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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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€) o ( Ireland.)— Ninth REPORT or THE COMMISSIONERS [ Appx. the Accountant General, and compared with the above Vouchers. Some redu& ion in expence might be attained by ufing an inferior fort of Paper, as the very beft kind only is for the moft part ufed at prefent. The amount of Examinant's bills againft the Poft Office has lately been greatly increafed, in eonfequence of the change of fyflem adopted by the prefent Poft- mafters General, and the number and variety of new printed forms introduced. Examinant attended for fome time at the General Poft Office in London in the courfe of laft year, to infpedt the printed forms in ufe there, and brought over patterns of fuch as he conceived might be ufefuL Fred Geale. Robert Alexander. Cha Stewart Hawthorn:. John Hamilton. Jahti Exshaw. No. 43. The Examination of THOMAS ORDE LEES, Efq. ; taken upon Oath, the I2th day of May and 6th July 1809. 7' his Examinant faith, That he is fenior Clerk in the Office of the Secretary to the General Poft Office, he con- ducts the correfpondcnce of the Office, and has charge of Coals and Stationary. Coals are fupplied from a Faftor, in fuch quantities as Examinant thinks may be wanting; the price is afcertained by agreement; laft year it was 26s. 6d. a ton, they aie given out weekly for the ufe of the different Offices. Writing Paper and fmall Stationary are provided on Exa- minant's orders ; they are in Examinant's care, and by him delivered to the different Offices as is neceffary, but he keeps no account of the quantity received or delivered out; he has no charge of printed Stationary except circular Letters; he has an allowance of twenty pounds a year for the care of Stationary and Coals, and a fee of Sixpence a ton on Coals ; an allowance of writing Paper is given to the Captains of the Packets, in general not exceed- ing in the whole three reams in the year, and to the Pac. ket Agent at Holyhead, who corref- ponds with the Dublin Office, an allowance not exceeding half a ream. Fred. Geale. Robert Alexander. Cha. Stewart Hawthorne. John Hamilton. T. Orde Lees. No. 44. The Examination of Major ALEXANDER TAYLOR ; taken upon Oath, the 13th of July and 30th Auguft 1809. This Examinant faith, That he is Infpector of Defigns and Surveys of Poft Roads ordered to be undertaken by the Poftmafters General. He has a balary of £ 568. 155. per annum, and travelling charges at the rate of 2s. a mile; his duty is to examine the furveys made by the perfons employed under him, and to report thereon to the Poft Office ; for this purpofe he goes on the ground ' accompanied by the perfon who made the furvey, and compares it with the line laid out. The Under Surveyors are paid- at the rate of towr guineas a mile, as- well for the furvey of the old a* of the new line of Road, but before any Under Surveyors are paid for their work, it is Examinant's duty to infpett the furveys, and to report that their bills are corrett. Sur- veys have been already made of moft; of the dire£ t lines of Poft Roads, and of fome of the crofs lines, but a fmall portion however of them has been carried into exec ution, owing prin- cipally to the propofed lines not having been approved of by the Grand Juries of the counties through which the Roads were intended to run. Fred. Geale. Robert Alexander. Cha. Stewart Hawthorne John Hamilton. Alex. Taylor.
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