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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland


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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland page 1
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland
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The Ninth Report Fees, Gratuities, Perquisites Ireland

Date of Article: 31/01/1810
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No Pages: 1
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No. 4.] ON FEES, GRATUITIES, & c—( Poft- Office.) 533 Total Emoluments. Dcduflions. Net emolument. £ » . d. £ u d. £ J. d. Obfervations. Until the year 1808 this Department was incorporated with that of the Rsfident Sur- veyor. The Superinterdant correfponds with the feveral Deputy Pont- ile points out the irregulaiities of Deputies, and alfo with the all the Accounts tranfmitted by the Deputies, & c. to this Office, from the feveral Deputy Poftmafters, and by the Letter Carriers Property, which are regularly entred, the part es written to, and importance; with the exception of Property found in Letters Superintendant cf thisOffice, the Rtceiptsof the Parties to whom iifh and Irifh feparately, the Amount reckoned and checked, and aie kept for two months in this Office for the Parties who may of as above- mentioned. The Engliih are re: urned to London checked in tl is Office, and a return of the Mif fent from Dublin who commit fuch miftakes. The Clerks in this Office are em- Comparing and checking the fevcral Bye Letters, Vouchers, and matters Oeneral arc compared and checked in this Office, and the The Am unt of the Pofiage of all Letters claimed and paid in this Morning Letters. The Clerks in this Office are obliged to be in conftant attendance, for, in 2driiticn to the regular morning and evening bufinefs, they are obliged to be con- tinually in waiting for the arrival of the Mails and Exprertes from England, and are fre- quently obliged to pro- ceed to the Pigeon Houfe with State Dif- patches, for which he is allowed 11 j. d. each journey, and this allowance produced to each for the l » ft year about £. 40. n ing thereto, or concerned w ith the fame. He will confequently Letters as are to go forward to the different parts of the Country, ^ Amount to be received thereon into the Accountant General's EMails, or forwarding late State Letters, and fuch o her petty ln- • : t rot been bona fide pcrtormed. In the difcharge of his Duties he .'( o'clock in the evening, the Poftmaiters Central are of opinion, ; .' warded through the Inland Office by that right's conveyance. All \> w th refpefl to theLetters for Dublin ( excepting however the State isfeferved for delivery till the following morning. Increafe of Expence fince 5th January ) 8o4. By Addition to Salaries. £ t. d. • So o o By Appointment of Additional Officers. No. Amount. 70 o o 70 o o. Total Increafe of Expence. d. Other Employments, Places, & c. Defcription. Taxing Clerk Inland Office. Do. Do. Annual Value. £ s. d. Attendance. 90 o o 150 o o fFrom 5 o'clock in the cver. in? ! to S, and from 6 o'clock in the I morning to 8 J and fometimes 19- The third Clerk is alfo a fnipp ng Of- ficer on the Cuftom- houfe Quay, annual vilus^. ioo. the duty of which fituaticn is of ( uch a nature as not to require a le- gular attendance to Office hours; in the execution of the bufi- nefs of this Dopart- ment, each Officer accommodates the 01 her, there being in all ten Perfons.
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