th year of his age. ' Friday last, Mr. Owen, hair- dresser, of the Castle- street, in this town ; a truly honest and worthy man. In the 25th ult at Pickhill, near Wrexham, Thomas Brereton, Esq. a much respected and trnly benevolent character. Wednesday last, at Chester, Miss Roberts, a maiden lady; It has lieen observed, that no pcrsoa in the family ever quitted this, world, without a looking glass being broke, and on. this occasion the, largest one fell and was broken: Into a thousand pieces!. At Newton, Lancashire, Dr. Ackers, a gentleman well known the turf. Wednesday last, in Hereford, the Rev. W. H. Barry, Vicar of All Saint?, in that city. Thurday se'nnight, at Godmanchester, near Huntingdon, John Ringall, sexton and bellman, aged 81, and on tbe following day, his wife,- aged 82. This ancient couple had been married' about , ci7 years, and brought up a large family with rcspectab jitv— They were interred in one grave on the Sunday following. Lately, Mr. Devaynes, banker, ot London. Mr". D. has made a curious will, in which, after leaving his widow, who, we learn, was an African Princess, I20OL per annum, and 800 bottles of wine, to consummate her next wedding, he desires that a bottle of fine Sherry, of which he possesed a great quantity, should be placed under each of his arms in . his coffin. Sunday se'nnight, Mrs. Jane Ridley, aged 68, widow of Benjamin Ridley, of Little Mary- le- bone- street. She died almost for want ol the common necessaries of life in the midst of plenty, be ng so nar- row minded and stingy. She had two good houses, money in the Bank, and a deal of ready money by her, which she- lett lo two sisters. One of her sisters hearing of her death- on Tuesday morning, died in a few hours afterwards. Lately, within a few days of each other, Mr. and Mrs. Graze- brook, sen. of Stroud, at the respective ages ot 80 and 9b. They were the two most ancicnt inhabitants of that town, and had passed together a well- spent life for more than half a century, and were inlrrrcd together in the same vault. At Drayton, ou the 27th ult. Mrs. Burton, late of Ashbourn, in Derbyshire. Monday se'nnight, aged 97, Priscilla Bromley, ot Crossbrook, near Dorring-. on, in this county. This venerable lady enjoyed her eyesight in such perfection asto. be able to read without spectacles, she generally walked daily about a mile when the weather was fine ' and was of so placid a temper as scarcely ever'to be rattled, or dis- pleascd. . Friday last, Mr. Davies, tailor, Barker street, in this town. New Sheriffs.— The following gentfemcn were on Wednesday appointed by his Majesty in Council, to serve the office of Sheriff for the ensuing years Cheshire.— Robert Viner, of Bidston, Esq. Gloucestershi e Wathen, of Llipyat Park, Esq. Herefordshire— Robert Higginson, of Birchmill Park, Esq. SHROPSHIRE— William Lloyd, of Aston, Esq. S'affo'dshire— Henry Webb, of Forebridge, Esq, Warwickshire— James West, of Arlescote, Esq. tfo'Xcstershire— Joseph Smith, of Sion hill WALES. Merioneth— John Davies, of Aberllefoni, Esq. Carnarvonshire— Hum. Rowlands Jones, of Ystimllyn, Esq. Anglesey—. Hugh Evans, of Henblas, Esq. Montgomeryshire— Ed. Heyward, of Crosswood, Esq. Denbighshire— Richard Lloyd, of Bronhoelog, Esq. Flintshire— Francis Richard Price, of Brynypys, E- q. Cardigan— Wm. Ed. Powell, of Nanteos, Esq. Thursday morning the twelve Judges met in the Exchequer Chamber, ta chuse their circuits for the ensuing lent assizes, when, thej were appointed as follows-:— Midland.— lord Ellenborough and Mr. Justice Bailey. A'ur/ rfA-,— Chief Justice Mansfield, Mr. Justice Grose. Home.— Lord Chief Bsron, Mr, Justice Heath. Northern.— Mr. Baron Thompson, Mr. Justice Le Blanc. Oxford.— Mv. Justice Lawrence, Mr. Baron Wood. Western — Mr. Justice Chambre, Mr. Baron Graham. Visiting Clergyman this week at tiw Infirmary, the Rev. Mr. Rocke :— House- Visitors, Mr. Joseph Parry, and Mr. Henry Parry. On Thursday last, a public meeting was held at Bristol for the purpose of taking, into consideration: the propriety of forming an Auxiliary ftibte Society, in aid' pf the British and Foreign Bitile Society in London. A number of resolutions was proposed, and most cordially and unanimously adopted Books were opened in the Hall for subscriptions, and more than ,£ 700. were immediately contributed • It was a truly gratifying sight to witness the Clergy, Dissenting Ministers, and Laity of the several denominations of Christians assem- bled together on this interesting occasion, and united in the common object with so much cordiality. I t is a question whether greater anxiety will be created by the delivery of Lcttcis at onr Post- Office next Valentine's Day, or by those of the following Thursday r The Votaries of Love on the first day will all be eager fir their acciistoinarv amatory epistles; but on the Thursday, those who have paid their devotions to the, Goddess Fortune will be on their tiptoe to learn a fate in which manv also will be rendered happy for t'fe. A large portion of the Favours of Fortune may now be had at W. EDDOWSS'S, Agent for Richardson, Goodluck, and Cu. Caution.— As a most lovely and interesting female chi d, belonging to Mr. Simcock, attorney, of Chester, was attempt, ing to reach a candle uff a chimney- piece on Friday se'nnight, its clothes cauglit fire, which burnt it so severely, that it expired the. next morning at six o'clock.— A child of the same age, and from the same cause, was also burnt to death at Hull,- on the preceding Wednesday evening.— On Sunday night the maidservant > of Mr. Bagster, at Calcot- end, near Colebrook, put two children to bed, the one four aud the other six years old, and, as was the customary indulgence, left a candle burning till they mere asleep. In a quarter of an hour the bed- room was discovered to be on fire, and it w- as with difficulty the elder child could be saved, but the younger fell a victim to the flames. The Birth- day of Lord Belgrave, was celebrated in Chester by his friends and the freemen in the interest of the House of Eaton, on the 29ih ult with an enthusiastic joy seldom wit- nessed on similar occasions — Dinners were provided at up- wards of 70 houses, and at each table (< the feast of reason and the floiv of soul" may be truly said to have prrfsidtad,— Many loyal and patriotic toasts weie diank ; among others—" Sir Richard Brooke, who, as a friend of the House of Eaton, hopes in conjunction w- ilh General Grosveuor to have ihe honour of representing you in the nexi Parliament." In con- sequence of Sir Richard Brooke having been thus publicly and unexpectedly declared a candidate, an active canvas on the pait of Mr. Egerton was begun on Tuesday last, by his brother. Colonel Egerton, accompanied by Colonel Barnston, and other gentlemen. The death of a young man of the name of Nield, was oc- casioned by having drank intemperutely at the Yatch Inn that evening. He tell asleep upon the floor, and the company left hitn upon their retiring. About half- past ten in the evening he was discovered by the family belonging to tbe house, in a state of stupefaction, and, notwithstanding every possible attention, aided by medical assistance, he expired about eleven o'clock. The coroner's inquest sat upon the body on Sunday, and returned tbeir verdict— Died in conse- quence of excessive drinking. A Tunnel under the Severn, at Newnham. is said to be decided on, and the estimated sum for completing the same is already subscribed. It will very much facilitate the inter- course between England and South Wales, aud must be highly beneficial to the latter. The Dean and Chapter of Hereford Cathedral have pre- sented the Rev. Dr. Napleton to the Vicarage of Lugwardine, in that diocese, and have appointed the Rev. Mr. Kussetlto be Master of St. Ethelbert's Hospital, Ledbury. Mr. Clifford has obtained a Rule iu the Court of King's Bench, to shew cause why a Mandamus should not be directed to the Magistrates of the county of Stafford, ordering them to allow and confirm certain rules aild regulations adopted by the Roman Catholic Clergy of that county, for the support and relief of the decayed and infirm members of that body. THE MINISTRY.— Although the prevailing notion that tl. e Ministry are about to resign, is not unreasonable or ill- found- ed, yr, t that event, iri all probability, will not take place until the issue of the Walcheren Inquiry be determined. The issue of that inquiry must have a powerful influence on their stability as an Administration. At present, we have no proof of blame, but we have what has precipitated the Inquiry, a great ' deal of suspicion, and to that suspicion we must attribute the majority oif Friday week, a majority, one half of which has . been accustomed to vote - with Ministers, we do not say/ m- plicitly, but doubtless steadily and uniformly. What else can have produced a change so remarkable? — As to the lists of new arrangements which may be handed about; or printed in some of tlie Papers, we do not think it of much importance to guard our Readers against them. In point of fact, it requires no great strctch of kuowletlge to foresee, that if there be a change at all, it will be a total change, and thatthe new men will be taken from the ranks of the Opposition, properly so called^ and not eithei from those who conscienti- ously ( we hope) defend the Minister on the present occasion, or from that party who have, lately been endeavouring to establish a tertium quid— i thing willrout a name, and without a bead. We may be. confident that if my Lords Grenville and Grey areto make up the new new list, the new men will be no other than those who preceded tbe existing Administration, and who, it must be. confessed, are u resolute and compact corps, including personal talent, property, nnd iuftueace, far beyond tbose whom they. will succeed. Whether they will be aide- to apply better remedies to that massif politie- al evil*, of which themselves have been complaining, is a question which , s not necessary at present lo discuss. Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart. Member of Parliament for the county of Denbigh, has, with that princely munificence for which he is so eminently distinguished, gisten a building at Wrexham, sufficiently large to educate 300 poor children, on the Lancastrian plan, besides subscribing very handsomely towards the suppott of the Institution— in exatii[ de so truly noble, that we irust it wi. l be fotio- ved by those who at" e alike blessed with aiH ieucfe iir evety part of the. Kingdom, till, as his Majesty justly said to Mr. Lancaster, " he hoped in a short time he should not have a subject in his dominions who was unable to read his bible."" Hermit hoad, in solemn cell, . • Lingring out life's evening grey, Smite thy bosom, Sage, and tell, What is bliss, and which the way? Thus I spoke, and deeply sigh'd, Scarce restrain'd the gushing tear, r When the pensive Sage replied — " To BISH and buy a Lottery Share:' ASSIZE OF BREAD. Set the 6thof February, 1810, for the Town and Liber- tics of Shrewsbury, to take place on Saturday next. 10. OZ dr. ' Wheaten 0 4 0* Household 0 5 5 White . 0 3 ' t> tJd. d tt > 0 1 8 5 Wheaten 0 8 0. ; Household 0 10 10 N Wheaten 0 12 < 1 f Household 0 lo 1.5 yWheateti 1 8 0 / Household 1 15 0 J Wheaten 3 0' o / Household 3 15 " 2 - jr^ p All Wheaten and Household Bread must be mada of Wheat only.— Wheaten to be walked with a large W.— Hoiicjehold with a large H. MARKET HERALD. Average pftce of Grain in our Market on Satur- day last Wheat I5s. 2d. Barley 6ti.— Peas 9s. Od. per bushel of S8 quarts.— Outs 7s; 0 i. per customary me^ jsute ot 6- 7 quarts. Price of Grain in oituii Country Markets tather I wer than last teport. Corn Exchange, Ftliritary 2. Wheat this day is iu considerable supply, and, excap'tiug fine samples, sales are rather lower— Fiuc Duntzic abiut iti8-. perquarter— In Barley and Malt little variation— There'are considerable supplies of Oats, and this trade likewise at Ule late reduciiou. Wheat 68s. toSds. 1 White Pease 00s. to 0 ) s. Barley 37s. to 45 » . I Oats 17s. to 24s. Beans 00s. to 00s, f Mutt 7is. to 83s. Fine Flour, this day, 85s. to 90s. per sack. F » a. 5. 1' us day the fresh arrivals of Wheat are but in- eonsiderable, and sales fully maintain last prices; fine Dautzc about luSs. per quarter; Barley keeps its price- Malt, heavy sale; Peas and Beans, of both- sorts, fully at our last currency; there are considerable remaining supplies of Oats, chiefly loreign} and fine simples are & trifle dearer; Flour at last week's prices. CHILBLAINS are prevented from breaking, and tbeif tormenting Itchin- r instantly removed, by Whiteheads Essence of Mustard, universally esteemed for it « extraordinary effi. cacv in Rheumatism*, Palsies, Gouty Affections, and Com- plaints of the Stomach ; but where this certain remedy has been unknown or negteeted, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated, or broke, Whitehead's Family Cerate will ease' the pain, and vesy speedily heal lhem. They are prepared and sold, by R. JnnNs. roN, Apothecaty, 15, Oieek- Streer, Soho, London, tile Essence and Pills at 2s. Od. each— tSt Cerate at Is. l$ d. They are sold by Euaowss, Newlinj, Mortis, and Palin, Shrewsbury; Painter, Wiexham; Baugh, Elles. mere ; Houlston, Wellington ; Silvester, Newpoit ; Prodgert, Ludlow;, Partridge, and Oitton, Bridgiionh; Edwards, Price, and MinshaU, Oswestry ; and by every Medicine Vender in t, l « * United Kingdom. Tne genuine bas a black ink Stamp with the name of It. Johnston inserted on it. Penny loaf, or two> T( J welgh halfpenny luaves ^ Twopenny loaf — — Threepenny V* rf Sixpenny loaf — Twe- lvcpenny loaf .. f^ Hext *' OOL- DANCING ASSEMBLY JL will be" held- at - the: OAK INN,, . on FRIDAY, the 16th 6( A F, b nary, | g 1 u WANTED, A COUNTING- HOUSE CLERK, we!! versed X*. 1,1 Figures — Apply to BENYON, BENYON, and BAGE Shrewsbury, February 6lh, If" BIO. Ready Furnished House. WANTED to Rent, for a Term, a comfortable ready Furnished HOUSE, situated near a PostTown iu the County of Salop, w ith Coach- house, Stabling, audi other OiM- Of& oes, and from Ten to Fifteen Acre* of - GRASS LAND attached thereio, with the Privilege of Shooting allow- ed. Any Person having such Premises to, Let, by applying to Mr. LAWRENCE, St. Julian's Friars, may be referred to a re- spectable and desirable Tenant for the same, Shrewsbury, January 29, 1810. TO BE LET, And entered upon at Lady- Day next, ACOMMODIOUS MESSUAGE^ or DWEL- LING HOUSE and SHOP, with the Appurtenances, situate in the upper Part of BAILEY- STREET; in the Town of OSWESTRY, in the County of Salop, now in the hold- ing of Mr. Thomas Minshall. For Particulars apply to Mr. RICHARD GRIFFITHS, Builder, Oswestry. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. Shrewsbury, 20th January, 1810. NOTICE h hereby given. That ihc Partnership lately subsisting between JOSHUA and WILLIAM EDDOWES, of Shrewsbury, in the County uf Salup, Prin- ters, Booksellers, aud Stationers, was dissolved by mutual Consent on the first of January Instant; and that the > aino will in future be carried on by WILLIAM EDDOWES, ON his own Account.— All Persons having Demands on the said Partner- ship, or who stand indebted thereto, are desired to settle tht same with the said W. Eddowes forthwith. JOSHUA EDDOWES. WILLIAM EDDOWES. < t J Liverpool. On Sale, 7V7/ JV" E TY- FIVe PIPES twelve HOGSHEADS of MADEIRA WINE, ; Part of which is peculi- arly desirable for the HOME TRADE, and will be sold on low Terms. HORNE and STACKHOUSE, Liverpool. This Advertisement will not be continued. LOST, ON MONDAY LAST, IN SHREWSBURY, AHANDSOME FOX HOUND BITCH, with a Black Saddle Mark on her Back, a Black Spot on tl^ R Breast, and another on the Root of the Tail.— Whoever will bring her to Mr. EVANS, of Sundorn, will be handsoinely r(_. warded for their Trouble. February 3, 1810. ' 1 KING, LORDS, AND COMMONS, Y an Union of Wisdom, have formed the happy Constitution of our Country. In every expensive war the energies of the People are called forth to support il, and nearly Ons Million mar: per Annum must be raised bv taxes, if Lotteries were discontinued ; therefore it is the interest of every individual in the Kingdom to support the measures of GOVERNMENT, by purchasing a Ticket or a Share ; winch not only relieves us from the burthen of taxation, but may immediately secure an Independent Fortune.- — 1 . - .. ~ < • • h i it,,*., r> oft. t<* t. a of which are J/ 20,000 each. B The present Lottery Scheme is unrivalled— it contains Forty Capitals, 4- Buy immediately, as there are but few Tickets lelt, and the Lottery will be drawn, with 200,000 in WEDNESDAY, the 14th Instant. WANTED, a YOUNG MAM to manage a " » CANDLE CONCERN: one who has been used to the Grocery Business toill be preferred.— Apply to the PRIN- TER OF This PAPER. SALES BY AUCTION. ST. VALENTINE'S DAY, FOURTEENTH OF THIS MONTH. RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. RESPECTFULLY acquaint the Public, that the whole of the STATE LOTTERY , will be drawn in ONE DAY, the 14th of THIS MONTH, FEBRUARY. From the small Number of Tickets in the present Lottery; thev recommend an early Purchase, which will prevent Ihe Disappointment that many experienced in tlie Country in the late I/> t. tcrv, bv delaying till it was too late for the Aeents to procure Sufficient Tickets and Shares to supplv the Demand Only 5,000 Numbers.— l-' niir Tickets of each Number. SCHEME.-— 4... Prizes of ... .£ 20.000 I 4... Prizes of ... .£ 5,0( 10 12.. 1,000 I 20 .... 100 SO 500 I 4,940 from .£ 50 to 15 Tickets and Shares are'on - Sale- by W. EDDOWES, Printer, Shrewsbury, And W. BAUGH, Printer^ Ellesmere, For RICHARDSON, GOODLU. CK ami Co. Bank Buildings CorqhiU, and facing tbe Gate . of the. Kirfg> Mews, Charing- Cross, - London.- - . - * STATE LOTTERY OFFICE,"" PMJYCFSS- STIf Kit, shrMptsb vr y. WMORRIS, Bookseller, Agent for CAR e ROLL;, d Co. Stock- Brokers,. tendon, ( established for upwards Of 30 Years) respectfully informs the Inhabitants of Shrewsbury and the Public in general, that he is selling Tickets and Shares for the ensuing Grand State Lottery, which., begins Drawing on the 14th of next Mohth, with onlv 5000- Nntnbers, and <£ 200,000. in Prizes. The Scheme is on the same excellent Plan as the lad, nntl'Contains FORTY CAPITAL PRIZES, Including 4 Prizes of £ 20,000 / 7 In the late Lotteries part of the following Capital Prizes weie Sold by Carroll- olid Go's. Agents, to . Persons in the Country, and the Money paid on demand. ' No. 6,345, a Prize of .£ 30,000, In three Eighths and ten Sixteenths'; and other Prizes of 20,0001. lO'. OOOl 5,0001. & c. & c„. amounting to Half a Million. riio COVER, at THE ROYALS, near Naot- JL wich, Cheshire : DIAMOND, ( Sire of Brilliant," Noblessa, Violet, Master Diamond, Mary, Fairy Queen, and other Winners in Ireland); At FIVE GUINEAS each Mare, and Half- a Guinea the Gr otn. Good Accommodations for Mares and Foals, at Is. pe: Week; All Demands to be paid before the Mares are taken away, At the same Place, GOLDEN At ONE GUINEA' and Hnlt'- a- Cro> » n, WALCHEREN- NAVAL AND MILITARY INQUIRY. T ! n a few Davs will he published, in 8vo. Embellished with a PORTRAIT of LORD PORCHESTER, No I. Price Sixpence, ( Th* succeeding Numbers in as qviifek Siieresisinn'as po-^ b'e) HE PROCEEDINGS on a MOTION ot IN- QUIRY upon the late unfortunate Expedition to WALCHEREN ; Containing the whole of the Evidence, print- ed verbatim from the Minutes of theHouse of Commons; as well as correct Copies of all the Papers on that important Subject, presented to both Houses of Parliament, by Com- mand of his Majesty, nnd the various Documents moved for by LORD PORCHESTER, & c. & c " ' If ever an Inquiry was necessary, now was the Time.— The . Country expected it— and lie trusted it would not look to ( he Honsein vain." — Vide Lord Porchesters Speech. This Work will be illustrated and embellished, with. Maps of the Island of Walcheren, the Town of Flushing, and Portraits of. the principal Persons concerned in thi Expedition and Dltpiirv. London : printed for J. Stratford,' Ni. 112. Holborn Hill soldbyt W. F. dihwcs, Shrewsbury, and by all other Booksellers. SALES BY AUCTION. Household Coods. BY WILLIAM SMITH, On FRIDAY NEXT the 9th of F - bmarv. 1810: 4LL the HOUSEHOLD GOODS, GLASS, CHINA, LINEN.-& C. belonging to Mr W. FELTON, of the TALBOT TAP HOUSE, in the Town of Shrewsbury : consisting of six Bedsteads and- Hangings,- six excellent Fea- ther Beds, and Mattre* « e « , sever;' 1- Pair of Blankets, Sheets, Counterpanes, and Bed - Qoil* s, Wiiidow Curtains, and Table Linen three Sets of" Mahogany Chairs, three Sets of Seg Bottom ditto, Pair of excellent Mahogany . routvl end Dining Fables four Feet long, several Oak Dining, Round, and Dressing Tables. Pier and Siting Glasses, excellent Eight- day Clock, in Oak Case ( new), Dresser and Shelves, Fenders, and Fire Irons, several Pair of Brass Candlesticks, and Iron ditto. Cradle, Clothes Baskets, two Umbrellas, four Japan Trays, Hall Lamp, several Llts of Cilass and China, with » - general Assortment tff Kitchen Requisites. Catalogues are prepared, and may he had of THR AUC- TIONEER. The Sale will , begin precisely at 10 o'Ciock in the Morning. BY J. BROOME, On Tuesday aud Wednesday, the 6th and 7th Days of • March', 1910: truly valuable and well- selected LIVE STOCK " and IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, be- longing to Mr. JONES, of LONGDEN, in the County of Salop. < Cf> Particulars in a future Paper, , THE- all xSL sic Capital Oak Timber. BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Fox Inn, Shrewsbury, on Saturday, the 10th Day of February, ,1810, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon : OOrt OAK- TIMBER TREES, growing in GATTEN- WOOD, at Gatten, in-- the County of Salop;' marked and numbered with white Paint. Thomas Pugh, of Gatten, will- shew the Timber ; and for further Particulars'apply to Messrs. PEMBERTON and Coup LAND, Attornies..' Shrewsbury. Young and excellent Farming Slock, S( c. BY CHURTON, • . v » Without the least Reserve, on the Premises at SOULTON HALL, near Wem, in the County of Salop, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 12th, 13th, aud I4th Days' of March, 1810 : the valuable and well selected LIVE OCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, HOUSE FURNITURE, and other Effects, of the late Mr. BARNETT, deceased. Catalogues will be prepared in due Time. Particulars In a future Paper. N: I!. A HAY and STRAW YARD will be opened imme- diately at SOU HON HALL, for the Reception of Colls, « oung Cn'tle, & c. till May next, with convenient Shade, Water, & c. Likewise the Liberty of an extensive BOOSEY PASTURE: TERMS. £ s. Yearling Colts for Hay ...... 0 1 Two Years old Ditto 0 2 Yearling Calves for Straw 0 1 Stirks for Ditto 0 1 For Particulars a]. plv to Mr. B. DEAXIN, at Soulton Hall, who will appoint a proper Person to attend to the Cattle, See. d. per Week. • SALES'BY AUCTION. A most capital Farming; Stock, & c. BY T. VAUGHAN, On the Premises, without the least Reserve, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the fib, th and 9th Days of March, 1810- 1 4L. L the truly valuable and well selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, ' HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, See. belonging to Mr. W. BRADSHAW, of NEWTON, nelr Ellesmere, in the Coiinty of Salop' who is retiring from the Farming Business. Catalogues will be prepared in due Time, and Particulars will appear in a future Paper, At Catherine Green's, in Llandrillo, in ihe County of Meri- oneth, on Wednesday, the 14th Div of February, 1810, at four in ihe Afternoon, ACOMPACT DWELLING HOUSE, consist- ing of Four Rooms, in good Repair, with a < 3A. ftb. RfJ, ami about two Acres of excellent LAND adjoining, situate near the Village, in a pleasant, dry, healthful Spot near the River', nnd adjoining the Road between Bala and Corwen, in the' Holding of- John David. The Tenant (- who is under Notice to quit at May next) will shew the Premises; and fir Particulars apply. to Mr. THOMAS, Attorney at Law, Llanfyllin, - Montgomeryshire, WORCESTERSHIRE Kedewen lnclosure. HERCULES, RPO COVER this SEASON, at WORCESTER, A IP 10, at F; ve Guineas, and Five Shillings, CLEVELAND. He was < rot by Overton out of Charmer, the Dam of faxoni, and Cardinal York ; Overton was got by King Fergus, opt of a Herod Mare; King Fergus to- v - Eclipse, & c. Charmer was got by Phenomenon,. bv Herod, Grand dnm bv Filzherod, Herod, & c. great Grand daitl by Young Cade, Regolus, Snake, Patiner. &. C. C1,1? V KL AN I) is 15 Hands three Inches and a half hjpth « . iia « k brown, with black Legsj he is a perfect snaffle Bridle Horse,- with fine Action ; fiom bis Sivze and Powers is allowed to be as fine a Stallionas- any in the Kingdom. His Stuck, one Year old, is large; and promises to be very Valuable. . -•"-- When 3 Years old, CLEVELAND won 80 f! s. at Skipton, beating Sir H. Williamson's Colt by Hambleton, and Capt Chamberlain's Colt by Delpini; 60 Gs. at Malton, beating Sir Reginald; and JEM. beating Diogeues, Eliza, Helen, aod Mr. Robinson's Filly bv Abba Thulle; at 4 Years old Gs. at York, walked over; ,£ 50. at Lincoln, beatingSii Audiew, Buzzard, Shelah, and Marquis ; and 70 Gs nt Lincoln, beating Miss Cranfield, , » nd Ladv bird.; at 5 Years old, £ 50 nt Huntingdon, beating Rambler, Forester, brown Colt hv Sii Peter, and Dwarf; ,450. ai Northampton^ healing Garland iliid one other ; 7( 1 Gs at " Lincoln, heating Shu tleeock Luck'srall, « nd l ydia; at Doneaster, received 100Gs. forfeit, from Mr. T. Sykes's Gratitude; and 50 Gs. at Northallerton, beating Esther, and Celt, by Sir Peter, and Didapper; at 6 Years old, the Cup at Burton, carrying I2st. 61b. being the last time lie started. It is worthy of remark hat hi-, Legs were as. sound in all Respects and as perfect when taken out of Training as on the Grass and. Hay at 8s. per Week ; Corn i'f ordered. All Demandsto. be paid before the Mares are take it away. Apply to Jacob Jones, at his Livery Stables, Worcester. Turnpike Tolls. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising 1* » l the Toll Gates at Aston and Minsterlev, on the Turnpike Roads leading from Montgomery, thro'Westbury and Minsterley aforesaid, to Shrewsbury, will he LET by AUCTION to the best Bidder, at the Dwelling House of Mr. Daniel Weaver, in the Village of Wni then, in the County of Salop, on THURSDAY, the FIRST Day of MARCH hexi, between the Hours of three and five in the Afternoon, for one Oi- two Years, ns shall be then agreed upon, commencing at Ladv- Day next, in the Manner directed by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, for regulating the Turnpike Roads; which Tolls now produce tht Sum of .£ 220, and will be put up at ihat Sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the Satisfac- tion of the Trustees, for Payment of the Rent at such Times as they shall direct; and no Person will be allowed to bid unless his Sureties are present and approved of hy tiie Trustees. THOMAS WEAVER, Clerk to the Trustees of the said turnpike Roads. Jl'orlhen, 29th January, 1810. TO PAVIERS. TREGYNON AND LLANWYDDELAN Fencing, ,& c. of Allotments. THfe Commissioners have finally settled the. Allotments, Roads, Well,, Waters, Dri. ins. and other Works and Conveniences set'out bv them oii the Lands aud Grounds in each intcrcommoning District, within the Parishes. Of TREGYNON and LLANWYDDELAN, and their Orders and Directions thereon. And they have ordered, that the said Allotments shall he respectively fenced and mounded between the thirty- first Dav of December Instant, and the twenty- fifth Day of. March next, and be taken Possession of on ihe last- mentioned Day, and tlienciforth occupied in severalty by the respective Parties to whom they are alloted. DWYRHIEW • SALE OF ALLOTMENT. [_ Time altered."] The Commissioners will meet at the Bear's Head Inn, in Newtown, on TUESDAY, the 13th Div of February next, at two o'Olock in the Afternoon.- where thev will SELL BY AUCTION, A Piece of WASTE LAND, on RHOS DWYRHIEW, in Dwyrhiew Township, in Manason Parish, containing five Acres, bound d on the North- Cast by' the Road leading out of the Turnpike Road between Llanfair and Cefn Coch at' the Bottom of Coeducha- towards Craic Pennarth, in Llanfair Parish ; on tjie- South bv the Road from Ihe Launt into the said Road ; and on the West by an Allotment made to Joseph Lyon. Esq. William Gittins, of Llwynrhyddod. . will shew tbe Land ; and further Paiticulars may be had of Mr HUMPHREYS, Land Surveyor, Rectory, Berriew; or of Mr. EDYE, Solicitor, Montgomery. E. EDYE;- Commissioners' Clerk, . Moirtgnrnery, 13th December, 1809. " Freehold Estate. BY JONATHAN- PERRY, On Saturday the 10th Day of February. 1810, at the Fox I nil. Shrewsbury, 1' between the Hours of Five and Six o'CIock ill the' Afternoon, - subject to Conditions, and ill one or more Lots, as shall he fixed upon at Ihe Time of Sale, ( unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given)' i 6fc. A VERY eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, com- '.• r*. prizing a Convenient Farm House, Barns;, Stables, and other necessary Outbuildings in most excellent Repair, and 170 Acres or thereabouts, of good Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land ; the Whole of wliich is TITHE FREE, situite at LYTHWOOD, ia the Parish of Condover, in the County of Salop, in the Occupation of Mr, GEORGE BROUGHAM.. The above Farm is 3 Miles distant from Shrewsbury, and near to the several Roads leading to the Towns of Ludlow and Bishop's Castle, and close to Lime and Coal.— There is a Vein of Coal running under Part of this Estate. For a View of the Estate apply to the Tenant, Mr. GEO, BROUGHAM. ; and further Particulars mav be had by Appli- cation to Messrs 1' P. MBERroN. and COUPLAND, Shrewsbury,- where a Map of the Estate ma\~ fiir seen. ' turnpike Tolls: NOTICE is hereby given, That. the Tolls arising at the Toll Gates upon the Turnpike Roads leading from Shrewsbury to Prees, Catwall, and Crudgington, in the* County of Salop, called or known by the several' Names of >' d Heath, Harlescott, Berwick, Catwall, Crudgington, Hallo— va: , and Frees Gates, will he LET- BY AUCTION to the •- est Bidders at the ' Dwelling -' House of Mr. Morris, at ' HAWKSTONE INN, on FRIDAY, the 16th Day of FEBRU- ARY, 1810, between the Hours of twelve and three o'CIock i'f the - ame Day, In the Manner directed by the Act passed in tbe 13th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George- the Third, 11 for regulating the Turnpike Roads."— i Whoever happens lo be the best Bidder, must at the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to tbe Satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct.. FRANCIS ALLEN, Clerk to the Trustees. Oak Timber and Underwood. BY JONATHAN PERRY, In one Lot, at the Bowling Gieen. :, in Uffington, ou Tuesday,; the 18th Day of. February, 1810, between the Hours of Three andFive in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions; as shall be then produced : OAK TIMBER TREES, fit for Laths, Hurdles, See. &, e. beipjrexcellent Cleft, now grow- ing in a certain Coppice near Battlefield, called Chevy Chase.— Also, 13 ACRES and upwards of well grown OAK POLES and1 UNDERWOOD, in the same Coppice; which is situate on the Hadnall Road, leading from Shrews- bury to Wlii'church, within Two Miles distance of the Shrewsbury Canal and of the River Severn, The Oak Trees intended to be S'jiif are numbered with white Paint; iuid the Timber Trees and Poles to stand, ate lin'ged with the like Paint. Mr. Thomas Evans, of Sundorn, or Mr. Salter, of Battlefield, . will shew the Timber and Coppice ; and for further Particular apply lo Messrs.' MAddoCK and SIMES, Shrewsbury. A valuable and superior Farming Stock, BY CHURTON, On Wednesday. Thursday. Fridpy, and- Saturday, the 21st, 22d, 23d, and 24th Days of February, 1810, LL the well known, choicely selected LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy and Brewing Vessels, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, the Property of the late Mr. N1CKSON, at THE STOCKS, near Ellesmere, iu the County of Salop, ( deceased) ; consisting of 24 well bred Calving Cows and Heifers, one Barren Cow, Stirks, Yearling Calves, one high- bred Bull; eight young valuable Waggon Horses, t « o most excellent Riding . Mares, one ditto Horse, rising five years old, two<; apii. al Hack Colts, ( for Particulars, see Catalogue); 26 Sheep, in Lots; ill- pig Sow, one Brawn ; three Waggons, ( one; pf wjiieh. is nearly new, with Iron Anns,) two capital Road Caits, with. Iron Arms, three liroad- wheeled ' Tumbrels, Land Roller, three Ploughs, one Water- fuirowing ditto, four Pair of Harrows, jo Sets of Horse Gears, upwards of 100 Bags, in. Lots; with an uncoinmon large Assortment of other Implements dn Husbandry, together with all the valuable Dairy and Brewing Utensils aud Casks, neat and genuine Household Furniture, and other Effects. Catalogues will be prepared in due time, and may be had at the following Inns, & e. viz. the Bridgewater Arms, and Red Lion, Ellesmere; Bowling Green, Overton; Golden Lion, Wrexham; Red Lion, Malpas; Talbot, Wem ; Oak, Hanmer; Fighting Cocks, Oswestry; on the Premises ; and of THE AUCTIONEER, Whitchurch, Shropshire: The. above well- bred Cows are.- in hi_; h Condition, noted! Milkers, and upon . early Note for Cheesing. The Waggon and Hack Horses, scarcely to be equalled in the County.— The Implements, Dairy Vessels, Household Furniture, are io a high State of Preservation. kjf The Sale to cunmence, each Morning, precisely at 10 o'CIoek 1251 capital Oak Timber Trees, Now growing in. the Hamlet of BERRINGTON, in the Parish of Tenbury, and County of Worcester, At the Swan Inn, in Tenbury. ou Wednesday, tlW 21st of February, 1810, at three o'Clock irt the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as shall be tllen and there produced, in the following Lots: BY MR. DAVIS, LOT 1. 91 1 OAK TREES, statiditigon the Hays carrn. A 1 in the Occupation qf Mr. Thomas Price, and oil Lands adjoining, Scribe- marked, and numbered from 1 tp 311, progressively. LOT II. 312 OAK TREES, growing on Berrington Court Farm, in tile Occupation of Mr. John Pitt, and on other Lands in the Occupation of Mr. Philip Hill, Scribe- marked, and numbered progressively from 312 to 6' i3, both inclusive. LOT IU. 309 OAK TREES, growing on Lpnds in the Oc- cupation of Mr. John Steward, of Lower Berrington, Mr. Edward Steward, Qf the same Place, and in Ragnall, Little and Great Greeton, and Cow Leasow Coppices, Scribe- marked, and numbered,. progressively from 624- to 932, both inclusive. LOT IV. 319 OAK TREES, growing in the Hays Coppice on the Hays Farm, Scribe- marked, and numbered progres- sively from 933 to 1251, both inclusive. ' The above Timber is of excellent Quality, Comprising a large Quantity of capital Cleft, and Oak well adapted for Quarter Boards ; likewise Trees of remarkable great Lengths, fit for Naval and other valuable Purposes. The- respective Tenants on the above- mentioned Farms, will shew the Timber ; and for other Particulars apply to. the AUCTIONEER, at Eastham, near Tenbury. Buckley Fire Brick Manufactory, NEAR MOLD, FLINTSHIRE. Turnpike Tolls. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls arising at the Toll Gales hereunder- mentiotied-, on tlie Roads in the Western Division of the third District of the Montgo- mery and Bishop's Castle Roads, in the Counties of Mont- gomery and Salop, Will - be LET BY AUCTION to the best Bidders, it the House of William Read, known by the Sign of . the.- Dragon, in, Montgomery, on THURSDAY, tile EIGHTH' Dav of MARCH next, at eleven o'CIock iu the Forenoon, tor one Year fu sn Lady Day next, iu thr. manner directed by the Act pa- sed in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of his Ma- jesty King George the Third, for regulating the ' Turnpike Roads; which Tolls ate now let for the respective yearly Sums following ; vz. C Stalloe and Sarnybryncaled Gates on the Road to Pool, 252 Montgomery Gate on the Road to Chiibuiy, 70 Aylesford Gate on the R'. ad to Marton, 52 ChurchstokeGate'ou tbe Road from Bishop's Castle to Fordcn, 54 Chirbuiy and Rhydygroes Gates on the same Road, 114 Whoever happens to he the best Bidder for the Tolls of any or either'of the Gates, must give Security with sufficient Stireiies to- the Satisfaction of the'Trustees, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, at such Time;, as they shall direct; and no Person will be allowed to bid who does not produce his Sureties at the Time of the Auction. FRANCIS ALLEN, Montgomery, February 1, 1810, Clerk to the Trustees. Ellesmere, BY JONATHAN PERRY, At the Bridgwater Arms Inn, i*. lillesmere, in the County of Salop, oiiTuesday, the 27ih of February, Instant, at four o'Clock in- Ihe Afternoon : CERTAIN DWELLING HOUSES and other Premises, situate in Scotland Street, in - the Town of: Ellesmere aforesaid, io the several Occupations of Mr. Tho- mas Griffiths, " and his Undertenants. Also, TWO PIECES^ or PARCELS of LAND, situate in or adjoining the Town of Ellesmere, called Mill Hill Mount, and Mill Hill Bank; com-: mauding an extensive and- delightful View of the surround-: ng Country, and most desirably adapted for the Erection of genteel Residence, iu tiie Occupation of tbe said Mr. Thomas Griffiths, or his Undertenants. Further Particulnrs'will be published, and may be had oil Application to Messrs, MADDOCK and' SIMES, Shrewsbury. TIMBER. BY CHURTON, On Thursday, the 1st Day of March, 1810, at the Bull and Dog inn; Ellesmere, in the C'uuuty of Salop, ot 3 o'CIock in the Afternoon, and subject to Conditions then to be produced j ALL those 44 MAIDEN OAK TREES, suitable for Cleft, Bend- ware Plank, oi other valuable Purposes ; 8 ASH, and I WTTHY TREE, scribe- marked and numbered, growing oii an Estate called the GADLES. in the Township of Eastwick, and Parish of Ellesmere,; now in the Holding of Mr. John Jones, Tanner, who wilt shew . the Timber. N. B. The above Timber lies withiu two Miles of the Ellesmere Canal and up to a good Road,— For further Parti- culars apply to THE AUCTIONEER, Whitchurch, Salop, NOTICE is hereby given, that any Person wishing to Contract for the RE- PAVING of the . STREETS in the Town of OSWESTRY, in the County of Salop, containing from twelve to fifteen Thousand Square Yards, are desired lo send their Proposals in Writing sealed op, to Mr E. EDWARDS, Solicitor in Oswestry, on or before the FIRST Day of MARCH next, in order that the same may be laid before the Commissioners of the Street Act, at their Meeting to be held at the Guildhall, in the said Town, on Friday, the 2d Day of Maicb next. A Specification or Plan of the Work may be seen, and the Manner of executing the same known, upon Application to Mr. THOMAS JONES, Surveyor, in Oswestry. Persons delivering Proposals are requested to attend, by themselves or Agents, at the Guildhall, on the said 2d Day of March, precisely at eleven o'CIock. By Order of the Commissioners, E. EDWARDS, Clerk. Osrecstry, 5th February, 1810. Livestock oj the first Quality, & c. BY CHURTON, On the Premises, on Tuesday, Wedne- day, and Thursday, the 20th, 21st, and 22d Davs of March, 1810 : ALL that superior and weli bred LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS in HUSBANDRY, Dairy and B- ewing lltenfiils, Casks, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects, the Property of Mr, BOODLE, of WHIXAL HALL, in the Parish of Prees, and County of Salop.— Descriptive Particulars wiil appear in a future Paper. At Mr. Foepel's, Commercial Tavern, Chester, on Saturday, the 24th Day of February, 1810, at three o'Clock: The Interest in an unexpired Lease of 13 Years, THE BUCKLEY FIRE BRICK KILNS, A situate nine Miles from Chester, with a Right of Rail Road to the River Dee, late iii the Possession Of ROBERT BERKS, Esq. deceased, together with 25 Acres of Clay- Land; three Cottages for Workmen, a commodious Count- ing House with two Rooms above, a Stable, and Workshop.-- The Advantages of this Concern are numerous— amongst others—' he Connections in the Trade are of the first Respec- ability in England, North. and South Wales, and capable of being - rendered much more extensive— the average'Profits of the last three Years have amounted to upwards of £ tj > 0 per Annum, independent of the Estate, and by electing a Steam Engine to grind, the Clay, a considerable Expense might be saved j Collieries nearly adjoining the Works; the. Clay is excellent, and apparently inexhaustible; in short, tu » spirited Man it is a most desirable Undertaking. There are nine Kilns, three. Clay Mills, three Sheds with Flues under to dry tbe Articles in wet Seasoes- a large Assort - ment of Molds, Barrows, & c. which are to be taken by the Purchaser at a fair Valuation. The Business is still carried on, and immediate Possession may be had afier the Sale.— For further Particulars apply to Mr. BROSTER, Chester ; or Mr. HOLMES, the Clerk of tlie Works, who will shew the Premises. BY S. TUDOR, On the Premises, at MEOLF, hear Shrewsbury, 011 Monday, the 19th, and Tuesday, the' 2() th Instant: ALL the valuable HOUSEHOLD GOODS and FURNITURE, consisting of Fourpost, Wardrobe, and Bureau Bedsteads, with Cotton and Moreen Furniture, capital Bedding, Blankets, Counterpanes, & c. ; Mahogany Bureaus and Boukcases, with Mahogany and Glass Doors; two very good Seis of Dining ' Tables, Dressing Ditto, Mahogany over the Rail, and loose seated Chairs; Turkey, Brussels, and Scotch Carpets; Pier, Chimney, and Swing Glasses; toge- ther with Kitchen Furniture, Brewing Vessels, See. & c. be longing tp the late JOHN BATHER, Esq. deceased: Ca talogues of which will be piepared, and delivered in due Time, and may be had of THE AUCTIONEER. Shrewsbury, 6th February, 1810, Capital Live Stock, Implements in Husbandry Household Furniture, Brewing and Dairy Utensils, Kc. SCc. To be Sold by Auction, BY JOSEPH RHODEN, On the Premises, ( without ihe least Reserve) belonging to Mrs. SARAH TURNER, of the SWAN and FALCON INN, MUCH WENLOCK, who is retiring froln Business, ou Monday, the 19th Day of February, 1810, and on tbe following Days, till the Whole is disposed of: CONSISTING of three excellent barren Cows, some young Cattle; five capital Waggon Horses ; seve- ral Lots of Ewes and Lambs, ditto to Lamb; Harvest and other Waggons, Carls, Tumbrels, Ploughs, Harrows, Sec. and every Assortment of Implements in Husbandry.— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE consists of several very excel- lent Goose Feather Beds, handsome Bedsteads, with Man- Chester and pther Hangings, Bed Linen, Blanke. ts, Counter- panes ; Table Linen, See. several elegant Mahogany and other Tables, ditto Chairs ; Pier and - Swing Glasses ; a large Quantity of China ; also of Ale ? ud Wine Glasses, in Lots; many very valuable Hogsheads, Half- hogsheads, and Casks and Barrels of various Sizes ; Brewing Utensils of every De- scription, nnd a very general Assortment nf Articles of useful and ornamental Household Furniture : tile Whole of which will positively be Sold without the least Reserve. The Outstock wjll be sold first; and the Sale to begin each Morning at ten o'CIock. TIMBER. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross Foxes Inn, Oswestry, in tbe County of Salop, on Wednesday, the 21st Day ot February, 1810, at four o'CIock iu the Afternoon, in the following Lots, and sub- join 10 such Conditions as shall be then produced : On Treflach Farm in the Holding of John Davies. _ LOT 1. CAPITAL OAK TREES, 7+ ASH, 11 ELM, and 5 SYCAMORE LOT II. 136 Capital OAK. TREES, 167 ASH, 19 ELM, and 4 SYCAMORE. LOT III. 166 Capital OAK TREES, 104 ASH, 15 ELM, and 1 Oak Pollard. LOT IV. .162 Capital OAK TREES, aud 3 ASH. On Lands near Woodhill, in the Holding of Lazarus Venables, Esq. LOTV. 146 Capital OAK TREES, and 23 ASH. On a Farm in the Holding of John Davies, of the Nant. Lor VI 84 Capital OAK TREEs, 28 POLLARDS, 55 ASH, 4 ELM, and 1 Sycamore. LOT VII. 59 CapitafOAK ' TREES, and 20 ASH. On a Farm called Coed- Dugga, in the Holding of Thomas Sides. LOTVIII. 10 Capital OAK TREES, 1 ASH, 9 ELM, 2 SYCAMORE, 2 LIMETREES, and 4 0AK POLLARDS. ' The Trees are all marked and numbered with a Scribe ; most of the Oak are remarkably long, fit for Ship Plank and other Purposes. The Timber is about 2 Miles from the EHes- mere Canal, the same Distance from Oswestry, and near to the Turnpike Road. Mr. John Davies, of Treflach, or Mr. Hughes, White Lion Inn, Oswestry, will shew the Timber; and further Particulars may be had by applying to Mr. ASTERLEY, Solicitor, Shrews- bury. Montgomeryshire— Timber. BY DAVIES AND SON, At the House of Mrs. Mary Hughes, Innkeeper, in the Town of Llanfyllin, in the County of Montgomery, upon Thurs- day, the ! 5th Day of February, 1810, between the Hours of three aud six in the Afternoon, subject to such Con- ditions, and in one or more Lots, as shall then be agreed upon; OAK Timber Trees, 79 ASH Trees, 14 t)( U SYCAMORE Trees, and 5 ALDER Trees, Scribe- numbered, growing on Bodyddon Farm, in the Parish of Llaufyllin, in the said County. The Oak are of great length, perfectly sound; and fit for Merchant Plank and Cleft, Bodyddon is situated . about two Miles from the Market Town of Llanfyllin, about one Mile from the Turnpike Road which leads through the said Town to tbe Montgomeryshire Canal, anil distant from the Canal about nine Miles. Mrs, Roberts, the Tenant, will appoint a Person to shew the ' Timber; and Particulars may be had by applying at the Office of Mr. J. THOMAS, in Llanfyllin, or of Mr. THOMAS DAVIES, ill Myfod. BY MR. OWEN, At tbe Dwelling House of Mr. Thomas Cartwright, the Sign ot the White Bear Inn, in Hodnet, in the County of Salop, on Monday, the 19th Day of February, 1810, between the Hours of four and six in tbe Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then produced : SEVERAL Pieces or Parcels of LAND, situate in the ' Township of WOLLERTON, and Parish of Hodnet, in the County of Salop, in tbe following Lots. Lor I. A Piece of LAND, called the Beach Hill Cote, containing 7A. OR. 8P. LOT II. A Piece of LAND, called the Long Hill Cote, con- taining 5 A. OR. 26 P. LOT HI. A Piece of LAND, called Middle Hill Cote, 9A. 2R. 35 P. A Meadow adjoining, called the Hill Cote Meadow, 4 A. OR. 36P. The Timber to be taken at a fair Valuation. There is a Common Right upon the Wolleft on Part of Marchoinley Wood, belonging to the above Land. Possession may be bad at Lady Day next. Mr. Thomas Cartwright will shew the Land ; and for further Information apply to Mr. JOHN PACE, of Hodnet aforesaid. Freehold Estates in Wales. At the Unicorn Inn, in the Town of Machynlleth,' ou Satur- day, the 24th Day of February, 1810, In the County of Merioneth. LOT ,1. Annual Rent, A N ESTATE, called TONFANNEY, in liie Parish of Clymn, iu the Occupation of £. s. d. Mr. John Vanghan, 150 0 0 Lor II. BONYRAER, add CWMYGULE, ill the Parish of Pennal, in the Occupation of Robert Jones ... LOT III. PENYPINNER, in the said Parish of Pennal, in the Occupation of Simon Thomas ... Lots 11. and III. are within a Mile and half of the Town of Machynlleth. In the County of Montgomery. LOT IV. TYNYRWTTRA, RHOSCILIWICK, and FELIX TURNER, in the Parish of Tref- cgUvvn, in the Occupation of Nicholas Bennett LOTV. WHITE LION, and YNYSCYNNIN, in the Town and Parish of Machynlleth; the Farm in the Occupation of Catharine Lewis, Widow ... 1 N. B. A Fee- farm Rent of 6s. 8d. is payable to the Owner ot this Estate. LOT VI. A HOUSE in tlie Town of Machyn- lleth, in the Occupation of Robert Lumley and John Lewis ... 40 0 0 IS 0 0 10 6 SO 0 0 Shrewsbury, February 2, 1810. THE LADIES and GENTLEMEN of this Neighbourhood are most respectfully informed, that from the Meeting of Parliament at this Crisis, the great Demand in London for Tickets and Shares has already created a Scarcity, and most probably the unsold Stock at the Lottery Offices in this Town will be sent for to supply the Metropolis; therefore the Contractor with Government earnestly recommends an immediate Purchase, to prevent Disappointment, as there were but 5,000 . Numbers at first, most of which are already sold, and the Lottery must be drawn on WEDNESDAY, the 14th Instant. BY GLOVER AND SON, At the Cross Keys Inn, in Oswestry, in the County of Salop, on Thursday, the 22il Day of March, 1810, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, iu such Lots as shall be then fixed : SEVERAL Excellent PIECES of LAND, con tabling eighty- four Acres or thereabouts, in the LIBER- TIES of the TOWN of OSWESTRY, and in the Parishes of Whittington and Sylattyn, in the said County of Salop; the principal Parts of which are near to the Town of Oswestry. Further Particulars may be had of M . LEWIS JONES, of Oswestry; if Enquiry is uiije by Letter, the Post- as^ must be paid. Capital Timber. 100 At Hawkstone Inn, in the County of Salop, on Tuesday, 27th February, 1810, between the Hours of 3 and 6 iu the After- noon : LOT 1. OAK TREES, now marked and numbered, in the Hayes Roughs, and Lands adjoining, near to Hodnet. LOT II. 100 OAK TREES, in the Old Coppice, near Weston I. OT III. 140 Ditto, in Brockhurst Farm ai. d Coppice, near Wem. LOT IV. 165 Ditto, in Mr. Micklewright's Farm, or near adjoining, near Prees. LOT V. 43 ASH TREES, ditto ditto. LOT VI. 70 Ditto, in Brockhurst Farm. LOT VIL 36 Ditto, in Brockhurst Coppice. Tne above Timber is mostly of large Dimensions, well situated for Roads, and not far fiom the Shrewsbury and - Ellesmcre Canals: may be viewed, aud further Particulars known, by applying to JOSEPH IKYN, at Hawkstone. & 0' P County of Cardigan. LOT VII. LLWYNKRWN, i. i ihe P. oish of Llanfihangel; in the Occupation uf John Thomas 9 0 0 On several of the Lots there are Coppices of thriving young Oak, which will in Time become very valuable. The Estates are let at very model ate Rents, and are capable of great Improvement, The iespective Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars enquire of the Rev. ROBERT DAVIES, Towyn ; and of Messrs. GRAHAM, KINDERLEY, aud DOMVILLE, Lincoln's Inn, London. At the House ot Mrs. Howells, me Eagles Inn, in the low i of Pool, in the County of Montgomery, on Mond iv, the 5th Day of March next, at 6 o'Ciock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions to be then produced : ~ 1HE INHERITANCE in FEE SIMPLE of and in all that the before- meutioned well accustomed and well situated INN, and SADDLER'S SHOP, with the adjoining Blacksmith Shop and Dwelling House, in the Occupation of Edward Gardner, and the Yard and Slables to the said Inn, Blacksmith Shop, and Dwelling House be- longing. together with n PEW or Seal, containing tour Sitting Plates, in the Parish Church of Pool aforesaid. For further Particular apply to Mrs. HOWELLS, on the Premises; or to Mr. DAVID JONES, or Mr. NICHOLLS, both of Pool aforesaid. T On a Day hereafter to be mentioned, at the Crown Inn, in Bridgnorth, in the County of Salop, between the Hours of 10 and 11 in the Foienoon: ABOUT 500 OAK, and 500 ASH TIMBER TREES, now growing on the Estates of Mr. John De- verel, and Mrs. Smith, in the Parish of Sidbury, iu the County of Salop, The above- mentioned Timber is of the tirst Sort, and in the best Condition imaginable. Most of the Oak is well calcula- ted for the Use of the Navy. The whole will be put up in Lots, and sold according to such Conditions as will be publish- ed, in due Time, previously 10 the Sale. Sidbury is five Miles from Bridgnorth, nine from Bewdley, and is near the River Severn. For a View uf the Timber, and further Particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN DAVEREL, at Sidbury. HOUSE OF LORDS— MONDAY, JANUARY 29. Col. Drinkwater attending at the bar nf the House, with the 10th and 11th Reports of the Commissioners of Military En- quiry,' the first concerning the Royal Military Hospital; and ; the other, concerning Ihe Adjutant and Quarter . Master's De- ' partment".~ The Earl of Liverpool requested leave to put off the Vote of Thanks to Lord Gambier, which stood for to- night, on account . nf the indisposition of Lord Mulgrave ; I which was granted.-— The Marquis of LANSDOWNR said, that as an enquiry. fanrl he was bound to suppose it would be a full and sufficient enquiry.) was about to he entered into, with re- gard to the late unfortunate Expedition, nnd as the authors of ' it would most probably be brought judicially before their Lord- . ships, he would withdraw the notice he had given, ' of moving for a Committee of the whoie House on the Expedition to the j Scheldt, reserving to himself a power of moving for such n I Committee, if the enquiry in the other House should be found insufficient. ' HOUSE OF COMMONS. Lord COCHRANE said, be would briefly state the reasons which induce him to call for the production of the minutes of the Court Martial on Lord Gambier, before the House came to a Vote' of Thanks for the services of that noble lord. From them he'would shew, that the Court had been guilty of the grossest partiality ; that the directions given by the Court, were illegal; that evidence was given contrary to law, and was admitted ; and that the grossest contradictions, on oath, appeared on the face of the proceedings. Sir F. Burdett seconded the motion. Mr. LYTTLETon instanced the case nf Captain Morris, in 1744, in which the House had revised the proceedings of a' Court Martial, ford declared them partial, arbitrary, and illegal. When these minutes were produced, they needed not to go into the merits of the Court, but they might see grounds for not voting thanks to Lord Gambler — The motion was refused, as being in direct violation of the most sacred rule of British jurisprudence, that a man once tried and acquitted can never be tried again for tbe same offence. Mr, PERCEVAL then moved " That the Thanks of the House be given to Lord Gambier. for the zeal, judgment, ability, and anxious attention to the service, which he dis- played in Basque Roads, where lie succeeded in'destroying some of the ships of the enemy, in driving others on shore, and disabling the remainder." After a desultory debate, the question being loudly called for, strangers were ordered to withdraw, tied the House divided, when there appeared — Ayes 161-^ Noer 39— Majority 122. Mr. MANN complained of a list which had been published iu the newspapers, of the names of the several members who voted on the different sides of the question, upon the two for- mer night's discussions, which he said was riot merely incor. rect as to the persons who voted, but what he chiefly com plained of was, the continents that were made against each member's name, by marks, distinguishing those who repre- sented counties, and populous" towns, and boroughs fro o others. This he considered exceedingly indecorous, and such as no editor could justify— Mr. Creevey. so far from thinking this a brrach of privilege, referred the House to a precedent in the reign of William III. when it was ordered by the Home, that the names of the members who voted should be printed, in order that the country might know who did their duty, and who did not. Mr. WILBERFORCE rejoiced that the practice hail begun in old times, and he hoped it would long continue; but it ought to be a practice with some degree of correctness.—- Mi. PONSONBY expressed the greatest satisfaction at hearing so much anxiety expressed for the opinion of their Constituents; it seemed to him as if gentlemen were desirous of meeting the • wishes of their Constituents. " He deprecated misrepresenta- tion as'- much as any man, and when tt appeared wilful, would reprehend it.— The CHANCELLOR of the Exchequer trusted the House were always attentive to the opinions of their Constituents, hut coqld not see why the right hon. gentleman should exult so much on the present occasion. When any complaint was made of misrepresentation, it should he at- tended to ; but when the right hon. gentleman stated that no inconvenience could arise from it, he wuuld ask what was become of the privileges of that House, if an hon. member was grossly misrepresented ? it supporting the dignity of the House, th'- t he should merely explain himself, and the party be permitted to repeat his calumny with impunity ? — Mr. PONSONBY, in explanation, said, that begging the right hon. gentleman's pardon, he had most grossly misre presented every word of his speech.— 1The CHANCELLOR of the Exchequer explained.— Mr. WHITBREAD could not but remark the anxiety. of honourable members to stand well with their Constituents; be never had heard this anxiety expressed " so feelingly before, except about the last five or six weeks of a session, and the House could not but observe, that this feeling was much more alive and more consonant with the feelings of the country since the last division took place As to the breach of privilege, he thought it unbecoming any roembei of Parliament to take notice of such things, and he ventured to say, that , however misrepresented they might he, by tine side or the other yet, between both, the country was enablee' to make a very fair estimate of the ability and integrity of their Representatives; and although some were inclined to draw nice distinctions, his wish was to have all ttlt ir proceedirg> rnade as public AS possible.— Mr. BANKS thought there cou d be no doubt but this- was- a violation of the privileges of the . House, nevertheless be » m most anxious to give the utmost publicity to all their proceedings.— There being no question before the House, the SPEAKER interfered, and the matter dropped. The Vote of Thanks to Lord Wellington was then postponed to Thursday— Adjourned at half- past ten. TUESDAY, JANUARY 30. At ten o'clock, the SPEAKER accompanied by the House, attended Divine Service, in St. Margaret's Church, West minster; where a sermon preached on the occasion by / the Rev. Charles Proby, Chaplain of the House At one the Speaker returned, but there not being members enough pre sent to constitute a House, be adjourned it till four o'cltc'k. At that hour, the Speaker having taken the Chair, several private petitions weie presented, and referred to Committees, i— Mr. WHARTON brought up the Report of the Resolution of the Committee ot Supply yesterday, " That a Supply be granted to his Majesty." The Resolution was agreed to* em. con. Mr. Wharton then moved, in the usual form, for the Estimates, Ordinary and Extraordinary, for the service of the Navy, Ordnance, and Guards and Garrisons, for the year.— Ordered accordingly. HOUSE Of COMMONS— WEDNESDAY, JAN. 31. ' Mr. CALCRAFT noticed various rumours thnt were afloat respecting - delates'ion in the Ordnance Department; and he wished to know whether such had taken place, and whether they were before the Military Committee.—' The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER said, he - had ordered an enquiry to be marie On hearing of a defalcation taking place. It had been found that money was drawn irregularly, and the business was now before the Military Committee. - So far as any enquiry had as yet been- made, he believed it would be found til.' it vers little balance was due - to rhe public; and he was confi- dent the- public were not likely 1o be losers try this transac- tion. Care should, however, be taken to prevent, iu future, any improper application of the money in - the department in question. The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER rose to make bis pro. mised motion respecting private bills. In tlie first place it would he necestbiy to guard against the inaccurate shape in which such bills were brought before the House ; no'membt r being responsible for the same. For this purpose it would be necessary for the House to appoint tu o or three ol its clerks, with a fixed remuneration, whose business it should be to in- spect the bills, and see that they were correct before they were introduced, that they should nut, however, have any power to exact fees from the parties interested in the bills. He next purposed that one of the three clerks, certifying the regularity uf the bills, should be the person to whom notice must be certified as to the time of committing them. The next object was the correct engrossing of the bills; ami ibis WAS also to be left to one ol the established clerks He should also propose fees to the clerks for their trouble. At present! he should move tor the appointment of a Select Committee to consider of providing more effectually fur the accuracy ol private bills, and to regulate the fees to be paid lor the same. Agreed to. Lord PORCHESTER moved, that Sir Eyre Coote, Sir John Hope, Lieut, Gen. Don, Capt. Squire, of tbe Engineers, Capt. Owen, of the Navy, Sc. & c. do attend the House ; and that Gen. Grosvenor and Sir Home Popham be desired to' attend in their places, on the Enquiry into the Expedition to Walcheren — Ordered— His lordship then moved that a mes- sage be sent lo the Lords, requesting that the Earl ol Rosslyn be permitted to attend. — Ordered. in a Committee of Supply, Mr. WARE moved, that 130.000 men be employed this year in the sea service. Ordered. He also stated, that some alterations uere necessarv in the sums voted fur weai and tear ol ships, wages, 4cc. La t year they were above eleven millions, This year a diminution ot one million would lake plai e. The number of seamen actu- ally serving last year exceeded 130,000 men by 13,000 inert. This number » ouid be reduced m the present year. There was also a g> ea> diminution in the expense ot building this year, horn what it was last year. He tlieu proposed to vote 2,? 99,7I% for wages iur 150,000 iueu.— Agreed to.— WARD also moved the sum of 3,° 92,6257. for victualling the seamen, 3,295,40( W. forwear and tear of ships; Msofhe several sums for ordnance for sea- service — These motions were agieed to, and the report was ordered to be received to- morrow Mr. BANKES moved, that the B II of last Session for pre venting of granting Offices in Reversion he read which being done, the hon. gentleman said, wh** n he rose the other day to trive notice of his intention to move for leave to bring in a Bill to make perpetual the Act ivhi'- h had ju> t been read ; lie had not the slightest idea that there would ibe any thing lik" opposition to it; and it was with infinite surprise and concern he heard his right hon. Friend ( the Chancellor of the Ex- chequer declare it was his intention toshorten such duration, by bringing in a Bill of his own for its continuance only one year longer. What reason his right hon. Friend could have, that had operated on his mhid to do so, he could not even pretend to guess; but whatever it mi:: ht be, he hoped and trusted it world not operate on the mind of the House, be cause he thonrht he cou'd shew, beyond a possibilitv ot contradiction, that it ought so to operate. In order to do this, it would only be necessary for him to give a eoncise history of this Bill, The hon. gentleman then entered upon a history of the bill, which had been twice thrown out from the Upper House. He then urged the arguments which had before been pressed for its adoption, and said that the same motives and principles existed for making it perpetual: and upon thene - grounds he would move, " that leave be given to bring'in a Bill, to mnke perpetual the Act which had been just read."— Mr. H. THORNTON, considered ' he Bill rrs verv advantageous to the public, and not at all injunous to the prerogative of the Crown and should beg leave to second the motion.— The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER opposed it, nnd moved as a Amendment, that instead of the word " perpetual," the words "- be continued for a time to be limited," be substituted.— Mr. PONSONBY, Mr. D. GIDDY, and Sir S ROMILLY, sup- ported the original motion ; which, ON the question being put, was carried without a Division. Mr. BANKES theu rose to move for the re- appointment of the Finance Committee. As to the appointment of Hie Committee, and investing it with tbe necessary powers, he could not anticipate any objection. It was, however, evi- dently very material to consider who were tbe persons to whom tbe House would be disposed to delegate this authority. He did not think the efficiency of such a Committee would depend on its numbers; and although on the last Committee, every member had exercised the power vested in him according to bis br- 1. discretion, yet he would say that, it appeared to him, that no good seemed likely tn result from putting into the sarne Committee, persons of directly opposite sentiments. Instead of producing any good, it only led to endless discussions.—: He had taken the liberty of drawing up a list of names of those members, whom he would wish to propose as member^ i of theCommitt. ee. lie v/ as : tt the same time so sensible of the inconveniences of persons of directly- opposite sentiments \ being on a Committee, that he would much rather the Com-: mittee should be - Chosen entirely from the other side, than' that it should be arranged in the manner the last was. He proposed that it should consist of;! 5 members, and conclud- ed by naming the following gentlemen ; Mr. Henry Thorn- ton, Mr Biddulph, Mr. Sturges Bourne, Mr. Brogden, Mr. Cavendish, Mr, Thomas Baring, Mr. Alderman Combe, Mr. Milnes, Mr. Chas. Ellis, Mr. Peele, Mr. Giddy, Mr Bathurst, and two others.>— The CHANCELLOR of the Ex'- CHEQUER WISHed it to consist of 21, including the 15 member- of the former Commiittee, and proposed that instead of Lord H. Petty, ( now Marquis of Lansdowne) Mr. Ward should be substituted. The six new names he should offer were, Mr. Peele and Mr. Giddy, ( two of those proposed by Mr. Bankes) Mr Patteson, Mr. C. Dundas, Mr. G. Wynn, and Mr. Howorth.- After some debate, Mr. Bankes, Mr. Thornton and Mr. Biddulph were unanimously voted to be on the Com- mittee. Instead of Mr. S. Bourne, The CHANCELLOR ofrthe EXCHEQUER proposed Mr. Isaac Hawkins Browne ; on which a division took place— for Mr. Browne 98, against him 107— majority's. Another division took place . on a motion of the CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER for substituting' the name of Mr. H. Ley cester for that of Mr. Cavendish.— Ayes 103, Noes 108— majority 5. A third division also took place on a motion of the same member, for introducing the name of Mr. Dennis Browne in the room of Alderman Combe Ayes 104, Noes 117 majority 13.— The other names in Mr. Bankes's list were then agreed to, and the House adjourned. FASHIONS FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN . Evening, or full Dress.— A purple velvet round robe with demi- traine and long sleeves ; bordered round the bottom, bosom and wrists with narrow gold lace. A Spanish hat, composed of purple silk. or velvet, the same as the robe looped up in front with brilliants, and Ornamented with curled ostrich feathers. A capuchin cloak of white satin, trimmed entirely round with full swans- down. Diamond chain and cross; drop ear . rings aud bracelets of the same ; - gold chain and opera glass. Grecian slippers of white satin, trimmed with silver. Opera Dress.— A round robe of white or coloured crape, imperial net, or muslin, with white satin bodice, trimmed with gold or silver, or a bolder of small flowers. A wrapping mantle of fawn- coloured satin, trimmed entirely round with swansdown. Necklace, ear- rings, anil bracelets of pearl. Hair in dishevelled curls, confined with a diamond comb and ornamented with a Persian wreath of blended pearl and ame- thysts. — Slippers of faun coloured satin, with silver clasps. Opera fan of carved amber Fashions for Gentlemen. — Great Coats.— Great coats iic< generaMv worn- of olive, olive brown, dark bo'tle green, siti er- fine cloth, or superfine Bath- coating; single breastfed, with three or four straps in front ; cross flaps, and the poekets outside, pointed with, three buttons ; round cult-; the collar tocoine h'gh Up in the neck and padded ; the fall duwn collar only an inch and half deep. The waist is worn lunp, three inches below the hip- bone, and the skirts must reach to the bottom of the calf. Morning Coats —' The most fashionable colours for morning coats are olive brown, and blue. The lappels come down veiv low; pockets outside, under the cross- Haps, plain gilt buttons, five holes in the lappels to button all the way up; French riding sleeve, with three large buttons; the collar to come op high. Waistcoats.— The prevailing colours for waistcoats are white. India rib patent green |) riut, bull, with blue or black stupes, wide asunder. The\ ate bound with blark or blue si- k galloon, double- bit asted, with five or six holes, accoiding lo the length to button all the way up. Partaloons- are of blue or drab coloured stocking, figured. For brteches, drab colours are in tbe highest request^ made to come down low under the knee. BANKRUPTS— JANUARY 27. John Willis, ot Pudding- Lane, ' London, merchant, January 30, February 6. March 10, at Guildhall.— James Wainwright, now or late ol Sheffield, builder and brick- maker, ' February y, 10, March 10 at the Tontine Inn, Sheffield*— Joseph Richardson, at Birming- ham, dealer, February 8,9, March 10, at the Swan Tavern, Bull street, Birmingham.— William Morrish, of Bath, cheesemonger, February 10. 12, Man h 10. a the Greyhound Inn, Bath.— John Griffiths, of Hill, in the Parish of Milbrook, Hants, slater and builder, February 15, 16, March 10, at ihe Dolphin inn, Sonth- ampton.— Thomas Bingham, of Bath, tailor, February ti, 7, March 10, at the Full Moon Inn. Bath. - Joseph Riley, ol Mutton- lane, Hackney. Middlesex, baker, January 30, February 6, March 10, at Guildhall— Joseph Taylor, of Ware, Herts, oat Dealer, Febru- ar\ 3, 10, Maich 10, - t Guildhall, London.—- Samuel Raikes Jackson, of Birmingham, button maker and factor, February 2- 1, March 10, at . he Shakespear Tavcrn, Birmingham.— Thomas Haynes, ot Bristol, chemist and colourman, January 0, February 12, Match 10, ai the Bush Tavern, Bristol.— Robert Sellers, or Sculcoates, Yorkshire, grocer, January 30, 31, Marrh 10, a' the Neptune Inn, Kingston- upon- Hull.— Robert Collier, of Bond- Court, Walbrook, London, wine merchant, February 3, 10, Mar. h It), at Guildhall.— William Willcox, of Parson'. Green, Fulham, Middlesex, victualler, February 3, 17, March 10, al Guildhall George Ross, . ol New Basinghall- Street, London, merchant, Janu- ar\ 30, February 6, March 10, al Guildhall. — Charles Flude, oi Fenchurch- street, and of Old- street, Middlesex, hardwareman, January 30, February l0 March 10, at Guildhall— William Green, of Brown's- lane, Spitalfields, dyer and scowercr, February 3, 10, March 10, al Guildhall. JANUARY 30. J— Robert Purnell, now or late of Newent, Glo cestershire, tanner, February H, 15, March 13 at the Boothall inn, Glocester— John Gibson, late ot Liverpool, Lancashire, tailor and draps-, February 19,20, ftlarch 13, at the Globe Tavern, Liver- pool.— Robert Robinson, late el Kendal, Westmoreland, coal merchant, February 20, 2t, March 31, al the Commercial lim, Kendal.— William Appleton, junior, and, Edward Appleton, pi Smedley, Manchester, Lancashire, paper manufacturer? and bleachers, February 27, 28, March 13, al the Commercial lull, Manchester.— Thomas Stephenson, of Rochdale, Lancashi e, com- mon brewer, t'ebruary 23, 24, March 13, at the Mosley's Arms Manchester.— Thomas Rutlidge, of Reading, Berkshire, ha ler, February 3, 10, March 13, at Guildhall, London.— John Lyon, ol North Place, Gray's Inn Lane, Middlesex, money scrivene-, 1' i Oru- ary 6, i3, March 13, at Guildhall.— Robert Houlden, of St Mar- garet's Hill, Southwark, Surrey, linen draper, February 3, 10, March 13, al Guildhall.— John Ambler, junior, of Islington, Middllesex, horse dealer ano salesman, February 3, 13, March 13, at Guildhall— Henry Nicholson, of Charlton Crescent, Islington, Middlesex, merchant, February 3, 13, March 13, at Guildhall.— John Parsons, uf Bread- street Hill, Lonon, callenderer and clolh- worker Feb. 3, 10. . Vkrch 13, ai Guildhall — Thomas Phillips, ol Plough Court. Lombard- street, London, merchant, February 3, 14, March 13, at Guildhall^ DIETRICHSEN, I FASHIONABLE TAILOR, At . his Old- established House, 12, Rathbone- Place, Oxford Street, London, CONTINUES to make, ( for Ready Money only.) .' in his SUPERIOR and highly- improved Stile-.. f ctittins. Men of Fashions' Clothes, Ladies' Ridintr Habits, anil vonnr Gentlemen's Dresses, plain oi elegantly trimmed.— Countn Residents mav be informed It uv to transmit rhe'r Measur es by Post; and O'tiers from new Customers to be accompanied with a Remittance. TO YOUNG HOUSEKEEPERS . Tnsf Published, prior bonr, d « , THE FEMALE ECONOMIST, or a PLAIN SYSTEM of COOKERY, for the use of private Families. Bv Mrs SMITH. The design of this Publication is to supply a deficiency which has long been complained of, in the department of Cookery. The Receipts which have already appeared, are considered too expensive for ejeneral use. Tbe. orescnt collection having been used 10 advantage in the Family of the Authoress, they are now subm- tted to the Public, with the utmost con- fidence of success. If she can be service to Young House, keepers, in the important branch of Domestic manage- ment, her object will be accomplished. FOR THE TABLES OF THE GREAT. Just published, the sixth I d. tion, with considerable Additions, price 6d board*, THE COMPLETE CONFECTIONER, Or the whole Art of Confectionary made easy, with Instructions engraved on ten Copper Plates to decorate a Table with Taste and FJegance; aK- oReceipts for l iqueurs, Home Made Wines, & c. & c the result of many Years Experience with Messrs. NEGRI and Co. Berkeley Square. By FREDERIC NUTT, Esq. Also iust published bv the same Author, price fa. boards, THE IMPERIAL AND ROYAL COOK : consisting of the most sum - rtnons Made Dishes,. Ragouts, Fricassees, Soups, Gravies,"&, c. Foreign and English, includ- ing tbe latest improvements in Fashionable t. ife. London; printed for MATHEWS and LEIGH, 18, Strand; sold by W. Eddowes, Pi inter, Shrewsbury; and all Book- sellers in Town and ' Country HEALTH PRESERVED WITHOUT- QUACKERY. . Professor of Midwifery, in London, Author of tbe Practical Family Physician. Medical Remembrancer, & c. & c. Lontlon : pr- ived for P. CROSBY and Co. Stationers' Court, Paternoster Row ; an 1 sold bv EDDOWES, Wood, Newling, and Morris, Shrewsbury ; Houlston, Wellington; Smith. Iron Bridge; Silvester, Newport; Wright, Whitchurch ; the Book- sellers in Chester.; J. Painter, Wrexham; and bv all Booksellers, Stationers, and Newsmen, with a good Allow- ance < or Exportation. Capital Inn and Farm. TO BE LET, And may be entered upon at Lady Day next, THE EAGLE a D SERPENT ' INN, in Cleobury Mortimer, with about SEVENTY ACRES of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture [. AND contiguous to the Town, with convenient Farm Building? attached to the same. The saitl Inn is in good Repair, replete with suitable Offices and Stabling, situate in the most centrical Part uf Cleobury, through which there is a Communicate n by wav of Ludlow into South and North Wales, and Posting to the several Towns of Bridgnorth, Bewdley, Kidderminster, Tenbury, and the Hundred House, on the Road to Worcester. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. GROVES, Kinlet, near Bewdley. Turnpike Tolls. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Tolls- arising at the Toll Gates erected on ihe Turnpike Road leading from Harmer Hill tsthe End of Cotten Wood, commonly calleil w known by the several Names of the Tilley Gate, Creamore Gate, and Stone and Cross Gate, with the Side Gates, will be respectively LET BV AUCTION to the best Bidders, at the House of William Stockall, known by the Sign of the BLACK LION INN, in WEM, in the County of Salop, « n THURSDAY, the 22d Day of FEBRUARY nejc , between the Honrs of one and four o'CIock in the Afternoon, for one Year ; the Tilley Gate, and Stone nnd Cross Gate, with the Side Gates, to commence from the 25th Day of March next, and the Cream, ire Gate from the 1st DayofMay next, inMan- t. redirected by the Act passed in the 13th Year of the Reign of Ins present Majesty, for regulating theTurnpike Roads which Tolls produced tbe last Year the following Sums?— £. i d. Tilley Oate 119 17 5 Stone and Cross Gate, with the Side Gates 90 1 0 Creamore Gate 45 0 0 • above'the Expense of collectins, and will be put up at those Sums respectively. Whoever happen lo he tbe best Bidders, mu » t nt the same Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road, for Payment of the . Rents agreed for, and in such Manner as they shall direct. WILLIAM BICKERTON, Cierk to the Trustees of the sdtd Turnpike Road. Wem, January 1.% 1810. " REAL JAPAN BLACKING, Made by Day and Martin, London. THIS invaluable Composition, with hall lite usual Labour, produces the . most brilliant jet- black ever beheld; affords peculiar Nourishment to the Leather; will not soil tbe finest Linen ; is perfectly tree from any unplea- sant Smell; and will retain its Virtue in any Climate. Sold wholesale, by Day and Martin, removed to No, 97. High Holborn, London; aud re, tat) by their Aden's, W. EddOWES. Printer, and J. Palin, Shrewsbury; Partridge, Bookseller, Bridgnorth; Smith, Iron Bridge; Houlstons, Wellington; Owen, Boot- maker, Ludlow; Craig, Booksel- ler, Nantwich; Morgan, Stationer, Stafford ; Blown and Son, Grocers, Bersham; Smith, Stationer, Newcastle; flower aud Smart, Wolverhampton; Poole, Bookseller, Chester j and J. Painter, Wrexham ; in Stone bottles, price Is. 6d. each. BEAUTY AND HEALTH cannot be more essentially promoted than bv attending to The Preservation of the. Teeth. MR. NEWTON'S RESTORATIVE TOOTH POWDER having received the approbation of the first Nobility, Gentry, and a generous Public, bv an exten- sive consumption for a series of years, as well as the attestn tionuf its superior excellence, from the analysis of its com- ponent parts, - by tbe most distinguished medical characters, uho have pronounced it the most pleasant Vegetable Tooth Powder, knosn to increase the beauty of the enamel, and promote the durability of the Tooth, and which has, in con - sequence of its experienced advantages, been h noured w, th the immediate patronage of their Majesties, and the various illustrious Branches of the Royal Family, Nobility, Gentry, in the United King lorn. NEWTON'S TOOTH POW- DER, is an As- ringent and Antiseorbut c Powder, a delicate Aromatic, extremely grateful lo the Palate, and pleasant in its itst i in tine, to tho- e uho apply it, it is a certain pivventative to pain oi decay of the Tooth lo the latest period of life — It continues to be faithfully prepared fey Mr, Newton ( onlyl, at hi> house, Kennington Place, Vauxhall, ( late of Great Russell street, London), from the genuine Recipe of the late Sir Richard Jt bb, Physician to iheir Majesties, & i\ and sold wholesale, retail, and tor exportation, bv Messrs. Snaw and E. Iuaids, No 06. St. Paul's Church- yard whom he has env. prrft- ered to make a liberal allowance to his Town and Country Venders, Mei, bants, & c Also retail by EDDOWES, Wood, and Palin, Shrewsbury ; Griffiths, Bishop's Ca- tle; Gittoo, Bridgnorth; Watkins, aud Wright, Hereford ; Edwards, Morrall, and Minshall, Oswestry; Giiffiths, and Jones, Welshpool; and by every Perfumer and Medicine Seller in the Kingdom, n Boxes al, 2s. 9,1 each. Bristol, 1st Jan 1810. ALL the MEN nf ENGLAND and WALES, subject to the. approaching MILITIA BALLOT, art- most respectfully informed that they hive an Opportunity of becoming Members of an Institution, establi- hed in BHISTQI, called the UNION MILITIA CLUB Of ENGLAND and WALES, in which Persons of every Description are admitted. TERMS .( Viz) : — \ Subscription of HALF- A- GUINEA will entitle each Per son drawn to serve and enrolled, or by Substitute, to a Proportion " f the Funds . of , this Club, not exceeding 7' avfe Pounds Ten Shillings. II.— A Subscription of ONE GUINEA will entitle each Person so drawn to serve and enrolled, or by Substitute, to a Proportion of tbe Funds of this Club, not exceeding Twenty- Five Pounds. HI.— A Subscription of TWO GUINEAS will entitle eaeh Person so drawn to serve a ml enrolled, or by Substitute, to a Pronortion of the I-' uuds of this Club, not exceeding Fifty Pounds. AgENTS in all the principal Towns in ENGLAND and WAI. ES, are apoointed to receive Subscriptions for all the Counties in the Kingdom, fir which they will give each Membe so entering a Memorandum of receiving such Subscriptions, which will be transmitted to the Head Office, No. 4 anil 5, Denmark. Street. Bristol, for Numerical Atraugement, when Certificates will be immediately forwarded by liist Con- veyance, and for which One Shilling is to be paid to the Secretary. J. K. ABBOTT, f HEAD OFFICE, > Secretary. Nos. 4 8C 5, DENMARK STBEST, BBISTOI, ) Who hive Antrointed Messrs. STUCKEY, LEAN, HART and MANINGFORD. S Treasurers. BANKESS, BRISTOL, ) IS*. B. The Directors of this Institution consider it necessary to observe, that though they do not pledge themselves to pay the several Members of this Establishment, who may be en- rolled, the full Sums of ' twelve Pounds Ten Shillings, Tioenty- r Five Pounds, and Fifty Pounds,- but only a Proportion of the Funds of the said Club, but they feel great Pleasure in stating, that from the general received. Opinion of the Success al- ready obtained ( being convinced that Numbers secures the \ Undertaking,) have induced them to . extend the Boundaries i of this Institution contrary to the Practice of former Years; that by such Augrnentation they have no doubt but the full Sums of Twelve Pounds Ten Shilling's, Twenty- Five Pounds, and i Fifty Pounds, will be paid to the enrolled, aud also a consi- i derable Division of the Subscription returned to the unlrawn I Subscribers. IflOR GOUT, RHEUMATISM, Nervous Com- plaints, Indigestion, & e. OXLEY'S CONCENTRATED Essence of Jamaica Ginger. This useful Medicine is recommended by several eminent medical Men, and is in constant use with many Persons of the highest rank and respectability. It relieves and shortens the duration of Fi's of the Gout, confining them to tbe extremi- ties and mitigating ihe paroxysms ; it removes those unplea- sant symptoms arising from weakness of the Stomach and Bowels, viz. Flatulency, Indigestion, and Oppression after eating; in Nervous Complaints it warms and inrigoratps the Stomach, creates Appetite, and assists Digestion, and thereby strengthens the wlv \ e system. Prepared by the Inventor and Proprietor, SAMUEL OXLEY, - her Majesty's Chemist, and sold by HUDSON and Co. Chemist>, Haymarket, London J ' EDDOWES, arid Wood, Shrewsbury; Painter, Wrexham ; Edwards, Oswestry ; Mobbs, Welling- ton ; Lloyd, Beaumaris; Williams, Carnarvon; Brokers, Bangor; Gitton, Bridgnorth; and others throughout the United Kingdom, iu Bottles al 10s. bd. 4s. 6( J. and 2s, 9d. each, Doctor Freeman's Gutta Salutaris, IS A CERTAIN CURE FOR VENEREAL, GLANDULAR, AND CUTANEOUS DISORDERS, GLEETS, & c. ABOTTLE i> r two V\ » ll convince die patient oi their salutary effects; a few bottles have effected a cure, auejr » aijvx); it/ n and rverv oihc. r means have ( » roied abortive, and even when the disorder has been standing several years. Ijlo lemedy can be better contrived, more . sate, or more con venient than thts for. such as are obliged to go long Journies, ur to Sea, as it need* no ef> nfmement, 0' restraint of diet, ano 40 years experience by Dr. Freeman iu an extensive practio has proved it r » o ies^ successful in those debilities which arise more from impj ndenee than a certain cause— to such patients it holds out a never failing, permanent, and speedy relief. Sold wholesale and retail at Mr. Butler's, 4, Cheapside, Corner of Paternoster- Row; and retail by Eddowes, Wood, Palin, and Morris, . Shrewsbury ; Baugh, Ellesmere ; Painter, Wrexham; Price, Morrall, and Edwards, Oswestry; Houl- ston, Wellington ; Silvester, Newport ; Scarrott, Shiffnal ; Smith, Iron Bridge; Gitton and Bangham, Bridgnorth ; and most Medicine Venders, in Bottles al 2s. i) d. and 6d. each. HEALTH AND LONGEVITY. R. JAM lib's ANALEPTIC PILI. S, which were contri\- ed bv the Inventor as a remedy for himself , and which preserved him to an advanced a^ e, are admirably calculated for Rheumatisms, Colds, and all those complaints to which the human frame is liable from the vicissitudes of our climate : likewise for Bihous, and all other Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels ; aud for Head- achs, occas oned bv indigestion or by free living. Recourse should be had to Ihem after any excess and upon everv slight indisposition ; and thus their well- known characteristic of promoting longevity u, U be maintained ; for, by timely assisting ua'nre in the due discharge of the animal functions, they preserve tne body in health and vigour; and prevent premature deoay. Sold only by F. NEWBFRY and SONS, at the Warehouse for I) r. James's Powder, No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard, and by those Venders n the Country who h'ave an Aopoiritmeut un- der their Hands, in boxes, price 4s. 6d. each, duty included ; or six in one la ge box, for £\. 4s.— Ni ne at e genuine but those which have the words," F. Nexbery, No. 45, Si. Paul's," engraved m the stamp. ' A KKE. SU SUPPLY. W. EDDOWFS, Printer, Shrewsbury, has received a frC3li supply of the following excellent and celebrated medicines, viz. rglHE CORDIAL BALM OF GI LEAD, so JL universally reported to for its extraordinary superiority in removing all Complaints of the Stomach, Relaxations of the Solids, Nervous Weakness, the deleterious effects of hot climates, and particularly the ill- conscqucnces of intemperance; in short, in every case where the constitution fus been reduced bv d scase or irregularity, the good effects of the Cordial Calm ot Gilead are unequalled. Also, The A>} Tl- IMPETIGINOUS, or SOLOMON1* DROPS, the most powcrlul alterative, purifier and sweetener of the blood ever yet discovered, and may be confidently rehed on as the most safe and certain remedy For the SCURVY, Scrofula, King's Evil, Scorbutic Eruptions, Lepro3v, and other disorders arising ! rom an impure or impaired state of the blood and lv mph. ' Likewise, The ABSTERGENT LOTION and DETERGENT OINTMENT, at 4s. 6d. each, for pimpled Facps, Sore Legs, and all kinde of Old Wounds, Ulcers, Scrofula and Scurvv, humours alter the Small Ppx, Measles, & c. with directions, in which the treatment of each disorder i- explained. The words " SAML SPLOMOM, LIVERPOOL," are engraved on the stamp, which purchasers for their own safety will be particular in observing. N. B \ few scarce COPiE$ of SOLQMOJPi GJ^ IPE TQ HEAL TH, price Gs; only. Sold by VV. Eddowes, Printer, Shrewsbury, arid all the prin- cipal M- dicii e Venders in the United Kingdom lilt stilus'S opuoLubot;: IS far suptrior to all other external applications in the C- Te of Sprains, Bruises, Rheumatisms & ic. i an also in Cram( js or Numbness, nnil in promoting Circulat on iu the Uni is when in a paraly tie state. It is the liest. Remeily foi Ciulblains, i' dissolved iu a spoon, anil applied waim, or with a liledget ol linl well nioi teneil with it, anil tied oil tbe part affected. It is likewise of admirable service in the accidents and local complaints to which Horses are aulycct. Sold only by f. Ntwoixy and So » » , No. 45, St. Paul's Church- yard, London, price " 2s. 6d. a bottle, duty included ; but none are genuine but tho.< e which have the words, " F. tfewbery, So. M, St. Paul's," engraved in ihe stamp ; nnd by then Appointment by l rlilowes, Wood, Newling, Morris and Palin, Shrewsbury j Proctor, Progers, mid Felton. Ludlow; Browne, Bridgnorth; Evanson, Whitechurch ; Snelson, Nant- wich; Mobbs, Wellington; Edwards, and Price, Osweatrv; Birch, Ellesmere; Smith, Iron Bridge. GRINSHILL. House and Land, TO BE LET, And entered upon the 25th March next; 4Neat and convenient DWELLING- HOUSE, fu for the Reception of a genteel Family, consisting of two Parlours, Kitchen, Housekeeper's Room, three Bed- Rooms, on the first Floor, and Atticks over the same, with Closets adjoining. A Brewhouse and every other- necessary Convenience, with Servants' Rooms over t" he ^ ame. A large Garden, walled round, and well nlan'ed with Wall Fruit Trees. A good Orchard well stocked with young Trees. A three stall Stable, an open Stable for five Horses, Cow- House, Barn, ami eveiy other necessary Outbuilding, with or wi hoOt a Malt Ki| n- a Thining, which will wet and drv 2.5 Measures. The Tenant may be accommodated with a few Acre* of Land sufficient to keep a Cow and a Horse. GRINSHILL, is distant from Shrewsbury seven Miles, to and from < vh ch there is a regular daily Post; and five Miles from Wem. N. B. There is a Pack of Fox Hounds within three Miles, and a Par k of Harriers within half a Mile. For a View of the Premise*, and Particulars, apply to Mr. WOOD, Solicitor, Grinshill, Salop. NEW STATE LOTTERY. TO SE DRAfF. Y IJV OJVE DAY. 14th FEBROAHV, 1810. 4 4 12 20 • 20 44 36 4.850 SCHEME. £ 20,000 £ 8o, ono . 5,000 eo. noo 1,000 12,000 500 lo. ooo 100 2,000 50 — 2,200 25 .— 900 15 12,900 £ 200,000 5,000 Piizes This Lottery is upon Hie same Plan as tbe last; it consist* of <> nly 5.000 Number* ,'/ rom 1 to i, i) 0O inclusive I j but there are Four Tictas of each Number, which will be severally untitled to whatever Prize is drawn against such Number ; for ius'anoe, if No. 1 should be drhwn a Prize of ,£ 20,000, the Four Tickets of that Number will EACH be entitled to •£ 20,00 ® , making, in the whole, 80,000. * if* Shares will be entitled to their Proportion. TICKETS and SHARES ARK ON SAL* AT AIL THE OFFICES. PAID ON DhMAND. 2,618 - . - ,£ 20,0001 10,294 - - - 20,000 18,544 - - - 20,000 19,544 - - - 20,000 2,279 - - - 10,000 133 £ 10,000 3,331 - . _ - 5,000 8,716 - - . .. 5,000 19,570 5,000 17,127 4,000 in Besides Pi izes of £- 2, tWO. £ 1,000, £ 500, Sic. rjnHIS grand List ot capital Prizes were sold ... U. Shares, in - he last and three preceding Lotteries, at the old established State Lottery Offices, 26, Coruhill, and St. Ma- garet's Borout'h, of HOIINSP. Y and Co. who were also the first to sell two Prizes of £ 30,000. HORNSBY and Co. respectfully solicit'the favours of their Country Correspondents in ihe New State Lottery, which abounds, with Capital Chances ; they also beg I, ravn to u- v. u i their Fiiends, th it they will use th » - ir th St Endeavours- to prn- cure Prizes worthv their possessing.— Twkeu and Snares are selling at the lowest Prices, and all Orders '. y Post or Carriel executed to any Part of the Globe, oo the same Terms as if present. To be Drawn in ONE DAY, WEDNESDAY, the 14th FEBRUARY.— 2, 3, and 4 Tickets of the same Number may be had, so lhat 40,0001. 60,0001. or 60,0001. can be obtained l) V one Adventure. Beautiful IVomen. THE greatest Blemish to Beauty is Superfluous Hairs Oil the Face. Neck, and Arms; HUBERT'* ROSEATE POWDER immediately removes them, is an elegant Article, perfectly innocent and pleasant to use. Price 4s. or two in one Parcel 1t. Sold by the Proprietor, 23, Russel- Street, Covent. Gardco, London. T. WOOD having been appointed Ihe Wholesale as xcell fit Retail Agent for this and the adjoining Counties, will supply Booksellers and Dealers mtk the above Article on liberal Terms. The fallowing are Fenders in this Neighbourhood: H P. Silvester, Newport; W Fdwards, Oswestry W. Smith, Iron- bridge; T. Griffiths, Ludlow; E. Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; D. Proctor, Drayton. Cure for the / ten, in one Hour's Application. rO those afflicted with the above disorder BAR- CLAY'S ORIGINAL OINTMENT is recommended WtoLSufe., speedy and efertnal remedy. This Ointment ha£ lieen in general use for upwards ot seventy years, without a single instance of its having failed to ouie the most inveter- ate cases.— It does not contain the smallest particle of Mercury, or any other dangerous ingredient, aud may bb safely used by persons of the most delicate constitutions.— The Public are requested to observe, that none can possibly be genuine unless signed by the Proprietors, BARCLAY and SON, ( the only successors LO JACKSON and CO.) No. 95, Fleet- Market. Soul wholesale and retail by Barclay and Son, ( the onlvr successors to Jackson and Co.) No. 95, Fleet- Market, London ; Price Is. 9d. duty included; aud by their appoint- ment, by W. EDDOWBS, Morris, Palin, and Newling, Shrewsbury; Field, Pontesbury; Miller, Madeley Market- Place ; Houlstons, Wellington; Smith, Iron- Bridge; Silvester, Newport; Maddocks, Ellesmere ; Proctor, Dray- ton; Weaver. Montgomery; Jones and Co. Evans, and Roberts, Welshpool; Morrall, Price, & Edwards, Oswestry; Griffiths, Bishop's Castle; Griffiths, Ludlow ; tiittun, ami Partiidge, Bridgnorth; Scariot, SbiiTnal; Painter, Wrex- ham; Jones, Chirk; Morris, Ruabon; Evans, Llangeiniew^ Evans, Newtown ; and by every Medicine vender in tbe kingdom. Dixon's celebrated Antibilious Pills. THESE Pills have long obtained a just celebrity A in the private Practice of the Proprietor, Mr. DIXON, Apothecary ; and trom their great Success in many obstinate bilious Disorders, on numerous Patients of Oistiuccion anit others, particularly the Duke of Bedford, Sir George Warren, Sir Gregory Page Turner, the Dowager Lady Say and Se! e, the Viscountess Bulkeley, &. c. See. he was persuaded to ort'er them to the Publick, under the Approbation and the Sanction of their Names. The following is a Proof cf their Efficacy. " Dale Castle, Haverfordwest, South Wales, Feb. 24. " Captain Lloyd presents his Compliments to Mr. DIXON, ( although not personally acquainted with him) would take it as a Favour if he would send him four or five Boxes ot his Pills, as soon as he possibly can. Mrs. Lloyd, who has always used the Medicine, is now Pregnant, and very unwell; on the great Service tliey have been to Mrs. Lloyd, as well as Colonel B sbopp aud all his Family, Captain Lloyd feels it his Duty to recommend the Pills wherever he goes; and he really thinks, if Mr. Dixon would appoint some Persons ts Venders in tbis County, it woold be a Benefit to the Com- munity." Sold Wholesale and Retail at Mr. Butler's, 4, Chenpside, Corner of Paternoster How, London: by EDDOWKS, Wood, Pa- lin, and Morris, Shre » sbury; Baugti, Ellesmere; Painter, Wiexham ; Price, Moriall, aud Edwards, Oswestry ; Houl- stons, Wellington; Silvester, Newport ; Scarrot, Shitfual; Smith, Ironbiidge; Gitton, and Bangham, Bridgnorth; and most Medicine Venders, and may be had of tbe Newsmen, in Boxes ai 6i. and 2s. 9d. each. Observe R. Butler is en- graved on a black Stamp, which is affixed to each Box; all others ate Counterfeit. Printed and puul. shed bv WILI. IAM EDDOWES, Corn- Market, Shrewsbury, where Advertisements and Articles of Intelligence ( IW- paid) are received. Also, by W. Tayler aud T. Newton, Printers' Agents, No. 5, Warwick- Square, Newgate- Street; at Garraway's, the Chapter, Peele's, » ud Salopian Coffee- Houses, London ; by all the Printers ot tlie Provincial Papers, and the Booksellers in the Neighbouring Towns.
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